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c m y BLUE AND GOLD I VI E li li 1 9 3 9 ' LHLISHEU AND EUI ' YHIIiHTEH BY Till; ASSUEIATEH Ml iUEXTS U I THE 1 1 FHMTY UF CALIFIJIl IA T UEfltiELLY I 1 . II. I VI. KDITUH HETTE BA1I 1HIJ, VI1 1 E. ' S EIHTUH HUBERT F. LESSER, . . li EH JEAMETTE LIJEAS, WIJ li: !i MIX AliEH Library Unhrenit? cf California IN MEMDR Administration and Faculty FRANK M.HUMSTEAD WILLIAM WAILACE CAMPBELL MARGARET E.DOHIVIIV JOHN JV. FORCE FRED M.MYERS DERRICK N.LEHMEH SAMUEL S. MAXWELL CHARLES H. RAYMOND JOSEPH C.ROWELL CHARLES E.RUGH Students UY DONALD DRADSHAW FRANCES M.DOOLEY LEO HERMAN HALPERN HELEN LORRAINE KETTENBACH SYDNEY ROBINSON AL EUGENE SUNDEHLAND - -i TIG THIS SIXTY-SIXTH VOLUME OF THE BLUE AND GOLD IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF PROFESSOR CHARLES HARVEY RAYMOND. CHARLIE WAS ONE OF US. THE DAYS OF HIS LIFE WERE FILLED WITH OUR PROH- LEMS. TIRELESS AND INSPIRING, HE PROVIDED AN UNCEASING FOUN- TAIN OF IDEAS FOR PROGRESS IN THE FIELD OF JOURNALISM. GREAT BUILDINGS ON OUR CAMPII STAND AS MATERIAL EVIDENCE OF HIS TWENTY ONE YEARS OF SERVICE, RUT THE DREAMS AND IDEALS THAT HE INSPIRED IN THE HEARTS OF HIS FRIENDS FORM A STILL GREATER THIHUTE TO HIS MEMORY. . THE COLOR OF MOTHER CALIFORNIA YEAR HAS HEEN ADDED TO THE EVER-GROWING MURAL THAT DE- PICTS THE HISTORY DF THE UNI VERSITY. A SEVENTY-SIXTH SCENE HAS HEEN PAINTED HY THE THOUGHTS, ACTIONS AND AMHITIONS OF A STUDENT DDDY OF SIXTEEN THOUSAND MEN AND WOMEN. EACH CALIFOHNIAN HAS CONTHIHUTED HIS HIT DF COLOR TO THE PANO- RAMA DF STUDENT ACTIVITY, AND HAS TAKEN WITH HIM SOMETHING OF INFINITE RICHNESS-FOND MEM- ORIES OF DAYS SPENT WITH THOSE IOEALS WHICH ARE THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. IT IS TOE PURPOSE OF TDIS HLUE AND GOLD TO RECORD THE COMPOS- ITE PICTURE OF THE YEAH IN PER- MANENT FORM SO THAT IN THE FUTURE IT MAY RE RELIVED IN THE MINDS OF ALL CALIFDRNIANS. T ' JF ! .; r.U.4 I M. 1_. A% IP .; it?-. ;. f ' . .. SPSf , fl W ' r U xr ' FOUNDERS ' ROCK COLLEGE OF APRIL 16 i860 g . - j - ' - " .y ,v ' -v ' , I f , ' ry. =reri i s. J Z- ; 1 SL -v ' . ' jSl. L " WHEELER HALL IFE SCIENCES BUILDING GRICULTUHE HALL . . , ' , HEARST GYMNASIUM In 1S74 the Berkeley campus consisted of North Hall (right) and South Hall, which is still in use. At the turn of the century a flagpole occupied the site where the Campanile now stands. To the left is Bacon Hall, and North Hall (right) was later replaced by the Library. THE HISTORY OP In less than a century the University of California has grown from the smallest institution of higher learning in the world to the largest. The present University, with over fifty-two million dollars worth of property and equip- ment, had its beginning in 1853 in an old Oakland fandango house where the Contra Costa Academy was started. Later a larger site was secured and the Academy became a college which was formally chartered in 1855 as the College of California. Instruction was started with six faculty members and eight students, in great contrast to the three thousand faculty members and twenty-seven thousand students of today. The founders offered the College as a gift to the State of California in 1867, and a year later a charter for the University was granted by the State Legislature. The site of the present Berkeley Campus was chosen by officials of the College of California who, standing by Founders ' Rock, dedicated the land to the use of higher education in this state. Students study in Bacon Hall when it was the Uniyersity Library. Stylish hats were worn by Uniersity men, as exemplified by this Astronomy class. A " great crowd " assembled in 1899 in front of Bacon Hall to hear President Benjamin Ide Wheeler ' s inaugural address. and was played n a tcU where Lift Football was rMjh and tmgfe in the S:ience A tin. of the CMIDUS await 1900. token fiw the Mr near what is on the ROTC gun Bart- ;THE UNIVERSITY Bv 1874 the University of California consisted of two buildings, South and North Hall, but in the succeeding years Harmon Gymnasium appeared and Bacon Hall was constructed to be used as the University Library. During this period the only buildings in Berkeley were a French restaurant at the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Allston Way, whose prices were too ex- orbitant for the college student, and a hotel capable of accommodating twenty persons. As a result, most of the students were forced to commute from Oakland by horsecar, a trip of approximately one hour and a half. By joggling the horsecar from its track, students often manufactured excuses for being late to classes. In the early days of the University cinch notices were not mailed to students, nor were they called for surreptitiously at the Recorder ' s office. Instead they were posted on the old North Hall bulletin board for all the world to see, and the man who posted these glad ridings was fittingly nick- Classes in HM| lnlum " all ftt newest the days the Greek Tbeatt Mn rallies were heU wa Ike fwthall is ariy-OBtncb Califtmu Hall. On February 29, 1916. 2500 students armed themselves with picks and shovels and marched to Charter Hill to construct the Big " C " trail. In a period of two short hours the six-foot trail, complete with bridges, drains and stiles, had been completed. named " The Angel of Death " . During this era, an undergraduate who had attained the lofty state of a junior purchased a gray top hat, decorated it to his fancy, sat on it before anyone else had the opportunity, and then wore it everywhere as a sign of his advanced social position. Seniors sported equally dilapidated black silk hats. When the classes of 1907 and 1908 proposed building the Big " C " , strenu- ous faculty criticism ensued which held that the color of this landmark would mar the beauty of the hills. Taking no heed of this artistic opposition, the " C " was built on March 18, 1905 by two hundred underclassmen who relayed buckets of gravel and concrete up Charter Hill in a drenching rain. The path up the side of the hill was constructed by twenty-five hundred students who strung themselves up to the Big " C " along a pre-arranged route on the morning of February 29, 1916. At the end of two hours a six-foot gravel trail had been made, bridges and drains had been built and stiles constructed. Benjamin Ide Wheeler came to the University in 1899 and served as president during the years of the University ' s greatest development as it was in this period that student self-government was initiated and the campus grew through private gifts and increased state financial aid. Charles Franklin Doe contributed one-half of the cost of constructing the one and a half million dollar University Library, which was completed in 1911. The With money provided by jane K. Sather, construction of the Campanile, or Sather Tower, was begun in 1914. The cornerstone for Wheeler Hall was laid in March. 1916, by President Benjamin Ide Wheeler. The pushball contest was a highlight of the Soph-Frosh brawls of many years ago. The Senior Pilgrimage of 1908, when men really wore straw hats and woinen carried white parasols. The Pilgrimage of the class of 1914 leads past the half-completed Wheeler Hall. I Campanile, Agriculture Hall, Hilgard Hall and many other buildings ap- peared in this era and with the construction of Wheeler Hall in 1914, the center of campus student life moved from old North Hall to the newer building. Years later, the need for further expansion became acute and by popular subscription funds were raised for the construction of the Memorial Stadium in 1922 and Stephens Union in 1923. A State referendum was taken in 1926 to allocate funds for the Life Sciences Building, erected on a site that had for years been the football practice field. There is a striking contrast between the one building Contra Costa Academy of 1853 and the present Berkeley campus of five hundred and sixty-eight acres. The keystone of the University of California is the estab- lishment at Berkeley, but beyond that there exists the Graduate School of Medicine and the University of California at Los Angeles; the Medical Center, the Hastings College of Law, and the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco; the University Farm and College of Agriculture at Davis; the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton; the Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture at Riverside; the Wolf skill Academy of 1853 and the present Berkeley campus of five hundred and ography at La Jolla; and the Kellogg Institute of Animal Husbandry at Pomona. . m 15PEUWE16SWK I J Tvnorou . ' - - f. t.- . B- , i. n Imp ill jri||- ixj QMM U. -Qtnm R.w-c Of Matetty: n ' . M . " - -ma Cap Or P- Urwribortft Of Trry Swpviorc Ta Our Royal C M ! FtonUr R d - tact AMI Tt Net Our - Sir, v Wid, Bt E r Prampt To Sww. . - t ' - T%y Tn t r VMTI Attend Citft U " -v, V. T Wo Prf " MOOO- c m rtato Ol Th Sophomore. H.tvr Ma- xb . - Ot y nB ttvKinbuan A typical scene outside Sather Gate ten years ago, before hazing became a lost art on the campus. One of many frosh warnings which appeared on campus telephone poles in the days when hazing was in rogue. Financed by popular subscription, the Memorial Stadium was built in 1922 as a monument to students of the University who lost their tins in the World War. M I PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Commencement Day, 1939, was the seventy-sixth in the history of the University of California. Quite truthfully, therefore, the alumni whose undergraduate record as the officially designated Class of 1939 is set down in the present Blue and Gold may also claim another and significant designation, the Boys of ' 76. The " minute men of ' 76 " served well the world of their time, and, in particular, the newly conceived American Democracy, then just struggling to stand upon its feet. One hundred and sixty-three years later, the world and Democracy are again in desperate need, and the call is sounding for minute men of a modern model. Democracy, particularly American Democracy, today is barely emerging from its adolescence. Its jealous, embittered enemies, in their new, vari-colored shirts, are opposing the same ancient, hostile ideologies to the unquenchable aspirations of men and women for a democratic freedom. The power of powder may force issues, but it never has and never will set men ' s feet in that staright, yet not easy, road that leads to Democracy ' s fulfillment. " Few there be that find it, " say the Scriptures. Here is the responsibility of the college- bred minute man, to meet Democracy ' s present need for that intelligence of the " few " to find and to fight for truth; not on the battlefield of ruthless might, but on the modern, twen- tieth-century battlefield, the minds of human beings. To the Class of 1939, California ' s Boys of " 76, 1 give this reminder of their share of this pressing responsibility. ROBERT G. SPROUL. 1 26 BOARD DF REGENTS The University of California is governed by the Board of Regents, presided over by the governor of the State of Cali- fornia. To this body of selected men and women is entrusted the responsibility for the progress and success of the Uni- versity, including management of finances, appointment of teachers, and determination of the particulars of internal organization. Through the wisdom and continuing policy of the Regents, the University of Calfiornia has attained the distinction of being one of the best, as well as one of the largest institutions of higher learning in the United States. The Board of Regents is the highest authority in all matters pertaining to the University, and problems which arise are brought before its members for their consideration and final decision. GOVERNOR CULBE8T L. OLSON at UK opening of the Golden Gate - ..ational Exposition. Clockwise: Sprcul. Fleishhacker. Moffitt, Hodoen. 0 ' Melny, Masse, Jones, Calkins, Nichols. Deutsch, Jordan. Dickson. Ehrman. Underbill, McEnerney. 27 THE UNIVERSITY TODAY The growth of the University of California has been extraordinary - literally so. For example, the registration at Berkeley for the year 1938-39 is 17,196, as compared with 11,044 ten years ago (1928-29), an increase of 56 percent. But if we include all campuses of the University, we reach the astounding total of 27,- 538 for the current year as against 18,652, an increase of 48 percent in the decade. Thi s is of course exclusive of the enrollment in summer sessions, the extension division, non-degree courses and the like. Interesting as such figures are, it is more important to discuss quality than quantity. Four years ago the American Council on Education made a survey of the scholarship and facilities for advanced study in the various institutions in the United States. The results have been interpreted in different ways, but in general the preeminence of Harvard University was acknowledged, while Chicago, Cali- fornia and Columbia were grouped together in the second bracket. In any event it is evident that the University of California is placed first of all universities west of Chicago, and first of all state universities in the nation. Other studies have been based upon the work entitled " American Men of Science, " and in particular on the names starred as most distinguished. Taking the various editions from 1921 to 1937 inclusive, we find the number starred as follows: Harvard, 68; Chicago, 46; Columbia, 41; California, 39. If, however, we confine ourselves to the additions to the list of starred scientists in the period 1932 to 1937 we have the following figures: Harvard, 33; California, 24; Chicago, 23; Columbia, 19- Again in the field of the natural sciences, we find that in number of members of the distinguished body known as the National Academy of Sciences the Uni- versity of California stands second to Harvard alone. Another interesting sidelight comes from the Guggenheim Fellowships, which are awarded for research in all fields of scholarship and for creative work in the arts. The total number that has been awarded to leading universities is as follows: California, 36; Harvard, 23; Chicago, 22; Minnesota, 20. A highly esteemed mark of distinction is election as president of the national association of scholars in a particular field. Members of our faculty have been so honored during 1938 by the following societies of scholars: American Historical Association, Modern Language Association, American College of Surgeons, Ameri- can College of Physicians, American Political Science Association, Paleontological Society of America, American Mathematical Society. Obviously the list of those so chosen in previous years is far too long to be published here. With the growth of the student body, the need of additional buildings has been imperative. At this time a certain amount of construction is taking place on several of the campuses - the new University Press Building at Berkeley, a Life Sciences Building in Los Angeles, and at Davis a building to house ad- ministrative offices and the library. In each case the necessary sum was secured by an allotment from the State and a contribution of the P. W. A. Moreover. Mrs. Sigmund Stern of San Francisco has generously given the funds for the erection of another dormitory for men on the Berkeley campus. These additions are deeply appreciated, but are obviously far, very far from solving our problems of space. In Berkeley, for example, the last building erected for teaching and research was the Life Sciences Building, constructed in 1929, and the enrollment on this campus has increased 56 percent since that time. To this great deficiency must be added the failure to provide sufficient funds for operation and main- tenance. The State ' s appropriation in the biennium 1931-33 for the support of the University in all divisions and on all campuses was $15. " " 91,391. 16. During the following biennium it was cut to S12, 768,583.00, because of the curtailment in the income of the State caused by the depression. But while gradually by slow stages the State ' s appropriation has been increased, nevertheless during the current biennium (193 - 39) it has been Sl-t.69 .948.00, still Sl,093,443-l6 below the appropriation for 1931-33, although the student body has increased by 35 percent during that period. The imperative need of additional funds both for maintenance and for capital improvements cannot be disputed. In short, the University, despite its physical shortages and its curtailment of funds, is serving a student body which is increasing literally by thousands and at the same time is putting forth strenuous efforts to maintain its position in scholarship among the very foremost universities of the country. MONROE E. ' DEUTSCH 29 The College of Agriculture, composed of the Department of Agriculture, the California Agri- cultural Experiment Station and the Agri- cultural Extension Service, places at the disposal of its students and the farmers of California the best of agricultural practices developed here and in other parts of the world. DEAN CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON The College of Chemistry prepares students for professional careers in industrial laboratories and research plants. Combining the functions of a teaching department and experimental labora- tory, the College is concerned with problems of vital importance to the progress of industry and of pure science. DEAN GILBERT N. LEWIS The curricula in the civil, electrical, and me- chanical branches of the engineering profession are administered by the College of Engineering. Stressing the relation of engineering to society, the College emphasizes the importance of recog- nizing values and of understanding good business principles. DEAN CHARLES DERLETH Equipping its students to lead in the future development of mineral industries, supplying the world with mineral products, and developing more efficient methods of production, the College of Mining presents a curriculum including ma- jors in metallurgy, economic geology, mining, and petroleum engineering. DEAN FRANK H. PROBERT The primary function of the School of Educa- tion is to offer students the opportunity for train- ing essential to the various types of educational careers. In addition to supervised teaching, the student is trained for specialized leadership in the financing and administration of schools. H SS rt 2! S3 as M W 33 Sg C! 53 r: - = n DEAN WILLIAM W. KEMP = 2 in 1T3 = r- - IBB _ - . 2 = -J OS The College of Commerce offers the student a breadth of training rather than a narrow voca- tional discipline. Assisting him to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of business life and practices, the college aids the student to develop the capacity for solving problems pertinent to his field. DEAN ROBERT D. CALKINS In an attempt to familiarize the student with some of the main phases of intellectual endeavor and to furnish a basis for later pursuit of higher studies, the College of Letters and Science offers a wide range of subject matter from which the student may freely select a specific field for more intensive work. DEAN GEORGE D. LOUDERBACK The School of Jurisprudence not only prepares students for the practice of law, but also furthers legal research and develops the scientific study of law. The school endeavors to increase the student ' s practical information on contemporary problems and to present a clear concept of his duty to the people. DEAN EDWIN D. DICKINSON In an endeavor to produce designers with powers capable of handling the architectural problems of our times, the School of Architecture strives to instill in its students the fundamentals of the theory of design and construction and the practical application of these principles to the art of building. DEAN WARREN C. PERRY Each year, the School of Librarianship equips for service in public, university, and special li- braries fifty graduate students selected for high scholarships and personal qualifications. In addi- tion to the regular curriculum, a year of advanced study is offered for the Master ' s Degree in Librar- ianship. DEAN SYDNEY B. MITCHELL P- Yd ROBERT G. AITKEN, A.B., A.M.. Sc.D., L.L.I Director and Astronomer of Lick Observatory, Emeritus. Member, National Academy of Sciences. ' al Socie 1 CARL L. ALSBERG, A.B., A.M., M.D. Director. Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics. Member. American Chemical Society. Member, Institute of Pacific Relatic If l WID P. BARROWS, B.A., M.A., Ph. L.L.D.. Lilt. D. Professor of Political Science. Major General. United States Army, retired. stee, Carnegie Endowment for International JBWWWl 5 HERBERT E. BOLTON. B.L, PIl.O., L.L.O., Lilt. 0., L.H.D. ector of Bancroft Library ami Professor of American History. mber, American Historical Association, ber, Advisory Board of the National Parks Service. Tit 1 WILLIAM C. BRAY. B.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. . American Academy of Sci iLPH W. CHANEY, B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Paleontology and Chairman of tl Department. Curator, Museum erf Paleontology. Fellow of the Geological Society of America. E. CLAUSEN. B.S., Ph Professor of Genetics. ce-presiiJent. California Chapter of the American Association for the Advancement of Science arch Fellow of the Rockefeller Foundatici IRA B. CROSS, A.B., M.A., Ph Professor of Economics. Member. American Economic Association. . American Association of Labor Legislation DART DAGGETT, A. 6., A.M., Ph.l Professor of Economics. ter Dean of the College of Commerce, nher, American Economic Association. RAYMOND i. DAVIS. B.S.. M.S., D.Ens. Director. Engineering Materials Laboratory. Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science. vMQMMMMMM} CHARLES DERLETH. B.S.. L.L.D. Dean of the College of Enghmrlno. Chief Enrjineet , Carquinez " St aits Highway Bridoe. Memher, American Society of Civil Engineers. J5HSXWWM EDWIN 0. DICKINSON. A.B.. .M., Ph.D.. J.D Dean of the School of Jurisprudence. Professor of Law. Member. American Bar Associa FE S S DR S 9E AD . ETCKEVERRY. B.S. Ktreer. Awrtrt Swicit rf Oil Mcfcr ic rorftt M Ocusa AKuta- GRIFFITH C. EVWSS. A.B., A.V.. PVD. ' Aodm; f Arts va Sciuus. HERBERT EVAWS, R.St, W.D. Profosor rf Aoatajj. Hwn Horrtein Prataar rf BMwr. Oratir. bsSJMt of EMXtugtotif LECHIASO F. FVMlFft. US-. Fcflav ( (he AnrrkM toMcte rf Eketrin) CMtaBV Frten tf ftt wtrtrtt f ( BAYTW110 E. fiTTEil- A.B.. A.V. ; Sc . ' it j Sostox. HEJtY B. BATF)ELO, A.8.. C.C.O., Pb.O. Pnfeor f Acowit vj n the Fwofi Fumdztrtw WIUCAN B. BEAMS, N.A., ScJ). ParnHaker ami Eitmohnr. f tbr Awricaii Au cMiM tar 0 , Aocrican Anociitits it Urnerertj ActMvdnig (ntraeMrs. Vmtar. Amrtnji Ecanucs Sodily. AJEV H. miOEWWKO. B.S., WiJ3. Proftusr of Cwofclrj. Mnurr, 1936 U. S. Oirajnc Ski Te. FetUwof I B. HOAELAW). A. 8. A.M. tf. P irt Jtoinlwn. TdV f f Anericn ftffwut vr fr the Fs ' hr tf Vc Nrticrol Acadeny Sc nnv CLAKOE B. UTCX(SOX. Bi. U.S.. L.L.D. 2ei rf VK C--::r;( r " Aj-is,. 1 -.. F !M T tte Ooviod AiMciXiw tar Ow Aiimojoert if Science. Mnvhcr, B tmi( SacMy f AMTK . CHARLES 6 MYDE. 8.S. fttlaac tf Sanctt IS. S. Po Socittj if Cml WlU-tS I. XEPSM, PX.B-. PtLO. rttfenr tf. Many. Eneritas. FtJKw Uw y?I Seotl f A. Fei tw it the Anericao Ao Doy cf Arts ax) Jean 33 MELVIN M. KNIGHT, A.B., A.M., Ph. Professor of Economic History. Member, American Economic Assoeiati Memher, Economic History Society LES A. KOFOID. A.B.. A. L L.SWHJMMMMj r of Zoology. Emeritus. ellow of the National Acodemy of Scie ellow f the American Association for Adiancement of Science. KROEBER, A Professor of Anthropology. mlit, American Anthropology Associati w EST 0. LAWRENCE. A.B.. A.M., Ph.D., Professor of Physics. Member. National Academy of Sciences. tor of the Cyclo REW C. LAWSON. A. B., A.M., Ph.D., L.L.D. ofessor of Geology and Mineralogy, Emeritus, fellow of the Geological Society of America. nhr, American Association for the Advancement of Science. AUNCEY D. LEAKE, M.S., Ph.D., LiU Professor of Pharmacology. Librarian, State Medical Library. Member, American Association for the Advancement ,RMIN 0. LEUSCHNER, A.B., Pti.O Professor of Astronomy. Emeritus. Member, National Academy of Sciences. Member. American Astronomical Society. 3ILBERT N. LEWIS. A.B., A.M.. Ph.D.. Dean of the College of Chemistry. Fellow of the American Academy of Arts Sciences, nber. American Chemical Society. M. LINFOR Professor of Greek. Hlow of the American Academy of Arts Sciences. Member. American Philosophical Society. Professor of Plant Physiology and Dean of thi Graduate Division. ' low of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. ' RGE D. LOUDERBACK, A.B., Pti.D. Professor of Geology and Dean of the Collese of Letters and Science. President, American Society of Seismology. Chairman. Committee on Geolooy and Mineral ROBERT H. LOWIE. A.B., Ph.D. Professor gf Anthropology and Chairman of the Department. Former President, Anthropology Society. Member. American Ethnological Society. FESS DBS HOWABO C. KAFFIlGEft. 8.5., K.S. Protenr of Sw ery. Ciltfwwa Ktiiui r w Anruu Orfnge of Sanemw Hemcr. Anerhn KARL F. VEYtR. D.V.K., Pb.0. 3 SuUridiLi wn! CtarrMn cf ODLEY 0. WdfiOVVEY, ft.6.. JLK.. L.L.D Prcfusor of Law. Farm Menrwr, Emvtiw Cenmttot J Kit AaerJcao Li Schooh. ter. Ccrfermri n LAW ri Cwtrscls n H. SnH Ptfwi in Ifmtiv, AJnD Bar Arax , . JUutticte Law Di-c!or, Hoifw fnuulaljoo to Kntol vritt Science. LEON J RICHARESOX, A.B. Prafesur if Utin, Emeritus. DirrcVr rf Uninnity ExiBBMO. Enexto. Amricu Philhophial fencutim. CAW. 0. SAUEft. A.B.. Mi. 0. frtitssa tf 6roh wrf Ckunux of V08Wi6H t. O ' BOIEX. B.S. S if Vat OlMrtw.t . Aaeriur. Socitt) of Mchviiu) Enj otei. tteoter. Aocrican Society s Ciiit Engioeen. FREDERIC L. PAXSOtt. B.S. ULD., L tt.D. Uwtti SUtK Histo r. .it. AtiBian Historical SecMy. Sum Sntgatfrn trntr ' ni Cnnrfbuit. Si( Csmtrrjlion Semes. (T.ETCHER H. SWIFT. A.B. Pnftssor if Eteition. Meoter. Aimricn Auauitwi ( Uraier$st Profcaorc Mentor, fcatitnz) EdKatm FA(4CiS S. SMYTH Pi tsOT of Peiiitrics Fi)k of the Cftftl L A- SCHMIDT. B.S.. ,S.. uJ ekchenisry art Ctoi " W SCHEVIU-. B.A-, Wi.0 Dtps ' Unt. i ric Sauttt f Vente of Hit Ciitege of ttmter. ftmwinv Ctennul Suiety JOHN S. P. TATLOCK. A.B., A.M.. Ph.D., Litt.D. Professor of English. Member, Medieval Academy of America. Member, Modern Language Association of America. JAMES W. THOMPSON, A. B.. Ph. 0., Utt. D. Sidney Hellman Ehrman Professor of European History. Feliow of the Medieval Academy it America. Member, American Historical Asso-.iation. EDWARD C. TOLMAN. B. S., Ph. D. Professor of Psychology. Fellow of the American Association for the cf Science. ilrer, American Psychological Association. BALWIN M. WOODS. . E., M. S., Ph. D. Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Chjit ' National Committee for W. E. Boeing Scholarships. Chairman. National Resources Board. District HONOR STUDENTS The Honor Students ' Council provided honor students with the opportunity of meeting one another informally, and offered academic aid to all University students. To aid new students in adjusting themselves to college life, the Council under Edward Rosston, President, organized the Student Advisory Bureau and the Faculty Advising Com- mittee. Endeavoring to bring a program of co-educational, co-operative dormitories to the fore, the council sponsored a candidate in the Spring A. S. U. C. Secretarial election. Although unsuccessful at the polls, the council was instrumental in bringing attention to their plan. 1 jLTZFN President. Fall HONOR STUDENT ' S COUNC I Back Row: Moltzen, Silm. Rosston. Second Row: Fahne- stock. Ceccotti. Keener Ehat. McCue, Front Row: Phil ips. Gallon. BietKShciircr. Young. EDWARD ROSSTON President. Spring = =- PRESIDENTS RECEPTION COMMITTEE Back Ro: Kopf. Lindsay. A.. AdaMS. Brawn, McCarthy. Bn - kay. Pftifc. Bert. Shajira, Wollentanj. Lisntfoot. GMT . Ortega. Mesak. Jones. Thirt Row: Caddis, Comidine. Lind- say. J.. Culr, Harding. McCay. Neuls. Rankin. Flint Sith. A. ._lnoha,_Dorr Hows. Wai- ten,, Eaton. Carot. BndnunT Hughes. Douglass. Stand R:: Rego. Hawkins. Grass. Evans. Schuster. Wolf. Wood. Coleun. Pkmkett. Taber. Hemessry. Titus. Shenrin. Saith, L.. San- son, Macdonald. Wactab. Meyer. First ftow: Tunun. Henck, Eddy. Scofield. Kinports. Ocss- field. Lucas. Marx. Foster, Clark. Godt. MacKay. Chittick. Vick- man. Alderson. BartMt Faculty (hen present incasing Mi " esidert and W ' s. Soroul. The traditional President ' s Reception for freshmen and new students was held this year on October twenty-first instead of the customary first Friday after the beginning of the semester, as President Robert Gordon Sproul was in Europe during the first few weeks of the college year. President and Mrs. Sproul greeted each guest as he was introduced by a faculty memb the President was a student committee composed of the members of the Executive Committee and representatives from various groups on the campus, who introduced the new undergraduates to one another and attempted to acquaint them with the many activities of the University. Approximately two thousand freshmen and new students, after being greeted bv the President, enjoyed dancing and refreshments in the Hearst Gymnasium. WILLIAM DOUGLASS Chairman ASSEMBLY DANCE COMMITTEE Back Row: Harding, Graf, Kawin, Doug- lass, Neuls, Haldeman, Lipow. Third Row: Scheibner, McRoberts, Scarf, White. Attkisson. Douglas, Perry. Second Row: Vickman, Pfister, Baptie, Nilsson, Peter- sen, Caldwell, Coppock, Cayot. Front Row: McArtor, Wolverton, Rego, Wilson, Dickman, Bain, Epstein. ASSEMBLY DAIVEE COMMITTEE Music by well-known orchestras, colorful decorations, and entertain- ment attracted more than two thousand students to each of the Assembly Dances held on Saturday nights. The Assembly Dances, self-supp orting activity under University con- trol, were conducted by a faculty committee headed by Dean Lucy Stebbins and a student committee of forty members under the leadership of Bill Douglass. Each semester the student group was entertained at a dinner- dance given by the faculty committee. The main feature of the Assembly Dance decorations was a huge ball of eleven hundred mirrors, revolving beneath the rays of ten spot lights, which was constructed by students in charge of decorations. The ever-growing popularity of the Assembly Dances has established them as one of the University ' s best known student activities. No " mike " fright for Chairman Douglass. Specialty number entertains the throng Capacity crowds fill the Men ' s Gym for Assembly Dances. CHARTER DAY In former years, it has been customary to dedicate one day, known as " Charter Day " , for commemorating the signing of the charter of the University. This year, an entire week was set aside so that each of the seven campuses might have an opportunity to honor this significant event. A brilliant academic ceremony in the Greek theater on the morning of March twenty-third marked the beginning of the celebration on the Berkeley campus. Graduates of past years, march- ing behind their class banners, and undergraduates joined together in paying homage to their Alma Mater. The principal speaker of the day was Jan Masaryk, who, as son and personal assistant of Czechoslovakia ' s founder and first president, was an active diplomat during the tedious years of that country ' s birth and development. In the evening, Harry L. Masser, head of the Alumni Association, presided at a birthday banquet held in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Presi- dent Robert Gordon Sproul delivered his annual message, and Governor Culbert L. Olson, represent- ing the State of California, addressed the alumni. Jan Masaryk again took part in the day ' s activities as the honored guest of the evening and spoke to Californians by means of a statewide broadcast. During the program, the University Glee Club and Treble Clef presented a program of California songs, while entertainment and dancing concluded the festivities of the University ' s natal day. Color bearers form the vanguard of the Academic Procession. President Sproul and Provost Deutsch chat with Jan Masaryk. Entrance of the Academic Procession brings the audience to its feet. An over-capacity crowd hears Jan Masaryk deliver his thrilling plea for democracies. CENTRAL COUNCIL OF THE CALIFORNIA ALUMSI ASSOCIATION Clockwise: Brown. 0.. Lindsay. Doyle, Trtmourtux. Brown, W. L., Hugill. Ha s. Morrison. Muser, Siblcy, Schwarck, Calkins, Henck. Putnam. Green. Nichols. In order to unite alumni from all parts of the world and make the year of 1939 a gala Exposition home-coming, the Alumni Association sent two representatives to address alumni groups in most of the large cities of the United States and principal cities of Europe. These Californians traveled t wenty thousand miles through thirty-four states and ten foreign countries carrying with them California good will. To entertain visiting alumni, the association planned a program including games, lectures, plays, and tours of the University Exhibit at the Fair. Special events were held during Charter Week and Commencement Week for the graduates who had assembled for class reunions. In 1939, for the sixth time in seven years, the association ' s publication, California Monthly, was judged one of the three best alumni magazines in the country by the American Council of Alumni. With twenty-five thousand active members scattered over the entire globe, the Alumni Association is a vital force in the life of the University. HARRY L. MASSER President ROBERT SIBLEY Execut ' in Marugr CALIFORNIA ALUMNI Ahani in Hawaii held their annual Bis Gam Day gathering and watch the gaaK being charted as they listen U the tradcast. Atuauii celebrate Charter Day with the parade of the classes in the morning, and later gather at the Palace Hotel for the annual Alunni Banquet to tear Jan Masanrk. IH II UNIVERSITY NEWS SERVICE 1 HAROLD ELLIS Manager HALE SPARKS University Explorer The University News Service acts as an intermediary between the University and the newspapers by furnishing the press with news bulletins, announcements, and items of interest from the campus. The radio public is informed of the news highlights of the seven campuses by the University Explorer, sponsored by the California Alumni Association. The Ex- plorer also gives an account of develop- ments in research and the academic views on world problems. HUREAU OF OCCUPATIONS 5000 students attempting to secure part- time work and hundreds of graduates seek- ing employment leads and vocational help were largely responsible for the prominent position occupied by the Bureau of Occu- pations. Supplementing the placement of grad- uates in positions the staff instructed the younger alumni in the technique of apply- ing for work. The vocational library, maintained by the bureau, proved to be of great aid to job seekers. L WARREN Attirney-Gena-al of California CHARLES P. TAFT Son of th former U. S. HAROLD L ICKES Secretary of the Intriw GUEST SPEAKERS Students til the Wen ' s Gvir tc hea- Srerttary Ickes. CHESTER H. ROWELL Re;?- ' : ' the Uninrsity DR. AURELIA HEKRY REINHAROT Pmident Hills Ccltage GREAT NIVERSIT OF A GREAT STATE CALIFORNIA CLUB Back Row: Pettitt, Farley. Freeborn, McHenry. Front Row: Wagenet. Foster, Lindsay, MacKenzie, Titu;. Striving to encourage and to advance new fields of education, the University has built up a statewide institution of higher learning. At the seven divisions, all of them outstanding in their respective fields, training varies from the simplest undergraduate courses to the research problems confronting candidates studying for higher degrees. To further unity among the divisions, the California Club attempts to co- ordinate activities of the Seven Campuses. Appointed by President Sproul, the members of the club plan exchange programs between divisions and act as an official welcoming committee to visitors from other colleges. Headed by Julien Wagenet and Betty Foster, Chairmen, the club carried out its purpose this year when it acted as hosts to Davis and UCLA rooters at a luncheon preceding the Bear-Bruin football game on October 15, and in the evening honored the teams with a dance in the Administration Building at Treasure Island. In the spring, the Club ' s biggest project was the issuing of lithographed maps of the Seven Campuses for students and alumni. The California Club entertains Bear and Bruin rooters with a dance on Treasure Island following the California-UCLA football game. EiRLE 3. HEDRICK DON BROWS UCLA UCLA is fast outgrowing the nick-name " Little Brother " and threatens to rival the " Berkeley Branch " . Second largest of all the divisions, UCLA showed a 12 leap in reg- istration figures during the last year. This increase in enrollment necessitated the con- struction of a Social Sciences Building and the first of a series of life science buildings for a purpose similar to that of the Life Sci- ences Building on this campus. Executive Committee ' s control over the editorial and news policies of the California Daily Bruin precipitated the biggest political controversy of the year on the Westwood campus, and resulted in the repeal of the amendment to the ASUCLA constitution that gave the committee its power over the news- paper. - - ' HOREMEMIf A ' BRUIN President Seroul crnrm tte Honecwing Roycc Hill on the West wood Campus. Floiu highlight tht Hontnming Wet Parjj? 47 nternes train at the University Hospital Future pharmacists till prescriptions. Microscopes aid student-doctors in analyses. Medical Center houses the College of Pharmacy. LANGLEY PORTER Dean WARREN L. BOSTICK Student Body President MEDICINE After completing their pre-medical work on the Berkeley campus, students continue their training at the Medical Center in San Fran- cisco. The prominent faculty and the num- erous facilities available in the laboratories, clinic, and hospital buildings have made the California Medical School one of the most outstanding in the country. Among the highlights of student activity this year were a musical comedy sponsored by the Nu Sigma Nu fraternity and the bonfire rally held on the night preceding the Big Game. M A PHARMACY Filling prescriptions is no longer the sole duty of a pharmacist. Students at the College of Pharmacy have the opportunity to specialize in practical pharmacy, manufacturing phar- macy, or drug and food inspection, with seven modern research laboratories as experimental grounds. Included in the program of separate majors, interneships have been established at the University Hospital for those who wish to go into hospital pharmacy intensively, and several teaching assistantships have been made available for future teachers of dental hygiene. CARL L. A. SCHMIDT Dean BRUCE FREDERICKS Student Body President :_ 5 BYROH THOMAS DENTISTRY ith a change in matriculation require- ments, students in the College of Dentistry, after finishing a two-year professional course, now obtain the degree of B. S. instead of a certificate of completion. Another innovation provided plans for the consolidation of the Health Service of the various schools in the Medical Center into an independent division. The realization of these plans offered train- ing grounds and practical experience to dental students and created greater facilities for the increased enrollment at the college. Maintaining its high academic standing among leading training schools of the nation, the University School of Nursing instigated a program during the past year to bring about a closer bond between the University at Berk- eley and the School in San Francisco. Under the leadership of Miss Margaret Tracy, Di- rector, this plan advanced rapidly through intramural contests, through lectures given by Dean Lucy Stebbins, Miss Ida Butler, and Dr. Violet Marshall of the Berkeley faculty, and through inter-campus social activities. HAKARET TRACY JEM BALDWIN V WILLIAM M. SIMMONS Dean RAY SCHOEN Student Body President HASTINGS COLLEGE OF LAW Libraries filled with books for analytical study of case book systems and practical train- ing in the system of moot courts facilitate the work of students at Hastings College of Law who are preparing for the bar and for their LLB. Throughout its long existence, the alumni of Hastings have consistently occupied prom- inent positions at the bar. In September, alumni and students, led by Hon. William W. Waste, Chief Justice of the California Su- preme Court, celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the college in San Fran- CISCO. Student lawyers pour over case- studies. Moot courts give practical experience. HASTINGS FINE ARTS Beginners sketch from life models. The school ' s main gate. THE SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS Overlooking San Francisco ' s extensive wa- terfront from the artists ' colony on the side of Russian Hill, the California School of Fine Arts provides large studios and gardens to stimulate the students in their work. The bridges, 1939 Exposition Grounds at Treasure Island, and traditional San Francisco atmos- phere furnish young artists with material for creative work. Affiliated with the University since 1893, the school is concerned exclusively with the training of future teachers and of artists and craftsmen in the fine and applied arts. LEE F. RANDOLPH Director ROBERT BACH Student Body President MOVIES S. RVERSON Assistant Don PAUL COUTURE Student Bit DAVIS Scientific methods of farming have been added to the age-old, homely practices of milking and even-day farm chores at the College of Agriculture at Davis. With agricultural studies becoming so popular that the enrollment exceeded the facilities of the college, several new build- ings were erected this year on the campus, including a modern gymnasium, a swim- ming pool, an armory for the ROTC. and an assembly room for rallies, student meet- ings, and dances. On April 22, the Thirtieth Annual Aggie Picnic Day was celebrated. Over eight hundred people took part in the festivities which included a full day ' s program of parades and track ITU Tht Sooh-Frtrt Bml becoae i -,: 11-- Research Buildings on the Riverside campus. LEON D. BATCHELOR Director Tropical fruits are the main object of research at the Riverside Citrus Experiment Station. From Riverside, bulletins and circulars are spread throughout the state in an attempt to pre- sent the results of experimentation to the general public. County agencies are maintained and campus tours conducted as an added service to growers and other interested persons. Organized twenty-five years ago, the Syn apsis Club is an integral part of Riverside as it pro- vides an open forum for the discussion of scien- tific problems for staff members. LICK Celestial heavens are the laboratories for the astronomical studies and research of students at Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton. Supple- menting their research work, carried on under the direction of William Wright, students are required to act as assistants to members of the faculty in designated capacities. Through observation and astronomical pho- tography, many valuable contributions have been given to the world of science by this division of the University and its many stations located at various points throughout the world. . ,t " rT " 4 f - T J ' ' %;- ' : " ' , " -s Snow-covered slopes lead to the Observatory in winter. Lick ' s campus tops Mt. Hamilton ' s summit. WILLIAM H. WRIGHT Director E. W. Scripus " . used for research cruises. Scripp ' s Institution borders the Pacific Ocean. HAROLD U. SVERDRUP Director In the course of its development, Scripps In- stitution of Oceanography has widened its ac- tivities so that at present it includes study and research on all forms of marine life. In the Fall of 1938, students and faculty of the Institution discovered a mud-core of world- record length which shows the submarine geo- logical formation of the Santa Barbara Basin. A seven-weeks ' cruise off the Gulf of California was taken in the Spring of this year to make a hydrographic survey and to study the exchange of water between the Gulf and the ocean. The prime purpose for the founding of the W. K. Kellogg Institute of Animal Husbandry was to make available to horse breeders the fin- est and purest Arabian blood for the creation of a superior American horse. Today, research assistants working under Man- agers H. H. Reese and C. E. Howell are creating champion horses through continuous experiment and painstaking care. At weekly horse-shows held on the Kellogg Ranch, the horses are dis- played, and stables are kept open during the week for public inspection. CARROLL E. HOWELL Manager Valley setting of the Institute. Kellogg boasts of well-kept stables. With a fanfare of trumpets, the Golden Gate International Exposition was formally opened to the world on February 18. Located on man-made Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, this World ' s Fair of the West drew admiring throngs from all over the country. Prominent among the Fair ' s exhibits was that of the Uni- versity of California, Science in the Service of Man, showing the important part that science and the University play in the everyday life of each individual. Left. The Tower of the Sun with the Court of the Moon in the foreground; left center, the Court of the Seien Seu by lamplight and lunlight; right center, the Federal Bui Id mi fro across the Lake of the Nations, and Treasure Island; right, an Elephant Toner of the Portal of the Pacific, and Pacifici. theme statue of the Eiposition. SCIENCE IIV THE SERVICE DF MM The radio-active man hew radio- active atoms can be located in the body with the Geiger Counter. Colored mar- bles represent the atoms, which are viewed through windows in the model ' s body. Housed in attractive cases, University ex- hibits consist of visual presentation of technical subjects arranged to form a ser- ies of winding halls along which the var- ious branches of science aie represented. With a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar grant by the State Legislature two years before the opening of the Golden Gate International Exposition, preparation was begun on the science exhibit presented by the University of California. It was destined to be one of the most complete scientific exhibits ever constructed in this country and to occupy 19,000 square feet, the major part of the great Hall of Science. Faculty committees representing each of the seven cam- puses of the University were appointed to prepare the exhibits. Each scientist represented a different field of en- deavor, and was well qualified to present a complete picture of the advance of scientific achievement which has slowly been acquired through the ages in the field of science which he represented. Six miniature scenes showing stages of pre-historic animal life, together with the environment in which they lived, stood across the main entrance of the exhibit. Beyond these, laid out in orderly fashion, stood exhibits showing the chronological advances made in the various fields of science and the ways in which they have made possible our modern civilization with its many unappreciated conveniences. Not magic, but fundamental laws of physics cause the metal ball in this exhibit to cavort in very mystifying fashion, illustrating Newton ' s laws of motion. Several times daily at this msriel of the University ' s cyclotron, operation and uses of the huge atom-smasher are explained to spectators. 58 ...THE UNIVERSITY ' S EXHIBIT Many of these demonstrations could be operated mechan- ically by the spectator himself. By touching a button one could trace the migration of the seven races over the earth on a large relief map. With the touch of another button, spectators traced on a panel in which dolls appeared, the con- tinuation of hereditary traits from generation to generation. , .irby stood the botany exhibit which displayed hydro- ponics, the growing of plants in water, and the migration of the California redwoods from the Artie region to wanner California shores. A great still-life panel of a cross-section of the ocean to a depth of 8,000 feet showed the weird and varied types of fish found at the various levels, as well as the penetration of ligh: downward into the sea. From a scientific viewpoint, perhaps the most significant exhibit was an actual-sized model of the huge Cyclotron which recently went into operation in its new building on the campus. In conjunction with this exhibit, the " radio- active " man showed the course of atoms through the body. With these and other exhibits, the scientists of the seven campuses of the University of California presented to the visitors at the Golden Gate International Exposition a survey of the fruits of their labors Science in the Service of Man. to the Unitersity ex- series of six iSonBas states of pre- bistoric anioul life in California. By pushing a series of buttons, spectators may rif erhnicall)r what proportien of eye and Ink ctlor traits liK in UK offspring if tanous parent raortinations of Hose two traits. 59 Sparkling fountains in peaceful set- tings provide ample and pleasant resting places for tired visitors. Glittering by day. these same foun- tains take on rainbow hues in the evening as conrealed lights play on fluorescent colors. For weary walkers, lengthy elephant trains roll leisurely along the road- ways making excursions throughout the fairgrounds. This one passes by the crowded Gayway, with the giant structure of the ski jump looming in the background. Largest crowds gather along the Gay- way where silver flows freely for girl shows, oddities, revelations, and re- freshments. Beyond the ferris wheel is the giant cash register which rings up total number of visitors to the island each day. The statue Pacifica, symbol of the Pageant of the Pacifi:. stands guard over the beautiful fountains and pools of the court of Pacifi:a, while throngs of interested spectators pass by her base into the Calvalcade of the Golden West. The shining waters of the Lake of Nations are surrounded by flowered pathways and many impressive build- ings. In the background, the Tower of the Sun rises above Festival Hall, and to the right stands the Italhn exhibit. Far from the leisurely groups of culture seekers, the sideshows on the Gayway cater to crowds of funsters, presenting the usual free " come-on " acts designed to squeeze every pos- sible penny from unsuspecting onlookers. " Hubbah, Hubbah! Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and watch the blindfolded lady see without eyes! She will answer your questions! It ' s absolutely free, ladies and gentlemen, absolutely free! Crowd in closer please! " 60 IP ROTC ottrars present ASUC " Ke ywr eye ) Da) eicercises. T -brief PiuMint Spraol and the resents nv akrful aodemc rotes on Cturter Dy. ic 9 dassraMi readitu mteriil it the Daily Cal iskikitii for the larj. wle ittendun it Pelican fishion sbows. The Cal band forms a " C " between halves for the Big Game crcwd. The long ordeal called registration begins as students fill out interminable white and blue cards. ientations Committee takes over Faculty Glade to entertain entering women students. i5 f : SUBMIT RESIDENCE STATEMENT HERE FOR INSPECTION Serious-minded students fill the Periodical Rocm of the Libe to tead Daily Cals. Cal band members discard uniforms and dress in informal Fiesta Fashion for the Fair cpening. Entrants line up to receive registration cards. ' Well, it ' s like this . . . " Women counselors help new students decide on academic careers Out-of-state students have residence statements approved during registration. 62 Social di:inj classes draw big crcJs No toMs birred it nodem-day amput dances. Juniors s irr! crer T ' taiurt Island fa theit Stpli-Frcsh Brl. On cur nark ' The start of an AS DC Card Sales publicity slant. ibbarii ,-nd Blade motion an pleJsM at the Militzry Ball. The Blue and Gold glamour car on display in 63 BEARS INVADE THE SOUTHLAND.. Discarding books and cares, seven thousand student football fans jammed special trains to make the overnight trip to Trojanland and the S. C. game. After a sleepless night of yelling, dancing and general hell-raising, rooters ' spirits were temporarily dampened by a USC victory but very much refreshed in the following twenty-four hours of merrymaking at Los Angeles night spots. Epilogue: Monday ' s eight o ' clocks. Far Left: In private quarters apart from the noisy crowds of merrymakers, " Stub " and his hoys discuss chances of overthrowing the Trojans. Los Angeles hotels are packed with California rooters who wish they might have won but have a good time in spite of the loss. Parents and other stay-at-homes come dtwn to the station to watch rooters leave for the game. Center: In a diner turned into a training table, varsity gridders informally consume their usual quantities of food. Rooters who wish to dance take over the Observation Car. and a porter adds to the fun by " truckin ' on down " . Los Angeles ' famed Biltmore Bowl overflows with the throngs of Cal-USC after-the-game celebrants. Right: Assistant Yell-leader Ty Barre carries his megaphone south and evidently uses it for keeping things cool . . . Kibitzing Cal band members help enliven what might have been an otheiwise peaceful poker game. The rear platform of the Observation Car proves to be a great place to wave goodbye ... or to get acquainted . . . BUT EDME HOME EMPTY- HANDED 64 WORLD ' S LARGEST IIIIIITIMi SECTION Hours before the kick-off on game days ten thousand shouting rooters clad in white shirts and blue and gold caps climb the roadways leading to Memorial Stadium and settle themselves for the afternoon ' s seige. California rooters ' inimitable cries of ke it off! " , " Roll him! " , and " Po-or Tiny! " add color to the yells, card stunts and thrills of fol- lowing a winning football team. Tfce a-eti ' rtctiaf section kuean just at Bee ' s m ttc hot the tray. Tkt hind often teems te ke all id up in the i t if a in l mm. tat ahrajrs B I rt t li Tke rally oamittM prroare ith caret ami fir their half-tiw starts at the Bi| Left: The Rail; cnMittet nrb fraa daykreak tactint start carls kmitfc tke seats, and in ten and thrown into Ike air. When tke ytll-teader orters --yeltar out on paaters caps " , many After Califwtiia ' s 6 to w MCT tkt Carts, Bear reettrs pour acms tkt ftU to bean at Hnernt Cento: The mvWs fa ctin? sec! 1 1 A rtley cm are reettrs durini a time: shirtless ee hot days, they Setise eujey in the sijnal. car s art rjisc! tc ryt Itnl. a-w Calr ' cr " jj is aey cards kefere it is reae te eerfene. es for Lil.liU ' Ll. The ycll-leaoer |ies i - f LCLA STAGES FOOTBALLS GREATEST SHOW 65 ill 67 AT THE RALLIES Men model latest mghtwear at the Pajamarino Rally Fond parents revive memories of college days Classes shrink from the intense heat of a rally fire High school hill-billies swing out on a jug for the rally c Rallies are such fun ... I should be home studying. Culver leads a joint night rally as Berkeley greets the Uclans. 68 Students troop across the Greek Theatre stage in all stages of dress and undress. " Freshmen, more wood! " BIG GAME FEVER Stub " Allison speaks for the Varsity squad. WE ' VE COT STANFOWS GOAT Rooters flock to 11 o ' clock Bio Game Rally. Students go berserk at impromptu street rallies preceding Big Game Students fire it up on Telegraph Avenue. Please do not erase! ' To Helt with the Stanford Red! " 69 71 F Thousands of enthusiastic students gather at Sather Gate for the trek to the President ' s residence; led by the band and carrying pleading banners they parade around campus and finally gather at " Bob ' s; " they wait impatiently as he appears to answer the query " Will he accept a bank presidency or will he remain with the University? " He speaks, " I cannot tind it in my heart . . . " and a tremendous wave of cheers drowns ou Students partake of the rhythms of an assembly dance. mpatiently as he appears to answer the query " Will he accept Fraternity neophytes perform during Hell Week. Cal ski-enthusiasts fill the ASUC Ski Lodge at Norden rest of his sentence, " . . . to accept their offer. " Carl Ravazza crowns Nancy Lou Glass queen cf t! e Senior Informal. Cross-country skiers pause for breath, and lunch! A hula impersonate amuses assembly dancers Autumn weather distracts from studies. Geolonv hat it aDnpaL Co-ed football fans exhibit their usual interest in the game. Fraimie Turman drapes a stooge advertising the Prytanean Carnhral. Despite heavy traffic congestion the work must go en! What are you tookim at. Culm Must be study list filing cinches drew a larger crowd. n b BETWEEN CLASSES. ..WHEELER STEPS BETTV MARX. Vitt-presitort: JACK WADE. T i BOB BROCKMAN. Yell-l5: LEW GOLDENSON. Due to rrr Me management, the Senior Class v .-, a success financially as well as Njcially. During their h t year together the class ( ' 39 had a full calendar of activities including i Fall held at the St. Francis Hotel, a Spring Informal held at tlie Clartmont Hotel, se en Senior Singings, a Senior Women ' s Luncheon, and Senior Week. A:, attempt wa made to have regular cJa suppers throughout the spring eme-ter before the ba etball games. Fir the first time in vears the two Senior Info mals showed a profit, each of the i clearing over fo.:r-hundred dollars which s spent in an effort to have a more jrate Senior VX ' eek. ! ; vear, the p sit: o of Senior Week chairman was eradicated and the heads of ever: were made cirectly responsible to the Ass president, who acted as coordi- and unifier of th. program for the week. Beading class activities throughout were Lew Goidenson, Senior Class PreAent; Betty Marx, Vice-president; lack NV ' ade. Secretarv-treasurer; and Bob Brockmar. J.iv Yell-leader. SENIOR PEACE COMMITTEE SENIOR PEACE COMMITTEE Back Row: Baker, Garetscn. Chalmers, Vann, Devaurs, Ray, Della-Vedowa, Reid, Lee, Wade George, Lindsay. Second Row Henes, Trumbly, Hillsman, John son, Baker, Hildebrand, Town- send, Pool, Bottari, Kelly, Can- right, Goldenson. Front Row Hamilton, Cresswell, Gardiner Culver, Shine, Finlayson, chair man, Dickey, Breeden, Stoll Flint. FALL INFORMAL Large caricatures of leading campus per- sonalities furnished the theme for the Fall Informal held in the St. Francis Hotel ' s bal- conied Colonial Room. Highlights were the sketches drawn of guests throughout the evening, a Mask and Dagger Program, and personal appearances of several top - notch orchestra leaders playing in San Francisco at the time, among whom were Freddy Martin and Skinnay Ennis. Bob Lee was chairman of the affair, and Lenore Hennessey was the sub- chairman. Seniors watch festivities, dance, and have their portraits drawn during the evening. SENIOR SINGINGS Senior men crowd their hall for skits and singing. Dramatic and racal en- tertainment amuse the women of the Class of ' 39. The informal evening meetings known as Senior Singings, one of the oldest traditions of graduating classes, were first organized to increase unity among the seniors and provide a means for discussing pertinent problems, such as plans for Senior Week and other class affairs. Six times this year senior men and women met in their respective halls to be entertained by speakers, skits, and singing. One joint sing- ing was arranged by Chairman Bob Chalmers, where motion pictures of the 1938 Senior Week were shown by Robert Sibley of the Alumni Association. " Senior Swingings " , dances held in the Women ' s Clubrooms, followed all of the meetings. .Senior 79 yfl QUO JS " (he eocW -, oui e patt lVl .e ,, t ml ,iio s - CV g VJsing raVS sce0e ' a deX -Co n----; o, ;: ; e Sa W dass dancc , " ' tb .tt Sp tor J|U rv ubUc e Sp et cia ' over Ca . dveU- p rt; jnaiH " . . rtUe " " 111 ' .Viftui te I J f r- H S _ %. , 4, cad a md deal if tme at bars. " Proy " Lev Goldenson presides at a somr class nwetinj. candid amen catches Lindsay, Fairduld. and Stcll talking it a al ROTC cadets recei comiiiissions from Nan officials at sradiution. HeHrMd 1 s Cesar RIM types a story for Daily Cal editor Harm ifeos speak at the Big Gaae Rally ante they are partially chiliad ky Mdini an Seniors recein degrees fmp President Spmil at RIZALITO SAMUEL JAY ABANTO LEONARD E. Sibalom, Antique, ABBOT ABERNATHY Philippine Islands Diablo Berkeley Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Accounting. Chemistry Journalism Zeta Psi; Winged Hel- Alpha Alpha. met; Varsity Rowing Club; Interfraternity Council; Crew (1) (2) (3) (4). EYRLE WALTER ACEVES San Francisco Letters and Science Dramatic Literature Circle " C " Society; Little Theatre; Track; Cross Country. ELSIE GEORGE GLENN HENRY ROSS FUJIKO TOSHIO ALLAN BABCOCK BRAYTON ADACHI ADACHI ADAMS ADAMS ADAMS, JR. El Cerrito Los Angeles Richmond Berkeley Santa Rosa Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Home Economics Zoology Advertising Public Speaking Economics Japanese Students ' Japanese Students ' Daily Californian (1) Calvin Club. Transfer from Santa Club. Club. (2); Rally Committee Rosa Junior College; (2). Hammer and Dimmer, President (4): little Theatre (1) (2) (3) Production Manager (4). C. ADOLPHE Los Angeles Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Los Angeles Junior College; American Society of Civil Engineers. ALLAN CARLMAN ALTER Tarzana Engineering Mechani- cal Engineering Water Polo (3) (4) ; California Engineer; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. University Sailing Club. RAYMOND ALBERS Berkeley Letters and Science Economics. MARIAN ANNE HARTLEY RUTH CARTWRIGHT PATRICIA ALDERSON ALLEN ALLEN Pomona Alameda Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Economics. Economics Psychology Transfer from Chaffey Alpha Phi; Intramural Phi Omega Pi; Daily Junior College; Sports; Y. W. C. A.; Californian (1) (2); Assembly Dance Committee; Mixer Class Committees. Counseling; W. A. A. (1); Psychology Club. Dance Committee. GEORGE ALVES Hay ward Chemistry Chemistry Club. ELLEN MILDRED AMEND Manila, Philippine Islands Letters and Science Art Alpha Phi; Daily Californian (1); Little Theatre Make-up Staff (1) ; Y. W. C. A. (1). JOHN SIGFRID AMNEUS Oakland Engineering Mechani- cal Engineering Gymnastics (1) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. MARY ELIZABETH ALLEN Oakland Letters and Science History Pi Beta Phi; Ace of Clubs; Little Theatre (1) ; Counseling (1) (2). WILBUR KERFOOT AMONETTE Berkeley Letters anil Science Economics DREW CLINTON AMD North Hollywood Agriculture Soil Science Transfer from U.C.L.A. Delta Upsilon; Tennis. NOEL WILLIAM ALLEN Lodi Commerce Business Administra- tion Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Delta Sigma; Hammer and Coffin; Phi Phi; Pelican; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee. CAROLINE GOTEA ANDERSON Ukiah Letters and Science History International House. CLIFTON HENRY ALSOP Pacific Grove Commerce Transfer from Morton Junior College, Cicero, linois; Commerce Society. CHARLOTTE PAULA ANDERSON Oakland Letters and Science History Phrateres; Masonic Club. Letters and Science History Adtertisinij Service Bureau: Counseling; Y. W. C. A.; College Women ' s Club. 82 As A.S.U.C. President, ALAN LINDSAY inherited the tradi- tion of genial glad - handing, represented the student body, and kept order during Ex Com- mittee meetings. Dalian Letters ind Science Military Science. Political Science. Histary Circle " C " Socie ' UHmmtSum Transfer OBfcr fre Sao Jec APMT C Ifl tate Ctifept: Kta Phi Ers me Serfict Berteiey Lettm el Soece Hijt Tt Forestry ' - Transfer frvi Pasadena Traasfer frm HmlwWt vi,, ..-wr CtJkfe: Pin- State Clteje: Xi Siia Phi 0esa Pi: W A.A.: Pi: to: CMBriu; Grou Syste. Mas Alpha Delta Pi: Grinly (3) (4): Treble Clef (3) (4); Cnselin| (4): . A. A. (2) (4) : Cnw and Saddle (2): Y. W. C. A. (1) (2); Transfer fnei Hull J-wr blkge: Pan Xe-.a: Beta AtDha Psi: Beta (3); Uniwrsity PETER AVESALI WILLIAM AVILA Letters arc Sc.e e Letters and Science TramferfmiCalifwnU Hall: Haoer Institute f TedweJtn: --. Peiiord) Delta Kafla Eiln: - eMt Clef (1) Golf. - S U. C. Cart DOROTHY JEAK AXELROD Berkeley Letters and Science Sactenclcty. ROBERT B. AYRES Transfer frw Miitill Ajnior Cllee: Kapoa Psi. A.S.U.C. Vice-president LAURA TITUS ecially receneri nsai a Ex Ceaertta 83 HELEN LUCILE BABASINIAN Oakland Letters and Science History Personnel (1) ; Blue and Gold Managerial Staff (2): A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee (3) (4): Phrateres; Y. W. C. A.; Masonic Club. JOHN RICHARD BABCOCK San Francisco Agriculture Forestry. JOHN W. BABCOCK Modesto Letters and Science Political Science. LUCY FOX BABCOCK Vallejo Letters and Science History Areta: Y. W. C. A. LUCILE DORIS BADE San Jose Letters and Sciente Household Art Alpha Omicron Pi; Delta Chi Alpha. ERNEST ALFRED BAGLEY Ventura Letters and Science Geology. ALICE BEVERLY BAILEY Denver. Colorado Letters and Science Art Transfer from Univers- ity of Denver; Crop and Saddle. DOUGLAS KOHL BAILEY Long Beach Mining Petroleum Engineering. HELENA BAILEY Santa Ana Letters and Science Mathematics Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College: Phi Mu. PEGGY JEAN BAILEY Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science Phi Mu. RUTH NANCY BAILEY Santa Rosa Letters and Science Household Art Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Delta Chi Alpha. ROBERT VICTOR BALL Crockett Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Varsity Rowing Club. LUCY EDWINA BALLENTINE San Francisco Letters and Science History and Thecry of Art Little Theatre (1) (2) (3); Class Committees. C. MAURICE BAKER Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Californian (1) (2) (3), Managing Editor (4). HAROLD CLAYTON BARBER San Francisco Letters and Science Political Science. GEORGE REX BAKER San Francisco Letters and Science Physical Education. Circle " C " Society; Sigma Sigma Pi; Physical Education; Majors Club. STEPHEN TOOKER BARBER Pasadena Letters and Sience Economics Zeta Psi: Winged Helmet; Circle " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta: Swimming (1) (2) (3). JESS F. BAKER Berkeley Commerce Economics Transfer from Pomona College. ROE HUGH BAKER San Francisco Letters and Science Economics. SHERIDAN WARNER BAKER Santa Rosa Letters and Science English Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club. GRACE MAY BALDWIN Lodi Letters and Science History Sigma Sigma Pi: Daily Californian (1) (2); Occident teres. BETHYL JEANETTE BALL Patterson Letters and Science Mathematics Kappa Delta; Deputa- tions; Counseling. JOHN KENNETH BAR8IERI San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology Phi Kappa Sigma. SAMUEL BARDELSON. JR. LAWRENCE Los Angles Commerce Alameda Transfer from Univei- Engineering sity of Wisconsin: Honor Student; Soccer Soccer. (4) ; Commerce Hollywood EDNA MAE BARKER Rosnille Agriculture Plant Letters an Pathology Physics. Optometry Transfer from Transfer from Sacra- U.C.L.A.; Alpha Zeta; inento Junior College. 84 From International House and the cellars of Eshleman Hall. NORMAN CANRIGHT ground out thought-provoking editorials as Fall Editor of the Daily Cali- fornian. BETTE BARNARD WAR6ARET ELIZABETH BARHES EDWARD KEKYELL BARRETT ALBERT ASCHHANN BARSHOW Letters auri Sciece ceacoucs Letters aprf Theta Phi: Bte art Ale . Chi I (2) 3). I: en ' s Ei.tor (4): 1) (2):Linie en ' s Actifitj Theatre (2): Class cil (4). Letters an Scieoce Traoa oena J Halt BLANCHE WARY BARSOTTI Letters and Sciece HopsehoU Art Delta C hi Alpha; RICHARD PAUL BARTHOL San Francisco WILLARD WILLIAM ' . JR. LOOANNE BARTLETT DAVID 1_ BART01 Little Theatn; Soccer. Lettpj ind Sc.t-o : G:K dm- Letters mi Mister Cwi-il (4); u Sat Pi Tap Pi (4): W en ' s Actif ity Clwcil .CJL (1) (2). (Utoet C5) (4). : FKANKLIN BASSETT ARSOLD BAUSLAUGH Letters Transfer frt Piri i I nlli Chi Alpha: ity of Clle: Infra- GWM Beta: Daily pml Sports: Awi- Califoraiaii (1) CtMerce RMEenSbkCUIeie; Hi S a D ti Ph- ' Society if Ciiil BaseUI (3) (4 . ind Science Letters ar Scienct Histey Histe Tranfer htm Ht iti Pi KMXE Ataka. fnei Sun- KM : : ii Zeti Beta Tin: -w- er anl Oir: let- (1) i2X3l. Ctairto. 4): U. C. Reaatim Cw- Soctalhr-coKCMK BILLIE COLE Uitar pf tie Daily Caleforman art chanied Ike Oalrformac fraa its trarfitipnal (MMTWS feoi to ne of social 85 PHILIP BERNARD BEGIER Oakland Commerce Accounting. HAROLD PATRICIA JUNEROSE CECIL RUSSELL RICHARD DORIS RALPH WRIGHT ANNE S. JOHN WILLIAMS B. EDNA MILTON BELL BELL BELLEW BELLMAN, JR. BENNER BENNION BENNY BENOWITZ 1 " Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Lcs Angeles San Francisco Honolulu. Hawaii Ogden. Utah 1, I Mechanical Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Agriculture Engineering Letters and Science Commerce Aeronautics Political Science Physical Education, Finance Agricultural Electrical Engineering Physical Education, Business Administration Tau Beta Pi; Baton; Delta Gamma; Person- Hygiene A.S. U.C. Labor Board; Economics Transfer from San Hygiene Transfer from Weber A. S. U. C. Band; nel (1); Class Com- Transfer from San Welfare Countil; Big Transfer from U. C. Mateo Junicr College; Prytanean; Nu Sigma Junicr College, Utah; American Society of mittees. Francisro Junior Col- " C " Guard; Y.M.C.A.; L. A.; Kappa Alpha; Wrestling: American Psi; Women ' s " C " So- Kappa Nu. ||l Mechanical Engineers; lege; Sigma Sigma Pi; Commerce Association. Masonic Club. Institute of Electrical ciety: W. A. A.; Intra- Chess Club. Pennant " C " Society; Engineers. mural Golf; Counseling; Physical Education Women ' s Dormitory As- Majors Club; Women ' s sociation: Physical Ed- Orchestra; W. A. A. ucation Majors Club; Masonic Club. ANDREW ALM BENSON Modesto Chemistry Bowles Hall; Sigma Xi; Honor Student; Y. M. C. A.: American Chem- ical Society. ETHELYN BENSON San Diego Letters and Science History Transfer from San Diego State College; Sigma Sigma Pi; Luther Club. VINITA ELEANOR BETTS Visalia Letters and Science History Sigma Kappa. CLYDE EUGENE BEUTLER Sacramento Agriculture Entomology Transfer from University of California at Davis. LILLIAN S. BENTLEY Napa Letters and Science Household Science Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Alpha Nu; Icta Sigma Pi; Sigma Xi; Honor Student. RUTH BIEBESHEIMER San Francisco Letters and Science Psychology Pi Lambda Theta; Sigma Kappa Alpha Honor Student; Y. W C. A.; Philorthian; Psychology Club. JAMES ERNEST BERDAHL Sioux Falls, South Dakota Letters and Science Music Transfer from August- ana College, South Da- kota; Alpha Mu; Baton: University Symphony Orchestra; University Chorus; A. S. U. C. Band. FERRELL F. BIGGERSTAFF San Francisco Letters and Science English. HAROLD NATHAN BERGMAN New York, New York Letters and Science Physics, Optometry Omega Delta. RAYMOND OSCAR BERGSTROM RHOOA FRANCES BERMAN VICTOR JOSEPH BERNHARD Los Angeles Los Angeles A 1 ham bra Engineering Electrical Engineering Transfer from U.C. L.A. Letters and Science English Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Commerce Transfer from Ncrth- western University: Theta Chi; Crew (2) RICHARD CHESTER BIGGS Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Phi Kappa Psi; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Track (1) (2). BIGGS Sacramento Commerce Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Pelican. ANN CHADWICK BERRYHILL Berkeley Letters and Science English Kappa Alplia Theta; Ace of Clubs; Honor it: Y. W. C. A. OIS ANN BIRD Fortuna Letters and Science Public Speaking, English Transfer frcm Humboltit State College; Inter national House; Honor Student. RALPH ALAN BIRK Builingame Commerce LILYAM BIRNBERG Glemlale Letters ami Science Economics Transfer from San Ma- Transfer from U.C.L.A.; teo Junior College; W. A. A.: Philorthian. Sigma Pi, Anyone wading through the fe- male-filled outer office of Pelly without being side-tracked, found BILL JAMES sitting at the Manager ' s desk during the fall semester. 86 WILHELMINA BISCHOFF Letters arts Scierce -English Alpha Chi 09: WO- RM ' S Ezeortiie C:- outtee: Pelican: A.S.U. C. Card Sale CoeMit- tR Counseling: Phra- tcns: Y. W. C. A.; Class Comittees. GORDON HOLMES BISHOP Orange Letters and Science Political Science Transfer frcoi Santa Ana Junicr College: GleeCtak. JOY BISHOP Berkeley Letters and Science VERL MARJORIE BISHOP Oakland Letters and History and of Art Delta Delta Delta. ThKry JOHN DAVID BISSO Concord Chemistry. TDK ALLEN BITHER. JR. Berkeley Chewistry. CLAUDE WILFRED BLAIN Letters! RICHARD H. BLAKE Glendale Letters and Science Alpha Mo: Baton: A. S. U. C. Band: U-iiersity Orchestra. Transfer tn Glendale Junicr College: Pre- Medical Society. CECIL BURL BLANKENSHIP Berkeley Engineering Mcdonical Enfiaarlni. FLORENCE LEE BLOCK Santa Monica Letters and Science Political Science BEVERLY LENORE BLUM San Francisco Letters and Science English STEPHEN ROBERT BLUMENKRANZ Brooklyn, New York Alpha Chi Srgaa: En- Letters and Science Mcvt Cflwtil U. C. Optcnttry Life Sating Corps; . l Str tnm Oli . net = Uniiersity: OPE:: Delta; Hil ' el JOHN ELTINGE BLUM Pied-ont BURRIS BLY San Francisco Letters and Science History Gimiu Phi Beta. Glendile Letters and Science History Theta Xi; Phi Phi Transfer fnoi U. C. L Grizzly. A.; Ajpa .-. Phi. LOIS JANET BOVSTIS Berkeley Letters and Science -.- ZABETH -I ' LIVE z ' . ' iO Dntario . ers and Science Art - : -sftr fnm Chafe) Islleoe: Inter- Letters are Stiea Political Science Phi Oeaefa Pi: Per- Aloha Smm DelU: California Engi (1) (2) (3). Wo- s Manager (4). With the job of guarding Pelly ' s as a TRAVER HILBY glee- fully worked his way b position of PeKcan Soring 87 JOSEPHINE CONSTANCE BOOT San Francisco Letters and Science Art Zeta Tau Alpha; U. C. Flying Club. HAROLD CHARLES BOOTH Piedmont Commerce. BARBARA LOIS BORGLIN Oakland Letters and Science History Sigma Sigma Pi. JOSEPH VICTOR JAMES PARKER BOTTARI DONALD BORT Vallejo BOWERS Long Beach Letters and Science Gibson City, Engineering Physical Education, Illinois Electrical Engineering Hygiene Commerce Business Barrington Hall; Tau Kappa Sigma: Golden Administration Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Bear; Winged Helmet; Transfer from Univer- Nu; Men ' s Judicial Big " C " Society:Skull sity of Illinois; Sigma Committee; American and Keys; Sigma Al- Alpha Epsilon; Little Institute of Electrical pha; Football; Track; Theatre. Engineers. Baseball. EDWARD WILLIAM BOWES Alameda Letters and Science Economics Acacia; Scabbard and Blade. BERYL LEON BOYCE Eureka Letters and Science Economics Football (1); Boxing. DOROTHY ANNE HARRIET BOYER Palo Alto Letters and Science Journalism Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Ttieta Sigma Phi; Alp ha Alpha; Honor Student; Intramural Sports. JOE RAYMOND ANNA MIRIAM RICHARD L. CLIFFORD CATHERINE FRANCES BRANN BRAND BRANDLEIN BRANDON BRANDT Rio Vista Riverside San Francisco Visalia Berkeley Agriculture Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Agricultural Economics Economics Mathematics History History Barrington Hall; Rally Transfer from Riverside Honor Student. Transfer from Visalia Transfer frcm Santa Committee (1) (2); Junior College: Bad- Junior College; Areta; Rosa Junior College. Y. M. C. A. minton Club. W.A.A.; Epworth Club. SAMUEL LOCKE BREAUX San Francisco Commerce Phi Kappa Psi; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Track (1): Big " C " Guard. JOHN ROBERT BREEDEN San Francisco Letters and Science Political Science Delta Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Big " C " So- ciety; Football (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Senior Peace Committee; Sophomore Vigilante (2). FLORENCEJANE BREIDING Happy Camp Letters and Science Anthropology. CARL LOUIS BREITINGER Los Angeles Agriculture Forestry Xi Sigma Pi: Honor Student: Forestry Club. JAMES MUNSON BREMNER Santa Rosa Agriculture Economics Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. EARL GRAY BREWSTER Berkeley Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma. MARTHA BRIDGE Beverly Hills Letters and Science Art Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Delta Gamma. HARRY MORRIS BRIDGEMAN San Bernardino Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Bern- ardino Valley Junior College; U. C. Life Saving Ccrps; Masonic Club. CLAUDE W. BRIDGES Alhambra Letters and Science History. JAMES RAYMOND BRIEN Richmond Letters and Science History Baton; A. S. U. C. Band. HAROLD STANLEY BRIGHT, JR. San Diego Ccmmerce Foreign Trade International House; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Phi Epsilon; Glee Club Manager (1) ; Crew Manager (2); A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee (2). JOAN FAY BRIMBERRY , Sausalito Letters and Science French Alpha Delta Pi; Treble Clef (2) (3) (4); Intramural Sports; Y. W.C.A.: Mascnic Club: Class Committees. CHARLES RONALD BROCKMAN Lincoln Letters am! Science Political Science. 