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-.- L . 94.8 S X 112 X I 3 , , I., 'ff TX I, II I XIIIIIIZI Nbggf YESML I' x5 '5m :gf 'IX?'?Q I IIAIQ I X ' . 3 IWW'v Q an II I IIIV The BuIIaIonian T952 A PUBLICATION of the UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO Buffalo, New York STANLEY W J UNG I Editor-In -Chief -' Xln "Il, El 5 - N i w as YP 245213 ,Z 'QS-qw QN , Q AWEQQK Mm ff af "M Q 1-415 Cy ,Ax 63714-qphx 5 ' .mu g Yf ff' Q.-:lx "Twi ne - - ,Si " ' 3 V 9 ' V Q, no .Q-71-. , g 'Qi :V Q - L 0 -K - X rg X . 5 n-JUN' " 15- 7gf? A N . .M f . 5 Um V , 45:3 n'f"23"1' Gifflab- XQEFIS L? 1 -- fffff 515 O ww 2 ' 1 wwf? N '--,Z-I X' Sing,-: gixv - Ai. f 521. l 47 -M, . x . ' -'y -Q - -- inf 43-K+ it +- ff ,4 . L M 'Sw - '3 - 'N 1 it vi ,, ., , .K .' fc- L - - . w, 4 w- 1 A , .yffpxfm , . 1 . - A - . - ix , -ms in jf ff -. C . Q 3- Jf'f".' k - LTV by .21 X ... Ji. X. 5,21 Q L Q53 3 ' ' X 1 J' 7 -2-5' X- -5-'jf i ,Q - 'q 0 '-- L,f . in- .3 . s , I A ' Y Un .- 'Eu' iraqi, ff .5 ,f' V K "2 Xigiiif' Q tyQ.1C-ba M 7 5 TE-3 0 . L ' ' Q - iii., ., ' L ' ' 3' Cf , :- CQ I L- cdfifj 'z F 1 if nj ' L 'A uf qn., . 25 Q36 xi 9363 Q 9 3'8- 4 Q 5 gg? 1 Kff x9 H C 23' 4, I lb I xii w -ff' Q JW mx I ff? ' Zag , wif ' 2? A F . affby YQ J ,,. E 6: 'ff' ,qs . . .., Lg . 1 f f 1 Av 5 , Q25 f Sk W- zo-,Vx I' C .4 Lv"S'-'M' G I I q, .r-Q 4' g r v f fx 'K v ? Q , ,f X X N K , , g 1 X iffs 2ll'uN'?'.' . wg in , : QT L Z5 I N S X Af if , F3 -5kr'x " A X", " '- S - q 5' c T ' 7 4' f .?gnQ , Us-4 5 X Flu fl 'SL . A t Q Swv , .J ,-' ,,fgi,..,, . 'gf , glen gf, ' '3 gy X,-y V - rl. 5 b . . . L I ,- ..,, f - 334 1 K 7 . A 1 lj , . f . 9, l ' J - 'Z M .1 1 1 ffm' X -: Q- ' fy "- 3 C 4- fy mf I 'LE-' ' v ' " -- Y- ' f ' Qu 1 H x -f - ' I F ,, m 31, 4, J, A :.,. .- , , 1. , lib k EN 3 I. .- x W, 'Q Q. ' 49 4 1' . Q, M f 1- gf' ' 'f DK 1' 'mln ' ' ,df 71 . ' C f k ' J 'A 4 3 , A 11 M K Q-.W N w ' 1 X ' if A4 ' ' -' ', ?, 2, ' j . 'I- at xx if A K A xi I 1.-- , u.. K is . X -' Le M iq - Qx y ? - Y., . X, ',, , K .. bg 5 J '-X if 5:5 I' b 15 L - x. A- 'ZH I Y - N. H-. , 'X N 4' ' Q . if ' - 1 8 ., 5 .-5. Nc Ng, Q- ,W , , -A' -, Q. Q C, - ' 5 3, 42+-' 1 K.: 4' g Q- 51 ' - 1 . 1. ' va 9: X 2 , ... 'ae-9' if N- f'k,'!'f KS, 'ily - , N V A ,Z .'.. Q .,A, M " 'P Ll. K 6 C7 - IJ K fkxf' fl .3 L x .I e w fi .-: f.1 ' 'L' 5' - ' X kx K --'1 -- 1- . I N , , . -Ax, ' N :WT-3 M V4 M ,iN . x x X Q ll X 5 7 ,.,:-1? hr., , Q- ,.. 1 Q Q? .S f -X, .JJ I A My ,:,--f.,"x ,aa w . N -, . -r-' - '- 16 1 I: 'X 4317 'll 3- I .- ki' , ,V Nj XWQ' N I 1 J L' ' 'W W :Z P' "Q ' ' ' J I ' 51 , 1 - W7 1 9 fy 1 1 , v"- '- 'Q - if "K N 'nh K- L 4' . K fy fu C S ' if - 1 .3 ,Ag -,, -1, 5-get Z' L al Y : 5 . .W 5? X L. 'fy F5 2 ,, f '4f' ,ff if . f ' 1 3' , X 9 fin- "" 47 12 , 'A 1 iff, , , yi sq 1 , ' 3' ' "'1f".i "'A" lL1.5p,,-ma uf I, an , I, J . . , GH, if V , , K J , UR- . ,.1 ' f "0 I . J -- E N i 9 ' Q4 ' " S". ' X. 1 My y ' ' Q..." .4 Sf 'K 5. '- J ' " 1 65-X L Gx j 1 -. 1 '. -f' ' , . . SQA .iyxlif K+ 'ii 'S 1 'WD X f , 3 ft X' J Y .' " Sh "J X 1 'fr F ' 9. ' X?" X - . ' - ' A R 9 X e ww -- I H..-rf X' .5 If 'w X -I -N Ir! ,S L, ' L I f X X - tl ,L ,, C ' mf ti 1 4 I ks 4 5 "N ' : 1 '- . , D , A , , , v .ff - - 7 fl "' P Foreword The editors ot the T952 Buttalonian feel that the obiect of a yearbook is the presentation of a permanent reminder to students of one of the most delightful and valuable periods ot their lives. A yearbook is merely a glimpse of the many phases of college age which can live only in memory. We attempt to portray through pictures and stories the more vivid aspects ot one college year and give you a minute presentation ot the events that make college lite such a pleasant experience. But the University is not composed of students alone. The administration, faculty, almuni, staff workers, and friends of the University capture. also, the important aspects of the college community. This book shows some of the valuable contributions the University oFfers not only to its students but to the community as well. lt also reveals the future growth ot the University of which we share a great pride and prestige knowing that our Alma Mater will achieve the glory and honor that she richly deserves. May you enjoy this book and take pride in your Uni- versity - remembering and respecting her not only while a student but also as an alumnus. Assistant Editor . . Sylvia L. Zielinski Business Manager . . Robert F. Kerwin Art Editor . . . Nancy J. Clark Lay-Out Editor . . Michael A Gallea L3 n,, 1 A M, my 4 .W , 3,1 5, . an 4 Ma fr M -Egg, Contents Title . Foreword . . . ChanceIlor's Message . Dedication . . Administration . Board of Managers . Colleges . . . Arts and Sciences . Business Administration . Education . . Engineering . Pharmacy .... Division of General Technical Studies Under-graduate Class Officers . Department of Air Science . Sororities and Fraternities Activities . . . Athletics . . School of Nursing . Advertising . . CHANCELLOR T. RAYMOND MCCONNELL Cl1ancellor's Message A university cannot stand still. It either goes forward or it loses stature. The University of Buffalo, with a distinctive record of past accomplishment, looks to the future. lt must not only keep pace with advances in scholarship in many fields, but should also contribute to these developments. lt must meet the needs of young people even more eFfectively than before. And it will face new needs for service to the Niagara Frontier. The University will require more adequate physical facilities-classrooms, offices, and laboratories. The new Medical-Dental building is the first concrete step in this program. A building to house the Physics department and to provide badly needed offices and classrooms for other departments is another phase of plant expansion. The construction of dormitories, which a student-faculty committee helped to plan, waits only on the allocation of steel and other scarce items. Still other structures-a fine arts building, for example -should ultimately appear on the campus. But physical facilities are but one part of a greater University. More endowment and greater annual gifts to augment current income are essential to increase faculty salaries and to enable the University to meet greater educational responsibilities. This is the paramount long-term need. Working together, students, faculty, alumni, Council members and friends of the University will attain these goals. Dedication With reverence and appreciation For Alma iVlater's distinction and educational stature, tlwis Bulitalonian is dedicated to the inevitable Future educational progress and development ol: tlwe University ol: Buffalo. SPEAKING ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SEATED: Dr. Thomas D. Phillips, Dr. Charles C. Price, L. Grant Hector, Dr. George R. Harrison, Dr. Clifford C. Farnas, Paul J. Pakurar, Welles V. Moot. STANDING: Major Alexander P. De Severslcy. PARTICIPANTS IN THE PANEL ON CREATIVE ARTS IST ROW: Miss Margaret Webster, Seymour H. Knox, Philip Rhys Adams. 2ND ROW: Dr. Andrew C. Ritchie, Alexander Schneider, A. Conger Goodyear, Ben Shahn, Dr. William Carlos Williams, Edgar Schenck. Charles E. Wilson, Chancellor T. Raymond McConnell, Charles P. Taft, Wade Stevenson. Since its founding, in l846, the University of Buffalo has been committed to one basic principle-service to the citizens and future citizens of Buffalo and Western New York. Its aim is primarily to train men and women for careers in the cultural, professional, civic, business and industrial life of this area. The University also conducts special programs and services in co- operation with cultural societies, industries, community organi- zations, health agencies and governmental units of this region. Outstanding examples of such services by the University are the University of Buffalo Round Table which is a weekly radio and television program bringing forth discussions on various local, national and international topics and thus adding to the general flow of the world's knowledge, and the Niagara Frontier - -'5i:5:5:5fEiEE5:5:iEEL. dl.7f.,e.. -M.-: -'-'- : -:-:-:- . . , . "" , r :...:. ZIA is ess if-as-..+ . --.... ..,... . .-.M- , 3 xg- Meiisit. t-. 