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1 Mtti) 1S( 8 S( S(3 SVYib SVY1 NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT s SI BY THE STUDENTS I a OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA l ROBERT LYNCH, EDITOR ., gfil JEAN M. THOMAS, WOMEN ' s EDITOR ' , . . . . . itS : : . : BLUE GOLD : m 5 ' $ PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS i 1 V s SB @s " ' . : }= :- cC " t J y f " S :=5 a W 1 s-- OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA VOLUME SIXTY-FIV I y : c: ! 15 69 ?i FROM AN UNPRETENTIOUS BEGINNING SEVENTY YEARS AGO, THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA HAS GROWN TO m p THE POSITION OF ONE OF THE WORLD ' S GREAT CENTERS OF LEARNING. IN THIS, THE 1938 BLUE AND GOLD, WE PRESENT ANOTHER CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF THIS m m GREAT INSTITUTION ; AND, IN DOING SO, WE LOOK BACK OVER THE PAST THROUGH WHICH THE UNIVERSITY HAS COME TO REACH ITS PRESENT POSITION, AND ATTEMPT TO SHOW SOME COMPARISONS BETWEEN CAMPUS LIFE TODAY AND THE EVENTS OF THE PAST. FROM NOW ON, THE UNIVERSITY WILL DOUBTLESS CON- TINUE TO PROGRESS TO EVEN GREATER HEIGHTS, AND X -lfc I 5S S a -!- ALTHOUGH THE TIMES WILL CONTINUE TO CHANGE, WE HOPE THAT THIS BLUE AND GOLD WILL SERVE AS A REMINDER OF DAYS SPENT ON THE CAMPUS CJFT-S 7r v, ft ' , :: TO THE MEMORY OF WILLIAM HENRY CROCKER, JOHN 1 RANDOLPH HAYNES, AND MRS. MARGARET RACHEL ii SARTORI, REGENTS AND LOYAL SERVANTS OF THE P % UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA WHO PASSED AWAY { V % DURING THIS ACADEMIC YEAR, WE RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE OUR SIXTY-FIFTH BLUE AND GOLD $m s i-; ? ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SAMUEL H. BECKETT ELIZABETH BRUENE CLARENCE L. CORY N. L. GARDNER WILLIAM H. CROCKER JOHN R. HAYNES ELZETTA H. HOAC NORIS HOVEY WALTER MOSAUER ARTHUR POYSER ARTHUR W. RYDER GEORGE A. SMITHSON 8 m I 1 -. 5 rt -v MAX CITRON THOMAS JAMES DOFFLEMEYER VICTOR KIRK MCCRAY ARVID PIRAG DOROTHY E. SALSIG WILLIAM B. SILLIKER BART SWIERSTRA S3 W fc. i- ' ij ' - " : - " . v s .,- ' - ' Jr. , , . VI r M I. V I! ' LIBRARY ENGINEERING BUILDING JL " { ' T CAMPANILE FROM COWELL HOSPITAL SUN DIAL AND BACON HALL 13 me. i 1 .. . . - - . iK L r lf! I IPC LIFE SCIENCES BUILDING AGRICULTURE HALL t p [ ' V - - ' j W " v T V ' - ' bJS H v , . - H w F II a FACULTY GLADE THE CAMPUS FROM LIFE SCIENCES iir Ts--- air 4k It -- -- A a ' - ; BOWLES HALL GIANINNI HALL 19 f ' ' tf J . ' v. .J $ i H .. ? - ' - ... ANTHROPOLOGY MUSEUM PRESIDENT ' S HOUSE 21 When the University Founders selected the site of the College of California on April 16, 1860, the 160 chosen acres were dedicated at Founders ' Rock. r- UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION I Bi UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION The entire history of the human race is characterized by the steady advance of science and human knowledge, challenging men of every era to contribute in some fashion to forward strides. In no place more than the Universities is this advance made possible by the study and research of some of the best minds of the time. Here at the University of California students and savants are constantly striving to continue this advance in science as well as other fields, and thus do their part to continue the progress of humanity, in an ever-changing world. UNIVIgtSITY ADMI DIVISIONS S 23 PRESIDENT ROBERT G. SPROUL AS THE YEARS go on and the memories be- gin to lose in detail, this book will be a treas- ure house to which members of the Class of 1938 may turn for the personal touches that give meaning to the timeworn but ageless phrase : " We were in college together. " There was a time in the history of American universities when every graduate knew his fel- lows long before Commencement Day arrived. But universities have grown, California among them, until knowing one ' s classmates has become a lifelong process. In out of the way places and at unexpected moments you will find the road paved to pleasant acquaint- ances and, perhaps, lasting friendship by the phrase " U. C., 1938. " The farther you travel the stronger this bond will prove to be, for it is difficult to find a corner of the earth which some Californian has not already reached. This fraternal tie between aluimii of a uni- versity is not just a bit of sentimentality. Fundamentally it is built upon the assump- tion that a university imparts habits of thought, and ideals respecting truth and intel- lectual honesty, and that there is thus devel- oped among its graduates a kinship in social understanding. The continuing and deepen- ing strength of that kinship in later years de- pends upon how sincerely and genuinely the individual has been imbued with these char- acteristics. Simple membership in the Class of 1938 will bring one a greeting and a friendly handshake from classmates wherever they may be encountered; sentiment will as- sure that. But realization of the ricli potenti- alities of such a fellowship depends upon your ability and your conscious purpose to exem- plify in your own life the ideals upon which that fellowship rests. FRANK F. MERRIAM COTRMT f CaMnU BOARD OF REGENTS THE REGENTS attend not only to financial matters, the administration of business affairs, and the investing of funds left to the Univers- ity, but establish its educational policies as well. Of the twenty-four members, sixteen are ap- pointed for sixteen-year terms by the Gover- nor of the State: eight are ex-officio members by virtue of other offices they hold. The Gov- ernor is president of the Board: the Lieuten- ant-Govemor and Speaker of the Assembly also act as members. The State Superinten- dent of Public Instruction and the presidents of the State Board of Agriculture, the Me- chanics Institute, the California Alumni Asso- ciation, and the University are the other ex- officio members. Through the wisdom and constant high policies of the Regents, the University of Cali- fornia has attained the distinction of being one of the finest as well as the largest institu- tion of higher learning in the United States. Left to Ri: Stey H. Bmw. Charles D. Staga. Unrri A. OiiM. RaJpfc T. Fischer. Mtrtm JM. U. Calkin, Jr.. Gmt W. McEKrw?. PiuMm Rcbert G. Smtt, Chvtes A. t K. IMHt Chester H. R tfl. Chafes C. Trap . A. B. Kilter. A. P. GIMM. 25 THE ADMINISTRATIVE YEAR MONROE E. DEUTSCH Vice-president and Provost ONE OF THE most notable features of the academic year, 1937-38, has been the continued increase in enrollment. The total enrollment on the Berkeley campus for this year is 16,317, an increase of 962 over the total last year. In the staff of the University there have been a number of changes. Dr. C. L. A. Schmidt, Professor of Biochemistry, was also designated Dean of the College of Pharmacy. A notable addition was that of Dr. C. L. Alsberg, who had been Director of the Food Research Institute at Stanford University, as Director of the Giannini Foundation and Professor of Agri- cultural Economics. Another important ap- pointment this year is that of Randall Thompson, Professor of Music. The study of Far Eastern Affairs has been enhanced by the appointment of Dr. Woodbridge Bingham and Dr. Chitoshi Yanaga. The honors conferred upon members of our faculty have been numerous. Dr. E. O. Law- rence was awarded the Comstock prize by the National Academy of Sciences and the Elliot Cresson Medal by the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia. Professor E. C. Tolman was chosen President of the American Psychologi- cal Association and elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Professor J.S.P.Tatlock 26 CHARLES B. LIPMAN Dean of the Graduate Dimion RAYMOND G. GETTELL Dean if Summer Sessions WILLIAM W. CAMPBELL THOMAS M. PUTNAM Dean of Undergraduates LUCY W. STEBBINS Dean tf WMM of the Department of English, was chosen President of the American Modern Language Association. Professor Armin O. Leuschner of the Department of Astronomy, as awarded the Medal by the Rittenhouse Astronomical Society. Dr. Robert G. Aitken, Director Emeritus of Lick Observatory, was chosen President of the American As- tronomical Society. The American Historical Association installed Professor Frederic L. Paxson as its first Vice- President. Dr. William J. Kerr, of the Department of Medicine was elected President of the American College of Physicians. Professor W. F. Giauque, of the Depart- ment of Chemistry, was also awarded the Elliot Cresson Medal for outstanding research. Honorary degrees were bestowed upon the following members of our faculty: Herbert E. Bolton, University of New Mexico: S. G. Morley, Tufts College; Monroe E. Deutsch. Mills College; Karl F. Meyer, University of Zurich. Switzerland: F. W. Hart, University of Mel- bourne, Australia: Olga Bridgman, Mills College: Robert J. Kenier, University of Omaha. The University suffered a serious loss in the resignation of Dean Henry F. Grady, of the College of Commerce, who accepted appointment as a member of the United Mates Tariff Commission. Professor Robert D. Calkins of the Department of Economics was designated as his successor. At the close of this academic year, there will be the following retirements due to age: Armin O. Leuschner, Astronomy: Leon J. Richardson, Latin and Univerr-iu Extension, both of whom have been on the faculty of the University almost a half a century; Samuel J. Holmes, Zoology: Ernest A. Hersam, Mining: and Frank Irwin, Mathematics. MONROE E. DEUTSCH 27 THE DEANS GILBERT N. LEWIS College of Chemistry CHARLES DERLETH, JR. College of Engineering ROBERT D. CALKINS College of Commerce FRANK H. PROBERT College of Mining CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON College of Agriculture 28 GUY MONTGOMERY College of Letters and Science THE DEANS WARREN C. PERRY School if Architecture SYDNEY B. MITCHELL School if UbrariaBskip WILLIAM W. KEMP School of Education EDWIN D. DICKINSON School of Jurisvradcvct 29 The refreshment stand proved popular. New students become acquainted at the Reception dance. THE PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION THE CLIMAX to a week of intensive orientation for new undergraduates was the President ' s Reception given annually by the President and his wife. This year more than 3,500 freshmen stu- dents were personally greeted by President and Mrs. Sproul, who were aided in receiving by the heads from the various divisions of the University: Provost Deutsch; Dean Putnam; Dean Golds- worthy; and the Deans of Women, Lucy Stebbins, Mary Davidson, and Alice Hoyt. Approximately seventy members of the faculty and their wives met the new undergraduates as they entered and presented them to President and Mrs. Sproul. After being greeted by President Sproul, the freshmen were received by a student reception committee composed of Stan McCaffrey, A. S. U. C. president ; members of the A. S. U. C. Execu- tive committee; and activity chairmen who escorted the new students to the dance floor and intro- duced them to each other. The entire main floor of Hearst Gymnasium was reserved for dancing to the music of Frank Wells and his orchestra. Mr. C. A. Pease of the department of Physical Education for Men led mixer dances, and a " flying squadron, " which befriended lonely students, created a more con- genial atmosphere among members of the entering class. Refreshments were served by the student reception committee. Dean E. C. Goldsworthy, assistant dean of undergraduates, and Julian Wagenet ' 38, reception chairman, were in charge of general arrangements for the reception. 30 Sir Arthur Saltcr art Pmifcwt SpMl The rate f the classes. Dr. Rutltrw. Sit Arthur Saltcr, UM) Mrs. MWTHM. rec CHARTER DAY IN COMMEMORATING the seventieth year of the University ' s founding, all of the campuses joined in the celebration to signify a unity of purpose and organization. As parts of one great university. Berkeley. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Riverside, Davis and the other campuses held numerous activities throughout the week. At Berkeley the March 23 Charter Day ceremonies were held in the Gymnasium for Men, where Sir Arthur Salter, K. C. B.. English economist and educator, delivered the address. Sir Arthur. speaking on democracy and current events, declared that democracies must face the tragic reality that almost half of the world ' s governments are now totalitarian. He claimed that because the United States does not face immediate danger, this country is responsible for the preservation of democracy. Recipients of the honorary degrees of Doctors of Law were Sir Arthur, Mrs. Alexander F. Morrison " 78. donor of the A. F. Morrison Memorial Library and the Morrison Associateships at Lick Observatory, and Dr. Alexander Grant Ruthven, president of the University of Michigan. Over 1000 University alumni attended the Charter Day Banquet held at the Palace Hotel in the evening. Governor Frank F. Merriam, Sir Arthur Salter, and President Robert Gordon Sproul were the speakers while Ralph Fisher, president of the Alumni Association and toastmaster. in- troduced the new regents Fred M. Jordan " 25 and Mr . Eleanor Banning Macfarland ' 17. 31 I FARM RELIEF U. C. L. A. THE MANY activities in which the University of California at Los An- geles has participated this year are a proof that this not-so-old college has already begun to fulfill the fu- ture predicted for it. A n ew Administration Building was erected on the campus due to an expanding student body which brought about a necessity for far greater academic facilities. The recently improved Ballona Creek channel rowing course was used this spring for U. C. L. A. ' s crew contest, while a new diamond and a recently organized freshman team have given impetus to local baseball. Held the day before the Califor- nia-U. C. L. A. football game, Home- coming was a major event on the EARL R. HEDRICK Vice-President and Provost Activity on the Southern Campus. U. C. L. A. U. C. L. A. campus this year. Com- mencing with a Hello Day. activi- ties ended with a bonfire and pa- rade. Floats were entered by all or- iranizatioiis and houses, and prizes were awarded to the most original entries. Traditional social affairs held during the year included the Scab- bard and Blade Military Ball, In- terf raternity and Pan Hellenic Balls. During the course of the year, numerous lectures by notable speakers were sponsored by the University. The Los Angeles Phil- harmonic Orchestra, directed by Otto Klemperer, made four ap- pearances. A local chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, separate from that at Berk- eley, was established at U. C. L. A. this vear. DON FERGUSON President if the Student Bwrr 11? IH , HM jflfc wfe SCOBS at U.C.L.A. THE CALIFORNIA CLUB ACTING ON a suggestion of Presi- dent Sproul, the California Club was organized in 1934, as a means of creating a stronger bond be- tween the various student bodies that represent the seven divisions of the University. Following the example set by Berkeley, similar clubs have been formed at several of the divisions. Cooperating with the U. C. L. A. division, a dance was sponsored by the California Club to entertain students attending the U. C. L. A.- California football game. Taking into consideration schol- arship and service to the Univer- sity, members of the club are appointed by the President of the Student Body on the approval of the President of the University. Robert Wiley served as chairman of the Club this year. Joe E. Brown and Don Ferguson. The Homecoming Queens. The Homecoming Dance. CALIFORNIA CLUB Back Row: Stoll, Ames, Wiley. Front Row: Savinar, Leach, Foster, Titus, Lindsay. DAVIS THE COLLEGE of Agriculture at Davis offers practical and techni- cal instruction in agriculture to a wide range of students, through its laboratories and other facilities de- signed for instruction in farming. The two year non-degree curric- ulum at Davis offers practical train- ing in special agricultural subjects and leads to a Certificate of Grad- uation. The full four-year course includes basic sciences as well as agricultural studies, and offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. This year over one thousand stu- dents, many of them from foreign countries, were registered at Davis, showing a considerable increase in enrollment over past years. BILL TROUTNER A.S.C.A. President KNOWLES RYERSON Director of College of Agriculture Between classes on UK lawns of the Soph-Frosh Tank Rusk. Picnic Day parade. Prize-winning float of the paradt. HASTINGS FINE ARTS HASTINGS COLLEGE of Law was the first institution established 011 the Pacific Coast to begin the study of law. Due to the fact that Hastings is located in San Francisco, opportun- ity is afforded to the student to ob- tain positions in attorney ' s offices while attending school. A MECCA FOR art students from all parts of the country, the School of Fine Arts is devoted to the train- ing o f artists and craftsmen. The School is surrounded by wharves, markets, industrial plants, laboratories, and the preparations for the 1939 Exposition, all of which offer stimulating material for painting, sculpture, and the crafts. ROBERT H. MULLEN Hastings Student Body President ROBERT CLARK Fine Arts Student Body President Law students at work in classroom and library. Between classes and in the studio at Fine Arts. NURSING THE REORGANIZATION of the Five- Year Curriculum in Nursing, which has been in progress for the past three years, has been com- pleted. As a result of this new plan, students who have completed their Junior Certificate and pre-nnrring requirements in the College of Let- ters and Science at Berkeley may transfer to the Medical Center in San Francisco for the final three fur of the curriculum. The emphasis placed upon pub- lic health and preventive medicine has been strengthened this past year by the appointment of a full time instructor to coordinate the teaching in these fields. z e Y. GENEVA ROBINSON Student Body President MISS MARGARET A. TRACY Director E- : Bstta-- IT Mary Blttk Mary A. Btvtc Violet B. Datis Efriyi L. EhteK Esther H. Mmmm Nanant Mart Patricia A Tin Lam J. Nichols Mary A. RctatT iV. Phyllis D. Rosorttal KaUilec H. Stacy IB.! Lilliac L. Stelck Bobettt Tenpletoo Lois M. Tkorbura V 3- ,S 3 - .. Malt E. Williams Marilyn R. Wilsoi 39 MEDICAL THE MEDICAL curriculum is a five year course leading to the de- gree of Doctor of Medicine. After the completion, of three year pre- medical work at Berkeley, the stu- dent enters the first year of Medi- cal School. This year the facilities of the San Francisco Hospital and Laguna Honda Home have been added to those already available for clinical instruction at the Medical Center. Under the leadership of Dr. Carl Schmidt, the facilities of the Col- lege of Pharmacy are being im- proved, and new laboratories will soon be available. Scholarship at the College has been raised to conform with the PAUL L. ASHTON President of the Student Body DR. LANGLEY PORTER Dean of Medical School. Training center for medical students. Students of pharmacy in the laboratory. CENTER California State Pharmacy Law. At present, four years of education in a recognized College of Pharmacy are required for registration. Extra curricular activities are climaxed in the fall by a Big Game Rally and dance, and in the spring by the school formal. The College of Dentistry com- bines technical and practical as- pect? of the profession, and is thus able to offer much to the potential dentist. The student is offered practical dental experience in the clinic, which is maintained by the college. The College of Dentistry was founded in 1881, and today under Dean Millberry is recognized as a leader in its field. FLOYD BURSON Student Body President. College of Dentistry DR. GUY S. MILLBERRY Dean of College ef Dentistry Practical experience for prospective dentists. Nurses reeeie training in bed technique and dietetics LICK SCRIPPS 1937 MARKED the 50th anniver- sary of the Lick Observatory, atop Mount Hamilton. Graduate students of astronomy are permitted the use of the instru- ments to pursue research as a part of their work for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. FACILITIES FOR work at sea at the Scripps Institution of Ocean- ography have been greatly in- creased by the addition of a re- search vessel, which Mr. Robert F. Scripps gave the division. During 1937-38 extensive studies in submarine geology have been conducted by Dr. Shepard who ob- tained a grant from the Geological Society of America for this pur- pose. w. H. WRIGHT Director of Lick Observatory H. U. SVERORUP Director of Scripps Time exposure at Lick showing star trails. Winter snow partially covers the Observatory. E. C. LaFond, Research Assistant at Scripps, examines current meter. The new research vessel, the E. W. SCRIPPS. RIVERSIDE KELLOGG THE DOMINANT problem of the Citrus Experiment Station is the growing of Citrus fruits. Varied agriculture conditions, coupled with the wide diversity of crops grown in California have, however. opened a wide field for further iii- Instruction is limited to a few graduate students so members of the staff may be free to carry on i n- --tigation. THE PURPOSE of the V. K. Kel- __ Intitule i to provide a per- manent source of high-type stal- lions and mares to perpetuate the Arabian horse in America. Arabian horses have been distrib- uted from the Institute to many states, and exports have been made to foreign countries. L. 0. BATCHELOR Director of Rirerside and (nectary buildings of Rirmifc. " rr rrr rrr Art students find inspiration In campus scenes. " Do you want to buy a ticket to the Prytanean Barn Dance? " Typical coed scans the football field from the rooting section. Stockton poses at the entrance to a mine. Relaxation on a field trip. A pause in the day ' s work for a drink of water. Experimentation in the chemistry laboratory. A lire pelican comes tc the campus to masut Brick Mine aUi ottasiaoi it fMttail rail;. Charlie McCarthy and his master entertain Rose Bowl rooters. Students study at any angle. study lists in the CMHUIII Daocint at U.C.L.A. I With the construction of the stage still in process, the Greek Theatre was the scene of the Commencement Exercises of 1903, at which President Theodore Roosevelt addressed the graduating seniors. STUDENT GOVERNMENT v p I k STUDENT Student government today is a far cry from the administration of student activities that was first vested in the undergraduates at the turn of the century. In keeping with the progress of transportation from the slow, laborious trek of the covered wagon to the speedy, casual motoring of the modern automobile the functionings of Student Government have become increasingly self-sufficient and smooth-run- ning. With a student body larger than ever before in its history, California students are continuing to face squarely and solve honestly the problems imposed on them as members of a growing community. ' r STUDENT GOVERNMENT WOMEN ' S AFFAIRS PUBLIC 1 DIBAI (NG SUMMER ACTIVITIES IVITI 49 ' f ' ! ' . % . STANLEY MCCAFFREY President, Associated Students JEAN MACDONALO Vice-President, Associated Students THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the A. S. U. C. is granted final authority in all of the meas- ures within its scope by the Student Constitution, and is thus one of the most powerful groups on the campus. As governor of the A. S. U. C., the Committee has both executive and administra- tive duties, and as controller of finances, it must approve monetary budgets. The committee is composed of fifteen mem- bers. Six students are chosen from .membership on the councils, and the elected members include the Student Body President, Vice-president, Sec- retary, and Women ' s Representative. Other mem- bers are an alumni representative, the Dean of Undergraduates, the W. A. A. representative, and Junior and Senior class presidents. The General Manager of the A. S. U. C., and the Editor of the Daily Califomiaii serve as ex-officio members. An endeavor was made by the Committee this year to give a wider scope to student activities through the creation of several new groups. Among them are : CHESTER CARLISLE LEWIS FAIRCHILD LUCILLE PATTERSON WILLIAM MURRISH FRANCIS STECKMEST ! 50 RAY HANFORD CARL SAUER ROBERT KNOWLES REYNOLD CONN a Peace Committee to sponsor education and publicity activities in the interest of peace, a U. C. Flying Club, and the construction of a Ski Lodge which is available to any member of the A. S. U. C A major problem presented to the Committee this year arose out of the uncontrollable Big Game enthusiasm. To solve this problem a new plan was adopted for 1938, which provides for the abolition of the night rally: in its stead a rally is to be held on Friday morning preceding the Big Came. The Committee sponsored the reorganization of the Women ' s Executive Committee and the Welfare Council, in the hope that the new groups would be more efficient and more suited to their type of work. Feeling that the amount of time spent guard- ing the Big C " was interfering with the sopho- more guards " academic work, the Committee passed a rule, which placed a definite time limit on the guarding. An intensive drive was carried on this year in order to enforce the A. S. U. C. card ruling, and to eliminate profit-making abuses in the use of student cards. ELWOOD WILLIAMS JOSEPH NEWFIELD MILDRED HICKOK CHAFFEE MALL, SR. KENNETH PRIESTLEY 51 KENNETH PRIESTLEY GRADUATE MANAGER ADMINISTRATION of the affairs of the Associated Students rests in the hands of Kenneth Priestley. He is ch arged with the responsibility of the business affairs of the association, must direct and audit all expenditures of the four undergraduate classes, and carry out the policies and decisions of the Executive Committee. In addition to the usual quota of business during the last year, Mr. Priestley was in complete man- agement of the Rose Bowl Game, a third of a million dollar enterprise. For the past fiscal year, the A. S. U. C. was able to report a payment of $125,000 toward the debt incurred through development of Edwards field and stadium and the reconstruction of Stephens Union. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GRADUATE MANAGERS Back Row: Frederick, Davis, Priestley, Fischer, Penry. Front Row: Bumstead, Catoire, Clarke, Abrams. ' , .- - .- V S, % ? " = ;.,- ' .- . . -.?.: - ' Sr fSy ? FINANCE COMMITTEE Back Row: Nichols. McCaf- frey, Knowles. Front Row: Putnam, Hastings, Mac- donald. Priestley. V JACK KENT Chairman, Hoi ' s Judicial Committee SHIRLEY STAPLETON ChairaoB. WMMI ' S Judicial Cmmittee THE MOST important work of the Men ' s Judicial Committee is the investigation and control of examinations. The committee also deals with problems of theft and breaking of University rules. The three juniors and six seniors, who form the committee, are appointed by the President of the University on the basis of their scholas- tic average and service to the school. Jack Kent has been at the head of the com- mittee for the past year. DUE TO ITS disciplinary and investigatory powers, the Women ' s Judicial Committee aids materially in the smooth running of Univer- sity life. Upon recommendation of the Student Body President, President Sproul appoints three juniors and six seniors. The juniors are al- lowed to vote only during their second semes- ter of membership. Under the leadership of Shirley Stapleton. chairman of the judicial body, hearings are conducted in all cases of unethical behavior. MEN ' S JUDICIAL WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL Bade Row: Johnson. Shields. Patacr, Nenstadt. Front Rnr: Stnsns. Kent. Howell, Price. - Back Row: Wafner, Macfenald. Bert. Schuster. Front Rtw: Stacffer. Stapleton. Jones. 53 FRANCIS STECKMEST Chairman, Welfare Council PHILIP BRECK Chairman, Deputations HEADED by Francis Steckmest and Karen Jensen, Welfare Council functioned in four committees, each headed by a senior: Health Committee, Labor Board, Student Relations Committee, and Housing Board. Information collected on available housing facilities for students, and an intensive Fair Bear campaign were the outstanding achieve- ments of the Welfare Council this year. THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the Deputa- tions Committee have been judged so worth- while by the University of Oregon and U.C.L.A. that they are making plans to insti- gate similar means of acquainting high school students with University activities. Carrying out their policy of orientation, the Deputations Committee sent out student speakers and entertainers to present informa- tion on college courses and activities. Under the leadership of Philip Breck, the Committee held a number of informal gather- ings and two appointments banquets. WELFARE COUNCIL DEPUTATIONS 54 Back Row: Hogan, Hoadley, Eaton. Front Row: Wright, Jensen. Back Row: Stump, Free, Hamer- slag, Rosston, Clyde, Breck, Turner, MacMichael, Cleland, Braafladt, Wilson. Fourth Row: Nichandros, Fairman, Paige, McNutt, Adams, Goldmann, Von Kempe, Ward, Taylor, Baggett, Young, R. Third Row: Norton, Pauli, Linton, Dales, Reinhold, Fleming, Struckmeyer, Kennedy, Huffsmith, Klinker, Wheeler, Hubbard, Brad- ford, Dunlap. Second Row: Tueller, Cragun, Goemmer, Hutchison, Ger- hart, Beck, Ford, Fischl, Flannery, Simmons, Oatman, Street. Front Row: Ziegenfuss, Wenzel, Sielaff, Long, Young, M., Craig, Allen, Gaston, Turman, Staehling, Chase, Moss, Mathieson. . L s JOYCE HOEFT CHAFFEE HALL, JR. THE FUNCTION of the Honor Students " Council is threefold: to aid in the orientation of junior college transfers and freshmen who were Seal Bearers in high school, to make the honor students better known to one another, and to give academic assistance to students in the University. William Conway was the president of the Honor Students " Council and Mary Laird was chairman of the Students " Advisory Council. TO ORIENTATE new students to the campus- its traditions, and its activities is the aim of the Orientations Council. In order to accomplish this the Council sponsored athletic rallies, the President ' s Reception, mass meetings of new students, and campus tours. Extensive personal interviews of new under- graduate men became an outstanding feature of the Orientation Council program during the past year. Chaffee Hall headed the Council, which i made up of members of the senior class. HONOR STUDENTS 9 COUNCIL ORIENTATIONS COMMITTEE Back Rtw: Phillips, Conor. D yet- Bennett. Stttmt Rtw: Hofer. CvMt. Daly. Wiais. Fnmt ROTr: Hubbartf. Hwft. Sdwjrtr, Tnrau. LaM. Back Ren: Hanfonl. Carlisle. I piii . Fiwt Rnr. LMsay, Mall. La. 55 FRANK MORRIS Chairman, Elections Committee RICHARD LYNCH Chairman, A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee THE ELECTIONS COMMITTEE, headed by Frank Morris, assumed the responsibility for class and A. S. U. C. elections that were held throughout the year. To accomplish this, it was necessary for the committee to have election booths made ready and placed in appropriate places before balloting commenced, to assume full responsibility for correct counting after the votes had been cast, and to see that the results of each election were published. AN ALL-TIME RECORD was established this year when over 10,000 A. S. U. C. cards were sold, as the result of an intensive drive by the Card Sales Committee, under the leadership of Richard Lynch. A case of beer was awarded to Kappa Delta Rho, and a football autographed by members of the varsity was given to Alpha Xi Delta upon announcement of their unanimous membership in the A. S. U. C. ELECTIONS AND CARD SALES COMMITTEES 56 ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Back: Thiele, Evans, Gyle, Morris, Thompson, Yager. Second: Post, Schuster, Baxter, Darby, Seine), Fitzgerald. Front: Schottky, Schord, Dahleen, McNeil, Morabe, Cropley. A.S.U.C. CARD SALES COMMITTEE Back Row: Whitman, McDowell, Farley, Simonson, Merrick, Neustadt, Culver, Lindsay, Lynch. Fifth Row: Chan, Wiedman, Raney, Briggs, Caffee, Col- lings, Gayer, Dorsey, Brown. Fourth Row: Daly, Jones, Newman, Stable, Tomasini, Quinn, Whelan, Hallsted. Third Row: Shipper, Chue, Babasinian, Tweed, Landsborough, Droste, Skaife, McHenry. Second Row: Hand, McNutt, Frankel, Henny, Godt, Wilding, McFar- land, Christensen. Front Row: Fullmer, Rowland, Gaylord, Hays, Smith, Damon, Ashley, Takata. RAYMOND BICKERSTAFF Chainui. EioiMers ' CouKil BORDER PRICE Preside !, Y.M.C.A. THE ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL is composed of representatives from the three colleges of Chemistry, Mining, and Engineering. Spon- sored by the Council, an orientations rally was held early in the fall semester, which served to acquaint new students of the three colleges with each other, and the faculty. Other rallies and meetings were held in or- der that University men in these fields might plan athletic events, discuss problems, and exchange ideas. IN ORDER TO provide a means of discussing student problems, the University Y. M. C. A. under the direction of Borden Price sponsored group meetings of students. In addition, grad- uate study groups were held jointly by the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A_ at which emi- nent people were frequent speakers. The activities of the Y. M. C. A. are offered free of charge to all men on the campus, regardless of race, creed, or color. ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL AND Y. M. C. A. ENGINEERS 1 COUNCIL Back Row: Millirw. Hiddnm, Sin- clair, Ranrsden. Nods. Stout ROT: Beck. Read. Ltmimu, Campbell, Nelsen. Fraat ROT: Duyan. Dions. Patterson. Sirbn. Bickerstat. Y.M.C.A. CABINET Back Ro: Lapp. EatM, Kinoman. Taylor. Lasell. Williams. Duckler. Second Row: Alston, Kent. Brant, Clyde. Gressitt. Price. Owens. Front ROT: Mehlert. Berry. Taylor. Nobu- sada. HacFarlaw. 57 JAMES MOORE Chairman, Radio Commission REYNOLD COHN Chairman, Open Forum Board REORGANIZATION of the Radio Commission has provided for a committee to plan radio pro- grams for the A. S. U. C. Although the Commis- sion no longer produces a regular radio program, it does plan and produce them for special occasions. The outstanding achievement of the Commis- sion this year was the Big Game Rally sponsored by the University Alumni Association. Due to a change that has provided for yearly appointments, James Moore headed the Commis- sion for the two semesters. WHENEVER DEBATABLE subjects concern- ing student problems arise, the Open Forum Board conducts group discussions in order that a solution will be reached. The forums are usually of direct campus in- terest, consisting this last year of discussions on executive sessions, racial problems in housing, and national problems which directly affect tho students. Reynold Cohn headed the Open Forum Board, which consists of five students. The Commissioner of Forensics and the President of the Student Body serve as ex-officio members. RADIO COMMISSION OPEN FORUM BOARD RADIO COMMISSION Left to Right: Keene, Warner, Wilson, Moore. - 1 I 58 OPEN FORUM Back Row: Wollenberg, Headley, McCaffrey, Cohn. Front Row: Nelson, McAbeer, MacBride. JULIAN WA6ENET Ckairaoa, Assembly Plan MARK MANION Chaim. Miur Dane I NDER the direction of Julian Wagenet, the bi-weekly Assembly Dances continued to be popular as evidenced by the large attendance. To make the evenings more enjoyable. Mis? Evelyn Corey gave special dancing instruc- tions in the Men ' s Gym for an hour preceding the Dance. The Assembly Dances were instigated by the University Mothers ' Club in 1934, and have continued under the sponsorship of this club, the A.S.U.C., and the Administration. ORGANIZED in 1933, the Mixer Dances are now a well established phase of campus life, and provide a means of better acquainting University students. Using current affairs as a general plan, the committee, headed by Mark Manion, chose specific themes for the dances. Music was supplied by recordings of the most popular pieces played by well known or- chestras. Admittance to the dances required ten cents and a registration card. ASSEMBLY DANCE COMMITTEE DANCE COMMITTEE ASSEMBLY DANCE COMMITTEE Back Rnr: EMB. Gnrt. Sill. Rei- ser. Kipf. AMert, Herts. Thirtf Rw: m nml, Parr. McCw. MMIM. McQueen. Carit. SetMd Rnr: OeeHlef. Hunt. CMttick, C M- well. M. V., CaMmll. M. Frwrt Rw: Ctnta. Deeds. Dmtm. Uniantti. Wilkjos. MIXER DANCE COMMITTEE Back Rnr: Ahlert. Kpf, Dcuilass. Fiwt R : miftm, Brm, McCr. H s r s- : - MILDRED HICKOK Women ' s Representative WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE A COMPLETE reorganization of the Women ' s Execu- tive Committee has taken place this year, the outcome of which has been the division of the Committee into two separate groups; the Women ' s Executive Board, and the Women ' s Activity Council. The former has executive power, the Activity Council has not. Members of the Executive Board are Vice-president of the senior class, Vice-president of the junior class, sub-cha irman of Welfare Council, and three women elected from the Activity Council. The Executive Board has initiated a new set of house rules and sponsored house presidents ' dinners and discussions. They have also been responsible for round table discussions with the deans on the prob- lems and needs of campus women. Racial housing problems of University women has been a major concern of the group. In order to discuss campus needs with students from other universities, the Board sponsored a Central Cali- fornia Conference of student leaders. The Women ' s Activity Council is made up of the - heads of all activities in which women participate, and the Vice-presidents of each class. One of the major functions of the Council has been conducting tours as a means of acquainting students with the heads and functions of campus activities. The committee has attempted to instruct Activity Chairmen of the sororities and dormitories so that they may be better equipped to advise their freshmen about campus activities. To determine if activity women felt that their groups were fulfilling all of the requirements that they should, the Council sent out questionnaires to heads of women ' s activities. Any suggestions that the women offered were worked on by the Council in the hope that the most efficient organizations would result. This year, the Women ' s Executive Committee of California met with similar groups from Stanford and Mills for dinners and discussions. 62 Im WOMEN ' S ACTIVITY COUNCIL 63 DOROTHY BURNHAM Chairman, Group System MARY MacGILLIVRAY Chairman, Women ' s Hostess Committee GROUP SYSTEM WOMEN ' S HOSTESS COMMITTEE THE PRIMARY purpose of Group System is to present an opportunity for freshmen women and Junior College transfers to unite with women of mutual interests. This year, the activity has increased its range of subjects by the addition of new groups and the abolition of those in which interest has lessened. The Commuters and Employed Students were active throughout the year and did much to form a closer bond between these University women. Group System is an educational, social, non-competitive activity, and is under the direction of Dorothy Burnham. DUE TO THE FACT that the Hostess Committee is primarily a service group, it does much to aid in the well-being of college women. Their work includes serving of tea at noon to women commuters and maintaining bulletin boards in women ' s rest rooms. The women members of the faculty, Women ' s Executive Committee, and the Dean of Women were guests at the annual spring tea, presented by the Committee. Mary MacGillivray headed the committee, and was aided by approximately thirty-five students. GROUP SYSTEM Back Row: Butler, Gilbank, Dean. Second Row: Pelley, Upham, Lore, Matteson. First Row: Trumpler, Scott, Burnham, chairman, Phelan, Dobson. HOSTESS COMMITTEE Back Row: Wiechers, Kness, Tittsworth, MacMaster, Hoffman, Kennedy, Leek. Second Row Montmorency, Gowans, McPeak, Coleberd. McElrath, Balcom, Tannahill. First Row: Arthur Asher, Shelley, MacGillivray, chairman, Walsh, Augur, Conley. ZELDA LONG President, Y.W.C.A. JEAN BERG Chairman, Women ' s CounseliKf YWGA COUNSELING THROUGH its policy of furthering better understanding among women of all races and creeds, the Y. W. C. A. has become firmly established in the campus life of University women. The welfare which the " Y " contributes is largely due to the opportunity afforded for independent thought and discussion. The " Y " contributes directly to the well-being of the college women through loan funds, clothes closets, and the serving of tea and cookies at noon for girls who bring their lunch. This year an extensive survey of the housing of Non-Caucasian students has been carried on with the view of offering some solution to the problem. Zelda Long, head of the Y. W. C. A., has been assisted by the executive cabinet, which is made up of elected officers of the " Y " . SERVING its last semester as a separate activity before merging with Women ' s Discus- sion, Women ' s Counseling was organized primarily as an aid in adjusting incoming women students to the social and academic life of the University. In the spring of each year a training course of three lectures was offered to girls inter- ested in the activity, and appointments were awarded after the course. The nucleus of the Committee was the Executive board, made up of fourteen members, and presided over by the chairman of the group, Jean Berg. Y.W.C.A. CABINET Back Row: Straefer. Barker, Butler, McClure, Hook. Third Row: Lyman, Courtright, Kearns. Hoagland. McCrath. Second Row: Parks, Sherman, Turner, MacKenzie, Wickler, Knapp. First Row: Ikeda. Bartlett, Long. Nicholson, Labadie. WOMEN ' S COUNSELING COMMITTEE First Row: Tabcr, Rut, Whitaker, Kitano, Rountree. Second Row: Russell, Berg, chairman, Taylor, Engel. Third Row: Phillips, Strosk. Wolfenden. Gunton, Dole. JANET HALL Chairman, Women ' s Discussions MARIAN MATTESON Chairman, A.S.U.C. Social Committee WOMEN ' S DISCUSSIONS A.S.U.C. SOCIAL COMMITTEE TO SATISFY the need for a group to solve the many problems which heset entering stu- dents, Women ' s Discussion Committee was formed. This semester, under Janet Hall, the Committee performed its last function as a sep- arate organization, since a plan has been formulated which calls for the merging of Women ' s Counseling and Women ' s Discussion groups. Under the theme, " Getting the Most Out of Your College Career, " the Committee spon- sored informal groups which met each week for discussion of subjects which are of special interest to entering students. THE A. S. U. C. Social Committee is primarily interested in making it possible for women students and faculty members to become acquainted. To accomplish this, invitations to tea are extended twice a month by the Committee to these two groups. Headed by Marian Matteson, details of the tea are taken care of by the four divisions of the main committee; entertainment, refreshments, arrangements, and reception. WOMEN ' S DISCUSSIONS COMMITTEE Back Row: Raaka, Budelman, Phillips, Bower. Third Row: Hornberg, White, Yeaton, Thomas, Larson. Second Row: Holmberg, Lyons, Duhme, Hunter. First Row: Birkland, Cox, Hall, Crossfield, Nickerson. A.S.U.C. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Back Row: Dittman, Jones, Ribley, Macdonald, Kennedy, McCloud, Burke. Fourth Row Dibble, Kesti, Taber, Johnson, Hamilton, Sewell. Labadie. Third Row: Vincent, Webber Spraker, Plunkett, Macfarlane, Claxton, Terry. Second Row: Bryan, Jordan, Wilding, Haney Gronlund, Kennedy, Lisher. First Row: Krueger, Wilding, Rogers, Payne, Matteson, chairman Kelley, Elberg, Babasinian. HARRIET WRIGHT ChainoB. Pmiaarl Cwittw VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE PERSONNEL TO PROVIDE undergraduate women with basic and reliable information in all fields of work is the purpose of the Vocational Guidance Committee, headed by Doris McCann. Systematic data was gathered in an attempt to discover which type of work was of the most interest to University women. Using this data as a guide, the Committee invited speakers to address the women in order that their outlook in vocational fields might be broadened. As a service to University women, the Committee keeps an extensive reference list of books on vocations, and compiles a list of people on the campus who are qualified to offer vocational information. TO PROMOTE student interest in A. S. U. C. activities is the main purpose of the Person- nel Committee. Acting in this capacity, the Committee keeps records to determine the trend of students " interest, to offer information on grade requirements, opportunities for promotion, and the type of work involved in the various activities. The Committee, under the direction of Harriet Wright, spent a large part of their time in office work for the A. S. U. C-, class committees. Welfare Council, and the Radio Commission. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE COMMITTEE First PERSONNEL COMMITTEE McGee. Thick. DrsaMfces. Getter. FMrtt Itav: Mrphy, E.. .. Daairt. White. ThM Rw: Hewy, SdMrtf. Kelly. , Ashley. Paria. SecMd Rw: I mrl t, Wil i. bqwt. LMi. Itayte. Kispert. O ' Neill. Baba- First Rw: Jessop, William, Clark, GaMis. Wripht. chairaaa. Siska, EMsvprtt. Tiee. Deny. D u i j ini FOR MAIL AND STAtEf OM WILL BE PAID BY mviKNT a.a Vtu.vF n s? S 69 FRED C. FISCHER Director of Publications CHARLES RAYMOND Professor of Journalism PUBLICATIONS YEAR A-LL A.S.U.C. publications housed in Eshleman Hall were represented in 1937-38 on the Publications Coun- cil. As an executive body, it co-ordinated and super- vised the work of the Blue and Gold, The Daily Calif ornian, Pelican, the California Grizzly, California Engineer, and Advertising Service Bureau. Fred C. Fischer, the Graduate Director of Publica- tions, acted as an advisor to the various Editors, man- aged the allotment of funds, and served as a member of the Council. Correlating the practical work on the campus year- book, newspaper, and magazines, the Department of Journalism, headed by Professor Raymond, afforded many students an education in the journalistic field. This department was new to the University and pro- vided a complete upper division curriculum. Two conventions of high school and junior college students, who represented their local publications, took place during the year. A Bay Region Press Day was held in October by delegates of California schools included in the territory from Santa Rosa to San Jose. The convention was under the direction of the four honorary journalistic and advertising societies of the University. The Annual High School Press Convention, which included the entire state, was held in March. It had the largest attendance of any in recent years, dele- gates coming to attend the lectures and to participate in the round-table discussions on different phases of journalism. Open house was held once each semester in Eshle- man Hall, giving the Associated Students an opportun- ity to inspect their publications and to visit the offices. The practical activities of the different staffs were supplemented by the second annual Publications Ball held early in April, at the Athens Club. 70 ROBERT LYNCH JOHSBURD WILLIAM MURRISM ROBERT IRVING CLAUDE SCHRADER JEAN BARNETT WILLIAM WALLACE FREEMAN SILVA CLYDE CARTER ELWOOD WILLIAMS RICHARD HURWITZ VIRGINIA LEACH CHARLES PATTERSON PHYLLIS BREWER LOY CHARTER JAMES KENNEY LAURAN CLAPP CARL SAUER PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL 71 Back Row: Hoadley, Hall. Lee. Front Row: Wiley, Evernden. WILLIAM MURRISH Fall Editor DAILY GALIFORNIAN WITH 1937, th campus, past editors, tended th his coL| pul RRISH succeeding to the editorship of the Daily Californiaii in the fall of ntinued as the most important force for the molding of student opinion on the trend was away from the expressed conservative or mildly liberal opinions of jUgMy liberal. Not confining himself to campus problems, Murrish ex- editorials so thai they usually centered on national and world affairs. He used a stand against war and continued the perennial fight for the abolishment of com- mded among his various campaigns was the program to abolish race prejudice in the UniversiFy. Toward the end of the semester the Executive Committee suggested a change in the staff of the pub- lication. It was proposed that five editors be appointed who would alternate each day in the writing of editorials, and so avoid having one person possess a monopoly on public opinion. The Daily Cali- fornian pointed out in return that part of the editorial page was always open to the written opinions of the students, subject to the discretion of the Editor. Because of forceful protest the Daily Californian was kept in its original form except for two columns on the editorial page which were to be open on request to the contributions of the Executive Committee. During the spring semester, John Burd, Jr. guided the editorial policy of the paper, and, contrasted to his predecessor, was decidedly more conservative in matters pertaining to off-campus events. HOW- DON GOLDEEN Managing Editor CHARLES ROSENTHAL City Editor NORMAN CANRIGHT Assistant Editor, Spring 72 DAILY CALIFORNIAN JUNIOR EDITORS Back R : Ti i|. Cracr. Wade. CMriffet. Hicks. PMl. SMW Rw: EDITORIAL STAFF ever, he confined most of his editorials to a discussion of University problems ant supporter of free speech and tolerance for minority groups. In both the fall and spring semester one of the most popular columns in the Box " , which was devoted to comments, complaints, and opinions of the students, for student interest was " Notes on the News " , compiled from United Press dispate was to give a brief summary of current events. The editorial staff made it a policy to carry reviews of any important e t-nt- -|u ii?oretl organizations. Frequently drama columns appeared, giving reports and criticisms of local dramatic events, as well as campus productions. Entertainment centers in Oakland and San Francisco were evaluated in a weekly column, and the social life of students was interpreted through the medium of " Who ' s Whooey " which appeared every Monday morning. The traditional " Californiac " , carried on through the year by Charles RosenthaL, created a new character on the editorial page in the person of the freshman prodigy " Crimshaw. " Views and sketches on aspects of student affairs, ranging from political harangu es to the ridiculous in campus life, occupied the remainder of the page. This variety to be found in feature columns owed its origin to diversity in the expression and sub- stance of arguments in the editorial columns themselves. JOHN BURD Sfriin Editor BARNETT t E tor. Fall BETTY STECKER Assistant WMWI ' S Editor PHYLLIS BREWER ' s Editor. Spnl 73 CARL SAUER, Fall Manager CLYDE CARTER, Spring Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS Back Row: McGuire, Harris, Reid. Front Row: Streit, Kalen, Lee. DAILY G SPONSORING a series of special editions, as The Daily Calif ornian, the Managerial Staff An increase in the amount of advertising secured bythe staff, and the publication were made possible through the efforts of Carl Sauer and Clyde, ! spring Managers, respectively. The extent of the Managerial Staff ' s activities was revealed in a fall survey conducted by tl vertising Service Bureau. Promoted by The Calif ornian Managerial and the PetfvafK,- the irrvestiga- tion was undertaken by the Bureau to determine the benefits accrued to advertisers publications. The summary disclosed that ninety-one per cent of the Associated Students regularly received The Daily Californian, while the bay region paper ranking next in importance was patron- ized by a much smaller percentage of the students. Besides being distributed to the students Berkeley, The Californian was sent daily to the Davis and San Francisco campi. Four special editions were published during the year under the direction of the Managerial Staff. The largest fashion supplement in the history of The Californian was printed in the fall, and was followed by a " Fashion Week " in the spring. 74 DAILY CALIFORNIA ASSISTANT MANAGERS EDWIN STREIT DAILY CALIFORNIAN SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Rtw: Wataram. Hwkto. Fiwrt Rtw: Wattnu. KaifM. A W E,EK. The C.alifornian contained several pages of spring fashions, illustrated rketirlicr. Advertisements were received from Bay region stores, and efforts were ma (le to secure autMnticA ' ashion notes from New ork sources. Varked-t -a f ,i Faculty Edition. Dedicated to the members of i aiit, tlie edition attempted to bring publicity to the previously neglected of the 1 lifd siiy. Humorous sidelights on their activities, as well as serious articles were in- luded. witb_-the sprim: faculty issue being even more comprehensive in its scope. The Managerial Stiff Kas open during the year to all men students interested in a practical course in advertisiiiii. The Fre|nm U handled the task of distributing the paper, while the main part of the adver- tising work occupied the attention of the other classes. Definite business accounts were assigned to members, who were also encouraged to contact business men on their own initiative. Commissions were distributed in proportion to the amount of advertising solicited. The Manager had two seniors as his assistants, who aided in directing the staff and who arranged for the form and placement of the advertisements in the editions of The Daily CaUfornian. DAILY CALIFORNIAN SPORTS STAFF Back Row: Lee, Lapham, Foster, Aron, Clarke, Millar. Second Row: Kelly, Deacy, Wada. Benjamin, Martin. Front Row: Johnson, Toner, Lloyd, Fleming, Orr. DAILY CALIFORNIA SPORTS STAFF THIS YEAR marked the merging of the Sports Staff of the Daily Californian with the Editorial department of the publication. A noted increase in efficiency resulted, with members of the Sports Staff becoming eligible for appointments in other than their specialized work. Dick Toner served as Sports Editor for both semesters, and worked with a staff of two juniors and an unlimited number of freshmen and sophomores. Providing the staff with a variety of experience in writing copy, the members were assigned to different sports each week, enabling them to become familiar with University sports, coaches, and teams. All major athletic events were covered personally by the Sports Editor, and he usually accompanied the team when contests were away from Berkeley. Dick Toner, besides being the formulator of policies for the sports section, devoted a great deal of his time to his column, " The Bear-O-Meter " . Lacking the usual self-assertiveness of past Sports Edi- tors, he quietly, though positively set down his ideas. He displayed a knowledge and understanding of sports in his column, and was accurate in his observations. " The Bear-O-Meter " was diverse, including not only serious editorial comment, but also many humorous incidents gathered from constant associa- tion with members and coaches of the teams. Seldom prophesying the outcome of a game, he was usually correct in his few predictions. Serious editorials he kept at a minimum, only once taking a determined stand in advising the admittance of St. Mary ' s and Santa Clara into the Southern Division of Pacific Coast Basketball. 76 Daily Califtniw Art EJitw KARL KASTEN Back (ton: Kastw. Bm . Yvill-TlNmtwi. Silra. Frwrt Rn : Ctllins. Hamy. ir iiM. DAILY CALIFORNIAN ART STAFF RELATING ITS CARTOONS to the opinions of the editors, the Art Staff of The Daily California continued the interpretation of world and campus events. Humor and satire were employed successively on the editorial page, with the daily cartoons cari- caturing notables ranging from Lewis and Green to campus politicians. " Oski " , the California Bear, dominated most drawings, and appeared in a variety of shapes and dimensions, due to the varying techniques of the artists. Karl Kasten, Art Editor in the fall, was especially successful in a series of football feature portraying " Stub " Allison and the California Bear on a trailer trip. Alec uill-Thornton served as the major political cartoonist for The Calif ornian, with Hitler prov- ing to be his most popular subject. Roberta Macdonald, on the staff in the fall semester, found her specialty in revealing personalities through the skillful use of pen and ink medium. John Barron de- veloped linoleum block work to a great extent in his cartoons, and succeeded Karl Kasten as Art Editor in the spring. Assistant Art Editor Zady Harvey, and Luraine Collins were among the regular con- tributors. The Art Staff worked with The Californian on their special editions, helping to illustrate the Fashion Edition and Fashion Week series. Cooperation with the A. S. L " . C. was another phase of the work of the year, with the staff being responsible for the planning of the card stunts at the Stanford. U. C. L. A., U. S. C. and Rose Bowl Games. 77 ROBERT LYNCH Editor BLUE AND GOLD JUNIOR EDITORS Back Row: Riley, Carver, Flint. Front Row: Scott, Meyer, Newton, Elwood, Barnard. BLUE AND GOLD TO THE EDITORIAL STAFF of the Blue and Gold fell the task of organizing and arranging into per- manent book form the great variety of campus activities. Editing the Blue and Gold involved not only the reporting of the happenings of the various classes, activities, and committees, but also the covering of all sports events and athletic contests. To accomplish this task successfully the Editorial Staff re- quired an entire school year in which to work, starting immediately after registration in the fall and continuing through until the publication of the book in the latter part of April. The staff was headed by Robert Lynch, Senior Men ' s Editor, and Jean Thomas, Women ' s Editor, un- der whom were eight juniors and approximately forty sophomores. The Men ' s and Women ' s Editors planned the form and arrangement of the Blue and Gold and allotted the sections of the book to the Junior editors. The juniors were responsible for the compilation of the sections and sophomores did the routine work necessary to the publishing of a technically perfect volume. The sophomore staff gained invaluable experience in copy writing, typing, editing, and had an opportunity to make many valuable contacts with campus figures. Copy writing especially occupied a great deal of the staff ' s time, sophomores gathering and writing the material which was subject to revision by the juniors. The Women ' s Editor made the final decision 78 JEAN THOMAS BLUE AND GOLD SOPHOMORE EDITORS McNott. Hi . RjrcttM. Wadsnrtk. Start. Hurst . LnmKt. Favtk Rn Tfcirt ROT: Bran. Fate. Mattel. Lay. HeAwtty. Brtkr. LniitstM. Gjarac. Fnmi Rw: U M. WiMii . Altieri. Rivatta. Bush. Raaka. Rnokcff. Pallart. Griffn. O ' Cuaii. EDITORIAL STAFF on the style and writing of the copy. Toward the close of the year, proof-reading of the printed copy was the principal work of the staff. Weekly meetings were held where sophomores were instructed in the different aspects of publishing the Blue and Gold, and occasions were provided to visit the printing and engraving plants. The new junior staff was selected at the close of the semester by the preceding juniors, who judged the sophomores on the qualities of leadership, general ability, and cooperativeness. The new Men ' s and Women ' s Senior Editors were selected on the same basis by the outgoing seniors. Routine work did not occupy all the time of the Editorial Staff, with many activities being arranged by the members. Every three weeks a dinner was given at one of the sorority houses to enable the staff to mingle socially. The main event of the fall semester was a picnic held early in September at Russel- nian Park, followed in the spring by a similar event at Santa Cruz. A formal banquet, on April 26, featuring a preview of the completed Blue and Gold, concluded the year ' s social activities. The Sixty-fifth annual Blue and Gold especially emphasized complete organization and photography. Several special features were included in the publication, among them a summary of vacation activities, a section new to the Blue and Gold. A complete report of the Rose Bowl Game covered several pages, with pictures of the game and the Tournament of Roses recalling the University ' s football victories of 1937. 79 ROBERT IRVING Manager BLUE AND GOLD JUNIOR MANAGERS Back Row: Lesser, Fleming, Weems. Front Row: Casey, Ormsby, Lucas. BLUE AND GOLD SELLING MORE BLUE AND GOLDS to seniors than ever before in its history, the Managerial Staff of the Blue and Gold concluded a series of successful drives to finance the year book. The revision of the sales program was one of the outstanding features of the staff ' s program for the year. Under the direction of the Manager, Robert Irving, and the Women ' s Manager, Doria Puc- cinelli, the number was reduced to three, with one in the fall, and two in the spring. The fall campaign was devoted to Seniors, in which assessments paid for senior pictures served as first installments on the book. A system whereby seniors were able to make reservations and postpone the payment of the first installments was under trial for the first time. All students, alumni, and the general public were included in the two spring drives. Along with the sales to individuals, the purchase of fraternity, sorority and honor society pages by the various organ- izations went toward the financing of the publication. 80 Women ' s Manner DORIA PUCCINELLI BLUE AND GOLD SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Lattanner. Byers. Koehn, Orsi, Pohle. Third Row: Cotton, Shelford, Hall, Moore, Thomas, Richards, Caldecott. Second Row: Herrick, Elster, Keller, Rowan, Wilkinson. Front Row: Kearney. Demoian. Lalferty. Rudman, Breitstein, Curts. MANAGERIAL STAFF THE MANAGERIAL STAFF, composed of six Junior Managers and their sophomore crews, worked in competing teams during the sales drives, made posters, and prepared advertisements which appeared in the Daily Califomian. In weekly meetings supplementary to office work, soph- omores were instructed as to the methods of printing and publishing the volume. In addition to the business details with which the staff was concerned, the managers also had a less routine association. They met for dinner approximately every third week at one of the sorority houses, for a barbecue in the fall, and a picnic in the spring. The more formal note of the social life was provided by the two dances of the year. In order to compete with the Editorial Staff in basketball and football, a managerial team was organized to continue the semi-annual rivalry between the staffs. This reached its height in the fall when the men of the two staffs opposed one another in a football game which the managers won. In the spring, basketball pro- vided the incentive for competition. 81 WILLIAM WALLACE Fall Editor FREEMAN SILVA Spring Editor phas ' ized this year in Back Row: Provost, Elliott, Wallace, Yuill-Thornton, Hawley, Silva. Front Row: Law, Craig, Macdonald, Morrow. PELICAN E NATIONAL AS WELL as campus highlights wl the Pelican, which viewed these events with the In the fall semester, the Pelican, under Editor William allace, devotefr ' Thi is " s e_to ' controversy. Wallace in his page entitled " Sweetness and Light " gave the campus a can. forward account of the Green-Lewis struggle. The November Big Game issue used colored prints for the first time since 1929. Can pus including members of the faculty, were exploited in humorous character studies. Clique ce were achieved in the spring, with political themes accompanied by poetry serving as ' Frontis Following the succession of Freeman Silva to the editorship in the spring, " Pelly " , in the form of a live pelican, became a permanent member of the staff, and took his place alongside the Pelican sales- girls in Eshleman court. 82 CLAUDE SCHRAOER Fall M ELWOOD WILLIAMS ?priirg semester Concentrated dri FEUCA MANAGERIAL STAFF Back Rn: Faiae. Ciii.ifa. Caak. Wiiiiimi. 6ms. MUaV Raw: Hilby. Saaas. Kilbani. Ba . Mcilaa. (hatdcjr. Fraat Raw: Swtk, Jaws, Williams. Nail. MANAGERIAL STAFF ne amount of advertising, broke all former records of the Pelican during ' responsible for the increased support by both the campus public and ad- raer, manager in the fall, and Elwood Williams who directed the staff in foiloe rl yiole:- were responsible for the increase of advertising carried by the tajiit i eiilation also rose over the fall semester by one-fourth. These accomplish- niMits made it pofsibW for the editors to widen the scope of the magazine in art work, quality and leral appeat " The Pelican M II the highest honors in the national competition conducted by the American Asso- ciation of College lCAiic|L receiving first place both for editorial content and general layout. It was also rated by Judge imd Esquire as the " nation ' s best college magazine. " 83 ' " f MARIE SCHAEFFER Women ' s Director, Fall GAIL ROGERS Women ' s Director, Spring PELICAN WOMEN ' S STAFF Back Row: Welsh, Porter, Ayrault, Gowans, Scheibner, Newman, M., Mason, La Fetra, Carriker, Jones. Fourth Row: Duhtne, Boyd, Perry, Beck, Rockingham, Newman, ., Cunningham, Low, Dobie, Smith, M. Third Row: Dibble, McMullin Samson, Hayward, Ford, Kelty, Howe, Austin, Roberts, Williams. Second Row: Mahoney, Wilson, Denahey, Titus, Godt, Grant, Stamer, Fitzgerald, Hammond, Johnson, Downie. Front Row: Smith, L.. Woods, Libbey, Ward, Rogers, Schaeffer, director. Clow, Wolverton, Reeves, Tice. WOME FROM THE ROUTINE of office work to having tpictue the Pelican Women ' s Staff went through a year of succesiM ales in the fall, and Gail Rogers in the spring semester, the staff was divided, into Tour ' dejfai Fair, publicity, exchange and office. Branded by the editor of the MichigarTGargoyJe as importations, the girls endeavored to live up to their new characters in presenting uiei which were included under the Vanity Fair department. They occurred three tim jfs ' s held once in Faculty Glade, and the other two times in Eshleman Auditorium. Ideal-fashio pus wear were furnished by stores who advertised in the Pelican. Social activities were not forgotten during the year, with the monthly Sales Day dinners, and two formal dances being especially outstanding. 84 frersity and the i literarj ronlems as we ' ll GRIZZLY STAFF Back Row: Sjrmmes, Dural. Turner, Stuthman. Wallace, Weston. Third Row: Sandock, Dudley, Eastman, Gabbert. Williams. Zietler. Second Row: Whetstone, Renstrom, Harbach, McGuire. Macfarlane. Front Row: Peck. Newman, Dotsenko. Wicks, Hurt, Stone. A W dent, the topic entitled " The tionships and ot was an extract qu of German. A critici GRIZZLY agazine to take the place of the Occident, which for some time was felt ' eceive proper support on the campus, became very evident during the fall lerefore, appeared in March, creating a type of magazine new to this uni- olleftes. The Occident tradition, strong for over fifty years, of purely it Ion- was superseded by a diversified periodical, presenting " important rial in a lighter vein " . tied to bridge the gap between the Pelican, Daily Californian and the Occi- being largely of a serious nature. In its only issue of the year, an article Country Club " made a comparison of housing, employment, campus rela- blems mutual to Stanford and California. Another feature of the Grizzly rom a book soon to be published by Dr. Franz Schneider, Associate Professor education by President Sproul was included, and a number of short stor- ies and poems. The Grizzly ' s Editor was James Kenney, and its Manager, Richard Hurwitz, both of whom were assisted by Florence Maggenti as Women ' s Director and Karl Kasten as Art Editor. 85 CHARLES PATTERSON Editor LOY CHARTER Manager CALIFORNIA ENGINEER Bach Row: Alter, Burckhardt, Ruvkin, Woodson, Calkins, Shaw, Dimfl, Versan, McCloskey. Second Row: Rossi, Murphy, Charter, Bentson, Conner, Maynard, Geren, Patterson, Nelson, Ohannesian. Front Row: Schofield, Mariani, Crofts, Young, Harris, Walsh, Kirk, McEvoy, Garrod. THE CALIFORNIA THE CALIFORNIA ENGINEER, while adding severaWirw innovation followed along traditional lines during the past year. Charles Patterson, Editor, retained the policy of presenting a non-technical journal on neering, which would be of interest to the entire campus. He inaugurated a new cover in the Spring, with cuts of engineering projects and campus activities illustrating the cover design. The publication, which increased in size during the year, included arti- cles of interest from other campi, notes on engineering societies, local projects, and occasional humorous articles on professors and students. To keep pace with a greater circulation, Loy Charter, Manager, and his staff were largely responsible for the growth in subscriptions and general sales of the magazine. Office-work and distribution of the magazine were handled by the Women ' s Staff under the direction of Virginia Jane Harris. 86 VIRGINIA t,f C ' 3 : C i ' kaedrt, Rnr: Wta taker, Iwy. Sfemm. C-. ADVERTISING SERVICE BUREAU 4 KLpbe managerial department of the Daily i.alifornian. the Pelican, and the vertising Senice Bureau furnished a large part of the advertising copy puhlicationlJ Tl s organization, wl jfh hi " yi- " - " from a small beginning as a part of the T)ail - Californiaa al f ?erved as a publicity research bureau. The staff of approximately fifty students wa3-tflT3e rthe manu eiiieiilj of Virginia Leach in the fall semester, and Lauran Clapp in the spring. Boni were assisted by wo s-enior managers and four juniors. The Bureau handled publicity for many of the Bay Region stores, including all the work for the U. C. Co-op. 1 , TJne Advertisers were allowed to choose their own advertisements, which were written by the staff members on a competitive basis. Several dinners at sorority houses, and a dance in San Francisco were held each semester. 87 I J V N r " x 89 CONCLUDING a full dramatic yes Tor " in the Greek Theatre, Litth, tions, thirty-five one-act plays, record of entertainment. In a departure from the type ot play usually pres Theatre produced " Richar TII " , as theJ t serious Sid drama ever to be attempted here, and arfso Strindberg ' s " Tl] of Death " , which is ranfly seen on thflstage. Distinct innovation were the stflgmg of a children ' s pla ' Emperor ' s New Clothes, " and tJffl ' beginning of an exchange between Stanford l iiyersityyflfllls College, and the Univert Little,] Jance The California. This y ar Litt in presenting twof Quinte. Little Theatre reprei dred studejufsC artd is n o: and serve as i incer icatre cooperated with Mills C ays. the efforts of approximately five 1 c Bcvcntcci 1 jfiheatre aroused new interest on ,t ie, campue I ive to Little Theatre, , ' ,,, i ! ' ! ' ' k ' V ' ; ' ' ' JOSEPH NEWFIELD Manager PATRICIA ELSTON Women ' s Manager EDWIN DUERR Director FRED C. FISCHER Graduate Manager 90 E : Rut Ewert Mary Merrill toss MMB Marfcr MeCaM Jeaa MMTCS DRAMATICS COUNCIL 1 ' 4 ' ' ' I ' ' -. ' . " ' .. I, ' . 