88 When the old Occident magazine gave way to the new Grizzly, BELLEVERNON PECK remained on the staff to become Spring Editor. fas, I WIUIAH RICHARD wn :ience Sacra- Crileoe: Sir Pra- Lrtterswi PAULINE MYRA BROOY San Francisee Letter? and Science GEORGE BROKAW MARCELLA BROSIO San Francises Letters and Some an. BETTY WANDA ESGELYN " TE BROW EDWIN BROWN PIERCE Honor Student. Transfer fm San Francisco Junior Ctlieoe: Coomdint: let: Clan Yell Transfer fnm San Jose State Colleje: Amen- car Society of I ical Eniineers. Letters and Science Mi Delta: Delta Chi Alpha. Letters and Science Emlish Beta Pki Alpha: Daily Caufsmiw (1) (2); Lettan an Seec Tr " " far Transfer rw Stanf art Unnersitr; Pi Beta Phi: Science Society. Tketa Stpu Phi: A. S. U. C. Uktr Biart: Y. W.C.A. (1) (2) (3). President (4); V . en ' s Actirity Cnrcil. Trawfer ftw Fulkrtoo Mmr Ct can Stciety Chi Alpha Glee CM Starint: Cm (1); Y. H. C. A. ARL AUO-ETTE BRO - - Vaflej. RALPH HENRY BROWNS 30UBE Santa ALBERT BRtKDAGE HARRY WILLIAN BRUSH UPTD BRUMBAUGH and Science Engineer q Citil E House: Transfer : mo Sar Society: Rosa Jo- or Colle Jxiety: Tap Bet: Pi; Cki Letters ana Science A. S. U. C. Bart cat CM; Eta Transfer frto Unmrsity Junior CoHeoi: Zeta Transfer frooi SanFnu- : v. -i- Alnha Beta Tau: Beta Gaio- ciso Juni ; W. A. i ; Fee- Socittj if Footsies Cotn- EY SHAPIRO M the likeral MiMrrty Exec- 89 FRANK CLARENCE BRYANT Berkeley Commerce Accounting Congress. GAY EVANGELINE BUBAR Roseburg, Oregon Letters and Science French Transfer from Long Beach Junior College. KARL PHILIP BUCK. JR. Pasadena Letters and Science Economics Delta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tau Pi Sigma. ROBERT EDWIN BUCKLES Susanville Chemistry Transfer from Lassen Junior College; Chem- istry Club. JEAN FRANCES BUCKNUM San Rafael Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Domini- can College. MARION EMMA BUELL Beaumont Letters and Science Home Economics. NANCY AYRES BUFFINGTON Gold Beach. Oregon Letters and Science Economics Alpha Xi Delta; Coun- seling: W. A. A.; Crop and Saddle: Intra- mural Sports. ROBERT DOUGLAS BUFFINGTON Bakersfield Letters and Science Geology Transfer from Bakers- field Junior College; Masonic Club. MARGARET ANN BULLOCK Berkeley Letters and Science Public Speaking Delta Zeta;TrebleClef; Blue and Gold (2); Personnel. REID SLATER BUNTING Bakersfield Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Bakers- field Junior College. FRANKLIN GLEN BURRIS Sonoma Chemistry Food and Drug Chemistry Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Kappa Psi; Pharmacon, Editor. JOHN JOSEPH BUONCRISTIANI San Francisco Letters and Science Geography Transfer from San Fran- cisco Junior College: Newman Club; Circolo Italiano. CARROLL OHMART BUSH Hilo. Hawaii Letters and Science Public Speaking Delta Gamma; Intra- mural Sports. ERNEST GUSTAV BURCKHARDT Sacramento Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; California Engineer. NOEL SWAN BURGE, JR. Berkeley Commerce Delta Tau Delta. VIRGINIA CATHERINE BUSH Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha; Counseling (3); Y. W. C. A. (1) (2), Cabinet (3) (4). GRACE GERTRUDE BUTLER Chico Letters and Science French Transfer from Chico State College; Span- ish Club; Maison Francaise. BURKE San Francisco Letters and Science H istory Pi Beta Phi: Counsel- ing (1) (2) (3); Phrateres; Intramural Sports (1) (2) (3); Y. W. C. A. ROBERT KNIGHT BYERTS Los Angeles Mining Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Delta Upsilon; Theta Tau; Mining Association. SAM BURNICK San Francisco Pharmacy. MERYL CHARLES BURNS Richmond Engineering Electrical Engineering. n DONALD F. BURR Lindsay Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Porter- lie Junior College: Big " C " Society; Track (3) (4). HOWARD FRANCIS BURRELL Vallejo Commerce Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Delta Phi Epsilon. II RICHARD STOCKMAN BYLIN McCloud Engineering Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi. BETTY BYRNE San Francisco Letters and Science History Delta Gamma. FRANKLIN BROCKWAY CAFFEE Berkeley Commerce Economics Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student: Blue id Gold Managerial ff (2); Daily Call- nian Editorial Staff (1) ; A. S. U. C. Card les Committee (3) 4): .-Senate; . Com- lerce Association; Class Committees. LORRAINE YVONNE CAHILL Oakland Letters and Science Englisli U. C. Chorus; Thalian Players: LittleTheatre. 90 As Women ' s Editor of the Blue and Gold, BETTE BARNARD spent most of her waking hours correcting copy and worrying about the publishing deadline. BETTY JANE CALDWELL Letters and Science History Gaua Phi Beti: Torch and Shield: HELEN LOUISE CALDWEU. Berkefer Letters and Science History Daily Califemian; CtoBding: A.S.U.C. JOHN ARCHIBALD CALHOUN MARY COLTER ANGELA THERESA CAVISATI Letttrsa Letters and Science Histery. Cameling (1): Radio Card Sales Coitee: CBUBISSM, Chairman AssoiMy Dance Cmittee: Mumm Singiag: Y. W. C. A. Club. Cthinet: Class Ceamittees. DelU Tan Delta: Terns Manager (2). WILIAM JAMES CALVERT Letters and Science Letters and Science Public Mewrstn Italian Transfer fnm FREDERICK F. CAMPAGNOLI San Francisc Letters and Science W.A.A.. Intrawral Snorts: Circolo Italian; Haisan Transfer fro. San Francisco J Ccllege. DUDLEY EDGAR CAMPBELL Upland Engineering Electrical Engineering Transfer fnm Ctafey J-- :- College: Aerica,i Institute of Electjical Engineers JEA CAMPBELL Aienal Letters and Science History i Pi; (1) (2); Y.W.C.A. (1). Los Angeles Letters anc Science Pt-nedical Club. RENATO CAPOCELLI. JR. San Frarcisct- Letters and Science English. History. Letters and Science English International H Gikfen Bear: Pi Del ' Epsiln: Tri-une: Gam Betta: Da , California! (1) (2) (3). Editor (4); Peace Coittee: Eiecutiw CwMitt Grinly Editorial B : art HEXRY CARLENZOLI Calistoga Letters and Science Politwal Science. FREDERICK MACKLIN CARLISLE Mil DOROTHY WARGARET CARLSOS Ci.. - Club. Ssn F--jncisco Letters and Science Economics Pi Phi Delta: Sigu Pi: Pelican (1) (2): A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee (2) (3) (4): WJUL: Y.W.CJL; PsyctKl ;. Club. RUTH MARIE CARR Hayvarri Letters and Science HOWARD CARTER. JR. Darroulett. Texas Letters and Science RYLASD S. CARTER ; Pfraterts. Transfer frc Fullertor, Junior College: Wesley F ; Hall: African Society f I BRIL FLINT. Blue and G M Editor, spent his tine wrryin| abut " tat the hoi wwld Mk like, as veil as ether or let 01 DOROTHY THOMAS HELEN MARY MARY CLIFFORD ALEXANDER FRANK JAMES ELIZ ABETH HENRY CATHERINE LOUISE MARGARET JOSEPH HAMILTON F. CATALAN BACHELDER CARTTER CARVER CASADAY CASEY CASEY CASSELL, JR. CASTRO Roseville CATHCART, JR. Monrovia Alameda Maywood Riverside San Francisco Livingston Honolulu, Hawaii Letters and Science San Francisco Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science Economics Political Science Political Science English History Public Speaking Public Speaking Geological Science Transfer from Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha; Blue Transfer from U. C. Transfer from River- Alpha Delta Pi: Blue Daily Californian (2) ; Transfer from Menlo Theta Tau; Glee Club; Junior College: and Gold (2) (3); L. A.; Treble Clef. side Junior College: and Gold (2) (3). A. S. U. C. Card Sales Junior College; Delta Masonic Club. Women ' s Dormitory Debating; Daily Cali- Treble Clef. Committee (2): Con- Kappa Epsilon: Track Council; W. A. A.: fornian; Grizzly; gress; Wesley Founda- Manager (2) (3). Commerce Association; Track Manager (2); tion; Wesley Players. Masonic Club. Senate. 14m M W MARK RENEE ARNOLD RAMON MARGARET DOROTHY IA L. FERNANDE BENNETT FRANCIS ROSE ARLENE CELEBER CATON CAUWET CAVANAUGH CAYOT CECCOTTI CECIL San Francisco Long Beach San Francisco Oakland Grass Valley Oakland Butte City Letters and Science Commerce Business Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Art Administration French Journalistic Studies Civil Engineering Accounting History Transfer from San Transfer from Long International House: Alpha Alpha. Abracadabra; Phi Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Casa Hispana: Counsel- Francisco Junior Beach Junior College. Pelican (2); A.S.U.C. President. Assembly Dance Honor Students ing: Masonic Club. College. Card Sales Committee Committee; American Council: Commerce (3); Maison Francaise; Society of Civil Association; Newman Newman Club; Masonic Engineers. Club. Club. GEORGE PERRY CHAFFEY Quincy Commerce Advertising Daily Californian (1) (2); A. S. U. C. Band; Track (1) (2) (3) (4). ROBERT K. CHALMERS Oakland Letters and Science Economics Kappa Sigma; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Basketball. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH CHAMBERLAIN Sierra Madre Agriculture Land- scape Design Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior Ccllege; Alpha Omicron Pi; Little Theatre (1). EUGENE KEITH CHAMBERLIN Berkeley Letters and Science History Occident; Track (1); A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee. EDMUND STUART CHAMBERS Walnut Creek Chemistry Honor Student; Winter Sp:rts Club. BERTHA LOUISE CHAN Oakland Letters and Science Education Chinese Students ' Club. EVERETT MARSTON CHANDLER Oakland Letters and Science Economics Del Rey; Crew (1) ( San Bernardino Co mmerce Transfer from San Bernardino Valley Junior College; Bowles Hall: Commerce Assoc iation: Masonic Club. 92 ROTHY IHAPVAN Berkeley Letters and Science Mathematics Kappa Delta: Counsel- ing: Deputations; Phrateres; Y. W. CAROLYN FLORA CHALLONER Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Sigma Kappa; Prytanean; Hammer and Dimmer; Thalian; Little Theatre (1) (2) (3): Y. W. C. A. ELWOOD NORMAN CHAPMAN Ontario Letters and Science Economics Transfer f ' om Chaffey Junior College. ADPi ' s likeable JEANETTE LUCAS was Women ' s Manager of the Blue and Gold, a member of Prytanean, and wore her house ' s scholarship ring as well. ROSE LESTER FREDERICK OMER WILLIAM CHEEK CHEESEBROUGH Tiauron Sacrament Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Physical Education History. Ciiil Engineering Mi Sign Psi: Pennant American Society of C " Society: W. A. A. Ciil Engineers. STUART CURRAN CHENOWETH BakersfeM Utters ai International Relations Transfer fix Bakers- field Junior Collect: International Houst: Delta Phi Epsilsn; Pi Sigma Alpha: Senate. CHERNOW Albany Letters and Science Accounting and Finar Beta Gamma Sifma: Beta Alpha Psi. MARIE KATHRYN CH1ARUCCI McClomJ Ulters and Science Spanish. Italian Pi Mu Iota: Sim Sigma Pi; UtruBmje; Italian Clak. DOROTHY CHICKERIN6 Oakland Letters and Science PAUL HOWARD CHO Berkeley Letters and Bning. CHOATE Pnrtenille Letters and Science English Transfer from Porter- Tille iV,; College. JAIvET PEARL CHOCK Hanalei. Kauai, Hawaii Letters and Science Physical Education, Transfer from Sa. r -an- rfen Amor Colle;; Chinese StJ fer CIL = ; FRANCES KING CHONG Berkeley Letters and Science English Transfer from M Junior College Chinese Students ' C Fresna Letters ara Scienc Zoo I of . Transfer ' -on Fn State Ctllete. ELLWOOD L. CLARK Chira Letters i i Psi. KiTHLL - 1 , ' .LL C.iRK Himriula. Hawaii L;::ers and Science Public Health ' sferfrm Uniicr Letts ; f.: Pi 11 Pi Lambda Theta: Phrsteres: Counseling: Y. m. c. A. CHEVALLIER CLARK Lincsln Letters and SCH ics. Chemistry Transfer from n: Actreity Delta Tau Delta; Skull Junior College. Council (4); Orchestra and Keys: Beta Beta: (1) (2) (3). Marater Football Manager (2). (4) : Mask Council (4 ): Card Sales Com- mittee: Y.W.C.A.. Cab- inet (3) : liilaiLiUtmal House: Cramner Club: Chinese Students ' Club. ,ClltJt Pn ' . t, if Hawaii: Alpha Om:z -}. Daily Call- ELOISE CLARKE LOTS Bea Letters and Science Public Hearth Hirsing Transfer from Lwj - j.-.y C: :e;t JOHN FREDERICK CLARKE San Dieog Engineering Ciiil Engineering Transfer from San Diet State College: Chi Eusilon: American Society of Citil Engi- neers: Cahin Ck . VARJORIE T. CLARKE Letters aio Science Transfer from U. C. L. A.;SiomaKapa. Soccer star and Publications Cwncil representative on E.X CoMittee. genial Blue and Gold LESSER mace for SL-ccessors tisMWtat. 93 CYNTHIA FRANK HARRY DANIEL ROY CLYTIE EVELYN JOHN EVERETT LOUISE WINTON ROBERT HENRY EUGENE F. LUCILLE JOSEPH COE CLAYBAUGH CLEARY CLEMONS, JR. CLOSE CLOUGH CLOUSKY CLOW CLYDE. JR. Oroville Clovis Burlingame Oakland Corning Berkeley Daly City San Francisco Oakland Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Engineering Mechan- Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science French Plant Pathology Pre-Medtcal Political Science Plant Pathology. ical Engineering Bacteriology. Household Art Political Science. Pi Delta Phi. W. A. A. Beta Theta Pi; Winged Pi Sigma Alpha: Honor American Society of Delta Zeta; Delta Chi Helmet; Tri-une; Student; Honor Stu- Mechanical Engineers. Alpha; Counseling; Track. dents Council. Group System. ' 1 -: JAYNE COHEN Los Angeles Letters and Science Education Transfer from Univer- sity of Minnesota; Sigma Sigma Pi; Personnel; Vocational Guidance; Women ' s Dormitory Council ; W. A. A.; International House. CONN San Francisco Letters and Science Public Speaking Alpha Epsilon Phi; Little Theatre Make-up Staff (1) (2); Debat- ing Managerial Staff (2)(3);W.A.A., Golf. ADYS ALVA COHN San Francisco Letters and Science Psychology Little Theatre (1); Daily California!! (1) MARJORIE COHN Sacramento Letters and Science Public Health. THROOP COLE Kentfield Letters and Science International Relations Transfer from Smith College; Kappa Kappa Gamma: University Chorus; Counseling; Y. W. C. A. BOYD COLE Clarksburg Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from Univer- sity of Ut ah: Bowles Hall; Scabb.i-d and Blade: Rifle Team. ., JOHN SHEEHAN COLE Sacramento Letters and Science History Pelican. HELEN MARGARET COLEBERD South San Francisco Letters and Science Household Art Transfer from San Mates Junior College; International House; Delta Chi Alha: California Engineer: Counseling; Crap and Saddle; Phrateres: Hostess Committee. BILL CORAL COLEMAN Colusa Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Daily California!! (2) (3), Women ' s Editor (4); Prytanean; Theta Sigma Phi. CLARENCE GEORGE PATRICIA VIRGINIA VERNON KENT FRANK HELEN JOHN BUYER DANA COLEMAN RUTH JACKSON JENNINGS CHARLES REGINA STANISLAUS COLEMAN COLEMAN San Francisco COLEMAN COLEY COLLINGS COLLINS COLLINS COLLINS Oakland Modesto Letters and Science Oakland Oakland Pasadena San Anselmo San Francisco Hemet Engineering Chemistry English Letters and Science Commerce Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Electrical Engineering Transfer from Modesto Transfer from San Fran- Public Health Transportation Economics Chemistry History Anthropology American Institute of Junior College; cisco State College. Masonic Club. Varsity Rowing Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Alpha Tau Omega; Transfer from San Fran- Tiansfer from Loyola Electrical Engineers. Honor Student. Crew (1) (2) (3) A. S. U. C. Card Sales International House. cisco junior College. University: Barrington (4) ; Masonic Club. Committee (1) (2) Hall; Golden Bear; Big (3). Chairman (4): MHM I ' C " Society: Varsity Class Committees. Rowing Club: Crew (2) 94 CORAL IE LAMB spent a good deal of her time in the Cal office as an associate editor, and also served as President of Theta Sigma Phi. MARY LOUIS WILLIAM GERTRUDE ELIZABETH A. ERNEST COLLINS COLTON COLUSSI COMBRINK Marysville Berkeley Berkeley Sacramento Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Art History Military Science, History. Beta Phi Alpha: Delta Transfer from Williams History. Political Epsilcri: Daily Califor- Junior College: Gamma Science nian Art Staff (1) (2) Phi Beta; W. A. A. Varsity Rowing Club; : Women ' s Or- Crew (1) (2) (3) chestra (1) (2); W. (4). Clef (3) : Camera Club. ELSIE OLIVE COMBS Long Beach Accounting Transfer from Long Beach Junior Colleoe: Kappa Phi: Intramural Sports: Commerce Club; International House. CONSTANCE M. B. COMPTON Berkeley Letters and Science Botany. VIOLA MARIE CONLEY Taft Letters and Science Economics Hostess Committee. DANIEL MARION CONNER Hollywood Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from U.C.L.A.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers: American Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; Club. ROBERT ELWELL CONNICK Berkeley Chemistry. MARY ELLEN COOK Berkeley Letters and Science Psychology Transfer frcm San Fran iutt i-i C: ' " e; Psychology Socie.. U. C Bible Club.! Altadena Engineering Civil Engineering : from Los Angeles Junior College Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon; American So- Alameda Letters and Science English Hcnor Student Van Nuys Mining Mining Engineering Sheridan Hall: Alpha Z ; ' U Sigma: California Accounting Circle " C " Society: Swinming (1) (2) (3). Captain (4); Water Polo (1) (2) Club. Berkeley Letters and Science English. ciety of Civil HEN ' RY CORY San Fra Cisco Letters ant Science Science Transfer ft : San Francisco . jnior College: 173 Ib. San Francisco Letters and Science History Transfer from San Francisco College fc Women: Kappa Del: Crcp and Saddle: Newman Club. Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Alpha Delta Phi:: Varsity Rowing Club; Crew (1) (2) (3) (4). MARSHALL WILLIAMS COWOEN Santa Cruz Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta: Epsilon Alpha. SAMUEL JOSEPH CORD Los Angeles LAVERNE JUNE COOPER San Francisco Letters and Science education Transfer from San Fran- Beta Alpha Psi: Cisco Junior College: Newman Club. Phi Omega Pi: W.A.A.: Masonic Club; Class CoMittees. JANE PHYLLIS COX Westley Letters and Scienre Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta; Ace of Clubs. JUNE VERABELLE COX San Francisco Letters and Science History Counseling; Little Theatre Make-up Staff; Y.W.C.A. Conservative CARL JOHNSON. Daily Califorian City Editor, drew the ire of campus red-hots with his right-wing columns en the editorial page of the Monarch. LOWELL LVMAN COX San Luis Obispo Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi ; Scab- bard and Blade; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Honor Student; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. HELEN NYIMA CRAIG Santa Rosa Letters and Science Political Science Counseling (3) (4); Dormitory Council; Student Advisory Bureau; Intramural Sports; Y.W.C.A. ISOBEL MARY BAIRD CRAIG Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha: Pelican; California Engineer; Counseling. JEAN MARIE CRAIG Oakland Letters and Science Public Speaking Gamma Phi Beta; Thalian: Blue and Gold; Counseling; Y.W.C.A.; Class Committees. ROBERT JANE DOREEN HITCHCOCK ELIZABETH MARGARET CRAIG CRESS CRESSWELL Los Angeles Sacramento Berkeley Mining Letters and Science Letters and Science Mining Association: History Economics American Institute of Transfer from Sacra- Y.W.C.A. Mining Engineers. mento Junior College. ERNESTINE MARIE CRESTETTO Oakland Letters and Science Economics Beta Sigma Omicron. ARTHUR G. CREWS Los Angeles Agriculture Forestry Transfer from Oregon State College; Xi Siama Pi; Forestry Club. MARIE PATRICIA REESE CRIVELLI CRONE CROPLEY Crockett San Francisco Burlingame Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Physical Education Psychology. Physical Education, W.A.A.; Physical Ed- Hygiene ucation Majors Club. Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Christian Science Society. JOSEPH CLEVE CUMMINGS Eureka Commerce Accounting Transfer from Hum- boldt State College. MARVIN BURTON CUMMINGS Oakland Commerce Economics Basketball (1); Intramural Sports; Aviation Club. MARY ELIZABETH CUMMINGS Clovis Letters and Science Spanish Casa Hispana; Counseling. WESTON CROPLEY San Francisco Letters and Science History Transfer from San Francisco Junior Col- lege: Elections Com- mittee U) (2) (3), Sub-Chairman (4). FRANK LAWRENCE CUNEO San Francisco Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. IRVING FRANKLIN GRIFFIS CROW CULBERTSON CULVER Los Angeles Lodi Berkeley Letters and Science Engineering Agriculture Forestry Psychology Civil Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda; Kappa Nu: Camera Chi Epsilon; Phi Phi; Class Yell Club: Psychology Club. Glee Club. Leader (1) (2) (3), Varsity Yell Leader (4) ; Rugby; For- estry Club. A. SUMMER CUMMINGS Oakland Commerce Economics. CLARK CLIFFORD CUMMINGS National City Engineering Electrical Engineering American Institute of lectrical Engineers. DOROTHY RUTH CUNNINGHAM Oakland Letters and Science German Honor Student: Treble Clef; Masonic Club: German Club; Scandinavian Club. FRANCIS CURRAN Berkeley Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from St. Mary ' s College; Honor Student. ELMER PERSHING CURTIS Berkeley Chemistry Track (1); Big " C " Guard; Chemistry Club. WILLIAM CURTIS Long Beach Letters and Science Biochemistry Trtnsfi r from Santa Ana Junior College. LORAIME CURTIS Vista Letters and Science Household Art. 96 Versatile BETTY MARX, Gamma Phi. acted for Little Theatre, was elected Senior Class Vice- President and read philosophy bluebooks in her spare time. DABNEY Rl ROBERT EDWIN DAFT San Francisco Letters and Sciwce FORREST NELSON DAGGETT Soirtti Letters a ELIZABETH KARNA CAH. DANIEL WILLIAM DAHLQUIST DAN VINC: D ' ALFONSO MARY ELIZABETH DAMON Sin Francisco LUCILLE DANERI Lts PORTER R. DANFORD SanFmetsco Transfer fro Bakers- few Jwi Crib : Mining Association. Transfer fro- San MOrCtHe . Transfer fron Pisadena Junior Colle : Be.. it- Hill: I Class I s and Scienx English Alpha Delta Pi: Peli- can: Counseling: Phra- terts: Election Coo- Ktee: Tnkk CM: A.S.U.C. I Transfer fr Sarta Bartora State Col lese. ttyof Alpha Gama Delta: Pi Alpha Siana: Croo and Saddle: A.S-U.C. CarH Sales Comittet. Transfer fn U.C.L.A. Xi Psi Phi: Pfci Sia Kama: Class Vice Preioert (4). W.A.A.. Toms: Class LORR ; LUCILLE =:LS Lincoln Letters and Science RICHARD RAYMOND North Hollywood LILLIAN RUTH DAVIDSON Fn Letters and Science MARIE DAVIE Santa Rcsa Letters and Sciem Delta. DORATHEA DARCH Pi Letters and Rrcreational Education TrcklcCM: Transfer frrnv San JDS State Cclleoe California DOROTH LOIS DAVIS JANET FRANCES DAVIS Oaklar: Letters 3 Scient; Houser;W Art Transfer " W San-. Rosa Jim :r Col lee. Delta O Alpha. San Francisco Letters and Sciere Transfer fraoi Santa Ana Junior C: I leoe: Alpha Dtlta Pi: Counsel inj: Blue and Gold Spo :s: ANNA FONTAINE DAVIS AUDREY LEKORE DAVIS NeiadaCitj Letters and Science Commerce Hisfcty D,ii, Calif ornian: Transfer froB Sacra- w A A . | ,1(1,1,, BentoJurMrCollete: Sports. Y.W.CJL Phi Mu. BARBARA CATHERINE DAVIS Letters and Science PAUL WILLIAM DEASON Crockett Scabbard and Blade: Student Adiisory LELAND PHILLIPS DECK LOT; Beach Letters and Science Me Tra-s ' er from Bakers- Wd Junior CtJIeot: Pi Delta Phi: W.A.A.: Maison Francaise. KATHERIN K. DECKER Glendale Letters and Science Music Delta Zeta: Treble Clef :Giee Club AccwBpanist: Little Theatre; Pelican: W.A.A. Fullback DAVE ANDERSON played a iBiihira taw if foot- ball for SM Allison far three 97 POLLY-ED GEORGE ROBERT EDISON JOHN STANLEY VERNON MAURICE ELSIE DE FREMERY LAMOTTE JAMES JEROME DOMINIC C. R. DERIN SUMNER Berkeley DEHORITY DELL ' ERGO DEMLER DEN DULK DENNIS DENNIS, JR. San Francisco DESHLER Letters and Science Sacramento Berkeley Long Beach Ripon Sacramento San Diego Commerce Oakland French Chemistry Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Accounting Letters and Science Phi Omega Pi. Transfer from Sacra- Economics Political Science Economics Geography Zoology Ccmmerce Association. Household Art mento Junior College. Honor Student; Senate. Transfer from Long Transfer from Modesto Bowles Hall. Transfer from San Delta Chi Alpha. Beach Junior College; Junior College; Inter- Diego State College; Del Rey. national House: Glee International House. Club; Little Theatre. In. RICHARD ROBERT DESMOND Long Beach Engineering Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Chi Ep- silon; Honor Student; American Society of Civil Engineers. JOHN F. DOANE Berkeley Commerce Business Administration Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Phi; Election Committee (2); Rally Committee (2) (3). DAVID THOMAS DeVARONA Ocean Beach Agriculture Agricultural Economics Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Foot- ball; Crew. DAVID TROWBRIDGE DOBBINS San Francisco Engineering Mechanical Engineering Theta Delta Chi ; Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ERNEST EUGENE DEVAURS Merced Commerce Account! n Baseball; Senior Peace Committee. CHARLI SIMPSON DEVER, JR. Orange Commerce Accounting Bowles Hall. M. DeWOLF Oakland Letters and Science Public Speaking Little Theatre (3) ; A.S.U.C. Peace Ccmmittee (3). Berkeley Commerce Foreign Trade Delta Upsilon: Winged Helmet; Circle " C " Society: Skull and Keys; Rugby: Senior Peace Committee. Ortiula Commerce Phi Kappa Sigma; Golden Bear: Winged Helmet; Big C ' So- ciety: Tri-une; Var- sity Rowing Club: In- terfraternity Council; Crew. I CATHERINE DINGLEY Hanford Letters and Science History Alpha Phi; Counsel- ing; Intramural Sports :Y.W.C.A.; Class Committees. GEORGE C. DOBBINS Sacramento Letters and Science Zoology, Botany Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College Glee Club; Forestry Club. RUTH DOROTHY FLORENCE EDCIL CLAIRE LEONARD ELEN A. MARIE FITZGERALD FRANCES EUGENE DOBSON DODGE DOELKER DOERR DOLCINI DOMB San Francisco Oakland Oakland Oakland Davis San Francisco Letters and Science Commerce Letters anil Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Art Transfer frcm U.C.L.A. History Household Art English Political Science W.A.A.; Group System; Alpha Phi: Counsel- Transfer from Mills Transfer from Domini- Kappa N;i: Debating; Masonic Club. ing: Phrateres. College; Alpha Gamma can College. San Ra- Blue anil Geld (2); Delta; Counseling; fael: Treble Clef; Big " C " Guard. Women ' s Rally Occident: Women ' s Committee. Dcrmitory Council; Newman Club. 98 KIRK SMITH, the Alpha Belts ' pride and joy, rowed his way to fame last summer at Poughkeep- sie as varsity stroke, and re- peated again this year. ROBERT STEWART DONALDSON Stockton Letters and Science History Phi Kaona Tau. RUBY VEE KING DONG San Francisco Letters and Science Household Art. ROY WILLIAM DON LEY Les Angela Letters and Science Phi Beta Kappa: Delta Sigma Chi: GEORGIA HELEN DONOGHUE Beferly Hills Letters and Science History Transfer from U.C.L.A.: International Howe. JOHN WELLS DORR Association. ics Abracadabra; Phi Phi: Deputations: Orienta- tions Council: For- ensics Council: Ski Tea : Senate. BARBARA DOUGLAS Berkeley Letters and Science Social Institutions Delta Chi Alpha. EMILIE LOUISE DOUGLASS Alpha Delta Pi : Phi Chi Theta: Counseling: n ' s Discussions. WILLIAM DIXON DOUGLASS Hedley. British Columbia Letters and Science Political Science Tennis (1) (2) (3) Committee (1) (2) 3). Chairman (4): Miter Dance Commit- tee (1) (2) (3), Chairman (4); Senior Singings. SHIRLEY BELLE OOUTHITT Letters and Science History Alpha GznuM Delta: Blue and Gold Mana- gerial Staf 2): Re- ception Committee: H: Class RICHARD LEROY DOUTT UHabra Agriculture Transfer from Fuller- ton Junio- C Alpha Zi-.a: Honor Stated . Entimilitf Club. JOHN DUN6-? Berke.o CHESTER LEE DOYLE Santa Maria Mining Petroleua Engineering ??ta Pi WILLIAM THOMAS DOYLE San Francisco Engineering Electrical Engineering Transfer from San ARCHIE MIRIAM DRENKEN DREW El Centre San Leandro Commerce Economics Letters and Science Transfer from El Cen- History tro Junior College: Artta. t WILES ROBERT DROBISCH San Francisa Letters and Science lies. Transportation. ROBERT NOEL DUNCAN Oaklanc Conuerte Finant- Scabbart ;id BladE Pan XenU Pershir Rifles: U.C. Life Sar ing Ct DS. Transfer from POBK la Junior Colleoe: Bi; C " Society: 4H S ;-aPhi Epsilon. TIM-- ' ? ' ' mi El Cen- tra j- : College: Delt ---j Delta. LOLITA DUTRO Oakland Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha; Guild of Applied Arts; Counseling: Pelican; W.A.A.. Crop and Saddle: Reception Comittee: Phra- teres: College i ' s Club. RUTH EMILY DUCKER La Canada Letters and Science History Transfer froa Uniter- sity of Arizona: W.A.A.: Counseling: PhutBes: Reception Comittee. ALICE DUVAL Ventura Cmeaeitt Economics Transfer from Ventura Junior College: Depu- tations: W. A Jk.; Masonic Club. ALDEN EVPSON DUERSON Petataa Arieolture Animal Husbandry Blue and Gold Dairy Club: Golden Hoof Club. Beta Alpha Psi. BEATRICE MAE EARHART Piedmont Letters and Science History Theta Upsilon; Counsel inj: V. Y.W.C.A. WILLIAM HERBERT EAST Eureka Engineering Electrical Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck: Rile Team: Anercian Institute of Elec- trical Engir PAT WACHOB. Theta ' s most po- litically-minded senior, capably handled the difficult jobs of Chaiman of Women ' s Acthity Council and A.S.U.C. Women ' s 99 WILLIAM R. STANLEY MARGARET RUTH INA BARBARA CLAUDINE GORDON McDOUGAL JAMES WILLOUGHBY ELEANOR EDLEFSEN ELNORE ANN LEE CHARLES EASTMAN ECHEVERRIA EDBROOKE EDDY Davis EDMAN EDWARDS EDWARDS EDWARDS Inverness Los Angeles Berkeley Davis Letters and Science Turlock Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Commerce Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Spanish Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Beta Theta Pi; Winged Mechanical Philosophy Political Science Transfer from College Economics Art French Civil Engineering Helmet: Tri-une; Engineering Chi Phi: Winter Delta Delta Delta: of Agriculture at Transfer from Modesto Alpha Xi Delta: Deputations: Treble Transfer from San Tennis (1) (3) (4). Theta Xi; Phi Phi; Sports Club. Blue and Gold (2); Davis; Alpha Chi Junior College: Pi Intramural Sports: Clef; Masonic Club. Francisco Junior American Society of W.A.A.. Crop and Omega: Treble Clef; Phi Delta: Pi Lambda W. A. A. Counseling: College: Bowles Hall; Mechanical Engineers. Saddle; University Y.W.C.A.: Class Theta; Honor Student. Y.W.C.A. American Society of Chorus (3) (4). Committees. Civil Engineers; Masonic Club. JOHN ULIN EDWARDS Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Daily Californian (1) (2); Baseball (1) (2) (3). MARGARET- ELEANOR EDWARDS Weaverville Letters and Science Household Art Alpha Gamma Delta; Daily Californian (1) (2); Treble Clef Little Theatre Make- up Staff; Little Thea- tre Art Staff ; Crop and Saddle. DEAN EGAN Pomona Commerce Transfer from Pomona Junior College; Uni- versity Symphony Or- chestra; Masonic Club. IWAO FRANK EGASHIRA Newark Letters and Science Zoology Japanese Students ' Club. ENID EGGETT Berkeley Letters and Science Mathematics Transfer from Fresno State College; Pi Mu Epsilon: Sigma Sigma Pi. LUCILLE MARTHA EHAT Berkeley Letters and Science Fren ch Honor Student: Honor Students Council; Utrimque. ELIZABETH LILLIAN EICHBAUER Girard Letters and Science Psychology International House: Honor Student; Treble Clef. JUNE TRUDE ELDER Oakland Letters and Science Art Alpha Xi Delta: Delta E asi Ion; Pelican; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee: Counsel- ing: Class Committees. MARY GRAY ELDER Clovis. New Mexico Letters and Science Physical Education W.A.A.: Physical Ed- ucation v.ijors Club. BETTY PHILIP CLAYTON GEORGE JOHN KATHERYN VIRGINIA VERNON ELIZABETH JEAN ELLENBURG AUSTIN MILTON BERDEEN ELIZABETH LEE ELLSWORTH BEVERLEY ELDRIDGE Oakland ELLIS ELLIS ELLIS ELLIS ELLISON Mies ELWOOD Berkeley Letters and Science Oakland Oakland San Mateo San Francisco Oakland Commerce Economics Oakland Letters and Science History Agriculture Commerce Finance Commerce Economics Letters and Science Letters and Science Bowles Hall; Blue Letters and Science Household Art Crew (1); Pelican (1). Forestry Phi Kappa Sigma. Transfer from San History Economics and Gold Managerial Economics Alpha Xi Delta: Intramural Sports; Mateo Junior College; Alpha Gamma Delta: Pelican (1); Blue Staff (2); Baseball Blue and Gold Edi- Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) Forestry Club; Kappa Alpha; Ma- Little Theatre; Blue and Gold (2): Re- Manager (2). torial Staff (2) (3); (3). Cabinet (4); Masonic Club. sonic Club; Brick and Gold Editorial ception Committee Personnel (1); Class California Engineer. Morse ' s Collegians. Staff (2) ; Counsel- (1); Y.W.C.A.; Committees: Y.W.C.A. ing; Y.W.C.A. Masonic Club. 100 President of the attractive Dee Gee crowd, MARIAN HUGHES entered activities through the de- bating societies and emerged as President of Prytanean. LLOYD ELY. JR. JACK AMDEVILLE EMERY CHARLES L ENDICOTT MIKORU ENOO San Franeistr AYAO ENDOW ALAN URBAN ENGELHARDT Us; ELVIS EPSTEIN Letters and Scioct Ay t.::jrt Transfw fn Fulle- tn AM Mke: ' C " Society: (Art Star (2) (3) (4); T. h a cr (3) (4) : Da- Asuciitior 4 : Intar- il HDUSt (4). utrf Nckraska; On ei Dlt: ELDON AUGUST ERICKSO A-S.U.C. EARLE ETCHEVEHRY LK Antes Lrturs and Scim nnttm: Y.W.C.A. SwtjClut: FlyimCta. t ion Ckrt: Class sCli Class CBittaes. Epsilor: Bt : A. S- U. C. Bine (1) (2) (3) (4). Varsity (4): Rally : : Daily Cali- ftnrian Art Staf (1) 101 ELLA CATHERINE LELAND QUEENIE CATHERINE CHARLES WILLIAM IAN CAROL FEDRAU MARIE ROY ROSALIE ELIZABETH FRANK J. MacKENZIE MEREDITH Reedley FEEHAN FELDHEYM FELDMAN FELKNOR FELLERS FEOLE FERGUSON FERREL Letters and Science San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Sebastopol Hemet San Francisco Modesto Public Speaking Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science Transfer from Reedley Economics Medical Sciences Spanish History Forestry Italian. Spanish Entomology Zoology Junior College; Educa- Delta Zeta: Counseling; Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Sigma Sigma; Masonic Club. Transfer from Santa Pi Mu lota; Sigma Transfer from Marin Honor Student. tion Club; Calvin Club. W. A. A., Intramural Oxford Hall. Sigma Sigma Pi; Rosa Junior College. Delta Pi. Junior College; Sports. Counseling; Radio Pi Kappa Alpha. Commission; Social Committee; Y.VK.C.A.; Hillel Foundation. PHILIP VERNA DOROTHY FRANK MICHAEL KNOWLTON ARLINE GRACE FIGUEROA. JR. ANGELO FERRIER FERROGGIARO FIDIAM Los Angeles FILICE Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Engineering Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Civil Engineering Commerce Medical Sciences French Social Institutions Transfer from Los Economics Chi Psi; Phi Beta Transfer from Stanford Transfer from San Fran- Angeles Junior College; Commerce Club. Kappa. University; Beta Phi cisco Junior College; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Alpha: Pi Delta Phi; Honor Student. Epsilon; American Honor Student. Society of Civil Engineers. CARMICHAEL FINLAY Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Delta Delta Delta: Women ' s " C " Society; W.A.A. (1) (2) (3), President (4); Counseling: Phrateres; Y. W. C. A.;Colleije Women ' s Club Juniors. HN DODD FINLAYSON Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Sigma Nu: Golden Bear; Scabbard and Blade: Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society: Skull and Keys: Senior Peace Committee Chair- man; Basketball Mana- ger (4). HOWARD ARTHUR FINN Los Angeles Letters and Science Chemistry, Biochemistry. VIVIAN FRANK CHARLES RUTH KENNETH ELEANOR BRILSFORD ELEANOR KERR CECIL VERNA ROSS FLEISHMAN PEASE FISHER FISK FISKE FITZPATRICK FITZSIMMONS Burling ame FLINT, JR. San Francisco Sebastopol San Diego Piedmont Jackson Letters anil Science Walnut Creek Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science History Commerce Dramatic Literature Chemistry Civil Engineering Economics Criminology Transfer from College International House; Transfer from San Fran- Transfer from Santa Transfer from San Diego Alpha Xi Delta; Circle " C " Society; of Puget Sound; Alpha Delta Sigma; cisco Junior College; Rosa Junior College; State College. Orchesis; Intramural Honor Student; Swim- Y. W. C. A. Scabbard and Blade: International House: Alpha Chi Sigma; Sports; Class Com- ming (1) (2) (4). Blue and Gold (2) Thalian; Little Theatre; California Engineer mittees. (3), Editor (4); Class Committees. (3) (4). Publications Council: Senior Peace Commit- tee; Rally Committee; Daily Californian. A. JACK FISHER Ontario Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Chaffey nior College: Theta i; Phi Phi: Honor Quarterdeck; Alvarado Pharmacy. IAS ROBERT FLYNN Los Anneles Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from U. C. L. .; A net ican Society of ivil Engineers. 102 International House ' s KAY GROSS spent her days in the Hearst Gymnasium as head of the W.A.A. and her Wednesday eve- nings as W.A.A. representative en Executive Committee. RUTH ELIZABETH FOGG Pacific Graie Letters and Science Na Sioa Psi: Treble Clef: W. A. A.. Archery: Physical Eiuc.t::- Ma- jors Club: Calm Cklh. -EY THEODORE ELVER FOLETTA San Artfo Letters and History Transfer froa Salinas Junior College. ALBERT KUI HONG FONG H Hawai HARTHELLA FOSKET7 Concert Letters and Science Historj. BETTY LOUISE FOSTER JEANNE GARTON FOSTER SanF WINSLOW J. FOSTER. J ANNETTE WHEELER FOUCH William WILLIAM 0. FOULKES Oakland Letters and Science Maiaiihiliai Transfer froa LingnLi Umrsity. Canton. Cam; Pi Alpha Phi. Prjrtanean: Delta Epsilon: Womn ' i Dis- ; (1) (2) (3). (4):A r- tlSlTQ Sftf 1C Bwtau; California Cluk. Alpha Sioaa Ph : Phi Phi: Rally Cuaailtu (1) (2) (3). Char- an (4) ; Tennis. Letters and Science History Transfer fro . Sacra- Letters and Science Letters and Science Architecture Transfer tron Salinas Letter and Science Lettrs a no Sc.e-.ce Letters and Science History ilisn. P cli: Speai.nj Phi Delta: Vocational Transfer fna Stripes Transfer froa Long ' - ' on. ation; Counsel- College: GaM Phi Beach Junior College; ISAO FtKUBA Watsemille Letters and Science Cheaistry. i 1 KEN ' H. FROST Rnenide Letters and Sciere Physics Trancer fron U.C Administration International House Circle " C " Swety: 145-lb. Basaettall; Stjde-ts ' Club. I Circle " C " Society; 145-lb. Basketball. DnCbeBistry Transfer fra Santa LOIS VIRGINIA FULLMER Oakland Letters and Science Journalism Zeta Tan Alpha: Esperon: Daily Cali- fornian (1) (2) (3K W. A. A.. Intranural Sports: Counseling: A. S. U. C. Card Sales Connittee: Phratem: Muer Dance CnMHt- tee: Kappa Psi: Stui Body PresiderL PAUL DANIELS FUL ' . ; Oakland Letters and Science cal Science .: Circle " C " Society: Phi Phi: Base- ball (1) : 145-1.. Baaotkall; FotkaH anaer (2): Intra- wralSwrts. BILL GAY chased baseballs as a _ ' :r-: " i " i:r ' i 1 : ' ::: ' ; r . : junior, and in his last year was Senior Baseball Ha 103 JACK GORDON PUNCH Riverside Agriculture Fruit Technology Transfer from Riverside Junior College. WENDELL J. FURNAS Santa Paula Letters and Science English Transfer from Ventura Junior College: Honor Student. HAROLD FURST Berkeley Commerce Economics A. S. U. C. Housing Board Survey; Com- merce Association. ELEANOR GADDIS Berkeley Letters and Science History Delta Gamma: Prytan- ean: Sigma Kappa Alpha; Honor Student: Rally Committee. Chair- man (4) ; Activity Council; Personnel; In- tramural Board. W. A. A.: Phrateres; Class Com- mittees: Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) (3), Cabinet (4). ROSEMARY GAINES Orosi Letters and Science Spanish International House; Prytanean; Theta Sigma Phi. WILLIAM ANTHONY GALENO San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology Baton: A.S. U.C. Band (1) (2) (3) (4); Pre-Medical Society. JOHN WILLIAM THOMAS BRIGGS GALLAGHER GALT San Francisco Dillon. Montana Letters and Science Commerce Political Science Economics Transfer from Beloit College: International House: Commerce Club; dent ' s Fraternity Masonic Club. Advisory Board. PETER H. GARDETT Bakersfield Letters and Science Geology Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Theta Chi; Presi- W. DOUGLAS GARDINER San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Chi Phi; Winged Hel- met; Swimming; President ' s Fraternity Advisory Board; Inter- Fraternity Council; Senior Peace Commit- tee; Water Sports Club. ELISE GARDNER Piedmont Letters and Science English Gamma Phi Beta. Chemistry Phi Beta Delta. STEPHEN GARLINGHOUSE El Cerrito Letters and Science Philosophy. LOUISE SOPHIA GARROD Saratoga Letters and Science Political Science Daily Californian; California Engineer; Masonic Club. WILLIAM JAMES GASTROCK Burlingame Engineering Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Mateo Junior College: American Institute of Electrical Engineers. WILLIAM WILSON GAY Berkeley Commerce Economics Delta Tau Delta: Big " C " Society; Baseball Manager (4). HORACE PARKER CAYMAN Berkeley Letters and Science Public Speaking Glee Club (1); Masonic Club. JACK LEWIS GAZZOLA Sausalito Letters and Science Zoology International House. MARGARET ELIZABETH GEARHART Burlingame Letters and Science Public Speaking International House; Pelican: Advertising Service Bureau (2) (3). AMBROSE FRANCIS GEGAN Berkeley Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma: Baton; A.S.U.C. Band. CAROLYN FRANCES GEIS Willows Commerce Economics Phi Chi Theta; Dormitory Council Counseling; A. S. Social Committee; W. A. A. CHRIS JAMES GELLEPIS South San Francisco Letters and Science Chemistry Sigma Phi Epsilon. U.C. HOWARD PAUL GENTRY Oilfields Commerce Personnel Administration Baseball (1); Masonic Club. RT HAROLD HELEN ROBE CALVIN GEORGE Alameda Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from San Fran- cisco Junic College: Delta Phi Epsilon; Golden Bear; A.S.U.C. Executive Committee: Welfare Council (3) Chairman (4); Housing Board, Chairman; Sen- ior Peace Committee. WILSON GERDES San Francisco Letters and Science History Baton; A.S.U.C. Band (1) (2) 3) (4); U. C. Life Saving Corps. ELEANOR GERHART San Francisco Letters and Science International Relations. Jaffa, Palestine Engineering Mechanical Engineering Transfer ftcm Robert College, Ccnitantinople. 104 Phi Kap BOB CANNING set a new U.C. high jump record of 6 ' 6 " against Stanford in 1938. and has won national recogni- tion in the event. San Francises Utters ind Scion Ecnmics SijiM Nv: Phi Phi: Football Manager (2). CARC. GIACOMAZZI Santa Paala Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene W. A. A.:0rchesii: Ptaatem: Physical Education Majors Ch . CHARLES Berkeley Ccmmfrtl Transfer tnm Williairs Junior College: Delta Tan Delta. CLYDE GIBSON Letters ; Cbeoustry Transfer frw. San Mate) Junior Cclieoe. FRANKLIN GILBERT Sar, Franciso Letters ano Science History Transfer frOB San Fran- cisco Junior Crlleje: i Hall. FLORENCE LOUISE GILBERT Oakland Letters a :ES CLOE GILBERT Exeter Letters and Science History Transfer fmp Visalii Juniir College. ROBERT PIERCE GILBERT Grass Valley Engineering Engineering Transfer tnm 1MB Junior College: AMI- CM Society of Citil DONALD CLARK GILES Rueiille Letters and! Histary Transfer fro Sacra- Pi Ka Agricultire WILLIAM PORTER A. GILES. JR. GILLESPIE Piedomt Letters and Science Political Science Prcslopei : A. S. U. C. Counci ' Orientations: Forestry CK . Y. M. A. H ' ? (3), I Transfer fraoi Chin DORIS ELAINE GILLMORE Point Arena Letters and Science History Wonwi ' s Dormitory Council (2): Counsel ing (3): W. A. A. LORIN ROY GILLOGLY JEROME ROBERT GINSBERG San Francises Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from SanFran- FERDINAND JOSEPH GIULIANI San Francisco - ; AKARET CHARLES ROLAND END LongE art Letters and Science Letters ar : Science Physkal EototioB, ftmm as HytJene 2) (3) (4); California Engineer: Newman Club; T ' Kappa Delta: Little Theatre: Psycholow Club: Ve-mj- Club. NAN LOU GLASS Martinez Letters and Science ROLAND GLAVINOVICH SOPHIE ELIZABETH GLAZKO San Francisco Letters and Science Soil Scieme. Pi Beta Phi: Ace of is: Class Vice- |2 : Littk (1) Intrawral Sports (4) ; Class CtMittees. PAUL CARLTON GODDARD Treble Clef. Letters and Science Wedical Science Alpha Kappa Kappa: 0ega Delta: Honor Student MARIE JAMS GODT Sn Francisco Letters and Science Alpha Oaicran Pi; - and Coffn: n (1) ; i ' s Director (4) ; n ' sA: Council (4):Wonn ' s Rally Crimi ' .tee. CARL AUGUST GOETTE WoodUnd Engineering Electrical Engineering Tan Beta Pi : Eta Kappa No: Honor Student: American In stitute of Electrical Engineers. D.U. ' s LEE SCOTT trawlled to the Estuary eiery aftemocn for One yean to win his Big " C. " and as Senior Crew Manager he nagjers on Athletic L 105 JAMES LEWIS JACK SHIRLEY PATRICIA DONALD E. WILMER BENJAMIN LORRAINE LOUISE GOODRICH GOFF GOLDENSON GOLDMANN GOLDWARE GOLTON Placenille Los Angeles Oakland San Francisco Los Angeles Sonoma Commerce Engineering Commerce Business Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Honor Student. Elecrical Administration History Psychology Political Science Engineering Sigma Chi; Big " C " Sigma Sigma Pi; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Transfer from U. C. L. Society; Phi Phi; Deputations (3) (4); Honor Student. Sigma Alpha; Honor A.; Alpha Gamma A.S.U.C. Executive Maison Francaise; Student; Counseling; Omega; Ameican Insti- Committee; A.S.U.C. Masonic Club; Class Personnel; Philorthian: tute of Electrical Finance Committee: Committees. Y. W. C. A. Engineers. Chairman. Basketball (2) (3) (4); Class Presi- dent (4) GEORGE MARY HARRIS K. ELEANOR JOSEPH GOODRICH GOODRICH GORDON Los Angeles Vallejo Venice Dentistry Letters and Science Letters and Science Transfer from U. S. C.; Art Physiology. Xi Psi Phi. Transfer from College of Pacific. Rio Vista Letters and Science Art Masonic Club. Letters and Science Psychology. Chico Letters and Science Philosophy Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. C. A.; Class Committees. Chico Letters and Science Psychology Gamma Phi Beta; Counseling; Intramural Sports. ROB GRANT GOTTLIEB Monterey Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Menlo Junior College; Alpha Delta Phi; Water Fob Manager (3); Intra- mural Sports; Water Sports Club. MARY ELIZABETH GOWAN Philo Letters and Science Household Science, Dietetics. NORMAN GRABSTEIN Pittsburg Chemistry International House; Chemistry Club. JOHN RICHARD GRADY San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology Transfer frcm Univer- tty of Washington. CHESTER EARL GRAHAM Oakland Letters and Science Political Science Beta Theta Pi. DONALD JACK RUTH HENRY EDWARD HERBERT LEONARD WILLIAM MARTHA WILLIAM LOUIS IRENE DONALD MELEHER WHITE C. ROBERT MCLEAN GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRANT GRAVES GRAVES GRAVES GRAVES GRAY Oakland Berkeley Lemoore Healdsburg Arcata Alameda Bakersfield Los Angeles Alameda Engineering Electri- Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Agriculture Mining Petroleum Letters and Science Letters and Science cal Engineering Economics Economics Medical Sciences. Plant Pathology. Entcmolcgy Engineering. Economics Music Transfer from Stanford Alpha Xi Delta; Per- Honor Student; Crew Transfer from Humboldt Proskopoi; Orientations Transfer from U.C.L.A. Transfer from Fullerton Alpha Mu: University University; Pi Kappa sonnel; Counseling; (1) (2). State College. Committee: Y.W.C.A.; Junior College. Chorus; Y. W. C. A. Delta; Debating. Intramural Sports; Entomology Club (1) (2) (3), Cabinet Class Committees. (4). 1 106 Passing most of four college years in the Little Theatre office man- aging women ' s affairs, MARY MERRILL stepped out to become a member of Mortar Board and Prytanean. PHILA ADELE GREEN Utters, Ptlitieal Science Daily Califernian; i; University Haswc Ctak; Classl THEUU CLARICE GREEN Oakland Utters and Science Phi; Y.W.CJL; Club. WALTER GRAHAM U VERSOS GREEN LEAF CARL LEE GREER, JR. GLENDA LOIS GREVES FRASCIS MARION GREY ALDUS EDWARD GRIDLEY Berkeley THOMAS GRIEVE. JR. Utters and Science S.gica Alpha Epsiton: Track (1): Baling (3) (4). Beta: A.S.U.C. Transfer frea I Junior Callece: Circle ' C ' Society: Sifa Alpha: Gynmastks: Utters an Scict Histtry Phi Omen PI. Utters and Science History. Pi KJPM Alpka: Smtr Hanatv (3) ; CI T ' F KATHERINE FRANCES GROSS Pal Arto Uttes are Scie- ArtU: C- PhrHra: . A. A. ?tltj Phi Easilrr: C; ' California ; ai: W. A. A. (1) (2) (3). President (4): s -C " Society. Letters a History Delta Delta Delta: Pelican: Little Theatre Treble CM. Transfer from San Fran- Chct Junier College Institute ( Electrical ;a Phi: Daily Ca :--an: Aorertisinf Ser =c= :-- the hrant if ike dl-knen I chart, " rally caninittee stinks " and pnml te be a capa- He chairm f a valuable group. 107 RICHARD CONSTANCE EDWARD HOWARD ANTON CHARLES ROBERT JOHN ANN SAMUEL HAGAN HAROLD RICHARD EMANUEL FREDRICK M. D. MARIE HAGADORN Oakland HAGER HAGGE HAGGLUND HAINS HALDEMAN HALE HALEY Healdsburg Commerce San Francisco Sacramento Turlock Pasadena Los Angeles Bakersfield Sacramento Letters and Science Accounting Mining. Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Mining Mining Economic Letters and Science Art Beta Gamma Sigma; Education Military. History, Mechanics Transfer from Los Geology History Transfer from Santa Honor Student; W. A. Transfer from Sacra- Political Science, Transfer from Pasadena Angeles Junior College: Transfer from Bakers- Transfer from Sacra- Rosa Junior College; A., Tennis Manager mento Junior College. Public Speaking. Junior College; Assembly Dance Com- field Junior College; mento Junior College; Sigma Sigma Pi: (3): Counseling; International Relations. American Society of mittee: American In- Mining Association. Chi Omega. Masonic Club. Phrateres; Y. W. C. A.; Mechanical Engineers. stitute of Mining and College Women ' s Club Metallurgical Engineers; Juniors (1) (2) (3), Mining Association. President (4) : Tennis Club; Westminister House. DEAN EDWARD FRED SYDNEY WARD LOUISE VIRGINIA ALBERT JAMES FRENCH ABBOTT V. MALAN HALL. JR. BERNICE PLATT JAMES GRIGSBY HALL HALL HALL HALL Berkeley HALLBERG HAMERSLAG HAMILTON HAMILTON. JR. Courtland Sonera Santa Maria Alameda Agriculture Forestry Sebastopol San Francisco Sacramento San Francisco Commerce Finance Letters and Science Mining Petroleum Agriculture Track (1) (2) (3) Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Bowles Hall; Geology Engineering Forestry (4); Rally Committee Political Science History Economics Political Science Masonic Club. Phi Kappa Tau; Crew Transfer from Santa Xi Sigma Pi; President. (2); Intramural Foot- Transfer from Santa International House; Transfer from Sacra- Delta Upsilon; Winged (1) (2): A. S. U. C. Maria Junior College; ball; Forestry Club. Rosa Junic College; Sigma Kappa Alpha: mento Junior Colleue; Helmrt; Skull and Keys; Band (1) (2) (3) Theta Delta Chi; Tau Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Student: Little International House: Beta Beta; Inter-fra- (4) ; Symphony Orches- Bet a Pi. Y. W. C. A. Theatre Managerial Honor Student: Senior ternity Council; Foot- tra (2) ; Swimming; Staff: Radio Commis- Peace Committe. Chair- hall (1) (2); Track U. C. Geological So- sion; Badminton Club man: Sprout Medal tl). ciety. Mate: Senate. ROBERT CHARLES JUNE CATHERINE JUNE-ADELE JANE EDWARD STEPHEN HELEN JOHN THEON TRABUE CLAIRE HAMPTON CATHERINE RAYMOND H. I G I HAMILTON HAMM HAMM HAMMOND Oakland HAMSHAV. HANFORD HAMGAN HANLEY Oakland Cape Girardeau, Berkeley Modesto Letters and Science Piedmont Oakland Ramona Sacramento Commerce Missouri Letters and Science Letters and Science Household Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters an:l Science Senior Peace Commi- Engineering Electri- Household Art Household Art Phi Omega Pi; Univer- Public Sneaking Economics -Mathematics Bacteriology tee; Vigilante Commit- cal Engineering Transfer from San Fran- Transfer from Modesto sity Chorus; Y.W.C.A.; Gamma Phi Beta; Golden Bear: Scabbaul P! Mu Epsilon; Honor T-ansfer from San Fran- tee (2) : Commerce Transfer from Missouri cisco Junior College; Junior College; Delta Masonic Club. Mask and Dagger; and Blade: Winged Student. cisco College for Association: Masonic State Teachers College; Masonic Club; Calvin Gamma; Delta Chi Thalian, President; Helmet: Big " C " So- Women. Club; Class Committees. Eta Kappa Nu; Club. Alpha. Prytanean; Orchesh: ciety; Tri-une; A. S. I I American Institute of Little Theatre. U. C. Executive Com- MHM| H|M H Electrical Engineers. mittee (3): Football (1) (2) (3) (4); i H Class President (3). 108 Blonde PEGGY SCHUSTER spent her time in the Daily Cal office as Fall Women ' s Editor, and kept University wcmen on the straight and narrow path as chairman of Women ' s judicial. Billings. Montana Household Science Transfer from Hunoe- line ColleaL ChicJte HOWARD V. HANSEN SacraMcnto CcTriTHr:? Economics Beta Theta Pi. GLORIA Siom Falls. Soutti Dikrti Transfe fra Sioux Falls Mlete. OLAF HOWLAND HAKSEN ROBERT McCLURE HANSEN VERNA LORRAINE HANSON JOHN BERNAL HARBELL Utters i Husk A. S. U. C. Pan Xenia: Ccmnuu As$eiatifi: Class Letters an) Science - :ttnr i ReedlT Ti Cc-ileae. Letters and Science VIRGIL GEORGE HARDEN Utters a Mitiol Scion TransJer frooi Placer HARRY JACQUEHIN HAROING Letters and Chemistr California Oma C- HARRIET INEZ HARPER tat Lettnaa GEORGE HENRY VIRGINIA HARGREAVES HARLOW Valid Letters and Science SM! Science Alpha Zeta: Soil Ml CM. TrBffriSaFrJi Ctllae; S.M: of Applied Arts; VIRGIL VINCENT HARVEY San Francisco Utters and Historjr. Letters and Science H -story Phi 0 M a Pi: LiHte (1) 2); Class fom Trade Alpha Dttta Sici Pi Delta Daily CalitaniM a) (2) (3). Ml. tMT College: Anrta: Y V. C. A-CaMuCta Delta Epsilon: Daily CalrflnnM (1) (2) (3), Art Editor (4); Little Theatre. Art Alpha OTT :TT Pi: W. A. A.. Intrawral Spcrts. Y. W. C. A. Besides supreme Ike ca WK witt its tama DON STOFLE. Sprint Pelican Editor, also toot M its side fro his seat on Ex CM 109 WIN N I FRED LEONE HAUGLAND Inglewood Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene Nu Sigma Psi; Women ' s " C " Society: W. A. A. ELIZABETH EMMA HAURI Berkeley Letters and Science History Little Theatre; Pelican; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee; College Wo- men ' s Club Juniors; Class Committees. ROBERT A. HAWKINS Grass Valley Commerce. ROSEMARY ADORA HAWKINS Berkeley Letters and Science International Relations. Alpha Omicron Pi; President ' s Reception Committee; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee; Women ' s Discussions; W. A. A., Intramural Sports; Senior Singings: Class Committees; New- man Club, Vice- President. JACK WILLIAM HAY Los Angeles Mining Psi Upsilon; Golden Bear; Big " C " Society; Theta Tau; Mining Association, President. NORMAN VINCENT HAYES San Francisco Chemistry Honor Student. THOMAS LOUIS HAYES Oakland Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering. RUTHANN HAZZARO Vista Letters and Science History. TOKUJI HEDANI San Francisco Letters and Science Physics, Optometry. rs % I- i HERBERT HEIDEN Hollister Letters and Science Optometry Transfer from Univer- sity of Florida; Tau Epsilon Phi. I REN A ALEXANDROVNA HEINDL Berkeley Letters and Science Zoology University Chorus (2) (3) (4); Pie-Medical Club. DONALD WILLIAM HENDRICKSON Corona Agriculture Entomology Transfer from Uni- versity of Arizona. PHYLLIS HENDRY McFarland Letters and Science History Transfer from Bakers- field Junior College; International House; Honor Student. MARY GENEVIEVE HELBIG San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Delta Zeta; W. A. A., Intramural Sports; Badminton Club; Newman Club. ELLIS HUGH HENES Oakland Letters and Science Political Science, History Delta Phi Epsilon; Senior Peace Com- mittee; Orientations; Boxing Manager. MARGARET RUTH HELSEL Long Beach Letters and Science History Transfer from Long Beach Junior College. DOROTHY RAVENEL HENDERSON Salyer Commerce. Utrimque, President Counseling. NORMA LOUISE HENDERSON ROBERT DALE HENDERSON WILLIAM 1 THOMAS HENDERSON, JR. 1 San Francisco Berkeley Diamond Springs Letters and Science Household Art Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Letters and Science Journalistic Studies Alpha Omicron Pi; Daily Catifortiian Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; Transfer from Santa Clara University. BETTY JANE HENDRICKS Berkeley Letters and Science History. LENORE HENNESSEY WILLIAM HAYES Managerial Staff (1) : Counseling (2), Execu- tive Board (3) ; W.A.A., Intramural Swimming; Y.W.C.A. (2) (3). RUBY SIGNE American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ir uuiieue, t u untieriiy. - Society of k Engineers. B H rai Berkeley HtKBLKI HtKIYIANbU J Letters and Science Vallejo Oakland English Commerce Letters and Science Alpha Omicron Pi; Accounting Music Prytanean; Honor Stu- Kappa Alpha; Beta University Symphony dent; Daily Californian Gamma Sigma; Beta Orchestra. (1) ; Blue and Gold Alpha Psi. (2); Counseling (2); Class Committees. FRANK LESLIE HERRICK Livermore Dentistry Class Secretary (4). GEORGE RICHARD HERRICK South Pasadena Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering ALVIN S. HERTZOG Oakland Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Pasadena Pi Sigma Alpha; junior College; Ameri- Honor Student; can Society of Me- Rambler Football. chanical Engineers. 110 As Spring Editor of the Cal JIM POOL had the task of expressing his opinions and keeping on good terms with campus factions at the same time. THORTON EDWARDS HERVEY Long Beach Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Long Beach Junior College: International House. LYNN JEROME HEWITT Oakland Letters and Science Chemistry. RICHARD EDWIN HEYMANS San Francisco Commerce Advertising Sheridan Hall; Alpha Delta Sigma: Adver- tising Service Bureau; Crew; Commerce As- sociation. MARYL LOUISE HEYN Alameda Letters and Science English. Dramatic Literature Trans ' er from Golden Gate Junior College. NORMAN STAFFORD HICKERSON West Los Angeles Commerce Foreign Trade Delta Upstlon: Golden Bear: Big " C " So- ciety; Track (2) (3). ROBERT SIMS HICKSON Pomona Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Pomona Junior College: Theta Delta Chi: Phi Phi; Vigilante Committee (2); Class Committees. MARJORIE ADELE HICOK Colusa Dentistry Dental Hygiene Delta Zeta; California Engineer; A.S.U.C. So- cial Committee: W.A.A.. Golf; Parlia- ment; Masonic Club. CHARLES TRAVER HILBY Sacramento Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Alpha Delta Sigma; Hammer and Coffin: Publications Council; Pelican (I) (2) (3), Manage (4). JAN IS GEORGETTE HILDEBRANT Redwood City Letters and ! Physical Education. Hygiene Nu Sigma Psi; W.A.A.. Intramural Board; Physical Edu- cation Majors Club: Christian Science So- ciety. CORTLAND OVERTON HILL MARGARET H. HILL Glendale Berkeley Mining Letters and Science Mining Engineering. Political Science n HARRY WILL AM HIND Phi Mu; Prytanean: ;,iui;i. a, ' 2i (3) (4): Fortmic? Council: A.S.U.C. Sto-i Board: A.S.U.C. Labor Bu :l (3) ; Daily Cairo-man (1): Philorthiar MARIAN JUNE HINSVARK MARTHA EDNA HILL Oakland Letters and Science English Daily California (1); Occident (1) (2); Counseling. j 4 RUSSELL STANLEY HILL Oakland Agriculture Agricultural Eco- ncmics Uuiniuril Viila Polo; U.C. Life Ssrng Corns: Y.M.C.A. RUTH GAIL HILL Redlands Letters and Science History Transfer from Scripps C: ' !ege: Kappa Alpha The:?: Intramural Sport; f3) (4); Grini 3). WIL.IS NA01 San Fiitttiica Santa Rosa Pharmacy Letters at -J Science Phi Delta Chi: Sigma Politic?.! Science Kappa Theta. Transfer f-om San:? Rosa Juni:r Collect Honor St. lent. WILLIAM TAKA HIRASHIMA HIRATA Summerland Pvlier Letters and Science Piamacy Chemistry j ' .- se Students ' Jaoantse Students ' HCIub.j Club. NAOTAKA ROY HIRCSHIGE Nilo. Hawaii Comite-ce -Ac::, ting Trans-e- n Sacra- ment: Ju:iior College; lese Students ' TERRELL LESLIE HILL Oakland Letters and Science Biochemistry Winged Helmet: Tri- une; Honor Student: Basketball (1) (2); Pre-Medical Club. ELINOR HIRSCHBERG El Paso, Texas Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Epsilon Phi. MARVIN LOUIS HILLEGER Los Angeles Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from U.C. L. A.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. EDWARD FERDINAND MILLIARD. JR. Sacramento Letters and Science Social Theory Transfer frsoi Sacra- cnto Junior College; Phi Gamma Delta. HERMAN CARL HITTENBERGER San Francisco Commerce Business Administration Tennis Manager (2) (3) (4); Masonic Club. EUGENE ROSS HOAGLAND Bakersfield Vininj Petroleum Engineering Transfer from Bakers- field Junior College. RALPH OLIVER HILLSMAN San Francisco Letters and Science Physical Education. Hygiene Transfer fro San Francisco Junior Csl- leg: Big " C " Society. JEAN HOAGLAND Berkeley Letters and Science Mathematics Alpha Phi: Prytanean; Pi Mu Epsilon; Coun- seling (1) (2) (3): Executive Board (4) ; Intramural Sports; Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) (3), Vict-President (4). The important responsibility of staging all track meats of the 1939 season was left in the cap- able hands of Zeta Psi EARLL SHINE, Senior Track Manager. Ill SAMUEL H. HOBBS Arcadia Agriculture Forestry Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. MARY JO HOBRECHT Sacramento Letters and Science History, Social Service Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. BEATRICE MITCHELL HODGE Sacramento Letters and Science Household Eco- nomics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. WILLIAM OLIVER HODGE Castella Letters and Science History Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Sigma Sigma Pi; A.S.U.C. Band; Ma- sonic Club. WALTER RICHARD HOERTKORN San Francisco Commerce Economics Masonic Club. RACHEL M. HOFFMAN Trona Letters and Science History Gamma Phi Beta: Blue and Gold (2); Counseling (3): Women ' s Discussions (1) ; Class Com- mittees. WALTER STERLING HOFFMANN Vallejo Engineering Electri- cal Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. MILAN MILTON HOLDORF San Francisco Letters and Science Music Alpha Mu; Honor Stu- dent; Sigma Sigma Pi : Glee Club. FAYE HORTENSE HOLIDAY San Francisco Letters and Science Public Speaking. BETTY CLARIS JOHN ROBERT JANE EVELYN P. JAY HOLLAND HOLLAND HOLLAND, JR. HOLLER Los Angeles Nevada City Oakland Bakersfield Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Engineering Civil History History Insurance Engineering Alpha Gamma Delta; Wome ' Dormitory Chi Psi; Circle " C " Transfer from Bakers- Personnel: Counseling; Council; Counseling; Society; Track (1) field Junior College: A.S.U.C. Social Phrateres; Y.W.C.A. 2 (3) (4); Cross- American Society of Committee; Y.W.C.A. Country (1) (2) (3) Civil Engineers. (4); Basketball (1); Rally Committee Co- chairman. LOUISE MARIE HOLLINGSWORTH Los Molinos Letters and Science English. FRANK FINCHER HOOPER JACK EDWARD HOOPER EDWARD MANLEY HOPKINS RAY VEGA HOPPER WALTER HUGO HORNIG Bishop Berkeley Oakland Concord Alamed, Letters and Science Zoology Honor Student. Commerce Economics Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck. Letters and Science Hygiene Big " C " Society: Football: Baseball. Mining Circle " C " Society; Mining Association; Wrestling. Letters am Econom MATILDE SUMIKO HONDA Brawley Nursing Japanese Students ' Club. EIKO HOSIO San Francisco Letters and Science Mathematics Japanese Students ' Club. ELIZABETH PRATT HOOK Oakland Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Phi; Prytanean; Thalian: Hammer and Dimmer; Little Theatre Make-Up Staff (1) (2) (3) (4): Dramatics Council Blue and Gold Y.W.C.A. (1) Cabinet (3) (4). BARBARA HOUCHINS Grimes Letters and Science History Sigma Kappa: Delta Chi Alpha: Personnel: Counseling: Receptio Committee. VIRGINIA HOOK Walnut Creek Letters and Science Public Health Women ' s Dormitory Association. ROBERT ALBERT HOOLHORST Berkeley Engineering Civil Engineering Quarterdeck: Intra- mural Football; American Society of Civil Engineers. HOUSE Corona Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from River- side Junior College; Sheridan Hall. Fresno Letters anil Science Zoology. Sigma Pi. 112 Instrumental in bringing campus dance fans together was BILL DOUGLASS, genial chairman of the Mixer and Assembly Dance Committees. EDNA ILDRI HOWARD Letters and Science FRANCES MARZIE HOWARD Reo-.x Letters and Science ii Soon. WILLIAM THOMAS HOWARD ARTHUR BRANDON HOWELL STANLEY ARTHUR HOWEU. JOSEPH HRABOSKY HENRY EARLE HUBBARD Letters and Histtry. Letten and Science Delti Siiiu Chi: Hgnor SbiOnt: Men ' s Transfer frm (1) (2): U.C.UL: Forestry (1) (2). CM. Chemistry Transfer fro I Janier Mb : Alfha Chi Sia. JACK WILSON HUBBARD San Fraicisc Letters a Transfer fro San Francisc Junitr Col- lege: 130 Ik. Basket- ball. HUGHES Oakland Letter ni Sc Public Spei Delta Gamma ience king Prytan- .: Or- (3). Chairman (4): Little Theatre: Arch. LAURENCE VICTOR HUGO Ihrn4 Be-keiej Letters and Science RAYMOND JAMES HULL Sata Ana HERBERT WILLIAMS HUMBER San Fran FREDERICK HUMMEL HERBERT NEWTON HUMPHREY U Aneles ALEXANDER JOHN Transfer fra Mttuit Literature CHARLES FRANKLIN HUNK San Francisc Bwta Hall: Tau Beta Awricv D - CrUk H 4 w4 Cjv a rl. Xfmmmv Ml SOC f. Blase: Circle " C " S- ctj: Theta Tau: HURLBURT Letten - IKED A LELAND RUSSELL ILLINGWOmi San f Letten and Science : Grii: (kcMoit Minaoer 3l caft ns _ Delta TIL Delta: Wte Bilaet: T Tau: Cre- (1) (21 Transfer free Sta -| y. Dctta Ersi lw: Uferthi j LOUISA EUNICE ILLINGWOmt LssAn es Uttn and (2) (3) O.C.UA.: Ti. Beta i4i: Aeric So- Pi: Chi cietj of Transfer fn U.S.C.: Pi Delta Phi: Y.W.CJL;! Clok, letk FRANNIE TURUM a- tee. U a infer in nerjr pie m the cat ns. ari MTC a Phi Beta Kapaahej. 113 RICHARD MASAYUKI IMAGAWA Sacramento Agriculture Plant Pathology Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Japanese Students ' Club. DOUGLAS LAIN6 IMHOFF Long Beach Commerce Economics Bowles Hall; Tri-une; Tennis (1) (2) (3), Captain (4). THEODORE ALTON INGHAM Glendale Commerce Alpha Delta Phi; Golden Bear: Scabbard and Blade; Winged Helmet; Water Polo Manager (4); Assistant Yell Leader (3); Quarterdeck; Presi- dent ' s Reception Com- mittee (4). ISAMI EVE TIGRAN LLOYD ASTRID EDITH INOUYE CAROLYN LEONARD T. KAREN LOUISE Stockton IRVINE ISAACS ISERI IVERSON IVERSON Letters and Science Berkeley Fresno Los Angeles Petaluma Petaluma Economics Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Japanese Students ' Economics Biochemistry Zoology Economics English Club. Transfer from College Transfer from Fresno Japanese Students ' Transfer from Santa Transfer from Santa of St. Benedict; State College. Club. Rosa Junior College; Rosa Junior College; Utrimque. Psychology Club. W.A.A.; International House; Education Club. ALFRED CONINGSBY JACKSON La Jolla Letters and Science Criminology Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck; Crimin- ology Club. HARRY ARMSTRONG JACKSON Piedmont Letters and Science Economics Alpha Delta Phi. JANET MELWYN CHRISTINE JACK JOHN JACKSON SEWARD MARGARET A. KILLIAN Piedmont JACOBS JACOBSEN JACOBY JAMISON Letters and Science Piedmont Berkeley Oroville Porterville History Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Delta Gamma; Blue Foreign Trade Social Science Economics Economics and Gold (2); Zeta Beta Tau; Rally Utrimque. President Phi Beta Delta; Transfer from Porter- W.A.A. (1); Intra- Committee. (4) ; Women ' s Activity Congress. ville Junior College; mural Sports (1) (2) ; Council (4); Scan- Theta Delta Chi; Y.W.C.A. (1) (2). dinavian Club. Basketball; Rambler Football. BERTRAM DALE JANES Portola Letters and Science Political Science Bowles Hall; Honor Student. LOUIS JAQUES, JR. Los Angeles Letters and Science Physics, Optometry Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Phi; Omega Delti. IVAN RUPERT JEANS Ruth Agriculture Forestry Forestry Club. BEVERLY ELIZABETH JENNINGS Bakersfield Letters and Science Social Institutions Transfer from Bakers- field Junior College. GARVER LLEWELLYN JENSEN San Leandro Letters and Science Zoology Honor Student. ROBERT S. JENSEN Berkeley Commerce Business Administration. MARY EMILY JEWELL Anaheim Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Fuller ton Junior College; Pre-Medical Club. ARTHUR WILLIAM JOHNSON San Francisco Pharmacy. CARL L. J OHNSON Rialto Letters and Science Journalism Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College; Pi Delta Epsilon; Daily Cali- fonian; Senior Peace Committee; Senior Week, Pubicity Chairman. EDWARD LANCASTER JOHNSON San Francisco Litters and Science Zoology Pi Kappa Alpha; Ptrshing Rifles: New- man Club. STAFFORD JOHNSON. JR. Berkeley Letters anil Science International Rela- tions. 114 Bowles Hall ' s candidate, smiling HANK LIGHTFOOT, became well known as A.S.U.C. Secretary on Ex Committee and as a crooner of no mean ability. LUCILLE ANNETTE JOHNSON Berkeley Commerce Economics Social Committee: Class Committees. MARGARET ELLA JOHNSON Alameda Letters and Science History Daily Caifornian: Uni- versity Chorus; Y.W.C.A. MARJORIE ELYMOR JOHNSON Berkeley Letters and Scence Art Kappa Kappa Gamma. PHILIP OSCAR JOHNSON Maywood Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. REUBEN JOSEPH JOHNSON Berkeley Engineering Cinl Engineering American Society of Ciril Engineers. RICHARD LLOYD JOHNSON Ar buckle Letters and Science Medical Science. ROBERT BRUCE JOHNSON Yuba City Letters and Science History Transfer from Menlo Junior College: Theta Xi. BARBARA JEANNE JOHNSTON San Mates Letters and Science Art Transfer from San Mateo Junior College: Pelican (1): Blue and Gold (2): College Women ' s Club Juniors. HERMAN JOHN Sail Mateo Letters and Science Criminology. CHARLES FRANK HAROLD HORTENSE JESS MARY ROGER MARGERY ROBERT MARSHALL VAUX REX JONES R. M. ELIZABETH GLENN MARTHA HULL JONES JONES. JR. JONES Berkeley JONES, JR. JONES JONES JORDAN JORDAN Santa Monica Oakland Berkeley Letters and Science Bakers field Sacramento Hun ting ton Park Hillsborough San Francisco Engineering Civil Letters and Science Letters and Science Dramatic Literature Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science Chemistry. Engineering Bacteriology Economics Alpha Omicron Pi; Economics History Forestry French Transfer from Pre-Medical Club. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Thalian: Women ' s Transfer from Bakers- Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from Transfer from San U.C.L.A.- Football Orientations Council juiuuil Csmauttee ld Junior College. mento Junior College: U.C.L.A.: Phi Mateo Junior College: Manage (3). (3) (4): Little Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa Sigma: Pi Delta Phi; Honor Theatre (2) (3) 4 : Wrestling: Student: Social B 1 m { Pelican (1) (2). mm Forestry Club. Committee. BARBARA MERLAN JORGETOW San J;e Agriculture Genetics. BARBARA GRACE STAMLEY ELIZABETH MARION SAMUEL RAYMOND TEIJI JANE CATHERINE ROBERT CONTENT JANE HIN HENRY KAGIMOTO JOY JOYCE JUCH JUDSO 1 . JUERGENS JUNG KAARET Hilo. Hawaii Spreckles Berkeley Berkeley Udmurt Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letter -:iJ Science Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science Zoology. Economics Household Art Economics fsychohw Public Speaking Landscape Design Political Science Transfer from Slinas Delta Chi Alpha; Chi Phi; Winged Hel- Phi v... Pi Lambda Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Alpha Phi: Delta Transfer from San Junior Cc lege; Zeta A.S.U.C. Card Sales met: Skull and Keys: Theta: Honor Student: Treble Clef. Sigma Chi: Chinese Francisco Junior Col- Tau Alpfea. Committee: Class Rugbf (1) (2) (3) Women c Orchestra; Students ' Club; lege. Committees; New- 14 i: Football Mana- Psychology Club. Landscape Design mmmmmmmmmmV t man Club. ger U (3 ; Foot- Club. ball (1). Working her way into prominence by interest in many activities, Areta ' s indefatigable DORIS MACDONALD rose to the presi- dency of Mortar Board and Phraterej. 115 PAUL KAHN San Francisco Letters and Science Medical Sciences. CHARLES-JOHN KALEN Vallejo Commerce Transfer from Uni- versity of Iowa; Alpha Delta Sigma. Presi- dent; Daily California!! Managerial Staff (1) (2) (3). Advertising Manager (4). TERUKO KAN6A San Francisco Commerce Japanese Students ' Club. MARY NOBUKO KANO Oakland Letters and Science Public Health Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Japanese Students ' Club. GRACE TOSHIKO KANZAKI San Francisco Letters and Science Household Science Japanese Students ' Club. BERNARD D. KAPLAN San Francisco Pharmacy Pharma- ceutical Chemistry Class President (4). ROSE KAPLAN Lindsay Letters and Science Public Health Nursing Transfer from Fresno State College. JOHN PAUL KASSIS Sacramento Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. MILLIARD JOEL KATZ Stockton Letters and Science Medical Sciences Zeta Beta Tau. SHIRLEY RUTH BART LANSING KAY KEAN. JR. KEANE Berkeley Piedmont Alameda Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Political Science Political Science History Alpha Epsilon Phi; Phi Delta Theta: Beta Theta Pi; Track Prytanean; Pi Alpha Baton; A.S.U.C. Band (1). Sigma: Hammer and (1) (2) (3), Mana- Dimmer: Little ger (4). Theatre (1) (2) (3), Advertising Manager (4) : Class Com- mittees. RICHARD DOROTHY MARY K. MARIE FORD KELLY KELLY KELLY Crockett San Francisco Berkeley Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Economics Psychology Public Speaking Pi Delta Epsilon: Transfer from College Pelican (1) (2); Daily Californian (1) of Pacific. Little Theatre Art (2) (3). Sports Staff (2); A.S.U.C. Editor (4): Senior Card Sales Committee: Peace Committee. Treble Clef: Phrateres; Y.W.C.A.; College Women ' s Club; Class Committees. MARY AGNES KEARNEY San Francisco Letters and Science English Sigma Sigma Pi; New man Club. JAMES EMORY KELSO Sacramento Letters and Science History Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. ELEANOR REBECCA KEENAN Oakland Letters and Science Economics, Political Science Pi Phi Delta; Daily Californian (1) (2); Blue and Gold (2); Assembly Dance Com- mittee. LAURENCE JOSEPH KENNEDY Redding Letters and Science History Chi Psi: Winged Hel- met; Big " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta: Football Mana- ger. BRUCE WATSON KEITH Long Beach Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Long Beach Junior College: Camera Club. ROBERT S. KENNEDY Berkeley Commerce Accounting Orientations: Big ' C " Guard; Senate; Masonic Club. JAMES MAXWELL KEITH Oakland Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi: Baton; Honor Student; A.S.U.C. Band: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: California Alumni As- sociation. KATHRYN PHYLLIS KENT Piedmont Letters and Science Education Sigma Kappa; Blue and Gold (2); Counseling GEORGE OTTO KELIHER Los Angeles Engineering Mechan ical Engineering Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Water Polo. WILLIAM H. KELLER Berkeley Commerce Accounting. BARBARA ANNE KENYO Pacific Grove Litters and Science Political Science Transfer from San Jose State College; Beta Phi Alpha: Reception Com- mittee f3) (4): Counseling (4); Y. W. C. A.; Kappa Phi; Masonic Club. ELIZABETH KESSING San Francisco Letters ami Science English. 116 BARNARD TAPER, the unpre- dictable, breezed into the Pelican office one day, liked the place, and stayed around to become Fall Editor. HAROLD KETTELL GLENN MELFORD KE i Martuez Dcrtistrj Enfinecrim Mi Transfer fro. Chafer ' " Juiior Colleje: Delta Eta Kaa u: Sipn Delta on Institute c ' Electrical ED; SOLOMON KEYAK Sw Fri E H Kill Transfer frt San Main Junior C:ilt$r. Cirtle " C " Socitty: GyoHiastks: AaMriCM f Mechanical Enoineers. MICHAEL HENRr KEYAK San Fn Trvohr frm San Main Jur-io- Ctllctt Cirete " C " Sty: GEORGE SEIJI KIDO SHIGEYA KIHARA Oakland Letters a Political Soon WILLIAM LEONARD KILGORE JACOB YAGO KIM Stocktiw KEHDRICK CLYDE KIMBALL. JR. Uttcn and Science Track; ML Trawfw fro Yuoa CMrtjr JuiMr C llee; A. S. U. C. Fruit Pilots Clufc. Socirtj cf CiTil Eflfi- ' C5. O ' KENNETH J. KIUBLAD MARY EMMA KING KIYOSHI KINJO Berkeley Lttters and Science icall Basketball 1 i2 ( B U : Transfer frooi U. C. L. Ti A. : Class President (3 Matte Collets Secretary (4). A I LEE K REBECCA RUTH JANE KINKEL KINPORTS Grass Valley Letters and Science Physical Education. Statistics H M HiiViHiViW(fcr frooi San IB Sioou Psi : Wo- , " ' Junior Col leoe: en ' s " C " Society: -EVI Dnitory MARY SCOTT KIRK SAM S. KITABAYASHI Letters i Daily California JEAN HARRIETTE ALLEN ROSALIND KLEEBE-GER KLEIK ALUfl KLEEBE-GES Berkeliy Enghsn Letters) : TrasferfreiU.C.L.A.: l lk SeatJr HW ronalilioo: Kawa Aa Tk ROSALIND KLEIN Berertr Hilb Letters and Scien STEVEN KLINE San Francisco Letters and Science Political Science CHARLES RAYMOND KLOTZ Hollister Transfer frw i- : oeerini " : afer frooi Lonj :i Jonitr Colh e; iioj Association; CHARLES HEMRY KLUTE San Francisco Chemistry ARNOLD ADOLF KNECHT Concord Agriculture frooiU.C L.A.: :i Society of Transfer frooi North Transfer fro. San Kawa Alnha: Pershnf S " 1 Te Jnior Collee, Benito County Junior Rrles: AsseaMy Dance Soil Science Cb . i; International College: Phi Delta CM. Alpha O ' s easy-to- look-it MA- RIE GODT soM A.S.U.C. carts and Mimu and eoKrfed as Di- rector of OK conic oua2int ' s woen ' s stiff. 117 MERIEM ROBERT JOHN JOSEPH DONALD JEREMIAH BARBARA BEVERLY MARGARET KNESS VALENTINE HENRY FRANCIS EUGENE MORTIMER BEATRICE KOCH LOUNETTE Taft KNIERIM KNIGHT KNIGHT KNOWLTON KNOX KOCH Honolulu, Hawaii KOEBER Letters and Science Oakland Watsomille Watsonville Petaluma Oakland Fullerton Letters and Science Davis English Engineering Electri- Agriculture Engineering Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Psychology Letters and Science Transfer from Taft Jun- cal Engineering Forestry. Civil Engineering. Forestry Economics Social Theory. Transfer from Pomona Social Sciences ior College; Pi Lambda Eta Kappa Nu; Honor Transfer from Univer- Transfer from Salinas Transfer from Santa Sigma Nu; Track. College; Pelican. Transfer from College Theta; Honor Student; Student; Carrie M. sity of San Francisco; Junior College; Tau Rosa Junior College; of Agriculture at Davis; Hostess Committee. Jones Scholarship (3) ; Newman Club. Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon; Basketball; Intramural Honor Student: Y. W. American Institute of Honor Student; Ameri- Sports; Forestry Club. C. A.; Masonic Club. Electrical Engineers; can Society of Civil Masonic Club. Engineers; Newman Club. BETTY MIYE JOSEPHINE HAROLD CAROLYN KOJAKU FRANCES ALBERT KOEHLER Gardena KOLDA KOMSTHOEFT San Mateo Letters and Science Weed San Francisco Letters and Science Household Arts Letters and Science Pharmacy Social Institutions Delta Chi Alpha; Japa- Political Science Kappa Psi. Transfer from San nese Students ' Club. W.A.A.; Newman Club. Mateo Junior College; International House. ROBERT RAYMOND EUNICE ETHELYN LOUIS B. KOSSOFF LYDIA KOPF KORSMEIER Los Angeles KRAUS Berkeley Whittier Letters and Science Oakland Commerce Agriculture H istory Letters and Science Economics Entomology Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Household Art Rally Committee (1) Transfer from Fullerton Sigma Kappa Alpha; Delta Chi Alpha; Ma- (2) (3) (4); Assem- Junior College; Alpha Honor Student. sonic Club. bly Dance Committee; Zeta; Honor Society: Mixer Dance Committee. Entomology Club. DOROTHY MAE KRAYENBUHL Oakland Letters and Science Art Sigma Kappa; Pelican; Elections Committee; Counseling: Deputa- tions; Phrateres; Class Committees. MARY JOHN PHYLLIS HERMANN FAKHRI ETHELYN JOHN PEARL MARGUERITE WILLIAM MARIE KRUSI MUHAMMAD KULAKOFSKY THOMAS TOSHIYE KREIZINGER KRUG KRUIZENGA Oakland SALEH Omaha, Nebraska KULLMAN KUROKAWA San Diego Berkeley Modesto Letters and Science KUBBA Letters and Science Reedley Arroyo Grande Pharmacy Engineering Mechan- Letters and Science Psychology Baghdad, Iraq Art Engineering Electri- Nursing. Transfer from San ical Engineering English Mining Petroleum Alpha Epsilon Phi: cal Engineering Diego State College; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard Transfer from Modesto Engineering Honor Student; Pan- Transfer from Reedley Lambda Kappa Sigma; and Blade; Honor Stu- Junior College; Pelican. Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Hellenic. Junior College; Ameri- Sigma Kappa Theta. dent; American Society Boxing; Wrestling; can Institute of of Mechanical Engi- Soccer, Electrical Engineers; neers. Newman Club. H 118 Always to be found at the Y Cottage just outside Sather Gate, Pi Phi FLORENCE BROWN passed a busy year as President during the celebration of its Golden Jubilee. YIIYUKI A. KUSUMINE San Francisco Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene. SUZAME THERESE UBOURDETTE GEORGE MM KYOTO Sax Francis co Letters and Science Political Science Traesferfroti San Fran- Kappa Kappa Ga Cisco JMMOT Colleee: Uttzrsi STANLEY SMITH LACHHAN Santa Cnn Utters EVELYN FRANCES LAEREMAN Sar, Francisco Utters and Science History. Delta Ejrsilon: Golf. MARY CHRISTINA LAFFERTY TRAVIS LAFFEimr SIDNEY P. LAGORIO MARGARET ESTHER LAIRD JOHN L. LaJEtNESSC Utters and Science Utters a FroBh Theta Uptita: Sfon Sima Pi: Little The- oosieos (1): Y. W. C. A.: Mai sor Francaise: Class CoMBittees. Aertiscry Council; Soak. Utters and Scion Economics U. C. YacM CM. Lcttnari! Hiitary Transfer fr S cn- ForBtrj Club. RALPH MORTIMER LAKH ESS ROBERT CHING LAM CORALIE LAMB AKNFTTE LOUISE LAMDAH BAILEY McKINLEY LANG Letters and Scion Letters and Scienct Utters and Science DOROTHY ELAINE LANGKNECHT City, ARNOLD JOSEPH LAPIDUS JUNE UPLASTE LARICK Wortar Board: PryUn- ean: Then Siima Phi. : Dairy Cali- i (1) (2) Associate Editor 4); Letters and Science J ublic Speaking Transfer frwiU.C. LA. ; ft. A. A.. Psrth.lciy Society. Letters ans Letters and Sciexe Transfer fr Kansas City Jxrior Cllee: Adnrtismg Senia Lftte-s ax History I De tl. DONALD JAMES LAWRIE Oakland DOLORES MARIE LAWSON Utters and Science malistic Studies T rasftr ' tm Pi.s a Jinior C: leoe; T--::; Alpha Alpha; Daily Tan. Utters and Science DOROTHY ELIZABETH LEACH SanAnsttaM Utters and Intrarj-al Sports: Y. M. C. A. (1) (2) (3), Cabinet (4). Tnrs ' e fnnU.C.LJL; .B Xi; Phi Phi: :: (1) (2); Tan Beta Pi: Eta Kap- pa Nu: Baton: A. S. U. C. Band: Senate: Enoi- Cponcil: of Electrical Phi Karoa Psi: Tennis (2) (3) (4). History Sign Sigma Pi. JOHN DORR of Abracadabra his otct days in Eshtaun as head f DcoVbtMB, ml his as a her Pf the Ski tea . 