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. i I I I ;; " i m r UNIVERSITY CAMPANILE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Publications libranj University of California BLUE GOLD 1933 VOLUME 60 PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA i.i H ' YKK.II I . 1 MI kSSCK I VI I H STI 1)1 I s i i| ) Ill: I M I KM I " I 01 ( M.IIOKM IRVING H. WIESENFELD EDITOK MARY SUE BEDFORD DM IN ' ARTHUR S. POWELL MANAGER HELEN DALE LANG O.MI s MAX (,| K DIMI.M I) in ' I l KIM I H. II iSTl I ' KIV I I I) in II. S. :! Kl K ( ()., l SAN FRANCISCO I N(iKAVM) BY AMI K II N I (,KA IM, AM) I.OIOK I ' l Al I! COMPANY. SAN FRANCISf ) IN MEMORIAM ( ILTY JOHN BELLI N ILL1A.M DIAMC- ARTHUR S. ! AK.LE HOWARD YILM ILL CHARLES MILLS GAVLEV HARVKY M. HALL ELIJAH CLARENCE HILLS ALTHER FLFMMINC, HOLST FORREST HOY ORT ALTER FDMLNI) M AC,H ARTHUR . SCOTT STUDENTS DI ITT RIGHT BRILEY KEITH ROGER CORRY ABRAHAM ALFRED HAGEL ITZ TLBBS HENSHA FAITH PIERCE ERNTVI PELLERIT1 ARROLL KY ' EBRIGHT whose guidance and leadership have carried two California crews to Olympic victories... and who, without seeking, ever e okes faithful and loyal allegiance... this BLl ' F AM) GOLD of 1933 is dedicated. FOREWORD A microcosm within a macrocosm. Thus may be charac- terized the small collegiate world within whose vortex we revolve. Though in miniature, it is in every way analogous, politically, socially, and economically, to the greater counterpart for which it prepares With its extracurricular activities and academic duties, four years of campus life are not only beneficial. but, to most, extremely enjoyable. While the student is in this pleasurable whirl, he scarcely realizes that he is living in a world apart. Yet years later as an alumnus, he will return peri- odically to relive in spirit his college life; but once passed it can never be regained. . . .To per- petuate California campus life during the past year has been our motive and motif in this sixtieth volume of The Blue and Gold. The medium is modern. If we have pleased, our work has been remunerated. CON N ' S UNIVERSITY CLASSES UNIVERSITY LIFE WOMEN ' S AFFAIRS ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS t. ' Ob, have you seen the heavens blue, heavens blue, When just seven stars art shining through, shining through, Right overhead a jovial creu-? They ' re joining bands to make the Bear UNIVERSITY LIFE SCIENCES PATHWAY EDWARDS TRACK STADIUM WHEELER HALL CIVIL ENGINEERING BUILDING LIFE SCIENCES BUILDING ENGINEERING BUILDING HEARST GYMNASIUM GIANNINI HALL STEPHENS UNION DOE MEMORIAL LIBRARY SATHER GATE FACULTY CLUB C L T ADMINISTRATION JAMES ROLPH, JR. GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA AND PRESIDENT OF THE REGENTS To THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVER- SITY OF CALIFORNIA, GREETINGS: The State of California through its taxpayers is giving unstintingly so that our high type of education, set up over the years, may be preserved. In this day of fast-shrinking revenues and depressed business conditions, it is no mean task for the State to keep its present high educational standards, but the fundamentals of education must be maintained if we are to hold our envi- able position as a leader. Since last having the opportunity to address you through the medium of THE BLUE AND GOLD, the Carnegie Founda- tion, upon authorization of the Legisla- ture, has made an exhaustive survey of higher education in California. It be- hooves everybody interested in our schools and colleges to give deep thought A.B., University of San Francisco, 1920 to this report, which will be under con- sideration by the next session of the Legislature. Naturally, there can be no unanimity of opinion on the recommendations con- tained therein. But as true Californians, we must study each of its proposals to the end that, by weighing them with our own knowledge of conditions in this State, we may proceed so as further to enhance the value of our educational system. In any such advancement of educational methods, you students must share. Permit me, now, to extend you my very best wishes. To maintain the glori- ous record of the University of Califor- nia is a difficult assignment for you all. But I feel you present-day students will not be found wanting. All hail, BLUE AND GOLD! 24 ROBERT GORDON SPROUL PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA B.S., University- of California, 1913 LL.D., Occidental College, 1926 LJL.D., University of Southern California, 1930 LL.D., University of San Francisco, 1930 LL.D., Pomona College, 1931 LL.D., University of Oregon, 1932 EXTRACURRICULAR activities, aS I have watched and participated in them, have always seemed to me a helpful feature of campus life. Certainly, the social contacts that are possible in these more personal activities, with their romance of camaraderie accom- panied by the joy of physical and emo- tional as well as intellectual stimula- tion, are fruitful experiences and con- tribute definite enrichment to the college years. Indeed, I should be doubtful of an American university which did not evolve extracurricular activities, and of the men and women who were attracted to it. What I desire to see in our University is a student body diligent in enlarging its knowledge and understanding of the world, and active in participation in a healthful extracurricular life supple- mentary to its main business . That sort of student body would produce an alumni group capable of transforming the world , for it would be equipped with the techni- cal knowledge essential to achievement in this scientific age; it would have the advantage that comes with studious and orderly habits acquired early in life; it would have the capacity for intense, sustained, independent thought which marks the intelligent leader; and it would have added to all these keen- edged tools the haft to drive them home in the knowledge of human nature ac- quired through acquaintance and com- petition with fellow students. I expect to see that kind of student body before I am through. THE ADMINISTRATIVE YEAR ENROLLMENT figures for fall, 1932, were 11,830, an increase of 608 over 1931 figures. Over 20 per cent of the students entering in the fall were from junior colleges. Every state in the Union and fifteen foreign countries were already represented , while this year representatives from thirty-seven states in the Union, three U. S. possessions, and nine foreign countries entered. Achievements of the faculty during the year 1932-33 consisted mainly in the publication of books. These included " Galvanism and the Religious Wars, " by Franklin C. Palm; " Bohemia in the 18th Century, " by Robert J. Kerner; " The Iron Tempter of Anatole France, " by H. M. Chevalier; and " Masterpieces of Russian Drama, ' ' by George R. Noyes. R. A. Stirton, of the paleontology de- partment, prepared a report on the lake tertiary deposits of Texas. Carl L. A. Schmidt, of the biochemistry depart- ment, attended the International Physio- logical Congress at Rome. Professor E. O. Lawrence and Milton G. White, of the physics department, succeeded in disintegrating the atom for the first time in the United States. University scientists have saved the public approxi- mately $200,000,000 through research and experimentation during the past year. General David P. Barrows was ap- pointed Theodore Roosevelt professor at the University of Berlin for 1933-34. A. LanglardandPercifalB. Fay, of the French department, received the titles of " offi- ciers de 1 ' instruction publique " from the French Government. Mathurin Dondo and Percifal B. Fay were accorded the " Palms of the Academy of France. " Merle Randall, of the chemistry depart- ment, received a bronze medal of merit from Charles University at Prague. Alexander H. Campbell, of the military department, was promoted from the rank of captain to that of major in the Coast Artillery. Guest speakers at University meetings included Paul Scharrenberg, secretary- treasurer of the California State Federa- tion of Labor; George Creel, noted author and publicist; and Dr. Alexander Meiklejohn, professor of philosophy and chairman of the experimental col- lege at the University of Wisconsin. The University Symphony Orchestra also rendered a concert at one of the meetings. Changes in courses during the past year included the inauguration of a group major in journalism, and the es- tablishment of a department in the His- tory of Science with Dr. Charles Singer of the University of London as chair- man. Organized radio programs, broadcast from California Hall, are a recent service of the University. In the morning aca- demic programs, professors speak on interesting phases of their special fields. The afternoon programs are devoted to the classics and the best plays of Eng- lish and American literature. Recent eve- ning programs have featured the Eight o ' Clock Players, Shakespearian plays, and athletic publicity stunts. These pro- grams are broadcast through the hook- ups of KPO and KGO. The University News Service prints a weekly calendar, clip sheet, and radio program. The calendar contains a day- to-day program of lectures, exhibitions, and exercises on the campus, the pro- gram for the Sather Tower, a radio pro- gram, and a schedule of extension divi- sion classes. It is edited by Harold Ellis, who also collects information of an academic and student nature for the clip sheet which is distributed to news- papers throughout the state. 26 THE REGENTS CONVENE FOR THEIR MONTHLY MEETING IN THE STATE BUILDING, SAN FRANCISCO Left torig ht: Sidney M. Ehrman, John Gall wey, Chester H. Rowell, William H. Crocker, Mortimer Fleishhacker, Robert G. Sproul, George I. Cochran, Guy Chaffee Earl, Joseph M. dimming, Vierling Kersey BOARD OF REGENTS HIS EXCELLENCY JAMES ROLPH, .. A.B. President WILLIAM HENRY CROCKER, Ph.B. Chairman OFFICERS OF THE REGENTS GEORGE TOURNY Treasurer JNO. U. CALKINS, J., B.L., J.D. Attorney ROBERT M. UNDERHILL, B.S. Secretary LUTHER A. NICHOLS, A.B. Comptroller DEMING G. MACLISE, B.S. Assistant Secretary and Assistant Comptroller REGENTS EX OFFICIO HIS EXCELLENCY JAMES ROLPH, J., A.B. WALTER J. LITTLE Governor of California and President of the Regents Speaker of the Assembly, 1933 FRANK F. MERRIAM, B.S. Lieutenant-Governor of California EDGAR C. LEVEY, A.B., LL.B. Speaker of the Assembly, 1932 VIERLING KERSEY, M.A., LL.D. State Superintendent of Public Instruction A. BLANCHARD MILLER President of the State Board of Agriculture JOSEPH MOORE GUMMING President of the Mechanics Institute WARREN OLNEY, J., A.B., LL.D. President of the California Alumni Association ROBERT GORDON SPROUL, B.S., LL.D. President of the University GARRET WILLIAM McENERNEY GUY CHAFFEE EARL, A.B. WILLIAM HENRY CROCKER, Ph.B. JAMES KENNEDY MOFFITT, B.S. CHARLES ADOLPH RAMM, B.S. APPOINTED REGENTS EDWARD AUGUSTUS DICKSON, B.L. CHESTER HARVEY ROWELL, Ph.B., LL.D. JAMES MILLS MORTIMER FLEISHHACKER GEORGE I. COCHRAN, LL.D. MRS. MARGARET RISHEL SARTORI JOHN RANDOLPH HAYNES, Ph.D., M.D. JOHN FRANCIS NEYLAN CHARLES COLLINS TEAGUE, LL.D. SIDNEY M. EHRMAN, B.L., LL.B. JOHN GALLWEY, M.D., Ph.D., LL.D. 27 PRESIDENT EMERITUS SHORTLY after becoming President Emeritus of the University of California in July, 1930, Dr. William Wallace Campbell was elected president of the National Academy of Sciences for the four-year period 1931-35. In earlier years Dr. Campbell was twice president of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (1895 and 1910), of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1915), of the American Astronomical Society (1922-25), and of the International Astronomical Union (1922-25). He was director of the Lick Observatory, University of California, from 1901 to 1930 and is now Director Emeritus. As astronomer in the Lick Observatory from 1891 to 1930, Dr. Campbell made a number of outstanding con- tributions to his science. WILLIAM WALLACE CAMPBELL President Emeritus, Director Emeritus and Astronomer Emeritus at Lick Observatory, and President of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.. University of Michigan, 1886 M.S., University of Michigan, 1899 Sc.D., Western University of Pennsylvania, 1900 LL.D , University of Wisconsin, 1902 Sc.D. Sc.D. Sc.D. Sc.D. Sc.D. LL.D University of Michigan, 1905 University of Western Australia, 1922 Cambridge University, 1925 Columbia University, 1928 University of Chicago, 1931 , University of California, 1932 MONROE E. DEUTSCH e-President and Provost of the University and Professor of Latin A.B., University of California, 1902 M.A., University of California, 1903 Ph.D., University of California, 1911 VICE-PRESIDENT AND PROVOST THE administrative organization of the University of California includes two officials with the title Vice-President and Provost, the first concerned ex- clusively with U. C. L. A. and the second with all other divisions of the University. Each assists the President in the administration of the University and acts in his stead when he is absent. The duties of this office include assistance in the annual preparation of the budget of the University, recom- mendations with reference to faculty appointments, and cooperation with the committees of the Academic Senate which deal with the budget and courses of instruction. COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE IN the curriculum of the College of Letters and Science are included three characteristic and essential ele- ments : requirements to provide for intensive study in a field of the student ' s choice, opportunity for elective studies to develop the student ' s personal power and ini- tiative, and requirements to secure breadth of culture. It is primarily the student ' s responsibility to fit his choice of subjects to his personal interests and mental abilities, aiming thereby to obtain a basis for an intelli- gent understanding and sound judgment with respect to his environment, a solid foundation for a professional career or vocational activity, and wise use of his leisure time. GEORGE D. LOUDERBACK Dean of the College of Letters and Science and Professor of Geology A.B., University of California, 1896 Ph.D., University of California, 1899 28 THOMAS M. PUTNAM Dean of Undergraduates and Prafenor of .vertity of California, M.S.. Uniocnity of California, Pfe-D., University DEAX OF UNDERGRADUATES DUTIES of the Dean of Undergraduates consist of aiding the President of the University and the faculties of the academic colleges in matters per- taining to the general and personal interests of under- graduates, particularly men. He is the President ' s repre- sentative on the Executive Committee of the Associated Students, in matters relating to the Student Affairs Com- mittee, in fraternity relations, and in disciplinary mat- ters. The office of the dean administers undergraduate schol- arships and loan funds and is concerned with such gen- eral problems of student welfare as living conditions and vocational difficulties. DEAN OF WOMEN AL women students seeking help in matters con- cerning their relations with the University are advised by the Dean of Women and her assistants, who are primarily concerned with the individual welfare of each University woman. There are six staff members in the office of the dean. Five of these are graduates of the University and conse- quently have first-hand acquaintance with the University and student problems. This knowledge is available at all times to students wishing assistance or information in such matters as self-support, living conditions, loan funds, vocational problems, or scholarship difficulties. All new undergraduate and freshman women are re- quired to have their college residences approved by the dean. LUCY -V. STEBBINS Dct of Voncn ad Puftam of Social A.B., RadcliSe College, t oz LUTHER A. NICHOLS Q-tKroBer A.B.. L ' uTenitT of California, COMPTROLLER THE Comptroller of the University supervises the receipt and disbursement of approximately ten million dollars a year in the operation and main- tenance of a state-wide University organization whose capital assets are approximately sixteen million dollars. He is aided in carrying out the details of this work by three assistant comptrollers, who are located on the campi at Los Angeles, Davis, and San Francisco, to- gether with the heads of various sub-departments, such as Accounting, Purchasing, Grounds and Buildings, and Printing. In addition to his regular University duties, the comp- troller represents the University and the Regents in their contacts with the officers and legislators of the state government. 29 GRADUATE DIVISION AL graduate activities of the academic and profes- sional departments of the University are embraced in the Graduate Division. The administrative functions of this division are exercised by the Graduate Council, wherein adequate representation is given to the larger divisions of graduate study as well as the Departments of Engineering and Agriculture and the Schools of Architecture, Education, Jurisprudence, and Medicine. The duties of this council are concerned with the ad- mission of students to graduate status, the regulation of graduate study, the conferring of advanced degrees, the awarding of fellowships and graduate scholarships, and the promotion of research and investigation by faculty and students of special ability. CHARLES B. LIPMAN Dean of the Graduate Division and Professor of Plant Physiology B.Sc., Rutgers University, 1904 M.Sc., Rutgers University, 1909 M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1909 Ph.D., University of California, 1910 FRANK H. PROBERT Dean of the College of Mining and Professor of Mining B.S., College of the City of New York, 1894 C.E., Columbia University, 1896 Associate of the Royal School of Mines, London, 1897 COLLEGE OF MINING GEOLOGY, mining, metallurgy, and petroleum engi- neering are the sciences in which the College of Mining trains men for the exploitation of mineral resources. A rigidly prescribed course, leading to the B.S. degree, may be completed in four years. Distinctive requirements in the college include a summer camp of six weeks in sur- veying, week-end trips in field geology, and a summer spent in a mine, mill, smelter, or oil field. Modern laboratories and experimental facilities are housed in the Hearst Memorial Mining Building. These facilities include a research experiment station of the United States Bureau of Mines. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE THE College of Agriculture, with primary centers at Berkeley, Davis, Riverside, and Los Angeles, and extension offices in forty counties of the state, is dedicated to the advancement of agricultural science and its application to the development of rural and agricultural life in California. Its functions are resident instruction and investigation in the fields of agriculture and related sciences. The college serves as a medium through which the results of research by its own staff, by other University depart- ments, and by other institutions in the physical, biologi- cal, and social sciences are brought to bear upon the problems of the diverse and highly specialized agricul- ture of the state. S CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON Dean of the College of Agriculture, Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, and Professor of Agriculture B.S., University of Missouri, 1908 M.S., Cornell University, 1913 M.S., Harvard University, 1917 30 HENRY F. GRADY Dean of the College of f " and Professor of Internationa] Trade A.B., St. Mary ' s University. Baltimore, 1907 Ph.D., Columbia University, 1927 University or California COLLEGE OF COMMERCE IN THE College of Commerce students are given a broad preparation for future participation in the world of business. The undergraduate curriculum, however, does not allow for too much specialization. Its aim is to five breadth of training rather than a narrow vocational iscipline. A year of graduate work is desirable for those who wish further preparation for the direction of busi- ness enterprise. Contacts with the business world are made through the dean. It is thus possible for students in the College of Commerce to become acquainted with present eco- nomic conditions. As head of the college, the dean is also the official advisor for students enrolled in this de- partment. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THE College of Engineering has recently been re- organized to stimulate and coordinate interests between students and faculty and to carry out the view that no engineering enterprise is restricted solely to one branch. Curricula in Civil, Electrical, and Me- chanical Engineering are administered by this college. The course may be completed in four years, but a five- year course, blending the fundamentals of science with the elements of engineering, is necessary for a thorough knowledge of the field. This new organization allows students in engineering to study and work together,as a single group. Modern buildings containing laboratories and new equipment are also a result of the new cooperative plan. CHARLES DERLETH, JR. Dean of The College of Engineering and Professor of Civil Engineering B.S., College of the City of New York, 1194 C.E.. Colombia University, itft LL.D., University of California, 1930 GILBERT X. LEVIS Dean of die College of Chemistry and Professor of Chemistry A.B-, Harvar d University, lift A.M., Harvard University, il,l Ph.D., Harvard University, 1(99 Sc.D., University of Liverpool, 1923 Sc.D.. University of Wisconsin, 192! Sc.D., University of Chicago, 1929 COLLEGE OF CHEMISTRY HIGHLY specialized and thorough training in the science of chemistry is provided by this college. A four-year course prepares men for positions as analytical and control chemists in industrial laboratories and factories. Additional training is necessary for the preparation of research chemists. This department is one of the most active research or- ganizations in the country, as all members of the depart- mental faculty and approximately seventy graduate stu- dents are continually making discoveries of fundamental importance to science. Consequently, undergraduates in the College of Chemistry are stimulated by the spirit of research which pervades the laboratory. 31 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AruoENT wishing to study architecture is enrolled in the College of Letters and Science during his four undergraduate years. During these years he follows a curriculum prescribed by the School of Archi- tecture but which conforms to the junior certificate re- quirements of the College of Letters and Science. The Bachelor of Arts degree, awarded for the satisfactory completion of this curriculum, is the requirement for en- trance into the School of Architecture. A two-year graduate curriculum leads to the degree of Graduate in Architecture. The degree of Master of Arts in Architecture may be awarded upon the successful com- pletion of the first year of the graduate curriculum and a comprehensive final examination. WARREN C. PERRY Director of the School of Architecture and Professor of Architecture B.S., University of California, 1907 SYDNEY B. MITCHELL Director of the School of Librarianship and Professor of Librarianship A.B., McGill University, 1901 M.A., McGill University, 1904 SCHOOL OF LIBRARIANSHIP IN 1926 the School of Librarianship was reorganized from the undergraduate Department of Library Science. The work of this school is directed toward the train- ing of librarians for university, college, school, public, county, and business libraries. Numerous positions of this sort are now successfully filled by graduates of this school. Fifty graduate students are annually admitted to a one-year curriculum for which a certificate is granted. A second year of graduate study leads to the master ' s degree and is open to those who have completed the basic course with good standing. EXTENSION DIVISION THE educational courses offered by the University Extension Division present an opportunity for higher education to the people of California who are unable to take up residence at the University. Both technical and cultural subjects are covered by the courses in this division. These courses are conducted by correspondence, in lecture series, and as group discus- sions given in a manner similar to the regular University classes. A department of visual instruction aids in the educational program of the division by circulating films and picture slides throughout the state. The department has also organized special educational facilities for in- dustrial workers. LEON J. RICHARDSON Director of the University Extension Division and Professor of Latin A.B., University of Michigan, 1890 32 VILLIAM V, KEMP Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Education A.B.. Stanford University. 1 9 Ph.D., Columbia University, 1911 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION FUNDAMENTALLY, the School of Education aims to prepare students for educational service in primary and secondary schools, as well as in junior colleges. A general curriculum requiring at least three years of study after the attainment of the junior certificate leads to recommendation for the professional secondary cre- dential. Another equally important activity of the school has recently developed because of the expansion of high- school and junior-college systems which call for a wide range of specialists in executive work. To fill this need students are trained as officers for expert service in administration, supervision, business management, or public school research. SUMMER SESSIONS IN TERSESSION and Summer Session are the two periods, each of six weeks ' duration, which form the annual Summer Sessions of the University. These sessions, attended by a large number of students from many parts of the world, offer courses covering a wide variety of subjects. To aid in broadening the scope of these courses the University faculty is augmented by professors from other universities in America and abroad. In each summer period there is a general program of concerts, lectures, half-hours of music, and dramatic productions. Dances and classes in tennis, swimming, and other sports are also a part of the summer schedule. HAROLD L. BRUCE Dean of the Summer Sessions and Professor of English A.B., University of California, 190! M.L., University of California. 1911 Ph.D., Yale University, lyif THOMAS B. STEEL Recorder of the Faculties A.B., University of Texas, 191; RECORDER OF THE FACULTIES THE office of the Recorder of the Faculties is the administrative center of the University ' s academic work . The principal functions of the office are: the registra- tion of students, the assembly of reports from instructors, the recording of grades, the sending of reports and de- ficiency notices to students, and the maintenance of active and inactive records of students. A service of general information is maintained for the convenience of students, faculty, and the public. The recorder edits the administrative bulletins con- taining information about the University and serves as secretary of the Academic Senate and the faculties of the several colleges at Berkeley. 33 D V SIGNS ERNEST C. MOORE Vice-President and Provost of the University of California at Los Angeles PHILIP M. KELLOGG President of the Associated Students UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES THE University of California at Los Angeles comprises a Teachers College, a College of Letters and Science which includes the lower divi- sion in Commerce, Chemistry, Engi- neering, and Mining, and a branch of the College of Agriculture with instruc- tion in subtropical horticulture. Stand- ards of instruction and requirements for admission are the same as at Berkeley. An enrollment of 5933, exceeding last year ' s figures by 420, indicates a grow- ing interest in education in the southern part of the state. The new campus at Westwood, with the recent addition of two gymnasia, has stimulated a greater student spirit. The student body, organized in a manner similar to the Associated Stu- dents at Berkeley, participates in the various extracurricular activities which supplement education in the modern university. U. C. L. A., as a member of the Pacific Coast Conference, has risen to the fore in the sports world, with crew as its latest addition. ROYCE HALL, ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, FACES THE MAIN QUAD AT U. C. L. A. 36 HAKKT A. CALDWELL President of the Associated Students WAJ.TEB L. HOWAU Director of the Branch of the College of Agriculture at Davis COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AT DAVIS THE experiment station of the University of California Depart- ment of Agriculture at Davis consists of 1100 acres, with buildings, laboratories, and other facilities de- voted to practical and technical educa- tion in agriculture. The curricula at Davis are open not only to undergraduate and graduate students, but to non-degree students as well, thus allowing the value of agri- cultural instruction to reach a larger number of the farming population of California. This educational service is augmented by a variety of research projects conducted by the department. Student activities center around clubs such as the Horticultural Round Table, the Golden Hoof Club, and the Blue and Gold Dairy Club. The students also publish a weekly newspaper, the Aggie, and an annual, El Rodeo, and partici- pate in major sports as members of the Far Western Conference. THE HORTICULTURE BUILDING ov THE CAMPUS AT DAVIS 37 ORRIN K. McMuRRAY Dean of the School of Jurisprudence ELLIS RANDALL President of the Boalt Hall Law Association SCHOOL OF JURISPRUDENCE THE School of Jurisprudence aims to prepare students for the prac- tice of the profession of the law and to develop the scientific study of law for the advancement of legal re- search. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is ap- proved by the American Bar Association . The school is conducted upon a strictly graduate basis, admitting only those applicants who hold an academic bachelor ' s degree from this University or an equivalent one from another ap- proved institution. The professional course extends over three years, leading to the degree of LL.B.; advanced legal research in the school offers the degree ofJ.S.D. Boalt Hall, which is on the Berkeley campus, contains classrooms, faculty offices, and library as well as the offices of the California Law Review. This journal is conducted jointly by the stu- dents and faculty of the school. CALIFORNIA LAW REVIE ' Hassard, Lowenthal, Brown, Hugill, McCarthy, Edises Harband, Wahrhaftig, Murphey, Plant, Gaither, Paul, Rowley, Bridges 38 HERBERT A. ARMSTRONG President of the Associated Students WILLIAM M. SIMMONS Dean of Hastings College of the Law HASTINGS COLLEGE OF THE LAW HASTINGS COLLEGE OF THE LAW en- deavors to furnish systematic and thorough instruction in those branches of jurisprudence which will fit the student for the practice of the pro- fession of law. With this end in view, the instruction given is based primarily on the case-book method, the aim being to develop the analytical powers of the student as well as to afford a familiarity with the historical development of law. Moot courts, under the direction of members of the faculty, are established as a required part of the regular course of instruction. Students completing the curriculum and complying with the reg- ulations of the faculty receive the de- gree of LL.B. The regular requirement for admission to the college is the attainment of the junior certificate. Occasionally, excep- tional students who do not have this requirement may be admitted upon the approval of the faculty. v i " - 8 ' 8 ' ii " l T i y i " fti a ir i i; i r i 1 Ii 1 1 5 J|i 1 1 1 4 JUJCiJU I i I HASTINGS COLLEGE OF THE LAW Is LOCATED IN THE STATE BUILDING, SAN FRANCISCO 39 LANGLEY PORTER Dean of the School of Medicine HORACE}. McCoRKLE President of the Senior Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DURING the first year and a half of the five-year curriculum of the School of Medicine, instruction is given in those sciences which form the basis of medicine. The remainder of the course is devoted to the practical appli- cation of these sciences in medicine, surgery, clinic work, pediatrics, and bedside instruction. The fifth year may be given to work as an interne or to additional specialized study in one of the departments. Admission to the school is based on the prerequisite courses and senior standing in the Col- lege of Letters and Science. At the present time a new building to house the out-patient departments is be- ing erected on the San Francisco campus. It is to be hoped that in the near future additional space will be provided for laboratories, for additional beds for the care of patients, and for a union in which the social life of the divisions at San Francisco may be centered. THE ARCHITECT ' S CONCEPTION OF THE NEW MEDICAL UNIT UNDER CONSTRUCTION AT SAN FRANCISCO 40 HELEN FINK President of the Associated Students ELEANOR L. WATERMAN Director of the School of Nursing SCHOOL OF NURSING Ix COXXECTION with the University Hospital, a Training School for Nurses is maintained to meet the need for scientifically trained women to fill administrative and teaching posi- tions in schools of nursing and to go into the many branches of public health work. There are two curricula, one, which is to be discontinued after Aug- ust, 1933, of three years, leading to the certificate of graduation from the school, and one of five years, leading to the de- gree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Though the school was organized in 1917, student government has operated only since 1920. The elected officers of the student body, together with the representatives from each class, form an executive committee which constitutes the governing body. There are regular monthly meetings, social events, and benefits held throughout the year. Each year the school publishes a yearbook called the White Mortar Board. ENTRANCE TO THE NURSES ' HOME 41 GUY S. MlLLBERRY Dean of the College of Dentistry RONALD F. LANGTON President of the Associated Students COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY WITH the academic year 1932-33 there was ushered in the second half century of dental educa- tion at the University of California. On November 8th, the College of Dentistry celebrated the semicentennial anniver- sary of its first commencement day. An alumni reunion followed, with clinics conducted by the faculty and with dis- tinguished dental educators as speakers. The primary interest of the dental student body has been centered in the new building plans, which include a clinic to contain facilities for both medi- cine and dentistry, a students ' union, a much-needed gymnasium, a library, and a teaching museum. Social activities of the Dental College included a Senior Formal and an annual Freshman Mixer given by the student body. In the fall the faculty gave the students a golf tournament and barbecue ; in the spring the students reciprocated with a picnic for the faculty. WORK IN THE CLINICS FORMS PART OF THE DENTAL CURRICULUM 42 PAUL S. M President of the Associated Students H. B. CAMT Dean of the College of Pharmacy COLLEGE OF PHARMACY SINCE the establishment of the Col- lege of Pharmacy in 1872, its de- velopment has paralleled the ad- vancement of pharmaceutical studies until it is now the leading representative of the science in the West. Its most recent development is a new four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. This was added to the former curricula of but two courses, one leading to the degree of Graduate in Pharmacv after three years of study, and the other leading to the degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist after completion of a four-year course. Extracurricular interests of the student body find expression in a Press Club, which publishes the Blue and Gold Apothecary and a biweekly newspaper; a glee club; annual class dances; and par- ticipation in interclass and intercollegi- ate sports. In the past year an honor society, Sigma Kappa Theta, was formed to reward proficient students. PHARMACY STUDENTS AT Wo K IN THE LABOATOY 43 LICK ASTRONOMICAL DEPARTMENT C: ASTRONOMICAL DEPARTMENT at Mount Hamilton was established for the purpose of research in astronomy. The results of these investi- gations are published in bulletins of the observatory and in various scientific journals. The principal astronomers now conducting this work are W. W. Camp- bell, director, R. G. Aitken, associate director, W. H. Wright, J. H. Moore, and R. J. Trumpler. Applicants for admission to the de- partment must qualify before the Grad- uate Council as graduate students of the University. Instruction is generally lim- ited to students fitted to be astronomical assistants. The higher degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy are open to students enrolled in the depart- ment. SCRIPPS INSTITUTION OF OCEANOGRAPHY SCRIPPS INSTITUTION OF OCEANOGRA- PHY, located on the ocean front at La Jolla, grew out of the efforts of the Department of Zoology to promote research on the animal life of the Pacific Ocean. The institution has also been designated as one of the official deposi- tories of the publications of the United States Geological Survey. This department offers only graduate courses in general oceanography and in special oceanographic problems to qual- ified students. Applicants for admission must first secure admission to the Grad- uate Division and authorization to pur- sue such work through the Dean of the Graduate Division. Instructors at the Institution are G. F. McEwen, F. B. Sumner, W. E. Allen, T. W. Vaughan, and E. G. Moberg. ROAD TO THE GREAT DOME OF THE LICK OBSERVATORY ON MOUNT HAMILTON IN WINTER THE SCRIPPS INSTITUTION OF OCEANOGRAPHY AT LA JOLLA Is LOCATED CLOSE TO ITS SOURCE MATERIAL 44 VIEW OF THE CITRUS EXPERIMENT STATION " AT RIVERSIDE XORTH ASPECT OF THE CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS AT SAN FRANCISCO GRADUATE SCHOOL OF TROPICAL AGRICULTURE AND CITRUS EXPERIMENT STATION O NE of the research stations of the University ' s agricultural depart- ment is located at Riverside in an important citrus region, convenient to the study of subtropical and tropical agriculture. This Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment Sta- tion gives no formal courses, confining its efforts to graduate work, research, and experimentation. Investigation is directed by a permanent faculty, which also conducts individual research prob- lems. The facilities of the department in- clude a working library, laboratories, greenhouses and orchards for the study of problems connected with subtropical agriculture. CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS A THOUGH the California School of Fine Arts is affiliated with the University of California, it is maintained by the San Francisco Art Association. This Association aims to make the school the center of a growing influence for art throughout California. A four-year, non-degree curriculum is offered to those students who desire complete training for professional work. A special course is also given for stu- dents wishing to qualify as teachers of art. This course requires high-school graduation and twelve units of recom- mended high-school work. Instruction in the school is individ- ual, as well as by lectures and informal talks, and students are given every op- portunity to advance as rapidly as is consistent with sound training. 45 ' The college bell is tolling ever, Ding, dong, ding, dang ... " CLASSES I WARREN OLNEY, JR. President, California Alumni Association ALUMNI THE Alumni Association includes in its work the publication of the California Monthly, the oper- ation of the Bureau of Occupations, the sponsorship of the University radio pro- grams and the Faculty Speakers ' Bu- reau, the maintenance of a file of 10,000 alumni, and the conduct of regional and local meetings. Local meetings include football lunches, Charter Day banquets, and Commencement luncheons. Regional meetings held throughout the state are for the purpose of organizing alumni in the service of the University. During the past year, fifty-two alumni meetings, held in different sections of California, brought a total attendance of over ten thousand. On November 18, four hundred alumni, representing every section of California, met at the International House for the second annual alumni conference. Dis- cussion focused on the Carnegie Founda- tion report on the higher educational system of California and on student wel- fare, which included consideration of student loans, scholarships, and housing. ALUMNI CONVENED FOR THE LUNCHEON AT THE INTER- NATIONAL HOUSE ON THE DAY OF THE Bio GAME 48 ROBERT SIBLEY Manager, California Alumni Association ALUMNI YEARLY the various alumni classes of the University meet in re- unions. The evening before the Big Game is the most popular time, and this year more than twenty-five classes met at hotels, clubs, and private homes throughout the bay region. Many classes also met the Friday of Commencement. The most elaborate affairs are held by the " five year " classes those whose graduation was five or a multiple of five years before. As the official publication of the Cali- fornia Alumni Association, the Cali- fornia Monthly has a threefold purpose: to keep alumni informed of the Univer- sity, to publish news of the alumni, and to furnish a forum in w r hich may be dis- cussed problems of educational and of general interest w r hich have a bearing upon the University. It is published ten times yearly to the largest paid circula- tion of any American alumni magazine. Despite a general slump in business conditions and a decrease in funds, the Bureau of Occupations has earnestly en- deavored to give the greatest service possible to students and alumni. Five thousand jobs were found for students last vear. CALIFORNIA MONTHLY STAFF Brooks Watt Pcttitt 49 A ( ' I " " i- " - " 1 o r : THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ciation in Berkeley and connecting with various cities of the world, indicate loca- AND THE WORLD tions of alumni clubs in various foreign centers. The above map shows the cities and communities of the world where live the A former president of the Republic of Mexico, Francisco I. Madero ' 93; a former alumni of the University with whom the California Alumni Association is in direct president of the Republic of Colombia, Pedro N. Espina, 79; three members of the contact. The black lines ' , leading from the general headquarters of the Alumni Asso- Cabinet, including the Prime Minister of China; distinguished mining and electrical 50 V D I A C h. A N THE WORLD V engineers along the west coast of South America; diamond engineers in distant South Africa, among them the late Gardner F. Williams, " 65; noted agriculturists developing the fertile and wasted delta of the Nile; seekers of new adventures, argo- nauts of engineering, builders of foreign enterprises, enthusiasts as travelers and students of education, and a large and varied class in search of immediate cultural 51 satisfaction in distant corners of the earth, including the islands of the sea all these alumni of the University depicted upon this map present a picture in the modern cultural march of civilization equal to the best and most dramatic the world has to offer. Thus the University, through its Alumni Association, becomes an organized world-wide force in forwarding civilization. SENIORS WESLEY R. LACHMAN President GERALD E. TOWNE Yell Leader SENIOR CLASS A FRESHMEN the class of 1933 began its sojourn at the University in the eventful year when Stanford recaptured the axe and when the old traditions of rigorous hazing were still in effect. " Running the gauntlet, " freshman conduct, and fighting in the Brawl were still things of vital impor- tance to lower classmen. Social activities of the class started with the Freshie Glee, now an aban- doned tradition, continued with the Sophomore Hop and Labor Day events and, in the third year, with the affairs of Junior Day. Activities of the senior year were concentrated in the program of Senior Week. Every event during this period was developed in some manner from a gangster theme. The Straw- Shuffle became the Bowery Dance and " The Gang ' s All Here " was the title of the Extravaganza. Through the medium of the senior positions in student government, theclass during its last year supported the efforts of student administration in the inaugu- ration of numerous reforms in conduct of the honor spirit and student control. SENIOR PEACE COMMITTEE Lachman, Watt, Reinhardt, Waterbury, Tozer, Mallory, Williams, Powell, Chickening, Maclntyre, Wolfman, Gill, Castro, Peterson, Kockritr, Hoppin, Wiesenfeld, Hawks, Pascoe, Kyle, Mattox, Ricketts, Staats, Reeves, Luther, Siefert, Dunning, Stafford, Rader, Read 54 EDGAR A. WEYMOUTH Secretary-Treasurer ELLA L. LONG Vice-Prcsidcnt SENIOR WEE K GANGSTERS, gunmen, and molls took over the campus fora mem- orable period between finals and Commencement when the class of ' 33 rejected the worries of academic and extracurricular activities and concen- trated upon a week of social enjoyment. The week took its theme from the Ex- travaganza, " The Gang ' s All Here. " Bert H. Ricketts, general chairman, led the activities, which began with the Baccalaureate services in Faculty Glade on Sunday afternoon. Monday night the men and women met at separate banquets; Tuesday evening the Bowery Dance supplanted the usual Straw Shuffle; and on Wednesday and Thursday nights the Extravaganza played to packed houses. Thursday afternoon President and Mrs. Sproul held a reception for the seniors, and on Friday morning in the Pilgrim- age the class bade farewell to the campus. The Senior Ball, most important so- cial event of the senior year, ended the week on Friday night. Commencement on Saturday morning was a sober and thoughtful conclusion to class activities. SENIOR WEEK CHAIRMEN AND SUB-CHAIRMEN Kockritz, Dickinson, Christy, Wallace, Marten, MacNally, Dean, Cabrera Benjamin, Stewart, Mattox, Peck, Tozer, Beaver, Payne, Griffin, Ricketts, Clark, Bagg, Rea, Buck, Eshleman, Warren, Steele, Robosson 55 COACH INGRAM WAS ONE OF THE SPEAKERS AT THE SENIOR MEN ' S SINGINGS SENIOR INFORMAL General Chairman Roger Alaux General Sub-chairman . . . . Eleanor LeGrand FINANCE Chairman Clayton Orr Sub-chairman Gwen Beaver PUBLICITY Chairman Robert Johnson Sub-chairman Bess Griffin ARRANGEMENTS Chairman Richard Pedemont Sub-chairman Dorothy Prost RECEPTION Chairman Revere Johnson Sub-chairman Susan Powell PROGRAM Chairman Harold Wright Sub-chairman Mary Sexton DECORATIONS Chairman Charles Cabrera Sub-chairman . . Barbara Nash Robert G. Ballachey Frank H. Buck Augustus L. Castro Sherman Chickering HarlanJ. Dunning Sam S. Gill John S. Hawk s Price S. Hoppin SENIOR PEACE COMMITTEE Chairman George W. Wolfman Sub-chairman. . .Richard C. Tozer C. Franklin Howell Frank J. Kockritz Secil E. Kyle Byron N. Luther Milton A. Mclntyre Milo S. Mallory James E. Mattox James A. Miles Robert C. Pascoe William A. Peterson Arthur S. Powell Powell S. Rader Jack N. Read George A. Reeves Fred Reinhardt Bert A. Ricketts Lawrence L. Seifert Redmond C. Staats, [r. Walter B. Stafford Leon Valianos Ed Waterbury William G. Watt Irving H. Wiesenfeld Les W. Williams SENIOR INFORMAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN AND SUB-CHAIRMEN Orr, Pedemont, Cabrera, Nash, Sexton, LeGrand, Alaux, Prost, Powell, Griffin, C. Johnson, Wright, R. Johnson 56 SENIOK U ' OMEK HEARD DOK THOMPSON, X. B. C. AxXOfNCEB, AT THIS SlVGIN ' G SENIOR SINGINGS EACH year the senior class organizes a series of meetings, called Senior Singings, to stimulate class con- sciousness and to provide a means for discussing campus problems. Meetings of the men are held in Senior Men ' s Hall and of the women in Senior Women ' s Hall. At each meeting a prominent uni- versity professor, coach, or lecturer speaks on a pertinent or entertaining subject. During the past year Dean Deutsch, Professor Barrows, Dean Probert, Bill Ingram. " Ky " Ebright, and Brutus Hamilton were speakers at the men ' s gatherings. Robert Sibley, Dean Steb- bins, Don Thompson of the N. B. C., Brutus Hamilton, and Gerald Marsh spoke to the women. Entertainment at the meetings for women was furnished by the Brown sisters, by Carl Ravazza with his guitar, and by Treble Clef. At the men ' s sing- ings card tricks and pictures of the championship crew were presented in the first semester. In the spring the en- tire time was devoted to discussion. Campus and class problems, such as the suppression of the Razzberry and the Dill Pickle, the honor spirit, and the program for Senior Week, were the principal topics for debate. i Lang Rca F m ? m p 57 BERT RICKETTS General Chairman MARIAN CLARK General Sub-chairman SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEES General Chairman General Sub-chairman . . . General Secretary Finance Chairman Bert Ricketts Marian Clark -Elizabeth Griffin . Bruce Payne Finance Sub-chairman Gwendolyn Beaver PUBLICITY Chairman Frank H. Buck Sub-chairman Jane Eshleman PRINTING Chairman Mervyn Robosson Sub-chairman Audrey Marten PILGRIMAGE Chairman Thomas C. Warren Sub-chairman Nina Wallace BACCALAUREATE Chairman J. Clayton Orr Sub-chairman. . .Etoile Peck MEN ' S BANQUET Chairman Richard Tozer Sub-chairman George W. Wolfman WOMEN ' S BANQUET Chairman Jeanette Steele Sub-chairman Da le MacNally GIFT Chairman William A. Clayton Sub-chairman Janet Stewart PERMANENT ORGANIZATION Chairman Robert W. Johnson Sub-chairman. . . . . Marv E. Sexton SENIOR RECORDS Chairman Charles Cabrera Sub-chairman Marjorie Dean SENIOR BOWERY DANCE COMMITTEE Murdock, Busby, Cargill, Humphrey, Rice, U. Nash, Evans, Canty, Kockritz, Dickinson, Johnson, Foudy, Wolf, Euler, Burke, Guinaw, Fritschi, Giannini, F. Evans, Pickering, Gilmore 58 ELIZABETH GBIFFIN General Sccretarv BKCCE PAYNE Finance Chairman Chairman Chatrma SnLdxirm t mrnmm SENIOR BALL Charles C. Bagg JancRca ARRANGEMENTS Sherman Checkering Helen Lang RECETTION Arthur Foster Carla Plump Staff Ma agfri. tcmmj Cutouts. : - 1 ..: " .. ' . BOWERY DANCE Chatrma Frank J. Kockritz Stk-cbairma Rose-Marie Dickinson ARRANGEMENTS Chairman .- Wayne Snowden Sub-chairman Mary Louise Kellogg RKZVTION Chairman Dunstan Gross S l -cbatrma Clark DECORATION Roger Stevens Charlotte Pickering EXTRAVAGANZA ' Chester Caldecott Seville Chapman .Frank Brown Thomas Nickerson Sydney Hall . Morna Scott .Jack Benjamin Dolores Christy James Mattox AJrerrutxf a J fmUieitj. L ' ibtT, Pnfertits Josephine Wixson Kathcrinc Huston Annette Pcltz Shirley Anderson John Milburn Patricia Williams Margaret Feiscl HEADS OF EITIAVAGAVZA COMMITTEES Nkkerson. Williams Hall, Scott, Mattox, Christy. Benjamin, Anderson, Caldecott, Huston, Milburn, Chapman 59 II III I ' RALPH M. ABBOTT SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Bachelordon. ESTHER VIAN ABERCROMBIE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Household Science Kappa Phi; Alpha Nu; Trinity Association; Pasteur Society; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. PEGGY ADAMS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Transfer from Williams Junior College; Beta Phi Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Tennis. CORNELIA AHRONHEIM SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Alpha Epsilon Phi; Little Thea- tre Managerial (i); Tennis (i). ROGER LOUIS ALAUX OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Economics Alpha Kappa Lambda; Phi Phi; Delta Sigma Pi. LOUISE ANN ALDERSON OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Honor Student Advisory Bureau; Mathematics Group. MARION THELMA ALLEN FRESNO A.B., Letters and Science Spanish Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Casa Hispana. WILLIAM WESTIN ALVING CALISTOGA B.S., Agriculture Economics Kappa Delta Rho; Phi Phi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sig- ma; Kappa Kappa Psi; Daily Californian (i) ( 2 ) (j), Man- ager (4); A. S. U. C. Band (i) U) (3) (4); Class Committees. CARLO EDWARD ANDERSON BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering A. I. E. E. MASAJI ABE Fl KUSH1MA-KEN, JAPAN B,S., Engineering Electrical Ett gineering International House. HELEN VERA ABRAMSON FORT BRAGG A.B., Letters and Science- Physical Education Hygiene Women ' s " C " Society; P. E. Majors Club; W. A. A. ROSE ADAMS CARUTHERS A.B., Letters and Science- English. SIGNE LOUISE AKESSON ALAMEDA A.B., Letters and Science Frenclj Chi Omega; Prytancan; Blue and Gold Managerial (2) (3). CARL G. ALBERTUS BERKELEY B.S., Agriculture Forestry Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Alpha Gamma Rho; Crew. JOHN B. ALEXANDER OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science- Economics. LUCILLE VALERIE ALVAREZ SAN FRANCISCO .B., Letters and Science Public Speaking. GEORGE WALCOTT AMES, JR. BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History Circle " C " Society, Alumni Sec- retary; Fencing Manager (4) ; Daily Californian (i) (a); Honor Student Advisory Bureau (3), Chairman (4) . CLIFFORD L. ANDERSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Phi Tau Theta. TOMMY WARREN Chairman Men ' s Student Affairs Committee 60 GERTRUDE M. ANDERSON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Lettcrt and Science f Tench Alpha Delta Theta. ODA ETHEL ANDERSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science- lie Speaking. -Pub- ROBERTA L. ANDERSON OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Music Delta Delta Delta. SHIRLEY EDITH ANDERSON BERKELEY A.B. t Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Kappa Delta; Thalian Players; Little Theatre. DOROTHY EMILY ANDREWS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Alpha Delta Pi; Prytanean; Phi- lorthian; Women ' s Executive Committee (4) ; Women ' s Ad- visory (i) (2) ()) (4); Wo- men ' s Hostess Committee, Chair- man; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee (i) (2) (3) (4); Y. W. C. A.; Class Committees. EARLE KELLY ANTHONY Los ANGELES A.B., Lettert and Science Anthropology Phi Delta Theta; Hammer and Coffin; Alpha Delta Sigma; Beta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Persh- ing Rifles; Circle " C " Society ; Pelican Managerial; Manager 14 - Ib. Basketball (4); Fencing (i); Reception Committee (2); Rally Committee (3) (4). FLORENCE ETHEL ANTONE SAN FRANCISCO .A.B., Lettert and Science Spanish Casa Hispana; Sigma Delta Pi. ELEANOR E. ARMSTRONG CAMP MEEKER A.B., Letters and Science Botany Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; W. A. A. RUTH JOAN ARNOLD BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Scienc HELEN E. ANDERSON PETALUMA A.B., Letters and Science- Economics. RALPH HENRY ANDERSON SONOMA B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. RUBY ENID ANDERSON RED BLUFF A.B., Letters and Scie History. LAINE ANDRESSON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Theta Upsilon ; Women s Ma sonic Club, Treasurer (4). THAXTER HENRY ANDRUSS SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; A. S. M. E., President; Engineers ' Council ; Ordnance Rifle Team; Cooperative Com mittee of College of Engineering, Executive Committee. MARY ELIZABETH ANTHONY SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Agriculture Landscape Design Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Alpha Gamma; Class Committees. MAX MERTON APPLEBY BLYTHE A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Senate Debating Society; Crew. RUTH W. ARMSTRONG BURLING A ME A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from San Mateo Junior Col lege ; Red i v i va . DAVID GORDON ARTER Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science English Pi Delta Epsilon ; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Californian (i) (a) (3), Sports Editor (4). 61 JANE ESHLEMAN Women ' s Editor Daily Californian. Fall STANLEY WARREN ASHTON SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Accounting Transfer from Marin Junior Col- Icge. DANIEL I. AXELROD OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Botany. JOHN AYOOB QuiNCY B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. ETHEL MEEK BABUE OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Williams Junior College; Chi Omega. CHARLES C. BAGG Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science Philosophy Zeta Psi ; Golden Bear ; Circle " C " Society ; Track Managerial (a) (3); Soccer Manager (4); Welfare Council. LOIS ADDINE BAGLEY RED BLUFF A.B., Letters and Science Latin Epworth Hall : Masonic Club Council ; Intramural Sports, Archery; W. A. A.; Dormitory Association. JOHN RICHARDS BAKER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History Alpha Delta Phi. ROBERTA FLORENCE BAKER OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Economics Women ' s Masonic Club; English Club; Group System; W. A. A., Rifle Team. MARJORIE BALLENTINE SANTA BARBARA A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Santa Barbara State Teachers College; Dormitory As- sociation; Crop and Saddle; W. A. A. THOMAS A. ATKINSON CoMPTON B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Compton Junior College; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E.; Little Theatre Production Staff (3); i 4 j-Ib. Basketball (2). ALYCE EVELYN AYER SEBASTOPOL A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Honor Student Advisory Bureau; International Club. TSUNEICHIRO BABA SAN FRANCISCO A, B., Letters and Science Economics Japanese Students Club; Circle " C " Society; Varsity Swimming. MARCEL MEYER BAER SONORA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Kappa Nu; Circle " C " Society; Water Polo i) i) (3) (4); Rally Committee {}) (4). NELL BEATRICE BAGGLEY HANFORD A.B. t Letters and Science English. ALBERTA MABEL BAKER NEVADA CITY A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics PJ Mu Epsilon. MARGARET E. BAKER BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Finance Gamma Epsilon Pi ; Phi Chi Theta; Commerce Association. RONALD ARTHUR BAKER Los ANGELES B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Chi Pi Sigma; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Chemistry Club. NINA ELSA BANCROFT BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English. CARL BURNHAM Chairman Athletic Council 62 ELLEN ISABELLA BANNING BEBlELfY Grrmtm Phi MB: German Club: Women ' s Advisory; Honor Student Ad- visory Bureau: A. S. U. C. Social Commute (a ; Y. W. C. A. Drive (i) (a) (j) (4): Tag Da, Sale . MARIE LUCINDA BARDIN SAUBUU A.B.. Letters tmi Sfirmrr Lfomomics Chi Omera. DOROTHEA E. BARNETT Scitm A.B., Lrllrrt J Histart Zeta Tau Alpha. LOUIS E. BARNC ' M t MONICA BS. t AfTifmltare fvrrttry Phi Kappa P..: Football l); Track. JAMES HARVEY BARTON HOLLYWOOD B.S.. Commterce Accom timg Transfer from Lot Angeles Jun- ior College; lion; Chew Club. DONALD E. BATES Sax DIEGO B.S., Commerce Ecomomicf Transfer from San Diego Slate Teachers College. JOHN YOUNGS BEACH LlKEPOtlT B.S.. Cbrmiifry Ctrmiiiry Bowie. Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Pi Mu Epsilon. MAXVELL ELMER BECKER B.S.. Agncaltmrf fvrrltry Phi Ta Tha; VesJer Fosuida- tion. President ( ); Tenr Gymnaftj - !2 -, ) (4). MARY SUE BEDFORD SACAAUEXTO A.B.. Letters tmj Sfirwrt Emglid, Mortar Board; Prrtanean: Theta Sigma Phi; Blue and Gold Edi- torial (a) ()). Vomen ' s Editor Women ' s Exeotive Com- mittee; dan Committees. MARGARET L. BAPTIE BALEKSFIEU -4.B., Letters tmj Sciemfe E.flitk Transfer from Bakersfield J College. HAZEL JOSEPHINE BARGER COBONA A.B., Lettfrt mj Sfiemff Esrgfui Transfer from Riverside Jmuor College. EDWARD N. BARNHART BtnLEuy A.B., Letters tml Scirmrr I ' hi Beta Kappa, Student Coun- cil, Presidfnl ; English Club; Honor Student Advisory Bureau. Council; Honor Student Organi- zation, Chairman: Fencing (3); Rhode Scholarship Candidate; Grand Army Republic Scholar- ip (3) U - RUTH WILDER BARTLETT BEJLKELEV A.B., Lfttfrt tmd Scifwct Emglitl Transfer from Pomona College; InternationaJ House. HELEN BASHAM BERKELEY A.B., Lrltrrs tml Scirfst SfntU Cjsa Hispana: Circulo Cervantes. FLORENCE BATES PIEDMONT A.B., Lettfrt fni cie Alpha Phi: Ace of Clubs. GWENDOLYN MAY BEAVER FELTOK A.B., Lrttm nt Sciemci Ecomomttt Prrtanean, President (4): Blue and Gold Managerial :: Women ' s Advisorr, Captain (a) (4); Welfare Council; Orientations Council : Elections Committee; Women ' s Executive Committee; Clan Committees ; : Senior Week Eiec- uiive Committee - OLIVER FRANCIS BECKWITH OAKLAND A.B.. Lrltrrs nj Scir Phi Mu Delta: Scabbard and Blade: Da ily California ELEANOR Z. BEDNARSKI SAN FILANCCO A.B., Letters tmj Srir Honor Student Advisory Bureau. 63 BELVA BRINCK Women ' s Advisory LUCRETIA E. BELSER SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science M U. C. Symphony Orchestra. MORTIMER A. BENIOFF SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Medical Sciences Zeta Beta Tau; Glee Club. MARY DOROTHY BENJAMIN HEALDSBURG A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Women ' s Masonic Club. MELVIN BERSCHEIDT LONG BEACH B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Newman Club. JOSEPH ERNEST BILHOU PORTERVILLE B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College. MARGARET AMELIA BLACK PASO ROBLES A.B. t Letters and Science Physical Education Transfer from San Jose Junior College; W. A. A. MARIAN BLUM SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Mills College. RICHARD HENRY BOLT BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Phi Tau Theta; Glee Club; Wesley Foun- dation. BERNICE BOONE DlNUBA A.B., Letters and Science- -Art. CORNELIA M. BELSHAW MARTINEZ A.B. f Letters and Science Economics. JACK PARSELL BENJAMIN OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Anthropology Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Psi Upsilon; Golden Bear; Phi Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Mask and Dagger; Execu- tive Committee; Dramatics Council, Chairman; Welfare Council, Chairman ; Senior Ex- travaganza, Chairman; Little Theatre (3) (4); Junior Farce (3); Director, Junior Farce (4). ELIZABETH LAURA BERG SAN FRANCISCO A.B. t Letters and Science Economics, CHARLES ERNEST SEVILLE MESA, ARIZONA B.S., Commerce Economics Theta Chi; Phi Phi: Scabbard and Blade; Reception Committee (2); Rally Committee (3) (4). ARTHUR LEWIS BIVENS ORANGE B.S., Commerce Economics Alpha Kappa Lambda ; Delta Sigma Phi; Basketball (2) (3) (4); Crew (i). BARBARA D. BLAXCHARD BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Zoology International House: Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi ; Honor Stu- dent Advisory Bureau (3) , Council (4) ; L ' Alliance Fran- caise (3). LLOYD BOLING CORCORAN B.S., Commerce Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma. REUBEN BOND CHICO A.B., Letters and Science Physics Optoittctr Abracadabra. F. ESTELLE BOOTH NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from New Jersey Col- lege for Women; International House; Women ' s Advisory, Cap- tain; Vocational Guidance Com- mittee; Y. W. C. A., Cabinet. DAVE DENHARDT Secretary Associated Students 64 ALBEUT E. BORGVARDT MILL VALLEY BS-. Engineering Trtns Ashlar Club: A. S. M. E., Sec- retary: Engineers Council: Co- operative Committee of College of Engineering. OR AN BEACH BOVDISH BEAKELET -$., Commerce Foreign TriJe Masonic ab (I) (1) (3) (4); De Molay dub. Preside Little Theatre (4). CLARENCE BOWMAN A.B,. Letters tnj Science -tnre. RUTH M. BOYENS OULAND A.B.. Lettrrt , Mttkemtttcs Transfer from Chico Junior Col- --- V BOYLIN BfJLKBLEY A.B., Lellrr, , Soru Institntions Sip ELINOR BRADY OKOVTLLE X.B., i imJ Srirmcr i Mauaic ab (i) (2); Ciliforaian (i . Group System (i; Y. V. C. A (I) I): Vomoi-l Adriiorr (3); W. A. A. 4 ); Rile; Crop and Saddle- MARIE LOUISE BRAILSFORD F ESKO A J., Letters tmj Science History Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College. CECILE ELIZABETH BREED SVTA Mutu A.B., Lettrrs mmj Science Hr)itcil EJxriiio Transfer from Santa Maria Jnn- JEANNE MEREDITH BREY HOLLTTOOO A.B., Lrltrrs nt Sr-rf faliliftl SHrmcr Transfer from U. C, L. A.; i Phi Beta. VAN BUREN BOSTIC A.B., Lettrrt mj Sru Arclntrct re Alpha Tan Omega; Rail. Com- MARJOR1E LEE BOWLES SAX MATED A.B.. Letters mj Scirmce Hisftrr Transfer from San Mateo Jonior College; Alpha Xi Delta; Y. V. C. A., Junior Commission: Ar- rangements Committee. Junior Day. VICTOR GARRETT BOYDEN BEVEUY HIU.S A.B., Lfttfrs MmJ ScifmUTf Et+momift Transfer from Modesto Jaaior College. HELEN CLAIRE BOYLE SAN- FKANCISCO A.B., Letters tmj Sciemce Transfer from San Mateo J College; Alpha Omicron Pi. DOROTHY MABEL BRADNER SAN F ANCISCO -A.B., Letten tilbemjlici V. A. A.. Council (4). Arckerj Manager (4). JOSEPH LEO BRADY SAX FKAN-CISCO B-S.. Efgimevriml Electricil Em gimeerimg A. I. E. E. EDITH MARION BRASK OAKLAND A.B.. Letters tml Sr Little Theatre MaLe-np Staff. ORMOND BRETHERICK Los ANGELES -S., Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from Compton Jvnaor College; Chi Pi Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma: Chemistry Club 13), Viot-President (4); Engineers Council (4); Publica- tions Council (4); California Engineer (3), Editor 4 ; Blue and Gold Managerial (a). MARJORIE ADELAIDE BR1ED BEKKELEY A.S-, Letters tmj Science f h- Treble Clef; Philorthian; Vo- men ' s News Bureau: Deputa- tions Committee; A. S. U. C. Social Committee; Junior Day VERA BRIGGS SAN FRANCISCO A.B. r Letters and Science- Economics Pi Phi Delta. ALLAN J. BROWN SANTA BARBARA B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Santa Barbara State Teachers College; International House. FRANK EMMONS BROWN WALNUT GROVE A.B., Lettert and Science History Theta Delta Chi; Phi Phi; Mask and Dagger; Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Californian (i)(i); Little Theatre (i) (2) (3), Ticket Manager (4); Junior Farce Com- mittee {}); Senior Extravaganza, Co-author. GENEVIEVE McKINLEY BROWN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Scicnie Political Science Theta Upsilon. KATHERYN ANNETTE BROWN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Alpha Chi Omega; Tre- ble Clef (i) (2). MERNA JAMISON BROWN MENDOCINO A.B., Letters and Science Pub lie Speaking. STUART H. BROWN YUBA CITY A.B., Letters and Science- Political Science. MARGARET ELEANOR BRUNS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education W. A, A.; Y. W. C. A. FRANK HENRY BUCK, JR. PIEDMONT A.B., Letters and Science- History Theta Delta Chi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Phi Phi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Californian (i) (2) (3), Editor (4) ; Publications Coun- cil; Student Affairs Committee; Senior Week, Publicity Chair- man; Baseball (i). BELVA ALICE BRINCK WINTERS A.B., Letters and Science Social Institutions Zeta Tau Alpha; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Women ' s Advisory, Chairman (4); Personnel (i) ( ) (}); Junior Women ' s Lunch Committee, Chairman; Y. W. C. A., Vice-President (3), Speakers Bureau, Chairman (3); Deputa- tions Committee (2) (3); Elec- tions Committee (2) (3); Tag Day Sales Committee (i ) (2) (3); A. S. U. C. Social Commit- tee (i) (a) (3); A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee (2) (}); Class Committees (i) (2) (3) EDYTHE LEE BROWN FRESNO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily Cali fornian (i); Crop and Saddle. FREDERICK LACEY BROWN YUMA, ARIZONA B.S., Commerce Insurance Alpha Delta Phi. JEAN MCLAREN BROWN PIEDMONT A.B. t Letters and Science History Alpha Phi; Ace of Clubs. LAWRENCE BROWN ALHAMBRA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. ROBERT STUTZMAN BROWN CORONA DO B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College. G. ROGER BRUBAKER HEMET A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Riverside Junior College; Kappa Delta Rho. FRANK ALBERT BRUSH BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science- Economics Beta Theta Pi. WALTER HORACE BUNDY OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Mwirr Honor Student. GRETCHEN JOHNSTON Vice-President Associated Students 66 JAMES GRANT BUNKER CARL TONH. BURNHAM BtaiELET A.t.. Lrllm t Hd- Kt; Sipni Ddu Cki; Scabbird and Blade; Circle " C " Society: Dailr Califormiaa (i) (i) (,); Swi . g (,)() ( 4 ); Atkletic Coocil, Ckairmao (4); Eiecu- tiit Omunec (4). D. BURR HATTAXA j4.B.. Lrttrrt Hillary Flu Ddu TWta: SkWI ud Km; 0 ) ( J) (4): Batketball (,); Vigila e Co.- ARDATH HELEN BUSBY Bt tELIV AJ.. Lfllm ,,i Scirmfr fmt- I Flu Beta; Little Theatre: Vomen-s Advisory (a) (3); Deputations Committee; Elec- tions Committee (4) : Class Com- mittees (i) (a) (3) ( 4 ). LAURA BUTLER Pt-TMOLTH A.B., Lttlm . HnHry College; Kappa IV; Trinity At ociation; Vetley Playen; Wo- i ' f Adritorr; A. S. U. C. So- cial Committee: Y. " . C A .; W. A. A. CHARLES ROBERT CABRERA SAN FILANCISCO A.B.. Letters tmj Scicmrt toliticfl Science Lambda Chi Alpha; Depmutiont Committee (i) (3); Rally Com- mittee (4); dan Committees ) (1) }) 4 - CHESTER EDV1N CALDECOTT A.B.. Letters tmj Sctfnce Economics Link Theatre; dec Club. JESSIE CALDVELL BOL CLEY A.B.. Lfttm , Fotitictl Sraraw Zeu T.. Alpha: DaUy Cal.lor- " " ( ' ) ) (I); Voien- Ad- ilCT (1). CapuU (,) (4); ; LOUIS JOSEPH CAMBOU SAN F AN A.B.. Lfttm HfJ, f J Scirmcn Transfer from University of San Francisco. RHEA BURKE SACXJLJIEKTO A.B.. Lelttrt , Alplu Cki Ometa. ELLEN MARJORIE BURNSIDE A. 8., Letters HomirkolJ Art Guild of Applied Arts. MILDRED BURROUGHS AVTIOCH A.B., Leltm tmj Srirmct Hatarj ADOLF G- BUTLER HAVTHCXE B.S.. Emgimrrrimg ClectricJ Em- gimrrrimg A. I. E. E-; I. H. E. RUTH AGNES BY1LNE VALLEJO A.8., Letters nl Science Arl Delta Ddu Ddu. GERTRUDE FRANCES CADY LlNOEK A.B.. Letters , International House; Deutscfaer Vcni ; Y. V. C. A. MONICA C. CALDERVOOD PlEDMOVT A.B., Lttlm tfj Scicnct folilicMl Scirmct Ddu Zcu; Vomen ' f Adritofy: VIRGINIA DORSEY CALDWELL BdJtELIT j4,B.. Lfttm Ddu Zeca; Little Tbca: Pdicma (i) (a); A. S- U- C. Social Conmictee (i) x). Jt- DUDLEY A. CAMERON, J . SAX FBJ XCISCO B.S-. Commrrct Ectmimict Intcrnatkicul HCNUC. 67 FRANKLIN HOVELL Editor Daily California . Sprint HELEN DALE LANG Women ' s Manager Blue and Gold GEORGE FRANK GAMMAS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science French Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Big " C " Society; Ten- nis (i) (3). L. BERYL CAMPBELL ORANGE A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Occidental Col- lege; Phi Mu. HAROLD CAMPE OAKLAND B.S., Commerce finance Theta Chi ; Daily Californian (3); Crew (i) (2); Junior Farce; Brick Morse ' s Collegians (i) (2) (3) (4). JOSEPHINE CANALS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Spanish Sigma Delta Pi; Newman Club. PATRICIA D. CANTY OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science- English. ROSS ALBERT CARKEET TURLOCK A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Modesto Junior College. EVERETT EUGENE CARLTON HOLLYWOOD B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Transfer from U. C. L. A. ; Bowles Hall; Lambda Chi Alpha. CHARLES DAVIS CARTER Los ANGELES B.S., Agriculture Landscape Design Transfer from U. C. L. A. MANUEL TANDAS CASES PHILIPPINE ISLANDS A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Filipino Students Association, President. HARRY WILMOT CAMP OAKLAND B.S., Agriculture Forestry Transfer from University Idaho. ROBERT EDWIN CAMPBELL LONG BEACH B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Long Beach Jun- ior College; International House; Delta Phi Epsilon ; Commerce Association. MARGARET CANAGA BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Alpha Omicron Pi; Women ' s Ad- visory (2) (3) (4); Y. W. C. A., Secretary (3); Class Com- mittees (i) (2) (3) (4). MARY MADELEINE CANALS BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics. ROSALIND C. CARGILL BURLINGAME A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Alpha Omicron Pi. VIVIAN E. CARLSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Household Art Alpha Kappa Sigma; Kappa Phi; Guild of Applied Arts; Honor Student Advisory Bureau (3) ; Wesley Foundation; Interchurch Council (3). HELEN LOUISE CARLTON FRESNO A.B., Letters anil Science Political Science Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Delta Delta Delta. ELIZABETH CARTER SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Scienc. Political Science Chi Omega. AUGUSTUS LINAS CASTRO SAN Luis OBISPO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Delta Upsilon ; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet ; Football ( i ) (2) (3) (4); Basketball (i) (2); Baseball (i). 68 - I EMMA ELIZABETH CATON MERCED A.B., Letters gnJ Science Spanish Sigma Phi Beta. GEORGE A. CAVALLETTO GoLETA A.B., Letters tnd Science Politics! Science Bowles Hill; Senate Debating So- ciety (j (3) (4); R. p. T. C., Sergeant ( ) , First Lieutenant (4) ; Elections Committee (i) : Daily Californian Managerial (i). GLADYS EVELYN CHAMPION A LAM ED A A.B., Letten tnj Science History Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Sigma Kappa MARION CHEEK BERKELEY A.B., Letters mnJ Science- Politic ! Science Gamma Phi Beta. SHERMAN CHICKERIXG PIEDMONT A.B., Letters tnd Science Ht story Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Ringed Helmet; Skull and Keys. DOLORES MARIE CHRISTY BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnJ Science Pub- lic Spesking Mask and Dagger; Thalian Play- ers: Little Theatre; Little Thea- tre Forum; Dramatics Council. HARRISON CLARK SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters tnJ Science Economics Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege. MARIAN ALICE CLARK OAKLAND A.B., Letters nl Science English Pi Beta Phi; Torch and Shield. HELEN CLOTFELTER DlNUBA A.B., Letters gnj Scienc Politic ! Science. FRED HILMER CAUDEL PORT CHICAGO B.S., Engineering Mechfnictl Engineering Transfer from University of Nevada; A. S. M. E. GARTH ALFRED CHAMBLIN OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Mtchtntctl Engineering Phi Mu Delta. ALVIN DOLPH CHARLES BERKELEY B.S., Commerce AJiertisinf Kappa Nu; Alpha Delta Sigma; Hammer and Coffin. JOHN T. CHENEY BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnd Science- English Phi Beta Kappa. MARION C. CHRISTENSON BERKELEY A.B. f Letters snJ Science History Philorthian (i); Partheneia (i); Y. V. C. A. (,). KATHERINE CECILE CIRELLI OAKLAND A.B., Letters snJ Science Politicti Science V. A. A. KATHLYN LORRAINE CLARK BERKELEY A.B., Letters J Science PolitictI Science Gamma Phi Beta ; Torch and Shield. GUY ANTHONY CLARKE PIEDMONT B.S., Commerce Foreign TrsJt Alpha Sigma Phi. WINIFRED COCHRAN OAKLAND A.B., Letters snJ Science Ho it hold Art Phi Omega Pi; Guild of Applied Arts, President (4); V. A. A. U (3) (4); Crop and Saddle (i) ) (3) (4): Women ' s Ad- visory (i) (a); Partheneia (i) 69 BOB BALLACHEY Senior Crew Manager FERN COCHRANE A LAM EDA A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Shaking Phi Mu; Women ' s Masonic Club. NATHAN HAYS CODDINGTON Los ANGELES B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Transfer from U. C. L. A. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A. S. M. E. BENJAMIN BERNARD COHEN PASADENA A.B. t Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. JAMES W. COLLINGE, JR. SANTA BARBARA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Phi Kappa Sigma; Swimming Manager (i) (3) (4). EDWARD HYDE CONNER SANTA ANA B.S., Commerce Business Ad- ministration Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Alpha Delta Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma. MARGARET CONNOLLY NAPA A.B., Letters and Science- Economics Women ' s Advisory. JAMES A. CONWELL SAN DIECO B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering. BETTY SUZANNE CORNELL OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking. DELMOR A. COURTNEY OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Music Transfer from St. Mary ' s Col- lege and College of the Pacific; Rho Lambda Phi. STANLEY LAWSON COCKS A LAM EDA B.S., Commerce Economics Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sig- ma Pi. WILLIAM CHARLES COFFILI. So NOR A A.B., Letters and Science- Economics Bowles Hall. ALICE BOLLES COIT OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College; Alpha Delta Pi. ADDISON BELL COLLINS SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Trans (tor tat ion Lambda Chi Alpha. FRANCIS R. CONNETT OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science History Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Californian (i) (2) (3), Asso- ciate Editor (4). LOUIS JOSEPH CONTI SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science- Political Science. KARL K. COOPERRIDER ARCATA A.B., Letters and Science Music Transfer from Humboldt State Teachers College; Glee Club; A. S. U. C. Band. CAMILLA MARIE COURNEEN SAUSALITO A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege. VIRGINIA COUSINS HANFORD A.B., Letters and Sci History. BEN MARTIN Editor Pelican, Spring 70 ALICE LOUISE COX BERKELEY A.B., Letters til Science nici. LAURA EBBA CRAVEN ALAMEOA A.B.. Letters tnj Science- History Chi Sigma Phi. CONRAD CREIM HOLLTTOOO B.S., Engineering Electricml - ftmrrrimi Transfer from L " . C. L. A.: In- ternational House: A. I. E. E. EMMA CECILLE CROCE SAX FRANCISCO A.B., Letters mnj Science Ittlitn Pi Mu Iota; Honor Student Ad- YtiorY Bureau (3) (4); A. S. L " . C. Social Committee (i) U). DAVID O. CUDDEBACK BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Mffbtnictl Engineering. JOSEPH S. CULVER OAKLAND B.S.. Engineering Trtnspartt- Imm. CARL JOHN CL ' NEO JACKSON B.S.. Cbemiltr) Chemistry Transfer from Modesto Junior College. DOROTHY MERLE DAHLEEN OAKLAND A.B., Letters tnj Science Art. MOIRA DYMPNA DALY El-REKA A.B., Letters tnl Science E,gl,st Transfer from Dominican Col- lege: Delta Delta Delta. DOROTHY MAY CRAIG BEKKEUY A.B.. Letters mnd Sci, Englist. STANLEY TAIT CREASON WEED B.S., Commerce Economics Quarterdeck. MELBA I. CRETE Loot A.B., Letters mnj Science English Transfer from College of the Pacific. BERMECE CROFT PLACEKTILLE A.B., Utters m. Sci Economics. JOHN JOSEPH CULLEN SAN FIANCISCO B.S., Engineering Electrictl En- gineering A. I. E. E.; A. S. U. C. Band (3)- GORDON R. CL ' MMING Omuno A.B., Letters mnj Science Political Science Transfer from Chaffer Junior College. VEST MAcKELVIE Ct ' RETON SYOCKTON A.B.. Letters tni Science tbilosotrrt Chi Phi. VERNON H. DAHLQUIST SONOMA A.B., Letters mni Science Economic! Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. KENNETH C. DALZIEL OAKLAND B.S-, Commerce foreign Trgme. 71 JIM MATTOX Manager Daily California!!, Fall OLIVE MARIE DANIELS LINCOLN A.B., Letters and Science Household Art Kappa Phi; Guild of Applied Arts. J. DONNELL DAVENPORT BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Reed ley Junior College. HELEN GLADYS DAVISON SACRAMENTO A. 8., Letters and Science House- hold Science Pre-Medical Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Pi Sigma Phi; Alpha Nu; Pre-Medical Club; Y. W. C. A., Cabinet; Internationa! Group; Honor Student Advisory Bureau; Women ' s Advisory; W. A. A. VERNON MYRON DEAN WILLIAMS VILLE, NEW YORK B.S., Agriculture Landscape Design. MARCELLA C. DE ESCUDERO SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science History Newman Club. JOE DEMETER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics. LORRAINE E. DE NICOLAI SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Italian French. JACK RAPP DENNISON VENTURA A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Sigma Phi Sigma; Phi Phi; Scab- bard and Blade; Crew (i) (2) (3) (4). WILLIAM CYRUS DIAL MODESTO B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering A. I. E. E. DONALD M. DAVENPORT SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics. DOROTHY DAVIS PLEASANTON A.B., Letters and Science Music International House; Treble Clef; Women ' s Advisory; Y. W. C. A. MARJORIE CAROL DEAN BERKELEY .B., Letters and Science French Blue and Gold (2) ; Elections Committee (3); Class Commit- tees. LOIS CLARE DECKER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History Delta Zeta; Daily Call form an (i) (2) (3); Personnel (i); Deputations (2) ( i ) ; Women ' s Advisory (2) , Captain (3 ) ; Class Committees ( i ) (2) (3) (4); A. S. TJ. C. Card Sales Committee ( i ) (4) ; Tag Day Sales (3); Women ' s Rally (4), Senior Stunt Committee. EILEEN DELMORE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English Alpha Phi; Mortar Board; Pry- tanean; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily (] (i) (2) (3), Wo- men ' s Editor (4) . DAVID BURTON DENHARDT RED BLUFF A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Bowles Hall ; Deputations Com- mittee, Chairman; Senate De- bating Society, President; A. S. U. C. Executive Committee, Sec- retary; Welfare Council; Foren- sics Council. NICHOLAS JOHN DENISOFF BERKELEY B.S., Mining Metallurgy. ANNA DEVINE LODI A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Kappa Delta; Mortar Board; Pry- tanean; Women ' s " C " Society; W. A. A., President; Class Com- mittees. JANET R. DICKHOFF SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science- Political Science. HARLAX Dl ' XXIXG Senior Intramural Manager 72 DORIS AGNES DICKINSON Los ANGELES A.B., Letters tml Science Politiftl Scif net Transfer from U. C. L. A. ; Gamma Phi Beta. FRED WILLIAM DICKSON OODACRF B.S., Engineering Mecbtminl Engineering Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Alpha Tau Omega; A. S. M. E. WILLIAM HOWARD DIET2 VACAVILIF B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Chi Pi Sigma ; Engineers Coun- cil: Gbeotistry Club. A. WATSON DIMOCK RICHMOND B.S., AgricnltnrePUnt Pmtbol- ogy Beta Kappa. WARREN ROTHER D1VOLL OAKLAND A.B., Letters J Science Art Transfer from College of the Pa- cific: Phi Sigma Kappa. PAUL GEORGE DOBBINS SAN ANSELMO A.B., Letters tmj Science Politic ! Science Phi Beta Delta. LAVINIA G. DOBLER LONG BEACH A.B.. Letters g 4 Science English Transfer from Long Beach Junior College ; Beta Sigma Omicro n ; International House. Women ' s Executive Committee; Women ' s Advisory: Y. W. C. A., Public- ity Commission ( 3 ) ; Tennis; Class Committees. M. ELEENE DOUGHTY HAYVARD A.B.. Letters fnJ Science English Daily California (i) (i) (j), Associate Editor (4). JULIA ELIZABETH DOW BEJLKELEY A.B., Ltttrrt tnl Science Economics Pry tanean ; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican (a) ( .), Women ' s Di- rector (4) ; Women ' s Advisory; Women ' s Executive Committee. ROSE-MARIE DICKINSON ALAMEOA A.B. t Lftteri m 4 Science Englnb Kappa Delta; Pryianean; Junior Class Vice-President; Pan-Hel- lenic, President; Women ' s Ex- ecutive Committee. MARY DIECKMANN PIEDMONT A.B., Letters nd Scitma French Kappa Alpha Theta. LOIS ELIZABETH DILWORTH PASADENA A.B., Letters ml Scien Architecture Alpha Alpha Gamma. PAMELA SARAH DITTUS BEJIKCLEY A.R., Letters tmJ Scie History. LEOLA E. DIXON BtRHLlY A.B. r Letters tJ Science Art Fmbtic Spetkimg Zeta Tau Alpha; Crop and Sad- dle; Little Theatre; Panheneia (i) (i); Y. W. C. A. (i) ); Women ' s Advisory (i) (} ) Captain (4). H. VIRGINIA DOBLER LONG BEACH A.B., Letters ml Scien History Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Beta Sigma Omicron; International House, Staff Mem- ber (4 ) ; Women ' s Advisory ; Y. W. C. A., Council; Welfare Committee, Subchairman; Crop and Saddle; Senior Committee. TAZUKO DOMOTO OAKLAND A.B., Letters tni Science Pbytirtl Emucttion Hygifvf Japanese Women ' s Student Club. JOAN ADELE DOUGLAS OAKLAXD A.B., Letters mnl Science Casa Hispana ; Women ' s Advis- 3T (3 - LEROI DOWDELL SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce foreign TrtJe Transfer from Marin Junior Col lege; Phi Kappa Psi; Pan Xenia. 73 JUUADOW IT omen ' s Director Pelican, Spring JACK N. DOWNER SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economic! Pi Kappa Phi ; Freshman Class Secretary; Big " C " Custodian Committee; Deputations (2) (j) (4); Class Committees. WALTER RUDOLPH DRUHE PIEDMONT B.S., Commerce Retailing Swimming (3); U. C. Life Sav- ing Corps; Red Cross Life Sav- ing Corps. THERMA ALECE DUARTE OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Mills College; Alpha Omicron Pi. MARGARET ANN DUFFY OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science History. FRANK WONG DUN OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science- Zoology Chinese Students Club. RAYBURN WILLIAM DUNN BURLINCAME B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Ashlar Club. ROBERT TERRILL DURBROW GRASS VALLEY B.S., Agriculture Economics Transfer from Davis; Phi Gam- ma Delta; Scabbard and Blade. AGNES HAZEL DUTRO OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Hygiene. ALICIA CATHERINE EARL BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from University of British Columbia. DELOS DRUFFEL SANTA CLARA B.S., Commerce Finance For- eign Trade International House; Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College; Delta Phi Epsilon. JOHN RICHARD DRYDEN SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Finance Beta Gamma Sigma BERTHA DUBINSKI EL PASO, TEXAS A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Texas College of Mines and Metallurgy. MARGARET MARIE DUFFY SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Theta Upsilon. EDNA KATHRYN DUNCAN BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Music. HARLAN JACKSON DUNNING PIEDMONT A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Delta Upsilon; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Mask and Dag- ger; English Club; Little Thea- tre; Intramural Sports Manager (3) (4 - MURIEL DOROTHY DURHAM SAN RAFAEL A.B., Letters and Science Physiology Transfer from Dominican Col- lege. LOIS ELAINE DWYER LA CRESCENTA A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from U. C. L. A. JANET EARL BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from University British Columbia. NAT HOSKOT Senior Tennis Manager 74 LLOYD WARNER EARL LONG BEACH A.B., Lettm , College: Ne man Clb; Pre- Medical dnb. LOUIS BERTARD EDELI SAX FftAMCtsco 8.S., Cos.. MARTHA LEE EIDE BUBLELCY A.B., Lettm . Economici International Hone; Pi Phi Dd- ti: Parliament Debating Society: Hooor Sndent Advisory Borean (5) (4); Vanity Debating (i); Y. W. C. A.: V. A. A. DORIS B. ELDRJDGE i Bt iA A.B., Leltm end Science Jlmiic Transfer from Santa Barbara State Teachers College. MARCIA KATHRYN ELLIOTT AKTESI A.B.. Lilttri fmj Scitmcf H.i erjr Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College. GERALDIXE F. ELMGREN Lo GTO A.B., Lftttrt tmj Scirmft folltlCMl SdtWff Transfer from San Jose Jvnior College: Hammer and Cotn: Pdican (3) (4); Oa Com- MARSHALL ARTHUR ELVIN : 1 NCISCO BS . Agricultmrt firrfttry Bowles Hall: Masonic Onfc; Box- ing. F. EVERETT EMERSON OAHLAVD B.S., E g,memmt Urcl Transfer from Sacramento Jnnior College: Masonic O.b. Manager: Masonic Cl.b Conncil. Presi- dent; A. S. M. E-. Vice-Presi- dent. ORIS ENGBLOM BCXJUIXT A.B., Lftlm mJ Sextet Mnnir CUb, EiecntiTe Omn- cil. LOIS R. EDBROOKE OAKLAICO A.B., Lfllm mj Scirmct PoWosofi, Gamma Pni Beta; Mortar Board, President; Women ' s Advisory (I) (J) (4): Stndent ACairs Committee ()) (4); 1 . (}) (4); Women ' s Rally mittet (a) (3); Little Tkeatre (3); Jnnior Farce Cast; Per- " (i) (a); Partkeaeia: Y. . C. A.; Tag Day Sales; Inter- rity Formal, General Cnair- (a); Class Committees. MARGARET EICHENBERGER ELI GOTI .4.8., Lfllm tmJ Science Art Transfer f re College. JfAXITA ELIZABETH EITEL OAKLAND . .B., LtttfTi tnj Science Hitlarf Theta L ' psilon; Daily Califomian Promotional Staif (4); V. A. A. FERN L. ELLIOTT DATII A.B., Lfllm , Transfer from Sacramento Ju College; Y. W. C. A. LUCILLE FII1S STOCB.TON A-B-, Lfltm fum Science Sigma Delta Pi. EARL FLOYD ELSOX EDCN, IDAHO A.B., Lftlert fnj Science Englilt Transfer from University of Idaho; Boxing (i) (3). VINCENT EMANUEL Los ANCELIS B.S., Engineering Electrictl En- gineering Transfer from U. C. L. A.; In- A. I. E. E. FRANK AIJI EXDO Los ANGELES A.B., Lettm tni Sciei Architecture Japanese Student! dnb; Delta RALPH FRAXCIS EXOS SACXJLMEXTO A.B.. Lelleri enj Science Engliih Transfer from Sacramento Jnnior College; Senate Debating Society (4); Daily Califomian (3). 75 BUD BAGG Welfare Conncil MARTHA HELENA ERICKSON PETALUMA A.B., Letters and Science Botany Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Luther Club; Women ' s Drama Group; Women ' s Advi- sory; W. A. A., Golf. FLORENCE VIVIAN ESPLIN AviLA A.B., Letters and Science Latin. ANITA ISABEL EULER PORTLAND, OREGON A.B., Letters and Science Household Art Phi Omega Pi; Guild of Applied Arts; Partheneia ( r) (2) (3) (4); A. S. U. C. Social Com- mittee (2); W. A. A., Archery (3) (4); Little Theatre Proper- ties (a). GRAY GEORGE EVANS PALO ALTO B.S., Agriculture Forestry Transfer from San Jose Stale Teachers College; Bowles Hal!. HELEN MIRICK EVELETH BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English Thcta Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. JANE FARLEY BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Antioch College, Ohio; Gamma Phi Beta. ELIZABETH E. FARRELL BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Latin Transfer from George Washing- ton University ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Beta Kappa. JENNIE FEINSTEIN Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science F reach International House, Associate; Honor Student Advisory Bureau. BEULAH HAZEL FERGUSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English. I AM: MORTON ESHLEMAN BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English Chi Omega; Prytanean ; Theta Sigma Phi; Esperam; Daily Cali- fornian (i) (l) (3), Women ' s Editor (4); Women ' s Executive Committee (4) ; Senior Week Publicity Committee, Sub -chair- man; Class Committees. GENE LORAINE ETTER PORTERVILLE A.B., Letters and Science- Economics Transfer from PorterviJle Junior College; Pi Sigma Gamma; Daily Californian Promotional (3) (4); A . S . U . C . Soc i a 1 Com m i t tee (3); Y. W. C. A. (3); Women ' s Advisory (4) . FRANCES MAE EVANS Los AI.TOS A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College; Alpha Xi Del- ta; Y. W. C. A., Social Service. UNDINE EDLESTON EVANS OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science English. ALVIX JEROME FABRIS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Student Advisory Bureau. FLORENCE MARIE FARMER OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science- English. CECELIA MARGUERITE FAY WESTLEY A.B., Letters and Science History N ' ewman Club. MARGARET GRACE FEISEL SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Psychology. NX ILLIAM HOWARD FERRY SAN DIEGO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College. LOIS EDBROOKE President Mortar Board 76 OGDEN WILSON FIELDS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., LfttfTj end Science Politic f I Science Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. LYMAN ROGER FINK CORONA B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Transfer from Riverside Junior College; Kappa Delia Rho; Phi Bei a Kappa; Tail Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Track (3) (4); Glee Club (3) (4); A. S. U. C. Band (3) (4) ; Honor Student Advisory Bureau. FORTH M. FITZSIMMONS JACRSOV A.B.. Letters nj Science Physical EJncttion Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Theta Alpha; Circle " C " Society; Swimming. FRANCIS WAYNE FLINN COSTA Mrs.% A.B., Letters snj Science Pnblic SpemJung Education Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Kappa Alpha; Junior Farce (3); A. S. U. C. Band j) (4): Little Theatre (3) 4 : I . C Card Sales Commit. tee; Junior Class Committees. HAROLD KELLER FOLSOM BEVERLY HILLS B S., Commerce Economics Circle " C " Society; Soccer Man agerial Ul (3)- ' MARY JANE FORKNER FRESNO A.B., Letters Science Anthropology Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College. CHARLES GL ' THRIE FOSTER BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economic Del Rev; Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Californian. BETTY RUTH FOUDY OAKLAND A.B., Letters J Science Mttbemitict Pi Mo Epsilon ; Newman Club (3); Pelican (a); Group Svsiem (3); Vomen ' j Advisory (4). PATRICIA V. FOWLER SANTA MONICA A.B., Letters tnJ Science History Transfer from U. C. L, A. ; Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Phi Zeta. JOHN HOLDEN FINGER OAKLAND A.B., Letters mml Scifmct Psychology Transfer from College of Pacific; Sigma Phi Epsilon. the JACK FARRINGTON FISHER WOODLAND B.S-. Engineering Civil Engi- neering Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Bowles Hall; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon. FRANK COVER FLEGAL SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from San Mtteo Junior College; Circle " C " Society; Commerce Club; uf-lb. Basket- ball (a) (j). MYRON FLOERSHEIM SPRINGE . NET MEXICO .A.B., Letters mwl Science Economics Transfer from University of New Mexico; Kappa Nu. JOHN EUGENE FOPPIANO STOCSTOV A.B., Letters nj Science lUUmm Pi Mu Iota, President; Circolo Italiino, President. KENNETH MILES FORRY OAKLAND A.B., Letters mj Science- History. EILEEN FOSTER HATVAKD A.B., Letters tnJ Science Politic ! Science Rediviva; Women ' s Advisory; A. S. U. C. Tea Committee; Y. W. C. A. MARY-ALLERTON FOURNIER BERKELEY A.B., Letters mnj Sciencf Economics Women ' s Masonic Club, Presi- dent (4). Council Representa- tive (3), Secretary (3) ; Wo- men ' s Masonic Glee Club, Presi- dent 5 ) ; Partheneia ( I ) . HOMER JACK FOYE ALBAMT B.S., Engineering Mecb nic l Engineering . S. M- E.; Wrestling (i) (l) (3) (4). 77 IRVING VIESENFELD i Editor ie 2nd Gold BRUNO PETER FRANCESCHI SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering California Engineer. SARAH FRANKEL OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science ' Psychology W. A. A. JOHN HENRY FRENCH PACIFIC GROVE A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Stanford Univer- sity. JOHN ROBERT FRIBORG OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Economics Senate Debating Society ; Glee Club, Manager; Rally Commit- tee; Reception Committee; Elec- tions Committee; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee. CHARLES HARLAN FROST, JR. OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Business Ad- ministration Kappa Alpha. JOHN W. FRY OROVILLE B.S., Engineering Cti il Engi- neering Phi Kappa Tau. DOROTHY ELVIRA FURLONG PASADENA A.B., Letters and Science Art Guild of Applied Arts. MORRIS FUTTERMAN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Soccer (4). LEONORA SARAH GALINDO CONCORD A.B., Letters and Science Spanish. KARL LAWSON Men ' s Debating Manager MARTIN FRANICH, JR. WATSONVILLE B.S., Commerce Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon; Winged Hel- met; Skull and Keys. IRENE FRANKLIN BERKELEY A.B. t Letters and Science Economics. CARRIE ELIZABETH FREY PASO ROBLES B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from San Jose Junior College; Phi Chi Theta; Com- merce Association ; Dormitory Association; Commerce Commit- tees. JOHN RICHARD FRITSCHI BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics Phi Gamma Delta; Winged Hel- met; Beta Beta; Skull and Keys; Baseball Managerial (2) (3). RUTH SMITH FROST BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Social Institutions Kappa Phi; Wesley Players. EMMA JEAN FULLER SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Household Science. CHARLOTTE K. FUTTERER OAKLAND .A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from U. C. L. A. ; Sigma Phi Beta; Areme; Wo- men ' s Masonic Club; A. S. U. C. Social Committee. WILHELMINA GALBRAITH Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science Economics. ELIZABETH GALLAGHAN OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Art Lambda Omega; Women ' s Ma- sonic Club; Scandinavian Club; W. A. A., Rifle. A. RUSSEL GALLAWAY, J. SACRAMENTO B.S., Commfrct Economic Psi Upsilon ; Winged Helmet ; Skull and Rev . EDGAR JOSEPH GARBARINI OAKLAND B.S., Engineering CM Engi- nerring Tau Beta Pi; Golden Bear; Oti Epsilon: Sigma Xi; A. S. C. E.; Engineers Council . Cha i rman ; Student Affairs Committee, DOROTHY COVER GARDNER BEKKFLEY A.B., Lfttfrt tnl Science Politics! Science Alpha Xi Delta; Partheneia (i) Treble Clef (i) U) (j); Junior Day Luncheon Commit- tee: Y. V, C. A.. Publicity littee (i). EDITH MARIE GARIN }RANCISCO A.B. t Letters tnj Science En K I: f h Phi Beta Kappa ; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Honor Student Advisory Bureau; Honor Student Council. HUGH VILLIAM CAROL S N FRANCISCO A.B., Letters nl Science- Zooloty. BETTY GASH BEJLKELEY A.B., Litters ul Science HomiebolJ Art Alpha Delta Pi ; Pry tanean ; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily Cali- fornian (i) (2), Assistant Pro- motional Manager ( ]; Blue and Gold Editorial (i) (5). CLYDE GRAHAM GATES : ; )LRNARD1NO B.S., Enginefring CinI Engi- mfering Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College; Alpha Chi Rho; A. S. C. E., Treasurer (j). RUTH ISABEL GAVIN BEJLKELET A.B., Letters f J Science- Economics Lambda Omega. ROBERT EUGENE GEE Los ANGELES B.S., Engineering Civil Engi nffring A. S. C. E. ALICE ELEANOR GANNON BEMLELEY A.B. t Letters nt Science HonttboH Art Guild of Applied Arts; Women Masonic Club. Council (3) ERIN MAE GARDENHIRE LlNTOAT A.B., Letters tn4 Science History Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College. OLIVE E. GARDNER SAN FKANCISCO A.B., Letters mnJ Science Fb- lic Specking Alpha Delta Theta; A. S. U. C. Social Committee i ) { z ) ; Y . V. C. A. Drive i ) ; Class Com- mittees. HENRY GORDON GARNER HOLLISTIJL A.B. t Letters tn4 Science History Transfer from Holiister Junior College; Acacia; Glee Club (3) Elections Committee ( 3 ) Rally Committee (3) (4); Class Committees (3) (4). ROBERT SPALDING GARRETT LAFAYETTE A.B., Letters tml Science Economics Theta Alpha; Glee Club (3) (4). VILLIS CARLETON GASKILI. SACJLAMENTO B.S., Engineering Me Engineering Alpha Tan Omega; Track. DOROTHY MURREL GATES BERKELEY A.B.. Letters nl Sciet Economics, DOROTHY ELEANOR CEDE BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnJ Science Sjmmmt Lambda Omega; Blue and Gold ( a ) ; Honor Student Ad visorv Bureau; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee; Junior Day Finance tittee; Elections Commit- VIRGINIA M. GENESY BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnt Stience Economic! V. A. A. 79 LARRY SIEFERT Varsity Basketball THEODORE R. GENTRY BERKELEY A.R., Letters and Science- Physics Tlu ' i.i Kappa Nu. MARQUAM C. GEORGE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science- lie Speaking Phi Kappa Psi. -Pub- GERTRUDE B. GERSHON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science English Phi Sigma Sigma; Daily Oli- fornian ( i } (2) . GERALDINE C. GHIARDI JACKSON A.It., Letters and Science History Pi Sigma Gamma; Treble Clef (2); Y. W. C. A. (3); Women ' s Advisory (3) (4); Group System (a) (4)- MARY F. GIANNINI MARTINEZ A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Women ' s " C " Society; W. A. A., Hockey Manager (4), Coun- cil (4); Daily Cafifornian (i) (i) ; Women ' s Advisory (2) (3); Class Committees. JOHN H. GILMORE PASADENA B.S., Agriculture Agricultural Economics Transfer from Pomona College; Alpha Gamma Rho. FRANK GIUSTO SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering A. S. C. E. EL WOOD GLAZIER OROVILLE B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Riverside Junior College. RICHARD GLOTFELTY PATTERSON A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Modesto Junior College. CARROLL HERBERT GEORGE HAYWARD B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from San Jose Junior College; Del Rey; Rally Com- mittee. WILTON HENRY GERHARDT RIVERSIDE B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering Transfer from Riverside Junior College; A. S. C. E. MARGARET K. GEYER CLAREMONT A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Pomona College. GENEVIEVE ALICE GHIORSO A LAMBDA A.B.y Letters and Science Latin. LYNN JAMES GILLARD PIEDMONT B.S., Commerce Money and Banking Abracadabra. WILLIAM PRICE GILSON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege. HAROLD B. GLASSBERG SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Phi Beta Delta; Hammer and Coffin; Daily Californian (i) (2); Pelican (2) ( 3 ) ; Hillel Foundation, Council (2) (3 ) (4); Student Loan Fund Drive, Chairman (4) . MARY ERNESTINE GLEIM OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Insurance Chi Sigma Phi. LILLIAN WINIFRED GOBAR MOUNTAIN VIEW A.B., Letters and Science- Economics Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. LEE VALIAXOS Varsity Football 80 EDWARD ALLEX GOGGIX A.B-. Lettm mmj Scienfe Efomomift Transfer from St. Mary ' s Col- lege; Pi Kappa Alpha. ALBERT HAROLD GOMMO, SAN- FRANCISCO .VB-, Lettm smj Sfitmtr Pi Alpha Epnlo.; Pa: A. S. U. C. (,), Manager (4). (i) (!) XCRilAX ARMISTEAD GORE FEAXCISCO .IB.. Lettm tmj Srirmct ' : - - V-.-.. ' .. - = ,= CORXELIA ANN GRACE A-B.. Letters tmj Scarcer Traxfer from Snperior Teachers College. Sute ElVOOD KIDDELL GRADY SAN FANCISCO A.B.. Lrttert gm ' . ' - HOWARD F. GRAHAM OAJUJkXD . ' ... Letltn mml itrJu-J Sf,r. r Ddta Cii: Crew. ELIZ. BETH JANET GREEN . ... Letters , History Alpka Gimma Odu; (.) (I), General Manager (4). FRANKLIN RODIEK GREEXE rUMCMGB) A.B.. Letter, tni Scmce Bowie. Hall. MARK HARRIS GREGG. Jt. OAKLAKV . -B., trm W Srirx-r Pki Ganwa Delta; Phi Phi; ) O); (4)- ALLAX M. GOLDSMITH SAN FIAMCISCO A.B.. Letter, m i Sriran telil icil Sfiffft t Hall. RICHARD CALVIN GOOD LA HAHLA A.B., Lettm t i Scicmct International Hovse; Mimair OmV. JEAXETTE GRJkY GORMLEY SAN F-ANCI CO A.B., Letters W Srievrv ( ! Daily California, (i) (i) (3). HELEX SCOTT GRACE ScPEKKm, Wl COKSIW A.B., Ltttm tmj HotuMi Scitma Transfer from Teachers College. State HELEX GRAHAM SAX Fft A.B.. Ltttm , fmUic He J Beta Phi Alpha. ALICE GRAY SAX FRANCISCO A-B . Letter, ,mj Science Liti Little Theatre (i); W. A. A. (D(4l; Women ' s AdTiMTf (3). ELTOX ANTHONY GREEN Los GATOS A.B., Ltttm t Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Phi; Crew (3) (4). GEORGE AR.NOLD GREEXLEAF SAN JOSE A.R.. Lettm tmj Scitmft Kappa Alpha; A. S. U. C. Band. 1RGINIA ESTHER GREGG L VtNt A.B., Letter, tnd Srimre Transfer from U. C. L. A.; International Hoot. 81 POWELL RADER President Associated Stvdents WILLIAM M. GREUNER OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Economics Alpha Sigma Phi; Basketball (i); Reception Committee (2); Rally Committee (3). ROBERT WALLACE GROTE DENVER, COLORADO B.S. Engineering Irrigation. SAMUEL BURTON GRUNDMAN Los GATOS A.B., Letters and Science Botany Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College. ANNETTE GUNDELFINGER FRESNO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Xi Delta. STANLEY E. GUSTAVSON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science. SHERLOCK DRESSER HACKLEY OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Economics Delta Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Football (i) (2) (j) (4); Track (i); Basketball (i); Vigilance Committee (2). DOROTHY HAIGHT SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Sigma Kappa ; Deputations (2) (3 (4) ; Women ' s Advisory (2) (3) U). GEORGE YU YOUNG HALL BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering Chinese Students Club. LLOYD EUGENE HALL RICHMOND A.B., Letters and Science Physici Honor Student Advisory Bureau. ELIZABETH CAREY GRIFFIN MARTINEZ A.B., Letters and Science Economics Phi Omega Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Phi Delta; Women ' s " C " So- ciety; Personnel (i) (2) (3) ; W. A. A., Secretary (3), Eligi- bility Chairman (4) ; Women ' s Advisory, Captain (3) (4). JOHN E. GROTSCH SACRAMENTO A.B. t Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Bowles Hall. GLADYS E. GUINAW SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Hygiene Physical Education W. A. A.; Women ' s Advisory (i). HELEN J. GUSTAFSON ORLAND A.B., Letters and Science- Physical Education Transfer from Chico Stale Junior College; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. NATHAN GUTHERTZ SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science 130 - Ib. Basketball; Debating (i); Crew (i); Kraft, Grcen- wald, Strauss Scholarships; Honor Student. ALPHILD DAGMAR HAGENESS TACOMA, WASHINGTON A.B., Letters and Science German Zeta Tau Alpha. ALICE ELIZABETH HALEY HAYWARD A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Sigma Kappa; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee (2) (3) (4); Y. W. C. A., Social Commission; A. S. U. C. Social Committee; Junior Day Reception Commit- tee, Subchairman. HAZEL HALL SAN LEANDRO A.B., Letters and Science- Zoology Phi Sigma; W. A. A. SYD BISHOP HALL OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Art Transfer from St. Mary ' s Col- lege; Little Theatre, Art Direc- tor (4). ED GARBARINI Student Affairs Committee 82 MARGARET E. HALSTED PASADENA A.B., Letters smj Scifmce Economic! Alpha Cbi Omega; Y. V. C. A. (i) (2) (3), Cabinet (4); Wo- men ' s AdYisory (a) (3); Elec- tions Committee (2) (3). RICHARD COLLINS HAM BERKELEY A.B., Letters nd Science Political Science Chi Phi; Ringed Helmet; Skull and Keys ; Football Managerial U) ())- PAUL H. HAMMARBERG BERKELEY A.B., Letter! tnj Science Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Architectural Association ; Swimming ; Rally Committee. FLORENCE MARION HANNA OAKLAND A.B., Lfttert J Science Hittory. GUNNAR HANSEN SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce foreign TrsJe Pi Kappa Phi; Pan Xenia; Ice Hockey; Football; Soccer; Ath- letic Council. IDA MAY HARDENBROOK LOMPOC A.B., Letters tnl Science Botgmy . GRACE A. HARPER LONG BEACH A.B., Letters tnd Scifmce- Emgl,,b International House. HOWARD VHITTON HARRIS HOLLISTER B. S., Agriculture Soi J Honor Student Advisory Bureau. GILFORD CRAWFORD HART BERKELEY B.S., Miming Mining Sigma Gamma Epsilon. ELSIE ELAINE HALSTROM RCEDLET A.B., Letters tnj Scitice Household Science Transfer from Reed ley Junior College; Phi Sigma; Alpha Nu; Honor Student; Honor Student Advisory Bureau; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. ESTELLA FULTON HAMILTON BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnJ Science Pub- lic Speaking Honor Student. GLADYS M. HANEBERG SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters nJ Science Art. HELEN MARIE HANNAN BEKKEXEY A.B., Letters mnj Science Hittory Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. MILDRED HANSEN PALO ALTO A.B., Letters nd Science Zoology Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. VELLS LAVRENCE HARMON GOLD RUN A.B., Letters tnj Science Pub- lic Spetkiug Tau Kappa Epsilon. . PAULINE HARPER FAIRMEAD A.B., Letters tnJ Science Art Vomen ' s Masonic Club. LEO JOSEPH HARRISON ST. HELENA A.B., Letters tnd Science Economics Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Cali- fornian Promotional (t) (2) (3) U)- HILDUR L. HARTMANN OAKLAND A.B., Letters mnJ Science L tm Transfer from University of Minnesota; Areta; Luther Club. 83 BUD STAATS Senior Basketball Manager GLAUS F. HATTESEN, JR. SACRAMENTO B.S., Commerce Transportation foreign Trade Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Pan Xenia. R. GARN HAYCOCK PANQUITCH, UTAH B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Kappa Kappa Psi; A. S. U. C. Band; Glee Club. JOSEPH WESLEY HAZLEWOOD SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Transfer from University of San Francisco; A. S. M. E. ; Circle " C " Society; Ice Hockey. WALTER LYNWOOD HEAVER OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Occident, Associate Editor ()); Pre-Mcdical Club, President (4); Co-author Junior Farce (3). WILLIAM N. HEDGPETH INCLEWOOD B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Transfer from U. C. L. A. ; Glee Club (2) (3) (4). MARGARET HELEN HEILIG SAN LEANDRO .A.B., Letters and Science History Alpha Omicron Pi. DONALD HAROLD HELGREN SANTA ROSA A.B., Letters and Science Bacteriology. BERTHA HELWER SACRAMENTO A.B. y Letters and Science German Household Science Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. WILHELMINE ANNE HENRICH SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science History Deutscher Verein. JOHN SPINNEY HAWKS UPLAND B.S., Engineering Electrical En gineering Sigma Phi Sigma; Phi Phi; Jun ior Class President. MARGARET HAYDEN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science English Honor Student Advisory Bureau W. A. A. JAMES PHILLIP HEALEY SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economic! Phi Gamma Delta; Winged Hel- met; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Crew Managerial (2) ( }. JOEL WALKER HEDGPETH SAN MATED A.B. r Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Occident Editorial. GRAHAM HENRY HEID ALAMEDA B.S., Agriculture Parasitology Theta Nu Epsilon ; Pi Delta Ep- silon; Hammer and Coffin; Peli- can, Editor (4). JACKSON OTTO HEINE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Williams Junior College; Chi Psi; Scabbard and Blade. CORINNE AGNES HELLIER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Art Alpha Chi Omega ; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board; Pryta- nean; Theta Sigma Phi; Delta Epsilon; Daily Californian ( i ) (2) (3); Senior Women ' s Rep- resentative (4) . HELEN HELWICK BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science- Household Art Sigma Phi Beta. FRANK J. HENROTTE SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Alpha Sigma Phi. DOROTHY STEVENSON Chairman Personnel 84 HERBERT PARKER HERMS BERKELEY B.S., AgricmJtmre Emtomalogy Alpha Kappa Lambda. CAROL BELLE HESS SAN JOSE A.B., Letters nl Science Transfer from San Jose Junior College; Honor Student; V. A. A., Life Saring Manager (4); Y. V. C. A.. Council; Dormi- tory Association: Student Forum on Religion. GRACE ELIZABETH HEVITT BEKKEJLEY A.B.. Letters nj Scien Transfer from Coe College, Iowa; V. A. A.; P. E. Major GROVER LEE HIGDON HAZLETON. PENNSYLVANIA B.S.. Commerce Ec onomics Bowles Hall; A. S. U. C. Band (t) (a); U. C. Symphony Or- chestra (i); Boxing (i) (2). ELIZABETH ANN HIGLEY BERKELEY A.B.. Letter tnt Science fbysics Lambda Omega. GEORGE C. HILL, Ja. OAKLAND B.S-, Commerce Economics Beta Tbeta Pi. CAROL HIRSCH SAN FRANCISCO A.B.. Letters ml Scirmce Economic Alpha Epsilon Phi; Philorchian; Daily Californtan Promotional (i); Little Theatre (2); Wo- men ' s Adriiory; Crop and Sad- dle. MURRAY MORRIS HIXSON OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Ecomomict Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Beta Theta Pi. LLOYD HENRY HOFF SAN JLAN BALTISTA A.B., Lettfrt m EnglishArt Transfer from San Ben i to County Junior College; Acacia; Hammer and Comn; Daily Californian; Pelican. GLADYS LOUISA HERRMANN SOUTH GATE A.B., Lettert mnd Science Htttory Transfer from Compton Junior College; Y. V. C. A. BERTHA GENEVIEVE HEVES SAO.AXIEKTO A.B.. Letters mnJ Science Geography Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. JACK HICKMAN OfcLAVDo, FLOKIDA B.S., Engineering Trtiuport - tion Transfer from University of Florida; Sigma Chi; Kappa Gam- ma Delta; A. S. M. E. VESTA A. HIGGINBOTHAM OAKLAND A.B.. Letteri tnl Science Economicf W. A. A.. Archery; Worna Masonic Club. DOROTHY LAURA HILL CONCO D A.B., Lettcri t i Science Engliib. ARTHUR C. HIMMELSTERN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters ml Science History Zeta Beta Tan; Pershing Rifin; A. S. U. C. Reception Commit- tee (2) (3), Chairman (4). HELEN MARION HIXSON OAKLAND A.B.. Letters mnJ Sciei Economics. BEATA JOHANNA HOBRECHT $AC AM INTO A.B., Letters tnl Science Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Newman dob. HOFFMAN ANNETTE D OAKLAND .A.B., Letters nt Scie History Delta Delta Delta. 85 JACK READ Varsity Basketball Captain FLORENCE FRIEDA HOFFMAN KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI A.B., Letters and Science German Transfer from Ward - Belmont College, Tennessee; Phi Sigma Sigma; Treble Clef; Deputations Committee (2) ; B ' nai B ' riih Hillcl Foundation, Vice-Presi- dent (3), President (4). ELEANOR F. HOFFMANN OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science ' German Honor Student; German Club. EVANS RUSSELL HOLABIRD ALHAMBRA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Delta Kappa Epsilon; Skull and Keys ; Football Managerial ( a ) (3). HAZEL GRAINGER HOLLY BERKELEY A.B. t Letters and Science English Prytanean ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Esperam; Daily Californian ( i ) (i) (3), Associate Editor (4); Class Committees. VIRGINIA HOLMES Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science French Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Delta Delta Delta. LOUIS HONIG, JR. SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Zeta Beta Tau; Daily Californian Sports Staff i (2) (3); Golf. ETHYL WILLETTE HOOD SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Kappa Phi; Wesley Players; Y. W. C. A.; A. S. U. C. Social Committee. STERLING PRICE HOPPIN WOODLAND A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Beta Theta Pi; Golden Bear; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Big " C " Society. FRANCIS JOSEPH HORTIG SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering A. I. E. E. MORRIS HOFFMAN SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics. ROBERT FRANCIS HOGAN BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. HEBER H. HOLLOWAY FULLERTON B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Fullerton Junior College. MARY JULIA HOLMAN BAKERSFIELD A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Transfer from Bakersficld Junior College. FRANK ELLIS HONEYCHURCH OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering. RUSSELL F. HONNOLD CUPERTINO A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College; Chi Alpha Kappa. DOROTHY LILLIAN HOOPER GRASS VALLEY A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Hygiene Alpha Delta Theta; P. E. Majors Club; W. A. A., Intramural Sports. HOWARD ELVERTON HOPSON HEMET A.B., Letters and Science Geology Transfer from California Insti- tute of Technology, NATHANIEL RAMSEY HOSKOT BOISE, IDAHO A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from University of Idaho; Phi Delta Theta; Scab- bard and Blade; Skull and Keys; Big " C " Society; Tennis Man- agerial (2) (3) 4). WALT STAFFORD Managing Editor Daily Californian 86 MILLER FRANCIS HOTCHKISS BERKELEY B.S., Mining Gfology Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. JOHN HOUSTON EL MONTE B.S., Commerce Accounting Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Track. CHARLES P. HOWARD, JR. WALNUT CREEK A.B., Letters and Science Economic s Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College; Beta Thcta Pi; A. S. U. C. Band; Rally Com- mittee; Class Committees, CHARLES FRANKLIN HOWELL REE DLL Y A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Sigma Pi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Phi Phi; Pi Delta Epsi- lon; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Californian (i) (2) (3), Edi- tor (4) ; Publications Council, Chairman (4) ; Executive Com- mittee; Orientations Council. JOHN TUDHOPE HOWELL BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Structural Engineering Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E. ALOIS JOHN HUBERT, JR. Pi ORI A. ILLINOIS A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from University of Illi- nois; Theta Xi. WILLIAM DAVID HUDGIXS CALEXICO B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Scabbard and Blade; Eta Kappa N u , V ice-President ; Quarter- deck; A. I. E. E., Chairman; Big " C " Society; Crew (i) (i) (3) (4); Engineers Day, Electri- cal Group, Chairman (4); Scan- dinavian Club Plav. C. CLYDE HUFBAUER SAN DIEGO A.B. f Letters and Science Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa. HAROLD VESSING HUGHES OAKLAND B.S-, Commerce Economics Kappa Delta Rho; Scabbard and Blade; Daily Californian (i ) ; Track (i); Baseball Managerial (i); Deputations Committee (z) (3) (4); Interfraternity Coun- cil (4): Class Committees. MARTHA HOUSER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Allegheny Col- lege, Pennsylvania ; Pi Sigma ; W. A. A., Swimming; Y. W. C. A. .Council; Kappa Phi, Cabinet; Wesley Foundation, Council; Wesley Players. KENNETH O. HOUSTON HANFORD A.B., Letters and Science Geology Theta Tau. JOHN MICHAEL HOW ATT OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Economics Glee Club; Dramatics Council; Newman Club, President. ELEANOR E. HOWELL Los ALTOS A.B., Letters and Science- Alpha Xi Delta. -Art ASTA OLGA HOY OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science- L Alliance Francaise. PAUL LAUREL HUDELSON OAKDALE A.B., Letters and Science Economics Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Phi; Scab- bard and Blade. BARBARA JEAN HUDSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics. BEATRICE HELEN HUGHES OILFIELDS B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College. HELEN MARION HUGHES SAN MATEO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Alpha Chi Omega. 87 PRICE HOPPIN Senior Baseball Manager JOHN EVANS HUGHES REDLANDS B.S., Agriculture Forestry Transfer from San Bernardino ' Valley Union Junior College; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. MILDRED ALYCE HUNKIN PACIFIC GROVE A.B., Letters and Science English Honor Student; Honor Student Advisory Bureau; Student As- sistant to Faculty Adviser. JOHN LUCHSINGER HUNT VALLEJO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Track (i) (2); Football (i) WILLIAM ANTHONY HUNTER BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Accounting Transfer from Marin Junior Col- EVELYN ELEANOR HUSTON SAN DIMAS A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Chaff ey Junior College; Pi Sigma Alpha. ARTHUR BENNETT HYDE WATSONVILLE B.S., Agriculture Landscape Design Delta Tau Delta; Winged Hel- met ; Baseball Managerial ( 2 ) (3). NORMAN HYNDING SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering. MARGARET LAVELLE IMRIE NAPA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Alpha Delta Pi; A. S. U. C. Social Committee (i) (2); Host- ess Committee (3 ) ; Women ' s Advisory. ELVIRA LOUISE INGRAHAM WILLOWS A.B., Letters and Silence Zoology. ELIZABETH L. HUMPHREY OROVILLE A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Mills College; Kappa Delta; Y. W. C. A. (3) ELIZABETH ZOE HUNT OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science- German Deutscher Verein. LEE GAYLORD HUNT BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Oregon State Col- lege; Theta Chi; Varsity Track. JEAN LOUISE HUSTED OAKLAND A. B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Physical Educa- tion Nu Sigma Psi; Esperam ; Philor- thian; Daily Californian ( i ) (2); Debating (2) (3) (4); Forensics Council (2) (3); W. A. A. FRANCES IDA HUTCHINS Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Beta Phi Alpha; Little Theatre; Crop and Saddle; Class Committees. RICHARD E. HYDE VlSALIA A.B., Letters and Science- Economics Zeta Psi. THEODORE A. IASIGI, JR. Los ANGELES B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Del- ta Phi EpsJlon. WILLIAM ARCHARD INGHAM OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. ROBERT RAY INSLEE GLENDALE A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Architectural Association; Crew ( i ) . DOROTHY ANDREWS Chairman Women ' s Hostess Committet 88 RUDOLPH J. IRION Los ANGELES B.S., Commerce Economic Glee Club; Masonic Club. GERTRUDE M. IRWIN MARYSVILLE A.B., Letters and Science Art Transfer from Chico State Teachers College; Alpha Delta Pi. MASAKI ITOU Los ANGELES B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineer ing A. I. E. E. IRMA S. JACKSON YOLO A.B., Letters and Science English Y. W. C. A., Council (2) (3), Cabinet (4). WALTER JOSEPH JACOBS SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Business Ad- ministration A. S. U. C. Card Sales Com- mittee. EDITH GRACE JAMES BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science French Y. W. C. A.; V. A. A. JOHN JAN SACRAMENTO B.S., Mining Mining Chinese Students Club; Mining Association; Circle " C " Society; Varsity Boxing (3) (4). ELLA MAY JEGLUM HOLLYVOOD A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Santa Maria Jun- ior College; Little Theatre. DON KENNETH JENSEN RIVERSIDE B.5., Commerce Accounting Transfer from Riverside Junior College. JANET CHARLOTTE IRVINE OAKLAND A.B., Letters end Science Social Institutions. JOHN BARROWS IRWIN BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Transporta- tion Engineering A. S. M. E. ; Junior Varsity Crew; Engineers Council. F. KENNEDY JACKSON, JR. OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Delta Phi; Winged Hel- met; Hammer and Coffin; Daily Californian ( i ) ; Pelican (2) ; Reception Committee (i) (3). MERTON ALVIN JACOBS FAIRFAX A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Debating (i); Chess (i) (3) BERTHA JAFFE SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade. GEORGE S. JAMS MERIDIAN B.S., Engineering Transporta- tion Del Rey. DOROTHEA VINONA JANSON OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science German. ARDEN THOMAS JENSEN WALNUT CREEK A.B., Letters and Science Economics Vrestling (l) (j) (4). JEAN CATHERINE JENSEN BERKELEY A.B., Letters tad Science English Sigma Kappa: Debating (3); Parliament Debating Society, President (3). 89 GUS CASTRO Vanity Football EDNA WINIFRED JESSOP CUPERTINO A.B,, Letters and Science English Sigma Kappa; Daily Calif ornian ( i ) ; Occident Managerial (z) (}); Women ' s Advisory ()). FAITH SEVILLE JOHNSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Y. W. C. A., Social Service. LEROY ELMORE JOHNSON TURLOCK B.S., Commerce Accounting Transfer from Modesto Junior College. RALPH LEE ROY JOHNSON Los ANGELES B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Theta Nu Epsilon; Football (i); Handball (2) (3) (4). TYR VLADIMAR JOHNSON HANFORD B.S., Agriculture Agricultural Economics. GRETCHEN MARIE JOHNSTON BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics Pry tanean ; Theta Sigma Phi ; A. S. U. C. Vice-President; Daily Californian (i) (2) (3); Y. W. C. A. (i) (2), Cabinet (3) ; Women ' s Student Affairs Committee, Chairman (4); Wo- men ' s Executive Committee. FRANCES CAROL JONES TURLOCK A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Y. W. C. A., Cabinet; Women ' s Advisory, Captain. RICHARD HARRISON JONES SOUTH GATE B.S., Agriculture Forestry Transfer from Oregon State Col- lege; Sigma Pi. VIRGINIA LILLIAN JONES BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Phi Mu. CAROLYN EVELYN JOHNSON TONOPAH, NEVADA A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Alpha Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Rho; English Club; Philorthian; Varsity Debating; Women ' s De- bating Manager; Forensics Coun- cil; Women ' s Executive Com- mittee; Class Committees. FRANCES LOUISE JOHNSON OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha. PHEBE ELIZABETH JOHNSON WALNUT CREEK A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Women ' s Masonic Club; Group System (3) (4). ROBERT WALTER JOHNSON SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Pi Kappa Phi; Pan Xenia. WILBUR H. JOHNSON ORLAND A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Transfer from Chico State Teachers College; Bachelordon. CLARA MARY JONES SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science- Mathematics Daily Californian. OLIVER RANDOLPH JONES OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Economics Delta Upsilon. RICHARD W. JONES ALAMEDA B.S., Engineering Ci t ' il Engi- neering. WHITNEY JONES BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Sigma Pi. BRUCE PAYNE Finance Chairman Senior Week 90 LLOYD NICHOLAS JORGENSEN SAN JOSE B.S., Agriculture LsnJsctpe Design. VIOLET JURS OAKLAND A.B., Letters tnj Science- Economics Chi Omega. PETER THOMAS KALLAS SACRAMENTO A.B. t Letters nd Science Politic ! Science Transfer from Sacramento Junior College ; Bowles Hall ; Daily Californian Sports Staff (i) (3). HENRY HAJIME KAZATO FRESNO A.B.. Letters tnj Science MeJictI Sciences Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Japanese Stu- dents Club. RICHARD A. KEATINGE BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnj Science Philosophy Chi Psi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Quar- terdeck; Hammer and Coffin i Circle " C " Society; Pelican (i) (2), Manager (3); Ice Hockey (i) (a) (j) (4). MARY KATHERINE KELLEY OAKLAND A.B., Letters d Science Economics W. A. A.; OrchesLs. WILLIAM DAVID KELLY BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Politicgl Science Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Theta Xi; Tennis (4): Tennis Managerial (2); Elections Committee (3) ; Interfraternity Council (3 } (4) ; Senior In- formal Finance Committee; Class Committees. JOHN EUGENE KENT SAN ANDREAS 6.S., Commerce Economics. FRANCIS PATRICK KERR SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters tnj Science Art Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Architectural Association. NAIDA JEAN JOVANOVICH OAKLAND A.B., Letters tnJ Science Art Delta Zeta; Daily CalifornLan (i); Pdican (i) (z); Women ' s Advisory (3). BARBARA JANIS KAISER SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Lettrrs mi Science Philosophy Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Blue and Gold Managerial (l); Women ' s Advisory (5). ANITA KAVANAUGH HOLTTILUE A.B. r Letters tnd Science Philosophy Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College. LAURENCE D. KEARNEY BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnJ Science Political Science. DOUGLAS McG. KELLEY SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters W Science Medutl Sciences Circle " C " Society; Centuriata (3), President (4); Class Secre- tary (3); Rally Committee (3) (4); Elections Committee (3) (4); A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee (4); Handball (2) (3); Handball Managerial (i) (j) (4); Class Committee . JEWEL NADINE KELLY HANFOKD A.B., Letters nj Science History Phi Delta; Blue and Gold Edi- torial (a); Class Committees. W. J. KENEALEY-STEVENS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters d Scien History. EVELYN LUCRETIA KERN OAKLAND A.B., Letters tnJ Science History Women ' s Masonic Club; Y. W. C. A., Senior Commission; Wo- men ' s Advisory. MURIEL ESTHER KERR PACIFIC GROVE A.B., Letters tnJ Science Economics Blue and Gold (2); Y. W. C. A. (i) (a) (3) (4); Group Sys- tem (2) (3). 91 DOROTHY RUBEL Chairman A. S. L " . C. Social Committee LESLIE MYRON KESSLER OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Kappa Nu; Phi Beta Kappa; Congress; Debating ( i ) ; Swim- ming (i). THEODORE KEY BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Art Phi Beta Delta; Pi Delta Epsilon; Hammer and Coffin; Daily Cali- fornian, Art Editor; Pelican (4). PHYLLIS JANE KI ESEL SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Alpha Phi. DORIS J. KILKENNY SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science History Theta Upsilon. VIRGIL WILLIAM KING FRESNO B.S., Commerce Accounting Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College. MARJORIE LYLE KITTS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science- History. LEONID ARNOLD KLATCHKIN SHANGHAI, CHINA A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Europa; English Club; Debating (3) (4); Little Theatre (3); International House, Cabinet. STANLEY R. KLOPSTOCK SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. WILLIAM KOBLIK SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Phi Beta Delta; Big " C " So- ciety ; Track. ROBERT MAcL. KEY CORONA A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Transfer from U. C. L. A. ELIZABETH C. KEYES OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science- Mathematics. ARTHUR HARRIS K1ESER RIVERSIDE A.B., Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from Riverside Junior College; Masonic Club. ROSANA S. KILPATRICK BEATRICE, NEBRASKA A.B., Letters and Science- Political Science Transfer from Mt. Vernon Semi- nary, Washington, D. C.; Delta Gamma. BARBARA MARIE KIRBY DlXON A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Sigma Kappa; Personnel (i) (2) (3); Women ' s Advisory (i)(3), Captain (4). HENRY HIROSHI KIYOMURA MOUNTAIN VIEW B.S., Agriculture Agricultural ! : .( (inomics Japanese Students Club. HOWARD FRED KLEY OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. ELLENOR KNUPP HOLLYWOOD A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from U. C. L. Gamma Phi Beta. A.; FRANK J. KOCKRITZ BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys. ROGER ALAUX General Chairman Senior Informal 92 ROMAN T. KOENK BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Business Or- ganization tnd Management Transfer from Georgetown Uni- versity; Delta Phi Epsilon. JAMES K. KOFORD BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnd Science Political Science Delta Sigma Rho; Kappa Kappa Psi; Varsity Debating; Congress Debating Society, President; For- ensics Council; A. S. U. C. Band ( ) U) 3) : Masonic Club,- Council; Debating (i). KATHERINE C. KRAMER LOOKOUT B.S., Commerce Accounting Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Gamma Epsilon Pi. Secretary (4); Phi Chi Theta; Women ' s Masonic Club; Women ' s Masonic Glee Club; Commerce Associa- tion; W. A. A. EVALYN LURENE KRUEGER Pi TAI L ' M A A.B., Letters tnd Science Pub- lic Speaking Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Women ' s Masonic Club. NACI FRANK KUBICEK SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Chemistry Chemistry. KOKI KUMAMOTO SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters tnd Science- Medical Sciences Japanese Students Club. SHIGEO JOHN KL ' WAMOTO SACRAMENTO B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Japanese Students Club. CARRIE FORBES LAFLIN BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnd Science History Beta Sigma Omicron. ELDA BERNADINE LAIRD SAN JOSE .B., Letters and Science History Sigma Kappa. CARL W. KOERPER OAKLAND A.B., Letters tnd Scien Zoology Theta Alpha; Circle " C " So- ciety; Rally Committee (3) (4); Inter fraternity Council Execu- tive Committee (j) (4); Gym- nastics Team, Manager; Class Committees. FRED H. KOTF1E PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Theta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Swimming; Water Polo. RAYMOND F. KRONINGER CM ico A.B. r Letters tnd Science Physics. BLANCHE MARY KUBICEK SAN FRANCISCO B -S. , Commerce Economics. FRANK DAVID KUENZLY, JR. COLFAX B.S-, Chtmistry Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon; Baseball (i). MARIE INGEBORG KUXERT BERKELEY A.B. t Letters tnd Science Germtn Scandinavian Club; Honor Stu- dent Advisory Bureau; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. WESLEY R. LACHMAN SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Theta Upsilon Omega; Golden Bear; Phi Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade. GUY WILLIAM LAI FRESNO B.S., Engineering Trtntportt- tion Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Chinese Stu- dents Club. EVA MAE LAMB BERKELEY A.B. t Letters tnd Science Lttin Transfer from University of Idaho; W. A. A. 93 JEANETTE STEELE Vomeo ' s Director Pelican, Fall FRANCES LOUISE LAMBERT SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. LOYD MAX LANDES LONG BtACH A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Kappa Alpha. HELEN DALE LANG FUL LERTON A.B., Letters and Science Art Transfer from Fullerton Junior College; Kappa Delta ; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Blue and Gold (2) (3 ), Women ' s Manager (4) ; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Commit- tee (j) ; Women ' s Executive Committee (4); Class Commit- tees. SELINA ELIZABETH LANZA PIEDMONT A.B., Letters and Science- History. ETHEL HELEN LARSEN OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science French Zeta Tau Alpha. RALPH WARD LATTIN ALHAMBRA B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Transfer from U. C. L. A. ; Theta Nu Epsilon; Wrestling. ALICE MATHILDE LAUX WHITTIER A.B., Letters and Science German Transfer from Whittier College; Y. W. C. A.; Deutscher Verein. ELIZABETH VIOLA LAWRENCE BRENTWOOD A.B. t Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from San Jose Junior College. AMERICO LAZZARI SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; International House. ANN LAMONTAGNE SAN JOSE A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Beta Sigma Omicron ; Honor Student Advisory Bureau. LORETTA B. LANEY BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Sigma Phi Beta; Newman Club; A. S. U. C. Social Committee (j); Class Committees. LAWTON WILLIAM LANGDON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta. JOHN PIERRE LARISSOU SAN FRANCISCO B.S.. Engineering Electrical En- gineering A. I. E. E. FRANCIS WILLARD LARSEN BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon. ELMYRA LILLIAN LATVANEN FORT BRAGG A.B., Letters and Science Economics. JAN LAW SOUTH PASADENA B.S., Mining Petroleum Engi- neering Beta Theta Pi; International House; Mining Association, President (3). KARL F. LAWSON SAN DIEGO 6.S., Commerce Finance Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College; Senate Debat- ing Society, Vice-President; Var- sity Debating (3) (4); Foren- sics Manager (4) ; Forensic Council (}} (4); Lutheran Stu- dents Association, President (4); Interchurch Council (4). JAMES JEREMIAH LEARY, JR. SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Medical Sciences Transfer from University of San Francisco. ED WATERBURY Varsity Football and Track 94 JOHN EDWARD LEARY BEKKELET A J-, trer Transfer from St. Mary ' s Col- lege; Glee Oub. HARRY LOYD LEE A.B-. Letters mm4 Seiner Lcvmomiel Transfer from University of Notre Dame; Newman da . MERLE IRENE LEEDY SACBJIMENTO A.B , Lrltm tmj Scirnct -. -.- - :;: IMBIE SOPHIA LEHIKOINEN A.8.. Lrltm lif GEORGE RAYMOND LEONARD SAN Luis OBISPO r wwn Transfer from the University of Santa Clara; Bowles Hall; dee Club (i); A. S. U. C. Band (l) ' .KJ MYER LEVY SAN FaANcisco B.S., Gfmmrrct Bxsinra Or- Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor StB- FRANCES URDELLE LEWIS MOL A.B.. i KATHRYN J. LEWIS BOLKELET A.B . Lrltm tni Srirmrt UMlhrmftin Phi Omega PL JOSEPH HARRISON L1BBEY , Ja BEVKEUTY A.B.. Lrltm nl Scirmrt Alpha Sigma Phi. DOHA AMES LEE OAKLAND A.B.. Ullm tml Seiner XtJi- Pre-Medical Oa ; Honor Stu- dent AdTiaory Bwom. HENRY D. LEE SAN FfcAMCisco B.S.. EMfitfrrimf Emgiurmmg Omt ; K Alpha ELEANOR MAY LE GRAND OAH-AKD .A.B., Letters gnl Scifmct Alpha Xi Ddu; Drpautions (1) Xobchairman (4); Senior Informal, General Sobcnairmafi : Blue and Gold (); A. S. U. C. Social Committee (i) n . Y. V. C. A., Senior T " iii ' ' : Clan Committees: Tag Day Sales. DOROTHY T ERNA LEONARD STOCKTON A.B., Lrltm tmj Scirmri Hotuhali Scirmn. ELI2. BETH LESLIE MOVNTUN VIET A.t., Lettm mj E. f l,ii, Daily Californian; ionic Qb. WING LEONG LEW B.S., Himimg H ' i t Chinese Student. CIb; Pi Alpha Phi. HARLAN H. LEWIS MUTTKITIUX, IlSDUK A.g-. I VANCE D. LEWIS Transfer from BakenfieU College: Kappa Delta Rio. SYLVIA MARIE LILLELAND A.B., Lrttm . Grrmtm Treble Clef. 95 GEORGE REE -ES Varsity YeD DAVE SELVIN City Editor Daily Californian E. GORTON LINSLEY OAKLAND B.S., Agriculture Entomology Phi Mu Delta; Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; Freshman Informal, Gen- eral Chairman ; Class Commit- tees. FLORENCE WARD LISTER BERKELEY B.S., Commerce finance. RUTH ELLIOT LIVINGSTON BREA A.B., Letters and Science History. JOHN RAYMOND LOCKE, JR. DlNUBA A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Bowles Hall (1X3); Circle " C " Society; Honor Student; Fencing (2) (3), Captain (4). ARTHUR LONDON OAKLAND B.S., Agriculture Forestry Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Quar- terdeck; Forestry Club. CHARLES EDWIN LORD SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Beta Gamma Sigma. JAMES W. LOUIE Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from U. C. L. A. ; International House; Chinese Students Club; Varsity Boxing (3) (4)- JOHN H. LOWE PASADENA B.S., Commerce Economics Delta Kappa Epsilon. ETHEL CORA LUM SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science- Mathematics Chinese Women ' s Student Club; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Honor Student Advisory Bureau; Women ' s Advisory; Y. W. C. A. . CARL EDWARD LISCHER SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Zoology Phi Gamma Delta; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta. PAUL WESLEY LITTLE CHICO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Kappa Delta Rho; Track; Mili- tary (3) (4). WILLIAM WAYNE LOBDELL WATSONVILLE B.S., Agriculture Forestry Kappa Delta Rho; Golden Bear; Circle " C " Society; Soccer (i) (2) (3) (4); Y. M. C. A. (i) (2) (3), President (4); Class Committees. HARRIETT ALICE LOHSE OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Social Institutions Transfer from Williams Junior College. ELLA LUCY LONG PIEDMONT A.B., Letters and Science English Kappa Delta ; Prytanean; Senior Class, Vice-President ; Women ' s Advisory (2), Captain (3) (4); Women ' s Executive Committee (4); Welfare Council (4); Class Committees. HERBERT LORENZEN OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Chi Pi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. E. E. JANICE LOWE LAFAYETTE A.B., Letters and Science Economic Daily Californian (i); Blue and Gold (2). ELINOR A. LOWELL AUBURN A.B., Letters and Science History Delta Delta Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. BERTRAND F. LURIE BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics Phi Beta Delta; Baseball (i) (j) (3) (4). 96 BYRON NEVBY LUTHER BEKKELEY -S., Commerce Ecomomia Delta L ' ptilon; Golden Bear; Visaed Helmet; Skull and Keys; Big " C " Society; Track Man- agerial (a) (j) (4). MARGARET LOUISE LYDERS SAX FKANCISCO AJ., Lrtttn tmj Science Anthropology. HELEX EVELYN McARTHUR ;E?CTO A.B.. Lrttm tml Science fbysictl Hncmtion Hygiene Transfer from Sacramento Junior = : Alpha Delta Theia . Nc Sigma Psi; P. E. Major Club; L A.. Intramural Board. GASKILL McCABE A.B., Letlm ,mj Sfa Cemmmmjn Delta Kappa Epsilon. MARGERY JANE McCORMICK NAP A.B., Letlm tni Science - fcitiom Hrfifwr ELIZABETH ANN McDANIEL SAXTA ROSA A.B.. Lftlm i l Scie Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. ANNA GERTRUDE MACEY Comma A.B., Lfttert tnj Sriemte Hillary. LATRENCE SCOTT McINTYRE GLEXDALE B.S., Cktm,stT)Chem:ttl . gifrrrimg Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Chi Pi Sigma; Chemistry Club. BARBARA McKAY BEXKEIXT A.B.. Letlm , Spniib Alpha Chi Omega. EVERETT BLOHM LUTHER. BEJtiELiY B.S.. Commerce rOMMaurs Delta Upsilon. JANICE EDITH MABRY SAN FKANCISCO B.S., Commerce Eromomici. ARCHIE GIRARD McBRIDE SAX Fm NCI sco B.S., Commerce Ecomomici Sigma Pi. BERN1CE ROSE McCAXTHY TJICT A.B., Letters smjl Beta Sigma Omicron; Treble Clef (I) () (4): Vomen ' s Advisory ' The Serenade " Cast; Class RUTH LOUISE MicCOY BEJLKELET B.S., Commerce EfOmemin Alpha Delta Theta; Women ' s Masonic Qub; Pelican (i); Y. V. C. A.; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Commerce Club Committees; Class Committees. MARJORIE L. MACDONALD Los AN CULTS A.B . Letlm ,,1 Scirmct Hittvrj. KENNETH FRANK McINTIRE B.S.. EmgimrerimgilerkaucJ Emgimeerivg Mask and Dagger; Little Thea- tre () (a) (3), General Man- ager (4); Daily Califoraian (i); Dramatics Council (4); Junior Farce Committee (3); Senior Extravaganza (3). ANNA GRETTA MACK POCATEIXO, IDAHO A.B., Letter, ,mi Seiner of. Transfer from University Idaho: Deutscher Verein. JAMES ROSS MAcKAY BfXJtEXET A.B.. Lettm tmj Science Folitictl Science Beta Theta Pi; Skull and Keys; Vinged Helmet; Beta Beta; Cir- cle " Society; Swimming; Water Polo. 97 DOROTHY E. MACKEDON FALLON, NEVADA A.B., Letters and Science English. DONALD A. McLACHLAN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Physics Optometry Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Theta Chi. ADELE McLEISH NAPA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Mills College; Alpha Xi Delta. FRANCIS BURKE McMURDO SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from University of San Francisco; Sigma Nu. LOUISE McNATT OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Art A. S. U. C. Social Committee, Entertainment Committee, Chair- man; Women ' s Advisory ; Wo- men ' s Masonic Club; Tag Day Sales. PATRICIA McPHAIL BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Art Chi Omega. ROBERT AFTON McWHINNEY SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Pan Xenia; Commerce As- sociation, Committees (3), Presi- dent (4) ; Derby Day Commit- tees. HELEN M. McWILLIAMS BuRLINGAME A.B., Letters and Science- French Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Alpha Delta Pi; Daily Californian. BLANCH ELLEN MAHONEY PETALUMA A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Hygiene. CEDRIC THEODORE McKENNA BURLINCAME A.B., Letters and Science Economics Sigma Pi; Handball (u, Man- ager (4). SABIN RICHARD McLAUGHLIN SAN RAFAEL A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Alpha Gamma Rho; Architec- tural Association. WILLIAM w. MACMILLAN SAN FERNANDO B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering, ANITA DALE UcNALLY Bl.RKJ I I -i A.B., Letters and Science History Alpha Gamma Delta; Sophomore Class, Vice-Presidcnt; Welfare Council (i ) ; Partheneia (2) ; Senior Week, Women ' s Banquet Committee, Subchairman; Class Committees. EDGAR ALAN McNULTY LA MESA B.S., Commerce Finance Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College; Management Society, President. JAMES BRACKSTON McQUXX OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Pan Xenia (3), Secre- tary-Treasurer (4) ; Commerce Association Committees ; Derby Day Committees (3) (4). WILLIAM P. McWHINNEY SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Pan Xenia; Commerce Association Committees, Chair- man; Derby Day Committee. M. MARJORIE MAHER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Phi Omega Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon. MYRON MAKOWER SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade. ETOILE PECK President Y. W. C. A. 98 AUSTIN S. MALLETT BEBKELEV .4.8., Letters nj Science- fatilifft Science Transfer from Marin Jeci leg.; Kappa Alpha. Col- ELIZABETH LOUISE MANGELS BEIUUT A.B., Letters gmj Sfiencf Hillary Phi Omega Pi. GEORGE GREGORY 1IANOV BiifcELEY B.S.. Chfmtitr-, Chemittr-% Honor Siwleot; California Engi- neer (l); Engineers Day Com- mittee ( 3 I : Chess Clob . ; Interclass Basketball : ; MARION MARL:AVE BEBKELET .4.B-. Lrttm imj Science Umilf CJmtmtMm Beta Sigma Omicron: Treble Clef: Vomen ' s Adriiory: Class Committee,: Tag Dar Sales Com- ERBA MARIE MAULACCINI SAN FKANCIICO A.t . Ltllm tmj Sfit Pi Ma Iota. WILLIAM H. MARSHALL BCBKELCT B-S-, Agricmllmrr forestry Alpha Zeta: Xi Sigma PL BENJAMIN CHARLES MARTIN- OAK: .4.8., Lfttrr, tmJ Scirmri Art Transfer from Sacraaaento Juior College: Pi Delta Epulon; Ham- mer and Cotmi; Pelican. Editor - bl.cations Ccmocil. GLADYS L. MATHIESEN A-B-, Lfttm History Transfer from Park Region Col- ' --: ' - JAMES EARL MATTOX JKCBAMEXTO A-B-, Letters tmj Science Pa i K-W Scarsirr Pi Kappa Alpha; Golden Bear: Tinged Helmet: Pi Delta Epsi- lon; Pfci Phi: Alpha Delta Sig- ma; Daily California (l) j) ()), Manager (4): Little Thea- tre. Manager (4); Eieotirc Committee; Senior Peace Cotn- JUXE LOUISE MALONE ButEliT .4.8.. Letters tmi Science Enfl.U, Nevman Clb. Secretary ()), Vice-President (4); Daily Cali- fomian (l) (a); California En- gineer, Vomen-s Editor (4); (4)- VILMA K. MANNING OtMiam .4.8., Letters mi Science Tnb- lic Sfefiini Little Tbeatre: Treble Clef. BEVERLY V. MARCELLUS SAX FKJSXCISCO 8.S., Engineering HecbtnicJ Engineering Transfer from San Mateo Joaior College: A. S. M. E.; Masonic Clb. Secretary (3). VICTOR MAROX POMONA A.B., Letters tmj Science Zoology A. S. U. C. Band (l) (l) (j) DANIEL ARXOLD MARSHALL OAKLAXV 8.S., Commerce Economics Delta Phi Epsiloo. AUDREY NEAL MARTEN PIEDMONT A. B., Letters fni Scie, Alpha Chi Omega. CARMEL GRACE MARTINEZ BEKKEXCT A.B.. Letters , History. MICHAEL M- MATSUSMMA STOCK TOX .4.8., Letters mnj Science Zoo y Japanese Students Club: Baseball (l); Soccer; Swimming. CHARLES PARSES MATZINGER OAKLAXD B.S.. M Mftfllnrg-, Transfer from University of Il- linois; Alpha Kappa I imhh; Alpha Chi Sigma; Basketball Managerial (1); Deputations (i) U) ()- 99 BERT RICKETTS General Chairman Sensor Teek ALEXIS GREGORY MAXIMOV SAN FRANCISCO A.B. t Letters and Science Medical Sciences Theta Nu Epsilon; Bowles Hall; Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Soccer Team (i) (2) (3). HARRY KEITH MAYEDA SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Japanese Students Club; Senate Debating Society. GERALDINE C. MEDCALF HONOLULU, T. H. B.S., Commerce Finance Transfer from University of Hawaii and University of Ore- gon. BESSIE MENDELSON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Psychology International House. JANET PATRICIA METCALF PASADENA A.B., Letters and Science Psychology. GEORGE F. MEYER, JR. OAKLAND A.B. t Letters and Science Economics Delta Tau Delta. MAMORU MIKAMI FoNTANA B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering International House; A. I. E. E. JOSEPH PACIFICO M1LANO BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Architectural Association. RUTH H. MILBURN ALTADENA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from National Park Seminary; Alpha Omicron Pi. MARY C. MAXON CAMPBELL A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Pomona College; International House; Tennis (3). ESTHER MEAKIN BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Phi Omega Pi; Parthcneia (i) (2) (4); Y. W. C. A., Com- missions (i) (i) (3) (4). EDWARD JOSEPH MEEHAX BERKELEY B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi : Pi Mu Epsilon. EDWARDS H. METCALF PIEDMONT B.S., Commerce Business Ad- ministration Transfer from University of Oregon; Delta Upsilon. FRED WILLIAM MEYER SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Chemistry Chemistry. MARGARET LOWEY MEYER. SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science English, WALTER HAROLD MIKEL Los ANGELES B.S., Mining Mining Theta Delta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck. JOHN HANFORD MILBURN ALTADtNA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Sigma Nu; Phi Phi; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Alpha Delta Sigma Hammer and Coffin; Pelican Advertising Manager (4); Daih Californian Managerial (2) (3) Crew (i); Publications Council Senior Extravaganza, Publicity C hairman; Class Committees. FRANK THOMAS MILES BERKELEY B.S. , Com mercc Foreign Trade Del Rey ; Delta Phi Epsilon , President (4); Pershing Rifles; Little Theatre; Football (i ) ; Boxing (i) (2) (3). FRANK KOCKRITZ Chairman Orientations Council 100 TAMES A. MILES FKESNO A.B., Letters imi Science folitictl Science Cfci Pi; Golan Bear: Tinged Helmet; Skull and Keys: Beta Beta: Big " C " Societr; Track (i) (i) (3), Captain - FRANK GEORGE MILLER OAKLAND B.S.. Mininf Tetrolenm Enfi- Epsilon. Sigma IOLA MAE MILLER OAKLAVD .VS.. Letters tnl Scien Germtn Transfer from San Maleo Jwrnior College: Deutscher Ytrein. VIRGINIA LOUISE MILLER SEAL BEACH A.B., Letters tni Science E. i 6 Transfer froo. Long Beach Junior College: Beta Sigma Omicroe. GEORGE ELMER MILLMAN SAOAMJEVTO B.S., CommfTCf Afc Mmfi g Transfer from Sacramento Juior College. EDITH HELEN MITCHELL SACHAMIMO A.B.. Letters mmj Scifmct Fhtiirfl EJmcttiom Transfer from Sacramento JBHH College. RICHARD BARTLETT MOHLER NtUHXS B.S., Commerce Eromomift Trantfer from U. C. L. A. DOROTHY E- MOXAHAK OAKLAND A. 8.. Lrlters tmj Srifmfr Lffim Alpha DeJu Tketa; Y. V. C- A., Drive (i) . trsoror- : rmal Committee A. A-. Archery. WILLIAM JOSEPH MONHEIT OAKLAND A.B . Letters tmi Sciemff Ob; I- Pre- Medical Boiing (i). FRANCES JEAN MILLER OAKLAND A.B., Lettm aij Science HorseMJ Science Daily Californian { I I . Treble Clef (i) (i) (-, Y. ' W. C. A.: Crop and Saddle; Tennis. HAZEL ELAYNE MILLER SEBASTOPOL A.B., Letters iwi Science fmb- lic S etJg Transfer froan Santa Rosa Junior College; Treble Clef. MARGARET MILLER SACJLAMEVTO A.B., Letters amj Sfifmce Emflak Chi Omega. VENDALL MARTIN MILLER SACKAMEXTO B.S-, O Ti-MJ ry CAriii ' T Transfer from Sacrmmento Junior College; Alpha Chi Sigma. RUTH H. MIXNEY PlEBMONT A.B , Lettm ni Science History Alpha Omicron Pi. NOBU MIYOSHI SACAVAMENTO A.B-, Letters Science Zoology Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Japanese V omen ' s Sio- dent Club. MARGARET MOLONEY BEB.KELET A.B., Letters tnj Sciena Economics Alpha Chi Omega. VALTER G. MONAHAX ROKBEL A.B-, Letters tnl Science M. Y VAX P. MOXTGOMERY BEKKELCT A.B . Letters mmj Srii toiitictl Science Pi Sigma Alpha. 