91 COSTUME AND PROPERTY STAFF Back Row: Brumbaugh, Vaughan, Hatch, Bailey, Fox, Brown. Third Row: Root, Kennedy, Gigniere, Biscomb, Brooke, Strode. Second Row: Garcia, Jones, Beaucnamp, Eggert, Moores, Pracy, Bandy. Front Row: Lafferty, Butzback, Costello, Vivian, Ray, Dunwoody. WOMEN ' S MANAGERIAL STAFF Back Row: McCloskey, Seal, Sayre, Hahn, Grant, Badger, Behrendt, Dodge, Earl. Sixth Row: Motiitt, Gloy, Miller, Sanford, Rath, Goelzer, Berryhill, Ashton, Cabrera, Steiner. Fifth Row: Bunker, Solley, Moorhead, Scott, Dunham, Swanberg, Gyle, Leibert, Muller. Fourth Row: Hart, Littleford, Quandt, Pedrone, Lyons, Barton, Gruner, Tramontini, Genser, Dickman. Third Row: Kay, Moore, McConnell, Grass, McVittie, Rosedale, Lindley, Davidson. Second Row: Brown, Ragsdale, Zisser, Ballentine, Mallary, Wheeler, Friedman, Lewis, Makower. Front Row: Glenn, Resner, Gatewood, Mather, Elston, Blakely, Mahan, Merrill, Capes, Edwards. LITTLE THEATRE STAFFS IN THEIR WORK behind the scenes, the Little Theatre staffs provided the necessary framework for the acting group. Approximately two hundred people served in the various departments. Patricia Elston headed the Women ' s Managerial staff, which is divided into the groups of advertising, news, contact, office, program, and ticket. The senior position of Advertising Manager was created this year, and under the supervision of Betty Mather, the public was contacted through posters, banners, theater slides, speeches, skits, and postcards. The other divisions, guided by juniors, did the general office work, solicited adver- tising for the programs, sold tickets, and ushered at the performances. The art staff, directed by Helen Mayhew, designed the sets ; the property staff, under Ruth Eggert, secured the necessary furniture and articles; the production crew, headed by Ross Adams, managed the scenery; and the make-up and costume staffs, supervised by Marjorie McCall and Jean Moores, assisted the actors. 92 MAKE-UP STAFF Back ROT: Miller. Daifey TkM ROT: Sitt. Sctas tary. FiOTt ROT: Gmcs. Nwabt JOHNNY JOHNSON You ' re pretty as a pink, Minny Belle. " " And every day somebody ' s dad has shot and killed somebody ' s son. PAUL GREEN ' S anti-war comedy, " Johnny Johnson, " in its first non-professional performance on the coast opened the year ' s activities of Little Theatre on October 1 and 2. The play combined comedy, music, and satire, stressing the comic rather than the anti-war propaganda. Called the " biography of a common man, " it told the story of a grave- stone cutter who tried to end war with a tank of laughing gas. In spite of the many humorous touches a serious attack was levied on the evils of war in the satirical presentation of the weakness and stupidity of human beings, the horrors of war, and the futility of striving for peace. Kenneth Tobey lent a sincere and true interpretation to the idealistic Johnny Johnson. In the rest of the large cast Robert Gold- stein and Raymond Parker stood out for their characteriza- tions of the rough and rollicking Sergeant Jackson and of the mad psychiatrist, Mahodan. The problem of producing in Wheeler Auditorium a play which involved fifteen scenes and a great diversity of mood and atmosphere was competently met by the Little Theatre players. The simple but effective scenery, the original music by Kurt Weill, and the choruses by the players produced an expressive background against which the foibles of war were unfolded. THE CAST Johnny Johnson KENNETH TOBEY Miz Smith JANE MALMCREN The Village Editor WILLARD FENN Minny Belle Tompkins MARY WEEKS Grandpa Joe JAMES FITZGERALD Anguish Howington JACK THOMPSON Aggie Tompkins JANE HAMSHAW Captain Valentine JOHN GALBRAITH Doctor McBray LAURENCE HUGO Private Jessel DAVID LANE Sergeant Jackson ROBERT GOLDSTEIN Corporal George ALAN COVEY Private Fairfax Louis PINSON Private Svenson DAVID HANLEY Private Goldberger RAY KOVITZ Private O ' Day CLYDE GUMMING Private Kearns JOHN KING Private Harwood ELBERT TATE A West Point Lieutenant JOHN SAVAGE An English Sergeant JESSE SWAN A French Nurse BETTY PICKARD A Sister (ODSDLD) CONSTANCE JOHNSTON Allied High Command Chief .... WILLARD ZINN A Belgian General JOHN BOWERS A French Major-General DWICHT LARICK The American Commander RAY WILSON Doctor Mahodan RAYMOND PARKER His Stenographer FRANCES TURMAN Anguish Howington, Jr FREDERICK MORETON 94 MASK AND DAGGER ' VM KM wkat she She tat a littk kM. THE PROGRAM Prologue Home of the Brave Return to the Sender Flaming Lip- Mary Had a Little Moon Behind the Clouds Complaint Department It Won ' t Be Long Broken Leg Lover ' s Union Card Mi . Carrington and Mrs. Crane Tied to Aprun Strings Again Overdoe Tell Me Why Overture Taliloid Reds Impossible Interview Front the Human Point of View Play a March Eugenic? Mi-? Muffet Who ' s to Blame? Tonight at Noel Coward ' s Walking to the Nearest Exit Desire L ' nder the Dynamo, or. We Always Get Our Mannon Where Is the Moon? Wedding Night Finale AS ITS FIFTH ANNUAL REVUE. Mask and Dagger. Dra- matics Honor Society, chose " Mary Had A Little " and pro- duced it against a surrealistic background on October 22 and 23. Edwin Duerr, Barbara Eames, James Fisher-Northrop, and Louis Pinson directed the well-balanced program of thirty skits and songs. Called " An Impertinent Revue, " the show reached the height of impudence in " The Impossible Interview " be- tween President Roosevelt and Harpo Marx. The spirit of poking fun at present trends in thought and action, which characterized the revue, was caught in the opening " Home of the Brave " and continued through to the final number. " Wedding Night, " reaching a climax in the " Complaint Department " . In a similar mood, " Desire Under the Dyna- mo " or " We Always Get Our Mannon " and " Miss Muffet " were artistic take-offs on Eugene O ' Neill ' s play and on a cherished nursery rhyme. The music for the performance was composed by students and was not only diverting, but helped in attaining a pleas- ing program of dramatic and light entertainment. Among the lyrics which were broadcast by San Francisco orchestras were the title song. " Mary Had A Little, " " Return to the Sender Unclaimed. " " Lover " ? Union Card, " and " Who ' s To Blame. " 95 KING RICHARD III Rehearsal scene: " Have I a tongue to doom my brother ' s death? ' Rehearsal scene: " To royalize his blood I spilt mine own. . . CUT DOWN from its original four-hour form, Shakespeare ' s " King Richard III " was presented by Little Theatre on November 5 and 6. In this version Edwin Duerr, director, eliminated many of the lengthy historical incidents and uncovered a fast-moving melodrama. A series of Nemeses, which have their climax in Rich- ard ' s fate, punish the House of York for its sin against that of Lancaster. Each death marks a short-lived triumph so that " those who triumph in one Nemesis become the victims of the next. " The evil Duke of Gloucester, aiding the wheels of destiny with treachery and murder, wins his way to the throne of England at last over a long row of dead, only to find that he, too, must die. The grim procession of ghosts forecasts his impending doom and the grief scenes of the women summarize the story of crime and punishment. Sidney Roger as the ruthless hunchbacked duke subordi- nated the other characters, but he was ably supported by Crahan Denton as the Duke of Buckingham, the victim of Richard ' s ingratitude; by James Fisher-Northrop as the short-lived Edward IV; by John King as the victorious Rich- mond; and by the rest of the large cast which gave con- sistently excellent interpretations of difficult parts. THE CAST King Edward IV JAMES FISHER-NORTHROP His brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester . SIDNEY ROGER His brother, George, Duke of Clarence . . JESSE SWAN Sir Robert Brakenbury ROBERT DsWoLF Hastings, Lord Chamberlain .... ROBERT GOLDSTEIN Lady Anne MARGARET ANN RUSSELL Bishop Ely RICHARD CASADY Elizabeth, Queen to Edward IV . . WINIFRED SEBASTIAN Duke of Buckingham CRAHAN DENTON Lord Stanley RICHARD BARTHOL Margaret, widow of Henry VI . . . YSABEL MOMSEN First Murderer JOHN FERGUSON Second Murderer RAY WILSON Duchess of York, mother to Edward IV . HELEN LECISIN First Citizen WILLIAM MUSLADIN Second Citizen KENNETH TOBEY Third Citizen GEORGE MARKOVICH Edward, Prince of Wales .... TERRY O ' FLAHERTY His brother, Richard, Duke of York . HORTENSE JONES Sir William Catesby JAMES FITZGERALD Sir Richard Ratcliff DAVID LANE Lord Lovel ALAN COVEY Lord Mayor of London RICHARD NEUSTADT A Scrivener CLIFFORD JARRETT Sir James Tyrrel ' . . . . KARL ZIECLER Henry, Earl of Richmond JOHN KING Earl of Oxford GARY TORRE Sir Walter Herbert RICHARD OLIPHANT Sir James Blunt TRAVIS BOCARD 96 THE DANCE OF DEATH " Sir Bluebeard with the maiden in the tower. . . ' am contemplating a change from this unhappy marital union. THE CAST Edgar, Captain in the Coast Artillery . ROBERT NIELSEN Alice, his wife, a former actress . . BOBBIE CAMPBELL Jenny: a maid GRACE POWLES Curt, Master of the Quarantine . . . JOHN GALBRAITH The Old Woman BETTY BERRYHILI. IN STRINDBERG ' S mad play, " The Dance of Death, " Little Theatre, on December 3 and 4, portrayed a story of intensified hate and cruelty. This hatred resulted from the inability of two people to adjust themselves to each other and to circumstances. The realism of the play is found in the deep penetration made into their innermost feelings. Robert Nielsen gave an outstanding performance in the leading part of Edgar, Captain of the Coast Artillery. He succeeded in making himself hateful, yet at the same time a pitiful figure with his bitterness and egotism. As his wife. Alice, Bobbie Campbell was a shallow woman who spent her time fighting with her husband and imagining what might have been if she had continued her career as an actress. John Galbraith brought fleeting peace into their lives as the sane Curt, Master of Quarantine, but to no avail. As their lives moved in a cycle of monotonous days, only distinguished from each other in their growing hatred, so the setting for the play never once changed from the cold and dimly lighted room inside the grim granite fort. The limited, but effective lighting helped to create a morbid atmosphere. 97 SPRING DANCE " You look simply splendid in your new Crusader ' s suit. " met a Communist once. He made a pass at me . . THE LIGHT sophisticated expose of life at a women ' s col- lege, in Philip Barry ' s " Spring Dance " , started the spring season for Little Theatre on February 18 and 19. This col- legiate comedy is the seventh of Barry ' s plays which Little Theatre has produced. Faced with the fact that a trip to Russia held more appeal for the boy friend of Alex Benson than marriage, her four college friends inaugurated a campaign to make the gentle- man change his mind. Brilliant offers of jobs, jail sentences, and distorted truths led the young, adventurous Sam Thatcher, played by George Maze, to succumb at last to the lovable Alex who was capably portrayed by Virginia Foulds. The success of the comedy cannot be attributed to any one particular factor, but to a combination of the clever dialogue using Eastern college slang; to the enthusiasm of the entire cast in their slightly caricatured roles of college students: and, especially, to the four friends who dominated the action by their antics and their individual personalities. Definitely a feminine play, " Spring Dance " reached one of its high spots in the bedroom scene which gave intimate tips on the use of beauty preparations and exercises in the private life of women. THE CAST Mildred MARY Jo GLEESON John Halton PHILIP BOONE The Lippincot THOMAS MCCORKLK Doc Boyd ROBERT ROYSTEN Buck Buchanan BRANDON HOWEI.I, Mady Plait HORTENSE JONES Frances Fenn MARGERY MANCHESTER Alex Benson .... VIRGINIA FOULDS Kate McKim LOUISE LINTON Walter Beckett .... ... MALCOLM CONNER Sa y Prescott CONSTANCE JOHNSTON Sam Thatcher GEORGE MAZE Miss Ritchie GERALDINE DOLAN 98 AWAK: AMD SING is s ratta I mU jKt as MM lay all far i a TurtiU batk. " THE CAST Berger DAVID LANE Myron Berger JAMES FiSHER-NoRTHROp Hennie Berger VIVIAN FISHER Jacob SIDNEY ROGER Bessie Berger ELIZABETH BERRYHILL Schlosser RICHARD BARTHOL Iof A-telrod ROBERT NIELSEN I ncle Morty ... ROBERT GOLDSTEIN Sam Feinxchreiber ..... BORIS FROM LIFE in the New York Bronx, Little Theatre created in Clifford Odet ' s " Awake and Sing " a play of co nflicting interests and of social implications. For the second time in its history, a production was presented on four different evenings. In Odet ' s comic tragedy social and economic significance lay behind the seemingly commonplace struggles and humor of the American Jewish Berger family. The material needs of life affected the outlook of the entire group. The mother hecame too practical and domineering: the grandfather and son were both idealistic and eager for the future: and the others became disillusioned. In the end changed conditions brought them each a measure of happiness and made some of them see the importance of an entirely new philosophy of life. The story was one of real people with real problems, and the acting was exceedingly competent. Robert Nielsen " vivid characterization of the crippled friend of the Berger family was equaled only by Sidney Roger ' s intelligent in- terpretation of the old, philosophic Jacob. Betty Berryhill, who created a very convincing mother, was the first fresh- man to take the leading role in a major Little Theatre pro- duction. FORTUNATO THE WOMEN HAVE THEIR WAY " I ' m telling him what you told me they were all telling you . . . " Performance photograph of " The Women Have Their Way. " UNDER THE SPONSORSHIP of Hammer and Dimmer, Little Theatre Social Honor Society, Mills College and the University of California joined together in producing two Spanish plays on the evening of April 1 on the Berkeley campus. The two plays were written by Joaquin and Serafin Alvarez Quintero and were translated by Helen and Harley Granville-Barker. The feminine parts were taken by the Mills College girls, while California men took the other roles. Marian Long Stebbins of Mills College directed the performances. An unfortunate selection of material caused the presen- tation to be somewhat of a disappointment. " Fortunate " and " The Women Have Their Way, " both second-rate works in their native language, lost flavor and interest by transla- tion into English. The tragic farce, " Fortunato, " was well acted although depressing in theme. Crahan Denton as Fortunato, the beggar, created the character with sincerity and moving simplicity. The comic touches of " The W 7 omen Have Their Way " were well handled with honors going to Betty Le Page as Santita, the deaf woman. THE CASTS Fortnnnlo Monica Lois BANKERD Don Victoria RAYMOND PARKER Don Alberto JOHN CALBRAITH Constanza BARBARA BLAISE Fortunato CRAHAN DENTON A Blind Beggar KENNETH TOBEY " Conchita BETTE OHMS A Seamstress SHIRLEY SUM MY An Old Gentleman FRED STUTHMAN A Sister of Mercy ... .... BETTY LE PACE A Lame Beggar JACK McNvucHTON Ines MARGARET THOMSON Amaranta EMILY STEVENS The 1) omen Have Their W ay Don Julian FRED STUTHMAN Santita BETTY LE PACE Don Adolfo JOHN GALBRAITH Dieguilla CONSTANCE MANTZURANI Concha Puerto HELEN FRANK Guitarra BILL MUSLADIN Angela CLEO MUNRO Pilar EI.ISE BENEDICT Pepe Loru KENNETH TOBEY Dona Belen M ' .RY ELIZABETH THURSTON Juanita La Rosa DALE F VIRCHILD Don Cecilia J CK McNAUCHTON A Village Girl LOUISE EWALT The Sacristan of San Antonio . . . RAYMOND PARKER 100 HIGH TOR 9M T " MUfc TV. " f " Hili Tr " ii UK Uttte TkeatK ct iw s bttare ' AST Indian JACK McNAiCHTON I ' an Dorn CLARK. How AT Judith JANE H MSHAW Arthur ]. Bifgs JACK THOMPSON Judee Skimmerhorn SIDNEY ROGER Lise MAKARET ANN RI MU Captain Asher JOHN KING Deteitt ROBERT GOLDSTEIN Dope RICH HII BABTHOL Elkus LAURENCE Hi I.- 1 Buddy CLYDE GUMMING Patsy CLIFF JAKBETT A. B. Skimmerhorn FRED STLTHMAN Kudee RAY TILSON A BOY HO owned a mountain inhabited by Indians and a Dutch crew from one of Hendrik Hudson ' s ships of three hundred years ago. captured the fantastic spirit of Maxwell Anderson ' s recent " High Tor, " which concluded the Little Theatre season on April 23. For the second time in seven- teen years the Greek Theatre was the setting for one of its productions. A headland, known to the people along the Hudson River as High Tor, looms over the city of Haverstraw and over- looks the river. The danger that this mountain would be excavated by a Trap-Rock company. leaving only a false front, and the conflict to decide its ultimate end formed the background for this play. Clark Howat as an Dorn. the young owner of High Tor, exemplified the struggle to keep the ownership of the be- loved mountain against modern commercialism, only to lose in the end. Judith, played by Jane Hamshaw, was the real girl who wanted him to move to the city where there would be greater opportunities for him. Margaret Ann Russell was the unreal Dutch girl, who w as resurrected from a past age. and Robert Goldstein was a cranky, but comical Dutch sailor, while Raymond Parker and Jack Thompson enacted the covetous realtors. 101 THALIAN ' Gammer Gurton swears thou hast her nee ' l, Dame Chatte. ' IN BROADENING its activities by the inclusion of a chil- dren ' s play, Thalian, women ' s dramatic honor society, took another step in establishing itself as an active dramatic group. Thalian members continued the sponsorship of the bi- weekly plays of the Little Theatre Forum. The outstanding plays were " We Become, Damocles " and " A Crack in the Sky, " both written by James Fitzgerald, and also " Grotesque for November " by Dan Wickenden. An experiment in the production of children ' s plays was " The Emperor ' s New Clothes, " given on the afternoon and evening of March 5 and primarily intended for school chil- dren. Robert Goldstein and Betty Marx as the Emperor and Empress, with Raymond Parker and Kenneth Tobey as the two adventurers, brought interest to the comedy drawn from a Chinese folk story. The play ' s success led to the de- cision to make this an annual production. The major event of Thalian ' s year was an evening presen- tation of three original one-act plays in the annual Nickel- odeon. In the contest for manuscripts, the three selected were " The Whole World ' s Wisdom " by Travis Bogard; " Flotsam and the Finneys " by Betty Marx; and " Retreat Into Dusk " by Fred Stuthman. THALIAN PLAYERS Bobbie Campbell ' 38, Patricia Elston ' 38, Constance John- ston ' 38, Helen Lescisin ' 38, Louise Linton ' 38, Margery Manchester ' 38, Sylvia Marvin ' 38, Betty Mather ' 38, Helen Mayhew ' 38, Janice Watkins ' 38, Eillieen Weinberg ' 38, Mary K. Dawson ' 39, Jane Hamshaw ' 39, Hortense Jones ' 39, Margaret McKechnie ' 39, Jane Malmgren ' 39, Betty Marx ' 39, Mary Merrill ' 39, Ysabel Momsen ' 39, Margaret Ann Russell ' 39. 102 LITTLE THEATRE FORUM critic. . . . ' THALIAN PLAYS The Aialanche Lily JACK. THOMPSON ' 40 Jebel Kathir .Vo. 1 JACK. THOMPSON ' 40 Jenkin ' s Ear JAMES PALMER " 40 Beneath These Stones TOM McCoRKLE ' 38 Stark Loie or The Feud That Failed TOM McCoHKLE " 38 if e Become. Damocles .... JAMES FITZCEBALD " 40 A Crack in the Sky JAMES FITZGERALD ' 40 U ind before Dust Louis PINSON ' SS Hne of the Storm ... . MARGERY EVERNDEN 38 Penguins Have tTings JOHN SAVAGE " 39 Hamboigers ROBERT GOLDSTEIN 39 THE CLANG of the discordant gong heralds the opening of the Little Theatre Forum every other Thursday afternoon in heeler Auditorium. This dramatic workshop serve a twofold purpose on the campus, one of providing a training school for prospective Little Theatre players and staff technicians and the other of giving the students a chance to discuss dramatic productions. Generally the program consists of two plays, which are either student written or excerpts from well-known works. Thalian members direct each of the productions while stu- dents, anxious to display their histrionic talents, act. From Thalian plays a certain number graduate into the acting group of Little Theatre. This year, through a revision in the casting system, a more equal opportunity for participa- tion was provided to all undergraduates and especially to junior transfer students. The main feature of these Thursday afternoon seminars is the discussion from the floor which follows each play. The acting, the directing, and the play itself, if student writ- ten, are critically analyzed. From this airing of opinion val- uable suggestions are brought forth to help individual mem- bers in their work and to the people who direct the Forum. 103 105 Donald Urun Ruberta Harwell Elizabeth Kendall Robert Fairchild L-fMfc A r f in A " 1 -. -fc -k. - Richard Lowe MUSIC COUNCIL Phillip Williamson Dorothy Miller Harrison Ward MUSICAL YEAR THIS MUSIC YEAR has afforded members of the campus ample opportunity to enjoy the excellent quality of the diversified entertainment offered by musical and dramatic guest artists. Blanche Yurka, portraying the title role of Sophocles ' " Electra " in the Greek Theatre on September 19, delighted all who attended the performance. The Greek production included such capable actors as Henry Brandon and Hedwiga Reicher. Gilbert and Sullivan ' s light opera " H.M.S. Pinafore " was given in the Greek Theatre on October 9 by The San Francisco Light Opera Guild. " York Mysteries " was presented by the Steiiidorff Choral in Wheeler Hall Audito- rium on December 19. These nativity plays were most appropriate for the Christmas sea- son. On February 13 the spring activities commenced with Josef Hofmann appearing as guest soloist with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, directed by Pierre Monteux, in the Men ' s Gymnasium. E. Robert Schmitz, pianist, gave a recital in Wheeler Hall Auditorium on March 13, consisting of compositions by Bach and Debussy. Pierre Monteux, conducting the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, again appeared in the Men ' s Gymnasium on March 27 with Mischa Elman as guest artist. Brian Aherne, stage and screen star, appearing on a Shakespearean program witli the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, closed the musical activities for the season. Treble Clef at the Winter Concert. E. Robert Schmitz DON UREN Manager HARRISON WARD Director GLEE CLUB REPRESENTING California spirit, Glee Club has completed the year by making an ever increasing number of appearances. Supervising activities were Don Ureii, manager, and Harrison Ward, director. During the fall, Glee Club sang for many of the football rallies, and aided pre-Big Game spirit by singing over the radio and at various gatherings. The climax of the fall season was the winter concert held with Treble Clef. In the spring semester a trip through Northern California and Oregon was sponsored by the Alumni Association. Twenty members were chosen to make the trip with the director and accompanist. The most brilliant performance of the season was the oper- etta " The Vagabond King " , which was held in the Campus Theatre in conjunction witli Treble Clef society. Thirty men, representing the club, were invited to sing at the Charter Day Banquet at the Palace Hotel on March 23. Quartettes were sent out to various service groups and high schools, and a special program was given for the University of California Mothers ' Club. On April 15, Glee Club, with Treble Clef, presented a concert at the Piedmont High School. Glee Club united with Treble Clef for a dance held at the beginning of the semester in order that the new members of both clubs could become acquainted. Back Row: Culbertson, Robinson, McCrary, Clyde, Hanna, Williamson, Crane, Fretter, Sherman, Ward, Moyer, Marliave. Fourth Row: Martens, Hendrickson, Flanders, Laugenam, Tedson, Thompson, Dobbins, Ainsworth, Anderson, Rothi. Brady, Carlson. Third Row: Flanders, Tate, Cappello, Rice, Sisich, Payne, Merrill, Lameraiu, Frisendahl, O ' Hara, Skinner. McFarlane. Second Row: Stemle, Wood- ward, Baum, McClure, Ferry, Cathcart, Branston, Baker, Adam, Algar, Stewart. Front Row: Magy, Thomson, Ortega, Easton, Hanna, Uren, Knight, Decker, Ward, Budesa, Palmer, Fait, Shuman, Harrington. RUBERTA HARWELL KATMRIN DECKER TREBLE CLEF TREBLE CLEF has completed a successful year by performing for many campus as well as off-campus functions. Under the leadership of Ruberta Harwell, the senior manager, and Harrison Ward, the director, the two major productions were highly commendable. In the fall the annual concert was held in conjunction with the Glee Club, while " The Vagabond King, " an operetta by Rudolph Friml. was given on April 8 and 9 in the Campus Theatre. Special engagements included singing for the Freshmen Women ' s Rally and the omen ' s Big Game Rally. In the spring the group sang for the Emery High School. Palo Alto High SchooL and at the Charter Day Alumni Banquet. In October, Treble Clef with Glee Club sponsored the first of a series of contests to be held annually for the best choruses, quartets, and soloists of high school throughout the state. A dance each semester and an appointments banquet comprised the social activities of the group. Iti iii. Kdtaw. Lucas. GM M. Haday Trawr. Kum. Mmt, Sth. Ott. LEWIS FAIRCHILD Band Manager CHARLES C. GUSHING Instructor RICHARD LOWE Student Director A. S. U. C. BAND COMBINING AN activity and a University course, the California Band fulfilled another year of fine contribution in the musical field. Adding greatly to the California spirit, the Band provided varied programs at many campus gatherings. Of the hundred and sixty-five members, one hundred and forty of them marched at football games and displayed their originality in many unique stunts. Smaller groups en- tertained at baseball and basketball games. The Band performed at off-campus activities including radio rallies, alumni affairs, and programs for the Sacramento State Fair and Vallejo Rodeo. Marching in the Tour- nament of Roses Parade, the Band impressed onlookers with its size and ability. To add to their funds, the Band presented an original musical comedy " Take It Away, " on November 5 and 6. The show, although not highly successful in dramatic technique, contained several versatile musical numbers. With the proceeds of this function, the Band purchased a glockenspiel, or small portable xylophone. Climaxing their year of work, the Band gave its annual spring concert in the Gymnasium for Men. Charles Cushing, instructor, directed the music with Richard Lowe, student director, assisting. Management of the Band was competently taken care of by Lewis Fairchild and the arrangement of field formations by Ernest Nagel, drum major. The Band entertains between halves at the Washington State game. The Band in the Tournament of Roses Parade. ALBERT I. ELKUS Dinctor, SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA " TO DEVELOP the appreciation of music throughout the student body and to encour- age musically gifted amateurs to make music among themselves " is the function of the University ' s Department of Music and thus of the California Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra under the direction of Professor Albert I. Elkus very ably fulfilled its ideal in this, its fifteenth season. Since Professor Elkus became director in 1934, he has done much, himself, in furthering this purpose by his compositions. The appearance of several guest soloists with the orchestra has enriched its purpose. Gunnar Johansen, pianist, was f eatured at the first concert given on October 17, and Miss Eleanor Aller, " cello soloist, appeared with the orchestra on February 27. As usual the orchestra gave three concerts in the Men ' s Gymnasium. At its first concert of the season the orchestra played the Symphony No. 3 in E flat Major. " Eroica " by Beethoven, and Wagner ' s Overture to Tannhauser. The second concert, February 27. featured the " Tragic Overture " by Brahms, Scherzo and Nocturne from " Midsummer Night ' s Dream " by Mendelssohn, and Borodin ' s Symphony in B Minor. No. 2. The third and final concert of the season presented on April 10 was built about the compositions of Professor Randall Thompson in collaboration with the University Chorus under his direction. Uwtcrsit? Orchestra. 113 REYNOLD COHN Forensics Commissioner JAMES ROWEN Manager VIRGINIA COLB Y Women ' s Manager SANFORD GOLDNER Debating Coach DEBATING YEAR BECAUSE AUDIENCES of today are more interested in an intelligent presentation of an argument than an " oratorical blast " and because the decisional type of debate often fails to bring out the most important points of the argument, Varsity Debating continues this year to use a system of iioii-deci- sional, reciprocal debates, a system begun three years ago. The first event of the year was a symposium, " War in China. " This symposium was of unusual interest, coming as it did when Japanese aggression in China was in its first stages, and the discussion drew a large audience. Varsity tried something new in the fall semester when they inaugurated a series of social science symposiums. The purpose was to acquaint people from the various departments of study and to probe into the problems of their special fields. The most important event of the fall semester was the Varsity Debate with the University of Mel- bourne. The topic was " Resolved: that the United States should abandon her policy of isolation. " Alan Benjamin of Melbourne was unable to debate so Raymond Rocca upheld the affirmative with Chester Wilmot of the University of Melbourne against Melvin Reder and Bernard Shapiro of California. In October, Melvin Reder, Raymond Rocca, Bernard Shapiro, and Byron Siiyder traveled to southern California, there debating with Occidental College, the University of Redlaiids, and U. C. L. A. Later in the semester two debates were held with Stanford. Roger Wollenberg and Philip Verleger repre- sented California in the first on, " Resolved: that the C. I. O. merits our support. " In the second debate on, " Resolved: that colleges and universities should subsidize their athletes, " Martin Rothenberg and Robert Stevenson represented California. In January, Jean Frame and Isobel Goldeen toured the Pacific Northwest debating at the University of British Columbia, Oregon State College, Willamette University, and the University of Washington. Reynold Cohii and Raymond Rocca, in an extensive four weeks tour of the South and Middlewest, Varsity debaters in action. FrwcisCrfc Wetter Merske? isited the University of ashiugtou. aldington State. L Diversity of Idaho, University of Colorado. University of Nebraska. Drake University. University of Chicago. Marquette University. Tulane, South- ern Methodist University, and the University of Arizona. The outstanding event of the spring semester was the Fourth Annual Pacific Coast Student Speech Congress held in February. The California arsity Debaters were host to delegates from fifteen col- leges and junior colleges throughout the state. Other events of the spring semester were debates with i-itiii:: teams from ashington State, the Lniversity of X ashington. and Tulane Lniversity: radio de- bates: the Annual Sproul Medal Debate: and the Joffre Medal Debate. The arsity Debating program was unusually full in both spring and fall semesters: but arsity con- ducted, every two weeks, an informal book review of some current, thought-provoking book. These book reviews were presented by members of the varsity s ' juad and were followed by stimulating discussions. FOREXSICS COUNCIL ' Fra McAtacr M 115 Dean Atwood Reynold Conn Virginia Colby Raymond Compton Mary Eselum Jean Frame Margaret Hill Ralph Horn Isabel Goldeen Wesley Hershey Roderick Jamieson Pauline Kael Norman Lowenstein Melvin Reder Raymond Rocca Martin Rothenberg Byron Snyder Bernard Shapiro Robert Stevenson Philip Verleger Anna Louise Wilcox Roger Wollenberg VARSITY DEBATERS 116 Back ROT: Hill. Frwt Sitart, Harm. Mb; FRESHMEN DEBATING FRESHMAN debating, under the direction of Marjorie Mayers, fostered numerous debates and activities during the past year. All of the debates dealt with pertinent political and economic question . The fall semester included debates with St. Mary ' s, Santa Rosa, and Lowell High Schools. California took the affirmative versus St. Mary ' - on, " Resolved : President Roosevelt should run for a third term. " Against Santa Rosa and Lowell the proposition was " Resolved: the extension of consumer ' s cooperatives would contribute to the public welfare. " ' The freshmen were organized into Parliament during the spring semester. Each weekly meeting was given over to discussions on such topics as monopoly. United States foreign policy, and labor problems. Debates were held with Santa Clara. San Mateo Junior College, and the University of San Francisco on questions of neutrality policies. Climating the semester was the traditional debate with Stanford on, " Resolved: that the National Labor Relations Board should be em- powered with the right to enforce arbitration in labor disputes. " 117 flflE MA - - " .--- at - --T, c , 119 fa ALASKA CRUISE LEAVING Oakland on June 11, on board the U.S.S. Brooks, the Junior Class of the Naval R. O. T. C. Unit visited Seattle, Prince Rupert, B.C., and Juneau, Alaska, before return- ing on July 2. Activities on board included the usual ship routine of standing the watches, polishing brass and other ship ' s work, which was varied by lectures on various phases of ship administration. Before arriving at Seattle on the way up the coast, the Brooks stopped at the Bremerton Navy Yard where the cadets were taken on a tour of inspection. At Seattle the Brooks was joined by the U. S. S. Fox which carried the mem- bers of the Naval Unit from the University of Washington. In the competition between the two units, the Californians won the football game, the crew race, the rifle matches and the annual gun- nery competition fired with the ship ' s guns, while the Washington boys won only the baseball game. The cruise was carried on under the capable handling of Lieut. W. A. Graham and provided very ex- cellent practical experience for all of the men who went on it. The " Brooks " and the " Fox " at Prince Rupert, B. C. Taku Glacier in Alaska. The sea often came on board the " Brooks ' Airing bedding on the " Brooks ' 1 HAWAII CRUISE ONE HUNDRED members of the Naval R. O. T. C. had the good for- tune to participate in the search for Amelia Earhart during the past summer. The cadets, accompanied by a similar group from the University of Washington, were on their an- nual summer cruise on the U. S. S. Colorado. After three days in Hilo and one brief day of sightseeing in Honolulu, their stay was cut short a? the Colorado was dispatched to aid the Coast Guard Cutter Itasca in the search for the missing flier. After refueling the Itasca at sea. the battleship headed southward in the hope that Miss Earhart was alive on one of the Phoenix Islands. For over a week the cadets were em- ployed as special lookouts, standing continuous two-hour watches, day and night, from the mast tops. When two week? had gone by with no sign of the flier, the battleship reluctantly turned back toward Honolulu, week? behind schedule. As a diversion from the search operations, a holiday was declared on the day the ship crossed the Equator. On this day Father Nep- tune and Davy Jones came aboard and personally initiated the cadets. who were given certificates to iden- tify them a? shellbacks. During the remainder of the cruise, members of the Naval Unit were given in- struction in navigation, gunnery, and seamanship. U.S.S. (Mm . FORESTRY CAMP THE FORESTRY camp, held for thirteen weeks every summer in Plumas County, California, is un- der the supervision of the state uni- versity. Attendance is required one summer before graduation of all forestry majors. Directing the ac- tivities are two University of Cali- fornia forestry professors and two assistants. Approximately 80 upper division students attend the camp, living on a cooperative basis and doing all the work but the cooking. Main- taining expenses in this manner, the cost per student for the thirteen weeks averages only about 860. The prime costs are for food and the hiring of cooks, while transporta- tion and camp supplies are minor expenses. Study in the different branches of forestry and practical field work consume most of the day and the office work is done at night or in late afternoon. Practical field work includes timber study, cruising, lumbering, and civil engineering. There are five and a half working days, a day consisting of about eight hours. Fishing trips, swimming parties, and sightseeing tours to Mt. Lassen, Tahoe, and other close places of in- terest furnish diverting week-ends. The camp has its own swimming pool, horseshoe pits, and baseball field. Out-of-door study, practical training, and recrea- tion comprised actinities at the Forestry Summer Camp. MILITARY CAMPS A AN ANM ' AL feature of upper H ision R. O. T. C. courses, the University ' s Coast Artillery, Infan- tr . Ordnance and Signal Corps unit- participate in a six week sum- mer camp with military students of various other Western universities. The camps are run on a military li.i-is. in order to simulate as closely as possible actual military condi- tion? and give each student the op- portunity of performing the vari- ous functions of administration and control. The Coast Artillery unit travels to Ft. orden. Washington, where practical aspects of fixed and mo- hile seacoast and anti-aircraft artil- KT are studied and carried out. Also at Ft. Worden is the Ordnance unit summer camp. The Signal Corps camp is located at Ft. Lewis. Washington, where complete facilities afford training in the installation and maintenance of communication equipment. At Presidio of Monterey, the In- fantry unit receives its practical in- struction in the principles and methods of field warfare. Tht R. 0. T. C. rctans ta trill wit the i. . . IM-SNUN: CULVBR C TY In the traditional Bourdon and Minto Celebration, the Freshmen burned their most disliked textbooks, Algebra and English, following a funeral parade char- acterized by colorful banners, and various missiles pelted at the paraders by the Sophomores. CLASSES From the time of the romantic pony express to the present-day telephone, telegraph and cable, the need for communication between people has been recognized and satisfied. In our University world, California freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and alumni have allied themselves with their classes in order to keep alive their bond of communication throughout a lifetime. Social activities in undergraduate days grow into Class Reunions, and University traditions and ideals are communicated successively from class to class. s ALUMNI SENIORS I JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 129 Alumni Council. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION CONTINUING its four-year-old policy of awarding scholarships, the Alumni Association branched out into other activities this past year. Investigation was made into the need for women ' s dormitories on the various campuses, and extensive plans for Alumni participation in the Golden Gate Exposition in 1939 were formulated. Eighty-seven scholarships were granted in August to entering freshmen who had been outstand- ing in scholarship and activities and who gave promise of continuing their high standards in college. Total membership in the Association reached an all-time high with 22,500 alumni, of which 5,490 were life members. The requirements for membership in the Alumni group are the most stringent of any college in the country, due to the increased number of applicants. A voting member must have completed sixty units of work toward a degree, while an officer must have graduated from the University. Various meetings were held before the Big Game, particularly those which were five-year re- unions. Of the regular meetings, the U. C. L. A. game provided incentive for a large reunion in Los Angeles. President Sproul ' s tour of Northern California, supplementing last year ' s tour of the South, included meetings in all the key cities of the North, and joint meetings of University of California and U. C. L. A. alumni in Long Beach and in the Imperial Valley. Charter Day exercises on March 23 and Commencement Day exercises on May 21 terminated the year ' s activities of the Association. ROBERT SIBLEY THE CALIFORNIA MONTHLY BRILLIANTL colored prints, depicting certain movements and historical events, marked the covers of the California Monthly for the past year. To carry out the new policy of a simpler and more modern magazine, the Alumni Association borrowed the prints from private collections to achieve this end. Replacing written material, pictures were used abundantly in the publication, following the increasing trend towards pictorial magazines. General David P. Barrows " monthly column, " The World We Live In " , provided an interesting commentary on world affairs. Other feature articles, which ranged in subject matter from eco- nomics to engineering technique, presented an appeal to readers in all branches of the business and professional world. Most of the features were contributed by California graduates, who were outstanding in their respective fields, while others came from various famous personages. Considered among the more important sections of the magazine were the personal notices of the various classes, which made up approximately one-third of the reading matter. Of more gen- eral interest were the articles which appeared concerning campus life. Scenes from finals, the Big Game, the Rose Bowl Game, and additional campus shots supplemented the articles. Among con- tributors on college life were Floyd Blower " 36, former football player, and Dorothy Orm sbee " 36. former women ' s director of Pelican. Editing the publication were Robert Sibley ' 03, and his staff, who distributed the magazine to over 20,000 subscribers. 132 ROBERT S. KNOWLES IRIS E. STRAEFER RUSH S. CLARK ROBERT E. NELSON THE SENIORS embarked on an active and successful year u the leadership of Robert Knowles and Iris Straeffer, Curt Rocc_ was chosen as chairman of the Senior Peace Committee, which was changed to the Senior Advisory Board after the freshmen hazing. The historic senior bench was moved from its accustomed setting opposite Wheeler Hall to a place in front of Eshlem Hall. The social affairs given by the class were greatly enjoyed. TL_ fall Senior Informal was held at the St. Francis Hotel, while th. Claremont Country Club was the scene for the Spring Informal. The Senior Women ' s luncheon at the International House was enlivened by a Mask and Dagger skit and singing. During the spring semester the senior women had monthly luncheons in Senior Women ' s Hall. The Senior Class has added another glorio history of the University. It now relinquishes the treasured honors and privileges pertaining to that title and presents itself to the Alumni, to be known hereafter only as the Class of 1938. 33. McCaffrey. Wesse. Bell. Sf:ona Rnr: Johnston. : ;: Steckmest. Hcadltr. Wilder. WkKier. Kn-wlts. s. Ljnch. B.. Haef;t . HEADS r ot Row: H Bk R: Hzlhti 133 RALPH LAMON JANICE WATKINS General Chairman General Sub-chairman PAUL HASTINGS ' PATRICIA LENNDN Finance Chairman Finance Sub-chairman SENIOR WEEK BARBEQUE Chairman, Bud van Loben Sels; sub-chairman, Clairmond Craig. PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION Chairman, Chaffee Hall, Jr.; sub-chairman, Betty Butler. BACCALAUREATE Chairman, Jack Kent; sub-chairman, Doris McCann. PUBLICITY Chairman, Walter Hoadley; sub-chairman, Beverlee Young. SENIOR BALL Chairman, Bob Miller; sub-chairman, Betty Kendall. PERMANENT ORGANIZATION Chairman, Don Mulford; sub-chairman, H. J. Richardson. WOMEN ' S BANQUET Chairman, Willa Gene Budelman. RECORDS Chairman, Bob Hill; sub-chairman, Jeanne Tinneman. SENIOR GIFT Chairman, Wayne Gregg; sub-chairman, Marion Sproul. PILGRIMAGE Chairman, Curt Rocca; sub-chairman, Jean Berg. INFORMAL Chairman, Chet Carlisle; sub-chairman, Betty Edgemond. MEN ' S BANQUET Chairman, Homer Angelo; sub-chairman, Jim Boyd. 134 SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE HEADS Back Row: Boyd. Miller, Kent, Rocca, Hall, Knowles, Angela. Second Raw: Hallsted, Sproul, Berg, Haug. Young, Hill. Front Row: Kearns, McCann, Kendall, Butler, Richardson, Lennon, Watkins. Tumblers srcude entettainmfnt at KM WMM ' S SENIOR SINGINGS were successful this year in giving the senior men and women an opportunity to discuss their class problems informally and to sing University songs. Each evening closed with dancing in Stephens Union. Entertaining the men at the three fall meetings in Senior Men ' s Hall in Faculty Glade were " Stub " Allison, Dean Goldsworthy, and Frank Wickhorst. Accompanying features were pictures of the U. S. C. football game, Don Uren and his quartet, a Mask and Dagger skit, and Marion Walker, accordion player. The women, meeting in Senior Women ' s Hall, enjoyed tumbling acts, dance and song numbers, and a talk by Miss Vera Christie. In February the first joint meeting of the year was held in Wheeler Auditorium. Robert Sibley told of past senior week activities and showed motion pictures of the Rose Bowl Game and the 1937 Senior Week. At the final singings, held in March, mem- bers of the class of ' 38 convened together again in Senior Men ' s Hall. Besides the traditional singing, the program featured a speaker and three musical acts. SENIOR SINGINGS . at Men ' s Singings. STAN MCCAFFREY A.S.U.C. President ABRAMOVITZ Newark, New Jersey Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Fresno State College. PHYLISS HARRIET ABRAMS Los Angeles Letters and Science Public Speaking Transfer from U.C.L.A. CLARE ELENE ACKLEY Oakland Letters and Science History Alpha Gamma Delta; Personnel; Counsel- ing: Class Commit- tees. EDWARD F. ACKLEY Oakland Letters and Science History Kappa Sigma; Crew (1) (2); Tennis (2). CURTIS FRANK ADAMS Visalia Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Visalfa Junior College; Ma- sonic Club. EDWARD EUGENE ADAMS Chicago, Illinois Engineering Me- chanical Engineering Transfer from North- western University; Sigma Chi; Bowles Hall: Scabbard and Blade. ADELSON Oakland Commerce Business Administration and Finance Hillel Foundation; Intra-mural Baseball and Basketball; Life- Saving Corps. ADRIAN Escalon Letters and Science Music Transfer from Mo- desto Junior College. FRANK WILLIAI AHLERT Berkeley Commerce BusiM Management and Organization Phi Sigma Kappa: Mixer Dance Com- mittee; Assembly Dance Committee. RUSSELL ABDUL RAZZAQ VICTORIA H. EARL J. ALCORN DOROTHY E. CAROL HAZEL ALBERT BARNARD K H MAUDE S. CHAPMAN IBRAHEM ALBARIAN FuElerton ALDERMAN ALDERSON ALEXANDER ALEXANDER ALEXANDER AHRNKE AL-ADHAMI Fresno Agriculture Fores- Portola Pomona Portland, Oregon Colton San Francisco Berkeley Adhamiya, Iraq Letters and Science try Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Scieni Commerce Railroad Agriculture Plant Optometry Transfer from Fuller- Art. Psychology Physics Optome- English History Transportation Pathology Sigma Omicron, ton Junior College. Transfer from Chaffey try Transfer from San Kappa Kappa Gar American Institute Transfer from Ameri- president: Honor Junior College; Honor Transfer from Reed Bernardino Junior ma; Torch and of Electrical Engi- can University of Student. Student; Y.W.C.A. College: Omega Delta. College: Philorthian. Shield; Ace of Clt neers (3) ; Little Beirut. Panhellenic. presi Theatre (2). dent; Women ' s Ei ecutive Board. t f PETER PHILIP MORRIS ANGELINA STEPHANIE CLARENCE HENRY DOUGLAS JOSEPHINE JANE DAN 1. ALLER JEAN LUCILLE ALEXANDER ALGAR THERESA ALIOTO MARIE ALIOTO ALLEN GRIMSLEY ALLEN ALLEN Fresno ALLISON Indio Modesto San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Lemoore Vallejo Letters and Science Ontario Engineering Me- Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Foreign Letters and Science Letters and Science Zoology Letters and Scieni chanical Engineering Political Science Italian. History. Trade History Art Transfer from Fresno Psychology Transfer from Transfer from Mo- Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Upsilon; Skull Transfer from George State College. Transfer from Cha U.C.L.A.; American desto Junior College; Delta Phi Epsilon. and Keys; Beta Beta; Washington Univer- Junior College; Society of Mechani- Glee Club. Winged Helmet. sity; International Treble Clef. cal Engineers; Ameri- House; Little Thea- can Institute of tre Make-up Staff Electrical Engineers. (2) (3). 136 JIM WERSON Saa -i- : Science Public Secatiat (run and ' . Transfer frn Barb SON Alameda 5DS Glendale HOMER 6U ANGELO Oakland jpd S: irct Public S;i2l:nj PM Kat Goiter Helmet: Skid! and Saa Diets - from Sa :! ' (; and U BANCO CANO a (CUUa: - CHARLES CAMPBELL ARMER Ptaeatx. Anzu -= Scioct Swisr Week Cmit- :-. -: Scinn Zwlou T = r .fi fr n Marii ARK San Diefc Letters aid S Traaste fran San is: Statt CiUj. CHARLES Satctey ? ALBERTO ARROYO Ancon. Caul ZtK 6iUe Bar; Whed Heteci: Ski.ll sad Beta Beta; Bit " C " SKiety: Cmr: Seoiv Pean ittee. Transfer fro- ZMK Janiir C::Ujt: Americaii Sccietj f - : inetrs : Tan : Cni Epsiien: Vanitr Seccer. up- MOTO ASAKAWA Sa Dieo . Cnnime Basiwts Acoi nlitratitn MARVIN WILLIAM ASCHEN Oikliml Aaricoltan fttHl- a Entanlw ' Ctata: Newman Club. JEANNE ALBERTA Saa Tamtiia Utters aed ScitKt Ecanoiics Transfer from Marii Jwitr Clle5 : Htst- RAYMONO MILLER ATHE L Santa MiMica Utters atd Sciece CritMMtanr Tmsfer frcm Santa wica Junior Cal- A.S.U.C. Board. 137 ZELDA LONG President Y.W.C.A. DOROTHY ATKINS JOHN WILLIAM San Francisco Letters and Science Art Y.W.C.A.; Phrateres; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee. AUBRY Berkeley Chemistry Chem- istry Honor Student: Daily Californian (2). HELEN EVELYN AUSENBAUM Chicago, Illinois Letters and Science Criminology Transfer from Univer- sity of Illinois. WALTER LINCOLN PAUL HERBERT AXELROD Berkeley Letters and Science Bacteriology. t AVER Bakersfield Letters and Science Architecture Kappa Delta Rho. " BABCOCK San Francisco , Letters and Science International Rela- tions Alpha Delta Pi; Phrateres; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. San Francisco Agriculture Forestry Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Forestry Club! Ma- sonic Club; U.C. Life Saving Corps. BACOM Seaside Letters and Science History Honor Student. AUGUSTUS BAER San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Zeta Beta Tau; Weight Basketball; Circle " C " Society. BETTY BAILEY RICHARD ELLEN LOUISE BARBARA FAY FRANCES BAKER MARGARET BAKER MARY KATHRYN HAROLD BAKKER ELROSE NETTIE Sacramento BERTRAND BAILEY BAIROS BAKER Glendale Palo Alto BAKER Oakland BALCOMB Letters and Science Hollywood . Honolulu, Hawaii Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Berkeley Chemistry Chemis- Palo Alto Public Speaking Mining Mining En- Letters and Science Letters and Science Household Science Zoology Letters and Science try Letters and Science Transfer from Sacra- gineering English. Public Health Transfer from Glen- Alpha Phi; Fencing Economics Proskopoi; Honor History mento Junior College; Mining Association; Honor Students So- dale Junior College; Manager (4). Kappa Phi; Pi Phi Student; Track (1); Transfer from San Delta Delta Delta; Masonic Club. ciety; Pre-Medical Areta; W.A.A.; Cal- Delta; Hammer and Chemistry Club. Jose State College; Pelican; Treble Clef; Club; Student Ad- vin Club. Dimmer; Little The- Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Hostess Committee; visory Board. atre Managerial Staff Foundation; Educa- W.A.A.; Radio Com- (1) ; Little Theatre tion Club. mission. Make-up Staff (2) (3) (4) ; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Players. JOE FREDERIC BALA BALLANTINE HARRIET MAB ELIZABETH JEANNE HOWE HELEN CAROLINE FRED B. BARG FRITZ RAYMOND BALL Laguna Beach BARBARA BAND BANNISTER BARBOUR BARCLAY San Francisco BARKAN, JR. PHILLIPS BARKEI Ontario Letters and Science Berkeley San Francisco ' San Francisco. Oakland Commerce Business Palo Alto Sausalito Agriculture Agricul- Economics Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Account- Administration Agriculture Forestry Commerce Finance tural Economics Delta Gamma. Psychology Public Health English ing and Finance Delta Ch!; Phi Phi; Transfer from San Transfer from Marin Transfer from Chaffey A.S.U.C. Teas; Nursing Delta Sigma Theta; Masonic Club; Voca- Black Towers; Jose State College; Junior College; Swit Junior College. Women ' s Discussion; Transfer from Pasa- Y.W.C.A.; Thalian. tional Information Rugby (1). Sigma Chi; Forestry ming; Circle " C " Counseling; dena Junior College. Committee. Club. Society. Y.W.C.A. 138 GEORGE ANDERSON BARRY Martinez j-.i Bwries Hall: Sob- d Blade: Morta Boatd tu:T!Kta Sima tiMK CD-SC.I CARLETON BARNETT Bateley Ltttttj a-o Science PUllit Spear :; . - ;can So- ciety of Ghril Enei- MCK. treasurer (4). Traasfer horn San Diess State Cellese: DAVID THDVi BARRY BATES Daily California Art Art Bard. Tirta S:c : . RTT MA JLIVE BEARDMORE Waiataa. Data. Letters ao Stinan WILLIAM MURRY BEATY HMMT Statfat: Btta Jiff! A4ri5WT B ' f a. ' Ma- snic CU . Uana- -t. f Hanii; Wsra- Ens ' rile tea- r ... -; Club Agriculture Fsristry Forest-y Club-. Base- kail (1): FMtball LOIS MAE BECK Lfttenmt Sciewe Household Art Delta Chi Alpha: WJLA. GODFREY CHARLES BECKNAM JUNE WHEELER BECKMAN Letters mt Seiea : Otology. Music English Club; Orthes- STEPHEN LYOX BECKWITH Santa Monica Dctta Upsilcn: Ftr- estr. Cb . ROBERT EDWIN BEEBE MiliM Mlltau Ens ntefiBj Transfer trw Taf. r ( Sai Leavdr Letters aid Sciewc sk Tketa li:i !:n: Honor Stedert; Parliaaut: Maswic CM: Ad- rt : . 05 Senice Ku- A.A.: Class Cainiiiltu l. MARY L Letters and Sciuce Phi Oateaa Pi: Littte Tbotre anterial. RUTH BELDING Utters ad S HtM!lo!d Art Delta Ou Alpha: Dr. is. Graii) Systan; Class Cwamittees. DONALD LISLE BELL Oakland Letters aad Sciemte Delta Kas Epsilsn: Wttet HefeMt: Stain and Keys: FMtball Mamet -,n ar Peace Committee. JAMES ROBERT BELL YnbaCity ROGER VINCENT BELL Berkxtef Enjineering Phi Kappa Sigtaa; Scatter at Blade; terdetk: Chemistry Club. Varsitr Rii THOMAS FRANKLIN BELL Oakland Letters ar.d Science Physical EducatioJi B ; " C " Sacietr: ANNA BELLMAN El Past. Texas Utters and Science -.try. Traisfer fnn Sacra- mt t JMWT C;lese. 139 SAM CHAPMAN Baseball Co-captain WILLIAM EDWARD BARBARA FRED WIETHER- BENEDICT BENNETT SPOON BENNETT BENNETT BEN 1ST BENSON Napa BENTSON Berl San Francisco Berkeley Los Angeles San Francisco Susanville Anaheim Letters and S Orange Letters and Letters and Science Political Science Letters and Science Economics Commerce Foreign Trade Letters and Science Household Aft Engineering Electri- cal Engineering Agriculture Agricul- ture Economics International Rela- tions Engineering Me- chanical Engineering Household Art Mortar Bo r Sigma Chi; Scabbard Alpha Phi: Phra- Transfer from Santa Delta Chi Alpha; Eta Kappa Nu; Tail Golden Bear; Winged Transfer from Sacra- American Society of tanean; Guild of A and Blade: Varsity teres; Y.W.C.A.; Monica Junior Col- Phrateres: Pelican; Beta Pi; Baton; Pi Helmet: Scabbard mento Junior College; Mechanical t plied Rifle Team (2) (3) Intra-muiai sports. lege; Sigma Nu. A.S.U.C. Card Sales; Tau PI Sigma: Scab- and Blade: Circle Masonic Club. neers; California En- (4); A.S.U.C. Peace Little Theatre Cos- bard and Blade; Cir- " C " Society: 4-H gineer, Managerial Committee (4) . tume Staff. cle " C " Society: Club; Alpha Zeta; Staff. Alpha A.S.U.C. Band (1) Football: Wrestling. Vocational ' (2) (3); Fencing tion Comin (1) (2) (3) (4);. (2) American Institute of mitti Electrical Engineers. Activ EVA JOSEPHINE BERGEE Santa Ana Letters and Science English Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College. EDWARD WILLIAM BERGQUEST Sacramento Commerce Econom- ics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. H. KELLOGG BERNSTEN Los Angeles Commerce Adver- tising Chi Psi; Winged Hel- met; Daily Califor- nian (1) (2); Polo; Circle " C " Society; Athletic Council. GEORGE THOMAS BERRY, JR. Berkeley Letters and Science English Masonic Club (3) (4); Y.M.C.A. Cab- inet (2) (3) (4); A.S.U.C. Radio Com- mission (4). MARIE VIRGINIA BERTELLOTTI Sonoma Letters and Science Italian Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Pi Mu lota; Interna- tional House; Medi- cal Club; Italian Club, vice-president. LUCILLE KATE BERTELSEN San Francisco Letters and Science History Beta Sigma Omicron; Swimming; Golf. DAVEDA JESSIE BERWICK Monterey Letters and Science Spanish. ANTOINETTE AGNES BETTEGA Kcntlield Letters and Science Spanish Transfer from Marin Junior College: Span- ish Club; Italian Club. MARGARET BETTEGA Gualala Letters and Science Spai Trans! Junior GERTRUDE ROBERT JOSEPH RAYMOND BERENICE ELMORE HOWARD GEORGE EDWARD BARBARA MARGARET MARJORIE BIRCI LUCILLE BIBBER BIBBERO MAYHEW BIGELOW BILES BILLINGS BINGAMAN DELANO BINKLEY Oztktand Oakland San Francisco BICKERSTAFF San Francisco Oakland Hart, Michigan Oakland Cobb Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry Chemis- Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Forestry Letters and Science Letters and Science Psychology Household Science try Engineering Civil History. Economics Transfer from Michi- Political Science Paleontology. Phrateres; Masonic Theta Upsilon: Pan Phi Beta Delta: Band Engineering Honor Student: Ma- gan State College: Delta Delta Delta. Club. Hellenic (3); (1) 2) (3) (4). Tau Beta Pi; Chi Ep- sonic Club. Forestry Clu 1 ). A.S.U.C. Card Sales manager (2); Debat- silon: American So- Committee (2) (3); ing Manager (2). ciety of Civil Engi- Masonic Club (4); neers: Engineers Class Committees. Council, chairman: Welfare Committee. 140 JEAN BARNETT Daily California Woman ' s Editor, Fall IARY W1LON ILACK CHARLES A. BLAISE Oakland FRANCIS LOUIS BLANC Rcdlaads :urt Ento- PHILIP CHOTINER BLANK Los Angeles Letters and S History U.C.L.A. GEORGENE W. BLAUER San Jose Health. AZILE CAR: BLEVINS Berkeley --i Scfegce : Institutions VLADISLAW WESLEY BLONSKI San Francises Letters and Science Canonic Geology. L VIRDEN BLOUIN Los Angeles Letters and Science History Alpha Chi Omega. ?ET BODEN ete: Alpha CHARLES PETER BOES Valfejo Honor HELE ELIZABETH BOGGESS Eureka Commerce Foreign Trade r from Htm- boMt State Cclle?e: Counseling. ROSS BOLTON San Marino Engineering Engineering Alpha Tan Omega. RUTH LUCILLE BOLY La Verne and Science fr from Chaffey Dormitory Council CHARLES F. BONKOFSKY Berkeley Commerce Account- Transfer from Modes- to Junior College: 13): Golf. FREDERICK JOSEPH BOOOY Rm- , Mining Tneta Upsilon Ome- ga; Mining Associa- CAROLYN NANCY BORDEWICH Carson City. Letters and Science Art Serada: Pi Beta Pki: Little 5 tan. : ESTHER JQHS BOSWORTH GEORGE 0. WILLIAM C. DELMA JUANITA VIRGINIA GREY JAMES BOYD III JAMES SIMON Palm Sprints BOUCHER BOWLING BOWMAN BOWMAN BOYERS Oakland Letters and S Los Angeles Ssuth Pasadena Dimiba Berkeley s and Science Bert Commerce Ac Ecoomiics and Science and Science Pol itical Science Letters and Science Zoology. Psychology Political Science Delta Upsilon; Skull Pi Com- frn Pasa- Y.W.C.A.: Junior Alpha Phi: Phn- -ged Rugby Clufa; Rmby dena Junior College. all tramural Sp: mjby i 141 BOB NELSON Senior Class Yell-leader . DAPHNE HELEN JAMES THEODORE ELIZABETH GRAY DOROTHY HELEN ENRIQUE PHILIP STILES PHYLLIS GRACE ALICE FREDRICKA BOYSON BRAAFLADT BRADFORD BRANDON BRAVO-CARO BRECK, JR. BREWSTER BREWSTER BREWSTER Alameda Sacramento Piedmont Berkeley Monterey Berkeley Escondido Long Beach Fresno Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Labor Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engtr History. History Public Speaking Economics Economics. International Re- English and Politi- Bacteriology Transfer from Luther College Women ' s Phi Chi Theta; lations cal Science Transfer from Long Tau Be; College; Delta Phi Club; Deputations; W.A.A.; Golf. Alpha Sigma Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Beach Junior College. can Sot Epsilon; Housing Bu- Y.W.C.A.; Hostess Delta Phi Epsilon; Daily California;!, chanical Engin reau; Deputations; Committee; Advertis- Phi Phi; Deputa- Women ' s Editor; Soccer Manager. ing Service Bureau; tions, chairman; For- Counseling; Interna- Class Committees. ensics Council; Crew; tional House. Rugby; Senate: Class Committees. , FRANK BREZEE JAMES MORRISON CHARLES MARGUERITE ARTHUR STANDISH BERNITA ELOISE WILLIAM CORY BETTY HELEN LOU Oakland BRIDGES TEMPLETON BRIER FERN BRIER BRIGGS BRIGGS BRIGGS BRINK BRI; Letters and Science Alhambra Sacramento Turlock Oakland Sacramento San Francisco Biggs Political Science. Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Econom- Letters and Science Letters and Science Letter English. History Public Speaking ics History History History Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from Modes- International House; Transfer from Sacra- Alpha Delta Phi; Big Kappa Delta; Ma- mento Junior College; to Junior College. Glee Club. mento Junior College; ciety; Skull sonic Club; 1 Congress. Honor Student; and Keys; Beta Beta; Clef: Class i Counv Footbf tees. BROCCHINI DOROTHY RUTH BROMLEY CLARENCE LLOYD BROWN DONALD SHAW BROWN HARRISON SCOTT BROWN J. BURDETTE BROWN JAMES ALEX BROWN JEAN BROWN San Gabriel KATH Oakland Orosi Glendora San Bernardino San Francisco Berkeley Lettei Commerce Finance Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering -Electri- Chemistry Chemis- Agriculture- business Intramural Sports. French Economics cal Engineering try ture Economics Administr, Transfer from Visalia Transfer from ' Citrus Transfer -from San Chi Pi Sigma. Del Rey: A.S.U.C. Theta Delta Chi; Phi Junior College; Wom- Junior College; Alpha Bernardino Junior Band. Phi; C Y.W.C.A.: !, ' en ' s Symphonic Or- Kappa Lambda; College; American Rawing Cluh Dane chestra; Intramural Wheel and ' Institute of Electri- lante Society: Elec- Volleyball; Y.W.C.A. cal Engineers; Ma- tion Committees; In- Club. ter-Fraternity Coun- cil, vice-president; Class Committees. PATTY ELSTON Little Theatre Woman ' s I ELIZABETH JANE ROBERT GORDON DOROTHY EVELYN STEPHEN 3RC :K CARTLAND BRUFF ERC ' Suisn Sin Francisco Us AnjiUs Santa Ana AgricuHiirc Eat - Letters and Scteue Letters an) S:;cn Letters aod Science Letters and Science i-c:c-,y M-JT ami Tbewjr Eton; Pivtholesj PaK-srtilagy Transfer frwi Sac Psychrr TraKfer town San frw Tradsfer frw Svta arin Mate Joniar C : ' er re Salinas Alpla Mate Jnitr (Mle(; U.C Ama Joniw Callc e. icaa i2): Couosettig Swivai |; G MES MAF . fflLLIAM G. BROWN Berkeley KtntfeW Bvrliniame OptBi. -h JGGi. ES DOHALD .13 Science dm raKfer frwt Saa ' AN Saa Practise EBvineeriiB Sani- -.- Sai ra Ofltario Matec Juntr Ctllefe - AjmricaaS: Envi veers. 143 BILL WALLACE Pelican Editor, Fall JOHN S. BURD, JR. Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science BURKE EMERSON BURFORD Porterville Commerce Account- ing and Finance Transfer from Porter- ville Junior College; Thet? Delta Chi; Honor Student (4); Crew (2) (3) (4); Varsity Rowing Club; Class Committees. ALICE MAY BURKE JOHN MAYHEW DOROTHY GEORGIA OLIVIA MARTHA Vacaville Letters and Science History. A.S.U.C. Social Com- mittee (2) (3); In- tramural Swimming (2) (3). BURNETT Stockton Commerce Personnel Management Transfer from the College of the Pacific; International House. BURNHAM Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Delta Delta Delta;. ' Group System, chair- man; Women ' s Activ- ity Council. BURROWS Berkeley Utters and Science Bacteriology. PHYLLIS JANE BUTCHER Martinez Letters and Science Economics Alpha Xi Delta; Per- sonnel; Counseling; Pelican; Class Com- mittees. BETTY L. BUTLER Berkeley Letters and Science French Alpha Phi; Ace of Clubs; Intramural Sports; Y.W.C.A. LEONARD DeRUN ' BUTLER Fullerton Letters and Science Seismology and Physics Transfer from Fullei ton Junior College: Del Rey; Basketball 1,3) PAUL C. BUTLER VIRGIL JAMES WALTER MILTON BYRON EMMETT JANE CALDWELL JAMES LESTER LOIS OLGA SAMUEL CLAWSON BOBBIE ROBERTA La Habra BUTLER BUTTS BYRD Berkeley CALEY CAMERON CAMERON CAMPBELL Letters and Science Hynes Healdsburg Oakland Letters and Science San Francisco Oakland Long Beach Ventura Economics Letters and Science Agriculture Chemistry Psychology Chemistry Utters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Transfer from Fuller- Mathematics Landscape Design Chemistry Gamma Phi Beta. Chemistry Journ alistic Stud- Chemistry English Dramatic ton Junior College. Gymnastics: Masonic Transfer from Santa Transfer from San Alpha Chi Sigma; ies Transfer from Long Literature Club. Rosa Junior College; Bernardino Junior Quarterdeck; Chem- Masonic Club; Alpha Beach Junior College; Transfer from Venti Masonic Club; Land- College. istry Club. Alpha. Kappa Sigma. Junior College; Tha scape Design Club, uttle Theatre president. RUTH LUCILLE CAMPBELL Ventura Letters and Science Psychology Orchesis. 144 SAMUEL KELLY CAMPBELL Long Beach Chemistry Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Honor Student; Engi- neers ' Council (3) (4) ; California Engi- neer (1) (2); Chem- istry Club (1) (2) (3) (4). NORMAN WOODROW CAMPION Oakland Letters and Science Physics. ARTHUR ROGER CAMPOS Westwood Letters and Science Spanish Transfer from Chico State College; New- man Club; Spanish Club: Sigma Delta Pi; Intramural Base- ball. MARJORY MARY CANALE Tracy Letters and Science Art . Transfer from Holy Names College. DANIEL JOSEPH CANTY, JR. Oakland Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Club. LUA L. CARDOSO Corcoran Letters and Science Spanish Sigma Delta Pi; Honor Student. CHESTER G. CARLISLE Pomona Letters and Science Mathematics The ' ta Delta Chi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Triune; Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck; Phi Phi; Big " C " Society, president; Basketball (1) (2) (3) Captain (4); Athletic Coun- cil, chairman; Ex- ecutive Committee. WILLIAM ERNEST CARLSON Long Beach Utters and Science Political Science Chi Phi. JOHN BRYAN Track Manager CHARLES AUGUST RUTH A. CHACE CARTER CARVER CASTLER CASTRO, JR. CATTERTON CAULK1NS CATHERINE CAVEY Adin Los Angeles Alameda San Franc Vallejo Berkeley Stockton Stockton imnrerce Account- ing Letters and S Hi ' - Engin , nd Science Zoology Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science Household Science Letters and Science Political Science Anthropology Honor Student: Coun- Alpha Delta Sinmj; Rambler Football - from Sacra- Utrimque; Phrateres; Intramural Sports Honor Student: Honor seling. Pi Delta E (3); Varsity Football mento Junior College; Masonic Club. (3). Students C; Triune; Newman Club; Bowles Blue and Gold (2). Daily Californian, Hall; Pre-Medical Club. MARGARET AGNES . HAROLD E. MARTHA MARION MORTON CHAPMAN LOY M. CHARTER HARRY CHARTOCK DOROTHY FRANCES CHANDLER CHANDLER CHAPIN CHAPMAN Berkeley Van Nuys San Francisco CHASE Ber: Berkeley Van Nuys Berkeley Letters and Science Engineering Me- Oakland Letters and Science Agriculture Forestry Letters and S Economics chanical Engineering Medical S Letters and Science Public Speaking English Transfer from Los An- International Rela- Debating (1); Fresh- Transfer from Los An- Honor Student. Psychology from Kansas Transfer from Sacra- tior College; tions man Informal Com- geles Junior College; Pi Beta Phi; Ace of mento Junior College. Xi Sigma Pi. Kappa Delta; mittee: Assembly Tail Beta Pi; Engi- Clubs; W.A.A.; In- Y.W.C.A. Dance Committee; neer ' s Council; Amer- il: Pelican; A.S.U.C. Radio Com- Pelican. ican Society Mechani- Little Theatre; Class cal Engineers: Cali- Committees. Masonic Club: Publi- cations Council. MILTON JOHN CHATALBASH CHILD ROBERT CHITRIN JANE CLARE BENJAMIN CHOW HAZEL BLOOD RETHA RHODA GERTRUDE CHOURRE San Jose CHRISTMAN CHRISTY ELEANOR CHURCH Mill Valley ring Electri- San Franc Williams Piedmont Letters and S cal Engineering and Science Science English Chinese Students Latin Public Speaking Transfer from Marin Club. Kappa Phi; Tlonor Los Angeles; Zeta Beta Tau; Water Y.W.C.A. Sports Club; Varsity Water Polo; Varsity Swimni 145 BOB WILEY A.S.U.C. Yell-ltader LAURAN CLAPP CONSTANCE MAY MARY HONORIA MAURICE B. RUSH SPENCER San Diego CLARK CLARK CLARK, JR. CLARK ENID MABEL CLARKE HELEN CLAUSEN Alameda JULIET ROBERTS CLAWSON CHARLES MATTHEW CLEAR Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Diego State College; Alpha Delta Sigma; Ventura Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Ventura Junior College; Pi Gilroy Letters and Science Medical Sciences Theta Upsilon. San Bernardino Engineering Electri- cal Engineering Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Psi Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Proskopoi; LeGrand Letters and Science History Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Letters and Science Mathematics Counseling; Group System. San Leandro Utters and Science Zoology. Oakland Agriculture Soil Science Phi Kappa Sigma. Advertising Service Beta Phi; Counseling Scabbard and Blade; Masonic Club; Phra- Bureau. Intra-mural Tennis, Quarterdeck; Crew teres; Counseling. Swimming, Volley- (1) (2); Rifle Team ball; Class Commit- (1) (2) (3) (4); tees. Senior Class Secre- tary; Senior Peace Committee.- GERALD B. DOWNEY CHARLES - m ROBERT BURDETTE H . " V V M WINIFRED mff ' mmmmm LUCIANNE EDWINA K mt m WALDO HUGH mmammmm BMBB JMMIM REYNOLD H. COHN w CLIFFORD Vallejo Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Bakers- field Junior College; Sigma Chi. CLINCH Grass Valley Letters and Science Economics Zeta Psi; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Daily Californian Managerial Staff (1): CLYDE San Bernardino Letters and Science Social Theory, Po- litical Science Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College; Phi Sigma Kappa; Y.M.C.A., ANNETTE .COBBLEDICK Oakland Letters and Science Psychology Daily Californian (1). COCHRANE Eureka Letters and Science French Utrimque; Maison Francaise: W.A.A. COFFMAN Tracy Letters and Science Political Science Masonic Club. COHN San Francisco Letters and Science History Transfer from San Rafael Military Junior College. San Francisco Letters and Science Philosophy Kappa Nu; Senate; Varsity Debating: A.S.U.C. Executive Committee; Open Forum Board, man; Forensics Coun- COLBY Oakla tan can: Personw Women ' Football Manager (2) vice-president; Depu- cil Cha (3). tations; Glee Club; Masonic Club. Q ' -i I Staff (1); Y.W.C.A Jebate ' Blue and Gold Edit THOMAS CYRIL COLEMAN LLOYD DAYTON COLVIN EDWARD THOMAS COMBER WILLIAM DELMER COMSTOCK ELIZABETH LEOLA CONCANNON ALEXA ATTEAUX CONEY GLENN LINCOLN . CONN. JR. RALPH NORMAN CONNER BARBARA JEAN CONNICK Pomona Berkeley San Francisco San " Francisco Berkeley Alameda Richmond El Centre Oakland Letters and Science Zoology Commerce Account- ing and Business Ad- Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science Art Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science Chemistry Engineering Me- chanical Engineering Letters and Science Public Health cal Engineering Transfer from Pomona Junior College; A.S.U.C. Band. Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade: American Institute of ministration Newman Club. Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Beta Theta Pi; As- W.A.A. Transfer from Arm- strong Junior College; Alpha Gamma Delta; Pershing Rifles. California Engineer (1) (2), Ad Manager (3) , Assist- Sigma Kappa; Crop and Saddle; Women Discussions; Person Electrical Engineers. sistant Yell Leader Blue and Gold (2) ant Manager nel: A.S.U.C. Teas: (3) : Senate; Masonic (3); Women ' s Dis- Mas onic Club; Ameri- Counseling; Class Club: Junior Farce. cussions (2) (3) can Society of Me- Committees. (4); Y.W.C.A.; Crop chanical Engineers. and Saddle; Personnel 146 (2) ; Class Commit- tees. jl 9 WALTER HENRY CONWAY San Fraacisc Letters ami Scion O) SOHKt Pt ; Kappa T: - Its Mdiots Letters art Scion cion Be. 1 .;; Hall: Pki Beta Ka;-i: Mow Sbria EDWARD MARTIN MAHLON FRANCIS Attsras Svta Maria I Scieace CMMUUCI Accent -OrttT- ui and Fimaoct Sisms Pi; Beta Alpha ROBERT H- ROBERT PERRY 41 LYLE ROBERT ALO III COOLEY frtry h Stabbanl tr,t Blatfc: Anaia -.1 S: 5? - BernrtfiM rMi 0::; = -, DAN CORCOAAN Las Aiadcs Emiaeuiaa Mt- CARMELA HELEN CORICA GEORGE ELLERY Hour ER BENJAMIN COR ' . rt: Basketball. St-ii ::-- .- WILLIAM ARTHUR CORN. .Us Aaaelrs E-.r -.;-: -r- UOW T ' OLPHE Saa Fraadsc BARBARA COURTRIGHT . ' ui Me- : v : :. :i Alteinstratica. : - L J A-:; ;: J-- n Ctl- Trusftr (ron Sa Francisc Cc4ldC fw WWMI: Nnmaa Rb; Aaanca So- Vledwical etti Kapaa EpsihHi; Bt ' .i! Hall: Scab- tart ami BUdt. Utters and Soctcc fnm Traasfer tnm Maria JoutrCtUeoe; KOMB Kasva Gamu: Tarcfe -tra- aimj Spcrts; Y.W.C.A.. tmsmt: Sen ;r lofomal Ctm- BEULAH MARGUERITE COX Arcata Letters airi Scioct FRED JOHN Transfer rran Pasa- itsi j jr. :ir College: Maswic di i: Oom - trjC: Tteatre Art Staff: CMKelna: Disonsion. Letters and Science Rotary Hnar Stjst i t: Bas- HARBY LEE CRAIG Maiteca Traisfer frtai M- ert Jmm C lle e. 147 JACK KENT Men ' s Judicial Committee Chairman RAYMOND LOIS MARY CRANE JEANNETTE ROBERT ELMER RICHARD DEAN FRANKLIN Oakland CRANE HARRIET CRAWFORD, JR. CRAYTON CROSS CROSS CROWE CRAMER Letters and Science Santa Rosa CRAPUCHETTES Antioch Colusa Pacific Palisades Oakland Dos Oakland International Rela- Commerce Business Mill Valley Letters and Science Commerce Business Commerce Business Commerce Econom- Commerce Econom- Commerce Finance tions Administration Letters and Science Economics Administration I ration ics Transfer from Whit- Pi Alpha Sigma; Col- Transfer from Santa Mathematics Scabbard and Blade; International House. Transfer from Santa Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi G worth College; Pi lege Women ' s Club Rosa Junior College; Transfer from Marin Crew (1) (2) ; Var- Monica Junior Col- Y.W.C.A. Football, in Kappa Phi. Juniors; Advertising Beta Gamma Sigma; Junior College; Pi Mu sity Rowing Club; nnis, manage: Service Bureau; Class Phi Chi Theta; Dor- Epsilon: Honor Stu- Masonic Club. Committees. mitory Association: dent. Masonic Club; Senior Women ' s Committee. JOHN ROBERT WILLIAM ELWYN CHARLES HENRY RELDA ANNE THOMAS MALTBY MARY-PHILIPPA JOHN ELDRIDGE ALFRED HAMPTI CULLEN CULVER CUNNINGHAM CUNNINGHAM CUNNINGHAM CURRIE CUSHING, JR. DAGGETT San Bernardino San Francisco Oakland Oakland La Mesa Costa Mesa San Francisco Oakland Commerce Business Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Account- Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Scionc ' Administration French. Psychology. ing Political Science Philosophy Zoology Economics Transfer from San Phi Omega Pi: Beta Transfer from San International House; Zeta Psi. Big " C " Society; Bernardino Junior Gamma Sigma; Blue Diego State College; Women ' s Dormitory Crew: Football. College. and Gold: Daily Call- Sigma Nu. ition. fornian: Assembly Dance Committee; Women ' s Athletic Association. Oro State C NORVAL EUGENE DAILEY San Francisco Letters and Science English. VIRGINIA CLAIRE KATHRYN WILSON C. VIRGINIA DALTON Richmond Letters and Science History Phrai WARREN LELAND THEODORA DAPP RUTH HENRIETTA ROBERT GODFREY MARGARET 148 DALY Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Theta Upsilon: Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Phi Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Hammer and Dimmer; Pi Alpha Sigma; Little Theatre Managerial Staff (1) (2) (3): Honor Stu- dents ' Council (3) (4) ; University Sym- DAMM Sacramento Letters and S International Rela- tions Sacra- mento Junior College: Alpha Gamma Delta: Advertising Service Bureau (3) Women ' s Discussions (3): Class Commit- DANFORD San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology Alpha Tau Omega: Glee Club (3); Per- shing Rifles Fencing. Man Oakland Letters and Science Art Delta Epsilon. DARLING Fowler nl Education - orestry . Club: MS- ELIZABETH DAD Oa;.i Household Art GAIL SttADINGEA Transfc Barton : eiDW ittentT- T.I ' Jl. - riK :r2 Nil JEWEL Vt and S: : - Transfer ham Pasa- ,:- ' j. : Ccllene; can Hanaterial Stal THOV DAY San Fraatisa AnHcaltiin SeJl Transfer : n Sn Katet DAPHNE ANNIS DEAN THY DEAN Letten and Scie Pnratem: Ullqe Wttnei ' s C . :rial Staff: Wmen ' s C:--- : Pumuml Teas: Letters and Science Pi )ic Swakini W.A.A.: Cray and c MARGARET Walnut C rt 1 1 House : - de RACK Sal Jnst JESS PHYLLIS t: Berkeley Letters and Science Frenck Phi Beta K; : Letters aod Stitntt t ' tf San -ic. f-. Beta Kanna: Pi PI: i Delta: Sir. Fraactsxt Letten and Sdcace Public S eakif Beta Sijns Onitrsr. R GWENDOLYN - EDWIN JOSEPH D-v -L: Santa Ana WscSlaml Canton! Letten and Science Letten and Science Letters and Science Pa? :l Scieace Histnrjr Transfer frani Transfer frani Sacra- Barriiojtwr Hall: Omtft mentc Janiw Collent: Rnnby Ctob: Sesiar Interaatiana) House: Ronkr Mananer: De- Meman Clata: Wked babni andTtrck DEPEW San Jtse Letten aid Science Physical Edncatnn Transfer frani Satinas Transfer fmn Maria Junior Ctlleoe. Jumor MU Onena: Cizss Cnni- 149 DON UREN Glee Club Manager DEUBNER Berkeley Agriculture Agricul- tural Economics Phi Delta Theta: Phi Phi; Intramural Sports Manager (3) . LESTER DEUTSCH Hollywood Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Glen- dale Junior College; Senate; Ramblers. KATHRYN EDITH DE VRIES Berkeley Letters and Science Music Y.W.C.A. STUART CHARLES DE VRY. Oakland Letters and Science Economics. RANDOLPH HOQUE DEWANTE Hayward Engineering Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Chi Ep- silon; American Soci- ety of Civil Engineers. THEODORE TROWBRIDGE DE WOLF Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Commerce Account- ing Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Ice Hockey. DOROTHY ALICE DEXTER Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Alpha Xi Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Counsel- ing; A.S.U.C. Teas: Class Committees. DUDLEY DEXTER, JR. Piedmont Letters and Science Economics Delta Kappa Epsilon. JOHN LEONARD DICMAS Pomona Engineering Me- chanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Ameri- can Society of Me- chanical Engineers, chairman (-i neers ' C CLARENCE SHERMAN LLOYD ANNE ELIZABETH MARGARET ELLEN ALBERT CHARLES JEAN MARION PAULINE D. JOHN FRANCIS WINNIFRED DOLE WILLIAM DIETTERLE DIMMICK DINSMORE DIPPO DODDS DODGEN DOLAN Alameda DIETTERICH Berkeley Fair Oaks Fortuna Oakland Los Angeles Berkeley San Francisco Lett Phoenix, Arizona Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Household Art Agriculture Forestry Geological Science. Anthropology Physical Education Economics History English Political Science. Guild of Applied Transfer from Phoenix Transfer from Chico Transfer from Los Christian Science So- Transfer from Comp- Stebbins Hall. Arts; Hone- Junior College; For- State College. Angeles Junior Col- ciety. ton Junior College; Counseling; Delta estry Club; Masonic lege; Pennant " C " W.A.A. Chi Alpha; Election Club; Intramural Society; Masonic Comm Sports. Club; Nu Sigma Psi; W.A.A. WILLARD JACK CURTIS WILLIAM CLARENCE C. CATHERINE MARION F. DOSS EDWARD GEORGE COLVIN CLEMENS STERLING BURGI THOMPSON DOMAN GOODRICKE DONG AGNES DONLON Martinez DOUGERY DOUGHTY DOUGHTY, JR. DOLMAN Santa Barbara Hollywood Commerce Account- DONALD, JR. Berkeley Oakland Letters and Science San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science Political Science San Francisco Letters and Science Hayward Commerce Econom Hayward Agriculture Fruit Commerce Econom- Ing Lette rs and Science Architecture History. Masonic Club; Uni- History ics Products ics Phi Delta Theta; Zoology Pi Alpha Phi; Chi- versity Symphony. Phi Kappa Psi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Epsilo Phi Delta Theta; Tennis Manager (2); Sigma Phi; Circle nese Student Club; Winged Helmet; Skull Little Theatre. Scabbard and Blade Golden Bear; Big Blue and Gold Edi- " C " Society; Phi Phi Theta. and Keys: Beta Beta: Basketball Manager " C " Society; Beta torial (2) ; Commerce Phi; Rugby (1) (2) Basketball (1) (2) (2) (3). Beta; Skull and Club. (3) (3) (4). Keys; Circle " C " Society; Rugby Club: President ' s Advisory Council: Senior Peace Committee; Football; Rugby. TOM HOGAN JOHN RAYMOND DOUGLASS St.- Fraocisc DALE FOSTER DOWNING Res ille Initaeeriog M - chnical Ertiistr n; Traasfer frMi Sacra- Ti- ' a Jmw Ctlleic: Aatericaa Satiety el if Aut antiR JOHN A. DOWNS Dou;l js. Arizona its Transfer from Massa- EARL DEWITT DOX = Oak!ind CMHMTtC OM Alpta K p i Delta. VINCENT BURTON DOYLE OskUnd UttmMd Scwm PrtiticaJ Stienra. WILLIAM DOYLE ALPHA MAY DRAPER SacruMM ELEANOR DRENTH Uttenand Stinct kig Transfer fran FnsM .. ' :; MUSM -r BT IKES IMwdi Bead) ' Sturiut A4ris rj BO- DP and Sad- . ' .-5. -10STE nd and Science tiB Kappa Air-, -.d.:rt: nd ShicU: !e The- :MIA San Franctsn r: VALE HENRY pha S :: - 1 " ' :.-, " 3 act 3 Btta. SirleUy Letters and Sctcrjct n Trade Ecnmii : : -it - fert ; " Etrs Coun. oil 151 PAUL HASTINGS A.S.U.C. Secretary " ' iPc NORMAN ALBERT GORDON LANFIELD WILLIAM NELSON JEAN MARIE EDEN BETTY ARMELLA RUTH LOUISE RUTH GERALDINE JULES MARGUARD ROLAND ADOLPH EASTWOOD EBY, JR. ECKART Stockton EDGEMOND EGGERT EICHAR EICHORN Alameda Altadena San Francisco Letters and Science Oakland Spokane, Richmond San f Chemistry Chemis- Letters and Science Letters and Science Geography. Letters and f Washington Letters and Science Letters and try. Economics Economics Art Letters and Science Household Science M; Transfer from Pasa- Delta Kappa Epsilon: Pelican (1) (2) - Economics Masonic Club. Glct dena Junior College; Skull and Keys: (3); Treble Clef 1 Hammer and Dimmer. Daily Californian Winged Helmet; (2) (3); W.A.A.; Managerial (3). Baseball Manager; Little Theatre; Class Golf Team. Committees. GEORGE WILLIAM DOUGLAS HOWARD JEAN ELLIOTT ARTHUR DEWING FRANK BLAIR GAAFAR S. H. ELIASSEN ELLIOTT Cloverdale ELLIS ELLSWORTH, JR. EL- M ALLAH Piedmont Berkeley Letters and Science Oakland Oakland Cairo, Egypt Letters and Science Commerce Econom- Art Commerce Insur- Letters and Science Agriculture Medical Sciences. ics Accounting Kappa Kappa ance Economics. Genetics. Baton; Hammer and Gamma; Ace of Little Theatre; Blue Coffin: A.S.U.C. Clubs. and Gold; Cranmer Band; Pelican Edi- Club. torial Board; Little Theatre; Dramatics Council: Big " C " Guard; Class Commit- tees. VINCENT de JAMES EDWIN PATRICIA RIVERA ELMGREN ELSEA CUSHMAN ELSTON Vallejo On tario Pasadena Letters and Science Agriculture Ento- Lettc: Economics mology Public Sp Pelican Managerial Transfer from Chaffey Kappa Alp!; Staff. Junior College; Alpha Mortar Board; Pry- Zeta: Masonic Club. tanean; Mask and Dagg Hammer and Pi Alpha S Women ' s Manager Little Theatre; Dra- matics Council; Won en ' s Activity Council W.A.A. HASSAN ALI DALE FRANKLIN C. LEE EMERSON VERA LOUISE VIRGINIA ANABEL LEONA EUGENIA EDWIN HEINEMAN HAROLD BARTELL ELENORE EL-TOBGY ELY Idyllwild ENCH ENGEL ENSIGN EPSTEIN ERICKSON KATHERINE Berkeley Ontario Letters and Science Sacramento Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Turlock ERLAND Agri culture Agron- Letters and Science Political Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Citil Letters and Science Oakland omy Political Science Pi Kappa Phi; Tri- History Political Science Household Art Engineering Political Science Letters and Science International House. Transfer from Chaffey une; Daily Califor- Transfer from Sacra- Phi Omega Pi; Ma- Alpha Delta Pi. Pi Mu Epsilon; Transfer from Modes- Household Art Junior College; Sen- nian (1) (2). mento Junior College; sonic Club; Phra- American Society of to Junior College. Delta Chi Alpha. ate; Masonic Club; International House; teres; Counseling: Civil Engineers. Education Club. College Women ' s Class Committees. Club Juniors. 152 MILDRED HICKO Woman ' s Revnsentati ijiles eering Me- E E::r;r Letters and Sciei JOHN PAUL EVANS aid -: HARMON , 0 Be " Err r = r:r:r- El uaa Ed- until .. Ccirtn.ttM jncil Coranit- SH Beta Alpha P Gamnz San f T STERLING I FARRELL ILconeraics from W.I- Transfer frwn Stan- " from Bancn :lle e: FATI Sar Utters and Science Italiar FAULKNER Glendale Letters and S Transfer from Gten- pha; ' sma- tional House: W.A.A. .A F4WKE Oakland tory Alpha Xi Delta: Daily Calrfnrnian -M WALTER . DEL FEAVER HUK Visalia San Francisco Berkder Engineering Engineering Elec- Letters and Science Zoslc-sy trical Engineerinf trical Eiigiaeerint Zoology Transfer fr n Visalia Eta Kappa Ml. Pi Tan Pi Sim: Transfer from Sacra- . lieye. Sigma Xi: -Eta Kappa ' is Beta Pi: Delta Chi: Clan Manner awl Dim- Committees. ma: Honor Students Council: Cre (1): Little Theatre ; Ma- sonic Club: Anori- can Institute of Elec- trical Engineers. LAW FERGUSON Letters and Science Englis Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior Collejt: eatre. 153 ARCHIE WILLIAMS Track ?U A ROLAND LANGDON FERGUSON Fresno Letters and Science History Transfer from Fresno State College; Sigma Pi. CLIFFORD STEELE FERRIER Lindsay Letters and Science Paleontology Transfer from Porter- ville Junior College. LILLIAN MAE FEYKERT San Francisco Letters and Science Biochemistry Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Masonic Club. LEONA ZINA FIELD Folsom Letters and Science History Transfer from Shcra- mento Junior College. GEORGE S. FIGLEY Canton, Ohio Agriculture- Forestry Transfer from Ohio. State University; Swimming(4). ROSE FILICE Marysville Letters and Science Spanish Transfer from Yuba County Junior Col- lege; Casa Hispana; Sigma Delta Pi. CATHERINE EDITH FINDLAY San Francisco Commerce Business Administration Transfer from San Francisco State Col- lege; Phi Chi Theta. ETHEL IDA FINKELSTEIN Oakland Letters and Science Art Honor Student; Hillel Student Council. CHARLES CALVIN FINN San Francisco Letters and Science Pre-Medical and Psychology. GEORGE CARROLL JACK KING MOSE JOSEPH MARGARET ROBERT FISHEL BENJAMIN PAUL SPENCER BILLIE FLANNERY GEORGE ROBERT FINN FINNEGAN FIRESTONE KATHERINE Berkeley HARVEY FISHER FLAHIVE Torrington, FLANNERY Berkeley Berkeley Los Angeles FISCAL! Nl Letters and Science Piedmont Redondo Beach Wyoming Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Modesto Zoology Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Lett. Pre-Medical. Biochemistry Economics Letters and Science Abracadabra. Economics Physics Art Zo;-. Transfer from Wash- Phi Beta Delta; Big Bacteriology Varsity Boxing (2) ; Transfer from Comp- Transfer from Univer- International House ington State College; " C " Society; Circle Transfer from Modes- Labor Board (4). ton Junior College. sity of Wyoming; Newman Club. Pre-Medical Club. " C " Society; Senior to Junior College; Kappa Delta; Coun- Peace Committee; Kappa Delta; seling. Athletic Council; A.S.U.C. Hostess Gymnastic Society. Committee; Pre- Medical Society; Counseling. CARL WESLEY FLEGAL Oakland Letters and Science Economics Phi Beta Kappa: Circle " C " Society; Weight Basketball. 154 PHILIP FRANKLYN BETTY HELEN FLEISIG Tracy Letters and Science Psychology Kappa Nu. FLEMING Los Angeles Letters and Science Household Science Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Kappa Delta; Masonic Club; Phrateres; Deputa- tions; Counseling; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Class Committees. CURTIS FLEMING Oakland Commerce Econom- ics A.S.U.C. Band; Ba- ton, president. PAULINE ELIZABETH FLETCHER Los Angeles Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Univer- sity of Southern California; Kappa Alpha Theta. EMILY-ANN FLINT WALFRED ANDREW EMMETT JAMES San Francisco Letters and Science History Alpha Delta Pi; Personnel (1); Counseling (2) (3) (4); Y.W.C.A. FLOD Kingsburg Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Reed- ley Junior College; American Society of Civil Engineers. FOLEY Oakland Commerce Econom- ics. FULTON FONG Oakland Engineering Elec- trical Engin: Chinese Students Club. CURT ROCCA .ETH -:INE NE Sacramento Conner ce Business ration Transfer from Sacra- Junior C: ' is;, Alpha Gamn: Beta Guina Sionu; Advertising Serrice . tjras: W.A.A. ICappa NB: RICHARD BERGERON FOSTER Anabeini Letters and Science Philosophy Santa Ana Junior College: Student: Sen- ate. EUGENE FRANCIS FOUBERT Berteley Commerce Person- nel Adminis: VIRGINIA FOULOS Berkeley BARBARA ELIZABETH FRED S. FOX St. Louis. Mils KARL Pie STANLEY LI ' HMAN PAUL FRANK KE Oatlaod Ortlirt C :- r : 3 J ' -. r- SciCBC W; ' Masooic Ciub. WILLIAM WARREN KOWABO JAMES FRANKLIN FRATZKE HntiifUn Park Berkeley -Me- et Bear: Winged Hel- S :ty ;f MioBeuta; baril aeri PM Xewa. .arsity R w- iag C 1 - 3ENE HERBERT .1AM FREE Econimn :ES FEATHERLY FREEfl Letters aad Science Hfetfrr ..mraa: Intra- ARLES JEROME ' JDLY :a tfiijtrtifi Su Fiar San Franciscn :oi S: ; . K Zeta Bet Ta r Faro Committee. oecrv : KA learn Tbeta Polo :HARO A 155 DICK LYNCH Chairman A.S.U.C. Card Sales j L. flHh flU B KATHLEEN SUMIYE FUJITA San Francisco Letters and Science Spanish Japanese Women ' s Student Club. YUJIRO JACK FUKUNAGA Los Angeles Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Japanese Students ' Club. FRANCES A. FULLER Arcadia Letters and Science English. H. DONALD FUNK Lancaster, Pennsylvania Letters and Science Anthropolog Sigma Pi: Circle " C " Society; Wrest- ling (1) (2) (3) (4). JOHN FUSCO Los Angeles Letters and Science Medicine Transfer from U.C.L.A. FRANCES ELIZABETH GADSDEN Oakland Letters and Science Art Gamma Phi Beta; Delta Epsilon. AARON HARRY GALANT San Francisco Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from San Francisco Junior Col- lege. JOSEPH PECK GALLION St. Helena Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. MARYELLA GARDNER Bert Letters r. Household Art Guild of Applied Arts; Delta Chi Alpha; r. ' JOHN ATTILIO CATHERINE MARY HAMMERLY LORRAINE WALTER GASSER ALFRED JOHN JAMES F. GEARY RONALD GEBALLE EMMETT F. GARBALDI MADELINE GARWOOD ANDERSON GASSER Berkeley GEANDROT Berkeley San Francisco GEBAUER San Francisco GARNERO Thornton, Idaho Berkeley Engineering Mechan- Oakland Letters and Science Chemistry Chemistry Ontario Chemistry Chemistry San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science ical Engineering Engineering Civil Art Pi Mu Epsilon. Letters and Science Honor Student. Commerce Political Science Economics. American Society of Engineering Sigma Chi; Pershing Economics Accounting Masonic Club; Phra- Mechanical Engineers. American Society of Rifles: Rugby; Foot- Transfer from Chaffi Transfer from San teres; Dormitory Asso- Civil Engineers; Base- ball Manager (2). Junior Colic Francisco State Col- ciation; Y.W.C.A.; ball (1); Handball. Alpha Epsilii lege; Newman Club; W.A.A. ; Class Com- Student. W.A.A. mittees. ALBERT JOHN JOHN CASSON JOSEPH DONALD ARTHUR SANFORD ELEANOR GERARD VINCENT EDWARD GODFREY ROBERT LEE GEIGER GEIGER, JR. GEIGER GELSTON Oakland GEREN DAVIDSON GEYER Alameda San Francisco Stockton Berkeley Letters and Science Santa Ana GERMAN Chula Vista Agriculture Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Political Science Engineering Mechan- Arcata Letters and Science Forestry Economics Accounting. History Honor Student. ical Engineering Agriculture Forestry Geology and Theta Chi; Forestry Delta Tau Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. Transfer from Santa Transfer from Hum- Seismology Club. Skull and Keys. Ana Junior College; boldt State College; Transfer from San Circle " C " Society: Masonic Club: Fores- Diego State College. American Society of try Club. Mechanical Engineers: Gymnastics (2) (3) (4), Captain (4); Gym Club (2) (3) 1 CM. (4). DOROTHY GIBB Oakland Letters and Science Household Art Alpha Chi Omega; Guild of Applied Arts; Blue and Gold Editorial Staff; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Delta Cl Alpha: Class Commit tees. 7ATE COUtTHARC Science Mec 1- . if er frm MivaU Jaaiw Cc! U -ican P ti Mechanical America. ' _ E SELMA GARVIh GARLAND RICHARD ALFRED MINE HELEN ELIZABETH GOBLE GOCK GOO- GODf ind Science San Francisc Mt. Shasta San Francisco NefadaDty Udi cal EduatiM and Science Ctnimem Ecoimn- and Scienct me Political Science nton frenMt- -ma Sigma: Beta-TM joa Tbcta: den Bear: Winted HHIC rtarin Helmtt: TfiuiK: Soc- Managerial Staff; Man- Counseling anr : 157 SYLVIA MALONE Mortar Board President AMALIO GOMEZ San Francisco MERRILL RANDALL GOODALL WILLIAM EARL GOODMAN CHARLOTTE GORDON MARGARET WILMA GORDON WILLIAM MCLEOP GORMAN LEE A. GOSS Sacramento TED MORSE GOTTLIEB SIMONE C. GOURSAU Engineering Oakland Tulsa, Oklahoma Covina San Mateo Oakland Commerce Monterey San Francisco Civil Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Accounting Letters and Science Letters and Science American Society of Political Science English History , History Economics Transfer from United Pre-Medical and French Civil Engineers; Honor Student; Sen- Zeta Beta Tau. Transfer from Citrus Transfer from San ' Transfer from Marin States Naval Zoology Pi Delta Phi: New- Spanish Club. ate; Freshman Debat- Junior College. Mateo Junior College. Junior College; Pi Academy; Kappa Alpha Tau Omega; man Club; Counsel- ing Society; A.S.U.C. Kappa Alpha; Wheel Alpha; Beta Gamma Rambler Football; ing; Honor Student; Peace Committee. Society. Sigma. Swimming. Class Committees; Rally Committee; Assembly Dance Committee. FRANK CHARLES GORDON ALBERT ROSALIE WRIGHT EDWARD CHARLES MORRILL ERVIN FRANKLIN ALFRED G. GRAY JESSIE HELMAN MARGRETTA JAN GRAHAM GRAHAM FLORENCE GRAHAM GRANT GRANT Berkeley GRAY GRAY Oakland Long Beach GRAHAM Berkeley San Diego Brea Engineering Berkeley Claremont Letters and Science Letters and Science Richmond Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Civil Engineering. Letters and Science Letbi Physical Education Political Science Letters and Science Forestry. Architecture Journalistic Public SIK Edu Transfer from Pasa- and Public History Transfer from San Studies Chi Omega; Y.W.C.A. Trans ' dena Junior College; Administration W.A.A. Diego State College; Alpha Alpha, Vice- (1); Phraten Junior C Sigma Alpha; Swim- Transfer from Long Chi Alpha Kappa; President; Football College Women ' s Club ming: Water Polo. Beach Junior College: Delta Sigma Chi; (3) (4); Assembly (3); Class Commit- Senate. Architecture Associa- Dance Committee. tees (1) (2) (3) tion. (4). ARNOLD KENNETH ARTHUR HENRY LAWRENCE GREEN GREEN GREEFKENS San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Letters and Science- Engineering Commerce Business International Civil Engineering. Administration Relations. Transfer from Santa Clara University: Theta Delta Chi; Newman Club. HAZEL DELL VIRGINIA GREEN WATSON WENDHL JENEVIEVE DOROTHY JUDSON LINSLEY GREEN San Francisco GREENFIELD GREGORY VIRGINIA GRESSITT Los Angeles Letters and Science San Luis Obispo Glendale GRENNAN Tokyo, Japan Letters and Science Economics Commerce Letters and Science Berkeley Agriculture English Y.W.C.A. Accounting Psychology Letters and Science Entomology Transfer from Los Del Rey; Baton; Beta Transfer from Glen- English Transfer from Stan- Angeles Junior Col- Alpha Psi; Beta dale Junior College. Gamma Phi Beta; ford University; lege and U.C.L.A. Gamma Sigma; Cali- Class Committees Fitchia;Sigma Sigm. fornia Band (1) (2) (1) ; Intramural Rid- XI; Phi Sigma: (3). ing (1). Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Roger Williams Clul Vice-President. 158 RUBERTA NARWI Treble CM PrtsM GRIGGS :-- ' - - Traosfer frw Santa Rtsa Junior College: MssMtic Club: Con- JAMES C. GRILLO Volan Utters a d ScicK lory Glee Club: Titstil Tracsfer frwn Santa Ana Jumw Colleje: Littte Theatre Make- up Stan. GROWER Utters aw and H.;-i- GROSSMAN Nev Yerk City. GRUENIG VON STEEGER Utters and Scion Craminics Mi DtHa Theta. HOWARD EDWARD - ERT San Jsse Ei; " .-; ' .1: i::?eerii ? fren San J sc State Cclltti : AaMricac lir Electrical EamiiMr- ini: Phi Tan Theta. IANK GUIRADO Ec:r: - T : : ; and P- Partiz . Man- 3-r- Ventm nd Sc ' tne tn District Jiuiw Ccllege: Theta Kap- pa NB: Adnrtisin GUN ' Oakland FELIX GYGAX. JR. Berkeley Sta: Y.W.C.A. GORDON GYLE BerkEh. A.S.U.C. Card Sales " srtnsics ( UlfittST RUTH ARMINE HAIGAZ1AN Pasaden - ' S: i-n Aothnr CK HALCOMB Kans2 rieoct . : tt .n: Gaoima Bet? can: Daily Califer- CHAFFEE EARL JR. Piednrant Caarish Zeta : Galdea Bear: Wioged -a Beta: : tar: Senior Informal, chairman: S Peace Conmittee: Orientation Chair- JANET BARROWS HALL Berkeley - ad Science Hinsehdd Science Alpha Delta ; taneaii. Jimic- .Sir!: Woir- CWBSt tens:! tees. RD ENDICOTT HALL Berkeley EnitDeeriKf- HALL AbracadaJra: Tan Beta Pi: Chi Epsi( Phi Phi. Phi Sima Kappa: Class Cwimittees. WILLIAM GEORGE HALL Berfceler . j Ch em i s- Alpha Chi Sioma; 159 CHAFFEE HALL Orientations Chairman HALLSTED HALLSTEN HALVERSTAOT HAMILTON Vl-MIl U 1 1 1_ CAROLINE L.kb.nnu aifenrtni HAMILTON HAMILTON rfviin vni i iwb bi HAMLIN nu 0 HAMLI Virgilia Kingsburg Earlimart Berkeley HAMILTON East Highlands Fresno Berkeley Agriculture Forestry Letters and Science Chemistry Chemis- Letters and Science Berkeley Commerce Foreign Letters and Science Letters and Science Alpha Delta Sigma: English try Household Art Letters and S Trade Household Art Medical S: Eco. 1 : Forestry Club: Blue Honor Student; Sigma Xi. Delta Chi Alpha. German Pan Xenia. Pi Beta Phi; Delta Nu Sigma Nu; Honor and Gold Managerial A.S.U.C. Hostess Theta Upsilon: Ma- Chi Alpha; Student; Crc Collegi Staff (2) (3); Big Committee. sonic Club; Parlia- Y.W.C.A.; Phra- Phi Gamma Delta: " C " Guard; Base- ment; Deutscher teres; Counseling; ball (3) (4); Class Verein; A.S.U.C. So- W.A.A. Track Man- Committees. cial Committee. JULIUS PLAUT EDWARD JAY RUTH JE4NETTE NORMA LILLA WILLIAM HARVEY DOROTHY HANSEN DOROTHY MERLE SIGFRED ELMER VERNON HAMMER HAMPEL HANCOCK HAND HAND Oakland HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN lone Oakland Stockton San Francisco San Bernardino Letters and Science Oakland Berkeley Patters Letters and Stience Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Me- History Letters and Science Letters and i Engineer!! Economics Economics Economics Political Science chanical Engineering Transfer from Sacra- Spanish Public Ss. Bowles Hall: Scab- Kappa Delta Rho. Transfer from Stan- Blue and Gold Mana- Transfer from San mento Junior College. Sigma Delta Pi. Little Theatre. bard and Blade; ford University; gerial Staff (2); Bernardino Junior Col- Alpha Delta Sigma; Gamma Phi Beta: Counseling (2); lege; Phi Sigma Beta Alpha Psi; Blue Honor Student; Pi Group System (2) Kappa; California and Gold Managerial Phi Delta. (3); A.S.U.C. Card Engineer. Staff (2) (3). Sales Committee (2) (3); Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) (3); Class Com- mittees. Berkeley Engineering Civil ring Transfer from Fresno State College; Chi Epsilon. HANZEL Oakland Letters and Science Political Science. HARDING, JR. Berkeley Letters and Science Geology Transfer from Uni- versity of T-. Sigma Kappa Nu. HARDING Sacramento Commerce Econom- ics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Alpha Delta Phi. HARDISON Fillmore Letters and Science Archi- Theta Kappa Nu; A.S.U.C. Band (1) (2) (3) (4); Archi- tecture Association; Calvin Club. HARGRAVES Berkeley Letters and Sci History Areta. HARK NESS Santa Maria Transfer from Chaffcy Junior College. JEANNE HARPER San Francisco and Science Phrateres; Daily Call fornian Adv Staff (3). WILLIAM I HARPER San Leant 160 IRIS STRAEFER Class Vice-Presideirt VIRGINIA JANE JOHN PARKER HERBERT FRANK MJOfl HARRIS HARRISON, JR. HARROLD. JR. HART CATHERINE acfanent -ton and Science Znlon :- Kappa: Phi San Fraacisn try Sacrament! Utters and Science Airicnlture Agricul- tural Economics Btrkjley Utters and Science HARTVIG Sports Bsta Sigma Onricnn: Transfer frwn Sacra- Delta Kappa EpsiUn: Hjdltnt Personnel (1); Intra- men tc Junior Cnllene: Cwi - " a:ific: Ome?a mural Spirts: Cali- Zeta Psi: Skull and Y.W.C.A. 2): In- tramural Simram5 Manaoer 2). :tts and Science Eonwnics -5d Hel- Piedmont Utters and Science Erar, Class CtTr and Science Kappa Kaapa Gam- Aviculture A: :- - tural E:cratr is Pi fram o - Trans Sato Jimitr C Ue e; BjCJ Mas ic Ctak. I tDWARD 161 CARL SAUER Daily Califomian Manager. Fall LOUISE HENDRICKSON Long Beach Letters and Science English Transfer from Long Beach Junior College: Y.W.C.A. BURNETT A. HENDRYX Grcenview Commerce Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma; Masonic Club: Baton: A.S.U.C. Band. WILMA MARIE HENNE San Francisco Letters and Science Italian Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Kappa Delta; Coun- seling. CAROLYN ELIZABETH HENSLEY Oakland Letters and Science Household Art Phi Mu; Delta Chi Alpha; Blue and Gold Managerial Staff; Big C " Guard; Little Theatre Property Staff: Class Commit- tees. SHELDEN E. HERMANN Berkeley Letters and Science Physics Optom- etry Theta Chi: Omega ' JANE HERMANN Los Angeles Letters and Science History Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Ir tionat House. WILLIAM JAMES HERRON Wilmington Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Comp- ton Junior College; American Society Civil Em: GORDON WINANT HE WES Santa Monica Anthropology Bowles Hall; Blue and Gold; Class Com- ELINORE REED HEWITT Woodland RALPH THOMAS MILDRED DINHAM ALBERT OWEN JEAN RAMSAY WALTER KEUL KATHARINE MARY HOWARD WRAY KENNETH EVAN HICKCOX HICKOK HIDDLESON HIGGINS HIGGINS HIGLEY HILDEBRAND HILL HILL Fillmore Orinda Woodland Piedmont Taft Pasadena Healdsburg Oakland Oakland Chemistry Chemical Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science .nd Science Letters and S Letters and Science M Engineering Public Speaking History Anthropology Political Science Zoology. Household Art Physiology Transfer from Chaffey Chi Omega; Theta Transfer from Sacra- Kappa Alpha Theta. Transfer from Taft Transfer from Santa Pershing Rifles: Pre- V Junior College; Cal- Sigma Phi; Pryta- mento Junior Coliege. Junior College; Alpha Rosa Junior College; medical Club; U.C. vin Club; Chemistry nean; Pennan ' Gamma Rho: Phi Guild of Applied Life Saving C Club. Society: Wo- Phi. Arts; Delta Chi Representative: Ex- Alpha; Masonic Club. ecutive Committee; Women ' s Executive Board Chairman; Women ' s Activity Council, chairman: Daily Californian. % rn f;, ' f $ HILL Oakland Club: m ARlc L. HILLEFELD Berkeley and Science lory Delta 2 A. A. HENRY MARTIN HILLMAN San Francisco Commerce Account- Honor Student: Beta Alpha Psi. EVELYN HIMBERG Berkeley Letters and Science Psychology Club. JAMES CLARK HINDMAN Redding . Cali- .te of HENRY AUGUST HINES Oakland Po ' HIRATSUKA Byron Zoo Japan; Club. Irvington Polit- HIRSHFELD Mpha Ai ' iha i and Saddle: Lan Design Club. 162 Oakland - CuinJt- it. HO: Sa- FrciK cf 3oM : -,; back AR MOSS - - HOLv Oanflk Baseball Maa- :- L-: Sc; : lntnoMml t ' ; 163 JANET HALL Discussions Chairman KATHLEEN LOUIS NEILL MARY FRANCES GILBERT GLOVER FAYE HENRIETTA HILTON HOWELL STELLA M. WILLIAM VINCENT ERMINA AGNES ELENORE HOWELL HUBBARD HUBBARD HUDSON HUEBERT HUFF HUGHES HUGHES HUGHSON Sacramento Stockton San Francisco Oakland Lindsay Pasadena Berkeley Chula Vista Berkeley Letters and Science Engineering Elec- Commerce Foreign Engineering Elec- Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Account- Commerce Fi nance Letters International Re- trical Engineering Trade trical Engineering English Political Science ing a ' nd Personnel Transfer from San Hi:; lations Transfer from Modes- Beta Gamma Sigma; Tau Beta Pi: Et International House..- Bowles Hall. Transfer from Univer- Diego State College; Transfer from Sacra- to Junior College; Counseling. Kappa Nu; American sity of Nebraska; Beta Gamma Sigma; mento Junior College; Big " C " Society; Institute Electrical Commerce Club; Uni- Honor Student: Beta International House. American Institute Engineering, secre- versity Chorus. Gamma Sigma, presi- Electrical Engineer- tary. dent; Vocational ing; Track. Conference Commit- tee. J i BERTICE PAUL EDWARD CATHERINE FLORENCE ELLEN ETHEL HURWITZ JEANETTE ABD-EL-AZIZ JUNE GERTRUDE HAROLD VAUGHAN LAVHONNE HUNT HUNTER BRIGID HURLEY HURST Wilcox HUSHBECK HUSSEIN HUSTON HUTCHINGS Susanvillc Arcata Santa Paula San Francisco Letters and Science Watsonville Cairo, Egypt San Dimas Piedmont Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science Agriculture Fruit Letters and Science Letters and S Economics. Economics History Economics Transfer from Health Education Products. English History Transfer from Hum- Transfer from Ven- Counseling; Hostess U.C.L.A. Transfer from San Transfer from Chaflcy Sigma Phi t boldt State College. tura Junior College. Committee; Group Mateo Junior College. Junior Col! Quart System; Assembly Dance Committee. DOROTHY NELLIE GORDON W. HYDE JUSTINE HYDE HUTCHINSON Oakland Letters and Science Physical Education Beta Phi Alpha. 164 Oakland Commerce Finance Theta Delta Chi; A.S.U.C. Reception Committee; Elections Committee; Basket- ball Manager (2) (3); Senior Informal, finance chairman. San Francisco Letters and Science English Pi Sigma; Honor Student: Commuters Club; Phrateres. CHESTER HYMAN Santa Monica Letters and Science Zoology. ERNEST ANTHONY IACONETTI Berkeley Letters and Science Pre-Medical and Econo Weight Basketball. San Juan Bautista HAhULU IflAIYIUKU IMOTO nuocn i STEPHENSON INTORF Commerce Foreign Trade Balboa and Science INGRAM Grid Oinngi Commerc Japanese Students ' Medicine Letters and Science Club. Transfer from Fuller- Ecor Transfer ton Junior C Sigma Nu: Skull and ton Junii .Vinacd Hcl- Senior Basketball Manager; Bin Society; Senior Peace Comm JOE ROE H . - ' - a?! ' SUN AC unts SIE JACKSON Oakland Letters and 5 . Music College; Beta Stjma Onicron: NEWMAN el Council. DOROTHY MAE JACOBUS Berkeley and Science tory Phrateres: Counsel- SYLVIA JACOBY Aiuneda aid Science :loy Alpha Epi " : Theatn Make-up : Biue and Go I: Comrr, . : nunit- tees. try Trustee from San Mates Junior College; b ATNE ERNEST JALONEN Airi culture Poultry Husbandry Transfer from Prune State C:i!-.ct . Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha JAMESON JAMIE r LESTER MISt - ' ES JOSEPH CHARLES HOWAR JAVP; JANG JANIN Long Beach San Francisc Piedmont nd Science Cbenristry Cbenis- Mining Economic try Geolos) neiits (ippaS:oma. RUTH A. . ' Spanish 3 Kappa: S 3- r-a Delta Pi. GARTH EL- JAREO San Mateo Cummer te Innrace Tnosfer rr n Saa Mate Juniw Colleoe. ;rr FullertM Letters and Science tinq Transfer fron Fuller- ton Junior Cslleoe: iPH .EK Sir. caaoical Engineering America So: ciianical JAKE Oakland BARBARA ELSE EMILIE EVA CARLA KAREN HARRIET PATRICIA ANN San Francisc Csnratrci Frjre ' jn SM Fracist . Science Trade. its and Science History srrifcr from Alpha Omi: Berkeley Western Sptiprjs. CaniMrce ActoLnt- im Ennmitt Letters and Science Beta Sioma ' OniicrM: Csunseli.-.g: V PC Theta. Cwnci Intanat.onsi House. man: Pbrattr Commitlets. 165 LARRY ARPIN Crew ki . JENSEN Berkeley Letters and Science Household Science. DOROTHY CLARA JOHNSON Vallejo Letters and Science History Daily Californian; California Engineer; Bin " C " Circus. Berkeley Letters and Science History Transfer from Univer- sity of Minnesota; A.S.U.C. Social Committee. JOHNSON Berkeley Letters and Science Art Phrateres; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican; A.S.U.C. Card Sales. ELEEN MARGARET JOHNSON Petaluma Letters and Science Physical Education and Hygiene W.A.A.; Physical Education Majors Club. HOWARD LEWIS JOHNSON Stockton Letters and Science Political Science Masonic Club. JOHNSON Fullerton Agriculture Ento- mology Alpha Zeta; Phi Sig- ma; Entomology Club. MURIEL MAE JOHNSON Berkeley Letters and Science History Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; W.A.A. JOHN Berl Ecor Alph?, Goldei Helm Coun- cil. S ROBERT ANGUS ROBERT HALL ROBERT MAURICE CONSTANCE H. DANNIE STANLEY JEAN HARRIET ARCH M. EVELYN A. LAWI JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JORDAN JORGENSEN AIR JUE Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Escondido Gridley Berkeley Oakland Oakland San i Agriculture Forestry Commerce Econom- Engineering Elec- Letters and Science Mining Petroleum Letters and Science Commerce Econom- Letters and Sc Alpha Zeta; Basket- ics and Insurance trical Engineering Public Speaking Engineering Household Art ics. Political Scienc- ball. Weight Basketball Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Transfer from Pasa- Delta Chi: Theta Phrateres; Delta Chi (2) (3); Circle " C " Scabbard and Blade; dena Junior College; Tau; Phi Phi: Amer- Alpha. Society (2) (3) American Institute of Alpha Delta Pi; Pry- ican Institute of (4). Electrical Engineers; tanean; Thalian; Mining Engineers; Life Saving Corps Mask and Dagger; U.C. Life Saving (1). Hammer and Dimmer; Corps: Football Man- Little Theatre (2) ager (2) ; Senior (3) (4); Little The- Peace Committee; atre Make-up Staff Big " C " Guard. (2) (3); W.A.A.; Intramural Sports. vV 3 LEROY KAJIWARA ABRAHAM MOSES JAMES W. KASCH KARL ALBERT WILLARD HERBERT BRUNO MARY ANN KEANE MARY PATRICIA EDWARD H Alameda KAPLAN Ukiah KASTEN RAYMOND KAUFNER San Mateo KEARNS KEEHNER Letters and Science San Diego Letters and Science San Francisco KAUFMAN San Francisco and Science Oakland Sacramento Political Science Engineering Aero- Psychology Letters and Science San Francisco Agriculture Forestry Music Letters and S Letters and S Japanese Students ' Club: Congress. nautics Transfer from San Sigma Phi. Art Hammer and Coffin; Engineering Me- chanical Engineering 13 Pi: Fores- try Club. Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. Political Science Transfer from Mills Psychology Transfi Diego State College; Delta Epsilon, presi- American Society of College; Prytanean mento Society of Automo- dent; Honor Student; Mechanical Engineers. i : Pi Sigma Kappa tive Engineers. Daily Californian, Alpha: Blue and Gold A.S.U.C. Band: Sym- art editor; Pelican. Managerial Staff (2) phony Orchestra. art board; Torch So- (3); Y.W.C.A. Cabi- ciety. net (3) (4); Student Loan Fund Drive 166 i-iss Commit- tees (2) (3) (4). JOHN MEEK FMtball Captain KELLER KELLEY. JR. Pasadena Oakland id Sci Prora -.- ?-= Science ml from ChaBey KELLOGG Bcri Mpeu MARJORIE and Science A -.-.ropoIcsy from Sarah Lawrence Cc Commptce i JBf. Berkeley and Science -fry .ares: Counsel. ass Comwit- tees. LUCILE KEMP San F BAYLES ROBERT KENNEDY and ' . WEBER :OY Sar Md Science Sac Get.! fnm M(- dest jMiw Ctlieoe: ' AS JOHN KENT. JR. SaH Fran; Beta T Gciden Bear: Winged Cmraittec. cnairman; Water Ple (I Y.M.C - Fraternity Aditsory Board, pmi: KEPNER try Chemis- -icr College. ,E KER- San FraKisci zadSciei ROBERT STANLEY KERR T . : - ' -V EDWARD TORY KILGORE San F pha Ta u JAMES HUNTER incisn :mma en;! ture Association. 167 LUCILLE PATTERSON W.A.A. President VICTOR MICHAEL KINGSTON Los Angeles Engineering Me- chanical Engineering Transfer from Los Angefes Junior Col- lege; American Soci- ety of Mechanical Engineers. MALVINA KIRSKE Piedmont Letters and Science Public Speaking Alpha Epsilon Phi. MALVINE GRACE KISTEMANN Oakland Letters and Science History Y.W.C.A.; Phrateres; Deputations: Class Committees. KITANO San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Japanese Women ' s Student Club; Coun- seling. Oakland Letters and Science Political Science. KNAPP Oakland Letters and Science Psychology Prytanean; Phra- teres, vice-president, president; Y.W.C.A.; Counseling; Person- nel; Woman ' s Activ- ity Council; College Women ' s Club Junior; Crop and Saddle; Class Committees. HELEN LOUISE KNOPP Oakland Letters and Science German Phi Beta Kappa; Prytanean; Women ' s Executive Committee; Group System (1) (2) (3), Chairman (4): A.S.U.C. Music Committee; Y.W.C.A.: Masonic Club; Students ' Ad- visory Bureau: Coun- seling; German Club. PHILIP NOEL KNORR Modesto Agriculture Forestry Transfer from Mo- desto Junior College; Forestry Club: Inter- national House; Xi Sigma Pi; Honor Stu- dents. KNOWLES Nevada Sigma Phi Epsilon, Winged I Theta Tau: Vigi- lantes: Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer Welfare Council: Crew (1); Loan Fu Drive; Senior Class President; Executiv Committee. REGINALD L. ALLAN KOBLICK DORIS LOUISE PHYLLIS LOUISE RENALD LOUIS MASUO KODANI TONY PETER SHIGEGO RICHARD ROBERT WAH KNOX San Francisco KOCH KOCHER KOCHER Pasadena KOLONIE KOMATSU KONG Pomona Commerce Econom- Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Letters and Science San Mateo San Francisco Richmond Letters and Science ics. Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Econom- Zoology. Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry Chemi Economics Household Science. Psychology ics Economics. Architecture Transfer from Pomona Hammer and Coffin; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student; Jap- .dent: Ct Junior College: Delta Pelican (1) (2) Honor Student; anese Student Club: lents ' Clu Tau Delta. (3); Phrateres (3): Track (1) (2). Architecture Associa- Y.W.C.A.; A.S.U.C. tion. Card Sales Committee (2). SUN YEE KOO San Francisco Letters and Science Education Transfer from San Francisco State Teachers College: Chinese Students ' Club. 168 WILLIAM ROLAND KOONTZ Palo Alto Engineering Electri- cal Engineering Transfer from San Jose State College: American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JOSEPH PEPICO KORAL Santa Ana Letters and Science History Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Varsity Baseball (2) (3) (4); Executive Committee; Big " C " Society, secretary JOHN YOSHIYUKI KOYAMA Oakland Letters and Science Physics Optom- etry Omega Delta; Jap- anese Students ' Club; Circle " C " Society; Basketball. ERNEST GUS KRAMER San Francisco Letters and Science History Sigma Phi Epsilon: Advertising Service Bureau; Masonic Club. CAROLINE GEORGINE KREISS San Mateo Letters and Science Zoology. DAVID THEODORE KREISS Escondido Engineering Electri- cal Engineering Transfer from Los Angeles Junior Col- lege: A.S.U.C. Band. EDGAR M. KRIEGER ELMA EVELYN KROLL San Francisco Piedmont Letters and Science Letters and Sciem History History. Kappa Nu. . BORDEN PRICE Y.M.C.A. President Tiea P Delta MIRIAM SOPHIA MOTOKI KUDO RAY WILLIAM SUITER EDWARD RALPH NICHOLAS TATSUO RUSH IDA JOHN EDWARD KROCr KRUTH San Francisco KUENEMAN KUNKEL KURTOVICH Berkeley KUSHNER Turlock Commerce Foreign Berkeley Los Angeles San Francisco Commerce Foreign Oakland Agriculture Medical Trade ture Fruit Letters and S Commerce Finance Trade Letters and Science 1 States Gov- Entomology. Transfer from San Products. Physics and Op- Transfer from San Japanese Students ' Architecture. Mateo Junior College. tornetry ,co State Col- Club: Pan Xenia; Transfer from lege. A.S.U.C. Card Sales U.C.L.A.: Sigma (2). Chi: Omega Delta: Crew. MARK KYOGOKU AGNES MARIE Phra- Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. MARTIN E. LABAIG HENRY JOHN CARYL MEREDITH KENNETH ELTON MARY ELLEN EDMUND VICTOR Glendale LACRAMPE LADD LADY LAIRD LAITONE Agriculture Forestry Oakland Ho! ' Santa Monica Berkeley San Francisco Club. Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Mathematics and Economics Physics Optom- - English Transfer from San etry Student Advisory Chess Club. Benito County Junior Transfer from Santa Bureau. Mechanical Engi- College. Monica Junior Col- neers; Society of lege; Alpha Kappa American Engineers: Lambda: Omega Swimming. Delta: Masonic Club. MARGOT WILLSON LAMB RALPH W. LAMON Bet ' Commerce Econom- GEORGE LEE LANDIS San and Scie FRALLEY GEORGE PATSY LANE CHARLES DANIEL J. CONRADI LANGE ELADORE LUCILLE FRANK IVES LANE San Francisco LANGE Glendale LANGHART LANGMAID Oakland Letters and Science Oakland and Science Healdsburg Berkeley Commerce F History Commerce Econom- Economics Commerce E Commerce Econom- Transfer from Santa ics Chi Psi. Administration ics from Arm- Ana Junior College; Honor Student: Beta W.A.A. BetaTheta Pi: Blue strong Junior College; Honor Student. and Gold (2 Club. Club. Orientations Council 169 JOHN BURD Daily Californian Editor, Spring ROBERT LAWRENCE LANNING Sacramento Engineering Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. RUTH CECELIA LARK IN Berkeley Letters and Science Music. ARTHUR LEO LARNER Marysville Letters and Science Physical Education and Hygiene Newman Club; Base- ball (2). ALICE GERTRUDE LARSEN Corcoran Letters and Science History Dormitory Council. MARJORIE SUSAN LARSEN Tracy Letters and Science Public Speaking Parliament; Women ' s " C " Society; W.A.A. DOROTHY VIRGINIA LARSON Oakland Letters and Science Economics. FORREST GORDON LARSON Turlock Letters and Science Physics Optom- etry Omega Delta; Chilton Hall. LARSON Oakland Commerce Econom- Alpha Xi Delta; Kappa Phi; Blue and Gold Editorial (2); ROBERTA LARUE Pasadena Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; W.A.A. A.S.U.C. Si Committee (1 Executive Committee ,(3); Counseling (3) Intramural Sports (3) (4); Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Class Committees. ; 3 i-1 J ROBERT MERRILL LARZELERE BETTY LASALLE Phoenix, Arizona LOLA MARY LATHROP BILLY STEUART L AUSTEN ROBERT D. LAW JR. FRANK LAWRENCE Modesto IAN A. LAWRENCE Walnut Creek JOHN DANIEL LAWSON ADELE SCHWART LAWYER Long Beach Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Long Beach Junior College. Letters and Science History Transfer from Phoe- nix Junior College. Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Delta Zeta; Delta Chi Alpha: Phrateres; Williams Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. Hollywood Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Los Angeles Junior Col- Letters and Science Spanish Honor Student (3) ; Varsity- Cross Coun- try (2); Varsity Mining Mining Theta Tau: Scabbard and Blade: Engi- neers ' Council; Min- ing Association. ' San Lorenzo Alpha Gamma Rho; A.S.U.C. Band (1) (2) (3); Basketball Bet!: Edu- Counseling; Junior lege; Alpha Delta Track (3): Circle (1): Quarterdeck. Farce; Y.W.C.A., Phi; Golden Bear; " C " Society (2). Freshman Commis- Track (2) (3) (4); sion. Big " C " Society; Senior Peace Com- mittee; Class Com- mittees. JEAN VALETA LAWYER VIRGINIA LEACH Piedmont ELEANOR MAE LEAL MARGARET MARY LEARY JOSEPH LEBOWITCH DALE B. LEDYARD Pasadena MARJORIE SELBY LEE ROBERT PATTERSON LEE AUDREY LOUISE LEEMAN Eureka Letters and Science French Transfer from Hum- boldt State College. Letters and Science Art Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortar Board; Pry- tanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; California Club; Advertising Modesto Letters and Science Music Transfer from Modes- to Junior College; Women ' s Dormitory Association; Inter- San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Commuters Club; Counseling. Sacramento Letters and Science Political Science International House: Congress. Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College: American Institute si Electrical Engineers. San Francisco Letters and Science Zoo: Berkeley Commerce Advertis- ing Pi Delta Epsilon; Daily Califon (3). Associate Edi- Alameda ,-nd Scien En Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Alpha Delta. Service Bureau (1) national House. tor (4). (2) (3), Manager (4); Publications Council; Women ' s 1 Tft Activity Council. v PATRICIA LENNON AtainistratiM Gamma S 5 " a: Blue and S Card SzlR Cuwitte? - Fund ELEANOR MCA LEO Su JKI Ccrrru. ' re Baakiog tnm Sa tnt 5 adScie : Sputii -II irr I BctJ E WILBER LESLIE PHYLLIS PATTON LEWIS KATHL JOHN El FRANKLIN LINOBE1 OaUud -OOT Sw Fr -: --:-:r r: -Kt- Sai Fmuisct cfcaflical dfiwcrni 510 Si. trice Trade Scabbard and Bl atft: w Qoartf [ Studt. " Vastf: Cli = . DNY LOUISE MARIE UNTON d Scince i ' .E LONG Alaroda j.nd Sciaira CHET CARLISLE Basketball Captain JOSEPH RADNEY LAURA LOUCKS MAN SHIU LOUIE HELEN HILDA PERCY THEODORE ALAN EDGAR LOWE AUDREY FRANCES RICHARD GWYNNE WILLIAM JOSEP LOPEZ. ' jR. Berkeley San Francisco LOVEN LOW Salinas LOWE LOWE LOWE Taft Letters and Science Engineering Civil San Francisco San Francisco Mining Mining Porterville Bakersfield San Francisco Letters and Science Household Art Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science ng Civil Political Science Guild of Applied Transfer from Univer- Household Art German Transfer from Visalia History. Music Engineering Transfer from Taft Arts. sity of Washington; Delta Chi Alpha; Basketball. Junior College; Ram- Transfer from Bakers- Pi Alphs Junior College. Pi Alpha Phi. Guild of Applied blers. field Junior College; ients ' Clu! Arts; W.A.A. Tennis Baton; A.S.U.C. Society o Manager (3). Band. Civil Em, MALDEN CARR KATHARINE SHERRY LUCY EDWY LUKER KARIN LUND IRENE N. JAMES LUSK RALPH DEAN SHIRLEY LOWMAN, JR. PATTY LUCAS Napa Porterville Berkeley LUNDGREN Berkeley LUTHER KATHLEEN Los Angeles Berkeley Commerce Account- Letters and Science Letters and Science Berkeley Chemistry Chemis- Ligonier, LUTTRELL Chemistry Chemis- Letters and Science ing Economics Public Speaking Letters and Science try Pennsylvania Yreka try English Transfer from Marin Barrington Hall; Kappa Kappa Economics Newman Club. Letters and Science Letters and Scienc Alpha Chi Sigma. Alpha Chi Omega: Junior College; New- Circle " C " Society; Gamma. Transfer from San Zoology Household Art Treble Clef; Deputa- man Club. Boxing; Soccer, Jose State College; Transfer from San Delta Chi tions; Class Commit- Y.W.C.A. Diego State College. tees. Y.V. RICHARD LYNCH ROBERT C. ANNE LYND EDNA MAY LYON FRED A. LYON EUNICE HELEN FLORABEL LYTLE WILLIAM BETTY MABRY Berkeley LYNCH Glendale Oakland Healdsburg LYONS Highland LAWRENCE MAAS Glendale Commerce Foreign Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Lodi Letters and Science Los Angeles Agriculture Soil Trade Commerce Foreign History English Economics Agriculture For- English Letters and Science Science. Phi Kappa Tau; Pan Trade Transfer from Delta Delta Delta; Transfer from Santa estry. Alpha Chi Omega: History Xenia: Quarterdeck; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee Chairman; Phi Kappa Tau; Pan Xenia; Quarterdeck; Blue and Gold. Edi- U.C.L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. Daily Californian; Counseling. Rosa Junior College; Track. W.A.A.; Crop and Saddle: Class Com- mittees. Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Phi Beta Delta Track Manager; tor; Publications Senior Peace Com- Council; Basketball mittee; Class Com- Manager; Senior mittees. Peace Committee; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Sopho- 172 more Vigilance Com- mittee. BOB HERWie Basketball Co-cantaio FILOMENO A. Lie MARY JOSEPHINE McANULTY LEWIS LINN McARTHUR NANCY ELISE MacBRlOE STANLEY EUGENE RUTH CRARY MCCAFFREY MCCALL DORIS REGENT McCANN WILLIAM J. MCCARTHY Makato. C Voile Portland. Oregon PiedoMt Wkittier Stockton Oakland El Paso. Texas Letters ami 5 Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science and Science Letters and Science -i Science Economics Economics tory P; Housi-hs History Public Speaking Mason;: Hub; CM Psi: Scabbard Kappa Kaapa Bowles Ha Student. Gamma PM Beta: Transfer from Tens A.S.L and Blade: Crew Gamma: Y.W.C.A. Beta Kappa: ta Kaopa: Collete tf Mines. at art A.S.U.C. Later Winged Helm it: Guild if Applied Cermet;. A. A. Beard: Open Eolden Bear: President; Forum Board. A.S.U-C. Prj Sophomore Class bum Alpha: Vccaticnal Committees. Los Angeles .REN SAMUEL HARMON AM HALL CHARLES W. B. McCOMBS McCOH McCONNELL McCORMICK San Bernardino Sacramento hurt Los AiHjdes Commerce and Science E-jineerino. Accounting rntics Ecc ' :. ' - T - fmn San Transfer from Sac- BemardiM Junitr ramento Junior Cot- Scabbard and Blade: Celine: BMles lene: Commerce Freshman Class Sec- Hall: Beta Gamma Delta Phi urer: Alpha Delta Eosilon: V Hammer and Coffin: Pelican Man- - Staff. JEAN Cair- -EY YORK McCOY lore : Miniaf Transfer frt- leoe of the - San Franc s and! 173 DICK GOCK Crew Manager ARTHUR KEDDIE MacFARLANE Berkeley Commerce Busi- ness Administration Transfer from Taft Junior College; Baton: A.S.U.C. Band (3) (4); V.M.C.A. Cabinet (3) (4); Life Saving Corps. DONALD BURT MacFARLANE, Jr. Berkeley Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from Taft Junior College; Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Chemistry Club (2) (3); Gym Club (3). JANET BRANDT MacFARLANE Berkeley Letters and Science Household Art Transfer from Taft Junior College; Delta Chi Alpha. JENNIE JUNE McFEE Bakersfield Letters and Science History Transfer from Bak- ersfield Junior Col- lege; Intramural Sports; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. MARY CATHERINE MARIAN REMMERS PIERCE B. MacGILLIVRAY Berkeley Letters and Science History Daily Californian;- ' Blue and Gold; Counseling; Hostess Committee; Phra- teres; College Women ' s Club Juniors; Class Committees. McGOVERN San Francisco Letters and Science Political Science MclNTOSH San Francisco Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Geor- gia Tech.; American Society of Civil Engineers. RUTH CHARITY McKAY San Francisco Letters and Science Psyci Transfer froii Mateo Junior College. KARTELL McKEE Glen W.A. i WILLIAM ROBERT OWEN GRANDI JACK L. MACKI JOHN RODERICK McKEIGHAN McKEVITT Oakland Berkeley San Francisco Commerce Commerce Busi- Letters ani! Science Economics ness Administration. Economics and Pi Kappa Phi: Pre- Legal Phi Phi. Psi Upsilon; Scab- bard and Blade; Senate; Pershing Rifles. KENNETH LEO EDOUARD BLISS FLORENCE MACKIE McKINNON MCKNIGHT THERESA Berkeley Rio Vista Oakland . McLELLAND Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Alanteda Political Science. Economics ness Organization. Chemistry Phi Kappa Sigma. Chemistry lota Sigma Pi. ALAN GOODRIDGE McLENEGAN Berkeley cc Transportation Golf ( WESLEY HUMPHREY MCQUEEN Long Beach Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Long Beach Junior Col- lege: Masonic Club: Assembly Dance Committee; Congress. ROBERTA PAISE McTEAR Hay ward Utters and Science Household Art Transfer from Marin Junior College. CHARLES ALEXANDER McWATERS Los Angeles Commerce-r- Accounting Ice Hockey Manager. NORMAN EARLE MAEHLER Berkeley Commerce Busi- ness Administration Transfer from Colo- rado State College. MARGARET EILEEN MAGEL Twin Falls, Idaho Letters and Science Political Science. DWIGHT LAURENCE MAGNUSSON Placerville Commerce Advertising. DAVID MARY DANIEL F BENJAMIN MAGY MAHARG MAHONEY Los Ai Berl San Fi Letters and Si Letters and ; Comn ZOEl ' Household Art Transfef Transfer froir U.C.L.A.; Pre- State Colicoe; Pi medical Society; Beta f . Vice-President; Alpha; Cour; University Chorus: A.S.U.C. Tea Glee Club. Committee. 174 REYNOLD COHN Fonnsics Conrr iss DW ;s MAR( HAL MANC San Fnacna - tart H " ra ' AM Del! er an: Dimna: Tbeatre; rt Masonic dot Ctes Cv . WAT :R MA, LS MAUTZ MARC MAVCS Sar Diefo 175 JEAN MACOONALD A.S.U.C. Vice-president I HELEN JOSEPH HENRY LENARD ORRIN PHILIP JAMES CLINTON JOHN BUTLER PAUL RUDOLF OLIVE R. MELLO DOROTHY ANNE ELIZABETH MAYNARD MAYRISCH. Jr. MEANS MEDCALF MEEK MEIR Sacramento MELQUIOND MAYHEW San Jose Piedmont Los Angeles Honolulu, Hawaii Upland Porterville Letters and Science Oakland Berkeley Engineering Letters and Science Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Agri- Agriculture French Letters and Letters and Science Mechanical Economics Forestry. Soil Science cultural Economics Forestry Phi Theta Kappa; History. French Engineering Theta Chi: Daily i Bowles Hall. Delta Upsilon; Skull Transfer from Por- Little Theatre Thalian; Hammer Transfer from San Californian Manager- and Keys: Winged terville Junior Col- Costume Staff (2). and Dimmer; Daily Jose State College; ial Staff (1) (2); Helmet: Football. lege; Forestry Club. Californian (1) (2); American Society of Big " C " Guards; Little Theatre, Mechanical Rally Committee Art Director. Engineers. (2); Wheel Society (3): A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee (2) (3); Class Commit- tees (1) (2) (3) (4). LESTER LAWRENCE DORETTA N. MENDELSOHN LAWKLNtb ANTHONY (KANtlb A. MENDOZA JUnN fKANKLin MERRILL KALrn LC.KUT . MERRITT, Jr. MERRY MEYER MELQUOIND, Jr. San Francisco MENDOSA San Francisco Sacramento Sacramento Merced Berkeley Oakland Letters and Science Manteca Commerce Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Commerce Letters and Science History. Letters and Science Foreign Trade Political Science Mechanical Accounting Economics. History. Art Crew,(l (3) (4): Transfer from Sacra- Engineering Wrestling 3 Transfer from Varsity Rowing Club; mento Junior Col- Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Water Polo Modesto Junior Col- Newman Club; lege; Alpha Gamma Scabbard and Blade: lege; Delta Epsilon; Boxing (3). Rho. American Society of Pelican: Occident Art Mechanical Engi- Editor (3): Delta neers: A.S.U.C. Card Epsilon. Vice- Sales (2) (3); President. Senior Peace Com- mittee; Senior Week Committees: Class ROBERT Hr MEYER Geys; Commc EconO ' Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon: Scabbard and Blade; Bast! WESLEY NORMAN LLOYD RICHARD FLETCHER BONAVEE MILES GOSPAVA MEYER MICHELS MELVILLE Yuba City MILINOVICH Vallejo San Francisco MILBY, II Letters and Science San Francisco Commerce Chemistry Washington, D.C. History Letters and Science Economics Chemistry Letters and Science Transfer from Chico Political Science Kappa Nu; Hammer International House; Economics State College; Phrateres: Honor and Coffin: Pelican Pi Mu Epsilon; Transfer from Y.W.C.A.: Honor Student: Slavic Managerial Staff (1) Sigma Xi. George Washington Student: A.S.U.C. Society. (2) (3); Debating University; Sigma Group System. (1); Glee Club; Big Nu: Delta Pi. " C " Guards: Class Committee. 176 CHARLES DOROTHY MILLARD HAMBLIN MILLER ELIZABETH MILLER San Francisco Sacramento MILLER iond Letters and Science Letters and Science Fairfitld rs and Scienc Household Science Political Science ind ' : ' .net Psychology Alpha Nu: Person- Transfer from Sacra- Political Science Phi Sigma nel; Y.W.C.A.; Stu- mento Junior Col- Phrateres: A.S.U.C. A.S.U.C. 1 dent Advisory lege: Zeta Psi: Social Committee: nn Committee Bureau: Class Skull and Keys; A.S.U.C. Wt Class Com Committees. Big " C " Society; Orchestra, Manager Varsity Track. (4) ; Women ' s Dormitory Associa- tion, Vice-President BOB KNOWLS Class Pmttnt III!!!! Los Angeles mmeta F tsn T. Cal- allaad r 1 H- 1- SICV SHEPARD MILLER Brortl.c. N.Y. Leners aid ScieKe THOMAS KENNETH " San lust Afrioilture Aloha Siiflu MILLIGAN, . Piedmont Letters aad Science Traasfer frw Ne Yori Ur. ' rt- Wilted RALPH MILLIRON Ls Ansel ts Infimerim Transfer ft t ri ericaa Cwir: " C " S: AYA V . MINITZKY EDWIN LESTER Saa Jose Berkeley MITCHELL Letters and Science Sal Jta Slavic T f " -f CbeMrsfrv Cheavi- Traasfer ham San Transfer from San cal Cajiai u ia|. J se Juaiar Celine Mate Juaiw Caleae. 9 Kilt) -t n Eicftanu ar.d Tn Transfer frwp Sn- raEits JUP.O ' Col- .? Jamaut Stusi nti 1 Club. JOHN MIZULO Sc tia Eoft eeri B9- Eagieerii t Tracsfcr frc 5 on State CIte c: -OLD MOELLER MtdBBical AgricHttun Ajri- ' cultural Ecemaucs AlakaZeta: C Track Tranter fron Saa Die State Col- lege: Anericaa Sadct] czl I ,OR JEANETTE MOLES Uttenaid Sc.enci Saury Lambda S ::- Staff (2): Studt Adrisorr Buraau. JOHN ROBERT MONNINGER Su Bemardin Ctnmuii E ' fraa San BtnnnUn Jautr Cc lici MONTCOMERY Haifwd and SCIFP onr. MARG MONTMORENCY Spanish W.A.A.: C.9Mlim: Hcsitss CmittM. Us Aacd ; Ameles Cmr Trade CHARLES ROSENTHAL Daily Californian City Editor JOHN T. H. MORRIS Los Angeles Engineering Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. LYFORD MERRILL MARY NAOMA MORRIS San Pedro Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Comp- ton Junior College: Masonic Club: Delta Phi Epsilon, Presi- dent. MORRISON Auburn Letters and Science History Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior Col- lege: Masonic Club: Phrateres: Coun- seling. ROBERT MOSS San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Scabbard and Blade; Gamma Beta: Bom- meree Club; Daily C.ilifornian: Labor Relations Board; Swimming and Water Polo Manager. ROBERT B. MOSSMAN Nampa, Idaho Commerce Accounting Track. CIDDIE ELLEN MUDD Sacramento Letters and Science Economics Blue and Gold; Dormitory Council. DAVID DONALD MULFORD Oakland Letters and Science Political Science Theta Delta Chi: Winged Helmet: Triune: Track: Yell Leader: Senior Peace Committee; Vigi- lantes; A.S..U.C. Band. GENEVIEVE HILDA MULLER Oakland Letters and Science Household Science Alpha Delta Pi: Alpha Nu; Deputa- tions, Sub-Chairman: Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Counseling; Class Committees. WILLIAM HERMAN V ancisco Letters and S Psychology Transfer from San Mateo Junior Col- Psychology Club, President. M. FRED FRANCIS C. HENRY BYRON MARIAN CLARE JAMES A. JANET LAURENE WILLIAM H. ZONNA LOVINA WILLIAM BATES MURASHIMA MURPHY MURPHY MURPHY MURRAY MURRAY MURRAY MURRAY MURR1SH Fresno Berkeley Petaluma Berkeley Long Beach Larkspur Oakland Eureka Oakland Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Commerce - Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Architecture Civil Engineering Economics Psychology. Accounting Social Institutions Political Science History Political Science American Society of Transfer from Santa Transfer from Long Transfer from Marin Delta Chi; Alpha Transfer from Hum- Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Civil Engineers; Rosa Junior College: Beach Junior Junior College; Delta Sigma; Phi boldt State College; Sigma Alpha; Gold. California Engi- Bowles Hall: Intra- College. Phral Phi; Circle " C " Parliament: W.A.A. Bear; Winged Hel- neer Editorial Staff. mural Basketball. Society: Weight met: Daily Call- Basketball; Advertis- fornian Editor. ing Service Bureau Manager; Blue and Gold Managerial Staff. MARY JEANICE MURRY Ontario Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Chaffey Junior College; Kappa Masonic Club, 178 DAVID PAUL MYERS Santa Barbara Engineering Mechanical Engineering. CLAIRE FRANCES NACE Pomona Letters and Science Physical Educa- tionHygiene Transfer from Pomona Junior Col- lege: Women ' s Or- chestra: Pennant " C " Society: W.A.A. Hockey; W.A.A. Riflery. SUNAO NAGAI Los Angeles Engineering Mechanical Engi- neering American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. ERNEST OTTO NAGEL Oakland Commerce Trans- . portation Baton; Quarterdeck; Commerce Club; Westminster House; A.S.U.C. Band Drum Major. MARJORIE M. NAGIN San Francisco Letters and Science French Transfer from San Mateo Junior College: Phi Sigma Sigma: Women ' s Council; Cercle Franca: Senior Orcbesls; Blue and Gold. HARUO NAJIMA Oakland Agriculture Agri- cultural Economics. ANNA YASUKO NAKAHARA San Francisco Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha; Guild of Applied Arts. MARIE GLADYS NAPHAM Berkeley Letters and Science Psychology Hammer and Dimmei Pi Alpha Sigma; Little Theatre. A.S.U.C. Card Sales Class Committees. DAVE MCNEIL Bastball art Suit Btrur M Jwwr ' .id Ctihfe; .. fimmf. ' -jtf StIMCJ -HaosefatM Scian 3ETH ALBERT WALTER SON Santa Rtsa SacrMimt net Cji.iii Mt CAROLYN PATRIA Trader fr Rosa Juw WAX- EOWA NEWFIELO. JR. Udi JAMES WILLIAM NEWHAU. BoteU; Political Seine BnlK Ha TO inter Jr. 3 Kaxu Delta Rbs: Scabbard and Blarit: fcrc;a Eafiaeer: Aawricaii Intitute dalc Jy:r Cciiejt zky Stac. art Science L- ' ; : - B -bank chaaical -5 :ii n; Transfer f ' orr EqhK - Chd). AMOS RiduMrt Va : . , art SCCE C- Enjliifc Caltfc-- ,,laii- HnirStrtc- Bnreaii: Chm- i . DANIEL ALBERT Stratftrtf Comment Fareiffl WILE FLEMING NEWTON Sant: CtKmistry Ctan Matti JBWW Ctt: Chtr ;tr.. Clut rs art Scieace frB M;. Trait Skill art Keys: Beta : 179 FRAN STECKMEST Welfare Council Chairman GEORGE WILMARTH NICKEL, JR. Palo Alto Letters and Science H istory Chi Phi; Beta Beta; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet: Wa- ter Polo; Crew. MARGARET ANNE NICKERSON Redlands Letters and Science English Transfer from Scripps College: Alpha Delta Pi; Counseling; Wom- en ' s Discussion Group; Y.W.C.A.; Phrateres; Class Com- mittees. FRANK LUNG NIPP Victoria, B. C.. Canada Letter s and Science Political Science Transfer from Univer- sity of Washington; Pi Alpha Phi. JEAN EVELYN NIXON Oakland Letters and Science Spanish Phrateres; Counsel- ing. KIYOSHI NOBUSADA Armona Chemistry Chemistry Japanese Students ' Club; Barrington Hall: Baseball (1); Vigilante Committee; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet; Welfare Council. WALTER EDWARD NOLLER Berkeley Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Water Polo (1) (2) (3). OLGA LOUISE NOMELLINI Stockton Letters and Science Household Art Delta Chi Alpha, ELINOR NORTON Oakland Letters and Science Public Speaking Deputations; Phra- teres; College Wom- en ' s Club Juniors; Y.W.C.A.; Class Committees. VIRGINIA EFFIE NORTON Long Beach Letters and Science History W.A.A.; Hockey (2) (3). EDITH ANDREWS GEORGE ALLEN BETTIE NUTT ARNOLD WILLARD HOLMES PETE O ' BAD DAVID LAIRD JOHN FRANCIS ARDITH NOTT NOYES Berkeley AUGUSTUS NUTTING Tracy O ' BRYAN O ' CONNELL ADELAIDE O ' DELL Piedmont Nevada City Letters and Science NUTTING Piedmont Letters and Science Berkeley Berkeley Susanville Letters and Science Engineering Civil History Oakland Engineering Me- Political Science. Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Political Science Engineering Transfer from Wil- Letters and Science chanical Engineering Economics. Economics. Economics. Alpha Phi. Transfer from Sacra- liams Junior College: Zoology Tau Beta Pi; mento Junior College; Phrateres; Little Transfer from Marin A.S.M.E. A.S.C.E. Theatre Make-up Junior College; Pi Staff (2); Blue and Kappa Alpha: Phi Gold (3): W.A.A. Phi; Big " C " Soci- ety; Track (3) (4). V DOROTHY EVELYN LILLIAN SUSUMU FLORENCE HIDEO OKUSAKO ROBERT MILLER VIOLET MAY HARRY ALFRED RUSSELL RICHARD O ' HANLON OHM OKAMOTO LUTITIA O ' KELLY Newcastle OLIVER OLSEN OLWELL O ' NEILL Berkeley Tracy Menlo Park Susanville Letters and Science Piedmont Oakland Oakland Burbank Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Business Letters and Science Political Science Engineering Me- Letters and Science Commerce Engineering Me- Economics German Administration Economics Transfer from Sacra- chanical Engineering History Accounting chanical Engineering Epworth Club. Honor Student; Japanese Students ' Delta Zeta; Blue and mento Junior College; American Society of Phrateres; Personnel; Basketball Transfer from Group System; Coun- Club. Gold Managerial (2); Honor Student: Mechanical Engi- Y.W.C.A.; A.S.U.C. Track (1) ; Circle U.C.L.A. seling: W.A.A.; Advertising Service A.S.U.C. Labor neers. Teas; Counseling: " C " Society; Weight Class Committees. Bureau (3); Class Boartt. Class Committees. Basketball (2) (3) Commitees (2) (3) (4). (4). 180 HARRIET WRIGHT Chairman ORTEZ Berkeley DSOFSKY Sari. JORGE D OU G LA Y. OSTROM. JR. Sir MARTHA KINKCL ODER History DONALD FISH OWENS :cfc dunical Engineering GERTRUDE !A OWENS It Psychology Delta Sigma Theta; Y.W i ANTON MATTHEW MYRON OZAMICH Batosfitld Pstroleum Engineering Jugoslai Club. ELLSWORTH PAGE Stockton Engineering Ciril .ring W. THOMAS PAINE HAROLD EDWARD CerfS PAL-FREEMAN Cniw l=3r CcatiKrce Honor Student. State College. FREDERICK HEILEMAN PALMER Alpha Kappa HAROLD OTTO PALMER Fellows i-.ARO AM :HRIS 4 WEST PAR, 3ETH Monraiia JANE PARKER 181 ELWOOD WILLIAMS Spring Manager, Pelican 4 McFADDEN PARKER San Gabriel Commerce Accounting Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; Honor Student. FANNIE ERNESTINE PARKS Berkeley Letters and Science History Delta Sigma Theta: Prytanean: Y.W.C.A. NORMA ANTOINETTE PARR Alameda Letters and Science Bacteriology University Chorus. WILLIAM SHANNON PARRISH Oakland Letters and Science Political Science Delta Tau Delta. CHARLES PHILIP PATTERSON Berkeley Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa; ' American Institute Electrical Engineers; Phi Phi: Pi Tau Sig- ma; Scabbard and Blade: California En- gineer Editor; Wheel Society (3): Engi- neers ' Council (3) (4); Publications Council (4). LUCILE E. PATTERSON Berkeley Letters and Science Physical Education Hygiene Honor Student (4); Women ' s " C " Soci- ety; Nu Sigma Psi; A.S.U.C. Executive Committee (4) : Women ' s Executive Committee (4); W.A.A. Treasurer (3), President (4); W.A.A. Sports. ELIZABETH PAUL Berkeley Letters and Science Psychology. CLAIRE PAUL! Ukiah Letters and Science Household Art Guild of Applied Arts; Deputations (2) (3) (4); Delta Chi Alpha; Blue and Gold (2). FRAN PEABODY San Francisco Letters and ' Paleontology Alpha Kappa Lambda. BADA LUCILLE CHARLOTTE JOHN LYMAN DORIS IRENE ELDRED GREGORY WILLIAM,.SANDER HAROLD PELETZ WINIFRED PELLEY CHARLES ROGER: PEARSON ANITA PEARSON PEARSON PEAT PECK PEISER Stockton Los Angeles PENN Sacramento Alameda Kingsburg San Francisco San Diego San Francisco Engineering Civil Letters and Science Tampa, Florida Letters and Science. Letters and Science Engineering Civil Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Psychology Commerce Nursing Education History Engineering Art. English Physics Tau Beta Pi; Chi Ep- Transfer from Accounting Transfer from Sacra- Sigma Kappa Alpha; Transfer from Fresno Transfer from San Optometry silon; Scabbard and U.C.L.A.; Calvin Transfer from Baker 1 mento junior College. Honor Student. State College; Chi Diego State College; Omega Delta. Blade; Track Mana- Club; Group System. field Junior College: Epsilon; Tau Beta Varsity Crew. ser (3). Theta Chi; Golf. Pi; Wesley Founda- tion. BARBARA VERNE PENTECOST Piedmont Letters and Science Public Speaking Gamma Phi Beta; Honor Student: Little Theatre Managerial Staff: Intramural Sports. 