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it u n -sih; il BLUE -? GOLD PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF ' 75 S A X I ' K A N ' I SC : MI ' SY. 511 " . Cl.. 1 R7 -1 . ,ntuentitj| THE BLUE GOLD 4873-4 E D ITO R S H. J. W. DAM, FRED. V. HOLMAN, FRANK S. SUTTON. SAN FRANCISCO: COSMOPOLITAN STEAM FEINTING COMPANY, 505 CLAY STREET. 1874. BUSINESS MANAGERS. AETHUE F. LOW, L. S. BUECHAED, JOHN W. BICE, W. CAEEY JONES, I. T. HINTON SALUTATORY. r LL things must have a beginning. It is owing to this tolerably evident fact that the first number of THE BLUE AND GOLD presents itself, not as a work of com- manding excellence, or of great beauty in detail and finish, but merely for the purpose of giving other colleges and the world at large some information respecting more particularly the students, their various organizations, etc., and in this way inaugurating a custom prevalent in most of the Eastern colleges a custom, too, of undoubted usefulness and benefit. This work will no doubt be excelled by its successors ; for as the University grows in years, it must correspondingly grow in materials for a work of this sort. The present existing Societies will not be able to include all the applicants for membership, and new ones vill be formed. As the number of students increases, emulation in athletic sports will increase, and thus the catalogues of succeeding years will have a rich store of subject matter to draw from. Nay, the editors of the future will perhaps peruse with interest the pages of this first number, and loftily wonder what a small affair the College must have been in those times. But it is the present that concerns us, and not the future. The University now contains two well-organized secret society chapters, one of the Zeta Psi and the other of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Also, two literary societies, the Durant Rhe- torical and the Neolaean. These two jointly publish the College monthly paper, the BERKELEYAN. Both Societies are in a flour- ishing condition and are open to members of all the classes. University of California. A remarkable devotion to music pervades all Berkeley. The groves and hills are forever echoing to the dulcet tones of Seniors, Juniors, Sophs and Freshies, each of whom imagines he pos- sesses a God-given knowledge of " time and tune. " This belief naturally exhibits itself in glee clubs, a number of which are being fostered, much to the dismay of the natives. Musical taste, however, shows more particularly in the instrumental line. The tin horn is the instrument usually chosen, varied occasion- ally, however, with the jewsharp and mouth harmonica. The great advantage of the first-mentioned is that any body can play it. To be sure, it is all in one key and all in one note, and that, too, none of the sweetest; but a little imagination over- comes such trifling obstacles, and no clarionet of a hundred can compare to the tin-hornist with his own masterpiece. A brass band has been started during the last year, and, we hear, has been getting on strongly. The members practice in- dustriously two afternoons per week. On those days the Uni- versity wears a calm and peaceful look. The walks are deserted and the halls contain no students. At the first blast each stu- dent carefully deposits a wad of cotton in each ear and mourn- fully decamps. At the second, the cattle in the adjacent pas- tures straighten their tails in desperation and rush madly over the hills, under the impression that the millenium has come, or that the Devil is visiting some of his friends among the Faculty. The principal directions in which muscle is exercised are base-ball and foot-ball. As yet we cannot boast a gymnasium, but these manly field-sports afford plentiful exercise to all who wish to join in them. It is greatly to be regretted that there is no sheet of water available for boating purposes; but as we can not expect everything to suit us, we can not grumble at this one defect in our College site when so many beauties in return are offered. The Blue and Gold. Foot- ball usually occupies about the first half of the College year. Then the enthusiasm having partly evaporated and the base-ball season having started in, all the nines fall to practicing, and games come thick and fast. Each class has its own particular nine, and the best players of these nines form the University Nine, which has thus far gained every match it has played. Among the