101 TED OHASHI Varsity Basketball CHARLOTTE ANNE MOORE BAKEKSMELD A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Transfer from Kern County Jun- ior College; International House. HELEN ELIZABETH MOORE BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics Alpha Xi Delta. MARCILE MOORE OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Masonic Club ; Mathematics Group; Le Cercle Francais. RUTH MARGARET MOORE COTATI A.B. t Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Little Theatre; Thalian Plays. RUTH INEZ MORGAN MODESTO A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Modesto Junior College. MASAYOSHI MORINO ALAMEDA A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Japanese Students Club. RAYMOND ERNEST MORRIS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Medical Sciences Zeta Beta Tau. RUTH MORRISON MARICOPA A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Long Beach Jun- ior College; International House; Treble Clef; Y. W. C. A. ALICE STANTON MORSE BKRKEI.EY A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Sigma Kappa; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee (2) (3) (4); Y. W. C. A., Social Commission (2) (3) (4); Women ' s Advisory (2) (3) ; Class Committees. DOUGLAS MORAGHAN MOORE SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Kappa Alpha. JAMES ROLPH MOORE SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science 1 ' oliliral Science Transfer from Williams Junior College; Chi Phi. MARY BELLE MOORE PIEDMONT A.B., Letters and Science- History Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Kappa Alpha. BARBARA LOIS MORGAN PIEDMONT A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Alpha Phi. OTTO MORGEXSEN PASO ROBLES B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering, ELEONOR MORRIS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Lftten and Science English Phi Beta Kappa; Prytanean; Theta Sigma Phi; Philonhian; Daily Californian (i) (2) (3), Associate Editor (4); Debating ( i ) ; Occident, Editorial Board (4) ; Honor Student Advisory Bureau (j) (4); Women ' s Exec- utive Committee (4) ; Honor Student Council (}) (4); Wo- men ' s Student Affairs Commit- tee (4). RAYMOND ALBON MORRISON FRESNO B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Sigma Phi. RICHARD HENRY MORS Bl RKEI.EY B.S., Agriculture Forestry Alpha Zeta ; Quarterdeck ; For- C ' itrv Club. ALVIN LESLIE MORSE ALAMEDA A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Political Science Delta Sigma Rho; Congress De- bating Society; Debating (4) ; Little Theatre ( i ) (2) ; Foren- sics Council. SAM GILL Varsity Football 102 I RANGES E. MOSS OAKLAND A.B., LettfTi ..m4 Scienc Pi Mu Epsilon: Women ' s Ma- sonic CJub, Treasurer (i), V ice- President (3 ) ; Women ' s Advi- sory (}) (4); Group System (x), Mathematics Group, Organizer (3)- JAMES RUDOLPH MOUNT, J. SAN FRANCISCO II. S., Engineering Mecbsnictl Engineering A. S. M. E. MANFRED MUELLER ORANGE A.B., Lrlttrs i J Science Ctrmitt ' -t Transfer from Sama Ana Junior College; Interchurch Council. PHILLIP M. MULLER OAR LA NO B.S.. Cbemiilr) En- gineering Chemisirv Honor Society. KOJI MURATA SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Lellm tmj Scirnct Henictl Sciences Japanese Students Club. BERT LANG MURMAN BERKLLLI A.B.. Lrtlrn tmi Sciemct Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Track (i); Reception Commit lee. EDITH LORRAINE ML ' SSER BERKELEY A.B., Letter tnj Scirmfe Sftmiih Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Delta Pi. AUDREY NAGEL BERREII A.B.. Lfttfrs tij Scifmc Lambda Omega. BARBARA FRANCES NASH A LAM EDA A.B.. Lellm nj Scirmrt Hillary Kappa Delta; El Circulo Cer- vantes; Y. V. C. A. (i) (a). Council I! I. Cabinet (4), Social Commission, Chairman a): Par- tbeneia (2); Elections Commit- tee; Class Committees. BARBARA LEIGH MOUNT BERRELEY A.B.. Lrtlm tnj Scirmre History Gamma Pbi Beta. CECIL STANLEY MOYER OAklAND A.B.. Lfttfrs twj Scitmcf Arcbittctmrt. ALICE STEWART MULFORD BERREXEY A.B., Letters mj Science Zoology Internationa] House; Deutscher Verein: Pre-Medical Club; L ' AI- 1 lance Franchise, Secretary (a), President (3). ROSE MUNGUIA SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters tmd Sciesce- Sptmisb frnrb. DANA MURDOCK, JR. OAKLAND A.B., Letters mj Sfieace Potiticil Scifmcf Delta Tau Delta; Basketball (i) (I) (J) 4); Track (i). ROY A. MURRAY, JR. BERKELEY B.S.. Commerce Economics Tau Delta Chi; Delta Sigma Pi: Circle " C " Society. STELLA KING MYERS BERKELEY A.B., Letters tmi Science - EmglitA. SYRA FLORENCE X AMMAN SAN FRANCISCO A.B.. Letters tnl Sciemfe History. IVAN H. NASH HANFOKD B.S., Engiwferimg Mtdtfttifsl Emgimfefimg Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Kappa Delta Rho. 103 ANN DEV1NE President V. A. A. BENJAMIN H. NEIDEN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science His- tory Physical Education Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tennis (i) (2) (3) (4). CARL ERNEST NELSON FAIRFAX B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Bowles Hall. ISABEL NELSON APTOS A.B., Letters and Science Anthropology Areta; W. A. A., Rifle Team. ROBERT w. NELSON OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Senate Debating Society ; Com- merce Association; Bowles Hall, Administrative Boa rd . THOMAS DURWARD NESBITT SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Circle " C " Society; Varsity Basketball (3); 1.4, li . Basket- ball (2) (3). ERVIN NEUDELMAN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science History. GEORGE NELSON NEWHALL BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- gineerittg Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; A. S. U. C. Band. GEORGE T. NORDSTROM BERKELEY B.S., Agriculture Forestry Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Foot- ball (i) (3); Track (i); For- estry Club, Treasurer (3), Presi- dent (4). MARGARET ANN NORTON PACIF IC GROVE A.B., Letters and Science History Daily California (i); Tennis (i); Newman Club. MARY C. NEILSON M AKI ISLAND A.B., Letters and Science Art Transfer from University of Hawaii; Kappa Alpha Theia. DOROTHY ISABELLE NELSON PIEDMONT A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Health Phi Delta; Lambda Upsilon; Kappa Phi, President. PRENTISS CARL NELSON PifDMONT B.S., Engineering Mechanical Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Secretary (3) , President (4) ; Sigma Xi; Phi Tau Theta; A. I. E. E., Chairman (4). WALTER OLIVER NELSON LOMITA B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering. STEPHEN B. NETHERBY BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Banking. HtLEX CLARA NEUMANN BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Art. MINNIE MARIE NIELSEN WATSONVILLE A.B., Letters and Science Economics Lambda Omega; Women ' s Ad- visory (O (4); Daily Califor- nian; W. A. A.; A. S. U. C. Social Committee (i) (2) (O: Class Committees; Senior Week Committee. LOUISE MARIA NORTON PASADENA A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; P. E. Majors Club; W. A. A. VALDA G. NORTON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science German Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; German Club, Vice- President (4) ; W. A. A., Tennis (?) (4). JOHNNY MILBURN Pelican Advertising Manager 104 1 EVERETT FORBES NOURSE OAKLAND B.S., AgridtJtmre Forestry Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club: Glee Clob, Organist; Junior Fare . THOMAS LESLIE OATES SACJLAMENTO Jl., Lrf eri Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Bowie. Flail. T AKEO OSAMOTO S x FKANCISCO B.S., Commerce Foreign TrmJte Japanese Sndencs Cl.b. FLORENCE I Oil SE OLIVER PIEDMONT A.B., , Germn. CHARLOTTE L. OLSEN OAKLAND A.B., Letters mJ HomsehoU Art Guild of Applied Arts. CORNELIUS W. 0-XEILL PO T COSTA A.8., Lrttrrs mmj Srirmre EcomomJfl College. HIROSHI ONISHI ' . ' .ATEO B.S., CemmfTcr Jfatfwsi AJ- Traotfer from Sao Vlaceo Junior College; Japanese Stodents Club. JAMES CLAYTON ORR OASLAVD A.g.. Letters tmj S -ir,(- P Pki M Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Election! Committee. (4). ALBERT CHARLES OSLER GAIT A.B.. Utter, tmj Sfirmtt Zoo or, Theta Upnlo. Onega. EVELYN B. NYSTROM MODESTO A.B.. Letters tnj Sciemte H or Transfer from Modesto Junior College. TFffiODORE TSUTOW OHASH1 STOCKTON A.B.. Letters tmi Sfietfe tbysicgt EJmfftiom Hygieme Japanese Studenti Club: Golden Bear; Big " C " Society; Varsity Basketball () (a) (3) 4 J. MARGUERITE J. OLIVA OAKLAND A.B., Letters mnm Science History Alpha Delta Pi; Bine and Gold Managerial (a); V. A. A., Bas- ketball Manager. Tennis, Ftock- ey: Intramural Teams. ROLAND IRVING OLIVER GLENDALE B.S., Commerce Foreigm Transfer from Glendale Jonior College; Pan Xenia (;}, Presi dent (4); Commerce Asi tion (j) (4); Derby Day mittees (3) (4). E. MELBA OLSEN PETAI.CMA A.B., Letters tmj Sfietife History Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Dormitory Association. FLORIAN LOUISE O ' NEILL SAN FANcjco A.B.. Letters tmj Sfienct " fr- lic LIONEL ORMSBY OAKLAND A.B.. Letters ml Sfie n History. VALTER SCOTT ORR Los ANGELES B.S., Commerce Foreign TnJe Transfer front University of Southern Californii; Sigma Pki Epsilon; Delta Phi Eps ' lon. DUDLEY EDVARD OTT OAKLAND B.S.. Emgiwerrimg Electrical gimerimg Eu Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E. 105 GVEN BEAXTR President Prytanean NI II MARIAN LUCILLE OWENS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Household Art Guild of Applied Arts; Treble Clef; Y. W. C. A., Music Com- mission; W. A. A., Tennis; Dormitory Association. GEORGE CLEMENT OYAMA Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Japanese Students Club. JACK GEORGE PAHL BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Chemistry Transfer from Stanford Univer- sity and Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Theta Chi; Alpha Chi Sigma. ALBERT CATON PAIVA BERKELEY 6.S., Chemistry Chemistry. ELIZABETH D. PANERO WILMINGTON A.B., Letters and Science- Zoology Transfer from Long Beach Jun- ior College. WILLARD HENRY PARK SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering. MARY EVELYN PARKS ORANGE A.B., Letters and Science Household Science Y. W. C. A., Council (3). MIRIAM PARRISH TULSA, OKLAHOMA A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Marot College, Connecticut; Delta Delta Delta. HELEN LUISE PATCH SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science-- Psychology Alpha Gamma Delta. JOHN CORNING OXTOBY SAN ANSELMO A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Bowles Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon. CLARA ELEANOR PACKARD MENLO PARK A.B., Letters and Science Economics Alpha Xi Delta; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican (i) (2) (3); Women ' s Advisory (2); Deputa- tions (2) (3). ROBERTA LEE PAINE MARIPOSA A.B., Letters and Science- English Alpha Gamma Delta. HARRIET LOUISE PALMER PALO ALTO A.B., Letters and Science- History . W. C. A., Music Commission; W. A. A., Tennis Manager (3), Women ' s Tennis Manager (4). MARION EADY PARK SAN PEDRO A.B., Letters and Science Puh- lic Speaking Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Pi Sigma Gamma; Orchesis; Li i tie Theatre; W. A. A. CARLETON BENTON PARKER SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Theta Kappa Nu. ELIZABETH SARAH PARRISH BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Calvin Club; W. A. A. ROBERT CLIFFORD PASCOE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science fbytfotl Education Football; Wrestling. JAMES BRUCE PAYNE, JR. BAKERSFIELD B.S., Commerce Finance Alpha Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi; Daily Californian (i) (2); Track (i) (i); A. S. U. C. Card Sales, Chairman (4); Senior Week Fi- nance Chairman. CORINNE HELLIER Chairman Women ' s Executive Committee 106 RUSSELL D. PAYNE BERKELEY A.B., Letters J Science Efomomics Transfer from Sacramento Ju College. MARY EVALYN PEAT NAPA A.B., Letters J S Hntory. ETOILE PECK BEA.KELET A.B., LfttfTt tmJ Scifmcf HonseMJ Art Sigma Kappa; Prytaoean; Y. W. C. A., Council (2), Cabinet O). President (4); Treble Clef; Women ' Executive Cocnm 1 1 tee ; Senior Week, Subduirnua. ANNETTE FRANCIS PELT2 B EKK.ELXY A.B., Letters mj Scifmcf English Thalun Player ; Treble Clef ; California i) : Lit- tle Theatre. JASPER A. PERINO CHICAGO A.B., Lettert tmj Science Zoology Transfer from Crane Junior Col- lege, IlliooU. RUTH VIRGINIA PERRINE OAKIAXD A.B., Letters tmj Sriemre Art. HARRY E. PETERS, J. PlTTSBUKC A-B., Letters tmi Sciemct MeJicsl Sfifufff Tau Kappa Epsilon. BERNICE EDWINA PETIRslN S%N FRANCISCO A.B., Letters tmj Scie History Lambda Omega. THELMA KAREN PETERM N A.B., Letters tmj Sciemcf Art Sigma Phi Beta; V. A. A.; Partbeneia: Honor Student Ad- visory Bureau . VADIM NICHOLAS PCHELKIN BEKKELET A.B., Letters J Sftfm Transfer from University Cincinnati; Beta Then Pi. LEIGH HUNT PEAVY ftanraBHM B.S., Commfrcf Economics Transfer from San Jose Junior College; Alpha Omicron Pi. LEO RICHARD PEDEMONT OAK. LAND A.B., Letters mj Scifmcf Economics Phi Gamma Delta. VESTA PEREIRA OAKLAND A.B., Letters nl Sciemfe Economics Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege. ROGER WALLACE PERKINS BEKE.ELIY A.B., Letters mm4 Scifmct Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa: Kappa Kappa Psi; A. S. U. C. Band. ELEANOR LOIS PERSKE ELB.EKA A.B., Letters tmj Science History Sigma Kappa. LEANOR MARY PETERS OAKLAND A.B., Letters W Sciemcc Ecomomict Pi Phi Delta; Honor Student Ad- visory Bureau ; Honor Student Assistant to Faculty Adviser. MARJORIE A, PETERSEN DDDOH B.S., Commerce Fi f cf Transfer from Mills College and Sacramento Junior College; Phi mm. ANNA T. PETERSON SAC A M E NTO A.B., Letters mi Sciemce Psychology Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Alpha Xi Delta. 107 ART POWELL Manager Blv and Gold EVELYN MABEL PETERSON CHINO A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Chaffey Junior College; Y. W. C. A.; L ' Alli- ance Francaise. MARIANNA PEYTON STOCKTON A.B., Letters and Science Latin Transfer from College of the Pa- cific. HOMER CHILVERS PHEASANT HOLLYWOOD A.B., Letters and Science Medical Sciences Transfer from Loyola University. HELEN GRACE PHILLIPS GLENDALE A.B., Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Glendale Junior College; Areta; Pre-Medical Club. ROMA DELIGHT PHILLIPS OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Philorthian; Little Theatre (i) (2); Women ' s Varsity Debating; Forensics Council; English Club Play. ARDLE C. PIERCE SANTA BARBARA B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Santa Barbara State Teachers College; Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Californian Pro- motional Staff (3) (4); Derby Day Committee (3). HERBERT WILEY PIERCE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Santa Maria Jun- ior College; Bowles Hall; Track (3) (4). RUTH ANN PIERCE SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science Latin Zeta Tau Alpha; W. A. A.; Tag Day Sales; Class Committees. A 2ALMAN PINTOW HAIFA, PALESTINE B.S., Agriculture Subtropical Horticulture Circle " C " Society; Society of Subtropical Horticulturists. ROBERT F. PETERSON OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Ch ' il Engi- neering Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Crew (i) (2) (3) (4). MARCELLE EMILY P! RANG OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Household Art Alpha Delta Pi; Little Theatre, Costume Committee; Y. W. C. A.; Interchurch Council (2) (3). GORDON F. PHELPS SAN LEANDRO B.S., Commerce Economics Theta Delta Chi; Phi Phi; Track (i); Reception Committee (2); Rally Committee (3), ROBERT HOOPER PHILLIPS Los ANGELES B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Transfer from U. C. L. A. CHARLOTTE PICKERING SAN MARINO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Pomona College; Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Farce. GORDON HUGH PIERCE OAKLAND A.B. r Letters and Science Political Science Theta Chi; Daily Califorman (i) (2); Deputations (3) (4); Pelican (2); Brick Morse ' s Col- legians (3) (4); Crew Manage- rial (2); Class Committees. RUSSELL PIERCE SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Scicac Economics Kappa Sigma. ERIC HERBERT PIERSON BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Business Ad- ministration Transfer from Oregon State Col lege; Tau Kappa Epsilon. WILMA AMELIA PIRAG SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics. BYRON LUTHER Senior Track Manager 108 ESTHER ELIZABETH PITMAN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science English Phi Delta. DELWIN HOVE POE SUTTER CREEK A.B., Letters and Science- Mathematics. BERNABE ALCANTRA PONS VIGAN, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS A.B., Letters and Science Economics Filipino Students Club; Inter- national House; Y. M. C. A., International Cabinet. HARRY WILLIAM POOR SANTA ANA A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Transfer from Fuller-ton Junior College. ITHIRA CORINE PORTER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Phi Omega Pi; Treble Clef (i) i . Vice-President (3), Presi- dent ( 4 ) ; Women ' s Masonic Club: Personnel (i) (l) (j); Women ' s Rally Committee (i) (2) (3) ; Women ' s Advisory Captain (4); Little Thca- ] (4); Dramatics Council; Women ' s Executive Committee; Tag Day Sales (i) (3)- JOHN HAROLD PORTMAN BAKERSFIELD B . S . , Com merce Economics. ARTHUR S. POWELL MAKYSVILLE A.B. r Letters and Science Political Science Phi Gamma Delta; Pi Delta Ep- nlon: Alpha Delta Sigma; Blue and Gold (z) (3), Manager (4); A. S. U. C. Band (i) (2); Senior Peace Committee. MARY CORDELIA POWERS RODEO A.B., Letters and Science M A ret a. ELIZABETH PRESTON ROSETILLE A.B., Letters and Science E nglish Transfer from Sacramento Junior College: Women ' s Masonic Club; Dormitory Association. CARLA MARIA PLUMP PIEDMONT A.B., Lettfrt end Science Music Alpha Phi; Torch and Shield; Ace of Clubs; Intramural Sports, Chairman. HELEN MARGUERITE POLLACK OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Art. JOSEPH JOHN PONTIER DLNSMUIR A.B., Ltttm and Science Medical Sciences Bowles Hall; Newman Hall; Pre- Medical Club. EGOR PAUL POPOFF SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- nffring Bowles Hall; Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon. MARJORIE LOUISE PORTER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Chi Omega ; Women ' s Rally , Chairman (4) ; Class Commit- tees. LOUISE TODD POSEY SAN MATEO A.B., Letters and Science Mnsic Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; California Honor So- ciety. SUSAN ELIZABETH POWELL OAKLAND A.B., Letteri and Science Political Science Delta Zeta; Daily Californian ( i ) ( 2 ) ; Women $ Advisory , Captain; Junior Informal, Gen- eral Subchairman; Senior Infor- mal, Reception Committee Sub- chairman ; Deputations ; Par- theneia Publicity Committee (2); Crop and Saddle (3). BETTY PRELAT BERKELEY, Letters and Sciena History Theta L ' psilon. BARBARA HELENE PRINCE SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science French. 109 SE-MARIE DICKINS President Pan-Hellenic LOUIS PROSIN ROSEMEAO B.S., Engineering Mechanic til Engineering Transfer from U. C. L. A.; A. S. M. E. UGO JOSEPH PUCCI SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science- Medical Sciences International House. FRANK MORGAN PUMERVILLE BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Transporta- tion A. S. M. E. HENRIETTA LOUISE RAHMER SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science. DOROTHY FRANCES RAITER MONTEREY A.B., Letters and Science German International House; Deutscher Vcrein; L ' Alliance Francaise; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. JAMES BRIERTON RANEY NAPA B.S., Commerce Economics Alpha Delta Phi. LOIS MARY RANSOM MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA A.B., Letters and Science English. ELIZABETH C. RATHBURN SEBASTOPOL A.B., Letters and Science- Bacteriology Transfer from College of the Pa- cific; Kappa Phi ; Lambda Up- silon. JANE REA OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Economics Alpha Omicron Pi; Prytanean; Women ' s Advisory, Captain (4); Intramural Board (a) (j) (4); Governing Board of Senior Wo- men ' s Hall; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee, Subchairman (4) ; Senior Ball Committee, Subchairman. DOROTHY ESTHER PROST SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science English Alpha Delta Pi. Z. CAROL PULCIFER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English Women ' s Masonic Club; Y. W. C. A., Music Commission ( i ) a)(j). Cabinet (i) (3); Treble Clef (i); Women ' s Masonic Glee Club (2); W. A. A. (3); Wo- men ' s Advisory (2) . POWELL H. RADER MARICOPA B.S., Commerce Economic Bachelordon; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Phi Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; A. S. U. C., President; Daily Californian Managerial ( i ) (2) (3); Student Affairs Committee. THEODORE CHARLES RAINES BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Anthropology Omega Psi Phi; Track. CORNELIA ALICE RANDALL WHITTIER A.B., Letters and Science- Spanish Transfer from Fuller ton Junior College; Alpha Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. (2) (3); Women ' s Advisory (3 ) ; Honor Student Advisory Bureau (3) (4); Class Committees. VICTOR CRAWFORD RANKIN LACUNA BEACH A.B. f Letters and Science History Chi Psi; Skull and Keys. GERALD FRYE RAPP FULLERTON B.S., Commerce Business Ad- ministration Transfer from Fuller ton Juni College. S. STEVEN RATTO SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Transfer from San Matco Junior College; Architectural Associa- tion. DANIEL J. READY WATSONVILLE A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Hoi lister Junior College; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BILL ALVING Manager Daily Californian, Spring 110 EDITH ESTHER REDIT MoNTEEELLO A.B., Letters enJ Science EJncttion Transfer from U. C. L. A. International Hoose. NORMAN LOUIS REED SAN FKANCISCO A.B., Lettert tnJ Science Physiology. GEORGE ANDERSON REEVES LONG BEACH B.S.. Commerce Foreign TrsJe Kappa Alpha; Varsity Yell Leader : Senior Peace Commit- tee; Rallv Committee. GEORGE CHARLES REGAN SAN FRANCISCO .4-B., Letters tnJ Science English Transfer from University of San Francisco. HUGH ML ' NRO REINER SANTA MARIA A.B. r Letteri ml Science History Transfer from Occident ! Col- ROBERT EARL REMY PASADENA B.S., Emgimeerhig Tr nSf irt - tioa Transfer from Pasadena Junior College: A. S. M. E. MARGARET T. REYNOLDS CUUOOL A.B., Letters t J Science Zoology Transfer from San Benito Junior College. EDWARD JAMES RICE, JR. OAKLAND A.B., Lettert tmj Science Political Science. FRED VINCENT RICHARD OAKLAND B-S., Mining Minimg Alpha Kappa Lambda: Tbeta Tau: Football. DAVID FRANCIS REED BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Foreign TrtJe. HOWARD EDWARD REESE SAOLAMEXTO B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Chi Phi. ANNE ELIZABETH REGAN OAKI_ ND A.B., Lettert tnd Science Economic! Treble Clef; W. A. A.; Class Committees. GRACE MARIE REINEMAN BERKELEY A.B., Letters J Science Germtn A. S. U. C. Social Committee (i); Y. W. C. A. Drive (}). FRANK GUSTAV REMPEL BERKELEY A.B. r Letters tnJ Science Architecture Glee Club. MARGARET L. REYNOLDS ALAMEDA B.S., Commerce Economics Delta Delta Delta. RUTH REYNOLDS FALL RITEK MILLS A.B. r Letters tnJ Science Household Science. JOEL VIRGIL RICE, J. BERKELEY B.S., Engineering ltchtmictl Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda. EDWIN R. RICHARDS BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics Sigma Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon: Beta Tan; Delta Sigma Pi. 111 CAROLYN JOHNSON Women ' s Debating Manager MICHAEL JAMES RICHARDS CORONA B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from Riverside Junior College. MARY LOCKE RICHARDSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economic! Transfer from Mills College. ADAM J. RICHTER KNIGHTS LANDING B.S., Commerce Economics Newman Club; Football (i) (2) (3) (4); Baseball (i); Little Theatre (i); Vigilance Commit- tee (i) ; Sophomore Labor Day Committee. CHRISTINE HILKA RINNE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Music Art Theta Upsilon, WILFRED T. ROBBINS DAVIS A.B., Letters and Science Economics Theta Delta Chi; Glee Club; Glee Club Orchestra; Football; House Managers ' Association. GEORGE RUSSELL ROBERTS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science English Phi Gamma Delta; Tennis, Sec- ond Varsity. VIVIAN BLODWYN ROBERTS SAN RAFAEL A.B. t Letters and Science English Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Women ' s Advisory (3) ; Group System. EVELYN LOVIE ROBINSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History. LOUIS REUBEN ROCKHOLT YUBA CITY B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. M. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON MADERA A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Group System (i); Rifle (2) (3). ALLAN B. RICHMAN SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Daily Californian Managerial (i) i). BERT HAROLD RICKETTS WESTWOOD B.S., Commerce Economics Del Rev; Phi Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Senior Men ' s Representative; Junior Day, Chairman ; Senior Week, General Chairman. SIGNE IRENE RIVERS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Household Art Luther Club, Vice-President; A. S. U. C. Social Committee; Lit- tle Theatre, Properties Commit- tee; Parthencia Committees. AILEEN M. ROBERTS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science History Alpha Delta Pi. MILDRED PAULINE ROBERTS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science- History Alpha Delta Pi. JEANNE ELLA ROBERTSON BODEGA BAY A.B., Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. F. WILBUR ROBISON SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- gineering A. S. C. E. HERBERT S. ROEMER PIEDMONT B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho. GEORGE WOLFMAN Varsity Baseball Captain 112 BEVERLY V, ROHRBOUGM Cavfuo B.S., Commrrcf Economics Thcta Chi ; Kappa Kappa Psi; Brick Morse ' s Collegians -. ) (4); A. S. U. C. Band (3)- EVERETT IRVING ROLFF SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Lftffrt tnj Science Ecomomict Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; International House. Associate. JOHN THOMAS RONAN VALLEJO B .S. , Engineering Mcclnnicil Engineering Phi Beta Kappa ; Tau Beta Pi ; Quarterdeck. MARVIN ROSENBERG SACRAMENTO A.B., Lfttrrs tnt Science English Kappa u; Pi Delta Epsilon; Occident U) (3 ). Edi; Daily Oliforniao (i) 12 Pelican (i) (i) (3); Publica- tions Council: Forensic Council; Congress Debating Society i ) (z) (5), President (4); Debat- ing (i); V. C. Debating Gold Medal ,3); Arnold Debate Trophy (4) ; Junior Infprmal, Publicity Chairman. DORIS LILIAN ROSS " MX FI.ANCISCO A.B., Letters tnl Science Economics Phi Omega Pi; Vomen ' s Masonic Club; Y. V. C. A., Council; Partheneia (i) (i); Class Com- mittees. I-EL1X RAFAEL ROSSI, J. RoBKINS A.B., Lfttfrt tnj Science y tJiftl Sciences Transfer from Sacramento Junior College and t " . C. L. A.; Theta Delta Chi; Nu Sigma Xu; First Year Medical Class, President; Track (2) (i). HOVARD MARSHALL ROVE V A LLE JO A.B., Letters mnl Scirmfe Economics. VILFRED HUGHES ROY SAX BEKNAKMNO B.S., Emgimtrrimg Electrical Ea- gimsfrimg Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E., Treasurer (4). DONALD MADISON RLBEL BEXE.ELEV B.S., Agricmltttrf Economics Alpha Delta Phi. CLARA ROITENSTEIN BERKELEY A.B., Letters smJ Science ftyebology. VADE C. ROLLINS HoiJ-wooo A.B., Letters tnl Science Mttbfmttics Transfer from Los AngeJet Jun- ior College; International House; Cross-Country Team (2). AVIS JEAN ROSE MODESTO A.B., Letters tni Sfifmce HomirkolJ Art Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Beta Sigma Omicron. SYLVIA EUDORA ROSENQUIST BERKELEY A.B., Letters l Scirmff Pmb- Mask and Dagger; Little Theatre. VITTORINA B. ROSSELLO OAKLAND A.B., Letters tnl Science- Hit tor) Uilitm Italian Honor Society. D. ROTHBARD-SCHVARTZ Nrv YORK CITY. N. Y. A.B., Letters mnl Science- S7t ic L mgm ges Transfer from College of the City of New York; Phi Beta Kappa; Hillel Foundation. JUDITH ELINOR ROVELL FRESNO A.B., Letters tnl Science Philosophy. LILA GAYLE ROYCE FALL RIVER MILLS A.B., Letter ' s tmJ Science Economics Eteri; Calvin Club; V. A. A., RiD e, Tennis, Canoeing. DOROTHY B. RUBEL BERKELEY A.B.. Letters J Scie HofSfholJ Art Sigma Kappa ; Mortar Board ; Prytanean; Guild of Applied Arts; A. S. U. C. Social Com- mittee, Chairman (4) ; Treble Clef (2) (3) (4); Y. V. C. A. (i) (2) (3); Vomen ' s Execu- tive Committee; Class Commit- 113 EILEEN DELMORE Vomen ' s Editor Daily Californian, Spring ELOISE JANICE RYAN MADERA A.B., Letter$ and Science Spanish Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Delta Pi; Honor Student Advisory Bureau (.1). MADLYN J. RYDBERG OAKDALE A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Modesto Junior College. EDMUND SALLOWS Los ANGELES B.S., Engineering Transporta- tion A. S. M. E. GLADYS E. SANDERS ROSEVILLE A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Women ' s Masonic Club. BEN ARAM SARKISIAN FRESNO B.S. , Com merce Economics. KATHLEEN M. SCANDRETT MERCED A.B., Letters and Science English Rediviva. BEULAH TERESA SCHINDLER BURLINGAME A.B., Letters end Science French Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; L ' Alliance Francaise. FRANK J. SCHLESSINGER SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Zeta Beta Tau ; Hammer and Coffin, Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Pelican ( i ) (2) (3), Manager (4); Publica- tions Council ; Little Theatre (i); De Molay Club (i) (2) (3), Secretary (4) ; General Chairman, Publications Day ; Class Committees. CARL EDWARD SCHNETZ OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Accounting Alpha Gamma Rho; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Californian Managerial (i) (2); Glee Club (i) (2) (3), Manager (4); Rally Committee (3) (4); Elec- tions Committee (3). JACK BENJAMIN Chairman Dramatics Council MARVIN ALLEN RYAN GARDEN GROVE B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from Fuller ton Junior College. I MARJORIE ROSE SACHS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Music Delta Zeta; Treble Clef; Little Theatre. EDA DAREEN SALZMANN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Spanish French Casa Hispana; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee. HAROLD F. SANDVICK Bl RKELEY B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Sigma Kappa Lambda; Commerce Association. HARLES RAY SARMENT HAN FORD A.B., Letters and Science- History Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College. MARTHA MINNA SCARLETT SUISUN A.B., Letters and Science Economics Chi Sigma Phi; Women ' s Ma- sonic Club. RL ' TH BARBARA SCHIRMER GRIDLEY A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Yuba County Jun- ior College; Women ' s Masonic Club; Daily Californian Promo- tional (i) (2); Women ' s Ad- visory; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee; Dormitory Associa- tion, Executive Committee; Y. W. C. A. Loan Fund Drive; Senior Week Committee. EVELYN M. SCHMIDT OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Economic Women ' s Executive Committee; Group System (2) (3), Chair- man (4) ; Women ' s Advisory (3X4); Blue and Gold Editorial (2) ; Class Committees. WILLARD B. SCHOENFELD SAN MATEO B.S., Commerce Economics Transfer from San Mateo Junior Col!e K e; Kappa Nu; Circle " C " Society; Soccer. 114 BERYL OLIVE SCHREIBER Quuin A.B., Lettm ml Scrraft tan Transfer from farin Junior Col- kg.. M. ELIZABETH SCHUSTER A-B. t Lettfrt mt Scitmff Zna Tau Alpiu; Prytanean Theta Sigma Phi; Esperam; Dailr Califomian (l) (l) (}), Auq- ciate Editor (4) ; Oats Commit- tees. BERYL NAOMI SCOTT BERKELEY AJt., Lettm , Efamomifi Treble Clef. MORN A XAISMITH SCOTT BERS.ELEY A.B., Lettm tmj Scirmrr Art Gamma Phi Beta; English Club; Italian Players; Little Theatre Costume Committee. LAVRENCE L. SEIFERT LINCOUJ A.B.. Lfttfti tmi Sfiemfe Tb sictl fJmfftiom Alpha Chi Rho; Phi Phi; Big " C " Society; Basketball (i ) (l) (3 (4). DAVID F. SELVIN TootLE, UTAH BS., CommfrctErmomin Transfer from Ifcnlo Junior Col- lege; Kappa Nu; Golden Bear; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Califomian (a) (j). City Editor (4). FRITHJOF KENT SERKLAXD SAX FRANCISCO B.S.. Ewgiwffrimf tttffumiffl Ekctricd Emgimttrimg International House; Tan Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. MARY SEXTON BERKELEY A.B., LrHcri fmJ S. FRANCIS PARXER SHAFER SAN ANiELMO A.B., Ltlttn tmi Sritmre Hislorj Transfer from Mario Junior Col- lege- -P v ra L ' 4 P. ERNEST SCHULZ ButkEirv A.B., Le ttn . Geology Theta Chi; Hammer and Cofin; Tbeta Tau; Pdicaa, Circulation Manager. PRESTON MACK. SCHWARTZ SIEMLA MAMIE B-S., Emgimeerimg Ch ' ii E i- meerimg. CARMEN ANNE SCOTT PETALUM A.B.. Letters ml Sciemrr Hittory Dally Califomian Promotional (2); Class Committees. MARTHA ELIZABETH SECREST SAXTA BAHBAXA A.S., Letters Transfer from Pomona College; Pi Sipma Gamma; Women ' s Ma- sonic Club -,): Crop and Saddle Women ' s Advisory (4) ; Class Committees. DOROTHY GLUCK SELBACH PIEOUOVT A.B., Lrltfrs U. C. L. A. Transfer fr RAYMOND BERNARD SENS OAKLAND B.S., Emgimfertmg M rr E gi- mtfrimg T W Architecture A. S- M. E-; Engineers Council. HARRIET RUTH SEVERANCE MONTEREY B.S., Coiamfrcf Economics Phi Chi Theta, President; Blue and Gold (i); Women ' s Advi- sory; Commerce Association, VIce-President; W. A. A., Rifle. CHARLES SEYMOUR SAX FRANCISCO A.B., Utters mi Science History. MELVA A. SHAFFER VlSAUL A.B.. Lftteri tmj Srr History. 115 MARION EDNA SHANNON CARMICHAEL A.B., Letters and Science German Transfer from Sacramento Jun- ior College. HYMEN SHAPIRO SAN DIEGO B.S., Commerce Accounting Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. PAULINE RUBY SHARPE ONTARIO A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Chaffey Junior College; Little Theatre; Junior Farce. STANLEY ALFRED SHAYER SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Lambda Chi Alpha; Kappa Kappa Psi; A. S. U. C. Band (i) (2) (3) U). WILLIAM EDWARD SHEA SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Sigma Pi; Circle " C " Society; Mj-lb. Basketball (2) (3), Cap- tain (4). GEORGE F. SHERMAN OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Sdenc Biochemistry Europa. CHARLES LLOYD SHERWOOD BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Chi Alpha Kappa. ROBERT A. SHIREY BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science- History Alpha Delta Phi. KATHLEEN MERRITT SHUMAN BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History Delta Delta Delta. BOB PASCOE Varsity Football - ANN GERTRUDE SHAPIRO OAKLAND A.R., Letters and Science Economics. 1. RAE SHARP RIVERSIDE B.S., Commerce Accounting Transfer from Riverside Junior College; International House. I VII. MYRTLE SHAW PoRTERVILLE A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Porterville Junior College; Y. W. C. A. MARJORIE ANITA SHEA SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Pi Sigma Gamma; Women ' s Ad- visory (2) (}); Partheneia (2); Little Theatre, Art Staff (z) ; A. S. U. C. Social Committee (i) (2) ; Junior Women ' s Lunch- eon, Decoration Committee; A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee (4); Class Committees (i) (i) (3). CHESTER E. SHELLEY LONG BEACH B.S., Commerce Economics Alpha Sigma Phi; Circle " C " Society, Secretary (4) ; i4j-lb. Basketball (2) (4). ORMOND H. SHERRILL BERKELEY B.S., Mining Metallurgy. RIUZO SHIOTA SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Japanese Students Club. ILA LEE SHOOK CORNING A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Stanford Univer- sity; Delta Delta Delta. CORNELIUS HENRY SIEMENS FONTANA A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Sigma; Circle " C " Society (2) (3) (4); Honor Student Advisory Bureau ( j) , Council (4) ; Deputations Com- mittee (4) ; i4j-lb. Basketball (2 ) (} ) ; Interchurch Council O (4)- 116 MARJORIE IXEZ SIFFORD OAKLAND A.B., Letter mnl Science English Daily Califomian (i) (1); Oc- cident (i) (2) (j), Women ' s Manager (4); Partheneia Adver- tising Committee, Chairman (4) ; Class Committed. ROSALIE JANE SILVERBERG SAX FRANCISCO A.B., Lettert J Science Biochemistry Daily Californian (i) (2). GLENEICE MEYRAL SILVIA SAN FRANCISCO .B., Letters ml Science Economics Beta Phi Alpha. VALTER SIMON BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Mecbanictl Engineering A. S. M. E., Treasurer. BESSIE SIMPSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters snd Science Economics Theta Upsilon. MARTHA S. SLEDGE BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnl Science History. E. ELIZABETH SMART BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnj Science Economics Pi Phi Delta; Treble Clef. DONALD J. SMITH RIVERSIDE B.S., Africnlttrt Flint p,- tbology Transfer from Riverside Junior College. GEORGE H. SMITH GREAT FALLS, MONTANA A.B.. Letters snJ Scien English. FRANCES G. SILVA OAKLAND A.B.. Letters nl Science History. MURRAY A- SILVERNALE SANTA MONICA B.S., Agriculture Entomology Ptrmsitology Transfer from University of Southern California; Interna- tional House. KATHLEEN HELEN SIM VlS ALIA B.S-, Commerce Economics Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College. ALLASTAIR SIMPSON BAKERSFIELD A.B., Letters tni Science Architecture Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Kappa Delta Rho; Golf (2) (3), Manager (4)- GLEN EUGENE SINDEL SANTA Cnuz B.S., Agriculture Forestry Track (i). KATHARINE E. SMALLVOOD PLEAS ANTOX A.B., Letters snJ Science Economics Alpha Gamma Delta ; Pi Phi Delta: Class Committees. DELPHINE DELIGHT SMITH SAN DIEGO A.B., Letters tnJ Science English Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College; Dormitory As- sociation (3). FLORENCE EDITH SMITH SAN FKANCISCO A.B., Letters tmJ Science Economics. LAURIE CLARK SMITH motmman B.S., Engineering Transporta- tion Delta Sigma Lambda; A. S. M. E. 117 DONNA WICKS President Dormitory Association RALPH SCHELLHOUS SMITH LINDSAY A.B., Letters and Science Music Alpha Mu; U. C. Symphony Or- chestra. ROBERTA E. SMITH SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science Art Transfer from Sacramento Junior College, University of Oregon, and University of Mexico; Phi Mu. DOROTHY C. SMOLENSY SAN FRANCISCO A.B. t Letters and Science Zoology Personnel (2) (3) ; Partheneia, Program Committee (3). JEROME SNOW SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. LESLIE BURCH SNYDER, JR. OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Economics Phi Mu Delta. BRUNO CATELLI SOLARI GEYSERVILLE A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Delta Sigma Lambda; Sophomore Labor Day, General Chairman ; Junior Farce, Chairman ; Recep- lion Committee (2); Class Com- mittees. DOROTHY M. SON2OGNO SANTA CRUZ A.B., Letters and Alienee Spanish. CHARLES SPERONI ALAMEDA A.B., Letters and Science- Italian f re neb Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Iota. WALTER B. STAFFORD BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science English Tau Kappa Epsilon; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Foot- ball (i); Daily Californian (i) (2) (3), Managing Editor (4). ROBERT WAKEHELU SMITH Hi KM 1 I Y B.S., Engineering Irrigation Chi Epsilon. THELMA SMITH RED BLUFF A.B., Letters and Science- English. SEYMOUR WILLIAM SNAER BtRKELEY A.B. Letters and Science Art Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Daily Cali- fornian, Art Staff (i) (a) (5) (4); Pelican (i). WAYNE HORTON SNOVk Dl OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Mefhtniftl Engineering Zeta Psi. GLENN JOHN SOARES OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Electricil I n- gineering Theta Nu Epsilon ; Quarter- deck; California Engineer, Man- agerial (i) (2); Class Commit- tees. ARLENE LUELLA SOLLIE OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Mur Transfer from College of the Pa- cific; Sigma Phi Beta; Pelican; Women ' s Advisory; Hostess Committee. VERA EVELYN SPENCER ALAMEDA A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Hygiene Nu Sigma Psi; Orchesis; P. E. Majors Club, President; Calypso Club; W. A. A. REDMOND C. STAATS, JR. BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Scifitcc - Political Science Delta Upsilon. ELSA LOUISE STAMM UPLAND A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Pomona College. ELEONOR MORRIS Associate Editor Daily Californian 118 JAMES O. STANFORD LONC REACH A.g.. Ltltm lif Sfettimf Tra.fer from Long Beach Ju College. FLORENCE ELLA STAPLES SAN RAFAEL A.t., Lrtlm mmj Snrmtr HomsttoU Art Transfer from Mario Jonior Col- lege; Dormitory Coudl (3) (4); Smknc ACairs (4 : r ELEAN ' ETTE MILLS STAUFFER Busiin A.B., Lrltm imj Sti Traaufer from College of Holy Num. Oakland; Alpha Then Epsila.. MORROW F. STEADMAN Oumu A.t., Lrtlm tmj Sciemrr tmb- lir Sfettimf Bachdordoo: Pin Phi; Circle " C " Society: Swimming (j) iater Polo (3) (4). CLARA STEINSAPIR X-8.. Lrltm mj E-comowics Phi Signs Sign . RICHARD HART STEUBEN FKA ia Cisco .S., Commerce fareifm Trttt Pi Kappa Phi; Paa Xenia: Circle " C " Socierr; Batknball. THELMA K. STEM S v FKAXCJ A.B. t Lfttfri - -- Sigma Phi Beta: V. A. A. ALIOA HOLLAND STEVART RUL A.B., Lrtirrs fmj Science E.J II Intematiooal riouse: Mortar Board; Delta Sijma Rho, Secre- tarr; Fnfhik Ci,b; Emropa; of Forensic ; De- (J) (4 - JOHN A. STEVART A.B.. Lelten , - Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Phi Kappa Ta_ ROBERTA MELROSE ST ANTON SACK A flN7o B.S., Commerce Eroxomirs Transfer from Sacramento Junior CaAlege; Delia Zeta; Daily Cali- f o rn i an P rorooi ional ( J ) . BERNARD HILLEL STARK PIEDMONT -4.B., Lfttert J Srw Zcta Beta Tau ; H ammer and Coftn ; Rally Cxwnmiitee ( j ) . ERNEST C. STEAD1IAX QgamuM B.S.. AgnmltxTf AgrirIttirfi Bachclordon; Circle " C " So- ciety; SwimmiBg (a) (?) (4). MIRIAM JEAXNETTE STEELE A.B., Lfttcri smJ Scifmcf E glid Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board: Prytanean; Hammer and CofHn ; Pelican I ; , ) , Women ' s Diioctor (4); Y- V. C. A., Cabinet ( 3 ) ( 4 ) , National Rep- resentative 14); Vomen ' s Ad- visory ( ' 2) ( 5 ! ; Senior Women ' i Banquet, Chairman; Senior Wo- men " s Hall, Governing Board; Clan Committees. ELGOOD EDVARD STEPHENS BEB.KELET B.S,, Commfrcf Accommtiug Phi Sigma Kappa; Ashlar Club. DOROTHY EDITH STEVENSON PlEDMOVT A.B., Utters mm Scifmft Hut or y Delta Gamma; Prytanean: Per- sonnel, Ouirman (4); Vocoen ' s Execvtire Committee (4). THOMAS A. STEVENSON OAKLAND A.S., Lttttrt MtJ Sfirmcr EmglisA Pki Ta Tbeta, Secretary; Cfeess Clmfc, President; Vesley Players. JANET ELIZABETH STEWART SAK FRANCISCO A.B.. Letters tml STH- Zeta Tan Alpha. FRANCES MAUD STOCK SAN FxjtNCisco A.S., Lfttfri W Scie Transfer from Pomona College. 119 DICK TOZER Varsity Football Captain WES LACHMAN President Senior Class JOHN WILLARD STOUT, JR. SAN Luis OBISPO B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from California Poly- technic Junior College, San Luis Obispo; Chi Pi Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Chemistry Club (i) (3); Engi- neers Club (3) . JOSEPH A. STRINGFELLOW OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Advertising Transfer from Hum bolt State Teachers College. NORMAN ROBERT STULTZ OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Accounting. HENRY SUENDERMAN COLMA B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- gineering Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. NATE J. SULLIVAN OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science French Newman Club. VERA MARIA SWANSON SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics. MARJORIE KAY TAGGART CODY, WYOMING A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Utah State Agri- cultural College. ROBERT T. TAKENAGA BUENA PARK A.B., Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Los Angeles Jun- ior College; Japanese Students Club. PETER V. TAMARAS SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Delta Phi Epsilon. I RAH STRICKLAND SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science German Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Casa Hispana; Phi Beta Kappa; H onor Student Advisory Bureau; Senior Assistant to Fac- ulty Adviser; Deutscher Verein. TRACY C. STROHECKER PORTLAND, OREGON B.S., Commerce Transporta- tion Phi Chi Theta, Secretary (4) ; Women ' s Advisory; Y. W. C. A. Drive, Captain; Commerce Wo- men ' s Luncheon Committee, Chairman (4); Commerce Asso- ciation. ROBERT KAYE STURGESS GLENDALL B.S., Engineer in % Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Football (i); Crew (i ) (2) ; Gymnastics Team; Gymnastics Club. ALLAN J. SULLIVAN SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Marin Junior Col- lege; Beta Thcta Pi. BING SUN SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Pi Alpha Phi. HELEN ROBERTA SWAM M R BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking. KIKL ' O TAIRA FRESNO A.B., Letters and Science Medical Sciences Japanese Students Club. HARRY W. TAKKEN SANTA MARIA A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Santa Maria Jun- ior College; Theta Kappa Nu; A. S. U. C. Band (3). AUDREY ELIZABETH TANTAU BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Art Pi Beta Phi. 120 ALFRED JOSEPH TAPSON SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Lftteri tnd Scien Hitton Alpha Tau Omega. JEANNE ELIZABETH TAYLOR BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnJ Science Hn : Zcta Tau Alpha. ROBERT GRIFFITH TELFER MONTROSE A.B., Letter! J Science Economics. GERALD J. THOMAS HOLLYWOOD B.S., Engineering Electrical En give f ring Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College; A. I. E. E.; Tau Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Xu ; ' JOHN WICKSON THOMAS BERKELEY A.B., Letters tni Science Greek Phi Beta Kappa: Senate Debat- ing Society; Varsity Debating. MARGARET ANNE THOMAS OAKLAND A.B., Lftteri nl Science Bitt RUTH ESTHER THOMAS AHMEDA A.B., Lcttcrt ni Science Economics Phi Omega Pi; Daily California i 2 ) ; V omen ' s Advisory V. V. C. A, (i) (2), Count;! FRANK HOFMANX THOMPSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters mmj Science Artbitrctmrt Chi Alpha Kappa. ROBERT V. THOMPSON BEKKELET A.B., Letters ml Scirwcf Art Kappa Kappa Psi, Secreta: Delta Epsilon; A. S. U. C. Band (i) a (3) (4). ELLIS PAUL TAVERNETTI SALINAS B.S., CommtfTCt Economic Transfer from Salinas Junior College; Sigma Phi Sigma. DOROTHEA HELENA TEEBAY PIEDMONT A.B., LfttfTt J ScifKf Art Delta Ztfla; Newman Club; Blue and Gold (2); V. A. A., Swim- ming ; Crop and Saddle ; Pi r- theneia (:). ELIZABETH VRIGHT THOMAS Los ANGELES A.B., Letters ml Science Hiitory Transfer from U. C. L. A.; Del- ta Delta Delta; Crop and Saddle. HOWARD BERKELEY THOMAS OAKLAND A.B., LfHeri and Science Politics! Science Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Congress Debating Society, Vice- President. CATHERINE G. THOMAS OAKLAND A.B., Lettfrt tmj Sfience Mr frW Scifnfts Pre-Medical Club; Y. V. C. A. Crop and Saddle. MARY FENTON THOMAS BEKKELET A.B., Letters nJ Science Economics Kappa Alpha Theta; Women ' s Advisory; Y. V. C. A.; Wo- men ' s Student Affairs Commit- tee; Partheneia, Program Chair- man ; Velf are Council ; Class Committees. WILLIAM E. THOMAS, J. SELBV B.S. , Engineering Mechanic ! Engineering Transfer from University of Utah; Bowles Flail; Scabbard and Blade; A. S. C. C. Band O) U - LESLIE EDWIN THOMPSON SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Economics Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Phi; Big " C " Society; Tennis (5) (4); Class Committees. RUTH CECELIA THOMPSON OAKLAND A.B,, LfltfTt tnj Science HoMteboM Art Sigma Phi Beta; Women ' s Ad- visory. 121 MARY SUE BEDFORD Vomtn ' s Editor Blue and Gold WILLIAM TARO THOMSON ALAMEDA B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Tail Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. WILBUR EARL THORP OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Transporta- tion A. S. M. E. LORAINE LOIS THUT VlSALIA A.B., Letters and Scienct Spanish Transfer from Visalia Junior College; Sigma Delta Pi. JOSEPHINE E. TILDEN BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics Kappa Delta; Treble Clef (i) (1) (3) (4); Y. W. C. A., Council (4); Women ' s Advisory (2) (3) ; Class Committees; " Prince of Pilsen, " " Merry " Widow, " " Serenade " Casts. PAULINE MILDRED TOLL Los ANGELES B.S., Commerce Economics W. A. A. JENNIE JULIETTE TONG SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College ; Chinese Stu- dents Club. GERALD ENGOR TOWNE REDWOOD CITY A.B., Letter and Science Political Science Sigma Pi; Phi Phi; i 4 5-lb. Bas- ketball; Senior Yell Leader. RICHARD CHARLES TOZER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Economics Sigma Chi; Golden Bear; Foot- ball (i) (2) (3), Captain (4); Baseball (i); Vigilance Commit- tee; Senior Peace Committee. WILLARD B. TREADWELL SAN MATEO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM W. THORNBERRY SANTA ROSA A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Santa Rosa Jun- ior College. ROBERT H. THURMOND, JR. SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Scicnct Economici Transfer from Sacrame no Junior College; Kappa Alpha; Varsity Debating. THOMAS WILLIAM THWAITS WATSONVILLE B.S., Agriculture Entomology Transfer from Davis; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Aggie Football (i) (2); Aggie Boxing (i); President of Aggie Vigi- lantes (2). GEORGE EDWARD TILSON OAKLAND B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Alpha Chi Sigma; Circle " C " Society; Rifle Team (3). KATHLEEN MARY TOMPKINS OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Spanish Newman Club. HAROLD WILLIAM TOWER LODI A.B., Letters and Science Physics Opfometry Crew (i) (2) (3) (4). INMAN UEBER TOWNSLEY DOWNEY A.B., Letters and Science Philosophy. VAREE TRASK BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History Beta Sigma Omicron ; Personnel (i); Y. W. C. A. (2) (3) (4); Women ' s Advisory (4) ; Honor Student Advisory Bureau (4). DOROTHY M. TRUMBULL COALINCA A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Alpha Chi Omega ; Pry tanean ; Theta Sigma Phi; Blue and Gold Editorial (2) (3); Vocational Guidance Committee, Chairman. GRAHAM HEID Editor Pelican, Fall 122 E. PALMER TUCKER, JR. Los ANGELES B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Phi Gamma Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Kappa Kappa Psi: A. I. E. E.; Crew; Gymnastics Team; Gymnastics Club; A. S. U. C. Band. WILLIAM BURNS TUCKER RICHMOND B.S., Engineering Cifil Engi- neering Theta Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Ep- silon; Quarterdeck; A. S. C. E.; Track. BETTY TURNER OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Philosophy Delta Gamma. LESTER SCOTT TURNER CHICO B.S., Engineering Electrical En gineering Transfer from Chico State Teachers College. ARDELL TYLER FRESNO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from Fresno State Teachers College; Treble Clef. RUTH GRACE UP DE GRAFF OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Economics. YO UYEYAMA BERKELEY .B., Letters and Science Education Japanese Women ' s Student Club. STANLEY VALLERGA NAPA B.S., Commerce Accounting International House. GEORGE DENNIS VASILATOS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Pub- lic Speaking Little Theatre (i) (3) (4); Eight o ' clock Players; Glee Club (i) (2) (3); Baseball (i) (z) ; Military (3) (4), Rifle Team. GEORGE E TAFT B.S., Comnterc, Bachelordon. TUCKER GEORGIA ALLYNE TULLY BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Household Art. GREGG TURNER LAKE PORT A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. THOMAS PRICE TURNER SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Commerce Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Scabbard and Blade. SALLY Y. TYLER WATSONVILLE A.B., Letters and Science Psychology Blue and Gold (2); Honor Stu- dent Advisory Bureau (4); W. A. A. (i) z) (3). SILVERIO QUIACHON USISON CAPIZ, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Filipino Students Club. LEON VALIANOS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Pi Kappa Phi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Big " C " Society; Football (i) (i) C3 (4)- NATALIE VAN CLEVE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Household Science Phi Omega Pi; Prytanean; Alpha Nu, President (4) ; Women ' s Ex- ecutive Committee (3); Y. W. C. A., Cabinet (3); Labor Day Luncheon Committee, Chairman (z) ; Vocational Information Committee { i ) (z) , Chairman (3); Parthcneia (i) (z). HUASCAR A. VELARDE SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering A. I. E. .; Boxing; Swimming. 123 BILL PETERSON Varsity Bastbal ' l Ifflifll MARY ELIZABETH VILSACK PASADENA A.B., Letters and Science Political Science Delta Gamma; Ace of Clubs; Blue and Gold (2) ; Intramural Swimming. MABEL ANITA VIRENO SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Art Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. WILLIAM ARTHUR VOLLMER PIEDMONT B.S., Commerce Accounting Phi Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Track (i) (2); Cast, " Prince of Pilsen, " " Serenade. " GRAYDON DAVIS VOORHIES PIEDMONT A.B., Letters and Science Economics Transfer from College of the Pa- cific; Phi Kappa Sigma; Little Theatre. MYRA KATHLEEN WADDELL LONG BEACH A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Lambda Omega ; Parliament ; Women ' s " C " Society ; Pennant " C " Society; Blue and Gold (2); W. A. A. (i) (2), Rifle Manager (3), Treasurer (4); Y. W. C. A. (i)(2)(j); Women ' s Advisory (2) (3) (4); A. S. U. C. Social Committee ( i } (2) ; Class Committees. WALTER E. WAGNER BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Phi Pi Phi; T. O. C.; Architectural Associa- tion; A. S. U. C. Band (i) (2) (3); Glee Club (2). ZOE ALICE WALKER SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Economics Hammer and Coffin. NINA HARRIETTE WALLACE SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Aft Delta Gamma; Ace of Clubs; Torch and Shield, President (}); Daily Californian Promotional (i) (2); Pan-Hellenic Rushing Committee, Chairman (4) ; In- tramural Golf Manager (3 ) ; Class Committees (i) (2) (3) (4). IRMA WALLENIUS BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Pith- lie Speaking Lambda Omega; Oriental Honor Society. ANGELINA IONE VINE VACAVILLE A.B., Letters and Science- Chemistry. EFRAIM VISBAL BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA A.B., Letters and Science Economics International House. FREDRICK C. Vox DER LAGE Los ANGELES B.S., Engineering Civil Engi- neering Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi, Associate; Chi Epsi- lon; A. S. C. E.; Quarterdeck. JOHN VIDAK VUKOVICH JACKSON A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Phi Mu Delta; Baseball (3) (4). CLAUDE A. WAGNER, JR. SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Agriculture Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Swim- ming (i ) ; Water Polo. AGNES EMMA WALKER OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science History W. A. A., Hockey, Archery. EDITH WALL SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science- Botany Women ' s Masonic Club. RICHARD V. WALLACE SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Swimming (i) (2) ; Fencing Managerial (2) (3); Class Committees. DOROTHY FRANCES WALSH OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from College of Holy Names; Newman Club; Thalian Players; Little Theatre; Women ' s Group System; Partheneia, Stage Manager (4). ALIDA STEWART Forensics Commissioner 124 EUGENIA MARIE WALSH SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Ltttrrf tnd Science Efflilh Philorthian (l). Treasurer (3). President (4); Honor Student; Virsity Debating (l) (3) 4); Deputations (i) (3) (4): V- A. A., Hockey, Tennis, Ride; Wo- men ' s Advisory; Honor Student Advisory Bureau; Class Commit- tees. ARTHUR LEE WALTON SAN DIEGO B.S., Engineering ttecbsnictl Engineering Transfer from San Diego State Teachers College: A. S. M. E. DANA S. WARD BERKELEY A.B., Letters tnj Science. Economics Phi Delta Theta. MARY-PHYLLIS WARD BERKELEY A.B., Letters tni Science Hillary Phi Mu; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican: A. S. U. C. Social Com- mittee; Y. W. C. A. Drive; Class Committees. ORLAND FREDERIC WARE SAX JOSE B.S., Commerce Bxtiatss Or- gtnizttion Delta Sigma Phi. GLADYS A. WARREN OAKLAND A.B., Letters ni Scienci Economics Chi Sigma Phi. WILLIAM ALFRED WARREN tmvoun B.S., Engineering Electric ! En- gineering A. I. E. E. STEPHANIE SUE WARSHAUER OAKLAND A.B., Letters tni Scien Political Science Pi Beta Phi. GERTRUDE E. WASHBURN PACIFIC GROVE A.B., Letters t i Science Sftnisb Lambda Omega. SIDNEY A. WALTHALL MODESTO A.B., Letters ml Science tnt- lic Speiking Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Alpha Omicron Pi; Lit- tle Theatre; Vocational Guidance Committee. BETTY E. WARD SAN FRANCISCO A.B.. Letters Science Politics! Science Alpha Delta Pi. DOROTHY G. WARD SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters tni Science Art Transfer from Ohio State Uni- versity. VIRGINIA ELGIN WARD ANAHEIM A.B., Letters tn4 Science English Transfer from Fullerton Junior College; Beta Sigma Omicron. HANS WARKENTIN REEDLET B.S., Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from Reedley Junior College; Chi Pi Sigma; Wres- tling. THOMAS CHARLES WARREN Canoo. A.B., Letters tnj Scien folitictl Science Delta Upsilon; Phi Beta Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Scabbard and Blade; Blue and Gold Editorial (l) )); Student Affairs Committee (}), Chair- man (4); Crew (i); Orienta- tions Council (4); Senior Pil- grimage, Chairman. FLORENCE M. WARRENS CEDAR VILLE A.B., Letters nl Science Crrmtn Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. C. PATRICIA WASHBURN BERKELEY A.B.. Letters inj Science Art Sigma Kappa: Delta Epsilon; Deputations Committee. MARGARET L. WATERS CHICO A.B., Letters mi Science Pbysictl Eincttion Sigma Kappa; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. 125 MARVIN ROSENBERG Editor Occident WILLIAM OWENS W ATKINS SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Zoology Transfer from Pomona College; International House. LAUREN LEE WATSON OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Business Or- ganization Senate Debating Society. WARREN EDWARDS WEBB BERKELEY B.S., Engineering Cii ' il Engi- neering Lambda Chi Apha; Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck; Crew (i). MAY ELIZABETH WELCH BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Advi- sory; A. S. U. C. Social Com- mittee. FRANCIS DANIEL WELLS RIVERSIDE A.B., Letters and Science Mathematics Transfer from Riverside Junio College; De Molay Club. CHARLES ARTHUR WERNER SAN FRANCISCO B.S., Engineering Transporta- tion Theta Nu Epsilon. EDGAR ALBERT WEYMOUTH OAKLAND B.S., Commerce Economics Theta Chi; Pan Xenia; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican, Circulation Manager (3); Senior Class Sec- retary-Treasurer; Class Commit- tees. JULIAN MOORE WHITE, JR. WEED A.B., Letter and Science Economics Sigma Pi. DONNA WICKS Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Compton Junior College; Dormitory Association, President (4); Women ' s Execu- tive Committee (4). GORDON ARTER Sports Editor Daily Californian ALBERT WATSON BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science PM i hology. WILLIAM GEORGE WATT OLAA, HAWAII, T. H. B.S., Commerce Business Ad- ministration Transfer from University of Hawaii; Alpha Tau Omega; Del- ta Sigma Pi; Phi Phi; Rally Committee, Chairman ; Senior Peace Committee. CLARA BERNICE WEDUM LONG BEACH A.B., Letters and Science i ononiics Beta Sigma Omicron. VICTOR WELGE OAKLAND B.S., Engineering Electr ; cal En- gineering Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. LESTER NORMAN WELLS SACRAMENTO B.S., Commerce Economics Accounting Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. LOUISE HELEN WESTPHAL SAN FRANCISCO A.B., Letters and Science Political Science. EARL FRANCIS WHEELER BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Economics Alpha Delta Sigma. VIRGINIA CORNELL WHITE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science History Daily Californian Promotional ( i ) (2) ; Women ' s Advisory, Captain (3) (4); Y. W. C. A., Cabinet (3) (4); Women ' s Rally Committee; Partheneia (i). MARION LUCILLE WIEGEL OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science tfitfary. 126 WUKA ELIZABETH W1EGE1 A.B., Letters tmj Seiner Economic . EDWIN C. WILBUR Bi.XK.EH Y B.S.. Pi K pp Pfci. J. CORBIN VIUtS VACAVILLE B.S.. Comt Transfer from OrcgM. Saie O4- Cfe; Tbctl Clii. FRANCES EVELYN VILLAUD YWA OTT AJI.. Lettrrt .m. Srfrr Ecvmomirt Transfer from Yuba County Jun- ior College; Iater.uuo.ial Hovse, PATRICIA G. V1LLIAMS OAK., A.B. t Letter. n. ROBERT G. VILLIAMS FtJLLEXTON B.S-, Commfrrr Forfigm HELEN KATHERINE VILSEY CUKLAJTO A.B., LftifTs J Srw-w, . Fmgtnt, Kappa: Parliament; Daily ( i ) ; Deputations (i) (a) (5); Vanea ' s Advisory V. C. A. (i) (a); Class Committed.. MARCELLA WILSON PIEDMONT EJmcftion Beta Pki Alpha: W. A. A.; Wo- men ' s Advisory, Captain; Class MARGARET RAY WINKELMAN SACmAUEVTO A.K., Letters tmj Science Ctem Transfer from Sacramento Jentor Colleee; Iota Sirma Pi; Eta Mn Eprilon. IRVING H. WIESENFELD SN RAFAEL A.B-, Ltlttri tni Scicncr MeJicil Sciences Kappa N; Pki Beta Kappi (}). Student Couocil (4); Golden Bar: Pi Delta EpcUao; Kappa Kappa Pit; Pre-Medic I Club: Bine and Gold (i) (3), Editor Publications Council; la- terf raternity Council A. S. U. C. Rand (i) : (4) ; Hoaor Student Adrtwry Bureau; Oa Committee ; Sen- ior Peace Committee; Tennis HELEN HART WILCOX PIEDMONT A.B., Letters . History Alpha Pki. ELEANOR MARY WILKIN BTBKFIFY A.B., Letters J Scifnet Ihitory W. A. A.; Y. V. C, A. JOHN ALDEN WILLEY FKESNO A.B.. Lftlrrt i J Sriffrf- Efomomift Transfer from Fresno Teachers College. PATRICIA M. WILLIAMS SAN FRANCISCO A.B.. Letters tmj Sriemre P - !ic Spffkimg International Hone; Little Thea- tre Publicity (t) (l) (3), Vo- men ' s Manager (4); V omen ' s Executive Committee: Draaoatics Council, Secretary; Class Com- mittees. RAYMOND GODFREY VILLIS A ABDBM A.B., Letters i Sriemsi Architecture Delta Tan Delta. JANET FRANCES WILSON PASADENA A.B., Letters m J Science Economics Transfer from Pomona Colleee. RUTH VEATHERBE WINDSOR Jf., Letters imj Scirmct History. WILLIAM PAUL TINN LONG BEACH B.S., Engineering Electrics! En- g ' lffring Transfer from Fullerton Jvnior Colleee; Tan Beta Pi; Sigma Xi. Associate; Kappa Kappa Psi; A. I. E. E.; A. S. U. C. Band. GlENN ROGER Varsity Crew ' BENICHA LUCILE WOLERY OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Hygiene W. A. A.; Orchesis; Sophomore Song Leader; Life Saving Corps. GEORGE WOLFMAN Los ANGELES A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Baseball (i) (2) (j), Captain (4); Senior Peace Committee, Chairman. EDWINA BARBARA WOOD SUNNYVALE A.B., Letters and Science French International House. HAROLD ARTHUR WRIGHT SANTA ROSA B.S., Engineering Electrical En- gineering Sigma Phi Epsilon. LOUISABELLE WYTHE OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Architecture. CECELIA E. YEOMAN HAYWARD A.B., Letters and Science- History. EDITH MARIE YOKELA OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science Household Science Alpha Nu. DOROTHY HELEN YOUNG WINTERS A.B., Letters and Science Household Art Alpha Omicron Pi. MELVIN WALKER YOUNG Los GATOS B.S., Commerce Foreign Trade Transfer from San Jose State Teachers College; Delta Tau Del- ta;. Pan Xenia. FRANK BUCK Editor Daily Californian, Fall NORMAN CUSHMAN WOLF BERKELEY B.S., Commerce Accounting Sigma Phi; Crew (i) (2) (3). BERNICE MARGARET WOOD FORTUNA A.B., Letters and Science Spanish Women ' s Group System; Honor Student Advisory Bureau; Treble Clef. ERMA EUNICE WORLD A R BUCKLE A.B. t Letters and Science Spanish Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. ZOE ROBERTA WYLLIE BERKELEY A.B., Letters and Science Art Transfer from Goucher College, Baltimore; Alpha Chi Omega; Prytanean; Hammer and Coffin. JOSEPHINE O. YAGER I ONE A.B., Letters and Science History Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. MARGARET ANNE YOERK SACRAMENTO A.B., Letters and Science English Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Gamma Phi Beta. AGNES R. YOUNG PRUITA, COLORADO A.B., Letters and Science Physical Education Hygiene Transfer from Western State Teachers College, Colorado; Del- ta Zeta; W. A. A., Swimming, Tennis, Basketball ; Junior Or- chesis. LOTA YOUNG OAKLAND A.B., Letters and Science- Economics Gamma Phi Beta. MARION R. E. YOUNGBORG TURLOCK A.B., Letters and Science History Areia. 128 POE-ENC YU AMOT. CHINA A.B., Letters tmj Scirmcr Chinese Students Club; Interna- tional House; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Tau Delta: Honor Stu- dent Advisory Bureau. DOMINA ZARO SAN FRANCISCO A.B.. Ltlltrs tmi Scirmcr mttliom. CHARLES ALBERT ZELLER OUELUO A.B., Lettfrt tmJ Sriemft Toliticil Science Transfer from U. C. L. A-; Bowles Hall (l) (3); Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Sigma Alpha; Glee Cluh (a). MAXIXE MELBA ZUGG OAKLAND A.B., Lettm tnj Science falilirJ Scirnrr. MARIA LUIGIA ZALLIO SAOLAUENTO A.B.. Lfltrrs imj Science Lflim lltlilm Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; International House; Pi Mu Ion; W. A. A., Golf. HAZEL VIRGINIA ZEILOR RlVEKSIDE A.B.. Lrttm ml Science Transfer from Riverside Junior College; Kappa Phi. JAMES A. ZERBE AJt., Lfttfri jni Scirn Architecture Transfer from Fullerton Junior College. ANNA ZUPET CENTRAL CITY. SOUTH DAKOTA .4.8.. Lftffrs mml ScifBff History. SENIORS WHO HAVE PURCHASED ASSESSMENTS BUT WHO DO NOT HAVE PICTURES JACQUELINE ALLEN- BONNIE BARE HELEN H. BASSETT HELEN COX MADELINE EISTRAT ALFRED ETCHEVERRY SALLY J. EVANS ARTHUR V. FOSTER SAM GILL MARY E. GRAHAM STELLA M. HAIL MILES A. HERDA LILIA E. JOHNSON TILLMAN D. JOH ' FRANK J. JUCHTER. WAYNE P. McKEE DOUGLAS E. MANKE VIRGINIA MORAN HOWARD G. MORRIS GEORGE OLIVA ALVER J. OLSON ROBERT N. POLLACK ELIAS RABANAL GRACE REINEMAN HUGH REINER ROBERT WILLARD STEVENSON JENNIE JULIETTE TONG ROBERT D. TUCKER ED 1TATERBURY H- DONALD WEST SPRIGNEL P. WILEY, J. DAVIDA WOERNER SENIORS AT DIVISIONS JAMES f. ALEXANDER SAN FKANCISCO Ft.G., Pbirnucy. CEORGE ALDEN ANDERSON- SAN RAFAEL rt.C., rkrrnucy. EFFISIO CLAUDE A1IERIO OAKLAND PA.G-, fbntrmMcy Glee Oub, Librarian, Assistant Manager. KENNETH R. ANDERSON AJUZOXA PA.G-, tbtrmfcy Transfer from University of Arizona. 129 PAUL EDGAR ANDRES ALHAMBRA B.S., Agriculture Horticulture Zeta Xi; International House; Alpha Zeta; Track (i) (i) (3) (4). HENRY BARSAMIAN OAKLAND Ph.G., Pharmacy Class Treasurer (4) ; Class Ser- geant -at -Arms (2); Brawl Com- mittee; Interclass Football. ELMER VINCENT BERTELSON PIEDMONT D.D.S., Dentistry Psi Omega. ALPHONSE ADOLPH BORO SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy. ALEXANDER B. BROYER ROSEVILLE LL.B., Law Sigma Delta Kappa. JAMES HENRY CAREY POINT RICHMOND Ph.G. t Pharmacy Glee Club; Junior Class, Vicc- President; Vigilantes; Bonfire Committee. WARREN N. CHRISTENSON SELMA Ph.G., Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Glee Club. MYRON CROPSEY OAKLAND B.S., Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho; Tau Beta Pi. JAMES JACKSON DALE, JR. MOUNTAIN VIEW Agriculture Horticulture Band; Orchestra; Rally Commit- tee (3) (4); West Hall, Presi- dent; Inter-Hall Council; Intra- mural Basketball ; Intramural Baseball ; Boxing; Horticultural Round Table. NORTON A. ARCHER LODI D.D.S., Dentistry Xi Psi Phi; Theta Nu Epsilon ; Epsilon Alpha. MORRIS BASKIN SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy Press Club; Publications Staff; Basketball (a). GUIDO STEVE BIANCHI STOCKTON Ph.G., Pharmacy. KEITH BRECKENRIDGE GRASS VALLEY Ph.G., Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Senior Class, Presi- dent; Basketball; Brawl Com- mittee. GLENN STEMBRIDGE BUTLER SANTA ROSA Agriculture Dairy Industry Blue and Gold Dairy Club. GAIL E. CARTER MODESTO B.S., Agriculture Animal Husbandry Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Golden Hoof Club; Women ' s Activities, Chairman; Picnic Day Committee (4). LOREN ABBOTT COLBURN SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy. MARTHA CUMMINGS REDWOOD CITY Dentistry Dental Hygiene Alpha Kappa Gamma. CHARLES A. DALEY Mil LBKAI D.D.S., Dentistry Psi Omega. MARTHA CUMMINGS Dental Honor Student 130 DANIEL VALTER DANIELSOX tJS.. AfricmltfrrAwimtl Srsrart North Hall; Alpha Zeta; Sword a d Saatdals; Stodeat Bod . Ve- Presideat; Senior Class. Pres!- deat; Golden Hoof Club: A;ri- cmlniral Edocation Qb: Live- stock Judging Team (J); Day Committee (4). JAMES M. DENNY ETVA B.S.. Afrifmllmri Dtny IWati- AMu Gaau Uo; Golieo Hoof 0-k; Bl axl Gold D.irv k: El Kodeo ( ). (j); Acrint (J) 4 : f " Cril ()): hurfraurmitr 4 ); Tomi. (3) (4). ALLEN DUE4SON SANTA Rout US.. AfTiffUmrrDfiry Imjmt- 11 .nd Gold Dairy .UDOLPH I. EIDSVICX SAXTA RoSft Blue and Gold QUIT Cl.b: i FENTON ALBEIIT FIELD I IANC1SCO Glc. ab; Bukcihall: MARJOR1E MARIE FINK Oows LAKBUOC JUAX R. FLOREZ LIMA. PEKU JOHN F. FRANET JOHN COOPER GOLDEN FUSMO D.D .. Dtmlitlrj Xi Pri Phi. RAYMOND EUGENE DA TS MA THEZ Tb.G.. Tbrrmirt. LEON DOUGLAS M.G., Uo Pi Pfci; Brawl Committee. ANDREW MARLOVE DUNLOP AL-BLTIN PA-G.. PfcjTMTT Phi Delta Chi. FJfVIN VILL1 AM FERBER SAN FULNCISOO D.D3-, Dniistry Xi Pri Phi; Eptilon Alpha; Var- sitv Ric Team. JOSEPH ALFRED FILIPPINI OAKLAXD fkG., fktrmtcy Kappa Psi; Press Clb; " Pharma- Cal " Staff; Blae awl Gold Apoth- ecary Staff. LOYAL CREVS FLOOD SAN JOSE P4.G-. ?fc m..-i Phi Delta Chi. JAMES FRANCIS FORD YEKINCTON. NETAA Pi.G., 1 Kappa Pri. CARL LOREN GARRISON STANMSH J.S., Afnc itmrt Amimd CcMRBWff Alpha Gamma Rio; Scabbard and Blade; Sword and Sandals: Golden Hoof Clb; ExeOitive Committee. Sopkomore Represen- tative. Senior ReprweatatiTC, Secretary (4); Picnic Day Com- mittee; Junior Class, Secretary- Treasrer; Rally Committee i), r l... .- (j) ; Vigilance Com- mittee (a); Uterfraternity Base- ball (i) ( (J) (4): i Team (5). Mamager (4); Wres- tliS JOSEPH GORDON SAN FfcANdsco M.G., fktrmtcj Rio Pi Phi; Sndat Cooncil: Lightwei(ht Basketball. 131 JOHNKER Senior Dcatittry Oan HERBERT JAMES GRAHAM, JR. SACRAMENTO D.D.S., Dentistry Xi Psi Phi. VICTOR J. GUAGLIANONE SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy. WILLIAM WESSEL GUILFORD BERKELEY th.C., Pharmacy Basketball (4); Student Council (a); Glee Club (a). HENRY TARO HAYASHI OAKLAND B.S., Agriculture Plant Science. MELVIN G. HENNINGSEN HAYWARD D.D.S., Dentistry Xi Psi Phi; Phi Sigma Kappa. WILLIAM B. HE1CITT SANTA ANA B.S., Agriculture. GEORGE KENJI IWASAKI SACRAMENTO fh.G., Pharmacy Japanese Students Club. AGNES FLORENCE JENNINGS SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma; Sigma Kappa Theta; Basketball (2), (3) (4). JAMES ARATA KARAKAWA SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy Japanese Students Club; Press Club; " Pharma-Cal " and Annual Staffs. MARY ETTA GRATIOT OAKLAND Ph.G., Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma; Basket- ball. CREIGHTON N. GUELLOW NORTH HOLLYWOOD B.S., Agriculture. HALL DRYNAN HALL WlNTON Ph.G., Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Glee Club. CHARLES GORDON HAYCOCK UPPER LAKE B.S., Agriculture Pomology Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. JOSEPH GEORGE HERZOG CoURTLAND B.S., Agriculture Pomology Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Boxing (3) (4). MADELINE EVELYN HOIT SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma; Senior Class, Secretary; Girls ' Basketball ELBERT EICH I7UMI ALBANY PA.G., Pharmacy Basketball. WALLACE OVEREND JONES SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Football (i) (a (;); Octagon " C " (i) (a) j ; Big Game Bonfire Committee (a) ( ); Vigilante (a); Glee Club- (2); Brawl Committee ( ). DREXEL BERT KAVANAUGH SAN JOSE Ph.G., Pharmacy. PAUL MARCL ' CCI President Pharmacy Student Body 132 ARTHUR D. K.ETTERLIN SANTA ROSA B.S-. AfTinllmr, Dn ri Imdmi- nrj Philo Delphos: Alpha Zeta: Sword anil Sandals: Blue and Gold Dairy Club; Gilmore Agricul- tural Education Club: Senior Class, Secretary: Football ti ( ' ) (?) (4): El Rodeo. Manager (4); Glee Club a) ; Sopho- more Vigilante Committee. Chairman: Picnic Day Judging (I) (3) 4 . ROLLO o. LABERGE PHOENII. ARIZONA D.D.S., Drmtnlr-i Transfer from College of i cific; Delta Sigma Delta. AUGUST SALVADORE L.ROSA S v FftANClSCO rb.G.. Hvrmtr, Phi Delta Chi. JAMES ALBERT LATRENCE : ' : TEO Agriculture L mjut}t Dftifm Philo Delphoi: Golden Hoof Club: Horticultural Round Table: Interfraterairy Council (4). HAROLD F. LJND OAKLAND H.G.. rtvrmif, Student C iu : Glee i)( J) (})- JOHN ROBERTS LUNDGREN SAN RAFAEL Africnltmrc Ditrt ImJmllry Philo Delphos: Blue and Gold Dairy Club: Aggie Sta: Track J) (4): Football (,) . JOSE MAC1AS-SAR1A LEON. NICAKACUA fb.G., FREDERICK A. MANN OAKLAND n .c., nrm+ , Senior Football Team. VERN VILLMER MEADOVS FLOFXCi. Ok COX rb.G.,fbrrm, -,. C. RONALD KROL ' GH VATSONVILIX rb.G., Tbamtcy Phi Delta Chi; Vigilance Com- mittee: Student Council (3); Football (;): Basketball (3). RONALD FRANCIS LANGTON SAN FRANCISCO D.D.S.. Dfmlitlry Student Body President: Class President (l) (3) (4). VILLARD FRANCIS LARSON MEXLO PAKE Ph.G.. Pbfrmtcy Phi Delta Chi; Sigma Kappa Theta; Student Body TreasTirer (4). RAYMOND E. LEONARD SAN FRANCISCO Tb.G., Glee Club. ATTILIO GENE LORENZI SAN FRANCISCO Hl.G., rbtrm+ry Basketball. GEORGE H. McCOY RECDLEY fi .G., ?btrm cy Student Council , Junior Clas Representative. MAXYELL McNUTT, JR. BURLJNGAME AgrirmltmTf Anrmtl HmihtnJry Zeta Xi; Bona Amata. PAUL S. MARCUCCI SAN FRANCISCO Pt.G.. rbtrmtrr Student Body President: Senior Dance, Chairman ? } ; Junior Class, President: Brawl Com- mittee (a) (3) (4). SALVADOR JESSEL XIEJIA SAN FRANCISCO D.D.S., Dfnliilry. 133 RONALD LANGTON President Dentistry Student Body GEORGE WILLIAM MILLER, JR. SAN FRANCISCO P j.G., Pharmacy. REINHART IVAR MONSON SONOMA Ph.G., Pharmacy Brawl Committee (a). AMY LEONA MORAN SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; Sigma Kappa Theta, Correspond- ing Secretary; Sophomore Class, Secretary; B asketball. RONALD E. NOLDER Los ANGELES Agriculture. ANNETTE T. OCCHIENA SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma; Student Council, Assistant Student Sec- retary; Basketball (i) (3) (4). KENNETH PARK OUTLAND MODESTO Ph.G., Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Yell Leader (4) ; Glee Club (3) (4); Press Club (2) (3), Treasurer (4); Bonfire Rally Committee (4); Interclass Foot- ball (4); Blue and Gold Apoth- ecary (3). CHARLES H. OZANIAN FRESNO B.S., Agriculture. WILLIAM A. PERRY, JR. PETALUMA Ph.G., Pharmacy " Pharma-Cal, " Editor (4) ; Press Club (3) (4) ; Bonfire Rally Committee (3) (4); Brawl Com- mittee (4); Senior " Class, Ser- geant-at-Arms ; Blue and Gold Apothecary, Business Manager; Interclass Football (4) ; Glee Club (3) (4). AKIM S. RACHLIN OAKLAND Ph.G., Pharmacy. CLAUDE F. MINCHIN SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy. JASPER CAIN MONTI BERKELEY Ph.G., Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Glee Club. DAVID WILLIAM NIXON SAN FRANCISCO D.D.S., Dentistry Psi Omega. I RANK OBELLEIRO DlXON Ph.G., Pharmacy Glee Club. MANLEY OPPENHEIMER SAN FRANCISCO Ph.G., Pharmacy Rho Pi Phi; Senior Class, Yell Leader; Brawl Committee (4) ; Vigilance Committee (4); Yell Leader (3 ) ; Interclass Football; Crew ( 3 ) ; Bonfire Committee (3); Basketball (2) (3) (4). FRED MASARU OUYE ACAMPO Ph.G., Pharmacy Japanese Students Club. FRANK W. PEIKERT ACAMPO B.S., Engineering Mechanical Engineering Transfer from College of the Pa- cific. LAWRENCE PETER PRATO MODESTO Ph.G., Pharmacy Student Body, Vice-President ( i ) ; Glee Club Manager ; Basket- ball (2) (3) ( 4 ). AILEEN MAE RHOADES WINSLOW, ARIZONA Ph.G., Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma ; Student Body, Secretary (2) ; Freshman Class, Secretary; Student Council (2); Basketball (i) (2) (3). RUSSELL CRANE Editor Donto-Blasts 134 GLEST HENRY RICKETTS SAX FRANCISCO tb.G.. tbtrmfcy Kappa Alpha Psi. JOHN ARTHUR RODGERS WATSONTUAE D.D.S., Dmtatry Xi Psi Phi; Tan Kappa Epsilou; Epsilon Alpha. STANLEY FRANCIS RUSSELL SAUNAS Agriculture Trmci Crop Block " CA " Society; Calpha; Horticultural Round Table: Sen- ior Track Manager; Interfrater- niiy Council. FRANCIS J. SAL ' NDERS PEJULIS B.S., Agriculture A im I HuJvWr) Vest Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Zeta: Golden Hoof Club. ALBERT J. M. SCHVEIFLER SAN FRANCISCO D.D.S., Dn ii rr. MEHMET EMIN SHEMSETTIN TURKEY B.S.. Agricmllmrf Horticmltmrr. GEORGE O. SNOW SACRAMENTO D.D.S., Drmfittry Pli Omega; Epjilon Alpha. JOE YOSHITAKA TAKIGUCHI " ENIC Agrtcmltmrr Agricmliurtl E- gimrrrimg Vresrling. RALPH AUGUST VOSSBRINK SAN RAFAEL Phi Delta Chi. DEAN ROBINSON OKOVILLE ft.G., tlnrmtcy Phi Delta Chi; Viplanoe Com- mittee; Basketball (3). BRUNO JOHN ROVEDA RICHMOND Ph.C., Tktrmicy Glee Club Manager: Junior Class, Treasurer; Basketball. KEITH DAVID SANFORD OlJ-AND D.D.S., Dmliftry Delta Sigma Delta; Epsilon Alpha. VILLIAM G. SCHMITZ SAN FRANCISCO rb.G., fbtrmscy Brawl Committee 3 ) ; Vigi- lantes (l); Football (i) (2) Octagon " C " (i) (l) (3); Glee Club (i) (l) (3). EDV1N STANTON SHEARER VATSONMLLI D.D.S., Dr !(ri Xi Psi Phi; Epsilon Alpha- CALVIN ERNEST SEIFERT SAN DIEGO Agriculture Dtiry Imjustry Blue and Gold Dairy Club: Cali- fornia Aggie Poultry Club. ALVIN ARCHER STEDMAN SuAsToroi. B.S.. Afric ll rr Alpha Sigma Beta; Blue and Gold Dairy Club (i) (a) (3) u : Gilmorc Agriculture Education Oub (4); Glee Club (3); Foot- ball (3); Basketball (3); Track (4); International Forum (l). EDWARD ARTHUR TIMOSSl SAN FRANCISCO fb.G., tbamfcy Press Club; Board of Editors of Annual; " Pharma-Cal, " Sport Editor. GRACE WILLIS SAN FRANCISCO Unitary Dfittl Hygitm t Alpha Kappa Gamma. 135 V1LLARD LARSON Treasurer Pharmacy Student Body UNDERGRADUATES J. RUDOLPH HODGES President JOHN R. McGiLL Yell Leader JUNIOR CLASS FALL activities of the Junior Class culminated on October 8th in the major social event of the semester, Junior Day. The program began in the morning with the presentation of " But- tered Side Down, " Lionel Ormsby ' s clever farce satirizing campus life. With the advent of a new presidential year, the approaching election was featured as the theme for the luncheon dance at International House. In the afternoon, from a specially reserved section in the Memorial Stadium, an enthusiastic Jun- ior Class witnessed the St. Mary ' s- California football game. The revelers cast their final vote in the evening at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco at the Prom, with Lee Searight as master of music. In the spring an informal dance was held at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Stanford was invited to par- ticipate in celebration of the Stanford- California track meet held during the afternoon. Recently elected student body and class officers enjoyed their initial after-election appearance at this campus social function. JUNIOR DAY COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN AND SUB-CHAIRMEN McManigal, Trudgett, van Loben Sels, F. Hoey, Otis, Hodges, M. Hoey, Wright, Pinckney, Pagani, Anderson, Johnson, Siller; Hanson, Tavlor 138 HENRY C. TODD Secretary -Treasurer CATHERINE M. GRAY V ice-President JUNIOR INFORMAL General Chairman . Central Sub-chairman . George Dcgnan Dale Andrews General Advisor FINANCE Wakcfield Tavlor W. Odie Wright, Jr. PROGRAM Richard Moulthrop Sub-chairman Advisor . . . Margaret Hoev Hugh McKenzie Sub-chairman Advisor . Betty Riddel I Marc Johnson Chairman Sub-chairman .... Advisor ARRANGEMENTS Thomas Spil ker Ruth Bidwell . .James McManigal RECEPTION Chairman Sub-chairman Advisor . Samuel Hanson Dorothy Remick George Pagani Chairman Sub-chairman Advisor . PUBLICITY Paul Wester velt June White Donald Breyer DECORATIONS Chairman Sub-chairman Advisor FLOOR Charles Chandler .Vanan Irvine . Winifred Solinsky . R. Dudley Trudgett Advisor Albert Zacher JUNIOR INFORMAL CHAIRMEN ' AND SUB-CHAIRMEN McManigal, Rcmick, Moulthrop, Bidwell, Johnson, Solinsky, Trudgett, Andrews, Dcgna n, Riddcll, Wright, Hoey, Breyer, Pagani, Spilker 139 5jK3 s?w " v- BROVELLI, GAEL STAR, DIDN ' T GET VERY FAR ON THIS PLAY OF THE CALIFORNIA-ST. MARY ' S GAME PLAYED ON JUNIOR DAY. INSET: THE CALIFORNIA BAND PERFORMS DURING THE HALF JUNIOR DAY Central Chairman W. Odie Wright, Jr. General Sub-chairman Margaret E. Hoey PROM Chairman George C. Pagani Sub-chairman. ... . Norma Powell FARCE Chairman Wakefield Taylor Sub-chairman Toria Pinckncy ARRANGEMENTS Chairman Samuel G. Hanson Sub-chairman Jean Anderson Advisor Thomas Spilker FINANCE Chairman Hugh McKenzie Sub-chairman Evaline Otis Advisor. . Albert Zacher W. ODIE WRIGHT, JR. General Chairman of the Dav JUNIOR DAY POSTER COLORFUL POM-POMS OF THE WOMEN ' S ROOTING SECTION ALMOST CONCEAL THE JUNIOR DAY SECTION AT THE GAME ' ..Jfc v3? ' HP . INTERNATIONAL HOUSE WAS THE SCENE or THE JUNIOR DAY LUNCH AND DANCE PREVIOUS TO THE GAME IN THE AFTERNOON. INSET: THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS THEME OF THE DAY WAS CARRIED Our ON THE PROGRAM OF THE PROM HELD THAT EVENING AT THE ST. FRANCIS HOTEL, SAN FRANCISCO Chairman .... Sub-chairman . Chairman .... Sub-chairman Advisor . Chairman. . . . Sub-chairman Advisor . JUNIOR DAY LUNCHEON James K. McManigal . M. Lois Outhier PUBLICITY . Marc Johnson Margaret Jones .Donald Brcyer RECEPTION J. Francis Hoey Elizabeth van Loben Sels George Degnan DECORATIONS Chairman Dudley Trudgett Sub-chairman Mar jorie Angell Advisor Mary Stewart PROGRAM Chairman Arthur Lewis Sub-chairman Janet Sillers Advisor Margaret Henderson FLOOR Chairman . . Howard Christie BOVE: SELLING BIDS ON THE CAMPUS BELOW: CROWDS ENTER THE CAMPUS THEATRE TO SEE THE FARCE JUNIOR FARCE POSTER MARGARET E. HOEY General Sub-chairman of Junior Day SI FRANCIS Lee Seangfits Mus Luis YRIBARREN President RALPH L. EDWARDS Yell Leader SOPHOMORE CLASS WITH the abolition of freshman hazing, the necessity fora Soph- omore Vigilance Committee was reduced to a minimum, and as a re- sult the committee was maintained only during the fall semester to enforce the wearing of freshman hats and to uphold the sanctity of Sophomore Lawn. Lack of sufficient activity in the mat- ter of hazing increased the interest in the Big " C " Custodian Committee, which was reorganized under the lead- ership of Joseph Kane. The main con- tribution of the group was the installa- tion of a new lighting system equipped with blinkers, making the illumination of the " C " impressive and unique. In the fall semester the Soph Hop was held at the Claremont Hotel. Decora- tions and entertainment were in keeping with the Brawl, which was used as the general theme of the evening in celebra- tion of the Sophomore victory. In the spring the customary Labor Day activi- ties consisted of improvements on the Big " C " Trail and of the " C " itself. The day ended with an Informal featur- ing " Beards and Beer " as its theme. SOPHOMORE VIGILANCE COMMITTEE Gardner, Gill, Sparling, Carlton, Darracq, Grilk, Normand, Gallison, Fleming, Gilbert, Madfes Sacconaghi, Watt, Branting, Coffer, Burri, Reedy, Kerhulus, Hillsman, Cureton, Davis, Harris 142 PARKER F. WOOD Secretary-Treasurer Raymond Anderson Carl Bauer William Boone Harold D. Brancing Aubrey Brooks William Brown Victor Buccola John Bum Russell Calkins, Jr. Robert Carl ton Sidney Cochran VIGILANCE Chairman Richard E. Coffer John Craig Stewart Curcton Robert Davis Donald Fleming Joseph Gallison Jack E. Gilbert Carol Gill Rudolph Gingg Mervin Harris Carlvle Hillsman COMMITTEE Joe A. James Jameson George Jamieson Joseph Johnson Ray . Johnson Gus T. Kerhulas Phil Klein Jack W. Martin Dave C. Meek Ken G. Moellcr Charles Normand Mountford Reedv PEGGY M. McGuiRE Vice-President Darracq Stanley Roupp Louie Sacconaghi David Sbarbaro Fred Sparling Bern R. Swarts John Taylor Delbert Thompson Marshall Treadwell Reginald Watt Arleigh Williams Weslev Wooden BIG 41 C " CUSTODIANS Custodian Joseph K. Kane E. Ralph Bryan Henry A. Buchholz Charles Byers Andrew S. Chaffcy Wilson G. Combs Robert F. Coyle Stuart Daggctt, Jr. Paul A. Davis Bertram M. Fcldhcym Dave Wallace Anthony J. Glazko Edward G. Harlow Mervin Harris C. Brill Hcrkcnham Carlylc D. Hillsman James E. Hogle Donald B. Jones Lee B. Kidwell Forbes King Ward W. Klink Leonard H. Kushins R. Keith Leventon Benjamin M. Lcvingcr John H. Lund Victor S. McNutt Ham O. Mayer David C. Mayers Arthur Mulbom Fred L. Weiss Mar L. Murdock Benjamin E. Nordman Samuel H. Oakley- Edward J. Schneider Hcnrv D. Schneider Donald H. Scott Edward Sedgwick Delbert Thompson Charles J. VoIand.Jr. Kirk wood Yost, Jr. BIG " C " GUAKDIAJJ COMMITTEE Voland, Mayer, Herkcnham, Davis, Sedgwick, Coyle, King, Buchholz, Leventon, McNutt, Oakley, Nordman, Mayers, Harris, Lcvinger Schneider, Kushins, Murdock, Jones, Kidwell, Lund, Yribarrcn, Kane, Mulborn, Weiss, Bycrs, Glazko, Combs, Hillsman, Watt 143 SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S LUNCHEON COMMITTEE Nowland McGuire Anthony Street Irgens Tomlinson Satterwhite SOPHOMORE INFORMAL General Chairman General Sub-chairman . . . Benjamin E. Nordman EXECUTIVE COUNC Henry A. Buchholz Ernest N. Develter Carlyle D. Hillsman FINANCE Chairman . . [L Harry O. Mayer Samuel H. Oakley Charles W. Parce . Robert E. Mann . Dorothy Tuck Robert F. Laddish Dorothy Walker Chairman Sub-chairman Chairman Sub-chairman . ARRANGEMENTS .Victor S. McNutr Marv Kingwell PROGRAM . .Homer M. Fuller Jane Cameron . . Haugh H. Stauer . .Evelyn Shaw .Harry T. Kiester . .Eleanor Lathrop .Fred E. Scholl RECEPTION Sub-chairman PUBLICITY Chairman DECORATIONS Sub-chairman. . . Sub-chairman Chairman . FLOOR LABOR DAY Genera Chairman . Awards Chairman Custodians of Sup flits Chairman . Jerome H. Berenson Dwight C. Steele Robert F. Coyle Tools and Supplies Chairman. Luncheon Chairman . .Lee B. Kidwell .Norma Thorpe CHAIRMEN, SUB-CHAIRMEN, ADVISORS OF SOPHOMORE LABOR DAY AND SOPHOMORE INFORMAL Parce, Berenson, McGuire, Hillsman, Thorpe, Oakley, Shaw, Kidwell, Yribarren, Cameron, Mann, Edwards, Nordman, Laddish, Stauer, Lathrop, Fuller, Kingwell, Mayer, Buchholz, Coyle 144 DANCING AT AT THE SOPHOMORE HOP SOPHOMORE HOP Gtntral Chairman Ham O. Mayer General Sot-chairman . . ADVISORY COUNCIL Robert B. Bias Robert A. McGill Roger H. Hollingshead Benjamin E. Nordman Robert F. Laddish Howard H. Wrcdcn FiN-ANCB Chairman Ellis Ralph Bryan Sub-chairman Ruth H. Evans PUBLICITY Chairman Henry A. Buchholz . ' - ..