182 JESUS P. PEREZ Los Angeles Engineering Civil Engineering American Society Civil Engineers; In- ternational House. MARY PERKEY Pasadena Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. ROBERT E. PERKINS Arbuckle Engineering Me- chanical Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. PAUL PARMENTER Bakersfield Commerce Business Administration Alpha Gamma Rho; Daily Californian (1): Commerce Club (1) (2) (3). JOHN EDWARD PERRY Hay ward Agriculture Poultry Husbandry Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta, treasurer; Phi Phi; Band (1) (2) (3); Daily Cali- fornian Managerial Staff (1) (2); Inter- fraternity Council (4). RAYBURN EARL PERRY Clements Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu. MARGUERITE EVANS PETER Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science Phi Delta. HENRY B. PETER! Oakland Letters and Science Physics Optometry Phi Beta Kappa; Winged Helmet; Omega Delta: Crew (1) (2);. Torch So- ciety; Big " C " Guard: Senior Peace Committee: Varsity Rowing Club; Quar- termaster (3). BOB MILLER Fall President Interfraternity Council :!ON CLI PETERS LEONIDAS THOMAS RAYMOND ARTHUR FRITZ WALDEMAR MARGARET WILLIAM ROBERT MILTON GEORGE ALEXIS JOSEPH MAYO PETERSEN PETERSEN PETERSON CHRISTINE FREDRICK PETERZON PETROFF PETTIT Paso Rubles Calistoia Los Angeles PETERSON PETERSON San Anselmo Shanghai. China Berkeley ure Forestry Chemistry Engineering Elec- Berkeley Sacramento Commerce Finance Engineering Me- Engineering Elec- Alpha Zeta: Chemistry trical Engineering Letters and S: Letters and Science Transfer from Marin chanical Engineering trical Engineering Crew (1 Crew: Glee Club. Transfer from English Political Science Junior College: Bar- Transfer from Arm- Tau Beta Pi: Eta Forestry Club: Wheel U.C.L.A.: American Transfer from Fresno Transfer from Sacra- rington Hall. strong College: Amer- Kappa Nu: Scabbard and Torch (2) Institute of Elec- State College: Phra- mento Junior College: ican Society of Me- and Blade: Honor Class Committees. trical Engineers. teres. Baton (3). Vice- chanical Engineers: Student: Pi Tau Pi Presider Intramural Basket- Sigma: American In- A.S.U.C. Band (3) ball. stitute of Electrical Band Yell Engineers: Plymouth Leader (3) House: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Persning Rifles: Handball. GEORGE OWEN DONNEL BRUCE EDITH CURREY HAROLD WILFRED WILLIAM HENRY BETTY V. PICKARD JAMES RICHARD PHIBBS Oakland PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PICAR ' D Hollywood PIERCE Cucamonga Utters and Science San Luis Obispo Diion Long Beach Oakland Letters and Science San Jose Agriculture Forestry Art Letters and Science Commerce Letters and S: Letters and Science Public Speaking Letters and Science Transfer from Chaffey Pelican (3): Daily Economics Economics Industrial Eco- Pre- Medical and Transfer from History and Eco- Junior College: For- Californian (1) (2): Transfer from Santa Phi Mu: Phi Chi nomics Zoology U.C.L.A.; Little nomics estry Club: Masonic Women ' s Discussions Maria Junior College: Theta: Esperam: Transfer from Long Phi Delta Theta: Phi Theatre: Junior Farce: Transfer from Santa Club. : Counseling Masonic Club: Uni- Daily Californian Ed- Beach Junior College: Phi: Crew (1 Senior Extravaganza. Clara Uniiersity: : Y.W C.A. versity Chorus. itorial Staff (1) (2): Intramural Sports. Delta Upsilon: Circle Little Counseling: Women ' s " C " Society: Intra- Theatre Make-up Discussions (3). Sec- mural Manage Staff (2): Class retary (4): Commerce Soccer Committees. Club: Class Commit- RUTH MERRILIE WILLIAM WESLEY MURIEL EHRLICH ARTHUR ADOLPH KATHRYN MARY MILTON SIDNEY MARGARET LOUISE JAMES BOND POPE CHARLES BROWN PILLSBURY PIPER PLATO POAT, JR. POAT POLLACK POLLARD Stockton PORTER II Berkeley Pomona San Franci: Berkeley Berkeley Hollywood Seattle Letters and Science Visalia Letters and S: Letters and S and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Zoology. Utters and Sci erfce Psychology Ecor Economics -History Economics Household Science Architecture from Stan- i Po- Alpha Delta Phi: Delta Gamma: Class Phi Beta Delta: Big Transfer from Univer- Architectural Associ mon;. College: Crew Committees: c:ety: Foot- sity of Washington: Bast . arsity Rowing Y.W. C.A. Cabinet. ball; Wr?st: Areta: Alpha Nu: Phi .Vinter Sports Sitfma: lota Sigma Club. Pi. 183 DORIS McCANN Chairman of Vocational Guidance ELIZABETH A. FRANK HAMPTON LEONARD RUFUS PETER STEPHENS MIGUEL ANTONIO CHRYSTA ALTHA LUCAS A. POWE JANE SWiFT MARY BEVI PORTER PORTER PORTERFIELD PORTERFIELD POSADA POTTER Los Angeles POWELL POWER San Francisco Los Angeles Pasadena Oakland Bogota, Santa Rosa Letters and Science Berkeley Piet! Letters and Engin eering Me- Letters and Science Agriculture Agri- Colombia, S. A. Letters and Science Political Science Letters and S iui Scien History chanical Engineering History cultural Economics Engineering Elec- Household Science Masonic Club; Circle Anthropology H Crop and Saddle. Transfer from Los Transfer from Po- Winged Helmet; Big trical Ennin, Transfer from Santa r ' C " Society; Cross Gamma Phi Beta; Delta C Angeles Junior Col- mona Junior College; " C " Society; Crew Rosa Junior College. Country (1) (2) Phi Sigma; F- Theatt: lege; American Soci- Big " C " Society; (1) (2) (3) (4). (3); Track (2) (4). thian. ety of Mechanical Varsity Baseball. Com- 1 Engineers. LOIS MARIE PRANKE Santa Ana Commerce Busi- ness Administration Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College. BETTY LOUISE PRESLEY Oakland Letters and Science Psychology Epworth Club. BURTIS F. PRESLEY, JR. Sacramento Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior Col- lege; American Soci- ety of Civil Engi- neers. BORDEN BOWNE PRICE Berkeley Letters and Science Political Science Golden Bear; Honor Student; Y.M.C.A., KINGSLEY BLAKE PRICE Berkeley Letters and Science Philosophy International House: Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Winged Helmet; Sen- ate: Honor Students ' Council; Deputa- tions. JOHN SPALDING PRICHARD Berkeley Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. THOMAS PAUL PRICHARD Burlingame Engineering Elec- trical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers. BILL JASON PRIEST French Camp Letters and Science History Big " C " Society; Baseball (2) (3) (4). EDWIN R. San ! Mech: Engim Tran Diego Stat President; Student Affairs Committee; Forum Board. DORIA VICTORIA JOANNA PUPIS WHITFIELD MIRIAM CLAIRE MORRIS MORT PUCCINELLI Pasadena PUTNAM QUIGLEY RABINOWITZ San Francisco Letters and Science Piedmont Berkeley Brooklyn, Letters and Science Physical Educa- Letters and Science . Letters and Science New York Economics tion and Hygiene Economics Art Letters and Science Alpha Gamma Delta; Transfer from Pasa- Beta Theta Pi; Tri- Alpha Delta Pi: Physics and Pi Alpha Sigma: dena Junior College. une: Basketball (1) . Daily Californian Optometry Theta Sigma Phi; (1) ; Blue and Gold Transfer from New Blue and Gold (2) (2); W.A.A. (1): York University; (3), Women ' s Man- Intramural Golf Omega Delta. ager (4); Women ' s Manager (2) (3); Activity Council: Women ' s Discus- Personnel (1); Voca- sions; Counseling tional Guidance (1) (2) (3); Class (2); Y.W.C.A.; Crop Committees (1) and Saddle. (2) (3) (4). AKUtLL RADEMACHER , Berkeley RAINS RANDALL Butte City Commerce Long Beach Napa Letters and Science Foreign Trade Chemistry Chemi- Letters and Household Art Alpha Sigma Phi; cal Engineering PI: Areta, Delta Chi Pan X cnia; Phi Phi. Transfer from Long tion and Hy Alpha; Counseling. Beach Junior Col- Masonic Clu lege; Masonic Club; . fare Council : W.A.; Chemistry Club: In- tramural Sports. JE.4K THOMAS Blue me GM Wwai ' s SMI BET " THOMAS ' . ytatf ' Scabbard airi Bl . dabra: Phi Sen- Cnncil Ctxss Ccr- lAfl = LE REEVES nMe Transfer frttr side Jnucr Callqc: Alpha Z ta. ChiM Utters ud ! THELV : - - . : fwia: Treble CM - Eni- Minia 185 PHYLLIS BREWER Women ' s Editor Daily Californian, Spring ELIZABETH MARIAN ALEMA WALTER EMERY SAUL RICH HERBERT WARREN FRANCES MERLE HAZEL JEANNE GRACE ELAINE MEAD REYNOLDS RICE. JR. Oxnard FRANCIS STODDARD RICHARDSON RICHARDSON RICHMAN REYNOLDS Berkeley Berkeley Agriculture RICHARDS RICHARDS San Francisco Lindsay San Ff Carmel Letters and Science Commerce Plant Pathology San Jose Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Letters and Science Political Science Accounting Transfer from Ven- Mining Petro- Commerce Psychology Public Speaking Jour Economics Phi Delta: Counsel- Transfer from Marin tura Junior College. leum Engineering . Economics Alpha Delta Pi: Chi Omega; Pelican Stud Transfer from ing. Junior College. Transfer from San Delta Tau Delta. Personnel (1) (2); (1); Y.W.C.A. (1): Pomona College; Jose State College; Counseling (3) ; Deputations (2): A.S.U.C. Peace Mining Association; Women ' s Discus- Elections Commit- Committee. American Institute sions (3): Pan- tee (1) (2). of Mining and Met- Hellenic (4). allurgical Engineers. RICHARD RICHARD RICKER VIVIENNE A. JOHN LANCASTER 80YD ALVIN ADA LENORE VINCENT LINDA ROBERTO CATHERINE RICKENBACHER Berkeley RIGHETTI RIORDAN RIPPEY RITTENHOUSE NICHOLAS Richmond ROBERTS Oakland Engineering San Mateo Berkeley Sacramento Oakland RIZZOLO Letters and Science Piedmont Commerce Mechanical Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science San Jose Physical Educa- Letters and Science Foreign Trade Engineering Household Art German Economics Physical Educa- Letters and Science tion Hygiene Botany Transfer from San Beta Theta Pi. Transfer from San Transfer from Pasa- Pi Kappa Alpha; tion Hygiene Biochemistry. Nu Sigma Psi: Pi Alpha Sigma; Ad Jose State Junior Mateo Junior Col- dena Junior Col- Daily Californian Masonic Club; Women ' s " C " Soci- vertising Service Bu- College; Delta Phi lege; Delta Chi lege; Deutscher Managerial Staff W.A.A. ety: Hockey Mana- reau; Won Epsilon. Alpha: International Verein; Honor Stu- (1) (2): Inter- ger W.A.A.: P.E. Sports. House; W.A.A. dent. fraternity Council. Majors Club. BETH GOURLEY ROBERTSON Dinuba Letters and Science Public Speaking Transfer from Visalia Junior College; Blue and Gold Managerial Staff (2); A.S.U.C. Card Sales Commit- tee (3); W.A.A. (3). 186 BEATRICE MARY ROBINSON Merced Letters and Science Political Science Areta. RALPH W. ROBINSON, JR. Berkeley Letters and Science Philosophy Beta Theta Pi; Beta Kappa. Phi CURT MITCHELL ROCCA Berkeley Agriculture Forestry Sigma Phi; Alpha Zeta; Winged Hel- met: Golden Bear: Proskopoi; Big " C " Society: Scabbard and Blade: Xi Sigma Pi; Quarter- deck; Honor Stu- dent: Senior Peace Committee, Chair- man: Varsity Crew. RAYMOND GEORGE ROCCA San Francisco Letters and Science International Relations Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha: Senate; Forensics Counsel: Varsity Debating. MARGARET ELIZABETH ROELSE Piedmont Letters and Science Household Art Kappa Delta; Phra- teres; Delta Chi Alpha. F. GAIL ROGERS GENE GAIL HELEN LUCILLE Quincy ROGERS ROGERS Letters and Science San Francisco Centertrille Physical Educa- Letters and Science Letters and Science tion Hygiene Economics History Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Gamma Delta; Newman Club; Women ' s " C " Soci- Hammer and Coffin; Y.W.C.A. ety; Pennant " C " Pi Alpha Sigma; Society; W.A.A. Women ' s Activity Council; Basketball Council; Daily Cali- Manager (3); fornian (1) (2); W.A.A., Treasurer Pelican (1)(2)(3), Women ' s Director (4): Women ' s Dis- cussions (2) (3). DORIA PUCCINELLI Blue and Gold Women ' s Manager 3D 0. OLAND Oakland im Bak- itr Col- MARGARET ISABEL ROSE Pomona Iional Rela! International House; Honor f NINA MARTHA ROSE Healdsburg Letters and Science Pbj Enml Women ' s " C " Soci- ety; Physical Educa- tion Majors Club: W.A.A., Swimming Manager. WILLIAM ROSENBLATT San Francisco Letters and Science Zoology. HILDA DOROTHEA ROSENBLOOM Petaluma Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior Col- lege. JEAN A. ROSENFELD San Francisco Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Los Angeles Junior Col- lege. JUNE HELEN ROSS San Francisco Letters and Science History .7 tie. MARY CATHERINE ROTAR Butte. Montana Commerce Economics Transfer from Mon- tana University: Alpha Chi Omega. MARY ADELE ROVEDA Richmond Letters and S History. ELIZABETH JAMES GERVIN. CARL WILLIAM INEZ JULIA HOWARD N. HAROLD ROOD JOYCE RUSSELL JULIA MARY IOWBUR ROWELL ROWEN RUEGG RUGGERI RUNDE RUSSELL Oakland RUZSICSKA Oakland San Francisco Sonoma Berkeley Brawley Petaluma Letters and ' Letters and Science Engine. Letters and Science Economics ' , and Science Art Political S Biochem English C.I Engineering Economics College Women ' s English Kappa Alpha Theta. Senate: Debate Transfer from San Transfer from Santa American Society of Transfer from Braw- Club Juniors: Transfor from Santa Manager: Fc Mateo Junior Col- Rosa Junior College: Ci. l Engir- ley Junior College: Counseling: Little Rosa Junior College. Cou lege. Honor Student: Pre- Rifle Team (2). Alpha Kappa Theatre: Personnel. Medical Society. Lambda: Intramural Manager (3). ELIZABETH MARY MARGARET CLINTON RYGEL WALFRID SAARNI BERNICE EDWIN HAYATO HANNY MARIE BERNARD ULMER CORDELIA CLAIRE RYAN RYAN Piedmont Berkeley ELIZABETH SAGAL SAKAI SALVISBERG SAMUEL FRANCES Alameda Berkeley Letters and 5 Letters and S Hay ward Sacramento Petaluma San Francisco SANDERS Economics Medical Science. and Science Commerce Letters and Science Agriculture- Oakland Masonic Club. Zoology. Foreign Trade English Plant Science and Science Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from Santa Winter Sports Club Economics mento Junior Col- Rosa Junior College; Honor Stuck Phrateres: Masonic lege: Japanese Stu- Alpha Gamma Phi Delta: Student Club: A.S.U.C. Club. Sigma; Honor Stu- Advisory Bureau. dent. Treasurer. 187 FREEMAN SILVA Pelican Editor Spring EUGENIA ARTHUR SARNA SOLL R. SATNICK CARL WOODDELL JOHN JEROME MADGE SAUNDERS ELLIOT SAWYER ANTHONY JOSEPH JANE INEZ SANDERS Los Angeles Long Beach SAUER SAUNDERS Berkeley Berkeley SCALORA SCHEYER Pasadena Letters and Science Letters and Science Fort Bragg Sacramento Letters and Science Agriculture Forestry Sacramento San F Letters and Science Social Institutions English Transfer from Los Zoology. Commerce Finance Delta Chi Alpha; Commerce Accounting Psychology Winter Sports Club. Alpha Zeta: Xi Sig- ma Pi; Proskopoi; Letters and Science Political Science d Scieni EP- Transfer from Pasa- Angeles Junior Col- Alpha Delta Sigma; Transfer from Sacra- Circle " C " Society; Transfer from Sacra- Phi Bet dena Junior College; International House; lege; Honor Student; Intramural Table Pi Delta Epsilon; Phi Phi; Triune; mento Junior College; Masonic Club. Ski Team, captain and manager; Winter mento Junior College; . Congress. Daily C 2); Ct- W.A.A. Tennis. Band; Daily Califor- Sports Club, presi- (4); Honor Stude nian, manager (4); dent. Council Executive Committee (4); Publications Council, chairman; Class Committees. ROY LOUIS LOUISE MARIE AMY FREULER E. VIOLET CARL EDWARD LOUIS FERDINAND EDWARD ANDREW BERNICE BEVEP SCHINNERER SCHIONNEMAN SCHIRMER SCHLEICHER SCHLICHTMAHN SCHLIEMAN LAWRENCE RAYMOND SCHMIDT Long Beach Santa Maria Oakland Orosi San Francisco Berkeley SCHMAHL SCHMIDT Engineering Me- Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Los Angeles King City chanical Engineering Psychology Household Art Psychology Medical Sciences. . Music Agriculture Forestry . Agriculture Forestry Psychology American Society Me- chanical Engineers. Transfer from Santa Maria Junior College. Honor Student; Guild of Applied Art; Delta Transfer from Visalia Junior College. Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Mu; English Forestry Club; New- man Club. Transfer from Visalia Junior Colleg e: Xi Clef; Masonic Club Chi Alpha. Club. Sigma Pi. Couflsc M. MAX ELIZABETH ERNEST ERMA WALTER JOHN SAN FOR D F SCHMOEKEL SUTTON SCHNEIDER SCHNERINGER SCHOCKER SCHOENFELD SCHOENFELD FRANK FELIX SCHOENSTEIN WILLIAM K. SCHON Vallejo SCHNEIDER Berkeley San Francisco Eureka San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Bakersfield Letters and Science Public Speaking Transfer from Marin Junior College; Theta Xi: Masonic Club. Berkeley Agriculture Entomology Masonic Club; W.A.A.; Entomology Club. Agriculture Forestry Football (1) ; Track (1). Letters and Science French Pi Delta Phi. Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Hum- boldt State College. Letters and Science Public Speaking. Letters and Science Economics Zeta Beta Tan: Rally Committee (2); Bas- ketball (1). Chemistry Chemistry. Engineering Me- Transfer from U.C.L.A. 188 BILL MURRISH Edit r Daily Californiaa Fall MIDE LEONARD SCHULMAN L : ,n 5 Beach =! WILLIAM SCHULTZ Oakland E-: rRi Sacra- Tra !.- 3: ' - U.C.L.A. and Lcm -d C fin: 3,jt- Jmiw C llee: ta 5 ;rs- News Bvou: Jtnoi RAYMOND CLYDE SCHUMANN mod Opium-try from U Hirer- ERNEST SCHWARTZ Oakland Letters and S Pre-medical Pre-medical club. treasurer, president. PERRY SCHWARTZ Hep ' and : ence Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College: Kappa Sigma; Big Foot- ball: Tennis. FRANK JOSEPH SCHWEITZER Brea Engineering Me- Transfer from Fuller- : American Engineers. CHARLES HARLEY SCOTT Stockton ELEANOR H Letters aad Science TRONG ISABE JOYCELYN SCOTT A. aad LAURA J. SCOTT MARGARET EDITH WINFIELD JEAN PERRY LLOYD GUILFORD RALPH ALOIS DANIEL ABRAHAM Madera SCOTT VERNON SEARLS SEAVER SEBAN SEEDMAN and Sciecce Linnjstsn SCOTT Berkeley Oakland Us Amjdes Hollister PsycMess and Sciewt Ventura and Science and Science Engineer ? Mt- Chemistry Ante: Group System. IWT Cmirct Ecc :nr .Transfer frm M- Miert -ha: Honor Studer: Tau Beta Pi. Phi Beta D. dest Jimiv CtUegt: Transfer from Ven- Califc ' - Baton: A.S.U.C. Beta Phi Alpha. legc: Sitma Nu: Pi Delta Class Chemistry Club: Alpha Delta Cfmniittees: Intra- Honor Student: Stu- Sigma: Beta Beta: dents ' Adrisory Bu- Daily CaJifor- reau. Adnrtisin MAR. Alpisa Gaauna Ofel ' ' conemics desto Junior College. HENRY SHATTUCK S CHARLES KATHRYN LUCILLE GAIL JENNER MARIE CLAIRE SEVALY IGEfl -FER MM Bel V : Maria 3nd Science Commerce and Science Letters and Science and S: eoa EMC Eco .: from Sat Km Dei: Mateo Juwor Coflete; Wem- : P Alpha S4f- lit;:.- lass ;-Ti- and WALT WESTMAN Circle l ' C " President ROBERT J. SHANK Corona Letters and Science Economics Transfer from River- side Junior College: A.S.U.C. Band (3) (4). CHARLES McNAE SHAW Berkeley Chemistry Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma: California Engineer. JAMES PATRICK SHEA Berkeley Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from St. Mary ' s College. MARY JANE SHEERAN Berkeley Letters ana Science English Transfer from 1 U.C.L.A.: Newman Club. DOROTHY SHELLEY Sebastopol Letters and Science Physical Education and Hygiene Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College: Kappa Phi: W.A.A.: Physical Education: Y.W.C.A. AUDREY THERESSA SHERK Erie. Pennsylvania Letters and Science Chemistry Masonic Club: Inter- national House: W.A.A. JAMES GETTY SHIELDS. JR. Piedmont Commerce Foreign Trade Beta Theta Pi: Winged Helmet: Scabbard and Blade; Swimming: Water Polo (4): Student. Affairs Committee. MARIE SHILLING Los Angeles Letters and S- Household Art Alpha Chi Omega: Little Theatn Personnel (1) (2): A.S.U.C. Card Sales (2) (3; LINCOLN MUTSl SHIMIOZU Los A ic Planl Pathology Japanese Students ' ' Club. ; t. . PETER S. SHINODA EDWIN MAURICE ALBERTA HENRY GUST ELMA A. SIIKARLA EDGAR LAIMON Los Angeles SHOMATE ELIZABETH SIEWERT Eureka SILGALW Commerce Business Bakersfield SHULTE Covina Letters and Science Shanghai, China Administration Letters and Science Oakland Engineering Civil Economics Commerce Foreign Japanese Students ' Architecture Letters and Science Engineering Transfer from Hum- Trade Club; Winged Hel- Transfer from Bakers- Art Transfer from Pasa- boldt State College. Sigma Pi: Soccer. met; Pi Delta Ep- held Junior College: Delta Delta Delta: dena Junior College: silon: Hammer and Bowles Hall: Univer- Counseling (1) (2) American Society of Coffin; Gamma Beta; sity Symphony Or- (3). Civil Engineers. Daily Californian (1) chestra (2) (3) (2) (3). Associate (4) : Architecture Editor (4): Pelican Association. Editorial Board. FREEMAN A. SILVA Oakland Letters and Science Art Pelican; Pershing Rifles: Hammer and Coffin; Pi Delta Ep- silon: Crew (1) : Daily Californian Art Staff; Pelican, Edi- tor, Art Board; Torch Society. MANIO ANTONIO SILVA San Mateo Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; American Institute of Electrical En EDWARD SILVERMAN San F Mather I HELEN LUCILLE WILDA MAE ROBERT WILLIAM PEARL MARION JOSEPH SINGER RUTH EVA JAMES BERNARD FRANK SIPOS HAROLD SILVY SIMONE SINAI SINDEL San Francisco SINGLETON SINTON San Francisco SKOOTSKY Stockton Santa Barbara Oakland Oakland Letters and Science Winters San Mateo Chemistry San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Physics Letters and Science Agriculture Agricul- Chemist Engineering Elec Journalism Botany Pre-medical History. Optometry English tural Economics trical Engineering Alpha Alpha; Daily Transfer from Santa Zeta Beta Tau: Omega Delta. Transfer from Davis: Bachelordon; Alpha American Institute Californian (1) (2) Barbara State Col- Baton; U.C. Sym- Masonic Club; Con- Zeta; Circle " C " Electrical E ,vman Club. lege; Delta Sigma phony Orchestra. cordia. Society. Epsilon; W.A.A. 190 JANICE WATKINS Bert tie; iLCOLM AU ALMERS SMALL ARMSTRONG Laaj Beach SM |TH ten art Stnuc OaMaqd Emli ti SiCBU CHAF.-I : - :_:- . FRANCES SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH Salins BALD JAMES EMORY SMITH SON JAI SM ui ftv . Wabut C -i k ' ten a-r jna Sex Gtoio;,i: Mathenatics Aleb: Gar ms Rrc ewes. Aloha Latdkda SMITH Saa Fraacisc Letters ins! Scincf L n: Thtta Sif MARGARET 5HE.- SMITH PteniU( ICE SEAVER Transfer fttw ' W afnm Dairia ufc. Walnt -EY LAWRENCE SMITH Oak ,-.; Cr. SMITH Cammerce ' 191 RALPH LAMON General Chairman Senior Week MARTIN JOSEPH SNOW Santa Barbara Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Santa Barbara State Col- lege; American Soci- ety of Civil Engi- neers, vice-president, secretary; Techni- cal, editor. MARGARET SNYDER Carson City, Nevada Letters and Science Latin Transfer from Univer- sity of Nevada; In- ternational House; Pi Beta Phi;W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. ROBERT WODROW SNYDER San Diego Mining Mining ThetaUpsilon Omega. STANLEY TELFORD ELLEN LOUISE SOHOLT San Francisco Letters and Science Medical Sciences Alpha Kappa Kappa. SOLETTI San Mateo Letters and Science French and Italian Casa Hispana: Phi. " Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Italian Club; French Club. MILDRED FRANCES SONDHAUS San Francisco Letters and Science History Transfer from San Francisco State Col- lege; Beta Sigma Omicron; Y.W.C.A. RUTH LOUISE SONDHAUS San Francisco Letters and Science Psychology Beta Sigma Omicron; Pennant " C " Soci- ety; Esperam; Pan- Hellenic (3);W.A.A. Archery, manager (3); A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee (2); Daily Californian (1) (2). CARROLL JAMES SOUTHWELL Oakland Engineering Me- chanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Ameri- can Society of Me- chanical Engineers. DORA LUCILE SOWELL Sacramento Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Sacra mento Junior Collet JOHN ALLEN HENRY C. SPARKS JOHN RALPH ROXANNA VIVIAN SPENCER DANA SPERR FRANK STANLEY IVAN LOUDAN MARION E. SPRC SPADE San Francisco SPAULDING PAULINE SPENCER Yountville Oakland SPERRY SPONSELLER Berkeley San Diego Commerce Foreign San Francisco Berkeley Commerce Agriculture Forestry San Bernardino Corte Madera Letters and Scienc Letters and Science Trade Commerce Letters and Science Economics Xi Sigma Pi; For- Commerce Business Commerce English Spanish. Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Accounting Public Speaking Transfer from Marin estry Club; Life Sav- Administration Accounting Kappa Kappa Gam Phi; Big " C " Soci- Intramural Sports. Thalian; Little Thea- Junior College; Beta ing Corps. Transfer from San Masonic Club; As- ma; Phi Beta Kapi ety; Football. tre; Parliament; Blue Gamma Sigma. Bernardino Junior sembly Dance Com- Prytanean; English and Gold; Daily Cali- College; International mittee. Club; Torch and fornian; A.S.U.C. House; Commerce As- Shield; Pi Delta P Card Sales Commit- sociation; Vocational Welfare Council i - tee; Counseling; Conference Board. Women ' s Discus- sions; A.S.U.C. So- cial Committee; Class Committees. HARRY JOHN SQUERI San Francisco Letters and Science Architecture Transfer from Marin Junior College; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Newman Club; Intramural Baseball (2). WILLIAM TROTH STABLER Oakland Commerce Economics. 192 MABEL MARY DONNA MARIE VIRGINIA ELLEN HELEN LOUISE HELEN MARY SHIRLEY WILLIAM STACK STAEHLING STAHL STANBERY STANKOFFICH ' STAPLETON FREDERICK 1 San Francisco Berkeley Houston, Texas San Leandro Los Angeles Oroville STARNS Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Montrose Psychology. Economics M i cro- paleontology Economics. Psychology Political Science Engineering Elec- Alpha Xi Delta; Pel- Transfer from Bakers- Transfer from Alpha Chi Omega; trical Engineering Bvfa -! ican; Counseling; field Junior College; U.C.L.A.; Newman Prytanean; Honor Eta Kappa Women ' s Discus- Alpha Omicron Pi; Club. Student; Daily Cali- American Institute of E? sions; Class Commit- Phrateres; Little fornian (1) (2); Electrical Emi I: tees. Theatre Make-up Women ' s Judicial Fencing. 1 Staff. Committee (3): Dep- utations (2); Wom- en ' s Executive Com- mittee (2); Class Committees. WALT HOADLEY Chairman A.S.U.C. Labor Board ELIZABETH STECKER Bcriu Mortar Board; Pryta- -ta Siama WILLIAM WALLACE STECKER Fort Crook, Civil American Society of Civil Engineers; Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade: Honor Students ' Council. FRANCIS WILLIAM STECKMEST Burlingame Letters and Science Political Science Beta Theta Pi; Tri- :hman Class President; Labor Day, Chairman; . Prom, Chairman: Welfare Council, Chairman; N.V.A. Advisory Committee: Executive Committee. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH STEELE Yreka Letters and S History Sigma Kappa JACK STEGMERE Yuba City Commerce Economics Transfer from Yuba County Junior Col- lege. ALDEN CHRISTIAN HARRY JAMES STEIGER San Francisco Letters and Science Optometry. STEIN Los Angeles Engineering Elec- trical Power Transfer from U.C.L.A.; American ' .= of Elec- trical Engineers. ELWYNE FREDERICK STEINACKER Pasadena Commerce Economics. MAURICE LEE STEINACKER Pasadena Agriculture Products. Fruit (ARRY WILLIAM WINFIELD STEINER Berkeley Engineering Elec- trical Engineering WILLIAM RICHARD STEINHOFF Berkeley Letters and S En., JOSEPH STELL Los Angeles Political Science Transfer from San ANNA ELIZABETH STEPHENS fen Letters and S Psychology JAMES EVERREL STEPHENSON Alameda Letters and Science Political Science. EUGENE C. STERNKE Long Beach Elec- WILLIAM KENNETH STEVENS Chicago, III Letters and Science STANLEY RAY STEVENSON Springeville Agriculture Forestry T ransfer from Reed- American Institute of Electrical Enq Honor Student: Handball. :o State; Sen- ate; Wrestling; In- i Water Polo. -t from Long Beach Junior College. Psi Upsilon; Men ' s Judicial Committee. ley Junior College. KENNETH RICHARD MALCOM ADELE STIMMEL R. SYDNEY WILLIAM LLOYD MABEL C. KATHERINE INES CHRISTIAN ALLAN EDNA HARRIET MALCOLM STEWART San Francisco STINCHFIELD STIRTON STOKES STOKSTAD STONE STEWART Los Angeles more Anaheim Santa Maria Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco y Mining Art Mining Mining Letters and S Letters and Science Agriculture Agricul- Letters and Science nd Science Engin Delta Epsilon. Engineering Spa.-. English tural Economics English Anthropology Transfer from Yuba Transfer fror Transfer from Fuller- Transfer from Santa Transfer from Santa Parliament. Honor Stu- County Junior Col- Angeles Junior Col- ton Junior College. Maria Junior College; Rosa Junior College: ass Commit- lege; Mining Associ- lege: Tau Beta Pi: Dormitory Council Alpha Zeta. ation; American In- Chi Epsilon: Ameri- (2); Newman Club stitute of Mining and can Society of Civil (2): Uttimque (2). Metallurgical neers. 193 BARBARA WAGNER Women ' s Dormitory President SAMUEL MILTON WILLIAM FRANCIS JOHN ARTHUR EDWIN RALPH IRIS EVELYN JAMES HARRELL MARLAND KEITH FRANCES RUDOLPH EDW STONE STONE STORCH STOWELL STRAEFER STRAMLER STRASSER ELIZABETH STREIT Pasadena Los Angeles Long Beach Santa Maria Berkeley Lancaster Bakersfield STREETER Santa Rosa Commerce Business Letters and Science Commerce Engineering Civil Commerce Labor Agriculture Soil Letters and Science Berkeley Agriculi Organization Political Science Economics Engineering Economics Science History Letters and Science culture Economic: Transfer from Pasa- Transfer from Phi Kappa Psi; Transfer from Santa Mortar Board; Pryta- Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Transfer from Bakers - Art Transfer from Ore dena Junior College. U.C.L.A. Winged Helmet; Maria Junior College. nean; Phi Chi Tlieta; Phi; Football; Ma- field Junior College. Delta Epsilon; Orche- State C Skull and Keys; Beta Women ' s Executive sonic Club; Rally sis; Newman Club: Delta S Beta. Board; Hammer and Committee; Class International House. Coffin; Pelican Committees. nian M Managerial (1) (2) Staff. (3); Women ' s Dis- cussions (1) (2) (3); Counseling (1) (2) (3) (4); Senior Class Vice-President. ELIZABETH EVELYN L. STRODE LUCILLE STROSK JEAN L. STURGEON GEORGE CARLTON ALFRED JAY MARJORIE SUCH JOYCE EVELYN HIROSHI LORENE STRIPP San Francisco Berkeley Fillmore STURGES STYERWALT Oakland SUGGETT SUGIYAMA Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Berkeley Whittier Letters and Science Sacramento Alameda Letters and Science Social Institutions Psychology Household Art Commerce Engineering Me- Public Speaking Letters and Science nd Sciem Public Speaking Transfer from San College Women ' s Delta Chi Alpha: Insurance. chanical Engineering Treble Clef; Little Physical Education Bacteriology Y.W.C.A.; Honor Francisco Junior Col- Club Juniors: Little Class Committees. American Society of Theatre; Thalian: and Hygiene Phi Beta Kappa; Student. lege: Little Theatre Theatre; Personnel; Mechanical Engineers. A.S.U.C. Radio Com- Transfer from Sacra- Costume Staff. Counseling; mission; University mento Junior College; Y.W.C.A. Chorus; Orchesis. Masonic Club: W.A.A.; Physical Education Majors Club. MASAO SUGIYAMA ARTHUR HERMAN JOHN FRANCIS ELLEN ELIZABETH JOHN FRANCIS ELFREDA SOFIA JESSE RANDOLPH JOHN LAURENCE ROBERT ST. CLAIR San Francisco SULLIGER SULLIVAN SUTHERLAND SUTHERLAND SVENBERG SWAN, JR. SWANSON SWANSON Letters and Science Santa Monica San Francisco Oakland Scotia Los Altos Pasadena Beverly Hills Long Beach Zoology. Engineering Me- chanical Engineering Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science History Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science German. Letters and Science Public Speaking Agriculture Forestry Transfer from Davis; Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Transfer from Sigma Nu; Winged Areta; Couns eling Senate: Forensics Little Theatre; Bos- Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Transfer from Long U.C.L.A.; Bowles Helmet; Inter- Advertising Service Council; Handball. ing. Zeta; Crew Manager Beach Junior College; Hall; American So- fraternity Council; Bureau; A.S.U.C. (2) (3): Forestry American Institute of ciety of Mechanical Senior Peace Commit- Teas: Calvin Club. Club. Electrical En: Engineers. tee: Tennis (1): ing. Rugby (2) (3) (4); Circle " C " Society. I 194 IARY JUNE .ettcrs and Science - . : ' from Si C r i - aior Cnii ' -Cc loner :-:- WILMA V SWEET Sacramento and Scier.ct :wy Transfer from Sacra- rrerr.c Junior Cciisjt - Alpha Gamma Dtit2 : WILLIAM EUGENE SWEETLAHD Piedmont BetaTheta Pi: Arch- KENNETH EVERETT SWEETSER JOHN WILLIAM SWENY San Francisco ChK :stry Chem.str j JACK WARD SWING San Bernardino Comaiera Foreisn Trade RICHARD LYTLE SWING San ance Finance Transfer from San Bar.artins Junior College: Phi Kama WARREN SWING Transfer fran Sin Matee Ji r Ctlltst : Ifftewtimal Htase: A.S.U.C. Ba- MARK EDWARD SWITZER San Frar: Letters and Street Transftt from UnrfB sity ef Oregon. SUSUMU TAKEI TABATA Commmr Easiness Commcm Foreign Administration Trade Javanese Students ' Japanese Students ' Club. Club: Weiofct Basket- HILOKO TANAKA Oakland etiLt Business AdniB.strafcn Japanese Sttidtnts ' Club: Y.W.C.A. ELBERT JO TATE -wrt MiaiOf V.ining U.C. MIUBI Asset, - - : ETH : TAYLOR BcrkeUy Utters aad ScieBce ttanr Alpha Gamma Delta: Hanmr and Dinner: ::eTte- atre Make-m Stat ;rti CDrr- Cuuisdiiq: Mmuttee. PATTI MARIE TAYLOR Ceres Letters aotf Science En;lish Transfer fr n Moocs- U Juniar Cslltte. DOROTHY MABEL TEMPLETON Btfkrtey Utters and Science Physical Educa- tion Hyniene W.A.A.: Phrskal Education Majnrs ARTHUR KAMMERER TETRICK San Jtse Utters and Science Pditical Sciewx Bcwtes Hall. ence PcTse-ntl : C sel- Cnwittees. IARP ELIZABETH THOMAS ESTHER HAZEL JEAN MARJORIE KEITH H. THOMAS LLOYD . PHILIP BRYSON CMMM AccotmtiBf Lambda Ciij i and Blade: ' . -: ConnuttK: S-: - :r Peace Cem- Com- Letters and Scieacc WILBUR BARROWS THOMAS ' .AS BrrMltj THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS Oranoe Alameda Cumierce Basiness Los Aimeles AOonobra Antiech Utters and Science Administration EmineeriBg Commerce Foreian Anriodtnre History WeigM Baskettall. Enaineertng Trade Products Transfer from Santa Transfer from Fnlfer- Transfer from Occi- Ana Junior Colteoe. S ; j Kapc ton Amior CoUeoe: dental Calteoe: tanean: Theta Siana Amoican Sc. Kama Simna. ., and Grid . Women ' s 195 roit t v f_ - i mttit iH n ::::!;::ss; j:::::::;;! rB PHIL BRECK Deputations Chairman I DOROTHY THOMPSON Salt Lake City, Utah Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Univer- sity of Utah. IRWIN SCOTT THOMPSON San Luis Obispo Agriculture Agri- cultural Economics Bowles Hall; Base- ball Manager (2) (3). THEODORE READ THOMPSON Azusa Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Citrus Junior College: Kap- pa Delta Rho; Amer- ican Society of Civil Engineers. ELEANOR LOIS THOMSON Berkeley Letters and Science Anthropology Cranmer Clutu Occi- dent Editorial Staff. SARAH JANE THOMSON Sacramento Letters and Science Political Science Pi Beta Phi. ALVAN ZIEGLER THORNBURG Wlr Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Fuller- ton District J College: Ami Society of Civil En- gineers; Intramural Basketball and Foot- ball. ARNOLD MARA TIBBETTS Berkeley Chemistry Chemistrjr deck. MILTON HAROLD TICK Grass Valley Commerce Accounting Zeta Beta Tau: Bet All . : ISRAEL TILLIN Petaluma Letters and Science Physics. I ETHEL MAY JEANNE MARIE WILLIAM WALTER BEN PARKER MARY TIPTON KENNETH JESSE JOHN EDMUND CARL TODD TINNEMANN TINNEMANN TINNISWOOD TIPTON Watsonville TOBEY TOBIN, JR. Oal Berkeley Berkeley Santa Maria San Francisco Letters and Science Oakland San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Civil Letters and Science English Letters and Science Letters and S History Political Science Engineering History Calvin Club. Political Science Zoology Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Alpha Xi Delta: Pry- Transfer from Santa Transfer from St. Hammer and Dimmer: Transfer from Univer- Beta Kappa; Sigma tanean; Theta Sigma Maria Junior College; Mary ' s College: Phi Little Theatr sity of San F Kappa Alpha: Phi; Blue and Gold Theta Kappa Nu; Kappa Psi. (2) {3 Newman Club; Inter- W.A.A. Tennis (1) (2) (3); W.A.A. American Society of national House. (2) (3) (4); Intra- U (2) (3) (4): Civil Engineers, mural Sports; Intra- Intramural Riding Treasurer (4). mural Tennis Man- (1) (2) (3) .Manager ager (4); Class Com- (4); Little Theatre mittees. (1); Y.W.C.A. (3) (4) ; Newman Club: Class Commi ; TOMWYE ii n v u vnnnu j TONINI mvM MranH lunr Tracy Mn i nun rnni TRACY vnnnun nc.i: un TRAMONTINI bAnniC BtLLt TRAUGH vnKnc. miLiun TREGONIS RlAKfeAKtl ELLEN TRICKEY tuwm t f TRIPP III San Francisco Long Beach Letters and Science ' Los Angeles Lodi Adin Sacramento Modestn Engineering Civil Letters and Science Public Speaking. Letters and Science Engineering Me- Letters and Science Engineering Civil Letters and 3 Engineering History Geography chanical Engineering Philosophy Engineering. History Chinese Students ' Transfer from Long Winter Sports Club; Tau Beta Pi. Transfer from Transfer from Modes- Club: Pi Chi Phi. Beach Junior College: Ski Team. U.C.L.A.: W.A.A.: to Junior College. Theta Upsilon Y.W.C.A. Omega. 196 BOB IRVING Km and Cold Mamie PAULINE VIOLET tranural Bas ketball W.A.A. ID J w - - BETTY MARIE TUTTLE 6V. TUTTLE BERN ICE RUTH TYRE HAZELLE MARIE TYREE DOROTHY LOUISE ' ANN Oakland Calistona L s Aimeles 3 say Oakland Letters and 5: Countt and Science tory fro. Santa Rsa Junior College. Letters and Science r- Transfw from . A. and Science lisa. and Science of Art Kappa Alpha Tneti. ;EORCIA Stiff DONALD EVELETH ha Delta Phi a: American cat Enfineers: Glee Club, senior maaaaer. KALEY SNOWYA UYEMATSU Caldwetl. Idaho and Science Economics -ston: lateraationzl Japanese Students ' .LILLIAN MILDRED VALENTE Oakland -.nd Science Italian ata:A.S.U.C. Social Committee: :. Card Sales JOSEPHINE MOLLER VAN HORN Piedmont Letters and Science Economics Delta. WILFRED ERNST VAN LOBEN SELS Monterey Agriculture Agri- cultural Economics Alpha Delta - Winaed Heir une; Basketball Man- ager (2) : Wheel Comouttee 2 Vijilanct Committee: Peace Committee. LD VESTNYS EVA LINNEA ami M N ry lance Cm- AssenMr RCO Science E.orini Elec- torjr -eeriat. Traasler from Modes- - ..nor Collect: Kappa Phi; Masonic form. ' - nit 197 MARY McGILLIVARY Hostess Commrttee Chairman DONLYN V1VRETTE JAMES FRANCIS Pasadena Letters and Science P re-medical Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; Scabbard and Blade. VIVRETTE Berkeley Engineering Civil Engineering Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; American Society of Civil Engineers. HELEN E. VOELLER Buhl, Idaho Commerce Economics Transfer from Mills College; Phi Chi Theta. ROBERT CRAWFORD VOGEL San Francisco Letters and Science Public Speaking Sigma Phi; Winged Helmet; Football Manager (2) (3). JOHN CARLYLE VOLZ Auburn Letters and Science Political Science Daily Calif of nian (1) (2). VIOLA MARTHA VONKONSKY San Francisco Commerce Accounting Transfer from San Francisco State Col- lege; Masonic Club. BETTIE VOORHEIS ROBERT MASON Oakland Letters and Science English Transfer from U.C.L.A.: Alpha Chi Omega; Little The- atre; Treble Clef; Y.W.C.A. VORIS Taft Commerce Trans- portation Alpha Gamma Rho. MARJORIE ETHELYN VROOMAN Hollywood Letters and Science Economics Transfer from U.C.L.A. BARBARA JEAN BARBARA LOUISE VESLEY WAGNER AUSTIN LEVY WILLIAM R. M. FRANK ALICE C. WALKER ALVIN ROBERT WESLEY WARREN WAGNER WAGNER San Francisco WAHRHAFFIG WALDEN WALDREN Long Beach WALKER WALKER San Francisco Los Angeles Commerce Sacramento San Jose Oakland Letters and Science Fresno Alameda Letters and Science Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science Engineering Me- Commerce Psychology Engineering Me- Letters and Science Economics Anthropology A.S.U.C. Band; Box- Chemistry chanical Engineering Economics Transfer from Long chanical Engineering Public Health Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Gamma Delta. ing; Gymnastics. Transfer from Sacra- American Society of Theta Chi; Little Beach Junior College. American Society of Baton; A.S.U.C. Mortar Board; Pryta- mento Junior College. Mechanical Engineers. Theatre (2); Recep- Mechanical Engi- Band (2), Secretary nean; Pi Phi Delta; tion Committee (2). neers; Society of Au- (3) (4); Varsity Women ' s Dormitory i tomotive Engineers; Gymnastic Team (2). Association, presi- Masonic Club. dent; Y.W.C.A. (3) (4); Women ' s Ju- dicial Committee (4). ELIZABETH MARY E. ALAN WALLACE HOMER SKEE U ll I 1 AU IJIMITC IAUCT tAfAiTE-n irhiin stiftinfr onocoT mufti WALL Anaheim WALLACE WALLACE WALLACE WILLIAM JAMES WALSH JANET WALTER ENID CLAIRE Sacramento WALTERS ROBERT JOHN WAPPLE Berkeley Letters and Science Healdsburg Oakland San Anselmo Berkeley Letters and Science Hayward Yuba City Letters and Science Political Science Commerce Letters and Science Engineering Me- Letters and Science Economics Letters and Science Letters and Science Physical Education Transfer from Fuller- Accounting Economics chanical Engineering Chemistry Alpha Phi; Intra- Psychology. Political Sciatica Nu Sigma Psi; Little ton Junior College; Quarterdeck; Com- Phi Delta Epsilon; Transfer from Marin Transfer from Glen- mural Sports; Bad- Transfer from Yutia Theatre (1) (2). Sigma Pi; Boxing merce Club; Masonic Triune; Hammer and Junior College; Amer- dale Junior College minton, manager. County Junior Col- Team, manager (3). Club. Coffin; Pelican (1) ican Society of Me- and University of lege; Newman Club. (2) (3), Editor chanical Engineers; Illinois; Newman (4); Daily Califor- California Engineer. Hall. nian (1); Debating (1) ; Publications Council (4); Occi- 198 dent Editorial Board U (2) (3). DICK TONER Daily Califcrnian Sperts Editor ----- : . ROBERT OWEN CEOF RICHARD ELON DOROTHY MARY FRANCES MARVIN EVERETT GLEN S. MARY ELIZABETH WARD WAf WARNER ELISABETH WARREN WATERMAN WATERS San Bernardino Berkeley Piedmont WARREN EmeryrHIe San Francisct Lts Angeles Ctmnu- Letters and Science Utters and Science San Francisc Letters and Science Engineering Me- Engineering Elec- Letters and Science Ned-cine Ecantnrics Letters and Science History chanical Engineering Engineering Public Speaking Transfer frem San Delta Upsiltn: Sknll Economics W.A.A.; Women ' s Transfer from Bacaelnrdtn: Eta Transfer fran Sigma. and Keys: Beta Beta; Alpha Delta Pi: Ne- U.C.L.A.: Phi Beta Kappa NIT. Pi Tau Pi U.C.L.A.: Treble Winged Helmet: man Club: Counsel- Delta: American St- Sigma: Scabbard and ins. ' Mechanical Blade: : merce - Engineers. Society: Swimming Water Pe!o ' : Society. MARILYN WATSON Us Angeles Letters and Science -j-- g__ MARY WHITMORE WATTLES Rhenide 1 uttu-. uul C-i ' MrA KENT MERCER WEAVER, JR. San Franciscn ELEANOR ANN McCltml 1 e ' o- i i_i| r ' , nff JAY 6. WEBB Lindsay CHARLES W. WEBSTER La Hahra 1 Hs c nri Crittmtr GERARD C. WEESHOF Santa Barbara KLAAS BENJAMIN WEESHOFF Santa Barbara jnusi ann science c-ajijiri from Lts - Theta; Angeles Junior Ctl- ta- lene. - and uemer and .njH- Art Transfer from Rner- side Juninr College: Alpha Delta 1 tie Theatre Maie-up StaO Letters and Science Economics Zeta Psi: Winged Helmet: Skull and Keys: Big -C Beta Beta: Track Spanish Kappa Delta. Political Science Transfer from Fuller- ton Junior Ctllene. Engineer ing Transfer frem Santa Barbara State Ctl- lene: American Soci- ety of C. nl Enji- " nesrs. Transfer frtn Santa Barbara State Ctl- lene. I . JOHN FRANCIS VIVIAN BERNARD JACK EDWIN BERNARD EEN JOSEPH GRACE ELIZABETH T WELDON Pasadena WEGNER FLORENCE WEHL WEIL WEINBERG CHARLOTTE WEINSTE1N WEISKOTTEN Bakerseld Cnmiiicm Yostmite San Fran: San Francises Berkeley WEINBERG Lts Angeles San Diegc C!-eii ;t7 Chemical and Science - Letters and S Letters- and Science Engineering Me- Berkeley Engineer ino Elec- Letters and Science Tethnolajy ie :ry ECWMICS Medical Science chanical Engineering Letters and Science trical Engineering Art Transfer from Bakerv Ski Managen Winter Transfer front San American Society of English Delta Epsilon. SeM Junitr Cllene: Snct Maten Jnniar College. tinnal Hwse: Manor Mechanical Engineers. Transfer frea San -.! Engineers; Ho -.or S ' -u: Beta Ga ni-a Snnu: president: Class Cam- Stodent: Rill; Corn- BemardiM Junior Kappa Nn. A.S.U.C. Band: U.C. Beta Beta. Golf. College: Little The- atre. 199 CLYDE CARTER I Daily Callfornian Manager (Spring) ELNA HARRIET WELLMAN ANITA WEN DEL Berkeley HELEN JEANNETTE WENDERING RUTH POLLOCK WENZEL ELEANOR WERNER Etiwanda JAMES B. WERSON Alameda FLORENCE ROWELL WEST MAI DA WEST Berkeley ARLENE B. WESTABY San Francisco Letters and Science Mill Valley Walnut Creek Letters and Science Letters and Science Pacific Grove Commerce Orland Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Gamma Delta. Economics Hillel Council; Big Game Rally. Letters and Science ' Physical Education Transfer from Marin Letters and Science Economics Kappa Delta; P,ryta- English Transfer from Chaffey Junior College; In- . History Big " C " Society; Circle " C " Society; Letters and Science History Transfer from Salinas Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma. Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Ch ' rn Junior College and nean; Deputations, ternational House. 1 Water Sports Club, Junior College. State College. San Francisco State vice-chairman; Coun- secretary-treasurer; College; University seling; Y.W.C.A.; Swimming (1) (2) Chorus. Women ' s Activities (3), Captain (4); Council; Class Com- Water Polo (1) (4); mittees. Vigilante Committee PHYLLIS DOROTHY WESTERLUND BERNARD PAUL WESTKAMPER WALTER DONALD WESTMAN EUGENE JOSEPH WESTPHALEN GEORGIA ELIZABETH ROBERT MAYER WHALING MARIAN LOUISE WHEAT JEAN LENORE WH EATON CHARLES STETSON WHEELER Berkeley Letters and Science Economics Utrimque. vice-presi- dent; Phrateres, pres- ident; A.S.U.C. Teas; Y.W.C.A.; Big Game Rallies (1) (2) (3).. Oakland Engineering Civil Engineering. San Francisco Commerce Trans- portation Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Pan Xenia; Circle " C " Society, President (4); Per sh ing Rifles: Willits Commerce Economics Phi Kappa Tau; Class Committees. WHALEN Oakland Letters and Science History Pi Beta Phi. San Bernardino Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College: American In- stitute of Electrical Engineers. Los Angeles Letters and Science International Rela- tions Pi Phi Delta; Honor Student. Torrance Letters and Science Household Art. Walnut Creek Agriculture Agricul- tural Economics BetaTheta Pi; Tri- une; Winged Helmet; Circle " C " Society: Big " C " Society: Honor Student; Foot- Fencing (1) (2), ball (1) (4); Rugby Captain (3) (4); (2) (4); Ramblers Athletic Council. (2) (3). WHEELER Berkeley Mining Petroleum Engineering Kappa Alpha: Theta Tau; Torch Society (2) (3), Chairman (4). 200 WHEELER Pasadena Letters and Science Zoology. WHITE San Francisco Letters and Science Astronomy Transfer from Oregon State College; Chi Omega; Pi Nu Ep- silon. Oakland Letters and Science Spanish Masonic Club; Y.W.C.A.; Spanish Club; California En- gineer; Deputations. MARY KATHRYN WHITE Weed Letters and Science History and Theory of Art Sigma Kappa; Blue and Gold (2); Voca- tional Information (2) (3); Counseling (2) (3); Elections Committee (2) (3) (4): Pan-Hellenic (4) ; Class Commit- tees. STEPHEN NOLTING WHITE Pasadena Letters and Science History International House; Quarterdeck; Newman Club: Swimming; Water Polo; Circle " C " Society. ROBERT ALLEN WHITMORE Glendale Letters and Science Physics Optometry Transfer from Glen- dale Junior College; Calvin Club. ADRIAN MAVIS WHYTE Berkeley Letters and Science Physical Education and Hygiene Prytanean; Nu Sigma Psi; Women ' s " C " Society; W.A.A.; Crop and Saddle; Physical Education Majors Club, presi- dent; Class Commit- tees. LOUISE FRANCES WIDRIN San Francisco Letters and Science Public Health Nursing Masonic Club. PATRICIA ALEXANDER PM-Ndte ic Preside rales ILLEEN MAR EST WIENE IECHERS s,, rnfwn San r gr i ? ' ct Basiaess Cher - srv: hruia Aticrtnut) Sen - Set. EDWARD DONALD M. WILDER Healrfstwry BerMer -ft F:- t sir. Letters aad T-a.i jfti f t c T. Santa ; ; s " r. 3 . 2 Jun : C : - : 11 Tl T Pfci. IVAN . : MARY JOSEPHINE WILEY JEAN ELIZABETH WILLETT ELWQ3C WILLIAMS Sar Fnccist Z. : cii -- Elec- CKltt Jvai l;= WW dmtn. - lU f Ekctriul Er; JOSEPNINE FAY US Lettcrs and Sdeftce - . - : : : HanMT u4 C: " - Pjlicas, PHILIP WILLIAMS. JR. Sat Fraocisit d Scjoict Dub: Batcr SYDNEY HARTSOUCH WILLIAMS Betdn TOM POLK WILLIAMS. JR. St9 Cria Chi Alpha Kappa: St hhjf a turt ASM- Amjica 2 daSM Cki. GltcCM. catiw . -. Ciaart- Idlisfar :TS sdea Letters Mt PHratoM HaasdktW Art Tnirsfef frwi Clric - Caltefe: Maswic Clib. IVAN FnAJIKLIN V4YLIS8ETH WILSON WILSON j T d Stiffi " ' I a ' ' rr ; Lettersairi Sdewx . f-j tlnln 6eUical Sciences ff- D tta Traesfer fran f ; Skull 4ea Anwr CslU e Tketa Tan: S ? - ELEANOfl ST Oafclaad Letters r.d Scieace :FIICK Santa Ana 201 I I J RUSH CLARK Senior Class Secretary HERBERT LELAND WINTER lone Commerce Economics Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade: Phi Phi: Little Theatre (2). BETTIE DOROTHY WIPPLER Oiklaed Letters and Science ' Household Art Delta ' chi Alpha. . HOWARD B WOLCOTT Burlingame Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from San Mateo Junior Col- lege. HELEN WOLFENDEN Berkeley Letters and Science Medical Science Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Prytanean; Hammer and Coffin; Person- nel; Pelican; Coun- seling. MARGARET NESINE WOLLESON Richmond Letters and Science French Personnel (1). FREDERICK MALCOLM WONG San Francisco Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pi Alpha Phi: American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers; Chinese Stu- dents ' Club. MING-SHEK WONG Kwangtung, China Engineering Elec- trical Engineering Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers. FERGUS JAMES WOOD Eugene, Oregon Letters and Science Astronomy Transfer from Uni- versity of Oregon; Pi Mu Epsilon. FLORENCE CHARLOTTE WOOD Piedmont Letters and Science History. JEANNE ADELE LORINNE RUTH GLADYS J. FLORENCE RUTH WOODS WOOD WOOD WOODARD WOODFIELD JEANNE WOODS Manteca Santa Barbara San Francisco. , Berkeley Berkeley Sacramento Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science . Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Economics. Political Science Spanish English Mechanical . Public Health Transfer from Santa Alpha Omicron Pi. Transfer from Engineering Nursing Barbara State Col- Modesto Junior Col- Transfer from Marin Transfer from Sacra- lege; Phi Mu; Pi lege ' . Junior College; mento Junior Col Sigma Alpha: Daily American Society of Jege. Californian (2); Mechanical Engi- W.A.A. (2) (3) neers. (4); Counseling (4). EDGAR E. FREDERICK RAY JOHN MADISON WOODSON WOODWARD WOODWARD Van Nuys Berkeley Cotatl Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Mechanical Zoology Chemistry Engineering Transfer from Texas Transfer from Santa California Engineer College of Mining Rosa Junior College Managerial Staff. and Metallurgy, U.C.L.A., Univer- sity of Hawaii; Alpha Sigma Phi; International House; Flying Club; Intra- mural Boxing (1). MUIR JAMES PAYSON ALBERTA GENE FRED SYLVESTER HARRIET LUCIE LOUCKS JANE YAGER WILLIAM PRYCE GEORGE WOOLLEY SHERIDAN WRIGHT WRIGHT, JR. CRAWFORD WRIGHT San Francisco YALLALEE YOSHIKAZU Stanislaus WOOLSEY Carmel Midland. Texas WRIGHT Berkeley Letters and Science Berkeley YAMADA Letters and Science Berkeley Letters and Science Mining Petro- Palo Alto Letters and Science International Engineering Berkeley Political Science Letters and Science English leum Engineering Letters and Science History. Relations Mechanical Commerce Busi- Delta Tau Delta; Zoology International House; Tiansfcr from New Geography Alpha Delta Pi; Engineering ness Administrate Skull and Keys; Alpha Delta Phi; Orc ' iesis: Daily Mexico Military In- Delta Delta Delta: Hammer and Coffin; Transfer from Pasa- Japanese Students ' Tennis (1). Proskopoi; Rugby: Californian (1). stitute: Scabbard Women ' s Executive Women ' s Discus- dena Junior College: Ckib. Chess Club. and Blade (3) (4); Committee; Counsel- sions: Pelican (1) American Society of A.S.U.C. Band (2) ing (1) (2) (3): (2) (3): Counsel- Mechanical Engi- (3) (4). Welfare Council: ing; Elections Com- neers. Orientations Coun- mittee, Sub-Chair- cil: Personnel man. 202 Chairman; Class Committees. BILL BRIGGS Senior Football 1 Wfft ' v a r n ' ' Fireim Trade. YEAOON Richmond Utters and Science Spanish Utrimioe: Sijmi Delta Pi; Honor Student; W.; Berkeley Letttf s ard Science Pol it ' .-a I Science Kapoa Alpha Tbeta: Ace if Clubs; Torch and Shield. Physics Pi Ha Epsilon: Masonic Club: YOUNG Berkeley Letters and Scieact on- Class Cowittees. Oakland Utters and Science Economic; Alp -, Y.W.C teres: Class Com- nltt ZEHNDER West L=s Anseles GEORGE ZEITZ Berkeley Letters and Science Pfeysics and OptMKtay Transfer frw Br sol,- lyn Cellefe. ARNOLD WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN Berkeley Methi HILDA OTTILIE ZIMMERMAN Danville Letters and Science Art W.A.A. American Stciety of mechanical EiMji- LILLIAN ELIZABETH ZINSLEN Oakland Letters and Science Public Speakmi JOHN ARTHUR ZIVNUSKA Berkeley Forestry Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma ' Pi: Forestry Cluo: Winter Sport- Club. DUDLEY FRANCIS ZOLLER Alaneda ComMrte ' ness MaBatenent Hasan Maiaer (2): Track. 203 PAUL ASHTON Student Body President Medical School CI C m i 9 1 JUN TED IVAR ERNEST TAMOTSU A AJARI ANDERSON Fresno Danville Escalon Pharmacy Pharmacy Agriculture Pharmacy Pharmacy Pomology Japanese Students ' Alpha Zeta; Sigma Club, Secretary- Xi; Horticultural Treasurer (2) (3), Round Table, Presi- Vice-President (4). dent (4). RAY HUTTON WILLIAM JOSEPH JACKSON FYNN LESLIE PAUL ARLIN BARRY BEAN BERETTA Walnut Grove San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Pharmacy Pharmacy Dental Dentistry Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy. Kappa Sigma: Xi Pharmacy. Transfer from SVcra- .- Psi Phi. mento Junior Col- lege; Phi Delta Chi; Basketball; Baseball: Rally Committee. EMILY RAYMOND BETTANNIER BLANCH ERI Pasadena San Diego Letters and Science Dental Dent Nursing Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College. ARNOLD GEORGE FLOYD W. ARTHUR J. FREDERICK MERVIN CLIFTON LELAND JOHN MURRAY JOHN A. FOUCH ROBERT BORGFELDT BURSON NICHOLAS CONRAD GLENCAIRN EDMAN ELROD Maxwell FREDERICK San Francisco Stockton CASASSA San Diego CUNNINGHAM Turlock Alameda Pharmacy FOUNTAIN Pharmacy Dental Dentistry San Francisco Dental Dentistry- Port Chicago Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharma- Pharmacy. Lodi Pharmacy. Transfer from Sacra- Pharmacy Orthodontics Dental Dentistry Pharmacy ceutical Chemistry. Pharmacy mento Junior Col- Pharmacy. Transfer from San Alpha Tau Omega: Transfer from Pharmacy lege; Delta Sigma Diego State Colleqe; Xi Psi Phi. Secre- Modesto Junior Col- Sigma Kappa Theta, Delta; Epsilon Delta Sigma Delta. tary; Rally Commit- lege. Treasurer ( Alpha; Dental Col- tee (2); Junior Sophomore Class lege President. Class Vicp- Presi- Rep dent. Junior and Senior Class Vice-president DOROTHY ANNE RALPH WINFIELD CLINTON L. EDWIN JAMES HARRY KAORU ELGIN FRANK ARMAND WILLIAM JAMES RAFFY JOHN LELAND GALT HILBIG HUFFMAN HYMAN IWAMOTO JACKSON JOHNSON JOHNSON KEESHAN San Francisco San Bernardino Armona Dinuba San Francisco San Jose Vallejo San Francisco Vallejo Dental- Pharmacy Pharmacy Dental Dentistry Pharmacy Dental- Dental Dentistry Dental Dentistry Dental Dentistry Dental Hygiene Pharmacy Pharmacy Transfer from Fresno Pharmacy Orthodontics Transfer from Sacra- Psi Omega. Transfer from Sacra- Alpha Kappa Phi Delta Chi; Col- Glee Club: Rally State College; Alpha American Pharma- Transfer from San mento Junior Col- mento Junior Col- Gamma. lege of Pharmacy, Committee. Omega, President. ceutical Association: Jose State College. lege; Delta Sigma lege: Delta Sigma Vice-President, Japanese Students ' Delta; Epsilon Delta. President; Glee Club. Alpha. Club. 204 GENEVA ROBINSON k I 1ENJAMIN JAMES -LL Sebastoml TONG RUBY KONG Rio :IS JOSEPH LAUBACHER OlBMif ELINOR REBECCA LORENTZEN ARTHUR L. LUNDBLAO JOHN HAYES McCRACKEN Dinufaa Transfer fr Rtu J-S.K Ce ' .leot Tmsfer tn Ve- Ph, 1Mb Cki: St.. Tranter f- IIM ' S Junior Cl- ta . : Delta CM: Delta S!BU DclU: Drt) Stu rts. Pm- J. S. H- E:ICO. wnada Data) Di- PW: Junv eortiic damittcc PERRY SH MATSUURA Suta Maria CliiB: AMI PRANK FUMIO HAKAMURA NOBLE LAURA JO NICHOLS HERBERT L. NORDSTROM GEORGE AKIRA OCHIKUBO GUS E. OLSON Ctetstan Pham c Tnftrfra Yuha Ct-rt. J.E-OT Ctl- dl . PMto OeltJws: fit- tcnc Fntball: Bas- Mfcall ;1 : Yell Lrttm m Stkct Public HaNk Harsoj Majtn ' Club OttrUl Dentistrj Xi Ph. Ps. Es.l DrtUI Ds-t.,tr. OELMER FITZ-JARRi PLETCHER BafarsfeM Dfnt2t Di Trinsfirr frorr Bafc- crsacM :a FRANK RAFF SaitaCruz Dartal Ocr Ea: !;? Aluba. See ntar;: Sen; PrH.atrt. Busint is MMUJII A .- 4 ROESL Saa: Deetal Oartntry Jmiw : SMFraactsc Dttl Dentistry DANTE SALERA FELIPE RAMON SALITURI El Cant Pharmacy LAWR: ANDREW SCHUCK OlEif GREGORY VICTOR SENTINO KATH. WatswnOt Letters aid Scienc aSEPM SOUZA -0 H. STARK Devtal 2;!i Bfta Tan. PW OeHaCfci. FicstMa Class PresUert JMU SMIM Class Pnsi- Pki Dtlta CM: Ste- PreaCH . PSJ- Tranfer fr B Saliaas Jnn.r Cetles . 205 FLOYD BURSON Student Body President College of Dentistry BARRY STEWART Grass Valley Dental Dentistry Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior Col- lege; Psi Omega; Epsilon Alpha. LOIS M. THORBUN Oakland " Letters and Science Nursing. WILLIAM R. TROUTNER Lodi Agriculture Plant Science. BUNKICHI UESATO Oloa, Hawaii Dental Dentistry Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. ALBERT GOVERT VANDERBOOM Modesto Agriculture Dairy Science Blue and Gold Dairy Club; Alpha Zeta. RICHARD SEARE VOWLES Los Gatos Pharmacy Pharmacy. MIRIAM ISABELL WARMER Ontario Letters and Science Nursing Transfer from Chaffey Junior College. EDWARD L. WAY San Francisco Pharmacy Pharmacy Chinese Students ' Club; Weight Bas- ketball. WALTON WELLS Oroville Pharmacy Pharmacy. 2 FRANCIS B. WILSON Ceres Pharmacy- Pharmacy Transfer from Modesto Junior Col- lege. MARILYN R. WILSON Ontario Letters and Science Nursing. DEAN WYLIE Cedanille Pharmacy Pharmacy Track (1). I JUNIOR CLASS AS A DIGNIFIED and conservative group, the Junior Class con- tributed individually to campus activities and engaged as a unit in numerous social events. The class officers were Ray Hanford, presi- dent; Helen Stanton, vice-president; Gerald Trumbly, secretary- treasurer; and Robert Culver, yell leader. Starting the social program was the traditional Junior Day held on October 23. In the spring semester the class, with the Stanford juniors, inaugurated a " Junior Jamboree " following the basketball game at Stanford on February 4. Entertainment for this dance was provided by acts from the " Big Game Gaieties. " Many women of the class attended the Junior Women ' s Activit Banquet given in Stephens Union on March 15, at which Little Theatre presented a skit. Another gathering was the annual Junior Women ' s Luncheon at International House on March 30. As a fitting climax to the year ' s activities, the class presented the Junior Informal on March 25 at the Hotel Oakland, with music by- Don Mulford ' s campus orchestra. Alan Lindsay and Henry Lightfoot acted as general co-chairmen of this affair. RAYMOND HANFORD HELEN STANTON GERALD TRUMBLY ROBERT CULVER ( 208 JUNIOR INFORMAL HEADS Ltft to right: Lindsay. Titus. Logan. Hawkins, Whitgob. JUNIORS CLIMAX THEIR ANNUAL DAY AT THE PROM 209 JUNIOR DAY COMMITTEE Back Row: Merrick, Trumbly, Savina Front Row: Godt, Samson, Stanton, Parrish. The crowd at the Junior Prom watches the Diving Exhibition. JUNIOR DAY " JUNIORS COIN ' SOUTH " was the keynote of the Junior Day activi- ties held on October 23. Starting the class off in an hilarious mood, was the nameless Junior Farce given in the International House Auditorium. At the southern luncheon which followed, Homer Cockrill ' s orchestra played for the noon dancing. During the afternoon the juniors enjoyed the U.S.C.-U.C. football game in a special section of the stadium. The climax in the festivities was the Junior Prom held that evening in the Terrace Room of the Fairmont Hotel. Furnishing the music was Howard Kent ' s orchestra. As a substitute for the usual floor show, a diving exhibition by five members of the Fairmont Diving Club provided unique entertainment. Of the many who were responsible for the Day ' s success, those who deserve special mention are Clarke Merrick and Betty Jane Caldwell for arranging the Prom; Clark Howat for supervising the Farce; Helen Stanton for taking charge of the luncheon; Norman Savinar for manag- ing the finances; and Byron Snyder for handling the publicity. 210 The attempt to blackma Sophie Stanyon. Junior Farce ends in the night court. JUNIOR FARCE CENTER OF WORLDWIDE discussion, the Junior Farce, written by Travis Bogard and Albert Bunte, opened the Junior Day activities. The history of the title created this wide interest in the comedy which ap- peared in a final nameless state. The Junior Day guests were presented with a fast-moving disclosure of the life of a burlesque queen masquerading in Hollywood as a Russian countess. The play, passing progressively from cleverly-written situations of blackmail, kidnapping, and picketing, ended in an hilarious night court scene. In an abandoned and carefree mood the juniors frolicked through their lines. Frances Turman deftly transformed the burlesque queen into a temperamental and absurd Sophie Stanyon. Directing her ludicrous movie career was James Cathcart as the blustering producer, Max Durham. George Maze as the aspiring actor, Margaret McKechnie as the crusading angel, and Donald Bowers as the nervous judge, contributed to the final success of the farce. 211 OPHO THIS YEAR the sophomore class has been characterized by the revival of traditions that have been losing support in recent years. The Vigilantes were responsible for seeing that more dinks were worn by Freshmen than previously, and green hair ribbons for Freshmen women have been initiated. Class officers for the past year were Charles Considine, President; Marjorie LeRoy. Vice-president; Robert Speed, Secretary-treasurer; and Lloyd Whitman, Yell-leader. Although there was some difficulty with the organization of the Sophomore Guards, the Big " C " was painted only once during the football season, and then repainted by members of the class before morning. The main event of the Spring semester was Sophomore La Day held on February 26. This included a luncheon, wome: dinner, and was climaxed in the evening by a barn dance. Bringing the semester to a close, a dance was held on March 25 at which the Stanford Sophomores were the guests of the California Sophomores. CHARLES R. CONSIDINE MARJORIE I. LEROY ROBERT W. SPEED LLOYD G. WHITMAN 212 c .4 SOPHOMORE VIGILANCE COMMITTEE Bad fit.: Yniiiiih. Test?. Bate . FredMra. Srtultt. CUfte, Olssw. TtaMMU F.. TliBg ' H. W.. Mtr. Hi,lt.o. TbM ROT: EMB. B d. Peek. WttMl. fmtnm, Sar. K.tok. Hurt. Bmm. Fin.m. Sec ROT: Hir. Tajlw. Osfcy. Bnablet, Ndiw. Birtteta. WMtB. Brttaw. Martins. Frwrt ROT: Kitatora. Fantll. ATWHM. Bftrs. Cillijw. Rawr. doimaa. Brtwks. Rents. HrtUa. Hanqr. SOPHOMORE HOP COMMITTEE HEADS Back ROT: Brm. MrtM. Brakaw. Hancr. dom. Frwt ROT: HariOTC. OeBreus. McHorjr. Selley. MntM. 213 Back Row: Bycrs. Freeborn. Brokaw, Harvey. Front Row: McNutt, Raney. W; I.eRoy. Considine, Benjamin Sophomores at work on the Bin " C " . Sophomores wait for lunch in Faculty Glade. SOPHOMORE LABOR DAY A REPLICA of " Ferdinand the Bull " first brought the attention of the campus to the annual Sopho- more Labor Day by offering his 640 pounds for a weight-guessing contest, the winner of which was awarded a bid to the Barn Dance. The men of the Class of 1940 started the day by their work on the Big " C " , and repairs on the path leading to the landmark. They proved that actual work had been done by virtue of the fact that they uncovered a plaque buried by the Class of 1908. Additional effort was extended in order that a large ' 40 might be dug in the grass next to the Big " C " . Having completed their work, the men were served luncheon by the women of the class. Ending their twenty-day boycott of the barber shop, men entered in the " Whiskerino " contest were judged, prizes being offered for the heaviest, reddest, curliest, and most unique beards. As she had amassed the greatest number of votes in the contest for Queen of Sophomore Labor Day, Evelyn Dunwoodie was crowned at the Barn Dance. The dance held amid stacks of hay, cobwebs, and scarecrows brought the traditional festivities to an end. Robert Byers, general chairman, and Dorothy Kyle, sub-chairman, were aided by committeemen in carrying out the Annual Sophomore Labor Day tradition, and accomplishing the unwelcome duty of cleaning the Big " C " trail, which was the incentive for the first Labor Day. 214 ' ' - II SOPH FROSH BRAWL THE ANNUAL Soph-Frosh Brawl resulted in complete victory for the sophomores. Although the class of " 41 displayed an unusual pre-brawl spirit, it was not sufficient to carry them through to victory. The sophomores took an early lead by winning all of the morning events in baseball, basket- ball, handball, swimming and tennis. These victories gave the class of ' 40 a total of 2 1 points over the Frosh. In the afternoon events on Hilgard Field, the Frosh came back and obtained one point by winning the tug of war. However, their opponents outdid them in the sack rush and joust. Each class was awarded half a point in the push-ball event- in which over four hundred partisan spectators took part. The last event of the brawl was the relay races. By winning the races, the sophomores totaled their score to 6 points which gave them a final victory of 6-1 4. Immediately after the relay races, the sophomores ran to the Sophomore Lawn to defend it against defiant freshmen. Then ensued a hand to hand battle between the two classes. A con- stant stream of water issuing from fire hoses on top of the library building kept spectators from closing in on the battle. After forty-five minutes of this confusion, the freshmen left the Lawn in possession of the sophomores who claimed supreme victory. Their claim of victory was substantiated at the Brawl Dance by the presentation of the tradi- tional paddle to Charles Considine, president of the sophomore class. 215 FRESHMAN r s i A I I i _ v : UNDER THE leadership of Robertoii Williams, president; Porter, vice-president; William Shuey, secretary-treasurer; and Cloyd Dawson, yell leader, the freshman class through participation in campus activities became an integral part of the University. Although the freshmen were defeated by the sophomores in the annual brawl on September 4, the two classes celebrated the Brawl Dance in the evening. The 37th Freshman Rally, staged in the Greek Theatre on September 23, had " Stub " Allison and Clint Evans main speakers. In the spring semester die women of the class joined together a Shamrock Luncheon held in Stephens Union on March 17. Th Freshie Glee on April 2 was the highlight of the year. An orienta motif found Hearst Gymnasium transformed with dragons, Bud- dhas, and incense burners; and Al Dohrman ' s orchestra dressed in oriental costumes. On April 23, the class introduced a day of athle ics, barbecuing, and dancing with the Stanford freshmen on their wmpu8, which they plan to repeat each year. ROBERTON C. WILLIAMS JEAN N. PORTER WILLIAM A. SHUEY CLOYD 0. DAWSON til, ' 216 tITTEE HEADS Back ft,,: Willi. Williams. Gibhs. Shut.. Frwrt Rm: RalstM. Ptrte. Ht W ii.s. Suber?. Oc Grasw. JEAN PORTER SPEAKS AT FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S LUNCHEON. 217 I Class spirit was early exemplified in the University as shown by the junior classes who were never photographed without their identifying " plugs " which they invariably piled in front of their group when a picture was to be taken. ATHLETICS I BEHB Hi ATHLETICS One of the most significant phases of student activity today comes in the sphere of athletic endeavor. With teams representing our University meeting teams from other institutions all over the United States in many fields of sport, and gaining national recognition, it is well to remember that even though the times and rules of the games have changed, the rules of sportsmanship and good conduct on the athletic field have not. It still holds true that the measurement of success is not in the score of the game, but the way in which it was played. GENERAL ATHLET FOOTBAB BASKETBALL TRACK BASEBALL CREW TENNIS MINOR SPORTS INTRAMU j WOMEALS SPORTS SPORTS CHESTER CARLISLE Chairman, Athletic Council HARRY DAVIS Ticket Manager ATHLETIC COUNCIL CONTROLLING AND co-ordinating all athletic activities of the A. S. U. C., the Athletic Council must consider all questions pertaining to major and minor sports before they are submitted to the Ex- ecutive Committee. The council is composed of six members and the general manager and athletic manager of the A. S. U. C., who act as advisory members of the council. In addition to attending to the routine matters of contracts, salaries, and other questions of ath- letic policy, the Athletic Council must pass on all recommendations for appointments and awards be- fore they are submitted to the Executive Commit- tee. Approving of the Big " C " awards is one of their more important duties, especially in making the Big " C " awards to outstanding participants in minor sports. Consideration must also be given to the question of managerial positions. Kenneth Priestley George Cornell Mose Filestore Tom Hogan Walt Westman Bill Priest 226 ill Scmn h tiK the t t tt Umenity t tis. CMC " Stub " AllisM imtnttcK tke Vanity FMttaall tea . Classes amrete im jll.m at PajaMtiM Rally. at Bit Gaac Rally listm intartly to " Sta " Allisu ROBERT WILEY A.S.U.C. Yell ROBERT CULVER ROBERT WILEY THEODORE INGHAM THE YELL LEADERS SUPPLYING NECESSARY leadership to the rooting section at crucial moments is the chief duty of the yell leaders, and this duty was very capably fulfilled by Varsity yell leader, Bob Wiley, and his two assistants, Bob Culver and Ted Ingham. Although the yell leader has a position on the Wheel and Torch Council, and, therefore, has a voice in arranging for rallies and rooting section stunts, his main responsibility is to direct the performance of the stunts at Bonfire Rallies and football games. The yell leader, with his assistants, must see that there is no trace of black in the gold and blue Bear, and that no red is displayed in a black and white portrait of " Stub " Allison. In addition, the yell leader must lead the right yell at the right time and answer the taunts of rival rooters. The ability to organize the spontaneous enthusiasm of the rooters and to capitalize on situa- tions as they arise is undoubtedly the mark of a good yell leader. All impromptu rallies, such as farewell rallies and step rallies, are under the direct supervision of the yell leading staff. They must arrange the program, the publicity, and see that the final affair is carried off capably. Although the effect of the rooting section upon the teams is problematical, there can be no doubt that without an effective rooting section, led by efficient yell leaders, much of the color and glamour of intercollegiate athletics would be lost. 228 ei w Back Rnr: OawsM. ! . Wiley. M B. Frat Rnr: Tha. Aaph- latc. Wheeler. TORCH SOCIETY Back Rnr: Java. Crawr. Dm . Narskall. Barna. YuJM-TlwnrtM. siflae. Dams. TmMi. Graalfs. HiUretk. (hjrjt. TfcW R : Ciaalijana. track. Braks, Rners, Rowland. MillM. Schitoer. Snia Rnr: Mclityn. Baker. MirUa. Brakav Nukes. KelUr. H rtaa. Arata. Rikiiki. Tint ROT: KM . Daaae. HilUd. Kastn. Wkectcr WHEEL SOCIETY Back Htm. Ora, AUa. Frnnn. Mam. Peck. Millar. Third Terry. Baas. Wells. Seen - Drst. First Staitt Rnr: I uniia Prwrtiss. WHEEL AND TORCH THE WHEEL AND TORCH SOCIETIES are the two campus groups charged with the problem of arranging rallies, football stunts, and other aspects of school spirit. Composed of sophomore men. working under the direction of juniors, with a senior chairman, the two societies assist each other in every possible way. The Torch society is obliged to arrange rallies, card stunts, rooting sections, and to maintain order at all athletic events. The Wheel society provides transportation and entertainment for visiting athletic groups, in addition to be- ing of general assistance to the Torch society. Co-ordinating the work of the two societies is the Wheel and Torch Council, composed of the two senior chairmen, a co-ordinator. a band leader, yell leader, and the class yell leaders. This group tries to bring together all groups involved in arousing campus spirit. During the past year the Council has sponsored the traditional rallies in a successful fashion. Opening the football season with the Freshman Rally, the Council maintained its high standard in both the Pajamarino and " Big Game " rallies. With campus spirit reaching new levels of en- thusiasm behind a winning football team, the problem confronting the Council was not to arouse interest but to harness it. In the Spring semester the energies of the societies were devoted to the Axe rally, in honor of all the spring sports. 