119 EDWARD EUGENE BENJAMIN CLARK DONALD HARRY LEO LUCILE ROSE EVERETT BERNARD CORY ATWOOD LEE XI C. TIN SUN LEACH, JR. LeBAILLY LEDYARD LEE San Rafael LEE LEE HAW YEN Berkeley Oakland San Jose Oakland Engineering Electri- San Francisco Oakland LEE LEE Letters and Science Commerce Dentistry Commerce cal Engineering Commerce Letters and Science San Francisco Oakland Music Foreign Trade Delta Sigma Delta. Economics Transfer from Marin Foreign Trade Political Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Glee Club; University Transfer from Univer- Alpha Delta Sigma: Junior College; Transfer from San Fran- Sigma Chi; Alpha Physical Education, Education Chorus. sity of Idaho; Newman Daily Californian Man- Chinese cisco State College. Delta Sigma; Daily Hygiene Chinese Students ' Club. Club. agerial Staff (1) (2); Students ' Club. Californiati Managerial U. C. Life Saving Staff (1) (2) (3); Corps. Rugby (1); Class Committees. TOM ALFRED LEE San Francisco Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Xi ; California Cannoneers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Masonic Club. DONALD RICHARD LePELL San Diego Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Diego State College; Phi Delta Theta; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee. HARRIET CHARLENE LEEBRICK Long Beach Letters and Science Economics Kappa Alpha Theta: Pi Alpha Sigma: Treble Clef (1) (2) (4); Intramural Board Counseling; Class Com- mittees. MICHAEL ALLEN LESCISIN Chicago, Illinois Agriculture Economics Alpha Zeta; Honor Student. JAMES HARRISON LeFEAVER. JR. Berkeley Letters and Science Public Speaking Delta Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Rowing Club; Crew(l) (2) (3) (4). WALTER LEFF Shanghai, China Letters and Science Medical Sciences International House. EUGENE ERWIN LEHE Sacramento Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Psi Upsilon. NORMA LEMMON Merced Letters and Science Spanish Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Delta Pi: Little The- atre (1) (2). VALAINE KATHERINE LEMOINE Walnut Creek Letters and Science Political Science. ROBERT PHILLIPS LESSER Los Angeles Letters and Science Political Science Golden Bear; Alpha Delta Sigma; A. S. U C. Executive Commit tee; Publications Council, Chairman; Blue and Gold (2) (3). Manager (4); Soccer (2) (3) (4) ADRIENNE REYNOLD LESTER Berkeley Letters and Science History Delta Gamma; Ace of Clubs: Intramural Sports (1) (2) (3) (4); Y. W. C. A.; Class Committees. FRANCIS LEON LEVA San Francisco Engineering Electri- cal Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; California Engineer; Little Theatre (1); American Institute of Electrical Engineers. HORTOP LEVY San Francisco Letters and Science International Relatii International House: Theta Sigma Phi; Esperam; Daily Cali- fornian (1) (2) (3) ; W. A. A., Sports. Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Alpha Epsilon Phi: Blue and Gold; Class Committees. HELEN LOUISE LEONARD San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology Pi Lambda TJwtar Honor Student: Daily Californian (1); Counseling f21 (4). INALDt MICHEL LEVY Los Angeles Agriculture -Forestry Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Bowles Hall; Alpha Zeta: Xi Sigma Pi; Honor Student! Gym- nastics (3) (4): Senate; Forestry Club; Brick Morse Collegians. HOBART SMITH LEONARD Virginia City, Nevada Letters and Science Economics Zeta P;i; Skull and Keys. Lid LEWITT San FranciBO Letters ami Science Political Science Kappa Kappa Gamma. 120 Nightingale of the ADPi House, JERRY WOLF ' S voice got her into Treble Clef, where she was made Senior Manager after three years of hard work. FREDERICK ROBERT LIG6ITT HENRY WILLIAM LIGHTFOOT WINIFRED LILLOH ALICEMARY LILLY ACNES RIFII VIOLA LINOE LIKDQUIST aridity T Letters a Soon Letters a Soaee History Mta: T Duly CiOlmmm U): at Tketa Xi: GyvBtks; I !!. . " ! tf Electrical Entiaeen. Ztta Tai AIS-J. Si|- a SiBH Pi Hall: A. S. U. C. Sentr (4): Glee CM (1) (2): Class ttte. HELENA CAROLYN LINK SMFracisc Lettcn and Socm ELEAKOR LION Danrille Letters and Scienrt itkal Alpha Theti ESTHER ALBERTA LITCHF1ELD San Frincisrt Lttters and Transfer frr . U C.L.A.: Gynnasttts. GEORGE DKITRIEVICH LODVIC San F-indsto Psi: IWM 3aa Varsity YeH-teader BOB CUL- VER mliiillishU tta Housual H the sfirit f 121 THOMAS WILSON MARGARET CHARLES RUTH EDISON ERLINE MADELEINE NORMAN B. FRANKLIN H. LINWOOD AMELIA D. ROCHELLE V. LOWENSTEIN LORD LORD LORE LORING LOSEE LOWE LOWE LOWELL Berkeley Berkeley Santa Monica Long Beach Berkeley Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Salinas Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Economics Mechanical Business English Political Science History Electrical Physical Education, Economics Honor Student; Engineering Administration Transfer from Long Delta Tau Delta; Beta Phi Alpha: Engineering Hygiene. Political Science Debating (1) (2) Chi Phi: Rugby; Transfer from Beach Junior College; Scabbard and Blade. Grizzly: Blue and Eta Kappa Nu; Nu Sigma Psi ; Transfer from Salinas (3) (4); Open Forum Basketball U.S.C.; Boxing: University Chorus; Gold Managerial Staff; American Institute W.A.A.; Chinese Junior College; Daily Board; A.S.U.C. Peace Manager (2). Circle " C " Society. Advertising A.S.U.C. Reception of Electrical Students ' Club. Californian (1) (2); Committee; Service Bureau. Committee. Engineers. W.A.A., Fencing; Fortnsics Council; Newman Club. Senate. President. Vf feitl JEANETTE LUCAS Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Delta Pi; Prytanean: Pi Alpha Sigma; Women ' s Activ- ity Council; Blue and Gold (2) (3), Wo- men ' s Manager (4). ANNE HADLEY LUCHSINGER San Francisco Letters and Science History Kappa Kappa Gamma. ARTHUR M. LUCOT Jackson Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi. FLOYD EDGAR LUTHER Berkeley Letters and Science Chemistry MERCEDES PATRICIA LUXEN Chula Vista Letters and Science Bacteriology Transfer from San Diego State College; International House. mm JEAN DOROTHEA HARVEY ALBERT MAY ROWENA TURNER WILLIAM LYM LYMAN LYMAN LYNDE, JR. Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Stockton Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Education Political Science Foreign Trade History Chinese Students ' Club. Prytanean; Little The- Transfer from Santa Chi Phi; Winged Hel atre Properties Staff Rosa Junior College; met: Varsity Rowing (1) (2); W. A. A.: Track (2) (3). Club; Crew Manager Women ' s Orchestra (4) ; (3). JAMES LYONS Los Angeles Letters and Science Architecture. GERALD EUGENE LYVERE Inglewood Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from U. C. L. A.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. LAWRENCE EDWARD McARDELL Oakland Letters and Science Music Alpha Mu; Baton; A.S. U.C. Band: University Symphony Orchestra; Soccer (1); Masonic Club. RODERICK M. McARTHUR Napa Dentistry Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College Xi Psi Phi. JACK McBROOM Oakland Commerce Business Organization. PRESTON HALE McCANLIES Cisco, Texas Agriculture Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. Y. W. C. A. (1), Cab- inet (2) (3) (4). BEATRICE McCARGAR San Francisco Letters and Science Household Art Alpha Omicron Pi. PATRICIA MCCARTHY Piedmont Utters and Science Art WILLARD JUHL McCAY Long Beach Commerce Delta Gamma; Ace of G 2) 3 4 - Clubs. HERMAN HITTENBERGER wears the oval-shaped Big " C " of the tennis courts, where he won the emblem as Senior Man- ager of Tom Stow ' s stellar tennis team. 122 FLORA JANET McLAIN Oakland Letters and Science Economics Unirersity Sjmmtony Orchestra: Masonic Club. ALAN HENDERSON McCLARO Cms Valley Phi Delta Chi. ELEANOR ALICE McCLOUD Stoctton Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha: W. A. A.. Tennis. Sim ing, Baseball: Tennis Club. President. E. ALLEN McCLURE Taft Mining Petroleum Enginecrini Transfer from Fuller- ton Junior College; Theta Tau: Water Polo (2) (4); Summing (2) ; Min- ing Association; Water Sports Out. LOUISE BURTON McCLURE Berkeley Letters and Science Art Delta Epsilon; W.A.A. ; Y.W.C.A. ROBERTA JEAN McCLURE Saji Francisco Letters and Science History Transfer from San Fran- cisco Junior College: Delta Zeta; Sigma Sig- ou Pi: Blue and Gold (2); Parliament; Y.W.C.A.: Class Committees. BEVERLY CONSTANCE McCUE Oakland Letters and Science French Pi Delta Phi: Honor Student: Adiiwry Bu- reau. Chairman; Wo- men ' s Actiiity Council. W. STUART McCULLOUGH Pasadena Mining Transfer from Junior College. NEIL WILSON McDANIEL Santa Ana Accounting Transfer frofli North- i Uniwsity. STJ 3 A . ,7A DORIS ELAINE MacDONALD Berkeley Letters and Science Mathematics Areta: Mortar Board. President Pifunean; Pi Mu Eosilon; Wo- man ' s Esecirtm " ! : Womer sActi. t. :-..-- CII.-JL i:ialCt-- ttee; Social Commits Counseling; P teres, Pres.. V A OA.; ELIZABETH ELEA ' .OR McGlfiR Portlano. Oregon Utters and Science Mathematics E. COLEMAN MacDONALD South Pasadena Transfer from Pasadena College: Honor FRANKLIN MacDONALD Berkeley Letters and Science English Transfer froei Pasadena Junior College: Honor Student; Handball. PAUL L. MCDONALD Oakland Letters and Science Chemistry Phi Gamma Delta. ROBERT W. MCDONALD San Bernardino Commerce Accounting Transfer from San 5-:-nardino Junior HELEN IRENE McDONELL Letters and Science Household Science Transfer froei Sacra- mento Junior College. EDWARD GORHAV McGRATH Sacrarento Letters a I Scierc Histor. Transfer from Uniter- Barringtt Hall; sity of Oregon: Sigma Sigma Si: ia Pi. Kappa; Phi Mu Epsilon. San Francisco Centenille Letters and Science Letters and Science English Public Speaking Honor Student: 0::i- -; le Clef: College dent: Internationa M: .ea ' s Club. Delt F-i Epsilon; Masc : Club. McKAUGHAN Canoga Park Letters and Science Semitic I iiignnfr Transfer from Santa Mcnica Junior College: Caliin Club. ELIZABETH ANN McEVOY Berkeley Letters and Science English California Engineer, Copy Director (3) (4); W. A. A.. Crop and Saddle. Fencing. Ice Skating: Newman Club. ANITA ELIZABETH McKAY 5ar, Francisco Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from San Fran- cisco Junior College; Sigma Sigma Pi: Chris- tian Science Society. MOLLY McFALL Suisun Letters and Science Education Delta Delta Delta. BETTY MacFARLANE Los DJMI Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Pomona r College; Chi JUNE Mac KAY Oakland Alpha Omicron Pi: Phi Chi Theta: Deputations (2) (3) : Social Chair- man (4) ; Elections Committee (2) : Pelican (1) (2): Class Com- mittm (2) (3) (4). MARGARET ELIZABETH McKECHNIE Berkeley Letters and Science Anthropology Thalian; Hammer and Dimmer: Honor Stu- dent: Little Theatre Managerial. Costume Staff: Counseling: Per- sonnel; Women ' s Dis- cussions: Winter Sports Club. The strains of Cal songs as sung by the Glee Club haie done much to brighten many a campus gath- ering . . . LEN ORTEGA was the competent Senior Manager. 123 LYDIA ANNE McKEEHAN Berkeley Letters and Science Art Masonic Club. JAMES OLIVER McKENDRICK Long Beach Commerce Transfer from Long Beach Junior College. THOMAS JAMES MACKEY San Francisco Letters and Science Physics, Optometry Omega Delta. ARTHUR RICHARD MCLAUGHLIN Aptos Commerce Economics Alpha Kappa Lambda; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Phi ; Quarter- deck; Football. FRANCIS PATRICIA McLEAN Oakland Letters and Science Biochemistry Phi Mu: Blue and Gold; Grizzly; Y. W. C. A. BETTY ANN McLELLAN Fresno Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Fresno State College: Areta; Honor Student; Univer- sity Symphony Orches- tra; W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.; Psychology Club. JOHN GRENVILLE McLELLAN Oakland Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Stanford University. JEAN HARRIET MacMASTER Fullerton Let ters and Science History Transfer from Fullerton Junior College; Sigma Sigma Pi; Hostess Com- mittee (3) (4); Masonic Club. DAVID CLAIBOURNE McMILLIN, JR. Oakland Letters and Science History Chi Psi; Beta Beta; Track (1) (2) (4); Pelican (2) (3): Vigi- lante Committee (2). s A tl T % ml ' , B HI 2 L ' P Hr KJI j RALPH FRANCIS McMURRY Yreka Dentistry Transfer from Sacra- mento junior College Psi Phi. JOHN HARDMAN McWHORTER Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Chi Psi; Pershiiig Rifles: Quarterdeck; Golf (2) (3) (4). Pasadena Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene Big " C " Society; Base- ball (2) 3), Co- Captain (4). GRACE VIRGINIA MADDERN Oakland Letters and Science History Phrateres; Masonic Club. LINDA McNUTT San Francisco Commerce Economics Alpha Gamma Delta; Pi Alpha Sigma; Blue and Gold (2); Pelican (1); A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Class Committees. MARY MARGARET MADIGAN Richmond Letters and Science History. ROBERT HAL McPHILLAMEY Tulare Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Visalia Junior College; Kappa Delta Rho. MARGARET ELIZABETH McRAE Roseville Commerce Economics Pi Phi Delta; Student. Honor MARILYN H. McRAE San Francisco Letters and Science Art Alpha Xi Delta; Cali- fornia Engineer (2) ; W. A. A., Intramural Golf, Tennis, Crop and Saddle: Pelican (1) (2): Counseling; Class Committees. JAMES THOMAS MACRES Berkeley Agriculture Forestry Wrestling; Forestry Club. NELLIE SCOFIELD MACRES La Habra Letters and Science Household Art Transfer from Fullerton Junior College; Honor Student. WILLIAM BUFORD McWHIRTER San Mateo Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Glendale Junior College; Theta Xi; Honor Student. WINIFRED MARY MADIGAN Marysville Letters and Science Education Transfer from Yuba County Junior College. THEODORE JOSEPH MAGNI Gold Run Letters and Science Economics. ELEANOR MEHERIN MAHAN San Francisco Letters and Science History Pi Beta Phi; Prytan- ean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Torch and Shield; Little Theatre (1) (2) (3); Intramural Sports (1) (2); Counsel AGNES MAHONEY Berkeley Letters and Science Art Prytanean; Pelican (1) (2) ; Women ' s Voca- tions Committee (2) (3), Chairman (4). UTH ANICE MAHONEY Berkeley Letters and Science History Phi Delta; W. A. A.; Phrateres. GRANT MAHONEY Vlllejo Agriculture Forestry Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club. 124 Most prominent senior in Chi Psi Lodge, LARRY KENNEDY won the distinction coveted by scores of fraternity men when he was appointed Senior Football Mana- ger. JACK CARL MALDONADO Oakland Commerce Foreign Trade Delta Phi Epsilon, President: California Cannoneers: Commerce Association: Newman Club. J. EDWARD MALEDY Taft Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from Taft Jun- ior College: Phi Sigma Kappa: Californian En- gineer (4) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JANE MALMGREN Berkeley Letters and Science Dramatic Literature Chi Omega; Thalian; Little Theatre. RICHARD BERNHARDT MALMGREN Blythe Commerce Economics Bowles Hall. RALSTON EDWARD MALONEY Piedmont Letters and Science Political Science Delta Upsilon: Skull and Keys. CHARLOTTE LOUISE MANN Los Angeles Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Epsilon Phi. CECELIA MANSONEN Berkeley Letters and Science History Transfer from Arm- strong Junior College; Phi Delta. GUY DAVENPORT MANUEL Vacaiille Agric ulture Agri- cultural Economics Honor Student; Track 1) (2) (3), Captain (4). HELEN MAXINE MARCUM San Francisco Letters and Science History. Iran GRACE MARGOSAN Sacramento Letters and Science Spanish Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Kappa Phi. MARY ARDEANE MARIANI Berkeley Letters and Science Art Beta Sigma Omicron; California Engineer (2) (3) (4); Pelican (1): W. A. A.. Intra- mural Fencing. MARK Berkeley Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from U. C. LA. GEORGE M. MARKOVICH Lcng Beach Letters and Science History Little Theatre; U. C. Fljiiiy Club; SUiic Society; Jugosln Club. San Bernardino Letters and Science Geology Transfer from San Bernardino Junior Col- fc je: Geology Club. FLORABELLE MARS hi Oakland Letters and Science History Sigma Kappa; Sigma Kappa Alpha: Honor Student; Counseling (2) (3). Executiie Board (4): Personnel (1) (2) (3); Class Committees. MARYLEE MARSH Stockton Letters and Science Public Speaking ALMA LOUISE MARSHALL Buena Park Letters and Science Psychology Transfer frcm Taft Junior College: Women ' s Dormitory Association. LINDSAY POWELL MARSHALL Lodi Letters and Science Political Science Delta Tau Delta; Skull and Keys. LLIA FRA C!S MARSHALL. JR. Oakland Hiring Ramble- Football. La Crescenta Mining Transfer from Glendale Junior College: Bar- rington Hall; Gymnas- tics: A. S. U. C. Band; Mining Association. BEATRICE KAREN MARTIN Olympia. Washington Letters and Science English Transfer frcm San Diego State College. Taft Letters and Science Economics. Phi Delta Theta: Circle " C " Society; Rugby. EVELYN F. MARTIN Oakland Letters and Science Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha: Honor Student. ROBERT WILLIAM MARTIN Venice Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Masonic Club. BURTON HAMPTON MARLIAVE Berkeley Mining Economic Geology Sigma Phi Epsilon; Glee Club: Mining Association; Masonic Club. BETTY MARX Berkeley Letters and Science Art Gamma Phi Beta: Prytanean: Thalian; Women ' s Judicial Committee: Class Vice-President (4) ; Little Theatre. MAURY BAKER filled the job of Managing Editor of the Daily Californian and conceited the idea of " Campus " , bi-monthly news review supplement. 125 BRADLEY FRANK ROBERT MARYATT VAN KEUREN HAVEN Oakland MASON MASON Engineering Electri- Long Beach Burlingame cal Engineering Letters and Science Agriculture Scabbard and Blade; Political Science Agricultural Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Transfer from Economics. Intramural Basket- Long Beach Junior ball: American College; Senate. Institute of Electri- cal Engineers. ELEANOR LEONARD MASAYUKI MARJORIE RONALD MARION G. SHAW MATSUMUNE ALICE MATTHEW SERAFIA MASSIE MATHER Salinas MATTESON Berkeley MATTSON Berkeley Upland Pharmacy Grass Valley Letters and Science San Diego Letters and Science Commerce Transfer from Salinas Letters and Science English Letters and Science Art Accounting Junior College; Physical Education Alpha Delta Phi; Economics Kappa Kappa Gamma; Transfer from Japanese Students ' International House; Crew. Transfer from Delta Epsilon. Chaffey Junior Club. Nu Sigma Psi; Santa Ana Junior College; Gymnastics. Women ' s " C " College; Y.W.C.A.; Society; W. A. A Masonic Club. PATRICIA JANET THOMAS FRED MARJORIE HOMER MANSON JEANETTE JAMES MARY AUDREY JOHN RANDOLPH LILLIAN NATHAN MEADS FRANCES LEWIS MATZ MAY MAY MAYEDA MAYERS MEAD Berkeley MEALS MEDLICOTT San Francisco Sacramento San Francisco Sacramento San Francisco Montrose Letters and Science Oakland Mill Valley Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Mechan- Mechanical Engi- Letters and Science Mining Petroleum Zoology Letters and Science Letters and Science History History ical Engineering neering Aeronautics English Engineering Alpha Delta Phi; Economics Economics Transfer from San Kappa Alpha Ttieta; Scabbard and Blade; Transfer from Prytanean; Debating Transfer from Golf (1) (2) (3) Beta Sigma Omicron; Transfer from Marin Francisco Junior Col- Ace of Clubs; California Cannoneers; Sacramento Junior (2) (3). Manager Glendale Junior (4) ; Track. Italian Club; Junior College; lege: Zeta Tau Alpha; Torch and Shield. Alumni Scholarship; College; American (4); Blue and Gold College; Circle " C " Masonic Club. Abraudahra. Honor Student; Sigma Y.M.C.A.; American Society of Mechanical Managerial Staff (2); Society; Boxing (2). Sigma Pi; Advertis- ing Service Bureau; Group System ; Phra- teres; Newman Club; Class Committees. Society of Mechanical Engineers; Masonic Club. Engineers. Little Theatre Managerial Staff (1). Captain (3) (4); Boxing Club: Mining Association. 1 JOHN CHARLES ADOLPH SELIG MARIAN ROBERT NANCY WILLIAM CLARKE HUBERT MEHLERT EDWARD LIPPA JANE ALFRED PEARSON NORTON FRANK MEE, JR. Berkeley MEIER MELTZER MENDELSOHN MENDLE MENOHER MERRIAM DERRICK San Francisco Agriculture San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Carmel Fullerton Glendale Letters and Science Forestry Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Agriculture Agri- Economics Winged Helmet; Big Entomology Physics, Optometry History. Medical Sciences Chemistry Accounting cultural Economics Delta Kappa Epsilon; " C " Society; Bowles Hall; Scabbard Transfer from College of Phi Delta Epsilon; Transer from Occidental Transfer from Fullerton Theta Xi: Phi Phi; Quarterdeck: Crew Circle " C " Society; and Blade; Circle " C " the City of New York; Honor Student, College; W. A. A.; Junior College; Delta Wrestling (1) (2) Manager (2); U. C. Tri-une: Track; Society; Soccer (1) Omega Delta. Advisory Bureau (3). Y. W. C. A.; Inter- Phi Epsilon; Honor (3) (4): Football Life Saving Corps. Cross Country. (2) (3) (4). national House Student, (1) (2) (3); A. S. h__| _ _ _ _ U. C. Card Sales Com- mittee. 126 From his office in 206 Eshleman, CHARLES MESAK directed the activities of Dramatics Coiii and managed the affairs of Little Theatre . . . still without a theatre. MARJORIE ALICE MERRILL MARY ELIZABETH MERRILL ALBERT PHILIP MERRILL LK Antete Letters art Science Jaurmalistic Studies Alpha Oancror, Pi: Dairy Califoraian (1) (2) : Letters are Seine WILLIAM RAYMOND MERRILL SanDJeat Letters a JOHN BARTLETT MERRITT VERVILLE San Fmc FRANK 0. MERVIN CHARLES MESAK San Franc net tartar Board aa; Pi Alpha Sam Thalia.: Haaaaw an Diaaaer: California Club: Little Theatre (1) (2) (3), Wa- en ' s Manaper (4). Prytan. Phi Kapw Psi. S, 5 ira Nu: RuQb,. Letters and Science Zeti Psi: SMI art Kirs: Tract (1) (3) (4); Raaty (2). Letter? and Scion GEORGE BING MEW SanFi Chi Alpha Kiwi: Delta Sipaa Chi: Giet Club: Architects Lcttn ask and Dioner: A.S. Jkaaar Calleae Eiecvtm Caamittee; Alpha Phi LitUe Tlasatre (1) (2) Terns; A. S. U. C, (3). Manaaar (4): Card Sales Draaujtia CaaaciL (4): - jl ALICE JEAN EYER Uttan a Science r$1nr. In CHRISTINE MAThEWS MILLS = Let ts ane Science NELLIE LOUIS MEYER EDWARD Hanfort MICHELS and Scion B ' Hilb Agriculture Afri- Mortar Board: Prytan- entire Eciei can: Sigu Kaopa Transhr fraa Unim- A u, n_ - ?tudort: sHy of Maryland: Blue aad GW E; Sipw Alpka Mu: F:,t- ril Strf (2) (3 kail (4); Dari::.ry : jonoitor. Aisution: Hilk Coml;-j nt A: Fa ntvy Bir-:: Dtr -3 (1): Y. CJL DOROTH- FRANCES MILLER JOHN SQUIER MIDDLETON Sao Francisco MARIAN MILES KORVAL W. MILES AUGUSTA ANITA MILLER BARBARA JEANNE HILLED CHARLES MARTIN MILLER Letten and Science Letters and Scion Phi Dtlta Theta: Chi 0M a: Blue and ??orb: A. S. U. C. S : .M Y. Vi Mas : Chia. Transfer fro Sacra- Phi Delta Chi. Call : Sign Sigw Pi: :Y. W. C. A.; House. Ltttna HorafeaUArt Alpha Delta Pi; Haah r:Littk Letters and! Rifcs: Mi- Caife. Dftta (1) (2) 3 tire Board (4 - MAXINE GILBERTA MILLER Oildale Letters and Scion Enql.sti Transfer fro Bakers - College: PHYLLIS A. MILLER San Uandro Letters and Science WILBUR DOAkE MILLER Letters and Science WILLIAM ELDRIDGE MILLER Las call Bwles Hall: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: Aawican Institute o EJectrkal Lazy and mi aiai aa c DAVEdeVARONAnrtais Ma Hliiaj a tackle aasitN 127 GWENDOLYN MILLETT Centerville Letters and Science Econcmics A. S. U. C. Housing ROBERT BRUCE MILLS Oakland Commerce Economics Board; Assembly Dance Intramural Sports; Committee; Y.W.C.A. Aviation Club. DONALD A. MINER Cupertino Letters and Science Econcmics Transfer from San Jose State College: Intra- national House. JOSEPH RUSSELL M INTER Sacramento Letters and Science Econcmics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. HERBERT DELWYN MINTUN, JR. Lodi Letters and Science Medical Sciences Transfer from St. Mary ' s College; Soccer Manager (4). BERNARD EDWARD MIOSSI San Luis Obispo Letters and Science Zoology International House. ALBERTA MARIE MITCHELL Oakland Letters and Science French Sigma Kappa; Deputa- tions; Elections Com- mittee; Winter Spcrts Club. JAMES HAROLD MITCHELL Oxnard Agriculure Entomology Glee Club; Track; Ma- sonic Club. STEWART MITCHELL Sacrament ' ' Letters and Science Anthropology Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Senate. ,- m ! CTj ill JH WILLIAM FRANKS MITCHELL San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Delta Tau Delta. WALTER GRANT MOBLAD Oakland Commerce Economics Lambda Chi Alpha. MOSTAFA SAFWAT MOHAMED Cairo. Egypt Agriculture Fruit Products. CARL M. MOLITOR Danvers. Massachusetts Commerce Accounting Ice Hockey (2) (3); Masonic Club. ALLAN RODGERS MOLTZEN San Jose Letters and Science Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Student; Senate. EDWIN ALBERT MOODY Honolulu, Hawaii Letters and Science Zoology Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Phi; Newman Club. CARYL MOON Pasadena Letters and Science Public Speaking Transfer from Pasadena Junior College: Delta Gamma; Treble Clef. JEAN VIVIAN MOON Oakland Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee; Physical Education Major; Club; Y. W. C. A.; Chinese Students ' Club. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH MOON San Francisco Letters and Science History. EDWARD BALE HE MOOR, JR. Sacramento Letters and Science Chemistry. BETTIE JEAN MOORE Stockton Letters and Science Household Art Transfer from College of the Pacific; Delta Chi Alpha. ELOISE MOORE San Francisco Letters and Science History Women ' s Dormitory Council (4); A. S. U. C. Reception Committee (4); W. A. A., Crop and Saddle (2) ; Little Theatre Managerial Staff (1). 128 j. GEORGE MOORE Berkeley Letters and Science Medical Sciences. JAMES NELSON MOORE Eureka Letters and Science Physics, Optometry Transfer from Humboldt State College; Omega Delta; 130-lb. Basket- ball. As Fall Manager of the Daily Californian, ED STREIT had the job of keeping his paper out of the red, and giving fillers to eager A.S.U.C. groups. MARGARET LOWRY MOORE Lodi Letters anil Science English Transfer from College of the Pacific; Pi Lambda Theta: Honor Student: Sigma Sitjma Pi; Y. W. C. A. ROBERT FORREST MOORE Eagle Rock Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Alpha Chi Sigma. HA R LEY WARREN MOOREHEAD Escalon Commerce Economics Varsity Rowing Club; Crew (1) (2) (3). MANUEL FRANK MORALES Berkeley Letters anil Science Physiology Honor Student EDKA CHARLOTTE MORGAN San Francisco Utters ind Science Political Science. GEORGE WILLIAM MORGAN Eureka Commerce Adiertising Transfer from Himboldt State College: Delta Phi Epsilon: Commerce Socitt.: Newman Club. MAY FUMIKO MORIOKA San Francisco Letters and Science EDWARD HOWARD MORRILL Oakland Japanese Students ' Club: W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Administration Intramural Sports; Neman Club. JOHN TOWNSEND STEPPE MORRIS San Francisco Letters and Science Latin Pi Sigma. President: Honor Student: Sigma Sigma Pi: Student Adiisory Board. JOHN EDWARD MORRISON AlaMda Cnmmti ti Big " C " Society; Ten- nis: Symphonic Band; Y. M. C. A. PEGGY MORRISON Oakland Letters and Science English Phrateres. FERN ESTELLE MORSE Oakland Letters and Science Mathematics Pi Mil Epsilon; Treble Theta Upsikn; Sigma Clef. Pi: Blue and Gold (2): Newman Club. LILLIAN JOHANNA MORSE San Francisco Lttters and Science Al V WiL PRESTON MOSES Crockett LAURA CATHARINE MOSS Morgan Hill Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha. Los Angeles Letters and Science Public Health Transfer from U. C. L A.: Sigma Kappa: Deputations. D. MOST Los Angeles Letters and Science Economics Artis: Masonic Club. M. VINCENT MOWBRAY Oakland Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from San fateo Junior College. WILLIAM WALTER MOWER Long Beach Chemistry American Chemical Society. Los Angeles Agriculture MAURINE GENE. ' IEVE MULL eft SanF Letters and Science Economics Delta Zeta: Pelican: A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee: Intramural Sports. NORMAN MANDE LLE MUNDEL. San Fr.MKisco Commute Accounting Beta Alj-a Psi:C: merce As xiation Glee Club: Forestry Club: Dormitory cil; Masonic Cm . Letters and Science Transportation Zoo ' W Masonic Club. Intramural Basketball. Journalism Esperam: Daily C i- foraian (1) (2) (3) ; Adnrtising Sertke ELIZABETH PLATT MURPHY Pasadena Lttters and Science Kappa Kap Ace of Clubs; Intra- mural Sports Board; Pelican: Y. W. C. A.: Class Committees. SAMUEL ALEXANDER MURPHY. JR. Berkeley Engineering Elect i - cal Engineering Transfer from San Mateo Junior College: Circle " C " Society: Handball; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. WILLIAM F. MURPHY Los Angeles Letters and Science Social Theory Transfer from U. C. L A.; Delta Upsiloi Pelican (3) (4); Grizzly (3). ROBERT DUNCKLEY MURRAY Long Beach Agriculture Land Design Transfer from Long Beach Junior College: Masonic Club; Land- scape Club. HAROLD JONES, as head of Orientations, had the difficult task of acquainting incoming filihmui w ith the ways and won- ders of a large and complicated campus. 129 LESLIE FRAN MUSANTE San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology Circle " C " Society: Soccer (1) (2) (3), Captain (4); Athletic Council. WILLIAM LESTER MUSLADIN Oakland Letters and Science English, Dramatic Literature. Alpha Sigma Phi: Hammer and Dimmer: Little Theatre. RICHARD HENRY MUTTI South San Francisco Commerce Accounting Transfer from San Mated Junior College; Pi Kappa Alpha: Circle " C " Society: Beta Gamma Sigma. MARGUERITE MARIE NADON Oakland Commerce Beta Sigma Gamma; Phi Chi Theta; Com- merce Association: International House. MOHAMED AMGAD NAFIE Egypt Agriculture Horticulture Transfer from Univer- sity of Egypt. EDWIN T. NAGARE Parlier Agriculture Agri- cultural Economics Transfer from Reed ley Junior College; Honor Student: Japanese Students ' Club. TATSUO NAKAMOTO Berkeley Engineering Electri- cal Engineering. TETSUJIRO NAKAMURA Sacramento Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Student. TOSH I GEORGE NAKASHIKI Gilroy Commerce Business Administration Transfer from San Jose State College; Japa- nese Students ' Club. HARUKO NAKATA Alameda Letters and Science Anthropology Counseling; Y. W. C. A. : Japanese Students ' Club. HIDEKO NAKAZAWA Berkeley Letters and Science Social Theory Y. W. C. A. ; Japanese Students ' Club. ISAMY SAM NAMBA Fresno Dentistry. JOHN P. NAMES Oakland Engineering Electri- cal Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. AHMED HAMEO NASHARTY Berkeley Agriculture Horticulture The Egyptian Associa- tion of California; The Royal Association of Horticulture of Egypt. MARGARET BLOCK NATHAN San Francisco Letters and Science History Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pelican. BLOSSOM MARGARET NEAL Berkeley Letters and Science History Alpha Xi Delta: Daily Californian: Intramural Sports; Y. W. C. A. WILBUR GEORGE NEEL Oakland Commerce Economics Alpha Tan Omega Phi Phi. PHILIP NEFF Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Jose State College; Honor Student H. VANCE NEGUS San Bernardino Commerce Statistics Transfer from Univer- sity of New Mexico. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH NEIBEL Petaluma Letters and Science English Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. ALCE ROSE NELSON Livermore Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha; Little Theatre Art Staff. ALTA BERNICE NELSON Richmond Letters and Science History. BRUCE THOMAS NELSON Long Beach Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Long Beach Junior College. 130 Alpha Chi Sigma RALPH NEL- SON laid test tubes and beakers aside long enough to ably fill the post of Cal Engineer Editor. RALPH ERWIN NELSON Berkeley Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Cali fornia Engineer (2) (3), Editor (4): Publications Council (4); Engineers ' Council (3) (4); Chemistry Club (1) (2) (3), Presi- dent (4). WILLIAM BLAIKIE NELSON Altadena Mining Transfer from Stanford University: Delta Upsilon: Theta Tau: Crew (2); Mining As- sociation. JOHN BECHTEL NELIE ' IBURG San Francisco Commerce Insurance Transfer from Golden Gate Junior College; Tennis; Bowling; irmitory Association. GEORGE SCOTT NELLS Brea Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from Fullerton Junior College; Tau Beta Pi: Engineers Council: Assembly Dance Committee: American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Class Committees. JACK -A.DT San Frarcisct Engineering Cm I Engineering. Barri|ta . Hall: Tan Beta Pi. President: Ctii E psilsn: Pi MB Ejsikw: Situ Xi: MORRIS NEUSTADT SanFraacisca Letters a CARLETON A NEWCOMB. OALTON NEWFIELO EVELYN HAVILA NEWMAN BanwitH Hall: Pi Mil Eaiilon: Sigma Xi: rt; Class Letters a Political Scknce Transfer Ima Sacra- Transfer fn Ve Letters and Science Public Stealing Tn Judicial Coouaittet: A. S. U. C. Cart Sales CWMtittw. American Sccittj f Cml En|i- Pelican EditDrial Staff: MasOTic Cut JOSEPH KELVIN NEWMAN Glenn Mining Mining Engineering Transfer froai Chic Juniv CtMreae. ROBERT CARL NEWMAN San Francisco DUANE JOSEPH NEWTON SanFrareija Letters and Science GUST NICHANOMS CamraCkilt. Transfer fro Unmr- sity et San Fraieisca. calEmin Foottall: , Institute ( Etertrieal Ltttarsa PiAK Steakinj Phi Hu: Trtkk Clef HIDErUKI NOG. CHI Sac IfJjJ-C.txtTi. Ml I Mleac: Tag Beta Kappa Nu: Aawicar Institute of Electrhal Eiaj OMAR JAMES NOLES Portli 1 Ore: Letters i d Sciac Physic:. Opt: Transfer ' Drat State Ct eoe: pk Delta Trsti: Stof CHIYO EVELYN NONAKA San Francisco Utters and Scie Household Art Delta CW Alpha: -English. MRG ARD :al City Let:; : ami Science Letters and Science Tn -: fraaSan Di:: State Calleic: Ass-:-: j Dance Car- ::ee: Plrjteres: Ma:: : Ctaa, kail American Society of Transfer from San Jose State College: Mining Association. d Bladt: RiHerj (1) (2) (4). ical Engineering Transfer fm Los An- ;t - Junior College: A.T.O. ' s BILL STOLL starred on the rarsity foothill saa4 fer three years, kecaw Big " C " 131 ERWIN EDWARD NOWAK Sacramento Letters and Science Architecture Transfer from Sacramento Junior College: Chi Alpha Kappa; Delta Sigma Chi; Honor Student. CHARLOTTE AUDREY NUNES Oakland Letters and Science History Orientations Com- mittee; A. S.U.C. Social Committee. NETTIE MARGARET NURSE San Pedro Letters and Science History Transfer from San Diego State College; W.A.A.: Masonic Club. MARJORIE JANE OAKES Havward Commerce Treble Clef. CHARLES HAROLD JACK RICHARD EVERETT LYMAN JULIUS C. ANDREW JAMES OAKLEY OBERHAUS OBERMULLER O ' CONNELL. JR. O ' CONNOR Snelling San Francisco Sacramento Berkeley. Hollister Letters and Science Commerce Business Engineering Letters and Science Commerce Economics Public Speaking Administration Civil Engineering Chemistry. Transfer frcm Hollis- Transfer from Mo- Soccer. Transfer from Sacra- ter Junior College. desto Junior College; mento Junior College; Mascnic Club. Phi Delta Theta; American Society of Civil Engineers. i RITA CATHERINE O ' CONNOR Oakland Letters and Science Economics. Pi Phi Delta. GEORGE MYRON ODELL Richmond Letters and Science Economics. International House. YUKIO OKAMOTO San Jose Commerce Japanese Students ' Club. MARI OKAZAKI San Francisco Letters and Science Education Counseling: Y. W. C. A. : Japanese Students ' Club. FRANKLIN OFFERMANN Shandon Engineering Electri- cal Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Honor Student American Institute of Electrical Engineers. PATRICIA ANN OLDS San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology Women ' s Dormitory Council; Pre-Medical Club; Utrimque; Masonic Club. Los Angeles Letters and Science History Beta Theta Pi; Mask and Dagger; Little Theatre; Daily Cali- fornian. Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College: Chi Epsilon; American So- ciety of Civil Engineers. GEORGE KANE O ' HARA. JR. Vallejo Letters and Science Economics. Kappa Alpha: Glee Club. MARGARET MARY OHL Alameda Letters and Science Household Science. Sigma Sigma Pi. LOUIS G. OLEARI Monterey Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from Salinas Junior College: A.S.U. C. Band; Calvin Club. THOMAS A. OLIVER Clovis Pharmacy Transfer from Fresno State College: Phi Delta Chi; Eta Sigma Chi. ROBERT V. OHLSON Burlingame Letters and Science History Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; International House; Honor Student: Sigma Sigma Pi. GEORGE WILHELM OIER Berkeley Letters and Science Criminology Honor Student; Glee Club; CriminologyClub; Y. M. C. A. ARL DRUSILLA OLSEN Sierra V.idre Letters and Science English Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Chris- tian Science Scciety. GLEN IVAR OLSEN San Francisco Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta: Epsilon Alpha: Class President (4). NORMAN ANDREW OLSON Clarksburg Agriculture Entomology Sigma Phi; Circle " C " Society: Alpha Zeta; Rugby. LENNEA OLSON Long Beach Letters anil Science History Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Sigma Sigma Pi; Y. W. C. A.: Inter, national House; Kappa Phi. 132 Sports authority among campus journalists, DICK KELLY, as the Monarch ' s Sports Editor, spent most of his time making " Claw Marks " a colorful and authentic column. THEODORE LeROY OLSON Denair Letters and Science Political Science Transfer fnm Modesto Jan. Colleoe: A. S. U. C. Peace Cnwit- tee: Dairy Calrftmian: PHILIP BUCKLEY Manila. Philippine IsUwls GORDON L ONSTOTT Gridley Letters and ARTHUR CLEVELAJIO OPPENHEIWER, II Alanota GLADYS La VERNE ORENDORFF Ssn Leindm Letters mt SdCKC History. Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Phi: Rally Comitta (2) (3). Zeta Psi. Colleoe: Transfer fn Stanford Uniiersity: Delta Upsilcti: Intramural HELEN MARY ORKSBY San Francifc Letters and Science History Phi Omen Pi: Blue and Gold Hanaoenal Staf 2 (3): Little Theatre tfaae-ue Staf. JOHN VARION ORVSBY Letters Jno Science HELEN LOIS OSBORN LiTlsay Letters nd Transfer f-on U.C.L.A. A. S. U. C. Encatte Ccmiittee: Glee CM (1) (2) (3). Hana- tv (4) : Fiianra Cm- Pi. Husk Ctuncil: JEANNE CLAIRE OVER I RE KATHRYN LYNN OVERFIELD ERITE OSBORN Oakland Letters and Science education TreMe teres: Transfer frc Sacra- mento Junior Ccllete: OxfMI Hall, Presiden Beta Ganma Sigoa: Prytanean: Theta Siena Phi: P. Alpha Alpha Alpha; Adwrtisim Serm (1) (2) (3) Junior College : CM Epsilwi: Ane- Societj of Citil Honor Student: Pt can (1X2! (3); CMP Store Bard;Swir- HENRY EDWARD PAPE SanF PATRICIA EVALYNNE PADDON Orinaa Letters and Science History Alpha Xi Delta: JAYES WHITFIELD PAINTER KAY NICK PABC ? - ; Alpha Phi: Unanl Sports: Y. W. C. A. (1) (2): Pan-Hellenic (4): Class Transfer fn Fresnt State College: Phi Delta Chi. Trznsfer frrm Colleoe of Agriculture at Daiis: Tnato tarn Sac-a- Pi Kapsz Alpha: S: hart and Blaoe: X Sipu Pi Alpha ::: takrtra itrCvi: Mk. Alpha Zeta: Blxk CA " Society: Claa. President: Gil- BOB GEORGE was in- h teasin] the at- on its nst 133 HELEN JANE ELEANOR THEOLA AMBROSIO PAUL EMILEE WILLARD OWEN ADA SPARLING MARTHA LOUISE DULDULAO SAMUEL HOPE C. D. PARRISH PARRISH PARSONS PARSONS PASCUAL PATTENGALE PATTESON PAUL PAULSON Oakland Berkeley Crescent City Los Angeles 1 locos Norte. Oakland Santa Rosa Berkeley Fresno Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Philippine Islands Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Electri- History Public Speaking German. History Letters and Science Forestry Geography Theory of Human cal Engineering Chi Omega: Pelican Kappa Alpha Theta; Transfer from Chaffey Botany Alpha Zeta: Xi Sigma Transfer from Santa Relations Transfer from Taft Managerial Staff (1) Orientations, Executive Junior College. Transfer from Sacra- Pi; Forestry Club. Rosa Junior College. Transfer from Williams Junior College; Alpha (2) (3); A. S. U. C. Board; Class Vice- mento Junior College. Junior College. Gamma Rho: Eta Kappa Reception Committee President (1); Treble Nu. (2): Counseling (2): Clef (1) (2); Class A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committees. Committee; Personnel (1) (2); Y. W. C. A.; Class Committees. BENJAMIN ALAN DUGAN WILLIAM S. HERBERT PAVONE PAYNE PEARL Oakland Lakeport Berkeley Letters and Science Engineering Agriculture Police Administration. Civil Engineering Forestry Criminology Club; Transfer from Modesto Alpha Sigm Wrestling. Junior College; Tau Forestry Cli Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Glee Club; American Society of Civil Engi- neers. CLAUDE MARK PERLEWITZ Berkeley Eng i neeri ng Electri - cal Engineering Transfer from Univer- sity of Utah; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Masonic Club. FRANK PERRONE Red Bluff Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Sacra- meno Junior College; Honor Student. JEANNE PATRICIA PERRY Whittier Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha: Dorm- itory Council (4); Counseling; Pelican (3) ; College Women ' s Club Juniors. VIRGINIA CLAIRE PEARSON Piedmont Letters and Science Economics Pelican (1) (2); Advertising Service Bureau (3) ; Class Committees. BERNARD LEO PETER Los Molinos Engineering Electri- cal Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. BELLEVERNON PECK Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science SHIRLEY L. PEISER Oakland Letters and Science Transfer from San Diego History State College; A.S.U.C. Kappa Alpha Theta. Labor Board; Grizzly, I Editor (4): Pelican (2); Occident (1) (2). FERN EVANGELINE PETERSON Oakland Letters and Science Mathematics Sigma Sigma Pi: W. A. A.; Phrateres. GEORGE HOWARD PENCE, JR. Salinas Letters and Science Mathematics, Economics Transfer from Salinas Junior College: Pi Mu Epsilon; Honor Student. LLI BURTON PETERSON Albert Lea, Minnesota Letters and Science Philosophy Transfer from Univer sity of Minnesota; Alpha Delta Phi. JAMES E. PENDLETON Dunsmuir Letters and Science English Transfer from Belling- liaiii State Normal School; Del Rey; Inttrfratemity Council. WILLIAM ALBERT PERKINS Berkeley Chemistry Honor Student. F. PETERSON Oakland Engineering Electri- cal Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Winter Sports Club. trrtity Council. ROBERT ALTON ON PETRY ERT AUBRY PETERSON San Francisco Letters and Science Zoolcgy Phi Kappa Sigma. PETRY Madison. Wisconsin Agriculture Forestry Transfer from Univer- sity of Michigan; Forestry Club. 134 Sigma Chi LEW GOLDENSON was defensive mainstay cf the varsity basketball team as a jun- ior, and in his senior year served as President of the Class of ' 39. SHIRLEY EDNA PHELPS Berkefcr Letters ant Science History Kwpa Alpha Tteta: Ac of Ctoks: Little Theatre: Class Con- ittees. ELIZABETH EVELYN PHILLIPS San Fraactso Letters and Soon PuMk Speakim Transfer nt San Fran- cisci Juni ETHEL ANN PHILLIPS Haywrt Letters a HtMtaW Arts. DdtiCM AMta; Little Theatre. HORACE PEASE PHILLIPS. JR. Sanitate LINUS UROY PHILLIPS 0. PHILLIPS Upper Lake ELIZABETH PHILUPS Utters and Transfw freai San Transfer frtm Lm| Beach Junior Cells : i Hall. MARY AGNES PHILLIPS PauRohtes Letters art Satan Letters an HnurtaaM Art Historj Transfer fro Santa Caa Hi Bartara Statt Culler: Delta Chi Alpha ; Siw Sim Pi: Daily Cali- PAUL DUANE PHILLIPS WARD HOLMES PHILLIPS Oakland Letters and Science CHARLES JOHN PICCO PETER BRLKO PICHETTO HELYNH FRANCES PIERSOL Bi lingaa Letters arrc Science Art Pi. Lettzn and Science litemtimal Relitions cat Tranter ftw Itadcst jimint tai|t, Hill: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Transfer from Bakers - -I ' M Jaw IU:r Delta Rto; lnfc- J -?teniity Cauncil (4) E?s etkall (2) : (3) (4); Ass : r. to. P,SJtu Alpha; Mta P- riomr Stai- arts Zwncil- AS. ' . C. Bar: Kast icChrt Crrir in Sci-: : ; y. Psi Upsilon: Sbill and Keys: Beta Bet; Psi: tTinrr 1 A. S. U. C. Card Sales ing: W.A.A.: Y.W.C.A. Comittee (2) (3); LA. A. HARRIET TEBIPA PLUNKETT C:.;.-: Utters ind Science Utters ani History. culbral Transfer fnm 0. C A.; Kappa Alpha. Transfer fron U.C.LA. Transfer frtai Sacra- Cclleje. Actmty Council (4) : A. S. U. C. (1) (2) (3). Chairman (4); Forensics Council: Y. . C. A.; PttltrtH- Vitackws LOU ANNE BART- LETT. Mtrtar tear art P was acthe in the ' 135 JAMES WILLIAM POOL Ventura Letters and Science Journalism Transfer from Ventura Junior College; Golden Bear; Pi Delta Epsilon Gamma Beta; Daily California!! (2) (3), Editor (4) ; Senior Peace Committee. MARGARET AYLETT POOLE Honolulu, Hawaii Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Univer- sity of Hawaii: Sigma Kappa; Little Theatre, Properties Staff; A. S. U. C. Social Committee; Counseling; Intramural Sports. GLADYS POPP Merced Falls Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene Transfer from San Fran- cisco Junior College; Physical Education Majors Club. LOIS MARIE PORTER Sacramento Letters and Science Spanish Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Kappa Delta; Pelican; Deputations; Y.W.C.A. PAUL FRANKLIN PORTER Monterey Commerce Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon. TROY MERLE PORTERFIELD Pomona Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene Transfer from Pomona Junior College; Sigma Alpha: 130-lb. Basket- ball, Coach; Physical Education Majors Club. JANET MARGARET POST Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Chi Omega: Elections Committee: Counseling; Y. W. C. A. CARL ANTHONY POTSTADA Oakland Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from St. Mary ' s College; Circle " C " Society; Diving; Water Sports Club; Newman Club. FRANK POULSEN Alameda Engineering Civil Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Scab- bard and Blade: Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers. ERNA JAMES MARION FRANCES BEVERLY EDWARD JACK EVELYN PAUL BEA ROBERT FRANCES AMELIA JANE V. WILSON OLIVE EDMOND POULSON POWELL POWER PRACK PRACY PRATI PRATT MARY PRICE Hollywood Stockton Oakland Oakdale San Francisco Asti Sacramento PRICE Pasadena Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Berkeley Commerce Public Speaking International Relations. Economics Zoolcgy. Household Science. Public Speaking Civil Engineering Letters and Science Economics Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Beta Theta Pi : Phi Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Delta Pi; Little Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Transfer from Sacra- History, Public Transfer from Pasadena Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Beta Kapp a; Pi Sigma W. A. A., Intramural Theatre, Costume Staff Scabbard and Blade: mento Junior College; Speaking. Junior College: Pan Eta. Alpha; Tennis. Sports, Y. W. C. A. U) (2) (3) (4); Pershing Rifles; Base- Chi Psi; Chi Epsilon; Xenia; Masonic Club. W. A. A. ball (1). American Society of Civil Engineers. HENRY IRVING PRIEN San Francisco Commerce Finance Scabbard and Blade; Debating; Newman Club. FRANK DAVIS PRYOR San Francisco Agriculture Forestry Transfer from George Washington University; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Zeta. MARTIN MELVILLE PSATY Brooklyn, New York Letters and Science Economics Oxford Hall; Honor Students Council; A. S. U. C. Peace Committee: Track (3) (4); Soccer (3): Deputations; Senate. BEULAH MAY PURKEY Santa Ana Letters and Science English Transfer from S nta Ana Junior College; Masonic Club. MARGARET MABELLE PURSER San Francisco Letters and Science Art Delta Zeta; California Engineer; W. A. A.; Class Committees. RA WEISS PYLE San Diego Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from San Diego State College. MORRIS SIDNEY PYNOOS Los Angeles Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Los Angeles Junior College Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; American So- JAMES F. QUIGLEY Yreka Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi HENRY RAHLVES Oakland Engineering Civil Engineering Baton; A. S. U. C. Band, Drum Major; American Society of Civil Engineers. 136 After working on the managerial staffs of Little Theatre and Bh e and Gold, MARGERIE MAYERS transferred her interests to De- bating and became Senior Mana- ger. MARY RAKSTRAW Berkeley Letters LENORE LEE RALSTON I II ntlti Uttersa LEONARD ELWYN RAHOMT ELIZABETH RANDALL HERBERT ELBRIDGE RANDLETT. JR. Utters mi Scion FENTON LEROY RAPP Turlort Alpha Gaau Delta: Little Theatre. am- SUf: Parliament. Transfer fn CUkie of AtratbR t Ditls. Chi Omqa; Daily Call- Honor Staiaent HULDA -EiSNE RATHGEBER Rirerside Utters art History ROSE RAVAZZAliO ROBERT WILLIAM Reoction Cem- rttee (1): Intra- pwal Starts (1) (2) (3) (4): Class CMBittCB. Transfer from Ctlkot of Aarioiltia-e at Dans: I (3) (4). Juno- Csllene: Inter- Uttei ami Sciena Italian Transfer frw SM Fran- T Beta Pi; Tkcta 1m LOUIS THORBURN RAY RICHARD ARTHUR RAY THOVAS KELVIN RAY. JR. PieoniDrt Letters zid Stitnce Econcntil! Sis Chi: Heime: Big cijty: Sblll Fgothall:Ritilqr REA Si- Francises Entineerins Electri- Cealatj cat Enoineerim Calrfimia Pi Kappa Alpha: Base- Scabhart and Blaie; tall Manaper (2) (3). Pi Ta Pi Sipju: rpjilM i Cpjcil; Utters and Sciena Ttdncal CriBinelon Ciiil TauBrta Pi: Circle Delta Phi: hms Dnrmitory Cwncil : A. S. U. C. Mi- Mi of Elertrial En WALTER RANEY REID SHIRLE- CAROL ' LORIS FERNANDES REGO MVMHI R. REICH Manila. Philippine Islands Chetaittrr Transfer 1nm Unmr sir, of the Plii 7- s 5 ;TZ: Cheistr Ctuh. WILLIAM LOHMAN REICHERT MLCKES AF PAUL REESE Sacramento Utters and Scitr : ? Political Scier.; Transfer froa Sac- 3 C 5 Pi S a Alpha: S Pi; Intraawal B kail: Transfer frc Fullerton ' : Inter- T national House: Chris- Junior C:llee: V. tian Science Societ. men ' s 0: mitary Trans-ei frcai San F-an- Siowi Chi can JOT bile : Delta Sioa: Da,l. Aawrican Institute of CaliNraiai (1) (2) Electrical Enijmv (3). Manaer (4). AsstaM? Dana CM- CM; Class Ccwiittecs. arini farther frwi Hearst Hall OM b ers. GEORGE COOPER Hall per of the Cal f |i 137 FREDERICK WILLIAM JOANNA HELEN MARY JEAN REINECKE FRANK RENETZKY RENSTROM KATHARINE THEODORA Beverly Hills REMINGTON San Luis Obispo Tulare RENTZ REUTER Engineering Mechan- Balboa Letters and Science Letters and Science Berkeley Santa Ana ical Engineering Engineering Mechan- Household Art English Letters and Science Letters and Science Phi Kappa Sigma. ical Engineering Delta Chi Alpha; Hcnor Student; Grizzly Home Economics Psychology American Society of Women ' s Dormitory (3), Editorial Board Transfer from Long Transfer from Santa Mechanical Engineers. Council; Counseling. (4); Daily California!! Beach Junior College; Ana Junior College; (1) (2); Phrateres Alpha Mu: Phi Lambda Alpha Delta Pi: (1) (2); Y. W. C. A. Theta. Deputations; Intra- mural Sports. EDITH HUDSON WILLIAM REYNARD GILLIS JOSEPH Berkeley REYNOLDS REYNOLDS Letters and Science Greenview Dunsmuir Bacteriolcgy. Agriculture Letters and Science Feres try Zockgy. Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Xi Sigma Phi; Forestry Club. ROBERT JACK MAXINE KIRK IHSAN WESLEY RAYMOND EUGENE NEIL WILLIAM JANE EDWIN RIFAT M. JOSEPH JOSEPH RHEINER RICHTER RICKENBACHER RIEGELHUTH Kirkuk, Iraq RIGG RIGGIO RILEY Fresno Woodland Oakland San Francisco. Mining Bishop Los Angeles Berkeley Dentistry Commerce Letters and Science Commerce Petroleum Engineering Chemistry Letters and Science Commerce. Transfer from Fresno Economics History Economics Transfer from U.C.L.A. Transfer from Riverside Philosophy State College; Delta Transfer from Sacra- Phi Delta; Phrateres; Basketball (1). Junior College: Honor Senate. VH Sigma Delta. mento Junior College; Masonic Club. Student; Engineering r m Theta Kappa Nu. Club; Chemistry Club. A BEECHER RINTOUL Taft Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Tau Beta Pi. RUSSELL ROY ELIZABETH DONNA GUY EUGENE OSWALD WARREN SHIPMAN MORELAND THOMAS ROBERTS RISSER RITCHIE RIX ROBBINS ROBBINS San Fran:isco Long Beach San Pedro Oakland Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Letters and Science Commerce Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry, Educ?l ion Foreign Trade Forestry Public Speaking English Botany Pi Kappa Phi; Cali Transfer from Long Transfer from Compton Transfer from North- Transfer from Santa Transfer from Santa fornia Cannoneers; Beach Junior College; Junior College. western University; Rosa Junior College; Rosa Junior College; Sigma Signa Pi; Cr ew. Delta Phi Epsilon; Alpha Xi Delta; Treble Dormitory Association. Delta Psi Omega; U. C. A. S. U. C. Card Sales Clef. Life Saving Corps; Ccmmittee. Wesley Foundation Players. FRANK CULMER ROBERTS Los Angeles Mining Transfer from U.C.L.A. Economics Chi Phi: Winged JEROME ROCKWELL ROBERTS Berkeley Letters and Science JEAN HAZEL ROBERTSON Wasco Letters am! Science History Honor Student; Sigma Helmet: Varsity Rowing Sigma Pi: Treble Clef; Club: Crew (1) (2) Phrateres. (3) (4); Class Com- mittees. 138 Siqma Chi ' s JACK WADE, po- litically-m hided man-about- campus and Senior Class Secre- tary-Treasurer, was behind the formation of the new Ccngress for Student Opinion. THOMAS A. ROBESKY BakersfeM Utters tat Scion BETTY JANE ROBINSON Transfer fn B Bakers- field Junior Cclleat. Letters ind Source Enjlish Prytanean: Honcr Stu- dents Council: Daily California (1) (2): California Enoineer: Rid ic Commission (3) Little Theatrt Blue and Gold (2) : A. S. U C. Card Sates met (2) (3) BETTY WYRLE ROBINSON San Bernartine Dentistry Dental Hygiene Alpha Kap CLINTON WALTER ROBINSON Santa Cruz Lettcrsa DUNLAP ROBERT ROBINSON ROSS WALTER ROBISON MARGUERITE JOAN RODOANI Auburn Oakland Letters and Science Lett ers and Science Political Science Architecture Transfer from San Jose Abracadabra: Baton; State Celleoe: Honor Quarterdeck: Ski Team (1) (2) (3) (4); A. S. U. C. Band Man- aoe- (2); Intramural Sports Manatcr (3) : Basketball (1): Bio C " Guard: U. C. Chi Alpha Kappa. Letters and Science Spanish Phi Chi Tlieta: Pi Sigma Sigma Pi: Span- Alpha Situ. ish CM; Italian CM; I CM. BENSON B. ROE Sar, Francisco Letters and Soon s ! Uosilon: Scabbard ino Blaoe: HJK Detect: BIB -C ' Socirty: Crew. J. 3ICE ROITENSTEIN San Francisco Letters and Science JOSEPH HERBERT ROKITA JANE ELEANOR ROONEY Berkeley Eni Cifil Transfer frwi U. C. L. Baseball (1) (2) f3) M) : Javanese Students ' VIRGINIA HARRIET ROGERS Whittier Letters and Science History Reception Boston. Mass. Utters and Science History Circle " C " Society: Transfer from Sacra - .:-: Hockey (2) (3) mento Junior Col leoe: tfmKtian Society. ' ft mmmmiii_7 A.: American Society M. .:-: Hockey (2) (3) mento Junior Council ,3). of Enjimers. (4 Christian Chi Omesa. Oi - Tmr ' .ft.. bcit .i society. M lM OOEL. IRVING ERNEST IN MX ELDA INEZ HARRIS ROSENSTEIN T. I LENA ROSEDALE San Francisco - ;5 S ROSS ROSSETTO nUrrsnm Berkek. Letters and Scion :ha, Nebraska B ' fl WRd Honor Student: S ,-i Sigma Pi. Hammer and Dimmer: Littie Theatre Cos- tameStaf (1) (2) (3) (4 : Little The- atre Managerial Staff ROSED ALE Marystti Berkek Letters and Science Enoineen j Zoology Ciiil E jinetrin: ;r. II Transfer frooi Col leje American Socifty t 9 :rf|of NotreDaM. Em ELSIE ANNA ROSSETTO Y.W.CJL MILDRED EVELYN ROSSI San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Sc.ence SHJOB Delta Pi: HOODT Stubent: Sigma Siga Pi: Student Aittisory Bmau: Italian Club . Intramural Snorts: Spanish Club: Italu Track Caftain GUY MANUEL hokis the UX. brad hoo rec- ord, was for two years the out- standnoj jtooper on the coast, and placed hifh in naticnal 13? MARTIN JOHN HARRY MARION JEAN E. MARGARETT EUGENE OLIVER D. D. ROUNTREE ISABEL JANETT ROTHENBERG ROTHI ROTHROCK ROTHSTEIN Piedmont ROWBOTHAM ROWLAND Martinez Wilmington Billings, Montana Los Angeles Letters and Science Berkeley Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science English. Dramatic Letters and Science Letters and Science Economics Public Speaking Economics English Literature French Art Phi Beta Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Transfer from Pasa- Transfer from Uni- Alpha Xi Delta; Chi Omega: Coun- Daily California!! A.S.U.C. Labor Board: Varsity Rowing Club; dena junior College: versity of Hawaii. Honor Student: seling: A.S.U.C. (1); Grizzly (2) Debating (1) (2) (3) Masonic Club. Beta Gamma Sigma; Counseling; Y.W.C.A.; Reception Committee; (3): Advertising (4) ; Welfare Coun- Honor Student; Class Committees. Phrateres. Service Bureaus: cil: Hillel Student A.S.U.C. Card Phrateres (2) (3) Council, President. Sales Committee. (4): A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; U.C. Chorus: Masonic Club. MILTON MONTGOMERY ROWLEY Oakland Letters and Science Economics Phi Kappa Psi; Intramural Basketball. ARTHUR FRED ROYCE Los Angeles Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers: Newman Club. " 3r " S+ EDMOND RUSSELL Bakersfield Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Bakers field Junior College; Kappa Delta Rho; American Society of Civil Engineers Stockton Letters and Science Physics, Education Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Delta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Sigma Sigma Pi. San Francisco Commerce Accounting Transfer from San Francisco Junior College: Commerce Society. Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College: Daily Californian (3) Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene W.A.A.; Pliyskal Education Majors Club. Berkeley Letters and Science Physical Education, Hygiene Transfer from San Francisco State Col- lege . A. A.; Physical Education Majors Club. Alameda Letters and Science History Phrateres; Newman Club; Class Com- mittees. LIONEL RYKLANSKI Sacramento Chemistry. LOIS SAARI Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha; California Engineer (2) ; Women ' s Or- chestra; Intramural Swimming (1). LUCILLE SAARI Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha: California Engineer. Berkeley Letters and Science Philosophy Pi Beta Phi: Mortar Board: Prytanean; Thalian; Little Theatre: Debating; oetry Club. PHYLLIS ROCK RUSSELL Los Angeles Letters and Science Household Art Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Delta Alpha: Guild of Applied Arts. AILEEN RUSSELL Hanford Letters and Science History Chi Omega. s TAKII SADAYAS Berlaiek Letters and Science AMIKO KAI Clarksburg Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College: Japanese Students ' Club. IWICHEO SAKAMOTO San Jose Commerce Transfer from San Jose State College: Japanese Students ' Club. GEORGE RYOICHI SAKANARI San Francisco Letters and Science German Boxing: Japanese Students ' Club. 140 Few athletes are versatile enough to win Big " C ' s " in more than one sport, but BUD WINTER- BOTTOM was successful in foot- ball and baseball. EARLE JOSEPH SAMPLE Lcng Beach Letters and Science BARBARA LYNNE SAMSON Berkeley CARL SAMUELSON Beierly Kills P-i Beta De ' ti: Hilfel FX-CJ: er. Cellete: Bles Hall: Transfer from Lonj -- 1 Cellene. Pi Alpha Sia: Phi CM Tbeta; HMBB- and Cfc: Counseling (1) (2) (3). Ex- eortm Board (4); Pelican (1) (2) -ibleClef: Vocational Inflation CsaailUt (1 (2). Transfer trw U.C.L.A.: LOUIS WILSON SANDER St. Hctaa Lettnari Science EMMA ROSE SANDRINI Bafarrteld Letters SYLVIA C. SAftTON! Bo Its Hall: Pfci Beta Kjpw: Htatr Student S. 9 S,s-aPi: Club. STANLEY HUGH SANDS Lincoln. Nebraska rioMM it Econooiio Letters and Transfer fnoi Uonor- sity of Nebraska: Zeta Beta Tau: Alpha Delta Situ: Haoer and Ufa: President ' s Unhtrsity Transfer fnm Saoa- Beard: Pelican (1) (2) (3) : Glee Club. MARJC IE SAVACi Letters and Sctoet Ptlitieal Scieree JOHN NATHAN SAVAGE San Be ardino Letters at: Science Letten and Seience Histtry Transfer frtd Sacra- AlBha " Gua Delta- Little Theatre: Pelican: Y.W.CJL JOHN T. SCANLON Si.u .:: Trarefer frni Mari DEININGER SAUER Berkder Letters and Science Histtry of Western Cmlizatitn Winter Sparts Chrb. FREDERICK N. SCATENA Letters and Science Alpha Oil Si: Situa Xi: Djinoii Council: Daily Cali- ftraian (1) (2): AS.U.C. Band (1). HELEN MARIE SCHAEFEJ) Letters anc Science Physical Education. Ph, Kaaoa Psi. iPi:BIand Editorial Staf 1(2): Delta: Skull and Ken Beta Beta: Rugby. DOROTHY JEAHETTE SCHAFER San Fnncisa Letters and Science PolKkal Science Deita Zeta: Counsel - EDNA GRACE SCHARNINGHAUSO San Francises Letters and Science W.A.A.: Physical Ed- ucaticr Wajors Club: Class Coittees. Y.W.CJL A.S.U.C. Radio n;F al:F President: Choral Occident: inlj Little The :tre: GletClui RENWICK Daily Cat ' s kept the tines in bis 141 ROBERT FREDERICK SCHLITZKUS Oakland Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Scabbard and Blade: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. LAWRENCE LEOPOLD SCHMELZER San Francisco Pharmacy Pharma- ceutical Chemistry Kappa Psi; U.C. Life Saving Corps. PHYLLIS HELENE SCHMIDT Alameda Letters and Science Bacteriology. STANWOOD SKOLFIELD SCHMIDT Berkeley Letters and Science German Theta Delta Chi. A. WINIFRED SCHMITZ Sunnyvale Letters and Science Household Art Transfer from San Jose State College; Delta Chi Alpha; Social Committee. AUDREY YVONNE SCHNEIDER Piedmont Letters and Science History Alpha Epsilcn Phi. RALPH E. SCHNEIDER Oakland Commerce I nsurance Transfer from Poly- technic Junior Col- lege; Track (2). JACK F. SCHNELLER Los Angeles Letters and Science Physics, Optometry Delta Upsilon; Omega Delta; Wrestling. SIDNEY ALAN SCHNELLER Los Angeles Letters and Science Physics, Optometry Delta Upsilon; Omega Delta. fl % r fm i Jj m Wu FRANK RUSSELL SCHRODER Berkeley Letters and Science Public Health Pre-Medical Club. BARBARA EDWARD GERALD MARION SCHUESSLER H. SCHUESSLER Berkeley SCHUMACHER Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science Agriculture Forestry Transfer from College of Agriculture at Hanford Agriculture Forestry Alpha Zeta; Delta Gamma: Torch Davis; Delta Upsilon. Sigma Pi. and Shield, President; Ace of Clubs: Intra- mural Sports (1) (2); Personnel (1). ELIZABETH LEONARD SCOTT Berkeley Letters and Science Astronomy Beta Sigma Omicron; Honor Student; Counseling; California Engineer; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Com- mittee; Y.W.C.A. HELEN ELIZABETH SCOTT Oakland Letters and Science Public Speaking Blue and Gold Edito- rial Staff (2) (3) ; Little Theatre Mana- gerial Staff (1) ; Radio Commission (2); Y.W.C.A.; Class Committees. LAWRENCE BRUCE SCOTT Long Beach Chemistry Sigma Xi; Honor Student. LELAND S. SCOTT Piedmont Letters and Science History Delta Upsilon: Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Crew Manager (4) ; Athletic Council. PEGGY RUTH SCHUSTER Berkeley Letters and Science International Relations Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Theta Sigma Phi: Daily Califcrnian (1) (2) (3): Wo- men ' s Editor (4) ; Women ' s Judicial Committee. Chairman. NATHAN GEORGE SCOTT Berkeley Letters and Science Music Glee Club; Class Committees. HENRY SCHWARTZ Boston, Mass. Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Harvard University; Kappa Nu; Sigma Sigma Pi; U.C. Life Saving Corps; Bio " C " Guard; Pre-Medical Society. SYLVIA FLEMING SCOTT Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha; Guild of Applied Arts Daily California!! (1): Phrateres; Masonic Club. ROBERT RATH SCHWEITZER Sacramento Commerce Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Kappa Alpha. WENDELL JAMES SCHWOERER San Andreas Dentistry Transfer from College of Pacifi:: Xi Psi MARION MERRITT SCOFIELD San Francisco Letters and Science Political Science Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Activity I: Pan-Hellenic WILLIAM BROWNELL SEABURY Oakland Agriculture Landscape Design Football (1); Landscape Design Club, President. HARRIET LEE SEARLE Oakland Letters and Science Art Sigma Kappa; Pelican (1) (2); Elections Committee (1) (2); Class Committees. VIADELEINE AGNES SEELIG Berkeley Letters and Science Psychology Blue ami Geld (2); Counseling (4); Vocatio M Guidance (4); Little Theatre Staff (1); Y.W.C.A.; College Women ' s Club. 142 BOB CHALMERS, Captain of the championship Varsity Bas- ketball Squad, was known as the outstanding ball handler in coast basketball circles. RUDD SELLAR Valltjo Ccmmerce- Beta Alpha Psi. ETHELYN M. SELLINGER Sacramento unting Letters and Science Economics Chi Omega: Intra- mural Badminton. Manager (4). ALICE MIYUKI SERA Alameda Letters and Science Philosophy W.A.A.: Japanese Students ' Club. WALTER SHALAEFF San Francisco Chemistry Scabbard and Blade. JOHN GERALD SHANAFELT Santa Ana Agriculture RUTH PAULINE SHAPERO San Francisco Letters and Science Chemistry W.A.A. CHRISTEL SHARP Altadena Letters and Science History Alpha Xi Delta: Adrertising Senice Bureau: Class Committees. HAROLD HERRING SHARPE Tuamicari, New Main Letters and Science History Transfer fm ITliailpIl Junior College. Cisco. Texas: Dcrmitory Council: Masonic Club. GWYNNE HARRIS SHARRER Berkeley Agriculture Forestry Sigma Phi: Winged Helmet: Big " C " Society: Crr. RICHARD GUY SHARWOOD Fresno Letters and Science Chemistry Theta Kappa Nu: Water Polo " (2) (3 . Swirrning Nanactr (2): A.S.U.C. Card Sales C ELSIE M. SHATTUCK Oroville Letters and Science Economics Counseling: Y.W.C.A. MARY OLIVEA SHEA Anaheim Letters and Science Physical Education. Hygiene Transfer from Arizon- State Teachers Col ' ; Nu Sigma Psi: We mmmmmmmB mmmi Transfer from Arizon- k State Teachers Col ' ; je: Nu Sigma Psi :Vt men ' s " C " Siet. : Pennant " C " he- : W.A.A. Council; andu, JANE MARIE SHEAN Beverly Hills Letters and Science Household Transfer from U.C.L.A.: All Omkrcn P Comment Aicounting. Mining LOUISE French Phi Mu: W.A.A.. Cng and Saddle. RHODA FLORENCE SHEPPARD San F -ncisco Letters ad Scient; Histor, Trans ' er : -cm San Francisrx Junior C: leoe:Ph-:teres: V:---?; Class! AUDREY THERESSA SHERK Pennsyli; ia Letters and Scienre Chemistry International Hoi:;; Wown ' s Orchestr: : W.A.A.: Y.W.C.A : Cam Club: Masnk Club. Transfer from Univer- sity of Arizona: Alpha Tan Omega: Califor- nia Mining Associa- tion: American Institute of Mechan- ical I FLORENCE _:_ISE SHERMAN . allejo i ' .ers and Science Household Art - ; :a: Delta Chi - ia: Guild of Ap- :i Ed Arts: W.A.A.: ING SHE R VAN R .- :ide mri:_ : je Forestry Tra :; from San urdiio Junior Col -:;= Glee Club: - S J :_;: : (4); JEAN LOUISE SHERMAN Oakland Letters and Science Economics, Person- nel Administration Prytanean: Blue and Gold Editorial Stan (2):W.A.A.:lntramural Board (4) : Y.W.C.A. (1) (2). Cabinet (3) (4); Ha Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Arizona State Teachers College: Advertising Service Bureau: Vasonic Club. ROBERT STANTON SHERMAN. JR. San Francisco Letters and Science Medical Sciences Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Phi: Glee Club: Crew (1): Brick Morse ' s Collegians. Fairfleld Letters and Science History. Political Science Transfer from College of Agriculture at Davis: Alpha Kappa Lambda: Scabbard and Blade: Intra- mural Sports. CAROL LORAINE SHERWIN Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Prytanean: Pi Alpha Sigma: Adrertising Senice Bureau (1) (2) (3). Manager 4 : PersamH (I); Little Theatre. Properties Staff (1) ; Class Committees. Chemistry Honor Student: American Chemistry Society. LOIS JEAN SHERWIN Berkeley Letters and Science Prytanean: Pi Alpha Sigma: Women ' s Actitity Council: Ad- vertising Senice Bureau (1) (2) (3). Drector (4) : Publica- tions Council: Little Theatre Property Staff (2): Personnel (1); Class Committees. Z. B. T. ' S HOWARD BECKER headed the Production staff of Little Theatre and as chairman of Elections committee success- fully reorganized the group into a more effective body. 143 TAKESHI TAMOTSU KEICHI E. ROBERT GEORGE HARVEY HELEN WILLIAM SHIBUYA SHIMAZAKI SHIMIZU EARLL ALLEN CONSTANTIN WARD HATHAWAY JOHN Mountain View San Francisco Niles SHINE SHIPLEY SHIPOUNOFF SHIRK SHIRLEY SHIRLEY, JR. Agriculture Engineering Mechan- Letters and Science San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Brawley Berkeley Los Angeles Plant Pathology ical Engineering Medical Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Transfer from San Tau Beta Pi; Japanese Students ' Economics History. Anthropology Physical Education, Political Science Civil Engineering Mateo Junior College; Amercian Society of Club. Zeta Psi; Winged Honor Student. Hygiene Phrateres: Assembly Bowles Hall. International House. Mechanical Engineers; Helmet; Skull and Transfer from Brawley Dance Committee; Japanese Students ' Keys; Track Manager Junior College; 145 Masonic Club. Club. (2) (3) (4). Ib. Basketball Coach (3) (4). NATALIE NELDA JEAN HAYDEN BETTY HELEN ALICE JOHN SAMUEL SHNEYEROFF SHOCKEY ALLISON SHUEY WINIFRED CATHERINE MARGUERITE JAMES ROBERT Berkeley Oakland SHOEMAKE Berkeley SHUTE SIEBE SIEGLINGER SILLIMEN SILVER Letters and Science Letters and Science Modesto Letters and Science Los Gatos Cordelia San Diego Berkeley San Francisco Psychology Household Art Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Economics. Letters and Science Prytanean ; Theta Delta Chi Alpha. Philosophy Zeta Psi. Public Speaking Anthropology History Economics Sigma Phi; Daily Alpha Phi: Honor Student; Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from San HHBHHHHi Honor Students Californian. Intramural Sports; Little Theatre. mento Junior College. Diego State College. Council. Y.W.C.A.; Class tf Committees. m JEAN HARRIETT MARVIN OLGA ERVEN SINNOTT ALAN MARIS SINDEL Hammonton SIRBU SISKA Santa Cruz Letters and science San Francisco San Francisco Agriculture Forestry. English Alpha Chi Omega; Personnel (1) ; Deputations (2) (3). Mining Petroleum Engineering Theta Tau; California Cannoneers; Engineers Council (3). Chair- Letters and Science English Gamma Phi Beta; Prytanean: Sigma Sigma Pi; man (4) ; Welfare Personnel (1) (2) Council; Swimming (3). Chairman (4); (1) (2); American Women ' s Activity Institute of Mining Council; Welfare and Metallurgical Council; Intramural Engineers; Mining Sports; Winter Sports Association. Club; Phrateres. DOUGLAS COURTENAY SKAIFE Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Delta Upsilon: Scabbard and Blade; Golf Manager (4) ; Tennis (1). MARGERY MARY SKAIFE Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Phi; Ace of Clubs. 144 Auburn Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Antioch College. Ohio; Abra- cadabra; Baton; American Society of Civil Engineers; American Road Builders Association. MERRELL WILLIAM SKEELS Sacramento Commerce Accounting Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. EUNICE VIRGINIA SKERRITT San Francisco Letters and Science History Alpha Gamma Delta; Counseling: Elections Committee; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Another successful Sigma Chi, RANEY REID specialized in publications and earned the post of Spring Manager of the Daily Californian. FRANK ALVARADO ' iER WMttier GEORGE WHITE SKINNER Phi Gaowa Deita; Glee Club: Brick Morse ' s;.a-j. LAVONNE DOROTHEA SLATER Pi Ptii Delta: Honor Student: Y.W.C.A.: Masonic Club. RONALD ANDREW SLIPPER ical Engineering Tag Beta Pi: Aowicar Society of Mechanical Engineers. GILTXER SESSIONS VALL Sacraiwnts Letters and Science LOUIS H. SMAUS RENWICK WILKES SM ED BERG GERALD EMERSON SMETTS KIRKHAM SMITH Letters and Science Transfer from call TratBftr fnta SM CoHtft Delta American Institute of Electrical Eniineers. GtloenBear:Gm Beta: Pi Delta Eosi- n: Daily Califerman tao- cute Eaitar RalU Coomittee (2). Letters art Science History SioauSioou Pi: Cn(l): Basaettall. Letters and Science Zottonr Alpha Delta Phi: = : : Society; Tri-une: Varsity Roin| Club: Cmr (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Class CM- BARBARA ELLEN SMITH EDWARD A SMITH Letters and Science a mm Sacra- a rr ' leoe: i. A. A_;Y.J. C. _ :B= ELIZABETH R. SMITr SMITH Bertet , Fonti Letters and Science EDWIN EUGENE SMITH EVIL P. SMITH FLORENCE JEA SMITH GEORGE WILLIAM SMITH. Ill HARRY LAU SMITH Lttte-s and Science Eno merino. Electri- Letters anc Science Letters ano Sdence Transfer from Mltilll Honor Stj:e-t .1 -erica Institute of mr Pi ML EPS. Ion. Transfer frsoj Santa Barbara State Colteae: VIGO NIELS SMITH Transfer : Haaner Junior C: Pelican (1) - issCor-ittees. Alpha Gajcma De Counselint: Recep- CooMttee: W. A V. W. C. A.: Mas Club. I:: En-in-rinc - sfer fro U. C. - Deita SiBa Phi Letters zni Science Tear Beat sir LOT, - can Society of cal Transfer fnoi Fresns State Cclleoe: Barrins- tan Hall; Ajoerican Bob Mnsory Bureau; Institute of Electrical Ptjchijoaj ChJh. VIRGINIA H. SMITH Gilrty Letters and Science ist7 Transfer frooj San Jose Junior Cclleoe: Alpha Delta Pi: Little The- atre Make-up Staff: W. A. A., In Sports. LESLIE LEONARD SMITH Lindsay AonoritaR Fruit Products. WILLIAM SMITH. JR. WYMAN GILBERT SMITH Letters a Political Science Transfer fro Sacra- Deila Upsilo-iB.g " C " SK.ft. Skull and Keys: lntranal The natat of All BOTTARI will 01 i VIC - -.16 illhis- tory as one tf the reatest stars ewr to M the Bloc art GoW. 145 BYRON BRIDGES SNYDER Los Angeles Letters and Science International Relations Bowles Hall: Delta Phi Epsilon; Senate; Debating. PATRICIA SNYDER San Bernardino Letters and Science Education Transfer from San Bernardino Junicr College: Alpha Gamma Delta: Pelican. SIDNEY A. SOMMERFELD Berkeley Commerce Transportation Transfer from Marin junior College; Com- merce Association. LLOYD SOMOGYI Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science Honor Student. JAMES EDWARD SORENSON Hayward Agriculture Forestry Transfer frcm San Jose State College; Xi Sigma Pi: Forestry Club. BARBARA SORRICK Orinda Letters and Science History Alpha Phi: Ace of Clubs: Y. W. C. A. Class Committees. THOMAS LEONARD SOSS Spokane, Washington Letters and Science Zoology. EDWARD LEE SOULE Berkeley Commerce Economics Beta Theta Pi. EDGAR HERNDON SPARKS Lincoln Letters and Science Music Alpha Mu; Honor Student. MEREDYTH ROBERT ELEANOS ROBERT SAN FORD MARY HELEN MARJORIE CHARLES FRANCES CURTIS H. CHARLES STADTFELD RACHEL BARTHEL ELIZABETH CHESTER SPIRO SPOTT SPRANGER SQUIRES San Francisco STAFFORD STANTON ST. CLAIR STEBBINS San Francisco Walnut Creek Pasadena Berkeley Engineering Mechan- Modesto San Bernardino San Francisco Hollister Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science ical Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Pharmacy Pharma- French Economics English Public Speaking Bowles Hall; U. C. Geography Public Health English. ceutical Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Phi. Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Transfer from Pasadena Daily Californian; Flying Club; American Transfer frcm Sacra- Chi Omega; Torch and HMIMMi l Transfer from Hollister Delta Sigma; Skull and junior College; Coun- Pelican; Deputations; Society of Mechanical mento Junior College. Shield: Women ' s Exec- j Junior College; Phi Keys. seling; Y. W. C. A.; Masonic Club. Engineers. utive Board; Women ' s Delta Chi: Sigma Kap- Cranmer Club. Activity Council; Wel- pa Theta: Athletic fare Board; Class Vice- Manager (4); Yell President (3). Leader (3). CHARTLEY I. STEBBINS Piedmont Letters and Science Education Sigma Kappa. EDITH CLAIRE STEDMAN Taccma, Washington Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha. ROBERT ERNEST STEERS Piedmont Letters and Science Economics Phi Kappa Psi; Skull and Keys. THEORITA STEFFEN Oakland Letters and Science History Phrateres. 146 THEODORE MARTIN STEINMETZ Alameda Letters and Science Biochemistry Scabbard and Blade; Men ' s Dormitory Council; Crew. ALFRED EARL STENDAHL Los Angeles Commerce Transfer from Los Angeles Junior College: Alpha Sigma Phi; Ski Team. RUTH ELAINE STENEMAN Bakersfield Letters and Science Art. JOHN P. STENSON San Francisco Commerce Accounting Beta Alpha Psi. KEN WHEELER was all-confer- ence captain of the champion- ship water polo team, and also took an active interest in activi- ties of the Class of ' 39. FREDERICK MALCOLM STEPHEN Roseville Letters ant] Science History Transfer frcm Sacra- mento Junici College. CARLOS 0. Oakland Letters aad Science Economics Kappa Sioma: Circle : et,: Ramble Football: Rufby Club. ELIZABETH STEPHENS Letters and Science Ckib. ANNE STEPHENSON Ann Arbor. Michigan Letters and Science Transfer fit Umner sityof Mi Sigma Pi: Counseling: College Women ' s Club: Club. JOHN B. STEPONOVICH Los Armeies Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Sigma Phi: Phi Phi: Football (1) ; MAURICE PAUL STERGIOS San Frai Letters and DAVID V. STEVENS MURIEL STEVENS Fargo. North Dakrta SAMUEL PHILLIPS STEVENS CHANDLER STEWART. JR. PacifcGrwe 1 Arts. Acacia- Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Delta Phi. cal I Transfer fram Salinas : Honor ELBERT STEWART Santa Aaa Letters and Science History Transfer from Santa WORGAN E. STEWART Cluk. Siudent: Glee Ciiil Engineering International House: Ciril Engii WILLIAM KIRK STEWART Los Angeles Letters and Science Social Theory International House. JAWES BENJAMIN STICHKA Ortario Letters and MARY LOUISE STIGALL Letters and Science History. NATHAN STILLMAN Chemistry Transfer from Chafey Junor Cllleje: H= y BENJAVIV E STINSOH 6irs l: Letters ami WILLIAM JOSEPH STOBENER San Frintiit: Letter inc Science Delta Phi Essilcr; STOC ? W.lK Transfer from fnmnlm JMUT College. Engineer i Winirr Enginee Psi UPS. : Gol: Bear: St: ; atari a Blade: , ng H-: Cirtie C ' Socie- H Afr :. catt AU -m Omega: Win : Helmet: Big ;ty. President: Skai . Keys:A. S. U.C E ecutiteCom- iit--.i " oothall (1) Class San Francisap Letters ana Science Political Science Pi Signa Alpha: Honor FARRELL S. STONE Oakland JACK G. STONE Citil ROBERT EARL STONE Fruit Piodutts Transfer from Pol - techric Jun.o- C:llege: Chi Pi ! Hai-ora Ariarture- v Oikland Letters and Science cultural Engineering History Beta Phi: Rally CM- U. C. Bible Clob. mittee: mt ari social affairs large staff, ami simj -mth Trehle Ckf. 147 ROBERT LEWIS STONE Berkeley Commerce Accounting Psi Upsilon. RUTH IDA ELIZABETH STONE Orland Letters and Science Spanish Honor Student; Y. W. C. A. BEN EDWARD STOTTS Martinez Letters and Science Economics Pi Kappa Phi. DONALD RAYMOND STOUT Lancaster Commerce Transfer from Chaffey Junior College; Masonic Club. FRANK EDWARD STOWE Redwood City Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Jose State College; Blue and Gold Editorial Staff (2). JACK STRASBERG Auburn Letters and Science History. Education Phi Beta Delta; Con- gress; Class Committees. KENNETH E. STRATTON Lemoore Dentistry Transfer from Fresno State College; Delta Sigma Delta. NOEL STREET Oakland Agriculture Forestry. R. EDWIN STREIT Santa Rosa Agriculture Agri- cultural Economics Transfer from Oregon State College; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Daily Californian Managerial Staff. POLLY WILLIAM MAYFRE HELEN MARILYN ROBERT SARA MAYS F. GRACE MARTHA IRENE WILLARD STYS STRONG STRUBLE STRYKER STUCHBERRY STUMP STUTT Clarennnt Berkeley Fullerton Berkeley Berkeley Los Gatos Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Business Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science History Anthropology Organization. Household Art. Economics Journalism Economics Transfer from Univer- Alpha Phi. Delta Chi Alpha; Guild of Applied Arts; Ma- sonic Club, President. Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Com- mittee, Sub-Chairman; Areta; Alpha Alpha; Pi Alpha Sigma; Honor Student; Daily Cali- fornian Editorial Staff; Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade: Pershing Rifles; Rally Committee. sity of Prague; Dis- cussions: Women ' s Or- chetra; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Slavic W. A. A. Volleyball, Manager (4) ; Student Advertising Service Bureau; W. A. A., Society. Advisory Bureau; Per- sonnel Committee; Tennis; Counseling; Calvin Club Counseling; Commerce Association. JAMES MIDORI MARGARET DOROTHY TSE-PING WALTER LLOYD MASANOBU SUGITA WESTON MAE SUN SIGVARD WILLARD SUGIHARA Pasadena SUMNER SUMSER Shanghai, China SVENSON SWAN SON Long Beach Letters and Science Menlo Park Berkeley Letters and Science San Francisco Los Angeles Chemistry Psychology Letters and Science Letters and Science Political Science. Chemistry Chemical Engineering Electri- Honor Student; Ameri- Transfer from U. C. L. Nursing Public Speaking Engineering cal Engineering can Chemical Society. A.; Japanese Students ' Beta Sigma Omicron; Debating (1); Parlia- Scabbard and Blade: Wrestling; American Club. Alpha Tau Delta; ment: Kappa Phi, Honor Student; Chemis- Institute of Electrical W. A. A., Intramural President; Wesley try Club; Masonic Club. Engineers. Sports. Foundation Players. GEORGE M. SUDA Fresno Dentistry. MYRON SUGARMAN Berkeley Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering la Nu. BILL GEORGE E. SWAYNE San Diego Utters and Science Political Science Transfer from San Diego State College; Sigma Nu. JANE SWEET Oakland Letters and Science Nursing Delta Delta Delta. " HOOKS " DEVAURS, famous for his pegs from center field to third base and his dependability in catching flys, won three Big " C ' s " in baseball. JONATHAN DCAM SWIFT Berit.e. Letters 1 ROBERT HOWARD SWIFT San Francises Letters and Science JOHN DIXON SWITZER Haywart Letters an) Science Entfish. Phi Beta Kappa: Pi u Epsilon: Tract Manager (2) : Debatinj (1) : Masonic Quo. Transfer fran Sacra- mnto Junior C:lleje: Sheriiian Hall. NANCY TABER Berkeley Letters and Science Househohf Art. Prytanean: Delta Chi Alpha: Woiwn ' s Orient ations Conmittee, Chairman: Wo-en ' s Club. Acthity Council: Orientation Council; A. S. U. C. Social MARGARET TAEGER Oakland Ltttersa Alpha Chi SALAH EL-DIN MAHMOUD TAHA Cairo. Ely TOMIKO TAKAHASHI Letters and Science MASAO TAKESHITA Salinas Letters a Pelican: Transfer fna Chic State Coltaie. : Y. W. C. A.: Japanese Stu- dents ' Clu. Delta Students ' Club Y. W. C. A.: Kappa Phi. PETER RUTHERFORD TAYLOR Bendey TAD ASH I GEORGE TAN I Letters and Science Physics. Opt caret 0esa Delta: Honor ELEANOR KAMEKO TAJUTA Napa Letters and! Intematitnal Relations CATHERINE J. TARESH Rio Os Lt tiers and Science Histiry TheU Upsi ton: Counsel ins (2) (3) (4) : W. A. A- Saddle: Wasonk : Uih. Sign Phi: Scabbard : ! Blade: Crew (1) ; (1) (2). cal Sipu Phi Ensilon: Cireh) " C- SKiety; : Y. H. C. A. College: M.A.A.: Club. BARBARA ENGLISH THANE San Francisco Letters and Science Social Institutions Transfer frcm Stanford Unitersity: Alpha Delta Pi: California Grizzly, Women ' s Director: i ' s Artitity Council: Ptnataes. Ciiil Eniineers, Presi- PERCIE CANNON THACKER. JR El Centra San Household Art Zeta Taa Alpha; Delta Hellenic: W. A. A.. Crtpand Letters and Enjlish Psi Uusilon. Transfer froni Central Collese: Pi Kap- pa Phi: Ctmmau Association. : : Gold Editorial = ::f (2): A. S. U. C i Trade S,;m S Phi: Rusty (2) (3) (4). MARY ELEANOR THAYER Red lands Letters and Science History Transfer from Unhcr- sity of Washinitan; Pi Beta Phi. ARY ELIZABETH El Past. Texas Letters and Science History International House. JIM DIETERICH rede in the rar- sity shell as ox and successfully stirred Interfraternity Council into an vine interest in A.S.U.C. business. 149 VIRGINIA MARIAN G. BYRON EDWARD J. KATHRYN STANLEY WILLIAM EMILY LOIS ELWOOD CHAMBERS ALBERT MARION JOHNSON J. STAATS THICKENS THIELE THODE THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS Walnut Creek Oakland Orland Salt Lake City, Pasadena Oakland Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Utah Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Pharmacy Letters and Science History Economics Accounting Dentistry Economics Architecture Art Phi Delta Chi; Student Economics Blue and Gold (2): Sigma Kappa; Person- Transfer from Menlo Transfer from Univer- Phi Delta Theta; Gold- Transfer from Univer- Transfer from Santa Body Vice-President Psi Upsilon; Winged A. S. U. C. Social nel (1) (2); Elections junior College; Lambda sity of Utah; Xi Psi en Bear; Winged Hel- sity of Washington. Rosa junior College. (3) ; Class President Helmet; Skull and Committee: W. A. A. (1) (2) (3); Counsel- Chi Alpha; Phi Phi; Phi; Epsilon Alpha; met: Skull and Keys; (1). Keys; Basketball Man- (4); Y. W. C. A. (1); ing (1) (2); Intra- Baseball. Student Body President Interfraternity Council, ager (2) (3) ; Soccer Women ' s Dormitory mural Sports; Class (4); Class President President; Football (1). Association (2). Committees. (2) (3). (1) (2) ; Track (1) (2). IRENE JOHN KENNETH MARJORIE PERRY EDWARD LAURA MARCELLE MARGARET STANTON LESLIE TAIT THOMPSON EDWARD WOLFF ELIZABETH NADINE THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON Piedmont THOMPSON THRALL, JR. TITUS TODRESIC Ketchikan, Berkeley Piedmont San Gabriel Engineering Electri- Long Beach Berkeley Oakland Fresno Alaska Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science cal Engineering Mining Petroleum Engineering Mechan- Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce English Economics History Quarterdeck; Fencing; Engineering ical Engineering Social Institutions Psychology Transfer from Mills Mask and Dagger; Senior Peace Commit- Transfer from Pasadena American Institute of Transfer from Long Scabbard and Blade: Mortar Board; Prytan- Transfer from Fresno College; Alpha Chi Hammer and Dimner; tee; Crew (1): Vigi- junior College; Sigma Electrical Engineers; Beach Junior College: American Society of ean; Hammer and Coffin; State College; Alpha Omega. Little Theatre. lante Committee; Daily California!! Managerial Sigma Pi; Counseling. Institute of Radio Engineers. Theta Tau: American Institute of Minimi Mechanical Engineers. Honor Student; A. S. U. C.. Vice-President Epsilon Phi. (4) ; A. S. U. C. Exec- Staff (1). and Metallurgical utive Committee; Wo- Engineers. men ' s Judicial Commit- tee: California Club: Pelican (1) (2) (3); Y. W. C. A. RAYER EDWARD NELLIE TAD ASH 1 JOHN WILLIAM DtllT VIOLA HOWARD TOKI W. YOOK TOMIHIRO ALEXANDER ARTHUR LOUISE JEWEL NOBORU Berkeley TOM TOM Campbell TOMPKINS TOPE TOPHAM TORBERT TORIUIv ' l Commerce Oakland San Francisco Pharmacy. Oakland Oakland Santa Maria Berkeley Sacramento Foreign Trade Commerce. Letters and Science Commerce Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters anil Science Pan Xenia. Art Pan Xenia; Newman Forestry History Latin Zoology. Transfer from San Fran- Club. Xi Sigma Pi. Transfer from San Sigma Sigma Pi: Coun- cisco Junior College; Benito County Junior seling: W. A. A.; Chinese Students ' Club. College; Women ' s Phrateres; Y. W. C. A.; Dormitory Council; Christian Science So- Masonic Club. ciety ; Class Committees. 150 The Sigma Nu ' s contribution to the ranks of Senior Managers was JOHN FINLAYSON, who man- aged the Conference leading bas- ketball squad and headed Senior Peace Ccmmittee. STEF- STRONG TOWS: " Piedmont Ltttes and Science History S.JKJ Chi: Winged Society: Skull and Keys: Tri-une: Beta Beta; Rugby: Football Peace Conittee. SHELDON CHARLES TRACY C runnier Foreign Trade Beta Gamma Sigma: Delta Phi Eosilon: California Cannoneers: Honor Student: Ccm- i Association. (4). JEAN WINIFRED TRADEWEU. Santa Ana Letters and Science English Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College: Sigma Sigma Pi: International House. LOUISE TRIPP Berkeley Litters and Soon ltd ZELDA ALBERTA TROEDSON Palo Alto Letters and Science French GERIAD SHOBERT TRUMBLY CECILE ELIANE TRUVPLER Letters and Science Letter-, and Science 0ea Delta: Winged Helmet: Big C " So- ciety: Tri-une: Track (1) (2) (3) (4): Senior Peace Conn it- tee: Class Seatitary (3):BifC " I Pi Delta Phi: Debating Managerial Staff: Little Theatre Managerial Staff : Gwn Systea: Debating (H: Treble CM: Philarthian: International House. HELEN LAURA TRUXELL MM Lettes and Science History and Theory of Art TAKAKO TSUCHIYA San Leandro Letters and Sennet Household Art Delta CM Alpha; Jap- znese Students ' Club. " r MASAO OTO Ptanucy Sia Kappa TheU: Japanese Students 1 Cluo, ROBl ALLYN TULLY Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Willi RAY TUMBLIN Cuil Engineering Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: American SF ciety of C ' nil Engirien. CES LOUISE TURMAN Willows Letters and Science French Sign Kappa: Phi Beta KaDBa:Tta ' B:.2 ' f: Prytanean; Pi Delta Phi: Honor Student; Transfer tnm College : ' Pacific: Delta Chi Guild of Ap- plie: Jits; Situ Sitr Pi; WOMII-S Intentional House: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Mti: Hcner Student: Y. W. C. A., I Delta Sign; Daily California Manaterial Staff (1) (2): Deputations (4). RUTH ELINE Va-, WARTER THAIS UTEEV SacraMti Letters and Science JANICE VAN de WATER Lor, c Beach Lettersa English Transfer fro Umg ERNEST GEORGE Van LEEUWEN. JR. Utters and Science Intematicnal Retatiens Manationai House Senau. Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha: Pi Tau Pi Sign; Ame-iran Institute of Electiul Enjnee-s. Transfer fraa Saa F Teachers Cclleoe. Ki: pa Kappa Gama: - :hand Shield: Act : :iuhs; Grrap Irtematimal House. A transfer fnw Saoamhi t - see. BOB BROCKMAN pepped up the spirit of class eetiifs, rallies and ii|ingj is Sent Class Yell- 151 JAMES HARROLD VAN SICKLEN Oakland Commerce Economics Alpha Delta Phi; Winged Helmet; Crew Manager (3). WARREN BAMERT VanVLEAR Stockton Phi Kappa Tau; Pan Xenia. SUE G. Van WAGENEN Berkeley Letters and Science Art Alpha Omicron Pi; W.A.A., Crop and Saddle U) (2); Y.W.C.A. BEULAH CORA Van WOODS Alameda Letters and Science Public Speaking Alpha Kappa Alpha; Y.W.C.A. WILLIAM RAPHAEL VARTNAW. JR. Petaluma Commerce Economics Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Phi; Football (1); Golf (2); Football Manager (2); Election Committee (1). ROBERT ALLAN VAUGHAN Los Angeles Letters and Science Medical Science Transfer from U.C.L.A. Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade. VIVIENNE MARY VAUGHAN Long Beach Letters and Science Art Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; International House. EDWARD FELIX VERSAW Pasadena Engineering Mechan- ical Engineering Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Cali- fornia Engineer; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. RUTH MYRTLE VERWEY Rochester, New York Letters and Science Bacteriology Transfer from Univer- sity of Rochester; W.A.A. MARY HARLAN VINCENT Modesto Commerce Transfer from Modesto Junior College. L. VETTER Palo Alto Commerce Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Big " C " Society; Tennis. MARGARET GORDON VOYER Oakland Chemistry lota Sigma Pi. MILLS VINEY Covina Engineering Mechanical Engineering Beta Theta Pi; Tri-une; Crew (1); American Society of Mechanical Engineers. VIVIAN Alameda Letters and Science German Daily California!); International House German Club. VIVRETTE Pasadena Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Con- gress; Winter Sports Club. ELIZABETH VOGAN Yuba City Commerce Economics Little Theatre (1); Commerce Club. EDWARD OSCAR VOLLUM Los Angeles Engineering Electrical.. Engineering Anmerican Institute of Electrical Engineers. FRIEDRICH WILHELM von BRINCKEN San Francisco Letters and Science Political Science Sigma Phi Sigma: Phi Phi; Intramural Sports Manager (3). ALIDA MATHILDA VORNHOLT Berkeley Letters and Science Economics. JOHN MARY VLASTA GERTRUDE PATRICIA JOHN GAIL EDWARD N. MAY WACHOB JEAN JOSEPH ALICE LEWIS VOYIATZES VYBORNY Bakersfield WACHOB WADE, JR. WAGENET WAGNER Auburn Merced Letters and Science Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Fresno Letters and Science Letters and Science Public Speaking Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry History Mathematics Transfer frcm Household Science Political Science History Honor student. Transfer from Sacra- W.A.A. ; Women ' s Bakersfield Junior Kappa Alpha Theta; Sigma Chi: Winged Sigma Kappa Alpha: mento Junior College. Discussions College; Sigma Mortar Board; Prytan- Helmet; Gamma Beta; Group System; Committee. Sigma Pi; Newman ean; Alpha Nu; Torch Tri-une; Daily Counseling; Hostess Club. and Shield; A.S.U.C. Californian (1) (2) Committee; Masonic Women ' s Representa- (3); Class Secretary- Club. KjMJJ tive; Executive Commit- Treasurer (4). L 1 tee; Woman ' s Activity C. WAITE Riverside Letters and Science Social Institutions Transfer from Riverside Junior College: Honor Student. Council; Judicial Com- mittee. 152 Small in size, but large in abil- ity, JEANNE OVERMIRE han- dled the man-size job of manag- ing the Advertising Service Bureau during the fall semester. CONRAD BRUCE WALBURGER Cut Bank. Enslish Transfer fro Sacra - arto Junior Collene: SpuSigoiaPi; Pelican: Hanmc Club. Letters and Science SARA WALDKER Taft Letters and Science Architecture Sif-a Kappa: Alpha Ah a KURT L WALITSCHEK Fencing. BILLIE MARIE WALKER Huntingtdn Park Ecomics Transfer fraei U.C.L.A.; Chi Onega. Arch i tectura 1 Asscciation. MATTHEW STAUFFER WALKER Yortu Linda Letters and Science Political Science Transfer fraei Fullerton Junitr College: Debating: Senate. RUTH ELOISE WALKER Santa Ana WILFRED A. WALKER Terrain Mi ROBERT AjrialUre Transfer fraei Santa Ana Junior College : Alpha Delta Pi. Transfer fre Ccevtn Junior Collejt: Hiram Association. Transfer fro- Marin Junior College: Forestry Club. V ? " - ll H BETH WALLIS IMesto Social Sciences. LORETTA JOSEPHINE WALSH San Bernardino Letters and Science Public Health Nursing Iraosier iiic ??n THOWAS WALSH San Francisco Letters and Science Transfer fron San Francises Junior Col left: Coanoene Association. Phi Omia Pi:Sio a Delta Pi; Little Theatre: San Jose Letters and Science Histeo President ' s Reception (4) ; Daily San Main Agriculture forestry Wimed Helnwt : Alpha Zeti: Xi SHIM Pi; Honor Student: Judicial CcMoittee: Crew (l);WRStlin| Forestry Transfer frctn Chafey Jmor Collete. Phi Sigma: Pi Tau Pi Sioa: Blue and Gold (2). Alpha Delta Pi: tations: RaCit W.A.A.: Golf. RALPH S. WATKINS. JR. DOUGLAS LEROY WATKINS ELINOR JEANNE W ATKINS EVERETT HUGH WATKINS Eureka RE 1 , Mak Letters j 11 Scie View Letters and Science irtry Transfer fraei San Jose State College. _ Lrtttn and Science Enginh Transfer from Hum Tramer froea Sar Mateo Junior Cc Cal : ia :Ce nsel Stale College: Delta S u Delta. Delta Chi: Phi Phi Bit C " Euard. who win Bit " C ' s " as are few and far be- tween: one of the was STEVE FROST, eae of " Ky " Ehrifhfs 153 WILMER KATHLEEN PHYLLIS M. DONALD PHOEBE ROBERT SHIRLEY BARBARA ARNOLD AGNES VIRGINIA JOYCE RICKARD JANE LIDDELL WEBER AUGUSTA WATROUS WATSON WATSON WATT WATTS WATWOOD WEBB Tucson. Arizona WEBSTER San Jose Missoula, Montana Dixon San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Letters and Science Santa Paula Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Pharmacy Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science English Letters and Science History Latin Home Economics Transfer from San Economics Economics Economics Transfer from University History Transfer from Transfer from Riverside Transfer from Mateo Junior College; Chi Phi: Winged Transfer from San Transfer from San of Arizona: Alpha Phi; Delta Delta Delta; Modesto Junior Junior College; U.C.L.A.; Phi Mu; Lambda Kappa Sigma. Helmet: Track. Francisco Junior Francisco Junior Hammer and Coffin. Treble Clef: College. Masonic Club; Delta Chi Alpha; College: W.A.A.; College. Universiy Chorus: Calvin Club. Counseling; W.A.A. Y.W.C.A. W.A.A. ROBERT WERNER WEBSTER Glemlale Engineering Mechanical Engineering GORDON CLARK WEEMS Glenn Agriculture Agricultural Economics WILLIAM SANDER WEIL Pasadena Letters and Science History RUTH W. WEINDORF Oakland Letters and Science English JULIAN ALLAN WEISS San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology. ROBERT WELDON Bakersfield Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from Bakers- ROBERT MARSHALL WELLS Piedmont Letters and Science History FAYETTE ELIZABETH WELSH Oakland Letters and Science History GERALDINE EDITH WENDERING Mill Valley Letters and Science Art Junior College; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Del Rey; Interfraternity Council; Blue and Gold Managerial Staff (2) (3); Debating (3); Gymnastics: Congress: Class Committees. Junior College: Honor Student: Sigma Sigma Pi; Congress. Group System; Phrateres; Masonic Club. Honor Student; A.S.U.C. Band; University Symphony Orchestra. Winged Helmet: Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Track: Vigilante Committee. Hail] met and Coffin; Pelican (1) (2) (3); Intramural Sports (2) (3); Class Committees. Junior College: International House. GEORGE RICHARD HELENE LOUIS R. PERCIVAL LONGTIN GRAHAM WENTZEL WERNER WESSENBERG WEST Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley Willows Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Dentistry Political Science Political Science. Household Art. Xi Psi Phi. Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Sigma Phi Sigma; Phi Phi. DWIGHT LELAND WESTBERG EDWIN ALBIN WESTER ROBERT EMIL WESTPHAL Los Angeles Barstow San Francisco Agriculture Forestry Letters and Science Economics Commerce Accounting Transfer from Los Angeles Junior College. Pi Kappa Alpha; Rally Committee. Transfer from Golden Gate Junior College. 154 Serious CHARLES KALEN acted as Advertising Manager of the Cal and presided over the meet- ings of Alpha Delta Sigma, ad- vertising fraternity. CAROL ELIZABETH WHEELER Oakland Letters and Science French. DOOLEY PEYLON WHEELER. JR. Exetei Letters and Science G colony Transfer from U.C.L.A.: Lambda Chi- Alpha RAY WHEELER Fulkrton JOE DENT WHITE Wihur JOHN CRAWFORD WHITE Berkeley Letters and Science Pi Karoa Phi: Scab- tart nd Slide: Cirtle Ftrttall. " C " Society: Phi Phi; Quarterdeck. President :er Pole (1) Captain 4); Atmrtic Council: Oriental ions: Deputations: Class STANFORD WOODRMI WHITE Letters and Science Political Science. WILLIAM LLOYD WHITE San Franci set Lettm and Science Economics Sign Nn: lirttr- Fraternity Council (4); Rugby (1). iHITGOB Oakland Class Committees. WHITINGTON Glendale Letters and Scion KIRKE DAVISSON WHITTINGHAM Glendale Mining Transfer f rare Transfer from U-C.L.A. U.C.L.A.;Cre. BEVERLEY KEE WICKLER Oakland Letters a Social Institutions Transfer fro Uninr- sity of Orejw; Chi Brt Secretary: ' S Rally CM- mittee. s Artiiity il: Y. W. C. A. MARIA WICKS REX WILEY WIG N ALL Oxnard Agriculture Plart Transfer frwi Los Pathology. Colleoe: of RUDOLF WIDMANN Los Angete CLAUDIA WILLIAMSON CUB HARLEY WILKINSON Berkeley Cvir.stry. JANE WILLIAMSON Osklard Berkeley Letters anl Science ;iry Oakland Letters ano Science Houserelc A-1 DHbChi riKiieti Orckesis: Sia Signa Pi: Cr:i..m: Decide i: Y.W.C.A. Saa Phi Sigma: Phi Transfer fro Milk Phi ; Interfraternity CaHee: Chi 0eJ : Council: Forestry Club. Delta Epsilon: ntraral Sports: Y.W.C.A. : : RDON 1 ' ,-LLACE . ' . -SON KATHARINE ViRIE WILSON WARY-ELIZABETH WILSON RUTH BATTELLE WILSON Letter and Science Letters! Art Phi Oman Pi; Delta Chi Aloha: Blue and GoW (2):Panhelia c: Ltthn ana Sc.ene History. Alpha Xi Delta: Little Tnea ' .-e. Managerial Cslleoe: Theta Situ Phi; Daily Californian (1) (2) (J). Advertising Service Bureau s tite LOIS SHERWIN. uiufd the ad miters I was a d Pi 155 ERLE MARGARET MYRON RAYMOND DOROTHEA HAROLD ANTOINETTE IRMGARD RUTH FREDERICK JANET COOK THOMPSON MARIE FRANKLIN MARGARET FLORA H. WINKLER WINTER WINTER WINTERBOTTOM. JR. WINTERS WISE WITTSCHEN WOLF WOLF San Andreas Long Beach lone Alhambra San Anselmo Redwocd City Piedmont San Francisco Hollywood Commerce Commerce Association. Letters and Science Psychology Letters and Science Economics. Letters and Science History Letters and Science Art Commerce Economics Letters and Science History Letters and Science Public Speaking Letters and Science Economics Alpha Delta Pi: Prytanean; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican (1) (2) (3): Orientations Executive Board; Kappa Sigma: Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Football (1) (2) (3) (4): Baseball (1) (2) Transfer from Marin Junior College: Sigma Sigma Pi; Inter- national House. Transfer from San Jose State College. Transfer from Williams Junior College: Delta Gamma. Alpha Delta Pi: Prytanean: Treble Clef, Manager; Women ' s Activity Council: Little Theatre (Make- Transfer frcm U.C.L.A. Alpha Epsilon Phi; Y.W.C.A. Discussions. (3) (4). up Staff) ; Intramural Sports: A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Counseling; Class Committees. HIHHHI BEATRICE ELIZABETH WOLFE Santa Ana Agriculture Home Economics Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College. VIRGINIA VERNE STARK WOOD Piedmont Letters and Science History Pelican: W.A.A.; Class Committees. HUBERT GABRIEL WOLFF Los Angeles Engineering Ele:tri- cal Engineering Pershing Rifles: Dor- mitory Association President; A.S.U.C. Housing Board. J. BARBARA WOODS Martinez Letters and Science Psychology International House: Blue and Gold (2); Counseling (4); Hostess Committee (2); Y.W.C.A.; Masonic Club ROGER WOLLENBERG San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Bowles Hall: Baton; Economics Honor Society; Welfare Council; Forensics Council: Debating: A.S.U.C. Band: Senate. LEILA WOODS Fail-field Letters and Science History Sigma Kappa Alpha; Honor Student: Counseling; Y.W.C.A.; Masonic Club. Livermore Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Delta Pi; Little Theatre Man- agerial Staff (1) (2); Intramural Sports: Counseling (3) (4); Class Committees. ROBERT DINSMORE WOODWARD Oakland Letters and Science Economics Phi Gamma Delta; Crew (1) ; Basketball (1); Basketball Manager (2). Woodland Letters and Science English Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Pelican; Deputations Committee; Phrateres; Assembly Dance Committee; Ma- sonic Club. RICHARD HALNAN WOOLLEY Alameda Letters and Science Economics JOHN FOO WONG Marysville Dentistry Transfer from Yuba Junior College; Junior Chinese Medical Association. CHARLES WESLEY WOOD Oakland Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Stan- ford University; Theta Chi. GEORGE MCLAREN WOOD. JR. Redlands Agriculture Agricul- tural Economics Psi Upsilon; Water Polo (1); San Francisco Engineering Me:han ical Engineering Transfer from San Mateo Junior College: Pi Alpha Phi; American Society of Mechanical Engineeis: Chinese Stu Club. BER ALLEN WRIGHT Santa Cruz Letters and Science Physiology. WRIGLEY Eureka Commerce Merchandising Transfer from Hum- boldt State College; Sigma K.iun.i; Adver- tising Service Bureau Radio Commission; Counseling; W.A.A.; Intramural Sports; Class Committees. ORR WRIGHT, JR. National City Agriculture Agricul tural Economics Transfer from Uni- versity of Idaho; Forestry Club Long Beach Letters am: Science Public Sneaking Transfer frcm Long Beach Junior Collet]?: Alpha Xi Delta: W.A.A.; Crop and Saddle; Deputa- tions; Y.W.C.A. 156 RAY HAN FORD was a valuable member of the football squad, and also distinguished himself as Junior President of the class of ' 39, and head of the Big " C " Society. ARNOLD T. RAAT Berkeley AaracM-ahra; Baton, PmMnt (4): Honor Stobent: A.S.U.C. VALORA H. WYLLEY Oakland I Art Ddta Chi Alpha: Daily Cili ' ir- TOSH 10 THOMAS YAMAGATTA FMv CUJLIU. foreign Trade Transfer frm Fresno HISATO T. YAWASAKI Students ' Clut. IYO YAMASHITA OaklnC Letters and Stietct C .: MICHIKO -ZAKI S Fn Utters and SCJBO Histnrjr TOSH I WILLIAM YAHAZAKI Chw.stry JOSEPH YANKIE Stwerts ' StuoXs ' Cbb : .t -: Delta Gama. fri LB Beach Junior College: Kaaw Alphj. Wonec ' s Clui Junion. E ineerin; Citil Chi Ejsihm Kaow: T-rble StuoVits ' Clut t.C. Band: Umrenity Transfer fn L C.L A : Phi Hu Pi Lanbtlj TheU Blue ind Gold : Oakli i Letters ; 4 Scier T-ars ' B frc. Lono Colleor Transfer rw Sx Phi u: Phi Chi Letters a Motor, P : Lrttte Theatre Hate- Ut Staff: Y.W.C-A. Hairs DOUG IBHOFF e tf tke faest Te- nis taw in CalrtaTma net te- tonr- 157 KARL FRANCIS ZIEGLER Berkeley Letters and Science History Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT BOYNTON ZIEGLER Alvarado Letters and Science Medical Science Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Track (1). WILLARD JACK ZINN Fullerton Letters and Science Medical Science Sigma Alpha Ensilon; Little Theatre (3); Blue and Gold (2): Daily Ca nian (1). NICHOLAS ZOLLER Santa Rcsa Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Bowles Hall. CARL EUGENE ZSCHEILE Chowchilla Letters and Science English Honor Student; Pelican. y y Graduates on the long, long trail to the Stadium. R. 0. T. C. Officers receive reserve commissions. Last campus trek is taken during the Pilgrimage. President Sproul awards honorary degrees at graduation exercises. SENIOR WEEK A " Treasure Quest " including a circuit of the Bay region furnished the theme for Senior eek. which completed the college career of the class of ' 39. Treasure seekers were led to Baccalaureate services, the President ' s Reception, a barbecue in Marin County, and an informal dance at Neptune Beach in Alameda. A Kids ' Part) ' , held in the Men ' s Gymnasium, was added this year to the week ' s activities. Pirate costumes, hop-scotch, ring-around-the-rosy, and chute-the-chutes were the order of the evening. Oldest campus tradition, the Senior Pilgrimage with 1909 as its theme, had as guests of honor prominent alumni who graduated in years ending in nine. Women of the class car- ried miniature white parasols, and the men wore small straw hats typifying 1909 as campus landmarks were revisited. Class and student body officers rode in ancient-vintage cars, tandems and big-wheel bicycles. The pilgrimage ended in Faculty Glade where pink lemonade was served in the shade to the music of a German band and a bartenders ' quartet which offered renditions of 19O9 ' s favorite songs. After a week-long controversy, the heads of Senior week decided to keep the Senior Extravaganza in the program, and special rights were secured to produce the New York stage success " Anything Goes, " by Cole Porter and Russell Crouse. The Senior Ball, held on Treasure Island climaxed the " Treasure Quest " of the class of ' 39. Two big-name bands played until four o ' clock in the morning, when breakfast was served on the terrace of the Administration Building. SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE HEADS Bad Rw: Janes. Wade, Van, HanfvU. Han, Wtcekr ThM ROT: CaUinn. Jifcmi HaaiKan, Itamdk. Ti mini. Sti . F - = Tm, tan . 160 Junior President McCarthy greets " Wrong-way " Corrijan. Curious crowds watch Corrigan from Wheeler ledges. Chess-players deliberate in Eshleman Court. Thirsty Prom-trotters gather around the bar. A novelty number entertains Junior Prom dancers. Weary Juniors pause for refreshment. Juniors listen intently as Verleger expounds. U-3 LLOYD WHT = c: BETTY FITZGERALD. Vice-prau BlLPH TiLNEY. Secretary - treasurer : PATRICK MCCARTHY. President letermined to achieve the height of success |n their third year of attendance at the L ' nivt-rMty, the Juni r Class attained a spirit unequalled in enthusiastic ambition. Competent leader of the Class of ' 40, President Pat McCarthy was ably assisted by Betty Fitzgerald, Vice-president; Ralph Tilney, Secretary-treasurer; and Lloyd Whit- man, class Yell- leader. This year, the Junior Q.i: s aided in the orientations program b . me .-; ing incoming; junior college transfers and acquainting them with campus life. A Prom on Trea ure Island ended the full program planned for Junior Day by Chairman Benton Harvey and Sub-chairman Dorothy Ayrault. The spring semester celebrated by the annual Junior Informal on March 24. The Junior Women ' s Activity Banquet, fomial gathering held in Stephens Union March 2, had a guest speaker Gladys CrAikhite of N. B. C, who told of her personal experience in radio. Climaxing the scheduled events of the year, the Junior women held a luncheon on March 9- 161 Juniors pack the Administration Building on Treasure Island for their annual Piw Tradition was interspersed with in- novations at the annual Junior day on September 24. Taking the place of the Junior Farce, movies of the early ' twen- ties were shown in the morning follow- ed by lunch at International House. In the afternoon, Juniors reserved a special rooting section at the opening football game of the s eason between St. Mary ' s and California. Concluding the day, the class attended the Junior Prom, first college dance held on Treasure Island. 162 Under the spell of perennial spring fever, the Juniors frolicked forth one March evening to their annual informal, the " Spring Spree " , which was directed by Chairman Ralph Moffitt, Discarding hats and feathers, the girls carried out the theme by wearing gardenias in their hair. Among colorful spring blossoms decorating the Garden Room of the Claremont Hotel, the four hundred couples danced to the music of Don Mulford and his orchestra. 163 CLOYD DAWSON, Yell-leader: CHARLES FENDER, Secretary-treasurer: MARGUERITE HIGGINS, Vice-president; KEN KUNEY, President. Although they went down in defeat at the hands of the freshmen in the annual Soph-Frosh brawl, the financial success of the Brawl Dance enabled the Sophomore Class to start out the year in the clear. Traditional functions of the class were man- aged by President Kenneth Kuney, Vice-president Marguerite Higgins, Secretary- treasurer Charles Fender, and Yell-leader Cloyd Dawson. Discarding tradition, sophomore men acting as Big " C " guards refused to allow sophomore women to bring refreshments to them as they kept their all-night vigils. A special accomplishment this year was the formation of a local chapter of Spurs, national sophomore women ' s honor society, whose purpose is service to the University and worthy organizations of the A. S. U. C. Members of Spurs were chosen for out- standing achievement in scholarship and activities of their freshman year. The 1888 ' s provided the theme for the Soph Hop whose novel publicity campaign was directed by Virginia Lundgren. Other class events included the St. Patrick ' s Day luncheon for women and the Annual Labor Day celebration. ' rf ' r E BIG C " GUARDS El B Back ROT: Kunqr, Howtll. 3 Mk, Kinu Imnuvui, LMkv. Ha. I ElictttU. Firth I Rooth. Scan . . Ward. Olson. Felchlin. Hinfnri. Seott. I an. Miller. Kerr. Momtjcr. Front Cereidint Dncjr- Hetfnw. Fl- In keeping with the theme of " fifty years of progress " , modern rhythms blended in an atmosphere reminiscent of past periods at the Soph Hop held in October at the Palace Hotel. Spectacular publicity for the dance in- cluded a Barber Shop Quar- tette and an 1888-1938 Cavalcade that toured the campus. LABOR Beards, jeans and gingham dresses were in order for the Sophomore Labor Day on April first. Early in the morning, the Sophomore men made the an- nual treck up to the Big C, cleared the trail, and gave the land-mark special attention on its annual " wash day " . Sophomore women served luncheon as a reward to the weary workers. Featured event of the lunch- eon program was the judging and awarding of prizes for the whiskerino contest. An outlet for the accumulated hilarity of the day was provided in the evening by the Barn Dance, headed by Tom Hansen. " Hardworking " sophs art rewarded with lunch served by feminine class members. " Beard-growing " sophs put on the feed bag. Not seasick just watching barn dancers below. " Hold that pose . . . . " Sodhonwm prott tc be lood A 41 ' er ctejrs UK Frt-sh and hs JjfS I - ' , - gggss WL Lower class spirit reached its peak at the annual Soph-Frosh Brawl. Transforming the Campanile into a " Tower of Death " , the Sophs tossed a dummy of a freshman from the top of the tower and, in retaliation, an effigy 4f a sophomore was hanged by the freshmen on die west clock of the tower. In the morning, bothjlasses participated in games and five special events were held in the afternoon. At the Brawl Dance, members of the two classes were entertained by limmie Howard ' s orchestra, and the frosh, fresh fn m victory over their rivals, were awarded the " Great Paddle " , perpetual trophy of the Brawl. = CHARLES TOWNSEND, Yell-leader; DON MORGAN, Secretary-treasurer; PHYLLIS BROWN, Vice-president; ED WILLI, President. enthusiastic participation in campus activities, the Freshman Class entered ts college career and hecame an integral part of the University. Officers chosen for the year were Edward Willi, President; Phyllis Brown, Vice-president; Donald Morgan, Secretary-treasurer; and Charles Townsend, Yell-leader. For the first time in four years, the " Great Paddle " , symbol of victory in the annual Soph-Frosh Brawl, was awarded to the Freshman Class. The first year men triumphed over the sophomores by a score of 3 ' to 3, the deciding event being the relay race which was won by the freshmen in a spectacular finish. On October eighth, the class held an informal get-together which was well attended i first year students. Carnival spirit of the Exposition furnished the motif for the Fresh ie Glee held on March eleventh at the Berkeley Women ' s City Club. Fun reigned ipreme along the " Gayway " , with music for the merrymakers supplied by Paul Martin nd his orchestra. ic Freshman Women ' s Luncheon, preceding the Little Big Track Meet on April venty-first, concluded the year ' s activities. 168 Carniial spirit in Freshie Glee publicit). Dancing on the " Gayway " at the Frtshie Glee. SeitoMu nlinquishini Ike Great Paddle to Fro Bra. I ! HI Che Aud for a class Metinf. Lindsay addresses the irst roumhm of the rearlints. Frtshie Glee attenders rtlai Brawl Dance 1SSS-1938 Caialcade tours the I Spirit of ' 76 rtti.ed by ' 42. 169 Q J Q __ Q 1) J Q EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ALAN LINDSAY A. S. U. C. President Complete jurisdiction over all activities of the ASUC rests with the fifteen members of the Executive Committee. In the fall semester, the Committee created a Store Board and an ASUC Store Policy Committee in an effort to bring closer cooperation between the students and their cooperative store. At the time of the ASUC secretarial race, a vote on five amendments to the ASUC constitution resulted in a re-organi- zation of councils coming within the jurisdiction of the ASUC. An election to enfranchise all non-ASUC card holders failed by a wide margin. President Sproul ' s statement tha t student representation was based on a " rotten borough " system, prompted the Execu- Lindsay amides u Ex Committee wades through the business of the evening. tive Committee to undertake a study of the present system and consider plans for the establishment of a body that would more democratically reflect student opinion. To assemble facts that could be used as the basis of the proposed re-organization, and to acquaint students with the present system of operation and purpose of ASUC activities, Executive Committee approved Welfare ' s supervision over ASUC seminars led by Professor Eric C. Bellquist. Orientations Council and the ASUC yell leader were made ex-officio members of Executive Committee. 172 LOUANNE BARTLETT NORMAN CANRIGHT ROBERT CULVER ROBERT GEORGE LEWIS GOLDENSON WILLIAM STOLL JAMES TAYLOR PATRICIA WACHOB KENNETH PRIESTLEY DEAN ELMER C. GOLDSWORTHY CHAFFEE HALL DEAN EDWIN C. VOORHIES 173 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION General administration of the financial and business affairs of the A. S. U. C. is dele- gated by that body to a graduate of the University who serves as general manager. This position was filled competently for the third successive year by Kenneth Priestley ' 26. Appointed to supervise all Associated Students ' activities, the manager is also responsible for the fulfillment of policies and orders of the Executive Committee. For the year 1937-38, General Manager Priestley reported a net profit of $230,000, financially one of the most successful years ever enjoyed by the A.S.U.C. The associa- tion reduced its indebtedness to approxi- mately $173,000, the lowest point in many years, representing the balance owed for the construction of Edwards Field in 1932 and the re-construction of Stephens Union in 1936. KENNETH PRIESTLEY Graduate Manager GRADUATE MANAGERS Back Row: Frederick, Davis, Priestley, Fischer, Penry. Front Row: Bumstead, Catoire, Clarke, Abrams. FINANCE COMMITTEE Back Row: Shapiro, Titus, Lindsay, Goldenson. Front Row: Putnam, Nichols, Priestley. 174 LOIASVE BARTLETT Fall! ROEERT I : Srtu, Gilo, Marti, Bdkan Ea-titr. EWUC COMMITTEE IK BTOT HMT Haa. : nt. GD-CI- r. Siska. WELFARE CDIMEIL This year ' s projects of Welfare Council were directed by Louanne Bartlett ' 39, Fall Chairman, and Robert George ' 39, Spring Chairman, and were marked by in- creased activity on the part of the Council ' s two most important committees, Labor and Housing Boards. Under Martin Rothenberg ' 39, Labor Board undertook an in- tensive investigation of campus business establishments and continued the issuance of " Fair Bear " insignia to employers using student help who conformed to mini- mum standards set up by the Board. Welfare Council also exercised supervision over the Housing Board, which collected exhaustive information on available housing facilities for University students. Under George Gordon ' 40, the Board surveyed and class- ified campus boarding and rooming houses and was in- strumental in raising student living standards and easing the shortage of living accommodations. Late in the year, the Council embarked on a program of preventive medicine, designed to educate students in the use of precautionary means of maintaining good health. I LABOR BOARD Back Rcw: Atratsa, Btilmm. Giles. Dotey, Grar. Speed. Tart . Front Ro: Fistmm, Pttk, HOUSING BOARD Back DM: Kitahara. Lwwt. Ftnt, Htytn. Sharp. Ccttw. Brwra. MI. BnMa . HoritL ThM ROT: Gvta. dan. Elliv Minim. KehUnd. HnHI. due. H.m. Second ROT: Jwes. Ulin. HcArtar. Maritrfv, Hock, Mclntesh. Matbir. Fmt ROT: Martin, Millet. GjarUe. Kin. Curtis. Epsf--. ,itman Set ving a0 d rt tees ' ; as a con nee the He stude s { -- of stu dents t the O rv oi the {on .cuon- n JV5WV1M- 177 DEPUTATIONS COMMITTtE Fifth Row: Drr. McMurry, MacMichael. Lone, Farrell, Snydir J.. Wright, Schwartz, Schottky, Ward. McAnlifi. Wlwtrir. Ely. J Ely. B.. Moffitt. Fourtli Row: Tooby, Bolce, Goldmann. Goemw . Fraiici. Shelton. Ball, Wrioht, Reuler, Slater, Li, Suyb . S. Third Ron: Twohig, Harelson, McArtor, Barton, ftri. Sa-.kii. Portar, AUhticn, Dobrzensky, Roberts. Beckett. Mitrt, Mortem. Chambers. Belais, Dunlan. Second Row: Lindblad. Wolvertcn. Manktm. StMhlinf. Edwards, Nodder. Graier. Kruse. Oodds. Baxter, Hurley. Own. Humrill. Dodge. Livingston. First Row: Mackey. King. Fluetsch. Rcaers. Aflosti, Hikhmjn Scvtlcn, Chiichase, Paul. Mathewson. Norton. LaRve. Htpi. Tmman. The Executive Board yrams. FRANCES TURMAN Co-chairman . DEPUTATID1VS Acting as a good-will contact for the Uni- versity to secondary schools and the interested public, the Deputations and Public Relations Bureau has created the necessary means to furnish information of the University and its students. This year under the direction of John Dorr and Frances Turman, the Deputa- tions Committee was enlarged to include the Radio Commission, which provided a means of contact with the outside through an A. S. U. C. sponsored program on station KROW. An information bureau was established which collected and made available to everyone pertinent facts on all campus organizations, activities and traditions. One of the more important functional parts of Deputations, the Speakers School and Com- mittee made definite advancement this year in contacting a larger number of schools, in sending out speakers to civic clubs and socie- ties, and in sponsoring joint luncheons for high school students and faculty. Other groups within the Bureau were the entertainment, transportation, news, essay, visitations, service and social committees, whose chairmen work- ed together on an Executive Board. COMMITTEE 178 ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Elections Committee set up voting booths, counted and checked ballots of the general A. S. U. C. elections, class elections and as- sistant yell-leader selections. An additional dun was the management of straw votes held on current problems of campus and world- wide interest. In an attempt to expand the duties of the committee and make it a more efficient body, re - organization plans were drawn up by Howard Becker, chairman, and accepted by Executive Committee of the A. S. U. C. Affording an opportunity for students to meet one another informally, Mixer Dances were held every Thursday afternoon in the Men ' s Clubrooms of Stephen ' s Union. A com- mittee of six, w ith Bill Douglass as chairman, planned a specific theme for each dance and chose recordings appropriate to this theme. Selections of records were made from an ex- tensive library kept up to date and financed by the collection of a small admittance fee to the dances. Exceeding the number in attend- ance last year, an average of approximately one hundred and sixtv attended each week. MIXER DANCE COMMITTEE ONS COMMITTEE -I-W3H Storitt HfBW. Stand ' I Etken. Cue. Synwn, Ufct. WILLIAM DOUGLASS nun 179 SAM OSOFFSKY, II Chairman A.S.U.C. STORE BOARD To bring about a closer relationship between students and the Co-op store management, a Store Board and an A. S. U. C. Store Policy Com- mittee were formed by Executive Committee. Under Sam Osoffsky, II., the Store Board con- ducted a survey of used book prices which revea led that the Co-op matched the lowest prices and paid more for used books than off-campus establishments. In an effort to make the student store a true cooperative, several types of rebates were studied and plans laid before Finance Com- mittee for the adoption of the one best suited for the campus. STUDENT STORE BOARD Harris, Priestley, Hill, Segelia, Osoffsky, Hoisholt, Miner. STORE POLICY COMMITTEE Back Row: Priestley, Stone, Penry. Front Row: Osoffsky, Catoire, Roberts. Back Row: Cox, Ray, Dawson, Cooper, Beeman, Tatarian, Neustadt, Blum, Wood. Front Row: Read, Sirbu, Neuls, Carlton, Murdoch, Brady. ENGINEER ' S COUNCIL MARVIN SIRBU Chairman Organized with the intent of bringing to- gether students in the Colleges of Engineering, Mining and Chemistry, the Engineers ' Council is composed of seventeen members, representatives from the five student societies within these col- leges. Featured among the group ' s activities was a survey of the lighting system in the library, an Orientations Rally and the traditional Engineers ' Dance. 180 ALBERT HAMILTON A.S.I.C.PEAEE COMMITTEE In an attempt to bring the program of peace the fore, the Peace Committee, sponsored by A. S. U. C., invited speakers to the University and sponsored student discussions on issues of war and peace. One of the main objectives of the committee this year was to secure a student-controlled peace meeting with outside speakers. Although execu- tive committee and the administration approved of such a meeting, they did not authorize the dis- missal of classes during the hour. Back ROT: Cmidine. GlktfeM, Ir ha . Olson. Frmt ROT: HiiHn. Chairman: In the fall semester, an unauthorized peace committee poster was removed from the front of Eshleman Hall by members of the ROTC, causing a controversy between the two groups. The committee, composed of twelve members selected from the sophomore, junior and senior classes, was under the leadership of Al Hamilton until his resignation in February, when Norman Lowenstein was appointed to fill the vacancy. The University Y.M.C.A. has attempted to follow a program well suited for a college group in an effort to enrich the experience of men at the University of California. Under Orval Brunk, President, weekly groups were sponsored to provide a means for discussing problems pertinent to University men. Inter- racial meetings and the problem of delinquent .- children occupied a large part of the year ' s ac- tivities. Y. . C. A. CABINET : Filter, Stncnsn. MM. Pate. Lapp. Scrari Rw: HMrin. KMtr Bra . Ctair- ; Giles. Ductte. Frart RM: IMIin. Hcrster. KincaM. Taytar. HiUetrand. Akaaatsu. UMVEHSITY Y.M.E.A. 181 taM ' . nnt Kent Collings led the ASUC card sales committee in establishing a sales record as 11,200 cards were purchased this year. Final award for individual sales competi- tion was a Gold Card won by Tom Folsom, which entitled him to free admission to all campus events and a free copy of all campus publications. Among advertising stunts used by the committee was a " Cinderella Contest " , of- fering a free pair of shoes to the first women card holder who could be fitted. Climaxing publicity for the sales drive, activities entered representatives in a scooter race. A. S. U. C. CARD SALES COMMITTEE Back Row: Chan, Mew, Hepperie, Dawson, Folsom Codings, chair- man. Whitman, Bennett, Pickle. Third Row: Mehlert. Allen. Joyce, Hall, Clark. Ribley. Stuchberry. Barton, deGrassi, van der Bosch. Second Row: Jones, Maggenti, Lundgren. Baxter, Fullmer, Babasinian, H., Flynn, Babasinian, C. Front Row: Stough, MacKenzie. Wilding, Austin, Damon, Guild. Hawkins, Ryan. Bischoff. Nr- ' V % Nf , t e a ,s found V nd , f ro , We ' ! 182 For iiiintii sakes. fellows, get tf the dine! n ' s orchestra presents one of their concerts. Prytanean entertains neophytes at a seai-annual initiaticn baaquet t slide-rules for wenches. Metropolitan newspapers please note where are " your " conunists? Jitterbugs show their stuff at an Assembly Dance. Delta Chi Alpha holds a fashion show in Stephens Union. Band and student body men en masse to the Big Game Rally. I 83 y WDMEIV S ACTIVITY CDIMIL PATRICIA WACHOB ASUC Women ' s Representative Uniting all women ' s activities, the Activity Council was headed by Patricia Wachob, A. S. U. C. Women ' s Representa- tive. To answer ob jections raised against house rules this year by two entering women students, the Council sponsored a sorority and dormitory presidents ' dinner to consider possible changes in the existing rules. Discussion at this dinner resulted in changing the rules to a set of Standards of Conduct applic- able to all women students. The Council recognized Spurs as a sophomore women ' s activity honor society, helped set up its admission requirements and aided with other details of its organization. Women ' s Executive Board formulates plans and policies for the Council. Representation on the Council was granted this year to Spurs, Utrimque, Women ' s Rally Committee, Women ' s Or- chestra, and the American Student Union. In the spring semester, a dinner was given for all sorority and dormitory activity chairmen where plans were made for an activity scavenger hunt as a means of acquainting sorority and fraternity freshmen with the A. S. U. C. Other events sponsored by the Council were the Junior Recognition Dinner, and the annual Wome n ' s Appointments Banquet. 186 A_ J?S KTTf. BARNARD LOUANNE BARTLETT ELIZABETH BERRYHILL FLORENCE BROWN PHYLLIS BROWN RUTH CHUE BILLIE COLEMAN k , URBARA THANE LAURA TITUS FRANCES TURMAN A GAIL WAGENET E1_A!NE AEST BEVERLEY WICKLER IRMGARD WOLF WOMEN ' S ORIENTATIONS WOMEN ' S ORIENTATIONS EXECUTIVE BOARD Back Row: Ikeila. Livingston, Bischoff. Winter. Marsh, White. Front Row: Wilding, Barker, Foster, Taber, Crossfield, Pugh, Parrish. GROUP SYSTEM COMMITTEE HEADS Clow, Delagnes, Ramee, Reichel, Phelan. GHDUP SYSTEM NANCY TABER, Chairman Women ' s Orientations BETTY FOSTER, Chairman Discussion Groups To orient new women students to camp- us life, Women ' s Counseling and Discus- sions were combined this year to form the Women ' s Orientations Committee. During registration four hundred counselors, un- der Chairman Nancy Taber, met incoming women to help them with the problems of their first few days at the University. Throughout the semester, in small weekly groups arranged by Betty Foster, first year women met to discuss such subjects as campus traditions and activities, and ef- fective study methods. Group System provides a means of bring- ing together socially women whose inter- ests are similar. The organization is flex- ible so that groups may vary from semester to semester to meet the changes in women ' s activities and hobbies. This year, under General Chairman Gail Wagenet, luncheons, parties, and dances were given within each group. Groups met together several times during the year, and planned two large social affairs for the entire Group System. GAIL WAGENET, Chairman Group System 188 AGNES MAHONEY. Chairman Vocational Guidance At luncheons given periodically through- out the year, women students were helped to plan their future vocations by guest speakers who discussed opportunities in various fields. The Vocational Guidance Committee, in conjunction with Alice G. Hoyt, Assistant Dean of Women, increased the reliable vocational information available to women students by the use of files in the Women ' s Clubrooms in Stephens Union. Under Agnes Mahoney, Vocational Guidance has widened its activities and proved to be of aid to University women. Acting as a secretarial committee for all A. S. U. C. activities and as an information bureau for women ' s groups, the Personnel Committee under Chairman Olga Siska did office work for campus organizations, class committees, and A. S. U. C. officers. Per- sonnel kept a complete record of individual activity participation, and filed information concerning clubs, sororities, fraternities, and activities in order to guide students into those phases of college life in which they were most interested. OLGA SISKA. Chairman Personnel 5 VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE Back Row: Seel is, Cohen, Mahoney. Romanov, Libbey. Front Row: Duhme, Murphy, Robinson, Ayrault, Ogburn. Haden. WOMEN ' S PERSONNEL Back Row: Cohen, Christie. Johnson, Parrish, Hayne, Blanckenburg. Dygert. Arata, Sale. Fourth Row: Lyman, Henck, A., Henry, Berg. Hopper, Patterson. Murphy. P.. Henck, C., Murphy, E., Dcwd. Third Row: jolly, Rogers, Marsh, rioyt, McConnell. Mosley, Pritchard, Smethers, Dumond, Duns. Second Row: O ' Neill, Barkley, Murphy, M., Nims, Blake, Botyer, Symon, Barlow, Coe, Payne. Front Row: Gould, Bolin, Wilson, Ashley, Siska. Gaddis, Morabe, Guillou. PERSONNEL 189 RECEPTION COMMITTEE Fourth Row: Anderson, Ashe, Ellsworth, Cox, Else, Israel, Elberg, Dittman. Third Row: Ribley, Milanese, Cuenin, Wilding, J., Wilding, B., Kenyon, Crampton, Nickerson, Conner. Second Row: MacMillan, Claxton, Nims, Kennedy, Plunkett, Babasinian, Navone, Guyot. First Row: Barlow, Glasson, Medina, Gale, Rogers, Moore, Kelley, Lie, Payne. HARRIET PLUNKETT, Chairman Reception Committee ELEANOR GADDIS, Chairman Women ' s Rally Committee WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE Back Row: Porter, Wachob, Shingle, Higgins, LaRue, Yelland. Winton. Third Row: McCallan, LcRoy, Blair, Doerr, Jacobs, Graham, Saam. Second Row: Holden, McHenry. Grant, Jones, Barton, Kinzie. Front Row: Gaddis, Turner, Lindley, Cox, Piper. RECEPTION COMMITTEE The A. S. U. C. Social and Hostess Com- mittees were combined to form the Recep- tion Committee, with the purpose of acting as a service organization by giving informal teas at which University women could be- come acquainted with each other and with faculty members. Students and faculty, chosen at random from the directory, were invited to tea in the clubrooms of Stephens Union twice each month. The Reception Committee, under Chair- man Harriet Plunkett, consisted of sub- committees which made arrangements for the teas, and a daily tea committee whose members served tea to women bringing their lunch to the Stephens Union club- rooms. For the first time in the history of the University, a Women ' s Rally Committee was active on campus this year. Headed by Eleanor Gaddis in the fall, and Betty Grant in the spring, members of the com- mittee sold pom-poms at football games and helped the Men ' s Rally Committee set up card stunts. The women also aided in planning rally entertainment and skits. Throughout the year, the Men ' s and Wo- men ' s Committees held joint weekly lunch- eons to discuss plans for rallies and games. Sophomore, junior and senior women were eligible for service on the committee and were appointed by the chairman and Pat Wachob, A. S. U. C. Women ' s Repre- sentative. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE W D M E IV ' S ORCHESTRA Organized to promote musical interest among women students, the forty members of the Women ' s Orchestra under the leader- ship of Byron Wilson, former A. S. U. C. band leader, presented many fine concerts during the year. Senio r Manager RuthChue arranged engagements for the group, which included a program at the A.S.U.C. Faculty Tea, a concert given for the Y. W. C. A. music hour, and the Winter Concert given in conjunction with Treble Clef. Several Sunday afternoon performances at Wheeler Auditorium were planned for the spring semester. Women ' s Orchestra has provided a stim- ulus for University women in the finer phases of music. WOMEN ' S ORCHESTRA Back Row: Cook, Lyman. Stys. Bower. Foreman, Henrichs. Welch. Chue. Second Row: Waddell. Phelan. M., Beaton, Frederickson. Kako. Ewers. Ryan. Front Row: Wilson, director, Egilbert, Farrar, Hawkins, Zinn, Phelan, V. RUTH CHUE. Manager Women ' s Orchestra This year, the Young Women ' s Christian Association celebrated a Golden Jubilee and fifty years of service to the women of the University of California. In these fifty years, the " Y " has stimulated a better under- standing among women students of all races and creeds by providing opportuni- ties for independent thought and discus- sion. In the desire to realize a full and creative life, emphasis was laid on religion, race relations, economics, and peace. Divided into the International and the Community Service Departments, the work of the Y. W. C. A. was under the super- vision of President Florence Brown, aided by an elected executive committee. Y. W. C. A. FLORENCE BROWN. Chairman Y. W. C. A. Y. W. C. A. CABINET Back Row: Hoagland. Bush. Hook, Barker, Duckies, Appenzeller. Third Row: Lyman, MacKenzie, Bartlett, Langheldt. Brown. M.. Challoner, Ayer. Second Row: Gaddis, Grant, Bjorge, Benson. Elrgidge, Sherman. Front Row: Nakata, Graies. Waybur. Brown, F., Gray, Geballe. Wheeler. 191 The Women ' s Athletic Association, with over one thousand members who participate in its huge sports program, is the largest wo- men ' s activity on the campus and was headed by Kay Gross. Included among outstanding features of the year was the week-long ski camp held in the Sierras during the Christmas holidays. At the High School Sports Day, W. A. A. members were hostesses to Bay Re- gion high school girls. Highlighting the entire W. A. A. sports year, the three day conference of the Athletic Federation of College Women was held on the Berkeley campus in April. This associa- tion has a membership of approximately two hundred and forty women throughout the United States and holds meetings every two years. The main speakers at the conference were Dr. Roselyn Cassidy of Mills College and two members of the California faculty, Miss Louise Cobb, W. A. A. Advisor and Supervisor of Physical Education for Women, and Miss Violet Marshall, Chairman of the Department of Physical Education for Wo- men. Discussions during the conference centered around standards of athletics for women, means of acquainting college women with these standards, and what the college woman could do in her community with regard to recreation. As the convention took place dur- ing the annual field week, color was added to the program by a horse show and a water pageant. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD Second Row: Greene, Catton, Hoisholt, Hawkins, Barry, Oakley. First Row: Sellinger, Moore, Brown, Maddox, Lynch. W. A. A. COUNCIL Back Row: Yeager, Hoisholt, Chapman, Shea, Egan, Finlay, Henck. Second Row: Hennessey. Matteson, Jordan, Brownlie, Schieffer, Pepper. Front Row: Nelson, Daniels, Connick, Cobb, Van Deventer. Kinkel, Gross. W. A. A. MANAGERS Back Row: Yeager. Hoisholt. Chapman, Shea. Egan. Second Row: Hennessey. Matteson, Jordan, Brownlie, Schieffer. Front Row: Nelson, Daniels, Connick, Van Deventer, Kinkel. Hockey, sailing and tennis are only a few of the sports offered to women students. 194 195 p Jj CHARLES H. RAYMOND Professor of Journalism FRED C. FISCHER Director of Publications PUBLICATIONS Constituting the executive committee of publications, the Senior heads of Blue and Gold, Daily Californian, Pelican, California Engineer, Grizzly, and Advertising Service Bureau formed an energetic Publications Council for 1938- 39- The Council guided the policies and programs of the publications and served to co-ordinate the activities of Eshle- man Hall. Through their representative on Executive Com- mittee, Publications put through a resolution making a C average compulsory for all students participating in publi- cations. Continuing their annual practice, the Council gave approximately sixty fiction and non-fiction books for the shelves of Eshleman Library. Under Robert Lesser and Don Stone, fall and spring chairmen, the Council sponsored a Publications Ball at the Hotel Oakland in October and a Barn Dance in February for members of all staffs. Fred Fischer and Don Stofle cooked and served their famous dinners to bring senior heads of publications together. During the year, the work of each publication was super- vised by Professor Charles Raymond, head of the Journalism Department, and Fred C. Fischer, Director of Publications. The latter acted in an advisory capacity, budgeted the funds of the publications, and sat on the Council. The two men served as connecting links between administrative and student interests in journalism. Publications Ball bartenders serve inmates of Eshleman Hall. 198 I x x X T staf MBbers relax at their anal ML PUBLICATIONS C L IV C I L 199 BRILSFORD P. FLINT Editor BLUE AND GOLD JUNIOR EDITORS Back Row: Rankin, McNutt, O ' Connor. Front Row: Livingston, Lang- heldt, Crossfield. Wadsworth. 1939 BLUE Publishing the largest yearbook in the United States, the Blue and Gold Editorial Staff kept in step with campus activities and fulfilled its purpose of compiling a complete and enduring portrayal of the year ' s events. Lonie Bee, staff artist, and John Black, staff photographer, provided Brils- ford Flint and Bette Barnard, Editor and Women ' s Editor, with professional advice. Feeling that too much emphasis has been placed in past years on themes which had no direct bearing on college life, an attempt was made to publish a book more truly repre- sentative of the campus. The recent trend of presenting ma- terial in pictorial form with a minimum of copy was fol- lowed so that the book might be interesting and alive. A " University at the Exposition " section, with the Golden Artist Lonie Bet draws division pages in his San Francisco studio. Editorial staff sorts sorority pictures in preparation for the house pages. Sophomjre women mount the pictures for the honor society section. GDI Gate International Exposition as its background, and sections composed of the most prominent members of the faculty and the history of the University are among new material intro- duced in this sixty-sixth volume. More extensive use of color, artwork and photographs has also marked the design of the 1939 book. Humorous four- color division inserts and cartoon bears drawn by artist Lonie Bee, attempt to depict the spirit of California life. Under the senior editors, seven junior editors directed the work of the largest sophomore staff on record. Reception work in the Blue and Gold studio, copy writing, and general office work occupied most of the staffs time. BETTE BARNARD ft Edit BLUE AND GOLD SOPHO- MORE EDITORS Back ROT: VMf, Rutland. Fun- tan. ROTth, Wiktaun, Tartar, Radriwo. Fwrtt ROT: Rik- stom. Bct|. Grow, Hitch, tahttson. Cortner. iette. Third Row: Swift Ccyle. UthL Orts, Kewaly. Clirke. i9 Sccnd ROT: Cottle, wwd. to. Craif, Hall, . FiOTl ROT: Cillister. in. Bracket! Yafee, Lewis Ratkkm, Fitch. !h Bi-ie i-z EOT! su ' -sii.ts .f i tx 2: js:-v-r. ROBERT P. LESSER Manager 1939 BLUE Making bigger and better sales drives more interesting and appealing was the primary aim of this year ' s managerial staff which worked in full cooperation with its senior man- agers, Robert Lesser and Jeanette Lucas. Unique advertising material was furnished by the " Mystery Man from Australia " , who after weeks of suspense turned out to be a handsome gentleman lamb and had to endure the petting and teasing of inquisitive students during the week he appeared on display in Eshleman Court. In the spring, advertising centered around the " Hispana-Mercedes Swish " , an " extra-special " car which was offered as a prize to the winner of an imitation contest open to those who had purchased Blue and Gold assessments. Contests aided by poster and extensive advertising resulted VUlfEZE BUY A ALUE L, GOLD JUNIOR MANAGERS Back Row: Thomas, Lit tanner. Front Row: Hall Wilkinson, Elster. Moore Badt. Soph salesmen heckle passers-by in Eshleman Court. Managers relax from " tedious " work with a dinner dance. Engravers work on Blue and Gold ' s four-color division sheets AND GDI in the largest returns ever recorded in the books of the managerial staff. The increase in funds realized from the sales made possible the publication of a more elaborate book than has been produced in recent years. The activities of the staff afforded members an excellent training in the handling of accounts, filing of sales, and in the technique of selling. Working under six junior man- agers, the sophomore staff carried on the actual sales drives and were given instructions in weekly meetings. Individual competition amo ng sophomores for the highest number of sales enlivened assessment drives. The Art staff, an innova- tion in the Blue and Gold managerial work, supplied all of the an used in publicizing the fall and spring sales drives of Blue and Gold. JEANETTE LUCAS Women ' s Manager SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Bac. Re. Shattuu Schwartz. Ijleheart Pray. Maciill. Elbert. Scott. Golden. Second Rcw: McArtor. Fain. Piper. Tramntini. Tittswortfc, McGlynn. SUB. Lpun. Front Row: Martins. Allen, Fort. Taylor. Phillies. VacLadilan. Robertson, Soph editors art pictures is part of ofee work. Copper halftones i-e T.KI frs j-ij ' car meets an ontinely fate. Reporters rush copy to meet the 4 o ' clock dead! noht staff writes headlines for storie copy is set in type and proofs are made for correction. . Liberalism and social consciousness supple- mented the reporting of routine affairs in the Daily Californian polio, of 1938-39. In the fall, Norman Canright attempted to mold campus opinion into concrete form by maintaining a liberal policy and a " world-consciousness " in the make-up of his paper and by taking definite stands on campus issues. The Spanish war, migratory labor, shipping strikes, and the President ' s activities furnished material for the paper and made students alert to the fact that they are an integral part of a world society. The eternal conflict over the appropriate- ness of the Alma Mater ' s hymn, Corrigan ' s visit, and athletic events all contributed their share of news. Taking a liberal stand on world, local, and Uni- versity problems, the editorial page of the spring semester was typified by articles written in a serious JAMES POOL Editor, Sprinj vein. James VT. Pool ' s editorials were more to the right than his predecessor ' s, and he divided his attention between world and campus conflicts. Editorials concerning immediate campus problems discussed the controversies over step-rallies, peace meetings, and enfranchisement of non-ASUC card holders. prMv tacks toyed type in a " fn " . . . . is ready for distribution in Eshlenun Court PEGGY SCHUSTER Women ' s Editor, Fall BILLIE COLEMAN Women ' s Editor, Spring VIRGINIA WINKELMAN Assistant Women ' s Editor, Spring Proof that University students of today are wide-awake to world events was reflected in columns and editorials of the Daily Californian. Renwick Smedberg ' s " Notes on the News " summarized current events for hurried readers. Perennial favorite, " The Californiac " , was changed by Billie Coleman from its traditional witty sarcasm to a serious interest in political and economic affairs and t effects on society as a whole. Joseph Schoeninger acted an art critic, and his comments caused a great deal of con- troversy which manifested itself in the " Ice Box " , the Cali- fornian ' s cooling unit for c onflicts. " Campus " appeared in the spring as a bi-monthly sup- plement to the Daily Californian. This eight-page addition was a pioneer step in college journalism, and gave readers access to news on foreign affairs, science, education, fine arts, and University events. Not to be outdone by the pub- lication of a unique Big Game Edition in the fall, the spring staff published a special issue, designed as a souvenir edition for the opening of the Golden Gate International Exposition. 206 SOPHOMORE EDITORS Back Rcw: Orr, deGrassi, Vance, Hamilton. Altman, Bell, Tackle, Kenney. Second Row: Jones, Reeves, Mathewson, Hansen. Halen, Duhring. Front Row: Wells. Hubber, Henderson, Jepson, Melville. Siegel. Under Dick Kelly, Sports Editor, the Californian sports staff covered all phases of athletic activity that occurred dur- ing 1938-1939. Emphasis was placed on intercollegiate con- tests, but articles were also included which allowed sports fans to follow national athletics. " Claw Marks " , the feature sports column, informally discussed the various sports and the personalities of the coaches and players. Following the greatest hobby of sport fans, Kelly used this column to make predictions and to speculate on athletic contests. Campus organization con- tests were reviewed daily in the " Intramural Parade " . RICHARD KELLY Daily Californian Sports Editor SPORTS STAFF Back Row: Facci, Ct :: - Harris. Second Row Lee. Jones. Wendel. Kelly. V son. First Row: Hard : Wsda. Cohn. Blewer. Hi : ART STAFF Back Row: Corlett. Arbuth- not. Green, Rice. Front Ron: Hamey. Suits, Waters, Talbot. Collins. 207 DAILY CALIFORIVra EDWIN STREIT Manager, Fall RANEY REID Manager, Spring ROBERT WATTRON Assistant Manager, Spring Problems of budgeting and costs of publishing the Daily Californian were the main consideration of the Managerial Staff. In the intensive weekly skull sessions, members of the staff learned from Edwin Streit and Raney Reid, fall and spring man- agers, and Charles Kalen, advertising manager, the art of contacting local and national advertisers and selling space to them. From the Juniors, the staff received instructions for work to be undertaken. The freshmen and sophomore staffs were respon- sible for the distribution of the paper every day at various points on the campus. Working on a com- mission basis, the staff sold all the advertisements appearing in the Californian. The Managerial Staff undertook a special task this year by making arrangements for mailing to students ' and graduates ' homes all over the world the Big Game and Fair issues of the Daily Californian. JUNIOR MANAGERS Left to Right: Grant, Wattron, Waterman, Eckley. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Rcw: He-well. Rea, Petersmeyer. Front Row: Smith. Winans, Fowler. CHARLES-JOHN KALEN Advertising Manager, Spring JEANNE OVER VI RE BT, Fall LOIS SHERBIN f :: -: Uttain, A., niu E.. SMfeU. Atte. ! !. . Shinite. Sattk. Item. S few, Keriz. Fraat Rot: L ItM ROT: DaL Campbell. : ItafcH, hqr. Skiwo-. Hoard. " ; r -. : ; : : - - . - - : ADVE RTI S IN G SERVICE BUREAU Advertising Service Bureau served as an agency for all the advertising used in publications. The staff gained excellent experi- ence by writing advertising copy for the Daily Californian, Peli- can, California Engineer, Little Theatre, and Grizzly. Members of Advertising Service Bureau conducted publicity research and sur- veys for business concerns who had no advertising agencies of their own. Local and national advertisers were contacted for ads, and lay-outs were drawn by the staff for the various publications. Under Jeanne Overmire and Lois Sherwin, Fall and Spring Managers, twenty standing accounts were maintained and kept in good order. The Art Staff, supervised by Edith Gaylord, drew posters for class and ASUC activity publicity and did the an work for much of the advertising copy. Satirically humorous and liberally inclined, the California Pelican carried away high honors as a top comic college maga- zine. Under Bernard Taper and Don Stofle, fall and spring editors, " Pelly " won first place again this last year in competi- tion with the publications of major colleges belonging to the National Association of College Comics. Roberta MacDonald " Tore the lid off " many staid California institutions, while " Between Classes " and take-offs on political and campus issues displayed " Felly ' s " social consciousness and awareness of society ' s problems. Alec Yuill-Thornton was the driving force of the Art staff and his illustrations added punch to prize- winning Pelicans. Twer Hilby " manages " to get along. Yuill-Thornton seeks inspiration for a Pelly cover EDITORIAL BOARD Back Rcw: Wallace. W., Law, Yuill-Thornton, Bresler, Corlett. Front Rcw: Schlesinger, Stanford, Wallace K., Taper, Stofle. 210 WARNER LAW Assistant Editor, Spring UK, - 1U.IAM JAMES . Fill HAVER HI LBV Sorin, Capacity crowds at Fashion shows necessitated the use of heeler Auditorium for the first time in history. High- lighting the fall fashion shows, directed by Marie Godt. was a beauty contest ending in the selection of Nancy Burton as " Miss Pelly " 42 " . The opening of the Fair provided Lois Smith, spring director, with a theme for the big spring fashion show which displayed the proper thing to wear while roaming around the Exposition at Treasure Island. To fulfill a 25 1 increase in demand for Pelicans, the man- agerial staff, under William James and Traver Hilby, fall and spring managers, was enlarged to include eight sophomore managers who worked in conjunction with the women ' s staff. Artists taim Ktcrt to ui Pclly Silts. ARNOLD MELLON Assistant Mmnn . Spring VANiGERIAL STAFF TmMy. Lipsett. Front Row. Janes. Kilbom. McCtat Mellon. Hilby. 21 P E L I C A M WOMEN ' S STAFF MARIE GODT Women ' s Director, Fall LOIS SMITH Women ' s Director, Spring Back Row: Cotton, Hanna, Scliif- ferle, Paxton, Wollert, Wads- worth, Dalton, White, Frost. Baxter. Standley. Fifth Row: Powell, Eaton. Howard. Nicholls. Gillett, Langley, Cushman. Har- ford, Sargent. Patterson. Fourth Row: Cochrane, McKee, Graven, Bernstein. Hamilton, Foster, Kerchum, LeRoy, Gardella, Cop- pock, Douglas. Third Row: Bruen, Burton, Cate, Jamison, Colbert. Carey. Ames, Snyder. Roberts. Carter, Garges, Benoit. Second Row: James, Myers, Burnham. Hazlett. Jackson. Spilman. Jes- sup, Lewis, Hurley, Burns, Poage, Koch, Tarr. Front Row: Ayrault. Duhme. Smith, Godt. Hayward, Austin, Young, Ham- mond, Hill, Lytle, Fowler, McMullin. Whitehead, Feyen. " Pelly Queens " heckle the student body on sales days Correct attire is shown by Pelly womci at Faculty Glade fashion shows. RALPH NELSON Etta GEORGE COOPER ' ' ; ::; CALIFORNIA ENGINEER Designed primarily for a student group seldom represented on campus, the Cali- fornia Engineer offered a semi-technical magazine to appeal not only to students in the Colleges of Engineering and Mining, but to the general public as well. In one of the issues, particular emphasis was laid on describing the cyclotron, the " atom- smashing machine " which was discovered and is housed on this campus. A complete explanation of this machine ' s history and operation was published. Special attention was paid in the February issue to the technical aspects of the Fair. Graduates from all over the world wrote articles for The Engineer. Ralph E. Nelson, Editor, in conjunction with the judges, awarded cups to student authors who wrote winning essays on personal experiences in engineering. Janet Bonstin and Mary Kirk handled the office work and George Cooper directed sales. JMET BONSTIN HMOI ' S Direct Fall MARY KIRK ten ' s Di TfcW ROT: . Altar. Bmktartt Vrsa, Hotqvist Kellnw. Rvsten, Bamtt, Eater, Owe, Bnnf, NHsM mit Marianj. Barlcw. Kn r. Cnfts. Fmit Rr: Dam, KM, Bnsti . Dam, Brtto, Glam. 1 RICHARD HURWITZ Manager, Fall JEANNE EASTMAN Editor, Fall BELLEVERNON PECK Editor, Spring MATTHEW MOORE Manager, Spring GRIZZLY Realizing the need for a literary magazine, the California Grizzly was organized a year ago to create experimental grounds for student writers. The articles contributed by students were constructively criticized for content and style by the editorial com- mittee. The editorial board acted in an advisory capacity to the editors, Jeanne Eastman % and Bellevernon Peck, but final decisions on the choice of articles to be printed were left in the editors ' hands. Following the liberal trend in most campus publications, the student writers satirized present political and social problems. Original poetry and material furnished by several prominent members of the faculty added to the appeal of the magazine. Appearing twice during the year, the Grizzly issued approximately 5,000 copies, a record which shows the highest circulation of any magazine of its type in the country. Richard Hurwitz and Matthew Moore, supported by the managerial staff, built up the circulation and advertising to a high point during the year. Bick Row: Renstron, McKay, Yuiil-Thcrnton, Hurwitz, Goodhue, Williams, Gabbert, Echols. Fifth Row: Brosemer, Dougherty, Richter. Boiingdon, Falk. Wiley, Rowe, Dam ' s, Allan, Westing. Fourth Row: Wird, Reates, Barnett, Newman, Htlnun. DeFremery, Osborn, Boynton, McVeigh, third Row: Hail, Solley, Hiden, Butler, Spicer, Lanctot, Blum, Jack, Brady, Dement. Second Row: Stearns, Gettemy, Oaiis. Kneeshaw, Cert, McElrath. Front Row: Peck, Whetstone, Gross, Blumenthal, Johnson, Fiedler, Rasmussen, Lose . 