-... . . . .Patricia Nowland Barbara Anthony ARRANGEMENTS Chairman William M. Volkers Sub-chairman Jane W. Bryan PROGRAM Chairman John H. Taylor Sub-chairman Jcanctte B. Brown RECEPTION Chairman Alfred G. Fry Sub-chairman Virginia Meier FLOOR Chairman. . . Mcrvin Harris Chairman Sub-chairman. Chairman. . . . i_ . . ' ... ' . SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S LUNCHEON General Chairman Janice Street FINANCE INVITATIONS Patricia Nowland Chairman Louise Jcschien .Jane Umphred ARRANGEMENTS DECORATIONS . Barbara Irgcns .Ruth Satterwhite PROGRAM Chairman Barbara Anthony RECEPTION Chjj. . . Marion Tomlinson CHAIRMEN, SUB-CHAIRMEN, AND ADVISORS OF SOPHOMORE HOP Bryan, Taylor, Yribarren, Evans, Bnchholz, Anthony, Mayer (Ch.), Meier, Laddish, Nowland, Wredcn, Bryan, Harris, Nordman, Fry 145 GEORGE W. HERMS President CHARLES H. McVsy Yell Leader FRESHMAN CLASS UNDER the supervision of the Orientations Council, the class of ' 36 was introduced to campus life and traditions by means of several mass meetings and assemblies held during the first few days of the semester. The activ- ities were concluded by the Freshman Reception given in Hearst Gymnasium, where President and Mrs. Sproul person- ally welcomed each new student. In furtherance of the newly inaugu- rated policy of no hazing, the Sophomore Vigilance Committee attempted to en- force only the most harmless traditions, such as the wearing of the new frosh " dinks. " In the spring, however, the Executive Committee of the A. S. U. C. abolished this tradition. Despite a whole-hearted support of all class events, the men of ' 36 failed to win the Brawl. As the custom of holding a Freshie Glee in the fall semester has been aban- doned, the only social event sponsored by the class was the Freshman Informal. Jig-saw puzzles formed the evening ' s theme, which was carried out with bizarre and unusual decorations. JIG-SAW JIG CHAIRMEN AND SUB-CHAIRMEN Cunningham, Herms, Cooke, Strom, Kellogg, More, Barber, Gaines, Dietrich, Jamieson, Prevost, Bishop, McSpedden, Olson 146 FREDRIC C. BOUCKE Secretary-Treasurer JEANNE M. PREVOST Vicc-President FRESHMAN INFORMAL Gf rural Chairman General Sub-chairman ARRANGEMENTS Chairman Raymond N. Olson Sub-chairman Ella MacSpedden FINANCE Chairman Harold L. Strom Sub-chairman Rosselct Cookc PUBLICITY Chairman David L. More Sub-chairman Elizabeth Keatinge Ralph W. Gaincs Margaret Barber RECEPTION Chairman George H. Cunningham Sub-chairman Mary Emma Jcffrcss DECORATION Chairman Hiram Bishop Sub-chairman Barbara Kellogg PROGRAM Chairman William Jamicson Sub-chairman . . Shirlcv Dietrich FLOOR Chairman Howard Luther FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S LUNCHEON General Chairman . . Bobbe Jean McHenry General Sub-chairman Gloria O ' Connor ARRANGEMENTS Chairman. . Margaret Barber Sub-chairman Mary Emma Jeffress DECORATIONS Chairman Elizabeth Stratton Sub-chairman Kathervn Goemmer PUBLICITY Chairman Anne Williams Sub-chairman Nancy Fromc TICKETS Chairman Frances Reid Sub-chairman Margaret Young FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S LUNCHEON COMMITTEE Young Barber McHenry Prevost Williams Reid 147 ' Rallying ' round her banner, Wt will never fail ... " UNIVERSITY LIFE COMMENCEMENT Christie speaks to seniors from the stage of the Greek Theatre . . . Provost Deutsch gives a few parting words ... A view of the graduation exercises from the rim of the Memorial Stadium . . . Old grads talk to those about to graduate . . . Dean Probert ad- dresses the pilgrimage . . . Four alumni . . . Seniors walk from one point of the pilgrimage to the next . . . Louis Goldsmith, chairman of the pilgrimage, in- troduces Walter Christie . . . Class of ' 76 joins in the proces- sion . . . Graduating military students march up to the Me- morial Stadium to receive their sheepskins and their commis- sions . . . Senior women filing up to the exercises . . . Another view of the assembled seniors . . . Naval students also graduated in uniform . . . Senior men in cap and gown trek up to the stadium . . . Pat Patterson, president of the class, gives his last message . . . President Sproul delivers the Commencement address ... A speaker is intro- duced . . . Fred Stripp. president of the A. S. U. C.. speaks to the class of ' 32 from the steps of Stephens Union . . . Leaving the exercises as alumni . . . Senior men seem jovial after it is all over . . . Drar Mfm: It was pretty tnfb em Sis whtn yn ctmldn ' t te here for her fradxatim. She felt tine about liarinf the campus, especially after enjoying Senior Wttk the Banquet, Strap Shuffle, Extrarafan i . ami partifu- larlj tbt Bolt. I sfppese fit feel the same way next jar what I pmt on the cap aid g Hfn. The exercises were rery impressive especially when the loag lint of seniors marched timely into the staJinm. This mum Sproul is pretty fftd. He made me realise what tt pad out the next year tt make the mast tf my oppor- tunity. Sis is ffinf, t stay tvtr ftr a few Jays with Dtl, tut Dad and I will te btme Friday m tbt .53. JUT- REGISTRATION California Band welcomes the world championship crew . . . With a military escort the Gold- en Bear oarsmen are paraded up Telegraph Avenue . . . Students arrive in Berkeley for the new semester . . . Women advisors at work . . . President Sproul eulo- gizes the crew at a special Uni- versity meet ing in the Greek Theatre ... A rally on the Cam- panile steps welcomes the suc- cessful oarsmen . . . Coxswain Norrie Graham . . . Long lines wait to register . . . The assem- bled oarsmen on the steps of the Campanile . . . Coach " Ky " Ebright addresses the rally . . . Advisors assist matriculating freshmen . . . An interior of reg- istration in Harmon . . . Beer mugs are given the world champions . . . More advice . . . A view of the Olympic welcome . . . New A. S. U. C. cards . . . As- sembled students welcome the crew . . . Registration . . . Three Senior Peace Committeemen on the job . . . Sather Gate at noon with the fraternities doing a rushing business . . . Under- graduates file their study lists . . . Four members of the 1928 world championship crew wel- come Ebright and his 1932 win- ners . . . Dear Sis: These last few weeks have been so full I haven ' t had a breathing spell till now. It ' s good to be back in school again except that I miss having you around to refer to now and then. Registration was the same as ever with lots of back- slapping and hand-shaking and " boy what a tan ' . " and " ' where ' d you spend the summer? " and " who ' s a good prof for French B? " I saw Jim the first day we had to wait in line for about two hours he ' s going to take Econ 150 with me. By the way, he wants to know when you ' re coming down for a week-end. BRAWL Big " C " men paint numerals on freshmen before the Brawl . . . Joe Kintana seems to be doing this with finesse . . . Whose foot J . . . Lower classmen struggle in the tie-up . . . Competition is in- tense in the tug of war . . . This freshman seems to be about done for . . . Be careful, boys . . . Looks as if the party is getting rough . . . Pulling two freshmen across the line ... A sophomore hurdles the sacks in the obstacl : race . . . There won ' t be much left of this pants leg after the tie-up . . . One man is success- fully tied ... Oh ! Oh ! Be careful I . . . Sophomores prepare to charge the enemy in the joust . . . More tug of war ... The class of ' 35 guards sophomore lawn after the Brawl ... A hard pull in the tug of war . . . Winning sophs pose for the cameraman. Wish you cnld ban seen tbt Stpb-Fr,sb Brawl. Era though bazatg isn ' t what it mat when I was a freshman, that Brawl modi up ftr a Iff. Tbt stpbtnures u-en, but tbtj bad t ffbt for it. Last wttk at a rally in tbt Greek Theatre tbt cham- pionship era mat awarded the Pngbiuepsit Cup. Each member the crew altt rtceired an individual cup with bit name nrrared tn it. It ' s pretty satisfying tt think that nr crew is tbt world ' s champitn. 1 taw Jane this morning in Ptli. Sci. Six says sbt ' U send yn the ink rifbt away. YfMTt, RALLIES Rally Committeemen search for concealed eggs . . . Captain Dick Tozer gives a few words at the Pajamarino Rally . . . Yell leader GeorgeReevescallsforan " Oski " . . . Blanchard leads the Glee Club in a medley of California songs . . . Bill Ingram discusses the probable outcome of the Washington State game . . . Wheeler steps are the scene of an impromptu rally . . . Stu- dents assemble for the Pajama- rino in the Greek Theatre . . . Listening to the program of the women ' s rally . . . Thirteen men are candidates for assistant yell leaders . . . Seniors serpentine across the Greek Theatre stage at the Freshman Rally . . . The fire burns low . . . Brutus Hamil- ton gives his initial address at a California rally . . . Flames mount high as " Hail to Cali- fornia " echoes through the Greek Theatre . . . California Band accompanies the songs . . . Members of Pi Delta Epsilon sell beer at a rally dance in Harmon . . . Ingram speaks earnestly at a step rally the morning after the Big Game . . - Assistant yell leader McGill waves his arms . . . The Glee Club look as if they are ready for bed . . . Six remaining contestants for the yell leaders ' positions perform . . . Rally Committeemen punch A.S.U.C. cards as students obtain their rally tickets . . . The Band ac- companies songs at the women ' s rally in Hearst Gymnasium . . . Yell leader Reeves performs at the send-off . . . California Bill . . . Dear Sis: Thanks for sending me those Pali. Set, notes. I used them for the last midterm and I think I did fairly well. Football season is in full swing, and it ' s hard to keep interested in studying at the same time. The Pajamarino Rally last Thursday was pretty peppy. The Rally Com- mittee nearly succeeded in eliminating the usual egg- throwing. They did it by changing the seating arrange- ment of the classes and by being pretty strict with offenders. Everyone was optimistic about the Cougar game yesterday , and though we lost, there are chances of a victory over the Huskies next week. CHANNING WAY DERBY Doctors of the Sigma Chi Baby Hospital test the crawling abil- ity of a Delta Gamma pledge . . . A Gamma Phi participates in the mama-calling contest . . . Another Gamma Phi seems to enjoy the spectacle . . . Sigma Chi physicians weigh a healthy Alpha Delta Pi baby . . . Feeding corn flakes to an Alpha Chi O pledge . . . This doctor is encour- aging the call for mama ... A Delta Gamma weighs in ... Sigma Chi ' s keep score for the baby show . . . " Please say " ah " " ... A group of pledges w atch the discomfort of their sisters ... A Sigma Chi throat specialist at work . . . An Alpha Chi Omega crawls for a balloon ... A Delta Gamma gets her morning milk . . . These two seem to be amused ...A Z.T. A. takes her turn on the scales . . . Checking the physical attributes of two more pledges . . . My! What is she washing: . . . Pledges of Theta Upsilon look on ... A Sigma Chi doctor pours a drink of water for a thirsty pledge . . . The Daily Cal has keen huy lately n cmdneting a student Uan f nJ arm. I think it ' s a print gud thing. Fnm tbt ittrui one btars if itmdtnts wb haren ' t ere enmgh to eat, there ' s really a need for a Hgger fund. At the rally dance Pi D. E. stUktrfrima btme-made bar in Harnun frtceeds went tt the lion fmnJ. SnatJs as ough fntiliirun it rn the You ' ll tt interested in ' ll tt interested in the results if tbt Otanning Way Derby Sigma Chi ran them tbrimgb a Baby Htsfital. Your taue has sime frmustnf nuggets. Tbt Alpha Delta Pi tnue is mtc termed " Grand Httef kcanse they finished with 29 pledges. Hope I can ami bimt fir a ntdt-enJ tin. Yimrs, Kay. THE DAILY CAUFORNIAN RAZZBERRY SUPPRESSED Semi-Annual Publication of " ' Delta Epsilon Banned OFH ' ON THE CAMPUS Marines march past the review- ing stand during the half at the traditional Army-Navy game in the Memorial Stadium . . . Who ' ll buy my violets? . . . Pur- chasing Senior Informal bids at the booth in front of Eshleman Hall . . . Barbara Mount submits to a proposal from Bob Kiesel during the Skull and Keys run- ning ... A blaring phonograph aids this Blue and Gold sales- woman . . . Freshmen vote for class officers . . . Another Skull and Keys neophyte hits the dust . . . Pelly flies again . . . Specta- tors at the Skull and Keys run- ning watch the fun . . . Tuxedo collars are a little tight . . . Dean Probert buys the first 1933 Blue and Gold ... A few of the neo- phytes in front of Sather Gate . . . What ? Another proposal ? . . . A story in headlines . . . Two officers of the West Coast Navy cross the field during the half at the Army-Navy game ... A Skull and Keys neophyte sings " Sweet Adeline " from the top of an ash can . . . Harmonica and sand- wich board herald the Soph Hop . . . These co-eds seem to be en- joying their part in the initia- tion . . . Dear Dad: That dial of yours with Jim ' s Dad sounds good to mt. If I can do anything just drop mt a lint. The campus has been bulging with excitement over the suppression of the Razzberrji. The worst of it is that an illegal edition was printed after the original had been withheld from circulation, and no one knows what will happen to the Pi D. E. fellows. It looks rather bad. Jane and I took in the Army-Navy game last Satur- day. It was the first time she had seen one, and she was quite impressed with all of the ceremony. RALLIES A rally on Wheeler steps wel- comes the football team on their return from Washington . . . Captain Dick Tozer speaks to interested students . . . The crowd closes in on Stub Allison . . . Two views of the U. S. C. send-off rally . . . Couples enjoy the after-rally dance in Harmon . . . Sophomores guard the " C " the night before the Big Game . . .Reeves calls for " All Hail " to close the step rally ... A bleach- er rally the day before the St. Mary " game . . . Dean Probert delivers his traditional welcome to the incoming freshmen . . . Sophomore women take coffee and doughnut s to the guardians of the " C " . . . Rally Committee- men build the fire for the Fresh- man Rally . . . Three tired Rally men . . . Pajama-clad freshmen in line before entering Greek Theatre . . . Fires brighten after the call for more wood . . . Soph- omores again pose at the Big " C " . . . Another shot of the Rally Committee at work . . . " All Hail ' " closes the Pajamarino Rally . . . Grid team is given a hearty send-off for their meet- ing with the Trojans . . . (U ' t think I told you about my imnjtnn into Skul I and Keys. If was rather embarrassing but new that it ' s ail over, if really was fttn acting like a fool in the lime- light. By fife way, the initiation fee was pretty stiff and I haven ' t much money left. Could you let me tare a Unit to tide me over until the first: I really feel guilty for not cracking the books much lately, but as soon as football season is over I ' ll have more time. The Husky game last week was a knock-out. The 7-6 score indicates how close it was. Hyw would you like to go to the U. S. C. gamel I tbtnk I can get two extra tickets, but let me know right away. FOOTBALL A California rooting section card stunt at the Big Game . . . Art Carlson . . .The colorful women ' s rooting section watches inter- estedly . . . Bear and Indian re- gard each other in this Stanford rooting section card stunt . . . Captain Dick Tozer . . . Califor- nia line charges . . . The Indian raises his arm . . . Coach Ingram awards Angelman a trophy em- blematic of leadership and su- perior football on the reserves . . . Lee and his smile . . . Milo Quis- ling cavorts . . . The Indian smacks the Bear in the nose . . . He just grabbed this one ... A Santa Clara man goes around end . . . Williams won ' t let this man stop him . . . California Band maneuvers . . . Captain- elect Johnny Ransome ... A card stunt emblematic of the Olympic Games . . . Gus on the way . . . California linesmen practice on the bucking ma- chine ... A Stanford rooting section card stunt . . . Valianos looks as if he is going some place . . . California bandsmen watch from behind the goal posts . . . " Hard Luck " Hank . . . Captain and coach smile at the season ' s prospects . . . Arleigh Williams carrying the ball . . . Someone set off a smoke bomb in the Stanford rooting section on this stunt . . . Hard-hitting Jim Keefer ... A bandsman smiles . . . Our yell leaders . . . The California Band marches out of the stadium after the Big Game . . . Dear Dad: I wish you could hart heard tbi review of the football season over the radio last night. One of the X. B. C. an- nouncers gave a resume of the conference games. He also picked out those whom he thought to be the outstanding players on the Coast. Accordingtohim,Schalilach was the best man on the California team, particularly by reason of his play in the East-West game. Arleigh Williams received a lot of commendation too especially for his work in the Georgia Tech game. It wasn ' t a bad review, but I disagreed with him here and there. SOPHOMORE LABOR DAY Contestants for the beard con- test line up at Sather Gate . . . Lunch is served to the hardy workers at the Big " C " 1 . . . This quartet could qualify for the House of David . . . Electricians prepare light s for the night s vigil ... Sophomores with pick and shovel improve the road to the Big " C " . . . Sonny boy . . . After serving lunch the women pose with the men . . . Two sophomores do their duty . . . Custodian Kane turns over the duties of guarding the Big " C " to Don Edinger. custodian for the class of " 36 ... A gay poster advertises the Soph Informal . . . Free beer is given with every purchase of a bid to the informal ... A ticket salesman for the sophomore dance . . . Time out from labor at the Big " C " . . . Ambitious sophomores sell bids to their informal . . . Sopho- mores at the " C " throw clods at workers on the road below ... A group of hardies show their beards . . . Lunch time at the Big " C " . . . Thanks Ittftrtbt check it mrivcJ jmst in time tt belt me tmt mat tb J t, fir the SffAmmn Ixfwmul. It Ktrm ' t iMcb k d ma. Lfktr D y mu ft maul- tit Mfbtmtrn flfpeJ stme p imt m tbt Big " C d cltantJ up tbt path. Then wtrait it wumy mat n tbt tt rJ-gr i ' ni cntest tint yt r. They gfft me if the frizes Jim ' s link krttbtr Jfm ' t kxnt txtctly why; be JiJm ' t seem t bffe mmct grftrrb. tbnfh it ,l m J iftU ktuMst bis s, Unk. Jim m mti t butr if jfm cm gin him ttme idtas m ut fJvertisimg be ' s fritatg term faftr aknt it. OPH NFORMAL. HOTEL OAKLAND CHARTER DAY A portion of the Greek Theatre during the Charter Day exer- cises . . . Alumni representatives carry the banners of their re- spective classes to the Greek Theatre . . . Walter Lippmann. noted economist, who delivered the Charter Day address . . . Walter Lippmann, President Sproul, and Governor Rolph . . . Alumni procession files into the Theatre . . . Dr. Earl J. Miller, dean of men at U. C. L. A., speaks at the dedication of the Gymnasium for Men . . . Presi- dent Sproul introduces the speaker of the day . . . Charter Day exercises are opened . . . William Emerson Ritter ' 88, and Katharine Conway Felton ' 95, are granted honorary degrees . . . Walter Lippmann and President Sproul at the exercises . . . Wal- ter Lippmann, President Sproul and Governor Rolph . . . The academic procession en route to the Greek Theatre . . . President Sproul entertains George Creel, speaker at a University meeting . . . The procession enters before an audience of ten thousand . . . Dear Dad: It ' s too bad that you couldn ' t carry out your flans for coming to the Charter Day exercises. You would have been interested in what Walter Lippmann had to say. He ' s an excellent speaker and gave a good interpretation of the economic situation. After the exercises, Jim and I looked up one of your old cronies Mr. Fordham and compared notes about the University as it is now and as it was when he was a student. He wanted to know all about what you ' re doing and how you are. ENGINEERS ' DAY Professors and students line up for coffee at the Engineers " Day barbecue . . . Look who ' s here . . . A plane receives radio instruc- tions from the engineers . . . Students demonstrate to their visitors . . . Three views of the bread line in Mechanics ' Hollow . . . Interested spectators pause to learn . . . This couple seems to be enjoying the day ... A view of the barbecue pit . . . Experi- ments in the Engineering Build- ing . . . Real suthuhn cooks suhve the bahbecue. yowsah ' yowrah ! . . . Tables are crowded with hungry engineers ... A few always arrive late . . . These two shots reflect the audience ' s in- terest in the engineering exhi- bition . . . We also went to Engineers ' Day so-ns time ago. There was a barbecue in Mechanics ' Hollow and exhibitions by each of the departments. The College of Mining operate J a complete gold mine shoving all of the ways of panning gold, etc. Jim helped in an exhibition of a four-million- pound testing machine which crushed a six-foot block of concrete. It was prttty interesting though of course I ' m not much of an authority on engineering. Sext week after midterms Fm coming home for the week-end to find out more about that advertising topic for Jim, and incidentally to pay the family a visit . Lore, Raj. THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN SPROUL AIRS SECRET PRESS BAN I P. D.E. HOLDS SACK AS GRABS SELL RAZZBERRY 1ADVICE WARREN,ForBetteror Hearst MEDDLING iRUSHEES KOCKRITZ NAPOLEON ' BAD BOYS BLUNDERS ;, SUPPRESSION IS " BOOMERANG TO PIOUS CENSORS DERBY DAY Bridge is played by the Derby Day ticket committee . . . Presi- dent Sproul awards trophy to honorary colonel of the R. O. T. C. unit . . . Dean Probert dedi- cates the new Edwards Baseball Field . . . Prospective military ball queens review the assembled units . . . Colonel Van Horn and Captain Gygax act as genial hosts to the candidates . . . Dean Grady poses with his two chips . . . Wonderful ! A sale is made . . . A rear view of the auction ... A few of the merrymakers. . .Razz- berry and Dill Pickle are sup- pressed . . . Al Charles as auc- tioneer . . . Three green derby gals . . . Dill Pickle exposes Razz- berry scandal . . . The baseball varsity listens to the dedication . . . Professor Buchanan rounds second like the Bambino . . . Professor Cross steals first and takes it home . . . Felix Flugel knocks a homer . . . Again, Mis- tah Cross . . . The old North Hall Bell recovered . . . Going, going, gone! . . . An aerial view of the auction . . . Commerce students vs. Commerce faculty . . . Sometime ago I wrote you about the suppression of tht zgberrj well, yesterday the Dill Pickle appeared on the campus. Everyone was somewhat surprised, although there have been a few rumors about it. They had to obtain the permission of the Ex. Committee before they could publish it, however, and it ' s more than likely that both publications will be definitely banned from the campus. I ' ve been burning the midnight oil more than usual lately there have been lots of campus dances and what- not to attend, and in spite of this moratorium I ' ve been to all of them. 1 ' II have to go around when the banks open to pay up all of the I. 0. U. ' s I ' ve given lately. The Military Ball was quite a ritz_y affair it was the first dance to be held in the new gym. The hall was decorated with flags from every country, and there was a special section reserved for consuls and ambassadors. Scabbard and Blade s pledging ceremony was impressive. SPRING Senior men relax on their bench . . . Dancing in Eshleman Hall on Publications Day . . . Spring track . . . Pelican advertising stunts ... A California polo player in action . . . Beer every- where but not in the historic taproom . . . Daily Cal gals . . . California Hall radio station an- nouncer . . . Just another varsity polo player . . . The spring review ... In spring the city editor re- laxes, tra-la . . . Japanese good- will baseball trophy . . . " You are listening to the University of California " . . . Captain Miles and Coach Hamilton talk it over ... A last view of the historic Harmon Gym bulletin board . . . A woman and child relax on the sacred Senior Bench . . . Selling Senior Week Privileges . . . Var- sity polo quartet ready for ac- tion . . . Spring even leads to chess playing . . . Students call for cinches ... At last, someone caught a baseball thrown from the top of the Campanile . . . Even Old Man Whooey succumbs to spring fever ... Frosh " dinks " were abolished . . . Daily Cal wire machine , . . Advertising a " Muscle Moll " Pelican . . . Fighting the budget cut . . . The Publication s Rjtckxs u-js something new on the cjmpus Eshleman Hall held open house all afternoon uirb Bob Kinney ' s orchestra playing for an afternoon dance in the Daily Cal editorial rooms. It was a inter- esting day, but it was mighty hot and crowded at the dona. At night we went to the Claremont. Derby Day was the same as usual an auction and baseball game and then a dance at International House. The commune students wore rreen derbies to advertise the day. What with spring fever and new beer in sight, it ' s pretty hard to stick to the books, but finals are also just around the corner, so I suppose something must be done about it. Do you have any plans for the summer? Jim and I are thinking of going on a trip to Klamatb if Dad agrees. Lore, Ray. j INTACT rf-fl j ADMINISTRATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE POWELL H. RADER A. S. U. C. President STUDENT administration during the past year has been concentrated upon the reformation and readjust- ment of certain elements in the govern- ment and organization of the A. S. U. C. First among these readjustments was the formation of the combined student affairs committees into an honor spirit committee which sponsored the faculty- student luncheons for discussion of the honor system and the examination rules appearing on blue books. During the year there has been a gradual growth of cooperation between faculty and stu- dents in this problem. As a result there is now a distinct recognition that the faculty can handle the mechanics of ex- aminations better than students, who can only maintain the morale of the honor spirit. Although the Executive Committee at first banned the publication of the Razzberry and the Dill Pickle, these sheets were later reinstated under definite regulations in order to avoid controversy on the campus. These reg- ulations provide that the editor and the author of each article must be individ- ually responsible for its contents, which should be humorous and not malignant in character. A EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Hodges Benjamin Putnam Devine Denhardt Ricketts Burnham 164 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Stewart Monahan Yribarrcn Matrox Hellier Lachman Hall GETCHEN M. JOHNSTON A S. U C Vice-President A REORGANIZED by the Executive Committee, the Welfare Council members are now responsible to the committee and to the president of the A. S. U. C. The chairman is no longer the senior men ' s representative, but is appointed by the A. S. U. C. president and sits with the Executive Committee. Through the efforts of this council, dances for A. S. U. C. card-holders have been held every week and will be continued next year. The Executive Committee has also sponsored the combination of the Rally and Reception Committees into an or- ganization similar to the sports mana- gerial systems. Under this plan there will be one chairman, two sub-chairmen, eight juniors, and an unlimited number of sophomores. The chairman will di- rect the entire committee, while one sub-chairman will manage rallies and the other will manage receptions. Other acts of the committee during the year were the creation of a " B " football team intended to give men on the second and third strings an oppor- tunity for more competition; acceptance of Stanford ' s offer to give the Axe as an annual Big Game trophy; and abolition of frosh " dinks. " Student administra- tion also aided in combating the pro- posed University budget cut. 165 WILLIAM W. MONAHAN General Graduate Manager GRADUATE MANAGERS UNDER the direction of a general manager, who must be a gradu- ate of the University, a group of individual department managers direct the business of the A. S. U. C. There are seven large departments under the man- agement of this group: Athletics, Ac- counting, Dramatics and Publicity, Stephens Union, Cooperative Store, Food Service, and Publications. Each manager is appointed by the A. S. U. C. and is directly responsible to it and to the Executive Committee for all matters pertaining to his department. The general manager sits with the Ex- ecutive Committee, not as a voting member, but to present the problems arising in the departments under his supervision. William W. Monahan ' 24 has been the general manager for the past few years. He has conducted the business under his control with excellent effi- ciency and with thought for the welfare of the A. S. U. C. Since the remuneration received from athletics is one of the main sources of income for the A. S. U. C. , the interest of the graduate managers has been centered on the completion of the final units of the new athletic development. Wilde Ot: Davis GRADUATE MANAGERS OF THE A. S. U. C. Bumstead Priestlev Davies Monahan Parent Morton Wilkin 166 LCTHEK A. NICHOLS Comptroller FINANCE COMMITTEE DURING the fall of 1932, interest in California athletics was intense, but pressure of the general eco- nomic situation forced a falling off in athletic revenue, which was reflected in the nature of spring athletics. While the Associated Students ' administration was forced to curtail expenditures in all ac- tivities, no sport or other activity was discontinued. Athletic trips were re- duced in number and conducted with economy, but most teams were able to find ample competition in the bay region . Non-athletic activities of the associa- tion, such as publications, debating, and dramatics, were conducted in the same manner as in the past, but with emphasis upon economies permitting the continua- tion of these activities. The events of the year gave greater stability to the A.S. U.C. through the feeling of permanence engendered by the new structures recently completed. During the year it was demonstrated that through the graduate manager and the organization under his control, the affairs of the association could be guided to serve effectively the wide range of ac- tivities of the A. S. U. C. in the face of financial obstacles. A. S- U. C. FINANCE COMMITTEE Nichols Rickccts Lacbman Johnston Monahan Radcr Putnam 167 Hocv WOMEN ' S STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Edbrooke Hellier Johnston Thomas Bechtel Staples WOMEN ' S STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE MISDEMEANORS of undergraduate women are dealt with by a judi- cial body called the Women ' s Student Affairs Committee. The vice-president of the student body acts as chairman of the committee, which is made up of four senior women, two of whom have served in their junior year, and two newly appointed junior women. Appointments to the committee are made by President Sproul and Dean Stebbins upon recommendations of the vice-president of the A. S. U. C. MEN ' S STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE SENIOR control of student govern- ment is exercised by means of the Men ' s Student Affairs Committee, which receives its power from the Presi- dent of the University. Through this body, organized like the Women ' s Student Affairs Committee, students undertake to control their own examinations. Those who infringe upon the rules of the honor system are judged by this committee, which makes recom- mendations to President Sproul for the punishment of offenses. MEN ' S STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Buck Garbarini Taylor Warren Rader Gherini Kockritz 168 WELFARE COCTNCIL Hodges L _ Taylor White Benjamin Beaver Denhardt WELFARE COUNCIL BY PROMOTING student welfare, the Welfare Council acts as the in- vestigating arm of the Executive Committee. It functions either upon its own authority or at the request of the committee. The council, as reorganized this year, consists of ten members chosen by the chairman and the president of the A S.U.C. This year ' s major achievement has been the series of faculty-student lunch- eons for discussion of the honor system. The Welfare Council, through its in- vestigations, also sponsored several other measures for general student welfare. ORIENTATIONS COUNCIL NEW undergraduates are given an introduction to campus activities, traditions, and academic work by the Orientations Council. This council is made up of members of the senior class and two ex-officio mem- bers of the faculty. The Orientations program for the past year was comprised of several mass meetings, teas, a freshman reception in Hearst Gymnasium, and other group gatherings which included addresses to the new undergraduates by prominent faculty members and student leaders. " t " i i c Warren Beaver Ho well Hellier Koctritz Brinck O ' Brien Re 169 DEPUTATIONS COMMITTEE Hughes, Archbold, Lowe, Beahrs, Hamerslag, Wright, Taylor, Denhardt, Dunlap, Spilker, Pierce, Siemens, Johnson, Downer Brouchoud, Gray, Gillies, Gorrill, Tyler, Goemmer, Wilsey, Stewart, Berne, Jorgensen, MacLeod, Edbrooke, Jeschien, LeGrand, Evans, Kennedy, Pickard, Fisher, Hansen, Glover, Burrows, David, Moulton, Haight, Washburn, Walsh, Edwards DEPUTATIONS COMMITTEE COLLEGE students working for the interests of higher education form theDeputationsCommittee, which addresses high-school audiences throughout the state. This year, in addition to a regular speaking schedule, the committee con- ducted an essay contest open to all high- school students of California in order to arouse in them the ambition to pursue further studies in the University. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE A:, details concerning student elec- tions, such as the supervision of voting at the booths and the tallying of votes, are arranged and di- rected by the Elections Committee. The committee is headed by a general chairman appointed by the A. S. U. C. president. Representatives from each of the four classes are selected by the chair- man and sub-chairman upon the recom- mendations of the personnel committee. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Kelley, Cowden, Garner, M. E. West, Hansen, Jeschien, Lathrop, M. J. West, Stewart, Orr, Stuart, Gray, Andrews, Riddell, Arcularius, Malone, Hoey, Klein, Nordman 170 RALLY COMMITTEE George, Robinson, Masters, Gregg, Pierce, West, Savage, Bostic, McGill, Proffitt, Hammarbcrg, Lymin, Fox, Rehc, Hanson, Wright Pagani, Dunlap, Spilker, Steedman, Schnetz, W. Jones, Garner, DcCoss, McPhail, Kclley, Fribbrg, Watt, Davics, Baer, Arigbi, Cabrera, Brown, Hood, Dundon, Scoonover, Howard, Goldstein, L. Jones RALLY COMMITTEE STUDENT spirit and enthusiasm are expressed principally through the rallies which are organized and conducted by the Rally Committee. The chairman is appointed by the A.S.U.C. president from the committee of the previous year. Juniors are chosen from last year ' s Reception Committee and seniors from the former Rally Com- mittee. This group supervises the major, step, and bleacher rallies and arranges card stunts at important games. RECEPTION COMMITTEE DUTIES of the Reception Committee consist of aiding the Rally Com- mittee at games and rallies, wel- coming and entertaining guests of the University, and arranging for California squads to go to other colleges. Sophomore members of the committee, are supervised by four juniors, who are responsible to a chairman selected from the juniors of the previou s year. During the past year the business of the committee was conducted at weekly luncheons. RECEPTION COMMITTEE Clcevcs, Sifford, Shelley, Applegate, Kane, Voiand, Oakley, Schneider, Parcc, Hood, Bush, Himmclstera, Kazcbeer, Kidwell, Emery, Nordman, McNutt, Kicster, Davis, Victte, Dodds, Elvin, Steclc, Mann 171 A. S. U. C. CARD SALES COMMITTEE Jones, Janes, Price, Stauer, Friborg, Hanson, Payne, Anderson, Whiting Shea, Delia Vedowa, Salzmann, Kingwell, Jeschien, Irgens, Hansen, Schirmer, Lodge, Hudson, Tyler, Bibb, Tracey, Rea, Shinn, Phelps, Scally, Todd A. S. U. C. CARD SALES COMMITTEE OWNERS of A . S . U . C . cards are en- titled to all sport, social, and dramatic privileges which are offered to the student body of the Uni- versity. The sale of these cards opens on the first day of freshman registration. In the past year four contests were held among the salesmen. Big Game tickets and merchandise orders at the Co-op were given to those who sold the most cards. The committee is supervised by a chair- man appointed by the president of the A.S.U.C. A. S. U. C. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT A. of the vast complexity of details connected with the accounts of the Associated Students are kept in order by the A. S. U. C. Accounting Department. The minute financial items concerning the sale of athletic tickets, of publications, and of A. S. U. C. cards are managed by this department. The division also handles outgoing accounts such as those for payrolls, rent, and general expenses. The department is housed in Stephens Union, where it is readily accessible to all A. S. U. C. activities. A. S. U. C. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT AT WORK 172 HONOR STUDENT ADVISORY BUREAU COUNCIL Cheney Ebv Siemens Ames Cameron Morris Barohart HONOR STUDENT ADVISORY BUREAU A RESIDENT and council of six direct the activities of the honor stu- dents. The principal activity through which these students aid the campus as a whole is the Honor Student Advisory Bureau conducted in South Hall Annex. This group assists faculty advisors and conducts a bureau for use by students needing coaching in certain subjects. The bureau also arranges luncheons and informal meetings at which famous individuals are asked to speak. Subjects of a cultural nature are the usual topics for discussion. STUDENTS ' COOPERATIVE STORE SERVICE to University students and profit to the A. S. U. C. are the pri- mary purposes of the Students ' Co- operative Store. The main departments are books, soda-fountain, candy, tobacco and stationery, and athletic goods. Branches of the store are established on the Davis and San Francisco cam pi. A new division has recently been or- ganized at the Gymnasium for Men. It contains two departments: candy and athletic goods. Management of the store is given to one of the graduate managers of the A.S. U.C. A VIEW OF THE CO-OP STORE FROM THE MEZZANINE FLOOR 173 PUBLICATIC KING VILKIX Director of Publications PUBLICATIONS ESHLEMAX HALL forms a center of activity for the student publica- tions which serve as a medium of journalistic expression. Publications now in Eshleman Hall are the Daily Californian, THE BLUE AND GOLD, Pelican, Occident, and Cali- fornia Engineer. Offices of these publi- cations were formerly scattered over the campus. The Daily Californian offices were in Stephens Union, South Hall annex, and a commercial building on Center Street. The editorial staff of THE BLUE AND GOLD occupied part of a studio on Telegraph Avenue, while the managerial staff used a small room in Stephens Union. Removal to one build- ing has unified these groups and stimu- ated greater cooperation among them. Eshleman Hall has also afforded an opportunity for better understanding between the publications group and other student activities which use the building, such as the A. S. U. C. Band, Glee Club, Treble Clef, Little Theatre, and Debating. The A. S. U. C. News Bureau, under the direction of Kenneth Priestley ' 26, is also an occupant of Eshleman Hall. This department compiles information concerning A. S. U. C. athletics and publishes the sport programs. Marti PUBLICATIONS DAY CHAIRMEN AND SUB-CBAIKMKN ving. How-ell, Doughty, Schlcssingcr, Dclmore, Wiescnfeld, Dow, Powell, Hinchman 176 C . FRAWKUK HCWELI. PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL A THE supervisory body over all A.S.U.C. publications, the Pub- lications Council coordinates the various journalistic interests on the University campus. In monthly meetings the publications heads convene to discuss problems with which they are mutually concerned. This Council is composed of three mem- bers from the Daily Califomian, two each from THE BLUE ANTD GOLD and the Pelican, and one each from the Califor- nia Engineer and the Occident. King Wilkin 27, as Director of Publications, is an ex-officio member of the council. The chairman of the council acts as the publications representative to the Exe- cutive Committee . This year the council has been espe- cially concerned with the publications library in Eshleman Hall. In the spring a Publications Day served as a celebra- tion for the anniversaries of three pub- lications and as a means of raising money for new books. On this day Eshleman Hall held open house for the demonstration of publications facilities. In the evening a dance held at the Clare- mont Hotel helped to swell the library fui i tan tn life, Alhtiaig., MSTfenm artin , 177 IRVING H. WIESENFELD Editor MARY SUE BEDFORD Women ' s Editor THE BLUE AND GOLD THE editorial staff of THE BLUE AND GOLD has been organized to prepare the annual for publica- tion according to the plans and policies of the editor. The women ' s editor supervises the copy and assists the editor in directing the junior group of three men and three women. The junior staff is divided into three groups, each of which edits one- third of the book and directs a staff of sophomores who collect the material for the sections. Appointments based on merit insure an efficient staff for suc- ceeding years. Work on the staff involves an under- standing of campus activities as a back- ground for copy-writing, photography, and make-up. With " Campus Life " as the theme of the book the layout of pages and divi- sions has been changed radically in an endeavor to find a more fitting medium for the review of student life and activi- ties. The new features include a series of camera studies of the University campus made by Ansel Adams, an eminent photographer, and a Senior Hall of Fame which contains pictures of senior leaders prominent in activities. JUNIOR EDITORS, BLUE AND GOLD MacSwain Pinckney McKenzie Wertsch Cross Cutten 178 HELEN- D. LANG Women ' s Manager AKTHCK S. POWELL Manager THE BLUE AND GOLD THE creation of a budget and the publication of THE BLUE AXDGOLD within the limits of that budget are the responsibilities of the manage- rial staff. This year ' s limited budget has made coordination between managerial and editorial staffs particularly necessary in order to produce a volume equal in standard to those of previous years. The senior manager and women ' s manager supervise a staff of six juniors, three men and three women, who, in turn, take charge of the work of the sophomore group. By a rotation of the various duties of office management, each junior receives complete training. A system of appointments insures a con- tinuity from year to year. Since there is no advertising in the annual, the main work of the staff is concerned with the sale of assessments to the seniors and the general student body on the campi at Berkeley, San Francisco, and Davis. In addition, the group has charge of publicity, filing of records, bookkeeping, and sale of pages to organizations as well as the distribu- tion of the books. Ramsev JUNIOX MANAGERS OF THE BLUE AMD GOLD Breed Moulthrop Sillers Joseph Ellsworth 179 SOPHOMORES AT WORK IN THE BLUE AND GOLD EDITORIAL OFFICES INFINITE CARE MUST BE EXERCISED IN MOUNTING THE FRATERNITY SECTION BLUE AND GOLD EDITORIAL Editor Robert F. Cross, Jr. Lavcrnc Allen Audrey Anderson Lillian Baptist Mary Biggs Dorothy Browning Eileen Cassidy Josephine Cressman Engte Devendorf Katherine Douglas . Irving Wiesenfeld Ruth Cutten Toria Pinckncy Mary Do veil Dorothy Drew Doris Earhart Garrett Eckbo Jane Edwards Elizabeth Foote Mary Lou Glover Doris Goodman Margaret Heger JUNIORS Women ' s Editor Mary Sue Bedford Hugh McKenzie SOPHOMORES Rose Wiley Howard Wreden Maureen Henno Muriel Ireland Helen Jacobs Joseph Kane Roberta Kneedler Vincent Macmorran Ruth Maharry Leona Noel Dorothv O ' Rourke Elliot MacSwain Hernia Wertsch Arthur Pettier Edward Quarg Curtis Roberts Evelyn Shaw Virginia Simpers Elizabeth Smith Charlotte Stewart Barbara Watts Katherine Wehner Jean Wyllie BLUE AND GOLD SOPHOMORE EDITORIAL STAFF Goodman, Wiley, Stewart, Eckbo, Macmorran, Devendorf, Wreden, Pettier, Wyllie, Browning, Earhart Biggs, Glover, Noel, Ireland, Drew, Cressman, Douglas, Smith, Henno, Edwards, Maharry, Anderson, Lynip, Cassidy, Simpers, Wehner, Baptist, Foote, Watts, Jacobs 180 THE BLUE AND GOLD MANAGERIAL STAFF AT WORK SOPHOMORES SELL THE AXXUALS ox THE CAMPUS BLUE AND GOLD MANAGERIAL Arthur S. Powell Eleanor Breed Gertrude Ellsworth LJovd I. Ramsey JUNIOM ir Leonard Joseph Dorothy Beno Ethel Berne Clothildc Brouchoud Hcnr - Buchholz Row cna Crawford Hclcnc de Lauer Eleanor Erath Ruth Evans Ardith Fluhartv Folcy Homer Fuller Loraine George Imogene Gray Florence Gunn Jaoor Kingwell Mary Kingwdl Leonard Koshins Charles Lamborn . :-:-:. -; - rLS Helen Dale Lang Richard Moulthrop Lewis Albert Lowe Dcnncta McClung Margaret McLean Elizabeth Midglcx- Rober t Miller Eleanor Moles Patricia Nowland Nano Poulterer Frances Wright Janet Sillers Dorothy Ramsden Margaret Ritchie Jane Rook John Russell Ruth Sanders Carol Schmidt Lucille Steinhart Barbara Stubbs Marian Tomlinson Helen Wright BLUE AND GOLD SOPHOMORE MANAGERIAL STAFF Fuller, Pboltercr, Erath, Buchholz, McLean, Crawford, Gray, Ritchie, Brouchoud, Nowland, Tomlinson, Midglcy, Miller, Ramsden, Evans, Lamborn 181 FRANK H. BUCK, JR. Editor, Fall JANE M. ESHLEMAN Women ' s Editor, Fall DAILY CALIFORNIAN FIVE separate departments, each having its own particular func- tions, make up the organization of the Daily Californian personnel. Dual control is exercised by the editorial and managerial staffs, which are assisted by the art, sports, and promotional depart- ments. The editorial staff consists of the edi- tor and the women ' s editor, who super- vise the work of nearly three hundred students. The men and women are di- vided into separate staffs, each having its own internal organization. Both groups are divided into beats with a junior at the head of each. The sopho- mores guide the freshmen and are in turn responsible to the juniors. Members of the managerial staff so- licit advertising accounts in the various stores in Berkeley and the bay region. Working in cooperation with the mana- gers, the promotional staff furnishes copy for stores without advertising de- partments. The art staff, consisting of about fif- teen men, has the task of preparing a daily cartoon for the editorial page. Organization of the sports staff cor- responds to that of the editorial. Hollv ASSOCIATE EDITORS, DAILY CALIFORNIAN Schuster Connett Doughty Morris 182 R. EILEEN DELMORE Women ' s Editor, Spring C. FRANKLIN HOWELL Editor, Spring DAILY CALIFORNIAN DURING the year the Daily Cali- fornian sponsored several cam- paigns. In the fall semester a Loan Fund Drive netted over three thou- sand dollars to refill the funds depleted by needy students. A straw vote was taken to discover student opinion in re- gard to the presidential election. Diffi- culties which arose concerning the Razzberry Press were finally settled by the removal of its abolition from the Executive Committee books. Exposing the use of illegal tactics by students, re- sulting in their expulsion, the paper made a definite step toward pointing out the weaknesses of the Honor System. In the spring a religion poll was conducted for the North American Board for the Study of Religion. Several feature columns of importance appeared on the editorial page. " Who ' s Whooey " reviewed the social life of the campus. " Outside the Gate " and " Footnotes " were devoted to political discussions. " Oak Chips, " a collection of humorous verse, was replaced in the spring semester by " Brain Waves. " The " Lighthouse " criticized current plays and books. Conditions on the campus were satirized in " The Californiac. IN THE CITY ROOM OF THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN 183 WALTER B. STAFFORD Managing Editor DAVID F. SELVIN " City Editor DAILY CALIFORNIAN Editor, Fall Frank Buck Women ' s Editor, Fall Jane Eshleman. Editor, Spring Women ' s Editor, Spring . C. Franklin Howcll Eileen Delmore Managing Editor Walter B. Stafford City Editor David F. Sel vin Sports Editor D. Gordon Arter Francis R. Connett ASSOCIATE EDITORS Eleene Doughty Hazel Holly Elizabeth Schuster Eleonor Morris West JUNIOR WOMEN EDITORS, DAILY CALIFORNIAN Northcote Muller Gerwick 184 Cramer THEODORE KEY Art Editor D. GORDON ARTER Sports Editor Herbert Bradlcy Val Brookes Charles Bun- John Conrad Bruce Yates DAILY CALIFORNIAN JUNIOR EDITORS Marian Cramer Wilbur Donaldson Betty Gcrwick Paul Johanson James McCollum Warren Manuel Elisabeth Mullcr Kate Northcote Margaret West Russell Palmer Robert Schnacke Irvin? Schoenfeld Alfred Wcilcr Edward Bedigan John Bbhnett SPORTS STAFF Editor. . D. Gordon Arter JUNIORS Willard Bohn Arthur Israel Samuel H. Woods SOPHOMORES Henry Braincrd Donald H. Burum Roger Johnson Olcg Maslcnikoff David Mayers David Taylor JUNIOR MEN EDITORS, DAILY CALIFORNIAN Schoenfeld, Johanson, Palmer, Brookes, Manuel, Schnacke, Donaldson, Wcilcr, Conrad 185 JAMES E. MATTOX Manager, Fall WILLIAM W. ALVING Manager, Spring DAILY CALIFORNIAN FINANCIALLY, the success of the Daily Californian depends upon the managerial staff, since the ad- vertising which this staff secures pays for the cost of printing and determines the size of each issue of the paper. The business policies of the paper are determined by the manager, advertising manager, and assistant manager, who also direct the work of the whole or- ganization. The juniors supervise the dummying of advertisements in the paper and do routine office management. All of the advertising is secured by the underclassmen. The sophomores solicit the larger stores and the freshmen cover the small assignments. By furnishing copy for the stores which have no special advertising de- partment, the promotional staff works in conjunction with the managers. A director and assistant director supervise the work of this division, which handles all advertising for the A. S. U. C. store as well as for many private concerns. This year the promotional staff and the Pelican directed an extensive survey to determine where the students spend their money and what influence adver- tising has upon them. Eggers JUNIOR MANAGERS, DAILY CALIFORNIAN Bartholomew Lowe Colberson Mooscr 186 HELEN WEBB Promotional Manager, Spring ARDLE PIERCE Promotional Manager, Fall DAILY CALIFORNIAN MANAGERIAL STAFF , Fall James E. Mattox Manager, Spring Assistant Manager Edwin Richards Advertising Manager, Spring Duanc Bartholomew JUNIORS .William W. Alving Stanley Colbcrson Prontftunal Manager, Fall. Gcraldinc Elmgren John Eggers Joseph Lowe PROMOTIONAL STAFF . Ardlc Pierce Gurdcn Mooscr Giles Cropsey Catherine Curtis Evclvn Dam Marcclla Willis Virginia Bullivant Lillian Chatneld Helena Costello SENIORS Leo Harrison Helen McWilliams Ruth Schirmcr JUNIOKS Eunice Davis Rosemarv Havs Virginia Knight Joan Goodwin Frances Hoi brook Gordon Larson Mary Gregg Hairy Kemmcrer Lcrov Lew Catherine Wilson SOPHOMORES Charlyn Dwver Ethel Goss Jane Pratt Valora Eaton John S. Hall Bertie Mac Smith John Glaese Elizabeth Pigott Baird Snodgrass 1 Wen Webber FRESHMEN Cathrine Bovscn Edna Cader PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING STAFF, DAILY CALIFORNIA Pigott, Webber, Levy, Phillips, Knight, Curtis, Webb, Goodwin, Bullivant, Schirmer, Allan, Boyscn, Larson, Pierce, Holbrook, McWilliams, Willis, Hays, Gregg, Cadcr, Smith, Chatoeld, Snodgrass, Eaton, Pratt 187 SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF, DAILY CALIFORNIAN Wickman, Fowler, Farmer, Anthony, Erskine, Shibley, Walker, von Neumayer, Saunders, Ryan, Wall, Theobald Kessler, Kavanagh, Bibb, Podvidz, Fass, Hoye, Barnett, Soule, Grenadier, Taylor, Lathrop, Tweedy, Jeschien, Ross, Chapman, Kelley, Hain, Colussi, Murdoch, Murrish, Nichols DAILY CALIFORNIAN SOPHOMORE EDITORS Barbara Anthony William Argo Phyllis Barnett Jack Berry Katherine Bibb Harrison Bullock Walter Cameron Helen Chapman Virginia Chichizola Walter Christie, Jr. Louise Colussi Paul Davis Ernest Decker Edwin Emery Gwenllyan Erskine John Eshleman, Jr. Elizabeth Farmer Edith Fass Gertrude EDWIN RICHARDS Assistant Manager, Daily Californian Barbara Fowler Marion Murdoch Annette Grenadier Louise Murrish Eldon Grimm Lois-Ray Nichols Lucile Hain Lily Podvidz Juliet Harrison Mary Ross June Hoye Jean Ryan Jack Hughes Barbara Saunders Barbara Irgens Harry Schroeter Doyle Jensen Donald Scott Louise Jeschien Jean Shibley Richa rd Juergenson Lucile Soule Charlotte Kavanagh Charles Stevens, Jr. Margaret Kelley Jean Taylor Hilda Kessler Jewel Theobald Donald Kirk Jean Tweedy John Langton Charles Voland Eleanor Lathrop Hulda von Neumayer James Laurent Dorothy Walker Wall Mary- Wickman SOPHOMORE MEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF, DAILY CALIFORNIAN Schroeter, Hughes, Christie, Argo, Berry, Bullock Eshleman, Juergenson, Jensen, Grimm, Cameron, Ghirardelli, Laurent, Emery, Decker, Burum, Maslenikoff, Bohnett 188 Snaer Maxwell DAILY CALIFORNIA ; A T BOARD Kcv Ariss Saklcro DAILY CALIFORNIAN ART BOARD SENIORS Lloyd Hoff Theodore Key Seymour Soacr JUNIORS Bruce Ariss Ernest Maxwell Robert Windrem Samuel SHfi SOPHOMORE Reginald Massie SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Alvin Benas Howard Bowker Frederic Buckley Albert Couderc Dallas Gray Carltoo Green Max L Murdock J. Gilbert Paltridgc Francis Porter Leslie Rhodes MULES A. HERDA Promorional Manager bensi Pans DAILY CALJTO XIAN SOPHOMORE MANAGERS r . -.- Couderc Bucklev Green Paltridge 189 GRAHAM HEID Editor, Fall BENJAMIN C. MARTIN Editor, Spring PELICAN ISSUES of the Pelican, humorous mag- azine of the campus, appear four times a semester and once during the summer, each issue being devoted to some theme which is cleverly incor- porated in the editorials, special articles, jokes, and art work. In Septem ber the Pelican published a Freshman Number, portraying the typical freshman and the problems hefaces in becomingacquainted with campus life. A beauty contest was conducted for the Women ' s Number, in which the winners were announced and discussed. Other special features were a Political Number, a Big Game Number, a Suppression Issue, and a Love Issue. The May number was the thirtieth anni- versary issue. Organization of the Pelican comprises four staffs: men ' s editorial, men ' s man- agerial, art board, and women ' s man- agerial. The senior positions of editor, manager, and women ' s director are ap- pointive and are all for the period of one semester. Sale of the magazine falls to the women ' s managerial staff, which is composed largely of sophomores and freshmen. EDITORIAL BOARD, PELICAN Windrem, Rosenberg, Maslenikoff, Maxwell, O ' Connell, Steffen, Martin, Heid, Burris, Meltzer, Covven, Key, Ormsby, Ariss, Hoff 190 JOHN H. MILBURN Advcrtising Manager FRANK J. SCHLESSINGER Manager EJitor, FalL PELICAN Graham Heid EJitor, Spring. EDITORIAL BOARD Benjamin Martin Bruce Ariss Boris Bjor Loren Bums David Camp Bernard Steffen David Cowen James Dannenbaum Lloyd Hoff Theodore Key Oleg Maslenikoff Ernest Maxwell Bob Mcltzer Wallace O ' Connell Lionel Ormsby Jeannette Quast Marvin Rosenberg Samuel Saklcm Robert Windrem Al- ;-.;. ' Kelly Anthony Jerome Bercnson Gerald Burris Thomas Carroll Bruce Ariss Loren Burris Frank J. Schlessinger Advertising tAanaffr . . . MANAGERIAL BOARD Roger Coffee Robert Glassman Julian Davis Harold Hartsough Wilson Farrcll Jack Hudspcth Howard Gawthrop ART BOARD Lloyd Hoff Theodore Key Robert Windrem John H. Mil burn Roland W. Finger Ernest Maxwell Wallace O ' Conncll Henry F. Schultz Perry Smith Joh nathan Swift Henrv C. Wells Samuel Saklcm Bernard Steffen Gawthrop Schultz Davis MANAGERIAL BOARD, PELICAN Milburn Schlessinger Glassman Berenson Wells 191 Hartsough JEANETTB STEELE Women ' s Director, Fall Women ' s Director, Fall Women ' s Assistant Director, Fall. JULIA E. Dow Women ' s Director, Spring PELICAN WOMEN ' S STAFF .Jeanette Steele Women ' s Director, Spring .Zoe Wyllie Women ' s Assistant Director, Spring. Nadine Allen Violet David Geraldine Elmgren Genevieve Arcularius Joyce Bancroft Naomi Benyas Helen Bloch Alvcrus Clark Margaret Cooper Ruth Hansen Elizabeth Gilbert Aileen Haines Helen Heisen Maureen Henno Jane Lasell Leah Lewis Nancy June Loyd Marjorie Miller Rose Miller Edna Milligan JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Virginia Beanston Patricia Dillon Helen Brown Marie Dondero Jean Cunningham Jean Dortmund Mary Curts Virginia Encell Engelique Dean Virginia Green Jean Decoto Elnora Grimes Evelyn DePuy Rosseel Hart Harriet Whitnev Helen Wright FRESHMEN Margaret Hunt Barbara MacMichael Catherine Parker Margaret Musgrove Ladene Newman Doris Russell June Sears Dorrance Small Dorothy Smith Helen Stutt Geraldine Howe Eva Jensen Marian Jensen Elizabeth Keatinge Jean Kennedy M. Elizabeth Kitts Roberta McKenzie Constance .Julia Dow Gertrude Jane Kennedy Katherine Stapleton Winifred Solinsky Grace Wilkinson Adrienne Tolan Mildred Tripp Maxine Wallace Marjorie Waterlow Helen Webber Frederika Wiseman Virginia Withers Dorothy Ormsbee Annette Rahmer Helen Rutherford Virginia Simpson Claire Steel Virginia Tozer Janet Wallace Wood WOMEN ' S MANAGERIAL STAFF, PELICAN Allen, Arcularius, Bloch, Hansen, Tolan, E. B. Bailey, E. Bailey, Sears, Gilbert, Tozer, Tanner, Hart, Dienelt, MacMichael Clark, J. Kennedy, Webber, Musgrove, Haines, Small, Davis, Keatinge, Stapleton, G. Kennedy, Dow, Steele, Wyllie, Elmgren, Whitney, Wiseman, Hunt, Steel, Milligan, Dingeman, DePuy, Cooper 192 LAI RENCE O. ANDERSON Editor, Fall JOHN W. BRISTOW Manager, Fall ROGER W. HINCHMAN Manager, Spring ORMOND BRETHERICK Editor, Spring CALIFORNIA ENGINEER EDITORIAL STAFF Editor, Fall Laurence O. Anderson Editor, Spring Ormond Bretherick Women ' s Editor June Malonc Assistant Editor Edmund Thclcn Art Editor Lloyd Filler SENIORS Bruno Franccschi Hcndrix Townslcy Grant Weiss JUNIORS Emmet Cameron Byron Masterson Charles Murphy SOPHOMORES David Dryfoos Albert Lcsh Ray Walker FRESHMEN Oval Clark Arnold Curtis Valentine Gates Liston Hills MANAGERIAL STAFF Manager, fall John W. Bristow Manager, Spring Roger Hinchman Circulation Manager William Mattson SENIORS Dorothea Batham JUNIORS Oliver Aufdcmbcrg Frederick Blechschmidt Clothildc Brouchoud Helen Dowd Dorothy McCamman Kathleen O ' Brien SOPHOMORES Charlyn Dwyer Muriel Gaines Margaret Ritchie Barbara Pope Flovd Rowley Thais Graves James Hoglc Marvin Sturgeon William Tradcwell Alida Morrill Man- Mullen CALIFORNIA ENGINEER STAFF Weiss, Franceschi, Bretherick, Masterson, Murphy, Mattson, Walker, Nelson, Cameron, Sturgeon, Hinchman, Townslcy Gaines, Dowd, Mullen, Curtis, McCamman, Clark, Batham, Anderson, Bristow, Pope, Aufdcmberg, Malone, Tradcwell, O ' Brien, Morrill, Graves 193 MARVIN ROSENBERG Editor OCCIDENT STUDENT literary ideas find expres- sion in the Occident, which is the only magazine of its type on the University campus. Improvements in the typography, style, and general ap- pearance of the entire magazine were ac- complished during the past year under the direction of the editor and the Occident staff. Fundamental among the changes was a more striking cover design, modern- izing the magazine to a considerable de- gree and presenting a list of the out- standing contributions to each issue. Instead of printing the woodblocks as separate features, they have been used as illustrations for stories and articles, adding life to the material. Features, comparable in tone to those of national journals, including prose, poetry, arti- cles, and reviews, appear regularly in the magazine and are interspersed with woodcuts done in black and white or in color. Contributions to the Occident are ac- cepted from graduate and undergraduate students. In the past, faculty members have written some of the most timely articles, producing widespread discus- sion in local educational and literary circles. The art work is generally exe- cuted by student members of the staff. Blackburn Cummirtgs EDITORIAL BOARD, I Harding Rosenberg 194 Morris Stafford Selvin MARJORIB SIFFORD Manager OCCIDENT EDITORIAL BOARD --.-.- - James K. Blackburn Ramsdell Cummings Helen Harding Elconor Morris ART BOARD Art EJirtr Douglas Connelly Sam Hanson MANAGERIAL Marvin Rosenberg Paul S. Nathan David Sclvin .Bruce Ariss Ernest Maxwell Walter Stafford Sam Tanenbaun Barbara Anthony Beverly Balster Bonnie Boucher Eleanor Clokcy Virginia Coffin JUNIORS Nadinc Allen SOPHOMORES Madeleine Bond Virginia Phelps FRESHMEN Minor Cordry Emma Lou Hoffman Marr Emma Jcffress Merle Jane Judson . Marjoric Sifford Katherine Mcrritt Joyce Grimslcy Jane Lorell Elizabeth Pigott Jane Pratt Sophie Prcscott Beth Lowe Lcona Rhine Dulcic Saxon Elizabeth Smith Kathleen Wells MANAGERIAL STAFF, OCCIDENT Boucher, Smith, Lowe, Wells, Mcrritt, Allen, Sifford, Grimslcy, Balster, Cordry, Judson, Anthony, Saxon 195 GERALD E. MARSH Coach AL IDA H. STEWART Forcnsics Commissioner DEBATING WITH a total of four symposia and twelve debates to the credit of the men ' s and women ' s Varsity debating teams against such varied types of opponents as the University of British Columbia and the San Quentin Prison Debating Team, forensic activities of the year were numerous and varied. The Student Speakers ' Bureau, a new organization through which outstand- ing speakers on the Varsity squad may have opportunity to come in contact with and speak before various clubs and organizations in the bay region, was in- augurated this year. Another feature of the year was the broadcasting over nation-wide networks of three debates in which California stu- dents were engaged; two were inter- collegiate debates and one was a debate between two members of the Varsity squad. College opponents of the Varsity teams included debaters from Stanford, University of Southern California, U. C. L. A., University of San Francisco, Uni- versity of Washington, St. Mary ' s Col- lege, and the University of British Co- lumbia. The freshman team debated with San Mateo J. C., College of the Pacific, St. Mary ' s College, and numer- ous high schools in the bay region. Swartzburg Covven Putnam FORENSICS COUNCIL Goldstein Stewart Lawson Johnson Coburn Knapp Denhardt Wilsey 198 CAROLYN E. JOHNSON Women ' s Debating Manager KARJ. F. LAW-SON Men ' s Debating Manager WOMEN ' S DEBATES K SOLVED that this house disap- proves of the ideas of American education as exemplified by American Universities. " Opponent: San Francisco University. " Resolved that the United States should agree to the cancellation of inter-allied war debts. " Opponents: U. S. C., U. C. L. A. " Resolved that the exclusion of mar- ried women from industry is socially de- sirable. " Opponent: San Francisco University. MEN ' S DEBATES K SOLVED that Herbert Hoover should be returned to the Presi- dency in 1933- " Opponents: StanfordUniversity,U-S.C. " Resolved that the cutting of wages in the present depression has retarded world economic recovery. " Opponents: University of British Co- lumbia, St. Mary ' s College, San Quentin Debating Team. " Resolved that the United States should consent to cancellation of inter- allied war debts. " Opponent: University of Washington. MEN ' S DEBATING MANAGERS Cowcn Brown Mil more Law-son Archbold Johnson Denhardt Jensen 199 MEN ' S VARSITY DEBATERS Thurmond Morse Coburn Archbold tenBroelc Breyer Klatchkin Brown Koford Caldwell SYMPOSIA VARSITY ' Modern Thinkers in a Chaotic World . ' ' Participants: Garff B. Wilson Wilma K. Manning William E. Price Alida H. Stewart Carolyn E. Johnson ' Roosevelt ' s Policies. " Participants: Alida H. Stewart Jeanne F. Savinien Donald A. Breyer Darwin C. Brown Edward J. Caldwell, Jr. WOMEN ' S ' Our Educational Merry-go-round. " Participants: Edna J. Fischgrund Francelia R. Knapp Martha B. Putnam Eugenia M. Walsh INTERCOLLEGIATE ' Presidential Possibilities. " Participants: University of California Stanford University St. Mary ' s College INTER-SOCIETY ' Whither Democracy. " Chairman: Prof. A. F. Macdonald. Participants: Congress, Parliament, Philorthian, Centuriata, Senate. A freshman representative also took part. ' Dictators in the Saddle. " Chairman: Prof. R. J. Kerner. Participants: Parliament, Centuriata, Congress, Philorthian, Senate. 200 WOMEN ' S VARSITY DEBATERS k.napp Putnam Stewart Phillips Manning Hosted Walsh Johnson Savinicn Yodcr INTER-SOCIETY DEBATES Congress vs. Senate: " Resolved that the outright repeal plank in the Democratic platform is more desirable than the resubmission plank in the Republican platform. " Congress vs. Parliament: " Resolved that the newspaper is a beneficial instrument for the formation of public opinion. " Parliament vs. Senate: " Resolved that student government on this campus should be abolished. " Parliament vs. Centuriata: " Resolved that the Honor System be abolished. ' TROPHY DEBATES ARXOLD DEBATE: Five debating societies compete for the trophy, which was won this year by Marvin Rosenberg for Congress. U. C. GOLD MEDAL DEBATE: Anyone except members of the Var- sity may compete in this debate. Those who reached the finals vere Howard F. Bowker, Frank L. Kidner, Louis I. Landau, BennoK.Milmore, and Ruben E. Spannaus. who was the ultimate winner. JOFFRE DEBATE: This debate is an annual contest held with Stanford, and occurred on their campus this year. The general subject was: " French Foreign Policy and World Economic Recovery. " California was represented by Jacobus ten Brock, James K. Koford, and Margaret Yoder. 1 R A M A T I C EDWIN DUERR Director Little Theatre KENNETH PRIESTLEY Dramatics Manager LITTLE BY FOLLOWING a policy of doing un- usual plays in an experimental manner, and of making this a def- inite part of art training for students, the Little Theatre has created an envi- able reputation for solidity and excel- THEATRE lence among college dramatic circles. During the past year Little Theatre has made an effort to stimulate an inter- est in a Little Theatre building which would prove adequate for the presenta- tion of plays of a superior quality. LITTLE THEATRE STAFF HEADS Wyllic, Caldccott, Wixson, Brown, Scott, Mclntire, Williams, Hall, Staples, Chapman, Anderson 204 JACK P. BENJAMIN Chairman Dramatics Council JAMES E. MATTOX Manager Little Theatre DRAMATICS COUNCIL KISLATIOX pertaining to dramatics is administered by the Dramatics Council, which consists of repre- sentatives of Little Theatre, Partheneia, Treble Clef, the A. S. U. C. Band, Thalian Players, and Mask and Dagger. The principal accomplishment of the council this year has been the incorpo- ration of the Junior Farce and the Senior Extravaganza into Little Theatre. The council has also been instrumental in the retention of the Glee Club. DRAMATICS COUNCIL Gommo Green Weld Williams Benjamin Schnctz Porter Priestley Christy Mclntire 205 " PARIS BOUND " " HERE ' S TO OXE FOR ALL OF US. " " THE GOOD HOPE " " UP, BROTHERS, ALL UNITED ! " " PARIS BOUND " PARIS BOUND, " the gay and so- phisticated comedy in which Philip Barry depicts the modern divorce problem, was the second Little Theatre presentation of the fall semester. Dorothy McNaughton Bonar por- trayed the part of the young bride who later becomes disillusioned. The role of her husband was played by Alfred Etch- everry. Roderick Mays took the part of the father-in-law who tries to clarify a tense situation. The role of the erratic and emotional pianist who falls in love with the wife was portrayed by Howard Banks. Comic relief was furnished by Mercer Baggs, Dolores Christy, and Mary Lou Durrell. " THE GOOD HOPE " A TORY of Dutch sea folk written by Herman Heijermanns, " The Good Hope, " opened the twelfth sea- son of the Little Theatre. Careful characterization, well -sus- tained mood, and the picturesque group work heightened the effectiveness of the performance. The brothers, Barend and Geert, the one afraid of life and of the sea, the other defiant of both, were portrayed by George Vasilatos and Harlan Dunning. Nestor Paiva played the shipowner, Clemen Bos, and Dan Eckley took the role of Cobus. They were supported by Vera Mae Hamner, John Gorham, and a large cast. 206 " THE TOWER BEYOND TRAGEDY " KBINSON JEFFERS ' dramatic poem, " The Tower Beyond Tragedy, " was given its world premiere in the form of an arrangement for the stage by Edwin Duerr, director of Little Theatre. With striking beauty, Jeffers wove a new meaning into the Electra story, the plot of which has been ageless in the theatre. Rose Wood handled the difficult part of Clytemnestra, giving the sense of universality and colossal strength which the author had created about the character. The height of the perform- ance was reached with the portrayal by Harlan Dunning of the strange and beautiful soul of Orestes, who finds peace and beauty when he climbs the tower beyond tragedy and human con- sciousness. Helen Gilbert played the part of the mysterious and fascinating Cassandra; and Sylvia Rosenquist as Electra, the daughter of Clytemnestra, interpreted the power of revenge. The supporting cast included Edward Bode, Nestor Paiva, Jack Benjamin, and Frank Goss, as well as a large chorus of soldiers and captives. The severe but effective stage setting and lighting heightened the exotic at- mosphere of the play. Masks, symbolic of the introspection and blinded vision w r hich motivate the play, vere vorn by all members of the cast, adding to the impressiveness of the production. PEOPLE OF MYCENAE, FOR TWELVE YEARS I HAVE BEEN YOUR QUEEN . . . " THE TOWER BEYOND TRAGEDY ' " SPEARMEX, KILL THAT WOMAN ! " 207 " SEE NAPLES AND DIE " KVOLUTIONISTS, mysterious chess players, spies, a Russian prince and his American bride, police, and soldiers, against the enchanting at- mosphere of a sunny Italian cafe these form the essence of Elmer Rice ' s " See Naples and Die. " Characterized by the playwright him- self as " a comic opera without music, " the play is engagingly light and frivo- lous. The efforts of a young American to extricate his former fiancee from the clutches of a Russian prince, coupled with a plot to overthrow the Rumanian government, constitute most of the ac- tion of this sparkling comedy. Leads were taken by Dan Eckley, Frank Goss, and Dolores Christy. " THE GREAT GOD BROWN " A ARRESTING interpretation was given of Eugene O ' Neill ' s play " The Great God Brown, " which deals with a subtle analysis of human character. Effective masks were worn to indicate the transference of an indi- vidual ' s personality from his real to his apparent self. An excellent system of lighting made the arrangement of two settings on the stage at one time unusually successful. Harlan Dunning played Dion An- thony, the sensitive poet-painter, with Betty Keeran, the eternal girl-woman, as his wife. Percy Solotoy portrayed Brown, the typical business man, and Rose Wood wasCybel, the earth-mother. " SEE NAPLES AND DIE " " Her sister has diabetes ... " " THE GREAT GOD BROWN " ' Pride without which the Gods are worms. 208 THE BIRTHDAY PARTY ' " IMAGINE! MADAME. LE GENERAL. " QUEENS OF FRANCE " I SALUTE YOU. QCEEXS OF FRAXCE. " LITTLE THEATRE FORUM EtXE THEATRE FORUM is an organi- zation designed to serve as a workshop for students interested in all phases of dramatic production. Each semester a series of plays is pro- duced to enable lower-class students to show their ability both in acting and in the technique of play production. The Forum prefers to present original plays written by students. Frank criti- cism is requested from all audiences to learn their reaction to the various ex- perimental devices. Those who have had experience in the Forum are preferred for work in the major Little Theatre plays. In the fall semester the Forum pre- sented, among other plays, " The Birth- day Party " and " Queens of France. " In the spring the most unusual play, pro- duced as an experiment, was Nikolai Evreinov ' s " Theatre of the Soul. " The scene of action is entirely within the body of a man. Unusual settings repre- sented a heart and lungs, with weird lighting indicating the pulsations of the heart. Plays of the Forum are presented, di- rected, and participated in by members of Thalian Players, an honor society for sophomore, junior, and senior women. Members of the society are chosen from women who have worked at least a year in the production of Thalian plays, and who indicate a definite ability or interest in dramatics. 209 LITTLE THEATRE COSTUMES AND PROPERTIES STAFF L. Carlich, M. Carlich, Pfrang, Linscott, Glciss, Whitehead, D. Peat, Fraser Craft, Hotchldss, Case, Lasell, Stutt, Johnston, Palmer, Scott, Huston, Heinz, Heitsmith, Therber, Sala, Moulton, Hudson, T. Peat, Warren LITTLE THEATRE STAFFS NEARLY one hundred students form the production staffs for the Little Theatre plays. Students are re- quired to work up through their fresh- man and sophomore years to junior posi- tions in which they are given an oppor- tunity to demonstrate their managing ability. From these juniors one senior is chosen to direct each staff. The general manager is chosen from the stage crew and the women ' s manager from the publicity staff. The production commit- tees of the organization are costumes, art, make-up, publicity, properties, and stage management. In the past year the committees for art and costumes have attempted to do original creative work in the construc- tion and designing of stage sets and cos- tumes. Although the disadvantages of the small Wheeler Auditorium stage have been difficult to overcome, such clever arrangements as two sets on the stage at once have aided in surmounting the obstacles . Greater effort has also been expended in creating unusual posters. LITTLE THEATRE ART AND MAKE-UP STAFFS Thurber, Wolleson, Monson, Caldecott, Hall, Lehman, Lindus, Stevenson, Scarfe Brask, Robinson, West, Wahl, Souther, McAllen, Anderson, McCallan, Love, Sawyer, Holman, E. Bailey, R. Bailey, Vincent 210 Hammarburg, Lipson, Janssen, Poore, Packard, Howe, Bahls, Reid, Wood, Charctte, Edwards Adams, Beetles, Barber, Cooke, Dwycr, McSpeddcn, Kavanaugb, Williams, Orr, Lathrop, Beanscon, Duggan, Collar, Chemnick, Todd LITTLE THEATRE STAFFS A. the general office work, such as correspondence and filing, is per- formed by the Little Theatre pub- licity staff. Plays are announced by no- tices published in the Daily Californian and papers of surrounding cities and by posters distributed on the campus. The principal effort of the committee during the past year has been concentrated upon the stimulation of campus interest in Little Theatre. To further this interest, students are granted admission to all plays on the presentation of a student body card and payment of twenty-five cents. T he stage crew constructs the sets which have been designed by the art staff, arranges the stage before each per- formance, and supervises the storing of materials used in every play. The assign- ments of lighting, carpentry, and house management are given to a different member of the staff for each play. Duties of the property staff consist of obtaining all furniture and articles neces- sary for use by the actors. LITTLE THEATRE STAGE STAFF Allen, Naka, Merrill, Nickerson, Chapman, Lund Brancht, Hess, Janssen, Brask, Ncale, Anderson, C. Caldecott, Robinson, Maxwell, Shannon, Dyer, Gourley, T. Caldecott 211 WAKEFIELD TAYLOR Chairman JUNIOR ENEL ORMSBY ' S " Buttered Side Down, " was the play selected for the Junior Farce. It was presented on the morning of Junior Day at the Fox Campus Theatre. The plot of the farce dealt with the intrigues of frater- FARCE nity rushing, the subsidization of foot- ball players, and the raffling of a Rhodes Scholarship. Leading characters were portrayed by Robert Hammerslag, Wil- liam Maxwell, Ann Hunger, and Ann Jorgensen. Jack Benjamin was director. " BUTTERED SIDE DOWN " Pettit, Johnson, Hunger, Goss, Simon, Vogel, Ele, Hammerslag, Hodges, Maxwell, Thompson, Gumbiner, Swanberg, Stevens, Jorgensen, Price, Dondero, Mitzman 212 FRANK E. BROWX Co-Author SENIOR EXTRAVAGANZA DURING Senior Week, the Extrava- ganza, " The Gang ' s All Here, " was presented as a burlesque upon college football. The farce opened with Harlan Dunning as Spitz, leader of a group of gangsters, buying a Ph.D. and a university for a million dollars. He becomes dean of undergraduates, and his girl friend, Florence Hoffman, as Fifi, becomes dean of women. Compli- cations ensue when the former dean, George Vasilatos, is ousted. " THE GANG ' S ALL HEKE " Mitzman, Caldecott, Maxwell, Lachman, Hoffman, Flinn, Anderson, Vasilatos, Sachs, Dunning, Dcnhardt, Treadwell 213 ROBERT A. RICE Drum Major ALBERT H. GOMMO, JR. Manager J. THEODORE McWu.UAMS Director A. S. U. C. BAND THROUGHOUT the past year the A. S. U. C. Band has occupied a place of primary importance in University life. At rallies in the Greek Theatre, at football games in the Me- morial Stadium, and at basketball games in the new Gymnasium for Men, it has served to promote the true California spirit. During the U.S.C. game, which afforded the only opportunity for a trip, special stunts and marching events added to the interest and enthusiasm of the rooting sections. During the course of the year many improvements were instituted in the or- ganization. A very successful innovation was a si xteen-man drum unit, which performed novel stunts at football games. Finally, a scrap book was started so that a permanent record might be kept of the band and its accomplishments. In October the band was selected to represent all of the western universities in a radio program over the N. B. C. and Columbia networks. In the spring the annual concert, presented in the Greek Theatre, was broadcast over the same systems. A. S. U. C. BAND 216 TROJAN AND BEAR BANDS PLAYED " HAIL TO CALIFORNIA " INTRICATE MANEUVERS OF THE BAXD EXDED WITH A " V " AT THE WASH INGTOX STATE GAME AT THE ST. MARY ' S GAME, THE DRUM CORPS MADE ITS INITIAL APPEARANCE Ciar William AJvmg, Austin Bennett, Raldgh Brown. Hamsoo Bollo Denny, Clarence Dickie. Herbert Dinxxk. Lrman Fink, Harry Fish, Gordon Gaddis. O Kenneth Humphrey. Wilbor Jacobsen. William Jamiesoc, Frederick leaks. Homer fc Robinson, IrrinzSchoenfctd. Sank; Shaver. Robert Stevenson. Ernest Tarr. I Ratok Arnold, George Auble. William Baeduel, Peter G Caroer, Harry Chang, Frank Choy . Karl Cooperrider, Dana Cox, James Darrock, Mai xwvmn Gault, Albert Gommo, Martin Gorman, Edward Gray, Gerard Hulsewc, i. Merle Lore, Victor Maron. ROT Nelson, William Solaod, James Popper, Walter Rodney McWilliam, William Mullm, George Newhall. Gilbert Pal Palmer Tucker, Jr.. Chester Widiington. Jr. Hra-Chario BarkU Harold Osbom, Robert Sceedman, Evald Swauson, Robert Thorpe. aftm,, Fred Barker. Harmon Blcthcn. Albert Brawn, Herd Jorgensen, Walter !