229 B oppnents t tores, which jtesf, only ifornia " ieter Team " was t WILLIAM BRIGGS Senior Manager, Football CAPTAIN JOHN MEEK amass a rec- ord of ninl tie, the 1937 disputed Alabama 13 to in the annual Rose Bowl California varsity received recognition claimant to the title of National Champions. The Bears marched over their early season oppo- IK-HI- with a smashing display of power, defeating St. Mary ' s 30 to 7, Oregon State 24 to 6, and Washing- ton State 27 to 0. In the annual double-header the Bears disposed of California Aggies 14 to 0, and Col- lege of Pacific 20 to 0. The following Saturday saw the superior Bear teamwork defeat a stubborn South- ern California team 20 to 6. Journeying South to play U. C. L. A. the Golden Bear power defeated a spirited Bruin team 27 to 14. Playing without their scoring ace, Vic Bottari, and suffering from a midseason slump, the Bears were tied by the Washington Huskies, to 0. Coming back strong the California varsity invaded the Northwest in the next week to defeat the Oregon Ducks 26 to 0. With campus spirit rising to unprecedented height. behind a victorious football team, the California squad concluded the regular season by defeating Stanford in the annual " Big Game " , 13 to 0. 232 JUNIOR FOOTBALL MANAGERS : Rtw: TroMoron. Hwmttrin. Kewetfy. Jock. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL MANAGERS IBKS. WilsM. McCtmell. Sectad Row: Putnam. Kelly. Stfcacfct, Gaittwr, Wells. First Rtw: Dtuckt. Hit . Ridier. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD [ R : Herwif, RqiuU. AMhrsM. F., StKktM, Merrick. Bidental, CHMT. All.sw, Wilkeln. Huters, Ham, Sdnrartz. Tfcirt Rnr: a . Mlier. Swtfc. L.. WiitertxttM. FairckiM. Aidersw. D.. Saner, Saitk. J.. McBmie. Ptascfc. Perry. StCMd Rnr: Uteritz. Breetei. Thwas. ems. Lee, Lam, Sparks, Hubert, luran. Slitskj. PtllKlc. State. First Rtw: Wickkmt. JttesM. Ptllack. deVarwa, Tlmnts. CtttM. Bittari. i. Rar. StoH, 233 PERKE STONE TED HUBERT Anderson stops Rimassa of St. Mary ' s on the opening kickoff. DISPLAYING unlimited power, a rugged California varsity swept to a 30 to 7 victory over St. Mary ' s in the opening game of the 1937 season. A pass from Bottari to Schwartz accounted for the first score of the game early in the second quarter. Chapman converted. The second score was made by Dave Anderson in a sensational fifty-yard run over the St. Mary ' s center. Chapman again converted. The last score of the first half was also made by Chapman when lie kicked a field goal from the fourteen-yard line. A new team started the second half for California and St. Mary ' s started a long march which was stopped when Perry Thomas intercepted a pass and raced eighty-five yards for the third touchdown. Sparks missed the try for point. After this the Gaels came back strong, gaining consistently through the Bear line. Rimassa placed the ball in scoring territory; Smith scored the touchdown. Captain Ferry converted. California ' s last score was made by Hubert on an end run from the 4-yard line. Winterbottom converted. Pollock eludes a St. Mary ' s man on a long right end run in the first quarter. JUD CALLAGHAN BUD WINTERBOTTOM KEN COTTON TED WILLSON Btttth tmant hr a toss fcy 0. S. C. CAPITALIZING on four Oregon State fumbles, the Golden Bears played heads-up football to win their first conference game of the year by a score of 24 to 6. In the last few minutes of the first quarter, Chap- man recovered Kolberg ' s fumble on the Beaver 27- yard line. Three plays later Chapman drove through tackle for the first score. He missed the try for point. A few minutes later Stockton recovered Gray ' s fumble on the Oregon State 42-yard line, and Bottari made the next touchdown in a series of running plays, in- cluding a thirty yard end run. Chapman again missed the conversion. Following California ' s kickoff. Mercer fumbled, and Meek of California recovered on the Beaver 31-yard line. Bottari drove through the line for the third score. Chapman ' s third place kick was also unsuccessful. Playing against the Bears third string in the fourth quarter. Gray jiasseil to Mountain, who ran through the California secondary for the lone Beaver score. Late in the final quarter. Kolberg ' s kick from be- hind his goal line was blocked by Poster for the last score of the game. Ray Hanford missed the try for point. Rett calrtes On State pass ncr Tkwus 1 ED SOLINSKY LEO CASTLER BOB WILHELM JACK HAY Anderson tumbles on the Cougar 3-yard line to stop California ' s first scoring threat. CALIFORNIA ASSUMED the Pacific Coast Confer- ence lead by defeating the Washington State Congers by a score of 27-0. The first California touchdown came in the middle of the first quarter on a 31-yard pass from Bottari to Chapman who took the ball as he was crossing the goal line. Chapman converted. Receiving the kickoff, the Bears drove from their own 40-yard stripe to the Cougar 7-yard line by sheer power. Bottari scored from this point on an off-tackle play, and Chapman converted again. The third score came in the second quarter after Chapman intercepted a pass on the Washington State 38-yard line. From this point, the Bears drove to an- other touchdown, with Bottari scoring on another off- tackle thrust. Chapman made his third conversion. The last score was made in the final quarter by the California third team. After recovering a fumble on the Cougar 40, the Bears drove to the 6-yard line from where Pollock passed to Wilson for the final score. Chapman is halted by a neck tackle alter catching a long pass. " f j_fcj " % : FRED ANDERSON JACK BREEDEN TOMMY RAY BOB WILHELM DISAPPOINTING their rooters with a mid-season let- down, the Bear defeated the California Aggies 14 to 0, and the College of Pacific 20 to in the annual doubleheader. Receiving the Aggie opening kickoff behind his own goal line. Soliiisky, with the help of beautiful interfer- ence ran 102 yards to a touchdown. Wheeler converted. The second score was made in the second quarter when the Bears drove down field 68 yards for a touch- down. Ingram crossed the goal line, and the conversion was made by F. Anderson. Martins the game against the College of Pacific, the first team scored early in the first quarter. Taking the ball on the Tiger 23. a series of running plays brought the ball to the one-yard line. F. Anderson drove through the line for a score. Bottari ' s drop kick was unsuccessful. In the second quarter, a pass from Bottari to Schwartz placed the Bears on the Tiger 13. In four drives through the line Bottari scored. Chapman con- verted. Taking the ball on the Bear 39-yard line in the last quarter. Hubert and Solinsky drove down field on a series of end runs and line drives. Hubert crossed the goal line from the two-yard stripe, and X heeler con- verted to end the scoring. CHARLES WHEELER JAMES LANS - t$$$ ' W 3tei ' -PA !v T ? F3%?k ' i --4 - ; v " ?3K iiTrjr ! ! HI X-- i " " ' .- rX v t i fh to Mc Saw ' s prt in tte Cal Anderson breaks through the Trojan line for a touchdown. ALIFORNIA 20 U. S. C. 6 SMASHIJ T through the Trojan defense, California ' s football team won its sixth consecutive victory of the season in defeating Southern California 20 to 6. After a brief exchange of punts, the Bears gained possession of the ball on their own 46-yard line. Three line drives by Bottari, and two by Anderson placed the ball on the 25-yard line. Anderson made twelve yards over center, Bottari added eight, and then made the touchdown on an off-tackle drive. Chapman ' s kick was blocked. Dave Anderson received the Trojan kickoff for a twenty-six yard return. The second advance down- field was featured by the blocking of Meek and Chapman, and a twenty-four yard pass from Bottari to Chapman. Bottari scored through guard from the four yard line. Chapman ' s kick was good. A completely demoralized Trojan squad yielded a third touchdown in the second quarter. Taking the ball on their own thirty-four yard line, the Bears brought the ball to the Trojan fourteen in a series of runs by Chapman, Bottari, and Anderson. Chapman made eight yards over right guard, and Ander- son smashed over center for the remaining six. Chapman ' s conversion was good. Early in the fourth quarter Landsdell climaxed a Trojan offensive against the Bear second string by scoring from the two yard line. The return of the Bear regulars, however, stopped the Trojan offen- sive. RALPH SAUER PERRY THOMAS HENRY SPARKS LOUIS SMITH JACK SMITH 238 - MBS in4 Fisk if the Titian cltic in o then Bottari scores California ' s first touchdown. LIFORNIA 27 U. C. L. A. 14 ENCOUI CpERING unexpectedly stubborn opposition, tbe California varsity was hard-pressed to de- feat the University of California at Los Angeles by a score of 27 to 14. The first quarter opened with Chapman ' s recovery of a Bruin fumble on the fifty yard line. Bottari made 12 yards on end runs, 12 on a pass to Chapman, and then drove through tackle six times, scoring from the two yard line. Surprising the Bear rooters, U.C.L.A. marched for a touchdown from the California 48 yard line. Washington passed thirty yards to Strode, and then drove through the line for a first down on the Bear nine. Hirshon skirted left end for the score, and Williams converted. In the second period California gained possession of the ball on the midfield stripe, and a 28 yard pass from Bottari to Schwartz was followed by Bottari ' s 23 yard run over right tackle for a touch- down. Chapman ' s kick was blocked. Taking the ball deep in their own territory on the kickoff, the Bears drove down for another score in nine successive plays. The touchdown was made when Anderson drove over center from the two yard line. Chapman converted. In the third quarter the Bears gained possession of the ball 011 the Uclan 42, after blocking a Bruin punt. Anderson made 34 yards through tackle, and Ingram scored on two off-tackle thrusts. Chapman converted. U.C.L.A. scored again when Washington ran 55 yards over guard for a touchdown. Wil- liams converted. CLAUDE EVANS MILT POLLACK MUSHY POLLOCK DAVE ANDERSON 240 J - . m 1 I o Washington crosses the California goal line after a 55-yard run ar line. Waskowitz gets away a long punt as Bear linemen are stopped by nice blocking. FACING was marr FORNIA WASHINGTON inspired Washington team ill the last home game of the season, California ' s record by a hard-fought, scoreless tie. California ' s best scoring opportunity came at the start of the game when Miller fumbled the opening kickoff, and Herwig recovered on the Washington 20-yard line. Two off-tackle plays by Ingram gained a first down on the 9-yard line, where the Bears lost the ball on downs. In the second quarter California had two more scoring opportunities. The first came when Waskowitz ' s punt was blocked, and Cal took the ball 011 the Husky 34. Two running plays and a pass failed and California was forced to kick into the end zone. The second opportunity came when Evans recovered Miller ' s fumble on the Washington 21. Three yards were gained in four plays, and Washington took possession of the ball on their own 18-yard line. Although Vic Bottari was inserted into the game at the start of the second half, California ' s offense failed to click. Most of the third period was played in midfield, with each California threat being stopped by fumbles or intercepted passes. The fourth quarter found California completely on the defense. Washington threatened con- stantly in this period, but the goal line punts of Chapman forced the Huskies back to the mid- field stripe on each attempt. In the closing minutes of the game Cruver tried a field goal from the California 23-yard line, but was unsuccessful. DAVE deVARONA BILL STOLL WILLARD DOLMAN VIC BOTTARI 242 bltcfc ers cfcar tr ; WILLIAM HUTERS BILL PLASCH ' I V I Oregon linemen (ail ti block Chapman ' s punt. RETURNING to form after a midseason slump, the Bear varsity invaded the Northwest to defeat the Ore- gon Ducks by a score of 26 to 0. In the first quarter the Bears received an Oregon punt on the Oregon 48-yard line, and hegan their first touchdown drive. The score was made by Dave Ander- son on a drive over left tackle from the two-yard line. Chapman converted. In the second quarter Bottari returned an Oregon punt to the Webfoot 23-yard line. The following drive was climaxed when Chapman scored over left guard from the three-yard line. The conversion was wide. Later in the half Stoll recovered a Webfoot fumble on the Oregon 34-yard line. The Bears marched down- field again, scoring on a five-yard pass from Chapman to Sparks. Sparks converted. In the third quarter the Bear seconds marched 80 yards in 9 plays, from their own 20-yard line. Perry Thomas scored on a line buck from the 4-yard line, but the conversion was blocked. Chapman breaks through the Oregon line for a touchdown. JIM McDANIEL WILBUR INGRAM in Coldiron and Dakan close in on Bottari as he circles the Stanford right i lets Da; f the Trojans frm behind. I L . ' Bottari is sprung into the dear. Cray breaks through a hole in the California line. BEARS IN ACTION blocking helps Bottari his touchdm rt. " stops Washington State ball carrier behind the line. Schwartz fails to block Groves ' kick. LIFORNIA 13 STANFORD a terrific burst of power in the second quarter, the California varsity scored two touch- downs to defeat Stanford in the 43rd Big Game. Early in the second quarter California took the ball on its own 23-yard line, and started the first touchdown march of the game. A series of first downs by Anderson, Bottari and Chapman placed the ball on the Stanford 9-yard line. After two thrusts through the line, Bottari drove through left tackle for the score. Chapman ' s kick was wide. Stanford ' s kickoff went out of bounds, and the Bears took the ball on their own 35. Bottari passed to Chapman, who cut back and eluded the Stanford secondary for a thirty-six yard gain. Chapman gained seventeen yards in two plays, and Bottari added five more to put the ball on the Stanford 3-yard line. On a reverse from Bottari, Chapman carried the ball into the end zone standing up. Chapman ' s place kick was wide. The second half opened with Chapman kicking off to Coldiron. A close Indian defense turned the game into a punting duel at this point, neither team having much advantage. In the fourth quarter Coach Allison substituted a number of seniors, and the Stanford team was given its only scoring opportunity. Recovering a fumble by Perry Thomas on the California 20-yard line, Stanford unleashed a passing attack. The threat was soon nullified, however, when Herwig in- tercepted a Stanford pass as the game ended. BOB HERWIG SAM CHAPMAN PERRY SCHWARTZ VARD STOCKTON 246 247 Chapman adds an eitra point in the Washington State game. McNeil of the Trojans gets Bottari around the neck. Stanley leaps to get Bottari from behind. Groes starts to dri?e through the Bear line. CALIFORNIA ON THE GRIDIRON Anderson stopped o the S. C. Line. Two Trojans stop Bottari despite Hemig ' s efforts. CALIFORNIA 13 ALABAMA SMASHING downfield in two bursts of power, the 1937 California " Wonder Team " defeated Alabama in the annual Rose Bowl classic by a score of 13 to 0. The first quarter was spent in a punting duel between Chapman of California and Hughes of Alabama. At the start of the second quarter Ala- bama completed an 18-yard pass on the Califor- nia 7-yard line, but Holm fumbled, and Herwig recovered for California. Chapman punted to the California 37-yard line, and Mosley fumbled, the ball being recov- ered by Schwartz. Alternating line plays and end runs, the Bear varsity moved down the field to the three-yard line. Bottari scored on a right end run, and Chapman converted. Midway in the third quarter Bottari returned an Alabama punt from the California 44 to the Alabama 48-yard line. As before, the California team moved downfield on sheer power. Bottari scored from the five-yard line on a wide end run, but Chapman ' s conversion was wide. The remainder of the game saw Alabama ' s frantic efforts to score stopped by an alert Bear defense. The Crimson Tide ' s only threat of the day came when an official awarded the ball to Alabama on the Bear three-yard line, charging interference on the part of California. On the next play Mosley of Alabama fumbled when hit by Smith, and Herwig recovered. Chapman punted out of danger, and the remainder of the game was played in midfield. . : l| " 1. A. 1895 R Bri tat. 2. " Briit " Itallcr. hen the 1920 f tkt 1929 Uamnity Ci tit tm. 4. The 6i|ii Tech te dan it net a DM Tianw.l Pa . 6. ricktMH Ytsfs 7. The " FM H ( " t Nbt DUM- 8. BOMT UM mat ttaH n 1926. 10. The we. when CaUtanna Mettei Ohit State. 3. Rn Reiels. caftan ! C lrtw 8-7 the Itese Bi M Jamry 1. 1929. 5. A 1908 i the fnt RIM Bmrl Caw. JaMary 1. 1902. 9. The Alaban satf that UjtO M the Cost ia 1916. Hughes of Alabama punts 40 yards from his own end zone. Holmes of the Tide completes a pass from Mosely, but fumbles a second later, as he is hit by Chapman. Kilgrow returns Chapman ' s punt 15 yards. . 254 BotUri smashes ntt tackle fr fin yards behind effective interference Bottari eludes Alabama tacklers n an end run. Warren of Alabama tain three yards on an end-arrand play. 255 Back Row: Gordon, Coach, Gregory, Wilson, Welschmeyer, Armstrong, Bowers, Hopkins, Captain, Smith. Horan, Adams, Heister, Weikel. Second Row: Smith. Coach. Ferran, Slattery. Humphreys. Green, Segerblom, Robesky, Parker, Hulme, Benson, Forsyth. Front Row: Hollen, Thompson, Miller, Fishman. Benjamin, Stephens, Castler, Hertzog. Gottliet, Hoefer. RAMBLER SEASON WALT GORDON Coach SERVING mainly as practice opponents for the California Varsity, running the plays of other teams in the coast con- ference, the Ramblers had little time to devote to their own season. Nevertheless, with the variety of systems and plays which they used, the Rambler squad was able to win two of their three scheduled games. Losing the first early season contest with Fresno State College, Coach Walt Gordon ' s men came back to defeat the strong College of the Pacific varsity and the Stanford Grays. Unable to stem the offense of the Fresno Staters and find- ing difficulty in making their own offense function, the Ramblers went down to defeat by a score of 20 to 0. In their second contest, the Jayvees surprised the College of the Pa- cific squad, which was hampered by injuries of key men, and won 7 to 4. The California score was made when Hop- kins, left half, ran 50 yards through the entire Tiger team. Bringing their season to a brilliant close, the Ramblers upset the Stanford Grays 12 to for their first victory in the ten year history of the series. Both Rambler scores were spectacular, the first on a 55-yard run by fullback Franklin and the second on a 35-yard pass into the end zone from Perry to Horan. A strong Rambler defense kept the Grays scoreless throughout the game. 256 FROSH FOOTBALL SQUAD Back Row: Anderson. Peterson, Frisendahl, Foristiere, Nye, Forbes, Suter, Oewey, Krackt. Third Row: Griffith, Nielsen, Barnes. Smith, Phillips, Apoelbaum. Adams. Lindetaurg. Considine. Colby. Younger. Jacotason. Magee, McGrath. Elmendorf. Second Row: Medanich, ass ' t coach. Van Liere, Harding, Brians, Cameron, Buck, Balliet. Pinkerton, Jones, Snell, Hamilton, Sotomayor. Abies. Warton. Fio Rito. Cureton. trainer. Front Row: Phillips, ass ' t coach, Hendrick, Zentner, Whitebook, Staffler. Shelton. Donohoe. Whalen. Lutes. Long. Lieb, Elmore. Mathewson. Lord, Enns. coach, Lutz. ass ' t coach. THE FRESHMAN SEASON ALTHOUGH their undefeated record of three years and 22 straight games was broken, the Bear Cubs none the less upheld the fine record of past Freshman teams. Opening the season, the Frosh showed power in rolling up a 20-0 victory over Pomona J. C. and upsetting a heavily- favored San Mateo J. C. team 7-4. Journeying to Los Angeles, the Cub win streak was snapped by a powerful U. C. L. A. Frosh team. Although the Uclaii!? were considered to have the best Freshman team on the coast, the Bears held the score to 0-0, although out- gained nine first downs to three. The Frosh came back strong in their next game to defeat the powerful Sacramento J. C. team 12-0. Closing the year, the Frosh lost their first little " big game " since 1929 when they were defeated by the Stanford Frosli 13-0. The Bear Cubs outgained the Papooses throughout the game, but could not put over any touchdowns although they threatened several times. Two passes that were completed through the California secondary proved to be the undoing of the Cubs, whose pass defense was woefully weak. The brilliant punting of Gerald Lutes was the feature of the Bear attack. GLEN WHALEN Freshman Captain CLINT EVANS Freshman Coach uu I ' V fcV, 7 COACH " NIBS " PRICE ROBERT INGRAM Senior Basketball Manager ALTHOUGH THE Varsity basketball squad had been expected to battle it out with the U. C. L. A. Bruins for the cellar position in the southern division conference race, it was a surprisingly strong Bear team that led the field throughout most of the season, only to take second place behind Stanford in the last two weeks of play. With no outstanding stars, the Bears relied on team play to defeat their opponents. Opening the season with a tour through the North and Middle West, the Californians won six out of ten games, defeating strong teams from Oregon State, Ohio State, Detroit, Northwestern, Michigan State and Creighton. In the non-conference series, the Bears won four out of seven games played. Overcoming early season ragged- ness, the California hoopsters improved rapidly and went into the coast conference in top form. In the first series, the Bear cagers ran roughshod over the unfortunate Bruins who offered little resistance and lost four straight games. VI inning three of the four contests, the Bears scored an impressive series victory over U. S. C. ' s Trojans. The Bears scored a surprise win by upsetting the pow- erful Stanford squad in the first game, but lost the next three encounters and the conference championship after hard-fought, evenly matched struggles in which the lead changed many times. BASKETBALL MANAGERS Frwrt ROT: McCaii. 6rei|. St JUNIOR BASKETBALL MANAGERS Left t Rifkt: Thuus. Filters . Cler. Steers. ROT: LiW, aiMe. CmiiOt, Price, oock. Ht. Kin teC, VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Gen . Thiri R w: Banett EridKM. Binmtaff. CarrrtSM. Oirtlff. In., m, CMC . Fn t R: FiMurt . ArcktoU, BtcktrtM. Mn i. Va 261 ED DOUGERY DUD MORGAN NO California California California J. California California California California Californi Californi Californi Californi Californi Californi California California California California QNFERENCE 41 pirstate .... 34 Washington y ... 43 ashington . , . . 46 Loyola . . . . j )r . . 34 27 28 36 nutate ... 29 Greighton 35 ' Nebraska 38 30 Santa Clara 37 l|mni . ..... 55 Athens Club 36 lary ' s A .... 27 3icClub . ... 32 MAURICE LILOT JOHN ERICHSON 262 Carlisle takes the tip-off. Washington nan scores push shot oter Doutery ' s guarding. A tense moment following Zigenfuss ' s close in shot. St. Mary ' s man tackled by Kindblad. A California man recovers off the back board. Lilot passes to Chalmers. St. Mary ' s man attempts tip-in twr Bickerton ' s guarding. LEWIS GOLDENSON BILL BIG GERSTAFF u. c. SERIES ia quintet fin ry. The thir dimcu ided with the encounter, the s time tyy a score of arred by many fouls ptain het Carlisle of PRESERV the Bruin won the L Climaxin opening tl horn Brui first eiicou Bruin spurt tu two-point advantage Showing Bear five winning Playin the Calif gin of vie both tea the contest 32 to 21 sci In the the Uclans, slow and wal Bruins and bench. G a reior l of neve r having iost a series to California ' s Margity basketball team again .L.A. series, capturing ajH fouA contests. rming tour and ercame stub- victory in the ced to check a ' yjgorous of play to prqtfjct their _ _ nit ' iit in floor Work, the had less fficulty in " he remaini| lv o tilts-on their home court, with an even larger mar- poorly played, with finding the basket, but ' 8 6n the Idng end of a d agam defeated 22..TheWame was ' " ' forced three Bears to the FRED VAN HORN JACK BARNETT 264 tet f. Cvfofe pints t eMc Hilt Miwkcrs shMts fraa kckiai tkt tad cirtle. Mays, uri CM tea t ranter a rebtori. Carlisle ftlltws i ncr Hays ' guartm Distil a 4 TlMjttii tea to newer a INT sbtt. tt Cariisle race fv a free-WI. EDWIN GOUGH BILL GARETSON HITTING succeeded i California- Iii the oj of 33 to 2 strong defe the second and accurat Bears a de The sec ciated, wa and winn a few seco 1 In the maintain 49 to 40 The foil tion effecti hands of tl trouble was diet Carlisl a field goal f e Bear cagers nd their first y by a score 19, but a ;oal in dliiig ve the oorly ofii- ulliiig ahead g 39 tD 3 7 fiir Garetsen scored a field goal [ds before the nufAptm sounded- encouiiteip tJibs (Angeles, the Bear five leatiwfl to 4 and scored an easy ver the ng evening, the nlfcr squad ceased to fuiic- y and si ffered a om o 27 drubbing at the [revenge thirsty Troja L The Bears ' main fieir inability to hit tly)a ket Captain eing tjie only Califoriiia n who scored oor. WALT BICKERTON JACK ARCHBOLD 266 m C lmri UK a to - fraa ROKHI. Acs any frvn ii MHS a uhairt fraa G a n. BOB CHALMERS KEN KINDBLAD STAN ALTHOU win their repeat the Sound f the Califo working tl were able Because lost the ii ' spurted in was never Outpl third ga ing and early Sta before th began to last forty With th the last sharpshooti ability to si by a score o SERIES I brilliant basketball to nter, tjie Bears fou of Ltiisetti, contrasted tlieir -In it-, spelled def ord. tbey were unable to gm series. rst encounter for Luisetti and Ewtpf position the Bears arts 47 to 44. mains, the basket,} Bears 33. Stanford halftime and Hal minutes of the the Bear s it if defeated 41 to 39 in an excit- eartbreakinj fiwfff. Steadity overcoming an lead, the HCa s led 39 to 32 four minutes H b sounded;, nis point the Indian offense :tion and carrie baijford to victory in the |onds of may. utherii division cln| i)ionship at stake in ntlV, but the the Bears ' in- for California LEE HUNT GEORGE JUNG 268 V 4.1 - - ' At -! V1. S Carlisle tries ti-cn as u.setti braks the wvM ' s sari nart wit a Zww fwds the ball to Stotfci tar a stt-u Carlisle t takt StKfen ' s Before EnM Baillr calb tar a jmrnr as btt teams sowble tar the haM. ZMM sarals n tht Iwr as the BfetsHc btars. Lmsetti takes ttt Back Row: Macks, McGee, Bell. Maclise, Higgins. coach. Second Row: Anderson. Derian. Wild, Rogers. Front Row: Warren. Dill. Flegal. Regina. FRESHMAN SEASON HAMPERED BY LACK of good material, the California Freshmen were only moderately successful in the 1937-38 season, scoring eight wins out of the fifteen games on their schedule. The Bearcuhs opened the season with a victory over the Cal Aggie freshmen and were then outclassed by the Santa Clara frosh and Modesto Junior College. The Cubs were barely nosed out by Balboa and Lowell high schools but came back to score a victory from Mission High and a one-sided 45 to 8 win over Sacramento High School. Stopping the Cubs ' scorers, the Stanford Frosh defeat- ed the Bears 42 to 20 in the first contest of their annual series. In quick succession, the Frosh quintet defeated Poly- technic, Commerce, and George Washington high schools by comfortable margins. The second Stanford game was a nip-and-tuck battle all the way, with the Card frosh overcoming the Cubs ' lead to win 51 to 48 in the last minutes of the game. After defeating Santa Rosa and Marin Junior Colleges, the Cubs lost the last encounter of the Stanford series 38 to 53. In spite of stiff opposition from the California team and the scoring efforts of Dill and Derian, the Papoose five led throughout the game. FREEMAN DILL Freshman Captain WILLIAM HIGGINS Freshman Coach 270 s Turn Stanford mm attttttr t Califtriia Km. Hrs if tbt Brain recncn UK hall ncr Ollaurt ' po C|. 1 J ieason Sa JOHN BRYAN Senior Manager THE season with a " dark horse " , injured veterans and stars of last year ' s fi California VJu-sity track team developed u mm. Heretofore weilT veivfeslo finish the season as th eoujt mdiiik track teams in the West. Opening the ear agains the Olympic Clu] California te star Club erfor; ing victories in 9 o Br yjts tire era outstanding ea University record in t 100-yard dash in 9.4 wind. Traveling to Los fcclc sason, the Bears de overwhelming score and sweeping six estaflkished their position title. The (flowing week CalJ meet to Som rn California, won 9 of thei yents, but C equalled the me record in tl ley Sadaj set a new rK et record Engaging Washington ! tlie ' Toit 11 ford, the Bears emerged vic -ioi s b to 40. Although both teams wene li by joint agreement two CalifoV an University records, Charles Mlnle George Anderson in the low hi rdl with i In- - ' (r sou to 36. Ints the threa of the s in e of the 1 many Scor- le sev- ke the ran the a strong feet of the rothers by nine first -fc iit d to 2 (ablisl the 274 JUNIOR TRAC Frint Rr : Fwl. Ski . Castn. SOPHOMORE TRACK MANAGERS NnrtM. Rtbtrts. Rm. Kellar. Frwrt Row: Pwtmli. GaiMis. Etans. Murty. T VARSITY TRACK SQUAD Back ftnr: Hjwlej. HickeraM. Stntltdd. Diwbar. Ho. Fric . JadoM. Wioua. Burr. Midistttt. MclMrar. Pick. Cctfa. WMcl. Vdlwr. Rn: . VtHiif. Cleary. Maclisc. Buszek. Watts. AcdersM. captau. Nirttim. Plej. TnnMjr. Uw. Michad. Prut. Sarfaj. Frwrt Rtw: Raia . asst. Hai fj. Hanswi. LTM. Baker. McCarthy. Lmfetrw. Frt. Omdakii. Lr. Htilawl. Lamkx. Milkf. Hamilt.n. uack. 275 Nutting wins the 100-yard dash in 9:4. Sadaj breaks University record in mile run. Miller, Watts, and Widel sweep the 440 for California. ' M Bt STANLEY SADAJ CHARLES MILLER DOUG LEHMAN SUMMARY ONE MILE RUN Won by Sadaj (C) j Mehlert (C), second; G. Baker (C), third. Time 4:18.4 (A new University of Cali- fornia record. Old record, 4:21.6, by Henry Wood, 1914.) 100-YARD DASH Won by Nulling (C) ; rick (C). second: Anderson (C), third. Time 9.4 seconds. (Equals world rec- ord, but .nullified because of wind.) SHOT PUT Won by Allee (O.C.), 49 feel 5% inches: Michaels (C), second, 48 feet 3% inches; Kilts (C), third, 48 feel 1 inch. 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES Won by Moore (O.C.) ; Hickerson (C), second: Pooler (C), third. Time 14.5 seconds. POLE VAULT Tie for first between McCarthy (C), and Ford (C), 12 feet; Monroe (C), third, 11 feet 6 inches. HIGH JUMP Triple tie for first between Smith (O.C.), Jacques (O.C.), and Canning (C). Height, 6 feet 4 inches. 440-YARD DASH Won by Miller (C). Watts (C), second; Widel (C), third. Time 47.7 seconds. 880-YARD RUN Won by Weiman (C) ; Modiselte (C). second; Mehlert (C), Ihird. Time 1 :55.4. 220-YARD DASH Brombacher (C), and Trumbly (C). tied for firsl; Anderson (C), Ihird. Time 21.3 seconds 220-YARD LOW HURDLES Won by Fishback (O.C.) ; Moore (O.C.), second; Reel (O.C. ), third. Time 23.5 seconds JAVELIN Won by Mottram (O.C.), 221 feel 9 inches. (New stadium record. Old record, 221 :7 1 , by Ed Walerbury, 1935); Reitz (O.C. ). 220 feel; Walerbury, " 215 feel 3 ' i inches. TWO-MILE RUN Won by Wall (O.C.) ; Cooper (C), sec- ond; Vollmer (C). third. Time 9:37. DISCUS Won by Levy (O.C.). 160 feel, 10 inches; Car- penter (O.C.), second, 159 feet 3 inches; Dunn (O.C.), third 153 feet ll 3 , inches. BROAD JUMP Won by Manuel (C). 23 feet 7 inches; Heap (C). second, 22 feet 6% inches; Kido (C), third, 21 feet 6 3 i inches. MILE RELAY Won by California. (Team composed of Brombachrr. Widel. Walls and Miller). Time 3:21.4. A 96 Vaa AlstiK ft U.C.L.A. katfs Bear trit ia the thM la. tf the taw-wlc. Miller. Watts, aid B the 440 far Califmu. DON WATTS HICKERSON ARNOLD NUTTING M MMARY M -YARD RUN Won by ModKetlc (Cl; hud. Wieraa. Cl. Tune, 1 minute 57J TWO-MILE RUN Wo. by SaJ.j (C); ec l. Cooper (C) : third. Vt.llm r iCi. Tim . 9 mmulef } -. feeondt. S- ABD LO HURDLES n b? BrrkrlrT (l " -C.LJi.); Itrt.J. Andrnon (Cj; third. Plr ICI. Time! il. K nii . -VARI) DASH Won t Nullior iCl; wc.nd. Trumblv third. Ddakin (Cl. Tim . ;l.4 tecta . JAVELIN THRO n by nn t h 111,1 (U.C.LJI.). 1 f l I inch: MromL L h m n 1C). It frrl S iaebo ; third. l (Cl. 181 f l 4 , inehcc. BROAD JUMP on bv I c fi ld (U.C.L.A.). 24 feel S 1 , inch : Mx-ood. Maaorl (C). J4 f t 3 5 , locbrt . third. Frnr I U.C.L.A. I. 13 Cm 4 iachef. ONE-MILE RELAY Wo. b. (California (Wid I. BroB- bach r. W att. Mill n. Time. 3 minut . 17.4 SM-ende. MILE RUN Won bj M hl rt (Cl: f .nd. Bak r (C) : third. Po (Cl. Tim . 4 ninutrf 2i (oroodf. SHOT PIT Wo. b Strod (U.C.L.A. I. 51 f t 5, .neW.; rri.d. Michael (C). 4 feet I ' - inches; thirj. KhU (C). 4 feel. ' - lochef. M -Y RI) DASH Woo bv Nutting (C) : Mcond. TramM; ICl: third. Berkele. I U.C.L.A. I. Time. 9.8 cerondf. HIGH JUMP Wo. by La (Cl. 6 feel 3 , inch : feconcf. Cannini (C). 6 feet ! inches: third. Blakie (U.C.L.A.). t feet 2 incbet. 440-YARD DASH Won by Miller C): tecond. WatU (C) : third. Brombarher (C). Tine. 48.4 eerondl. POLE VAULT Wo. by McCarthy (C). II feel: 1 1 1 Oliil. Ford (C). 13 feet: third. Monroe (C). 12 feet 6 nMhn I2S-YARD HIGH HURDLES Won by Lacefield (U.C.- l.A.I; feeood. Hickenon (C) ; third. Pooley (C. Ti-e, 1S.1 DISCUSS-Wo. by Strode (L ' -CX-A.). 145 feet: xeoKL Catli. .U.C.I. -A. i. U fret 6 - mcbei: third. (C). M- feet 4 mche. BcrMer tf U.C.L.A. skades AadcnM ia tkt km hurdles. GAL Start of the two-mile run. Talley of U.S.C. beats Nutting in a close finish of the 100, Sadaj breaks the tape at the finish of the two-mile run BOB LAW CHARLES COOPER HERBERT MICHAEL SUMMARY MILE RUN Won by Zamperini (U.S.C.) ; Mehlcrl (C). second; Jensen (U.S.C.). third. Time 4:13.7. (New niret record.) 100-YARD DASH Won by Talley (U.S.C.); Nulling (C). second; Jordan (U.S.C.), ihird. Time :09.7. 440-YARD DASH Won by Walts (C) ; Miller (C), second; Bachman (U.S.C.). ihird. Time :48.3. (Meet record equaled.) HIGH HURDLES Won by Humphreys (U.S.C.); Olson (U.S.C.), second; Bledsoe (U.S.C.), ihird. Time :14.7. 880- YARD RUN Won by Zamperini (U.S.C.); Weiman (C), second: Modiselte (C), ihird. Time 1 :53.2. (New meel record.) HIGH JUMP Four-way lie for 6rsl place among Thurber (U.S.C.): Carter (U.S.C.): Mallery (U.S.C.); Canning (C). Heighl 6 feel 4 inches. TWO-MILE RUN Won by Sadaj (C) ; Lawrence (C), sec- ond; Vollmer (C), Ihird. Time 9:29.4. (New meel record.) SHOTPUT Won by Kills (C) ; Fisher (U.S.C.). second: Michael (C). third. Dislance 49 feet 1% inches. CAL Zajnperim f U.S.C. beats Weimu IB the 880 In his seoad Tictary if the day. Watts and Miller inisk irst aad iccind in the 440. JERRY TRUMBLY CHARLES MEHLERT FRANK LAWRENCE SUMMARY O-YARD DASH Won bv Jordan (U.S.C.I: Talle? (U.S.C.). second: Anderson ll. S.C.I, third. Time 11.4. LOW HURDLES Won bv Anderson 1C) ; Vickfr. (U .C.). third. Time 23. T. 1 Mret record equaled.) JAVHIN THROm Won by Sper (U.S.C.) ; La (C). Mfond: Trufff! U.S.C.I. third. Distance III feel 7 inche POLE VAVLT-Won b Dav (l.S.C.I: Ho.e (U.S.C.). etond ; tie for third between Pills (I ' .S.C.) and Monroe (C). Heiihl 13 feel. MILE RELAY Won b. California team: Weidel. Brom- bacher. Walls. Miller. Time 3:16.8. (Meet record equaled.) IHSCVS THROW Won bv Cafpar tU.S.C.) ; Burr (C). Mcond: rotno. ki U ' .S.C.t. third. Distance 1S1 feel H inches. BROAD JUMP Won bv Manuel (CI: Bromfield I U.S.C.). lerond: Skinner iU. S.C.I, third. Distance 24 feet ' j inches. FINAL SCORE: U.S.C.: 741. U.C.: 5 i tmtm. Talln. and Anferun sweep the furlam In tke Trajan. Miller sets new University record in winning the 880. Anderson clears the last flight in record-breaking low hurdle race. Hay of Washington wins 220 by ten feet. DeMOTT MODISETTE LUCAS POWE REX HEAP SUMMARY 100- YARD DASH Won by Anderson (C); Hay (W), second; Trumbly (C), third. Time 0:10. 220-YARD DASH Won by Hay (W) ; Trum- bly (C), second; Hickerson (C), third . Time 0:21.5. 440- YARD DASH Won by Wieman (C); Brombacher (C), second; Montgomery (W), third. Time 0:49. 880- YARD DASH Won by Miller (C) ; Mehl- ert (C), second; Adams (W), third. Time 1:53.2. MILE RUN Won by Sadaj (C) ; Mehlert (C), second; Swan (W), third. Time 4:18.2. TWO-MILE RUN Won by Vollmer (C) ; Lawrence (C), second; Coleman (W), third. Time 9 :44.5. 120- YARD HIGH HURDLES Won by Hick- erson (C); Pooley (C), second; Stutfield (W), third. Time 15.2 second. 220- YARD LOW HURDLES Won by Ander- son (C); Lockhart (W), second; Pooley (C), third. Time 23.6 seconds. (New California and meet record.) BOB CANNING ELTON WEI MAN GUY MANUEL SUMMARY BROAD JUMP Won by Manuel (C); Pan- ton (W), second; Trumbly (C), third. Dis- tance 23 feet 2 inches. (New meet record.) HIGH JUMP Won by Vandermay (W); Canning (C), Suver (W), tied for second. Height 6 feet 414 inches.( New meet record.) POLE VAULT Won by Monroe ( C I ; Wright (W), Law (C) tied for second. Height 13 feet 7 inches. (New meet record.) JAVELIN THROW - - Won by Northcraft (Wl: Hanson (C), second; Manuel (C), third. Distance 193 feet 7 inch.--. SHOT PUT Won by Michael (C) : Bechtel (Wi. -crond: Buckley (W), third. Distance 47 feet 9 1 . inch. ' -. DISCUSS THROW Won by Burr (C) ;Bjork- lund (W), second; Hankey (C), third. Dis- tance 141 feet 11 3 4 inches. MILE RELAY ' Won by California (Brom- bacher, Modisette. Wieman, Miller). Time 3:20. (New meet record.) Weimjn beats Brombacher to the tape in 440-yard dash. . ' J. Hickerson and Pooley lead the field on the last flight of the high hurdles. Anderson comes back to win the 100-yard dash. CALI Nutting wins the 100-yard dash as Anderson takes third. Malott comes from behind to defeat Nutting by inches in the 220-yard dash. Captain Anderson beats Hiserman to the tape in the low hurdles JOHN BURR KEITH MONROE JAMES KITTS SUMMARY MILE RUN Won by Burrows (S) ; Sadaj (C), second; Mehlert (C), third. Time 4:17:9. (New meet record.) 100-YARD DASH Won by Nutting (C) ; Hiserman (S), second; Anderson (C), third. Time 9:7. 440- YARD DASH -- Won by Malott (S); Watts (C), second; Widel (C), third. Time 48.1. 120- YARD HIGH HURDLES Won bv Hi.-k- erson (C); Simpson (S), second; Hawkins (S), third. Time 15 seconds. TWO-MILE RUN Won by Burrows (S) ; Lawrence (C), second; Canah (S), third. Time 9:37.3. (New meet record.) 880- YARD DASH Won by Miller (C) ; Wie- man (C), second; Modisette (C), third. Time 1:54. 220-YARD DASH Won by Malott (S), Nut- ting (C), second; Trumbley (C), third. Time 21.4. BOB FRICK TED VOLLMER BOB BAKER -I MMARY ARD LOW HURDLES Woo by Ander- son ( C i : Hi-i-rman ( S i. :-econd: Hickerson (C), third. Time 23.5. SHOT PIT Won by Andersen (S) : Lipman -erond: Kitt- (C), third. Distance 49 ' 10V- JAVELIN THROW Won by Law (Cl: Bra- hen y (Si. second: Han-on (Cl, third. Ili-tan - -ar ir. HIGH JUMP Won by Canning (Cl: Law (Cl. and Wulfi Sl tied for second. Height 6 ' 6 " . POLE VAULT Monroe (Cl. McCarthy (C), Boon- i S . tird for fir-t. Height 13 ' 6 " . DISCUS THROW Won by Zagar (Si : Grib- bin (Si, second: Hucklebridge (Si. third. Di tan-e 153 _ BROAD JUMP Won by Manuel ( C I : Heap (Cl, second: Nutting (Ci. third. Distance 25 ' 1 ' 8 " . ( New meet record, i MILE RELAY Won by California (Widel, Brombacher. Watts, Miller I. Time 3:16.2. Milkr ud Winui tak tot aft utm K tke Bears ontf ttc 880. IT dears the cm bar rrnr ti t;in fir tnt ii te k writ. Nimmo leads four Bears in the mile ru Zamperini finishes the mile in 4:13.7 California man in the high jump Humphries of U.S.C. leads at the s i E } : = -.- LMC. W M. Swt . G., PattenM. Reese. Grid. T J, Lure, Yeraa. LM K. Ott . Ftatctar. Frwrt Rwr: FRESHMEN TRACK TEAM Fraissc. Tkwips DickH Saitk. L., NidMls. Va Caort. Canai. Li sar. Craii, Warm. BcMrtt. Craif. Wntey. CMMMU FRESHMAN SEASON X INNING SIX out of seven meets by overwhelming scores, the California freshman track team concluded a successful practice season as they prepared to meet the Stanford frosh in the ' ' Little Big Meet. " Opening the season by defeating San Mateo Junior College 86! 2 to 35 ' 2 - the Bear Cubs won 12 out of 14 events to disclose their surprising all-round strength. Meeting Modesto Junior College in their second meet the frosh continued their winning streak with a score of 95 to 26. Mel Long ' s jump of 6 ' 4 l 2 " in the high jump set a new frosh record. Lack of practice due to continual rain caused the frosh to lose to Sacramento Junior College 57 to 65. but they came hack strong the next week to win from the North- ern California Junior College All-Stars by a score of lll ' i to 361 2. Continuing their winning streak the Bear frosh took the San Francisco High School All-Star meet with a score of 112 to 27. The following week the Bears defeated the combined tar? of Alameda and Contra Costa County high schools by a score of 111 to 37. In the next to the last meet of the year the frosh defeated the Northern California Inter-Scholastic All- Stars 8514 to MEL LONG Fnstmtm Caatan AL RAGAN Frnkmn Caaclt 285 III! Illl COACH CLINT EVANS CO-CAPTAIN DAVE McNEILL CO-CAPTAIN SAM CHAPMAN fornia C.I.B.A. year with on? coni etition a success il season, the 1938 Cali- all teain was i a position to retain the secondLonsecutive 5tanfdrd gam jjs afforded b n p jrn onference teams J jvith U.S.C.A r nine Sfepping into er pa t of th .s easoh had i start by dropping till 8. Although winning Gaels, the Bears receivj the Trojan nit rson top of TOM HOGAN Senior Manager S_t. Marys, and lead only after ed. ' of ,f f o St X ext two encojintcrs wit lother Hu ittJ rip dowi south. on hojpe ground put trie leag Little trouble yas had in downing Santa Clara who seasofl in the lower brackets. In the Stan- I foro 8iries opeKr the Indians scored the biggest upset of tlm Bear season, by taking the game in easy style. Ijfornia rMaliated in the second meeting by de- cismely sheMacking the Redmen. The third game was yed at alo Alto at the end of the semester. The te n was made up entirely of veterans with exception of Perry at shortstop and Duezabou at (standing on the Bear team were Devaurs jChapman at right field and third base, jitcher ' s mound. JUNIOR BASEBALL MANAGERS Left t RiM: Rea. St. Scale. Cay. Kellj. SOPHOMORE BASEBALL MANAGERS Left to RqM: B)rf. Jmhm. Ferric?. Fmor. Crash;. VKky, ChristaHWi. KtHcr. at. cadi. Frart ROT VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD i. Kim. Wells. Cm, Swtk. Jncs. Itartants, Ham. Lwem. Fraafi. TkM I WiMe. Flic tr. Secwrf RMT: Eras. oack, Srt. Pcmr. Dialip. Tb . DatW, McCatrej. Priest. Om w-cata. McNeil. -otaM St. Fin . Meyer, 289 NON - CONFERENCE OLD MAN weather was the Bears ' toughest early season opponent. Constant rains caused the cancelling or postponing of the first few games, and kept the California nine off the diamond most of the time, even preventing practice sessions. Despite the lack of practice when the Bears finally opened the season against the Kenny Park All-Stars they really proved they were a fine ball club. The battery with good support from the field held the All-Stars scoreless while home plate was crossed ten times by California men. In their second non-conference tilt the Bears faced stiff competition in beating the Oakland Rookies, 9-7. The Athens Club nine proved to be even tougher and handed Clint Evans ' boys a 4-3 defeat. As a final workout before entertaining St. Marys in the first C.I.B.A. game, the Bears played the Alameda Elks. The pitching arms of Audie Daugherty and Bill Priest seemed to be in prime condition, as the two pitchers only allowed twenty-seven of their opponents a chance at the plate. Daugherty permitted the only hit against the Bears. The Elks pitching proved strong and California made but two runs. The California contingent was scheduled to play their little brother from Davis on Co-eds ' Day, March 3, but Old Man Rain raised his batting average by staging another sort of field day. Coach Clint Evans decided to give the team some extra work before going south so he ' ; Chapman stores I 290 WES PIPER ELWOOD THODE BUD WINTERBOTTOM inn SEASON scheduled a second game with the Kenny Park All-Stars for March 9. the day after the San Jose game. By making ten runs out of thirteen well- placed hits California beat the Staters, 10-1. San Jose made their single tally in the opening inning. Daugherty brought three men in on a triple in the second inning bringing the total to five runs in that inning for the Bears. The second game with the Kenny Park All- Stars proved to be a game for the batters. The pitching staff of both sides allowed a total of twenty-four runs, twenty-two hits, and seven- teen walks. David, Cannon, Thode, and Piper pitched for California. The game was called off because of darkness in the eighth inning. Towards the end of the season, the Califor- nia Aggies were downed. 18-4. The highest point of the contest came with the homer of Firpo which rolled to the left-field wall. One of the closest games of the season was the tilt with the Golden State team. For the first nine innings Piper held the opponents to four runs while the Bears also scored four tallies. In the first of the tenth Golden State scored four more runs. In the second half of the tenth inning Chapman ' s single was fol- lowed by another single by Duezabou. Chap- man scored on Firpo ' s single and Lombardi cleared the bases with a home run. The score remained at 8-8 till Daugherty came in on Hopkins " hit in the twelfth inning. A riTitaiiia fecrts tfee 0m to M. 291 EARL FLIEGER MEL DUEZABOU ED HOPKINS ST. MARY ' S SERIES DROPPING THE first game of the St. Mary ' s series 7-1, the California nine found its strength in the next two games to take the series two games to one. The league opener was featured by pen- nant raising ceremonies on Edwards Field prior to the call of " play ball. " The Bears made the first tally of the season when Priest smashed a triple off the right field wall scor- ing Lombardi. Until the eighth inning the game was a thrilling pitchers ' battle, between Greenlaw and Priest. In the eighth St. Mary ' s tied the score on a combination of overthrow at first and a single by the Gael star pitcher Greenlaw. Five hits off Priest and Piper and an error by McNamara in the ninth gave the Gaels six runs and put the game on ice. The second game, played on Edwards field, was featured by a collision between O ' Neil of St. Mary ' s and McCaffrey, Bear first baseman, in which McCaffrey was knocked unconscious. In the fifth inning the Bears tied a Gael 4-2 lead and went on in the next inning to blast Greenlaw for four runs. The hitting of Devaurs and Chapman aided greatly in the resulting 8-4 victory. By winning the third game 12-9 California knocked St. Mary ' s from the league lead and carried away the series. Bear sluggers knocked Greenlaw out of the box in the sixth inning and continued to touch the relieving pitchers for a total of fourteen hits. The game was featured by Devaurs ' accurate throws from deep centerfield and by Winterbottom ' s spec- tacular fielding and hitting. McCaffrey knocked out at first base while tagging a St. Mary ' s runner Gael man slides in at third ahead of Winterbottom ' s long throw to McNamara. 292 lip " . , TONY FIRPO BILL PRIEST ERNEST DEVAURS i Clan frst fen ifta puttim i SANTA CLARA SERIES BY DEFEATING the Santa Clara nine three times, the California Varsity swept the series and moved from third place into second in the C.I.B.A. championship race. The Bears began their series of victories by traveling down to San Jose to defeat the Broncos 9-6 in the first game. Ryan field was the scene of a see-saw affair until the ninth inning, the Bears taking the lead three times only to be tied each time. The Varsity came to bat in the ninth with the score tied 6-6. Bricca, Bronco pitcher, walked Chapman first and then passed McNamara to put two men on the bags. A long single by Lombard! cleared the bases, and he went on to score on McCaffrey ' s one-bagger. Daugherty, who relieved Priest in the eighth frame, retired the Broncos without a score. A double-header was played on Edwards field because of postponement due to insistent rains, the Bears taking the first game 4-1 and the nightcap 12-2, and moving up behind the Trojan league leaders. McNeil pitched the first game and yielded but seven scattered hits. Priest hurled for the Bears in the second encounter and allowed six hits. Chapman was the hero of the day. The veteran slugger collected two hits out of four times at bat in the first game, and in the second garnered a homer, a triple, and a double in four tries. Another heavy hitter of the day was Duezabou, stocky second baseman, who con- nected for a homer in the first game. 293 BART SMYTH AUDIE DAUGHERTY RELDON DUNLAP U. S. C. SERIES MEETING the Trojan nine on the U.S.C. field, the California Varsity baseballers split a two-game meeting losing 4-2 and winning 10-5. The Bears got their revenge for the de- feat, however, when the U.S.C. team returned the visit and played the third game of the Trojan series on Edwards Field. The Bears won the first game on a rally in the tenth inning. At the beginning of the ninth California was on the short end of a 2-1 score. Lombardi ' s single scored McNamara and tied up the game. The winning run was scored in the tenth on a long sacrifice fly by Chapman. Two circus catches by Devaurs aided in holding a last inning Trojan rally. By losing the second game 10-5 the Bears were knocked from the league lead. Brilliant work by the Trojan sophomore pitcher, Brewer, had the Bears baffled throughout the greater part of the contest. California took the lead in the third when Winterbottom hit a homer with two on, but the Trojans came back in the fifth to knock Priest out of the box for a total of six runs. California again found its power when it met the Southerners on home grounds and administered them a 5-2 defeat, again stepping into the C.I.B.A. lead. Going into the eighth inning with the score tied 2 up, Chapman be- gan a three run rally and later scored oil Firpo ' s single. Lombard! stretched a triple in- to a homer on a bad throw to third, scoring Firpo ahead of him. Chapman trots across the plate to score 294 Lombard! stretches a triple into a homer. DICK DAVID BOB McNAMARA ROBERT MEYER Perry safe Bnii frvt-sacte anils UK torn. Uf f a V. li. rl . ON A traveling expedition through the South- land, the California nine met their brothers from U.C.L.A. and twice defeated them. Re- turning to the home ground for the third game the Bears closed out the series by winning the encounter in a decisive manner. The Southerners led California by a 5-3 score in the opening innings of the first game. In the eighth they were overtaken by a spectac- ular 3 hit. 4 run Bear attack which smothered further U.C.L.A. attempts. Daugherty was re- lieved by Priest in the sixth when he tired long enough to allow the Uclans to collect two runs off him. The replacement proved the spark needed and California stepped out in front to win 7-5. The Berkeley contingent won the second game 20-13 in a powerful, free-hitting en- counter forcing both coaches to send in three pitchers. The Bears took an early lead in the second inning, nine men crossing the plate on five hits. The U.C.L.A. team found Thode, Bear pitcher, in the seventh and began a rally which was stopped only after they had built up a 12-11 lead. Led by the hitting of Chap- man and MeNamara the Bears staged an eighth inning, eight run rally which assured them of victory. The Bears took the third of the series by a 4-2 score. A triple steal with Perry crossing the plate, a triple play from Duezabou to McNa- mara to Perry, and a steal home by Chapman aided in the victory which cleaned up the series. iltta 295 STANFORD SERIES OPENING the forty-seventh consecutive base- ball series with Stanford in the last lap of the race for the C.I.B.A. crown, the California Bears created the biggest upset of the season by dropping the encounter to the Indians 6-3. The Bears were completely baffled by the work of Lazzarone, the Indian hurler, who yielded only 10 well ' scattered hits. Coffis of Stanford proved the hero of the day, driving in the two winning runs in the second by a well placed single. Bear pitcher McNeil was replaced in the fifth by Priest, but the Bears could not overcome the lead. The Bears recovered their old form in the second encounter with the Indians to hand them a decisive 12-1 shellacking. The massacre was started in the first inning with five runs crossing the plate. Three more runs were scored by the Bears in the next inning. In the seventh inning Devaurs slashed out a home run over the right field wall, accounting for three of the inning ' s four runs. Priest pitched his best game of the season, allowing only two hits throughout the contest. The Bear victory was aided in part by the poor playing of the Redmen. The win put California more se- curely in the league lead, a win in the third of the series being sufficient to clinch the championship. Lazzarone snags hot one for put-out at first. - -- -- " " n " 1 1 i 296 Firpo drops the ball in attempting to catch Stanford runner off first. - FRESHMAN BASEBALL SQUAD Ptfetz. Milan. Tiinim. Watte. Drcr-Boatt. O ' Lory. Web OT lc. First Rw: TniMu. laucti. H FRESHMAN SEASON B WINNING twelve out of seventeen games played, the Freshmen completed an early season successfully. De- feats were administered by St. Ignatius High. Roosevelt High. Mission High and Richmond High. The other defeat was a last inning nose-out to Matin J.C. on Edwards Field. In the first game with University nines, California was defeated by a superior St. Mary ' s team 4-3. The defeat was not vindicated in the second meeting of the teams, however, for the Cubs again bowed to the Gael yearlings, this time by a 3-1 score. A-ainst the Stanford freshmen the Bears fared better, defeating them in the first encounter 8-2 and in the sec- ond 9-0. In the initial contest Roll, freshman strike-out artist, fanned thirteen men. six of them in succession. In the entire game Koll allowed only five hits, three of them being collected by the Indians in the first inning. Captain O ' Toole took batting honors by gathering three hits in four times at bat. The second game was a replica of the first, California winning 9-0. Koll struck out nine batters and pounded out a home run. The Bear hitting attack was led by Scudder who collected three hits off the Papoose pitcher. Thompson. The third game had not been played as the book goes to press. 297 I J RUSS NAGLER Freshman Coach HEARTENED BY decisive victories over the varsity and freshman crews of the University of Wisconsin during the summer of 1937, the California Varsity and Freshman eights went to Poughkeepsie with hopes of winning the Regatta and a fourth national champion- ship for the University. However, due mainly to inex- perience, bad weather and several untimely crabs, the California boats were defeated, with crews from the University of Washington again sweeping the river with victories in all three events. In the fall, Coach Ky Ebright concentrated on the selection of a winning combination to heat the Wash- ington crews and break the long-standing Washington " jinx " that has seen the Northerners take top position in Pacific Coast intercollegiate crew competition since 1933. The Bears easily won the only contest of the fall semester from Oregon State oarsmen at Corvallis. Opening 1938 competition, the Bears again met the Beavers and again won decisively, this time on the new course at Treasure Island, for which the new shell was named. Although given an excellent chance to take at least one race from Washington and dislodge the Huskies from rowing supremacy, the Bears failed to win by narrow margins, but nevertheless pushed the Huskies all the way, and marked themselves as strong contend- ers for the 1938 Poughkeepsie crown. JUNIOR CREW MANAGERS Lflrtc. HnstM, Vn Sidta. Sc tl CREW MANAGERS M . Fr rt ROT: Dyer, Martensn. VARSITY CREW c ach. Yates. W.. S-itt. GilHM Bdi. CMper. E rar s. FnMI. Estrada. Ftmst. BMS, Bal. Trafeitz. SkaHta tMej. Rcca. Peck. Hitdwfl. RM. Frast. Ben . Fracbtn. Talntt. Morass. Frwt . Oiettric . it n]|iM . SkiMtfa. Stn. Marshall Piters, Ahbt. Vates. J.. sst : Gildwist. Emerun. Third Rn : EtrifM. Secwd R w: Htefer. 301 Bears defeat Wisconsin on Lake Mendota. met and defeated rowing nm g Tri -rn fully stav ofl the Baggers ' attempts to move were victorious ty nearly three lengths ii for the Bears was ID. minutes and 50 Mnds, Svhile clocked in 11 minutes and 1 second. Dogged by hard luck throughout the four-mile race, the California Varsity was unsuccessful in an effort to win its fourth national championship in (lie Poughkeepsie Regatta. With six sophomores in the starting boat, the Bears were greatly hampered by lack of experience, and the additional handicap of bad weather and an incoming tide proved to be too much for the California crew. After a slow start, the Bears settle d down to a stroke of 30 and were never a serious threat to the Washington Huskies, who swept the river for the second con- secutive time, setting a new record of 18 minutes, 33 and three-fifths seconds. The California shell crossed the finish line ahead of Columbia and Wisconsin in 19 minutes, 3 and four-fifths seconds. WILLIAM FRANKLIN HARRY KUENV EMIL BERGH 302 OREGON STATE RACES STATE ' S oarsmen twice during the 1937-38 season, the its superiority on the water by decisively defeating the ?th contests. L_ L held jiver a. one-mlfeseourse on the Willamette River, the Bears conditions lance, the reased ' their ' tr V f " 6 " yyp Scheduled one-mile race Pfep |J uluTu ffTit- the start and led -by-half a breach steadily growing. They were not challenged once during the race won leisurely, crossing jhe finish Utip-in 3 minute nrl 4.- itionrthe- second tions. HENRY TROBITZ PETE PORTERFIELD JACK H DEFER 303 WASHINGTON Washington Varsity pulls away from Bears to win by two lengths. Washmc to break -a-1 matched by vetererliWonjIume, beat-the Bears mile race. Exhibiting rhythm and coorTlinatu pace with the powerful Washington not muster enough speed to pass the HuskyJ: At the start of the race, the Northerners jumped into the slight lead by- which they finally won. Both boats kept a fast pace for the first mimrte -o(_ the contest, California with a beat of 38 and the Huskies with 36. At the first mile mark, the Bears driving hard, closed the distance between the bows of the two shells to twelve feet, but the Huskies lengthened their stroke and stretched their lead to three-quarters of a length. At this point the Cali- fornia crew settled down to its favorite rowing beat of 32 strokes to the minute and Washington slowed to 30. At one and one-half miles, the Wash- ington eight ' s longer stroke had given them a lead of one full length over HENRY PETERS JIM SHAEFFER BENSON ROE 304 Bar Frasfc cnu tht UK MK RACE the Bears. However, in two well-timed spurts, the Californians closed the to one-half a length at the tw T o-mile point, with both crews stroking ite. BuriTboats were rowing smoothly, but the Bear shell lane was bMhgred slightly by rough water, aised iheir rfroke " toN32 at the two and one-quarter mile mark. iened g_ut and iiicreased U d_to three- Utting 34 California time " Treasure Island " was manned by stroke " BilFBeal: Ray Talcott, Linton Emerson, No. 6rEihil BeFeh. No. 5 : Kane Trnhity;, Xn 1 r.rt No. 3; Henry Peters, No. 2; Steve Frost, bow; and Harry Kueny, coxswain. STEVE FROST CURT ROCC GWYNNE SHARRER 305 Husky Jayvee crew noses out Bur eight by one-quarter of a length. VEE RACE -an rown Bear boat by i contests !a .until the4ast-moment,_ almost the entire TFiree miles of the event; ant and fifty yards thaffhe Huskies were was their final margin of victory. California ' s junior varsity, composed oT stroke Kirk Smith; Chet Gibson, No. 7; Stan Freeborn, No. 6; Jack Hoefer, No. 5; John Manross, No. 4TJim- Shaeffer, No. 3; Stan Backlund, No. 2; Benson Roe, bow; and coxswain Jim Dieterich, matched the Huskies stroke for stroke until the closing sprint, when the Bears hit a fast 44. Due to the rough water, the Husky boat held its beat down to 33 and this proved to be a successful strategy, giving tlie Washington boat its winning one-quarter length lead over the California Clipper. The Huskies ' winning time was sixte en minutes, four and two-fifths seconds. JACK COLLINS ROGER BELL BILL BEAL 306 1 Still. Kan. A w. McDMtll. Bjrm, Ntycs. Nigfer, cm . MM, Tlbt. ,. KMka-t. Ctefc. Wk. War . OISM. . bssamr. ii. Bkn. SUrc . Rice. JMWS. MB . Craff. Hut. Na . Ur- I FRESHMAN CREW p all opposing crews except the University of Washington fresh- !rthe " hMith successive time. Coach Russ Nagler ' s California Frosh the Wrongest freshman crews developed at California in many PROVHfG THITMSELVES supe . to whom thev lo?t etl tlie competition e Frosh _ time of three riuhute Varsity, the Freshmen Ji r t met the University of e wr greater margin than the Varsity. Bear sheH- took, a commanding lead at Wisconsin crew. L cramento i over a one-mile river coul second eight has less jrouble ' def eating the second Sacramento boat, winning by-onermd-one-hall Tengtlis in three minutes and fifty seconds. Conceded a better chance to win from Washington than either the Varsity or Jayvee crews, the Freshmen did not disappoint their rooters, but lo-,t a close one-length decision to the Husky first-year oarsmen. Throughout the entire two-mile contest, the lead see-sawed back and forth between the two boats. In the finishing sprint, coxswain Art Gassa vay of California boosted the stroke to 38 and began to gain on the Huskies, but in the last hundred yards the Washington crew matched the Bears " beat and pulled away to win by one length. The Bear crew was composed of stroke Bob Andresen: Conrad Oberg, No. 7; Jack Klukkert, No. 6; George Talbot. No. 5: Ed James. No. 4: Bill Blevins. No. 3: Dick Andrew. No. 2: Earl Serdahl. bow: and coxswain Art Gassaway. 307 _JH hj a t Confer outstamiin Peacock agamsCJJ.C.L. in its poo) shpwmgs Stanford series, ho CAPTAIN TATE COULTHARD BEGINNING the 1938 tennis season with only a fair display of power, the California net team developed greatly during the conference competition to place cond behind U.S.C., followed by Stanford and . who placed third and fourth respectively. " " - OulstaTrdina work must be accredited to Coach Tom Stow in dvelwiiig a group of last year ' s freshmen h promises to take the Pacific Coast next season. Sophomores who proved contests were Harmon, m ing theflrrst match of the conference showed its inexperience inst U.S.C. By the time of the er, the newcomers had acquired enough underSre atment to back them in defeating their rivals froniralo Alto in a decisive manner. A strong obstacle to the complete success of this year ' s squad was the psychological effect of being matched in early contest against U.S.C., a universi ty which is attributed to having the strongest tennis team in the country. The double defeat administered by the Trojans lost for California the Pacific Coast Cham- pionship title which it had acquired last year. Heretofore dormant power was exhibited in the middle of the season when California trounced the highly-touted Miami iietmen. JUNIOR TENNIS MANAGERS dark. Hittentener. SOPHOMORE TENNIS MANAGERS Back Rw: GnStfc, Stephens. McNitt. Frwt Rtw: Metcalf. Mickchnit. VARSITY TENNIS SQUAD Back Rtw: Lawrie. Gerwick. Culm, WeHinttM, Keel. Dont. Gilntn. Ft.nt R w: MWTISM. HMts. Hanui. Seldman. Peanck. tmtttH. Hy . 311 BOB HARMON DON GILMORE BOB PEACOCK U. S. G. MATCHES STARTING the season in defense of the Pacific Coast Conference tennis title, Coach Tom Stow pitted an inexperienced group of netmen against a team conceded by many to be the nation ' s number one team. The outcome of the contest was defeat for the Bears, U.S.C. taking the match 8-3. Out- standing work of the day was turned in by Harmon, star of last year ' s fresh- man team, in almost upsetting Hunt of the Trojans in their singles match. Hunt, a Davis Cup aspirant, lost the first set 4-6, but pulled out of the one set deficit to take the next two games and the match 6-2 and 6-1. Goldman and Neel won California ' s only doubles match in a hard-played contest 6-4, 13-11. In the singles matches Neel and Hoogs were the only winners, Neel beating Buese 6-1, 2-6, 6-2 and Hoogs taking his match from Everett 10-8 and 6-2. In the second meeting with the Trojans California was again beaten, the 7-4 defeat losing for the Bears their last chance at retaining their title. Entering the doubles play, California needed a clean sweep to lead by a one point margin. However, only the team of Harmon and Imhoff was able to come through, defeating Buese and Leavens 7-5, 6-3. 312 Harmon returns U.S.C. volley U. C. L. A. MATCHES THE FIRST encounter with U.C.L.A. having been rained out, California remained in the southland and met the Bruins a few days later to defeat them 6 matches to 3 in the first win of the season for the Bears. Harmon of California went down under the masterful play of Bruin Heldman, due mostly to his inexperience, but he showed great promise for the future. Winners in the singles for the Blue and Gold were Peacock, Hoogs and Holdman. Harmon and Imhoff won their doubles match from the Bruin team 6-2, 6-2. The doubles matches were swept clean when Peacock and Hoogs and the other doubles team of Neel and Hyde defeated their Bruin opponents. In the second match of the U.C.L.A. series the Bear squad showed notable improvement, Harmon reversing his earlier defeat by winning from Held- man 8-6, 0-6, 7-5. This match proved to be the most exciting of the day. The opponents drew the game at 5-all by each man winning his own serve. In the twelfth game Harmon outmaneuvered Heldman,, and by two terrific ] LI ing backhands, defeated the Bruin netster and clinched the match. To complete a full day for the Bears, Imhoff defeated Kendis in straight and Goldman beat Bartlett. DOUG IHNOFF JAMES HEILL 313 STANFORD MATCHES OPENING the Stanford series against a team which was none too strong Cali- fornia came out an easy victor, winning the match 9-2. The Indians were successful in winning only one singles and one doubles match during the after- noon. Seaver of Stanford defeated Hoogs of California in a hard fought contest 3-6, 8-6, 11-9, and Folsom and Armstrong took the Bear duo of Mann and Eastman 3-6, 8-6, 6-3. Harmon, first singles and leading player for the Bears, easily defeated Braley 6-2, 6-2. Imhoff, second singles, was successful in coming back after dropping the first set to take his match with Brock. The set scores were 1-6, 6-4, 6-4. Peacock of California defeated Gates, Stanford netster, 1-6, 6-1, 7-5. Goldman took his match from Folsom 6-0 ? 6-3, while Bear netster Smeltzer defeated Laney 6-4, 6-2. The combination of Neel and Goldman took the Stanford doubles team of Braley and Stoeffen in straight sets 6-3, 6-3. The second doubles match was also taken by California, Gilmore and Hyde defeating Brock and Gates 6-4, 1-6, 7-5. RICHARD HYDE BILL EASTMAN Harmon returns with a difficult forehand. 314 Back Rw: Kradw. AMUtttt. Kama. A eri FRESHMAN TENNIS SQUAD Merer. RMS. Gartner. Frwit Ri: Ridee. Pelletnau. Miller. Fmtaii. teetotal. FRESHMAN SEASON OPENING their season in a flash of power, the Frosh netmeii defeated the Piedmont High School by the score of nine to nothing. In their next match with the San Francisco Junior College, the Cubs dropped the match six to three. In the feature singles match, Hal Wagner, Jaysee star, de- feated Bob Pelletreau, who put up a good fight in los- ing in three sets, 6-3, S-7, 6-2. Jim Miller and Wilbert Fountain of the Frosh combined to beat Ray Berns and Bob Kim 6-4, 8-6. and John Hanna and Miller both took their singles matches to give the Frosh their three wins. On April 9, the Frosh met the Stanford Papooses in what proved to be the closest match of the season, the Cubs losing 5-4. Bob Low. former national boys ' singles champion, now a Stanford freshman, defeated Bob Pelletreau in what proved to be a hard fought match, each man showing flashes of brilliance. The score 6-3, 0-6, 6-0, indicates the closeness of the match. Co-Captain Gunny Ammonette teamed with Pelletreau to defeat Low and Owen of Stanford in the doubles feature match, 8-6. 2-6, 6-3. Concluding the season, the Cubs lost to the Pasadena J. C. netsters four to three. ROBERT PELLETREAU Freshman Ct-CapUin CLARENCE AMMONETTE C -Cavtau 315 D I Back Row: Do v, den coach, Marshall, Joy, Woodman, Chitrin. Macks, Atkinson, Chamberlin, Sim, Orr, Bruce. White, manager. Front Row: Riga, manager, Newsom, Barker, Aronson, Waterman, Cottle, Werson. Collins, Potstada, Gerdes. Fisher. Engelhardt, manager. OPENING the season with a series of successful IHfetice m ets, the California ' s! a very good showing in the annual conference meenWk iojis to-tllla -meet Jhe Beai the P.A.A. Championships, Newsom being the only vu-WT ' for the Blue Shd G " oliL ' l y taking meter free style. In the Northern California Championship Meet the- Bears won ing their nearest opponents by 19 points. Meeting U.C.L.A. and U.S.C. in the annual conference meet, California divided honors be them. The Bears swamped the Bruins in the first meet and were defeated by the Tr Jaimin th. Werson, Pacific Coast 200-yard breast stroke champion, and Jim Shields in the " 220-y garnered the only two first places to keep the Bears in the running until the last event. In the Stanford meet later in the season, Werson broke the conference record for the 200-yard breast stroke in the time of 2:30.8. Except for this performance, California would have bi " n si out entirely, for the Indians took eight out of nine events in the meet. In recognition of his outstanding performances on the coast, Werson was sent to Rutgers Univers- ity to represent California in the National Intercollegiate Championships. Although he won his heat easily, he failed to qualify by two-tenths of a second. Captain Werson also holds the National A.A.U. record for the 400-yard breast stroke. 318 Back R w: Dnrtfn. Licl. Bird. Chitrii, Kurt, SkicMs. Cdtartz. Satttrtkmite. Im Rnr: ATMSM. Cillins. Wheeler. Merry. Kelihcr. CMPCT. Frwrt Row: Ftss. Rehtr, Gerries. Went . GlwdtMr. ATER POLO ]M)lo aniirrjiaU ' was tlii- car ]iro] alil tlu- rtrunire.-t in the lii tor uf tin- n the campus. In fifteen games played, the Bears won thirteen and lost one of the defeat? being at the hands of a conference team. hihly $ijcpessml practice season, the Blue and Gold opened the conference season with a I .-.C. lie)eleFr-B tir forward, was high scorer for the Berkeleyans, accounting for four " " ith this opening victory under their belts, the Bear team made the k down south and met ' the Trojans in their own pool, again defeating them. Unaccustomed to a orter pool the Bea,r nevertheless had little trouble in running up a 7-2 score to take the series. Against U.C.L.A. rfle Bears did not fare so well. They were forced to be satisfied with dividing series with the Bnruinsj winning the first match 7-4 and losing the second 3-4. Wheeler and Chitrin were the main threats foi 1 the Bears, the pair combining in the second game almost to catch the lead- ing Bruins from behind. Back in their old form against the Stanford mermen, the Blue and Golders took both matches to tie with U.C.L.A. for league-leading honors. The Bears won the first tilt 3-1 and the second by a one- sided 7-1 score. 