142 - lm I if , fn? I Part of the audience in Kleinhans Music Hall listening to Charles P. Tall. Convocation, to which the University of Buffalo invited some leaders of our nation and the world in Government, Science, Medicine, Business, Arts, Law and Education to discuss "The Outlook for Mankind in the Next Half-Century". This program, held in December, 1951, was dedicated to the enlightment and growth of the mind and spirit of the students, of the faculty, ofthe alumni and the whole community. Through its long and eventful history, the University of Buffalo has achieved national and international renown for its pioneering educational accomplishments, its espousal of intel- lectual freedom and its contributions to citizenship and demo- cratic living. By playing such a role, we know that the Univer- sity will assume a position of welcomed and recognized leader- ship. t' THE UNIVERSITY ROUND TABLE DISCUSSING THE "ST. LAWRENCE POWER DEVELOPMENT" . Carlelon F. Scofield, Mayor Allan A. Lamporl of Toronto, Robert R. unders, chairman ol Ihe Hydro-Eleclric Power Commission of Ontario, nklin Leerburger ol New York Cily, Consulling engineer of Ihe New York Ie Power Aulhorilyf Colonel H. W. Schull, Jr., United Siales llormerl Iricl Engineer for lhe Buffalo area. Le.. ALUMNI GENERAL LUNCHEON f' OOLEQF M w M Tanga h I 'X ui .5212 ,:1 35 : R A V :K in fi vi, GX' 4 I il? :'Wlgf'i . U Q ' zl' ' 0 y vl , - , LDESEARCH r Y .... m r,-..,i,,.wf. XEQEEA 4, - ,, A -5:5 . X. . 1 DI - ..e. 'DQOVJDLSff , DQOVIDL IND NMS 'ffm SEARCH LNQQQMATIQN Q-Ld SCNOQL ... . . za. I .",: . M - kil E 4 27 : Qvu. if-Ii' i P ""' .:,,.. . V ' " ""i:':':': Q -' . ::" II' MQ ,f f .EQUIPMENT 55131 m s i X i we ,COSTS E I U DR. GLENN LOOKING OVER THE DETAILS OF THE EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH BUREAU Ikea- x NEW MEDICAL-DENTAL SCHOOL CORNERSTONE CEREMONY THE GROWTH OF THE NEW MEDICAL-DENTAL BUILDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. T. R. McConnell, Dr. C, W. Greene, Dr. S. Kimball, S. H. Knox, Dr. L. J, Gauchol, N. Parker, Mrs A, Sengbusch. 9 There are more than 18,000 living alumni of the University. Their alumni memberships are in the ten divisionals associations-Arts and Sciences, and the Schools of Business Admin- istration, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work. An eleventh association, the University Alumnae, includes women graduates of any division. A twelfth association includes graduates with the degree of Analytical Chemist, a degree formerly conferred by the University. There are also twenty-five district alumni clubs, organized in geographical areas outside Buffalo, whose membership embraces alumni of any division resident therein. Central alumni activity at the University began with the founding of the Federated Alumni Associations in 1915. Nine years later, this body became the General Alumni Association with its board of trustees including representatives of the divisional alumni associations. In 1933, the Alumni Council was formed as an added unit made up of alumni members of the University Council. The Alumni Council and the General Alumni Association were merged in 1940 into the General Alumni Board. As now constituted, this single central body administrates alumni affairs and is composed of representatives from the divisional alumni associations, the district alumni clubs, and the alumni members of the University Council. The Alumni Loyalty Fund, established by the alumni in 1943, has directly or indirectly brought alumni gifts to the University which at this date total more than one million dollars. The Alumni Office, established in 1933, operates under the supervision of the General Alumni Board. lts functions are intended to unify alumni activity and to represent the University to the alumni and the alumni interests to the University. Talman W. Van Arsdale, Jr., BA '38, MA '40, is executive director of the Board and head of the Alumni Office. General Alumni Board 1ST ROW: Harold H. Johnson, BS fBus.l, '43, Emily H. Webster, BA, '23 Myron A. Roberts, DDS, '30, T. W. Van Arsdale, Jr., BA, '38, MA, '40, 2ND ROW: William .l. Orr, MD, '20, Burt G, Weber, LLB, '19, Elmer J. Tropman, BA, '32, MA, '35, S.Wk., '37, 3RD ROW: Harry G. LaForge, MD, '34, Ph.G, '23, MS fMedl, 37, G. Thomas Ganim, LLB, '27, BS, '24, Waring A. Shaw, BA, '31, Lean 1. Gauchat, DDS, '19, L. Halliday Meisburger, DDS, 'l9. Norton Union Stott Anyone who has ever set toot inside Norton Union could and should take a moment to evaluate the Tremendous amount of work which makes possible the smoothly organized administration of the center of U. B. social lite-our Union. Each of us should then realize that there must be one person able to coordinate, lead, promote and direct this work. ln U. B.'s Norton Union, Miss Dorothy Haas is this person. Her personal interest and understanding of people coupled with her administrative and organizational skill make Dottie a most popular and respected person. The headaches that accompany the position of Treasurer of the Union fall to the lot of Mrs. Carolyn Kerr who ably assists Miss Haas in this diFticult and responsible position. Miss Lorraine Kraft occupies the desk of Secretary to Miss Haas and as such comes into much contact with "the gang". Hers is the voice which we hear so often over the P.A. and hers is the kind heart which takes so many phone calls for us. The task of planning and coordinating social events in and for the stu- dent union is an essential one. Miss Lenore O'Loughlin, program coordi- nator of Norton Union, does this, and most efficiently so. ln tact, she makes it a point to participate in most of these events, besides organizing them. lt is indeed a privilege to know Miss Haas and her stalt, and it becomes an additional privilege when one realizes the great job which they are performing so quietly and so pleasantly. Carolyn Kerr Lenore O'Loughlin Lorraine Kraft ---4. Clcude E. Puffer Universify Treasurer cmd Complroller G. Lester Anderson Dean of Administrclion Administration Lillicls M. MacDonald Edward S. Jones Deon of Women Dean of Sludenfs gf! Julius W. Prcsff Dean of the Groduafe School of Arls and Sciences J- 7,.. .W V Emma E. Delers University Regislror Tcrlman W. Von Arsdc1le,.lr. Direclor of Alumni Relations Anne W. Sengbusch Dean of Ihe School of Nursing 'X Fritz Febel Charles M. Fogel Leroy C. Keagle Dr. Harriet F. Montague Robert C. Sanborn Grace R, Smith Roger W. Gratwick Liltias M. MacDonald Dorothy M. Haas Board of Managers Faculty Representative Faculty Representative Faculty Representative Alumni Representative Alumni Representative Council Representative Assistant Dean ot Students Dean of Women Director of Norton Union The Board of Managers is the governing body of the Student Union. That students are primarily responsible for their own affairs is shown by the composition and method of selection of this body, which has widespread powers of policy making and administration. The Board is composed of twenty-tive members. Sixteen of these are students, the rest are representatives of the alumni, the administration, and the faculty. Student members are chosen each year, in a University-wide election. Eight are chosen by the individual divisions of the university and eight at large by the entire student body. Election to the Board is one of the highest honors that can be conferred on a student by the campus community. The Board is the voice of the student. This year, ettorts to extend the hours of operation of Lockwood Library, and inves- tigation of the possibility of some form of insurance for stu- dents were indications of the Board's carrying out its responsi- bility to the students. Two active Board Committees, the Cafe- teria and Bookstore, serve as a clearing house for student gripes and suggestions, which can be passed on to the administration. A Board committee conducts the consolidated charity drive, known to all students as the Campus Barrel. One of the maior duties of the Board of Managers is the super vision of student activities. With the aid of its Finance Com- mittee, it attempts to distribute equitably the funds collected from the students in the form of Student Activity Fees. The guid- ing principle in this difficult task is that any function supported with the funds of the student body at large should be open to or for the benefit of the entire campus. The Board appoints a committee and provides for the financing of a Junior Prom. This affair, considered the highlight of the campus social calendar, is so planned as to make a profit, which is