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STORAGE '47 N5-P 540 4 uma? 260f264 WINSPEAR K CARBON RESEARCH POWER SERVICE BLDG. 'lv 44,-,, 4 aa' XLARK IGYM Ve SIWIS P lllli ' ' INTRAMUR-AL ATHLETICS AND nam new NUCLEAR CENTER ACHESON CHEMISTRY 'Vo NURSERY SCHOOL BOO! H CHEMICAL ENG. IIBQMIU? me , I LIBRA QA HAYES VIVARIUM ENGINEERING HOCHSTETTER I TOWNSEND HALL SOCIAL SCIENCES I 34329 NBHQ asm amass I m 9055 N 4-- FACULTY CLUB G 4 as 2eWa,3f2..s, 3: f19ai'fi::.feff.i . Tfkfi-zssvzirlf. 1 K ' 5'ji?'131lg,, 1' 5 f ' .2 , '. xx ?s4:11?uf 1 i1:'e.f3i2f fr 1 - . nigga .w:Y,.::K: 1 N . ' Yygffgg iv, ,, fr H - 1 A 3 v f f, 2553: Q ., ,,1gffZ.5z'.QL1,, f 492 ,. f ff' if 5 - I ': Qi we H . 1 Ef'gi21fefe'f fag-2223 .eg g ?s, ,Ziff :J I ' K X :Fi , " 2 Q ff: 2 .- gm f .,-f1..:i..s.,gy5,p+-g f:gg:,:5f:?.,,.,1g:g,,..p,.-Q,fr 5 .V 1.1 f??ifiQ'i55f 3 ., . ,, f- " ' ' Y E f?.V.bJ f.. fr. 'gf ,f ' 3.1 '11 , .. EI "' - ' ' ' I I X in ...,. 4. ,. , , .v .., . , .. ff- ,K f.:aL,,-11,,1ffx I-r 2- ,,-in vfgfgfifftg uf. 1. ' 1,9-125-55:-.bszfsf-ff5f4i,W:m,,K-? N mh.1.a:f.g, -Mak-A ,M-is-,A 1. - 1 1:1f1f:f'f"-"f1A?11 ,117 ' '- eg,-gmgi-1,,i.1f, ., . 'Aw . 1 T ' "REL N- . . f .R 5 5 I A1 P-'gmt 'WN .Z STORAGE 05494 1 KQQW Q 'Smut px ROTARY HEL " Q isfliufmv Q , - 26of264 WINSPEAR 5, 945595 O N POWER HOUSE qll SERWCE BLDG. 5 Q -I AA xl CARB N RESEARCH kbp? f:c ..... . . 141' L ..-I ' 11' wat 'Q' Q 'fm 4' ' F-1-"'-ff-I 'F , -Q 0319699 M ' Ill! AA- 7 4 ,J 4, 0 A , 4 , sooggll gag' 5fLARK1GYM xg T ' 5 Ik Q Vefvoe 0 INTRAMURAL NUCLEAR CENTER 4 ' Emjggagmnagu :Tin Dgxlixg ACHESON CHEMISTRY-H-v QQIURSERY SCHOOL 4 9- i A - 5 ' N..m11B1-Q .1- ' INF ALISIIZZXQL Q CHEMICAL ENG.-H-v C Win? me 3 5-1:5 x g is Z BNHS LOCKWOOD LIBRARY VIVARIUM ENGINEERING-H-v 'A " j B 1 I HAYES 1 HOCHSTETT?""'-Ji ilmx Z ageing? 1 ' ' Li--ag , , .e.- 1, K " w "- 2 u 1 ihigp 5' ET? , Ei 'ff as Hmm m R dillqi 'At-l':A:l R if qi l I Q . CROSBY illllllllninllllll H w b A 3 H gr " 4 Vf ' 4-FACULTY CLUB pg I A I TOWNSEND I gs ni -f LQ gg 424' , EE- HUMANITIES HALL QSOCIAL SCIENCES ITIALL I et 55' . 5-W4 Q 5 QQTQ 43.3 2 Sf Q4 G 'P Q 1960 buffalonian editor 'X' 'X' X william T. daniels university 'of buffalo dedication TO A MAN: Who, during the short time he hos been at the University of Buffalo, has taken great interest in student affairs, Who has always placed the development of our Alma Mater foremost in his thoughts and has worked tirelessly toward this goal, Who, with his enthusiasm and personality has inspired all with whom he has come into contact, We, the staff of the i960 BUFFALONIAN, sincerely dedicate this book to the Dean of Students, DR. RICHARD A. SIGGELKOW. 2 21 +A 2 Q fi4A3:IQi? ,A 5 zu ik gg ,,.., ,242 . Mm. kiwi ,552 -'65 5-iff K XT 5: 41 5? , 3 f 5 se editor's message lt has been a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to bring to the students, faculty, administration, alumni, and friends of the University of Buffalo, a pictorial report of its development and student life. We, the Butfalonian Staff, have attempted to express in photography, prose and artwork the scholas- tic and physical development of the University. The map of the proposed campus is an indication of this planned physical growth which partially has become a reality. This year, Phi Eta Sigma, national fresh- man honorary, installed its lOOth chapter on this campus. Also, a great number of student activities and organizations are included to round out the coverage of this year's activities. l thank the entire staff for their enduring efforts in creating this publication. Particularly, l thank William Sanford and John Okoniewski for their assistance and advice during the planning and production stages I I hi . 5 f 46,44 William T. Daniels Editor of the book. seniors greeks organizations dorms sporfs advertising i 'TN-A Dr. D. Lincoln Harter Dr. Claude E. Pufter Director of Public Relations Vice-Chancellor for Business Affairs and Treasurer Dr. Richard A. Siggelkow Dean of Students Mr. Theodore J. Siekmann Director of Alumni Relations administration Miss Jeannette Scudder Dean of Women and Associate Deon of Students Qi 5 1:- , in ' 3' ' ft i gt i ....,N Dr. G. Lester Anderson Dr. Edgar B. Cale Dr. Raymond Ewell Vice-Chancellor for Educational Affairs Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Development Vice-Chancellor for Research Dr. George Chambers Dr. Oscar Silverman Miss Emma E. Deters Director of Planning 81 Development Director of Univergity Libraries University Registrar I l I it L l .. .D H L. . M i ss A - Pw wf as X .L,, ,z,.L,,... , ,g., . . .h ...L V. A . -I . ., f,fLf5f5, J . l 5 Mr. John Z. Okoniewski Assistant Director of Norton Union ond Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities sq, if , '13 'sf A 12 . Gb.. Miss Dorothy M. Haas Director of Norton Hall ond Coordinator of Student Activities Miss Ann S. Hicks, Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities, Mr. Richard I. Wilson, Assistant Director of Norton Union Mr. George Holden Mr. Thomas F. Haenle, Jr. Stanley J. Segal Director of Educational Plocernent Director of Generol Placement Director, Student Counselling Center l ,Q V' 3339 '41 'af 9269859 xD ,2f- n u J springspringspring k moving up clay PP b g h P" 92.3 K N graduation 'lu W 'Q ' aufumnaufumnaufumn aufumn orientation is S 1 ., 7 1 ' ffgu' f wg, NN N Un It if-G 25th anniversary anne" ' W M'- Mw K 14 LM homecoming A long visualized weekend of activities became a reality this fall with the combined Homecoming program and twenty-fifth anniversary cele- bration of Norton Hall. Students, faculty, administration and alumni ioined in the planning, promotion and enioyment of the events. The Union Anniversary Homecoming Committee, appointed last April, compiled information during the summer from past yearbooks and news- papers for a special commemorative issue of the "Spectrum" which was published with the assistance of the Spectrum staff. The architect's sketches of the proposed Union, photographs from the past, and a graph depicting UB's football history were exhibited in Nor- ton. A men's fashion show and a student-faculty lecture were presented during the week. Friday afternoon Miss Dorothy Hass, Director of Norton Hall, Mr. Rob- ert Parke, first Director of Norton Hall, and Dr. Edgar Cale, Vice- Chancellor of Planning and Development spoke on aspect of the Union's history and future. That evening the Union was the scene of a gala birthday party with dancing, student talent performances, cheering and refreshment. The Homecoming Queen was announced at this time. A reception honoring former Board of Managers and former Program Committee Chairmen preceded the All-University Luncheon on Saturday. The Homecoming dance at Kleinhans Music Hall, featuring the music of Potsdam Varsity Orchestra, marked the conclusion to the week's events. I5 N '-2 winferwinferwinier N W is .ay V ll i 5:1 n f .N o 3 A ' A s , 1 ' r 1 g , g s. ,. , 'M ' 1 F l w L . si 1 A sfunf night drama department QA v, 5 1 A TTL fi , 4 GN ww 1 W . 1 f - V w ,Q 4 . , ,Q 7 , , f , 1 x, . ' "f if v J Q N if ,f K gi N me NG!! if az, w af. Q A, ' ,g 1 f A' Us, -1 My 5. 2 .' , 3, f ' K X lj '-. K 5 A Z K? if w ,H Qi 5' KH x N 222 5 A as 1 is M- x N' Aziiffvvw ,,,4g,...f. f. ,v,, ' 'P' QQWM k .,wf' ! JL'Li ., I -:,,,f1, ,wg ' W. 2,53 W I ' vi vi acheson hall dedication, nuclear center ication, health sciences bui ei Ts? +55n-v "AL .sam .4"'5-v, "Jw-.U S 'L - - ..'s:.. basseff auditorium 22 uw Q-'W aww .S -I r W., WM, , ,, Aw , , ' A H 'M ' ' I , wk, ' - N WNV., women's do ms H .1 ' -5 L-'- 'fi .-ff 7,f5?f11'f Zi'gi1,f'ff- , f51:aif.3,-fel w,g:fN, f 5 , L ,.L wwf wi X , , Avi: -,,.wfW Hg . 'f.w'!:5.Q-xi, Nm .,-f Mfmfggk 15, 1 S f? -A S'7-:Kwik :r zim my A ml,-.frm PE.-Nw - rainy-iEs.,1sw:ywP'g3fQ P ffl-?'11'L L". . "g.,f?fd5'7?', 'V ws' f Z . f 1 i Q ff ff.i.f'f' - ' ' i I ,K :Il fx , .,g.4f'g K VA W, 7"lq:,z,i:6i" , ...M Mes A ik 5 A M E A' 4 , .N,,,.L, Ljlihamzk - Q MMA , 'W"' "..W , Wh, . ,.,, 1, i KV - V 5 :Q A K h ,evgfk talk .. t' . A A . ,f', W J : , ,. winter carnival The annual Winter Carnival, held this year on February I9-2l, was sponsored by the Freshman class under the guidance of the Freshman Steering Committee. The action-packed week-end was highlighted by a Ski fashion show, ice skating, a snow sculpture contest, skiing contest, a talent show, a king and queen contest, a beard growing contest, and a iazz concert. For the ski fashion show, Norton Union was "redecorated" into a ski lodge and the show featured all of the latest ski fashions. The ice skating event took place behind the Tower dorm. Theta Chi and Beta Sigma Rho took first and second place with their snow sculptures, "La Mer" and "Music Soothes the Savage Beast" respectively. There were two skiing contests, advanced and beginners. That featured relay races, games, stunts, downhill skiing, races and a slalom. The all-freshman talent show was held in Norton Audi- torium on Saturday night. At the talent show, the King and Queen were announced: Phyllis Clement and George Wehrlin. Dick Fedale and the Sedates were featured at the Jazz concert. Also at the Jazz con- cert, Bob Barthol was awarded the first prize in beard growing contest with his "Abraham Lincoln" style beard. 24 theta chi . -"f"T'51' 'f f mi! HU' WZ? a , 55 ie LVL 'H -1a'7 .M ,I, W ,Qi BEAST .. f-- r befa sigma rho Ipha gamma delfa !l3KY.'a1lm'l'EhdF FQ, f 'L Q52 'E fe. - A Marilyn Dier Slow i959 Moving-Up Day Queen Phyllis Clement 1960 Winler Carnival Queen campus queens Befh Marsley 1959 Military Boll Queen Linda Benson 1959 Homecoming Queen xwf' ,,.-' Eisiii? Qwiwf ..., W 1 1- " Q 521 1 s L . g M int? A K vw fm' wk - .K . f A g . A whit' I 'V-Fijfyk '5 tfHn'Q F f I 1, fy V, K - f, ,H , -K . ,,.+- ff-a 5" 3,,wf . 1'9' my-'N-.w .1 .K .,,-AP' "' V W ,... rv ' W:?x f-4.'N J' ' 'M' .. 7" ' 7 T, ' 'W5 'Qi F Q ' ,Q V A A , - I M0 ' - 3. I' - , M Q + A NN fx, . 'Ex Al' tfgnbwiv , 1 3 1 g S L i wi... JE: ""f"L, -.. , .E A iv wr .qu fi :fx hw ..,. ,..,.. I 4 Q In lt, GN. 4 V N- 'G s. 9 , K I.. .,. Pafriciu Ham Associate Degree Program Alexander Henschel School of Engineering Norman Pawleski School of Business Administration Juan Vega Coliege of Arts and Sciences class presiclenfs George Sciol School of Pharm y seniors ? as 'lic with 'i-i, , wr, , L Y "tag 2 fini' tl f- '. , W, i 3 dr. milton c. albrecht, dean college of arts and sciences The college of Arts and Sciences is deeply committed to the liberal arts tradition-to a spirit of inquiry and experiment. lt established a free elective system and pioneered in developing tutorial instruction. The Arts and Sciences college believes that it can best serve the ideal of a liberal education by providing an opportunity for its students: to learn to think clearly and express themselves effectivelyg to develop a critical understanding of diverse beliefs and ways of life together with a reasoned faith in the future of American democracyg to prepare for eftective participation in the world's work by developing creative, professional, and administrative leadershipg to achieve an appreciation of man's cultural heritage in several realms of the arts and sciencesg and to cultivate and maintain physical and mental health. 32 at S as Q ri S lr 'Via M.-.qv-M ANDERSON JACQUELINE ANDRISANI, MICHAEL Mathematics Buffalo, N. Y. History Blasdell, N. Y. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3, Intramural Tennis l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Secretary 4. Squash 3, 4, Intramural Baseball 2, Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Chairman 4. BALDELLI, GERALD R. Mathematics Lackawanna, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta. BARBARA, PETER R. dent, Intramural Football 2, 3, 4, Mixer Committee, Orientation Com- mittee, Student Advisory Committee, Dance Committee. BARSE, RICHARD J. Classics Endicott, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta, President, Vice-Presi- BAKER, WILLARD D., JR. Sociology Attica, N. Y. BALCERZAK, MARGARET Physical Therapy Buffalo, N. Y. Physical Therapy Club, Dormitory House Council, Dormitory Social Com- mittee. BRZEZICKI, JULIE A. Psychology Eggertsville, N. Y. Occupational Therapy Eden, N. Y. Asterisk, Blue Masquers Drama I, 2, Transferred from Ohio State Univer- 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, BE'-lv PATRICIA M' sity. Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. P5YCh9l09Y Buffalo, N- Y- 33 ,1 Q BEMBENISTA, ANN J. BOEHME, RICHARD W. CANER, MARC Modern Languages Buftalo, N. Y. Geology Buffalo, N. Y. Physics Republic of Panama Alpha Gamma Delta, Newman Club, Student Christian Association, Univer- Orientation Committee, Recreation Committee, Debate Club, Bowling. sity of Buffalo Geological and Geo- graphical Society. CHAMBERS, ROBERT E., JR. Geography Ridgeway, Ontario, Can. COLLEY, HAZEL D. Applied Music Grand Island, N. Y. Band, Orchestra. CASTELLI, VELDA G. Art Education Schenectady, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, Buffolonian Art Direc- tor, Public Relations Committee Chair- man, Union Board, Elections Commit- tee, Orientation Committee, Special Events, Silver Key, Student Council. Y e CHEIFFETZ, PHILIP Psychology Buffalo, N. Y. Hillel, Director Reserve Officers' Training Corps Concert Band 3, Out- standing Sophomore Music Award R.O.T.C., Alpha Epsilon Phi. CONDRELI., KENNETH N. Psychology Buffalo, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, Secre- tary, Photography Club. CHESKIN, IRVING H. Psychology Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, Baby Bull News- paper, Chess Club, Humanities Club, Norton Union Public Announcement Committee. COOPER, CAROL A. Sociology Lockport, N. Y. Phi Zeta Chi Sorority, Recording Sec- retary 3, Student Christian Associa- tion, Corresponding Secretary 4, Wesley Fellowship, Orientation Com- mittee 3, Sophomore Sponsor 2. COUN, RONALD I. CRAPSI, LEWIS A. CZELADZINSKI, ROBERT M. History-Government Newark, N. J. Psychology Buffalo, N. Y. Geology Buttalo, N. Y. Kappa Nu, Student Guide Committee Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President, 1, Student Activities Committee 2. University of Buffalo Geographical DALE, BARBARA J. Psychology Kenmore, N. Y. Psi Chi lBowling Green State Uni- versitYIi Volleyball 1, Golf 1, sua- minton I, Basketball 2, Trampoline 2, Treble Clef Club, A Cappella Choir, Women's Athletic Association. DEMSEY, JOHN J. Geology Eden, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Volleyball, Intra- mural Wrestling, Geographic and Geological Society. DARRAH, VALORY ANNE Sociology Buffalo, N. Y. Asterisk l, Women's Athletic Associ- ation l, 2, 3. 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 3, 4, Fencing Team 1, Women's Athletic Board Member 3, Physical Education Girls I, 2. and Geological Society. DAVIS, ELAINE French Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Zeta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Literary Magazine, Dormitory Newspaper, French Club, German Club, Language Tables, Touring Committee, Sophomore Spon- sor. DOLATA, ALBERT History Buffalo, N. Y. DEE, JOSEPH A. Sociology Buffalo, N. Y. Kappa Psi Historian 2, Newman Club, Block "B", Script, Football I, 2, Intra- mural Football I, 2, Intramural Swim- ming I, 2, Intramural Baseball I, 2, Vice-President Freshman Class, Class President 2, Student Council 2, Inter- Fraternity Council, Moving Up Day Committee I, 2, Millard Fillmore Col- lege. EIDENIER, LYNN MAE Graphic Arts Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Zeta Chi, Student Christian Associ- ation, Sophomore Sponsor. I I 1 ELDEN, GILBERT V. Psychology Buftalo, N. Y. EVANS, PAUL F. Psychology Elizabeth, N. J. Theta Chi Fraternity, Spectrum Staff 3, Weekly Column "Greek Beat," Associate 4, Dean's List 4, Secretary, Theta Chi, Senior Class Vice President, Student Senate, Elections Committee. FEIRSTEIN, FRED 4 English Riverdale, N. Y- EPSTEIN, DENNIS P. Tonawanda, N. Y. ERKKILA, HELEN E. Psychology Buftalo, N. Y. Student Senate 3, Alpha Lambda Delta Sorority. 4 FARNHAM, ROY A. Chemistry Cassadaga, N. Y. Stunt Nite, Mixer Committee, Student AHiIiates of the American Chemical Society, Tower House Council. FELDMAN, RONALD Psychology Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, Hillel, Spectrum, Baby Bull, Intramural Track, Tennis, Swimming, Wrestling, Class Vice- President 3, Student Council 3, French Club President, Sophomore Court, Freshman Orientation Committee. ERWICH, DAVID Psychology Brooklyn, N. Y. FERMAGLICH, GAIL S. Psychology New Rochelle, N. Y From Finch College. 36 FRANSON, MILTON N. Advertising Design Jamestown, N. Y. Theta Chi Fraternity, Historian, Sitz- markers 2, 4, Campus Barrel 4, Spe- cial Events Committee 2, Public Rela- tions Committee 2, 3, Homecoming 4, Orientation Committee 4, Moving Up Day Committee 3, Wesleyan 2, 3, Varsity Fencing 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Intramurals in Fencing l,Track 3, Ten- nis 4, Cross Country 4. GOERING, ELIZABETH A. English, Pre-Medical Conesus, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Scribe 2, First Vice-President 3, President 4, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Orien- tation 2, 3, Group Leader 3, Sopho- more Sponsor, Steering Committee 2, Tours Committee i, 2, 3, Newman Club, Corresponding Secretary l, 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary of Mac- Donald Hall 2, 3, Welcome Weekend Committee l, 2, Secretary of Student Association, Cap and Gown, Vice- President 4. FRIEDMAN, ROBERT A. History Kenmore, N. Y. Hillel, Campus Barrel 3, 4, Freshman Track l, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Softball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Cheer-leader 4, Student Senate Subcommittee 3, 4, Orienta- tion Group Leader 3, 4, Block "B." GETZIN, DONALD R. Chemistry Buffalo, N. Y. Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, Pi Mu Epsilon Hon- orary Mathematics Fraternity, Sitz- markers 4, Men's Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Concert and Marching Band I, 2, Air Force Reserve Otticers' Training Corps Band l,Air Force Reserve Offi- cer's Training Corps Glee Club 2. GOLDSTEIN, NELSON Sociology Rochester, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, Hillel, Head of United States of America Drive 4, Co-Chair- man 3, Board Member 3. GESTWICKI, RONALD A. Chemistry Dunkirk, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi, Secretary 2, Fresh- man Fencing Team, Dean's List, Mixer Committee 2, Chairman 3, R.O.T.C. Paper, Exchange Editor 2, Military Ball Committee 2, Welcome Week- end, Chairman Registration 2, Orien- tation Committee, Group Leader Chairman 4, Union Board 3, Vice- President 4, Monte Carlo Nite Com- mittee, Association of College Unions Conference 3, 4, Christmas Party Committee Chairman 3, Spring Week- end Committee, Dance Chairman 3, Bisonnead, Leadership Program Com- mittee 4, Union Anniversary, Home- coming Committee, Chairman 4, Can- terbury Club 4, l.F.C. Representative, l.F.C. Violations Committee 4. GEORGE, RICHARD A. Art Education Burlington, Ontario, Can. Photographer, Norton Union Dot 2, University of Buffalo Photography Club, President 4. GLOVER, WARREN F. History and Government BuHalo, N. Y. GOLLER, ELEANOR Medical Technology Jamestown, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, First Vice-President, Mixer Committee l, 2, Moving Up Day Committee 2, Silver Ball 3, Wing Advisor in Cooke Hall 3. at GRIEB, KENNETH J. History and Government Buffalo, N. Y. Spectrum, Chess Columnist l, 2, 3, 4, Tailwinds, Managing Editor 2, Junior Scroll, Chess Club, Vice-President 4, Publicity Director and Board Member of Directors i, 2, 3, 4, Chess Team l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Reserve Ofiicers' Training Corps Glee Club 'l, Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4. GUSTER, GILMORE E. Geology Hamburg, N. Y. Orientation Committee, Elections Com- mittee, Geological and Geographical Society. HAZELTINE, JOHN S. Psychology Westfield, N. Y. Theta Chi Fraternity, Chess Club, Canterbury Club, Moving Up Day Dance Committee, lnterfraternity Fencing 3, Down the River Swim 2, 3, Wing Advisor, Group Leader. GRIZZARD, LILES W. History Snyder, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi, Spectrum, Reporter 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Publication Board 4, WBFO iRadio Stationl 3, 4. GRAY, BRUCE C, GODDARD, MALCOM S. English Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls' N- Y- HERMAN, RICHARD H. GUILFOOS, SHIRLEY A. Psychology Palmyra, N. Y. Phi Zeta Chi Sorority, Vice-President 2, Pledge Mistress 3, Secretary of Panhellenic Council 3, 4, Secretary of Drama Club 3. HALBERSTADT, GARY J. Philosophy Brooklyn, N. Y Beta Sigma Rho, Vice Warden 4 Baby Bull, Intramurals for Softball Basketball, and Football l, 2, 3, 4 Student Senate 3, 4, Publicity Com- mittee l, 2, Public Relations 2, 3. HESSON, GERALD H. History and Government Geology Kenmore, N. Y. Buffalo, N- Y Geological and Geographical Soci- Alpha Phi Alpha, Basketball 'l, Track ety, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4. l. 1 1 HILDEBRAN D, SALLY A. Speech Therapy BUFFCIIOI N- Y- Student Directory, Publicity, Canter- bury Club 2, International Debate Tournament, Time-Keeper Chairman 2, Audio-Visual Assistant 2, 3, 4. IZARD, HAROLD H. JEHRIO, THOMAS P. Psychology Kenmore, N. Y. Chemistry N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President 4, American Chemical Society, Student Sabre Air Command I, Arnold Air Assistant. Society 2, 3, Dance Committee l. KING, DOUGLAS W. Mathematics Kenmore, N. Y. German Club 'l, Mathematics Club 3, 4. HUTKOFF, LIONEL Pre-Medical Niagara Falls, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu, Moving up Day Committee 2. JOHNSON, MELVIN H. Advertising Art Fredonia, N. Y. Public Relations Committee. KINTNER, KATHRYN American Studies Hamburg, N. Y. Chi Omega, Personnel Chairman 2, 3, President 3, 4, Dot, Rewrite Editor 2, Student Senate, A 8. S Representa- tive, Personnel Chairman, Executive Committee 3, 4, M.U.D. Committee 3, Welcome Weekend I, 2, House Com- mittee, Secretary 2, 3, Election Com- mittee 3, Dance Committee, Secretary 2, Tours Committee l, Orientation 2, S.C.A. I, 2. JOHNSON, ROLAND N. Chemistry Jamestown, N. Y. Student Affiliate American Chemical Society. KLAUS, WILLIAM G. History and Government Kenmore, N. Y. S.E.A.N.Y.S., Kenmore Chapter, Order of DeMolay, Frontier Section 81 Western N. Y. Jurisdiction Order of DeMolay, German Club l. KLYDE, JUNE L. Kocur, Fnensiucx J. KOSTYRA, emu J. Hisfo,-Y and Goyernmenf History and Government Millcs, N. Y. Pre-Dental Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football l, 2, 3, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Geographical and 4, Block "B", Intramural Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball, Track. KOVEL, STEVEN M. Physics BuFfalo, N. Y. Fencing l, Chess Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mathematics Club 'l, 2, 3, 4. KUBINIEC, ANN O'GRADY English Cuba, N. Y. Chi Omega, Activities Chairman 2, Buffalonian, Copy Editor 3, Mac- Donald Hall Secretary 2, Special Events Committee 3, Secretary 4. KOWALSKI, STANLEY J. Geology Johnsonburg, Pa. Geographical and Geological Soci ety, Varsity Football l, 2, 3, Co Captain 4, Varsity Wrestling 3. KRAMER, LORRAINE A. Psychology Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Zeta Chi, Corresponding Secre- tary 3, Historian 4, Scholarship Chair- man 4, Photography Club l, Sopho- more Sponsor, Secretary 2, 3, Ger- man Club 3. LAUER, EVELYN G. French Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, Pan-Hellenic Council 2, Vice-President 3, 4, Spectrum 'l, Buf- falonian, Graduate Editor 3, French Club, Secretary l, Student Publica- tions Board 3, S.P.R.C. 3, Norton Union Publicity Committee, Secretary l. Geological Society, Swimming l. LAUER, LAWRENCE E. Geography Kenmore, N. Y. Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Theta Up- silon, President 4, Cross Country l, 2, Captain 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, New- man Club 2, 3, 4, Geographical and Geological Society 3, 4, Intramural Fencing 2, 3. LAHAN, PATRICIA C. English Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Kappa5 Newman Club 'l, 25 Spectrum I, 25 Norton Union Publicity Committee I, Chairman 25 Program Committee 2. LEONE, GERALD A. Pre-Dental Rochester, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary5 Dot, Editor 25 Elections Committee, Chair- man 25 Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball '2, 3, Volleyball l, 2, 35 Freshman Steering Committee5 Soph- omore Class President5 Program Com- mittee 25 Welcome Weekend, Gen- eral Chairman 'I5 Delegate Student Union Convention5 Orientation Com- mittee, Chairman 2, 35 Cooke Hall Council, Secretary I5 Inter-Residence Council I5 S.P.R.C. LEEDS, LEROY J. Biology Kenmore, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Lt. Master 3, Master 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Intercollegiate Bowling I, 25 Campus Barrel 3, Co- Chairman 4. LEFKOWITZ, DONALD P. Division of Sciences Regal Park, N.Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi5 Freshman Basketball lg Student Public Relations Committee. LICHTENSTEIN, JOYCE CURHAN Physical Therapy Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalonian Proof reader 25 Dormitory House Council5 Decoration Committee5 Physical Therapy Club. LERNER, SAUI. Pre-Law Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho5 HilIel5 Spectrum lp Intramurals, Handball I, 25 Freshman Class President5 Election Committee5 T. R. McConnell Awards Committee5 Junior Scroll5 Niagara Frontier Award Committee 45 Student Senate, Execu- tive Council 3, 45 Assistant Head Resi- dent 35 Tower Hall Vice-President5 Tours COmmillee5 Personnel Commit- leej l.R.C. Treasurer5 I.F.C. Represent- ative 2, 35 Hillel Executive Council. K. ,, n tir LEFF, DAVID A. Biology Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho5 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 45 Orientation Week Advisor5 Stunt Night 2, 3. LEMPER, ANTHONY I.. Chemistry Buffalo, N. Y. Varsity Swimming 3, 4. LEMONIS, MARIA English Buffalo, N. Y. Theta Chi, Pledge Class Treasurer I, Historian 25 Spectrum I5 Buffalonian 35 Board of Managers, Election Com- mittee 35 Greek American Alliance ly Tours Committee 25 Mixer Committee I. P Y' W' ' kwa' ' it-'W 1 LISSEK, MARCEL LUCHOWSKI, ELIZABETH Biology Buffalo, N. Y. Newman Club, German Club. Graphic Arts Buffalo, N. Y. Student Directory, Designer, Ethos, Artist, Hillel, Public Relations Commit- tee, W.B.F.O., M.U.D. Dance, Public- ity Committee. LUNDQUIST, RICHARD A. American Studies Buffalo, N. Y MADEJ, JOHN A. MAGOWITZ, CHARLES MANNERBERG, AXEI. ROGER MacMANUS, THOMAS H. Mathematics Schenectady, N. Y, History and Government Geology Niagara Falls, N. Y. Snyder, N. Y Tau Kappa Epsilon. - Woodridge, N. Y. Geological and Geographical Soci- Kappa Nu, Pledge Master 3, Vice- ety, Spartans. President 4, Fraternity Intramurals 'I, 2, 3, Dormitory Representative 4. MANDEL, SEYMOUR M. MARSHALL, RALPH J. History and Government Mathematics N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Buftalo, N. Y. Undergraduate Mathematics Club, Spectrum Advertising Staff. Secretary 3, President 4. 42 MARX, VIRGINIA A. Sociology Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, Spectrum 'lp Buffalo- nian 3, Tours Committee 2, French Club 1, Publicity Committee, Treas- urer 2. MATYJAKOWSKI, ROGER F. History Dunkirk, N. Y. Beta Sigma Tau, President 4, Baby Bull I, Intramural Football l, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Handball 2, lnterfra- ternity Council, German Club, New- man Club, Dormitory House Council, Norton House Committee, Norton Rec- reation Committee. McINTOSH, CARLOS V. Sociology N. Vernon, N. Y. MICHALEK, LEO M. Pre-Medical Lackawanna, N. Y. Alpha Phi Omega, Social Vice-Presi- MAURER, DONALD H. MAZZA, SAMUEL J- Psychology Snyder, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary 2, Presi- dent 3, Freshman Steering Committee, Social Chairman, S.P.R.C. 2, Elections Committee l, 2, 3, l.F.C. Treasurer 4, Orientation Sub.-Chairman 2, 3, 4. MEININGHAUS, ARLYN R. Chemistry Lancaster, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, Second Vice-President, Scholarship Chairman, Union Board, Secretary 4, Cap and Gown, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, M.U.D. Committee, Parade Co-Chairman 3, Buffalonian, Graduates Editor 4, Dot 2, W.A.A. l, Secretary 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Silver Ball Committee, Invita- tions Chairman 3, Orientation Com- mittee, Hospitality Chairman 4, Home- coming Committee, Secretary 4, Dance Committee l, Mixer Secretary 3, Wing Advisor 3. MERRICK, RICHARD S. Psychology Lackawanna, N. Y. Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary 3, Treasurer 3, President 4, R.O.T.C. Glee Club 1, 2. MILA K, DAVID J. Pre-Medical Kenmore, N. Y. dent 4, R.O.T.C. Glee club 1, 2. Orchestra- Pre-Medical Blosdell, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon MEYER, RICHARD M. Mathematics Snyder, N. Y. Phi Beta Kappa, Undergraduates Mathematics Club, Vice-President 4, Newman Club, Freshman Orientation. MILLER, BRUCE N. Graphic Arts Elmira, N. Y. Kappa Sigma Kappa l, Recording Secretary 2, Gamma Phi, Recording Secretary 3, 4, Methodist Youth Fel- Iowship l, 2, 3, 4, Welcome Week- end Host l, 2, 3, 4, Sitzmarkers l, 4, S.C.A. l, 2, Kampus Karnival l, 2, Orientation Committee 2, 3, 4, Norton Publicity Committee 2, 3, Silver Ball 2. MILLER, SHARON P. MOSKOWITZ, JOSEPH L. MYSLIWIEC, RICHARD L. Languages Kenmore, N. Y. Mathematics Buffalo, N. Y. History and Government Alpha Epsilon Phi lSyracuse Univer- Undergraduote's Mathematics Club, Buffalo, N. Y sity.l Philosophy Club. N.E.A. NEILANS, LIONEL C. Division of Sciences Buffalo, N. Y. Theta Chi, Social Chairman 2, Rushing Chairman 3, Intramurals Football 2, 3, Swimming I, 2, Volleyball l, 2, Mili- tary Ball Committee 2, Silver Ball Committee 3, Student Elections Com- mittee 3, Student Academic Affairs Committee 3. NORTON, DENIS L. Geology Elba, N. Y. Theta Chi, Geological and Geograph- ical Society, Basketball l, 3, 4, Intra- murals Tennis, Football, Track, Volley- ball, Softball. NELSON, NANCY Medical Technology Lyons, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, First Vice- President 4, Scribe 3, Music Chair- man 3, 4, MacDonald Hall House Council 3, House Committee, Chair- man 3, Mac's Memoirs 3. NAJIM, GEORGE P. Biology North Plainfield, N. J. Alpha Sigma Phi, Mixer Committee l, Silver Ball Committee 4, Tower House Council 3, Tower Judiciary Committee 3. NOWAK, RONALD G. History and Government Cheektowaga, N. Y. Theta Chi, Basketball l, 2, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Football 4, March- ing Band l, R.O.T.C. Band l, 2. ,g O'HARA, WILLIAM C. Psychology Melrose, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tailwinds, Intra- mural Fencing, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Mixer Committee, Able Party Representa- tive, House Council Representative, M.U.D. Awards Committee, Board of Managers Finance Committee, Arnold Air Society. PRENATT, BARBARA History Buffalo, N. Y. Theta Chi, Vice-President 3, Record- ing Secretary 3, President 45 Buffalo- nian 35 S.P.R.C. Committee Secretary 35 Homecoming Committee 45 M.U.D. Dance Committee 45 Finance Commit- tee 35 Stunt Night 35 l.F.C. Sing 4. POTTS, JOHN Music Education Kenmore, N. Y. Kappa Psi5 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Accom- panist 3, 45 Music Educators Club 2, 3, 45 S.C.A. l, 2, 3. PERCS, JUDY German Buffalo, N. Y. PEACOCK, BEVERLY A. Occupational Therapy Bennington, Vt. Physical Therapy Club l, Secretary 25 American Occupational Therapy As- sociation Student Membership5 Mac Memoirs5 Women's Athletic Associa- tion l, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Sponsor 25 Maiorettes l5 Dean's List5 Student Christian Association5 Orientation Committee. ORZECHOWSKI, JOSEPH A. Mathematics Buffalo, N. Y. Newman Club. PROCAS, THEODORE MARK History and Government Kenmore, N. Y. Student Association and Senate Presi- dent 45 Class President 35 Young Re- publicans'Club President45Committee on Fraternal Affairs 45 Committee on Developmental Affairs 45 Board of Governors 45 Chairman Executive Committee Student Association 45 Chairman T. R. McConnell Award Committee 35 Personnel Committee 35 Theta Chi Fraternity Treasurer 3, President 4, Associate Editor Key5 Debate Society Treasurer 2, President 35 Varsity Debate Team 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 35 Baby Bull Statf5 Dance Com- mittee li Chancellor's Award 4. PEREI, VINCENT T. History and Government Buffalo, N. Y. Newman Club 3, 45 French Club l, 25 Spanish Club 25 Political Science Club 1, 25 Pre-Law Club 25 Kloyola Univer- sityl POLIMENI, ALBERT D. Mathematics Canandaigua, N. Y. "' Undergraduate Mathematics Club. PIFER, ALBURT E. Physics Williamsville, N. Y Phi Beta Kappa5 Pi Mu Epsilon Wrestling l, 2. In 1 L.. . vu.. --.-v- -I I l RADZWlLL, JOSEPHINE F. RAILTON, JANE E. Fine Arts Kenmore, N. Y. Fine Arts Welland, Ont. Volleyball 'l, Basketball l, 2. Asterisk, Little Theater. REED, BARBARA I. Science Niagara Falls, N. Y. Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3. RITTER, CHARLES C. Pre-Med Sigma Phi Epsilon, lntermural Sports, Freshman Orientation Committee, Stunt Night "57", Homecoming T958 activities. RHODES, DOUGLAS W. Sociology Bemus Point, N. Y. Kampus Karnival 3, Student Christian Association I, 2, 3, 4, Wesley Fellow- ship 3, 4, President 3, Council of Religious Clubs 3, 4, Treasurer 3, lnterFraternity Council 3, 4, Recording Secretary 4, Resident Advisor 3, 4, Mixer Committee l, 2, Elections Com- mittee 2, 3, Student Public Relations Committee 2, 3, R.O.T.C. Drill Team 2, Welcome Weekend Committee l, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3. 1 L ,,,, 1 . , RAMM, ELAINE S. Speech Therapy Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Delta Tau l, 2, Hillel Student Council l, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, lnterreligious Council 2, Tours Com- mittee 'l, Survey Committee 2. REINERT, RICHARD L. Physics Clarence, N. Y Sitzmarker RILEY, JANICE C. American Studies Orchard Park, N. Y. Publications Board, Chairman 4, Spec- trum, Editor 3, Buffalonian, Typing Editor 2, Baby Bull, Layout Editor l, Union Board 3, Special Events, Chair- man 3, Orientation Week, Personnel Chairman 3, Homecoming Committee, Secretary 2, Silver Ball Committee, Secretary 2, Monte Carlo Night, Co- chairman l, Mixer Committee, Stunt Night, Secretary I, Freshman Ring Award. RICHBART, SAMUEL E. Mathematics Williamsville, N. Y. Pi Mu Epsilon lHonorary Mathemati- cal FraternitYli Math Club l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3, Social Chair- man 4. RIVOLI, SALVATORE J. Pre-Medical Rochester, N. Y. Dot, Recreation Committee, Chairman, M.U.D. Awards Committee, Chairman, Bowling, lnterfraternity Football and Baseball 2, 3, Program Committee, Tower House Council. RODBARD, DAVID Science Buffalo, N. Y. U.B. Chess Club, Director, Group Leader. ROSENBLOOM, LIBBY H. French Geneva, N. Y. Student Education Association of New York State, Norton Music Committee I, Election Committee, Secretary 2, Dorm Wing Advisor 3, 4, French Club 2. SASS, GREGOR W. History and Government Niagara Falls, Ont. ROGOZINSKI, JOHN Pre-Medical Buffalo, N. Y. American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate, Mathematics Club. ROSENTHAL, WILLIAM FRANCIS History and Government Glens Falls, N. Y. Kappa Nu, Intermural Football l, 2, RUDD, SHEILA M. English Ellenville, N. Y. Intramurals I, Hillel l, Arts and Sci- ences Council I, Orientation 2, Inter- 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Kappa Nu, Sec- Residence Council 3, Macdonald Hall retary 2. House Council 2, 4, Vice-President 3. SCHLENKER, RONALD W. Geology Williamsville, N. Y. Geologic and Geographic Society 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4. ROSENBLOOM, CARI. Pre-Law Olean, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice-Prior, Spec- trum I, Intramural Football 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, Basketball 2, Swimming 2, Softball l, Student Public Relations Committee 2, Hillel Council 2, Orien- tation Week, Group Leader 4, Dean's List 3. SANDERS, ROY S. Psychology Kenmore, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pledgemaster 2, Social Chairman 3, Spectrum 2, Fra- ternity Basketball, Manager 3, Inter- fraternity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, Fencing Team 2, Orientation Committee 3, Audio- Vidio l, Campus Barrel 2, Mixer Committee 2, M.U.D. 2, 3. SCHULER, ELIZABETH M. Chemistry BuFfaIo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, Secretary 3, Ori- entation Committee, Newman Club I, 3, Sophomore Sponsor. SCHWARTZ, STEPHEN E. Pre-Dentistry and Sociology Kingston, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, Intramural Golf 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Swimming 3, Elections Committee 2, 3, Social Com- mittee l, 2. SHAPLEY, ELLEN M. English Williamsville, N. Y. Orchestra, Newman Club. SIKSO, ROBERT H. Mathematics Hornell, N. Y. Dance Committee l, Mixer Commit- tee l, Band l, 2, Death of a Sales- man, Light Technician 3. SHARROW, WALTER History and Government Glens Falls, N. Y. SEGMEN, JOHN R. Mathematics Kenmore, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha, S.C.A. Treasurer 3, President 4, Council of Religious Clubs 2, Kampus Karnivol, Finance Chair- man 3, Screening Chairman 4, Stu- dent Christian Movement in N. Y. S., Student Executive Council, Board of Directors. SHAVER, ROBERT C. History and Government West Seneca, N. Y. SKLARSKY, JEROME Pre-Medical Lawrence, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Best Pledge Award, Spring l958, "Ape", Campus Barrel, Hillel, Interfraternity Fencing 2, 3. SEIGEL, RICHARD A. French Buffalo, N. Y. SLATER, BARBARA N. Speech Therapy .Woodmere, N. Y. Sigma Delta Tau l, Vice-President 2, National Student Association l, 2, 3, Mixer Committee l, 2, Senate Per- sonnel 3, 4, W.A.A. l, 2, 3, Volley- ball Manager 2, Field Hockey l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Outstanding Freshman Athlete Award, A 8- S Secretary-Treasurer 2, A 81 S Council, Secretory 2, Hillel l, Welcome Committee 2, MacDonald Hall, Secretary 3, House Council 3, Social Committee 2, Tours Committee 3. SLOVINSKY, LOUIS J. English Lackawanna, N. Asterisk5 Newman Club5 Drama and Speech Productions. STOUT, HELEN Biology Wellsville, N. Y. Phi Beta Kappa 35 Tour Committee 1, 25 Macdonald House Council Presi- dent 2, 35 Alpha Lambda Delta 'li Dance Committee5 Cap 8- Gown 3, 45 Women's Convocation Committee 35 W.A.A. Treasurer l, 2, 35 Homecom- ing5 Inter-Residence Council 35 Stu- dent Senate 3. SOLOMON, STEPHEN D. Pre-Dental Flushing, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu5 Intermurals, Swim- ming l, 2, Golf 2, 3, Softball 2, Wrestling I, Basketball 25 Chairman of Social Committee 25 Publicity Com- mittee l. STEARNS, GORDON W. History Lockport, N. Y. Tennis l, 25 Blue Masquers5 Chess Club. STROBER, STEPHEN I. Pre-Dental Brooklyn, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu5 Spectrum5 Swim- ming 3, 45 lntramurals, Swimming 25 Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Elections Com- mittee. STERLING, MARGARET E. Speech Pathology Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Gamma Deltag A815 Student Council Representative 25 Mixer Com- mittee l5 Group Leader 35 S.C.A. 'l, 25 Orientation Committee 25 Dean's List 2, 3. SPINDLER, JOHN G. History and Government Eggertsville, N. Y. STEVENS, EDWARD W. Pre-Medical Pittsburgh, Pa. Spectrum5 Norton House Committee5 Vice-President of Tower Dorm. STROMBERG, SANFORD E. Chemistry BufTalo, N. Y. Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society. .4 STRYCHALSKI, JOSEPH D. Physical Therapy Dunkirk, N. Y. Veterans' Club, Newman Club. SYLOR, KAY L. History and Government Akron, N. Y. TREDINNICK, DONALD W. Chemistry Lancaster, N. Y. TECLER, RONALD S. Pre-Dental Amsterdam, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Lion Correspondent, Arnold Air Society, Commander, Ad- iutant Recorder, Co-chairman, Ex- officio member, The Campus Barrel, Tower House Council, Treasurer, Inter- fraternity Council member, Hilel, Ad- vanced AFROTC, Ass't Dir. of Person- nel, Dir. of Personnel, 575 AFROTC wing, Operations Officer 577 group, Wing Advisor, Tower Residence Hall, Welcome Weekend, Committee Chairman, Group Leader, Orienta- tion Week, Marching Band, ROTC Marching Band, Student Representa- tive, The Committee on the UB United Appeals Camp-aign for 1959, Floor Representative, Tower House Council. SULLIVAN, JAMES BARRY, JR. History and Government Kenmore, N. Y. Spectrum, Buffalonian, Student Direc- tory, Freshman Basketball I, Intra- mural Football I, Intramural Softball, Mixer Committee, Orientation Com- mittee 2. TAYLOR, RAYMOND GARY Geology Akron, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Junior Marshall 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4, Geologic and Geographic Society 3, 4, University Chorale I, 2, National Student Association 3, Co-Chairman 4, M.U.D., Arrangements Committee Chairman 3, l.F.C. Intramurals, Tennis Handball, Wrestling, Volleyball Track I, 2, 3, 4, Welcome Week Ori- entation I, 2, 3, 4. TREFZER, MERRILL E. History and Government Snyder, N. Y. Young Republican Club I, History Club 2, 3, 4. SWA RTZENBERG, LINDA J. Classics BuFfalo, N. Y. Theta Chi, Spectrum. TIMINERI, MILDRED M. Speech Therapy Buttalo, N. Y Alpha Gamma Delta, Newman Club Recreation Club I, Blue Masquers I 2. TYLENDA, HENRY A. Sociology Cheektowaga, N. Y. WEINBERG, GARY Pre-Dental Brooklyn, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu, Prior, Spectrum, Business Staff, Advertising Layout Manager, Intramurals: Softball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Fencing 2, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Tower Dorm Resident Council, Floor Representative. VEGA, JUAN A. Sociology Salinas, Puerto Rico Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club, ln- tramurals: Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, A8.S, Vice-Presi- dent 2, M.U.D., Chairman, Home- coming Dance, Chairman 2, 3, Dance Committee 2, National Student Asso- ciation 2. VIZZI, FLORENCE L. Pre-Law Buffalo, N. Y, Sigma Kappa, Recording Secretary 3, President 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Ori- entation Committee 2, 3, Debate So- ciety, Secretary 'l, Baby Bull, Co- Chairman i, Elections Committee 3. WEINBERG, RUTH Art Education Kenmore, N. Y. Sigma Chi Alpha, Art Education Hon- orary, Hillel l, 2, Transfer from Syra- cuse University 3, Women's Student Government Secretariat Staff I, Chairman Mt. Olympus Spring Float Committee 1. VERRETT, PATRICIA E. History N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Math Club, Secretary 4. WAGNER, DONALD E. WALKER, ALAN S. Pre-Dental Buftglo, N, Y, Government White Plains, N. Y. Spectrum 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Editcr I, Alpha Epsilon Pi, President of the Stu- 2, Associate Editor 3, 4. dent Zionist Organization, Co-Chair- man of Hillel's United Jewish Appeal Fund, Spectrum, Varsity Baseball 2. WEISS, NORMAN P. Sociology Newburgh, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, Intermural Fraternity Sports, Mixer Committee, Hillel, Wel- come Weekend. l WELCH, ROBERT J. WEXLER, DAVID M. History and Government History and Government Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Omega, Service Fraternity, Fencing l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Young Republicans Club l, 2. WINER, MARVIN JOHN Mathematics and Philosophy Buffalo, N. Y. Asterisk, Business Manager 2, Blue Masquers, President 2, Vice-President 3, Chess Club, Secretary 3. ZEDICK, RICHARD J. Geology Niagara Falls, N. Y. U.B.G.G.S. WOLIN, RICHARD E. Yonkers, N. Y. Bisonhead, Secretary 4, Johnson Award l, Wing Advisor 4, Student Advisory Committee 4, Kappa Nu, Vice-President 3, Recording Secretary 2, Pledgemaster 3, Spectrum l, 2, Associate Editor 3, Union Board 2, 3, House Committee 2, Chairman 3, Leadership Committee, Chairman 3, Schoellkopf Hall, Secretary I, Dormi- tory House Councils l, 2, Tower Con- stitution Committee, Chairman l, 2, Welcome Weekend 3, M.U.D. 3, Tower House Judiciary 3, Planning and Development Advisory Commit- tee 3, Student Association Constitu- tion Committee I, Dean's List. YUENGER, BARBARA A. Art Education Flushing, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, W.A.A. Swimming and Basketball I, Publicity Committee l, S.C.A. 2, Wesley Fellowship 3, Pho- tography Club l. ZAWADZKI, CHARLES W. Physical Therapy Buffalo, N. Y. Veterans' Club, Dean's List 3. WIGMAN, HARVEY A. Geology Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, Geology Society, Geography Society. ZITZNER, CAROLE J. Biology Chadwicks, N. Y. Theta Chi, Aquarama I, Dormitory House Committee 3, Dormitory Honor Board, Secreta ry 4, Publicity Commit- tee l, Recreation Committee, Secre- tary l, 2, Special Events 2, Orienta- tion Committee 2, 3, Dormitory Histo- rian 3, 4, Floor Representative 3, Publicity Committee l, S.C.A. 'l, 2, Stunt Night 4. , fs, f-wish H ' -.1 ' it I . .. V sin- N , .fi V 'Zh w ' s , 1'?5Ki23if,i" K, V ' -, Rf,,fifssezQ f fr " - - t 12:55. N'-nziiifsi ss " K . i5x2,4sMMmH, " We 1 i ,ye ,,..,....'f?ge i i A A dr. harold m. somers, dean school of business administration Instruction in business administration was first oftered in the evening sessions of the Univer- sity of Buffalo in l923-24. ln i927 the School of Business Administration was organized with a two-year course of study giving instruction to day students on the new campus. ln the following year, the program of study was placed on a four-year basis. I Crosby Hall, home of the School of Business Administration, was dedicated in April i932 at the meeting of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business held that year I in Buffalo. The School was admitted in l93O to membership in the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. I I 53 ALTMAN, JEROLD General Business New York, N. Y. Kappa Nu Fraternity5 Executive Com- mittee 35 Sports Manager 35 I.F.C. Senior Representative 3, Co-Chair- man I.F.C. Handbook Committee 3, Violations Committee 3, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Hillel Student Council 2, Treas- urer 3, Vice-President 3, President 45 Young Republicans Club lp Student Public Relations Committee 3, 4. BOULAS, JOHN P. Industrial and Labor Relations Horseheads, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Pledge- master 45 Class President 25 Finance Committee 25 Student Residence Gov- ernment l, 2. BURRUANQ, CHARLES J, CLARK, ELIZABETH COLES, ALFRED, JR. COWLES, ROBERT C. Refailina Buffala, N, Y, General Business Buftalo, N. Y. Labor and Industrial Relations General Business Kenmore, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon F,-ayernify, T,-eas. Kent State University5 Orientation Buffalo, N. Y. urer 35 Retailing Club 35 Stunt Night PYOQYUWD Gf0UP Leader- 35 Dance Committee 3, Chairman- April in Jamaica Dance. CROUSE, DENNIS G. General Business Gawanda, N. Y. Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity5 Intramural Bowling I, 25 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Dorm House Coun- CQRWINI DQNALD cil, Student .ludiciary5 Dormitory Floor CUMMINGS, DONALD W. Accouming Warsaw, N. Y. Aghlefia Mqnqger, General Program Hamburg, N. Y. ' 54 DELANEY, GEORGE W. DETWILER, JOHN L. General Business Buffalo, N. Y. Retailing BuHalo, N. Y. Football, Freshman 'l, Varsity 2, 3, 4, University of Syracuse, Marching Newman Club, V Band, Varsity Wrestling 'l, 2, 3, 4. DEVESO, SAMUEL P. ENGLISH, ROBERT E. General Business Buffalo, N. Y. Accounting Corning, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Nu Fraternity, l.F.C. Theta Chi Fraternity, Debate Society Sing. 3, Treasurer 4, Basketball I, Tennis FIORELLA, PETER J. General Business Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, lntermural Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, Base- ball. ENSMINGER, LARRY F. General Business Getzville, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, President 4, Varsity Golf 3, Captain 4, Intra- mural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Orientation Committee 2, Hospitality Committee, Chairman 3. FISHEL, SANDRA A. Retailing Rochester, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, Social Chairman, Retail-Marketing Club 2, 3, 4, Bowling League I, Mixer Com- mittee 3, Freshman Orientation Com- mittee 4. DANIELS, WILLIAM T. Retailing Snyder, N, Y, Phi Kappa Psi, Corresponding Secre- tary, Recording Secretary, Buffaloni- an, Editor 4, Layout Editor 3, Down the River Swim 3, 4, Student Senate, Finance Committee 3, 4, Retailing Club, Blue Masquers, Moving Up Day, Publicity Committee, Chancellor' Award, Bowling Green State Univer- sity I, 2. FARNER, WILLIAM C. General Business Snyder, N. Y. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Spectrum, Buffalonian Personnel Manager 3, Dorm Editor 4, Track I, 2, Intramural Basketball, Football. FROMN, KENNETH N. Industrial Relations Buffalo, N. Y. Industrial Relations Club. HALL, RICHARD C. Retailing Buffalo, N. Y. Theta Chi Fraternity, Basketball l, Retail Club, Block "B" l. HETTRICK, AMES B., JR. HIGLEY, KENNETH E. General Business Lynchburg, Va. Accounting Holland, N. Y. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Buffalonian, Assistant Dorm Editor 3, Advertising Manager 4, Campus Barrel 2, Intra- mural Wrestling 2, 4. HUDSON, CHARLES F. General Business Buttalo, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Treasurer 3, President 4, lnterfraternity Basket' ball 2, 3, 4, Student Senate 4, Busi- ness Administration Student Council, Vice-President 4, Treasurer 3, Cam- pus Barrel 3, 4, Finance Committee 4. HALLDIN, JOHN V. General Business Buttalo, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Secre- tary 3, Varsity Baseball 2, lnterfra- ternity Football 2, 3, Baseball 3, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Class President 3, Elections Committee 3, Business School Banquet 3. HOFFMAN, MEREDITH A. Retailing Crestwood, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, Sitz- markers Club l, Mixer Committee 2, 3, Student Personnel Committee 4, Retailing Club l, 2, S.C.A. 1, Group Leader 3. HUGHES, JOHN P. General Business Kenmore, N. Y. Q HEROLD, WILLIAM J. General Business Hamburg, N. Y. JOHNSON, WILLIAM R., lll General Business Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Student Fi- nance Committee, Spectrum, Fencing l, 2, lntermurals Fencing, Wrestling, Volleyball. KATH, PATRICIA A. Retailing Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Zeta Chi Sorority, Corresponding Secretary 4, Retail Marketing Club, Secretary 2, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council 3, Spectrum I, Sophomore Sponsor. KINNER, DONALD F. Industrial Relations West Seneca, N. Y. Industrial Relations Club l KNOWLES, DONALD J, KRASINSKI, THOMAS V. General Business Kenmore, N. Y. ACCOUHIIHQ Depew. N- Y- Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity. KYSER, GEORGE E. Accounting N. Tonawanda, N. Y. LASALLE, THOMAS J. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Spartan General Business Club, Accounting Club, Vice-President, Nidgdrd Falls. N. Y. Bowling 1, Handball 2, Golf 3, 4. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, President. KLOSTERMAN, JOHN J. General Business Buffalo, N. Y KULICHIK, ALEX Economics Buttalo, N. Y Spartans, U. B. Radio Station WBFO, Announcer and Continuity Director. LEIXNER, TIMOTHY C. General Business Kenmore, N. Y Theta Chi Fraternity, Engineering So- ciety I, Intermural: Basketball 3, 14, Bowling 2, Swimming 2, Baseball 3, Golf 2, 3, 4. 57 LINDSEY, ROBERT C., JR. General Business Williamsville, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Vice- President, lnterfraternity Council Vice-President 2, 3, A.A.S. Degree, D.G.T.S. Steering Committee, Silver Ball Committee 2, Orientation Com- mittee 2, Elections Committee 3. MEININGER, LEIGH R. Accounting Buffalo, N. Y. lntermural: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 3, 4, Softball 3, 4, Spartans l, 2, Secretary 3, 4, Orientation Commit- tee, Group Leader 4. MATASAR, ROBERT M. General Business Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. MEMEL, LAWRENCE M. Retailing Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, Recorder 3, Vice- Chancellor 4, Intramurals: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. MILLER, DANIEL l. MINOWITZ GARY LEWIS Accounting Buffalo, N. Y. General Business Springville N Y Bowling, Music Kappa Nu Fraternity MICHIENZI, ROBERT T. General Business Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Kappa Psi, Spectrum, Assistant Circulation Manager l, Buffalonian, MOYER, RICHARD L. Associate Editor, Football l, lntra- MURPHY VINCENT J Accounting Buffalo, N. Y. murals. Relcllllng Buffalo N Y NESS, DONALD S. Retailing Painted Post, N. Y. Dot, Business Manager 2, Kampus Karnival, Business Manager 2, March- ing Band l, 2, Dormitory House Coun- cil, Floor Representative 2, Retailing Club l. PAOLINI, RAYMOND V. General Business Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Recreation Committee, Dance Committee, Music Committee, Mixer Committee, l.F.C. Representa- tive. ROBB, DAVID E. NORWALK, ROBERT J. OLIN, RICHARD R. General Business General Business Perry, N. Y. NlU9U"U Falls, N- Y- Theta Chi Fraternity, Intramural Wres- tling 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Softball 3. I ' R l PETERS, DANIEL A. PRATT, JEREMY R. Accounting Buffalo, N. Y. General Business Buffalo, N. Y. Theta Chi Fraternity. RUDIN, ROBERT General Business Buffalo, N. Y. General Business Rochester, N. Y. Bowling League 2. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity OVERACKER, ALBERT W. General Business Rock Stream, N. Y. Kappa Nu, President 3, 4, Track l, Swimming l, lntermural Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Fresh- man Steering Committee, President, Dormitory House Council, President 2, l.R.C. Council, President 2, Public Rela- tion Committee 3. RADIG, WILLIAM J. Accounting Buffalo, N. Y. SALLOWAY, WILLIAM M. Industrial Relations Tonawanda, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, Spectrum Assistant Business Manager, M.U.D. Parade Committee, Elections Commit- tee. SCHUSTERMAN, JERRY C. Accounting Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Treasurer 2, Freshman Basketball, l.F.C. Repre- sentative, Orientation Committee. , , , - 33.11255 " s.,"- PU 7- 25,2 3 v . 'l fiii -5 .TR :1:1f. H:i, . 1 Lf, . SRL.. SES.fi2sw'?hf1 fissm, ss , ',.,,5::,,s.w .2iesi.Q?:r+215n'iHW? life: mv ' '-far. f '-"1 'P Qffliiiiiirf. "-.. , R - K -.r I -ig I 'TVX i 3f'i"Z'f-4'-'-,t'a'. l . .ff I iii ,:,:r,:1g-351, . .MFL ., :-J' .3-sw., Q V F . 1 .fk te ., 2 ' T " . ii --'J:'. "f ,w TEEPELL, DAVID E. Retailing Carthage, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi, Marine Trust Club, Bowling. WILLIG, RONALD Industrial and Labor Relations Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, Intramu- ral Swimming 2, Business Administra- tion Student Council, Vice-President l, 2, Spectrum, Finance Committee, Mixer Committee, National Student Association, Industrial Relations Club, Orientation Week Committee, Chair- man, Business Administration Banquet Committee, Able Party Representa- tive. SPEIER, PETER M. Accounting Flushing, N. Y. Kappa Nu Fraternity, Vice-President, President, Treasurer, Fraternity Sports, Golf l. TROSS, ARTHUR J. Accounting Susquehanna, Pa. Newman Club, Dormitory Wing Rep- resentative. VACCO, DANIEL C. Retailing North Collins, N. Y. Retail Marketing Club, President 3. WINICK, MATTHEW H. Accounting New York, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity 2, Treas- urer 3, 4, Spectrum 1, Sports Editor 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball Manager 3, 4, Junior Scroll. SUE, HELEN C. Accounting Allegany, N. Y. Tours Committee, Sophomore Spon- sor, Gamma Delta, Council of Reli- gious Clubs. WEICHMANN, BRUCE J. General Business Orchard Park, N. Y. ZIOLKO, ELLEN V. Retailing Orchard Park, N. Y. Phi Zeta Chi Sorority, Treasurer 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 4, Special Events Committee 2, Secretary 3, Vice- Chairman 4, M.U.D. Dance Committee, Secretary 2, Blue Masquers 2, Board Member 3, Retail Marketing Club l, 2. S dr. merton ertell, dean university college One of the most challenging problems of higher education is the proper manner of treat- ment of matriculating freshmen who have a wide variety of academic and professional in- terests. The University of Buffalo's answer to the problem was the establishment in i958 of University College as the basic undergraduate division of the University to provide the freshman and sophomore years of instruction for all daytime undergraduate students. An important distinction was made between two programs of study: the continuing program which offers preparation for students desiring promotion to one of the seven Senior Division at the beginning of the Junior year and the Associate Degree program for those students who desire more technical training for specific vocational interests. The creation of Univer- sity College is considered one of the maior steps of progress in the adaptation of the ad- ministrative and educational structure of this institution to the needs of students in the critical two-year period in which students "find themselves" in the world of higher education and professional preparation. 