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University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine - Reflector Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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1 - 'P' 1, . - ,' :grit . g.v:eu-':H-g- A Q- 1 , , . v . ' --4-4-MJ J ' " 4+ "?,,,zr,f,-11' ' "'- -, 1 - ---,en.- 'w '- LGT.-,K , LJ- ' - 1 . Y Y ,. . + ' f',.-.-:':."T'-1 -'A I- W . ' 'z'--'1W""f:9f,11-11" -1' -F s.,x-'M ' -- 1',--W 'ff YM' '. " ' - 'N - ws' K 1 - 1 J. ,J ,. I. V -Q, - fx ,fx w ' A I - ,...!'q, - v o L f ,-jg. A k1?:':'IK:3+1, r' ' "' - .w. v . ., 32-- . Xu lil '- ,. ' W U -x ,, 'xi 3' .,, A . .Q-TIF ' - :Q - f ya L. .. 1. sly, . ru Az.. lf wi. '11 f' V ,-U. - - 'wi -'3l"'5Y' .V U ff ."3 fr 1,5 , Wgsrxggp 'f ' '-f 'sr 4 -X L. an .w ,., Pg' al... va 44 M ' 'Z L "x -- ,sm .,, .,,.,,, -ww' -- rw pw" 'f .W-.L f,. ,Q , - .m -I , -. .-Qmzfxf 'V 'i-.vv 9- 51, xr 'Y f E fa "' 'Sf - uf Q--Q. , 1- 4 H 'A A 51,4 R,-Iy,w.J L-Aw j.f,7-,- grip-:ar-t Q ,ffg3TWfAQ1!5yL' Vdgfqrw Qjffvfxmv 'fjwmffffgisi M X13 ' f , . f'A2"'5 1 ,uv B ,- .- it f '-fu, M i. '4 -ix 7 P 'J ,L I 1 1' 144 9 Z.-4 ly: .. ,D ,, V 25- ,fig P 'J - Q .W 4 ii 127-'l ugh: lizzi- Y 'Yi-gi - ,. ,3- K. J 1 v rv.1'i':a . , 'P -f fL':.'43 'J-f L5 31? E Af '- K 22:71 '-,ggi -' -, sg.- , V, ,fl ' 1' ,MW My 5,-1. .Q .-at .ULAX if . ,T-IJ ,af I .gxkf u M35 ,QAM A, 4, 'vita My , -,Q-if ' M ' 49?-Q -vie: 5 ug-- 'M Af f,-VW , ,V ,,. , 1 ,j '- 134 ' 5-'J 'f .E ' -,-ffvf' a .1 ji 51:1 -Eli RQ,-flj, gf L' 5 2.1 . u , ,,,. 1351 A I . WVU f 13' "Mi 1 'M 'ZW -5 w --'xlifwk "t-wid Y Lv3w,a,5gv,l5i.r.1. V' f- in uw A mf. ff, Q , -'1-3 "ff :fm ,. M, '-1-V, ami, .nf ,'a,M1vf? -W' -X 13372. XgQiZjjJ!:7Qff'f?j:K 'v-. '. '14 'L H ,, ,3,.,M:,-3: 1 , 1 "rv 1 -. 'fmmv' . X .qu , - . WW " . AJMM M, L, v 1 rv 1 ii 1 W v 1 3,,31,'N.g. , A f, . . y-n,,M "- ws- V. Q ' m f f' W, , ' Q , 'Y W A !-,, W' 1 Ml 1 s' 1' 2 "QQ . t A R' -.. WMV VL .JA , A 5 , 8 . iw fu 1. Y 1 an N. ,qflxbh IMA-ff' will 1 :JL A1 1 IIE TIA GARY WM. ANDREWS Editor-In-Chief CHARLES NEGUS Dental Editor JOHN CUDMORE Co-Medical Editor RAE JACOBS C6 4 Co-Medical Edit V59 B ik Y I. S fo ,E .R Q1 C 1" ,fi g i X wife! S ' Te? IX EE f W 'FM q-Ji Al ,f . I V tg I- , I ,fa V re' 'ff fl, w :JS NI TTS' , ,Ulf C ".-,, ' J .".'p. .M f,'-:gt N-. ..,... .197 " ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO SCHOOLS OF DENTISTRY AND MEDICINE ,K NTT ,- S A .s,2g,.,lli,4v f ff' is The Senior Denfal Class lakes ex+reme pleasure in dedi- ca+ing lhe Medenlian +o our Dean, Dr. James A. English. ln +he brief one and one-half years he has been associaled wifh fhe School of Denlisfry, he has changed +he char- acler of our lasf clinical year beyond our fondesl hopes. New and full-'rime facully have been insliluled, lwo new clinics have opened, clinic and laboralory hours have been increased, world renowned clinicians and research- ers have frequenfly been inviled 'ro speak, coming from lhis counlry, Europe, Auslralia, Japan, and 'lhe Armed Services, new research granls have been made available. Bul' by far lhe grea+es+ conlribufion of Dr. English +o +he Senior Class has been lhe new spirii which he has broughl wilh him. He has shown us +he imporlance of doing lhe whole iob of academic and clinical s+udy in earning ihe degree and accolade of Doclor. He has spurred many of us inlo beginning and conlinuing orig- inal basic research. His office door is always open lo our JAMES A. ENGLISH B.S., D.D.S., NLS.. Pu.D. problems, faking fhe lime, in his busy schedule, lo learn our views, and 'lo become well acquainled individually. By genuine lesson and example he has shown +ha'l nolh- ing less +han excellence mus+ always be in our academic siudy, clinical accomplishmenf, and fu+ure praclice. Dr. English received his B.S. from Pennsylvania Slale College, D.D.S. wi'l'h firsl honors from +he Universify of Pennsylvania, M.S. from fhe Graduale School of +he same universily, and Ph.D. from John Hopkins Universily. He is +he aulhor of more +han a score of publicalions and is currenlly Presidenl of lhe ln+erna+ional Associalion of Denlal Research. His dislinguished career in 'lhe Denial Corps, Uniled S+al'es Navy, from which he refired wi+h 'lhe rank of Cap+ain in l96l, has given him a world-wide repu+a+ion. For +he inspiralion he has given +o 'lhe Senior Class, we offer +his small expression of graleful apprecia'l'ion. The repufafion of a Medical School is seldom more fhan fhe sum value of ifs deparfmenfal heads. The Uni- versify of Buffalo is indeed forfunafe fo have as Pro- fessor and Head of fhe Deparfmenf of Psychiafry Dr. S. Mouchly Small: if is fo him fhaf fhe Medical Class of '62 respecffully dedicafes fhis book. Dr. Small is a cum laude graduafe of fhe College of 'rhe Cify of New York and was firsf in his class af Cornell Universify Medical College. He is a diplomafe of fhe American Board of Psychiafry and Neurology, a Fellow of fhe New Yorl: Academy of S. Mouctum' SMALL B.S-, MD. Medicine, of fhe American Medical Associafion and of fhe American Psychiafric Associafion. A prolific aufhor and researcher, Dr. Small has found 'rime fo be Direcfor of Psychiafry af fhe E. J. Meyer Me- morial Hospifal since I95l: in I96l he assumed a similar posifion af fhe Buffalo General Hospifal, For whaf he has done for fhe Deparfmenf of Psychiafry, for fhe Medical School and fhe cify of Buffalo in general and for fhis class in parficular, fhe Medical graduafes of l962 are mosf grafeful fo Dr. S. Mouchly Small. On behalf of fhe Faculfy of fhe School of Denfisfry and personally, l sincerely congrafulafe each graduafing senior for having mef fhe requiremenfs of fhis School affer four long and arduous years of fraining and sfudy. We know fhaf if is a difficulf road, for if is nof common fo find fhe combinafions of skill and undersfanding fhaf is required by pracficing denfisfs. Some of us had nafural abilifies in cerfain areas buf had fo exerf greaf efforl' fo reach +o fhe required sfandards in ofher areas. We feel sure fhaf you all have found safisfacfion in your chosen field and we send you ouf info fhe world wifh our besf wishes for a fruifful and grafifying life in serving ofhers. We hope you offen refurn fo your School in fufure years. As you enfer fhe never-ending sfream of medicine fhe faculfy and I wish fo join wifh your associafes, your family and your friends in wishing you our sincere congrafu- lafions on achieving fhis maior firsf sfep in your life's role. We hope fhaf while you have in your confacf wifh fhe many disciplines which corn- bine fo make fhe fofalify of medicine acquired 'lhe facfual and concepfual knowledge necessary for excellence in our field, you have, in addifion, refained or acquired fhe spirif of inquiry which is so essenfial fo fhe pracfice of medicine, fo 'leaching and fo research. We hope, also, fhaf we have preserved and culfivafed fhe humanifarian insfincfs and efhical and moral principles associafed wifh medicine since ifs beginning and sfill so vifally a parf of fhe complex role which fhe physician plays in our modern sociefy. While you are now leaving your Universify you will, if you confinue fo meef your obligafions fo your profession and yourself, never really divorce yourself from if. lfs spirif, ifs principles, ifs responsibilifies fo you, and fhose who follow you, should manfain fhe fies which will provide for your confinuing growfh in an endless educa- fional confinuum. You have our mosl' sincere wishes for your happiness and success. CLIFFORD C FURNAS S. HOWARD PAYNE ROSWELL K. BROWN Chancellor of fhe Unnversufy of Buffalo Assisfanf Dean of fhe School of Denfisfry Aggislam Dean of lhe School of Medicine .fr-9'4" ,A 'cr -"" ....... RICHARD A. POWELL EDWIN C, JAUCH NICHOLAS R. MARFINO LEON J. GAUCHAT BERNARDG .WAKEFIELD B.A., D.D.s. D.D.s. D.D.S., M.s. D.D.S., F.A.C.D. F.l.c.D. D.D.S., F.A.c.D. Professor and Head of flme Professor of Operafive Denfisfry Assisfanf Professor of Professor of Principles of Professor of Oral Surgery Deparfme,-11-of Oral Pafhology and Periodonfics Pracfice and Efhics Operafive Denfisfry af. 752' 1 'ig EVELYN L. JUNG EUGENE J, NORTH HAROLD A. SOLOMON HAROLD R. ORTMAN PERCY W. BASH D.D.S. D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.l.C.D. D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.l.C.D. DD-5-. F-A-C-ll l D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Radiodonfics Associbfe Professor of Peclodonfics Assisfanf Professor of Oncology PI'OfeSSOI' of PFOSll1OClOf1lICS Associefe Professor of Denfal Maferials and Prosflwodonfic Techniques 'S' EDWARD F. MIM ROH L. HALLIDAY MEISBURGER- L. HALLIDAY MEISBURGER, JR. W. HINSON JONES D.D.S., F.A.C.D.. Flllocolc Rulsisglslf 33.30. D.D.S., F.A.c.D. D.D.s. M.A., D.D.S., F.A.c.D. Professor of Maferia Melzliea Professor of'Ol3erafive Denflsfry Professor in Oral Paflwology Associafe in Oral Pafliology Assisfanf Professor of Operafive cl ' ' ' ' an Tlwerapeuhcs Denfusfry and Periodonfics a-'R Ji -auf MAXWELL D. FARROW ROBERT B. NACHBAR PHILIP A. GALEOTA GEORGE E. EASTERBROOK RICHARD E. SAUER D.D.S., F.A.C.D. D.D.S. B.A., D.D.S. D.D.S. D.D.S. Associafe Professor of Assisfanf Professor of Oral Surgery lnsfrucforin Oral Surgery Associafe in Pedodon+ics and lnsfrucfor in Pedoclonfics Oral Surgery Direcfor of fhe Denfal Clinic in fhe Cl1ilclren's l-Iospifal 1.1 --f .li I-!2sLwl ' HARRY E. FLYNN ANTHONY S. GUGINO CHARLES L. BOYERS ROBERT W. CONN NELSON L. BLACKMORE D.D.S. D.D.S., F.A.C.D. A.B., D.M.D. D.D.S., F.A.C.D. B.A., D.D.S. Assisfanf Professor of Professor of Denfal Anafomy Professor and Head of fha Professor of Oral Diagnosis and Associafe in Pedodonfics Prosfhodonfics Deparfmenf of Pedoclonfics Superinfenclenf of fhe Clinic Q '-- -3- JOHN W. BOYLAN L. IRVING EPSTEIN CLIFFORD G. GLASER WILLIAM R. ROOT JOHN J. CUNAT B.S., M.D. A.B., D.D.S. D.D.S., F.A.C.D. . D.D.S., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D. D.D.S., M.S. Assisfanf Professor of Medicine Assistant Professor of Endodonfics Professor and I-lead of flwe Assisfanf Clinical Professor of Assisfanf Clinical Professor of and Physiology Deparfmenf of Orflnodonfics Orflwodonfics Orfhoclonfics I l . "Y X5 ' V55 WARD J. WEIMER ROBERT E. PANTERA JOSEPH A. VERDI NORMAN A. MOHL JAMES COLLORD ,rm l?-D-S- D.D.S. s.A.. D.D.S. ' D.D.S. a.A., o.n.s. "UCl0f In Pedodonfics Assislani' Professor of Fixed Assislanf Professor of Operalive lnsfruclor in Denial Anafomy lnsfruclor in Clinical Denfislry Parlial Prosllnodonfics Denfislry and Prosllnodonlics and Prosllnodonfics -'eil iw-41 FERDINAND A. PAOLINI ' M.D. Associale in Medicine 9 i STEPHEN F. KISSEL HARVEY D. SPROWL GEORGE E. SMUTKO D.D.S. B.S., D.D.S. B.A.. D.D.S., M.S. lnsfrucfor in Oral Hislopalhology lnsfruclor in Clinical Denlisfry Associale in Prosfhodonlics n A T Q N xx . '. u- .Jw J 4 if N.. 11" T H. GORDQN CHENEY STUART L. FISHMAN PAUL W. DAHMER D.D.S. D.M.D. D.D.S. gnshucfor in Operafive Dem-isffy lnslruclor in Clinical Denlisfrv Teaching Fellow in Clinical ' Denfisfry w.""' 'I' KURT J. ODENHEIMER D.D.S. Associafe Professor of Oral Diagnosis and Clinical Pallnology xxx 0-im' 1 f""N 'mx 'Ulla X OLIVER P. JONES HAROLD BRODY HERMANN RAHN DONALD W. RENNIE Ph.D., M.D. B.S., Ph.D., M.D. A.B., M.D. B.S., M.S., M.D. Professor and l-lead of fhe Associafe Professor of Anafomy Lawrence D. Bell Professor of Assisfanl Professor of Physiology Deparfmenf of Anafomy Cardiovascular Research in Buswell Fellow Physiology l-lead of lhe Deparfmenf of Physiology 4- DOUGLAS M. SURGENOR B.A., M.S., Ph.D. kssisfanf Professor of Biochemisfry Assisfanf Professor of Biochemisfry FLOYD R. SKELTON M.D., Ph.D. Professor and l-lead of fhe Deparfmenf of Pafhology 5 .,.r i 57 A df. gs 'P, .Q i ul ..,..' '-:7 WILLARD B. ELLIOTT A.B., M.S., Ph.D. M.D. M.D. Associafe Professor of Bacferiology 81 lmmunology Buswell Research Fellow ERNEST WITEBSKY JAMES F. MOHN Disfinguished Professor and l-lead of fhe Deparlmenf of Bacferiology and Immunology FRED M. SNELL Ph.D., M.D.' Professor and l-lead of fhe Deparfmenf of Biophysics NOEL R. ROSE B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Assisfanf Professor of Bacferiology 81 Immunology 'R V !F""' SAMUEL SANES DOUGLAS S. RIGGS JOSEPH M. BENFORADO A.B., M.D. B.S., M.D. B.S., M.A., M.D. Professor and l-lead of fhe Professor and l-lead of fhe Associafe Professor of Deparfmenf of Legal Medicine Deparfmenf of Pharmacology Pharmacology Associafe Professor of Pafhology Buswell Fellow EDWARD F. MARRA B.S., M.D., M.P.H. Professor and l-lead of the Deparfmenl' of Prevenfive Medicine Associafe Professor of Medicine Buswell Fellow iiifsrgr if , f - , . .,,,,.,,i Q ,Iwi I , M' ii ,-me f fp ff'- cd' I EVAN CALKINS DAVID G. GREEN L. MAXWELL LOCKIE STEWART L. VAUGHAN THEODORE H. NOEHREN Pr f A.B., M.D. A,B,, M.D. Ph.G., B.S. iMed.l, M.D., F.A.C.P. B.S., M.D., Ph.D. B.A., M.D., M.S. Oi-lessor of Medicine and Harry M. Denf Professor of Professor and Head of The Clinical Professor of Medicine Assisfam Professor of Medicine B Head of Medicine af Clinical Research in Division of Therapeufics and and l-lead of The Division of Buswell Fellow L' Glo General l-lospiial Cardiovascular Disease Associaie in Medicine Clinical Pafhology Assisfani Clinical Professor of Physiology U g." N 14 Www 'vm' L. BUNNELL KEITH VANCE ALBERT G. BICKLEMAN AsSiSiani-P-- M.D. Mp, .B.S.,.M.D. U i ro essor Oi Medicine Assisfanf Professor of Medicine ASSOCIGTS H1 Medlmne -W ' 'ff f if 'iv m...,,s. me fmt D N-ur ,fx an-"' JOHN R- PAINE BENJAMIN E. OBLETZ B-A-. M-D-I Pl1-D- Ph.G., M.S., M.D., F.A.C.S Pfofessof of SUNJEVY Pi Cli ical Professor Surgery Buffalo General Hospifal iglrfhopedic Surgeryi Head, Deparfmenf of Surgery Head of Division of Chairman Deparimenf of Surgery Q,-ihopedic Suigeny af School of Medicine sv? ,-A l JOSEPH E MACM - ANUS , LER BAXTER BROWN RICHARD w. EGAN GORDON J, CULVER Cli I AB.. M.D. RlCHlPAP3 IQDDD B.S., M.S., M.D.. F.A.C.S. B.S., M.D.. F.A.C.S. M,D, nical Professor of Surgery Agsociafe Professor of Surgery Clinical Professor of Surgery Associafe Professor of Surgery Clinical Professor of Radiology iUrologyi Buswell Fellow M lc l S h l ar e C O ar Head of Division of Urology af Buffalo General l-lospifal -.' i is .n 'I' .1 'G m . fs - n-f-- -- Q M LOUIS BAKAY DAVID K. MILLER ABEL LEVITT BERNARD H. SMITH EDWARD G. ESCHNER M D B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. M.D., C.M., F.A.C.P. M.B., Cl1.B., M.R.C.P., D.P.M. M.D. P fesror ljfsur er Professor of Medicine and Head Clinical Professor of Medicine Professor of Neurology Clinical Professor of Radiology rmxjcijrosur Org, Y of flue Deparfmenf of Medicine Head of Dcparimenfof Neurology, H ad De augment of af E. J. Meyer Memorial Hospifal E. J. Meyer Memorial Hospiial Ncurosjrqery GI? Buffalo General Hospifal. Cl1ildren's Hospifal land E. J. Meyer Memorial Hospifal -9 i ALBERT C. REKATE THOMAS S. BUMBALO JOHN D. STEWART JAMES P. COLE BENTON D. KING M.D. M.D., M.s., lmai, F.A.A.P. a.A., M.D., F.A.c.s. s.s., M.D., D.Sc. Neal B.s., M.D. Associafe Professor of Medicine: Associate Clinical Professor of Professor of Surgery and Head of Clinical Professor of Surgery Professor and Head of fha Head of Admissions Cdmmiilee Pediairics Deparfmenf of Surgery af iOrfl1opedic Surgeryl Deparfmenf of Anesfliesiolo Y i E. J. Meyer Memorial l-lospiial Head of flue Deparfmenf o? Anesilwesia af E. J. Meyer Memorial Hospiial . I l www- I ' ,-l fb 154 I ,B iw, , . if f, . ,- I Q I WILLIAM J. STAUBITZ ' S HARRY W. HALE, JR. WORTHINGTON G. THEODORE DRAPANAS W. YERBY JONES A.B., M.D. B.S., M.D. SCHENK, JR., M.D. M.D. M.D., F.A.C.S. l- Professor of Surgery lUrologylg Associafe Professor of Surgery Associate Professor of Surgery Assisfanf Professor of Surgery Clinical Professor of Surgery Head of flwe Division of Urology af Buswell Fellow Buswell Fellow lOphfl1almolog l E. J, Meyer Memorial Hospifal Head ofOpl1fl'1almollogy ai' Acfing Head of Division of E. J, Moyer Memorial Hospital Urology af Children's Hospifal 45x I mf- ?-,-, 'rgl V? V I r 1 5 l X I I xx, 1 MITCHELL I. RUBIN A. WILMOT JACOBSEN MARJAOMCIRUISE ERIKQAIERUCK S. MOggHr'l:1TDEMALL Professor aI:IqI?lIe5d of fhg Clinical Pr2I2ggg?'L3.Pediafrics Assis+an'r Profossor OI Pediarrics Associafe Professor of Pediarrics Professor and Head of The Deparfmem of pediamcs Deparfmenf oI PsycI1ia'rry farrfw -1 Uffsf-'if'i,,, 'f"f'r4 ZLif2SxfsW'W53"7'21 1. wry' N' My fig-f + W , I , I 5 . E 45 've , " G. NEWTON SC JR THEODORE C. JEWETT, JR. RICHARD N. TERRY OSCAR J. OBERKIRCHER Clinical P fM'D' ATCIEIARD NORMAN BINPBIQMSONI I ' + + Proztgor of Surgery CIinicaIII4PcI?Iessor of Professor arr1,IcIDIlIead of fhe and ChairmrsneslggrPIoIIaRdI3IOIgy ASSISIGIII PIOIISSSOF OI Surgery OP1IZfaEJepar+men'r of Surgery Anesfhesiology Division of Urology IEmeri+uSI P ' 5 'O OW 6+ childrens I-Iospi+aI I x . '. f fm I , S X V' I ' , CARMELO s. ARMENM CLQDE ESRAJIDALL IRVING R. LANG VINCENT JDCAPRARO JAMEEAE1 KIME MDI F 4 P ' " ' '- -D- M-DJ . - -' ' f A 'I +P I I Assis+an+ Clinica Pro essoro rOIeSScE,-?rIeOIIsIeIrICS and ASSISIMI CIInI3agroIesIor OI AOSESLIEIIIIZIIgrIiiaI5Py-riiiigzgy Obsf:IPissnancgoG?5riZEoIogy Obsherrics and Gynecology CO o Ob I ' neco ogy .gyenaeiigf Obsrefrios ?rIld PedieIric SIB HCS an Y 095' GI CI1lIdren's Hospifal :1'w:TM'.,'- . ' ' "X 'LJYVS'-.r . .51 1' U 'ny 1, 1,3 . W W Andreas 'Oesalius future 6 "Only +l1rougl1 his genius may man SUVVWG. everyfhing else will die." Vesalius' Fabrica .IJX5 I o n uius n sr ni ows i er er Block YT'-7 Frank L. Vincenf P. Eugene Michael J. Michael H. J h A. J l' R. Michael B. Graziano Corbefl Humeniuk Bedowslry A k B lk k B g P esidenf Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer menfalan0l4.n4echcal Classes of 196 Shorfly affer receiving 'lheir hard earned and long awaifed Q.A.'s and bidding fheir alma mafers, frafernify brofhers, and pprenfs adieu, some 67 rafher confidenf, mafure, sophisficafed, iriflelligenf and educafed prospecfive denfisfs sef ouf for lhe Queen Cify of fhe Greaf Lakes, for bigger and beffer fhings - U. B. Denfal School. Wifh eager anficipafion fo display our manual dexferify and a feeling of compefence, we gafhered one morning in Capen Hall ready for fhe firsf day of classes and our firsf exfracfion. We discovered very quickly, however, fhal' in spife of our B.A.'s, B.S.'s and our newly acquired sfafus symbol - +he whife lab coaf we were once again "af fhe boffom of fhe rock pile," and had a long climb ahead of us. We fell' fhe weighl' of 'lhaf "pile" fhe very firsf day when unceremoniously and wifhoul' warning we found ourselves in gross lab waifing in line fo receive our specimens for dissecfion. We realized fhaf before we were given our firsf pafienl' we had fo fake, along wifh fhe meds, a series of basic sciences such as Gross Anafomy, Hisfology, Neuro, Biophysics, Bio- chem, Physiology efc., which was fel+ would demonsfrafe fo us clearly fhal' Denfisfry and Medicine are allied sciences. Affer many lecfures and many exams we began fo appreciafe somewhaf fhe inferrelafions which exisf befween fhese sciences and fhaf fhey are very much relafed fo fhe dynamic and very complex human organism whose various funcfions we as denfisfs and physicians musf undersfand. Realizing fhe value of a well rounded individual, we found fhaf in spife of our rafher rigorous schedule, we were able fo fake 'lime ouf now and fhen fo resume our social confacf, do fhe "fwisf", and even organized a foofball feam. Our fwo unif professional fype squad wifh liffle difficulfy humbled among ofhers, fhe overrafed senile iunior denfs. THE ANATOMY QUINTET Three guys, a girl, and a cadaver Make up fhe anafomy quinfef Whose main insfrumenfs of music consisf Of a saw, a hammer, and groans done in harmony Then fhere are 'lhe occasional knee-knocks Broughf on by fhe all-imposing greaf maesfro These five convene for 'lhree hours per session Pull ouf fheir sheefs of nofes fo follow Which fhey quickly improvise upon and fhen Jusf as quickly regrel' 'lheir improvisafions Bul' undaunfed fhey confinue fheir hymn Of curses and cusses abouf a 3 mm. long ligamenl' Which is finally found - cuf in half The song fhen ends and fhe falk begins Abouf fhe dog fhal' escaped from fhe nursing school Which one guy caughf and fool: fo Safurday's parfy Abouf fhe horns sproufing from fheir heads Due fo fhe presenf condifion of sexual deficiency Abouf fhe horrendous exams fhreafening fheir fufure Of performing fhree hundred dollar appendecfomies "Where does fhe coracohumeral ligamenf run, dammif?" "Where else, of course, buf from fhe fibia fo fhe femur." "Do you have fhaf sfrucfure on your side?" "Yes, buf l wouldn'l' show if fo You." Mufual misery keeps fhem smiling and cooperafive Punchy, exhausfed, and odoriferous fhey leave -learly. J.B Not present for photo: Charles R. Clough, Henry C. Cox, Elliott W. Lamberl, Joseph C. McLaughlin, Robert G. Mesires, Robert J. Nicoletta, James A. Quiggle and Anthony M. Zane. - x4:R 4 Paul S. G W, John P. Choinaclxi eglizp Clarlr 1 . 