University nines, that of ' 74 has taken the lead, though it was beaten last year by that of ' 75 in a series of close games. This year, three poorly-con- tested games were played, of which ' 74 won two. The game of foot-ball has been played in rather a disorgan- ized manner, and since our removal to Berkeley has been rather neglected. In these contests, however, ' 75 has taken the lead, its " twenty " having-kicked the other " twenties " till vic- tory perched on its banners (said banners being usually the rag- ged end of an under garment streaking out behind). With the new Freshman class, however, we shall expect the game in all its glory. Once again will the crowds go tearing madly over the fields after the " elastic sphere. " Once again will the air ring with the shouts of the victors and the groans of the shin-broken, toothless players. Once again will the " jiminy " and " gosh darn it " of the Fresh mingle with the naughtier words of the Soph. College days are, indeed, happy days, whose pleasant memo- ries last through life, whose ups and downs are toned down by time into an unbroken remembrance of happiness. In after years, harassed by the cares which life brings, surrounded by perplexities we tire of overcoming, what sum would be deemed too great for the happy relaxation and freedom from care so oft enjoyed in the good old days when we were " in College ! " University of California. The Blue and Gold. ARRANGED IN THE ORDER OF THEIR ESTABLISHMENT. University of California. The Blue and Gold. IPsa IOTA CHAPTER. FOUNDED 1847. : ' : ESTABLISHED 1870. gnttn{ in jfrbc, GEO. J. AINSWORTH, Ph. B. ' 73. G. C. EDWARDS, Ph. B. ' 73. L. L. HAWKINS, Ph. B. ' 73. E. A. PARKER, ' 74. J. C. PERKINS, ' 74. J. E. BUDD, ' 74. J. R. FARRELL, ' 74. J. C. ROWELL, ' 74. Seniors. T. D. CARNEAL, J. M. STILLMAN, D. D. GRIFFITHS, C. D. STUART, LEO L. LYNCH, WM. J. TURKINGTON, JNO. R. PRICE. Juniors. JNO. F. ALEXANDER, FRED. V. HOLMAN, FRANK DEERING, ARTHUR F. LOW, ISAAC T. HINTON, SAM. R. RHODES, H. H. WEBB. C. B. OVERACKER, GEO. T. WRIGHT. Freshmen. D. B. FAIRBANKS, FRANK SOLINSKY, HORRY MEEK, HOWARD STILLMAN. 10 University of California. FOUNDED 1848 The Blue and Gold. PHI DELT1 THET ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873. ' 74- SAMUEL B. CHKISTY, MANUEL M. COKELLA, A. WENDELL JACKSON, JK., SIMON C. SCHEELINE, DAVID E. COLLINS, JOHN GOSS, FRANK O. LINFORTH, WM. W. VAN ARSDALE. JOSEPH G. BROWN, D WIGHT B. HUNTLEY, ' 75- L. S. BURCHARD, WM. C. JONES. ABRAM C. BRADFORD, NATHAN A. MORFORD, PETER F. C. SANDER, FRED. L. FOSTER, J. G. YAGER, ' 7 6. WM. H. CHAMBERLAIN, FRED. SEARLS, JOHN N. E. WILSON, RYLAND B. WALLACE, JOHN E. TAYLOR. F. B. McCRAKEN, PETER T. RILEY, ' 77- GEORGE D. MURRAY, REGINALD H. WEBSTER, ROBERT J. WOODS. 12 University of California. PRESIDENT, DANIEL C. OILMAN. Agriculture and Agricultural Chemittry, EZRA S. CARR, M. D. Geodosy and Astronomy, GEO. DAVIDSON, A.M. Law, STEPHEN J. FIELD, LL.D. Latin and Greek, MARTIN KELLOGG, A. M. Physics and Industrial Mechanics, JOHN LECONTE, M. D. Geology and Natural History, JOSEPH LECONTE, M. D. Modern Languages, PAUL PIODA. Chemistry and Metallurgy, WILLARD B. RISING. English, EDWARD R. SILL, A. M. Civil Engineering and Astronomy, FRANK SOULfi, JR. (U. S. Military Academy.) The Blue and Gold. 13 Mathematics, WILLIAM T. WELCKER. (U. S. Military Academy.) Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek, GEO. W. BUNNELL. J N T F( U CTO R . Latin and Ancient History, ARTHUR H. ALLEN, A.B. Spanish, MANUEL M. CORELLA. Mathematics and Military, GEO. C. EDWARDS, Ph.B. Mathematics and Surveying, LEANDER L. HAWKINS, Ph.B. Drawing, ROBERT E. OGILBY. Hebrew, JAMES M. PHILLIPS. ALBIN PUTZKER. IN A. VV. JACKSON, S. S. S. B. CHRISTY, f T. T. C. J. M. STILLMAN, J U. H. A. Sulphydric Smeller (Batrachian) . t T. T. C. Test Tube Cleaner. J U. H. A. University Hash Analyzer. 