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y ' . P '. .nf . 953, ., ag , '31--I ' A ,- '1i '?74-'.g5g9 Lm 'm".Mf1 gslrv CQ,-J Y i n 1948 2 L- J ,ww 4 1.-,ry K ' ugf -,J TI 'H ,T7 I 1.3!-1. w Z 5.401 , - K, .UN V 2 ,Dj ,War I 4. ,rj-N W. YL I in '13- ,L A. 4 , :Ai fix w V v-5,-. ,wiv fi I ..' FH, fig. "4 . y.. if , , .J-ig", , Q.. . Q 5 . , . gm nl,- Mechanism in Hayes HQII cIock. BUFFALONIAN 0 STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT BUFFALO .MICHAEL HENRY, EDITOR'VOLUME XXXIII I966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 UNIVERSITY LIFE: A CONVERGENCEf THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE MASS 2 5? 1' .?+41f'f I Every mon beclrefh the whole sfomp of the human conclifion-Monfoigne Qi A Q ,,h?..,.-J - - x,-- . '.:5 bf-,. 1 W., ,S+ -. 3g H , 'Nun-N.. fl evra., 3 lc Sze ---"ii 'a I am an unmenfionably small worm in the endless empyrean of space, a speck of misery, caughf for a momenf on the warm edge of a racing planef amid the nighfmare vastness of sfars and clashing maffer, and so fragile and insignificanf fhaf lef fhere be the slighfesf change in my environmenf I would no longer exisf-Schopenhauer 3 III-I-III! 4 F4 11 pw 41? 5 71 - if ws., . K, 1-... ...Q- E , :::z..,,: 1: :. K ' , - ' -if hoax ' --01. R it N311-1 .4-. F' "Ei 'W X, . . . the mind is resfless, furbulenf strong and unyielding . . . os difficulf fo subdue os fhe rn R 1 1' f , fy? We S wind-Bihcxgcvcnd-Gifcu I fravel not fo go anywhere, buf fo go. The greaf affair is fo move- R. L. Stevenson w-., . . . cm impulse fowords fiighf, fiighf from The spof which was fhe fheofre of C1 rigid, cold and passionate service- Thomos Monn - He felt above him the vast indifferent dome and the calm processes ofthe heavenly bodies, and the earth beneath him, the earth that had borne him had taken him to her breast-James Joyce 'hi 'fvs -' ful, a M" f.'f:.X':f,'S5'. """' 1 v ' -, He had mused upon that which he . . . 'X I had so offen fhoughf To be his id' 'A ' i ' A hu-.-N if desfiny and when The momenf had V 'N ii,,,L,in-5-""""" come for him fo obey The call he had A i . A Q turned aside, obeying a wayward insfincf-James Joyce ll .5 12 - 4 4 'Q Nl. ,,1--If K 'E K.. ', I 5 . 4 'JK 'Og .C ? Q Q' f v -fs N .W . ,v'.' -' 'S' . f,.' . .- A 1?-f ,f,yvJf'-' 314, ,.. ja . 'arf 'T' i I. : Q .4 p H P f 'L' iq! 7 5? -11794 'o ..:" fda We are all human yet our humanity consists in our diversify-H. Herder .. Qgylstpv wr.. P 5 W' 7 0. l V if "' W gl ?:w wg In ? "i " All fhaf is valuable in human socief depends upon the opporfunify accorded fo the individual-Einstein 15 Y P EQMELLI Op, r U 'Y N x -, F1 , , , , WSU gg? ,,v3,:-Q'fi'?':fv"-' - , v tj . ' , , :fr 1 e,f,5vff vw- V' fc--ff, .f 4 , 1,1 Wgfglv. ,J 'af D ff N br '4 fr, A X W V ifjfi IJQ, V, K uwfyz 'fr,, ,,., , x x i ir r. r 'W' 4 4 f"1 fzff f H A ,.,--f' l Sfqls , wg, V . . h 7 rl 'f"'a5- 4 . . . - . 1-V'-2' -LK515 his-K r',,4'w-7 'gg 4 Aw!-W . 3. -F 'Amr .t Q , J." N W' "WT2ffr. -' ' 'xr -wu1ff0l'V" " ,,, CONTENTS TITLE PAGE1 ' STUDENT LIFE 2 ' CONTENTS17 ' DEDICATION 18 ' ADMINISTRATION 20 ' ACADEMICS 36 ' SPORTS 56 ' ROTC 82 ' SPECIAL EVENTS 96 ' GREEK 134 0 ORGANIZATIONS 176 ' COMPARATIVE LIVING 258 ' SENIORS 274 ' INDEX 364 0 CREDITS ' MESSAGE ' 17 W' 'liigff' ? CLIFFORD C FURNAS President State University of New York at Buftalo DEDICATION Many dedicated administrators are needed to guide the growth of a university. The growing pains of an expanding educational system must be attended to in order that the foundation for leadership and responsibility can be laid for future generations, The eHorts of one man in particular have been directed to this end. Under his leadership the State University of New York at BuFFalo has started on its way to being one of the finest educational institutions in the nation. His contribution will long be remembered. With deep gratification, we dedicate the i966 BUFFALO- NIAN to Clifford C. Furnas. 18 1 .4I' S - 'ed ug un nm .ur un u .gan ,A.. .. ,, .fp I A x A 4 f , ,M , W 3 1 ATION ADMINISTRATICN ADMINIC - . W s 'R mv I - ----M w--- N... .V . .,,,, , ,x,,,, 'VV,w qxvxrp, A kQx---xi!.'ku4V-Qv- I , N-Aww-Ning' VY W 'ig' ' pi. f 5 11' 1582311254 , v 1 .:- f.:.,.ef,qs - - -V , sez -vw..-. f V- A .xy ,avg N. -1 gg.f,:.u5:'a ' '. ,Q-'a''fQ'5g. . ,- . -nl if::7Q3s5xL,.:: ,141 M 5 . C"-Q51 51315- . f' X P151 SE-renin , -. , ' 32591-33.3 ' A " . -n.'1-IEXLX 6: 1- 5.1,:g-AL, , A , " -V "' '1,'yfE,- Q is -WM I ' I I I ,I -Y 1- , A -1-N C . , I i RATION ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION .........--i.A, ., -.A-...A , ff, as f, . ' ,P ri' "ff ' '.Av' ' PRESlDENT'S MESSAGE Now, at the close of the l965-66 academic year, is an appropriate time both for looking backward and for looking ahead. For some, this is a time of commencement -the end of formal academic training and the beginning of life in a world even more complex than the multiversity. Looking backward, we are able to see the iso- lated moments of university experience combine to form a meaningful whole. Here, the past has been a period of growth. Each graduating student has shown steady progress in his chosen academic field, progress acknowledged by the confer- ring of degrees. And as each student progressed, the University itself grew, expand- ing opportunities for even greater individual growth. During the past four years, the rate of development of the University has been truly remarkable. This fall, enrollment exceeded 20,000 students for the first time. Both faculty appointments and facilities have been doubled since T960 in order to accom- modate this exploding student population. To a university, growth means more than physical expansion. Today, more stringent entrance requirements are bringing an increasingly higher quality student to the campus. The institution of interdisciplinary studies, new research programs, and serv- ices is making it possible for the University to meet needs which did not exist when the classical curriculum was being formulated. The past is important because it is the prelude to the future--the future of the student and of the University. We hope that your experience here enables each of you to ioin confidently with us in looking ahead and saying: Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new. Clifford C. Furnas 22 Jes .jp -1 42 YJ- 'T-is 1 i 9953. Ilil ISU -e sg,-ax SAMUEL B. COULD President, State University of New York I know the I966 BUFFALONIAN is pub- lished primarily for Seniors, after all, it "belongs" by tradition to this year's grad- uating class. Nevertheless, what I have to say is perhaps of interest to every student who receives the yearbook, which includes all undergraduates, and possibly some graduates as well. Many of you who will leaf through the l'-P66 BUFFALONIAN in remembrance of last year will graduate with more than one issue of this handsome yearbook, and will turn to these in years to come in an at- tempt to recapture your college experi- ence. I certainly cannot predict what the proc- ess of reviewing one to four years in col- lege may reveal to you, but it would be interesting to know what the past years in college have meant to you in retrospect. Shall I have the uneasy feeling that some of you passed through the University without any real understanding of its role or of the way it works? How well have you come to know the University? Have you accumulated only grade points, a degree, and some vocational skills, or have you gained some additional understanding of the learning process? Were you a four- year stranger here, or did you form some lasting friendships? Will the University be unchanged between the dates of your en- trance and your graduation, or did you participate in some way-in concert with other students, faculty, and administration -to increase its excellence and usefulness to society? If your answers to my troublesome ques- tions are in the affirmative, you are in- deed fortunate. Similarly, State University at Buffalo is fortunate in knowing that a good number of its thousands of alumni leave the campus with a truly deep dedi- cation to the encouragement and support of the educational process. I hope we shall hear from you often in the years ahead. Meantime, my best wishes to you in all your future undertak- ings. Sincerely, Samuel B. Gould President RICHARD A, SIGGELKOW Dean of Students Learning cannot be considered solely as a classroom function, for a college educa- tion provides a foundation on which to build a full and meaningful life. The Student Personnel Services program is designed to complement the university's overall objectives and meet the educational, personal and social needs of students. Major concerns are for individual development, the encouragement and supervision of significant group activities, appropriate counseling, orientation, and referral functions. Included are the office of the Dean of Women, the Dean of Men, Graduate Student Liaison Dean, the Counseling center, the Student Union, the Placement office, Foreign Student Affairs, and the Residence halls. The Student Counseling Center helps students cope with the pressures, challenges, and opportunities within a university environment. The center works with students experiencing a wide variety of problems, including vocational choice, academic achievement, and better understanding of personal feelings and attitudes, We believe that students benefit most from assistance when they learn how to utilize their own resources in resolving their present and future problems. Student Activities are important in that students can explore new interests and gain practical training. Leadership experience results from such responsibilities as student government or participation in faculty-student discussions about national or interna- tional affairs. A student court hears cases involving student behavior. Norton Hall is a center of university life, promoting fellowship, and developing a broad social, cultural, educa- tional, and recreational program. The Placement Office aids undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni obtain employment in teaching, industry, and government throughout the United States and even in foreign countries. The placement staff also conducts special seminars in letter writing, interview techniques, and ethical practices. Part-time employment is another important phase of this office. The Residence Hall program is equally concerned with the personal and intellectual growth of students. The maior purpose is again intellectual-to help prepare each student for the classroom, to develop optimum conditions for learning, and to encour- age qualities necessary for the achievement of educational goals. Through self-gov- ernment, opportunities are provided for responsible citizenship and effective group membership. 25 -if gs. - .f .IEANNETTE SCUDDER Dean of Women ' Q ROGER W. GRATWICK Dean of Men 'rex'- I STANLEY J. SEGAL Director of Student Counseling Center 'xg tx W I-I TK ' V A .- ,V , 'j X . . t h i-JM: ' ' ' S I' ir' A v 1.23, - ..-,?.m,- . . is x- . f- zgigg- , J 452: ,. , ,4.i- IQ. .-7 ' - .25 ' xl . .N y if fg- fig! A ' - ' W :-', farm- -- an Hisgf - '- --a." i'gX:. 'S' -.--Q-.5 HL- . jute: . Qsfzg-, gffff J. ,l.','5 " -, .f' in . 1.-f-.-If ff- .4 5 rife' ,nf 'Saunas- RAYMOND EWELL Vice President for Research CHARLES FOGEL Special Assistant to the President J. LAWRENCE MURRAY Secretary of the University CLAUDE PUFFER Vice President for Business Affoirs PETER F. REGAN, III Vice President for Health Affairs WESTLEY A. ROWLAND Assistant to the President WILLIAM E, BENNETT Acling Chairman of Physics JOSEPH A. BERGANTZ Chairman ol Chemical Engineering ROBERT F. BERNER Dean of Millard Fillmore College PERRY C. BLISS Chairman of Marketing and Retailing RICHARD B. BUGELSKI Chairman of Psychology ARTHUR D. BUTLER Chairman of Economics 'Rf 5-x 'Iv- If I X-xi? ,y,,1 'Z O . , X. mm. . .. . .5-,I ,,.1', ff . .1 A by ,, .5 AI . 5 . -C. 3. M y 1 f 'ifivf E f f A X KY A- Q, . all E ? I X ' ,J Q- fm 4? cl. X- BRADLEY CHAPIN Dean of Universify College ALBERT 5. COOKE Chairman ol English CHARLES H. V. EBERT Chairman al Geography PHILLIP C. ELLIOT Direcfor of Art ,Q .A -j5:.g:,"Q--1 7 , ,W JF' A 109' G' 3 L 4. . ... ,.,,,,-5 cf, X 4.1, -, ., ,,.., . A... , A 'xr I I H. 3 , ' ii ' 24 gk . X 4 3 W.. L 'uf W? ... f' 'f ' , L -. Q Q- .-. '21 ,L f 22- ' . li "fi . - ,- .L Q' f Nm- I 1" 5 i Q1 .C .- if 1 0.05. :ov-13" .9 Oaie' J, fi:-A "iff,-'RQ p,,'5 -5 Q M. C O 5 A jx "'u'w o to L'!Q -9 -9 .lil Q VIOLA DIEBOLD Chairman of Women's Physical Educafion JAMES A. ENGLISH Dean of School of Denfisrry 28 f 1 X -lu 1 ' I I FREDERIC P. FISCHER Chairman of Elecvrical Engineering JAMES J. GRUBER Business Manager Norfon Union ROBERT S. FISK Dean of School of Education DOROTHY M. HAAS Direclar of Norfon Union LLEWELLYN GROSS Chairman of Sociology THOMAS F. HAENLE Assocraie Direcror Norfon Union 29 f x GQ Ii' N ,- 32 I -In 'QL Q . . ,- . I,-rg I ' 7,i"" , jj Y. X' gg-I 'qi' xv ' ' 'I X afff .H fff I ft:-f X v "'5""l' V 30 ROLLO I.. HANDY Chairman of Philosophy GORDON M. HARRIS Chairman of Chemistry WILLIAM D, HAWKLAND Deon of School of Low JOHN T. HORTON Chairman of History ARTHUR I.. KAISER Director of Admissions and Records ROBERT I.. KETTER Chairman ot Civil Engineering JAMES C. LAFKIOTES Director of Placement Services RALPH F. LUMB Director of Western N. Y. Nuclear Research Center BENJAMIN H. LYNDON Dean of School of Social Work JOSEPH MARCIN Director of Sports information ROBERT T. MARLETT Director of University Relations PAUL E, MOHN Chairman of Mechanical Engineering -a-1.,QQ . . -T' R.,-I " -quits 'Q xx, ' X ' X XX x x X '-. A. N c ' 21,4 ,.9"" . vt' fix" 1 s ,vf. 'X .A . i", K v- i MQ, . YJ. F 4-I if? QQ 31 DANIEL H. MURRAY Deon of School of Pharmacy Director of Computer Center JAMES E. PEELLE Direclor of Men's Physical Education Director of Advisement of University College ANTHONY RA LSTON . ' Xe all if an A ' , .3362 bm. vt 1 ,. . W. A' X4-,Q . W xr. -f-- . ' n SONIA L. ROBINSON .,- MILTON PLESUR Asststar1tDean of University College 32 ALLEN D. SAPP Chairman of Musrc ,1 Q EN .X s X S' JAMES S. SCHINDLER Dean ol School of Bus iness Adminisfraiion IRVING H. SHAMES Chairman of Interdisciplinary Studies K HAROLD SEGAL Chairman of Biology JOSEPH SHISTER Chairman of lndusirial Relations r , L 1 .ifo Q,.......---"v ANNE W SENGBUSCH Dean of Sthool of Nursing WILLIAM H. SIEMERING Assocnale Direclor Norton Union 33 -we W , 'XM 3. HELEN K. SIGNER Chairman of Secrefarial Sfudies GORDON R, SILBER Chairman of Modern Languages OSCAR A. SILVERMAN Direcfor of Libraries MYLES SLATIN Dean of Arts 8. Sciences W. P. SMITH Chairman of Indusfriai Engineering DOUGLAS M. SURGENOR Dean of School of Medicine DOV TAMARI Chairman of Mathematics ARTHUR E. TRABANT Dean of School of Engineering STANLEY D. TRAVIS Chairman of Drama and Speech EDWARD L. WALLACE Chairman of Management Service JAMES E. WERT Chairman of Finance CLARENCE J. YOUNG, JR. Director of Alumni AHairs , 5: , . 'Hff' f -qwxxvi , - -.nk-A "V I f .fi h. ' X . fl 5. . -.x Q ref' X ,T -me-v ' A4 F L ' -4--.4 . 'X '4 ' v'. A X-,J I V f K asa :sam szsgszsz gszszsasi 52828882 zszszsrs srxrxrnv , , agp: :'a5ia5 . sears ' 3?IE? I O all ni ..- .4 :salffw 28232825 52328358 28282823 szszszsv E9?3?3?5 "l 1 I Y," 'SEQRES YH HN S3 RN YI 33 YZ IB s--ss.- -al-sa. In sc in . hfhfadi smsasms 53553 5359? erasure . . -I u nfs . lg 52538882 28232828 52523232 ?S2S?S25 at a'SiiEii 2888. Hlllzggs 28283888 savannas I , f'sd.-ndnBh6Qd 388 la A figiguau m 02828883 28252838 9-rolufggcrplsag 3638 ESBSQQQS 38888883 28282888 32825282 ?SZB2QHS HIIIIHII va-T 28282828 pznanann U . . Q - n .4- -LJ V- ff Y. , IL, .4- 4 4 . :ff V? K I. NT., ,D , . . s 0 :lla U 28883838 nzununna 55955555 kg ' 1 ' l U I ntululul 28883888 58823283 gsggasag Rl 383838 88838883 28252828 92522282 :lb nl 18 I anna. 38883 88 88888888 55555535 Nl 'A 1 Q 8888 38883888 guungaun 9!3!4!!! D 88888888 28282828 82923?!? 4 , 33282333 Qf.'QO00OD"lIwH'c 88888888 !!!!4!4! ' o . .A..... 'Q a- o -1 v 1' 1- www, ,- X 62828281 8888898 iii ill 8888881 8888281 8838331 3338331 ...pq novo -nfs c' ,V -..,....... .ALCIJAQIJIEIMIICSES ILICLALIJIEIVIICDES .ALIZLALIJIEIMIICDES .ALC31L. .. -A... .?. ,Q UIUC' Q so FEEEQE lla ' still Slllllll 8963252825 UEPQPQPS? ..4. . , 4 V 1 8833 100111000005 BSBSBSIS SISPNPQQ I If ' QQUQQQCQQQZIQ IE" IU ll ' Ili .ls ill! ll! B!-i"G2"'2lii Q44 4 1 4 . .....q.... 'vv-vv BSISISBS RPQUEHIPQIZ . A ano- ' IH IIIUIUIB 55523595 .sara 'SHIP .ants gglxauze 28 asus . . snsnsnsn nano. ana: .S Ill!! lllklllfi llillilllll! 55355555 Y cans? if Sullillffiif iillllalfllesa Pllllltllltiaz anpngnug im, IIQ I ll 1 Q I IRIBIRIS susunusa 3233233833 nne.g.-,.- sg neu. Q I3 sa!- 3FS"3F"' IHSHIHQIS IRIHRBISZ 881881883839 325825825522- ll S326 ISS! SIS. Eli illillll L2 BSBSQSU S SBSH!!! 32 Q 1 nl Q - . S296 SEISIS if BSISISI Pi 838881832 55355535 gqsq1na:ur Jimi! 3355! ' SHS 88388 .1 3288 38238 '. S528 !Si2S -' arairistraat u MICS ACADEMICS ACADEMICS ACADEMICS ,JE sf" . -D -.I is ? .F Z 2 'Q .'Z7Z.-vi'-.32 2 9 X. . Z., , l . ? 's if' 3 The question of the "academic dialogue" is a vital one at our uni- versity. ls this dialogue--implying a two-way expression of ideas- obscured in the large lecture halls and mass personality of an ever- growing institution? Has each student been lost in the blur of the many, becoming merely a passive receptor to the knowledge of those who instruct him? lt is our feeling that no student who desires to participate in the dialogue of the university is denied this expression, rather, all are encouraged to think, seek, discover, and express-each in his own manner. For those who desire it, the academic dialogue is a reality and the individual is manifested in a very real way. 38 1' V., 51 :- 39 S I 0- fe 4936 --11 Q,-.I .N -s .,..-, ,.. .f, , S xi -I-.- 1 as I N-w""' " 5 ...Al-. 4...- ' 1 QA.: ,,:i. i J The whole Theory of fhe universe is direcfed unerringly fo one single individual-namely fo YOU.-WolfWhi1mcnn ..,-'lf 1 'r riff: 1 . -r 32-" r- Y'-' - - fs .I-ov -s Ex 9 SDCIAL SCIENCES The social sciences cover a vast field, but at the center always, man seeks to understand man. For the historian, this through a knowledge of the past, to understand man by psychologist seeks to know man in any era. He may study of it all is man and, as understanding may come what he has done. The the infamous rat to find clues to the behavior of man, or, through testing and questioning, deal directly with man himself. The sociologist wants to know men, for man does not live by himself. How does the individual function in society, how does society function in life? To the anthropologist, man and his society make up a culture, a culture which has grown and is growing, which has changed and is changing, and which must be studied for a tull understanding of man's being. The questions and the studies absorb the student as well as the professor and when each contributes the answer becomes fuller. Especially in honors and special pro- grams, but even in the ordinary classroom, the individual may contribute what he can and, always absorb what he will. x - 1 S 1 ,.. ,,.- 1 3 . is -A - X H x 'N' H x4' 'K . I 'X X 5121? -1 f ' 3 ., I Z hxglth X ' ,J Tgfsa- i QQ I S-ul 43 CHEMISTRY ln all fields of science, whether the individual is studying the little, or perhaps the unknown, or whether he is simply going over the work which has been done before him, he is being trained to think, do and discover for himself. Beyond the basic survey sources, the individual becomes an important being, to be guided and helped by his professors. ln research particularly, the "academic dialogue" becomes a reality. This is an area that is not the sacred realm of the professor, rather, the professor leads the way for all who wish to enter. The opportunity is there, open tor any who wish to seize it and seek their answer to the question--What is life? The secret of matter-explored, questioned. Can the secret be known to man, can man control the essence? The chemist adds his knowledge. He wonders, works and explores, with him, perhaps lies the knowledge of life's essence. ggi.. n s T .- as w-.. :l N f'-is-f X PHYSICS , . 1 i e , , "1 -1.4, 5,3'f55f?'f .ff E ...Ag-xX'S---' -'Q Fl..- For some, the answer to that question is to be sought in the physical universe, the universe of matter, energy and motion. So they seek in order to find the secret of energy and molecules, of motion and motter. Einstein ond the Theory of Relativity say the universe is cz space- time dimension. To our physicists, the unit of reality is the physical world. -v-:audi ...xv .41 .ur dxf-I ? il Q? BIDLOGY 'uni . 'wfwq X x 44:1 -Q I 'L ila buffs"- ,' fi-4,592 ar' HPS - V- ' 34: Qs. R911 Q . "' 1, ,-'Q .' .rss 1- ' " . fiwgl L V YJVH J ,il 1 s ., 4 -N l. 1 4 1-. 351 P .f 1 ,S v l -.wg . For others, the question of life may be answered in the flower or under the micro- scope, on the veins of a leaf or in the blood of a cat. Always wondering, the bi- ologist discovers more of the how and why of existence. With him, perhaps, lies the knowledge of life's essence, with them all perhaps the knowledge of life. ,W Q 2 5 -d-Q-.AFA . I V.i 'Sw Some say that music has more power to move than any other art. For music lives as life itself, seeming to breath, move and feel as though blood ran through its veins and its own heart gave it life. And in its movement it sweeps up man-from he who's heart quickens to the drum beat to the most sophisticated concert goer, from the primitive who deals with the concepts of "hot," "cold," "good," "bad," to the Hindu who's pantheon of gods is so full that it includes Moses and Jesus. ln Baird Hall, life bustles and the music motivating each individual seems to give an extra vigor and motion to their activities. The individual in the music department is an important part of the atmosphere of creativity and education and, in fact, these two elements are inseparable. Each is stimulated to the concentration and development of his fullest capacity. The individual here is surrounded by such men as Leo Smit and the Budapest String Quartet, he has the constant inspiration of those who are part of the Creative Associates. And always there is the free interchange of feeling and experience, of knowledge and ideas. lt is both an academic and creative "dialogue" that includes all, from the least experienced undergraduate to the most revered professor. MUSIC i'. 1 A. ,f,... Q D .H if 4- .. 'E -YQ if . .vp-t.f.i:g3.5i .' , 55524-'e5r.'. ' 3,,s.,.'.sAf-uw? gi-fi c'-fsfafxc --xi' -- 1-z.1:.-slgzdfgttzfxfy..-i . ' lvv-'I' - . we ,, 5"ff'Tz.5,i-5?"f?fM 3. ,ik . - 'gs , .x Qty... r. ,.5,.,,, - .- V .sf :J :.1'f.'.,rr,:gxl'5 , 1' Q" 'Mi -'Citi H ..,:...:..:--Ac s X- vw-p-+ru---u.- in-.4 mf., .h , , -.- -is ans. L 11.111, " Jill' pf! . 9-t r s 1 W me-:,VE1'm' ,Iv 4" we Q - ,af fer: r af' ' nf' --zz .A+-'fr 'V 3153 .A ill xi' 4 1 The world of the visual arts can be rich and beautiful. On the canvas, with clay, through ci camera-the artist is being trained to discern life in a way most meaningful for him. The fleeting and inefta- ble is made into something concrete and real. And, in turn, the material may be rendered into that which is spiritual and profound. But this is no undisciplined expression, the artist must be a student as well, learning to use tools and explore worlds before unknown to him. As a student, the instructor becomes one of the most important parts of a creative life. ln his relationships with those who instruct him, the student may learn to develop his artistic talent. He learns, too, to broaden his scope of expression and to probe deeper into that which he seeks to express. Because of the active interchange of ideas, the student-artist may come to explore all the possibilities of his art. Each student as an artist is distinctly individual and his instructors, aware of this, strive to guide each, as well as all, in becoming less a student and more an artist. 52 if 4. X-,xx , ,751 1 Wx 'M ART ,Q-H 4 i J ' f' DRAMA The theatre has become an essential part of the University program, bringing to the general audience plays of high calibre and excellence. For the individual, it is a prime opportunity for expression. In the Drama department, one finds a close interre- lationship of faculty and students, providing a constant open forum for discussion and ideas, on the stage, the individual puts his own sensitivity into the role he must make real. But for the individual, drama involves a strong sense of commitment. The stage is not like the magic of make-believe-it is hard work and discipline. .bv 54 Drama demands more than raw talent, it insists upon a constant devotion, it draws upon every bit of time and energy an indi- vidual can give it, and then asks for still more. For the individual on the stage, the theatre becomes more than a vehicle for his expression, it is a monument to his de- votion, discipline, energy, and commitment. ln this light, the University stands as only the beginning ot the individual's growth and development. , ,jig '7g.',,- vw 3:1 v- if - '--, ' -'ppb I . , , ,ur -A.,,,-c,,,, :ff,,,,- -V .473 11:1 ff'-H'-4,?3.,. J " ' ' flii' fp' Effk f' ' , :xv 1 Hg-71-N f or , , QP ' A . ,V 4. . 'M :Tw ' uf I 'PV .. , 4, . "iii " " ' Q-N 31 .P A' , 5- Qi' 'f11"'f -' N -Q T ,F 'f .""-Z. 1 V4 ,ff :L c za A - rw' 455.12 ., gf-,J ,- , ' W' . v 4, V- , xg , y., .,., 4 V - -,4":.-I' '- '45 " 4 . , ' ' 3 5 : ' Q, rmpP'1f.-, ' 'ff-I, -f ,-gba' - 49? 3, 1 f 1 , f 1 .J il - ,- .V ,- 1.44 4.. ..,, .1 ., A., - W. ,. A ,,.,,,K,.k,!,f.ig l,,?,.,., ,,., t E 1- -Hail,-A 3-I A. 5 ,f., , . -fw flaw, ff , ,' Agywg.-X ,fy ,, 13- e',,Q,vf1,...f . 0 Bs, 1- ' ' , , . r 1 vv, ,, A-M,.4!,' ,Ll ,,.5,1A 4 .fqfxk -,y,,.,,,,.,, . if RW.. , ,R V. 1 , ., ...,5Qf'f.I,:Wcw,,'i'EJ11: ,Jang 'fix 'fglf Y - .3 ,Z ,f:AIf.3::Z:'q,.f1-4: V fi ' T gi, A,-,f.i1:"QQ1g1rh f -' , ' 5 1 31 -14 Q ,' .. ,wi-"i1,,A 5 A-:1,,g4!,' : , N-. '.'g1g':p , gt pix, '.,L1VI--,'ivSfQ'vgV' , w 3 ' 1fT57.f"'1:.1.,,t.--- :H ff' , 1 J pw? . , , . AFR: 1' V' f -'V' . 1, , A .F .Q .H.:3N,,. Y.. ' 1 r I 4- ws vt - - lf f - 1 f L 1 -' , '. Y., I SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORT , Q 1 ' A , 2' i K ,' CJ' f 4 1 1 S. :P 9 v cs 41 '1 H. 'z uw. pw Y W- 'w ' f A 1w,.,41,P wi- .rw ., 4 , '12 ' sv 5., 4' . .i xi 'Q . 'T X, Qing EW -.'.','a,!i 1 1 I 4 ff-AN ' 1.4. 1,,f.,,- 152431. ' ' -.1'? - 5.-,5 Sli: 'Y K '4 ,sa - - .T-.1-fb 4 P fa A ,F O 5 'N 0 s N 3 0 R 9' 1 r T SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS FOOT BALL 5- , V , , x fr ig.- i I s W' f Q -v ,I H- I ' L in . , K-, fi- H ,ire x '- Vi! ,Ari xt' , Q we-" .-W.. A,-.. x. . 47 . 'n '40 . '4 . . . . . '1 1,4 ,If-MQ' ....- -f -- Ewa --- Il ff "' : ..a's.. :If , ........ ew-3 1-'rv fl 35,1 - X- W ,+, ,U th,-:,,,N.. .4 -5.4 -N. ., 3 '.-1 A, 1 -0 S A A EL YA? 3 .-n Q. by 'f- , -..- . x 1+ guwgi., -1..--' xx' - , . 0 VT T' 'x ' .' . ' . ,-- V - N- . - xkkisxw Qw x -,.n. , ,.- ,.., x . Q h , !,,A .Q , Q.. . .IST 5 V. xxx NEa,xf.'3 .,. ,xx ,L ,gods A , Q- E X Q . x x N '- . X fu , , AV."3"'- 5.-M" .K X ' Q, V- M4 '-. K . P -w 1 ,Q - Head coach Dick Offenheimer's Bulls showed a re- markable ability to rise to the occasion under the most adverse conditions. Just when the inexperienced offen- sive unit started to iell, it suffered a severe setback when sophomore quarterback Rick Wells broke his leg. The team fioundered until Nick Capuana in his role as fire- man, successfully combined with the number two defen- sive team in the country to lead U.B. to a 5-3-2 season. Such defensive stalwarts as Captain Joe Holly, Craig Helenbrook, All-East stars Gerry LaFountain and E. G. Poles, along with surprising offensive performances from sophomores Lee Jones and Dick Ashley, brought the team to their supreme achievement in the triumph over Dela- ware. Although there will be a loss of many lettermen due to graduation, promising freshmen like Martha, Svec and Kowalewski present a bright note for the future. 62 111 ut,-1.1. 1 1 wr 1-ffinf. -3- .fs W ss: SEATED: T. Brennan, R. Wells, L. Lehner, T. Pettit, M. Rissell, T. Hoke, McEwen, N. Capuana, D. Sella, J. Finochio, J. Barksdole, W Swider B. Washington, D. Pierozzolo, D. Brisky, S. Baronowski, M. Amorese, R. ski, R. Donohue, Charles Botuta, B. Abbey, B. MacKellor, T. Mucelu M Rishel, T. Hurd, D. Ashley, L. Jones. ROW 2: J. Oscsodal, T. Ridolfi, J. Wuest, R. Dechowitz. ROW 4: J. Simon ltrainerl, B. Deming asst Savage, J. Smigelski, M. Douglas, R. MacKellar, J. Duprey, F. coachl, J. Wolfe lass't coachl, D. Otitenhamer lheod coochl, B Ryan Geringer, Captain J. Holly, R. Ridolti, J. Webber, E. Greenard Poles, lass't coachl, R. LaRocque foss't coachl, D. Wade fass't coachl, L Teller D. Burden, C. Helenbrook, J. Garofalo, D. Przykuto, G. La Fountain, B. lmanagerl. Taylor. ROW 3: P. Kleiber, J. Dunn, J. Rotel, R. Pugh, D. Enyart, U.B. Opponent 6 Boston College l8 i3 Tampa University 13 18 Massachusetts 6 7 Boston University 14 24 Richmond University 0 O Dayton University O 6 Holy Cross 20 22 Delaware O 28 Colgate O 20 Villanova 7 ju 'Q 'ik Q5 'Q if ' ,Q ' 'L I .A, ,, WG ' 1 AM 1 ' , ' ' , ik ,, xl X ,X Qp x 3 X .K S X , Q il SW X 'K , 6,44-s .4 ,sb 1 ' 4, A P BASKETBALL V fr 'L ' u ee Dh '1 Once again Coach Len Serfustini's bas- ketball Bulls will notch a winning season. With three crucial games yet to be played, the UB cagers are T3-6. The most out- standing feature of this year's team has been their ability to play cliFF hanger bas- ketball, despite a marked improvement over last year's schedule. The thriller of the year was the 73-70 victory that UB eked out over Akron, during which Har- vey Poe shot a UB season high of 29 points. The promise of a post-season bid awaits this year's team, who have shown that they can play against the best competition and still triumph. The great pivot play of Bill Barth, the deft shooting of Harvey Poe and the amaz- ing driving of Norward Goodwin will all be missed next year. However, the run, pass, shoot offense of Ed Muto's yearlings, plus the brilliant play of sophomore Artie Walker, Bob Thomas, and Doug Bernard enhance the probability of another suc- cessful season next year. .' HY? :ii '5.amm I.. .... ' 4 l i fr :rs V y 1 'X M 5 -4. f .N ' .f f A 1-uf' 'Y ' V k l x 'M r f l ' Q - - 'Q A in ' Q X i Q 1. X gt Hex fl, F , , l Qwfflf .fc 'di V t 53 . W 'l 'Ei T 'V A I . . . -,fl , 'vi' 6 T fi L gk in I il .. -.-' 1 "W :I Q lf- i f 324 3 'I l Ti V , l ZQLQQ ' "' ' Xt E , L A - "Q fi A ' l Q -W 'iff i i 'X t i T7 X ' i P, ,AF 4:1 A .L l . ,, - ---K 'N wig, 4 tak ia V . .... . ' W " T7 WI it fl xcgf' rl . I Xl N1 l V i ' - ,j l' fl? i 'I X ,:-' , "' i X B i , .4 .uffisal '...sfs. , . rx 4 F - "' X ' -. iii . 7 D . , 0 xi- ' 'N 4,34 . 'TX -. t il' il, X ..,' ' 4 'I T.. .Q ' " N . t l of i f T f .T T' i I in ' ll . ' R37 ' ' " ' A' T - Q 5 t 'S 'f ' ' 1 f 'P' 0. in If ,.,5i 'lg'. 3 ' 1' as ft' 1 l 2 i XM ' I XS ,it Q, I Di . , .. Y. w .. , .4 I wi c fl 'si K? 5 tl B if rf' 5 iff' l ii" 'H ' r"" s 'K 2 53? Q ' , - Afllrw-2-d", f. Q A 3 I - t , bu MM .- V- -'-- :Q SEATED: R. Grete, B. Thomas, L. Brossel. ROW 2: R. Borkowski, Manager, B. ROW 31 P- G0ld5lell'h A- Wclkeft -l- C0VUl'lUU9l'l, l-- Serfvstini, Head C0031 Barth D. Curran, D. Bernard, H. Poe, J. Culbert, E. Mulo, Assistant Coach. G00ClWlf1. R- Munn. J- Williums- 66 Brockport State Syracuse Ithaca College Albany State Penn State Bucknell San Francisco State Colgate Akron Western Ontario Toronto Plattsburgh State Northern Illinois Windsor Wayne State Niagara Buffalo State McMaster Alfred Albany State Rochester State Opponent 63 l lO 66 66 68 61 62 76 70 50 50 94 90 80 76 72 73 31 62 63 63 A f e... .,.. A GOLF For the fourth consecutive year, the Uni- versity ot Buffalo's golf team won the Brooklea Invitational Tournament. Ed Nus- blatt was the low medalist for this event. Coach Len Serfustini's Iinksmen boasted an 8-2 dual match record. Led by Ed Nusblatt, Tony Santelli, Mike Lawler and Doug Bernard, U.B. captured first place in the regional ECAC held at Syracuse and came in a strong eighth in the ECAC finals played at Farmindale, Long Island. Although Ed Nusblatt and Mike Lawler will be lost through graduation, the return of Tony Santelli and Doug Bernard will in- sure a successful season for next year. U. B. Opponent I5 St. Bonaventure 3 I 5 Canisius 3 I7 V2 Niagara V2 I4 V2 State 3 V2 8 V1 McMaster 9 V2 I6 V2 Canisius I V2 6 St. Bonaventure I2 I8 Niagara O 9 V2 State 8 V2 I 2 Ifz McMaster 5 V2 v---Q V..- Ang. I BOTTOM ROW: D. Bernard, H. Menschell, M. Lawler, A. Silloto. ROW 2: B. Ahrendlsen, T. Santelli, I.. Serfustinig Coach, E, Nusblott 68 CROSS COUNTRY Once again iniuries plagued Coach Emery Fisher's harriers as they finished the season with a 3-7 record. The highlights of the campaign were victories over Niagara, RIT, and Fredonia State. In addi- tion, UB placed sixth in the Lemoyne Invita- tional and ninth in the Cortland NYSCYT. Although Jack Kerns, Captain and M.V.P. will be graduating, an experienced nucleas, bolstered by many talented fresh- men remains. lf Captain-elect Bill Sued- meyer stays healthy, next year should in- deed be a banner year. U. B. Opponent 40 Syracuse 15 42 Canisius 17 21 RIT 36 40 Brockport 18 17 Niagara 46 37 Cortland 18 70 LeMoyne 49 23 Fredonia St. 32 35 Gannon 21 48 Alfred 15 6th Place Invitational LeMoyne 1 1th Place Invitational Canisius 9th Place Cortland NYSCYT BOTTOM ROW: D. Latham, J. Mrowka, J. Kearns, B. Stephenson, P. Rogovich, R- KOCZOIU, P- MU5Ctle"0f M. Alspaugh. ROW 2: D. Genau, L. Naukam, R. McMullen, D. Czoio, J. Graf, C- C0"C00d'0, E- FISHEV. Coach. 69 ' T I f vi. B . .' 1. I Y A 1 J : it 5 . lg ' ' . . -' ' ,1 ' Q e, i ' I . - I Fl , FHM Nguif-'Ada 5506 La, ' il! I ills fl Jilfim L '- Q.: I . 11 ' A 1 . -' J 43 1 4, I mv' f a 4 ...Q- f! WRESTLING Although this year was expected to be one of rebuilding, Coach Ron LaRoque's matmen have encountered more adversi- ties than expected. The loss of versatile Bill Miner, early in the season, coupled with other ill-timed injuries have handicapped U. B. Opponent the Bulls in their rigorous mat schedule. 21 Of1lC1fl0 AQ- ll Captain Norm Keller and undefeated Gary 16 R IT 21 Fowler have been outstanding for the mat- 16 Brockport l6 men. The return of nine lettermen and the 19 PlUll5bUV9h 16 addition of several excellent frosh pros- IO COlQGle 22 pects will enable the team to improve on 2 C0rflC1t1d 36 this year's record, barring iniuries of 5 lfl1C1CC1 28 course. 23 Alfred 14 -. - 'sexe' war f W:- g, 1 . 5 I ly V '-g r 1, . o.------f- .APA BOTTOM ROW: G, Fowler, H. Gullia, B. Miner, R. Cushing, B, Heidi, D. Burr, N. Keller, A. Stiglitz, E. Wolf. TOP ROW: R. I.aRoeque, Coach, J. Valenlie, Coach. 71 vfwg C 9 BOTTOM ROW: B. Fuge, J. Romanski, A. Dever, Captaing D. Hannah Fergin, Managerg T. Robertson, D. Keroft, J. McKowne, B. Savage, W Sr., Coach. F. Cohen, D. Hannah Jr.: C. Huber, E. Walt. TOP ROW: S. Frazsen, P. Kubiak, P. Marrus, M. Wahl. U. B. Opponent 7 Canton Tech 6 6 RIT 7 I Brockport O I Oswego 8 4 Ithaca 2 Ithaca I3 Utica .."w..,A Qaqnqew-:ew .tb x , 1 Q5 a-5 L X tfgsuus 0 4 The University of BuFfalo Hockey Team opened its l965-66 season with a new coach and missing four graduated All- League players, but the ice Bulls were still rated among the favorites in the Finger Lakes Intercollegiate Hockey League. A solid core of rookies and returning performers got the Herd oFf to a fast 2-l record as they took the measure of Canton Tech and Brockport while losing a heart- breaker to arch-rival RIT 7-6, despite Cap- tain Dan Gorney's four goals. Fred Cohen, Day Hannah Jr., Tom Robertson, Kevin Mc- Cullough and Al Dever were outstanding performers for the Bulls. Three straight defeats at the hands of Oswego State and lthaca ltwicel put Buffalo out of contention for the league crown as the second part of the season began, but they bounced back to whip Utica l3-5 and are looking forward to the remaining games on the schedule to get their record over the .500 mark. Coach Day Hannah Sr. will have a strong nucleus of players returning next season and is looking into the near future when the hockey Bulls will gain varsity sta- tus and be able to compete on equal terms with the maior hockey powers in the East. 19 any "ff ,'-faqs-4... ,qr'f -ke Gy if U. B. Opponent 52 BuFfaIo State 43 46 Syracuse 49 39 Brockport State 58 48 Toronto 36 53 Western Ontario 42 22 Toronto 72 61 BuFfalo State 34 25 Colgate 70 86 Niagara 8 76 Oswego 19 56 Rochester 39 76 Geneseo I8 46 St. Bonaventure 49 74 SWIMMING '.x ...v I rv' W., ' QXYFAQ Nr 40 0 'VF V '4V"+fQ- E1 ,-MAL f5V9f?fa ' 'EJ +8 7 ' r . YF44 Q f , 1 H" ix" Xdf-gl! X 3--f' M 4 Qffllp 2 qUw01 in , ,Q X A xgrrgld 1 fxhfgala Q!'if53fFlQ gi. wif, ff I :-Z8 -. N-.., , . 5 ,af 3.2, ., N- 2 F E I QQ'-ly' 25 125. l " .J. .' Q H- 'ct ' ' 5 -l f! l' ...Q ww 5 2' Q I ' Q -: e HF, QQ J 4- 1 . - ns- 4 ' A. 4 - . ms. . . W , ., ., I Q .-4 - , '- .:ff'4 t., ' ' '- ' ifrff-fs QQ Q , Q . . ,, - ,. Q , BI Q QQ Q.: vw A 5 Q, Q Qin N., Q, K Q . F - I ,mm K Ls l gg 1 J l . Q QQQQ .5511-z1..1.-3.f.w :. vV-' .1f.? .fx-1-. , , li A " Q si . .. Wil Q - QQ QQ Q Qs Q . ,jx .,,.Q., .g, 1 fEQ.Q,13.1,fg,5Qi- .g,1.,.,1'i.:f .-1" f-fi KNEELING: L. Zollm er, D. Kirschgessner, J. Paul. ROW 2: T. Grey, C. Engle, .A -1f5f:': - .-r.1.v1:-421116. -:s."' Ni "' 9 . - ' B. Toth, J. Mondello, R. Fitchette, J. Rand, B. Denisch, Assistant Saber Coach. R ROW 3: S. Schwartz, Coach, J. Houston, T. Walluck, C. Ransom, Manager: H. Doedecker, B. Frey, J. Goldstein, Saber Coach. U. B. Opponent 28 U. B. Alumni 9 16 Syracuse l l 7 Cornell 20 23 McMaster 4 19 R. I. T. 8 l2 Paterson State l5 19 McMaster 8 I7 Hobart IO I5 R. l. T. 12 For 25 years, Coach Sidney Schwartz, and his assistant coaches, Jules Goldstein, Mike Mearian, and Barry Benisch have had winning fencing teams, and this year is no exception. Led by All-American candidate, Joe Paul, the team has won 7 out of 9 matches. UB's performance has mainly depended on Bob Frey in Sabre l23-4l, John Houston in Epee ll7-81, and Joe Paul in Foil l26-3l. Coach Schwartz has predicted a strong finish this year, culminating with the North Atlantic Championships at Paterson State in March. 76 Sq TENNIS BOTTOM ROW: L. Glozer, Manager: D, Mingle, M. Yudhic, L. Schneider. TOP ROW: W. Mann, R. Barrett, W. William H. Sanford lll, Coachg D, Bozezinski, R. Siegel. 3 " .-so ' r . .i-r--sw, 2' . , -' . ' is.. L. "-' - . s ' . With the loss of but one letterman, Bob Barrett, Coach William Sanford boasts a veteran squad which looks forward to a bright future. ln view of last season's lO-3 record and 90-27 overall match score and the heavy graduation losses of prospective opponents, the outlook is optimistic. The addition of such talented newcomers as James Ripley and Darrell Carp complement the established stars: Denny Brzezinski, playing manager Larry Glazer, Wally Mann, last year's big newcomer, Lenny Schneider and Matt Yuschik. This year's team will look forward to meeting Syracuse and Colgate and others in competition. f, 9,1 fe: .,l , 't'v r"'vrfvvt 'for vflvrvyfyl T7 1 , , t l 'tri ilvt Y LN., lg will ll2l3 .Q A U. B. Opponent U. B. Opponenl 9 Erie Tech o 1 Colgate 8 8 Gannon l 9 NLGQUVC' O A Syracuse 5 8 53606590 l 7 Canisius 2 7 Buffalo State 2 9 Erie Tech o 7 Alfred 2 3 Rochester 6 9 NLUQUVU O 9 Cortland O 77 BASE BALL Victory at the Western New York Inter-collegiate Base- ball Conference has become synonomous with the Uni- versity of Buffalo nine. 1965 marked the seventh straight year that Jim Peele's diamond men have accomplished this feat. During the period, U.B. has amassed a truly remarkable 55 and 8 won-lost record. There were many reasons for last year's success. The most notable of these is Earl Tomkins, the league's lead- ing hitter l.563l and most valuable player. ln addition to Earl, four U.B. players were distinguished by selection for the All-Star Team. Although four lettermen have left us due to gradua- tion, the return of the Barto brothers, Gordie Shaw, Rob- ert Pusateri, Ron Leisser and Don Potowora, has left a nucleus of potential. Complimenting these veterans will be many members of last year's highly successful fresh- man team. All indications lead to the eighth successive Conference Championship. ...sf n.-bi Xl' r -,J SEATED lleft to rughtl Ran Leiser, Robert Pusateri, Vince Sanchez, Wiser, Carl Letson, Richard Hetzel, Nick Bremigan, Don Potowora, Gordie Shaw Doug Long Robert Barto, William Barto, Earl Tomkins, Dave Bach, Ron McEvan, Jim Peele, coach. Tom Oatmeyer STANDING Len Kosobucki, assistant coach, Fred 78 ,-0' 0' SW! si ' An Sl Ln 5, 4- Q .4 '55-T-f-f "'- ... in -1 ' - A - V 17' -f" .,aFQ.-v , , , . za..:i'2-fv.f.+-+r- -2-1r.ig .- 'if 1 V me - L-sf g.,,4,.mu,l,-5-:g,', - 5.1-5 T55 -'fi "-J U. - A . -Q , 1-. EI -:1-Y, I. . ' ,-f'- ' - . I 2' S, A. ' jug - -' ,71-j:A-g ,',,- ,-7,1--' 1 -'SQFEYE5-g',5,..-:iul-v 4, -,1.f'L.,'-'3.1'.-' "f':"4 - ,' 2,252 , ' I, ' ' ---'41 "'m,s. ..',, - j '.- -,SP . ,f vi f ' . --, f --md -.-.:--- Z' r -:f -.- -n,-- -'-ris. M ,ak gm- 'ge , g-- . 1- -.-.- JG, 3795-"'33!f' if 1!5gg5q:,,E.-:V E -- ,. ' T1-J'.J-'l"' 1-' -"'--- --":1',k2Afvr:ffff'?!f-'i"- -ffi--,v- fl' ' ' ' ' ' "-"5 s. 1.... ...f'3'.I.:59":.51e-?'., V , " , - f . - " -.fg?:Ic-,,-,2"'-",,',,pg4.fJ".- - ,-1'f5v'fZ,u"',1'f, 5719-. - .fa-v' 34.15 M'-f!,,,p"'1' , . . ' Ti'i'3--.kwa-ii'2aif6'3-'Yit'r4frf'G?'.'if.:Jf12'-1in-:mfs4:2':i.9:.f'T',rg-i.:..Li'f"fe'1 79 g , 6 1' A. M. A M v . Q , ,.. , ! . m e 1 c ' - . 'T YT ff 1 .uyyr .- ,. -V .' " ' 'M' ,ff-,Cx X '5"A'- 'A . ,,,.. - ' . 1 .':r-, ,, . -.a -A: ,,, .- 5 ,:- -1 ' - ' .V rfvm.,,v.,'Q.1 r, we-e -. f, 'S' ' - ':2'7d.1'gLCRf14n11'ff ' 'e-F , ' '. 1 '4 in ' 4. ' 5. , ' 'aff v-5" e. ff g..g,:-ff . -c 'Vx I' fr ,J - A U,B, Opponent 14 Gannon 4 I Syracuse I 1 6 Canisius O T Erie Tech O I6 Erie Tech 7 3 Rochester 5 5 BuFfalo Stare 6 18 Niagara O I4 Geneseo TO 7 Rochester Tech O 13 Canisius 2 7 Niagara 5 t -1 ...,..- f ---is -'l w I I .f" I 1 - .A 5- Q. ,,- ,'..,,.. WINS LOSSES Oswego Ithaca Bufifalo State Cortland Niagara Brockport TOURNAMENTS Lemoyne College Relays Second place l3th Annual U.B. Invitational Meet Third place New York State Championships Thirteenth place :X -sz Nil I H NNN ,av- -n. -'Uf.7,.,4', -ff J,-,. . .. W, 1... XRQ55' "' s-. TRACK The graduation of U.B.'s captain and most valuable track star, Ron Reiber, will leave a formidable gap in this year's team. Bert Ernst, Mike Eagan, Pete Reese, and Dick Genau have also left the team upon graduation. Coach Emery Fisher's squad finished with a l-l record in dual meets with a l-O in triangular meets. The highlight of the track season was a third place finish at the U.B. invitational. The prognosis, however, is excellent with newcomers such as Captain Larry Elsie, Mel Spelman, and Larry Nevikaum, last year's trosh record breaker. The expectations of this year's team rests heavily upon the ability of these most promising sophomores. F754-1 n B5 C ,Su s i i:f3f-' BOTTOM ROW lleft to rightl: Charles McKirdy, Barry Miller, Tom Ryan Bill Werner Hug ROW 3 EmerY F'5he' M'ke EUQUT' I-'-"VY Noukom M'ke AIS Suedmeyer, Pat Muttoletto, John Berkhoudt, John Hewitt, Burt Ernst Norm P'-'-W9h Pav' Ro90"ch Bob Honmun D'Ck Genou Mel Spelmen Ed Plwowm Keller. ROW 2: Milt Steiger, Charles Stuart, Ed Lontrato, Pete Stern Dick czyk Howard Bogner Dennis Hlfftle RON Relbef D'Ck Webb Trampenan, Larry Elsie, Pete Reese, Jack Mworka, Russ Kelm, Roger Frye gr f 2 in f I RCTC RCTC RCTC RCTC ROTC ROTC RCTC . H 7 . 15:1 -' - A1 I -4, ,mr ff 53' L- ., :mdk Lf. -.1 -V V.,-U31-U mg. ,f3tZ5:sa5-M5954-... 1 f u' fx.. U f-'Q vw, A. 1 L- V, ,uf ,. 1 Hg, ,Q , I , .,-.x .- ,Wig .. X - 5, l, , . vr-, X '. x 1, 41. ' 1... ,a."fv4 ."" ' ' 1 '. ,n . 2 .Aw . 'ff , . ' ,La V - l K r " - 1 ,V 1 5,51 .SF , ev.,-' wg: gg vi-ff' Kg fl-'gPi'n4 " ff.-xy ' ' ",.: ' 'ws '31, ., ' .-"'1v:u."f4 w 1-. - .C-",'4.f",:1 ' EQ, ix 4: - 3.14 "YQ .L Y' ' Q1 , ' ': Y' Q., , 1 -.-.. ' I. , S, . xxx' IJ:-.. N r r P W Y Y 1 I -I WI A va A . . in 'Al ,-. 54 12111 - 1 13r,,',1v"?"' .UL .ig 'h w fr., , ' , , :j'- fr3f, H'!, Q ., :Af..,,+ - N f in , I ' . vp'f'.1j Q4-K' ' Hgfifffw' I A 4, ' 5-'H ""'. gif MK . '- 7 " Q. "'? ,i . , ., . I, . V, .,'.',, QW MQ hu- . ' g,,hif.,' ,,-, 'Tl ii Alf Y- ..-,lrciwl I 1 z,' N 14 x. 1 -5wVw, Lwygn"6wz?'wgP- ' V-1Qn' 2'."f.1, 'fhi"'f1f""'f"u '-f',5'5f5"'F' ,'l1..'P , j1,j:g:,',H4 I ' gli j'i"" 'f' ggifi ,xjwftnlyfflf .,v' if ff.-j 1 LQ- 'J , ' nf: Jgfyf, JQ,,,L13y13 ,. fb. ,V A, C ROTC ROTC RCTC 1 BOTH, 37Q ,. f.1i,gg,, '1,. ww-4 f g,.':-1 'wi XA, '. V. -ff : -, .