214 Stfliers read through student manuscripts to pick the best lor publ HIGH SCHOOL PRESS CONVEKTIOiV Attempting to acquaint high school and junior college students with the intricacies of college journalism, the honorary journal- istic and advertising societies sponsored a Press Convention in November and another in March. In the fall, the Convention was organized into a " College of Publications " with " courses of instruction " led by senior heads of publications to bring high school visitors from the Bay region information about the publications. In the spring, the three-day Convention was opened to students from all over the state and was enlarged to include a Matrix Dinner and Convention Dance supplementing the " courses of instruction " . Hiflk sdml editors larticiiutt in " iwri taktes College ' students relax fcehwen classes vrth dancini. Defefrtts attend a class at the Code of Publications Studest and professional jmriulists speak at a ' -- Internatmu: Williaa S. Kellow. President of the I Publishers ' assiciation. iptils at " 215 Q Q Q f i COLONEL ELVID P. HUNT Professor of Milii.ny Science and Tactics. Climaxing fifteen weeks of intensive- drill during each semester, military activity was brought to a close by the presentation of the traditional President ' s Reviews in V H which the entire ROTC personnel partici- pated. With Coast Artillery, Infantry, Signal Corps, Ordnance, Engineer and Naval units represented, Vice-president Monroe E. Deutsch reviewed the fall cere- monies in the absence of President Sproul. Guests of honor at the fall review were one hundred and twenty-five delegates from seventy-seven universities all over the ited States a ttending the national con- tion of Scabbard and Blade, military society, which was held at California first time this year. In the evening ' Ut-of-state guests were honored at a dance at the St. Francis Hotel. During the spring semester, Scabbard Blade presented the 67th University Military Ball, one of the highlights of the W campus social season. Guests at the occa- sion and participating in the ceremonies were many dignitaries from army, navy and civilian or : he anc 218 II II Presentation of Colors. Scabbard and Blade convention delegates review the California units. Guests at the Military Ball watch the ceremonies from box seats. " Eyes RIGHT! Gun crews practice firing with dMOwy COAST ARTILLERY INSTRUCTORS Back Kan: Tucker. Pfcter. Biega. Th:nrnon. Front Rm: Brily. O ' Brien. Cassidy CDAST ARTILLERY Since 1924, the Coast Artillery Unit has been an important factor in military training at the Univer- sity. Second largest of the University ' s ROTC units, the department has been commended in army jour- nals for its progressive methods of training, which include the use of mechanical equipment compar- able to that used by the regular army. At the annual summer camp, upper division men from California received six weeks of actual artil- lery experience at Fort Winfield Scott with cadets from Washington, UCLA, and Utah State. This year, artillerymen formed a new society, California Cannoneers, to promote social and edu- cational activity among members of the unit. FIRST BATTALION CADET OFFICERS Back Rw: Harding, Ray. CMMOII. Smith. Barker. Write, McDanicl. Kotok. iartk ROT: Ftooni . Hawoood. Falconer. Scett Pinscn. Witt MeKet Third ROT: Benedict, MacKcuzie, fi |l H p , Schnrifer, MnstM, Cmrt Second ROT: DeKirky, MaldMadi. Janes Hint, Sirbu, Tracy. Front ROT: McDonald. Hyntaan, WtM. SECOND BATTALION CADET OFFICERS Back Row: Pryw, Cayot. Siaoosw. Bail, Lawrence. Srhultt. Cleland. Lanfhaa. Fourth Row. Ayers. Pifcar. Mink. Peck. Brady. Roberts. Puck. Third Row: Capoeelli. Dim. Aronson. Etans. May. Lee. McGinn. Packer. Sexnd Rcw: Burge. Gmrdin. Lakness, Arata, Birkholn, Payne. Front ROT: Grant Fowfcr. Maker, Waterman, Friewridi. INFANTRY Composed of 1400 of the University ' s ROTC enrollment of 2500 men, the In- fantry unit is larger than all other units combined and has long held first place on this campus for the number of men enlisted. During the summer, the annual six-week camp for upper division infantry men was held at the Presidio of Monterey in con- junction with ROTC units from other western universities. FIRST BATTALION CADET OFFICERS Back Row: Schwartz. M.. Roberts, Brokaw. Cchen. Barnett, Nash. Bu Simpson. Fouith Rcw: Rcuth. Hushheck. Schmidt. Farleey. llyian, Levin, Schacht, Nakashima. Third Row: Craghi Jacques. Ba:banell, Mulfcrd, Huston. Wilson, Odell. Second Rtw: Hamilton. Hankin, Prien, Clark. Vivrette. Johnsi Crcsby, Stutt. Frcnt Rcw: Schwartz, H.. Jcnes, Kamena. Taylor. B., Niwscm, Meier. Taylor, D. FECOND BATTALION CADET OFFICERS Back Rcw: Fulmer, West, Leaver, O ' Hara, Beaty. Cummins, Rabjotin. Third Row: Peck, Rothi, Murphy, Rufener, Prati, Delameter. Second Row: Jenkins, Prentiss. Duncan, Wiedman, Wood. Valtakis. Frcnt Rcw: Amonette. Bowes. Driggers, Spott, Neuwirth. INSTRUCTORS Front Row: Gill, Doe. Galliett. Hollmgsworth, Devore. Below, Right: Delegates to the national Scabbard and Blade convention attend luncheon in Stephens Union. Below. Left: Scabbard and Blade pledging ceremonies take place at the Military Ball. THIRD BATTALION CADET OFFICERS Back Rcw: Taylcr, Bucklin, Hurwitz. Kilgore. Thompson. Fourth F Boyce. Brown, Jordan, Stewart. Bcone, Colussi. Arner. Third Row: Picco, Graham, Fowler. Matthew. Harris. Hansel e:ond Rcw: Hadley. Kennedy, Hatch, Biggs. Dever. Front Row: Litschke. Dickey, Major Galliett. DeRoy. Hammer. SIGNAL CORPS Radio tranwission sets arc set up in CADET OFFICERS Back Row: Cox. Griorshaw. Hiran. Enrin, Kohkr. Hansoi. Fifth Rev: Tiffany. Austin. Rarer, BenoinfhaB, MaryatL Fwrth ROT: Wollert, Pnss. Edwards. Horta. Kierulf. Greta. Hurt ROT: Canoichael. Parry. Ofer- ann, Varney, Conrad. Buck. Read. Second Row: Dunn. Roush. Thursten. Heck. Van Lcewen. Front ROT: Barton. LCTa.Willson.Woc4. Gnkaoj, HutL In addition to field radio transmitters and receivers, the Signal Corps has been operating its own short wave radio station, W6LYL. This equipment has aided the unit in training electrical engineering students in the principles and practices of military communications. Supplementing university classes, upper division men received summer training at Fort Lewis, Washington. Signal Corps (aerates its own radio station. ORDNANCE UNIT Back Row: Swift, Bell, Chenea, Thrall, Ross, Dimpfl. Fourth Row: Grinnell, Deason, Curtis, Simons, Kellogg, Savage. Third Row: Brumbaugh, Harrington, Blum, Calkins, Delu. Second Row: Brackett, Thompson, O ' Donnell, Driggers, Taber, Wood. Front Rcw: Captain 0. M. Jank. Keeping pace with rapid developments in modern armaments, the Ordnance unit specializes in training men in the handling and maintenance of military sup- plies and artillery. Joining the Signal Corps, the Ord- nance upper division men went to Fort Lewis, Wash- ington, last year for the annual six-week summer en- campment required of all prospective reserve officers. M limn i i:i: The unit passes in review. The Engineer Unit is presented with a guidon at its inauguration. Newest of the University ' s ROTC branches, the Engineers unit was installed this year to offer engi- neering students the opportunity to apply their train- ing to army problems. At a special review in the fall semester, the unit was officially inaugurated with the presentation of its guidon by Col. G. H. Canfield of the 316th Reserve Engineers. UPPER DIVISION AND OFFICERS OF ENGINEER CORPS Back Row: Weeks, Berger, McCain, Taylor. Carpenter, Gibson, Smith. Dannenberg, Gocdhue. Front Row: Gianelli. Bartlett, 1st Lieut.; Ogilvie, Cortelyou, Marliave. Schultz, Capt. Gilland. Good. 222 NAVAL UNIT The University ' s Naval Unit occupies a unique position due to the fact that there are only seven other such student ROTC groups in the United States. Commanded by Captain C. E. Van Hook, the California unit is com- posed of nearly three hundred men and stu- dent officers. In addition to their excellent military record, resulting from rigid entrance requirements, the unit is well known for its ' active participation in intramural sports, with the Navy team winning several titles in the American League competition The biggest social events of the Navy year were the semi-annual Quarterdeck Formals, held at the Officers ' Country Club on Mare Island during the fall and spring semesters. Many prominent military and naval officials were present and participated in the cere- monies. CAPTAIN C. E. VAN HOOK Commander, Naval Unit NAVY PROFESSORS Ray, Galpin, Van Hook, Alfcrd. Cooke, Miller. The Navy and Army units combine to present the traditional President ' s Review ' . CiMti rtine i: sis tne P-w:e . s Rt ? On Navy Day, the Army and Navy units of the ROTC joined in staging one of the biggest reviews of the year. Rear Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, commander of Battleship Division One, and well-known on this campus as the first Professor of Naval Science and Tactics, was honored with other naval officials. High spots of the four-year course for embryo reserve officers are the annual summer cruises. Held in conjunction with the naval unit at the University of Washington, this year ' s cruises were made to Alaska and to the Hawaiian Islands on ships of the regular U. S. fleet. 2?5 1 fllt I CHARLES MESAK Manager MARY MERRILL Women ' s Manager FRED C .FISCHER Graduate Manager EDWIN DUERR Director EVERETT GLASS Guest Director, Fall 228 LITTLE THEATRE Diversity was the main characteristic of the 1938-1939 Little Theatre season. Every type of play was presented dur- ing the year as an unusually active and hard-working Little Theatre group, headed by Charles Mesak and Mary Merrill, tried to please the many dramatic tastes of the campus. A veteran director of professional and amateur groups both here and in the east, Everett Glass was Guest Director of Little Theatre without a Theatre during the fall semester. Mr. Glass directed the production of three plays, the first of which was " Murder in the Cathedral " , a religious allegory successfully transformed into moving drama by the use of music and choral backgrounds. " Rain From Heaven " , a con- temporary drama written in the style of high comedy, and " S. S. Tenacity " , a simple French play, completed the fall season. With the return of Edwin Duerr at the beginning of the Spring semester production was started on George Bernard Shaw ' s " The Devil ' s Disciple " , a satire ridiculing the puri- tanical atmosphere of early New England. The success of " Anna Christie " , which many believed to be the outstanding production of the year, was attested by two sell-out perform- ances. Excellent acting was credited to Elizabeth Beaumont, Robert Goldstein, and Eldred Peck. Demands for a repeat performance could not be met because of overcrowded acting schedules. To conclude the year, Little Theatre produced one of Broadway ' s most unusual musical successes, " The Cradle Will Rock " . Bailey Adi 133 M :t Pracy Hook Kay PRODUCTIONS STAFF Back ROT: Hill. Scion. Walker. Hkin$. M K . rrawt Rcw : Kiford. Marcua. Ratner. Pros- WOMEN S MANAGERIAL STAFF Bart Row: Clark. Ban. Butter. Griffith. Rjttw. Tie . Thirt Rcw: Pet- tartar ,. r, Mtrritt Clark. Second Rcw: , Forsterer. Ci = B.-.. tart. Sith. Yoohs. Downici. Front R: Mallarjr. Qmiidt. Mo:rt Heorhead. Merrill. Kay. Restate, Ptdrtne. COSTUMES AND PROPERTIES STAFF Back Rn: Haydn. Wil- c- Rwt Frwt Rcw: . tees. Wes- MAKE-UP STAFF Bart Row: Hayder.W.I- am. HMk, Kennedy. Sfcmc Re.: Ptl! OeClK. Keying. Reed. Frart ROT: Bafenct, Stremky. Mill. Gwin. ART STAFF Bart Row: Corippo. Hen. Wkip- Pie. Larick. ThirtRcw: Rex. Clark. Ahn. Falter. Rt. Lre. R,:ie-.Ful- er. Thomas. Walter, Belais. Newvan. Front ROT: Wejt Dawscn, Eaues. InlfcliiiH, Gale Dsiiswi. Dtticn.o. Dwight Larick Clyde Cummings Betty Shute MURDER I IV THE EATHEDHAL Guest Director Everett Glass opened the fall season of the Little Theatre with T. W. Eliot ' s religious spectacle, " Murder in the Cathedral " . Written originally for the London Canterbury Festival, the play depicts events lead- ing up to the martyrdom of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, and reflects the struggle between the church and state, the secular and spiritual powers of the twelfth century. Essentially a one-man play, acting, music and choral work combined to form a background for the central character of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Dwight Larick carried the play in the role of Arch- bishop Thomas Becket, and Clyde Cummings was out- standing as the Fourth Tempter. Little Theatre was assisted musically in this production by Treble Clef and the Saturday Morning Choir of the Oakland Public Schools, under the direction of Mr. Glenn Woods. RAIN FROM HEAVEN Written with intense spirit and the quality of high comedy, S. N. Behrman ' s " Rain From Heaven " is a vivid protest against racial oppression. The author condemns, not so theatrically as logically, the absurdity and tragedy of the expulsion from Germany of intellectual Jews who find themselves cast upon a disordered world. The play is a plea for moderation, hence the title from Shakespeare ' s " The quality of mercy is not strained, but falleth like the gentle rain from heaven " For the first time in the history of Little Theatre, a first semester freshmen, Elizabeth Beaumont, took the lead in a major production, portraying the liberal Lady Violet Wyngate. Other outstanding characterizations were those of Jack McNaughton as the Jewish exile from Germany, and Clark Howat as a rich American publisher with distinct tendencies toward Fascism. Jack McNaughton is Efcif. II tri ii Btctet On RMTuK : " nqr know ant tc an bm. nut nftrni anc tutcrioi actitr.. ' Dinctar E4 DMTT - sMn at ntamab. " Y ' rt 231 Robert Goldstein Bella Friedman Clark Howat Mary Weeks S. S. TENACITY The love of two Parisian adventurers for a pretty bar- maid was dramatized against the background of a sea coast tavern in Little Theatre ' s presentation of Charles Vildrac ' s " S. S. Tenacity " . Containing no strong scenes, no effective curtains or climaxes in the conventional sense, " S. S. Tenacity " is a quiet play about the lives of lower- class people. The play shows the pessimistic turn of the author ' s mind after the great war for the final curtain leaves the audience with the feeling that the two Parisians have been hindered by their own impulsive actions from achieving happiness. The adventurers were portrayed by Larry Hugo and Gary Torre, while the part of the barmaid was taken by Bella Friedman. Robert Goldstein characterized the drunken philosopher who would discourse on any subject in exchange for a glass of wine. THE DEVIL ' S DISCIPLE " The Devil ' s Disciple " is a melodrama in which all the conventional melodramatic situations suddenly take un- conventional turns. Author George Bernard Shaw main- tains that the sex motive has been over-emphasized in literature, and uses this play to illustrate his theory that people are influenced by numerous other forces. To drive his point home, Shaw uses as the main character a man entirely motivated by inward forces, who as a result of his environment pities the devil and champions him against the world. In the role of Dick Dudgeon, chief exponent of Mr. Shaw ' s theories, Clark Howat was supported by James Cathcart, Mary Weeks, and Jack Thompson. Charles Davis portrayed George Bernard Shaw, who appeared between the acts to explain the plot in the light of his own views. 232 I j, bottles. " and a quart of chanpagiw : art ) Lirn painters t5 COni before Hie petforminct. " I ' m sorry to see by the expreuio face that you ' re i good " Is it nothing to you wnat vicked ' do if only you do it like i gentit Eldred Peck Elizabeth Beaumont Joseph Bailey Jane Hamshaw ANNA CHRISTIE A realistic drama centered around the regeneration of a cynical prostitute, " Anna Christie " is claimed by critics to be the greatest of Eugene O ' Neill ' s plays. Despite the drawbacks of staging a major production in Wheeler Auditorium, the heavy atmosphere of a waterfront saloon and a grimy coal barge was captured by the use of a mod- ern art treatment of realism in the set designed by Mary Katherine Dawson. In the title role of Anna, Elizabeth Beaumont portrayed the young Swedish girl who, weak, disillusioned and sus- picious, returned to her father ' s coal barge to find love and redemption. The difficult role of Chris Christopher- son, Anna ' s old father, was portrayed by Robert Gold- stein, while Eldred Peck handled the role of the big, noisy, eloquent Irish stoker who was determined to marry Anna. THE EflAHLE WILL fl E K Marc Blitzstein ' s famous play with music " The Cradle Will Rock " was chosen by Little Theatre to conclude the dramatic year. By far the most unorthodox of the year ' s productions, the play was given on a practically bare stage, an upright piano and three rows of chairs occupied by the singing actors constituting the entire scenery. The players wore street clothes and most of them used little or no makeup. " The Cradle Will Rock " is an exciting and humorous social cartoon, staged with modern tunes which give it characteristics of an operetta. In rhyme, music and prose the author paints a picture of Steeltown and unionism as the plot deals with the unfair capitalistic methods of fighting unionization. An imaginary night court fur- nishes the setting for most of the action of the play. 234 I sailors lite jreu and Mat aes tv in port . . . " Finishing toadies m ' lpplicii There ' s scmettung s ridi 235 Jack Thompson Elizabeth Berryhill Ysabel Momsen MASK A IV D DAGGER REVUE Mask and Dagger, dramatics honor society, satirized everything from smorgasbord to the movie industry in " Once Over Lightly " , its sixth annual review. Setting the keynote for comedy, " The Trial of Dolly Brine " , or " Virtue in a Pickle " , was unanimously agreed to be the cleverest musical sketch with Betty Berryhill as the torchy Dolly. Though purported to be " socially unconscious " , the revue contained at least two skits which were spiced with social satire. " God Bless the New Deal " featured George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and Franklin D., in the persons of Dick Barthol, Jack Thompson, and Henry Lightfoot. Set to a pattern of sweet and swing music played by two pianos built into the modernistic set, " Once Over Lightly " featured student written numbers sung by Kay Foster, Jean Kellogg and Henry Lightfoot. Edwin Duerr directed the performance. THALIAN PLAYERS Extending the scope of their activities beyond the presentation of weekly one-act plays, the Thalian Players added three major productions to their dramatic achieve- ments. The first of these plays was " Invitation to a Murder " by Rufus King, with Ysabel Momsen, Margaret Ann Russell, Robert Goldstein and Charles Davis in the leading roles. The proceeds from the two performances of this play went toward the maintenance of the Mouse- trap Theatre, a school of acting and theatre practice begun last summer by Little Theatre members. The Thalian Players also produced " The Children ' s Hour " with Betty Berryhill and Elizabeth Beaumont in the leading roles, and Shakespeare ' s " Troilus and Cres- sida " , starring Ysabel Momsen and Clyde Cummings. Completely modernizing Shakespeare ' s play, it was re- written to include nightclub, airdrome and penthouse scenes, and Shakespeare ' s lyrics were set to modern music by Travis Bogard. 236 a part . . . IP o :hang cost units bt- .Jion ' .c ; V : ok down th! (c 237 y P y P i MUSIC MUSIC COUNCIL WILLIAM DENNY RUTH CHUE BARTON KEENE GEORGE O ' HARA LEONARD ORTEGA LOIS SMITH IRMGARD WOLF Exceptional and well patronized additions were made this year to the University ' s musi- cal calendar by guest entertainers. A half-hour music concert was presented Sunday, August 28, in the Greek Theatre by the San Francisco Municipal Chorus, under the direction of Dr. Hans Eschke. The first of the recorded concerts in Hoi- brook Memorial Room in Stephens Union included selections from the private collection of the late Professor Holbrook. The Players ' Club of San Francisco pro- duced three Gilbert and Sullivan operettas on October first and eighth in the Greek Theatre. Providing an effective background of music, the Boys ' Choir of Oakland Public Schools appeared in the Little Theatre production of " Murder in the Cathedral " . Under the direction of Serge Jaroff, the Don Cossack Russian male chorus presented a con- cert of originally composed soldier and church songs, sung entirely in Russian. Other notable music guests of the year in- cluded Isaac Stern, concert violinist, and Percy Grainger, pianist and composer. Don Cossacks, world-famous Russian chorus, sing folk-songs at a Sunday afternoon concert. Percy Grainger, guest pianist and composer, in a musical interlude. nc bm UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY Representing a group of students with musical ability and interests, the University Symphony Orches- tra, in its sixteenth season, presented an interesting and diversified program. Director Albert L Elkus did much to further the Symphony ' s attempt to create a wider musical appreciation among University students. Early in the fall semester, the orchestra presented its first guest artist of the season, Dr. George Stewart McManus, pianist, who appeared with the Mozart Ensemble of the University of California Symphony Orchestra in an all Mozart program. On November 13. Isaac Stern, violinist, was heard in Saint-Saens ' Concerto in B minor. Op. 61 for violin and orchestra. Percy Grainger, pianist, assisted by the Symphony Orchestra, appeared in a concert in which the works of several modern composers were played, including " Reflections in the Water " by Debussy, " The Fountain " by Ravel, and " Colonial Song " by Grainger. Presenting a program of music by well known com- posers, the spring concert was presented by the or- chestra in conjunction with the University Chorus. The " spring " theme of Symphony No. 1 in B flat major, Op. 38 by Robert Schumann appropriately ended the concert. Treasure Island was the scene of the Symphony Orchestra ' s last concert at which they presented a pro- gram of music in conjunction with the University Band and Chorus on March twenty-sixth. PROFESSOR ALBERT I. ELKUS Director of the Uniwrsitjr 241 a ai 5 ' " - - JM " _, $?-- - ' The Band exhibits perfection in drill as well as music as it parades down the field. A.S.U.C. BAND The largest and one of the best college bands on the Pacific Coast, the ASUC Band, added much to University spirit with excellent marching and drill work at California rallies and athletic contests. Many new band stunts were devised during football season, the most notable of which was the one used at the Big Game in which band members marched across the field in the formation of a bear. New activities of the band this year included playing at the East- West Football Game on New Year ' s Day, participation in Governor Olson ' s Inaugural Barbeque at Sacramento, and playing in the Golden Gate International Exposition Premier Parade. Band became an ASUC activity this year and academic units were no longer given to band members. However, from the hundred and sixty mem- bers, eighty were chosen for special concert work in the spring semester, and two units were given to members of this group. Largest University Band on the Pacific Coast. - AUGUST RAHLVES Drum Major WILLIAM DENNY Director JAMES BERDAHL Student Director LEWIS KEAN Manager j tjF ?r, J .S V. - . f t ? f I GLEE CLUB Back Row Frisendahl. Baird, MacMichael. Gridley. Sherman. Me,-win, Bishop, Paterson. McCoy, Kujachich. Rothi, Skinner, O ' Hara, SuUlilh, Black, Walden, Pettygrote. Crane Yelland Smith Leach Bagby. Dobbins. Uren. Laugen:ur. Hendrickson. Oier. Whitmer, Ainsworth, Robinson, Sawyer. McCrary, Siler. Second Rcw: Flanders. Patten. I Ortega, Ferriera, Haneberg, White, Noble. Ferry. Horner. Payne, Culbertson. First Row: Stone, Knight, Taylor, Liedstrand, Boyns. Shields. Flanders. Third Row: SimortonJYHIiamsor, Smitl Holdorf. Adam, Garretson. Berg, Woods, GLENN C. WOODS Director GLEE CLUB - TREBLE CLEF Treble Clef and the Glee Club were successfully directed this year by Mr. Glenn C. Woods. The two groups combined to hold the annual Winter Concert, to sponsor a high school singing contest in an attempt to acquaint high school singers with University choral societies, and climaxed the year with the presentation of the operetta " New Moon " . Under the management of Gerry Wolf, Treble Clef was a wel- come addition at many University events, the sextet and trio groups enlivened rallies and Radio Commission programs. With Leonard Ortega as president, the Glee Club took part in the Charter Day exercises, and sponsored by the Alumni Association, went on a concert tour of the northern part of the United States. Treasure Island officials bestowed upon the club the unique honor of testing the accoustics of the eleven auditoriums on the Island. LEONARD ORTEGA IRMGARD WOLF Glee Club Manager Treble Clef Manager TREBLE CLEF Back Row: Dahleen. Patchett. Wclf. Juergens Williamson. Tielman. Brooks, House. Sellander, Call. Edwards, Bucklin, Mielke, Wingate, Morse, Judd. Nodder Clark Third Row: Ackerly Ware. Hodges, Chandler. Pardy Cunnin B ham. Robertson. Beacock. Cross. Neill. Ziegler. Hallert. Warner. Bullock. Second Rcw: Imhoff. Porter, Thomas. Melhus, Trumpler, Knight. Edlefson, Sm.tti, Casey, Street. Sharp. Ponsford. Gadsden. Back Row: Dahleen. Patchett. Wolf. Juergens. Williamson. Tielman. Brooke. House. Sellander, Call. Edwariuagh, Gottschall, Bray, Campbell, Keating, Armitage, Phillips, Heald, Payne, Butabach, Luce, Cassaday. ft t 4 ' E B A T I Bf G FRED C. FISCHER Graduate Manager MARJORIE MAYERS Manager SANFORD GOLDNER Coach As the coordinating factor of all campus debating activities, the Forensics Council handles all inter-debating affairs and events of the debate year. The council is composed of representatives from the four debating societies of the campus, a Forensics Commis- sioner, two debate managers, and the debate coach. The two main events of the year were the annual Arnold Trophy Debate, during the fall semester, and the Sproul Medal Debate held in the spring. These are practically ex- temporaneous speaking contests as the exact subject is announced only a few hours before the debates. Members of Senate, Congress, Parliament, and Philorthian competed for the Arnold Trophy, awarded each year by the alumni in China. This year the debate was on Chinese affairs, and Thomas Carver was responsible for Senate ' s emerging victorious for the fourth consecutive year. The Sproul Medal Debate, which was open to all under-graduates except members of the varsity team, discussed student affairs. James Keene was the winner of the gold medal and title University Champion this year. 244 rOBEHSICS COUNCIL 245 VAH S I TY Following its policy of experimental debating, this year the Varsity Team employed three types of debating, namely: symposium, problem-solving, and cross-exami- nation. The general questions discussed were proposed by Pi Kappa Delta, National Forensics Council. The topics included: " Resolved that the United States should stop spending public funds to stimulate business " ; " Re- solved that American Democracy is more threatened by Fascism than by Communism " ; " Resolved that the United States should join other important democratic nations in a policy of collective security " ; and " Resolved that President Roosevelt should be re-elected " . Unusual interest was aroused in the fall semester by visiting teams from Drake University and the University of Arizona, who debated with California men. In return, Bernard Shapiro and Roger Wollenberg debated with teams of these two schools while on a nation-wide tour, which included seventeen universities throughout the mid- western and southern parts of the United States. During the week-end of the USC football game, Forensics Com- missioner Bernard Shapiro, Roger Wollenberg, and Dean Atwood debated with UCLA and USC. 246 The spring semester brought to California teams from many universities, among which were Hawaii, British Columbia, Utah, New Mexico, Washington and Kansas. Participating in a symposium on " Youth Problems " and " Socialized Medicine " , Pauline Kael, Margaret Hill, and Norman Lowenstein visited Oregon State University, the College of Puget Sound, and the Universities of British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington. Regular features of the debating year ' s program in- cluded sending speakers to service, labor, business, reform, and religious groups all over the United States, and spon- soring Thursday Evening Seminars on political, moral, and cultural subjects. Striking evidence of the increasing popular interest in debating was furnished by the establishment of a regular series of radio debates with Stanford, Santa Clara, St. Mary ' s, the University of San Francisco, and San Francisco State College, which were broadcast over a state-wide net- work for the first time. The annual Joffre Medal Debate with Stanf ord, cli- maxed a successful year under the leadership of Sanford Goldner. Competing as individuals, rather than as a team, the speakers were informed of the specific question for the debate three hours before the event took place, and gathered relevant material within that time. DEBATES 247 The Greeks have a word for it " . . . Hell Week. Eshleman Court on election day Old World shagging at I House ' s Spring Festival. Winterbottora wins Bear batting trophy. Man in white removes the Stanford red. Visiting Danish royalty strolls and chats with UC ' s first family. Victorious Californians swarm across the gridiron to serenade Icsing Uclans. A ATHLETIC COUNCIL Coordinating the ASUC athletic pro- gram, the Athletic Council acts as a tie between the various sports and the Execu- tive Committee of the ASUC. The student organization consists of the president and two other representatives from the Big " C " Society, two representatives of Circle " C " Society, and one representative of major sport managers. Graduate Manager, Ken Priestley, and the ASUC Athletic Man- ager, Harry Davis, act as the ex-officio members of the Council. The Council recommended all award winners from a list submitted by each coach before the Executive Committee made the final approval. The appointments of sport managers were discussed at the Council ' s meetings, and the body played an important part in the consideration of changes in coaching staffs for the Uni- versity. ASUC NEWS BUREAU Publicity for ASUC athletics was dispatched each day to newspapers throughout the state by the ASUC News Bureau. During intermissions at games, Walter Fredrick, publicity director, summarized the statistics of athletic events for the benefit of the radio audience. Athletic pro- grams were published, photographs and records of all games were filed by this Bureau. FREO C. FISCHER WALTER FREDERICK Director 249 O f ta Miller, Mayock. Simpson. Lee. Gould. Paolini. Second Row: Heffner. Andrews. Rogers, Morgan, Peck, Fountain. Besone. Front Row: Considine. Arata. Holland, Kopf, Fouikes, Terry. Dorst. Playing an important part in athletic activities, the Rally Committee assisted in receiving and pro- viding lodging for visiting teams, kept order at the games, and organized the rallies. The Committee, assuming the duties of the former Wheel and Torch societies, was under the combined leadership of Bob Kopf, Bill Fouikes, and John Holland. Due to uncontrollable enthusiasm at previous Big Game night rallies, the traditional gathering was abolished and in its place a combined rally was held in the morning at which Stanford student body officers were guests of honor. The Freshmen and Pajamarino bonfire rallies were given in the fall semester. The annual Ax Rally, held to stimulate interest in spring athletics, emphasized Circle " C " sports. Rally Committee members build rally bonfires and arrange cards for half-time stunts in Memorial Stadium. dirt card stunts at football games and Dtp up UK basket- ball crowds. Without an efficient rooting section, much of the color and glamour of intercollegiate athletics would be lacking. This year the leadership that is neces- sary at crucial moments of the game was supplied by Varsity Yell-leader Bob Culver and his three assistants, Lloyd Whitman, Ty Barre, and Stan Adams. During half-time at several football games the yell leaders directed card stunts arranged by art staff members of the Rally Committee. In addition to their part in the major rallies, all impromptu gatherings including step and farewell rallies were supervised by the yell leaders. A new version of the locomotive yell, which the band helped Culver introduce last fall, was part of the yell-leaders ' con- tribution to the athletic events of the past year. ' m 1 . Adams Barre BOB CULVER Varsity Yrll-leadr- 251 Coach LEONARD B. " STUB " ALLISON 1938 VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Smith. L., Kennedy, Wickhorst, Uteritz, Allison, Mathewson. Queen, Elmore, Hubert. Fourth Row: Anderson, D.. Bottari. Anderson, A., Lewis. Perry. Lang. Franklin, Firpo. Third Row: Sauer. Donohue, Scott, Reginato, Willson, Lutes. Conner, Pinkerton, Semmens. Second Row: Staffer, Hanford, Rosso. Plasch, McDaniel. Smith, J., Dolman. Wilhelm. Front Row Stone, Ray, Bresden, deVarcna. Wintei bottom. Stoll. Cornell. CONFERENCE STANDINGS TEAM Won Lost Tied Percenta; California . . . . 6 1 .857 U.S.C 6 1 o .857 Oregon State . . . 4 2 1 .667 U.C.L.A. . . . . 3 3 1 .500 Washington . . 3 4 .429 Oregon . . . . 3 4 .429 Stanford . . 2 5 .286 Washington State . 7 .000 onorary Captain and All-American halfback Victor Bottari was the spark plug of the California team throughout the season. His brilliant running, passing and ability as a field general were responsible for much of the Bears ' success during 1938. 254 BatUeM Ctart FRANK WICKHORST. " STUB " and Ira Ccack IRV UTERITZ watch a arsity prctict unit 1938 CO-CHAMPIONS Rated in pre-season predictions as probable founh place team in the Pacific Coast Conference race because of the heavy loss of veteran strength due to graduation of many stars of the 1937 championship squad, the Golden Bear Varsity surprised even the most loyal Californians with its splendid showing. By virtue of ten wins on its eleven-game schedule, the Bears finished the season as co-champions with Southern California. Although the Bears were defeated by U. S. C., the Trojans in turn lost to the Washington Huskies, to even the fight for the conference crown. Early in the season the California team became known as the lightest and smartest team in the west. Not content to play a purely defensive game and wait for the breaks, the Bears gave no quarter to their heavier opponents, but developed an aggressive offense, both on the ground and in the air. Outweighed by nearly every team they played, the lack of a heavier line was a distinct handicap, but courage and the power to " come through in the pinches " more than compensated for the weight disadvantage. The record of Allison - coached California teams has been eminently successful, with 35 wins and one tie out of 43 games played in the four years since ' Stub ' Allison succeeded W. H. ' Bill ' Ingram as head coach in 1935. Rolling up 743 points to opponents ' 173, the Bears have won 83 of their games and headed conference standings for three of the four seasons, a record which far surpasses that of any other team on the Pacific Coast and is equaled by only two other major teams in the country. LAWRENCE KENNEDY Senior Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS Ktllv. Gittber. Bcucfce. Well! SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Scott. Shine. Ohm, -t " " i ? ' ti " " . MNMH jt rr c Row: Thomas. Hall. Front Row: Wort. Olson. Bojardus. Wells. 256 ! " ' Trailing for three quarters by seven points, the Golden Bears came back strongly in the last period to defeat an aggressive St. Mary ' s team 12 to 7 in the season opener. Sup erior punting by Dowd of St. Mary ' s kept the Bears on the defensive during the early part of the game, and capitalizing on a California fumble deep in Bear territory gave the Gaels the first score of the evenly matched contest. In the second period, Bottari ' s interception of a pass on the California 35-yard stripe sparked the Bears to a crushing march down the field, only to be stopped on the Gael 1-foot line when Klotovich of St. Mary ' s stole the ball from fullback Dave Anderson in a spectacular fumble play. In the third quarter there were no threats by either team. In the second period, Bottari ' s interception of a pass on the California 35-yard stripe St. Mary ' s defense and scoring on two sustained power drives down the field. Culmi- nating an 80-yard march, Dave Anderson crashed through right tackle for the first California score, after excellent blocking had opened big holes in the Gael line. With 90 seconds to play, the Bears scored their winning touchdown on a beautifully executed lateral pass from Bottari to Louis Smith which caught the Gaels flat-footed and cost them the game. The St. Mary ' s attempts to score on a long touchdown pass in the last minute were unsuccessful. 257 BEARS 27 COUGARS 3 A Cougar tries the center cf the line but runs into a pile-up for no gain. The same W. S. C. back heads for a hole at tackle, but Dolman eludes a would-be blocker to stop the play. 24 10 131 STATISTICS California Washington State 219 Yards gained from scrimmage 13 Forward passes attempted 4 Forward passes completed 117 Yards gained, forward passes 336 Yards gained, passes and 208 scrimmage Total first downs 15 Number of punts 37.6 Average length of punts 40 Yards lost from penalties Ball lost on fumbles 9 14 29.5 5 The Bears easily won their first conference clash 27 to 3, defeating a Washington State team that could not cope with a series of well-executed long-gainer plays. The Cougars took an early lead in the first quarter with a place-kick from the 26-yard line. A short time later, the Bears tallied their first score from midfield with a long pass from Bottari to Mathewson. In the second quarter, on a fake reverse from the 50-yard line, Bottari went 18 yards before lateralling to Louis Smith, who covered the remain- ing 32 yards for another score. Later in the quarter Bottari scored from the 33-yard line. The entire second half was played by the reserves, and late in the last quarter Firpo scored again for California on a line smash over the right tackle position. 258 BEARS 48 AGGIES BEARS 39 PACIFIC n Iks through a loose defense t krin| tarn an A||i hall-carrier behind the line of scrinuoe. Bettari stores standing up fra the 8-jrard stripe through the ejk Pacifc line. of a double - header, the B In the first half of a double - header, the Bears rolled over their country cousins from Davis to a 48 to win. In three marches, Pinkerton and Franklin both scored and Perry was sprung into the clear for a 64-yard dash. Firpo accounted for three touchdowns and Franklin scored once more before the final gun sounded. In the second game, College of the Pacific offered little more resistance, going down to defeat 39 to at the hands of the relentless Bears. Dave Anderson scored first with a 58-yard ramble through right guard. Climaxing three marches, Bottari carried the ball on touchdown plays of 9, 3, and 12 yards. A spectacular pass from Bottari to Louis Smith was good for a 59-yard score, and as the game ended Firpo drove over cente r for the final touchdown. STATISTICS California 435 Pacific 5 Yards gained from scrimmage 92 Yards gained, forward 38 passes 22 Total first downs 2 32 Average length of punts California Cal Aggies 416 Yards gained from 2 scrimmage 55 Yards gained, forward 16 passes 22 Total first downs 2 36 Average length of punts 40.2 259 260 - - --v Mk 1 i itM " Little brother " U. C L. A. could not stop the devastating ground plays of the relentless California Varsity, and Bear beat Bruin by a 20 to 7 decision. Compact line play of the Bruins in the first quarter successfully held California to meager gains, but the Bears began concentrated offensive threats in the second period. The outstanding play of the first touchdown attack was a long completed pass from Louis Smith to Dave Anderson, and finishing the march, Bottari scored through tackle from the 1-yard line and drop-kicked for the extra point. The next score came as the result of a 62-yard drive downfield in two minutes, with Bottari forcing his way through guard from the 2-yard line for the touchdown. The third quarter was uneventful, but in the fourth period the California second team moved to a touchdown after a pass interception by Willson. A fake-reverse pass play from Firpo to Cornell put the ball on the 6-yard line and Firpo was able to score in three attempts, with Winterbottom converting. Shortly before the end of the game the Bruins took the ball on the Bear 20-yard stripe by virtue of a penalty, and a des- perate flurry of last-minute passes resulted in a Bruin touchdown. With the Bears on their way to another score, the gun sounded, ending the game. 261 BEARS 14 HUSKIES 7 Bcttari smashes through left guard for two yards and the first California touchdown. Queen intercepts a Washington pass and returns twelve yards before being downed by Dubsky. STATISTICS California Washington 205 Yards gained from 112 scrimmage 7 Forward passes attempted 13 5 Forward passes completsd 6 78 Yards gained, forward 83 passes 283 Yards gained, passes and 195 scrimmage 14 Total first downs 9 9 Number of punts 9 35.2 Average length of punts 35.3 25 Yards lost from penalties 15 Ball lost on fumbks 1 Once again inspiring the Washington Huskies to their best efforts, the Golden Bears were forced to bring forth their full strength to win the game 14 to 7. Recovering from a fruitless first half, the Bears opened the second half with two touchdowns in rapid succession. A 24-yard punt return by Bottari and two long drives by Dave Anderson put the ball on the 2-yard line, and Bottari plunged over left guard for a score. Featuring a 12-yard smash by Anderson and a 26-yard pass from Bottari to Louis Smith, the Bears advanced from their own 27-yard line and Louis Smith went through tackle for the next touchdown. In the last quarter the Bears were unable to stop a vicious Washington attack and the Huskies made their score on a long touchdown pass. 262 BEARS 13 BEAVERS 7 0. S. C. ' s is tra M 4nm kr UK Bear toward wall after Baking we Mile an On en State hmUt that is innately ronered kr fc Using all the finesse of which they were capable against a line with a large weight advantage, the California Bears were victorious 13 to 7 in a hard-fought game with the Beavers of Oregon State. Entering OSC territory for the first time, the Bears went all the way to score on an 80-yard drive, highlighted by a 21 -yard run inside left end by Louis Smith. Bottari slashed through tackle to score from the 5-yard line and also drop- kicked for the point after touchdown. In the fourth quarter, after marching 48-yards to the 1-yard line, Firpo plunged over guard for the final Cali- fornia score. Taking the kick-off, the Beavers succeeded in making their score on a series of long " prayer passes ' which slipped through the Bears ' pass defense. STATISTICS California Oregon Stale 22 Yards gained from 146 scrimmage 8 Forward passes attempted IT 4 Forward passes completed 11 64 Yards gained, forward 9 " passes 291 Yards gained, passes and 243 scrimmage 16 Total first downs 15 6 Number of puntf 6 39 Average length of punt 44 5 Yards lost from penalties 5 Ball lost on fumbles 2 263 Overpowered by a heavy, smashing U. S. C. eleven, the Bears resorted to fighting courage and smart football to hold down the score and lost to the Trojans 7 to 13. Consistently repelling threats deep in their own territory with magnificent goal- line stands, the Bears were able TO u c off even- Trojan attack during the first half. The fine kicking of Louis Smith and the excellent defensive work of Queen, Elmore, ittari and deVarona were sufficient to keep Troy from scoring, but the Bears were unable to make their offense function effectively on the ground or in the air. Forsaking their brilliant passing game early in the third quarter, the Trojans moved 4O yards to the goal in a series of crushing ground plays against an exhausted Bear team, and were again successful in the fourth period after a march from midfield. In a desperate attempt to penetrate the Trojan defense, the Bears took the kick-off and passed their way 67 yards to the only California touchdown of the afternoon, scoring on a 38-yard throw from Bottari to Mathewson. Lack of time thwarted the Bears ' efforts to score with another passing attack. Although the Bears and Trojans tied for the conference leadership, this U.S. C victory gave Troy the privilege of representing the West in the annual Rose Bowl Classic 265 BEARS WEBFEET The Bears culminate a 50-yard march by scoring shortly Bottari is stopped after a short oain through the line as before the end of the first half, the Bear interference bogs down. STATISTICS California Oregon 139 Yards gained from 176 scrimmage 12 Forward passes attempted 11 5 Forward passes completed 3 93 Yards gained, forward 18 passes 232 Yards gained, passes and 194 scrimmage 10 Total first downs 10 8 Number of punts 11 30.5 Average length of punts 32 5 Yards lost from penalties 10 1 Ball lost on fumbles 2 Completely recovering from their defeat at the hands of Southern California, the Bear gridmen came back to engi- neer an easy 20 to win over the Oregon Webfeet. After reserves had started the game and played most o the first half, the first team went in and scored twice in rapid succession. A long pass from Bottari to Dolman advanced the ball to the 4-yard line and Dave Anderson crashed through center for the first touchdown. With 65 seconds to play in the first half, Bottari passed to Louis Smith, who scored on a brilliant open-field run. In the third period, Anderson and Bottari drove to the 12-yard line and Louis Smith scored the final touchdown of the game on a reverse through tackle. Bottari ' s drop-kicks were good for two conversions. ft 266 1938 BIG GAME 268 4 Although che Golden Bears entered the Big Game highly favored to easily defeat a weak Stanford squad, they were able to subdue the inspired Indians only by the slim margin of one touchdown after repeated threats to score by both teams. The first quarter was largely a punting duel between Paulman and Louis Smith. However, Stanford ' s well-timed line charging advanced the ball to the California 22- vard line where an attempted field goal went wide. Early in the second period, the Bears had to repulse two serious touchdown threats in quick succession. After a fierce drive, the Indians reached the 6-inch line where they lost the ball on downs, but they returned a short time later and the Bears were narrowly rescued from defeat when Fay fumbled just before he crossed the goal and Dave Anderson recovered for Cali- fornia. Unleashing a new burst of power at the start of the second half, the Bears went from their own 20 to the Indian 20-yard line, only to lose the ball on downs. How- ever, Louis Smith recovered a Stanford fumble on the Indian 28-yard line, and two plays later Bottari passed to Reginato. who scored as a beautiful block by Wilhelm removed a Stanford tackier from the play. Although the Bears were unable to score again, they successfully protected their slim point advantage for the rest of the game. 269 BEARS 13 ENGINEERS J Bottari dives over guard for the first touchdown with only fixe minutes to play. Breeden comes up to add the finishing touches to the tackle. STATISTICS California Georgia Tech 210 Yards gained from 148 scrimmage 9 Forward passes attempted 12 2 Forward passes completed 5 38 Yards gained, forward 42 passes 248 Yards gained, passes and 190 scrimmage 16 Total first downs 9 7 Number of punts 11 44 Average length of punts 34.2 5 Yards lost from penalties 35 2 Ball lost on fumbles 1 The elusive Yellowjackets from Georgia Tech found their deceptiveness effective, but could not score against an aggressive California Varsity, and the Bears won 13 to in the last moments of the post-season game. Lacking much of the precision and power dis- played during the regular season, the Varsity was unable to operate forcefully until the last quarter. Held scoreless by the light, tricky Tech team for over three quarters, the Bears did not begin to move until the last 9 minutes of the game. In steady ground plays by Bottari and Louis Smith the Bears advanced from their own 40-yard line with Bottari cutting over guard for the score. In the last minute of play a 66-yard march was completed, with Louis Smith taking a reverse inside left tackle for the touchdown. 270 BUD WINTERBOTTOM, TOMMY RAY, VIC BOTTARI. GRADUATING SENIORS TCD WILLSOX. BILL STOLL, WILL DOLMAN. 271 Coach WALTER GORDON RAMBLERS Back Row: Dcwey. Anderson. Hillsman. Balliet, Hiester. Horan, Cotton, assistant coach. Fourth Row: Ap- pelbaum, Orr, Green, El- mendorf. Parker, Roberts. Thomas, assistant coach. Third Row: Gordon, coach: Nye, Trotter, Phillips, Me- Kenzie, Sommer, Zentner, Lieb. Second Row: Evans. assistant coach: Shelton, Lord. Chapman, Quinn, Dob- hie. Saylor. Front Row: Foristiere. Hellman. John- son, Andrews. Garbinski. While still fulfilling their regular duties as scrimmage opponents for the Varsity, the Ramblers branched out this year with an en- larged schedule of their own games. The record of two wins out of six games does not tell the whole story, for both victories were against fine squads, and three of the losses were to outstanding teams. The Ramblers lost to San Jose State 12 to 32 and to Fresno State 7 to 27, and College of the Pacific won by a 28 to score. With virtually a new team, the Ramblers defeated the champion Santa Rosa JC squad 25 to 15 and the Cal Aggies 13 to 3. Finishing the season, they dropped a close 6 to decision to Alhnmbra Alumni. 272 CLINT EVANS FRESHMEN Back torn: Merte. Speed. Russ. Spar. Dim. Hofman. Brusca. Fa Petrof sky. son. Roberts. Merlin, toe . Tronof. Kindall. drier. Bailer. Third ROT: Brincy. Bows. Derian. Dunn. Meti- icr. Steete. Hayden. tan- bull. Voaelsang. Hawkins. Eagleton. Ashton. William. PUM.J. Stems. Otte. Mol- kr. Seccnd Row: Hopkins, assistant assistant nach: HonaoU. Folwr. Aalini. Witter. Youdall. McQoa-y. Taykr. Herm. Nickolau. LeiBjia. Reinhard. Urti. assistant ctach: Erans. oath. Front Rn: Abru. trainer: Benson Tucker. Bradford. Boles. Yatth- MXifer. Lewis. Httacs. The 1938 Freshman record was marred by losses to Stanford and USC, but was redeemed by five other wins. The squad was even heavier than the Varsity and strong in every position, promising much added strength to future California teams. The Cubs were successful in their first three encounters, defeating San Francisco JC 16 to 0, beating Berkeley High 19 to 16, and following with a 14 to 6 win over the UCLA yearlings. USC damaged Frosh confidence by winning 13 to 6, but the Cubs recovered to defeat Modesto JC 16 to and Sacramento JC 7 to 0. In the season finale, the Frosh lost 7 to 13 to their old rivals, the Stanford Papooses. 273 1939 SEASON C. L. " NIBS " PRICE Coach VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row: Bell. Erichson. Oyilvie, Biggerstaff, Chalmers, Thomas, McGee, Lyman. Second Row: Carlisle, Kindblad, Jung, Morgan, Derian, Finlayson. Front Row: Price, Flegal, Shirk, Bickerton. Archibald, McCorney, Jensen. m u Before the season began, the outlook facing Bear basketeers was a gloomy one, with Captain Bob Chalmers the only returning first string player. Undaunted by this apparent shortage of material, " Nibs " Price went to work and in his usual fashion had an outstand- ing quintet ready to put on the floor for the opening game of the season. Teaming with Captain Chalmers at forward was a transfer from San Jose State, Ivor Thomas. The center position was filled by Bill Ogilvie, and the guard posts were held down by the previous year ' s second string guards, Bill Biggerstaff and Walt Bickerton. In the practice games the Bears emerged victorious from six out of seven starts. As a result, the opening of the conference schedule found the Bears as favorites to win the P. C. C. Southern Division 276 JOHN FINLAYSON Senior Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS Greig, McCain. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Bach Row: Bryan, Adams. Wittschen. Undon. Saunders. F-ont Row: Smails, Hanscn. liclilt. Championship. The UCLA series afforded the Varsity four easy vic- tories by overwhelming scores. In similar fashion, the Bears thrice smothered Stanford, but in the fourth game the Varsity was beaten by the Cards by a scant four points. USC and California proved to be the most evenly matched teams in the league and split their series, with no game being won by more than a four-point margin. The close of the regular schedule brought USC and California into a tie, each with three losses, but in a play-off game the Bears proved their superiority by winning 42-36. This gave them the right to travel to Eugene to meet the University of Oregon for the Coast Conference Championship, which they lost in two closely contested games. 277 An Ohio State man clears the ball off the backboard as the teams meet in Los Angeles. Nebraska tries a fast break shot that rolls off the rim of the basket. University of Mexico ' s guards are too short to cope with the Bears ' height. It is good? A tense moment as Bicker-ton shoots against Ohio State. Chalmers and Bickerton take the rebound away from a Nebraska man. Flegal gets a chance for a clear shot in the Aztec game. MW-CDNFEHE1VCE Victorious in fourteen out of seventeen pre-confer- ence clashes, the Bear basketball team swept through one of its most impressive practice seasons. Showing continuous improvement as the season progressed, the Bears more than primed themselves for the stiffer con- ference games to follow. Opening with a 31-28 defeat by Santa Clara because of insufficient practice, the Varsity retaliated with suc- cessive victories over Idaho by 44-29, St. Mary ' s by 45- 33, and Bradley Tech by 48-36. In the latter game the Bears upset one of the best mid-western teams and established themselves as a definite threat to other coast conference teams. Christmas holidays brought two of the best Big Ten teams to the Men ' s Gymnasium. Nebraska eked out a 46-43 decision over the Bears, but Ohio State was crushed 49-35. The same duo was met again in Los Angeles the following week, with the Bears winning 58-30 and 49-35 over Nebraska and Ohio State, re- spectively. Bill Ogilvie ran wild to score eighteen 278 fottint spoils an ant! Clara B uani. uion if UK kail. San Frmcisc State Hak o Santa Clara umucmrfufry tries to stK Outer ' s Bar making helps t hekf tarn the Gael ' s tan. Dmuitat attests t clear the kail in the S. F. State SEASON points in each of the two encounters. Returning north, the Bears outclassed the Athens Club 40-27, and the next week won an interesting en- counter over the University of Mexico. Playing the game as part of a good will tour, the Aztecs put up a creditable showing before falling to defeat 43-36 against a team of Bear reserves. The cousins from Davis were the next to meet the Bears and received a 52-35 defeat for their efforts. A similar victory followed the next week over San Fran- cisco State 42-35, after which the Bears handed St. Mary ' s its second beating of the year by a 48-36 score. The next night the Bears swamped Santa Clara 42-38 to avenge a defeat administered by the Broncos in the first game of the season. Using reserves entirely in the last two practice games of the year, the Varsity edged out a 36-35 victory over an Alumni team composed of California greats of other years, and were beaten 48-46 by the Olympic Club, which also featured many former Bear stars. 279 Hapless Little Brother Bruin pre- sented Big Brother Bear with the wel- come gift of four set-up victories as the California Varsity rolled merrily on its way towards the Southern Division title. The Bears traveled to Los Angeles and beat the Uclans 54 to 39 and 45 to 32. The poor Bruins had little chance, for the Bears kept complete control of the ball through both contests. Ogilvie hit the hoop for 36 points, and Thomas was second in scoring honors with 21 points. Two weeks later, the UCLA team trotted out on the floor of the California gym for the two remaining games of the series. In the first game, the Varsity had rolled up a 31-12 lead by the half and won handily 54 to 32. The next night Bickerton contributed 12 points to the Bears ' 42 to 22 victory and fourth defeat of the Bruins. 280 Biggerstaff and a Bruin sprawl on the floor as Shirk rhases the ball out of bounds. A Uclan attempts to evade Lyman ' s blocking. El Trojan of Southern California nearly toppled the Bears from the top of the Southern Division Conference lad- der by winning two of the four-game series, but in an extra game to break the conference tie they succumbed to the Bears ' onslaught to lose the title. The Bears ' first upset came on the Troy court when scoring took an about face late in the second half and USC pulled ahead of California ' s 32-26 lead to win 38 to 34. The next night the Bears, led by Thomas ' 14 points, pulled ahead in the closing seconds to win 36 to 34. At Berkeley, the Bears outshot the Trojans for a 42 to 39 victory in the third game, and in the next fracas Troy evened the game score by winning 46 to 42. The final game for the Conference title saw the Varsity take an early lead due to Ogilvie ' s amazing one-handed shots, and win easily 42 to 36. Chalmers attempts to cleat to Thomas as Goodrich tries to intercept for U.S.C. rds jump for the ball as Ogiliie ' s one-hand push shot fails. 281 Stanford cagers forced the Varsity into a tie with USC for the southern division title when they defeated the Bears in the third game of the series, but in the other three contests they were easily trounced by California. The series opener saw the Varsity, led by Captain Chalmers as high-point man, hit its stride soon after the opening min- utes, and swamp the Cards 45 to 29. The second tussle was almost a repetition of the first; the Bears started slowly but soon got under way and easily rang up a 43 to 25 victory. Stanford caught the Bears on an off night in the next contest and handed them a 39 to 35 beating. In the last game the Bears raced into an early lead of 23 to 8 at halftime, and swept to a 43 to 32 victory over the Cards in the second period. Bickerton leaps high and takes a long rebound away from an Indian. Bickerton and two Stanford men race for a free ball. 282 t . After defeating USC ' s Trojans for the southern division championship, Cali- fornia ' s basketball quintet stepped into the Pacific Coast Conference playoff against the University of Oregon, north- ern division winners, but lost the title when the Webfeet won the first two games of the series. In the opening game, the Bears held Oregon to a 20 to 19 lead in the first half, but shortly after the beginning of the second period the VPebfeet con- nected with seven quick field goals to raise the tally beyond reach, winning 54 to 49 despite a desperate Bear rally. The second game again saw the Web- feet emerge as winners after bottling up the scoring efforts of Ogilvie and Thomas. High-point man for the Bears was Dud Morgan who played an aggres- sive game at forward, but the end of the game found the Bears on the short end of the 53 to 47 score. hacfcboard as a WtW Mt reaches tar He ha . 283 Chasing balloons has become the tra ditional intermission pastime. Long lines of students wait fir tickets to the Trojan Series. FRESHMAN SQUAD Back Row: Herwig. Vieille. Thomas. Biles. Paddock. Andersf. Bailey. Second Row: Ferguson. Bouhaben. Donoghue. Norman. Reisfelt. Larscn. Front Row: Diamond, Scrggre Lafaille. Miller. Mahlstedt. California Frosh cagers, coached by Bob Herwig, established a record of nine wins against two losses in their practice season, but in the all-important games with Stanford Frosh they were twice defeated before winning the final game of the series. The practice season gave the Cubs victories over Galileo, Piedmont, Dunsmuir, Commerce, Placer, and Berkeley High Schools and Marin J. C. and Cal Aggies. The losses were suffered at the hands of San Francisco ' s championship " ice cream " cagers, Lowell High School, and the Santa Clara Frosh. Led by Captain Irwin Diamond, the Frosh faced Stanford in the first game of the series and were trounced 38 to 24. Their next meeting marked a second defeat by the Indians in a closely-fought game, 34 to 30. Revenge came the following night when the Frosh traveled to Palo Alto to defeat the Papooses, 36 to 29. p y i PACIFIC COAST CHAMPIONS VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Noyes. Skerry, Lamoreaux, Schroepfer, Klukkert. Cooper. Schoning, Clarke, Andresen, L?.wreice. Talbot, Smith, Freedom. Roe, Woodworth. Beal, Anderson, Hansen, Connolly. Third Row: Collins, Moorhead, Roberts, Storch, Sturgeon, Parsons, Horen, Bain, Rawn, Blevins, Schulte, deVarona, Bergh, Kotok. Switzer, Beach. Second Row: LeFever. Armstrong, Hoberg, Kierulff, Olson. Andrew, Schaeffer, Gibson. Still, Moore, Backlund, Thompson, Emerson, Davies, Talcott, Ebright, K., coach. Front Row: Ebright, M., Gray, Dougherty, Wahl. Gassaway, Soderstrand, Dieterich. 288 LEE SCOTT The Bear navy started to lay the foundation for its brilliant 1939 season in the summer of 1938 when three California crews went east to compete in the nation ' s top rowing classic, the Poughkeepsie Re- gatta. En route, the Varsity, Jayvee and Frosh boats met and defeated Cornell on Lake Cayuga. Established as pre-race favorites, the Freshmen won their race and their first Poughkeepsie title. The Varsity lost a heart-breaker to a nigged Navy crew which managed to close a big gap and win. ith virtually the same first boat returning for competition, pros- pects for the 1939 season were indeed bright. Against Oregon State, Ky Ebright entered a boatload of junior college transfers, who won with ease by several lengths. California oarsmen went into the Wash- ington race heavy favorites to end the Huskies ' six-year winning streak. This they decisively accomplished in winning the race by eight lengths over a ragged Washington boat that, from the start, was never a threat. The 1939 Bears set a new course record and established themselves as good as California ' s Olympic crews. The Freshmen lost their race, and the Junior Varsity defeated the Washington Jayvees. The Varsity shell consisted of Kirk Smith, stroke; Chet Gibson, seven ; Stan Freeborn, six ; Emil Bergh, five ; Lin Emerson, four ; Dave deVarona, three; Stan Backlund. two; Benson Roe, bow; and Jim Dieterich, cox. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Confer Mittis. Frick. Hidmty. Burnt Way. JUNIOR MANAGERS Wntsdi, Rta. Birkbolw, Mlorfeensn, Coach " Ky " Ebright tries to assume th grimace of a pirate for a publicity stunt. On picture day the poor crewmen are attacked from all angles by wary photographers. When not in use, shells are hung on racks in the Estuary boat house. While at Poughkeepsie, Bear oarsmen live on the second floor of their boathouse on the shores of the Hudson. Crewmen take it easy on the porch of their Poughkeepsie quarters as they watch rival shells workout. A picture of a picture on picture day. The California " navy moves out for maneuvers with Admiral Ebright following in the flagship. , ouV tt ' Aiming for a victor) ' in the annual Poughkeepsie Regatta, " Ky " Ebright ' s varsity eight went East last summer and surprised the critics by overwhelming Cornell in a dual race, and then going on to Pough- keepsie to come in second behind Navy and ahead of third-place Washington. Over the three-mile route against Cornell the Bear oarsmen, rowing at a steady stroke, gradually increased their lead as the race progressed and crossed the finish line five lengths ahead of the opposition in the good time of 15:15. A week later on the Hudson, the Bears came in second to a surprisingly strong Navy boat. After the two-mile mark the race turned into a duel be- tween California and Navy, with California making several bids in the last mile and being nosed out by a scant third of a length as Navy made a final spurt across the finish line. The first four boats to finish shattered existing records, California ' s time being 18:18 for the four miles. Wltf VARSITY CREW Roe, Backlund, deVa- rona, Emerson, Bergh. Freeborn, Gibson, Smith, Dieterich (cox- swain). Oregon State, in the foreground, keeps on even terms with the Bears for the first half- mile, but falls behind as the race progresses. OREGON STATE A boat composed of junior college transfers rowing their first semester under the Blue and Gold easily defeated the Oregon State Varsity shell over the 2,000-meter course on the rough waters of the Oakland Estuary. The Beavers started the race at a higher stroke than the Bears and forged into an early lead. However, at the 700-meter mark, California stepped up the beat and took a lead which they never relinquished, crossing the finish two lengths in the lead. 292 Winning crew - coxswain his traditional " bath " . California sMI lads Washington by eifht lengths as the cnws near UK finish line. ( Est - ay course in the re shell -PaciSea " . WASHINGTON California ' s Varsity oarsmen decisively ended Washington ' s six-year reign of rowing suprem- acy as they swept across the finish line eight full lengths ahead of the Huskies in the record time of 14:48.4 over the Estuary course. Exhibiting strength equal to California ' s two Olympic crews, the Bears spurted into a lead in the first hundred yards and were never headed. The Varsity stead- ily stretched its lead to two lengths at the mile mark, four lengths at two miles, and eight lengths at the finish. 293 Sharrer, Andresen. Schaeffir. Hansen, Bleins, Klukkert, Tal- cott. Still, Soderstrand. coxswain. Bear Jayvees cross the finish Iine6 inches ahead of Washington in a thrilling photo finish. JAYVEE SEASON In the 1938 Poughkeepsie Regatta, the California Junior Varsity, after having led until the final hundred and fifty yards, lost a heartbreaking decision to the Washington Jayvees by barely ten feet. Earlier, the Jayvees rowed a brilliant three miles against Cornell on Lake Cayuga, winning by three lengths as they came within 2.8 seconds of the course record. Bear and Husky Jayees staged a thriller in their race on the Estuary. Wash- ington clung to a half length lead for the first mile, the Bears cut this in half during the second mile, and with a half-mile to go the shells were even. Here California stepped up the beat to 38, to cross the finish line three feet to the good. JtyittS launch their boat for i practice workout. 294 FRESHMAN SE45DX Completing a truly great season, the 1938 Freshman Crew became the first Frosh crew from California ever to win at Poughkeepsie when they came from behind in the last hundred yards to nip the Washington yearlings by a scant second in the 1938 Poughkeepsie Regatta. Two weeks earlier they had defeated the Cornell Freshmen in a dual race. The 1939 Freshman Crew opened their season by defeating Sacramento Junior College by four lengths over a mile and a quarter course in the time of 7 :9- Later, against Washington, the Frosh got off to a slow start and were never able to catch the Husky yearlings, who won by four lengths in the rime of 9:57.4 for two miles. The Frosh were clocked at 10:15.4. 295 i ; B TJJ F BASE V- I V; BALL VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Kleiman. Rokutani, Helier. Pugh, Jacobson, Tiedmann, Groper, Corr. White, Bryan, Steelman (mascot), Smith. Second Row: McNeil, Griffith, Yocky, Koll, Ongerth, Greenly, Hopkins, Devaurs, Evans, coach. Front Row: Duezabou, Rapp, Winterbottom, Lombard!, (captain), Firpo, Perry, Daugherty, McNamara. Suffering from the lack of experienced men, especially in the pitching department, the 1939 Varsity waged a gallant but unsuccessful attempt to defend their conference title. The season ' s end found the Bears entrenched in third place due to early season defeats. Opening day produced a victory over St. Mary ' s, but the Bears were turned back by the Moragans in their next two encounters. The former champs fared better against Santa Clara, turning in three victories. Losing twice to the Trojans during the southern tour, the Bears found revenge in the third game, winning 14 to 2. Emerging victorious in the UCLA series by win- ning two and dropping one, the horsehiders, now out of the running for the title, settled down to concentrate on the Stanford series. The first tilt at Palo Alto ended in a victorious 5 to 4 " Merriwell " finish for the Golden Bears but the Indians evened the series by winning 9 to 3. The Bears took the third and deciding game from Stanford by a 2 to 1 score, winning the series for California. 298 SOPHOMORE HftHftr.nri Back ROT: PMfc . tok- ens, daman. BOT . frmt ' :: 299 IVOIV-IMFEREIVCE Faced with their usual job of defending a conference championship, the 1939 Varsity played a rigorous and diversified non-confer- ence schedule. Meeting the outstanding semi- pro industrial teams in the bay region, the team received invaluable experience on the actual playing field. After inclement weather caused the post- ponement of the first two scheduled games, the season finally got under way with an encounter with the Webb Alumni. After twelve innings the game was called at a 6 to 6 tie. Banging out thirteen safeties the Bears downed the Standard Oilers 6 to 3, and a four- bagger in the ninth by McNamara brought a 9 to 8 victory over the Kenny Park players. Receiving a taste of " big-time " baseball, the Varsity defeated the Oakland Rookies 18 to 9 and 7 to 5 in a doubleheader. Unsteady in the first few innings, the Bears recovered to win 1 1 to 8 over the Athens Club. Firpo makes a brilliant stop at first base to nip a Nebraska man by half a step. The Rally Committee and the Stanford Ax lead the team to the pennant raising ceremony. Rapp slides home safely as a San Francisco State man misses the attempted put-out. SEASDA Tasting defeat for the first time, the Varsity dropped a 13 to 6 tilt to the Augie Galan All-Stars, but quickly recovered to win 7 to 3 over the Alameda Elks. Coeds ' Day was the occasion for an 18 to 4 victor)- over the San Francisco Staters. San Jose State came to town only to return home with a 7 to 4 loss, but defeat again caught up with the Bears when they met the Pacific Greyhound team and lost 18 to 4. A titanic struggle with the University of San Francisco resulted in a California victory by an 8 to 7 score. The Golden Bears ' cousins from Davis ventured into Berkeley to be re- pulsed with a 10 to 8 defeat, and in rapid suc- cession the Bears polished off Union Oil 9 to 5, Associated Oil 12 to 9, and C H Sugar 5 to 4. The barnstorming Cornhuskers from N I braska scored a 10 to 3 win, but the Bears finished their non-conference season with a. 12 to 3 victory over the Langendorf Bakers. It ' s an error: The San Francisc State first-sacstr Missis the ball, HeVaurs t raach the kast safely. Captain I ! brts the dirt t art f a S. F. State son ttooL The drill wit it CMC Clint Eians |hts m-timt uutaOiaa t the s iad. SANTA CLARA SERIES " Safe! " sionals the um- pire as Tony Firpo slides in- to lirst base. Perry looks them over in tense moment during the Bronco series. California scored a clean sweep in the Santa Clara series by taking all three games. In a mildly insane encounter, the Bears won the first tilt 22 to 19 after the Broncos led 16 to in the sixth inning. The Santa Clara team drove five California pitchers from the box but Daugherty was credited with the victory after entering the game in the eighth inning. The Bears scored six runs in the sixth inning and thirteen in the eighth. Taking advantage of Bronco errors, one of which started a three-run rally in the second inning, the Bears won 6 to 4 in the second game. Perry repeated his feat of steal- ing home. Opposing pitchers Koll and Lebeck each allowed nine hits. California maintained an early lead to win 6 to 5 in the last game after scoring three runs each in the second and third innings. Each team got ten hits with Daugherty going all the way for the Golden Bears. 302 Livened by the presence of the " Ax, " the Pennant Raising ceremony took place at the first game of the Gael series which California won 4 to 3, despite Gael pitcher O ' NeiFs record of 16 strike-outs. The Bears held a 4 to 1 advantage into the ninth inning when Roll ' s record was smashed in a hitting spree by the Gaels. In the sixth inning Captain Lcmbardi brought Winterbottom in on a homer for the vital run. The Varsity dropped the second game 5 to 3 after a five-run barr age by the Gaels in the eighth inning. Duezabou homed in the second inning and fielding honors went to Devaurs for two spectacular catches. The Gaels took the final game 12 to 3 for their first series win since 1935. Seven, runs in the fourth inning against Bear pitchers Daugherty and Koll created too large a lead for California to overcome. In the sixth inning, both Duezabou and Lombardi highlighted the game with home runs. DeVaurs stirs up the dust as he slides hone while the Gael catcher waits for the returning throw. Firpo Bakes the put-out at first and prepares to threw down to third for a double play. ST. MARY ' S SERIES u. s. c. SERIES A Trojan gets back to first safely as Daugherty ' s high peg prevents Firpo from making the put-out. Firpo gets a " life " as the USC first sacker is pulled off base by a wild throw. California lost the first game of the USC series 5 to 4 after maintaining a tie for four innings, with two Trojan scores in the eighth inning spelling defeat. Koll al- lowed only eight hits to opponent Brewer ' s twelve and each team was guilty of two errors. Devaurs connected for the only three-base hit of the game. In a pitching duel in the second game Daugherty came out second best to Trojan Strada, losing 4 to 1. California was credited with hour hits to USC ' s six. The game was tied at one-all until the ninth inning, when the Trojans brought in three runs. In atonement for previous wrongs, the Bears ably defeated the Trojans 14 to 2 in the final game. The varsity garnered eighteen hits at the expense of two USC pitchers while Daugherty granted only seven and shut the Trojans out for seven innings. Ongerth led the batting with four hits in five times at bat. 304 Led by the two-hit and nine strike-out pitching of Daugherty, the Bears handily defeated brother Bruin 8 to 0. Nine errors by UCLA greatly assisted in the win. Cali- fornia scored twice in the second inning and gradually increased its lead. Scoring nine runs in the fifth inning, UCLA returned in the second game to defeat the Bears 14 to 9. The Bruin ' s lead was never threatened in spite of California ' s fourteen hits. McNamara took hitting honors with three for five. Capturing the series, the Bears won the third game 10 to 3 after getting twelve hits from two Bruin pitchers. Avenging his earlier defeat, Koll granted a total of four hits and allowed no runs in six innings. California scored twice in the first inning, and w ith a five-run spree in the fourth inning got completely beyond the reach of the Bruin squad. Duezabou had a perfect batting day by getting three hits in three times at bat. Trac t fine tab it er " mtfc Yw, DM tat ttc hn-i H M tkr K t tot rx put-a.-. U. C. L. A, SERIES fft a : e STANFORD SERIES McNamara slugs Thompson ' s fast ball for a home run with the bases loaded to win the game in the ninth inning. Firpo reaches low for a bad throw but makes the put- out safely. In a spectacular last inning finish, the Bears defeated the Indians 5 to 4 in the first game of the series. Getting only two hits, both by Captain Lombardi, and trailing 4 to in the ninth with two men out, California pushed over five runs. Winterbottom came in on Lombardi ' s third hit, and McNamara later tripled with the bases loaded, scoring on an error. On the second trip to Palo Alto, Stanford pitcher Thompson avenged his former loss by leading the Cards to a 9 to 3 victory. Three pitchers were used by California in a determined but futile effort to stop Stanford ' s attack. California took the series in a last inning rally in the final game, winning 2 to 1. With the score tied at one-all and with two outs, McNamara saved the game by driving Daugherty in for the win- ning run. Daugherty ended the Varsity season and his own career by allowing only eight hits. 306 MIRY KINGMAN Coach FRESHMAN Playing a brand of baseball that won for them a majority of their games, the Freshman baseball team enjoyed an outstanding season. The Cubs opened hostilities against Lowell High and won 4 to 3. Continuing on their triumphant march, the Yearlings whipped Poly High 16 to 0, Berke- ley High 6 to 0, and S.F.J.C. 12 to 2 in rapid succession. The first defeat came at the hands of the St. Mary ' s Frosh, 6 to 5. In the last game before Blue and Gold press time, the Frosh defeated the Stanford Papooses 18 to 8. SEASON FRESHMAN SQUAD Back Row: Stidel. Mclloy. Oanning. Wells. Lswis. DeGolia. Wright. Meyer, Naphan, Stora, S ccnd Row: Kingman ccach Garrissere. Gillette. Willoughby. Bundy. F.ustuk. Warno:k, Bnmn. Porterfeld. Front Row: Farr. Araling. Valencia. Arncld. Arbios. mascot. Thaman, Hollander. Norris. Lunging forward, the Cub first-baseman wets the ball for the final out of the inning. A Frosh batter starts for first after connecting for a center field fly. 307 SEASON VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Kido, Callow, Biles, Bogardus, Reese, Adams, Froom. Baker, Hale, Canning, Watts, Krieger, Jackson, Brcmbacher, Venning, Mitchell. Third Row: Craig, W. P., Metlick. Taylor, Maclise, Buszek, Cleary, Calder, Widel, Holland. Millsap. Pooley, Reynolds, Bahme, Clemens, Mehlert, Monroe. Second Row: Hamilton, coach; Michael, Kyte, Cole, Peter, Lyman. Sommers. Ford, Manuel, Hall, Throop, Huntalas, Cooper, Sadaj, Vollmer. Front Row: Barnes, Shibata, Craig, W. L, Gorman, Marshall, Long, Lowe, Wolf, Stamps, Otto, Bailey, Charity. After entering a few individual runners in track meets at Treasure Island, the Bears officially opened their season with the annual Alumni Field Day. Dominating the running events, the varsity cindermen had little trouble in beating the former Californians 98 to 28. The next week, the trackmen traveled north and soundly trouced Washington 95 to 36 in an indoor meet, holding the Huskies to three first places. Four meet records were broken when Bear and Bruin tangled at Edwards Field the following week. Stan Sadaj ' s new California mark of 9:28.1 in the two- mile run helped California win the meet I04y 3 to 265 3. Trojan strength was too much for the Bears who won only the two-mile run, broadjump, discus and shotput, while losing the USC meet 81 to 50. As a final contest before preparing for the Big Meet, the trackmen entertained the Olympic Club and lost a close 67 to 64 decision to the Clubmen. 310 EARLL SHINE Senior Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS Gaddis, Murray. Erans. Pjente. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Merritt. Hogan. Smith, Scrib- ner, Goodhue. Front Row: Gabriel. Watson, Fisher, Bennett. CALIFORNIA 98 ALUMNI Mixing monkeyshines with their sport, some of the older alumni entertained spectators at the Alumni Field Day with events such as a pole vault for distance and a bicycle race. In the competitive contests, the Bears swamped the Alumni in all events but the hurdles, high jump and javelin throw to take the meet by a 98 to 28 score. SUMMARY 100- YARD DASH Won by Brombacher (C) ; second, Nutting (A); third, Manuel (C). Time, 9.9. 220-YARD DASH Won by Brombacher (C); second, Manuel (C) ; third, Frick (C). Time, 22.1. 440-YARD DASH Won by Barnes (C) ; second, Lowe (C); third, Reese (C). Time, 49.2. 880- YARD RUN Won by Widel (C) ; second, Stout (A); third, Mehlert (C). Time, 1:56.8. MILE RUN Won by Cole (C) ; second, Sadaj (C); third, Mehlert (C). Time, 4:18.2. (New California record. Old record 4:18.4 made by Sadaj in 1938.) TWO-MILE RUN Won by Vollmer (C) ; second, Cooper (C); third. Lawrence (A). Time, 9:37.1. 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES Won by Moore (A) ; tie for second, Griffin (C) and Yenning (C). Time, 14.7. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES Won by Moore (A); second, Pooley (C) ; third, Jackson (C). Time, 24.2. BROAD JUMP Won by Kido (C), 24 feet l l t inches: second, Bennett (C), 21 feet l z inches; third, Huntalas (C), 21 feet 3% inches. HIGH JUMP Won by Law (A), 6 feet 2% inches; tie for second, Chaff ey (C) and Kitts (C), 5 feet I0y 2 inches. POLE VAULT Tie for first, Monroe (C) and Ford (C), 12 feet 9 inches; third, McCarthy (C), 12 feet 6 inches. JAVELIN THROW Won by Waterbury (A), 215 feet lO ' A inches; second, Manuel (C), 202 feet 4 inches; third, Hein (A), 200 feet 10 inches. SHOT PUT Won by Kitts (C), 50 feet 2y t inches; second, Michael (C), 50 feet; third, Lyman (C), 45 feet 10 inches. DISCUS THROW Won by Marshall (C), 137 feet 3 inches; second, Kitts (C), 127 feet 7K inches; third, Lyman (C), 123 feet 3 inches. Sprinters break from their holes at the start of the 100-yard dash. Monroe sails over the bar at a winning height of 12 ' 9 " as Bear vaulters shut out the Alumni The Bear mile trio of Cole. Sadaj, and Mehlert finish one, two, three in the four-lap event in the fast time of 4:1S.2. In a special 120-yard low-hurdle race, former Bear track " greats " prove that they still know how to take a hurdle. CALIFORNIA 95 WASHINGTON 3G Washington received the worst indoor defeat it has ever suffered when the Bears beat the Huskies by a 95 to 36 score in Seattle. Led by Captain Guy Manuel, who won two firsts and one second place, the Varsity squad placed first in twelve events. The California tracksters swept the field in the mile run, the high jump, and the javelin throw. SUMMARY 75-YARD DASH Won by Brombacher (C) ; second, Manuel (C) ; third, Flagg (W). Time, :07.6. 220-YARD DASH Won by Flagg (W) ; second, Hage (W); third, Brombacher (C). Time, :22.9. 440-YARD DASH Won by Lowe (C) ; second. Barnes (C) ; third, Montgomery (W). Time, :50.6. 880-YARD RUN Won by Hubbard (W) ; second, Holland (C); third. Egbert (W). Time, 2:04.5. MILE RUN Won by Sadaj (C) ; second. Mehlert (C); third, Holland (C). Time, 4:27.5. TWO-MILE RUN Tie for first. Won by Vollmer (C), and Cooper (C) ; third, Coleman (W). Time, 9:45.5. 