2 c I v-Q , . . .g i 5 l ' Michael E. Joseph F. Roberl F. Ferriclx Fialo Folley li V3 ' - fl I if A1 D Warren D. Henry R. Edward J. Johnson Keller Kerr cr- W' . . i FO' A 3 wJ f--- 'ig Eifl J. Gerald R, Howard L. McGralh Mohl Noonan 19- era I -J . I v 'TQ' 'iii M ML ' ' Q -ldmes H. Samuel A. Alan S. Pulnam Riuo RYU' 4 f' I X ' u Joel l- George K. Paul F' Tmewiler Ungm-9, Vifagliano f-lf' Q Brian G. Cushing 3,-J YE? George T. Giacobbe QA 1 ,nav I Roberl R. ' Knoll '55 . ,jx 'Y Roberl' S. Nowali 7: I ,R Ida M. Saunor n 'ii '. Carl W. Warneclxe 9' Roberl L. De Franco Q' x , William J. Gray . Y? . 1 N '3 A Norman J. Lederman 1:55 -9 I William E. O'Connor J if Bernard B. Schugar l Charles T. Washburn tr " 'Will' :xii MPT' Mario E. Harlow W. DiDomenicanlonio Durllbrl 'i'::L x CF- M l i V, ' 3 A- 1. Joseph P. Michael M. Greer Gridley i J Alan l. Leling . E AA li James M. Pellegrino l Eugene F. Sommers P .xv ..--' ew' Q Richard S. Moll ti .ev Jon K. Magendanz -9 Gerald C. PQPPY David W. Syreli P I ' i . fic, , Alfonso J. Perna Slephen M. Ellin 'TIIVJ Richard C. Hall Terrence J Maxwell Richard M. Piccarrelo vf'::' l William A. Thompson .4 Il Ronald G. Simm John T. Gabbey Presideni' ,z, P 1 Harvey Bigeleisen f 5 1 I vf J Ralph D. D'Amore ea , 4 ,X Kenf N. Gershengorn 1 H sr Nr" Lawrence B. Hurwifz ' a , 4 ' J 1 Barron L. Kraff I8 David O. Lincoln Vice Presidenf w L John J. Bird 1 I . ff., 1. .4 X x JH' Joseph D. Elia f -J 'itf' Xxx -' 44 Jerald Giller fsd . Ts.-1 Gary H. Jeffery 'ca I Arrhur H. Kroll 127 Barbara J. Swisher Secrelary Y' Q A William C. Bucher, Jr. C1 -13 Q.: .AFI di Michael S. Feinberg 'Q .QL JN Larry A. Goldschlager . r i Roberf H. Johnson Y Q12 L 4 David G. LaPoinle .,4 "fi Pairiclr J. Housion Treasurer Dorofhy A. Bunks 3 bg, Richard F. Finlcel Q -Q9 by Anlhony V. Grisanii :Q Jeffery L. Kahler 45 I H. Elliolf Larson ' r CR '5 John E. William H. Joanne C. Flanagan Adler, Ill Banaszewslxi Siudenf Council ' 1 . C2 l X' ' ' . N5 ' J N X 'urn' -...fl ? Joseph G. Anionio Sfanley S. Cardamone Caianzaro Chrysohos , Y J "" wb ' Y-37 A , U 1 A - X I Cbrl W. Brian F. Margarof Ann Fisgus Fisher Flynn - 'Z' 2 r' ...-4 l ' r f N fx. Ky-rj' 'my 3' j Q John R. James E. Jesse- M. Gurldefmdrl Hagadorn Hilsen -3 Q Thomas Z. Kenneih K. Irvinq S. Kaiser Kim Kolin 'R f .A J y , Sieve J. Donald P. Leon V. Levifan LeWin Lewis Sleven J. Berman , 1 Augusl J. D'Alassandro F , 'rv Lance Fogan i 1 -L lra Hinclen Wieslaw J. Kozolr Jerome S. . Lifvinoff Calvin Maranfz .4 A A Dean E. Orman Barnelf S, a zman John E. A I S I I P 1 I Myron H. Marshall W , 'nd I t-'SY lil' Demin L. 9 Payne '53 Iffdx, fl Roberi Scheer I V I Joel SPOOY Sieclrelman F f I l 1 l Zen' Walfer S. Walk Walls, In id do I , . A Ansvl A- Ronald F. YGYMUS Young ff Joseph F. Marfinal: 9 I Bernard S. Puller v L. J. 64 D Roberf N. Schniizler .1-J AE? i Pafricia J. Sfoli fu I Beniamin J. Wherley l - X A y Q v I .fx JI I '- Daniel E. Friedrich B. George B. Arlhur M. McMarfin Miller Moore Morris , - I.: , , N ' 3, '-5 NA x l '77 of ' I J AA David G. Michael Mark E. Charles W. Pulalow Ray Reagan Rogers 5 3 . n' I ' ' s 1' "4 I d I Daniel S. Robsri J. Roloeri W. Donald M. Schuberl Schuder Schull: Secrisi Q E , , I N I0-0 -2 I Q' Q-sr George S. Dennis S. Louis Harry D. Sfrauss Tinslry Trachiman Verby If , l , ' 1 Q ' A . x 4- X v L E Q--r C y Gerald P. Arlhur E. Roberi W. Joseph I. Wilne, Yahn, Ill Jordan Krall Not present for photo: Herman R. Bernhardt, Philip Cheiffetz, Carmelo Dain- otto, Barry I. Feinblatt, Eli Germanovlch, Sanford R. Hoffman, William D. McLaurin, T. Geoffrey Toonder and Edward H. Wagner. Roloerf M. Moslrowifl li CN Charles Ru lain 6 Anllnony B. Serfuslini 70 .A 'C' Donalcl J. Waldowslri 'az' H we --- VL, IK. TJ - '41 A William C. Sfewarf. Jr. I9 o .hw Dry Bon A T 8. T up two points Say Cheese lust a nibble, now ff ev' 'ee ' ev 'fe' few, Why sure!! You re Tom CriswelI's son. You're 3 in Medical School, aren't you? S N fb SQQ x 7 'jf' Z"PfiW'NJ3 3 4 E if , PV? gf f 5 f i X 11 5 J M wi, W o WD tx I W ' ' , N H , f? J 5 ffl,7Z sn ic... t h Y ' XZW go SMH 'Q J :L f Kr kin Q Q2 3 ' if"fkffffi2f,2f,,,j,, 'e'e M C99 X! f lffrfff X zo K,-,M Ang- W ee v V- vff4 KW ,, -,X,.v o , xt' ill-.4 il Who, Me? See any resemblance? What, Me worry? which twin has the ice mam ' nl - A ,ITD ,il , il t 1 gli ... iv : gf , 9' it if-.t re- ,JY I t . t ,e we t nfs.. I 4 N' ' 'V i a- .551 ' , ' f' 1 1 117 I V' P15 ey, I can't hear to look Nine out of ten recommend lpana And all the king's horses and all the king's mon . . . Four ghuuls, and a medical student 51:1-u----' E 1 'J-C -... . , .., ,. - ,,,,...,,...,,,, my M' V -'e-' f' rx f-.P jr. . X g I - ,A 7 iq N - l-It ,hu Z H "iii f -1 - . .. . . .,.- ,.--........ The court ot last resort Don't look at me, they oan't always work N i .4 ' fd., So - mayhe next time it'll work ,Qt .- AJ, .!.. 1 .Fi F y .,- ..,r r nn' P1 ' And I thought I was going to he a uentist 'And tall me doctor, how's your serum albumin today? 1, 5, 5, 4, 3' 2, 1' nuts . as W we -r 7 .2 4-" :KTM l 'gg "T .tg-l I x .V , 5. " -f---4 N x- , '15 T' ' I x 'C .J- W I , 'f. v.-- W ,jg I John R. Donald A. Joan Carol Richard D. Anfhony J. Jghn R, Jerrold M, Bqule Nicholas Sfaker Pawlak DiLaura Argadi Belih Presldenf Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Sfudenf Council V. ev- 41 3 4.1 A '- V g- ' .V ', W "' ' g, ' 5,-. - Q' A -2 f , -rs-1' d F535 Lawrence John S. Gerald F. William J- PGTGI' K- Bernard J. Donald W. Bunsick Cali Campo Gale Doyle Finlay Fon-,es men fa, Class "Well, men, fhis is fhe eas year: You've survived lhe firsf, fha fide has furned, The righl' fo explore pracfical Denfisfry you've earned. You've learned fhe Physics, fhe Chemisfry, 'loo Now you musl' work fhe maferials l'rue. No parfner now can correcf your hacks, You musl' learn fo shape your baseplafe wax. And waxes fhere are: There's fhe ink, yellow and green wifh spofs of blue, The sficky, fha messy and some beeswax, foo. All fhese you work and form and scrape, Trying fo obfain fhaf vifal shape. And when all is done, and seems in vain, You iusl' may hear, 'Please do il again.' Bul' onward you push and never fail As you eagerly climb fhaf soaring frail To heighfs above, fo dreams fo fulfili, As you learn fo guide fhe pafh of fhe drill. To shape and form, fo sei and mold The plasfers, fha wires, fhe sheefs of gold The acrylics, fhe resins, fhe golden wires, The many forches wifh 'rheir searing fires. And when fhe skills of all your hands permeafe, Then fhe'l'rue and fine Denfisf you sfarf fo creal'e." "Bul', O wise counselor of years gone by, Are fhere nol' yel' sfudies of medicine our minds fo fry? For are fhese noi' books, our heads fo sfrain, And all fhese mulfifudinous dyes our fingers fo sfain? And whaf of fhese specimens wirh efwas los Are fhey noi' from fhe lab of Gross? For fhe recifafions sfill are fhere, And before fhe assembled class our errors glare. Q, Lb R. , ."', ' 'c' f xxx ' V A QL o if 79 John M. John G. Bissell Hasfings And again we sfare fhrough fhe microscope And wifh new bizarre sfrucfures musf cope. Ye+ wifh 'all our new found skill How will Pafhology help us a foofh fo fill? Bacfi wifh ifs bugs and hosf, Will sfrain our recall capacify fhe mosf. And whaf of 'lhe sfrange and exofic disease They onl fell us of our mind fo fease? All fhe cliugs wifh fheir mysferies deep We even musf sfudy in our sleep. Now aboul' fhal' word easy: Cramming l'he fhoughfs of Body, Orban and Skinner Sure draws 'lhe fime for ease much fhinner. Then we musl' foie fhe heavy case To our labs wifh fheir sfeady pace. To finish our maferials we border on hasfe, Ever fearing fhe deep abyss of wasfe. For on fhese sober fhoughfs you seldom dwell When you describe fhis ear as swell." "Alas, my son, fhink andlsee, The sfudy of medicine is no mysfery. For where do you fhink fhe feefh will be nexl' year? Cerfainly nol' in your lab full of cheer. Then is replaced l'he manikin head Wi+h a live and bifing skull insfead. And only when fhe whole bod you can evaluafe Will you be ready in fhe moufli fo o erafe. So sfudy and 'lrain wifh all your mighf To creafe fhe Denfal Surgeon in your sighf, For only fhen wilh fhese maferials ou see, Can you hope fo qualify for frue Denl'is+ry." D. H. '64 4 ON 'vs on L. Joseph E. Hawellra Y-'15 5... .. " f Paul D. Jureller 1745 54" S...-r L Marlc Morchower -':.. :Z-?Ev William R. Pearson .3-F so -i.. , 'T -1 l x I ..,3..,,...-.,. M.. rw -, ,.x.- ' . HF - X ss pf ' if' l I George L. Waller F. Hirvonen G9l""l'9 i I 9 A nw. . ff- "' l ,Z Erik J, George E. Kos+yra Lawson Rf' 'Surr- Paul B. Muldoon X-I Gerald M. Robbins 4. ff , - n-5 W .. ' ju ,. f 1 4... 1 .. 1 f .LWB sl' ' A V 1-W ,av , R izf. K Howard P. Roswiclr ,-5 4-55 W..- Charles A. Smi+h ng.- James R. Mullane 4 Eric O. Peffif 2' . QA . , '37 'aa' i - . x -h . , -4- J fi A rr l wr... f Qi i xi Generoso F. Richard C. David R. Neal W. lnneo Jacobs Jerome Johnson 4114 p fr. if 5 T ' 4, Tl 8 Xe' RL it L' V , ' I. . 'N A -f I " Zz- ' 'i ff ,J ' x Harvey R. Ralph P, James A. Harry A. Lefkowifz Marra Gefchonis Gorenflo A ' ""' Qi are .cr N . l Q' A .21 ' Q' tif Q'-ix 1 David A. Richard R. James W. Charles D. Hagen O'Connor Olson Parisi - - f JC? 'J' 9 v ' - Q... ..- if. F ' 2, I , ' U' If X Angelo A. Michael A. Salvaiore J. Franklin D. RadaHi Richards Rivoli Rolh ' r C: T fd", -cg 4 - ' Q4 ' A, M' h IJ. ' JamesT. William J. Vgblsfrhbn Jgirljli Sfrychalslxi Swirslcy ' . IC, S+ I yA. Donald E. Nall H. Sglgiah Yozzglman Wagner Waldow 'G-N ' SA, 'rr' I l Roberl W. Young Michael C. Tannenbaum 9 'SP l Ron F. Zielinslxi Slephen E. Schwarh Qs' F QL' Z 5, N ' S- X 32- 1, I ', Q 53 - H' nl -fr! L- . i'.GW ff L, -aw 'J - J V IQ 'f' FV ' p U T .1'5?Q2?f'P"QiY7 Jun. 1 ' - fi- ,JG O D John A, Thomas W. Elizabeth A. Michael Vincent P. Bruce Anyhony C. George Manzari Smith Goering Goldhatner Frantz Block 50,9959 Burak President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Student Council -:' payee 'ff' 'fax ge. 11- f ,,-17 ::, T tr- V' ,Ne-.. X .11 f 1+ , a- , .Y -Ile will A li if T A V A 6 A A A Ji fi- ,wg . r l .f 'FX ' et ilfr-. L if Q YK I r J J hJ. J tt S. P l George R. Joseph A. Lowell S. Bela F. Michael Claiisnan .Claiii Cherililasky Cohen DiPoala Erenstott Ballo F9lYl5l'0'n r , . -wi .Ja -w nw 4' 'ff' 'lr , i.. 'fi ffl! r :, 1 c ..- 'ijj' ' f' 'gf ':" gre 9 . I f 1 A th V. W'Il' 4 A. L rence J. H Id R. Norman A. George R. Harold Gerald rl:e:'2iii Flehiihlgl, Jr. Cidsazza, Jr gzist Gerber Glowacki Glucksberg Goldstein Not present for photo: Marjorie A. Boyd, James E. Carmody, Walter A. Geran- ski, David W. Keller, David E. Pittman, Joanna M. Roberts, Patrick J. Sweeney, Glen W. Tucker and Lillian F. Vitanza. 2 ICQ HSS O lambic pentameter we ain't got, Questions and more we got a lot. Our Pharm is poor, Bacti is worse, At this rate Pathology is more like a curse. Neophytes we were IV2 years ago, The winter passed, then came the snow. The new year started like a ball ot tire Clinical medicine began down at Meyer. Our first 'female physical sure was traumatic, But with our stethoscopes we sure looked dramatic. Ben Casey and Kildare have nothing on us, They can't even diagnose a good case ot pus. Buffalo General became first rate, Anything's better than psychotics at State. The pressure is on, the pinch is here, Our heads are aching, exams are near. Amphetamine by the pound, phenobarb by the ton, By the time it's over, the Pharm department has won. Psychotics, neurotics, schizophrenics and such. They all look normal when we start to clutch. The present is dire, the future looks bright, Ambition and perserverence serve as our guiding light. 24 Feces,'urine, blood and so on it goes, And with those short quizzes we've got our woes. So here's to good old Dr. Scorn. He owns his own lab and blows his own horn. Eighty students, instructors but two You walk in the lab it seems like a zoo. So send the Prot ott to an island remote With hemocytometers iammed down his throat. "Absolutely wrong" is the quote, The pointing tinger makes you the goat. We needn't mention the source ot the phrase. But he's a man who deserves much praise. His lectures on philosophy are welcome relief, From the pathological mode of belief. We could continue with this type ot rhyme, But sophomores like us haven't got much time. Boards will be on us in due course When they're over there'Il be time tor remorse. Till then we study and do our best And hope and pray to pass with the rest. All reckoned and considered the problem is clear. The question remains: "What are we doing here? ka -I auf '. 'ggi' Roberi W. Harding 'Sr ' uv .-.. Michael A. Judd gi.. gf q...4 D Daniel J. Krellenslein N- if-7 . Richard S. Merrick G' -af- John S. Hazel+ine lg-. 'y-. ,,.,.v ll? crrr J NFS 3:57 S+ephen J. Kaiser 5? ' Ei' Charles T. Ladoulis 1,3 .. 4 S , f Leo M. Michalek, Jr. x we 17853, v , ...... ' v David N. Holl e . kr 1 'Q- .1 Sie phen P. Katz A, Nr, Richard J. Lederman yi 1 -xi .. , so 121'-,:.1-.1-1 Ronald S. Mukamal bf 'L' ' .4 Arnold H. lsraelil' ,,,, -L , ,- ir--' C. James Kavle il David A. Leff 4 W. -...1 15 David F. Paa y,ylv1". Y' , .,f I Gregory L. Farry will .f ly Q . F LfQi,1i2lQ'T.ak 1 A ' Daniel F. Keefe Beri A. Lies. Jr. gn , Us ...- xp- A J. Frederick Painion Y x Sheldon William Siephen C. John signin l Rofhfleisch Salion Scheiber Scoml 'O mg, '94 ,data Wx.. N '23 Qc ,'LW James P. Dempsey T' .' . ff Peler M. Kelly ,3 f if Wal+er D. Hoffmann 0 :E- George J. Paul G' sf John J. Sioui. Jr. k- N,- . .fx , I rr -gs. 17 Qtr. . L Q . Q KZ Leonard Simuellli- Jacobson Paiernrh , I iff J J' John P. Leroy J. Konsek Leeds '23 -1. Malcolm C. Eugene D. Mclsaac Means C9 1 y 6 .' ..5, . ...Qc 5, Norberi W. John F. Pohlman Reilly. Jr. sp- Paul J. Michael Sussman Taylor u' Q -A 'f J . , Walfer D, Richard W. Richard E. Frederick A. David C. Twain? vl3avld+J. lcvn.?sJl:' Weslinghouse Williams Wolm Wurapa Ziegler S. I'- eins ein el- - 1 , ' -I-'FF' f v. H nv No, flame the maxilla This is the Morra Molar Do it over . . . again!! ae 5 ,. K ' 4 5 ' 2 . v M. rg' 1.411 JV' 1 I 'A 7Ws....,,.. it .J"-'iii I "Boy this kit is only S15ll.Il0" " . . . hut, gosh, what do I do with it?" Is it worth it? if N is Jigsaw Puzzle again "No Doctor, this isn't a joke" Dental Seminar? Do l like dentistry? Really, Charlie, Honey Close your eyes and lunge, Tim h....., O 4 ' ' 0 ' ' f f Wil 'Le- Yes It Wm grow hal, Really a pusltlve Wasserman? MJ I " wx N.. Sa, Ah.. rnenusunrlmrcnume and um nun WMU MIHDSCUPB' A Grand Manu' DYSVYWNW fx I P I I s ' r pb 1 I ' r GA , '.,,,, PS 'J-.-.J my--,i ay. , ', K X ' 5 1 W l I 1 , ' V f vel . F l ' .' , we VJ! 'A v f . . 'MV L - 'ggi 'Q-,j,,.-ff? 'mv "5 X .K V . if '-fn, ' V '11 ri . U55 Roberl' J. Ronald H. Joanne C. Lionel C. Arfhur C. Gary W. Myron P. Genco Jaszczak Hawrylczak Neilans Ungerer . Andrews Andruschak Presideni Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Sfudenf Council ,L N r '. Q- "' ' ff- , fa: 'W 'Nm ,GN , I . Q9 , . . n ,ev n 1, .I J A ' f - -' g .xvvzzv Harvey L. Roberf P. Kennefh H. Wesley C- Frdrlll J- Willard H- Schilowih Weis Dimon Ashfon Carberry Carler Not present for photo: Daniel M. Blaho, Ronald G. Korn, Joseph R. Mesina, William G. Smith and Gerard F. Wilson. men fa! Class of 7963 Look you men of sixfy number, Forgef fhe warmfh of lasf years summer. Observe fhis room in solid whife. Take anofher - yes anofher - plasfer bife. Whaf of Sibilanfs -- oh yes - These we musf seek, Jusl' claim fhal' fhe pafienl' is German or Greek. Don'1' hesifafe or shrink in frighf. Enfer now and sfand erecf. Then carefully some fools selecf. Wifh poker face and silky voice, And calmness born from no ofher choice, Sei' engines humming and wheels aspinning. Forgef coafs wifh sfripes and faces grinning. Bacferia affack, fo arms-fo-arms, Now skill is needed, nof useless charms. Finally you raise in vicfory your flag of glass, And so fhe day in operafive does pass, Buf hold - l hear anofher cry, Poor souls below - wifh 32 feefh shy, lgnife fhe flames, we musl' 'Fill fhai' crafer. For fhis we musl' call on fhe arficulafor. Bul' ohl, wherein dofh lie fhaf verfical dimension? God help me find fhal' cenfric, fhaf menfion, Monson, Plesur, Anfi-monson - Who is me! Whaf? Anofher curve? of who? of Spee?? Damn fhaf wax, if goes where if will, Those porcelain nuggefs jusf won"l' sii' sfill. Confusion enfers, buf no need for frighf, 28 The man speaks well you keep insisfing, Buf yef you feel fhere is somefhing missing. You musl' find if quickly, There's no denying, Or Zeus will show il' fo you af 'l'he Try-in. This clinic year is noi' bad we conjecfure, Buf we mus'l'n"l' forgel' fechnique and lecfure. Thirfeen quizzes in a row, Wha'l' fiendish mind dreami' up fhis show? Sixfy men became faceless mobs, Thirfeen quizzes, fen days, make 60 slobs. From clinic fo lab, fo lecfure you musf scurry, Noi' complefely dissimilar fo lunafics in a hurry, And if you are depressed wifh all fhese confinemenfs, ' The devil has provided resi' - The scheduled assignmenfs, Bul' someplace in fhe greal' somewhere, There is a man who will iudge you fair. Look down 'l'he road - a lighf does flicker, You know +ha'l' lighl' - your pulse is quicker. You wonder why 'lhaf lighf's noi' clear, The reason, iunior denfal, is fhe senior year. A.D. '62 W Sfewarf A. David A. Hanliin Hanson -Ca ' "F fa- :L A "Ts . S' .iL4 Clark B. Bruce M. Brown Jaslow fq. we ll 0 ' ' 4-v . 3 , V ,- Q X A Jeremy A. Lewis J. Leiclminer Lipson V . 3 - .. T l Cifl Alexander A. Gerard Drapanns . ,..,, .. n " , 'i , ' r TTD if George F. John D. Niesar Nysirom , , ' ' . r, 4' f Nj ' , Bruce H. Charles E. Seidberg Sinafra Qs JKT' N04 'S-r J Henry P. Jacobs '34 531 7 ,. , su 'Q-' Q 'ts David H. Bowen ps , r FIX "NN, V .. bv! '1 wa-nr K -L. Ronald Messinger f4?f2f4,.. i 'fd V -...av I, ,Q ,-., . Chris Nichol: I9 ' . fuk' Joseph Schachner l,w,N' 'wc . James R. Winlrler as qt Q lj. lf I' lj r . . ' 'NW L " fo " .2 1 - lM,,' , R b HS. James glmald Rlglgagiclfl I-llolgale lnfan+ino oom Ms 'WN 'Suffix 3 .A 'L sm. ,, A 4, l ,A 'V df, V' A X 5 1 AL A ' P, Th M. Gerald W. I? 0 we IIa: 2 'I X ll , R I l1 J me E. WFll1l1TrB' Larlfltnllxiz F' Masrrgcola h:d?Iaril1Y gp 'Q' R W " vw ' 'za ! , . 'J ' 54 jj, NS f Nvf ' A 'Q' I A A -' 'ff' aaa. - , L th Frank L. Richard B. U 'V Csszlzzrf- My-ff L" x . gh.-f , w tf Nr 2 .-an Q ' 4 -- in :L A N" J J -- ..,. 'Q' i' J i if 5 5, D Id W. Cszizf' S1T3:'d' lm--I flier' , 'W J , - f Wd x, 11- -N. 4 R-.Tv x ,Z-v g TJ? 'f fr' W" , l , lg A 13 ' Ed dG. V'+ J. Guy 1-lJ:v:av" Guztglmox Valerizano Solomon 'A , ,f A I' 5 fy' .!' h f Una '! 9 ., , xi Q a ,Y 41 fl ad . fl 3 QQ fl' x W , six: 'T ' 'Y 'rr , I an .. r . , 1 A wr I I A A ' 'rf' it ' . ff. iw dar V' . -:-, . 'fi' Charles S. Richard J. Anita J. Lettimer H. Tirone I Fanelli Herbert Ford, Jr. 