-_ Robert Lewis Glenn Wilkins, William Winu. Uoyd ' W Jr., Hngh Frost, Gam Haycock, . Samuel Steward, Walter Thomas. Jjhnsoo, Milton Miller. Calvin Mueller. Carlton Peck. Hubert Fairchild, ST., Gerald Fry. Wendell Hawk. Howard Leek, Frt Robert Thoin?son.aaTton Ward. DoeoUWal IrringWiesaBfeU.BTronWilxia. Tn Stanley Colberson. Marian Corrigan. John Diamond, Leslie Irvm, Harry Laage, jr.. Samoel MdLeynolds, ephLon.. . Richard Harold L g . . , , , Norman Peterson, Robert Ramm, Lawrence Record, Harry Rcnoyd. .Vnoid Rno. Harry Smith. Mm,I Gcm .GttecGTttl .Dac Hi M,LU xL iMt.Hcnrj Mishtm. i George Leonard. Gtorc McGinnis, Alvin McNeil, Robert Savdcr. F2ur-dward Bereen. hpl Floyd Fowler, Atdns Gndlnr, Donald Hatndd. Charles Howard. Jr.. Robert Hart. Melted , Arthur Manasse, Rogrr Perkms. Robert Pollack, Richard Smith, Willard Whiting. Harry Wdnflash. Wallenberg. Drmmt Mario Asrurias. McK-ir. Barron, Loois Beer, Clark Bradford, Albert Campbell, r . Owen Jones, Jack Lindeman. Howard Marthai, Albert Matthews. Raymond Ng. Lndwig Scpmeycr, Paul Srratbcm. on. Wayne Flinn, John Hall, James Hamilton, Jr., William Hasstcr, Walter Jacobsen. Roger s Srhurhir, Donald Thompson. Forrest Waoon. William Wood. Rttui Harold Ellis, Herbert hi. Jr., Carroll Russell, Edmund Simpson. Seal Smith. PualttJoicfb Kroll. Bernard Rocca, Earl Rogers, Larimer Woolley. Cj mt 1 I nrirn Simon. Jr. 0 r Lesar Wells. A VIXCED " O " WAS MADE DURING THE HALF OF THE OLYMPIC CLUB GAME WITH A FANFARE OF TRUMPETS. THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM " A HERALDED ox THE FIELD IN FRONT OF THE CARDINAL ROOTING SECTION. THE CALIFORNIA BAXD EVOLVED AN " S " 217 EUGENE BLANCHARD Director Glee Club and Treble Clef THE MUSICAL YEAR MUSICAL activities on the campus are adequately expressed through the medium of the A. S. U. C. Band, the Symphony Orchestra, the Glee Club, and Treble Clef. The Sym- phony Orchestra includes among its members not only students, but also pro- fessors and musicians not affiliated with the University. Though the Berkeley Musical Asso- ciation is an off-campus group, the pro- grams which it has presented in Harmon Gymnasium have given the faculty and students an opportunity to hear the best in music. Some of its finest programs have been those of Jose Iturbi, of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, and of the Don Cossack Chorus. The Glee Club is composed of male voices selected upon the basis of singing ability and proficiency in reading music. Treble Clef, the women ' s vocal organi- zation, is limited to fifty members se- lected through tryouts similar to those held by the Glee Club. In November the Glee Club presented a vaudeville show and dance in Harmon Gymnasium. Proceeds of seven hundred dollars went to the men ' s and women ' s loan funds. DON COSSACK CHORUS 218 MODESTO ALLOO Director UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Earl M. A 1 corn Cecil Alloo A. Apcl Lillian Battison Walter Bells Sv) vain Bernstein F. Bolls Eby Burzsan J. F. Carmody Florence Carter Tom F. Chapman Waldo Cohn Winifred Connolly Dcl-Ergo Cosmo G. Dun das Craig Silvia Cuglay Charles C. Gushing Dorothv Davis Max E. Denny William T. Denny Owen C. Dickson John P. Dobbins Guilbcrt DuMont G. E. Gibson Harry Gonick Marion Grenols Miriam Hall Carlton Hanson MaryJ. Hughnson Ella Hughnson Rivka Ivcntosch Frances James Elizabeth Jump Ed P. Junker Lorinc Koch Walter D. Larcw A. Lombard! Arlinc E. Lynch Mary Janet Martin George C. McGinnis Alice W. Metz Godfrey Mezirka Marion L. Moulin Galvin Mueller Leslie F. Mullett Kenneth Olshausen Virginia Parrott M. T. Perez Merlin Peterson Mavis Richardson Frank R. Roller Geza I. Ron ay E. F. Royle Dclbcrt E. Schneider J. Shannis Mary Sherwood Julius E. Shuchat Ruth Staples Helena Stcilberg George T. Stewart E. H. Thomas Wade Thomas, Jr. Harold Travis Barbara Tudor Gladys Underwood Vivian E. Vaughan Margaret A. Vogcl L. F. Wandel Marcus Woods E. Charles Wray Olga Yaffe Barbara Zoph L KDER THE BATON OF MODESTE ALLOO, THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY OnC HESTR A RENDERED A FALL CONCERT IN HARMON G YMN AS1 f M 219 ITHIRA PORTER President TREBLE CLEF (Women ' s Choral Society) Marjorie Angell Betty Bailey Dorothy Baker Geraldine Baker Claire Bradhoff Marjorie Bricd Jean Christensen Virginia DeAcres Delight Dennett Elizabeth Elliott Ida Engel king Winifred Englebright Nansi Evans Kathryn Goemmer Vivian Griffiths Mary Florence Gunn Mary Hodgkin FIRST SOPRANOS Mary Hunter Lois Hutchison Inez Kaartincn Laverne Kels Rosemary King Laura Kinkel Jane Knox Bernice McCarthy Lois McMillan Marion Marliave Beatrice Meegan Maxine Miller Marie-Therese Murphy Elizabeth Noyes Doris Oliver Grace Paxton Ithira Porter Phyllis Price Christel Pratt Eleanor Quandt Margaret Rector Hazel Riggs Marjorie Sachs Ethel Sala Beryl Scott Betty Shade Jean Shibley Raychel Simpson Elizabeth Smith June Dale Smith Sidney Stephens Louise Taylor Josephine Tilden Frances Wright SECOND SOPRANOS Marie Dondero Ethel Haslinger Valora Eaton Lavada Hudgens Fredarica Edgar Elizabeth Lawrence Geraldine Galliani Betty McCal 1 Mary E. Garthwaite Bobbejean McHenry Pauline Giovannoni Mary McNamara Kathryn Goemmer Wilma Manning AlvaGoldsworthy Ruth Michael Betty Hamilton Johnnie Rose Miller Ardell Tyler Kathleen ACCOMPANISTS Margaret S. Lea Beatrice M. Metcalf Bonnie Boucher Jean Christensen SECOND SOPRANOS Rosselet Cooke Marian Cuneo Janet Dickieson Dorothy Dodds Cynthia Burroughs Margery Charette Elizabeth Elliott Jeannette Ensler Geraldine Galliani Pauline Giovannoni Betty Hamilton Elizabeth Kant Margaret Lea ALTOS Mabel Lee Sylvia Lilleland Edith McKenzie Mary McNamara Beatrice Metcalf Elayne Miller Frances Miller Helene Miller Frances Moss Delphine Murphy Clara Murray Dorothy Ormsbee Elizabeth Peart Dorothy Rubel Jean Shibley Phyllis Thomas Katherine Titus Claire Tracy Mary Louise Tucker Tyler Marian Owens Virginia Paxton Eugenia Rutherford Betty Shade Olive Shannon Avis Terry Shirley Todd Emogene West Marjorie Windsor TREBLE CLEF Back row: F. Miller, Englebright, Riggs, Ensler, Shibley, Marliave, Owens, Kels. Fourth: Haslinger, Engelking, Evans, Tyler, Ormsbee, McCall, Bried, Knox, Sachs, McNamara. Third: Gunn, Miller, Metcalf, Boucher, E. Smith, Kant, Manning, Oliver, Todd, J. Smith. Second: Hutchison, Hunter, Griffiths, Scott, Cuneo, DeAcres, Kinkel, Murray, Taylor, Kaartinen, Giovannoni. Front: Simpson, Lawrence, Elliott, Meegan, Charette, Michael, Porter, Tracy, Dickieson, Cooke, Tucker, E. Miller, Hudgens 220 Harry Bigclow Jesse Fan- Lloyd Jones Glenn Mayfield Aurelio Alves Tranquilino Aquino Merrill Bates James Bell Ham- Betaque, Jr. Wendell Carlson Thomas Carroll William Clewe Richard Dyer-Bennet Thomas Flynn Robert Garrett Everett A. David Adams Leland Adams Donald Anderson FIRST TENORS John E. Miller William Parker Harvey Raab Oran Rickard CARL SCHNETZ Manager, Glee Club GLEE CLUB (Men ' s Choral Society) Raymond Robinson Henry Schulzc Everett Schwarzmann Trcscott White SECOND TENORS Geo.M.Giragossiantz EricNeufeld Robert Gulick Philip Gustafson Walter Habckoss Eugene Hayes Donald Hearst William Hedgpeth Donald Jones Don Wilson Kinney Albert Lesh George Loeffert ACCOMPANISTS Mathews BARITONES Arthur Armitagc Mortimer Benioff Lloyd Berglund Harold Osborn Evert Person Gordon Pierce Horace Porter Ted C. Rcindollar Kramer Rohflcisch Thomas Set ultz Charles Thompson William Tradewcll Paul Wingeyer Roger P. Williams William Bcrryhill Everett Bliss Oscar Catoire Francis Gale Martin Gorman John Hall George Homcm John Howatt H. Stewart Kimball Robert King Lcroy Levy Robert Lvon Samuel Baer Kenneth Butler Harold Campe Clarence Dickie Richard Eakin John Enfield Lyman Fink JohnR. Friborg John Fry Gordon Garner G. El wood Glazier Carl Hanson BARITONES Robert Mann Carlo Mannisto Frederick Maurcr Kenneth May Ernest Minas Alfred Mueller Arthur Mulborn Ben Murphy Raymond Ouer BASSOS Edward Harlow Listen Hills Fred Hokin Robert Hood Frcdjurasek Frank Kidner John Leary Donald Lee Kcnton Lecg Chester Luhman Byron Masterson Albert Mathews Mathcw Santino Carl Schnetz Levin Sledge Robert Stan ton Chester Stark Norman Stultz William Vollmer Carroll Wcddlc Meredith Wetherell Russell Miller Dan Ormsbec Robert Rupert Lucicn Simon, Jr. Stanford Smith Robert Switzer Eugene Thomas Dcnton Walsh L. Dwight Weld Ed Wicher Keith Wilson Calvin Wortman GLEE CLUB Weddlc, Anderson, Miller, Howatt, Armitage, Osborn, Fink, Betaque, Bern-hill, Vollmer, Thomas, Maurer, Mathews Wingeyer, Lew, Bell, Lee, Ormsbee, Switzer, Luhman, Friborg, Garner, Homem, Wicher, Kimball, Smith, Jurasek Robinson, Williams, Dickie, Mannisto, Wetherell, Blanchard, Schnetz, Jones, Flynn, Pierce, Stultz 221 RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS " B B Hl l BBB HI II K r COLONEL ROBERT O. VAN HORN Chairman Department of Military Science and Tactics ARNOLD C. KRAAYMES Honorary Colonel R.O.T.C. Unit MILITARY SINCE its inception at Berkeley in 1873, the University Military R.O.T.C. has steadily grown, un- til now 1331 undergraduates are com- pleting the compulsory two-year basic course. An additional 251 upper-division men are participating in the optional two years of study and a six weeks ' summer camp prescribed to train officers for the Organized Reserves. Under the able direction of Colonel Robert O. Van Horn and a competent staff of Army officers, complete training is offered in Infantry, Coast Artillery, an Ordnance Unit, a Headquarters Company at Davis, and a Medical Unit in San Francisco. ARMY-NAVY STAFF OFFICERS Lieut. Helmkamp, Capt. McClure, Com. Cheadle, Capt. Ryan Capt. Ames, Capt. Stribling, Capt. Welcker, Capt. Campbell, Com. Gates, Maj. Emery Capt. Mickel, Lieut. Tarbuck, Maj. Jones, Col. Van Horn, Capt. Gygax, Com. Yates, Capt. McCarthy 224 JOHN T. RONAN Battalion Commander Naval Unit FELIX X. GYGAX Chairman Department of Naval Science and Tactics NAVAL THOUGH established in 1926, the University Naval R. O. T. C. this year claims the largest unit en- rollment in the United States. The 248 men participating must pass certain physical examinations. They receive training in the subjects of Ordnance, Seamanship, Communications, and Naval History. Under the direction of Captain Felix Gygax and a staff of Naval officers, the unit graduated 35 seniors. Those who complete the four-year course are eligible for commissions as Ensigns in the United States Naval Reserve, or for vacancies in the Marine Corps and in certain staff corps of the Navy. MILITARY AND NAVAL CADET OFFICERS Lachman, Holabird, Hubert, Bode, Dennison, Gorham, Mors, Sticgcler, Pierce, Cathcart Johansen, Brown, Stewart, Rogers, Thomas, Soarcs, Hammcn, Newhall, Dodge, Hughes Gatchcll, Webb, Weymouth, Johnson, Bergen, Ronan, Watson, McLaughlin, Ramsey, Ham, Anthony Scheuermann, Slosbcrg, Foppiano, Little, Collins, Jones, Payne, Benjamin, Hoskot, Meyer, Himmclstcrn, Vasilatos 225 RIFLE TEAM Williams, Sellar, Wrenn, Heidenreich, Deyl, Ames (coach), Cameron, Week, Bode, Brenner, Scheuermann Thomas, Benjamin, Lindeman, McGlashan, Vasilatos, Jones, Cathcart MILITARY BY provisions in the Morrill Act of 1873, the University is required to offer the two-year basic course for all physically able male undergraduates, with instruction covering military his- tory, marksmanship, military tactics, and map-reading. After contracting for the advanced course, selected officers are trained in the practical and theoretical study of leadership, combat principles, the aux- iliary weapons of infantry, and the rifle. This training, with the additional six weeks ' summer camp, entitles students to commissions as second lieutenants in the organized reserves. Each year a rifle team, under the supervision of Captain Ames and Ser- geant Barber, maintains a high record of skilled marksmanship in competition with other university units throughout the country. EYES RIGHT AS THE NAVAL UNIT PASSES THE REVIEWING STAND " COLORS. OFFICERS, GUIDONS, CENTER ! " 226 THE R. O. T. C. BAND PASSES ix REVIEW NAVAL THElower-divisionNaval R.O.T.C. course includes three hours of classroom instruction and practi- cal drill each week. For the selected group of men in the advanced course, individual training is given to prepare them for the duties of commissioned officers. Thirty-seven upper-division students participated in the annual summer cruise to Alaska aboard the U. S. S. Crowninshield from June 11 to 30, 1932. Both the California and Washington units attained a high average of expert marksmanship in firing the ship ' s four- inch guns. By affording practical experi- ence through training with the regular Navy, this annual summer cruise has become one of the most i mportant phases of the naval curriculum. CAKDIDATES FOR QUEEN OF THE MILITARY BALL REVIEW THE R. O. T. C. ON HILGARD FIELD Gygax LeGrand Brooks JUTS Vilsack Van Horn 227 " California, California tbt bills send back the cry. You ' ve got to do or die for California, ' California. We ' ll tt ' rn tlx game or know the reason ti ' fy . . . " WOMEN ' S AFFAIRS CORINNE HELLIER Chairman WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE COMPLETE control over the welfare and activities of all college women and over rules for soror- itv and women ' s boarding houses is exercised by the Women ' s Executive Committee. The outstanding contribution which the committee made during the year through the Emergency Loan Fund Drive carried on in October was of real benefit to the whole campus. Because of the urgent need of many students for food and clothing. Tag Day sales were abolished in preference to this new method of obtaining finances. The drive was pushed for a week, and the $32,000 which was collected was divided equal- ly between the women ' s and the men ' s loan funds. An innovation in activities for women was the abolition of the C average scholastic requirement for participation in any university activity. This rule created an unfair discrimination be- tween men and w y omen which has been remedied through discontinuance. A general spirit of reform and cooperation has been exemplified in the work of the Women ' s Executive Committee this year. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ross, Beaver, Wicks, Steelc, Williams, Stevenson, Eshleman, Johnston, Porter, Brinclc, Devine, Hellier, Rubel, Andrews, Schmidt, Johnson, Morris, Delmorc, Bedford, Lang, Green 229 ETOILEJ. PECK President YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION EVERY year the Y. W. C. A. adopts a program which is dependent on the outstanding current campus situation. This year the economic crisis formed the center of interest, and the work was largely concerned with phases of this subject. Regardless of the motivating influence which changes from year to year, the significance of the " Y " cottage remains the same. As a world organization it represents a meeting place for women students of all creeds and nationalities. Thus, its educational and social pro- grams have a vast scope, dependent on the needs of the various groups. In conjunction with Orientation, the Y.W.C.A. gives luncheons and teas at the beginning of each semester, and holds Freshman Discussion Groups. As one of the largest and most active organizations on the campus, the Y.W. C.A. offers to every woman student an opportunity for leadership, independent thought and discussion, and the forma- tion of friendships through group con- tacts and work in the several depart- ments. Y. W. C. A. CABINET Davison, Putnam, Bryant, Myers, U. White, Steele, J. White, Andrews, Schneider, Nash, Kerr, Klein, Koford, Preston, Jackson, Burroughs, Todd, Jones, Wentworth, Fuller, Thorpe, Booth 230 BELVA A. BRISXK Chairman WOMEN ' S ADVISORY THROUGHOUT their entire first semester at college, freshman women are guided and advised by the Women ' s Advisory System. This is the only agent of orientation work which continues through the year. The advisors, divided into groups headed by captains and advised by Miss Alice G. Hoyt, act as assistants to the office of the Dean of Women. Constantly seeking for means of im- proving methods and encouraging closer contact between the women students, the Advisory System has inaugurated many new features in the past year. Dinners, luncheons, and affairs at w r hich there is a general interchange of ideas have been held for both captains and advisors. A valuable training course is conducted for two months in which the girls are addressed by experienced au- thorities on personnel work so that they may be better informed and better quali- fied to carry on their advisory work. At an A.S.U.C. tea in April, the Advisory, in order to encourage scholarship, awards rings to freshmen of superior standing in each of the colleges. WOMEN ' S ADVISOKY COMMITTEE M. Smith, Porter, Canaga, Long, Rea. Stewart, White, West, Ritchie, Myers, Brinck, Caldwcll, Kcrr, Dechant, Sillers, Kirby, Wilson, Dillon, Gray, Riddcll, H. Smith 231 DOROTHY ANDREWS Chairman WOMEN ' S HOSTESS COMMITTEE OWING to the useful service rendered in the past year by the Women ' s Hostess Committee, this group has acquired an important place in women ' s affairs. Its scope of work has been widened to include many activities which have proved beneficial to needy students. The greatest contribution of the com- mittee has been the serving of tea with- out charge to those eating in the Wom- en ' s Clubrooms of Stephens Union dur- ing the noon hour. Women who bring their lunches are thus enabled to enjoy companionship and social intercourse in friendly surroundings. The large number of students who have taken advantage of this opportunity is evidence of the success of the plan. The committee also aids in the in- terior decoration and rearrangement of the women ' s lounge rooms by making drapes and chair covers and planning new equipment. Smoking regulations have been changed radically under the committee ' s supervision, and the bulle- tin boards over which it has charge have been well policed. Baker WOMEN ' S HOSTESS COMMITTEE HEADS Whelen Sol lie Campbell Morris Livermore 232 DOROTHY STEVENSON Chairman PERSONNEL COMMITTEE DURING the past year the Personnel Committee has been reorganized under the leadership of the chair- man. The new system which was intro- duced placed the committee on a major activity basis. The scope of the work in- cludes the keeping of activity records of all undergraduate women on the cam- pus; the checking of these records for qualifications as to activity participation, such as for scholarship and A. S. U. C. cards; secretarial work for women ' s ac- tivities, for Student Welfare Council, and for the A. S. U. C. officers; and the finding of a suitable activity for women who desire to participate in the student activities of the University. The Personnel Committee has proved a valuable assistant in the orientation of new students. Through the new policies adopted during the past year, it has be- come an important source of information for the ext racurricular workers of the University. PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Shaw, Seulbcrgcr, Poore, Riddcll. Curts, Howe, Tharsing, Oilman, Dufour, Leonard, Boardman, Jackson, Dickson, Kragcn Jameson, Bapiiste, Rheingans, Encell, Kelley, Burrows, Angell, Hansen, Schaefer, Biles, Stevenson, Ncwhall, Wyllie, McCarthy, Haskins, Heath, Ridley, Oliver, White, McCallan, Tudor 233 EVELYN M. SCHMIDT Chairman WOMEN ' S GROUP SYSTEM SOME years ago, a number of non- organization women met to organ- ize a single group for the discussion of cultural topics. The idea was sys- tematized in 1923 into its present form by Miss Cora Williams, because the variety of interests made the original plan unsuccessful. A senior woman heads the personnel of the committee. She is assisted by a staff of juniors who organize and infor- mally lead the discussion groups. There are now nine divisions: books, dramat- ics, French, history, mathematics, mod- ern thought, music, Spanish, and travel. Each group is independent of the others, and the time and the place of the meet- ings are set at the convenience of the members. Most often, however, the dis- cussions take place at luncheon or tea. The increasing interest of the faculty is shown by their readiness to assist the women by meeting with them and speaking on selected subjects. To promote interest and intimacy be- tween the groups there are two general teas, a faculty dinner, and a dinner for all of the members. Goodwin GROUP SYSTEM HEADS Mashburn Colbath Lawrence Schmidt Roberts Fisher Wood Kragen 234 DOROTHY B. RUBEL Chairman A. S. U. C. SOCIAL COMMITTEE SOCIAL contact for women on the campus is provided by theA.S.U.C. Social Committee. Through the efforts of this group, a meeting place is provided where college women have the opportunity to exchange ideas and form new friendships. Teas are held twice a month on Friday afternoons from four until six o ' clock. All college women are invited to attend these functions. At the regular teas skits, short plays, musical selections, and dances are presented by campus talent. Special teas have been particu- larly interesting during the past year. At one the Thalian Players presented a skit, " Pierrot and Pierrette. " W. A. A., the Pelican, and Treble Clef also spon- sored several successful teas. Fashion shows were held at two functions, one in the spring and the other in the fall semester. A general chairman supervises the work of the group, which is composed of over one hundred women students. The committee is composed of five sub- divisions: decorations, entertainment, publicity, reception, and refreshments. Riddc A. S. U. C. SOCIAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Guichard ?, i be Putnam Hcnnings 235 ANNA J. DEVINE President JANICE E. BJORK Vice-President WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION THE Women ' s Athletic Association started as a sports and pastimes club under the women ' s division of the student body. Today it is an asso- ciation headed by a council which in- cludes a president, vice-president, secre- tary, treasurer, faculty advisor, and the managers of the several sports. W.A.A. is a member of the Athletic Conference of American College Women , which upholds a definite platform limit- ing athletic awards to three. The lowest is the numeral award, presented when a student has made the first team in any sport; the second is a pennant " C, " awarded for five semesters ' participation in W.A.A. together with proficiency in two sports. The highest award is a Big " C " sweater, presented for skill and sportsmanship. During the year W.A.A. sponsors a number of sports and field events such as the High School Sports Day, at which time representatives from about fifty high schools and from W. A. A. give athletic demonstrations, and Triangular Sports Day, when California, Mills, and Stanford compete. W. A. A. COUNCIL Plump, Crocheron, Cassidy, Griffin Cohen, Falconer, Palmer, Bradner, Hess, Bjork, Devine, Cobb, Waddell, Giannini, Guinau, Goldsvvorthy, Farr, Husted 236 WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY Devinc, Farr, Waddell, Bjork, Griffin, Giannini, Walsh, Abramson, Boylan, Cobb, Dexter WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY PENNANT " C " SOCIETY HoNOlAIY Eleanor E. Bardett Sarah R. Davis Frcderica Brinhard Louise S. Cobb Caroline W. Coleman Lucille K. Czaraowski Anna Espeoschade Marie Hone Marie E. Kcnnan Dorothy G. Kilpatrick Gm xtuaam Helen V. Abramson Louisa S. Hickox Lillian R. Desmond Lucille McBridc Genevic Dexter Louise C. Morison Ailcon Fisk Mary Ella Poor Catherine E. Walsh Sanaa Janice E. Bjork Man- F. Giannini Anna J. Devinc Vcra E. Spencer Dorothy W. Farr Elizabeth C. Griffin Myra K. Waddcll Helen V. Abramson Angeline Avila Dorothy A. Boylan Gcncvic Dexter Eleanor E. Ely Ruth Ewing Ailcen Fisk Cecilc Breed Anna J. Dcvine Tazuko Daniato Dorothy W. Fair Marv Giannini Carol B. Hess Dorothy L. Hooper GRADUATES Doris Hale Gertrude Hcngcrer Jean L. Hosted Louise C. Morison Elizabeth Ryder Catherine E. Walsh ' Katherine West Blanche A. KVmr Hazel L. Langdon Helen E. McArthor Lois A. Ch-erman AstaJ. Selchau Lncilc B. Wolcry Domino M. Zaro " C " SOCIETY Zaro, Cohen, Falconer, Wolcry, Fairish, Crochcron, Hooper, Domoto, Overman, Vaula, Desmond Selchau, Breed, Hewitt, Hess, McArthur, Langdon, Wadddl, Bjork, Giannini, Walsh, Abramson, Boylan, Dexter, Devinc, Griffin, Fair, Guinau, Hosted 237 Colcman W. A. A. FACULTY AND COACHES Cobb Bardett Kennan Hodgson Kilpatrick Espenschade Henze Bernhard WOMEN ' S SPORTS EIGHT popular sports comprise the program for women ' s athletics. Life Saving is conducted in the spring under two groups. Members of the advanced group have received their American Red Cross Life Saving Certifi- cate, and the others receive instruction to win the award. This year canoeing was conducted un- der a new program. Two canoes brought from Lake Merritt were used in practice races held in the North Pool every Friday at noon. Beginners and advanced players in tennis participated in an intramural tournament in the fall. In the spring, organized class teams competed in a series of matches. Crop and Saddle, held at the Berkeley Riding Academy, consisted of riding classes which were divided into a num- ber of small groups. A special division for advanced riders was organized as a road and trail class. Moonlight and breakfast rides were the recreational activities of this group. v c-v r - w . ' W. A. A. SPORTS MANAGERS Palmer, Cassidy, Bradncr, Hess, Crocheron, Goldsworthy, Giannini, Husted, Cohen, Falconer 238 r A WOMEN ' S FENCING TEAM Gay, Johnson, Guidinger, Hudson, Dean, McCall, Krabach, Rcdwinc Stage, Armitagc, Camp, Smith, Goldsworthy, Week WOMEN ' S SPORTS HOCKEY was the outstanding sport during the fall semester. Each class was represented by a team which competed in the inter-class con- tests. The final game took place during the Fall Field Week when the senior team won the semester championship. Basketball was organized into inter- mediate and advanced groups to give more opportunity for all to participate. Archery is one of the most popular of women ' s sports. Contests were held in the fall, and in the spring the experts from the preceding semester competed in a series of matches. At the Spring Field Day the woman with the highest score was awarded the cup for intra- mural archery. Rifle is directed by Captain Ames of the R.O.T.C. Classes are conducted by students as range officers who are chos- en from the first team of the preceding semester. The most interesting activity of the year was the telegraphic match held with other colleges throughout the United States. WOMEN ' S RIFLE TEAM Capt. G. W. Ames, Dunbar, Erwin, Falconer, Cohen, A villa, Armitage, Hill, Sergeant Sale 239 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS The Juniors won this point in the interclass tennis matches . . . W. A. A. guests were enter- tained at a luncheon on High School Sports Day . . . Intra- mural managers pose for the photographer . . . Saber wield- ers cross foils in shadows of Hearst Gymnasium . . . Inter- class hockey managers . . . Sen- iors attempt basket in inter- class cage game . . . Sports Day- fans look on as duelists compete in exhibition . . . Even horseshoe games drew interested partici- pants . . . Senior interclass hockey champions . . . This medicine ball looks heavy, but the women managed to keep it in the air . . . Ping-pong games were feature events of the Spring Sports Day . . . Senior forwards were snapped scoring the final goal of their 5-3 match with freshmen . . . Two junior guards blocked this senior shot at the basket . . . WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Over 150 women attended the W. A. A. banquet . . . Life-savers demonstrate . . . Golfers prac- tice pitch-and-run shots . . .Yes. the horse cleared this hurdle ... Crop and Saddle equestrians walk their steeds in practice . . . Riders show ease in taking the low hurdles but the bar fell . - . Novelty canoe races were weekly features on Hearst Pool this spring . . . The photographers caught these riders just before a day ' s practice ... A golfer demonstrates form . . . Racers hit the water in fall interclass swimming meet finals . . . Wom- en sharpshooters dedicate new range in Hearst Gymnasium . . - W. A. A. rifle team and coaches . . . Hearst Field affords an ex- cellent archery range . . . Gun- waling on Hearst Pool . . , Inter- class paddlers finish last lap of 60-yard crawl on High School Sports Day . . . ' Our sturdy golden Bear Is u-atcbing from the skies, Looks down upon our colors fair, And guards us from bis lair ... " ATHLETICS INTERIOR OF THE FAMOUS OLD HARMON GYM EXTERIOR OF THE BUILDING WHICH HAS WON ITS WAY INTO THE HEARTS OF THOUSANDS OF CALIFORNIANS A FAREWELL TO HARMON GYM IN 1879, soon after the College of California became the University of California, A. K.P.Harmon donated the little octagonal structure destined to be the center around which the Univer- sity was to develop. The campus circle included North Hall, Harmon Gym- nasium, and the Civil Engineering and Mechanics buildings. North Hall was the seat of faculty administration and Harmon the student center. Fora quarter of a century, the building served not only as a gymnasium but as the sole auditorium for symphonies, dramatic productions, and University meetings where the spirit of student life and government evolved. As the need for more space was mani- fest, Harmon was enlarged to meet it. New benefactors followed Mr. Harmon and the campus circle grew. Magnificent white stone buildings with modern equipment gradually superseded the old group. The completion of Wheeler Hall doomed old North Hall, leaving Harmon supreme in historical prestige. Through the years the University grew scholastically, spiritually, and ma- terially until it outgrew the facilities of the old gymnasium. The Gymnasium for Men has now replaced the athletic use of Harmon. Although it has passed the days of battles with poor equipment, it still stands as an impetus to University advancement and achievement. Harmon Gym will always live on in spirit. 243 Entrance to the new Gymnasium for Men . . . The electrotherapy room contains all modern devices for treatment of injuries . . . Natators are amply taken care of by these two outdoor pools ... A view of the new locker room . . . Built for the I. C. A. A. A. A. meet last July, the new Edwards Track- Stadium is one of the finest of its kind ... A mod- ernistic view of an Edwards Track Stadium pylon . . . New Bear sandlot . . . Latest in hydrotherapy is provided by this portion of California ' s new athletic plant . . . Egyptian figures adorn the facade of the new gymnasium. CALIFORNIA ' S NEW DEDICATION of the Gymna- sium for Men and the Ed- wards Baseball Field com- pleted theunitsofthenewathletic development begun in 1932 with the completion of the Edwards Track Stadium. The new plant was made possible by the gener- osity of Ernest V. Cowell ' 79, the A. S. U. C., and the State of California. A basketball arena with a floor space of 25,568 square feet and a seating capacity of 7500, execu- tive offices, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, and fencing rooms, as well as squash and handball courts, are provided. :ists practice in this completely fur- : ro om . . . With a seating capacity of 7500, the Golden Bear basketball arena falls a long-felt need ... A Latin inscription is engraved on the wall of the beautiful foyer . . . Military and Naval keep their rifles here . . . The long expanse of the shower room . . . Even fencers have a commodi- ous place to stab each other ... An aerial view of the campus with the athletic plant in the forc- d . . . Rear of the Edwards Track Stadium . . . boxing room for Blue and Gold pugilists. ATHLETIC PLANT Two prominent features of the new gymnasium are the outdoor swimming pools, th e larger designed for instruction and recreational purposes, the smaller equipped for competitive speed swimming, water polo, and diving. A sun-deck provides space for sun-bathing and contains a sand-pit for practice diving. Ample facilities for condition- ing athletes are contained in the new training quarters. There are rooms for electrotherapy, hydro- therapy, general bandaging, mas- sage, and diathermy. Special space is reserved for the military and naval departments. r WILLARD WILDE Manager A. S. U. C. Athletics CARL H. BURNHAM Chairman THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL CONTROL of sports of the Univer- sity rests in the hands of the Athletic Council, which consid- ers all problems confronting the athletic interests of the A. S. U. C. Final approval of any project, however, must be ob- tained from the Executive Committee. Among the important matters for con- sideration this year were the revision of managerial systems of the minor sports and crew, investigation into the intra- mural sports program, and arrangement of games for the " B " football squad. ATHLETIC COUNCIL Hanscn Burnham Gill Read Gregg Wilde Monahan Luther 246 GBOIGE A. REEVES Varsitr Cheer Leader CALIFORNIA VARSITY CHEER LEADERS A A GENERAL A. S. U. C. election in the spring semester, a head cheer leader is chosen to lead the songs and yells at games and rallies of the next year. He is assisted by two leaders elect- ed in the fall from six contestants who compete at an early football game. The yell leaders aid the Rally Com- mittee in arranging card stunts and in arousing enthusiasm. The most effective innovation this year was the loud- speaking system used to broadcast in- structions to the rooting section. ONE OF THE COLOKFL-L OtRI STUNTS OF THE CAIJFOINIA ROOTING SECTION AT THE BIG GAME McCosker Reeves McGt 247 BIG " C " SOCIETY FALL SEMESTER OF SPRING SEMESTER President V ice-President Secretary Leonard B. Allison Monroe E. Deutsch Carroll M. Ebright Maurice Baldwin William Boone Arthur Carlson Robert Carl ton Howard Christie George Degnan Price Hoppin Harold Jacobson William Coughlan John Crowley Robert Ballachey Charles Chandler Lloyd K. Budge George Cam mas Robert Kiesel William Koblik Jack Read George Wolfman Herman Hoi man Treasurer Guardian Permanent Secretary President Vice-President Secretary W. W. Monahan Dean Frank H. Probert Walter A. Wvatt Clinton W. Evans James W. Hole E. A. Hugill Charles Hyde Gerald Easterbrooks Carol Gill Ralston Gill Sam Gill Harry Jones, Jr. Phil Klein Daniel Johnson Secil Kyle William Davis Harold Eifert Spencer Duguid Norris Graham Duncan Gregg Russel Gallaway Ted Gruhler Robert Lee Byron Luther Richard Mansell BOARD OF DIRECTORS O. Cort Majors ' 14, Chairman Robert Mulvaney ' 24 John Stroud ' 13 George Wolfman ' 33 HONORARY William Ingram Harry L. Kingman Frank L. Kleeberger Russell Nagler FOOTBALL Robert McArthur James McCormick Milo Mallory Dave Meek- Howard Morris Robert Pascoe BASEBALL Milton Mclntyre William Peterson BASKETBALL Joseph Kintana Theodore Ohashi CREW Winslow Hall Herman Holman Burton Jastram TENNIS Carl Holmes Nathaniel Hoskot Benjamin Neiden TRACK James Miles Everitt Mossman David Muir INTRAMURAL Harlan Dunning Edgar Nemir Luther A. Nichols Dean T. M. Putnam A. W. Ragan Lloyd Filler Milo Quisling John Ransome Fred Reinhardt George Relies Henry Schaldach Bob Saunders Joseph Smith Jack Read Lawrence Seifert Morris Matheson Carl Pedersen Edwin Salisbury Donald Sea Gene Smith George F. Pool Robert Raftery Richard Rice George Wolfman Duncan Gregg John Crowley Robert G. Sproul Frank Wickhorst Willard Wilde Charles Stewart Marcus Swinney Richard Tozer Leon Valianos Edward Waterbury Arleigh Williams Maurice Sparling George Wolfman Francis Smart Redmond Staats Harold Tower David White Leslie Thompson Melvin Whitman Oliver Talley Charles Vantress BIG " C " SOCIETY Last Row, Iff t to right.- Miles, Smart, Davis, Tozer, Saunders, Peterson, Christie, Morse, R. Gill, Wolfman, Keefer, Hoppin, Lucas, Read, Stewart, McCormick, Carlson, Jones. Center: Vantress, Ballachey, Williams, Crowley, Sparling, Smith, Holmes, C. Gill, Swinney, Relies, Jacobson, S. Gill, Gruhler, Hoskot. Front: Staats, Kyle, Sea, Cammas, Jastram, Raftery, Lee, Koblick, Ohashi, Pedersen, Holman, Hall, Salisbury 248 CIRCLE " C " SOCIETY Vice-President Gunner Hanscn Se crttary -Treasurer Chester Shcllcv HONORARY S. H. Jones H. A. Ncwsom R A. Proctor C. A. Pease Frank H. Probcrt H. A. Stone Carl Zamloch BOXING Ernest Boucher Joseph DC Risi John Jan William L ' Hommedieu Milo Mallory 130 BASKETBALL Jack Carver Arthur Dcrmodv William Shea Dudley Grant Sam McReynolds Joseph Vcrcclli Hachiro Yuasa 145 BASKETBALL Dwight Brown John Crowlcy Frank Flcgal John Fried Cornelius Siemens Clvdc Morton Thomas Nesbitt Roy Murray, Jr. Chester Shelley Richard Steuben CROSS COUNTRY Robert Lee Fred Mcckel Lorin Todd FENCING George Ames, Jr. John Dcmpsey John R. Locke, Jr. GOLF Robert Marskey GYMNASTICS Carl Koerpcr Paul Maslin Mclvin Nyman Mathew Santino ICE HOCKEY Donald Burdick Gunner Hanscn Kramer Rohfleisch Richard Keatingc Daniel Mcancy Morris Turbovskv RIFLE John Cusack Junius Dcnnison Milton Scheucrmann Oliver Jones Jack Lindcman Edward Schmitt George Tilson SWIMMING AND WATER POLO Tsuneichiro Baba Marcel Baer Carl Burnham James Collingc, Jr. Stuart Phillips W. Martin Fitzsimmons James MacKav Wesley Jones Charles Morcy Ernest Stcadman Morrow Stcadman SOCCER Leo Anderson Frederick Beck Harold Folsom Albert Milliard William Parker Joseph Rcichcl, Jr. Zalman Pintow Willard Schoenfeld Francis Smart WRESTLIXG Joseph V T erducci Benjamin Williams CIRCLE " C " SOCIETY DC Risi, Kocrper, Collingc, Scheucrmann, Tilson, Folsom, Dernc, O. R. Jones, W. F. Jones, Nesbitt, S. Jones, Brown, Shelley, Keatingc, Rohfleisch, Locke, Dcmpsey, Lindcman. Lee Flcgal, Phillips, Schmitt, Colbert, Kcllcy, Williams, Baer, Promptoff, Anderson, Bagg, Marskey, Hanscn, Burnham, Murray, Carver, Siemens, Morton, Jan, L ' Hommedieu. Ames, Shea, Vcrcclli, Steuben 249 THE TENTH OLYMPIAD A THE opening ceremonies of the Tenth Olympic Games, President Robert Gordon Sproul dedicated the Los Angeles Coliseum as the Olym- pic Stadium. He expressed the apprecia- tion of Los Angeles on being chosen to represent the United States as host to the world ' s athletes. During the two weeks of contests, the PRESIDENT ROBERT GORDON SPROUL Speaker at Opening Ceremonies United States team, composed of three hundred and twenty-five athletes, scored 763 points, according to an unofficial count. Italy and France were second and third with 257M an d 213 points, re- spectively. Sweden and Germany fol- lowed as fourth and fifth. The United States team set nine new Olympic and twelve new world records. OLYMPIC 400-METER RELAY TEAM R KENNETH CHURCHILL Winner, Sixth Place in Javelin EPRESENTATIVES of California were prominent among the United States victors. The world cham- pionship title, formerly won by the 1928 California crew, was retained by the 1932 Golden Bears in a close race. Robert Kiesel was lead-off man for the record-breaking 400-meter relay team. Kenneth Churchill, former Californian, tossed the javelin 207 feet 5 and 7-8 THE TENTH OLYMPIAD inches, winning sixth place. The Golden Bear featherweight wrestler, Edgar Xc- mir, eliminated Taylor of Great Britain to take second place. Representative teams of Eastern and Western United States played a demon- stration football game in the Olympic Stadium. ThoughShaver of U.S. C. scored the touchdown, Kirwan of California kicked the goal, winning the game 7-6. NEMIS OF THE UNITED STATES AND PlHLAJMAKI OF FINLAND IN THE SEMI- FINALS OF THE FREE-STYLE FEATHE WEIGHT EVENT 251 - CAPTAIN DICK TOZER COACH BILL INGRAM JOHN RANSOME, Tackle Captain-Elect G. FRED REINHARDT Senior Manager THE BEAR SUMMARY 1932 CALIFORNIA OPPOSING TEAMS Total Points Scored 169 88 Number of Yards Lost from Scrimmage 210 238 Total Yardage Gained from Scrimmage 2364 1411 Forward Passes Attempted 131 135 Forward Passes Completed 40 48 Forward Passes Incompleted 20 12 Forward Passes Intercepted 79 68 Total Yards Gained from Forward Passes 757 630 Total Yards Lost from Forward Passes Completed 3 Total Yards Gained from Forward Passes and Scrimmage 3114 2041 First Downs from Scrimmage . ' 108 55 First Downs from Forward Passes 34 23 Total First Downs 146 82 Total Number of Scrimmage Plays 642 513 Number of Kickoffs 38 28 Average Length of Kickoff 49.6 45.5 CALIFORNIA OPPOSING TEAMS Average Length of Kickoff Returns. 17.8 19.3 Number of Punts 115 143 Yardage of Punts 4141 4893 Average Length of Punts 36 34.2 Yardage of Punt Returns 679 580 Number of Punts had Blocked 4 4 Field Goals Attempted 2 1 Field Goals Scored Touchdowns Scored 25 14 Tries for Point after Touchdown 25 14 Tries for Point after Touchdown Made. 15 4 Safeties Scored 2 Number of Penalties Against 66 51 Total Yardage Lost from Penalties. . . . 440 395 Ball Lost on Downs 18 14 Fumbles 35 30 Fumbles Recovered 32 33 Ball Lost on Fumbles. . 16 13 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Shamlin, MacArthur, Filler, Carlton, Morris, Castle, Mackey, Sparling, Calkins, Richter, Fritschi, S. Gill Boone, Meek, Blaine, Klein, McCormick, Swinncy, Hector, Verducci, Pascoe, Darracq, C. Gill, Hackley, Christie, Tozer, Relies Schaldach, Castro, Panella, Williams, Reedy, Valianos, Jones, Carlson, Ransome, Baldwin, Stewart, Mallory 256 Malta Fbrsc FOOTBALL MANAGERS Drews Hermit tract THE BEAR SUMMARY 1932 PACIHC COAST CONFERENCE STANDINGS YARDAGE GAINED BY CALIFORNIA BACKS TEAM L " S C Wox 6 LOST TIED PERCENT 1.000 Washington State U. C. L. A.... 5 3 1 2 1 .833 .600 Washington. . . California.. Oregon Stanford Oregon State 3 . 2 ... 2 ... 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 2 1 1 1 .600 .500 -500 .250 : . Idaho Montana 1 4 4 .200 .000 Times Carried Times Yards Failed to Yards Average Player Position Ball Advanced Gain Lost Per Play Williams LH 169 614 39 93 3.1 Schaldach LH 105 455 18 47 3.9 Valiaoos. LH 105 384 22 45 3.2 Shamlin . LH 46 229 3 1 5.0 Eeefa RH F 51 184 12 13 33 Klein F 72 171 12 4 2.3 Quisling. F 32 87 2.7 Hector. . . F 5 78 15 6 Castro. . Q RH 10 61 1 1 6.0 Fritschi.. LH F 14 51 36 Kdla RH 13 42 6 6 2.8 Moellcr . RH 1 - 80 Totals . 623 2364 114 HO . tr v %_ - SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL MANAGERS McBainc, Shulte, Wright, Rice, Newton, McNcc, Richards, Wood, Peterson Johnson, Danford, Jackson, Shaw, Mortenson, Stauer, Johnson, Yost 1 % v 257 LEE VALIANOS Halfback JIM KEEPER GAINED FIVE YARDS THROUGH A GAP IN THE DAVIS LINE ON THIS PLAY Gus CASTRO Halfback CALIFORNIA 20 CALIFORNIA AGGIES 6 A DISPLAY of punch and potential powerfeaturedtheCalifornia Var- sity ' s 1932 debut, as the Golden Bears ran roughshod over the Davis Aggies. Hank Schaldach proved him- self the dynamo that inspired the Blue and Gold team to action, and to him were attributed two of the winning scores, the first with a 40-yard pass to Castro and the second after a 50-yard run on a reverse. For the first game, the squad showed promise of developing a power- ful offense in addition to its already strong defensive play. CALIFORNIA 13 WEST COAST NAVY WITH the West Coast Navy offer- ing a strong defense, the Golden Bears fought their way to a vic- tory in the second game. A first-quarter pass from Schaldach to Castro placed California in the lead, but not until the final quarter were they again able to fight their way into scoring territory. This time Valianos ' pass to Relies in the end zone completed the scoring. Schal- dach, Williams, and Valianos each gained over 100 yards from scrimmage, while Christie, Boone, and Tozer were out- standing in the line. r HANK SCHALDACH Halfback Gus CASTRO CIRCLED THE NAVY RIGHT END ON A LATERAL FROM MOELLER FOR AN EIGHT-YARD GAIN ARLEIGH WILLIAMS Halfback 258 SAM GILL Guard CARLTON DROVE SOBRERO BACK FOR A Loss WHEN SANTA CLARA AT- TEMPTED TO SCORE IN THIS FIRST QUARTER DRIVE BOB PASCOE Guard CALIFORNIA SANTA CLARA 13 A:ER ten years of anxious waiting, the bucking Broncos of Santa Clara chased the California Bear all over the Memorial Stadium, stomped on him, and walked off the field with everything but the Bear ' s skin. Having pointed for this game from early season, the hard-hitting Broncos decisively outclassed the Californians from the opening whistle. Unable to penetrate the stubborn resistance of the Golden Bear line, w r hich twice held for downs on its own 3-yard stripe, Santa Clara took to the air, and only two of their sixteen completed passes were necessary to score the margin of victory. In the second quarter Judnich ' s pass to Beckrich in the end zone completed the first successful scoring drive. A weak California offense failed to gain yardage during the third quarter, and when Santa Clara again took possession of the ball on a final aerial attack, a spectacular " elevated " bullet pass, Sobrero to Sla- vich, scored from the 5-yard line. Only one Bronco attempt at conversion was successful. Dowd, Slavich, and Sobrero led the attack for Santa Clara, while the playing of Castro, Christie, and Meek stood out in spite of the California defeat. PHIL KLEIK Fullback JUDNICH ' S PASS TO BECKRICH SCORED THE FIRST SANTA CLARA TOUCHDOWN AS MOELLER, WlLLIAMS, AND KEEPER LOOKED ON DAVE MEEK End 259 I - CAROL GILL End ScHLICHTING, FORMER BEAR FULLBACK, FoUND THE CALIFORNIA LlNE IM- PENETRABLE AS MEEK CLOSED IN FOR THE TACKLE JOHN RANSOME Tackle CALIFORNIA 22 OLYMPIC CLUB 6 IT TOOK only five minutes for the Olympic Club game to change from a roaring battle into a disheartening rout. And in those five minutes Califor- nia scored sixteen points to break a 6-6 tie and obtain victory. The Bears scored first in the opening quarter after a successful drive by Wil- liams from the Olympic 29-yard line to the 5-yard line, when, on two smashes, Keefer went over. From then, until the latter part of the third quarter, both teams battled on even terms. Near the end of the period Tom Davis snatched a pass from Williams to the side and raced 60 yards to a touchdown, tying the score. Enraged by such treatment, the Bears charged and fought their way to the 4-yard line, but four successive plays yielded only one yard. As Hargiss at- tempted to kick from behind his goal line, a high pass from center went over his head and into the end-zone for an automatic safety. From the 20-yard line, Hargiss punted to the center of the field, and on the first play Keefer spun, faked a reverse, and dashed 50-yards through the center of the line to score. Valianos ' drop-kick was completed just before the final gun. HARRY JONES End ART CARLSON STOPPED RINTALA ' S Two- YARD GAIN THROUGH CENTER IN THE THIRD QUARTER 260 MILO MALLORY Tackle BEAR FANS WILL REMEMBER THIS PUT WHEN CHRISTIE ' S HARD TACKLE CAUSED DODSON, ST. MART ' S BACK, TO FUMBLE. KEEFER RECOVERED FRED SPARLING End CALIFORNIA 13 ST. MARY ' S 13 BRAZEN- bells of St. Mary ' s rang out loudly until the closing minutes of the Bear-Gael game and ceased only then after a fighting California football team had tied the score of the highly-touted Moragan grid machine. Opening the California scoring in the second quarter, Gus Castro evened mat- ters after St. Mary ' s first touchdown when he intercepted a pass from Beasley on his own 25-yard line and, with perfect interference, raced 75 yards to a score. In the third quarter St. Mary ' s came back fast with a concerted march down the field, completing a pass from Baird to Permino which put them on the 11- yard line, where Nichelini went around end for the touchdown. With the Bears fighting for every advantage, Ransome recovered a fumble on the Gael 49-yard line. Two passes from Williams to Castro and Keefer placed the ball nineyardsfrom the goal. In three line plays, Williams drove through the St. Mary ' s left tackle for the tying points. With a victory in sight, Valianos was sent in to drop-kick, but the Gael line smothered him just as the timer ' s gun ended the game. ART CARLSON Guard ARLEICH WILLIAMS BROKE INTO THE CLEAR BEHIND PERFECT INTERFE- RENCE AND GAINED FIFTEEN YARDS BEFORE BEING STOPPED ED WATERBUET End 261 ERNIE SHAMLI Halfback THE COUGAR LINE SPOILED THIS OFF-TACKLE PLAY AS TAYLOR SPILLED WILLIAMS FOR A Loss BEHIND THE LINE BOB McARTHUR Guard CALIFORNIA 2 WASHINGTON STATE 7 SEVEN and one-half seconds to a touchdown 49 yards and over the goal line ! Thus is written the brief story of how Ollie Arbelbide scored the touchdown that knocked the Golden Bears from the Coast Conference race in their first game. It was the second time in three years that the Cougars had defeated the Bears in the Memorial Stadium. Three times in the first half, California power drives to scoring territory were held by Cougar defenses, and three times one George Sanders kicked his team safely out of danger after holding the Bears for downs. The California offense worked smoothly in mid-field, but failed to show power inside the 20-yard line. In the fourth quarter, a third and fi- nal California drive pushed to the 10-yard line only to lose the ball on downs. As Moses attempted to kick, a high pass from center rolled into the end zone to give the Bears an automatic safety. With this advantage, Schaldach desper- ately threw passes with the hope of breaking the Cougar lead, but intercep- tions by Sanders and Bendele thwarted his attempts as the contest ended with Washington in possession of the ball. HOWARD CHRISTIE Center McCoRMicK JUMPED HIGH FOR SCHALDACH ' S PASS, BUT SANDERS ' ALFRT BLOCKING KNOCKED IT INCOMPLETE LLOYD FILLER End 262 GEOKGE RELLES Halfback CHRISTIE, QUISLING, AND JONES STOPPED THIS WASHINGTON THECST WHICH GAINED ONLY Two YADS MILO QUISLING Fullback CALIFORNIA 7--UNIV. OF WASHINGTON 6 AIRILLIAXT sophomore halfback in the person of Arleigh Williams single-handedly crushed the Pa- cific Coast Championship hopes of the strong Washington Huskies into a field of Seattle mud, and gave California its first conference victory of the season. Williams, replacing Schaldach late in the second quarter after Washington had passed its way to a 6-0 lead, took the ball on a spinner through a wide hole in the line, wriggled his way through the Husky secondary defense, passed Ahonen, the Washington safety man, and crossed the goal line 47 yards away. Then as Williams dropped back for a con version, a neatly faked drop-kick and a wide pass to Castro in the corner gave California the conversion and its margin of victory. It was the consistent and steady play- ing of the California forward wall in rip- ping huge gaps in the northern line, and the overshadowing work of Williams in the backfield that led the way. Williams ' brilliant kicks averaged over 40 yards, and w r ere important in keeping the Wash- ington offense in safe territory during the intensely fought second half. JIM JAMESOV Q Mcriwcl AKLEIGH WILLIAMS SLASHED His WAY THROUGH LEFT TACKLE i BACK TOIL A TEN-YARD GAIN BEFORE BEING STOPPED 263 GEDRGE DEGNAN End GRIFFITH MADE FEW GAINS THROUGH THE STRONG CALIFORNIA LINE, BUT THIS THRUST WAS GOOD FOR FOUR YARDS THIS TROJAN PASS WAS ONE OF TWO COMPLETED. CASTRO ' S ABRUPT TACKLE PREVENTED ANY LONGER GAIN CALIFORNIA 7 A OFFENSIVELY powerful Tro jan war- horse and a defensively strong Golden Bear engaged in combat they spell a great battle. But by combin- ing an effective offensive attack with a series of blocked kicks, intercepted passes, and clever defensive play, this same Trojan warrior outscored the baffled and erring Bear in the Los Angeles Coliseum this season. Four touchdowns stolen by men of Troy while the Bears seemingly slept furnished the Trojan margin of victory. Although statistical facts of the game gave California a distinct edge, the Southern California point total deter- mined the final outcome. Two complete Blue and Gold lines alternated through- out the game in an effort to pierce the Trojan forward wall, but since both proved ineffective, the Bears were forced to revert to end runs and passes. Schal- dach, Williams, and Valianos attempted 19 passes, 8 of which were completed for a total of 182 yards. Amassing 12 first downs as against 4 for Troy, the Bears gained more actual yards from scrim- mage than did their opponents. 264 N ' OT A TUMBLIXG EXHIBI- TION ' JUST KEEPER ' S GOAL-LINE TACKLE AS GRIFFITH FLIPPED OVER THE LIXE FOR THE FIRST TOVCHDOWX McCORMICK OUTSTEPPED GRIFFITH IN COMPLETIXG THIS PASS AXD SUCCEEDED IX GAIX1XG 3O YARDS OX THE PLAY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 27 THE Bears lost their best chance to score in the second quarter after Boone blocked Griffith ' s punt and Meek recovered for a first down on the 3-yard line. Three thrusts at the U.S.C. line by Valianos lost 17 yards, and the opportunity was frustrated as Palmer intercepted Schaldach ' s pass on the 10-yard line. In the last quarter with the Trojans leading 20-0, the Bears used their strong passing game to score after a march from their own 22-yard stripe. Schaldach passed 35 yards to Meek in the end zone, and the conversion was successful. With the Bears fighting desperately for an- other touchdown, Schaldach threw a long pass to Stewart, but Warbutton intercepted on the 35-yard line and raced down the sidelines behind perfect interference to a touchdown. Throughout the contest the scrappy California linemen fought the All- America Trojan forward wall to a stand- still, but the brilliant performances of theU.S.C.backfield men both offensively and defensively overshadowed the play of the California backs and turned the tide of victory to the Trojans for the third successive year. 265 ? :% i::- " :? Jg TiV VV , .v V t ' ' L ' -- ' ' CHUCK " STEWART Quarterback BACKER ' S ATTEMPTED CUT-BACK WAS HALTED IN MiD-AiR BY QUISLING ' S DRIVING TACKLE JOE VERDUCCI Quarterback CALIFORNIA 38 NEVADA WITH Valianos, Hector, Shamlin, and Klein driving through the Nevada defenses with monoto- nous regularity, the California second and third varsities decisively trounced the Nevada Wolves one week before the Southern California game. Valianos scored three touchdowns and made a fourth possible, while Hector tallied twice in two plays for the most sensa- tional average of the day. The Bears had abandoned their shift beforehand, and as a result played a smoother and more consistent game throughout. CALIFORNIA 21 IDAHO 6 A two California left halfbacks battled for individual honors, the Golden Bears easily defeated the Idaho Vandals. Schaldach and Wil- liams averaged five and one-half yards per play, while their passing and punt- ing reached the best form of the season. Idaho ' s lone score was the result of a fumble with Norby recovering and rac- ing 58 yards to a touchdown. A Califor- nia line that was powerful on defense and an offense that showed snap and speed combined to dispel any fears of a let- down before the Stanford contest . GERRY EASTERBROOKS Guard THE BEAR LINE OPENED A HUGE HOLE IN THIS SCRIMMAGE, BUT QUISLING WAS HELD FOR No GAIN AFTER STARTING LATE BILL BOONE Tackle 266 JlM McCoRMICK End HARRY JONES BROKE INTO THE OPEN ON- THIS END-AROUND PLAY WITH VERDUCCI SHOWN LEADING INTERFERENCE KEN MOELLER Halfback CALIFORNIA 27 - GEORGIA TECH 6 MARCHING THROUGH GEORGIA " with Hank Schaldach scor- ing two touchdowns and pass- ing into California football history and Arleigh Williams adding two more to share in the spoils of victory. Thus did the Golden Bears fight their way to a decisive victory over the Georgia Tech Ramblers in the final in- tersectional game of the year, with these two halfbacks alternating for the last time in the California backfield. Schal- dach played his concluding contest for the Blue and Gold, and a great demon- stration it was as he led his teammates down the field in three scoring drives, two of which ended with touchdowns in the first and third quarters. Williams replaced Schaldach late in the third period and immediately started a drive to the Georgia goal line, scoring on a beautifully executed seven-yard cut-back over tackle. The fourth quarter saw Williams return, this time, aided by Castro, marching 52 yards down the field and crossing the line for the final score after a 15-yard thrust through guard. Georgia ' s lone tally was made in the second quarter on a 25- yard pass from punt formation, Me Arthur to Hart. ULRICH FRITSCHI Halfback KEEPER ' S OFF-TACKLE THRUST WAS SMEARED WHEN GEORGIA TECH LINE- MEN BLOCKED THIS PLAY MAURIE BALDWIN Center 267 AFTER SIM CARRIED THE BALL TO THE TWO-YARD MARK, THE CALIFORNIA LINE HELD BAKER THE SECOND TIME FOR NO GAIN SCHALDACH ' S THRUST AT THE STANFORD LINE MET A STONE WALL CALIFORNIA HANK SCHALDACH driving sixty yards down the field in eight minutes on the five -yard line, Schaldach cutting into right tackle, swerving, driving, pounding and then the gun. A truly dramatic finish to one of the tensest contests in Big Game his- tory, and the only scoreless battle in 38 years of competition. A scrappy Stanford squad gave every- thing it had but finally weakened before superior man-power and an inspired last-minute California offense. It was Hank Schaldach, hero of last season ' s Big Game victory, who drove the Bears down the field in the closing minutes and nearly over the goal for a score. The Cardinals ' only serious threat came immediately after the opening kick-off when, on thrusts by Caddel, Sim, and Hillman, the Indians carried the ball to the California 22-yard mark. Sim, on the next play, circled left end, was forced out toward the sidelines, and finally cut in to be stopped by Arleigh Williams on the 2-yard line. With two downs and two yards to go, the Califor- nia line rose up and twice withheld the thrusts of Baker, Card fullback, to score. 268 ARLEICH ILLIAMS, BE HIND HIS OWN GOAL, PUNTED OUT OF DANGER AFTER THE STANFORD DRIVE IX THE OPENING MINUTES OF THE BlG GAME HAD FAILED " CHUCK " STEWART CAME UP FROM SAFETY TO THWART THIS FOURTH-QUARTER STANFORD PASS STANFORD THROUGHOUT the second and third quarters, a flashy Stanford back- field kept California well on the defensive, and not once during those two periods did the Bear power plays carry the ball substantially into Stan- ford territory. In that memorable last quarter, Wil- liams broke the ice for California by gaining a series of first downs, the first for the Golden Bears, which carried the pigskin to the Card 39-yard stripe. Held here, Williams kicked beautifully out of bounds on the 2-yard line. But Stan An- derson retaliated and pulled the Cards out of this hole when he punted the ball 73 yards to the California 38-yard line. Then in went Schaldach, and in six plays he carried the ball to the Stanford 7-yard marker. The contest featured Pop Warner ' s swan song to Big Game competition and his farewell appearance as Stanford coach. Throughout the game, it was the excellent defensive play of Christie, Quis- ling, Carlson, Ransome, Sam Gill, and Tozer that checked dangerous gains from Stanford reverses, while the punting of Williams and Schaldach averaged over forty yards per kick. 269 - PICTORIAL HIGH LIGHTS OF THE BEAR 1932 FOOTBALL SEASON PICTORIAL HIGH LIGHTS OF THE BEAR 1932 FOOTBALL SEASON , . A .IV 1 1 1 1 . . !, .- : .. VARSITY COACHING STAFF Allison Ingram CALIFORNIA RESERVES Wickhorst THE California Reserves complete an important phase of the varsity football training schedule. Com- posed of varsity aspirants not included on the first squad, these players, under the direction of Coaches Walt Gordon and ' ' Dummy ' ' Wells, practiced the vari- ous styles of play of opposing teams this year with the purpose of scrimmaging the first varsity and familiarizing them with opponents ' tactics. While their efficiency in presenting the Warner, Jones, Rockne, Washington, or other systems seldom equaled that of the pro- ponents themselves, the Reserves offered invaluable experience to the first squad. As an added feature, games were scheduled with teams from Alameda, Mission, Richmond, and Berkeley High Schools. In the final and most interest- ing game of the season against the Stan- ford Grays, the Bears were defeated by a 13-6 score, with both teams using no less than six styles of offensive football. Angelman broke away to score after a run of 45 yards. I CALIFORNIA VARSITY RESERVES Wells (Coach), Lundgren, Angelman, Pozzo, Herzog, Bolden, Wood, Woodhull, Johnson, Grille, Murdock, McLellan, Munson, Hackley, Jacobs, Madfes Drewes (Mgr.), Clark, Arlett, Richards, Bohart, Morey, Hector, Haas, Engel, Cahn, Cotton, Seaborn, Daniels, Gordon (Coach) Eitel, Parcells, LaLanne, Blackaller, Smith, Alexander, Winter, Dutriz, Frederickson, Nordstrom, Haynes 272 V, Phillips FRESHMAN COACHES Smith Evans (Head Coach) Medanich FRESHMAN CAPTAIN FLOYD BLOWER, Halfback FRESHMAN SEASON CONTINUING for the second con- secutive season its record of no defeats, the freshman football squad won five games and tied two this year. The frosh displayed a powerful offensive which scored 145 points against their opponents ' 45 - In the opening games, victories were chalked up against San Mateo, Oneonta, and Pasadena Junior Colleges, the Oneonta contest offering little opposition with the result of a 63-0 score. In the first major game, with the U. S. C. frosh, the Trobabes proved to have been greatly underestimated and held the Bear Cubs to a 6-6 tie. Ensuing games with Compton and Armstrong Junior College squads resulted in two more California triumphs, 7-6 and 51-6, respectively. In the Little Big Game with Stanford, the Cubs decisively outplayed the In- dians, but a last-quarter touchdown from a pass and a conversion for Stan- ford tied the final score 7-7. FRESHMAN SQUAD Wingeyer, Salz, Burnstein, Bouquet, Cirimele, Edinger, Siino, Chamberlain, Lederer, Cecil, Cook, Durant, Cuchlens Phillips (Coach), Jack, Moody, Francis, Chase, Pease, Swinney, Luther, B. Brittingham, Brown, Sexson, Adams, Welch Goodrich, Fieberling, Evans (Coach) Smith (Coach), Bruce, Walker, Thorrell, Soulies, Stone, Tenney, Blower, Lutz, Anderson, J. Brittingham, Potter, Herbert Kendig (Trainer), Snow, Bottari, Portman, Mover, Swabel, Souza, Collier, Ludwig, Schocnfeld, Bianucci, Medanich (Coach) 273 COACH " KY " EBRIGHT FRESHMAN COACH RUSS NAGLER ED SALISBURY Assistant Coach BOB BALLACHEY Senior Crew Manager CREW SEASON DUNCAN GREGG Assistant Coach OVER sixty varsity and eighty-five freshman candidates answered " Ky ' ' Ebright ' s call for crew ma- terial as the fall workouts got under way in August. Five members of last year ' s Olympic Championship boat re- turned to form a nucleus for the 1933 varsity. Freshmen practiced under Coach Russ Nagler and his assistants, Ed Salis- bury and Duncan Gregg, receiving train- ing on the individual machines, 16- oared scow, the shell barges, and finally in the racing shells as their form im- proved. Throughout the year, " On to Berlin in 1936 " was the slogan of the first-year oarsmen. Climaxing the season, California and Washington welcomed U. C. L. A. into Pacific Coast crew competition when the southerners entered three boats in the first annual Long Beach Regatta held in April over the 1932 Olympic Course. VARSITY CREW TURNOUT 278 Henderson Bfefca r- ' Cooper Svraon " CALIFORNIA ' S CREW IN CALIFORNIA ' S OLYMPICS " INSPIRED by the outstanding perform- ance of the 1928 California world championship crew, the 1932 Var- sity oarsmen first skyrocketed into pub- lic focus by finishing 18 lengths ahead of the Washington Huskies at Lake Wash- ington. Their motto, " California ' s Crew in California ' s Olympics, " expressed the aspiration of the Golden Bears to be the United States ' representative in the crew regatta of the 1932 Olympic Games. California took the second leaf of her rowing laurels at the thirty-sixth an- nual Poughkeepsie Regatta when the Golden Bear shell finished three lengths ahead of Cornell on the Hudson River course. The race was one of the most beautiful in the history of intercollegi- ate rowing classics. The sun was all but too warm, and there was only a sug- gestion of wind from downstream. After allowing M. I. T. and Cornell to lead for the first mile, the Bear eight gradu- ally gained the front position and re- mained unthreatened for the rest of the race. The time, 19 minutes, 55 seconds, was more than a minute slower than the course record, but better by ten seconds than the time of the hard-fighting Cornell crew. SOPHOMORE CREW MANAGERS Angclo Coylc Scdgwick Hcincraann Mitchell r - - . 279 ' THE GOLDEN BEARS OUTSTROKED CORNELL BY THREE LENGTHS TO WIN THE POUGHKEEPSIE REGATTA " CALIFORNIA ' S CREW IN CALIFORNIA ' S OLYMPICS " IN THE first two heats of the elimina- tion races of the Olympic tryouts on Lake Quinsigamond, the Varsity crew defeated Princeton and Columbia, respectively. As a fitting climax to the final heat, the Bears won over the stout- hearted Penn A. C. boat by the narrowest of margins, only two feet separating the prows of the shells as they shot across the finish line. California ' s time was 6:6, a new record for the course, and the Penn A. C. boat was caught at 6:6.2. The Gol- den Bears took the lead at the start and were still half a length ahead when the shells pulled into the home stretch . About 50 yards from the finish line, California was caught off guard when the Penn crew spurted suddenly to obtain a slight but nevertheless dangerous lead. The club- men held this advantage until 25 yards from the end. There California ' s pace- setter, Ed Salisbury, boosted the stroke up to 40, 41, and finally to a tremendous water-flogging 42. Two yards from the finish mark the California shell slid out in front. One more stroke and it was over. By virtue of their victory, the sturdy sweepsters won the honor of representing Uncle Sam in the eight- oared races of the Tenth Olympiad. THIS GRUELLING VICTORY OVER THE PENN A. C. ON LAKE QUINSIGAMOND GAVE CALIFORNIA THE RIGHT TO REPRESENT THE UNITED STATES IN THE OLYMPIC GAMES 280 JS-if !-.: i . THIS FINAL TITANIC DRIVE SHOT THE CALIFORNIA OLBW ON THE EXTREME LEFT OVER THE FINISH IT ALT ON THE FAR RIGHT WAS AN EXTREMELY CLOSE SECOND " CALIFORNIA ' S CREW IN CALIFORNIA ' S OLYMPICS " DEFEATING the Canadian shell by a foot, in 6:29 flat, the powerful California crew won their first heat in the Olympic Games. Off to a poor start, the Bears rowed second until they reached the 1500 meter mark, when they took the lead and forged ahead to the finish. New Zealand and Germany were never strong contenders after the half-way post. With a terrific sprint in the last 50 meters of the final Olympic race, the California Bears won the eight-oared rowing championship of the world in 6:37. One foot behind was Italy ' s crew. followed by Canada and Great Britain. Off to the best start of the season, the Bears shot into a half-length lead. The Californians lost the advantage to the Italians at 500 meters. At the 1200 meter mark the " Franciscan " surged ahead and took a slight lead over Italy, but the foreign crew picked up and regained their advantage. With the finish line in sight, the Bears increased their stroke and pulled up even with Italy. Ten yards from the line, exerting almost super- human effort, they droveacrossas victors, by what is probably the slimmest margin ever recorded in a crew contest. A. FINISH OF THE EIGHT-OARED RACES WITH THE GOLDEN BEARS ON THE FAR LEFT 281 SALISBURY BLAIR GREGG GRAHAM JASTRAM CHAXDLEB TOWER HALL EBRIGHT McLELLA.x Finals of the eight-oared races in the Olympic Games at Los Angeles with the Golden Bears retaining their title against Italy by a slim margin as they cross the finish line. I VARSITY CREW Tower, Hall, Rubin, Van Voorhis, Lackey, Chandler, Rhein, Matheson Graham SACRAMENTO JUNIOR COLLEGE RACES IN THE fall triangular meet of the Sacramento Junior College and Ala- meda High School with the Califor- nia Freshmen, the Sacramento Varsity sprinted to an early lead and out-dis- tanced the first Freshman boat in the winning time of 6:24. A dark horse, the Alameda High School boat, in the next race nosed its shell across the finish line in 6:37 to beat Nagler ' s second boat by a quarter of a length. The last event proved to be a walk-away for the Bear eight, which was composed of junior college transfers. Two and one -half lengths of open water separated it from the fourth Frosh boat, while the Sacra- mento third Varsity trailed. As the feature of the spring regatta, California ' s first Freshman crew out- stroked the Sacramento Varsity by two lengths, with Alameda High School trailing by ten feet. There was a strong following tide, and the time of 5:55, al- though breaking the Olympic time for that distance, could not be considered fast. The Babe second boat won the other race, nosing out the third Frosh boat with Sacramento ' s second shell in last place by four lengths. WINSLOW HALL WASHINGTON JAYVEES FLASHED OVER THE FINISH LINE VICTORS AS THE CALIFORNIA JOE DEMETER BOAT CAUGHT A CRAB IN THE LAST 50 YARDS 284 HAYS MCLELLAN HAROLD TOWER JUNIOR VARSITY CREW Dennison, Demctcr, McLellan, Jones, Hagen, Green, Gage, Beinhorn Shipley WASHINGTON VARSITY RACE EIGHT white-tipped oars, propelled by one of the best University of Washington crews that has rowed on the Coast in the last eight years, won a 5?2-length victory over the Golden Bear Varsity on the Oakland Estuary in the time of 15 minutes 9-2 seconds. With both Varsities away to a perfect start, a few thrusts of the oarblades gave the northern crew a slight lead. The long sweeping drive of the Huskies soon began to tell, and from the half mile on, it was evident that the " Franciscan, " California ' s Olympic championship shell, was to suffer its first defeat. At the second mile marker, the Huskies led with a two and one-half length advan- tage. With only a half mile to go, Wash- ington was in front by five lengths, too much of a handicap for the Bears to overcome. About a quarter mile from the finish, Washington sprinted, raising their stroke from the 32 they had been using to 40. The Bears pulled doggedly as Coxswain Norrie Graham called for another spurt of speed, but crossed the finish line twenty seconds later than did their opponents. This defeat was a distinct upset to pre-race dope. HOWARD LACKEY HUSKY VARSITY OAI REGINALD RHEIN IT TO A 5M-LENGTH VlCTORY OVER THE GoLDEN BEARS NoRJUB GRAHAM CHARLES CHANDLER 285 THIRD VARSITY CREW Kelley, Dunlap, Neumann, Bode, Irwin, Martin, Moore, Nurse Hein WASH INGTON JUNIOR VARSITY RACE ATER catching a crab in the middle of the final sprint, the California Junior Varsity struggled weakly across the finish line, one length behind the long flashing blades of the Husky Jayvees in the annual regatta on the Oak- land Estuary. Trailing by a half-length after the first two miles, the Bears grad- ually forged into the lead on the final stretch, and were out in front by two- thirds of a length within 75 yards of the finish. Both crews settled down to a steady 32 beat after an even racing start, but the longer driving Washington stroke gave the Huskies a slight advantage after the first mile and one-half. Sweep- ing into the final sprint, coxswain Phil Shipley called on the Blue and Gold oarsmen to raise the stroke. Jack Denni- son immediately picked up the rate to a 36, and with the Bears slowly pulling away, the two boats drove for the finish line. Washington was timed in 15 :47 and California in 15 :48.8. California oarsmen were-.Dennison, stroke ;Demeter,7 ;Rubin, 6; Jones, 5; Hagen, 4; Green, 3; Gage, 2; Beinhorn, bow; Shipley, coxswain. iMjjHfe I- VHT B UKHRl JACK DENNISON MORRIS MATHESON EVEN THE HUSKY PUPS OUTROWED THE BEAR CUBS TO WIN BY 286 LENGTHS WILLIAM VAN VOORHIS ED HAGEN FlRST FiESHMAN C.KEW Malone, Swanson, White, Pease, Scison, Carlin, Oulic, Dunlap Krusc WASHINGTON FRESHMAN RACE Two lengths of open water separ- ated the California freshmen from the University of Washington first-year boat, as the Huskies flashed across the finish line victorious in their annual two-mile race on the Oakland Estuary this spring. Although delayed for over thirty minutes due to the choppy , windswept waters, the two shells got off to an even start and for one and one- quarter miles down the course, rowed bow to bow. The Bear yearlings were rowing a short 33 stroke to cope with the rougher water conditions on the Oakland side of the course, while the Husky frosh, in smoother vater, were using a more powerful, sweeping 32. Just before the finish, the Husky cox- swain increased his stroke to a 34, but the Bear Babes, though mounting to a 35, were unable to decrease Washing- ton ' s commanding lead, and the race ended with the Husky pups pulling away. The personnel of the California boat was: Malone, stroke; Dunlap, 7; Sutcliffe, 6; Pease, 5; Sexson, 4; Brig- ham, 3; Oulie, 2; Goree, bow; and Kruse, coxswain. SECOND FRESHMAN CKBW Burnley, Heidenrcich, Wrcnn, Swinney, Dougherty, Carlin, Busby, Briggs Lakes CREW California ' s Golden Bears sweep across the finish line at Long Beach after successfully defend- ing their Olympic title . . . Oars- men Gregg and Salisbury tower over their diminutive coach in Olympic garb . . . This shot against the wall was taken just before the Long Beach Olympic finals . . . The champions as- semble at the A. S. U. C. boat- house upon returning to home waters on Oakland Estuary . . . Eight varsity and freshman crews lined up for this picture during the rally . . . Frosh strokes show little concern over cameraman . . . Yes, sir! Our own Olympic Champions wear- ing the official Olympic regalia . . . First-year oarsmen take to the water ... A close-up of Poughkeepsie Regatta trophy . . . Bear varsity rests on its oars . . . Coach Ebright speaks to his varsity, jayvee, and freshman crew candidates . . . Norrie Gra- ham and Ed Salisbury talk it over during a workout on the estuary . . . " Ready All, " as the 1932 varsity leaves the float for a workout . . . Coach Ebright watches the boats from his launch . . . The end of a day ' s jaunt . . . Another shot of the crew day festivities . . . CREW Part of the crowd at the annual Crew rally . . . Students watch the finish of the Sacramento Junior College races . . . Ebright speaks during Crew rally . . . Graham. Ebright. and Chandler display crew trophies . . . Norrie Graham receives Dean Witter trophy . . . The coaches ' launch follows the shells in Sacramento races . . . Junior varsity eight dips its oars into the estuary ... A press boat following the races . . . Nagler and Ebright aboard Oski 111 . . . Five varsity boats line up for the time-trials on the estuary . . . Russ Nagler speaks at Crew Day . . . Junior college shell leads freshman eight to finish line . . . 