61 rl. -v- BURKE, MARY M. BAUCH, CAROL M. BURSTEIN, VIVIAN B. Secretarial Studies Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Digiteer l, Newman Club l, 2, Board of Directors 2, Woman's Athletic Association l, Special Events Committee l, Chairman 2, Orientation Committee, Co-Chair- man Social Events 2, Homecoming Weekend Committee 2, Union Board 2, D.G.T.S. Steering Committee l, 2. CALKINS, FLORENCE E. Secretarial Arcade, N. Y. Alpha Lambda Delta, Newman Club, U.C. Steering Committee l, 2. Secretarial Canandaigua, N. Y. Secretarial Buffalo, N. Y. Welcome Weekend, Kampus Karni- Hillel, U.C. Steering Committee. val, Mixer Committee. CONROY, JOAN ANN Secretarial Johnstown, N. Y. Chi Omega, Newman Club l, Buffa- lonian 2, Sitzmarkers l, Dorm Inter- murals, Basketball I, Mixer Commit- tee 2, Student Senate 2. CRISTALL, PATRICIA J. Secretarial Buffalo DEMEO, DONALD A. DAHLIN, MARY L Retailing North Collins, N. Y. Retailing Jamestown, N. Y. U-C- Sleeflng Committee ,4..LL. CURRY, ROBERTA A. Liberal Arts Emporium, Pa, Delta Zeta, Transfer from University of Miami, Newman Club. FALSONE, MYRON M. Secretarial Buftalo, N. Y. Newman Club l, 2, Digiteer, U.C. Steering Committee l, 2, Blue Mos- quers, Special Events. DOBSON, MARJORIE J. Eggertsville, N. Y. GLENNIE, GEORGE GLENNIE, JOHN Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. GENCO, GERTRUDE A. Secretarial Buftalo, N. Y. Chi Omega, Digiteer l, Spectrum, Campus Editor 2, Campus Barrel, Sec- retary 2, Music Committee Secretary 2, Group Leader 2, U.C. Steering Committee l, Homecoming Anniver- sary Committee 2, Senate Committee 2. HAAS, ELAINE L. Secretarial Buffalo, N. Y. Chi Omega, Digiteer, U.C. Steering Committee, Secretary l, 2, U.B. Cho- rus l, Stunt Nite 2, Music Committee l, 2, Campus Barrel 2, Student Senate Committee 2. GLASER, BEVERLY J. GOLDSTEIN, ROSALIND GREENE, BETTE N, Secretarial Buffalo, N. Y. Secretarial Kenmore, N. Y. Secretarial Buffalo, N, Y, SPSCIWITI l- Campus Barrel 2. HAM, PATRICIA R. JOHNSON, SANDRA K. Secretarial East Aurora, N. Y. SBCFBTC-1I'iC1l Albany, N. Y. U.C. Steering Committee Vice-Fresi- Alpha Gamma Delta, Special Events dent. Committee, Michael Hall Treasurer. 63 A A Q 'Fl KATKOV, SANDRA G. Secretarial Port Colborne, Ont. Student Faculty Committee, Michael Hall I, Floor Representative 2, Inter- national Club 2. LAKS, DONALD F. NIABEE, RICHARD M. Business Memods Business Methods Buffalo, N. Y. Orchard Pork, N. Y- Theta Chi, Intramural Football l, Phi Kappa Psi, safvban 1, 2, Basket- Swimming It 2' Baseball I. 2- ball I, 2, Football I, 2, Track I, 2. I STERNFELD, THOMAS R. Liberal Arts Buffalo, N. Y. U.B. Theatre Productions. WEST, RITA A. Secretarial Rochester, N. Y. Newman Club I, 2, Student Faculty Committee I. Anal. ,.4.,g 7 WALSH, JUDITH A, WALTERS, LILLIAN L. WAI-TERS, SHARON E. Secretarial Buffalo, N. Y. Secretarial Stwshun. N- Y- Secretarial BUFFGIO. N Y Newman Club, Mixer Committee. U.B. Marching Band Maiorette. Chee"leGdInQ If 2' WITT, HELEN A. Secretarial Rochester, N. Y. McLELLAN, CAROL A. Hillel I, 2, Stunt Nite Committee 2. Secretarial Geneva, N, Y 64 f.. K Mc LELLAN, SANDRA J. MICHALAK, ALICE l. MII-I-ER' PHYU-is J- Secretarial Kenmore, N. Y. Secretarial Buffalo, N. Y. Commefflt-7' Design Eden. N- Y- Chi Omega, Spectrum, Stunt Nite 2, Newman Club 'l. W-A-A-I Cooke HGH Pl-'bIlCllY C0mml7' U.C. Steering Committee l. fee- MORGAN, GAII. A. I Commercial Design Buftalo, N. Y. Newman Club l, 2, W.A.A. l, 2, ln- tramural Basketball l, U.C. Steering Committee l, Chess Club 2. SCHILLING, SUZANNE 52 as Q is 6 Yse ORISS, M. JUDITH K 93 inset 451 sfifsia Q-2 5. +1-We , . .a.. ' : -, - 'f.G.',,2,5-.i.i'ff-1fE2'e.'zwi1 isvsfefsa, - . , . 5, . i 5:1 2. - . .QEEQQQ -:.'I:a.: , 5229-' .-+-'- ,.r,f ':in 1 3 .ew er U'f,,ift'1QQ12sif1e1s', wa-' a' '- ef K - '- ' c ...ii Q, s is , , is if f, fy . 5 its ire.-,fl 7?33.,5. ,'22 ' ' Liv? 1 a5f9' f li5'. . S33-533' QV' 5' if limi 'I .L ,,, Buffalo N. Y. Art Drama and Speech Club. SIEBERG, SANDRA 1 Secretarial Gosport, N. Y. Secretarial Kenmore, N. Y. PRIORE, GRACE M. Secretarial Buffalo, Chi Omega, Newman Club Stunt Nite 2, Buffalonian 2, Committee 2, Music Committee SAVIOLA, MARIA S. RASNICK, SA ULBERT F. N. Y. Business Methods Rochester, N. Y. l, 2, Residence Hall Bowling Team. House 2. Classics Cheektowaga, N. Y. Student Education Association of New SCHULTZ, HAROLD F. York State Recording Secretary, U.B. Structural Tech Women's Bowling Team, l. Niagara Falls, N. Y -sw-.ia-n......a.....lA,. . dr. robert s. fisk, dean school of education The School of Education was established in 1931 as an outgrowth of eltorts to further pro- fessional preparation of educators. The School was preceded by a Teacher's College from 1895 to 1898 and by professional courses given from 1916 until 1930 as a department in the College of Arts and Sciences. Two major aims ofthe School of Education are: 1. Pro- fessional preparation of persons for educational service in public schools and 2. Encourage- ment ot study that is broad and thorough as well as distinctly professional. 66 X I ADAMS, ROBERT Physical Education Buffalo, N. Y. Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. BACH, HERBERT Physical Education Depew, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Treasurer, Fresh- man Football I, Intramural Volleyball 3, Wrestling 3, Baseball 3. BIANCHI, MARILYN Rochester, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, MacDonald Hall, Treasurer 3, House Council 4, Mixer Committee 2, Kampus Karnivul 2, Ori- entation Committee 2, Sophomore Sponsor 2, University Chorus l, New- man Club, Campus Barrel I. BROWN, BARBARA A. Physical Education Buftalo, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, P.E.G. l, 2, 3, 4, As- sistant Treasurer l, P.E.M. I, 2, 4, Baby Bull 'l, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, W.A.A. 2, 4, Freshman Steering Com- mittee, Public Relations Committee I, 4, Aquarama I, 2, 3, 4. BARTHA, RICHARD Physical Education Buftalo, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Vice-President 4, Cross Country l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Moiors' Club. BINNER, MERCITA Physical Education Buffalo, N. Y. P.E.G.'s AssistantTreasurer 2, President 3, 4, Physical Education Maiors Club, W.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Basketball Chairman 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Aquarama 3. CASE, LOIS Early Childhood New York, N. Y. BOGNER, MARIE BROGAN, WILLIAM Sigma Delta Tau l, 2, Mixer Commit- Education Buffalo, N, Y, Physical Education Blasdell, N. Y. tee, Hillel, Sitzmarker, M.U.D. Com- Newman Club. Block "B", Football l, 2, 3, 4. mittee. a y i EVANS, WILLIE Physical Education Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Football 4, Track l, Physical Education Maiors, Presi- dent. EIMER, MARY Art Snyder, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, Cap and Gown, Cheerleading l, Co-Captain 2, 3, 4, Silver Ball Committee, M.U.D. Com- mittee, Homecoming Committee, Ori- entation Committee, Christmas Party. GOLDSTEIN, ELAINE Early Childhood Eggertsville, N. Y. DYER, PATRICIA ANN Physical Education N. Hollywood, Calif. Alpha Delta Pi, ccqnm, P.E.G.'s 3, 4, Kampus Karnival 4, Aquaroma 3, 4, Physical Education Majors Club 3, 4, Transfer Student from the University of California at Santa Barbara. De BACY, DIANE L. Education Lancaster, N. Y COHEN, FLORENCE Early Childhood Brooklyn, N. Y. Sigma Delta Tau, Treasurer Program Committee, Secretary 2, Union Board, Secretary 3, Silver Ball 3, Chairman Mr. Formal Contest 3, M.U.D. Parade Committee Co-Chairman 3, Student Union Regional Convention Delegate 3, Mixer Committee l, 2, Chairman Monte Carlo 2, Ticket Chairman Stunt Nite l, Music Committee l, 2, Hillel Council Secretory 2, Student Public Relations Committee 2, Elections Com- mittee 2, MacDonold Social Commit- tee 2, Freshman Orientation 2, 3, Welcome Week Committee 2, Regis- tration Committee 2, Steering Com- mittee Christmas Decorating Party 2, FORTINI, JOHN Health, Physical Education and Recreation Lackawanna, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Secretary, Gam- ma Delta, Pnysical Education Maiors, Football 2, Varsity. GORDON, CHARLOTTE KURTZMAN, SANDRA KMRSJ Early Childhood Niagara Falls, N.Y HAMSHER, SANDRA Early Childhood Dansville, N. Y Early Childhood Kenmore, N. Y. Chi Omega. Norton Union Program Committee Award 2. nl HEINTZ, BARBARA x . HUTTLESTON, NANCY Education Ebenezer, N. Y. Early Childhood Rensselaer, N. Y. Watershow 3, 4, Modern Dance Sigma Kappa, Scholarship Chairman, Workshop 2, 3, 4, Sitzmarkers I, 2, Treasurer, Student Judiciary Stat? 3, 4, German Club I, Opera 3. Member, Committee on Student Be- havior. KRUSZYNSKI, JANICE Business Education Perry, N. Y. Chi Omega, Treasurer, Cap and Gown, President, Newman Club, Mixer Committee, Finance Committee, Personnel Committee, MacDonald House Committee, Silver Ball, Sub- Committee. MAYER, RONALD Health, Physical Education and Recreation West Seneca, N. Y. Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President 2, Freshman Track I, Varsity Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Assistant Intramural Sports Director 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, P.E.G.'s Water Show, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sports Chairman 3, 4. I LARZELERE, PATRICIA Business Education Kenmore, N. Y. Theta Chi Sorority, Corresponding Secretary 2, Sergeant at Arms 2, Junior Pan-Hellenic I, Senior Pan- Hellenic 2, Social Chairman 3, 4 Dance Committee I, 2, Sophomore, Sponsor 2, Freshman Orientation 2, National Student Association I, Kam- pus Karnival I, 2. LIKOUDIS, HELEN Lackawanna, N. Y. MORRISON, EILEEN R. Education Bultalo, N. Y. KARKOTA, NANCY Early Childhood Woodburne, N. Y. MacDonald Hall Newspaper, U. B. Glee Club 2. MANTA, JEAN Early Childhood Buftalo, N. Y. Chi Omega, Newman Club, Buffalo Chapter for New York Association for Nursery Education. MCLAUGHLIN, RICHARD Physical Education Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 2. PORDUM, HERBERT REU55, ROBERT Physical Education Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Men's Glee Club, Varsity Football I, 2, Intramural Bas- ketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Singer in University Opera, University Chorus. Business Education Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Omega. SANDERS, ROBERT Physical Education Lancaster, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Physical Education Maiors Club l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Football 4, Basketball 3, 4, Wrestling 3. SCHWARTZ, BERNICE Early Childhood New York, N. Y. Sigma Delta Tau, Hillel, MacDonald Committee, M.U.D. Parade Commit- tee I, 2, Secretary Student Handbook 2, Mixer Committee. SCHAPER, RICHARD Health, Physical Education and Recreation Yorkshire, N. Y. Theta Chi, Sports Chairman, Phi Epsi- lon Kappa, The Key-Theta Chi Pub- Iication 2, 4, Physical Education News- letter 3, 4, Freshman Basketball T, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Football 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Baseball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Coun- try 4, Bowling I, Student Senate Rep- resentative from School of Education 4, Block "B." SANDERS, SAMPSON Physical Education Tonawanda, N. Y. Freshman Football I, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, Varsity Wres- tling 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Student Representative Candidate. SHAFER, EUNICE Early Childhood Eggertsville, N. Y. , New York State Association for Nurs- ery Education 4, Students Education Association of New York State lSEANYSl 4, Transfer from BSTC ll yearl, Hillel. RUEBEI., RITA Early Childhood Barker, N. Y Sigma Kappa, Standards Committee New York State Association for Nurs- ery Education, Mixer Committee Sophomore Sponsor Committee, Wel- come Weekend Committee, Orienta- tion Committee, Tours Committee Norton Union Open House Committee SHISLER, CLIFFORD L. Music Education Williamsville, N. Y Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer 4, Kam pus Karnival Chairman 3, 4, Band I 2, 3, Vice-President 4. SMITH, SALLY STARR, SAMUEL J. Early Childhood Cuba, N. Y. Drama and Speech BulTalo, N. Y. Sigma Kappa Sorority, Cheerleader 2, Intramurals l, 2, Publicity Commit- tee l, 2, Welcome Week 2, Orienta- tion 3, W.A.A. 2. WRONA, SHARON T. Physical Education Cheektowaga, N. Y. Sigma Kappa Social Chairman 3, 4, Newman Club, Physical Education Maiors' Club, Secretary 3, Cheer- leading l, Captain 2, Co-Captain 3, 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, W.A.A. l, 2, 4, l.F.C. Queen's Court 3. TRIMBLE, RICHARD Physical Education ButTaIo, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa, President 4, Intra- murals Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Football 4. USATCH, CARL Physical Education Spring Valley, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, Phi Epsilon Kappa lAlpha Nu Chapterl, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. TUTSKY, FAITH K. Early Childhood Johnson City, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, Spectrum, Buffalonian, Copy Editor 3, Cheerleading l, 2, Class Treasurer l, N.S.A., Recreation Committee I, Rose of Delta Sig l, l.F.C. Queen l, M.U.D. Queen 2. STOW, MARILYN DIER Early Childhood Gouverneur, N. Y. Chi Omega, Vice-President, Spectrum l, Student Council Representative 3, Orientation Committee, Chairman 2, S.P.R.C. lStudent Public Relations Committeel, Pan Hellenic, Secretary 2 Vice-President 3, Cap and Gown, Treasurer, S.C.A., Spring Weekend Queen. WARDEN, GERALDINE Physical Education Williamsville, N. Y. WHITNEY, ROSALIE Early Childhood Buftalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4, Recording Secretary Alpha Gamma Delta 4. ' 194.5 J 1. 14,6341 ' y .,f,:3f1. s .-45 'TT . 'W . E .F 1-. . V ,qs lf" 5 . 3 1 in A :-- V an I I , I I . if L' .ff ji A X A V: A Th .. .V 3.5. . frederick h. thomas, acting dean school of engineering From 1920 to 1944 the University of Buffalo offered the necessary courses to fulfill the requirements for the first two years of engineering curricula offered by other institutions through the department of mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences. The importance of engineering instruction was recognized by the creation of a Department of Mathematics and Engineering in 1929 and the awarding of a two-year Certificate in Engineering in 1929. ln 1944 the University announced a four-year curriculum in Mechanical Engineering leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. A similar otifering in Industrial Engineering was included from the beginning and Electrical Engineering was added one year later. A cur- riculum in Civil Engineering was begun in 1957 which will graduate its first class in 1961. 72 ATI-IANS, JAMES Mechanical Buffalo, N. Y. Employed as Assistant Engineer in Systems Design at Cornell Aeronauti- cal Laboratory. BOESL, CAROL ANN Industrial Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta I, Assistant Treasurer 2, Recording Secretary 3, 4, Cap and Gown 3, Alpha Lambda Delta I, 2, Treasurer, Cap and Gown Sophomore Award, Spectrum I, E.S.U.B. Journal I, Silver Ball Com- mittee Business Manager 3, Orienta- tion Committee 2, Secretary 3, Assist- ant Chairman 4, Freshman Cheerleader I, Class Secretary 2, 3, Student .lu- diciary 3, Engineering Society I, Sec- retary 2, 3, 4, Freshman Steering Committee Secretary, Sophomore Sponsor, Dance Committee I, Special Events Committee 2, Group Leader 3. ARAUJOI ,Amo de BATES, wlLuAM J. Mechanical Brazil Mechanical Niagara Falls, N. Y. Kappa sigma Kappa: Engineering Engineering Society of the University Society of the University of Buffalo. BIELAWSKI, ALFRED J. Mechanical Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, E.S.U.B. Journal, Editor, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Bowling League I, 2, 3, 4, Interfra- ternity Council, Standards Committee, Engineering Open House. BROWN, J. MASON, JR. Industrial Buffalo, N. Y. Command Squadron I, Math Club I, Student Society of Industrial Engineers 3, 4, Engineering Society of the Uni- versity of Buffalo 4. CELLINO, RICHARD J. Industrial Dunkirk, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President 4, Rush Chairman 3, 4, Historian 2, The Bisonhead, President 4, Interfraternity Council, President 4, Sergeant-at- Arms 3, lnterfraternity Council Hand- book, Editor 3, 4, Student Publications Board 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Queen Chairman 3, M.U.D. Queen Chairman 3, Calendar Committee 2, Constitution Referendum Committee Chairman, Student Activi- ties Committee 2, Elections Committee 2, 3, Movie Committee, Vice-President I, 2, Campus Barrel I, Student Asso- ciation Executive Committee 3, 4, Jun- ior Scroll, Dorm Council 4, Orientation Committee 3, 4, Group Leader 3, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, Student Association of In- dustrial Engineers 3, Director 4, New- man Club, Student Senate 4, National Interfraternity Conference Convention 4, Industrial Engineering Open House Co-Chairman 3. 73 of Buffalo, Theta Chi Fraternity. BILL, RONALD H. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, Tau Kappa Chi, En- gineering Society ofthe University of Buffalo, American Institute of Electri- cal Engineers. BUCZKOWSKI, LEON J. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, President 4, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Engi- neering Society of the University of Buffalo, Intramural Softball 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, Student Senate 4, Engi- neering Open House 3, 4. COGDELL, FRANK JAY Mechanical Buffalo, N. Y Theta Chi Fraternity, Sabre Air Com- mand, Executive Officer, Military Ball, Chairman Tickets and Program, Intra- mural Baseball 3, 4, Football 4. CSON KA, BELA I. Mechanical BuFfalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau Treasurer, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, Newman Club, Board of Directors. I GEISE, PHILIP ECKMAN, JR. Electrical Altoona, Pa. Alpha Sigma Phi, Band I. HENSCHEL, ALEXANDER Electrical Ransomville, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, American Institute of Electrical Engineering 3, 4, Engineer- ing Society of the University of Buffalo I, 2, 4, Institute of Radio Engineers 4, Fraternity Softball League 3, 4, Class President 4. GOLDBERG, JEROME D. Electrical Kenmore, N. Y. American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, Treasurer 4, Institute of Radio Engineers, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, Secretary 3, E.S.U.B. Journal I, Class President I, Class Treasurer 4, Hillel, Engineering Open House Committee. GANIM, CHARLES J. Industrial Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi, Varsity Baseball, lnterfraternity Basketball, Class Pres- ident I, Class Secretary and Treas- urer 2, Class President 3, Dorm Pro- gram Chairman 2, Orientation Com- mittee 3, Mixer Committee 2, Dorm Council 2, Silver Ball Committee 3, Air Command Squadron I, Engineer- ing Open House Committee I, 2, 3, Campus Carnival Committee 2. GRIKIS, ALOISIUS S. Buffalo, N. Y. Tau Kappa Chi, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, Rifle Team I, 2, Exhibition Drill Team I, 2, R.O.T.C. Deputy Commander 4. HOLLSTEIN, CARL P., JR. Electrical Tonawanda, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Engineering Soci- ety ofthe University of Buffalo, Amer- can Institute of Electrical Engineers, Track I, Interfraternity Council Rep- resentative. HEINZ, WILLIAM J. Mechanical Machias, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi, Intramural Softball I, 2, 4, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo 4. HURLIMANN, FRANKLIN A. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Tau Kappa Chi, A.F.R.O.T.C., Wing Commander 4. KALLE, ARTHUR M. Mechanical Elma, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, Bowling 3, lnterfraternity Council Representa- tive, American Society for Testing Materials, Engineering Open House. KOSTUSIAK, KARL H. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, Tau Kappa Chi, Engi- neering Society of the University of Buffalo, Institute of Radio Engineers, American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, Student Senate. MEYERS, RONALD CARL Electrical Cheektowaga, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Air Force Reserve Commission. KARRO, NELSON Engineering Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, E.S.U.B. Journal, Intramural Baseball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3. KREJER, BOGDAN Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers. LOCHOCKI, RONALD F. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers Chairman, Chairman, Engineer- ing Society of the University of Buf- falo, Institute of Radio Engineers. O'HARA, MILTON, JR. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Omega, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Institute of Ra- dio Engineers, Fencing 'l, 2, Varsity 2. l l KEHE, ROBERT N. Mechanical Eden, N. Y. Theta Chi, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, Arnold Air Soci- ety, lntramural Football 2, 4, Down the River Swim 2, Band I, Tower Jazz Concerts 2, R.O.T.C. Band 1, 2, 3. McKEEVER, RICHARD F. Industrial Williamsville, N. Y. Phi Kappa Psi, Wrestling I, 2, Sabre Air Command, Arnold Air Society. REPETSKI, JAMES E. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, Institute of Radio Engineers, Engineering Society of the University of Buttalo, Tau Kappa Chi, Class Treasurer 3. ROTHENBERG, DOUGLAS L. Electrical Grand Island, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Intramural Football 'l, 2. SAIA, JERRY Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, E.S.U.B. Journal, The Spectrum, Class Secre- tary I, 2, Student Council IEngineer- in9l: Stunt Nite. SCHRECK, RAYMOND J. Mechanical Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, E.S.U.B. Journal, Advertising Manager, Intra- mural Football 4, Glee Club, Newman Club. RUBIN, MICHAEL Electrical Buttalo, N. Y. American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers 3, 4, Institute of Radio Engi- neers 4, Engineering Society of the University of Buttalo I, 2, 3, 4. SANDERS, RUSSELL L. Mechanical Niagara Falls, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Advanced Corps A.F.R.O.T.C. SCHIFFHAUER, JAMES H. Mechanical Buffalo, N. Y. Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 4, Newman Club, Chess Club. STARKEY, DONALD L. Electrical Engineer Kenmore, N. Y. Gamma Phi, Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Fresh- man Student Council i ,Student Senate Representative 3, 4. RYBARCZYK, ALFRED Mechanical Engineer Buffalo, N. Y SIEMIENOWSKI, HENRY ALEXANDER Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers. SINKO, JOHN E. Electrical Port Colborne, Ont. Can. Graduate in Electronics of Ryerson In- stitute of Technology in I 955 lToronto, Conadal. WALTER, RICHARD J. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, Engineering Society of the Uni- versity of Buffalo, Class Vice-Presi- dent 4, Newman Club, Chess Club, Engineering Student Council 4. SIRACUSE, RALPH J. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Engineering Soci- ety of the University of Buffalo, Amer- ican Institute of Electrical Engineers. VOLKERT, RICHARD K. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Tau 2, 3, Engineering So- ciety of the University of Buffalo 4, American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers 3, 4, Gamma Delta 2, 3, 4. WAUGH, JOHN D. Mechanical Angola, N. Y. Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, Photography Club, WBFO Executive Secretary 2, Chief Engineer 3. 5 TSENGAS, STEVEN Industrial Buffalo, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Bisonhead, Dean's List, Engineering Society of the Uni- versity of Buffalo I, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Class President 2, 3, Engineering Student Council, Vice- President 3, Freshman Steering Com- mittee, Vice-President 'l, Norton Union House Committee Chairman 2, Amer- ican Institute of Industrial Engineers Board Director 4, E.S.U.B. Journal Busi- ness Manager 3, 4, Student Senate 4, E.S.U.B. High School Recruiting Pro- gram, Chairman 4, E.S.U.B. Scholar- ship Fund Drive, Chairman 3, Norton Union Recreation Committee, Publicity Chairman I, Intramural Softball 3, 4, lnterfraternity Council Cross Country Meet 3, Chief Justice of the Sopho- more Court 2, Group Leader 3, Engi- neering Open House I, 2, 3, 4, Par- ents' Day Committee I, A.F.R.O.T.C. Cadet of the Month Award 2, Sigma Alpha Nu Scholarship Award 2, E.S.U.B. Leadership Award 3. SMITH, CLAY D. Mechanical Buffalo, N. Y. Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo. l WADE, CHARLES M. Industrial Buffalo, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Engineering Soci- ety of the University of Buffalo, Amer- ican Institute of Industrial Engineers, Class Vice-President 3. ZEIS, JOHN E. Electrical Buffalo, N. Y. Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo I, 2, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Secretary 3, 4. robert f. berner, dean millard fillmore college Millard Fillmore College, the Evening and Adult Education division of the University of Buffalo, was established in 1923 to serve men and women who have academic or profes- sional interests which can be advanced by college level study, and who desire to attend classes during late afternoon and evening hours. College credit courses leading to both baccalaureate and advanced degrees are available in arts and sciences, business admin- istration, and engineering. Associate degree programs are provided in general studies and in several business and engineering technology curriculums. Classes are in session during fall and spring semesters and a summer evening term. Avariety of institutes and lecture series on specialized topics are also sponsored each year. 78 BAKOWSKI, RICHARD B. Accounting Buffalo, N. Y. l DOBRYDNIO, RONALD General Business Buffalo, N. Y. MARICLE, CHRISTINE S. History and Government Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Alpha Epsilon, Midnight Oil Editor, Gold Editor's Key, Class Representa- tive Millard Fillmore College Student Council l, 2, 3, 4. l 4... , BRETHERTQN, PATRICIA DIENER, VICTOR General Business Buffalo, N. Y. General BU5lne5S BUHGIOI N- Y- GUILBAULT, NORMAN G. KNAIER, GEORGE KUNTZ, NEIL Industrial Buffalo, N. Y. Mechanical Buffalo, N. Y. Industrial Relation, Millard Fillmore College. Alpha Sigma Phi. Tgnqwqndul N, Y Delta Sigma Pi. WAGNER, ROGER Mechanical Hamburg, N. Y. Engineering Society of the University WILLIAMS, HARRY L SPH-SBURY, ANDREW of Buffalo, The Student Christian Asso- Mechanical Orchard Park, N. Y. ciation. Town of Toncwanda, N. Y 79 anne w. sengbusch, dean school of nursing Courses for graduate nurses have been oftered at the University since l93O. ln 1936 a Division of Nursing within the School of Medicine was authorized. At this time programs in nursing leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science were developed for those graduates of hospital-schools who wished to secure combined academic and advanced professional courses leading to the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing education. ln l 940 the School of Nursing was established as an independent administrative division ofthe Uni- versity. ln l944 programs leading to the degree of Master of Science with a maior in nurs- ing education or in public health nursing were authorized. ln l95O a basic professional pro- gram leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science lNursingl was established. This program combines study in the academic, scientific and general nursing areas. 80 ANDALORO, ROSEMARY F. Nursing Rochester, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Rushing Chair- man, Panhellenic Council 3, 4, New- man Club 'l, 3, 4, Student Faculty Representative 'I , Sophomore Sponsor 2, University Chorus l. BANASIK, ALICE B. Nursing Buffalo, N. Y. BERNBECK, JUDITH 0. Nursing Buffalo, N. Y. Class Yice-President 4, Student Exec- utive Committee, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Newman Club 'l, Treasurer 2, 3, 4. BERNHARDI, CAROL E. BUCKLAND, MARJORIE ANN BURNS, SUZANNE S. Nursing Waterloo, N. Y. Nl-'l'5ln9 BUffUl0f N' Y- Nursing Kenmore: N- Y- Chi Omega, Co-Chairman Welcome Newman Club- ' 5oPh9m0"e SPONSOI' 2- Weekend 'l. D'ANGEl.o, CAMILLE P. CAMP, JUDITH B. COHEN, BEVERLY FAY NU"5ln9 Tonawcndfi, N- Y- Nursing Clymer, N. Y. Nursing Jamestown, N, Y. NSWMGU Club lf 2, 3: 5'-1bY BUH li Cap and Gown. Theta Chi Sorority. Closs WCG-Pl'eSidenf 3. 1 '4 i .Q DURKEE, SANDRA S. Nursing Tonawanda, N. Y. Theta Chi Sorority, Recording Secre- tary 2, Vice-President 3, Chaplain 2, Sargeant-at-Arms 4, Mixer Commit- tee I, Spectrum I, Class Treasurer 4, Sophomore Sponsor 2, Freshmen Par- ents' Weekend T, Orientation Week 2, Stunt Nite 3, Interfraternity Council Sing 2, Millard Fillmore Hospital Fel- lowship Award. HARTMAN, DIANE E. Nursing Bradford, Pa. Class Secretary 2, 4, Newman Club. POPP, PENELOPE J. Nursing Leicester, N. Y. FERINGTON, FELICITUS E. FINCH, MARGARET M- Nursing Java Village, N. Y. Student Nurses Association l, 2, Stu- dent' Christian Association 4, Class President l, Dorm Intramurals. KANE, JOAN Nursing Schenectady, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Class Treasurer 3, Residence Hall House Council 2, Newman Club 3, Ski Club l, D.O.T. Nursing Grahamsville, N. Y. Chi Omega Sorority, Class Vice-Pres- ident l, Class Treasurer 2, House Council 2, Newman Club. MATTAR, ELAINE Nursing Bufialo, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, Spectrum I, Class President 2, Alpha Lambda Delta. SLACER, JACQUELINE S. Nursing Kenmore, N. Y. Spectrum 1, Sophomore Sponsor 2, Mixer Committee l , Class President 4, Executive Council Secretary 2, Class Representative 2, 3. PITRE, BERTRAND R. Nursing Kenmore, N. Y Newman Club, Class President l. WEIL, EVA G. Nursing Pearl River, N. Y. Alpha Lambda Delta, Class Repre- sentative 1. dr. daniel h. murray, dean school of pharmacy The School of Pharmacy, established in 1886, was the second division of the University to be organized and is located in Foster Hall on the campus. lt holds membership in the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education as a Class "A" school. The School of Pharmacy recog- nizes as its first obiective the training of pharmacists to take their place among the other professions serving the public health. Other obiectives include providing students with a more general and cultural training before embarking upon the technical curriculum, and developing a strong graduate program that will further prepare graduates for the increas- ing opportunities open to those with advanced training. 