80-YARD HIGH HURDLES Pooley (C), and Lockhart (W), tied for first; third, Yenning (C). Time, :10.4. 180-YARD LOW HURDLES Won by Lockhart (W); second, Flagg (W) ; third, Yenning (C). Time, :20.3. BROAD JUMP Won by Manuel (C), 23 feet 5 inches; second, Kido (C), 22 feet 8% inches; third, Onderon (W), 20 feet lO i inches. HIGH JUMP Long (C). Kitts (C) and Jackson (C) tied for first. Height, 5 feet 10 inches. POLE VAULT Ford (C) and Bingham (W) tied for first, 13 feet; third, Monroe (C), 12 feet 6 inches. JAVELIN THROW Won by Manuel (C), 185 feet 4fi inch=s; second. White (C). 176 feet 5 inches; third, Monroe (C), 173 feet 11 inches. SHOT PUT Won by Kitts (C), 49 feet 10 inches; second, Michael (C), 48 feet ll ' i inches; third, Beechtol (W), 46 feet 2 inches. DISCUS THROW Won by Wolf (C), 144 feet 6% inches; second. Marshall (C), 143 feet 2fi inches; third, Bjorklund (W), 135 feet 11, inches. MILE RELAY Won by California (Mehlert, Barnes, Widel and Lowe). Time, 3:31.5. Ton Moore, former Bear running for the Olympic Club, takes an early lead in the low hurdles and wins by sercral yards. Coach Hamilton instructs a recruit in the fine points of iaitlin throwing. Widel sets a new Met record in the half Kile against UCLA, and is followed to the tape by team- mates Cleary and Peter. Shotuutter Fred Marshall creates an impressionistic picture of combined power and daintiness. I Brombacher (right) and Frick (left) take the first two places in the 100-yard dash for the Bears. CALIFORNIA 104 U. C. L. A. 2GI Outstanding event of the day at the Bear- Bruin meet was a special three-quarter-mile race in which California ' s Cecil Cole missed the world record mark by six-tenths of a sec- ond. In winning the meet 104y 3 to 26 2 3 , the Bears broke meet records in the mile run, 880-yard run and pole vault, and set a new California mark in the two-mile run. SUMMARY 100-YARD DASH Won by Brombacher (C) ; second, Prick (C) ; third, Sinclair (UCLA). Time, 9.9 seconds. 220-YARD DASH Won by Brombacher (C) ; second, Frick (C) ; third. Sinclair (UCLA). Time, 21.6 seconds. 440-YARD DASH Won by Watts (C) ; second, Wyatt (UCLA); third, Bradley (UCLA). Time, 48.2 seconds. 880-YARD RUN Won by Widel (C) ; second, Cleary (C); third, Peter (C). Time, 1 minute 56.2 seconds. (New meet record). MILE RUN Won by Baker (C) ; second, Holland (C) ; third, Throop (C). Time, 4 minutes, 21.1 seconds. TWO-MILE RUN Won by Vollmer (C) ; second, Cooper (C); third, Barnes (UCLA). Time, 9:28.1. (New meet and California record). 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES Won by Long (C) ; sec- ond; Pooley (C); thiid, Venning (C). Time, 15.1 seconds. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES Won by McBain (UCLA) ; second. Pooley (C) ; third, Froom (C). Time, 24.3 seconds. BROAD JUMP Won by Kido (C), 23 feet 11 ! 4 inches; second. Turner (UCLA), 23 feet 8? s inches; third, France (UCLA), 22 feet 31 f inches. HIGH JUMP Won by Long (C), 6 feet 1 ' 4 inches; second, Hines (UCLA), Blaikie (UCLA) and Chaffey (C) tied for second, 5 feet 11 inches. POLE VAULT Tie for first between Edwinger (UCLA) and McCarthy (C), 13 feet 6% inches, tie for third be- tween Monroe (C) and Ford (C), 13 feet. (New meet record). JAVELIN THROW Won by Biles (C), 198 6% inches; second, Manuel (C), 197 feet 10 inches; third, Shaugh- nessy (UCLA), 188 feet. SHOT PUT Won by Michael (C), 49 feet 9y s inches; second, Kitts (C), 48 feet 4f6 inches; third, Lyman (C), 47 feet 1H inches. DISCUS THROW Won by Wolf (C), 147 feet 1 inch; third, Catlin (UCLA), 144 feet 9 inches; third, Marshall (C), 141 feet 11 inches. MILE RELAY Won by California (Buszek, Resse, Bahme, Lowe). Time, 3.22. Venning and Long take a flight of high hurdles together, as Long goes on to win and Venning comes in third. Watts strides away from the field in the quarter-mile to win the race in 48. 2. 314 CALIFORNIA 50 U . S . C. 81 Trojan strength in the running events led them to an 81 to 50 victor) over the Varsity tracksters. Stan Sadaj was the only Bear man to break the tape in setting a new meet record of 9:26.4 in the two-mile run. In the fiel d events the Bears made a better showing by winning the broadjump. discus throw and shotput. SUMMARY 100-YARD DASH Won by Wfflis (USC) : second. Jor- dan (DSC); thin]. Anderson (USC). Time, 10 seconds. 220- YARD DASH Won by WOE (DSC); second. Jor- dan (DSC); third. Brombacber (C). Time. 21.4. 440-YARD DASH Won by Miner (DSC); second. Upton (USC); third. Watts (C). Time. 48.3. 880-YARD RUN Won by Zamperini (DSC); second. Wide! (C); third. Peter (C). Time, 1:55.9. MILE RUN Won by Zamperini (DSC); second. Cole (C); third. Mehlert (C). Time 4:15-2. TWO-MILE RUN Won by Sadaj (C) ; second. Cooper (C); third. VoOmer (C). Tone. 9:26.4. (New meet rec- ord, old record 9:29.4 made in 1938 by Sadaj.) 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES Won by Humphrey (DSC); second. Long (C); third. Yenning (C). Time. 14.7. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES Won by Vickery (DSC): second, Laret (USC): third. Pooley (C). Time. 23.2. (New meet record, old record 23.4 made in 1935 by ::e Han. DSC.) BROAD JUMP Won by Mannd (C). 23 feet 8 inches: second. Broom field (DSC). 23 feet 5 inches; third. Laret (DSC). 23 feet ' 2 inch. HIGH JUMP Won by Wilson (DSC). 6 feet 3 , inches: second. Long (C). 6 feet 2? inches; tie for third between McMfflen (C) and Carter (USC). 6 feet 2 inches. POLE VAULT Won by Day (DSC). 14 feet 2 inches: second. Monroe (C), 13 feet 10 inches: tie for third be- tween Howe (DSC) and McCarthy (C), 13 feet 6 inches. JAVELIN THROW Won by De Groot (DSC). 227 feet 1 inch; second. Peoples (USC). 217 feet 3K inches: third. Biles (C). 193 feet 7 inches. (New meet record, old record. 213 feet 6 inches made in 1931 by Ken Chnrchfll (C). SHOT PUT Won by Michael (C). 49 feet 10 inches: second. Kitts (C). 48 feet 7 ' 2 inches; third. Fisher (DSC), 48 feet 7 inches. DISCUS THROW Won by Wo (C). 153 feet 2 inches: second, Wrotnowski (DSC), 152 feet 11 ' 4 inches; third, Caspar (DSC). 141 feet . MILE RELAY Won by DSC (Lytle. Greenback, Upton and Miller). Time. 3:16.8. (Ties meet record.) 1 1 ! I c,l f USC amafnm Mm the test fm jar Is hot wnW a Peter is the Sn-ran) run A aft) sf Trsja. i Bear tehmc in the 100-ja I watts is mat at ft tape kr f the Tnjass at B far f the i 315 CALIFORNIA 74i Taking unexpected places in the 100-yard dash, the half-mile run and the high jump, the Bears " came through " in the forty-sixth annual " Big Meet " to score a I4y 2 to 56 l 2 victory over the Indians. In the century, Elton Brombacher and Bob Frick upset the dope bucket by taking second and third places be- hind Stanford ' s Clyde Jeffrey. Dick Peter and Frank Cleary surprised fans when they took first and second places in the 880. Counting on taking eight points in the high jump, the Indians were forced into a four-way tie when Louis Smith and George Chaffey equalled the jumps made by Russ Wulff and Jim Lincoln of Stanford. New meet records were set in the 220, the mile, the two-mile and the discus throw, and the meet record in the 100-yard dash was tied. In running the furlong in 20.8, Jeffrey of Stan- ford equalled the Edwards Stadium record as well as setting a new meet record. California ' s Cecil Cole set the new mile mark at 4:15.9, while his team-mate, Stanley Sadaj, ran the two-mile in 9:35.3 for his record. Most exciting race of the day was the relay, although the Bears had already won the meet when this four-man event was run. Running even with the Indians for the first three laps, the Bears won the event when anchor man Don Watts beat Clyde Jeffrey by a yard at the finish. 316 Bears Venning and Pooley take surprise second and third places in the 120-yard high hurdles. Cole beats Girard of Stanford in the mile-run, setting a new meet record of 4:15.9. Jeffrey ties the 100-yard dash meet record of 9.6 as Bears Brombacher and Frick take second and third. H tie-man if StanM wins. M tike stand fr California tkc 220- jrt Icwl Sxia. sets a m in ttit nort f 935.3 Watts leads Jefrey to fee tape UK ttrilhng last lj cf the rtli,. STAMFORD 56i SUMMARY 100-YARD DASH Won by Jeffrey (S); second, Brom- bacher C) ; third. Prick (C). Time, 9.6. (Ties meet record set by Kiesd (C) in 1932.) 220- YARD DASH Won by Jeffrey (S) ; second. Carew (S); third. Brombacher (C). Time. 20.8. (New meet record, old record of 21.1 set by Kiesd (C) in 1932.) 440-YARD DASH Won by Watts (C) ; second, Lowe (C); third. Wiffiamson (S). Time, 48.2. 880- YARD RUN Won by Peter (C) ; second, Cleary (C); third. Moore (S). Time, 1:55.4. MILE RUN Won by Cole (C) ; second. Girard (S) ; third. Sadaj (C). Time. 4:15.9. (New meet record, old record of 4:17.9 set by Barrows (S) in 1938.) TWO-MILE RUN Won by Sadaj (C) ; second. Cooper (C); third. Holland (C). Time, 9:35-3. (New meet record, old record of 9:37.2 set by Borrows (S) in 1938.) 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES Won by Hawkins (S); second. Yenning (C) ; third, Pooley (C). Time 14.8. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES Won by Hiserman (S); second. Pooley (C) ; third. Huston (S). Time. 23.7. BROAD JUMP Won by Manuel (C). 23 feet lltf inches: second. Brown (S), 23 feet 9 i inches; third. Smith (C), 23 feet 2fi inches. HIGH JUMP Tie for first between Smith (C). Chaffey (C). Wolff (S) and Lincoln (S). Height, 6 feet 1 4 inches. JAVELIN THROW Won by Braheny (S). 211 feet 8 inches; second. Manuel (C), 203 feet 5 i inches: third, Thnrsby (S), 195 feet 6 inches. POLE VAULT Tie for first between Monroe (C) and McCarthy (C). height 13 feet 6 inches; third. Ford (C), 13 feet. SHOT PUT Won by Wohle (S), 52 feet % inch; second, Anderson (S), 51 feet 4J4 inches: third, Michael (C). 49 feet 3Y, inches. DISCUS THROW Won by Zager (S), 164 feet 5 i inches: second. Wolf (C), 152 feet llfi inches; third. Anderson (S). 143 feet 2% inches. (New meet record. old record of 162 feet I$i inches set by Lery (S) in 1936.) MILE RELAY Won by California team. (Widel, Froom. Lowe, and Watts). Time, 3:19.4. 317 CALIFORNIA B4 OLYMPIC CLUB 67 Dropping a close meet to the Olympic Club trackmen, the Bears took individual honors when Cole smashed the California record in the mile for a second time, this time running the four laps in 4:14.4. Surprise winner of the day was football star Louie Smith who took first place in the broad jump for the Bears. SUMMARY 100-YARD DASH Won by Dean (OC) ; tie for second between Brombacher (C) and Frick (C). Time, 10 sec- onds Bat. 220-YARD DASH Won by Brombacher (C) ; second, Frick (C); third, Watts (C). Time, 21.6. 440-YARD DASH Won by Watts (C) ; second, McCurdy (OC); third, Lowe (C). Time, 49.1. 880-YARD RUN Won by McCurdy (OC); second, Stout (OC); third, Peter (C). Time, 1:55.1. MILE RUN Won by Cole (C) ; second, Sadaj (C) ; third, Cooper (OC). Time, 4:14.4. (New California rec- ord, old record held by Sadaj (C), 1938.) TWO-MILE RUN Won by Vollmer (C) ; second, Pres- ton (OC); third, Holland (C). Time, 9:26.9. 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES Won by Moore (OC); second. Yenning (C) ; third, Long (C). Time, :14.4. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES Won by Moore (OC); second, Jackson (C) ; third, Reese (C). Time, ;23.5. BROAD JUMP Won by Smith (C), 23 feet 8}4 inches; second. Kern (OC), 22 feet 8 2 inches; third, Parr (OC), 22 feet 6 inches. HIGH JUMP Tie for first between Law (OC) and Smith (OC), 6 feet 4 inches; third, Long (C), 6 feet 2 inches. POLE VAULT Won by Warmerdam (OC), 13 feet 11 " 4 inches; second, McCarthy (C), 13 feet 6 inchss; third, Monroe (C), 13 feet. JAVELIN THROW Won by Waterbury (OC), 211 feet 11 inches; second, Manuel (C), 200 feet 4 inches; third, Mottram (OC), 199 feet 6 inches. SHOT PUT Won by Dunn (OC), 49 feet 3 inches; sec- ond, Michael (C), 48 feet 5 inches; third, Montgomery (OC), 48 feet W inches. DISCUS THROW Won by Fox (OC), 163 feet 9 " 4 inches; second, Dunn (OC), 161 feet 7 inches; third, Wolf (C), 146 feet 2 inches. MILE RELAY Won by California (Hale, Buszek, Bahme, Froom). Time. 3:22.6. 318 Brombacher breaks the tape as California sweeps the field in the 220-yard dash. A photo-finish, but Dean of the Olympic Club noses out Brombacher in the 100-yard dash Captain Manuel of California sets ready for a 200-fcct threw. FRDSH SEASON Completing a successful season, the Frosh showed promise of future Varsity material, especially in the middle distances. Bob Hogan ran a 49-8 furlong and Bob Bowers was timed at 1 :58.7 in the 880 and turned in a 4:26.9 mile. Meeting mostly all-star high school teams and junior colleges, the Cubs were upset in only two of the J. C. contests, dropping one to Sacramento and the other to the combined attack of Salinas, Ma- rin, Menlo, and Santa Rosa. The first yearmen succeeded in turning back Modesto J. C. and San Mateo J. C. on two successive Saturdays, and downed N. C. I. F. and local prep all-stars. FRESHMAN SQUAD Back Row: Larson. Kearney. Caileton. Dunn. Coi.ll Gunther. Biles. MacConaghy. Leal. Stntns. Second Rev: Diehl. Black. Jchrtscn. Delucrhi. Nelson. Sugder, Grzhan. Bradford, V. Front Rcw: Willis. Miller. Twining, Hawkins. Harris. Hogan. Hunt, Tharjj. Rjgan (coach). Cal Frosh and Modesto J. C. dashmen get off to an eten start in the 100-yard dash Twining neatly clears th crcssbar to tie for first place in the Sacramento J. C. treet. I -V CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Gibson, Ge.wick. Powell, Culver, Foulkes. Front Row: Homjs, Goldman. Eastman, Roberts. Harman, Amonette, Imhoff, Peacock. With prospects of a National Championship in view, this year ' s Varsity netmen proceeded to blast all of their opponents off the courts. Touring south for their first matches, the Bears downed USC 6y 2 to 2y- and tri- umphed over the Bruins 7 to 2. Following a three-weeks ' practice session, the Varsity repeated its 7 to 2 victory over UCLA on the Berkeley courts. In the second meeting with the Trojans, California clinched its hold on the conference crown by defeating the southern netmen 8 to 1. In the final matches of the conference race, the Bears had little trouble in completely outclassing the boys from the Farm. In the first lap of the series, 322 JUNIOR MANAGERS McNutt, Mickelwait. Stephens. Metcalf. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Graux. Ward. Stem. Front Row: Rudee, Roth, Wilcox. the Cardinals failed to win a single match as Coach Tom Stow ' s proteges swept all nine encounters. However, in the second part of the series the Indians rallied and were able to hold the Bears to a 5 to 4 victory. Many outstanding players made this year ' s team the best in Stow ' s nine years of coaching, and probably the best group of racquet-handlers in Bear tennis history. Beside the outstanding play of Bob Harman, ranked 17th nationally, spectators witnessed many smashing drives off the racquet of Captain Doug Imhoff, and thrilled at the form of Bob Peacock ' s play. HERMAN HITTENBE3GER Senior Manager 323 Harman prepares to follow Robert ' s forehand shot as the Bear lirst d:ubles team defeats UCLA Captain Imhoff hits a hard cross-court shot off his backhand in his singles match with Kendis Coulthard drives far to the side to catch his charging opponent out of position. U.C.L.A. MATCHES In their initial meeting, the California Bears downed the Bruin net team by win- ning all six singles matches and one of the three doubles. In the number one match, Bob Peacock defeated the UCLA captain, Brad Kendis, 2-6, 6-4, 6-3. The Bruin net- men showed their only power in the doubles play, winning the last two doubles matches after their top team of Kendis and Joe Sugich had been defeated by Peacock and Captain Doug Imhoff of the Bears. Maintaining their lead in the conference race, the powerful Bear team swamped UCLA 7 to 2 in their second meeting, which was held on the Berkeley courts. The two captains met in the first singles match with Imhoff defeating Kendis 6-4, 6-2. The second singles match was the only one going to the Bruins, Bill Hoogs suffering defeat at the hands of Bob Bartlett. Most exciting match of the day was the last of the doubles play. With victory slipping from their hands in the second set, Amonette and Eastman lost to the Bruin team of Goodman and Crickard 4-6, 7-5, 6-4. 324 I " Peactci r s lr fr a hrt of the base line in the i of the Mv. f i y i he wrf Pcaock trap bet kqmri the bet line tt rectiw a tnjm net nudL U. S. C. MATCHES Meeting the Trojans on their own courts, the Varsity tennis team won the first series 6] 2 to 2 l 2 - Unusually long singles matches made it necessary to call off the last doubles match at one set each when darkness hindered the play. In the first singles match Bob Peacock put up a stubborn fight but was finally defeated by Ronald Lubin of USC 6-4, 13-11. Three sets were necessary for Bob Harman to down Trojan Ken Bartelt 0-6, 16-14, 6-3. Facing the southerners for the second time, the Bears soundly trounced the in- aders 8 to 1. Harman defeated Trojan Lubin 7-5, 6-4 in the number one match of the cay. USC took their only victory in the second singles when Bartelt downed Captain Doug Imhoff 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. In the feature doubles competition of the day, Peacock and Imhoff completely outclassed the Trojan duo, Lubin and Bartelt, by defeating them 6-2, 6-O. The two remaining Varsity doubles teams lost only one set in sweep- ing through the USC neunen. This win placed the Bears in the undisputed lead for the conference crown. 325 Imlioff watches Peacock ' s sharp return of a Stanford drive before advancing to the net. STANFORD SERIES California defeated the Cardinals in both laps of their series to come through the season with a clean slate. Winning all nine matches of the first contest, the Bears cinched the southern division title in the first complete shut-out over the Indians in Tom Stow ' s nine years as Varsity mentor. In the feature singles match of the day Bob Harman dropped the first set but came back in the next two to beat Stan- ford ' s Bob Low 1-6, 7-5, 6-4. The Bears lost only four of the 22 sets played during the afternoon. Invading the Indian lair for their next meeting, the Bears felt the vengeance of the Stanford netmen and were only able to edge out a 5 to 4 victory. Harman repeated his win over Low, this time mak- ing the count 6-4, 6-3. In the second singles match Bob Peacock trounced his Indian rival, Ed Folsom 6-0, 6-0. The Cardinals took two of the remaining singles matches and were victorious in the last two doubles after Doug Imhoff and Bob Peacock beat Server and Low 6-1, 6-1 for the only Bear doubles victory. Imhoff goes hioh in the air for an overhead smash as Peacock prepares to cover the back court. Coulthard and Ammonette await their turn on the court as the officials on the Cali- fornia bench watch the play. 4 FRESHMAN SEASON Offering promising material for next year ' s Var- sity, the Frosh netmen came through with a very successful season. Led by the excellent playing of Ronald Edwards, the Cubs started their list of con- secutive wins by whipping San Mateo J.C. 7 to 2. Sacramento was the next to meet defeat from the smashing racquets of the Freshmen, losing 6 to 1. Following this victory, the Frosh defeated Pasadena J.C. and Lowell High in successive matches, both by scores of 7 to 2. In facing the Stanford Frosh, the yearlings met their first stiff competition. The Cubs won all but two of the singles matches and the first match of the doubles play to down the Papoose net- men 5 to 4. FRESHMAN SQUAD Back Rtv: Kejtr. Sdsted. Itl !!. Frant Rcw: Mart, Wilson. Gamer. Hutfsan atoms to take a Redskin nlley in OK tfeM ! match against IbUM. Hipperetiel returns a sharp reltej after a Ions cress-CMrt run in his win wer Stairftrt. y y y ass VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: DuBois, Swan, Mitchell, Lord, Mead, Mc- Dowell. Front Row: Green, Clio. Droubay, Mittler, Sak- anari, Nemir. ED NEMIR Coach BOXING The Varsity boxing team salvaged one victory out of their five conference matches, losing two and tying two of their remaining bouts. The pugilists were most successful against Cal Aggies, whom they once de- feated and once tied. Washington State drubbed the Bears 8 to 1, and against Stan- ford the Bears tied one and lost one match. Individual honors went to Paul Cho, who was Pacific Coast Conference Champion at 120 pounds. Drachnik, who later won by a decision, lands a blow on Hovey of Stanford. Ben Pavone, Bear grappler, on top of UCLA ' s Captain Bruce Roberts, the bout winner. Led by Captain Ken McNamara, the California Varsity Wrestling Team opened the year by defeating the Olympic Club. Then followed a tie match with the UCLA Bruins, a tie with the Olympic Club for the Far Western Championship, and a loss to San Jose State. The final meet of the year was the National AAU Championships held at Treasure Island, where Matsumora Fujioka won second place in the 112-pound division. WRESTLING HENRY STONE Coach VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Scso, Spear, Wolohan, Kympton, Sen- neller, White. Third Row: Bennion, Kncwlton, Macres, Thompson, McNamara, Enos, Sale. Second Rcw: Stone, coach, Crocker, Avila, Tas- hima, Kavin, Endicott, Jones. Front Rcw: Ikeda, Hopper, Habu, Sugino, Wada, Raski, Coffey. 330 VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Hopkins. Rianda, Christensen, Perry. Ferris, Arner. Front Row: Booth, Ley. Franz, Francis. Fujita. Dill. HEBER NEWSOM Coach - - 145 Ib. BASKETBALL Tough opposition for the 145-pound basketball squad in the form of junior col- lege, high school, and athletic club teams, did not stop the Bears from winning twenty- three of their twenty-six scheduled games. Along with local high schools and clubs, Pomona, El Centro, and Santa Maria Junior Colleges fell under the Bears ' powerful on- slaught. Completing the season, the 145 ' s won the PAA Championship for the third time. Loy of the Bears leaps for the ball as California ' s 145 ' s beat the Bruins. The 130-pound basketballers in a practice game with the Japanese Stude-ts ' Club. A heavy schedule of twenty-one games kept the 130-pound basketball team in top shape to win nineteen of their contests dur- ing the season. The squad was strengthened with the return of Fontenrose, Green, and Conlin from the 1938 team. Bay area high school and club teams were the light- weights ' opponents. Entering the PAA Tournament late in March, they advanced to the semi-finals. 130 Ib. BASKETBALL HEBER NEWSOM Coach VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Conlin, Aarons, Green. Strathouse. King, Porterfield. Frcnt Row: Nishimoto. Takahashi. Fon- ftnrose. Moore. Sakada. 331 SWIMMING VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Sim. Maclise. Bridge. Cox. Little. Sparks. Second Row: Engleheart. Gowdy. Castle. Gerdes. Clark, Drake, Dowden. Front Row: Aronson, DeKay, Cooper. Dam, Woodman. After a series of practice meets in which the California mermen showed individual and team strength, the Bears met USC for their first conference tilt. A Trojan power- house brought decisive defeat with a 52 to 23 tally, but California came back in the second conference meet to beat UCLA 46 to 29. The Big Swim against Stanford tanksters held just before the All-Conference meet went to the Indians, 44 to 31. Early in the season the Oregon Webfeet met California in the Berkeley pool and won by a five-point margin, 40 to 35. The practice schedule included the powerful Olym- pic and Athens Club teams, Fullerton Junior College, and Stockton Olympic Club. The Winged " O " swimmers beat the Blue and Gold twice, 55 to 19 and 55 to 20, while the Bears shared honors with the Athens Club in two meets. Team members also entered the PAA and the Junior NAAU championships. Bears place first and second in the 220-yard dash against Oregon. Starbuck of Oregon (le. ' t) beats Steve Aronson into the water in the 50-yard freestyle, but A:-onson wins. 332 WATER FOLD VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Dcxten (caadi). Beta, Drake. Allen. Garrart. Wet Altar. Siatts. Chandler. Castle. Ary. Front Rew: Imjhaai. Will 1 1. Aram, S . Fuss. Aram 0.. Wheeler. C.. tax. McClire. Hurlburt. Gtadmer. Beyd. I I OflF to a slow start due to the late arrival of Coach Dowden and the injury of Captain Wheeler, the Water Polo Team found themselves as the season progressed, and won for California its second consecutive water polo championship. Losing three of their six pre-conference practice tilts, the Bears hit their stride in time to win the first conference game from UCLA 1 to 0. They next faced and defeated USC, and then traveled south to walk over UCLA 7 to 4, and beat USC 5 to 4 in a close contest. The Varsity lost the first game of the Stanford series 3 to 2, placing the two teams in a tie for the conference lead, but the Bears came back to defeat the Indians in the second encounter. This crucial contest was tied at 4 to 4 when the regular playing time was ove r, but in an over- time period Wheeler scored a goal which gave the Bears a victory and a Pacific Coast Conference Championship. Dan Aranson aaues to Co. while UCLA worts itteavt to intercept. Stew f UCLA breaks far the kail tnt 1 clean pass. M the Bears win. 333 VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Cooper, Holland, Stamps, Mclntyre. Front Row: Mehlert, Drachnik, Bailey, Vollmer. BRUTUS HAMILTON Coach CROSS COUNTRY California distance men ran well out in front of Stanford and UCLA harriers in the only two conference meets scheduled this season, to win with twin scores of 46 to 15. The finish of the Bear-Indian run saw Bears lead Cardinals to the finish line to take the first six places for California. Stanley Sadaj, winner of both meets, broke the six-mile course record in the run against UCLA with a time of 33 :08. Competing by mail with collegiate rifle teams from all parts of the country, the Varsity Rifle Team went through an unde- feated season of thirty-five consecutive wins. Outstanding teams beaten by the Bears included the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and the Universities of Wash- ington, Maryland, Oregon, Nebraska, and Missouri. In their only shoulder to shoulder match of the year, Bear marksmen won the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Crown. RIFLERY MAJOR H. H. GALLIETT Coach VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Miller, East, Cole, Thompson, Vander Heyden, Petersen, Simonson, Williams, Hardy, Chancy, Ogilvie, Langdon. Front Row: Meese, North, Shea, Hiatt, Galliett, Benton, Steven, Taylor, West. 334 Bear harriers jog around the track during an afternoon workout Riflemen practice firing in the Hearst Gymnasium nailery. VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Craig. Burthud. Sport. Ashley. Firestone. Fritter. Woodworth. Front Row: Stem, Fannestoek. Stone, Hodson. Hohenthal. Spiess. JAMES ASHLEY Spiess of California fences with Cooper of Stanford as the Bear foilsmtn defeat the Indians. Dick Gardner. California ' s undefeated horizontal bar artist, competes ajunst USC and UCLA in a triangular !. FENCING The Varsity Fencing Team opened their season by breaking even in the Herron Trophy matches, losing two and winning two matches. In their only dual match of the year the foilsmen next faced and de- feated Stanford 14 to 11. Their final match of the year was the Pacific Coast Inter- collegiates held on Treasure Island, and led by the fine fencing of Captain Bob Stone, the Bears finished second to USC California Varsity gymnasts took two titles, winning the Pacific Association and California Intercollegiate Invitational meets. In the Coast Conference meet the Bears placed second behind USC, whom they later defeated in winning the Cali- fornia Invitational. Against Stanford, the Calif ornians showed superior strength and trumped the Cards 67 to 5. High point man for the season was Robert Marks. GYMNASTICS CHARLES KEENEY VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Locke, Curtis, Rub. McDowall. Nobte. Binder. Second RowtKeeney. Fishnan. Marshall. Marks, Skoss. Mather. Nash. Siln. Front Row: Liogitt, Wheeler, Czdwell. Keyak. M.. Condon, Keyak, K.. Gardner. 335 RUGBY i VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Staffler, MacKenzie, Anderson, A., Youdall, Hunkins, Granger, Stephens, Elmendcrf. Second Row: Huters, Townsend, Dickey. Markwart, Snell, Anderson, D., Hudson. Front Row: Boon, Lindeberg, Graham, Rogers, Juch. McGrath. Completing a season which found them meeting defeat but once, the Varsity Rugby team became undisputed holder of the Northern California Rugby Championship, and tied with USC and Stanford for the Coast Conference title. Led by Captain Laurence Dickey, the Bears opened the season with an easy 26 to victory over the Stanford Hospital and followed the next week with a close 6 to 3 win over the Olympic Club. The next foe to face defeat by the Bears was the University Club which lost 11 to 5, and then followed a heartbreaking 10 to 9 defeat by the Trojans of USC. The Varsity won a pair of victories by defeating UCLA 6 to 0, and Santa Barbara 20 to 0. In the final league game of the season, the Bears defeated the highly-touted Stanford Indians 4 to 3. A post season game played on Treasure Island against the British Columbia All-Stars found the Bears meet- ing defeat 19 to 16. Tcwnsend and Andersen head for a fumbled ball during the USC game. Trojans and Bears scramble for the ball during a line-out. 336 SOCCER | W fl VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Williams. Schroder, coach. Lesser, Goirdin. Hutti. Musante. Nishkian. Obertuus, Snort. Benjsmin. Second Row: Mintun. Krtft. Bartelstn. Meier. Larson, Hayes. Crane, Kkbaoof, Tartar. 1.. McKeowen. Front Row: Kelly. Darwin. Carriers. Faeh. Bucklin. Williams. Dunford. Graalfs. Taylor. H. Bear Jimmy Taylor applauds the frst California goal agaii Hayes successfully heads the ball despite a Stanford ite ' s itten For the third time in as many years, Coach J.H.Schroeder ' s Varsity Soccer Team emerged conference champions, and in so doing remained undefeated in fifty-three of their last fifty-four games. Of their ten conference encounters, two with each team in the league, they were twice tied, once by San Jose and once by UCLA. In their remaining games the team completely out-classed Menlo 12 to and 7 to 0, and beat San Mateo, USF, and Stanford twice, besides winning their return en- gagements with San Jose and UCLA, on their southern trip during Thanksgiving vacation. They also defeated LAJC and Santa Barbara on this trip. As usual, competition was keenest in the Stanford games, but due mainly to the performance of the team ' s four all- conference players, Captain Musante, Lesser, Mutti, and Meier, the Bears won the games 2 to and 4 to 1. 337 VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Schroeder, Thom- as, Oakes. Luth. Battagin, Nishkian, Hanen. Front Row: Isenstein, Blau, Later), Rollings, Kwasney. JULIUS SCHROEDER Coach ICE HOCKEY Although only placing fourth in the Oakland IAA League, the California Ice Hockey team enjoyed a moderately success- ful season. Highlights of the year ' s play were a trip to Yosemite for the Hoover trophy matches, where the Bears lost close decisions to USC and Loyola, and the Pacific Coast championships, where they advanced to the finals before losing 3 to to the Gonzaga Bulldogs. California skiers were winners in the Southern Division of the Intercollegiate Ski Union, and runners-up in the Coast Conference and Intercollegiate Ski Union Championships. In the Southern Division meet the Bears took every place but one third, with George Gester a double winner. In the Vanderbilt Invitational meet Cali- fornia took second, and in a jumping meet on Treasure Island, Art McMurry made the second longest leap of the day. SKIING JOHN WHITE Coach VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Hayes. White, Henck. Connick, Chaney, Dorr. Morley. Second Row: Dole, Ainsworth, Andrews. Chiapella. Gester. Bruster. Front Row: Vail. Hatch, McMurry, Hirschkind, Lowe. 338 Bear goalie Laven darts out to step t Trojan shot in a tense moment during the USC game Water skiing is not an official event, but skiers enjoy it as i pastime. VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: McWborter. Luther. Hanford, Wart. Second Row: Bruce, Then- is, Ska if e. Front Row: Lnegren, Mjtrs, Wttnl. Barnett. Leonard Thrasher lets off at Tilden Park during a practice mat. Leon Sdiaf and Jack Fishaun. a too doubles combination, wort out on the Bear courts. DEWEY LONGWORTH Coach GOLF Bear golfers opened the season with three consecutive easy victories over San Francisco State, Pomona College, and the University of Colorado. They next met defeat at the hands of USC and UCLA, but retaliated by winning the Southern Division Conference title, with Leonard Thrasher as medalist, and Jack Lovegren a semi-finalist. Against Stanford, Willard McKay had rounds of 65 and 67 as the Bears won 17 to 10. The Varsity Handball Team highlighted its season by successfully defending its Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Handball Championship. Journeying to Los Angeles, the Bears first met UCLA, emerged victor- ious by a close 4 to 3 score, and followed up by handily shellacking USC 9 to 1. Competing in the Eastbay Counties Hand- ball League the Bears had only mediocre success against stellar competition from local club teams. HANDBALL RALFE MILLER VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Stuff. Ccrdes. Sharp. Newwyer. Front Rrw: Miller, Schaffer. Fislman. Lindquist. 339 JUNIOR MANAGERS Left to Right: Curtis, Johnson, Ccper. Organized to promote competition in a large number of sports not covered in either the major or minor sports cate- gories, the intramural department was established in 1933 under the joint sponsorship of the University and the ASUC. Ray Balsley, Intramural Director, in conjunction with ASUC Supervisor Frank Wickhorst and Senior Manager Wyman Smith, was responsible for the administration of this depart- ment and its activities. Emphasis was placed on the need for healthful physical exercise by a large number of students who are unable to participate in other sports programs. Competition was formerly divided into the American and National leagues with the former representing the fraternities and the latter, the non-organization groups. The Dormitory league was added this year to make possible the participation of smaller houses. Starting with a four sports program, the new league proved so successful that plans were made for further extension. Awards were made for every sport in each league and for the All-University play-off between the leagues. Following the customary practice, awards were given to the organization with the highest number of points in each league. For those men not representing any organization, the UC league was formed, with gym credit and individual awards for partici- pants. Two new sports, six-man football and volleyball, were intro- duced this year. This form of football proved to be very suc- cessful because of the possibility of securing better equipment, fewer injuries, and the fact that smaller houses could participate. Another innovation was a ski meet held at the new ASUC Ski Lodge. Kappa Sigma ' s six-man football team won All-University honors from Newman Club in a preliminary to the Big Game. Sigma Nu defeated the Foresters in touch football. Delta Upsilon won the badminton championship from International 342 - DELTA UPSILON BADMINTON CHAMPIONS Amonette. G.. Amonette, K. Corbett SIGMA NU TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Back Row: Wells, Grainger, Hildreth, Swayne. More- house, Wilson. Front Row: Williams, Kirby, Lloyd, Ycunggren, Gheen. I INTRAMURAL SEASDN FORESTRY HORSESHOE CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Knight, Glover. Knowlton, Ludwig. KAPPA SIGMA SIX-MAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Back Row: Baker. Vann, Frocm, Gerwick, Steinbach. Front Row: Jordan. Joost. Sweetzer, Hale, Ireland. House but were defeated by Forestry in horseshoes. Col- legian Hall of the Dormitory League won the bowling championship, while Barrington Hall and Delta Chi were victorious in swimming. Navy lost to Sigma Phi in the gig races but shared honors with Theta Delta Chi in track. The annual Intramural Sports Carnival, combination three-ring circus and state fair, presented a bird ' s eye of the complete intramural program and raised money to finance the year ' s activities. The team sports were held during the day and weight lifting was added to the even- ing program of wrestling, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, and tumbling. With the finish of the sports events a dance, complete with concessions, was held for all students. One of the fastest games at the Carnival is ping-pong. " louche " a fencer ' s foil finds its mark. " 24-41-39-hike! " Six-man football teams go into action. I 7 7 I - " i r r l Tossing pennies is one way to lose dough at the Sports ' Carnival. ' -A-- " - SifcC Hcrseshoes is one of the newer intramural sports. Weight lifting in a big way at the Sports ' Carnival. A wrestler " holds tight " while the referee closely follows proceedings. 344 ACTIVITY It ' s every man for himself as Nary defeats the Ringers in the Intramural Carniial basketball series (legalized murder to most people.) While you have nothing to do you might go down to the gym and try this some time. " What hit me? " asks intramural boxer as floor suddenly rushes to meet him. Finalists in swing contest receive crowd plaudits as orchestra " sends them with a " solid " background. BOTTOM ROW: " Hit the bottle and win a bebe doll! " But. who wants a bebe ... doll? " Now lissen you guys, cow out fighting, and break clean when I give you the word, and nay the best man win. " " Swing out of this world " , yell the gates as Intramural Carnival offers the latest in i sports, jittertaugging. 345 Swimmers take off for a sprint in the annual intramural meet. Life saving classes rescue " drowning " men. A Bear merman takes the air in a one-and-a-half tuck. Embryonic pugilists practice defense tactics Hopeful " jitter-bugs " learn how to swing it in social dancing classes. 346 Bob Stone, number one Bear foilsman, gets inside dope from Coach Jim Ashley. Riflemen fire from sitting position on the Hearst gymnasium range. Rugby captain Laurence Dickey mows ' em down. Dry-land divers " learn how " . MEN AT WORK r ' ' v v V V p.: " 1 Kaopa Sue U DM tlU icili5 it Freddie Martin ' s trehestra jt the Axe ( Clute ' fnaL It ' s IB draw lambs mi i crwd at Sather Gate. cakes at M C HANNIIV G WAY DERBY Early-risers watch sorority nuggets perform war-dances behind Sigma Chi chieftains. Channing Way Derby pledges file from one ordeal to the next as the curi crowd gapes. Finalists in the ' Sweetheart of Sigma Chi public approval. contest line up for Sigma Chi Indians apply war-paint and feathers to pale-faced neophytes. Pledges are hung with identification placards at the start of the Derby. Formerly fastidious coeds enter into the spirit of the " bury-a-dead-herring " contest. The new boarders start their voyage on the stream of California social life. r r 2111 Abbot Culm Dieterich Hamilton Himjr Reaper Lattamer Mcfatt Olson Sands Scatnu Titans. W. Townsmi Hatch Arenali Dorr Huoi McMillin Orfort Shvnr Wheelr Finbysm Htyns Maledy Pic Bryan Frost Hicksen Fu Jal MBTill Vk i " tf ElT " T IIVTER-FRATEHIVITY CDU1VCIL Kenneth Adam Abracadabra John Dorr Edward Bowes Acacia Edward Bowes Edward Mayes Alpha Chi Sigma Conley Kemper Alan Smith Alpha Delta Phi Samuel Stevens Charles Oxford Alpha GammaRho Robert Christiansen John Titsworth Alpha Kappa Lambda Robert Culver John Steponovich Alpha Sigma Phi Alfred Stendahl Vayne Hazen Alpha Tail Omega Wayne Hazen Charles Mesak. Bacbelordon John James John Bryan Beta Tbeta Pi Jess Wilson Douglas Gardiner Chi Phi Douglas Gardiner Carl Hendel Chi Pi Sigma Frank Mendes David McMillin Chi Psi David McMillin Roderick Grant Del Rey Roderick Grant Paul Fulmer Delta Chi Benton Harvey Richard Ashby Delta Kappa Epsilon Peter Avenali James Hatch Delta Tau Delta James Hatch James Hamilton Delta L ' psilott Edward Moffatt David Pryor Kappa Alpha Victor Lattanner Paul Pick Kappa Delta Rho Earl Turner Norman Savinar Kappa Nu Russell Jaloff Robert Chalmers Kappa Sigma Raymond Winterbottom Samuel Abbot.... ...Zela Psi... Robert Heyns Lambda Chi Alpha William Vartnaw Joel Meyer Phi Beta Delta ....Harvey Masonek Omar Noles Phi Delta Tbeta Edward Thomas Frederick Scatena Phi Gamma Delta Frederick Scatena Phillip Merrill Phi Kappa Psi Phillip Merrill James Dieterich fhi Kappa Sigma James Dieterich Robert Donaldson Phi Kappa Tau Frank Ruhstaller James Paige Phi Sigma Kappa Edward Maledy Edwin Wester Si Kappa Alpha Malcolm Rea Charles Osborne JV Kappj Phi Kenneth Wheeler William S. Thomas _P i Vpsiloa William S. Thomas George Jennings Sigma Alpha Epsilon George Jennings S tephen Townsend -Sigma Chi _...Stephen Townsend John Finlayson Sigma Nu William L. White Norman Olson Sigma Phi Gwynne Sharrer Ernest Kramer Sigma Phi Epsilon Bernard Schulte Chester Williams Sigma Phi Sigma John Wulff Kenneth Frost.... Tbeta Chi Kenneth Frost Robert Hickson Theta Delta Chi Robert Hickson Jack Richter Theta Kappa Nu Jack Richter Bernard Laulhere Tbeta Xi Perry Conner Stanley Sands Zeta Beta Tau Stanley Sands Samuel Abbot 351 Usinger Ward Wilson Anderson Detwiler Grunsky Hatch Howell Morris Perkins Twining, W. Witt ABRACADABRA 2425 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allan Louis Baker Stephen W. Cunningham I I. nl. mil Frederick Dr. Ellsworth Quinlan Robert Gordon Sproul Frank M. Spurrier Robert Underbill Ramon F. Cayot John W. Dorr James L. Medlicott SENIORS Dunlap R. Robinson John H. F. Skeels Fred N. Twining Arnold T. Wulffraat JUNIORS Kenneth D. Adam Benjamin D. Conrad Fred Elkus Robert W. Hansen Harold L. Honnold, Jr. Bayard D. N. MacMichael Dennis M. Paterson Joseph B. Powers Webster Robinson, Jr. Robert C. Schiffner George J. Taylor Lyle H. Turner SOPHOMORES Darrell H. Argubright Joseph Robrecht Edward T. deLanoy Stuart R. Dole Arthur D. Gassaway Russell K. Johnson Richard N. McCoy Milton L. Schwartz William E. Sears Russell Usinger J. Troplong Ward Richard I. Wilson FRESHMEN Alexander H. Anderson James B. Howell Donald A. Detwiler Carl E. Grunsky Wilson M. Hatch Frank Witt, Jr. Robert L. Morris Robert Z. Perkins Wilbur E. Twining 352 ACACIA 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOL " NDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 TWENTY- FOUR CHAPTERS nit UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Russell T. Crawford H. E. Frisbie Edwin D. Dickinson Burtis L. Robertson Edw ard A. Dickson Charles F. Shaw Fletcher H. Swift Leonidas T. Petersen Edward W. Bowes Robert W. Clortu George A. Donatello William D. Edwards Paul J.Dallas Roben F. Duttle Robert W. Maloy Gerald G. Crane Golder DeWitt GRADUATES Francis M. Worcester Absent on leave. SENIORS David V. Stevens Morgan E. Stewart George P. Sutton Emerv B. Sweetser JUNIORS Bancroft A. Nelson Roben W. Wood George C Woolsey FRESHMEN Thomas M. Eby Ted E. Rowe CMta MTrtt 353 Schmidt Babcock Crafts Frick Holman Rosati Switzer Weber Anders Carbonnel Lorbeer Mixer ALPHA CHI SIGMA 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS 11 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Frank W. Allen Herman J. Almquist Walter C. Blasdale Gerald K. Branch Arthur W. Christie William V. J. Cruess Erman D. Eastman John J. Eiler Franklin T. Green Ralph S. Halford Joel H. Hildebrand Henry W. Anderson Lester Caley Paul L. Kirk Wendell M. Latimer Gilbert N. Lewis Frederick W. Lorenz Axel R. Olson Nello Pace Charles W. Porter Merle R. Randall Gerhard K. Rollefson Glenn T. Seaburg Charles F. Shaw Thomas D. Stewart GRADUATES Frank Dolezol Harry L. Heckel Jack Vogtmann SENIORS John E. Blum Earl G. Brewster Charles J. Carl ton John G. Davis Frank K. Fisk Ambrose F. Gegan Walter D. Harrington Lucas P. Hart Charles H. Beeman William H. Calkins Orris Davis Earle H. Hubbard George W. Huldrum Conley C. Kemper Leonard B. McKee Robert F. Moore Ralph E. Nelson Carl Samuelson Paul R. Saunders JUNIORS Ludwig H. Dimpfl Richard C. Eldred Robert J. Schmidt Sherman G. Babcock John H. Crafts Leo F. Frick SOPHOMORES John T. Holman Guido J. Rosati Robert L. Switzer William A. Weber FRESHMEN Frank W. Anders Richard B. Carbonnel George C. Lorbeer Robert Y. Mixer 354 ALPHA DELTA PHI 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 TWENTY -SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Herbert M. Evans Deming G. Maclise T. Harper Goodspeed Paul Michael Frank L. Kleeberger Fletcher H. Swift Dr. Hans Lisser Scon Wilson GRADUATES Stephen S. Goodspeed John E. Landon Samuel Hubbard Gregory S. Stout - : SENIORS John S. Cooper Robert P. Frick Robert G. Gottlieb Theodore A. I ogham Harry A. Jackson WaIter R. Krenz Sherman J. Leonard Deming G. Maclise, Jr. Ronald Matthew Manson Meads Lloyd B. Peterson James G. SchaefFer, Jr. A. Kirk ham Smith Samuel P. Stevens Dm 6-ic. Hirr. C James H. Van Sicklin JUNIORS Jackson G. Dorn Reginald del V. Grady Donald M. Harding Calder Hayes William P. Murray, Jr. William J. Schoenfeld Bennet Skewes-Cox John P. Stock Robert L. Tempest Raymond M. Terry Max Thelen, Jr. Joseph H. Wadsworth, Jr. Leonard A. Woo lams. Jr. SOPHOMORES William R. Chamberlin, Jr. John McGee Neil O. Goodhue L. Gay Maclise Kenneth A. Hayes Luther A. Nichols, Jr. W. Elliott Johnson, Jr. John R. Schoenfeld Melville H. Long, Jr. Charles R. Webb Charles W. Young FRESHMEN Hilliard G. Bain, Jr. Doble M. Doyle Welles H. Newlands, Jr. Frank Richer, Jr. Rav C. Robinson Ian S. Wishart Hal J. Sams, Jr. Donald Shaw Robert G. Sproul. Jr. Parker Van Sicklin Philip T. Wadsworth " Absent on leare 355 Bennett Higgins McMillen Beecher Oxford Palm Paulson Blackburn Christiansen Foster Ham Leffingwell Lundgren Pfeifle Riesenman Voris Hansen Packwood Tomasini Brown Kayser ALPHA GAMMA HHD 2735 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT OHIO UNIVERSITY, 1904 CHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Hurt B. Burlingame Victor A. Clements UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward O. Essig Emil M. Mrak GRADUATES J. Franklin Bennett Walter K. Higgins Donald McMillen SENIORS Milton H. Beecher Charles O. Oxford Arthur J. Palm Owen D. Paulson JUNIORS Richard C. Blackburn Claude V. Leffingwell Robert Christiansen William Robert Foster John A. Ham Robert M. Voris Arthur E. Lundgren William S. Pfeifle Joseph S. Riesenman SOPHOMORES Thomas O. Hansen Frank L. Packwood Fred A. Tomasini FRESHMEN George M. Brown Leroy F. Kayser 356 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TEN CHAPTERS James T. Allen William R. Dennes Villiam B. Herms UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert T. Legge Samuel C. May Walter S. Morley GRADUATES Fred A. Batkin James R. William E. Morris, Jr. Charles F. White SENIORS Lucius Ades George V. Brumbaugh Robert G. Culver Milton J. Sheldon Audie Daugherty Robert E. Etdbeverry Arthur R. McLaughlin JUNIORS Wilbur G. Ball John E. Bostic Lawrence F. Bradley Donald F. Brayton Fred W. Diggies George G. Gordon James C. Jack Donald McGirk Clarence W. Page, Jr. Karl A. Parker Victor P. Porter Lothar Blackman Robert C. Blackwell Cal Ferris Frank H. Brown Neil L. Ellis Boyd E. Huntler SOPHOMORES Walter Heam Clavton Lamb Clinton H. Rider FRESHMEN William H. Mardon William S. Noel Gay lord A. Orr Hilton B. Webster teGrt FBI is Elln 357 Doane Foulkes Gregory Robison Stendahl Steponovich Bolitho Dowel I Famll Koll Long well Morrison Peoples Ragan Smith Watson Wells Wertsch Witzel Elkins Fraser Huberty Pinkham Richards Roseland Schmidt Twohig Bonneau Carter Foster Lehner Scales Wright Zappettini ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2739 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 THIRTY -THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eldridge J. Best William Higgins Anders J. Carlson Benedict F. Raber John W. Gregg Charles H. Raymond Alfred A. Solomon SENIORS John F. Doane William O. Foulkes Waldron A. Gregory JUNIORS George L. Bolitho Cassius M. Dowell Robert F. Farrell Myron H. Koll John P. Longwell Milton W. Morrison William H. Robison Alfred E. Stendahl John B. Steponovich Henry A. Peoples Edward M. Ragan John G. Smith Francis L. Watson Earl C. Wells Robert A. Wertsch Everett M. Witzel SOPHOMORES Samuel W. Elkins Robert D. Fraser Joseph Huberty Robert W. Knowles Thomas Twohig FRESHMEN William Bonneau Robert S. Carter John D. Foster Clarkson Pinkham Weldon L. Richards Charles P. Roseland Karl W. Schmidt Robert Lehner Henry Scales Elwood W. Wright Dudley C. Zappettini 358 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2465 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley Cosby Norton Moore Carroll Ebright Oliver Washburn GRADUATES Norman Boke Robert Heizer Stanley Wheat SENIORS Frank C. Collins Warren Danford Winslow J. Foster Wayne C. Hazen J. Putnam Henck Louis Jaques, Jr. Paul Sutcliffe JUNIORS Loring M. Barker Emil M. Bergh James C. Brokaw. Jr. Owen J. Craig Charles H. Edwards Scott B. Houghton Edward S. Kotok Robert G. McArthur, Jr. Jerrold N. Henry- Walter Westman James W. Kitts William P. Moses Wilbur Neel James G. Sawyer Douglas A. Sheffield William E. Stoll Robert E. Moock Alfred H. Murphy Vemon Prentiss Marksbury G. Raney Robert C. Stone Harry L. Taylor Ralph B. Tilney Philip L. Woodworth SOPHOMORES George D. Beach George W. French Harry- C. Lieb Floyd G. Magee Vinton S. Matthews John A. Mattis Hugh L. Wright FRESHMEN Granville W. Brumbaugh Robert H. Bruster William E. Cahill William B. Clark Leonard L. Dechant James S. Eddy Charles N. Perry F. Allen Rianda Paul A. Schumann Ronald B. Slater Kenna Wells Winston P. Woodman George D. Hansen Bruce D. Jaques George A. Misch Lloyd L. Root Frederick D. Schaer John Wilkes Kim Stall On itttmrs B-.-:: B-.-te- Cahill Clirk LX--I OUT ad M MM Wilkes 259 Kemp Mesak Nordstrom Williams James Knowlton McEnnerney Schionnemann Thompson Carroll Olson Solon Mallory Marsh BACHELORDON 2537 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1894 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Howard Allen Willis T. MacKinnon Thomas M. Blond Walter T. Stone SENIORS Charles A. Kemp Henry W. Nordstrom Charles Mesak Robert J. Williams, Jr. JUNIORS John R. James John McEnnerney Charles F. Knowlton Eric P. Schionnemann Walter Thompson SOPHOMORES William B. Carroll Carl A. Olson Robert L. Solon FRESHMEN Paul B. Mallory Harry P. Marsh 360 BETA THETA PI 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bertrand H. Bronson E. G. Smith Ralph T. Fisher George M. Stratton Herbert C. Moffitt Nicholas L. Taliaferro C. A. Ramm Edwin C. Van Dyke Cleanr Mill FUhrty Vine, GRADUATES Spencer T. Chester Vernon L. Goodin James Shields SENIORS Frank W. Cleary alter T. Coulthard illiam M. Eastman Chester E. Graham Howard W. Hansen Gerrit L. Keane W. Sterling Gorrill Phillip B. Johnson Arthur W. Milliken Terry O ' Flaherty James R. Powell Edward L. Soule Robert M. Viney Karl F. Ziegler is-:- E CM Fn JUNIORS David W. Allen Edwin F. Alston Vard Cox, Jr. Stanley B. Freeborn Max E. Henry SOPHOMORES Edward V. Brewer John W. Bryan Lewis R. Byington Richard G. Castle H. ard Dawson, Jr. FRESHMEN Henry F. Alston James H. Barstow illiam P. Bradford Robert Clark Robert Hogan Chester A. Kemp Delbert A. Jones, Jr. James T. Kearny, Jr. Owen Seaman Lee A. Umphred Jess C Wilson, Jr. Bruce Hayes Albert D. Hogan John C. Howard Max Wilcox, Jr. Theodore P. Wittschen Douglas L. Kennedy Herbert Michels Ed ward R. Rice Stanley E. Soule William P. Thomas David C Waybur Wifen Cast If ttmm Hiycs Clart Absent on leave. idrt 361 Bean Edbrooke Fletcher, H. Gardiner Huey Juch Lord Lynde Nickel Roberts. J. Watts Clarke Hepperle Law Pedersen Reed, J. Rodier Smith Snook Swartz Van Home Breckenfeld Fletcher, F. Foulke Leinau Levis Ralston Roberts. C. Rosentrater Waldner Warren Wells Baker Edmunds Evers North Reed, G. Steven C H H I 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Paul S. Taylor SENIORS Alfred G. Bean Stanley W. Edbrooke George Edwards Harold A. Fletcher, Jr. W. Douglas Gardiner Harris Huey Donald R. Watts Stanley R. Juch Raymond Leonard Thomas B. Lord Albert W. Lynde, Jr. George Nickel Jerome R. Roberts JUNIORS Phil Boone Thomas H. Clarke Welwyn Dallam Robert R. Hepperle Dean W. Law Carl A. Pedersen Jerome Reed Charles L. Rodier K. Hart Smith John D. Snook Burton A. Swartz Garrett Van Home SOPHOMORES Gurney Breckenfeld Frederic D. Fletcher Robert L. Foulke John Y. Leinau Donald M. Levis John B. Wells, Jr. FRESHMEN George W. Baker Louis L. Edmunds Henry K. Evers Absent on leave. Joseph P. Ralston Clinton D. Roberts Robert E. Rosentrater Edwin C. Waldner Jim C. Warren Douglass C. North Gladstone Reed Hugh W. Steven 362 C H I S I 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Perry Evans William W. Ferrier, Jr. GRADUATES John B. Beck William C Milton Roger M. Sherman SENIORS William S. Bagge John F. Cooper Sands G. Falk John R. Goetz John P. Holland Albert Evans Hugh W. Ferrier Thomas P. Finch Dennis N. Horgan Jack W. Pratt JUNIORS Robert A. Hurlbuit Albert W. Jessee Laurence J. Kennedy Dave C McMillin John H. McWhorter Clayton S. Kellar Carter W. Kilborn Douglas D. McConnell Edward F. Peck Baldwin C Woods SOPHOMORES Stephen S. Babson Redge F. Henn Edward L. Barn,, Jr. Robert M. Liles Francis L. Bryan William C Loy Douglas H. Thomas FRESHMEN George C. Becker Carl A. Bernsten, Jr. Bill K. Hutchason Carl B. Johnson Richard J. Vogelsang H. Corwin Johnson Eliot E. Paddock Thomas F. Tavernetti Bob W. Thunen Faft Lite W Js-wso- H. 363 Balfrey, S Chandler Doyle Pendleton Weems Yocky Emerson Humphreys Jones Jurgensen Robinson Salveson Coxe Matsen Read Reid Torre Allen Knowles Tharp Young D 1 L fl I! Y 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1904 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES J. Burdette Brown, Sr. Herbert B. Foster, Sr. Frederick S. Foote, M. D. James F. Ryan Budd J. Smith, D.D.S. GRADUATES Roger L. Burum Howard Neville Sam W. Smith SENIORS Stanley J. Balfrey William A. Balfrey Everett M. Chandler Edison J. Dernier Chester L. Doyle Charles R. Grant James E. Pendleton Gordon C. Weems Edwin D. Yocky JUNIORS Linton L. Emerson, Jr. C. Kenneth Humphreys Harry M. Johnson Melvin E. Salveson Arthur Jones Elmer F. Jurgensen William B. Robinson SOPHOMORES Winthrop K. Coxe Magnus M. Matsen Richard O. Read FRESHMEN Charles A. Allen William A. Knowles LeGrande L. Reid Dennis L. Scott Gary Torre Paul A. Nielsen Hanlon P. Tharp Leland S. Young 364 DEL C H I 2200 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jesse L. Carr, M. D. Frank M. Russell Nairne F. Ward GRADUATES John E. Lindberg Othel A. Kilpatric Kennedi M. Brown Karl P. Buck Walter H. Conser Paul D. Fulmer Daniel S. Johnston SENIORS John K. Watson Philip M. Morgans Lester D. Rohwer Howard W. Kerrigan William H. Murray Willard J. Parry Joseph J. Richter Ralph S. Watkins JUNIORS Arthur R. Anderson Fred R. Brooks Kenneth J. Dobey Benton Harvey Grant Holcomb, Jr. Edward P. Jepsen, Jr. Viggo Kiosterud ' Robert G. Morlan William Pohle " John W. Ryerson Clifford Schafer Robert V. Winkler SOPHOMORES Robert Dewey Edward V. Heffner FRESHMEN Eugene Barbera V illiam O. Buchanan Robert McE. Doyle John Harvey Jack S. Kilpatric -Harvey F. Quin James P. Murphy Herbert Reich Roben Shirrell W. Thomas Wilcox Absent on leate. Hirwjr. B. Winkler Dojrte Hrwy. J. Wifcn 365 . ! Avcnali Castro Griffith LeFeavei Mee Newsom Allen Andrews Franklin Joses Low Moore Reddy Richardson Skerry Vail Allyn Frame Kitclnii McDan iel McGrath Nutt Petersmeyer Williamson Davis Henshaw Hillman Holmes Leimert Mein Mikel Putnam DELTA KAPPA EPSIIM 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine C. G. Hyde D R. S. Minor SENIORS Richard A. Ashby Peter Avenali Alexander H. F. Castro William N. Eckart Herbert W. Allen William Andrews Paul J. Franklin Robert M. Joses J. Keegan Low Sid A. Newsom JUNIORS Edward Griffith E. Dixon Heise James LeFeaver John H. Mee David W. Moore John P. Reddy John A. Richardson Sutherland R. Skerry- Milton R. Vail SOPHOMORES Burton Allyn Neil W. Frame John C. Kitchin James T. McDaniel Gordon G. Williamson John R. McGrath Douglas M. Moody John W. Nutt Wrede Petersmeyer FRESHMEN John R. Davis Edward T. Henshaw Jim Higgins Fred J. Hillman John W. Holmes John H. Leimert Gardner Mein Rossiter L. Mikel, Jr. Thomas M. Putnam, Jr. Bernard Wallace 366 DELTA TAU DELTA 2425 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1859 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Du-n. R. 6ay G.Dion Hitch D. C. Duncan Francis S. Foote Brutus Hamilton George H. Hart Noel S. Burge, Jr. John A. Calhoun George E. Church Robert C. Dunn William W. Gay Balfour C. Gibson James J. Hatch Charles E. Rugh SENIORS Randolph H. Washburn Frank L. Kelly Armin O. Leuschner Warren C. Perry- Chester H. Rowell Jack E. Hooper James D. Huston, Jr. Charles L. Loring Lindsay P. Marshall William F. Mitchell Robert R. Reed Robert C. Spott Huston Loring Marshall. L. Mitchell Clart Gacdis tart JUNIORS Frank V. Andrews William H. Clark William P. Gaddis Richard L. Haugh Edward W. Peterson Paul G. Schacht Blak B-iC-tn SOPHOMORES Paul S. Blak Robert O. Bracken Emmons W. Coogan Edwin A. Fischer Russell W. Fisher Richard L. Ghent FRESHMEN William Dunn William J. Knox Eugene G. McCann Wendell C. Mackey Daniel G. McKinney Charles A. McNeill Andrew C. Marshall Robert J. Hall Bruce L. Hawley Raymond W. Haynes John P. Meyer John R. Tiedemann Leslie D. Whitney Ralph H. Miller Charles H. Niccolls John F. Ratio Bradley Rutledge Leverett P. Sacre Richard C. Vieille William B. Wilkins Fischer Fisher Ghent Hall Hawley Haynes Meyer Whitney Ourn. W. Kiw George C. Woolley Vackty McKinney McNeill Marshall. A. Miller Niccolls Ratto Rutledge Sacrt Vieille Wilkins Woolley Mil 367 o flT Amonette. W. Boone Breeden Caldwell Dickey Hamilton Hickerson Humphries Luther Murphy Nelson Oppenheimer Schuessler Scott Shurtleff Smith Thompson Wells Allen Barbour, A. Barnett Biggerstaff Compton Corbett Gaither Laugenour Lewis Long McCain MacKenzie Roberts True West Amonette, C. Atherton Barbour, 0. Bundschu Colby Elmendorf May Moffatt Nelson Rea White Cottle Franklin Hunt Lavenson Little Rugg Sandman DELTA UPSILON 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward V. Brewer Monroe E. Deutsch Lloyd L. Farrar James Hopper, Jr. Neal McKeller Charles W. Merriam Herbert C. Wyckoff SENIORS W. K. Amonette Robert L. Boone John R. Breeden Robert Caldwell Laurence W. Dickey James G. Hamilton Norman S. Hickerson Richard K. Humphries Floyd E. Luther Robert M. Wells George R. Noyes Lawrence M. Price Robert Sibley Herbert R. Stoltz James W. Thompson Robertson Ward Ralston E. Maloney William F. Murphy William B. Nelson Arthur C. Oppenheimer, II Edward Schuessler Leland Scott Eugene A. Shurtleff Wyman G. Smith Harry F. Thompson JUNIORS Robert F. Allen Allen B. Barbour Jack W. Barnett William E. Biggerstaff Oliver 15. Compton F. David Corbett Andrew C. Gaither Eugene Laugenour, Jr. Jack F. Lewis Alfred D. Long William M. McCain John MacKenzie Sterling D. Roberts Charles A. Rowe John M. True, Jr. Peter Waiters George S. West SOPHOMORES Clarence O. Amonette, Jr. Holt Atherton Donald C. Barbour Geary R. Bundschu Alfred W. Colby Thomas N. Elmendorf W. Robert Howell Albert S. May- Edward A. Moffatt John A. Nelson Fred M. Rea Alvin S. White FRESHMEN John W. Cottle Robert H. Franklin Marshall T. Hunt George K. Sandman Charles R. Lavenson Richard N. Little George W. Rugg 368 KAPPA ALPHA 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS C ady Ellis H K UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Jack C. Peppin GRADUATES Charles S. Gubser Walter E. Hoadley Grinnell Burt Richard R. Casaday John B. El lis William H. Herbert Charles H. Klute Stanley M. Adams Jack D. Biggs James M. Boyd Henry H. Bramblet Robert K. Byers Gordon M. Callison Charles Clearv Edward M. Wheeler Robert Yost SENIORS JUNIORS George K. O ' Hara Ralph P. Plumb Frank D. Pry or Robert R. Schweitzer Joseph H. Yankie Charles R. Considine John G. Fluck Victor Lattanner, Jr. Walter W. Nelson Alan H. Nittler Scott Rogers Charles A. Wright SOPHOMORES Roy E. Clausen Robert J. Considine David H. Lewis Donald L. Wilson Welburn S. Mayock Kenneth U. Meguire John P. Simpson FRESHMEN George A. Berwick Phillip R. Bowles Jack A. B runings Sherwood Causley Lloyd P. Cornell William S. Detwiler Robert E. Ewart Knox R. Freytag Absent OH leave. Thomas L. Lake Glenn D. Newton Ronald E. Myers, II Charles W. Plumb Robert M. Randall Robert W. Stevens Calvin D. Turman Jack F. Whipple urtine. C. F!J:. Sitthr Sojr i Lois Caustey Ewjrt -tyla; ? 369 Haworth Ingrim O ' Neal Brubaker, R. Goodwin Koenig McPhillamey Pick Russell Turner Adams Hunt, D. Price Tuttle Williams Ayers Barnwell Cameron Hunt, T. Kuney Ley Stone Strieker Brubaker, L. Carlsen Divanovicn Filice Graham Hickey Hicks Hillman Hongola Teagarden Wolfe KAPPA DELTA RHD 2510LECONTE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES Cyril B. Haworth Earl B. Ingrim Nolan C. O ' Neal E SENIORS G. Roger Brubaker Ray G. Farrell Donald W. Goodwin Frederick Koenig Harold B. Turner JUNIORS Arthur B. Adams Daniel E. Hunt William Nelson Robert H. McPhillamey Paul F. Pick Carl E. Russell Charles T. Shaw Richard D. Price Frank D. Tuttle, Jr. Robert G. Williams SOPHOMORES David T. Ayers Robert E. Barnwell William C. Cameron Thomas D. Hunt Kenneth A. Kuney Leslie W. Ley Donald L. Stone Jack W. Strieker FRESHMEN Luke O. Brubaker Carl R. Carlsen David Divanovich, Jr. Frank E. Filice Bruce R. Graham Kenneth G. Wolfe Kenneth A. Hickey James N. Hicks Clarence D. Hillman, III Robert W. Hongola Russell Z. Teagarden 370 KAPPA Bf U 2412 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FIFTEEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES Robert C. Burnstein Reynold H. Cohn Martin P. Weissman SENIORS Charles F. Atlas Ralph M. Benowitz Leonard E. Domb Myron Sugarman JUNIORS Clifford A. Barbanell Maurice A. Cohen Leonard A. Gross Herbert Goldman Alfred O. Haber Henry Schwartz Russell L. Jaloff Norman T. Seltzer George Warton SOPHOMORES Charles E. Auerbach Morris Epstein Leo Bauer Alan Cahn Herbert W. Cahn Edwin J. Block Paul R. Handlery Irvin J. Hodes Edwin F. Goldman Edmund Tackle Henry Weisman FRESHMEN Lawrence E. Schapiro William Kierski J. Carl Leipzig Arnold M. Mayer Atlas Cahr A. Cahn H. Tackle WS.S " -! Block Kienti 371 .4 . L TklL S Is L r. f , - Pinotti Bottari Chalmers Gerwick Long Markl Rosendahl Stephens Stone Vann Walsh Winterbotton Baker Druehl Hale Jackson Metcalf Scherbacher Singer Skinner Souther Wilhelm Adams Bennett Brown Froom Ireland Joost Kerr Kitchener Putnam Roberts Steinbach Sweetser, B. Thomas Benson Dozier Gentner Hale Hughes Jordan Lawton Miller Orr Sweetser, D. KAPPA SIGMA 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND SIX CHAPTERS L GRADUATES Thomas Cornwall Thomas J. MacBride Victor Bottari Robert K. Chalmers Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. Leonard O. Long James A. Markl Milton O. Rosendahl Edward A. Baker William C. Druehl William M. Hale Sam C. Jackson Eugene W. Metcalf SENIORS JUNIORS Primo L. Pinotti Carl Reich Raymond R. Rosso Carlos D. Stephens James P. Stone Frederick H. Van Allan C. Walsh Raymond T. Winterbottom Richard L. Scherbacher Bob Singer E. Allen Skinner Bennett C. Souther Robert G. Wilhelm SOPHOMORES Edward C. Adams Bryant M. Bennett Julius S. Brown Fay A. Froom Vernon R. Ireland William E. Joost Ralph E. Kerr Frederic Kitchener Guy L. Putnam, Jr. Fred W. Roberts Henry A. Steinbach Bert M. Sweetser Frank A. Thomas Robert L. Van Court Roberton C. Williams FRESHMEN Peter J. Benson William R. Cameron John C. Dozier Ernest F. Centner Robert B. Hale David S. Sweetser Roscoe T. Hughes Harry C. Jordan Charles B. Lawton Stephen W. Miller George R. Orr 372 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 ML CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Eric C Bellquist Dr. Robert O. Moody Dr. Charles A. Kofoid Dr. Robert S. Sherman Dr. Charles C Staehlin GRADUATES Godfrev C. Beckman SENIORS Milon I. Brown Richard S. Bylin Philip T. Gardner William H. James Robert S. Askew Kenneth E. Carlson William P. Cook Robert E. Heyns Niles O. Millar, Jr. JUNIORS Merritt D. Street Walter G. Moblad Clarence C. Postel G. Elwood Thode William R. Vartnaw Paul McS. Phillips Donald B. Pooley Thomas I. Sinnett John E. Turtle Martin E. Willson SOPHOMORES Hugh G. Appling William H. Baber William C. Chiapella Keith W. Cox William D. Hohenthal FRESHMEN Lauran M. Baldwin Walter R. Bammann Samuel L. Carpenter, III Cecil H. Elder Robert E. Root Frederick S. Montgomery- Karl W. Shattuck Erwin N. Thode Carl C Walter Jeremiah J. Wolohan Alan M. Hollingsworth Thomas F. Kimball Robert B. Long John F. Price TMLG. Ml f VL 7A :; --.i-.v mm -::- s k%L. H 373 Meltzer Perluss Falk Garfinkle Grossman Jacoby Kast Lince Meyer Rothenberj Saltzstine Strasberg Ei sen berg Masonek Moss Portugeis Siegler Altman Aronson Cowan Fountain Goldberg KlebanofF Luhn Markovits Schwartz Wolf, B. Alch Goodman Gutenberg Kline Reisfelt Wolf, W. PHI BETA DELTA 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF COLUMBIA, 1912 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Sanford A. Goldner GRADUATES Richard T. Drukker Leonard H. Glassenberg Herman Jolin Ed Meltzer Gerald Tannen Irving H. Perluss Leonard G. Ratner Sidney D. Schachter Harold L. Strom SENIORS Myron P. Falk Wilfred Garfinkle Donald H. Grossman Robin B. Hatfield Jack A. Jacoby Jack Strasberg Walter E. Eisenberg Harvey M. Masonek Jerome L. Moss JUNIORS Robert Kast Robert J. Lince Joel L. Meyer Martin E. Rothenberg Stanley N. Saltzstine Bert M. Portugeis Stanley H. Siegler Albert J. Solnit SOPHOMORES Raymond I. Altman Michael Klebanoff Albert S. Aronson Joel A. Luhn Eugene B. Cowan Stanton M. Markovits Wilbert B. Fountain Gerald J. Goldberg Melvin H. Schwartz Bernard Wolf FRESHMEN Alan H. Alch Edward R. Blumenthal Frank R. Goodman Arthur W. Gutenberg Robert Kline Bert F. Reisfelt Harvey Slax William B. W olf 374 PHI DELTA THETA 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 CALIFORNIA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES J. H. Hildebrand P. O. Ray J. P. McBaine Thomas Stow GRADUATES Julius C. Deubner Richard O. Devine Grattan Hogin SENIORS K. E. Cotton Willard T. Dolman Paul R. Eckley Hubert Guy Lewis B. Kean, Jr. Philip G. Markwart JUNIORS William A. Beal John F. Cooper William H. Fairbank, Jr. X . D. Forney Phillip Hawgood Hugh G. McPhee John S. Middleton Omar J. Noles John C. Obermuller Frank Poulsen Robert W. Stun Edward A. Thomas Raymond J. Nutting Warren T. Orsburn Robert R. Rennie Earl W. Schroeder Richard A. Sheffield Robert W. Shick SOPHOMORES Robert M. DeGolia William H. Rogers James H. L ' Hommedieu, Jr. George W. Shipley Allen N. Maybury Fred C. Roberts Richard W. Steere John M. Switzer FRESHMEN Robert W. Anderson Edwin M. Burr Roben W. Casey William D. De Bernardi Richard C. DeGolia Richard H. Folmer Charles J. Hawkins James E. Hug Robert K. Innes Henry J. Zacharias Terrill P. Knight Jacques de L. Lafitte, III John W. Martin Peter R. Peterson Robert Reynolds Thomas E. Scrivner Jack R. Sloan Robert G. Smith Edward F. Willi DdMu, R. C. Willi 375 ' Tb. l xik Hamlin Baker Fowler Milliard McDonald Plummer Scatena Siller Skinner White, K. Woodward Boucke Bradley Corlett Fleming Hansel Knowles Nohrnberg Noyes, C. Thompson Tutton Bridge Coman Copeland Dunnicliff Ireland Noyes, R. Ohm Patterson Preston Reese Watson Brooks Doyle Edinger Hardy Keeffe Nowland Shimmin Tucker White. G. PHI GAMMA DELTA 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leroy Briggs Norman Hinds Charles Derleth Woodbridge Metcalf Willard Durham Jacques Schnier GRADUATE Ross Hamlin P SENIORS Sheridan W. Baker John M. Fowler Edward F. Milliard Paul McDonald Pierson Plummer JUNIORS Robert W. Boucke Nathaniel O. Bradley William Corlett John V. Fleming James D. Griffin Stanley M. Tutton Frederick N. Scatena Lenard F. Siller George W. Skinner Kennon P. White, Jr. Robert D. Woodward Walter C. Hansel Gorham B. Knowles Carson Nohrnberg Chester B. Noyes James R. Thompson SOPHOMORES Walter W. Bridge Robert M. Coman John B. Copeland Dean E. Dunnicliff Bethune M. Ireland Gordon L. Watson Robert W. Noyes Richard T. Ohm Robert E. Patterson Francis G. Preston John K. Reese FRESHMEN Kirtland H. Brooks Jackson A. Doyle William J. Edinger, Jr. Ruland Hardy, Jr. Gordon White Robert D. Keeffe John B. Nowland Philip H. Shimmin Robert S. Tucker " " ffffff V 1 jMIHlre f ' : Ik I 376 PHI KAPPA PSI 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 CALIFORNIA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS GRADUATES Homer G. Angelo Jack F. Pruyn George A. Smith SENIORS H. Thompson Arpin Richard C. Biggs S. Locke Breaux. Ill Phil Merrill Milton M. Rowley Peter K. Arpin Ed Bucklin Earl A. Fast Harley M. Leete Matthew A. Little John Lucas JUNIORS Thomas F. Saunders Robert Steers Leonard R. Thrasher Henry G. Turner TedWillson Vemon P. Martin William S. Murray Paul Semmens Lowell Steel J. Blair Tulloch Justin C. Tymstra SOPHOMORES Emerson Abies VTarren G. Anderson XVilbur Ingram Richard L. Jones Richard H. Kilbourn Morley Mathewson J. Allen Panerson Charles T. Yenca FRESHMEN Robert V. Binkley, Jr. Robert W. Buckles Francisco Centurion Carl W. Thorn Leonard S. Rosenberger Edward J. Saunders Gervies L. Semmens O. Guinn Smith Rene M. Sommer Leslie E. Still Donald C. Storch Frank T. Cookinham Robert Randall Edward T. Tavlor Still S :- Yra 377 Barbieri Canning Dieterich H owell Jones Krechtler Peterson Skinner Tolf Clausen Ellis Enfield Roberts Vandenburgh Verleger Bogardus Chandler Evans Hart Kierulff Lindsay Norton Ross Salaverria Van Tonningen Barker Biggar Goerl Molson Tierney White. J. White, T. PHI KAPPA SIGMA 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 THIRTY-NINE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Thomas Buck Clark J. Burnham, Jr. John U. Calkins, Jr. Malcolm M. Davisson Heber A. Newsom GRADUATES Elmer N. Bischoff SENIORS John K. Barbieri Robert B. Canning James W. Dieterich Brandon Howell McFarland Tolf JUNIORS Harry B. Clausen Donald G. Ellis Donald F. Enfield Walter M. Hard Sanford U. Larkey Ivan M. Linforth George D. Louderback Albert H. Mowbray Charles Howard Janin Roger G. Jones Alfred B. Krechtler Robert A. Peterson Frank A. Skinner David S. Roberts John J. Vandenburgh Philip K. Verleger SOPHOMORES Darrell J. Bogardus Charles T. Kierulff Vincent H. Brown William H. Chandler Charles M. Evans Ward L. Hart Jack R. Van Tonningen Donald H. Lindsay William R. Norton Frank Ross J. Antonio Salaverria, Jr. FRESHMEN William C. Barker Whitney Biggar Conrad Goerl Theodore T. White Peter D. Molson James P. Tierney James Nelson White 378 PHI KAPPA TAU 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS GRADUATES Stanton M. Blacksmith Edwin Emery Carl J. Carter Richard Lynch Joseph Ellsworth James Shidler SENIORS Cecil V. Atchison Wilson F. Bader Robert S. Donaldson JUNIORS C. Rickard Birkholm Jan is E. Bishop William H. Dewhirst, Jr. Jack P. Hammil, Jr. Floyd F. Smith, Jr. Edward A. Hall Wilmer W. Schroebel Warren B. Van Vlear Robert H. Hansen William J.Kerr, Jr. Frank D. Ruhstaller Robert B. Salz SOPHOMORES William J. Bolce, Jr. Gordon R. Morey William Cochran Burdette A. Ogle James W. Routh. Jr. FRESHMEN Edward H. Connor Louis R. Delucchi Albert D. Nelson Albert R. Osborn Edward S. Shaver, Jr. Clifford E. Wictorin Hill V- VHar Dt.hrst KBT 379 Reynolds Allen Berry Greenwell Maledy Stotall Beaty Benton Bochnak Fairman Ferroggiaro Fox Jennings Lang McConnell Shrader Swing Hippenstiel McKown Moore Thomas Cross Holtarmann La Barge Watson PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2211 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES R. L. Adams Walter Frederick C. E. Chapman Franklin C. Palm Clinton Evans Herbert I. Priestley Fred C. Fischer Kenneth Priestley GRADUATE Richard H. Reynolds SENIORS Noel W. Allen William C. Berry Churchill J. Campbell Martin D. Greenwell Brian M. Stovall Herbert C. Kelly J. Edward Maledy David M. Morrell James H. Paige JUNIORS William R. Beaty John C. Benton Vincent E. Bochnak Robert W. Fairman Robert N. Ferroggiaro Donald Swing James R. Fox Robert S. Jennings James T. Lang John W. McConnell John C. Shrader SOPHOMORES Charles R. Hippenstiel Byron A. Moore Elden McKown James Thomas FRESHMEN William W. Cross Wilbur Hedquist Robert A. Holtarmann Absent on leave. Vincent La Barge Joseph J. Watson John Wheeler 380 PI KAPPA ALPHA 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Philip H. Arnot Alvin Ayers William L. Bender Edward C. Bull Ernest X ' . Cleary Robert C. Martin SENIORS Arthur G. Becker Thomas Carver Ian M. Ferguson Donald C. Giles Francis M. Grey Virgil G. Harden William T. Hunt Edward L. Johnson Edwin A. Wester JUNIORS Ronald S. Adams Leslie R. Bennett Richard G. Brown George H. Clement Thomas B. Connolly Bruce Duggan Frederick G. Wheeler SOPHOMORE Robert E. Williams Carl L. Hoag Warren D. Horner Alson R. Kilgore Jere C. King Frederick G. Linde Clyde L. MacDonald Edwin A. Moody Richard H. Muni Philip B. O ' Malley Paul E. Packer Malcolm A. Rea Ernest G. Van Leeuwen William Webb Phillips A. Dunford Paul E. Grogger Norman P. Laverty Richard A. Lee Donald J. Ryan William W. Savage I HuttJ CTMilley Urn L. R. FRESHMEN Marshall L. Bennett alter H. Del Mar Absent on leave. William E. Dron Clifford L. Kaufield Laifi. William Del V Drw 381 Macki Osborne Roberts Snetsinger Stotts Wheeler Arrighi Edgar Googins Mackey McMurry Morgan Power Switzer Weatherall Witt Fisher Moore Hardy Hellier Knapp Nisbet Petersen PI KAPPA PHI 2727 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 FORTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE H. E. Erdman SENIORS Jack L. Macki Charles Osborne, Jr. Eugene Roberts Norman Arrighi Archie Lee Edgar Paul H. Goggins John C. Mackey Arthur W. McMurry JUNIORS Gordon E. Snetsinger Ben E. Stotts Kenneth R. Wheeler Raymon Mellana John H. Morgan John Power Elmo G. Switzer Neil B. Weatherall Richard M. Witt SOPHOMORES Wyatt F. Fisher James D. Moore Peter Vanden Bosch FRESHMEN Raymond Dunn Charles E. Hardy Bruce H. Hellier Willard F. Knapp McDougald Nisbet Charles M. Petersen 382 PSI UPSILON 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 TWENTY SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William C. Bray Bernard Etcheverry Martin Flaherty Howard Fleming Hoyt Francbere Rudolf Schevill GRADUATES Gilben B. Becker Rush S. Clark Robert W. Hewetson Lawrence A. Shei SENIORS David L. Anderson Ross C Armstrong James D. Hahn Jack W. Hay Eugene E. Lehe George M. Wood JUNIORS Charles G. Dibble Benjamin C. Haile, Jr. William M. Huters Douglas V. Kelly Richard Harvey- Donald Mackay Howard Naffziger Leon Richardson Thomas Sanford William C. Howe Aldo Leopold Robert Morris Donald H. McAuley Walter Martin Benson Roe Henry Teichert William S. Thomas James Reid Macdonald James J. Mitchell, Jr. Earle SnelL, Jr. Robert L. Stone Tochert K. , T. Dill Tom C. Wood SOPHOMORES Arthur E. Anderson E. Freeman Dill William Z. Elmore Paul R. Holmes FRESHMEN Raymond O. Amling Munroe Benson Albert L. Clark Allen B. Coutchie William J. Eagleton William B. Fulton Frederick D. Gamer Charles Irving Hamilton, Jr. Richard C. Miller William L. Rawn Forrest M. Smith Ted T. Staffler Harcourt Hervey, Jr. Walter S. Johnson Spencer R. Kern Mead B. Kibbey Thomas L. McLaren Hunter S. Robbins William T. Simpson Dudlev W. Thomas Kr- 383 31 O Gebauer Boggs Bcwers Ceilings Green Jones McGinn Parker Prati Todesco Watt Ziegler Zillll Bell Casey Folscm Gray Jennings Juclson Lamons Langham Merrell Ormiston Schmidt Armstrong Bond Brownlee Ferouson Huff Scott Spath Yocco Adair Baum Carroll Don ij all Fulstone Hare Harris Hatcher McQuary Meyer Vuscheid Otto Russ Sccbey Stevens Turrell Watson West SIGMA ALPHA EPSIIM 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 CALIFORNIA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES A. F. Blanks R. D. Calkins R. W. Chancy Stanley K. Crook Stuart Daggett William Marsh Ralfe D. Miller GRADUATE Emmett Gebauer SENIORS Wayne C. Boggs James D. Bowers Kent Ceilings Walter G. Green Charles Hammond Harold Jones Paul F. Lurmann Gordon Bell George F. Casey Tom E. Folsom Worlin Gray George E. Jennings James C. Armstrong Robert B. Bond William E. Brownlee Robert J. Ferguson George Adair Henry N. Baum George Born Lloyd Carlson Wa yne T. Carroll William Dougall Fred M. Fulstone Thomas R. Hare Reed R. Harris Orville P. Hatcher Boyd McGinn Roswell M. Parker Edward V. Prati James V. Todesco Walter Watt Robert B. Ziegler Willard J. Zinn JUNIORS William E. Judson Donald C. Lamons Raymond G. Langham Fred E. Merrell David C. Ormiston Albert G. Schmidt SOPHOMORES William Holman Charles D. Huff Robert E. Scott Carl O. Spath George Yocco FRESHMEN Jack E. McQuary Lesly H. Meyer Philip Muscheid Walter E. Otto William T. Russ Fred B. Scobey Robert F. Stevens Larry Stump Richard Turrell Norman Watson George West 384 1 S I G M A CHI 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Elmer R. Hall Dudley O. McGovney Della-Vi Fi Charles A. Noble Clarence M. Price George A. Stevens GRADUATES John A. Dozier illiam L. Dozier SENIORS Robert E. Beswick Sterling E. Colthurst Richard P. Delia- Vedowa M. Binford Falkell James F. Geary Lewis W. Goldenson John J. Wade Richard B. Bahme Frank Philip Brendel Clyde C. Carpenter Chester E. Cross John W. Erichson JUNIORS Torrey Lyons Dwight C. Steele Leo C. Lee Daniel F. McGuire Thomas M. Raj- Walter R. Reid John P. Schafer Steven S. Townsend Clifford R. Lewis Lawrence V. Metcalf Victor Orsi Allen B. Scouler Robert F. Sheffield F. Lowry Wyatt Yates S. Bleuel Clo d O. Dawson Roben A. Eldridge Norbert C. Hartman Donald H. Hildebrandt Howard H. Hughson FRESHMEN Emile H. Bouhaben Stuart N. Davidson James A. Felchlin Lewis D. Henderson Ik S. Jehl Lee Kindall n Orsi DM SOPHOMORES Warren Madeley Edward B. Finger Wesley B. Plunkett Charles E. Rea Harrison P. Schafer Paul B. Thompson James Peixotto William F. Pleasants Monte Ray Roger C. Steele Moyd Thomas Charles E. Townsend FcUAi Towmend. C. 385 Van De Verg Bartholomew Emery Finlayson Gheen Merrill Swayne White Addison Altmann Anderson, F. Bell Dobrzensky Durley, W. Grainger Hildreth James Kirby Mills Rabjohn Simpson Wells, B. Wells, W. Williams Younggren Craig Lutes Morehouse Queen Smails Wilson Anderson, C. D [install Durley, E. Johnston Kitch Lloyd, F. Lloyd, M. Smith Stevens Thaman SIGMA N U 2710 BANCROFT WAY BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1892 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles R. Dodson Peyton Hurt Robert H. Merriman GRADUATE Nathaniel Van De Verg SENIORS Millard Bartholomew Jack M. Emery John D. Finlayson William L. White JUNIORS Cornelius P. Addison David J. Altmann Fred M. Anderson Charles R. Bell Stacy H. Dobrzensky William N. Durley Charles H. Grainger James B. Hildreth Robert L. James John F. Gheen William R. Merrill George E. Swayne Joseph S. Kirby James M. Mills Lloyd E. Rabjohn William C. Roberts William S. Simpson Barratt M. Wells Walter T. Wells Jack K. Williams LeRoy S. Younggren SOPHOMORES Warner L. Craig Gerald E. Lutes Edward J. Morehouse David Queen William E. Smails Earl Wilson FRESHMEN Chris W. Anderson Rodger F. Dunstan Earle P. Durley Walden Johnston Loran W. Kitch, Jr. Franklin R. Lloyd Marshall L. Lloyd William A. Smith Clyde A. Stevens Robert S. Thaman 386 I SIGMA PHI 2731 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1827 LPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William V. Cruess Harold L. Leupp William G. Donald Luther A. Nichols E. Kahl Fawcett Norman A. Olson Charles W. Bley Philip S. Crane William S. Curtis Jerome B. Pagan SENIORS JUNIORS Gwynne H. Sharrer B. Grant Taylor, Jr. Lawrence H. McCollum Kent Sinclair Peter R. Taylor Robert R. Weir SOPHOMORES Robert S. Doane Allan M. Hudson illiam S. Fisher Lee E. Ham George G. Taylor FRESHMEN Villiam L. Dinwiddie ' arren Lawrence Robert L. Olson Belding H. Scribner Roy Michaut. Jr. Robert M.Yelland Fncctt . HJL Tiytar. B. G. Culls Fa;a- r. r. it Tnhv .R. L Tartar. 