1933 var- sity boat before Washington races . . . Husky varsity oarsmen at California boathouse . . . Yearling eights in action on estuary " - - Washington Jayvee line-up . . . Crowd watches shells pass under 13rd Ave. bridge in the Sacramento races . . . BASKE BAL CAPTAIN JACK READ I COACH " NIBS " PRICE HAL EIFERT, Forward Captain-Elect REDMOND STAATS Senior Manager BASKETBALL SEASON WHEN the Golden Bears dropped three out of four games to the U.S.C. hoopsters this season, they found themselves ousted from the race for conference title honors. Al- though two of the contests were unusu- ally close, the Trojans won the distinc- tio n of being champions in the Southern Division. Playing fourteen non-conference matches as well, the Bears won ten and dropped four. Those games lost, during the early season, were to Y. M. I., 35-32; United A. C, 48-30; Santa Clara, 32-17; and Wichita Henrys, 34-33- FINAL SOUTHERN DIVISION STANDINGS WON LOST PCT. U.S.C California. . Stanford . . . . U. C. L. A.. .10 . 8 . 3 . 1 1 3 8 10 .909 .727 .273 .091 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Jones (Trainer), Crowley, Gregerson, McGaffey, Stansky, Murdock, Engelhard, Nesbitt, Eifert, Ohashi, Vendt (Asst. Coach) Staats (Mgr.), Coughlan, Meek, Read, Kenney, Wemple, Price (Coach) 294 Gherini JUNIOR BASKETBALL MANAGERS Mil liken Noack Hart Prcsslcy THE BEAR SUMMARY CALIFORNIA ' S SCORE 51 . . 32 . . 32 54 49 37 . 30 17 . . 26 33 40 32 . . 45 37 . Athens Club . Olympic Club Y. M. I. . Chico State . . Auburn Cubs . College of Pacific . United A. C. . Santa Clara . Nevada . Wichita Henrys U. C. L. A. . . U. C. L. A. . Cal. Aggies Stanford 18 23 35 32 15 18 48 32 23 34 37 29 9 22 CALIFORNIA ' S SCORE 26 . . 29 . 37 - 28 . 41 37 . 37 . . 36 27 . 29 . 41 884 . U. S. C. . U. S. C. . St. Mary ' s . Stanford San Jose State U. C. L. A. U. C. L. A. S. F. U. U. S. C. U. S. C. Stanford TOTAL 32 31 23 18 27 28 36 29 28 24 23 674 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL MANAGERS Curcton, Gingg, Chaffey, Coombs, Benson, Wachob, Laflin Encell, Knudsen, Katchinshi, Anderson 295 OHASHI AND CKOWI.KV START TO WORK TIIK BAI.I DOWN INTO BRUIN TERRITORY THE INITIAL TIP-OFF IN THE NEW GYMNASIUM FOR MEN V. C. L. A. SERIES CALIFORNIA basketeers fittingly dedicated their magnificent new gymnasium when, under the skillful leadership of Captain Jack Read and Larry Seifert, they slowly smothered a U. C. L. A. lead with a rally of superior marksmanship and spirited offensive play to win 40-37. In the second tilt , the Bruins sought to overcome a 15-11 lead by sub- stituting their second string. The Golden Bears grasped this opportunity to accu- mulate an advantage of 30-19 before the original five were again in the line-up. Final score stood 32-29againsttheUclans. The Bears were again doubly victori- ous during two return matches at West- wood with results of 37-28 and 37-36. The concluding tilt was the closest of the series; a foul in the last few seconds determined the winner. JOHN CROWLEY Guard DAVE MEEK Center MURRAY WEMPLE Guard THOMAS NESBITT Forward 296 - SEIFERT MADE THIS FOUL SHOT ix THE THIRD U. S. C. CAME GUTTERO OUTJUMPED MEEK FOR THIS TIP-OFF U. S. C. SERIES FAILING to equal early-season pre- dictions, California dropped three and won one of the conference matches with the formidable Trojans. The first two games, played at Los Angeles, went decisively to the U. S. C. cagers, 32-26 and 31-29- Captain Nemer, flashy forward of the Trojans, kindled a winning streak that proved too much for the Bears, although many times dur- of ing the second contest the outcome the game was extremely dubious. The two return matches, played at Berkeley, were divided 28-27 for the Trojans and 29-24 for the Bears. The de- ciding game was won by U. S. C. when Jerry Nemer tallied the winning point on a foul just before the final gun. Eifert and Guttero were outstanding for their respective teams. LAWRENCE SEIFERT Forward WILLIAM COUGHLAN Forward GREGORY ENGLEHARD Forward MILTON STANSKY Guard 297 ElFERT, FORWARD, TOOK ADVANTAGE OF A FOUL TO ADD A POINT TO THE BEAR SCORE I CAPTAIN RF.AD TALKS TO THE REFKKEK DURING A TIME-OUT STANFORD SERIES IN CONFORMANCE with an old Blue and Gold custom, the California hoop- men trounced their traditional rivals from Stanford decisively in all three conference meetings this season. The opening game promised to be close when the Cardinals won a lead in the first half, but they in turn fell easy prey to a vengeful onslaught by the Bears to lose 37-22. Featuring an air- tight defense in the second tilt, the Cali- fornia quintet again walked away with victor ' s honors, 28-18. Fighting the Stanfordites practically to a standstill, the Bear cagers easily took the third and final contest 41-23. Struggling valiantly to overcome tre- mendous odds, the Redshirts showed many flashes of good team-work and fine sportsmanship but never threatened . : m t J Ifc 2 . - TED OHASHI Guard FRANK KENNEY Center STEPHEN McGAFFEY Guard DAXA MURDCXK Guard 298 RAYMOND OLSON Freshman Captain BILL HIGGINS Freshman Coach FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAX hoopsters, under the guid- ance of Coach Bill Higgins, forged their way through a hard season. Though ten out nineteen games were lost, the experience gained by the year- lings should prove of benefit in their varsity try-out next spring. At the opening of the year, the Bear babes defeated Concordia, 50-14, and Heald ' s College, 38-28. California also won from Armstrong, 34-22; Sacramento High School, 43-26; Galileo High School 27-16; Mission High School, 43-26; Lowell High School, 27-16; Bakersfield Junior College, 45-25; and Stockton High School, 33-30. A continued slump in later tilts, however, caused them to lose to many of their opponents. Stanford took all honors when the Redshirts for the first time in many seasons defeated California by a narrow margin in all three games : 41-36, 30-29, and 26-25- FEESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD Higgins (Coach), Henns, Donant, Edinger, Blonski, Cerini, Luther, Jensen, Lange, Gray, Tenney, Carlsen ' Trainer) Lompe, Gait, Cordcs, Nightingale, CHson, Schoen, Carney, Stevenson, Heinrich 299 CAPTAIN JIM MILES COACH BRUTUS HAMILTON AL RAGAN Assistant Varsity Coach BYRON LUTHER Senior Track Manager TRACK SEASON SUCCEEDING Walter Christie, who re- signed at the end of last season after serving the University for 31 years, Brutus Hamilton undertook his duties as head track coach last fall. Coming to California with an enviable record as head coach at Kansas University where his teams won three " Big Six " cham- pionships, Hamilton completely reor- ganized the Bear squad this year and succeeded in developing one of the strongest teams ever to represent the Blue and Gold. Faced with a large turn-out of inex- perienced material, the new mentor brought the individual athletes by weekly improvement to the peak of con- dition for the Big Meet with Stanford. VARSITY TRACK SQUAD Muir, Talley, Raymond, Coe, Kitchel, Brubaker, Moore, Lewis, Fink, Darracq, Bolton, Lucas, Lee, Fites, Koblik, Miles Dumas, Hudson, Pierce, Bliss, Gottland, Flint, Hoey, Miller, Street, Cochran, Landon, Raftery, P.Jacques, Kilkenny, Branting Reynolds, Kindt, Treadwell, A.Jacques, Ball, McCosker, Micelli, Morris, Hillsman, Cassidy 304 ru JUNIOR TUCK MANAGERS Condon Griffith Johnson L fa I. C. A. A. A. A., CALIFORNIA INTERCOLLEGIATES ATER losing the 1932 Big Meet with Stanford by a close score of 51 5 6- 79 1 6, the Bears played hosts to the I.C. A. A. A. A. athletes in their new Edwards Track Stadium and tied with Harvard for fourth place behind U.S.C., Stanford, and Yale. Kiesel ' s 21.3 second victory over Wykoff in the 220, and his finish 6 inches behind the U. S. C. flash in the 100 were feature events of the meet. Miles and Waterbury completed California ' s score by placing fourth and fifth, respectively, in the javelin. In the 1932 California Intercollegiates the U. S. C. Trojans again annexed championship honors. Stanford placed second, California third, and U. C. L. A. fourth. Kiesel defeated WykofF in the 100-yard dash and in so doing equalled the world ' s record of 9.5 seconds. Cap- tain George Pool tied with Miller of Stanford and Graber of U. S. C. in the pole vault at a new record height of 13 feet 10 inches. SOPHOMORE TKACK MANAGERS Lambcrson, Boyd, Brown, Cotton, Goodmundson, McNutt, Paice, Rice, Sifford, Wallace 305 .- ? I. C. A. A. A. A. Record of Harvard leading in finals of the 120 highs . . . The I. C. A. A. A. A. party on arrival at University Ave. Station ... Ed Waterbury throwing javelin 195 feet 6? 8 inches for fifth place ... Eastern special arrives in Berke- ley . . . Mangan, Cornell, win- ning the mile run . . . Wykoff and Kiesel . . . Fates, Yale, lead- ing low hurdles . . . Official cars parade athletes on arrival in Berkeley . . . Captain-elect Jim Miles outthrowing Waterbury by 1 , ' 4 inches for fourth place ... Two Easterners smile in Cali- fornia sunshine . . . High hur- dlers pass first barrier in trial heats ... A view of west bleach- ers on final day of meet . . . Aerial photographer sees meet from vantage point . . . Thomp- son of Yale shows form in at- tempting pole vault . . . Start of gruelling mile run . . . Part of the crowd meeting first section of I. C. A. A. A. A. special train. I. C. A. A. A. A. East and West exchange greet- ings after Carr defeats Eastman in the 440 . . . The tinner ' s gun sets off the 220-yard dash finals . . . Capt. George Pool over the bar at 13 feet ... Kiesel triumphs over Wykoff in 220 . . . Nelson Gray of Stanford in action . . . Ben Eastman breaks the tape with safe lead in 880 . . . East- man winning his 880 trial . . . Wykoff receives I. C. A. A. A. A. championship for S. C. team from Pres. Fernley . . . Wykoff winning 100-yard final with Kiesel second . . . Wirt Thomp- son, Yale, vaulting . . . Bill Miller, Stanford, in pole vault trials . . . Carr beats Eastman to the tape in 440 . . . The press-box views the 120-yard high hurdles . . . Fates wins 220 low hurdle finals for Yale by a nose . . . The forgotten man high jump- ing. DlCK COE BEATS LlBBY TO THE TAPE AND SCORES HIS SECOND VICTORY OF THE DAY IN THE 22O LOWS THE CAMERA CATCHES MuiR WINNING THE TOO AGAINST U. S. F. AS HUDSON AND BRANTING RUN A DEAD- HEAT FOR SI-XT) XI) PLACE CALIFORNIA 107% U. S. F. 23% SCORING the most impressive point total in many sea- sons, the Bears opened their 1933 campaign by defeat- ing the University of San Francisco. Fifty-four points earned by clean sweeps in six events started the Varsity off for the afternoon, while winning the relay and six first places in other events concluded the afternoon ' s festivities. Muir and Coe scored the only double victories of the meet, Muir winning both sprints, while Coe broke the tape in two hurdle events. The performances of Kitchel and Reynolds in the half-mile promised future strength for California in this event. A few of the results were: 100-yard dash Won by Muir; Branting and Hudson tied for second. Time, 10.4. 220-yard dash Won by Muir; Hudson, second; Coupe, third. Time, 23.7. 120 high hurdles Won by Coe; Lewis, second; Libby (SF), third. Time, 15.8. Mile run Tie for first between Raftery, Copeland, and Anderson. Time, 4:44. Javelin throw Won by Miles; Waterbury, second; Pierce, third. Distance, 195 feet 9 inches. Pole vault Won by Koblick; Cassady, second; Cochrane, third. Height, 12 feet 6 inches. MARC JOHNSON RELAY HORACE STREET QUARTER-MILE LYMAN FINK, Discus 308 DlCK COE LEADS THE FIELD OVER THE FIRST BARRIER IN THE 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES REYNOLDS BEATS KlTCHEL TO THE TAPE BY FIVE YARDS AND WINS THE 880 IN I 158.4 CALIFORNIA 7 5% -OLYMPIC CLUB 55% EIGHT first places and sufficient seconds and thirds en- abled the Bears to defeat the strong Olympic Club team in the second meet of the year. California ' s triumph was marked by brilliant performances and signs of steady improvement throughout the squad. For the first time in several years, a Blue and Gold quarter-miler fin- ished the 440 in less than 50 seconds. Van Lobcn Sels nosed out Street ro win in 49.8. Meek added a foot to his previous week ' s mark when he tossed the shot 47 feet 5J4 inches. Win- ning the high jump with a leap of 6 feet 2 inches, Jacques showed an encouraging return to last season ' s form. Out- standing results were: Mile run Won by Bright (OC); Raftery, second; Ander- son, third. Time, 4:24. Two-mile run Won by Lee; Gcrick (OC), second; Ray- mond, third. Time, 10:04 3- 880-yard run Won by Reynolds; Kitchel, second; Bright (OC), ' third. Time, 1:58 ' .4. Javelin throw Won by Watcrbury; Friedman (OC), second; Miles, third. Distance, 196 feet 11 inches. Relay Won by California team composed of Johnson. Landon, Street, and Van Lobcn Scls. Time, 3:24.9. JOHN RAYMOND TWO-MILE BOB LEE TWO-MILE VlNSTON BOLDEX Discrs SAM MICELLI, BROAD JUMP 309 HIGH-HURDLERS TOP THE FIRST HARRIER IN THE U. C. L. A. MEET AS COE LEADS THE FIELD WITH LEWIS IN THIRD PLACE MUIR LEADS SMITH OF U. C. L. A. BY TWO YARDS, WIN- NING THE IOO IN 10.3 WITH HUDSON THIRD CALIFORNIA 72 2-U. C. L. A. 58 2 FOR the first time in athletic history, the Bears played hosts to the U. C. L. A. Bruins in the Edwards Track Stadium this season and entertained them by winning a closely fought meet. Brilliant demonstrations by California athletes were nearly overshadowed by the stellar performance of LuValle, colored Uclan sprinter, whose vic- tories in the 220 and 440 came as abrupt surprises to local fans. Despite the absence of their certain first-place winners, Kiesel and Raftery, the Bears piled up a total of eight first places and a majority of seconds and thirds. Dave Meek added his name to the athletic hall of fame when he won the shot-put with a heave of 47 feet 6 i inches and earned his third Big " C. " Due to a drizzling rain which fell throughout the meet, perform- ances were mediocre. Among the best were: 100-yd. dashWon by Muir; Smith (UCLA), second; Hud- son, third. Time, 10.3. 220-yd. dash Won by LuValle (UCLA); Muir, second; Hudson, third. Time, 22.7. Discus throw Won by Bertoli; Fink, second; Bolden, third. Distance, 127 feet 8 4 inches. Pole vault Won by Koblick; Jefferson (UCLA), second; Cresswell (UCLA), third. Height, 13 feet. Broad jump Won by Gerstung (UCLA); Micelli, second; Branting, third. Distance, 23 feet 53 s ' inches. BILL KOBLICK POLE VAULT JIM VAN LOBEN SELS QUARTER-MILE JOHN LANDOX QUARTER-MILE , m PAUL JACQUES, HIGH JUMP 310 LYLE REYNOLDS CROSSES THE FINISH OF THE 880, AN EASY WINNER, WITH THE SECOND-PLACE U. S. C. MAN THREE YARDS BEHIND JOHNSON TAKES THE BATON FROM STREET FOR THE SECOND LAP OF THE MILE RELAY IN THE U. S. C. MEET AS THE TROJANS LEAD HV A YARD CALIFORNIA 33 -U. S. C. 79 1 AIEATLY improved California track squad traveled to Los Angeles this spring and held the Trojans to their smallest victory in several seasons. Failure of several point-winners to compete and the disquali- fication of other contenders marred the customary brilliance of the meet. Three Californians succeeded in scoring first-place victories, Lee in the two-mile, Koblick in the pole vault, and Reynolds in the 880, while Southern California athletes gar- nered eleven victories and two clean sweeps in addition to capturing the relay in the fast time of 3 minutes 20.4 seconds. Outstanding results were: HENRY ANDERSON- MILE 100-yard dash Won by Parsons (SC); second, Ball (SC); third, Hudson. Time, 9.9. Two-mile run Won by Lee; second, Winn (SC); third, Street. Time, 10:0.9. Shot-put Won by Harper (SC); second, Meek; third, Bertoli. Distance, 50 feet 5 16 inch. Pole vault Won by Koblick; second, Ramsey (SC); tie for third between Cassady and Fimple (SC). Height, 13 feet 6 inches. High jump Won by Van Osdel (SC); second, tie between Jacques and MacNaughton (SC). Height, 6 feet 3 inches. BOB KIESEL SPRINTS WOODROW KlTCHEL HALF-MILE RAY LEWIS, HURDLES 311 V COE FINISHES THE 22O LOWS JUST THREE FEET AHEAD OF SlECEL OF COMPTON J. C. TO WIN IN 23.8 SECONDS CROSSING THE FIRST BARRIER IN THE 120- YARD HIGH HURDLES, HAMMER OF Los ANGELES J. C. LEADS THE FIELD CALIFORNIA 65 2 s SO. CALIF. JUNIOR COLLEGES 65 1 3 Two previously unknown broad-jumpers leaped to the rescue of the Blue and Gold and gave California 1 3 of a point margin over the Southern California Junior Colleges for its closest track victory in years. After the conclusion of 14 events, the J. C. athletes appeared to have repeated their impressive 1932 win. But Micelli and Talley, figured to score nothing more than a point between them, stole second and third places, respectively, on their final jumps and gave the Bears another victory. Dick Coe ' s record time of 23.8 in the 220-low hurdles, the fastest ever recorded by a Californian, was the bright spot of the meet. Kitchel, Bear half-miler, replaced the injured LYLE REYNOLDS HALK-MILE Raftery in the mile and came through in great style to cross the finish line in 4:31.1. Other results were: 100-yard dash Haytor (J. C.) and Hudson, tied for first; Snyder (J. C.), third. Time, 10.1. 220-yard dash Haytor (J. C.), first; Hudson, second; Coupe, third. Time, 21.8. 880-yard run Won by Reynolds; Hickerson (J. C.), second; Sloat (J. C.), third. Time, 1:58.3. Discus Won by Fink; Bertoli, second; Dalton (J. C.), third. Distance, 138 feet 5 inches. Shot-put Won by Meek; Bertoli, second; Hastings (J. C.), third. Distance, 46 feet 8K inches. " CHILI " BERTOLI SHOT-PUT HENRY CASSADY, POLE-VAULT 312 DICE BRACE Freshman Captain FRESHMAN TRACK CALIFORNIA freshmen tracksters showed surprising strength this season despite a small turnout of inexperienced men, winning five meets and losing two in competition with junior college and combined high school all-star aggregations. After placing fourth in the interclass meet in February, the freshmen developed rapidly for their first win over Modesto Junior College. Successive meets brought victories over the S. F. U. frosh, Oakland, Northern California, Alameda, and San Francisco high school all-stars, while only the the strong Sacramento Junior College squad won a close 71-51 engagement. Throughout the season, the most promising performers for the yearling squad were Captain Dick Brace, Fowler, Haskell, Vallejo, Dick, and Fitzgerald. FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD Adams, Wingevcr, Hawlcy, Tishkowsky, Mitchell, Schmidt, Carbonc, Siino, Tenney, Soulics, Bagnasacco, Portman, Bouquet, Unnewehr, Clark, Week, Zartman, Best Hurst, Dick, Mocllcr, Brace, Gregory, Fowler, Jennings, Paul, J. Thompson, Vallejo, Harrold, Wilson, Burr, Bready, Kocrpcr, Evans, Brown Bishop, McVcy, Doran, Haskell, Tannensoff, Packwood, Fitzgerald, Thomas, Gainor, Diettcrlc, Peck, H. Thompson 313 B A S E B A CAPTAIN GEORGE WOLFMAN COACH " CLINT " EVANS I ' t v r PRICE HOPPIN Senior Baseball Manager BATTING AVERAGES (For Conference Games Including April 10) AB Thompson 16 Jacobsen 20 Kyle 27 Sparling 18 Klein Sanchez Relies Gallison Mclntyre Hallaver Wolfman . . 15 6 3 3 31 33 30 Keough 17 H 1 8 9 6 5 2 1 1 10 10 9 5 Pet. .438 .400 .333 .333 .333 .333 .333 .333 .323 .303 .300 .294 Salisbury . Santos. . . . Jo hnson. . Saunders. Barry Grilk Vukovich. Robinson . AB 1 10 23 3 2 2 H 2 2 3 CONFERENCE STANDINGS TO DATE Team Won Lost 1 California 6 1 2 Stanford 4 3 3 U. S. C 2 4 4 St. Mary ' s 2 6 Pet. .286 .200 .130 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 Pet. .857 .571 .333 .250 VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD Hole (Coach), McMullen, McManigal, Lundgren, Bergstrom, Barry, Harris, Bauer, Madfes, Burr, Robinson, Gubbins, Gallison, White, Gilbert, Eitel, Salisbury, Evans (Coach) Fletter, Pollock, Dutton, Hallauer, Sanchez, Grilk, Thompson, Mclntyre, Relies, Santos, Kobayashi, Hartz Keough, Wolfman, Rouse, Stewart, Kyle, Saunders, Klein, Jacobsen, Vukovich, Johnson, Sparling 318 JUNIOR BASEBALL MANAGERS Dinkelspicl Whitby Dcwcll Henry Means Kenney All-Stars. . Mission Rookies. . Langendorf Royals Webb ' s AJumni. . . Bushrod All-Stars Central Bank Webb ' s Alumni Kcnealy Seals Athens Club Santa Clara . . . 3 4 7 1 . 7 10 . 7 9 3 . 2 THE BEAR SUMMARY NON-CONFERENCE GAMES California 2 14 5 8 3 11 9 3 1 3 Oakland All-Stars M.J. B. Coffee San Jose State . . Kenney Park Central Bank.. Athens Club Oaks Orange Crush Santa Clara U. S. S. West Virginia . Santa Clara . . : : : i S - 4 f 4 2 California 2 3 7 7 2 3 2 1 4 5 7 SOPHOMORE BASEBALL MANAGERS Stcele, Shelley, Martin, Reith, Mcux, Turner, Jones, Mitchell, Shaw, Murray, Marsh, Bam-, Gciger, Waldo, Craviotto 319 MAURICE SPARLING LEFT FIELD DKLBERT THOMPSON THIRD BASE ALAN KLEIN HAROLD SECOND JACOBSKX BASE LEFT FIELD FIRST BLOOD FOR THE BEARS IN THE SANTA CLARA SERIES SANTA CLARA SERIES A THOUGH the results did not affect conference standings this season, California and Santa Clara staged their annual series, the Bears winning 3-2 in the opening tilt. With the score tied 1-1 in the third inning, California tallied twice to the Broncos ' once to end the scoring for the afternoon. The second contest was a free-hitting affair for the Bears who banged out thirteen hits. Zeke Keough held the Santa Clarans to three hits, giving the home squad a 7-2 margin. With the series already decided, Santa Clara came back to nose out the Bears 6-4 in the ninth inning of the final tilt. ST. MARY ' S SERIES IN its first conference win, California downed St. Mary ' s 6-2. After trail- ing at the beginning of the fourth period, the Bears laid down a barrage of hits to score six runs in three innings. In the second contest, the Bears smothered the Gaels under an avalanche of 16 base hits to win 12-5. Klein and Jacobsen played outstanding baseball in this game. Because the Gaels allowed nine un- earned runs, the final tilt was also a walk-away for California. Hallauer and Mclntyre were outstanding for the Bears, while Gallison was credited with the victory. A GAEL SLIDES BOB SAUNDERS PITCHER GEORGE SANTOS SECOND BASE 3 3 j DAN JOHXSOX CATCHER WARREN- ROUSE PITCHER 320 II U ED HALLAUER SHORTSTOP LAWRENCE MOORE PITCHER CAPTAIN WOLFMAN FELL REACHING FOR THIS THROW IX THE U. S. C. SERIES SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SERIES CALIFORNIA had already taken a series victory over the Southern California Trojans with hard- fought 8-4 and 16-14 victories as THE BLUE AND GOLD went to press. The feature of the first contest was the stalwart hurling of Zeke Keough, ace Bear pitcher, who allowed the Tro- jans a meager six hits in eleven innings. With the count standing at 4-4 in the fifth inning, the Bear chucker held his opponents scoreless until Captain George Wolfman broke the deadlock in Cali- fornia ' s favor with a triple to the out- field in the eleventh frame. On the following day, a free-hitting affair allowed the Californians to gain the edge because of their ability to make hits count for runs. The Bears col- lected only thirteen hits against sixteen for the Trojans, but succeeded in squeez- ing across two more runs than their op- ponents. Saunders, who pitched five innings for the Blue and Gold, was credited with a victory when a three- run rally put the game on ice in the ninth inning. The powerful hitting of Captain Wolfman, Mclntyre, Thomp- son, and Kyle was a large factor in the California victories. A HIT IS MADE AGAINST THE TROJANS SAUL MADFES CATCHER JACK GILBERT PITCHER LLOYD SALISBURY OLIVER BURR THIRD BASE RIGHT FIELD 321 I il Bl JIM BARRY THIRD BASE AL SANCHEZ SECOND BASE GEORGE RELLES THIRD BASE WILBUR ROBINSON PITCHER KYLE HIT THE BAG JUST IN TIME IN THE FIRST GAME OF THE CARDINAL SERIES STANFORD SERIES THE Bears clinched at least a tie for first conference honors, before THE BLUE AND GOLD went to press, by annexing the second game, 7-3, in their annual series with the Redshirts. The Cards took the initial contest, 8-3. The Stanfordites broke California ' s winning streak in the first game with brilliant hurling that limited the Blue and Gold batsmen to eight scattered hits, as the Redshirts touched Keough and Saunders for eleven. The sharpest contrast between the two teams was their fielding. The smooth functioning Card infield, reputed to be the best in the MclNTYRE ON HIS WAY OUT A DOUBLE IN conference, proved its merit by a series of beautiful plays in the ninth inning, nipping a last-minute Bear rally in the bud. California ' s fielding, on the other hand, was very ragged, with four errors adding materially to Stanford ' s score. California and Stanford both amassed twelve hits in the second contest, but the superior ability of the Bears to make hits count for runs was the deciding issue. With the score tied 3-3 at the end of the sixth inning, no runs were tallied until the last half of the tenth when Sparling doubled with bases loaded to end the game in a rout. TO SECOND AFTER CRACKING THE STANFORD GAME MILT MclNTYRE JIM GRILK RIGHT FIELD FIRST BASE JOHN ZEKE KEOUGH VUCKOVICH PITCHER CENTER FIELD 322 JOHN LILLY Freshman Captain HARRY KINGMAN Freshman Coach FRESHMAN BASEBALL AKASON of seventeen straight vic- tories was completed by the Cali- fornia freshman baseball squad. The Bears won a two-game series from the Cardinals to take honors for the fourth successive year. In the first Stanford game, Daoust, a left-handed pitcher, and Captain John Lilly formed the battery. Except in the first inning when the Stanfordites scored two runs, they were helpless against Daoust ' s hurling. The " football battery " of Brown, another left-hander, and Thorell took the mound in the last inning and performed creditably. In the second game of the series, the Bears came from behind to score three runs and win, 5-4. Hardt struck out twelve men, while Alt connected for three hits, one of which scored two men. FRESHMAN BASEBALL SQUAD Kingraan CCoach), Shurtleff, Pctric, Bccby, Lilly, Bumstein, Smith, Webb, Berzel, Zanardi, Week, Catoirc Cirimcle, Bonner, Alt, Has well, Outman, Collins, Brown, Lester, Souza Sciutto, Clean-, Hooper, Nogami, Daoust, Simpson, Thorell 323 CAPTAIN TED GRUHLER COACH TOM STOW California Singles: Budge Smith Whitman Gruhler Thompson Doubles: Neiden Skaife Kidwell Selby Graham Burdick California Singles: Budge Smith Gruhler Holmes Whitman Neiden NAT HOSKOT Senior Tennis Manager NON- CONFERENCE MATCHES U. S. F. Lang Harlcy Guilmettc Gilbert Kalisky Lang Harlcy Kalisky Guilmette Morton Gilbert March Field Meulheisen Robinson Stone Kelms Morrill Lewis Winner California California California California California California Scores 6-0, 6-3 6-0, 6-0 6-3, 6-0 6-3, 6-2 6-1, 6-0 6-3, 8-6 California 6-4, 7-5 California 6-3, 6-0 Winner Scores March Field 6-1, 3-6, 6-0 California 6-2, 6-1 California 6-2, 6-1 California 6-1,6-4 California 6-4, 6-1 California 6-2, 11-9 Doubles: California Holmes Whitman Thompson Smith March Field Winner Scores Meulheisen March Field 6-2, 11-9 Robinson Helms California 6-1,3-6,6-3 Morrill California Calif. Club Winner Scores Singles: Smith Neer Cal. Club 6-1, 6-2 Budge Levy Cal. Club 6-3, 6-4 Gruhler Bates Cal. Club 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 Holmes Green Cal. Club 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 Neiden Casey Cal. Club 4-6, 8-6, 11-9 Whitman Pommer Cal. Club 5-7, 6-3, 6-4 Doubles: Whitman Neer Cal. Club 5-7, 6-3, 6-4 Holmes Levy Thompson Strachan Cal. Club 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 Smith Casey Gruhler Green California 7-5, 6-2 Budge Hyde VARSITY TENNIS SQUAD Skaife, Thompson, Smith, Bakulich, Petitt, Budge, Stow (Coach) Elston, Selby, Neiden, Gruhler, Dove, Whitman, Holmes 328 Seaborn JUNIOR TENNIS MANAGERS Harvey Jacobs Horn NON-CONFERENCE MATCHES California Santa Clara Winner Scores Singles: Smith Budge Gruhler izzolini Rccgan Feess California California California 6-0,6-0 6-0,6-0 6-1,6-0 Holmes Lydich California 6-0,6-0 Neidcn Sheridan California 6-0,6-0 Whitman Perrier California 6-1,6-2 Doubles: Thompson Smith izzolini Feess California 6-1,6-0 Whitman Sheridan California 6-1,6-1 Holmes Dove Recgan Lydich California 6-0,6-0 Budge Perrier California St. Marv ' s Winner Scores Singles : Budge Smith Gruhlcr C. Wood Wong T. Wood California California California 6-1,6-0 6-0,6-0 60,6-0 Holmes Goldstein California 6-2,6-1 Neiden Lynn California 64), 6-0 California St. Marv ' s Winner Scores Doubles: Holmes C.Wood California 6-4,6-2 Whitman Wong Burdick Lynn California 6-4,6-0 Graham Goldstein California Berkeley T.C . Winner Scores Singles: Budge Chandler B. T. C. 6-3, 6-4 Smith Hillis California 6-4, 3-6,8-6 Gruhlcr Gordon California 12-10, 6-4 Holmes Neville California 12-10, 6-4 Whitman Weesncr California 7-5, 1-6,6-2 Neiden Honsbcrgcr California 5-7, 8-6,6-3 Doubles: Whitman Chandler California 6-4, 8-6 Holmes Hillis Thompson Honsbcrgcr California 6-4, 6-1 Smith Neville Budge Weesner California 6-1, 4-6,6-3 Gruhler Gigeon SOPHOMORE TENNIS MANAGERS Bias, Blackball, Hellier, Mayer, Kneedler, Ham Schmidt, Greco, Martin, Johnson 329 WHITMAN LOBS ONE IN THE DOUBLES AGAINST U. S. C. JESS MlLLMAN OF U. S. C. VOLLEYS HARD TO SMITH U. S. C. MATCHES U. S. C. racketeers were easily downed by the California netmen in both contests played during this year ' s conference series. The matches were won by California, 5-4 and 7-2. On the whole, set scores were closer in the first meeting than in the second. SET SCORES FOR THE FIRST MATCH California U. S. C. Winner Scores Singles: Budge Chaddel U. S. C. 6-3, 8-6 Smith Millman California 6-4, 6-3 Gruhler Castlen U.S.C. 6-0, 4-6, 6-3 Thompson Steiner California 7-5, 5-7, 8-6 Neiden Lindsay California 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 Dove Wollidge California 6-3, 7-5 Doubles: Holmes Chaddel U. S. C. 6-4, 6-8, 6-2 Whitman Castlen Gruhler Wollidge California 6-0, 6-2 Budge Stevens California U. S. C. Winner Scores Thompson Steiner U. S. C. Default Smith Millman SET SCORES FOR THE SECOND MATCH California U. S. C. Winner Scores Singles: Budge Chaddel California 6-4, 6-2 Smith Millman California 6-1,5-7,6-4 Gruhler Castlen U. S. C. 6-3, 6-4 Thompson Steiner U. S. C. 6-2, 6-1 Whitman Lindsay California 6-0, 6-1 Neiden Wollidge California 6-1,6-1 Doubles: Thompson Lindsay California 6-2, 6-2 Neiden Wollidge Whitman Castlen California 6-2, 6-2 Holmes Chaddel Budge Millman U. S. C. 6-3, 6-2 Dove Steiner CARL HOLMES LLOYD BUDGE THOMAS ELSTON 330 GRUHLER AND SMITH CLOSE IX TOWARD THE NET N BUDGE ATTEMPTS TO PASS TlDBALL ON A BACKHAND SHOT U. C. L. A. MATCHES Drubbing the U. C. L. A. tennis squad in two matches this season, the Bears continued to hold an undefeated position in conference ratings to date. Scores for the two contests were 5-4 and 7-2. SET SCORES FOR THE FIRST MATCH California U. C. L. A. Winner Scores Singles : Budge Tidball U. C. L. A. 11-9,6-3 Smith Meyer U. C. L. A. 9-7, 3-6, 8-6 Gruhler Froelich California 10-8,64 Holmes Miller U. C. L. A. 7-5, 3-6, 6-1 Neiden Briggs California 6-4,6-2 Whitman Parsons California 6-1,6-3 Doubles: Holmes Tidball U. C. L. A. 6-4,6-2 Whitman Froclich Gruhler Miller California 6-1,6-0 Budge Parsons California U. C. L. A. Winner Scores Thompson Meyer California 6-4,6-1 Neiden Cannon SET SCORES FOR THE SECOND MATCH California U. C. L. A. Winner Scores Singles: Budge Tidball U. C. L. A. 6-3, 6-4 Smith Meyer California 6-0,6-4 Whitman Froelich California 6-3,6-1 Holmes Briggs California 4-6, 7-5, 6-2 Neiden Miller California 6-4,6-0 Thompson Church California 6-2,6-1 Doubles: Whitman Tidball U. C. L. A. 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 Holmes Froelich Gruhler Meyer California 6-2, 7-5 Smith Parsons Dove Howe California 6-0,7-5 Bakulich Cannon LES THOMPSON GENE SMITH MEL WHITMAN AtDovB 331 COACH STOW EXPLAINS A FEW OF TIIF. FIXE POINTS PHIL NEER ADVANCES FOR A DRIVE IN AN EXHIBITION MATCH AGAINST BUDGE EXHIBITION MATCHES Several alumni tennis lettermen of the past years and rank- ing racket wielders of the bay region have met Golden Bear tennis players in exhibition matches this season. Two closely contested matches were played, so that the Bear netmen had an excellent opportunity to gain experience against superior competition. SET SCORES OF FIRST MATCH California Visitor Winner Scores Singles : Gruhler Don Budge 7-7 Holmes Worth Oswald California 6-4 Neiden Worth Oswald Visitor 6-0 SET SCORES OF SECOKD MATCH California Visitor Winner Scores Singles: Budge Neer Visitor 9-7 Smith Neer 5-5 Gruhler Levy Visitor 6-4 Holmes Levy Visitor 6-2 Smith Chandler California 6-1 Doubles: Holmes Stow Visitors 6-4,6-2 Whitman Chandler Gruhler Stow Visitors 6-4 Budge Chandler ARTHUR SKAIFE BENDER GRAHAM PRENTISS SELBY 332 NORMAN BAKULICH HUNT Freshman Captain FRESHMAN TENNIS ESTABLISHING an unblemished record with seven victories and no de- feats, the California freshman tennis squad has completed a creditable season to date. Owing both to their un- usual ability and the capable coaching of Tom Stow, the yearlings were able to win all their matches by a large margin. Those falling to defeat at the hands of the babes were: Alameda High School, 9-0; Piedmont High School, 7-0; Berke- ley High School, 9-0 and 7-2; Lowell High School, 9-0; Berkeley Tennis Club Juniors, 7-2 and the U. S. F. Frosh, 7-0. A close contest with the Bear Varsity ended in a draw. Captain Charles Hunt, number one man and nationally rated junior, is ex- pected by tennis fans to vie for top posi- tion on the varsity next season, while Gilmore and Myer should play as close seconds. The calibre of the frosh repre- senting California this season has been unusually strong. Haxthauscn Sclucclc Gihi -r FKESHMAN TEXXK SQUAD Massie Ycager May Hunt Brown Stow (Coach) 333 I NOR S P O R VARSITY SWIMMING SQUAD Collingc (Manager), Jones, Kaiser, Steadman, Way, McKay, Newell, Davis, Phillips, Dowden (Coach) Perkins, Langworthy, Pringle, Kothe, Jackson, Rucker, Baer SWIMMING NOSING out U. S. C. by two points for a second place in the Minor Sports Carnival, the Golden Bear swimmers successfully climaxed a season marked by repeated mediocre showings. Stanford paddlers won the meet with the U. C. L. A. Bruins trailing the Tro- jans in fourth position. In earlier engagements the Bears lost to Stanford, 54-30; San Jose State Teachers, 64-20; San Francisco Y. M. C. A., 49-48; and the Oakland Athens Club, 43-41. FRESHMAN SWIMMING SQUAD Collinge (Manager), P. Smith, W. Smith, Graham, Lennig, White, Moore, Davis (Coach) Tibbetts, O ' Bryan, Dozier, Johnston, Jensen 336 VARSITY WATER POLO SQUAD Stcadman, Kaiser, Way, Lautcret, Andregg, Newell, Smithson, Pringlc, Dowdcn (Coach) Jones, Corey, Jackson, Baer, Phillips, Davis WATER POLO CALIFORNIA ' S varsity water polo team, competing in the Northern California Water Polo League, was defeated by the strong Athens Club sextet, 6-2; by the Olympic Club, 8-5; and by Stanford, 10-0. Bear poloists came through to defeat U. C. L. A. 13-6 for their only victory in the three games played during the Minor Sports Carnival so that California was awarded third place behind Stan- ford and U. S. C. in this event. FRESHMAN WATER POLO SQUAD P. Smith, Brown, Lennig, Jensen, Jack, Davis (Coac Tibbetts, Johnston, O ' Bryan, White, W. Smith 337 130-PouND BASKETBALL Fieri (Coach), Yamamoto, Shea, Cowdrey, Carver, Brown, Townsley, Belknap, Kamamoto 130-POUND BASKETBALL STARTING the season with a record of eight straight victories, the 130- pound basketball team ended the year with eleven wins and four defeats. Yamamoto, Shea, and Townsley were the outstanding lightweight scorers. 145 -POUND BASKETBALL BEAR 145-pounders won twelve out of seventeen games played this sea- son. The schedule included a barn- storming tour through Northern Cali- fornia and two close victories over St. Mary ' s with scores of 29-21 and 33-32. 145-PouND BASKETBALL Shea (Manager), Canhan, Flegal, Winkelman, McGill, Fried, Terry, West (Coach) Fry, Murray, Steuben, Shelley 338 Ei ii B8 VARSITY BOXING SQUAD Jones (Coach), Goulard, Mazzctta, Smith, Thurston, Elvin, Mitchell, Pozzo, De Risi, Hoglc, Boucher, Ncmir, Pylcs (Manager) Nina, Townsley, Dagdigian, Mierhack, Jan, Louie, Moon BOXING VARSITY glove throwers scored five victories in matches with the California Aggies, Stanford, and S. F. U. Captain Jan, Pozzo, and Smith fought their way to decisions in the fi- nals of the Pacific Coast Intercollegiates. GYMNASTICS GoACHPease ' sgymnastsplaced third in the Minor Sports Carnival fi- nals. In other competition, the Bears tied for third in the A. A. U. meet and unexpectedly lost a close 46-44 en- gagement with Stanford. VARSITT GTM SQUAD Janssen (Manager), Janes, Sturgcss, Heeley, Tucker, Becker, Rowley, Maslin, Schultz, Rogers, Bradt Howard, Jaure, Vaccariello, Chan, Hughes 339 VARSITY WRESTLING SQUAD Stone (Coach), Nissen, Pagani, Pascoe, Oakie, Morrison, Jensen (Captain), Fellom, Gale, Warkentin, Swinney, Mattson Richards, Verducci, Scott, Ross, Teal, Morino, Shimoff, Darrock, Lewis, Thomas, Watson WRESTLING VARSITY wrestlers completed the 1933 season by scoring eight first places and an overwhelming vic- tory in the Minor Sports Carnival over teams representing Stanford, U.C. L. A., and U. S. C. Prior to this, the Bear mat- men won from the Olympic Club grap- plers, 6-2 and 5-2, and defeated U.C.L. A. , 7-2. Victories by Jensen and Lewis aided the Bears to win six first places and two seconds in the finals of the Far Western Tournament. FRESHMAN WRESTLING SQUAD y Loosley (Manager), Elsasser, Battuello, Jones, Soulies, Beamer, Barnhard, Feldmeyer, Tomita 340 VARSITY SOCCER SQUAD Bagg (Mgr.), Wohlctz (Asst. Coach), Yonngworth, Baughn, Futtcrman, D. Reiner, R. Reiner, Craig, Shelley, H. Reiner, Sclby, Smith, Blonski, Smart (Asst. Coach) Dowling (Coach), Pintow, Turbovsky, Lobdell, Prompcoff (Capt.), Jacobson, Reichel, Williams, Tweedy, Dufour SOCCER A THOUGH defeated by S. F. U. and San Mateo Junior College, the Bear Varsity kickers showed strength in trouncing the San Jose State Teachers 5-2 and holding the Berkeley All-stars 6-6. The Golden Bears forced the Indians to a deciding game, after los- ing the first and tying the second tilt at 0-0. In the third contest, the Indians out- scored the Californians to win the series. FRESHMAN SOCCEK SQUAD Wohlctz (Coach), Moore (Mgr.), Valencia, Maximov, Hutchins, Lawrence, Thurston, Lopes, Badt (Mgr.) Fukuda, Norton, Shapiro, Newhall, Zumwalt 341 Heron Bean VARSITY GOLF SQUAD Simpson Marskey (Capt.) Goldwater Wilson Honig GOLF f HE California club-swingers lost seven matches and tied one in 1! dual meet competition. Victories over the Bears were earned by teams representing St. Mary ' s, Stanford, and the Berkeley, Orinda, and Merced Coun- try Clubs. Meeting the combined strength of the U. S. C., Stanford, and U. C. L. A. golfers in the final round of the Pacific Coast Conference Minor Sports Carnival held on the Stanford course, the Bears placed third, ahead of U.C. L.A.Stanford copped championship honors, with U. S. C. in second place. FRESHMAN GOLF SQUAD Spider (Mgr.) Dawson Hutchins Andrews Peterson (Capt.) 342 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD Lee Hillcbrand Morris Raftery Taylcr CROSS COUNTRY Raymond Ingols IN accordance with Coach Brutus Hamilton ' s policy for developing distance men, intensified training was the keynote of the fall cross country season. The varsity squad competed with the University of San Francisco and the Olympic Club in their two major meets, taking both contests by scores of 39-19 and 18J 2-17H, respectively. Freshmen distance runners defeated San Mateo Junior College with a margin of 48-15, and won their second victory by a score of 30-25 over the Piedmont High trotters. FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD Brown Mocllcr Bready Best Harrold Fowler Simpson Dietterle 343 HANDBALL SQUAD Schmitt (Coach), Locffert, Popper, Nestor, Sandstrom, McFarland, Bennett, Moody, Pollack, Saldem, Madokoro, McKenna (Mgr.) HANDBALL DESPITE handicaps the varsity hand- ball squad held opposing teams to close scores. The Athens Club won two victories over the Bears, 5-4 and 4-3, while the Oakland Y. M. C. A. and Alameda Elks were limited to 3-2 margins. FENCING CALIFORNIA foilsmen enjoyed four victories and three defeats, and placed fourth in the Minor Sports Carnival. In competition with Stanford, the Bears won two foil contests, 5-4 and 13-12, led the epee, 6-3, but lost 5-4 in the sabre. r r s f 11 FENCING SQUAD Ames (Mgr.), Obata, Jennings, Dempsey, Crawford, Cummings, Locke, Zola, Protopopoff, Raymond (Coach) 344 RCGBY SQL ' AD Graff (Coach), Thomas (Coach), McCarthy, Sledge, Schradcr, LaLanne, Tyson, Tatum, Nixon, Angel man, Cohn, Luten, Wicldcr, Griverti, Zamloch (Coach) Gcisman, Dahlcr, Campbell, Jameson, Clear, Welch, Hudson, McCormick, Tower, Ainscough Landes, Cook, Lee, Beyc, Swabel, Mover, Collier, Casey, Lear RUGBY K INAUGURATING rugby into the minor sports, California defeated the San Francisco Rugby Club, 19-5 and the Oakland Wanderers, 11-3- After nineteen years, during which there was no California-Stanford rugby rivalry, the Bears competed against their tradi- tional opponents but lost, 9-0. ICE HOCKEY THE California winter sports team received second place in the in- tercollegiate tourney at Yosem- ite. Alex Hildebrand,in the cross country won first place in skiing for the Bears. In the intercollegiate hockey tourna- ment, the team lost to the Loyola Lions, 2-0; and to U. S.C., 6-1. Afsm ICE HOCKBT SQUAD Gallagher (Coach), Hildebrand, Hogle, Keatinge, Tatsukawa, Hansen, Burdick, Strutzel, Silliman, Stiegler (Manager) 345 INTRAMURAL SPORTS RALPH A. PROCTOR Director Intramural Sports INTRAMURAL SPORTS FOOTBALL Winner Runner-up Psi Upsilon Phi Delta Theta HANDBALL Winner Runner-up Edward Schmidt Nicholas Joannides Winner Runner-up SQUASH Worth Oswald Francis Smart CREW Winner ............................... Sigma Phi Sigma BASEBALL Winner Abracadabra Runner-up Kappa Sigma TENNIS Interfraternity Doubles Winner Alpha Delta Phi Runner-up Abracadabra Co-op Tennis Singles Winner Charles Hunt Runner-up Harvey Derne TRACK Winner Sigma Chi Runner-ups Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Delta Rho Psi U ' s VERSUS PHI DELTS IN THE FINALS OF INTERFRATERNITY TOUCH FOOTBALL 348 HjUU-AfjJ. DUWING Manager Intramural Sports FRATERNITY INTRAMURAL STANDINGS Abracadabra Lambda Chi Alpha. Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Chi Phi Etta Theta Pi Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Delta Thcta Alpha Sigma Phi . Thcta Kappa Nu Delta Upsilon Phi Mu Delta Alpha Delta Phi Kappa Nu Japanese Students. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Alpha Gamma Rho Phi Gamma Delta . Sigma Phi Sigma FALL SEMESTER 25 Sigma Nu. i: Bowles Hall 16 Delta Tau Delta 13 Pi Kappa Alpha llK Tau Kappa Epsilon 11 Theta L psilon Omega 11 Alpha Kappa Lambda. . 9 Delta Chi 8tf Alpha Tau Omega 8 Del Rev 8 Chinese Students 8 Kappa Delta Rho iyi Phi Beta Delta iyi Phi Kappa Psi 6 Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau 4 Phi Sigma Kappa 4 Pi Kappa Phi. 4 Siema Phi Theta Chi Zeta Beta Tau . Psi Upsiloa Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha Thcta Nu Epsilon Acacia Bachelordon. ... Chi Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Thcta Alpha. . Thcta Delta Chi Theta Xi Zeta Psi Chi Psi Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Chi Sigma . Pi Alpha Phi 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 6 6 ' . " . - :-;. Harmon 349 INTERFRATERNITY BASEBALL CHAMPIONS, ABRACADABRA Pctitt, Hodges, Fry, Scarfe, McNally, Engelhard Gillard, Smith, Thomas, Wisler, Megargee INTRAMURAL SPORTS A TEW interest in intramural sports has developed with the comple- tion of the Gymnasium for Men. More fraternities have participated this year, and larger scores have been totaled. Several new ideas in intramural com- petition have been introduced in the past year. The Publications Basketball League was a round-robin tournament which lasted for five weeks. The Occi- dent staff was the winner with the Peli- can as runner-up. A Noon Hour Baseball League, also started this year, included games in indoor baseball and regulation baseball on the new Edwards Field. In addition to the interfraternity con- tests and the Publications tournament, games were held within and between colleges. The College of Mining totaled the largest score in the inter-colle ge wrestling and boxing matches held by the Engineers as a preliminary to the annual Engineers ' Day Meet. The law students of Boalt Hall won the inter- college basketball. .As THE BLUE AND GOLD goes to press, interfraternity hoop contests are also under way. Pi Kappa Alpha seems the outstanding favorite. INTERFRATERNITY FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS, Psi UPSILON Wright Smith Gruhler Jones Rousseau Gherini Davis 350 Brittingham I.VTERFKATEKXITT CjtEW CHAMPION ' S. SlGMA PH! SlGMA Dcnnison, Hoi nun, Bode, VanVoorhis, Pcdcrsen, Mathcson, Anderson, Barnes Shipley INTRAMURAL SPORTS INTERCLASS games were held through- out the year as a part of the intra- mural sports program. The track meet was won by the juniors. Sopho- mores won the gymnastics champion- ship with Francis Rogers ' 35 as the all- round champion. Winners of the fencing tournament were Alex Zola ' 35, foil; Jack Dempsey ' 34, sabre; and Walter Paxton ' 35,epee. Champions of the vari- ous boxing and wrestling weight teams were awarded intramural sports medals. Interclass baseball, the undergraduate squash tournament, and the football contests between floors at International House were not completed until the end of the spring semester. The managers have aided the progress of intramural sports in the supervision of equipment and schedules and the refereeing of games other than basket- ball, which is done by the physical edu- cation department. At the end of the fall semester, five juniors are chosen from the original sign-up of the year. From these five, one senior manager is chosen in the spring to direct the work of the next year in intramural sports. IXTEnLTHNTTT TlACK CHAMPIONS, SlGMA Cm Doran Jacques Thompson 351 ' JJ- INTRAMURAL SPORTS Raftery leads in the mile of the interclass meet . . . Jacques goes over the bar, adding another point for the sophomores . . . Hunt, Co-op tennis singles win- ner, in action . . . Proctor and Dunning talk it over . . . Relay in the interfraternity meet . . . Interfraternity touch football finals . . . Burdick and Hunt, Alpha Delts, were the winners of interfraternity doubles . . . Another football action . . . Even the discus was thrown in the interclass meet . . . Van Loben Sels wins the 880 for the juniors . . . Art Hargrave, winner of Carquinez swim . . . Interfra- ternity basketball is played in the new gymnasium . . . End runs are prevalent in inter- house football ... A beautiful jump in the interclass meet . . . Bertoli puts the shot . . . The Phi Delts and the Psi U ' s fighting for the cup . . . Sophomore mana- gers await the return of the in- terclass shells . . . Start of the 440 in the interclass meet . . . Throwing horse shoes is a popu- lar sport with the architecture students . . . Another shot of the relay . . . Senior crewmen who won the interclass cup . . . INTRAMURAL SPORTS Interfratemity tennis doubles get under way . . . Robert Mars- key demonstrates form that won him the intramural golf title . . . Chinese Students Club versus Kappa Nu . . . Finals of interfraternity baseball . . . Worth Oswald won the intra- mural squash title ... It looks as if Thomas of Abracadabra just made this . . . An Abbie hits . . . Squaring off for an interclass bout . . . Another hit ... A swan dive in the interfraternity swim- ming meet . . . Even wrestlers fondle each other in an inter- class match . . . Hodges watches anxiously as an Abbie crosses h ome plate in the finals of interfratemity baseball . . . This diver came out of it all right . - - More interclass w resiling ... A starter ' s gun sets off these inter- fratemity swimmers . . . Daily Californian sports staff versus Daily Californian editorial staff . . . They hit the water . . . An- other interfratemity diver . . A sports staff man goes around end in the annual classic . . . Mattox and Howell close in for the tackle. -Jfc l- il Tor you know that Stanford ' s Jonah s on the job ... " ORGANIZATIONS INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President James A. Miles Vice-President Frank J. Kockritz Stcrttary-Tnasiirir J. Bruce Payne Secretary o j Assembly (ex officio) George H. Ackley FALL REPRESENTATIVES Abracadabra J. Francis Hoey Acacia Gordon Garner Alpha Delta Phi John H. Gregory Alpha Gamma Rho Donald Moore Alpha Kappa Lambda Roger L. Alaux Alpha Sigma Phi J. Bruce Payne Alpha Tau Omega Cecil M. Coulter Bachelordon Morrow F. Steadman Beta Theta Pi Sterling Gorrill Chi Psi James A. Miles Del Rey Francis Yates Delta Chi Elliot S. Peterson Delta Kappa Epsilon Frank J. Kockritz Delta Sigma Phi Philip L. Devin Delta Tau Delta George F. Meyer, Jr. Delta Upsilon Paul R. Oliver Kappa Alpha Howard Johnson Kappa Delta Rho Harold V. Hughes Kappa Nu Irving H. Wiesenfeld Kappa Sigma Charles Vantress FALL REPRESENTATIVES Lambda Chi Alpha Stanley Y. Cocks Phi Beta Delta Julian Weidler Phi Delta Theta Wilson Suydam Phi Gamma Delta James P. Healey Phi Kappa Psi William A. Peters Phi Kappa Sigma Herman G. Noack Phi Kappa Tau Phi Mu Delta Phi Sigma Kappa .Glenn H. Rogers .Clayton J. Orr Robert M. Harrison Pi Kappa Alpha Roswell B. Turner Robert W. Johnson . Pier Gherini Robert Condon Walter C. Burns .Edward A. Palmer Pi Kappa Phi . Psi Upsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Paul T. Westervelt Sigma Phi Epsilon Harold A. Wright Sigma Phi Sigma William Clayton Sigma Pi Julian M. White Tau Kappa Epsilon John J. Fluetsch Theta Chi Beverly W. Rohrbough Theta Delta Chi Wilfred T. Robbins Theta Kappa Nu Reginald Tibbetts Theta Upsilon Omega Duane D. Luther Theta Xi David W. Kelley Zeta Beta Tau Leonard Joseph Zeta Psi. . . .Arthur W. Foster Alaux Battaglin Bradley Breyer Burns Clayton Cocks Cahn Condon Connect DcGuire Devin Dobbins Fluetsch Fosscy Foster Garner Gherini Gregory Harrison Healey Hoey Hughes Johnson, H. Johnson, R. W. Jones Joseph Kelley Kientz Kcckritz Lohmeyer Coulter Gorrill Johnson, R. P. Lund 356 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD George H. Ackley James A. Miles J. Francis Hocy J. Bruce Payne Frank J. Kockritz William A. Peters Carl W. Koerper Paul T. Westcrvclt SPRING REPRESENTATIVES Abracadabra T. Francis Hoev SPRING Lambda Chi Alpha REPRESENTATIVES Charles R. Lohmevcr Phi Beta Delta Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta. . . Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Mu Delta Phi Sigma Kappa Paul G. Dobbins Wilson Suydam James P. Healcv William A. Peters Herman G. Noack Harry N. Fosscy Clavton J. Orr Harrv S. Thompson Acacia Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Gamma Rho . Gordon Garner John H. Gregory Milton F. Masters Rces P Johnson Pi Kappa Alpha Roswell B. Turner Pi Kappa Phi Psi Upsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon. . Sigma Phi Sigma . Sigma Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon . . Theta Chi . . . Joseph M. Cahn Austin S. Jones Hamilton Pyles . . John H. Lund LvlcB. York . Paul T. Westervelt Harold A. Wright William Clayton Gerald E. Townc John J. Fluctsch Beverly W. Rohrbough Donald E. Kientz Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Bachelordon Beta Theta Pi Chi Psi Del Rev Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Chester Shelly Francis R. Connctt ..W. Roger Stoll . Sterling Gorrill . James A. Miles . . Warren C. DeGuire .Elliot S. Peterson Frank J. Kockritz Stanley N. Shcrwin . Leo D. Battaglin Everett B. Luther .WillardB. Tread well Harold V Hughes Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Rho Theta Delta Chi Theta Kappa Nu ... Robert A. Stevens Theta Upsilon Omega George Widler Theta Xi David W. Kelley Kappa Nu Irving H Wiescnfeld Zeta Beta Tau Donald Brcver Kappa Sigma . . .John D. Bradley Zcta Psi Arthur W. Foster Luther Masters Merer Miles Moore Noack Oliver Orr Palmer Payne Peters Peterson Pries Robbins Rogers Rohrbough Sheller Shcrwin Stead man Stevens Stoll Suydam Thompson Tibbetts Townc Trcadwcll Turner Vantrcss Wcidler Westervelt Widler White WiesenfcM Wright York 357 ABRACADABRA 2425 Ridge Road. Founded at the University of California, 1895 One Chapter UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stephen W. Cunningham Robert G. Sproul Ellsworth F. Quinlan Frank M. Spurrier Robert M. Underhill GRADUATES Alpheus H. McGovern William E. Parker H. Gardner Putnam SENIORS John A. Armstrong Reuben Bond A. MacKenzie Cantin Lynn Gillard Warren A. Wisler C. Revere Johnson John J. McNally James A. Petit Wade F. Thomas, Jr. JUNIORS Herbert E. Bolton, Jr. Bernard R. Bowron John Domercq, Jr. Gregory F. Engelhard M. Thomas Farmer, Jr. George P. Forbes J. Rudolph Hodges J. Francis Hoey Bovnton S. Kaiser H. Stewart Kimball " Harry R. Koses R. Larry Megargee Rodney Morrin Clarence Overaa William E. Price George O. Scarfe, Jr. William A. Smith Robert Usinger SOPHOMORES John B. Bohnett John W. Down Thomas Caldecott Thomas C. Condon William Frost Absent on leave. Elmer Stoll Alfred G. Fry John N. K. Langton FRESHMEN Thomas H. Morrin Philip C. Smith Howard Twining hill Domercq Morrin, R Down Twining 358 ACACIA 2J40 Piedmont AvcniK. Founded at the University of Michigan, 1904 California Ch ptrr established 1903 Thirty-four Chapters UXIVEXSTTT ASSOCIATES JCNIO S Edward A. Dickson L H. Lvon Keith NfacKane F. H. Swift GADLMT W. David Lacabanne James Locke Robert Barksdale Gordon Garner SENIORS E. L. Moody Paul F. Nichols Charles F. Shaw Arlcigh Stevenson FrcdTabcr Lloyd Hoff George Sclwig Harry Finch Joseph Lowe Ralph Bryan Ferd Drayer Harry SOMOMOXES Luis Yribarrcn FlESHMEN James Barkley, Jr. Hiram Bishop, Jr. Robert Gray Absent on leave. Charles McMillan Harrv Swert Keith Lcvcnton Don Smith Bern Swans Listen Hills David Merrill Otto W. Schradcr mn: A .- .-.-, . Swm ' ' . ' . Hoff - - - 359 Frank W. Allen Herman J. Almquist Henry C. Biddle Walter C. Blasdale Gerald E. K. Branch Arthur W. Christie William V. Cruess Erman D. Eastman Robert D. Fowler Franklin T. Green John A. Abersold Raymond C. Archibald Malcolm L. Berry John E. Boohcr Alva C. Byrns George Denison, Jr. Thomas L. Doody George A. Emerson John W. Givens Konrad B. Krauskopf Paul S. Larson F. Eugene Lindquist Daniel B. Luten ALPHA CHI SIGMA 2627 Virginia Street. Founded at the University of Wisconsin Sigma Chapter established 1913 Forty-nine Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Joel H. Hildebrand Paul L. Kirk Wendell M. Latimer Gilbert N. Lewis Axel R. Olson Edmond O ' Neill Charles W. Porter Merle Randall Gerhard K. Rollefson T. Dale Stewart GRADUATES Ronald T. McDonald Duncan P. MacDougall Philip F. Meads Charles W. Montgomery Alan C. Nixon Charles F. Oldershaw Harold G. Reiber Philip W. Schutz Clair R. Spealman Clark C. Stephenson Robert D. Void Ralph K. Witt Charles Zittle 1902 SENIORS C. Gerald Clear Edwin L. Colbert Charles S. Davidson Newell L. Davies John J. Eiler Emmet T. King A. Louis Arighi Kenneth R. Burns Edward J. Haven Vincent R. Huarte O. Scott Kunkel John P. Dobbins A. Melvin Arighi Arno Lahti John Lyman Wendall M. Miller Jack Pahl Harry E. Spires G. Maynard Stark George E. Tilson Richard V. Wallace JUNIORS Kenneth Owen James C. Reavis Spencer G. Sharp Joseph S. Simon Arnold J. Soderberg Frank H. Winter SOPHOMORES Ralph S. Halford FRESHMEN Irving North Nello Pace Montford Whiteley Hugh Zartman " III A Clear Colbert Davidson Eiler Miller Spires Tilson Arighi, A. L. Burns Haven Huarrc Kunkel Owen Reavis Simon Soderberg Winter Dobbins Arighi, A. M. Lahti Lyman North Pace Whiteley Zartman 360 ALPHA DELTA PHI 2401 Ridge Road. Founded at Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y., 1832 California Chapter established 1908 Twenty-seven Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert M. Evans Thomas H. Goodspced Emerson Hoi brook Samuel J. Hume Frank L. KJecbcrgcr Hans Lisser Deming G. Maclisc G. D. Mallory Paul P. Michael Fletcher H. Swift GRADUATE Robert Irving Kinncy SENIORS John Richards Baker Frederick L. Brown Edward H. Conner Charles S. Davidson Harvey E. Derne F. Kennedy Jackson, Jr. James A. McCormick ' Absent on leave. Frank A. McEncany John S. Mason Harry E.Nichols, Jr. Jamcs B. Raney Donald M. Rubel Robert B. Shirey Hcnrv H. Taft JU NIORS Marston W. Burdick Arthur H. Collbran F. Ramsdell Cummings Ham ' P. Dechant, Jr. John H. Gregory Vinton Hall Volney A. Labarthe J. Kenneth McCorkJc J Warren Manuel, Jr. Breckinridgc Thomas James P. van Loben Sels Jack Van Wykc SOPHOMORES Ted C. Atwood John E. Landon Thomas P. Boyd.Jr. Charles L. Morcy Henry D. Braincrd Robert W. Ratcliff Karl J. Chiapehla Lorcnz L. Schmidt Sidney E. Cochra C. Shannon Sheldon Bender Graham Proctor Shelley Samuel Hubbard Wiliiam E. Young FRESHMEN James P . Allen Robert E. Bennett Lc Roy H. Briggs, Jr. Kenneth L. Dunn Stephen S. Goodspecd Eugene M. U ' ebb Charles R. Hunt L. Sherman Jennings Robert B. Mcams Allen E. Moffatt Albert M. Paul, Jr. bin HIHCT Kubcl . m ' .- - Morrv Ritcliff Goodspod Hunt H - -. ' -:: r- ff Drcbir.t Chiapclla Gxbran Benneit Pan! Webb 361 ALPHA GAMMA RHO 2735 Haste Street. Founded at Ohio State University, 1904 Chi Chapter established 1923 Thirty-two Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. O. Essig E. M. Mrak GRADUATES Maynard Amerine Allen Fowler William P. Mott Joseph Pefferlc Louis Salvage Laurence R. Short SENIORS Carl Albertus Byron Beattie John Gil more Raymond Lewis Rowland Mackey Sabin R. McLaughlin Carl Schnetz Earl A. Stevens Thomas W. Thwaits JUNIORS Carl Anderson Hudson Britten August Edwin Flink Garth Flint George W. Lundgren Arnold Anderson Lester Grant Donald Moore SOPHOMORES FRESHMAN Harry Jefferson Oscar B. Lundgren Milton F. Masters John McDuell James McGuire Carl Moore Alvin C. King Charles Voland Absent on leave. Tnrr A Albertus Beattie Gilmore Lewis Schnetz Thwaits Anderson Britten Flint Lundgren, G. Lundgren, O. McDuell McGuire Masters Moore Smith Anderson Grant Voland 362 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 2701 Hearst Avenue. Founded at the University of California, 1914 Alpha Chapter established 1914 Nine Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES JUNIORS James T. Allen William R. Dcnnes William B. Hcrms Kenneth J. Saundcrs Robert T. Leggc Samuel C. May Walter S. Morlcy GRADUATES Newell C. Barnctt Amos Culbert Jack L. Smith SENIORS Roger L. Alaux Arthur L. Bivens George B. Fleming James E. Fowler Herbert P. Hcrms Rees P. Johnson Walter F. Funk Elbert A. Hugill C. Parkes Matzingcr J. V. Rice F. Vic Vincent Richard Frank Scoonover Lloyd Scoulcr Alfred Sncddcn Robert F. Cross, Jr. George Degnan Martin Hutchinson Lewis Leonard Reese Norton Carlton Peck Roy Stephens Lcc H. Watkins SOPHOMORES Karl Brcckcnridj Stuart Daggctt, J ' Richard Dietz e Homer M. Fuller r. James Gray Ray Johnson William G. White FEESHME.V Evcrctt Cottrell Beverly Dexter Donald P. Edinger ' Absent on leave. George W. Hcrms Robert L. Malonc Fredrick Palmer S fc t Bamcn Funk South AUai Bivens . ; - a Hetms, H. Johman Matzingcr ice Rkiard Scooaorer X : SooUeo Cros DCIMO HotdliBMMI Lcond Norton Peck Sazbens Watluns Brcckcoridge Diffica Km Folio Gray White CotneU EJingcT Hcrms, G. ' . - - . :- 363 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2739 Charming Way. Founded at Yale University, 1845 Nu Chapter established 1913 Thirty-three Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES EldridgeJ. Best Andrew J. Carlsen John W. Gregg Benedict F. Raber Charles H. Raymond Alfred A. Solomon GRADUATE John D. Maple SENIORS James O. Armstrong Donald Bell Guy A. Clarke Frank J. Henrotte Robert B. Hoyt J. Bruce Payne James A. Richardson, III Chester Shelley JUNIORS Willard E. Bohn Robert W. Hood John M. Dundon Frederick W. Kalbfleisch John T. Hood William H. Murray Claude Witzel SOPHOMORES Robert B. Applegate Cassius M. Dowell Joseph E. Gallison Charles E. Normand Phillip E. Stewart Boyd Gainor Absent on leave. FRESHMEN F. Arthur Harris A Armstrong Shelley Witzel Clarke Dundon Applegate Hcnrottc Hood.J. Dowell Hoyt Hood.R. Normand Payne Kalbfleisch Gainor Richardson Murray Harris 364 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2465 LcContc Avenue. Founded at Virginia Military Academy, 1865 Gamma Iota Chapter established 1900 One Hundred and One Chapters ASSOCIATES Stanley Cosby Carroll M. Ebright Oliver W. Washbum GRADUATES Thomas K. McCarthv SENIORS Maris L. Beeson Van Burcn Bostic Francis R. Connect Cecil M. Coulter Frederick Dickson Ludwig I. Schrcuder Willis C. Gaskill James W. Gil more Stafford Park Randolph L. Stanley William G. Watt Louis A. Beer Charles Davis John W. Davis Cyril Fox Howard E. Gawthrop James W. Hamilton JUNIORS Robert A. Hcclcy Stuart Henderson Richard Moulthrop Vcm L, Taylor Charles P. Wilson Harold S. Wilson SOPHOMORES Donald D. Allen Ralph W. Newton George W. Chapin Gordon H. Nichol Victor S. McNutt Curtis W. Roberts Edward A. Williams FRESHMEN Roger L. Coit Mervin G. Cunningham R. Peter Hurst Absent on leave. William C. Ncclands Sanford Terry Chester Withington, Jr. mn Coonctt Coulrcr Daris.C. Davis, I. Wiboo, C. Wikcm, H. Robots Tory Schroder T .... Gaskill Gawtfarop Humlro, .Mfcn - i- Coit ' .- ' -. c Walt Heir Bctson Hodcnoo Moolihrop ' .- --: Ncwtoo - Nedaods 365 BACHELORDON 2250 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at the University of California, 1894 One Chapter UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin Duerr GRADUATES Theodore C. Nix Laurence R. Pool Ralph M. Abbott Leland E. Berriman Emil G. Biavaschi Louis B. Edeli Joseph R. Jar vis SENIORS Joseph G. Smith Dwight Tardy Wilbur Johnson Powell H. Rader Frank L. Rush Ernest C. Steadman Morrow F. Steadman George Tucker JUNIORS Loy H. Adams James B. Divine Ormonde W. Lee John R. Walters Donald R. Lund George C. Pagani W. Roger Stoll SOPHOMORES Ernest N. Develter Jack E. Gilbert Mountford G. Reedy L. Ray Rhodes Donald A. Rutledge Silas D. Sin ton John A. K. Starkey Delbert Thompson FRESHMEN R. Laurence Berriman Lester W. Brown Willis MacKinnon Vincent M. Cortes Eugene R. Knapp " " I Abbott Berriman, L. Biavaschi Edeli Johnson Rider Steadman, E. Steadman, M. Tucker Adams Divine Lee Lund Pagani Stoll Walters Develter Gilbert Reedy Rhodes Starkey Thompson Berriman, R. Brown Knapp MacKinnon 366 G. W. Ames B. H. Bronson Guy C. Earl H. R. Hatficld H. C. Moffctt BETA THETA PI 2607 Hearst Avenue. Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1839 Omega Chapter established 1879 Eighty-seven Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES JUNIORS Don Corey Virgil Flint Sterling Gorrill Clarence Hcrmlc C. A. Ramm E. G. Smith G. M. Stratton N. L. Taliafcrro E. C. Van Dvkc GRADUATE William Olney, Jr. SENIORS Robert Ballachey Frank Brush John A. Gorham Dunstan Gross George Hill Murrav Hixson Allan Sullivan Price Hoppin Howard C. Prescott, Jr. Lawton Langdon James MacKay Bert Murman Ralph R. Pidgeon, Jr. Carl Holmes Hiram Johnson III John Ransome John Rchc John Ricker Wilfred Schlieman Mclvin Whitman Robert Bias William Brown John Burgess Arthur E. Conneau Frederick S. Heron Jess Jessen George Adams Elden Busby Donald Graham William Hawksley Ernest Jones, Jr. Abscnt on leave. SOPHOMORES Thomas Laidlaw Arthur Sugdcn Bruce Wachob John Waldo Robert Wells Kirk wood Yost FRESHMEN Joseph Lawrence John Reid, Jr. John Ruggles John Sweetland, Jr. Thomas Willoughby Ballacher Febhoose Gotham Gross Hill.G. Hizson Hopcnn Howard MacKar Slurman Sullivan Brent Corey Hint Gorrill Hermle H . V . Johnson Refae Ricker Schlieman Stcrens Thotnpsoo Whitman Bias Conneau Heron Laidlaw Lawrence --::- Wachob W - Wells Willoochbr Yost Adams Bby Graham Hawksley Hill.N. Jones Reed Rugglcs ' : . ' i ' 1 367 CHI ALPHA KAPPA 1330 Spruce Street. Founded at University of California, 1928 One Chapter GRADUATES iilvio L. Barovetto EhilipS. Buckingham Louis A. DeMonte Arthur A. Frick Richard H. Bolt Clarence J. Felciano Paul Hammarberg Russell Honnold C. Clyde Hufbauer Edward G. Frick Andre Morilhat George Norgard C. Arthur Steiner SENIORS Joseph P. Milano Robert R. Inslee W. Blake Irvin Francis P. Kerr Chester C. Little Kenneth McClenaghan SENIORS John J. OToole Clarence J. Paderewski Roger W. Perkins Eduardo J. Samaniego Clifford E. Charles L. Sherwood Edwin V. Sweeney Frank H. Thompson Walter Wagner Wolfe JUNIORS Bert B. Aubry Mervyn R. Blacow Joseph Inslee Gano C. Goldsmith Gunnar T. Hagglund Richard Jackson Ernest F. Winkler Francis P. Kerr William B. McCormick Ward J. Thomas Kenneth H. Neptune Charles G. Scurich Jack E. Wagstaff ITTTT A DC Monte Inslee, R. Goldsmith Frick, A. Kerr Inslee ,J. Frick, E. Paderewski Hagglund Buckingham Bolt Perkins Neptune Hammarberg Honnold Hufbauer Sherwood Thompson Wagner Scurich Blacon Jackson 368 CHI Pffl 2529 Hearst Avenue. Founded at Princeton University, 1824 Lambda Chapter established 1874 Thirty-three Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE SOPHO Paul S. Taylor SENIORS West M. Cureton AdamH. DabJer Richard C. Ham William A. Magce, Jr. James R. Moore Howard E. Reese Jnmau Robert J. Drewes Francis H. Lindus Fletcher S. Hamilton, Jr. George P. Regan, Jr. F. Raymond Whitbv J. Norman Andrcgg Hugh C. Bennett Jack S. Berry Stewart Cureton Stuart M. Johnson Carl W. Kindt James B. Magee Covington Pringlc, Jr. John P. Russell Edward V. V. Sedgwick Albert W. Turner Robert R. Wilson Peter de Fremery J. Glide Elliott " John H. Ford Parker F. Wood, Jr. pEESHME-V William M. Hucy,Jr. Hubert K. Mcnzies Joe N. Pease Donald C. Ralston Mw-cc.W. Moore : . ;- .,---. Magc.J. . dcFroncrr Ellioa Fad Hcy ; BOTT .. Pose - Wood 369 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES CHI PI SIGMA 2399 Prospect Street. Founded at University of California, 1924 Alpha Chapter established 1924 Two Chapters Robert E. Cornish George E. Gibson Frank M. Goyan Herbert A. Young GRADUATES Arthur Lachman Benjamin Makower Henry Stone Stanley T. Abrams Leo A. Berti Manuel Gorin Noel R. Graves Stuart W. Grinnell Elmer Phillips Donald H. Wonder Gilbert A. Pitman Walter S. Richert Angel J. Samaniego Lawrence G. Say well Henry A. Smith Eldon M. Thorp Darwin Alonso Ronald A. Baker " Harmon S. Blethen Albert C. Braasch Harry M. Brennen Ormond Bretherick William H. Dietz SENIORS Bruno Grossi Wilbur H. Lear Herbert Lorenzen Lawrence S. Mclntyre Clifford Smith Willard Stout Walton Van Winkle, Jr. Hans Warkentin JUNIORS Michael P. Arnaudo Estle S. Beard Norman B. Braskat Burris B. Cunningham William A. Deutschman George G. Johnson Raymond M. Keefer Wayne Perry Ralph J. Richey Carmelino A. Romano Jack F. Shaver Albert E. Smith Robert Bethel Henrv Bowman Wilford E. Walton SOPHOMORES Joseph T. Gregory Howeth J. Thomas Anthonv L. Wachers FRESHMEN Harry L. Runnion Absent on leave. Prescott Thompson Tnrr Berti Graves Richert Thorp Baker Blethen Braskat Brcnnan Bretherick Dietz Grossi Lear Lorenzen Mclntyre Richcy Smith Stout Warkentin Arnaudo Cunningham Deutschman Johnson Keefer Perry Shaver Walton Gregory Thomas 370 CHI PSI 2311 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Union College, 1841 Delta Delta Chapter established 1896 Twenty-five Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William Ferricr Thomas A. Gabbcrt Pierce Kellcy SENIORS Alfred C. Bach Norman H. Barber Robert A. Butler Jackson O. Heine Russell Inslev E. Watson Armacost Henry H. Bach Stewart Barber Phillip M. Cassady Richard Keatinge James A. Miles E. Lynn Raioe Victor C. Rankin Herbert D. Schultz JUNIORS Peter E. Dcwcs Jack Hudspeth Robert M. Moore head Gurdcn A. Mooser SOPHOMORES Robert F. Coylc Robert A. Gardner William P. Jackson Forbes King William C. Powers Charles G. de St. Maurice FRESHMEN Robert L. Baker Richard Brace William dune Owen W. Cornctt Ray F. Coylc Robert M. Cross Absent on leave. Talbot Evans Henry Helm Gregg McRitchic Edward R. Ordway Edmund Ursin Dick E. Week T, X. =r,S. flowers Evm -: Colc,B. :---. Miles Gardner - : . " ..- Carom X ' -: ' ' : : - ... OOK VcA 371 DEL REY 1727 Euclid Avenue. Founded at University of California, 1904 One Chapter UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Frederick Foote Herbert B. Foster, Sr. Ralph Proctor W. Robert Ralston GRADUATES Theodore Durein Francis A. Constable I. Clare Funk Carroll George George James Elmer Johansen Ralph Lake SENIORS Lester Williams H. Howard Hassard Frank L. Lucas Frank McCormick Bert Ricketts Benjamin Scheidecker Paul Stathem Otto Thomasen JUNIORS Mclvin Barron Charles Chandler Richard Coar Warren De Guire John Kearney Vernon Keldsen Robert Carlton Richard Carlin Robert Hassard Chester Nicholls Russell Olson George Relies Ulmont Robinson James Ryan Don Smith SOPHOMORES Ferdinand Erdman Harry Johnson FRESHMEN Frank Prouty John D. Swinney Constable Funk George James Lucas Ricketts Scheidecker Stathem Thomasen Williams Barron Chandler DeGuirc Kearney Keldsen Lake McCormick Nicholls Olson Robinson Ryan Smith Erdman Johnson Carlin Hassard Prouty Swinney 372 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE N. F. Ward GRADUATE James Philip Bowman DELTA CHI 2200 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Cornell University, 1890 Chapter established 1910 Thirty-eight Chapters SENIORS Lelaod C. Colm Robert Dyk Max P. Elliott Howard Graham Fred M. Guircy Carl Kccnan W. E. Nicolaiscn Mark C. Nosier Robert I. Saundcrs John Sncad JUNIORS Gene Bigham Ralph R. Brewer Donald Graham William Hempel James Kcefcr Elliot S. Peterson Lawrence Poundstone J. Robert Rickard Harvey Sandstone Elmer L. Seaborn Weightman Smith George Snyder SOPHOMORES Robert DC Voe Donald Dodds FRESHMEN William Lloyd Ben Murphy Richard Pierce IN " ' , . a Griham Seaborn Colm Nodcr ---. Smith Elliott Snod Peterson D 4 . SauoJers . Murphv PlOtt 373 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 2302 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Yale University, 1844 Theta Zeta Chapter established 1876 Forty-seven Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine Charles G. Hyde Ralph S. Minor GRADUATE Frederick S. Farr SENIORS Loren E. At wood Sherman Chickering Volney H. Craig, Jr. Evans R. Holabird Frank J. Kockritz John H. Lowe Lloyd G. McCabe Arthur C. Settlage JUNIORS Roger W. Chickering Walter P. de Martini James W. Griffith Samuel S. Johnson Robert A. Kiesel Joseph P. McNamara Joseph A. Moore Robert B. Pope Nevin Schwien Van S. Trefethen Joseph F. turn Suden SOPHOMORES Thomas D. Blackaller Stanley Moore George H. Burr David R. Straub John M. Craig Horace M. Street Vance R. Hopkins John B. Wood Thomas Woodhull FRESHMEN Leland D. Adams, Jr. Robert S. Henshaw Joseph P. Chamberlain, II John J. Hutchins Morrow Cox Ramsay Straub Craig, V. Holabird Kockritz Lowe McCabe Settlage Chickering dc Martini Griffith Johnson Kiesel McNamara Pope Schwien Trefetheti turn Suden Blackaller Burr . Craig, J. Hopkins Moore Straub, D. Street Wood Adams Chamberlain Cox Henshaw Hutchins Straub, R. 374 DELTA SIGMA PHI 2300 Warring Street. Founded at College of the City of New York, 1899 Hilgard Chapter established 1915 Sixty Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE August Bauer William Cockins Moore Devin Philip Devin Duncan Gregg G. M. Calhoun GRADUATES Jack Montgomery SENIORS William Hulsy Jack Ljndeman Glenn Miller Robert Wales Orland Ware Vcrnon Bryson Everett El don Maris Grannell Vincent Greco JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMAN Joseph Castro Thomas Me Bride Norman Proffitt Stanlcv Shcrwin Ray Walker A Hulsj Cockins Devin, M. Derm, P. Gregg Lindcman Miller U ' are Brysoa Everett McBride Proffitt Sherwin Greco Walket 375 FACULTY DELTA TAU DELTA 2425 Hillside Avenue. Founded at Bethany College, 1859 Beta Omega Chapter established 1898 Seventy-six Chapters D. C. Duncan Francis S. Foote Brutus Hamilton Dr. George H. Hart Dr. Frank L. Kelley Dr. Armin O. Leuschner Warren C. Perry Chester Rowell Joseph Chase John Paul Jones Campbell Judge Arthur Hyde George Meyer Dana Murdock Edwin Salisbury Leo Battaglin George Beinhorn Dow Bonnell Howard Christie Charles E. Rugh GRADUATES Dana Long Benjamin Sherman Myron Thaxter Sidney Thaxter SENIORS Edward Waterbury Raymond Willis Charles W. Young Melvin Young JUNIORS Francis Cornwall John Fried Francis Hal ley Charles Slingerland Will B. Smith Robert Barton Lawrence Battaglin Russell Calkins Richard Coffer Albert Couderc Ralston Edmunds Robert Evans James Geiger SOPHOMORES Edson J. Gorman Raymond Hitchings Albert Horn Frank Hughes Robert Hunter Richard Peterson Clayton Schubert Charles Widenmann Arleigh Williams FRESHMEN Glenn Brackett Edwin H. Clark Charles Fulcher Scott Haynes Douglas Hensley Absent on leave. Lyn Wright William Herbert Frederick Lurmann Lorence Marquiss William Sosotte Lorimer Wool ley mil Hyde Meyer Murdock Salisbury Waterbury Willis Young, C. Young, M. Battaglin, L. D. Bonnell Christie Fried Hallcy Slingerland Smith Barton Battaglin, L. F. Coffer Couderc Evans Gciger Gorman Hitchings Horn Hunter Peterson Schubert Widenmann Williams Clark Fulcher Hensley Herbert Lurmann Sosotte Woolley Wright 376 Theodore D. Beckv Edward V. Brewer Monroe E. Dcutsch Lloyd L. Farrar Golden F. Fine H. Robert Johnson Charles W. Merriam John M. Moore George R. Noyes DELTA UPSILON 2425 Warring Street. Founded at Williams College, 1834 California Chapter established 1896 Fifty-four Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David R. Agnew, Jr. Stuart Barnett Thomas S. Elston, Jr. Charles Forsc ith Louis O ' Brien Lawrence M. Price Robert Sibley Thomas Stoddard Herbert R. Stolz James W. Thompson Gordon H. True Robertson Ward Willard Wilde Augustus Castro Harlan Dunning Sherlock Hackley James Hopper Oliver Jones SENIORS Byron Luther Everett Luther Edwards Metcalf Everett B. Robinson Redmond C. Staats, Jr. Thomas Warren JUNIORS Robert Lapachct Allen Lopes John Adams William Boonc Roger Hackley ' Ambrose Love Stephen McGaffcy Robert Marskev E. Leslie Means Edward D. Pike Prentiss Sclby Arthur Scripture J. Lloyd Sublctt SOPHOMORES David Meek Paul R. Oliver Stuart Stern William G. Thomson FRESHMEN Franklin Brown F. Jerome Cameron E. Forde Flinn Clay Harrold Joseph Hcndrick Howard Luther Abscnt on leave. Kcndcll Oulie David Potter Benjamin E. Robinson Lawton Shurtleff Franklin M. Wilson John Wrenn Dunning Hackler, S. :-. -r Jones Luther, B. Lather, E. Metcalf Robinson Staats Warren Barnett Elston Forse Lapachct Lopes McGaffey Marskcy Means Pike Scripture Sclby Adams Boone Hackley. R. Love Meek Oliver Stern Thomson Brown Cameron Flinn HarroU Hendrick Luther, H. Oulie Porter Shurtleff Wilson Wrcnn 377 KAPPA ALPHA 2425 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865 Alpha Xi Chapter established 1895 Sixty-eight Chapters GRADUATES Douglas F. Attaway Everett Mathews Christian E. Kornbeck William E. Payne Nathan D. Rowley SENIORS Ardern R. Batchelder Milton D. Eisele F. Wayne Flinn Charles H. Frost, Jr. Elwood K. Grady George Greenleaf Harry C. Jacobs Loyd M. Landes Norman E. MacLean Austin S. Mallett Douglas M. Moore George A. Reeves Robert P. Ridout Lee H. Searight Robert H. Thurmond, Jr. Willard B. Treadwell JUNIORS Charles W. Cook David G. Eldridge Roy Elvin Frank B. Goss Lawrence M. Janssen Howard Johnson Charles A. Lamberson Arthur F. Liebscher Harold C. McMenomy Emil F. teGroen SOPHOMORES E. Schuyler Albert Richard Z. Lamberson Frederic Buckley Albert N. Lowe William C. Engvick Kenneth R. Mitchell Karl T. Heinemann Byron L. Mortenson Marshall G. Treadwell FRESHMEN Robert C. Church Bryan H. Smith Charles F. Lohse Vincent A. van Robert B. Wallace Absent on leave. Tmr Attaway Mathews Payne Batchelder Flinn Frost Grady Greenlcaf Jacobs Landes Mallett Moore Reeves Ridout Searight Thurmond Treadwell, W. Cook Eldridge Elvin Goss Janssen Johnson Lamberson, C. Liebscher McMenomy teGroen Albert Buckley Heinemann Lamberson, R. Lowe Mitchell Mortenson Treadwell, M. Church Lohsc van Praag Wallace 378 KAPPA DELTA RHO 2522 Ridge Road. Founded at Middlebury College, 1905 Lambda Chapter established i924 Nineteen Chapters GRADUATES Dwight F. Bartholomew- Jack H. Glincs " Harry K. Jump Gordon B. Vance SENIORS William W. Alving Charles D. Anderson Frank G. Brubakcr G. Roger Brubaker E. Robert Elliott Lyman R. Fink Harold V. Hughes Howard F. Klev Vance D. Lewis Paul W. Little W. Wayne Lobdcll Ivan H. Nash Charles Wesley Porter Herbert S. Rocmcr ' Leonard R. Seaman Allastair Simpson JUNIORS W. Drew Chick, Jr. Stanlev Colbcrson Roger Williams Wilbur T. A. Jacobsen HaroId P. Knopp SOPHOMORES William S. Badt O. Reeves Cross George J. Locffett, Jr. Willi am T. McCIain Jack McEwen William M. Volkcrs FRESHMEN Albert Horn Donald R. Simpson Donald S. Simpson Absent on kavc. Brubakcr. F. Lobdcll Williams Brubakcr, R. N ' a-h BaJt III I Simpson. D. S. 379 KAPPA NU 2412 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Rochester University, 1911 Tau Chapter established 1922 Sixteen Chapters Harold Cohn David Grutman Marcel Baer Alvin Charles Myron Floersheim Carlton Goldstein Leslie Kesslcr GRADUATES Maurice Harband Lawrence Mendelson Herbert Resner SENIORS Henry Wolf Melvin Nyman Marvin Rosenberg Willard Schoenfeld David Selvin Irving Wiesenfeld JUNIORS Harry C. Cohen Irving Edelman Aaron I. Friedman Leonard Ginsburg Alan Klein Mervin Harris Joseph Kane Robert Burnstein Kenneth Donner Charles C. Gensler Absent on leave. Ernest Krieger Randolph Seligman Sidney Schwartz Gorman Silen Irving Sugarman SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Leonard Kushins Henrv Schneider Bernard F. Harris Joseph Mooser Lawrence Resner Cohn Harband Mendelscn Resner, H Baer Charles Floersheim Friedman Grutman Goldstein Kcsslcr Nyman Rosenberg Selvin Schoenfeld Wiesenfeld Wolf Bcrnhcim Cohen Eaelman Ginsburg Klein Krieger Schwartz Seligman Sugarman Harris, M Kane Kushins Schneider Burnstein Donner Gensler Harris, B. Mooser Resner, L. 380 KAPPA SIGMA l Piedmont Avenue. Founded at the University of Virginia, 1869 Beta Xi Chapter established 1901 One Hundred and Five Chapiters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES SOPHOMOMS Lindsay Crawford Clifford E. Elwood Guy Montgomery James Freeman Jack McMahon John Bradley William Derby Thomas Dwcllc Francis H. Grace Will Hall Edwin Cooper William Coughlao CIinton Gilbert Ronald F. Dixon Grant Gordon GRADUATES SEXIO S Charles Vantrcss Carl Vcndt Lawrence Westdahl John Hanlon Lawrence Heisinger John L. Macfariane Russell Pierce Dudley Tower JUNIORS Paul A. Johanson Gail Stoddard Walter Toft Philip Westdahl Charles Williams Arthur Ainscough Jackson Bean William Cecil Barrv Fiercer Donald Gibson George Griffin Roy Hunken WardKlink William Mitchell James Roberts Louie Sacconaghi Charles Stevens Richard Westdahl FRESHMEN Vance Haswell Charles Holloway Dick Mover Sargent Reynolds William Sciutto Absent on leave. Alan Scott William Stone Conrad Tenncy George Thomas Edward Walsh Grace -_ -. . Gordoe . ' .i ... . - - Hollowiv Merer Hnnkoi : . . Tmncr Cecil Stevens Worfahl, I Thonms 381 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1755 LeRoy Avenue. Founded at Boston University, 1909 Mu Zcta Chapter established 1913 Eighty-five Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Captain Bruce L. Canaga Henry F. Grady Dr. Charles A. Kofoid Dr. Robert O. Moody Dr. Robert S. Sherman Charles C. Staehling GRADUATE John M. Harlan Richard H. Atkinson, Knox Borden Charles R. Cabrera Stanley L. Cocks Addison B. Collins J. Donnell Davenport Harry H. Fish Howard H. Gibson SENIORS Jr. Francis W. Larson Glenn H. Launer Charles R. Lohmeyer Jack J. McGaraghan Robert C. Riegg, Jr. Stanley A. Shayer Merritt D. Street Warren E. Webb JUNIORS Milon I. Brown John R. Burnham William L. Bush Thomas H. Carroll Oliver W. Hall Kendall S. Koch Harold H. Reeves R. Dudley Trudgen SOPHOMORES Roger K. Armstrong John W. Carleton Ferd T. Elvin Alan C. Habbcrley J. Ernest Dawson Absent on leave. Roderic A. Ireland Lamory T. Laumeister John P. Marchant William E. Pooley FRESHMEN C. Robert Quellmalz A Harlan Atkinson Cabrera Cocks Collins Fish Gibson Larson Launer Lohmeyer McGaraghan Riegg Shayer Street Webb Brown Burnham Bush Carroll Hall Reeves Armstrong Habberley Ireland Marchant Pooley Dawson Quellmalz 382 PHI BETA DELTA 2519 College Avenue. Founded at Columbia University, 1912 Tau Chapter established 1922 Thirty-one Chapters GRADUATES JUNIORS Sanford Goldncr Alfred Kaplan Charles Shane Morton Gaba Walter Lehman Hcnrv Housman Hcrschcl Tolstonagc Julian Wcidlcr SENIORS Harold Buchman Alfred Kricger Paul Dobbins Stanley Levin Harold Glassberg Bertrand Luric Harold Hafncr Nathan Mitzman Kathan Kessler James Popper Theodore Kcv Abe Smclcnsky William Koblik Baron Weiss Milton Wcrshow SOPHOMORES Bertram Feldheym Herman Jolin FRESHMEN Leonard Glasscnbcrg Raymond Schoen Harold Levin Jerome Solomon Arthur Nightingale Harold Strom Gerald Tannensoff Abscnt on leave. O w1 fcm ' S =- Mill ir-r Glasscnbcrg .. .. Gaba Dobbins GUssbtrc Hafncr knceer Laric r r . SroelcnskT Weiss Lehman Tobtooafc Wcidlcr Feldheym Jolin Niphnnpalc Schoen Strom Taj 383 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES PHI DELTA THETA 2717 Hearst Avenue. Founded at Miami University, 1848 Alpha Chapter established 1873 One Hundred Chapters Paul Cadrnan Joel H. Hildebrand O. J. Kern J. P. McBaine R. A. McClure Edmund O ' Neill P. Orman Ray GRADUATES James Banks John Bradle Everett J. Brown, Jr. E. Kelly Anthony Oliver Burr Burlington Carlisle Charles B. Colby George Crist Nathaniel Dodge Brantley Eubanks George L. Hughes William Marshall Philip Wagy SENIORS Langdon Fieberling Arnold Fleet Nathaniel 1 Hoskot Howard Lackey Robert Neuhaus Edward Scott Dana Ward JUNIORS Robert Barker Francis Conlan S. Grove Dolman, Jr. Richard Hoi man Antonio Dutriz Harry Elfen Lenert Henry SOPHOMORES Gilbert Calden Phillip Chubb Robert E.Clark, Jr. Robert H. Clark Charles Cotton Wilfred Cotton Edward Davis Robert Davis Archie Andrew Ronald Collier William Crawford Absent on leave. Charles L. Dimmler, Jr. George Dimmler Charles Fieberling Richard Forney Edgar Kneedler Donald Nelson Edward Schneider, Jr. Bill Suydam FRESHMEN Jack Hershey Henry Mark wart Jack Sexson Anthony Burr Carlisle Banks Marshall Colby Crist Fleet Hoskot Lackey Ward Barker Conlan Dolman Dutriz Elfen Henry Holrnan Suydam Caldcn Chubb Clark, R. E. Clark, R. H. Cotton, C. Cotton, W. Davis, E. Davis, R. Dimmler Ficbcrhnj Forney Knecdlcr Nelson Schneider Andrew Collier Crawford Markwart Sexson 334 PHI GAMMA DELTA 2620 Bancroft Way. Founded at Jefferson College, 1848 Delta Xi Chapter established 1886 Seventy-three Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. LeRoy Briggs Harold L. Bruce Charles Dcrleth, Jr. W. H. Durham Norman Hinds Woodbridgc Mctcalf GRADUATE William S. Moody SENIORS Robert T. Durbrow John R. Fritschi Ted C. Gruhler James P. Healey William H. Houston Carl E. Lischer L. Richard Pedemont Arthur S. Powell E. Palmer Tucker, Jr. JUNIORS Joseph F. Azcvedo J. Norman Bennett Chester Doy le James F. Presslcy, Jr. SOPHOMORES Henry Benson Alvin K. Goodmundson John Henderson, Jr. Russell Johnson William Meux Scdgley Nelson FRESHMEN Fredric Boucke William Bricca Arthur C. Denton Robert Etienne Reginald W. Kittrellc, Jr. Alfred Moody Harry Struthers Norman Sutcliffe [Mil Moody, W. Durbrow Lischer Pedemont Powell Season Goodmundson Henderson Bricca Denton Etiennc Fritschi Gruhler Healcy Houston Tucker Bennett Doyle Pressley Johnson Meux Nelson Boucke Kittrellc Moody, A. Struthers SutcIuTe 385 PHI KAPPA PSI 2625 Hearst Avenue. Founded at Jefferson College, 1852 Gamma Chapter established 1899 Fifty-two Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George W. Hcndry John A. Marshall Edward T. Williams GRADUATES William J. Davis George L. Guthrie John F. Ramsey John Hazzard Thomas W. Mickey SENIORS Thomas F. Barrett Louis E. Barnum Miguel deLaveaga Lc Roi Dowdell Gerald C. Easterbrooks Marquam C. George NorrisJ. Graham William A. Peters Lyle F. Sampson JUNIORS Otis D. Brown Arthur W. Carlson Edwin C. Hagen John P. Hart Elliot A. MacSwain W. Odie Wright SOPHOMORES Marcus A. Peel Milton Stannard Albert Stevens Charles W. Stewart Edward Taylor Alfred H. Angelo Victor J. Buccola John R. Carr Ehrsam Chase Vincent A. Craviotto Edmund Godwin Harry E. Jones, Jr. John D. McNee, Jr. Willard C. Mills Thomas F. Saake Robert W. Walker FRESHMEN Archie A. Baldocchi Franklyn Donant Herbert T. Moore Robert Simpson Gordon Steers Crawford H. Thomas TTirr Barrett Barnum deLaveaga Dowdell Easterbrooks Gcorec Graham Peters Brow n Carlson Hagcn Hart MacSwain Peel Stannard Stevens Stewart Taylor Wright Angelo Buccola Carr Chase Craviotto Godwin Jones McNee Mills Saake Walker Donant Moore Simpson Steers Thomas 386 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 1756 Euclid Avenue. Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 1850 Alpha Lambda Chapter established 1903 Thirty-eight Chapters 1 ' Nivtasrrr ASSOCIATES Juvios David P. Barrows Sanford V. Larkey Thomas Buck Ivan M. Ltnforth Clark J. Bomham, Jr. Reginald H. Linforth John U. Calkins, Jr. George D. Louderback Maurice E. Harrison Albert H. Mowbrav Walter M. Hart Tracv R. Kcllcv H. A. Newsom Albert R. Rcinke GKADCATES Paul W. Badler Elson L. Jones Francis L. Cross .-:- " Leslie H. Boyd Jack W. Boy ' lin Carl vonH. Bumham Willard S. Calden J. Walter Collingc, Jr. Fred F. Enemark Frank E. Gallison Eicon A. Green Jackson J. Hanlfin Edward A. Hassan, Jr. L. Paul Hudclson Clyde S. Johnson Da -id L. Stevenson ; . _ :. _ :.. F Uq bl William A. Vollmer Graydon D. Voorhics Val Brookes Henrv M. DcCoss Phillip M. Douglas George Gocrl Thomas P. Grace Herman Gustav Arch W. Horn Glen Kazcbcer Donald A. McKinnon Herman Noack Carlton B. Steves Samuel H. Woods SOPHOMOKES Alexander W. BlacLhall Dancan H. Knudscn George H. Clifford Clifford Conly David L. Hcggic Roger A. Johnson Robert E. Wolcott Jan A. Mcsschaert Kenneth R. Nurse Charles W. Parcc Ray Righctri FlESHMES Malcolm Bcck Charles M. Cleary David B. Gideon Albert H. Lcdcrer William J. Treganowcn Kenneth L. Leimbach Judson Longaker Kenneth L. McKinnon Walter D. Reed, Jr. Abscnt on leave. 387 PHI KAPPA TAU 2335 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Miami University, 1906 Nu Chapter established 1921 Forty-three Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Sidney Adams Dr. Geo. A. Rice Capt. C. E. Ryan GRADUATES Joe K. Ellsworth Wayne Fox Robert Willard John Holcombe Robert G. Ramsdell SENIORS Lei and R. Case Harry Fossey John Fry Clarence L. Granger Albert Holcombe Jack Landwehrkamp Paul C. Markel Thomas M. Martinscn Lorcl W. Meyers William H. Roach Glenn H. Rogers John A. Stewart Leslie E. Thompson Thomas T. Townsend Frederick W. Vogt JUNIORS William Brink Charles Dondero Richard F. Evans Jeryl Fry George Burnley Norman E. Dole Edwin Emery Donald R. Fleming Carleton C. Green Dudley F. Grant Estil Hamill George Kemp Hugh D. McKenzie SOPHOMORES Harry Schroeter, Jr. John Hall George Jamieson Richard Juergenson Harry Mayer Gilbert Paitridge FRESHMEN Richard Burnley William C. George Arthur Hooper William Jamieson Robert Jenkins Robin P. Michelson Carlton Thomas Adams Ellsworth Holcombc.J. Ramsdcll Willard Holcombe, A. Landwehrkamp Markel Martinsen Meyers Rogers Brink Dondero Evans Fry.Jcryl Grant Hamill Emery Fleming Green Hall Jamieson, G. Juergenson Wildcnradt Burnley, R. Gates George Hooper Jenkins Case Fossey Fry, John Stewart Thompson Vogt McKenzie Burnley, G. Dole Mayer Paitridge Schrocter Jamieson, W. Michelson Thomas 388 PHI MU DELTA 2727 Channing Way. Founded at Connecticut Agricultural College, 1918 Pi Alpha Chapter established 1925 Seventeen Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES W. F. Meyer GRADUATES Paul Brom J. Clarence Lancy, Jr. Charles McLcod ' Oliver Bcckwith Reid Bullock Garth Chamblin John Cusack Edward Gatchcll SENIORS John Vukovich F. Schneider James O ' Brien Wilson Tripp Ed-ard Shier Richard Hunter Howard Laney Gorton Linsley Clayton Orr Burch Snydcr John Baker Thomas Fisher Samuel Hanson Phillip Joseph Royal Granger Levin Sledge George Dicttcrlc Absent on leave. JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Donald Kidd ' Matthew Ryan George Steedman Howard Tavlor John Victti Wcslev Wooden Horace Porter A Bcckwith Chamblin Gatcfacll Hunter Linslcr Orr Soydcr VukoDCh Baker Hanson Joseph Kidd Kjran Scccdman Taylor Victti Wooden Dictrcrlc 389 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2438 Warring Street. Founded at Massachusetts College, 1873 Omega Chapter established 1909 Fifty-one Chapters Robert L. Adams Summer C. Brooks Charles E. Chapman E. A. Cranston Clinton Evans Ralph E. Smith Wallace P. Fredericks Franklin C. Palm Herbert I. Priestley Kenneth Priestley R. J. Russell GRADUATES Eldridge Farnsworth Eugene E. Allvenn E. Keith Ball Warren R. Divoll Lowell A. Eichler Robert M. Harrison Howard B. Holman Richard L. Nelson SENIORS ChrisH.Zacher,Jr. George D. Husser Michael L. Mery, Jr. M. Alfred Schaeffer E. Edward Stephens Stanley L. P. West John B. White JUNIORS George F. Carter Gwynne W. Coburn Victor E. Daniels Edward D. Gray Weston L. Harris Robert W. Holman Robert W. McArthur Rex D. Marsh Arthur L. Neumann Robert H. Nunes David R. Pender Edmund C. Ryan Lee T. Stuart Harry S. Thompson Albert R. Zacher SOPHOMORES Frederick P. Barker, Jr. Samuel H. Oakley Porter R. Danford Edward H. Quarg Harold A. Ipson Stanley C. Ruopp L. Elwyn Mullally Samuel S. Smith FRESHMEN Robert T. Bonner Lester R. Dray, Jr. Walter H. Habekoss Thomas E. Hall John Hamilton Warren Z. Heywood Frank L. Kahler Absent on leave. Mill Farnsworth Nelson Allvenn Divoll Eichler Harrison Holman, H. Husser Stephens West White Carter Coburn Daniels Gray Harris Holman, R. McArthur Marsh Neumann Nuncs Rvan Thompson Zacher Barker Danford Ipson Mullally Oakley Quarg Ruopp Smith Bonner Dray Habekoss Hail Hamilton Heywood Kihlcr 390 PI KAPPA ALPHA 2324 Piedmont As-enue. Founded at the University of Virginia, 1868 Alpha Sigma Chapter established 1912 Eighty-two Chapters UNIV BSITY ASSOCIATES JUNIOES Marshall C. Cheney E. W. Clcary Carl L. Hoag Carlton D. Hulin A. R. Olscn Thomas D. Stewart GRADUATE Garff B. Wilson SENIORS Waldo Darracq Edward Goggin Roy Jacobes Robert Lilcs Mason McDrcw James Mattox G. Thomas Savage Eugene Stafford Roswcll Turner Frederic West Gene Grcgcrson Harold Cacace Ambrose Cowden Samuel Steward John McGill SOPHOMORES Mervin Vatcr FRESHMEN Arthur Becker Jack M. Christy Herman Cook Joe Darracq Donald Titus Erncst ' Millcr David More Clarence Unncwchr niii A Darracq, W. Goggin Jacobes McDrcw Martoi Savage Stafford Turner West Gregersoo McGill Steward Cacace Cowden Darracq,J. Tims Cook Miller More Unnewehr 391 PI KAPPA PHI 2510 LeContc Avenue. Founded at College of Charleston, 1904 Gamma Chapter established 1908 Forty-one Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. H. E. Erdman GRADUATES Lorenzo A. McHenry Boyd W. Rea Frederick Steinmetz Gordon B. Turner Kenneth L. White SENIORS Antonio J. Bottari Jack N. Downer A. Paul Flanagan Alfred O. Gibbs Edwin C. Wilbur Gunner Hansen Robert W. Johnson Richard H. Steuben Leon Valianos JUNIORS James R. Barry Joseph M. Cahn E. Robert Cornish Richard Cornish H. Howard Edmonds Albert Sullenger SOPHOMORES John Louis Balzarini Henry A. Buchholz Carlton Corey Raymond Bottari Absent on leave. FRESHMEN Henry A. Hartz, Jr. Jared Hawkins James McManigal William O ' Leary " Lloyd Filler Reginald Hearn Fred E. Scholl Robert G. Tuck Gilmore O ' Neill INN A McHcnrjr Bottari, T. Downer Flanagan Gibbs Hansen Johnson Stcubcn Valianos Wilbur Barry Cahn Cornish, R. Cornish, E. Edmonds Hartz Hawkins McManigal Filler Sullenger Balzarini Buchholz Corey Hcarn O ' Learjr Scholl Tuck Bottari, R. O ' Neill 392 PSI UPSILON 1815 Highland Place. Founded at Union College, 1833 Epsilon Chapter established 1902 Twenty-eight Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward D. Adams William C. Bray Bernard A. Etchcvcrry Martin Flaherty Howard Fleming Chauncey Wells Howard C. Naffzigcr Leon Richardson Thomas Sanford Rudolph Schcvill GRADUATES Harry A. Brittingham Harold Meyer SENIORS Jack Benjamin Charles Hemmings Alfred Etcheverry Austin Jones Henry T. Gage Gerald Neasham A. Russell Gallaway, Jr. Haydon Rochester Clement V. D. Rousseau JUNIORS Wallace Smith E. Clyde Gruhlcr Robert Hawkins SOPHOMORES John Brittingham Andrew Chaffcv O. Clarke Jones Dale Kellogg Lawrence Lutz Lars Pcdcrsen Floyd Blower Robert Brittingham John Davis John Dycr-Bennct ' Absent on leave. Ernest E. Ramsaur Mcrvin H. Reith Charles Simpson Adolph Ttichcrt E. Swift Torrance, Jr. Edward M. Wright FRESHMEN Richard Dycr-Bcnnct Francis Ghcrini Robert Graham James Stone G fe Gailawxy Hemming Gherini.P. Grahkr Hawkins Kanaar Rcitb Simpson Davis Dyer-Beooct, J. Dfcr-Beaaet, R. i, H. Si . . : : Ghcrini, F Ercbcvorr Neasham . - . Brirongham.J. Chaffer Torraacc Vt H - Ltuz Mower - Jones, 6. 393 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 2722 Bancroft Way. Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 Beta Chapter established 1894 One Hundred and Eight Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES A. F. Blanks R. W. Chancy Stuart Daggett Charles H. Hogan S. R. Stribling GRADUATE Stanley Ballard SENIORS Thomas M. McGrail, Jr. Earle M. Marsh Milton Mclntyre Hamilton K. Pyles Milo Mallory Rufus Rucker Thomas V. Marquis Seymour Snaer George R. Therkof Richard Blunden Victor Castagnetto Robert Condon Richard Dinkelspiel John Eachus El more Gerlack Edwin Harvey John Hussey JUNIORS Edward A. Wicher, Jr. Earle Marsh Hamilton McCaughey John McCosker George McNoble, Jr. William Milliken H. Riley Richards Edson Spitler Russell Symon SOPHOMORES Stanley Bradshaw Donald Caughey Ernest Decker Harry Hosmer Bernard Katschinski John Little Ray Marsh Frank Orr John Talbot Dave Wallace FRESHMEN John Bonner George Childs C. Graham Chipchase Walter Hart, Jr. Jack Hitchcock Disbrow Johnson Clifford Lawrence Robert McGlashan inn A Ballard McGrail Mclntyre Mallory Marquis Marsh, E. Pylcs Snaer ThcrLof Blunden Dinkelspiel Eachus Gcrlack Hussey McCaughey McCosker Milliken Richards Spitler Symon Wicher Bradshaw Caughey Hosmer Karschinski Marsh, R. Orr Talbot Wallace Bonner Childs Chipchase Hitchcock Johnson Lawrence McGlashan 394 SIGMA CHI 2345 College Avenue. Founded at Miami University, 1855 Alpha Beta Chapter established 1886 Ninety-two Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles Albert Noble Clarence M. Price Elmer E. Hall SENIORS Robert H. Driver Otis C. Christmas H. Foster Hanson Tillman D. Johnson Richard G. Parsons William A. Peterson Mario A. Pozzo Lamar J. Sidcner Richard Tozcr Fred Van Sicklcn Lionel E. Weiss Robert S. Wiese Robert G. Williams ' - Gordon N. Arlctt Walter C. Burns Vincent L. Dauscr Ham- P. Hoopes Joseph L. Warmington Milton E. Lapps Rawlings Smith Simon Joseph E. Slayden C. Roland Triay, Jr. SOPHOMORES Charles Bertoli William Brock Robert Dumm William V. Henderson Walter Hess John H. Lund Donald Pickcns Stanley C. Smith Dwight C- Stecle David N. Tavlor Gilbert Wood, Jr. FRESHMEN Franklin Chase Alexander Doran Bill Dozier Jack Dozier Raymond Jack Paul Jacques Roland W. Pingcr Hule A. Smith James H. Thompson Edward L. Vallcjo ITTTi Driver Williams lam BooBd Henderson Hess Dora Dozier, J. Doncr, B. Parsons .-: Van Skklcn Slayden Triar Brock Ua Smith, D. Snuth.S. Wood Jacques Pingtr Smith, H. . - - Vallejo 395 SIGMA NU 2710 Bancroft Way. Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Beta Psi Chapter established 1892 Ninety-eight Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE SOPHOMORES Charles Dodson SENIORS Leonard Hawxhurst F. Burke McMurdo Gary T. Brown Jack Casey Philip Clark John Fisher Roger A. Graves John A. Held JUNIORS Lylc York John Milburn Robert White W. Donald Howard Astor Nelson Edward Palmer Warren Rouse Beverly Wilder Douglas Williams Robert Ghirardelli Rudolph C. Gingg, Jr. Charles Martin Robert Redinger Andrew Frei T. Leon Genesy Abscnt on leave. Jay Wickler FRESHMEN James Trotter Frank Rosenau Ralph Shulte Fred Sparling Frank Walker William Kelley G. Edward Oaks Hawxhurst McMurdo Milburn Clark Fisher Graves Held Howard Wells Wilder Williams York Ghirardcl Rosenau Shultc Walker Wickler Genesy Casey Nelson Palmer Gingg Martin Kelley Oaks Rouse Redinger Trotter 396 SIGMA PHI 2731 Bancroft Way. Founded at Union College, 1827 Alpha Chapter establishe d 1912 Ten Chapters SSITY ASSOCIATES William V " . Cruess Dr. William G. Donald Harold L. Leupp Luther A. Nichols GRADUATES Theodore A. Dungan J. Brown Hcrrcshoff, III Russell C. Ewing Stanford E. Moses, Jr. SENIORS Leo C. Andersen Raymond A. Morrison Richard H. McCarthy, Jr. George N. Newhall Norman C. Wolf Henry K. Beyc William L. Bcye JUNIORS Henry D. Dewell, Jr. Henry C. Todd Paul T. Westervclt SOPHOMORES William L. Argo Donald C. Gaylord Charles W. Brockhoff Lee B. Kidwell Stanley R. Clark James W. Newhall Elmer G. Sammann FRESHMEN Walter I. Bradbury Robcrt A. Bruce Stewart Dinwiddie Robert T. Eshleman Henry A. Hill Allan A. Pfitzcr Robert C. Schulze William Swabcl John R. Taylor Absent on leave. A Andersen. Morrison Newbill.G. Wolf Bcrc, V. Dewell Sere. H. Todd Wcsccrvdc Argo Brockhoff Oik Gylord Khdwdl Xewhall.J. Sammann Bradbury Brace Eshlcnuo Hill Pfincr Schulze Swabcl T.vlor 397 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 2728 Durant Avenue. Founded at Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia, 1901 Alpha Chapter established 1910 Sixty-seven Chapters JUNIORS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Felix Fliigel F. L. Mason Laverne Binder Ralph D. Cra wford Dr. Webster B. Robinson A. W. Sampson GRADUATES Edwin Garwood Aubrey Johnson Elmer Marliave SENIORS John Finger Robert Gann Thorvald Hansen Wayne McKee Daniel Ready George Stewart Robert Kaye Sturgess Harold Wright Bert M. Garner, Jr. Marc Johnson John Cory Robert Fielding Johnson Gordon Guy Charles Robert King, Jr. Alfred H. Harrison Glenn Miller Robert Raftery SOPHOMORES Robert Abright Frederic Carner Richard G. Coe James A. Laing Milton Marquard Francis Porter FRESHMEN William E. Bacchtel Jack Sexton Absent on leave. Albert Soulies Walmsley Twining imr Finger McKee Ready Sturgcss Wright Carner, B. Cory Guy Harrison Johnson, M. Johnson, R. King Miller Raftery Abright Carner, F. Coe Laing Marquard Porter Baechtel Soulies Sexton Twining 398 SIGMA PHI SIGMA 2312 Warring Street. Founded at the University of Pennsylvania, 1908 Epsilon Chapter established 1916 Eighteen Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE JUNIORS T. F. Tavcrnctti GRADUATES Gerald A. Banks Elmore W. Barnes Paul Barnes Rudolph Bode William Clayton Jack R. Dcnnison John Hawks SENIORS Ellis Tavernctti Herman Hoi man Mcrvyn Kostcr Alan Nelson Carl M. Pederscn Philip Shipley Paul Barnes Donald Bird Maurice Eppstein Waltcr Hachman Reynold Meussdorffcr Beftil Nelson John Edgemond SOPHOMORES Frank Lcfflcr FRESHMEN Edward Anderson David Daniels Abscnt on leave. Joscph Rcichel Fred Rich] Ray Rogers John Snedigar Thomas SpUker Herbert Stevenson Lloyd Engcl Kirk Hayes George Reismann ITTTl A Barnes, P. Soedigir Barnes, W. Bode Dcooisoa Hawks Nelson Pedersen . Bird Eppstein Meussdorftr Reicfael Rjchl ' Spilker Stevenson Ecgel Lefflcr Anderson . . " ' : " Rogers - ; " - 399 SIGMA PI 2395 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Vincennes University, 1897 Iota Chapter established 1913 Thirty-one Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES S. H. Beckett Ralph W. Berringer I. King Wilkin Evans Hayncs J. C. Martin GRADUATES Donald J. Brosc Wallace W. Hall Herman Witzel.Jr. Marion B. Plant James O. Warner SENIORS Herbert R. Grisingher Richard H. Jones Francis P. Kendall George F. Larscn.Jr. Archie McBride Cedric T. McKcnna Roblin C. Williamson Walter R. Marshall John H. Moskowitz William E.,Shea Gerald E. Towne Fredrick Vallejo Julian M. White JUNIORS John Austin Wesley Jones Fred G. Archbold James Barry Walter Christie, Jr. William G. Creamer Paul Davis William R. Hellier Alexander Simontacchi Elmo F. Tofanelli SOPHOMORES Charles B. Herkenham Jack G. McBride Jack W. Martin Earl B. Mitchell William C. Rice John A. Rutter Jack Sexton FRESHMEN Charles Gray Harvey R. Hatch Herschel L. Jones Ardcll Law ton Wilbur S. Owensby.Jr. niii Grisingher Jones, R. Kendall McBride, A. McKenna Shea Townc Vallejo White Williamson Jones, W. Simontacchi Archbold Barry Christie Davis Hcllier McBride, J. Martin Mitchell Rice Rutter Sexton Gray Hatch Lawton Owensby 400 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 1712 Euclid Avenue. Founded at Illinois Weslcyan University, 1899 Nu Chapter established 1919 Thirty-eight Chapters ERSZTT ASSOCIATES JUNIORS Allyn C. Loosely Dr. Stanley B. Mcntzcr John S. Shell GRADUATES Harry Bliss Edwin Ghiselli James Hamilton Eliot Swan SE.VIOSS Franklin W. Cavier William Cunningham Martin Franich, Jr. Alan Hargravc Wells Harmon Harold Hawcs Frank Kucnzly, Jr. William O. Leachman Richard Loosely Harry Peters, Jr. Herbert Picrson Ralph Pollack Wendell R. Spackman Walter Stafford Clayton Ward Elwvn Watkins Harold Benedict Charles Carlson John Flue esc h John Gillcspic Theodore Goth Robert S. Gould Donald Hargis Chester Harmon Malcolm Jared James McCollum Stanlcv O ' Rourkc SOPHOMOKES William Brainard George Bums Jay Irvan David Johnson Joseph Battucllo Dana Cook Forbes Laflin FRESHMEN Robert Higginbotham John Higgins Jack Vckandcr Abscnt on leave. Lcachman Cirbon Perm Fluosch tnimrd Franich Gillcspic . Godi Johnson Harmon Hjwcs Gould Harris Battucllo Harmon HigginixKham dice Jartd - a 401 J. Dcwey Long THETA CHI 2462 LcConte Avenue. Founded at Norwich University, 1856 Mu Chapter established 1913 Fifty-two Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mercer R. Baggs Phillip H. Bergwall Wilbur R. Donaldson Peter J. Keenan John E. Kilkenny Gordon E. Larson Dr. T. H. McGavack L. H. Peterson GRADUATES H. Warner Gardett Raymond E. Gauth ier Robert E. Baker Charles E. Seville Harold Campe Joe Demeter Donald A. McLachlan Clarence Nelson Lowell A. Ledgett Jackson E. Nichols SENIORS Robert F. Peterson Gordon H. Pierce Beverly W. Rohrbough Mathew Santino P. Ernest Schulz William B. Tucker Edgar A. Weymouth, Jr. JUNIORS Arthur W. Lewis, Jr. C. Edward Melville Robert W. Winsor Ronald J. Morton Russell G. Palmer Louis A. Petri Richard E. Pierce Daniel S. Schlegel William H. Swaync Francis J. Violich Olin F. Weymouth SOPHOMORES Raymond A. Andresen John F. Cleeves Wilson G. Combs Edward G. Harlow William Tolen R. Edwin Malcville Raymond F. Oucr Baird Snodgrass Haugh H. Staucr FRESHMEN Raymond M. Bickerstaff Ray Christiansen Clifford Bond Hilary P. Bradley Raymond W. White Walter W. Weir Ralph M. West Gardett Baker Beville Campe Demctcr McLachlan Peterson Pierce, G. Rohrbough Santino Schulz Tucker Weymouth, E. Baggs Bergwall Donaldson Keenan Kilkenny Larson Lewis Melville Morton Palmer Petri Pierce, R. Schlegel Violich Weymouth, O. Winsor Andresen CIccves Combs Harlow Malevillc Oucr Snodgrass Stauer Tolcn Bickerstaff Bond Bradley Christiansen Weir West White 402 THETA DELTA CHI 2647 Durant Avenue. Founded at Union College, 1847 Delta Deutcron established 1900 Twenty-nine Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert Bolton Leonard Buck George Costigan Merrit Hughes Keble Pirenc Chester Roadhousc Worth Ryder GRADUATE Gail Jordan SENIORS Frank E. Brown Frank H. Buck Uirich A. Fritschi George E. Leland Walter H. Mikcl Gordon F. Phelps Wilfred T. Robbins Henry W. Schaldach JUNIORS A. Lowell Arbogast Wilbur D. Davies Leonard N. Duartc Richard M. Gee Dallas H. Gray Donald E. Kientz Louis J. Macke SOPHOMORES Charles M. Belshaw John Dobbins John M. Eshleman, Jr. Jack R. Hughes Heinrich W. Kohl moos Norman W. Shaw, Jr. Bernard Stcffcn Charles Thompson, Jr. Franklin Bandy Paul A. Brady ' FRESHMEN Freeman K. Cullom James A. Stark Bruce Walton 403 THETA KAPPA NU 2721 Haste Street. Founded at Drury College, 1924 Achaean Club established 1912 Forty-nine Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE George E. Troxell GRADUATE HughR. Bolander.Jr. SENIORS Milton R. Bell BernardJ. Bernes William M. Brashear Theodore R. Gentry Friedrich H. Kothe Leslie A. Larson " James C. A. MacMillan John L. Willette Carleton B. Parker Herbert W. Read Sidney F. Sargent Fred S. Saunders George B. Sherman Harry W. Takken Reginald Tibbetts JUNIORS Robert A. Baker Fred E. Blechschmidt Ward J. Downey J. B. Harris, Jr. ' Hossein C. Hopkins William W. Johnston, Jr. Kenneth W. Jones William R. Rupert Robert A. Stevens Marvin G. Sturgeon Frank R. Takken James H. Watson SOPHOMORES Laurance A. Dodge Marion F. Jackson Max L. Murdock FRESHMEN " Joseph M. Frye, Jr. Absent on leave. Grant Tollev Gentry Willcttc Sturgeon Kothc Baker Takken, F. Bell Parker Harris Watson Blechschmidt Read Johnston Jackson Bra shear Sargent Larson Jones Takken, H. Rupert Murdock Tibbctt; Stevens Tolley 404 Thomas E. Foley Frederick C. Jenks Elzaphan R. King THETA NU EPSILON 2601 Durant Avenue. Founded at Wcsleyan University, 1870 Delta Pi established 1924 Seventeen Chapters UMVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Harold C. Bryant Walter Christie Arthur E. Burns Malcolm M. Davisson George F. Taylor GRADUATES E. E. Honeycutt Arthur G. Potter, Jr. George M. Smith SENIORS Boyd H. Duncan Russell J. Elliott Kermit E ' Dean Engelson Oscar H. Fchlcn Graham H. Heid Osgood H. Hilton Raiph L. R. Johnson Ralph W. Lattin Harold R. McKinney Alexis G. Maximov Karl E. Poss Donald M. Sea GlenJ. Soares Charles A. Werner JUNIORS Curtis T. Ncsslcr Leonard R. Nestor Alexander Van Riemers Taylor H. Wines SOPHOMORES William G. Elliott Absent on leave. H. Perry Smith " I " Duncan Elliott Engetson Johnson Lattin McKinncy Maximov Sea Soares Werner Jenks Ncsslcr Smith Wines 405 THETA UPSILON OMEGA 2559 LeContc Avenue. Founded at National Interfraternity Council, New York, 1923 Gamma Beta Chapter established 1925 Sixteen Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE JUNIORS John W. Gil more GRADUATES Claude B. Fancher Raymond M. Gilmore Erling Thormod Robert R. Jones Jeffrey E. Springmeyer SENIORS Woodrow Covington William Fischer Ralston Gill Samuel Gill John Hockaday Ralph James Wesley Lachman Arthur Werner, Jr. Duane Luther Kenneth McLees Wilfred O ' Connell Albert Osier Richard Rudolph Oliver Talley Julius Thomsen Robcrt Dixon Vanan Irvine Ralph A. James ,.Charles Jursch Carol Gill Carlyle Hillsman Henry Schultz George Shannon Earl Spotswood George Wilder SOPHOMORES John H. Taylor Jack Yates FRESHMEN G. Walter Mulks John B. Taylor William Turpen Absent on leave. inn A GiLraore Jones McLcc Gill, R. Hockaday Lachman O ' Connell Thomsen Werner Irvine James Gill.C. Hillsman Taylor, J. H. Yates Thormod Osier Rudolph Talley Schultz Shannon Spotswood Mulks Taylor, J. B. Turpen 406 THETA XI 1730 La Loma Avenue. Founded at Rcnssclacr Polytechnic Institute, 1864 No Chapter established 1904 Thirty-five Chapters UNIVEUITY ASSOCIATES JUNIORS Jack Pagan William J. Raymond Raymond W. Jeans Harry W. Shepherd Edwin C. Voorhics GRADUATES Francis Ahem Wallace W. Cox William Cole Leo Goldwatcr Alois Hubert Edwin Justice David Kellv Elvin Wampler Charles Henning Frank J. Vilcn SENIORS Joseph Kintana Jack Leutcingcr Charles O. Pcrsing Brooks Pringlc Robert Tucker Godfrey Duncan James Keene Albert King Carl Bergstrom James Castle James Jameson Robert Pierce Steve Plunkctt George A. Sense SOPHOMORES Murray Wcmplc Joseph Johnson Robert B. Pierce Reginald Watt FRESHMEN Harvard C. Gustafson Carl Todd Coi Homing VUen Ahem Cole GoUwatcr Hubert . KcilT Cringle Tucker D . Ceene King Phmkett Castle Jameson Jobosoo Pierce Watt Wemplc SCIKC Gosufwxi BcrcscnMi Totfc 407 ZETA BETA TAU 2425 College Avenue. Founded at the College of the City of New York, 1898 Alpha Eta Chapter established 1921 Thirty-six Chapters JUNIORS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David Yabroff GRADUATES Max Radin Ivan Anixter Harry Borson Waldo Cohn Harold Levy SENIORS Mortimer A. Benioff Ralph Golub Arthur C. Himmelstern Bernard Stark Max Raskoff Sidney Rudy Norman Scheinman David Spiegel man Louis Honig, Jr. Raymond E. Morris Frank J. Schlessinger Donald A. Brcyer Jay E. DeRoy, Jr. Sigfried K. Herzog, Jr. Arthur S. Israel Leonard Joseph Bertram Levy Milton S. Seligman Alfred E. Weiler Richard C. Weinberger SOPHOMORES Jerome H. Berenson Kenton L. Harris Auren A. Kahn Benjamin M. Levinger David C. Mayers Benjamin E. Nordman Arthur M. Pettier Harry K. Wolff, Jr. FRESHMEN Mervin Bercovich Theodore Brenner Arthur Brown Harold E. Brown Julian Davis Harry Marks Benioff Himmelstern Honig Morris Schlcssingcr Stark Brevet DeRoy Herzog Israel Joseph Levy Seligman Weiler Weinberger Berenson Harris Kahn Levinger Mayers Nordman Pettier Wolff Bercovich Brenner Brown, A. Brown, H. Davis Marks 408 ZETA PSI 2251 College Avenue. Founded at New York University, 1874 Iota Chapter established 1870 Twenty-nine Chapters U.vrvEmsiTY ASSOCIATES Joseph LcContc Occa K. McMurrv Wallace Terry C. C. Plehn E. Joseph Rowcll GRADUATES William C. Crim David C. Dunlap Lawrence B. Jack John P. McMurray Charles C. Bagg Ronald J. Barn- Arthur W. Foster, III Winslow W. Hall C. Preston Hunt Roderick A Mays William B. Mead Frederick W. Reyland, Jr. R. G. Thavcr SENIORS Richard E. Hyde John S. Moore, Jr. G. Frederick Rcinhardt Wayne H. Snowden David L. White JUNIORS J. Crosby Bccdy Paul S. Foster, Jr. Sclah Chamberlain, Jr. Charles H. Hcin George C. Davis, Jr. George E. Martin Gordon S. Dunlap E. William Rector John B. Foster Ham- Stoddard Arthur B. Tarpey, Jr. SOPHOMORES William F. Clcwc, Jr. John E. Jones Houghton S. Hall Gilbert C. Richards James E. Hogle Benton A. Sifford, Jr. FRESHMEN William Blanckcnburg William P. Martin Frank L. Dunlap John Z. Endrcss Harrv D. Johnson Frank B. McKevitt, III ' Absent on leave. J. Standish Massic Scott Ncwhall Chester H. Ristenpart Harold F. Watkins.Jr HIM Tarpcr DunUp.F. Watkms 409 PAN-HELLENIC (Intersorority Organization) Founded at Chicago, 1902 OFFICERS President Rose-Marie Dickinson Secretary-Treasurer Janice Bjork Rushing Chairman Nina Wallace Relations Chairman Kathleen Shuraan Alpha Chi Omega Rhea Burke Helen Rupe Alpha Delta Pi Betty Ward Annette Saville Alpha Delta Theta Ruth MacCoy Alpha Epsilon Phi Barbara Kaiser Alpha Gamma Delta Miriam de Colmesnil Katharine Smallwood Alpha Omicron Pi Jane Rea Alpha Phi Carla Plump Florence Bates Alpha Xi Delta Annette Gundelfinger Beta Phi Alpha Helen Graham Beta Sigma Omicron Geraldine Ghiardi Bernice McCarthy Chi Omega Mar jorie Porter Chi Sigma Phi Martha Scarlett Delta Delta Delta Kathleen Shuman Delta Gamma Nina Wallace Delta Zeta Susan Powell Gamma Phi Beta Kathlyn Clark Kappa Alpha Theta Mary Graham Kappa Delta Rose-Marie Dickinson Kappa Kappa Gamma Lilia Johnson Carol Stevens Lambda Omega Antoinette Jacobson Phi Delta Nadine Kelly Phi Mu Mar jorie Petersen Phi Omega Pi Janice Bjork Phi Sigma Sigma Clara Steinsapir Malvina Young Pi Beta Phi Eleanor Rowley Marian Clark Rediviva Mildred Burroughs Sigma Kappa Louise Hildebrand Barbara Kirby Sigma Phi Beta Ruth Thompson Loretta Laney Theta Upsilon Mary Thompson Zeta Tau Upsilon Ethel Larsen Ward Graham, H. Graham, M, Young Saville Ghiardi Dickinson Rowley MacCoy McCarthy Johnson Burroughs Kail Porter Stevens Hildebrand Burke Rupe Smallwood Rea Scarlett Shuma Jacobson Kelly Wallace Petersen jacooson N-elly Kirby Thompson ,R. Laney 412 Bates Gundelfinger Powell Clark Bjork Steinsapir Thompson, M. Larsen I ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1756 LeRoy Avenue. Founded at DcPauw University, 1885 Pi Chapter established 1909 Fifty-seven Chapters GRADUATES Marian Bullock Pauline Hodgkinson Elizabeth Jongcnccl Katheryn Brown Rhea Burke Margaret Halsted Corinne Hcllier Helen Hughes Barbara McKav Jane Aden Gertrude Ellsworth Eleanor Graves Mary Gregg Rosemary Hays Doris Hopier Margaret Hunt Pauline Kavanagh Bernice Lewis SEXIORS JUKIOKS Jean Wyllic Helen Lynch Mary McGill Evelyn St. John Audrey Marten Margaret Moloney Comelia Randall Frances Reding Dorothy Trumbull Zoc Wyllic Sylvan Mini Elizabeth Ncwhall Margaret Pyc Eleanor Revcllc Helen Rupe Helen Scgclhurst Marion Sharp Jocclyn Siem Katharine Staplcton SOPHOMORES Helen Alexander Muriel Ireland Virginia Knight Eleanor Lathrop Evelyn Lindgren Alia Paterson Eleanor Stokes Kathleen Tvler FlESHMtN Jane Blair Rossclct Cooke Jean Dortmund Helen Dwyer Pearl Fawcctt Margaret Jane Foulkc Dorothy Grady RosscclHart ' Absent on leave. Patricia Kierulff Beverly McCurdy Bobbe Jean McHenry Gertrude Mengcs Caroline Sedgwick Claire Steel Gail Wheclock Harriet Whitney V. -. : . Z Mini Knigfat Fawccn - - : . . . 413 ALPHA DELTA PI 2400 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Wesleyan Female College, 1851 Psi Chapter established 1913 Fifty-six Chapters GRADUATES SOPHOMORES Sara Barnard Katherine Craig Jane Gabbert Margaret Herriott Delphinc Sparks SENIORS Dorothy Andrews Alice Coit Betty Gash Lavelle Imrie Gertrude Irwin Helen McWilliams JUNIORS Barbara Brittain Barbara Campbell Virginia Coffin Mary Virginia Duggan Beatrice Duncan Mary Emmett Marjorie Evans Dorothy Frerichs Jane Herda Frances Holbrook Helen Wilsey Marguerite Oliva Dorothy Prost Elizabeth Richardson Aileen Roberts Mildred Roberts Betty Ward Katherine Huston Martha Lattin Helen Lefever Margaret Lynn Laura Mast Helen Roach Annette Saville Juanita Stuck Agnes Sullivan Marcella Willis Veronica Baker Beatrice Brundage Jean Cross Virginia Davis Dorothy Drew Valora Eaton Ethel Elvin Doris Fender Mabel Gerdes Rosalie Heller Jane Lasell Joy Lesure Lucille Mast Odile Morris Ladene Newman Leona Noel Patricia Nowland Marcia Sanders Mary-Charlotte Stuart Helen Stutt Beatrice Winder FRESHMEN Virginia Bcanston Evelyn Bostic Eleanor Buckley Dorothy Coughlan Rita Cummings Marian David Katherine Hugo Absent on leave. Mary Jane Mygrant Audrey Petterson Doris Russell Betty Scott Annette Tyler Jean Warner Arline Williams t ' J Andrews Coit Gash Imrie McWilliams Oliva Prost Richardson Roberts, A. Roberts, M. Ward Brittain Campbell Coffin Duggan Duncan Emmett Evans Frcrichs Herda Holbrook Huston Lattin Lefever Lynn Mast, M. Roach Saville Stuck Sullivan Willis Wilsey Baker Brundage Cross Davis Drew Eaton Elvin Fender Gcrdes Heller Lesurc Mast, L. Newman Noel Sanders Stuart Winder Beanston Bostic Buckley Coughlan Cummings David Hugo Pettcrson Russell Scott Tjrlcr Warner Williams 414 ALPHA DELTA THETA 2545 Hillegass Avenue. Founded at Transylvania College, 1919 Iota Chapter established 1924 Twenty-six Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dorothy Ki I pa trick GRADUATES Louisa Hickox Mauricia Mayer Lucille McBridc Kirsten Peterson Marguerite Thomason SENIORS Gertrude M. Anderson Carolyn E. Johnson Olive Gardner Helen E. McArthur Dorothy L. Hooper Ruth L. MacCoy Dorothy E. Monahan JUNIORS Arline A. Bates Carolyn I. Budelman Dorothy Connor Lucille DeCosta Janet C. Dickieson Dorothy M. Schwedc Tillie L. Lampe Dorothy E. Meyer Anne A. Pats Evelyn M. Robinson Frances Y. Rogers SOPHOMORES Nell Aiken Camille F. Lewis Gloria O ' Conncr Marie-Thercsc Murphy Claire Rcilly FRESHMEN Margaret Van Kirk Kilpatrick McBridc Anderson Gardner Hooper MacCoy Monahan Bates Connor DeCosta Robinson Rogers Schwedc Aiken Lewis f McArthur Lampc Pats Re.lly Van Kirk 415 GRADUATES ALPHA EPSILON PHI 2721 Channing Way. Founded at Barnard College, 1909 Tau Chapter established 1923 Twenty-five Chapters Ruth Helen Abraham SENIORS Cornelia Ahronheim Frances Baer Bernice Abrams Marjorie Collat Aileen Haines Jacqueline Hirsch Dorothe Lesser Carol Lcvcne JUNIORS Lucille Shane Carol Hirsch Barbara Kaiser Frederica Levin Miriam Marks Jane Newman Cecelia Rhine Leona Rhine Helen Bloch Anne Louise Levy Carol Michels SOPHOMORES Josephine Wein FRESHMEN Sophie Prescott Lucille Steinhart Harriet Tieburg Eleanor Lipson Jean Wise Abraham Ahronheim Baer Kaiser Lcvcne Abrams Collat Haines Hirsch Lesser Levin Marks Rhine, C. Rhine, L. Bloch Levy Michels Prescott Steinhart Tieburg Wein Lipson Wise 416 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2726 Charming Way. Founded at Syracuse University, 1934 Omicron Chapter established 1915 Forty-seven Chapters CRADUATE Florence Krcnz SENIORS Miriam de Colmcsnil Elizabeth Green Dale MacNally Eleanor Bolton June Harrison Barbara Louise Head Harriet Jonas Lenoir Keilbar Roberta Lee Paine Helen Patch Katharine Small wood JUNIORS Herma Wertsch Bernice Klein Lois Outhicr Dorothy Remick Mary Stuart Virginia Tormey SOPHOMORES Josephine Cressman Evelyn Ferguson Joyce Grimsley Carol Hauschild Janor Kingwell Mary Kingwell Doris Krenz Patricia Hoi man Beth Lowe Frances McElhern Jean Matthew Bonnie Boucher Minor Cordry Shirley Dietrich Pauline Hobart Merle-Jane Judson Absent on leave. FRESHMEN Elizabeth Lefcvre Marjorie Scarfe Thelma Scarfe Josephine Sherman Patritia Twohy Charlotte Walker MacNally Fame Patch Smallwood Bolton Harrison Head Jonas Keiibar Klein Outhicr Remick Tormcv Wertsch Cressman Ferguson Grimsley Hauschild Kingwell, J. Kingwcll, M. Krcnz ' Lowe McElhern Matthew Boucher Cordry Dietrich Hobart Judson Lefevrc Scarfe, M. Scarfe, T. Sherman Twohy Walker 417 ALPHA OMICRON PI 2311 Prospect Street. Founded at Barnard College, Columbia University, 1897 Sigma Chapter established 1907 Forty-three Chapters GRADUATES SOPHOMORES Ruth Burckhalter SENIORS Helen Boyle Margaret Canaga Rosalind Cargill Therma Duarte Doris Finger Janet Letson Marjorie McCargar Ruth Milburn Edith Musser Barbara Barker Margaret Killian Mary Elizabeth Cussen Jean Kinzie Elma Day Shirley Rohrbough Jane Hanlon Marjorie Shean Eleanor Hill Elizabeth Wheatley Virginia Withers Clara Forsterer Margaret Heilig Catherine Kuchman Dorothy Young Leigh Peavy Jane Rea Sidney Walthall FRESHMEN JUNIORS Elizabeth Bunting Jean Coughlin Priscilla Davis Ida Dohrmann Gladys Dowden Bernice Heywood Elizabeth Jensen May Layne Winifred McCargar Marion Selig Doris Shean Winifred Solinsky Doris Chamberlin Claire Laughlin Mary Isabelle Elberg Jane Loughery Marian Jensen Jane Lovell Jean Kennedy Virginia Simpson Billy Withers Absent on leave. iBP x JjjEiv j .Ht HPblP ' " " ' i Plmt sT-SH, s$j?:f.|| l i M ' . %; M 4i - 1 i i_21illiz; ' inn Boyle Canaga Cargill Duarte Heilig Milburn Musser Peavy Rca Walthall Young Bunting Coughlin Davis Dohrmann Day Dowden Hanlon Heywood Hill Laync Killian McCargar Rohrbough Selig Wheatley Solinsky Withers, V. Cussen Chamberlin Elberg Jensen Kennedy Laughl in Loughery Lovell Simpson Withers, B. 418 ALPHA PHI 2830 Bancroft Way. Founded at Syracuse University. 1872 Lambda Chapter established 1901 Thirty-five Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Barbara Armstrong Gcraldine Hall Margaret Murdock GRADUATES Helen E. Brown Yncz Ghirardelli Elizabeth Kergan SENIORS Florence Bates Wilder Broadwatcr Jean M. Brown F. Viviennc Cairc Eileen Dclmorc Helen H. Wilcox Phyllis J. Kicscl Barbara L. Morgan Carla M. Plump Doris M. Prost Man- E. Strictmann JUNIORS Elizabeth Brocmmcl Marian E. Cory Katherine M. Koford Cassandra M. Lewis Antoincttc McCloskcy Dorothy MacGavin Lois McMullcn Harriet C. Peel SOPHOMORES Jane W. Bryan Miriam F. Cairc Ann E. Eschen ' Molly Fay Virginia Guerin Bcrvl Hollingbcry ' Mabel Marie Horton Jean M. Kergan ' Elizabeth Lindsl ev Barbara McKibbcn Diane K. Pickering ' Barbara Rector Florence G. Robinson ' Elizabeth Shinn Scvilla Shucy ' Barbara Srubbs Giuliana Vcnanzi ' Edna B. White FRESHMEN Helen C. Biggerstaff Catherine W. Carson Edith Jane Cobb Mary Louise Cobb ' Absent on leave. Mary Virginia Hess Man.- Elizabeth Isham Patricia Robbins Katherine A. Wittschen . ' .... Brcs .- . . : : McCAbcn Picktriog Canon Cobb.J a Cure. F. V. Dei Wilcox Brocaund Brrao Cairc, M. Cobb. M. L. 419 Hess K;r-r : Margin Cory -. M Lewis " -: - -. " Vcnani kham EablMB V SENIORS ALPHA XI DELTA 2833 Bancroft Way. Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Omicron Chapter established 1909 Fifty-four Chapters Jacqueline Allen Mary Anthony Marjorie Bowles Frances Evans Annette Gundelfinger Eleanor Ho well Elizabeth Ahrnke Lorene Barnum Carol Cole Edith Hartz Helen Heisen JUNIORS Grace Wilkinson Eleanor LeGrand Adele McLeish Aimee Martinoni Elizabeth Moore Clara Packard Anna Peterson Elizabeth McElroy Jean McLeish Catherine Parker Lucille Sowell Clementine Violich June Burnham Mary-Jane Cornell Bernice Hancock SOPHOMORES Helen Smith FRESHMEN Catherine Kempkcy Ruth Nisson- Doris Smith Marian Adams Patricia Dillon Lenore Grimes Helen Hammarberg Doris Harttcr Barbara Tudor Anthony Bo 1 Gundelfinger Howell LeGrand McLeish, A. Ahrnke Allen Barnum Cole Parker Smith, D. Sowell Violich Nisson Smith, H. Adams Dillon Evans Martinoni Moore Packard Peterson Hartz Heisen McElroy McLeish, J. Wilkinson Burnham Cornell Hancock Grimes Hammarbcrg Harttcr Tudor 420 Mary Phillips ARETA 2700 Bancroft Way. Founded at the University of California at Los Angeles, 1925 Local Chapter established 1929 Three Chapters GRADUATES SOPHOMORES SENIORS Hannah-Frances Barrett Leonora Broadhead Frances Cardwcll Hildur Hartmann Clara Johnson Marion Youngborg Mary Powers Anna Mae Morse Isabel Nelson Helen Phillips Mary Powers Gertrude Wagencr Frances Ames Agnes Anderson Marietta Eisenbcrger Josephine Haldeman JUNIORS Ruth Welch Dorothy Mack Arabcllc Schafcr Dorothea Thompson Bern- Webb Elizabeth Bricc Charlotte Hartmann Gcnevieve Hawlcy Angela Luther Nancv Miner Alice Owens ' Virginia Parrott Jane Penncbakcr Elfrieda Schrocter Jean Shearer Mary Adams Margaret Brown ' Absent on leave. Dorothy Webb FRESHMEN Mary Elizabeth Graff Lois Hoxic Naydeanc McCune IN " Phillips, M. Barren Broadhead Cardwcll Hartmann, H. Johnson Morse Nelson Phillips, H. Powers Wagencr Youngborg Ames Anderson Eiscnbcrger Haldeman Mack Schafcr Thompson Webb, B. Welch Brice Hartmann, C. Hawley Luther Miner Owens Parrott Pcnncbaker Schroeter Shearer Webb, D. Adams Brown Graff Hoiie McCune 421 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Fannie L. Bulger BETA PHI ALPHA 2250 Prospect Street. Founded at the University of California, 1909 Alpha Chapter established 1909 Thirty-one Chapters JUNIORS Bernice Braddon Karen Ginocchio Ellen Barsotti Bcvcrley Fisher GRADUATES Catherine Walsh SENIORS Allison Hostetter Isabel Orton Peggy Adams Helen Graham Frances Hutchins Sally Lane Gleneice Silvia Marcella Wilson Catherine Nimitz Alice Bode Margaret Dietz Geraldine Baker Joyce Bath Absent on leave. Mary Dean Tatum SOPHOMORES Rose Wiley FRESHMEN Muriel Tuft Eleanor Peterson Margaret Peterson Virginia Statler Bertie Mae Smith Charlotte Stewart Mary Robertson Jean Scott Fisher Wilson Smith 422 BETA SIGMA OMICRON 2415 Prospect Street. Founded at the University of Missouri, 1888 Alpha Iota Chapter established 1 927 Twenty-one Chapters GKADCATES SOPHOMORES Rath Feasev Dorothea Batham Lavinia Dobler Virginia Dobler Loraine Etter Gcraldine Ghiardi Carrie Laflin Ann LaMoncagne Bernke McCarthv Elinor Crafts Dorothy Dingcman Lorraine Gandolfo Joan Goodwin Virginia Johanson SENIORS JUNIORS Louise Sohst Helen Hyde Marion Marliavc Virginia Miller Avis Jean Rose Martha Secrest Wilda Thurman Varcc Trask Elgin Ward Bernice Wcdum Muriel Knoph N ' aomi Kragcn Margaret Lea Elizabeth Perkins Lois Smith Mary Kay Conrad Louise Crafts Thais Graves Bonnie Jean Grenicr Florence Gunn Edna Milligan Doris Oliver Dorothy Ramsden Evelyn Rheingans Helen Waterman Rebecca Fiske Suzanne Gould Virginia Hoessel Caroline Jeffress Barbara Zoph Isabel Klein Sarah Putnam Marian Safford Jane Whcldon 423 CASA HISPANA 2520 Channing Way. Founded at the University of California, 1928 Local Chapter established 1928 One Chapter GRADUATES Marion B. Bloch Bernice Brand Anna E. Byleveld Cora Donaldson Leonora Hohl Helen Basham Joan Douglas Iris Elliott SENIORS Jean M. McKinney Marian Markarian Peggy Presto Mathilde Puerta Ruby Waller Helen Hohl EdaD. Salzmann Rae Strickland JUNIORS Marguerite Barth Edna Alice Davis Beth Evans Agnes Fossati Sue Mahnke Doris Morgan Leonta Morris Anne Plummer Mary Pronzato Frieda Salzmann Blanche Westcamp SOPHOMORES Jean Livingston Eleanor Lukens Grete Wiese FRESHMEN Mildred Harrington Frances R. Moore Absent on leave. " TTT Bloch Brand McKinney Markarian Presto Puerta Salzmann Strickland Davis Evans Plummer Pronzato Westcamp Livingston Donaldson Waller Basha-n Fossati Mahnke Lukcn Wiese Douglas Morgan Harrington Elliott Morn Moore 424 CHI OMEGA 2421 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at the University of Arkansas, 1895 Mu Chapter established 1902 ' Eighty-eight Chapters SOPHOMORES Margaret Wanzer Carolyn Allen Josephine Little Virginia Chichizola Alice Lumgair SEKIOS Katherine Douglas Elizabeth Peters Louise Akcsson Ethel Babue Jane Eshlcman Marion Hanrahan Margaret Gregg Margaret Rebard Margaret Hcgcr Janice Street Theodosia Holmes Elizabeth Todd Marie Bardin Violet Jurs Martha Howe Nance U ' Rcn Emily Breen Miriam Calvcrt Elizabeth Carter Patricia McPhail Margaret Miller Marjorie Porter Nathalie Kennedy Dorothv Walker Frances Wright JUNIOKS Jean Anderson Betty Hollcy FEESHMEN Elizabeth Dennis Ann Hunger Elizabeth Elliott Marguerite Kocnig Pauline Armstead Jane Jameson Gwenllvan Erskine Mac Madden Virginia Dufour Madeleine Leonard Jane Fountain Mary Helen Reynolds Jane Gifford Jane Pearson Bobbee Garrison Margaret Hocv Mary-Frances Simpson Frances Swcdbcrg Frances Gilman Elizabeth Pickering Marvlv Greuner Lclabellc Richmond Ruth Swcctland Gladvs Griffith Dorothec Ward V i Im i BliA H inn .:-- - ' -;:- :- --- Reynolds Simpwo KeocoJT Utdc IM - - - Giln WMICT CaJrcrt Carter Foanaia Gunson Smctrlond Allen -.:- - Gnffith ---.-. - : . . Jars HOCT D . I - Todd Pa McPhiil Miller Bnga Grrgg Hcjer U-RcD Walker ... ; Pocter 425 DELTA DELTA DELTA 1735 LeRoy Avenue. Founded at Boston University, 1888 Pi Chapter established 1900 Eighty-three Chapters SENIORS Roberta Anderson Mary Bruzzone Ruth Byrne Helen Carlton Moira Daly Sally Evans JUNIORS Henrietta Dietrich Elizabeth Ann Flannery Florence Howell Elizabeth Huie Barbara Jones Annette Hoffman Elinor Lowell Miriam Parrish Margaret Reynolds Kathleen Shuman Jeanctte Steele Miriam Preisker Frances Teager Helen Travers Charlotte Willoughby Carolyn Zipf SOPHOMORES Betty Baker Clema Kozak Margaret Clark Frances Mannion Elaine Hadsell Elizabeth Midgley Jean Hopps Elizabeth Webb Carol Jones Suzanne Whitby Dorothy Young FRESHMEN Edna Anderson Jean Decoto Evelyn DePuy Margaret Dickerson Nancy Frome Grace Frances Halloran Emmy Lou Hotchkiss Absent on leave. Margaret Kahman Marion Kahman Dorothy McCallan Dorothy McDonald Lyndale Westcott Shirley White Marguerite Whitney Parrish Teager Midgley Halloran AnJ Reynolds Travers Webb Hotchkiss crson, R. Bruzzone Shuman Stccle Willoughby Zipf Whitby Young Kahman, M. Kahman, Byrne M. R. Carltor Flannery Baker Anderson, E. McCallan Howell Dietrich Decoto McDona Hoffman Id Lowell Huie Evans Dickerson Westcott Kozak Hopps DePuy White Preisker Jones Frome Whitney 426 DELTA GAMMA 2710 Channing Way. Founded at the University of Mississippi, 1874 Gamma Chapter established 1907 Forty-five Chapters SENIORS SOPHOMORES Jean Anderson Helen Cox Rosana Kilpatrick Nina Wallace JUNIORS Dale Andrews Elizabeth Eggcrt Virginia Fox Evelyn Gassagne Catherine Gray Peggy Hart Betty Hill Barbara Warner Dorothy Stevenson Betty Turner Mary Vilsack Virginia Hotle Billie Kittrellc Grace Lafferty Frances McLcod Kate Northcote Evalinc Otis Arline Townc Gayle Coffing Armine Crawford Jane Donovan Marie Louise Fair Zarah Boyle Jane Brock Alberta Conneau Irma-Suc Fairchild Madeleine Frctz FRESHMEN Marjorie Zane Althca L than Ellen Lee Eva Rudolph Betty Shade Eleanore Gunn Janet Haskins Roscmary McCarthy Jean Saxe Francis Stoepcl Absent on leave. HJIT Anderson Coi Kilpatrick emon Turner t Hill Vikadc Hotle Wallace Laffenr . ndrewj McLcod Northcote fox Otis Gassagne Townc Grar Warner Crawfad ncao Fair Donovan Fanthild Frctz Lee Gunn Rudolph Haskins Shade Snr Boric Sraepel Brock Zane 427 DELTA ZETA 2311 LcConte Avenue. Founded at Miami University, 1902 Mu Chapter established 1915 Fifty-eight Chapters GRADUATE Elizabeth Bates SENIORS Monica Calderwood Virginia Caldwell Miriam Cooper Jane Dailey Lois Decker Lillian Arata " Virginia Clark Marian Edson Donna Erbcs " Ernestine Genesy Luella Hudson JUNIORS Dorothy Yager Naida Jovanovich Dorothea Nusbaum Susan Powell Marjorie Sachs Dorothea Teebav Harriet Long Frances Moulton Marie Schmidt Anna Shawn Margaret Smith Dorothv Stevenson SOPHOMORES Beverly Balster Grace Brasseur Geraldine Brown Enid Burgess Catherine Cunningham Josephine Gerrick FRESHMEN Geraldine Butler Marjorie Campbell Marjorie Cherrv Shirley Ridley ' " Absent on leave. Mildred Waddell Ruth Peppin Margaret Rector Joan Rice Ethel Sala Sarah Thurber Geraldine Welch Anita Robison Betty Ruff Laura Schaefer Bernadette Soares Calderwood Cooper Decker Jovanovich Nusbaum Powell Sachs Teebav Arata Clark Dailey Edson Erbcs Genesy Hudson Long Moulton Schmidt Smith Stevenson Yager Balster Brasseur Brown Burgess Cunningham Gerrick Peppin Rector Sala Thurber Welch Campbell Cherry Ridley Robison Ruff Schaefer Scares 428 UNIVERSITT ASSOCIATE Alice Ho t GAMMA PHI BETA 2732 Charming Way. Founded at Syracuse University, 1874 Eta Chapter established 1894 Forty-one Chapters Margaret Allen Ardath Busby Marion Cheek Kathlyn Clark Lois Edbrookc " Jane Farley Helen Matthew- Virginia Bean ' Beverly Durbrow Ruth Farlcv GRADUATES SENIORS Carlota Young JUNIORS Charlotte Cerf Barbara Mount Doris Pctersson Virginia Porter Morna Scott Mary Spcrry Margaret Yoerk Norma Powell Mildred Reid Juanita Wocrner SOPHOMORES Patty Bahls Janice Barbara Elinor Cheek Katherine Colton Carol Craft Mary Do veil Frances L. Field Elizabeth Footc Helen Ostrand Jane Pomcroy Barbara Anderson Martha Brock Betty DC Golia Kathryn Gocmmcr Jeanne Prcvost Joan Rapp Absent on leave. FRESHMEN Josephine Scally Elizabeth Smith Betsey Straub Orathelcn Dorothy Tuck Jane Umphred Helen Warner Barbara Watts Dixic Weber Eileen Wiley Frances Reid Janet Ronnebcrg Jeanne Smith Jane Ward Ann Williams Aileen Young ---- . - . . Yocrk Young , C. Bora Chccfc,E Colon Craft ------ T-: . Tock : . GUI Mil i Prcvost 429 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Mrs. Ambrose Green KAPPA ALPHA THETA 2723 Durant Avenue. Founded at DePauw University, 1870 Omega Chapter established 1890 Fifty-nine Chapters GRADUATES Mary Woods Bennett Elizabeth Ballantine Fay Chubbuck Mary Dieckmann Marion English Mary Graham Betty Henry Edwarda Adams Eleanor Clokey Eleanor Coburn Joan Edgerton Cosette Ewer Margaret Henderson Kathleen Kaetzel Mary Kindt Helen Delany SENIORS Lili Esther Langstroth Mary Neilson Carolyn Oliver Mary Olney Charlotte Pickering Mary Fenton Thomas JUNIORS Elizabeth Lyon Marjorie Mathews Marianne Milburn Evelyn Parsons Vadna Rich Elizabeth van Loben Sels Miriam Widenham Dorothy Wood Carol Wright SOPHOMORES Shirley Douglas Mary Jackson Frances Kaetzel Flora Lamson Jane Peiser Virginia Phelps Julia Swobe Barbara Townsend Margaret Barber Elizabeth Brand Patricia English Margaret Fairlie Lucy May Fay Absent on leave. FRESHMEN Shirley Frick Betty Hinsdale Ann Lowden Jane Mathews Carolyn Rowel 1 Elisabeth Thomas Ballantine Dieckmann Graham Neilson Pickering Adams Clokey Coburn Edgerton Ewer Kaetzel, K. Kindt Lyon Mathews, M. Milburn Parsons Rich van Loben Scls Wood Wright Douglas Jackson Kaetzel, F. Lamson Pciscr Phelps Townsend Barber Brand Fairlie Fay Frick Hinsdale Lowden Mathews, J. Rowcll Thomas 430 KAPPA DELTA 2461 Warring Street. Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1897 Phi Chapter established 1917 Seventy-two Chapters MaryEnccll Evelvn Eschclbach GADCATES Anna Devinc Rose-Marie Dickinson Elizabeth Humphrey Helen Dale Lang Shirley Anderson Maurinc Cascy Margaret Culbertson Maxine Hirsoo Jeanctte Hognc Margaret Jones Son JUNIOSS Margaret Ncwlovc Ruth Nonamaker Ella Long Barbara Nash Josephine Til den Gertrude Wepfer Betty Markham Agnes Mattson Geraldine Robinson Lois Soonler Ora Tharsing Marian West SOPHOMORES Jessie Ch urch Harriett Carrie Winifred Englebright Margaret Johnson Margaret Keller Madeline Yanccy Berry Beetles Jean Christmscn Mary Cures Virginia Enccll FlESHME.V Jean Wallace Helen Hopper Geraldine Howe Eva Jensen Lucia Staib I " 111 Nidi - - Cons West ;-.: -:- ... ..: 431 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 2725 Channing Way. Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 Pi Chapter established 1880 Sixty-eight Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Mary B. Davidson SENIORS Marion Brooks Catherine Burton " Kathleen Fitzgerald Lilia Johnson Mary Louise Kellogg Diantha Miller Mary Belle Moore Virginia Moran Mary Elizabeth Painter Carol Stevens JUNIORS Alice Bechtel Ruth Bidwell Ruth Cutten Deborah Dibert Marie Evans Elizabeth Goodfellow Charlotte Johnson Virginia Kenward Virginia McEneany Virginia Oliver Constance Olney Jane Rodman Virginia Shumate FIorence Wright SOPHOMORES Ann Ayres Elizabeth Bancroft Margaret Bell Margaret Field Jane Neylan Jane Pratt Elva Reed Marion Tomlinson Lois Weinmann Betty Wood FRESHMEN Kathleen Cutten Ena Douglass Louisiana Draper Anne Dray Absent on leave. Mary Heath Elizabeth Pigott Clotilde Vincent Helen Yost Brooks Johnson, L. Bechtel Olney Weinmann Kellogg Bidwell Rodman Wood Miller Cutten, R. Ayres Cutten, K Moore Evans Bell Dray Moran Goodfellow Field Draper 432 Burton Painter Johnson, C. Neylan Heath Shumate Kenward Pratt Pigott Stevens McEneany Reed Vincent Bancroft Oliver Tomlinson Yost LAMBDA OMEGA 2251 Hear st Avenue. Founded at the University of California, 1915 Alpha Chapter established 1915 Ten Chapters HON ' OA V Jl ' .VIOIS Mac Lent GRADUATES Genevie Dexter Winifred Eastman Antoinette Jacobson Helen Sexton SENIORS Eloise Biddlc Elizabeth Gallaghan Ruth Gavin Dorothy Gedc Elizabeth Ann Higlcy Grace McCosker Laura Rowel 1 Helen Jennings Mvrna Montgomery Mona Norris Mary Mugler Audrey Nagel Minnie Nielsen Bcmicc Pctcrscn Myra Waddcll Irma Wallcnius Elizabeth Washbum ' Audrey Blacow Dorothy Browning Virginia Lee Bullivant Betty Rae Claassen Alice Dexter Eh a Dimpfel Hazel Whalcn Dorothea Ellis Dorothy Homcwood Barbara Howes Mabel James Lois Livingston Eveline Mouzc La Verne Allen Elizabeth Bailey Dorothv Benn SOPHOMOKB Gordoo Curtaz Doris Earhart Luella Gcddes Elizabeth McCaslin FRESHMEN- Harriet Gclston Edith Green Abscnt on leave. Jacquclyn Jones Marion Paltridge r . PnrrsCD WB .- - i Bern. PiJmdgc 433 PHI DELTA 2908 Channing Way. Founded at New York State College, 1919 Theta Chapter established 1931 Eight Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Margaret Bcattie Marguerite Baldwin Florence Campbell GRADUATES SENIORS Nadine Kelly Esther Pitman Eileen Cortelyou Kaythryn Sodoma Dorothy Martin JUNIORS Opal Frampton Lilla Marie Sargent Matilda MacCaughey Oneida Stahl Dorothy Jean Morris Esther Williams Margaret Williams Ruby Bryan Rachel Dent Helen Embury SoPHOM ORES Jean Washburn Elizabeth Mayo Maxine Stillson Elizabeth Stinson Baldwin Frampton Bryan Campbell MacCaughey Dent Cortelyou Morris Embury Sodoma Sargent Mayo 434 Kelly Stahl Stillson Martin Williams, E. StinsoD Pitman Williams, M. Washburn Dr. Delta Olson Beryl Campbell Fern Cochranc Louise Dal ton PHI MU 2722 Durant Avenue. Founded at Wesleyan College, 1852 Eta Chapter established 1916 Fifty-eight Chapters ASSOCIATES Elizabeth Priestlev SENIORS Virginia Jones Marjoric Pctersen Roberta Smith Mary-Phyllis Ward Edith Bailey Isabella Banning Gertrude Cahill Elizabeth Gilbert Lavada Hudgens JUNIORS Helen Willett Helen Hurni Teresa lee Norma Palmer Alice Phillips Katharine Roadhouse SOPHOMORES Margaret Cullcn Leah Lewis Carol Lowe Marjoric Miller Sylvia Kotok Mildred Tripp Helen Webber Helen Wright Favc Wrinkle FRESHMEX Helen Morgan Marian Phillips ' mi 435 PHI OMEGA PI 2601 LeConte Avenue. Founded at the University of Nebraska, 1910 Lambda Chapter established 1919 Eighteen Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE SOPHOMORES Dorothy Boylan Alice Espy Winifred Cochran Anita Euler Gretchen Frenzel Elizabeth Griffin Jean Hamilton Ruth Kelly Kathryn Lewis Pauline Hodgson GRADUATES SENIORS Natalie Van Cleve Helen Hutaff Frances Suydam Marjorie Maher Louise Mangels Esther Meakin Ithira Porter Jeanette Quast Doris Ross Ruth Thomas Marjorie Angell Dorothy Baker Ruth Bening Janice Bjork Frances Brown Inez Clark Marian Cramer JUNIORS Dorothy Whittaker Naomi Grevie Margaret Hill Olive Mixter Alma Pope Edythe Roberts Frances Sturm Margaret Warner J aline Bailey Phyllis Barnett Jane Cameron Elizabeth Elliott Eleanor Erath Ruth Evans ' Elizabeth Frank Margaret Hunter Jeanette Johnson Elizabeth Lowden Dorothy Morton Nancy Poulterer Sally Sawyer Virginia Walsh Amelia Allen Marjorie Hunius Evelyn Husted FRESHMEN Mary Vaughan Kathleen Linscott Martha Jean Love Avis Terry Absent on leave. I " " Cochran Eulcr Frenzel Griffin Hamilton Lewis Maher Mangels Meakin Porter Quast Ross Thomas VanClcvc Angell Baker Bening Bjork Brown Clark Cramer Grevie Hill Mixter Morton Pope Roberts Sturm Whittakcr Bailey Barnctt Cameron Elliott Erath Evans Hunter Johnson Lowden Poulterer Sawyer Walsh Aflen Hunius Husted Linscott Love Terry Vaughan 436 PHI SIGMA SIGMA 2709 Chinning Way. Founded at Hunter ' s College, 1913 Mu Chapter established 1926 Twenty-two Chapters GRADUATE Sarah Gertrude SupUn Gcnradc Gtat - 1 SENIORS Florence Hoffman Clara Stcinsapir Freda Bcrgcr Eleanor Hamlcn Catherine JUNIOKS Sophie Brecker Hortcnsc Freed Henrietta Hainan Ruth Epstecn SOPHOMORES FIESHMEK Dorathy Marcusc Vera Shimoff Malvina Young Rose Miller Edith Porte Doris Simmons Anne Roitenstein " Til - . . : ' " - - .. ----- - - - Land . - - . Marcosc - : . 437 Marian Clark Eleanor Mattei Peggy Porter PI BETA PHI 2325 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 California Beta Chapter established 1900 Seventy-nine Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE SOPHOMORES Margaret Black Jeannette Brown Jane Carter Miriam Cutter Elizabeth Dunning Eleanor Hunt Eleanor Rowley j anc Ka hl Audrey Tantau Stephanie Warshauer FRESHMEN Helen Fancher SENIORS Eleanor Breed Virginia Bullock Betty Gerwick Mary Langdon JUNIORS Barbara MacMichael Jean Riggins Marjorie Smith Katharine Torney Virginia Vincent Helen Leach Virginia Lum Normajean MacLeod Marjorie Makins Elizabeth Minturn Isabel Walthall Beatrice Youngberg Betty Abbott Patricia Anderson June Back Marion Colm Nadine Fox Arrian Hoxie Edith Loudon Margaret Miller Elsa Meyer Betty Osmont Phyllis Sagehorn Nancy Shcrwin Isabelle Sobey Elizabeth Stratton Martha Wishon " TIT Mattei Rowley Tamau Warshauer Breed Bullock Dunning Gerwick Langdon MacMichael Riggins Smitl Torncy Vincent Brown Carter Cutter Hunt Kahl Leach Lum MacLeod Makins Minturn Walthall Youngberg Abbott Anderson Back Colm Fox Hoxic Loudon Miller Wishon Osmont Sagehorn Sherwin Strati 438 REDIVIVA 2717 Haste Street. Founded at the University of California, 1874 Local Chapter established 1874 GRADUATES Margaret Anderson Doris Hale Jennie Hcndrickson Kaarin Lahti Ruth Armstrong Mildred Burroughs Virginia Dad is man SENIORS Elsie Merrill Anna Palko Dorothy Rhoades Elizabeth Sarlcr Eileen Faster Marcia Meyer Kathleen Scandrctt Eldris Bacigalupi Alva Goldsworthy Elizabeth Kant JUNIOS Lillian Warren SOPHOMOIES Louise Murrish Nona Redvrinc Lillian Sandelin Mary Jane Forbes Margaret Krugcr Irene Stephens FKBHMEN Elsa Bickcl U ' ilma Bowman Carmel Thomas ; . Hale .- fl -- - SmitAm Bidccl - 439 SIGMA KAPPA 2506 Piedmont Avenue. Founded at Colby College, 1874 Lambda Chapter established 1910 Forty-eight Chapters GRADUATE Nell Boylin Gladys Champion Roberta F. Easley Frances Gallagher Dorothy C. Green Dorothy Haight Alice Haley Louise Hildebrand Jean C. Jensen Agnes E. Leathers SENIORS Edna W. Jessop Barbara Kirby Elda B. Laird Alice Morse Etoile Peck Eleanor L. Perskc Dorothy Rubel Patricia Washburn Margaret Waters Helen K. Wilsey JUNIORS Violet G. Bellingham Dorothy H. Hardison Barbara Bennett Laura M. Kinkel Yvonne Dennis Betty Riddell Barbara Flanery Frances Rae Rowe Helen V. Smith SOPHOMORES Muriel Gaines Peggy M. McGuire Eleanor Roberts Ruth Satterwhite Evelyn Shaw Dorothy F. Smith Ruth Tebbe Lillian E. Thomas FRESHMEN Jeanie Burr Mary Conrad Marie Dondcro Pauline Fancher Laura Fetzer Ruth L. Joslin Peggy West Roberta McKenzie Lois Oliver Dorothy Olson Durfic Rawlins Paulyne Seulberger Mary Elizabeth Wallace Laird Boylin Morse Champion Peck Haley Perskc Hildebrand Rubel Jensen Washburn Jessop Waters Kirby Wilsev Bellingham Bennett Dennis Flan cry Hardison Kinkel Riddell Smith, H. Game ' s McGuire Roberts Satterwhite Shaw Smith, D. Tebbe Thomas Burr Conrad Dondero Fancher Fetzer Joslin McKenzie Oliver Rawlins Sculberger Wallace West 440 SIGMA PHI BETA 2736 Haste Street. Founded at New York University, 1920 California Alpha Chapter established 1920 Twelve Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Crystal Cranston GRADUATES Ruth Collier Carlson Edna Knippcr Evelvn Wilson Lillian Knippcr Doris McAlcnev SENIORS Charlotte Furtercr Helen Helwick Lorctta Lancv Ruth C. Thompson Thclma Peterscn Arlcnc Sollie Thelma Stevenson JUNIORS Virginia Bates Agnes Irwin Gertrude Somcrvillc SOPHOMORES T csta Henslcy Celia Krohn Ruth Linnc Ruth Winkelman FRESHMEN Corrinne Johnson Nellie Tcmplcton Knippci. E- Kmppcr, L. Fotterrr Lmcy Ptxerxa Rate- Inrm Sonorillc Krakn Solltc Stcvcnsoo Thoopioo Wmkdmin Johmoc 441 THETA UPSILON 2327 Warring Street. Founded at the University of California, 1914 Alpha Chapter established 1914 Twenty-six Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eleanor Bartlett Isabel Counsil Laine Andresson Genevieve Brown Margaret Duffy Juanita Eitel Lucille Czarnowski GRADUATES Mary Carmel Saunders Virginia Sexton SENIORS Helen Eveleth Doris Kilkenny Betty Prelat Bessie Simpson Mary Thompson Eleanor Jensen Helen Mills Barbara Saunders Hazel Frances Casey Jean Fortune Dorothy Hall JUNIORS Adela Tyler SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Nellie Schwarz Helen Scofield Marta Sherman Adelheid Lutz Ida Merrick Dorothy Simpson Saunders, M. Andresson Brown Duffy Eitcl Eveleth Kilkenny Prelat Simpson, B. Thompson Jensen Mills Schwarz Scofield Tyler Saunders, B. Sherman Casey Fortune Hall Lutz Mcrrick Simpson, D. 442 ZETA TAU ALPHA 2420 LcContc Avenue. Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1898 Upsilon Chapter established 1915 Seventy-two Chapters SENIORS Dorothea Barnett Bclva Brinck Leola Dixon Dagmar Hageness Margaret Hunter ' Ethel Berne Evalyn Brady Anna Brunner Margaret Harvie Annalinc Jorgensen Francelia Knapp JUNIORS Ethel Larsen Ruth Ann Pierce Elizabeth Schuster Janet Stewart Jeanne Taylor Marjoric Myers Elizabeth Ritchie Janet Sillers Naomi Smith Janc Thielscn Marian Young SOPHOMORES Claudia Allison Audrey Anderson Gcnevicvc Arcularius Katherine Bibb Jane Edwards Kathryn Heck Ruth Huntsinger Helen Lynip FRESHMEN C. Elizabeth Cadogan Bctte Croplcy Margaret Fagcol Vivian Green Shirley Harder Abscnt on leave. Dcnneta McClung Ruth Maharry Eugenia Rutherford ' Carol Schmidt Barbara Sillers Maxine Wallace Lcanore Wallach Doris Wright Georgia Kohnke Elsie Ramsey Evelyn Schlicting Margaret White Burdettc Winklcr Barnett Brinck Dixoo Hageness Larsen icrce Schuster Sccwart Berne Brady Brunner Harvie Jorgensen Knap itchic Siller . J. Smith Youne Allison Anderson Arcularius Bibb Edw: adogan Lrnip Croplcy McClunjt Fageol Maharrr Green Rutherford Harder Schmidt Ramsey Sillers, B. SchlichnoK Wallace hiie Walla Wink 443 FRATERNITIES AND FOREIGN STUDENT NU SIGMA NU 1495 4th Avenue. Founded at Phi Chapter Thirty-se the University of Michigan, 1882 established 1900 en Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES rbcrt W. Allen ThomasJ. Lennon Emmet Allen Frederick G. Lindc WiltiamJ. Ken- Fred H. Krusc Sanford V. Larkey Wallace I. Terry Edward W. Twitchell Roscoe G- Van Nuys lip Arnot Hans Lisscr xanderG. Bartlett John L. Loutzenhciscr Glenn Bell William P. Lucas lliam L. Bender Frank W. Lynch dley W. Bennet William R. Lyons Albert E. Larsen Robert L. Lcggc Milton B. Lcnnon J. Homer Woolsey Robertson Ward Harold G. Watson Clyde Welsh derick H. Bcntcen GcorgeJ. McChcsncy wford A. Bost Joseph L. McCool deric C. Bost Joseph S. McGuinness Roy H. Briggs Robert C. Martin ward A. Brown Stacy R. Metticr win L. Bruck Paul Michael nard W. Buck Herbert C. Moffitt SENIORS Fred C. Blake Francis L. Chamberlain Parker Hollingsworth J. Radford Linn Earl L. White HoraceJ. McCorklc Wallace Proctor Arthur H. Rice Harold I. Sipman rk Burnham.Jr. Oscar K. Mohs rodoreC. Burnett John M. Moore e L. Carr William G. Moore Edward F. Healey JUNIORS Henry W. Scott os U. Christie Clayton D. Mote Allen T. Hinman Avcry E. Wood derick Cordes Howard Naffziger Raymond V. Rukke Reuben H. Zumwalt rbert Crall Horace C. Pitkin dford F. Dcaring Vaclav I. Podstata n H. Dorn Robert L. Porter rbcrt McLean Evans Robert L. Richards Wayne Chcsbro SOPHOMORES Ralph White James Terry ward W. Fleming Charles T. Rosson Iter S. Franklin Albert H. Rowe FRESHMEN yd E. Hardgravc Glenvillc Y. Rusk hard W. Harvey W. Bruce Sargent red H. Heald Irwin C. Schumacher Paul M. Aggeler Gerald G.Gill Howard Graham Homer C. Pheasant Ugo Pucci William O. Reinhardt n M. Holmes Edward B. Shaw George D. Husscr Gordon W. Richmond rrcn D. Homer Harry C. Shcpardson Harry E. Peters Felix R. Rossi nkL. Kelly Daniel W. Sooy NormanJ. Silva n III i Chamberlain Linn McCorkle Prcctor Rice Sipman White, E. Healey Hinman Rukke Wood , Scott White, R. Zumwalt Aggeler Chcsbro Gill Husscr Peters Pheasant Pucci Reinhardt Rossi Silva Tcrrv 446 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA 100 Judah Scrcct, San Francisco. Founded at Dartmouth Medical Sigma Chapter established 1899 Fifty-six Chapters UKIVEESTTT ASSOCIATES L.C.Abbott E.I. Ben H F MM Z E Bolin L. Bryan E. C. ' Boll W. A- Carroll JH. Carton A G Clark E W dory T. W. Cornwall A. R. Cmlin W.G Dooald M. W. Debeaham G E Ehnght E H Falconer J X Forcr F.S. Fooce C.Gcfan G H H, E. W. Henknoo C. L.Hog M. N. HOOKT ' . F. Hoyt v T ; F. W. H. A.K. Cilgore E. S. Kilgort A. P. O. Lmdl S. P. LKia C. J. Lndord H.MarkcJ D. Mrf iaor H. Miller .J. Milkncr K. O. Moodr H Morrow S Oisoo J. A. Oral G. W.Pxicc S. T. Pope W. A Powdl T E. RrrnoMs H Ionics H H.Sctrl B.SCDBC J. C W. fajlar M.Shma ' R Soto-Hill A. M. VoJlCT W. W. W. A Weeks M. S. Wootf Robert E. Biakc James D. Coulter Ray . Croocmillcr Ardnr I. Flcnkcr i ij- IXOBM tines Robert Karkcr Darrdl Hawle - JohnW. Moore ' alter W. Port Jack V. Brown Fred D. Fisher Howard Hand CT- ::- _ -. - : ... EdwiaCluna JaiacsFJlxK Larm ' Denov RoblerN. Ellis ' College, 1888 INTEKKES Clarence LVood SENIOKS JUNIOBS MiltooR Jooes Francis K . Kearner Philip V. Lamb Arthur McDowell Calvin L. Stewart AreryStn Stanley R. Tn Llewellyn Wilsoo Ocho T! Wood fa SOPHOMORES John Spencer FRESHMEN Mian J. Reoish 5ZB Gerald Grenshaw Elwood Lyman M -- i Mnl -. ..... ;.._ - Douglas M.-Keller JanKC. Luce loon Port Fisher . ' . -.-,:- .,.-:, Elliot - Wood RadclnT Brown IM EpB 447 PHI CHI 10 Judah Street, San Francisco. Founded at the University of Vermont, 1889 Pi Delta Phi Chapter established 1908 Sixty-two Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES SENIORS Gerald F. Banks Edwin I. Bartlett H. M. F. Behneman T. Floyd Bell Perry Bonar Curie L. Cal lander William E. Carter Auguste Gauthier LeRoy K. Gay Thomas E. Gibson Edgar L. Gilcrest Keane O. Haldeman George C. Hensel Val C. Holmcr O. W. Jones, Jr. William A. Key L. B. Lawrence S. H. Mentzer Hartzell H. Ray Raymond Reitzel George K. Rhodes Verne Ross J. R. Sharpsteen R. S. Sherman Sydney K. Smith Wallace B. Smith Francis S. Smyth Ernest L. Walker G. K. Weaver J. Gordon Adams James F. Brady C. Edward Cocks GRADUATES Raymond Johansen Marion Swanson J. Walter Wilson W. Gordon Winter James Dalton Frank Mayner Ralph Cressman Albert Jackson Gerald Banks Walter Brignoli William Currv John Austin Robert Avers Robert Duncan Alexis Maximov Dallas Wagner SOPHOMORES FRE Maurice Zeff William Mills Maurice Oliva DeWard Jones John Reese Wayne Hume Roland Jantzen Rov Ouer Walter Miller Henry Purlmutter Frederick Schroeder Michael Shimkin Oliva Curry Maximov Dalton Jantzen Miller Mills Austin Pcrlmuttcr Wagner Aycrs Oucr Cressman Brignoli Schrocdcr Jackson Duncan Shimkin Banks Hume Zeff 448 XI PSI PHI 745 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco. Founded at Ann Arbor, 1889 Iota Chapter established 1895 Forty-four Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES JUNIORS George L. Bean F. C. Bettencourt George W. Cowden C. W. Craig A. dc Ferrari Donald Graham C. Dudley Gwinn George W. Hahn F. H. Hare H. Walter Harrison Chester W. Johnson Howard M. Johnston Lawrence W. Larson B. E. Lischcr Guy S. Millberry H. A. Naglc Ernest M. Sctzer K. F. Tcrwilligcr Lloyd Welty Scymore L. Winslow J. L. Wood CharlesJ. Zappettini SENIORS Norton A. Archer R. Russell Crane Roscoe H. DeWitt Erwin W. Ferbcr John C. Golden Herbert J. Graham, Jr. Ellard M. Truscott Mclvin G. Henningscn A.J. Ker J. Arthur Rodgcrs Frank Ross man Edwin S. Shearer Louis J. Silva Edward R. Ashcraft Lawrence G. Englesby Stanley F. Erpf Rcimers D. Kocpk: Donald McCormack Howard J. Scyfarth Joseph Zingheim SOPHOMORES William Campbell Oscar E. Finch Harry Carlson Miles R. Hudson Roy Cowden Norman O. Jenssen Howard Cunningham James H. Kleiscr Norman L. Wihr FRESHMEN Lcighton P. Brownton Fred Heitman Charles D. Hemphill Sheldon Judson William McGann George Wayne Rogers Oval Schrocbel George Tarot Donald P. White Robert L. Whitney inn Ros man Zingheim Brownton 449 KAPPA PSI 964 Ashbury Street, San Francisco. Founded at Columbia University, 1879 Beta Gamma Chapter established 1910 Forty-nine Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES SENIORS Dr. H. C. Biddle W. Dean J.W.Millar W. B. Philip J. Wells P. A. Shaw H. H. Tucker J. M. Wells L. S. Whitmore GRADUATES S. Dean, Jr. Keith Breckenridge Warren Christensen Joseph Filippini James Ford Hall D. Hall Wallace Jones Kenneth Kupfrian Jaspar Monti Kenneth P. Outland Edwin Rathbun Walter Whittock JUNIORS Walter Bettencourt John Bresnan Arnold Cooper Neil Desmond Lester Amick SOPHOMORES Donald Eich Warne Lark Claire Wills Don Wool wine Francis Garrett Jones Bresnan Christensen Kupfrian Desmond Filippini Monti Eich Ford Outland Woolwine Hall Rathbun Amick Whittock Garrett 450 DELTA SIGMA DELTA 330 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco. Founded at the University of Michigan, 1882 Zcta Chapter established 1891 Thirty-two Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Juniors Dr. Harold Bjomstrom Dr. E. Finger Dr. Harrv Frisbic Dr. Hugh Gale Dr. Earl Lussier Dr. Norman Lussier Dr. Ralph McVey Dr. J. A. Marshall Dr. J. V 7 . Mitchell Dr. Dr. L. E. Noc Dr. Edwin Rissbcrgcr Dr. W. B. Ryder, Jr. Dr. A. E. Scott Dr. James Sharp Dr. William Sharp Dr. E. V Street Dr. Allan Suggett Dr. Robert Tuckcy Fred Wolfsohn GRADUATES Curtis Klein Donald Fish Glenn Griffin Fred Hadclcr Vcrnon Van Muvs John O. Wilkins SENIORS Arthur Hembergcr Rollo La Berge Keith Sanford Andrew Clark Emorv Cudworth Milton Iverson Charles Ljnfcsty William McCarthy Jack Mayer Robert Pettit Thomas Brown Jack Curran Clayton Kaps Ellsworth Kelly Warren D. More, Jr. Henry F. Rodegcrdts SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Philip Rasori John Ricde Ernest Rowc Louis Schmohl Ray Lussier William Patterson Clifton Wemple ...-:-: ; . ..:.--- I -T-- Clark McCarthy ' -. Codworth 25- Iverson Perm . . :-- .: Ricd: P. Mart Itowc Wanplc 451 SENIORS LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA San Francisco. Founded at Boston, 1910 Zeta Chapter established 1920 Seventeen Chapters Mary Etta Gratiot Madeline Hoit Agnes Jennings Amy L. Moran Annette Occhiena Aileen Mae Rhoades Angela Davis Dorothy Meeker JUNIORS Alice Holm SOPHOMORES Ruth Alice Montgomery Gratiot Hoit Jennings Mcran Occhiena Rhoades Davis Holm 452 ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA San Francisco. Founded at the University of Minnesota, 1922 Alpha Chapter established 1924 Four Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Harriet Fitzgerald Dr. Charlotte Greenhood Tcssic Curran Frances French GRADUATES Ruth Schwantes Clydcne Terrell Eleanor White SENIORS Martha Cummings Grace Willis JUNIORS Willeta Gray Lucille Thornton Cummings Willis Gray Thornton 453 CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB 2600 Etna Street. Founded at the University of California, 1913 One Chapter UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES JUNIORS M. P. Cheo T.C.Lin Dr. B.C.Wong Wing-York Jue Kar Y. Leung Dr. N. Wing Mah Allyn Lee Albert Lew GRADUATES Ban T. Lee Nancy Lim TaT. Chan T. M.Dzu ' Teh S. Fan Wing Tow Jue Choh-MingLi Cheng-Chuan Ko Tung Y. Lin Hin Pao Kung Wei W. Lin Hannah T. Lee Howard Low James R. Lee Edward Mock Louise Lee Raymond Ng Lawrence Fong YanFu Asta Gee George Y. Lee King C. Louie Kam Fong Lee Shun Teh Ma Lun Ching Lee Tsing-yuen Ni Ton W. Lee Andrew F. Poon William Leong NuiBoTang Aaron Tom PonQ.Jee Sarah Lee Ting-kwan Pan SOPHOMORES Harry Jue MuYaoWilliam Leigh Wai Hon Tam Ada Chan BenholmGoon Lien Che Tu Frank Yee Edward Chan Wing-Git Jue SENIORS John S. Chin Cora Lee ChackChan Dora A. Lee Ethel Lum Emma Dong Etta Lee Frank W. Dun Henry D. Lee Tuck Tom Edward E. Fong Allen Lew Edward Gee Wing Lew Him M. Wong Carolyn Wong George Hall Djoh-i Li Eda Yee FRESHMEN John Jan Guy W. Lai James B. Lim Poe-Eng Yu Frank Louie Lily C. Yugn Janet C.Chan Andrew Dong Pauline L. Chew Eli Eng James Louie Harry B. Chin Here S. Eng JUNIORS Philip S. Chinn Fulton F. Fong Glenn C. Chan Edna Dong Herbert Gee Silas Chinn Richard Fong Edward F. Chin Hector Eng Jeanette Gin Arthur Chong Daisy Ginn Eugene L. Chin Helen M. Fong Tim Jang Edward F. Dea Ngai-Ho Hong Harry Chong Jacob Fong CoyleL. Jue David A . Lee Clara Tom William Tom Edward Tong Philip R. Wong Thomas Wong Victor Wong Worley Wong Rose Yee Wah B. Lew EdwinOw ' yang James L. Tong Jin Wing Bing Wong Samuel Wong Frank Y. Lee Toy Len Lee Lona Lowe Kathryn Quock Dorothy Wing William Wong Winifred Yick Jcc Fong, L. Jan Lai Louie Lum Lcc, B. Gin Lcc, H. Lim Low Ng Chan Chew Chong, A. Lcc, F. Lowe Lcong Ycc Chin Chong, H, Tom Dong Wing Wong Fong, H. Tang Yick 454 JAPANESE STUDENTS CLUB 1 777 Euclid Avenue. Founded at the University of California, ' ! 