14 University of California. CLASS OF ' 74, ;HE Class of ' 74 commenced its career in the University Ij? September 20, 1870, with a membership ot fifty. Its course, now almost run, deviated but little from the ordinary. As a Freshman class, it was studious ; worked hard for high marks and obtained them. As a Sophomore, it was cham- pion of base-ball, organizer of the class union movement, took part in the origination of the University colors, class emblems, mottoes, and had a finger and sometimes a whole hand in all matters pertaining to the University. As a Junior, it was defeated in both base-ball and foot-ball by ' 75, afler several hotly-contested games, but still leads the van in beer and billiards, fighting well for high standing. As a Senior, it has been as lazy and indolent as its predeces- sors, not losing, however, its interest in athletic sports. As an experimental class, it has been quite a success and has furnished its quota to the list of instructors in the University. It will close its career by inaugurating the custom of holding class day. A cosmopolitan class, composed of men above the ordinary hard successful students composed of men of a good literary mind composed of poets, humorists, singers, bores, actors, athletes, sceptics composed of as good a wild set of fellows as most colleges can boast of; jolly fellows who have held their own in college scrapes and run a hard race. Some of its smartest men are its wildest, although many of the latter are not the former. The Blue and Gold. It has been a class fertile in originations, but far surpassed by the Junior class in the carry-out and go-ahead-ative department. Much that it has done has been owing to its being one of the first classes to enter a new institution, and has had a fresh field ever before it. Much that it has done has been original. Such as it is, it is. What it has been, all know. What it will be, God only knows. It hopes to leave a good impression on both professors and students. JOHN E. BUDD, Class Historian. University of California. CLASS OF ' 74. TJT OFFICERS. PRESIDENT, - Each member acts successively in alphabetical order. SECEETAKY, - JOHN K. FAEEELL. TBKASUBEB, - ISAAC FEEUD. CLASS HISTOEIAN, - J. E. BUDD. CHAPLAIN, T. D. CAKNEAL. J. C. KOWELL, COMMITTEE or AEKANGEMENTS, - J J. M. STILLMAN, J. E. BUDD. CL.AQQ DAV ORRIOERS. PBESIDENT, JOHN M. STILLMAN. OEATOE, - JOHN E. FAEEELL. POET, - - JOSEPH C. EOWELL. - HISTOEIAN, - JOHN E. BUDD. PEOPHET, JAMES C. PEKKINS. ODIST, CHAKLES D. STUAET. SALUTATOEIAN, - - WM. E. DAVIS. CAMPUS OEATOB, - - THOMAS F. BAEEY. CHAPLAIN, - DAVID E. COLLINS. The Blue and Gold. MEMBERS. NAMES. THOMAS F. BARRY, JOHN E. BUDD, THOMAS D. CARNEAL, - SAMUEL B. CHRISTY, DAVID E. COLLINS, WILLIAM R. DAVIS, - JOHN R. FARRELL, ISAAC FREUD, DAVID D. GRIFFITHS, - JOHN GOSS, JAMES S. HOOK, - ABRAHAM W. JACKSON, FRANK O. LINFORTH, - LEO L. LYNCH, E. A. PARKER, JAMES C. PERKINS, - - JOHN R. PRICE, - JOSEPH C. ROWELL, - SIMON C. SCHEELINE, - ROSA L. SCRIVNER, - JOHN M. STILLMAN, CHARLES D. STUART, WILLIAM W. VAN ARSDALE, - EESIDENCES. SAN FKANCISCO. STOCKTON. OAKLAND. SAN FKANCISCO. OAKLAND. SANTA ROSA. SAN FKANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. GRASS VALLEY. SANTA ROSA. PACHECO. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. DANVILLE. GRASS VALLEY. SAN FRANCISCO. MENLO PARK. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. STOCKTON. SAN FRANCISCO. SONOMA. SAN FRANCISCO. 1 8 University of California. CLASS OF ' . N a sultry day in September, ' 71, as eighty strangers, the Class of ' 75 began its existence. In three years it has , dwindled to twenty-five, but they are friends. ' 75 was the largest Class that has yet entered the Uni- versity, but it has diminished sadly : one is dead, and fifty others are lost to us. Like climbing vines they twined around us for a time, giving rare variety with fragrant blossom and wild flower, and leaf, and thorn. Then they withered away, leaving us sad or glad. Some alas, that they were so numerous ! were children of sickness or poverty and left us only at the call of their stern parent. Some have entered distant Colleges, and some were quickly called from among us to grace the business halls of the Pacific, and to become the future cashiers, and perhaps defaulters, of the West. As Freshmen, ' 75 cultivated friendship, rejoiced in its numbers, and defied hazing. Thus we floated quietly along through the first year, undisturbed by the " rushes " and Sopho- morical tricks so common in older institutions. In this year much earnest work was done on the curriculum and in laying a good foundation for a thorough University course. The Base- Ball Nine also made a gallant attempt for the Championship. But it was not until Sophomore year that ' 75 became noted. Then its class union was formed, and the first University badges obtained. Then hazing was discouraged for the more manly and vigorous athletic sports. Physical vigor was decided the basis of mental strength. It triumphed at foot ball, never being The Blue and Gold. 