'President Vice President Secretary Treasurer . A 'iz David T. John R. Cerboy Forbes Not present for,photo: George N. Abraham, David S. Berger, Anthony M. Drake, Walter B. Krauss, Harvey B. Liebeskind, Don L. Maunz, CaroI'M. Seid- enstein, Gerard L. Rutecki, Henry A. Scheuermann, and Harvey Serdenstein. I GACCZI Class of 7963 THE LIFE OF A CLINICAL CLERK This junior year - was quite a treat It made us tired and really beat: Nurses and patients - both were alike When we arrived - to determine their plight. We were the doctors, with knowledge supreme The nurses knew better, and thought us a scream, But that was okay, and didn't bother us Cause the patient's didn't know: theretore didn't tuss. We learned many things, as the months dritted by, To start an I. V., or push in some dye The N-G tubes -- became a great ioke We knew they were right - when the patient didn't choke. Many a night, we were called trom our bed To tix u 'a hand or patch up a head We Iookaed at emergencies, as they came in From a cut on the toe, to a scratch on the chin. To do work-ups - it was our duty1 Some patients were nice. while ot ers were truity Questions were asked - like - have you got the mumps? Any operations, allergies or abnormal bumps? Some ot the replys - to us seemed strange Either the patient or us - was mentally derranged Which one it was - we cannot be sure To correct this dilemma -- they have not a cure. To make a diagnosis e tor us wasn't hard We read the tirst sheet, or the admission card Sometimes we're right, sometimes we're wrong We made our decision, with smile and song. Besides our duties - we had our pleasure Surgery. Medicine - and others to measurte To try our hand - in each good field To try our ambition and never to yield. w., Lawrence E. Grass Student Council I' 3 'I' ' N' . 'I I George L. Paul A. John A. Hogben Lessler y Repicci AM, .Qt Q? f , I in-4" -H . M--II Q . 'A -I . . George L. Joseph C. John M. Steiner Tutton Wadsworth An lnternist works - in the morning he starts By treating diabetes - and listening to hearts With pills and prescriptions, and a low calorie diet He makes our decisions, when we can't decide it. Surgery's the service - when you learn how to cut From a gastric resection, to a mole on your butt Skill and precision - are the words that describe Medicines ace - to keep one alive. To be a thinker - a Psychiatrist' must For it's in their hands - some lives We trust From alcoholics - to tull psychotics They treat the sick and some neurotics. Pediatrics - the study ot a sick child or kid ls something else, we practiced and did To treat the children - was, not hard at all But: To put up with parents - took patience and gall. To examine the new bornes - it became our tate They looked so tragile - we thought they would break, When changing a diaper - you soon learned quick That - to keep out ot range - was more than a trick. To have imagination, is what one will need To be a Radiologist - with x-rays to read Fractures and masses - the easily point out But - ot some ot their findings - I still have my doubt- ln the above 'Few verses - we've tried to relate What keeps one sharp, and up to date lt's all part ot learning, to become a good Doc The enjoyment we've had, we hope will not stop. The years will go by - with swittness and speed Treating our patients - tor all that they need We'll have many memories - ot things we have done But none will compare - to this learning and tun. M S rbg 'AQ gf- L Franl: V. DeLeus FM .- Ernesi A. FaHa no - . 1 Rf si- Gordon H. Burgess - ,f ., 5.1 U.. wb John J. LaMar, Jr, . 1 X' David N. Malinov '23 vv ' gQ, Qi Max M. Bermann .sg 5 N 'ff , 'S lr Ax Ronald J. Richard E. Carroll DuBois 'I , i K-R34 ' ,f K Y Donald M. Anfhony M. Fisher Fofi ff A ' . ff ff' f Aw ' , X tv, :J A., ,I I 1 ,, Joseph G. William C. Herlaslriri Heyden 1 Ti? 'J .QL 1:- ul! J Z l Donald A. Georie N. Levine Loc ie rx Y "S lf. 1' N, , ,. X " f ' v- -P' ll ' Robert Thomas J. Fog Reagan H, ff? - . X. cl ""y' j '25 John N. EU?0f" Sul ivan Sfumpf Y 7,5 , V 1 FA .dh f Q 9' - f .1 ' N -a .2 , J Q Q- ' wh X' 'T-7 -' ' ' ?'a2ii..a,,.l1E.r. 1 N Fank E. John A. J h F. . Ehrlich D'AloHo Bsnllw Sllxazzi 1 f 7' - - v' Nu J ' 1 ' .. .la .l if-I l...-4.2 A I , , T . a , f , ABYOU James R. R0b0I'l' W- Richard D. Amon? Blah, Hamilton Hm . 'acl fs' X -9- . 'N . " v iF 9 - - 5 '-' J ' J If .r J 'lkf-Q L Al Stephen T. Marshall E. David A. Rohn, V. Joyce Barshay Hayman Koh, 1 I 'R 41-Rl, Q'-v I 'vi '-1. I A I an x...f-w ' -:f ff., Q , L .1 Alberf J. James B. Richard B. Rongld G, Maggioli Miller Narins Naihan V M'iI7ii4gf,5 ' 1-' Wallfgi . ER " if' 5' I-' - 1 ' l QM' Vifgggi-gf il 7 Inv" Jason E. John A. Lawrence J. Rolaeri B. Rudigill Schriver Sobocinshi Spielman . if A .- 1 V 5 X , f 'nr it ' I , " 1 'rf' A... gf 2 Ja N. Jose hV. R b HS. J I lllzcrnel Wycgalek lieier lilioll: . tg, "Irish Beer??" Kutas, You've always got your face in a hook! Daisy Mae and Friend X- 4 A 4 X . , W , 1 a-f'. ' 1 1 J l 15 . XD Story time Une move to checkmate pg---M-' H' P' 'b an if .. A o A t . ,J Une out of three needs metrecal r I v"'ii"s f., ' 2 ' Q I tl I 1 l t l .l .r Fun in the sun Mommy says this will put hair on my chest H'mm, Male or Female Ps. 6 -.. ., , rar Q Knit, Pearl two A ease of vitamin overdose, nurse , t I , 1 iff f J - if ff r ' . R . . ' 4 5 'QQ A t '4 1 Very good, Levine, that's the right end SWF Mill. YW is 'W Ben 9359! Old times - pre twist Ivy wang fellas, here comes the Bloom! , Wm '.m21,Q4rf Lamp:-1511-'-' 'L' , X 'Q lb r r,r Taking care of "Baby" What a shame, A T 8. T fell three points Look Ma, it's your son the Doctor Which twin has de Toni? Headquarters at the General Wow, this month's "Playmate" EX We Dr. Greene ev Uardiman Black Teutal "Black's grea+es+ con+ribu+ion is one +ha+ cannol' be definifely weighed and measured. No one could name 'fhe men and women all over +he world Who, inspired by his work and +each- lng. are carrying on +he work which will advance fheir profession. The lieenness of his insigh+, 'rhe hones+y of his characler, his genial and unselfish personalify, and +he inspiralion of his con+ac+ aH'rac+ed and bound in clos- esi' friendship men, near and far, who were more in+eres+ed in +he discovery Of +he +ru+h +han in obfaining fame. l +hink of +he line of Sidney Lanier: 'Un'ril+hefu1'ure dares forgei' ihe pasf, his name shall be a lanlern and a lighl' Unfo e+erni+y'." Dr. F. B. Noyes ln au+umn's Sepfember four years ago The Class of Sixfy-fwo assembled here, To begin once again fhe chapfer's flow Thaf wenf before us fo make our career. Dear in fhe price and fime and anxiefy Reaching finally our life-long goal, Reaching for our dreams fhaf seemed realify: For Buffalo we have paid ifs foll. The sighf of dissecfion in Anafomy And fhe gnawing fear of recifafions Was only compounded by Hisfology Wifh ifs slides and endless demonsfrafions. Pracfical, wriffen, lecfure, laboraforyg Neuro, Physiology, and Biochem: Will if all ever end, fhis unending sfory? June af lasf and we feel we are done wifh fheml A smaller class now: Sophomores, Sfaining our slides in Bacferiology. Buf daunfless sfill we fread fhe floors Discovering yef anofher -ology. Basic science is coming fo a sfuffering half, Though Pharmacology is fhere fo infrigue, And now we musf worry abouf fhe Boards we musf vauli' The midnighl' oil burns: our heads drop in fafigue. Af lasf we begin our denfal fechnique sfudy: Cavify preparafion and sfiff black compound, Mixing sfone and adapfing base plafes foo many. In crown and bridge if was "Do if over," we found. "Does your denfure fif fhe fypodonf?" we ask: "Wonder if we will ever see pafienfs ofher fhan sfeel." Waifing in line wifh fhe cards is our worsf fask. We win fhe baseball cup and nofhing sfops us now, w e feel The world enfers fhe sixfies, we fhe Junior year. Discovery of fhe clinic awaifs our eager eyes. lf appears so large, yef fhe new roufine is clear: Prepare and fill, make masfer impressions, copperplafe Sfanding af fhe waifing room a-fremblingz "Wha'l' do we say fo begin, and how should we acf7" "Wha+ will pafienfs fhink as I sfand fhere bumbling?" Thaf firsf pafienf - never forgoffen, fhaf's a facf! Our vocabulary broadens ouf Wifh Endodonfics, Periodonfia, Radiology: Each new course a dicfionary boul' And proficiency demanded fo mafch ferminology. The denfures flasked, parfials wroughf and casfg "You have fo know fhe normal," is our cry. Children's is our favorife repasf: Buf fhe year in June has gone swiffly by. IV Seniors all, can if honesfly be frue? We are on our own in fhe quesf for our degree. "Bu+ far foo many assignmenfs fo dog" "And fhe requiremenfsl H' can'f be done!" Waif and see. Memories pile up we will always remember: Going fo convenfions, lunch wifh fhe Dean, Noon fime pinochle and bridge games wifhouf number The miscasfs, fhe foibles: endless fhey seem. The lasf of everyfhing begins fo happen: Lasf school picnic and class parfy, fhe lasf Ball, Lasf denfure, foil and inlay, lasf bridge misshapen - All 'lo end and yef in fhe end is all. For if has been four years fhaf once seemed forever, Four years fhaf seem like a Summer's day, Friends fasfly made, faculfy forgoffen never, Guide us always in fhe righf, we pray. yes R. O. W. '62 John J. Dolan North Hills, Pennsylvania College ol Holy Cross, D.ll. Dental Corps, U. S. Army Delta Sigma Delta, senior page 3, historian 45 Class Secretary Zp research Studi Chill: Medentian Stall 4. Eound his love in Philly at the neighbor's pool. John the good thing. "l'Il S? Wing In-30 seconds guys." His car is still edentulous. Great Golfer. vjng along with lohn - knows the good old songs. D-Day - July 7th. dorked his way from Secretary to President. "Flake off buddy." Why Oesnt V909 Slloil 'my appetite? Class President Thomas E. Sand Williamsville, New York University of Toronto, D.A. Dental Corps, U. S. Army Bella Siem Delta: Worthy Masrei 'o1. :mgarone s better half. Mister Tidal Volume. Went to Reno so loe could get Stariffaefl- Greatest renal plasma flow of them all. Also known as Rudder. L 9 IU freshman and sophomore year in T.V. western Lawman lHuberl. oves em and leaves em. Class Vice President N. William J. Golicki Herkimer, New York St. Bonaventure University Dental Corps, U. S. Army Xl Psi Phi, social chairman 3, president 4. Big Otis, the Herkimer Hero. Most popular dental student at the General. Likes sports cars of South Buffalo. "South again tonight, Otis?" Won safari contest for rat with the fuzziest tail! Member of Alpha, Alpha, Alpha. "Leeee." Canisius grad. Sharp dresser. Class Secretary lf' l '22 James F. Foley Dunkirk, New York St. Bonaventure University General Practice Xi Psi Phi, vice president 4. Big lim. Tallest in the class, about key-hole height! Famous for week-end trips home. Big Otis with an iron hand. Zip House '61 crew member. Hey, lim, got your flash handy? "Slugo." "Well guys, there's a reason for Iosing." Class Treasurer John S. Kowalczyk Utica, New York St. Bonaventure University Dental Corps, U. S. Army Xi Psi Phi: Student Council 3, 4. xli0n Freshman Academic Prize. Soph. spook at the Zip House. Goes into 'dmgihefore exams. Acquired his own hygienist by marriage. Spasticity Dersonrfred. Great Bona fan. Best car driver in the class. Student Council Representative -4 l Robert D. Balcerak Bujalo, New York. Canisius College Dental Corps, U. S. Army "SUI Sigma nena gagsllclovwn. The Cheektowaga flash. Great harmonizer with Margarone. Tried 6 kielbasa in anatom lab "Great Imitator" Able to clean out 16 guys - y . . U y Ylgahwmi Elgow. Makes, Greenman suffer. Navy bound. Chief intern at Coles. ml! hero. Mariette. Ronald J. Borgman Port Washington, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Dental Corps, U. S. Army Alpha Omega. Dr. lung's dreamboat. Mr. Clean to the rest. Always has a question at the aid of at lecture. ls waiting for colored x-rays from Kodak. Feasts every day. arlie han. Ronald A. Chmiel Buffalo, New York Canisius College, 8.5. General Practice Big silent man. Class notary public. Fastest man in Dental Anatomy. Where's your slip, Ron? The mayor. Records for S.H. Uwner of the building. Easter- brook's pet. Loves children. Deputy sheriff, advertising tycoon, electronic genius, big ham. Dantan H. Clayton Williamsville, New York Eastman School of Music, B.M.g Alfred University, B.A. Veteran's Administration Hospital, West Haven, Connecticut- Rotating Internship Silly man to put oral anesthesia to the test. Well, ah - it seems to me -. ed Iltiver Dan. Class engraver. "Time? We have enough patients to sink a ship. Has no love for "Camel Breath." "You just can't beat Iiver." First OHS to stake alclaim in C88 lab. Loves sleeping on the floor. Severed the Darotid duct. Rides shotgun on the thruway. Q I 1 an-sa. .- l Donald R. Cowan Byron, New York Rutgers University, B.A., Yale University, M.S. General Practice groves .martinis and polishing partials. World's fastest commuter. How's the HHOW "' BYFOH, Don? Almost gave up dentistry in favor of iautoimechanics. ro 0l1V soon after the cyanosis wears off do we proceed, Dr.? Drinks coffee YH e during lecture. "Deltoid tuberosity, goddaml" William D. Crump Lockport, New York University of Buffalo General Practice Delta Sigma Delta Greatest dentist Lockport ever saw. Never get too personal with your patients. Has a loud whisper. One of the most personable fellows in the class. "Open wide for daddy." No one knows how he bought that new car. Ralph Edwin Dayton Ithaca, New York University of Buffalo General Practice Xi Psi Phig Research Study Club Little Ralphy. Lived in the infamous apartment with the crew of fly-by- nights. Regrets loaning golf clubs to Welch. "l'll sing at your wedding." Hard worker from Ithaca. Got married early so he could chaperone at Charley's senior party. James H. Ely Eggertsville, New York University of Buffalo, B.Il. Children's Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Pedodontic Internship Research Stud! Club 2, 3, 45 Summer research fellow '60, 61. me' WS Ely. by anyother name . . . Likes wild parties at Charley's. sinefe :fe YOU g0ll'l'g to give the injection pal, hmmm? Fogs up glasses ever wage 'e got married. Always good for a laugh. So skinny he can tread ef !fl a test tube. Wants to go into Pedo. "All right, growl." Research man. Big politician. i, Robert Friedman Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Dental Corps, U. S. Navy mph' 001228 Alpha, treasurer 3, chaplain 4. I Part of the Bobbse t ' M b fAl h Al h Al ha. Mr. Pedodontist. Fulv y wms' em er 0 p a' p a' kph' in the prosthetics lab ff Calif. 'denturist. Sleeps many a night with Roc o H ' OUSSY plnochle player. Great guy. "You've got troubles? Michael W. Gawkins Holland Patent, New York University of Buffalo Dental Corps, U. S. Army The Big Moose of the North Woods. At his best on fire escapes. Notorious at Buffalo General. Member of Franky Martin Fan Club. "Hey Moose, let's catch the 10 o'cIock show?" Champion finagler. CYO youth of the year. "Whaddaya want, shorty?" "You gotta have class." Member of the N.Y.S. thruway grass watering club. Good New Englander. Last of the great holy men. Robert David Greenman Elizabeth, New Jersey University of Bufialo, B.A. Dental Corps, U. S. Army Alpha Omega The only man who needs a black filter for black lights. Ahead of everyone by a nose. Has ice water for blood, constantly freezing. Applied for Thule with the Air Force. The original Olfactory Oracle. Moved seat away from Balcerak No. 1. l'lI meet you out back anytime Balcerak. Richard Merrill Jones Scotia, New York Siena College, M.S. Veteran's Administration Hospital, Buffalo, New York--Rotating Internship Delta Sigma Delta, house manager 3, grand master 4, National Institute Health Fellowship. Famous for his leash material. Took the big step in December. Chronic pipe Smoker. Almost roomed with Herb and Matty. Gee, guys, I can't get this foul 'V' flghl- Ernle's favorite target. Has St. Vitus dance. Ex-aviator. Going In the Navy, Duck? fi Matthew I. Kessman Flushing, New York Dental Corps, U. S. Army Wilkes College Allllla Dmega gunner of the class. Will have library named after hum. Refereed Horid attles at the Gross table. Herb's greatest headache. Almost moved to Zi ha 'fl 30lJh. year. Big moaner. l'Il never graduate, I'm too far behind. P 0USe crew member '61. Counting days until July 7th along with Dolan and La Muraglia, Ernest R. Lalonde Buffalo, New York Colgate University, B.ll.p Dhio State University, M.S. Graduate Study- in Pathology Delta Sigma Delta, treasurer 3, grand master 4, Research Study Club secre- tary and treasurer 3, National Institute ol Health Research Fellowship. Kneehigh to a hockey puck. Believes in populating the world. Great research man. Finds extra-lingual taste buds everywhere! This calls for a prophylactic odontomy foil. Doing the family dentistry. Ramrod of the Delts. Fell off step- ladder while picking strawberries and hasn't grown since. Looking for device to keep sister's gold jaw closed. Mistaken for a Pedo patient. :qu-4 'hr 2 an Frank V. LaMuraglia Rochester, New York University of Dullalo Dueen's General Hospital Center, Jamaica, New York-Dral Surgery Internship Xi Psi Phig Research Study Clubg Student Council, Class President 1. Tongue twister name, La Mat for short. Made frequent trips to Rochester. Good operator. Hey Chops, cards Friday night? Merg's keeper. Made money on sheer beautician's lab coats. Porky Pig. Will be dentist for underworld. "What do you mean, it looks like a night gown?" Charles H. Larson Broallalbin, New York Michigan State University, B.A. Internship Class Vice Pl'BSid8lll 2. Gfeatesf piano Dlayer since the Count. Had big following at' Lulu Belles, Bel W- ,Threw a great party to end Frosh year. Promises even bigge rr in Michigan. Florida bound. There isn't a nicer guy. Robert R. Laudico Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo Buffalo State Hospital, Bufialo, New York-Internship Xi Psi Phi . Teffific bowler Easiest man to ' " h t . ,Q get a laugh from. SD3StIC.' Tell me w a to do will ai Found nl htl at the Cam us Bar with Nettl and the boys I y , Erects monuments in the gmoulth. P v . mm-.A Claud J. Lawler Carthage, New York University of Buffalo General Practice Xi Psi Phi: Student Council 39 Class Treasurer 13 Student Senate 3, Bisonhead Silver lieyg Night Manager Norton Hall 4. Only smoker who got thru school without buying a pack of cigarettes. King "Hey Otis, got a match? Thanks! Now you got a cigarette l can light with it?' Biggest man on Campus. IN f Spill V lim.. ut. - '1 .f .fl gn, Q o. ' 'MA 11. 1 ual' '-'ill . 5. A -Tr, ' . il . A N I. , ' v ra '. Joel M. Levin Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.ll. General Practice Alpha llmegag National Institute Health Research Fellowship 61. "What, me worry?" Plans to emigrate to Toronto. Man, about town. Let me see the label. Always first to finish exams. "Leave me alone, Phil. I know what l'm doing." Class fashion plate. "Let me tell you . . . " Joseph E. Margarone Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York- Dral Surgery Internship Delta Sigma Delta, Class Treasurer 2. Numoers 24, 25, and 26. Big loe. Hot pianist. Great operator on kids. Tom Sand s shadow. B.aIcerak's dueling partner. Great mocker. "Uh Huh, that's it Dal, Uh, Huh. Alias Joe Margarone and his brother. Q-7 'fo . .-1 y l,. Q . Roger Terry Millard Pittsford, New York Dental Corps, U. S. Army Xi Psi Phi 3l99Dy. Most forgetful guy in the class. Always on time to school, but always late for lecture. One of the Schmeckels. Silent finagler. Developed asbestos suit for endo patients. A Flyswatter with Gawkins. Claim jumper. Beat Red River Dan in the 2nd Floor Gold Rush. AX. ,aan 4- X Michael S. M iraglia Rochester, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. General Practice Xi Psi Phig Class Treasurer 3. Heavens to Mergetroid. Only 38 year old Freshman, Great lmpostor and even greater Iaugher. Let's hear that laugh again, Marg!" Easily embarrassed. Winner of Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. "You're crazy, Roncone!" Richard D. Nash Hurley, New York Union College, B.S.p New York State College for Teachers-Albany, M.A. Internship Delta Sigma Delta Nicest guy you want to meet. Means' well. "Well, the nerves cross over to the other side!" 