83 l ALESSI, RUSSELL M. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma. BERNSTEIN, SEYMOUR BOYER, MYRA E. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. PDUFNUCY 5UFfGl0, N- Y- A.Ph.A., Pharmacy Open House 'l, 2, Lambda KUPPU 5lQm0: A-Ph-A. 3, 4. CRIMALDI, MARGARET J. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Lambda Kappa Sigma, A.Ph.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Script, Editor 4, Associate Editor 3, Feature Editor 2, Student Councill, Christmas Dance Committee l, 2, Chairman 3, Pharmacy Open House l, 2, 3, Election Committee l, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Pharmacy Orientation Committee l, 2, 3. - f-Y ----nf... v., ANZIULEWICZ, RAYMOND V. Pharmacy Niagara Falls, N. Y. Kappa Psi, A.Ph.A., Pharmacy Dance, Publicity Chairman 3, Pharmacy Open House 3, Student Council Represen- tative 3, 4. BURSTEIN, MYRNA Z. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Lambda Kappa Sigma, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Rho Chi Honor Society, Vice- President 4, A.Ph.A. President 4, Sec- retary Treasurer 2, 3, Script News Editor 2, 3, Hillel, Pharmacy Student Council, Pharmacy Open House, Phar- macy Christmas Dance. DAHLIN, JOHN W. Pharmacy Jamestown, N. Y. A.Ph.A., Intramural Basketball l, 2, Football 2. BALIKOWSKI, JOHN A. Pharmacy Buftalo, N. Y. A.Ph.A. FARINECH, JUNE M. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y Lambda Kappa Sigma, A.Ph.A., Phar- macy Open House, Freshman Parents Day Committee, Pharmacy Float Com- mittee, Christmas Dance Committee. FINCH, NANCY B. Pharmacy Alden, N. Y. Lambda Kappa Sigma, Secretary 2, Historian 3, 4, A.Ph.A., Script, Rho Chi, Student Judiciary 4, Student Christian Association Secretary 2, 3, Pharmacy Open House l, 2, 3, Soph- omore Sponsor, Orientation Group Leader 4, Pharmacy Float Committee 2. LAMPARELLI, RICHARD P. Pharmacy Lackawanna, N. Y. Kappa Psi, l.F.C., A.Ph.A. FIORELLA, ROBERT A. Pharmacy Kenmore, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, A.Ph.A., Newman Club, Script 4, Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3, Football l, 2, 3, Wrestling 3, Class President l, Orientation Com- mittee 3, Pharmacy Open House l, 2. HAYES, BARBARA A. Pharmacy Buttalo, N. Y. Lambda Kappa Sigma, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4, A.Ph.A., Rho Chi, Sec- retary, Treasurer, Student Council Representative 2, Treasurer 2, Class Secretary 3, Pharmacy Open House l, 2, 3, Pharmacy Christmas Dance Committee 2, 3, Orientation Group Leader 4, Pharmacy Orientation Com- mittee 2. JACOBSON, JAN M. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Rho Chi 3, 4, A.Ph.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Buffalonian 3, Spectrum l, 2, Class Secretary l, Student Council 3, Student Senate 4, Pharmacy Open House l, 2, 3, Phar- macy Christmas Dance 2, 3, Cap and Gown 3, 4, Freshman Steering Com- mittee l, Orientation Committee 2, 3. GRINNELL, ROBERT L. Pharmacy Tonawanda, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma, Pharmacy Open House. KOFORD, JOHN l.. Pharmacy Bultalo, N. Y. A.Ph.A., Class Vice-President 3. LATCHFORD, ROBERT G. LOTOCKI, THOMAS Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Pharmacy Blasdell, N. Y. A.Ph.A. 3, 4, Pharmacy Open House 3. Newman Club, A.Ph.A. ..4. pai.. I I z I NORDIN, GERTRUDE I. Pharmacy Jamestown, N. Y Lambda Kappa Sigma, Secretary 4, Rho Chi 3, 4, A.Ph.A. I, 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pharmacy Open House I 2, 3. SPIESS, JOHN S. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Kappa Psi, A.Ph.A., Newman Club. 1 w v NOTEBAERT, MURRAY A. Pharmacy Rochester, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4, Dot, Business Manager 2, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Orientation Commit- tee 2, 3, 4, Welcome Weekend 2, 3, S.P.R.C. 2, Student Welfare Commit- tee 3. RUSZCZYK, JOHN L. Pharmacy East Aurora, N. Y. Pharmacy Open House l, 2, 3. STEERING, DAVID B. Pharmacy Kenmore, N. Y. Kappa Nu, A.Ph.A., Dean's List 3, 4, Committee on Research of Pharmacy History in Buffalo 3, 4, Committee on Pharmacy Exhibit at Erie County Sav- ings Bank 4. SALOTTI, MICHAEL J. Pharmacy Seneca Falls, N. Y Alpha Sigma Phi, Marshall 3, 4 A.Ph.A., Intramurals Football 2, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary Treasurer 4, Phar- macy Open House 3. STEGNER, SANDRA J. Pharmacy Geneseo, N. Y 1 STERMAN, IRVING Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Rho Chi, President 4, A.Ph.A., Script, Student Council Representative 4, Pharmacy Open House l, 2, Chemis- try Chairman 3, 4, Group Leader of U.C. Orientation Committee 4, Board of Managers Election Committee 2, Dean's List l, 2, 3, 4. WEAVER, LYNNE E. Pharmacy Akron, N. Y. Theta Chi, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Amer- ican Pharmaceutical Association, Stu- dent Christian Association, Script, Spectrum, Class Executive Board 2, Norton Union Christmas Party Refresh- ments Chairman, Secretary of Student Elections Committee, Kampus Karnival l, 2, 3, 4, M.U.D. Float and Weekend 2, 3, 4, l.F.C. Sing 2, 3, 4, Modern Dance Exhibition, Class Secretary- Treasurer 2, Pharmacy Open House 2, 3, 4, R.O.T.C. Military Queen Can- didate, Honorary Wing Commander of Wing 576, Pharmacy School Queen, Pharmacy Awards Committee 3, Bookstore Advisory Committee 2, 3, Campus and Senate Elections Com- mittee 2, 3, Stunt Nite 3, 4. SUNSHINE, GERALD THORNTON, JOHN S. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Geneva, N, Y, Rho Pi Phi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Pharmacy Open House 3. WALKER, DAVID A. Pharmacy Binghamton, N. Y. American Pharmaceutical Association, Pharmacy Open House 3, Transfer Student from Union University 2. WICKES, PHYLLIS C. Pharmacy Interlaken, N. Y. Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority, Amer- ican Pharmaceutical Association, Phar- macy Open House 2, 3, Wesley Fel- lowship, Kampus Karnival 3, M.U.D. Float 2. WOLDMAN, MYRON L. Pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, American Pharma- ceutical Association, Baby Bull, Fresh- man Steering Committee Treasurer l, Student Activities Committee Chair-' man 3, Orientation Week, Chairman 4, Orientation Week, Vice-Chairman 3, Group Leaders, Chairman 3, Elec- tion Committee 2. and ai 'ef'-nb lg A. wg-M in ' 2 5, g. Q Q 'ii X , . Vw X, , 3, Q 1- 5-fa . "A nz 8 4 3 if Q E s it 9. A wwwmm. A 933k ' Vf Q 3579? aah- -fi. 'H is + ..-Q' rf. . Lb ,I 'k-k aff! v -1 Q , , A' .-,.V E. V, ,rig 1 . wi ' LA A - A Q.. V V. '1AV. 5 '-. 5. Q A X Q 4 .yiiffu 2 1 E VN A K ggv V V:-: :Ll A, , M 1.16. 'ii X w QM, . .- nf .. A AW , A, 45' .V W , Q' jmipyq.1f4g ,M ef -ww we . 'i 2, VS Vw ' I . :,E V K . . ' Q2 W VVS '-fx : sf "3 -' '- - ' V .1. Q K is is ' . W K .. 'wx dr . Q ,.. Q, . V 4- H I ' W. A . . . WV A15gfAiKWVA2 . A is A A 5' - -'z A A g Q , A -:, .::, .I 1 " if . E 2 xi V?.EQ '.m5pQa?a5f Vg'Tyf E A 39 1 ah, ., V A V ii " 73 A ". Q if 3 V V V V i A A A A . V V . V , 1 V i A , V V A A V J - ' 7 'V A' b:'2 x Q. V l V V LG11 1.wfm gg- k fwbf in . fi Ml Q -Q E: K .e..- V, i ii' .Eg L IA V, , fs I IQ: ,V ":, W -. ive! . F 1 "-: V if ,4,L '.,., Alru Q fl' E ' F , "" ' A 12- I .v,::. 'f ' M ' W I VA J ' . 1 'A 2 ". I A V"y , ALKQ VK V4 in . VV I Viz, Sf 'fgiif g yk L g g h V -' ,W V V A :" -V . V . R L 55 N L? , Q Vul . E : ulzq. N ,V :gf .V V I .A Z V V s V V ,. - W - -. f., "f- , f -" "'A V A'2: " ., Q, f Vi A , " Lf k ' A . V ,.'- 55 .. fr' 1 ii' , z A k - . F. - AN A ' "" V -1. ,'k' K A - ' ' A LW'1A Aff' .. . A . A I- ' h A' g Q Ag f 4 If A QQ V, ,v - ' . ., A , . . 1 M 9 . if if? . , 1 . ' fs ' ii' -i. Sxffmf. f, ' " VA - gk' VV '. - 7' , AA . - , QL L g .Q V -Q , ' . V 5 V Q " ' Wg, j V-, ' . ' .,.- . ' , 1' . Vai V- . V, A I ' V P A "-- PV . QV A ' ' " Vi A V 2 V VVV V . VVVA J -1V:i'Z - A . 'AA " V-V "'Hb' V VV VAiwQwVfmw3vmwgfJWw igQ'rW .. VVV - Ek' ' A-V, .K .:,. , . . V - :,-,, i i, S Vky I b . V-w ill - . V ,fix :V , ATV ',,. i l in A VI IEQQ : V,.. -7 A V, g ,yfAV if" i I -' -V.A .. , . : , A V'-V V J , . A .V . A A 'V V."1 V, VVVV A V f V. V. yk "V-- 1+ -V ' ,g ' VLVV A V . Vg m , , VA VV A ,.,, A Vi V 4. H ' A VVV z .V-' . ,,- A 1 . MW A -V ' QV ' VVhVVT VA 5: V V-U M V V . . '1'V V VVV A' ,f' .4 if in V' V ,- . A V NfQV+wf+qq+Qf iwgmwff Ray A VV VV V AWQM ' , :L , - K ' N -I A A t it -t H ' V V. V M I - b A fy: ,. .4 K Q V. sgj A fa, E Q L J V. H .., 1 Q . kv K lly V.,:A KV V 3 A is . .f , , V .I , . ! gm , ,,.r I Q . - 'X VKV SQ ' . ' Q V W ,A V ' . V. V A ' . A ... .. A V 'f'V EA' ::'A: I .V V if il , K 'E li Q ZVP 1 Am ii M ffm , , ' ws. M J W W Q ! 5 5 M I 1 mf 3' if 3 if Q3 1 ,Egg ii 5. J. 'fi F? 5 1 5 iv i 2 Q ' fly Q wr - Q wk - N ' li, Yi! U, 2528 W., WESQ' A -Tx . 3 M sr I ,K greeks ? if ROW ONE: Erl1eSf Befkowlflf SGYQSCM Cf Arms: DOUQIQS Rhodes, ReCOfdif19 Becchetteg Alexander J. Bodnakg Lawrence N. Newhouse. ROW THREE: Ernest Secrelaryg Richard J. Cellino, Presidenfg Jerry J. Allman, Vice-Presidenfg Donald Shoghoy Rick Gunteri Bill Hershkowiizg Fran De Youngg Jack E. Freedmanf Art H. Maurer, Treasurerg John Z. Okoniewski, Faculiy Advisor. ROW TWO: Cussen, Donald McKeep Alan D. Brennang Anthony D'Agoslinop Ben Friedmang Paul inferfrarernify council pan-hellenic council ROW ONE: Tana Tuttle, Vice Presidenlg Shirley Frulh, Presidentg danowiczg Terry Danko. ROW THREE: Healher Hocky Marianne Carol Wendel, Treasurer. ROW TWO: Diane Dencllg Belly Bog- Haslerg Pal O'Brieng Liz Peofrowski. ..ii ' ii. ' 1 ,. Q fi f 5 lfw. fi W ROW ONE: D. Rhodes. ROW TWO: M. Seaman, W. O'Hara, R. Koehlen, L. Benaquest. ROW THREE: R. Engl, J. Makely, G. Kampen, D. Hagen, Paul Menten. gamma phi The brothers of Gamma Phi at the University of Buffalo have been enjoying another never to be forgotten year of fraternal brotherhood. We have all worked toward furthering one brotherhood and maintaining high scholastic achievement. Gamma Phi Fraternity has enioyed its position on the U. B. campus since its founding. We are proud to say that we are the strongest local fraternity on campus. The brothers of Gamma Phi have never been known to refuse aid to any organization who has requested our support. The annual formal initiation dinner was held at the Hotel Markeen. Our annual Sweetheart Dance was held at the Hotel Lenox. The local Alumni Chap- ter added to the color and success of the evening We are proud of our members who represent us in various fields of cam- pus life here at the University. The men of green and gold have fond memories of the activities and accomplishments of this organization, whether they have been insocial life, politics, or sports. We know that each and every brother has earned his share of the success of this fraternity, and that he will continue to further the aims of the brotherhood. We wish the seniors, as well as our future professional students, everlasting success as they move into a bright future, as men of Gamma Phi. 93 9? v-4 ROW ONE: Marc Lowen, Mickey Cohen, George Strauss, Leroy Leeds, Master, Michael Glass David Levine Lee Gabler Arthur Crystal Al Eisenbaum Gary Jerry Schusterman, David Erwich. ROW TWO: Leonard Rosenberg, Harvey Singer, Jay Nogee Nat Feldman Larry Berger ROW FOUR Stuart Nadel Rothberg, Jerome Sklarsky, Stephen Mayersan, Norman Wyloge, Richard lrving Kohn BU5IlSCl1I'H Alan Walker Michael Babat Benny Friedman Shelly Goldsweig, Lawrence Palhowitz, William Boria, Burton Arnow, lra Lescht, .lim Evans, Don Lefkowitz Altschul, Howard Levy, Ely Sherman. ROW THREE: Gary Yonker, Arnold Baum, O C alpha epsilon pi Organized as a local fraternity by a group of interested freshmen at the University of Buffalo in l955, Upsilon Beta was so named and incorporated in i956 with thirteen founding brothers. On April 27, l958, a realization of a long awaited dream came true, and another link was added to the chain of chapters of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. Upsilon Beta at the Uni- versity of Buffalo was officially chartered as the 69th chapter of AEPi. Now, at the close of the first semester, the Upsilon Beta Chapter has much to look back upon with pride. Under the able leadership of our master, Leroy Leeds, we secured for the first time a fraternity house on Hertel Avenue near Main Street. The brothers, working as a group, put in a lot of time and effort to paint and fix up the interior of the house. Our fur- nishing committee has furnished the house with new furniture, drapes, and a stereophonic record player. Our fraternity has participated enthusiastically in intramural sports. Brothers Saul Bresalier and Bob Fishman are on the U. B. Fencing Team. Brother Leeds is co-chairman of the Campus Barrel. Next semester we are looking forward to more memorable occasions. We will begin to have brothers living in the house. Prominent among our rush parties will be the Valentine Dance and the Purple Passion Party. The rushing season will be climaxed with our formal stag dinner at the Hotel Sheraton. The brothers are already rehearsing diligently under the direc- tion of Brother Marty Levy, for a good showing at the IFC Sing. lt is fitting that a successful year should end with our most memorable event-the closing affair, to be held at the Hotel Statler. alpha epsilon pi officers Master Leroy Leeds Scribe George Strauss Exchequer Jerry Schusterman Senior Member-at-Large David Erwich Junior Executive-of-Large Marc Lowen Sentinel IFC Representative Mickey Cohen ROW ONE: C0fh6l'l"le Mefeweihefi Elilabelh 5ChUleI', Elllflbeilt Gfbeflrtg, Carole Kanski Barbara Mieth Sandra Johnson Annette Muscato ROW THREE Rosalie Whitney, Ann Bembenisto. ROW TWO: Sally Mikeleit, Mary Jane Sandy Fishel Kay Mllks Rosemary Andaloro Joan Kane Barbara Carruba Marziale, Sybil Parker, Connie Kopler, Meri Hoffman, Nancy Millerschoen, Mary Burke Margie Barden Tana Tuttle alpha gamma delta In l904, a social sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, was founded at Syracuse University. The Alpha Alpha chapter was instituted on University of Buffalo's campus in l922. This year has brought many honors to the sisters of Alpha Gam. Tapped by Cap and Gown were Carol Boesl, Elizabeth Goering, and Janet Jacob- son. Joyce English was chosen "Miss Buffalonian" and was presented a Gold Key for outstanding leadership on the Student Senate. Constance Kopler and Kay Merewether served as secretaries of the sophomore and junior classes, respectively. Active on the Student Senate were Elizabeth Goering, Secretary of the Senate, and Constance Kopler, Chairman of the Student Activities Committee. Cqrlstctnce Kopler was, also, Chairman of the successful Homecoming Dance. Last spring, the Alpha Gams worked laboriously and harmoniously on their float for the MUD parade, the theme of which was "Hope Become Reality." Our float, entitled "Candyland," took third prize. Another event was the annual spring dinner! dance, which was held at the Trap and Field Club. Last spring, our sorority also participated in the annual altruisted proiect, "The Bunny Hop," in which the pledges donned "Easter Bunny" out- fits and collected a "mile of pennies" in downtown Buffalo. The money was donated to the Society for Crippled Children. This winter, the sisters took an active part in the school spirit competition. They could be identified by their bunny outfits and football helmets at the Bulls' football games. Other occasions were the Christmas party and the "Charlie Brown" party given by the pledges. We, the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta, cherish our close bond of sister- hood and all the memorable times enioyed together. Our motto stands as always: "Though our school days end and we shall drift apart, there will always be a place in every heart for Alpha Gam." alpha gamma delta officers President Elizabeth Goering Vice President Elizabeth Schuler Treasurer Ann Bemenista Corr. Secretary Catherine Merewether Recording Secretary Rosalie Whitney ? it PLEDGES ROW ONE: Janice Tharp, Aurie Kantra, Pat O'Brien. ROW TWO: Carol Furiani, Dydney White, Peggy Peterson Rosaling Aulisi. ABSENT: Gail Chinell. gil' 97 ' .M..., ROW ONE: Don Brock, Steve Ames, Tom LaSalle, Bob Lindsey, Nick Basil, Jim THREE: Chuck Hudson John Nabach Ron Zgoda A Pagano Lou Vallone Joe DeSerio. ROW TWO: Larry Frantz, Dick Lasure, Joe DiMatteo, Bill Lynch, DiPerio, John Boulas Larry Derrllio Dick Lintelman Joe Ruszczyk Art Cussen Marty Cicco, Dick Virkus, Jim Hamm, Tim Virkus, Warren Kramer, Frank Flipiak, Mike Murphy Jim Dewey Ken Bockrath, Jim Nixon, Clyde Corsaro, Ed Armirian, Joe Mogavero. ROW alpha kappa psi Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest and, at the present time, the largest profes- sional fraternity in commerce, was established at the University of Buffalo in l93l. Our aim on campus has been to correlate the professional and social aspects of college life for students in Business Administration, and through the energy and drive of our members, take an active role in campus affairs. During this past year, Alpha Kappa Psi has compiled an enviable record in student affairs. Norm Pawlewskiiwas elected Treasurer, and Dick Lintel- man Vice-President, of the Student Senate. Charles Hudson served as a student Senator. Eight members of Alpha Kappa Psi were members of the Business Administration Student Council, including all of the presidencies. Lee Carlson was Chairman of the Norton Union House Committee. Jack Grizzard served as Editor of the Spectrum, and other standing Union Board and Senate committees were well represented by members. Throughout the year, Alpha Kappa Psi, in keeping with its professional standing, has maintained for its members a varied program of professional activities, including a series of banquets with prominent businessmen as speakers, and tours of manufacturing and mercantile establishments in the Niagara Frontier. The Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship Key was awarded to the top senior at the Business Administration School Banquet. Dr. Jack Tay- lor and Mr. John Buehler were inducted as faculty members during the year. Beta Iota chapter will also play host next year when the Northeast Dis- trict Conference of Alpha Kappa Psi convenes at Buffalo. The year was also punctuated by many social affairs. Highlighted were parties at Halloween, Christmas and New Year's and a Beatnik party. The Moving-Up Day dawn found Alpha Kappa Psi with another laboriously constructed float. The school year was ioyfully terminated with a Formal Dinner-Dance. alpha kappa psi officers President Chuck Hudson Vice President Bob Lindsey Secretory Steve Ames Treasurer Norm Pciwlewski Master Ritual John Boulcs .raw 'A' if-5. Nl 45? C7 ROW ONE: Joseph Oliverio, Edward D'Anna, Assistant Treasurer, Charles Mar- dict, Robert Nicoletta, Corresponding Secretary, Gerald Baldelli John Dren tello, John Alaimo. ROW TWO: Frank Guido, Sergeant-at-Arms, William Muoio, ning, Pledgemaster. ROW FOUR: Anthony D'Agostino Joseph Albano Raymond Treasurer, Peter Barbara, President, George Del Vecchio, Vice President, Rus- Poolini, Nate Bliss, Thomas Scibetta. sell Sciandra, Librarian-Historian. ROW THREE: Salvatore Rivoli, Robert Bene- alpha phi delta Alpha Phi Delta, founded in l9l 4 at Syracuse University, became instituted at the University of Buffalo in 1920. From birth, Epsilon Chapter has had a continuous history of progress and outstanding achievement both scholas- tically and socially. We find that at the end of this year, the Brothers of Alpha Phi Delta, have taken another step forward and up. In intramural athletics Alpha Phi Delta, has never hesitated in participa- tion. Like the Greeks before us, Epsilon Chapter is always eager for the thrill and excitement of the "Games" APD has highlighted its year with football, baseball and basketball. Socially, Alpha Phi Delta continued to bring about a wide variety of entertainment for its Brothers and the University students. Checkered table- cloths of APD's successful Spaghetti Dinners will long be remembered as will a fun festive Halloween party and nocturnal pig roast. The Brothers of Epsilon Chapter came forth "en Mosse" for this year's Silver Ball and true fraternal spirit was shown in the Mr. Formal campaign. Again we are work- ing to bring to campus a big name from the entertainment world. Once again Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta is proud of its Brothers who help constitute the University's victorious football team. To Brothers Ray Paolini, Joe Oliveria, Nate Bliss and John Powley we are forever grateful for their faithful participation. We, the Brothers of Alpha Phi Delta, are looking forward with anticipa- tion to our forthcoming installation dinners, our exclusive annual dinner dance, and all other occasions that will draw us together fraternally and socially. alpha phi delta officers President Peter Barbara Vice President George Del Vecchio Corresponding Secretary Robert Nicoletta Treasurer William Muoio Sergeant-at-Arms Frank Guido Librarian-Historian Russell Sciandra Pledgemaster John Drenning KNEELING: Dick Harman, Joe Pepperoni, Jerry Patterson, Tom Pastori, Phil Geise, Jim Gerace, Jim Hardenbrook, Dick Moll, Mike Salotti, Bill Heinz, George Naiim, Jack Hogan, Vit Alks. ROW TWO: Clark Trifthauser, Bob Young, Ron Gestwicki, Jim Johnston, Bruce Mayer, Bruce DeAeth, Spiro Janetos, Sam Botag- alpha sigma phi lia, Barry Way, Dick Guercio, Bob Marshall, Don George Wehrlin, Al Brennan. ROW THREE: Don psuluulymnnnnnigqg lux1i1I Q mn!ni1ul191llllnnnlCQQl,'ll!t ii ll! Foresta, Curt Clicquennoi, Gray, Dean Orman, Bill Bonner, Jack Danielson, Luc Lodestro, Gene Guerrie, Rag Wilhelm, Bill Walker, Tony Cctanzaro, Dave Storey, Marsh Hultman, Bob Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, founded at Yale University in l845, established the Gamma Epsilon Chapter at the University of Buffalo in February of 1950. ln the short span of ten years, the Sigs have grown rapidly and have reached a position of prominence among the Greek organizations on campus. ln the past year, the "Old Gal" has placed men in extracurricular activi- ties such as the Student Senate, Union Board, Student Councils, Orientation, intramural sports and many others. Scholastic proficiency was evidenced by the presence of brothers on various honor societies and also by the tapping of a brother into Bisonhead. The brothers showed their athletic prowess by gaining several berths in varsity competition. ln intramural sports the Sigs excelled by winning wrestling and their football league. This year, the Sigs are striving for their third consecutive trophy for the MUD float. As in the past six years, the Sigs were outstanding in the IFC Sing by winning the fraternity trophy and the over-all trophy. The Sigs received several other honors, suah as having one of its gradu- ates elected to the presidency of the Freshman Medical Class and initiated the two most outstanding members on the Freshman Football team. The Sigs also supported a very able candidate for Mr. Formal. The social end of the fraternity was fulfilled with three formal dances, including the Black and White Formal and the Elm Tree Sleep, cocktail parties before all the formal University dances and many informal parties. The motto of Alpha Sigma Phi "To Better the Man" has again been proven on the University of Buffalo campus. lO2 Gicquinto, Bob Albee. sigma phi epsilon officers President Vice-President Secretory Corresponding Secretory Treasurer Morsholl Editor Custodian Don Foresto Tony Cotonzoro Deon Ormon Dove Storey Don Gray Dick Harmon Bruce Moyer George Wehrlin ROW ONE: Dennis Katz, Marty Slater, lra Goldman, Myron Woldman, Benson Sandy Robbinsg Marv Cohen Arnold Wolk Jack Freedman Dick Seldes ROW Sonshone, Mike Block, Donald Silverstein, Jimmy Sachs, Harold Kutner. ROW THREE: Larry Krames, Ralph Monkarsch Kenneth Golds ein David Greenholtz TWO: Shelley Finesmith, Phillip Goldstein, Leslie Greene, Donald Goldman, Lawrence Memel, Lawrence Mayer Gary Halberstadt Michael Roth Daniel Dave Cohen, lrwin Cheskin, Eddie Bernstein, Sandy Seher, Warren Wurtzburg, Wolinski, Gary Rosen, Ivan Rubin Symmy Jacobson beta sigma rho Ever since Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity has been on the University of Buffalo campus, it has emerged as a leading fraternity in every activity and endeavor. This year, the fraternity will reach a new high point in fraternity life for its active membership. Each year a little more of Beta Sig's ingenuity and creativeness is put into Stunt Night. This year Beta Sigma Rho was awarded second place for its performance of "To Bee or Not to Bee." The Beta Sigma Rho Annual Autumn Nocturne, at the Westwood Country Club, remains as one of the year's outstanding social events as it has been for the past ten years. The year also saw the redecoration the Beta Sig Hall at Genesee and Bailey Avenues. The hall's spacious ballroom will, as always, aid the fraternity in making BSR's renowned social events even more spectacular and memorable than ever before. Delta Chapter's unfaltering spirit was also in the athletic events of the season. First place trophies awarded to the fraternity were in Tennis, Football, Handball, Down the River Swim, and Squash. We are especially proud of the Beta Sig's who are active leaders in the progress of U. B.'s school politics. Among those whose unceasing efforts have brought far reaching additions to the Buffalo campus are Saul Lerner, Myron Woldman, Bill Monkarsh, and Gary Halberstadt. If one can read the handwriting on the wall, he would see that this year has been and will continue to be the most promising and long remembered year Beta Sigma Rho has ever experienced. A heartfelt good-bye to the graduating seniors entering the business world and the graduate schools of medicine, dentistry, and law. Although they are soon to become "our fellows of the bygone years," they will always remain as dear to our hearts as they are this day. lO4 beta sigma rho officers Chancellor Myron Woldman Vice-Chancellor Sandy Scher Warden Alvin Benatovich Recorder David Greeholtz Historian Lawrence Krames Sgt.