19 defeated, and it walked away slowly, it ' s true, as from a dearly bought victory, with the University champion bat. All this and the general progress was celebrated on July n, 1873, by the first dinner held by an under-graduate class. It was this year that ' 75 became noted for its systematic confusion. As Juniors ' 75 has taken from the Seniors the first prize in essay writing and oratory, bluffed the University at foot-ball, and made a feeble attempt to keep the champion bat, winning the first game of the series, and losing the other two: the second by their own carelessness and bad play, and the third by the good playing of their adversaries, the Seniors. ' 75 is a united class, notwithstanding the societies, and clubs, and sets into which it is divided. ' 75 has stood fair in its studies, but unfortunately it cannot show quite such high average per cents as ' 74. But this fact is no doubt owing to climatic variations. A careful examination of meteorological tables and the reduction to a common standard would leave a handsome margin. ' 75 has always done its best to bring our University up to the standard of her Eastern sisters, as was well shown by its perse- verence in the introduction of our College colors ; and now it closes tts Junior year by publishing this well, call it an attempt at a catalogue the first of its kind yet published on this Coast. In short ' 75 is a happy family, where may be found the stu- dent and the gymnast, the pass and class, the teetotaler and the wine-totaler, the philosopher and the fanatic, the saint and the sinner, the preacher and the pugilist; and where all live in har- mony, bound together by the magic word ' 75. D. B. HUNTLEY, Class Historian. 2O University of California. CLASS OF ' 75 OFFICERS. PEESIDENT, VICE-PEESIDENT, SECEETAEY, TEEASUEEE, EDITOE, HISTOEIAN, CHAPLAIN, JOSIAH EOYCE, JE. JOHN W. BICE. FEANK DEEEING. - WM. K. WINDSOK. FEED. V. HOLMAN. D WIGHT B. HUNTLEY. CLEMENT F. EASTMAN. MEMBERS. NAMES. JOHN F. ALEXANDER., JOHN W. BICE, CHAELES T. BOAEDMAN, CHESLEY K. BONESTELL, JOSEPH G. BEOWN, LEONID AS S. BUECHAED, HAEEY J. DAM, FEANK DEEEING, CLEMENT F. EASTMAN, WILLIAM P. GUMMEE, ISAAC T. HINTON, RESIDENCES. EENO, NEVADA. HEALDSBUEG. OAKLAND. SAN FEANCISCO. HEALDSBUEG. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. SAN FEANCISCO. SAN FEANCISCO. SAN FEANCISCO. SAN FEANCISCO. The Blue and Gold. 21 NAMES. FEED. V. HOLMAN, - DWIGHT B. HUNTLEY, - ROBERT IRVINE, WM. CAKEY JONES, HERBERT O. LANG, - ARTHUR F. LOW, - GEORGE W. PIERCE, GEORGE M. PINNEY, SAMUEL R. RHODES, ROBERT H. ROBERTSON, JOSLVH ROYCE, JK., - JAMES E. SIMMONS, L. HOYT SMITH, FRANK S. SUTTON, Miss IRENE VAN DYKE, HARRY H. WEBB, WILLIAM R. WINDSOR, JOHN O. WYATT, RESIDENCES. PORTLAND, O. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. SAN FRANCISCO. STOCKTON. SAN FK AN Cisco. DAVISVILLE. OAKLAND. SAN JOSE. SAN FEANCISCO. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. SAN FKAN Cisco. SAN FKANCISCO. OAKLAND. SAN FEANCISCO. HEALDSBUEG. OAKLAND. 22 University of California. CLASS OF ' 76. " P ' ROH, KKOIVTAT, FROKI-ICH, FREE. " PEESIDENT, SECBETABY, TBEASUBEB, CLASS HISTOBIAN, - CHAPLAIN, BOAED OF DlBECTOBS, OFFICERS. Each member acts successively in alphabetical order. WEBB N. PEABCE. HENEY M. POND. A. C. BBADFOBD. GEOBGE T. WEIGHT. ( DAVID GUMMING, FEED. SEABLS, ( JOHN N. E. WILSON -:: MEMBERS. A. C. BBADFOED, ELIZABETH BKAGG, W. L. BEOWN, A. N. BUCHANAN, F. B. BUTTON, W. H. CHAMBEELAIN, J. B. CLAEKE, E. C. CONEOY, DAYID GUMMING, ELLA FEEEE, W. M. FITZHUGH, T. J. FITZPATEICK, JACOB FEEUD, RESIDENCES. OEOVILLE. SAN FEANCISCO. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. SAN FEANCISCO. SAN FEANCISCO. SAN FEANCISCO. OAKLAND. SAN FEANCISCO. SAN FEANCISCO. SAN FEANCISCO. The Blue and Gold. 2 3 J. H. GLENNON, - T. W. GWIN, W. FEANK HAKDY, EOBEEDEAU HAEMON, HATTIE J. HODGDON, VINCENT HOOK, MYEE JACOBS, MYEE E. JAFFA, L. A. JOEDAN, N. A. MOEFOED, W. S. PALMEE, W. N. PEAECE, WILLIAM PEAESON, H. M. POND, - THOMAS PEATHEE, H. A. EEDFIELD, GEOEGE EEED, P. F. C. SANDEE, A. N. SCOTT, FEED. SEAELS, M. P. STONE, J. E. TAYLOE, B. P. WALL, E. B. WALLACE, D. S. WATKINS, J. N. WELCH, - S. A. WIDNEY, J. H. WILKINS, - J. E. WILSON, G. T. WEIGHT, - J. G. YAGEB, RESIDENCES. ALAMEDA. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. SAN FBANCISCO. PACHECO. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. HEALDSBUKG. NAPA CITY. SAN FRANCISCO. AUSTIN, NEV. PLACERVTLLE. SAN FRANCISCO. OAKLAND. OAKLAND. SNELLINGS. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. NEVADA CITY. GRASS VALLEY. GRASS VALLEY. OAKLAND. SAN FRANCISCO. SANTA CLARA. SAN FRANCISCO. SANTA CLARA. SAN EAFAEL. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. MARTINEZ. Gone and done it. 24 University of California. CLASS OF ' 77. OFFICERS. PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, CLASS HISTORIAN, CHAPLAIN, BOARD or DIRECTORS, P. T. EILEY. N. E. SHERWOOD. THEO. GEAY. - EOBEET J. WOODS. - E. A. EIX. - J. K. TAYLOE. I FEANK SOLINSKY, -j GEOEGE MUEEAY, E. SHAW. MEMBERS. H. H. ADLEE, - N. S. ALEXANDEE, A. B. ANDEESON, D. L. BISHOP, EDWAED BOOTH, W. L. BEOMLEY, - L. N. BEOWN, E. N. COWLES, G. E. DEGOLIA, HAEMON DENSLOW, SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. SNELLINGS. DONNER LAKE. SAN FRANCISCO. CLAYTON. CACHEVILLE. SAN FRANCISCO. PLACERVILLE. BROOKLYN. The Blue and Gold. NAMES. E. G. Du PY, D. B. FAIRBANKS, G. E. FOGG, N. H. FRANK, THEO. GKAY, - F. B. McCEAKEN, D. B. MARX, - HORRY MEEK, W. C. MORRISON, K. M. MURPHY, - G. D. MURRAY, D. M. PEARLMAN, J. A. REMMEL, P. T. RILEY, E. A. RIX, J. N. ROBERTSON, W. R. SHAW, - W. R. SHERWOOD, FRANK SOLINSKY, HOWARD STILLMAN, J. K. TAYLOR, R. H. WEBSTER, - FRANK WHITBY, ALICE H. WHITCOMB, R. J. WOODS, - RESIDENCES. SAN FRANCISCO. PETALUMA. OAKLAND. SUISUN CITY. BENICIA. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN LORENZO. SAN FRAN CISCO. PLACERVILLE. EUREKA. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. GRASS VALLEY. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. CHINESE CAMP. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. STOCKTON. SUISUN CITY. SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO. 26 University of California. STUDENTS AT LARGE. NAMES. RESIDENCES. MES. J. B. CLARKE (nee Christine Chart), - OAKLAND. THEOPHILUS D ' ESTEELLA, - OAKLAND. L. L. DIXON, - - SAN FEANCISCO. J. D. ELMS.t OAKLAND. FEED. L. FOSTEE, - - ALAMO. EOBEET IEVINE, - OAKLAND. CHAELES B. OVEEACKEE, - - CENTEKVILLE. SAEAH SHUEY, - FKUIT VALE. JAMES W. SPEEEY, - - STOCKTON. WILLIAM TUEKINGTON, - - SAN FEANCISCO. Fashion ' s devotee (hair a la Modoc). t Evergreen and fresh. The Blue and Gold. 27 SPECIAL STUOHHTS. GRADUATE STUDENTS. GEOEGE J. AINSWOETH, Ph. B. Univ. of Cal. PO RTLAND, Or. ISOPEOPYL CAEBINOL SLATE, JK., S. B. Brook. Polyt. Institute, - OAKLAND. JOHN S. COLLINS, - OAKLAND. MANUEL M. COEELLA, - OAKLAND. EMMA DIXON, - SAN FBANCISCO. AUGUST SCHNAPPS DEUCKEE, L. D.,t - SAN FRANCISCO. H. M. HAMILTON, BANTAS. SALLIE A-EOAEEE HAET,t - - SAN FRANCISCO. IDA HITCHCOCK, SAN FRANCISCO. SALLIE E. LECONTE, - OAKLAND. MAEY MONTGOMEEY, - SNELLINGS. MAEY EOOT, - - SANTA CLARA. CHAELES F. SMITH, GEORGETOWN. F. BELLE BUTTON, - SAN FRANCISCO. ALEXANDEE DIETEE D ' ANCONA,$ - SAN FRANCISCO. Protege of Fresenins ' , and author of " Chemistry as applied to the manufac- ture of Limburger cheese. " t Low Dutch . t Chart ' s tender Hart. Washed monthly by class subscription. 28 University of California. itratit ftlteiterial j|0cie% THE DURANT was organized in the old College of California in 1867. It took its name from the honored President of that institution, Henry Durant, afterward the first President of the University. On the organization of the University, in 1869, the Durant, together with the other institutions of the College of California, was merged into the University. In March, 1871, the Society started the ECHO, which existed as a College publication until January, 1874, when it was united with the NEOL EAN REVIEW to form the BERKELEYAN. This journal is edited, and published monthly by a combination of the two literary societies and the students of the University. Amongst its members the DURAXT has numbered many of the best writers and speakers of the College of California and the University. The Blue and Gold. 29 BUMAIT BHETOEIOAL SOCIETY. OFFICERS. PRESIDENT, - VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, COR. SECRETARY, TREASURER, - EDITOR MANUSCRIPT PAPER, EDITORS BERKELEYAN, BUSINESS MANAGERS. - J. E. BUDD. E. A. PAEKEE. FEANK DEEEING. E. W. COWLES. GEO. T. WEIGHT. W. S. PALMEE. (JOS. C. EOWELL, J. F. ALEXANDEE. D. B. HUNTLEY, S. E. EHODES. MEMEBRS. J. C. PEEKINS, J. E. BUDD, L. S. BUECHAED, JOHN E. PEICE, ED. A. PAEKEE, S. C. SCHEELINE, LEO L. LYNCH, JOHN E. TAYLOE, E. W. DAVIS, D. B. HUNTLEY, F. V. HOLMAN, WIL. E. DAVIS, JOS. C. EOWELL, THOS. F. BAEEY, S. B. CHEISTY, J. S. HOOK, J. E. FAEEELL, JOHN