319 Back Row: Harwood, McDowell, Mead, Du Bois, Swan, Heron, Nemir. Front Row: Cno, Henderson, Glendinning, Kalman. Droubay. COMPETING against four intercollegiate oppvMits, and entering both th7 and Pacific Coast Intercollegiate meets, the Califo Hlj Box;ng; s |j+-a l had i very si The Bears opened the season with a double win oveHsBThford, first meet, the initial one of the conference season, came easily to the.Bears ' partly t ej forfeits by the Indians. The outstanding bout was in the heavyweight division, nical KO over Grant. In a return match at Palo Alto, the Bears split the encounters bufvvorT forfeits. The only defeat suffered by the Bears was given them by their little brothers from U.C.I Blue and Gold won only two out of six matches, Swan helping to save the Bears from a shut-out decisioning Murphy. When the two teams met later in the season, California tied the Bruins 4-4. This tie partly made up for the defeat which spoiled their record. Outstanding men on the squad included Jesse Swan, a junior at 159 pounds, who has been unde- feated for two years; Homer Mead, 169 pounds, captain of the Bear squad and also undefeated for two years. In all, thirteen letters were awarded, nine of which went to new men. 320 COACH HENRY STONE CAPTAIN LEE BENSON - PJ fine sn _ aTile to co fne Bears invaded Pa 18-16. Thl ' : WRESTLING TEAM Back Rn : Dniw, McNeely, Smton. Spar. KMICS. Mebger. PIMM. BCHSM. Stamt R w: Schwller. Shepari. KMwIttn. Perkins. Slwtlo. Rets . Najima. Stone. Front Row: Fiskcr. Dalo. Yamamoto. Colter. Funk. McNamara. Obata. Ueda. fioseacqiiirini: chan ig hi bout. Ben on The next meet w 23-13 score. Other t RESTLING ' season, tjie Blue and Gold squad, coached by Henry Stone, made a ' fept in the first match of the season at the hands of the San Jose matmen, back and win the remaining matches of the year. Alto following their recent defeat and proved their mettle by downing ngent war pnmp pd of six reserves and two regulars. nateur Tournament. California won five out of eight bouts to win the meet. ftoBships were Fujioka at 118, Dalo at 126, and Captain Benson at 165. In win- tefeated champion Northrup in a bout which required two additional periods, with the U.C.L.A. matmen, which ended in victory for the Bears with a mis which went down in defeat in bouts with the Varsity grapplers were the San Francisco Y.M.C.A.. Olympic Club, and the California Aggie?. The climax of the ' season came with the Bears winning their tenth consecutive Pacific Coast Con- ference Intercollegiate Wrestling Championship. In this meet, California scored 42 points, San Jose State 29, U.C.L.A. 21. and Nevada 3. Dalo. Funk, and Shepard won their matches to give victory to the Bears. 321 , ; s { J COACH ED GRAFF CAPTAIN WILLARD DOLMAN Back Row: Bucklin, Judson, Van Horn. Hunklns, Ray, Ferran, Dolman, Olson. Donald. Third Row: Geary, West. Johnson, Gale, Mackenzie. Granger. Wilson, Sulliian, Graham. Second Row: Wheeler. Schoenfeld, Juch, Townsend, Drnovitch, Stevens. Merrill. De Mello. Front Row: Schaefer, Allen, Robertson, Arner. Falkell. Taylor, Dickey, Graff, coach. RUGBY THE California Ruggers completed a successful season by winning five out of seven games played. The Bears opened the season with a 3-0 win over U.S.F. and the next week downed the Argonaut fifteen in a 36-0 avalanche, starring Dolman and Drnovitch. A wild fist-swinging contest against U.C.L.A. resulted in a 19-5 win for the Bear Ruggers. The effects of the game showed upon the players, however, and a few days later they were forced to a scoreless tie against the University Club. Still in th sir slump, the Varsity went down to defeat against U.S.C. in a 13-6 upset. It was the first game taken by the Trojans since the sport was established on the Southern Campus. The next week saw a rejuvenated Bear steal a surprise 13-8 victory from the Olympic Club. Meeting the Stanford Indians in the last game of the season, California won 5-3 by means of an overtime conversion. With the score tied 3-3, Johnson fell over the goal line for a try as the gun went off. In accordance with the rules of the game, California was entitled to a chance at conversion. While both teams watched breathlessly, Wheeler placed the ball accurately between the uprights from a 40 degree angle, giving the Bears a final victory. 322 COACH MEBER NEWSOM 145 LB. BASKETBALL TEAM : Rw: Skirt. ChnstOBt . Fteel. Jakn, Fran. Murray. Frwrt Rr: OKwII. HatfeM. Fotawr, lKnrtti. Flel. ENJOYING THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SEASON in the history of the organization, the 145 pound quintet won the P.A.A. championship for the second succes- sive year by meeting and defeating 30 out of 31 teams played. During the season, six games were played against junior colleges and one game apiece against the Cali- fornia Freshmen and the Varsity reserves. In only nine games was the quintet held to less than 40 points. The only defeat of the season was against Branner Club. WINNING EIGHT OF FIFTEEN GAMES PLAYED, the 130 pound basketball team was badly outweighed in most of it? encounters and was forced to be con- tented with victories over opponents of its own size. Of the five game played against equally sized teams, the California five drew victory against four, the Fre- mont High School B ' s, Tamalpais and Vallejo High Si-hool B ' s. and Sills Club. In the P.A.A. Tournament, the U.C. 130 ' s were defeated bv the Nan Wahs. 35-38. 145 LB. BASKETBALL 130 LB. BASKETBALL 130 LB. BASKETBALL TEAM Back Rw: H.IMM. Fwteme. bra. Cwlin. Vestejrs. McHeil. Fmrt Rnr: Takei. H BBfii: SKI TEAM Back Row: Dickey, Tracy, Chambers, Senafsky, L ' Hommedieu, Petersen. Connick. Third Row: Ray. Andrew, Dole, Adam. Whaley, Forney, Hicks, Howard. Second Row: McMurry, Barbour, Longwell, Williams, Sawyer, Stendahl, Sauer, Morley. First Row: Dorr, Henck, Gester, Sawyer. Davis. Hildebrandt. Chase. SKIING RIFLERY RIFLE TEAM Back Row: Cole. Hanson. Vander Heyden, Simonson, East, Thompson, Benedict. Second Row: Galliett coach. Wilson, Taylor, Read. Johnston. West. Front Row: Clark, Pappas, Meese. Woolsey. Russell. JOHN U. WHITE Ski Coach ELLIOT SAWYER Ski Captain IN THE THIRD YEAR of its existence, the California ski team has gained a rapidly increasing following. The team traveled extensively during the season, plac- ing second and third in most of the meets in which it entered. The first meet of the season was held on Mt. Rose in Nevada, California placing second to Nevada. Then the Bears entered the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Meet at Yosemite, the Pacific Coast Conference Meet at Mt. Rainier, the Bavarian Invitational, and the Southern Section Championship Meet, held simul- taneously with the Vanderbilt Meet. IN TWO YEARS OF COMPETITION California has lost only two matches out of 74. Competition is con- ducted on a hasis of mailing the results obtained by the separate teams. Meets are held with any university that has a rifle team and all results are certified by an army officer who must witness the firing. Competition was held with Washington, Washing- toil State, Oregon, U.C.L.A., Kansas, Louisiana, Minne- sota, Illinois, and many other schools throughout the country. Captain Vander Heyden was high point man for two years. Other outstanding marksmen were Pappas and Benedict. MAJOR H. GALLIETT Rifle Coach CURTIS VANDER HEYDEN Rifle Captain JULIUS SCHRODER Saccw CMC CARLOS ARROYO S ccer SOCCER TEAM Wartaa. Pierc . NisMria. Array . Mutti, Heraif, Crane. Musaatc. Icfraeto. Rifat. Tartar. J.. Hays. Barthal. Tartar. B.. Dempster. Oberhaas. Beajaaria. Waettz. Fr.nt Raw: Maitr. Carrier . Laker. Lesser. Graarft. Krtl. Kelly. Abaitiz. Speed FOR THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE year the Qdi- fomia Soccer team won the conference championship by winning five, losing one to Stanford, and tying one with San Jose and U.C.L.A. The Bears have won the Stanford series for the fourth year in a row. Outstanding players who were chosen all-Confer- ence were Musante, Mutti and Carriere. With thirteen returning lettermen, prospects for next year look exceptionally good. PLAYING IN THE BAY COUNTY League, the Cali- fornia handhall team met the San Jose Y.M.C.A., the Berkeley .M.C.A.. the Central Y.M.C.A., the Jewish Community Center, the Oakland Y.M.C.A.. the Athens Club, and the Y.M.I, of Oakland. Playing a split season, California placed sixth in the first half and took fourth place in the second half. As this article goes to press, the California team has yet to play L ' .S.C. and L T .C.L.A., the only other collegi- ate teams on the coast. SOCCER HANDBALL HANDBALL TEAM Last Rav: Farber. Gisk. Ayer. Smth. Jabasaa. Shan. First Rao: Slater. RALFE MILLER RALPH SMITN WALT WESTMAN Fencing Coach and Captain 1 Last Row: Wright, Stern, Spiess, Starns, Brewer, Valentine. Front Row: Hohenthal, Stone, Westman, Tolson. FENCING GOLF THE ONLY COMPETITION the fencing team had in the fall semester was the Heron Trophy Series. This series was won by the strong Olympic Club foilsmen, the Bears finishing in second place. California started the spring semester with a 7-2 victory over the Sacramento J.C. team. In their first conference meet California lost to Stanford by the close decision of 13-12. After taking third place in a three way meet with U.S.C. and U.C.L.A., California beat U.C.L.A. in a return match 3-2. LOSING THEIR FIRST two tournaments to the Clare- moiit Country Club and the Orinda Country Club, the California golf team retaliated in a five tournament winning streak. They won from the Sequoia Country Club, Berkeley Country Club, Pomona J.C., U.C.L.A., and U.S.C. In the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Golf Champion- ship tournament at Pebble Beach, McCay won the Varsity championship and Smith took first honors in the freshman class. Back Row: Carr, McWhorter, McCay, Skaife, Watson. Second Row: Bell, Wegge, Foster, Smith, Penn. Front Row: Bruce, Vartnaw, Longworth, Thomas, Heffner. OEWEY LONGWORTH Golf Coach BRUTUS HAMILTON CLARENCE HALL Coach Captain CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Back Row: Baker. R., Hall. Biker. 6.. Holland. Nclityre. Frwrt Rn: Mehlert. Powe. Acms, Lawrence. Vollmw. ONLY TWO DUAL CROSS COUNTRY meets were held in the fall semester. In their first meet the Bears defeated the U.C.L.A. team on their three and one-half mile course at Los Angeles. The Bruins took first place but California took the next six places with Yollmer and Po e tying for second. Clarence Hall, the Bear captain, was the winner in the worst defeat ever administered to the Stanford team. The first ten men to finish on the Palo Alto course were California men. Mehlert gave Hall a very good race and finished just behind him. THIS SEASON THE BEAR GYMNASTIC TEAM made the best showing in several years. California drubbed Stanford 67-13 in a dual meet between the two teams. In an all-conference meet at U.C.L.A. the Bears placed third with 53 points, U.S.C. winning the meet with t points. California placed second to U.S.C. in the California Intercollegiate Invitational gymnastic meet. Captain Yiiiceiit Geren and Dick Gardner took second and third in the individual competition. GROSS COUNTRY GYMNASTICS GYMNASTICS TEAM Row: Greeiileaf, Skoss, Fishman. Mathews. Raab. Binder. Nash. Jordan. Front Row: Keener. Cnnshaw. Gardner. Marshall. Geren. Liigitt. Mather. Smith. CHARLES KEENEY Coach VINCENT GEREN Captain Till D 329 ( GAIL SHADINGER Senior Intramural Manager FRANK WICKHORST A.S.U.C. Supervisor RAY BALSLEY Supervisor for Department of Physical Education Von Brmcken INTRAMURAL YEAR COMPETITION is provided in a wide variety of sports by the intramural department for those students who are either unable to participate in the recognized major and minor sports of the A.S.U.C., or do not have the time necessary to devote to such activities. The recognition of this latent spirit of competition has resulted in the development of the intramural department, and the improvement of facilities to provide for its functions. An increasing number of participants has marked the last few years ' record, the current enrollment being the largest in the history of the department. Competition is divided into two leagues, the National and the American. The National League is made up of teams from the fraternity houses, and the American League represents members of non-organization groups. Winners in the respective leagues play each other for the All-University championship, trophies being awarded to the victors of this play-off. These league awards, unlike the University championship awards, are rotating. The group gaining the greatest number of points in each league is given a grand award. The sports offering competition range from American foot- ball, touch-football, and basketball, through bowling, badminton, and squash. All necessary equipment is provided by the Uni- versity to facilitate the complete performance and enjoyment of the sports. Ray Balsley held the position of Intramural Director this sea- son and in cooperation with Frank Wickhorst, supervisor, and Gail Shadinger, senior Intramural Manager, ably directed the activities of the department. Credit should be given to these men for their competent management of the Intramural Carnival, the outstanding event of the intramural season. JUNIOR INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Fawcett L I ' INTRAMURAL CARNIVAL THE ANNUAL Intramural Carnival, now in its fifth year of existence, proved a great success this year by providing a wide variety of enter- tainment for a crowd of three thousand specta- tor?. The carnival insures the smooth working of a widely diversified intramural program by pro- dding the funds necessary for the continuance of activities throughout the year. Opening festivities in the afternoon, two All- I ' niversity title were played off for supremacy in squash and badminton. The Boalt Hall con- tingent, winners of the American League squash championship, were shut out by the Alpha Delta Phi National League champs 3-0. The afternoon contest were also featured by the playoff be- tui en International House and Beta Theta Pi, leaders in the American and National League badminton respectively. The International House players won 3-0. Outstanding in basketball for the day was the game between the Navy and the Foresters, a low- scoring battle which ended with Navy winning 24-16. The basket shooting contest was won by Ed Hopkins. In Ping Pong Chi Psi beat Phi Gamma Delta 3-0. Sigma Chi was defeated by Psi Upsilon 2-1. Sheridan Hall won from the Architects 2-1. The evening events consisted of boxing, wrest- ling, fencing and gymnastics. The fencing cham- pionship went to the seniors, boxing was taken by the sophomores, and wrestling and gymnastics were awarded to the juniors. As a touch of novelty, two Japanese couples gave demonstra- tions of the oriental sport of stick fighting. Fes- tivities wound up with a dance in the gym fol- lowing the run-off of the evening events. Caotam Walt Westmin scores louche. Nair Beets Forestry n I EicfcMtx of Mows sorts bo to out. JMW wrestler crawls tkroufh the ropes. PHI KAPPA PSI 8-OAR CREW Last Row: Arpin, P., Arpin. L Stored, Kilbourn. First Row: Steel, Gilchrist, Still, Arpin, T. FORESTRY AMERICAN FOOTBALL TEAM Back Row: Craig, Zivniisko, Reents, Dietterich, Griggs. First Row: Beaty, Drnovich, Dempster, Jacobsmeyer. INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS ALPHA DELTA PHI played Navy for the University championship in touch tackle football, the National Leaguers winning in an overtime contest with the score tied 6-6. There was no play-off for University supremacy in tackle football due to inclement weather. The National Trophy, it was agreed, would be shared between Theta Chi and Alpha Tau Omega. The American League championship was won by the Foresters. Newman Club took the bowling championship in a contest with Acacia, National League winners. The Phi Kappa Psi eight-oar crew won the regatta held at the Oakland estuary to take the title. Track was won by the Commuters, Beta Theta Pi following second to capture the National League honors. Navy disproved the adage that sailors cannot swim by winning the University swimming meet, Beta Theta Pi again following second to take the National League swimming title. The basketball National League championship was won by Beta Theta Pi and the American League by the Foresters. 331 BETA THETA PI INTER FRATERNITY TRACK CHAMPIONS NEWMAN HALL BOWLINE CHAMPIONS Ltft to RiM: Bnk. Ki M Morill. ALPHA DELTA PHI TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS VM L be Scb. Lnr. . H . Stw Madist. L. CtttlKfc. ' . u I J WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY Back Row: Kimura. Rose, Larsen, Rogers, Whyte. Front Row: Pat- terson, Michel, Warren. Roberto. PENNANT " C " SOCIETY Back Row: Graham, Dinsmore. Sondhaus, Nace, Marvin, Rose, Johnson, Rittenhouse, Homer. Second Row: Larsen. Masher, Hickok. Warren, Randall, Glaze. Front Row: Kimura, Michel, Roberto, Patterson, Whyte. WW . f m OFFERING A WIDE array of extra-curricular sports to its eleven hun- dred members, the W. A. A. successfully provided recreation from cam- pus work during the year. Besides the regular canicular sports, activities included canoeing, fencing, golf, Crop and Saddle, riflery, and tennis. The coeducational program begun last year was continued with com- petition between teams in tennis, badminton, fencing and archery. Of women ' s athletic events, the most successful were the annual Tri- angular Sports Day and the High School Sports Day, under the direction of the W. A. A. President, Lucille Patterson. In January, thirty-three members of W. A. A. attended ski camp at the A. S. U. C. Hut at Nordeii, where they enjoyed a full week of winter sports. Another event was the annual Field Week in April, where one of the main attractions was the innovation of a sailing regatta at the Berkeley Aquatic Park. Climaxing the year, a formal banquet was held on April 12, at which all awards, including those of the Women ' s " C " Society, were presented, and the W. A. A. officers for the succeeding semester were named. 338 W.A.A. COUNCIL Back Rwr: Oca . Lrmim. Fata,. WadMfe. Gibbs. Baker. Meyer. Secw ROT: Cms. Dmtmtn. Stfciufcj. It !!. Nidwk. Frwt Rnr: Lirsn. PatttnM. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD Back R : Hart HaBiltM. WacM , YH. J.. HusWIt. Zwmlt. . E.. MMTC . Miles. Rr: FiaUy Pimt ROT: OCM. Lan .. Rt. Rifeert . Hittok. TRIANGULAR SPORT DAY WITH WOMEN from Stanford, Mills, and the Uni- versity of California continuing the annual athletic meet that is fast becoming traditional, Triangular Sport Day was held in the Hearst Gymnasium for Women and the surrounding athletic fields on Novem- ber 13. California was hostess for the first time in four years, succeeding to the role of Mills College, who provided the background and entertainment for last year ' s meet. Registration of entrants in the various contests oc- cupied the early part of the morning, followed by the actual competition. The combined classes of the three schools competed in hockey, archery, fencing, swim- ming, tennis and golf. Luncheon was served at the In- ternational House at 12:30 for participants in the events. The luncheon was marked by cleverly ar- ranged favors and decorations carrying out the athletic theme of the day. Speeches by students were inter- posed during the course of the meal, with a noted au- thority speaking afterwards on the subject of women ' s hockey. As a finale to the occasion, winners of the several events were announced. The seniors were judged by a pre-appointed committee as the champions of the day, and received the main awards. Other prizes were dis- tributed to classes and members for lesser attainments. Doris Benny was appointed as general chairman of this year ' s meet, and had numerous committees under her. Groups for arrangements, luncheon, decorations, and hospitality helped to further the friendly purpose of Triangular Sport Day. Hockey was a feature event of the morning. Women from three colleges show their skill in archery. Onlookers enjoy a fencing demonstration. Girls tally their scores in archery. H -i. I I I 1 W.A.A. WOMEN IN ACTION WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS AT CALIFORNIA Mf 3BJr L Among the sports in the early days of the University, bicycling was one of the most popular; however, as the years passed, this popularity died and these high wheeled bicycles are now only a memory. ORGANIZATIONS k lit OUG A iZATXOVS From the earliest days of the West, until the present, Californians have gathered for mutual companionship and protection. Primarily this banding together was for defense. Today, without fear of outside attack, the gregarious instinct is satisfied by Fraternities, Sororities and Clubs. With a wide range of interests, activities and purposes, these organizations give undergraduates an outlet from academic activities. Despite the change in environment there has been no change in the sought-for result and friendship, born of communal living and association, still forms a golden harvest of the West. FRA1 R1NI1 GS SOROI HONOR SOCIETIES 347 n III! imm Bojd Brown, C. Brown. J. Blown. K. Brown, M. Bruce Bryan, J. Crosse Deiter Doughty Etkat Emerson Enland Friend Gilhs Cock Goldcrn Hall Hawkins Ha Hubert Kilpatrick Kindt McArthur Martin Mt-aV Miller Milligan Nickel Pjckcr Palamountain Palmer Patterson Pendteton Perry Rippey Room Sinton Stockton Sullivan Tnarp Thode Van Loben St ' ls Vooel Vogtman Worn Weems Westman Wheeler Bryan, R. Gardiner H olden Murray Peter sen Thompson Wilson Conwa; Gibson Newton RadH Tieburg INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Fall House Spring RICHARD E. HALL Abracadabra RICHARD E. HALL LEONIDAS T. PETERSEN Acacia LEOMDAS T. PETERSEN DON NEWTON Alpha Chi Sigma JACK A. VOGTMANN WILFRED E. VAN LOBEN SELS Alpha Delia Phi WILFRED E. VAN LOBEN SELS JOHN E. PERRY Alpha Gamma Rho JOHN E. PERRY C. LLOYD BROWN Alpha Kappa Lambda FREDERICK H. PALMER STEPHEN J . ROGERS Alpha Sigma Phi RALPH D. RADER WALTER D. WESTMAN Alpha Tau Omega CHARLES L. HAZEN JAMES B. SINTON Bachelordon CHARLES MESAK RICHARD A. COCK Beta Thela Phi JOHN R. BRYAN GEORGE W. NICKEL, JR Chi Phi W. DOUGLAS Cut HIM ROBERT BARIEAU Chi Pi Sigma JOHN W. GIBSO LEWIS L. Me ARTHUR Chi Psi C. RUSSELL HEXBER JAMES E. PENDLETON, JR Del Rey GORDON C. WEEM OTHEL A. KILPATRIC Delia Chi WILLIAM H. MUKRA ALEX WILSON Delta Kappa Epsilon WILLIAM N. ECKA BLAKE W. PALAMOIINTAIN ROBERT REVEL MILLER KENNETH E. BROWN THEODORE R. THOMPSON EUGENE L. ERIEND MILLS BROWN ..Delta Tau Delta BLAKE W. PALAMOUNTAIN . . Delta Upsilon JAMES BOYD, III . . Kappa Alpha EDWARD M. WHEELER ..Kappa Delta Rho GEORGE H. EVELAND, JR. . . Kappa Nu EUGENE L. FRIEND ..Kappa Sigma RUSSELL R. BHVAN, JR. RICHARD F. THARP Lambda Chi Alpha G. ELWOOD THODE Fall House Spring AL TIEBURC Phi Bela Delia AL TIEBURC LYMAN R. GILLIS Phi Delta Thela JAMES W. MARTIN DAVID H. CROSSE Phi Gamma Delia DAVID H. CROSSE LAURENCE AHPIN Phi Kappa Psi HOMEH G. .iro F. SEELY FOOTE Phi Kappa Sigma C. HOWARD JANIN WALTER H. CONWAY Phi Kappa Tau WALTER H. CONWAY WALTER A. WEBER Phi Sigma Kappa CHARLES P. PATTERSON BOYD A. RIPPEY Pi Kappa Alpha PAUL E. PACKER C. LEE EMERSON, JR Pi Kappa Phi JOHN B. BOSWORTH YARD A. STOCKTON Psi UpEilon YARD A. STOCKTON JAMES R. MILLER Sigma Alpha Epsilon COLVIN C. DOUGHTY GERALD B. CLIFFORD Sigma Chi WILLIAM E. BENEDICT JOHN F. SULLIVAN Sigma Nu JOHN F. SULLIVAN ROBERT C. VOCEL Sigma Phi JAMES H. S. KIMDT WILLIAM A. BLAIR Sigma Phi Ep ilon WILLIAM A. BLAIR IRVING W. BRUCE Sigma Phi Sigma ALBERT T. DEXTEH HEUBERT L. WINTER Theta Chi HERBERT L. WINTER JAMES A. BROWN Theta Delta Chi.. JAMES A. BROWN HAHRY J. HAWKINS. JR Theta Kappa Nu HARRY J. HAWKINS, JR. WILLIAM B. BALL, JR Theta Xi JOHN M. HOLDEN DONALD S. GOLDEEN Zeta Beta Tau DONALD S. GOLDEEN KENT M. WEAVER, JR Zeta Psi R. SHELDON MILLICAN, JR. 352 ADABRA 2425 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER f nirersity Associates: Ro Allan. Louis Baker. Stephen W. Cunningham. Harland I rederick. Dr. Ellsworth Quinlan, Robert Gordon Sproul. Frank M. Spurrier. Robert Underbill Graduates: Reuben Bond. Bernard Bowron. Thomas Caldecott. Donald Grunrky. Francis J. Hoey, Stewart H. Kimball. Henry Knight, George Scarf e. Howard Twining Harold L. Albert R. James L. D. R. George J. Fred tt. Arnold T. Honnold. Jr. Martin ' 39 Medlicott ' 39 Robinson ' 39 Taylor ' 39 Twinino ' 39 Wulffraat ' 39 ' 39 H B B. flip - f v B. Dixon Robert W. Bayard D. Webster R. Robert C. Milton L. Wmthrop E. Conrad ' 40 Hansen ' 40 MacMichael ' 40 Robins ' 40 Sckiffner ' 40 Sdiwartz ' 40 Tbrnipson ' 40 Ljle H. Robert F. Tbtrrald J. Darrell H. Frank R. Edard T. Stuart R. Turner ' 40 Zweifel ' 40 Andersen ' 41 Aroubright ' 41 Chilton ' 41 DeLanoy ' 41 Dole ' 41 Arthur D. George R. Russell K. Richard Joseph W. Edgar J T Gassaway ' 41 Grin ' 41 Johnson ' 41 McCoy ' 41 Robrecht ' 41 Sears ' 41 Ward ' ' 41 Members , o pictures: Robert Fishel " 38. Robert Harmon ' 38. Herbert Bolstad ' 40 RICHARD HALL President AGAGIA 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED IN 1905 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS University Associates: Edwin D. Dickinson, B. L. Robertson, Charles F. Shaw, F. H. Swift James G. Francis M. E. Ralph Standley ' 37 Worcester ' 37 Bryan ' 38 Leonidas T. George Park Emery B. Petersen ' 38 Sutton ' 38 Sweetser ' 38 Edward W. Harry J. Robert W. George A. William D. David V. Morgan E. Bowes ' 39 Carpenter ' 39 Clottu ' 39 Donatello ' 39 Edwards ' 39 Stevens ' 39 Stewart ' 39 Robert M. Robert F. Robert W. Frederick D. Robert W. Wilson ' 39 Duttle ' 40 Maloy ' 40 Stuthman ' 40 Wood ' 40 George C. George F. Woolsey ' 40 Emerich ' 41 Members No pictures: Richmond G. Wilson ' 38, Robert E. Symmes ' 40 354 LEONIDAS PETERSEN President ALPHA CHI SIGMA 2627 ATRGIMA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNI TRSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED IN 1913 FIFTY-THREE CHAPTERS University Associates : Frank W. Allen, Herman J. Almquist, Walter C. Blasdale, Gerald E. ' K. Branch, Harold F. Blum, Arthur W. Christie, William V. J. Crness, Erman D. Eastman. Franklin T. Green, Joel H. Hildebrand, Paul L. Kirk, Wendell H. Latimer, Gilbert N. Lewis, Axel R. Ohon, Charles W. Porter, Merle Randall, Gerhard K, Rollefson. T. Dale Stewart Graduates: Louii- A. Blanc, John J. Eiler, Dorr H. Etzler, Eric G. Grundy, Ralph S. Halford. Donald E. Lee, F. Eugene Lindquist, Fred Lorenz, John Lyman. Harvey R. Milligan. Nello Pace. Glen T. Seaborg. Francis T Tnstra S. Kelly George M Campbell ' 38 Cook ' 38 Frank K. William G. Maiden C . John M. Ralph E. William N. Sidney T. Fisk ' 38 Hall ' 38 Lawman. Jr. McDonald ' 38 Nelson ' 38 Nelson. Jr. Seymoure ' 38 38 -38 Charles M. Jack A. Charles G. John E. Earl G. Charles J. Ambrose F. Shaw ' 38 Vogtmann ' 38 Blanchard ' 39 Blum ' 39 Brewster ' 39 Carlton ' 39 Geoan ' 39 Walter D. Henry E. :onley C. Leonard B. Robert F. Harrington ' 39 Hubbard ' 39 Kemper ' 39 McKee ' 39 Moore ' 39 Carl Paul R. Samuelson ' 39 Saunders ' 39 William H. Ludwig H. William G. John H. Orrin W. Guido J. Roberts. Calkins ' 40 Dimpfl ' 40 Webw ' 40 Cratts ' 41 Gilbert ' 41 Rosati ' 41 Scott ' 41 Members No pictures: Edward Mayes ' 38. Russell S. Sunderlin ' 38, Onnis Davis ' 39, George W. Huldrum ' 39, Noel Martin ' 40 JACK VOGTMANN Serin . President AL DELTA PHI 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS University Associates: Herbert M. Evans, Thomas H. Goodspeed, Frank L. Kleeberger, Hans Lisser, Denting G. Maclise, Paul Michael, Fletcher H. Swift, Scott Wilson William C. William T. Ovid B. Brians ' 38 Harding ' 38 Norton ' 38 Murray Robert D. Arthur A. John S. Donald E. Wilfred E. Johnson ' 38 Law. Jr. ' 38 Poat, Jr. ' 38 Selfridge, Jr. Uren ' 38 van Loben Sels ' 38 ' 38 John S. Merrill M. Robert P. Robert G. Cooper ' 39 Follansbee. Jr. Frick ' 39 Gottlieb ' 39 ' 39 Theodore A. Walter Sherman J. Deming G. Ronald Manson James G. Ingham ' 39 Krenz ' 39 Leonard ' 39 Maclise, Jr. Matthew ' 39 Meads ' 39 Schaeffer, Jr. ' 39 ' 39 Alan K. Sam P. Roy C. James H. Smith ' 39 Steens ' 39 Tremoureux ' 39 Van Sicklen ' 39 Lee M. Jackson G. Reginald d. V. Don M. Calder Alan C. William P. Blodget ' 40 Dorn ' 40 Grady ' 40 Harding ' 40 Hayes ' 40 Lisser ' 40 Murray. Jr. ' 40 William J. Bennet John P. Robert L. Schoenfeld ' 40 Skewes-Cox ' 40 Stock ' 40 Tempest ' 40 Rone B. Raymond M. Max Joseph H. Leonard Alfred William R. Neil 0. Tempest, Jr. Terry ' 40 Thelen, Jr. ' 40 Wadsworth, Jr. Woolams, Jr. Chamberlin, Jr. Goodhue ' 41 ' 40 ' 40 ' 40 ' 41 Kenneth Elliott George T. Melville H. Hayes ' 41 Johnson, Jr. Judd ' 41 Long ' 41 ' 41 Lincoln Gay John Luther A. James E. John R. Charles R. Charles W. Maclise ' 41 McGee ' 41 Nichols ' 41 Schevill ' 41 Schoenfeld ' 41 Webb ' 41 Young ' 41 Members No pictures : Robert L. Nelson ' 38, Payson S. Woolsey ' 38, Harry A. Jackson ' 39 356 WILFRED VAN LOBEN SELS President ALPHA GAMMA RHO 2735 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT OHIO UNIVERSITY. 1 " OI CHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS University Associates: Bert S. Burlinpame, Victor A. Clements, E. O. Essig, Dr. Emil M. Mrak, Donald F. McMillan J. Franklin Walter K. Donald F. Bennett ' 37 Higgins ' 37 McMillen. Grad. William A. John F. Harold 0. Owen D. Paul Cornwell ' 38 Merrill ' 38 Palmet ' 38 Paulson ' 38 Permentw ' 38 John E. Perry ' 38 Jack G. Robert E. Milton H. Charles 0. Smith ' 38 Snyder ' 38 Beecher ' 39 Oiford ' 39 Robert L. Donald G. Eugene E. Arthur E. William S. Stevenson ' 39 Dickson ' 40 Kellogg ' 40 Lundgren ' 40 Pfeifle ' 40 Thomas 0. David D. Forrest A. Hansen ' 41 Harrey ' 41 Lee ' 41 Frank L. Fred A. Packwood ' 41 Tomasini ' 41 JOHN E. PERRY President ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 ELEVEN CHAPTERS University Associates: James T. Allen, William R. Dennes, William B. Herms, Robert T. Legge, Samuel C. May, Walter S. Morley Graduates: William H. Burton, Horace M. Karr 358 Robert M. William E. Charles F. Fred A. C. Lloyd Earl D. King, Grad. Morris, Jr. White, Grad. Batkin ' 38 Brown ' 38 Doxsee ' 38 Grad. Eugene C. Kenneth E. Frederick H. Frank E. Harold R. James E. Jess G. Johnson ' 38 Lady ' 38 Palmer ' 38 Peabody ' 38 Russell ' 38 Smith ' 38 Arnold ' 39 Robert G. Audie A. Robert E. Carl A. Donald D. Arthur R. Herb C. Culver ' 39 Daugherty ' 39 Etcheverry ' 39 Holmes ' 39 McGirk ' 39 McLaughlin Mayes ' ' 39 lyes ' 39 Milton J. John E. Lawrence F. Fred George G. Karl A. John R. Sheldon ' 39 Bostic ' 40 Bradley ' 40 Diggles ' 40 Gordon ' 40 Parker ' 40 Titsworth ' 40 Lothar 0. Walter M. Walter R. Howard H. Bruce R. Clinton H. Hilton B. Blackman ' 41 Dickie ' 41 Hearn ' 41 Hill ' 41 McCloud ' 41 Rider ' 41 Webster ' 41 FREDERICK PALMER Spring President Members No pictures: Robert J. Herwig ' 38, Charles H. Johnson ' 39 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2739 CHANNINC WAY I u( M)K1) AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1843 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS I nitersity Associates: Eldridge J. Best, Andrew J. Carlson, John V. Gregg, William Biggins, Benedict F. Raber, Charles H. Raymond, Alfred A. Solomon Stephen J. Philip S. Kenneth G. Rogers ' 37 Breck, Jr. ' 38 Durand ' 38 Thomas K. Miller ' 38 Ralph D. Rader ' 38 John F. Glenwood C. William 0. Waldron A. Alfred E. Doane ' 39 Dorey ' 39 Foulkes ' 39 Gregory ' 39 Stendahl ' 39 John B. Joseph J. George L. Sam W. Robert F. W. Richard Myron H. Steponoich ' 39Vokoun ' 39 Bolitho ' 40 Elkins ' 40 Farrell ' 40 Hughes ' 40 Koll ' 40 John P. Patrick J. Milton W. Edward M. Weldon L. Charles P. John G. Longwell ' 40 McCarthy ' 40 Morrison ' 40 Ragan ' 40 Richards ' 40 Roseland ' 40 Smith ' 40 Thomas J. Robert A. Everett M. Robert D. Joseph S. Clarkson W. Karl W. Twohig ' 40 Wertsch ' 40 Witzel ' 40 Fraser ' 41 Huberty ' 41 Pinkham ' 41 Schmidt ' 41 Members No pictures: John D. Beebe ' 38, Robert W. Knowles ' 38, William H. Robison ' 38, Gerald M. Allen, Jr. ' 39, William L. Musladin ' 39, Dugan H. Pearl ' 39 STEPHEN ROGERS Fall President RALPH RADER Spring President ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2465 LE CONTF AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS University Associates: Stanley Cosby, Carroll M. Ebright, Oliver M. Washhurn Graduates : Herbert Caran Gee, John Pettis, Jr., Harry E. Stuard 3 9 a liMUl Harry R. George E. Warren L. Claudius M. Ted M. Bolton ' 38 Cornell ' 38 Danford ' 38 Easley, Jr. ' 38 Gottlieb ' 38 r ' , f i Robert F. Norman H. Charles T. Frank Heizer ' 36 Boke ' 37 McClure ' 37 Boggs ' 38 Charles L. Robert S. Hazen ' 38 Kerr ' 38 Walter D. Donald Frank C. Owen J. Westman ' 38 Wilder ' 38 Collins ' 39 Craig ' 39 Vernon Douglas A. William E Prentiss ' 39 Sheffield ' 39 Stoll ' 39 Lormq M. Emil M. Barker ' 40 Bergh ' 40 James C. Robert A. Charles H. Edward S. Brokaw, Jr. MODewey ' 40 Edwards ' 40 Kotok ' 40 Robert E. William F. Charles N Moock ' 40 Newcomb ' 40 Perry ' 40 Marksbury G. Niles I. Robert C. Raney ' 40 Searls ' 40 Stone ' 40 Ralph B. Tilney ' 40 Philip L. Robert F. George D. Charles A. Harry C. Woodworth ' 40 Appelbaum ' 41 Beach ' 41 Donohoe ' 41 Lieb ' 41 John W. William W. Paul A. Ronald B. Winston P. Meierdiercks Merrill ' 41 Schumann ' 41 Slater ' 41 Woodman ' 41 ' 41 360 Members No pictures: John B. Sawyer ' 37, Paul SuU-liffe ' 39, William H. Baker ' 41, George W. French ' 41 WALTER WESTMAN Fall President CHARLES HAZEN Spring President BACHELORDON 2537 RIIX.F ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1894 i NK CHAPTER ( nil ersi ' y Associates: Dr. F. C. Cordes, Edwin Duerr Graduates: Thomas M. Blond, Willis T. MacKinnon, Walter T. Stone Hewy W. James B. Robert L. Charles Nrdstrm ' 38 Sinton ' 38 Berriman ' 39 Kemp ' 39 Charles Mesak ' 39 Eric Charles F. J. Arthur Carl Scnionneman Knowlton ' 40 Wells ' 40 Olson ' 41 ' 39 Robert L. Solon ' Jl Members No pictures: Leslie M. Lincoln " 38. Glen S. Waterman " 38. Fred G. Marsh 9 JAMES SINTON Fall President CHARLES MESAK Spring President BETA PI 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS University Associates: Bertrand H. Bronson, R. T. Fisher, Herbert C. Moffitt, C. A. Ramm, E. G. Smith, George M. Stratton, Nicholas L. Taliaferro, Edwin C. Van Dyke Graduates: Robert B. Bias, Spencer T. Chester, W. Sterling Gorrill, Charles J. Leighton, Arthur E. Sugden, R. Bruce Wachob Vernon L. John William D. Gaylord Richard A. Robert S. Goodin ' 37 Bryan ' 38 Comstock ' 38 Forrest ' 38 Gock ' 38 Hill ' 38 Thomas P. Thomas Hogan ' 38 Kent ' 38 Frank George M. Langmaid ' 38 Posey ' 38 Whitfield Richard Ralph James Francis William E. Charles S. Frank W. Putnam ' 38 Ricker ' 38 Robinson ' 38 Shields ' 38 Steckmest ' 38 Sweetland ' 38 Wheeler ' 38 Cleary ' 39 Walter T. Coulthard ' 39 William M. Chester E. Howard W. Clark Gerrit L. Arthur W. Terry James R. Jack C. Eastman ' 39 Graham ' 39 Hansen ' 39 Howat ' 39 Keane ' 39 Milliken ' 39 O ' Flaherty ' 39 Powell ' 39 Sharp ' 39 Edward L. Soule ' 39 Robert M. Viney ' 39 Karl F. David W. Edwin F. Richard G. Ward Stanleys. Del David T. Owen Lee A. Jess C. Ziegler ' 39 Allen ' 40 Alston ' 40 Castle ' 40 Cox, Jr. ' 40 Freeborn ' 40 Jones ' 40 McKibben ' 40 Seaman ' 40 Umphred ' 40 Wilson ' 40 L JL ril MU i m ' . James G. John W. Lewis R. Ward Albert D. John C. Douglas R. William P. William f. Max Theodore P. Adams ' 41 Bryan ' 41 Byington ' 41 Dawson ' 41 Hogan ' 41 Howard ' 41 Powell ' 41 Thomas ' 41 Walsh ' 41 Wikox, Jr. ' 41 Wittschen ' 41 Member No picture : Baldwin G. Lamson ' 38 362 RICHARD GOCK Fail President JOHN R. BRYAN Spring President UL CHI PHI 2529 HKARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRLNCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS L ' nii-ersity Associate: Paul S. Taylor William E. Raymond A. George W. Alfred G. Carlson ' 38 Leonard, Jr. Nickel ' 38 Bean ' 39 ' 38 Stanley W. Thornton W. Edtarooke ' 39 Elliott ' 39 Harold A. W. Douglas Harris Stanley R. Fletcher ' 39 Gardiner ' 39 Huey ' 39 Juch ' 39 Thomas B. Lord ' 39 Albert W. Jerome R. John D. Lynde ' 39 Roberts ' 39 Snook ' 39 Donald R. Philip S. TomH. Welwyn Robert R. Dean W. Watts ' 39 Boone ' 40 Clarke ' 40 Dallam, Jr. ' 40 Hepperle ' 40 Law ' 40 Jerome Reed ' 40 Charles Rodier ' 40 K. Hart Smith ' 40 Burton A. Garrett Gurney Bill Frederic D. Swartz ' 40 Van Home ' 40 Brecltenfeld ' 41 Brotherton ' 41 Fletcher ' 41 Rodney A. John Y. Joe P. Gladstone Clinton D. Clarence E. Jim C. John B. Guilfoil ' 41 Leinau ' 41 Ralston ' 41 Reed. Jr. ' 41 Roberts ' 41 Waldner ' 41 Warren ' 41 Wells. Jr. ' 41 Members No pictures: Ralph T. Riley ' 38, John Waddell ' 41 GEORGE NICKEL, JR. Fall President DOUGLAS GARDINER Spring President CHI PI SIGMA 2405 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 THREE CHAPTERS University Associates: G. E. Gibson, Arthur Larhman, L . G. Say well, H. A. Stone, J. W. Stout Graduates: Robert E. Barieau, Burris Cunningham, Joseph Gregory, Willis E. Lamb, Jr., Raymond Stoughton 364 . I " ' y t I .or H. Carl E. Updeqraff ' 38 Hendel ' 39 Wallace W. William D. Charles C. Thompson ' 40 Gilliland ' 41 Winnia ' 41 Members Vo pictures: Robert D. Bethel ' 38, Traver S. Martin ' 38, James W. McClean ' 39, David R. Countryman ' 40, John K. Grimason ' 40 ROBERT BARIEAU Fall President JOHN W. GIBSON Spring President CHI PSI 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE, BERKELEY FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY HVr. CHAPTERS I niiersity Associates: William W. Ferrier, Jr., Perry Evans Graduate: Elmer J. Brant J. Conradi Kellogg C. Russell Milton E. Lewis Lange ' 38 Bernsten ' 38 Heiberj ' 38 Ley ' 38 McArthur ' 38 John H. Roger M. William S. John F. Sands G. McWhorter ' 38 Sherman ' 38 Basse ' 39 Cooper ' 39 Falk ' 39 Philip K. John R. John P. Ferrier ' 39 Geetz ' 39 Holland ' 39 Robert A. Albert W. Laurence Carter W. Kenneth D. David C. Jack W. John S. Hurlbut ' 39 Jessee ' 39 Kennedy ' 39 Kilborn ' 39 McCloskey ' 39 McMillin ' 39 Pratt ' 39 Rath ' 39 Gilbert H. Jonathan A. Edward John Hugh W. Dennis N. Clayton S. Douglas D. Sweet. Jr. ' 39 Barker ' 40 Barry ' 40 Calrert ' 40 Ferrier ' 40 Horgan ' 40 Kellar ' 40 McDonnell ' 40 Edward F. Peck ' 40 W. Brad Baldwin C. Francis L. Smith ' 40 Woods ' 40 Bryan ' 41 Redge F. Henn ' 41 William C. Loy ' 41 Bill W. Douglas H. Ransom ' 41 Thomas ' 41 LEWIS McARTHUR Fall President Members ! ' o pictures : Jack Beck ' SS, Sherwood Dodge ' 38. Wilson Forbes 38. Richard Ford ' SS, Richard Gratton ' 38. Hobart H. Halloran ' 38, Lester O. Cheek ' 39. Horace G. Haldeman ' 39, William C. Hodge ' 39 RUSSELL HEXBERG Spring President REY 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1904 ONE CHAPTER University Associates: J. B. Brown, Sr., Herbert B. Foster, Sr., Joe W. Floyd, Fredrick S. Foote, M.D., James F. Ryan, Jr., Budd J. Smith, D.D.S. Graduate: S. Warren Smith D U Roger L. Elman Burdette Burum, Grad. Rose ' 37 Brown ' 38 Leonard D. Butler ' 38 Edison J. Watson W. Dernier ' 38 Greenfield ' 38 Howard T. Frank J. Charles Neville ' 38 Schweitzer ' 38 SeLegue ' 38 Stanley S. B. Balfrey ' 39 William A. Everett M. Balfrey ' 39 Chandler ' 39 Chester L. Charles R. James E. Doyle ' 39 Grant ' 39 Pendleton ' 39 Gordon C. Edwin D. Weems ' 39 Yocky ' 39 Linton L. Charles K. Benjamin E. Emerson ' 40 Humphreys ' 40 Nordeen, Jr. ' 40 Bill Dennis Magnus M. Paul A. Richard 0. Gary J. Robinson ' 40 Scott ' 40 Matsen ' 41 Nielsen ' 41 Read ' 41 Torre ' 41 Members No pictures: Robert F. Hansard ' 38, Clyde M. Yank ' 40 366 GORDON C. WEEMS Spring President LTA DELTA CHI 2200 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY. 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED IN 1910 THIRT Y-FI VE ( :HAPT F K - Graduates: Fred B. Barg. Robert G. Parker, Tom A. Shellhammer, D. V. Vieira Kenneth M. Lowell Del Paul D. Wallace E. David S. Brown ' 38 Fenton ' 38 Fulmer ' 38 Holbrook ' 38 Johnston ' 38 O | ( A jteL 1 Howart W. Otbcl A. Mm E. John William H. Lester D. Walter H. Kerrigan ' 38 Kilpatrit ' 38 Lindberg ' 38 Mizulo ' 38 Murray ' 38 Rohwer ' 38 Cnser ' 39 Eirward P. Willard J. Jee J. John K. Arthur Fred R. Be tM Jepscn. Jr. ' 39 Parry ' 39 Richter ' 39 Watson ' 39 Anderson ' 40 Brooks ' 40 Haney, Jr. ' 40 Grant Robert M. Robert G. John W. Edward V. Jack S. Harrey F. Holcomb ' 40 Hopkins ' 40 Mortal ' 40 Ryerson ' 40 Helrner ' 41 Kilpatric ' 41 Quin ' 41 Members No pictures: P. Karl Buck " 38. Hamilton R. Stevenson " 38. Ralph S. Watkins, Jr. W OTHEL KILPATRIC Fall President WILLIAM MURRAY Sprite President DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNI EKSITY, 1811 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS University Associates: H. W. Ballantine, C. G. Hyde, R. S. Minor Graduates: Richard Belcher, III, John Craig, John L. Jones. Clifford M. Todd Dudley William N. Dexter, Jr. ' 38 Eckart ' 38 Jack A. Burt Richardson ' 40 Allyn ' 41 Rossiter Mikel ' 41 Members No pictures: Benjamin . Reed. Jr. ' 38, Ray Jones ' 39. Robert M. Joses ' 39, Charles H. Young ' 39, Paul F. Brinkman ' 40, Douglas M. Moody ' 40, Morrison M. Smith MO, AI Wilder ' 40 368 WILLIAM ECKART DELTA TAU DELTA 24:5 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1859 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 SEVENTY-K lUR CH PTERS L ' nii-ersity Associates: D. C. Duncan, Francis S. Foote, Brutus Hamilton. George H. Hart, Frank L. Kelly, Arniin O. Leuschner, Warren C. Perry, Chester H. Rowell, Charles E. Rngh 38 Den Gretory ' 38 Rejinald L. Knox - 38 Charles L. Urinn ' 38 Blake 38 Warren S Addrse. C. Richards ' 38 Strom ' 35 Robert B. Welty ' 38 38 Noel S. Burte ' 39 Calh ! E. 39 Church ' 39 Robert C. 39 William W. Gay ' 39 Balfour C. GibsMi ' 39 s J. Hatch ' 39 Jack E. Hotper ' 39 James D. HustM. Jr. ' 39 Lindsay P. William F. Robert Marshall ' 39 Mitchell ' 39 Reed ' 39 Robert C. Spott ' 39 Randolph H. William D. ' 39 Wi.ley ' 39 Frank V. William H. William P. Andrews ' 40 dark ' 40 Gaddis. Jr. ' Richard L. ' 40 Francis W. Mayer ' 40 James R. Edward W. Pad G. Gardiner H. Paul S. Mclnerny ' 40 Peterson ' 40 Schackt ' 40 Whrtebead ' JO Blak ' -11 Robert 0. Bracken ' 41 E W. ' 41 Edwin A. Fischer ' 41 Russell W. Fisher ' 41 Robert Haden ' 41 Robert Hall ' 41 Raymond Haynes ' 41 Eugene G. McCann ' 41 John Paul Meyer ' 41 John R. Leslie D. Tiedemaan ' 41 Whitney ' 41 Members .Vo pictures: William S. Fairish ' SS, Lorimer W. Woolley " 38, Richard N. Wilkinson 39, Patrick D. Hamilton ' 40 BLAKE PALAMOUNTAIN DELTA UPSILON 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS University Associates: Edward V. Brewer, Monroe E. Deutsch, Lloyd L. Farrar, James Hopper, Jr., Neal McKeller, Charles W. Merriam, George R. Noyes, Lawrence M. Price, Robert Sibley, Herbert R. Stoltz, James W. Thompson, Robertson Ward, Herbert C. Wyckoff u H b Robert Revel James R. Douglas C. W. K. Robert L. Robert Laurence W Miller ' 38 Pierce ' 38 Skaife ' 38 Amonette ' 39 Boone ' 39 Caldwell ' 39 Dickey ' 39 James James J. William W. Jones John Boyd. Ill ' 38 Durney ' 38 Franklin ' 38 Hawley ' 38 Meek ' 38 .lames G. Hamilton, Jr. ' 39 Norman S. Floyd E. Ralston E. Bill William B. Arthur C. Edward Leland S. Hickerson ' 39 Luther ' 39 Maloney ' 39 Murphy ' 39 Nelson ' 39 Oppenheimer, Schuessler ' 39 Scott ' 39 II ' 39 Wyman G. Smith ' 39 Harry F. Robert M. Thompson ' 39 Wells ' 39 Allen B. Barbour ' 40 Jack W. Barnett ' 40 William E. Andrew C. John William M. Eugene Jack F. Biggerstaff ' 40 Gaither ' 40 Griffith ' 40 Griffith ' 40 Laugenour, Lewis ' 40 Jr. ' 40 William M. McCain ' 40 John MacKenzie ' 40 Edward A. Moffatt ' 40 Sterling D. Roberts ' 40 Charles A. Rowe ' 40 Robert T. Walton ' 40 Peter Walters ' 40 George S. West ' 40 Alvin S. Clarence 0. Donald C. Geary R. Tom N. W. Robert White ' 40 Amonette ' 41 Barbour ' 41 Bundschu ' 41 Elmendorf ' 41 Howell ' 41 Members Vo pictures: William R. Boone ' 38, Edward R. Oliver ' 38. John R. Breeden ' 39, Richard K. Humphries ' 39, Eugene A. Shurtleff ' 39. Harry Yenning ' 39, J. Robert Culver ' 40, Francis S. Dam ' 40, John M. True, Jr., ' 40, William D. Garvai ' 41, John Hanson ' 41, Benjamin McAlpine ' 41, Wrede C. Petersmeyer ' 41 ROBERT MILLER Fall President JAMES BOYD. Ill Spring President ALPHA 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SEVENTY CHAPTERS University Associate: Jack C. Peppi n Graduates: Richard Z. Lamberson, Robert Wallace Charles S. James F. Kenneth E. Robert E. Roland A. Gubser ' 37 Mitchell ' 37 Brown ' 38 Bullock ' 38 Ekstein ' 38 Rudolph E. Lee A. Fuetterer ' 38 Goss ' 38 Ray H. Walter E. Houston E. Merle Maurice Vincent A. Edward M. Hawkins ' 38 Hoadley. Jr. Keehner ' 38 Randall ' 38 Smith ' 38 .an Praag ' 38 Wheeler ' 38 Russell W. Richard R. John B. Benner ' 39 Casady ' 39 Ellis ' 39 Robert M. William H. Charles H. George K. Ralph P. Frank D Forcey ' 39 Herbert ' 39 Klute ' 39 O ' Hara. Jr. Plumb ' 39 Pryor ' 39 ' 39 c. m f. har ll s , , Inrino G. James M. Schweitzer ' 39 Wrisnt ' 39 Alger. Jr. ' 40 Boyd ' 40 Henry H. Robert K. Gordon M. Charles Horace H. G. Bramble! ' 40 Byers ' 40 Callison ' 40 Considine ' 40 Kelsey. Jr. ' 40 Victor Walter W. Alan H. Scott Rogers G. Arnold Roy E. Robert J. Welburn S. Bertil J. Lattanner. Nelson ' 40 Nittler ' 40 ' 40 Berwick ' 41 Clausen. Jr. Considine ' 41 Mayock ' 41 Peterson ' 41 Jr. ' 40 -41 KENNETH BROWN Fall President Members A ' o pictures: David Eldridge ' 38. Robert B. Elliott, ' 38, Grinnell Burt ' 39 EDWARD WHEELER Spring President KAPPA DELTA RHO 2522 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 NINETEEN CHAPTERS Graduate: Rodney Berggton Cyril B. James W. Robert W. Edward P. Paul Haworth. Grad Moon ' 35 Russell, Grad. Stanley, Grad. Ayer ' 38 George H. Roy G. Fred L. Charles T. Theodore R. Eveland ' 38 Farrell ' 38 Nettell ' 38 Shaw ' 38 Thompson ' 38 Tom P. Donald W. Robert H. William Paul F. Williams ' 38 Goodwin ' 39 McPhillamey Nelson ' 39 Pick ' 39 ' 39 Carl E. Ted R. Daniel E. Neil A. Charles Russell ' 39 Foster ' 40 Hunt ' 40 Marshall ' 40 Scruggs ' 40 Robert G. William C. Kenneth A. Leslie W. Tom P. Williams ' 40 Cameron ' 41 Kuney ' 41 Ley ' 41 Patten ' 41 372 Members No pictures: William Tatum ' 38. Nolan C. O ' Neal ' 39, Thomas D. Hunt MO, Andrew J. Kelley ' 40 GEORGE H. EVELAND Spring President KAPPA NU 2412 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FIFTEEN CHAPTERS Graduates: Robert BernMein. Leonard Giiu-berg r. Ini C. Harris. Grari. Sucarman Grail. Ralph M. Stanley D. Leonard E. Herbert Beamitz ' 39 Brad ' 39 Domb ' 39 Goldman ' 39 Alfred 0. Norman D. Henry Myron Haber ' 39 Saiinar ' 39 Schwartz ' 39 Suam Clifford A. Morris J. Edwin F. Leonard A. BarbaMll ' 40 Epstein ' 40 Goldman ' 40 Grass ' 40 Russell L. Charles E. Alan L. Herbert W. Darid L. Edmund George G. Henry JalofI -40 Auerbach ' 41 Cahn ' 41 Cahn ' 41 Kass ' 41 Tackle ' 41 Wagner ' 41 Weisman ' 41 Utembers A ' o pictures: Morris Pollork " 38, George Warton ' 41 EUGENE FRIEND Prtsibcnt SIGMA 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAITER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND NINE CHAPTERS Graduate: Thomas H. Cornwall Thomas J. MacBride. Grad. Edward F. Mills Ackley ' 38 Brown ' 38 Russell R. Bryan ' 38 Frederick L. Sam S. Ralph K. Burrell ' 38 Cameron ' 38 Forsyth ' 38 Thomas H. Carl Perry Victor Robert K. Gordon T. Ben C. Sam C. Nason ' 38 Reich ' 38 Schwartz ' 38 Bottari ' 39 Chalmers ' 39 Davidson ' 39 Gerwick, Jr. Jackson ' 39 ' 39 Leonard 0. Milton 0. Raymond R. Carlos D. James P. Fred H. Long ' 39 Rosendahl ' 39 Rosso ' 39 Stephens ' 39 Stone ' 39 Vann ' 39 Allan C. Walsh ' 39 Robert G. Wilhelm ' 39 Raymond T. William M. William K. John W. Bryant M. Fay A. Winterbottom Hale ' 40 Russell ' 40 Saunders ' 40 Bennett ' 41 Froom ' 41 ' 39 Donald D. Ralph E. Jackson ' 41 Kerr ' 41 Frederic Roy G. Bennett C. Henry A. Bert M. Frank A. Robert L. Roberton C. Kitchener. Jr. Scott ' 41 Souther ' 41 Steinbach ' 41 Sweetser ' 41 Thomas ' 41 Van Court ' 41 Williams ' 41 ' 41 Member No picture: J. Perry Thomas ' 38 374 MILLS BROWN Fall President RUSSELL BRYAN Spring President LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 Ml CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 NINETY-ONE CHAPTERS t nirersify Associates: Eric C. BellquUt, Captain Bruce L. Canaga. Henry F. Grady. Dr. Charles A. Kofoid, Dr. Robert O. Moody. Dr. Robert S. Sherman. Charie.- C. Staehling Graduate: Melvin H. Gautier E. Neil Merritt D. Godfrey C. Charles A. William P. Sharer. Jr.. Street. Grad. Beckman ' 38 Blaise ' 38 Cook ' 38 Grad. Robert N. Eddr ' 38 William H. William T. Louis G. James ' 38 Rawles ' 38 Reno ' 38 Carl W. Sauer ' 38 Richard F. Tharp ' 38 G. El.ood William P. Thode ' 38 Weber ' 38 Daid D. Richards. Philip T. Fred L. Walter G. Paul M. William R. Kenneth E. Seauchamp ' 39 Bylin ' 39 Gardner ' 39 Losee ' 39 Moblad ' 39 Phillips ' 39 Vartnaw ' 39 Carlson ' 40 Erlin W. Robert E. Miles 0. Donald B. Howard A. Thomas I. John E. Hugh G. Fmtell ' 40 Herns ' 40 Millar. Jr. ' 40 Pooler ' 40 Sauer ' 40 Sinnett ' 40 Tuttle ' 40 Applimj ' 41 William C. Albert Chiapella ' 41 Glenn ' 41 William D. Eugene C. John F. Karl W. Erwin H. Jerrr J Hohenthal. Jr. Martin ' 41 Neace ' 41 Shattuck ' 41 Thode ' 41 Wolohan ' 41 ' 41 Member A ' o picture: J. Dayton Axtell ' 39 RICHARD THARP Fall President ELWOOD THODE Spring President PHI BETA DELTA 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF COLUMBIA, 1912 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 NINETEEN CHAPTERS Graduate: Leonard Ratner 9 v M D 9 ! A ,5 AML3L ?ftLiM! Richard T. Walter M. Irving H. Sidney D. Harold L. Gerald B. Robert J. Mose J. Wilfred William J. Robin B. Drukker, Grad. Lehman, Grad. Perluss, Grad. Schachter, Strom, Grad. Tannen, Grad. Bibbero ' 38 Firestone ' 38 Garfmkle ' 38 Grossman ' 38 Hatfield ' 38 Grad. William L. Ed. Milton Daniel Julian L. Al Marvin E. Myron P. Maas ' 38 Meltzer ' 38 Pollack ' 38 Seedman ' 38 Stamper ' 38 Tieburg ' 38 .Wasserman ' 38 Falk ' 39 Julius H. William Donald Stanley R. Greenberg ' 39 Grossman ' 39 Harris ' 39 Jack A. Robert J. Joel L. Martin E. David L. Stanley N. Jack Howards. Walter Hilbert Stanton M. Jacotay ' 39 Lince ' 39 Meyer ' 39 Rothenberg ' 39 Rotner ' 39 Saltzstine ' 39 Strasberg ' 39 Bloom ' 40 Eisenberg ' 40 Grossman ' 40 Markovits ' 40 Harvey Melvin H. Raymond I. Albert S. Eugene B. Wilbert B. Gerald J. Joel A. Masonek ' 40 Schwartz ' 40 Altman ' 41 Aronson ' 41 Cowan ' 41 Fountain ' 41 Goldberg ' 41 Luhn ' 41 Bert M. Sheldon W. Bernard Portugeis ' 41 Warshauer ' 376 Members No pictures: Stanley Kreiger ' 39, Mortimer Lipsett ' 41 AL TIEBURG President PHI DELTA THETA 2717 HEARST AVENUE. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS I ' niYersify Associates: J. H. Hildebrand. J. P. McBaine, P. O. Ray, Thoma Stow William L. Julius C. Willard T. Jack C. Karl 0. Lyman R. Gunther S. Cook ' 38 Deubner ' 38 Dolman ' 38 Doman ' 38 Foi ' 38 Gillis ' 38 Grumm ' 38 Grattan James W. Dwight A. Oman Hogin ' 38 Martin ' 38 Newell ' 38 Noles ' 38 William H. William Picard. Jr. ' 38 Beal ' 39 Richard L. R. Lewis B. Datid ' 39 Eckley ' 39 Kean. Jr. ' 39 Don R. Philip G. John S. John C. Robert W. LePelle ' 39 Markwart ' 39 Middleton ' 39 Obermuller ' 39 Stutt ' 39 Ned A. William H. William D. Phil Thomas ' 39 Fail-bank ' 40 Forney ' 40 Hawgood ' 40 George H. Alexander Hendricks ' 40 Innes ' 40 De Mott Robert S. Cornelius D. Robert T. Robert R. Richard A. Arthur Modisette ' 40 Moon ' 40 O ' Sullitan ' 40 Petersson ' 40 Rennie ' 40 Sheffield ' 40 Tooby ' 40 John F. Thomas E. James H. Allen N. Lester S. Fred C. William H. George W. James H. Carleton ' 41 Karen ' 41 L ' Hommedieu, Maybury ' 41 Ready ' 41 Roberts ' 41 Rogers ' 41 Shipley ' 41 Todd. Jr. ' 41 Jr. -41 Members .Vo pictures: William W. Applegate " 38, Kenneth E. Cotton " 38, Charles C. Ward ' 41 LYMAN GILLIS Fall President JAMES MARTIN Sprint President HIGA MM A DELTA 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS University Associates: LeRoy Briggs, Harold L. Bruce, Charles Derleth. Jr., W. H. Durham, Norman E. A. Hinds, Woodbridge Metoalf Graduates: Harlo U. Bennett, Jr., Robert J. Bishop, David McNutt, Judson Madden Ortus F. Adams ' 38 Jack P. Robert S. David Richard D. Edwin M. Ross E. Armor W. Cowden ' 38 Cowden ' 38 Crosse ' 38 Crowe ' 38 Hamlin ' 38 Hamlin ' 38 Harris ' 38 Philip G. Pierpont ' 38 George W. Skinner ' 38 John R. Sheridan John M. DeWitt J. Edward F. Frank B. Struthers ' 38 Baker ' 39 Fowler ' 39 Griffin ' 39 Milliard ' 39 Hunt ' 39 Paul McDonald ' 39 William H. Ohm ' 39 Pierson Frederick N. Robert S. Lenard F. Paul Kennon P. Lloyd R. Robert D. Robert W. Plummer ' 39 Scatena ' 39 Sherman. Jr. Siller ' 39 (onKempf ' 39 White, Jr. ' 39 Whitson ' 39 Woodward ' 39 Boucke ' 40 ' 39 John V. Madison H. Thomas Robert J. Richard V. Chester B. Fleming ' 40 Haas ' 40 Hawkins ' 40 McMahon ' 40 Newton ' 40 Noyes ' 40 Stanley M. Walter W. Robert M. Tutton ' 40 Bridge ' 41 Coman ' 41 John B. Garniss H. Dean E. Bethune M. Robert W. Richard T. Robert E. Baxter D. Gordon L. Copeland ' 41 Curtis ' 41 Dunnicliff ' 41 Ireland ' 41 Noyes ' 41 Ohm ' 41 Patterson ' 41 Thornton ' 41 Watson ' 41 378 DAVID CROSSE President PHI KAPPA PSI 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE. 1852 CALIFORNIA i.AMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1899 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS Graduates: Robert Carr. WiUon E. Cline, Edwin Meserve, Robert Me.serve. George A. Smith, Robert Walker Gift Homer G. Angelo ' 38 Lawrence Arpin ' 38 Ed Douoery ' 38 John E. Fisher ' 38 Ralph W. Lamon ' 38 Bert L. T. Marshall Luncefwd ' 38 Reynolds ' 38 Thomas F. Saunders ' 38 Jim Smith ' 38 Ben P. Tipton ' 38 Peter R. Arpin ' 39 Richard C. Bins ' 39 Samel L. Bream ' 39 Fredrick M. Carlisle ' 39 Hugh Johnston ' 39 Donald J. Lawrie ' 39 VentM P. Martin ' 39 Phil Merrill ' 39 Milton M. Rowley ' 39 Robert E. Steers ' 39 Letnard R. Henry G. Ted Edwin Raymond James A. Fletcher Matthew A. Pay) Lowell F. Thrasher ' 39 Turner ' 39 Willstn ' 39 Bucklin ' 40 Damskey ' 40 Gilchnst ' 40 Jones ' 40 Little ' 40 imm(m ' 40 Steel ' 40 Emerson Charles H. Richard L. Abies ' 41 Baiby ' 41 Janes ' 41 Richard H. J. Allen Edward J. 0. Guinn Leslie E. Kilbourn ' 41 Patterson ' 41 Saunders ' 41 Smith ' 41 Still ' 41 Donald C. Charles T. Stwch ' 41 Yeria ' 41 Members o pictures: Edwin T. Goree ' 38, Jack F. Pruyn ' 38. Harold T. Arpin " 39. Robert Buchanan 9, Jerry Le Lachuer ' 39. William R. Mor- gan ' 39. Walter A. Vane ' 39. Earl A. FaM ' 40, Lyle Goldinp ' 40, Wilbur Ingram ' 40. Le.-ter D. Lawson ' 40. John D. Luca ' 40, John D. Motlow ' 40 LAWRENCE ARPIN Fall President HOMER ANGELO Sprint President PHI KJ I KAPPA SIGMA 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 THIRTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS University Associates: David P. Barrows, Thomas Buck, Clark J. Burnham, Jr., John U. Calkins, Jr., Malcolm M. Davisson, Walter M. Hard, Sanford U. Larkey, Ivan M. Linforth, Reginald H. Linforth, George D. Louderback, Albert H. Mowbray, Heber A. Newsom Roger V. Bell ' 38 Millard E. George M. Charles H. Buckman ' 38 Ellis ' 38 Janin ' 38 Kenneth L. John K. McKinnon ' 38 Barbierl ' 39 Roger G. Alfred B. Robert A. Jones ' 39 Krechtler ' 39 Peterson ' 39 James D. Dave S. John J. Jordan ' 40 Roberts ' 40 Vandenburgh, Jr. ' 40 William H. Leonard M. Charles M. Chandler ' 41 Clausen ' 41 Evans ' 41 George D. Stephen T. Charles T. Donald H. Frank Jack R. Barrett H. Gould ' 41 Harding ' 41 Kierulff ' 41 Lindsay ' 41 Ross ' 41 van Tonningen Willson ' 41 ' 41 380 Members No pictures: Elmer N. Bischoff ' 38, F. Seeley Foote, Jr. ' 38, Charles R. Gallagher ' 38, Henry H. Harding ' 38, Kenneth L. Leimboch ' 38, Franklin D. Smith ' 38, F. Donald Enfield ' 39, Frederick Reinacke ' 39, A. Hall Longacre ' 41 (} HOWARD JANIN President PHI KAPPA TAU 2335 PIEDMONT A } M E. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS I ' niiersity Associate: George A. Rice H. Walter H. . Gratf. Camr ' 38 P :h-c Rcbert C. Hnrart C. Taai G. Jat W. Hik L. Emene J. Ljndi ' 38 Ljudi ' 38 Parw ' 38 Ptlk ' 38 Sin| ' 38 Svini ' 38 WntpMu ' 38 Cecil V. Wilsw F. Rtbert S. Wilhan H. E .rt A. Wilvcr Atc isn ' 39 Birter ' 39 DvaMsM ' 39 Dnkirct ' 39 Nail ' 39 SckrwM Rtyd F. ' 39 Stt ' 39 Warn B. Ttitai ' 39 VM Vtear ' 39 Jack P. Ritwrt H. Willian 1. Gtrtwi R. 40 Haanl ' 40 HaKd 1 40 Km ' 40 Mtnj ' 40 Fraak 0. Rabert B. tafcstaller ' 40 Sail ' 40 J. Williaai . ' 41 Cadm ' 41 Jaw W. DwaM I. Rautk. Jr. ' 41 Seatrstrwi ' 41 Members o pictures: Eric Hall " 38. Milton T. Hill 38 WALTER CONWAY PrasMort PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2211 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FORTY-SIX CH APTERS University Associates: R. L. Adams, C. E. Chapman, Clinton Evans, Fred C. Fischer, Walter Frederick, Franklin C. Palm, Herbert I. Priestley, Kenneth Priestley p :: ' Frank W. Churchill J. Robert B. William H. Rex M. Ahlert ' 38 Campbell ' 38 Clyde ' 38 Hand ' 38 Heap ' 38 Charles P. Noel W. Herbert Patterson ' 38 Allen ' 39 Kelly ' 39 Brian M. Stovall ' 39 Robert P. Binkley MC Robert W. Fairman ' 4C Robert N. Ferroggiaro ' 4C Wcston L. Fields ' 41 Wilbur Albert W. Hedquist ' 41 Nash ' 41 James R. Rideout ' 41 Members No pictures : Thomas E. Hall " 38, David M. Morrell ' 38, Al Parker ' 38, Walter A. Weber ' 38, Charles A. Bennett ' 39, Cloyd A. Ross, Jr. ' 39, Martin D. Greenwell ' 40, Francis W. Huline ' 40, Truman E. Laningham, Jr. ' 40 382 CHARLES PATTERSON Spring President PI KAPPA ALPHA 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 SEVENTY-SIX CHAPTERS Graduates: William Connolly, Herman Cook Akin D. JereC. Arthur G. Ian M. William M. Ayers. Grad King, Grad. Becker ' 38 Ferguson ' 38 Gorman ' 38 Clyde A. Edward Arnold Boyd A. Henry C. James H. William F. MacDonald ' 38 Maloney ' 38 Nutting ' 38 Rippey ' 38 Sparks ' 38 Stramler ' 38 Webb. Jr. ' 38 Edwin A. Charles R. Robert J. Thomas H. Donald C. Francis M. William T. Wester ' 38 Brockman ' 39 Brockman ' 39 Carter ' 39 Giles ' 39 Grey ' 39 Hint ' 39 Richard A. Edwin A. Richard H. Philip B. Paul E. Malcolm A. Ernest G. Lee ' 39 Moody ' 39 Mutti ' 39 O ' Malley ' 39 Packer ' 39 Rea ' 39 Van Leeuwen. Jr. ' 39 Robert Bruce R. Phillips A. William W. Fred G. Jonathan C. Robert E. Bennett ' 40 Duwan ' 40 Dunford ' 40 Sataie ' 40 Wheeler ' 40 Royce ' 41 Williams ' 41 Member o picture: Thomas S. Merrill " 38 BOYD RIPPEY Fall President PAUL PACKER Spring President PI PA PHI 2510 LE CONTE FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS University Associate: Dr. H. E. Erdman r Tj _ " John B. Raymond F. Robert S. C. Lee Jack L. Bosworth ' 38 Cramer ' 38 Dawson ' 38 Emerson ' 38 Macki ' 38 Paul Otto C. John C. Charles S. Eugene Ben E. Percie C. Googins ' 39 Gravenhorst- Mackey ' 39 Osborne ' 39 Roberts ' 39 Stotts ' 39 Thacker ' 39 Brouwer ' 39 Robert B. Kenneth R. Robert L. Norman L. Archie Lee Arthur W. Raymond E. Wall ' 39 Wheeler ' 39 Wilmeth ' 39 Arrighi ' 40 Edgar ' 40 McMurry ' 40 Mellana ' 40 Robert F. Neil B. Richard M. Olsson ' 40 Weatherall ' 40 Witt ' 40 Henry J. Elton L. James D. Alfred L. Cappello ' 41 Kelly ' 41 Moore ' 41 Osborn ' 41 384 Members No pictures: Harold Blakeley ' 39. Lloyd Epperson ' 39, Robert Looney ' 39, Jack Windsor ' 40 LEE EMERSON Fall President JOHN BOSWORTH Spring President PSI UPSILON 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 TWE.NTY-MNE CHAPTERS t ' m ' t ersify Associates: Edward D. Adams. William C. Bray. John Dyer Bennet. Bernard Etrheverry. Martin Flaherty. Howard Fleming, Donald . Markay. Howard Naffziger. Leon Richardson. Thomas Sanford. Rudolph Schevill Graduates : Gilbert B. Becker, Pier Gherini, Robert Hewetson. William C. Howe, Stark Leopold. Robert Morris. Ernest E. Ram-aur. Lawrence A. Schei Rush Clark ' 38 G LewtH ' 38 0en G. McKetitt ' 38 Charles J. Piee ' 38 William K. Stems ' 38 Van) A. SttdctM ' 38 On d L. ' 39 James D Hahn -39 Jack W. Hay ' 39 Eugene E. Lehe ' 39 Walter S. Martin ' 39 Benson B. ROE ' 3 = Robert L. Stone ' 3? Henry Te chert ' 39 William S. Thomas ' 39 George Crensha ' 40 Charles G. Dibble ' 40 Benjamin C. Haile ' 40 William M. Huters ' 40 Douglas V Kelly ' 40 Kemctli L. McLaren ' 40 James J- Mitcbell ' 40 Earle Snell. Jr. ' 40 Tom C. Wood ' 40 R chard C. Miller ' 41 Forrest M. Smith ' 41 1 embers ! o pictures: Addison C. Bowers ' SS, Hiram S. Clark ' SS. Harold V. Mauser " 38. Sidney V. Smith 39, Reid Macdonald ' 40, Harry V. Barmettler ' 41, William Z. Elmore ' 41. James Wainwripht ' 41 VARD STOCKTON President SIGMA ALPHA EPSI1ON 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN CHAPTERS University Associates : A. F. Blanks, Robert D. Calkins, R. W. Chaney. Stanley K. Crook, Stuart Daggett, Rolfe R. Miller, Irving Phillips. Major S. R. Stribling Graduates: Robert L. Condon. James Erickson, Raymond T. Marsh Melvin W. Colvin C. Sterling Emmett F. James L. Robert H. Gipe, Grad. Doughty ' 38 Doughty ' 38 Gebauer ' 38 Joubert ' 38 Meyer ' 38 Walter B. Gordon F. Wayne C. James D. Kent J. Raymond E. Walter G. SoRelle ' 38 Bell ' 39 Boggs ' 39 Bowers ' 39 Collings ' 39 Covell ' 3 9 Green ' 39 Clyde E. Paul F. Boyd Edward V. James V. Walter Robert B. Healy ' 39 Lurmann ' 39 McGinn ' 39 Prati ' 39 Todesco ' 39 Watt ' 39 Ziegler ' 39 Willard J. David R. William R. James E. George E. Bill Donald C. Zinn ' 39 Coleman ' 40 Holman ' 40 Hussey ' 40 Jennings ' 40 Judson ' 40 Lamons ' 40 Robert W. George V. William E. Charles D. Rohlfs ' 40 Yocco ' 40 Brownlee ' 41 Huff ' 41 Robert E. Carl 0. George P. Scott, Jr. ' 41 Spath ' 41 West ' 41 386 Members No pictures: George Childs ' 38, James R. Miller ' 38, Lynell G. Skarda ' 38, Tom E. Folsom ' 39, James Whitney ' 39, Wilson D. Bell ' 40, Harry E. McAfee ' 40 COLVIN DOUGHTY President CHI 2345 COLLEGE AVKM ' E FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS L ' nii-ersity Associates: Elmer R. Hall, Charles A. Noble, Dudley O. McGovney. Clarence M. Price. George A. Stevens Graduates: Jack Dozier, William L. Dozier, Dwight C. Steele, David N. Taylor X 1 ?l lljLxJOl I Frank Fritz William E. Aliin A. James William R. Boro. Jr., Barkan. Jr. Benedict ' 38 Eustis ' 38 Geary ' 38 Harper ' 38 Grad. ' 38 Sutler E Torrej Kuakel -38 Lyons ' 38 Allan A. Smith ' 38 Bob E. Putnam E. Beswick ' 39 Clark ' 39 Sterlinj Harold J. Colthurst ' 39 Cm ' 39 Chester H. Richard P. Crass ' 39 Della-Vednra ' 39 Erichson ' 39 M reland B. Aleiander C. Rowland S. Lee C. Falkell ' 39 Farrell ' 39 Hodje ' 39 Lee ' 39 Tory Lew ' 39 Dan Thomas M. McGuire ' 39 Ray ' 39 Walter R. Reid ' 39 Jack P. Schafer ' 39 Allen B. Scwler ' 39 Stephens. John J. Richard B. Frank P. Robert A. Walter P. Herbert G. Lawrence V. To.nsend ' 39 Wade. Jr. ' 39 Bahme ' 40 Brendel ' 40 Eldridoe ' 40 Frick ' 40 Hartman ' 40 Metcalf ' 40 Charles E. Rea ' 40 Carl Spilker ' 40 Fred L. Yates S. Cloyd 0. James A. Howard H. Edward Wesley B. Robert A. Wyatt ' 40 Bleuel ' 41 Dawsen ' 41 Felchlin ' 41 Hiqhson ' 41 Pinoer ' 41 Plunkett ' 41 Poore ' 41 Harrison P. Paul B. Schafer ' 41 Thompson ' 41 Members o pictures: George Hallerman " 38. Lewis W. Goldenson ' 39, Robert F. Sheffield " 39, Charle B. White ' 39. Richard O. White ' 40 WILLIAM BENEDICT President SIGMA NU 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS University Associates: Charles R. Dodson, Peyton Hurt, Robert H. Merriman Fred W. Thomas M. Robert S. Laurence L. Winfield V. Fred H. Bennett ' 38 Cunningham Ingram ' 38 Lindsey, Jr. Scott, Jr. ' 38 Squires. Jr. 38 ' 38 ' 38 John F. Bill David J. Millard W. William F. Jack Sullivan ' 38 Swayne ' 38 Altmann, Jr. Bartholomew Davis ' 39 Emery ' 39 ' 39 ' 39 William J. William R. William L. Charles E. Fred M. Charles R. McGuire ' 39 Merrill ' 39 White ' 39 Wilson ' 39 Anderson ' 40 Bell ' 40 John D. John F. Jerry M. Finlayson ' 39 Gheen ' 39 Knox ' 39 rupu m v f James Alec. Stacy H. William N. Butler ' 40 Dobrzensky ' 40 Durley ' 40 Charles H. James B. Robert L. James M. Allen H. Lloyd E. William C. William S. Barratt M. Grainger ' 40 Hildreth ' 40 James ' 40 Mills ' 40 Pearson ' 40 Rabjohn ' 40 Roberts ' 40 Simpson ' 40 Wells ' 40 Walter T. George R. Charles N. Gerald E. Edward J. David A. William E. Clyde A. Earl Wells ' 40 Geppert ' 41 Heyer ' 41 Lutes ' 41 Morehouse ' 41 Queen ' 41 Smails ' 41 Stevens ' 41 Wilson ' 41 Member No picture: Warren Craig ' 41 388 JACK SULLIVAN President SIGMA PHI 2731 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNION ( OLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS ( ' nii-erf ity Associates: William V. Cruess, William G. Donald, Harold L. Leupp. Luther A. Nichols Graduates: Robert T. Eshleman, George F. Fisher, Jr. William G. James W. Janes James Curt Donald. Jr. -38 Kascft ' 38 Kindt ' 38 Ncwfcall ' 38 Rocca ' 38 Gail J. Robert C. Shadiner ' 38 Voel ' 38 E. Kabl Norman A. Fawwtt ' 39 Olson ' 39 i H. Shirrer ' 39 B. Grant Peter R. Charles W. Philip S. W:ll a S. Taylor, Jr. ' 39 Taylor ' 39 Bley ' 40 Crane ' 40 Cirtis ' 40 : B. Laurence Kent George G Robert R. Faa ' 40 McCollum ' 40 Sinclair ' 40 Taylor MO Weir ' 40 Robert S. William S. Lee Allan M. Robert L. Doane ' 41 Fisher ' 41 Ham ' 41 Hudson ' Jl Olson ' 41 Member .Yo picture: Roinney W. Masters ' SS JAMES KINDT President SIGMA PHI EPSILON 2559 LE CONTE AVENUE. FOUNDED AT RICHMOND COLLEGE, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 SIXTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS University Associates: F. L. Mason, W. W. Robbins, A. W. Sampson, C. M. Tompkins, H. R. Wellman, R. F. Reynolds, J. H. Corley, J. H. Cory, A. Ragan Graduates: John M. Cory, Leonard Charvet Robert F. Reynolds, Grad. William A. Blair ' 38 Fred J. Boody ' 38 Sam Wayne D. Chapman ' 38 Gregg ' 38 Harold V. Robert S. Mulchings ' 38 Knowles ' 38 Ernest G. Silver R. Harry J. Harold C. Jay G. Kramer ' 38 McFall ' 38 Squeri ' 38 Tonini ' 38 Webb ' 38 Harold S. Bright ' 39 David T. Raymond F. Robert C. deVarona ' 39 Doyle ' 39 George ' 39 Gordon L. James J. Enrique Burton H. Mi-Inn A Paul F. Bernard E. Robert G. William J. Johnson ' 39 Klausner ' 39 LaRoza ' 39 Marliave ' 39 Moffitt ' 39 Porter ' 39 Taylor ' 39 Wilson ' 39 Yates ' 39 Gordon W. John H. Dixon L. Crosby ' 40 Evans ' 40 Gayer ' 40 William Kennett, Jr. ' 40 Stanley D. Parker ' 40 Bernard H. Schulte ' 40 Walter D. John R. Sherman G. Stornetta ' 40 Wiley ' 40 Babcock ' 41 David E. Bernard G. Roy C. G Ifo-d C. Boody ' 41 Carroll ' 41 Cunningham Dickel ' 41 ' 41 James Thornton Richard H. Edward T. Easier ' 41 Griffin ' 41 Kemp ' 41 Jack B. Arthur M. Klukkert ' 41 Mclntosh ' 41 Members No pictures: George Anderson ' 38. Juel Droubay ' 40, Claude Evans ' 38, Sidney Smyth ' 40 390 HAROLD C. TONINI Fall President WILLIAM A. BLAIR Spring President PHI SIGMA 2312 TARREVG STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. 1908 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1W, EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS t niiersitv Associate: Thoma C. Mavhew Robert M. Irtim W. Albert J. Marls L BauB ' 38 Bruce ' 38 Dexter ' 38 Want ' 35 George R. Richard P. Winston R. Robert E Wenbel ' 38 Body ' 39 Curtis ' 39 Daft ' 39 Allen W. Chester R. Eugene B. William C. Ole R. Allen Weatherwai Williams ' 39 Baker ' 40 McConnaha ' 40 Mettler ' 40 Mirk ' 40 ' 39 Edward E. Jack V. Williams ' 40 Wulff ' 40 Robert G. Thomas G. Paul Theodore R. Becknell ' 41 Cullen ' 41 Langpaap ' 41 Parker. Ill ' 41 AL T. DEXTER Fall President Members o pictures: Edwin M. Taylor ' 38, James A. Board ' 40 IRVING BRUCE Sprint President THETA GHI 2462 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS University Associates: J. Dewey Long, T. H. McGavaok, L. H. Petersen Graduate: Kingsley M. Nicolson Walter W. Walter L. Robert H. Albert J. Weir, Grad. Woodfill, Grad. Ausfahl ' 38 Geiqer ' 38 Shelden E. Lenard Hermann ' 38 Mayrisch, Jr ' 38 Edmund T. Kenneth A. Peter H. Glen B. Charles A. John H. John H. David Dooley ' 39 Frost ' 39 Gardett ' 39 Johnson ' 39 Salley ' 39 Tooley ' 39 Watrous ' 39 Wheatley ' 39 Winfield H. Robert K. Vincent C. B. John L. John M. Bryan P. Everet t E. Arata. Jr. ' 40 Bond ' 40 Cleeves ' 40 Courson ' 40 Farley. Jr. ' 40 Flanagan ' 40 Fowler ' 40 Harwell ' 40 John F. Raymond Edward A. Bruce Gerald Robert W. Jess D. Arthur R. Moore ' 40 Newman ' 40 Anderson ' 41 Angwin ' 41 Ball ' 41 Cook ' 41 Rogers ' 41 Weatherbe ' 41 Member No picture: William O. Usher ' 40 392 HERBERT WINTER President THETA DELTA CHI 2647 DL RANT AVENUE. FOUNDED AT UNION " COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DELTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS L ' nirersily Associates: Herbert E. Bolton. Worth Ryder Leon W. James A. Burke E. Chester Albert C. Brooks ' 38 Brawn ' 38 Burford ' 38 Carlisle ' 38 Funk ' 38 Albert L. John H. Don Tom C. Lewis A. Dand T. Robert L. Greefkens ' 38 Hoefer. Jr. ' 38 Mulford ' 38 Perkins ' 38 Cirille ' 39 Dobbins ' 39 Green ' 39 Fred V. Hall ' 39 Robert S. John K. Stanwood S. Thomas R. George A. Robert L. Hickson ' 39 Jamison ' 39 Schmidt ' 39 Simonson ' 39 Brawn ' 40 Gibson ' JO Clarence B. William E. Carl F. Keith H. Jack K. Lloyd H . Lloyd Hewitt ' 40 Lapham ' 40 Luth ' 40 Morrow ' 40 Reeves ' 40 Smith ' 40 Whitman ' 40 Thomas B. Bell ' 41 Robert L. Harry B. Albert S. Raymond Hamilton Brosemer ' 41 Buck ' 41 Derian ' 41 Glassock ' 41 Lowe ' 41 William M. Seeters ' 41 Members No pictures: John R. Anderson, Jr. 38, Cordon W. Hyde " 38, Vincent J. Murphy, Jr. ' SS, Arthur E. Warden ' 38, William E. Murray " 39 JAMES BROWN President THETA KAPPA NU 2399 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT DRURY COLLEGE, 1924 ACHAEAN CLUB FOUNDED 1912 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS University Associate: G. E. Troxell Verlyn L. Virio L. William W. Harry J. Jack W. Alan M. Fletcher ' 37 Richeda ' 37 Tinniswood ' 38 Hawkins, Jr. Richter ' 39 Sill ' 39 ' 39 w Fred A. Burton f. Robert F. Charles G. Sill, Jr. ' 39 Barrows ' 40 Batchelder ' 40 Hiatt ' 40 IlUt Elmo J. Koll ' 41 Willis H. Alfred W. Russell W. Verlan M. H. Francis Lambert ' 41 Newman ' 41 Newman ' 41 Stapp ' 41 Statton ' 41 394 Active Members No pictures: Clifford E. Smelser ' 37, Ted R. Moist ' 40, William C. Sharpsteen ' 40 HARRY J. HAWKINS, JR. President THETA XI 1730 LA I.nM V A YEN I " E FOUNDED AT RENESSELAR POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 M CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 THIRTY-.