- A-1 gm-,Q ,-ff, A ., ,a"', 3, 5 Q-.4 g X - 'I ggy 1,35 ' ,. -4 im--ff ,,' ight ' S1 " PROFESSCR OF AEROSPACE STUDIES fl KIA: The sole reason for the exist- ence of the Air Force Reserve Oth cers Training Program is to pro duce young officers who, immedi- ately upon graduation and being commissioned, can assume impor- tant positions as leaders and su- pervisors in a space-age Air Force, it is to produce men com- mitted to the defense of their country, men who can be de- veloped into the leaders that will be entrusted with the heavy re- sponsibility which modern wea- pons and the maintenance of freedom entail. The AFROTC space in this year's BUFFALONIAN is dedicated to those 55 or so AFROTC grad- uates from SUNYAB who will be voluntarily assuming this great responsibility during this academic year. lt is only appropriate as these custodians of the nation's defense set sail in a turbulent sea of in- ternational problems that they have the brightest of beacons to guide them to their destination. There is no brighter or more ap- propriate navigational aid than those three hallowed words, "Duty, Honor, Country," used by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur as the theme of his address to the cadets of the United States Military Academy on May 12, l962. A part of this address is requoted at this time for the reflection of the AFROTC class of l966. Yours is the profession of arms, the will to win, the sure knowledge that in war there is no substitute for victory, that if you lose, the nation will be destroyed, that the very obsession of your public service must be duty, honor, country. 4 Lt. Colonel THOMAS l.. HUDDLESTON BS University of Southern California Others will debate the contro- versial issues, national and interna- tional, which divide men's minds, But serene, calm, aloof, you stand as the nation's war guardian, as its lifeguard from the raging tides of international conflict, as its gladiator in the arena of battle. For a century and a half you have defended, guarded, and pro- tected its hallowed traditions of lib- erty and freedom, of right and justice. Let civilian voices argue the merits or demerits of our proc- esses of government: Whether our strength is being sapped by deficit financing indulged in too long, by Federal paternalism grown too mighty, by power groups grown too arrogant, by politics grown too corrupt, by crime grown too rampant, by morals grown too low, by taxes grown too high, by extremists grown too violent, whether our personal liberties are as thorough and complete as they should be. These great national problems are not for your professional par- ticipation or military solution. Your guidepost stands out like a tenfold beacon in the night: Duty, honor, country. You are the leaven which binds together the entire fabric of our national system of defense. From your ranks come the great captains who hold the Nation's destiny in their hands the moment the war tocsin sounds. The long, gray line has never failed us. Were you to do so, a million ghosts in olive drab, in brown khaki, in blue and gray, would rise from their white crosses, thundering those magic words: Duty, honor, country. Major PHILLIP M. OZENICK ,est-, -sang F? Maior ROY H. STEWART Msggl VAN D. JEFFERSQN TSgt. MARTIN S, O'BRIEN Air Science 3 Director of Air Science I 81 2 Chief Instructor, Education, BBA University of Oklahoma, MBA University of Michigan fl. BS George Washington University I il Major ROBERT H. PARKER Air Science 4 Chief Instructor, BS Ed, MS Ed Illinois State University ' I R 6' Captain CHARLES J, NAGLE TSgt. VALENTINE ZINNI SSgt. GEORGE R. STYER Air Science 4, BS University of Colorado, BGE Military Science University of Omaha 375 pn-5 Captain EDWARD J. THOMPSON Air Science I 8. 2, BBA Manhattan College Captain HENRY G. KAST Air Science I 8. 2, BS Alfred University . I, Captain PAUL l.ll.l.lNG SSgt. DAVID M. WINELAND Alc RICHARD A. BULLOCK Air Science 3, BS Brooklyn College, MA Stetsen University 'BBQ Captain WILLIAM C. PENDLETON Miss ANN MARIE SCHOOLEY Miss LINDA SCHWIPPERT Air Science I 8. 2, BS Indiana University 85 ? A 3 2 5 a 3 TOP ROW: Chamberlain, Kopycinski, Blackburn, Bianchi, Larson. ROW 3: Cassella, Gillelle, Lancar, Eddy, Wozniuk. ROW 2: Sfaub, Glessner, Rasch, Dembik, Kuczmarski, Reiter. cr -s.J TOP ROW: Allen, Paterson, Smith D. L., Golder, Woilas, Miller D. Kinderman, Mills, Newell, Morgan, Fanone. ROW 4: Hill, Gurasci, ROW 2: Lumley, Snider, Brown, Holser, Pilass. ROW 3: Simpson, Gerslner, Urbonl, Bellizzi, Bogner, Puma. 8,6 ltll TOP ROW: Dail, Cummings, Hansen, Bapst, Miceli, Starobin, Collier, Gill, Winkler, Grandits, Blair. ROW 3: Reitz, Bailey, McDowell, Johnson. ROW 2: Saladyga, Frohnapple, Marsch, Will, Brace, Milazzo, Smith, Malik. l i? ll ll gf TOP ROW: Salmon, Battaglia J., Burgasser, Champney, Friedman, poolo, Hewitt, Noren, Yates. ROW 3: Corlino, Crato, Startt, Huegel, Cushing, Braun, Roach M., Vail. ROW 2: Hill, Farren, Abate, Giam- Roach J., McGrady, Szczepaniec, Brietling. A l l - TOP ROW: McGlynn, MacDonald, Hoppe, Dolan, Bassett, Klein, Pearce, Weiser, GriFfis, Weiss. ROW 3: Ellis, Grof, Newmann, Thompson, Way Gensthaler, Sindone. ROW 2: Needel, Hood, Kravec, Kamp, Graczyk, Schultz, Dawsey. 87 DISTINGUISHED CADETS JOHN BELLIZZI FRANCESCO BIANCHI ROBERT EDDY GEORGE LONCAR JAMES LUMLEY STARR POWELL BRIAN CALDWELL PAUL KOPYCINSKI RALPH LARSON MARVIN MITZEL DENNIS SMITH DAVID ---if 5 T1 A, il ' :II I-I' ,,-4 4 "IM, jx. k .4 I ' IH I--I J A I V1 "1 I . 2 ' 5. I IAi'Is,"I. 1 if -My 'ii 51, X ' '4 . swf f' M14 Q, if 1' U lg ' , N '-"T I , I WOZNIAK L I I . Q-It ' 0 ..x, X N l H A s I 1 Q 4, Q. ,. 1 'Ji . 4 I: a If lr A h . ' - .,-.,,. N . - '---: I ' 3 . V -' v- ' 4 1 W.-fn' U ' ff .vQ',1: Y. . .2 'i"'x'f':' ' Wiz 1 ' 1 1 . 4 N 1 'X X I 3 - 1 I A 1 -YN , . X, .. V, 1 -1., . .1 .v M c ,, .x.-L.: 1, , . .1-,,a,. --, ,I . 42 ' .ik-11. ' . .x.,. f'.S. r-1 F1 1 F, fi., 3 f , va .5 . q 47- . .1.., 4 ,I gilt .- V' J 1 f v . . R . - 4 . xi: 1 . 1 n., f ' Q 1, 1 -:RQ , 1 1 1 g fQ o 1 N 1 A U 1 V4 ,. X XA! i I ' I .QI Q 'X ' V ' ,V -I :Yi 1. I X I .El K .V1 xx .41 .-,Q-19, .K .A !,-- ' 1 , I H 1- 4, "f1 152 I 1 . QI 1 f K A Y K ,fxwyfrx A R 9 'S tw Q X 4 A4 .0 5 E W , 138433. X . K 1: ' D . - K. 'fi A -'X' ' xx -I -X ' EA . I I! "ix 5 x I -4 -4 1 I Q f Sli W 'fn ' "ix W1 . l 1 cj ' 1 " ,'.1'Y R 24 1 sf- . xg ' x A -t I 1. h 1 ll 'T K ' 1 - 3 Q, K YL Q x Q 1 sy l , I! ' K h f xl Y 1' 5 X 1. in 1 - , 1, , 1, , j .jfv ' I AM AN AMERICAN DHFENDER OF FREEDOM I lm rl:-I4-rl'-r M fn Iln- spur! u-hu I1 pwm! hlum .M lllrhvr1l.1gf' ui .Ill rm n nn .rll lands vu-Iyul1rvl'." 'XX AIXIFRIK 1 Xl MNH! llll XXII UXTQUUIP "4!"f'v.'.v 1 -egg ,-...v-f vfxw -A-M .bf .' X Q A Q Y r X , I ia J' 52, . 5-If-4-ff , ,321 'X W, , A . , - , V. 1 I , f H, Y N-,L 1. . Q 1?""' e riff x J .1 , ' r n Q K N ". A . 3 , ., 5 'BJ-" 'Q x f ,gl fa: f..,...--', . S' 'f---- 1 4f :A J - .1 Q X? N K 4: R k ,xi N. A .1"'wi 'L 2 -3 if-: Q X S21 Ia ,,,, , . ,, , , ' fu - v. .. ---1-aww ,S . -' 'SQ in . .- - -4 l Ls- .... . -qu---. -is-.,-nu 1.--. ---vu. ru- -.--1 0 --.-... -55, fi- -Q, ms." , -F 5 ,up 1-susan , M 'x-- -f ' A ., Q ' I 5 ' Y 1-, 2-- 4 ,-': , Q gli 'fgfflgx' ' SPECIAL EVENTS SPECIAL EVENTS SPECIA mu.. 1.- gh..-x V my ,.H ,J b r ' ,'.f 'gj', 1 ' .- '- N :Q-, .15-. 'T -'1,A :,.4 --. ,vm ' 9,135 ,I V 5551 x 2 1 Q Vx 1:---.air - 4. 3 K n Q J in . if VENTS SPECIAL EVENTS ,SPECIAL EVENTS ga" JANET SHELLY 1965-1966 Greek Queen BONNIE SHAUI. 1965 Military Ball Queen , ,. ,"f,,,,,y.,:' Q J" , veil! ROSA LYNN BROTHMAN 1965 Spring Weekend Queen lOl CAMILLE SEVERYN 1965 Homecoming Queen HARRIET SOMIN 1964-1965 Greek Queen Q hqfwrfrh fflgwfv 103 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION f"'lq ,, ,Nl fa-f .Jung WVNWH via new vf The Freshman Orientation Program in September of i965 presented a diversified calendar of events to the incoming stu- dents. The program was planned so that the academic, social and cultural sides of university life were all presented. The highlights of the program were the Academic Convention and the Festival of the Arts. For the Academic Convention a series of panels composed of prominent faculty members were set up. The panels discussed America's role in Viet Nam, aca- demic freedom, civil rights, the population explosion, moral issues in literature and cinema and the roles of males and females in society. The Festival of the Arts presented Patsy Reese, a local folksingerg a concert by the creative associates, musicians at the uni- versity under a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, two dramas, "The Zoo Story" and "Rouge Atomique", and a movie, "Raisin in the Sun." The Zoo Story" 5 Patsy Reese ln addition to these programs the freshmen were given the chance to talk with faculty members and get their views on the learning process. ln the Opportunities and Goals Program, a representative of each department in- formed the students as to what each course of study had to offer. On the social side, a Norton Union Open House was held for the freshmen. The Tiffin Room and Rathskeller were at their disposal for most of the evening. To climax the orientation program, the freshmen were addressed by Clifford C. Furnas, the Chancellor of the University, at the Academic Convocation. ln addition to this, a special program was carried out for transfer students during which they were addressed by the Dean of Students, Richard A. Siggelkow. 106 5 Dr. Marvin Opler Male and Female-Their Role in Sociefy .gzgv X - mgffihg: 'iwtviifiugx-.1 ,,, ev,-1.3ZQ'Q.. l , ' 1 AMGQSU Dr. Burvil Glenn Academic Convenfion on Viet Nom 107 Dr. Theodore Friend Academic Convention on Vie? Nam Homecoming i965 started new tradi- tions, initiated in the form of homecoming competitions. New contests revolved around this year's Indian theme. They included human totem pole contests, watermelon eating and Indian costume contests. Old traditions were maintained as well. The stars of the mass pep rally held in Clark Gym were Camille Severin, the new homecoming queen, and .lay Katz, Tau Kappa Epsilon's winning Ugly Man. Saturday evening, 'following a memora- ble UB-Boston University football game, the weekend was climaxed at a dinner dance at the Cordon Bleu, where Camille was presented with a plaque from the stu- dent association. . K Y4 'iss' 1 ri 'S4iQ,:,b . . 21 5. - W Z' 11 Wa .A ff' rf ,'. ,QQ " l Q -f T Pi C Tif 'fs .6325 'ivi Q. P..-n N' xx 'N . ., x .1 Q " . .V Y X f i 1 ve . Aol, 'Yr ' Xl" . ,- WA A -, xr - ' ,' un , v.J I Q 5 , ---A ..... HOMECOMING m'.ae,3 gg HQ A SPRING WEEKEND Lockwood Speedway Queen Candidates The Grew Trike Race Penny Hemming Joan Salwisz Brolhman N. 9 i Arlene Ardanowskn Rosa Lynn Pi Lambda Tau Overall Winner ill f 41 110 in GI i S U Chi Omega Fairy Tales Can Come True. 131 t I l l . ' -1 l yr .312 Mr. Formal Voting. gi 71-, 1. 'IY Ill fx v....., I1 un C' . R. -. During the week prior to Spring Weekend l965, there were several events which provided a warm up for the traditional activities. They included jazz concerts in the center lounge, entertainment in the Rathskeller and sev- eral films. On Friday the weekend's activities began with the her- alding cavalcade. Following this, a "tricycle grand prix" was held around the library circle "speedway." The aft- ernoon was highlighted by the colorful float parade which was, as always, a popular event. The days festivi- ties concluded with a concert by the Kingston Trio at Kleinhans. On Saturday, May l, the U. B. Karne-Bull opened. lt was an enioyably successful innovation with many amuse- ments and carnival games. All the proceeds were do- nated to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library Fund. Saturday night at the Spring Weekend Ball held at the Town Casino, Rosalyn Brothman and the winners of Mr. Faculty and the float Parade were announced. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Della Tau Sigma Kappa Phi Chi Omega GREEK SING Phi Epsilon Pi ?7i.lfal'D Theta cm The annual event sponsored by the sororities and fra- ternities on campus, Greek Weekend, was held this year on November l2 and l3. Sigma Phi Epsilon was honored by placing first in Greek sing and Theta Chi's Janet Shelly was crowned Greek Queen. The weekend was climaxed by Greek Ball, held in the Mary Seaton Room at Kleinhans. Alpha Epsilon Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon L' 1 X l i- SQY l I JK' 113 Greek Weekend, an an- nual event sponsored by the Sororities and Fraternities on campus, was held in the early part of November. The e v e n ts highlighting the weekend included election of a queen, a competitive sing, and Greek Ball. Sigma Phi Epsilon won the overall sing competition and Theta Chi Sorority's Janet Shelly was crowned Greek Queen for 1965-1966 at the Greek Ball. ' ff", it ,, y ty i ,, ,, 6 ,,,l if GREEK BALL SILVER BALL , xg, " r Winter Week T966 took place December 12-T8. The "Winter Fantasia" was highlighted by Mr. Formal competition, a mixer featuring the Maniacs, a carnival and free night, the student faculty basketball game, and the showing of the movie, "One Potato Two Potato." The winner of the Mr. Formal competition, Mike Couture, of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, was announced Saturday night the l8th at the Silver Ball. Theta Chi won the Winter Week Trophy. 115 TRIVIA ln December of i965 WBFO ottered the first in a series of monthly Trivia Tourna- ments. The purpose ot the tournament is "the dissemination of totally useless and banal facts in an attempt to pollute as many minds as possible." The contest is structured after the GE College Bowl format, with two opposing teams competing to answer trivial ques- tions, and audience participation if neither team is able to answer the question. The questions covered such subiects as early radio programs, T.V. and movie Westerns, silent movies, comic book characters and other such vital trash. The tournaments proved to be very suc- cessful and attracted much interest as evi- denced by attending audiences of over 500 students. '1 -' ' ' 1.-. V 7 T' vp Y siis I V 1 DISEASE This year's epidemic had its gala opening on Septem- ber 2, when over 200 students were stricken with food poisoning as a result of eating shrimp salad served in Goodyear Cafeteria. Although the commuter participation was very disap- pointing, it is understandable in light of the circum- stances. We are hoping for a bigger turnout next year. The events, which lasted until Oct. l, included such activities as fever, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea and the effigy burning of Ptomaine Tilly the Goodyear cook. Seriously though, the dedicated help from students, the Health Office, the Erie County Department of Health, the Housing and Maintainance staffs and the Schools of Nursing and Medicine along with the quick action of the Food Service in confining and controlling the epidemic should not go unnoticed. Quoting from some of the unfortunate victims, "After hearing the constant cries of apathy on the UB campus, one only has to witness the undaunted help which we know we could never repay, to see that sometimes, at least, they are unfounded." The Inter-Residence Council, on behalf of the resident students, enacted a resolution thanking all these people who gave of their time and energy to help the stricken students. lt is hoped that the participation of the shigilla and streptococcus organisms which were infamously identified as the insidious villains of this year's event will not be- come an active tradition on our campus. 117 STUDENT INVOLVEMENT 0 i QF. rg 114 Young Americans for Freedom march on Washington. YAF me -Q 1- mbers in front of Vietnam Embassy. Anti-war pickevs parade in Washingion. 118 Qt' Students discussing Vietnam with members of SDS in Norton Union, fin-tis" Y SDS banner for peace. Operation lamination, sponsored by Junior Chamber of Commerce. Yin: to-o ROTC biood drive for Vietnam. : ,. QE Students for U.S. in Vietnam, discussion in Norton Union. ,,,,,.,.W,. umu :FTM DO NOT ENTER nv' SDS gathers in Washington. . ,-yy.-M 120 N --1 SDS marches on Washington. . ...., Y n 1325-'E JNIV. OF pzgmn. 'f'1us E YAF members gaiher in front of Vieinum Embassy in Washington T 1 IL COLL! STP 121 XX-XyXElS1:IIf'fzLLTlf', KNOWLEDGE Mfx c Ill 9414.4 W MSN Wf'Hb'f1i4,xfx Athens? Phllosophlcal Soclefy promohng ant:-war march on Washing! SWQION Auousr 6-CJ 4: P g . A-nifffng, ,-' ft 1, -a WG. xc ,, ,X -4 AWFSQ ' .II Ml MMIII . f CL?-' Ali Akbar Kahn Indian Music Concert Indian Dance Recital 123 The SUNYAB India Festival, held from October 3rd to October 9th, 1965, spon- sored by numerous university and cultural groups, consisted of concerts, lectures, ex- hibits, slides and a film pertaining to ln- dian culture. Ali Akbar Kahn, master musician of In- dia and artist in residence for the week, gave lectures, demonstrations and recitals on the sarode, an ancient Indian string in- strument. Two preliminary lectures by Dr. Harold Powers, "On the Structure of Indian Mu- sic" opened the festival. The formal pro- gram began with a performance by Ali Akbar Kahn and his group. Dr. Sherman Lee lectured on "Creative Aspects of the Art of India" and during the festival art exhibits from private and museum collec- tions were on exhibition along with a pho- tographic display. A modern Indian film was shown as well as a demonstration of ancient Indian dances. A panel discussion on "Indian Thought" was also held during the course of the week. The festival marked the first time for both the University and the city of BuFIalo, that so many aspects of a foreign culture were presented so fully. The Kingston Trio The Reverend Gary Davis Joe . . . and Eddie 124 Phil Ochs ,gri- 90. 5' 4 -in 'l Anita Sheer The Green Briar Boys In the past few years many performers have been brought to our campus. Peter, Paul and Mary, Joe and Eddie, Joan Baez and The Serendipity Singers to name a few. This year the first annual U.B. Folk Festival took place at Clark Gym on the nights of October lst and 2nd. On the opening night the Green Briar Boys, a spiritual blue grass ensemble, opened the show and the stunning Buffy St. Marie performed after intermission. The second night featured Eric Anderson, The Reverend Gary Davis, and Phil Ochs. The two evenings of concerts were accom- panied by three daytime workshops which were enthusi- astically attended. SPEAKERS This year SUNYAB has been the fortunate host to many fine speakers. The Convocations Committee in coniunction with the International Club presented a series of lectures, directed at answering the question "What is China?" Students had an opportunity to hear three noted experts, A. Doak Barnett, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Mary Wright illuminate this vital topic. The topic of this year's Fenton series of lectures was "Government of Science." The series presented lectures given by five distinguished men in this field. The Convocations Committee also presented Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling who urged "Concern for Hu- manity," as well as sponsoring a three speaker philoso- phy series and six lectures by visiting professor Dr. Ed- ward Teller seeking to explain the basic concepts in the "Large World of Albert Einstein." Through these programs of lectures on many diverse topics the University has provided the student with many opportunities to develop and cultivate his academic in- terests outside the classroom. ' 'Wifi' Q . .we 21 - Assistant Secretary of State Unger 126 Dr. Weinstein Dobrionski .Q 'N 2.5.9243- A 'Q Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling .544-I Discussion between Dr. Dobricnski and two members of SDS Dr. Sommerville 127 THE BU DAPEST STRING QUARTET The Budapest Quartet, consisting of Boris Droyt, Joseph Roisman, Alexander Schneider, and Mischa Schneider, are inter- preters of chamber music. The quartet's pre-eminence goes back a good many years. They first played in America in l93O and they have since be- come closely identified with musical life in this country. They gave up their long time headquar- ters in the Library of Congress to become the resident quartet here in l962. The per- formers' deep affection for the late Cameron Baird, was a strong motivation in the groups decision to come to BuFfalo. During their residence here, the Quartet has not only performed its famous six pro- gram cycle of Beethoven Quartet, but has performed as well with visiting artists, and taught master classes to students in the area. Since their arrival, the Quartet has re- ceived much enthusiasm from Buffalo audi- ences and has "Set a standard which will be hard to equal in our generation." 128 Music washes away from the soul The dust of everyday life Berfholf Auerbach DRAMA Three ofthe major productions oftered on campus this year were the Drama and Speech department's "The Lady's not for Burning" by Christopher Fry, the Music department's production of the Fantastics and the Free Southern Theater's presentation of Assie Davis' "Purlie Victorious." To promote interest in dramatic activities on and oft campus, and to give opportunities to acquire skills in the dramatic arts, are but two of the goals set by the Student Theatre Guild. The Guild, formerly the Student Dramatic Society, aims at presenting at least one play a month. This year, it has met with success in such productions as Edward Albee's "Zoo Story," "Return Journey" by Dylan Thomas, and "Servants of the People" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. OFFering new playwrights a chance by producing their plays is an- other one ofthe Guild's activities. Ruth Swayze's "You Haven't Suftered Enough" was presented not only at U.B., but it was the Guild's con- tribution to Saint Bonaventure's drama festival. This year, in accordance with its new policy, plays were presented free of charge to students, and the Guild's maior production of "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet" and "I'm Feeling So Sad" were the first of its productions to be student directed. '.. ' The Public Eye 130 fb-- L 5 x I if' S , 3 --i J, ' A tt, ll 1 ' al? ' Wig. L. .V fi 4 T E " N M + N x 4 . s A , Q' ,---V ff N al A , ,l I Y Blues for Mr. Charley wif! b 5 . o - ,r The Privafe Ear 131 15: , '?. s- L, , ,-'f ,Wi , ,. , h The Fanfaslicks The Lady is no! for Burning .,,... .Q x if 255:9 3 M 0 S S' X 6 3 -1 6 SAS 1-' . ,-3 cr' - K The Zoo Story 511. pw, E +a:e5sg5:i2 ' , ' . '--gqf , A51 4 5' fu . H' Q . :.,.N,s , ,. 4 'fe-Aqgzf . K-:-.-. ' , 'if' -1'-Q., -: " fa-2-':3:.1, A - , . vi-:5,:gq:::g:'-5-: f - by-Q:-f 5,3 N' .gg ' xi ' N K Q 5 H 4 'E M 1- -f : 1' ::::-:-?.g'.K.' 'L "S:1?,5vT:2 ":535':: ,.fgg1g1g' ' ':ig5.55511:niggagff?feg1:':v-2:7-?..9 .. . ., ..... QM? x A P . 451Qz'fqrzairI - 15.10 4? zE:Y'.w'fgQ-dj! 51. lm-'vt .X i, 'iw' W 4:.' y:.'::,M.,-agp.-4Hv4L,A2u'y !:.:::?If,!:! 1 11 ",,x5:',.g,r'x'xi1.AHQ t' . 5 1,1 .Nw L Qiij N Nlgqgx-.:1!' 5351 M-gif ,'-,?,'1,U ,N ...,w,,N1my' pg v , ,.w'.-M". Sk. Y' .' V, V A : ,e?sQrSE73- 'k' H"xf2q2w . :fww ?e..-- ,,,. .MN . , ,N E H1761 A K S GREEKS GRE M, " - fyii xvfit 5533? - X WV "' . ,HA fx'-3 9-'H K N MM 1' M X n X ' ' EKS GR lil Q", 3 is f.. 'P Qfgiffg-,?,,, N1 vb 41 'f gi 4+ as KS GREEKS GREEKS .,' Wh it "UA 5 '-:' A r . I " . p 1 pwali H Ii , 1 ""x . 5 1, 1','l',.V , - , 'fi-n.:v ig , f.. H 5 X '-.eixv - i I 4- '-Ar,wL1f' .- 1.1.9, -.f 1.-1-A 4, ,,,l "r J J I-. ,, .Y A J-N.?'f3' f 1 A ,, , an-lf, ff. ' -H ,f A-. vi 'V' 5, . "' s v 524 2 f I S rw . lm 'Lg-5 ' 'Tn Y.. -4 -E in xg... T3 ,Qu . I Ja 6 GREEK LIFE . .. v ,pu 295: 'T ,hm "-+. ...- .. f ffk.. V . . .Yo H94 1 A l H ,.. Wi gf W, W 1 Aw I '11 as - Yr sr V W1 'Q 1 ' :L " r 1-4 fr. -. 1:5 , af. I 'K M' -. 'L ." -.,, , 43.1 , , .. Nm, ,A ,- .w ' 'F mf- v 'L Q ,V A . , 4 5 Mr 'TK . V , A ',,..,, Q' ya.-.4-w ' F, 'a- , .M NA.. Amr.-4 , . ..a, 1 if 1 E EE E 3 If- 5 . .. ,. :'.v. .gf .,f' - -A ,,f.- ., ' w 'S S -'Qty' ,A vs - .V .Ma .4-. ,wi-7.44 .. '1.,J-' C-f 1 Wf Q Y W 1-iomgmw S! A L. ..Q. :Ls E ..,,E .Www """' QQ' Vf'vS:?:32E'il2, 3 - ff? 54:4 . 53 255 5 3 wr 2 'X I kg.: f 3 s N 2 1 i 2 gi 5 4,3 -ml wo. 136 4 nl K wx I -,,...-coll? hm. 6.-- QCP:--xv-ff LL N. . W.. ff., n. f:. -if, 25, +3135 im? ,Q 22,4 'tv .f' V 1255 ff -4. ,.- :ff-,gfgerl . .. A . 1. 0-d,,,..g-we ff 1 , J ..L.f',.v wh-wwf f , -' '--- , ...f.....,...,..., ' - -l. ..-.., 1, . . Qin v W 'if' 4-aw K. .' ,.- .,..r- M mx:-T? J.,-T-Af " - '-- - M J" .vwfgli , -fn V. ,x S r-.,r,..M,.. X 5 A . a .- M. '. --QF' -1. V .. . . 'of N--K, r xx ,-4 rf H , . w -- h . ...N .r v 1 ,-V. M . k -Al ' - "U: gg." 1 Y'--Sig 1 'Q . x .. , MQ .. .W ' V+-W' X -- - ' ' Pew .- . . 1 V . ., - .. , . xp,-fu -, , .. .,.,,, y. N " ' .. - N ' . . 4- N,-. 1 'r'- -wwf . X.. RN 91,-x' V, figww-'P-:AG , -1+ .f .., . -1. 1- . -.. -4 wx. -. .- V - - W ' ,' v - " H x ... S-vm .', wwf ,.. ..:. cw. 41 ., f- -- A 1 X,-' .-A., -' . . . -. . V Us. .x-Aan X. - P-. ,- ,z - X U .. .53-, N.. -YN , ...X .. 's,-,ffq.yz,gA: ' X bv r - , - , Q J SRX- ' ' - -. .. -. ,. .W . ,. J- Q. 3 , 1. 4. -LQTS-1'g:f.p - Q. 7:5-I ,, 4' nu' . -' ' W - ...N --. - " ,'., . , -l,...+. v-L., .1 , . . ...... .. . K J - .,. b - .st ,v M Q. X 138 s .-. . us. - 3 V: v IJ 1 .. L.. . A. . .I ',,,, 37i5n..5'rg.Qlx A fn.f.+,15-'nf 4 Q' H, .J, YN . ..: U ' ""'11!" . X C 1 . 1 4 ex NF. E L' Y. '. x'-', . 4. ..- .J w. . Y fi Q' iq , 4 'I ,I V -A-1.5.40 gg.. ' 1 h -An. ATP, 5 'z 1 1 X 5 5 i Q v M, K x :z.i.f,:,f? if 7 M55 X' in -L vi: h ' x INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL .ffl ? ,nv-N SEATED: B. Bienstock, D. Mingle, D. Franko. ROW 2: S. Rush, L. George, R, Carmen, H. Willett, P, Reese, G. McGovern, ROW 3: B, Caldwell, P. Schwiegerling, R. Fredricks, M. Edelstein, S. Marcus. The purpose of the Inter- fraternity Council on the University of BuHaIo campus is to promote cu co-operative etifort of brotherhood, schole arship, and service for the betterment of the fraternity system and the whole stu- dent body. During the cur- rent period of expansion and transition on our campus the I.F.C. is being called upon to provide direction and leadership to the entire fraternity system. The real- ization ot the potential of the fraternity system rests with the lnterfraternity Coun- cil. ALPHA EPSILON Pl i t I 1 A ' 5 l 1 ! is l C I t Z ' E l 3 i 5 - 1 4 9 3 I . 4' J. , .s 6:5 V-of Qs 0 K fi f ,,, Aw ki va ,.,.. .dn-4-6. il-A. SEATED: S. Davis, H. Glazeroff, B. Goldstein, B. Cohen, J. Laurence, D. Zolin, Lusthcus, J. Soffer, J. Gershen, M. Castro, S. Ratick, A. Gerson, S. Gordon, S. S. Schulman, S. Smith. ROW 2: A. Marrus, G. Harrison, J. Schneider, K. Nule, J. Unterman, A. Prywes, J. Wasson, A. Scholom, E. Snyder, A. Soldman. Erbstein, D. Schneider, B. Winnick, S. Blumberg, E. lngerman, M. Yosha. ROW 5: D. Colbert, M. Nunen, J. Krongold, G. Reichbach, B. Speilvogel, E. ROW 3: S. Frankel, B. Calc, W. Weinstein, B. Stein, P. Butler, E. Winarsky, R. Aizen, A. Hoffman, P. Fletcher, M. Finkelstein, J. Keller, K. Blackman, J. Held, Cohen, B. Brotman, D. Braun, A. Melmeo, R. Schuartz. ROW 4: L. Pohl, C. M. JaFle, J. Mann, T. Shiffman, C. Gooby, J. Sokolowicz, H. Lasner. 142 Alpha Epsilon Pi has reached its 50th year. lt has prospered and grown to a fraternity of predominant leadership. Over 24,000 men have worn the pearled badge of membership since the day when eleven col- legians formed the bonds of fellowship and fraternczlism which have lasted these many years. Upsilon Beta, which entered the gold and blue in 1958, has'grown along with its national parent. ln the words of our founders, we are "organized for the pur- pose of inculcating and promoting deep seated friend- ship, to courage, to inaugurate a healthy spirit of coop- eration and helpfulness, and to create a better under- standing among our fellow men . . ." All of our Brothers are well aware that time will pass, friends will be made, and brethren shall depart, but Alpha Epsilon will live on. Q ALPHA KAPPA PSI 08" SEATED: F. Fohl, J. Burt, M. Sonnenreich, T. Rogers, H. Recklinghausen, D. Borowiec. ROW 3: F. Camo, S. Schrulein, W. Camp, D. Taylor, B. Rolph, J. C Mackay. ROW 2: R. Conrad, K. Deal, S. Farbman, L. Kwiatkosdki, R. Frey, S. Brummer, J. Lombard. ,B Y. ,R - mm, .l 144 '5sm..,.,...v--- " "'3"5- Alpha Kappa Psi has flourished at the University of Buffalo for nearly 35 years, and the 1965-66 year has been no excep- tion in upholding the high ideals of the fraternity. Alpha Kappa Psi enioys the distinct ad- vantage of being able to combine the pro- fessional aspects of business with the social aspects of the strictly social fraternity to give it a dual purpose for functioning. The Beta Iota Chapter of the Blue and Gold has held numerous banquets this year at which prominent area business have spoken. Due to the diligent work of the brothers, Alpha Kappa Psi has been able to put a greater stress on social and athletic events this year than ever before. ln the frater- nity's first year of full-scale athletic compe- tition, Alpha Kappa Psi has more than held its own in the Inter-Fraternity League. For many of the brothers, things actually began rolling a week before classes re- sumed in September, when they partici- pated in the Alpha Kappa Psi National Convention in Denver for a memorable four days. Other highlights of the year have included the Halloween Party, the Christmas Party and the Closing AFfair. "Alpha Kappa Psi recognizes that we live in deeds, not years, in thought, not breath, in service, not in figures on the dial." As long as these words from the fraternity creed are carried out, Alpha Kappa Psi will continue to thrive as it has this year. ALPHA PHI DE LTA V lli ll lil wi SEATED: D. Colquhoun, J. Cocuzzi. ROW 2: S, LaRosa, J. Muftoletto, T. Peca, Sgt at Arms T Tholner Pres., M. Pecorella, W. Chamberlain, ROW 3: G. Mitinas, M. Piecuil, Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, tounded in l9l4 at Syra- cuse University, was established at the University of Buffalo in l92l. Aside from achieving high scholastic achievement, Epsilon Chapter continues to support all campus activities and participate in all major interfrater- nity sports. The social season began in late summer with a picnic in Evans Town Park. During the academic year the high- lights ot campus activity included participation in Home- coming Weekend, Greek Weekend, the Annual Halloween and Christmas parties, and Spring Weekend festivities. APD closed another successful year with the Annual Alumni Dinner Dance honoring the distinguished alumni of Epsilon Chapter. Alpha Phi Delta will continue as in the past to be CI moving force of fraternalism, scholarship and recreation for its members. ALPHA PHI OM EGA Mb L t. 2' x Hxgvq SEATED: R. Garrecht, Service Chair., H. Gondree, Treas., R. Adamski, Pledge- Ferrara, J. Trent J Bofia A T Sherrod J Kugler ROW 3 R Huver D master, P. Yoviene, Pres.g S. Weiss, Social Chair., J. Edwards, Sec. ROW 2: J. Beckett, R. Kolbas F Allen R Tanner M Roach Since 1948, Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega has grown and prospered on the State University of New York at Buffalo Campus. Brotherhood through a program of social activities and a program of service to campus, community and nation have traditionally char- acterized our history. This past year has given us many memorable moments. Moving the girls into the dorms is one event we shall not forget. lt was not only a service to our fellow students but a service to ourselves. Our Annual Ugly Man On Campus Contest not only enables us to provide enioyment for other organizations on campus but to promote and instill the thought of giv- ing to a worthy charity which this year was Father Kelli- her's Working Boy's Home. Remember change of registration day at Clark Gym? Yes, we were there, too. Besides working for registration we also had to find time to change our own schedules. This year also saw Alpha Phi Omega become a mem- ber of the Inter-Fraternity Council and distribute a cam- pus and surrounding area information desk blotter to all students. The Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Alpha Omega remains a fraternal organization of young college men with high ambitions. 1 l ALPHA SIGMA PHI SEATED: P. Tropman, Sec., E. Black, Marshal, D. Cowen, Pres., K. Guth, V. ROW 3: A. Laurita, T. Milanda, E. Dessofty, J. Drew. ROW 4: M. Swenson, J. Pres., D. Oliver, Corr. Sec., M. Andolina, Sgt. at Arms. ROW 2: P. Destro, D. Ryan, W. Schaetifer, C. Botula, W. Yahwak. Alois, R. Planavsky, A. Alessi, P. Tennant, P. Bennett, G. Falk, M. Insalaco. 11,5 ty' . xx. Alpha Sigma Phi prides itself in the deeply binding spirit of its Brotherhood. SPIRIT. Spirit through individuality, selfiessness, determination and respect. It is precisely this spirit that has made l965-66 a very good year. SPIRIT! The kind of spirit that has pervaded every activity-every endeavor. ln sports Alpha Sig began the year big. By capturing the Fraternity Football Cham- pionship and by finishing first in the gold tournament, Alpha Sig chalked up valuable points in its quest for the sports trophy. SPIRIT! A determined rush program resulted in the largest pledge class of any fraternity. SPIRIT! Numerous and varied social events highlighted this memorable year. Parties at the legendary "Flying E." Parties! Casual parties, cocktail parties, paiama parties, "scuby" parties. There were always parties! Every shape and form-planned and spontaneous, evening and afternoon, here and there-everywhere. Our parties had it-THE SPIRIT! When it was time to work-we worked. "That Man" Karl Guth was our Mr. Formal candidate and many "all-nighters" were spent during the campaign. SPIRIT! Our intense effort to improve our academic standing resulted in one of the highest cumulative indexes the Fraternity has enioyed in years. SPIRIT! The Brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi refuse to be fitted into any pre-determined category, any stereotype. Each frater enjoys his own interests and pursuits and has an intellect and personality that is distinct from any other. Yet it is precisely through this personal autonomy and the respect-both for self and other-that the Brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi remain so closely bound to one another. At the "Black and White," our annual semi-formal affair, alumni and actives get together to renew and reaffirm the spirit of the "Old Gal." The SPIRIT that has made this year-like others before and like others to come-a very good year. 148 BETA PHI SIGMA .G SEATED I Wechsler A Cardom A. Bonacci. ROW 2: T, Pachla, D. Rohlin, D. Burns, G. Mulcahy, A. Levitt L George ROW3 S Srskun G. Skalski, R. Walnicki. The oldest fraternity on campus and the oldest greek letter pharmaceutical frater- nity in the United States, Beta Phi Sigma, was founded at the University of Buffalo by Dr. Henry G. Bentz on December I5, I888. The purpose of the brotherhood is to advance its members both professionally and socially on campus and in the commu- nity after graduation. As a professional-social fraternity, Beta Phi Sigma is active in many of the affairs on campus and in the School of Pharmacy. On campus, we are the only greek pharmaceutical organization that is a member of the lnterfraternity Council, partici- pating in the I.F.C. projects, Greek Weekend, and intramural sports. In the School of Pharmacy, we participate in APHA events, the annual Pharmacy School Open House and other professional activities. Each year is climaxed by our annual dinner-dance where our alumni, who make up the majority of pharmacists in western New York, return for an evening of ioy and reminiscing. Beta Phi Sigma is composed of individuals who are different in many ways, but who are all striving for a common goal: brotherhood, friendship and continued profes- sionalism in their chosen field. We are continuing in our tradition of maintaining the balance between social and professional life within the fraternity. Each plays a vital role in the development of the individual. 149 T' SEATED: S. Litvuk, V. Warden, R. Rubenstein, Warden I. Druss Auditor M man B Cohen P Rennsteln R Zachary ROW 3 R Miller R Miller T Day Edelstein, Chancellor, P. Conrad, V. Chancellor, S Kesend Rec K Ritz Inner I Sandler S Friedman R Nisenson H Bender E Fuxler .l Kane Guard, G. Cantor, Hist. ROW 2: M. Rubin, D. Wenke S Marcus H Gerst Delta Chapter of Beta Sigma Rho Fra- ternity was founded on the University of Buffalo campus in l9l7. The purpose of the fraternity was then, and still is, the promotion of fraternal spirit and good fel- lowship among its members, the diffusion of liberal culture, and the advancement of scholarship. Essentially, Beta Sigma Rho is a social fraternity and prides itself in its social affairs. One of the highlights of the fall semester is the fraternity's annual "Autumn Nocturne." Beta Sigma Rho is iustifiably proud of all its campus activities and has had its share of success in all fields of endeavor. GAMMA PHI 5 SEATED: P. Jenkins, Corr. Sec., E. Reynolds, Treas.g B. Caldwell, Pres., J. Kuhn. 5. L- Mills, Hl5l-i R- Russell, R. ZeSSlS- ROW 32 D- PONCY J A'lClef50"' Killian, V. Pres., T. Riggs, Rec. Sec. ROW 2: A. Luck, A. Sacks, L. Elsie, A. G, Cushing, K. Starobin. J- Dailey. 5- M0554 ln 1959, Gamma Phi Fraternity became officially recognized on the University of Buffalo campus. Since that time it has enioyed phenomenal growth in both achievement and membership. Gamma Phi pledge classes have brought to the Brotherhood active members of the Student Senate, the Student Publications Board, the Varsity Debate Team, and Varsity athletics. More recent pledge classes have brought further political and scholastic recognition to Gamma Phi. Presently, we count two Brothers in U. B. Dental School, three Brothers in leading graduate schools across the country, and two Brothers in the Advanced Corps of Air Force R. O. T. C. Our President, Bryan Cald- well, was recently chosen as a Distinguished Air Force Cadet officer for l965-66. This honor is based on scholastic achievement and leadership ability. Looking to the Social aspect of our fraternity, Gamma Phi's parties are well attended by the Brothers, the pledges and the Alumni. The Gamma Phi Sweetheart Ball and Greek Olympiad are recognized an- nual events on the campus. ln inter-fraternity athletics, Gamma Phi does not always reach the pinnacle in achievement, but we are proud of our record of participa' tion and good sportsmanship. ln the future, as now, Gamma Phi will continue to support and uphold the University which strengthens us and the Fraternity system which unites us. 151 mlm A Pl-ll c L I S 1 .-4? i . KAPPA PSI ----mu-an-use xb- TED R Napierala Sec J Delaney Regent L Kudla, V. Pres., R. D. E. Mroszczak, R. Ameele, R. Van Slyke, K. Witte, A. Panzica. ROW 4: R. Matthys Treas ROW 2 D Vogel T L Knowlton G Amidan, C. Bainbridge, Colosimo, A. Pulcino, R. Lamb, D. Goldstein, C. Milbrandt. M Manka R Ersmg G Reynolds ROW 3 J Graham, S. Eckert, J. Kowalski, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded on May 30, l879, as a literary fraternity. Later, the organization evolved into a medical-pharmaceutical fraternity, and in l92-4, the two professional sections formed separate fraternities. The medical half became Theta Kappa Psi, and the pharmaceutical half, Kappa Psi. The professional fraternity offers much the same benefits to a man as the social fraternity does, with the addition of meeting many others with common vocational goals. One of our annual athletic events includes the football game with another phar- macy fraternity. We won this year, as we always do. Another is a basketball game with our graduate chapter. Socially, in addition to the numerous informal get-togethers of the fraternity, Kappa Psi actively participates in the planning and support of Pharmacy School events, such as the Fall Picnic, the Christmas Dance, Open House, and the student exchanges with other schools of pharmacy. The "Good Time Charlie" parties, held each month after the meetings of the American Pharmaceutical Association, oFfer an informal atmosphere for discussion between students and faculty. The highlight of our annual social activity is our Dinner Dance. Last year, we had this at the Executive Motor Inn, in Cheektowaga, New York. The brothers of Kappa Psi are justly proud of their past record, and will continue to advance the fraternity and the profession of Pharmacy through ambitious programs of academic and extra-curricular endeavor. 152 Pharmacy School picnic. 153 if -1 Wililii PHI EPSILON Pl SEATED: L. Sacks, N. Sapin, R, Fink, B. Epstein, A. Seigel, S. Ronis, B. Tenser S Findel D Freundlich ROW 4 M Chertok G Holob M Kobrln J Bienstock. ROW 2: R. Beck, M. Cohen, M. Weem, J. Steinberg, R. Weitz, S. Bradrick S R h Mn: aelson R A man e erg M Fish M Linker, A. MinkoFf, B. Adler, P. Marotta, C. Nottingham, R. Reiss. ROW 3: J. Grashow Barnett, M. Weiner, J. Green, 5. Weiner, N, Ringler, S. Lamell, L. Shatoff, P. The Brothers of Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity consider themselves responsi- ble for a positive contribution to the primary functions of the University and, therefore, under an obligation to encourage the most complete personal development of its members. ln keeping with these ideals, Phi Ep has undertaken and participated in a variety of projects and events. This year, as in the past, Phi Ep has undertaken volunteer work at the V.A. Hospital and has spread ioy and good cheer at the Children's Hospital under the guise of Santa Claus and his little helpers. Athletically speaking, Phi Ep has made a good showing in all events, always striving to better last year's second place finish in the Pahlowitz Trophy standing. This year's social calendar was highlighted by our champagne party and Spring Weekend closing aFFair. ln closing, the Brothers would like to extend best wishes for success and happiness to the graduating seniors who have helped Phi Ep in its endeavors to attain its ideals and strengthen its fraternal bonds. 154 PHI LAMBDA DELTA T S' IC' SEATED: G. Soehner, Social Chair., K. Brodie, Treas., B. Hammond, Pres., G. Hammond, D. Darling, D. John, L. Kinnick. ROW 3: M. Marino, L. Pompi, R Ehresman, V. Pres., R. Holland, Sec. ROW 2: D. Lyons, J. Culbert, M. Erl, P. T. Dixon, J. Sigourney, A. Gaurin. The school year was closed at Letchworth . . . cele- bration and relief . . . a flashing red light . . . "Hey, who the helI's McNeiIl'?' '... and maybe a tinge of sorrow. . .initiation. Summertime . . . not too long . . . not too hot . . . three months and three weddings later . . . the reuniting begins . . . changes and adiustments . . . still harmony, unity and brotherhood . . . rushing and pledging . . . somehow the same, yet always different . . . "The Last Blast" . . . planning . . . work . . . and more work . . .Comstock and Ballantine. . .the ioy of success. Parties . . . variety . . . differences of opinion . . . Sumo wrestlers and "T.F." . . . The Bowl-a-Drome or the "stud farm" . . . "Far be it from me" . . . a literary award . . . "That's poor!" . . . The pinning songs . . . the pinning parties. . .new traditions. Phi Lambda Delta . . . a tangible group, an intangi- ble feeling . . . changing and being changed . . . we call it "Brotherhood" 155 PHI KAPPA PSI '11 mamma mi f SEATED: L. Schweichler, Sec., D. Frunko, Pres., P. Longo, Sec. ROW 2: A. Shields, B. Kennedy, C. Millerschoen, B. Bevilacqua, D Clements A Helffen Capozzi, J. Ferio, T. Videan, D. Warren, J. Grad, J. Sansone, B. Hays. ROW stein, J. Campagnolo. 3. R. Fredricks, R. Schmidt, G. Sommer, J. Rich, Jos. Rich, J. Wolf. ROW 4: R. -ui I ,yo- 156 ,xmw -fm .qua Qu is "2-ww? -an .qw ya ,fgfm 'ry :4 Phi Kappa Psi emersed itself in many activities this year. We proved ourselves to be a power in the intramural sports program this year by placing third in football and by capturing first place in swimming. Our brothers also contributed outstanding members to varsity teams: Brother Gilbert in football, Brother Millerschoen in swimming, Brother Donohoe in wrestling, Brother Bevilacqua in basketball, and Brother Doherty in hockey. However, Phi Psi has directed its overall ettort toward the Spirit of Brotherhood. Our energy and will has striven to build a 'strong frater- nity. By making ourselves strong, we realize that the entire Greek popu- lation will be strengthened, in a time when they need to be. J 41' D-C 157 Pl LAMBDA TAU "x,..s. SEATED: W. Pomerhn, Rec. Sec.g R. Allen, First V. Pres.: D. Licherelli, Pres.g T. DGVVGY, -l- KYOVEC, R- SYGUFTIS, J- B0ll0ft, E- Cole. ROW 42 W- WlnSl1lP, D- Herlehy, Second V. Pres.g M. Petz, Treas. ROW 2: F. Coppa, J. Wescott, R. TSfl'IC1Gf, D- Smith, W- Gould, N- l-OVS, G- Tlll9m0f9f M- M0ff9ll- Presant, S. Simon, J. Presant, G. Seaward, C. Adam. ROW 3: R. Boller, J. Pi Lambda Tau was organized as a local professional fraternity in 1952. The status of the fraternity was changed in T961 to make it a social fraternity. As such, the brothers of Pi Lambda Tau engage in a wide variety of social and intramural activities. The motto of Pi Lambda Tau is "Spectenus Agendo"-- we are iudged by what we do. The brothers of the fra- ternity incorporate this idea into their daily activities by attempting to promote the ideals of scholarship and fel- lowship. That they are successful in this endeavor is evi- denced by the fact that they have won the I.F.C. Scholas- tic trophy twice. The brothers of Pi Lambda Tau are proud of their past record and will continue to advance the fraternity thru a conscientious program of academic quality and extra- curricular leadership. 