GOSS, D. E. COLLINS, S. E. EHODES, CHESLEY K. HAEEY WEBB, GEO. W. PIEECE, J. F. ALEXANDEE, J. D. ELMS, GEO. T. WEIGHT, A. BEADFOED, D. D. GEIFFITHS, JAS. H. WILKINS, AETHUE F. LOW, FEANK DEEEING, FEANK S. SUTTON, ISAAC FEEUD, D. S. WATKINS, I. T. HINTON, J. M. STILLMAN, P. T. EILEY, W. S. PALMEE, EDWIN W. COWLES, H. J. W. DAM, L. A. JOEDAN, BONESTELL. University of California. |ifjertif|f THIS Society was organized in October, 1871. Its founders were Messrs. Bishop, Corella, Smith, Stuart, Taylor and Yager. Its name is derived from two Greek words, " Neos, " youth, and " Laeos, " band, therefore signifying " a band of youth ' The object of this Society is improvement in general literary pursuits and debate, also practice in parliamentary rules and usages. Among its members are some of the best students of the University, and many who show, by their debates and orations, the benefits derived from this Society. In March, 1873, ft began the publication of the NEOOEAN REVIEW, which ran a prosperous course and finally merged, together with the ECHO, into the BERKELEYAN. The officers are elected at the close of each University term. The Blue and Gold. NBOLJBAB LITERARY SOCIETY. OFFICERS. PEESIDENT, - VICE- PEESIDENT, SECKETAKY, - TBEASUEEE, - EDITORS or MANUSCKIPT PAPEE, EDITOES FOE BEBKELEYAN, BUSINESS MANAGEES FOE BEEKELEYAN, CHAS. D. STUART. N. A. MORFORD. M. P. STONE. J. N. E. WILSON. JC. F. BOARDMAN, 1 D. M. PEARLMAN. M. M. CORELLA, N. A. MORFORD. J. W. BICE, W. N. PEARCE. MEMBERS. H. ADLER, J. W. BICE, C. T. BOARDMAN, A. N. BUCHANAN, M. M. CORELLA, T. J. FITZPATRICK, FRED. L. FOSTER, JACOB FREUD, A. C. HARRIS, VINCENT HOOK, ROBERT IRVINE, MYER JACOBS, A. O. LANG, N. A. MORFORD, GEO. D. MURRAY, C. B. OVERACKER, SAMUEL WEBB N. PEARCE, D. M. PEARLMAN, WILLIAM PEARSON, H. M. POND, H. A. REDFIELD, GEORGE REED, JOSIAH ROYCE, JE., ARTHUR SCOTT, FRED. SEARLS, L. H. SMIT.H, F. J. SOLINSKY, M. P. STONE, C. D. STUART, J. N. E. WILSON, JOHN WYATT, J. G. YAGER, WIDNEY. 32 University of California. BASE B .LL. UNIVERSITY NINE. J. C. PERKINS, Captain and C. SIMMONS, P. FAEEELL, 8. S. BUDD, 1 B. LYNCH, L. F. ALEXANDER, 2 B. RHODES, C. F. DAM, 3 B. BOARDMAN, E. F. NINE OF ' 74. J. C. PERKINS, Captain and C. BARRY, P. FAKRELL, 8. S. BUDD, 1 B. LYNCH, L. F. ROWELL, 2 B. CARNEAL, C. F-. HOOK, 3 B. LINFORTH, E. F. NINE OF 75. J. F. ALEXANDER, Captain and 2 B. HINTON, C. RHODES, 8. S. SIMMONS, P. BOAEDMAN, L. F. WINDSOR, 1 B. EOBEETSON, C. F. DAM, 3 B. HOLMAN, E. F. EASTMAN, E. S. S. NINE OF 76. GEOEGE WEIGHT, Captain and 2 B. HARMON, C. CONEOY, S. IS. WATKINS, P. FITZPATEICK, L. F. CUMMING, 1 B. PEAECE, C. F. PEATHEE, 3 B. GLENNON, R. F. OVEEACKEE, R. S. S. NINE OF 77. D. B. FAIEBANKS, Captain and P. McCEAKEN, C. WOODS, S. S. TAYLOE, 1 B. RIX, L. F. MEEK, 2 B. ADLEE, C. F. SPEEEY, 3 B. DEGOLIA, E. F. The Blue and Gold. 33 CAPTAIN ' 74 TWENTY, CAPTAIN ' 75 TWENTY, CAPTAIN ' 76 TWENTY, CAPTAIN ' 77 TWENTY, J. C. PEEKINS. C. K. BONESTELL. T. PKATHEK. E. A. KIX. JUMPISTS. CHAMPION WITH WEIGHTS, - ASSISTANT CHAMPION, CHAMPION WITHOUT WEIGHTS, GROWING, IMPROVING, - - L. L. LYNCH, ' 74. J. E. BUDD, ' 74. F. V. HOLMAN, ' 75. J. FREUD, ' 7G, K. M. MURPHY, ' 75. University of California. COMMANDANT, : : : : MAJOE GEO. C. EDWAKDS. FIEST LIEUTENANT AND ADJUTANT, - A. " W. JACKSON SECOND " " QUABTEBMASTEE, - CHAS. D. STUART SEBGEANT MAJOE, - COLOE SEEGEANT, QUAETEEMASTEE SEEGEANT, - - JOHN E. BUDD. JAMES S. HOOK. WILLIAM TTJKKINGTON. CAPTAIN, - IST LIEUTENANT, 2o LIEUTENANT, Company A. JAMES C. PEEKINS. THOMAS F. BAKKY. SAMUEL B. CHKISTY. CAPTAIN, IST LIEUTENANT, 2o LIEUTENANT, Company DAVID E. COLLINS. ED. A. PAKKER. - M. M. CORELLA. CAPTAIN, - IST LIEUTENANT, 2o LIEUTENANT, Company C. JOHN GOSS. J. M. STILLMAN. J. 11. PRICE. CAPTAIN, IST LIEUTENANT, 2o LIEUTENANT, Company T. D. CARNEAL. JOHN R. FARRELL. W. W. VAN ARSDALE. The Blue and Gold. 35 FOUNDED JUNE aoth, 1873. INSTRUCTOR, LEADER, PRESIDENT, - SECRETARY, TREASURER, WILLIAM R. DAVIS, ' 74. - H. O. LANG, ' 75. W. H. CHAMBERLAIN, ' 76. - C. B. OVERACKER, ' 76. - VINCENT HOOK, ' 76. ' Board of ' Directors. W. L. BROMLEY, ' 77, C. F. BURTON, ' 77. R. HARMON, ' 7G. D. M. PEARLMAN, ' 77. A. N. SCOTT, ' 76. D. S. WATKINS, ' 76. IST Efr CORNET, 2oB6 SOLO EJ ALTO, - IST B6 TENOR, IST B!; BARITONE, IST E6 BASS, SIDE DRUM, BASS DRUM, H. O. LANG. W. H. CHAMBERLAIN. A. N. SCOTT. - W, BROMLEY. D. M. PEARLMAN. - W. BROWN. R. HARMON. - D. WATKINS. CHARLES BURTON. - C. B. OVERACKER. University