distributed to worthy students in the form of Board of Managers scholarships. Meetings, usually held bi-monthly, are conducted according to strict parliamentary procedure, so that the Board provides val- uable experience to both its officers and its members. One of the most powerful organizations in the collegiate com- munity, it is also one of the most representative of the various University interests. Democratically elected, it attempts to reflect the attitude of the student body and to act in so far as possible in the general interest. This government of the student, by the student, and for the student is one of the phases of the freedom that we at the University of Buffalo cherish. Paul P. Margarone Kennelh G. Helfrich Arls and Sciences Business Adminislrafion Eugene F. Lesinski Norman E. Kuehnel Denial Law 1 - x "Ui ' ....: ll A ' r : ' 2: '1 ' -- 15 A M J ,... as REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE Robert W. Anlhony Dolores R. .larecke Eileen Cocker Jack Keller 216 D .":f"1m K . if A -L,fe,:,: ..:-5.1 5152 , Y , I . ef- .,.ff ,, , A , S.. D i we , M K X .. .f is r Yi' X ,Z x se. iw ll' is we W 1 .J I . A111915 Donald M. leacock Donald R. Jones Education Engineering Francis T. Oliver James R. Buckley Medicine Pharmacy 3 r ,ww 1 1 .1 A E3 ,Bk X Paul N. Gonson Joanne L. Hanna Naomi !PaIl Marlon William T. Scirlo Jack Keller . . . . . President Kenneth G. Helfrich . . Vice-President Naomi lPaf1 Morton . . Secretary CULLEGES cgljll V Xfxf bfffx f N ANQ1 QLD fl O J v M ,MM M iw 4 5M'V4"n" 2,-,f7frW"". ' ARTS and SCIENCES ggfgjx' aff! CLASS OFFICERS Robert M. Starks ...... President Stanley W Jung . . . Vice-President lrwin E. Ginsberg . . . Secretary Kenneth J. Knepflar . . Treasurer DEAN JULIAN PARK The University of Buffalo's Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Julian Park, was a member of the class of l9lO of Williams College and did his post-graduate work at Columbia University and the Sorbonne, Paris, where he specialized in international law and relations. He was privileged to be one of the founders of the school of Arts and Sciences at the University of Buffalo. He was an instructor in History in l9l4 and a Professor of European History and International Law in l9l8. He spent several summers lecturing at the Geneva, Switz- erland School of International Studies. Among the many tributes which have been made to his ability, Dean Park numbers honorary degrees from Williams College, Alfred University and the University of Diion, France. SITTING: Jung, Starks, STANDING: Knepflar, Ginsberg. af' 1-. I ,, M ACITELLI, MARIO A. Newman Club. S.A.A.C.S. Italian Club. Out-of-Towners' Club. Chi Beta Phi Fraternity. ALBERTI, FORTUNATO D. ANTHONY, ROBERT W. Student Christian Association, President. General Activities Council. Board of Managers. Buflialonian Executive Com- mittee, Chairman. Theta Chi Fraternity, President. BAGLEY, LEONARD A. BERKSON, DAVID A. Intra-mural Basketball, Football, Base- ball. Blood Bank Drive Committee. At Cornell, Publicity Committee. Junior Weekend. Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. Dean's List. BILLICK, IRWIN H. Math Club. S.A.A.C.S. Chi Beta Phi Fraternity. Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity. University Scholarship. National Ani- line Company Scholarship. 20 AGTHE, RICHARD E. American Chemical Society. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. ALESSI, THOMAS German Club. Newman Club. Inter- traternity Sports. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. ARNONE, BASIL J. Mammalogy Society. Inter-fraternity Council. Inter-fraternity Basketball, Foot- ball, Baseball. Alpha Phi Delta Frater- nity. ' Milfs! udouj' p,,e,l4T in -wtf ne, uf hffez your FM'-'ffl A-T s.T.i.wIS, - 1,511 30511 AVC. " E'5FL.o. LAY, BATES, MARIANNE Newman Club. Orientation Week Com- mittee. Moving-Up-Day Committee. BERNHARD, MELVIN Blue Masquers. BILZ, JAMES L. Newman Club. T BLACKER, JOHN L. Glee Club. BLANCHARD, WILLIAM BRALEY, EDITH R. BROWNE, PATRICK M. BURDICK, DOUGLAS F. Mixer Committee. Publicity Committee, Chairman. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Recording Secretary. BURNS, DENNIS N. Camera Club. Sportsmen's Club. Ger- man Club. Mammalogy Society. Inter- fraternity Sports. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. 5' 5 BLAKE, MARY L. Newman Club. Spectrum. Sigma Kappa Sorority. BONDI, ANTHONY J. Radio Playhouse, President. Out-ot- Towners' Club. Newman Club. Chi Beta Phi Fraternity. BRAUN, CHARLES E. American Chemical Society. Chess Club. Chi Beta Phi Fraternity. BUCELLA, FRANKLYN J. BURKE, MARIE L. BUSCAGLIA, FRED J. Campus Barrel Committee. lnter-fra- ternity Council. Beta Sigma Psi Frater- nity. 21 BUZZELLI, GEORGE S.A.A.C.S. lntra-mural Swimming. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. Chi Beta Phi Fraternity. CAMPBELL, BETTY E. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. CARMER, EDITH M. Dance Committee. Mixer Committee. Chi Omega Sorority. CARTER, JULIUS C. CASTELLION, GEORGE A. S.A.A.C.S. Inter-fraternity Council. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. CHERTOFF, IRWIN M. Hillel-Officer, Council Member. Mov- ing-Up-Day Election Committee. Orien- tation Week Committee. lnter-frater- nity Sports. Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity, Auditor. 22 .S CADWELL, JAMES W. Geological and Geographical Society. CARBONARO, CHARLES J. Newman Club. Mammalogy Society. Mammalogy Club. German Club. Out- of-Towners' Club. General Activities Council. lntra-mural Baseball, Basket- ball. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Sec- retary, Vice-President. Chi Beta Phi i9.:''T'l'L.w'ffff. I- Mi T"'V"5""' Grace Q- GIQO CARROCCIA, ANGELA M. Newman Club. CARY, GENE Mixer Committee. Campus Barrel. Var- sity Football Team. Inter-fraternity Sports. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity, Vice-President. CELLINO, NICHOLAS D. Out-ot-Towners' Club. Italian Club. lntra-mural Wrestling. lntra-mural Wrestling Champion. CLARK, DANIEL L. Geological and Geographical Society. lntra-mural Football, Basketball, Sott- ball. Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. -ul-OC CLARK, NANCY J. Cheerleader. Bultalonian, Art Editor. Directory, Publicity Manager, Cover Artist. Salt and Peppers. Orientation Week Committee. Publicity Committee. lntra-mural Basketball, Bowling. Theta Chi Sorority, Recording Secretary, First Vice-President. COFFEY, GILBERT H., JR. Biology Club. Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship. Inter-fraternity Basketball, Football. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, President. COLEMAN, DONALD P. COOK, DARRELL R. Glee Club. Blue Masquers. German Club. Music Committee. CUMMINGS, JEANNE D'ARRIGO, PETER S. Block Freshman Football. Varsity Football. Honor Roll. COCKER, EILEEN Newman Club. Spanish Club. Bee, Copy Editor. Spectrum, Copy Editor. Dance Committee. Mixer Committee. Movie Committee. Junior Prom Com- mittee. Christmas Ball Committee. Luncheon of Student Union Conven- tions, Chairman. Greek Ball Commit- tee. Board of Managers. Education Unit Committee. Chi Omega Sorority, Vice-president. COHEN, HELEN J. Blue Masquers. Sigma Delta Tau Sorority. CONSTANTINE, NORMAN J. CROWELL, RICHARD L. Freshman Basketball. Theta Chi Frater- nity. Biology Department Assistant. DANIELS, WILLIAM B. DAVIS, MARY L. COHN Retail Club. Pan-Hellenic Council. Bee. Dance Committee. lntra-mural Basket- ball. Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, Vice- president, President. 23 DAVIS, PAUL, JR. Pre-med Association. German Club. lnter-traternity Sports. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, Treasurer. DE ROSE, DONALD R. DOBSTAFF, HAROLD F. EIGHME, WILLIAM B. Philosophy Club. Dormitory Commit- tee. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. ERD LE, WILLIAM P. FASO, ALBERT C. Buttalonian. Track Team. Delta Pi Omega Fraternity. 24 DENECKE, RUTH DE RUE, ROBERT Spectrum, Make-up Editor. Dance Committee. Silver Ball, General Chair- man. Theta Chi Fraternity. DONALDSON, ROBERT J. Block "B" Varsity Basketball, Baseball. lntra-mural Football. ELLIS, JOAN Hillel, President, Treasurer. Red Cross Troop, Secretary. Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, Vice-President. Buftalonian, Exec- utive Committee, Secretary. Junior Prom Queen Attendant. House Com- mittee. General Activities Committee. Orientation Week Committee. Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, Vice-President. ,Q .,',Z,.. r . JP' ' ,, 1 . f f 1 r bn!!-vi"'i il EVERHART, EDGAR ,R,. my Q I, A NJ1.. 122.1 f.'.J'r"" , 4 A' 'V - ' ,fm--', 1,11-" FINEGOLD, ELAINE A. Economics Club. Hillel. Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority. Smith M. Flickinger Scholarship. FIORE, PAUL J. FOLEY, VIRGINIA M. History Club. Economics Club. Millard Fillmore Student Council. Ray M. Fer- rill Scholarship. GARFINKEL, BURTON Out-of-Towners' Club. lnter-fraternity Council. Inter-fraternity Basketball, Baseball, Football, Ping Pong. Sigma Alpha Mu, Treasurer. Dean's List. GICEWICZ, EDMOND J. Block Moving-Up-Day Committee. Student Council on Athletics. Freshman Football, Basketball. Varsity Basket- ball, Baseball, Football, Captain. GOLDSMITH, ALFRED Camera Club. Out-of-Towners' Club. General Activities Council. Varsity Fencing Team. GOLTZ, CAROL A. Engineering Society. Math Club. Spec- trum. Dance Committee. . ig, ,1 , 1,1 ti es .: . x I 5- FLAMINIO, THOMAS B. Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity, Officer. GALEMBO, MILTON 1 Camera Club. eu-riff' .A Dafa? A444-5 'fa G'7,2f.-pf' GARY, M. FRANCES Glee Club. Economics Club. Music Committee. GINSBERG, IRWIN E. Debate Club. Argus, Business and Ad- vertising Manager, Sports Editor. Tennis, Letter Winner. Kappa Nu Fraternity. GOLDSTEIN, JOAN C. Spanish Club. Hillel. GRACZA, JOHN W. Wrestling Team. lntra-mural Football, Baseball, Speedball, Basketball, Wrest- ling. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. 25 GRAMINSKI, EDMOND L. S.A.A.C.S. GREENE, RICHARD W. Philosophy Club, Program Chairman. GRODEN, SETH A. f ...W rt'Wt tw Newman Club. Out-of-Towners' Club. Italian Club. Inter-fraternity Football, Baseball, Basketball. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Chaplain. HAAS, MARGARET B. Program Committee. Campus Barrel. Directory. Bee. Sigma Kappa Sorority. HARRIGAN, CHARLES M., JR. Glee Club. French Club Vice-President. ' Newman Club. GAC Chairman. Bee. Spectrum. Alpha Sigma Phi. 26 GRANATA, JAMES S. Chi Beta Phi Fraternity. Biology Assistant. GREENFIELD, BERNICE S. Hillel. l.Z.F.A. Blue Masquers. GRZYBOWSKI, HARRY J. Lackawanna Club. lntra-mural Foot- ball, Basketball, Softball. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. GUMINSKI, ARNOLD T. Debate Club. Philohophy Club. Argus. HANNA, JOANNE Bee Feature Editor. Spectrum Campus Editor and News Editor. Glee Club. Moving-Up-Day Convocations Chair- man. Election Committee Chairman. Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. Pan- Hellenic Council Secretary. Phi Beta Kappa. Cap and Gown. HARRIS, GORDON WILLIAM Orientation Committee. lntra-mural Football and Baseball. Alpha Sigma Phi, President. HAUSAUER, PORTIA ANN National Student Association, President. Buttalonian. Dance Vice- Com- mittee. Sigma Kappa Sorority, Presi- dent, Vice President and President of the Pledge Class. HELPER, GERALD Debating Club, Vice-President and Captain. HERRMANN, JEAN M. Glee Club. Math Club. Mixer Com- mittee. Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. HERTZEL, NORMAN E. SCA. Out-of-Towners' Club. Varsity Swimming team. HUTTEN LOCHER, DIETRICH F. SAACS. Theta Chi Fraternity. f f IACOV JOSEPH L . Out-of- ners' Club, H-B Club. Intra- mural Softball and Basketball. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. 16,2 J.?.fa"!6's0 uf H16 HAYNES, LENORE MARIE Freshman Handbook Committee. Dance Committee. Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. HERMAN, H. ROBERT Hillel Council. Moving-Up-Day Elec- tion Chairman. lntra-mural Golf. Kappa Nu Fraternity, President. HERTEL, DONALD C. HICKS, GERALD F., JR. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. HYZIEWICZ, EDWARD T. Newman Club. Mixer Committee. Var- sity Baseball and Basketball. Intra- mural Boxing and Football. Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. IMMEDIATO, FRANCES M. 27 IPPOLITO, STEVE J. H-B Club. lntra-mural Softball. JAFFE, CHARLOTTE R. French Club. Hillel. JUNG, STANLEY W. Senior Class, Vice-President. Buffalon- ian, Assistant Editor and Editor. Na- tional Student Association District Presi- dent. Bee. IFC. Freshman Orientation Chairman. Mixer Committee. lntra- mural Tennis. Phi Kappa Psi, Recording Secretary. Board of Managers Schol- arship. Bultalonian Silver and Gold Keys. National Student Association Silver Key. NSA State Convention Chairman. Greek Ball Committee. Senior Party, Chairman. KERWIN, ROBERT E. Buffalonian, Business Manager and Circulation Manager. Directory Adver- tising Manager. Campus Barrel. Dance Committee. lntra-mural Sports. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. KLINE, DAVID R. Math Club KNEPFLAR, KENNETH J. Bee, News Editor and Managing Editor. Spectrum, Campus Editor and Editor-in- Chief. Buflalonian, Literary Editor. Sophomore Class President. Cheer- leaders, Captain and Vice-President. Moving-Up-Day Awards Chairman. Public Relations Committee. Harvest Dance Chairman. Open House Dance Chairman. National Student Associa- tion Publicity Chairman. Blue Mas- quers Publicity Chairman. Phi Kappa Psi, Corresponding Secretary. Bison- head. Bee Silver Key. 28 I I.: I f E 21 ,ff is sf I I Q r .M I f-1 5 IZARD, CATHERINE E. JAMES, ARNOLD W. Orchestra. Chi Beta Phi. Phi Beta Kappa. KERR, RICHARD E. Publicity Committee. KIST, JOSEPH E. Math Club. Phi Beta Kappa. Pi Mu Epsilon. KNEELAND, WILLIAM R. Newman Club. History Club. Radio Playhouse. GAC. House Committee. lntra-mural Tennis. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity, Treasurer and Vice-President. KORBA, ALEXANDER D. AOCA, Out-of-Towners' Club. Intra- mural Basketball. KORUS, LORRAINE Hillel. KRAFT, WILLIAM E. Kappa Sigma Kappa. Dean's List. LAMM, HOWARD J. Newman Club. LASCOLA, IGNATIUS J. LEMBICZ, RUTH L. Camera Club. LOCKWOOD, PATRICIA Mammalogy Club. Radio Playhouse, Secretary and Treasurer. Mixer Com- mittee. Outing Committee. Orienta- tion Committee. KOWA LSKI, PATRICIA A. KURLAND, HILDA J. Blue Masquers. Hillel. LARKIN, JOANNE K. CTE? of ef Q1 LEE, FRED LISK, DONALD J. Golf Team. Chi Beta Phi. LU KASIEWICZ, IRENE Sitzmarkers. Newman Club. Bee Alpha Gamma Delta. 29 LUND, CLIFTON SCA. MACHANIAN, WILLIAM MAPLE, BARBARA L. History Club. Glee Club. MARKEY CARL A Football and Baseball Theta Chi Fra ternity Athletic Council. Block B. Varsity . I MASCI, ETTORE Italian Club, Treasurer. lntra-mural Baseball and Basketball. Alpha Phi Delta, Chaplain. MESTMAN, CARL Out-of-Towners' Club. Beta Sigma Rho. 30 LUPARELLO, THOMAS Dance Committee. Theta Chi Frater nity. IFC. Chl'-J.. MANCUSO, REAN . MARKELLO, CARL MARTINKE, JACK G. Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity MEEHAN, WILLIAM R. Camera Club. Sportsman Club lntra mural wrestling. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. MEYERS, NORMAN G. Math Club. Phi Beta Kappa Pi Mu Epsilon. MICHEL, THOMAS F. Campus Barrel. Blue Masquers. Sigma Alpha Nu. , 4.,' j iq MILLER, BENJAMIN L x K, ":" ' :QT Qu-'A l,,l . 10 E uflpff .th av MODAFFARI, PEER X ltalian Club. Chi Beta Phi. 2325, 4 MOVESIAN, KAISER A 1 . lt r .at all Qi MURRAY, ROBERT B. Greek Ball, Chairman. Freshman Hand- book, Business Manager. lntra-mural Sports. Theta Chi Fraternity. MILITELLO, JOSEPH J. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. MILSAP, LEROY J. MONTANTE, CHARLES J. Newman Club. Italian Club. Alpha Phi Delta. MUELLER, ROBERT R. Newman Club. Out-of-Towners' Club. Mammalogy Club. Chi Beta Phi. NELSON, NANETTE A. Orientation Day Dink Chairman and Secretary. Mixer Committee Stunt Night Co-Chairman. Pan-Hellenic So- cial Chairman. Christmas Dance Com- mittee. Theta Chi Sorority, President. X ft -T' NoRroN, 'JOHN w. .1 ,fx " Q ., ,XT L, ,E -' ' .1 fy- 0 L 1 I f' j I . l M 7 , --x ' 7 .- fe J r ef , - 1 ' O'CONNOR, JOSEPH R. 31 OWSOWITZ, MI RIAM Blue Masquers, Recording Secretary. Hillel, Recording Secretary. Sigma Delta Tau, Recording Secretary and Second Vice-President. Cap and Gown, Chairman. PARLATO, FRANK J. Intra-mural Sports. Beta Sigma Psi. 2. PATRO, JOSEPH M. PAVLAKIS, PETER G. Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity. PENNER, SAMUEL Freshman Football. Beta Sigma Rho. Phi Beta Kappa. PETERSON, LEON A. 32 PARKINSON, ROBERT W. Sitzmakers. Kappa Sigma Kappa, His- torian. PARONE, FRANCES J. PATTERSON, JOHN R. Band. Orchestra. Bee. PELLERITE, ANTHONY Intra-mural Sports. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. 2 K Maman 4 Qllfwffe PEPE, ANTHONY E. PLESKOW, HARVEY L. Argus, Business and Advertising Man- ager. Hillel. Kappa Nu Fraternity, President. PODMELE, LORRAINE T. POKORNEY, MARY F. PODOLSKY, GLORIA POSSEE, RICHARD S. i 'fi ,-:E :A: : . Ek POTENZA, LUCIEN A. g. RADELL, DORIS E. M s Campus Barrel. Orientation Day Com- 4 A .:"' f Newman Club. Orientation Day Com- mittee. Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer. """ i f H , WE." mirfee, Chi Omega, Pledge Misfl-955, RAINVILLE, LUCIEN .l. French Club, President. Out-of-Town- ers' Club. Newman Club. REED, RUSSELL A. Newman Club, President. Council of Religious Clubs, Secretary. GAC. ROSENFIELD, RICHARD G. 5 t , . RAYCH, EVELYN R. Hillel. Economics Club, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. ROGERS, PATRICIA Newman Club. Spectrum. Buffalonian. Sigma Kappa Sorority. ROSENSTEIN, IRVING Economics Club. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. ROZBICKI, ALFRED Bee. Tournament Committee. Table Tennis Tournament, Chairman. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. RUMBARGER, EUGENE T. IFC, Vice-President. History Club. Stu- dent Convocation Committee. Mixer Committee. Moving-Up-Day Commit- tee. Orientation Committee. Campus Barrel Committee. Awards, Chairman. Sigma Alpha Nu, Pledgemaster. RYSZKA, PHILOMENA M. D. Newman Club. French Club. SARDISCO, EDWARD J. Out-of-Towners' Club. H-.B Club. My iff J SCHADRACK, FREDERICK C., JR. Economics Club. Sigma Alpha Nu, Recording Secretary. SCHU LZ, WI LBERT H. 34 ROZYCKI, GENE P. lntra-mural Sports. Beta Sigma Tau. IFC. RUSSO, SAMUEL R. Italian Club. Newman Club. Open House, Publicity. Sigma Alpha Nu. SANDERSON, MIRIAM SAVASTA, FAY S. Newman Club. Radio Playhouse. Alpha Gamma Delta. SCHUELER, CARL N. Publicity Committee. Alpha Phi Omega. SCINTA, LORETTA T. SHAFER, D. PHYLLIS SHERMAN, EDMUND A. SLIGLTER, VERN A. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. SMITH, MARY ALICE ' Choral Ensemble. German Club. Spec- trum. Argus, Secretary. SCA. Public- ity Committee. French Club. Chi Omega Sorority. SOMMER, EDITH Glee Club. Bee. lZFA. Hillel. Music Committee. Blue Masquers, Co-Chair- man of Tickets. SPOTO, JOSEPH S. Newman Club. Out-of-Towners' Club. Mammalogy Society. lntra-mural Sports. Chi Beta Phi. .JE L ' EQ: - -. ,QM .,. .su 3 fx -r l ,Y L ef! ,, l 'SQ . rl' V I ZEN Xp. ff ' Sw Ly W t sk., 2 ,W . Q sl 1 QF. e . , - L: ' il if 1' fi? ' r "t 't':: ii. .,. 25 VSVHL ,-,. . f .-N-. 1. .l ,M ,l I.. i SHEFFIELD, M. CHARLOTTE SHULIMSON, BERTRAM SMITH, GERALD SMITH, WILLAM C. IFC, Corresponding Secretary and President. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Re- cording Secretary. lFC key. SPICER, CLIFFORD R. G. Out-of-Towners' Club. ESUB. Housing Committee. STAR KS, ROBERT M. Glee Club. Senior Class, President. Radio Playhouse. Blue Masquers, Vice- President. Music Committee, Chairman. House Committee, Chairman. Varsity Fencing Team. Beta Sigma Tau Fra- ternity. Board of Managers' Scholar- ship. Senior Week Activities, Chairman. Blue Masquers Key. 35 STERN, ARNOLD Band. Kappa Nu Fraternity. IFC. STRAUSS, HELENE C. Blue Masquers. Radio Playhouse. Hillel. IZFA. Music Committee. SUSTAKOSKI, HENRY J. Philosophy Club, Chairman. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. SWIATOWY, ANTHONY J., JR. Movie Committee. Outing Committee. GAC. lntra-mural Sports. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. TAYLOR, ARNOLD E. THORSELL, H. GREGORY Sitzmarkers. Out-of-Towners' Club. Theta Chi Fraternity, Secretary. 36 STILL, WILLIAM G. STURM, CLARENCE L. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer. SWADOS, LOIS TARAUELLA, CHARLES L. Newman Club. Beta Sigma Tau THIELKE, HARRY G. SAACS, President. TIBERI, HENRY C. TILLOTSON, FREDERICK M. Math Club. TURNER, KENARD A. IFC. Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity. VALIPOUR, IRAJ VISONE, JOHN LUCIAN Newman Club. Mammalogy Society. lntra-mural Sports. Alpha Pi Delta, Chi Beta Phi Frate nity ... -Z0-' Jo, 'C ga y ' aff, .1 If ff' W. Wwlfilw 172549, , W WA LTER, JOYCE C. Glee Club. History Club. Outing - Committee. Water Follies. WEINTRAUB, IRIS Hille. W J., 5? TOZZIE, CHESTER E. ULRICH, ANNA A. VALONE, DONALD J. Out-of-Towners' Club. VOLLMER, LUCILLE M. Glee Club, Secretary and Soloist. GAC. Dance Committee. Publicity Committee. Chi Omega, Recording Secretary and President. WALTON, NEAL G. GGS. WEISER, ERNEST L. 37 WEISS, ROBERT L. Hillel. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. 1... WIDLER, IRIS L. me, Math Club. slew? it .. . "': : 5 WORTH, LEONARD v., JR. A ...:l::::,::,, Newman Club. IFC. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. W.. , 5 .iii ..,....,...,..:.,.,. .6115 ,iwff ZIMMER, SHERWIN M. History Club. Philosophy Club. Open House Committee. Kappa Nu. 38 WHITFAKER, DONALD J. WINIEWICZ, CASIMER S. YOX, RAYMOND F. Varsity Golf. Chi Tau Omicron ZINGARELLA, LEONORE Transfer Student. I f fi aff Lf , I 1' - .Q ' ' Z? i V . 'fl' :wa w 1 'y X W E 65 L' WN ' , , i v : Q if ,N V' 'i , 4223! if ,---.e -5,15 51: kj? J, ' fit? QM f U rc' ' ,I V 4 gbi ixqk '! 0,71 " ' -5' H50 , f I A V, Yi Pgphv,-wry-:Jg - -il 5.5 I giiil P5351 Y' pg NIO. 'lX"X ,Af -w- in kvlffg! 1 I .,.i,. I I, ,'5Q"?1-'VE' S' H n f'f-EJQQ I f 3 :sq Q! ' L59 1 ' -Sr! X l . 1 U, E 1 W ! Q2 5. ' lf Q Hx' v I 1 rj? " -K 'K 'Qquj' 1x7 " , v , ,D Q f ,X 5 A S 1-jx Cffgf x DD' K Jr 5 x BUSINESS ADMINISTRATICN . I CLASS OFFICERS John E. Workley ...... President Gerald C. Fischer . . Vice-President Richard J. Rensel . . . . Secretary Andrew G. Lisiack . . . Treasurer 40 DEAN HAROLD M. SOMERS Dean Harold M. Somers graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1937 and a Doctorate in 1942. At this time, he came to the University of Buffalo as Assistant Professor of Economics and he received a full professorship in 1946. The following year he was appointed Dean of the School of Business Administration. Among his numerous contributions and accomplishments to and in state and national government are: Economic Affairs Officer in the Fiscal Division of the United Nations, and Arbitrator for the Federal Conciliation and Mediation Service. As well as being a frequent con- tributor to economic iournals and collaborator on several nationally known books, Dean Somers is the author of "Public Finance and National Income," published in 1949. SITTING: Workley, Fischer, STANDING: Lisjcick, Rensel :EY 'i 1 ,st 9 AFFRUNTI, ANTHONY J. National Student Association. AUST, EBERHART E. Out-of-Towners' Club. BART, ERNEST BENIARD, MARION RAY BOUMAN, DAVID J. Dance Committee. Sigma Alpha Nu, Corresponding Secretary. BREESER, JOHN C. Dean's List. if iv 3 45- ARCHER, VERN A. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. sAco, EDWARD s. lntra-mural Sports. National Student Association. Mixer Committee. Dance Committee. Orientation Committee. Golf. Bowling. Alpha Kappa Psi. BEARSS, WILLIAM S. Radio Playhouse. Dean's List. BICKEL, JOHN J. BRADLEY, DONALD C. BRIDER, WILLIAM R., JR. ESUB. IFC, representative. Debate Club. National Student Association, Chairman. Chairman of the Bookstore Advisory Committee. Outing Commit- tee. Mixer Committee. Junior Prom Committee. Cafeteria Committee. Snow Queen Contest, Chairman. Intra- mural Football, Basketball, and Bowl- ing. Alpha Kappa Psi. Norton Union, Activity Key. 41 BROWN, ALLEN J. Orientation Committee. Open House Committee. Beta Sigma Rho. BURNS, VINCENT H. CAPRINO, SAM, JR. Orientation Committee. Moving-Up- Day Election Committee. Campus Bar- rel Committee. Sigma Alpha Nu. CHERNICOFF, ZELLALNE Blue Masquers, Recording Secretary. Hillel. CLARIS, JOHN W., JR. Dean's List. CONTI, CARMEN J. Beta Sigma Psi. 42 M BURKE, HOWARD BUTLER, HOWARD D. Camera Club. CASE, JOHN CHITTENDEN, ROBERT CLINE, THOMAS C. COOPER, RONALD T. CORCORAN, JOAN M. Newman Club. DANNO, VICTOR J. DENNE, RAY P. Mixer Committee. Movie Committee. Alpha Kappa Psi. ERLANDSON, GORDON E. lntra-mural Sports. Out-of-Towners' Club. FISCHER, GERALD C. Senior Class, Vice-President. Mixer Committee. Dance Committee. Orien- tation Committee. VarsitylSwimming. Alpha Kappa Psi. FUNK, WALTER G. Swimming. Alpha Phi Omega. CROUCH, THEODORE W. Convocation Committee. Moving-Up- Day Publicity Committee. Campus Barrel. Norton Union Open House, Chairman. Spectrum. Cafeteria Com- mittee. Sigma Alpha Nu, First Vice- President. DELL, ROBERT E. IFC, Secretary and Vice-President. Spectrum, Sports Editor. Buftalonian, Sports Editor. House Committee. ln- tra-mural Track, Football, Speedball, Basketball, and Swimming. Middle- weight Wrestling Champion. Beta Chi Epsilon, Secretary. Phi Kappa Psi, President. DUTCHER, HORACE C. FIDDLER, RONNE L. Dance Committee. Campus Barrel. Sigma Alpha Nu. Dean's List. FREED, LEONARD J. Dean's List. Kappa Nu. GATES, JEROME W. 43 GIANNINI, EMIDIO P. Beta Sigma Psi. GITTINS, HAROLD V. GUENTHER, DAVID H. lnter-Varsity C h r i st i a n Fellowship. Kappa Sigma Kappa. HELFRICH, KENNETH G. Student Council. Board of Managers, Vice-President. National Student Asso- ciation, Chairman. lFC. Cheerleaders. Moving-Up-Day, Chairman. Cafeteria Committee, Chairman. Alpha Kappa Psi, President. Bisonhead. HOLLAND, DONALD IHRIG, MILTON J. Newman Club. Accounting Club. 44 ,al-4-lv?