158 SIGMA ALPHA MU 'QE l rf' SEATED: A. Schoen, R. Siegel, D. Sadowe. ROW 2: J. Krasner, R. Hober, R, Geller, M. Schweiger, S. Blumenkrantz, V. Fradin, I. Arons, R. Stein, S. Segan, H. Maier, C. Arnold, R. Levitt, S. Cohen, D. Seiman. ROW 3: M, Frankfurt. ROW 4: R. Kalish, M. Schultz, R. Lubasch, S. Sunshine, B. Krohn. The Founding Fathers of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity described the purposes and ideals of the fraternity in part "to foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of fraternity, a spirit of mutual moral aid and support." To the brothers of Nu Chapter, who are celebrating our Fiftieth Anniversary this year, these are the guiding ideals of our chapter. In 1964-65 the brothers of SAMMY participated in every intramural sport, we have for the fifth consecutive year run the Ernie Davis Leukemia Fund Drive, we have participated in all interfraternity activities and many of our brothers actively work for the Student Senate, civil rights, and for the betterment of the community. We at Nu Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu are looking forward to the coming year with high hopes that it will be as rewarding to the Chapter as the past years. 159 SIGMA PHI EPSILON I cz SEATED: R, Mills, Corr. Sec., D. Chown, Sec.-Hist., E. Marek, V. Pres., A. Holman, Pres., L. Costanzo, Comptroller, M. Thompson, Rec. Sec., S. Rambo, Chaplain. ROW 2: M. Mochwald, C. Messina, R. Flynn, N. Colletta, J. W. Baker, J. E. Orsini, J. Deegan, P, Marsella, G. Loretice, E. J. Norman, J. T. Marino, R. C. Benton. ROW 3: S. Martin, D. Fischer, G. Parry, T. Pepperman, T966-another year in which Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love, combined with able leadership and strong coopera- tion, gave the Sig Eps another successful and satisfying year. Even though the paiama parties, nurses socials, "house warmings," the FSC and Queen of Hearts will stick in our minds, the thing that we will always remember is the satisfaction and enioyment experienced by working together. This is the Spirit of Brotherhood, which is traditionally Sig Ep. The work that goes into such activities as Queen of Hearts, Greek Sing, Mr. Formal, Sports and Dinner Dance contribute to this spirit. Success, which is measured in terms of Brotherhood, gives life to the adage, "Unity through Diversity." B. Begin Pillsbury. lnfontino, it, R. Gobien, E. Kumar, T. Duzak, A. Muscarella, ROW 4: J. Hall, J. Campbell, J. Senulis, J. Scarsky, T. Lawrence R. Graves, D. Brown, M. Couture, L. Brassington. ROW 5: Eldredge, F. Schoellkopf, R. Valdov, J. Kasper, D. Gruber, B. Capell, Robinson , T. Calnon, R. Fick. The drunken folksinger. .V,,f' .9-74" 1 fi'-' ' 1 1 "' . 7'2" ,1 ' f' . A- gr 1 , r 9 , . ,jr We go! hopes -r4"" THETA CHI SEATED: E. Sharkey, Librarian, W, Walluk, T, Hines, V. Pres., H. Willett, Allen, T. Stratton, M DA n eo CW 3 H se J Kenyon Pres., P, Segert, Sec., P. Fischer, Chaplain, T. Swanson, First Guard. ROW 2: McGovern. ROW 4: G Fadale T Kenlarski K Swartz P Schwiegerling G E. McGuinness, R, Agoglia, J. Pucholski, M. C. Boumansour, B. Underhill, R. Bruno, B. Ransom. The brothers ofthe snake and the swords have resided at 2 Niagara Falls Blvd. since l9119. We have been able to maintain a fraternity house through the hard work and dedication of our brotherhood. We have always tried to take part in campus activities to show fine school spirit, such as the tire-dragon and Mr. Formal. We take pride in having the best parties on campus. Our closing function, "The Dream Girl," furnishes us with lasting and stirring memories ofthe year. pw l 4 1 fi gl 'G S 'E 162 Q QS-1 my 2 sg: ,A Vx. f'1?5'- I 9 t 575H:.15,' r ' '19-Ejri?9g'4' s ...N X 4- ,.-V155 X- " .w,Qaj.a :..-. ,N ' .f:f15fQ1:5:lj " loaf :l3?'::. ' Film, 'i t1'.j'j. ' L.. . L.. i'W,b:-.Tn-::wm', - - v , 0 xv., SK , ,.:..5 f3,,.,s,,,,,, Q TAU KAPPA EPSI LON IR' 1 i -X SEATED: J. Dahlberg, Chaplain, K. Hoftman, Treas., A. Glassman, V. Pres., R. J. Cunningham, J. Kefshner, D. Mingle. -l. Sfhmld- ROW 32 R- l'l0ll R Carmen, Pres., J. Maloney, Sec, P. Reese, Pledgemaster, ROW 2: J. Camp- Af1Cl-EYSOTI, D- NGCUY, B- McAllister, -ls G00dYeUf, JA Ririgler, D. H905 R bell, P. Balcarn, Sgt. at Arms, D. Pillsbury, M. Berenbach, R. Wood, B. West, PI'SSlOH, D, Richurdsori, F- 5Clfl0- This was a year of renewed spirit and greater unity of action. Under the very capable leadership of President Dick Carmen, the ball was rolling early in the year with the overwhelming success of TKE, and our candidate, Jay Katz, for "Ugly Man." For Winter Weekend, it was Denny Hens, "Man ot Fire," who was our Mr. Formal Candidate. The annual Parent's Day was again a memorable social affair which promises to be a long-standing tradition. The TKE's also placed a val- iant third in Greek Sing, while their witty verses were well received by the audience. The Greeks also saw Don Mingle win the seat of IFC president. TKE's participated energetically in all intramural athletics and al- though not shining in any one sport, always exhibited the spirit of healthy competition. In a year when our national aftiliation was threatened, and in an era when some said that the spirit of fraternities was declining, TKE was on the move. N f WAT f SSE f f l PANHELLENIC COUNCIL SEATED: P. Adams, M. Graf, G. Moreno, Treas., M. Bauer, First V. Pres., C. Perl, Pres., C. Andersen, Second V. Pres., E. Greenberg, K. McGee. ROW 2: E. Kwitowski, J, Goldin, J. Leslie, H. Olson, S. Bouck. The Panhellenic Council is the coordinating body of all sororities on our campus. Eighteen members, three from each sorority, work to- gether to supervise and unify these sororities. The Council stands for good scholarship, for guarding good health, for whole- hearted co-operation with our college's ideals, for stu- dent life, for the mainte- nance ot fine social stand- ards, and for the serving, to the best of our ability, of our college community. To the Panhellenic Council, 'fra- ternity life is not the enioy- ment of special privileges but an opportunity to pre- pare for wide and wise hu- man service. g"'5 165 ALPHA GAMMA DE LTA . ',3 g E l SEATED: M. Pieri, Rec. Sec., C. Lowden, Corr. Sec., J. Salwisz, First V. Pres., A. Wittenberg, Pres., T. Siobb, Trees., D. Mccee, Second V. Pres. ROW 2: M. Lowryk, C. Long, R. lmpellittieri, M. Berbericm, B. Coniglio, D. Lisson, M. i' Graf, K. Kayson, G. Moreno. ROW 3: M. Nelson, A. Meagher, M. Busock, L Holt, L. Wilder, C. Scheurer, K. KurrikoH, M. Gugino, H. Olson, J. Sgroi, J Comp. .Ly . -- A sa.. . . ' '- g,.41'5.'...-'L-4.,:LL.' . ..:-.- Pycg.. ,. A QQJQTQLW-Q J. -' ff. "Y- 166 i965-A fun-filled ad- venture for the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta. With "Daisies do Tell, lt's Joan," we whirled into the Spring Weekend queen campaign. Our float, "Wish l May," afforded us many hours of work and satisfaction. Jo- anne Sgroi sparkled as TKE's Playmate while Brownie Shaul reigned as queen of the Military Ball. Despite the rush parties, socials, and campus activi- ties, we had time to sing Christmas carols at the Vet- eran's Hospital, to partici- pate in the Bunny Hop for the Easter Seal Foundation and to win the Panhellenic Scholarship Bowl for overall sorority average. ln Alpha Gam we have found the spirit of co-opera- tion, mutual assistance and true sisterhoodl Q1 ff, 2' f3if'f3f' .gf -M if ii"'f-if-'1 46 ' I' ' . L'T , ' 'Q J: ibggyts' l f ""'f CHI OMEGA SE TED J Zldow Sec C Andersen V P es C Harrison, Pres., J. Baum- Knapp, S. Duffy, M. Checco, C. DeKramer. ROW 4: J. Armenia, J. McEvoy, C. rtner T eas ROW 2 D Kile J l B Pernc J Hastings, L. Foroscii, Ulbricht, B. O'Hern, V. Howe, P. Hemink, M. McConky, C. Seifert. cuzzo L L to ROW 3 J D Scho P Dray B Witzel, A. Donovan, l. The sisterhood of Epsilon Chapter of Chi Omega is bound with a common history, traditions, activities enioyed together, but most of all with sincere friendship. Chi Omega was founded on April 5, 1895 at the University of Arkansas and today numbers 89,000 members. Epsilon Chapter here at the University of Buffalo ioined the national fold December l4, 1940 and this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary on the campus. The purposes of Chi Omega, high standards of personnel, friendship, sincere learn- ing and creditable scholarship, vocations, participation in campus activities, and so- cial and civic service give meaning to the lives of the sisters and are carried out through our activities. Epsilon Chapter has distinguished itself this year by taking first place in the Alumni Homecoming Publicity Contest and the small division of Greek Sing, and last year the cumulative average of the Sisterhood ranked second among the six sororities on campus. Another important date on every Chi Omega's calendar is the annual April Show- ers Dinner Dance, at which departing seniors are bade farewell as they leave their will to the remaining sisters. 168 Spring float, l965. n, .1 'vi ,Q 3 Rush party. I Pledge class, Fall 1965. 169 f l AQ i WJ f' - 5 .-, , li Y ' X X I , , f '1"f.' l 1 .f lil I I 'Q Q. 'i - ' i R ..V 3 .i , t f X . A+- . , .3 .F , , P 1 ,'. "Chi Omega Fellowship is worth more than gold lt's not had forthe asking, no place is if sold. You can'l find if by looking in a book on a shelf. You've iusl got fo be a Chi Omega yourself." SIGMA DELTA TAU W ' V f i - J 'i' "T " """"'T' :L I M ,'v' - 'Yr W.. ,...- lf? 4 r : i I I ye-5 ' gl ' l l i H i T il l my D Q 4 .g l I A ' ,...,i. ,g i gay., 2 " lx 5 E ' X l , xl ,.: , N V- l A1, " A: : AQ 4 V V L :I 1? ,A .1 1' " K , 1 A U V. .-. - .1-.1 ..v. is ,-My -:- i '-. y l ag, W V ,y str -it 5 , W i- 1 x, , .V 3 ,gi ' - 41' V , ' m .' 7 5 4- iv . "1 vi ' .T - V, ' T. 5 1- :jr 2 'I I 1- ., -ff, -v 2 ' flu , f ' ISN I -- A I 2 i A 3 5 e Av: 2 lg P li ,- . . V rg? , F, -A , gg.-4, 1 J ' gM,,4 ,gl V V fs f , . , ' r , JSF g ' ll -4 J' .Ll , A v l i 7 VY SEATED: C. Perl, L. Wachner, Treas., D. Sezzen, Pres., L. Einhorn, Rec. Sec., B. RUSS, M- Gefbeff J- Krom G- Z0m5l"'llCk, R- Maisel, 5- 5Cl"'9lbef- ROW 41 M- Boekhout, First V. Pres. ROW 2: E. Rubinstein, R. Bromberg, J. Grown Aroneck, T. Stonger, C, Slrongin, H. Weissman, S. Landerson, C. Kazdin, J. I ja Lessner, L. Weingrad, H. Somin, S. Price, E. Damoshek, J. Reisman, E. Greenberg, N. Kornheiser, A. Kosloff. Becker, K. Kleinman. ROW 3: G. Friedman, C. Beck, A. Sachs, K. Hibel, J. i965 will be remembered for many things by every SDT sister! . . . "Keane on Harriet," . . . Harriet Somin crowned Greek Queen . . . Closing . . . Barb B., A year of rose . . . Margo in National SDT Hall of Fame . . . many SDT's honored at the Panhellenic Tea . . . Cindy Perl, Panhellenic President ,... Spring Weekend . . . "Lollipops and Rosie" . . . James Bon Bon and the Mir- acle Lollipop . . . pink dresses . . . big wooden lollipop dolls . . . Rosie reigns as Queen . . . Elaine and her campaign trophy . . . Trike Race, hang on Ronnie, 3rd place . . . rush, rush, rush, . . . SDT's off to Toronto to see "Porgy and Bess" . . . Greek Sing . . . "How Mer- rily We Live" . . . second place, small revision . . . for Greek Weekend a "Spotlight on Sue" . . . philanthropy and a party for retarded children . . . election, invita- tion and we're oft again for another successful and un- forgettable year as sisters ot Sigma Delta Tau. we 171 SIGMA KAPPA PHI Y sr., 'lil SEATED: P. Silfer, Rec. Sec., M. Leary, First V. Pres., J. Kaelen, Pres., Smith, Second V. Pres., M. Bauer, Treas.p E. Fleysher, Corr. Sec. ROW 2: Sullivan, B. Knapp, K. Salay, J. Goldin, J. Page, C. Waschuk, P. Miller, Hemming, J. Alessi, D. Hunt, J. Strong, B. Mitchell. ROW 3: B. Mongellow, Z Kwitowski, P. Miller, K. Hartwick L Corse V Riley R Sclarrlno B Smith S Shilla, B. Maschek. ROW 4 B eger C Hawley N elert Kerr Trilchler, T, Neal, C. Nash, B. DeGraw K McGee C Wolcatl P Preston i 0 ,Y -L H . t Q. I I gli ji Q 1 A xc X S . , l V , HIL. 5 YS 1 ...M . X . .- K.. I' fs ,I 1 , ,. nc Pledge skit. 172 W 1 On February 24, l966, we, the Sisters of Sigma Kappa Phi Sorority, celebrated our second anniversary. We feel we have accomplished much in the past two years and we are looking forward again with enthusiasm to the coming ones. But now let's remember. . . How about Spring Weekend i965 and Penny, "Whirl thru the Highlands," the bag pipers, pattern 46903, the Trike Race, Greek Sing, Sigma Phi Epsilon's Queen of Hearts, Kedra Debrindt, the saw dust, and, gosh, all this bills, our new Cap and Gown members Jane Goldin and Monica Bauer, the Freshman Ring awarded to Sue Schillo, the Neewellah Greek party, the hectic rummage sale, the Apache Re- lay and Homecoming, the grand old rush parties, the talk by Dr. Plesur, the pledge teas and shoe shines, the Alumni Christmas party, the Military Ball, ushering at the Studio Theatre, the committees for Aca- demic Honesty and, best of all, those roast beef on wick dinners at the apartment and, a little more formally, our annual din- ner dance! But, closest to our hearts, is the bond of friendship and responsibility that we share, the bond that always reminds us exactly what Sigma Kappa Phi Sorority is. ' :g.xz.A. Qt..- ' tw 1- N 1, IL, " A :ffk Whirl through the Highlands. 1 Th 'sgie T" W , . f 1' : .111 -W' - , A , :gui Q -xv-5 ,. - f ' ' 2:55. -f-Vg 4'X':L'P- 4 1- 5 ag ...fb K Q . .,-, 4, pw- , 'Q-"9"WMx,, fs ar 'PJ M 9 A ve-ex x-Q .fi is se., ,S Q Z .t ff' 'ft fl gf, O' J . V "i if-.jg.,..f!'l'q '- pg' M- mfg Shoe shine. .. , .7 ,iv .. .. lc., . 5 we 1 - J NAL- .95beL,R 2' N' + f Q 4.1 swf -'Q 173 Ls THETA CHI iiiflg TED M Leonard Treas J Baumgart, Rec. Sec., D, Brodnick, First V. Elll5, B- P0Plel0S2, Oi N0Q0l90dS, R. l-0YU5f B4 Sfengleifl, G. W0l'm0f1 ROW 4 PFSS 5 Bovfk PFGS l. Mwkell Setond V, Pres., G. Pardo, Corr. Sec, ROW P. Pecoro, C. Gerlach, P. Connors, A. Ardanowski, J. Zochowicz J Knicker 2 D Demrnerle C Kennedy A Incorvio, M, Zaccarine, P. Hanlon, B. Tycho, bocker, J- Shelly'- J Savanyu S Gunsalus J Chimera ROW 3: J. Woodruff, M. Merker, B. Theta Chi was the first sorority to be founded on this campus in 1921. The achievements of our sorority lie in the strong bonds of Sisterhood which have been created. To the sisters of Theta Chi scholarship and individualism are most important. Working together as a group with our individual ideas, beliefs and responsibilities strength- ens the ties of friendship. Sorority opens many new doors for the University woman-academically, socially, and through participation in the various aspects of college life. 174 l Flowers and more flowers Janet Shelly, l965 Greek Weekend Queen. Spring Weekend, T965. The beginning of a new year marks the initiation of the new sisters at the Three Coins Restaurant . . . October brings the Dinner Dance and how can we forget the cocktail party before . . . Halloween- anyone interested in buying a pumpkin, only 200 left and they're going fast . . . Rush partiesg Mary Poppins and the beach . . . l5 new pledges . . . Pan Hellenic Ball and another cocktail party . . . Greek Weekend, Greek Sing small division and our Queen-Janet Shelly . . . The spa- ghetti dinner . . . caroling at Buffalo State Hospital . . . gifts to the children in Li- beria . . . the Christmas slumber party 175 Tg i ' ""' " """"""""""W" fun-, 5, ' - . ,.,z -, , -uv ' ' ' 1 ,.Nx+ if i ORGANIZATIONS ORGAN N3 rwgxi 'N "1 , ', A V Nw- ,' , A, wwf. 1 Y vig N , ,.,xy-M 4, , W 6 , .,, V M, , :,,,"4- 1,..' 1 -fi U1 ATIONS ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS The University Union Board, since its inception in l957, has aimed to give the student what he does not get in the classroom. This is done through the programming of social, cultural, educational and recreational activities, both in and out of the union. The enhancement of fellowship among the students of the University and the development of social responsibility and leadership among the members of the U.U.B. is another of its purposes. The board, as a whole, is the policy-making body. lt sets up general rules to be followed, acts as a method of communication for the committees and tries to solve maior problems ot the entire organization. To carry out its purposes and aims the U.U.B. has set up a network ot committees to plan its programs and activities. Coordination of these committees, along with the handling of every day problems and business, is assigned to the executive committees. This committee is made up of the officers ot the U.U.B. and the chairman ofthe personnel committee. r-:r V 5 ii. UNION BOARD SEATED F W Thomas Adviser J Mantin, lst V. Pres., J. ROW 2: A. W. Burden, M. Tracten, M. Edelstein, Treas., L. Menter, R. s prewski Pres R From 2nd V Pes S Atlas Sec A. Hicks, Adviser. Czernieiewski, K. Roberts, R. Gellman. 178 UNION BOARD Social activities are pro- grammed mainly by special committees and the mixer committee. The Mixer Com- mittee plans informal dances in Norton Union along with events like the Annual Christmas Party and a roller skating party to allow the students to inter-act in a so- cial rather than an aca- demic environment. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE-R. lnskeep, J. Benedict, J. Lundquist, M. Tracten, Co-Chair if 't wk XXSO is A 'jf 4 - SHT 'L 9 ' T 51 V I "af: I ik., K V xg' . fs' 4 ,Y j ' X H' Qf ,gli ' .Ly li '?.'rFE'i,z "7 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-SEATED: J. Mantin, Isl V. Pres., J. Osypiewski, Pre-5.5 L. Menler, R. From, 2nd V. Pres. ROW 2: M. Edelslein, Treas., S. Atlas, Sec. Homecoming is the first big weekend of the school year. The weekend was slarled wilh a pep rally on Rotary Field. A large crowd was on hand to see Terry Neal of Sigma Kappa Phi, crowned Homecoming Queen. l MIXER COMMITTEE-SEATED: H. Bedell, Corr. Sec., R. Gellmon, Chain, P. Cohen, V. Chair., S. Belfor, Rec Sec. ROW 2: N. Shores, S. Prob, B. Law, M. Goldberg, L. Gross, S. H. Bergman, L. Reiss, A. Volpe. 182 fs it The poster making contest was won by Chi Omega, Theta Chi fraternity won the Fire Dragon contest, cmd Dan Katz of Tau Kappa Epsilon won the Ugly Man contest and skit. On Saturday the homecoming dance was held at Kleinhans Music Hall where an enthusiastic crowd ot 800 as- sembled to see the presentations of the trophies, and this enthusiasm has con- tinued throughout the year. Silver Ball is evidence of the flow of enthusiasm from Homecoming since it was more successful than it has been. The dance and faculty reception at Kleinhans Music Hall were both well attended and well enioyed by all. The Mr. Formal contest was won by Michael Couture of Sigma Phi Epsilon with the theme of "C'est Moi." ln the Mr. Formal contest a record 3,000 votes were cast for the five candidates. t Q ' . 5 . ,4 it il fltlgl 'ins- , ....i Vs'-' ng ' x. .i nv. '-?-aes js, - -' -"' - ws ,3'rn1---- A .. m-3-2 A-2-5 , . A 4- nu , iff" ma' s. 'Nia ri . 4' 1 V L' E"'l-'P . 1: iitg,,57f?3'. . Af" 7 .fifff 'ni -EW' 3 51 45225 ."f 'F .2 .hi Eflf' 2 ff 1 A". , 5'- , A...-Q.- - SILVER BALL COMMITTEE-T. Hines, Chair., C. Cooper, A. Ardanowski, J. Mack, R. From, J. Glockner. Spring Weekend is the last big weekend of the school year. Last year the dance was held at the Parkway Inn in Niagara Falls. The dance drew an over capacity crowd of l400, and it set a record attendance for all university dances. The concert at Clark Gym featured the Serendipity Singers and Joe and Eddie, both popular folk singing groups. The weekend was highlighted by the annual float parade down Main Street, along with the queen and Mr. Faculty Contests. The Float contest winners were: Alpha Epsilon Pi "Meeting ofthe Giants" S800 divisionf Sigma Phi Epsilon "Once in a Life Time" S400 division, Sigma Kappa Phi "Damit" S100 division. The Spring Week- end Queen was Pat Silfer of Sigma Kappa Phi and her theme was "Pat, Portrait in Pastels." Mr. Faculty was won by Dr. Stout of the anthropology department. Recreation is handled by two standing committees with the help of a third. The recreation committee organizes the game nights in the basement of Norton Hall, pigskin parties and other events where the students can relax and enioy themselves. The recreation committee also sponsors an Association of College Unions Tournament each year. This tournament has competition in bowling, billiards, table tennis, and chess. 184 1, ,x ':f:: 'fs A ,li '1 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE 1,4 SEATED: R. From, Chair.: J. Coplin. ROW 2: S. Schillo, N. Simonoff, J. Montin. 185 xr: Q-,, fx I kb FILM COMMITTEE-M. Sadoff, Pres., S. Kovnai, B. Howard, R. Gellman, C. Aiken. ef? Q- X Q I A.. , , , Q . 9' 3 , . .9 . 1. 1 W 7 M ' 1 Hg, 3-J, ,.ifqf'V 1 ' L' T13 'Xxx' ! skbixxa xv. .ffxk 3. l gig. 11" 76? QQ' IAW LITERATURE AND DRAMA COMMITTEE-P. Blah, Chair., R. Gellman, P. Cohen, V. Gonzalez, Sec., R. BredhoH, V. Chair. Y 1. gf i l. V . . M A Q 5-. Z ffl 2, - . .1 IE, gb 4 few' . Q: ,A ' V gg pf-E, 1 V Q 40. FN' .X 5 .Q ry . ' '. ' 'I' X 1 - , X.. -L l 1. - 'f . ., '26, '3' ' s 4 f, N V 5 A if v 7 ts- - gg .7 u ' q 'O' V 4 1 ik ARTS AND CRAFTS COMMITTEE-J. Dunham, J. Chiswell, Chaim N. Buiton. ' x 5 The music committee also does programming in this area by scheduling informal concerts by local iazz and folk talent in the center lounge. The music committee also sees to it that the music room is well stocked with records which the students request. They can control the scheduling of the music in the room. The film committee pro- grams in both recreational and cultural areas. This committee believes that the motion picture is the most important media of com- munication as well as serv- ing as a means of relaxa- tion. The committee pro- grams foreign, domestic, ex- perimental, and silent films. Dr, Clifton Literature and Drama Lecture HOUSE COMMITTEE-A. Burden, Chair,g S. Atlas, Sec. lt is the intent of the film committee to supplement the university goal ofa well rounded curriculum by making every type of film available. The literature committee endeavors to provide activities which allow students to develop their interests in literature. The programs they pre- sent include lectures and reading by faculty members, such as Dr. Clifton and Mr. Posner. The committee also sponsors the paper book exchange and the browsing library contest in the browsing library. 189 T all. A iii? 19-i :'vt:'5i- K.1"'3if'--- wi- i 3 A2535 573-Qgflv ' 1+ 1-.I-,gjsngzszj sit ji., ' lfsrhfrzffdtfiisillw ' .1-. . qs. .-mf 3119. "i- I.- .A , 31:15 -' gf, .r f J - fi . . ,xanga ,.,.1 4 ' 15? ' Avia-tj f :" if 1 31 'LQ 1 ..fx li . E s i R The Art Committee takes pride in the quality of the exhibits which it presents. These exhibits are usually acquired from the Albright- Knox Art Gallery or one of the local Museums. The ex- hibits include all styles and schools of painting along with sculpture and hand craft. There are two other com- mittees which also operate in this area. The Open House Committee is organ- ized to introduce the stu- dents to the U.U.B. and Nor- ton Hall at the beginning of each school year. 3 liz is ,- gf? ' T? PERSONNEL COMMITTEE-SEATED: B. Witzel, L, Menter, Chair.: J. Sherman. ROW 2: T. Folino, J. Koelen E, C. Sull, S. Zatcoff. 190 'BN 1 The Open House Committee first semester and the Ac- tivities Drive Committee second semester both share the responsibility of drawing new students into the U.U.B. committees, as well as all other student organizations on the campus. They accomplish this by having each organ- ization present events which show the purpose of that organization along with members of each organization being available to discuss its purposes and functions-with prospective members. There are three other committees whose functions are not in programming of events. The first one is the Public- ity Committee. The Publicity Committee of the U.U.B. was set up to provide Board Committees with publicity tor any events which they may hold. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE-SEATED: C. Magovero, Sec.g C. Roberts, Chair. ROW 2: J. Doren, J. Borkowski, B. Valenti, D. Wilbur. 191 M in 'ov 5 H. av L 'Ai 1 fi Q 1, 4 . , 1 V' ' V" ' ' ' V SPRING ARTS COMMITTEE-P. Jones, Chaim M. Vcnnucci, B. Mason, S. Israel, A. Meyers, J. Benedict. 192 -Y The committee was given the control and responsibility of room 307 in Norton Hall for this purpose. The facilities, outside of materials, are available to organiza- tions outside the Board, and assistance is given to them, if necessary. The committee publicizes events through the use of post- ers, oilcloths, and special effects. The biggest cultural event of the year is presented in April when the Board holds it Annual Spring Festival. The Spring Arts Festival was designed in order to create, stimulate, and encourage interest in the Fine Arts. The committee hopes to increase student and faculty participation in and appreciation of the various cultural dimen- sions of our times and to raise the cultural tradition of the University. To accomplish these goals, the committee concentrates on dance, literature, drama, music, and art. Students are allowed to express their own talents in the Crafts Shop in the base- ment of Norton Hall. The Arts and Crafts Committee has the responsibility of operat- ing the Crafts Shop. The committee has been well occupied this year with several interesting and valuable workshops. The workshops including silver casting, enamel- ing on metals, and leather work. Not all the committees of the U.U.B. are oriented alone toward student welfare. The Public Relations Committee has as its purpose the promotion of student-faculty relations, and the presentation of U.U.B. activities to the campus community. Most outstanding of the committee's accomplish- ments are its monthly student-faculty dis- cussions, the Union Board Activities Calen- dar, the Ride Board, Fine Arts Film Bro- chure, and the Spring Weekend Dance Booklet. The second committee is the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee has as its main function the securing of per- sonnel to head the steering committees for the special weekends, to appoint. . . ft' llll 'll ll'1 fi f 14-'i l ff: f . A A lt 2 ' fit fs 6. ' 1 l ' ' I 1 'L I1 I 1 X i i s 'Li i 5, E 1 ff' ii - ' 'ff " ' fg ilu N Qlfifgr rr -' ., .A aff - .jf -+ .' ri W: ' V Va . ' 'Ti 4 I-if ' W V ' YET?-of-rxssuw - av' -. Ji. , 4 'V - x fu. . X QS, 4? ,if , gy n-k .' .,, I ry W . l v gi "if it I' " ' .p, 'v E I li S A V A f ab COMMUNITY RELATIONS COMMITTEE-SEATED: J. Lundquist, Chair., J. Mantin, P. Jones, sec. Row 2: J. Edelman, J. Coplin. The Personnel Committee puts out applications for chairmen of the committees for the big weekend, interviews the applicants and recommends its choices to the Board for their approval. The events interviewed for are Homecoming, Silver Ball, Spring Arts Festival, Spring Weekend, Program Council, Variety Show, House Committee, Personnel Committee, and any other special event which may arise. The committee also provides evaluation forms for the U.U.B. and maintains a file of students who have worked on U.U.B. committees in any capacity. The last committee, but considered the most important, is the House Committee. The House Committee formulated rules and policies for operating the Union and assigns rooms in the Union to recognized student organizations according to need and the facilities available. The committee also reviews and checks rooms to guard against misuse of the Union's facilities and to insure that the needs of the organization for space are satisfactorily met. 194 yi' 1 L Xp 'wr-1 5. l ' 752151 ajft., rg Y? , l 5 5' , A W t A' ., 4 ' '4,1-- , uf' p 195 54 ,Jh- :vvwunv 1.1 'Y F4 z ..f4- I F0lK FESTIVAL COMMITTEE-F. Weisbroi, Co-Chaim R. Lawrence, Co Chain SPRING WEEKEND COMMITTEE SEATED N Slmonoff J Kerr L Menier GeneroICha1rmcm R Abroms R W 2: T. Follno S Baco V 1 . fa. 1 H E A22 A E51 Q ,QV ,JL ,., ' l 4 E Aigig.-:s:1.v-1,:Z' f 7 o :vp 'i Q ,NZ 63 4 Y in I ' Wx 'J ,J 1 I 4 r I I .1 ui B STU DE NT SENATE 1 ...A., , M- , A M55 - YA - V-,- .,.. . . , ff? A ' STUDENT SENATE-BOTTOM ROW: S. Seide, E. Ccrdone, C. Deveoux, R, M. Obers, D. GioQuinto, C. Levine, C. Montgomery. ROW 3: R. Martin, R Brown, ROW 2: D. Mingle, R. Volpe, K. Pietroszek, E. Weinrub, B. Grossman, Radley, G. Bodner, C. Zeldner. 198 ,1 - L.n. STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS if ' il. I T fini? f .Dig sl' yi F52 495' ? r I 4 , i t OFFICERS-SEATED: E. Cardone, C. Deveaux, R. Brown. STANDING: S. Seide. The Student Senate is the legislative body of the Stu- dent Association. Its iob is to be concerned with the needs of the students on this grow- ing campus and to act as the voice ot that ubiquitous group. The Senate tries to fulfill th is responsibility through its various commit- tees which investigate and make recommendations to the body. This year the move to the University's new campus was announced, one of the most significant developments in the University's history. The Senate, upon consultation with the Dean's Ofitice, im- mediately formed a Campus Expansion Committee for the purpose of adding to the in- put ot information going to the architects. 1 1 , , , I , 1 A.: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-SEATED: R. Brown, C. Devecux, E. Curdone. ROW 2: G. Bodner, D. GiuQuinto, S. Seide. viii' B. Grossman, 'Il wg 41. Qw- NSA COMMITTEE-SEATED: M. Michael, K. Gallivan. ROW 2: G. Bodner, D. Roiholz, C. Levine, C. Deveaux, R. Weiner. 200 Q. K . as S Q .-9 E7 tp- A, It v-r aross air R Esacof. ROW 2 C Deveaux J Rebello C L This is particularly important, for in the last analysis, it is the student who uses the facilities more than anyone else, and he is consulted less on matters of this sort than anyone else in our academic community. The committee has made concrete sugges- tions in the areas of housing, the student union, classroom buildings, and the gen- eral orientations of emphasis in design. We fought a long and hard fight to amend the constitution of the Faculty-Stu- dent Association, the organization that runs the bookstore, vending machines, the athletic program, and various recreational facilities. The amendment was directed at procuring a seat for a student on the Board of Directors. We felt that an organ- ization which derives the preponderance of its income from student fees and book- store receipts should be progressive enough to listen to the needs of the stu- dents on a level that is significant, the de- cision-making level. The Board of Direc- tors, presently constituted of the top ad- ministrators of the University, reiected our motion to amend and tabled it indefinitely. .- . -.XM tk 1 4. N,-4 ' "' V 1-'--ff-4. '5 ' 1 :553Z'914Q3:?'5:Z2fi ' 'V " 1 , , 'Aps-'-'.:"'e-12:1-fv1212,4., Q15 1 F ,3f"9Q'-,aj ,S 43xf'9',fzfj 4' fy fu J " ' " ' ,-129' 1 rf-""'B.J-fL".L. :eh . Q, 4. "'1vf'.,v4f.4."" - C- - .1 - 5 1219? g3Qgfj:1:5i'2-1 2- , "L fr.fz2ff1w1f'?2f":fx1E'1'-1E- .' I 342,-bzgvi513151,-:,.,v-: 2 X . ' .1242-542 ' ' fSZ.fvarsc1:L.fffa..ef1.z1:E 1 Q , ' "Jzvrfwggfyf2q:j:,.51::g,:1':1 f lf -1 ffaf- .wt ,. , , D:5'f:..k:: ,-.131 :G...Jxk 1 mf' ' , , 5 ,f A K4 v A I 3, , ,Wx ,, Q 0 1 x?,7f4' I4 f Qijcg 'Eg -1 ' A' ' lm-iigiff: Y---l.i...-+0-1.-...... "'1'-fn-f,--H-......,,, -eg! BOOK EXCHANGE COMMITTEE--SEATED: P. Cohen, Chair.: M. Feinrider, C. Levine. ROW 2: J. Lswis, R. Weiner 202 W NX 'F '13 STUDENT DISCOUNT COMMITTEE-SEATED: C. levine, M. Feinrider, Choir. ROW 2: J. Doren, J. Lewis, D. Rolholz, P. Cohen, R. Weiner The Senate has been involved in various other activities throughout the past year, activities too numerous to discuss at length. Among these was the completion of the speaker series "The Political Spectrum of a Contemporary World," which culminated with the appearance of Dr. Aptheker. This accentuated our current policy of maintain- ing academic freedom on this campus, which we originally manifested in our con- demnation of Feinberg Law, the tiring of Paul Sporne, and any others who refused to recognize the inalienable right of every human being to uncompromising freedom. aooicsrons suscommmee-D. Romol1,M. reinfider, chair., R. Weiner. 203 The Senate brought both Senator Keat- ing cmd his opponent, Robert Kennedy, to campus during the past New York Senato- rial race, as well as other prominent indi- viduals. We also provided funds for the various campus clubs and organizations that are recognized by the Senate with the hope that the students' lives would be en- riched by these organizations' various au- tonomous programs. Above all, the Senate wishes to see the University take its place among the other great universities of our nation and the world. . f" T .1 ur ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE-SEATED: T. Carroll, Chair. ROW 2: D. Rotholz, R. Weiner, S. Edelstein, D. Hall, K. Darrow, P. Shapiro. One of the ways in which this may be accomplished is by the encouragement of an atmosphere in which mean- ingful dialogue can exist in an academic community that is secure in the belief of the search for knowledge, truth, and wisdom. 204 f STUDENT ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE-SEATED: G. Bodner, V. Chaim J. lewis, Chair. ROW 2: P. Cohen, M, Feinrider. am, CONVOCATIONS COMMITTEE-N. Morchelos, G. McIross, Chcir.g G Kesselman. 205 ,,-1 as 1 I il 5' NEW CAMPUS COMMITTEE-SEATED: G. Bodner, Chair. ROW 2: D. GioQuinIo, I.. Menter, C. Zeldner, C. Montgomery, B. Grossman, P. Cohen. -...t.,,a9" 5 A 9 PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE-SEATED: R. Fisch, Chair. STANDING: P. Greenfield. wx H955 444' One way in which this may be accom- plished is through the encouragement of an atmosphere in our academic community in which meaningful dialogue can tran- spire, a community that rests securely in the belief that the search for knowledge, truth, and wisdom will manifest itself in self- fulfillment, unfettered by political, moral, and social bias. We feel that the students and faculty are committed to this above all else, and we hope that we, oriented to this, have made and will continue to make a meaninful contribution to the academic milieu in which we function. STUDENT JUDICIARY-SEATED: S. Weinstein, R. Jaross, Chair., J, Epstein, V. Chair. ROW 2: P. Simmons, Adviser, S. Rotick, J. Reiss, Sec,, P. Murray. 207 ? in 2 E231 A 1 3 w, fa, 4 ,v ' a i. V, . 'li' fi bg J ,gli gill 'TAN fS SEATED: K. Asher, A. Penn, A. M. Seigel. ROW 2: R. Tabaczynski, D. Mingle, D Curtin S Ratuck Bisonhead, the oldest tradition on our campus, is the senior men's honor society. This year the group has undertaken the study of the problem of Student-Commu- nity Relationships. A series of seminars with faculty and administrators was begun as the initial step in the program. Upon com- pletion of the seminar series, panels will be formed to speak to interested commu- nity groups. The function of these panels will be to give the people in the community a better understanding of student life in the university community. Carrying on the noble Bisonhead tradi- tion, the i965-I966 Bisonhead members were selected from the junior class. "As old as the University," Bisonhead will con- tinue to follow its motto of "Leadership, Character, and Scholarship." BISONHEAD r x K J f ?"? T Q 'Mlllil 'YH ATED: H. Heitlinger, J. Batlan, Treas., B. Witzel, Pres., M. Bauer, V. Pres., E. Fleysher. ROW 2: S. Atlas, Perl, L. Menter, R. Grobel, J. Goldin, C. Harrison, M. Linhardt, K. Morris. L-44 CAP Er GOWN Cap and Gown, the senior women's so- ciety, each spring taps iunior women who have been outstanding in scholarship, character, and service to the university. Last spring at the Women's Formal Des- sert seventeen women were selected as exemplifying these ideals. The first activity of the i966 class of Cap and Gown was a panel discussion, "Freshman Experiences from a Senior Viewpoint," held in cooperation with the Freshman Forum. Other activities included a dessert-discussion hour for faculty women, ioint sponsorship of the career planning conference under the auspices of the Office of the Dean of Women, and compilation of an informative booklet on graduate school and career opportunities for women. 'er'- UB MEN'S GLEE CLUB M I X E D C H CONCERTS Nov. 21, 1965 Nov. 23, 1965 Dec. 17, 1965 Jan. 30, 1966 Feb. 5, 1966 Mar. 18, 1966 Apr. 2, 1966 ORUS Performances of Verdi's TE DEUM with Buffalo Philhar- monic Orchestra. Choruses from Chimarosa's IL MATRIMONIO SEGRETO. Performance of MESSIAH with BuFfaIo Philharmonic Orchestra. First Annual Inter-Faith Reli- gious Concert at St. Ger- ard's Church. Pops Concert of Russian Mu- sic, with Buffalo Philhar- monic Orchestra. Second Pops Concert of Popular Music. Annual Spring Concert. ANNUAL SPRING TOUR FOR UB TOURING CHORUS William High School, Williamson, New York Troy Music Center, Troy, New York, Sponsored by 1 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mount Pleasant High School, Schenectady, New York Burnt Hills High School, Balston Center, New York Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont State University College at Potsdam, Potsdam, New York University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal SEATED: G. Brownell, J. McGroder, Accompanist, M. Gugino, Business Manager, P. Sipson, V. Pres., J. Slattery, Pres., D. Crane, Personnel Manager, R. Hastings, Technical Manager, R. Czernie- iewski, Sec. ROW 2: E. Kramer, K. Young, J. McGrady, R. Helbig, L. Pivnick, B. Sanders, J. Pezzino, R. Holtz, R. Stober, J. Jimenez Jr., J. Archer, L. Puma. ROW 3: A. Cedeno, D. Schultz, D. 210 -Inn- "Hey Bob, You Left Your Suspenders in the Dressing Room!" Matychak, G. Schineller, D. Goodemote, E. Gianni, P. Madison, F. Calero, J. Ferrara. ROW 4: D. Burgdort, J. Burgdorf, J. Lansing, G, Wyckolt, B. Sturgeon, G. Schleder, H. Zwickny, W. Morrow, J. Kubero, D. Marriott, K. Thomas, J. DeLong. "'1'E?,'-il . ,.' ,li . .. 5 'tr -f , ,i 1 ' 1 . . , 1, V . , i 'A 14' - - ..,. f, .N . Q... ..,1 V, , , . . , .- ' 2 . ' . .- it -' .1 " it . . 6 -aw W- V 1 . 'J ' 'a L 2 , ? it fig. +3 1 , 1 1 1 ' Q 1 1 1 1 1 P35151-h.2L"l 1,1421 , ,f l f 1 X 1 3 l ii . '. MEN'S GLEE CLUB CONCERTS Oct. 9, 1965 Buffalo Athletic Club Nov. 13, 1965 Joint Concert with Geneseo Women's Chorus at U.B. Feb. 12, 1966 Appearance at Commencement, Kleinhan's Music Hall 1 l 1 211 SEATED: A. Gould, Personnel Manager, K. Guertin, Sec., M. Giumbrone, Pres., B, Glatz, Wardrobe Mistress, S. Straus, Assistant Manager, S. Hagan, Manager, W. Watson, Librarian. ROW 2: G. Rusgo, M. Schefter, R. Foot, S. Courtney, C. Day, J. Alaimo, T. Goldzier, S. Groues, S. Botek, A. Saffrin. ROW 3: N. Steiger, D. Proulx, Z. Navelle, B. Mason, S. Katz, S. Pritchard, J. Koeningsberg, J. Rock, S. Sheldon, J. WOMEN'S CHORALE CONCERTS October 3, 1965 November l4, i965 April l9, i965 Joint Concert with University of Coimbra, . max..-?E1'i , ' - if ' 3 5 H ' Portugal, Men's Glee Club, at UB. Joint Concert with Colgate University, Men's Glee club, Qi Colgate. ' '- Celebration Concert for President Furnas, at Statler Hilton, Buffalo. f J V ' X .J -is Happiness is Presenting a Concert Before a Full House. 212 Schulze-Bechinghausen, D. Ward, J. Schroedel, J. Voss. ROW 4: L. Williams, J. Penly, K. Boyce, C. Stewart, C. Reich, P. Walsh, D. Swanka, J. Greczyn, J. Ives, S. Smith, R. Herniman, C. Meyer. ROW 5: S. Johnston, C. Trautman, S. Doherty, J. Higbee, A. Loretto, J. Preston, R, Dayton, B. Green, C. Bell, S. Woodworth, P. Womack, C. Boice, B. Emilson. " 1- . b ,. N? va 1 , - In THE UNIVERSITY WOMEN'S CHORALE 213 UB BLUES F. Hill,J Slattery J Archer R Cap ano W Sm th P S pson G Wyckoff D McDowell UB BLUES CONCERTS Sept. 9 Sept. 24 Oct. 9 Nov. Nov Dec. Dec. Dec Dec. Mar Mar Mar Apr. Apr. Apr. Freshman Convocation Concert at Chalet Royale Homecoming Banquet Buffalo Athletic Club Post-Game Tunk at Faculty Club Glee Club Football Concert UB Alumni at Mid-Vale Country Club, Rochester Carol Sing Christmas Concert at Clar ence High School Carol Sing at BuFfalo Coun try Club Annual UB Carol Sing Assembly Program at Ken more Junior H.S. Spring Tour with University Choral Ensembles Assembly Program at Mary vale Senior High C. C. Furnas Testimonial Dinner, Washington, D.C. Theta ChilAlumni Banquet Buffalo Yacht Club STUDENT THEATRE GUILD ln i965-66, the Student Theatre Guild iformerly the Student Dramatic Societyl es- tablished a new precedent-regular cam- pus theatre, free of charge to students. First semester productions included The Zoo Story by Edward Albee, Rouge Atomique by N. Richard Nash, Servants of The People by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Re- turn Journey by Dylan Thomas, You Haven't Suffered Enough by Ruth Swayze, and the Guild's first maior production, Ar- thur Kopit's Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You In The Closet And l'm Feeling So Sad. With Oh Dad, the Guild premiered the first entirely student produced full- length production on the U.B. campus. Besides campus theatre, the Student Theatre Guild annually participates in in- vitation festivals at other universities where the quality of its productions is further veri- fied by the never-failing laurels with which it returns. This Year's goal ot free theatre of Qual- ity to all students has been well achieved by the Student Theatre Guild. SEATED M Henry, Editor: M. Merker, Art Editor: R. Rcymond, Assistant Riley, G. Budzich, S. Wurstner. ROW 4. R. Alt, R. Stachnik, P. Kopycinski, J. Editor ROW 2: D. Nadler, J. Auletta, R. Fisch, S. Adler, L. Menter, S. Zimpfer, Shyeiyl R, Sgbie,-gi, D, Miller, R, Benton, Baco ROW 3: J. Simon, V. Smith, J. Alpern, G. Giessert, M. Giglia, V. BUFFALONlAN?! What's that, asks a misinformed student at U. B. Asking an informed friend he might receive an answer such as that it is some esoteric student publication having its office in Norton Union, known only be- cause of the picture of one of its female staff member's "posing" for our staff photographer. Asking a more informed friend lwho iust happens to be a "typical" Buffalonian staff memberl he may evoke an answer such as, "we do lots more at the Buffalonian Office than just put together a yearbook. We hold many important staff meetings and gather during the evenings to discuss intellectual topics." He goes on, "Where else but in the Buffalonian office can you enioy a peaceful lunch or study without distractions. 5. I Q em , til 1 BUFFALONIAN ' 5?-f'.f'? . :gill Eg Mary Ann Merker, Art Editor 3? JH- 1 Frank Wlodarczak, Business Manager an Z-!..'J..!s!.. ., ffl 1 . f""'i .-., ,.i....g ui-. Jeannie Holmes, N Circulation Edifor With these words of wisdom one may wonder who is this "typical" Buhcllonicln staff member? 217 Mr. .lames Gruber, Advisor Robert Raymond, Ass't. Editor -in DENNIS NADLER-Dennis beautified the oFtice with a stunning portrait of our editor-and used it as a dart- board. If only those mean ol' maintenance men had not confiscated his darts! PAUL KOPYCINSKI-Paul worked doubly hard on this year's book as he was two section editors in one. Strangely, Paul with a sad composure upon his face could often be heard humming the tune, "I Left My Heart In San Francisco." Paul probably was not the only person on the staff who had this strange "maledy." JEAN HOLMES-Jean was this year's outstanding circula- tion editor who greatly appreciated the much help she received from her staff, but who had trouble keeping up with her staFf's personal orders for yearbooks. - "f e..g, ,Q E3 wmv. -an -www:-3.-1 f A r me 'Y , ,Wu ie-., sa-up . t Q? 4 if ,I-3, A :-.,.,:,,.31514435,3::4,5:x:..5.,.5,,+ssh.4W5.53Qg,1: :A 5-'-1-1-"i-fgs5:15-2,,f.-:.f:1:sE:fir3xQ3-f?s- 1535: t -:..'g.,11.'.,.-Qs3,:' -"Q-.g.,.. is .-se1s- -gr :fs'1:r:-zzwr--'szlzlfmm'A .