-IX CHAPTERS L ' niiersity Associates: Raymond W. Jean?. William J. Raymond, Harry W. Shepherd. Edwin C. Voorhie; Graduates: Charles W. Fairbank, Reginald Watt Bernard M. James M. Robert B. Theodore R. Willis S. Laulhere ' 38 Miller ' 38 Reynolds ' 38 Scott ' 38 Slusser ' 38 William G. John E. R. James Fred R. William B. Clarke F. Richard J. Smith ' 33 Boeth;no. ' 39 Echnerria ' 39 Linitt ' 39 McWbirter ' 39 Mmick ' 39 Shepard ' 39 Robert John G. Ted R. Ralph W. Wright ' 39 Hinds ' 40 Hubert ' 40 Sauer ' 40 Howard L. Louis E. Schweitzer ' 40 Smith ' 40 Taylor Donald P. Milton T. Westbrook ' 40 Woodman ' 40 dmha ' 41 John H. Stroni ' 40 Allan White ' 41 Members o pictures: William B. Ball, Jr. ' 38. Albert E. Croft ' 38, Thornton H. Daley ' 38, George S. Ford " 39, Theodore T. Hollen. Jr. ' 38. Allen E. Morrison ' S , Harvey Odell ' 39, Walter Schliohter ' 39, Perry Con- ner ' 40. Jame? D. Ellison " 40, Lenard E. Komor ' 40. Samuel Harmon " 41. John P. Jahn " 41. Niohola M. Norton ' 41. JOHN HOLDEN President ZETA BETA TAI7 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS University Associates : Waldo E. Cohn, Max Radin Graduates: Arthur Brown, Jr., Edmund A. Cohn, Julian S. Davis, D. Sidney Davis, Robert N. Gold, Joseph Goldman, Alvin S. Issacson, Morton Nahman, Ben E. Nordman Jerome H. Alfred A. Berenson ' 35 Baer ' 38 Robert Richard H. Melvin Don William Chitrin ' 38 DeRoy ' 38 Friendly ' 38 Goldeen ' 38 Goodman ' 38 Robert Frank Joe Sanford Robert W. Irving ' 38 Morris ' 38 Newfield ' 38 Schoenfeld ' 38 Sinai ' 38 Milton H. Trek ' 38 Howard H. Becker ' 39 Albert Roberts. Richard H. Melwyn S. Milliard J. Brundage ' 39 Goldflam ' 39 Goldsmith ' 39 Jacobs ' 39 Katz ' 39 Stanley H. Douglas Sands ' 39 Badt ' 40 William J. I. Harris Wallace Benioff ' 40 Finklestein ' 40 Aron ' 41 Ralph H. Irving B. Eliaser ' 41 Gibbs ' 41 Joseph Robert J. Godawitz ' 41 Golden ' 41 Peter R. Nelson L. Joseph E. Goldstein ' 41 Gross ' 41 Levy ' 41 Alvin V. Kenneth M. Milton Harold Riga ' 41 Steinsapir ' 41 Whitebook ' 41 Winojura ' 41 396 DON GOLDEEN President ZETA PSI 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS University Associates: Joseph N. LeConte, Orren K. McMurray, C. C. Phehn, E. Joseph Rowell, Wallace Terry. Irwin Uteritz Graduates: Charles C. Albright, Jr., Charles B. Bagg, William Blankenburg, Frank L. Dunlap, Harry D. Johnson, Lawrence F. Kuechler, John F. Martin, William P. Martin. Edward H. Solin ? ky John P. Harrison ' 38 Charles M. Johnson ' 38 Charles Miller ' 38 R. Sheldon MilHian. Jr. ' 38 Edward B. Panton ' 38 Harden Shuey ' 38 Kent M. Weaver. Jr. ' 38 Robert J. Went ' 38 Samuel L. Stephen T. Hobart S. Charles S. John B. Gordon E. Earl Edgar T. Abbot ' 39 Barber ' 39 Leonard ' 39 Lincoln ' 39 Merritt ' 39 Onstott ' 39 Shine ' 39 Zook, Jr. ' 39 Towle George B. Peter R. Robert W. William P. William H. Richard H. William Bundschu ' 40 Caswell. Jr. Dyer ' 40 Greig ' 40 Hincks ' 40 Hows ' 40 Milligan ' 40 Stephens ' 40 40 Samuel James W. William E. Morris F. A. Leland Robert W. Robert F. Peter G. Balliet ' 41 Hendrick ' 41 Lamoreaui ' 41 Landon ' 41 Merritt ' 41 Pelletreau ' 41 Snowden ' 41 Youdall ' 41 Active Members No pictures: Robert P. Miller, Jr. ' 40, Gaillard S. Prvor ' 40 KENT WEAVER Fall President SHELDON MILLIGAN Sprint President BOWLES HALL Edward E. Charles C. Adams ' 38 Armer ' 38 Philip A. Amos J. Maurice B Bissell ' 38 Castro ' 38 Clark, Jr. ' 38 William Joel B. Justin Robert B. Robert L. Felix Paul T. Gordon W. Hilton Charles F. Stanley Conway ' 38 Coulter ' 38 Day ' 38 Engle ' 38 Gold ' 38 Gygax ' 38 Hastings ' 38 Hewes ' 38 Huff ' 38 Hunkins ' 38 McCaffrey ' 38 William M. Arthur H. Arthur Rice ' 38 Sulliger ' 38 Tetrick ' 38 Sterling H. Crouch ' 39 Stanley C. Dennis ' 39 Charles S. Dever ' 39 Gordon C. Edwards ' 39 Robert J. Ellery ' 39 Vernon Ellsworth ' 39 Glenn W. Foor ' 39 Bill E. Walter E. Grenfell ' 39 Howard ' 39 Clifford Hull ' 39 Frederic G. Humphrey ' 39 398 BILL PRIEST Fall President BOWLES HALL Phillips ' 39 Pete- B Pichette ' 39 D. Lindtey R. Luis W. William J. E. Kenaet BrtM Gail E. Dwald E. J. Rer ' 39 Sate ' 39 Ti dfi ' 39 Shirley. Jr. ' 39 Smrtn ' 39 Snyder ' 39 TbMas ' 39 Wilkins ' 39 Wtllenberj ' 3 Nick ' 39 40 F. E. Yale RMtarf A. Peter J. E. Chester C. Ctelw ' 40 DXWSM ' 10 GHwdl ' 40 Haas ' 40 H tt ' 40 MbertA. Russell R. F wrest D. Mar stall Jacks ' 40 Kircher ' 40 MM C ' 40 Partri e -40 Rtbert ' 40 Gvtfn F. RMMa ' 40 R bert E. Sharp ' 40 Dwqtas M. DM E. J E. Sotter ' 40 Wallace ' 40 Weaver ' 40 Bryce L. D uld P. Darid L. LE E. Barnard ' 41 Barrett ' -i E la 1. Jr. Ha ' 41 41 Rcbi-t L it. Ke T ' 41 A. Daniel E. Franklin A. Jams Robert J. Inrin F. Janes F. 41 K sklaX. . L.Bdeburi ' 41 Nurphey ' 41 Ostr -41 Reidiert ' 41 Ritli -41 41 William W. Janes H. Keitk R. Sals . Jr. -41 Sdmafaacter, Turner ' 41 Jr. ' 41 Members o pictures: Allison C. Brook? " 38, Kenneth D. Sauni " 39, Samuel L. Taylor " 39. Heinz L. Waldthausen " 39. Loui G. JohnM n " 40 ' WILLIAM NELSON Sprtni Pll i jl PHI DELTA CHI 860 ASHBURY STREET, SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDED AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 1863 ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 NINETEEN CHAPTERS I ' nirersity Associates: Dr. T. C. Daniels, F. Johnson, F. W. Nish. Dr. J. F. Oneto, T. W. MrWilliam Lawrence A. Earl E. Arthur M. Schuck ' 38 Vollbrecht ' 38 Lucot ' 38 Alan H. John H. McClard ' 39 McCracken ' 39 W. Miles ' 39 Felipe R. Arthur Charles C. Stanley J. Salituri ' 39 Schelling ' 39 Stebtains ' 39 Thomas ' 39 Albert Harold J. Howard D. Waring ' 39 Anderson ' 40 Fifer ' 40 Lewis C. James F. Harris ' 40 Quigley ' 40 Members No pictures: Fred A. Caldeira ' 39, John P. Burns ' 41. 400 PSI OMEGA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND DENTISTRY SCHOOL 1892 BETA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 THIRTY FIVE CHAPTERS University Associates: Dr. William M. Cameron. Dr. Willard C. Fleming. Dr John R. Gill. Dr. Martin C. Guttraan, Dr. George A. Hughes Dr. Robert E Ke . Dr. Frank C. Lar- n. Dr. Raymond C. Locey, Dr. Edwin H. Mauk. Dr. Jame Nuckoll?, Dr. Harris E. Ridenour, Dr. Albert F. J. Ries Dr. Jacob F. Steffan. Dr. George E. Steninger. Dr. Robert C. Zeisz Milton M. DctaMr F. Dwrte Hair; E-:--- H KOHM7 ' 38 Pletckcr ' 38 Salera ' 38 Stewart ' 38 WM ' 38 rm i Q f + . 3L RiduN H. Jhn D. Erwn C. Jack M. Jaws D. Getrfe H. Kenan K Cta; ' 39 Miller ' 39 Fletcher ' 39 Wallace ' 39 Adkins ' 40 Fwrnt ' 40 Krauziai ' 40 Oft Lercy Lynn M. Peime ' 40 Rufee ' 40 Hail S. T-: 2E R Alkariai ' 41 Kees ' 41 Jack Earle A. Reiwert ' 41 Srha ' 41 401 XI PSI PHI 745 PARNASSUS AVENUE, SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDED AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 1889 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS University Associates: Dr. George L. Bean, Dr. V. C. Bettenoourt, Dr. Elmer C. Chapell, Dr. George W. Cowden, Dr. C. W. Craig, Dr. A. DeFerrari, Dr. Roscoe H. Dewitt, Dr. Stanley Erpf, Dr. Edwin W. Ferber, Dr. C. D. Gvvinn, Dr. George W. Hahn, Dr. F. H. Hare, Dr. H. Walter Harrison, Dr. Melvin G. Henningsen, Dr. L. A. Hewitt, Dr. Chester W. Johnson, Dr. Howard M. Johnston, Dr. Alex J. Ker, Dr. Guy S. Millberry, Dr. H. A. Nagle, Dr. Ernest M. Setzer, Dr. Carl H. Showalter, Dr. G. H. Terwilliger, Dr. K. F. Terwilliger, Dr. J. R. Weeden, Dr. Lloyd G. Welly, Dr. Donald P. White, Dr. Seymore G. Winslow, Dr. J. L. Wood, Dr. C. J. Zappetini, Dr. Thomas J. Zingheim Jackson F. Mervin G. J. S. Herbert L. Stuart F. Bean ' 38 Cunningham Martin ' 38 Nordstrom ' 38 Stern ' 38 ' 38 Saxton F. Bird ' 39 George P. Bishop ' 39 Fred S. Brown ' 39 Porter R. Danford ' 39 James H. Roderick M. Ralph F. Hechtman ' 39 McArthur ' 39 McMurry ' 39 Wendell J. Byron C. Schwoerer ' 39 Thomas ' 39 Russell H. Carroll H. Elmo M. Dana A. Augsburger ' 40 Berryman ' 40 Grimmer ' 40 Hamlin ' 40 Louis E. W. Lynch ' 40 Arne G. Nielsen ' 40 John S. Jack K. Rathbone ' 40 Renwick ' 40 Benjamin C. Carl R. Dykes, Jr. ' 41 Ekholm ' 41 I James T. Rogers ' 41 Members No pictures: George K. Goodrich ' 39, John T. Owens ' 39. Wilbur L. Wann ' 39 402 ' . HIT Chase Lippow Searles I Davis Mayer Snulte Alexander Da Mullen Smith Budel deLoge Pentecost Sweet Droste . Plumb Walheim Earhart Power White Fowle Rlthardson Wood PAN-HELLENIC (Intersorority Organization) FOUNDED AT CHICAGO 1902 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 OFFICERS Fall Spring PATRICIA ALEXANDER ALBERTA E. SHULTK MARIAN M. HUGHES FRANCES M. RICHARDSON Social Chairman . JANE YAGER PATRICIA ALEXANDER President ALBERTA E. SHULTE Secretary-Treasurer M. BEVERLY POWER Rushing Chairman MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega BARBARA J. DAVIS Alpha Delta Pi FRANCES M. RICHARDSON Alpha Epsilon Phi FLORENCE LIPPOW Alpha Gamma Delta WILMA M. SWEET Alpha Omicron Pi LORINNE R. WOOD Alpha Phi BETTY L. BUTLER Alpha Xi Delta PHYLLIS J. BUTCHER Beta Phi Alpha LORNA E. MULLEN Beta Sigma Omicron JEANNE A. WAHLHEIM Chi Omega ELEANOR N. SMITH Delta Delta Delta ALBERTA E. SHULTE Delta Gamma M. BEVERLY POWER Delta Zeta ELIZABETH M. PLUMB Gamma Phi Beta BARBARA PENTECOST Kappa Alpha Theta F. PATRICIA DROSTE Kappa Delta BARBARA E. FOWLE Kappa Kappa Gamma PATRICIA ALEXANDER Phi Mu VILLA GENE BUDELMAN Phi Omega Pi R. GWENDOLYN DELocE Pi Beta Phi D. FRANCES CHASE Sigma Kappa MARY K. WHITE Theta Upsilon JOSEPHINE M. DAY, BEATRICE M. EARHART Zeta Tau Alpha HELEN J. MAYER, JEAN P. SEARLS 406 ALPHA GHI OMEGA 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-TWO CHAPTERS Graduates: Norma Carlson, Lucille Hook, Elizabeth Kelly. Joan Lee, Pauline Walters Ann Hazel Peggy Barbara J. Dorothy Helen L. Anderson ' 38 Blouin ' 38 Buff urn ' 38 Davis ' 38 Gibb ' 38 Keller ' 38 Anne N. Elizabeth A. Mary S. Katharine C. Florabel Kellogg ' 38 Kendall ' 38 Kilgore ' 38 Lucas ' 38 Lytle ' 38 Margery Mary E. Mary Dale Elinore B. Manchester ' 38 Masters ' 38 Newman ' 38 Sears ' 38 j- n j4e%. niHfc B.Q n f " JP 4J; Marie Shirley Bettie Margaret G. Shilling ' 38 Stapleton ' 38 Voorheis ' 38 Alltucker ' 39 Margaret E. June Ruth Pauline A. Elizabeth A. Harriett Margaret Barnes ' 39 Bischoff ' 39 Edlefsen ' 39 Newton ' 39 Ponedel ' 39 Sinnott ' 39 Taeger ' 39 Fayette E. Welsh ' 39 Jean P. Margaret L. Bobbie G. Elizabeth K. Marjorie E. Wilson ' 39 Arnold ' 40 Bullock ' 40 Carroll ' 40 Damon ' 40 Anne H. Mildred L. Aileen Mary Ann Jean Margaret J. Eugenia C. Patricia Anita M. Emily Gaye Anita J. Margaret E. Dewey ' 40 Downie ' 40 Footman ' 40 Gatewood ' 40 Goble ' 40 Jones ' 40 Livingston ' 40 O ' Hara ' 40 Reed ' 40 Reinhold ' 40 Roberts ' 40 Sharp ' 40 Smith ' 40 Dorothy J. Haviland Tomasini ' 40 Coyle ' 41 Elizabeth A. Dorothy J. Thelma J. Dobrzensky ' 41 Downie ' 41 Doyle ' 41 Ruth Margaret A. Aileen Dunbar ' 41 Kilgore ' 41 Layne ' 41 Catherine M. Ruth F. Helen McBride ' 41 Stone ' 41 Tuttle ' 41 Marian Mary Lou Walker ' 41 Upton ' 41 408 BARBARA DAVIS President ALPHA DELTA PI 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE. 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Graduates: Dorothea D. Herriott. Elizabeth A. Hopkins, Katherine Kroells, Merrillyn Miller, Lois Newman. Patricia O ' Day Pauline Leona E. Emily-Anil Janet B. BabcK ' 38 Ensign ' 38 Flint ' 38 Hall ' 33 Constance Elizabeth G---I == H. Johnston ' 38 Kern ' 38 Muller ' 38 Martaret A M riam C. Frances M. Gail Nickerson ' 38 Quigley ' 38 Richardson ' 38 Rogei Dorothy E. Mar; W. Jane Yager ' 38 Claire L Ellen Bernice M. Jui F. Mary M. Zampa ' 38 Atkins ' 3 9 Baltf.m ' 39 Brrmberry ' 39 Casey ' 39 Juice W. Elizabeth K. Mary M. Barbara J. Emilie L. Jne M. Nwma Jeanette Cnpley ' 39 Dahleen ' 39 Dailey ' 39 Davis ' 39 Douglass ' 39 Juergens ' 39 Lemmon ' 39 Lucas ' 39 . Brtara_ J Bemrly J. Mauer ' 39 Miller 39 Pracy 3 Righetti Virginia H. Helen Barbara E. Mararet J. Irmjarf F. Janice Natalie Barbara F. M ' 2?i i r, n J? el " Smith ' 39 Stahle ' 39 Thane ' 39 Winter ' 39 Wolf ' 39 Woltz ' 39 Becker ' 40 Bray -H) Butzbacn ' 40 Cit 40 i L. Elaine C. D ' Ambroiio Darby ' 40 ' 40 MarJMie Shirley Hall ' 40 Hinz ' 40 Vininia R. Martha J. Emily E. Mararet Ruth E. Elizabeth A. Valb n K. Barbara Bett L R . ' , n ,., Imlwff ' 40 Johnston ' 40 Jones ' 40 McConnell ' 40 Miller ' 40 Morabe ' 40 Rasnussen ' 40 Schmidt ' 40 Sclwrd ' 40 Sellander ' 4 Betty Ann Dorothy Jane Clarine Thomas ' 40 Wilson ' 40 Elken ' 41 Jane Sue Jewell C. Lela Idell Patricia Mary Alice Jean E. Miriam F. Gallegos ' 41 Giguiere ' 41 Guinan ' 41 McConnell ' 41 McMullin ' 41 McNeil ' 41 Patchett ' 41 Ponsford ' 41 Schottky ' 41 FRANCES RICHARDSON President ALPHA EPSILOM PHI 2721 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 THIRTY CHAPTERS Sylvia Barbara M. Phyllis G. Florence Florence L. Jacoby ' 38 Kirske ' 38 Lesser ' 38 Lippow ' 38 Block ' 39 Dorothy E. Marjorie N. Shirley Barbara J. Cohn ' 39 Ginsburg ' 39 Goldware ' 39 Harris ' 39 Elinor Shirley R. Harriette R. Ethelyn Berna L. Margaret B. Evelyn Jo Joy V. Audrey Y. Hirschberg ' 39 Kay ' 39 Klein ' 39 Kulakofsky ' 39 Levy ' 39 Nathan ' 39 Neumann ' 39 Rosenberg ' 39 Schneider ' 39 Meredyth F. Marcelle N. Ruth H. Spiro ' 39 Todresic ' 39 Wolf ' 39 Rita M. Frances Ruth M. Lorraine F. Bernstein ' 40 Breitstein ' 40 Chasnoff ' 40 Cohn ' 40 Miriam Rita L. Phyllis Geballe ' 40 Horwitz ' 40 Kahn ' 40 Barbara A. Levy ' 40 Lucy Mae Randle ' 40 Marjorie J. Rhine ' 40 Violet A. Janice Rosenberg ' 40 Rudman ' 40 Dorothea Slate ' 40 Jane Joy Irene P. Sharon L. Charlotte M. Marilyn G. Barbara R. Dorothy L. Susan F. Boughner ' 41 Kaufman ' 41 Klein ' 41 Leibert ' 41 Lipson ' 41 Mazor ' 41 Monsky ' 41 Scheibner ' 41 Tivol ' 41 410 FLORENCE LIPPOW President ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2726 CHANNIN . WAY FOUNDED AT SYRA 1 K UNIVERSITY, 1904 OMICRON i HAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FORTY EVEN CHAPTERS Graduate: Dorothv Floyd Clare E. Alua C. Virginia Shirley B. Kitheryn E. Elizabeth K. Lucife Virginia Barbara M. Acklcy ' 38 Coney ' 38 Damn ' 38 Douthitt ' 38 Ellis ' 38 Fortane ' 38 Kemp ' 38 Leach ' 38 McDonouoh ' 38 D ria V. G. Gail Marjorie Y. Wilma M. Betty LMI Barbara Louise Eliia Htlen L. Janet Jayne A. Marie L. Mary E. Dorothea Pueeinelli ' 38 Rovers ' 38 Sehorn ' 38 Sweet ' 38 Taylor ' 38 Wa o r ' 38 Wellman ' 38 Wolfenden ' 38 Bonstin ' 39 Brmim ' 39 Cresalia ' 39 Damon ' 39 Deacon ' 39 Edcil F. Maraarette E. Betty J. Martaret E. Linda Mary E. Mary Helen Eunice V. Marjo Patricia Betty Door ' 39 Guild ' 39 Holland ' 39 LJnde ' 39 McNutt ' 39 Merrill ' 39 Rakestraw ' 39 Sarrer ' 39 Skerritt ' 39 Smith ' 39 Sny r ' 39 Wart ' 39 MaroneritE R. Clark ' 40 Lucille A. Mariant E. Betty A. Barbara P. Barbara Marmaret A. Manaret E. Dorothy J. Anna L. Ebell ' 40 Edwards ' 40 Fitzienld ' 40 Gowans ' 40 Hammond ' 40 Hemenway ' 40 Oatnun ' 40 Patterson ' 40 Perry ' 40 Elaine C. Lorraine L. Betty G. Manaret L. Seibel ' 40 Sfinoola ' 40 Stearns ' 40 Turtle ' 40 Anna J. Braun M Marjorie J. Phyllis M. Ethelynne M. Betty A. Brown ' 41 Butler ' 41 Clark ' 41 Clow ' 41 Vyelaine Cunningham 41 Vena G. Enilbert ' 41 Norna N. Hanson ' 41 Beverly C. Marshall ' 41 Betty J. Nrnis ' 41 Gvynneth M. Betty Jeme L ReeRS ' 41 Sheriden ' 41 Willmgale ' 41 WILMA SWEET President ALPHA OMICRON PI 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS University Associates: Mildred Bell, Etta Haynes Dobbin, Bernice Hubbard, Isabel H. Jackson, Margaret Eddy Stone Mary Helen Audrey V. Barbara F. Patricia A. Bussey, Grad. Hart ' 38 Jensen ' 38 Lennon ' 38 Eleanor Scott ' 38 Virginia E. Stahl ' 38 Lorinne R. Lucile D. Alice F. Shirley E. Joanne Wood ' 38 Bade ' 39 Bellingham ' 39 Chamberlain Fenner ' 39 ' 39 Marie J. Godt ' 39 Elaine Hattie ' 39 Rosemary A. Norma L. Hawkins ' 39 Henderson ' 39 Lenore Margaret Hortense June Beatrice Marjorie A. Helynn F. Hennessey ' 39 Ingalls ' 39 Jones ' 39 MacKay ' 39 McCargar ' 39 Merrill ' 39 Piersol ' 39 Marion Marylouise Jane M. Christine M. Power ' 39 Schlaegel ' 39 Shean ' 39 Zeus ' 39 Jane Tessa Dean Mams L. Alice D. Archer ' 40 Blasingame ' 40 Campbell ' 40 Davis ' 40 Elizabeth J Pat Bette Davis ' 40 Dondero ' 40 Harlowe ' 40 id jf 3 ! ? 4 Frir- fll M I 3 V:JC |-7 . " IL 9 m f - f B S BB t r " | " - Lilian F. Virginia L. Janice E. Dorothy Hennessey ' 40 Kichwell ' 40 Kline ' 40 Kyle ' 40 " Xi ' kr 4 Margaret B. Marjorie I. Elizabeth H. Marian LaNicca ' 40 LeRoy ' 40 Moore ' 40 Scott ' 40 Elinor E. Bayona J. Sherman ' 40 Tarn ' 40 Sue G. Van Wagenen ' 40 t ' Vs Lois R. Nina A. Bette von Morpurgo Abbott ' 41 Bale ' 41 ' 40 r ! K. Bethel C. Brown ' 41 Muriel A. Kathryn F. Jane Elizabeth Jean Betty Carol M. Ruth L. Burrows ' 41 Clarke ' 41 Cooper ' 41 Elberg ' 41 Graham ' 41 House ' 41 Jones ' 41 tfc Virginia B. Lorraine M. Susan J. Virginia Lane ' 41 Lunt ' 41 McCloskey ' 41 Miller ' 41 Jean E. Nutting ' 41 Bobbe Ann Simon ' 41 Susan J. Spohr ' 41 Helen R. Tonkin ' 41 Virginia C. Ruthann Katherine Williams ' 41 Windsor ' 41 Yoakum ' 41 412 LORINNE WOOD President ALPHA PHI 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 THIRTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS L ' nirersity Associates: Barbara Nachtrieb Armstrong, Margaret Murdoch Graduates: Catherine Carson, Margaret Craig Betty Barry ' 38 Barbara Virginia G. Betty L. Carolyn F. Catherine J. Mary R. Betty Helen W. Bennett ' 38 Bowman ' 38 Butler ' 38 Erskine ' 38 Gray ' 38 Holden ' 38 Hutchison ' 38 Kennedy ' 38 Edith A. Jane Janet Nott ' 38 Parker ' 38 Smith ' 38 Janet Walter ' 38 Anne C. Allen ' 39 Ellen M. Eleanor M. Janet F. Anne C. Florence Kathleen H. Mary E. Jean Amend ' 39 Brainerd ' 39 Davis ' 39 Dingley ' 39 Doelker ' 39 Clark ' 39 Finlayson ' 39 Hoagland ' 39 Elizabeth P. Jean Jane C. Hook ' 39 Palmer ' 39 Roeding ' 39 Jean A. Shoemake ' 39 Margery Skaife ' 39 Barbara Polly M. Barbara Jean Mary Lou Catherine H. Jean E. Barbara I. Sorrick ' 39 Strong ' 39 Welch ' 39 Alexander ' 40 Bailey ' 40 Cline ' 40 Craig ' 40 Jones ' 40 Phyllis Fay Anne E. Jean H. Mahon ' 40 Osborne ' 40 Yuill ' 40 Phyllis Bowman ' 41 Catherine Cobb ' 41 Charlotte J. Fredrika A. Dorothy Anne Jane Evelyn H. Catherine C. Ellen S. Jean T. Davidson ' 41 Doelker ' 41 Duhring ' 41 Finlayson ' 41 Foote ' 41 Garthwaite ' 41 Goodspeed ' 41 Kelly ' 41 Katherine Peggie Louise Kennedy ' 41 Kinzie ' 41 Lindley ' 41 Marjorie A. Lion ' 41 Mary E. Nickel ' 41 Georgia Rosemary J. Phoebe A. Richardson ' 41 Snipes ' 41 Searls ' 4 1 Gwen Jacqueline Marie D. Martha C. Jane Swanberg ' 41 Thomas ' 41 von der Lieth Wigley ' 41 Zitlau ' 41 ' 41 Absent on Leare: Gabriele Detert BETTY BUTLER President ALPHA XI DELTA 2833 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS University Associates: Dr. Alice Maxwell, Marjorie Gear Petray, Evalyn Lewis Stewart Graduates: Helen V. Hainmerberg, Charlotte M. Simmons Bette J. Phyllis J. Virginia Brownlee ' 38 Butcher ' 38 Colby ' 38 Dorothy A. Isobel G. Priscilla Mildred C. Urda K. Audrey Dexter ' 38 Douglas ' 38 Greene ' 38 Hartvig ' 38 Larson ' 38 Leeman ' 38 Donna M. Ethel M. Jeanne M. Mary J. Staehling ' 38 Tinnemann ' 38 Tinnemann ' 38 Wiley ' 38 Dorothy L. Nancy A. Barbara A. June T. Ruth V. Ruth I. Marilyn H. Ruth Jean Biggs ' 39 Buffington ' 39 Edwards ' 39 Elder ' 39 Fitzpatrick ' 39 Graham ' 39 McRae ' 39 Ray ' 39 Rountree ' 39 m + m Louise E. Christel Sassmann ' 39 Sharp ' 39 Ruth E. Elizabeth J. Bette J. Stetson ' 39 Williamson ' 39 Black ' 40 Marjorie H. Jacqueline Betty J. Janet L. Nancy E. Rae E. Frances A. Eleanor R. Claxton ' 40 Cromwell ' 40 Eldridge ' 40 Foreman ' 40 Hartter ' 40 Humphreys ' 40 Jacobsen ' 40 McCleer ' 40 Nancy Betty F. Patricia A. Lavonne Betty L. Margaret E. Mary H. Charlotte C. Fern M. Moseley ' 40 O ' Neal ' 40 Preisker ' 40 Shearer ' 40 Van Sickle ' 40 Wingate ' 40 Wright ' 40 Badger ' 41 Botto ' 41 Jeanne F. Jeanne V. Dorothy Mary Anne Bouton ' 41 Cooney ' 41 Crawford ' 41 Delmore ' 41 Petra A. Hovde ' 41 Margaret E. Caroline R. Milo E. Howdrn ' 41 Johnson ' 41 Jones ' 41 Elizabeth E. Janet D. Dorys L. Fern R. Phyllis J. Phyllis L. Janice R. Jordan ' 41 MacCaughey Maryon ' 41 Mauzz ' 41 Meinberger ' 41 Walti ' 41 Wickline ' 41 ' 41 Inactive and Absent on Leave: Barbara D. Bullis, Barbara A. Fawke, Dorothy A. Kleeberger, Blossom M. Neal, Patricia Paddon 414 PHYLLIS BUTCHER President ARETA 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 THREE Doris M. Margaret I. Virginia E. Gene Thelma B. Connor, Hessel. Jameson. Perry, Zimmerman. Graduate Graduate Graduate Graduate Graduate Frances Blythe V. Phyllis M. Winifred C. Lota E. Edna A. Margaret L. Ardell Beatrice M. Baker ' 38 Bond ' 38 Copley ' 38 France ' 38 Margraves ' 38 Morris ' 38 Pollard ' 38 Rademacher ' 38Robinson ' 38 Laura J. Scott ' 38 E. Elizabeth A. Catherine Miriam Sutherland ' 38 Brandon ' 39 Drew ' 39 Doris E. Betty Ann Elizabeth Florence L. Evelyn A. Macdonald ' 39 McLellan ' 39 Owens ' 39 Sherman ' 39 Smith ' 39 M.Irene Harriette C. Evelyn F. Barbara N. F. Charlotte L. M. Jeannette Patricia B. Dorothy Arlene J. Stump ' 39 Dunn ' 40 Griffen ' 40 Hart ' 40 Logan ' 40 Mackie ' 40 Michels ' 40 Pollard ' 40 Spraker ' 40 Marcia H. Edna A. Catherine M. Mary E. Gladys Madelyn A. Florence K. Eulalie J. Esther I. Tweed ' -10 Carlson ' 41 Craig ' 41 Hammond ' 41 McCarty ' 41 McGlynn ' 41 Martinson ' 41 Matheson ' 41 Wall ' 41 ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND President BETA PHI ALPHA 2250 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1909 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Graduate: Vivian I. Sharp University Associate: Fanny Bulger Lorna E. Betty A. Dorothy R. Elaine Margaret E. Virginia 0. Mullen, Collins ' 38 Hutchinson ' 38 Nichols ' 38 Scott ' 38 Arthur ' 39 Graduate Engelyn A. Mary J. Lorriene L. Verna A. Mary A. Ellis J. Brown ' 39 Crowley ' 39 Daniels ' 39 Ferroggiaro ' 39 Gladding ' 39 Harbach ' 39 Barbara A. Dorothy M. Mary E. Thelma Pearl V. Lorraine A. Kenyon ' 39 Kelner ' 40 Lopez ' 40 Murphy ' 40 Villard ' 40 Wolf ' 40 Mildred M. Lela M. Mary E. Carol L. June M. Dorothy P. Young ' 40 Borden ' 41 Chryst ' 41 Doherty ' 41 Durm ' 41 Estep ' 41 Jacqueline M. Adeline C. Lois V. Evelyn Barbara E. Katherine E. Green ' 41 McDonough ' 41 McFarland ' 41 Murphy ' 41 Nichols ' 41 West ' 41 416 LORNA MULLEN President IGMA OMICRON 2415 PRO PECT STREH FOlMtEI) AT IMVEK.-ITY OF ML-MLRL 1888 ALPHA IOTA ' iHAPTKK K.-TABLI HED 1927 EIGHTKEN i H AFTER- Ruth L. ' 38 A. Ernestine M. Mary AI MM Jeawttttt F. ' 38 Crestetto ' 39 Mariani " 39 Meals ' 39 JEANNE WAHLHEIM GASA HISPANA 2562 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER Martha A. Auria Ron. Rose K. Mabel F. Rose Mary L. Virginia Bonsignore. Graduate Ambrose ' 38 Domingos ' 38 Filice ' 38 Harper ' 38 Harvey ' 38 Graduate Jane A. Ellen L. Juanita M. H. Victoria Dorothy A. Mary E. Virginia L. Horton ' 38 Soletti ' 38 Wilkendorf ' 38 Williams ' 38 Cecil ' 39 Cummings ' 39 De Vore ' 39 Antonia Marie I. Ramos ' 39 Wells ' 39 Dorothy L. Emily E. Margaret Georgia Virginia M. Harden ' 40 Laurence ' 40 Phoriss ' 40 Saxton ' 40 Clark ' 41 418 Inactive: Carmelita E. Cosio, Margaret E. Tetzlaff Pledges: Margherita M. Durando, Graduate, Dorothy Atkins ' 38, Betty i,. Seelye ' 38, Merry E. Phillips ' 39, Joanna Renetzky ' 39, Lorraine Andrews ' 40, Violet G. Goldstein ' 40, Flora S. Mancebo ' 41. tv M. ANTONIA RAMOS President CHI OMEGA 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE KUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. 1895 Ml H AFTER ESTABLISHED 1902 NINETY-ONE ' .HAPTKRS Wilnu J. Marian F. Retna fertk E. Jessie H. Ann M. Ethel M. Marinry Bhnck ' 37 Chichiztla ' 38 Christy ' 38 Derr ' 38 Gray ' 38 Haley ' 38 Hazzard ' 38 McCall -38 Hazel J Blanche R. Betty Aa e Hetent E. El rabet liiatiiii M. Mildred D. Antoinette S. Belt. Richards ' 38 White ' 38 AndersM ' 39 Becker ' 39 Camm ' 39 Cwfer ' 39 Hickak ' 39 JKS ' 39 MacfarUM ' 39 Cail WMrifeM Marian Hetei A. ' 39 Mayrisck ' 39 Mites ' 39 Parrisk ' 39 LitraiT. Jins: M Ptsey ' 39 Pst ' 39 BU ,i-= !- PCMT R. Etkelr Randall ' 39 RtwKjr ' 39 Russtll ' 39 Schuster ' 39 SHIinter ' 35 M. Helen B. Bewrly K. Claudia V. Mia Betsey D. 39 StaitM ' 39 Wickto ' 39 Williamw ' 39 Awry ' 40 Aarika ' 40 Sir H Climii L. Betty J Elizafeetk Dcrttky G. LarraiK Cart June Elizaketk F. June R GeraMne M. Jade Barbara Virjiru C. IMiiK ' 40 Eschelback ' 40 Gtadie ' 40 Htfma ' 40 Huntet ' 40 McCall ' 40 Mailer ' 40 NicM ' 40 Pedrwe ' 40 Skaw ' 40 William ' 40 Winchester ' 40 Byd ' 41 Helen I DarotkyJ. Jane E. Caralya A. Any L u AuHre. Naacy J. Manaret K. Shirley A. Eike Arabella Ardatk A. Mary Elizafeetk Diyle ' Jl Cikfci ' 41 Hu hsM ' 41 Knack ' 41 McCraney ' 41 Meier ' 41 NicMIs ' 41 Nissen ' 41 RckiD,hjm Smith ' 41 Sveet ' 41 Wise ' 41 Yum ' 41 ' 41 Inactife: Dorothy Bowman. Jane Lee Prinele ELEANOR SMITH President DELTA DELTA DELTA 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS University Associate : Alice Porterfield Betty Barbara Dorothy Katherine Edna May Mary Louise Alberta E. Harriet Antoinette J. Bailey ' 38 Bingaman ' 38 Burnham ' 38 Lightfoot ' 38 Lyon ' 38 Perkey ' 38 Rehbock ' 38 Shulte ' 38 Wright ' 38 Batmale ' 39 Verl M. Bishop ' 39 M. Eleanor Sarah C. June LeClaire Barbara Elizabeth H. Molly Patricia E. Marion M. Barbara A. Dorothy Eddy ' 39 Finlay ' 39 Fox ' 39 Hadsell ' 39 Lowman ' 39 McFall ' 39 McJunkin ' 39 Scofield ' 39 Webster ' 39 Cotton ' 40 Lucille E. Daney ' 40 Janet Gay Dorothy M. Doris J. Jeanne E. Elise G. Davidson ' 40 Donovan ' 40 Friend ' 40 Haines ' 40 Hart ' 40 Janet C. Ann Hartzell ' 40 Henck ' 40 Adah V. Dorothy D. Betty Herrick ' 40 Hockett ' 40 Holmberg ' 40 Nancy E. Jenkins ' 40 fl ffiM Ruth P. Carmella N. Chadsey L. Betty Jerry Elsie M. Henrietta Betty L. Kathryn D. E. Roberta Jones ' 40 Jost ' 40 MacMichael ' 40 Perkins ' 40 Skerry ' 40 Thomas ' 40 Tompkins ' 40 White ' 40 Winton ' 40 Fritz ' 41 Doris R. Beverly Patricia Guthrie ' 41 Hickok ' 41 King ' 41 Virginia Betty L. Eleanor J. Mary G. Janice C. Jean L. Anne E. Leonard ' 41 McCallan ' 41 McGahie ' 41 McPeak ' 41 Miller ' 41 Philliber ' 41 Pike ' 41 Elsie M. Goodfellow ' 41 Janet L. Roberts ' 41 420 ALBERTA SHULTE President DELTA GAMMA C710 i ' .BAN-NINO WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY 1 11 HIITI. ' AMMA CHAFP|B ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY-KIUIT CHAPTERS Bala Leslie F. Ann Ballaiitiiw ' 38 Bourgeault ' 38 Brun ' 38 Alice H. Elizabeth Frances F. Eleanr Adrienne R. Betty H. Kathryn M. Beverly de Back ' 38 Fairchild ' 38 Freer ' 38 Gaddis ' 38 Lester ' 38 Macaulay ' 35 Poat ' 38 Power ' 38 Sari H. 38 Reed ' 38 Patricia A. Martha Can-til 0. ' 39 Bell ' 39 Bridge ' 39 Busk ' 39 Ben; Byrne ' 39 Betty A. Gray ' 39 Catherine C. Mary M. Hammond ' 39 Heafey ' 39 Ruth L. Marian M Heilii ' 39 Hushes ' 39 Jane: Laurie Anne Alice Mary Patricia E. Neysa Christine Caryl JacfcSM ' 39 Khnker ' 39 Le Baron ' 39 Lilly ' 39 McCarthy ' 39 Mather ' 39 Mathews ' 39 MM ' 39 Diane L. Elizabeth M. Betty 39 Nerille ' 39 Ptlin ' 39 Raymond ' 39 I Barbara M. Antoinette M. Jean Schuessler ' 39 Wittschen ' 39 Beth Hope S. Boyd -40 Betty Brazier ' 4C Barbara A. Barbara A. Barbara T. Jane A. Elizabeth H. Francis L. Isabel F. Bran ' 40 Surge ' 40 Clark ' 40 Dewell ' 40 Eckart ' 40 Greenlm ' 40 Hinckley ' 40 D:-:t- Claire V. Carolyn A. Bernice R. Isabel C. ?-..: . Mar D MattMn ' 40 Mwris ' 40 ParamiM ' 40 Paulsen ' 40 Perrine ' 40 Pratt ' 40 Rice ' 40 Viola Rtss-Lewia ' 40 Elsa L. Jean W. Anne Martha S. -| hi dill ' 40 SHUTS ' 40 Waybur ' 40 Wells ' 40 Eleanor W. Blair ' 41 Marjorie J. Butler ' 41 Jean M. Carrer ' 41 Eteleth Clark ' 41 Ann E. Dorothea R. Kay Crichton ' 41 Flynn ' 41 Ftstet ' 41 Gail Ann Josephine Jane E Nibs ' 41 Jnrett ' 41 Lmr ' 41 Elizabeth L. Elizabeth Mwris ' 41 Pye ' 41 Nathalie E. Rice ' 41 Patsy Ruth-Ann Betty Ann Ann Barbara Patricia J. Richardson ' 41 Shingle ' 41 Turner ' 41 Wapple ' 41 Williams ' 41 Williams ' 41 BEVERLY POWER President DELTA ZETA 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Graduate: Noreen Barton Clare Marie L. Emily L. Cooperrider Hillefeld ' 38 Kidd ' 38 ' 38 Lola M. F. Lutitia Elizabeth M. Lathrop ' 38 O ' Kelly ' 38 Plumb ' 38 Beverly B. Margaret Ann Kay K. Catherine M. Mary G. Henrietta E. Sachs ' 38 Bullock ' 39 Decker ' 39 Feehan ' 39 Helbig ' 39 Hillefeld ' 39 Pauline R. Roberta J. Maurine G. Margaret M. Dorothea J. Beverley J. Jordan ' 39 McClure ' 39 Muller ' 39 Purser ' 39 Schafer ' 39 Doyle ' 40 Mary L. Barbara M. Virginia L. Elizabeth E. JaNette Ruth L. Quinn ' 40 Schmidt ' 40 Taylor ' 40 Clark ' 41 Dennison ' 41 Power ' 41 422 ELIZABETH PLUMB President GAMMA PHI BETA 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS I ' niversity Associates: Elizabeth Foote, Margaret T. Hodgen, Alice G. Hoyt, Violet Marshal. Jane Richardson, Carmel Rilev, Esther Sinclair, Patricia Sizer, Olive Stewart, Betsy Straub, Mildred H. Webber, Dr. Margaret G. Zed Graduate: Peggy E. Homer Ruth Jane Virginia Frances Phyllis E. Dorothy J. Mary B. Jeanne Doris R. Jean Margaret Barbara V. Jane S. Hancock ' 37 Caldwell ' 38 Foulds ' 38 Gadsden ' 38 Goemmer ' 38 Grennan ' 38 Houwers ' 38 Huguenin ' 38 McCann ' 38 McCorriston Matteson ' 38 Pentecost ' 38 Powell ' 38 ' 38 Priscilla Reed ' 38 Burns Bly ' 39 Betty J. Patricia A. Caldwell ' 39 Collins ' 39 Mary E. Colton ' 39 Mary E. Jean M. Cornell ' 39 Craig ' 39 Katherine B. Peggy Peggy E. Anne E. Sally P. Daniel ' 39 Frames ' 39 Gardner ' 39 Gorrill ' 39 Gorrill ' 39 Jane C. Hamshaw ' 39 Eleanor A. Rachel M. Betty A. Martha H. Virginia E. Betty Jane Olga M. Virginia P. Louise H. Jeanne Barbara B. Harrold ' 39 Hoffman ' 39 Kitchener ' 39 Locarnini ' 39 Lutz ' 39 Marx ' 39 Moyer ' 39 Siska ' 39 Swift ' 39 Barker ' 40 Catton ' 40 Curts ' 40 Betty Jean Kelley ' 40 Helen Barbara Anna M. Langworthy ' 40 Oakley ' 40 Reid ' 40 Annette Hester Margaret L. Saralee Marjorie R. Annette A. Harriet M. Rosalie W. Marguerite Vollmann ' 40 Wilkinson ' 40 Yealland ' 40 Zumwalt ' 40 Barker ' 41 Daly ' 41 Gadsden ' 41 Harrold ' 41 Higgins ' 41 Marjorie Hoffman ' 41 Jean Anita G. Lucile W. Leslie M. Mary L. Valma Jane Virginia Elizabeth W. Jean Ethel C. Joyce-Marie Barbara L. Kellogg ' 41 Leibing ' 41 Lewis ' 41 Lockwood ' 41 Lyman ' 41 Maddox ' 41 Phillips ' 41 Saam ' 41 Sauer ' 41 Schaefer ' 41 Seeberg ' 41 Smith ' 41 Thomas ' 41 BARBARA PENTECOST President ALPHA THETA 2723 DURANT AVKMK FOUNDED AT DI. 1 U UNIVERSITY, 1870 OME(; CHAPTKR ESTABLISHED 1890 SIXTY-FIVE CHM ' TKRS University Associates: Charles Fenton Clark, Madre Merrill Eleanor Patricia Patricia Pauline E. Jean R. Elizabeth Church ' 38 Droste ' 38 Elston ' 38 Fletcher ' 38 Higgins ' 38 Rowell ' 38 Lillian E. Barbara A. Dorothy L. Janice H. Betty Lou Lucy Ann C. Elizabeth Jane Ruth G. Mary Elizabeth Jean A. Harriet Sloan ' 38 Sutton ' 38 Uelsmann ' 38 Watkins ' 38 Yelton ' 38 Ballentine ' 39 Berryhill ' 39 Ditzler ' 39 Gibson ' 39 Hill ' 39 Jones ' 39 Kleeberger ' 39 Leebrick ' 39 E.Josephine Janet A. Jane S. Shirley L. Shirley E. Patricia J. Virginia W. Helen E. Barbara I. Jacqueline Suzanne Jane E. Beatrice M. Lion ' 39 May ' 39 Parrish ' 39 Peiser ' 39 Phelps ' 39 Wachob ' 39 Adams ' 40 Anderson ' 40 Bernsten ' 40 Bertz ' 40 Bocqueraz ' 40 Carter ' 40 Church ' 40 Jane P. Cox ' 40 Katherine B. Martha Carol Cecilia Dahl ' 40 Dierssen ' 40 Droste ' 40 Erwin ' 40 Marian D. Virginie Antoinette Jane Jane R. Nancy Heckscher ' 40 Hoisholt ' 40 Landsborough Lauriston ' 40 Quinn ' 40 Relf ' 40 ' 40 Jane Marjorie M. Whelan ' 40 Seal ' 41 Barbara M. Peggy H. Cornelia Theodosia M. Marilyn Genevieve Sylvia D. Jean Polly Elizabeth M. Elizabeth M. Jean E. Patricia Boyd ' 41 Bunker ' 41 Clark ' 41 Keane ' 41 Mastick ' 41 Moffitt ' 41 Moss ' 41 Oakley ' 41 Peters ' 41 Pinger ' 41 Rath ' 41 Sayre ' 41 Tabor ' 41 424 PATRICIA DROSTE President KAPPA DELTA 24 1 WARREVG STREET FOUNDEH AT VTRGIMA STATE NORMAL. 1897 PHI HAl ' TER FOLM)ED 1917 I ' nirersily Associate: Dr. Myrtle Fro t Wilma M. Martha M. Betty H. Helen T. Margaret K Hew ' 37 Chapman ' 38 Brink ' 3S Costello ' 38 Fiscalini ' 36 Billie Betty H. Barbara E. tern Marfant E. Mari e C. Eleanw A. Flamy ' 38 FIeim ' 38 Ftwle ' 38 Frame ' 38 Rcelsc ' 38 Shaeffer ' 3S Webb ' 38 Ruth P. Bith.l J ' 38 Ball ' 39 Helen J. Beck ' 39 Eia Dantby 0. Martha L. Lois M. Audrey M. Barbara J. Roberta L. Helen B. Buerkle ' 39 r.lpni ' 39 ' 39 Pwter ' 39 Shaw ' 39 WilsM ' 39 Brazelton ' 40 Christensen AO Dwothy L. Jane D. Gastw ' 40 Ketty ' 40 Carol J. Mary E. Marian E. ' 40 Kintner ' 40 Neper ' 40 Patricia Marcia B. Ellen Frt ' 41 Frey ' 41 Frith ' 41 Grant F. Betty :: = -: Helen B. Mary Jane Sheila M. Sylfia V. Maraaret Mary I. Gwlzer ' 41 Htbart ' 41 Hme ' 41 Kennedy ' 41 Klinker Ml McBratne; ' 41 McLean ' 41 Murphy ' 41 Structantyer Absent on Leave: Beverly J. Balrhin, Jane C. Beach- Evelyne Jensen, Patricia J. McDerniott BARBARA FOWLE KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS University Associates: Martha A. Chickering, Vera L. Christie, Anita Crellin, Mary B. Davidson, Emily H. Huntington, Lillie Margaret Sherman Graduates: Nancy E. MarBride, Virginia R. Webb, Margaret B. Wood Jane Patricia Barbara jean Clerimond W. Karin Gabriel ' 37 Alexander ' 38 Courtright ' 38 Elliott ' 38 Haug ' 38 Lund ' 38 Betty Nicolaus ' 38 Betty Alta M. Marion E. Dorothy Cordelia T. Edith Phyllis Martha E. Oppenheimer Paquette ' 38 Sprout ' 38 Chickering ' 39 Cole ' 39 de Fremery ' 39 Greenlee ' 39 Haven ' 39 ' 38 Marjorie E. Suzanne Johnson ' 39 LaBourdctte ' 39 Joanne Anne H. Eleanor G. Elizabeth P. Patricia Mary C. Leonore A. Jeanmne L. Ann W. Gwynn Lewitt ' 39 Luchsinger ' 39 Massie ' 39 Murphy ' 39 Standish ' 39 Stanton ' 39 Upham ' 39 Brown ' 40 Burke ' 40 Corbet ' 40 Eleanor Eleanor L. Betty Carol L. Dawson ' 40 Graupner ' 40 Hamilton ' 40 Nine ' 40 Rose M. Jean L. Janet C. Janet Mary Margery A. Kerner ' 40 McHenry ' 40 Pugh ' 40 Watson ' 40 Bowman ' 41 Bronson ' 41 Jean C. Janet M. Susan Campbell ' 41 Clifton ' 41 Oulin ' 41 Betty Lou Hahn ' 41 Peggy L. Betty Phyllis H. Anne Ormond R. Winnie Hawkins ' 41 Heald ' 41 Hills ' 41 Morgan ' 41 Snook ' 41 Tinning ' 41 426 PATRICIA ALEXANDER President PHI DELTA 2309 HEARST AVEXl ' E FOUNDED AT NETT YORK STATE COLLEGE, 1919 THETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1931 THREE CHAPTERS ___HHHi ( nirersity Associate: Margaret Beanie Graduate: Eleanor M. Calbraith Almirj E. Han Rutk M. Viryiia T. Marguerite Mariai A. Betty M. BUM ' 37 Ditto ' 57 Pillstwry " 37 Ban ' 38 Peter ' 38 Reynolds ' 38 Tittle ' 38 Charitttc Elizibetfe W. Adele E. Stella Lewre B. ' 39 Bmra ' 39 Crmnll ' 39 Frakie ' 39 Htlm ' 39 Mume ). Helen C. Ricluntaadwr Budd ' 40 39 Vin R. Virjina M. RMa A. Mildred M. Barbara E. Hefe A. In Claire Kraaer ' 40 Phela ' 40 Pttter ' 40 StaM ' 40 Drake ' 41 Standkc ' 41 YMIH ' 41 Inactive: Harriet L. Newgard MARIAN REYNOLDS u 2722 DURA T K TJE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS University Associate: Delta R. Olsen Willa G. Evelyn M. Budelman ' 38 Dakin ' 38 Mary H. Emily A. Garwood ' 38 Gunton ' 38 Carolyn E. Edith C. Hensley ' 38 Phillips ' 38 Jeanne A. Wood ' 38 Helena Bailey ' 39 Peggy J. Anna F. Margaret H. Elizabeth Frances P. Kathleen R. Patricia M. Phyllis V. Bailey ' 39 Davis ' 39 Hill ' 39 Judson ' 39 McLean ' 39 Nichols ' 39 Thompson ' 39 Watson ' 39 Claire Mary K. Marguerite R. Martha C. Whiting ' 39 Yeaton ' 39 Young ' 39 Zinn ' 39 Jean M. Margaret Florence M. Mary L. Campbell ' 40 Kramer ' 40 Maggenti ' 40 Marron ' 40 Kathleen R. Ruth E. Frances Gertrude M. Mary E. Floramay E. Elaine K. Jean Roberts ' 40 Steindorff ' 40 Walker ' 40 Wolfsen ' 40 Jewett ' 41 Lackey ' 41 Michels ' 41 Wright ' 41 Absent on Leave: Leoa C. Anderson, Louise Shepard 428 WILLA GENE BUDELMAN President MEGA PI 2601 LE CONT1 YE. UE FOUNDED AT IMVEKSITY OF NEBRASKA, 1910 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 THIRTY CHAPTERS ( nirersity Associate: Pauline Hodgson Graduates: Elelya B. Baker, Annie May Chick, Catherine I. Smith Helen H. Ashley ' 39 Jean F. Bonner ' 39 Marion Clark ' 39 Laverne Cooper ' 39 Polly-Ed Sara J. Glenda L. de Fremery ' 39 Fairbanks ' 39 6rees ' 39 June Adele Kathleen Fay A. Muriel E. Virginia I. Helen M. Aubra A. Hampton ' 39 Hastie ' 39 Johnson ' 39 Nielsen ' 39 North ' 39 Ormsby ' 39 Semsen ' 39 Katharine M. Nance Barbara Lucile Corinne Jeanne Ruth F. Wilson ' 39 Ashley ' 40 Becker ' 40 Elliott ' 40 Elster ' 40 Fleeson ' 40 Gallo ' ' 40 Cecile M. Alvina L. F. Llewellyn Dorothy J. Mary L. Hackmcier ' 40 Sielal! ' 40 Wells ' 40 Edwards ' 41 Luce ' 41 Virginia E. Mattis ' 41 Jean M. Tranmal ' 41 GWENDOLYN DE LOGE President PI BETA PHI 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 CALIFORNIA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY-ONE CH PTERS L ' nirersity Associate: Helen Fancher Graduates: Alice E. Martin, Mary E. Nye, Barbara Vincent Virginia Q. D.Frances Constance M. Barbara J. S.Virginia Katherine M. Anne Brainard ' 38 Chase ' 38 Clark ' 38 Foley ' 38 Hamilton ' 38 Kelly ' 38 Lynd ' 38 Sarah Jane Joan Georgia E. Thomson ' 38 Von Schmidt Whalen ' 38 ' 38 m W + Mary E. Florence P. Patricia DeGolia Allen ' 39 Brown ' 39 Burke ' 39 Earl ' 39 Nancy Lou Betty M. Glass ' 39 Hall ' 39 Ann C. Frost ' 39 Margaret Ann Rosemary A. Barbara Anne Vera Patricia L. Betty S. Russell ' 39 Bjorge ' 40 Booth ' 40 Everingham ' 40 Goeppert ' 40 Grady ' 40 Grant ' 40 Margaret A. Hall ' 40 Alberta E. Hill ' 40 Mary Kinnoch ' 40 Norma Hope Peggy H. Marion Helen D. Helen Lauppe ' 40 Merrall ' 40 Moorhead ' 40 Morrow ' 40 Rivolta ' 40 Barry ' 41 Jane L. Margery E. Gibbons ' 41 Jeans ' 41 Betty Jordan ' 41 Madeleine P. Larkin ' 41 Patricia M. Dickie Elizabeth M. Patricia Jean N. Beverly Marilouise Menon Lynch ' 41 Miller ' 41 Newman ' 41 O ' Brien ' 41 Porter ' 41 Pratt ' 41 Sanford ' 41 Smith ' 41 Nancy P. Ziegenfuss ' 41 Absent on Leave: Nancy Jane Krebs 430 FRANCES CHASE President SIGMA KAPPA 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, MAINE. 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY CHAPTLRS Graduate: Erline Bracken Elsie B. Barbara J Jane F. Ruberta L. Josephine w.-, v ' 37 CMMCk ' 38 Graham ' 38 Harwell ' 38 Steele ' 38 Stall ' 38 J-2T Tncr-a Mary K. Juliet Viwta E. White ' 38 Baiter ' 39 Betts ' 39 Cartty. F. Charlctte E. Katriw Barbara Kathr,n P. Dcratky M. Eleawr L. Flinbelle Alberta M. Viniiia ' 39 Duffele ' 39 GibsM ' 39 Houchins ' 39 Kent ' 39 Krayenbuhl ' 39 Lp ' 39 Marsk ' 39 Mitckell ' 39 Mess ' 39 Margaret A. Harriet L. Chartfey I. Pole ' 39 Searle ' 39 Stebbms ' 39 Maria L. Fruces L. Sara E. Kattwriic Louise Eteamr M. Reberta L. Virginia E. Dtritkea H. Me H. Tkide ' 39 Turman ' 39 WaUM ' 39 Wriiley ' 39 Yelland ' 35 Aatfersw ' 40 Barratt ' JO Bmra ' 40 Chase ' 40 Etaa ' 40 Barbara I Florence N. Virginia K. Fatzer ' iO Geis ' 40 Hartfiswi ' 40 A. 40 Lucille A. Barbara M. lyntttt AH E. Marmaret G. Kathryi B. Marjorie A. Miriam L. Mary R. Patricia E. Barbara Barbara A. Lefem ' 40 Libbey ' 40 Maswi ' 40 Nelstn ' 40 Payne ' 40 Rider ' 40 Smith ' 40 Smith ' 40 Weeks ' 40 BeaMtaM ' 41 Beesan ' 41 Bisnmb ' 41 iC. ' 41 D Otntkee R. Ruth E. Lorraine H. Helen L. Mary L u Delia AH Patsy A. Patricia J. Marcia J. JaK R. Y.I 41 FlMd -41 McGet ' 41 Marsh ' 41 Massoni ' 41 Pvter -41 Raters ' 41 Smith ' 41 Stearns ' 41 Tice ' 41 Vamtai ' 41 Yelland ' 41 MARY WHITE THETA 17PSILON 2327 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS University Associates: Eleanore E. Bartlett, Lucille K. Czarnow ki, Amy Darter, Helen M. Eveleth Graduate: Betty B. Miller Dorothy J. Beem ' 3S Gertrude L. Mary Kathryn W. Josephine M. Adele M. Jeanette C. Bibber ' 38 Clark ' 38 Daly ' 38 Day ' 38 Gilkerson ' 38 Hamilton ' 38 Margaret R. Beatrice M. Mary C. Lillian J. Catherine J. Jeanne M. Ruth D. Wehrheim ' 38 Earhart ' 39 Lafterty ' 39 Morse ' 39 Taresh ' 39 Teilman ' 39 Augur ' 40 Betty Bee ' 40 Lucille P. Betz ' 40 Arley B. Brown ' 40 Merle Cross ' 40 Mary E. Margaret A. Clara M. O ' Connor ' 40 Rutherford ' 40 Stewart ' 40 Margaret E. Ruth E. Brumbaugh ' 41 Gavins ' 41 Janet Harriet F. Patricia A. Patricia A. Patricia F. Fitch ' 41 Haas ' 41 Leek ' 41 MacHale ' 41 Smith ' 41 432 BEATRICE EARHART President ZETA TAU ALPHA 242H LE CONTE AYENl I FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL. 1898 I P.-ILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 -I VKNTY-THREE CHAPTERS Graduates: ivian Green. Jean Mason, Dorothy Woodside Lorraine WMson Mary Liu Helen 1. Jean Graduate GritBng ' 38 Mayer ' 38 Starts ' 38 Josephine Lois V. Barbara Barbara Boot ' 39 Fullmer ' 39 Hatch ' 39 Joy ' 39 Jane W. Marsartt Ehse A. Katherine E. Lillon ' 39 Elizabeth Schofield ' 39 Snow ' 39 LMH ' 39 Verna 0. Rosemond A. June L. Helen Abbie J. Emily S. Taylor ' 39 Thomas ' 39 Abbott ' 40 Ifleneart ' 40 Krimmel ' JO Merrill ' 10 ___ ' R. Virwuia P pe ' 40 Tli ' 40 Lorraine A. Janice R. Jeanne C. Zung ' 40 Brunje ' 41 C ' 41 Jane Kathleen F. Peggy A. Rosalia L. Any M. Craig ' 41 F ' 41 Garcia ' 41 Garcia ' 41 Hatch ' 41 Ruth B. Betty H. Beatrice A. Eleanor June E. Hurt ' 41 Johnson ' 41 Kroger ' 41 Patrick ' 41 Piper ' 41 Katherine K. Mary C. Ratnbone ' 41 Wales ' 41 Lael A. Youim ' 41 HELEN MAYER Fall President JEAN SEARLS Spring President o X W - PHI BETA KAPPA (Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT WILLIAM AND MARY ' S COLLEGE 1776 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS OFFICERS President W. E. FARNH AM First Vice-President S. G. MORLEY Second Vice-President R. H. LOVVIE Third V ice-President A. R. THOMPSON Secretary-Treasurer L. A. HARPER Recording Secretary PAULINE SPERRY A. H. Miller Franz Schneider COUNCILLORS John Dyer-Bennet Helena Gannon Frank Kidner Rose K. Ambrose Doris E. Blakeslee GRADUATES William V. Hughes Newton W. McCready Edward C. Luedeking Ted J. Morgan Ronald D. Soucey Alexander M. Rosenson Edward J. Satterthwaite SENIORS Ethel S. Adams Althea L. Anderson Damon M. Beard Margaret J. Bettega Edward A. Block T. Howell Breece Louis G. Brizzolara Helen I. Carrigan Frances Carter Spencer T. Chester William E. Conway Nathalie J. Crane Maurice P. Cunningham Kathryn W. Daly Phyllis de Caccia Roy W. Donley Isobel G. Douglas Josephine B. Dreyer John Driscoll Alvin A. Eustis, Jr. Margery E. Evernden Willard H. Fenn Carl W. Flegal George W. Flynn Ralph K. Forsyth Robert O. Fort Richard B. Foster Ronald Geballe Frederic M. Geier Arthur S. Gelston Donald S. Goldeen William F. Goodwin Robert M. Gottsdanker Eileen M. Hallsten Isaac F. Halverstadt Morgan Harris Gordon W. Hewes Walter E. Hoadley, Jr. Joyce L. Hoeft George H. Hollidge Roderick M. Jameson Ruth A. Janke John W. Johnson Helen L. Knopp Edward J. Lofgren Stanley E. McCaffrey Doris R. McCann Newton W. McCready Marian E. Matteson Edison G. Montgomery Bethel R. Morris William B. Murrish Amos S. Newton William G. Norris Hideo Okusako Alberta W. Parker Howard H. Patt Barbara V. Pentecost Henry B. Peters Anna J. Pitney Margaret L. Pollard Lucas A. Powe Jane Swift Powell Kingsley B. Price Sylvia D. Reisman Ralph W. Robinson, Jr. Raymond G. Rocca Margaret I. Rose Nicoline F. Samson Jane I. Scheyer Louis F. Schlieman Margaret Seegmiller Barnston H. Smeaton Ellen L. Soletti Herbert M. Spiro Marion E. Sproul Albert L. Stanly John S. Stanton Hiroshi Sugiyama M. June Sweeney Mark E. Switzer Ethel M. Tinnemann Harold G. Tipton Tamie Tsuchiyama Oliver R. Vannucci Barbara L. Wagner Vesley Wagner Austin L. Wahrhaftig George F. Warner J. Robert Wegge Blanche R. White Ivan F. Wilson Mildred S. Wilson Helen Wolfenden Hubert P. Yorkey Richard K. Beardsley Robert N. Craycroft Jeanne Eastman Philip K. Ferrier JUNIORS Patricia L. Golton Mary N. Kano Campbell C. McCullough, Jr. James R. Powell Edward W. Rosston William C. Rundle Louis W. Sander J. Dean Swift Miriam Tueller Frances L. Turman Bernire Turner Donald G. Watts 436 TAU BETA PI (. ational Enguieeriag Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SIXTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN T. O ' BRIEN. JK. President RAYMOND M. BICKERSTAFF RAYMOND M. BICKERSTAFF Vuxf ' resident ENEAS D. K E HABOLD PELETZ Corresponding Secretary HAROLD PELETZ ENEAS D. KANE Recording Secretary GILBERT G. HUDSON RALPH J. SMITH . Treasurer RALPH A. SEBAN LLOYD IVERSEN Cataloger ... JOHN T. DAWSON SMitkvtll. Sautk. H . Loeskts. Ptleti. . ml. Wim. Stccknr. Soutk. W.. SUrij Kruitrtt BeMist. truuBi. Stuck, Piaj. Dtmtt. Rum. Ckarte. Iran. TVr R: Jut. Nl Nth , 6ttt, Ostran. S :ct-i) Rm: Ccon. StaMMcW, LtaiKj. Kerr. Hall. Pmus. Kai Ftut Rn : Dots. WeiKtei . Dicnu. 0nn. Fm, PMMS. Pt rj. Lotfuif. GRADUATES i R. Anderton Harden S. Cordon Raymond C. MattineJG Robert L. O ' Bryan Paul H. Denke Finn Jonacscn Philip C. MagnoMo Cordon V. Rk-hard UNI VERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond W. Ater Ray mond E. Darit Cbarlea C. H. de Thomas A. Rof en Leonard J. Black Charles Derleth. Jr. Jooeph V LeConlc Herbert J. Scott Llewellyn M. K. Boelter Bernard A. Elche.err- George O. Looderfaack Robert C. Sproul Anders J. Carbon Richard C. Folsom Thomas C. McFarland Nicholas L. Taliaferr. Herbert C. Cro.le Francis F. Foote. Jr. Warren C. Perry Edward H. Taylor Virgil H. Chen? Leonard F. Fuller Frank H. Probert George E. Troicll Charles F. DaliieJ Sidney T. Harding Benedict F. Raber Lester C. I ren Daryl D. D ris Ernest A. Rertan. Lester E. Reukema Walter S. Weeki Harmcr E. Davis Carleton D. Hnlin Burl is L. Robertson Baldwin M. Woods SENIORS Carlo. A. Arroyo W illard H. Fenn WiOard B. Knamp Joseph M. Pettil M. Benokt Charles R. Garbett Vincent R. Learned John S. Prichard Raymond M. Bicker-staff Richard E. Hall Albert W. Nelson John C. Ream Kenneth B. Bingham Kenneth E. Hill Walter E. Noller Ralph A. Seban John T. Brexter L man C. Horton illard H. Nutting Ralph H. Shirk Ralph E. Bryan Gilbert C. Hudson Lonii H. Oppenheim Ralph J. Smith Loy M. Charter Lawrence S. Joe Charles D. Oslrom incbell Smith John T. Dawton Eneas D. Kane Myron E. Page Carroll J. Southwell Randolph H. Dewante Horace M. Karr John C. Pappas illiaru W. Sleeker John L. Dicmas Robert S. Ken Harold PeleU illiam L. Sline JUNIORS Carl A. Goetle alter A. Lawrence Howard S. Nelson Donald E. I ren John W. Krmg Victor C. Lercmtai Richard A. Ray Elton N. Wieman 437 GOLDEN BEAR (Senior Men ' s SoeiV FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1900 George P. Adams Leroy W. Allen Leonard B. Allison Raymond I. Balsley David P. Barrows Albert M. Becker Carroll W. Brigham Frederick R. Brockhagen John U. Calkins, Jr. W. W. Campbell Walter Christie James H. Corley Fred W. Cozens Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Edward A. Dirkson William G. Donald V. Stanley Durie Carroll Ebright Sidney M. Ehrman Edwin Emery Clinton W. Evans W. W. Ferrier, Jr. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Frederick C. Fischer Ralph T. Fisher Martin C. Flaherty Mortimer Fleishhacker Edwin L. Garthwaite Elmer C. Goldsworthy Walter A. Gordon Chaffee E. Hall Brutus Hamilton F. Arthur Harris Joel H. Hildebrand Elbert A. Hugill Alexander M. Kidd Burton A. King Harry L. Kingman Frank L. Kleeberger Charles B. Lipman George D. Louderback Garret W. McEnerney Orrin K. McMurray Deming G. Maclise Guy S. Millberry Ralfe D. Miller Herbert C. Moffitt Janif- K. Moffitt Russell A. Nagler John Francis Neylan Luther A. Nichols John W. Olmsted Clarence M. Price Kenneth Priestley Frank H. Prohert Thomas M. Putnam Alva W. Ragan Charles A. Ramm Charles H. Raymond Leon J. Richardson Chester H. Rowell Henry Schacht James G. Schaeffer Robert Sibley Robert G. Sproul Frank C. Stevens Wallace I. Terry Robert M. Underbill Edwin C. Voorhies Baldwin M. Woo l Charles C. Bagg Perry E. Beeson Robert B. Bias William L. Blanckenburg Leonard W. Charvet Raymond E. Compton John Dyer-Bennet GRADUATES Paul D. Ehret Harold J. Eifert Pier Gherini Vernon L. Goodin Frank L. Kidner Arnold E. Needham Dan S. Norton Frank S. Pestana Philip G. Pierpont William C. Shriner Alden W. Smith Jacobus tenBroek Robert W. Walker Thomas C. Warren George F. Anderson Homer G. Angelo Laurence C. Arpin Lee C. Benson John S. Burd, Jr. Chester C. Carlisle Sam Chapman Willard T. Dolman Richard A. Gock Chaffee E. Hall, Jr. Paul T. Hastings SENIORS Robert J. Herwig Walter E. Hoadley, Jr. Thomas P. Hogan Murrey M. Johnson Thomas J. Kent, Jr. Robert D. Law, Jr. Stanley E. McCaffrey Homer T. McCorkle, Jr. Robert R. Miller William B. Murrish Joe Newfield, Jr. Frank L. Ornellas Jack Palmer Borden B. Price Curt M. Rocca Charles F. Rosenthal James G. Shields, Jr. Francis W. Steckmest Vard A. Stockton William S. Wallace J. Robert Wegge Archie F. Williams 438 MORTAR ROARD (Senior Women ' s ationul Honor Society) niM)KD AT SYRACUSE. NEW YORK, i9is LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President ............................... ....... I ' ice-President .................... Secretary- ........ .................... Treasurer . Historian SYLVIA J. S. M ALONE . . .JANICE H. W ATKINS ETHEL M. HAZZARD IBIS E. STHAEFER MARGERY E. EVEBNDEN iL. Pitncii CM LMt Margaret I. Beattie Louise S. Cobb UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mary B. Davidson Helen W. Fanrher Alice G. Hoyt Lucv W. Stebbins M. Jean Barnett Jean S. Berg Patricia C. Kl-ton Margery E. Evemden ACTIVES Ethel M. Hazzard Virginia Leach Zelda J. Long Sylvia J. S. Malone H. Elizabeth Sleeker Iris E. Straefer Barbara J. Wagner Janice H. Watkin.- 439 PRYTANEAN (Women ' s Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1900 TWO CHAPTERS Patricia Oroste nn UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leila Anderson Barbara N. Armstrong Marjorie Atsatt Edna W. Bailey Eleanor S. Bancroft Eleanor E. Bartlett Margaret Beattie Dr. Olga L. Bridgman Marjorie S. Carlton May L. Cheney Martha A. Chickerin;; Vera L. Christie Edith H. Clymer Louise S. Cobb Edith M. Coulter Ina A. Craig Dr. Ruby L. Cunningham Lucile K. Czarnowski Mary B. Davidson Sarah R. Davis Dr. A. Lucile Elliott Helen W. Fancher Elizabeth L. Foote Hope M. Gladding Alice G. Hoyt Bernice Hubbard Elsey O. Hurt Aileen R. Jaffa Mae N. Lent Violet B. Marshall Agnes F. Morgan Margaret E. Murdock Mary F. Patterson Jessica B. Peixotto Dorothy B. Rubel SENIORS Patricia Alexander M. Jean Barnett Jean S. Berg Willa Gene Budelman Dorothy G. Burnham Virginia D. Colby Susanna M. Crane F. Patricia Droste Elizabeth A. Edgemond Patricia C. Elston Margery E. Evernden Laura R. Gibbs Janet Hall Ruherta Harwell Ethel M. Hazzard Mildred D. Hickok Karen H. Jensen Constance Johnston M. Patricia Kearns Elizabeth A. Kendall Helen W. Kennedy Margaret E. Kessing Rachel A. Knapp Helen L. Knopp Marii Kyogoku Virginia Leach Zelda J. Long Doris R. McCann A. Jean MacDonald Mary C. MacGillivray Sylvia J. S. Malone F. Elizabeth Mather Marian E. Matteson Mary D. Newman Fannie E. Parks Lucille E. Patterson Gene Gail Rogers Marie C. Shaeffer Marion E. Sproul Shirley Stapleton H. Elizabeth Sleeker Iris E. Straefer Elizabeth L. Taylor Jean M. Thomas Jeanne M. Tinnemann Barbara J. Wagner Janice H. Watkin s Ruth P. Wenzel Adrian M. Whyte Mary J. Wiley Helen Wolf den Harriet C. Wright JUNIORS Louanne Bartlett Doris E. Benny Florence P. Brown Carolyn F. Challoner Rosemary Gaines Katherine F. Gross Lenore Hennessy Jean Hoagland Marian M. Hughes Coralie Lamb Jeanette E. Lucas Doris E. Macdonal l Mary Merrill Nellie Meyer Margaret Ann Russell Peggy R. Schuster Carol L. Sherwin Nancy Taber Laura E. Titus Frances L. Turman Patricia J. Wachob Beverly K. Wickler Margaret J. Winter 440 WINGED HELMET ' Junior Men ' s Honor Society FOUNDED AT THE UMVER.-ITY OF CALIFORNIA 1901 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES J.T. Allen C. A. GoJick, Jr. F. C. Palm L. B. Alii . Bnrtai HaaAaa C. M. Pric. D. P. Barren .arrt HrpkiU H. I. Pneitlr. H. E. BJl J. H. HiUtaraad H. T. Pri tl . V. Caaiplwfl H. C. Haariar. F. H. Prkrrt C. E. Caaaaua C. C. H.d. T. M. Vallrr Cbrirtie Harry Kjagaua A. W. JaaM H. Orlrr Mr.a E. Kramer C. B. F. W. Cwa Fd-.rd I i.ii. I . J I. B. CM J. X. LeC.ate C. M. M. Dmuaa A. O. Lrascharr T. A. SrtrWU M. E. Dtauca J. P. McBaia Bi.trt SiMer V. C. Daaall D. C. MrhM Bifctrt I Bright X. inc Mh Th i.i S- . Ernt W. V. M alu. L. F. T - ? F. C. Fitrbrr C M. g.ri ? R rrt M. I R. C. Ccudl E. C. MMT E. C. CW lh V. C. SnfMj J. CM B ROM|| X kr I. K. WUkim W. A. CW M L. A. Xicbdi B. M. VMfc H. F. Cra T V. D. N.ct . Piooc Wb SENIORS A. Lr imd. Jr. Cart M. SUmttj E. McOfrr. Ckarl F. Sikcr R. MxFaD J mrt C. ! J.h B. Mrk RMMX- ' D. Ja B. MilW Vrd A. B.fc.rt B. MiUer A. R.. J S. MiOico. Jr. F. D. DMaVl M-Jfrd EoWard A. ViU. B. Morrifb JfrW Va. lake. Scb ( Tr -. Nirkrl. Jr. RWrt C. V.scl Bor B. Peten Kml M. Tram. Jr. Epbrai. DT. Jr. Tk.. J. KoU Jr. Prtn S. P.rtrrfifld J. l.rrt Wcffir Jluo, X. ErLarl RWx-rl S. Katies B.rd B. Price Caarlo S. Vaxlo. Ill . FrreM iUlah W. Luxa Kiag lr B. Price JUNIORS Jack M. Ean? Albert W. L.nde. Jr. J aa D. Falanaa Ourki Mehlert Eateit P. Frirk krdb Mane . FraM Jack Paban i D. Caraawr Tfc.aiaT M. Ra.. Jr. Jao C. HUl.n. Jr. Ed-ard R. Hamfard Jatrph P. Heack I K. HaaiphriM JaaM C. Sckaefrr Jaa r D. HaMam. Jr. Lrlaad S. Scatl. Jr. Ta.lJllt A. lagkaai C-aae H. Sbarrrr R. Jack EJajer E. Shiae . Ala. K. Saula Ala. A. LaaluT BaVrrt E. Sltm Em L. Laaerfard dliaj. E. SlaM 441 BIG " C " SOCIETY Chet Carlisle William Priest Charles Bonkofsky Jtltfh Karat Back Row: Schaeffer, Pollack, Kitts. Breeden, Stoll, Dolman, Hubert, Drnovich, Lombard . Third Row: Porterfleld, Carlisle, Hankey, Wieman, Sauer, Goldenson, Rocca, McCaffrey, McNamara. Second Row: Wheeler, Smith, Lehman, Hanford. David, Koral, Werson, Hubbard. Front Row: Frost, Evans, Thomas, deVarona, Andersen, Priest, Kueny, Hickerson, Nutting. David 1 . Anderson Fred N. Anderson Victor Bollari John R. Breeden William C. Briggs 1 . Judson Callaghan Sam B. Chapman George E. Cornell David T. deVarona Willard T. Dolman l.ouis V. Drnovich Claude F. Evans FOOTBALL Robert A. Gilbert E. Raymond Hanforc] Jack W. Hay Robert J. Herwig Ted R. Hubert William M. Huters Wilbur Ingram Richard I). Johnston James T. McDaniel John B. Meek Mill, ,n S. Pollack Morris I ' ollock Thomas M. Ray, Jr. Ralph W. Sauer Ferry Schwartz Paul Senimens John G. Smith Louis 1 . Smith Henry C. Sparks J. I ' erke Stone J. Perry Thomas Charles S. Wheeler, III Robert C. Wilhelm Ted C. Willson Ravmond T. Winterhottom Raymond I. Balsley Chester G. Carlisle Robert K. Chalmers Richard I.. David BASKETBALL Lewis W. Goldenson Ralph II. Ilillsman Lerov V. Hunt Robert S. Ingram Don Jensen Maurice Lilot Philip M. Morgans George F. Anderson John R. Bryan Donald F. Burr Leonard W. Charvet Richard O. Hankey Rex M. Heap Norman S. Hickerson TRACK Louis N. Hubbard James W. Kitts Robert I). Law C. Douglas Lehman Guy D. Manuel Charles Mehlert Charles H. Miller Arnold A. Nutting Greg S. Stout Gerald S. Trumbly Leslie Voorhees Kent M. Weaver Elton W. Wieman Archie F. Williams Charles F. Bonkofsky F.rnest E. Devaurs Thomas P. Hogan Joseph P. Kurat BASEBALL Antho ny J. Lombardi Stanley E. McCaffrey Robert M. McNamara Dave M. McNeil Willam II. Outman W. Wesley Piper Peter S. Porterneld Bill J. Priest Laurence C. Arpin Emil M. Bergh Alfred H. Daggett Frank 1 . Dunlap CREW Stephen M. Frost Richard A. Cock Harry B. Kueny, Jr. Curt M. Rocca James G. Schaeffer Gwynne H. Sharrer Robert Walker W. Tale Coullhard Edward D. Heise TENNIS Douglas L. Imhoff J. Craig Neel Roger I.. Vetter INTRAMURAL Gail J. Shadingcr 442 HONORARY James B. Werson Mose J. Firestone CIRCLE " C " SOCIETY President WALTER D. WESTM x x Y ice-President MOSE J. FIRESTONE Treasurer .HARRY A. OLWELL Back R: Drtntch. BucWii. Ols4. Amy . Btiwist, Raao. FraK. Vtitttm .- Lean. Furt Rn : Whwler C . Whteltr, K.. Dotult. Mmr. Refer. Matewy. Musairte. rMisMuM. TMnl ROT: Fatar. O.lmw. FMI. Bws.n. SltM. Swn. Grutfs. Aronsin. Carrier . Staff Km: Hcpptr. HeJilert. Mall. Hollu4. Ham. T,lor. J.. Ultcr. VesUn. i Frwt Row: Fujitka. Luktr Tajrlar. B . MillirM. Gtsh. Csow I.. B. Allison Or. W. C. Donald A. W. Doodrn E. C. Colds-orthT Benjamin H. FUhrr Richard B. Clendinninp J. Franklin Brnntlt Carl . Flrcil Ed.ard Graff Bnstm HamilloD X. E. A. Hindi Ed. Lnkrr Homer X. Mrad HONORARY BOXING Villiam . Mo, H. A. N -sm C. A. Peasr Ralph Milliron Richard E. Smith 130-145 BASKETBALL Valentine Franz. Jr. m ilium K. Fujita Paul D. Fulmer Robin B. Hal6rU Bob Johnston William Murray F. C. Probtrt J. H. Shroeder Hrnrv A. Slone Carl E. Zarnloch Jrsse R. Stran. Jr. Harr. A. Ol.rll Donald Vestnrs Ejrle W. Aceres CROSS COUNTRY George Baker Clarence A. Hall Charles Mehlert John P. Holland. Jr. Jamrs F. Ashlcv Ross A. Cnnninfham Ernest L. Dobson Ralph W. l.amon Mose J. Firestone Vincent E. Geren FENCING Thomas M. Benoist GOLF Walter D. WeUman Alan G. MrLenee GYMNASTICS Addiion M. Ja Robert Miller John F. Raab Willian E. Znerner Delmon B. Ci.h Robert L. BOOM Willard T. Dolman William C. Donald. Jr. HANDBALL John M. Mahone. RUGBY Louts J. Drnovich Roy H. Elliot Edward H. Craalfs Charles S. Wheeler Samuel A. Murphy. Jr. Charles F. Hunkins Norman A. Olson Elman J. Rose Robert Smith Jack Sullivan Victor D. Vieira George C. Getter. Jr. SKIING Milton Hildebrand Carlos A. Arroyo Richard L. Benjamin C. Ed- in Buck! in Cecil A. Carriere SOCCER Philip S. Crane Charles W . Dunning Phillips A. Dunford. Jr. Calder Hayes Robert P. Lesser Adolph E. Meier Leslie F. Musante Byron L. Xishkian Elliot Sawyer Harold C. Xorton Richard A. Ray Bernard E. Taylor Henry Weber Paul Collins Kenneth R. Filisimn J. Froome Steren Aronson Harry J. Cooper Lee C. Benson Milton C. Dalo Michihiko M. Fujioka SWIMMING Rudolph E. Fuelterer Frank C. Graham Carl A. Poslada John H. Priier Robley C. Reher Edward L. L nerr WATER POLO George E. Emerry Albert W. doeckner WRESTLING Howry D. Funk Lyman D. Criswold Ra. V. Hopper James B. Sinton Glen S. W atennan James B. Werson Stephen X. bite C. Shields Wheeler John C. Spear Vard A. Stockton kikuo Yamamolo 443 TRIUNE (Sophomore Men ' s Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN L. FARLEY, JR ..President JACK F. LEWIS JACK F. LEWIS V ice-President TED R. HUBERT WM. E. BICCERSTAFF Secretary STANLEY B. FREEBORN, JR. Back Row: Swartz, Bahme, Farley, Modisette, Freedom, Biggerstaff, Erichson. Third Row: Barbanell, Hale, O ' Sullivan, Van Home, Saunders, Hubert. Second Row: Sauer, Lewis, Wilhelm, Palmer, Brown, Morgan. Front Row: Wyatt, Peacock, Bell, Michael, Stock, Wilson, Grainger. Ralph W. Chancy UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley B. Freeborn Edwin C. Voorhies Richard B. Bahme Clifford A. Barbanell Charles R. Bell, Jr. Wm. E. Biggerstaff George A. Brown Perry Conner John W. Erichson ACTIVES John L. Farley, Jr. Stanley B. Freeborn, Jr. Charles H. Grainger Robert W. Greig William M. Hale Ted R. Hubert Jack F. Lewis F. Lowry Wyatt Herbe rt W. Michael DeMott Modisette Dudley W. Morgan C. Dion O ' Sullivan Robert H. Palmer Robert C. Peacock Ralph W. Sauer John W. Saunders, Jr. John P. Stock Frederick D. Stuthman Burton A. Swartz Garrett Van Home Robert G. Wilhelm Jess C.Wilson, Jr. 444 ETA KAPPA NU (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 1905 ML CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall JOSEPH M. PETTIT President . RALPH J. SMITH Vice-Presideni WALTER A. LAWRENCE Recording Secretary WALTKR E. NOLLER Corresponding Secretary DAVID B. FOSKETT -. Treasurer WILLIAM F. STARNS Bridge Correspondent CHARLES F. DALZIEL Faculty Adviser Spring RALPH J. SMITH .WALTER A. LAWRENCE . . . GILBERT G. HUDSON . . WALTER G. GRUENIC JOSEPH WEINSTEIN . . WILLIAM F. STARNS . . CHARLES F. DALZIEL OCrnun. Prt. Lte. TtantM. Fi. Ch FrMt R ' W. [n.trpm. B rt, CItr, Tkir: iilum. LeiKfd. Prichard. ! Kmm. So.-tti Suit . Stan Pttttt. ktt. William Raymond W. Ager Leonard J. Black Charles F. Dalziel Daryl D. DavU UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leonard F. Fuller Thomas C. McFarland Lester E. Reukema Burtis L. Robertson Thomas A. Rogers Herbert J. Scott Abe Tilles GRADUATES Stanley J. Elliott, Jr. Robert L. O ' Bryan Thomas M. Benoist Benjamin Chow Donald Cozen Frank D. Craig Benjamin Davis William W. Fenchuk Willard H. Fenn David B. Foskett SENIORS Walter G. Gruenig Gilbert G. Hudson Walter A. Lawrence Roy V. Learned Edison D. Lowe Walter E. Noller Rayburn E. Perry Joseph M. Perth John S. Prichard Ralph J. Smith William F. Starns Hiroshi Uratsu Donald E. Uren Glen S. Waterman Joseph Weinstein Elwood A. Williams. Jr. Joseph P. Bort Lowell L. Cox Elton B. Fox Carl A. Goette John Hexem JUNIORS Glenn M. Kevern Robert V. Knit-rim Hing Lee Paul F. Offermann Owen D. Paulson Bernard L. Peter Peter B. Pichetto Joe L. Th 11 r- ton Edwin D. Yorkv 445 Back (Uw: Arpin. Starch, Himilton, Kennedy. Barber, Dougery. Humphries, Ourne;, Plummer, Breaui, Briggs, Weater. SeccuH Row: McFill, Steers, Hamlin, Shine, Clinch. Adams, Miller, C., Boom. Angel , Maloney, Wilson. Church, Spott. Front Row: Stoll, Leonard. Woolley. Nickel. Seiger. Juch, Boytf. Wells, Biggs. Miller. B.. Zook, Pollock. 446 SKULL AND KEYS (Interfraternity Social Organization} FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1892 ONE CHAPTER HONORARY Stub Allison Bodie Andran David P. Barrow? Dr. Boles N. S. Burhanan Paul Cadman John Calkin-. Jr. R. W. Chancy Charles Chapman Walter Chri?tir Clarenre Corey Harry Davi? M. M. Davi-.mi Monroe Deut.-rh illiam Donald Newton Drury W. H. Durham Ky Ehright Capt. Neil Eilniiinil- Col. G. C. Edwards James Fisk Martin Flaherty Walter Frederick - Stanley Freeborn Horace Caither Raymond Cettell Everett Glass E. C. Goldsworthy Capt. S. Goodman Lieut. H. Greenlaw John Grover Brutus Hamilton Robert Hemphill Norman Hinds John Hostater H. S. Howard James Hutrhinson Lincoln Hutrhinson Mile? H mi-mi Bill Ingram Alexander Kidd Peter B. Kyne E. Landon Karl Leebrirk Matthew Lynch Vu.-tin MacDonald Walter Magee Jack MrKenzie Ralph Merrill Brick Mitchell Brick Morse Ru??ell Nagler Eugen Neuhaus John F. Neylan R. L. Olson Edmund O ' Neill F. C. Palm Major G. Peabody Thomas Putnam Thomas Sanford William Setchell James Shaeffer Andrew Smith George Smith-on Robert G. Sproul Thomas Slow- Edward Stricklin Major J. S. Switzer Nicholas Taliaferro Irving Uteritz Charles Voltz Edwin Voorhie? Benjamin Wallace Benjamin Ide Wheeler Frank Wickhor?t Carl Zamloch GRADUATES Andrew Aadenon Bud Allbright Doug Allen Bill Archer Chick Barker Speed Bennett Fred Bentlex Bill Berry Bob Bishopp Floyd Blower Fred Bouke ilili-on Bowers Dick Brace Dutch Bremer Bill Bricca LeRoy Brigg? Bob Brillingham Sandy Brown Jud Callaghan Don Crilly Ed Davies Jack Das i- Tom Dawson Frank Donant Ed Dougery Bob Fowler Don Fowler Francis Gherini Ed Goree Bob Hammond Joe Hendrick Doug Hen-l - Bill Huey Howard Inman Frank Wilson Harry Johnson John Join - Reggie Kiltrelle Doug Knighl Howard Lulher Larry Lulz Carson Magill John Marlin Neal McGralh Herbert Moore Bill Morgan Dick Mover Joe Pease Phil Pierpont Sarge Reynold? Ralph Riley Chet Ristenpart Dave Rogers Bill Sciutto Jack Sexson George Smith Ed Sol in sky Bob Sparks Fred Sperry Bull Steers " Bill Stone Glassell Stringfellow Norman Sutcliffe Conrad Tenney Tevis Thompson George Waddell Dick Warner Bill Wegge Bud Wehe SENIORS Jim Adams George Ander.-on Homer Angelo Larry Arpin Dirk A-hby Don Bell Tom Bell Bob Boone Jim Boyd Bill Briggs Russ Brvan Sam Chapman Downey Clinch Ken Collon Dave Cro-- ' Will Dolman Jim Durney Bill Eckart John Geiger Ross Hamlin Jack Harri-on Tom Hogan Bob Ingram Ray Leonard Bert Lunceford Silver McFall John Meek Bob Miller Charles Miller Dan Newton George Nickel Fred Onslolt Bus Picco Mushy Pollock Bob Spott Yard Stockton John Storch Bob Thoma? Ned Thomas Bob Vogel Kent Weaver Bob Wegge Alex Wilson Muir Woolev JUNIORS Dave Anderson M ' ' e Barber Dirk Biggs Vic Bottari Locke Breaux -Deceased George Church John Finlayson Jigg? Hamillon Dick Humphries Bob Juch Larry Kennedy Rusty Maloney Bob SlacBride Monk Plummer Fred Scatena Earl Shine Bill Stoll Bob Steers Roy Tremoureux Bob Well? Ted Willson Ed Zook 447 Bmih, Osborne, Neel, Cornell, Merrick. Second Row: Breck, Cox, Patterson, Paige, Shaver, Otson, Murray, Fulmtr. Rohwtr, Salley. Kilpatric. Front Row: Fisher, Cayot. Reese, Dorr, Hall, Echeverria, Laulhere, James, Saurr, Holden. 