-at-Arms Richard Seiden ROW ONE: Virginia Burnes, Joan Ann Conry, Kathie Kintner, Janice Kruszynski, DiPasquaIe, Nancy Schwetchler Grace Prtore ABSENT Sondra Homsher Marilyn Stow, Diane May Woods. ROW TWO: Jean Manta, Elaine Haas, Diana Hopcia, Helen Hosay Eileen Krenzer Therese Danko Elizabeth Christie Jewel, Cathy Kubineiec, Sally Mancuso, Trudi Genco. ROW THREE: Peotrowski, Alice Keiling. Margaret Finch, Virginia Wilson, Carole Berhardi, Sandra McLellan, Dona V O chi omega Chi Omega, founded in l895, is one of the largest women's fraternities, boasting l23 chapters. Epsilon chapter at then University ,iil of Buffalo, is proud to add its achievements to those of the national. ,'f' ,',' f ,ir ll N" The past year has been very for ln the fall semester two new sisters were initiated into the kind ten were inducted. ln December the new initiates entertained the sistettigliiatiia,Jgljtristmasibuttiet. The new year began with a in the spring we celebrated our Eleusinian at which time Jewel and Dattittipeliltkisquale received awards for the best pledges. Marilyn Dier was scholqtisitip trophy and Kathy Kintner won sim- ilar recognition for campus activities. "April Showers," was held at the Clintonaire Hotel. ,V" Active in politics, Chi Ornegas Kathy Kintnergttlelen Hosay and Trudi Grenco hold seats on the Student Senate. May highlighted our year with the croWiiihQfpf Marilyn Dier as M.U.D. Queen and the winning of the campaign trophy. Our ihQtfiit!' that ubuddenly it's Spring: Suddenly It's Mari- lyn!" Three of the sisters modeled at the Show and five were awarded "8-Ball" pencils for outstanding work on Norton Unioh Committees. Marilyn Dier and Janice Kru- zynski were tapped for Cap and Gown. As this year draws to a close, the sisters of Chi Omega look back fondly on a memorable year of activities, achievements, and friendships, and ahead to an even more promising year to come. 106 'Nm chi omega officers President Kathie Kintner Vice President Marilyn Stow Treasurer Janice Kruszynski Corresponding Secretary Diane May Woods Recording Secretary Joan Ann Conry Pledge Mistress Virginia Burnes ROW ONE: Gary Minowitz, Barry Berlin, Larry Levine, Kenneth Ketay, Ronald Chuck Magowitz, Barry Silver Mark Bender Paul Becchetti Bernard Schugar Coun. ROW TWO: Norman Finkle, Corresponding Secretary, Robert Kositsky, ROW FOUR: Marvin Goldberg James Schwarz Arnold Wlesenfeld David Vice President, Al Overacker, President, Stan Arno, Treasurer, Fred Philips, Re- Denerstein, Jerold Altman Burton Welflmfm Lowrance Pl1'l'P5 Wllllum ROSEY1 cording Secretary. ROW THREE: Neil Maxick, Dick Schtulberg, Merwin Klein, thal, RlChGrd Wolin. kappa nu Kappa Nu is a national, social, non-sectarian fraternity founded in l9l l at the University of Rochester. The Zeta chapter at the University of Buffalo is made up of a large and active brotherhood which enters many University activities. Kappa Nu has members in the various religious organizations that represent the several faiths of the fraternity, as well as repre- sentatives on Student Senate Clixllttntttees and, in campus and dormitory student government. We of the brotherhood want to express our very best wishes to those brothers graduat- ing in June. These include Jerryfkltman, Ron Coun, Chuck Magowitz, Gary Minowitz, Al Overacker, Bill Rosenthal, and Qick'lWG'li.n. Also, best of luck to Fred and Larry Phillips who plan to matriculate at Penn State where they will make use ofthe dentistry school facilities. Centering its active schedule, around its home located at 3330 Bailey Ave., the newly muraled hall is serving the brotherhood well. Having been formally recognized by the school, the fraternity is anxiously looking forward to future years of equal success closely aligned with the rapid forward movement of its very fast growing university. Kappa Nu's goal is to provide a well-rounded social life for its membership, coupled with an emphasis on scholastic achievement and service tothe University. Zeta chapter feels that further progress in increasing UQ B.'s prestige and acknowledgement as an academic and social institution of high standing is partial responsibility of the various fraternal organ- izations, and is directing its activities and initiative tothat end. 108 ROW ONE Joseph Miletta Assistant Secretary Tom Blanchard Treasurer: sandro, Richard Blackley, Brian L. Schorb, Salvatore J. Balone. ABSENT: Arthur Ray Anziulewicz Historian Dick Lamparell Regent Robert Buchanan, Cor- Olesczkowski, Robert Peck, Richard Langlotz, Don White, Pledges: Ray Sczes- respondlng Secretary Maurice L VanSice Vice Regent ROW TWO: Ray niak, Lou Dorio, Frank Dickey, William Erdman, William Linder, Frank Kucey, Mames Pledge David Jachlewslu Ken Gerber Frank Stuber Auggie D'AIes- Albert Mau, Clayton Merlinan. kappa psi Kappa Psi, the largest professional pharmaceutical fraternity in the world, was founded on May 30, 1879. Gamma Iota Chapter appeared on the University of Buffalo campus in l92O. Since then it has been the policy of the fraternity to inspire in its members deep and lasting pride both in their fraternity and in the profession of pharmacy. With the resuming of a new school year, Gamma Iota has endeavored in several projects actively supported by the brotherhood. A pre-semester picnic was held for the brothers and their families at the fraternity's sum- mer cottage on Lake Erie. Pledge period was again a successful one with ten new pledges entering the trial period. Socially, the highlight of the fall semester was the outstandingly successful annual "Halloween Hop." Fol- lowing in December was the attendance at the Pharmacy School Christmas Dance at which time a few brothers were recognized for outstanding serv- ices to the School of Pharmacy. During Christmas vacations, delegates were sent to attend the fraternity's National Convention being held in Cincinnati, Ohio. With the opening of the spring semester, plans were being made for a raffle, a few dances and parties climaxed with the annual dinner dance. Indeed, a busy semester is in store for all brothers. IO9 ROW ONE: Hank Hueber, .lerry Jeris, Bill Farner, Barry Knox, Art Bevilacqua. Butch Hall, Dick Adams, John Brogan Paul Fox John Hedges Ed Jenls Ed ROW TWO: Bill Brennison, Rick Ganterg Dick Hopkins, Wayne Forrest, Bob Kamien, Dick Leonard, Dick McKeever Mike McNerney Bob Michienz Chick Greene, Roy Sommer, Bart Hettrick, Gary Fries, Mike Ryan. ROW THREE: Bill Smith, Mike Suhalla, Don Uhrich Clarke Videan Don Wobig Bill Ackley Daniels, Chuck Kurucz, Fran DeYoung, Don Laks, Dick Hall. NOT PICTURED: phi kappa psi Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, the former Chi Epsilon, they Oldest fraternity on campus, having been established in i9l6. Psionyiilovember l l, l95O. The national fraternity was formed on at Jefferson College. New York , , , , .,,ff:5zr'jf1.- . ,, f, K . Eta chapter has maintained on campus ever since the founding- There Ore N l The "Phi Psi's" started Hi Hi" and our annual KickoFF Dance was a iii liii Greek dance ot its kind during the term. At our Club, Gene Mahaney was presented with our Richard presented the O'Hearn Award for the outstanding 'Day banquet at the Park . . ,ggi Lane, William Farmersyggs D, Our chapter has social area. ln sports, we finished la close ,represgfntation on varsity teams. Our float finished of were elected to the student senate. seven of our brotherhood attained V,,, on committees Gnd 'f' AFROTC WGS iyii is .yii eg We wish our gra shall carry the glorious shield of Phi Kappa Psi battles. llO spring pledge class ROW ONE: Bill Burns: Jim Guilford. ROW TWO: Dale Jones, Rog Reesei Gary Grieco Dick Maciaszekp Cam Rossi Steve Spryg Leo Ehrenreich. ROW THREE: Larry Nicholson Joe Conmyg Mike Goetzp Gus Morrisong Scotty Andrewsp Bob Harperg George Zilliox. ROW FOUR: Pete Mancusop Dan Christmanp Mark Clement: Dick Traderp Tony Stashakg Rog Mayne: Bob Bartholp Jon Paine. ill N if jf!! phi kappa psi officers President Hank Hueberg Bill Farner Vice President Roy Sommerg Art Bevilacqua Treasurer Bill Farnerg Dick Hall Corresponding Secretary Jerry Mooreg Barry Knox Recording Secretary Don Wobigg Dick Leonard Pledgemaster Art Bevilacquag Bill Daniels Sgt. at Arms Fran DeYoungg Butch Hall Chaplain Dick Hallf John Brogan Historian Jerry Jerisg Jerry .leris ROW ONE: Barbara Hayes, Treasurer, Myrna Burstein, Vice-President, Angela Marge Crlmaldi Nancy Finch Historian ABSENT Marla Tomaselli Kathleen Bongiovanni, President, Trudy Nordin, Secretary. ROW TWO: Phyllis Wickes, Dvnne, Faith Neureuther Rose Quagllano Bernice Sahli Myra Boyer lambda kappa sigma Alpha Theta Chapter was born on the University of Buffalo campus in March, i952 and it is one of the 36 active collegiate and 17 graduate chapters extending across the nation and into Canada. The purpose of this chapter is to spread the ideals of sisterhood and professionalism among the women in pharmacy. Our first activity of the year was to act as hostess for the Eastern Regional Convention held at the Hotel Statler. As in past years, we held a tea to welcome the freshman women. We also had a visit from our sisters in Boston. Founder's Day, October i4, found all the sisters wearing yellow carnations. Plans for our annual raffle were under way in November. The sisters are active in Pharmacy School activities such as the annual Christmas Dance, Open House, the "Script" and A. Ph. A. Four of the sisters received Activity awards at the Christmas Dance. Our professional birthday tea, celebrating our first appearance on campus, was soon followed by our Spring Dance. Another successful year was brought to a close with a formal dinner-dance. ii2 gi. ' f,. -fa l ROW ONE Judy Casassa, Recording Secretary, Elaine Davis, Treasurer, Lynn Advisor. ROW TWO: Judy Nablo, Ellen Ziolko, Patricia Wicker, Carlotta Gary, Eidenier Vice President, Patricia Schilt, Presidentg Shirley Guilfoos, Pledge Shirley Harley, Sydney Miles, Diane Denall. Mistress Patricia Kath, Corresponding Secretaryg Helen W. Burrell, Faculty phi zeta chi Phi Zeta Chi was founded in January 1958 on the University of Buffalo campus. A local sorority, it offers social companionship, and promotes serv- ice and high scholarship. We were very happy to be awarded 3rd Prize in the i958 Kampus Karnival. Our proudest moment came when our float, "Spring," received the 3rd Prize in its division in the MUD Parade. The event was especially thrilling, because it was the first project of its kind undertaken by the sisters. Among our other activities for 1959 were several successful raffles, a most enioyable dinner dance, and a Baked-Goods Sale. All the profits from the Sale were given to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, to which charity the sisters gave freely of their time and energy. Underlying all our past activities, and those planned for the future, is the ideal of Phi Zeta Chi: "To foster better Knowledge and greater under- standing among women of all religious opinions, nationalities, and races." il3 ROW ONE: Sammy Karen, Alex Hoffman, Bernhardt Karp, Gary Weinberg, Lionel Hutkoff Bernie Grossman Marvin Schwalb Steve Strober ROW THREE Carl Rosenbloom, Michael Shapiro, Herbert Haber, Stu Brown. ROW TWO: Rob Goldstein Bill Salloway Daniel Rothman Irwin Stolzenberg Douglas Bill Hershkowitz, Larry Levin, Steven M. Weisberg, Bennard B. Freedman, Rothkopf, Peter Hochman Edward Krieger Bruce Selden Barry S Pearlman sigma alpha mu Fraternities have become synonymous with college life. They have become more than an institution, or a way of life, but in short an integral part of a college education. It is indeed a living tribute to true manhood and democ- racy. For the freshman college man, fraternity has much to offer. lt serves as a home away from home--a place to develop the individual socially and intellectually. If a contemporary authority on college life were to portray "living" fraternal life on a typical college campus, he might do well to pay close attention to Sigma Alpha Mu. We of S.A.M. are proud of our record for the past years. We have repeatedly' placed pinnacle upon pinnacle at every turn, scholastically, athietically, socially, and politically. We of Sigma Alpha Mu are equally proud of our social calendar. Be- sides the various weekend parties held throughout the year, we also have a closing affair which is held in May. ln addition we hold our annual New Year's Eve party at a fashionable hotel in New York. Another memorable evening each year is that of the Sammy Soiree, a highlight of the winter season. ll4 sigma alpha mu officers Prior Gary Weinberg, Bernie Korp Vice Prior Corl Rosenbloom, Herb Haber Exchequer Bernie Karp, Michael Schopiro Recorder Alex Hoffman, Som Koren 'ff ROW ONE: Jerold McClure, George Sarney, Jery Malone, Kaol Hoefle, Wayne Kalle, Recording Secretary. ROW THREE Leroy Runk Roger Brueckman Ronald Anderson. ROW TWO: Edward Schmid, Chaplain, Alfred Bielawski, Second Masters, RobertZuercher, Donald Ruhland MichaelCase Peter Godard Robert Vice President, Leon Buczkowski, President, Karl Kostusiak, First Vice President, Fredricks. ROW FOUR: Donald McKee Paul Trautman Herb Mondel Ronald Bela Csonka, Treasurer, Franklin Hulimann, Corresponding Secretary, Arthur Bill, Alexander Henschel, Raymond Schreck Jack Heine pi lambda tau Since the founding of Pi Lambda Tau in March of l952, the brothers, realizing the need for a balance between professional fraternity and an entirely social fraternity, have com- bined the advantages of both. This year saw the continuation of professional endeavor in coniunction with a highly successful social and athletic program. Several members of the fraternity, cooperating with the Engineering Society of the Uni- versity, have worked out a recruitment program to inform area high school students of the advantages of an engineering education. As evidence of Pi Lambda Tau's high academic goals, five brothers have been initiated into Phi Eta Sigma, a national honor fraternity. The traditional dinner dance, given by the pledge class, highlighted the social calendar which included a halloween and New Year's Eve party and a cocktail party preceeding the Silver Ball. The success of these social functions were enhanced by a large and enthusiastic pledge class. The sports programs was climaxed by a championship in the University bowling league, while the softball and basketball teams were among the leaders of their leagues. Indica- tions point toward further success in the athletic program since the pledge class tied the brothers in a hard fought battle on the gridiron. Despite the difficulties encountered in combining these varied activities with a demanding engineering schedule, the brothers of Pi Lambda Tau are planning an even more ambitious agenda in the following years. ll6 ROW ONE lPledgesl Linda Feinrider Pledge Secretary, Sue Cohen, Carole Susan Chermak, Treasurer. ROW THREE: Margie Glass, Linda Loenigsberg, Ellen Werthelmer Pledge President Carole Goldtine Pledge Treasurer, Sharon Merns, Elaine Herbst, Historian, Susan Stillerman, Irene Pauker. ROW FOUR: Granite ROW TWO Linda Lerner Second Vice President, Lois Katz, Recording Rhonda Cohen, Janet Cooperman, Hynda Rosenberg, Barbara Yarvin, Margie Secretary Deborah Landes President Sheila Rodman, First Vice President, Hattner, Anita Silverman, Judy Deutsch. sigma delta tau ln one year Sigma Delta Tau, Delta chapter has changed night into day. The sisters set to work in coniunction with a strong Alumni League as well as some help from National to wage an all out Rush campaign. They succeeded in interesting a large number of girls in building up a one time great chapter. Out of that group twenty-five girls were accepted into pledging. The Pledge class was active and interested. Their achievements as pledges are well worthy of praise. They produced a truly beautiful pledge song, a scrapbook, a successful Pledge party, a number of dated parties, an Open House, and received the trophy from Hillel for the Purim Carnival. One of the proudest moments was when the sisters were pre- sented with the Scholarship bowl. The foremost undertaking of the Pledge Class of Spring '59 was the running of a Queen candidate for MUD week-end. This involved everyone's talent, spare time and initiative. The theme was Hawaii and the girls really put their hearts and minds into it. The competi- tion was pretty stiff but for a first try we feel we did a very thorough iob. The season was ended by initiation and following that a very successful closing affair at the Chez Ami. This Fall semester SDT has gone all out in participation. We had a successful Rush period and are now in the process of pledging four girls. Plans are in the making for Spring Rush. We have held parties with various fraternal groups and will continue to do so. Other social functions have taken place such as a Cocktail party at the Hotel Westmore preceding the Pan-Hellenic Ball, a date party, and many more are yet to come. li7 ROW ONE: Linda Seifried, Shirley Niebling, Heather Hock, Patricia Kenyon, MGfll"', EVelYn LU'-'el' Fullh Tutskv Veldfl CU5fell' ROW FOUR LYNN Welgcnd Phyllis Gabby. ROW TWO: Claudia Schneider, Barbara Lang, Florence Vizzi, Bev Henry Debbie Weigand Ellen Sllvernail Judith Watts Jlnny Marx Alice Arlyn Meininghaus, Ellie Goller, Nancy Huttleston. ROW THREE: Karen Jor- R0ll, BUVl9Gl'0 YUSUQEY 5h0f0f1 WVOUU Joan Butler NUNCY Dewlll Tl'UdY gensen, Pat Lahan, Toni Huyn, Beth Marsley, Lois Ann Weichmann, Florence RElmGf1f1- sigma kappa Sigma Kappa is a social sorority which was founded in 'l87-4. Today Sigma Kappa is proud to have 97 active college chapters. Alpha Beta chapter was colonized on U.B.'s campus forty years ago. The year 1959-60 found the Sigmas active in all phases of campus life which resulted in success, fun, hard work and prestige. Sigma Kappa was honored as a winner at the Annual.,lFC Sing Contest. Moving-Up Day always presents a challenge of time, effort, and spirit' for the sisters and this past year, they were proud to "Strike lt Rich" in the Float contest. Another high- light for Sigma Kappa was to receive top honor for its production, "Grant Avenue," in Stunt Nite. X The Sigmas salute sisters lWFOHUy Molly' Eimer, and Barbara Brown for their enthusiasm Us Cheerleaders during the past four years. Among Sigma Kappo's, outstanding women are Molly Eimer and Arlyn Meininghaus who were' elected to Cap and Gown, Senior Women's Honorary Society. ' And so, as the l96O Conventidmiof Sigma Kappa at Sun Valley marks the end of a grand year, we look forward to the new one with "One Heart, One Way." H8 ROW ONE: Joyce Jones, Secretaryg Julie Brown, Presidentf Kathie Brady, Treasurer. ROW TWO: Katherine Streck, Phyllis Huber, Pqfriciq Ciegiel. sigma kappa officers President Flo Vizzi First Vice President Ellie Goller Second Vice President Arlyn Meininghaus Treasurer Nancy Huttleston Recording Secretary Claudia Schneider Corresponding Secretary Barbara Lang Registrar Flossie Martin ll9 4.l,.l4 in -W --uf-s "W Y "' ' ' Y ROW ONE: H. Roswick, V. Franz, S. Mazza, L. Cacciato, L. Ensminger, B. Sciolino, D. Syrek, G. Maue. ROW THREE: R. Mayefi R- Kwiutkowskif M- N079 Czeladzinski, R. Dubel, M. Andrisanni, J. Kehne, D. Berg, N. Fagnan, D. Lepard. baert, J. Leone, J. Alongi, J. Vega, F. Durkee, C. Kubiniec, L. Solaocinski, J ROW TWO: B. Esch, R. Ogilvie, B. Gressman, J. Czsimar, C. Ritter, D. Nowak, Stumpf, J. Krietz, P. Motyka, R. Carr, D. Maurer, R. Piasecki, L. Reuter, J. Glaich H. Ross, T. Hendricks, S. Kozlowski, B. O'Hara, P. Waggener, B. Treupe, G. si ma ' e s' o Q p ll n Nationally, Sigma Phi Richmond, Virginia. Since then, it has grown nationally to be at national fraternity. On campus, Sig Ep is relatively Q The chapter started as a veterans group in l9-46. It grew larger fraternity and a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. However, the Sig Eps on campus have com- piled an outstanding record the university life. Sigma Phi Ep- silon at present has a pledges. Last year Sig Ep was second leader in university activities. Among its members are the numerous other campus leaders. Sigma Phi Epsilon also is year we took the overall sports trophy for all fraternities. We Sing, MUD week-end and all moiof funcfions on campuses r.s. .......... if iiiiii iliiil ili S1 Q1.... Our record in the past in the future, and the name of Sigma Phi Epsilon on :ti a "heart." l2O ,- ,ff wr-ff' sigma phi epsilon officers President Larry Ensminger Vice-President Robert Czelandzinski Secretary Louis Cacciato Treasurer Joseph Mastromonico Historian Robert Dubel 1 ROW ONE: Richard Kemp, Mike Nicholau, Wm. Walsch, Ron Clayback. ROW TWO: Russ Sanders Fred Kogut Dick Cellino Rick Rucigliano Stan Kolassa, .lack Dempsey, Tony Serfustini. ROW THREE: Ernie Shosho, Gerald Beaver, Paul Mullenhoft Toyn Dltlous Ray Doepp Jack Madei, Gene Riley. ROW FOUR: Corley Keats, Carl Hollsteinp Tony Antonekg Gerry Gergley Jim Fox tau kappa epsilon On May l7, l957, a long-awaited moment arrived as Sigma Alpha Nu was installed as Epsilon Chi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon. "TEKE," the largest National fraternity inthe country, with over l6O active chapters,was founded on January lO, l899, at Illinois Wesleyan University. ln three short years as a national fraternity, the chapter has accumulated a fine record of accomplishments. Last summer, Epsilon Chi had its finest hour, when Frater Carl Golanski was chosen "Outstanding Teke in the Nation" for l959 at the Grand Conclave in Detroit. This is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a frater and his chapter. "Tekes" are active in a great many activities on campus. Members have participated in all intramural sports and Teke is always among the top contenders. Tekes also take part in Stunt Night, elections, IFC mixer MUD parade, Kampus Karnival and are one of the staunchest supporters of the University's athletic teams. Tau Kappa Epsilon also excels scholastically. Richard Cellino is President of Bisonhead, the men's honorary society, as well as President of the Inter- fraternity Council. Steven Tsengas, who is also a member of Bisonhead, is also President of ESUB, Teke also has many fraters on varsity athletic teams. There are Tekes on the University's football, baseball, basketball, and wrestling teams. I l959 was another successful social year for the Tekes. Among our tirsts were the Registration Rock and the Playboy Party. Of course, many famous Teke parties were held. These included theme parties, cocktail parties, and socials with many of the sororities on campus. All these many accomplishments are possible because we continue to choose our men "Not for Wealth, Rank, or Honor, but for Personal Worth and Character." TEKE has been and always will continue to be "The Fraternity for Life." tau kappa epsilon officers President Vice President Treasurer Secretory Chaplain Historian Sergeant at Arms k l ROW ONE: Marlene Schmidt, Marianne Hasler, Barbara Prenatt, President, Betty Bogdanowicz, Christa Prugel, Cammy Aversano. ROW THREE: Beatrice Madeline Fuchs, Linda Swartzenberg. ROW TWO: Nancy Kogut, Ruth Ann Palermo, Elizabeth Markarian, Mary Lou Kolipinski, Karen McDonald, Annette Williams, Nancy Mallison, Nancy Russell, Carol Wendel, Marcia Richards, l.oRusso, Monika Goerth. theta chi Theta Chi Sorority was founded November 21, 1921 on the University of Buffalo campus. Since that time it has remained a local sorority, dedicated to Sisterhood and outstanding activity among its members. 1958-59 saw the Theta Chi's registered for a hectic but enioyable social schedule. Campus affairs received the whole hearted support of the Theta Chi's as shown by participation in Stunt Night and Kampus Karnival during the first semester. l.F.C. Sing in the spring semester brought second place honors to the Theta Chi's,and our prize winning float "Venus at Last" made MUD a truly festive weekend. Inner sorority activities included the Formal Dinner Dance at the Whirlpool Restaurant, rush parties and banquets and the annual Mother and Daughter Tea. K Individually, several sisters won distinction for themselves and Theta Chi. Marianne Hasler was elected President of the Pan-Hellenic Council, Betty Bogdonowic received an award from Cap and Gown as the Outstanding Sophomore Woman of the Year, Lynne Weaver reigned as Queen of the Pharmacy School, Cammy Aversano reigned in the Queen's Court on Homecoming Weekend, and Janet Galante was chosen as Sigma Phi Epsilon's Queen of Hearts. Beneath the hustle and bustle of campus life, Theta Chi has achieved a deeper gift than material awards: the understanding and true apprecia- tion of sisterhood. And so it is that "with hands ioined in an unbroken circle, we pledge anew our love to Theta Chi." 124 Theta chi officers Barbara Prenatt Marianne Hasler Madeline Fuchs Marlene Schmidt Judy Tesmer Linda Swarfzenberg theta chi ROW ONE: Girard Ursitti, Second Guard, Denis Norton, Pledge Marshall, David Low, Chaplain, Ted Procas, President, Paul Evans, Secretary, Jeremy Pratt, Treasurer, Milton Franson, Historian, Charles Metzger, First Guard. ROW TWO: Paul Krestalude, Pete Cormack, Librarian, Bill Theodore, Frank Cogdell, Fred Schade, Brian L. Schorb, Robert Dibble, Dave Schmidt, Martin Jung, Robert Van Orden. ROW THREE: Robert Rausch, Robert Kehe, William Nesper, f Q Dale A. Abbey, Jack Bates, Philip Ehlinger, Robert Kinzly, Clarence Schultz, Russell Vowinkel, Arthur Radeff, David Baudyhouse, Bill Horton, Richard Mar- dirosian. ROW FOUR: Harrison E. Anthony, Robert English, Ken Munro, Dick Schaper, Ron Nowak, Myron Roberts, Timothy C. Leixner, John Rorapaugh, Dan Hite, David P. Elliott, Jim Steinborn, David L. Robie, Jay Elsaesser. Theta Chi Fraternity, founded at Norwich University on April lO, l856, has been on campus since February l9, 1949, when Kappa Delta Psi became Gamma Pi chapter. Since its founding at Norwich, Theta Chi has grown into a close-knit organization of l25 undergraduate chapters. The past year has been one of great progress for Gamma Pi, culminating with the complete renovation and modernization of the chapter house, located directly across from the main entrance of the University at 2 Ni- agara Falls Boulevard. The house, which is used far the residence of out- of-town students, meetings, parties and other activities, has undergone this extensive overhaul to meet the requirements of an ever-active and growing fraternity. Theta Chi on campus commands an unquestionable position in sports, scholarship, leadership and social activities. The brothers of Theta Chi are equally at home on the field of athletic competition and in the classroom, as they are on the dance Floor. They have proven themselves more than once in the battle for athletic and scholastic supremacy. ln sports the chapter is proud to boast of Dick Schaper and Denny Norton in basketball, Milt Franson in fencing, Bob English in golf and Bob and Bill English in tennis. To serve the campus in a leadership capacity the chapter sent Ted Procas, Student Senate President, Dick Mardirosian, Spectrum Managing Eclitorg and Paul Evans, Senior Class Vice-President and Associate Spectrum Editor. Socially, Theta Chi is renowned tor its semi-annual Frost Killer and its annual Dream Girl Dance. Above all, in all activities and undertakings, Gamma Pi has emphasized the Theta Chi motto: "Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater." theta chi officers President Theodore Procus Vice Presidenf Theodore Mathews Secretory Paul Evans Treosurer Jeremy Proff ,S .U .mfr ,few 127 ,aiQ,--X mzmE1ma:v mmvwv Q, :fa 575 rm L fTE?E:7:.J V-E-mg,UA .mww5MW mill llllll ll! i V4-A' fs my Q- V , . ,,., W Q- vu-4 .Wi 4 2 KQTHUU 1' i I A w"""'1"""v-f 5: 'Q QM, 115 Wfifii 'ifisz A.., ssaaas saa A4 1 'Q QL' -Q71 .we Theodore Procas, President Student Association James Riley, President Union Board Shirley Frulh, President Pcznhellenic Council Richard Cellino, President Inter-Fraternity Council William Daniels, Editor Buffalonicn Jack Grizzard, Edifor Spectrum Elmer Berisch, President Council of Religious Clubs Charles Mngowiiz, President Inter Resident Council organizaiions ROW ONE: Molly Eimer, Helen Stout. ROW TWO: Elizabeth Goering, Janet Jacobson, Carol Boesl, Arlyn Meininghaus, Janice Kruszynski. MISSING: Mari- lyn Dier Stow, Judy Camp. cap and gown Cap and Gown, the Senior Women's Honorary Society at the University of Buffalo, is composed of those women who have honored the University by means of their outstanding character, leadership, scholar- ship, and achievements in extracurricular activities. The 1959-1960 members of this society were "tapped" for membership at the Moving-Up Day dance on May 2, l959. This public presentation of the gold and pearl pin of Cap and Gown signifies their meritorious achievement and bestows the highest possible honor upon a woman student of the University. That the choice of the members of this organization has been wise has been proven by the success of these women in their chosen vocations and in community life. l32 GP' r Ov!!! M .vw ROW ONE: Steven Tsengas, Richard J. Cellino. ROW TWO: Richard E. Wolin, Ronald A. Gestwicki. ABSENT: Leroy Ramsey, Thomas Guttuso, David Fielding. bisonhead The l959-60 membership of Bisonhead, the senior men's honorary society, became formally inducted into this organization of "favorite sonsl' at Moving Up Day. Members are chosen from the Junior Class on the basis of high moral character, good scholarship, and outstanding leadership in campus and civic affairs. Bisonhead, almost as old as the University itself, signifies the ultimate honor which the University of Buffalo can bestow upon its outstanding male students. The wearer of the blue ribbon and gold key is a distinguished member of an honorable group' fa credit to himself, his University and his community. This year, Bisonhead has sponsored a series of 'lFace the Campus" question and answer sessions in an attempt to promote better understanding between school officials and students, regarding controversial issues. At the Spring Weekend dance, a new class of Bisonhead members will be chosen to carry on this won- derful tradition. They will not be chosen Hfor wealth, rank or honor, but for personal worth and character." 133 ROW ONE Joan Clemrnons, Grace Lowe, Treasurer, Margaret Vitanza, Diane Miller, Carol Ghinger, Historian. ABSENT: Joanne Banaszewski Pres Secretary Florence Calkins, Vice-President. ROW TWO: Heidi Genschow, ident, Joyce lsmert, Patricia Lord, Beverly Mesch, Penny Miller, Marie Boka alpha lambda delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a national society for women which honors high scholastic achievement in the first semester or first two semesters in college. The purpose of the organization as stated in the constitution is "to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and to encourage superior attainment among the freshman women in our institutions of higher learning." The University of Buffalo Chapter was established here in l957, it is the 90th Chapter in the country. Although it still is comparatively new, the members of Alpha Lambda are very proud of its achievements thus far. An annual event sponsored by Alpha Lambda is the Scholarship Reception, held in the fall. This year, the guests included faculty members and promising freshmen, both men and women. The inclusion of men at the Reception was one of the first steps taken by Alpha Lambda Delta to assist in the establish- ment of Phi Eta Sigma, the male counterpart to the women's organization. That this obiective was accom- plished during this year was very gratifying to the members of Alpha Lambda. The Language Tables were sponsored again this year, offering a chance for language students and all others interested to practice their respective languages. The Spring Luncheon to honor all of this year's new members will draw to a close this year's activities of Alpha Lambda Delta. l34 MEMBERS: A. Bielawskip R. Bill, M. Block, C. Broderick, D. Cohen, W. Cooley, P. J. McClure, R. Meyer, M. Mittleman, R. Pompi, J. Riley, S. Tsengas, J. Weinberg, DiGiuliog J. F. Fiato, R. Gestwicki, R. Hurlimann, K. Kostusiak, l. Hinden, A. Kulichik, R. Mayle. phi eta sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a national society for men which honors high scholas- tic achievement in the first semester or first two semesters in college. The purpose of the organization as stated in the constitution is "to encourage and reward high scholastic attainment among freshman men in institutions of higher learning." The 'lOOth Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was installed on the Univer- sity of Buffalo campus this year, initiating all those undergraduate men who had qualified scholastically during their freshman year. A smoker held late in the fall provided an opportunity for the candi- dates to become acquainted with one another and with faculty members interested in the group. All those men eligible for member- ship in Phi Eta Sigma were invited to the annual Scholarship Recep- tion sponsored by Alpha Lambda Delta, the women's counterpart of this society. ln seeking to fulfill the purposes to the highest degree, Phi Eta Sigma engaged in and planned varied activities and proiects, which well may become a precedent for succeeding members to carry on in their groups, as they strive to encourage scholarship among the freshman men at the University of Buffalo. 