- K. -- 'CV XV. LL., Dennis Miller, Co-Advertising Editor Dick Benton, Co-Advemsing E K 1' ' Dennis Nadler, Publicity Editor 219 ' - S E -x Pr A . lp ditor Marv Robbins, Sports Editor SUSAN ADLER and JOAN ALPERN Sue and Joan will for time im- memorium be remembered for their "trivial" remarksg that is, their trivia questions which could stump anyone-even the Skanks. DENNIS MILLER and DICK BARTON they were known by all the staff members and will ever be grateful to Mr. Ratica of Buffalo Textbook Inc. who gave them a square deal and taught them practices only the Better Business Bureau would espouse. 'kr gg' i X ff nj 2.4211 " - .tif Joan Alpern, Special Events Editor Sandy Bqqq, Copy Edifof 4 LAM , Mike Henry, Editor-in-Chief and Frank Wlodarczak, Business Manager, sf? MARY ANN MERKER-Mary Ann as our art-editor was also the author of a little known book entitled "How to See San Francisco in Six Hours." BOB RAYMOND-Bob next year will be able to erase "assistant" from his present title. Who else but Bob could sleep on a non-stop iet all the way from New York City to San Francisco. FRANK WLODARCZAK-Who else but Frank would lock up candy bars in his desk yet leave his daily cookie ration in the "bill basket" for all to grub. Frank's time and eFfort on this year's book will be long remembered lespecially if his books show a profitl. MARV ROBBINS-Marv was always the most prompt sec- tion editor to make his deadlines. Some of the staFf mem- bers telt his vocabulary was a bit different as the only words he ever uttered were, "where are my pictures," or "has anyone seen Ivan or Pete." 220 Vincent Smith, Greek Editor Rena Fisch, Comparative-Living Editor Joel Shteir, Organizations Editor Loni Levy, Literary Editor .39 Susan Adler, Academics Editor And there are more-VINCENT SMITH, RENA FISCH, JONI AULETTA, JOEL SHTEIR, SANDY BACO and LONI LEVY . . . these, too, were "typical" Buftalonian staff members. Last but not least was our own little "Big Boss" MIKE l"do it my way"l HENRY, our Editor-in-Chief. Who else but Mike could harness all these "typical" students per- sonified by the 1966 Buffalonian stafil to a task easily beyond the awareness of our misinformed student. To that student and all his other misinformed 'friends-yes, the BuHolonian is the university yearbook produced in that room known by too many for its cover-girl on the door, yet, to the "typical" 1966 Buffalonian staff mem- bers it is and always will be something more. , YM.. - 1 gh Paul Kopycinski, ROTC and Senior Editor 221 ,...,y,- -nt' SPECTRUM 1 . 'wr 1. - XA 1 4 'Btu 45 fl ll l gl JE if r 1. ,E 4l fi 1. ll El 1? li 3? 1 5? L E i s X' 'wnwwqpasgixv l "' W David Edelman, Managing Edifor Jeremy Taylor, Edifonin-Chief i ,:. ' ' 5 3 ww. Raymond D. Volpe, Business Manager, and Russel Goldberg, Leprechaun. i I Louren Jacobs, Copy Editor x I I X-es. -- . -.N .lr X Sieve Schuelein, Sports Edifor WT rf i3is,2'f3fg-'1fi1+23 f 7 '5 L 4 I I ...X . ...- xx-. . -fm, -' lf-I 'Q ..i....................... V -. """.-tm X ,X , 4 . . - . --3. J A I ' xr" gigs ' E lt., 1... ..,-.---......... TS-has Susan Greene, News Editor THE PECTRUM The official student newspaper of the State University of New York at Buffalo. Publication Office at Norton Hall, University Campus, Buffalo, N.Y. 14214. Published twice weekly from the first week of September to the last week in May, except for exam periods, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring vacations. Editor-in-Chief JEREMY TAYLOR Editor-Elect DAVID EDELMAN Managing Editor LARRY SHOHET Business Manager RAYMOND D. VOLPE News Editor SUSAN GREENE Assistant ALICE EDELMAN Staff-Loretta Angeline, Joanne Bouchier, Russell Buchman, Karen Green, Peter Lederman, Joan Roberts, Rick Schwab, Dan Schroeder, Sharon Shulman, Eileen Teitler, Nancy Toder, Patti Wartley, Judy Welsberg. Feature Editor JOHN STINY Assistant JO ANNE LEEGANT Staff-Bonnie Bartow, Ron Ellsworth, Barbara Ann Fitzsimmons, Barbara Loeb, Audrey Logel, Bob Martin, Suzanne Rovner, Martha Tack, William Weinstein. Sports Editor STEVE SCHUELEIN Staff-Mike Castro, Mike Dolan, Steve Farbman, Bob Frey, Scott Forman, J. B. Sharcot. Layout Editor SHARON HONIG Staff--Joanne Bouchier, Stephanie Parker, Steve Silverman. Copy Editor LAUREN JACOBS Staff-Carol Becker, Estelle Fox, Jocelyn Hailpern, Sandy Lippman, Betsy Ozer, Claire Shottenfeld, Susan Zuckerberg, Advertising Manager RON HOLTZ Staff-Terry Angelo, Audrey Cash, Pat Rosenfeld, Steve Silverman, Joseph ni. Photography Editor EDWARD JOSCELYN Staff-Don Blank, Peter Bonneau, Joseph Feyes, Carol Goodson, Alan Gruber, Manci ' Marc Levine, Ivan Makuch, Michael Soluri, Anthony Walluk, Susan Wortman. Robert Wynne. . Circulation Manager DIANE LEWIS Q. ' 6 Faculty Advisor IRENE WILLET "4 " ' ' 7'-L Financial Advisor DALLAS GARBER ' , ' A-5.11, EDITORIAL POLICY IS DETERMINED BY THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF FIRST CLASS HONOR RATING I 49 0 Second Class Postage Paid at Buffalo, N.Y. " ,,"'1 ,Q at Subscription 53,00 per year, circulation J O0 :B 15,000. Q02 QA Represented for national advertising by Sharon Honig Layou, Educ, 'T 9' National Advertising Service, Inc., 420 Madi- ' PRESS son Ave., New York, N.Y. 1 l 1 223 ll- . 1-up Nw "v-hun! was-' R , ,.. 1 , 69: Ron Holtz, Adverfising Manager - fin-:iqq cf x :- :cwygvmww X . Y Jo Anne Leegq,-,L Assy, Feafure Edna, PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF-Carol Goodson, P. Bonneou, E. Joscelyn, Editorp A. Gruber ,..- The flowing line. The balance of form. A feeling for the written word. Expression which reflects reality and imagination. The idea of its author. Creativity liberated through communication. Although the New Student Re- view, campus literary and opinion magazine, is a relatively new pub- lication, in its first four years it has evolved into a iournal worthy of national recognition. ln the Third Annual Student Literary Magazine Contest sponsored by the Satur- day Review and the U. S. Na- tional Student Association, it re- ceived honorable mention in the category of Outstanding Literary Magazine. The winning issue marked a dis- tinct departure in the magazine's format. The new staff, anxious for a cohesiveness that is often lack- ing in college literary magazines in general, chose to experiment with the idea of building their ma- l l l l terial around one theme instead of selecting a variety of subiects. The result was a magazine de- voted to "alienation"-a careful, yet varied, examination of a timely concept, through non- fiction, fiction, Poetry, art and photography. The effect of all this? "The stated theme of the magazine, good old "Alienation" comes down to earth in poetry that crawls up your spine and in photography that opens you up where you live-if you happen to be a student currently livestocking a multiversityf' lS h e r m a n B. Chickering, "Where have all the Young Writers Gone?", Saturday Review, October 9, l965l. If the future can come up to the excitement and positive change that i966 has brought the New Student Review, the magazine should be rated first in the nation in a very short time! lj fi .1 .i j i".2 5 .,r, if-sf ae . .M fs: : w 55" 'ix sv, E, in f L 'f '7 B Bl' Y ' 1, s os, 4 S 1 Hi. '5 1 1 be nr' 4 I " ,A , , 1. it . I, ,gli gill 31' 'pp sum .-.7 'tif .Y t- , . l -I :Ei Q, ij?" ,I fx n U ,I , " Q , n V Q . . ,b , f .:, tl A-15.11. cs- 'f -J., 5 .. .Jiri R' Viz- 4 -ts. J 6 Editor: Non-Fiction Editors Fiction Editors: SlClfT2 Poetry Editor: SlCIH: Art Editor: Business Manager: Faculty Advisors: ' gh,-lr 4 ' i sv,-,."' , H B -f-lefty, Pep ui if Publicity and Sales: arts: .f gi' 5 's 1- J A' 'gf T53 J . -.cut Tl? EJ . . X ' .1 Y ' - in .. .. ' " , .yi '15 'af eww ' 1:53 1?- ,. .. 5- , ,- K ., 'P sf- .ci . xi- ' .iq 'isa , AW., . , ., A . ' tm- .-U -:lr Q ' ,, , ' . ,Fl r' 3152 i 31.5-'stir-" ???1 .fi',""4:.!,'-9 E" 'if' Qin 1 ix :...'i'EZ X i f F 1- 'XTX-C si Wax' .. gift' if . . V, ff Bs Y , I '.g, 'V W.. . , .'-- '- ,gi . f? -cw. xx . , 6' T rf li' 'lI: ,I ,...:f ..l . 3, :ill-A1 J' .L " 1.-.? J Harriet Heitlinger Steven Bigwood William DeYoung Merry Lighthill Thea Kaplan Joanne Smith Daniel John Zimmerman Deborah Zimmerman Roberta Grobel Donald Grayson Cathe Busack, Linda Levin Jeanne Stoll Martin Blaze, Leslie Fiedler, FU O U' 0 1 -o I 0 vu vu C' FD Q CQ JN J.S Clfl 3 .LN EIU IA lzyit' Ni i 5 ,,a FRESHMEN ORIENTATION kg: 2 -vm ll SEATEDLE. Fleysher, Co-Chairman, M. Thompson, Co'Chairman. ROW 2: T. Folino, N. Colletta, C. Cooper, M. Henry, M. Chilcott, S. Rambo, This year's Freshman Orientation Committee began its planning and J .133 preparations to welcome the T969 class last spring. Committee meet- X' ings were held once a week throughout the spring semester so that, by summer, the program was well on its way. The committee planned several programs to be presented throughout a three day orientation period. The Festival of the Arts program pre- sented a variety of productions. There was a movie, a'local folksinger, a concert by the Creative Associates and two plays. The Academic Convention provided a series of panels composed of faculty and administrators who discussed current world problems. Through arrangements with the Norton Hall Food Service depart- ment, every one ofthe 2300 freshmen was given a box lunch on his first day at SUNYAB. The committee aims at orientating the freshmen to the cultural, aca- demic, and social aspects of college life through a wide variety of programs and activities. 226 'U' S si , i SEATED: Sullivan, OCCUPATIONAL TH ERAPY CLU B The Occupational Therapy Club is a recognized stu- dent group on campus, under the guidance of its advisor, Miss Nancie B. Greenman. lt is open to all students and welcomes all those who are in any way interested in occupational therapy. The club provides its members with an opportunity for friendship with fellow members, access to the dynamics of occupational therapy through field trips, speakers, and movies, and a chance to partici- pate in good-will projects for members of the community. The club not only functions on a local level, but is active in a newly formed national group, the National Student Occupational Therapy Association. The O.T. Club has taken part in the formative steps of this association. The club sent two representatives, its president, Sharon Pillsbury, and a member, Judy Chiswell, to the national meeting which was held in coniunction with the National American Occupational Therapy Association Conference. Judy Chiswell was chosen as co-ordinator for the na- tional student group. As a concluding event for the year, the O.T. Club has a student-faculty banquet, which is sponsored by an an- nual candy sale. fx 63, 'S e J' 4 -4 " f P. McCarthy, Carr. Sec., S. Pillsbury, Pres., R, Meikle, V. Pres. ROW 2: J. Drowne. J' l'l0Vf0dlf'e, C- M. Yates, M. Zinsley, M. Brand, D. Wotsky, R. Overbeck. 227 ENGINEERING STUDENT COUNCIL The Engineering Student Council is the student government for the Engineering' School. lts delegates are elected from each undergraduate class, which, in addition to the senatorial representatives and professional club representatives, comprise the complete council. The council provided a iob placement program with alumni returning to give speeches on their experiences in industry. In addition, the council will hold a Faculty-Student social in March. Later in the spring, the council will hold its Annual Open House. The functions of the council are to promote student welfare and interest in the school and to provide a sounding board for individual complaints. 1 I If, -s....s.-9 A -fu-an WV' It ve- -ea I SEATED: J. Bolton, Pres., G. Seoward, V. Pres., T. Herlehy, Trees., N. Love, Cory, Sec, P, Michqel. RQW 2, R. Wolynec, R. Helbig, P. Marlin, C. Adam, M. May, W. Gould, V. Pres., R. Boller, J. Rollek. 228 V 55 , . , l f . W i AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS If Vi 'H'lt't Wtltvilit SEATED: G. Seaward, Pres., R. Chapman, V. Pres., W. Reiter, Corr. Sec., D. Paterson, Rec. Sec., D, Moore, Treas. ROW 2: D. Pratt, M. GQH, H. Wildmcm, T. Dalrymple, L. Woitkowski, S. Brock, R. Cipolla, M. Nicolou. C 1 - ct 4 ig it 'kd -v Ng The American Society of Civil Engineers is an organization for undergraduate civil engineering students at the University, spon- sored by the Buffalo chapter of the A.S.C.E. The program of the A.S.C.E. is intended to emphasize the profes- sional development ot the civil en- gineering student. The main points ofthe program include the follow- ing events: Each month, the society pre- sents one formal meeting at which a guest speaker relates the appli- cation of engineering principles to the type of work that a man in his particular field of engineering en- counters. Such topics as the mod- ern railroad system, the impor- tance of contracts and specifica- tion and stock market trends were covered to give the student a bet- ter overall picture of his place in the engineering field. Field trips are organized to help co-ordinate classroom in- struction with actual practice. A trip to Detroit last spring to the Ford Motor Co., Mustang division, gave a well-rounded view of au- tomobile construction. The G-M test center was also visited on this trip. A well-rounded Engineer must have a good social life which is provided by the annual picnic, parties, and intramural sports be- tween divisions of the Engineering School. The A.D.C.E. is seen to be an integral part in the develop- ment of the Civil Engineer. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Since the Mechanical Engineering School received ac- I creditation this year the organizational name of the Me- chanical Engineering Society was changed to the Na- tional American Society of Mechanical Engineers known as A.S.M.E. A.S.M.E. is organized to promote the skills and further the technical knowledge of mechanical engineers. Meet- ings are held every two weeks with guest speakers from all facets of engineering. This year A.S.M.E. attended the regional conference at Union College in Schenectady. Enthusiasm of the members towards organizing the new A.S.M.E. chapter on campus has been overwhelming and undoubtedly will continue to grow. The National Vice-President of A.S.M.E. presented the charter to our student chapter at a ioint meeting of the Buffalo chapter and the student chapter. Our chapter has been the guests of the local chapter on several occasions for dinners and technical lectures. The efforts of the entire mechanical faculty and espe- cially Professor Strauss, as faculty advisor, has been ex- tremely helpful in reorganizing this organization. X -- W ' is S1 E 5 ' I till ff X SEATED: M. Flannery, Sec., C. Miller, Chairman, J. Bower, Vice-Chairman. ROW 2: R. Mates, Advisory D. Humphrey, G. Schlottner, C. Willby, R. Snedaker, G. Glessner, D. Dodge. 230 ACCCJU NTI N G CLU B J. Sommer, Sec.: W. Christensen, Pres. Through our advisor, Mr. Herbert Cassel, the Account- ing Club carries on a program that tries to better ac- quaint the business student with the accounting profes- sion and help the student find out what it has to offer for him. Representatives from area business and accounting firms and government agencies are asked to appear to speak about the accounting profession and how it relates to their particular firms. Membership is made up of all the accounting maiors and those business students with an interest in accounting. The social side of life is not neglected either as the annual Accounting Club Banquet is a highlight of the spring semester. INTER RESIDENT COUNCIL SEATED: G, Roberts, Chairman, M. Kayes, Vice-Chairman, P. Bohnen, Sec.g A. Roth, Treas. ROW 2: S Beemon, S, Woodworth, J. Hart, J. Feinmon, J. Moir, K. McDonald, D. Becker, S. Gottlieb, A. Fried. The 1965-66 Inter-Residence Council was called to order amidst a flourish of activity and has never slackened its pace. The first item on the Council's agenda was the acquisition of the IRC Office on the first floor in Tower Hall. Having a base of operations, the IRC set itself in motion to establish and financially support the Prism, a bi-weekly resi- dence newspaper. Its next accomplishment was the inclusion of resi- dence students local addresses and telephone numbers into the general student directory. Following this came the IRC Resolution expressing appreciation to all volunteers in the Shigella outbreak. A blood drive in coniunction with the American Red Cross was held to support the American soldiers in Viet Nam. This drive met with such success that a repeat performance was necessitated. To indicate its recognition of the residence hall as the home-away-from-home for the dormite, the IRC embarked on two proi- ects to promote the relaxed home atmosphere. A Code of Dress was adopted which placed responsibility upon the individual and removed the formal standards. An attempt was made to eradicate curfews for senior women and a two-hour extension was the effect. Working very closely with the University Food Service, the IRC suc- ceeded in opening the residence hall snack bars and offered much assistance in solving the financial problems of the Food Service. Activi- ties sponsored by the IRC have included free weekly movies, subsidized concert tickets, dances and buses to various athletic events. The Spring Semester saw the formation of a centralized residence student iudiciary and a complete constitutional revision to incorporate this iudiciary. IRC meetings are rotated among all residence halls to bring the resident and his government into a closer working relationship. The present IRC is guiding its activities toward increasing its authority and power when it will become the governing body of about 10,000 resi- dent students in the new SUNYAB campus. 232 -......, ' i SEANY The Student Education Association of New York State is the protes- sional organization for college and university students preparing to be teachers. Founded in i956 by eight chapters, it has grown to include 30 chapters, chartered iointly by the New York State Teachers Associa- tion and the National Education Association. Also included are local student NYSTA units and some individual members. The maior purpose of SEANYS is the development of professionalism, accomplished by statewide and regional workshops, conventions, con- ferences, speakers, panels and other programs geared to the interest and needs of the individual teacher-to-be. Through SEANYS the student is introduced to the services, policies and program of NYSTA and the NEA and through intercollegiate cooperation is provided with the op- portunity for the exchange of ideas. Prospective teachers, through membership and participation, may keep abreast of current trends and issues in education. lt lillllllfllllfllll R., X . SEATED: K. Shakan, Trees., S. Taub, Pres., N. Dembo, V. Pres., B. Miller, Sec. ROW 2: S. Goldberg, Publicity Chairman, J. Trent, Program Chairman, A, Parent, Membership Chairman. 233 V' tif' , r 3 r. 'W' 1 li if r' aliliwlll' 'E it -fi V' ' , 'I ,- T , . ,, vycytvy V!-yxgyh 5 I . .L lt" i. . 55- .,,. J f 'ir- WK SEATED: E. Abelson, Sec., C. Liarakos, V. Pres.: R. Bragone, Treas. ROW 2: T. Beringer, R. Stober D Easer G Rennels G Payne DEBATE SOCIETY The Debate Society at the State University of New York at BuFtaIo is supported by the Student Senate as a recognized student activity whose main purpose is inter- collegiate debate. Each year a general topic of national or international concern is selected by a consensus of college debate coaches in the United States and argued by collegiate debaters throughout the United States. In this capacity, undergraduate debaters at the University of BuFtalo compete on campuses throughout the eastern and mid-western United States. We have visited such schools as Columbia, Brooklyn College, Michigan State and Notre Dame, to name a few. ln February of each year, the Debate Society sponsors its own varsity tournament here in Buffalo. This year we played host to 21 schools for five rounds of debate cover- ing two days. The topic of discussion was, Resolved: That Law Enforcement Agencies In The United States Should Be Given Greater Freedom In The Investigation And Pros- ecution Of Crime. All in all, debate is an ideal activity for anyone inter- ested in contemporary problems, people, travel and the stimulation provided by a lively exchange of ideas. Q-- Cqtf I , 4- I ,s BRIDGE CLUB SEATED: S. Berke, Treas., N. Felsinger, L. Brown, Director, E. George. This year was the most successful in the history of the University of Buffalo Bridge Club. We had a total paid up membership of 60 people. Each week we had a duplicate game where fractional master points were awarded to the winners in ac- cordance with the American Contract Bridge League rating system. The Bridge Club also conducted a series of twelve lessons for all those who wished to learn how to play bridge. The lessons were given by Bobby Lypsity, who has achieved the highest rank in bridge, that of Life Master. ., ... - .,--..,.,...-, .C -.. L-....-4.-4...-. - t e l Z 5 I I fi Besides this regular schedule of events lf we have also held many special events. The second Tuesday of each month we hold a Masterpoint Night, where the win- Li ners won a whole masterpoint. The club il also held the annual Student-Faculty Bridge night where students and faculty met in an informal setting to play bridge. ln February we held the National Intercol- l legiate Bridge Tournament sponsored by 2 A the Association of College Unions. This was especially interesting because it was a "par hand" tournament in which your bid- ding and play were judged by a panel of bridge experts. The Bridge Club also participated in a couple of Intercollegiate Tournaments at other schools. At the University of Roches- ter we unsuccessfully defended our title but still managed to finish in third place. Our first attempt at the University of Wa- terloo Tournament was more successful, as we took home all the trophies for first x Nix?" place. The first University of Buffalo Inter- collegiate tournament was also held early in April, but the results were not known at this writing. 235 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION The State University of New York at Buffalo Student Medical Tech- nology Association is a newly formed organization open to any student interested in Medical Technology. The purpose of this organization is to inform and unite these students through educational and social activi- ties, to create a spirit of initiative among the students and to raise the prestige of the Medical Technologist on the college campus. Activities for the year have included an Orientation Picnic, speakers on the subjects of Medical Technology and Medicine, and a seminar day on which the Association played host to other area Schools of Medical Technology. We hope this year is but a preview of an eventful and satisfying future directed toward the fulfillment of the interests and ambitions of those interested in a career in Medical Technology. r fi t1'4'5"" SEATED: J. Burkowski, M. Mather, A. Bratek, C. Scheller. ROW 2: Kotiek, J Beldler ROW 4 M Klapper C Dash J Stadelmaler C. Carrington, M. Cook, M. Gordon, H. Coburn, M. Walsh, I.. J. Thiemecke M A Castelluccl D Proulx P Borchert D Walter, D. Golden, N. Orazetti. ROW 3: M. Vitale, F. Mc- Kubiak. ROW 5 S Pietrzak E Maul B Steger L Brenner B Kernan, R. Aylesworth, C. Kieffer, M. Frieri, B. Lantiegne, S. Richard, B Popaduch M Kowalski S Selrgman 236 PHARMACY SCHOCL STUDENT COUNCIL BOTTOM: J. Meuhl, Sec.g P. Bell, D. GiuQuinlo, V. Pres.: D. Goldstein, R. Ameele, Trees. FW 237 6 ln ..- Z S- UKRAINIAN CLUB 0 0 DAQ 52 The purpose of the Ukrainian-American Student Association at the University of BuHalo is to foster, cultivate, and encourage further study in Ukrainian and East European cultures, foster educational interests, in particualr, in the study of the Ukrain- ian languages, to work for the good of America and to offer moral support to the suppressed Ukrainian nation for the liberation of Ukraine from Communist-Russian oppression. The lecture on "Communism, Captive Nations, and Viet Nam" by Dr. Dobriansky, professor at Georgetown University and president of the Ukrainian Congress Commit- tee of America, highlighted our educational program. The color film "Treasure of the Ukraine," the Ukrainian Art Display, demonstration of painting Ukrainian Easter Eggs, and participation in the International Fiesta was part ot our cultural program to present the beautiful Ukrainian traditions the Russians have not been able to suppress to the present time. This year's extensive social program provided an opportunity for the development of a closer personal acquaintance among the members. Part of the social program consisted of the Fall Dance, St. Andrew's Eve Party, Caroling, Valentine-Toboggan Party, Tea Party, Numerous Pizza Parties, and the Spring Dance. 0 0 I ' W ' Il ll TRIDENT - UKRAINIAN NATIONAL EMBLEM K if SEATED: C. Dziuba, Sec., Dr. M. M. Hreshchyshyn, Advisory L. Zobniw, Pres., Kryzaniwsky, B. Beiger, T. Tarnawsky. ROW 4: L. Dushenko, G. Bilynsky, C. R. Stasiw, V. Pres., R. Wolynec, Sec. ROW 2: G. Bendz, G. Saldyt, T. Kuiowa, Waschuk, L. Paszkowskyi, M. Schwec, O. Aleksiewicz, M. Grega, A. M. Z. Didoshak, O. Mochnacz. ROW 3: G. Korol, I. Makuch, G. Kuzmycz, G. Slobodion. 238 The International Club of the State University of New York at Buffalo exists to encourage closer cooperation and to promote mutual understanding among the people of the world and to foster the intellectual, social, and cultural ideals among the total University community. Founded six years ago by foreign and American stu- dents and faculty, the International Club has over 200 members. In full recognition of the advantages of cross cultural activities, and desires of foreign and American students, the planning of the overall program is con- stantly reviewed and carefully analyzed. Speaker programs, such as the China Series, publica- tions, cultural trips, and exhibits, such as India Week and Fiesta, are employed to provide a detailed study of other nation's culture. Various social and athletic activities also incorporated include tobogganing, skiing, winter season sports, picnics, exhibition soccer games and volleyball tournaments. As far as the overall picture is concerned the Interna- tional Club is undertaking a most definite role in promot- ing a more rigorous interaction among academic institu- tions in the U.5. which have expressed interests in inter- national affairs. However, despite all the academic and philosophical activities, the International Club continuously explores the depths of human feelings and harbors sincere friendships and cheerful comradeship. A goal yet to be achieved by the world community, but at least there is a start. INTERNATIONAL CLUB T5,T,:'Tp . ,,.'-., . I' 1 I .1 ,, b. B. .un I-id 1 L...1'."' 'T' AL r 1 V i is i SEATED: M. Schefter, Exec. Sec., M. Nicolau, Mrs. K. Petho, V. Pres., A, Cabrera, Treas. ROW 2: T. Anderson, S. Stone, A. Stokes, P. Venkateswaran, K. Navada, S. Evaniak, J. Palmeri, R. Auletta, D. Wallace. ROW 3: A. Cedeno, S. Kay, J. Corey, C. Peutsch, K. Hughes, J, Auletta, P. Adamo, J. Schulze-Beckinghausen, J. H Nicotera, T. Said, N. Chec Shooshtari. ROW 5: I.. Carls Hua, R. Steinitz, A. Riquelme. ang. ROW 4: R. Smith, M. Sam, B. Shinde, D kosky, R, Maronian, A. Thio, M. Shooshtari, T on, F. Calero, S. Twal, R. Saona, V. Ciancio, W INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS CLUB 55" T. Hines, Pres., G. Boyler, Sec., R. Radley, V. Pres. The Industrial Relations Club, which is the student chapter of the National Industrial Research Association ll.R,R.A.l, has been a part of SUNYAB's campus activities for many years. Its purpose is to promote, in the interest of the Univer- sity community, a program of educational research proi- ects and activities pertaining to the field of labor and industrial relations. We supplement the Industrial Rela- tions program at the University with field trips, guest speakers, and group discussions. It is also our obiective to aid the University in promoting its own reputation, by helping in producing more qualified graduates in the field of Industrial Relations. Guest speakers from business, labor and government are invited to our informal meetings. Tours are arranged to industrial giants such as Bethlehem Steel and Sylvania Electric. Five members of our club are elected to attend, at the expense of the club, the convention held by our parent organization, which was held in New York City this year. Students in any program of study are encouraged to become members. lfsli 240 l. v "i 1 lr f Q , - A ff" it fit if ' -l 1 gl- Y '. il .. Il SEATED: R. Munk, Sec., N. Felsinger, Pres., L. Eaton, Chilton, Faculty Advisor, R. Gritzke, J. Kohl, D. Pirrung 'T rl rr if 'wir- li ,i e lil csv Treas. ROW 2: S. Berke, C. Spirko, A. Hersca, B. ""' " N "' in - .-., , , . mm...- 241 MATH CLUB The Mathematics Club tries to bring as- pects of mathematics which are rarely found in the classroom to anyone who is interested. We have had faculty speak on topics which are no longer taught in courses. Students have spoken on topics they have been reading, which they have found to be both interesting and informa- tive, but not available in the class. ln addi- tion to informal exchanges of problems be- tween students, we have held problem solving contests. Tours of Cornell Aeronaut- ical Laboratory in Buffalo, and Power Vista Building in Niagara Falls have demon- strated to us the value of applied mathe- matics. We have held special meetings with prospective math maiors, who are still in their junior and senior years of high school, to provide them with an insight into mathematics at the college level. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The Student Bar Association has the following obiec- tives: lll To promote the general welfare of the Law School of the State University of New York at BufTalo and its aim of providing its students with the best possible legal education, l2l To cultivate social relations and co- operation with the Faculty and among the students of the Law School, l3l To secure the cooperation and goodwill of the members of the legal profession of Erie County and the State of New York and to interest them in prob- lems of legal education, l4l To coordinate all student activities. The membership of the Student Bar Association con- sists ot all law students attending the Law School of the State University of New York at Buffalo. The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association. lt is composed of four members elected from each of the three classes, a president elected by the entire student body, and two student senators. , 6-1 'T BOTTOM ROW: W. Sullivan, M. Sheedy, D. Pfalzgaf. ROW 2: B. Moriarty D Bolm G Rcndels D Volker A Puglia J Clrando R Rhatican, V. Pres., C. Mooradian, Pres.: R. Bagan, Sec. ROW 3: R. Acelo 242 l ,- f-gl fn- r 1' L LAW REVIEW SENIORS-SEATED: J. O'Mara, Editor, S. Kellogg, Editor-in Chief T Ward Editor ROW 2 C. Putrino, R. Keller, A. Ransom, D. Brown, T. David, H. Poole, D. Jay, P. Murray The Buffalo Law Review is presently in its fifteenth year, publishing three issues annually. The most recent issue, Winter l965, commemorates Chief Judge Charles S. Desmond's twenty-five years of service on the New York Court of Appeals, l94l-1965. Short tributes are offered by Mr. Justice Brennan, U.S. Supreme Court, Sir George Coldstream, Permanent Secretary, Lord Chancel- lor, Judge Stanley H. Fuld, New York Court of Appeals, and Dean Ray Forrester, Cornell Law School. The authors of lead articles treat new and exciting areas of change in the last quarter-century of New York law, Associate Judge Francis Bergan on the New York Court of Appeals, Professor Joseph Laufer on Tort Law, Professor Monrad G. Paulsen on Criminal Procedure, Pro- fessor Delmar Karlen on Judicial Administration, and Pro- fessor J. D. Hyman on Home Rule. Professors Hyman and Laufer are from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law, Professor Paulsen from the Colum- bia Law School, and Professor Karlen from the New York University School of Law. Other articles of maior interest are: Professor Robert A. Leflar, University of Arkansas Law School, on Continu- ing Education of Appellate Judges, Robert E. Allard, American Judicature Society, on Judicial Selection and Tenure, and Professor A. Leo Levin, University of Pennsyl- vania School of Law on "The Teaching of Trial Advo- cacy." Also, the book, The Courts, the Public, and the Law Explosion, by Harry W. Jones, is reviewed by Professor David R. Kochery of our Law School. Student contributions make up the remainder of the issue, covering such areas as the rights of the impris- oned, and the recent case law developments in Civil Procedure, Conflicts, Constitutional and Insurance Law. . :...K.. -i .fs .X W F3 LAW REVIEW .IUNIORS-FRONT ROW: R. Fisher, C. Milch, G. Wcllach, D. Grzywnc. ROW 2: M. Cohen, R. Thomas, G. Naschifz, A. Corlel, S. Biltekoff, F. Wolf, B. Troy, D. Dodge. 75 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY IX X l :ILL My F, I. , x 'Ia I If L . I I IE E I I I' I I f 1 3 54 V , I 5, ix ' I 'L gif. ,M . I II '2 F-5, I I N- . SEATED: K. Robey, V. Pres.g J. Strush, Pres.p R. Karcher, Trees. ROW 2: D. Crane, E. Arkin, R. Kowulczyk, D. Rheinstein. 245 Executive Council, the govern- ing body of the School of Nurs- ing, consists of two representa- tives and the vice-president from each class, the Student Senate representative, and a representa- tive from SNANYS. The Council co- ordinates activities between the classes and acts as a link between the students and the faculty. This year the Council has rewritten their constitution, effected a uni- form change, and is now setting up a committee to lay the ground- work for a student exchange with a nursing school in Paraguay. i 54 A as STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, SCHOOL OF NURSING SEATED S Pilon V Pres P Bonneau Treas L Chalmer Pres Mr Donblena, Advisor. ROW 2: M. Soluri, R Karcher J Strash C Smith M Cummins W Eisenbels ROW 3 l Mckuch, W. Hua, R. Anderson, R. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Primarily a group devoted to developing skills in the composition, development, and printing of photographic artwork, the University Pho- tography Club nevertheless serves the school through its annual picture display and contribution to the Spring Arts Festival. Photography Club's yearly functions include photographic excursions into western New York and Canada, varied lectures on all subiects by both professional and amateur photographers, workshops in darkroom procedure and technique, salon and model photography, and club sponsored school-wide picture contests. This year marked Photography Club's first attempts at color process- ing by its own members. Hopefully the club will no longer be limited to expression in black and white alone, color being a rewarding highlight. S.U.N.Y.A.B.'s Photography Club challenges you to become a part of a richly rewarding mode of expression. -3, . -' 1 ., N. ' ,rw . 5-:vim - as 1, V . T 247 M yy. 1. ins... , FRONT: D. Agro, J. Levine, G. Gerstner, R, Later, P. Morgan, T. Needell, A. Goetzman, J. Kinderman. BACK: M. Lutwack, G. Bapst, R. Vallie, B. Golder, T. Mathews, D. Janeczko, M. Freedman. The Arnold Air Society is a pro- fessional honorary service organ- , ' ization of selected AFROTC cadets E from 170 of the nation's leading colleges and universities. The H Richard C. Browning Squadron as representative of Arnold Air Soci- ety on this campus, sponsors many ' local proiects. These include such activities as the annual blood drive with the organization re- cording the greatest number of donors being the recipient of a A plaque, the annual military ball including the crowning of the queen and presentation of a ro- tating trophy to her sponsoring organization, presentation of aero- space education with prepared talks and films to acquaint incom- ing Freshman and the public with the Air Force mission, visiting un- der-privileged and orphan groups and volunteering of services to hospital groups, semi-annual en- campments to acquaint our mem- bers with the principals of survival and escape and evasion, and par- ticipation in many other campus I I and community activities and drives. 248 .. 1 , ', 1 Ss' . 34 EJ 5 1. iii 'W ll ' L 3' . Q fiizfj, j 1 , fr' 1 f " --fi? 1---' "'? Li- SEATED: M. Fleming, Executive Officer, L. Ecker, Commander, K. Hanny, Administrative Officer, S. Irons, Comptroller. ROW 2: C. Severyn, K. Shaw, C. Ryll, J. Neumeyer, M. A. Orszulak. ANGEL FLIGHT The Angel Flight is a national honorary organization of college women who are interested in the United States Air Force, the Air Force ROTC, and their respective uni- versities. The "Angels" ofthe local Richard C. Browning Flight sponsor an annual Aerospace Age Essay Contest in Buffalo high schools, support a needy family, and serve as ofticial hostesses for military and university events. The social activities climax in the annual Area and National Conclaves. This year the flight flew to Dallas, Texas, at which such celebrities as Bob Hope and Gen. Lindley were present. 249 HILLEL The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation is a national organ- ization designed to meet the religious, cultural, and so- cial needs of Jewish college students. Over 50 chapters of Hillel exist in the United States and overseas. Hillel at SUNYAB has tried to implement the program of the organization by sponsoring many and varied events throughout the year. Among the highlights were: The Freshmen Mixer, the "Evening in Paris" dance, the High-Holiday Services, the "Break-the-Fast" supper, a se- ries of lectures on "Tradition and Change," the One Day Institute, the "Music of the Faiths" series, the Annual South Sea Island Party lHASSlPl, the Passover Seder, Passover lunches and suppers, and the Closing Affair. Friday Evening Services were sponsored throughout the year. One series of sermon-lessons dealt with "Reli- gious Obiects of Judaism." The services were always fol- lowed by an Oneg Shabbat. ..-.., Www -su. SEATED: J. Finley, Pres., H. Wildman, V. Pres., M. Kohn, Sec., J. Neumeyer, Sec., I. Cohen. ROW 2: Rabbi J. Hofmann, Ad- visor, B. Marcus, A. Frank, B. Hornstein, J. Kaufman, M. Levy. 250 Q0 W SEATED V Kuebler Pres., B. Ryder, Rel, V. Pres., M. Zinsley, Educational V. Sec., J, Langen, Rec. Sec., P. Jordan, Board Member, C. Green, Chairman of Pres R Wilgos Treas. ROW 2: Rev. J. Streng, Moderator, C. Wilgos, Corr. the Board. The purpose of the Newman Apostolate on campus is to enable students to know and to live the Catholic Church, to enkindle the way of Christ in those Catholics who have forgotten Him, as well as to bring others to Him. The Newman Apostolate accomplishes its purpose through a three-fold obiective which includes the religious, educational, and social phases of life. The most important role performed by the Apostolate is the providing of a program of daily Mass and frequent reception of the sacraments. "A Discussion About God," which attracted about l,O0O people, both Catholics and non-Catholics, is a good example of the educational opportunities provided by Newman. Frequent mixers, socials, and din- ners fulfill the social aspect of the Newman Apostolate's three-fold pur- pose. All these combined activities develop a Catholic student into a well- rounded individual involved in secular activities guided by religious principles. NEWMAN APOSTO LATE FRESHMAN CLASS CDUNCIL Ofv Qi 'T' 5 H.. 253 UNIVERSITY PLACEMENT SERVICES Q - z- . 3 L ., -. 1 -5 f ' is '1 ww- ., aT'-L---H' "1--'- I l The University Placement Serv- ices provide personalized profes- sional career planning and place- ment services to both undergrad- uates and alumni in securing em- ployment either locally, through- out the United States or abroad. Under the direction of Dr. James C. Lafkiotes, the University Placement Services give assistance through its three main divisions. The first is the Educational Place- ment Division which assists both students and alumni in obtaining desirable public and private school teaching, as well as admin- istrative and specialist positions in every field of education from the elementary grades through col- lege. diff nf? '--1....,, ,-5 l QA 7 an 1? , X i' n lib I-Hua, t'.."! ii Ki! " .Sf-1fg',i',i A J v j' - 4 x Q " ' --'Ib ll in damn "En cum 7 iv? Aga-A 2 ,-.ff Q- X Q Students anticipating study toward an advanced degree are as- sisted in locating and gaining admission to graduate schools throughout the country. The second is its Business and Industrial Placement Division which assists students and alumni in securing full-time employment in business, industry, and government. The division offers specific informal tion concerning existing position vacancies and descriptive literature regarding potential employers. The third division is the Part-Time and Student Employment Division which provides assistance for students seeking temporary employment for on-campus or of?-campus positions in degree or non-degree related occupations. 255 . WEEE? I 5' J.,-,,,,. WELCOME! TO THE CLASS OF 1966 WELCOME YOU TO MEMBERSHIP IN THE FASTEST GROWING ORGANIZATION IN THE EAST- OUR ALUMNI FAMILY fl.: Ist Annual Alumni Leadership Day mni AHairs 256 .I - ,ggi E en the Thallus s a I fe member of the Alumni Association THE UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO FOUNDATION NC is the center around which a wide variety of services and activities revolve for alumni. U. B. Alumni Association: The Buffalo Bull-Alumni News: The BuFfalo Alumnus: Area Clubs: Divisional Associations: Continuing Education: Placement: Alumni Tours: "SER The Voice ofthe Alumni Published 8 Times Annually Quarterly Alumni Magazine 33 Alumni Chapters in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico 8: Europe 14 Divisional Alumni Associations Homecoming Weekend, Spring Weekend, Golf Tournament, Alumni Service Awards, Annual Fund Drive, Post-Game Tunks, Meet-the- Professor Luncheons, Alumni Leadership Day Lectures, Seminars, Refresher Programs, Alumni Work- shops ln Cooperation With The Campus Placement Office, Placement Services Two Overseas Alumni Tours Annually CE SINCE 1848" 257 ' I-"'l-fx: "' :X ' .1.A"'?-.1,'. p 449.1 ,. 'MQ . 42, ' V 7-,N ':.',-., KM l -' -' ??:f'b' ""-:' 'J- ' Figiif' 3 531215-1f'?" 317 ,ww .-5 ' fvffffzffg-'5 :1.',f2f,?4,.,- . ghggiz'-s: - ..cgw.,.:,..g xp Az., 411 ffm' ' ,A 'I 3,355 'WM' ix 'ff ' . , 1 ,416 Q' Qgfff f'..f: " '.:,",- 5 2 iff 5 - - 'sv 9 2 A wi f fwEf351-'-1'Z:-- wg., ' - :fn 1 4, ,- v-f-is?-al,g7v!f,.n ,, I - 'qi' V ,Q f i- -Q3 I nl Q -:.,, Q M. 4- Q ,M 4 L. ' .vm .k. M' .F ziiffff 3 -Q I 2 fl CCMPARATIVE LIVING COMPARATIVE LIVING : 141 xx ' MV W 'f 'cg In 3' fs. ,, . e 'Q 3 , I ' ' J' y Y . , . I. D OMPARATIVE LIVING COMPARATIVE LIVING ll BUT WHAT ON EARTH IS HALF SO DEAR" Uohn Paynel l nw N lei 4 IQ J . .ning 1 Ha Z L - 1 R '4 . "un "' -fn. f 4 441-f ""-1' 444444444f.'Z " 4444444.,..",,"" 4444444 7944 44444 an 44 A ::.,,- ' 2.12.4 M., . r F444 4 M., "' ,044 an -"'.'1--- - " ' "" ' 2"' .... fur", 144 41 444 I' .Pl .. Quit? , J 4 . , . U ,- , 1,1 Lgll, ?',,...': I 7 1, .H 1 ' ' 4 L" ' 0 X 4 If A ...I """T- '44'- " Z. nr' H 'zzz-ff 1 I ...-vjjjv44444443 , .ZZ , ' " 4:3 1 A ...' III 1 I gg' . 1 ' 4' -- - - ZZZZ ,ou nn .D , 1 14 H.. ,,v I 3 4 ,M All , ' ' A 4 is S- iv in" .. Y,'-. "'f'9"f'i'm5?'la.. x ,L:c-va' 1 2.1 .JM .Nh 'S Studying is a personal thing and it varies with the individual. Quiet and privacy are usually combined as a student seriously meets the intellectual challenges of the university. The place may be a lounge, the library or simply a room away from distractions of campus life. M fa- ,pr , r 97 1 K f ,, 'V X' 1.1 "lit ,BAXK I in---. . .V- 263 Washing dishes, doing laundry, straightening up a room and even taking out the garbage are parts of life that no student can escape, no matter where or with whom he lives. These are just some of the less pleasing and possibly less rewarding activities that a student participates in at the University. ,X .f-. . ' -1 . .- -.:,z Nijizf-yigigiflsviei w X . fff 34f'b4'Z?54'k43:'.- "LJ.",h e. , 0--.. N0 xii. ,Q 5'--.Q- Hgfzffzsxi - V "-P-14+ ' 1 - -pk-keg:-.vgt .,f.. ,- - :Q -r-,:3gg:,,,,,. . ,. M25 'if TP x'-'s':qr,:5. ,1- -- -' ' gf ' 'S , ye' fs ' f, 5 .-s- fir.-f 1- " 'ftksffva -'sf-1..-A 'EQSQE-'-1-1:, L 'W-A - . "Are-.:s. '-.umasn-.-::f,--5-A 1-. . -:ss .. -5 . N LQ. x.- - 1244A ,-w :---fthe.-: f-' K' 'G' 'YV ,Mw5qr:xfb::r,.r:.5 ' 3 . Jag 7' I'f-:QSC-IS'-ix!!-"-15' -Z' f, . ., .gs .,,.w.-,.s ,----.-- Q 'K sweep arf . .... . 3 , r - ', .. -..s S, , i,,s -.Q-'Q'-"" " .- . , ' .V 'sues 264 w S L 5 1 x lw.,,i. K ,ll "F'I'PS-av ' ' 5 an bl ' f15x 3g,.:,5gq -A -M' f-ww .' , Q .' - I LI E N 4' -4 ' , R. ,W n . - ig..2,k,w,1.,L,,,,,5,s - - 1255-a-"'fQ'gg,, 1393? -.1'g ' -:j??E3FzGf,s,7f:?if.r.rQqEg5.Sj2grfg3-g,,.