of California. SEMPER PLENUS AUT SEMPER PARATUS. D. D. GRIFFITHS, F. L. FOSTER, N. A. MORFORD, J. G. YAGER, A. C. BRADFORD, H. O. LANG, SUPERLATIVE DAD. BlG SCEIBEEEEUM. KOINEEZEK. DlSPENSATIONAL TAPPEE. SODAWASSEEQUELLE . NEOTEEIC DAD. The Blue and Gold. 37 USICAL DEPARTMENT, ZETA PSI DOUBLE QUARTETTE. FIRST TKNOB, SECOND TENOK. FIRST BASS, SECOND BASS. PIANIST, (ED. A. PARKER, }J. C. PERKINS. (JOS. C. ROWELL, }FRED. V.HOLMAN j FRANK DEERING, }C. D. STUART. JJOHN E. BUDD, }T. D. CARNEAL. JOHN F. ALEXANDER. J)OUBLE QUARTETTE OF ' 74. FIKST TENOB, SECOND TENOB, FIRST BASS, SECOND BASS, PIANIST, JED. A. PARKER, 1 JAMES C. PERKINS. JJOS. C. ROWELL, 1W. R. DAVIS. A. W. JACKSON, C. D. STUART. JT. D. CARNEAL, JJOHN E. BUDD. S. C. SCHEELINE. :: FIBST TENOK, SECOND TENOR, FIKST BASS, SECOND BASS, FALSETTO, - PIANIST. 75 LUB. j C. F. EASTMAN, } HARRY WEBB. - F. V. HOLMAX. - F. DKERING. C. K. BONESTELL. - W. GUMMER. J. F. ALEXANDER. University of California. ' 76 QUARTETTE. FIRST TENOK, SECOND TENOR, FIRST BASS, SECOND BASS, PIANIST, N. A. MORFORD. J. N. E. WILSON. J. E. TAYLOR. H. A. REDFIELD. J. N. E. WILSON ::- FIRST TENOR, SECOND TENOR, FIRST BASS, SECOND BASS, PIANIST, QUINTETTE. - D. B. MARX. HOWARD STILLMAN. - FRANK SOLINSKY. J. W. SPEdRY. - NATHAN H. FRANK. The Blue and Gold. 39 ' 75 Jf HIST CLUB, ALECK, (AcE OF SPADES). ARTY, (DEUCE OF CLUBS). FWEDDY, (JACK OF DIAMONDS). SAM, (KING OF HEABTS.) RAMATIC J. K. PKICE, J. C. PERKINS. J. E. BUDD, WM. J. TURKINGTON, H. H. WEBB, GEO. J. AINSWORTH, F. V. HOLMAN, CHESLEY K. BONESTELL. or, SOONER BUDD, PEKKINS, SOONER, CARNEAL, ROWELL, MULE. 40 University of California. fr CfiiL f Jf our llctcl mm And they all flapped their wings and cried, Caw, caw, caw ! ' J. E. B. E. A. P. J. F. A. J. C. P. PTIONISTS, LOCAL Ye Local Optioner, - Ye Whiskie Straighter, - Ye Stone Fencer (Hard Drink), Ye Beer Destroyer, Ye Brandy Smasher, Ye Soda Fountain Agent, Ye Queen Charlotte Man, Dave. A. Wendell. D wight B. Capt. J. D. E. C. Sallie. Perk. YE SEVER 1st Snoozer, J. F. A. 2d 3d 4th 5th Cth 7th H. H. W. John E. Budd, J. C. P. S. R, R. - T. D. C. J. K. F. " Was that the Second Bell. " " Champion slow-dresser " . ' ' Remember that trip to Eel River. ' ' " Lay over, John. " Champion Sleeper in Mechanics. " Yes. I washed my face. " 1 ' Why didn ' t you wake me up for dinner. ' ' The Blue and Gold. THE HENNERY, Speckled Hen, - Pullet, Young Gosling, - Cock of the Walk, E. C. C. J. H. W. T. J. F. C. F. E. EIGHT WORTHY GRAND SNAILEM, - E D. HIGH COCKATOO or THE BOILER, - THE JUDGE. EIGHT SMART SKEDADDLERS, - PE , WB , DA , BU . - EGRET OCTETY, PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, W. E. DAVIS. little jnkey freud. W. E. DAVIS. little jakey freud. LARK, LINNET, BLACK BIRD, BLUE JAY, I. T. H. F. D. A. F. L. T. V. H. 42 University of California. THE BERKELEYAN PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE Duramt and NeoldBan Societies 9 AND THE STUDENTS AT LARGE. Jos. C. EOWELL, ' 74, D. E. S. J. F. ALEXANDER, ' 75, D. E. S. I M. M. COBELLA, - N. L. S. N. A. MOBFOBD, ' 76, N. L. S. I W. W. VAN ABSDALE, ' 74 Students. ISSUED ANNUALLY BY THE JUNIOR CLASS e-rsity of BUSINESS MANAGERS = ABTHUB F. Low, L. S. BUECHAKD, JOHN BICE, W. C. JONES, I. T. HINTOX. The Blue and Gold. 43 I M PORT AT I ON DIRECT. M. S HORT, Tlie Pioneer Ta,ilor 7 Commercial St., cor. Leidesdorff. Kecognizing the enormous support which he has received, owing to his supply- ing only the best of goods, at the same price, for clothes made to order as are and have been charged by other houses for inferior ready-made clothing, determined on personally visiting the manufacturers in Europe and purchasing first-hand, there- by saving intermediate profit, the benefit of which will now be felt by his patrons, to whom he offers a selection from the Largest Importation of the Finest Goods Ever introduced into this market, including MELTONS, CAMBKIDGE, CHEVIOTS, NAPIER, OXFORD, WITNEYS, RAGLANS, WEST TWILLS, Etc., Etc. Being the Newest Fashions, both in material and colors, which he now offers at prices, which cannot be touched by any other house in the trade. AN INSPECTION OF THIS SPLENDID STOCK Is respectfully invited. A perfect fit guaranteed. Remember, my Prices to Order Are. Pants - $ 6 00 Businest Suits for - 25 00 Beaver Suits for - - - 35 00 Finest French Beaver suits - - 50 00 M. SHORT, 527 Commercial Street, San Francisco. W. B. HARDY, and Between 9th and 10th Streets, OAKLAND, DEALER