6. G. 1 Ml r 387 Dunford Gellepis Porter Wilson Crane Doyle Evans Hanawalt Kay Moffitt O ' Hair Parker Schulte Cunningham Griffin Klukkert Rawles Smyth Bailey Carroll Humphry; Lingenfelter Moe Pace Tonascia, James Tonascia, Joseph SIGMA PHI EPSIIM 2559 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT RICHMOND COLLEGE, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 EIGHTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Harlan Hennessey James Corley Al Ragan GRADUATE Ernest Dunford SENIORS William A. Blair Chris J. Gellepis Gordon L. Johnson Terrance O. Ke ane Robert M. Crane Raymond F. Doyle John H. Evans Louis W. Grabe Ward Hanawalt Curzon Kay JUNIORS Robert S. Knowles Ernest G. Kramer Paul F. Porter Robert G. Wilson William J. Kennett Melvin A. Moffitt Robert L. O ' Hair Stanley D. Parker Bernard Shulte, IV Walter D. Stornetta SOPHOMORES Roy Cunningham Gifford C. Dickel James Easier Richard H. Griffin FRESHMEN Hamilton Bailey Bernard G. Carroll Lindley Gilbert George K. Humphry ' s James K. Lingenfelter Joseph Tonascia Jack B. Klukkert Arthur M. Mclntosh Robert L. Rawles Sidney H. Smyth Robert T. Moe George L. Newkirk Edward B. Pace Walter L. Penick, Jr. James A. Tonascia 388 SIGMA PHI SIGMA 2 STARRING STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. 1908 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Thomas C. Mavhew GRADUATES Robert M. Baum John S. Hawks George R. Wentzel SENIORS Irving W. Bruce Winston R. Curtis Edwin M. Tavlor Frederich W. von Brincken MarisLWard Chester R. Williams JUNIORS Joseph A. Babka William C. Hoppe Eugene Baker DonBoland Thomas G. Cullen Georee W. Dexter John V. Wulff William C. McConnaha Ole R. Mettler Alan Mirk Edward E. Williams SOPHOMORES Marshall W. Joy Harold Morian Paul E. Langpaap Theodore R. Parker, III Arthur A. Swan FRESHMEN Clarence H. Ballagh Charles Camper Albert J. Baranoff Kenneth N. Joy 389 de Grassi Weir Ausfahl Ball Bernhard, V. Frost Gardett Geiger Johnson Tooley Watrous Arata Besone Bond Cleeves Cook Courson De Lilian Dooley Ekwall Farley Flanagan Fowler Helming Jackson Lake Mealiffe Moore Newman Thomas Angwin Gasperetti Spiess Stier Williams Bernhard, R. Cain Connelley Hoeffer Taylor Teddy T H E T A CHI 2462 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. L. H. Peterson GRADUATES Antonio de Grassi Robert H. Ausfahl Wilfred N. Ball Victor J. Bernhard Kenneth A. Frost SENIORS John Watrous JUNIORS Winfield H. Arata John J. Besone Robert K. Bond Vincent Cleeves Carroll Cook Columbus Courson Robert De Liban Edmond T. Dooley John M. Ekwall John L. Farley, Jr. SOPHOMORES Bruce S. Angwin Eustachio Gasperetti Carl Jefferson Walter Weir Peter H. Gardett Albert J. Geiger Glen Johnson John H. Tooley John M. Flanagan Bryan Fowler Walter C. Henning Stanley A. Jackson Earl O. Lake David P. Mealiffe John F. Moore Raymond S. Newman John W. Peterson Gerald B. Thomas Fred Noel Spiess Victor L. Stier Malcolm S. Williams FRESHMEN Robert R. Bernhard Victor D. Cain Ellis R. Connelley Frank P. Hoeffer Philip B. Taylor Jack S. Teddy 390 THETA DELTA EHI 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert E. Bolton Worth Ryder GRADUATES Burke E. Burford Chester G. Carlisle William L. McLean McLean Cm lie Dobbins Hall Hickson Jamison Schmidt Anderson SENIORS Lewis A. Civille David T. Dobbins Fred V. Hall Robert S. Hickson John K. Jamison D. Donald Mulford Stanwood S. Schmidt JUNIORS John R. Anderson George A. Brown Joseph G. Calder Theodore R. Castle Robert L. Gibson Robert L. Green Clarence B. Hewitt Jack M. Kramer William E. Lapham Frank E. Lewis Carl F. Luth Lester Luz H. Keith Morrow Thomas R. Simonson Lloyd A. Smith Lloyd G. Whitman SOPHOMORES Thomas B. Bell Robert C. Booth Robert L. Brosemer Harry B. Buck Albert S. Derian FRESHMEN Alfred H. Daggett Thomas Davis Forrest Fitzpatrick Andrew L. Foreman Howell J. Gilliam DeForest Holyoake Jack W. Williams Raymond K. Glasscock Jack L. Graux Hamilton Lowe William M. Seevers John R. Zentner John O. Hoskins, Jr. William H. Kitchen Richard M. Lloyd James S. Moore John K. Reynolds James P. Waller Calder Cast It Gibson Gran Hewitt K-amer Ltwis Luz HOT Six Smith Whitman Bell Booth O r -vk-v imVL Buck Otrian Glasscock Grain Lowe Seners Zentner Da;gett Datis Fib Patrick Foreman Gilliam Holyoake Hoskins Kitchen Lloyd r- l O Waller Williams 1 fll 391 Guirado Hawkins Richter Santini Sharwood Finger Hiatt, C. Peart Richeda Barrows Brashear Hiatt, J. Hudson Lewis Moist Newman, A. Newman, R. Station Galusha Koll Lambert THETA KAPPA M 2399 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT DRURY COLLEGE, 1924 ACHAEAN CLUB FOUNDED 1912 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE G. E. Troxell SENIORS Albert G. Burns J. Frank Guirado Harry J. Hawkins, Jr. Robert Bachelder William J. Finger Charles G. Hiatt JUNIORS Grant Tolley Jack W. Richter Robert R. Santini Richard G. Sharwood Leland Peart Aldo Richeda Fred Sill SOPHOMORES Robert Arnold Burton Barrows Jerome Brashear James Hiatt Ray Hudson Bernard A. Lewis Leon Etchepare George Galusha Absent on leave. FRESHMEN Ted Moist Alfred W. Newman Russell W. Newman John Semer H. Francis Station Frank A. Trotter Elmo J. Koll Willis H. Lambert 392 T H E T A XI 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENESSELAR POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS Deal Robertson Schiroekel Slusser Boething Echererria Fisher H olden UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond W. Jeans Harry W. Shepherd William J. Raymond Edwin C. Voorhies GRADUATES Liflitt Clyde Deal David J. Robertson John E. Boething R. James Echeverria A. Jack Fisher John M. Holden Robert B. Johnson Bernard M. Laulhere SENIORS JUNIORS Donald S. Bibbero Donald A. Bruce Frederick E. Brunner Perry C. Conner Melvin E. Drew- Ted R. Hubert ViIliamM. Lana,Jr. Arthur C. Lowell William S. McBumie M. Max Schmoekel Willis S. Slusser Frederick R. Liggitt William B. McWhirter Clarke F. Merrick James M. Miller George W. Smith Robert H. Wright Nicholas M. Norton Jack B. Rapp Ralph W. Sauer Robert L. Scholey Louis E. Smith Albert Stephenson John H. Strong Leonard W. Towner Taylor Westbrook Miller Sith. G. Drew Hubert Lana Lowell McBurnis Raw SOPHOMORES Jess E. Gidley Fred Greta C. Warren Sawyer Alvin D. Thomas FRESHMEN Milton T. Cunha John G. McClure Frederick H. Gautschi, Jr. Eldon M. Osborn Joe Kreling John Siegfried John S. Wellington Sctoky Sith. L. SO Sf 1m ' A G.dley Thcmas Cunha Gautschi Kreling VtClurt Osborn Siegfried Wellington 393 Rosenberg Tick Becker Brodie Brundage Davis Goldflam Jacobs Katz ZETA BETA TAU 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo E. Cohn Max Radin GRADUATES Fred G. Rosenberg Milton H. Tick Howard Becker Earl Brodie Albert Brundage Sol Davis Douglas Badt SENIORS Stanley Sands JUNIORS Richard DeRoy Robert S. Goldflam Melwyn Jacobs Hilliard Katz Norman ID. Kauffman SOPHOMORES Wallace Aron William J. Benioff Boris Bresler Ralph H. Eliaser Israel H. Finkelstein Robert J. Golden Peter R. Goldstein Joseph E. Levy Alvin V. Riga Alan Schwartz Kenneth M. Steinsapir FRESHMEN Eugene Finkle Ralph Frank, Jr. Sanford A. Harris Charles P. Lebo Irvin J. Livingston Mervin Morris Howard M. Rosenblum 394 Z E T A P S I 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Joseph N. LeConte Joseph E. Rowell Orren K. McMurray Wallace Terry C. C. Phehn Irwin Uteritz Merrill. J. Omlolt GRADUATES Charles C. Albright Charles B. Bagg Richard Bale William Blanckenburg John F. Cykler Frank L. Dunlap SENIORS Samuel L. Abbot Stephen T. Barber Hobart S. Leonard Ephraim Dyer John P. Harrison Charles T. Johnson John F. Martin William P. Martin Hayden Shuey John B. Merritt Gordon L. Onstott E. Earll Shine JUNIORS Towle Bundschu Hamden L. Forkner George B. Caswell, Jr. Robert W. Greig Peter R. Dyer William H. Hoogs William G. H. Stephens, Jr. Bundscru Casll Fortner Hoogs Stephens, W. Balliet Hend ' ick SOPHOMORES Sam Balliet James W. Hendrick William E. Lamoreaux Morris F. Landon Peter G. Youdall FRESHMAN John R. Donoghue Robert N. Foster Sandv F. McKay Carmel C. Martin Absent on leave. Charles G. Wood Alfred L. Merritt, Jr. Richard H. Milligan Robert W. Pelletreau Robert D. Shine Fred A. Muller Thomas M. Stephens Lawrence C. Taylor Jean C. Witter Merritt, A. Milliaan Shine. R. Youdall F3St ' Martin Muller Taylor 395 f ' ? ' . Chaney Cole Crouch Daggett Dever Edwards Ellsworth Hall Kilkenny Kolb Lloyd McCarthy B DWLES HALL SENIORS Wilbur M. Allis George J. Barnett Edward N. Barrett Andrew A. Benson Ryland S. Carter William R. Cato Jack A. E. Chaney Edgar Boyd Cole Sterling H. Crouch Forrest N. Daggett Charles S. Dever Gordon C. Edwards Vernon Ellsworth Dean F. Hall Walter E. Howard Clifford Hull Charles F. Hunkins Douglas L. Imhoff Nicholas Zoller JUNIORS Steven Aronson Thomas F. Cleland Richard C. Crowle E. Yale Dawson Stanley C. Dennis Olen R. Garrett Richard Glassman Richard A. Grinnell Peter J. E. Haas Scovil Hubbard Millard R. Humphrey Robert A. Jackson George Jung John J. Kilkenny Robert E. Kolb Bertram D. Janes Richard H. Keatinge Henry W. Lightfoot Richard B. Malmgren William E. Miller Carleton A. Newcomb Linus L. Phillips Peter B. Pichetto John D. Robertson Lindley R. Sale Louis W. Sander Kenneth Saum William J. Shirley Byron B. Snyder Sanford Stadtfeld S. Lawrence Taylor Donald E. Wilkins J. Roger Wollenberg Frank T. Lloyd Patrick J. McCarthy Kenneth B. Mickelwait Ralph C. Moffitt Marshall Partridge Robert M. Phillips Robert T. Porter Robert G. Sharp John H. Stanford Douglas M. Sutler Gail E. Thomas Donald E. Wallace Jack W. Walsh John E. Weaver Robert J. Wise 396 BOWLES HALL Mickclwiit Moffitt Partridge Phillips. R. Porter Sham StinfotC Suttcr Thomas Willice SOPHOMORES Arthur P. Allen John E. Armitage Daniel Aronson, Jr. Donald P. Barrett Robert L. Brosemer Lloyd F. Christensen David L. England, Jr. Kenneth E. Frick William D. Garvai Wells Jewett Louis G. Johnson Robert L. Johnson Eugene S. Kilgore Jack Kimble FRESHMEN Robert G. Aver Munroe Benson Hollis M. Black, Jr. Lowell R. Brosemer Jack Dykes Eugene L. Ireland Gordon L. Kaylor Absent on leave. R. Rex Kircher Thomas A. Kommers Daniel E. Koshland Raymond J. Lucchesi, Jr. James A. Murphey Robert J. Ostrow Cyril M. Peletz Irving F. Reichert, Jr. James F. Roth James Schwabacher Edwin B. Schwinger J. Lawrence Smith Robert D. Whaley Robert C. Wilson James B. Kendrick Stuart A. Lewis Tomas C. Palmer Frederick H. Rindge David H. Robertson William L. Sale Walter Yatchmenoff ft ' eaie- Wise Allen Armitage Aronson. D. Barrett. 0. 9. R. dristnsen Frick Garni JWrttt -C.1P . vfBHE Kikjtn Koshla-c Lucchesi Ostrew Peletz I Smith Whaley Wilson Ayer Be-s:- F H ' Black . L. Dykes Ireland Kaylor Keafrid Lewis Rindge Robertson D. Sale. W. Yatchmenoff 397 Barnes Hind Klotz Lucot McClard McCucken Miles Oliver Paboojian Quigley Stebbins Thomas Waring Anderson Fifer Harris Salituri Schelling Sheer in Smith PHI DELTA CHI 860 ASHBURY STREET, SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDED AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 1863 ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 TWENTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Troy C. Daniels Professor Frederick W. Nish Professor Franklin T. Green Dr. John F. Oneto Dr. Haydn M. Simmons SENIORS Clifford L. Barnes Harry W. Hind Charles R. Klotz Arthur M. Lucot Alan H. McClard John H. McCracken J. Harold Anderson George Duodini Howard D. Fifer Lewis C. Harris Albert Waring Norval W. Miles Thomas A. Oliver Kay N. Paboojian James F. Quigley Charles C. Stebbins Stanley J. Thomas JUNIORS Felipe R. Salituri Arthur R. Schelling Ward J. Smith John P. Sheerin 398 Bird XI P S I PHI 745 PARNASSUS, SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDED AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 1889 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS VcVurrjy UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. George L. Bean Dr. Dr. Herman Bechs Dr. D. F. C. Bettencourt Dr. Dr. L. P. Brownton Dr. Dr. Clemen C. Chappel Dr. Dr. George W. Cowder Dr. Dr. Ray Cowder Dr. Dr. C. W. Craig Dr. Dr. Stanley Erpf Dr. Dr. Edwin H. Ferber Dr. Dr. A. De Ferrarai Dr. Dr. C. D. Gwinn Dr. Dr. George E. Hahn Dr. Dr. F. H. Hare Dr. Dr. H. W. Harrison Dr. Dr. M. G. Henningsen Dr. Dr. L. A. Hewitt Dr. Dr. T. J. Zingheim Roscoe H. Hewitt F. Hubertey Arthur N. Jensen C. W. Johnson H. W. Johnston G. S. Millberry H. A. Nagle Ernest M. Setter Carl H. Showalter G. H. Terwilliger K. P. Terwilliger J. R. Weeden Lloyd G. Welty Donald P. White S. G. Winslow J. L. Wood C. J. Zappetini SENIORS Saxton F. Bird Fred S. Brown, Jr. Porter R. Danford George K. Goodrich Roderick M. McArthur Ralph F. McMurry Wendell J. Schwoerer Byron C. Thomas Wilbur L. Wann L. Graham West JUNIORS Russell H. Augsburger Carroll H. Berryman Rudolph O. Gothenquist Elmo M. Grimmer Dana A. Hamlin Howard M. Lang C. Stanley Lawrence, Jr. Louis E. W. Lynch Arne G. Nielsen Robert D. Payne John S. Rathbone Jack K. Renwick Charles E. Smith SOPHOMORES Perry E. Beeson Maurice S. Green Benjamin C. Dykes, Jr. William H. Hanford Carl R. Ekholm James T. Rogers A May FMT Funk FRESHMEN John A. Abbay William F. Brownton Kenneth I. Dufour Glen W. Foor Albert C. Funk William E. Grenfell George W. Haltennan Merton E. Hill, Jr. William C. Howe Kenneth L. Leinbach Fred L. Losee Francis L. Lucchetti H. Irving Maggini Forrest D. Moodie Dan P. Predovich Gordon F. Rodda Hill Luchetti Gardner Teilman 399 I r :r mm t.- _ jH i 402 ADPi ' s " go Mexican " to entertain rushees. " Bottcms up " at a Gamma Phi rush dinner. House mothers sere refresh-rents to open house guests. D. G. ' s adjourn to the " parlor " for demi-tasse and cigarettes. Houses present new pledges to the Campus at open houses each semester. Formal dinners are high spots of rushing season. well, the dancer ' s enioying it anyway. Sioma Chi Indians gie pledges a canoe ride at the Charming Way Derby. Snick Allen Alltudnr Biilty Baxter Ejriart Grafeaa -! : ; Llii MIT ' te Pi Tiyhr Tuttle LJ-.IH! Wilson V PAN-HELLENIC (Imlersorority FOUNDED AT CHICAGO, 1902 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 OFFICERS President _ - - Marion Sconeld Secretary-Treasurer Man- Elizabeth Allen MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega... Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi.. - Margaret Alltucker _ lane Yacer J.U Ethelyn Kulakofsky Alpha Gamma Delta _ Margaret Tuttle Alpha OmicromPi Lenore Hennessey Alpha Phi Jean Palmer, Barbara Sorrick Alpha Xi Delta Ruth Graham Betj Phi Alpha Barbara Kenyon Beta Sigma Omicron Virginia Young Chi Omega.... Marian Miles Delta Delta Delta Marion Sconeld Zeta Tau Alpha... Delta Gamma Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta.. Marian Hughes Mary Helbig . Martha Locarnini Kappa Alpha Theta Janet May Kappa Delta.... Dorothy Chapman Kappa Kappa Gamma Leonore Upham Phi Mil Peggy Bailey Phi Omega Pi.... - Katharine Wilson Pi Beta Phi _ Mary Elizabeth Allen Sigma Kappa ..Carol;, n Challoner, Juliet Baxter Tbeta L ' piUom Beatrice Earhart Vema Taylor 403 AJ IL Jk -EL . _ v ' Anderson Alltucker Barnes Bischoff Edlefsen Ponedel Sinnott Taeger Welsh Wilson Arnold Brundige Bullock Dewey Gatewood Goble Jones Johnson Livingston Reed Reinhold Roberts Sharp Tomasini Waddell White Carroll Coyle Dobrzensky Downie Doyle Dunbar Kilgore Layne McBride Stone Swift Tuttle Upton Baxter Beckett Chase Colvin Harvey Kelly Lagomarsino Nichols O ' Malley Owen Weisel Wilson ALPHA CHI DMEGA 1756 LE ROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Ann B. Anderson SENIORS Margaret G. Alltucker Margaret E. Barnes June W. Bischoff Ruth Edlefsen Margaret L. Arnold Lyndell M. Brundige Bobbie G. Bullock Anne H. Dewey Mary Ann Gatewood Jean Goble Margaret J. Jones Barbara E. Johnson Jean P. Wilson JUNIORS Elizabeth A. Ponedel Harriett Sinnott Margaret Taeger Fayette E. Welch Eugenia C. Livingston Anita M. Reed Emily Reinhold Gaye Roberts Anita J. Sharp Dorothy J. Tomasini Harriett Waddell Nancy L. White SOPHOMORES Alice May Carroll Haviland Coyle Elizabeth Ann Dobrzensky D. June Downie Thelma J. Doyle Ruth E. Dunbar Mary Lou Upton Margaret A. Kilgore Aileen Layne Catherine McBride Ruth F. Stone Julia E. Swift Helen Tuttle FRESHMEN Jean M. Baxter Beverly B. Beckett Elizabeth T. Chase Betty Sue Colvin Patricia H. Harvey Frances L. Kelly Doris C. Lagomarsino Magdalene E. Nichols Anne L. O ' Malley Nancy D. Owen Anita E. Weisel Myrl E. Wilson 404 ALPHA DELTA PI 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEY AN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Atkins Brinberry Casey Croplev D ah ken Dailey Daiis Douslass Lucas Miller GRADUATE Elizabeth Kerns SENIORS L. Ellen Atkins Joan Brimberry Mary Margaret Casey- Janice W. Cropley Elizabeth K. Dahleen Mary M. Dailey Barbara Jane Davis Emilie L. Douglass Louise C. Ewing Marion J. Juergens Norma Lemmon Jeanette Lucas JUNIORS Natalie Becker Barbara F. Bray Jeanne M. Butler Margaret L. Butzbach Mary Alice Christians Maureen L. D ' Ambrogio Betty L. Echols Dorothy E. Fox Betty J. Gettemy Evelyn F. Gracier Marjorie Hall Dorothy Jane Wilson SOPHOMORES Barbara J. Miller Beverly J. Pracy Jean T. Reuter Marie C. Righetti Virginia H. Smith Barbara E. Thane Eloise Walker Ruth H. Warner Margaret J. Winter Inngard F. Wolf Janice Woltz Jane Yager Shirley Hinz Virginia R. Imhoff Martha J. Johnston Margaret McConnell Ruth E. Miller Elizabeth A. Morabe Valborg K. Rasmussen Barbara A. Schmidt Margery Sellander Betty Ann Thomas Janet Vandawalker Jane S. Borden Clarine C. Elken Sue Giguiere Mary E. Griffin Jewell C. Guinan Ruth P. I jilt-hart N. Idell McMullin Patricia McNeil FRESHMEN Frances J. Bent Miriam L. Carter Dee Dickson Jane Evans Gloria Anne Gregory Margaret M. Guilford Jeanne E. Hetherington Laura L. Hunt Shelby M. Ish Absent on leave. Maryalice Patchett Isabel J. Phillips Joan E. Ponsford Sally B. Pray Miriam F. Shottky Helen M. Waterhouse Roberta A. Watkins Billie Ann Winter Lela McConnell Zelna M. Maris Barbara A. Matthews Phyllis D. Mutch Winifred J. Nickerson Mary Parker Kathleen C. Reilly K. Patricia Riordan Barbara J. Yallop Riohetti Smith Thane Walker Warner Winter Wolf Wolto Yiter m t Bray Butler Buto bach Christians Echols Ftx Getteir. I Hall Him In McConntll Miller Morabe Rasmussen Schmidt Sellander Wilswi Giguiere Griin Guinan V Mullin McNeil Patchett Phillips Ponif Ofd Pray Sehsttky Watkins Winter Dickson Eans Guilford Hetherington Hunt Isk Matthews Mutch Si:e-son Parker Reilly Yallm 405 Berman Block Cohn. D. Davidson Geballe, M. Kahn, P. Levy. B. A. ALPHA EPSILDIV PHI HI 2721 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Rhoda Berman Florence L. Block Dorothy E. Cohn Barbara J. Harris Elinor Hirschberg Shirley Kay Harriette R. Klein Ethelyn Kulakofsky Marjorie L. Cohn Bernice Davidson Miriam Geballe Phyllis Kahn JUNIORS Berna L. Levy Charlotte L. Mann Margaret Nathan Joy V. Rosenberg Audrey Y. Schneider Meredyth F. Spiro Marcelle Todresic Ruth H. Wolf Barbara A. Levy Marjorie J. Rhine Violet A. Rosenberg Betty L. Stamer SOPHOMORES Carolyn R. Bender Jane Boughner Shirley Goldware Carole K. Helman Shirley Kahn Irene Klein FRESHMEN Marcia G. Falk Beatrice Geballe Lorraine H. Haines June M. Hornstein Charlotte M. Lipson Marilyn G. Mazor Dorothy Scheibner Susan F. Tivol Miriam Weiss Reva Yaffee Inez C. Levy Jane E. Lewinson Barbara F. Melnikow Florence E. Rosenwald Merle D. Shaff 406 II ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2-26 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 19O4 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FORTY SEVEN CHAPTERS GRADUATE Lucile Kemp SENIORS Lois J. Bonstin Jayne A. Browning Man E. Damon Dorothea Deacon Edcil F. Doerr Shirley B. Douthitt Margaret E. Edwards Kathervn E. Ellis JUNIORS Marjorie J. Brown Marguerite R. Clark Lucille A. Ebell Bern- A. Fitzgerald Bette A. Gardella Barbara P. Gowans M. Jane Wolf Margarette E. Guild Margaret E. Linde Linda McNutt Man- Rakestraw Helen M. Sarver Eunice Skerritt Mar Jo Smith Patricia Snvder Barbara Hammond Margaret Ann Hemenway Dorothy J. Patterson Anna L. Perry- Margaret L. Turtle Betty Ward CUrt. H. E ! SOPHOMORES Margaret J. Bucklin Phyllis M. Butler Ethelynne M. Clark Vyelaine Cunningham Helen L. Dowd Vema G. Egilben Bern A. Sheridan Laura Fain Norma N. Hanson Marjorie V. Jones Beverly C. Marshall Verna Ogburn Gw -nneth M. Reeves FRESHMEN Phyllis V. Brown Peggy Fjeldsted H. Ellouise Jessup VX ' ilma E. Lewis Frances M. Zuern Anna Jean Martin Patricia A. Murphy Harriet Ann Patton Amy Jane Young :!- E 407 Shean Bade Chamberlain Hattie Hawkins Henderson Hennessey, L. Ingalls Jones MacKay McCargar Merrill Piersol Power Van Wagenen Zeus Archer Bellingham Blasingame Campbell Close Cornelius Davis, A. Davis, E. Dondero Harlowe Hennessey, L. F. Hunt James Kyle LaNicca MacKall Moore Scott Sherman Taggart Tarn won Yerkes Abbott Bale Brown Burrows Clarke Cooper El berg Eudey House Lane Lunt Madden Nutting Simon Williams Windsor Brunn Burns Burton Chesney Cullom Eaton Fiedler Forsterer Foulkes Fowler Guthiie Hawkins Higgins Hill Paul Payne Smith ALPHA OMICRDN PI 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mildred Bell Bernice Hubbard Etta Haynes Dobbin Isabel H. Jackson Margaret Eddy Stone Susan Crane GRADUATES Lorinne Wood SENIORS Jane M. Shean Lucille D. Bade Shirley Chamberlain Marie J. Godt Elaine Hattie Rosemary A. Hawkins Norma L. Henderson Lenore Hennessey Margaret Ingalls JUNIORS Jane Archer Alice F. Bellingham Tessa Dean Blasingame Marvis L. Campbell Helen I . Close Verda Mae Cornelius Alice D. Davis Elizabeth J. Davis Patricia Dondero Bette W. Harlowe Lilian F. Hennessey Mary G. Yerkes SOPHOMORES Nina Ann Abbott Bette Bale Bethel Brown Muriel A. Burrows Kathryn F. Clarke Jane Cooper Elizabeth Elberg Lois W. Eudey Hortense Jones June MacKay Beatrice McCargar Marjorie A. Merrill Helynn F. Piersol Marion F. Power Sue G. Van Wagenen Christine M. Zeus Marcella V. Hunt Dorothy James Dorothy Kyle Margaret B. LaNicca Helena P. MacKall Elizabeth H. Moore Marian Scott Elinor E. Sherman Patricia Taggart Bayona J. Tarn Virginia A. Woll Carol M. House Virginia B. Lane Lorraine M. Lunt Marjorie M. Madden Jean E. Nutting Barbara Ann Simon Virginia C. Williams Ruthann Windsor FRESHMEN Hallie E. Brunn Allison C. Burns Nancy L. Burton Jane Chesney Mary Anne Cullom Dorothy Eaton Lorraine Fiedler Marie P. Forsterer ' ' Absent on leave. Nancie A. Smith Phyllis Foulkes Katherine M. Fowler Catherine J. Guthrie Antona M. Hawkins Noreen Higgins Alice Betty Hill Dexa Paul Betty C. Payne 408 ALP P H I 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 THIRTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Barbara Nachtreib Armstrong Margaret Murdoch SENIORS Anne C. Allen Ellen M. Amend Kathleen H. Clark Janet F. Davis Anne C. Dingley Florence Doelker Marv E. Finlavson Jean Alexander Mary Lou Bailey Catherine H. Cline Jean E. Craig Jeanne A. Leggett Phyllis Fay Mahon Margery M. Marten Polly M. Strong JUNIORS Jean Hoagland Elizabeth P. Hook Edith A. Nott Jean Palmer Jean A. Shoemake Margery M. Skaife Barbara E. Sorrick {Catherine E. Meredith Catherine Miller June C. Nelson Anne E. Osborne Adele D. Rock Dorothy A. Selley Jean H. Yuill SOPHOMORES Phyllis Bowman Catherine Cobb Charlotte J. Davidson Fredrika A. Doelker Anne Duhring Jane Finlavson Evelyn N. Foote Catherine C. Garthwaite Ellen Goodspeed Jean T. Kelly Katherine S. Kennedy FRESHMEN Marjorie I. Butler Eleanor Clark Sally Edwards Joan Gay Man- L. Harelson Claire Thomas Peggie Kinzie Louise Lindley Margery Anne Lion Man- E. Nickel Georgia H. Richardson Phoebe A. Sear Is Gwen Swanberg Jacqueline Thomas Marie D. von der Lieth Martha C Wigley Jane Zitlau Meredith Hicks Barbara R. Lehe Florene Luppen Margaret R. Meads Marion D. Saben 409 SV Buffington Edwards Elder Eldridge Fitzpatrick Graham Greene McRae Neal Padclon Rountree Sharp Williamson Wright Bacon Claxton Cromwell Finch Hartter Humphreys Jacobsen McCleer Moseley O ' Neal Paul Wingate Badger Botto Bouton Crawford Delmore Ellis Felknor Hovde Howden Johnson Jones Jordan MacCaughey Mauzy Weinberger Barlow Coe Cooney Denton Glasson Gordon Heath Hersey Kendall Maryon Mello Nielsen Ricker Symon Williams ALPHA XI DELTA 283 3 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT KNOX COLLEGE, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Alice Maxwell Marjorie Gear Petray Evelyn Lewis Stewart GRADUATES Virginia Colby Isobel G. Douglas Charlotte M. Simmons SENIORS Nancy A. Buffington Barbara Edwards June T. Elder Betty J. Eldridge Ruth V. Fitzpatrick Ruth I. Graham Priscilla Greene JUNIORS Donna J. Bacon Marjorie H. Claxton Jacqueline Cromwell Joan M. Finch Nancy E. Hartter Rae E. Humphreys Marilyn H. McRae Blossom Neal Patricia E. Paddon Jean Rountree Christel Sharp Elizabeth J. Williamson Mary H. Wright Frances A. Jacobsen Eleanor R. McCleer Nancy Moseley Betty F. O ' Neal Virginia Paul Lavonne Shearer Margaret E. Wingate SOPHOMORES Charlotte Badger Fern M. Botto Jeanne F. Bouton Dorothy Crawford Mary Anne Delmore Rosemary Ellis Dorothy L. Felknor Phyllis J. Meinberger FRESHMEN Billivee Barlow Arline M. Coe Lucile C. Cooney Loriel A. Denton Elizabeth B. Glasson Ejane Gordon Muriel A. Heath Martha E. Williams Petra A. Hovde Margaret E. Howden Caroline R. Johnson Milo E. Jones Elizabeth E. Jordan Janet P. MacCaughey Fern R. Mauzy Mildred R. Hersey Norma J. Kendall Dorys L. Maryon Nadine Mello Betty J. Nielsen Elizabeth M. Ricker Marcella G. Symon 410 A fl T A 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 THREE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Phyllis M. Copley SENIORS Lucy F. Babcock A. Catherine Brandon Miriam Drew Evelyn F. Griffen Lota E. Hargraves Barbara N-F. Hart Marilyn I. Stump JUNIORS Eleanor J. Ayres Harriette C. Dunn Georgina A. Garbutt Ruth E. Kahl Charlotte L. Logan Doris E. Macdonald Betty Ann McLellan Barbara L. Merville Edna F. Morris Elizabeth L. Owens Florence L. Sherman M. Jeannette Mackie Marion M. McVeigh Dorothy L. Pollard Ada M. Stankey Marcia H. Tweed Estelle D. von Ende SOPHOMORES Catherine M. Craig Annice E. Moore Marian M. Enzler Mary E. Hammond Helen E. Van Buskirk Esther I. Wall FRESHMEN Virginia R. Coleman Jean H. Hixson Norma O. Peterson Ruth H. Lima Charlotte H. Newell Copley Babcock Brandon Drew Griffen Hargrans Hart Macdonald McLellan Merrille Morris Owens Sherman Stump Ayres Dunn Garbutt Kahl Logan Mackie McVeigh Pollard Stankey Tweed ton Ende Craig Enzler Hammond Moore Van Buskirk Wall Coleman Hixson Lima Newell Peterson 41 Nichols Arthur Brown Collins Daniels Ferroggiaro Harbach Kenyon Losee Nodder Zapf Lopez Murphy, T. Anderson Borden Brown Chryst Doherty Durm Estep Goebel Graeber Green Groshong Lowe LyVere McDonough Mayer Murphy, E. Nichols West Cook Elder Gilmore Gribble Hughes Norris Pritz Raybourne Rice BETA PHI ALPHA 2250 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1909 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Fanny Bulger Margaret Scott GRADUATES Ruth Elaine Nichols SENIORS Virginia O. Arthur Engelyn A. Brown Luraine G. Collins Lorriene L. Daniels Verna A. Ferroggiaro Ellis J. Harbach Barbara A. Kenyon Ruth A. Losee Ruth A. Nodder Ruth V. Zapf JUNIORS Dorothy Kelner Mary E. Lopez Thelma Murphy SOPHOMORES Barbara A. Anderson Lela M. Borden Betty M. Brown Mary Ellen Chryst Cared L. Doherty June M. Durm Dorothy P. Estep Gertrude A. Goebel Alice Graeber Priscilla Mae Cook Kathryn S. Elder Ann Gilmore Mary E. Gribble FRESHMEN Anna May Rice Jacqueline M. Green Rhoda J. Groshong Donna L. Lowe Dorothy J. LyVere Adeline C. McDonough Saneece K. Mayer Evelyn Murphy Barbara E. Nichols Katherine E. West Dorothy M. Hughes Betty J. Norris Barbara A. Pritz Rosemary L. Raybourne 412 BETA SIGMA OMICRON : 4 1 5 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1888 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1927 EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Maurine McKeany Amy Wood GRADUATES Lucille K. Bertelsen Marjorie Jackson Vivian Lowe SENIORS Ernestine M. Cresieno Helen M. Davie Mary Ardeane Mariani Jeannette Frances Meals Virginia C. Young JUNIORS Dorothy Bergen Audrev W. Cannon Florence E. Korb Elizabeth L. Scon Winifred Stetson Margaret W. Simmer Betty J. Tressel Margaret V. E win t: Eleanor L. Jolly SOPHOMORES Mildred M. Doan Mary E. Spicer Adelaide L. Proctor Rowena Stetson Jean E. Walsh FRESHMEN Marion E. Appelbaum Ci..e Krt 4i3 Duarte Seelye Soletti Wiegand Wilkendorf Cecil Cummings Gabaldon Phillips Ramos Andrews Cutler Dolan Goldstein Harden Laurence, E. Lawrence, 0. Murchio Rodriquez Vargas CASA HISPAIVA 2562 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER GRADUATES Consuelo Duarte Betty M. Seelye Lillian Grip Verna Price Juanita M. Wilkendorf Ellen L. Soletti Ruth P. Wiegand SENIORS Dorothy A. Cecil Mary E. Cummings Antonia I. Ramos JUNIORS Lorraine Andrews Marjorie D. Cutler Patricia M. Dolan Violet G. Goldstein Dorothy L. Harden Georgia Saxton Beatriz C. Gabaldon Merry E. Phillips Emily E. Laurence Dorothy J. Lawrence lola Murchio Margaret Phariss Mary C. Rodriquez SOPHOMORES Virginia Clarke Maria L. Vargas 414 CHI OMEGA 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 NINETY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Helene E. Becker Dorothy E. Bowman Beatrice N. Confer Ann M. Haley Sybil A. Jones Betty Macfarlane Jane Malmgren Marion Miles Helen A. Parrish Elizabeth Randall Jane E. Rooney T. Aileen Russell Ethelyn M. Sellinger Helen B. Stanton Beverly K. Wickler Claudia Williamson Barbara M. Winchester Betsey D. Andker Marie Louise Boyd Virginia C. Boyd Elizabeth M. Cameron Jean Chambers JUNIORS Nan H. Duhme Eleanor L. Eschelbach Elizabeth E. Heffner Lorraine L. McCall Elizabeth F. Nichol June R. Pedrone SOPHOMORES Julia L. Amery Yolanda I. Arrigoni Barbara F. Cramer Helen I. Doyle Virginia C. Fryklund Alice M. Hardy Jane F. Hervagault Jane E. Hughson Amy Lou McCraney Audrey G. Meier Betty Young FRESHMEN Jean Benoit Katherine Buchanan Jane S. Colbert Eleanore A. Crawford Emmy Lou Fitzmaurice Frances I. Jack Betty Ruth Jackson Shirley L. Ware Barbara J. Neuman Marian J. Neuman Nancy J. Nicholls Margaret K. Nissen Betty Jane Paxton Shirley A. Rockingham Eileen E. Smith Arabella Sweet Ardath A. Wise Jean A. Worthington Doris M. Juney Margaret W. Maroney Jean M. Plimpton Jane E. Powell Natalie J. Schreiber Dorothea M. Triebel Mary B. Wadsworth Becker Bowman Confer Haley Jones Macfarlane Malmgren Miles Parrish Randall Rooney Russell Sellinger Stanton Wickler Williamson Boyd. M. Boyd. V. Eschelbach Heffner McCall Nichol Pedrone Amery Arrigoni Cramer Doyle Fryklund Hardy Henagault Hughson McCraney Meier Neuman. B. Neuman, M. Nicholls Nissen Paxton Rockingham Smith Sweet Wise Worthington Young Benoit Buchanan Colbert Crawford Fitzmaurice Jack Jackson Juney Maroney Plimpton Powell Schrfiber Triebel Wadsworth Ware 415 Ill ,1 ' Bishop Eddy Finlay Guthrie Hadsell McFall Scolield Webster Cotton, D. Cotton, M. Oaney Davidson Friend Gillet Haines Hart Hartzell Henck. A. Herrick Hockett Holmberg Jenkins Jones Perkins Skerry Tompkins White Winton Allan Benoit Boster Fritz Gocdfellow Gould Hickok Jost King LaRue McCallan McGahie McPeak Miller Philliber Pike Villadsen. J. Beede Benjamin Brown Chloupek Curtis Davis, D. Davis, M. Fricke Garges Henck, C. Holly Leonard Maske Powell Sale Villadsen, V. Wesling Whitby DELTA DELTA DELTA 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Verl M. Bishop Eleanor M. Eddy Sarah C. Finlay Doris R. Guthrie JUNIORS Dorothy A. Cotton Marian E. Cotton Lucille E. Daney Virginia L. Davidson Doris J. Friend Eleanor A. Gillett Jeanne E. Haines Elise G. Hart Janet C. Hartzell Ann P. Henck Barbara Hadsell Molly McFall Marion M. Scofield Barbara A. Webster Adah V. Herrick Dorothy D. Hockett Betty C. Holmberg Nancy E. Jenkins Ruth P. Jones Elizabeth Perkins Geraldine C. Skerry Henrietta Tompkins Betty Lou White Kathryn D. Winton SOPHOMORES Audine Allan Wanda Lee Benoit Barbara V. Boster Roberta Fritz Elsie M. Goodfellow Cora E. Gould Beverly Hickok Carmella N. Jost Janice L. Villadsen Patricia King Annette LaRue Betty L. McCallan Eleanor J. McGahie Mary G. McPeak Janice C. Miller Jean L. Philliber Anne E. Pike FRESHMEN Margaret A. Beede Valerie Benjamin Patricia Brown Jane F. Chloupek Anne H. Curtis Dorette Davis Margaret Davis Marion C. Fricke Betty B. Garges Catherine L. Henck Norma O. Holly Virginia Leonard Roseanne Maske Mary Powell Margaret Sale Vivian M. Villadsen Elizabeth O. Wesling Patricia Whitby 416 DELTA GAMMA 2710 CHANMNG WAY FOUNDED AT THE LEWIS SCHOOL. OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI, 1874 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FIFTY CHAPTERS Lestr A. Lilly SENIORS Jeanne Andrews Patricia A. Bell Martha Bridge Carroll O. Bush Betty Byrne Eleanor Gaddis Catherine C. Hammond Man M. Heafey Marian M. Hughes Janet Jackson JUNIORS Betty Brazier Barbara A. Burge Jane A. Dew ell Elizabeth H. Eckan Isabel F. Hinckley Ella M. Hoyt Barbara Jessup Barbara W. Leach Susan A. Lester Dorothy J. Mattoon Anne E. Le Baron Adrienne R. Lester Alice Man Lilly Patricia McCarthy Christine Mathews Caryl Moon Lindsay Neal Bern- J. Raymond Barbara M. Schuessler Antoinette M. Wittschen Claire V. Morris Elizabeth M. Polin Phyllis D. Pratt Viola T. Ross-Lewin Elsa L. Schedler Mary E. Smith Jean W. Somers Anne Waybur Martha S. Wells Virginia G. Wheeler SOPHOMORES Eleanor W. Blair Jean M. Car -er Eveleth Clark Ann E. Crichton Hope M. Duveneck Dorothea R. Flynn Katherine A. Foster Patsy M. Griffin Gail Ann Hobson Josephine Jewett Jane E. Low FRESHMEN Marian E. Arnold Alice E. Conner Margaret Crittenden Man Crittenden Martha C. Eaton Mary N. Holley Patricia Lov Patricia vs. Pruyn Elizabeth Pye Nathalie Rice Patricia Richardson Betsy L. Saph Ruth-Ann Shingle Marjorie J. Smith Elizabeth M. Taylor Betty A. Turner Ann E. Wapple Patricia J. Williams Sally J. McCune Patricia E. Nelson Anne A. Pickering Dorodiy E. Smith Margaret L. Tufts Marilynn H. Wines Elsie R. Woodin Ecfart H,ncHf , S. Cla-k Swtfe, . J. Tiylr Willii : ferre- Vj C- -.-. -.i- H 2 1Mb saa 417 Bullock Clow Decker Feehan Helbig McClure Muller O ' Kelly Purser Schafer Jordan Rosaia Ross Schmidt Taylor Walsh Chipchase Clark Dennison Frey Link Meyer Power Scanlon Sheehan Boydston Burkhard Gouin Harden Helgas Howard Kennedy Laws Mel Plumb Smith Tidwell Wetmore Wilken DELTA ZETA 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FIFTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Margaret Ann Bullock Evelyn L. Clow Kathrin K. Decker Catherine M. Feehan Mary G. Helbig JUNIORS Pauline L. Jordan Irene M. Rosaia Betty J. Ross Roberta J. McClure Maurine G. Muller Florence L. O ' Kelly Margaret M. Purser Dorothea J. Schafer Barbara M. Schmidt Virginia L. Taylor Marie Walsh SOPHOMORES Dorothy A. Chipchase Elizabeth E. Clark JaNette O. Dennison Muriel H. Frey Irene L. Link Margery M. Meyer Leslie Power Anita M. Scanlon Dorothy A. Sheehan FRESHMEN Jean A. Boydston Shirley G. Burkhard Elizabeth A. Gouin Carol T. Harden Virginia K. Helgas Elizabeth L. Howard Phyllis A. Kennedy Ruth E. Laws Barbara A. Mel Isabelle L. Plumb Lois F. L. Smith Claudia C. Tidwell Ruth M. Wetmore Elaine P. Wilken 418 Bly. B. Caldwell Ccltor Cnif .1 GAMMA PHI BETA 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 18 4 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS Gartner Gorrill. A. Gorrill. S. Har-clfl. E. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Elizabeth Foote Margaret T. Hodgen Alice G. Hoyt Violet Marshall Jane Richardson Caraiel Riley Burris A. Bly Betty Jane Caldwell Mary E. Colton Mary E. Cornell Jean M. Craig Katherine B. Daniel Beatrice M. Frames Peggy E. Gardner SENIORS Virginia P. Swift JUNIORS Helen I. Austin Miriam Baisden Mary V. Carey Jeanne Catton Barbara B. Curts Marjorie J. MacMillan Esther Sinclair Patricia Sizer Olive Stewart Betsey Straub Mildred H. Webber Dr. Margaret G. Zed Anne E. Gorrill Sally P. Gorrill Jane C. Hamshaw Eleanor A. Harrold Rachel M. Hoffman Martha H. Locaraini Betty Marx Olga M. Siska Mary Jane Moyer Barbara Oakley Annette Vollmann Hester Ann Wilkinson Margaret L. Yealland Edna Zehnder Locarnini Marx. B. Siska Austin Can, Curts MacMillan 85 w . Oil It. Volhunt Wilkinson Yealland Zediatr Zimart Daly . R. Saralee Zumwalt SOPHOMORES Lewis Marjorie R. Barker Annette E. Daly Harriet M. Gadsden Elizabeth M. Harrington Rosalie W. Harrold Marguerite Higgins Marjorie A. Hoffman Anita G. Leibing FRESHMEN Mary-Elizabeth Billiou Janet J. Bly Peggy V. Cate Dorothy H. Frost Jane H. Gorrill Edith E. Gross Cecil E. Harrold Frances L. Helmer Barbara J. Jolly Jean D. Kellogg Marjorie McConnell Absent on leave. Lucile W. Lewis Leslie M. Lockwood Mary Louise Lyman Valma Maddox Virginia L. Saam Jean Schaeffer Ethel C. Seeberg Barbara Lee Thomas Marjorie J. McKee Susan G. Mane Jane R. Nadler Marguerite J. Ogden Nancy J. Pfeifer Harriett M. Plaisted Elizabeth W. Sauer Elisabeth M. Simonson Jean Underbill Catherine H. Vail Almeda Welch Billiou Bly. J. Cate Frost Gorrill, J. Gross Harrold. C. HelMr Jolly Kellcon VcConnell McKcc Man. S. Malta Oo n Pfeifer Plaisted Simonson Underbill Vail Welch 419 11 Ballentinc Berryhill Cox Ditzler Hill Jones Kleeberger Leebrick Lion May Parrish Reiser Phelps Relf Wachob Adams Anderson Bernsten Bertz Carter Church Droste Heckscher Hoishclt Lauriston Quinn Bunker Clark Franklin Keane Mastick Moffitt Moss KAPPA ALPHA THETA 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SIXTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles Fenton Clark Madre Merril SENIORS Lucy E. Ballentine Ann C. Berryhill Jane P. Cox Elizabeth M. Ditzler Ruth Gail Hill Mary Elizabeth Jones Jean A. Kleeberger Patricia J. Wachob Harriet C. Leebrick Josephine Lion Janet A. May- Jane S. Parrish Shirley L. Peiser Shirley E. Phelps Nancy Relf Virginia W. Adams Helen E. Anderson Barbara I. Bernsten Jacqueline L. Bertz Jane E. Carter JUNIORS Jane R. Quinn Beatrice M. Church Carol Droste Marian D. Heckscher Virginie Hoisholt Jane Lauriston SOPHOMORES Peggy H. Bunker Cornelia Clark Jean K. Franklin Theodosia M. Keane Marilyn Mastick Genevieve Moffitt Sylvia D. Moss Jean Oakley Polly Peters Elizabeth M. Pinger Elizabeth M. Rath Jean E. Sayre Betty-Jean Shanedling Patricia Tabor Barbara Towne a A 1 T Oakley Peters Pinger Rath Sayre Shanedling Browne Cavalier Christin Droste, J. Fairlie Guittard Henry Lamon Lamson Lyon Miller Sherwood Taylor , Van Hook FRESHMEN Elisabeth P. Browne Camille Cavalier Estelle P. Christin Janice Droste Katherine A. Fairlie Jeanne V. Guittard Jane L. Henry ' ' Absent on leave. Helen Lamon Elizabeth Lamson Katherine H. Lyon Elizabeth Miller Mary J. Sherwood Jacklyn Taylor Margaret Van Hook 420 KAP FADE TA 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SEVENTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Florence M. Frost Flemini Gctaar Ball Chapman. D. Costello. H. Fiscalini GRADUATES Betty H. Fleming Rita M. Gobar SENIORS Bethyl J. Ball Dorothy O. Chapman Helen T. Costello Barbara J. Wilson Wilma Henne Dorothy Kaufman Margaret K. Fiscalini Lois M. Porter Audrey M. Shaw Shaw Wilson Bradfcy Christenscn JUNIORS Mildred C. Bradley Roberta Brazelton Helen B. Christensen Kathleen A. Costello Jane D. Kelty Carol J. Kennedy Marian E. Neper Charmian D. Orr Sue Shelton SOPHOMORES Mary E. Cousen Patricia Ford Marcia Frey Dorothy L. Gaston Grayce F. Goelzer Elizabeth G. Hobart Helen B. Kennedy Jerry- Klinker Sheila M. McBratney Sylvia V. McLean Gertrude M. Mills Margaret Murphy Virginia Prewett Mary I. Struckmeyer . K. Ketty Kennedy, C. Orr Shelton Cctistn Ford 6 is ten Getter H:ba-t Kennedy. H. Klinker McBratney McLean Mills FRESHMEN was Elizabeth L. Atchison Margaret Ann Briggs Rosalie L. Clyde Barbara L. Dement Absent on leave. Mary P. Stubblefield Barbara A. Jamison Barbara E. Jansen Aldean A. Meyer Janice B. Pape St-uckmerer Atthisan Clyde OOMftt Jimison Jansen Meyer Pape Slubblefield 421 Checkering Cole Elliott Haven LaBourdette Lewitt Luchsinger Murphy Stand ish Stanton Upham Brown Burke Corbet Graupner Greenlee Hamilton Kerner McHenry Puijh Bronson Campbell Clifton Dulin Hahn Hawkins Heald Hills Morgan Snook Tinning Blanckenburg Booth Bullard. A. Bullard, E. Christie de Jung Harris Harvey Hayne Jackson Johnson Leland Parrish Powell Stevenson Wilcox KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1897 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS P SENIORS Nancy Burt Dorothy Chickering Cordelia T. Cole Jean Elliott Martha E. Haven Suzanne T. LaBourdette Joanne Lewitt Anne H. Luchsinger Eleanor Massie Elizabeth P. Murphy Patricia Standish Mary C. Stanton Leonore A. Upham JUNIORS Jeannine L. Brown Ann M. Burke Gwynn Corbet Eleanor L. Graupner Janet C. Pugh Phyllis Greenlee Elizabeth Hamilton Rose M. Kerner Jean L. McHenry SOPHOMORES Margery A. Bronson Jean C. Campbell Janet M. Clifton Susan Dulin Betty Lou Hahn Winifred E. Tinning Margaret L. Hawkins Elizabeth Heald Phyllis H. Hills Anne Morgan Ormond R. Snook FRESHMEN Betsy Blanckenburg Barbara A. Booth Ann Bullard Esther Bullard Jean Christie Beatrice W. de Jung Elinor C. Harris Jane E. Harvey Absent on leave. Mary K. Hayne Jane E. Jackson Phoebe Johnson Nancy Leland Patricia J. Parrish Margery Powell Roberta A. Stevenson Marjorie G. Wilcox 422 PHI DELTA 2309 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK STATE COLLEGE, 1919 THETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1931 THREE CHAPTERS GRADUATES Mary E. Ditto Margaret E. Peter Marian A. Reynolds SENIORS Elizabeth V. Brown Ruth A. Mahoney Meredyth C Cole Cecelia Mansonen Stella R. Frakie Marine J. Rickenbacher Adele CroweU JUNIORS Helen C. Budd Virginia M. Phelan Vina R. Krager Rhoda A. Potter Mildred H. Stahl SOPHOMORES Ruth M. Buntain Lucile A. Mosley Martha L. Cox Mildred A. Steele FRESHMEN Marion T. Phelan Louise F. Pinska Absent on leave. C :tj C: t V. 423 Bailey, H. Bailey. P. Daiis Kill Judson McLean Nichols Watson Yeaton Young Zinn Kramer Mac Master Maggenti Shepard Schrader Steindorff Thomas Wolfsen Foley Gilman Jewett Roller Lackey Michels Wright Arata Bailey, M. Bartlett Bolin Cote Grisinger Groer Hall P H M U 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Delta Ross Olsen SENIORS Helena Bailey Peggy J. Bailey Anna F. Davis Margaret H. Hill Elizabeth C. Judson Martha C. Zinn JUNIORS Margaret Kramer Winifred R. MacMaster Florence M. Maggenti Doris E. Schrader Frances P. McLean Kathleen R. Nichols Phyllis V. Watson Mary K. Yeaton Marguerite R. Young Louise G. Shepard Ruth E. Steindorff Caladora M. Thomas ' " Frances Walker Gertrude M. Wolfsen SOPHOMORES Jean K. Foley Dorothy J. Gilman Mary E. Jewett Jean Wright FRESHMEN Patricia A. Arata Marjorie W. Bailey Geneva Bartlett Shirley L. Bolin Absent on leave. Marjorie E. Koller Floramay E. Lackey Elaine K. Michels Beverly L. Cote Margaret J. Grisinger Catherine Grover Ann B. Hall 424 t PHI DMEGA PI 2601 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, 1910 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 THIRTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Pauline Hodgson SENIORS Hartley P. Allen Helen H. Ashley Jean F. Bonner Marion Clark La Verne J. Cooper Polly-Ed deFremery Nance H. Ashley- Ellen F. Gumming Lucile Elliott Corinne A. Elster JUNIORS Glenda L. Greves June-Adele Hampton Kathleen Hastie Muriel E. Nielsen Helen M. Ormsby Katharine M. Wilson Jeanne E. Fleeson Cara W. Sawyer Alvina L. Sielaff F. Llewellyn Wells SOPHOMORES Fredna L. Allen Dorothy J. Edwards Florence R. Jensen Virginia E. Mattis Clarine Y. Mueting Jean M. Tranmal FRESHMEN Lauan P. R. Boynton Lois C. Locke Maxine G. Cook Barbara A. Roberts Barbara E. Whiteley " Absent on leave. ' Allen. H. Ashley, H. Bonner Clark Cooper deFremery Gre.ts Hampton Hastie Nielsen Ormsby Wilson Ashley, N. Ci ' mming Ellictt Elster Fleeson Sawyer Sielaff Wells Allen. F. Edwards Jensen Mattis Mueting Tranmal Boynton Cook Locke Roberts Whiteley 425 Laughlin Richards Vaughan Wild p I P H I S 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 CALIFORNIA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Helen Fancher SENIORS Mary Elizabeth Allen Florence P. Brown Patricia I. Burke Mary E. Thayer JUNIORS Esther Babcock Rosemary A. Bjorge Barbara E. Booth DeGolia R. Earl Florence G. Gaines Patricia L. Grady Betty S. Grant Helen D. Rivolta Nancy Lou Glass Eleanor Mahan Margaret Ann Russell Alberta E. Hill Mary E. Kinnoch Norma J. Lauppe Carolyn Magill Hope Merrall Marion Morrow Margaret H. Moorhead SOPHOMORES Helen M. Barry Margery E. Jeans Betty Jordan Madeleine P. Larkin Patricia M. Lynch Elizabeth M. Newman Nancy P. Ziegenfuss Jean N. Porter Beverly Pratt Marilouise Sanford Sybil D. Sinclair Merion Smith Rosemary Stolz FRESHMEN Patricia Chapin Barbara A. Cochrane Patricia Cowden Janet Curran Elizabeth Fennimore Jean T. Gerwick Janet Wild Carol M. Goeppert Janet H. Jaques Julie H. L ' Angevin Virginia A. Laughlin Elizabeth A. Richards Meredith J. Vaughan 426 SIGMA KAPPA 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY CHAPTERS GRADUATES Dorothy M. Krayenbuhl SENIORS Juliet F. Baxter Vinita E. Belts Carolyn F. Challoner Marjorie T. Clarke Barbara Houchins Kathryn P. Kent Eleanor L. Lopes Florabelle Marsh Alberta M. Mitchell Z. Louise Yelland Virginia A. Moss Margaret A. Poole Kathr n B. Rider Harriet L. Searle Chartley I. Stebbins Muriel M. Stoll Marian L. Thiele Frances L. Turman Sara E. Waldner Katherine Wrigley JUNIORS Roberta L. Barratt Dorothea H. Chase Barbara I. Fatzer Helen Lee Ferguson Florence N. Geis Virginia K. Hardison Rowenna A. Henry- Barbara E. Johnson Barbara M. Libbey Olive L. McGinness Lynette Mason Margery E. Naq uin Ann E. Nelson Margaret G. Payne Shirley Anne Richter Marjorie A. Smith Miriam L. Smith Marv R. Weeks SOPHOMORES Elizabeth J. Anderson Patricia E. Beauchamp Barbara Beeson Ruth C. Demme Bonnie Dismukes Helen M. Haldane Lorraine H. Marsh Ruth E. McGee FRESHMEN Carol C. Agosti Jean M. Dalton Betty J. Engel Barbara E. Fluetsch Joan Hitchman Mary Houchins Dorothy C. Hoyt Jane E. McGlynn Helen L. Massoni Mary Lou Porter Patricia J. Stearns Marcia J. Tice Aileen M. Vandiver Jane R. Vaughan Yvonne Yelland Dorothy J. Langley Susan J. Miller June R. Morrison Shirley A. Newell Carole E. Rednall Alpha Mae Rogers Paula J. Spilman Krayenbuhl Moss Baxter Betts Challoner Clarke Houchins. B. Kent Marsh, F. Poole Rider Searle Stebbins Stoll Thiele Turman Waldner Wrigley Yelland. L. Barratt Chase Fatzer Ferguson Geis Hardison Henry Johnson Libbey McGinness Mason Nelson Payne Richter Smith, M. A. Smith. M. L. Weeks Anderson Beauchamp Beeson Demme Dismukes Haldane Marsh. L. McGee McGlynn Massoni Porter Stearns Tice Vaughan Yelland. Y. Agosti Dalton Engel Fluetsch Hitchman Houchins, M. Hoyt Langley Miller Morrison Newell Rednall Rogers Spilman f. 427 Clark Gilkerson Smith beem Castanoli Earhart THETA UPSILOIV 2327 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS IL Farno Lafferty, M. Morse Taresh Teilman Bee Betz Brown Cross Frederickson. M. Lafferty, S. O ' Connor Rutherford Brumbaugh Fitch Haas Leek Reher Smith Eastman Foulks Frederickson, H. Gardner Hyde Kerth MacHale Rohrback UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eleanor E. Bartlett Lucile K. Czarnowski Amy Darter GRADUATES Mary H. Clark Adele M. Gilkerson Dorothy E. Smith SENIORS Dorothy J. Beem Mary E. Castanoli Beatrice M. Earhart Patricia L. Farno Betty Bee Lucille P. Betz Arley B. Brown Merle Cross JUNIORS Mary C. Lafferty Lillian J. Morse Catherine J. Taresh Jeanne M. Teilman Margaret A. Frederickson Sheila W. Lafferty Mary E. O ' Connor Margaret A. Rutherford Margaret E. Brumbaugh Janet Fitch Harriet F. Haas FRESHMEN Mary M. Eastman Hazel V. Foulks Helen J. Frederickson Helen R. Gardner SOPHOMORES Patricia A. Leek Grace C. Reher Patricia F. Smith Betty C. Hyde Eva E. Kerth Patricia A. MacHale Helen J. Rohrback 428 ZETA TAU ALPHA :-):o LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SEVENTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Fulh Uta LMI ttatz Josephine C. Boot Lois V. Fullmer Barbara J. Joy Jane W. Lillon Margaret E. Long Patricia M. Matz Nancy Mavity Helen E. R eanier Elise A. Schofield Katherine E. Snow Verna O. Taylor JUNIORS Janice R. Brunje Dorothy A. Godfrey Barbara Hatch Helen Igleheart Lorraine A. Zugg Lenore H. Lockard Janet L. Rowe Virginia M. Tolen Geraldine Whitaker Hatch SOPHOMORES Jane Craig Kathleen F. Fox Pegey A. Garcia Rosalia L. Garcia Ruth B. Hun Betty H. Johnson Dorice E. Ames Joan Ashley June L. Duns Cynthia Dygert FRESHMEN Marian L. Ziegler Beatrice A. Kroger Rose man E. Lee Shirley J. Parker Eleanor Patrick Katherine K. Rathbone Mary -Charlotte Wales Betty M. Hopper Edna-Mae Markofer Virginia C. Patterson Francis V. Rice Toten Vi-.ti.r Fa Garcia. P. Garcia. R. Absent on luic. Rice 429 PHI BETA KAPPA (Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT WILLIAM AND MARY ' S COLLEGE, 1776 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Helena Gannon Richard Beardsley Ruth Biebesheimer Lois Ann Bird Thomas Either, Jr. Florence Brown Donald Campbell Fayette Campbell Rosannah Cannon Margaret Ceccotti William Chapman John E. Chattin Michael Chetkovich Paul S. Chown Billie C. Coleman Arthur R. Collins Margaret H. Collins Regina M. Conley Robert S. Connick John S. Cooper Helen N. Craig Robert N. Craycroft Norval E. Dailey Roy W. Donley Jeanne Eastman George P. Elliot Mary P. B. Eselun OFFICERS President S. Griswold Morley First V ice-President R. H. Lowie Second Vice-President Alden H. Miller Recording Secretary Arnold H. Rowbotham Secretary-Treasurer Lawrence A. Harper COUNCILLORS Walter Hoadley Leonard Loeb Mary Facci Edward A. Fay Philip K. Ferrier Dorothy G. Fidiam Leon H. Fisher Wittaker K. Fisher Phyllis Foreman Wolgang Frenkel Gerhart Friedlaender Wendell J. Furnas Eleanor Gaddis William K. Gealey Paul C. Goddard Patricia L. Golton Merrill R. Goodall Vernon G. Goutiere Henry D. Grant Walter H. Griffith Frederic R. Gunsky Albert J. Hamilton John Hexem Terell L. Hill Ruth J. Hoagland Frank F. Hooper Garver Jensen Mary N. Kano Hilliard J. Katz Franz Schneider Pauline Sperry SENIORS Richard Keatinge Meriem Kness Dorothy Larock Edmundo Lassalle Walter Lawrence Minabelle Layton Norma Lemmon Harvey Ludwig Campbell McCullough Fern H. McGrath Nellie S. Macres William B. McWhirter Nicholas Manos Rosemary Martin Nellie Meyer Allan R. Moltzen Manuel Morales John T. Morris Jack Neustadt Morris Neustadt Ruth A. Nodder Norman Andrew Olsen Sam Osoffsky, II. George Pence, Jr. Mildred Perlstadt George Piternick Ethel Poland Barbara Wagner James Powell Richard Powell Sarah Redington Mary K. Rentz Betty Robinson Edward Rosston William Rundle Louis Sander Barbara Sherman Marcus H. Sherman Samuel R. Silver Lavonne D. Slater Lloyd E. Somogyi Edgar H. Sparks Arnold M. Spero Helen Stuchberry Hiroshi Sugiyama J. Dean Swift Dorothy Thayer Miriam Tueller Frances L. Turman Bernice Turner Donald G. Watts Alden Dunne White Luella H. Wiens Leila Woods Samuel P. Abdallah Allen B. Barbour Gordon M. Binder James A. De Juren David L. Dowd Hugh W. Ferrier Robert T. Porter JUNIORS Arne V. Hoisholt John Alan Kapstein Wilfred M. Kincaid Max Thelen, Jr. Robert E. Lane Marion C. Morcom Alia Pogrebnyak Hilda E. West 432 Back Dm: Humi. Brown. Pylc. Burckhardt Nob, Tilney. Nelson. Moduli. Dub. Bndy. Cox. Sixth Rim: FitzSions. Bill. Snitti. V., Let. Slipper. Kr . Carrwre. Payne. Bell. Sort Fifth Row: Pratt KntM. (Hermann, Barish. Cortes. Pynoos. Smth. R-. Berwick. StuUMeU. Keith. Fovtt Rtw: BanMf. Thwston, ScMtz. Mipichi. Stewart. Miller. DioimniH. Uratsu, Shioozaki, Illiinworth. Lawrence. Third ROT: Lee. Ham, Fieueroa. Fox. Curtis. Doyle. CaldMll. Worthinfton. Longwell. Fern. Seconl Row: Hall. Coote. Stoat, Feioen, Clarke. Thing. Pidietto, EiriMd. Bacon. Kadish. First Row: Ptoskey, Mayeda, Wood. Rintoul. Paulson, Keen. Forth. Neictadt. A U BETA PI Sjlional Engineering Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SIXTY EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS President _ _ _ JACK NEVSTADT Vice-President WALTEE A. LAWEEXCE Recording Secretary ...JOSEPH F. KMCHT Treasurer.. ROBEBT V. BALL Corresponding Secretary WILLIAM M. STUBBLEFIELD Cataloguer _ BAEEY COOKE Carlos A. Arroyo James R. Anderson Paul Drake Willard H. Fenn Gilbert G. Hudson Finn Jonassen Lawrence S. Jue GRADUATES Walter E. Noller Willard H. Nutting Russell O ' Neill Gordon Richards Ralph J. Smith Winchell Smith Yemen N. Tramontini Raymond W. Ager Leonard J. Black Llewellyn M. K. Boeher Anders J. Carlson Herbert G. Crowle Virgil H. Cherry Charles F. Dalziel Daryl D. Davis Harmer E. Davis UNIVERSITY Raymond E. Davis Charles Derleth. Jr. Bernard A. Etcbeverry Francis S. Foote. Jr. Leonard F. Fuller Richard G. Folsom Sidney T. Harding Ernest A. Hersom Carleton D. Hnlin ASSOCIATES Charles G. Hyde Joseph X. LeConte George D. Louderfaack Thomas C. McFarland Warren C. Perry Frank H. Probert Benedict F. Raber Lester E. Renkema Burtis L. Robertson Herbert J. Scott Robert G. Sproul Nicholas L. Taliaferro Edward H. Taylor George E. Troxell Lester C. t ' ren Waher S. Weeks Baldwin M. Woods Thomas A. Rogers SENIORS Robert V. Ball Julian L. BardorT Emil Z. Barish Harold W. Bell Joseph P. Bort Ralph Brownscombe Earnest G. Burckhardt Richard S. Bylin Cecil A. Carriere J. Frederick Clarke Arthur R. Collins James B. Cooke Lowell L. Cox Thomas E. Curtis Richard R. Desmond David T. Dobbins Chester L. Doyle William T. Doyle Charles M. Duke Frank Figneroa. Jr. Alan F. Erwin Courtney A- Forth Elton B. Fox Ben C. Gerwick Carl A. Goette Fred Hall Charles T. Hamm Robert Heers Charles F. Hunkins Leland R. Illingworth Morris S. Kadish James M. Keith Joseph F. Knight John W. King Walter A. Lawrence King Lee Tom A. Lee Victor G. Leveskis Fred R. Mayeda James M. Miller Kenneth B. McNamara Howard S. Nelson George S. Xeuls Jack Neustadt Hideyuki Nognchi Paul F. OrTermann William C. Parrish Owen D. Paulson Alan S. Payne Peter B. Picbetto Jack W. Pratt Edward J. Ploskey Raymond W. Pyle Morris S. Pynoos Robert Ravenscroft Richard A. Ray Beecber Rintoul Tamotsu Shimazaki Ralph H. Shick Robert D. Smith Chandler Stewart, Jr. Charles Stone Jo Lorentz Thurston Charles Ray Tumblin Roy W. Turner Hiroshi L ' ratsu Donald Uren Vinton W. Bacon William H. Brady Howard P. Brown Norman H. Caldwell Fred D. Cordes JUNIORS Paul F. Chenea Charles G. Dibble Morris Feigen Fred Donald Enfield L. G. FitzSimmons, Jr. Edward S. Hocbnli John Ploiger Longwell Dave Pirtz Donald P. Schultz Ronald A. Sli ' p; er William M. Stnbblefield Ralph B. Tilney Frederick B. Wood Jay Dean Worthington 433 GDLDE1V BEAR (Senior Men ' s Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 ONE CHAPTER George P. Adams Leroy W. Allen Leonard B. Allison Raymond I. Balsley David P. Barrows Albert M. Becker Allen C. Blaisdell Carroll W. Brigham Frederick R. Brockhagcn John U. Calkins, Jr. Walter Christie James H. Corley Fred W. Cozens Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Edward A. Dickson William G. Donald F. Stanley Durie Carroll Ebright Sidney M. Ehrman Edwin Emery Clinton W. Evans W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Frederick C. Fischer Ralph T. Fisher UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Martin C. Flaherty Mortimer Fleishhacker Stanley B. Freeborn Edwin L. Garthwaite Elmer C. Goldsworthy Walter A. Gordon Chaffee E. Hall Brutus Hamilton F. Arthur Harris Robert J. Herwig Joel H. Hildebrand Harold A. Hitchcock Elbert A. Hugill Alexander M. Kidd Burton A. King Harry L. Kingman Frank L. Kleeberger Charles B. Lipman George D. Louderback Deming G. Maclise Garret W. McEnerney Orrin K. McMurray Guy S. Millberry Ralph D. Miller Herbert C. Moffitt James K. Moffitt Russell A. Nagler John Francis Neylan Luther A. Nichols John W. Olmsted Clarence M. Price Kenneth Priestley Frank H. Probert Thomas M. Putnam Alva W. Ragan Charles A. Ramm Charles H. Raymond Leon J. Richardson Chester H. Rowell Henry Schacht James G. Schaeffer Robert Sibley Vernon M. Smith Herman Spindt Robert G. Sproul Frank C. Stevens Wallace I. Terry Robert M. Underbill Edwin C. Voorhies Baldwin M. Woods Homer G. Angelo Charles C. Bagg Perry E. Beeson William L. Blanckenburg Chester C. Carlisle Leonard W. Charvet Reynold H. Cohn GRADUATES Raymond E. Compton Harold J. Eifert Vernon L. Goodin Walter E. Hoadley, Jr. William B. Murrish Frank S. Pestana Borden B. Price Bill J. Priest James G. Shields, Jr. Alden W. Smith Jacobus tenBroek Thomas C. Warren Arleigh T. Williams David L. Anderson C. Maurice Baker Victor Bottari Norman P. Canright John S. Collins James W. Dieterich John W. Dorr John D. Finlayson Robert C. George Lewis W. Goldenson SENIORS Edward R. Hanford Jack W. Hay Milton Hildebrand Arthur B. Howell Theodore A. Ingham Robert P. Lesser Anthony J. Lombardi Kenneth B. McNamara Guy D. Manuel Charles Mesak James W. Pool Joseph Schoeninger Leland S. Scott Bernard Shapiro Renwick W. Smedberg Alan K. Smith Donald L. Stone Edward A. Thomas Ralph S. Waltz Kenneth R. Wheeler 434 MDHTAR BOARD (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President.. .Doris Macdonald Vice-PresidfHt Louanne Bartlett Secretary ..Frances Turman treasurer Nellie Mever Historian Coralie Lamb Margaret I. Beatie Louise Cobb UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Man B. Davidson Helen W. Fancher Alice G. Hoyt Lucy W. Stebbins Louanne Bartlett Florence Brown Coralie Lamb Doris Macdonald ACTIVES Man E. Merrill Nellie Meyer Margaret Ann Russell Peggy Schuster Laura Titus Frances Turman Patricia Wachob 435 ' HUGHES President HENNESSEY Treasurer HOAGLAND Recording-secretary TURMAN Corresponding-secretary PRYTAIVEA1V (Women ' s Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 TWO CHAPTERS Leila Anderson Barbara Armstrong Marjorie Atsatt Edna Bailey Eleanor Bancroft Eleanor Bartlett Margaret Beattie Frederica Bernhard Olga Bridgman Helen Babasinian Bette Barnard Louanne Bartlett Juliet Baxter Doris Benny Florence Brown Mary M. Casey Caroline Challoner Ruth Chue Billie Coleman Betty Foster Eleanor Gaddis Margaret Appenzeller Dorothy Ayrault Barbara Ball Jean Barker Natalie Becker Jean Craig Elena Crossfield UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Marjorie Carlton Lucile Czarnowski May Cheny Mary Davidson Martha Chickering Sarah Davis Vera Christie Lucile Elliott Edith Clymer Helen Fancher Louise Cobb Elizabeth Foote Edith Coulter Hope Gladding Ina Craig Alice Hoyt Ruby Cunningham Bernice Hubbard Dorothy Rubel SENIORS Rosemary Gaines Coralie Lamb Marie Godt Jeanette Lucas Katherine Gross Dorothea Lyman Jane Hamshaw Doris Macdonald Lenore Hennessey Eleanor Mahan Margaret Hill Agnes Mahoney Jean Hoagland Betty Marx Elizabeth Hook Marjorie Mayers Marian Hughes Mary Merrill Kazuko Ikeda Jeanne Overmire Hortense Jones Harriet Plunkett Shirley Kay Betty J. Robinson Beverly Wickler Margaret Winter Jerry Wolf JUNIORS Edith Gaylord Miriam Geballe Betty Grant Georgana Hayward Ann Henck Virginie Hoisholt Pauline Kael Gerti Landauer Rosemary Langheldt Eugenia Livingston Jean MacKenzie Elizabeth Moore Peggy Moorehead Mary O ' Connor Elsey Hurt Aileen Jaffa Mae Lent Violet Marshall Agnes Morgan Margaret Murdock Mary Patterson Jessica Peixotto Cecil Piper Margaret Ann Russell Jean Sherman Carol Sherwin Lois Sherwin Natalie Schneyeroff Peggy Schuster Olga Siska Lois Smith Nancy Taber Laura Titus Frances Turman Patricia Wachob Anne Rapport Margaret Rohrer Anne Waybur Mary Weeks Elaine West Hester Ann Wilkinsor Virginia Winkelman 436 Back Km: COT. Kritatl. NMrirth, Rothi. Tartar, U ThM I He , Thrall, Hi mil . Tartar. B.. Vi ll Hljli . HOT, La. Cvtis. Read, Pmtra. Prati. F1M. Prjw. Lna. By l. Ctrlrii Lrtfcer. ike. Mrl mjM. Jacks , Finlarsn, Ott, Crafteta. Tifany. Itofeie, Gerwick. Whxlu. Skaife, Fbker. Hatfart. Delu. KJMO, Meier. Frant Etans, IHkM, IJTWI, Barter, Hnper. Start, Ham. PrieR. SCABBARD AND BLADE itary Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 19O4 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leon O. Alford David P. Barrows LeRoy Bartlett William C Brady- Paul F. Cadman John F. Cassiday J. M. Cline William R. Cooke Charles Derleth Monroe E. Deutsch Gerald B. Devore Robert Boone Edward W. Bowes James M. Boyd Ellsworth Cragholm Robert N. Duncan John D. Finlayson Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. James W. Haggard David L. Anderson George J. Barnett Boyd E. Cole John M. Dickerson Jens A. Doe Carl E. Driggers Sturla Einarsson L. F. Fuller Harold H. Galliet Gerald F. Galpin William Gill Morris W. Gilland E. C. Goldsworthy W. B. Herms E. C Voorhies Geo. Hollingsworth Eh in Hunt Charles G. Hyde Robert J. Kerner H. B. L angille Jay D. Latt in Robert T. Legge L, B. Loeb Samuel C. May William F. Meyer Daniel B. Miller ACTIVE MEMBERS INFANTRY Frank Hadley. Jr. Edward Hanford Olaf Hansen Marshall Kamena Adolph E. Meier Robert H. Meyer Edward V. Prati Vernon Prentiss Henry I. Prien Edward F. Peck Luther A. Nichols Martin J. O ' Brien F.CPalm Clarence C. Ray Royal S. Roberts Donald Shane Robert G. Sibley Thomas B. Steele R. M. Underhill Carl J. Voight August Vollmer John O. Rothi Lynn Taylor Milton H. Sheldon Robert W. Srurt Grant Taylor, Jr. Franklin Ott Benson Roe Douglas C. Skaife Franklin D. Prvor NAVY Jack E. Hooper Charles L. Loring Theodore A. Ingham Floyd E. Luther Alfred C Jackson Arthur McLaughlin Kenneth R. Wheeler COAST ARTILLERY Ivor de Kirby Brilsford P. Flint Tom A. Lee William Eckart Adellon F. Hanson Thomas J. Max- Jack C. Evans Patterson Hyndman Paul Packer Howard R. Robie Walter S. Svenson David L. Barton Karl P. Buck George Brumbaugh Elmer P. Curtis Paul W. Deason SIGNAL CORPS Jack C. Cannichael Donald Heck Lowell L. Cox Bradley Man an Donald Uren ORDNANCE Emil W. Delu Frank Poulsen Willard Garnnkle John H. Savage Joseph K. Kellogg David Se Legue ENGINEER UNIT Stoddard Cortelyou Dallace W. Ogih ie Walter A. Redd Willard D. Tiffany Aldred J. Simons Edward W. Thrall Roy W. Turner 437 Back Row: Tilles. Scott, Goette. Reukema. Fourth Row: Robertson. Norberg, Cox, Smith, Kcliler, Dalziel, Davis, McFarland. Third Row: Offermann, Fenn, Miller, Hexem, Lyon, FitzSimmons. Bort, Horta, Zerby. Second Row: Lee, Keern. Carriere, Cordes, Wallace, Curtis, Knierim, Paulson. Front Row: Peter, Pichetto, O ' Brien, Hamm, Fox, Thurston, Wight, Wood. TA KAPPA IV U {Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1905 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Fall Joseph Bort Paul Offermann. John Hexem Owen Paulson.... Peter Pichetto Carl Goette Charles Dalziel.. OFFICERS - President ..V ice-President .Recording Secretary ..Corresponding Secretary. .. Treasurer ..Bridge Correspondent ..Faculty Advisor Spring Lowell Cox Carl Goette .Joseph Thurston ...William Miller John Hexem Joseph Bort ....Charles Dalziel Raymand Ager Leonard Black Charles Dalziel Daryl Davis Willard Fenn UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leonard Fuller L. C. Marshall Thomas McFarland Lester Reukema GRADUATES Walter Noller Burtis Robertson Herbert Scott Abe Tilles B. M. Woods Ralph Smith Joseph Bort Cecil Carriere Lowell Cox Thomas Curtis Elton Fox Carl Goette Charles Hamm John Hexem Fred Cordes Laurence FitzSimmons Charles H iatt SENIORS Glenn Kevern Robert Knierim Walter Lawrence Hing Lee William Miller Hideyuki Noguchi Alvin Norberg Richard O ' Brien JUNIORS Richard Horta Frederick Kohler John Lyon 438 Paul Offermann Owen Paulson Bernard Peter Peter Pichetto Joseph Thurston Donald Uren James Wight Edwin Yocky Donald Wallace Frederick Wood Seiko Yakahi Back Row: Stobener. Coley, Bassett. Weikel. Chencweth. Rocca. Hems. Third Row: Gaebel, Rice. Horner, Phillips. Hummel. Grilk. Second Row: Burrell. Morgan, Maldonado, Tomquist, Dam. Kidder. Boyer. Front Row: Tracy, Puente. Machek, Dorr, Pomares. Johnson, DELTA PHI EPSILON (National Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 SEVEN CHAPTERS Eric C. Bellquist Edwin D. Dickinson Fall Jack Maldonado.. Charles Wilson... Bruce Mayhugh.. Charles Weikel... UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES John Sowers OFFICERS ..President _ Vice-President ... Secretary .. Treasurer. Earl Allen Kent Atwater Edwin F. Bassett Harold Bright Howard Burrell Stuart Chenoweth Arthur Grilk Vance A. Boyer Francis S. Dam Paul W. Gaebel SENIORS Kenneth Haukom Hugh Henes William C. Hodge Stuart Hummel John C. Houghton Ted Keane William Machek Jack C. Maldonado JUNIORS Frederick Kidder Bruce Mayhugh William Morgan SOPHOMORES Lawson Reno Donald Sham Spring Charles Weikel Edwin Bassett Vance Boyer .William Stobener William Merriam Charles Merriman Byron Snyder William Stobener Russell Risser Sheldon C. Tracy Charles P. Weikel Philip Puente Charles Rice Harold E. Tornquist Robert Dorr Robert Gordon 439 Back Row: Dolman. Beal, Frost, Howe, Bergh, Schaeffer, Harm.m, Sharrer, Emerson, Perry. Fifth Row: Smith, W., Smith, K., Dieterich. Goldenson, Rosso, Hubert, Anderson, Queen, Freeborn. Fourth Row: Hittenberger, Voorhees. Wilhelm, Chalmers, Bickerton, Trumhly. Law, Canning, Widel, Scott. Third Row: Morse. Talcott, Maxwell, Duezabou, Garretson, Hopkins, Lang. Gibson. Plasch. Second Row: Vollmer, Lawrence, Mehlert, Sadaj, Pooley, Michael, Brombacher, Williams, Hanford. Front Row: Winterbottom, McDaniel. Stoll, Smith, J., Nutting, Ray, Breeden. Stone, Hubbard. THE BIG " C SOCIETY OFFICERS President Ray Hanford Vice-President Jack Smith Secretary Tom Ray .,,.,.., f Arnold Nutting Athletic Council S .,, I Bill Stoll L. B. Allison Albert M. Becker W. H. Davis David L. Anderson Fred M. Anderson Victor Bottari John R. Breeden William C. Briggs Samuel B. Chapman George E. Cornell David T. deVarona Walter B. Bickerton William Biggerstaff Samuel B. Chapman Ernest E. Devaurs Melvin J. Duezabou George F. Anderson G. Elton Brombacher John R. Bryan Donald F. Burr Robert B. Canning William A. Beal Emil M. Bergh John S. Collins Alfred H. Daggett Tate Coulthard Donald N. Gilmore Her bert Goldman William J. Davis Carroll M. Ebright Clinton W. Evans Willard T. Dolman William Z. Elmore Claude F. Evans Anthony Firpo Robert A. Gilbert E. Ray Hanford Jack W. Hay Robert Herwig Chester Carlisle Robert K. Chalmers HONORARY Brutus Hamilton Harry L. Kingman C. R. Morse Russell Nagler FOOTBALL Ted R. Hubert Wilbur Ingram Richard D. Johnston Laurence J. Kennedy James T. Lang Morley H. Mathewson James T. McDaniel Clifford L. Perry BASKETBALL John D. Finlayson Bill Stoll Kenneth Priestley Frank H. Probert A. W. Ragan William Plasch David A. Queen Thomas M. Ray, Jr. Raymond R. Rosso Ralph W. Sauer Dennis L. Scott Paul Semmens John G. Smith Lewis W. Goldenson Ralph Hillsman Frank Dunlap Anthony J. Firpo William W. Gay, Jr. Fenton L. Rapp Richard O. Hankey Norman S. Hickerson Louis N. Hubbard James Kitts Robert Law BASEBALL Edward M. Hopkins Robert M. McNamara Joseph P. Koral David McNeil Anthony J. Lombardi Clifford L. Perry R. T. Winterbottom TRACK Frank Lawrence Guy D. Manuel Patrick J. McCarthy Charles Mehlert Herbert W. Michael Denzil E. Widel Archie Williams Arnold A. Nutting Donald B. Pooley Stanley S. Sadaj E. Earll Shine Leonard Spencer David T. deVarona James W. Dieterich Linton L. Emerson Stanley Freeborn, Jr. Robert L. Harman Edward D. Heise Herman C. Hittenberger CREW Stephen M. Frost Chester M. Gibson Harry B. Kueny TENNIS William H. Hoogs Douglas L. Imhoff Eldred B. Peck Benson B. Roe James C. Schaeffer Leland S. Scott, Jr. Robert H. Meyer John E. Morrison Robert C. Peacock Robert G. Sproul Irwin C. Uteritz Frank Wickhorst Louis E. Smith Ted T. Staffler Bill Stoll J. Perke Stone J. Perry Thomas Robert G. Wilhelm Ted C. Willson R. T. Winterbottom Maurice Lilot Dudley W. Morgan Leonard Porterfield Peter Porterfield Bill Priest Gregory S. Stout Gerald S. Trumbly Theodore Vollmer Leslie Voorhees Donald R. Watts Gwynne H. Sharrer Alan K. Smith Raymond N. Talcott Jack Yates Jack C. Smeltzer Roger L. Vetter Donald B. White INTRAMURAL Wyman G. Smith 440 Back Row: Mutti. Holland. Aronscn. S., Connick, Curtis, Moock, Raab, Woolsey, Bardelson. Taylor, Oberhaus. Dorwin. Hentk, Cooper. Third Row: McKewn. Aronson, D.. Hurlbut, Morley. Blau, Faeh. Gerdes, Dam, Graalfs. Battagin, Rollings. Green. Woodman. Second Row: Klebanoff, Hopper, Wada, Cho, McMurry, Gardner, Christensen, Fontenrose, Hubbard. Fibsimmons. First Row: Carriere, Dunford. Franz, Fishman. Musante. Taylor, Bucklin, Weber, Gester. CIRCLE " C " SOCIETY OFFICERS President Vice-President.. Treasurer LESLIE F. MUSANTE ..KENNETH R. WHEELER ROBIN B. HATFIELD HONORARY L. B. Allison R. Miller R. Balsley W. M. Monohan W. G. Donald E. Nemir A. W. Dowden H. A. Newson E. Goldsworthy C. A. Pease E. Graff E. G. Probert B. Hamilton J. H. Schroede N. E. A. Hinds H. A. Stone C. Keeney C. A. Zamloch RUGBY Robert L. Boone Lawrence Dickey Willard T. Dolman Charles Hunkins John MacKenzie Phil Markwart Steve Townsend BOXING Paul Cho Richard Glendinning Homer Mead Richard E. Smith Jesse Swan 130-145-LB. Richard Christensen Ross Conlin Ralph Flegal Carl W. Flegal John Fontenrose Valentine Franz, Jr. William J. Fujita BASKETBALL Paul Fulmer David Green Robin Hatfield Robert Johnson William Murray Harry Olwell Don Vestuys SOCCER Carlos Arroyo Adolph Meir Sam Bardelson Richard Mutti Edwin Bucklin Leslie Musante Cecil Carriere Byron Xishkian Phillip Crane Harold Norton Phillip Dunford Harold Oberhaus Edward Graalfs Charles Tach Calder Hayes Bernard Taylor Michael Klebanoff James Taylor Robert Lesser Henry Weber Eugene McKeown Robert Williams CROSS COUNTRY Eyrie Acves Clarence A. Hall George Baker John Holland Robert Baker Charles Mehlert Roberton Williams SWIMMING Francis Dam Fred Gerdes Kenneth Fitzsimmons Carl Potstada William Froome John Prizer Rudolph Fuetterer Robley Reher SKIING Thomas Morley James F. Ashley John Craig Warren Danford FENCING Herbert Fahnesto Robert Fahnestock Robert Stone Walter Westman WATER POLO Dan Aronson Steve Aronson William Chandler Harry J. Cooper Dan Drake Albert Gloeckner Edward Hulbut James Shields Winston Woodman Kenneth Wheeler GYMNASTICS Ross Cunningham W 7 inston Curtis Ernest Dobson Mose Firestone John Fishman Willmon Ayer Jack Fishman Alan Johnson Richard Gardner Vernon Greenleaf Robert Miller Robert Moock John F. Raab HANDBALL Carl Morton Samuel Murphy, Jr. Leon Shaft WRESTLING Charles Endicott Harno Najima Lyman D. Griswold Yard A. Stockton Ray V. Hooper Frank Wada Robert Wilson Gino Battagin William Blan Max Isestein Emil Kinasney ICE HOCKEY Al Laven Carol Luth Byron Nishkian Phil Rollings RIFLE TEAM Rush Clark Eugene Thompson Samuel Johnson George Woolsey 441 r r , 3 gfl ( i c , Atlas Flint Lattanner Riley Baker Harris Lesser Sands Fischer Barbour Hey mans McWhorter Simpson Roberts Bishop Hilby Mellon Skinner Allen Bochnak Kalen Petersmeyer Twining Cooper Kilborn Rea Wattron Eckley Uno Reid Winans ALPHA DELTA SIGMA (Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAYMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1927 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Charles- John Kalen V ice-President Carter Kilborn Secretary-Treasurer Don Harris Corresponding Secretary Maurice Baker Reginald Biggs Earl V. Burke Walter Burke Walter A. Burroughs Noel Allen Charles Atlas Maurice Baker Vincent Bochnak Donald Bowers Thomas Barbour Charles Bell Jarvis Bishop Edward Anderson Mathew Joe Moore Charles W. Collier Harold W. Cook John J. Cuddy Harold Deal Ben D. Dixon John Chariot George Cooper Alan Englehardt Brilsford Flint Rody Grant Paul Eckley John Jones Carter Kilborn HONORARY Carl J. Eastman Don E. Gilman Charles E. Greenfield Walter Held Kennett W. Hinks SENIORS Don Harris Walter Hoertkorn Richard Heymans Traver Hilby Charles John Kalen JUNIORS James Lang Victor Lattanner Robert McClure N. F. Loundiagin Carl F. Ohliger Ramsey Oppenheim Wilmot P. Rogers Stanley G. Swanberg Leo Lee Bob Lesser Dan McGuire John McWhorter Raney Reid Arnold Mellon William Simpson Conrad Thompson SOPHOMORES Wrede Petersmeyer Stuart Smith Frederic Rea Webster Winans Lou E. Townsend Earl V. Welter I. King Wilkin Howard Willoughby Eugene Riley Stanley Sands George Skinner Fred Twining Herbert Waterman Robert Wattron Donald Woodman 442 DUTRO WYLLEY MOSS Secretary HOLLINS Stcial Secretary STEDMAN Tn 5.SSE-. . -.:: :- DELTA CHI ALPHA (Household An MJJOT Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 OFFICERS President .Lolica M. Dutro Vice-President -Valora M. Wylley Secretary L. Catherine Moss Social Secretary _ Georgie V. Hollins Treasurer Edith S tedman Historian .... Phyllis Russell Margaret Brandson Billie Christiansen Lucille Bade Ruth Bailey Blanche Barsotti Jeanette Beard Eleanor Beck Betty Brown Virginia Bush Carolyn Challoner Evelyn Clow Helen Coleberd Isabel Craig Dorothy Davis Barbara Douglas Lolita Dutro Sarah Finlay Frances Abraham Betsy Andker Helen Austin Barbara Booth Arley Brown Berry Caldecon Julia Amery Josephine Bradley Jean Carver Ruth Caffee Ruth Dibble Mary Dipon Elsie Dunrod Betty Jane Fisher Eleanor Erland GRADUATES Dolly Grandjean Julia Swift SENIORS Elizabeth Freese Sally Fujii Katrina Gibson Catherine Hammond Harriet Harper Georgie Hollins Grace Joyce Miye Kojaku FumikoKondo Margaret Long Eleanor Lopes Eleanor McCloud Amy March Anne Mayes Jane Dewell Anne Dewey Helen Ferguson Irma Jane Hetzler Phyllis Johnson Bertie Moore {Catherine Moss Mi wa Nada Chiyo Nonaka Hisako Nonaka Jeanne Perry- Barbara Phillips Ethel Ann Phillips Ardell Rademacber Joanna Renetzky Kathr n Rider Phyliss Russell Lois Saari Lucille Saari JUNIORS Martha Johnson Hisako Kojaku Eugenia Livingston Virginia Lorimer Mabel McDonald SOPHOMORES Winifred Fischell Kathleen Fox Betty Hobart Patricia Johnson Alice Kelby Barbara Kispert Olive Thompson Lois Lanson Rosemary Lee Lucy Malcolm Lois Medina Alma Ovenshire Elizabeth Parrott Cleo Van Deventer Elizabedi Simonson FRESHMEN Mary Randolph Floyd Barbara Ghiradelli Geraldine Gale Mary Kinley Louise Sorrada Jeanette Wheeler Jane Hamilton Helen Louen Winifred Schmitz Nelda Shockey Katherine Snow Mayfred Stryker Nancy Taber Verna Taylor Takako Tsucfaeya Addie Warld Phyllis Watson Jean Wildenrot Dorothy Wilson Katherine Wilson Virginia Woods Marie Wrigley Valora Wylley Martha Mclntosh Hope Merrall Jean Nicholson Gaye Roberts Audine Smith Dorothy Jane Wilson Katherine Rathbone Jean Renly Rosemary Renner Wilda Rae Rose Marilyn Smethers Marie Louise Smith Bern Lusk Jean Paulson 443 Left to Right: Nickel, Stone, Dolman, Griffin, Church, Boone, Picco, Biggs, Wells, Humphries, Kennedy, McMillin, Hamilton, Chalmers, Martin, Stoll, Townsend, Anderson. T A BETA (Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER Morse A. Cartwright Dr. William Donald James Fisk Stanley Freeborn John Jennings HONORARY Richard Kessler Earl E. Leaderman Earl Leebrick Mathew Lynch John MacKenzie William W. Monahan Robert G. Sproul Capt. John Switzer Edwin Voorhies Carl Zamloch David L. Anderson Stephen T. Barber Richard C. Biggs Robert L. Boone Samuel L. Breaux Robert K. Chalmers George E. Church Willard T. Dolman ACTIVE DeWitt J. Griffin James G. Hamilton Richard K. Humphries Laurence J. Kennedy Vernon P. Martin David McMillin George W. Nickel Charles J. Picco Pierson Plummer Frederick N. Scatena William E. Stoll James P. Stone Stephen S. Townsend Roy C. Tremoureux Robert M. Wells Edgar T. Zook 444 1 Sick Row: Herbert. Skeels. Judd. Bardelson, Mutti, Norton. Caffte. Tracy. Front Row: Hagan. Chetkorich. Osoffsky. Ceccotti. Stuchberry. McRae. Nadon, BETA GAMMA SIGMA (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY CHAPTERS Fall OFFICERS Michael N. Chetkovich- President Helen Stuchberry Vice-President Sam Osoffsky II Secretary-Treasurer.. Sheldon Tracy Sergeant-at-Arms Milton H. Epstein Milton H. Esberg HONORARY Joy Lichtenstein Lewis Lilly Col. Robert A. Roos Spring Sam Osoffsky II ....Helen Stuchberry Merrell Skeels .Harry D. Rothrock Chester H. Rowell Paul A. Sinsheimer David P. Barrows Vera M. Bishop Norman S. Buchanan Robert D. Calkins Ira B. Cross Stuart Daggett E. Gary Brown Albert Brundage Burke Burford Samuel Bardelson, Jr. Franklin B. Caffee Margaret Ceccotti Michael N. Chetkovich Dan D ' Alfonso Constance Hagan George Brown George Bucklin Charles Considine Milliard Humphrey UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Malcolm M. Davisson John F. Forbes Ewald T. Grether Charles A. Gulick Henry Rand Hatfield GRADUATES Gordon L. Byers Leonard E. Chadwick Lloyd Palm William Poggetto SENIORS William H. Herbert Edward J. Horton Edward B. Judd Coleman MacDonald Margaret E. McRae Richard H. Mutti Marguerite M. Nadon JUNIORS Allan Lindstrom John Pehoushek Don Rebok William Simpson Lucille Terry Melvin M. Knight Carl Landauer Sanford A. Mosk Albert H. Mowbray Carl C. Phlen Charles C. Staehling Alexander Rosenson Philip P. Sebastian Vesley Wagner Sam Osoffsky, II. James Roos Harry D. Rothrock Merrell W. Skeels Helen M. Stuchberry Sheldon C. Tracy Ellsworth Turner Herbert Waterman Margaret Wingate Karl Zapf 445 WINGED HELMET SDEIETY (Junior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1901 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES J. T. Allen L. B. Allison D. P. Barrows E. C. Bellquist H. E. Bolton Ralph W. Chaney C. E. Chapman James H. Corley I. B. Cross ' M. M. Davisson . I. E. Deutsch W. G. Donald Carroll Ebright Clinton W. Evans F. C. Fischer S. B. Freeborn R. G. Gettell E. C. Goldsworthy W. A. Gordon C. A. Gulick, Jr. Brutus Hamilton J. H. Hildebrand Miles Hudson C. G. Hyde Harry Kingman Myron Krueger A. O. Leuschner J. P. McBain X. Wing Mah Guy Montgomery Russell Nagler L. A. Xichols Ronald L. Olson F. C. Palm H. I. Priestly Kenneth Priestley F. H. Probert T. M. Putnam A. W. Ragan C. W. Raymond L. J. Richardson Charles F. Shaw Robert Sibley Robert G. Sproul Thomas Stow George F. Taylor Robert M. Underbill E. C. Voorhies B. M. Woods SENIORS Samuel L. Abbot, III Davis L. Anderson Stephen T. Barber Willam A. Beal Emil M. Bergh Richard C .Biggs Victor Bottari John R. Breeden Robert K. Chalmers Frank W. Cleary Walter T. Coulthard William H. Davis David deVarona Lawrence W. Dickey James W. Dieterich William M. Eastman Jack M. Emery John D. Finlayson Robert P. Frick Stephen M. Frost William D. Gardiner James G. Hamilton, Jr. Edward R. Hanford Joseph P. Henck Milton Hildebrand Richard K. Humphries James D. Huston, Jr. Theodore A. Ingham Stanley R. Juch Lawrence J. Kennedy Alan A. Linsay Bert L. Lunceford Albert W. Lynde, Jr. Charles Mehlert Keith Monroe Jack Palmer Thomas M. Ray, Jr. Jerome R. Roberts Benson B. Roe Xorman D. Savinar Samuel A. Schaaf James G. Schaeffer Leland S. Scott, Jr. Gwynne H. Sharrer Elmer E. Shine Alan K. Smith Robert E. Steers William E. Stoll James P. Stone William S. Thomas Stephen S. Townsend Roy C. Tremoureaux Gerald S. Trumbly James H. Van Sicklen John J. Wade, Jr. Ralph S. Waltz Donald R. Watts Robert M. Wells William D. Wigley Richard Wilkinson Archie F. Williams Raymond Winterbottom Edgar T. Zook, Jr. JUNIORS Edwin F. Alston Frank V. Andrews Richard B. Bahme Charles R. Bell, Jr. William E. Biggerstaff Robert W. Boucke James C. Brokaw, Jr. George E. Bucklin Towle Bundschu George B. Caswell, Jr. Thomas H. Clarke Thomas F. Cleland Ward Cox, Jr. Melvin J. Duezabou Linton L. Emerson John W. Erichson Stanley B. Freeborn, Jr. Andrew C. Gaither Chester M. Gibson Charles H. Grainger Robert W. Greig Calder Hayes William W. Hoogs, III. Edward H. Howden Ted R. Hubert William M. Huters Delbert A. Jones Douglas V. Kelly James T. Lang D. Warner Law Jack F. Lewis John D. Lucas William M. McCain Patrick J. McCarthy Douglas D. McConnell, Jr. Matthew J. Moore Dudley W. Morgan William P. Murray, Jr. Robert H. Palmer Jerome Reed Bernard H. Schulte, IV. K. Hart Smith Robert W. Speed William G. H. Stephens, Jr. John P. Stock Burton A. Swartz, Jr. Raymond N. Talcott James F. Taylor Max Thelen, Jr. Garrett Van Home Philip K. Verleger Yoritada Wada Joseph H. Wadsworth. Jr. Barratt M. Wells George S. West, Jr. Robert G. Wilhelm Jess C. Wilson, Jr. Fred L. Wyatt 446 Back Row: Serdahl, Jacobson, Ralston, Lutes, Long, A.. Talbot. Front Row: Buck, Lowe, Long, M., Breckenfeld, Th:mas. T R I U E (Sophomore Men ' s Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER Fall Frank Thomas Roberton Williams.. Luther Nichols.... OFFICERS ....President ....V ice-President.. ....Secretary Spring Harry Buck Joe Ralston ..Gurney Breckenfeld Ralph W. Chancy UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley B. Freeborn Edwin C. Voorhies Clarence Amonette Gurney Breckenfeld Harry Buck Cloyd Dawson Fay Froom Victor Jacobson Lenard Komor Alfred Long ACTIVES Melville Long Hamilton Lowe Gerald Lutes John McGee Luther Nichols James Pinkerton Joe Ralston Earl Serdahl William Shuey Guinn Smith Ted Staffler Henry Steinbach Edmund Tackle George Talbot Frank Thomas Roberton Williams Bernard Wolf 447 P H I P H I | . A Back Row: Bergh, Arrighi, Schwartz, Neel. Terry, Kotok, Taylor, Conrad, Simonson, Brooks, Smith, Wulff. Harvey, Holden. Sherman. Third Row: Della-Vedowa. Holcomb, Watson, Wertsch, Cayot. McGirk, von Brincken. Lana, Foulkes. Kilpatric, McConnaha, Williams. Allen. Second Row: O ' Malley, Balfrey, Wheeler, Witzel, Doane, Twohig, Pooley. Connor, Echeverria, Bruce. Reynolds, Vail. Front Row: Watkins, Hickson, Wentzel, Shaver, Peck, Jaques, Brown, Andrews, Tilney, Gordon, Raney. 