+x, im sff-rgfilrii - 'Ylf f :, ' + i 1 S-i es .- 2 ff'1-ff:'.ai:1r.2 A-531' 5 -' ' 7-'M ' X -2-' ' ul, .,- K1 K . -v . ' , 1, 3 ' s , 1 , 'Q vw . ,.,.,..+7-,i ig i 31.95 :Qt I Q ' 5 "'4- ,N gh 'ff I 3 ,! . .fi " j' , -KCI . . M . ,ye . .tnq ' "... , ,. f .,,. Much of a student's time is spent preparing to meet other people, and this is the one aspect of university lite that usually passes unno- ticed. Yet it is almost as im- portant as getting to meals on time and attending classes to many individuals. ,. 1. ,lj l 1.5 1 ' 14 Q.. f' "iris -:sfwf-1- -f- :Q . A W "Xi , f , il c 554 1 iii , X fi? A 1, A 93 , ,i .,. L l 3 1- " X, N 5 I .rig . FV 5 , ,fa , J J - Q' s.. 1 -'Q , ,. , 6, ' 11 fat? - . Q Sr '- ',"ff1-" il :A p.-1 , V 12? fl " - .fl.-ii-ii i",. a N' ff' Qfvif -5f,wfi- M1 5. :Q I. ,Qvf ! .. X af 4, 4 X 1, ' 53 M yy 'af . , V- ' K tf ffs- ge, ,NSA Esl ?:"3:x ,.' V -gag e' -' - ,,,-X, -aw , Fx s f' W-1 .2, N G- 'fs 'i 1' . :ax s xg: .., fo- .,. --r 266 K, ,,. if f ...Q ,gig 5 x., of Q - J . ',w'f 3 'f I 2 1 it I ii . .sl 1" i S9 i3-QL 5 4 NX Food satisfies one of the basic needs of all university students and they approach it with the proper enthusiasm, For each student a well stocked refrigerator or a ready supply of snacks always makes hourlies, papers and other daily school problems seem a little easier to bear. 269 I 5' 0 UAOQ4' 1 .On H 35 O Q Illini SP' ff FJ 5 a H I x 0 ,,- " ' '. . - K. 'Q .IQ-X' 4 U ' I Q M x 4' tn. 4 , r,-1-cr F-'as ff-M gs, , i Ki, 1" -.., . 1 With the pressures of college life it seems that a student would have little or no leisure time. Yet each person somehow manages to secure time for himself each day. Groups of students manage to seek each other out and relax in a variety of ways. Pool is a welcome diversion for some, while bridge has become increas- ingly popular with others, and musical in- struments, especially the guitar, mean lei- sure time tor still others. bu-1 55 N 4 'I I If j5g33:fHif' EX 2 bb --..g.....-W...,, V- 'f ,. QQ I- 3?-3 4. ,z . 4'-31,1 a :J 'G iff! h n N0 ps I Z 1 Q, I T X w lu. :. R S, f. ,-f-H ' - F 9 Life goes on in strikingly similar patterns tor most stu- dents. Individual activities vary according to tastes and interests, but mainly the routine of university living re- peats itself in each student whether he is living at home, in the dorms or in an apartment. 1 SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIOR , --my . "X, , . .. sf- , ef, E' ., I p fi' If if SENIORS SENICRS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS x ',1',T" ELLEN ABELSON Albany, New York University College LAWRENCE HOWARD ABRAM5 Toronto, Ontario English ' ' ' Y W' ' ' ' f'1I'3S:-,cI13?5' . , , .'15:f7.k3?1:1'- ' i l I l Yu-I - fi: GIL ABRAMSON Springfield, Massachusetts History CLYDE ADAM Rushville, New York Electrical Engineering WARREN S. ABELSON Yonkers, New York Psychology Q?2'7-r MARGO CHERYL ABRAMS Rochester, New York English BINI ANN ACKERMAN East Orange, New Jerse Physical Therapy BARBARA ADAMS Rochester, New York Nursing , 5625? W' 1 - L4 .sg .fa ' IDB HARVEY ADELSON Jamaica, New York Biology "C" BARRY l. ADLER Foresl Hills, New York Anlhropology 1 .vo 7 n l hr' 'NND' l SUSAN ADLER DENNIS JOEL AINBINDER New Yofkf NEW Yofll Valley Stream, New York American Sfudies Psychology cp...- 15.- ESTHER MICHELENE ALBANO WILLIAM Al-BRECHT Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York Secrelarial Studies ACCOUUHH9 f5 JUDITH F, ALEXANDER LINDA CAROLYN ALFIERI Buffalo, New York Bl-'H0l0f NEW Y0flY Psychology Phfffmvfr FRANK DUMONT ALLEN RUSH E- All-EN Mount Morris, New York BuHoIo. New Y0flf Psychology Eleclrical Engmeerrng LONA ALISON ALLMAN JOAN AI-PERN Hamburg, New York Mount Vernon, New York Accounring PSYCIWOIOSY f . 'sz DANIEL ALTERMAN ROBERT HARRY ALTMAN Hollis, New York Elmiro, New York Hislory Psychology MICHAEL J. ANDOLINA MARY ANSUINI Rochester, New York Eggertsville, New York Biology Sociology JANICE K, ANTOS FRED MARTIN APPLE Tonuwondo, New York ROCIWSIEV, New York Mofhemotics Sociology ROBERT AMLIN GRACE M. AMOS Bronx, New York Buffalo, New York Hislory French CAROL CHRISTINE ANDERSEN MARCIA K. ANDERSON Genevo, New York Eos! Auroro, New York English Sociology PAMELA J. ARCURI FREDERICK ARMBRUST Freeporv, New York West Seneca, New York Anihropology Hisfo,-y fx E BARRY P, ARNER JOANNE ARNOW Ken more, New York Biology Schenectady, New York Speech Pathology 'QU' DAVID ARONOWSKY KENNETH ROBERT ASHER Brooklyn, New York Newburgh, New York Economics Philosophy SANDY ATLAS Buffalo, New York Political Science DALE H. AUSTIN Lockport, New York Pharmacy RONALD J. AXELROD SANDRA A. BACO Rochesler, New York Blasdell, New York Accounting Secretarial Studies if. TIMOTHY W, BACKUS WILLIAM REED BAILEY Kenmore, New York BuHaIo, New York Psychology Economics KATHERINE LOUISE BAINER CHARLES R. BAKER Ancram, New York Baldwinsville, New York Psychology History V7 JUDITH A. BAKER RICHARD BAKER Afton, New York Syracuse, New York Pharmacy Arts and Sciences NANCY MARIE BALDING Snyder, New York Classics 'QWS HERBERT WILLIAM BALLARD Kings Pork, New York Economics DONALD M. BANAS Bulialo, New York Biology ROBERT M. BARNHART Erie, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering f WILLIAM FRANCIS BALISTRERI Geneva, New York Biology . ..,,. , "111:::I5e5ga2? MARY ANN BALLOTTA Buffalo, New York Secretarial Studies MARY JANE BARILE Bufifalo, New York Sociology '52 Q - , I '. I' I ELAINE BARRON Bufiolo, New York Arls and Sciences fra' E A1 .IUDITH ANNE BARSUK Batavia, New York French GARY CHARLES BATTAGLIA Buffalo, New York Hislory SUSAN CAROLE BAUM Massapequa, New York Anthropology JUDITH BATLAN Bath, New York Mafhemafics Fifi: 4' Q .5 ,P ' ap we Fvqfwa-:-:-:-:-z-L I, ' ,. N ..:-f Ni.-:-e5:X'-A-:q!S:':::2.' ,.,.:: , ,. . -.1.,i5:5:: -. ..,... I . . . . -:. ..f.1. mfr, A "I-. , 5? ' -' "VE: '5 M., 4 Yrs F"X 23 .. +. 5,,.x-- -:...... ..... Y T? -Q 5 - I ' G. V' '- 1' H Cx, ah-1'3EE553:5'i7f5f5"f1f5i-F af -. 9 N ' 4 2' 1 Sf J- . ' 1 Af K 'W Ss C 1 Q ' if L iIE3: ,-:1.I' , . MONICA H. BAUER Rochesler, New York Economics , W--.rf ' 'f ' -er, -:L-1-Qi., ,. ' 9 M , s "T X ,t L x si s X xxsmxs X Nc, s ' -N W X Q so Q .fe , x xx N Kb X X: X '11 I X ".:'.-:,,..' X b 'is N X xx X N 1 kg , X 5,1 c R 3 X xxx A QQ lx X J' X wx rx N Fx L WENDY BAUM Buffalo, New York English . ' 11. - ffl: if 6'- ,T ' Q . ...., I1 1 JOAN BAUMGARTNER LOIS BAYARD Geneva, New York Rockville Centre, New York Nursing Sociology RITA MARIE BEACH DUANE G, BECKETT l'l"UCU, New York Buffalo, New York Secretarial Sludies Chen-yisffy VX HARRIET BEDELL BRUCE H. BEGIN Jamaica, New York BuHolo, New York Sociology Business Adminislrafion Q' .lANlCE BEIDLER BARBARA ANN BEILMAN Elmo, New York Lancaster, New York Medical Technology Nurxing ETD- ff DAWN BElSlEGEl. SHERRI BELFOR Snyder, New York Rochester, New York Early Childhood Education Sociology 'Sb -N KAREN BELINKY JOHN J. BELLIZZI, JR. Albany, New York Delmar, New York Psychology Sociology BRIAN D. BELUS MARILYN ANN BERCIK Scheneclody, New York Rocky River, Ohio Geology English f . b D .,,. V, il .D HARLENE GOLDMAN BERGER CAROL BERMAN JOHN B. BERRY RICHARD C. BETZ Buffalo, New York Rochester, New York Bulftolo, New York BUHQIO, New York Early Childhood Education Sociology Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering ELLEN N. BERKOWITZ RICHARD ALLEN BERNSTEIN RICHARD BERSTEIN JAMES BEVILACQUA Utica, New York Rochester, New York Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York Early Childhood Education History History Physical Education ...,, ir. t ff - Nil. ' A ,IRM- ..,. .1-ft w . " 26. 4 's HJ' 5.15: : . A ,. .N ..-L9--If, . . ..-.,----w-:A ' , .. .... ,T 5, ,vw,.f-v 'v!.",- if-'31'..' I .2 vt ,j',73L2L'. A .F .4 , Q, -I ,. g 282 -..Q JUDITH ANN BEYER Buf?olo, New York English FRANCESCO BIANCHI Scheneclady, New York Marlceling Kidz 'fri 'Lrg-fe1,-Q r 6-ff 19" N-v' 1 -myti- 1- Q Q.- , .11 L . . 4 SHARON G, BICKLER PATRICIA BISBERG WAYNE STEWART BLANK White Ploins, New York Cedorhurst, New York Utico, New York English Educofion Philosophy I' fo- BARRY BIENSTOCK EDWARD D. BLACK CHRISTINE J. BLAS New York, New York Kerhonkson, New York Buffalo, New York Geography Chemistry Speech Pathology 283 'Q- i I 4' SHARON BLASZ North Collins, New York Early Childhood Education WALLY BLATTER Williomsville, New York lnduslriol Relalioris NAOMI BLISS Rego Pork, New York French GORDON LEE BLOOM, JR, Lewiston, New York Eleclricol Engineering NORMAN BLY Wes! Valley, New York Molhemofics BARBARA ELLEN BOEKHOUT Newark, New York Sociology 284 JOSEPH BOFFA Hillon, New York Psychology MARGARET BOGGAN Cheekfowogo, New York Speech Pathology BEVERLEY ANNE BOLLES JOHN FRANCIS BOLTON CLIFFORD W, BOND Ormond Beach, Floridu Bulfralo, New York Williamsville, New York Sociology Engineering Science Biology CAROL BOICE ANTHONY C. BONACCI ROMAN J, BORKIWSKI Tully, New York BuFfalo, New York BUHUIO, New York Arts and Sciences Pharmacy Pl7Y-Ylml Edvwfioff SUSAN BOUCK Schenectady, New York Sociology JAMES R. BOWER Waterloo, New York Mechanical Engineering 285 ALAN L. BOWLING Welland, Ontario, Canada General Business DARLA L. BRADLEY Hornell, New York Psychology LINDA MARGOT BRAITHWAITE BuFfoIo, New York Psychology LESTER M. BRASSINGTON, JR. Frackville, Pennsylvania Physical Educalion I CAROL R. BOYER East Randolph, New York Business Education GORDON BRADY Riverhead, New York Psychology ALAN J. BRANDT New York, New York Sociology JANET BRAZNER Roslyn Heighls, New York Sociology JOAN BRECKENRIDGE KAREN JOAN BREJ Batavia, New York Ranloul, Illinois Nursing EHQIISIT KEITH BRINK LINDA BROCIA Johnson City, New York Buflalo, New York Engineering Science Ari: and Sciences ROBERT W. BRODEY STANLEY NORMAN BRODSKY For Rggkqwqyl New York New Rochelle, New York Sociology Mathematics 1, SUSAN LYNDA BRODSKY W, Hempstead, New English York DENNIS R, BROWN Schenectady, New York General Business JAYNE K. BROWN Jackson Heights, Ne English w York TEDDAR SCOTT BROOKS Caltaraugus, New York Psychology iN my I ELAINE PHYLLIS BROWN Buflalo, New York English BRIAN ALLAN BROZOST Rochesler, New York Psychology ANDREE BRUNETTI DEXTER PERRY BRUNT Scheneclady, New York Bulllalo, New York Biology Economics YET? ROBERT GARY BRYAN DENNIS BRZEZINSKI Williamsville, New York Norlh Tonawanda, New York Sociology Electrical Engineering JANICE BUCK GLORIA M. BUDZICH Walkins Glen, New York Cheeklowaga, New York Psychology Secrelarial Sludies '27 DIANE MARIE BULATEK JUDITH L BULGRW Buffalo' New Yofk Kenmore, New York philosophy Physical Educalion Z if RAYMOND W. BULSON RUTHELLEN BUNIS Syracuse, New York Rochester, New York Industrial Relations Sociology CAROL LYNNE BUREK DAVID BURGDORF Ccssville, New York Cato, New York Biology History MARGARET GARBE BUSCHER BARRY J- BUTLER Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York English Physical Education QS' we 'bt ROBERT BURNHART JAMES BURT Bulilulo, New York Watkins Glen, New York Arts and Sciences Accounting JUDITH LEE BUTTON ROBERT BYNE Butllclo, New York Brooklyn, New York Psychology Political Science LOUIS N. BYSTRAK BRYAN M, CALDWELL BuFlciIo, New York Belmont, New York Accounting History RONALD BUS West Seneca, History MARILEE BUSACK New York Luckowonno, New York English 'KL DARRELL CANBY MIRA CANTOR Newark Valley, New York New York, New York Accounting Art A it A tl I ff'? ' 1 RONALD JAMES CAPUANO ALEX A. CARDONI Ringway, Pennsylvania BuHalo, New York General Business Pharmacy MARION CAREY RICHARD DAVIS CARMEN Buffalo, New York Rochester, New York Medical Technology Sociology 1 .Pr VIRGINIA CARNEVALE BuHaIo, New York Early Childhood Education ' .-.v -wx: , , '-.g.., ' m S fivvue N . if . .' .gffY."fi ESQ 4 f V U 4 X V Y. 'Sm STEVEN CARVER Foresl Hills, New York Art RICHARD A. CASSETTA Elmira, New York Psychology AUGUST A. CENKNER, JR. Buflalo, New York Aerospace Engineering CONSTANCE .IOAN CARTER Kenmore, New York Psychology THOMAS RICHARD CASSANO Rochester, New York Hisfory MARY LOUISE CASSIDY Buffalo, New York Secrefarial Sfudies MARIE M. CENKNER Buffalo, New York Arr WAYNE S. CHAMBERLAIN Buffalo, New York Business Administration ALAN R. CHASE Buffalo, New York Accounting DENNIS M. CHIARI Cheeklowaga, New York Math WILLIAM MARK CHRISTENSEN Cheektowaga, New York Accounting RUSSELL EDWARD CHAPMAN Buffalo, New York Civil Engineering al--1 'zq:Z'514,3 , :- L I . .H ef'-N-v .5 ,:,.,., xg' 5-5 .x .. . , ,. S . 8 , .a STUART CHASNOFF Brooklyn, New York Music JUDY NORA CHISWELL Buffalo, New York Occupational Therapy CHRIS CHRUNYK Binghamton, New York JOANNE CIPOLLA RICHARD C. CIPOLLA Lockport, New York Buffalo, New York English Civil Engineering TERRY M. CLARK SUSIE-MAE CLAYBORNE Mayville, New York ButTolo, New YOFIK Biology Sociology 5341 . -.A ' 'f4,' Q JOHN E. CLUTE Keeseville, New York English HERBERT IRA COHEN Oceanside, New York Anthropology LYNNE HADLEY COBANE Luke Placid, New York English IRA JAY COHEN Monticello, New York Political Science O',L, A-T? -- "dv", 4- J' 1. , f- f 'f rt' ' 'ah lynx? Q6 av- A -- .FA ALLEN COHEN Neponsit, New York Psychology IRA JOSEPH COHEN Mineola, New York Accounting ir'-4 SHELDON COHEN Rochester, New York History in 'rf 1' , SUSAN Y. COHLER Forest Hills, New York Sociology A lil BARRY F. COHEN Brooklyn, New York Mathematics .,, PETER LEE COHEN Buffalo, New York History N, Nc, .,- l72.T,,-'f ., -gM1f,:Ff?, it-sr STEFAN COHEN Buflolo, New York History ' n THOMAS COLANGELO Buffalo, New York Electrical Engineering JANE COLEBERT BARRY H. COLE Eos! Aurora, New York Whiiesione, New York Accounting Psychology ELLIOTT COLE JANE ELLEN COLEBERT Por! Washington, New York Eos! Aurora, New York Electrical Engineering Accounting 4!--Q.. 'Him v,,, ..... STEPHEN CONIGLIO MI. Morris, New York Biology NAT J. COLLETTA DAVID C. COLLINS Highland Falls, New York Shorisville, New York Hisfory Biology JEFFREY ALLAN COLTON BARBARA A- CONIGLIO Liberty, New York OrCI'lCII'd Park, New YOFII History English RONALD L. CONRAD Rochesier, New York Finance DAVID C. CONINE Praftsburg, New York Economics SEBASTIAN CONTI Jamestown, New York Psychology V 45'-f?'. lt' ,, Q A 1? ' . . feigsgige L ' ,xi Rf-3,5362 . A L, yi -i gs il 'lsgzrf '-41,1 r LOUIS A. COSTANZO Scranton, Pennsylvania GARY N. COSTELLO Buffalo, New York Psychology Physical Education . J. L' J. dm ' 127' BETTY COTTONE DAVID COWEN Buffalo, New York Rochester, New York Secretarial Studies Geography DEAN L. COOK FRANK JOSEPH COPPA Ticonderoga, New York New York, New York Biology Electrical Engineering CARQLEE M, CQYE FREDERICK CRADEN Smyrna, New York Buffalo, New York Music History , IUS I FRANK J. CORTO Hamburg, New York CAROL J. CORRENTI Hogansburg, New York Sociology History MARCIA CRADEN NANCY ELINOR CRAMER Buffalo, New York Ayer, Massachusetts English Speech Pathology 293 WILLARD M, CROSBY CHRISTINE CUNNINGHAM Buffalo, New York History Buffalo New York Early Childhood Education My , 'Q'-N-'-hy ELIEZER CU RETVMENDEZ DENNIS P. CU RTIN San Juan, Puerto Rico Cl1eek'0WU90, New Y0fk Political Science History AUDREY CAROL CZAJKA RICHARD T. CZERNIEJEWSKI Depew, New York History C' GARY DAIGLER Cheektowaga, New York Drama and Speech TERRANCE D, DALRYMPLE Conneaut, Ohio Civil Engineering JOHN DANAHY West Seneca, New York Physical Education MARK D'ARCANGELO Tonawanda, New York Anthropology PETER J. D'ARRIGO Tonawanda, New York Biology ROBERT J. DANETZ Mount Vernon, New York English FRANCES DARLINGTON Vernon, New York Speech Pathology JULIE ANN DAVID Geneva, New York Medical Technology JONATHAN C. DAVIS RICHARD L- DAVIS Seneca Falls, New York Elmira, New YOYIK Higtgry Sociology MARY CATHERINE DAVISON KENNETH R. DEAL Caledonia, New York Niagara Falls, New York History Management Science I, J CAROL LEE DEAN JOHN EDWARD DEANE Niagara Falls, New York E99ef'SVlllei New YOYIK History Eflgll-fl' BARBARA E. DEGRAW Kenmore, New York Physical Education J. CORINNE DEHOND Rochester, New York Nursing GERALD F. DEITZER Kenmore, New York Biology JEROME P. DELANEY Fulton, New York Pharmacy EDWARD DONALD DEMARCO JOYCE LYNN DEMBIK Dolgeville, New York Psychology Cheektowaga, New York Physical Education NANCY ANN DEMBO Kenmore, New York Early Childhood Education STEVEN DENES Syosset, New York English SUSAN DERMAN SHERRY LEE DERWIN Wes! Hempstead, New York Syracuse, New York Early Childhood Education Psychology 'iii JOHN J. DEVENY, JR. DONNA CAROL DEYOT Morrisville, New York Buffalo, New York Spanish Psychology JOHN DI ARRIGO BERNARD L. DIKMAN Buffalo, New York New York, New York Chemistry Accounling an-x Us wif' iii' X 'T DAVID G. DIFLORIO LINDA DOCKSTADER BUHOIO, New York Johnstown, New York Economics French DENNIS WAYNE DODGE Ilion, New York Mechanical Engineering JACK DOREN Buffalo, New York Psychology JEFFREY ANDERSON DREW DeWitt, New York Psychology CAROL ANN DOMAGALA Buffalo, New York Secrelarial Sludies ALISON M. DRAY Depew, New York Nursing MICKEY DREXLER Greol Neck, New York Markeling .., fu ,lr ,J-, fly ffm- I SUSAN M. DUFFY Kenmore, New York History SHARON DUNCAN Williamsville, New York Early Childhood Education NORINE S. DUNKER Lockport, New York History RONALD L. DUKE North Tonawanda, New York Business Administration JOHN C, DUNHAM Hudson Falls, New York Biology IS JACQUELINE A. DUNN BuFfalo, New York Sociology rx 1 A CAROL ANN DYL Buffalo, New York Nursing STEPHEN MICHAEL ECKERT Buffalo, New York Pharmacy S "'?.,7 LINDA LOU EDELMAN Buffalo, New York Pharmacy CAROLE L. EDWARDS Dinwiddie, Virginia Sociology Alkx JOSEPH DZWONKOWSKI Buftalo, New York Accounting Y?-V ROBERT D. EDDY Buttolo, New York History MARK EPELSTEIN Scranton, Pennsylvania Accounting D to L D ' 'i ll 'I 1 c, 'M S ,,., , - XX . l MM HSN- JOHN P. EDWARDS Gowanda, New York Business Education LESLIE QBABIANJ EFFMAN Buffalo, New York Early Childhood Education ?bk, RICHARD EHRLICH Binghamton, New York History .5 MAX EIBERT JOSEPH ELM ARLINE ENGEL Cheektowaga, New York Brooklyn, New York New York, New York Physics French Mathematics LUCIE WELT EINHORN JANE EMMET ROBERTA ENGEL New York, New York Oceanside, New York New York, New York Speech Pgyhology Speech Pathology Mathematics 298 JUDITH A. ENRIGHT Buffalo, New York Medical Technology BRUCE P. EPSTEIN Watertown, New York Sociology NYC' my we 'is Q, Q98 1 Ji BENNETT EPSTEIN ELAINE M- ERB Bqygide' New York Tonowondc, New York Higfory Malhematics JOSEPH MARC EPSTEIN IRADJ ESSAGHOF Rockaway, New Jersey TBHEYOH. 'FUD Hisyory Eleclrical Engineering 299 wa, ex ,L ,- WS, i V GARY EVANS BuFfolo, New York Hisiory DORIS CAROL FAGENBAUM Rochesier, New York Sociology 4:-.,-.. STEVEN J. FAIGENBAUM WILLIAM FASSETT Troy, New York Hector, New York Psychology Philosophy r, I w I PHILIP FANONE WAYNE FEINBERG lockowuvvrw, New York Spring Valley, New York Mofhemoiics Sociology r....I--- .---J Q MARJORIE LYNNE FEINER Brooklyn, New York Rochester, New York ALAN RICHARD FELDSTEIN Speech Paihology Hisiory X 1 Sv , ' is-af S-5 SYLVIA FELDMAN JOYCE ROCHELLE FENMORE Albany, New York Rochester, New York Hislory History 4:39 'kan-w DIANE L. FERSH SHARON FIDERER NEAL HARVEY FINE Long Beach, New York Brooklyn, New York Rochester, New York Spanish Psychology Hislory P5 'QF' SUSAN L. FIALKOFF GERALD LEONARD FINE JERROLD ALAN FINK Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn, New York Uiico, New York English Sociology Biology ' i i w .:' fly E S "5 fax L Mm fl. 'ET' SANORA FINKELSTEIN Greol Neck, New York Early Childhood Educoiion ARTHUR FINKER Forest Hills, New York Sociology 1' 301 L df-Af... RITA FISHKIN JOAN D. FISHMAN Roslyn, New York While Plains, New York French Drama and Speech .f S1 A A- 'KR' PAUL R. FISK PAUL B. FLANDER5 Williamsville, New York Cheekiowogv, New Y0l'k Polifical Science Physical Educafion BONNIE SUE FLASTER RICHARD J. FLAVIN New York, New York Cohoes, New York Speech Pafhology Geography aw . T',j"'T7 ROBERT FLEGENHEIMER ELLEN FLEYSHER Amityville, New York Buffalo, New York Hisfory American Sludies THOMAS F, FOLINO BLANCHE LEE FOLWELL Alexandria Bay, New York Elmiw. New Y0l'lK Psychology Nursing 'SQ ROGER ALAN FORDEN LORIE E. FOROSCIJ Amhersl, New York Buffqlg, New York 5lOlO9y Sociology DAVID J. FOX DAVID FRANKO Aroca, New York Buffalo, New York Physics Psychology ELLEN GAIL FRIEDMAN Rochester, New York Early Childhood Education 3 ?' MARJORIE BETH FRIEDMAN Forest Hills, New York Speech Pathology MICHAEL H. FRUTH Buffalo, New York English JONATHAN ZACHARY FRIEDMAN Brooklyn, New York History ANDREA JANE FROST Long Beach, New York Speech Therapy ?N JEANNE FRYER Williamsville, New York Art of T JOAN GADOMSKA Buffalo, New York Secretarial Studies pw SANFORD M. GAFFE Buffalo, New York Pharmacy 'CZ' RICHARD N. GAIMS Mohegan Lake, New York Engineering Science Q3 l u far' vi' KAREN .l. GAFFE Buffalo, New York Early Childhood Education ' , 4, BARBARA GAGLIARDI BuFlalo, New York Hisiory V1-F--C ..., . . c . U.. .43 f , 7' 'B f? ,fr X 3 MERLE GANTCHER Yonkers, New York Spanish fe' cpu- 'b' JAMES HENRY GAPINSKI Buffalo, New York Economics sf ini ROBERT A. GARRECHT Buffalo, New York Chemical Engineering DIANE GARROW JANE GASHOW Williamsville, New York Buffolo, New York Music Education Education Y--H' WILLIAM GEHRING RICHARD L. GELLMAN Fronklin Square, New York Buffalo' New Yofk Biology Polilical Science HELENE ANN GEMBOLYS GARY ANTHONY GERACE Cheeklowaga, New York Rome, New YOFIK Nursing Psychology FREDERICK MONROE GERINGER RONALD A. GERLACH Danville, Pennsylvania Buffalo, New York Physical Educalion Hislory MARTIN GEROWITZ DAVID MARK GERSH Rochester, New York Oceanside, New York Psychology Hisfory ALLAN GERSON JOHN GERTY New York, New York Huntington, New York Economics Physics .1 -V SAMUEL MICHAEL GERVASI DENNIS F. GIA QUINTO Weslfield, New York RYE, New Y0l'k Mavhemafics Pharmacy 3 HELEN VIRGINIA GILBERT VICTOR C. GILBERT Kenmore, New York Buffalo, New York Sociology Elecfricol Engineering fiv N I xg, HARVEY W. GLUCKMAN New Hyde Park, New York Hisfory cr ELEANOR GOLD Franklin Square, New York Psychology THOMAS G. GILI. HOWARD D. GILLETTE Jamestown, New York BuHaIo, New York Physical Education Hisfory be ? kwa' RICHARD T. GIRARD DONALD G. GLESSNER BuHaIo, New York Kenmore, New York Markeling Labor and lndusfrial Relafions ff" BRUCE E. GOLDER Buffalo, New York Geography fS 'S CAROLE DEENA GOLDMAN West Hempslead, New York Hisfory BEVERLY GOLD Rochester, New York Sociology Q1 5m-I JAMES GOLD Schenectady, New York Business Administration JANE IRINA GOLDIN Syossel, New York Early Childhood Education MERRIE GOLDRICH Yonkers, New York Sociology PAUL GOLDSMITH Flushing, New York Mathematics '57 PAUL L. GOLDSTEIN Rochester, New York Accounting QL? 'l HOWARD FRANK GONDREE Buffalo, New York Geography RALPH EDMUND GOODRICH Cheeklowoga, New York Industrial Engineering 38' H, ':rtf""T"' JAMES A, GOLDSTEIN BuFialo, New York Pharmacy xc .,.,. :UI IAEVI .I A,.., A BARBARA D. GOLDWATER BuFfalo, New York History STEPHEN GOODMAN Utica, New York History NORWARD GOODWIN Erie, Pennsylvania Business Education JOAN E. GORDON Newton, Massachusetts Sociology MARILYNN AGNES GORDON Rome, New York Medical Technology ARLENE GOULD White Plains, New York History HOWARD J. GOULD New York, New York Business Administration - .L .ivy -4 ,,-, 4, NX. .. . . . , . . .,. . . . .+--xy- . . . .'.y.:-.-'S'-"" ' ff' me SONYA GRABLOW Brooklyn, New York Universiiy College JAMES M, GRAHAM Tonawanda, New York Pharmacy 11" MARCIA GRAF Pawlel, Vermonl Nursing STEVEN GRALNICK Woodmere, New York Hislory 'Q' , , W-V, -.-1'-.-fa .W .- ,., lr - A-wif - f.---vii-5-fi-'fif'1'?f'E'5""."-'T'-'gil' -, - , -fr: f - 'iv "f.1:'1L:i71Z,i?j:a-" '7fJ':4p4cL" ,QI-Z -+-.'-',',,- . - x -,.L.f.g.Jq':'-.,5w.:':,,'1',f5f-P-f f-:fm--ff-'. . s- 3 V ,Nl 1v5Q",:.-I-,'x-,,,--7.9 L . .4-...f --g fi, 1,- ..g-'-Rr-55 f ,-FL.--L-f. ,-..'.- H- -Q'--."7, - '- . 'f ,,' V .-,-f-sf. -I-,gyvf 1,-a-4g,,.,. 4' ' .xg-,gf '.-., , ki.. ',v3'Ai-,df-1-f'1n1.lL..,Ll Lt- .13 4-iv. 4 -.' - . wiggle, X-.. Y Lg, .Q -,..!,- it. ' .F ,-.,.7 Y I - fxS?'253-':f'lE'f1Q'-3+'9'-. T-T 515: A. Q- f- MARTIN STEVEN GRANOFF Albany, New York Mathematics 1 E ROBERT H. GRAVES Plaltsburgh, New York Arts and Sciences 'Q MARK GRASHOW Brooklyn, New York Mofhematics ARDEN MARK GRAY Niagara Falls, New York Sociology qv-. DONALD KENNETH GRAYSON Malesite, New York Anthropology LARRY WYNN GREEN Rochester, New York Pharmacy DIANE GREENBERG Brooklyn, New York Hislcry 7-N fix DONALD GRIMM Woodmere, New York Hisfory JUDITH F. GRISANTI Buffalo, New York Finance V-?T"'?' BRIAN GRODNER Ml. Vernon, New York Polilical Science ir-N H1 .2 49" ,,.,.-9" ROBERTA S. GROSSMAN Bronx, New York Hislory CAROL ANNE GUGINO Niagara Falls, New York English ROBERTA GROBEL Jericho, New York Art ELLEN GROSS Spring Valley, New York Occupational Therapy 2, BARBARA JEAN GRUGER Rochester, New York Biology MARTIN GUGINO Tonawanda, New York Mafhemafics GEORGE T. GUIDO Norlh Tonawanda, New York Psychology SANDRA GUNSALUS Auburn, New York Sociology ROSELIND RUTH GULLO Buffalo, New York Psychology LINDA S. GUNSBERG Dobbs Ferry, New York Psychology All bk. KARL R. GUTH MARCIA GUTTER Rochesier, New York Bronx, New York Polifical Science Physical Educalion px -5 N L DONALD GUZZINO ESTHER BUNIS HABER BuHaIo, New York Lockporv, New York Physical Educafion Sociology 'fs 9 xx 'fvi "bf Q14 'Y ALOIS M. HAFNER Buffalo, New York Music ROBERT EUGENE HAGLE Newburgh, New York Philosophy ROBERTA JEAN HALEY Kenmore, New York Physical Education 53, vw-Y ROBERT E. HAMMOND Pleasantville, New York Economics KATHY HARDING Bufialo, New York Psychology ANN HAMILTON Elmira, New York lnduslricl Relafions BOHDAN M. HARASYM BuHaIo, New York Finance NEAL HARRIS Whitestone, New York English CYNTHIA HARRISON Monlrose, Pennsylvania Nursing V. I ., ,I .1 , :"' . ., 9 Ql r -in 3? gi ll I . me P nw -, IA- :' 1 KAREN HARTWICK Penfield, New York Spanish Iv, JUDITH ANN HASELEY Buffalo, New York Sociology g . PATRICIA J. HATCH BuFIalo, New York Medical Technology .prix SHARON MARIE HARTNETT Kenmore, New York History ROBERT JOHN HARVEY Lockport, New York Accounting BRYAN HAYS ELIZABETH HECHT Keflmofe, New York laurelton, New York Economics Nursing DAVID MICHAEL HEIBEL ARTHUR HELFFENSTEIN Erie, Pennsylvania Williamsville, New York History Political Science WlLllAM HASIC Eggertsville, New York Sociology RICHARD T. HAYES Tonawanda, New York Industrial Engineering PENELOPE HEMMING DONALD B. HENRY Ithaca, New York Buffalo, New York Physical Education Industrial Engineering LYNN CHAPMAN HENRY RENE F. HENSEL BuHoIo, New York Ookfield, New York Business Education History 6' TIMOTHY HERLEHY JAMES PATRICK HERON Hamburg, New York Schenectady, New York Industrial Engineering Psychology GWENDOLYN W. HERSH JOHN THOMAS HESLER Yonkers, New York Scotia, New York Mathematics History -Q5 RICHARD E. HETEY Lackawanna, New York Pharmacy DANIEL J. HICKMAN BuHoIo, New York Biology RICHARD E. HILL Buffalo, New York History CAROL J. HIRSCH Rochester, New York Early Childhood Education RICHARD EDWARD HETZEL Weilsville, New York History DOUGLAS L, HIGGINS Corfu, New York Sociology IRENE HINDEN Massapequa, New York Sociology RITA HIRSCH Forest Hills, New York Sociology HARRIET HOCHBERG Jamaica, New York Early Childhood Education 5? ALAN S. HOFFMAN Buffalo, New York Philosophy JANICE H. HOFFNER Kenmore, New York Secretarial Studies ALAN BRUCE HOLMAN Tonawanda, New York Physics 9 f 1 z V' A fa:- rf' RICHARD H. HOEPFINGER Butialo, New York Electrical Engineering KEITH W. HOFFMAN Kenmore, New York Anthropology MAXINE HOLLANDER Rochester, New York Speech Pathology JEAN ALICE HOLMES North Tonawanda, New York English .,'Gsf LINDA ANNE HOLT CAROL LEE HOLYNSKI Williamsville, New York WHS? SeneC0, New York Speech Pathology Medical Technology CYNTHIA M. HOPCIA STEPHEN J. HOPKINS Snyder, New York Fort Edward, New York French Psychology l PETER HORNBECK THOMAS W. HOSIE Hamburg, New York Buffalo, New York History History ? LESLIE HUGHES Albany, New York Arts and Sciences GEORGE HUSNAY Johnson City, New York Marketing PATRICIA ANN IACUZZO Bulialo, New York Early Childhood Education C' TERRY LEONARD HURLBUTT Cayuga, New York Sociology JUDITH HUTSON Clarence, New York German CHRISTEEN M. IGNASIAK Buffalo, New York Secretarial Studies L t M.. Vi NINA IMPELLITTIERI BuHaIo, New York Business Education tr!-Y GORDON ALAN INGRAM Dewitt, New York History DAVID IRWIN Buffalo, New York Arts and Sciences BEVERLY ANN ISLER Niagara Falls, New York Sociology ANGELA J, INCORVIA Buffalo, New York Sociology lp, MICHAEL JOHN INSALACO Rochester, New York Mathematics JOAN ISAACS Queens Village, New York French SYLVIA ISRAEL Buffalo, New York Psychology .1 114 A ',-l,,'.- QC .L IQ' If f -I HAROLD JACOBS HiIton, New York Chemisfry CORINNE JAFFE New York, New York Drama and Speech -Q . ' X 'C Q4 v- MARTIN JAFFE RICHARD H. JAROSS DALE FRANCIS JEFFERS Howard Beach, New York New York, New York Watertown, New York Sociology History Business Adminisfraflon DIMITRI A. JANETOS Rochester, New York History M L .. K. ,, K' I x L. if.,-:for AFI An AFI in Bwh, BSA BWK h sa MICHAEL ALLEN JAY PAUL C. JENKINS Jamaica, New York Buffalo, New York Polifical Science Geography mu H55 i ' r 4 i l . SHARON JENNINGS BuHalo, New York Sociology PAUL W. JESSEL Buffalo, New York Art RONALD A. JEROSTKO JOAQUIN JIMENEZ, JR. Rome, New York Aerospace Engineering Middletown, New York Sacialagy STUART ANDREW JOHNSON Jamestown, New York Electrical Engineering 63 'Jiffy CAROL JOSLYN Auburn, New York Medical Technology 4.9 if JOHN F. JOWDY Niagara Falls, New York Economics bv CARL W. JUTZIN Depew, New York Psychology Vi ff'-Ziff'-,..,,..,-. A to -1-....A,,,.J I v V- w,3:1r,. -' lu--I, " .r "1..... CHRISTINE M. KACZMAROWSKI ROBERT JOEL KAHN MARTIN KAMENS SUSAN KANTOR Buffalo, New York Horseheads, New York Passaic, New Jersey Westbury, New York Secretarial Studies Spanish History Ef7QllSh 3 JOYCE E. KAELEN LILLIAN KALASTEIN RICHARD F. KANE EDYCE KAPLAN Buffalo, New York Oceanside, New York Elma, New York Buffalo, New York Psychology History Industrial Engineering Drama and Speech 316 lx x KATHLEEN KAYSON Rochesier, New York History TRUDYANN KELLER Tonowondo, New York Psychology KATHLEEN M, KELLY Kenmore, New York Sociology MARY CATHERINE KENNEY Rochester, New York Political Science JOHN WALLACE KERNS, III Lockport, New York Geography STANTON DENNIS KING Wappingers Falls, New York English THOMAS PAUL KENJARSKI Rome, New York Maihemafics 29 ELLEN MARGARET KLEIMAN Weslbury, New York RICHARD LEE KLEIN Tonawanda, New York Ar! Education Business Adminisfrafion MELVYN KERBER Forest Hills, New York Finance X. .Y R, ROBERT STEPHEN KLEIN Los Angeles, California SHARON LOUISE KLEIN Williamsville, New York Hgsmry Physical Educafif-n JAMES ALLEN KILLIAN Buffalo, New York Business Adminisiration GERALD JOSEPH KLEEMAN Ithaca, New York Accouniing DALE CAROL KLEINMAN KENNETH WAYNE KLETTER Great Neck, New York Albuny, New York Psychology Marketing JO-AN P. KNICKERBOCKER Amsterdam, New York Nursing CAROL MARIE KOCH BuFfalo, New York Secretarial Studies I 1. ,. . 'tk JOSEPH W. KOGUT New York Mills, New York Economics MICHAEL DAVID KOBRIN Kenmore, New York Business Administration l LAWRENCE H. KOCHER Tonawanda, New York Engineering Science ,v- JOAN MARIE KOLLMAR Bufialo, New York History i EILEEN MARY KOLYNlCl'l JANET V. KOPP l'l0l'SelteCIClS, New York Reading Center, New York History Nurging JOYCE MARIE KOPPMANN PAUL E. KOPYCINSKI BuFfalo, New York BU50lO, New York Marketing English JACK KORMAN DORIS S. KOSTRINSKY Buffqlg, New Ygrk New Rochelle, New York Pharmacy Physical Education , 'Lf 'TSVN MARGARET KOWALSKI MARTIN KRAMER Corry, Pennsylvania Rochester, New York Mgdiggl Teghnology Business Administration 'QQ SHARON LEE KROENING RUTH G- KRUMBEIN Sanborn, New York Lorchmont, New York Physical Education English 4.5:5:Zi25:+S. N ' EfQ5E3i5E5:3?P's, g PHILIP KRUPOFF WANDA CAROL KSIENIEWICH Newburgh, New York Syracuse, New York Accounting Ea'Iy Childhood Education ss. Q DONNA L. KUBIAK SUSAN KUBIAK Hamburg' New york Cheektowago, New York Medigcf Tec'-,nogogy Early Childhood Education VIRGINIA MARIE KUEBLER Buffalo, New York JOHN FRANCIS KUGLER, JR. Lockport, New York Psychology Biology CAROL A. KUJAWA Bufialo, New York LENORE S. KULACH Buffalo, New York History Education Sociology STEPHEN KULE SUSAN KURPITA Syosset, New York Alden, New York History NUI'-Sing I KRISTI M. KURRIKOFF HUBERT I-EO KUTI-ER Lakeview, New York Alden. New YOYIK Business Administration MUYIIEIYICIIICS PAMELA KURTZ JOHN WILLIAM KYLE Kenmore, New York Rochester, New York Nursing General Business RENATE LACH MARY JO LACKEY Lockport, New York Buffalo, New YOYIK Pham-,qty Business Education 3' KENNETH P. LACKIE KAREN LYNNE LAKE Buffalo, New York Tonawanda, New York Pharmacy English THOMAS C. LA MAR Port Kent, New York Biology 1' '- F1 LINDA M, LANG Williamsville, New York History NORWOOD LANGDON Wyoming, New York Mathematics JOSEPH C. LAUFFER Cheektowaga, New York Mathematics JOHN LAMB Niagara Falls, New York Geography px BARBARA LANDAU Scarsdcle, New York History RALPH LARSON Buffalo, New York History lf- 'Fw N -, fm .se HARVEY LASNER Syracuse, New York Arts and Sciences SUSAN LAVINE Trenlon, New Jersey Sociology WJ? MARY HELEN LEARY Oxford, New York English CHERYL LEFFERTS Plainview, New York English RICHARD LERNER Eos! Rockaway, New York Business Adminisfraiion in eq- . .. Xen. wir lelllllii llllllllr JEFFREY LAWRENCE New York, New York Sociology SUSAN LECKER Buffalo, New York Arfs and Sciences 24. 1'E?Efi155525l-:3fSl..., .mf 5 13:?ff:37iZ43:3:3"' 'P??T"" "'i'1k5!5:5Z55Sl5:5Z5:3. . J :if , , - 2. A ' i QE2:i,a:s:2: ' 4' - 'f5f5f5iZ5f5i25fE2E2 ' A A . f ' -'rise 'ilfifii JOAN S. LEMKE Cheeklowoga, New York Sociology i :-: 55.251 i?Q-i.:- YS .ll "'-Z7 JACK BARNETT LEVINE Rockaway Park, New York Anfhropology 42'g:Er31:?? LONI LEVY MAX LEVY Brooklyn, New York Eoslchesier, New York Philosophy Poliiical Science SHEll.AH LEVITZ ANNE LEWINNECK Peekskill, New York Buffalo, New York Arfs and Sciences Spanish F-bl' 'ii .EW 7 1- -, 1 ir. Pr . 4. f' 34. DENNIS A. LICHERELLI Tonawanda, New York Economics SUSAN M. LICKER Manlius, New York Sociology ELLEN LICHTENSTEIN Far Rockaway, New York Early Childhood Education PHYLLIS LIEB Massapequa, New York Spanish I.. F-' ,,. L 2 X ROBERT JAY LIEBERMAN Jamaica, New York Hisfory V33 AM PATRICIA JANE LIESINGER BufTalo, New York Sociology MICHAEL D. LISIECKI Gasporl, New York Geography 'ig , 3 'WH 'I at . ff .- -14 I .gy 4 yi In D I 5, CAMILLE LOBRACCO BuHoIo, New York Business Education WAYNE W. LIESEGANG Endicott, New York Marketing MARJORIE LINHARDT BuHaIa, New York English QD' CYQ GARY R. LIVENT BuHaIo, New York Sociology 'x . I l " ,im 63,294 '. . 'fj5g"- , 5 ' . 1' .G-Ib ' '9- 'WILTEEI vv..+: Q fri 54 E45 Cxs.-.VTX , N ANTHONY JOHN LO CASTRO Auburn, New York Physical Educalion GEORGE M. LONCAR Buffalo, New York History TIMOTHY THOMAS LONGWITH Buffalo, New York English NEIL A. LOVE Clifton Springs, New York Eleclrical Engineering 177 CAROL ANN LOWDEN Rochester, New York English COLLEEN LONG BuHoIo, New York English JOSEPH P. LOPS Niagara Falls, New York Sociology ng.,- uyrf '-wr x .L ' PATRICIA LOUISE LOVELESS Buffalo, New York Hislory M. VIVIAN LOWY Hicksville, New York Art ALAN D. LUCK MICHAEL R. LUCRDI Buffalo, New York New Kensinglon, Pennsylvania Geography Business . fx! BARBARA MARTHA LUIPPOLD PETER C- LUKE Grand Island, New York SYFGCUSC, New YOYIK Engligh Fll'lUf1Ce 1 va JAMES R. LUMLEY Angola, New York Sociology 'US JOSEPH FRANK MACALUSO Buffalo, New York Medical Technology gn., RONDA LYON Elmira, New York Drama and Speech tl THOMAS TERRENCE MACE Gloversville, New York Sociology RUTH MACHOVER Buffalo, New York History SUSAN MALECKI Buffalo, New York Business Education ROSLYN E. MANDELCORN Buffalo, New York Sociology C DIANE LARUE MANGUS Tonawanda, New York Pharmacy JUDITH A. MALADY Plattsburgh, New York Secretarial Studies THOMAS J. MACUSO Buffalo, New York Anthropology THOMAS PATRICK MANGAN Port Leyden, New York Business Administration WALTER MANN Buffalo, New York Accounting 795 MARTHA E. MANNING JILL ANN MANTIN Buffalo, New York Jamaica, New York English Psychology 'ESQ PAUL MICHAEL MARASCHIELLO BuHuIo, New York West Seneca, New York JUDY MARCKLINGER Psychology Physical Therapy l Pm I 1 f f FRANCES MARFURT ALEXA MARGULIES Buffalo, New York Flushing, New York History Psychology A. JOHN M. MARICICH Buffalo, New York Wantogh, New York MICHAEL PETER MARINO Geography Malhemaiics SANDRA MARKI Buffalo, New York Secrefarial Studies ARTHUR A. MARKOWITZ Wawarsing, New York History THOMAS E. MARLIN Kenmore, New York Chemical Engineering .xg MARGARET ANN MARSHALL Norwich, New York Nursing DALE VERNE MARRIOTT Rome, New York English MARILYN ANN MASICK Middleburg, New York English MARYANNE L. MATHER Williamsville, New York Medical Technology GERALD N. MATROSS Buffalo, New York Philosophy CAROLE ANNE MATHEWS Buffalo, New York History RICHARD D. MATTHYS Cenfrol Square, New York Pharmacy also JAY VAIL MATULEWSKI ELOISE C. MAUL Buffalo, New York Springville, New York Business Adminisfrafion Medical Technology WAYNE THOMAS MAYBACH JOHN PATRICK MCCARTHY Bowmonsville, New York Buffalo, New York lndusfrial Relations History f w3,uL V l ANN MARYE MCCONNELL MARY E. MCDONALD Elmira, New York Kenmore, New York Sociology Psychology bf , 1"fT"':p MARY KATHLEEN McDONALD PATRICK E. MCEVOY Norwood, New York Wayland. New York Biology Elecrriccl Engineering RONALD McEWAN THOMAS D. McGARRY Orchard Park, New York Cheeklowaga, New York Hislory Political Science RICHARD GARY McMILLEN CATHERINE DEE MCHUGH Buffalo, New York Lancaster, New York Hislory GQOIOQY ELLEN McNAMARA JAMES McNAMARA Buffalo, New York BuHoIo, New York Sociology Civil Engineering KATHLEEN McNAMARA ANN MEAGHER Rochesier, New York Rochester, New York Psychology History S RUTH ELIZABETH MEIKLE LOIS JOAN MENTER Goleton, Pennsylvania Syracuse, New York Occupalionol Therapy Anthropology XX ff. X 1 DENNIS L. MENZA MICHAEL RONALD MERLIS Buffalo, New York New York, New York Accounting Accouniing Q' RICHARD ALAN METTER ERNA S. METZGER Rochester, New York Buffalo, New York Psychology Nursing LARRY MICHAELS FRANCINE ELLEN MICHEL Wes! Orange, New Jersey Wanlagh, New York Business Adminisfrafion Anthropology , n nn. ff . K DIANE ELIZABETH MILLER Buffalo, New York Sociology EARL RALPH MILLER Albany, New York Mafhemalics R fix CHARLES A. MILBRANDT PAUL W. MILES Cheeklowoga, New York Big Flats, New York Pharmacy Electrical Engineering ., QS ...Rigs iz :-4 , in 1 QI' gif. ff . 22 L .QQ RUSSELL G. MILLER SARAH MILLER Q7 IJ -I BUFIUIO, New York WeIIsviIIe, New York Medical Technology English WILLIAM M, MILEY BONNIE RUTH MILLER Buffalo, New York BUHUIO, New York Pgygholggy Early Childhood Education 45 X Q CLIFFORD RAY MILLER CREIGHTON J. MILLER Buffalo, New York Horlonville, New York Biology Mechanical Engineering SUSAN F. MILLER CARL W. MILLERSCHOEN FreeporI, New York BuHaIo, New York Speech Pathology Elecfricol Engineering RANDALL M. MILLS DONALD MINGLE Gloversville, New York Orchard Park, New YOYIK Psychology Business Adminislrafion 'Uv-'-.-1 wg-'ff' NANCY MISERANTINO STEPHANIE MARIE MITCHELL BuFtoIo, New York Secretarial Studies Rome, New York Speech Pathology LYNN MISKELL Kenmore, New York History 1 fm' Afigf L- Q4-"9 FAYE M. MITTELMAN Scranton, Pennsylvania Sociology HENRY L. MITTLEMAN Brooklyn, New York Mathematics SUZANNE MITZO Amherst, New York Nursing DOLORES MONTRYM Scotia, New York History MARTHA BETTE MOONEY Great Neck, New York English .-ai .2 330 1 , vr- NJ' DELLA JEAN MOORE Depew, New York Medical Technology PATRICK M. MORGAN BuHolo, New York Anthropology bf, Zhi' rx X KAREN SUE MORRIS ROBERT WARRY MOUNT NANCY MUEHLBERG Newburgh, New York Rochesler, New York Snyder, New York Nursing Pharmacy Psychology v- J KW F5 Y SUSAN JANE MOSS JACK L. MROZAK PASQUALE MUFFOLETTO Buffalo, New York Kenmore, New York Buffalo, New York Nursing labor and lnduslrial Relations Physical Educalion 331 Qc m iw p.-,,...A. JAMES E, MULVEY PATRICIA A, MUSIAL BEVERLY A. MYSZKA CARL H. NAEHER Lockport New York Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York North Tonawanda, New York Chen-lisp,-y Pharmacy Political Science Engineering Science ANTHONY MUSCARELLA PERCIVAI. B. MWIDADI EDWINA NABOZNY RAYMOND A. NAPIERALA Buffalo, New York Chidya, Masasi, Tanzania DSPGW, NSW YOYK Buffalo, New Ymk Psychology Geography Physical Therapy Pharmacy 332 Qv' -eggs' ROBERT B. NASO ZONA EDITH NAVELLE RAYMOND NEWELL MARY ANN NIEMCZYCKI Corand Gorge, New York Eos! Aurora, New York Depew, New York Buffalo, New York Bl0l09y English Business Anihropology fiw gl. K bww-J ARNOLD NATHANSON JACOB BRUNO NDIMBO ASSIMAKIS NICOLAU OUTA NOGOBODS New York, New York Lilvhi, Tanzania, East Africa Buffalo, New York Orchard Pork, New York Psychology Physics Civil Engineering Psychology .J i il Auf 9' ix .X ,111 333 'TJ POLLY NORTON Monchester, New Hampshire Nursing gsm W. DAVID PETER NOVES BuHoIo, New York History EDWARD ALAN NUSBLATT Hewlett, New York Business Administration MAUREEN E. O'CONNELL Rochester, New York Nursing CHARLES NOTTINGHAM Yonkers, New York Psychology MARCIA J. NOWAK BuFfoIo, New York Art CT? N Til , .x F Iii STEVEN LESLIE OBERSTEIN Great Neck, New York History EILEEN M. OFSOWITZ Rochester, New York Sociology 'U' VALERIJ OLIJNYK Buffalo, New York Arts and Sciences "ie vhs LINDA OPPENHEIMER Toronto, Ontario Physical Education MARCIA ANN ORSZULAK Buffalo, New York History .punk ,iff E'J LOUIS OLLAREK Whitestone, New York History ARTHUR EDWARD ORLICK Brooklyn, New York Sociology GARY M. OSTRANDER Both, New York Speech Pathology ' 1 . . ' , A LEONARD S. PATTI JOSEPH MICHAEL PAUL Rochester, New York BUHQIQ, New York HLSLUVY Accounting ROLAND JOHN PALMER RANI VILLEM PALO Fulton, New York Buialo, New York Accounting History ? fi ANTHONY JOSEPH PANZICA JAMES TOBIN PARKER BUHCLO, New York Buhulo, New York Pharmacy History PAUL JAMES PARSONS DANIEL E. PATERSON Kenmore, New York Snydef, New York Physical Therapy Civil Engineering JOHN PAVLIDIS HARVEY EDWARD PEARLMAN Rhodes, Greece Eost Rockaway, New York Philosophy Finance JOHN PELLEGRINI ALAN E. PENN Hempstead, New York Buffalo, New York Psychology Psychology LAURIE KAY PENN MICHAEL PERKIS Erie, Pennsylvania BYOOHYF1, New YOFK English Hi570'Y 3 ' vb' ,,.f' CYNTHIA PERL DANIEL PETIT New York, New York Kenmore, New York English Psychology LORRAINE PIERRO KATHLEEN MARY PIETRASZEK Kenmore, New York Orchord Pork, New York English Nursing fii -rr' 1 aff MICHAEL H. PETZ SUZANNE M. L. PEUGEOT Depew, New York BuHalo, New York Chemical Engineering English MICHAEL PIETRYSEWSKY ALEXIS BARBARA FILE Holland Patent, New York Kenmore, New YOI'k Anrhropology History NANCY K. PHELAN STEPHEN PIECZYNSKI Kenmore, New York Buffalo, New York Medical Technology Electrical Engineering , Y PATRICIA PIENDGENSKY GALE .l. PIERCE HUHIIHQIOH, New YOYIK Snyder, New YQrk Molhemofics Physical Educalion VU? DAVID LAWRENCE PILLSBURY SHARON PILLSBURY Jameslown, New York Biddeford. MOIYIE Psychology Occupational Therapy BRIAN L. PRATT Warrensburg, New York Hislory RICHARD ALAN PLATT HARVEY RICHARD POE Albany, New York West Orange, New Jersey Philosophy Accounfing ROBERT J. POMICHTER BARBARA ANN POPADUCH Amherst, New York Norlh Tonawanda, New York Physics Medical Technology ROBERT PORRECA BARBARA POSNER Niagara Falls, New York Buffalo, New York Polifical Science Early Childhood Educaiion I L X MARY LOUISE PRIVATEER Williamsville, New York Ari , sv., JOHN THADDEUS PUCHALSKI Amhersl, New York History fl I IRVING PULS Oaklield, New York Biology '9J.."" DAVID PRATT Holland, New York Civil Engineering 55.3 CASIMER PRUSKI Elma, New York Pharmacy ALFRED C. PULCINO Rochesler, New York Pharmacy LEBERT J. PUMA Cheeklowago, New York Drama and Speech "T"? JEAN A, PUNDT Tonawanda, New York Medical Technology 'E ROBERT QUICK Amsterdam, New York History 'CT' JEFFREY A. RABIN Buffalo, New York Accounting ,N 'tk SHARYN RABINOWITZ Flushing, New York Sociology la Q' rg. mtg, , ROBERT M. PUSATERI Buffalo, New York History 'Y RONALD RAAB Bayside, New York History HERBERT H. RABINER Woodmere, New York Biology 1, X ' ' -J , :,,.rg,4,- ' ' 't :gin . - Q ,,, ..,. , lem-' Egsuli- - 1 iff-f , ' Y-lc A J xf, 43 M r . S! ALEXANDRIA RADEFF Buffalo, New York Political Science I 43 ROSS RADLEY ROBERT C. RADOMINSKI Syracuse, New York BuFfaIo, New York Industrial Relations Pharmacy 'Viv X' STEPHEN WAYNE RAMBO YVONNE A. RAMEY Fishkill, New York White Plains, New York History Physical Education 6 me RICHARD RANDAZZO Buffalo, New York Business Administration LINDA C. RANG SAMUEL JACK RATICK HOLLIS RAWE Tonowanda, New York Monticello, New York Alfred Station, New York Secretarial Studies Mathematics Physical Therapy , x V N we f- Y' L 'X J f I 1 sis' A1 A assi rw. , G' if ' f ' 473' 'Q ' V, ' , l PETER CARL RASCH RAYMOND RATAJCZAK HERBERT R. RECKLINGHAUSEN LAWRENCE REED North Tonawanda, New York Cheektowaga, New York Rochester, New York Caledonia. New York Business Administration Industrial Relations Business Administration History 4 , 552' JOHN J. REEDY, JR. Buffalo, New York Economics JOHN BRUCE REID North Toncwonda, New York Finance X .ZLA ur v "' JUDITH REICH Manhattan, New York Sociology FX xx K , PAULA REISSMAN East Rockaway, New York English -5 , w 79 CAROL A. REPSICK Kenmore, New York EVERETTE F Buffalo New Physical Education Accounting Xxx 331 X l5,'f'5ki:s'f 6 iqvu 0 it s gl, x X vox," 1 - -.