IN Books, Stationery, Periodicals, POCKET CUTLERY, LEGAL BLANKS, FANCY ARTICLES, ETC., ETC. Eastern Magazines and Newspapers. SCHOOL BOOKS AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 44 University of California. MRS. ALICE M. ANTISELL, Proprietor. THIS MAGNIFICENT HOTEL was built expressly with a view to comfort and convenience. Two, three and four rooms can be thrown into one, if desired. Marble basins and grates in every room. BATH ROOMS for the accommodation of guests, with hot and cold water, shower baths, closets, etc. A magnificent view of the Golden Gate and the Bay of San Francisco. A No. 1 French Restaurant is attached to the Hotel, where all the delicacies of the season can be obtained. The cars from Oakland pass the door every ten minutes. The Blue and Gold. A 5 AT BULIKKL-KY. THOMAS BARRY. - Proprietor. THIS Hotel can be reached by Cars in three-quarters of an hour from Broadway Station, Oakland, and is especially adapted for families. Private parties and picnics will always find the best accommodations. The Kitchen and Bar are supplied with the best that the market affords. Students accommodated with the best of board and lodging. BERKELEY RESTAURANT, Cor. Union Street and University Avenue, (One block west of the Railroad), Berkeley. J. BACHMAN, Proprietor. Regular Boarders at Weekly Rates. MEALS AT ALL HOURS. 46 University of California. OAKLAND. HOUSES AND LOTS FOR SALE AND TO RENT IN ALL PARTS OF THE CITf. ALSO, From $500 to $5000 Per Acre. No. 1006 Broadway, :::::: above Ninth Street. ]V, JK, BARKIS ' TOISTSORI L ROOMS, CORNER SEVENTH AND BROADWAY, OAKLAND. BILLY ' S Style in Hair Cutting is not equalled on the Coast, and his way of JZncouraffing Meafc Mustaches is inimitable. New Photographic Gallery, Messrs. DUNHAM LATHROP ' S beautiful new Art Gallery, on the west side of Broadway, between 13th and 14th streets, is Now Open to the Public. Every style of work known to the profession executed in the best manner and at REASONABLE RATES. Special attention given to Children ' s Pictures and LOCKET WORK, copying and enlarging of old Pictures, Outside Views, etc., in the best manner. University work done at the lowest prices. The Blue and Gold. 47 a WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, West side Broadway, above 9th street, :::::: OAKLAND. A large and well selected Stock of Watches, Jewelry, etc., Constantly on hand. University work, such as Class Rings, Pins or Canes, done in the best manner and at the lowest rates. BERKELEY M.EAT MARKET, Near Berkeley Hotel, on the line of the Horse Car Track. Choicest and Freshest Meats of every variety KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OltDEMS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. THOMAS HAM, Proprietor. 505 CLAY STREET, S. W, Corner Sansome, SAN FRANCISCO. Every description of Printing executed in English, French, German, Spanish and Latin, at moderate rates. 4 8 University of California. A. L. BANCROFT Co. 721 MARKET STREET. Miscellaneous, Medical, Scientific and Law Books. New Books Received Daily. Libraries and Professional Men supplied at greatly reduced rates. Our prices will always be the very lowest, and we iuvito all to visit us and avail themselves of the advantages we offer. Subscription Books. Good live men can make money by canvassing for Books sold only through Agents. We are Manufacturers of Stationery as well as Importers, and are now turning out Superior Lines of Goods, which we are offering at New York Prices. Blank Books in every variety of Style, made to Order at short notice. We are now prepared to furnish the Finest Stock of American and Foreign Stationery ever offered in this city. Engraving for Wedding Orders, Visiting Cards. Monograms, Crests, executed in the most ex- quisite taste, after the latest styles. Steam Book and Job Printing. All Varieties and Designs of Job Work executed in the finest style. Our facilities for Book Work cannot be surpassed. Binding. We are giving particular attention to binding in Calf and Morocco, with " Marble edges, " and are now turning out work fully equal in style and execution to any- thing done in New York, and at much less cost. Pianos, Organs, Music Publications. A full Assortment of Instruments of acknowledged worth constantly on hand. ti T Descriptive Circulars and Price Lists will be sent on application. Address A. L. BANCROFT G CO., San Francisco, Cal.

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