448 P H I P H I (National lnter]riitemity Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1917 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 EIGHT CHAPTERS Fall E.Neil Shaver G. Elwood Thode R. James Echeverria.. Ralph Watkins, Jr..... OFFICERS ....President __ .... Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Spring Louis Jaques, Jr. George R. Wentrel Lloyd H. Smith Ralph Watkins, Jr. David P. Barrows Paul F. Cadman H. H. Campbell Morse A. Cartwright Charles E. Chapman Walter Christie M. M. Davisson Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Dr. W. G. Donald Carrol Ebright Capt. N. Edmond HONORARY Clinton W. Evans Harland Fredericks Stanley Freeborn John W. Gregg Brutus Hamilton Charles G. Hyde William C Jones Dr. Robert Legge George Louderback William Monahan Brick Morse Everett Mossman Ronald L. Olson Franklin C Palm Frank H. Probert Charles H. Raymond Royal A. Roberts Capt. C. A. Ryan Robert G. Sproul Charles R. Volz Edwin C. Voorhies Benjamin Ide Wheelei Frank Wickhorst Earl Wright Chester G. Carlisle Othel Albert Kilpatric, Jr. GRADUATES William H. Murray Lester D. Rohwer Walter D. Westman Noel Allen Stanley Balfrey Emil Bergh John Boething Ramon F. Cayot Lewis A. Civille George E. Cornell Robert Culver Richard Delia- Vedowa John F. Doane John W. Dorr James Echeverria Moreland Falkell Jack Fisher William O. Foulkes Paul D. Fuhner John F. Gheen SENIORS Lewis Goldenson Charles R. Grant Robert Hickson John M. Holden William H. James Louis Jaques, Jr. Daniel W. Johnston James W. Kins Bernard Laulhere, Jr. Jack L. Macki Clarke Merrick Edwin Moody Donald Mulford Wilbur G. Neel Philip O ' Malley Charles Osborne James H. Paige Robert Reynolds D. R. Robinson Theodore Scon E. Neil Shaver Robert Sherman George Smith John Steponovich George Taylor G. Elwood Thode William Vartnaw, Jr. F. von Brincken Ralph Watkins, Jr. J. Keegan Watson George Wentzel Kenneth Wheeler William L. White Chester Williams William Andrews Norman Arrighi George Bolitho Fred R. Brooks George Brown Donald Bruce Pern- Conner Dixon Conrad Lin ton Emerson George Gordon Benton Harvey Wayne Hazen Deceased. JUNIORS Grant Holcomb, Jr. Edward Kotok William Lana James Lang Donald McGirk William McConnaha Lawrence Metcalf Edward F. Peck Donald B. Pooley Marksbury Raney Milton Schwartz Dennis Scon Thomas Simonson Lloyd Smith Raymond Terry Ralph Tilney John Ed Tunle Thomas J. Twohig Milton Vail Robert Wertsch Lloyd Whitman Edward Williams Everen Witrel John Wulff 449 SKULL AND KEYS Back Row: Chalmers, Gaither, Nickel. Biggs, Plummet-, Griffin. Townsend, Swartz. Finlayson, Grainger, Van Home. Boucke. Third Row: Leonard, Church, Thomas, Ray, Smith, Wells, Humphries, Barber, Breaux, Boone, Ingram, Wells, Shine, McConnell. Second Row: Marshall, Martin, Arpin, Kennedy, Hamilton, Maloney, Shurtleff, Leete, Willson. Front Row: Moody, Spott, Greig, Kelly, Shacht, West, Hubert, Bundschu, Wilhelm, Thomas. 450 SKULL AND KEYS (Intei -fraternity Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER HONORARY Stub Allison Bodie Andrews David P. Barrows Gill Becker Anthony F. Blanks Dr. Boles N. S. Buchanan Paul Cadman John U. Calkins, Jr. Donald Cameron R. W. Chancy Charles Chapman Walter Christie Clarence Corey Harry Davis M. M. Davisson Monroe E. Deutsch William Donald Newton B. Drury W. H. Durham Ky Ebright Capt. Neil Edmunds Col. G. C. Edwards James K. Fisk Martin Flaherty Wally Fredericks Stanley Freeborn Horace R. Gaither Raymond Gettell Everett Glass E. C. Goldsworthy Capt. S. G. Goodman Lieut. Greenlaw John Grover Brutus Hamilton Robert Hemphill Norman E. Hinds John Hostater H. S. Howard Miles Hudson James Hutchinson Lincoln Hutchinson Bill Ingram Alexander Kidd Peter B. Kyne Karl C. Leebrick Matthew C. Lynch E. Landon Austin MacDonald Walter E. Magee Jack McKenzie Ralph P. Merritt Ralph Miller Brick Mitchell Brick Morse Russ Nagler Eugen Neuhaus John Neylan R. L. Olson Edmund O ' Neil F. C. Palm Major G. H. Peabody Ken Priestley- Thomas Putnam Thomas Sanford William A. Setchell James G. Shaeffer Andy Smith George Smithson Robert G. Sproul Tom Stow Edward G. Stricklin Major J. S. Switzer Nicholas Taliaferro Irv Uteritz Philip Van Horn Charles Voltz Edwin Voorhies Benjamin Wallace Benjamin Ide Wheeler Frank Wickhorst Carl Zamloch GRADUATES Jimmy Adams Russ Bryan Bob Ingram Mushy Pollack Bud Albright Jud Callaghan Harry Johnson Ralph Riley Doug Allen Sam Chapman Johnny Jones Dave Rogers George Anderson Downey Clinch Reggie Kittrelle Jack Sex son Homer Angelo Ken Cotton Doug Knight George Smith Bill Archer Don Crilly Ray Leonard Ed Solinsky Larry Arpin Dave Cross Bert Lunceford Bob Sparks Dick Ashby Tom Dawson Silver McFall Fred Sperry Chick Barker Ed Da vies Carson Magill Bob Sport Don Bell Will Dolman John Martin Glassell Stringfellow Tom Bell Ed Dougery John Meek Vard Stockton Speed Bennett Jim Durney Bob Miller Johnny Storch Fred Bentley Bill Eckart Charles Miller Bob Thomas Bill Berry Don Fowler Bill Morgan Ned Thomas Bob Bishopp John Geiger Dan Newton Bob Vogel Bob Boone Ross Hamlin George Nickel George Waddell Addison Bowers Bob Hammond Fred Onstott Dick Warner Jim Boyd Jack Harrison Bus Picco Kent Weaver Bill Briggs Tom Hogan Phil Pierpont Bob Wegge Bud Wehe Alex Wilson Muir Wooley SENIORS Dave Anderson John Finlayson Lindsay Marshall Bob Steers Tom Arpin Jim Griffin Vernon Martin Bill Stoll Steve Barber Ted Griffith John Merritt Perk Stone Dick Biggs Jiggs Hamilton Omar Noles Bill Thomas Vic Bottari Dick Humphries Monk Plummer Steve Townsend Locke Breaux Bob Juch Tom Ray Rov Tremoureux Bob Chalmers Larry Kennedy Fred Scatena Bob Wells George Church Hobart Leonard Karl 1 Shine Ted Willson Laurence Dickey Bob MacBride Eugene Shurtleff EdZook Rusty Maloney Wyman Smith Bob Boucke Towle Bundschu Twink Franklin A ndy Gaither Bud Grainger George West Bob Greig Ted Hubert Bill Huters Doug Kelly Wilbur Ingram JUNIORS Harley Leet Doug McConnell Jim McDaniel Ed Moffatt Doug Moody- Paul Schacht John Stock Bert Swartz Gary Van Horn Barrett Wells Bob Wilhelm Jess Wilson Deceased. 451 Back Row: Eiwin. Cox, Kohler, Raney, Hansen, Bermingham. Third Row: Kierulff, Horta, Parry, Heck, Thompson, Tiffany, Wollert. Second Row: Drachnik, Sinned. Offermann, Varney, Dunn, Carmichael. Front Row: Roush. Greta, Barton, Willson, Wood. PI T A U PI SIGMA (National Military Fraternity) CALIFORNIA IOTA CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Historian.... ..Willard Tiffany Donald Heck ...Warren Austin David Barton ....Fred Greta Lloyd D. Colvin Nathaniel R. Fairhorn Willard H. Fenn ASSOCIATES Alfred Lingo Ralph L. Merrit Joseph M. Pettit, Jr. Glen S. Waterman Robert C. Weaver Karl Buck Jack Carmichael Donald Graham ALUMNI Howard Hansen Ernest Van Leeuwen Francis Leva Bradley Maryatt Clifford Ommert Hugo Pruss Walter Read David Barton Arnold Bermingham Donald Conrad Lowell Cox Allen Erwin SENIORS Donald Heck Charles Hiatt Richard Horta Paul Offermann Willet Parry George Roush Lorentz Thurston Willard Tiffany Benjamin Varney Frederick Wood Warren Austin John Drachnik George Dunn Charles Edwards JUNIORS Fred Gre ta Charles Kierulff Fred Kohler Maynard Raney Thomas Sinnett Carl Thompson Martin Willson Arthur Wollert 452 QUARTERDECK (Naral R.O.T.C. Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1927 ONE CHAPTER Captain C E. Van Hook Commander L. O. Alford HONORARY MEMBERS Lieutenant Commander G. F. Galpin Lieutenant Commander V. R. Cooke OFFICERS Officer of the Deck Gordon A. Bowker Junior Officer of the Deck .Alfred C. Jackson Paymaster Vernon J. Coley Communications Officer. Gordon M. Callison Master-at-Arnts Jack E. Hooper Lieutenant C C Ray Lieutenant D. B. Miller Frank Cleary Vernon Coley R. E. Dauphinee Stephen M. Frost Thomas C. Adams Wilmon H. Aver Robert H. Baker B. L. Boque James Boyd Archie S. Bens Walter W. Bridge Henry J. Cappello Warren L. Craig Walter Bamman William Barker Frank Berrar William Brians John Burton Roy Christie Harold Collins James W. Haggard Jack E. Hooper Theodore Ingham Richard Lachman John S. Burns Gordon M. Callison Douglas S. Chase Robert C. Disher Emmett Donovan SENIORS Charles L. Loring Carl M. Molitor John McWhorter JUNIORS Herbert Fahnestock Laurence FitzSimmons Selden Hoos Ronald L. Meyer Everett B. Mitchell SOPHOMORES Wesley P. Craig James J. Lynch Neil L. Ellis William R " . Norton H. W. Howell Sherry B. Ray Edward C. Jennings Ralph Countryman Andrew Foreman John Henderson DeForest Holyoake Kenneth Johns Ernest Johnson Waverly Kesselring FRESHMEN Alan Kreuzberger Forrest Lee William Livingston Robert Long Robert McCarthy George Misch Tom R. Newson Douglas Skaife James S. Spore Sanford Stadtfeld Dunlap Robinson Harry Taylor John E. Turtle Stanley M. Tutton Byron J. Warner Charles Shane Lowell B. Smith Joseph T. Smith Thomas M. Putnam Robert Reddinguis Gladstone Reed S. Swift John Thompson Aren Tune Wayne Wilcox 453 Baker Schoeningar Cohn Canright Smedberg Demorest Johnson Barbour Johnston Kelly Bell Laylander Pool Browne 1 1 Millar Saleebey Clarke Wada PI DELTA EPSILON (Men ' s Journalistic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1909 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1918 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer. . C. Maurice Baker ....Norman Canright ..Renwick Smedberg C. Maurice Baker Norman Canright Carl Johnson Thomas Barbour Charles Bell William Brownell SENIORS Richard Kelly James W. Pool JUNIORS Thomas Clarke Stanley Cohn Richard Demorest Richard Johnston George Saleebey Joseph Schoeninger Renwick Smedberg Paul Laylander Niles Millar Yori Wada 454 Back Row: Hirrton, Ccrnett. J polsky. Kjllnum. Marg. Lipshib. Mukler. Scfaockoi. Peters, Hindi. Poston. Fourth Ro: Lnin, TnatMy. Atkinson, Maroney. Upidus. Yasney, Ruhr. DC Gloria. BluMnkranz. Third Row: Stoddard, Friedman, Mackey, Meltzer. Leupp. Moore. Tani. Second ROT: Minor. White, Pauhen, Notes, Weissn, Takesaita, Tansan, Kael. Front Row: May, Scull, Sorter, Galdsuan, Diaoond. Hall, FeifenbauB. Mellin. DMEGAD ELTA (Professional and Social Optometric Fratemit)) FOUNDED AT NORTH ILLINOIS COLLEGE, 1919 DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1920 SIX CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Giltner S. Small Vice-President Thomas Mackey Scribe (Fall) Stanley Douglas Braff Scribe (Spring) Stanley Diamond Chaplain Kenneth Morris Reporter Harold Bergman W. K. I. C..... Everett Cooper Pledge Captain Irving Yasney T. A. Brombach Everett Coe FACULTY J. T. Hobson Harry Kamp F. L. Mason Ralph S. Minor Saul V. Becker Harold Bergman Stephen Blumenkranz Stanley Douglas Braff Ben Brudney Everette W. Cooper Richard DeGloria Harry Feigenbaum Arthur Friedman Louis Jacques, Jr. Arnold J. Lapidus Marshall Atkinson Jerome G. Chance Laurence H. Cornell Stanley Diamond Bernard R. Garrett Martin Goldsman Harold W. Hall ACTIVE MEMBERS SENIORS Leo Lipshitz Thomas Mackey Ralph M. Marshall Alvin May Harry May Selig Meltzer James N. Moore Omar J. Noles Rexford E. Palmer Marvin R. Poston Russell V. Poulsen Maurice Ruby JUNIORS Rupard A. Hinton. Jr. Monroe J. Kirsch Louis Kael Herbert Kallmann Harry J. S. Levin Jack Mackler Elwin Marg Jack F. Schneller Sidney A. Schneller Harold B. Senter Jack Shearer Giltner S. Small Masao Takeshita Tahashi George Tani Daniel Transman Gerald S. Trumbly Kennon P. White, Jr. Irving S. Yasney George Maroney Waino Mellin Benjamin Nerenberg Richard Peters Albert L. Schoken Walter J. Suter Irving J. Weissman 455 Back Row: Winslow, Russell, Turnbull, Quigley, Stryker, Reanier. Second Row: Kako, Loven, Peters, Strizich, Estep. Dutro. Front Row: Aiura, Schmidt, Mahon, Scott, Lawrence, Hetzler. GUILD DF APPLIED ARTS (Household Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1926 ONE CHAPTER Fall Phyllis Russell Charlotte Harper.. May f red Stryker... Mayfred Stryker... Sylvia Scott Helen Loven Helen W. Fancher Hope M. Gladding Lolita Dutro Irma Hetzler Helen Reanier Kiyo Aiura Constance Hannah Tashiko Kako OFFICERS ..President ...V ice-President - Recording Secretary ..Corresponding Secretary.. ..Treasurer ..Alumni Secretary Spring Phyllis Russell Helen Reanier Mayfred Stryker .Florence Sherman ....Barbara Schmidt Helen Loven HONORARY Mae N. Lent Lila M. O ' Neale SENIORS Phyllis Russell Sylvia Scott JUNIORS Rose Kerner Dorothy Lawrence Phyllis Fay Mahon Hisako Nonaka Mary F. Patterson Winfield S. Wellington Florence Sherman Mayfred Stryker Mary Jane Turnbull Marietta Quigley Barbara Schmidt Charlotte Winslow 456 Tfcrt ROT: Ueas. GnM. UcferkL ' ma . PI ALPHA SIGMA (Professional V omen ' s Advertising Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ALPHA CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Carol Sherwin President Spring Jeanne Overmire Man- Ann Gatewood Vice-President Eleanor NIalian Edith Gaylord frrftATj Lois Sherwin Fleanor Mahan TrrafitTT Mary ' " " " Barbara Sam no Publicity Chairman Barbara Samt n SENIORS Mary Damon Harriet Leebrick Jeanette Lucas Eleanor Mahan Linda McNutt Marv Merrill Dorothy Arrault Natalie Becker Mary Ann Gatewood Edith Gaylord Virginia Hoard Helen Hutton Eleanor Ivey Margaret Moorhead Jeanne Overmire Lucile Rodoni Barbara Samson Carol Sherwin Lois Sherwin JUNIORS Shirley Kay Jean Mallary Elizabeth Moore Ingrid Quandt Virginia Shipper Jerry Whi taker Hester Ann Wilkinson 457 Back Row: Jensen, Schieffer, Simonson, Rahlves, Graham. Gerdes, Carmichael. Third Row: Brien. Phillips. Wai . Bell. Kean. Second Row: Galeno, Delan:y, Mills, Berdahl, Fay, Yockey. Front Row: Hankin. Peart, Halcomb. Smith, Schuchard. Hammond. B A T D (University of California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Arnold Wulffraat V ice-President Edward Fay Secretary Paul Yockey Treasurer.... ....Otto Schuchard William Denny Harold W. Bell James Berdahl Claude Blain James R. Brien John Carmichael Eldon Erickson Edward Fay Ambrose Gagen William Galeno Harold Gerdes Burton Hammond Victor Hughes Tom Adams Howard Brown Mack Graham Abraham Hankin Ralph Jensen Lloyd Christensen Edward DeLanoy Milton Frank HONORARY Chris Tellefsen SENIORS Lewis Kean, Jr. Walter Lawrence Lawrence McArdell Virgil Mills William Most Paul Phillips August Rahlves Robert Schieffer Ronald Setterlund John Skeels Roger Wollenberg Arnold Wulffraat Paul Yockey JUNIORS Clarence Masonheimer Leland Peart Mamoru Sakuma Otto Schuchard Thomas Simonson Forrest Thompson SOPHOMORES Robert Gordon Lester Halcomb Robert Smith Arthur Walz 458 Brehahach, Cu Muelta Sixth ROT: Let Fnjst, Snnun. Vtllo-. Miller. Fifth ROT: Goette. Mam. Hcrstett Perkim, Si ill L Van Leamn, Co. Ri East. KlippH. Has . Kan, O ' Briei, Bates, Knieri.. La Plant Dcrle. Saatts. Pie Lyw. COTjMiB. totis. I i . Dam, BCHHMO, Gastnck. WoM. Seond Raw: Tal Stewart, Peter, Tillin, Heffmam, Pnftammt, Santti. Leo. Frart ROT: Rinauoo. D) Pertewib. Jones. Wood. Yakahi. diert. Woltarl Norris. Soorife ains, Sith. Chans. Mudwre, nan. Gf . Kaste. Forth ROT: kui. HtzSiMMB, Hendryx, Storting. Wallace. Flietner, Uren, Ham. Ft . NM AMERICAN INSTITUTE DF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Fall WALTER A. LAWIEXCI TAMES E. GOFF PAUL F. OFTEIMAXX- CAM. A. GOCTTE _ D . A E TILLES Kaymond V. Ager Leonard J. Black Charles F. Dalziel Willard Fcnn Robert Barnes David Barton Glenn Bates Richard Bennison Rarmond Bergstrora Joe Bort Paul Breitenbach Meryl Burns Churchill Campbell Dudley Campbell Joe Cannon Robert Carlson Jack Carmichael Claude Chapman Clarence Coleman Lowell Cox Donald Coughlin Clark Cummings Tom Curtis Sven Dahl William Doyle Donald Dyer William East Hubert Eaves Thomas Ferry Albert Fleigner Wilson Forbes Raymond Beck Cecil Carriere Robert Cockburn W. M. ColTig Fred Cordes Frederick Coarer Victor De Carli Albert Dixon John Drachnik George Dunn Charles Edwards George Escher Robert Finch Lawrence FitzSimmons Paul French Warren Austin Ting-Chn Chang Dccitutd. (California Student Branch) LCX VL BRANCH FOUNDED 1912 OFFICERS Chairman 1 ' ice-Chairman - ..Secretary Treasurer Commselor Spring JAMES E. Gorr n. F. OFFEEMAN BEKNAKD L. PETE PETE B- PICHETTO D. AWE TILLES UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Daryl D. Davis Lauriston C. Marshall Leonard F. Fuller Renne S. Julian Thomas C. McFarland R. B. Graham Ehon Fox William Fr Ste-e Frost William Gastrock Carl Goette James Goff Donald Graham Leon Halpern Charles Hamm Howard Hansen Adellon Hanson Arthur Herstedt John Hexem Waher Hoffman Louis Hobbard Hugh Jamieson Foster Jones Ulrich Karrer Charles Kemp Glenn Revern Robert Knierim John Kullman Waher Lawrence Htng Lee Francis Leva Fred Liggitt Joe Ltpow Charles Litschke Harrv Frv Donald Heck Herman Hendryx Charles Hiatt Clinton Hiester Robert Humphreys William Hunt John Kafafian John Kilkenny Harold Klein Conrad Klippel Fred Kohler Oliver La Plant John Lyon David Mann John Mason GRADUATES Lester E. Rcukema Burtis L. Robertson Herbert J. Scott Wallace Hayman SENIORS JUNIORS Edison Lowe Pete Lubisicb William MacDonald James McLean Alexis Marmach Bradley Maryatt Addison Mason Henry Masnoka Wesley Mayder William Miller Clifford Mitchell Robert Mnchmore Sam Murphy- John Names Gust Xichandros Hide Tiki Xoguchi Alvin Xorberg Richard O ' Brien Leonard Odenthal Paul Offermann CUffordOmert Kowanichi Ono Willet Parry Owen Paulson Claude Perlewitz Bernard Peter Jack Peterson Peter Pichetto Carlos Matens Louis Moose Ernest Mueller Stewart Mulford Everett Xorris Robert Perkins Earle Prudhonune Jack Rapp Albert Ratner William Ravenscroft Phillip Reynolds Franklin Rhodes Harold Robinson Ruperto Sampayan Jack Savage Clifford Schafer FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES Waher Davis Hans Hansen Andrew Haban Victor Kaste Sam West Ralph J. Smith Abe Titles Charles F. White Waher Xoller Raymond Rains Walter Read William Reichert Robert Revilla Raymond Rinaudo George Roush Joseph Rosas George Shokal George Schutz Louis Smanss Emil P. Smith Harry L. Smith Ed Steinback Chandler Stewart Waher Stolwein Charles Stone Al Stribley Lloyd Swanson Bernard Taylor Perry Thompson Joe Thurston Donald I ' ren Ernest Van Leenwen Edward Vollum James Wight Hubert Wolff Edwin Vocky Carl Spain Harold Stocking Charles Summers Lloyd Taicort Gail Thomas Israel Tillin Xanyu Tomiyasu Benjamin Varney Donald Wallace John Walton Martin Willson Arthur Wollert Fred Wood Seiko Yakahi Ray Yawman L. Lindbeck Earl Serdahl 459 Back Rcw: Brady. Sawyer, Mulford, Amneus, Pyle, Cardenas, Erwin, Cayman, Pfeiffer, LyVere, Brokaw, Champion, Dinsmore, Fourth Row: Myers, Neuls, Nielsen, Versaw, Della-Vedowa. Guiliani, Brown, Smith, Dahlquist, Dixon, Carlson. Conner. Third Row: Slipper, Gabor, Longwell, Carter, Rhoda, Nixon, Thrall, Stout, Johnson, Gourdin, Maledy. Second Row: Hilleger, Winkler, Rodrian, Wilson. May, Lee, James, Sisler, Arata, Howe. First Row: Dobbins, Shimazaki, Puck, Coffey, Sturges, Poostovoi, Zeitlin, Sugarman, Keyak. AMERICAN SOCIETY DF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (California Student Branch) PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1880 LOCAL SOCIETY FOUNDED 1911 GRADUATES Reuben Bond LeRoy D. Alward John Amneus Robert V. Ball John C. Barnes Emil Barish Harold W. Bell Henry Blum Joshua Brady Paul Broadhead Howard E. Brown Louis A. Cardenas Paul G. Carlson Ryland S. Carter Vincent Caswell Charles W. Chapman Albert R. Champion Charles Coffey Eugene O. Crocker Kenneth D. Adam Winfield Arata Emil M. Bergh Robert K. Bond Lewis Gate Vincent Cleeves George Clement Robert M. Crane Philip Craner Walter Cummings Charles G. Dibb le James E. Dinsmore Harrah Douglas Freeman D ' Vincent Robert L. Brosemer Peter L Brown Robert Dannenberg Howard Dauphinee Robert H. Delahay Marlin Delevan Harry Dowe Harry L. Craig N. Van deVerg SENIORS Daniel Dahlquist Richard Della-Vedowa David T. Dobbins R. James Echeverria Alan Erwin William W. Franklin Wolfgang F. Gabor George F. Gessling Ferdinand Giuliani Richard B. Glending Fred C. Haesloop Charles Hains Hugh Haroldson Robert D, Henderson Marvin L. Hilleger John Holden Philip O. Johnson Tames M. Keith Karl S. Keyak JUNIORS Richard Fleming W. Merlin Gayman Bennie Grondona Jack Hammil Phillip Hawgood George T. Hayes William Higley Edward Hochuli Saburo Hori Donald L. James Douglas V. Kelly Carl S. Knudsen Robert E. Kolb Lenard Komor SOPHOMORES John A. Dixon Daniel W. Drake Charles Faeh, Jr. Charles H. Floyd Earl J. Fraley Robert V. Dunkle R. L. Parsons George Keliher John Krug Bernard Laulhere Tom Lee J. Kenneth Leek Victor Leveskis Samuel J. McKeeman J. Edward Maledy Robert W. Martin Thomas J. May Fred Mayeda William Middleton Scott Neuls J. Howell Nixon Melvin H. Norman Horace Phillips Nicholas Poostovoi Raymond W. Pyle William Remington John P. Longwell Arthur Lundgren Gerald LyVere William H. Meierding Stewart Mulford Akira Murakami J. N. Neilsen Shelly B. Pfeiffer Roy N. Poage Stark D. Porter Richard F. Puck Eugene Rodrian Webster Rowell Gordon Sawyer Bruce Good Hugh Gourdin Leonard W. Lewis Charles Powell Russ Usinger FRESHMEN George Misch William A. Foster Howard Hill Harvey Akio Itano Kurt Knoke G. F. Prosser Robert Root Thomas Reinhardt Ralph Rhoda George J. Richards Beecher Rinteul Robert Schlitzkus John S. Selfridge Esau Shimiu Tomatsu Shimazaki Theodore Smith Harold Thomas Edward W. Thrall McFarland Tolf Edward Versaw Robert Viney Robert Webster Harold J. Wilson Chung Wong Louis Wuertele Eli Zeilten Oliver M. Scott Robert G. Sharp Robert L. Sisler R. L. Slipper George L. Smith T raver J. Smith John D. Snook Harry Stierli J. W. Stout B. L. Stovall Thomas Sturges Ralph Tilney Robert F. Walden Edwin Winkler Jack A. Wahle Roy Wells Andrew Weston Sayre Williams Warren W. LefTmann Edwin F. McLaughlin 460 AMERICAN SOCIETY DF CIVIL ENGINEERS UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA STUDENT CHAPTER PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 LOCAL SOCIETY FOUNDED 1920 OFFICERS Fall 1938 JACK XECST BT President Spring 1939 Mvox TATAEIAX ROBEIT PHIIJ_I RICH AID DESMOXD ... HEX Y PAPL RAUOX Cvr Yell-L eadfr PmOFESSOE WlSEOClL. . Advisor P OFESSO WlSKOCIL Herbert Crowle Harmer Davis Raymond Davis Charles Derleth Howard Eberhart Sturla Einarrson Gordon Richards FACULTY Bernard Etcbeverry Francis Foote Sidney Harding George Troxell Charles Hyde Bruce Jameyson Wilfred Langelier Wiskocil Rupert Alen Carlos Arroyo GRADUATES Carroll Bagby Edward Browder SENIORS LjleAbron Robert Adolphe Mitat Asam Robert Ausfahl Julian BardofF Richard Beanie - " . - Ernest Burckhardt Robert Cahill Norman Caldwell Ramon Cajot Franklin Chiarolla Frederick Clarke Barry Cooke James Cnlbert son Edwin Dalgcish Richard Desmond Gale Dougherty Morris Droskin ROT Dodson Martin Cuke Arthur Edson (jordoo Edwxrds Alvin Amster Harold Andresen Robert Asken Vinton Bacon Loren Barnett Paul Bates Lynn Beedle Charles Beer John Bell Robert BEss George Bohon William Brady Arthur Brainard Donald Brayton Peter Bnrk John Bussell PaulChenea Aivaro Collin Bn IdC --. ' .- Frank Figneroa Charles Fiske Walfred Flod Thomas Flynn Valentine Franz Robert Gilbert Alfred Gray Robert Haller Virgil Hanson John Hart Mahmud Hasan Joseph Henck OttoHoefler Robert Hoolhorst Leland IDingworth Joseph Johnson Charles Jones Joseph Knight MiloLacy Waher Leichtf uss George Lodvick James Covington Frederick DierkeT James Doody James Dnnlop Morris Feigen JohnChne SamnelDatri James DupuU E- dsjjei i cttj Bradley Garretson Harvey Carlson Golden De Witt James Hicks Richard Lovejoy Dean n orthington Harold Gaton LyndleGheen William Ginbel Joseph Gorman George Gray Robert Green William Greschner Steuart Groesbech Ward Hanawah Clair Henry Hov2fu riitcbcoclc Morton Hifcert Harold Honnole Charles Hoppe William Horn George Hughes Russell Hnrbel Lawrence Hutchison William Inavcovich Robert Jespersen Arthur Jones Takeyuki Katow Franklin Knowhon Harry Kneny Richard Lonergan Lorin Woodcock Clifton Yip JUNIORS Harvey Ludwig Eugene Mastin JohnMuir Harris Manger Howard Nelson Jack Xeustadt Byron Xichkian John Obermnller Harold Ohannesian Samuel Osoffsky, I. Henry Pape Alan Payne Harold Peletz Robert Phillips Charles Plomteaux Jack Pratt Victor Prusas Moms Pynoos August Rahlves Richard Ray John Reaves Herbert Richards Herbert Rokita Irving Rosedale Ernesto Lorde Robert Lowe Man Goo Lottie Russell Lndwig Gordon 1 i ! ' ! William Langley Ralph Lejonhud Maurice McClure Clifford McFarlin Frederick Marshall Joseph Maslowski William Matthews Edgar May Charles Moore Robert Morton Robert Murdoch Herbert iliuuei George NoviJton ToshiOgawa Dallace Ogilvie Waher Obon Robert Parlett Clyde Pattarson Robert Perez Edward Peterson Jay Worthington Daniel Goldberg William Marriott Arthur Royce Mihon Rosendahl Howard Rnnde John Sardis Franklin Satterberg Kaznyoshi Senzaki John Shirley John Skeels Robert Smith Forest Sorensen Morgan Stewart Theodore Stivers Howard Stocking Elmer Strappini William Talbot Myron Tatarian Irving Terzich Charles Tnmblin Ong-Hee Tye David I ' pton Ehrrn Westall Rudolf Widmann Robert Williams David Wing Haj ' me Yoshizawa John Peterson David Pirtz Wendell Pood " - - ; Ronald Pulling Xorman Ran Vemon Richer Robert Sanks Israel Santry Xorman Sonderstrand Leo Stetson Leon Stein Raymond Stone Donald Shnhz William Stnbbfefidd Shigeo Tokzyama Howard Taylor Stanley Teixeira SOPHOMORES William Geanele Henry Grhzfeld Robert Hampton Karl Maier Carl Olson John Hill Clark Holmes Floyd Locke TildenOsbome John Paselk Cyril Peletz Brice Robinson Samuel Rn FRESHMEN John Page DaniloPro (TuffoTti w ictonn V. Vosilevsky Randolph Washburn Arthur Watson Xorman White Richard WiDrins Gnstav Winberg Egisto Zancai Mario Sartorio Richard Stickel Bert Sweetser Robert WUnamson Robert Wilson Kenneth Wolfe Thomas Yamashito Back Row: Nelson, Chena, Matthews, Brady, Godson. Tuntblin, Nilmeier. Payne. Fourth Row: Knight. Duke. Fiqueroa, Pratt, Ausfahl, Smith. Third Row: Culbertson, Schultz, Illingworth, Desmond, Pynoos. Brcwnsccmbe, Bardoff. Second Row: Osoffsky. Clarke, Caldwell. Plomteaux. Worthington, Feigen, Neustadt. Front Row: Stubblefield, Chaniiesian. Cooke, Leichtfuss, Pritz, Countryman. CHI EPSILDIV (Civil Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, TEN CHAPTERS 1922 OFFICERS Fall Harold Peletz President Harvey F. Ludwig V ice-President John C. Reaves Treasurer Virgil L. Hanson Recording Secretary Howard Nelson Corresponding Secretary . Spring Howard Nelson .William Stubblefield ...James F. Culbertson Richard Desmond Leland Illingworth Paul Bailey- Henry J. Brunnier Herbert G. Crowle Harmer F. Davis Charles Derleth, Jr. Henry Dewell HONORARY Bernard A. Etcheverry Francis S. Foote Sidney T. Harding Walter L. Huber Charles Gilman Hyde Bruce Jameyson L. H. Nishkian Augustus V. Saph Fred C. Scobey Robert G. Sproul George E. Troxell Clement T. Wiskocil Sturla Einarsson Wilfred F. Langelier SENIORS Robert H. Ausfaul Julian L. BardofF Ralph H. Brownscombe Frederick L. Burrell Norman H. Caldwell Fred J. Clarke James B. Cooke James F. Culbertson James F. Desmond Roy E. Dodson Charles M. Duke Frank Fiqueroa, Jr. Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. Virgil L. Hanson Leland R. Illingworth Joseph F. Knight Walter A. Leichtfuss Harvey F. Ludwig Donald F. Moran Howard S. Nelson Jack Neustadt Herbert P. Nilmeier Harold Ohannesian Samuel Osoffsky, II. Allen S. Payne Charles H. Plomteaux Jack W. Pratt Victor J. Prusas Morris S. Pynoos Richard A. Ray- John C. Reaves Wilbur B. Rickett Robert D. Smith William L. Stine William M. Stubblefield William J. Talbot Charles R. Tumblin Harold Peletz Vinton W. Bacon William H. Brady Paul F. Chenea JUNIORS David Countryman Morris Feigan David Pirtz Donald P. Shultz William Matthews 462 Bs:i =!: total S::-s- ; ta : FM 5i : :.-; Wfli :.-:. BETA ALPHA PSI Accounting Honor Fraternity) LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 NINETEEN CHAPTERS Foil Michael N. Chetkovich Ernest L. Young _____ Sheridan Atkinson C. C. Staehling. OFFICERS ...Preiidrut __ Vice-Vretident ...Secretory-Treasurer Permanent Vice-President.. Spring ..Michael N. Chetkovich Ernest L. Young Samuel J. Cord C C Staehling UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William R. Bladder John Forbes Cyril Hasson Sheridan Atkinson Philip Bee Michael Chetkovich Samuel J. Cord Theodore Dufau William Herbert Edward Horton Henry R. Hatneld Perry Mason C. C. Staehling GRADUATES James R. Bell Burke Burford SENIORS Ernest L. Young JUNIOR Curtis Darling Herbert H umber Herbert Kahnan Norman Mundell Joseph C Riddle Merrell Skeels John P. Stenson 463 Back Row: Okada, Price, Hansen. Nakamura, Toki. Front Row: Van Vlear, Duncan, Miller, Tompkins. PAN X E IV I A (International Professional Foreign Trade Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1916 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS Fall Robert N. Duncan. Paul E. Price E. Everett Miller.... OFFICERS ...President .. V ice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer.. Spring Paul E. Price Olaf H. Hansen ..George H. Nakamura Ira B. Cross UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Henry F. Grady W. Andrew Ross Sheridan A. Atkinson Robert N. Duncan Olaf H. Hansen SENIORS E. Everett Miller George H. Nakamura Eugene H. Okada Paul E. Price Rayer Toki John A. Tompkins Warren B. Van Vlear 464 Mnhill. Military. F Frtnt ROT: TliMus. YMP. EPSILON ALPHA (Dental Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1915 ONE CHAPTER President __ Vice-President. Treasurer Faculty Adrisor.. OFFICERS _W. L. Warm Marshall Dorothy Young ..Guv A. Millbeny J. A. Marshall G.I_Bean H. B. Carey B. D. Hartley Gertrude Mann HONORARY M.S.Marshall K. F. Meyer J. S. Shell Max Wassman Fred S. Brown, Jr. Marshall W. Cowden Ivan F. Johnson Glen I. Olsen SENIORS Erwin C. Fletcher Byron C. Thomas Wilbur L. Wann Dorothy H. Young Russell Augsburger Carroll H. Berryman Charles A. Dodge JUNIORS Charles E. Smith Clifford S. Lawrence John S. Rathbone Harley Fremming 465 Bent Gallup Livingston Siliera Booth Groter McBratney SpaU Brunje Hagberg Meyer Sperry Eastwood, F. Hanzel Ogrohina Thrmas Eastwood. M. Houghton Roberts Tuttle Fales Kaplan Rothstein Westerlund Friedline Knight Schoch Whiteley ALPHA TAU DELTA Fall Patricia Grover.. Janice Brunje Ella Hanzel Janet Reaves Elsie Hagberg.... (National Nursing Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1921 NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian .... Margaret Beattie Edith S. Bryan Doris M. Coolidge Juanita Booth Frances Ferguson Janice Brunje Frances Eastwood Mary Eastwood Patricia Grover Frances Bent Irene Fales Dagmar Gallup Betty Houghton Barbara Johnson Spring Patricia Grov r Janice Brunje Ella Hanzel Jeane Tuttle ...Elsie Hagberg HONORARY MEMBERS Ruth Hay GRADUATE Opal E. Lewis SENIORS Rose Kaplan Clarice Tucker JUNIORS Rita Friedline Margaret Livingston SOPHOMORES Elsie Hagberg Ella Hanzel Sheila McBratney FRESHMEN Jane Judd Laurel Knight Almira Kutzer Aleen Laybourn Aldean Meyer Mary Pickering Lucy Ward Stebbins Loretta Walsh Ethelda Spatz Jeane Tuttle Dorothy Roberts Thelma Rothstein Charlene Schoch Barbara Sperry I uclmill.i Ogrohina Elaine Silvera Ruth Thomas Margaret Westerlund Barbara Whiteley 466 A: -:.: Walker Uferty s E T E (Men ' s Debating Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 ONE CHAPTER Full Roger Wollenberg Norman Lowenstein.. James Keene.. .. James Keene Travis Lafferty OFFICERS .President _ Vice-PTesident __ ..Recording Secretary ..Correspondence Secretary.... ..Treasurer Spring Norman Lowenstein James Keene Raymond Riggio _MM Walker Brockway Caflfee Sanford Goldner Brockway Caffee Hans Carlson Stuart Chenoweth Robert J. Dell ' Ergo Archie Drennen Arthur Eaton Don Stofle Alexander Alexander Paul Bates George A. Brown Robert G. Colegrove Charles Considine Jack K. Herman HONORARY Lawson Reno Chester Wilmot SENIORS Jerome Ginsberg Albert Hamilton Robert Kennedy Adolph Koven Travis Lafferry Walter Lawrence Norman Lowenstein Frank Mason Stewart Mitchell Allan R. Moltzen Dal ton Newneld Theodore Olson Matt Walker Roger Wollenberg Sam Osoffsky Martin Psaty Raymond Riggio Edward Rosston Martin Rothenberg Bernard Shapiro Charles Davis Richard Gardner Roy Giordano Robert E. Heyns Edward W. Howden JUNIORS James Keene Lester A. Luz Patrick J. McCarthy Richard L. Mayers H. Keith Morrow SOPHOMORES Leslie Fishmen Raymond Glasscock Edmund Tackle Edwin Stofle Lyle H. Turner Philip Verleger Robert W. Speed Morris D. Glickfeld Hcvdcn. LciiCnstcin. Sf:: : =:. IH Tickle. Glisscock. Considine. Glickfeld. Bates. Kennedy. . HoticM. Speed. Ufertj. Olstn, Dell ' Ergo. First Row: Carlstn. Alexander. 467 MASK AND DAG GER (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1905 ONE CHAPTER Judith Anderson Fred Blanchard Anthony F. Blanks Theodore Bowie Alice Brainard Sheldon Cheney Mathurin Dondo Edwin Duerr HONORARY Willard H. Durham Hope M. Gladding Everett Glass Alexander H. Kaun Doris Mclntyre Guy Montgomery E ugen Neuhaus Stephen C. Pepper Irving Pichel Kenneth Priestley Max Radin Louis B. Reynolds Nathan Scott Sarah H. Sturgess Allen R. Thompson Charles Von Neumayer Morris Ankrum Lois Austin William Bernal Bernice Berwin Frank Brown Lloyd Corrigan Augusta Dabney Vincent Duffy Ralph Edwards Richard Ehlers ALUMNI ACTIVE IN THE PROFESSION John Eldridge Frank Ferguson James Krieger Baldwin McGaw Mary Meyer Paul Nathan Nestor Paiva Walter Plunkett Michael Raffeto Robert Ross Lucien Self Gloria Stuart Carol Eberts Veazye Kathleen Wilson Menahem Wolfe Donald Woods Stanley Quackenbush Barton Yarborough GRADUATE Helen Mayhew Richard Barthol Bobbie Campbell Clyde Cummings Mary K. Dawson SENIORS Robert Goldstein Jane Hamshaw Laurence Hugo Mary Merrill Charles Mesak Ysabel Momsen Robert Nielson John S. Thompson James Fitzgerald JUNIORS Clark Howat James McNaughton 468 H Barz; - $;:-; :: Dardi PHRATERES Margaret Beanie Elizabeth Ardery Helen Babasinian June Bishoff Annamarie Bleumchen Mary Callan Nina Carnwall Ada Ball Arlene Batchman Doris Bellisle Bern- Cassen Rose Davidson Vivienne Deane Marcia Gough Barbara Anderson Carolyn Babasinian Marion Bartlett Betty Banon Sylvia Brainard Helen Callan Jean Chambers Genevieve Criss Sigrid Anderson Margaret Barley Jean Bixel Juanita Booth (National Women ' s Social Organization) IOTA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1935 NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President - - - Doris Macdonald Vice-President Anna Stepbenson Secretary Margaret Taeger Corresponding Secretary Dorothea Darch Treasurer - Helen Babasinian Membership Chairman. .Mary Gwyn Lyons Publicity Chairman Grace Norton Office Chairman _Dorothy McPeak Historian Carolyn Babasinian HONORARY Louise S. Cobb Mary B. Davidson Helen W. Fancher Lucy W. Stebbins Ida W. Sprout Dorothy Chapman Alice Chubb Helen Coleberd Dorothea Darch Ruth Ducher Sarah Finlay Evelyn Griffen Angela Guyot Anne Henck Hazel Houston Jane Israel Ida Jacobson Lois Jones Helen Dowd Clara Erikson Elizabeth Fiske Dorothy Gaston Virginia Goemmer Isabel Green Mildred Hall Dorothy Harvey Lois Brainard Edythe Brignardello Florence Buehler Betty Jane Chubb SENIORS Caroline Giacomazzi Rose Gunn Constance Hagan Jane Lillon Esther Litchfield Doris Macdonald Therona Wolverton JUNIORS Frances Kennedy Catherine King Marjorie LeRoy Margaret Litchfield Delia Mae Lyle Mary Gwyn Lyons Rachel McKay Patricia Wright SOPHOMORES Amy Hatch Eleanor Hedges Virginia Holliday Frances Howard Frances Kawalkowski Ilona Koski Lois Larson Ellen Lewis FRESHMEN Carol Combs Irene Fales Virginia Hickok Clareene Jeffcoat Man- Cadierine Whitehead Patricia Matz Augusta Miller Alma Norgaard Margaret Rowland Rhoda Sheppard Helen Shirley Ruth Miller Gladys Moen Marion Morcom Roberta Neher Maryann Newcomer Grace Norton Charmian Orr Betty Lightsey Mary Luce Dorothy LyVere Doris McAllister Helen McArtor Audrey McCoy Rosemary Mclntosh Dorothv McPeak Ruth Laubacher Betti jean Miller Betty Perrine Louis Pinska Shirlev Williams Ah ' ce G. Hoyt Olga Siska Anna Stephenson Margaret Taeger Jewel Torbert Ruth Weindorf Elsie Wicks Margaret Peacock Patricia Prescott Sue Shelton Dorothy Staehling Elva Strandberg Jean Swanson Harriette Williams Polly Moorhead Doras Moreton Ruth Parker Mary Jane Rarig Ruth Robertson Jean Wilkie lone Wilson Louise Wilson Helen Ritner Man- Ryan Caroline Scarf Marjorie Weber 469 Badt Ham Buck Haas Gordon Heffner Kitahara Golden PHI EPSILD1V CHI Francis A. Jenkins Fall David Allen Douglas Badt Richard Bahme Henry Bramblet James Brokaw Fred Brooks Daniel Aronson, Jr. Thomas Bell James Bell Robert Considine Peter Chue George Gordon Lloyd Whitman George Kitahara Robert Speed (University Service Society) FOUNDED 1937 HONORARY CLASS OF ' 40 .... President Walter A. Haas ..V ice-President .. Secretary-Treasurer .. ..Scryeant-at-A rms .......................... Douglas Badt .................... George Kitahara ............................. Peter Haas ...................... Philip Verleger MEMBERS George Brown Linton Emerson Joseph Hurwitz Robert M Robert Byers Robert Fairchikl George Jung Alan Nitt Raymond Chan George Gordon George Kitahara Edward F Thomas Cleland Peter Haas James Lang William I Ross Conlin, Jr. Benton Harvey Patrick McCarthy Mark Rat Charles Considine Grant Holcombe Neil Marschall William I Paul Williamson Fall CLASS OF ' 41 Lee Ham President Ed Albert DeGrassi Vice-President . Th Harry Buck .. Secretary-Treasurer 1 Robert Considine .Serqeant-at-Arms .... V Robert Speed Ellsworth Sturgeon James Taylor Raymond Terry Philip Yerleger Llvod Whitman Spring Edward Heffner Thomas Hansen -Robert Golden William Shuey MEMBERS Albert DeGrassi Lee Ham Thomas Hansen Robert Hearn Edward Heffner Ken Kuney Morton Macks Welburn Mayock Clark Pinkham William Shuey Thomas Tripp Winston Woodman Harry Buck William Bolce Robert Dewey Albert Nash Robert Golden Albert Shields Robert Olson Jim Miller Bud Ogle Erwin Thode Roberton Williams Nelson Kitsuse Charles Wiedmau Back Row: Williamson, Conlin, Raney, Haas, Gordon, Holcomb, Brown, Brooks, Harvey, Terry, Allen, Peck, Sturgeon. Third Row: Whitman, Brokaw, Cleland, Pfeifle, Ogle, Olson, Golden, Shuey, Miller, Byers, Bell. Woodman, McCarthy. Second Row: Bramblet, Chue, Bolce, Pinkham, Macks, Buck, Aronson, Considine, R., Mayock, Shields. Front Row: Marshall, Nittler, Kitsuse, Hansen, Heffner, Badt, Chan, Considine, C., Speed, Thode, Kitahara. 470 CALIFORNIA CAMOMEHS (Coast Artillery R.O.T.C. Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1938 Lt. Col. J. M. O ' Brien David L. Anderson Robert V. Ball Bruce Benedict William Surge Renato Capocelli Ray F. Cayot Robert E. Cockburn Winfield Arata Steven Aronson Thomas Ayers Richard Bahme James Barker Charles Birkholm William Brady Ralph Baggett Edwin Braun James Anderson Robert Appleton Lloyd Benjamin Phillip Bettoli Whitney Biggar William Bowman Bernard Carroll Ivor DeKirby Robert Dunn Jack C. Evans Brilsford Flint Roderick Grant Adellon Hansen Harry J. Harding Thomas Cleland John Covert Donald Falconer Richard Fleming Bryan P. Fowler Alfred Friedrick Stanley Gammon Robert Wilhelm HONORARY Major William C. Braly SENIORS Patterson Hyndman Richard Johnston Ralph Lakness Tom Lee Paul Macdonald Jack Maldonado Tom J. May JUNIORS Hugh Gourdin Philip Hawgood Clement Hink Donald James Dimitri Kellogg Edward Kotok James Lang Capt. John F. Cassidy Paul Packer Harold Peletz Frank Pryor R. F. Puck Louie Ray Eugene Roberts James Schaeffer Ray Langham Frank Lawrence Charles Maker James McDaniel Boyd McGinn Robert McKee Jack MacKenzie Richard Witt Joseph Cohen Art Da vies Walter Connolly John Crafts Edward Dill Harry Dunlop Philip Fineman Robert Green John Hall Robert Hanford SOPHOMORES Albert Olson George Pantages BASIC Douglas Hubbard Howard Hughson Robert Immucci Richard Jones Joel Luhn Stuart McBrayer Mack Mitchell John Nichandros Cyril Peletz Richard Peter Charles Pierson William Pleshko Robert Proctor Louis Rahlves Ross Reagan Jesse Rogers Marvin Sirbu Vallard C. Smith Walter Svenson Sheldon Tracy Stanford White David Wigley Hubert Wolf Harrison Payne Paul Pinson Howard R. Robie Bernard Schulte Richard Scott Paul Semmens Thomas Simonson Robert Snowden Peter Vukasin Donald Rudee Allen Schwartz Robert Stevens Clarence Straun John E. Troxell Robert Westerfield John Ross Wheeler PHI CHI THETA President Vice-President. (National Professional Commerce Sorority) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS OFFICERS Emilie Douglass Secretary June MacKay Treasurer.. ....Carolyn Geis .Lucille Rodoni PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Professor and Mrs. Ira B. Cross Professor and Mrs. H. R. Hatfield Professor and Mrs. Stuart Daggett Professor and Mrs. Allan H. Mowbray Dean and Mrs. Henry F. Grady Professor C. C. Staehling Acting Dean and Mrs. E. T. Grether Dean Lucy W. Stebbins HONORARY Vera Mae Bishop GRADUATE Mildred Lorenz SENIORS Emilie Douglass June MacKay Lucille Rodoni Carolyn Geis Marguerite Nadon Barbara Samson Marguerite Young Mildred Zeller Rita LeBailly Lillian Haden Virginia Brown Dorothy Chipchase JUNIORS Isabel Hinckley SOPHOMORES Jeanne Krug Shirley Hornberg Doris Schrader Anita Scanlon Ellen White 471 THETA SIGMA PHI (Women ' s Journalistic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1909 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Coralie Lamb Vice-President Agnes Larsen Secretary Rosemary Gaines Treasurer Barbara Levy Keeper of the Archives Ruth Wilson Gertrude Atherton Mrs. Walter Kolasa HONORARY Rose Wilder Lane Kathleen Norris Cornelia S. Parker Lucy W. Stebbins SENIORS Bette Barnard Dorothy Anne Boyer Billie Coleman Rosemary Gaines Coralie Lamb Ruth Wilson Agnes Larsen Barbara Levy Jeanne Overmire Peggy Schuster Natalie Shneyeroff Barbara Ball Shirley Cohen Elena Crossfield Peggy Gabbert Helen Igleheart JUNIORS Rosemary Langheldt Eugenia Livingston Mary O ' Connor Anne Rapport Mary Ruth Swift Elaine West THETA T A U (National Professional Engineering Fraternity) EPSILON CHAPTER LIMITED TO MINING AND GEOLOGY STUDENTS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1904 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring Edward M. Wheeler President E. Allen McClure E. Allen McClure Vice-President Theodore Olsen Theodore Olsen Recording Secretary Charles F. Hunkins Marvin A. Sirbu Treasurer H. Lorenz Waldthausen Robert K. Byerts Corresponding Secretary George C. Jung Charles A. Anderson Perry Byerly Ralph W. Chancy Earnest A. Hersam John N. Adkins John H. Brineman Carlton Condit Ben E. Gumpertz SENIORS FACULTY Carlton D. Hulin George D. Louderback Walter S. Morley Adolf Pabst Frank H. Probert GRADUATES Jack W. Harding, Jr. Richard H. Merriam Richard C. Mielenz Harold W. B. Baker, Jr. George J. Barnett Robert K. Byerts James B. Cathcart, Jr. Jack W. Hay Charles F. Hunkins James D. Huston, Jr. Robert S. Knowles Charles E. Larson E. Allen McClure Grant W. Metzger William B. Nelson Robert W. Ravenscroft Marvin A. Sirbu Vard A. Stockton Porter E. Thompson Nicholas L. Taliaferro Lester C. Uren Vertress L. VanderHoof Howel Williams Albert L. Repecka Edward M. Wheeler Ivan F. Wilson James T. Wilson JUNIORS Oliver E. Bowen, Jr. George C. Jung Chester M. Gibson Theodore Olsen H. Lorenz Waldthausen 472 Roy W. Turner WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY OFFICERS President V ice-President.. Secretary Treasurer. Advisor.... Doris Benny Leslie Kelley ....Janice Connick .Arline Brown lie Louise Cobb Eleanor Bartlett Frederica Bernhard Louise Cobb Caroline Coleman HONORARY Lucille Czarnowski Sarah Davis Anna Espenschade Marie Henze Glass Pauline Hodgson Isabel Kane Violet Marshall Esther Sinclair Doris Benny Arline Brownlie Rose Chapman SENIORS Sarah Finlay Katherine Gross Winnif red Haughland Marguerite Hayward Aileen Kinkel Marjorie Matteson Anna Shieffer Janice Connick JUNIORS Caroline Nelson Dwayne Van Deventer U SIGMA PS (Women ' s Physical Education Honor Society) FOLXDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 OFFICERS President.. Secretary... Treasurer.. Edna W. Bailey Eleanor E. Bartlett Frederica Bernhard Louise S. Cobb Caroline W. Coleman HONORARY Ruby L. Cunningham Sarah R. Davis Lois E. Ellfeldt Anna S. Espenschade Maria H. Glass UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mary Elise Pilliard ..Winnifred Haughland Rose Chapman Lucille K. Czarnowski Rena Clark Ruth Darling Margaret Dinsmore Doris Benny Nora Brandt Rose Chapman Lorriene Daniels Ruth Fogg Janice Connick GRADUATES Leslie Kelley Margaret Kessing Claire Nace Lucille Patterson SENIORS Katherine Gross Winnifred Haughland Mary Hi agios Janis Hildebrandt JUNIORS Billie Pepper Anna Schieffer Eugenia Kennan Violet B. Marshall Jane W. Shurmer Esther Sinclair Winifred Van Hagen Pauline Hodgson Linda Roberto Marya Welch Adrian Whyte Aileen Kinkel Erline Lowe Marjorie Matteson Mary Pilliard Mary Shea Dwayne Van Deventer 473 ACE DF CLUBS (Intersarority Social O rganizatio n) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS 1928 Fall Patricia Alexander Mary Elizabeth Allen Ann Berryhill Jane Cox Virginia Adams Mary Lou Bailey Jacqueline Bertz ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Jean Elliott SENIORS Nancy Lou Glass Phyliss Greenlee Patricia McCarthy Janet May Elizabeth Murphy Lindsay Neal Shirley Phelps Barbara Schuessler JUNIORS Barbara Booth Elizabeth Hamilton Beatrice Church Ella Hoyt Leah Gynn Corbet Norma Lauppe SOPHOMORE Jean Kelly Spring Shirley Phelps.... ' . President Patricia McCarthy Vice-President Nancy Lou Glass Ann Berryhill.... Treasurer.... ..-.Lindsav Neal Allison Thompson Marjorie Skaife Barbara Sorrick Leonore Upham Dorothy Mattoon Janet Pugh Helen Rivolta TORCH A1VD SHIELD (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer.. -Barbara Scheussler Martha Lindsley Janet May Mary B. Davidson Betty Jane Caldwell Mary Elizabeth Finlayson Martha Lindsley HONORARY SENIORS Eleanor Mahan Janet May Barbara Scheussler JUNIORS Dorothy Ayrault Nan Duhme Marjorie LeRoy Mary Lou Bailey Betty Hamilton Jean McHenry Virginie Hoisholt Dorothy Mattoon Lucy Ward Stebbins Helen Stanton Leonore Upham Patricia Wachob Peggy Moorhead Hester Ann Wilkinson 474 P H S K P I (Honorary Fraternity in Social Service and Citizenship) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1933 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1933 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Thomas C. Adams Secretary Herbert W. Graves Treasurer Ned A. Flanders FRATRES IN URBE Dr. S. H. Babington Edward Davis Gray Fred Batkin, Jr. Bernard T. Rocca, Jr. Paul Donald Ehret Robert D. Ray Richard Henry Felter C. Mason Whitney GRADUATES Ernest Lowry Dobson Andrew M. Price Owen C. Dickson Richard Elmer Ray W. Sterling Gorrill Luther Newhall Robert Lowrv Dobson G. Douglas Gould SENIORS George C. Gester Edwin Lasell Herbert White Graves Edward Lee Soule Robert Porter Giles Russell Usinger Harold Rex Jones JUNIORS Thomas C. Adams John D. Ainsworth Bruce Benedict Leonard Brennan Ned Allen Flanders Dennis Horgan Neil A. Marshall Bernard Edward Pedersen John Arthur Davies SOPHOMORES John P. Jahn F. Theodore Malm J. Philip Simpson PI DELTA PHI (National French Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 NINE CHAPTERS R. Altrocchi B. Barnier N. Bergstedt C. H. Bissell G. Bonno August Armanasco William Culver Ruth Doser Marie Dufrenoy Alvin Eustis Charles Fallis Sarah Couch Barbara Davis Verna Ferroggiaro OFFICERS President Marcella Theil V ice-President Cecile Trumpler Secretary.... Phyllis Foreman Treasurer Beverly McCue UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES C. D. Brenner F. Carmody V. Chapman H. Chevalier Anne Gibson Naomi Goldwasser Lorenzo Guido William Haselden Noreko Ikeda Bena Katz Phyllis Foreman Louisa Illingworth Bessie Ely J. de la Harpe M. Dondo P. B. Fay H. Goldsmith GRADUATES Helen Lathrop Louise Marcollo Margaret Martinson Adele Osborne David Parish Marian Parry SENIORS Margery Jordan Beverly Mc Cue JUNIORS Jean Ely A. Habis-Reutinger A. Keller M. McGrillies E. Meylan Catherine Rau Maude Reed Jean Rivoire Erma Schneringer Barbara Shuey Clyde Snider Ruth Nodder Sarah Redington Julia Powell C. Orssaud H. I. Priestley A. H. Rowbotham A. Solomon R. Walpole Ellen Soletti Howard Stone Marjorie Thedaker Marcella Theil Juliette Van Hovenberg Robert Woodlaw Cecile Trumpler Frances Turman 475 PHI DELTA KAPPA {Professional Education Fraternity) FOUNDED AT INDIANA UNIVERSITY, 1906 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS August Armanasco Alfred Aufdemberge Richard B. Ault Hyrum J. Babcock Milton Babitz R. Malcom Battison, Jr. Norman W. Campion William W. Colby William A. Connolly Edwin J. DeMello Robert G. Dennis OFFICERS President Arthur P. Selleck V ice-President Philip Bower Secretary-Treasurer Neil Lamb Faculty Sponsor William W. Kemp Editor of News Letter Joseph A. Amori Ernest L. Dobson Paul D. Ehret Dale F. Ely Neil S. Estrada Louis F. Ferry Joseph M. Fulford Jack M. Glessner Robert M. Griffin Rovert N. Hansen Rudolph E. Hansen Sigfred E. Hansen Frederick T. Tyler MEMBERS Thomas B. Henley Elwood V. Hess Marshall S. Hester Walter K. Higgins George H. Hollidge Vincent R. Huarte Stanley J. Johnson Robert Larson Samuel LeCount James V. Lewis Merle E. Link Philip Lones Fred A. McAbeer Stephen E. Metcalf Marshall Miller James Mitchell Russell Rogers Mohn James E. Morena Robert D. Morgans Robert E. Morrill Edgar E. Muller Thomas C. Murney Leslie Voorhees E. Van Rensselaer Needles John H. Nopel Harold M. Petersen Thomas F. M. Porteous Jack D. Rees Rolande J. Roberts David J. Robertson James C. Roos William C. Rundle Leland S. Russell Wilson Sanchez, Jr. Wm. J. Walsh M. Max Schmoekel Leonard Schulman Lloyd G. Seaver Clyde Wm. Snider John Scares William R. Steinhoff Robert S. Stewart Edwin Swineford Arthur D. Thomson Walter Tonge Dwight E. Twist DELTA EPSILON (Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 FOUR CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring Lez L. Haas President Stanley Lachman Betty L. Foster V ice-President Emily Louise Saxon Barbara M. Winchester Secretary-Treasurer Barbara M. Winchester Martha A. Lindsley Corresponding Secretary Martha A. Lindsley Ray S. Boynton Mary Dumas Helen W. Francher Hope M. Gladding UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES John C. Haley Howard Moise Walther A. Horn Carlton Lehman Erie Loran Lucretia Nelson Eugen Neuhaus Chiura Obata Stephen C. Pepper Warren C. Perry Margaret E. Peterson Worth Ryder Rosamond B. Stanley Aram Torossian Oliver M. Washburn Clara Marie Bollo Elmer N. Bischoff Laurette E. Clair Christopher Gray Elizabeth C. Ardery Martha E. Baldwin George W. Caldwell Loraine Collins Mary K. Dawson Horst M. De La Croix June T. Elder Isabel M. Boulter Galina Dotsenko David L. Dowd GRADUATES Dorothy R. Grover Eda M. Maloy Karl A. Kasten Babette E. Marks Zelda J. Long Betty Rowell Vivian Lowe Truman Silva Hilda Zimmerman SENIORS Betty L. Foster Jean E. Freeman Lez L. Haas Zady W. Harvey Stanley Lachman Elizabeth Lindsley Martha A. Lindsley Louise McClure Ann McNutt Eleanor Massie Augusta Miller Keith Monroe Janice Gardner Edith Gaylord JUNIORS Virginia Gould Jeanne Hays SOPHOMORE Ynez Johnston Rae Stone Betsy Straub Frances E. Struter Enid Zacharias Mabel Park Estell Payne Howard Smith Donald Vestneys Claudia Williamson Barbara Winchester Alec Yuill-Thornton Lorraine McCall Emily Louise Saxon Helen Hutton 476 PI PHI DELTA (Women ' s Economics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1926 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President... Vite-President . Secretary Treasurer Mary Gotzenberg Irene Carney Minna Crook Jean Duckies Mary Chittick Miriam Geballe GRADUATES SENIORS Ina Edman Eleanor Keenan Margaret McRae JUNIORS Virginie Hoisboh Phyllis Kahn Gerti Landauer -Lavonne Slater -..Florence Hurst -Margaret McRae Irene Carney Florence Hurst Nellie Meyer Rita O ' Connor Lavonne Slater Charlotte Snider Arlene Spraker PHILDRTHIA1V (Women ' s Debating Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 ONE CHAPTER Fall Harriet Plunken.. Cecile Trumpler Margaret Brown Mar)- Anne Delmore- Berdeen Frankel Lilyan Birnberg Ruth Biebesheimer Margaret Brown Catherine Cline Elizabeth Dodds Betty Jean Blum Margaret Crittenden Mary Anne Delmore Vera Bahrendt OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HONORARY SENIORS Mary Eselun Patricia Golton Margaret Hill Dorothy Miller JUNIORS Pearl Goldberg SOPHOMORES Anne Gleason Louise Ingham FRESHMEN Adele deFremery Spring Cecil Trumpler ..Man- Anne Delmore Pearl Goldberg Lilyan Bimberg Audrey Ziegenfuss Harriet Plunkett Cecile Trumpler Bettv Williamson Ruth Anne Shingle Esther Wall Natalie Kay Emily Stout Doris A - e Thomas Catherine Grover 477 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Allen C. Blaisdell, Director Mrs. Allen C. Blaisdell Eugenie Carneiro STAFF Elizabeth Edmunds Burton King Abraham Manell Frank Monahan Catherine Murphy Vitaly Smolakov Leonard Van Dyk Andrew Gyorgy GRADUATE COUNCIL Raymond Matthai Jack Rivoire Thomas Warren Ruth Bradley Imperia Briganti Elizabeth Dinsdale WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Helen Haynes Liselotte Kamm Kay Mano Marion Matteson Lykke Reimann Louise Sassmann Enid Zacharias 478 SCHOOL U H S I F IV G OFFICERS President Jean Baldwin V ice-President Loise Payne Secretary.... Mary Kuhl Treasurer.... Virginia Dontanville Director Margaret Tracy MEMBERS Chitose Aihara Helen M. Babayco Edith I. Bakke Jean C. Baldwin L. Dorothy Barron Mary E. Beahrs Doris M. Boudett Joyce R. Browning Beatrice M. Bullock Mary A. Bullock Frances J. Day- Virginia K. Dontanville Evangeline B. Edlund Aloha J. Fernandes Elsie M. Forbes June M. Gridley Mary E. Hawk Jeanne Hensler Matilde S. Honda Kathryn J. Jarde Dorothy L. Johnson Helen D. Johnson Irene R. Johnson Aukje H. Kapteyn Carol B. Keefe Mary E. King Herma J. Kleymeyer Pearl Kurokawa Joan M. McCarthy Marilou Miller Karen P. Mouritsen Ruby B. Murphy- Mildred E. Orton Mildred M. Perry Anna F. Price Helen C. Smith Ella M. Stout Margaret W. Sumner Jane Sweet Edythe J. Swetters Emi Tanabe Haru Tashiru Alice J. Wright Aihara Babayco Bakke Baldwin Barren Boudett Browning Bullock, B. Bullcck. M. D.y Dontaniille Edlund Forbes Gridley Hawk Hensler Jarde Johnson. D. Johnson. H. Johnson, I. Kapttyn Keefe King Kleymeyer Kurokawa McCarthy Miller Mouritsen Murphy Orton Perry Price Smith Stout Sumner Sweet Swetters Tanabe Tashiru Wright 479 JAPANESE STUDENTS ' E L U B 1777 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1913 ONE CHAPTER Adachi Hedani Hiroshige Ichiyasu Iseri Nieda Okamoto, S. Okamoto, Y. Sasaki Takeshita Tani Wada Yamazaki Yoshida Yoshiwara Abe Fujihara Hori, S. Hori. T. Hotta Kitahara Kosasa Obata Yasukochi Fiijimoto Kitsuse Mita Sakada I to Okamoto, T. Sakamoto Shiomichi Tamaki Tokeshi Yomashita Bill Hirashima Ariaki Inouye Shiro Abe George Adachi Iwao Egashira Minoru Endo Thomas Fujimoto William Fujita Tokuji Hedani Naotaka Hiroshige Torao Ichiyasu Albert lida Morio Ikeda Richard Imagawa Isami Inouye Lloyd Iseri Toshio Abe Frank Endo Yoshiki Fujihara Yoshio Handa Masayoshi Harada Bill Hata Saburo Hori Tats Hori Yoshi Hotta George Ichikawa Chusan Fujimoto Grant Ichikawa Mechinori Inouye Chikara Ito Saichiro Kawakita Ichiro Furuta Arthur Iwata Akira Kashiki Terry Masuda GRADUATES Nobu Kato SENIORS George Kyotow Frank Mizusawa Akira Murakami Edwin Nagara George Nakamura Isamu Nieda James Ogisaka Susumu Okamoto Yukio Okamoto Charles Onoye Sam Rokutani George Sakanari Tom Sasaki JUNIORS Takeyuki Katow George Kitahara Neil Kosasa Isaac Matsushige Seichi Mikami George Miyake Harry Nakahara Nobe Nakamura Nobuu Nishimoto George Nishio Benjamin Obata SOPHOMORES Nelson Kitsuse Harry Kojima Roy Mita Hideo Nakano Franklin Okuda Thomas Sagimori FRESHMEN Thomas Okamoto Robert Omata Toyo Sakamoto Joe Shiomichi Tom Kato Lincoln Shimidzu Kazuyoshi Senzaki Tamotsu Shimozaki Esau Shimizu Daniel Shinoda Arashi Shirakawa James Sugihara Nobumitsu Takahashi Masso Takeshita Tadashi Tani Hiroshi Uratsu Frank Wada Toshi Yamazaki Joe Yoshiwara Hafime Yoshizawa Saburo Okamura Sam Okubara William Sakai Masao Sugano Joe Takeshita Noriyuki Tashima Raymond Tatsuno George Yamamoto George Yasukochi Akira Yoshida Masao Sakada Goro Suzuki Terry Takahashi Henry Yamamoto Robert Uyeda Carl Tamaki Harry Teshine Edward Tokeshi Thomas Yamashita rl " = ' m 480 CHINESE STUDENTS ' CLUB 2600 ETNA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1913 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AllynLee N. W. Mah C P. Sha Mrs. L. L. Lee Henry D. Moon B. C We ng OFFICERS Fall Sprimg Raymond Chan. President .Raymond Chan Janet Chock. Vice-President. Janet Chock Rubve Foo English Secretary Dolores Wing Peter Chue Treasurer Bruce Quan George Fung Auditor . George Fung Paul Vuke House Manager . Robert Wong Chntfte Secretary .Elvin Wong GRADUATES Kan-Fun Chang Alvin Joe David Lee Ben Quan Shin-Ying Ying Chia W. Chang Ben Jower Low Kee Lee Lester Shew Te-Mei Tsen Raymond Chao Lawrence Jue Choh-Hao Li Tseng-Min Sun I Hsiu Wong Tieh-M. Chen Sun Yee Koo Heng Yu Li Yun Tan Mah G. Wong Walter Chun Yi-fazi Laai Lu Chik Liu Lee Tone Walter Wong Ernest Horn Marie Lau Jung Pang Lo Grace Tow Chien Shiung Wu Sheng Hwai Lu SENIORS Bertha Chan Alben Fong Lucile Lee Jean Lyra Edward Tom PaulCho Howard Joe Wallace Lee George Meu Nellie Tom Janet Chock Andrew Kim George Li George Mew David Wing Frances Chong Roben Lam Yung Li Jean Moon Chung Y. Wong Ruth Chue Ronald Lee William Lim Mabel Paik Clifton Yip Ruby Dong Harry Lee Erline Lowe Tse-Ping Sun John Yuan Hector Eng Hing Lee Grace Lowe S. Y. Tang PaulYuke JUNIORS Al in Chan Paul Fong Fred Lee Jonah Li William Won Edith Chan Daisy- Fung Frederick Lee George Mar Wymon Won Edward Chan John Holt Lawrence Lee Jessie Soo Hoo Earl Wong Raymond Chan Noel Home Lester Lee Tse-Kiong Sun Katerine Woo Elaine Chinn Harold Jow Lowhon Lee Mastick Tom Don Yee Peter Chong Sam Jung Rowland Lee Lena Way Lillv Yee Kin Chuck May Lai Ray Lew Mary Whang Wilbert Yee Ly- Vic SOPHOMORES Andrew Auyang Alladora Fong May Hum Roger Lee Elvin Wong Haw Chan Rubye Foo Dan Jung Stephen Lee Norma Wong George Chew- George Fung Suen On Jung Steven Leong Raymond Wong George Ching Evelyn Glenchur William Lai Allen Lim Robert Wong Peter Chue Bemice Heu Edwin Lee Virginia Lim Tung G. Wong Samuel Dang George Ho Gerald Lee Bruce Quan LillaWu Marion Dong Leong Hop Leslie Lee Stuart Quan Mabel Wu Frank H. Eng Bill Hui Lew Lee Ben Tom George Yee Frank R. Eng VX illiam Young FRESHMEN Priscilla Chan David Fong Robert Lee Wai Mah George Wong Ruby Chan Robert Fong Stephen Lee Henry- Pong Herbert Wong Ti ng Chu Chang May Fung Theodore Lee Betty Quan Ong Jue Wong Kenneth Chinn Grace Fung May Lo Phyllis Sooboo Ronald Wong Edmond Chong Louis Gee Lawrence Low Blossom Tang Wallace Wong Alice Chue Walter Joe William Low Lawrence Tom Wilson Wong Raymond Chung George Kan Henry Lim Dolores Wing Henry Yee Vi ' aUand Djong Yat Wa Laa Robert Lym Alice Wong Shuck Yee Conrad Fong Lai Lee Chester Wong Rose Yip FM 481 KINPORTS President McFARLAND Vice-President Sl TOPHAM Secretary WOMEN ' S DDHMITDHY ASSOCIATION (Representative of the Organized Dormitories) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 COUNCIL MEMBERS Fall Spring Claris Holland Beaudelaire Audrey Davis Marjorie MacMillan Beverly Lodge Jeanne Perry Patricia Prescott Bon Haven Elsie Althouse Eloise Guynn Bryn Mawr Hall Eloise Guynn Alma Marshall College Hall Muriel Horner Jane Bush Colonial Hall Jane Bush Donna Robbins Concord Donna Robbins Claire Raney Concordia Claire Raney Anita Cohen Durant Place Margaret Harris Marguerite Kelly Elizabeth Barret Virginia Franklin Betty Scott Epworth Hall Martha Ann Buckner Julie Parker Haste Lodge Jean Campbell Thelma Ahonen Joaquin Hall Ruth Burton Marnelle Smiley Lantana Lodge Juanita Booth Eleanor Leal.... ...Lauralon Ruth Ducker Fall Spring Geraldine Dolan Magnolias Leila Woods Sally Redington Maison Francaise... Madeleine Clot Doris Zak Martha Washington H ..Mary Ann Fisher Helen Craig North Gables Betty Torosian Betty Belais Piedmont Place Betty Belais Carolyn Geis Prospect Terrace Marie Tyson Kathleen Watson Regent Lua Cordosa Ethyl Meyer Ridgemont Gertrude Hampton Mary Lyons Ritter Hall Mary Lyons Eloise Moore St. Margaret ' s Elizabeth Rhea Nellie Meyer Stebbins Hall Nellie Meyer Mary Ellen Street Stratford Hall Margaret Babcock Sidney Rife Sunny Brook Gables Bettie Lytle Joanna Renetzky Terrace Lodge Joanna Renetzky Nonie Goldwater Wisteria Lodge Ruth Leubacher Back Row: Ducker, MacMillan, Geis, Cohen, Dolan, Robbins, Woods. Third Row: Tyson, Craig, Topham, Campbell. Booth. Second Row: Belais, Kinports, Burton, Franklin, McFarland. Front Row: Harris, Babcock, Benny, Holland, Cardoso, Torosian. 482 T- 4H Hilkr MASDIVIC CLUB ORGANIZATIONS ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1923 Fall Robert Krtiiwdv MEN ' S MASONIC CLUB ..Preside ? Spring Charles M Miller Vice-Preside William Kirkham William Marhek Sfrrftury frforpp D Hart Wenthership Sffrffatry Foster Jones Treasurer Dale F. Ely.. Keprfffttf afire T t? F Elv Carl Molirer Representative Charles M Miller Robert Nelson_.. Representative. .Georee C. Riser Fall Mayfred G. Stryker... Anne Stephenson- Etbelyn Kraus______. Ruth E. Kuns Berenice WeigaixL Dorothy Harvey _ Lydia McKeehan Jean Lofgren. Betty Banoo_ Virginia Goemmer Helen Shirley_ WOMEN ' S MASONIC CLUB President V ice-President Council Representative-. - Council Representative . " Council Representative . Recording Secretary Membership Secretary.-. Treasurer Women ' s Representative... Women ' s Representative Glee Club Representative-. Fall Dale F. Ely. Etbelyn 1 Anne Stephenson Charles Miller.... MASONIC CLUB EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President. Vice-President . .-Secretary Treasurer Spring Anne Stephenson Ethelyn Kraus Bern- Barton Dorothy Harvey .. Bereniece Weigand . Ruth E. Kuns Virginia Goemmer Jean Lofgren Virginia Lorimer Barbara Long Helen Shirley Spring Charles M. Miller .Betty Barton -Bereniece Weigand .William Kirkham HENRY MORSE STEPHENS LODGE Mr. Fred A. Flanders Representative Dr. F. R. Gray _____ ...... ____ Representative- Mrs. John H. Quinn _ _ . _______________ ...Clubhouse Hostess.. Spring .-Mr. Fred A. Flanders Mr. Boyd Rakestraw Mrs. John H. Quinn WOMEN ' S MASONIC GLEE CLUB President . Helen Shirley Manager . Sylvia Munter Secretary-Treasurer . Isabel Murphy .-Elizabeth Mason 483 U-HB Back Row: MacDonald, Stcbener, Ward, Warren, Cord, Rust, Murray. Third Row: Meniketti, Stichka, Flaherty, Morton, Bartholomew, Clerou, Thibadeau. Second Row: Asturias, Renner, Kennedy, Newton, Moore, Cox, Freeman, Considine. Front Row: Tournier, Veasy, Conley, Hawkins, A., Hawkins, R., Myers, Prat, Turner. NEWMAN CLUB (Catholic Students ' Social and Intellectual Center) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1899 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President Remain P. Clerou Vice-President Rosemary Hawkins Secretary Carol Joan Kennedy Treasurer Joseph F. Knight Social Chairman Robert E. Rust Religious Chairman Edward V. Warren Academic Chairman William J. Flaherty Publicity Chairman Robert J. Considine ,,. . . i Thomas Burke, CSP Chaplains . _ ,, . -en I Peter E. Hoey, CSP Executive Secretary George Bartholomew Fall ADVISORY COUNCIL Spring Katherine Newton ORIENTATIONS Patricia Myers Regina Conley SOCIAL SERVICE Regina Conley ClaudinePrat PERSONNEL Mary Moore Antona Hawkins .MEMBERSHIP Edward Horton William Ward MUSIC Rodney MacDonald Samuel Cord " NEWSMAN " EDITOR Antona Hawkins Margaret Tannahill CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Claudine Prat Lucy Turner OPEN HOUSE Oswaldo Asturias William Stobener SPECIAL SUPPERS Lucy Turner Helen Gilfoyle WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Rosemary Renner Robert Rust MEN ' S ATHLETICS Bart Thibadeau Martha Cox WEEKLY LUNCHEONS Helen Gilfoyle Richard Jarboe DRAMATICS Richard Jarboe DESTRUCTION John Murray Jean Freeman ' . : ART DIRECTOR Jean Freeman Marcelle Tournier NEWS BUREAU Marcelle Tournier Katherine Veasy TELEPHONE CREW Katherine Veasy William Flaherty DISCUSSIONS Gerry Barnett Gertrude Wachob DEBATING Donald Stanich ORCHESTRA James Stichka 484 H Drwj Jnctt Pmy I " COLLEGE WOMEN ' S ELUB JUNIDHS (Junior Auxiliary of the East Bay Branch of the America of Unh-eriity Women) 2680 BANCROFT WAY EXECUTIVE BOARD President First V ice-President Second Vice-President- Secretary Treasurer Philanthropy. Social Publicity . Telephone ..Constance Hagan -Marion Morcom -Elizabeth Drury _-____Mary Jewett Jeanne Perry Dorothy Ewing Elizabeth Hauri ..Carol Mathewson Marie Wrigley Isobel Craig Lolita Dutro Sarah Finlay Jean Hoagland Helen Ackerly Dorothy Ayrault Lois Callister Ladene Cottle Janet Ackerly Barbara Cramer Margaret Graves Jane Holmes Louise Cooper Elizabeth McElrath SENIORS Doris Macdonald IllonaRaskey Mirra Scaparone JUNIORS Jane Gray Jean MacKenzie Mary McVittie SOPHOMORES Barbara Horstmann Clare Lewis Marv McCloud FRESHMEN Helen Murphy Berta Kessing Madeleine Seelig Anne Stephenson Nancy Taber Elsie Wicks Ftiyllis Moore Alva Rosedale Dorothy Staehling Mary Edyth Waterman Adele Moore Barbara Moves Dorothy Parker Renette Prior Anneliese Windesheim Judy Wrigley 485 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SDCIETY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ORGANIZED IN 1907 2601 DURANT AVENUE Christian Science Society of the University of California was organized on this campus in 1907. From that time until the present there has been a steady growth and progress in its activities. The year 1933 saw the culmination of building plans with the construction and occupation of a new edifice. A Reading Room is open daily, where authorized Chris- tian Science literature may be read. Testimonial meetings are held in the auditorium every Tuesday evening, and each semester a lecture is presented by a member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. Students and faculty members are cordially invited to attend the meetings and use the Reading Room. 486 Abracadabra 352 Acacia 353 Ace of Clubs 474 Administrative Deans .... 29 Advertising Service Bureau . . 209 Agriculutre, College of ... 30 Alpha Chi Omega 404 Alpha Chi Sigma 354 Alpha Delta Phi 355 Alpha Delta Pi 405 Alpha Delta Sigma ..... 442 Alpha Epsilon Phi 406 Alpha Gamma Delta 407 Alpha Gamma Rho 356 Alpha Kappa Lambda .... 357 Alpha Omicron Pi 408 Alpha Phi 409 Alpha Sigma Phi 358 A. I. E. E 459 A.S. C. E 461 A.S. M. E 460 Alpha Tau Delta 466 Alpha Tau Omega 359 Alpha Xi Delta 410 Alumni 40-41 Alumni Council 40 " Anna Christie " 234-235 Architecture, College of ... 31 Areta 411 Assembly Dance Committee . . 38 A. S. U. C. 170-183 A.S. U. C Band 242 A. S. U. C. News Bureau . . . 249 Athletic Council 249 Bachelordon 360 Baseball 296-307 Baseball Games : St. Mary ' s 303 Santa Clara 302 Stanford 306 U.CL.A 305 U.S.C 304 Baseball Non-Conference Season 300-301 Baseball Varsity 298 Basketball 274-285 Basketball Games : P. CC Play-off 283 Stanford Series 282 U. C. L. A. Series 280 U.S.C. Series 281 Basketball Non-Conference Season 278-279 Basketball Varsity 276 Basketball, 130-lb. Team . . . 331 Basketball, 145-lb. Team ... 331 Baton 458 Beta Alpha Psi 463 Beta Beta 444 Beta Gamma Sigma 445 Beta Phi Alpha 412 Beta Sigma Omicron 413 Beta Theta Pi 361 Big " C " Guards 165 Big " C ' Society 440 Blue and Gold 200-203 Bowles Hall 396-397 Boxing 330 Brawl 167 Bureau of Occupations .... 42 Business Administration . . . 174 California Cannoneers .... 471 California Engineer 213 Card Sales Committee, A. S. U. C . 182 Casa Hispana 4l4 Charter Day 39 Chemistry, College of .... 30 Chi Epsilon 462 Chinese Students ' Club .... 481 Chi Omega 415 Chi Phi 362 Chi Psi 363 Christian Science Society . . . 486 Circle " C ' Society .... 441 INDEX Circle " C " Sports 328-359 Classes 74-169 Coast Artillery 219 Colleges and Schools at Berkeley . 30-31 Commerce, College of .... 31 College Women ' s Club Juniors . 485 Contents 7 " Cradle Will Rock, The " . . 234-235 Crew 286-295 Crew Races: Cornell 291 Oregon State 292 Poughkeepsie Regatta ... 291 Washington 293 Crew Varsity 288 Cross Country 334 Daily California!! 204-208 Davis, College of Agriculture . . 51 Debate Managers 245 Debating 244-247 Del Rev 364 Delta Chi 365 Delta Chi Alpha 443 Delta Delta Delta 416 Delta Epsilon 476 Delta Gamma 417 Delta Kappa Epsilon 366 Delta Phi Epsilon 439 Delta Tau Delta 367 Delta Upsilon 368 Delta Zeta 418 Dentistry, College of 49 Deputations Committee .... 178 " Devil ' s Disciple, The " . . . 232-233 Divisions 44-53 Drama 226-237 Dramatics Council 229 Dramatics Staffs 229 Education, College of .... 30 Elections Committee 179 Engineer Corps 222 Engineering, College of .... 30 Engineers ' Council 180 Epsilon Alpha 465 Eta Kappa Nu 438 Executive Committee, A.S.U.C, 172-173 Fencing 335 Fine Arts, College of 50 Football 252-273 Football Games : California Aggies 259 College of Pacific 259 Georgia Tech 270 Oregon 266 Oregon State 263 St, Mary ' s 256-257 Stanford 268-269 U.CL.A. 260-261 U.S.C 264-265 Washington 262 Washington State 258 Football Varsity 254 Forensics Council 244 Foreword 6 Fraternities 348-399 Freshman Baseball Season . . . 307 Freshman Basketball Season . . 285 Freshman Class Officers .... 168 Freshman Crew Season .... 295 Freshman Football Season . . . 273 Freshman Tennis Season . . . 327 Freshman Track Season .... 319 Freshmen Year 168-169 Gamma Phi Beta 419 Glee Club 243 Golden Bear 434 Golf 339 Grizzly 214 Group System 188 Guest Speakers 43 Guild of Applied Arts .... 456 Gymnastics 335 Handball 339 Hastings College of Law ... 50 High School Press Convention . 215 History of University .... 20-23 Honor Students 36 Ice Hockey 338 Infantry 220 In Memoriam 5 In terfratemiry Council .... 351 International House 478 Intramural Carnival .... 344-345 Intramural Managers .... 342 Intramural Sports 340-345 Japanese Students ' Club .... 480 Junior Class Officers 161 Junior Day 162 Junior Informal .... 161-163 Junior Year 161-163 Junior Varsity Crew Season . . 294 Jurisprudence, College of ... 31 Kappa Alpha 369 Kappa Alpha Theta 420 Kappa Delta 421 Kappa Delta Rho 370 Kappa Kappa Gamma .... 422 Kappa Nu 3 1 Kappa Sigma 372 Kellogg Institute of Animal Husbandry 53 Labor Day 166 Lambda Chi Alpha 373 Letters and Science, College of . 31 Librarianship, College of ... 31 Lick Observatory 52 Mask and Dagger 468 Masonic Club 483 Medicine, College of 48 Men ' s Judicial Committee . . . 176 Mining, College of 30 Mixer Dance Committee . . . 179 Mortar Board 435 " Murder in the Cathedral " . . 23O-231 Music 238-243 Music Council 240 Naval Unit 224-225 Newman Club 484 Nursing, School of .... 49-479 Nu Sigma Psi 473 " Once Over Lightly " . . . .236-237 Ordnance 222 Orientations Committee . . . 177 Pan Hellenic 403 PanXenia 464 Peace Committee, A. S. U. C . . 181 Pelican 210-212 Personnel Committee .... 189 Pharmacy, College of .... 48 Phi Beta ' Delta 374 Phi Beta Kappa 432 Phi Chi Theta 471 Phi Delta 423 Phi Delta Chi 398 Phi Delta Kappa 476 Phi Delta Theta 375 Phi Epsilon Chi 470 Phi Gamma Delta 376 Phi Kappa Psi 377 Phi Kappa Sigma 378 Phi Kappa Tau 379 Philorthian 477 Phi Mu 424 Phi Omega Pi 425 Phi Phi 448-449 Phi Sigma Kappa 380 Phrateres 469 Pi Alpha Sigma 457 Pi Beta Phi 426 Pi Delta Epsilon 454 INDEX Pi Delta Phi 475 Pi Kappa Alpha 381 Pi Kappa Phi 382 Pi Phi Delta 477 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 452 President s Message 26 President ' s Reception .... 37 Prominent Professors .... 32-36 Proskopoi 475 Prytanean 436 Psi Epsilon 383 Publications 196-215 Publications Council 199 Quarterdeck 453 " Rain From Heaven " . . . 230-231 Rally Committee 250 Rambler Season 272 Reception Committee .... 190 Regents 27 Riflery 334 Riverside, Citrus Experiment Station 52 R. O. T. C 216-225 R. O. T. C. Summer Camps ... 223 Rugby 336 Scabbard and Blade 437 Scripps, Institute of Oceanography 53 Senate 467 Seniors 77-159 Senior Class Officers 77 Senior Fall Informal 78 Senior Peace Committee ... 78 Senior Singings 79 Senior Spring Informal .... 80 Senior Week 158-159 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 384 Sigma Chi 385 Sigma Kappa 427 Sigma Nu 386 Sigma Phi 387 Sigma Phi Epsilon 388 Sigma Phi Sigma 389 Signal Corps 221 Skiing 338 Skull and Keys 450-451 Soccer 337 Societies and Clubs .... 430-486 Sophomore Year 164-167 Sophomore Class Officers . . . 164 Soph Hop 165 Sororities 400-429 " S. S. Tenacity " 232-233 Store Policy Committee .... 180 Student Store Board 180 Swimming 332 Tau Beta Pi 433 Tennis 320-327 Tennis Matches : Stanford 326 U. C. L. A 324 U. S. C 325 Tennis Varsity 322 Thalian 236-237 ThetaChi 390 Theta Delta Chi 391 Theta Kappa Nu 392 Theta Sigma Phi 472 Theta Tau 472 Theta Upsilon 428 Theta Xi 393 Torch and Shield 474 Track 308-319 Track Meets : Alumni 312 Olympic Club 318 Stanford 316-317 U. C. L. A 314 U. S. C 315 Washington 313 Track Varsity ...... 310 Treble Clef 243 Triangular Sports Days . . . 194-195 Tri-une . 447 . 47 . 24-43 . 54-60 . 42 241 U. C. L. A University Administration . University at the Exposition University News Service University Symphony Varsity Debaters 246-247 Vocational Guidance Committee . 189 Water Polo 333 Welfare Council 175 Winged Helmet 446 Women 184-195 Women ' s Activity Council . . 186-187 Women ' s " C " Society .... 473 Women ' s Dormitory Association . 482 Women ' s Judicial Committee . . 176 Women ' s Orchestra 191 Women ' s Orientations .... 188 Women ' s Rally Committee . . . 190 Women ' s Sports 192-193 Wrestling 330 Xi Psi Phi 399 Yell Leaders Y. M. C. A. . Y. W. C. A. . 251 181 191 Zeta Beta Tau 394 ZetaPsi 395 Zeta Tau Alpha 429 APPRECIATION The Staff of the 1939 Blue and Gold takes this method to express its deep gratitude to the many men and women who have made this book possible. Our greatest appreciation ts extended to FRED C. FISCHER, Director of AS.U.C. Publications, whose unlimited help, encouragement and patience has made possible the publication of this book. Our thanks go to DR. MONROE E. DEUTSCH, whose friendly suggestions and deep interest helped maintain our fire of enthusiasm; to LONIE BEE, who designed and created the book and the outstanding art work in it; to JOHN BLACK, whose outstanding photography is the backbone of this book; to WAYNE H. THORNTON, W. HARRY LANGE, M. H. FLADER, and COURTNEY REBITT of the American Engraving and Color Plate Co., who had complete charge of all engraving work, and many of our worries; to HENRY HARVEY, W. F. MCKANNAY, E. L. ALTVATER, and CHESTER SMITH, of the Independent Pressroom, Inc., whose friendly advice and experienced counsel made our printing problems easy; to HAROLD FONTECILLA, CARL H. KOCH and JOSEPH F. CASTRO of the California Press, whose outstanding typograhpy graces our book; to FRANK COLBOURN, JR., of the Coleman Studio, whose portraiture sets a new high for our annual; to TIM O ' LEARY of the T. J. Cardoza Company; to LESTER GRANT of the Oakland Post-Enquirer, for the valuable photographs he lent us: and to ARTHUR TOWNE and FRANK UNTHANK, of Blake, Aioffit Towne, Inc., who gave unlim- ited service in assisting us to select our paper. To DAD WILKIN, in charge of the A.S.U.C. Publications general office; FLORENS GARRETT, of the A.S.U.C. Accounting Office; and WALTER FREDERICK, of the A S.U.C. News Bureau, go our thanks for their able and willing assistance. Finally, we owe a debt of gratitude to FRANK WADA, GRANT MAHONY and JOHN WHITE for the candid campus pictures that they made available to its. 488 Eahleman Library a ?

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