'lWhen's the next Civil Service Exam?" Heading for Florida. Charles F. Negus Newark, New York LeMoyne College, P.S. General Practice New York State.Professional Scholarship, Student Council 1, 27 Medentian Staff 2, advertising manager 3, dental editor 4. H Stall '2, advertising manager 3, dental editor 4. VEEUS-' Pulled great play now known as "a Negus." Wanted man in Syra- cuse. Chronic latecomer until he married. Following brother's foot-steps as Dr. lung s favorite student. Easy name to pronounce, like Nay-Goose. Fastest plnochle player living. ' P ' f Q,5,'.Sr-'Ch I 'lax ,n l, l"l""'1 Hubert Nerwin Conesus, New York University ol Roclrester,AB.A. Dental Corps U. S. Army Xi Psi Phi, Class President 35 Student Council 3, Medentian Stalf 4. Emanclpated hillbilly. Outdoor type. Big man in jewelry. Who is that heart for? -Great "He.artbreaker." Zip House '61 crew member. Hey Herb, how can l do this? Only instructor in the Senior Class. Digs highbrow music and liter- ature. "Send it to Kodak." james H. Nohe Rochester, New York Brockport State Teachers Collegep University of Buffalo General Practice Delta Sigma Delta Mr. Quiet. Class Conscience. A little bridge, eh Ernie? Member in good standing of Lunch Bridge Club. Gives commercials for Gillette Razors. Diag- nosed bent film and seven anteriors. Aviator in W.W.l. Q Richard H. Overgaard Laurens, New York Susquehanna University, B.ll. General Practice Clerkship at Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases 3. Puss. Smiley from an unknown undergrad school. Big hunter. Has spoken 10 words in 4 years. World traveler. Lived it up in N.Y.C. before journey to Europe. Traveled in Lark after marriage. Undergrad at Grove City. Grove City plays all the lousey little schools like Susquehanna. "Tonlght's the night." Digs wild Strawberries. Nembutoled the dogs for MacHattie, Terence A. Redmond Utica, New York Syracuse University, B.A. Dental Corps, U. S. Army gee, l'lI never make it. Steady at the Grotto for four years. Big ladies man. bSuddenly.rts Libby." The one man not surpassed by lones on Dec. 16. Let's e the shirts tonight. Pass the toothpaste, I have to get something checked. Goes to church with Dr. Powell to make Endo a one year course. Invented breakaway sutures. Ira M. Robbins Buffalo, New Yerk University of Buffalo Dental Corps, U. S. Navy Mlllli Omega:-University of Buffalo Administrative Scholarshipg Bardol Schol- afshlllz William Tucker Scholarship: Research Study Club. Wml' when he wants to be . . . Give him a cup of coffee and he can sleep through any lecture. Rodger's confederate. Member of N.Y.S. thruway grass Wateflflg club. "Sit back or l'II hit you." Howard M. Rockof Rochester, New York University of Buffalo Dental Corps, U. S. Army Alpha Omega: Class Secretary 35 American Cancer Society Summer Oncology Fellowshipg University of Buffalo Scholarship 35 William Tucker Scholarship. The author. Other half of the Bobbsey twins. What's matter Marvin. I gave up smoking, anyone got a cigarette. lust remember the mouth forgives all our sins. Member of Alpha, Alpha, Alpha. Good soldering technique. James Joseph Rodgers Bufalo, New York Notre Dame University, B.S. Dental Corps, U. S. Army Mr. Rodgers, you're exasperating! Developed multiple inlay casting technique. Chronic latecomer. Why do things right if they can be done wrong? Harvey's buddy. Occasionally drops in on Children's. Future pedodontist. Only senior to finish requirements while on assignment. Madly in love with Mrs. Sealy. "So you jack lighted that deer, Harvey?" "Hi, Chicken." Marvin Rosenthal Tuckahoe, New York University of Buffalo Dental Corps, U. S. Army Allllla llmeeai Clinical Clerkship Ural Surgery, Fordham llospital, New York Cliy. summer '61. Ihe checker, How Come? Speak to me later, I have no time. Walk softly In Wofklflg. Dr. FIynn's master caster. "Thai Rosenmarvf' One of Fidel's friends on the 26th of July. fi e AI' K. Ll ' ' If IIA. Frank L. Sapere Rochester, New York University of Bulfalo Ceneral Practice Research Study Club: Medentian Staff Mrk Halfback of bygone days. Also believes in populating the world. Orig- bni 9d,llUICltl clure acrylic jackets. "Dr., is the mandibulotomy performed on 0 h sides? I said 'close' dammit, not 'slam'." Also known as Sap-ears. Adolph Karl Schmidt Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Teaching Fellowship at University of Buffalo Delta Sigma Delta Prolific note taker. Quiet, efficient. "Stump, good German name!" Loves needles. Likes antique cars. Quiet but tells good jokes in pedo. Want another BCG, AI? Stanley D. Schulman North Massapequa, New York Hofstra, B.A. Dental Corps, U. S. Army Alpha Omega Silent Stan. Really nice guy. Talked himself right into marriage. Worries a lot. Remount it again. There's so much! Lives in the tumble weeds of Rosen- thal. Dan's friend. Charles P. Sgroi Rome, New York Syracuse University General Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital, Arcadia, Florida-lntemship Dena Siem Delta: Research Study cluu Sgfgcaed to coffee breaks. Hot rod with his new T-Bird. Cast all inlays at the lets touse. Puts wife to bed at 9 then goes out with the boys. Hey, fellas S OD at the 300 for a beer! Chief resident at Coles! Still waiting for his best golf ball to come down from the tree. "Mis-ter See-gor-ee." 5 Q-1 Richard F. Sheehan Buffalo, New York Canisius College General Practice Elsie.. True to the Sharnrock. Have another accident this morning? "And ogOIdS'S.tnQY' today, Yogi Herbie?" Member of Alpha, Alpha, Alpl1a.,T.he to th ml h. Planning another excursion to Pittsburgh. Makes weekly visits old Iaed-convent. The Bishop., Sideswipes old colored gents .and backs into ISS. Harvey put his foil on the board instead of a pin. MWF? Allen A. Welch Marlrirl, New York St. Lawrence University General Practice Ex-Navyman. Addicted to jazz. Tried his hand on the Prima Donna but failed. Likes to put women in their place. Don't give me that, honey! Plays golf in the zoo. Good dancer. Collects sporting goods on the golf course. There's a difference between technicians and dentists. The "Madrid Mauler." wtf! mfg., P" J' ' llall 'mms' 1 -,A ,K--re - y L 19 tjgeifgi 'l:'i."?i IW W 1 A nv . r in Leon L. Wiggin Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.ll. General Practice Cool, calm, and collected just like the Buffalo weather. Homemade air rotor, still has the faculty baffled. Carried books, lunch, articulator and operative kit in his briefcase. Has seen more prosthetics patients than anyone for one appointment. "Yes, I guess l'm doing research for Hausman." Harry Lime. Robert Umor Wilson, Jr. Syracuse, New York Syracuse University, A.B. intern-Residency Program in Dral Surgery, Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York C'25SS4Presrdent 2, Class Secretary 1, Student Council 2, Medentian Staff Y6rk,SBusmess Manager 4, Research Study Club 3, 4, Co-Chairman 4, New sea htate Dental Scholarship, National lnstituteslot Health Student Re- mLctFellowshrp 3,.SCADA 4, Junior Class Alumni Award, Student.Cl-rni- Phil 0 the 102nd Annual Session of the American Dental Association, adelnhra, 1951. 'amine ANOUDE Surgeon. Blood sucker. "lt's all over No. 503' Outclassed by S 0 EDD. Who saldlthe Qrange lost?" Relaxed after weekends with l.C. Reads Cglcgoi illustrated in Ethics and Pedo. Ross' pinoehle partner. Lives in the Ross G. Wyman Orone, Maine University of Maine General Practice, Kennybunk, Maine Summer Clerkship at Roswell Memorial Institute for Cancer and Allied Diseases g'fl?YS,iS "Heaah." Of New England stock. "Anyone for pinochIe?" l've got the S. Furnished blood for Wilson's research project. Member of Alpha, Alpha Alllha Suffers for eatin meat on Friday. "Orono, Maine???" Look I . g out Kennebunk! O.K. to turn the page, Bob? X """"WW C I Gordon s lnlays' Nice black eye George Now dont you see Illverslon upstairs Frank Nettl IS un tough shape The S221 Marathon 'f L 'WAN 'i? Y ,.-f s 1 HK, C- , I Cf Q 'Q n- S x'f1"'1 J -s 1 .4-"""" 9 'D-Af' 'W wx, w-. lm ' . 51 I w. 1 5 Ny, ,Q ff N .A NN L A vu' Stain tinger one minute ww' Only hy the nose can we tell! '1 Y donvt think W5 coming gut, eh? FBS! still in blISiIlBSS Presidents Three A UU 3 'fi,1R'll ' 'aw .W Q' fx I like Penn Wear your safety glasses men!l Is this IIDW - USU? Reaming in igglation The Master's Frome Ah, 2 evld foil fllf me!! x, . X3 Xxx ,ep lv, Ambroise fpard "Je le pansay, Dieu Ie guarif I +rea+ed him, bu+ God cured him Par6 'ln my end is my beginning . . . T. S. Eliof Once more on fhis page are we happily mef To fashion wifh words, and complefe fhe quarfef, The bapfismal verse of +he pracfifioners new Re.leased on fhe world in I962. Our schooling al' an end, we may now begin fo learn For ours is fhe prize, fhe fifle, 'lnferne' Buf fhis, as Rome, was nol' builf overnighf For fhere is more fo seeing fhan fhe having of sighf. Medicine is our goal, as an Arf and a Science Alfhough we approach wifh varied appliance: For some feel fhaf all may be cured wifh fhe Knife While fo ofhers fhe Word is fhe end fo fhe Sfrife. Some will welcome fhe wee bairn fo fhis world Ofhers will fend him when his banners are furled. Whafever fhe course for which we are sef As fhe apple of man or misforfune's pef If will be of greaf pleasure fo confemplafe The heroic sfruggle engaged in '58. The inifial fhree years, sef in fhis mefre ln previous fomes awaifs fhe reader. To describe fhis year is a comparable fask To fhaf of fhe blind men who 'Whaf is an elephanf' were asked. To commence fhe year some enjoyed fheir elecfive. Of Surgery and Medicine mosf were selecfive Yef some in New York by caf-brains were harried While ofhers decided fo go and gef married. Pediafricsvwas nexf, al' Children's or Meyer, The sfudy of disease, from dam or sire Buf mosf glorious fo behold, oh vision fair, ls fhe iniecfed fonsil, fhe runny nare. Diagnosfic Clinic was fhe Senior's nexf fare Where miracles are wroughf by fhe Welfare Sfafe. The Collagen disease, or so we are fold ls close approaching fhe common cold. Episfaxis, TB prophylaxis, coughs, colds, Rales, On such did feefh fhe young medicals. Lasf year, Surgery was hold, snip and hope: Now we made use of fhe frigid sigmoidiscope If from fhe child's runny nose you would flee, You found him referred fo ENT. Buf af lasf, in one's soul, fhe creafive Surgeon was found, Sysfemafically disemboweling some unforfunafe hound. Blond or bruneffe, wifh red hair or whife Presenl' in GYN a similar sighfg The assorfed horrors of war, deafh and sin Are as nofhing fo fhe consumafe ills of women. A breech you would predicf, complicafions fearing As fhe slowing fefal hearf you seemed fo be hearing. Buf all is well, mofher and child are fine, Affer all, she was gravida fen, para nine. So wenf fhe year, such was fhe clime As we were 'Clinical Clerks' for fhe final fime. The lasf specfre of doom was fhe Nafional Boards, Affer which we cuf fhe scholasfic umbilical cords. And now we know, of fhe greaf words pronounced by man The finesf are 'l Swear By Apollo The Physician . . . ' J. W. C. '62 Gerald E. Patterson Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating lntemship Nu Sigma Nu, Class President 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Hoffman-LaRoche award 3, Blsonhead 3, SAMA, Clinical use of radioisotopes - Veteran's Hospital, Surgical esophageal prosthesis - llr. R. Adler, Buffalo General Hospital. Uh-Cyn. "Patterfue." Jerry, The perennial driver of the "lewel." A.M. rider of the Staten Island Ferry. Class President -1 'vs i j y John W. Cudmore Bujfalo, New York St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, B.A. Buffalo Ceneral Hospital, Buflalo, New York- Rotating Internship Phi Phi: Class Vice President 3, 4, Medentian Co-Editor 4, SAMM Fellowship With Ilr. T. Noehren 3. Surgery. "lach." 23M lformerly 28l ton Gheli. Poet Laureate of class. Mere shadow former self. Aspiring formula 1 driver, "Well, according to Dr, n ' I - ll Class Vice President f:t"l' Thomas 0. Fitzpatrick Massena, New York College of the Holy Cross, B.S. Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York - Rotating Internship Phi Chi Secretary 2: Roswell Fellowship 35 Neurosurgical Research at Buffalo General Hospital, Surgical clerkship at Emergency Hospital. Surgery. "Fitz." Long Tom, Iassooed at last by Kathy - formerly some what footloose. On perpetual elective - especially in derm. Class Secretary VJ Y 'Z' . . wh s Q A I , 'gl'--s - ... ..a James T. Bumbalo Jamestown, New York Cornell University Children's Hospital, Bullalo, New York- Straight Pediatrics Phi Chi, Class Treasurer 3, 4, SllMAg Clinical clerkship with llr. ll. K. Miller. Pediatrics. "lim," Child bride of 21 summers. "Think of it - l'm a fatherf' Yes, He is my uncle. Class Treasurer Jerald P. Kuhn Machias, New York Hamilton College, B.A. Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Medical Nu Sigma Nu president 4, Gibson Anatomical Society vice president 27 Student Council 3, 4, Fellowship in surgery, Wyoming County Community Hospital, SAMA. Internal Medicine. "The Gro." Judges hospital by shape of its nursing school, oft gored by the Bully led class in worms. Yes, I did give her a broom. Taker of many Student Council Representative Martin F. Ablaert Rochester, New York University of Rochester, B.A. Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship NU Siena Nu: SAMA, Surgical externship Park Avenue Hospital, Rochester, New York: Psychiatric externship Rochester State Hospital. "Matty-" Class Taylor pusher. "Well, according to Dr. Smalts sophomore Holes . . . ' Acquired a somewhat more than neuter tutor for senior year. 'WMHWZ A--if mv' Charles G. Adams, Jr. Tiffin, Ohio Kenyon College, B.A. Akron General Hospital, Akron, Ohio-Rotating Internship Hu Sigma Nu vice president 4, Gibson Anatomical Society, Cancer fellowship. General Practice. "CharIie." State mate of Glenn - 'just ask him.' "That isn't the way I heard it." Ex-athlete - now an indoor sport. of Warren E. Ahlgren Warren, Pennsylvania Franklin Ri Marshall College, B.S. Duke Hospital, Durham, North Garolina-Straight Surgery Summer extenships at Warren State Hospital - psychiatry, Millard Fillmore Hospital - sirrgery. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Pennsylvania, Poodle, Porsche, Phoebe and Plastics. Joseph P. Armenia Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Phi Chi: Summer Fellowship in Department of Bacteriology, Clinical Pathology. "loe." Chief engineer of the ultra-centrifuge, "What d'ya mean." "Say arent you related to . . . " hy. -""uuv-ug ,iq-M Z V pp-4..- Owen G. Bossrnan Buffalo, New York University of Notre Dame, B.S. Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York- Rotating Internship PM Chi: SAMA: Surgical Research Fellowship. Internal Medicine. f'Owen." 'fl can get it wholesaIe." Say who's going to help me move - lUSt a refrng and washer. More jobs than time - Chris' dad. wud' 4, if Adolph J. Brink New York City University of Buffalo, B.A. Grasslands Hospital, Valhalla, New York-Straight Medical Fellowship in Pediatrics: Fellowship in Hlstochemistry. Internal medicine' cardiology. ' "Andy," "Whores Dr. Ciminer?" A Gold Dust Twin, loe's assistant at Linwood-Bryant. "Meanshile Charlie." 3' 91 David E. Carlson Lancaster, New York University of Buffalo In Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York--Rotating Internship Phi Chi: Research Allergy: Clinical Medicine Fellowship. Internal Medicine "Wray," Ping-pong champion of Korea tsouthl and Children's Hospital. "Well I don't know about that." Bonnie booster. A Knight of the Red Cross. Joseph A. Cimino New York City Harvard College, B.A., Fordham University, M.S. Grasslands Hospital, Valhalla, New York-Rotating Internship NU Sigma Nur summer tellowship histochemistry 59, 60, 61, SAMA. Pathology. "JOE," "and Peggy makes five." Stock market tycoon. "Brink, you aren't gettin away wit nuttin." Clinical director of Linwood-Bryant. Occasionally spotted in the EJMMH if usually just leaving. Other Gold Dust twin. Benjamin C. Covina Lawrence, Massachusetts Holy Cross College, B.A., Boston College, M.S., Boston University, Ph.D. Assistant Professorship of Physiology, Cardiovascular Research. "Ben Casey." "ls there any chemotherapy for this?" Record time for canine 'l9Dl1V9Ct0my. Recent addition to class. Ping pong panic. Martin Cowan Brooklyn, New York New York University, B.A. Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York-Mixed Internship Phi Lamhda Kappa, llh-gyn externship at Booth Memorial Hospital. Uh-Gyn. "Marty." See Driesen. "Can't you put that in a formula?" "No, l don't eat desserts." A " l " .Yitvfrxx N. ,'.r3.-J' Christopher D,Amanda Rochester, New York Harvard College, B.A. Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Medical Nu Sigma Nu treasurer 3, Fellowship Neurophysiology 58, Class president 58-59. Internal medicine. "D'amans" Bohemian lover of 3.4 lags and Pediatrics. Last of the landed aristocracy. Arthur S. Davis North Chili, New York Roberts Wesleyan College, B.S. West Suburban Hospital, flak Park, Illinois-Rotating Internship Christian Medical -Societyg SAMAg Research in virology at University of Buffalo: Fellowship at Roswell Park Memorial Institute. Surgery. "AfillUS." Spends his Buffalo winters dreaming of Samoa. "Will you buy that?" ls raising his own harem. Noted for organ recitals. .i,, ' fr at of Marie DeCorse Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.ll. St. Vincent's Hospital, New York-Rotating Internship Elizabeth Blackwell Society, Class secretary 1, 2, 3:1 RBSGHFCN f0ll0WShil1 ill experimental immunology 2, 3, Medical externship at Englewood, New Jersey. Internal Medicine-Allergy. 1iMarie.". "Enjoys being a girl." Spent elective fellow shopping in New York. It was just platonic - really." HWNFW Harold C. Domrvz, Jr. Tonuwamla, New York University of Buffalo Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York- Rotating Internship. Phi Chi, Roswell Park fellowship, Fellowship in Cytopathology of virus infec tion, Choirmaster and organist at St. Paul's Church. Pathology. "Dick." Follower of the Final Diagnosis, Organ pathology. Strong silent type ,ma 4.51 Ronald I. Dozoretz Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. University Hospitals, Cleveland, Ohio-Rotating Internship Phi Lambda Kappa secretary 2, vice president 3, president 49 Roswell Park tellowship 2, American Heart Association 3, American Cancer Association 4. Internal Medicine. "Ron," "Doze." "Who's on at Kenmore?" "lt's a girI!" It might be hyaline membrane. Jerome E. Driesen Brooklyn., New York New York University, Belt. Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York-Mixed Internship Phi Lambda Kappa, Uh-Cyn externship Booth Memorial Hospital, American Heart Association Research Fellow 3. Uh-Gyn. ijlerryf' Author of "Obstetrics for Fun and Profit," "Marty took the car," They loved me at Grasslands." Junior BGH distaff collector. Richard H. Eggleston Warrerz, Pennsylvania University of Cincinnati, University ot Buffalo, Canisius College Thomas D.. llee Memorial Hospital, Ogden, Utah-Rotating Internship Phi Chi, Class Vice President 1, Externship at Emergency Hospital, Extern- Shlll at Kenmore Mercy. General Practice. jjllf- Eaglestinef' Doctor of Motors, "No it's a Morgan." "The Navigator." lohn Charles has the measles." Dr. Gray is still looking for him. W Sebastian S. F asanello Buffalo, New York Canisius College, B.A. Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Phi Chi: Roswell Park Summer fellowshipr Veteran's Hospital Summer fellow- ship. SAMAQ lnternal Medicine. ".Sibby." Long years at Eastman. Married Aunt lo. "Come on guys . . " His own captive practice. AK-V W ,lack C. Fisher Kenmore, New York University of Buffalo University of Minnesota'Hospitals, Minneapolis, Minnesota-Straight Surgery Phi Chi, Sentinel 45 Roswell Park Memorial Institute fellowship 2: U. S. Pulrlic Health Service Research Fellowg SAMAr American Cancer Society Research Fellow. Senior Thesis. Surgery. "lack." Has a new Lord and Master, Wants a recount in Chicagog Master of the marrow. Eugene Somer Flamm Brooklyn, New York Princeton University, B.A. The New York Hospital, New York, New York-Straight Surgery National Health Foundation Fellowship. Neurosurgery. "Gene" Albright-Knox-Flam Gallery. The Nlagnette. Aspires to own an overcoat. Q l Anthony J. F loceare Jamestown, New York University of Buffalo Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship PM Chi: SAMA: National Science Foundation fellowship. Internal Medicine. "TONY-" "How about a quick 18 on Saturday?" Jamestown Swede, On to General. Robert P. Geraci Buffalo, New York Georgetown University, B.S. Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating internship Phi Chi, National Foundation Fellowship. Anesthesiology elective at University of Pennsylvania. Anesthesiology. "Bob," Starting Ioan fund for residents. Sail on! To drop with Dripps, ffm- ' l ., - 47 57-P .fn .-- Y xv .F ,' I 1 -- 'X K Y ll V-., .c. . f.-4 gg, sauna -get- , 4- ,.q-auunw-' . -- in 'ui' ' ""' Joseph Roy Gerbasi Niagara Falls, New York University of Rochester, B.A., University of Buffalo, M.A. Buflalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Phi Chi president 3, 4, House Manager, Gibson Anatomical Society, SAMA, Alpha Omega Alpha, Puhlic Health Service Training Grant. Surgery. "loe." The fluorescing antibody. BNIR of plus 50. Boss of the Pug Uglies. John G. Cleichauf Rochester, New York University of Rochester, B.A. Milwaukee Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin-Rotating Internship Nu Sigma Nut Out Patient Department Fellowship, Buffalo General Hospital. Internal Medicine. The Ensign. "But what do you do with two?" International M.D. W-I Robert Goldstein Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Immunology Fellowship. Psychiatry. - One of Aquilina's thick group. Did you ever try to bleed an alligator? "There is a strong emotional overlay in this case." Kevin J. Gorman Buffalo, New York Canisius College: University ol Buffalo, D.D.S. Memorial Hospital, Long Beach, Califomia-Rotating Internship Phi Chi treasurer 3, Warren State Hospital externship 60, 61. Plans to pull teeth by hypnosis. Staff psychiatrist and Tennis Pro of the Warren State Hospital School of Nursing. Winner of National Safe Driver's Award. Chief support of North Ellicott Garage. - ffl? ll I :Eff . , Si ii james E. Graber Albany, New York Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, BLS. St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, New York-Rotating Internship Phi Chi, Emergency Hospital externship 61. Anesthesiology. "Big lim." "We planned it that way-one a year." Spent his elective at Yankee Stadium. Gail H. Gartner Kenmore, New York University of Buffalo Jersey City Medical Center, Jersey City, New Jersey-Straight Medical Phi Chi: Cihson Anatomical Society, Erie County Heart Association Fellowships. ACBUBITMC M8dlClIl8. "Gail-boy." The Acapulco Kid, "Well, Nance . . . " Spent his summers in a D'9fhYSmograph, "You wouldn't know it, but l have a bad back." Joseph W. Hanss, Jr. Rochester, New York Boston College, B.S., M.S. Genesee Hospital, Rochester, New York-Straight Pathology National Science Foundation Fellowship, SAMA, internal Medicine. "loe." Bridge scholar, Helen's husband. His Manhattans out do the H-bomb. Gary C. Hauser Williamsville, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Philadelphia General Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- Rotating lnternship Phi Ghi, Social Ghairman, alumni secretary, Med-Dent Student Council, Rep- resentative to University Student Senatep Medical Editor of Student Ui- reetory, Immunology Fellowship, Externships, Warren State Hospitalp Glass Treasurer 1, 27 Psychiatry. Gentleman -,prefers blondes. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Teaches the twist. Proponent of bloodless psycho therapy. Noted skiing socialite. Mark Peter Heilbrum Buffalo, New York Brown University, B.A. Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri-Straight Surgery Gibson Anatomical Society, Alpha Umega Alpha, Fight for Sight Fellowship, U. S. Puhlic Health Department Fellowship. General Surgery. "Pete" Skier, sailor, driver of a classic MG. 6000 miles in search of snow - and then a sprained ankle. Twists - even on skis. "Know any good radiologists?" Rae R. Jacobs Rochester, New York Wheaton College, B.A. Edward J. Meyer Memorial Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Summer fellowships at Roswell Park Memorial Institute, University of Buffalo Blood Grouping Research and Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied diseases - .New York City, Christian Medical Society 1, 2, 3, 4, president 2, National Board of Directors 3, SAMA 1, 2, 3, 4, Medentian 1, 2, Circulation Manager 3, Co-Editor 4. General Surgery. MDW YOU get that down, Robbie?" "CMS meeting tonight." "When we get to the Congo . " Often featured in newspapers. Honorary member of Wive's Club. One third of Meyer's House Staff. ,Ast In L1 Roberta Gilbert Jacobs Erie, Pennsylvania Wheaton College, B.S. Edward I. Meyer Memorial Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Medicine Christian Medical Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Medentian- 1, 2, 3, secretary 3, Wives Ulllllc Summer Fellowship Memorial Hospital,,New York City. Psychiatry. "Robbie."H"Rae . . . " "He's my brother - honest." "Really???" "Oh, H0 - - - Q 'Vice President of Foot in Mouth Club, Sunday Supplement Star, Also one third of Meyer's House Staff. Steven J. Hirsch Norwich, New York Harvard College, B.A. Syracuse Medical Center, Syracuse, New York-Rotating Internship Psychiatric project in Israel, Junior Psychiatry Award. Psychiatry "Steve" Spent summer kibitzing in a kibitz. "The psychodynamic forces at work here . . . " Once touched his cadaver. John L. Kiley Syracuse, New York LeMoyne College, B.S. Edward 1. Meyer Memorial Hospital, Butfalo, New York-Rotating Internship Nu Sigma Nur SAMAg Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology at Buffalo Ceneral Hospital. Surgery "Killer Keeley." "But Miss Lee is my mother." "Discretion is the better part of valor, John." "Time for coffee fellas." Drives accordion-like Chevy. Formerly class comedian - fears now he is entire Meyer House Staff. Arthur C. Klein Hollis, New York University ol Pennsylvania, B.A. Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, California-Rotating Internship Erie County Research Fellowship, SAMA, Smith, Kline and French Psychiatric Fellowship. Ophthalmology 4 gAwtha." "ACK," "The Phantom." Sharp specs, Man of many scopes, Digs ummed Mozart or Palestrma. "There are worse ways to hurt your back." l. Morton Paul Klein North Bergen, New Jersey , New York University, B.A. Jersey City Medical Center, lersey City, New Jersey-Straight Medical Phi Lambda Kappa: Summer Research fellowships,in Biochemistry, llialysis and lymphatic studies. Internal Medicine "Morton P." Noted girl watcher - especially a one-year-old. Smart dog, tough brother. "Wait 'till our group comes along." Gru's ping pong partner. Robert A. Klocke Buffalo, New York Manhattan College, B.S. Grace-New Haven Community Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut- Straight Medicine Alpha Omega Alpha: Gibson Anatomical Societyg SAMAQ Fellowships: U. S. Puhlic Health Service, Erie County Heart Association Research and Teaching. "Dr, Krockyf' President of Foot in Mouth Club. It might be narcolepsy. "I was doing the washing." Following in his brother's footsteps. Marvin Z. Kurlan Kingston, Pennsylvania Wilkes College, B.A.g University of illinois, M.S. Nu Sigma Nu: Gibson Anatomical Society: SAMAg Externship Wilkes-Barre Ceneralg Psychiatric Evternship Retreat State Hospital: Uh-Cyn Fellowship George Ceisinger Medical Center. Psychiatry "Marten," "The Comanchie." Member of International set. Big man with BMC A scholar. Cordon R. Lang Roclmslvr, New York Duke University, B.A. Illinois Research Hospital, Chicago, Illinois-Rotating Internship Nu Sigma Nu: Gibson Anatomical Society, chapter president, Member National Medical Education Committee. Internal medicine. MGUVUY-" "El Gordo, alias La Lank." Dixie-crat. Prefers handball to derm. V' Vafagraph-1962. Experienced in female cardiology. .' ' l ' l ..,., !- . 4 H f . t N F ,, 5 .. tl' K V f A 73 C Ls, ' Q, i i ,',, ',i ,1 - Nl-ti' F. e ,' F I K V L ' - '. f '41 r' A Dean A. LeSher Endicott, New York Colgate University, B.A., University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. Associate in Pharmacology: Project in Medical Education 56-57. Renal Pharmacology. 'The Gfel' Dean." Big family man. "Sorry, I have to go make up an exam." Howard Lee Buffalo, New York Colgate University, B.A. New England Center Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts-Straight Surgical American Cancer Society Fellowship at Memorial Hospital, New York: lunior Prize in Anesthesiologyg Medical Externship at E. J. Meyer Memorial Hospital. Surgery "Howie," H. Flee. "Galvestoneah!" "Alfonse, l think we had a flat tire." "lf I could only eat my cookie . . . " "You is a rug." Prefers surgery to arthritis clinic, Western route to Boston. Richard C. Lisciandro Jamestown, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Children's Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Pediatrics Nu Sigma Nu custodian 35 Fellowships in Endocrinology at Veteran's Hospitalg Summer externship in Pediatrics. Pediatrics "The Clump." "Scoundrel." Keeper of the Croix Rouge. "You old goat," "Oh, keep quiet." Lover of lamps and black panthers. "On the finger Judy, not through the nose." Prefers anything to arthritis clinic. Paul J. Loree Kenmore, New York Syracuse University, B.ll. Akron General Hospital, Akron, Uhio-Rotating Internship NU Sigma Hu historian 2, Cardiology Fellowship 2, Psychiatry Fellowship 3, Sister's Hos ital externshi - Emer ency Hospital Surgical Technician 2-4. P , Uphthalmology P g "Ng, no 1 Loreelll MPH-rr ut ' ' yu ll h d' I mlsplace Oscars' . l IS NOT a White Owl. Now w ere ld l 1 f' W L Arnold N. Lubin Buffalo, New York , University of Buffalo, B.ll. Children's Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Pediatrics ""i.lam'1da Kenna, SAMA, u. s. P. H. s. Fellowship in vimluey: Lamb rounda- Ion Fellowship in Pediatrics. Pediatrics "Arnie." Latter day Al lolson. "Blue Boy Hates to lose." Class Jester. Michael M. Madden Ironlon, Ohio Notre Dame University, B.S. Akron General Hospital, Akron, Ohio - Rotating Internship Phi Chit SAMA. Surgery "The lguana." The lronton flash. "Who's working Nlarch 3?" "Honest fellas, it wasn't the stethoscope." "You'd better call Dr. Jones." 315,32 A M r 'off 1, .A , 1 2 r 'q V 1 . sf 'L fr rt.-3 ? fl'w,i,1. 3 Wig vrtyflfvv, .:,",3gfht-ff . . Q vfet"i?l.??'ri,s 'ixshfi if -tif al , A .. 3 , .. ,., AI, MM ,4, MWA , f 1 ' - - , V, f r u Anthony Philip Markello North Collins, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Millard Fillmore llospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Sigma Xir SAMAQ UPU clerkship at Buffalo General Hospitalr Christian Medical Society. Pediatrics "Tony." "Tub," "Millard Fillmore, where else?" "We're one up on the Mayo brothers." "So who needs hair?" Karen's daddy. Philip D. Morey Kenmore, New York St. Lawrence University, B.S. Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Medical Clinical Clerkship at Buffalo General Hospitalg SAMA. Internal Medicine. "My wife said . . . " Surrounded by girls, mostly his own. -A 1 ' , l 1 . XL- l!! '97 gif N 'Y . l' Q . . Robert G. Ney g , Gowamla, New York university of Michigan, B.ll. Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Medical Nu Sigma Nu: SAMAQ Tuberculosis Fellowship, Externship at Sister's Hospital. Internal Medicine "The flying Festoonf' Wagner, mobiles, culinary expert. "Kuhn, when are Y0u going to remove the garbage. Oscar Ronald Oberkircher Buffalo, New York Hamilton College, B.A. Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut-Rotating Internship Nu Sigma Nur Roswell Park Summer fellowships. Internal Medicine "Okie," Father of Os, "Cinci Star." "Anybody see Paul?" Authority on sex chromosomes and the chemistry of Oscar-sours. I A5 if Charles 0. Olick Grand Island, New York University of Buffalo Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, California-Rotating Internship Phi-Chi. General Practice "Where's Charlie." "Any l.V.'s to start?" Fluent russian linguist. Alan L. Pohl Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Phi-Lambda Kappa, recording secretary 3, Gibson Anatomical Society 1st vice president 3, Alpha Omega Alpha 4, Cardiovascular Research at Chronic Disease Research Institute 1, 2, 3. Surgery "Al." Member of the Big Four. Buddy's buddy, young man with a knife. Bernard Polatsch New York, New York ' New York University, B.A. Meadowbrook Hospital, Hempstead, Long lsIand4-Rotating Internship Phi Lamhda'Kappa, SAMA, Externship at E. J. Meyer Memorial Hospital. Surgery "Buddy." Class commentator, physician to Michael Hall. Seth A. Resnicojf Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo Buffalo General llospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Phi Lambda Kappa: Gibson Anatomical Society: Alpha Omega Alpha: SAMA: Atwell award: Gibson award: Erie County Heart Association fellowship in '59 and '6l. Surgery "How's the scoop, fellas?" lt's all done with dialysis. "Confidentially, how did you do?" ,L ui -,:. QV SAX: David M. Richards Soflus, New York Syracuse University, B.S. Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Nu Sigma Nu. General Practice "The Slither." Owns a red feather. Pushes a People's Beetle. Christmas- tide chemist. "Where'd my front seats go?" Busted Bob's bed. Constontinv C. Roussi Buffalo, Now York University of Buffalo, B.A. Akron General Hospital, Akron, llhio-Rotating Internship Nu Sigma Nu, vice president lg SAMA, Emergency Hospital externship 1961. "Gus" Akron's first choice, Silent one. Ex-Marine. Anthony Paul Salvagione Jamaica, New York ' Columbia College, B.A. Illinois Research Hospital, Chicago, Illinois-Rotating internship Cardiovascular Research lellowshipg SAMA. Internal Medicine "TONY-" lhe most Happy Fellag Motor scooter knight, Shaved once, freshman Year: Which twin has the Tony- neither. William P. Scherer, III Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York - Rotating Internship Phi Chi, SAMAQ National Science Research Fellowship, American Cancer Society Fellowship. Surgery "Bill," Got more out of the Emergency than a job. Solid citizen. on-......a V ...yin Gustav Seliger Brooklyn, New York Columbia College, B.A. Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York-Mixed Internship Radiology "Gus." State Teacher's tutor d'amour. Arthur's keeper. Only in America. Stuart M. Selikowitz New Brunswick, New jersey Rutgers College, B.ll. Cook County llospital, Chicago, Illinois-Rotating Internship Erie County Heart Association Fellowship. Surgery "Stu." Nice guy. Woodsman. Tony's bowman. 1 x Howard M. Silby Shaker Heights, Ohio - Dartmouth College, B.A. Bulfalo General Hospital, Bulialo, New York-Rotating Internship Summer Fellowship in'Neurolngy 2 "Howie." A neurologist of the Stafford School. Class Goren. 1 Bid 6 Spades. Melvin J. Steinhart Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. University llospitals, Madison, Wisconsin-Mixed Internship Phi Chip Alpha Omega Alpha: Society ol the Sigma Xig SAMAg Biochemistry Fellowship '60 and '6l. Metabolic Diseases "Strongheart." "Silver Fox." Free psychiatric care for life. Woof-woof. Anthony Charles Trippi Tonawamla, New York Canisius College, B.A. Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Phi Chi. Surgery "Tony," Latin lover. Trip the Torpedo. Kenmore's Dr. Kildare. George R. Tzetzo Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo, B.A. Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Rotating Internship Nu Sigma Nu secretary 3, Student Council 1, 2, internal Medicine "The Nlad Albanian." Walked home from Fort Lauderdale, seldom seen since marriage. - l die Anyway Virginia A. Verral Lewiston, New York I Smith CoIlege,B.A. John Hopkins llospital, Baltimore, Maryland-Straight Pediatrics gmgetpegilgmzgell Society, Gibson Anatomical Society, Surgery Fellowship, "Ginnv." "The nine ed n M' ' f in . smrn smile. Summer golfer. Fellowship in the hear? Issmg a ea er I y yi "'4W"' Morton E. Weichsel, Jr. Pueblo, Colorado University of Colorado, B.A. Children's Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Pediatrics Nu Sigma Nu, Connecticut Hospital externship '6lJg EJ. Meyer Memorial Hospital externship '61. Pediatrics "Mortee" Old salt. Tall, dark and gloomy. Wall Street Typhoon. Philip I. Weisinger Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn College, 8.8. Children's Hospital, Buffalo, New York-Straight Pediatrics N'u Sigma Hug SAMA, Biochemistry Fellowships '60 and '61. Pediatrics "Phil." "PhiIopius." Taller, darker and gloomier. "No sweat." FLYING FESTOON TWENTY-EIGHT-TON GHELI GRU GLUMP IGUANA D ilfr. f., ,...u:-g- -A We as I sid 1 xg "V ' Class 22.1 it ,Ji l 1 1 . "z.,Ek'Z7, uf' 1 enagerle SLITHERGADEE Q55 ,4u..,,,,-E, 1 31. 'x uw N. hs-. in "'N., They said it oouIdn't be done Oops! Now what? f'-I E' . The peak of the western safari Now you realize the value of anatomy House Formula 1 i What do you think, Dr. Festoon? Cookbook Surgery "They're way off" Creative cooking in Kenmore .. - 'Wu ,,..J' l """' ' v I , ' x ,. up 5 ip I i 1 Y . ,.g4wg.4 vu f NM.,-f ' . , . we ,, 'B ""W X A 1- 'Y f, r ' f f we 1 A 7 ". if M' -' 'il MDM and Sis ' sf 'we A Gru?? Emergency! - Mouth to mouth 1 kv lf' 4 -A J. V ' ,,.',, ' ,' shy its . l V 'h I I lt's the hnest lood available All this 'Ur Ur- BUICK? l l s This is how it's done AKlNlNl' , rruuyli s sl Ill- I I, Hllrthopodic Patrol" A. ,ki I y A Q, if ,, . 'E l ll Lie, 1-, 4 4 1 1 l -. 3 Skl Break ii Wav- " .-ws -D r .v l Cool and Coolest W 'OO "lf lllan only knew . . . " "I swear by Apollo" WOSt SNC 31017 Cook County's really a ina place "According to this, he's 11 months old" lt was fun while it lasted lf' 4 Inv' :ln--5--'L ll ' Q l lllll . 1 ,I pl M "W I ', zz 1 rl' 8383-'iff ,d w la U li . 