135 Dr. Richard A. Sigglekow, Dean of Students, Dr. Merton W. Ertell, Dean of University College, Dr. James E. Foy, National Officer. ABSENT: Dr. Robert L. Ketter, Advisor. .. . ....,,, A -Q is a s y fm.-ff CQ ROW ONE: Myrna Z. Burnstein, Vice President, Irving Sterman, President. ROW TWO: Sheldon Gross, Trudy Nordin, Nancy Finch, Barbara Hayes, Secretary-Treasurer, rho chi The fundamental obiective of Rho Chi has always been to Promote the advancement of the pharmaceu- tical sciences through the encouragement and recognition of intellectual scholarship. To attain this end, high standards of scholarship have been demanded for election to membership with the view that schol- arly attainment indicates the capacity of the individual for outstanding achievement in pharmacy. Experi- ence has shown the reward of election to membership, symbolized by the award of the Rho Chi Key, supplies a scholarship incentive unequalled by any other rewards such as prizes or medals. All chapters do maintain prizes of various kinds as an immediate stimulus to scholarship on the part of undergraduate students. The society seeks to promote scholarly fellowship in pharmacy by bringing undergraduate and grad- uate students and faculty members together in fraternal and helpful comradeship. Regular meetings are held where papers are read by students and faculty which emphasizes the professional aspects of phar- macy and points the way to instructive study and research. Of all the uses attributable to honor societies in our college, this is undoubtedly the greatest: That they make their members more professional, more ethical, and more useful to the world in which they live. The society as a national organization has sought to encourage and promote pharmaceutical research. To foster this purpose, the organization has established a cumulative Research Fund which will be allowed to grow until it has reached the sum of ten thousand dollars before awards for research are made. 136 tit Mt Q.- 1,- 61,7 sf ROW ONE Wayne Ledder Treasurer Ronald Bill President, Theodor Ranov, Broderick, Karl Kostusiak, Cataloger, Aloisius Griskis, Recording Secretary, Faculty Advisor Franklin Hurlimann Vice President Franklyn Olmstead, Cor- James Repetski. responding Secretary ROW TWO James Caprio Richard Blacklock, Charles tau kappa chi In i950 Tau Kappa Chi was organized as the Engineering Honor society at the University of Buffalo. The purpose of the society is to mark in a fitting manner those who have con- ferred honor upon their alma mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates. Distinguished scholarship, while the primary requisite for admission, must not be con- sidered the sole criterion. After the scholastic requirements have been fulfilled the selection is based on integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside of engineering, adapta- bility, and unselfish activity. We consider that true integrity is the "sine qua non" for membership in Tau Kappa Chi, that it transcends in importance scholarship, activity and every other qualification. The activities of Tau Kappa Chi include business and social meetings during the school year. Engineers from industry are frequently invited to speak on topics of general interest at these meetings. In the past TKX has built several proiects for the School of Engineering's Open House. Highlights of the year are the presentation of an award to an outstanding engineering instructor, and a banquet at which the new members are inducted into the organization. The two faculty advisors who have given much time and effort to the organization are Dr. Ranov and Professor Fischer. l37 l L4 Elizabeth Goering, Ted Procas, Richard Lintelman. student association ln the second year of its existence as the student's governing body, the Student Association has advanced rapidly. Each of its four divisions has been busily solving problems and making plans for more successful and efficient operation in the future as well as the present. This was the last trial year for the new Constitution, and in the report of the Evaluation Committee, it was recom- mended that this document and form of government be adopted permanently by the students of the University of Buffalo. With the realization that a newly-functioning group must always set precedents to be fol- lowed by its successors, the Student Senate this year adopted a program which can be extended to cover the activities of the future as well as the present. This program has aided the functioning of several committees which in the past had been inactive for want of responsibilities, and in this way has made it possible for more students to take an active part in the operation of their government. Among the innovations resulting from the new program are the more selective and efficient methods used by the personnel committee in making recommendations and appoint- ments, a complete student directory, student-faculty luncheons, and the new parents' weekend and honors banquet held in May. lt is hoped that these advances will be continued, along with the program's other proposals which are now in the actual planning stage for definite action in the coming year. This has been a successful year for a group which is still relatively new, since the future, as well as the present, has been duly considered in policy and planning. Certainly there is no better criterion for the determination of success than the assurance of progress. i 5 ROW ONE: Saul Lerner, Marianne Hasler, Elizabeth Goering, Secre- Scudder, Dorothy Haas, Rich Ganter, Helen Hosay, Trudi Genco, Gary tary, Ted Procas, President, Richard Lintelman, Vice-President, Connie Halberstadt. ROW THREE: Roger Triftshauser, Elmer Bertsch, James Kapler, Richard Cellino. ROW TWO: J. J. Repetski, Faculty Advisor, Riley, Gary Hauser, Carl Snitzer, Milton Plesur, Donald Foresta, Wil- Kathie Kintner, Donald Starkey, Edward Mattar, Dean Jeannette liam Brennion. student senate The Student Senate began the year with a unanimously adopted program aimed at organization and stimulation of student government as an immediate goal, and at establishment of tradition as a long range goal. ln order to organize and stimulate student government, the special committees of the senate had to be well chosen, and their responsibilities well defined. The senate program made the latter clear, and the personnel committee insured the former by improving its methods of filling committee positions and chairmanships through higher selectivity and obiectivity. As a result of this, many committees, such as the Activities Committee, Academic AFfairs Committee, and Welfare Committee have been realy active for the first time. As a new governing body, the Student Senate recognized that it would inevitably set certain tradi- tions, and has taken advantage of this fact. Student Faculty luncheons under the direction of the Academic Affairs Committee, and the Parents Weekend and Honors Banquet planned and executed by the Student Activities Committee are among the new innovations which the T959-60 Student Senate hopes will become traditions. Also begun this year was the practice of giving formal recognition to retiring faculty members at the annual installation banquet, as an appreciation of their service to the University. Looking back, the record shows that the purposes of the program have truly been fulfilled. The Senate, along with the Student Judiciary, Union Board, and Publications Board, will continue to develop and im- prove under the Student Association's Constitution, for this document outlines a form of government for which University of Buffalo students can truly be proud. 139 Nancy Finchg Ronald Billg Nancy Huttlestong Dr. Lyndong Dennis Spolarisg Anthony Drakeg Carl Golanski. student iudiciary board For the first time in the history of the University students are iudged by their fellow stu- dents. This is the task of the Judiciary committee, a child of the newly formed student government. Membership consists of five judges: one appointed by the Chancellor, two appointed by the Dean of Studentsg and two selected by the Student Senate. This body has the power to summon, discuss the probative value of testimony and to impose fines and penalties for infractions of student regulations. Thus for the Committee has been very active and has provided equitable and iust de- cisions in the cases which have been before it. These results are due not only to the deep concern of the iudges themselves, but also to the able advice and assistance of Dean Sigglekow, and advisors Drs. Lyndon and Harnack. 140 SEATED: Mrs. Pornerantz, Faculty, Mrs. Janice Riley, Chairman. STANDING: Richard Cellino, Liles Grizzard, Dr. Harter, Faculty. NOT PICTURED Michael Sullivan James Riley, Mr. Fritton, Faculty. student publication board The Publications Board of the Student Association has iurisdiction over all those student publications receiving income from the University of Buffalo in any manner andfor those offered tor sale to the student body or the general public, provided they are identified with the University of Buffalo by title or address. The seven-member board, appointed annually by the Chancellor, elects a chairman from its four students and three faculty members. Bi-weekly meetings are held to discuss and recommend upon the pertinent problems relating to student publications. lt is the duty of the Board to appoint the editor, assistant editor, and business manager ot all student publications. Recommendations to the Chancellor deal with the choice of the faculty advisors, statement of policy, and courses of action to be taken in iudicial disputes. This year the board approved the staff for Manuscripts, a new University literary pub- lication. ln all of its endeavors, the Student Publications Board seeks to uphold and improve the standards and quality ot student publications and strive for continued freedom of the press on the University ot BuHalo campus. ldl mv" ROW ONE: Elizabeth Goering, Secretary: Ted Procas, President, Richard Lintelman, Vice President. ROW TWO: Saul Lerner, Kathie Kintner, Donald Foresta. executive committee 'F zz: e we fini T, personnel SEATED: Kathie Kintner, Chairman, Saul Lerner, Vice Chairman. STANDING: Janice Kruszynski, Maurice Van- sice, Barbara Slater, Meri Hoffman. ABSENT: Richard ' - Schaper. ROW ONE: Don Foresta, Arthur Mass, Charles Magowitz, Myron Waldman, Chairman, Trudi Genco, Secretary, Andrew Beat, Michael Wein stein. ROW TWO: Lawrence Newhouse, Chuck Hudson, Mitchel Harris, Saul Lerner, Parliamentarian, Paul Evans, Dave Schmidt, Mike Endler. senate elections committee senate finance committee LEFT to RIGHT: William Daniels, John Peckham, John Okoniewski, Faculty Advisor, Larry Newhouse, Norman Pawlewski, Janice Kruszynski. senate committees student welfare ROW O Ben Fr general grounds ROW TWO: student activities SEATED: Marianne Hasler, Beth Marsley, Vice Chairman, Connie Kopler, Chairman. STANDING: Maurice Vonsice, Richard Adams, Kathy Kinlner, Saul Lerner, Helen Hosay. I'1. S. 8. SEATED: Kathy Gee, Bill Bennison. STANDING: Bruce Mayer, Gary Grieco, Karen Schorb. ABSENT: Dick Mar- derosian, Jan Riley, Lance Fogan. student academic affairs STANDING: Christo Prugel, Margaret Finch, Barry Web- er. SEATED: Virginia Wilson. ABSENT: Edward Mattar. yas:- ROW ONE: Thomas LaSalle, Treasurer Senior Classy Norman L. Pawlewski, President Senior Classg John V. Halldin, Secretary Senior Class. ROW TWO: Stephen C. Ames, President Junior Classg David Storey, Treasurer Junior Class, Joseph D. DePierro, Secretary Junior Classg Lee E. Carlson, Vice-President Junior Classg Arthur Cussen, President Sophomore Classg Laurence Franz, Secretary Sophomore Class. business administration arts and science ROW ONE: Juan Vegag Catherine Merewether. ROW TWO: Connie Koplerg James Hardenbrook. l council ROW ONE: R. Masfers, G. Wehrlin, A. Henschel, President, J. Goldberg, R. Disney, Faculty Advisor. ROW TWO: P. Knibloe, S. Tsengas, R. Lochocki, M. Nicolau, J. SchiHhauer, L. Runk. ROW THREE: R. Waller, K. Koslusiak. engineering associate degree program of university college SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Chuck Raines, Vice-President, Trudi Genco, Mike Falsone, Treasurer. STANDING: Barry Zeplawitz, Florence Calkins, Pat Hann, President, Elaine Haas, Mary Burke, Mr. Ralph Race, Advisor. 5 l ROW ONE Ralph Ambrosino, Treasurer, Arlyn Meininghaus, Secretary, James Riley, nator of Student Activities, Elizabeth Marsley, Lee Carlson, Elizabeth Bogdanowicz President and Ronald Bestwicki, Vice-President. ROW TWO: Miss Dorothy M. Haas, Mr. Frederick Thomas, Faculty Advisor, Phyllis Gabbey. Director of Norton Hall, Mary Burke, Trudi Genco, Miss Ann Hicks, Assistant Coordi- union board The Union Board of the Student Association is the student governing body which participates in the oper- ation of Norton Hall, and serves as the directing group in the planning of student social activities. The Union Board is composed of eleven members, being the four officers and the chairmen ofthe stand- ing committees, Personnel, Special Events, House, Music, Public Relations, Mixer, and Recreation. On November 5, 6, 7, and 8 of l959, five ofthe present members of the Board attended the Regional Association of College Unions Conference in New York City. UB is a member of this Association, along with most of the college unions in New York State and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The purpose of the annual conference is to enable an exchange of program and organizational ideas between the member schools, some of which will be noticed on our campus in the coming semester. i959-60's events at UB included the Homecoming-Union Anniversary celebration in the fall, the Silver Ball with Tommy Dorsey's Orchestra in December, MUD Weekend in May, and the traditional events sponsored by the Board's standing committees. The latter include Stunt Nite, Faculty lectures, cottee hours, live and recorded concerts, tournaments and film series. T48 ROW ONE: Milf Fransong Karen MacDonoldg Ron Geslwicki, Chairman. ROW TWO: Flossie Martini Betty Bogdonowiczg Belh Marsleyp Connie Kopler, Shirley Niebling. ROW THREE: Judy Tolericog Arlyn Meininghausg Miriam Kelly, Marlene Schmidtg Lynn Wiegandg Camille Averscnog Christa Prugel. anniversary homecoming public relations ROW ONE: Inc Jane Weinbergf Phyllis Gabbey, Chairmong Susan Margolis, ROW TWO: Carol Metcalf, Pal Ciesielg John Spoor. ABSENT: Roz Cuilisi, Co-Chairman. 4 3 W ll house ROW ONE: Julie Milutinovic: Margaret Flynn, Recording Secretary: Lee Carlson, Chairman: Kathy Gee: Vice Chairman: Eleanor Szalko, Corresponding Secretary: Marcia Scholl. ROW TWO: Judy Bratlong Joyce Rosen: Bruce Miller: John Alongi: Sue Edelman: R. B. Zorn: Linda Lewis: Mrs. Virginia M. Madigan. ROW THREE: Brenda Benzin: Carolyn Janecki: Lou Cacciato: Jim Fox: Bob Michaels: Lawrence Joel Jacobson: Jerry Glaich: Jean Mac- Kay. mixer music ROW ONE: Linda Seifried, Secretary: Beth Marsley, Chairman: Connie Kopler, VlCe-Cl1Glf"f1U'1- ROW TWO: Audrey Schneldefi Mimi Ffledmflni Joni Conroy: ROW ONE: Monika Goerlh: Elaine Hass, Secretary: Trudi Genco, Chairman Margie Finch- ROW THREE: Bruce Miller: C0l'0le Bernhdrdif -l0l1n d'AUlbYYi ROW TWO: Frank GranadapChris1ini Lodickp Roberl DiTommasog Christi Javel Richard Zorn. Sharon Schilling. : i I e .L fl 3 silver ball ROW ONE: Connie Kopler, Beth Marsley, General Chairman, Betty Bogdanowicz, Secretary. ROW TWO: Nancy Kogert, Christa Prugel, Lee Carson, Linda Seifriedg Clarke Triftshauser, Beverly Henry, Bruce Miller, Shirley Niebling. personnel ROW ONE: Shirley Nieblingg Madeline Fuchs, Betty Bogdanowicz, Chairman. ROW TWO: Lance Fagan. ABSENT: Christa Prugel, Sec- reta ry. moving-up day ROW ONE: Iris Zeldner, Special Reporter, Judy Tesmer, Secretary, Beth Marsley Public Relationsf Trudi Genco, Special Program. ROW TWO: Richard Zorn, Judges Lee Carlson, Financeg Anthony Serfustini, Queens, Donald Maurer, General Chairman James J. Fox, Awards, John Alangi, Parade. ABSENT: Dottie Jo Williams, Dance Com- mittee. special events C comm lttee K 9 ROW ONE, SEATED: Eleanor Szalko, Connie Cameron, Mary Burke, Chairman: Kathy Gee, Maiga Du Suits, Secretary. ROW TWO: Virginia Matigan, Christine Lodick, Colline Mosher, Tema Siegel, Madelyn Fuchs. ROW THREE: Roger Cap- pel, Judy Milutinoric, Sandra McLellan, Christie Jewel, Linda Maischoss, Dave Schmidt. ROW ONE: Bill Borio, Roger Gratwick, Advisor: Iris Zeldner, Chairman: Leroy Leeds, Jerry Sklarsky, Basil Schiff. ROW TWO: Suzy Drutman, Sue Cohen, Leonard Jacobson, Elaine Berbst, Sandra Coahn, Margaret Finch, Judy Deutsch, Mar- iorie Hatter, Lenore levite. fm The Campus Barrel consolidates all the charity drives into one on the U. B. Campus. The success ot Campus Barrel reflects the good will of university students. Donations from students may help a community provide recreation centers for underprivileged children, buy food so that a Chinese scholar may complete his college education, or, closer to home, assist a U. B. student by means of the Campus Barrel Scholarship. The 1959-60 drive was led by Iris Zeldner, Also serving on the Executive Committee were: Leroy Leeds, Co-Chairman: Trudy Genco, Secretary, Bill Boria, Treasurer: and Mr. Roger Grat- wick, Advisor. This year's campaign was approached with the slogan: "lT'S TIME TO GIVE." ROW ONE Ethel C. Gollerp Jeff Carrel, Treasurer, Micki Levine, Vice- man, Martin Shubert, Mike Meddoffg Bill Young, Gary Grreco Lynore President Joel Greenberg, President, Barbara Appelbaum, Marian Feld- Leone. stein ROW TWO: Doris Stein, Lewis Shapiro, Marilynn Taber, Joel Sher- freshman steering committee This year, the freshman class was very fortunate in having a very active Freshman Steering Committee to represent them. The Freshman Steering Committee has undertaken more activities this year than in any previous year. Not only have they been a credit to the entire freshman class, but also to the entire uni- versity. This committee has had weekly meetings every Thursday afternoon which were open to everyone in the class. One of their most successful activities was the sponsoring of the Winter Carnival Weekend. This gigantic event took careful and precise planning on their part to make it as successful as it was. The unification of the freshman class took another step forward with the establishment of sub-committees. Through these sub-committees, the freshmen were able to actively participate in all class functions. Other achievements of this committee included the sponsoring of a coffee hour in honor of the freshman football team, and aiding in Parents' Weekend. Their achievements could not have been possible without the strong internal organization given by its officers. The advisors, Miss Dorothy Haas and Mr. William Fritton, also played a prominent role in its internal organization. The committee revised their constitution for the first time since it was created. They established new rules and proceedures for the election of its members. The members of the committee were amply rewarded by being invited to a coffee hour in their honor at the home of Dean and Mrs. Sigglekow. 153 gf? -My ROW ONE Bela Csonka, Beth Calkins, First Vice-President, Anne Strzel- -lUmeS E- STVSHQI Chaplain: VlCT0f J- Gvgliordi, Pfeildeftl- MISSING MGVY czyk Treasurer, Mike Falsone, Second Vice-President. ROW TWO: Father BU"l49f RSCOVCHUQ Secretory: Pauline Micriche, C0l'I'9SPOf1Cllf1Q SSCVCYGYY newman club The Newman Foundation at the University of Buffalo is one of more than five hundred chapter members of the National Newman Club Federation in the United States. The aim and purpose of the organization is to enable the Catholic student at the University to develop into a mature adult by means of a balanced series of activities in his religious, intellectual and social life. Newman Hall, at l5 University Avenue, is the center of the organization. ln the Chapel there the Blessed Sacrament is served, Mass is said daily. The Catholic student must be given every opportunity to know and understand the basis of his belief, the true morality and value of his action, and the obiective verity of his tenets. The chaplain, Father Streng, tries to do this through personal contact and guidance, through classes and other means adapted to the higher intellectual level ofthe University student. As part of the activities, there are lectures by men who are specialists in their respective fields and can show how religion and man's relationship to God are essential to every walk of life. Nor does the Newman Foundation neglect the social life, dances, parties, picnics, and many other events are included in the yearly program. Through the assistance of the University authorities and in the interest of the students, the membership has continued to increase. T54 ROW ONE: Bronnie Rover, Vice President, Anita Silverman, Secretary, Jerry Alt- def, Dr- JUStin Hofvnonn, Rhonda Cohen- ROW THREE: Lewis Shapiro, Alan Singer man, President, Leonard Jacobson, Treasurer, Alice Philips, Secretary. ROW Mflfiin Shvbert, James SCJWWCVZI Kenneth KETUY' TWO: Linda Feinrider, Joyce Fishman, Barry Berlin, David Denerstein, Mark Ben- hillel foundation The Hillel Foundation at U. B. originated in l946. There are over 200 Hillel Foundations in the United States and Canada, serving over 200,000 students. Hillel believes that Judiasm is capable of enriching the student and giving his life purpose and meaning. Hillel at the University of Buffalo offers delicatessen suppers and discussion hours, lox and bagel brunches, teas, social dances, religious observances and Council of Religious Clubs participation. In addi- tion, Hillel provides study groups in Talmud, Hebrew, and Jewish History. Ethos, a literary magazine, is published and The Hub, a student newsletter, informs members of various activities. The Hillel Student Council plans the numerous Hillel functions. This elected body conducts bi-monthly meetings for the purpose of coordinating the Hillel program. A gold key, membership trophies, and the Hillel Participation Award are presented to outstanding students. The Arthur l. Goldberg Hillel House at 40 Capen Boulevard is the nucleus of Hillel's activities under the competent direction of Dr. Justin Hofmann. l55 SEATED: Joe Sanelli, Joan Arhardt, Bill Daniels, Editor, Pat Ciesel, Hank Hueber. STANDING: Conrad Zaranski, Giulio Michienzi, Mike Ryan, Ken Johnson, Dick Macias- zek, James Halt, Steve Spry, Bill Farner, Barry Knox, Rick Ganter, Dick Hall, Jerry buffalonian faculty advisor, wm. sanford Henry Hueber, Business Manager X si iz. 1 ---.-...Q " Mfg V 'ww Q1- TYPING STAFF ROW ONE: Marilyn Kanczak, Diane Miller, Copy Editor. ROW TWO: Joan Con roy, Elaine Herbst, Grace Priore. ROW THREE: Judy Zent, Diane Denall. Marianne Hasler, Associate Editor Arlyn Meininghaus, Graduates Editor Barry Knox, Assistant Editor 4 kkp. -fw.,W,M l56 f JUYTUSS Halt Layout Edutor GIUIIO Mlchlenzl Art Director Joseph Sunelh Photography Editor Michael Ryan Clrculcztlon Editor Wllllam Farner Dormitory Editor Orgmmzatlon Co Editors :J '53 5 hum su nut 'I!!'5i tml ll l ROW ONE: Trudi Genco, Associate Editor, Jack Grizzard, Editor in Chief, THREE: Jack Freedman, Barbara Cohn, Marc Bernie Karp, Business Manager. ROW TWO: Nancy Gorman, Photographer, Mardirosian, Edward Brandt, Ellen Schwartz. .ludy Hahn, Marilyn Kanczak, Layout Editor, Karen Brand, Secretary. ROW Some may ask, "Why a student newspaper?" We feel that the answer is representation. The Spectrum, the Otticial Student Publication of the University of Buffalo, is the recog- nized voice ofthe student body. As such the paper carries the name of the University and with it the name of every enrolled student. Spectrum is unique in that it serves both as a mirror to reflect student opinion and as a bulletin board reporting on all student functions. This dual responsibility has often com- plicated the job of editing, but the wishes of the students have always dictated editorial policy and action. lt is said that the standard of a university is rated by the standard of its official publi- cation. This ideal continually encourages the editors and their respective staffs to produce a newspaper truly representative of the university. It is the active support and participa- tion ot the students which has kept the Spectrum constant as a representative of the stu- dent body, and it is only through this student interest and participation that the Spectrum can remain the official voice of the student. Lower. ROW FOUR: Richard l l l i Jack Grizzurd, Editor-in-Chief i -" gg .N-V .. 