- . ff--s Q 'Dx REYNOLDS JR York A Vxxifcx -sf" 5,1 an - 2 Q .s-T52 .IN .5. .,., Q s V ,ex - -rw-"fSI"f:y - S Q i ew .. .f ., ,-,.cl.X-6 X 'mx ' ROSE-ELLEN REYNOLDS Mt. Vernon, New York Physical Education Mathematics of-x dh KARYN RICHMAN Forest Hills, New York Sociology . GERALD ANTHONY RICE Cheektowaga, New York MICHAEL RICHTER Cedarhurst, New York Business Administration TTY PAUL F. RICKHOLD RONALD RIDOLFI BUH0lO. New York Pawtucket, Rhode Island History History GARY C. RIEBEL SUSAN RIFKIN Ray Brook, New York BUffGlO, New York Sociology Business Education l VICTORIA L. RILEY JEFFREY A. RING Amherst, New York Rochester, New York Sociology Psychology BARBARA LOUISE RITTER Kenmore, New York Early Childhood Education E. MICHAEL ROBEN Bronxville, New York Accounting 3 MARVIN ROBBINS Woodmere, New York Philosophy DIANE ARLENE ROBERT Williamsville, New York Accounting I CHERYL K. ROBERTS GARY E, ROBERTS AWQSIICCM New York Gosport, New York Bl0l09Y Mathematics THOMAS C. ROBINSON ROY ROCKMAN Buffalo, New York Brooklyn, New York History History ff SHARON M. ROEHRIG BuHalo, New York East Amherst, New York DENNIS JOHN ROEMER Medical Technology Secondary Education 2' 'Wx JAMES WHITNEY ROEMER, JR. ANNETTE ROHOLD Albany, New York Yonkers, New York Economics French ,z SIMONE C. ROLLIN SHERRIE L. ROMANDI Brooklyn, New York Eden, New York History Political Science MARJORSE ROSENBAUM JANE ROSENBERG Rockville Center, New York Hewlett, New York Business Education Political Science GARY ROSENBLATT .IERILYN ROSS Buffalo, New York Brooklyn, New York Pharmacy Sociology Rd' lr--'- FREDERICK LOUIS ROTH JEFFREY M. ROTHENBERG New Hyde Park, New York BuFlalo, New York History Arts and Sciences MARTIN ROTHSCHILD Buffalo, New York Philosophy SORA ROTHSTEIN Rochester, New York English DONNA L. ROWE Rego Park, New York English AUDREY ANN ROTHSTEIN Rochester, New York Biology GERALD L. ROUSE Endicott, New York Pharmacy ROGER C. ROWE Kenmore, New York Accounting fx i lux., W f VICKI RUBIN Port Chester, New York Biology MARILYNN ROYER LOUANN ROZMUS Syracuse, New York Buffalo, New York Psychology Occupational Therapy ff? 1 STEVEN RUBENS ROGER RUBENSTEIN Rochester, New York Valley Streom, New York Sociology Psychology PETER JAY RUBIN SANFORD B. RUBIN Brooklyn, New York Rochester, New York History History X KENNETH JEFFREY RUDIN Rochester, New York History LINDA RUNG Buffalo, New York Arts and Sciences RONALD RUSS Flushing, New York Political Science GERALD RUDERMAN Brooklyn, New York Psychology JOHN J. RUDY BuHalo, New York Arts and Sciences DEDRA E. RUPP Buhlalo, New York Spanish CHERYL RUSSELL East Otto, New York Sociology 124- vs' l ROBERT DOUGLAS RUTH THOMAS G. RUTHERFORD Lockporr, New York Hamburg, New York Sociology Economics 1.....J 2 , ROBERT MICHAEL RYDER ANNE SACHS Niagara Falls, New York Rockaway, New York Elecfrical Engineering Sociology lr?-gr 'WL LEON LEWIS SACKS DENIS SADOWE Liberly, New York New Rochelle, New York Political Science Arls and Sciences 4- BARBARA A. SALACINSKI KATHRYN SALAV BUfT0l0, New York Tonawando, New York P5YCl"0l09Y Early Childhood Educalion RONALD SALMONSON Brooklyn, New York Psychology LINDA ROSE SALTZER Lynbrook, New York English ' '-:w -rn -ws ':wri1:a.:i-fsffr-2-5seg.:-fr we is Q - 'S .VS 5i:. -.,?-...-3Ng.-"S,-'- . --A . 1.'+r.-.- f S-11R3-fs:a2qs:z:sg:.sqQsagegss1g -S s. A - 1 'N-r:-::f:-:2:'-:-.a+-:rp lr , r N -'LQEEXEEEEQEEQEifffifflif 2:-frik o' . ' -. .iii?2?5i52s5eF5E'5E3i2?? " Y 2:s' +L5E21- '. ' 1 si2E2E:325?iEe2aizf:i222E?S :qv:...QZs:-:lQi:22E'Efs 'T - ,,geggsg2g5g.2gegzgagsggsg:: ''51-523'-:5'3I32-l3"2'' f ,c - '-2 , 551,12 '-:35:3:3:T:5:373:i:Q:7:f:5:7Q ' ' 1 if ,gr ' ffiii - - ' ' ' 1- .. . Y JACOB SANDONE Cleveland, Ohio Business Educafion SUSAN SALSBURG Elmira, New York English JOAN SALWISZ Eos! Williamson, New York Spanish MARIANNE SAN FILIPPO BufTalo, New York Hisfory SUSAN SCHACHTER New York, New York Sociology JACK SCHECKNER East Rockaway, New York Spanish JAMES SCHIFFERLE Amherst, New York Electrical Engineering WILLIAM SCHAEFFER Rochester, New York Accounting BARBARA SCHEITEN Kenmore, New York History LAURENCE T. SCHMITT Buffalo, New York Industrial Relations " 5 gi fi I is-4 fl? , .,, X- CATHARINE ARLENE SCHNEIDER Kew Gardens, New York DALE SCHNEIDER Buffalo, New York 50001097 Psychology I, bl JOSEPH SCHNEIDER New York, New York STANLEY SCHNITTMAN Floral Pork, New York Psychology Psychology ... '41, DANIEL SCHOFIELD Yonkers, New York DANIEL J. SCHOFIELD Beaver Dam, New York Psychology Sociology SL., DIANE J, SCHOLL MAXINE F. SCHRANTZ Buffalo, New York Roslyn Heights, New York Mathematics Spanish .- H' 195. tv TZ? EDWINA S. SCHREINER Batavia, New York Physical Therapy KAREN M. SCHROEDER Williamsville, New York Medical Technology STEPHEN SCHULMAN Roslyn, New York Psychology ROGER C. SCHULTZ Tonawanda, New York Accounting DANIEL F. SCHROEDER Buffalo, New York Music Education MARILYN LEE SCHWAB JUDITH LEE SCHWARTZ Hicksville, New York Buffalo, New York History Sociology MARY SCHUBER Schenectady, New York Secretarial Studies F F RAN K SC l RT O BA R BA RA D IA N E SCOTT ' ' iffvf- ' Lo C k POrt , N ew YOI' k Roc h e s ter, N ew Yor k ,xrsreggg '- . K . , 1:g5g:ii5f5gQE:EgE53E1g3gE3f,EjE1-, ', , 12235523E525igE3E5E5Qfi5E:i5.1?,2,,.5 21 A ft th V OP0 l 0 9 Y Ph ys I cal Th erap y 2' -' '7' . ii . W:':fE-1' ers: L . ' - .aw 851151: 5: ,V LAWRENCE A. SCHULZ Buffalo, New York Political Science JACK E. SCOTT GRANT E. SEAWARD Ripley, New York Lancaster, New York Classics Civil Engineering A 1 , A.-' U ll K I ii? A X W BETH ELLEN SCHWALB Dobbs Ferry, New York Political Science 346 Ch'-'D LAWRENCE CHARLES SEGALL CLAYTON SEIBEL Honuel, New York Orchard Park, New York Psychology Biology 5x SANFORD G. SEIDE CHERYL R. SEIFERT Rochesier, New York Grand lslond, New York Business Nursing TT' ARTHUR M. SEIGEL SUSAN DIANE SELIGMAN Rochester, New York Possoic, New Jersey Biology Medical Technology DALE J. SEXTON BuHolo, New York Hislory TV- x . ,Y - . . -'- :V ski P-'jj'-fl '..f'. JOHN SEZNA Rome, New York Engineering Science JOANNE M. SGROI Tonowanda, New York Nursing K KENNETH G. SHAKAN Lincoln, Rhode lslond Physical Education Q-. SANDRA LEE SEYMOUR Bu5alo, New York Hisiory DIANE PHYLLIS SEZZEN Flushing, New York Sociology LAWRENCE S. SHAFFER Brooklyn, New York Business Adminisiraiion A eff? BARBARA L. SHAPIRO Hempstead, New York Early Childhood Education A . T, A xi STEVEN CARL SHAPIRO EUNICE BROWNING SHAUI. ROBERT CHARLES SHIELDS, JR. THEODORE R. SHIFFMAN Brooklyn, New York Fulionham, New York Buffalo, New York Flushing, New York Philosophy Physical Education Sociology Hisfory N is I' Y -I K, , lfvrw- ,wi if I N LARRY D, SHATOFF JANET SHELLY DAWN MARIE SHINAL JOEL SHTEIR ROCWSSVSY, New York Middlepori, New York Seneca Falls, New York Wes! Orange, New Jersey Mofhemciics Business Educafion Secreiorial Studies History 348 -- ----' - ---'- f ---- ' LI, 1 TY 'C x 4 4 Q 5 I T "7 susAN EVELYN SHULMAN SUSAN SIEGEL ANDREA SILVERMAN OLIVIA o. siPLlN Rochester, New York BuHolo, New York Flushing, New York BuHaIo, New York Early Childhood Educqyion Early Childhood Education Anthropology Nursing :ti ROBERT LEWIS SIEGEL PATRICIA SILFER VICTORIA JANE SILVERMAN ALBERT SISSON Lakewood, New York Syracuse, New York Flushing, New York Buffalo, New York Sociology Fine Aris English Engineering 349 131.- 'M-J' JAMES A. SKELDON Gouverneur New York Accounting 1. 52" RICHARD SKOP Lackawanna, New York Civil Engineering 1'-Q 'UI JOANN M SMITH Tonawonda New York Early Childhood Education 'CIF GEORGE R. SLATIN JOHN E. PATRICK SLATTERY Bronx, New York Penn Yon, New York Psychology MARLENE R. SLAWSON BuHalo, New York Nursing BETSY ANN SMITH Buffalo, New York English English Education - . It-I Y 1.-.,,,!,. N SIDNEY SMALLEN Buffalo, New York Psychology DENNIS L. SMITH Kenmore, New York Electrical Engineering RICHARD DOUGLAS SMITH Spencerport, New York Psychology WILLIAM L. SMITH Buffalo, New York Accounting PAUL W SMITH Buffalo New York Electrical Engineering .. V I1 YAQW . . , -,iff Q-f.,.4 also e1:4:-:- .V . Q 1 V ,,.. -.L-w ,331 kk - A f, mix: ,490 -:I ' V g4b',,2i45,.. 1,5135 ,N fa. , I 0 . V. JW? .,V,,1,l, ., 3 5' xi-MZ -c ' Sv' - if ' LQMV. ,M - ,- -IN . lf Q9 1. V '4Q,.,,,, ff V fm pw- fg,3K,.,.,, .., ,M , STEPHEN ALAN SMITH Hicksville, New York History .cf wx J 1 Pi J" e." :,,v,,. fi. N 1 g ,, KENNETH F. SMULINSKI Kenmore, New York Civil Engineering JAMES W. SMYTON Kenmore, New York Accounting DAVID SODA Hamburg, New York Medical Technology JOHN SOKOLOWICZ Long, Beach, New York Psychology RICHARD JOSEPH SNEDAKER Afton, New York Mechanical Engineering GREGORY SODUS Buffalo, New York English LAWRENCE WAYNE SOLODKY Kenmore, New York Psychology GREGORY DEAN SOMMER BuHalo, New York Sociology R'- r i V ,..., " .-.f .'.',f2 ne, ' . oh.,-'W -A-,K z- gf-:JP 4 -- 2 -. .. r, 2, . nfgv f'+ Q J' .- 1 fqtgh, J rr r af!! , A Y I ill I z f CLI' 'I , ffm ,'1-:gLHff,Z.nfffI"'1v3-1 5 ""'f 'ffffr-v-v.ff': ..,.. 1, ROBERT SOMMERSTEIN South Orange, New Jersey Geography GAIL SPIELBERGER Forest Hills, New York Sociology nv fi lx : YN JANE P. SOMMER Buffalo, New York Accounting 8- GUNTA SPALIS Holland, New York Early Childhood Education :,-:-,.g,5-- , , ' ,W 'f"',' a2fFX"Qifl yig flrgig- ' -'51 'inn s' 1.1. .' 4 f . '- ,sg 1 TT.: ' L' :,"., r, - . - .N ,U ., ,Qu . -I - -9:-. - f f- I 295 1 .I Q A T 4- ,f N. I X . . ,Qi : ' X' -rff V -'r f J- ' fe-, . , GERALD SPINLEY Niagara Falls, New York History JEAN ELIZABETH SPULA North Tonawanda, New York Biology , 'V ig-7' DONALD ARTHUR SQUIRE Albany, New York Business Education WILLIAM P. SQUIRE TERRIE JEANNE STABB Buffalo, New York Somerville, New Jersey Industrial Engineering NUVSIHQ Qtzvv JOAN C. STADELMAIER DANIEL C. STANEK Elmira, New York Hamburg, New York Medical Technology Drama and Speech NANCY H. STEWART Canisteo, New York Spanish AVERY STIGLITZ Plainview New York Biology LESTER E. STAUB BONNIE STEIN Bowmansville, New York Bronx, New York Psychology Early Childhood Education EVELYN E. STEIN CAROL ANNE STEINHARDT Flushing. New York Great Neck, New York English Speech Therapy DAVID M. STOFF Rockville Centre, New York Psychology ROBERT G. STIEFVATER, JR. Utica, New York Finance MARY ELIZABETH STOCKSCHLAEDER Darien Center, New York History ERICA STONE Bayside, New York Psychology JANE H. STONEHILL Great Neck, New York Political Science JESSE J. STRASH Hamburg, New York Chemistry BRUCE D. STYLES Buffalo, New York Biology 1 YT KATHLEEN MARY SULLIVAN Kenmore, New York Physical Education ELIZABETH H. STORM Amherst, New York Sociology R bf 'Irv' ,fi RONALD SUNSHINE Tcnawonda, New York Pharmacy JOANNE STRENK North Tonowonda, New York Medical Technology r- an CAROL E. SULLIVAN Cape Vincent, New York Occupational Therapy ,I I V c CAROL SWANSON Lakewood, New York Medical Technology KENNETH JOHN SWARTZ Fairport, New York History ROBERT SUNDICK Brooklyn, New York Anthropology I STEVEN SUNSHINE New York, New York History SANDRA MARGARET SWANSON Lakewood, New York Mathematics ROSEMARY ANN SWEETMAN Williamsville, New York Fine Arts MARTIN L. SWENSON, JR. Philadelphia, New York History JAMES J. SZIZYGIEL Lackawanna, New York Business CAROLE TACK Brooklyn, New York Early Childhood Education 5-...5 FREDERICK A. TANNER, Il Liverpool, New York History JAMES SWITZEL Java, New York Accounting RODNEY JOHN TABACZYNSKI Cheektowaga, New York Aerospace Engineering Q-gm, PATRICK T. TAMMARO Corning, New York History RK. -Lili JOSEPH D. TARANTINO Toronto, Ontario, Canada Economics ARLENE J. TARLOW MICHAEL TAYLOR Peabody, Massachusetts Kenmore, New York Speech Pathology English MARLENE TEICH DONALD STEPHEN TEIG Woodmere, New York Bronx, New York English Psychology EDWARD TESTA ' THOMAS THALNER Buffalo, New York Rochester, New York History Mathematics LAWRENCE WALTER THIEMECKE North Tonawanda, New York Pharmacy PETER RAMSEY THOMSON Buffalo, New York Geology ANTOINEETE TIBURZI Cheektowaga, New York Health, Physical Education and Recreation NANCY EILEEN THOMAS Rochester, New York French DONA THURSTON Lockport, New York Mathematics EILEEN M. TIMM Amherst, New York History fi TN 'ffl THOMAS- TITUS Buffalo, New York Psychology VERA ELIZABETH TOMAS Batavia, Ontario English 2' EUGENE S. TONUCCI Blasdell, New York Finance 1 ""' 'ffT"'4-LJ TER? A95 ' as 7-x fi 1 ADELE TRACHTMAN Buffalo, New York Early Childhood Education PETER TROPMAN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania History W ,Q '- . .. . 1 JAMES A. TOSCANO Cohoes, New York History 0 E-'ii RICHARD EDSON TRAVIS Hornell, New York Political Science ROY TROPPMAN Lancaster, New York Geography ff! PENELOPE TSCHOPP Williamsville, New York Early Childhood Education ,,wY.,,.,....,. se-1-v' SHAFIC Y. TWAL Madaba, Jordan Medical Technology 'Q--P' ELLEN CATHERINE URBAN North Tonawanda, New York Medical Technology ROBERT VACCA Schenectady, New York Phormacy af'-N IBB SHARON TUCH Williamsville, New York Sociology 'Wm MICHAEL BRUCE UNDERHILL Beaver Dam, New York Industrial Engineering RICHARD F. URBONT .,...,......i, E5 :ISQPN PATRICIA ANN VALVO Rome, New York Secretarial Studies Bayside, New York Business Administration ' PETER VADNAI New York, New York Philosophy ANTHONY VERDI Buffalo, New York Geography ,, . : ., . , I,-.:k,::' . I gif" Km.'.,1f.l57.- . fQ2Q?2i3:5if::iEm- ' V ., ' - :- T" Yi xr ., S ,ir l Sf - L... -f I f i ., 52325-1145 ' 2 - - 4111122522:-if MARLENE VEGNA Buffalo, New York History THOMAS JOSEPH VERGO, JR. East Rochester, New York Mathematics ir- DAVID PAUL VOGEL Gowanda, New York LINDA JOY WACHNER Forest Hills, New York Pharmacy Business Administration JUDITH A. WACHTEL Larchmonl, New York SHARON LOUISE WAGGONER Niagara Falls, New York Early Childhood Education Anthropology ALICE WAGNER JULIANNE WAGNER Cedorhurst, New York Oleon, New York Early Childhood Education Music Education .iz MARJORIE WAGNER ROBERT J. WAGNER Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York French Business Administration JEFFREY WAINGROW Albany, New York KAREN WAHLSTROM Batavia, New York Nursing 50Ci0l09Y ROBERT WAINMAN JUDITH ANN WALLACE Williamsville, New York DeWitt, New York Health, Physical Education Sociology and Recreation MARGO DAVENE WALLACH PATRICIA WALSH Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York fre,-,Ch Pharmacy STEPHEN WALSH RICHARD LEWIS WALTER East Rockaway, New York Blf19l'10ml0ft, New Y0l'k Political Science Industrial Engineering Kp. Rm CHRISTINA D. WASCHUK STEPHEN A. WATTS Rochester, New York 5Chel'1EC7C1dY. New Y0I'k Political Science 50ClOl09y 'R' X x , V' I BONNIE WAX JAMES T. WEBBER Brooklyn, New York Cleveland, Ohio Sociology Physical Education KIRK WEBSTER NANCY MARGARET WEIG Lockport, New York Kenmore, New York Mathematics NUf5l"'9 L. MICHAEL WEINER ALLEN WEINGAST Newton Centre Square, Massachusetts Brooklyn, New York Psychology Philosophy BARBARA WEINSTEIN BARRY WEINSTEIN Yonkers, New York BYOOHYU, New YOI'k Him-,fy Business Administration JILL S. WEINSTEIN New Rochelle, New York DONNA WEINSTEIN Rochester, New York Hisfory Sociology SUSAN A. WEINSTEIN ARLENE WEISS Jamaica, New York Weill-IUVY, New York History Psychology PETER WILLIAM WEISS SIDNEY WEISS Plainview, New York Poughkeepsie, New York Accounling Accounting LINDA WEISSMAN Jericho, New York Early Childhood Educafion ROBERT WELS Long Beach, New York Marketing PETER THOMAS WESTPHAL Amherst, New York General Business A24 ROGER J. WHEELER Elma, New York Industrial Engineering MEREDITH WEISSMAN Foresl Hills, New York Psychology KAREN WERNICKE Buhalo, New York English JAMES W. WHEELER Kenmore, New York General Business JEROME J. WHITE Aihol Springs, New York Business Adminisiralion WILLIAM L. WHITE SANDRA L. WIDOMSKI Niagara Falls, New York BuHaIo, New York Biology Secreiarial Siudies 'MVN f!:":1' JOZEFA A. WIERZBICKA BufToIo, New York DAVID S. WIESNER Rochester, New York French Psychology CHRISTINE WILGOS Buffalo, New York Sim ROBERT WILGOS Buffalo, New York Secretarial Siudies Electrical Engineering ,V 'air' r NANCY WILKINS Caldwell, New Jersey Nursing .is CLIFFORD PAUL WILLBY Tonawando, New York Mechanical Engineering MARILYN WILLERT BuHaIo, New York Sociology DONALD CLYDE WILLIAMS Kenmore, New York Poiiiical Science 1 ' , 5,594 ' 1..,.1:x . X '31 :ffl .3,,x- N.: va - vit- 4' 'R NSR! - 7-zzr:-we NOREEN ANN WILLIAMS Tonawando, New York Sociology HENRY L. WILLETT, III LawIons, New York Psychology LILLIAN S. WILLIAMS Niagara Falls, New York History ROBERT ROLAND WILLIAMS Buffalo, New York Biology CAROL WILMERS Jericho, New York Early Childhood Education RONNI WILSON Yonkers, New York History RICHARD WIRTH BuHalo, New York Arts and Sciences N-r-' EDWARD PAUL WILSON Buffalo, New York Electrical Engineering PHYLLIS RUTH WINER Rochester, New York History ALICE JEANNETTE WITTENBERG Erie, Pennsylvania Mathematics ROBERT WOJCIK Niagara Falls, New York Psychology BARBARA ANN WITZEL Kenmore, New York English LAWRENCE WOJTKOWSKI Buffalo, New York Civil Engineering DIANE JUSTINE WISHER West Seneca, New York Medical Technology MICHAEL WOLIN New York, New York Political Science DALE WOOD Buffalo, New York Arts and Sciences Jr Ac :- DAVID P, WOLINSKI Cheektowaga, New York Hlslary ,Ox 4, ELAINE-MAREE WOOD Kenmore, New York English THEOPHIL WOROSZ Niagara Falls, New York Mathemafics BETTY LOUISE WREN Penn Yan, New York Psychology HELENE LEVIN WYNAR Rochester, New York Sociology PAUL l. YOVIENE Lackawanna, New York Business Administration DAVID W. WOZNIAK Buffalo, New York Sociology SHARON WURSTNER Buffalo, New York Secretarial Studies JACK ANTHONY YANNO Gloversville, New York Business Administration 4- MATTHEW JOHN YUSCHIK, JR. Buffalo, New York Electrical Engineering MARILYNN ZACCARINE JUDITH ANN ZACHOWICZ Hamburg, New York CheekIowo9Uf New Yofk Business Education Medical Technolo9Y JAMES M. ZALEWSKI ROBERT SAMUEL ZAMPI Buffalo, New York Endicoii, New York Psychology Mechanical Engineering 4:3 s SHELDON ARTHUR zArcoFF SUSAN ZAUDERER Elmira, New york Plainview, New York psychology Secretarial Sfudies STEPHAN ZELAZNY Buffalo, New York MICHAEL ZEIF Rochesler, New York Sggiglggy Arts and Sciences Winn., MAURY ZEPLOWITZ BuHoIo, New York CONNIE ZETTLE Bulialo, New York Sociology Secrelarial Studies JANET M. ZIDOW Tonawcnda, New York Flushing, New York STEPHEN ZIEGLER Spanish Sociology DOREEN ZLOTNICK New Rochelle, New York Sociology 576 G. ,1 4 vu' S f i fi REGINALD ENO Conlon, New York Pharmacy lx. 1 ANNMARIE ZOCCANO Buffalo, New York Ari I 1 1-L44 N ' - ui LEON GEORGE Utica, New York Pharmacy 14 L va uw-wwvma. -4 ! rm-N?...,..,Wu M i r '4 . M' , , ,P ,4' P a.',,!. , ,wa 5. .Vp ' v new H Q. 4 4 V A ,I Ck M, , . Y , .AM 'I a "9-Pn jgr is R' U r Q g Q .QU -1-' I' ' A U A gy, . ' H?" 5 4' . ' , ' M , ,A .,... V X , .,.,v,., ' R , Y. X ' A Alinlfm Mmm A . . ,g - ft .,,,,,QQe:- Z. K ,-I .- ,R X ' 4' I 'J V uv- .k " "Y, X ww X 4 V M. -: Qv i Av 1, 'L y. ' ,,,,:5.:4,,, '--fx-Nw: .,,,,,,, 'A 'ff -4- . ,I -.. A new - ...MEN 1 .r . .- 1 4 N' Q ,, wb V ' .,,.. -,.. ..-M N A . X ' ww w ., ' A ' K 'Q l 5, 'av'-. v INDEX INDEX INDEX INJ 'D 9 'U ' fl vi ' xg .ar '1'- 7 ' ' ' ' . I it -tfnaw 9 "'.,- lv 'ffvig jibf . I 2 1, " :og-ash -.' . . Q- 1 'V A' 'g E l i Q Q 1 " 'fi K' Ti " ,-. --.3 8 Q.. V- -Q4 . i - h. ."-Ski-"-4-,N,L,,f . ,-.'.? '-A 1 - I - N '- -Q W- -1- . i-- ,,,,.....,,-5 -r--,N -u-:fy-5-1 -fs.-:Biff , ' . ' '. "E .-'T-7 f ' 1 ' L " ' 1 M ' " 11 " :- " N- 1., N M I-V - . .P x. I ' I .izgu-.. '-Q.. 1 ' 'N' 'D -- D'-'fg'-' X f' 1 A '- v 4 'l f' f ,. - .fl , I I If .-f K' f,.,--' ,J P 2 4' -' ,,..l"' ' - ,......--- "".1A---14+ 5 . . A H 'U A ,in 4 1 . 4.1 I X INDEX INDEX INDEX INDEX INDEX INDEX ABELSON, WARREN S., Psychology-Campus Alliance Party, Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Mu, Treasurer, Swimming, Football, Cross Country, Softball. ABRAMS, LAWRENCE HOWARD, English-Resident Advisor. ABRAMS, MARGO CHERYL, English-Intramural Volleyball. ABRAMSON, GIL, History-Secretariat, Publications Committee, United States National Student Association, Dean's List. ACKERMAN, BINI ANN, Physical Therapy-IRC Activities Committee, Dean's List, Dormitory Judicial Board, Dormitory Corridor Representative, Physical Therapy Club, Vice-President, House Committee Chairman. ADAM, CLYDE, Electrical Engineering-ASDS, Pi Lambda Tau, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball, IEEE. ADAMS, BARBARA, Nursing. ADAMS, GEORGE C., History-Tower House Council Representative, Frosh Football, Varsity Sophomore Football. ADAMS, MARGARET, Nursing-lntervarsity Christian Fellowship, Area Council Representative, SNANYS, Phi Zeta Chi, Pan Hellenic Delegate, President, International Club. ADELSON, HARVEY, Biology-Long Island University, Spring Weekend, Homecoming Weekend. ADLER, BARRY I., Anthropology-Phi Epsilon Pi, Crass Country, Bowling. ADLER, SUSAN, American Studies-Buflalonian, Executive Board, The Bull, Academics Editor, Honors Program, American Studies, Dormitory Judicial Board, Committee Chairman, House Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. AINBINDER, DENNIS JOE, Psychology-Hobart College, Student Council, In- terfraternity Council, Sigma Alpha Mu, Intramural Basketball, Tennis. ALBANO, ESTHER MICHELENE, Secretarial Studies, ALBRECHT, WILLIAM, Accounting. ALEXANDER, JUDITH, Psychology. ALFIERI, LINDA CAROLYN, Pharmacy-Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Soror- ity, Debating Society, Treasurer. ALLEN, FRANK DUMONT, Psychology-Alpha Phi Omega, Basketball, Volley- ball, Baseball, AFROTC. ALLEN, RUSH E., Electrical Engineering-Pi Lambda Tau, Vice-President, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Bowling, IEEE. ALLMAN, LONA ALISON, Accounting-Accounting Club, House Plan. ALPERN, JOAN, Psychology-BuFfalonian, Special Events Editor, Executive Board, The Bull, WBFO Tape and Record Librarian, Student Dramatic Society. ALTERMAN, DANIEL, History-Honor Roll with Distinction, Sigma Alpha Mu, Recorder, Participation Chairman, Bowling, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Pre-law Society. ALTMAN, ROBERT HARRY, Psychology-Marching Band, Concert Band, Phi Epsilon Pi, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary. AMLIN, ROBERT, History-Buttalonian, Assistant Sports Editor, Honor Roll, IFC Representative, Sigma Alpha Mu, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cross Coun- try, Golf. AMOS, GRACE M., French, ANDERSEN, CAROL CHRISTINE, English-Student Senate Public Relations Committee, Dorm Treasurer, Secretary, Chi Omega, Vice-President, Pan Hel- lenic Delegate, Pon Hellenic Council, Vice-President. ANDERSON, MARCIA K., Sociology and Anthropology-Dean's List, WRA. ANDOLINA, MICHAEL J., Biology-Alpha Sigma Phi, Custodian, Football, Basketball, Track. ANSUINI, MARY, Sociology-Dean's List, Theta Chi Sorority, Guys and Dolls. ANTOS, JANICE K., Mathematics-Newman Club, Math Club, SEANYS, Pi Mu Epsilon National Math Fraternity. APPLE, FRED MARTIN, Sociology-Spectrum, Sociology Club, Phi Epsilon Pi. ARCURI, PAMELA J., Anthropology and Psychology-Residence Hall Commit- tees, Dean's List, WRA. ARMBRUST, FREDERICK, History-Football. ARNER, BARRY P., Biology-Student Activities Committee, Chairman Music Committee, Biology Laboratory Teaching Assistant, Summer Research Fellow- ship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Phi Epsilon Pi. ARNOW, JOANNE, Pathology and Audiology-Student Speech and Hearing Association, President, Vice-President. ARONOWSKY, DAVID, Economics-Senator, UC, Campus Alliance Party, Sigma Alpha Mu, Football, Tennis, Handball. ASHER, KENNETH ROBERT, Philosophy-Academic Affairs Committee, Recrea- tion Committee, Phi Beta Kappa, Marching and Concert Bands, Pre-law Society, Bisonhead, President. ATLAS, SANDY, Political Science-Hillel, Student Publications Board, Secre- tary, Public Relations Committee, Secretary, Chairman, Spring Weekend Com- mittee, Union Board Secretary, Activities Drive Committee, Politics Club, Secretary, Sophomore Sponsor, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Phi Beta Kopp, Cap and Gown. AUSTIN, DALE H., Pharmacy. AXELROD, RONALD J., Accounting-Welfare Committee, Pre-Law Society, President, Treasurer, Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Mu, Campus Alliance. BACKUS, TIMOTHY W., Psychology. BACO, SANDRA A., Secretarial Studies--Newman Club, Mixer Committee, Freshman Cheerleading, Captain, Varsity Cheerleading, University Tour Guide, Sophomore Sponsors, Freshman Orientation, Student Host, Homecom- ing Committee, Special Events, Buttalonion, Copy Editor, Welcome Day. BAILEY, WILLIAM REED, Economics. BAINER, KATHERINE LOUISE, Psychology. BAKER, CHARLES R., History-Football, Basketball, Softball. BAKER, JUDITH A., Pharmacy-American Pharmaceutical Association, Lambda Kappa Sigma. BALDING, NANCY MARIE, Classics-Newman Club, German Club, Sophomore Sponsors Publicity Chairman, Alpha Lambda Delta. BALISTRERI, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Biology-Newman Club, Spectrum, Transfer Orientation, Public Relations, German Club, Dean's List, Swimming, Football, Softball, Ski Club. BALLARD, HERBERT WILLIAM, Economics-"The Prism," Copy Editor, Dean's List, Allenhurst Council, Delta Chi Omega, President, Marching Bond, Presi- dent, University Bank, Concert Band. BALLOTTA, MARYANN, Secretarial Studies-Newman Club. BANAS, DONALD M., Biology. BARILE, MARYJANE, Sociology. BARNHART, ROBERT M., Mechanical Engineering-Concert Band, Photogra- phy, American Society, Mechanical Engineers. BARSUK, JUDITH ANNE, French-Homecoming, Spring Weekend Committee, Schoellkopf House Council, Schoellkopf Judicial Board, Clement Judicial Board. BATLAN, JUDITH, Mathematics-Spectrum, SEANYS, Resident Advisor, Sopho- more Sponsors, Coordinating Committee Chairman, Scholarship Committee, Secretary, Dormitory House Council and Judicial Board. BATTAGLIA, GARY CHARLES, History-Freshman Class Council, Treasurer, WBFO Radio, Host of "On Broadway Tonight", Alpha Psi Omega, AFROTC, Advanced Corps, Student Dramatic Society, Vice-President, Drama and Speech Department Productions. BAUER, MONICA H., Economics-Newman Club, Mixer Committee, Women's Honors and Awards Banquet, Toastmistress, Dormitory Committees, Cap and Gown, Senior Women's Honor Society, Vice-President, Sigma Kappa, Treas- urer, Pan Hellenic Council, Social Chairman, Vice-President, Chairman Pan Hellenic Ball, Greek Sing. BAUM, SUSAN CAROLE, Anthropology. BAUM, WENDY, English-Mr. Formal Committee, Sophomore Sponsor, Chi Omega, University Chorale. BAUMGARTNER, JOAN, Nursing-Student Senate Publicity Committee, Silver Boll Publicity Committee, Goodyear Social Committee, Executive Council, School of Nursing, Notification Committee, Collegiate Nursing Conference, Chi Omega, Treasurer. BAYARD, LOIS, Sociology-Dormitory Corridor and Judicial Representative, Social Welfare Club, Publicity Chairman. BEACH, RITA MARIE, Associate Degree Program in Secretarial Studies- Dean's List, Dormitory Scholarship Committee. BECKETT, DUANE G., Chemistry-Alpha Phi Omega. BEDELL, HARRIET, Sociology-Hillel, Mixer Committee, Activities Drive Com- mittee, Students for Johnson-Humphrey, Social Welfare Committee, Dormitory Special Events Committee, WRA Bowling League. BEGIN, BRUCE H., Business Administration-Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramural Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming, Baseball. BEIDLER, JANICE, Medical Technology-House Plan, WRA Bowling. BEILMAN, BARBARA ANN, Nursing-School of Nursing Executive Council, President. BEISIEGEL, DAWN, Early Childhood Education-Maiorette. BELFOR, SHERRI, Sociology-Mixer Committee, Secretary, Activities Drive Committee, Students for Johnson and Humphrey, Dormitory Special Events Committees, Judicial Board. BELINKY, KAREN, Psychology-Dean's List, Honors List. BELLIZZI, JOHN J., Sociology-Advanced AFROTC, AFROTC Drill Team, Chennault Drill Society. BELUS, BRIAN D., Geology-ROTC Drill Team. BERCIK, MARILYN ANN, English-Newman Club, Newman Bowling, "Spec- trum", SEANYS, Ski Club. BERGER, HARLENE GOLDMAN, Early Childhood Education-Music Committee, SEANYS, Dean's List. BERKOWITZ, ELLEN N., Early Childhood Education-Election's Committee, Dean's List, SEANYS, ECEC, Dormitory Corridor Representative. BERMAN, CAROL, Sociology-House Council, Judicial Board, Students tor Johnson, Young Democrats, Corridor Representative, Inter-Residence Council, WRA Bowling. BERNSTEIN, RICHARD ALLEN, History-Ski Club, Tennis. BERRY, JOHN B., Civil Engineering-ASCE. BETZ, RICHARD C., Electrical Engineering-Phi Kappa Psi, Historian, IEEE, Secretary. BEVILACQUA, JAMES, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Phi Kappa Psi, Football, Baseball, Varsity Basketball. BEYER, JUDITH ANN, English-Spectrum, House Plan, House Plan Bowling League, Sophomore Sponsor, Manual Editor. BIANCHI, FRANCESCO, Marketing-Honor Roll, Dean's List, ROTC, Distin- guished Military Cadet. BICKLER, SHARON G., English-Hillel, Student Senate Academic Committee, Mixer Committee, Schoellkopf Hall, President, Dean's List, Ford Foundation Inter-University Program, Resident Advisor, WRA Bowling League. BIENSTOCK, BARRY, Geography-Freshman Class Council, Chairman, Elec- tions Committee, IFC Secretary, Concert Committee, Chairman, Phi Epsilon Pi, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geography Honor Society. BLACK, EDWARD D., Chemistry-Alpha Sigma Phi, Officer HM, Softball, Football. BLANK, WAYNE STEWART, Philosophy-Pre-Law Society, Ski Club. BLAS, CHRISTINE J., Speech Pathology-Newman Club, Elections Committee, Dean's List, Student Speech and Hearing Association. viiull, X-J X lllxi you want fine portrait to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your life,come to the Photograph Studio of your Official Photographer... Rumi . BLASZ, SHARON, Early Childhood Education-Newman Club, Theta Chi. BLATTER, E. WALLY, lndustrial Relations-Newman Club, Spectrum, Sports, MFC Student Council, Vice-President, WBFO, Sports Director, Personnel Director. BLISS, NAOMI, French-Dean's List. BLOOM, GORDON LEE, JR., Electrical Engineering-Dean's List, WBFO Engi- neer, Tau Kappa Chi Engineering Fraternity, Treasurer, IEEE, Chairman. BLY, NORMAN, Mathematics. BOEKHOUT, BARBARA ELLEN, Sociology-Silver Ball Committee, SNCC, Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-President, Pan Hellenic Council, Float Parade, Setup Chair- man, Ski Club, Moiorette. BOFFA, JOSEPH, Arts and Sciences-Tower House Council, Election and Cultural Committee Chairman, Dean's List, Alpha Phi Omega, Psychology Club. BOGGAN, MARGARET, Speech Pathology-Newman Club, Student Speech and Hearing Association. BOLLES, BEVERLEY ANNE, Sociology-Council of Religious Organizations, House Council Dormitory, Representative, Activities Chairman, Judicial Board, Open House Head, Wesley Foundation, Pan Hellenic Council, Scholarship Chairman, Vice-President, Gamma Phi Sweetheart, Alpha Gamma Delta, VP Pledge Class, Membership Chairman, Float Chairman, Pan Hellenic Repre- sentative, Spring Weekend Committee, House Plan, President. BOLTON, JOHN FRANCIS, Engineering Science-Engineering Student Council, President, American Institute of Astronautics ond Aeronautics, Pi Lambda Tau, Chaplain. BONACCI, ANTHONY C., Pharmacy-House Plan, American Pharmaceutical Association, Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society, Vice-President, Beta Phi Sigma Pharmaceutical Fraternity. BOND, CLIFFORD W., Biology. BORKOWSKI, ROMAN J., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Dean's List, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Basketball, Manager, Freshman Baseball, Physical Education Maiors Club. BOUCK, SUSAN, Sociology-Theta Chi, President, Pan Hellenic Council, lppon Club. BOWER, JAMES R., Mechanical Engineering-Phi Epsilon Pi, Executive Coun- cil, Historian, Engineering Student Council, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vice-President. BOWLING, ALAN L,, General Business-Society of Plastics Engineers, Ameri- can Foundryme-n's Society. BOYER, CAROL R,, Business Education. BRADLEY, DARLA L,, Psychology-Spring Weekend Committee, Dean's List, Theta Chi, Queen Chairman, BRAITHWAITE, LINDA MARGOT, Psychology. BRANDT, ALAN J., Sociology-Sigma Alpha Mu, Historian. BRASSINGTON, LESTER M., JR., Health, Physical Education and Recreation- Allenhurst Council, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hand- ball, Tennis, Track, Cross Country. BRAZNER, JANET, Sociology-Civil Rights, Dean's List, Folk Dance Group, Co- chairman, CORE. BRECKENRIDGE, JOAN, Nursing-lntervarsity, House Council, Cooke Hall Sec- retary, Resident Advisor, Vice-President ol Nursing Class, Dean's List, Field Hockey, SNANY. BREJ, KAREN JOAN, English-Newman Club, Spectrum, Fine Arts Committee. BRINK, KEITH, Engineering Science-WBFO Engineer, AIAA, Choir. BRODEY, ROBERT W., Sociology-Sociology Club, Ski Club, Vice-President. BRODSKY, STANLEY NORMAN, Mathematics-Tower Hall Council, Inter-resi- dence Council, Vice-President, Dean's List. BRODSKY, SUSAN LYNDA, English-Freshman Class Council, Civil Rights Committee, Student-Faculty Committee for Academic Freedom, Spring Week- end. BRODY, GORDON, Psychology-Hillel, Football. BROOKS, TEDDAR SCOTT, Psychology-Wesley Foundation, President, Resi- dent Advisor, Tower Football, Air Science. BROWN, DENNIS R., General Business Administration-House Committee, Mr. Formal Committee, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller, Football, Softball, Wres- tling, Track, ROTC. BROWN, ELAINE PHYLLIS, English-Girls' Glee Club, Chorale. BROWN, JAYNE K., English-Dormitory Committees, Special Events, House, Music. BROZOST, BRIAN ALLAN, Psychology. BRUNETTI, ANDREE, Biology-Newman Club, Ski Club. BRUNT, DEXTER PERRY, Economics. BRYAN, ROBERT GARY, Sociology-Freshman Orientation Committee, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Football, Basketball, Track, Handball, Wrestling. BRZEZINSKI, DENNIS, Electrical Engineering-Tennis, TKX Engineering Honor Society. BUCK, JANICE, Psychology-Transfer Orientation Host. BUDZICH, GLORIA, Secretarial Studies-Newman Club, Buffalonion. BULATEK, DIANE MARIE, Philosophy. BULGRIN, JUDITH L., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-NYSARFCW Conference at Plattsburgh, Delegate, NYSARFCW Conference at Buttolo State, Delegate, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Swimming, PEG, Ser- geant-at-Arms, WRA, Publicity Chairman, Secretory, AWPENYS, Treasurer. BULSON, RAYMOND W., Industrial Relations-Politics Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Interfraternity Council, Industrial Relations Club. Pierced Earrings Pins Necklaces Rings T e Pierced ar 3624 MAIN sr. iopp. Clementl 832-7579 - 1:00-6:00 Charms Bracelets BUNIS, RUTHELLEN, Sociology-Student Welfare Committee, Michael Hall Music Committee Chairman, Cooke Hall Publicity Committee, Inter-Residence Council, Food Committee, Women's Chorale. BUREK, CAROL LYNNE, Biology-Newman Club, Recreation Committee, Goodyear South Dorm Scholarship Committee, Chairman, Michael Dormitory Corridor Representative, Women's Chorale. BURGDORF, DAVID, History-Canterbury Association, Spring Arts Festival, Men's Glee Club, Business Manager. BURT, JAMES, Accounting-Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary, Football, Baseball, BUS, RONALD, History-Dean's List, BUSACK, MARILEE, English-Spectrum, Alpha Gamma Delta, House Chair- man. BUSCHER, MARGARET GARBE, English-Weslyan, Union Board Publication, Publicity, Dormitory Social Committee. BUTLER, BARRY J., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Phi Epsilon Kappa Professional HPER Fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, Swimming. BUTTON, JUDITH LEE, Psychology-Canterbury Club, Secretary, Spectrum, Dean's List, WBFO Program Director, Sophomore Sponsor, Executive Council, International Club, Corresponding Secretary, Student Association Award. BYNE, ROBERT, Political Science-Judicial Board, Traftic Court, Sigma Alpha Mu, Tennis, Squash. BYSTRAK, LOUIS N., Accounting-Newman Club, Tennis, Softball, Bowling, Basketball, Accounting Club. CALDWELL, BRYAN M., History-President of Gamma Phi, Basketball, Foot- ball, Volleyball, Softball, Cross Country, Bowling, Track, Secretary of Allen- hurst Council. CANBY, DARRELL, Accounting-Basketball, Accounting Club. CANTOR, MIRA, Art-Recreation Committee, Dean's List, Winter Weekend Committee, Talent Show. CAPUANO, RONALD JAMES, General Business-Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer, UB. Men's Glee Club, Vice-President, Football, Softball, Golf, Basketball, Bowling, Volleyball, ROTC, U.B. Blues, Treasurer, Allenhurst Council. CARDONI, ALEX A., Pharmacy-Bela Phi Sigma Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Vice-President, President, Bowling, Volleyball, Air Science ll, American Phar- maceutical Association. CAREY, MARION, Medical Technology-Newman Club, Publicity Committee, Secretary, Treasurer, Sophomore Sponsor, Student Medical Technology Asso- ciation. CARMEN, RICHARD D., Sociology-Newman Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Presi- dent, lnterfraternity Representative, Baseball, Tower House Council. CARNEVALE, VIRGINIA, Early Childhood, CARTER, CONSTANCE JOAN, Psychology-Newman Club, Vice-President, SEANYS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Women's Chorale, Angel Flight, Executive Officer, Student Aide. CARVER, STEVEN, Art-New Student Review, Prism, Collegue, Spring Week- end Committee, Art Scholarships, Scholastic Awards in Resident Hall, Tower Student Representative, Dean's List, Baseball, Basketball, Football. CASSANO, THOMAS RICHARD, History-Financial Investigation Committee, Phi Kappa Psi, Social Chairman, Historian, Publications Chairman, Football, Baseball, Bowling, Volleyball. CASSETTA, RICHARD A., Psychology-Newman Club, Young Democrats, Tower House Council, Phi Sigma Alpha, ROTC, Men's Glee Club. CASSIDY, MARY LOUISE, Secretarial Studies. CENKNER, AUGUST A., Aerospace Engineering-Dean's List, Presidents Aca- demic Honor Roll, Engineering Honor Fraternity, Tau Kappa Chi, Basketball, Varsity Basketball, AIAA, CENKNER, MARIE M., Art-Fine Arts Committee. CHAMBERLAIN, WAYNE S., Business Administration-Dean's List, Alpha Phi Delta, IRC Representative, Sports Chairman, Judiciary Committee, Football, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Chennault Drill Society, Drill Team, Publicity Chairman, AFROTC. CHAPMAN, RUSSELL EDWARD, Civil Engineering-ASCE Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary. CHASE, ALAN R., Accounting-Student Senator, Senate Finance Committee. CHASNOFF, STUART, Music-Allenhurst Council, Hillel, Editor-in-chief of the Prism, Chairman of Community Relations Committee, Vice-President of House Plan Activities, Faculty-Student Concert Committee, Tower House Council, Delta Chi Omega, Executive Board, Intramural Football, Captain, Opera Club President, Marching and Concert Band. CHIARI, DENNIS M., Mathematics. CHISWELL, JUDY NORA, Occupational Therapy-Student Christian Associa- tion, President, Arts and Crafts Committee, Chairman, Sophomore Sponsor, Dean's List, Cheerleading, Occupational Therapy Club. CHRISTENSEN, WILLIAM MARK, Accounting-Phi Eta Sigma Honorary Society, Beta Gamma Sigma, Accounting Club, President. CHRUNYK, CHRIS. CIPOLLA, JOANNE, English-SNANYS, SEANYS, Scholarship Committee Secre- tary, Dean's List, WRA Bowling. CIPOLLA, RICHARD C., Civil Engineering-ASCE. CLARK, TERRY M., Biology-Spectrum, Elections Committee. CLAYBORNE, SUSIE-MAE, Sociology-Civil Rights Committee, Housing Com- mittee, Goodyear East Scholarship Committee Chairman, Dormitory Council, Bridge Club, Stunt Night. CLUTE, JOHN E., English, COBANE, LYNNE HADLEY, English. COHEN, ALLEN, Psychology-Dean's List, Tennis. COHEN, BARRY F., Mathematics-Dean's List, Honor List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, President, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Philosophy Club. COHEN, HERBERT IRA, Anthropology-Anthropology Club, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Ski Club. COHEN, IRA JAY, Political Science-Music Committee, Recreation Committee, Honor Roll, Pre-Law Society, Allenhurst Council, Tower House Council, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Fraternity Sports, Allenhurst Basketball League. COHEN, IRA JOSEPH, Accounting-Hillel, Transfer Student Orientation. COHEN, PETER LEE, History-Student Book Exchange Chairman, Student Wel- fare Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Homecoming Special Events Committee, Spring Weekend, Carnival Chairman. COHEN, SHELDON, History-Hillel, Spectrum, Assistant Chairman of Student Welfare Committee, Freshman Orientation, International Club. COHEN, STEFAN, History-Campus Alliance, Sigma Alpha Mu, Football, Baseball. COHLER, SUSAN Y., Sociology-Special Events Committee, Goodyear East Chairman, Fine Arts Festival. COLANGELO, THOMAS, Electrical Engineering-Zeta Psi, IEEE. COLE, BARRY H., Psychology-Allenhurst Council, IRC, Phi Epsilon Pi, Vice- President, Volleyball. the delightful OLIVERS buffalo's smartest restaurant 2095 delaware at amherst COLE, ELLIOTT, Electrical EngineeringdPi Lambda Tau, Historian, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Cross Country, Bowling, IEEE. COLEBERT, JANE ELLEN, Accounting-Accounting Club, Sophomore Sponsor. COLLETTA, NAT J., History-Freshman Orientation Chairman of Social Com- mittee, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fraternity Football, Basketball. COLLINS, DAVID C., Biology-Spectrum, Photography Club, COLTON, JEFFREY ALAN, History-Alpha Epsilon Phi, Swimming, Wrestling, Tennis. CONIGLIO, BARBARA A., English--Newman Club, Winter Weekend Commit- tee, Alpha Gamma Delta. CONIGLIO, STEPHEN, Biology-Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Second Vice- President, Football, Basketball, Baseball. CONINE, DAVID C., Economics-Basketball, Softball. CONRAD, RONALD L., Finance7Dean's List, Honor Roll, Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-President, Basketball Captain, Football. CONTI, SEBASTIAN, Psychology-Newman Club. COOK, DEAN L., Biology--Ski Club, President. COPPA, FRANK JOSEPH, Electrical Engineering-Pi Lambda Tau, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, IEEE. CORRENTI, CAROL J., Sociology-Newman Club, Italian Club, Bowling League, Captain, Dormitory Sports Committee. CORTO, FRANK J., History-Football. COSTANZO, LOUIS A., Psychology-Freshman Orientation, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Fencing, Wrestling, Cross Country, ROTC. COSTELLO, GARY N., Health, Physical Education and Recreation. COTTONE, BETTY, Secretarial Studies-Newman Club. COWEN, DAVID, Geography-Interfraternity Council, Secretary, Allenhurst Council, Alpha Sigma Phi, Vice-President, IFC Representative, Football, Track. COYE, CAROLEE M., Music-Certificate of Merit, Dean's List, Band Secretary, Music Club, Variety Show, Women's Chorale, Band, Woodwind Ensemble, Musicals. CRADEN, FREDERICK, History-Pre-Law Society. CRADEN, MARCIA, English-Mixer Committee, Spring Weekend Committee, Civil Rights Committee, Schoellkopt House Council, Social Committee Chair- man, Ski Club. CRAMER, NANCY ELINOR, Speech Pathology-Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Chorale. CROSBY, WILLARD M., History. CUNNINGHAM, CHRISTINE, Early Childhood Education-Wesley Foundation, Spectrum, Music Committee Secretary, SEANYS, NAEYC, House Plan, House Plan Council, Sophomore Sponsor, Phi Zeta Chi, Treasurer, House Plan Bowl- ing League. THE SYRACUSE RESTAURANT, INC. 4346 BAILEY AVENUE CURET-MENDEZ, ELIEZER, Political Science-International Club. CURTIS, DENNIS P., History-Dean's List, Philosophy Honors Program, Bison- head Society. CZAJKA, AUDREY CAROL, History. CZERNIEJEWSKI, RICHARD T. . DAIGLER, GARY, Drama and Speech-Drama Society, Bridge Club. Best Wishes DALRYMPLE, TERRANCE D., Civil Engineering-ASCE. From The DANAHY, JOHN, Health Physical Education and Recreation. DANETZ, ROBERT J., English. D'ARCANGEl.O, MARK, Anthropology-Theta Chi, Pledgemaster. DARLINGTON, FRANCES, Speech Pathology-Dormitory House Council, Music Committee, Student Speech and Hearing Society, Dormitory Resident Advisor, WRA