1 f2j" rNE' - V+ ,'m.,sY'e'? . pn. -at-or it I guess l'm outnumbered The future of the Gru f i-Y! -wail" 'R T, , 4 "You write this caption" The Class llfticers Twist team T' ' - x A, Q7 ata? if-+00 NYM Rehabilitation? Ward rounds or pediatrics ,av E. f .'i,. X Renal Physiology Seminar lust one more weekend Prince Albert causes Ural Ca? Sorry that's the wrong way out WW I , .1 1' Vggiplggl Ntlt I DIIBIICC Add a dash of pepper and c'est magnihque "A face in the crowd" "Tony, maybe you should have let the Rabbi do it" by M -- mf wif Simple, just cut, clamp and tie They do it on skis too Grand Rounds Halstead Type IV "From tedium to ennui and thence to boredom" "The average young surgeon does well to afford pants" KW, ff iU1elnn Tionrad qloeutgeu :Research Troy "November 'rhe eigh+h, eigh+een nine+y-five will ever be memorable in +he hislory of Science. On +ha+ day a Iigh+ which, so far as human observa- +ion goes, never on land or sea, was firsl' observed. The observer, Professor Wilhelm Konrad Roen+gen. The place, +he lns+i+u+e of Physics in 'rhe Univer- si+y of Wurzburg in Bavaria . . . inl'er- posing his hands be+ween +he source of rhe rays and his bi'r of luminescen+ cardboard, saw +he bones of his liv- ing hand proiecfed in silhoueH'e upon +he screen. The grea+ discovery was made." S. P. Thompson X I , Q , yy , T"?1 1, I X l ed: E. Lalonde, B. laslow, R. Wilson, J. -Ely, J. Dolan, C. Sgroi. Standing: F. Sapere, W. Carter, L. Wiggin, Seat H Rockoff, A. Schmidt, R. Hobaica, R. Genco. Not present: H. Nerwin, A. Drapanas, A. Ungerer. esearcg Sfumfy nd The Research Slucly Club of +he School of Den'I'is'I'ry had a varied and successful year, presenring such guesf lec+ures as lf"r. Leslie Burrows and Dr. Basil Bibby from ihe Universiiy of Rochesrer, Dr. Kur+ Odenheimer from The Universily of Buffalo, and several of our own members. These evening meefings provided sfimulafing insighrs in'I'o basic science and denial research, and ac+ed as 'rhe focal poini' for our own s+uden+ research proiec+s. We would especially like fo fhanlc our advisor, Dr. Nicholas Marfino, for his +ime and encouragemenf in carrying ou+ +he year's aciivifies of fhe Club. Z T argl iff fl l , , fi- . ,LAI wil 04447. ndega Aoi. micron aploa Psi on Standing: 1. Gerbasi, V. Verral, A. Pohl, 1. Resnicoff, Seated: J. Fisher, B. Covino, G. Gurtner. Not present for photo: M. Heilbrun, M. Steinhart, R. Klocke. The medical class ot I962 was honored by the election ot ten ot its members to Alpha Omega Alpha, national medical honorary society. The newly elected members were ushered into the society with a banquet on Thurs- day, March 29, I962. Seated L. to R.: J. Kowalczyk, R. Wilson: Standing L. to R.: R. Dayton, E. Lalonde, 1. Ely. Each year Omicron Kappa Upsilon, national honorary dental fraternity, elects to membership those members ot the senior class who have demonstrated a high degree ot scholarship and character throughout their entire course ot instruction. This year the class ot I962 is proud ot those ot its members who were elected to the Lambda Lambda chapter. H3 rggv 'J i 1. L. to R., Seated: S. Resnicoff, A. Pohl, F. Ehrlich, H. Scheuermann, G. Gurtner, 2nd Row: l. Reilly, E. Means R. Lederman, V. Verral, l. Callanan, C. Ladoulis, G. Cohen. 3rd Row: J. Gerbasi, H. Glucksberg, P. Sussman, S. Katz V. Frantz, S. Kaiser. The James A. Gibson Anatomical Society was founded by the Medical Classes of I9l9 and I920 in honor of the late Professor of Anatomy and Secretary of the Medical Faculty. The Society has as its objectives the promotion of superior scholar- ship among medical students and stimulation of interest in scientific investigation. ln accordance with these aims, fourteen students are chosen from the sophomore class in recognition of superior academic accdmplishments in the freshman year, particularly in the subiects of gross, microscopic and neural anatomy. The Society also sponsors a series of lectures at which distinguished speakers vaddress the mem- bership and guests. ln I96l-I962 Dr. Berkeley Zinn spolce on the "Segmental Anatomy of the Lung" and Dr. Joseph M. Dziob on "Surgery of the Hand." At the end of the academic year, a banquet is tendered in honor of the new members and they are formally welcomed into the Society. GIBSON SOCIETY OFFICERS FOR I9bI: President--Frank Ehrlich, Ist Vice President-John Stumpf, 2nd Vice President- John Schriver, Secretary-Henry Scheuermann, Treasurer-Richard DuBois. Qdson nafomical Society I L tl -J. I. I ir L' TRANSPORT OF INERT GASES THROUGH THE SKIN AT VARYING AM- BIENT TEMPERATURES - Roberf A. Klocke, Gail H. Gurfner The fransporf of inerf gas from fhe blood fhrough fhe skin info an airfighf chamber was measured af various ambienf 'Iemperafures in a subiecf breafhing a mix- fure of oxygen and iner'I' gas. Comparison of fhe rafes of fransporf of argon, helium and nifrogen showed fhaf gas fransporf fhrough fhe skin is Iimifed by fhe skin dif- fusion barrier and is unaffecfed by fhe fofal cufaneous blood flow. Laferal sliding flap surgery has been per- formed on humans fo correcf undesirable aesfhefics in fhe mandibular incisar region. Excepf for fhe aesfhefic improvemenfs ac- complished, fhe consequences of fhis pro- cedure bave nof been adequafel invesfi- gafed. Therefore, fhis sfudy on fhe maxil- Iary canine region in dogs was designed fo provide hisfologic informafion concern- ing fhe healing process affer Iaferal slid- ing flap surgery. This sfudy was underfaken by Mr. Ernesf LaLonde Denf. '6I. Affer only 8 monfhs of invesfigafion, fhe resulfs are yef inconclu- sive, buf bear ouf Dr. Friedman's fhesis on fissue healing. Mr. LaLonde expecfs fo fre PRODUCTION OF DEEP HYPOTHERM- IA IN DOGS AND TOTAL CIRCULA- TORY ARREST BY BLOOD STREAM COOLING WITH THE MACNEILL DI- ALYZER - Sefh Resnicoff Wifh body femperafure af IOOC. if was shown fhaf fhe bod could folerafe one hour of fofal circullafor arresl' wifhouf anoxic damage. This enables fhe surgeon fo perform infricafe cardiac surgery in a dry, mofionless hearf. WH.. summarize his findings by June '62. i ,anu- ,pnml""""" ETHYL ETHER CONTENT IN BLOOD AS DETERMINED BY GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY - John W. Cudmore In recenf years, if has been fhe aim of Dr. T. H. Noehren, Assisfanf Professor of Infernal Medicine, fo perfecf a complefe fesf of cardio-pulmonary funclion. Basic fo fhis procedure was fhe developmenf of a quick and accurafe mefhod of blood efher deferminafion. - In Anesfhesiology, Vol. 22, No. 4, July-Augusf I96I, a mefhod for fhe anal sis of efhyl efher confenf in blood by gas chromafograplny was published. The gas is ex- fracfed in 'I'he fonomefer of a Van Slyke apparafus and, :ffer column separafion, is analyzed by fhermal conduc- lvl y. MMG' Roberf Wilson sfudied fhe circulafing levels of anfi- hemophilic globulin in bofh normal and hemophilic sub- Ecfs under a granf from 'Ihe Nafional Insfifufes of Healfh. is subiecfs were eighf members of fhe Senior Class. Affer fracfionizafion of a blood sample fo obfain pure anfi-hemophilic globulin, serial dilufions againsf a known quanhfy would give fhe subiecf's level. By drawing samples periodically, he showed fhaf fhis level changes quanflfafively from monfh fo monfh. He presenfed his sfudyi af fhe I02nd Annual Session of fhe ADA in Phila- delp ia. The following fopics were sfudied by Ronald Dozorefz in associafion wifh Dr. Julian Ambrus af fhe Roswell Park Me- morial lnsfifufe. The value of fibrinolysin fherapy for peri- pheral vascular fhrombosis and hyaline membrane disease. A double-blind sfudy evaluafing combi- nafion drug fherapy analgesia in cancer pafienfs. The anfi-cancer value of AB-l32, one of a series of dual anfagonisfs. ,599 PHARMACOLOGICAL STUDY - Paul Loree Mr. Wiggin, sfudying under Dr. House- mann of fhe Pharmacology Deparfrnenf, worked ,wifh immafure rafs in an efforf fo produce fhe hypofhyroid sfafe by iniecfing 300 microcuries of I131 infraperifoneally. He 'Found fhaf in his lof of l00 rafs fhaf 'lhe basal mefabolism rafe, body weighf, and hearl' rafe significanfly decreased af- fer fwo and one-half weeks, and fhaf fhis mefhod seemed superior fo surgery or fhe use of anfifhyroid drugs. '27 l PURIFICATION OF THYROID PROTEINS BY COLUMN CHROMOTOGRAPHY Joseph Armenia By sfepwise elufion column chromof09' raphy on diefhylaminoefhyl cellulose fhyr0' globulin was purified fo approximafely 992 ulfracenfrifugal homogeneify from 6 crude saline exfracf of fhyroid gland. L TISSUE IMMUNIZATION - Roberl' Genco. Tissue immunizafion sfudies were conducfecl in fhe lab- The long acfing coronary vasodilafor enfaeryfhrifal fefranifrafe produces a sfafisfically signifiicanf decrease in The nifroglycerine requiremenfs of pafienfs wifh an- gina pecforis. Addifion of franquilizers or phenobarbifal fails fo enhance fhe acfion of fhe drug alone. Six hundred pafienfs freafed in fhe psychiafric service of E. J. Meyer Memorial Hospifal wifh Promazine were found fo have neifher physical nor chemical evidence of he afofoxicify or bone marrow cle ression. These side eflzcfs have been reporfed for chloor romazine. Trans- ienf hypofension was fhe only side eigecl' presenf wifh Promazine as used on fhis service according fo fhe manu- facl'urer's suggesfed dosage schedule. II6 orafories of Dr. Ernesf Beufuer in fhe Deparfmenf of Bac- feriology and Immunology. Animal immunizafion wifh salivar glands was fhe basic area of sfudy. lf was found fhal' afler immunizafion wifh submaxillary glands, rab- bifs may produce anfibodies fhaf acf in vifro wifh some of fheir own salivary glands. This fype of anfibody is referred fo as an "au'l'oan'l'ibody." The formafion of aufoanfibodies is a remarkable phe- nomena and has been shown fo be associafed wifh sev- eral human diseases, some of which are of proven aufo- immune efiology. These experimenfs were direcfed af elucidafing Siorgren's Syndrome, a human disease char- acferized by lack of salivary and lacrimal secrefions. -ff ,F- I p"""' ' l 'L vi I . Quik I a A ' 1 l I A- I ' 'll' in . I .---- G , . u . Carl Gerard's research proiecl was car- rled oul in +he Biophysics deparimenl' under lhe lulelage of Dr. Sidney Shulman. His sludy was confined lo lhe purificalion of human plasminogen, a proenzyme o'F ihe fibrinolyfic or clol-lysing prolein plasmin. The densil -gradienl' ulfracenlrifugafion of moderaleaf pure malerial was +he ap- proach used. This procedure requires a densily gradienl' of carefully layered su- crose solulions of decreasing concenlra- lions upon which lhe prolein sample is layered. The preparafion is subsequenlly ceniriluged for several hours al high speed lapproximalely l50,000 'limes gravilyl lo Separale l'he sample proleins according +o Their molecular weighls and sedimenfa- hon ra'l'es. The preparalion is 'lhen frac- 'lionaied +o sample +he prolein al' various Cleplhs in fhe gradienl. The samples are analyzed 'For profein concenlraiion and as- Sayed 'For polenlial proleolylic acl'ivi'Iy. Those samples showing marked improve- menl' were examined in lhe ullracenlriluge 'lor 'lheir physical homogeneily. STUDIES IN THE IDENTITY OF THE AN- TIGEN IN THE THYROID CELLS REAC- TIVE WITH AUTOANTIBODIES IN HU- MAN SERA FROM THYROIDITIS PA- TIENTS - Joseph Gerbasi The sera of palienls wilh chronic 'l'hy- roidilis have been shown lo conlain anli- bodies which reacl' wilh componenis of normal human 'lhyroid glands. These an'li- bodies can be shown +o reacl wilh lhe col- loid and 'follicular epilhelium by immuno- fluorescenl' slaining. One of lhe anligens presenl in lhe colloid has been shown lo be fhyroglobulin. Wilh lhe use of lhe immuno- fluorescenl' 'lechnique and specific enzy- ma'I'ic digeslions, sludies were made l'o idenfily lhe anligenlsl presenl' in lhe fol- licular epilhelium. gs? THE BEHAVIORAL AND EEG CHANGES INDUCED IN RATS BY THE INTRA- VENTRICULAR ADMINISTRATION OF URACIL METABOLITES AND ANA- LOGUES - Marla Pefer Heilbrun. Following fhe adminislralion of 6-azaur- acil, an anli-neoplaslic ageni, lo cancer palienfs, neurological sympioms and EEG changes became apparenl. In order lo siudy +he mechanism of neuroloxicify, 6- azauracil and ofher uracil analogues were adminislered +o rafs by in'ec+ion inlo lhe lhird venfricle. Slrilring behavioral and EEG changes occurred characlerized by de- pressed behavior and large amplifude slow waves on ihe EEG. The relalion of 'lhese changes impaired RNA and roiein syn- lhesis in neuronal and glial iiinclion was considered as a possible mechanism of drug aclion. if i N The clerlrships offered by lhe American Cancer Sociely, lhrough Harold Solomon, D.D.S., af Roswell Parl: Memorial Hospilal, made if possible 'For lhree denlal sludenls 'lo observe cancer and allied diseases. One sludeni' is assigned lo Memorial Hospi+al in New Yorlc Cily and fwo are assigned 'lo Roswell Parlr in. Buffalo. These clerlcships allow lhe sludenl lo observe a wide variely of cancerous oral lesions and lo allow lhe sludenl 'lo see cancer in all of ils sfages so l'ha+ he will be properly equipped lo malce an early diagnosis in his praclice and help combal' lhis dread disease by one of 'I'he besf melhods lmown loday, early delecfion. Richard Overgaard. Ross Wyman, and Howard Roclcolif gall Denl. '62l were awarded lhese 'fellowships during 'lhe summer of '6I. Mr. Roclco cenlered his sludies on 'lhe Plummer-Vinson Syndrome, while Messrs. Overgaard and Wyman sludied ameloblaslomas of lhe head and neck regions. The Plummer-Vinson Syndrome is lhoughl' especially signiiicanl as a pre-dis osing cause of oral and pharyngeal malignancy. Mr. RoclcoFl's findings were published in H7 +he December 'bl Issue of The Denial Sfudenis' Magazine. fDr. william jiarveg Qrgauizatiou "His proved by +l1e s+ruc1'ure of +l1e l1ear+ +ha+ +he blood is perpe+ually fransferred +hrough fhe lungs in+o 'rhe aor+a, as by +wo clacks of a wafer bel- lows +o raise wa+er. His proved by fhe ligaiure 'rl1a+ +l'1ere'is a fransii' of blood from +l1e arferies +o flue veins: where- by i+ is demons+ra+ed +l1a+i'l1e perpe+- ual movemenl' of+l1e blood in a circle is brougl'1+ aboui by 'rhe bear of 'rhe l1ear+. ls +l1is 'for +he sake of nu'rri+ion, or +l1e beH'er preserva+ion of fhe blood and membiers by infusion of heal, +l'1e blood in +urn being cooled by hearing +l1e members and healed by +l1e l1ear+?" William Harvey Lumleian Lecfures lblb 311 R Hll F S re C Ne us J Dolan R Myers L Neilans E Larson Standing- H Nerwin, R. Wilson. L.toR.:.a,.ape,.g,. ,. ,. ,. . .. Seated: G. Andrews, R. Jaszczak, A. Drapanas, J. Stoker, J. Hawrylczak, 1. Cudmore, R. Jacobs, W. Carter, B. Seidberg. gnfleclen Han wudkcafions The MEDENTIAN PUBLICATIONS are +he resulis of ihe combined efforis of +he Schools of Medicine and Den+is+ry of ihe Universify of Buffalo. Our anlnual year- book is a hisiorical record of ihe various ac+ivi'iies of ihe siudeni' body and 'Facul+y of +he respecfive schools. The MEDENTIAN STAFF has aH'emp+ed +o grace ihis year's edi+ion wiih a seleciion of serious evenls as well as 'rhe l'igh+er side of s+uden'I' life, in order 1'ha+ we mighi' produce a yearbook which will meei' wiih +he approval of i+s readers. This year +he sfaff, fhough large, was proporiioned heavily +oward irhe den+al school. We sincerely hope +ha'i' nexr year will see a resurgence of pariicipafion on fhe pari' of +he medical si'uden+ body. Finally, ihe edi+ors wish 'io 'ihank i'his year's siaff for iheir generous con+ribu'l'ion of +ime, efforii' and ideas, and especially wish io 'ihank Mr. Leonard Kolber of Holling Press for his generosiiy in giving us his +ime, advice and assis+ance in fhe prepara+ion,of +he MEDENTIAN YEAR- BOOK of l962. Gary Wm. Andrews. D63 Ediior-in-Chief .J .XX N Cry fir' .- if r QQ .1-6-. lilly Wm. Andrews Editor in Chief: Charles F. Negus llental Editor. Rae ll. Jacobs Medical Editor lack W. Cudmore Medical Editor ECll+0r-in-Chief ..,,..., ......... G ary Wm. Andrews. D63 Hubert Nerwin, D62 Dental Editor ,,,l ...,,,.... C harles F. Negus, D62 Franlc L. Sapere, D62 Medical Editors ........ ..,...... J ack W. Cudmore, M62 Ricliard B. Myers, D63 Rae R. Jacobs, M62 Business Manager, Treasurer ........ Robert O. Wilson, D62 D63 Advertising Manager ,,,,..,.,,,,,.,, Lionel C. Neilans. D63 Secretary ,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A, Joanne C. Hawrylczalr. Dental Patrons Editor ..... ............... H ubert Nerwin, D62 Medical Patrons Editor ............ Roberta G. Jacobs. M62 Copy Editor ,,,.,,..,,,,,.,,,.,.,.,, A. Alexander Drapanas. D63 D63 Edward G. Guggemos, D63 Photography ,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,.,,,,.,, Bruce M. Jaslow, Art Staff ....... General Stati ...... John J. Dolan, D62 Gary Wm. Andrews, D63 Ronald Jaszczalc, D63 Richard C. Hall D65, Joan C. Stalter D64, Paul A. Lessler M63. Bruce H. Siedburg D63, William R. Pearson D64, Ronald G. Simm D65, Willard H. Carter D63, .................... Uh now fellows . . . Think S0. llillli Snow job I Sfudenf Counci In iis +hir+y-'rhree years of exisfence, 'rhe Sludenl' Coun- cil of l'he Universily of Buffalo Schools of Den+isl'ry and Medicine has been lhe voice of 'lhe sludenls. ln ils pur- pose, +o preserve and regulale beneficial cusloms, 'lo de- velop a wise and in+elligen1' self confrol and 'lo assume, whenever expedient lhe conlrol of sluclenf affairs, il' has been assisled by Hs able faculfy advisor, Dr. Harold Brody. Under lhe leadership of Gerald PaH'erson, Presidenlg John Kowalczylc, Vice-Presidenlg Roberl Genco, Secre- +ary: and Charles Tirone, Treasurer, +he Council has again I22 assumed sponsorship of 'rhe Sludenl Council Senior Loan Fund, lhe Sfudenl Handbook, 'lhe S'l'uden+ Direc+ory +o- gelher wifh lhe financing of lhe highly successful S+uden+ Library Loan Fund. The social highlighl' of +he Council year was fhe annual "Med-Denl' Ball" held in lhe Kleinhans Music Hall. This year's dance presenled a new innovalion wi+h in'I'ermis- sion en+er+ainmen'I' supplied by Haclref 81 Ravin, +he Ni- gerians, lhe Caribes and ofhers rounding ou+ an enioy- able evening 'For all who aH'ended. . X 'f l FW ,jg X I M Q ,I U 1. , - x W l L. to R. Bottom Row: D. Nichols, S. Hannah, J. Foley, W. Golickl, D. Hanson, C. Brown, P. Doyle, D. Jerone. Middle Row: l. Mullane, 1. Hastings, 1. Getchonis, F. Carberry, J. Kowalczyk, H. Nerwin, F. LaMuraglia, R. Genco, S. Rivoli, E. Pettit. Top Row: R. Jacobs, J. Olson, J. Hawelka, R. Pawlak, P. Herman, W. Gale, J. Arcadi, A. Dilaura, R. Marra, 1. Winkler. un, mum . Hw..B-u.Mf ' 'rf-4' :kg .,4L 2 'QQ .I"'r, i-Af' if.. .,l'9 . ,K i ,.,, .hp .f ' I fx., Q ' I 'ALJ 1' ..,'.v it .f are Supreme Chapter President 451 Na ,gig 5? National Convention, Memphis, Tennessee Uutstanding Zip of the Year, Gr. Cunat : Jfrikhlu e .V hx' "il JG'20S170 .