'fs 45" ff . :we,s,., me .,f, -f.s.:sA..f:-'sergfffa gn H . Kg! .W W ts s..,.M.... .......,..... ,. ., , . i 58 f i 1 fe A t 'wg 3 ll! Editor Managing Editor Business Managers News Editor Layout Editor Copy Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Associate Editors Photographer sta ici: I' ov' Matt Winick, Sports Editor Paul Evans, Editor Jack Grizzard Dick Mardirosian Herb Haber, Bernie Karp Joan Ackerman Marilyn Kanczak Fran Willner David Haniford Matt Winick Trudi Genco, Paul Evans Nancy Gcrmqn Ellen Schwartz and Barbara Cohn, Copy Stott AW? fn.. ROW ONE: A. Coniglin, Art, Steven Tsengas, Business Manager, Paul Trautman, Associate Editor, Ray Schreck, Advertising Manager. ROW TWO: Leroy Runk, Robert Fredricks, Roger Brueckman, Jerald McClure. ABSENT: Al Bielawski, Editor. The ESUB Journal, now in its fourth year of publication, is the official publication of the Engineering . . . . H School of the University of Buffalo. Published approximately bi-monthly during the spring and fa semes- ' ' "" - ' I well as those of a ters of the academic year, it includes articles of technical and semi technlca nature as humorous nature, technical or otherwise. The Journal also serves as a voice for the many student organi- zations within the Engineering School Each year since the first issue of four mimeographed pages, the Journal's keynote has continued expansion both in size and scope of coverage. Its usual thirty-two pages are through the efforts of the students and the faculty who provide all of the articles published in each issue. The Journal gives the faculty members an additional opportunity to instruct the students in many phases of engineering that cannot be covered in the school year. lt also gives those students who are engaged in some type of research, an opportunity to publish the results of their efforts and receive the recognition been that of filled mainly due them. The Journal has taken its place in the family of magazines published on the campus and affords the most benefits to those who are a part of the staff. To these students it provides an atmosphere of re- sponsibility, hard work, a iustified sense of satisfaction, management training for their future vocations, ' ' ' ' School. and serves as means of contributing to the future growth of the University of Buffalo Engineering l6O Lai., ROW ONE Louis Slovinsky, POetry Editor, Elaine Davis, Associate Editor, T. R. Catan- Carstensen. ABSENT: Dr. Lyle Glazier, Advisor, Shelley Finesmith Business Manager zarite Editor Frank Riga, Fiction Editor. ROW TWO: Frances Willner, Jan Riley, Fred Kenneth Wilson, Josephine Radzwill, Art Director. Clifton Ray Roskwitalski, Ed Stevens, Marvin Winer, David Haniford, Leifa Riis- manuscripts Manuscripts is a new literary venture at the University of Buffalo. Perhaps the appearance of a maga- zine of this nature was inevitable, as there existed no vehicle, on this campus, for the communication of belles-lettres. However, believing that such a vehicle was both needed and desired, a miscellany of interested students initiated the activity which led to the formal approval and encouragement, of the venture, by the Student Publications Board. The all-inclusive word, "manuscripts," is significant of what we are attempting to create in this maga- zine. Although our interest is primarily belletristic, iournalistic articles on any phase of college life and academic papers on subjects of interest to the student body are accepted. By so widening the scope of the magazine, we hope to become a more representative and integral part of the intellectual life mani- fested at the University. Due to the cooperation of the staff, the enthusiasm of the contributors and the guidance of Dr. Lyle Glazier, this magazine has taken its fledgling step towards the realization of its goals. The future of this venture is of course, in the hands of successive classes of students, and they are urged to step forth and continue a literary tradition at the University of Buffalo. l6l ROW ONE: Bob Woodworih, Treosurerg Kenneth Grieb, Vice Presidenfg Arisfides Yayonos, Presidenig Joel Blausfein, Secreiciry. ROW TWO: Robert Stoiderg Bruce Brumfieldg Howard Burng Omar Mednisf Paul F. Doieg Malcolm Beebeg Anthony Houseg Orlo Bennett chess club accounting club Roberi Luber, Treasurer, George Kyser, Vice-Presidenh Dennis Guido, Secretary. ABSENT: Norman Pawiewski, Presidenf. Ktl P' ROW ONE: Leslie G. Foschio, Manager, Lorna Q. Mintz, Secretary, Stanley Leon Susan Rodbard. ROW THREE: S. Evans, Anthony LoRusso, Margaret Flynn, Lewis E Gilbert, President, Sanford J. Margulis, Vice President, Myrna H. Livingston, Parlia- Shapiro. mentarian. ROW TWO: Maiia Du Sults, Rodney Batts, lrving Perlman, Richard Fey, debate society To create an eminence in debatewthis is the goal of the Debate Society for both the University of Buf- falo and its students. The activities of the Debate Society has always been oriented in this direction. Last year the debate team retired the Campion Cup against Canisius College. More recently, U.B. captured the Western New York Forensic League Tourney at Fredonia. Here, Kenneth Cross won a first speaker award. On a broader scope, the U.B. Debate Team has carried the name of our university to compete against numerous schools in tournaments at Hamilton College, St. John Fisher College, where Charles Martin placed second speaker, University of Rochester, R.l.T., Syracuse, Cornell, Cortland, and other such schools. ln all cases, U.B. has displayed high quality debate. Closer to home, the Debate Society has initiated exhibition debates in the Buffalo high schools to stim- ulate those students and familiarize them with the University on an intellectual level. Here on campus, the society will have hosted over twenty colleges and universities from both the United States and Canada in our annual Invitational Tournament. The winning team appears on the U.B. Roundtable television pro- gram. Later, such schools as Harvard and Osgoode Hall Law School of Toronto will have visited for cam- pus exhibition debating. While creating debate eminence for U.B., society members gain for themselves some invaluable quali- ties. Self-confidence, poise, good speech, the ability to think straight and "on your feetnhall these and others are attributes priceless and useful, now as a student, and later as a leader. And so with our fine record in the past, and with continued effort and wise planning for the future, we of the Debate Society are confident of providing a valuable experience for students and a debate team of which U.B.can be proud. l63 ROW ONE: Ray Schreck, Paul Trautman, Robert Fredricks, George Haering, Noel Varela, Recording Secretary, James O'Malley, Jr., Bell Aircraft Corporation, Steven Tsengas, President, J. Repetski, Faculty, A. F. Coniglio, Vice President, James H. Schifthauer, Sergeant at Arms, Ron Masters, Treasurer, John D. Waugh. ROW TWO: William Heinz, Charles Chen, Jerry McClure, Steve Hanzliky James E. Repetski, David C. Rudell, Jerome D. Goldberg, George W. Brawn, John P. Fehr, Robert F. Gdovin, William B. Gombert, Bob Nagel, Art Kalle, Paul Liepiefski. ROW THREE: Roger Brueck- man, Ted Battle, Jim Battle, Alex Henschel, Bob McGillion, Gordon Atkins, Tom Stoll, John Heine, Paul Knible, Robert Grace, Lawrence Hockreiter. ROW FOUR: Michael Walter, Thomas Woleslagle, Edwin Ohneth, Roland Trautwein, Jr., Charles J. Man- ney, Jr., Howard English, Jim Henry, LeRoy Runk, Edward Schmid, Robert J. Zverchev, Duard Forquand, Karl Kostusiak, Carl Hallstein, Jr., Anthony T, Molisse. engineering society The Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo is an organization open to all students ot the School of Engineering and also to those students in University College who are planning to maior in Engineering. The Society functions to bring educational and social benefits to the Engineering Student Body. During the school year, numerous qualified speakers from the surrounding industrial centers speak on subiects of general and technical interest. The past year witnessed ESUB enioying one of its most successful years as it continued being the "Vital Organ of the School ot Engineering." Some ofthe most important events of the year were the Halloween Party, the Stag Party, the Scholarship Fund Pop Concert, ESUB's success in intramural sports, the Engi- neering High School "Recruiting" Program, and of course, the Annual Awards Dinner-Dance which was enthusiastically supported by all the engineering organizations, and the MUD Float which was a ioint effort of ESUB and the Engineering Student Council. The MUD Float was a dream come true after some ten years. Throughout the year, ESUB has endeavored to extend both educational and social advantages to its members as well as promote public interest in the School of Engineering. l64 ROW ONE Harding Jones, Faculty Advisor, Richard .l. Darwin, Treasurer, William E. Harold O. Wolf, John S' Cslzmcfl Neil R- VON D0l'meUl0f', R0bel'l F Andfle Joseph l- Gantzer Secretary Lawrence E. Lauer, President, Dr. Charles H. V. Ebert, Chapter McDonald, William J' Cologglr R. Ffdflk Pegfllmf JOFTIGS W- Codwell Sponsor ROW TWO Sebastian T. Spicola, Bruce A. Bauer, Elbridge A. Renning, Jr., gamma theta upsilon Desirous of establishing a closer bond of fellowship among students of geography in colleges and uni- versities, and especially to promote geography in education, the members of the Geography Club of the lllinois State Normal University at Normal, Illinois, organized on May l5, 1928, a local professional fraternity under the name of Gamma Theta Upsilon. On March 5, 1936, Gamma Theta Upsilon was incorporated under the State of lllinois as a professional fraternity in geography open to men and women. Today, there are 71 chapters and 9700 members. The Beta Alpha Chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon Fraternity was installed on the campus of the Uni- versity of Buffalo on June l, i953 with twenty-three members. Since then, the chapter has sponsored programs such as films, lectures and field trips open to members and guests thereby contributing greatly to the understanding and promotion of the field of geography. At the same time, the chapter activities offered an opportunity for social contacts between students, faculty, alumni and persons generally inter- ested in geographical matters. l65 ROW ONE Charles Metzger, Harvey Wigman, Ronald Halberg, David ROW THREE: A. Roger Mannerberg, F. Brian Galasg Gary Taylor Charles GQSRID Dr Reginald Pegrum, ROW TWO: Gerald Jerisg Jack Dempsey, Ehrismann, Howard Nicholls. Ron Schlenkerg William Gantzerg Richard Zedick, Ken Munro, John Csizmar. geologic and geographic society Founded in i935 at U. B., our organization started with seven members. The first president of the organi- zation was Helmuth Wedow, who is now a geologist with the United States Geologic Survey working in Brazil. Today, our society has a total of thirty-three active members, consisting of Geology and Geog- raphy majors. The governmental body of U.B.G.G.S., consisting of six officers, is elected anew every semester. Meet- ings are held periodically and all parties, outings or scholastic affairs are organized, paid for, and handled by the student body as a whole. U.B.G.G.S. was founded in order to promote good fellowship, sportsmanship, and to instill in our fellow-members, the virtues of honesty, loyalty, and dependability. We are dedicated to the advance- ment of the fields of Geology and Geography. The organization is guided by a set of articles stable enough to bind us, flexible enough to permit amendment and different enough to bring humor into the organization. Measures are provided for the "punishment" of all delinquent actions. Nominal dues are collected regularly to provide for necessary supplies and attairs for the group. Dr. Reginald H. Pegrum, head of the Geology and Geography Department, has been a constant member and advisor of the U.B.G.G.S. Through his guidance and leadership, the organization has pro- gressed from a stage of infancy to its present independent and effective state. At present, being a Geology or Geography major is not required for membership in the organization. All that is required is an honest interest in the aims of the U.B.G.G.S. and participation in its functions. l66 .gk s- ROW ROW Diane DeBacy, Senior Co-Ordinator, Kathy Dolce, Treasurer, Judie Julie Kosikowski, Penny Reino, Mary Slaven, Cecelia Brown, Mary Eagan Pat Dyer Miller President Jean Wagner, Vice President, Patricia Lord, Historian. ROW TWO: Judy Townsend. pegs The Women's Physical Education Department on the University of Buffalo Campus is represented by the organization popularly known as the P. E. G.'s. Our calendar of events encompasses many fields of interest with the accent, of course, on Physical Education activities. We work, play, and serve best when we undertake an activity as a group. This year, the social aspect of our program was well represented. A "Welcome Freshmen" picnic in the tall reorganized our group for the coming school year. An lntra-Department Sports Night in December gave both faculty and students a chance to display their varied talents. Christmas was celebrated in true holiday style with a turkey dinner planned, prepared, and enioyed by the department. All is not play, however. We are often called upon to roll up our sleeves, pitch in, and do some work. Our active recruitment committee has sent scouts out to comb the area for prospective Maiors. A freshmen- transfer student group coordinated the plans for our annual High School Play Day. On this day, we play host to all students interested in our field and give them a chance to see our program in action. The big project of the school year is our Spring Water Show. A compilation of the time, energy, and work that goes into this one show gives an accurate summation of the competence of the organization. Enthusiasm is a definite characteristic of the P. E. Gfs whether we be artistically creating scenic master- pieces for our Water Show or energetically displaying our athletic and vocal prowess on the volleyball court. l67 ROW ONE2 Hefbeff P0fdUm. Sergeant-at-AVFUSJ JOl1f1 F0I'iif1l, 59CV9i0fYi R- Tl'1OfT1GS Schaper, Bob Sanders, Dick McLaughlin, Bob Barczak, Dave Gardner. ROW FOUR Trimble, PfeSldef1if RlCl1Ufd BUfil'0, WCG PI'9Sld9'1li Hefbefi B0Ch, TFSGSUFGF: Paul Dr. Friz Febel, Sponsor, Ray Rosinski, Joe Oliverio, Mike Valentic, Ken Parr, Jim Craw- Sfelnlgf Hi5T0fiGf1: ROUGH Pviuk, Glllde- ROW TWO: DUN Kendki Al Mliddi Jim GVGPSSJ ford, Mike Wech. ROW FIVE: William J. Roof, Lawrence Veronica, John Herman, Willie R. Evans, Ron E. Taylor. ROW THREE: Carl Usatch, William Monkarsh, Dick Joe Ventura, phi epsilon kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa is a national professional fraternity in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. lt was founded in 1913 and has collegiate chapters on the campuses of thirty-seven colleges and universi- ties. ln addition, there are eighteen alumni chapters located in cities throughout the United States. The fraternity is selective on the basis of scholarship, character and future promise. Our local chapter, Alpha Nu, has been in existence at our university since l95O. One of the most important advantages to the individual member lies in his after-college days as an alumni member. He may remain a member of his national professional fraternity for life. Being an alumni member of an active and progressive professional fraternity is an aid to continued professional growth. Phi Epsilon Kappa is a charter member of the Professional Inter-fraternity Conference and an affiliated organization of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Highlighting the year's activities were the Initiation Dinner-Dance in February and in observance of Founder's Day on April l2th, a Dinner-Dance was held co-sponsored by the Buffalo Alumni and our Alpha Nu Chapters. Throughout the year, we had many guest speakers who enlightened us on the duties . and activities of our profession. Phi Epsilon Kappa also publishes a professional journal, The Physical A Educator which each member receives four times a year Regardless of the profession for which a young man is preparing, becoming a member of the national fraternity of his profession is an indication of his interest and seriousness of purpose in his profession. l68 , ,A l H ROW ONE: Leigh R. Meir-linger, Secretary? Neil R, Vgndermeulgnl Vice. Bennettg Roger Mannerberg. ROW THREE: Bob Laboskyf Frank Tometichg PfeSidef1T: R5ChHrd E- Gang, Presidentg Howard R. Kopp, Treasurer. ROW Paul l. Ortalanog Ronald Woolfendeni Roy Gerstenberg, William Vigrass. TWO: R. F. Tomczakg James F. Deckg Ralph M. Frischg John Spoorg Orlo spartans This organization was founded by the vanguard of Korean Veterans, and received official charter in 1952. The club's chief interest is in the welfare of the veterans on campus. Good fellowship and common interests unite a strong group of men who know well the cost of the freedom which we all enioy. Dance parties highlight our social activities. The annual initiation party consists of "The Grand March," "Partaking of the Holy Nectar," and "Knighthood of the Grand Lahmaf' The initiation party was themed "Dante's lnfernalf' Sport indulgence included bowling and softball, Volleyball and Basketball. An annual stag card party might also be under this category. The year was completed with a good rousing picnic early in May. The future looks bright for the club. Vets are now accepted for membership with six months of active duty. This provides great new potential for future years. Good times are not forgotten by the Spartans. Much time is spent discussing each member's active l service experience. A The Spartans sponsored a joint meeting of other college veterans organizations to learn and discuss veterans' benefits. ' l69 4.4 , if., My . ms-f. 'WQ My . ROW ONE: Sandra Stegnerg Lynne Eleen Weaverg Myrna Z. Burstein, PresidenTgMargaret J. Crimaldi. ROW TWO: Ronald D. Johnson, Treas- urerg Phyllis C. Wickesg Trudy Nording Barbara A. Hayes, Nancy Finchp Murray Finch. american pharmaceutical association millard fillmore association LEFT to RIGHT: Edward Mattarg Robert Frucellag Mary Virginia Ruthg Edward Klein, Presidentg Eleanor Douresg Savilla Nicholsong Harriet Pitzg Julius Horvafhg Henry Zwierzchowski. 'Minn' f Your H fn? it Qi' ,, 2 . gt ' of 'QD x, 4? '-1 photo club ROW ONE: Ruth Weinberg, Secretary-Treasurerg Kay Mereweatherg Peggy Boehmg John Waugh. ROW TWO: Barbara Yeungerg Dick George, Presidentg Bill Froelieh, Vice-President. ABSENT: Bob Englg Conrad Zaranski. rifle clulo ROW ONE: Wayne Ledderp James Schiffhauer, Treasurerg Alfred Strash. ROW TWO: John Bacong James Maiewskig Kenneth Peter- song James S. Jobe, S, Sgt, Assistant Rifle Team Advisory Gerald Hansg Jerold McClurep Franklin Granada. ABSENT: Capt. Jerome R Burns, Faculty Advisory Jay E. Riedel, Team Capt, instructors Colonel George L. Ross, Professor of Air Science ROW ONE: Major William C. Waller, Colonel George L. Ross, Maior Runge, Captain Michael J. Carlin, Captain Carl P. Witfenburg, Captain Marion A. Lund, Major James A. Coleman. ROW TWO: Captain Harry V. Joseph P. McAllister, Captain Jerome R. Burns. Cflst Lt. Paul C. Dippert, Commander. d Il m lst Lt. James Bement, Commcnderg Cadet John T. Slater, Directory Cadet Robert L. Pompi, Drum Major. coder Gerald seems, Director. g C I u b arnold air society cadet officers wing staff CfMai. Roger P. Kruzicki, CfMai. Ronald S. Teller, CfMai. W. Lanfry Janecek, CfCol, Aloisius S. Grikis, CfMai. Richard J. Waller, CfMai. Robert F. Mullen, CfMai. Lawrence E. Lauer. ROW ONE: MfSgf. Richard C. Dugan, MfSgt. Arthur E. Hinton, TfSgf. Wilson V Seiling. ROW TWO: Staf'ffSgf. Alfredo B. Carcoba, TfSgt. Eldon E. Lonsberry S1afffSgf. James 5. Jabe. Orientation Flight to Bartow Air Force Base. T-37 Jet Trainer, Bartow, Florida Rifle Team ROW ONE: Cadets. ROW TWO: J. Reidel, Captaing Z. Strash, H. Axelson. , , Parade In Review ,ts A Q. , -P' kai Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum v,i,,4, 1 'xii Operation Turnout, Fail 1959 Dr. Edward Miller, German LuftwaFFe Test Scientist During World War II, Speaking to AS I Cadets. 177 "Size, Anyone???" W , 5 1 "V"-Q QF-W 'luyl Rf gfi' .fxff V f 1"f' 2. Q ,Q- M df ,Q 6 Y. +21 if al' yn 32, ' 4 Kp! k"i-A F ,Q , - -. n - -: g5ivwai+i . , ' S dorms Y 1 Eg gay is ROW ONE: Lawrence Feinbergg Philip Miller, Secrefaryg Arthur J. Tross, Treasurerg ROW TWO: Eugene Tulichg Edward Sfevensg Charles Stebbinsg Anthony Zappone Charles Magowitz, Presidenlg Carolyn Doyle, Corresponding Secretaryg Joan Walker. Barbara Slaterg Helen Sfoufp Mary Cunninghamg Judy Talarica, infer-residence council head residents LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Edward McGuire, Mrs. Kafhrine O'Neill, Mrs. Grace Fenner, Miss Margaret Benade. gkiqifik I ...P .Q:..nue,, .N A Q-Q-3 ami ,ll flliga VXA U, 6 Ng J - ' T an 5 I fl A KY I 1 ' If fy ... 1 A . 1 - Lx N M, H L . ..ff .N ,, V f 1. , V, H. A v gl s if g at xx' V ,W - . I Nm, wqi ys. 4 , , by J JL . - ,- . J-Q. t 1 ' r- , ,, .1 J w .I ff. 9- K. ROW ONE: Eugene Tulich, Van Alois, Treasurer, Edward Stevens, Vice-President, lrv Koling Marvinton Sweeney, Stanley Leon Gilbert, Edward McGuire, Charles Bailey, Anthony Zappone, President, Arthur J. Tross, Corresponding Secretaryg Philip Miller. Charles Stebbins. ROW TWO: Charles Magowitz, Samson Onwuagbizu, Barry Berling Larry Feinberg, 1 tower house council The Tower House Council is the governing body of the Tower Residence Hall. The Tower House Council represents a sound intellectual, social and governmental learning experience for the resident-student. lt attords the student an opportunity to play an active and vital role in this growing university. The council consists of two elected representatives from each ot the floors of the Tower Residence Hall. The President of the Council is elected by the entire Tower Dormatory to serve for a period of one year. The council has formed its own Court and Judiciary system to handle problems concerning the entire dormatory. The House Council Court is similar to the iudiciaries that exist on the individual floors with the exception that it has appellate powers. The social committee ot the Tower Council has sponsored several dances, Jazz Concerts, popular movies, and faculty discussions for the benefit of the Tower Residents. lts athletic committee has organized numer- ous activities involving sports contests between the individual floors. The Tower House Council has truly provided the residents of the Tower with an interesting and enioy- able curriculum of events. T84 SECOND FLOOR ROW ONE: David Haas, Norman Wolfe, Bob Kraft, Richard W. Reno, Athletic Chairman, John Cali, Wil- liam F. Rosenthal, Richard Wolin, Resident Advisor. ROW TWO: Leon- ard Jacobson, Terry Washburn, Presi- dent, Alan Steinberg, Bruce Musacch- io, Gary Stephany, Terry Pfeffer, Peter lntrieri, Phil Ress. ROW THREE: Franklin Samuel, Arnold Nerenberg, Secretary-Treasurer, David Elwell Gary Narewski, Joe Wasileski, Philip Miller, Floor Representative, Terry Maxwell, Dick Reeve, Dale Winkler. THIRD FLOOR ROW ONE: Robert Sagan, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Ira B. Koval, Social Chairman, Antonino Catanzaro, Presi- dent, Richard Trader, Vice President, Charles Stebbins, Wing Representa- tive, Neal Szatmary, Athletic Chair- man. ROW TWO: William lsaacks, Dennis Poston, Ralph Walton, Howard Shiffman, Chuck Caussain, Mark Maurer. ROW THREE: William Hughes, Jules Levine, Douglas Living- stone, LeRoy Wilson, John Rudl, Jr. FOURTH FLOOR ROW ONE: Martin Shubert, Social Chairman, Richard Cellino, Floor Representative, Alexander J. Bodnar, President, Louie C. Russell, Secretary, George W. Clapp. ROW TWO: Don Mclntosh, Dave Manners, Larry Gru- endike, Bill Wilkenson, Steven H. Walzer, Conrad Sharrow, Resident Advisor. ROW THREE: Douglas Sand- burg, John Mahar. F 3t'i5i3 7 is- at ,M s Q kg FIFTH FLOOR ROW ONE: Owen Diamond, Allen D. Krassenbaum, Charles A. Laible, Timothy Sierenpiper, Joseph Mulvey. ROW TWO: Jason Nogee, David J. Levine, Malcolm Wattman, Ronald Tecler, Michael Mittler. SIXTH AND SEVENTH FLOORS ROW ONE: Ivan Rubin, Thelonious Monk, Walter Sharrow, Wing Ad- visor, John Hazeltine, Wing Advisor, Bruce Bauer, Howard Shecter, Albert Repicci. ROW TWO: Lawrence Fein- berg, Joseph Barbier, Dave Cacca- mise, Rocco DeMarco, Al Lubow, San- dy Robbins, Barry Weber. ROW THREE: Philip Zaleon, Donald Pan- grazio, Michael Weinstein, Cresenzo, Schettim, James Hole, Arthur Kreutz. EIGHTH FLOOR ROW ONE: Michael Meddoff, Bill Darnell, Gary Rodney, Roger A. Loeh- ler, Steve Khotim, Jim Orr, Dan Wole. ROW TWO: Thomas Mozgawa, Rog- er Koniuto, Francis Kramer, Jack Dan- ielson, Tory Battaglia, Jerry Miller, Paul Krestalude. ROW THREE: Dale Ludwig, Clip Smith, Jim Quiggle, Dick Mestler. NINTH FLOOR ROW ONE: Ronald J. Santelli George Maringer, Kenneth R. Ketay, B. Foster Berlin, Dave X. Denerstein, Paul S. Becchetti, Joel D. Sherman. ROW TWO: Michael Unterweger, Thomas Sternfeld, Don Schmigel, Ed Zyniewicz, Norm ltzkofT, Arnold Wies- enfeld, Ed Shannon, Doug Rhodes. ROW THREE: Gary Minowitz, Steve Hanzlik, Robert Wheeler, Jerry Alt- man, Steve Szczerbacki, M. Rebee, Dave Gross, Paul F. Martin. TENTH FLOOR ROW ONE: Eugene Tulich, Douglas Pierce, Noel Zidel, Burt Arnow, Ger- ald Sommer, George Naiim, Ronald A. Betor. ROW TWO: Jim Morse, Jeff- rey Van Zandt, Herb Nerwin, Mark Schnell, James Wolfe, Richard'Coh- en. ROW THREE: Paul Feinstock, Jerry Freischlag, David McKinney, Alan Solomon, Jet? Werblin, Jim Titus, Sam Betor. ELEVENTH FLOOR ROW ONE: Mike Worden, Dean Or- man, Jiro Hayashi, Ted Monroe, Jeff Graff, Larry Tractenberg, Lou Sha- piro, Don Urell, Jim Kolanoski, Bob Baker. ROW TWO: Sam Weinstein, Bill Copeland, Joe LaZazzara, Aldo Blanco, lrv Kolin, Ed Taylor, Mike Latimer, Steve Konowalow, Al Sorrell, Dave Wood, Rodney Battes. ROW THREE: Fred Warnick, Ray Welch, Pat Price, Jerry Umansky, Marty Orlowski, Bernie Kleinman, Dave James, Bruce Selden, Dick Kozlowski, Paul Lee, Mike Babbitt. 'Af VV L,L?, V V VV ,, M , , V , , V , .V VV , Viii VV .5 . V. y, ,, V , V .V Vg Q. 754,, f gli ,,1ee,,i,iMVVgW,,VV ti, , . VJ V . gf . I-A 1 ' f ,L m f 2 if IAP MH I- I , . I - 7 . L,,' - ,KQK g. P MITV VI. ,V AV V V 1 VV . ,V .NI V S. . V ,, f f H 9 l 1 I I '3 Y' " ' ' P ' T f 'A t if Q9 ,f Q ' ' , it . I, "Q 5, gg 11. if' ' , A ' il' Q vi A. -Q 1 in -I . yy H -I I H ii , I' If I it 4' f- W . , ,, V , - ,V VV I , L- E Ja ' L ' A 'Tr if Y . ' 9 .ss tr W 1 Q" pix.. 'H I. , , ' '- fe 21 5 me A 'H . ., . V .V , T, I 3 - 1 A , Q FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS ROW ONE: Mildred Vogelien, Susan Steinbruun, Bunni Bauman, Judy Kreger, Patti Williamee, Linda Rubin, Helen Luloff, Joan Walker, Mary Cunningham, Betty Winkler. ROW TWO: Virginia Burton, Anne Forsythe, Irene Lyon, Melanie Banach, Ellen Bless, Doris Stein, Margo Clark, Ann Connolly, Ruth Smalline, Judy Camp, Emma France, Carolyn Doyle. ROW THREE: Mary Erickson, Con- nie Southard, Adelaide Anderson, Paula Schwartz, Susan Hurd, Mrs. Grace Fenner, Head Resident, Renie Share, Florence Quacken- bush, Joyce Broadhurst, Sandy Herritt, Liz Greene, Lyrna Tanner, Marianne Bonanno, Ann Maltby, Sharon Fellows. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS ROW ONE: Marcia Winhold, Linda Merry, Louraine Phifer, Dawn Valentino, Harriet Savlov, Laurie LazeroFF, Pam Gowan, Barbara Paige, Jean Ann Bianchi, Polly Roget, Jane Dudley. ROW TWO: Carol Templeton, Carol Reiner, Cordelia Brew, Nancy Irish, Barbara Kolan, Barbara Granite, Herma Hordes, Linda Freeman, Susan Rockmore, Elayne Birnbaum, Gail Belfor, Anne Garden, Noreen Schaefer, Judy Barron, Jean Conklin. ROW THREE: Annette Meshnick, Leah Epstein, Kinda Goldberg, Marsha Fader, Betty Cantline, Jean Klarberg, Claire Sevigny, Barbara Dorfman, Karen Brand, Marilyn Hansen, Lorna Mintz, Gina Wilson, Sandy Coahn, Bev Nor- ris, Jeanne Colozzi, Sybil Love. i .. ,. I gi Q.. , W iici . ,, , , I " Q3 -Wi .wif ' 321 I V , - , 1- N., Q lam Vi? V A, Q 0, V . , ,1 ., ,V 3 ig, V I-ada ' ef' V". -A Ic if If: si . .X In . ' g. s li ' QI ' 1 'I g i' It iii. If i s ' 'J I I ' W ' g. ' Ng V "" L -'. ' ' xt' A ' 1 3 . ,-fr:-ff V II 6 J, .. i- ' - ZW.. .- x -1- - Y r 2 4- , ,-f, K f M, , , 1 :r , ff , N V , , f ' - . 'I' TZ'T"?"'liIA., 'JP f LC B- by si Qi 1:55:13 G1 W- it .W Fei, X , . hge, V ' V .X V X , ,,. V , ,V,,, H c K 'Mag I , Q33 ,wr I . , I ' we- f ' pf" V' fls fvak scri 1 0' i .. 1 L' 'Q' . . S -1 4' - 'I I f I, ' If , , - i me iw-1 . . T V 1 Vg, I I Q A 1, g p, 1 I.. , 5 , sgikh V . ,V . Vi k , W -' ',- w i , ,..., , f we i V IQAV . Xa V V . , . . . VV ,W A - - - 1....f - I . . ' iid 1 IIIII i ' . . V .,. ia I88 "' f macdonald if-ff FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS ROW ONE: Margaret Luechauer, Margie Finch, Christa Prugel, Mimi Friedman, Lynne Dworsky, Ginny Verral, Assistant Head Resi- dent, Miss Margaret Benade, Head Resident, Joyce Fleidhman, Eva Weil, Marilyn Bianchi. ROW TWO: Charlyn Rhodes, Sandra Stenger, Jane Ccsler, Suzanne Wasson, Susan Pines, Joni Conroy, Bayla Rubin, Beverly Cohen, Patricia Schilt, Margaret Harwood, Phyllis Wickes, Irene Piecuch, Judy Talarico, Nancy Finch. ROW THREE: Marcia Zuckman, Liene Viksne, Shirley Guilfoos, Stella Schnei- der, Patricia Morrison, Carole Bernhardi, Trudi Nordin, Margaret Scholl, Koreen Lyon, Ruth Williams, Helen Sue, Janice Druszynski, Ellen Ziolko. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS ROW ONE: Carol Ghinger, Linda Koenigsberg, Anita Silverman, Mindy Lehman, Barbara Slater, Sezen Ziral, Rosemary Andaloro, Joan Kane, Lois Case, Sandra Katkov. ROW TWO: Claudine Weed, Sally Connor, Jacquelyn Ripley, Carolyn Tsou, Mary Claire Hager, JoAnn Corsette, Emily Levine, Elizabeth Goering, Nancy Solomon, Sandy Fishel, Joyce Fishman, Phyllis Miller, Sheila Rudd. ROW THREE: Arvilla Squire, Matsushita Tei, Beth Calkins, Rhonda Cohen, Anita Pelino, Claudia Britt, Bonnie Grimm, Meredith Hoff- man, Penny Popp, Margaret Sterling, Barbara Walters, Bronnie Rover, Carole Zitzner, Linda Rothman. si:---+ - ifgifi? l89 'S.. michael HOUSE COUNCIL ROW ONE: Frank Alessi, Secretary, Saul Lerner, Advisor, Grant Bennett, President, Bud DeSantis, Vice Presi- dent. ROW TWO: David Abel, First Floor Representative, Tony Alaimo, Wing Representative: Bob Cohen, Wing Representative, Bill Abdallah, Wing Representative. FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS ROW ONE: Frank Alessi, Robert Bun- ner, Robert Chait, Grant Bennett, Steve Harris, President Second Floor, Saul Lerner, Wing Advisor, Tony Alaimo, President First Floor, Thomas Alderson, Vice President First Floor, Charles Ayers, Ed Barra. ROW TWO: David Bailey, Larry Chait, Joe Aiello, Bill Abdallah, Jim Argana, Art Alt- man, Howard Burn, Bob Cohen, Leon- ard Klein, Jerry Greenfield, Kenny Blake. ROW THREE: Dave Abel, Bruce Brumfield, Alan Anderson, George Allgaier, William Connors, William Barrett, Eddie Brandt, George Con- nors, Bob Keller, David Almeter. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS ROW ONE: Robert A. Johnston, Burt Goldstein, Wing Representative, Soul Lerner, Wing Advisor, Bud DeSantis. ROW TWO: Ron Josephson, Jac Cov- ert, Baron Von Newman, Dick Dibble, Dave Higley, Paul Campbell. ROW THREE: Arnold Hierl, Robert Czar- necki, Daniel C. Davies, Jr., Marvin Jay Glockner. l9O l schoellkopf CHORUS ROW ONE: Lorraine Cartier, Linda Bell, Margaret Vitanza, Ginger Bat- tershall, Shara Crumbling, Director, Jean Kuhn, Marilyn McPherson, Lynn Weigand. ROW TWO: Sylvia Strong, Beth Harley, Glenys Jones, Sharon Taylor, Mary McGregor, Gloria Holden, Carolynn Perkins. HOUSE COUNCIL ROW ONE: Linda Bell, Secretary, Ellen Silvernail, Vice President, Mrs. Katherine O'Neil, Sylvia Strong, Presi- dent, Dotty-Jo Williams, Resident Ad- visor. ROW TWO: Jean Kuhn, Mar- garet Vitanza, Lynn Weigand, Donna Stonecliffe, Barbara Shebairo, Carol Aldrich, Flo Silverman, Resident Ad- visor. ROW THREE: Marilla Race, Lois Frenger, Linda Nevill, Joan Menschen- freund, Kay Albinson, Linda Forman I Libby Rosenbloom, Resident Advisor. STUNT NIGHT Joan Nenschenfreud, Beth Hartley, Sharon Taylor, Nancy Zaman, Barba- ra Klatsky, Kay Albinson, Marlene Bloom, Carol Zielinski, - 1' is Vw- 5 X , J, QA, My vw T iii lil! as si if lk' Q its 'Q 1 dgtixrvi. Q kgira A 'W fr 'Q-'fi"5ffi'4Q1f5H'f3'f'm "-. ' I Ji H' W! in-" 2' My 'L f-at-'li , six is fT'fw iii: il E alll if it 'iii Y! ,FM ,nw ll I it "ff Q' iii? L , A 2 5 S , by ' Q' kr! lp A 'f Q , 5 QW Q ,. 