448 PHI PHI ( ational Intfrfratemity Honor Society FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON 1917 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 EIGHT CHAP! CHAPTE OFFICERS Fall i H t -TE G. CABUSLE . . President OTHEL A. KJLPATBIC, J. Vice-P ' resident CHABLES L. H ZES . Secretary-Treasurer Spring K. NEIL SHAVE JAMES A. BBOWN CHABLES L. HAZEN HONORARY David P. Barrows Paul F. Cadman H. H. Campbell Morse A. Cartwright Charles E. Chapman Walter Chri ie M. M. Davisson Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Dr. W. G. Donald Carroll Ebright CapL N. S. Edniond Clinton W. Evan- Stanley B. Freeborn John W. Gregg Brutus Hamilton Charles G. Hyde William Carey Jonr- Dr. Robert T. Legge George D. Louderbark William Monahan Brirk Morse Everett Mo man Ronald L. Olson Franklin C. Palm Frank H. Probert Charle? H. RaMiiond Royal A. Robert- Capt, C. E. Ryan Robert G. Sproul Charles R. Volz Edwin C Voorhies ' Benjamin Ide Wlieeler Frank Wiekhorst Earl Wright GRADUATE V. Dale Vieira Philip S. Breck. Jr. James A. Brown Chester G.Carli-lr Lewis A. Civille William L, Cook. Ill .roree E. Cornell Harold J. Cox Julius C. Deubner Albert T. Dexter William G. Donald. Jr. Paul D. Fulmer Rirhard E. Hall William R. Harper Charles L. Hazen Rex M. Heap Walter K. Higgins John H. Hoefer William H. James Daniel W. Johnston Othel A. Kilpatrir. Jr. Bernard M. Laulhere. Jr. Jack L. Maeki William H. Murray Arnold A. Nutting Jimmy H. Paige Charles P. Patterson John E. Perry Ralph D. Rader Llewellyn H. Reese Lester D. Rohwer Carl W. Saner Gail J. Shadinger E. Neil Shaker Henry " C. Sparks James H. Stramler Rirhard F. Tharp G. El wood Thode Donald E. Uren Walter D. Westman Donald M. Wilder JUNIORS Ernil M. Bergh Ramon F. Cayot John F. Doane John W. Dorr R. James Echeverria Deceased Jaek R. FL her William O. Foulkes John F. Gheen Robert S. Hirkson John M. Holden Louis Jaque-. Jr. James W. Kilt- William J. McGuire Clarke F. Merrirk Wilbur G. Neel William L. White Charles Osbome- Jr. Charles Salley John B. Steponovich George J. Taylor William R. Vartnaw. Jr. 449 DELTA CHI ALPHA (Household Art Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1934 OFFICERS President . ' CLAIRE PAULI V ice-President JEAN S. BERG Secretary ELIZABETH C. RYAN Treasurer WINNIFRED DOLE Social Chairman . . .... MARY E. MASTERS Claire Paul Billie Christensen Dolly B. Grandjean Jane Manning Ruth Belding Jeanne L. Bennett Jean S. Berg Margaret J. Brandson Margaret H. Dean Winnifred Dole Elenore K. Erland Helen W. Ferguson Frances R. Abraham Ruth N. Bailey Blanche M. Barsotti Jeanette L. Beard Elizabeth W. Brown Virginia C. Bush Carolyn F. Challoner Evelyn L. Clow Helen M. Coleberd Dorothy L. Davis Julia L. Amery Betsey D. Andker Arley B. Brown Evelyn J. De Ligne Mary Dixon Docia N. Blarkledge Josephine L. Bradley Suzanne F. Bruen UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Helen W. Fancher Mae N. Lent Alice E. Martin Ruth E. Robinson GRADUATES Mary I. Russell Julie M. Sibley SENIORS Ruth C. Godson Isabelle E. Hamilton S. Virginia Hamilton M. Charlotte Harper C. Elizabeth Hensley Chrystal Hildebrand Georgie V. Hollins Jean H. Johnston Lola M. Lathrop Eleanor L. Lopes Helen H. Loven Doris R. McCann Janet B. Macfarlane Mary E. Masters Jean A. Moores Anna Y. Nakahara Olga L. Nomellini Claire Pauli JUNIORS Frances M. Dooley Barbara Douglas Lolita M. Dutro Katrina Gibson Dolly M. Goldman Harriet I. Harper Pauline L. Jordan Grace C. Joyce Margaret E. Long Beatrice McCargar Amy F. March L. Catharine Moss Ethelann Phillips Joanna Renetzky Rosemary L. Renner Kathryn B. Rider Phyllis R. Russell Lois Saari Lucille Saari A. Winifred Schmitz SOPHOMORES Eleanor L. Eschelbach Lois Larson Henrietta E. Hillefeld Marjorie Leigh Mary H. Jenkins Mary E. Mclntosh Phyllis M. Johnson Hope Merrall Martha J. Johnston Marian E. Neper G. Ruth Caffey June E. Hamilton E. Janet Hays FRESHMEN Elizabeth G. Hobart Alice A. Kelby Lucy C. Malcolm Mary F. Patterson Rebecca M. Starr Geraldine L. Strizich Mary A. Phillips Ardell Rademacher Vivienne A. Righetti Elizabeth C. Ryan Amy F. Schirmer Jean L. Sturgeon Bettie D. Wippler Addie L. World Florence L. Sherman Katharine E. Snow Edith C. Stedman Verna O. Taylor Lucille B. Telles Takako Tsuchiya Lillian J. Tuttle Phyllis V. Watson Jeanne L. Woods Valborg K. Rasmussen Gaye Roberts Alice Thompson Dorothy J. Wilson Katherine M. Wilson Barbara Phillips Marion L. Smith 450 PAN XENIA International Professional Foreign Trade Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON 1916 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall RALPH D. RADEK President LELAND S. HAMILTON Vice-President MAXWELL G. Bi BUND . Secretary-Treasurer . Spring . LELAXD S. HAMILTON . .How.ABO J. FRATZKF JOHN A. TOMPKINS :t Ratfer, TMti. Senui fruit Kv: KkMa. HiMitt : Live . Ira B. Cross UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Henry F. Grady VT. Andrew Ro Norbert A. Anderson Maxwell G. Borland Howard J. Fratzke SENIORS Winston O.Gilkey Leland S. Hamilton Tat-un Ku- hida Richard Lynrh Robert C. L Tich Ralph D. Ra ' der Franklin D. Smith Walter D. Te tman Robert N. Duncan E. Everett Miller JUNIORS Paul E. Price John A. Tompkins 451 DELTA PHI EPSILON (National Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY 1920 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 SEVEN CHAPTERS [ | OFFICERS Full Spring LYDFORD M. MORRIS President ' . JAMES T. BRAAFLADT JAMES T. BRAAFLADT V ice-President JACK C. MALDONADO WILLIAM C. MACHEK Secretary RICHARD RICKENBACKER HARRY S. SCOTT Treasurer HARRY S. SCOTT JACK C. MALDONADO Librarian S. CHARLES TRACY ROBERT C. GEORGE Editor ROBERT C. GEORGE VANCE A. BOYER Sergeant-at-Arms VANCE A. BOYER Back Row: Breck. Brufladt, McConnell. Belquist. Rickenbacher, Weikel. George. Reno. Third Row: CNenoweth. Wellman. Allen, Merriman. Merriam, Bassett. Second Row: Morris, Maldonado. Boyer, Bentley, Atwiter, Read. Machek. First Row: Tracy, Ahrnke, Waddingliam, Mayhugh, Scott, Wheeler. Eric C. Bellquist UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edwin D. Dickinson Lawson Reno Donald Sham HONORARY John Sowers Russell C. Ahrnke Earl T. Allen James H. Bentley SENIORS James T. Braafladt Lydford M. Morris Philip S. Breck, Jr. Rohert T. Read Samuel H. MrConnell Richard Rickenbacker William R. Whitenen Raymond G. Rocca Harry S. Scott Everett Waddingliam JUNIORS H. Kent Atwater, Jr. Edwin F. Bassett Stuart C. Chenoweth Edward J. Clardy Paul W. Gaebel Robert C. George E. Hugh Henes William J. Johnstone Terrance O ' More Keane Enrique E. Laroza Daniel F. McGuire William C. Machek Jack C. Maldonado B. Charles Merriman William H. Merriam James E. Neal Russel O. Risser George Smith S. Charles Tracy Charles P. Weikel Robert C. Wheeler William E. Wheeler Charles C. Willson Vance A. Boyer SOPHOMORES Francis S. Dam R. Bruce Mayhugli 452 OMEGA DELTA (Professional and Social Optometric Fraternity) FOUNDED AT NORTH ILLINOIS COLLEGE 1919 DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1920 SEX CHAPTERS OFFICERS President FBANK Bone. JB. I- ' ice-President BEBNABD F. HABBIS Secretary . RONALD A. SETTERLAND Treasurer JOSEPH SINCE Editor-in-Chief SLTTEB E. KUNKEL Staff LOUIS JAQI ' ES. JB., MORRIS M. R UHNOWITZ, JOSEPH SlNCEB Back Rnr , Koatei. RaManriiz. Hants. Brmtmj. Fifth R: Fmik R: K IM. Setttrtoatf. HenuM. HMcs. Gilbert. Paabt . Lfasfeite. Kru - Saa R-..: Btunai. U. - -iff. A R " - -e. Ptstcr Bl mating. Mdtzcr. i. TB -a Ro.. Taaaoa. . HTH, tliiianaii Theodore A. Brombarh UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Everett A. Coe Jack T. Hoi. Harry M. Kamp F. L. Mason Ralph S. Minor Stephen R. Blunienkranz Frank Bore. Jr. GRADUATES Everette U . Cooper Arthur Friedman Harry Fu enbaum Alvin May V. Paulen SENIORS Albert B. Alexander Jr- F. Baker Marvin R. Brown barren L. Firenze Robert A Gilbert Bernard F. Harri. Marion M. Harri- Sheldon K. Hermann John Y. Koyama Sutter E. Kunkel Kenneth E. Lady Forrest G. Larson Francis L. Leupp Gordon E. Lewis William S. Peiser Lawrence Slatken Henry V. Peter? Morris M. Rabinowitz Raymond C. Schumann Ronald A. Setterland Joseph Sinper JUNIORS Saul V. Becker Harold N. Bergman Stanley D. Braff Ben Brudney Loui Jaques, Jr. Arnold J. Lapiihi- Leo Pipshitz Thomas J. Mackey Harry May Selip L. Meltzer Kenneth L. Morris Omar J. Noles Rexford E. Palmer Marvin R. Po?ton Jack F. Schneller Sidney A. Schneller Harold B. Senter Giltner S. Small Daniel Tansman Irving G. Yasney SOPHOMORE Arthur J. Jampol-ky Arthur V. Shearer 453 PI DELTA EPSILON (Men ' s Journalistic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1909 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1918 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS John Burd William Murrish Elwood A. Williams Ray Kovitz Clyde Carter Charles Rosenthal Maurice Baker James Pool Don Goldeen Carl Sauer Sheridan Baker George Saleeby Chaflee Hall Claude Schrader Norman Canright Sam Schaaf Walter Hoadley Winfield Scott Don Harris Joseph Schoeninger William James Freeman Silva Carl Johnson Renwtck Smedberg Robert Lee Dick Toner Dick Kelly Edwin Streit UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY 454 David P. Barrows Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Charles Caldwell Dobie Samuel T. Farquhar Fred C. Fischer John S. Burd, Jr. Clyde R. Carter Donald S. Goldeen Chaffee E. Hall, Jr. Walter E. Hoadley, Jr. C. Maurice Baker Sheridan W. Baker, Jr. Norman P. Canright Don R. Harris J. R. Knowland. Jr. Benjamin P. Kurtz Benjamin H. Lehman Luther A. Nichols John E. Pickett Kenneth Priestley Charles H. Raymond SENIORS William H. James Robert P. Lee William B. Murrish Charles F. Rosenthal Carl W. Sauer JUNIORS Carl L. Johnson Richard K. Kelly Ray Kovitz James W. Pool MEMBERS Robert G. Sibley Robert G. Sproul James E. Wales I. King Wilkin Ira I. Wilkin Edward A. Zeus W. Vernon Scott, Jr. Freeman A. Silva R. Edwin Streit Richard F. Toner Elwood R. Williams George Saleebey Samuel A. Schaaf Joseph Schoeninger Renwick W. Smedberg MASK AND DAGGER (Dramatics: Honor Society FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1908 ONE CHAPTER | OFFICERS Spring JAMES G. FISHEB-NOBTHBOP President PAIBICIA C, ELSTON Vice-President ROBEBT A. GOLDSTEIN Secretary J. CLARK How AT . . Treasurer Fall .RAYMOND E. PABKER BARBARA EAMES C. DfNNING SOMEBS . . . .JOHN GALBBAITH V incent F. Blanrhard Anthon F. Blanks Theodore Bowie Alice Brainard Sheldon Cheney M athurin Dondo Edwin Duerr Willard H. Durham HONORARY Hope M. Gladding Everett Glass Garnet Holme Alexander S. Kaun Benjamin H. Lehman Elizabeth Mark Doris Mclntyre Guy Montgomery ' Eugrn Neuhau- T ing Pichel Kenneth Priestley Max Radin Louis B. Reynold Sarah H. Sturgess Allan R. Thompson Charles D. von Neumayer ALUMNI ACTIVE IN THE PROFESSION Morris Ankrum Lois Austin Berniee Berwin Frank Brown William Bernal Lloyd Corrigan Vincent Duffey Ralph Edwards Richard Ehler John Eldridge Alfred Eteheverry Williain Hanley James Krieger Ada Lilly Baldwin MrGaw Mary Meyer Paul Nathan Nestor Paiva Walter Plunkett Stanley Quackenbu h Michael RaffVto Robert Ross Lucian Self Marjorie M. Smith Gloria Stuart Barbara Townsend Carol Eberts Veazie Kathleen Wilson Menahem Wolfe Donald Woods Barton Yarborough Barbara Eames James G. Fi-her-Northrop GRADUATES John Galbraith Raymond Parker Loui E. Pinson C. Dunning Somers Bobbie K. Campbell Patricia C. Elston Constance H. Johnston SENIORS H. Thomas McCorkle Helen E. Mayhew Ysabel S. Momsen Joseph Newfield. Jr. Sydney Roger Kenneth J. Tobev Mary K. Dawson Robert A. Goldstein JUNIORS Clark J. Howat Robert H. Nielsen Terry O ' Flaherty John S. Thompson 455 BATON (University of California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President CURTIS FLEMING V ' ice-President WILLIAM F. PETERSON Secretary JACK C. CARMICHAEL Treasurer. ARNOLD T. WULFFRAAT Back Row: Galeno. Gerdes, Ranlves. Nagei. wouenoerg. waison. i d. Second Row: Most, Bricn, Phillips, Hankin. Fay. Williams, Carmichael. Frsnt Row: Berdahl. Hammond, ' Wienei, Setter I und. Fleming, Schuchard, Lowe. Seedman, Kean. Warren W. Mahoney William E. Mullin HONORARY Christian Telleesen Forest W. Watson Philip Williams Byron J. Wilson Raymond M. Atherton Thomas M. Benoist Douglas H. Elliott Lewis P. Fairchild Curtis Fleming Melvyn C. Friendly Burnett A. Hendryx SENIORS Richard G. Lowe Arthur K. Macfarlane William R. Most Ernest O. Nagel Fred L. Nettell William F. Peterson August H. Rahlves Daniel A. Seedman Ronald A. Setterlund Robert W. Sinai Wilfred E. Toreson Wesley W. Walker Herbert Wiener James E. Berdahl Claude W. Blain James R. Brien Jack C. Carmichael Edward A. Fay William A. Galeno JUNIORS Ambrose F. Gegan Harold W. Gerdes C. Burton Hammond Lewis B. Kean, Jr. Walter A. Lawrence Lawrence E. McArdell Raymond L. Matthai Paul D. Phillips Otto V. Schuchard John H. F. Skeels J. Roger Wollenberg Arnold T. Wulffraal Paul M. Yockey SOPHOMORES Abraham L. Hankin Thomas R. Simonson 456 SENATE ' .Men ' f Debating Sorielv FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALJFORMA 1900 ONE CHAPTER Brwn. Secwtf KCCM. Cancr. : . ROT: Eat . s u Henkcy. FtstK. LMckitti. Spirt. Re Tiold H. Cohn Richard B. Foster Owen G. McKevin SENIORS Raymond J. Kif eio Ravmond C. Rocca . Row en Bruno E. Schiro Herbert M. Spiro Dean T. Atw ood Walter J. Brown F. Brorkway Caffee Han P. Carben Thomas H. Carver Stuart C. Chenoweth Robert J. DelFErgo Archie Drennen JUNIORS Arthur Eaton Dale F. Ely Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. Albert J. Hamilton Robert S. Kennedy Travis Lafferty Norman Lowenstein Francis L. Lucchetti Frank V. JL Mason Stewart Mitchell SamOsoffsky Martin M. Psaty Bernard Shapiro Byron B. Snyder Robert L. Stevenson Ernest C. Twisselman J. Roger Wollenberp Robert G. Colepove Robert E. He Tis James P. Keene, Jr. Lenard EL Komor SOPHOMORES Patrick J. McCarthy Richard L. Mayers James F. Moore H. Keith Morrow- Robert V. Speed Douglas M. Sutler Winthrop E. Thompson Lvle H- Turner 457 SCABBARD AND BLADE (National Military Honor Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN 1904 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring HERBERT G. CLAUDIUS Lieutenant Colonel HERBERT G. CLAUDIUS WILLIAM E. BENEDICT Captain J. HOWARD RUSSELL JOSEPH A. REED First Lieutenant ROBERT E. CRAWFORD GEORGE F. GIROT Second Lieutenant K. CLYDE KIMBALL CHARLES A. TOFTLEY first Sergeant JOHN C. PAPPAS MAJOR J. A. CODK, Jn Liaison Officer CAPTAIN OTTO M. JANK Back Row: Peletz, Dickey, Williams. Krug. Page. Mizulo. Schutr. Crawford. Hyndman. Ostrom. Fifth Row: Maryatt, Shalaeff. Nelson, Clewe. Cole, Wright. Hunkins, Barnett. Wiley, Toftley, Mathews. Fourth Row: Kruse, Zehnder. Karr, Hoefer, Bell, Uren, Rees, Conn, Meyer, East. Vivrette. Third Row: Read, Poulsen, Nettell, Waterman, Lincoln, Magnusson, Garlinkle, Glrot, Clark. Vander Heyden, Taylor. Second Row: Johnson. Carlisle, Ommert, Smith, Moss, Benoist, Liedstrand, Eddy, Cooley, Leva. Front Row: Patterson, Merritt, Holbrook. Benedict, Russell, Code, Jank, Hurff, Pappas, Woolsey, Kimball. ACTIVE MEMBERS Homer C. Angelo William E. Benedict Claudius M. Easley Robert N. Eddy Juliu s P. Hammer Charles L. Hazen Wallace E. Holbrook William M. Jonas Lewis L. McArthur William H. McConnell Infantry Owen C. McKevitt Stanley E. Matthews Robert H. Meyer Robert Moss Milton M. Newmark Joseph A. Reed Ralph W. Riley Edward J. Saltherthwaile John B. Sawyer Louis A. Stuck, Jr. B. Grant Taylor, Jr. Charles A. Toflley Curtis R. Vander Heyden Donlyn Vivrette Walter I). Westman Herbert 1.. Winter Navy Edward E. Adams Roger V. Bell Chester C. Carlisle Rush S. Clark George J. Barnett Lee C. Benson Edgar Goyd Cole Robert E. Crawford George E. Girot Robert A. Cooley Sterling B. Doughty William H. East Norman W. Hemphill N. Patterson Hyndman Charles E. Hunkins Don L. Johnson George J. Kruse, Jr. John H. Hoefer Horace M. Karr Earl H. Liedstrand Coast Artillery Ian A. Lawrence John H. McW ' illiams John Mizulo Paul E. Packer Myron E. Page, Jr. Franklin W. Oil Curt M. Rocca J. Howard Russell John C. Pappas Harold Pelelz Robert F. Schlitzkus William W. Sleeker Theodore M. Sleinmetz George W. Schutz James G. Shields Franklin D. Smith Vard A. Stockton Hamilton R. Stevenson Richard F. Tharp Robert J . Wiley Frederick S. Wright. Jr. Thomas Benoist Lloyd D. Colvin William W. Franklin William F. Gerken Robert M. Johnson Francis L. Leva Signal Corps Bradley Maryatt Ralph L. Merrit. Jr. Frederick L. Nettel Clifford A. Ommert Charles P. Patterson Joseph M. Pettit Walter A. Read Donald Uren Glen S. Waterman Ordnance 458 Glenn L. Conn, Jr. Erank Dickev Wilfred Garniikle K. Clyde Kimball. Jr. John W. Krug Leslie M. Lincoln John G. Lowry William W. Nelson Charles D. Y. Ostrom, Jr. Erank Poulsen Rirhard W. Rees Marcellus B. Kicks Walter Shalaeff QUARTERDECK f ' aral R. O. T. C. Social Organization} FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1927 ONE CHAPTER Jack J. Appleby James L. Caley Robert A. Cooley William H. East Allan J. Fisher Roger H. Cuichard SENIORS Felix X. Gygax, Jr. William C. Hall Robert A. Hoolhorr-t Harold V. Hatchings Robert G. Lavenson Franklin D. Smith Homer S. Wallace Stephen N. White Harold W. Bell Gordon A. Bowker Edward J. Curran Grover C. Davis. Jr. Robert E. Fahnestock Ben C. Gerwick. Jr. James W. Haggard Cotesworth B. Head, Jr. JtMORS Theodore A. Ingliain Harry A. Jackson Richard H. Lachman Charles L. Loring Arthur R. McLaughlin John H. McWhorter Carl M. Molitor Malcolm A. Rea Dunlap R. Robinson Donald J. Rose James S. Spore Sanford Stadfeld John B. Warner SOPHOMORES Thomas C. Adams Jonathan A. Barker Joseph G. Bastow, Jr. David W. Blakeslee John Boyd Fred R. Brooks Gordon M. Callison Herbert L Fahnestock Laurence G. FitzSimmons, Jr. Roy H. Fogel Stanley B. Freeborn, Jr. William P. Caddis, Jr. Selden S. Hoos Stanley A. Jackson Arthur E. Lundgren Ronald L. Meyer Herbert W. Michael Joseph A. Moore Cornelius D. O ' Sullivan George A. Rice Webster R. Robinson Charles N. Shane John A. Soens Harry L. Taylor John K. Turtle Stanley M. Tutton Arthur E. Vickery William G. Watson, Jr. Richard F. Young John R. Asdell Clarence F. A very Theodore A. Bastin Archie S. Bett Edward V. Brew-er. Jr. Walter W. Bridge John W. Bryan Henry J. Cappello Robert M. Coman Emmons W. Coogan Walter H. Cooley John B. Copeland Hillyer E. Deuprey Robert S. Doane Edwin A. Fischer George W. French Frank B. Gray FRESHMEN Kenneth R. Hammond Sargent G. Hoffman, Jr. Allan M. Hudson Frederic Kitchener, Jr. Morris F. Landon Robert E. Laughlin George E. Lindman James J. Lynch Fred B. Mclntosh Eugene C. Marlin Richard E. Maulsby Alfred L. Merritt George R. Meyer William R. Norton Edward B. Pinger Clarkson W. Pinkham Charles C. Powell, Jr. Sherry B. Ray Robert S. Scott Philip H. Slater Joseph T. Smith Lowell B. Smith Fred N. Spiess William R. Van Liere Robert E. Williams 459 BETA BETA (Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1906 ONE CHAPTER Left to Right: Clinch. Hamlin. Arpm. Crosse. Picco, Hunan, Lunceftrd, Ingram, Nickel, Storch, Wegge Miller, Durneyl Dolman. Adams. ' Weaver. Morse A. Cartwright Dr. William Donald James Fisk Stanley Freeborn John Jennings HONORARY Earl E. Leaderman Earl Leebrick Mathew Lynch John MacKenzie William W. Monahan Robert G. Sproul Capt. John Switzer Earl Voorhies Carl Zamlorh Ortus F. Adams Laurence C. Arpin Thomas F. Bell William C. Briggs Russell R. Bryan, Jr. Downey C. Clinch David H. Crosse Willard J. Dolman ACTIVE James J. Durney Ross E. Hamlin, Jr. Thomas P. Hogan Robert S. Ingram Raymond A. Leonard, Jr. Bert L. Lunceford Silver R. McFall John B. Meek Robert R. Miller Don Newton George W. Nickel Charles J. Picco W. Vernon Scott, Jr. John A. Storch Kent M. Weaver, Jr. J. Robert Wegge 460 THETA TAU (National I ' rofeffional Engineering Fraternity) EPSILON CHAPTER LIMITED TO MINING AND GEOLOGY STUDENTS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 1904 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring JAMES L. JOUBECT President RICHAKD C MIELENZ ALBERT L. REPEOLA V ' ice --President WILLIAM B. NELSON RICHARD C. MIELENZ Recording Secretary ALBERT L. REPK K I%x A. LAWRENCE Treasurer " MARVIN A. SIBBL h VN F. WILSON Corresponding Secretary IVAN F. WILSON B ck Ro ' Cftitdit Atfk ' ft5 Rcpfctj Stratkcrt. m w. Catkcvt. Jns ' thwio. NrhM. WilSM. ! Charles A. Anderson Perry Byerly Ralph W. Chancy Earnest A. Hersam FACULTY MEMBERS Carlton D. Hulin George D. Louderbark Walter S. Morley Adolf Pabst Frank H. Probert Nicholas L. Taliafe Lester C. Uren Vertress L. VanderHoof Howel Williams John N. Adkins John H. Brineman Robert M. Brown GRADUATES Joseph W. Floyd Joseph T. Gregory Richard H. Merriam Richard C. Mielenz Ro- M. Phillips Albert L . Reperka James T. Wilson Russell R. Bryan, Jr. John H. Douma Ralph L. Fowler Rudolph E. Fuetterer Robert B. Grant Dallas H. Gray SENIORS Jack W. Hay Kenneth E. Hill Charles F. H unkin- Dannie S. Johnston James L. Joubert Robert S. Knowles Ian A. Lawrence William E. Rowe John R. Struthers Marshall C. Turner Edward M. Wheeler Ivan F. Wilson Harold W.B. Baker, Jr. Robert K. Byerts James B. Cathcart. Jr. JUNIORS James D. Huston, Jr. E. Allen McClure William B. Nel ? on Yard A. Stockton Porter E. Thompson Roy W. Turner SOPHOMORE Theodore Olsen 461 PI TAU PI SIGMA f ational Military Fraternity) CALIFORNIA IOTA CHAPTER OFFICERS President THOMAS M. BENOIST y ice-President ROBERT T. BARNES Secretary MATTHEW C. MAUTZ Treasurer ROBERT M. JOHNSON Historian . . DONALD W. GRAHAM Back Row: Grimshaw, Cox, Koran, Hansen, Ward, Birmingham, Erwin, Ommert, Elliott, Maryatt. Third Row: Carmichael, Karrer, Heck, Eieland, Pruss, Horta. Tiffany, Buck, Uren, Waterman, Offer mann. Second Row : Roush, Hiatt, Williams, Parry. Benoist. Van Lteuwen. Read, Netted, Conrad. Merritt. Front Row: Barnes, Barton, Maiitz, Lingo. Graham. Patterson. Code, Johnson, Leva. Wood. Lloyd D. Colvin Nathaniel R. Fairhorn ASSOCIATES Willard H. Fenn Alfred Lingo Ralph L. Merrit Joseph M. Pettit, Jr. Robert C. Weaver Glen S. Waterman Robert T. Barnes Thomas M. Benoist Karl P. Buck, Jr. George H. Eveland, Jr. Donald W. Graham William A. Grimshaw Robert M. Johnson Ulrich G. Karrer SENIORS Francis L. Leva Matthew C. Mautz Frederick L. Nettell Clifford A. Ommert Maris L. Ward Hugo F. Pruss Walter A. Read Donald E. Uren Ernest G. Van Leeuwen, Jr. JUNIORS David L. Barton Arnold J. Bermingham Jack C. Carmichael Donald L Conrad Lowell L. Cox Thornton W. Elliot Alan F. Erwin Howard M. Hansen Donald Heck Charles G. Hiatt Frederick B. Wood Raymond E. Horan, Jr. Richard F. Horta Bradley Maryatt Paul F. Offermann Willet Parry George E. Roush Joe L. Thurston Willard D. Tiffany Benjamin F. Varney Alvin L. Williams 462 rs EPSILON ALPHA ( Dental Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1915 n l CHAPTER [ | OFFICERS President. ARTHUR L. LUNDBLAD V ice-President FLOYD V. BCRSON Secretary ENRICO F. RAFFANTI Treasurer HERBERT L. NORDSTROM Dean GUY S. MILLBERRY . . .JOHN A. MARSHALL Johnson. Buricr Cowden, Luodblad. Wann. Second Row: Millberry, Thonus. Olsen. Pli Manhall. Nordstrom. Front Row: Young. Plftcher. E.. Blinchtri. Rifluti. Brown. G. L. Bean H. B. Carey HONORARY B. D. Hartley Gertrude Mann M. S. Marthall K. F. Meyer J. S. Shell Max Wassman G. L. Bean Herman Becks F. C. Betlencourt H. H. Bjorns-troni F. P. Burke H. B. Carey ( i. W. Cowden C. W. Craig F. V. Epley S. F. Erpf E. W. Ferber T. C. Fleming H. E. Frisbie H. H. Gale J. R. Gill C. D. Gwinn O. A. Gwinn G. V. Hahn F. H. Hare L. A. Hewitt Carl T. Hirota G. A. Hughe D. Q. Jackson ' .. XT. Johnson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. L. Johnson A.J.Ker F. C. Larsen R. C. Locey E. F. Lussier N. A. Lussier Mark McKinimins R. H. McVey J. A. Marshall M. S. Marshall E. H. Mauk G. S. Millberry J. V. Mitchell R. I. Peachey Daniel Ransdell H. E. Ridnour A. F. J. Ries VT. B. Ryder F. W. Schubert A. E. Scott E. M. Setzer J. G. Sharp W. F. Sharp W. G. Sheffer J. S. Shell C. H. Showalter J. F. Steffan G. E. Steninger A. H. Suggett G. H. Terwilliger K. F. Terwilliger T. F. WaUh Fred Volf sohn J. L. Wood C. J. Zappettini R. C. Zeisz Raymond L. Blancheri Floyd T. Burson SENIORS Armand W. Johnson Arthur L. Lundblad Herbert L. Nord?trom Delniar F. Fletcher Enrico F. Kaffanti Harry Stewart Fred S. Brown, Jr. Marshall W. Cowden JUNIORS Glen I. Olsen Erwin C. Fletcher Byron C. Thomas Wilbur Lewis Vann Dorothy Young 463 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS (California Student Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers) PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 LOCAL SOCIETY ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring RALPH MILLIRON President Louis H. OPPENHEIM Louis H. OPPENHEIM V ice-President MARTIN J. SNOW HAROLD PELETZ Secretary RANDOLPH H. DEWANTE JOHN S. BARRISH Treasurer WILLIAM W. TINNISWOOD CHARLES Y. OSTROM, JR. Parliamentarian ROBERT N. PHILLIPS JOHN P. HART Yell Leader JOHN P. HART Herbert C. Crowle Harmer . Davis Ravmond E. Davis Charles Derleth, Jr. Howard D. Kberhart Bernard A. Etcheverry FACULTY Sturla Einarsson Francis S. Foote Sidney T. Harding Charles C. Hyde Bruce Jameyson Wilfred F. Langelier George K. Troxell Clement T. i-k.. il GRADUATE Langfitt B. Wilby Alexander Allison, Jr. Carlos A. Arroyo John S. Barrish Raymond M. BickerslafT Harry R. Bolton Joseph D. Brunner E. Ralph Bryan Millard I . Buckman Ernest C. Burckhardt Frederick L. Burrell David H. Caldwell Louis Chan Frank V. Chiarolla John F. Clarke Robert P. Cook Stanley H. Cowell Steven G. Crow Randolph H. Dewante William A. Doyle William T. Easterday Stanley T. Elcock Edwin H. Epstein Walfred A. Flod Alfred J. Ceandrot Robert P. Gilbert l.yman R. Gillis Alfred G. Gray Arthur H. Green Richard E. Hall Virgil L. Hanson John P. Hart Wallace E. Holbrook Robert A. Hoolhorsl l.yman G. Horton Erwin D. Hovde George Iserguin SENIORS Raymond K. Jacobsen Reuben J. Johnson Horace M. Kerr Robert S. Kerr Michael H. Keyak Joseph F. Knight Lawrence A. Lane Robert L. Lanning William J. Lowe Harvey F. Ludwig Charles W. B. McCormick Pierce B. Mclntosh John A. Maga Ralph Milliron John T. H. Morris John R. Muir Francis C. Murphy George A. Noyes Louis H. Oppenheim Charles Y. Ostrom, Jr. Myron E. Page, Jr. Toivo E. Panttaja John L. Pearson Harold Peletz Jesus P. Perez Burtis F. Presley, Jr. Victor J. Prusas Richard A. Ray John C. Reaves Gleason L. Renoud Wilbur B. Ricketl I. C. Rumsey Henry G. Siewert Oscar I. Slatlebo Martin J. Snow William W. Sleeker William L. Stine Theodore P. Slivers Edwin R. Slowed Lloyd L. Thomas Alvin Z. Thornburg William W. Tinniswood Verne M. Tregonis Gerard C. Weeshoff R. Welty Bernard P. Westkamper Elton W. Wieman Roberl H. Wilken Tom P. W r illiams, Jr. Carlos F. Yerby Henry T. Yerby Clifton Yip Jack E. Zahnder JUNIORS Lyle A. Abrott Robert C. Adolphe Robert H. Ausfahl Julian L. BardofT Ralph H. Brownscombe Ramon F. Cayot J. Barry Cooke James F. Culbertson Richard R. Desmond James J. Doody Gale B. Dougherty Morris Droskin Charles M. Duke Gordon C. Edwards Morris Feigen Frank Figueroa, Jr. Thomas R. Flynn Valentine Franz, Jr. Gilbert W. Gardner Fred C. Marshall F. Paulsen Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. Clyde N. Moore Alan S. Pavne George W. Gray Donald F. Moran Gerald S. Perkins Stewart W. Groesbeck John W. Morris Robert N. Phillips Joseph P. Henck Harris B. Munger, Jr. Morris S. Pynoos Morton S. Hilbert Robert R. Murdoch Herbert D. Richards Howard S. Hitchcock Howard S. Nelson Irving H. Rosedale Otto Hoefler Jack Neustadt Milton O. Rosendahl Harold L. Honnold. Jr. Herbert P. Nilmeier Joseph H. Rokila 1 .i.hin.l R. Illingworth Byron L. Nishkian Arthur F. Royce Charles M. Jones John C. Obermuller Mitat Sail John P. Kempton Toshi T. Ogawa Israel W. Sanlry, Jr. Walter A. Leichtfuss II. ill. M.- W. Ogilvie John Sardis George D. Lodvick Harold H. Ohannesian Fred H. Saltier Thomas A. Long Sam Osoffsky Donald P. Schultz Richard F. Lovejoy John M. Page Harry H. Shatto Royd E. I.und Henry E. Pape Harry F. Simmonds Maurice R. McClure Robert D. Smith Edmund B. Solomon Forest M. Sorenson Morgan E. Stewart Howard B. Stocking Elmer W. Stroppini William M. Stubbleneld William J.Talbot S. Myron Tatarian Irving M. Terzicli Charles R. Tumbliii David W . L ' pton V. Vasilevsky Randolph H. Washburn Rudolf Widmann Robert J. Williams William J. Yates Hajinie Yoshizawa Alvin A. Anister William H. Brady William R. Gianejli William W. Cimbel William J. Matthews Edgar O. May SOPHOMORES Robert P. Perez Dave Pirtz Ronald W. Pulling Vernon J. Richey Ahmed N. Sharif Joseph Soderstrand Bruce A. Valentine I.orin F. Woodcock Fgisto F. Zancai Benjamin A. Ayers George N. Bolton John H. Cline James B. Dupuis Hugo A. Facci Petronio A. Fernande William E. Fitch FRESHMEN Eustachio Gasperetti John T. Graff Carl A. Olson, Jr. JohnT. Paselk. Jr. Cyril M. Pelelz Julius Quetnick Leonard Robinson Sam Ruvkun Mario L. Sartorio Edwin R. Williams 464 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (California Student Branch) PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1880 LOCAL SOCIETY FOUNDED 1911 OFFICERS Chairman JACK L. DlCM AS Vice-Chairman JOHN T. BREWSTER Treasurer CHARLES R. GARBETT Secretary JOHN T. DAWSON Fucultv Advisor. . . .PROFESSOR E. D. HOWE null. WaJkef. Jfl.nrk. Gertn, Myers, AmneiK. Sdm. Prout. BrSr. Bftwsttr. Vine;. Fiftk R: Jut, Giuliui, Her- ritt. Charter, Nnm. f. Stinlr Oamifwrt. Gartett. Fsurth Rmr: Tobea. Mwi. WndSM. Kintsttn. Waueraai. Bingham. McCutchton. Plulter. Broka. Third Row: Gssstr. Sulliqtr. Gtsslina. Dovnino. Nelson. DaTii. Liristrand. Shick. Stc.nd R: Carlson. Ht. Dicmas. Puck. Wilson. Beirtsw. Kant. TriatMtim. Laitorw. Wmkler. front R w: Tripp, Eehewril. Dlwwn. Wfinbtn. Israel. Keyak. Zimmerman, Pappas. Wono. Oliw. L. M. K. Boflt L. Farbtr R. C. Kolsom Th odorp F. Ascherfeld William T. Barker John A. Bole. Jr. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. D. !.. .. H. B. [.ansillc J. N. I.fConlc Reuben Bond Horace E. Burner William J. Flaherty M. P. O ' Brirn B. R. Rabrr N " . F. Ward GRADUATES Thomas F. Reinhardt John H. Ilirt Thomas B. Klakring Theodore Kreiber E. E. W ibrl B. M. Woods John O ' Brien Robert L. O Br an John R. Pierce SENIORS Allan C. Alter Marvin Bainbrid e Harold C. Bentson Kenneth B. Bimiham Earl R. Bodensrhatz John T. Brrwster Uilham E. Brink Louis A. Cardenas Harry J. Carpenter George D. Childs Ralph N. Conner Daniel E. Corcoran Joel B. Coulter Bern S. Crowell Cordon Davenport George E. Davis John T. Dawson Jack L. Ihrrin- Dale F. Downing R. James Echeverria Carlos A. Estrada Charles R. Carbett Walter Gasser Vincent E. Geren Francis A. Gillice Ferdinand J. Giuliani Huph W. Harolds. n Robert D. Henderson William J. Herdman Howard H. Hinds Marion S. Israel Julius J. Jelinek William A. Jensen Lawrence S. Jue L ' neas D. Kane Willard R. Kaufman Karl S. Keyak Victor M. Kingston Edmund V. Lailone Bernard M. Laulhere. Jr. John K. Leek Earl H. Liedstrand Devere L. MrCutcheo Romney W. Masters Joseph H. Maynard Ralph L. Merrill C.James Miller Lee J. Mohler Yoshihira Mori David P. Myers Oscar Myers Sunao Nag ai Albert W. NeUon Julian P. Newman Clifford J. Newquist Willard H. Nulling Robert M. Oliver Donald F. Owens John C. Pappas Lino D. Piccardo Philip G. Pierpont Edwin R. Prout Richard Ricker Roy L. Schinnerer William K. Schon Ralph H. Shick C. James Southwell Albert L. Slanly Alfred J. Styerwalt Arthur H. Sulliger Bernard E. Toben Vernon M. Tramonlini Kdw in G. Tripp Edward F. Versaw William R. Walden Akin R. Walker William V. Wallace Marvin E. Wasserman Frederick M. Wong Gene L. Woodfield Edgar E. Woodson John M. Wrenn William P. Yallalee JUNIORS Leroy D. Alward John S. Amneus Robert V. Ball Harold W. Bell Henr Blum S. Josh Brady Paul S. Broadhead George K. Brokaw Richard A. Brown Paul G. Carlson Vincent E. Caswell Albert R. Champion Roy E. Clough W. Bruce Crow-ley Daniel W. Dahlquisl David T. Dobbins Alan F. Frw in Joseph Friend Kenji Fujimoto George F. Gessling Austin D. Grey Charles F. Hains G. Richard Herrirk John M. Holden Morio Ikeda Philip O. Johnson George O. Keliher Glenn N. Kolander Tom A. Lee Victor G. Le e-ki M. Elbert Lucky Robert W. Martin Thomas J. May Fred R. Mayeda William M. Middleto:i George S. Neuls Robert C. Newman Guido R. Nicolai Melvin H. Norman John A. Olson Jack Palmer Vernon Prentir- Raymond %. P le Frank W. Reanirr Frederick Reinecke William F. Remington Ralph A. Rhoda Kenneth G. Rich Breeder Rintoul Robert F. Schlitzkus Raymond J. Siefert Ronald A. Slipper Vallard C. Smith Edward W. Thrall McFarland Tolf Robert M. Vine Robert W. Webster Harold J. Wilson Loui U uertele Eli A. Zeitlen SOPHOMORES Winfield H. Arata. Jr. Hugh G. Arnold Thomas M . A er ? Emit M. Bergh Robert K. Bond Howard P. Brown Lewi- W. Cate George E. Chriseakis Charles G. Dibble John H. Ellis Richard B. Fleming John B. Gegan Lawrence Kurz Emile L. Lacrampe Rowland C. Lee Alonzo W. Noon Shelly B. Pfeiffer James B. Rea Thomas M. Rutherford William H. Shelton Harry Stierly Robert F. Walden Philip W. Ware Roy O ' Neal Wells Edwin Winkler 465 PHRATERES (National Women ' s Social Organization) IOTA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1935 NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President RACHEL A. KNAPP Vice-President FRANCES L. TURM AN Treasurer BARBARA KENNEDY Secretary AZILE C. BLEVINS Historian , ELINOR NORTON Membership JEANNE HARPER Corresponding Secretary DOROTHEA DARCH Office Force DORIS E. MACDONALD Knapp Barbai Margaret Bealtie Louise S. Cobb HONORARY Mary B. Davidson Helen W. Fancher Alice C. Hoyt Ida W. Sproul l.ucv W. Stebbins SENIORS S. Pauline Babcock Azile C. Blevins Blythe V. Bond Ruth Bycraft Enid M. Clarke Virginia C. Dalton Daphne A. Dean Dolly D. Dunwoody Eleanor Gaddis Mary H. Garwood Janet B. Hall Jeanne Harper Elizabeth S. Hoffman Justine Hyde Dorothy M Jacobus Jean H. Johnston Barbara Kennedy M.ilv MM- G. Kistemann Rachel A. Knapp Phyllis L. Kocher Agnes M. I.abadie Janet B. Macfarlane Mary C. MacGillivray Gospava Milinovich Dorothy E. Miller Mary N. Morrison Janet L. Murray Margaret A. Nickerson Jean E. Nixon Elinor Norton Bettie Nutt Violet M. Olson Margaret C. Peterson Barbara Russell Elizabeth C. Ryan Bernice B. Schmidt Nellie F. Sheafe Barbara F. Smith Etna E. Smith Elizabeth L. Taylor Lorraine R. Ungarelti Josephine G. Ward JUNIORS Beatrice C. Ananikian Charlotte P. Anderson Elizabeth Arthur Helen L. Babasinian Shirley Beatty F. Jane Behm June W. Bischoff Arline A. Brownlie Ruth M. Carr Alice M. Chubb Helen M. Coleberd Constance M. B. Compton Nina E. Cornwall Ruth LaVin Cragun Elizabeth K. Dahleen Dorothea Darch Elsie S. Deshler Lolita M. Dutro Sarah C. Finlay Helen E. Cerhart Constance Hagan Claris E. Holland Georgie V. Hollins Annabel Jackson Edith Mae Johnson Mary Ford Kelly A. Marg Dorothy M. Krayenbuhl Doris E. Macdonald Margaret E. McRae Grace V. Maddern Ruth A. Mahoney Augusta A. Miller Helen M. Osborn Helen A. Perry Fern E. Peterson Maxine J. Rickenback r Margaret M. Ring Jean H. Robertson Margaret J. Rowland iret Wittschen Helen M. Savage Christel Sharp Eleanor H. Spranger Anna M. Stepbenson Nancy Taber Margaret Taeger Jean A. Titsworth V. Jewel Torbert Zelda A. Troedson Frances L. Turman Ruth W. Weindorf Elsie Wicks Jean A. Wildenradt SOPHOMORES Ada E. Ball Jeanette B. Bliss Margaret L. Bright Meredyth C. Cole Catherine B. Davis Vivienne D. Deane Dorothy L. Gaston Eileen M. Goodwin Evelyn F. Griffin Helen L. Hederman M. Helen Henderson Marjorie I. LeRoy Ellen L. Lewis Mary G. Lyons Doris E. McAllister Dorothy E. McPeak Ruth Miller Grace Norton Charmian D. Orr Margaret O. Peacock Renette Prior Patricia J. Purchase Mary L. Quinn Narcisa I. Rhodes Margaret Rohrer Georgia M. Saxton Dorothy J. Schmid Barbara Schmidt Dorothy J. Staehliti? Phyllis A. Weinberg Marie Welsh Gertrude M. Wolfson FRESHMEN 466 Beatrice E. Averill Carolyn B. Babasinian Betty V. Barton Ruth W. Chandler Ruth L. Dibble Bonnie Dismukes Fredrika A. Doelker Elizabeth M. Fiske Emmy Lou Fitzmaurire Berdeen Fraiikel Isabel H. Green Louise G. Urmlrirk- Marjorie 1 . Holland Elizabeth Howden Evelyn S. Hutchison Marge V. Jones Lois L. Larson Audrey L. McCoy Zelda I - McCullagh Gladys M. Palmer Artise V. Payne Natalie E. Phillips Barbara A. Smith Lore M. Schwarzkopf Mildred A. Steele Elizabeth Terry Virginia B. Tittsworlh lone E. Wilson ALPHA DELTA SIGMA (Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI 1913 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1927 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Fall CLAUDE N. SCHBVDER CAM, W. SAUEB CLYDE R. C AITEI W. VEK OX SCOTT. J. OFFICERS . President ....... ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Corresponding Secretary. Spring W. VEBNO.N SCOTT, J. ELWOOD R. WILLIAMS . .R. EDWIN STBEIT WILLIAM H. JAMES - Ljira G. C j;; CM . rtsii T. : F. W;G. -met Cbatft M. Scfcran0 DM S Tknut W. Hwti Rthert H. lnM . V,rr:r, C . Twer Mitt? E. McChn iHtw H. j. Kata K U L. E:.ct- Lft t. U HONORARY Rniiuld Bttg E.ri V. Burke Tiller A. . C flin - J.ln S. Bard. Jr. Cl ' dr B. Carter J.ln J. Codd HanUDe l Ben D. l i,o Ulu. L. CMk III Epkr.un Jr. Ckariei R. Crt Hllbtrd CariJ ! E. Cilmn Charles E J.b B. IU.lh.m- R.bert M. lr,tmf .Hum H. i m t jllfr HeM kenoelt V. HLf X. F. I Cari F. Ohlizer Ln E. T Earl V. " Teller I. Kin WOkin H.-ard UlnrU SENIORS Blfrrrl P. Lee William H. Ml Rbert DvWr : - ;.,--. R Third E. He N. PalI T) a H Oiarlei J. Kalro dark A. Lee JUNIORS U.C. Lee Daniel F. MeCnire W. llaT.d ulr. Carl W. Saner Hiaai N. Sekrarfer W. Vrrnn ScMI. Jr. W. Kane? Stanley H. H. T in Q.Md R. illian,- ETerrtl Zeirler Robert C. 5ptt Fred N. T-min: 467 Ckarle. . Jeuer SOPHOMORES RWrt E. Herbert A. V atemu R.fcrrt M. attr.o BETA GAMMA SIGMA (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall WILLIAM V. HUGHES President MARY F. HUBBARD V ice-President BURNETT A. HENDRYX Secretary-Treasurer Spring J. ROBERT WECCE MARY F. HUBBARD .BURNETT A. HENDRYX William Hughes Robert Burnett Hendryx Mar; Nubbard Milton H. Epstein Milton H. Esberg HONORARY Clotilde Grunsky Fisk Joy Lichtenstein Lewis Lilly Col. Robert A. Roos Chester H. Rowell Paul A. Sinsheimer UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Floyd F. Burtohett Robert D. Calkins Ira B. Cross Stuart Daggett John F. Forbes Ewald T. Grether Charles A. Gulick, Jr. Henry R. Hatfield Melvin M. Knight Carl Landauer Sanford A. Mosk Albert H. Mowbray Carl C. Plehn Charles C. Staehling GRADUATES Elizabeth R. Armstrong Thomas A. Blakely E. Gary Brown Theodore L. Clack Margaret C. Green Janet J. Hoon William V. Hughes Lloyd M. Palm Alexander M. Rosenson Philip P. Sebastian Erdis W. Smith SENIORS Nathalie J. Crane Jean H. Cross Relda A. Cunningham William H. Faisst Elizabeth K. Fortune Don N. Gilmore Lee A. Goss Watson W. Greenfield Charles L. Hazen Burnett A. Hendryx Henry M. Hillman Wilton A. Hood Mary F. Hubbard Eva Jensen Renald L. Kocher Patricia A. Lennon Kenneth L. McCombs Daniel F. Mahoney Robert R. Miller McFadden Parker Vivian Spencer Vesley Wagner J. Robert Wegge Maida West 468 WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION f Representative of the Organized Dormitories) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1914 BARBARA WAGNER tat. MARIAN MATTESON Pmuleat VIRGINIA THICKENS WOV MITORY ASSOCIATION Ian. Thitd Ro V Thickens, Cunit. Second Row: McCoy. I -, MeFarlaod. Wagner, Kinports. Baicefflb. Garwood. C COUNCIL MEMBERS Fall Spring MABILYN WATSON Alpine-Warring MARILYN MCFARLAND MARGARET E. STAMP Arliss DORIS E. GILLMORE MARY JUNE SWEENEY Beaudelaire N. ELROSE BALCOMB HELEN CASTILLE Beverly Lodge JEANNE P. PERRY MARGARET BROWN Bryn Maicr MARGARET BROWN ALICE F. BREWSTEH Colonial Hall REBECCA J. KINPORTS PATRICIA A. OLDS Concord PATRICIA A. OLDS RUTH E. SINGLETON Concordia RUTH M. CURTIN HELEN STANKOFFICH Durant Place SHIRLEY C. REED RUTH LUCILLE BOLY Epu-orth Hall DORIS E. BENNY MARY LOTAR Haste Lodge MARY JANE TURNBUIX JEAN CAMPBELL -.Hill Home BETTY M. REYNOLDS MARY-PHILIPPA CURRIE International House MARY-PHILIPPA CURRIE BETTY L. TOPHAM Joaquin Hall BETTY L. TOPH VM MARY H. GARWOOD Lantana Lodge CLAIRE F. NACE ELEANOR M. LEAL Lauralon ELEANOR M. LEAL Fall Spring HAZELLE M. TYREE Magnolias GERALDINE T. DOLAN NATHALIE J. CRANE Martha Washington DOROTHY E. CARTTER MARGARET I. ROSE A ' ortn Gables MARGARET I. ROSE ALICE G. LARSEN Piedmont Place LICE G. LAR-EN RENEE F. CAUWET Prospect Terrace CLAIRE F. DOLCINI HELEN G. THORNTON Redtcood Hall HELEN G. THORNTON JEAN E. COOK Regent SHIRLEY A. McCoY LEONA Z. FIELD Ridgmont LEON A Z. FIELD VIRGINIA HOOK Ritter Hall VIRGINIA HOOK MARY-ELIOT MILLER St. Margaret ' s PAULINE D. DODCEN Stebbins Hall MARGARET I. HESSEL Stratford Hall LUCILLE M. DANEHI Sunny Brook Gables . HELEN D. BELTON Terrace Lodge RUTH M. SAWYER BERNICE RUTH TYRE Whitehall ROCHELLE COHEN KATHERINE E. CHASTAIN Wisteria Lodge PRISCILLA H. LOWELL VIRGINIA H. ROGERS PAULINE D. DODCEN HELEN ' W. FERGUSON . LUCILLE M. DANERI 469 ACE OF CLUBS (Intersorority Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1928 ONE CHAPTER President BETTY Lou YELTON V ice-President LESLIE F. BOURCEAULT Secretary SARA H. REED Treasurer JEAN ELLIOT Patricia Alexander Leslie F. Bourgeault SENIORS Virginia G. Bowman Betty L. Butler D. Frances Chase Jean Elliott Atlrienne R. Lester Karin Lund Sara H. Ke.-d Betty Lou Yeltiin Mary Elizabeth Allen Ann C. Berryhill Jane P. Cox Nancy Lou Glass Phyllis Greenlee Patricia McCarthy Janet A. May JUNIORS Elizabeth P. Murphy Lindsay Neal Shirley E. Phelps Barbara M. Schuessler Margery M. Skaife Barbara E. Sorrick Leonore A. Upham AND SHIELD (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1906 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President BARBARA COURTKIGHT V ice-President HELEN W. KENNEDY Secretary-Treasurer ELIZABETH CADMAN HONORARY Mary B. Davidson Lucy Ward Stebbins Patricia Alexander Leslie F. Bourgeault Elizabeth ( ' adman Barbara Courtright F. Patricia Droste SENIORS Helen W. Kennedy A. Jean Macdonald Marion E. Sproul Janice H. Watkins Betty Lou Yelton Betty Jane Caldwell Edith de Fremery 470 JUNIORS Martha A. Lindsley Janet A. May Eleanor M. Mahan Barbara M. Schuessler Patricia J. Wachob Helen B. Stanton Leonore A. Uphain PROSKOPOI Social Sen-ice and Citizenship Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1933 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1933 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President CHARLES A. ANDERSON Secretary PAYSON S. WOOLSEY Treasurer. . .HERBERT W. GRAVES FRATRES IN URBE Dr. S. Y. Babington H. Peter Dechanl. Jr. Edward D. Cray C. Mason Vhitney Morris Cleland Richard H. Feller Bernard T. Rocra. Jr. GRADUATES Robert D. Day Owen C. Diekion Paul D. Ehret Lather Newhall. Jr. Ernest L. Dobfon W. Sterling Corrill SENIORS Charles A. Anderson Rush S. Clark Richard A. Ray Elliot Sawyer Harold Bakker John L. Morgan Curt M. Roeea Paysn S. Woolsey JUNIORS Willard K. Davis Robert P. Cile Harold R. Jones E. Lee Sonle George C. Gester, Jr. Herbert W. Graves Edwin Lasell Russell Usinger Thomas Adams SOPHOMORES Ned A. Handrr- Dennis H. Horgan Bernard IVdrr-fn I " v FssalHI THETA SIGMA PHI (Women ' s Journalistic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON 1909 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Gertrude Atherton HONORARY Mrs. Walter Kola- a Rose Wilder Lane Kathleen Norris Cornelia S. Parker Lucy W. M i-l.l, in- M. Jean Barnett Phyllis G. Brewer SENIORS Margery E. Evernden Mildred D. Hickok Doria V. Puccinelli Janet B. Smith H. Elizabeth Sleeker Jean M. Thomas Jeanne M. Tinneman Mary J. Wiley Ruth M. Battelle Billie C. Coleman JUNIORS Rosemary Gaines Coralie Lamb Agnes L. Larsen Barbara H. Levy Peggy R. Schuster Natalie Shneyeroff 471 CHI EPSILON (National Civil Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT TI1E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 1922 THIRTEEN CHAPTERS _ U OFFICERS Fall Spring RICHARD A. RAY ........................ President .......................... RICHARD E. HALL RICHARD E. HALL ....................... ice-1 ' resident ...................... MYRON E. PACE JOHN L. PEARSON ...................... Treasurer ..................... C. RAYMOND TUMBLIN MYRON E. PACE ........................ Recording Secretary ............ WILLIAM W. STECKER LYMAN F. HORTON ..................... Corresponding Secretary ......... HOWARD W. NELSON Paul Bailey Henry J. Brunnier George J. Calder Raymond E. Davis HONORARY Charles Derleth. Jr. Henry I). Dewell Sturla Einarsson Bernard A. Elcheverry Francis S. Foole Sidney T. Harding Bruce Janieyson W. F. Langelier L. H. Nishkian A. V. Saph Frederick C. Scobey Robert .. Sproul George E. Troxell C. T. WiakocU UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert G. Crowle Hamier E. Davis Alexander Allison Carlos A. Arroyo John S. Barrish Raymond M. BickerstaflT E. Ralph Bryan David H. Caldwell John F. Clarke SENIORS Randolph H. Dewante Stanley T. Elcock Edw in H. Epstein Richard E. 1 1 .,11 Virgil L. Hanson Lyman F. Horton IJoyd Iversen William L. Stine Horace M. Karr Robert S. Kerr Harvey F. Ludwig John A. Mapa Louis H. Oppenheini Charles I). Ostrom. Jr. Myron E. Pape John L. Pearson Harold Peletz Victor J. Prusas Richard A. Ray John C. Reaves Wilbur B. Ricketl William W. Sleeker William H. Brady James B. Cooke JUNIORS Richard R. Desmond Ben C. Cerwick, Jr. C. Raymond Tu Howard S. Nelson Jack Neustadt Sam Osoffsky, I William M. Sluhhleneld NU SIGMA PSI (W omen ' s Physical Education Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1916 ELEANOR E. BARTLETT, SPONSOR OFFICERS President MARY RUTH MCLAUGHLIN Secretary MARGARET E. DINSMORE Treasurer LINDA ROBERTO Edna W. Bailey Eleanor E. Barllelt Frederica Bernhard HONORARY Louise S. Cobb Caroline W. Coletnan Ruby L. Cunningham Sarah R. Davis Lois E. I Ill.-l.h Anna S. Espensrhade Marie H. Glass Eugenia Kennan Violet R. Marshall Jane W. Shurmer Esther Sinclair l.ucile K. Czarnowski UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Pauline Hodgson Genevieve Y. Malmstrom Rena E. Clark GRADUATES Isabel B. Kane Mary Ruth McLaughlin Lorraine K. Michel Ruth H. Darling Margaret E. Dinsmore Laura R. Gibbs Audrey V. Hart Margaret E. Kessing Claire F. Nace SENIORS Lucile E. Patterson Ada L. Rittenhouse Linda Roberto Elizabeth M. Wall Adrian M. Whyte Doris E. Benny Rose Chapman Lorriene L. Daniels Ruth E. Fogg Katherine F. Gross JUNIORS iiniil ri ' il L. Haugland Janis G. Hildebrant Alice F. Lopez Marjorie A. Matteson Mary E. Pilliard 472 PHILORTHIAN (IT omen ' s Debating Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1920 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring MXM.NE N. JACOBSON President JANE S. POWELL J XVF. S. POWELL I ' ice-President PATRICIA L. GOLTON CECILE E. TRLMFLER Secretary .... ROSEMARY L. MARTIN DOBOTHY F. MILLER.. .Treasurer RUTH BIEBESHEIMER GRADUATES Baketle C. C Usmilk Venice M. H alter! SENIORS J Fra- S.lna Jacab; Marj rie D. SbrrtJ? Virrmi D. Calk? Ma ie V JacahM. Jaa S. P..ell Mirjorx- E. WalUce JUNIORS M.r. P. B. Efetan Bxeamarv L. Martin J.. V. Patnria L. C ha Dmtk? F. MOUr Laan 1 7 .-.- Burl M. C.i M r m H. Hill Hatnrt T. Plkni Belt; V. il ' SOPHOMORES Peari CUbera VMel A. FRESHMAN Mir. Anne Dei Mre CONGRESS Debating Society) I it NDED AT THE COLLEGE OF CALIFORNIA. OAKLAND, 1867 ' i E CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES . Ferrier. Jr. ,ll, M Marti C. Flaherty An.M Pente.1 a..n Rkert E. Sla The Hiaiiratlt OeaM I C. Yoa; SENIORS DaiiJ Ben Rickanl S. Lea Eric F. Mauhe.f Ckarle T. Brier Patto Le Hoard T. Nei illr Fraoci B. CaWtr Fred A. McAWer J. H.v.rd RneU Fraani C. C 1e Fil.-r.i A. MacaUi( Aalbeaii J. SrJ.r. LeBaj Ka|i. ra etle. H. MrQmee. I. Irrini Sirrerama. JMm LeW.itrli L.m4 VrrreUe JUNIORS D ald T. CaaiphrO MeKa. Epttei. Eo eme W. Stn Lela_d P. Detk Cearge B. Me Williaai S. V ril LeRar P. l SOPHOMORES . Ferrier Ta FOet L. Firkel Cewce E. JeauBgi Le. M. Bcherts 473 HAMMER AND DIMMER (Little Theatre. Social Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1936 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Spring President SYLVIA R. MARVIN . .V ice-President. . ..ELIZABETH L. TAYLOR Fall MARIE G. NAPHAN MARY E. MERRILL MARY K. BAKER .Treasurer. . . .MARY K. BAKER HONORARY Edwin E. Duerr GRADUATE Rebecca M. Starr Mary K. Baker Kathryn W. Daly Arthur C. Denton Ruth L. Eggers Patricia C. Elston SENIORS Willard H. Fenn Ruth L. French Constance Johnston Marjory McCall H. Thomas McCorkle George R. Tolson Margery Manchester Sylvia R. Marvin Francis E. Mather Helen E. Mayhew Jean A. Moores Marie G. Naphan I r ma L. Nelson Robert E. Nelson Elizabeth L. Taylor Kenneth Toky Carolyn F. Challoner JUNIORS Mary K. Dawson Mary E. Merrill Charles Mesak GUILD OF APPLIED ARTS (Household Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1926 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President DORIS R. McCANN V ice-President CLAIRE PAULI Secretary DOROTHY GIBB Treasurer HELEN H. LOREN Alumni Secretary RUTH E. ROBINSON Helen W. Fancher UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Hope M. Gladding Mae N. Lent Mary F. Patterson Lila M. O ' Neate Thai L. Grave GRADUATES Rosamond H. Kedzie Ruth E. Robinson Amy F. Schirmer M. Charlotte Simmons Geraldine L. Strizich Jean S. Berg Margaret C. Cartlich Winifred Dole Marvella Gardner SENIORS Dorothy Gibb M. Charlotte Harper Chrystal Hildebrand Eleanor L. Lopes Helen H. Loren Laura Loucks Doris R. McCann A. Jean Macdonald Anna Y. Nakahara Claire Pauli I ..In.. M. Dutro JUNIORS Sylvia Fleming Phyllis R. Russell Mary J. Turnball Mayfred G. Striker 474 DELTA EPSILON (Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1914 FOUR CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring K. RL A. KASTEN President . . THOMAS JENNINGS LAWRENCE A. MENDOSA V ' ice-President ... DONALD VESTN - EVALYN L. ROTH Recording Secretary MARTHA A. LINDSLEY DOROTHY R. DAVIS Corresponding Secretary MARTHA A. LINDSLEY FRVNCES E. GADSDEN . . Treasurer BETTY L. FOSTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ra S. B vntM j ' hn Hairy Chiura Ob.ta I orth R.d r Hrlm W. Fanrbrr Eric Loraa Mrpbrc C. Pcpprr Bosamond B. Slanlr- Hop? M. Gladdm; Hoard Mirr Varrra C. Pen? Olncr M. at h burn Engra Neuhaus Marparrt E. GRADUATES C. ATM Mar. A. Duuc Ruth A. MrCoan Eial B L. Clara M. Boll. Tb .a Jeau i Alfr l A. N SENIORS Elmer X. BiMrho France E. Cadtdrn Babrtlr E. Marks Francu E. Strretrr Tbrodora A. Dapp Carolinr C. Hutib 1 ' riscilla A. Reed DenaM Vrstnvs Hnt M. Dr La Cr.ii Karl A. KaMrn dr r Stimmrl Hilda O. Flhr 1 I. Fmkf lUf in Zclda J. L o Bar S. Str JUNIORS Eluabrth C. Ardrrr Brtt. L. Ftrr Hrlrn C. Hutlon Krilb Mo Martha E. Baldwin Jran E. Frrrmao Fliiabrth M. Liadslry Claudia V. illii Crorrr V. Caldrll Lea L. Ha- Martha A. Lindtlry Barbara M. Winrbectr Jour T. Eldrr Zad . Harrrv Elranor C. Matfir PARLIAMENT i Women ' s Debating Society) 1 1 it NDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1912 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring ZONXA L. Mi RRAY . . .President ... MARIAN M. HUGHES DOROTHY M. SLMSER . . . . . Vice-Presidfnt VIRGINIA L. TAYXOR VIRGINIA L. TAYOOR ... .Recording Secretary . . . . . .THELMA MCHPHY FLORICE ANDREWS Corresponding Secretary JEANNE E. FLEESON M RI N M. Hl ' CHES Treasurer . . F. PATRICIA Gl INEE SENIORS Florice Andrews F. Patricia Cuinee Zonna L. Murray Edna H. Slone JUNIORS Sara J. Fairbanks Roberta J. McClure Lois V. Sandner E. Jerome Harbarh Mary Rakestraw Edna G. Srharnin hausen Marian M. Hughes Dorothy M. Summer SOPHOMORES Jeanne E. FIeeon Thelma Murphy Olga VToropaieff Virginia L. Taylor 475 PHI CHI THETA (National Professional Commerce Sorority) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 1920 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President EDITH C. PHILLIPS Secretary HELEN E. VOELLER V ice-President CATHERINE E. FINDLEY Treasurer EMILIE L. DOUGLASS Professor and Mrs. Ira B. Cross Professor and Mrs. Stuart Daggett Dean and Mrs. Henry F. Grady PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Acting Dean and Mrs. E. T. Grether Professor and Mrs. H. R. Hatfield Professor and Mrs. Allan H. Mowbray Professor C. C. Staehling Dean Lucy W. Stebbins HONORARY Vera Mae Bishop Dorothy H. Brandon Nathalie J. Crane Harriet E. Farnsworth Catherine E. Findley SENIORS Helen G. Hammond Eva Jensen Edith C. Phillips Mildred E. Rossi Iris E. Straefer Helen E. Voeller Eileen M. Wieehers Emilie L. Douglass Ruth M. Dowling JUNIORS Carolyn F. Geis June MacKay Lucile Rodoni Barbara L. Samson Virginia E. Brown SOPHOMORES Ellen M. White PI DELTA PHI (French Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1906 NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President RUTH A. DOSER V ice-President ALVIN A. EUSTIS, JR. Secretary OLCA M. MOHAMED Treasurer. . HELENA M. GANNON c. H. H, .-,.11 C. D. Brenner F. J. Carmody UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. M. Chevalier J. E. deLaHarpe M. Dondo P. B. Fay A. J. Habis-Keulinger E. F. Meylin J. K. Monteith A. Solomon GRADUATES William F. Aggeler Y ' vonne M. Barmettler thel Baron Lucia M. Chaponot Mrs. Bruce F. Dean Rulh A. I oser Charles C. Fallis Helena M. Cannon Gilbert F. Calignol Noemi Goldwasser Lorenzo Cuido William I). Haselden Vera Jacooleff Laura Kandjounzell Naomi L. Kanter Bena H. Katz Kalherine R. Kaye Margol Kuper Olga M. Mohamed Cloyda Mangrum Leonard N. Messier David S. Parish Olive Parish Marian T. Parry- Frances J. Rodden Mother A. Olga Rossi Luigi D. Sandri Dorril M. Senram Barbara W. Shuey Clayton D. Somers Everard E. Stovall Marcella M. Theil Juliette M. Van Hovenherg Robert T. Woodlaw Ruth L. Boly Phyllis de Caccia Alvin A. Eustis, Jr. Margery E. Evernden Phyllis C. Foreman Anne Gibson Simone C. Goursau SENIORS Helen F. Jaeobl Beverly C. McCue Maude A. Reed Erma J. Sehneringer Ellen L. Soletti Marion E. Sproul Mark F. Switzer 476 PI PHI DELTA (Women ' s Economics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1926 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President JOSEPHINE M. VAN HORN I ice-President JUNE M. DELANCEY Secretary BARBARA J. WACNER Treasurer . CORDELIA F. SANDERS HONORARY Mr . R. A. Brad? Mrt. V S. Buchanan Mrs. R. D. Calkins Miss H. H. Chickerint Mrs. In B. CroM Mlf . S. Daggctt Mrs. M. M. Darieson Miss K. C. Felton Mn. J. F. Forbe Mn. C. D. Greene Miss J. S. Ward Mn Mn Mn Mr- Mn E. T. Crether N. R. H.t6rld M. M. Knizht C. Landauer A. C. Mo.bray Mn. C. C. Plehn Mn. L. Rotin Mies L. M. Spins Mn. C. C. Slarhlmz Mn. P. S. Tavlor UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. B. X. Armstrong Mrs. Mar. B. Davidson Dr. E. H. Huntington Miss M. E. Mnrdork Dr. J. B. IVuotlo Lucy W. Stebbins GRADUATES Dris Blakeslee M. Dorothy Flint Elsie M. Jensen Mabel M. MrCatnman Mary E. Mallory Mona F. Smitb Mary B. Thaller SENIORS Mar. K. Baker Kalhryn W. Dalv Elkrl M. Dcpe. Roth J. Hancock Florence E. Hunt Adelaide M. Kin: Rosabelle Rose JUNIORS Irene E. Carney Josephine B. Drr.rr Juanita J. Jones Margaret E. McRae Lois V. LaVonn D. Slater Marian L. Wneat SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA ' Women ' s History Honor Society) I ' H NDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 19li FOUR CHAPTERS OFFICERS I ' refidtnt DOROTHY A. BISSELL J ice-President MARIAN E. MATTESON Secretary ELEANOR BLIN.N Treasurer ETHEL M. TINNEM ANN- UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Woodbridgc Binghara Herbert E. Bolton Jessie E. Bo.d Doroth. H. Bronslein Charles E. Chapman Gcorfe H. Cutlridge Laurence A. Harper Robert J . Kerner Lucia B. Kinnaird V Uliam A. Morris Franklin C. Pain Fredrir L. Paison Herbert L. Priestley Hooard M. Smyth James W. Thompson Chitoshi Yanaga GRADUATES Catherine Beringer Virginia Beuer Dorothy A. Bissrll Eleanor Blinn Virginia Cafferala Alice de Carteret Maxioe Chappell Margaret Clark Katherine Connick Helen Cooley Betty Crawford Mildred Dickson Shirley Duncan Marietta Eisenberger Gladys Fitzpatrkk Jean ' Cilmore Marjorie L. Cunn Frances Harper Edith V. Hedrick Alice Hotchkici Ayame Ichi.asu Dorothy Jaqueline Hilda Kessler Saima Koski Josephine McCann Merrill vn L. Miller Althea Rocs Laura Schaefer L rs ula Schaefer Margaret A. V ard Jane H. Ueincartcn lone 5. bright Mary C. MacCillrrray SENIORS Marian E. Malteson MUmorich Ethel M. Tinnemann Charlotte A. Pearson Ruth Birbeshcimer Eleanor Caddis JUNIORS Gail A. Morriso Nellie Meyer 477 CHINESE STUDENTS ' CLUB 2600 ETNA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1913 ONE CHAPTER L nit-ersity Associates: Allyn Lee, Mrs. L. L. Lee, N. W. Mah, Henry D. Moon, C. P. Sha, B. C. Wong. Graduates: Raymond Chao, Kuo Ksin Chen, Tien Ming Chen, Tsen Tuo Chen, Harry Chong, Gini Gee, Ernest Horn, Jackson Hu, Alvin K. Y. Joe, Allyn Lee, David A. Lee, Low Kee Lee, Pauline Lee, Choh-hao Li, Huchih Li, Andrew Poon, Yun I. Tan, Grace Tom, Pi Yun Wang, Chia Chan Wei, Howard Wong, Ping Kwan Wong, Walter Wong, Francis H. Woo, Chien-Shiung Wu, Eda Yee. I? 1 Kit W Jackson Francis H. Louis Hu, Grad. Woo. Grad. Chan ' 38 Benjam in Chow ' 38 Clarence C. Dong ' 38 IB Kli James Jang ' 38 Lawrence S. Robert W. Jue ' 38 Kong ' 38 Sun Yee Koo ' 38 Rose S. Y. Lee ' 38 Walter F. Y. Liu ' 38 Man Shiu Louie ' 38 William J. Frank L. James P. Frederick Lowe ' 38 Nipp ' 38 Tomwye ' 38 Wong ' 38 Ming Shek Wong ' 38 Clifton Yip ' 38 Bertha Chan ' 39 Raymond Chan ' 39 Frances Ruby Mee Wallace F. Chong ' 39 Hing Dong ' 39 Lee ' 39 Marion Look ' 39 George B. Mew ' 39 Nellie Tom ' 39 One-Hee Tye ' 39 John C. C. Holt ' 40 Bertha Lew ' 40 Gertrude Young ' 40 Rubye A. W. Ernest Kam Y. Robert Foo ' 41 Lum ' 41 Wong ' 41 Members No pictures: Raymond Chao, Kuo Ksin Chen, Tien Ming Chen, Tsen Tuo Chen, Harry Chong. Gim Gee, Ernest Horn. Alvin K. Y. Joe, Alhii, David A., Low Kee Lee, Pauline Lee, Choh-hao I.i, Huchih Li. Andrew I ' oon. Yun I. Tan. Grace Tom Pi Yun Wang. Chia Chan Wei, Howard Wong, Ping Kwan Wong, Walter Wong. Chien-ShiunR Wu, Eda Yer. Chong You Chiu, Herbert Dea. Andrew S. Dong, Luther C. Dong, Eli Erig, Jessie P. Fung, Mary Eung, Edmund D. Jung, Kdison Lowe, Seeman Y. Tang, Karl J. Tong, Herbert C. Wong. Violet Wong, Edith Chan, George Chan, Janet Chock, Ruth Chue, Lawrence Joe Hoo. David B. Ip, Howard Joe, Jin-Min Ken, May G. Lai, William B. Theodore Loo. Erline K. Lowe. Grace C. Lowe, Ernest H. Lum. Jean M. Lym, George Mew. Jean V. Moon, Sing Gum N?:. Wah Foo Quon, Edward W. Tom, Chung Y. Wong, Joseph C. Wong, Edwin M. Yee. Andrew J. Yuke, Paul J. Yuke, Alvin B Chan. Elwood B. Chan. Elaine B. Chinn, Peter S. Chong. Marian K. Dong, Clifton Fong, Minerva Fung. Peter Gee Leong Hop, Howard H. Jan, George C. Jung, Samuel H. Jung. Suen O. Jung. William M. Lai, Albert S. Frederick Lee. Row- land C. Lee, Agnes Leong. Evan Leong, John G. Lew, Jonah G. Lini, Donald T., Funston G. Lum, George Mar, Cheuk K. May, Emma May Shiun, Henry H. Soon, Victor Ah Tye. William D. Won, W ymon Won, Earl D. Wong, Harry G. Wong, Lily E. Yee, F.dward Yne Chan, Haw Chan, George Chew, Peter C. Y . Chue, Samuel W. Dang. Frank H. Eng. Alia Dora Fong, Lawrence S. Fong, George I). Fung, Harold Jow, Rosa Jue, Dan Jung, Rose L. Kee. Jesse S. Kim, Gerald W. Lee, Lew H. Roger Y. Lee. Steven W . Leong. Clement L. Lew, Shane H. Lew, Stella L. Lew, Allen May C. Lo, Leola C. Moon, Eric Owyang, Bruce Quail. Stuarl F. Quan, Benjamin Goo Tom, Elvin Wong. Herbert F. Wong, Nonna C. Wong, Tung G. Wong, Wallace L. Wong, Mabel K. Wu, I. ilia Y " . C. Wu, Alfred Q. Yee. George Yee, William J. Young. 478 JAPANESE STUDENTS ' CLUB 1777 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1913 ONE CHAPTER Moto S. Daniel Y. Jack William T. Shigeki Harold M. Sunao J. LeRoy Shigego R. John Y. Tatsuo Asakawa ' 38 Date ' 38 Fukunaga ' 38 Hirashima ' 38 Hiratsuka ' 38 Imoto ' 38 Iwatsu ' 38 Kajiwara ' 38 Komatsu ' 38 Koyama ' 38 Kushida ' 38 Herbert T. Miyao ' 38 Sunao Nagai ' 38 Toshi G. Kiyoshi Susumu Edwin H. Nakashiki ' 38 Nobusada ' 38 Okamoto ' 38 Sakai ' 38 Everett S. Lincoln M. Peter S. Jimmie Susumu John Y. I. Frank Sasaki ' 38 Shimidzu ' 38 Shinoda ' 38 Tabata ' 38 Takei ' 38 Teshima ' 38 Egashira ' 39 William K. F ujita ' 39 Tetsuo Hayashida ' 39 -z,m. - 4ik ' 4Ltf William T. Torao G. Torao Morio Hiura ' 39 Ichikawa ' 39 Ichiyasu ' 39 Ikeda ' 39 George J. Franks. Edwin T. George N. Isamu Kyotow ' 39 Mizusawa ' 39 Nagare ' 39 Nakamura ' 39 Nieda ' 39 Hogumo James H. Ogawa ' 39 Ogisaka ' 39 Yukio Okamoto ' 39 Samuel S. Rokutani ' 39 Esau Keichi Victor S. Shimizu ' 39 Shimizu ' 39 Abe ' 40 Yoshiki Thomas T. Yoshio Fujihara ' 40 Fujimoto ' 40 Hotta ' 40 Shori lijima ' 40 Seichi H. Nelson Y. Harry T. Roy G. Mikami ' 40 Kitsuse ' 41 Kojima ' 41 Mita ' 41 Hideo Nakano ' 41 Franklin Y. Okuda ' 41 Members No pictures: Akira Aisawa, Kazwo Goto, Toru T. Ikeda, Kaoru Inouye, Toshio Kito, Yoshihira Mori, C. Keishi Nishi, Mitsugi Nishikawa, Kazuyoshi Senzaki, Peter M. Sugawara, Richard C. Suzuki, Hiroshi Uratsu, George Y. Yamada, Hayao L. Abe, George T. Adachi, Shozo Aoki, Ninoru Endo, Roy T. Hanaoka, Tokuji Hedani, Albert J. lida, Richard M. Imagawa, Lloyd T. Iseri, Richard K. Iseri, Ernest M. l nmi. Ben Katwo, Yoshio Kono, George M. Matsumoto, George Miyake, Jiro Murata, Charles K. Onoye, Micheo Sakamoto, Tom T. Sasaki, Tamotsu Shimazaki, Daniel S. Shinoda, James M. Sugihara, Joseph G. Takakashi, Nobumitsu Takakashi, Nasao Takeshita, Tadahi G. Tani, Frank S. Wada, Charles Y. Yamauchi, Toshi W. Yamazaki, George M. Amano, Frank S. Endo, Billy S. Hata, N. Roy Hiro-liigi-. Yukio J. Kawahara, George H. Kitahara, Harry Y. Nakahara, George N. Nishimoto, Benjamin T. Obata, Arashi B. Shirakawa, Masao Sugano, Roy I. Teshima, George M. Yamamoto, George M. Yasukochi, Mechinori Inouye, Masao Kanai, Howard K. Renge, Thomas T. Sagimori, C. Kuiohi Saito, Terry Y. Takahashi, Henry R. Yamanoto. 479 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Art informal gathering in the Home Room. Mrs. Allen C. Blaisdell Eugenie Carneiro STAFF Allen C. Blaisdell, Director Elizabeth Edmunds Helen Fong Burton A. King Samuel Le Count Ann Saito Robert G. Bowman GRADUATE COUNCIL Abraham Manell Elmer W. Perk ErdisW. Smith Moto Asakawa Raymond S. Chao Dennis N. De Maria, Jr. MEN S COUNCIL Jacob M. Hagopian Bill Hodge David R. Hunter L. Clark Nattkemper Louis H. Oppenheim Jesus P. Perez Kamal R. Stino Maude S. Alexander Mary-Philippa Curry Janet J. Hoon Patricia A. Jensen WOMEN S COUNCIL Anne King Marii Kyogoku Elizabeth M. La Coste Virginia E. Norton Charlotte E. Reulle Ursula Schaefer Nettie Stein Enid E. Zacharias 480 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ORGANIZED E 1907 2601 DURANT AVENUE Christian Science Society of the University of California was organized on this campus in 1907. From that time until the present there has been a steady growth and progress in its activities. The year 1933 saw the culmination of building plans with the construction and occupation of a new edifice. A Reading Room is open daily, where authorized Christian Science literature may be read. Testimonial meetings are held in the auditorium every Tuesday evening, and each semester a lecture is presented by a member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. Massachusetts. Students and faculty members are cordially invited to attend the meetings and use the Reading Room. 481 MASONIC CLUB ORGANIZATIONS ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1923 Robert Morrill Marvella Gardner iiiinq Robert Bnggi Dl Ely Virginia Engel Ray Glover Ethelyn Kraus Ruth Krom Ruth Kuns Charles Mehlert Clinton Mayfred Stryker Thomas Ubojc Fall MEN S MASONIC CLUB Spring THOMAS UBOJCICH President DALE F. ELY CHARLES MEHLERT V ice-President ROBERT L. BRICCS GEORGE T. BERRY Secretary ROBERT S. KENNEDY DALE F. ELY Membership Secretary FOSTER A. JONES CHARLES MILLER Treasurer CHARLES MILLER ROBERT L. BRIGCS Representative RAYMOND L. GLOVER CLINTON RYCEL Representative THOMAS UBOJCICH ROBERT E. MORRILL Representative ROBERT E. MORRILL Fail WOMEN ' S MASONIC CLUB Spring RUTH E. KROM President VIRGINIA A. ENCEL MARYELLA GARDNER Vice-President SYLVIA FLEMING VIRGINIA A. ENGEL Council Representative MAYFRED G. STRYKER SYLVIA FLEMING Council Representative ETHELYN L. KRAUS RUTH E. KUNS Council Representative MARYELLA GARDNER DOROTHY J. WILLIAMSON Secretary P. BERENIECE WEIGAND ETHELYN L. KRAUS Membership Secretary DOROTHY M. HARVEY MAYFRED G. STRYKER Treasurer RUTH E. KUNS HELEN H. SHIRLEY If omen ' s Representative. . . .KATHERINE E. MCKEEHAN JEAN D. LOFCREN If omen ' s Representative DOROTHY J. BEEM ADELE M. GILKERSON Glee Club Representative ADELE M. GILKERSON Fall MASONIC EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ROBERT E. MORRILL President MARYELLA GARDNER V ice-President SYLVIA FLEMING Secretary ROBERT L. BRICGS. . . . Treasurer. . Spring . . .THOMAS UBOJCICH .MAYFRED G. STRY ' KER . .ETHELYN L. KRAUS . . ROBERT L. BRICCS 482 WOMEN S MASONIC GLEE CLUB President ADELE M. GILKERSON Manager HELEN H. SHIRLEY Secretary SYLVIA B. MUNTER Librarian LYDIA A. MCKEEHAN NEWMAN CLUB (Catholic Students ' Social and Intellectual Center) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1899 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Fall Spring AMOS J. CASTRO, JR President AMOS J. CASTRO, JR. BARBARA F. SMITH V ' ice-President ROSEMARY A. HAWKINS GRETCHEN A. STELZNER Secretary GHETCHEN A. STELZNER EDWARD L. UNCER Treasurer EDWARD L. UNCER JOSEPH D. GEICER Social Chairman JOSEPH D. GEICER ROSEMARY A. HAWKINS Religious Chairman SHERRY LUCY ROMAIN P. CLEROU Academic Chairman HUM MN P. CLEROU ANTOINETTE V. KEARNEY Publicity Chairman ANTOINETTE V. KEARNEY STANLEY E. MCCAFFREY Representative at Large STANLEY E. MCCAFFREY THOMAS F. BURKE, C. S. P Chaplain. PETER T. HOEY, C. S. P. ADVISORY COUNCIL Fall Spring JOHN T. O ' BRIEN, JR Orientations MARGARET L. MARTIN PECCY FLANNECAN Social Service PECCY FLANNECAN JOSEPHINE F. KOLDA Personnel JOSEPHINE F. KOLDA THOMAS J. Do NEC AN Membership MARJORIE C. DE BEQUE BARBARA DENAHEY Publicity JEANNE MARIE GILBERT WILLIAM K. WARD Music ROSEMARY L. REN.NER MARY A. KEARNEY " Newsman " Editor PATRICIA A. TOBIN M VRY JANE SHEERAN Corresponding Secretary MARY JANE SHEERAN ALBERT L. GREEFKENS Open House CAROL J. KENNEDY EDWARD V. COMBER Monthly Suppers MARY JANE SHEERAN CECILIA WELSH Women ' s Sports WADE P. BRUMMAL WADE P. BRUMMAL Men ' s Sports GEORGE L. MORRILL WALTER MCCAFFERY Open Foium WALTER MCCAFFERY CLAUDINE H. PRAT Weekly Luncheons CLAUDINE H. PRAT LAURENCE V. HUGO Dramatics GERALDINE T DOLAN, JANE F. HOUSTON COLLEGE WOMEN ' S CLUB JUNIORS (Junior Auxiliary of the East Bay Branch of the American Association of University Women) 2680 BANCROFT WAY EXECUTIVE BOARD President LUCILLE STROSK First Vice-President JEAN E. MATHEWSON Second Vice-President MARY I. McELRATH Social Chairman MARGARET E. KESSINC Membership Chairman JOYCE RUSSELL Luncheon Chairman Lois M. CRANE Publicity Chairman KATHRYN W. DALY Corresponding Secretary CONSTANCE HACAN Treasurer ACNES M. LABADIE Secretary MARIE L. WRIGLEY Telephone Chairman MARIE E. JEWETT Sports Chairman EILEEN M. WIECHERS Philanthropic Chairman JEANNE P. PERRY Historian FLORENCE McCuouo Senior Representative GEORGIA L. UNNEWEHR Jean Mathewson Florence McCtoud Maty J Mary Mctltain Marqart:? . i ethers igley Joyce R ' nnewehr Constan Lois C Jeanne Perry SENIORS Frances Armstrong Betty G. Bradford Mary L. Cornell Lois M. Crane Kathryn W. Daly Daphne A. Dean Edith P. Gill Elsie Goldsmith Virginia Holstrom Barbara Kennedy Margaret E. Kessing Rachel A. Knapp Agnes M. Lahadie Mary E. Laird Mary I. McElrath Mary C. MacGillivray Doris H. Machado Jean E. Mathewson Virginia J. Morehouse Elinor Norton Joyce Russell Kathryn L. Sexton Iris L. Straefer Lucille Strosk Pauline V. Turner Georgia L. Unnewehr Eileen M. Wiechers JUNIORS Doris C. Anderson Suzette M. Chapin Isabel Craig Janet Daugherty Anna F. Davis Dorothy L. Ewing Sarah C. Finlay Constance Hagan Elizabeth E. Hauri Ruth J. Hoagland Barbara J. Johnston Doris E. Macdonald Jeanne P. Perry Anna M. Stephenson Nancy Taber Elsie Wicks Billy Widenmann Marie L. Wrigley Caryl Young SOPHOMORES Dorothy J. Ayrault Virginia E. Brown Willene Camp Marjorie H. Claxton Ladene D. Cottle Nan H. Duhme Mary E. Jewett Jean N. MacKenzie Marion C. Morcoin Patricia A. O ' Rourke Patricia A. Pestoni Shirley M. Picard Alva Rosedale Nadine C. Samson Virginia H. Shipper Dorothy J. Staehling Susan E. Wallace Geraldine Whitaker Helen Woodsen Barbara B. Young 484 Marianne Cherry Barbara F. Cramer FRESHMEN Elizabeth Drury Margaret E. Graves Jane Gray WESTMINSTER HOUSE (Presbyterian Student Center) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1911 LEWIS B. HILLIS, D.D, STUDENT PASTOR Chapter. McKMkM. Secw St. Olttt. ArtfctaU. Sitn. Nul, P.l!ri CALVIN CLUB President DAVID D. NEWSOM V ice-President JEAN FRAME Recording Secretary DOROTHY L. POLLARD Corresponding Secretary LAURA J. Scorr Treasurer. . . . .HOWARD R. ROBIE Prayer Meeting Chairman JAMES V. McKAUGHAX Detotional Chairman MARY TnTON Social Chairman RALPH T. HICKCOX Membership Chairman JAMES E. GOFF Extension Chairman .. . . MARCAKET L HESSEL OAKLAND CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR President VIOLET L OLSEX Missionary Chairman ALICE E. ARCHIBALD I ' ice-President DORIS E. MCALLISTER CoJSerrice Chairmen CONSTANCE HACEN, BARBARA A. SMITH Membership Chairman ALFRED D. LONG ST. JOHN S CLUB President MARLAND H. CHANDLER Secretary MARY LOUISE LYMAX Program Chairman MARGARET ROHRER Co-Social Chairmen ROBERT BBOWN CERTRUDE E. DAMS Sunday Erening Hostess HARRTETTE C. DUNN Sunday Evening Chairman JUNE E. HAMILTON Music Chairman COXSTANCE WILLUMS Inter-Church Representative FREDERICK E. KIDDER Westminster Representative RICHAKD B. MARSH Girls ' Club Representative MARIAN M. EXZLER Dramatics Chairman.... . ROBERT M. DE 485 INDEX Abracadabra 353 Acacia 354 Ace of Clubs 470 Advertising Service Bureau 87 Affiliated Seniors 204-206 Alpha Chi Omega 408 Alpha Chi Sigma 355 Alpha Delta Phi 356 Alpha Delta Pi 402 Alpha Delta Sigma 467 Alpha Epsilon Phi 410 Alpha Gamma Delta 411 Alpha Gamma Rho 357 Alpha Kappa Kappa 400 Alpha Kappa Lambda 358 Alpha Omicron Pi 412 Alpha Phi 413 Alpha Sigma Phi 359 Alpha Tau Omega 360 Alpha Xi Delta 414 Alumni 130-131 Alumni Council 130 Alumni Publications 131 Areta 415 A. S. M. E 465 Assembly Dance Committee 59 A. S. U. C. Band 110 A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee. .56 A. S. U. C. Social Committee 66 Athletics, General 226-229 Athletic Council 226 " Awake and Sing " 99 Baseball 286-297 Baseball Captains and Coach 288 Baseball, Freshman 297 Baseball Managers 288 Baseball Series 292-296 St. Mary ' s 292 Santa Clara 293 Stanford 296 U. C. L. A 295 U. S.C 294 Non-Conference Games 290-291 Baseball, Varsity Season 288-289 Basketball 258-271 Basketball Captains and Coach. . . .260 Basketball, Freshman 270 Basketball Managers 260-261 Basketball Series 264-269 Stanford 268-269 U. C. L. A 264-265 U. S. C 266-267 Non-Conference Games 262-263 Basketball, 130-lb. team 323 Basketball, 145-lb. team 323 Basketball, Varsity Season 260-261 Bachelordon 361 Baton 456 Beta Beta 460 Beta Phi Alpha 416 Beta Sigma Omicron 417 Beta Theta Pi 362 Big " C " Society 442 Blue and Gold Editorial 78-79 Blue and Gold Managerial 80-81 Bowles Hall 398-399 Boxing 320 Brawl 215 Business Administration 52 California Club 36 California Engineer 86 California Monthly Staff 131 Casa Hispana 418 Channing Way Derby 403 Charter Day 31 Chi Epsilon 472 Chinese Students ' Club 478 Chi Omega 419 Chi Phi 363 Chi Pi Sigma 364 Chi Psi 365 Christian Science Society 481 Circle " C " Society 443 Classes 129-224 College Women ' s Club Juniors. . . .484 Colleges at Berkeley 28-29 Contents 7 Copyright 4 Counseling 65 Crew 298-307 Crew Coaches and Squad 300-301 Crew, Freshman 307 Crew Managers 300-301 Crew Races 302-306 Jayvee 306 Oregon State and U. C. L. A 303 Wisconsin and Poughkeepsie. . . .302 Washington 304-305 Crew, Varsity Season 300-305 Cross Country 327 Daily Calif ornian 72-77 Daily Californian Art Staff 77 Daily Californian Editorial Staff. 72-73 Daily Californian Managerial Staff 74-75 Daily Californian Sports Staff 76 " Dance of Death " 97 Davis Agricultural Branch 37 Deans of the Colleges 28 Deans of the Schools 29 Debaters, Freshman 117 Debaters, Varsity 116 Debating 112-117 Debating Year 114 Debating Managers 114 Dedication 8 Del Rey 366 Delta Chi 365 Delta Chi Alpha 450 Delta Delta Delta 420 Delta Epsilon 475 Delta Gamma 421 Delta Kappa Epsilon 368 Delta Phi Epsilon 452 Delta Tau Delta 369 Delta Upsilon 370 Delta Zeta 422 Dentistry 41 Deputations Committee 54 Deutsch, Dr. Monroe E 26 Director of Publications 70 Divisions 32-43 Dramatics 88-103 Dramatics Council 91 Dramatic Season 90-91 Elections Committee 56 Engineers ' Council 57 Epsilon Alpha 463 Eta Kappa Nu 445 Executive Committee 50-51 Fencing 326 Fine Arts, California School of 38 Football 230-257 Football Captain, Coach Squad 232-233 Football, Freshman 257 Football Managers 232-233 Football, Ramblers 256 Football Season 232-233 Football Games 234-247 California Aggies 237 College of the Pacific 237 Oregon 244 Oregon State College 235 St. Mary ' s 234 Stanford 246-247 U. C. L. A 240-241 U. S. C 238-239 Washington 242-243 Washington State 236 Football Varsity 232-233 Forensics Council 115 Foreword 6 " Fortunate " 100 Fraternities 348-403 Freshman Class 216-217 Freshman Debating 117 Freshman History 216 Freshman Officers 216 Gamma Phi Beta 423 General Athletics 226-229 Glee Club 108 GolJen Bear, Order of the 438 Golf 326 Graduate Managers 52 Grizzly 85 Group System 64 Guild of Applied Arts 474 Gymnastics 327 Hammer and Dimmer 474 Handball 325 Hastings College of Law 38 " High Tor " 101 Honor Societies and Clubs. . . .434-485 Honor Students ' Council 55 INDEX In Menioriam 9 International House 480 Intramural Board, Women ' s 338 Intramural Carnival 331 Intramural Champions 332-334 Intramural Season, General 330 Intramural Sports 328-335 Intramural Sports Managers and Directors . 330 Japanese Students ' Club 479 " Johnny Johnson " 94 Junior Cla ?? 208-211 Junior Day 210 Junior Farce 211 Junior History 208 Junior Informal 208 Junior Officers 208 Kappa Alpha 371 Kappa Alpha Theta 424 Kappa Delta 425 Kappa Delta Rho 372 Kappa Kappa Gamma 426 Kappa Nu 373 Kappa Sigma 374 Kelloz? Institute 43 -King Richard UT % Lambda Chi Alpha 375 Lick Observatory- 42 Little Theatre Forum 103 Little Theatre Staffs 92-93 Mask and Dagger 455 Mask and Dagger Review 95 Masonic Club 482 Medical Center 41 Men ' s Judicial Committee 53 Minor Sports 316-327 Mixer Dance Committee 59 Mortar Board 439 Mu-i. 104-111 Mu-ic Council 106 Murical Year 106 Newman Club 483 Nursing . . 39 Nu Sigma PM 472 Omega Delta 453 Open Forum . . . .58 Organizations . .348-485 Orientations Council 55 Pan-Hellenic 406 Pan Xenia 451 Parliament . 475 Pelican 82-84 Pennant C Society 338 Pe onnel Committee 67 Pharmacy 41 Phi Beta Delta 376 Phi Beta Kappa 436 Phi Chi Theta 476 Phi Delta Chi 401 Phi Delta Theta 377 Phi Gamma Delta 378 Phi Kappa P-i . .379 Phi Kappa Sigma 380 Phi Kappa Tan 381 Philorthian 473 Phi Mu 428 Phi Omega Pi 429 Phi Phi 448449 Phi Sigma Kappa 382 Phrateres 466 Pi Beta Phi 430 Pi Delta Epsilon 454 Pi Delta Phi 476 Pi Kappa Alpha 383 Pi Kappa Phi 384 Pi Phi Delta 477 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 462 Proskopoi 471 Prytanean 440 PM Upsilon 385 Publications 68-87 Publications Council 71 Quarterdeck 459 Radio Commission 58 Regents 25 Riverside Agricultural Division .... 43 Rose Bowl 249-255 Rugby 322 Scabbard and Blade 458 School of Fine Arts 38 Schools at Berkeley 29 Scripps Institute of Oceanography 42 Senate 457 Seniors 132-206 Seniors, Affiliated 204-206 Seniors, Berkeley 132-203 Senior History 132-133 Senior Class Officers 132 Senior Singings 135 Senior Week 134 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 386 Sigma Chi 387 Sigma Kappa 431 Sigma Kappa Alpha 477 Sigma Nu 388 Sigma Phi 389 Sigma Phi Epsilon 390 Sigma Phi Sigma 391 Skiing 324 Skull and Keys 446-447 Soccer 325 Sophomore Activities 212-215 Soph Hop 212-213 Soph Labor Day 214 Sophomore Officers and History 212-213 Sororities 404-433 " Spring Dance " 98 SprouL President Robert Gordon 24 Student Government 50-59 Swimming 318 Tau Beta Pi 437 Tennis 308-315 Tennis. Captain and Coach. . . .310-311 Tennis, Freshman 315 Tennis Managers : . . . .310-311 Tennis Matches 312-314 Stanford 314 U. C. L. A. 113 V. S. C. 312 Tennis, Varsity Season 310-311 Thalian Players 102 Theta Chi 392 Theta Delta Chi 393 Theta Kappa Nu 394 Theta Sigma Phi 471 Theta Tau 461 Theta Upsilon .... .432 Theta Xi 395 Torch and Shield 470 Torch Society 229 Track 272-285 Track Captain and Coach 274 Track. Freshman 285 Track Managers 274-275 Track Meets 276-283 Olympic Club 276 Stanford 282-283 U. C. L. A. 277 U. S. C. 278-279 Washington 280-281 Track, Varsity Season 274-275 Treble Clef 109 Triangular Sports Day 340 Tri-Une 444 U. C. L, A. 34-36 UniverMty Administration 23-31 University Symphony Ill Vocational Information Committee. 67 W. A. A. Council 338 Water Polo 319 Welfare Council 54 Wheel Society 229 Winged Helmet 441 Women ' s Affairs 60-67 Women ' s " C " Society 338 Women ' s Discussions 66 Women ' s Dormitory Association. . .469 Women ' s Executive Committee. .62-63 " Women Have Their Way " 100 Women ' s Hostess Committee 64 Women ' s Judicial Committee 53 Women ' s Orchestra 107 Women ' s Sports 336-341 Wrestling 321 Xi Psi Phi 402 Year ' s Debates 114 Yell Leaders 228 Y. M. C. A. 57 Y. W. C. A. 65 Zeta Beta Tau 396 Zeta Psi 397 Zeta Tau Alpha . . .433 APPRECIATION At the close of the year during which the 1938 Blue and Gold has been assembled, the staff wishes to express gratitude to those who have been of assistance in its publication. Among them, MR. FREDERICK C. FISCHER, Director of Publications, offered invalu- able assistance and advice. Others connected with the campus were MR. WALTER FREDERICK, Director of the A. S. U. C. News Bureau, who aided in many ways; DAD WILKIN who made simpler the problems of office routine; JOHN BLACK whose photography appears on almost every page of the book; and MARJORY McCALL whose talents in make-up added immeasurably to the sub-title pictures. Apprecia- tion is also due those members of the student body who generously contributed photographs for the candid camera pages. For the portraits that appear in the yearbook the staff expresses appreciation to Colemans Studio in Oakland, and especially to MR. FRANK COLBOURN and MRS. GRACE 0. COLEMAN for their cooperation. In the shop of the Borden Printing Company, Inc., of San Francisco, MR. HARRY F. BORDEN, MR. SAM BERUTICH, MR. EMILE PLUMTREE, and MR. ROBERT ABARTA were tireless in their efforts to assist in every way possible in the printing of the book, and to them and their staff sincere appreciation is extended. The American Engraving and Color Plate Company, whose engravings make up the book, have given splendid cooperation, and we wish to express gratitude to MR. MAX FLADER, MR. WAYNE THORNTON, and MR. COURTNEY REBITT for their individual efforts in behalf of the Blue and Gold. For the binding of the book, we are indebted to MR. BEN KEYS of Dever, Garrity Keys; and for the main division pages to the Independent Press Room, Inc. Finally, for the assistance of the many others who have contributed in some way to the publishing of the 1938 Blue and Gold, the staff expresses sincere appreciation. mm ; m ijjm i r; - . ,

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