- As anofher year draws fo a close, Mu Chapfer of Xi Psi Phi can look back fo a successful season of socializing. Such varied evenfs as +he "Bea+nik Parf ," fhe "Roar- Ing Twenfies Parfy" and 'l'he "Toga Par+y" were only surpassed by fhe Halloween Parfy. Of ihe many spooks afiending, Saian ancl Counf Dracula were by far The mosf horrendous. Then a+ +he Yulefide iusf before recess, everyone "'rwis+ed" in spiriis af old 22l. Liffle did anyone know fhaf fhis was fhe lasf parfy ever fo be held af 22I Linwood, for 'ihe House was sold on February I, l962. As of 'ihis wrifing negofiafions for 'rhe House on Niagara Falls Boulevard are sfill going on. The fiffh annual Siag Dinner a+ 'rhe Universify Club was very successful. This year fhe undergraduafes presenied ihe Annual Zip Oufsianding Alumnus Award +o fhe mosf worihy recipient Dr. John J. Cunaf. ln addiiion Dr. Cunai received a lifile surprise box for his efforis fo advance fhe profession of denfisiry. Brofher Herb Nerwin was chosen +o represeni' Mu Chapfer af +his bi-annual Na- 'iion Chapfer meefing, held af Memphis, Tenn. By pure chance fhe Coffon Queen of The Souih confesf was held a+ 'rhe same ho+el, buf ihis did noi' disfraci' brofher- Herb from faifhfully affending all fhe Naiional Chapfer meefings. Of fhe varied new regulafions, +he non-prejudice of membership clause and 'rhe new life insurance policies available 'ro Xi Psi Phi members were fhe mosi imporianl' amendmenis passed. . This year's officers of Xi Psi Phi have held flheir offices wifh honor and disfincfion in service fo +he fraferniiy. They were: Presidenf William Golicki, Vice Presiclenf James Foley, Treasurer Clark Brown, Secrefary David Hanson, Sergeanf a+ Arms Michael Miraglia, Edifor Thomas Kellner, Penfamones Pefer Doyle and Samuel Hannah, Social Chairmen Roberf Holgafe and David Jerome and House Manager Thomas Kellner. The officers were greafly aided by fhe guidance of our Depuiy Supreme Presidenf Dr. Carl Gugino. Graduafion means a loss of fhe lasf fine upsfanding members of fhe famous Zip House Crew of '6l. The are: Seniors Ralph Dayfon, James Foley, William Golicki, John Kowalczyk, Frank LaMuraglia, Roberf Laudico, Claude Lawler, Roger Millard, Michael Miraglia and Herb Nerwin. These seniors are probably fhe firsf and lasf of a dying breed, all bachelors upon graduafionl Alfhough losing 'ihe seniors we welcome quife happily fhe new pledges who we know will become oufsianding brofhers. They are: William Gray, Roberf Knoll, George Giacobbe, Julius Berger, Michael Anker, Edward Kerr, Paul Vifagliono, Joseph Flafo, Roberl' DeFranco, Mario Domenicanfonio, James Pellegrino, Michael Bedowsky, Roberf Nowak, William O'Connor, Gerald Peppy and Charles Clough. The Fraferniiy again exfends iis greafesf fhanks fo fhe Xi Psi Phi wives - fheir help in organizing and decorafing for parfies, preparing refreshmenfs and adding Splrli' fo all social evenfs is invaluable, 2's a party, 3's a crowd y , 1 - -an i,- sis . Hmm, this arch has possibilities C' C'-I W- 1 Vs,- ,9 at-Q,-Wat' 4 gil" 4? fmt? , J N it 'Q gym? iq. Seated: Jean Rivoli, Dottie Brown, Sandy Genco, Kaye Jacobs, Jeanette Brognano, Carol Gray, Standing: Noreene Jerome, Joanne Marra, Helen Kostyra, Sue Kowalczyk, Mary Pettit, Joan Doyle, Mary Fiato. ipeffes The Xi Psi Phi Fraternity boasts an active subsidiary known as the "Zipettes," a group composed ot the wives and tiancees ot its membership. Their activities, aside trom contributing their "teminine touches" to all attairs sponsored by the Fraternity, include such events as an annual tea to welcome the wives ot each Freshman Class, 'Fashion shows, entertaining monthly programs and a year- end dinner party at which the newly-elected otficers are installed. The organization also edits an annual publication known as the "Newsletter," which provides a briet his- tory ot the year's events to both the active membership and the alumnae as well. A real "tirst" came into being this year through the creation and establishment ot the "Zipe'He Pin," a well- earned symbol tor an ever-earning group! Zipette Otticers: Dottie Brown, President: Sandy Gen- co, Vice President and Social Chairman: Kaye Jacobs. Secretary: Jeannette Brognano, Treasurer. So, l'lI twist alone Is that your wife? Big Bad Bill F I 1 Seated: R. Johnson, L. Carter, N. Lawson, T. Messinger L Rockoff N Jerome S Genco C Gray J Wyman 2nd row: l. Rivoli, J. Andrews, S. Jacobs, M. Markus M Clark C Damon S Kowalczyk B Borgman S me L. 0'Connor, M. Fiato, J. Doyle, M. Chmiel, P. Falconro 4th row M Pettrt H Kostyra S Gorenflo J Marra Schilowitz, D. Hankin, J. Gehrke, D. Brown, B. Leone, K. Jacobs J Brognano en fa, I-zflbves ssociafion This year +he Denfal Wives Associalion presenled ifs annual 'lheafrical endeavor "The Un'l'eachables." Denlal wives is nor only a social organizafion bul' also has many ofher aspecls, one of which is il's charilable work. This year we selecled Roswell Park Memorial lnsli- lufe and 'l'he Veferans Adminislralion Hospilal. Our closing affair was held al The Coachman's Inn. We wish all lhe I962 graduafes good luck. Denlal Wives Officers: Lois Rockoff, president Toby Messenger, vice presidenlg Sandy Genco, recording sec- refaryg Mary Bissell,' corresponding secrelaryg Norene Jerome, lreasurer. , px ,., ly ,, , f la 1 . J J r x L. to R. Front Row: H. Jacobs, I. Robbins, B. Seidberg, H. Rockoff, H. Schilowitz, M. Rosenthal. Middle Row: 1. Leichtner, W. Swirsky, S. Schulman, S. Hankin, R. Greenman, L. Markus, R. Friedman, N. Waldow. Top Row: R. Bloom, M. Kessman, S. Schwartz, l. Schackner, G. Solomon, S. Youdelman, R. Messinger. c?44vAa Cylflflecqd This year has proven fo be a record year for Alpha Chapfer of.Alpha Omega. Our relafively small buf fighf- ly knif group has insfalled a greafer number of pledges fhan ever before. Our group, being an academic rafher fhan social group, has enjoyed in fhe pasf many inspiring and in- formafive lecfures. We have insfifufed a policy whereby our meefings are enhanced by fhe presence of a guesf speaker. These speakers are drawn from our faculfy and many pracficing denfisfs. We have insfifufed and hope fo improve upon a "Big Brofher Movement" Unlike fhe I984 Big Brofher, ours is a pracficing denfisf in fown assigned fo an under- graduafe. Since Denfisfry is a profession in which sfudy and fhe will fo gain knowledge is imperafive, we feel fhaf by having a "Big Brofher" we can supplemenf our formal educafion. We have had some social affairs. Af fhe beginning of fhe year we had a parfy af fhe Old Posf Road Inn. Lafer in fhe year, a parfy was given af fhe home of our Disfricf Regenf Dr. Eugene Lerner. Our annual Med- Denf Ball Cockfail Parfy and our closing affair were nex'l' on fhe agenda and proved fo be enioyable evenings. On fhe whole, we feel fhaf we have had a successful year and hope fo confinue fo live up fo our chapfer's name - Alpha! K 'Q h 1 5'D.'Q57 iffy tar" 9 Y.- . -'W X r, he . , . . I 1 - il-I 1 I 4 J-ei -f-Pl ,, 1 I 'v X f., , f w x A f"l X ,g'.a-y g 'J Y . f J N J' 'Y sa? 9 3' QA? f xp, 1 , . -' f A, Mhixvv Q W. I , g,5',fm',gpf W' M M1 355-:.' H 1 3 A wyqfzgif - A-, A1 ' V 5' ' pp' ' fh qw A A Y- - , Qffp.':A qu 1 4? , V W W 1 U'2'fYl-H' "" 9 I ,xi V ' 1 . ' . Alpha Alpha Alpha 'EEA 'Y W. 4 v' 1 il' I I ' A we 3 fi elflz Sgma gbelfa To say fhaf fhis year has been a successful one af 94 Russell Sfreef would be a bif of an undersfafemenf. There are a good deal of fond memories fied wifh fhe achievemenfs of fhe Brofherhood fhis year. V We sfarfed off fhe fall wifh an all ouf affack on repainfing fhe house. Thirfeen men, armed wifh painf, ladders, furpenfine, scrapers and four cases of beer, relenf- lessly benf fo fhe fask: and when fhe dusf had cleared, fwo days lafer fhree quarfers of fhe house had a brighf green and whife coaf, along wifh fwo of fhe windows and fhe fronf walk. Now we were se'l' for fhe parfies. Under fhe direcfion of brofhers Carfer, Dimon, and Jasczak, we experienced one of fhe mosf successful semesfers of parfy giving. The parfies were beffer affended and beffer appreciafed by fhe rushees, fhe brofhers, and a good fime was had by all. The laborafory in fhe basemenf was finally finished fhrough fhe carpenfry efforfs of Jasczak and has been subsequenfly puf fo good use. Lasf year fhe Delfs of Buffalo Chapfer were second of all fhe Dell' Chapfers in fhe counfry. Affer having fasfed fhis morsel of glory, we became addicfed and fhe Brofherhood is pleased fo inform fhe world fhaf we have finally become fhe "fop banana": fhe 'lop Delfa Chapfer in fhe nafion. This was done fhrough fhe devofed and unflinching leadership of our Depufy, Dr. W. Hinson Jones and fhrough fhe con- sisfanf backing and assisfance of our illusfrious alumni. We are parficularly pleased wifh our own Ernesf LaLonde, who fhis year was awarded a scroll from fhe Supreme Chapfer for being fhe fop man, scholasfically of all fhe Delfs in Buffalo. Sevenfeen men from fhe freshman class have fo dafe pledged fo our Brofher- hood. We musf admif we were pleased af fhe quanfify, buf fhe qualify unmisfakably assured us of a fop ranking Brofherhood in fhe fufure years. As fhe year ebbs, and fhe seniors become a liffle more ouf of reach, we cannof help buf feel fhe loss of cameraderie fhaf we have so enioyably builf up fhrough fhe years. To fhese men: Dolan, Sand, Margarone, Sgroi, Jones, Nohe, Nash, Schmidf, Negus, Lalonde, Balcerak, we exfend a warm farewell, an expression of grafifude for fheir assisfance and a mosf sincere wish for fheir success. The officers: Ernesf Lalonde, grand masfer: Richard Jones, worfhy masfer: Alex- ander Drapanas, Scribe: Lionel Nielans, freasurer: John Dolan, hisforian: Roberf Balcerak, senior page: Chris Nichols, iunior page: Richard Myers, fyler: and Richard Myers, Pledge Capfain. L. to R. Bottom Row: J. Nohe, L. Neilans, J. Dolan, R. Jones, E. Lalonde, A. Drapanas, C. Sgroi, M, Andrugchak, ' ' ' . S d A. Schmidt, R. Myers, B. Stewart, J. Bissell., Hirvonen, D. Blaho, R, Simm Mrddle Row. R. Korn, C. Parish, T an , U Top Row: D. Hagen, W. Carter, W. Pearson, C. Nichols, W. Ashton, L. Lee, R. Zlelrnskr, P. Jureller, R. Jaszczak, K. Dimon. f I V . Q C ,QMWZYZW L" 'T ' " " , C L ,J O0 DU Q L o . C-1 O K r L LL 4 I 0 L if Ltfgtq in L QL 1 KL Ls C ck Z K Wxwhmf K k' '0 - f 'PO 1 l..oox4, .f ' gy 1 f Q CAQPUS MARS ARONU 5 NLAGNUS N ,V J.. . 'Er Cir ' .l Party kitchen conference on dates It happened like this Uh, every fifteen minutes y 'T gf Rah, for the weight lifter Delt wives and Mrs. Jones Flake off fellas, she's mine . A. Dr. Drapanas-wake np, your patient is here! I don't want to look Another for the road 132 L y 704. CA: y lst row: G. Rutecki, J. Litvenoff, R. Dubois, M. Steinhart, H. Glucksberg, D. McLaurin, B. Potter, E. Means. 2nd row C. Tirone, G. Gurtner, G. Hauser, l. Herbstritt, J. Gerbasi, l. Stout, l. Tutton, R. D'Armore, A. Yayanos, 3rd row K. Gorman, P. Houston, D. Lincoln, F. Palnton, J. Carr, B. Ballo, M. Marchall, R. Wolin, D. Schubert, C. Rubin R: Finkel, R. -lEggelston,.W. Kozek, W. Fisgus, 4th row: D. Ziegler, R. Schnitzler, J. Reilly, D. Secrist, J. Spoor W. Ceranski, Z1 Wolk, l. Hilsen, D. Tinsky, l. Blake, S. Scheer. Not present for photo: l. Armenia, 0. Bossman A. Brink, l. Bumbalo, D. Carlson, J. Cudmore, H. Domrez, S. Fasanello, l. Fisher,'T. Fitzpatrick, A. Floccare, R Geraci, J. Graber, M. Madden, C. Olick, W. Scherer, A. Trippi, D. Fischer, J. Forbes, W. Heyden, T. Reagan, l. Rudi sill, l.,Schrlver, L. Sobocinski, E. Sullivan, l. Wyczalek, l. Dempsey, L. Erenstost, G. Glowacki, W. Hoffman, P. Kelly l. Konsek, T. Smith, P. Sweeney, D. Merrick, L. Michalek. Some of the long-instituted purposes of this fraternal organization have been to assist in maintaining academic excellence and to broaden the scope of interests in extracurricular activities among the brothers. In addition to fulfilling these maior purposes, Omega Upsilon Phi of Phi Chi has succeeded in providing a pleasurable and rewarding social program. Many of these social events have been conducted at the Chapter House, which quarters members as well as affording a setting for social and intra-fraternal activi- ties. Far from being insular, Phi Chi's activities are wide- spread. The annual Pledge Banquet was held last Decem- ber at the Peter Stuyvesant Hotel, while the Old Post Inn hosted the Initiation Dinner in February. A body of active alumni contribute to chapter events. Omega Upsilon Phi enjoys a great deal of support and guidance, services donated willingly by these men For example, Drs. Longstreth and Giecewicz were both inter- esting and timely in their talks at the Pledge and Initia- tion Banquets respectively. ln addition, house improve- ments have been accomplished through the efforts of ac- tive members as well as by contributions from the alumni. There is a blending of Academic life with 'Fraternal conduct at Phi Chi, instrumentecl by a membership fully aware of its proud tradition. Tradition being what it is, Omega Upsilon Phi has again rewarded its brotherhood with Freshmen members of high merit. The officers for the year l96I-62 were: Joseph R. Gerbasi, Presiding Senior: Joseph R. Herbstritt, Presiding Junior: John J. Stout, Recording Secretary: Joseph F. Painton, Corres- ponding Secretaryg Jason E. Rudisill, Treasurer. l33 i' all F .. F AQ Seated L. to R.: G. Hogben, l. Stumpf, R. Ney, G. Adams, D. Malinov, Dr. S. Vaughan, J. Kuhn, Dr. W. Walls, Dr. W. Edgocomb, M. Bermann, S. Soheiber, S. Kaiser, P. Sussman, Standing 2nd Row: C. D'Amanda, S. Joyce, G. Lang, L. Trachtman, L. Hurwitz, A. lsraelit, D. Payne, S. Walls Ill, A. Yahn, D. LeWin, W. Adler, D. Paa, S .Katz, C. Kavle, M. Barshay, G. Lockie, D. Berger, D. Pittman, M. Abbert, M. Mclsaac, M. ludd, L. Jacobson, M. Goldnames, L. Leeds, D. Krellenstein, 3rd Row: M. Kurlancheek, M. Ray, R. Schuder, J. Cardamone, A. Ferrari, M. Feinstein, A. Borgese, l. Scomillio, M. Taylor, D. Holt, V. Frantz, A. Morris, 1. Elia, F. Warupa, H. Geist, C. Ladoulis, W. Bucher, L. Fogan. Starting our second year at 32 Bernhardt Drive as Mr. N. S. Nu, we tound that things were not as uncompli- cated as they might have been, but yet the year slipped by with surprising quickness. Looking back we can num- ber among our accomplishments the partial redecora- tion ot the great, green hulk which sheltered some tive ot us, the purchase ot a new retrigerator, the establishment ot a library, the tirst halting steps toward repaying our alumni tor our house, and the eradication ot the major portion ot our rather gruesome debt to the national or- ganization. We continued the successtul precedents set last year with our preceptor program and the sophomore clinics. The social calendar included a number ot notably suc- cessful rushing parties in the tall - marked frequently by the presence ot various and sundry stag student nurses - and culminated by our Wive's Club banquet, held again at the home ot our very gracious host, Dr. Clyde Randall. We also had our complement ot holiday parties, our initiation Dinner with the alumni, and our traditional Spring Dinner Dance which was held this year at the Saturn Club. The social season was climaxed by our second annual alumni open house party on Mother's Day. The year was marked by a tew less pleasant events - our cellar sprang leaks at most uncanny times, the plaster tell in distressingly large chunks trom the walls ot our living room and as usual, apathy was malignant among altogether too many ot the members - particularly the elder, more callous ones. A goodly number however, earned their chocolate and donuts by tolding, stutting, stamping and addressing tor Dr. Vaughan at the.semi- annual trolic in the BGH dining hall. Our rushing season met with considerable success as we garnered eight new sophomores and seventeen tresh- men to swell our ranks to eighty-one. Our new initiates this. year were: Joseph Callanan, Anthony Ferrari, Vin- cent Franz, Harold Geist, Arnold lsraelit, Leroy Leeds. Michael Taylor, David Paa and David Pittman: Sopho- mores. William Bucher, Joseph Cardamone, Joseph Elia, Lance Fogan, James Hagadorn, Ira Hinden, Lawrence Hurwitz, Kenneth Kim, Donald Lewin, Arthur Morris, Deming Payne, Michael Ray, Robert Schuder, Louis Trachtman, Scott Walls and Arthur Yahn: treshmen. The untortunates who were chosen to lead us this year were: President, Jerry Kuhn: Ist Vice President, Charles Adams: 2nd, Stephen Scheiber: Secretary, David Mali- nov: Treasurer, Tony Foti: Custodian, Max Berman: His- torian, Charles Adams: Rushing Chairman, Jim Kavle: and Social Chairman, John Stumpt. The gold keys presented annually to the alumnus and the senior who were adjudged to have contributed the most to the traternity went this year to Dr. Delmer Batcheller and Jerry Kuhns. We teel that our year was a good one and we wish to express our thanks to the local alumni association tor all their aid, both financial and tutorial, and also to our energetic Wives Club tor all the help they have been to us all year. ? .X .. 'o Ki 'xg n ' 'I' w V 5. 9, 3 ,-3 J.. ., E- V Y' , 1 251' kig g iqyzlf s Q , V , ne , nl 0. . . n in V , '2 'N Q I w - '- Q . Yu 'Q f. A Q - K C V U 'I 'l ' Q' I M' ' . f ' ' my - .- ,. v 1 r v U ','., f v 4' 1 , 3, " ff 4 ' 4 , , ,vw , ' I I Q iv' ' 14 '13 1: , 9 4, .ig-3 fl", 3.51001 Q " '7 .fw fy 1 m A I g kb, Q A s P ,bbw , I r w 3355 1 3 1 Q1 5 ,, 1. ,, f 4 1 ll I' f rf ..'I 'ff'4f., .. , r ,M 1 4 Y L . wi I , ..: ' ,- Q Y W K W, 'v 5:12-Ms":,. 1 'e ,E ' if ls',i Wx in N' I km A 'A , Aff. - ' b-W5 Q .1 'vpn' .7741 2Q,. V:iz V .5 'Sz-04 ,4 H W 51,352 1 Qu: ,QF nf" px .- , , , :M N q 5 I, v , X Qiifibfx 'f 1,9 ,f 11? 4 5 Q U ' a rf-' xl! mfg , d L. I A .. 1 v, . ' I ,. . ,... ,:, -4. ----A..- at , VL! 44 1 'K :mi aliamdvla alapa Phi Lambda Kappa is a na'I'ional non-secfarian medical frafernify wifh a hisfory dafing from I909 nafionally and I920 af fhe Universify of Buffalo. Kappa is one of 'Ihe fhirfy chapfers of 'lhe Nafional Phi Lambda Kappa which is associafed wifh 'lhe Medical Sfudenfs Aid Sociefyg whose funcfion if is fo supply 'Financial aid fo any medical sfudenf in need and fo raise money fo 'lhal' end. The officers elecfed for fhe I96I-I962 year were: Presidenf, Ronald Dozorefzg Vice Presidenf, Lawrence Grass: Treasurer, Frank Ehrlich: Isf Secrefary, Irving Sier- man: 2nd Secrefary, Gerald Goldsfein. Scholasfically we ae proud of our record fo whifz five frafers in fhe Gibson Anafomical Sociefy and fwo of our seniors were elecfed 'Io Alpha Omega Alpha. Some of our social highlighfs of fhe pasf year were begun early wifh our annual closing affair which was held af fhe home of an alumni wifh swimming and informal splash during fhe day and a dinner and dancing in fhe evening. In fhe fall we held a 'Few I'wis'I' parfies which were greaf fun. Our s'I'ag for freshmen and fraI'erni'I'y mem- bers was a dinner af fhe Monfifiore Club wifh Dr. Huberf Lansky and his slide pro- iecfor providing inferesf. I+ has been our annual cusfom 'Io have a fabulous cockfail parfy preceding 'Ihe Med-Denf dance and fhis year wasn'I' any excepfion. A+ 'lhe fime of fhis wrifing fhe year is noi' over socially. We sfill have a few parfies and our closing affair is in I'he sfages of planning and anficipafion of a "grea'I"' is running high in our ranks. This year in Washingfon, D. C., over 'lhe New Year's Weekend, our annual con- venfion was held. Besides having an excellenf social whirl our delegafes helped push some legislafion, easing fhe applicafion for sfudenf loans and also presenfed our Chapfers requesf for financial aid for a frafernify aparfmenf and meefing facilify. I am happy fo reporl' fhal' fhis was successfully received and fhe money and fhe apar'I'- menl' are now realized enI'i'I'ies. This year Kappa Chapfer was honored nafionally by having one of ifs members, Irv. Sferman elecfed fo fhe Nafional Board of Trusfees. Nexf years convenfion will be held over fhe New Years holiday in DeI'roi'I', Michigan. Our monfhly meefings have been sparked by our confinuing policy of having speakers. Some of fhis years guesfs included: Dr. Irwin Ginsberg, middle ear surgery: Dr. Herberf Berman, concepfs of plasfic surgery: Mr. Fahey, insurance consulfanfg Dr. Mike Black, posf operafive complicafions. As we wrife finis for anofher year if is perhaps appropriafe fo resI'a'I'e our goals as defined in fhe consfifufion of our frafernifyg " . . . fhe purpose of fhis organizafion shall be fo fosfer and mainfain among medical sfudenfs and physicians who are socially and professionally compafible and regardless of race, creed, or color, a spirif of frafernalismf of mufual aid and moral supporff lo promofe and advance fhe concepfs of fhe medical sciences: fo insfill and mainfain in our frafers a love for and a loyalfy fo fheir Alma Maier and ifs ideals, and fo encourage acfivifies worfhy of fhe highesf precepfs of human endeavor. To fhese ends fhe Phi Lambda Kappa Frafernify is hereby insfifufedf' - and so should we all. l ll 'A 'J "" Rf 41' Standing L. to R.: J. Giller, J. Stechelman, G. Wilner, H. Bigeleisen, L. Baumel, K. Gershengorn, S. Rothfleisch S. Hoffman. Seated L. to R.: B. Polatsch, I. Sterman, R. Dozoretz, L. Grass, A. Pohl. ur- HWQ-,7 1:5 .7 i!.7,"'.':1'0 L : :ff R umv 7 0 1? wg, 'Ji' it n 5' "nz f G'- wel Z ws f-7. ei r Seated: P. Roussi, G. Loree, S. Oberkircher, C. Morey, P. Geraci. 2nd row: M. Armenia, S. Klein, R. lacobs, N. Floccare, N. Markello, F. Lee, 1. Kiley, L. Bumbalo, J. Graber, N. Gurtner. 