91 3 Local Chapter established 1913 OneCha GRADUATES Kenji Fujiwara Tamao Monden Richard Motoyoshi Henry Tsurutani Siberius Saito Ruiza Shiota George Tsukamoto SEVIOKS Tsuncichiro Baba F. Aiji Endo Henry Hayashi Kazumi Kasuga Henry Kazato Henry Kiyomura Shigeru Kozakura Koki Kumamoto Shigeo Kawamoto Michael Matsushima Shuichi Wokada Harry Mayeda Mamoru Mikami Masayoshi Morino Koji Murata Theodore Ohashi Takco Okamoto Hiroshi Onishi George Oyama Kikuo Taira Robert Takenaga George Baba Kazuo Higashiuchi Shigeru Koba Gerald Kobayashi Roy Kuwamoto George Morey George Obata Kenjiro Baba Takco Baba William Enomoto Taichiro Hori Masao Hoshino Ichiro Isokawa Masayoshi Itatani Itsume Kawamoto JUNIORS Thomas Okada Fred Oshima Paul Sugawara Mamoru Taoka Albert Umino Henry Yamamoto Hiroshi Yamashita SOPHOMORES Ari Inouye Nobuo Kajiwara Edward Kuroishi M. George Nakano Ha )imc Kondo Fred Morioka Harry Naka Ken-Ichi Nishimoto Morris Saito Roy Watanabc Taka Yamazaki Tomomasa Yamazaki Kazuo Yanagisawa FRESHMEX Kimio Obata Ernest Takahashi hvao Tanaka T. Tad Tomita Frank Yoshimura ILL 455 HONOR SOCIETIES PHI BETA KAPPA (Scholastic Honor Society) Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 Local Chapter established 1898 One Hundred and Fourteen Chapters EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President Vice-President Vict-Prtjidcnt V ice-President Stcrttary-Treasurtr Recording Secretary . . . Edward N. Barnhart Daniel Posin President Vice-President . Secretary COUNCILLORS Jane E. Gabbert STUDENT COUNCIL .J. S. P. Tatlock Max Radin .Franz Schneider J. M. D. Olmsted . L. A. Harper .A. H. Rowbotham Victor F. Lenzen Pauline Sperry Frances Carter Alyce E. Ayer Edward N. Barnhart John Y. Beach Cornelia M. Belshaw Leslie L. Bennett Barbara D. Blanchard William Giles Boardman Vera Briggs Evelyn A. Bright Alice G. Calleri Dudley A. Cameron, Jr. Frances Carter John T. Cheney Winifred Cochran George R. Corrigan Camilla M. Courneen Lorin W. Denny Hattie Dyk Josephine Esterly Helen M. Eveleth Alvin J. Fabris Elizabeth E. Farrell Lyman R. Fink MaryJ. Forkner Edith M. Garin Yetta Abend Cynthia L. Burroughs Valera M. Carlson Seville D. Chapman John A. Hussey Graduated December, 1932. COUNCILLORS Louisa S. Hickox Ruth B. Russell SENIORS Sam S. Gill Elizabeth C. Griffin Corinne A. Hellier Louise Hildebrand Alice M. Hindshaw Barbara J. Hudson Evelyn E. Huston Frederick M. Jaync Frances L. Johnson Leslie M. Kessler Leonid A. Klatchkin George Kuznets Myrle R. Lampson A. Elinor Lowell Ethel C. Lum Mary N. Maher Edward H. Malloy Alexis G. Maximov Mary C. Maxon Edward J. Meehan Mary V. Montgomery Mary B. Moore Eleonor Morris Manfred Mueller Benjamin H. Neiden John Oxtoby JUNIORS H. Stewart Kimball Orval Klose Elizabeth E. Lodge Etsuko Murayama Paul S. Nathan .Edward N. Barnhart .Louise Hildebrand .Josephine F. Esterly Irving H. Wiesenfeld Mary E. Painter GallikJ. Pogrebnyak Elizabeth Price Clara Roitenstein John T. Ronan Deborah Rothbard-Schwartz Eloise J. Ryan Francis J. Saunders Pauline Schulthess Michael B. Shimkin Cornelius Siemens E. Elizabeth Smart Alma M. Smith Charles Speroni David L. Stevenson Rae Strickland Howard B. Thomas John W. Thomas Fred C. Von der Lage Annette N. Wachs Thomas C. Warren Victor Welge Irving H. Wiesenfeld Poe-Eng Yu Charles A. Zeller Lillian L. Nuckolls Henry L. Silvani Wakefield Taylor Margaret A. Wilson Ada M. Wood 458 TAU BETA PI National Engineering Scholastic Honor Society) Founded at Lehigh University, 1885 Local Chapter established 1997 Fifty -eight Chapters FALL OFFICERS SPRING Prtsultnt Vta-PraUemt C Ttfptmdn Secretary Reftraar, Secretary Treasurer Andrew M. Hunt Andrew C. Lawson Arthur C. Alvarez Anders J. Carlson Virgil H. Cherry Clarence L. Corv Charles F. Dalziel Dan, 1 D. Davis Harmcr E. Davis Raymond E. Davis Charles Dcrlcth, Jr. Charles R. Dodson Bernard A. Etchcverry Francis S. Footc, Jr. Charles F. Bedford William P. Berggrcn Louis A. Demon tc Carlton Cherry Robert R. Coats Phillip N. Fletcher Thomas A. Atkinson Rov N. Bowman Robert I. Bradley Henry P. Care Mvron G. Cropscy George H. Denison Jacob H. Douma Thomas A. Dunlap Clark J.Egan Lyman R. Fink Jack F. Fisher Edgar J. Garba rini Jacob D. Kemp Howard F. Kiev Friedrich H. Kothc Jack B. Baines Thomas A. Betters worth Emmet G. Cameron .Edgar J. Garbarini George N. Newhall Louis R. Rockholt Fred C. V r on dcr Lagc Paul A. Nelson William B. Tucker PrrllJtia Vict-t ' resident RenrJinf, Secretary. Treasurer Cataloguer .George N. Ncwhall E. Palmer Tucker, Jr. Louis R. Rockholt .William P. Winn Friedrich H. Kothc William B. Tucker HONORARY William Mulholland Thomas A. Rickard Alexander S. Russell UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leonard F. Fuller Frank M. Go van John S. Hamilton Ernest A. Hcrsam G. H. Hickox Carlton D. Hulin Charles G. Hyde Joseph N. LcConte George D. Louderback Thomas C. McFarland Bertram W. Meyer Warren C. Perry GRADUATES Raymond E. Gauthier Allen V. Hcrshey Hugh H. Hyde Henry C. Kruger Ronald T. Macdonald Dclmore Pcdgrift SENIORS Henrv G. Lindblom Herbert Lorenzen William J. McLcod William S. Moody Paul A. Nelson Prcntiss C. Nelson George N. Newhall Thomas H. Peterson Egor P. Popoff Charles L. Reasoner Burris L. Robertson Louis R. Rockholt John T. Ronan Wilfred H. Roy John W. Schroder F. Kent Scrkland JUNIORS Howard Q. Duguid Edgar E. Gialdini Leslie A. Irvin William R. L ' Hommcdieu James B. Speed Clarence R. Weymouth George L. Powell Frank H. Probert Benedict F. Rabcr I - rcr E. Reukema Burns L. Robertson Thomas A. Rogers Robert G. Sproul Nicholas L. Taliaferro George E. Troxcll Lester C. Urcn Walter S. Weeks Baldwin M. Woods Harold R. Porter John E. Rinne Lawrence M. Roberts Angel J. Samaniego Neil R. Sparks Ira Morgan White Harvard P. Stewart J. Willard Stout Joseph J. Strutzcl Robert K. Sturgess Gerald J. Thomas William T. Thomson E. Palmer Tucker, Jr. William B. Tucker Channing P. Van Camp Fred C. Von dcr Lagc Carl E. Watson Hugh F. Welch Victor Wclgc Irwin T. Wctzcl William P. Winn Raymond A. Lindblom Frederick H. Mcadowcroft Charles B. Robertson 459 ORDER OF THE GOLDEN BEAR (Senior Men ' s Society) Founded at the University of California, 1900 Local Chapter established 1900 One Chapter David P. Barrows William H. Boynton Frederick R. Brockhagen John U. Calkins, Jr. William W. Campbell Walter M. Christie Richard M. Clendenin Clarence L. Cory Fred W. Cozens William H. Crocker Stephen W. Cunningham Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Edward A. Dickson William G. Donald Guy C. Earl Carroll M. Ebright Sidney M. Ehrman Clinton W. Evans William W. Ferrier, Jr. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Martin C. Flaherty Mortimer Fleishhacker Edwin L. Garthwaite Chaffee E. Hall Samuel M. Haskins Elbert A. Hugill Alexander M. Kidd Burton A. King Harry L. Kingman Frank L. Kleeberger Nicholas F. Loundagin Garret W. McEnerney Deming G. Maclise Orrin K. McMurray Guy S. Millberry Ralph D. Miller Herbert C. Moffitt William W. Monahan Russell Nagler John F. Neylan Luther A. Nichols Louis O ' Brien Edmond O ' Neill Clarence M. Price H. Kenneth Priestley Frank H. Probert Thomas M. Putnam Charles A. Ramm Charles H. Raymond Leon J. Richardson Chester H. Rowell Robert Sibley Robert G. Sproul Frank C. Stevens Robert M. Underhill Edwin C. Voorhies Earl Warren Chauncey W. Wells Willard H. Wilde I. King Wilkin George H. Ackley Everett J. Brown, Jr. Francis L. Chamberlain William J. Davis Russell C. Ewing Frederick S. Farr Francis H. Frederick GRADUATES James H. Freeman H. Rowan Gaither,Jr. Robert I. Kinney William B. Mead Everitt L. Mossman Arnold E. Needham Marion B. Plant Herbert Resner John A. Reynolds Nathan D. Rowley Francis A. Smart Joseph G. Smith Carl R. Vendt Kenneth L. White Charles C. Bagg Robert G. Ballachey Jack P. Benjamin Frank H. Buck, Jr. Harry Butler, Jr. Augustus L. Castro Volney H. Craig, Jr. HarlanJ. Dunning Sam S. Gill NorrisJ. Graham Duncan S. Gregg Winslow W. Hall SENIORS S. Price Hoppin C. Franklin Howell Frank J. Kockritz Wesley R. Lachman William W. Lobdell Byron N. Luther John S. Mason James E. Mattox James A. Miles Theodore T. Ohashi William A. Peterson Powell H. Rader Jack N. Read Glenn H. Rogers Edwin L. Salisbury David F. Selvin Redmond C. Staats, Jr. Walter B. Stafford Richard C. Tozer Robert D. Tucker Leon Valianos Thomas C. Warren Irving H. Wiesenfeld George W. Wolfman 460 WINGED HELMET (Junior Men ' s Honor Society " Founded at the University of California, 1901 One Chapter J. T. Allen D. P. Barrows H. E. Bolton W W. Campbell C. E. Chapman Walter Christie C. L Cory F. W. Cozens I. B. Cross M. E. Deutsch W. G. Donald Carroll Ebright Clinton Evans R. G. Gcttell H. F. Grady Robert Hemphill J. H. Hildcbrand H. G. Houvincn B. M. Woods fKIVEKSTTT ASSOCIATES C. G. Hyde Ham Kingman Edward London J. N. LeContc A. O. Lcuschncr J. P. McBaine J. F. MacKenzie D. G. Maclise W. W. Monahan Guy Montgomery E. C. Moore W. C. Morgan Russell Napier L. A. Nichols W. D. Norton Louis O ' Brien Edmood O ' Neill F. C. Palm Pierce Works C. M. Price H. I. Priestley H K. Priestley F. H. Probert T. M. Putnam C. H. Raymond L. J. Richardson C. H. Rowell W. A. Sctchell Robert Sibley R. G. Sproui I. F. Too racy C. R. Voltz E. C. Voorhics Robertson Ward C W. Wclk Willard H. Wilde I. K. Wilkin Robert G. Ballachcy Frank H. Buck, Jr. Carl H. Bumham Augustus L. Castro Sherman Checkering William A. Clayton Harlan J. Dunning Martin C. Franich, Jr. John R. Fritschi John J. Gallagher A. Russel Gallaway, Jr. John A. Gorham Sherlock D. Hacklev SEXIOS Richard C. Ham James P. Hcalcy S. Price Hoppin William H. Houston C. Franklin Howcll Arthur B. Hyde Frank K. Jackson, Jr. Frank J. Kockritz Howard J. Lackey Law ton W. Langdon Byron N. Luther James R. MacKav James E. Mattox James A. Miles Russell Pierce Powell H. Radcr Jack N. Read G. Frederick Reinhirdr Glenn H. Rogers Clement V. Rousseau Arthur C. Scttlagc Redmond C. Staats, Jr. Walter B. Stafford Leon Valianos Charles D. Vantress Thomas C. Warren George W. Wolfman James R. Barry Leo farrapli " Valentine Brookes OtisD. Brown Arthur W. Carlson Selah Chamberlain, Jr. Charles Robert Chandler Roger W. Chickcring Howard J. Christie Robert L. Condon Edwin Theodore Cooper, Jr. William C. Coughlan George W. Degnan Walter Paul deMartini Richard Dinkelspiel Wilbur R. Donaldson Robert Jackson Drcwes JDHIOKS Gordon S. Dunlap Charles Boycr Forsc John B. Foster Pier Gherini Thomas P. Grace James W. Griffith Edwin Carl Hagen Charles H. Hein Clarence J. Hcrmlc Rudolph Hodges Paul Adams Johanson Glen Kazcbcer Robert A. Kiesel Charles J. Leigh ton Joseph A. Lowe A. James McColIum Stephen Knight McGaffcy Hugh Douglas McKenzie J. Warren Manuel, Jr. Robert E. Marskey George E. Martin Edwin L. Means Glenn Aitchlson Miller William J. Milliken Gurdcn A. Mooser Richard Moulthrop John Ransomc Morris Eugene Smith Wallace Adclbert Smith. Jr. Wakcficld Taylor Jacobus ten Brock Van Sycklc Trefcthcn Philip R. Wcstdahl Mclvin R. Whitman Edward R. Wood 461 MORTAR BOARD (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) Founded at Syracuse, New York, 1918 Local Chapter established 1924 Fifty-two Chapters Louise Cobb UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Helen Fancher Dean Alice Hoyt Dean Lucy W. Stebbins Mary Sue Bedford Belva Brinck Eileen Delmore Anna Devine SENIORS Lois Edbrooke Corinne Hellier Helen Lang Barbara Morgan Dorothy Rubel Jeanette Steele Alida Stewart May Ellen Tebbc Lang Steele Tebbe Edbrooke MORTAR BOARD Rubel Devine Morgan Bedford Stewart Hellier Brinck Delmore 462 Fay Allen Eleanor Bartlett Josephine Blaisdell Ethel Cadman Elizabeth Campbell L. S. Cobb Ina Craig Blanche Cross Lucile Czarnowski Constance Daggctt Mary Davidson Alice Deutsch Louise Akesson Dorothy Andrews Gwendolyn Beaver Man. ' Sue Bedford Belva Brinck Eileen Del more Anna Devinc Rose-Marie Dickinson Eleene Doughty Alice Bcchtcl Eleanor Breed Marian Cramer Ruth Cutten Julia Dow Betty Gcrw-ick Margaret Hoey PRYTANEAN (Women ' s Honor Society Founded at the University of California, 1930 Two Chapters HONOR AS Y MEMBERS Helen Fancher Leslie Gaynard Agnes Hart Frances Haseltine Ethel Hatfield Mrs. Herring Alice Hoyt Mae Lent Mrs. Jane MacFarlane Mrs. Alfred McLaughlin Violet Marshall Elizabeth Mattcrn Cora Williams Leonora Woods Edna Ncwgrcn Mrs. Luther Nichols Emily Noble Mrs. L. Pactow Jessica Peixotto Catherine Stone Sibley Ida Sproul Lucy Stebbins Rosalie Stern Grace Stockwcll Mary Wells Amv Wheeler SENIORS Jane Eshleman Emma Jean Fuller Elizabeth Gash Corinnc Hellier Hazel Holly Gretchen Johnston Helen Lang Ella Long Barbara Morgan JUNIORS Gertrude Jane Kennedy France! ia Knapp Katherinc Koford Elisabeth Mullcr Kate Northcotc Marjorie Porter Martha Putnam Eleonor Morris Etoilc Peck Jane Rea Dorothy Rubcl Jcanette Stcclc Dorothy Stevenson May Ellen Tebbc Dorothy Trumbull Natalie Van Clcvc Betty Riddcll Elizabeth Schuster Janet Sillers Mary Fenton Thomas Herma Wcrtsch Margaret West Zoe Wyllic Tcbbc Trumbull AN OFFICERS Beaver Akesson Mack 463 SKULL AND KE S Kiesel, Craig, Ballachey, Koclcritz, Jones, Burr Franich, Ham, Bccdy, Schultz, Hawxhurst, Lackey, Gallaway, Settlage, Hall, Easterbrooks, Chickering, Gherini, Stewart, Miles, Lowe Rousseau, MacKay, Trefethen, Holabird, Pierce, Fritschi, Langdon, Healey Coughlan, Brown, Dunlap, Hoppin, Valianos, Martin, Forse, Means, McGaffey, Dinkelspiel 464 SKULL AND KEYS Intcrfratcmity Social Organization) Founded at the University of California, 1892 One Chapter David P. Barrows Dr. Boles Paul Cadman John V. Calkins, Jr. Charles Chapman Walter Christie Clarence Corv Monroe E. Deutsch William G. Donald Newton B. Drury Carrol M. Ebright Capt. Neil Edmund Coloncl G. C. Edwards James K. Fisk Martin C. Flaherty Stanley B. Frccborn Horace R. Gaither HONOCAKY Everett Glass Lieut. Harvey Grccnlaw Robert Hemphil! Norman E. Hinds John Hosstctter James B. Hutchison Alexander M. Kidd Peter B. Kync E. Landon Karl C. Leebrick Mathcw C. Lynch John Mackenzie Walter E. Magce Ralph P. Merritt Clinton R. Morse Russell Nagler Eugen Neuhaus John Frances Neylan Edmund O ' Neill F. C. Palm Major G H. Pcabody Thomas H. Putnam Thomas F. Sanford lames G. Schacffer William A Setcbell Andrew Latham Smith George A. Smithson Robert G. Snroul Edward G. Stricklen Major J. S. Switzer Charics R. Volz Edwin C. Voorhics Benjamin Wallace Benjamin Ide Wheeler Carl Zamloch James Phillip Bowman Gene Elcrding James Hcory Freeman William F. ' Hall G.vDl.ATES Robert Harris Thomas Hickcy Joseph Kintana Garret W. McEncmcy Frank Mcdanich Willard Lcc Pope Robert Rosson James Sheridan Carl Vendt William Abbot Robert Ballachcy Harry Brittingham Major Burr Sherman Chickering William Craig David Dunlap Thomas Dwcllc Gerald Easterbrooks Martin Franich.Jr. John Fritschi L ' lrich Fritschi Russcl Gallaway, Jr. Nathan Graham Duncan Gregg Winslow Hall Richard Ham SEXIOS John Hanlon Leonard Hawxhurst James Hcalcy Evans Holabird Price Hoppin Nathaniel Hoskot Austin Jones Frank Kockritz Howard Lackey Law ton Langdon CarlLischcr John Lowe Byron Luther James MacKay Jack Mason Roderick Mays Mike Meyers James Miles Michael Murray Gerald Neasham Robert Neuhaus Gerald Nicolaysen Russell Pierce Victor Rankin Frederick Reinhardt Clement Rousseau Henry Schaldach Herbert Schultz Bod Scott Arthur Scttlage John Sncad Redmond Staats, Jr. Leon Valianos Charles Vantress Lawrence Wcstdahl J. Crosby Bccdy Otis Brown Arthur Carlson William Coughlan George Dcgnan Richard Dinkelspiel ' Deceased Jtrxios Gordon Dunlap Charics Forse Pier Ghcrini Clarence Hermlc Robert Kiesel Stephen McGaffcy George Martin Edwin Leslie Means James Prcssley John Ransome Charles Stewart Van Trefcthcn Philip Westdahl 465 Pm PHI Werner, Watt, Buck, Phelps, Manuel, Hodges, Moulthrop, Turner, Lachman, Rader, Mattox Cahn, O. Lundgren, Holman, Hawks, Towne, Howell. Donaldson, Milburn, Pool, Ricketts, Wisler, Smith Masters, Spilker, McCormick, McCollura, Hyde, Stathem, Coar, Hoey, Duarte 466 PHI PHI National Interfraterniry Honor Society Founded at the University of Washington, 1917 Local Chapter established, 1921 Eight Chapters N Dai-id P. Barrows Paul F. C Amm Charles E. Chapman Walter Christie Charles Dcrleth, Jr. HOXOXAIT Monroe E. Dcursch Dr. William Donald Carroll Ebright Clinton Evans Charles G. Hyde George D. Louderback Franklin C. Palm Frank H. Probert Charles Raymond Robert G. Sproul Benjamin Idc Wheeler GRADUATE Laurence Pool Roger Alain William W. Alving Jack Benjamin Charles Seville Emil Biavaschi Frank Brown Frank Buck, Jr. William Clayton Jack Dennison Sam Gill Clarence Granger i. : : GfCCX SENIORS John Hawks Herman Hoi man C. Franklin Howell Charles R. Johnson Wesley Lachman JohnMalone James Martox John Milburn Theodore Nix Carl Pcdcrscn Gordon Phclps Powell Rader Ed K:.: i-_- BertRicketts Lawrence Scifcrt Philip Shipley Morrow Steadman Paul Stathem Leslie Thompsoc Gerald Towne Thomas Townsend William Watt Arthur Werner Lester Williams, Jr. Julian M. White Joseph Cahn Charles Chandler Richard Coar Wilbur Donaldson Lc ' i- Dum William Henderson J. Rudolph Hodges Deceased . - x : -. J UNICES J. Francis Hoey Joseph Lowe Se rgc LB ign Oscar Londgren James McCollum James McCormick Hugh McKcnzic Warren Wisler J. Warren Manuel, Jr. Milton Masters Gnrden Mooscr Richard Moulthrop George Pagani Glenn Rogers William Smith 467 TORCH AND SHIELD (Women ' s Social Organization) Founded at the University of California, 1907 Reorganized in 1915 One Chapter HONORARY Mrs. Mary B. Davidson Kathlyn Clark Marian Clark Carol Stevens SENIORS Lilia Johnson Mary Louise Kellogg Nina Wallace Eleanor Mattel Carla Plump Alice Bechtel Eleanor Breed Elizabeth Broemmel JUNIORS Patricia Heron Betty Hill Grace Lafferty Lois McMullen Norma Powell Virginia Shumate Elizabeth van Loben Sels 468 N ACE OF CLUBS (Intcrsorority Social Organization) Founded at the University of California, 1928 One Chapter Florence Bates Wilder Broadwatcr Marion Brooks Jean Brown Catherine Burton SENIORS Eleanor Coburn Mary Graham Lilia Johnson Mary Louise Kellogg Diantha Miller Barbara Morgan Mary Elizabeth Painter Carla Plump Carol Stevens Mary Vilsack Nina Wallace Eleanor Breed Bettv Broemmcl JUNIORS Cosctte Ewer Peggy Gray Rosanna Kilpatrick Dorothy MacGavin Marjoric Smith 469 BETA BETA (Senior Men ' s Honor Society) Founded at the University of California, 1906 One Chapter Morse A. Cartwright Dr. William Donald James Fisk Stanley Freeborn Earl Voorhies HONORARY John Jennings Earle E. Leaderman Earl Leebrick Mathew Lynch Carl Zamloch John MacKenzie William W. Monahan Robert Sproul Capt. John Switzer, Jr. Richard Bradshaw George Crist Thomas Dwelle Gerald Easterbrooks Martin Franich, Jr. John Fritschi NorrisJ. Graham John Hanlon Leonard Hawxhurst, Jr. ACTIVE James Healey Price Hoppin William Houston Howard Lackey Lawton Langdon Carl Lischer John Lowe Byron Luther Thomas McGrail James MacKay James Miles Maurice Earl Myers Russell Pierce Clement Rousseau Arthur Settlage John Snead Redmond Staats, Jr. Dudley Tower Charles Van tress BETA BETA Houston, Tower, Graham, Hawxhurst, Healey, Hanlon, Rousseau, Lowe, Miles, Langdon, Lackey, Staats, Franich, Fritschi, Vantress, Hoppin, Luther, Crist, MacKay, Settlage 470 PI DELTA EPSILON Men ' s Journalistic Honor Society Founded at Syracuse University, 1909 Local Chapter established 191 8 Forty-five Chapters Prciutemt. . . Via-rnaJat SetrtUn-TruturtT OFFICES Thomas T. Townscnd, Jr. Frank H. Bock, Jr. Irving H. Wiescnfcld David P. Barrows Harold L. Bruce Monroe E. Deutsch Harold W. Ellis Benjamin P. Kurtz Rj :- Bean ga William Alving Gordon Arter Frank H. Bock, Jr. Francis Connett James Dannenbaiim Vaughn Garabcdian Walter Stafford t_ XIVESSITY ASSOCIATES William W. Monahan Lather A. Nichols Kenneth Priestley Charles H. Raymond Robert G. Sibley GlADUATES David Camp Jack Mason SEXIOKS Graham Hcid Doyd Hoff Franklin Howell Theodore Kcv Bcnianun Martin James Mattox Irving H. Wiesenfcld Robert G. Sproul Robert P. L tier Chaimcr W. Wells I. King Wilkin Edward Zeus Thomas T. Townscnd, Jr. John Milburn Arthur S. Powell Edwin Richards Marvin Rosenberg Frank Schlessingcr David Selvin Pi DELTA EPSILON Hoff, Mattox, Camp, Martin, Milburn, Alving, Arter, Schlessinger, Townscnd, Buck, Richards, Wiesenfcld, Powell, Key. Rosenberg, Garabcdian, Selvin, Dannenbaum 471 SIGMA DELTA CHI (International Professional Journalistic Honor Society) Founded at DePauw University, 1909 Local Chapter established 1923 Forty-two Chapters f ' resident Vicr-Prtsidtnt Sccrttary-Treasurtr. OFFICERS Francis R. Connett Bruce C. Yates Gordon Arter Edward E. Coblentz Charles E. Dunscombe Joseph ,. Know-land Peter B. Kyne ASSOCIATES Gouverneur Morris Wright Morton Nelson H. Partridge John E. Pickett Louis Reynolds E. Clyde Sherman James E. Wales Edward E. Zeus W. W. Campbell William E. Farnham FACULTY W. M. Hart B. H. Lehman Charles H. Ravmond Chester Rowell I. King Wilkin Gordon Arter Frank H. Buck Carl Burnham SENIORS Francis R. Connett C. Franklin Howell Richard V. Looslev Frank Senram David Selvin Walter B. Stafford Edward R. Bedigan Valentine Brookes Wilbur R. Donaldson Sam H. Woods JUNIORS Paul A. Johanson A. James McCoilum J. Warren Manuel, Jr. Bruce C. Yates Russell Palmer Irving Schoenfeld Alfred E. Weilcr 472 Jack Andrews Max Appleby Lorcn Atwood LcRoy Coburn, Jr. Darwin C. Brown J. David Cowcn Peter Dcchant William Dunlap Daniel K. Freudenthal Jack Glass Fred Archbold George Bryan Charles Dondero James Hickey Robert W. Cooler SENATE (Men ' s Debating Society " Founded at the University of California, 1900 One Chapter SENIOR MEMBERS SENIORS John Cornelius David B. Denhardt Thomas Flynn John Locke, Jr. Karl F. Lawsoa JUNIORS Robert Hamerslag Preston Johnson Boynton Kaiser Richard Licbes Theodore B. Lyman Norman Mellcr SOPHOMORES Robert Denhardt JUNIOR MEMBERS SENIOR Vadim N. Pchclkin JUNIORS Arthur B. Jacobs Edgar S. McLellanJr. J. Hcrold Mahoney Brucc Wachob SOPHOMORES John Lund FRESHMAN Lvman Griswold Robert Nelson Ruben Spannaus J. Wickson Thomas Stanlev West William E. Price Isaac Shechmeistcr Wakefieid Taylor Robert L. Usinger Jack van Groos W. Odic Wright, Jr. Benno Milmore Gordon Winton Salathiel C. Mastcrson, Jr. Daniel Phillips Irving White William L. Schocncr SENATE DEBATING SOCIETY Jacobs, Archbold, Dunlap, Lund, Hamerslag, Cowcn, Mellcr, Freudcnthal, McLellan, White Dondcro, Johnson, West, Andrews, Usinger, Kaiser, Price, Lawson, Cobum, Brown, Schoencr, Van Groos, Hickey, Flynn, Spannaus, Liebes, Lyman 473 BETA GAMMA SIGMA (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1907 Local Chapter established 1913 Thirty-five Chapters FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer . .Earl P. Erickson .John R. Dryden .Thomas P. Turner SPRING SEMESTER President Frederick M. Jayne V ice-President Hugh T. Dunham, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Dudley A. Cameron, Jr. Milton H. Epstein Milton H. Esberg Sidney L. Schwartz HONORARY William Leslie Jo y Lichtenstein Paul A. Sinsheimer Lewis Lilly Chester H, Rowell David P. Barrows Ira B. Cross Stuart Daggett Felix Fliigel John F. Forbes UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Henry F. Grady Ewald T. Grether Charles A. Gulick, Jr. Henry R. Hatfield John Paul Jones Melvin M. Knight Albert H. Mowbray Royal A. Roberts Norman J. Silberling Charles C. Staehling Charles W. Black Frank J. Boozenny Harry T. Healy GRADUATES Thomas C. Lovejoy Alfred E. Maffly Edward I. Mencoff Perham C. Nahl Edwin C. Pendleton Howard E. Stone Erling Thormod Meldon Belknap Lloyd Boling Dudley A. Cameron, Jr. Edward Conner William E. Siegert, Jr. SENIORS Hugh T. Dunham, Jr. John R. Dryden Earl P. Erickson Frederick M. Jayne Thomas P. Turner Leroy E. Johnson Leonard M. Levy Charles Lord Edwin F. Neuwirth Thomas H. Carroll Vernon E. Cuneo Hymen Shapiro JUNIORS Edward Gray Robert Hamerslag Howard G. Smigelow Loirne E. Huycke Richard A. Liebes 474 ALPHA ZETA (National Agricultural Honor Society) Founded at Ohio State University, 1897 Local Chapter established 1909 Thirty-nine Chapters R. L. Adams E. B. Babcock S. F. Bailey S. H. Beckett M. R. Benedict W. H. Chandler R. E. Clausen O. C. Compton ' P.Conrad A. Crawford B. H. Orochcron W. V. Cniess S. L. Emswellcr E. O. Essig B. A. Etchcverry S. B. Freebom W. F. Gcrickc J. W. Gilmore C. M. Hating D. Weeks L vivEsnT ASSOCIATES G. H. Hart F. M. Hayes A. H. Hcndrickson G. W. Hendrv W. B. Hcrms R. W. Hodgson E. Holbrook W. T. Home W. L. Howard M. R. Hubertv E. H. Hughes C. B. Hutchison H. A. Jones H. R Josephson J. F. Lamiman C. B. Lipman J D. Long B. A. Madson W Mulford J. F. Wilson C. A. Phillips E. L. Proebsting H. J. Quayle W. R. Ralston C. L. Roadhouse W. W. Robbins A. W. Sampson W. A. Sctchell C. F. Shaw H. W. Shepherd A. Smith R. E. Smith J L Stahl E. A. Stokdyk H. J. Stover T. F. Tavemctti J. M. Tinley H. R. Tolley E. C. Voorhics Maynard A. Amerine Clifford L. Bedford Lester J. Bern- Ben R. Burmestcr Philip V. Cardan Edward A. Coiman Joe K. Ellsworth Julius H. Frcitag George Hensill GRADUATES Claron O. Hesse Harry S. Hinkley Earl C. Lagomarsino Earl G. Linslcy William P. Mott Emil M. Mrak George T. Nordstrom Harold P. Olmo Alver J. CMsoo Benjamin R. Olson Donald R. Rush William G. Scott Laurence R. Short Francis L. Smith Leslie E. Waite Charles M. Wheeler Ernest W. Wohletz Leonard R. Wohletz Joseph S. Yuill Paul Andres Lcland E. Berriman Benjamin Bolt Daniel W. Daniclson Crcighton Goellow William B. Hewitt Roland F. Hill SEXIOKS Dariel E. Howell Floyd Ivcrson Arthur London William H Marshall Richard H. Mors Everett F. Noursc Everett B. Robinson Francis J. Saundcrs Wesley W. Spinney Thomas Thwaits Darrel M. Traugh Claude A. Wagner Eh in L. Wampler Ah-a B. Williams Veddcr Wright B. Akins Emmett A. Bloom Gene E. Brendlin Ham Caldwell JUXIOKS Eugene L. Crump Raymond J. Ernst Howard W. Harris Arthur B. Hvdc Rav O. Kusche W. Ham Lange.Jr. Kenneth E. Maxwell Dwight C. Thompson Robert L. Usingcr 475 CHI EPSILON (Civil Engineering Honor Society) Founded at the University of Illinois, 1922 Local Chapter established 1925 Ten Chapters OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER President Henry P. Gate V ice-President John ' T. Howell Corresponding Secretary Robert W. Smith Recording Secretary Melvin J. Ord Treasurer George N. Newhall SPRING SEMESTER President Jack F. Fisher V ice-President Melvin J. Ord Corresponding Secretary Robert W. Smith Recording Secretary Blair I. Burnson Treasurer Egor P. Popoff Paul Bailey HONORARY Henry J. Brunnier George J. Calder Joseph E. Carson Harmer E. Davis Raymond E. Davis Bruce Jameyson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles Derleth, Jr. Bernard A. Etcheverry Francis S. Foote Robert Gordon Sproul John S. Hamilton Sidney T. Hardins; Charles G. Hyde ' Philip N. Fletcher Raymond E. Gauthier GRADUATES Jerrold M. Gayner Paul A. Nelson Delmore Pedgrift John E. Rinne Lawrence M. Roberts Henry P. Gate Jack F. Fisher Edgar J. Garbarini John T. Howell SENIORS George N. Newhall MelvinJ. Ord Thomas H. Peterson Egor P. Popoff Charles L. Reasoner Robert W. Smith William B. Tucker Fred C, Von der Lage Blair I. Burnson JUNIORS Robert Horonjeff John H. Ludwig 476 ETA KAPPA NU , Electrical Engineering Society Founded at the University of Illinois, 1904 Local Chapter established 1915 Twenty-three Chapters OFFICERS PnsuUmt Viu-Prtsukmt CtmtfmJng Sttrtt ry. Tn nnr. Brulff CtrreiftmJtiir . Louis R. Rockhok John W. Schroder Dudley E. Ott Arthur T. Snydcr E. Palmer Tucker, Jr. Gerald J. Thomas Willard P. Bcrggren Leonard J. Black Charles F. Dalzicl Dan 1 D. Davis FACCLTY Leonard F. Fuller Thomas C. Me Fir land Bertram W. Meyer George L. Powell Lester E. ReuLeraa Burtis L. Robertson Thomas A. Rogers Baldwin M. Woods Ralph B. Brower Donald R. Hall Hugh H. Hyde Hcnrv C. Kruger William J.McLeod Wilson Tripp GKADVATES Earl R. Meissner Charles J. Miller William S. Moody Charles Mors Flovd M. Nash I. Morgan White Harold R. Porter Daniel O Rusk S. Dacre Scott Clayton Scnocff Adolph H. Shuper W. Rudd Haynie William D. Hudgins Prcntiss C. Nelson Dudlcv E. Ott Victor Wclgc SENIOKS Louis R. Rockholt Wilfred H. Roy Ludwig W. Scpmcycr Kent Serkland Jose L. Zakany Arthur T. Snyder Gerald J. Thomas William T. Thomson E. Palmer Tucker, Jr. Edgar E. Gialdini JCNIOKS Frederick H. Meadowcroft John W. Schroder DELTA SIGMA PI (Professional Commerce Society) Founded at New York University, 1907 Local Chapter established 1922 Fifty-two Chapters J. H. Corley M. M. Davisson F. Fliigel H. F. Grady UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. T. Grether J. P. Jones L. A. Nichols C. H. Raymond R. A. Roberts R. G. Sproul P. S. Taylor R. M. Underbill Roger Alaux Arthur Bivens Stanley Cocks Cecil Coulter Howard Gibson SENIORS Wesley Lachman Roy Murray Bruce Payne Powell Rader Milton Rendahl Edwin Richards Bert Ricketts Carl Schnetz William Watt Julian White William Bush Thomas Carroll JUNIORS Randall Cathcart Robert F. Cross, Jr. Rudolph Hodges Carl Moore James Barry James Gilbert Paltridge SOPHOMORES Henry Buchholz Luis Yribarren Victor McNutt 478 MASK AND DAGGER Dramatics Honor Society ; Founded at the University of California, 1908 Two Chapters Mathurin Dondo Alexander Kaon UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Guy Montgomery Eugcn Neuhaus Max Radin Sara H. Sturgcss Charles von Ncumaver Frederick Blanch ard Theodore Bowie Kenneth Priestlcv HONORARY ASSOCIJ! Alice Brainard Everett Glass Llovd Stanford Sam Hume Irving Pichcl Claude Anderson Howard M. Banks Emma G. Barbara Man- Barnett Arthur Beals AJbcrta Bccson Myron Beggs Don Blanchard Philip Boyle William Brooke Hubert Caldwcll GRADUATES Richard M. Clcndenin Edwin Duerr Gilbert Earle Frank Ferguson John Grovcr Roderick Mays Florence Mullins Virginia Oakcs Isabel V. Orton Nestor C. Paiva Constance Pcddcr Rhea Radin Robert Reese Virginia Russ Helen Schumaker Lucille Shane Pauline Stuart James Wallis Leslie Wellard A. Welsham Imogcnc Wentworth Louise Wcshons Glen Wesscls Shirley Anderson Jack P. Benjamin Frank E. Brown SENIORS Dolores M. Christy HarlanJ. Dunning Alfred S. Etchevcrry Vcra Mae Hammer Kenneth F. Mclntire Josephine E. Wixson Rose T. Wood Dorothv Bonar JUNIORS Dan M. Eckley 479 GUILD OF APPLIED ARTS (Household Arts Honor Society) Established at the University of California, 1926 One Chapter Helen W. Fancher Lila M. O ' Neale UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Hope Gladding Mary F. Patterson Mae Lent Elizabeth Banzhaf Ailecn Bechtel GRADUATES Sarah Embury Alice Espy Darthula Hotle Florence Huestis Signe Irene Rivers Marjorie Burnside Vivian Carlson Winifred Cochran Dorothy Rubel SENIORS Olive Daniels Anita Euler Dorothy Furlong Georgia Tully Alice Gannon Charlotte Olsen Marian Owens Bernice Cordes JUNIORS Dorothy Ann Drury Marjorie Morris Martha Putnam 480 PAN XENIA International Pro fessional Foreign Trade Fraternity " Founded at the University of Washington, 1916 Local Chapter established 1922 Ten Chapters OFFICE FALL SEMESTH Prtsuirmt Vuc-PreiiJau Alfred O Gibbs Roland I. Oliver Richard H. Stcuben SPRING SEMESTER PresuitM Roland I. Oliver Via-PnsuUmt William P. McWhinncy Stcnt ry-Trc4fxrtr James B. McQuinn R. E. Borchgrcvink Henry L. Dicmel Ronald C. Forrest ASSOCIATES Leonard B. Gary A T. Hubbard " T. Komatsu Abdon LJorente Paul V. McLanc Arthur N. Mattes Tolcuva Sakurauchi Ira B. Cross Henrv F. Gradv FACULTY C. F. Gross Frank E. Hinckley CariJ. Vogt G. M. Weber Charles W. Black Alfred O. Gibbs GRADUATES Rudolph Koch Choh-ming Li Paul N. Wolf Willard O. Youngs J. Le Roi Dowdell Harry N. Fosscy C. Frederick Hartenscn, Jr. Gunner Hansen SENIORS Robert W. Johnson James B. McQuinn Robert A. McWhinney William P. McWhinncv Roland I. Oliver Richard H. Steuben Edgar A. Wcy mouth Mclvin W. Young Robert F. Davidson James W. Hamilton JUNIORS Willard M. McNcaly G. Curtis Miller John L. Ness William B. Smith 481 DELTA PHI EPSILON (First Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) Founded at Georgetown University, Washington, D. C., 1920 Local Chapter established 1923 Seven Chapters OFFICERS President Frank Miles V ice-President Vern Armstrong Secretary Theodore lasigi, Jr. Treasurer G. Geiyer Anderson Esson M. Gale UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eric C. Bcllquist Alfred O. Arseneau Wesley O. Ash ASSOCIATES McCullogh Campbell Howard R. Elms John T. Hulen George S. Wirth Edward W. Cavanagh GRADUATES Harry Lee A. Stewart Marshall Robert Campbell F. Ramsdell Cummings Delos O. Druffel SENIORS Theodore lasigi, Jr. Roman T. Koenk Dan Marshall Frank Miles Walter Or Peter Tamaras G. Geiyer Anderson Harry McKechnie JUNIORS Vern Armstrong Dan Phillips Audre G. Klang Henry Buchholz SOPHOMORES Donald Gaylord William Maakestad 482 Barton W. Evcrmann Walter K. Fisher Florence A. Armstrong Ernest B. Babcock James T. Barrett Margaret I. Beattie J. P. Bennett Frederic T. Bioletti Geoffrey B. Bodman Lee Bonar William H. Boynton F. N. Briggs Mathilda M. Brooks Sumner C. Brooks J. S. Burd T. C. Burnett S. H. Cameron Charles L. Camp William H. Chandler Ralph W. Chancy B. L. Clark Roy E. Clausen Harold H. Cole S. F. Cook Roderick Craig PHI SIGMA (Biological Honor Society) Founded at Ohio State University, 1915 Local Chapter established 1921 Thirty-two Chapters HONORARY MEMBERS tDavid Starr Jordan tj. Sterling Kingslcy tWilliam D. Matthew UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES J. F. Daniel Alva R. Davis Edward O. Essig Herbert M. Evans John N. Force Stanley B. Frecborn Emanuel Fritz Max W. Gardner Nathaniel L. Gardner W. F. Gericke Thomas H. Goodspccd D. M. Grecnberg Joseph Grinnell George H. Hart William B. Herms D. R. Hoagland Richard M. Holman Samuel J. Holmes William M. Hoskins W. H. Kellogg Frank L. Kelly Harold Kirby ' Paul L. Kirk Charles A. Kofoid Maynard A. Amerine Hussein Arcf James L. Averell Marguerite B. Baldwin Mary L. Bowerman Theodore C. Broyer Ben R. Burmester Annetta Carter William L. Chandler Edward M. Chauvaud Richard M. Eakin Joe K. Ellsworth Rodney S. Ellsworth George A. Emerson H. Beverly Fisher Florence M. Frost Hereford Garland Raymond Gilmore Everett R. Halbrook Walter C. Hale Donald H. Wonder Alice G. Callcri Helen G. Davison Muriel D. Durham Etsuko Murayama tDeccascd. GRADUATES Hazel Hall Gordie C. Hanna Donald M. Hatficld Esther C. Hendee George S. Hensill Ruth A. Hoerl Leonora A. Hohl Grace E. Kern Ellen A. Kimberly Gimbo G. Kimura Georgian R. Knock James L. Leitch Mary F. S. Leitch Mary-Ann Linsdale E. Gorton Linsley Virginia E. Long Homer J. Lowe Myrtle Mackey Richard H. May Mary V. Miller SENIORS Elsie E. Halstrom Howard W. Harris Dariel E. Howcll William H. Lange JUNIORS Clarence Nelson Joseph S. Yuill Samuel B. Parish Tage Skogsberg S. F. Light Charles B. Lipman J. A. Long E. L. Lucia J. G. Martin Herbert L. Mason Lucile R. Mason Karl F. Meyer Robert G. Moody Agnes F. Morgan W. Mulford Ruth Okey Charles J. ' Parshall Charles W. Porter T. E. Rawlins Wilfred W. Robbins A. J. Salic Irene H. Sanborn C. L. A. Schmidt William A. Setchell Charles F. Shaw I. M. L. Thompson Walter Weir Louise C. Morison Earl H. Newcomer Calvert E. Norland Harold P. Olmo Alver J. Olson Mary Evelyn Parks Lauren Rosenberg Lawrence G. Saywell Laurence R. Short Dorothy B. Simon Francis L. Smith Albert R. Teather Harold E. Yokes Claude A. Wagner Sue K. Waller George E. Washburn Charles M. Wheeler Helen-Mar Wheeler Floyd J.Wilson Leonard R. Wohlctz Clarence E. Nelson Vcdder A. Wright Elizabeth M. Wood Robert L. Usingcr 483 FALL SEMESTER Captain Pint Lieutenant Walter H. Mikel Second Lieutenant. Robert Durbrow First Sergeant. SCABBARD AND BLADE (National Military Honor Fraternity) Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1904 Local Chapter established 1923 Seventy-five Chapters OFFICERS SPRING SEMESTER Edward R. Elliott Captain Walter H. Mikel First Lieutenant Harold Hughes Second Lieutenant Arnold Kraay mes Dean Charles Dcrleth Mathew Santino First Sergeant Thomas P. Turner Liaison Officer Captain George W. Ames HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Henry F. Grady Dr. Robert G. Sproul Prof. William B. Herms Captain George W. Ames Maj.-Gen. David P. Barrows Major A. H. Campbell Captain B. L. Canaga Commander W. E. Cheadle Captain J. M. Dickerson Henry Gate Arnold Kraaymes Thaxter Andruss E. Kelly Anthony Robert G. Ballachcy Oliver Beckwith Jack Benjamin Casimir C. Blonski Rudolph H. Bode Carl von H. Burnham Randall G. Cathcart Stanley Cocks Cecil M. Coulter Jack Dennison Nathaniel S. Dodge Emmet G. Cameron Captain T. F. McCarthy Captain R. A. McClure Captain L. Mickel Prof. Royal Roberts Captain C. E. Ryan Robert Sibley Fred Gardner ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Major F. E. Emery, Jr. Prof. L. B. Loeb Prof. L. F. Fuller Commander J. W. Gates Captain F. X. Gyax Lieut. E. F. Helmkamp Major R. E. Jones Dr. R. T. Legge GRADUATES Edward R. Elliott John Scott SENIORS John A. Dreyer Carl Garrison Duncan Gregg Richard Ham Jackson Heine Herman Hoi man Nathaniel Hoskot William Hudgins Har Harold Hughes Charles R. Johnson Oliver Jones Wesley Lachman Paul W. Little JUNIORS William L. Dunlap Byron Luther J. Sheldon Martin Walter H. Mikel Bert L. Murman Edwin F. Neuwirth J. Clayton Orr J. Bruce Payne Richard Pedemont William A. Peters Robert F. Peterson Charles L. Reasoner Glenn Rogers John T. Ronan Captain S. R. Stribling Lieut. R. D. Tarbuck Colonel R. O. Van Horn Prof. August Vollmer Captain C. A. Welcker Commander C. M. Yates Walter Hardwick Shawk Milton Scheuermann Carl Schnetz Jack Solomon Augustus Stiegeler Norman R. Stultz W. Edmund Thomas Thomas P. Turner Robert Van Fleet George D. Vasilatos Robert Wales Thomas C. Warren Warren Webb Arthur Werner, Jr. George W. Werner SCABBARD AND BLADE Dennison, Scheuermann, Martin, Stiegeler, Gregg, Benjamin, Warren, Murman, Halman, Bode, Ham, Cameron, Webb Shawk, Christie, Pedemont, Burnham, Andruss, Reasoner, Jones, Werner, Neuwirth, Gardner, Peters Vasilatos, Turner, Kraaymes, Mikel, Captain Ames, Hughes, Ronan, Schnetz, Stultz, Ballachey 484 FALL SEMESTER PERSHING RIFLES (Lower Division Military Honor Society) Founded at the University of Nebraska, 1892 Local Chapter established 1929 OFFICEKS SPRING Caftan First Lieutenant. . . SectnJ Lunttnants first Serftant Sergeants .William L. Dunlap .Clarence L. Benjamin . Roger W. Chkkcring William R. Howdcn Robert M. Mendoza .Mcrvyn R. Blacow Hiram W. Johnson, III Howard Johnson Elmer L. Seaborn Eugene M. Shortt J. E. Wasson Captain First Lieutenants Second Lieutenants First Sergeant Sergeants Alvin L. Benas Alexander W. Blackball Robert L. Condon Richard A. Forney EmileJ. Gough.jr. Richard A. Holman George T. Holmes Albert C. Wrcnn Atherton L. Arbogast James F. Ashley Jackson F. Bean Henry A. Buchholz Donald J. Burnley Donald G. Caughcy Arnold Curtis Gordon R. Daley Henry M. DcCoss William C. Dcyl Lester A. Dray, Jr. Ernest A. Eick worth William A. Elsasscr John W. Enfield David B. Gideon CORPORALS Sidney F. Jenkins Robert C. McGIashan George F. McNoblc, Jr. Ray T. Marsh William S. Ncal Gordon B. Page Elmer C. Rowley- John M. Wrcnn PRIVATES Edward L. Ginzton Ray G. Goodall Junius B. Harris, Jr. Reginald G. Hcarn Charles B. Herkenham Frederick W. Hcrms Charles R. Hunt William A. Joplin.Jr. Phillip E. Joseph Leo F. Kaufman Aylmcr H. Keith Edgar M. Kneedler George L. Lakcy Franklin D. Lehman Robert B. Meams SEMESTER Robert M. Mendoza Roger W. Chickcring Elmer L. Seaborn Hiram W. Johnson, III Joseph K. Kane James M. Dow Robert C. Barker Mcrvyn R. Blacow Donald R. Fleming Charles H. Hcin Alan L. Van Sickle Frank F. Watters Charles C. Young Bcnton A. Sifford, Jr. Leon L. Strauss Charles Swanberg, Jr. William N. Tatsukawa Erling F. Week Richard F. Westdahl Wcldon F. Williams Philip D. Miller Lawrence E. Mullally Scott Newhall Gordon J. Northedgc Elmer J. Pierce Nestor J. Sander Hule A. Smith David C. Stanford James A. Stark Wilbert H. Stcltcr John L. Sublcrt William E. Turpcn Raymond K. Wakerling Ernest F. Winkler Jerome E. Wortman PERSHING RIFLES 485 QUARTERDECK (Naval R. O. T. C. Social Organization) Founded at the University of California, 1927 One Chapter W. E. Cheadle, Comdr. J. W. Gates, Comdr. R. D. Tarbuck, Lieut. T. L. Bergen J. R. Dennison G. G. Gaddis J. W. Hammer B. W. Arvin B. R. Bowron E. M. Blue K. L. Butler J. M. Dundon F. E. Adams F. G. Archbold D. H. Adams J. V. Beahrs C. G. Chipchase R. H. Cross UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES F. X. Gygax, Captain E. F. Helmkamp, Lieut. SENIORS W. M. Howard J. A. Johnstone R. H. Mors J. T. Ronan JUNIORS H. R. Fairchild S. A. Haavik E. C. Hagen W. F. Jones W. J. Lippincott G. W. Lundgren SOPHOMORES O. R. Cross G. M. Driscoll FRESHMEN J. W. Edgemond, Jr. W. N. Fanning A. F. Holden J. D. Hyerle M. H. Jensen H. B. Langille, Lieut. L. B. Loeb, Lt.-Comdr. C. M. Yates, Comdr. G. J. Soares H. P. Stewart W. E. Webb E. A. Weymouth O. B. Lundgren J. H. McCosker J. F. Nichols N. D. Salmon W. A. Wisler G. H. Winton, Jr. E. V. Zumwalt K. O. May J. P. Murphy B. H. Smith ' W. D. Thomas QUARTERDECK Mose, Edgemonde, Nichols, O. Cross, White, Thomas, Leek, Von der Lage, Jones, Petitt, Smith, Driscoll, Jensen Hagen, Fanning, Whittemore, Isaacs, Hines, Harper, R. Cross, Lundgren, Gaddis, Howard, F. Adams Schreiber, Bowron, Salmon, Wisler, Lippincott, Archbold, McCosker, Butler, Bergen, Tucker, Hyerle, Barton D. Adams, Fairchild, Webb, Ronan, Brown, Dennison, Mors, Soares, Newhall, Stewart, Beahrs 486 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA (Professional Advertising Fraternity} Founded at the University of Missouri, 1913 Local Chapter established 1927 Twenty-seven Chapters Reginald Biggs Lowell Brown Earl V. Burke John Cuddy ASSOCIATE Moons Ben D. Dixon Don Gilman C. E. Greenfield Ewald Grcther Charles Raymond Royal A. Roberts Stanley Swanberg King Wilkin William Alving E. Kelly Anthony Franlc Brown Alvin D. Charles William A. Clayton William G. Watson SEXIOBS Charles Foster Leo Harrison Roger Hinchman Gordon Larson James E. Mattox Earl Wheeler John H. Milburn Arthur S. Powell Powell H. Radcr Carl Schnetz Roswcll Turner Duane Bartholomew Stanley Colbcrson Henry M. DcCoss John dmsccd JDNIOKS JohnW.Eggers Leonard Joseph Leroy Levy LJoyd Ramsey Joseph A. Lowe Garden Mooscr Richard Monlthrop Alvin Benas -. Francis M. Porter SOPHOMOIES Albert F. Couderc Carieton C. Green R. Baird Soodgrass Max Murdock Gilbert Paltridgc 487 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON (Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum Engineering Professional Fraternity) Founded at the University of Kansas, 1915 Local Chapter established 1924 Twenty-six Chapters PresiJtnt Vice-Presidtnt Scmtary-Tnasurtr Editor. . . OFFICERS Miller Hotchkiss Robert I. Bradley .Raymond Lindbiom Charles W. Porter Arthur S. Eakle HONORARY Andrew C. Lawson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Walter S. Weeks Edward Charles Doell GRADUATES Earl Fuller Dosch Arthur Huey Alfred Weston Vitt Robert Ivan Bradley Wilford Hart Miller Hotchkiss SENIORS Raymond Lewis Henry Lindbiom Frank George Miller Leo Ray Ncwfarmer Maxwell Phillips Charles Wesley Porter John White Elmer Elser Kenneth Krammes JUNIORS Raymond Lindbiom Reese Norton Otto Thomas Pfefferkorn Paul Frederick Yopes SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Elser, Lewis, H. Lindbiom, R. Lindbiom, Hart, Huey, Hotchkiss, White, Bradley, Porter, New-farmer, Krammes 488 SIGMA DELTA KAPPA Legal Fraternity Founded at the University of Michigan, 1914 Local Chapter established 1926 Thirty-three Chapters L ' S-IVEXSTTT ASSOCIATE Robert W. Harrison Alexander B. Broyer Benjamin D. Frantz Edwin G. Wilcox THUD YE AX James N.Gillct, Jr. John W. S. Johnson Bertram N. Young Walter B. Sicgcl James W. Walker Donald G. Kendall SBCOND YEAK Albert M. King William L. Toomcy, Jr. George G. Chris tal FIXST YEAX Walter R. Evans Edward R. Tiscornia Harold H. Ulrici 489 ALPHA MU (Music Honor Society) Founded at the University of California, 1921 One Chapter M. Alloo Mrs. E. S. Brown Mrs. B. Q. Cornish C. C. Gushing HONORARY A. I. Elkus Nathan Firestone G. Haydon D. N. Lehmer F. C. Palm S. C. Pepper D. W. Prall E. G. Stricklen Karl K. Cooperrider Robert Triest SENIORS Amy H. Rinehart Annette N. Wachs Leon Rudee Cornelia S. Adams Emily Patricia Heron Absent on leave. JUNIORS Ralph S. Smith Louise S. Taylor Margaret S. Wilson Delta L. Woodfill ALPHA TAU DELTA (Professional Nursing Fraternity) Founded at the University of California, 1921 Five Chapters Margaret Beattie HONORARY Edith S. Bryan Mary M. Pickering Lucy Ward Stebbins Helen Bird Mildred Bottoms Eugenie Carneiro ACTIVE GRADUATES Vivian Coates Elsie Hoeck Marian Mattoon Purcelle Peck Bertha Pedersen Norine Roth Poe-Eng Yu Beulah Baird Eileen Brady Galena Crum Lois Culbertson Gertrude Embury Phyllis Emerson Dorothy Gates Harriet Gutermute Eliza Avellar Esther Brooks Frances Christensen Jean Christensen Edith Walsh Ellen Severance ACTIVE MEMBERS Martha Herren Evelyn Hodgehead May Imamura Ethel Kelsey Annie Lenaers Harriet McGrath Ruth Mason Erika Milmore PLEDGE MEMBERS Margaret Esola Helen Gerling Billie Harter Hisako Hisanaga 490 Dorothv Wick Winifred Ung Yick Marie Moody Dorothy Morton Dorothy Mygrant Phoebe Pedersen Frances Saph Helen Staddard Ruth Takahashi Ruth Teall Clara McConnell Edith McKenzie Dorothy Moller Sylvia Richit Herbert E. Bolton Charles E. Chapman Mrs. Nathaniel Gardner George H. Guttridge Lawrence A. Harper Ruth Anderson Virginia Bever Evelyn Bright Helen E. Brown, II Florence Clanton Sonoma Cooper Ynez Ghirardelli Edith Garin Marv Moore Dorothv Bronstein Edith Teese SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA (Women ' s History Honor Society) Founded at the University of California, 1915 Local Chapter established 1915 Four Chapters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert J. Kerner William A. Morris Mrs. William A. Morris Mrs. Louis Paetow Franklin C. Palm Frederic L. Paxson GRADUATES Marjorie Gunn Kathleen James Ruth Jayne Lucia Kinnaird Saima Koski Dorothy Ludwig Inza Manley Hazel Mills SENIORS Barbara Mount Varee Trask JUNIORS Maxine Chappell Jessica Peixotto Herbert I. Priestley James W. Thompson Mrs. Benjamin I. Wheeler Marv D. Williams Lucy Pray Ruth Rus ' sell Beatrice Soule Geneva Speas Helen Stafford Margaret Ward Florence Wrenn Helen Wilcox Davida Woerner Rachel Lowndes Esther Widasky Martha A. Chickering Mrs. Ira B. Cross Mrs. S. Daggett Mrs. French Dr. B. N. Armstrong Mrs. Marv B. Davidson Yera Briggs Martha Eide Christel Lehne PI PHI DELTA (Women ' s Economics Honor Society) Founded at the University of California, 1926 One Chapter HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. H. F. Grady Mrs. E. T. Grether Mrs. C. A. Gulick Mrs. H. R. Hatfield Mrs. J. P. Jones UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Huntington Miss M. E. Murdock SENIORS Elizabeth Griffin Barbara Hudson Leanor Peters JUNIORS Dorothy McCamman Jean McLeish Mrs. A. H. Mowbray Mrs. L. Rogin Mrs. N. J. Silberling Mrs. C. C. Staehling Dr. J. B. Peixotto Lucy W. Stebbins Katharine Small wood Elizabeth Smart Margaret Wilson 491 PHI CHI THETA (National Professional Commerce Sorority) Founded at the University of Chicago, 1924 Local Chapter established 1926 Twenty-one Chapters PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Prof, and Mrs. Stuart Daggett Jessica Peixotto Prof, and Mrs. C. C. Staehling GRADUATE Ruth B. Russell Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Robinson Dean Lucy W. Stebbins Margaret E. Baker Carrie E. Frey SENIORS Jane Geisendorfer Beatrice H. Hughes Katherine C. Kramer Harriet Severance Tracy C. Strohecker Eunice Bctaque JUNIORS Alice E. Col bath Thelma E. Vettel Jeanette E. Johnson SOPHOMORES Carol A. Plumly FRESHMAN Dorothy M. Simpson GAMMA EPSILON PI (Women ' s National Commerce Honor Sorority) Founded at the University of Illinois, 1918 Local Chapter established 1920 Nineteen Active Chapters Nine Alumnae Chapters Prof, and Mrs. Ira B. Cross Prof, and Mrs. Stuart Daggett PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Dean and Mrs. Henry F. Grady Prof, and Mrs. Henry R. Hatfield Prof, and Mrs. A. H. Mowbray Prof, and Mrs. C. C. Staehling Dean Lucy W. Stebbins HONORARY Mrs. De Witt Cook Rhea C. Blue GRADUATES Ruth B. Russell Clotilde Grunsky Irene A. Shake Margaret E. Baker SENIORS C. Margaret Belshaw Katherine C. Kramer JUNIORS Marjorie E. Dunlap Thelma E. Vettel 492 KAPPA KAPPA PSI National Honorary Band Fraternity) Founded at the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanics College, 1919 Local Chapter established 1929 Thirty Chapters Dr. Modeste Alloo HONORARY Glenn Hardon W. Earle Rogers Donald Hatficld F. Schafcr GRADUATES Albert M. Mathcws Robert W. Stevenson Milton Miller William W. Alving Harmon S. Blethcn Marion Corrigan Guilbert DuMont Gordon G. Gaddis Albert H. Gommo, Jr. Martin Gorman SENIORS R. Gam Haycock William H.Lange Alvin G. McNeil James T. Me William Roger W. Perkins Harry Peters Walter A. Robinson Beverly W Rohrbough Ludwig William Sepmcyer Stanley Shaver Robert W. Thompson E. Palmer Tucker, Jr. Irving H. Wiesenfcld William Paul Winn George C. Auble John R. Edrington Irving Schoenfeld JUNIORS Herbert R. Fairchild Edward D. Grav Robert C. Walker Eidor R. Lchfcldt Samuel I. McRevnolds Austin W. Bennett Harrison Bullock Dana Cox SOPHOMORES John Diamond Robert N. Pollack Hubert I. Salsbury Neal J. Smith Robert T. Steedman Walter D. Thomas NU SIGMA PSI (Women ' s Physical Education Honor Society) Established at the University of California, 1916 One Chapter Eleanor E. Bartlcrt Frederica Bernhard Louise S. Cobb Caroline Coleman Violet B. Marshall HONORARY MEMBERS Lucille Czarnowski Sarah R. Davis Anna Espenschade Beatrice Hcllcbrandt Bernice Van Gcldcr Marie Henzc Pauline Hodgson Eugenia Kfnnan Dorothy Kilpatrick Dorothy Borlan Gcnevic Dcitcr Eleanor Ely GRADUATES Louisa Hickox Man ' Kathleen Lapham Kathrvn Teaman Elizabeth 1ft Catherine Walsh Gcncvievc Young Cecilc Breed Jean Husted SENIORS Hazel Langdon Helen McArthur Lois Overman Vera Spencer Janice Bjork JUNIORS Cynthia Crocheron 493 DELTA EPSILON (Art Honor Society) Founded at the University of California, 1914 Local Chapter established 1914 Four Chapters r Ray Boynton Perham Nahl Eugen Neuhaus UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Chiura Obata Stephen Pepper Margaret Peterson Worth Ryder Marian Simpson Oliver M. Washburn Elizabeth Bates Michael ChepourkofF Emily Collins Harold Stump GRADUATES Margaret Keller Doris McAleney Mary McGill SENIORS Merle Weidmari Nancy Noble Emilie Perle Lanette Scheeline Charles Anderson Warren Divoll Robert Thompson Dorothy Furlong Corinne Hellier Lloyd Hoff Christine Rinne Patricia Washburn Virginia Clark Virginia Roberts JUNIORS Ernest Maxwell Robert Windrem Dorothy Nevin ALPHA NU (Household Science Honor Society) Founded at the University of California, 1915 Local Chapter established 1915 One Chapter HONORARY Nina Estill Dr. Florence Armstrong FACULTY Dr. Irene Sanborn Hall Dr. Agnes F. Morgan Dr. Ruth Okev Edith F. Bell Elfriede Brown Anna Field Hilda Frederick Asta Ohn Gee Esther Abercrombie Helen Davison Gladys Fraser Mary Henneman GRADUATES Helen Louise Gillum Ethelyn O. Greaves Marion Hunt Grace Kern Louise Kimmel SENIORS Emma Jean Fuller Elsie Halstrom Evelyn Parks JUNIORS Clema Kozak Minnette Loveen Georgian Knock Marian McAdams Zdenka Samisch Dorothy Simon Martha Smyser Natalie Van Clevc Edith Yokela Mary Murai Isabel Nasser 494 PHILORTHIAN (Women ' s Debating Society; Founded at the University of California, 1920 OncChapccr Dorothy Andrews Marjoric Bricd Eleonor Morris Villis Gumbiner France! ia Knapp Frances Cheney Louise Jcschicn SENIORS Edna Jean Fischgrund Jean Husted Eugenia Marie Walsh JUNIORS Delight Phillips Martha Putnam SOPHOMORES Elizabeth McKeehan Jeanne Mcssingcr Carolyn E. Johnson Wilma Manning Dorothy Swartzburg Margaret Wilson VcraShimoff Jean Symes PARLIAMENT (Women ' s Debating Society) Founded at the University of California, 1912 One Chapter Anita Jockcrs GRADUATE Alice McCunc SENIORS Bertha Dubinski Jean Catherine Jensen Myra Waddell Helen Wilscy JUNIORS Dorothy Browning Margaret Cartlich Lucille Cartlich Darlcnc Cox Vivicnne MacGovcrn Svhia Rabinowitz Margaret Ward Jeanne F. Savinicn Alice Dexter Dorothy Goldcen Eva Goldberg Dorothy Rhyne SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Marion Trczona Nellie Tcmplcton 495 HAMMER AND COFFIN (National Humorous Publications Society) Founded at Stanford University, 1906 Local Chapter established 1924 Seven Chapters Charles Raymond Alvin Charles James Dannenbaum Lloyd Hoff Bernard Stark Loren Burris David Co wen Jerome Berenson Nadine Allen Janice Bjork Julia Dow Gertrude Jane Kennedy HONORARY I. King Wilkin SENIORS Richard Keatinge Theodore Key Benjamin Martin JUNIORS Oleg Maslenikoff Lionel Ormsby SOPHOMORES Wilson Parrel I WOMEN ' S CHAPTER SENIORS Geraldine Elmgrcn Helen Johnston Jeannette Quast Jeanette Steele JUNIORS Barbara MacMichael Edgar Weymouth Edward Zeus Ernest Maxwell John Milburn Frank Schlessinger Samuel Saklem Bernard Steffen Bob Meltzer Zoe Walker Mary-Phyllis Ward Zoe Wyllie Winifred Solinsky PHI THETA Peter A. Boodberg Mingsan P. Cheo Frank E. Hinckley (Oriental Honor Society) Founded at the University of California, 1928 One Chapter FACULTY Yoshi S. Kuno Tung Chin Un N. Wing Mah William Popper Arnold H. Rovvbotham Robert G. Sproul Edward T. Williams Crowell Beard Woodbridge Bingham Charles W. Black ACTIVE Eugene L. Chin Pon Q. Jee George Y. Lee Andrew F. Poon Clara P. Tom Lien Che Tu Irma Wallenius 496 THETA SIGMA PHI (Women ' s Journalistic Honor Society) Founded at the University of Washington, 1909 Local Chapter established 1923 Thirty-seven Chapters Gertrude Atherton Cornelia Stratton Parker Man, Sue Bedford Eileen Delmorc Elecnc Doughty Jane Eshleman Marian Cramer Betty Gerwick HONORARY MEMBERS Rose Wilder Lane SENIORS Elizabeth Gash Corinne Hcllier Hazel Holly Grctchen Johnston Carol Levcne JUNIORS Elisabeth Muller Kate Northcotc Lucy W. Stebbins Kathleen Norris Elconor Morris Jeannette Quast Elizabeth Schuster Dorothy Trumbull Pauline Spiro Margaret West EPSILON ALPHA (Dental Honor Society) Founded at the University of California, 1915 One Chapter Dr. George L. Bean Dr. H. B. Carey Dr. G. L. Bean Dr. Herman Becks Dr. F. C. Bettcncourt Dr. H. B. Carey Dr. R. P. Chcssall Dr. G. W. Cowdcn Dr. E. M. Finger Dr. George Frahm Dr. H. E. Frisbie Dr. J. R. Gill Dr. C. D. Gwinn Dr. O. A. Gwinn Dr. G. W. Hahn Dr. L. A. Hewitt Dr. G. A. Hughes Dr. D. Q. Jackson N. A. Archer E. V. Ferber S. F. Erpf J. S. Shell Dr. J. L. Wood HONORARY Dr. O. M. Cattell Mrs. B. D. Hartley UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. C. W. Johnson Dr. H. M. Johnston Dr. L. W. Larson Dr. B. E. Lischcr Dr. R. C. Locey Dr. E. F. Lussier Dr. N. A. Lussier Dr. R. H. McVey Dr. J. A. Marshall Dr. E. H. Mauk Dr K. F. Meyer Dr. G. S. Mil ' lbcrry Dr. J. V. Mitchell ' Dr. Seizo Murata Dr. H. A. Naglc Dr. R. I. Peachcy SENIORS A.J. Kcr J. A. Rodgcrs K. D. Sanford JUNIORS E. K. Kelly Dr. Max Wassman Dr. R. C. Zcisz Gertrude Mann Dr. K. F. Meyer Dr. C. P. Richards Dr. H. E. Ridenour Dr. A. F.J. Ries Dr. W. B. Ryder Dr. A. E. Scott Dr. E. M. Setzcr Dr. J. G. Sharp Dr. W. F. Sharp Dr. W. G. Shcffcr J. S. Shell Dr. J. F. Stcffan Dr. G. E. Stcningcr Dr. E. V. Street Dr. A. H. Suggctt Dr. L. G. Welty Dr. F. Wolfsoh ' n E. S. Shearer G. O. Snow W. D. More, Jr. 497 D ORGANIZATIONS I BOWLES HALL Collins, Moore, Kallas, Ryland, Jensen, Wollenburg, Elvin, Evans, Dusterberry, Simon, Player, Gough, G. Thorne, Bergwall, Fisher, Levy, Oxtoby, Brigham, R. Scott, Morrin, Hirsh, Goldsmith, Mclnerney, Wilson Pratt, Huber, Richardson, K.Joseph, Mannasse, Solomon, B. Thorne, Bruno, Swanberg, Chappell, Jennings, Morley, Nelson, J. Scott, Godward, Swindt, Popoff Coffill, Whiting, N. Maximov, Messner, Grotsch, Bedigan, P. Joseph, Tilley, Wicher, Dunlap, Howard, Glassman, Ely, McCormick, Morrison, Aitken Hamerslag, Higdon, Cavalletto, Mueller, A. Maximov, Ponder, Porter, Coleman, Sait, Neal, Dick, Taylor, Bolton, Dewar, Goldstein 500 BOWLES HALL Administrative Board Luther A. Nichols, Chairman William C. Coffil! Charles Oilman Hvdc Robert W. Nelson Louis O ' Bricn FALL SEMESTER PrtsuUxt. Via-Pmulaa. . . y-Tn surer OFFICERS William C. Coffill Grovcr L. Higdon Robert L. Hamcrslag SPRING SEMESTER PniUtut Vict-PniuUnt. Grovcr L. Higdon Robert L. Hamcrslag Robert D. Moore John F. Menke GRADUATES George F. Moynahan, Jr. John M. Scott George A. Cavallctto William C. Coffill Marshall A. Elvin Gray G. Evans Jack F. Fisher William W. God ward Egor P. Popoff SENIORS Allan M. Goldsmith John E. Grotsch Grovcr L. Higdon John C. Jennings Peter T. Kallas Alexis G. Maximov William E. Thomas, Jr James C. Morrison Carl E. Nelson Thomas L. Dates John C. Ortoby Joseph G. Polifka Joseph J. Ponder Edward R. Bcdigan Phillip H. Bergwall Arnold G. H. Bode Robert Dcwar William L. Dunlap Eugene W. Dusterbcrrv Roiand G. Elc Robert C. Classman Stanley M. Goldstein Robert L. Hamcrslag Clarence W. Harris Gustav A. Hausslcr JUNIORS Milton Huber Carl P. Jensen Karl A. Joseph Phillip E. Joseph Leroy U. Levy Stuart Lindsay Bernard J. McCormick Elmer J. McInemcy,Jr. Robert D. Moore Ulric Morlcy Karl Mueller William S. Ncal Edward B. Norton Herbert S. Player Orvillc C. Pratt Frederick F. Ragsdak John F. Ryland Lucien W. Simon, Jr. Charles Swanbcrg, Jr. Wakeficld Taylor Boyd W. Thome, Jr. George O. Thome Howard C. Whitty Edward A. Wichc ' r Thomas G. Ait ken George L. Bruno Edward M. Sait SOPHOMORJS EmilcJ. Gough.Jr. Arthur J. Manasse, Jr. H. Reid Whiting Warren B. Richardson Monroe Rude 501 THE INTERNATIONAL HOUSE STAFF Allen C. Blaisdcll, Director Mrs. Allen C. Blaisdell Ruth Buchholz G. A. Faraday Burton A. King Masaji Abe Ben-Ami Ben-Dor Ruth H. Burnett Eugenie Carneiro Edward W. Cavanagh Ta Tung Chang J. David Cowen Bhagat S. Dhami Leo Russ Wai Hon Tam Florence Walne CABINET Teh Shen Fan Abraham E. Fomil Elizabeth Gillespie Theodore Gorbacheff Norman S. Grace Ahmed H. Hadid Werner Klingeberg Galina T. Liss Anna M. Munro Melitta Reimann Pedro E. Y. Rio Max C. San Juan Melville K. Short Betulia Toro Asta Von Liibcke Jean E. Wood Poe-Eng Yu COUNCILS FALL SPRING WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Ruth M. Addy Eugenie Carneiro Lavinia G. Dobler Marion C. Fuller Freda Gocrtz Virginia E. Gregg G. ToyLen Lee Evelyn Maino Charlotte A. Moore C. Louise Roewekamp Helen R. Sheehan Asta Von Liibcke MEN ' S COUNCIL Edward W. Cavanagh Daniel K. Freudenthal Edward I. Goodlaw Jan Law Wong Howard Louis Ali Mohammad Isaac Shechmeister Clarence R. White WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Eugenie Carneiro Berniece Croft Dorothy E. Day Ada P. Dibble Louise Findley Margaret Fredricksen Florence Keen Margaret Lantis Helen C. Ost Eleanor Risley Rachel Rolbant Alice E. Smith Nobuko Yanagimachi MEN ' S COUNCIL Amos L. Archibald Edward W. Cavanagh Yoram J. Chelouche Lawrence V. Compton Daniel K. Freudenthal Edward I. Goodlaw Samuel Herrick, Jr. Charles M. Kaufman Werner Klingeberg Neil W. Lamb Walter E. Lammerts Ali Mohammad Howard T. Remick Herman Thal-Larsen Rolla E. Twisselmann THE LOBBY OF THE AL HOUSE AFTER A SUNDAY SUPPER 502 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS (California Student Chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers) Founded at Lehigh University, 1902 Local Branch established 1912 One Hundred and Seven Branches L. J. Black D. D. Davis L. F. Fuller UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES W. A. Hillcbrand G. McFarland L. E. Reukema B. L. Robertson T. A. Rogers A. H. Schacfcr A. Tillcs Herbert Blasdale Tom K. Habata GRADUATES Hugh H. Hyde Ralph A. Krause Henry C. Krugcr William S. Moody Samuel Nelson Masaji Abe Carlo Anderson Karl Baesslcr Lloyd Berglund Adolf Butler Everett E. Carlton Curtis D. Clark Conrad Creim William Dial Vincent E. F.mamicl George P. Forbes Fred V. Gardner Ernest H. Hammond Willard R. Haynfc Kenneth W. Hincs Robert F. Hogan William P. Winn SENIORS Francis J. Horrig William D. Hudgins Masaki Itou John F. Karrmairr Francis P. Kendall John P. Larissou Americo Lazzari Francis E. Levy Herbert Lorenzcn Andrew Louargand Harold R. McKinncy Mamoru Mikami Charles Morris Frentiss Nelson Dudley E. On Louis R. Rock holt Harold A. Wright John T. Rooan John Roscborough Wilfred H. Roy Ludwig W. Scpmcycr F. Kent Serkland " Jerome Snow Gerald J. Thomas William T. Thomson Reginald Tibbetts E. Palmer Tucker, Jr. Channing Van Camp Huascar Velarde William A. Warren Victor Welgc Irwin Wetzcl John Willcttc Oliver Aufdembcrg Thomas Bcttersworth John K. Bradt Robert Brownscombe Emmet G. Cameron Wendell H. Carlson Howard Q. Duguid Jen, I R Fry JUNIORS Leland Gciscnhofcr Clifton K. Henle John Hood Charles B. Jones Willis J. Kenlinc Edward Kusich Theodore Lyman Wallace Mitchell Donald Nutter Arscnk) B. Peleo Ross Randall John W. Schroder Prcnriss Selby Clark Sphar ' Robert H. Thomas Boyd Thome, Jr. Anton J. Warmuth STUDENT BRANCH, AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS 503 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS (California Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers) Parent Society founded 1852 Local Society established 1895 Twenty-one Branches Charles Derleth, Jr. FACULTY SPONSORS FALL SEMESTER President Charles L. Reasoner V ice-President Fred Von der Lage Secretary Casimir Blonski Treasurer Clyde Gates Serjeant-at-arms Henry Suenderman Y ell Leader. . .Willard Park OFFICERS Charles Oilman Hyde SPRING SEMESTER President William MacMillan V ice-President Casimir Blonski Secretary F. Wilbur Robison Treasurer Carl E. Nelson Sergeant-at-arms John W. Fry Vf Leader. .. . . Preston Schwartz Frank Cothran Casimir Blonski Will Bruning James Conwell Jack F. Fisher John W. Fry Edgar J. Garbarini Clyde Gates Edward Gee Robert E. Gee Wilton H. Gerhardt Frank Giusto Nathan Graham Duncan Gregg Robert W. Grote George A. Hall Jack Baines Karl J. Bermel Fred Blechschmidt Richard Brink John Burnham Blair Burnson Glenn Chan Arthur A. Clark William Cole Michael Dmitrieff Byron E. Doll Jacob Douma Gilbert M. Friel Clarence W. Harris GRADUATES Archie K. Hill Cleve H. Milligan SENIORS Harry Heirshberg Herman Holman John T. Howell Roy Hubs Pierce L. Hussey Norman Hynding J. Carl Jennings Richard Jones William Jones, Jr. Konstantine Karpoff Henry Klehs John Luthin Leland McCleary William MacMillan Carl E. Nelson George N. Newhall JUNIORS Wilford Hays Claude M. Helm Richard Jones Jack Knight Oliver Lillard John Ludwig John McDuell Lorel Meyers William Murray Albert Parker Floyd Rowley Walter Russ Alexander Russell Jack Russell Tung Y. Lin Melvin Ord Willard Park William Peters Egor Popoff Frank Porath Charles Reasoner F. Wilbur Robison Preston Schwartz Robert W. Smith Henry Suenderman William Tucker Oliver Twigg Fred Von der Lage Elwyn Watkins Leslie R. Wigstead Thomas Smithson Randolph Stanley Edward Stevenot Marvin Sturgeon Robert Swartz Ernest Tarr Weldon Thomas Roland Triay, Jr. Jack Tyler Kenneth Vernon Milton H. Watt Sam A. Weed Grant J. Weiss Howard Whitty STUDENT BRANCH, AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS 504 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (California Student Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Founded in New York City, 1880 Local Branch established ' 1905 Ninety-six Branches OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER Chairman Vice-Cha irman . . Secretary Treasurer. . . .Thaxtcr H. Andruss .Harvard P. Stewart Albert E. Borgwardt .Walter Simon SPRING SEMESTER Chairman Thaxter H. Andruss V ice-Chairman F. Everett Emerson Secretary Albert E. Borgwardt Measurer. . . . Walter Simon A. A. Bauer L. M. K. Boelter D. D. Davis W. H. Foxwcll N. F. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Honorary Chairman Professor H. B. Langille C. F. Garland E. D. Howe J. N. LeContc R. G. Minarik Ward Winford J. Lane Thaxter H. Andruss Thomas A. Atkinson Theodore L. Bergen Albert E. Borgwardt Wilbert C. Bueschcr Fred H. Caudel Fred W. Dickson F. Everett Emerson Homer J. Foye William N. Hedgpcth Jack Hickman Roger W. Hinchman John B. Irwin Herbert S. Bcasley William M. Brashear William E. Brink Donald S. Day Fred H. Rued B. M. Woods M. P. O ' Brien R. L. Perry B. F. Rabcr A. Tillcs STUDENT ASSOCIATES GRADUATE E. Lee Blincoc SENIORS Charles R. Johnson Friedrich H. Kothe Arthur H. Kuriloff Francis W. Larson Alvin G. McNeil William L. Maffcy Beverly V. Marccllus James C. Morrison James R. Mount, Jr. Sterling E. Murdock Arthur J. Nelson GallikJ. Pogrebnyak Louis Prosin John T. Ronan JUNIORS Calvin C. Dorough Noson Gurman Charles Harband Harry M. Kemmcrer John H. McCoskcr SOPHOMORES Louis C. Ruffino Gordon R. MacPherson Edmund Sallows Raymond B. Sens Walter Simon Laurie C. Smith Robert W. Stevenson Harvard P. Stewart Hcndrix A. Townsley Howard W. Valentine Arthur L. Walton Carl E. Watson Edward J. Watts George W. Werner Sydney P. Wcstington Byron B. Mastcrson Maurice E. Myers Prentiss Selby Trescott S. White Elmo C. Teal STUDENT BRANCH, AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 505 DORMITORY ASSOCIATION (Representative of the Organized Dormitories) Founded at the University of California, 1914 OFFICERS President Donna Wicks Vict-Pnsidcnt Irene Rivers Secretary Dorothy Sonzogno Treasurer Lois Adams Publicity Chairman Ruth Schirmer Scholarship Chairman Ila Shook Activities Chairman Virginia Page Social Chairman Gladys Wollesen DORMITORY FALL PRESIDENT SPRING PRESIDENT Berkeley Hall Shirley Thurman Blue and Gold Frances Cole Frances Cole Bon Haven Helen Mil Ian! Elaine Freitas Bryn Mawr Hall Elizabeth Higbie Dora Ruggeri Channing Lodge Dorothy Sonzogno Ruth Boyens Concord , Florence Staples Vivian Roberts Concordia Cecile Lovelace Maxine Miller Durant Place Rita Breslauer Jean Jensen Epworth Hall Lois Bagley Elizabeth Panero Hansford Hall Thelma Smith Myrrle Garon Heston Hall Helen Conkings Ruth McClaskey Joaquin Hall Marian Owens Lucile Robinson Lantana Hall .Jean Ferguson Jean Ferguson Locksley Hall Margaret Griffin Jean Fitch The Magnolias Lois Adams Lois Adams Martha Washington Edith Hartz Elizabeth Reading Meredith Carol Belle Hess North Gables Elmyra Latvanen Piedmont Place Cecile Breed Agnes Schionnemann Prospect Terrace Alverus Clark Lois Huffman Ridgmont Ada Livermore St. Margaret ' s House Beatrice Stout Helen Lyles Utrimque Lillian Wentworth Lillian Wentworth Wisteria Lodge Luella Jane Hudson Melba Olsen Xanadu Hall Andra Booth Marjorie Eade DORMITORY ASSOCIATION Staples, Roberts, Lovelace, Miller, Eade, Breed, Schionnemann, Fitch, Preston, Bagley, Ruggeri, Schirmer, Sonzogno, Wicks, Rivers, Adams, Shook, Page, Booth, Breslauer, Wollesen, Latvanen, Boyens, Clark, Garon, Cole, Ferguson 506 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHESS CLUB Founded at the University of California, 1897 FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS Prcsuint ' .-.- SPRING SEMESTER Thomas A. Stevenson President . Mcrton A. Jacobs Manager. George F.irn Secretary . Michael B. Shimkin Mcrton A. Jacobs George Eisen Dr. Alexander Alckhinc William P. Barlow Prof. G. E. K. Branch HONORARY MEMBERS Jose R. Capablanca Fred N. Christcnson Elmer V. Gnicr Dr. Emanucl f.aL-ar Henry J. Ralston Dmitry N. Vcdcnsky George Eisen Mcrton A. Jacobs Michael B. Shimkin James H. Barton Frederic C. Crafts Mark Eudcy Anton A. Milliard Ensio S. Wirtane VARSITY Willis E. Lamb, Jr. Wilber Levy RESERVES Miller F. Hotchkiss Gordon B. Kcllcy Jules I. Lefkovitz Ralph W. Nelson Leendcrt A. Van Mcllc William G. McClain Milton O. Meyer Svdncv Zucker Isaac Shechmcistcr Thomas A. Stevenson Roy L. Tallant Hugh Tyson Frank W. Aitkcn.Jr. Daniel M. Belmont Mervin Bercovich Lester Dearing Bryant S. Drake William W. Fcinstcin Francis Gale.Jr. Edward Ginzton Leopold Heindl MEMBERS Ben- Ami Kaplan George Kuznets Frederick Leddy Moses I. Lcvicsky William R. L ' Hommcdicu John Lund Nicholas Maxiraov EmmeiT Mihaly Pcrham C. Nahl Kenneth Peel Frank W. Pctcrsen Sterling Rowley Nathan Rubin Paul E. Springer Harold A. Thompson Lylc Thuncn John Trager Herbert Wesscnbcrg McClain Lew L " . C. CHESS CLUB Jacobs Eisen Van Mclle Eudcy 507 U. C. LIFE SAVING CORPS HONORARY MEMBERS Robert G. Sproul Joseph Mills Faculty Advisor Prof. Frank L. Kleeberger Corps Doctor Dr. Robert T. Legge Instructor George Hughling L. Abraham A. Baer BOARD OF EXAMINERS J. Fatooh H. Francis W. Holman N. Paiva President. Secretary . Captain. . OFFICERS John Geishe First Mate Sidney L. Davis Second Matt Stuart Phillips Third Mate Fourth Mate. .. . .Robert Stille .Ernest Hammond Frank Porath Howard B. Holman The U. C. Life Saving Corps, organized in 1925 under the direction of George Hughling of the Physical Education Department, is a unit of the widespread system founded by the American Red Cross to reduce the number of water casualties. This is accomplished through extensive instruction in swimming, in methods of life saving, and in first aid. Since its installation, the California corps has issued over sixteen hundred Senior Certificates to students who have availed themselves of the opportunity to take part in the activities of the group and to win national recognition. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LIFE SAVING CORPS 508 PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING CLASS Founded at the University of California, 1919 One Chapter PnaJtmf. Via-Pntultmt. . . Snt ry-Tn s rtr. Dr. Edith S. Bnan OFFICERS HONORARY Ruth Burgclin Lucille Walton Geneva Spurr PurccllcPcck Winifred Barthelemy Louise Duckgeischci Florence Harrison Flora Hewicker Alice Hutchinson Mabel Bray Gladys Butlin Alice Bone Hazel Book-waiter Jcanncttc Bovec Rose Abramson Helen Gcrling Hazel Ivy Vi :c V.:rr GRADUATES OF 1933 Thelma Jordan Phoebe Krout Vivian MacQuecn Margaret May Ichiyo Nakamaru GRADUATE STUDENTS SENIORS JUNIORS Kathryn King Alice Meissncr SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Ruth Burgclin Augusta Butler Elvira Camp Barbara Opdycke Martha Phclips Grace Phil brick Man- Ella Stewart Ruth Tea 11 Lavilla Heancy Mina Mangels Geneva Spurr Lucille Walton Elspeth Stead Da ' zic Win Lois Goodman f x ilja Linde Catherine Maier PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING CLASS Bookwalter, Linde, Wimer, Maier, Butler, Teall, Spurr, Gcrling. Walton, Bovee, Abramson Harrison, Bray, Goodman, Prunn-, Heancy, Butlin, Bone, Bryan, Burgclin, Peck, Stead, King, Philbrick, Camp, Minn, Ivy, Mangels, Dnckgetschel 509 MASONIC CLUB ORGANIZATIONS Established at the University of California, 1923 President V ice-President . . Secretary MEN ' S MASONIC CLUB George S. Krieger Orval Myers Francis E. Levy (F. Everett Emerson George S. Krieger [Oris Engblom Worshipful Master of Degree Team F. Everett Emerson Manager of Degree Team Herbert G. Gaskill Council Representatives .Oran B. Bowdish . Harvard P. Stewart .John Glaese .Russell Payne Melvin Davis WOMEN ' S MASONIC CLUB President Mary-Allerton Fournier V ice-President Marjorie Windsor Recording Secretary Virginia Waddill Membership Secretary Treasurer President Women ' s Glee Club Manager Women ' s Glee Club Council Representatives Representatives to Women ' s Council ' . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Council Representative DE MOLAY CLUB President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer. Council Representatives fRichard F. Harris t Randall Ramey COUNCIL OFFICERS President F. Everett Emerson Vice-President George S. Krieger Secretary Henry B. Pixley Mary-Allerton Fournier Treasurer Elizabeth Kingsland Chairman of Publicity Mary-Allerton Fournier . Rachel Dent . Laine Andresson . Frances Moss ErmaE. World Lois Bagley EIizabeth Kingsland j Dorothy Morris Wilrose Watrous ASHLAR CLUB Henry B. Pixley H. Ferris Dangberg Harry E. Bronson Robert S. King James K. Koford Myers Hector Ralston Pixley MASONIC COUNCIL Emerson Bowdish Harris Fournier Kingsland Engblom Bagley Dangberg Ramey 510 NEWMAN CLUB (Catholic Students Organization) Established at the University of California, 1899 OFFICERS Prudent Vift-PrtsidttU . Secretary Trtaamr. . John M. How-att June L. Malonc Cedle Guichard Eugene M. Shorn James Bunker Gcraldinc Galliani Jose Gnccco EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Cedle Guichard Beata Hobrecht John M. Howatt June Malonc Jeanne tte Mitchell Eugene M. Shorn Kathleen Whitty CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY of the University of California 2215 Union Street Organized 1907 The purpose of this Society is to unite the Christian Scientists of the University in closer bonds of Christian fellowship and to afford the campus public an opportunity to learn more of the teachings of Christian Science. In furtherance of this purpose, testimony meetings arc held even ' Tuesday evening of the academic year and a Reading Room is maintained where Christian Science literature may be read and borrowed. Present and former students and faculty members of the University are welcome. 511 i Page Abracadabra 358 Acacia . . 359 Ace of Clubs 469 A. I. E. E 503 Alpha Chi Omega 413 Alpha Chi Sigma 360 Alpha Delta Phi 361 Alpha Delta Pi 414 Alpha Delta Sigma 487 Alpha Delta Theta 415 Alpha Epsilon Phi 416 Alpha Gamma Delta 417 Alpha Gamma Rho 362 Alpha Kappa Gamma 453 Alpha Kappa Kappa 447 Alpha Kappa Lambda 363 Alpha Mu 490 Alpha Nu 494 Alpha Omicron Pi 418 Alpha Phi 419 Alpha Sigma Phi 364 Alpha Tau Delta 490 Alpha Tau Omega 365 Alpha Xi Delta 420 Alpha Zeta 475 Alumni 47-52 Alumni Association. Manager 49 Alumni Association, President 48 Alumni Chapters of the World 50-51 Alumni Luncheon 48 Areta 421 A. S. C. E 504 A. S. M. E 505 A. S. U. C. Accounting Department. . .172 A. S. U. C. Band 216-217 A. S. U. C. Card Sales Committee 172 A. S. U. C. Cooperative Store 173 A. S. U. C. Elections Committee 170 A. S. U. C. Executive Committee 164-165 A. S. U. C. Finance Committee 167 A. S. U. C. Graduate Managers 166 A. S. U. C. President 164 A. S. U. C. Social Committee 235 Athletic Council 246 Bachelordon. .... . . 366 Baseball 315-324 Baseball Managers 318-319 Baseball Varsity 318 Basketball 291-300 Basketball, 130-lb. Team 338 Basketball. 145-lb. Team 338 Basketball Managers 294-295 Basketball Varsity 294 Beta Beta 470 Beta Gamma Sigma. . . . . 474 Beta Phi Alpha 422 Beta Sigma Omicron 423 Beta Theta Pi 367 Big " C " Society 248 Blue and Gold 178-181 Board of Regents 27 Bowles Hall 500-501 Boxing 339 California Engineer 193 California Monthly 49 California School of Fine Arts 45 Campbell, President Emeritus W. W 28 Casa Hispana 424 Chi Alpha Kappa 368 Chi Epsilon 476 Chinese Students Club 454 Chi Omega. . . , . 425 Chi Phi 369 Chi Pi Sigma 370 Chi Psi 371 Christian Science Society 511 Circle " C " Society 249 Civil Engineering Building 14 College of Dentistry 42 College of Pharmacy 43 Comptroller 29 Copyright. . . 4 Crew 275-290 Crew Day 288 Crew Jayvee 285 Crew Managers 278-279 Crew Turnout 278 Crew Varsity 284 Crew, World Championship 282-283 Cross Country 343 Daily Californian 182-189 Davis Branch. College of Agriculture. ... 37 Dean of the College of Agriculture 30 Dean of the College of Chemistry 31 Dean of the College of Commerce 31 Dean of the College of Engineering 31 Dean of the College of Letters and Science 28 Dean of the College of Mining 30 Dean of the Graduate Division 30 Dean of the School of Education 33 Dean of the Summer Sessions 33 Dean of the University Extension Division 32 Dean of Undergraduates 29 Dean of Women 29 Debating 197-202 Dedication 6-7 Del Rey. . . .372 Delta Chi .373 Delta Delta Delta 426 Delta Epsilon 494 Delta Gamma 427 Delta Kappa Epsilon 374 Delta Phi Epsilon 482 Delta Sigma Delta 451 Delta Sigma Phi 375 Delta Tau Delta 376 Delta Upsilon 377 INDEX Page Delta Zeta 428 Deputations Committee 170 Director of Publications 176 Director of the School of Architecture. ... ; Director of the School of Librarianship. . . 32 Divisions 35-46 Doe Memorial Library 20 Dormitory Association 506 Dramatics 203-214 Dramatics Council 204 Ebright. Coach " Ky " 276 Edwards Track Stadium 12 Engineering Building 16 Epsilon Alpha 497 Eta Kappa Nu 477 Evans, Coach " Clint " 317 Faculty Administration 23-34 Faculty Club 22 Fencing 344 Football 253-274 Football Managers 256-257 Football Reserves 272 Football Varsity 256 Forensics Council 198 Foreword 8 Fraternities 355-410 Freshman Baseball 323 Freshman Basketball 299 Freshman Class 146-147 Freshman Crew 287 Freshman Football 273 Freshman Tennis 333 Freshman Track 313 Frontispiece 2 Gamma Epsilon Pi. . . . 492 Gamma Phi Beta 429 Gianntni Hall 18 Glee Club 221 Golden Bear. . . . 460 Golf 342 Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture. 45 Group System 234 Gruhler. Captain Ted 326 Guild of Applied Arts 480 Gymnastics 339 Halls and Organizations 499-511 Hamilton, Coach Brutus. ... , . 303 Handball 344 Hastings College of the Law 39 Hearst Gymnasium 17 Honor Societies 457-498 Honor Students Advisory Bureau 173 I. C. A. A. A. A... .. .306-307 Ice Hockey 345 Ingram, Coach Bill 255 In Memoriam 5 Interfraternity Council 356-357 International House 502 Intramural Managers 349 Intramural Sports 347-352 Intramural Sports, Director 348 Japanese Students Club 455 Junior Class 138-144 Junior Day 140-141 Junior Farce . 212 Kappa Alpha 378 Kappa Alpha Theta 430 Kappa Delta 431 Kappa Delta Rho 379 Kappa Kappa Gamma 432 Kappa Kappa Psi 493 Kappa Nu 380 Kappa Psi 450 Kappa Sigma 381 Lambda Chi Alpha 382 Lambda Kappa Sigma 452 Lambda Omega 433 Lick Observatory 44 Life Sciences Building 15 Life Sciences Pathway 11 Little Theatre Forum 209 Little Theatre Plays 206-209 M ask and Dagger 479 Masonic Club 510 Medical School 40 Men ' s Athletics. Opening Pages 245-252 Men ' s Student Affairs Committee 168 Miles, Captain Jim. . . . . 302 M Hilary 223-228 Minor Sports 335-346 Mortar Board 462 Music 215-222 Naglcr. Coach Russ 277 New Athletic Development 244-245 Newman Club 511 Nu Sigma Nu 446 Nu Sigma Psi 493 Occident 194-195 Olympic Games 250-251 Orientations Council 169 Pan Xenia 481 Parliament 495 Pelican 190-192 Pennant " C " Society 237 Pershing Rifles 485 Personnel 233 Phi Beta Delta 383 Phi Beta Kappa 458 Phi Chi 448 Phi Chi Theta 492 Phi Delta 434 Page Phi Delta Theta 384 Phi Gamma Delta 385 Phi Kappa Psi 386 Phi Kappa Sigma 387 Phi Kappa Tau 388 Philorthian 495 Phi Mu 435 Phi Mu Delta. 389 Phi Omega Pi. 436 Phi Phi 466-467 Phi Sigma 483 Phi Sigma Kappa 390 Phi Sigma Sigma 437 Phi Theta 496 Pi Beta Phi 438 Pictorial California 149-162 Pi Delta Epsilon 471 Pi Kappa Alpha 391 Pi Kappa Phi 392 Pi Phi Delta 491 Price. Coach " Nibs " 293 Professional Fraternities 445-453 Prytanean 463 Psi Upsilon 393 Publications 175-196 Publications Council 177 Public Health Nursing Class 509 Quarterdeck 486 Rally Committee 171 Read, Captain Jack 292 Reception Committee 171 Recorder of the Faculties 33 Rediviva 439 Rolph. Governor James J 24 R. O. T. C. Cadet Officers . 225 R. O. T. C. Staff Officers 224 Rugby 345 Sather Gate 21 Scabbard and Blade 484 School of Jurisprudence 38 Scripps Institution of Oceanography 44 Senate Debating Society 473 Senior Class 54-59 Senior Extravaganza 213 Seniors 53-136 Senior Week Committees 58-59 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 394 Sigma Chi 395 Sigma Delta Chi 472 Sigma Delta Kappa Sigma Gamma Epsilon 488 Sigma Kappa 440 Sigma Kappa Alpha 491 Sigma Nu 396 Sigma Phi 397 Sigma Phi Beta 441 Sigma Phi Epsilon 398 Sigma Phi Sigma 399 Sigma Pi 400 Skull and Keys 464-465 Soccer 341 Sophomore Class 142-145 Sophomore Labor Day 145 Sororities 411-444 Sproul. President Robert G ' . Stephens Union 19 Stow. Coach Tom 327 Student Administration 163-174 Swimming 3. Symphony Orchestra Table of Contents. . . 9 Tau Beta Pi 459 Tau Kappa Epsilon 401 Tennis 325-334 Tennis Managers 328-32 Tennis Varsity 328 Theta Chi 402 Theta Delta Chi 403 Theta Kappa Nu 4O4 Theta Nu Epsilon 405 Theta Sigma Phi 497 Theta Upsilon 442 Theta Upsilon Omega 406 Theta Xi 407 Torch and Shield 468 Tozer, Captain Dirk 254 Track 301-314 Track Managers 304-305 Track Varsity Training School for Nurses Treble Clef 304 41 220 University of California at Los Angeles. . . 36 University of California Chess Club 507 University of California Life Saving Corps 508 Vice- President and Provost 28 Water Polo. . . 337 Welfare Council 169 Wheeler Hall 13 Winged Helmet 461 Wolfman. Captain George Women ' s Advisory 231 Women ' s Affairs . ' 229-242 Women ' s Athletic Association 236 Women ' s " C " Society 237 Women ' s Executive Committee T. Women ' s Hostess Committee 232 Women ' s Sports 238-24 Women ' s Student Affairs Committee 168 Wrestling 340 Xi Psi Phi 449 Yell Leaders... 247 Y. W. C. A 230 Zeta Beta Tau. .. . 408 Zeta Psi 4O9 Zeta Tau Alpha 443 512 mH

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