'S , s 5 find .1 1 My if M ' 49 H W to U, f K, tru . Q K fx I ly 'K 'J lfiiw S' yi., ,ff a . 1 "M . nf 5 ,wfWfQ3,5 X. ,. :N fx. if I 2 ,aww Q Wwmw My W QQ mvfmg E K fi 'F .5 ...ami Q lim , 5 4 IIT? ., i K' Mi umffd nun? l IIIEE S WY!! 1 we .ap QF A fs.. 4., +A , ZV, LV,g as . N K ,X .5 'jg if . K. 1 Avfyj 'Kia fl if . ' iff.-lf . 'L ' 5 5 I K'f.-A-V 2 A. LK,m ..K . V ' A : f W 5: f f - ' Km. VKK K 2+ ff' . if faq 5, 1' , ,N QMf"f3w'f 4 v.mgwQ'w2g , fl' Y . 4 ,F . if 3 - ga. X 'ig iff. .,T ff' "i 1": 'Y 'Y , S 'Eg A gym? f g, K,, QQ K 1, ,-1 f I Y 'I 'ffim -A J f "t7,xf,'k'f ' KL, Eff- V T565 f ,K:'!',e-KK'1', 'E J 4 - .V f 1 "'T4+44fa1 ,. Q 1v'..f3Qwif'?QiQ3' 5:3 R. i Wi i.f75'ffix '?vf'5di'f'V 4 'fi fi" ' lf? . 'rf '55 L - Q51-31.2 'ff ff: Mi' SKY". Wi' '.- " . -.. f- .7 -K" Vg 'Q U . vjfQ. f 'w 4 k xuwfwf AWK! uf' 6 Q, .gf ' yi-? jf My fi' ,sw ?5f,r',3:.:3'1'e'5.-r,nff , i.'i'Qf3".,3.SQ"'K : gf f' 1 f '. IX? Inf? "A 3 fy' af MV ff A152 VQSAX 'Ls "Lf" If -'!.Q'f'f 1 ' ' 5: .gif We ."f .Q f:ff1ana,'2"+fx M 'Wig 90- ,J I Sf' P'2-mrff .4 f' K K y' . V . I , 1, 1,1 A, V MKKKVK' N Q5gKJmKgw , A 1' K :KK 'PK ,KK K KW K K. 1 ,KKK KKi.'5: .Sv 3143-i'9s5,ff',. iff Q if fl my sf wHQQ3'.-fir. MTI V' W2 . fu, K.l .KS K r K If K1 X f KU H, L., My K',.- , QgKXK .5 +sk,. , KK 5.5 If KK K A . K fkg K .gig 5 if:f',,KKT,.1,i,:2xKKKz,.,KK 'xKiiQf?ffg Kxgiwji NK, SK 42? is .. . . 'f W : t - '+ f,'..f,.M.' -' K K Q ' K N 'f' 'Q 5 iff ,f" Kfjfn, ffsf 5 :Aki - kfxfxfy, tif iw Ke, iz , 1 . 7 32 - H E? 'wfs MSSQEW f m f fsgwfwfff V- 3 - Q ,Q-f f'w8 .3x5,: ,af Sf m, yq,'Qq X, X, fr 1 Q!ii"FK .,.,:.5'f5 . fi . aff xg if :xiii-2-:J -J? 0 .JE' 1,+Si"'X'Q-?AA'i'2 ., Y . K fl' N H K 1 KA 'W , ,, ,KK -K K -A W K, M 'M 3 .mia-s fx fr ' . 5 3 "NEA Q'lix5'1'5f' f'v"'f ff+?".?xfsf 2fi.1,5Qd9Q,3ff! -haw ,V KK 'F if sv I guy' xy ,'f4RllKm,,,gKgK15ae. - f 'A ,if"f4'--ft,-5, - mf' ,K ,. .gm-f,'5 3 A K Kg HH: -KK, 'XRQT D5 .1 W .',,,3, .Kip ' fl. LHKie,. iK il K 4. A ,. Q , ' 'f 'ff if f Os- gf, .r.!, if my , 'duff x . W 1' , , -1fw'Qigiaw:,. .za if f F 'Y f , L ' Qtr.. , 2 EMKQKEQ KKK.g.1-i. -'din 5353? A. ,..if:KKQKK sg KK K . ,fra if A- V ,, . ,QyLF',fV'- - W - .J 5 4' f 'fi I, -51 " ' ' 'z 4 5 K 2 3 if i .Y Ka . , Hui. sf :W . f,.M..f,.wi'2" .f 1 ff ' 1 ,Q . fnsjrgg. 1.fe,, 5 PM in My 3 -fivzwlr pf' if sl 5 '.i5!iQ5':gE1i2, , ki! iff! tkvfx my yang gms? rags U 1 ,I ww ,K.KKs K A-1 KK, A ic ,ibn 'ki 'WMi:,kKf3t,.,Z,f,,?j':L N 'Q aj ' 'gfffgi A-Ji!! - QQQKKK .KW - ' me . Q 1' A 'L " ' KA Y A , Y - QI' V ' i . ,, .4u,,. .A t ... iff" ff 551 1 M 11 f.'5'fWg hx' ' W Q i f :iglff iif xi-ffi jwq ffg HA , Wy , . I L, , 5, xy X is V WMM ,,.. rf .fff mg ,.,::..1: -V l:,A2Mfw,1,4Q.w. 1: , , , ,l , ig V, L myyw gg, - , M In my :- , , i , W .k,. , 5, i asf V xg - , i ff QL 'L L . ,., Vg- - lfgxaig ,Za , A Richard Olfenhamer Head Football Coach xiii ' . 5, '1 - 1:-. Q1 - mmf 4 """HR' if ff' H We 1555, Mille, Qt' fu " l'4v'jvf?ff5Fll,,f Charles Burr Publicity Director 'EF 4 , Nia 3 5...---121 - ' ff 5'I-,1m.Qts6feQf:ai+5'f wi f-wi f 4 ,ww .ww we . . ,,-f ,:,,,,:,,,,V, 'K -' ' ,,ix.m 'JN Sidney Schwariz Fencing Coach Ronald LaRocque Wrestling Coach James Peelle Director of Athletics Dr. Leonard Serfustini Edwin Ml-Ito Basketball 8. Gqlf Cough Freshman Basketball Coach 81 Director of Intramurals William Sanford Emery Fisher Tennis 81 Swimming Coach Track 81 Cross Country Coach sports varsity football team ROW ONE: Eugene Reilly, Eugene Guerrie, Wesley Wertman, William Roof, Joseph Shifftet, Edward Mooradian, Robert Ranus, William Selent, Joseph Barke, Robert Oliverio, Gordon Bukaty, Stephen Salasny, Paul Szymendera, George Maue, Gerald Yanchuk, Nathan Bliss, John Powley, John Hartman, Bernard Fagan. ROW FOUR: Gergley, Joseph Cesari, Donald Tripi, Ezan Bagdasarian. ROW TWO: Ronald Clay- Theodore Rybak, Manager, David Hazell, Manager, Assistant Coach Thomas G. back, John Fortini, Carley Keats, Raymond Raolini, Willie Evans, John Dempsey,George Duff, Assistant Coach Ronald M. LaRocque, Head Coach Richard W. Offenhamer, Delaney, Co-Captain Sam Sanders, Co-Captain Stanley Kowalski, William Brogan, Assistant Coach Michael E. Rhodes, Assistant Coach Robert C. Deming, Trainer John I.. Robert Muscarella, Robert Adams, Fred Kogut, John Herman, Thomas MacDougall. Sciera. ROW THREE: Lucian Lodestro, Bernard Ralph, Robert Miller, Charles Scott, Joseph Playing nine games and winning eight, the Bulls were ranked second only to Delaware, in the Lambert Cup race. Indicating the successful season to come, Buffalo breezed by Temple at Philadelphia, 28 to 14, in the first game. Second Game-meeting a highly respected and big Cortland State team the Blue Brigadiers were up for a tough game. Buffalo fans were treated to a 68 to 2 victory as the team completely outclassed their rivals. Third Game-On a terrifically hot day in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, the team met its only conquerer of the season. Being decisively outplayed for three quarters the Bulls pulled out a memorable comeback in the last quarter. Trailing 26 to O, the Bulls packed in 21 points and the Bucknell team heaved a sigh of relief when the game ended. Fourth Game-Given a chance to beat Baldwin-Wallace for the first time and to avenge last year's only defeat, the Bulls won a rough and tumble game 27 to 18. Fifth Game-Homecoming Day in Buffalo-rain, cold, wind and muddy field. With all these discour- agements meeting their wideopen game, the Bulls overpowered Western Reserve 22 to 2. Sixth Game-Meeting a rough Youngstown team for the first time, the Bulls were faced with knee- deep mud and very ungracious hospitality by the home club. However, a goal-line stand that ended with the half-time on the 1-foot line helped to ease out a 16 to 7 victory. Seventh Game-As usual, the Bulls greeted the AFROTC annual "Operation Turnout" with a thorough 41 to 6 trouncing. Rhode Island, sporting one of the Yankee Conference's top backfields, was awed by our "Grid Monsters." Eighth Game-Once again the rains came to Buffalo, but by now the Bulls had become "mudders." A strong Gettysburg squad had to score in the last minute to avert a shutout as U.B. spanked them 19 to 6. Ninth Game-Winding up the most successful two-year record in the school's history, Coach Dick Offenhamer's team was greeted with sun and a dry field for the first time in 5 games. With the thought of burying Marshall under a larger touchdown barrage than Delaware or Ohio University, the Bulls clobbered Marshall 37 to 12 on the home field. 1959 Temple Cortland Bucknell Baldwin-Wallace Western Reserve Youngstown Rhode Island Gettysburg Marshall 'r "' - 52 wp coaching staff T. Duft, R. LaRocque, R. Offenhamer, M. Rhodes, R. Deming. 14 Sept. 17 2 Sept. 23 26 Oct. 1 18 Oct. 8 2 Oct. 15 7 Oct. 22 6 Oct. 29 6 Nov. 5 12 Nov. 12 Nov. 19 197 1960 Army V.M.l. at Temple at Bucknell Youngstown at Western Reserve Colgate Connecticut at Gettysburg Boston University W' varsity offensive Team freshman football The freshmen, due To The varying offenses They practiced To help The varsity prepare for for Their weekly opponents, were not allowed To iell their own offense until The season was well under way. Losing close games to Colgate and Cornell, the Baby Bulls then overran The Cortland J.V. team. The season was fTnished with a 2 to l2 loss to the Syracuse frosh. There are a few frosh that are being looked to as promising for next year's varsity, when it will meet such opponents as Army, VMI, Boston University, Colgate, Connecticut, Youngs- town, Bucknell, Temple, Gettysburg, and Western Reserve. 8 Colgate 13 38 Cortland J.V. O O Cornell IO 2 Syracuse 12 T98 X 4 ,.. 'Q J. i , willie evans bill brogcm sam sanders at U.B.'s Gene Reilly sprints for goal-line on 28- yard touchdown run in second quarter against Gettysburg. AI Mayfield, Rucker Wickline, George Maue, U.B. halfback twists his way for 8-yard gain as Wickline closes in for tackle. Grip on face guard helps Tim Jones haul down Bill Brogan. ROW ONE: R. Mayer, L. Lauer. ROW TWO: J. Nogeeg N. ltzott, D. Hughes, Coach E. Fisher. cross country Suffering through the loss of 5 out of 6 of the previous year's trosh team, which was a N. Y state cham pion, the cross-country team faced an ambitious schedule with a little less talent than expected The team became the first U. B. team to invade West Point in a dual meet with the cadets. However the outcome was disastrous with Army taking the first twelve places. The rest of the season came out a little more happily. Don Hughes, Larry Lauer, Jay Nogee, Ron Mayer and Norm ltzhoFf did all the work for the squad Hughes, Lauer and Nogee were outstanding. U.B. Opponent l8 Canisius 47 E.C.T.I. 57 50 Army l5 34 Ontario Aggies 21 25 Colgate 30 27 Bufifalo St. 28 l 5 Brockport 42 Alfred 30 Cortland St. l 5 Niagara 19 St. Bonaventure 4th place-N. Y. S. C. 4th place-Canisius Invitational 5 .J M ,wg ROW ONE S Ballaglia, R. Rosinski, W. McEvoy, R. Schaper, R. Myzszewski, N. Shosho, P. Mallon, M. Winsick, Manager. ROW TWO: E. Muto, Assistant Coach K Parr D Baldwin J Walker E. Gunn, G. Flipski, D. Norton, D. Domkowski, L. Surfestini, Coach. varsity basketball The basketball team came through the l959-60 season in the fine fashion that has become customary for them. The season was climaxed by their fourth consecutive invitation to the NCAA tournament and a stunning upset over the always formidable Niagara. The Bulls avenged two of last year's defeats by scoring victories over Akron and Baldwin-Wallace. A victory over Colgate and losses to Cornell and Boston University marked the team's venture into the big time. The team always had a height disadvantage, but they made up for it in fight. They were never beaten badly, as they were always in contention right up to the Hnal buzzer. Two ofthe small men that pulled a big load were Bob Myszewski and Nick Shosho. Ray Rosinski, Paul Mallon, Dick Schcieper, Bill McEvoy, Gerry Filipski, Dave Baldwin, Earl Gunn, Jim Walker, Dick Dompkowski, and Ken Paar were also out- standing. The outlook for next year is very bright with a strong freshman team coming up, plus the fact that Shosho, McEvoy, Filipski, Myszewski, Rosinski, Walker, Mallon, Parr, Battaglia, and Bukaty are coming back. 202 U.B. Opponent 53 Cornell 60 84 Oswego St. 69 99 Lawrence Tech. 73 55 Boston U. 64 59 California Poly. 6l 8l Brockport St. 56 79 Buffalo St. 63 88 Cortland St. 54 82 Toronto 52 69 Wayne St. 73 92 Colgate 63 52 lthaca 5l 77 Siena 60 74 Rochester 68 78 Akron 7l 72 Alfred 65 94 Baldwin-Wallace 75 66 Buffalo St. 68 65 Wabash 76 53 Arkansas St. 52 65 Niagara 53 freshman Bob Myszewski ROW ONE: Gene Morrow, Beie Haiohn, John Miller, Jim Michalek, .lim Harrity, Fred Foster, Bob Baker, Peter Low, Manager. ROW TWO: E. Muto, Coachg Jim Wolfe, Jim Krawczyk, Dick Bono, Leroy Riley, Charles Winzer, Richard Dickman, Bob Plezia, Richard McLaughlin, Assistant Coach. ,f , ,mums avaxkfvdnmwvmavfwrvy X Dick Dompkowski, Team Captain Dennis Norton Goran -can-pg... "-m Dick Schaeper seniors KNEELINGQ Ivan Nymong Alan Freedmang Milt Fransong Ethan Intraterg Dan Rothman, STANDING: Saul Bresalierg Coach Sid Schwartzg Gene Inneog Sandy Scherg Dan Wil- enskyg Bob Welchg Tom Barkeri Stan Gilbertg Sandy Robbingsg Dick Goldsweig. fencing U.B. Opponent 37 Alumni I I I9 Oberlin 8 20 Fenn 7 I7 Wayne IO I7 Western Reserve IO 7 Notre Dame 20 I6 Syracuse I I With the varsity team rolling up a I2-2 record and the frosh a 9-O record, fencing at U. B. continued in its usual successful manner during the I959-60 season. The two losses came at the hands of skillful Notre Dame and M.I.T. The varsity placed fourth in the North Atlantic Intercollegiate Fencing Championships held at Drew University. Milt Franson and Ethan Intrader were outstanding in the Foil division, Bob Welch and Bob Fishman the Epee, and Sandy Scher and Stanley Gil- bert in the Sabre. These men all played important roles in scoring victories over some of the best fencers in the nation. The team avenged last year's losses to R.I.T. by defeating them I6-I I. I4 Hobart I3 I4 R. I. T. I3 I5 Syracuse I2 I2 M. I. T. I5 I7 Brandeis IO I6 R. I. T. I I I9 Hobart 8 205 ROW ONE: Dick Hall, Gary Preis, John Detweiler, Mike Valentic, Phil Warner. ROW Miller, Morris Rosenthal. Murwger- MISSING: Dorwld SCHOCH. Sum Svnders. Fred Koguf TWO: C h L R ' ' occ c ocque, Barry Knox, Joe Cesarr, Ron Clayback, Jerry Gergley, Whitey wrestling team The 1959-60 edition of the University of ButTalo's wrestling team is probably the finest team to come to the school in many years and perhaps in the school's history. Wrestling against the strongest schedule a U.B. wrestling team has faced, the team constantly showed good balance throughout the line-up. The team had experienced wrestlers in 7 out of the 8 weight classes. The experienced wrestlers were Dick Hall, Don Schoch, Mike Valentic, Barry Knox, John Detweiler, Jerry Gergley and Sam Sanders. Two promising and hard working newcomers, Ron Clayback and Fred Kogut, rounded out the first string. However, the team met with its old enemies of injury and lack of depth around the middle of the year, which cost them some points. Coach Ron LaRocque deserves a great deal of credit in taking over the team only last year and build- ing from a dismal l to IO season to this year's fine record. Probably Coach La Rocque's sweetest victory was over the President Athletic Conference Champion Allegheny College, who had an unbeaten record. UB Opp. 23 N.F. YMCA l 2 8 Colgate 24 l7 Allegheny l 3 29 Rochester 5 24 R.P.l. 8 7 Cortland 24 l 2 Ithaca 22 23 Ontario Aggies lO 9 Oswego 23 206 " l l U.B. Opponent 26 Toronto IO 28 Wesiern Onforio 7 T 6 Alfred 14 T3 Baldwin-Wolloce T9 24 Case 8 3 R. I. T. 29 John Brogan Sophomore, Swimming Teom Captain The First String l F t l l t l l L ,,, ROW ONE: D. Yakom, S. Armet, R. Gaynor, J. Gelle, A. Horowitz. ROW TWO: B. Korhbluth, V. Heckel, M. Loskowski, D. Hughes, W. Heinz, W. Sanford. ROW THREE W. Carpenter, J. Brogan, J. Hardenbrook, D. Mclntosh, R. Bedell. swimming Due to a severe lack of manpower, the swimming team suffered one of its most dismal seasons with only one win in thirteen meets. However, two sophomores, Captain John Brogan and Dave Hughes, were out- standing. Brogan, whose specialties are the 50-yard and lOO-yard freestyles, broke the all-time Buffalo single season scoring record. Hughes swam the 200-yard and 400-yard freestyle events and was a con- sistent winner. Meeting some of the East's top swimming schools in dual meets, the team was host to the New York State's championships on March 4-5. During this meet several of the pool records were broken. The outlook for next year is brightened by the fact that almost the entire squad is returning. A further boost to coach Sanford's hopes is the very successful freshman team led by Dave Yaham that will be moving up to plug the holes in the varsity. Buffalo State Niagara Rochester Saint Bonaventure Brockport State Union Colgate R. P. l. Cortland State Ontario Aggies Syracuse Niagara Buffalo State B. A. C. Meet N. Y. S. Meet 208 ROW ONE: M. D. Rosenthalf William English, Larry Stone, Leon Smith. ROW TWO: William Sanford, Bob English, Stu Kraut, Mickey Graver. Tennis team Coach Sanford met a nucleus of veterans and a few promising newcomers as the i959 season began. The team piled up a 8-2 record against strong competition. One of the team's defeats was against the East's top team, Colgate. Our team was by far the finest in Western New York competition proven by thoroughly swamping all of our local rivals. Morris Rosenthal had an outstanding record, losing only one match all season. Leon Smith, number one singles player, established school history by reaching the quarter finals of the Easterns. Along with his doubles partner, Mickey Graver, he once again made the quarter finals. Coach Sanford is expecting Rosenthal, Smith, Grover, Bob and Bill English plus several outstanding frosh for this year's team. It looks like a good bet that they will continue with the tradition of a good record. U. B. tennis team's record for the past ten years has shown 135 wins to I2 losses. Rochester Canisius E.C.T.l. Hobart Niagara Buffalo State E.C.T.l. Cortland Niagara Colgate Syracuse Buffalo State 209 ROW ONE: L. Lauer, l. Pearlman, P. Amato, R. DuBois. ROW TWO: E. Fisher, Coach, R. Becker, D. Hughes, N. ltztoff, M. Eggert. ROW THREE: R. Mayer, S. Sanders, J. Gram D. Schmaul, B. Freedman. track team The 1959 track team sported some of the finest track field performers ever to grace our campus. Paul Amato, Ken Becker, Mike Eggert, Sam Sanders, Larry Lauer and Don Hughes turned in some fine per- formances during the season. Most of these men competed in several events and are chiefly responsible for the team's top showing. The team started the season off right with victories and finished by winning the University of Buffalo Invitational Track meet. Buffalo State N. Y. State Meet at Buffalo Canisius College Brockporf Sfqfe Niagara University U.B. Invitational Meet Cortland State 210 - Cu 11 5 mrsmf KNEELING: Gary Fries, John Haubeil, Matt Winick, Manager. SITTING: Ron Paiak, STANDING: L. Kosobucki, Assistant Coach, S. Battaglia, W. Stoddard, R. Schaper R. McLaughlin, D. Perry, A. Mudd, J. Drohan, T. Crane, F. Kotlowskig D. Lawrence. W. Monkarsh, E. Purser, D. Gardner, R. Adams, J. Peele, Coach. baseball team The i959 baseball team has a truly outstanding record. The season started off with a flash as the Bulls won 9 straight games. They also traveled in pretty fast company toward the end of the season when they lost to Cornell 3 to O and Ithaca College I I to O. Bill Monkarsh, the powerful first baseman, was outstanding in the field, feared at the plate and quick on the base paths as he played errorless ball, hit over .400 and stole home twice. Bill was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers at the end of the year. As on all good teams there are a number of outstanding players. Besides Monkarsh, Gary Freis, Dick Shaeper, Ron Paiak and Bob Adams were outstanding. R.l.T. Niagara University of Rochester Western Reserve Buffalo State St. Bonaventure E.C.T.l. Canisius Colgate Ithaca College Brockport State Fredonia State 211 was ', , , , . , QM-rmi'n 35522 m1,:gsw A iw-? Q2?' gf? 'gc' g,g:Q,wQrf L. 51 .y ra. -- A v , M Mx Q , A, V ,V . ,- Z ,Q s v. .7 5 , f wpyfw, - A 11 ff? Hifi Q L, .i . Lsws4swf,1"5 -, ' 1 5 Arm , 5,11 isflifcty my :tif 1 : 555531 :www f M ,,., s fgsyffg 5 psf-,f J QV Liga X 'i if ,, .L 552 :12 gg i: wkgeaffzgvvg gii .fi- . , znkalwgfiiizf-i:', 5 ,WL ,iggxjigggg . YWI lvsvfi w ifk, 55529 'PQI :', i fwwsafpm ff fl ' ' . A .w'1Qg2f'f9'ST, 3 x Age. 7 Q: Limiii IJ- K inf 12151 .iw ftfmfffkclgfr ,. , ,z3i,.y, W5 X' 'ifflwsvix 1 ,, ,Y I .RI L1 5 Q f Q' f f, Lfmy if A1 ,mn -f 'W M W' . 'ew , , w A.,. .yi2,3W 5 -M" ' -Axim M,.p.A 1. wgggggx :R-izff' .1Jfq4v?5-f i y advertising ' ' iff 0 ' 4"-4-- 1 -2A'-'A'--"-Q ..,. ...QA.. ,....,. , . Z., D -'-' ZZZZII Zzzzizz :li , .:.:,:.:.::::i1::: U EVERYTHING UNDER UNE RUUF 'Huw Agronomy to Zoology or aledades to stuffed zebras UESNVKQU4 . . . -Whether it be books, gifts, room decorations or sup- K ' E , su nk plies, it's our wish and purpose to bring the conven- ience of modern shopping to our student and faculty family. Visit us often. You're a guest in our house. Th U ' 't B k t on Campus '90 Xf Q,-my Q Q 4 56 .-.-.'.-.-.-.g.g.g.:.:.,........ X s X w A S , V t CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 PARK FLORIST INC. 2926 MAIN STREET BUFFALO N Y. 1. c. STEPHENS Moron coup. Cl My Opposite N V N h PA 9200 The University Campus MEDICAL SUPPLIES PHYSICIANS I HOSPITALS . BY nf E 'Wu gym' JEFFREY-FELL CQ- woo Main sf. GA. woo Buffalo 9, N. Y- 432 Niagara Ziallu Blah ad Euffaln. aa f mcustorne p k g 32:1213254.'.-.-.-.'.'.-.'-1-'-1+Z-I-Zz!-I-Z-I-Z:Z:Z'I:Z'I-IgI32-1:17.3.3.g.g.g.g.g.g.'.'.'.'-'-'-'fl-'I-'-'-2-Z'Z'Z-I'Z-Z'Z-.-.-.-.'.:.-.:.E-Z-!-t-f-Z-1-1-Z-Z-Z-1-Iff-'-'fl'ffl-'fr-I-I-Z'I-Z-Z-.'.':.-.-.-.'.-.' -e LATEST ADDITION TD UNIVERSITY DF BUFFALO'S ff f If WI 17,1 IFI n' I VI I U ur 1 HEI! il sis ff' na. gil iii U! lllia ifi' f!!! '!'l5 fell egsel lxfu IK, i517 SEE' :gf 'nf A ii: was N5-gi l fall 'Il' fail!! , mul 141 iff! I iff! I J lajlfv 1 will ff J mt I5 My Bail CONSTRUCTION-EERED by SI EG F RI E D Vast expanses of glass keynote the exterior beauty of Acheson Hall of Chemistry, the latest addition to our University's expanding facilities. These extensive windows are functional, too. They provide light pleasant interior surroundings which are far more conducive to work and study. Adding to the attractive appearance of this ultra-modern building is the granite, brick and limestone facing. The concrete frame gives great ' . ft. of structural rigidity with minimum maintenance cost. 86,000 sq 'es lecture hall floor area provides ample space for classrooms, laboratori , and auditorium. TRUCTION-EERED by This is but one of several buildings CONS SIEGFRIED for the University of Buffalo. It was completed on schedule, and to the University's entire satisfaction. Are you thinking of building or remodeling? You too can rely on Siegfried to keep a sharp eye on your budget and time schedule. Your complete satisfaction is assured by our record . . . over 2400 projects CONSTRUCTION-EERED by SIEGFRIED during the past 25 . . .th e will be glad to discuss your building plans wi COIVIBINES BEAUTY AND UTILITY years. W Y ou. just phone us at ELmwood 4124. w Q, ,, , KOWLP gmentd O! HAQRISON IQADIATOR DIVISION General Motors Corporation Plr BUFFALO LOCKPORT NEW YORK NEW YORK 13:1:I:515:1:?:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:'lgIgS32:15:52i:21213:7:3:1:3:-:-:1:2:1:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:g:5:5:5:5:gtg:gt3:5251115131gigQgQgggggggigzQ1325:2:1:I:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-:5:5:Q:ggQ23:gg5:5:gzggzgrgigZgfgizi1I:1:22221:I:izizi:3:5:1:2:':-:-1-:4:-:-:-:-:r:-1':-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-2:13:121:::55:55:I:5zgtgig2:Igizi:I:2:iii:3:i:1:3:5:5:1:i:4:2:f:1 LIVE HIGH ON LOW BUDGET NEW NOTE FOR- CASUAL LIVING g A - FIVE FLOORS Fm Gendemenis M ' 1 FUENEEEE ' ' 5222 E,LE EE, in f Q i fi ENE " A Furnishings iii? and Natural iii? 'Ef- .VL FREE STORE my I V K - 1-3 lvv SIDE ShOL1ldCI' Clothing Ii ,.,. f - -f'- PARKING F. Scherer 8: Sons, Inc. Fine Furniture - Rugs 118-126 Genesee St. Buffalo 3, New York GERALD L. HEIDENBURG Meet Me At JAMES M. LO JACONO . . . C O L E ' S opposzte the Unzverszty ofBu1j'alo C ongrafulalions Class of '60 Remember . . . good clothing might not make the man, but it certainly helps to make a suc- cessful one! You will find clothes- by-Kleinhans a good rule to fol- low as you advance through life. Kleinhans Sport Shop MAIN AND CLINTQN IN DOWNTOWN BUFFALO 2 hours parking at the Vendome Garage with the purchase ol Sl or more Photography by joseph J. Crilley, New Hope, Pen yl fb Where Artist and raftsman Meet 44 At Keller the eye of the artist and the hand of the Craftsman meet to solve problems -just one of the things that make the distinctive difference in aVelvatone yearbook. WM J KELLER INC PUBLISHERS OF FINER YEARBOOKS BUFFALO 15, NEW YORK if:5:52325251525ZgIg!5I:I133212:Z:fzfzyfzfzfzf:Q:Q:1:i:Q:5:-31515::3:5:g:3:3:5:5:3:3: Q:Q:Q5121252:Q3Q:Q:Q:Q:3:3:5:i:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-2-:-2-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-1-:-:4:-:-:-ZZ:-:3:-:-:-1-:-:-:-2-2-:-25:32323:5:3:3:::3:::5:3:1:::-35: NOW THE YOUNGER MEN FIND THE SAME HIGH QUALITY, WELL STYLED CLOTHES THEIR FATHERS HAVE LONG EN jOYED FROM '4MORE'S" me so Our new department WWBUFFALO for students and young boys has become very popular G . E . M O R E C O . ELEVEN W. EAGLE ST. Established 1857 WA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 I IS MORE THAN A CLOTH I NG STORE MOTHER . . . IT'S A Gen lemerfs Ap arel for the 0 F L I Fashion-Mindid Gentry 3H9hJfUmh:3KUhh THE SQUIRE SHOP 76 NIAGARA STREET 4548 MAIN STREET BUFFALO. N. v. 5552 IN SNYDER OUR REPUTA TION. . YOUR PROPER FIT "" -in , D ! g 'W I any f'Snrq....,...,.,, Hwy? ' , . ,. 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YNY A Call American Airlines Mohawk 4242 for reservation everywhere Compliments of ROB ROY TAVERN 4516 MAIN STREET CI 9926 Compliments of HODGE FLORISTS INC. one of Amerif'a's finest florist 360 Delaware Avenue and Statler-Hilton Hotel Buffalo PARKRIDGE RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE Spefializing in Steak, Chicken, and Seafood Ilinners XVe Cater to Special Parties and Banquets -TACK and LARRY, Your Hosts 300 PARKRIDGE AVENUE Phones: AM 5699-PA 9709 hui-Sim G 'C U priate New Yorleff mort popular zke cream .... WILKIE'S STORES FOR MEN 4508 Main at Harlem Sheridan Plaza Snyder Kenmore Compliments of HOUSE OF PEIPING Finest Chinese Food in Buffalo Open 7 days a week EX 2080 1463-5 HERTEL AVENUE THE SYRACUSE RESTAURANT, INC. 4346 BAILEY AVENUE Wlndsor 5060 Best VVishes From The Mills Family Bujalonian editor Bill Daniels studies in comfort and style in a Pn uv.w E o Eliillillm compafri ,mia sold by leading dealers everywhere iilmpus CATERING NORTON HALL PRIVATE DINING ROOMS Phone CEASE AT 6222 Extension 606 . . . . . .-.-.g.-.3.g.3.:.:.:.3.3.5 Congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class, administration, and student body, from your ofiicial yearbook photographer, DUN JAY STUDIIJS, Inc. THE STUDIO UF MUIJEHN PIIUTUGHAPIIY COMPLIMENTS OF PEARCE Gu. PEARCE REALTORS 478 BROADWAY, LANCASTER, N. Y. HEgent B265 Compliments of TINNEY CADILLAC CORPORATIGN 2421 MAIN STREET BUFFALO 14, N.Y. :ggzfzgzg:g:g:::::1:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.1.-.g.g.5.3.g.g.g.g.g.g.g-g-1 5,11:g:g:1:1:f.1.14-:-:-:-,'-',-,'-',-',-',-',--,-'-',-',-',-',-',-',-',-',-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.'.-.f.:.: :-:.:-:-z.:-z-z-:-z-:-z-:-:-:-',-',-',-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-, KENTON MANOR COURT Buffalo's leading Motel provides the maximum in comfort, convenience and hospitality for your friends and business associates. 2075 SHERIDAN DR. at COLVIN 140 ROOMS RI 9800 Restaurant Telephones and TV in Every Room COMPLIMENTS OF ONETTO'S RESTAURANT 3030 Main at Bailey Serving U.B. Students Quality Food and Drinks at moderate prices since 1928 Compliments of NEWTREND FURNITURE INC. Sheridan Dr. at Millersport Hgwy. Joseph Davis, Inc. Heating Engineers - Heating Contractors Power Plants - Process Piping Davis Refrigeration Co., Inc. Worthington Air Conditioning Refrigeration Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Co., Inc. Automatic Sprinkler Systems Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems 120-132 WEST TUPPER ST. Buffalo l, N. Y. WA 8435 Acknowledgements Publisher-Wm. Keller Inc. Photographers-D011 Jay Studio Audio Visual Center Buffalo Courier-Express University Office of Information Advisors-William Sanford III john Z. Okoniewski index Administration 6-8 Hillel Club 155 Advertising 212-227 lnterfraternity Council 92 Bisonhead 133 National Student Association 147 Butfalonian Staff 156-157 Newman Club 154 Cap and Gown 132 Pan-Hellenic Council 92 ChanceIlor's Message 3 Pegs 167 Dedication 2 Personnel Committee 142 Editor's Message 4 Photo Club 171 Honoraries 132-137 Rho Chi 136 Alpha Lambda Delta 134 Rifle Club 171 Bisonhead 133 Silver Ball Committee 151 Cap and Gown 132 Spartans 169 Rho Chi 136 Spectrum 158-159 Phi Eta Sigma 135 Student Academic Affairs 147 Tau Kappa Chi 137 Student Activities Committee 147 Greeks 88-127 Student Councils 146-147 Alpha Epsilon Pi 94-95 Student Judiciary Committee 140 Alpha Gamma Delta 96-97 Student Publications Board 141 Alpha Kappa Psi 98-99 Student Senate 139 Alpha Lambda Delta 134 Student Welfare Committee 144 Alpha Phi Delta 100-101 Union Board Committees 148-152 Alpha Sigma Phi 102-103 Music Committee 150 Beta Sigma Rho 104-105 Mixer Committee 150 Chi Omega 106-107 Special Events Committee 152 Gamma Phi 93 Moving-Up Day Committee 151 Kappa Nu 108 Seniors 28-87 Kappa Psi 109 Arts and Sciences 33-52 Lambda Kappa Sigma 1 12 Business Administration 53-60 Phi Kappa Psi 1 10-1 1 1 University College 61-65 Phi Zeta Chi 1 13 Education 66-71 Pi Lambda Tau 1 16 Engineering 72-77 Sigma Alpha Mu 1 14-1 15 Millard Fillmore College 78-79 Sigma Delta Tau 117 Nursing 80-82 Sigma Kappa 1 18-1 19 Pharmacy 83-87 Sigma Phi Epsilon 120-121 Sports 192-21 1 Tau Kappa Chi 137 Baseball 211 Tau Kappa Epsilon 122-123 Basketball 202-204 Theta Chi lSororityl 124-125 Cross Country 201 Theta Chi lFraternityl 126-127 Fencing 205 Organizations 128-177 Football 196-200 Accounting Club 162 Swimming 208 American Pharmaceutical Association 170 Tennis 209 Campus Bgrrel 152 TrGClC 210 Chess Club 162 Wrestling 206 Debate Club 163 Queens 26-27 Elections Committee 143 Residence Halls 178-191 Engineering Society 164 Cooke 188 E,S,U,B, Journal 160 MacDonald 189 Finance Committee 143 Michael 190 Freshman Steering Committee 153 Schoellkopf 191 General Grounds Committee 144 TOWSI' 183-187 House Committee 150 Table of Contents 5 Geology and Geography Society 166 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special proces f lthc El'aDhiC Printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Kel1er.Inc., Buff l N No other printing firm is authorized to use the Vglvgtgn thof

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