Bowling. D'ARRIGO, PETER J., Biology-House Plan. DAVID JULIE ANN, Medical Technology-Student Medical Technology Associ- ation. DAVIS, JONATHAN C., History. DAVIS, RICHARD L., Sociology-Freshman Football. DAVISON, MARY CATHERINE, History-Newman Club, Senate Activities Com- mittee, Woman's WRA, President, National Bowling Representative. DEAL, KENNETH RAYMOND, Management Science-Dean's List, President's Academic Honor Roll, Alpha Kappa Psi. DEAN, CAROL LEE, History-Student Christian Associate, Mixer Committee, Social Committee, Special Events Committee, WRA Bowling, Manager of League, House Plan, Schustmeisters, International Club. DEANE, JOHN EDWARD, English-Canterbury Club, President, Delegate to CRO, WBFO Campus News Stott, Bridge Club. DeGRAW, BARBARA E., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Physical Education, Treasurer, AWPENY Representative, WRA, Publicity Chairman, Sigma Kappa Phi, Pledge Class Treasurer. DeHOND, CORINNE J., Nursing-Wesley Foundation, Dean's List, Nursing Class, President, Executive Council, School of Nursing, Sophomore Advisory Committee, Intercollegiate Nursing Convention, Volleyball. DEITZER, GERALD F., Biology-Research Projects for Dr. Holland, Physics, Dr. Hebborn, Biochemical Pharmacology, Dr. Santilli, Plant Physiology. DELANEY, JEROME P., Pharmacy-Prism, Script, Tower House Council, Presi- dent, President Pharmacy School, Student Association, Resident Advisor, Kappa Psi. DEMARCO, EDWARD DONALD, Psychology and Philosophy-Judiciary Board, Freshman Steering Committee, Newman Club, Dean's List, Football, Basket- ball, Nu Chi, Psychology Club. DEMBIK, JOYCE LYNN, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-House Plan, President, House Plan Council, Sophomore Sponsors, SEANYS, NEA, New York State Associate for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, AWPENYS, Physical Education, Girls. DEMBO, NANCY ANN, Early Childhood Education-Spectrum, Mixer Commit- tee, Student Education Association, 2nd and Ist Vice-President, House Coun- cil, Clement Hall Corridor Representative, Schoellkopf Scholarship Committee, Goodyear Music Committee, Dean's List. DENES, STEVEN, English. DERMAN, SUSAN, Early Childhood Education-Dean's List. DERWIN, SHERRY LEE, Psychology-Election Committee, Social Committee, Spring Weekend, Honors Psychology. DEVENY, JOHN J. JR., Spanish-Newman Club, Spanish Club, Dean's List. DeYET, DONNA CAROL, Psychology-International Club, Student Dramatic Society, Dramatic Productions. DIKMAN, BERNARD L., Accounting-School of Business Administration, Treas- urer, Hillel, Spectrum, Business Manager, Ad Manager, New Student Review, Ad Manager, Civil Rights Voter Registration Drive, Stunt Nite Committee, Accounting Club, Tower House Council, Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi. DiFLORIO, DAVID G., Economics-Newman Club, Political Science Club. DOCKSTADER, LINDA, French-Political Science Club, Scholarship Committee, Clement Hall Co-Chairman. DODGE, DENNIS WAYNE, Mechanical Engineering-Dean's List, Football, Baseball, ASME, AFROTC. Mills Family A DOMAGALA, CAROL ANN, Associate Degree Program in Secretarial Studies. DOREN, JACK, Psychology-Hillel, Student Welfare Committee, Transportation Subcommittee, Chairman, Public Relations, United Students Party, Bridge Club, lppon Club. DRAY, ALISON M., Nursing-House Committee, SNANYS, Dean's List. DREW, JEFFREY ANDERSON, Psychology-Freshman Orientation Committee, Alpha Sigma Phi, Track, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, DREXLER, MICKEY, Marketing-Spectrum, Advertising Staff, Dean's List. DUFFY, SUSAN M., History-Newman Club, Recording Secretary, Spectrum, Freshman Orientation Committee, Debate Club Miss Great Lakes, Chi Omega, Pledge Class, Treasurer, Rush Chairman, Newman Club Bowling League, Angel Flight. DUKE, RONALD L., Business Administration. DUNCAN, SHARON, Early Childhood Education-Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship. DUNHAM, JOHN C., Biology-Wesley Foundation, Treasurer and Vice-Presi- dent, Arts and Crafts Committee, Buialo Craftsman Association. DUNKER, NORINE S., History, DUNN, JACQUELINE A., Sociology-Freshman Class Council, Newman Club, House Plan, House Council. DYL, CAROL ANN, Nursing-Newman Club, SNANYS, Dean's List. DZWONKOWSKI, JOSEPH, Accounting-Dean's List, Accounting Club, Vice- President. ECKERT, STEPHEN MICHAEL, Pharmacy-American Pharmaceutical Associate, Kappa Psi. EDDY, ROBERT D., History-AFROTC. EDELMAN, LINDA LOU, Pharmacy-Pharmacy School Student Association, Script, Junior Editor, Editor, Lambda Kappa Sigma, President, American Pharmaceutical Association, Pharmacy School Open House, Class Secretary. EDELSTEIN, MARK, Accounting-Union Board, Treasurer, Presidential Aca- demic Honor Society, Dean's List, Beta Sigma Rho, Chancellor, lntertraternity Council. EDWARDS, CAROLE L., Sociology-Civil Rights Committee, Sophomore Spon- sor. EDWARDS, JOHN P., Business Education-Alpha Phi Omega, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Football. EFFMAN, LESLIE, Early Childhood Education-Sophomore, President, Honor Roll, Early Childhood Education Council of Western New York. EHRLICH, RICHARD, History. EIBERT, MAX, Physics-International Club, Treasurer. EINHORN, LUCIE WELT, Speech Pathology-Speech and Hearing Association, Sigma Delta Tau, Recording Secretary. Kamp gmen t5 of P-IARFQISCDN FQADIATCDR DIVISIGN General Motors Corporation Plr BUFFALO LOCKPORT NEW YORK NEW YORK ELM, JOSEPH, French-Allenhurst Council, Hillel, Spectrum, Dean's List. EMMET, JANE, Speech Pathology-Student Speech and Hearing Society, Treasurer. ENGEL, ARLINE, Mathematics-Hillel, Buffalonian, Mixer Committee, House Plan, Vice-President, Freshman Steering Committee, Homecoming Queens Committee, Young Democrats, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Resident Advisor, Sophomore Sponsor, Dormitory Social Committee, Special Events Committee, Honorary Sophomore Sponsor, SEANYS, President's Honor Roll, Dean's List, WRA Bowling League. ENGEL ROBERTA, Mathematics-Hillel, Buffalonian, House Plan, Mixer Com- mittee, Sophomore Sponsor, Homecoming Weekend, Young Democrats, Phi Beta Kappa, President's Honor Roll, Dean's List, Resident Advisor, Dormitory Social Committee, Dormitory Special Events Committee, Freshman Orientation, SEANYS, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, WRA Bowling League. ENRIGHT, JUDITH A., Medical Technology-Student Medical Technology As- sociation. EPSTEIN, BENNETT, History-Hillel, Dean's List, President's Academic Honor Roll, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity, Bisonhead, Phi Epsilon Pi, President, Recording Secretary, Football, Softball, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, EPSTEIN, BRUCE P., Sociology-Dean's List, Football, ROTC. EPSTEIN, JOSEPH MARC, History-Student Senate, Welfare Committee Chair- man, United Students Party, Student Judiciary, Alpha Epsilon Pi. ERR, ELAINE M., Mathematics-Newman Club, Math Club, SEANY. ESSAGHOF, IRADJ, Electrical Engineering-International Affairs Committee, IEEE. FAGENBAUM, DORIS, CAROL, Sociology-Goodyear Social Committee, Michael Sports Committee, Cooke Sports Committee, Sociology Club, Social Welfare Club. FAIGENBAUM, STEVEN T., Psychology-Homecoming Committee, Special Events, Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Mu, lntramural Swimming, Intramural Wres- tling. FANONE, PHILIP, Mathematics-Dean's List. FASSETT, WILLIAM, Philosophy. FEINBERG, WAYNE, Sociology-Allenhurst Council, Ski Club, Football, Bas- ketboll. FEINER, MARJORIE LYNNE, Speech Pathology-Dean's List, Dormitory Vice- President, Judicial Board, Folk Dance Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Drama and Speech Club. FELDMAN, SYLVIA, History-Hillel, Mixer Committee, Dean's List, Pre-Law Society, Goodyear Social Committee Chairman. FELDSTEIN, ALAN RICHARD, History-Young Democrats of Erie County, Freshmen Orientation Committee, Dean's List, Honors List, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Corresponding Scribe, Wrestling, Track. FENMORE, JOYCE ROCHELLE, History-Spectrum, Schoellkopf Hall Treasurer, SEANYS. FERSH, DIANE L., Spanish-Young Democrats, Music Committee, Goodyear, International Club, WRA Volleyball. FIALKOFF, SUSAN L., English-Council on Religious Organization, Hillel, SNANYS, SEANYS, Sophomore Sponsor, Scholarship Committee, Chairman, Goodyear Hall South, House Committee of Goodyear Hall East. FIDERER, SHARON, Psychology-Inter-Residence Council, Corridor Representa' tive, Judicial Board, House Council, Goodyear Hall, Dean's List. FINE, GERALD LEONARD, Sociology-Hillel, Bridge Club, Men's Glee Club. FINE, NEAL HARVEY, History-Pre-Law Society, Ski Club. FINK, JERROLD ALAN, Biology-Tower House Council, Recreation Committee, WBFO, Variety Show, Band. FINKELSTEIN, SANDRA, Early Childhood Education-SEANYS, NEA. FINKER, ARTHUR, Sociology-United Students Party, Dean's List, Alpha Epsi- Ion Pi, Baseball, Basketball, Golf. FISHKIN, RITA, French-Mixer Committee, Dean's List. FISHMEN, JOAN D., Drama and Speech-Dormitory Social Committee, Chair- man Dormitory Publicity Committee, WBFO. FISK, PAUL R., Political Science-Political Science Club, President. FLANDERS, PAUL B., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Phi Epsilon Kappa, Football, Freshman Baseball, SEANYS, N.Y.S. Assoc. for H.P.E.R. Inc., Physical Education Maiors Club. FLASTER, BONNIE SUE, Speech Pathology-Dean's List, Student Speech and Hearing Association, The Student-Faculty Committee. FLAVIN, RICHARD J., Geography-Newman Club, Softball. FLEYSHER, ELLEN, American Studies-Justice, Student Traffic Court, Spectrum Features, Assistant, Bull, Exec. Comm. United Students Party, Dean's List, Exec. Comm. Freshman Orientation, Co-Chairman, Freshman Orientation, WBFO, Cap and Gown Senior Women's Honor Society, Freshman Forum Panel, Sigma Kappa Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Publicity Chairman, "The Master Builder." FOLINO, THOMAS F., Psychology-Allenhurst Council, Tower House Council, Personnel, Orientation Committee, Executive Committee of Freshman Orienta- tion, Ski Club, WBFO, "King Lear." FOLWELL, BLANCKE LEE, Nursing-Member of American Nurse Association, International Club, SNANYS. FORDEN, ROGER ALAN, Biology-Public Relations Committee, Dean's List, Marching Band, Concert Band. FOROSCIJ, LORIE E., Sociology-Newman Club, Silver Ball Committee, Fresh- man Orientation, Sophomore Sponsor, Chi Omega, University of Butitalo ACU Bowling Team, Angel Flight, Treasurer, President. FOX, DAVID J., Physics-Spectrum, WBFO, Photography Club. oh a asl: of Cidvenfufie IN YOUR WARDROBE Dllawlrf AVC. Klnlflofe 17, N.Y. qelcpllone UP?-2228 FRANKO, DAVID, Psychology-Spectrum, Staff Reporter, Senator A 8. S, Student Welfare Committee, Concert Committee, Freshman Orientation Execu- tive Committee, Phi Kappa Psi, President, Vice-President, Corresponding Sec- retary, Historian, lnterfraternity Council, Vice-President, Football, Basketball, Intramural Squash. FRIEDMAN, ELLEN GAIL, Early Childhood Education-Buffalonian, Literary StaFt, Student Welfare Committee, SEANYS, Michael Music Committee, Cooke House Committee, Chairman, Corridor Representative, MacDonald Hall, Cooke House Council, MacDonald House Council, Dean's List. FRIEDMAN, JONATHAN ZACHARY, History-Student Welfare Committee, Chairman, Hillel, Pre-Law Society, WBFO, Assistant News Director, FRIEDMAN, MARJORIE BETH, Speech Pathology-Inter-Residence Council, Ilice Chairman, House Council, Student Speech and Hearing Society, Dean's ist. FROST. ANDREA, JANE, 5peech Therapy-Spectrum Staff, Student Welfare Committee, Student Speech and Hearing Society, Goodyear East Secretary, Goodyear House Council Representative, Publicity Committee, Dean's List, Ski Club, SEANYS. FRUTH, MICHAEL H., English-Dean's List, Honors List, WBFO. FRYER, JEANNE, Art-New Student Review, GADOMSKA, JOAN, Secretarial Studies. GAFFE, KAREN J., Early Childhood Education-Ski Club, Early Childhood Education of Western New York Council. GAFFE, SANFORD M., Pharmacy-Pharmacy Student Council, American Phar- maceutical Association, Phi Epsilon Pi. GAGLIARDI, BARBARA, History. GAIMS, RICHARD N., Engineering Science-American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. GANTCHER, MERLE, Spanish-Resident Advisor, Sigma Delta Tau, Pledge Class President, Vice-President, Pledge Mother. GAPINSKI, JAMES HENRY, Economics-Phi Beta Kappa, President Honor Din- ners, Economics Honors Program, Bisonhead Honors Society, Dean's List, Honors List, ROTC-NCO School. GARRECHT, ROBERT A., Chemical Engineering-Ski Club. GARROW, DIANE, Music Education-Intervarsity, Chorus, Band, Orchestra. GEHRING, WILLIAM, Biology-Ski Club. GELLMAN, RICHARD L., Political Science-Hillel, Spectrum, Welfare, Interna- tional Student Aftairs, Public Relations, Mixer Committee, Film, Homecoming, Spring Weekend Committees, Campus Alliance, WBFO, House Plan, Stunt Nite, Squamish Team, Football, Manager, Ski Club, Politics Club, Ippon Club, International Club, Student Drama Society, Chennault Drill Society. GEMBOLYS, HELENE ANN, Nursing-Newman Club. Congratulations! You have reached a new plateau in your career. NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY A leading manufacturer of building materials and Bufialds largest home ojjfice with 74 plants and 68 sales oyfces located throughout the United States, wishes the graduating class of 1966 confirming success. GERACE, GARY ANTHONY, Psychology-Freshman Class Council, Newman Club, Student TraHic Court, Student-Faculty Committee on Student Behavior, Pre-Law Society, Resident Advisor, Tower, Dean's List, Drama Club, "The Balcony," 'tMiss Julie." GERINGER, FREDERICK MONROE, Health, Physical Education and Recreation -Football. GERLACH, RONALD A., History-Honors List, Dean's List, Basketball, Volley- ball, Tennis, Cross Country, Freshman Letter. GEROWITZ, MARTIN, Psychology-Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Mu, Wrestling, Cross Country. GERSH, DAVID MARK, History-Hillel, History Club, Debate Society, Football, Softball, Wrestling, Ski Club. GERSON, ALLAN, Economics-Student Welfare Committee, Alpha Epsilon Pi, lnterfraternity Council, Debate Society. GERTY, JOHN, Physics. GERRASI, SAMUEL MICHAEL, Mathematics-Newman Club, Resident Advisor, Pi Mu Epsilon Math Fraternity, Softball, Basketball, Math Club. GIA OUINTO, DENNIS F., Pharmacy-Vice-President of Pharmacy School Student Council, Executive Council of Pharmacy School Student Association, Senator from School of Pharmacy, Executive Committee, Michael Hall Dormi- tory Vice-President, Student Branch of American Pharmaceutical Association, Alpha Sigma Phi, Corresponding Secretary. GILBERT, HELEN VIRGINIA, Sociology-Buffalonian, Circulation Stott, Senior Week Committee, Political Science Club, Sociology Club. GILBERT, VICTOR C., Electrical Engineering, GILL, THOMAS G., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Phi Epsilon Kappa Physical Education Fraternity, Baseball, Basketball, Physical Education Club. GILLETTE, HOWARD P., History-Newman Club, Chennault Drill Society. GIRARD, RICHARD T., Marketing. GLESSNER, DONALD G., Labor and Industrial Relations-Newman Club, House Plan, Treasurer, Industrial Relations Club, ROTC. GLUCKMAN, HARVEY W., History-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Golf, Softball, Volley- ball. GOLD, BEVERLY, Sociology-National Students Association, Communications Committee, Goodyear Sports Committee, Michael Sports Committee, WRA Bowling. GOLD, ELEANOR, Psychology-Spectrum, Students for Johnson, Young Demo- crats, Dean's List, Dormitory Sports Committee. GOLD, JAMES, Business Administration-Softball, Basketball. GOLDER, BRUCE E., Geography-Newman Club, Arnold Air Society. GOLDIN, JANE IRINA, Early Childhood Education-Union Board House Com- mittee, Homecoming Weekend, Silver Ball, Spring Weekend, Dean's List, Honors List, Cap and Gown, Sigma Kappa Phi, Pan Hellenic Council. GOLDMAN, CAROLE DEENA, History-Spectrum, Ski Club, WRA Bowling, Volleyball. GOLDRICH, MERRIE, Sociology-Ski Club. GOLDSMITH, PAUL, Mathematics-Dean's List, Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Fraternity, Tennis, Fencing, Ski Club. GOLDSTEIN, JAMES A., Pharmacy-American Pharmaceutical Association, Ex- ecutive Council of Pharmacy School Student Association, Beta Sigma Rho. GOLDSTEIN, PAUL L., Accounting-Football, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Volley- ball, Basketball. GOLDWATER, BARBARA B., History-Spectrum. GONDREE, HOWARD FRANK, Geography-Student Senator, Engr. Council, Secretary, Communications Committee, Model United Nations Committee, Campus Alliance Party, Gamma Theta Upsilon Geography Professional Fra- ternity, Student Traffic Court, Student Publicatons Board, Debate Society, Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honorary, President, Alpha Phi Omega, Parliamentarian, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, American Society of Civil Engineers. GOODMAN, STEPHEN, History-IFC, Beta Sigma Rho, Wrestling. GOODRICH, RALPH EDMUND, Industrial Engineering-Golf, Student Chapter AIIE, Secretary, Board of Directors, AFROTC Advanced Corp. GORDON, JOAN E., Sociology-Dorm House Council. GORDON, MARILYNN AGNES, Medical Technology-Newman Club, Medical Technology Club, Social Committee, Goodyear, Sports Committee, Michael Hall, Chi Omega, Angel Flight, Women's Chorale, Mixed Chorus. GOULD, ARLENE, History-Spring Arts Festival, Dorm Music Committee, Women's Chorale, Musical "Cradle Will Rock", Musical Variety Show. GOULD, HOWARD J., Business Administration-Basketball, Softball, Tennis. GRAF, MARCIA, Nursing-Nursing Class Treasurer, Collegiate Conference in Nursing, Silver Ball Publicity, Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush Chairman. GRAHAM, JAMES M., Pharmacy-Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association. GRALNICK, STEVEN, History-Hillel, United Students, Dean's List, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Intramurals. GRANOFF, MARTIN STEVEN, Mathematics-Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pledge President, Wrestling. GRASHOW, MARK, Mathematics-Phi Epsilon Pi, Basketball, Bowling, Track, Fencing, Cross Country, Volleyball, Varsity Swimming. GRAY, ARDEN MARK, Sociology-Student Dormitory Representative, Chair- man, Dormitory Scholarship Committee, Public Relations Communication Com- mittee, Traftic Court, Judge, United Students, McDonald Hall House Council, Sigma Delta Tau, Water Ballet, "Flora, the Red Menace." GRAYSON, DONALD KENNETH, Anthropology-New Student Review, Businss Manager, Student Activities Committee, Treasurer, Phi Epsilon Pi, Wrestling, Football, Handball, Tennis, Track. GREEN, LARRY WYNN, Pharmacy. GREENBERG, DIANE, History. GRIMM, DONALD, History-Dean's List, Football, Chemistry Club. GRISANTI, JUDITH F., Finance-Spectrum, Sophomore Sponsor. GROBEL, ROBERTA, Art-New Student Review, Art Editor, IRC, Dean's List, Cap and Gown. GRODNER, BRIAN, Political Science-Baseball, Basketball, Football, Wres- tling. GROSS, ELLEN, Occupational Therapy-Occupational Therapy Club, Interna- tional Club, Marching and Concert Bands. GROSSMAN, ROBERTA S., History-Student Senator, Executive Board, Wel- fare Committee, United Students Party, Young Democrats, Dean's List, Sigma Delta Tau, Do Re Mi Musical. GRUBLON, SONYA, French-Hillel, SEANYS, International Club, Folk Dance Club, Student Zionist Organization. GRUGER, BARBER JEAN, Biology-Wesley Foundation, Resident Advisor, WRA. GUGINO, CAROL ANNE, English-Italian Club. GUIDO, GEORGE T., Psychology. GULLO, ROSELIND RUTH, Psychology-Freshman Class Council, Alpha Gamma Delta, Spring Weekend. GUNSALUS, SANDRA, Sociology-Theta Chi. GUNSBERG, LINDA S., Psychology-Student Senate, Executive Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Personnel Committee Chairman, Student Interna- tional Affairs Committee, Mixer Committee, Silver Ball Publicity Committee, Stunt Night Committee, Personnel Committee, House Committee, Concert Com- mittee, Secretary, Academic Freedom Committee, Folk Song Club, Resident Advisor, House Council, Goodyear and Michael Halls, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, Cup and Gown, Sigma Delta Tau, WRA. GUTH, KARL R., Political Science-Alpha Sigma Phi, HJP, Vice-President, Football, Track. GUTTER, MARCIA, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Student Zionist Organization, Student Civil Rights, House Plan Council, Vice-President, WRA, Field Hockey Club, AWPENYS, Constitution Committee Chairman, PEGS. GUZZINO, DONALD, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Intramural Softball, Intramural Football, Freshman Indoor Track. HABER, ESTHER BUNIS, Sociology. HAFNER, ALOIS M., Music-Spectrum, Band, Orchestra. HAGLE, ROBERT EUGENE, Philosophy-Academic Affairs Committee, Recrea- tion Committee, Vice Chairman, Honors List, Dean's List, Basketball, Tennis. HALEY, ROBERTA JEAN, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-WRA, Girls' Swimming Team, AWPENYS, PEGS. HAMILTON, ANN, Industrial Relations-Inter-Residence Council, Activities Council Chairman, Student Welfare, Senator, Public Relations. HAMMOND, ROBERT E., Economics-Interfraternity Council, Phi Lambda Delta, Social Chairman, President, Softball, Basketball. HARASYM, BOHDAN M., 'Finance-Scholarship-Administrative Management Society, Dean's List, Softball. HARDING, KATHY, Psychology-Newman Club, International Club, Treasurer, Angel Flight, Ski Club, Student Democratic Society. HARRIS, NEAL, English. HARRISON, CYNTHIA, Nursing-Freshman Forum, Homecoming Committee, Silver Ball Committee, SNANYS, Cap and Gown, Chi Omega, President. HARTNETT, SHARON MARIE, History. HARTWICK, KAREN, Spanish-Greek Weekend Committee, Spring Weekend Committee, Secretary, Homecoming Committee, Dean's List, Sigma Kappa Phi, Registrar, Women's Chorale. HARVEY, ROBERT JOHN, Accounting. HASELEY, JUDITH ANN, Sociology-Gamma Delta. HATCH, PATRICIA J., Medical Technology. HAYES, RICHARD T., Industrial Engineering-AIIE. HAYS, BRYAN, Economics-Phi Kappa Psi, Baseball, Football, Track, Fraternity Intramurals. HECHT, ELIZABETH, Nursing-Folk Music Club, Secretary, Scholarship Commit- tee, Cooke Hall. HEIBEL, DAVID MICHAEL, History-Newman Club, Marching and Concert Bands. HELFFENSTEIN, ARTHUR, Political Science-Phi Kappa Psi, IFC, Freshman Football. HEMMING, PENELOPE, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Ski Club, Sigma Kappa Phi, Pledge President, Cheerleading, Co-Captain, WRA, Secre- tary, Treasurer, PEGS. HENRY, DONALD B., Industrial Engineering-AIIE, Liaison Ofiicer. HENRY, LYNN CHAPMAN-Business Education, SEANYS. HENSEL, RENE F., History-Track. HERLEHY, TIMOTHY, Industrial Engineering-Newman Club, Dean's List, Pi Lambda Tau, Football, Volleyball, Softball, Engineering Student Council, AIIE. HERON, JAMES PATRICK, Psychology-Dean's List, Baseball. HESLER, JOHN THOMAS, History-Freshman Football. HETEY, RICHARD E., Pharmacy. HETZEL, RICHARD EDWARD, History-Alpha Sigma Phi, Football, Softball, Basketball, Baseball. HICKMAN, DANIEL J., Biology. HIGGINS, DOUGLAS L., Sociology. HILL, RICHARD E., History-Wesley Foundation, Chennault Drill Society. HINDEN, IRENE, Sociology-Student Zionist Organization, Dean's List- Ski Club. ' HIRSCH, CAROL J., Early Childhood Education-SEANYS, National Agggciqtign forthe Education of Young Children, Dean's Lis'- HIRSCH, RITA, Sociology. HOCHBERG, HARRIET, Early Childhood Education-Student Welfare Commit. tee, Electrons Committee, Dean's List, Special Events Committee, SEANYS, HOEPFINGER, RICHARD H., Electrical Engineering-IEEE, HOFFMAN, ALAN S., Philosophy-Freshman Class Council, Student Senator, Spectrum, Peace Corps Committee, National Student Association, Civil Rights Committee, United Nations Committee, Campus Alliance Party, United Stu. dents Party, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Wrestling, ROTC, Air Police, Stunt Nite, HOFFMAN, KEITH W., Anthropology-Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, Football, TENNIS: CFOSS Country, Squash, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Softball, HOFFNER, JANICE H., Secretarial Studies-Hillel, Spectrum, Homecoming Committee, Dean's List. HOLLANDER, MAXINE, Speech Pathology-Hillel, Mixer Committee, Dean's List, Dormitory Special Events Committee, Chairman, WRA, Student Speech and Hearing Association. HOLMAN, ALAN BRUCE, Physics-Oracle, Freshman Orientation, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa Honor Fraternity, Sign-iq Phi Epsilon, Secretary, President, Interfraternity Council, Secretary, Tennis, Golf, Cross Country, Softball, Handball, Squash, Volleyball, Bowling, Fencing. HOLMES, JEAN ALICE, English-Buffalonian, Circulation Editor, Dean's List, Ski Club, USEASA Committee Chairman, Oflice Committee Chairman, Sigma Kappa Phi. l"lOl:T, LINDA ANNE, Speech Pathology-Student Speech and Hearing Asso- ciation, Winter Weekend Committee, Spring Weekend Committee, Alpha Gamma Delta, Altruistic Chairman. HOLYNSKI, CAROL LEE, Medical Technology. HOPCIA, CYNTHIA M., French-Newman Club, Publicity Committee, Fine Arts Committee. HOPKINS, STEPHEN J., Psychology-Ski Club, WBFO. HORNBECK, PETER, History. HOSIE, THOMAS W., History-lnterfraternity Newspaper, Mixer Committee, Theta Chi, Football, Softball, Swimming, Handball. HURLBUTT, TERRY LEONARD, Sociology-Wesley Foundation. HUSNAY, GEORGE, Marketing-Industrial Relations Club, Vice-President, President. HUTSON, JUDITH, German. IACUZZO, PATRICIA ANN, Early Childhood Education-Student Senate Pub- licity, Silver Ball Chairman, Public Relations Committee, Freshmen Orientation Leader, Silver Ball Publicity Chairman, Spring Weekend, Teacher Educations Student-Faculty Council, SEANYS, Student Association, Certificate of Merit, Chi Omega Sorority, Activities Chairman, Italian Club, Women's Chorale. IGNASIAK, CHRISTEEN M., Secretarial Studies. IMPELLITTIERI, NINA, Business Education-Newman Club, Senate Elections Committee, Dean's List, Silver Ball Publicity Committee, Spring Weekend Float Committee, Military Ball Publicity Chairman, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chaplain, Pledge Class Secretary, Spring Weekend Queen. INCORVIA, ANGELA J., Sociology-Theta Chi Sorority. INGRAM, GORDON ALAN, History. INSALACO, MICHAEL JOHN, Mathematics-Dean's List, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pledge Master, Assistant Social Chairman, Track, Baseball. ISAACS, JOAN, French-Dean's List, Bowling, Ski Club, SEANYS. ISLER, BEVERLY ANN, Sociology-Wesley Foundation, Dean's List, Sophomore Sponsor. ISRAEL, SYLVIA, Psychology-Spring Arts Festival, Committee Chairman, Stu- dent-Faculty Committee on Academic Freedom. JAFFE, CORINNE, Drama and Speech-Dean's List, Student Dramatic Society, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Board Advisor, Alpha Psi Omega Honor Dra- matic Fraternity, Sigma Delta Tau. JAFFE, MARTIN, Sociology-Spectrum, Civil Rights Committee, Alpha Epsilon Pi. JANETOS, DIMITRI A., History-Football, Softball, Handball, Freshman Bas- ketball, Freshman Baseball, JAROSS, RICHARD H., History-Chairman Student Judiciary, Academic Attairs Committee Chairman, International Student Affairs Committee Chairman, ln- ternational Student AFiairs Committee Chairman, Civil Rights Committee, For- eign Student Orientation Committee Chairman, Political Science Club, Presi- dent, WBFO, Phi Epsilon Pi, Freshman Track, Concert Band, Marching Band. JAY, MICHAEL ALLEN, Political Science-Kennedy Senatorial Campaign Com- mittee, Sigma Alpha Mu, Volleyball, Basketball. JEFFERS, DALE FRANCIS, Business Administration. JENKINS, PAUL C., Geography-Gamma Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Executive Committee, Interfraternity Council, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Vol- leyball, Baseball, Track. JENNINGS, SHARON, Sociology-Dean's List. JEROSZKO, RONALD A,, Aerospace Engineering-Tau Kappa Chi, Football, Softball, AIAA. JESSEL, PAUL W., Art. JIMENEZ, JOAQUIN, JR.-"Cradle Will Rock", "Fantasticks", Men's Glee Club, Vice-President. JOHNSON, STUART ANDREW, Electrical Engineering-lntervarsity Christian Fellowship, IEEE, Vice Chairman. JOSLYN, CAROL, Medical Technology. JOWDY, JOHN F., Economics. ,m'fjfW'fj'-' .,:g.1.,rg::1 ' ' . -3-1:2r5'r-r.'-ag-:15.'f:f:f1311112-:rfzl f A , '""""3"1221.3-22,.",fgg-111353, 3 ', . ,' 3 5 3 4 ' 2:36:1212:35TIESCM13?NSRQYSQ3-4EfN?5221sii:1:5r113?2f12??f3i14:':f1'rff'?r- -.nee-,,r1, 11.47-i-1-020 -as-f vm ':-:f3f.4rw.- :ar wsli'-1-fzrgami'f:-za'- 'Y-dh--iw'-V4-tiezlzfn-1'-f:rf3aT.f:iv'2f"a'f?S 6,1:.,,+k2. .:: ., -5,,4,i:.1g-zff5,p:w 5, -.:5-1,2::,:,q:Ap,5:,:5a--4 - .4-qSfSq353,5,"a:f4,:i25,4:-gr:-pq:-142:-55511 ' 'V 1,:-Fej5E'1,kf'.G.2'r2'ZS2f'-Si,,.-3'-,T. an512314fS5l'S3:f':-ff'--W ' 2 -. 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S. f' ' x X S -.-yi. - Life' -,ax Medicine . . . designed for health . . . produced with care 374 JUTZIN, CARL W., Psychology. KACZMAROWSKI, CHRISTINE M., Secretarial Studies-Newman Club. KAELEN, JOYCE E., Psychology-Union Board, Personnel Committee, Home- coming Dance Committee, Freshman Orientation, House Plan, IFC Sing, Pan Hellenic Delegate, Secretary, Greek Weekend, Queen's Chairman, Co-Chair- man of Pan Hellenic Fashion Show, Sigma Kappa Phi, President. KAHN, ROBERT JOEL, Spanish-Hillel, Spanish Club, Treasurer, International Club. KALASTEIN, LILLIAN, History-Spectrum, Freshman Class Council, Dean's List, Dormitory Judicial Board, House Council, Vice-president of Schoellkopf. KAMENS, MARTIN, History-Spectrum, Business Stah, Student Welfare Com- mittee, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. KANE, RICHARD F., Industrial Engineering-AIIE, Vice-President. KANTOR, SUSAN, English-Ski Club, Bowling Club. KAPLAN, EDYCE, Drama and Speech-Hillel, Sophomore Advisory Committee, Speech and Hearing Society, Volleyball Club. KAPLAN, IRA E., History. KAPLAN, THEA, English-Hillel, Spectrum, New Student Review, Student-Fac- ulty Committee for Academic Freedom, Publicity Chairman, Michael Hall, Spanish Club, Civil Rights Club, Dean's List, Fencing Club, Falk Dancing Club. KATZ, DEBORAH, Business Education-Mohawk Valley Community College, SEANYS. KATZEL, MARLENE, Early Childhood-Scholarship Committee, SEANYS. KAUFMAN, JUDITH E., Psychology-State University College at Plattsburgh, Hillel, Intramural Bowling. KAWECKI, GERALD JOHN, Geography-Newman Club, Gamma Theta Upsi- lon Professional Fraternity: ROTC Advanced Corp. KAYSON, KATHLEEN, History-Spring Weekend, Dean's List, House Council, Corridor Representative, Judicial Board, Alpha Gamma Delta. KELLER, TRUDYANN, Psychology. KELLY, KATHLEEN M., Sociology-Chi Omega. KENJARSKI, THOMAS PAUL, Mathematics-Newman Club, Spectrum Sports Writer, Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honorary, Pi Mu Epsilon Math Honorary, Bisonhead, Theta Chi, Varsity Tennis. KENNEY, MARY CATHERINE, Political Science. KERBER, MELVYN, Finance. KERNS, JOHN WALLACE III, Geography-Gamma Theta Upsilon, Cross Coun- try, Varsity Track. KILLIAN, JAMES ALLEN, Business Administration-General Motors Institute, Gamma Phi, Vice-President, Pledge Master, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Cross Country, Swimming Golf, Volleyball, ROTC Advanced Corps. KING, STANTON DENNIS, English-Phi Epsilon Pi, Intramural Tennis, Fenc- ing, Schussmeisters, Marching Band. KLEEMAN, GERALD JOSEPH, Accounting-AFROTC. KLEINMAN, DALE CAROL, Psychology-Dean's List, Honor Psychology. KLEIMAN, ELLEN MARGARET, Art Education-Dormitory Social Chairman, House Council Representative, IRC Representative. KLEIN, RICHARD LEE, Business Administration-ROTC Advanced Corps. KLEIN, ROBERT STEPHEN, History. KLEIN, SHARON LOUISE, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Intra- mural Basketball, Bowling, Volleyball, WRA, PEGS, AWPEANYS. KLETTER, KENNETH WAYNE, Marketing-Hillel, Intramural Football. KNICKERBOCKER, JO-AN P., Nursing-Wesley Foundation, Buftalonian, Spring Weekend Queen's Committee, Resident Advisor, Dormitory Social and Cultural Committee Advisor, Jr. Class Council, Theta Chi, Sergeant-at-Arms and Charity Chairman, Pan Hellenic Council, Cheerleading. KOBRIN, MICHAEL DAVID, Business Administration-Phi Epsilon Pi. KOCH, CAROL MARIE, Secretarial Studies-Gamma Delta, Commuter Board. KOCHER, LAWRENCE H., Engineering Science-President's Honor Roll, Tau Kappa Chi, Intramural Bowling and Football. KOGUT, JOSEPH W., Economics-Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain. KOLLMAR, JOAN MARIE, History-Newman Club, Social Vice-President, Dean's List. KOLYNICH, EILEEN MARY, History-Corning Community College, Student Welfare Committee, Student Activities Committee. KOPP, JANET V., Nursing-Buffalo State, Wesley Foundation, Chairman of Membership Committee, Social Committee, Secretary, Corridor Representative, Dormitory Scholarship Committee, Sophomore Advisory Committee, Alpha Lambda Della. KOPPMANN, JOYCE MARIE, Marketing-Ski Club. KOPYCINSKI, PAUL E., English-Spectrum, Bulialonian, ROTC Editor, Senior Editor, Echo 575, Publications Board, Chennault Drill Society, Distinguished Military Cadet, Wing Staff. KORMAN, JACK, Pharmacy-American Pharmacuetical Association. KOSTRINSKY, DORIS S., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Corridor Representative, WRA Swimming, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Bad- minton, Eastern lnter-college Tennis Tournament, Honor Basketball and Vol- leyball Team, WRA, Vice-President, AWPENYS. KOWALSKI, MARGARET, Medical Technology. KRAMER, MARTIN, Business Administration-Dean's List. KROENING, SHARON LEE, Physical Education HPER-Field Hockey, Basket- ball, Bowling, Volleyball, WRA, PEGS, AWPEANYS. KRUMBEIN, RUTH G., English-Dean's List, Cooke Hall House Council, Judi- cial Board, Corridor Representative. KRUPOFF, PHILIP, Accounting-School of Business Vice-President, Hillel, Intra- mural Football and Basketball, Pre-Law Society. KSIENIEWICH, WANDA CAROL, Early Childhood Education-Newman Club- Dean's List, Alpha Gamma Delta. f KUBIAK, DONNA L., Medical Technology-Student Medical Technical Associa- tion. KUBIAK, SUSAN, Early Childhood Education-Newman Club, SEANYS. KUEBLER, VIRGINIA MARIE, Psychology-Newman Club, Corresponding Seve. tary, Religious Vice-President, Spectrum. KUGLER, JOHN FRANCIS, JR., Biology-Alpha Phi Omega, KUJAWA, CAROL A., History Education-Freshman Council, Chairman of Win- ter Weekend, Newman Club, Dean's List, Theta Chi Sorority, lst Vice-Presi- dent, President. KULACH, LENORE S., Sociology-Newman Club, New Student Review, Music Committee, House Council, Social Welfare Club. KULE, STEPHEN, History-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Social Chairman and Scribe, Intramural Track, Wrestling. KURPITA, SUSAN, Nursing-WRA Bowling, House Plan, Ski Club, SNANYS. KURRIKOFF, KRISTI M., Business Administration-Winter Weekend Committee, Alpha Gamma Delta. KURTZ, PAMELA, Nursing-Spectrum Reporter, SNANYS. KUTTER, HUBERT LEO, Mathematics. KYLE, JOHN WILLIAM, General Business. LACH, RENATE, Pharmacy. LACKEY, MARY JO, Business Education-Buflalonian, Spectrum, Alpha Kappa Alpha. LACKIE, KENNETH P., Pharmacy-Newman Club. LAKE, KAREN LYNNE, English. LA MAR THOMAS C., Biology-Delta Chi Omega, Band, LAMB, JOHN, Geography-Football. LANDAU, BARBARA H., History-Dormitory Council, Women's Recreational Activities. LANG, LINDA M., History. LANGDON, NORWOOD, Mathematics-International Club, Physics Club, Mathematics Club. LARSON, RALPH, History. LAUFFER, JOSEPH C., Mathematics. LASNER, HARVEY. LAVINE, SUSAN, Sociology-Goodyear House Committee, Clement Sports Committee. LAWRENCE, JEFFREY, Sociology-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Tennis, Softball. LEARY, MARY HELEN, English-Wesley Foundation Sigma Kappa Phi, Glee Club. LEFFERTS, CHERYL, English-Freshman Orientation Committee. LEMKE, JOAN S., Sociology-Music Committee, Art Committee, House Plan. LERNER, RICHARD, Business Administration-Dean's List, Basketball, Baseball. LEVINE, JACK BARNETT, Anthropology-Anthropology Club, Ippon Club, Ar- nold Air Society. LEVY, LONI, Philosophy-Spectrum, Publications Board, Buflalonian, Academic Affairs Committee, Convocations Committee, Foreign Student Affairs Commit- tee, Freshman Orientation, Foreign Student Orientation, Student Judiciary. LEVY, MAX, Political Science. LEWINNECK, ANNE, Spanish-International Club, Spanish Club, Transfer Stu- dent Orientation. LICHERELLI, DENNIS A., Economics-Student Council, Engineering Treasurer, Pi Lambda Tau, President, Treasurer, Football, Bowling, Golf. LICHTENSTEIN, ELLEN, Early Childhood Education-Dean's List, SEANYS, Dorm Committees. LICKER, SUSAN M., Sociology-Spectrum, Elections Committee, House Council, Sigma Delta Tau 2nd Vice-President. LIEB, PHYLLIS, Spanish-Mixer Committee, Sophomore Sponsors, Dean's List, Women's Chorale. LIEBERMAN, ROBERT JAY, History-Honor Roll, Ernie Davis Leukemia Fund Drive, Chairman, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chairman, Vice-President, President, Sports Chairman, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Baseball. LIESEGANG, WAYNE W., Marketing-Football, Basketball, Softball, ROTC. LINHARDT, MARJORIE, English--Sophomore Sponsor, Commuter Chairman, Freshman Orientation, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Freshman Women's Honor Society, Cap and Gown, Senior Women's Honor Society, Angel Flight, Materiale. LIESINGER, PATRICIA JANE, Sociology-Canterbury Association, Sociology Club. LISIECKI, MICHAEL D., Geography-Tower House Council, Alpha Sigma Phi, Wrestling, Football, Squash, Football Manager. LIVENT, GARY R., Sociology-Beta Sigma Rho, Bowling, Basketball. LOBRACCO, CAMILLE, Business Education-Spectrum, SEANYS, Dean's List. LO CASTRO, ANTHONY JOHN, Health, Physical Education and Recreation, LONCAR, GEORGE M., History-Newman Club, Football, ROTC, Wing Com- mander, Chennault Drill Society. LONG, COLLEEN, English-Spectrum, New Student Review, Alpha Gamma Delta. LONGWITH, TIMOTHY THOMAS, English, LOPS, JOSEPH P., Sociology. LOVE, NEIL A., Electrical Engineering-Engineering Student Council, Corre- sponding Secretary, Marching Band, ASDS, Pi Lambda Tau, Softball, Football, Volleyball, IEEF. LOVELESS, PATRICIA LOUISE, History-Newman Club, Union Board, Sopho- more Sponsors, Dormitory Committees, Scholastic, Cultural, Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman Women's Honor Sorority. LOWDEN, CAROL ANN, English-Dean's List, Alpha Gamma Delta, 2nd Vice- President, Corresponding Secretary, Women's Chorale, Mixed Chorus. LOWY, M. VIVIAN, Art. LUCK, ALAN D., Geography-Gamma Phi, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Bowling. LUCIDI, MICHAEL R., Business-Football. LUIPPOLD, BARBARA MARTHA, English-Cheerleading. LUKE, PETER C., Finance-Newman Club, President Advisor, Phi Lambda Delta, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Cheerleader. LUMLEY, JAMES R., Sociology-Chennault Drill Society, AFROTC Drill Team. LYON, RONDA, Drama and Speech-Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, Student Dramatic Society, Departmental Productions, "Lady's Not For Burning," "Private Ear," "Public Eye." MACALUSO, JOSEPH F., Medical Technology. MACE, THOMAS TERRENCE, Sociology-Newman Club, "The Prism," Circula- tion Editor, Delta Chi Omega, Sergeant-at-Arms, Marching Band, University Band. MACHOVER, RUTH, History-Dean's List, Student Transfer Orientation Cam- mitlee, Student Dramatic Society. MALADY, JUDITH A., Secretarial Science. MALECKI, SUSAN, Business Education-Newman Club, Honors List, SEANYS. MANCUSO, THOMAS J., Anthropology-Young Democratic Club, Anthropol- ogy Club. MANDELCORN, ROSLYN E., Sociology-Spectrum, Ski Club. MANGAN, THOMAS P., Business Administration--Softball, Basketball, Foot- ball. MANGUS, DIANE LARUE, Pharmacy-Gamma Delta, Vice-President, Lambda Kappa Sigma Treasurer. MANN, WALTER, Accounting-Tennis, Basketball, Newman Club, Accounting Club. MANNING, MARTHA E., English. MANTIN, JILL ANN, Psychology-Social Welfare Club, Music Committee, Chairman, Union Board, lst Vice-President, Volleyball. MARASCHIELLO, PAUL M., Psychology-Psychology Club. MARCKLINGER, JUDY, Physical Therapy-Dean's List, General Motors Scholar- ship, Physical Therapy Club. MARFURT, FRANCES, History-Spectrum, Mixer Committee, House Plan, Alpha Lambda Delta. MARGULIES, ALEXA, Psychology-House Council, Judicial Board, Honor's List. MARICICH, JOHN M., Geography-Gamma Theta Upsilon National Profes- sional Geography Fraternity. MARINO, MICHAEL PETER, Mathematics-Phi Lambda Delta Treasurer. MARKI, SANDRA, Secretarial Science-Newman Club. MARKOWITZ, ARTHUR A., History. MARLIN, THOMAS E., Chemical Engineering-Vice-President of Engineering Class, Newman Club, Phi Lambda Tau, Chemical Engineering Club. MARRIOTT, DALE VERNE, English-Wesley Foundation, Worship Chairman, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Men's Glee Club. MARSHALL, MARGARET ANN, Nursing-Wesley Foundation, SNANYS, School of Nursing, Vice-President, President, Executive Council School of Nursing, Treasurer. MASICK, MARILYN ANN, English. MATHER, MARYANNE L., Medical Technology-Student Medical Technology Association, Vice-President, Chairman of Board of Directors of SUNYAB Stu- dent Medical Technology Association. MATHEWS, CAROLE ANNE, History. MATROSS, GERALD N., Philosophy-Spectrum, New Student Review, Publica- tions Board, Convocations Committee, Chairman, Marching Band, Concert Band. MATTHYS, RICHARD D., Pharmacy-"The Prism", Rho Chi, Kappa Psi, Treas- urer, Basketball, Football. MATULEWSKI, JAY VAIL, Business Administration-Male Cheerleader, Phi Lambda Delta, President, Football, Basketball. MAUL, ELOISE C., Medical Technology-Newman Club, Student Medical Technologists Association, Senior Medical Technology Class Treasurer, Rifle Team, Secretary. MAYBACH, WAYNE THOMAS, Industrial Relations-Phi Kappa Psi, Basketball, Football, Tennis, IRC. MCCARTHY, JOHN PATRICK, History. MCCONNELL, ANN MARYE, Sociology. McDONALD, MARY E., Psychology. McDONALD, MARY KATHLEEN, Biology-House Council, Cooke Hall Treasurer, Newman Club, WBFO, Dean's List. MCEVOY, PATRICK E., Electrical Engineering-IEEE. MCEWAN, RONALD, History--Baseball. MCGARRY, THOMAS D., Political Science-Newman Club, Public Relations Committee, Vice Chairman, Politics Club, Pre-Law Society. MCHUGH, CATHERINE DEE, History-Spectrum, Mixer Committee. McMILLEN, RICHARD GARY, Geology-Swimming, Geological Society. McNAMARA, JAMES, Civil Engineering-Football. McNAMARA, KATHLEEN, Psychology-Spring Weekend Queen Committee, Dean's List, House Committee, Goodyear Hall, Social Committee, Clement Hall, Theta Chi, Corresponding Secretary. MEAGHER, ANN, History-Newman Club, Dean's List, Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Chairman. MEIKLE, RUTH ELIZABETH, Occupational Therapy-Occupational Therapy Club, Vice-President, Dean's List, WRA. MENTER, LOIS JOAN, Anthropology-Freshman Orientation, Buffalonian, New Campus Committee, Elections Committee, International Student Affairs Com- mittee, Foreign Student Orientation, Spring Weekend, Special Events Chair- man, Secretary, Personnel Chairman, Union Board Executive Committee, Silver Ball Faculty Reception Chairman, Cap and Gown, Sophomore Award, House Council, Goodyear South Special Events Chairman, Resident Advisor. MENZA, DENNIS L., Accounting-Dean's List, Accounting. MERLIS, MICHAEL RONALD, Accounting-Hillel, Finance Committee, School of Business, President, School of Business Banquet, Chairman, Bowling, Account- ing Club. METTER, RICHARD ALAN, Psychology. METZGER, ERNA S., Nursing-Ski Club. MICHAELS, LARRY, Business Administration-Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Mu. MICHEL, FRANCINE ELLEN, Anthropology-New Student Review, Art Editor, Debate Club, Publicity Club, Spring Weekend Publicity, Chairman. MILBRANDT, CHARLES A., Pharmacy-Kappa Psi. MILES, PAUL W., Electrical Engineering-IEEE. MILEY, WILLIAM M., Psychology-Dean's List, Honors Program. MILLER, BONNIE RUTH, Early Childhood Education-Students for Johnson, SEANYS, Secretary, Publicity Chairman, Italian Club, Student Dramatic Soci- ety, Ski Club, Bowling Club. MILLER, CREIGHTON J., Mechanical Engineering-Tower House Council, Vice- President, ASME, Chairman, AFROTC, Glee Club. MILLER, DIANE ELIZABETH, Sociology. MILLER, EARL RALPH, Mathematics-Tower House Council, Vice-President, Math Club, Phi Eta Sigma National Honorary Society, Pi Mu Epsilon National Honorary Mathematical Society. MILLER, CLIFFORD RAY, Biology-Phi sem Kappa. MILLER, RUSSELL G., Medical Technology, MILLER, SARAH, English. MILLER, SUSAN F., Speech Pathology and Audiology-Freshmen Class Coun- cil, Speech and Hearing Society. MILLERSCHOEN, CARL W., Electrical Engineering-Phi Kappa