3rd row: B. Lubin, H. Resnicoff, B. Abbert, M. Carlson, M. Dozoretz, P. Ahlgren. Not present for photo: P. Adams, P. Cimino, F. Fasanello, B. Gleichauf, pK. Patterson, D. Tzetzo. enior gndeohcal wves Congratulations Seniors! We made it! This year has certainly been an active and social one tor our group. The annual Christmas Cocktail-Twist Party at the Nu Sigma Nu House highlighted our 'Fall season. In February, we entertained the girls at the Good Shepherd Home with a Valentines Party and hand made hosiery bag gifts. This spring, we heartily enioyed a box lunch auction and a recipe swap. To end our tour years properly, we wined and dined and danced with our husbands at the Parkway Inn. lt certainly has been tun. Best ot luck to all in the tuture. twain . RICHARD H. ADLER. M.D. JOHN M. BENNY, M.D. ALBERT G. BICKELMANN, M.D. VIRGIL H. F. BOECK, M.D. JOHN W. BOYLAN, M.D. HAROLD BRODY, Ph.D., M.D. HERBERT BURWIG, M.D. VINCENT J. CAPRARO, M.D. RICHARD A. CARLSON, M.D. NORMAN CHASSIN, M.D. H. GORDON CHENEY, D.D.S. JAMES P. COLE, M.D. JOHN T. cmssev, M.D. MARY OPHELIA CRUISE, M.D. GORDON J. CULVER, M.D. JOHN J. CUNAT. D.D.S. EDWARD F. DRISCOLL, M.D. JAMES C. DUNN. M.D. JAMES A. ENGLISH, D.D.S., PI1.D. L. IRVING EPSTEIN. D.D.S. EDWARD G. ESCHNER, M.D. STUART FISHMAN, D.D.S. HARRY E. FLYNN, D.D.S. IRWIN A. GINSBERG, M.D. HAROLD P. GRASER, M.D. PASOUALE A. GRECO, M.D. DAVID GREENE, M.D. DONALD W. HALL, M.D. JAMES W. JORDAN. M.D. EVELYN L. JUNG, D.D.S. afrons BENTON D. KING, M.D. HARRY G. LaFORGE, M.D. ABEL LEVITT, M.D. DEXTER S. LEVY, M.D. L. MAXWELL LOCKIE, M.D. H. PAUL LONGSTRETH, M.D. JOSEPH E. MACMANUS, M.D. NICHOLAS R. MARFINO. D.D.S. CLARENCE F. MEYER, D.D.S. DAVID K. MILLER, M.D. EARL W. NOBLE, M.D. THEODORE H. NOEHREN, M.D. OSCAR J. OBERKIRCHER, M.D. BENJAMIN E. OBLET'Z, M.D. KURT ODENHIEMER, D.D.S. HAROLD R. ORTMAN, D.D.S. CHARLES W. PANKOW, D.D.S. S. HOWARD PAYNE, D.D.S. HERMANN RAHN, Ph.D. CLYDE L. RANDALL, M.D. JOHN G. ROBINSON. M.D. WILLIAM R. ROOT, D.D.S. MITCHELL RUBIN, M.D. JOSEPH C. SCANIO, M.D. G. NEWTON SCATCHARD, M.D DOROTHY N. SHAVER, M.D. ALLAN W. SIEGNER, M.D. S. MOUCHLY SMALL, M.D. GEORGE E. SMUTKO, D.D.S. HARVEY D. SPROWL, D.D.S. WALTER F. STAFFORD, M.D. RICHARD N. TERRY, M.D. STUART L. VAUGHAN, M.D. EVERETT H. WESP, M.D. JOHN G. ZOLL, M.D. f K -f '-ii , L Good morning, Mr. Freep and what seems to be your trouble this beautiful day. .L Ol .1 1 :obtain-uF1": V : g0"'k,'a-dv 9 C ' F SEN E 4 1 ' 3-,SI E i mutt' - - "lf" c 179 , giougu a 9 i i ,, ff Q 5 2' ,Q T f 'Z K i . ,r . Af ' F., i X I' ix -I-fl J i 4- ff 9 X . Ni , r is ff f f 'ggi A ' Q Z!! Jgf, , J ' .. Q-A JSP .rsfv J K ' Y j ff A or t - u "P , 7 f? - V pp . N9 Y Jr 1 St4oiLnJ6 ,..-....-- ....,g4,..,,,,.,-. b at - www? 'ui -of ' , If-X . ' - i 00 h X 1 'A ff I E ' , X .ggi ' - " 2 -an ' .F fx, ,QM X A: i i bb Uhh! I dom know err . .. , too much about this . . . err Ah . . . Ritter l Q! . Puts it out uhhh . . Q ! it i it b 51077 i I40 1. bn- gn-x.- Q-Q...-..1,A-5 Jn fx I es , Jimmy. lrom here it looks like a large amount of pulp is exposed. Jane get the chair and instruments lim so glad that my Genemls-such a good dentist. I never have to iworry whenever our children fracture 5 their anterior teeth , because Gene g has such a good technique for gsaving these teeth. He and his good ifriend Ellis worked out the Clas- isification and Treatment for QFractured Anterior Teeth. And tha kModified 2 crown with the Open XFace is Wonderful - I know: I' Xgot 12 in my mouth.4,,,,,f'f Dad Sister Susie just fell ready. Now everybody stay calm : These things happen everyday. I think that for a final restoration , I wil have to use MY modified 2 crown with open face. My good friend Zander uses it too. Ergo it must be good. Start mixing the ZOP , Jimmy, and get that hard candy out of your mouth 'S...f fractured her upper anteriors. Are you going to do a pulp amputation on her HuH,Dad? Ji Aiff'T,I'm' fglad than the .. vfHave me for a X pet. I'm the only og in the neighboq hood with Modified, 3 Crowns for Upper Q anteriors. I wish Susid would get a new dress.' She's been wearing that one for a year I and it smells like ..-f"-j QZLEVLA 014. - For choosing us as your class phofographer in fhe years fo come we hope you will call on us again fo phofograph flre memorable occasions in your life. llaherry sruclro photographers I37l Kensingfon Ave. TF 2-7OI5 Buffalo l5, N. Y. "Sfudio of Award Winning Porfraifs" Harold Flaherfy-Masfer's Degree in Phofography You can depend on Kleinhans Quality "Men in Whi+e" appreciafe lhe appearance, comforfable fit and long wear fhey enioy from Kleinhans washable serv- ice garmenls by Roehm-Roehm, specialisfs in hospifal ap- parel. INTERNE SHIRTS ,, 54.25 Band collar, elbow sleeves, and bulfons sewed on shoulder and side. Neclr sizes I4 'lo I8. DOCTOR'S COAT ...l.......-i., 55.00 Three-bu'Hon, saclc slyle coal' wilh nofch Iapels. Regular, The requiremen+s of fhe Medical Profession and sludenfs have been served by our facilifies for over half a cenlury. INSTRUMENTS-Those used daily and +he excep+ional kind. DRUG SUNDRIES-and Laborafory glassware fhal are sfandard and approved. CHEMICAL-analylical reagenfs, lesfed for purify and accuracy. Diagnosfic and Scien+ific lnslrumenls, such as Bauma- nomelers, 'lhermomeler sels, sfelhoscooes, e'rc. shorf, long, and sloul' sizes. WHITE TROUSERS ...l....-T- 55.50 1? Comforlable, well +ailored Trousers wi'rh serged seams, ou+- lel seal, and cuffed bolloms. Up +o 50 waisl. JEFFREY-FELL CO. I700 Main Slreef TT 3-I700 Main and.Clinl'on In Downlown Buffalo I42 Th e Beaufy of Porcelain - The Sfrengfh of Gold Are Combined in flre PORCELAIN THIMBLE BRIDGE -by- ROTHWELL CERAMIC LABORATORY Tel. TL 2-257I 200 MAIN STREET - BUFFALO, N.Y. 3I Years of Dependable Service All sickroom needs - professional equipmenf - for home use is av 'I bI ' an a e fo your pafuenfs for Iow monfI1Iy ren'raIs. HOSPITAL BEDS WHEEL CHAIRS INVALID WALKERS P ATIENT LIFTERS STRYKER FRAMES FRACTURE BEDS 1 sir X ' WW r AX . N! I X 4 I Ur N 1 X CHAIR RENTAL 8: SALES, INC. 392 Franklin Sfreef TL 2-3335 MCMULLEN-BARICKMAN, INC. Denial Supplies and Equipmenf "BILL" McMULLEN College Represenfafive ik, Main Office College Branch 700 Main Sfreef Universify of Buffalo Buffalo 2, New York I TL 4-6638 I43 s PHARMACEUTICAL, BIOLOGICAL A ' . AND DIAGNOSTIC PRODUCTS FOR . EP TI-IE MEDICAL PROFESSION V ORTHO PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION 4 Raritan, New Jersey EVMUZD Producfs for fhe Professionals 0 DENTAL ASPIRATORS I THORACIC PUMPS 0 SUCTION AND SUCTION-ETHER UNITS 0 CENTRIFUGES 0 THERMOTIC DRAINAGE PUMPS 0 CIRCUMCISION CLAMPS SUHGIBHL HIHHUFHUTUHIHB UUHP. O 828 EAST FERRY STREET . . . BUFFALO 11, NEW YORK Q JOHN F. REHAK General Insurance tor MEDICAL 81 DENTAL STUDENTS al. Including Instruments 2000 Liberty Bank Building Buffalo 2. N- Y- Bus. Res. TL 3-3l23 TA 3-5I79 C. ICOIVTIJVZ-'!Vf!llf756iU!?171VCE COMPHIVI' CHICAGO, ILLINOIS The Graduate Professional Program has been designed spe- cihcally to meet the needs of the young professional student, intern, and resident doctor. First because it recognizes that his income producing years still lie in the future . . . yet that he is faced today with a real and increasing need for adequate protection. , 0 PREMIUM MAY BE DEFERRED UNTIL EMPLOYED IN YOUR PROFESSION 0 Iays the foundation of your cash estate C , provides immediate permanent protection for your loved ones A 0 guarantees protection at your current low premium age 0 malces it possible 'For you to plan toward retirement . 0 opens the door to valuable future options I and should total disability strike, all of these features are guaranteed to you without further premium payment during the disability. FIXSEN 8. GOLDSTEIN PRoFEssloNAL CONSULTANTS coNnNeNrAt AssuRANcz COMPANY - I745 Memucx Ave., MERRICK, N. Y. A free press . Bas1c to all your preclous Amer1can freedoms IS the freedom of the press guaranteed to you by the Constltutlon Your evemng newspaper keeps forever open your channels of accurate unblased 1nformat1on on all that 1n order that you may wxsely and fully meet all the respons1b1l1t1es and exerclse all the nghts and pr1v1 leges of a free nat1on FFALQ EVENING NEWS One of the Natzon 5 Great Newspapers O O 7 1 . . . concerns your country, state, county and community, ' I 'SHERIDAN' . . . your guarantee ot complete satisfaction! Microscopes Ophthalmascopes Otoscopes and Diagnostic Sets Aneroid Sphygomanometers H-B- Meters - Hemaglobinometers Hemocytometers Stethoscopes Surgical Instruments SHERIDAN SURGICAL, INC. 3400 MAIN ST. TF 6-8780 Buffalo 14, N. Y. Beef fzMsAes from . . . "The House of A Thousand Models" ana' Home of Brown Precision AH'achmen+s COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION I3I Easi' 23rd Sfreei' New York IO, N. Y. For Professional advice regarding Desirable Locafions, Office Planning and Pracfice Managemenf, See Mr. Edward Sullivan. He will welcome fhe privilege of discussing your plans and problems of esfablishing yourself in flue Denfal Profession. DAVIS-SCHULTZ DENTAL INC 700 MAIN STREET ' BUFFALO 2, N.Y Phone TL 4-3800 O ll! O O fa ,....,.,,,,, , W ......... POLYCHROME COLORS make available new and distinctive concepts of physiologic characterizations in both porcelain and plastic anteriors. You now have your choice of Polychrome Porcelain or Polychrome Plastic for the creation of personalized full and partial dentures. In the extraordinary Polychrome colors, you will also perceive the "alive', markings that are characteristic of a normal dentition, beautifully reproduced deep within the teeth as enamel fractures, lillings, decalcifications, food and tobacco stains, etc. They appear with incredible fidelity but also with such a delicacy that nature's normal imperfections au are made to contribute to cosmetic effects. ASK Youk UNIVERSAL DEALER to dem- I 5-A onstrate the Polychrome Color Selector x -it is a practical, highly useful arrange- x , 51 f ',... ment designed for experimental ante- in rior set-ups at the chair. ,P bzqk i QfffQf"fa'i THE ANTERIOR TEETH WITH THE NEW COLOR DIMENSION UNIVERSAL DENTAL COMPANY ' 48th ui Brown Street ' Philadelphia 39, Pa I49 THESE MEN ARE AT YOUR ssnvlcs 0 .r - r , - . 1- ,wg AL FEST JOE YAEGER Al Fesf and Joe Yaeger are ready fo help you,wi+l1 assisfance in Office Locafion Office Planning and Equipping Advice on Pracfice Managemenl' Courses Look +o Buffalo Denfal for all of your denial pracfice needs. Our new sfore is accessible from all parfs of Wesfern New York. BUFFALO DENTAL INC. Esfablfshed in 1867 24-Hour Telephone BUFFALO 26, N. Y. TF 6-53ll I50 l"'R Dedicated to the discovery and development h of better medicrhes S for better health- ' smce 7847. E Smith Kline J French Laboratories QA 4 s 1 ii Feosol . lil Q A m 'xlBWlIdbsX',3 . was 21 ,nuwwum .- d +wx'.:, 5 ISI RITTER EQUIPMENT will make your treatment days less tiring and cater to your patients' comfort . . . encouraging relaxa- tion. . .making them easier to Work with. Equip your new opera- tory from the complete Ritter line. Ask your Ritter dealer about the Ritter Credit Corporation Professional Equipment Plan that makes it easy to have the finest dental equipment right now. Or drop us a line. Ritter Company ' A Inc., Rochester 3, New York. ' I52 WILLIAMS PRESENTS A MAIOR ADVANCE IN TOOTH PREPARATION A the JERMY PAR LLAIII a unique tool engineered to ensure parallel preparations Now you can achieve precision parallelism .. .for preparations that meet your highest standards. You get better results with the PARALLAID because it. .. ae gives you superior control for perfect paralleling. eliminates guesswork, mechanical pulp QQ exposures, cut and bleeding gums around crown and bridge preparations. 96 helps you rule out lab returns with im- pressions that draw off cleanly. Sensitive to your lightest touch, the bal- anced, weightless PARALLAID can be guided with two fingers, operates simply, easily. Insert any hand piece in the PARALLAID, set it for the desired angle, and proceed with confidence. D18 For precision parallelism- pare with PARALLAID WILLIAMS GOLD REFINING CO., INC. 2978 Main Street - Buffalo 14, New York l53 'k Dental Dealers of Rochester JOHNSON 81 LUND CO., INC. KISTLER DENTAL CO. PRIMROSE JOHNSON DENTAL CO., INC. 'A' .ls 1 .uri A . M ern J ' 'Wil' K t ,Ei 4:5 r i 1' as --.. . H.,-f, J Ni.-fmt?-fg:.E..., ,Qui 1 . I , xg, l-HI 1 I I I I I f I il 54 lg I I 'll J , ' I I , li ,vffliy I fx 141- . f , -.. ' ,fg I t ' f t, i if N f Vw. 4 -1 '. iw if 5, WORK-AND-STORAGE CENTERS TAILORED FOR THE DENTAL OPERATORY An entirely new cabinet idea! A complete selection of work-and-storage centers posi- tioned where you need them for more productive, less fatiguing oflice hours. Cost less-can be installed easily. lil ' Manufacturing Company - Two Rivers ' Wisconsi r',N N my IE ROCKY MOUNTAIN New York - DENVER - San Francisco PIONEERING - PROGRESS Q LEADERSIIIPIORTHODONTICS - DENTISTRY FDR CHILDREN A PROFILE OF PRUGRESS-Dentistry's scientific advancements have done wonders to help many children and adults to healthier, more confident living. - Assisting you in a fascinating supporting role, as the pioneer development and service organization for Orthodontics and Dentistry for Children, Rocky Mountain has con- tributed substantially to this progress for over a quarter-century. Before Rocky Mountain, no company listened solely to the trends and requirements of those concerned with improving dental care for children. Today, your profession has over 16,000 different RM product combinations to help you save time and extend quality dental care to more youngsters. You have helpful information sources on product use, exemplified by our steady attendance at numerous dental meetings, by RM Technique Booklets, by the popular RM FiIm-Demonstration-Workshop Programs for small groups. Also, public understanding and respect for dentistry is constantly being improved for you by films, booklets, newspaper ads, exhibits and news stories of the RM Public Relations Program. Progress in any field is dependent on positive attitudes and on many facets of endeavor. At Rocky Mountain, you find continuous dedi- cation to the progress of your all areas of service. TIME TO EQUIP YOURSELF FOR FUTURE SUCCESS the best of everything! S- S- W""TE QUALITY DENTAL PRODUCTS THE 3.3. WHITE DENT M Phila only Bioblendt offers the range of natural tooth oolors for the age and complexion requirements of e ery denture 0088 When you design a denture case with Trubyte Bioblend, the entire range of natural tooth colors is at your fingertips. With the new, improved Blend Selector, you can see at a glance the twelve cor- related polychromatic blends of central, lateral and cuspid. You can match more natural teeth than ever before-for every age group, for every complexion type. Another fne product by . . . lTlRlUlBfYITlEl The Dentists' Supply Company of New York, York, Pennsylvania 1i'T61"i'8f."l?-3 , ,, - 1 6, off, A V f -, .V-ll L Aid? 1 Q nqzwh, 1, ,X y . i A YQ ' ,fd 1 f l . -44- f- :ld 5 fl '11 .lg X-',c,,,,,f fa' thin :A J , ,HN v L fs1.N: H -2' .2 Tlf, - I 441,111 I Q, K jg ,J , fm, fgfg P' C. 'Hi' T .Wg : .A ,M V A G, ,x im... X , f . gdilff-I X 06,1117 , . ,I ,Q , , 1 il isa.. f ggsvmg, 535 if -- V l'lL!JIQl!i 1' f lf' f hs i -1, I, The Universify of Buffalo Class Ring, presenfed exclusively by The Universify Booksfore, porfrays fhe finesl' in die cuH'ing and workmanship available. The ring is offered in a large and small size in sfurdy IOK yellow or whife gold, wifh fhe Universify shield on one shank and Hayes Hall on l'he ofher. The Medical Caduceus is offered encrusfed in a buff sfone designafing eifher Medicine or Denfisfry. -l ---.- Small Large 22K Gold Encrusling Onyx ,,,,,,,,A,,...........,,.., ..,. S 29.00 537.00 Medicine ,,A,,,,..,,,.... .--'-..-.- S 4.00 Syn. Ruby, Spinel Den'H5l'fY -----,'----.-... ...... S 5.00 or Tourmaline .. .. ..... S30-00 538-00 2 Greek Leffefs ---'-'-- ------ 5 4-00 3 Greek LeH'ers ........ ..,.,, S 5,00 'Masonic Emblem ,,,,,,,,,,,,-.,. 54.09 Whife Gold+S3.50 exfra. Choice of Modern birfhsfones available al' SI.50 addifignal, l0'7o 'Federal fax musl' be'added fo above prices. Dafes previous +o l957 available af 52.50 addifional. 0 Samples on display of THE UNIVERSITY BOCKSTORE Norfon Hall Vifallium - Gold - Equi-poise - Designs Balanced Denlure Jeclron, Luci+one, Vernoniie Luxene 44 - Vifalon - Vernoniie - Lucifone Sep-yige Gqld and Micromium HIBBS-SCHAFER DENTAL LABORATORIES NATIQNAL DENTAL CQMPANY 707-709-7II Genesee S+ree+ LABORATORIES Buffalo H. New Yvfk Box 407, 70-86 W. Chippewa S+. One of fhe Besf Equipped Laborofories in New York Sfafe Bugalo 5' New York MASTER DENTAL LABORATCRY "Linen Ser-vice for Every Purp0Je" i053 Main S+ree+ Buffalo 9, N. Y. Personalized Casfings, Denfures, Bridges G niagara Linen Cow Inc. Wroughf Porfials 15 LAFAYETTE AVENUE TT BUFFALO 13, NEW YORK To everyone who has in any manner contributed to the success of this book a sincere Thank You- THE MEDENTIAN STAFF iQ-MCAA jlbenfal Lagorafories 4565 Bailey Ave. al Sheridan Buffalo 26, New York 'A' 0 JECTRON CERAWC Coon MORNINGS DENTURES FLEVIPLAST ' . ORTHQDQNTIC start with the WROUGHT WORK Nosluum CASTINGS C E CRQWN5 3, BRIDGES CUSTOM MADE DENTURES For home delivery o call TL 2-5353 TF 6-2792 TF 6-2793 24 Hour Phone Service Free Pick-Up and Delivery pkg HULLING PRESS, Dfw mas ers of typography a producers of me printing since 1911 B TL 4-5100 501 WASHINGTON STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. CUR ADVERTISERS They have aided in making possible The publicaTion of The lv1edenTian. They have shown Their inTeresT in The Medical and DenTal Schools oT The UniversiTy oT Buffalo by purchasing space in This, our Year Book. WiThouT Their kind supporT we would have Tound iT more diTficulT in ediTing our publicaTion. We, The class of l962. appreciaTe The aid given us by our adverTisers. THE MEDENTIAN STAFF. 'A' Help!! l'm Trapped in The binding JOE SCHACHNER if men fisf je wleclge fyfq? :,. ,-,A REALIZING THE PRIVILEGES and opporfunifies fhaf have been given fo me in my sfudy of fhe arfs if CQ. afio. of denfisfry and appreciafing fhe significance of 'zvgf . ' l7'l6Ni' fhe denfal degree which has been conferred upon L S291 .avg-?5j Yf,' ,UL me, do hereby willingly pledge: Thaf l will diligenfly uphold fhe dignify, honor and obiecfives of fhe denfal profession and, fo fhe besf of my abilify, will confribufe fo ifs presfige, proficiency and progress: Thaf I solemnly accepf my responsibilify fo fhe pafienf, fo give him fhe besf of my knowledge and skill, and fo mainfain an impeccable re- lafionship wifh him fhaf will Vwarranf his frusf and confidence: Thaf l wlll faifhfully observe fhe Principles of Efhics sef forfh by fhe profession: ' Thai' I will lend my influence and supporf fo denfal educafion, fo organized denfisfry and fo all segmenfs of fhe profession whichconfribufe fo fhe fulfillmenf of ifs purpose. GMA of xjelopocraies 7 ,, - I-, SWEAR BY APOLLO fhe physician, by Esculapius, gy Hygeia, and Panacea, and I fake fo wifness all fhe ficrxiar- gods, all fhe goddesses, fo keep according fo my Kg abilify and my iudgemenf fhe following oafh: YO' "To consider dear fo me as my parenfs him Q35 M who faughf me fhis arf: fo live in common wifh him and if necessary fo share my goods wifh him: fo look upon his children as my own brofhers, fo feach fhem fhis arf if fhey so desire wifhouf fee or wriffen promise: fo imparf fo my sons and fhe sons of fhe masfer who faughf me and fhe disciples who have enrolled fhemselves and have agreed fo fhe rules of fhe profession, buf fo fhese alone, fhe precepfs and fhe insfrucfion. I will prescribe regimen for fhe good of my pafienfs according fo my abilify and my iudgemenf and never 'do harm fo anyone. To please no one will I prescribe a deadly drug, nor give advice which may cause his deafh. Nor will I give a woman a pessary fo procure aborfion. Buf I will preserve fhe purify of my life and my arf. I will nof cuf for sfone, even for pafienfs in whom fhe disease is manifesfg I will leave fhis operafion fo be performed by pracfi- fioners. In every house where I come I will enfer only for fhe good of my pafienfs, keeping myself far from all infenfional ill doing and seducfion, and especially from fhe pleasures of love wifh women or wifh men, be fhey free or slaves. All fhaf may come fo my knowledge in fhe exercise of my profession or oufside of my profession or in daily commerce wifh men, which oughf nof fo be spread abroad, I will keep a secref and will never reveal. If I keep fhis oafh faifhfully, may I enioy my life and pracfise my arf, respecfed by all men and in all limes: buf if I swerve from if or violafe if, may fhe reverse be my lof." '

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