Psi, Pledgemas- ter, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Track, Freshmen Swimming, Captain, Varsity Swimming, Captain, IEEE. KLEINHANS CO. CONGRATULATES CLASS OF 1966 . . . Remember-Good clothing might not make the man but it certainly helps make a successful one! You will find clothes by Kleinhans a good rule to follow as you advance through life. KLEINHANS CO. -Downtown Buffalo -Thruway Plaza -Blvd. Mall MILLS, RANDALL, M., Psychology-Sigma Psi Epsilon, Corresponding Secre- tary, Greek Sing Chairman, Handball, Wrestling, Cross Country, ROTC, Ski Club. MINDLE, DONALD, Business Administration-Student Senator, Phi Eta Sigma, Bisonhead, Tau Kappa Epsilon, lnterfraternity Council, President, Football, Tennis. MISCERANTINO, NANCY, Secretarial Studies. MISKELL, LYNN, History-Freshmen Dormitory Council, Vice-President, Buialon- ian, Assistant Organization Editor, Theta Chi, Pledge President, Vice-Presi- dent, Stunt Night. MITCHELL, STEPHANIE MARIE, Speech Pathology and Audiology-Newman Club, Student Speech and Hearing Association. MITTELMAN, FAYE M., Sociology-Hillel, Dean's List, Ski Club, Social Welfare Club, Publicity Committee, Dormitory Social Committee, WRA Bowling Team, Captain. MITTLEMAN, HENRY L., Mathematics-Social Committee Chairman of Fresh- man Council, Hillel, Concert Committee, Tower House Council, Chairman of Game Night, Phi Epsilon Pi, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Wrestling, Cross Country, Track, ROTC, Stunt Night, Greek Sing. MITZO, SUZANNE, Nursing-Newman Club, Ski Club, SNANYS, Sigma Kappa. MONTRYM, DOLORES, History-Newman Club, Ski Club. MOONEY, MARTHA BETTE, English-New Student Review, Music Chairman, Spring Arts Festival, Chairman Cultural Committee, Schoellkopf Hall, Women's Chorale, Corresponding Secretary, Ski Club, Falksinging Club, Campus Vari- ety Show. MOORE, DELLA JEAN, Medical Technology-Student Medical Technologists Association. MORGAN, PATRICK M., Anthropology-Anthropology Club, Arnold Air Soci- ety. MORRIS, KAREN SUE, Nursing-Student Christian Association, Cap and Gown, Senior Women's Honor Society, Debate Society, Secretary, Goodyear Special Events Committee, Cooke Scholarship Committee, Chairman, Nursing Class Treasurer. MOSS, SUSAN JANE, Nursing-Hillel, Spectrum Circulation, "The Fantastics," SNANYS. MOUNT, ROBERT HARRY, Pharmacy-Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling, Varsity Baseball. MROZAK, JACK L., Labor and Industrial Relations-Industrial Relations Club, Ski Club. MUEHLBERG, NANCY, Psychology-Psychology Honors Program. MUFFALETTO, PASQUALE, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Phi Epsilon Kappa Professional Physical Education Fraternity, Football, Varsity Track and Cross Country, Gymnastic Club, Physical Education Maior Club. MULVEY, JAMES E., Chemistry. MUSCARELLA, ANTHONY, Psychology-Sigma Phi Epsilon, Swimming, Cross Country. MUSIAL, PATRICIA A, Pharmacy-Spectrum, American Pharmaceutical Associ- ation, Secretary, Lambda Kappa Sigma, Ski Club. MWIDADI, PERCIVAL B., Geography-Gamma Theta Upsilan, International Club. MYSZKA, BEVERLY A., Political Science-Newman Club, Young Democrats, House Plan. NABOZNY, EDWINA, Physical Therapy. NAEHER, CARL H., Engineering Science-AIAA. NAPIERAIA, RAYMOND A., Pharmacy-Newman Club, American Pharmaceuti- cal Association, Kappa Psi, Recording Secretory, Corresponding Secretary. NASO, ROBERT B., Biology-Newman Club, Intramural Softball. NATHANSON, ARNOLD, Psychology-Spectrum, Music Committee, Political Science Club, Sigma Alpha Mu, lnterfraternity Council, Basketball, Tennis, Handball, Squash, Cross Country Team, Ski Club. NAVELLE, ZONA EDITH-Prism, Ford Foundation, Project I, Freshman House Plan, Goodyear Music Committee, Dean's List, WRA, University Women's Chorale. NDIMBO, JACOB BRUNO, Physics. NEWELL, RAYMOND, Business. NICOLAU, ASSIMAKIS, Civil Engineering-International Club, President, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, Engineering Society, Corresponding Secretary, En- gineering Class President, ASCE, Vice-President, Engineering Student Council, Treasurer. NIEMCZYCKI, MARY ANN, Anthropology-Publicity Committee, Sophomore Sponsor, Chi Omega. NOGOBODS, OLITA, Psychology--Theta Chi, Ski Club. NORTON, POLLY, Nursing,-Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Treasurer, CRO Representative. NOTTINGHAM, CHARLES, Psychology-Hillel, Student Welfare Committee, Dean's List, Phi Epsilon Pi, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Bowling, Baseball. NOWAK, MARCIA J., Art-Newman Club, Spectrum, Dean's List, House Plan, Ski Club, International Club, Student Theatre Guild. NOVES, W. DAVID PETER, History. NUSBLATT, EDWARD ALAN, Business Administration-Hillel, United Students Party, Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Baseball, Squash, Basketball, Bowling, Track, Golf. OBERSTEIN, STEVEN LESLIE, History-Spectrum, New Student Review, Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Tennis, Squash, Student Dramatic Society. O'CONNEl.L, MAUREEN E., Nursing-Newman Club, SNANYS, Dormitory Ju- dicial Board, IRC, Swimming. OFSOWITZ, EILEEN M., Sociology-Buffalonian, Spanish Club, Dorm House Council. OLIJNYK, VALERIJ. OLLAREK, LOUIS, History-Dean's List, Football, Basketball, Ski Club. OPPENHEIMER, LINDA, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-House Council, WRA, PEGS. ORLICK, ARTHUR EDWARD, Sociology-Honor List, Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Softball, Football, Fencing. ORZULAK, MARCIA ANN, History-Newman Club, Spectrum, Copy Editor, Continuity Editor, United Nations Committee, Freshmen Orientation, Silver Ball Committee, Sophomore Sponsor, Angel Flight, Administration Officer. OSTRANDER, GARY M., Speech Pathology-Newman Club, Speech and Hear- ing Association, Publicity Committee. PALMER, ROLAND JOHN, Accounting-Accounting Club. PALO, RANI VILLEM, History-Dean's List. PANZICA, ANTHONY, JOSEPH, Pharmacy-American Pharmaceutical Associ- ation, Kappa Psi, Air Police. PARKER, JAMES TOBIN, History. PARSONS, PAUL JAMES, Physical Therapy-lntervarsity Christian Fellowship, President, Council of Religious Organizations, Physical Therapy Club. PATERSON, DANIEL E., Civil Engineering-Engineering Student Council, Stu- dent Christian Association, Rifle Club, Ski Club, ASCE. PATTI, LEONARD S., History-Newman Club, Prism, Circulation Editor, Base- ball, Glee Club. PAUL, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Accounting-Baseball, Football, Fencing. PAVLIDIS, JOHN, Philosophy-Dean's List, Honor's List, International Club. PEARLMAN, HARVEY EDWARD, Finance-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Football, Basket- ball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Track, Stunt Night, Greek Sing. PELLEGRINI, JOHN, Psychology-Dean's List. PENN, ALAN E., Psychology-New Student Review, Editor-at-Large, The Bull, Editor Buffalonian, Honors Program, President's Honor Banquet, Publication Board, Bisonhead. PENN, LAURIE KAY, English-Goodyear House Council, Hillel, Honors List, Dean's List, Advisor to Judicial Board, Scholarship Committee, Goodyear East, House Committee, Goodyear South, Sophomore Advisory Committee, Presi- dent, Vice-President's Committee, Certificate of Merit. PERKIS, MICHAEL, History-Swimming. PERL, CYNTHIA, English-Hillel, Senator, Coordinating Committee for Peace Corps Work, Dean's List, Sophomore Sponsor, Cap and Gown, Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-President, Pan Hellenic Council, President. PETIT, DANIEL, Psychology. PETZ, MICHAEL H., Chemical Engineering-Engineering Class Vice-President, Senator, Pi Lambda Tau, Treasurer, Wrestling, Chemical Engineering Club. PEUGEOT, SUZANNE, M. L., English--Spectrum, Dean's List. PHELAN, NANCY K., Medical Technology-Student Medical Technology Asso- ciation, Senior Class President of Medical Technologists. PIECZYNSKI, STEPHEN, Electrical Engineering-IEEE. PIENDGENSKY, PATRICIA, Mathematics-Mixer Committee, Chairman, Home- coming Committee, Dean's List, Sophomore Sponsor, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Kappa, Band. PIERCE, GALE J., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-AWPENYS. PIERRO, LORRAINE, English-Sophomore Sponsor, International Club. PIETRASZEK, KATHLEEN MARY, Nursing-Student Nursing Executive Council, President, Recording Secretary, Newman Club, Senator, Dean's List, Sopho- more Sponsor, SNANYS, Cap and Gown, Theta Chi, Corresponding Secretary, Ski Club. PIETRUSEWSKY, MICHAEL, Anthropology-U.B. Orchestra. PILE, ALEXIS BARBARA, History-Hillel, House Plan, President, Phi Zeta Chi, Pledge Class President, Vice-President, Pan Hellenic Council, Vice-President, Angel Flight, Executive Otticer, Pledge Mistress. PILLSBURY, DAVID LAWRENCE, Psychology-Ski Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football, Basketball, Softball, Golf, Baseball, Band. PILLSBURY, SHARON, Occupational Therapy-Newman Club, Sophomore Spon- sor, Michael Hall Refreshment Committee, Dean's List, Occupational Therapy Club, President, WRA. PLATT, RICHARD ALAN, Philosophy-Academic Attoirs Committee, Recreation Committee Chairman, Publicity Committee, Tower House Council. POE, HARVEY RICHARD, Accounting--Hillel, Sigma Alpha Mu, Football, Soft- ball, Volleyball, Golf, Track, Varsity Basketball. POMICHTER, ROBERT J., Physics. POPADUCH, BARBARA ANN, Medical Technology-Student Medical Technol- ogy Association, Constitution Committee. PORRECA, ROBERT, Political Scienc+Honors List, Politics Club. POSNER, BARBARA, Early Childhood Education-Ski Club, SEANYS. PRATT, BRIAN L., History--Tower House Council, Inter-Resident Council, Treasurer. PRATT, DAVID, Civil Engineering-ASCE, President, Treasurer. PRIVATEER, MARY LOUISE, Art. PRUSKI, CASIMER, Pharmacy. PUCHALSKI, JOHN THADDEUS, History-Newman Club, Theta Chi, Pledge Chaplain, Softball, Volleyball. PULCINO, ALFRED C., Pharmacy-Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. PULS, IRVING, Biology-Swimming. PUMA, LEBERT J., Drama and Speech-Italian Club, Treasurer, Alpha Phi Omega, AFROTC, Group Commander, Men's Glee Club, Librarian, Financial Manager, Student Drama Society. PUNDT, JEAN, Medical Technology-Wesley Foundation, House Plan, Student Medical Technologists Association, Maiorette. PUSATERI, ROBERT M., History-Baseball. QUICK, ROBERT, History-Football, Sottball. RABINOWTIZ, SHARYN, Sociology-Goodyear House Committee, Clement Sports. RADLEY, ROSS, Industrial Relations-Newman Club, Senator Business School Welfare Committee, Dean's List, Alpha Sigma Phi, Treasurer, Baseball, Bowl- ing, Handball, Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Varsity Freshman Football. RADOMINSKI, ROBERT C., Pharmacy-Beta Phi Sigma, ROTC. RAMBO, STEPHEN WAYNE, History-Wesley Foundation, Buftalonian, House Committee, Freshmen Orientation, Executive Committee, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling. RAMEY, YVONNE A., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Aquatics Club, NAACP, Canterbury Clubs Association, Western Zone AAHPER. RANDAZZO, RICHARD, Business Administration-Politics Club. RANG, LINDA C., Secretarial Studies-Homecoming Committee. RASCH, PETER, Business Administration-ROTC, Advanced Corps, Dean's List. RATAJCZAK, RAYMOND, Industrial Relations-Dean's List, House Plan. RATICK, SAMUEL JACK, Mathematics-Bisonhead, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Track and Field. RECKLINGHAUSEN, HERBERT R., Business Administration-Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-President. REED, LAWRENCE, History-Newman Club, Basketball, Softball, Football. REICH, JUDITH, Sociology-Hillel, Campus Barrel Fund, WRA. REID, JOHN BRUCE, Finance-Honor's List. REISSMAN, PAULA, English-Volleyball. REPSICK, CAROL A.-Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Basketball, Volleyball, Physical Education Maiors Club, WRA, Field Hockey Manager. REYNOLDS, EVERETTE F., Accounting-Gamma Phi, Dean's List. REYNOLDS, ROSE-ELLEN, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Newman Club, Gymnastics, Basketball, Volleyball, Varsity Hockey, Cheerleading, Co- Captain, WRA, Ski Club. RICE, GERALD ANTHONY, Mathematics-Newman Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Math Club, ROTC. RICHTER, MICHAEL, Business Administration-Sigma Alpha Mu, Baseball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Bowling, Ski Club. RIDOLFI, RONALD, History-Prism, Sports Editor, Baseball, Varsity Football, Honor Roll, Dean's List, ROTC. RIEBEL, GARY C., Sociology-Dean's List, Ski Club. RIFKIN, SUSAN, Business Education-Chairman of House Committee, Public Relations, Modern Dance Club. RILEY, VICTORIA L., Sociology-Buftalonian, Circulation Staft, Sigma Kappa Phi, Ski Club. RING, JEFFREY A., Psychology-Beta Sigma Rho, Football, Baseball, Basket- ball, Swimming, Track and Field. RITTER, BARBARA LOUISE, Early Childhood Education-WRA Bowling, Fresh- man Orientation Committee, NYS Association tor Education ot Young Chil- dren, Dormitory Committees. ROBBINS, MARVIN, Philosophy-Buftalonian Assistant Sports Editor, Honor Roll, Basketball, Football, Track. ROBEN, E. MICHAEL, Accounting-Football, Softball, Handball, Hockey. ROBERT, DIANE ARLENE, Accounting-Accounting Club. ROBERTS, CHERYL K., Biology-Public Relations Committee, Chairman, Band, Sophomore Sponsor. ROBERTS, GARY, Mathematics-President of Inter-Resident Council. ROBINSON, THOMAS C., History-Sigma Phi Epsilon, lnterfraternity Council, Swimming, Football, Cross Country. ROCKMAN, ROY, History-Hillel, Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Softball, Football. ROEMER, JAMES WHITNEY JR., Economics-Secretary Tower Dorm Council, Basketball. ROHOLD, ANNETTE, French-Hillel, Spectrum, Silver Ball Committee, Dean's List. ROLLIN, SIMONE C., History-Spectrum, International Club, Orchestra, Folk Dance Club. ROSENBAUM, MARJORIE, Business Education-Hillel, Dean's List, Social Com- mittee, Goodyear. ROSENBERG, JANE, Political Science-Dean's List, WRA Bowling, Ski Club. ROSENHATT, GARY, Pharmacy-Rho Pi Phi Pharmaceutical Fraternity. ROSS, JERILY, Sociology-Hillel, Sigma Delta Tau, Volleyball, Physical Therapy Club ROTH, FREDERICK LOUIS, History-Dean's List, SEANYS. ROTHSCHILD, MARTIN, Philosophy-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Football, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Varsity Baseball, ROTC. ROTHSTEIN, AUDREY ANN, Biology-Student Judiciary, Secretary, Corridor Representative, House Council, Judiciary Board, Schoellkopf Hall. ROTHSTEIN, SORA, English-Hillel, Music Committee, Michael Hall, Sports, Clement Hall, Cultural, SEANY, WRA Bowling. ROUSE, GERALD L., Pharmacy-American Pharmaceutical Association. ROWE, DONNA L., English-Freshman Orientation Committee, WRA Bowling. ROWE, ROGER C., Accounting. ROYER, MARILYNN, Psychology-Newman Club, Dean's List, Alpha Gamma Delta. ROZMUS, DOVANN, Occupational Therapy, RUBENS, STEVEN, Sociology-Beta Sigma Rho, Intramural Swimming, Base- ball. RUBENSTEIN, ROGER, Psychology--IFC Representative, Beta Sigma Rho, ln- tertraternity Swimming, Football, Bowling Club, Rowing Club, Ski Club, Stunt Night. RUBIN, PETER JAY, History-Buftalonian Sports Editor, Managing Editor, Spectrum, National Student Association, Steering Committee, Vice-Chairman U.B. Civil Rights Committee, Students tor a Democratic Society, CORE, Chair- man, SNCC, Chairman, Faculty-Student Committee for Academic Freedom, Intramural Football, Volleyball. RUBIN, SANFORD B., History-Allenhurst Council, Sigma Alpha Mu, Intramu- ral Golt, Basketball, Football. RUBIN, VICKI, Biology-Modern Dance Club. RUDERMAN, GERALD, Psychology-Hillel, Allenhurst Council, AFROTC Air Police. RUDIN, KENNETH JEFFREY, History-Beta Sigma Rho, Intramural Track, Base- ball, Football, Basketball. RUPP, DEDRA E., Spanish-Spring Weekend, Homecoming Committee, Greek Weekend Committee, Dean's List, Sigma Kappa. RUSS, RONALD, Political Science-Hillel, Tower, Softball, Intramural Football. RUSSELL, CHERYL, Sociology-Wesley Foundation, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Intramural Volleyball, Bowling, WRA. RUTH, ROBERT DOUGLAS, Sociology-"Prism," Staff Writer, Movie Commit- tee, Social Work Club, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Rifle Team, Interna- tional Club, Astronomy Club. RUTHERFORD, THOMAS G., Economics-Allenhurst Council, Theta Chi, Vice- President, Intramural Football, Baseball. RYDER, ROBERT MICHAEL, Electrical Engineering-Newman Club, IEEE. SACHS, ANNE, Sociology-Spectrum, Circulation, Sigma Delta Tau, Home- coming Committee. SACKS, LEON LEWIS, Political Science-Hillel, Dean's List, Phi Epsilon Pi, Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling, Tennis, Bowling, Volleyball, Handball, Stunt Nite, IFC Sing. SALACINSKI, BARBARA A., Psychology-Honors List, Psychology Club, Ski Club. SALAY, KATHRYN, Early Childhood Education--Newman Club, Freshman Ori- entation, Sigma Kappa Phi. SALMONSON, RONALD, Psychology-Hillel, Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Basketball, Football, Softball, Track, Volleyball, Handball, Squash. SALSBURG, SUSAN, English-Elections Committee, House Council, Sigma Delta Tau. SALTZER, LINDA ROSE, English-Student Welfare Committee, Elections Com- mittee, Honor List, Arts and Cratts Club, Social Committee, Goodyear East, Stunt Nite Committee, Ski Club. SALWISZ, JOAN, Spanish-Newman Club, Pan Hellenic Council, Treasurer, Greek Sing, Cap and Gown, Alpha Gamma Delta, lst Vice-President, Cle- ment House Council Representative. SANFILIPPO, MARIANNE, History. SCHACHTER, SUSAN, Sociology-Young Citizens tor Johnson, Bowling, Math Club. SCHAEFFER, WILLIAM, Accounting-Inter-Residence Council, Newman Club, Accounting Club, Alpha Sigma Phi, Football, Bowling, Baseball. SCHECKNER, JACK, Spanish-Hillel, Basketball, Softball, Spanish Club. SCHIFFERLE, JAMES, Electrical Engineering-Newman Club, IEEE, Tau Kappa Chi. SCHEITEN, BARBARA, History-Hillel, Spectrum, Freshman Orientation Com- mittee, SEANYS, WRA Bowling. SCHMITT, LAURENCE T., Industrial Relations-Football, ROTC. SCHNEIDER, CATHARINE ARLENE, Sociology-Hillel, WRA Bowling. SCHNEIDER, DALE, Psychology. SCHNEIDER, JOSEPH, Psychology-Dean's List, Marching Band, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Wrestling, Handball, Football. SCHNITTMAN, STANLEY, Psychology-Sigma Alpha Mu, Handball, Golf, Foot- ball. SCHOFIELD, DANIEL J., Psychology-Tower Floor Representative. SCHOLL, J. DIANE, Mathematics-Newman Club, Publicity Committee, Mr. Formal, Chi Omega. SCHRANTZ, MAXINE F., Spanish-Dean's List, Spanish Club, Ski Club. SCHREINER, EDWINA S., Physical Therapy-Newman Club, Physical Therapy Club, Greek Weekend, Scholarship Committee, MacDonald Hall, Chairman, Publicity Committee, Goodyear, Sports Committee, Special Events Committee, Alpha Gamma Delta, WRA, Ski Club, Stunt Nite. SCHROEDER, DANIEL F., Music Education-New Student Review, Spectrum, Music Committee, Guys 8. Dolls lMusical Comedy Productionl, Marching Bond, Orchestra. SCHROEDER, KAREN M., Medical Technology-Gamma Delta, Medical Tech- nicians Association, Sophomore Sponsor. SCHUBER, MARY, Secretarial Science. SCHULMAN, STEPHEN, Psychology-Spectrum, Advertising Assistant, Young Democrats of Erie County, Freshman Orientation Committee, Honor's List, Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Golt, Swimming, Wrestling. SCHULZ, LAWRENCE A., Political Science-Politics Club, Vice-President, Theta Chi, President. m mm 'F Q i-5,3 UNIVERSITY fnooxcsronn "ON cAMPUs" 379 SCHULTZ, ROGER C., Accounting-Accounting Club, Vice-President. SCHWAB, MARILYN LEE, History-Buflalonian, Senior Staff, Mixer Committee, Public Relations Committee, SEANYS, Student Zionist Organization, Resident Advisor, Dean's List. SCHWALB, BETH ELLEN, Political Science. SCHWARTZ, JUDITH LEE, Sociology-Hillel, BuFIalonian, Dean's List, Phi Sigma Sigma, 2nd Vice-President, Social Welfare Club, Sociology Club. SCIRTO, FRANK, Anthropology-Tau Kappa Epsilon. SCOTT, BARBARA DIANE, Physical Therapy-Judicial Board, Executive House Council, Corridor Representative, Scholarship Committee, Winter Weekend, Physical Therapy Club, Publicity Committee, WRA Bowling, Manager, Execu- tive Council. SCOTT, JACK E., Classics. SEAWARD, GRANT E., Civil Engineering-Engineering School Sr. Vice-Presi- dent, Pi lambda Tau, Intramural Football, Track, Baseball, ASCE Treasurer. SEGALL, LAWRENCE CHARLES, Psychology--Freshman Council, Tower Council, House Plan Council, Hillel, Phi Epsilon Pi, Intramural Basketball, Football, Cross Country. SEIBEL, CLAYTON, Biology. SEIDE, SANFORD G., Business-Student Senate, Treasurer, Executive Board, Finance Committee, Chairman, Personnel Committee, SEANYS. SEIFERT, CHERYL R., Nursing-Executive Council of School of Nursing, Dean's List, Corresponding Secretary, Chi Omega, WRA. SEIGEL, ARTHUR M., Biology--Student Senate Welfare Committee, Allenhurst Council, Bisonhead, Phi Epsilon Pi, Secretary, Vice-President, lntramurol Tennis. SELIGMAN, SUSAN DIANE, Medical Technology-Medical Technology Organ- ization, Dean's List, Scholarship Committee, Clement. SEXTON, DALE J., History-Intramural Basketball. SEYMOUR, SANDRA LEE, History. SEZNA, JOHN, Engineering Science-Intramural Football, AIAA. SEZZEN, DIANE PHYLLIS, Sociology-Spectrum, Circulation, Homecoming, Queen's Committee, Elections Committee, Dean's List, Sociology Honors Pro- gram, Sigma Delta Tau, President. SGROI, JOANNE M., Nursing--Newman Club, Silver Ball Committee, Alpha Gamma Delta. SHAFFER, S. LAWRENCE, Business Administration-Alpha Epsilon Pi. SHAKAN, KENNETH G., Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Newman Club, SEANYS Treasurer, Dean's List, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Intramural Basket- ball, Varsity Football. SHAPIRO, BARBARA L., Early Childhood Education-Social Welfare Club. SHAPIRO, STEVEN CARL, Philosophy-Convocotions Committee, Student Affairs Committee, Dean's List, Honor's List, Sigma Alpha Mu, Intramural Basketball, Football. SHATOFF, LARRY D., Mathematics-Pi Mu Epsilon Math Honor Society, Phi Epsilon Pi. SHAUL, EUNICE BROWNING, Health, Physical Education and Recreation- Military Ball Queen, Alpha Gamma Delta, AWPENYS. SHELLY, JANET, Business Education-Homecoming Queen, Theta Chi, Greek Sing. SHIELDS, ROBERT CHARLES JR., Sociology-Newman Club, Phi Kappa Psi, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Track. SHIFFMAN, THEODORE R., History-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Junior Member at Large, Exchequer, Intramural Track. SHINAL, DAWN MARIE, Secretarial Studies-Newman Club, Young Democrats for Johnson and Humphrey, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary, Sophomore Sponsor, House Committee, Goodyear, Dean's List, Honor Roll. SHTEIR, JOEL, History-Buflalonian, Sports Editor, Organizations Editor, Polit- ical Science Club, Pre-Law Society, Tower House Council, Intramural Football, Basketball, Men's Glee Club. SHULMAN, SUSAN EVELYN, Early Childhood Education-Schoellkopf, Chair- man Standards Board, Corridor Representative, Cooke, Public Relations Com- mittee. SIEGEI., ROBERT LEWIS, Sociology-Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Mu, IFC, lntra- murol Tennis, Squash, Swimming, Cross Country, Track, Football, Wrestling, Volleyball, Varsity Tennis. SIEGEL, SUSAN, Early Childhood Education. SILFER, PATRICIA, Fine Arts-New Student Review, Dean's List, Scholarship Chairman, Sigma Kappa Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Greek Sing, Spring Weekend Queen. SILVERMAN, ANDREA, Anthropology-Mixer Committee. SILVERMAN, VICTORIA JANE, English-Hillel, Election Committee, Social Chairman, Goodyear. SIPLIN, OLIVIA G. M., Nursing-SNANYS, "The lady ls Not For Burning", Applied Work, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Dean of Pledges, Civil Rights. SKELDON, JAMES A., Accounting. SKOP, RICHARD, Civil Engineering-Dean's List, ASCE. SLATIN, GEORGE R., Psychology-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Intramural Wrestling, Cross Country, Basketball, Marching Band, Stunt Night, Greek Sing. SLATTERY, JOHN E. PATRICK, English Education-Allenhurst House Council, Newman Club, SEANYS, Resident Advisor, Dean's List, U.B. Blues, Men's Glee Club Octet, President, University Choral Ensembles, Chairman, Executive Committee, U.B. Musical "The Cradle Will Rock", U.B. Opera "The Kitchen Sink", Tenor Soloist, Ascension Church Choir, The New Buffalo Singers. BE FIRST WITH NEWS EVERYDAY . . . read the COURIER EXPRESS PHONE TL. 2-5353 SLAWSON, MARLENE R., Nursing-Newman Club, Executive Council of School of Nursing, SNANYS Representative, Dean's List, Sigma Kappa, WRA, Bowling and Tennis. SMALLEN, SIDNEY, Psychology--Stunt Night Committee, Sigma Alpha Mu, lntramurol Football, Swimming, Volleyball Squash, Handball, Greek Sing. SMITH, BETSY ANN, English-Newman Club, Buffalonion, Mixer Committee, Spring Weekend Queens Committee, Freshman Orientation, Greek Sing Committee, Political Science Club, Sigma Kappa Phi, Intramural Volleyball. SMITH, DENNIS L., Electrical Engineering-Wesley Foundation, Pi Lambda Tau, Engineering Student Council, Corresponding Secretary, Audio Engineer- ing Society, Junior Class Council, Junior Class Executive. SMITH, JOANN M., Early Childhood-Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, Spring Weekend Queens Committee, Silver Ball Committee, Sigma Kappa Phi, President. SMITH, PAUL W., Electrical Engineering-IEEE. SMITH, RICHARD DOUGLAS, Psychology-Alpha Sigma Phi, Intramural Foot- ball, Softball, Basketball. SMITH, STEPHEN ALAN, History-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Master, Lieutenant Master, Intramural Football, Cross Country, Golf, Wrestling, Softball, Track. SMITH, WILLIAM L., Accounting-Hillel, Executive Council, Dean's List, Ac- counting Club. SMULINSKI, KENNETH F., Civil Engineering-Newman Club, ASCE. SMYTON, JAMES W., Accounting-Accounting Club. SNEDAKER, RICHARD JOSEPH, Mechanical Engineering-lntervarsity Christian Fellowship, President, Resident Advisor, Dorm Desk Receptionist, Allenhurst House Council, Dean's List, Intramural Football, Basketball, ASME. SODA, DAVID, Medical Technology-Dean's List. SODUS, GREGORY, English-Browsing Library, Attendant, Manager, Night Manager, Supervisor of Part Time Staff, Assistant Business Manager, Advisor University Numismatic Society. SOKOLOWICZ, JOHN, Psychology-Hillel, Dean's List, Honor Roll, Tower Scholar, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Intramural Football, Wrestling, Basketball. SOLODKY, LAWRENCE WAYNE, Psychology-Sigma Alpha Mu. SOMMER, GREGORY DEAN, Sociology-Phi Kappa Psi, Intramural Football, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, AFROTC. SOMMER, JANE P., Accounting-Spectrum, Accounting Club, Secretary, House Plan. SOMMERSTEIN, ROBERT, Geography-Tower House Council, Inter-Residence Council, Hillel, Intramural Football, Softball, Varsity Baseball. SPALIS, GUNTA, Early Childhood Education-Theta Chi. SPIELBERGER, GAIL, Sociology-Buffalonian, Stunt Night, Sports Committee, Volleyball. SPINLEY, GERALD, History. SPULA, JEAN ELIZABETH, Biology-Newman Club. SQUIRE, DONALD ARTHUR, Business Education-Hillel, Mixer Committee, Publicity Committee, Pre-Law Society, Variety Show, Assistant Producer, Con- certs and Lectures Committee, Vice-President, Support Our Bulls, Student Dramatic Society. SQUIER, WILLIAM P., Industrial Engineering. STABB, TERRIE JEANNE, Nursing-Wesley Foundation, SNANYS, Social Chairman, Goodyear, Social Chairman, Michael Hall, House Council Repre- sentative, Schoellkopf, IRC Activities, Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush Chairman, Treasurer, Intramural Bowling, Cadet Ladies Club. STADELMAIER, JOAN C., Medical Technology-U.B. Student Medical Technol- ogy Association, Dormitory Publicity Committee. STANEK, DANIEL C., Drama and Speech. STAUB, LESTER E., Psychology-AFROTC. STEIN, BONNIE, Early Childhood Education-Letter of Academic Condemda- tion with high distinction from Goodyear Hall, Runner-up to Homecoming Queen. STEIN, EVELYN E., English-Prism, Dean's List, Volunteeq Girl Scout Assistant, House Committee. STEINHARDT, CAROL ANNE, Speech Therapy-Student Speech and Hearing Society, Secretary, Committee Head, Committee of National Student Associa- tion. STEWART, NANCY H., Spanish-Publicity Committee, Dean's List, Spanish Club. STIEFVATER, ROBERT G. JR., Finance-Newman Club. STIGLITZ, AVERY, Biology-Dean's List, with distinction, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Intramural Football, Wrestling, Basketball, Varsity Lacrosse. STOCKSCHLAEDER, MARY ELIZABETH, History-SEANYS, Student National Ed- ucation Association. STOFF, DAVID M., Psychology-Freshman Council, Publicity Committee Chairman, Hillel, Concert Committee, Co-Chairman, United Students, Cam- paign Manager, Spring Weekend, Publicity Committee, Phi Epsilon Pi, Intra- mural Basketball, Baseball, Football, Cross Country, Track, Tennis, AFROTC Drill Team, Greek Sing, Stunt Nite. STONE, ERICA, Psychology-Spectrum, Academic Committee, Freshman Steer- ing Committee, Sponsor, Dean's List. STONEHILL, JANE H., Political Science--Ski Club. STORM, ELIZABETH H., Sociology-Sociology Club. STRENK, JOANNE, Medical Technology-Newman Club, Arts and Crafts, Student Medical Technology Association. STYLES, BRUCE D., Biology-Dean's List, Intramural Football, Basketball. SULLIVAN, CAROL E., Occupational Therapy-Dean's List, Occupational Ther- apy Club, Dormitory Committees, WRA Bowling. SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN, MARY, Health, Physical Education and Recreation- Newman Club, Sigma Kappa Phi, WRA, Ski Club, AWPENYS. sunoick, Roaster, Anfhfopoiogy-civil Rights commmee. SUNSHINE, RONALD, Pharmacy-Pharmacy School Student Association, Rep- resentative, Articles for Script Staff, Pharmacy Newspaper, U.B. Scholarship, Rho Pi Phi, Chancellor, American Pharmaceutical Association. SUNSHINE, STEVEN, History-Freshman Council, "For Two Cents Worth," Campaign Manager, Campus Alliance, Greek Sing, Intramural Football, Soft- ball, Swimming. SWANSON, CAROL, Medical Technology-Medical Technology Association. SWANSON, SANDRA MARGARET, Mathematics-Dormitory, Corridor Repre- sentative, House Council, Secretary, Constitution Revision Committee, Pi Mu Epsilon National Honorary Mathematical Fraternity, Greek Sing, Theta Chi Pledge, Choir and Women's Chorale. SWARTZ, KENNETH JOHN, History-SEANYS, Theta Chi, First Guard, Mar- shal. SWEETMAN, ROSEMARY ANN, Fine Arts. SWENSON, MARTIN JR., History-Sports Editor of Oracle, Executive Commit- tee, Freshman Orientation, Co-Chairman of Group Leaders, Alpha Sigma Phi, Sports Chairman, Prudential Committee, Freshman Baseball. TABACZYNSKI, RODNEY JOHN, Aerospace Engineering-Dean's List, Honor's List, Tau Kappa Chi, President, Bisanhead, AIAA, Secretary. TACK, CAROLE, Early Childhood Education-House Council, Judicial Board, Special Events Committee, Scholarship Committee. TAMMARO, PATRICK T., History-Intramural Softball. TANNER, FREDERICK A. Il, History-Auburn Community College, Wesley Foundation, Alpha Phi Omega. TARANTINO, JOSEPH D., Economics-University of Toronto, MFC Student Congress Chairman, Student Judiciary Committee, MFC Student Congress, Manager for Presidential Campaign. TARLOW, ARLENE J., Speech Pathology-Student Speech and Hearing Soci- ety, Vice-President, Spring Weekend Committee, Union Board Music Commit- tee, Sophomore Sponsor, Women's Constitution Revision Committee. TAYLOR, MICHAEL, English-Manuscripts Magazine, Editor. TEICH, MARLENE, English-Union Board Music Committee, Vice-Chairman, Student Activities Drive Committee, Schussmeisters. TEIG, DONALD STEPHEN, Psychology-Spanish Club, Freshman Orientation Committee, Alpha Epsilon Pi, President at Pledge Class, Intramural Basket- ball, Swimming, Softball, Stunt Night. TEMKE, JOAN. TESTA, EDWARD, History. THALNER, THOMAS, Mathematics-Cultural Committee Chairman. Spring Weekend Committee, Dean's List, Alpha Phi Omega, President, Parliamentar- ian, Historian, Pledge Master, Ski Club. THIEMECKE, LAWRENCE WALTER, Pharmacy-American Pharmaceutical Asso- cia ion. THOMAS, NANCY EILEEN, French-Newman Club, Residence Social Commit- lee, WRA. THOMSON, PETER RAMSEY, Geology-University of Wyoming, Stanford Uni- versity. THURSTON, DONA, Mathematics-Public Relations Committee, Math Club- Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Mu Epsilon. I TIBURZI, ANTOINETTE, Health, Physical Education and Recreation-WRA, AWPENYS Chairman, SEANYS, Physical Education Maiors Club. TIMM, EILEEN M., History-Newman Club, House Plan, Sophomore Sponsors, Dean's List, Ford Foundation, Math Club, SEANYS. TITUS, THOMAS, Psychology-Canisius College, University of Detroit. TOMAS, VERA ELIZABETH, English. TONUCCI, EUGENE S., Finance-Dean's List, Honor's List, Beta Gamma Sigma. TOSCANO, JAMES A., History-Newman Club, Intramural Softball. TRACHTMAN, ADELE, Early Childhood Education. TRAVIS, RICHARD EDSON, Political Science-Politics Club. TROPMAN, PETER. TROPPMAN, ROY, Geography-Varsity Swimming. TSCHOPP, PENELOPE, Early Childhood Education-Spring Weekend Commit- tee, Theta Chi. TUCH, SHARON, Sociology-International Club, House Plan, Ski Club, Sociol- ogy Club. TWAL, SHAFIC Y., Medical Technology-International Club, SUNYAB Student Medical Technology Association. UNDERHILL, MICHAEL BRUCE, Industrial Engineering-Theta Chi, Intramural Football, Cross Country, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, AIIE. URBAN, ELLEN CATHERINE, Medical Technology-Student Medical Technical Association. URBONT, RICHARD F., Business Administration-Chennault Drill Society. VACCA, ROBERT, Pharmacy-Alpha Phi Delta, Historian, Recording Secretary. VADNAI, PETER, Philosophy. VALVO, PATRICIA ANN, Secretarial Studies-Buflalonian, Dean's List, Good- year Dormitory Student Hostess, Activities Committee, IRC, Secretary ot Activi- ties Council, Goodyear Bowling League. VEGNA, MARLENE, History-Freshman Class Council, Newman Club, Mixer Committee. VERDI, ANTHONY, Geography-Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geography Club. VERGO, THOMAS JOSEPH JR., Mathematics-Newman Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Varsity Wrestling. VOGEL, DAVID PAUL, Pharmacy-Pharmacy School Student Council, Student Branch American Pharmaceutical Association, Vice-President, Kappa Psi Phar- maceutical Fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Chi Society, Secretary. WACHNER, LINDA JOY, Business Administration-Spectrum, Sigma Delta Tau, 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer, Dean's List. WACHTEL, JUDITH A., Education-SEANYS, NEA, Early Childhood Council of Western N. Y. WAGGONER, SHARON LOUISE, Anthropology-lnternational Club. WAGNER, ALICE, Education-House Council, Stunt Night Committee. WAGNER, MARGORIE, French-Silverball Committee Secretary, Sophomore Sponsor. WAGNER, ROBERT J., Business Administration-Newman Club. WAHLSTROM, KAREN, Nursing-SNANYS, Nursing Class Secretary. WAINGROW, JEFFREY, Sociology-Football, Pre-Law Society. WAINMAN, ROBERT, Physical Education-Varsity Football at University ot Missouri. WALLACE, JUDITH ANN., Sociology-Scholarship Committee, IRC Representa- tive. WALSH, PATRICIA, Pharmacy-Lambda Kappa Sigma. WALSH, STEPHEN, Political Science-United Students Party, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Softball, Football, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Baseball, Politics Club. WALTER, RICHARD LEWIS, Industrial Engineering-Intramural Softball, Foot- ball, AIEE, Corresponding Secretary. WASCHUK, CHRISTINA D., Political Science-Newman Club, Traffic Court Recording Secretary, Mixer Committee, Politics Club, Treasurer, Sigma Kappa Phi, Social Chairman. WATTS, STEPHAN A., Sociology-Intramural Basketball, Varsity Golf. WAX, BONNIE, Sociology-Buttalonian, WBFO, Student Dramatic Society, Sociology Club, Social Welfare Club, Ski Club, Plays, "The Bear," "The Cradle Will Rock." WEBBER, JAMES T., Physical Education-Dean's List, Varsity Football, Track. WEBSTER, KIRK, Mathematics-Pi Mu Epsilon, Math Club. WEIG, NANCY M., Nursing-Dean's List, Student Planning Committee. WEINER, L. MICHAEL, Psychology. WEINGAST, ALLEN, Philosophy. WEINSTEIN, BARBARA, History-WRA, Michael Hall Social Committee Chair- man, Goodyear Hall Social Committee. WEINSTEIN, BARRY, Business Administration-Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Intramural Basketball, Wrestling, Track. WEINSTEIN, DONNA, History-Hillel, Dean's List, WRA Bowling, House Com- mittee, IRC Representative, MacDonald, Chairman Committee. WEINSTEIN, JILL S., Sociology-Dean's List, Ski Club, Civil Rights Committee, Social Welfare Club. WEINTSEIN, SUSAN A., History-Student Judiciary, Honor List, Dean's List, WBFO, Secretary, Special Events Committee, Cooke, President, Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta, WRA, Ski Club. WEISS, ARLENE, Psychology-Honor's List, Arts and Crafts Club, Spring Weekend Committee, Goodyear, Social Chairman, Stunt Nite Committee, Ski Club. WEISS, PETER W., Accounting-Tower House Council, Intramural Football, Wrestling, Softball, Accounting Club, Marching Band. WEISS, SIGNEY, Accounting-Hillel, Alpha Phi Omega, Corresponding Secre- tary, Social Chairman, IFC Representative, Marching Band. WEISSMAN, LINDA, Early Childhood Education-SEANYS, SNEA, National Association for the Education of Young Children, Judicial Board, MacDonald. WEISSMAN, MEREDITH, Psychology-Phi Beta Kappa, Dean's List. WELS, ROBERT, Marketing-Hillel, Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Social Chairman, Intramural Bowling, Wrestling, Swimming, Frosh Wrestling Team, Ski Club. WERNICKE, KAREN, English. WESTPHAL, PETER THOMAS, General Business-IRC, IRRA, Reserve Service, Army National Guard. WHEELER, JAMES W., General Business. WHEELER, ROGER J., Industrial Engineering-Tau Kappa Chi, Student Club of American Institute of Industrial Engineers, President. WHITE, JEROME J., Business Administration. WILLIAM L. WHITE, Biology-Intramural Football, Baseball. WIDOMSKI, SANDRA L., Secretarial Studies-Newman Club. WIERZBICKA, JOZEFA A., French. WIESNER, DAVID S., Psychology-Dean's List. WILGOS, CHRISTINE, Secretarial Studies-Newman Club, Corresponding Sec- retary. WILGOS, ROBERT, Electrical Engineering--Erie County Technical Inst., New- man Club, Treasurer, IEEE. WILKINS, NANCY, Nursing-Women's Chorale. WILLERT, MARILYN, Sociology-SUNYAB. WILLETT, HENRY L. Ill, Psychology--IFC Council, Theta Chi, Secretary, Presi- dent, Intramural Tennis, Wrestling, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Football, Softball. WILLIAMS, DONALD CLYDE, Political Science-Penn State University, Political Science Club, German Club. WILLIAMS, LILLIAN S,, History-Spectrum, Civil Rights Committee, Cultural Committee, Schoellkopf Hall, Women's Chorale. WILLIAMS, NOREEN ANN, Sociology-Newman Club. WILLIAMS, ROBERT RONALD, Biology-Debate Team, ROTC. WILMERS, CAROL, Early Childhood Education-Civil Rights Committee, Hous- ing Committee, Co-ordinating Chairman, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honor's List, Schussmeisters Ski Club, Early Childhood Education Council of Western New York. WILSON, EDWARD PAUL, Electrical Engineering-George Washington Uni- versity, IEEE. WILSON, RONNI, History-Hillel, Spectrum, Michael Hall Judicial Board, House Council. WINER, PHYLLIS RUTH, History-Goodyear Hall, Social Committee Chairman. WISHER, DIANE JUSTINE, Medical Technology-SMTA. WITTENBERG, ALICE JEANNETTE, Mathematics-Student Judiciary, Senate Elections Committee, Fine Arts Committee, Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer, Pi Mu Epsilon, Ford Foundation Project I, Dormitory Scholarship Committee, Cop and Gown, Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Pledge Class President, Major- ette. WITZEL, BARBARA ANN, English-Freshman Orientation Committee, Silver Ball, Personnel Committee, Vice-Chairman, Spring Weekend Committee, Float Chairman, Activities Drive Committee, Dean's List, Sophomore Sponsor, Pan Hellenic Council, Social Chairman, President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, President, Chi Omega, Herald, Activities Chairman. WOJCIK, ROBERT F., Psychology. WOJTKOWSKI, LAWRENCE, Civil Engineering-Pi Lambda Tau, ASCE. WOLIN, MICHAEL, Political Science-Hillel, Spectrum, Student Welfare Com- mittee, United Students Party, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Intramural Softball, Wres- tling, Track, Bridge Club, Political Science Club. WOLINSKI, DAVID P., History-Intramural Tennis. WOOD, ELAINE-MAREE, English. WOROSZ, THEOPHIL, Mathematics-Pi Mu Epsilon, Varsity Basketball. WOZNIAK, DAVID W., Sociology-AFROTC Professional Officer Corps, Distin- guished Military Cadet. WREN, BETTY LOUISE, Psychology-Union Board Public Relations Committee, Dorm Publicity Committee, Spring Weekend, Chi Omega, Secretary. WURSTNER, SHARON, Secretarial Science-Newman Club, Buftalonian, Hon- or's List. WYNAR, HELENE LEVIN, Sociology. YANNO, JACK ANTHONY YOVIENE, PAUL J., Business Administration-Homecoming Committee, IFC Representative, Alpha Phi Omega, President, Treasurer, Intramural Basketball, Football, Baseball. YUSCHIK, MATTHEW JOHN JR., Electrical Engineering-Newman Club, Math Club, Ski Club, Dean's List, Intramural Football, Basketball, Tennis, IEEE. ZACCARINE, MARILYNN, Business Education-House Committee, Homecoming Committee, Browsing Library Committee, Theta Chi, Pan Hellenic Council. ZACHOWICZ, JUDITH ANN. Medical Technology-Medical Technologist's Stu- dent Association, Theta Chi. ZALEWSKI, JAMES M., Psychology-Newman Club, Intramural Football, Bas- ketball, Sottball, Math Club. ZAMPI, ROBERT SAMUEL, Mechanical Engineering-Pennsylvania State Uni- versity, Pi Lambda Tau, Intramural Tennis, Golf, ASME. ZATCOFF, SHELDON ARTHUR, Psychology-Hillel, Union Board Recreation Committee, Personnel Committee, Tower House Council. ZAUDERER, SUSAN, Secretarial Studies-Ski Club. ZEIF, MICHAEL, Sociology-Varsity Football. ZEPLOWITZ, MAURY, Sociology-Hillel, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Student Welfare, Student Judiciary Traffic Court, Student Personnel Committee, United Student Party, Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Historian, Treasurer, Intramural Track, Handball, Wrestling, Political Science Club. ZIDOW, JANET M., Spanish-Newman Club, Elections Committee, Freshman Orientation Committee, Spring Weekend Committee, Homecoming Weekend Committee, Dance Chairman, Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Recording Secre- tary. ZIEGLER, STEPHEN, Sociology-Sigma Alpha Mu, Intramural Football, Volley- ball, Hockey Club, Treasurer, lnternational Club. ZLOTNICK, DOREEN, Sociology. ZOCCANO, ANN MARIE, Art. BUFFALO TEXTBOOK 3610 MAIN STREET EGGERTSVILLE, N.Y. partners ' redd, nc. There'5 59 much ,argon sf51.,:frf9,:,.f:,,, more in The News ' Phone: 876-2 284 To reflect the many-sided realities of today's living, The News offers its readers more in- formation about our modern world. And be- cause The News covers rnore events more interestingly, you get more out of what you read. You get more local, national and world news, complete sports coverage, helpful worn- en's pages, the greatest array of features for enlightenment, guidance and entertainment, dramatic photos, even the comics are the world's best. Try it-see how much more re- 1381 KENMORE AVENUE At Delaware AL ABGOTT NICK SMITH The Creators EDITORS: in Chief: Assistant: warding your evening newspaper can be. 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During the course of the year, the pres- sures of publishing a yearbook combined with maintaining one's place in a multiplex university managed to crush some of these visions. Those who had been innocents the year before were slowly transformed into hard-core veterans. Those who had been united under the word "yearbook"'be- came a single working unit striving to com- plete their creation. They became one through a mutual sharing of hard work, long hours, and an endless series of minor crises. The work has iust begun. Each year there is an increased effort to make the book better than its forerunners. This is the tradition of a yearbook-to increase its scope and provide the reader with memo- ries of his university life. Those who have labored to complete the i966 BUFFALONIAN have not gone unrewarded. They see in this book a per- manent bond between themselves and the university. "lt is their bond of attachment and communication with which they hope to please the reader." Michael B. 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Suggestions in the University at Buffalo - Buffalonian Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

University at Buffalo - Buffalonian Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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