-040-4, A.-.-.-7f...a4 ...., ,5. :...w.. GIOPULOS, JOHN G. lntra-mural Softball and Basketball. XY Cl:-s-tf.4,2. 'eb'-n.a., w..u....ze.,,m....+7..4. GRAINGE, C. ROVERT lntra-mural Sports. Theta Chi. GUERCIO, MICHAEL F. Block B, Secretary. Varsity Football. HINCKLEY, DOLORES J. Bee, Business Manager. Salt and Pep- pers, Secretary. Buftalonian, Co-Liter- ary Editor. National Student Associa- tion, Vice-President. Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, President. GAC, Steering Commit- tee. Cap and Gown. Housing Com- mittee. Moving-Up-Day Committee, Secretary. Junior Prom, Ticket Chair- man. Board of Managers. Finance Committee. Election Committee. Stu- dent Handbook Committee. Sigma Kappa Sorority, First and Second Vice- President. Beta Gamma Sigma. Sopho- more Award. Pan-Hellenic Scholarship. Board of Managers Scholarship. HUTKA, ERNEST J. JOHNS, GRANT K. JUJCZUK, RAYMOND J. Out-of-Towners' Club. KAHN, THEODORE M. KING, RICHARD H. KUBEK, JOSEPH, JR. Alpha Kappa Psi. KULLMAN, WILLIAM A. Varsity Tennis. LEGUMSKY, JULIAN Basketball. Beta Sigma Rho. . 'WS- KADER, MILTON G. Camera Club. KELLER, JOHN J. Spectrum, Editor. Board ot Managers President. Norton Union Publicity Coml mittee, Chairman. Christman Dance Publicity. Moving-Up-Day, Publicity S.A.C., Chairman. Union Program Com- mittee. Dormitory Committee. Intra- mural Basketball. Alpha Sigma Phi Bisonhead, President. Norton Union Key. KRAMER, ROBERT J. KUEHNEL, NORMAN E. Junior Prom Committee. Board ot Man- agers. National Student Association Mixer Committee. Alpha Kappa Psi Vice-President. LAMBERT, FRANCIS HOWARD LEXELL, ROGER H. 45 LISJAK, ANDREW G. Senior Class, Treasurer. Mixer Com- mittee. Orientation Committee. Na- tional Student Association. Moving-Up- Day Committee. Alpha Kappa Psi. LINDQUIST, ROBERT E. MARTINA, PETER T. 9 QQ MCDERMOTT, JAMES Newman Club. Campus Barrel. Mixer K If Sitzmarkers. Newman Club. Campus Committee, Sigma Alpha NU, izllbv ly 1' ' Barrel, Chairman. Sigma Alpha Nu. 'i ii .lf :':': ,." E ' I ifllf . --to :'E':':'i":'f Q ff rEn.E ,Eg McNEIL, WILLIAM J., JR. Alpha Kappa Psi. MEYER, HOWARD L. Football. Block B. Theta Chi. MILLER, RALPH J. MU FFOLETTO, VINCENT J. IFC. IFC Ball, Chairman. Alpha Phi Delta. IFC, key. 46 ".' Q1 M 32' K ti 43 MEISENHEIMER, EARL R. MILLER, DONALD W. Junior Class, Vice-President. Alpha Kappa. MILLER, ROBERT R. MULHOLLAND, JANET I. Newman Club. Sigma Kappa Sorority, Social Chairman. NECK, HUGO G. Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity. NIEMAN, LEONARD L. OSINSKI, RAYMOND J. Newman Club. Accounting Club. PETERS, STEPHEN A. Moving-Up-Day Committee. National Student Association. Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer. POLLACK, IRVING lntra-mural Basketball and Football. Kappa Nu Fraternity. RAUSCH, GLENN E. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. NEIFACH, IRVING. NUZUM, ROBERT L. PAWENSKI, STANLEY R. mr Gia tt 5""' .5 il. ft Q .if jg . ' 2 ,Zip W' V PITMAN, JOHN H. ffl' 'U . - 7' RAPTIS, JAMES G. Glee Club. A.O.C. Alliance, Marshal H-B Club. REIMANN, JOHN G. 47 RENSEL, RICHARD J. Senior Class, Secretary. Mixer Com- mittee. Moving-Up-Day Committee. IFC. Orientation Committee. Intra- mural Sports. Alpha Kappa Psi. SAIIA, F. ARMAND IFC. Intra-mural Basketball, Softball and Football. Alpha Phi Delta. IFC, Key. We ZW SCIRTO, WILLIAM T. Board of Managers. Finance Commit- tee, Chairman. Tournament Commit- tee. Buffalonian. Student Directory. Spectrum. Newman Club. Blue Mas- quers. lntra-mural Sports. Phi Kappa Psi, Treasurer and President. SHERWOOD, EDWIN A. SMALHEISER, LAWRENCE Beta Simga Rho Fraternity. IFC. SMITH, KENNETH R. 48 ROSS, PAULINE Orientation Committee. Junior Prom Committee. Bee. Sigma Kappa Sorority. SARACH, R. PATRICIA Newman Club. Lackawanna U. B. Club. SERAFIN, STANLEY Lackawanna U. B. Club. Economics Club. Intra-mural Sports, Team Cap- tain. SLAWINSKI, NORMAN S. Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity. Blue Masquers Hillel. Choral Society. ' SMITH, HARRIET J. SMITH, W. MERLE, JR. Track Team. SMYNTEK, SYLVESTER W. STARR, JOHN J. TAYLOR, ROBERT L. THOMPSON, CHARLES I. Blue Mas uers Phi Beta Chi Fraternity. q . Beta Gamma Sigma. VOLKERT, CHARLES A. WARDELL, BARTON W. Economics Club. :. V .Q fi " .5 izzfflalxkgwfg ' P' 4 , - aff --f ..:ri'lLe: Bm il" . 'Q Z5 we .Q ,, , ,QQ 3. f, S X Yi if Q ll S fy .ffgf ialxi - - f' if SPICER, KERBY M., JR. Publicity Committee. Sigma Alpha Nu. TAURIELLO, FRANCIS, L., JR. Sigma Alpha Nu Fraternity, Treasurer THIELMANN, CARL F. TILLMAN, JOHN T. WA LAWANDER, RAY L. Intra-mural Softball and Basketball Lackawanna Club. WEEKS, ROBERT G. 49 WEINBERG, MARTIN B. Sigma Alpha Mu. WISER, ARMAND E., JR. Varsity Basketball. YEOSTROS, ANGELO J. 50 WHITE, DONALD S. WORKLEY, JOHN Accounting Club. Junior Class, Secre- tary. Senior Class, President. Mixer Committee. General Activities Coun- cil. Moving-Up-Day, Marshal. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity. ZAGSKORN, ERICH P. ZIELINSKI, SYLVIA L. W.A.A. Newman Club. Student Activ- ities Council, Secretary. Buftalonicm, Assistant Editor. Program Committee, Chairman. Dance Committee, Chair- man. Mixer Committee, Secretary. Moving-Up-Day Dance, Chairman. Moving-Up-Day Queens Luncheon, Chairman. Chi Omega Sorority, Pledge Mistress. Cap and Gown, Secretary. EDUCATICN DEAN LESLIE 0. CUMMINGS Born in Baltimore, Dean Leslie O. Cummings came to the University of Buffalo in the fall of l930 from Harvard University, where he held an Associate Pro- tessorship. Dean Cummings holds the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master ot Arts and Doctor of Educa- tion. Here at Buffalo he is not only our Dean ot the School of Education, but also Director of the Summer Sessions. Dean Cummings is currently listed in "Who's Who in America." SITTING: Thorn, STANDING: Crone, Jeccock, Picciano .i V, .1771 A .557 ' ML" 'ig ::, if :Z . -- , A. if . , , ,iv , it . , 1 , I . . i."i !,.Ll :Wil "1 k W .. X: , . W ,S rs, pi i -- me D A , sip :ltr li, i CLASS OFFICERS Bernard E. Thorn . . . President Donald M. .leacock . . Vice-President Lucille T. Picciano . . Secretary Bibiana S. Crone . . Treasurer BERGMAN, IRENE R. Hillel. I.Z.F.Z. BOYLE, PATRICIA A. P.E.G. Club. W.A.A. Swimming Club. Sigma Kappa Sorority. CATALFAMO, ANTHONY P. Varsity Baseball. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. CRONE, BIBIANA National Student Association. Student Directory. Spanish Club. Newman Club. Campus Barrel Committee. Jun- ior Class, Vice-President. Outing Com- mittee. Mixer Committee. Orientation Week Committee. W.A.A. P.E.G. Club. Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. FESTA, FRANK M. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. GALLINO, GEORGE P. Block "B" Varsity Football. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. ,E.:..-. ..ij ui' xmsf 'We BIRRER, WERNER Varsity Basketball, Baseball. Phi Epsi- lon Kappa Fraternity. CALANDRELLI, ARTHUR Varsity Football. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. CAVANAGH, DONNA M. Glee Club. Mixer Committee. W.A.A. P.E.G. Club. Swimming Club. Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, President. EIBNER, JOSEPH J. FOELS, RAYMOND F. Varsity Basketball. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. Block "B" Letter. GRANATA, FRANK J. Athletic Trainer. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. 53 GRYTA, WALTER C. Varsity Football, Baseball, Golf. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. Football Sweater. Golf Letter. HASTAS, JAMES G. ' lntra-mural Sports, Assistant Manager. ',-'-g Q i Varsity Basketball. Phi Epsilon Kappa zlzzl ii "" Fratern ity. 4 in ' ... 1 ' 1 1 .N JEACOCK, DONALD M. Sophomore Class, President. Junior Class, President. Physical Education Majors Club. Junior Prom, Publicity Chairman. Board of Managers. Var- sity Track, Wrestling. lntra-mural Sports. Sigma Alpha Nu Fraternity. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity, Treasurer. Association of Health, Physical Educa- tion and Recreation. KLONER, JANET Hillel. MITCHELL, ZELLA Hillel. l.Z.F.A. Sigma Delta Tau Sorority. NORMAND, BRUNNON C. HARBECK, RALPH M. Varsity Basketball, Baseball. HOFFMAN, RUTH Hillel. Economics Club, Secretary. KINSLER, JOANNE Newman Club. Out-of-Towners' Club Glee Club. KUHN, HAROLD Varsity Basketball. Theta Chi Frater nity. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity W.N.Y. Sophomore of the Year Award All W.N.Y. Honors, 1949-50, 50-51- 5l -52. MOLNAR, LESLIE Varsity Football, Track. Block PICCIANO, LUCILLE T. W.A.A. P.E.G. Club. Swimming Club Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. PIERCE, ELAINE LASCARI Music Committee. W.A.A. P.E.G. Club. Swimming Club. SHANABROOK, ORD EAN J. P.E.M. Club. Freshman Football, Bas- ketball. Varsity Football. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity, President. Freshman Numeral in Football, Basketball. Block "B" Letter. THORN, BERNARD E. Varsity Basketball. Intra-mural Sports. Block Sigma Alpha Nu Fraternity. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. WARD, LOIS Ski Club. Camera Club. Newman Club. W.A.A. P.E.G. Club. WIANECKI, STANLEY A. WILHELMS, JOHN E. RICH, SAMUEL P., JR. Freshman Fooball. Varsity Football, Track, Baseball, Intra-mural Sports. Middleweight Boxing Champion. Beta Chi Epsilon Fraternity. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. SZYD LOWSKI, MATTHEW N. Block "B" Varsity Football. Freshman Football. Intra-mural Wrestling. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. WACTAWSKI, JOHN S. Varsity Football, Baseball. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. WHITNER, CHARLES E. WILES, PATRICK L. Freshman Football. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. WILSON, JANIS M. P.E.G. Club. Transfer from University of California. 55 'P INTERVIEWS I Ji 4 tg TO D Pix, Z5 IV! 'S it-1-I ' f gf U' C EI' in - gal, , :V X? 'gf 965:17 X ' , ' f an X '+ A " fqiifig I ,W,j!g., Mal' :Q- A ,A . .tu u vaalillx' A 5.45, .1 yt! J E-. ' ff I f 233: Xb 'K D I . I :N-E-rxsili I K mn ENGINEERING Lfl' CLASS OFFICERS Jerry J. Repetski ...... President M e Charles R. Upper . . Vice-President Edward S. Falsetti . . . Secretary John M. Tripi . . . . Treasurer DEAN PAUL E. MOHN Dean Mohn came to the University of Buffalo in 1944 as Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Upon his arrival here he was faced with the probems of a one- third completed Engineering Building, the acquisition of a faculty and the headaches thatare part of admin- istering to the needs of 1200 students. With twenty- two years of experience in education as a back- ground, Dean Mohn has succeeded in building our School of Engineering into one of the finest growing institutions of its type in the country. Dean Mohn received both his BS Degree in 1922 and his Professional Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1931 from Pennsylvania State College. He received his MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1930. SITTING: Repetski, Upper, STANDING: Falsetti, Tripi I I I I I I AMES, WILLIAM T. Engineering Society. N.F.S.l.E., Presi- dent. Engineering Council. lnter-Fra- ternity Sports. Beta Sigma Psi, Record- ing Secretary, National Committee Member. ATKINS, WILLIAM J. Electrical Engineering Society. Junior Class, Treasurer. Student Council. Camera Club, Vice-President, Dark Room Warden, Sergeant-At-Arms. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. BELSON, CARL G. Engineering Society. N.F.S.l.E. BLOCH, ERICH BORDNER, GEORGE W. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. lntra-mural Football, Softball, Speedball, Basketball. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. BROWN, RICHARD D. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. Varsity Track. Intra- mural Basketball, Football. Band. 58 ANZALONE, CARMEN J. Engineering Society. BAILEY, WILLIAM D. BEYER, JOHN Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. Intra-mural Football, Softball, Speedball, Basketball. BOGARDUS, CLINTON G. Engineering Society, Alumni Chairman. BOTTORE, DONALD T. Engineering Society. BUDDENHAGEN, THEODORE F. Engineering Society. Theta Chi Frater nity. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity, Treas urer. CARR, JAMES M. CASTIGLIONE, JOSEPH A. Engineering Society. lnter-fraternity Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Speed- ball, Baseball. Beta Sigma Psi Frater- nity. CHIMERA, ANTHONY J. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. lntra-mural Football, Speedball, Basketball. Inter-fraternity Speedball, Basketball, Volleyball. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity. COX, GEORGE E. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. ESUB Journal. DEHM, ROY E. En ineerin Societ . Electrical Engi 9 I 9. Y ' neerlng Society. Sportsmen's Club. Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity. DEVITA, APHONSE J. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. Ci - . . , 1 Q Q V1 5 l .su 4 ll E se A Q Q it l l gf, l' , 5 Q gre , S 1 X 9 M - CASERTA, JOSEPH N. Electrical Engineering Society. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. CHEYNEY, HARRY S. CICI, THOMAS J. Engineering Society. Newman Club. CZARNECKI, JOHN R. Engineering Society. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. DEVANTER, ROGER D. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. lntra-mural Softball, Football, Basketball. DINICOLANTONIO, FRANK 59 DIVITO, MICHAEL A. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. Newman Club. lntra- mural Football, Basketball, Baseball. FARNHAM, ROBERT Engineering Society. ESUB Journal, Sports Editor. Sophomore Basketball. Award of Merit from Engineering Society. FISHER, GORDON D. Engineering Society. Band. Orchestra. GALANTI, RALPH J. Newman Club. Phi Epsilon Kappa Fra- ternity. GUERIN, GLENN F. Engineering Society. N.F.S.l.E. Intra- mural Football, Speedball. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. HALL, DOUGLAS J. Engineering Society. N.F.S.l.E. Intra- mural Basketball, Football, Speedball, Baseball. 60 FA LSE'I'I'I, EDWARD S. Engineering Society. Student Council, Corresponding Secretary. Senior Class, Secretary. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity, Treasurer. FATTEY, CECIL J. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. FRIONA, ANTHONY J. lnter-fraternity Basketball, Speedball, Volleyball, Football, Baseball. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. GIARDINA, JAMES GUILDFORD, HARRY J. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity. HAMMOND, FREDERICK J., JR. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. Varsity Swimming Team, Co-captain. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity, Recording Secretary. HAUMESSER, ROBERT L. HUBBELL, CHARLES H. Engineering Society, Recording Secre tary. ESUB Journal. Varsity Baseball. JIRCITANO, ALBERT lntra-mural Sports. Tau Kappa Ch Fraternity. JONES, CLARENCE O., JR. Engineering Society. N.F.S.I.E., Treas- UI'6I'. JORDAN, DOUGLAS R. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. Tau Kappa Chi Frater- nity. Dean's List. KNIGHT, ROBERT L. Engineering Society, President. Scholar- ship Dance, Chairman. General Activ- ities Council, Canned Food Collection Chairman. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity. 3 Wg , 1 l J - :S 9 z 5 2' -,iai,,w in is we is f ,i , . . ,.,..,. .5 i ,J fades -. :H I I ' SEV: i..'I:EEIEE?!5:-33' L .si . 'vi i 3 F i lg, -' 9 ' - ,W ""f M ' .1 biz?" - :.,E:e':i.,2',-5i'- , I 5' Jw . -,tx -se My-E if-if .L Ai rf.-"':,'2'2' . - iX'1A if 9 he ' iiisigg-ffeqifs 4. ff' . flfiziesmfz-e's'rf 4. Qi HEINE, DONALD V. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society, Treasurer. Intro-mural Football, Baseball. At Case Institute of Technology. Phi Kappa Fraternity. JABLONSKI, HENRY Engineering Society. JOHNS, FRED C. Engineering Society. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity. JONES, DONALD R. Engineering Society. Student Council. Board of Managers. Student Activities Council. Intra-mural Baseball, Football, Basketball. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fra- ternity. KELLY, KENNETH L. Engineering Society. KONCSOL, GEORGE Engineering Society, Treasurer. Schol- arship Dance, Chairman. Intra-mural Wrestling. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity, Cataloger. 61 KOSMALA, RONALD W. Engineering Society. KURTZ, RONALD C. Engineering Society. LE VALLEY, WILLIAM Engineering Society. lntra-mural Base- ball, Basketball, Football. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity, President. MARCHE'I'I'I, DOMINICK Engineering Society. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. MAYBACH, MALCOLM D. Engineering Society. Electrical Engi- neering Society. lntra-mural Football, Basketball. MUDD, PHILIP E., JR. Engineering Society. Student Council. Open House, Chairman. Orientation Day Committee. N.S.A. Student Activ- ities Council, Chairman. Junior Prom Queen Committee, Chairman. Election Committee. Student Directory, Butta- lonian. General Activities Council. ln- tra-mural Swimming, Baseball, Wrest- ling. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Board of Managers Scholarship. 62 KUHANECK, BERNARD A. Engineering Society. N.F.S.l.E. LA BASCO, THOMAS R. Electrical Engineering Society, Secre- tary. lntra-mural Football. LYONS, JOHN V. Engineering Society. N.F.S.l.E. ESUB Journal, Editor. Sigma Alpha Nu Fra- ternity, Recording Secretary, Inter-tra- ternity Council Representative. MARTIN, ROBERT F. Engineering Society. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity, Recording Secretary. Tau Kappa Chi Fraternity. MILLER, ROBERT J. Engineering Society. Open House Committee. NEUMEISTER, WILLIAM P E.S.U.B. NICHOLSON, CARLTON K. E.S.U.B Committee, Chairman. Dean's List. Sophomore Class, President. Engi- neering Student Council. Buftalonian, Business Manager. Board of Managers. Salt and Pepper's Vice-President, Cap- tain and President. Orientation Day Committee. Moving-Up-Day Commit- tee. lntra-mural Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Phi Kappa Psi, Vice-Presi- dent. Beta Chi Epsilon, Secretary. Who's Who. Norton Union, Silver Key. PAIGE, ARNOLD PERFETTO, DANIEL C. PRICE, VIRGIL T. REPETSKI, JERRY J. Senior Class, President. Co-President of the Junior Class. Student Council President. Block "B", Vice-President. l Newman Club. ESUB. Election Com- mittee. ' l SCHIEFFELIN, RICHARD L. ESUB. NFSIE, Secretary. lntra-mural Sports. Sigma Alpha Nu. Tau Kappa l Chi. xml, . iii: 1,4 ' I , . ,.,.. ...,.. ... 5, Vliuf - 5- I W lg. . ,A gf sr A AQV F , ...ES is f ' Y .y . . .-K It A55 X 1 W . N XS '21 1 AWN? 7 , v-5' Q af' f Q if 'rf' 'itil'-fi! .me 1. 45 E l Hi A' it wit s N.. Q4 -. 4' f is it OLMSTEAD, JOHN PAUSCH, GEORGE A. ESUB. EES. lntra-mural Basketball and Football. PLISK, LEONARD N. Engineering Society. Literature Procure- ment, Chairman. Engineering Society. Open House Committee. RATAJCZA K, RICHARD A. ESUB. EES. lntra-mural Basketball, Football and Baseball. Tau Kappa Chi. Dean's List. RICHMEYER, EDWARD J. SCHIFFHAUER, ROBERT J. Sportsman's Club. ESUB. Newman Club. 63 SHEAR, JOHN C. ESUB. Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. SNYDER, GLEN E. EES. lntra-mural Football. Tau Kappa Chi STENZEL, GORDON H. ESUB, Sergeant-at-Arms. EES. STRICKLAND, RAYMOND ESUB. Credo Club. TRIPI, JOHN M. Engineering Student Council. Senior Class, Treasurer. ESUB. Kappa Sigma Kappa. VEDDER, WILLIAM H. ESUB. NFSIE, Secretary and President. 64 SINCLAIR, HARRY R. STENGEL, ROBERT A. SUB. STRANG, ROY H. ESUB. EES. Beta Sigma Psi. TITTLE, CHARLES S. ESUB. NFSIE, Vice-President. Sports- man Club. Sigma Alpha Nu, Historian UPPER, CHARLES E. Senior Class, Vice-President. ESUB Vice-President. Block "B", Treasurer Varsity Wrestler. WALKER, TIMOTHY WESER, RAYMOND Block Varsity Football ond Track. Phi Kappa Psi. WILLIAMS, KENNETH H. Blue Musquers. SCA. EES. Movie Committee. ZACK, THOMAS F. EES. 65 M' E315 ilggivli. Qui 2232 W nl Q ff-J, PHARMACY Anil- If gig A, ll X VW' .I Li-QA5. LMnp5gD Hubnotf ' . g l CLASS OFFICERS Daniel A. Herrmann . . . Theodore L. Alfieri . Patricia Ann Martin . . George L. Suttel . . Harvey Schiller .... . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Student Council DEAN A. BERTRAM LEMON A graduate of our own U. B. School of Pharmacy in 1913, Dean A. Bertram Lemon received his Pharmacy Doctorate in 1915 from Brooklyn College. He returned to U. B. as an instructor in 1916 and from that time until 1936, when he became Dean, he was a member of the Student Activities Committee, and served as chairman of this group for several years. Recognizing U. B.'s need for a strong alumni, he organized the General Alumni Office in 1925 and served as its Secretary for five years. As a tribute and proof of his ability, Dean Lemon was the only Pharmacist ever elected to the University Council. SITTING: Hermann, Alfieri, STANDING: Martin, Schiller, Sulfel ALFIERI, THEODORE L. Junior Class, President. Senior Class, Vice-President. American Pharmaceu- tical Association. Pharmacy Open House Committee. Kappa Psi Frater- nity. BASTY, MARIAN R. American Pharmaceutical Association. Newman Club. Beta Gamma Phi Soror- ity, Secretary. BOYLE, ROBERT B. CLARK, EUGENE R. Junior Class, Vice-President. American Pharmaceutical Association. CONNETTE, ROBERT W. Inter-fraternity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity, Sports Manager. Rho Chi Fraternity, Secretary, Treasurer. EMERSON, PAMELA M. American Pharmaceutical Association. Beta Gamma Phi Sorority. 68 ,, ARCESE, ANTHONY P. American Pharmaceutical Association. BATTAGLIA, RICHARD E. American Pharmaceutical Association. CANNON, GLORIA Beta Gamma Phi Sorority. CLARK, WILLIAM G. American Pharmaceutical Association President. Pharmacy Open House Materia Medica Committee, Chairman Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity, Conductor DERMAN, BERNARD M. American Pharmaceutical Association The Script. Rho Pi Phi Fraternity, Vice- Chancellor. Rho Chi Fraternity. ERISMAN, ROBERT R. American Pharmaceutical Association Music Club. lntra-mural Basketball. C-1.A.C. Beta Phu Sigma FOLLENDORF, WILLIAM E. American Pharmaceutical Association. Student Christian Association. Phar- macy Open House Laboratory Com- mittee, Co-chairman. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity, Secretary. FRANK, EDWARD Student Council Representative. Glee Club. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity. GOLDSTEIN, ALVIN J. American Pharmaceutical Association. Rho Pi Phi Fraternity, Secretary. GROSICKI, JOHN R. American Pharmaceutical Association. School Photographer. The Script. Kappa Psi Fraternity, Assistant Secre- tary. 0 l ffftx 1 " I' oRossMAN FRED ' f- ik? I ' M American Pharmaceutical Association. Intra-mural Basketball. Senior fu-JV We-JA l MILNER, FORSTER American Pharmaceutical Association Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity. GOLD, LEONARD D. GREENSPAN, GERALD American Pharmaceutical Association Rho Pi Phi Fraternity. Kappa Nu Fra ternity. c 91,2 gf.,J,W-gff.,,42a.,4., WJMLJ vi-M,vl,r4e.,.2.5. GROSSMAN, ALBERT American Pharmaceutical Association lntra-mural Baseball, Basketball, Foot ball. Rho Pi Phi Fraternity. GULINO, PASCAL Kappa Psi Fraternity. HINSDALE, IRA C. 69 HOLZMAN, BEVERLY American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script. Pan-Hellenic Council. Beta Gamma Phi Sorority. KING, ROBERT T. American Pharmaceutical Association. Pharmacy Open House Pharmacy Com- mittee. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity. KRAMP, HENRY KU PERMAN, HARVEY A. American Pharmaceutical Association. Rho Pi Phi Fraternity. t LATIN, VITO J. American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. Kappa Psi Fraternity, Historian. Rho Chi Fraternity, President. LEONE, JOSEPH C. Newman Club. Out-ot-Towners' Club. American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script. Octogen Society, Secretary. Junior Prom Ticket Committee. Beta Phi Sigma, Sentinel. 70 1333 HOOLEY, GERALD T. American Pharmaceutical Association. Board of Managers. Inter-fraternity Basketball, Baseball. Campus League Baseball. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity. KOWALSKI, THADDEUS KRAWITZ, HARRY American Pharmaceutical Association. lntra-mural Sports. Rho Pi Phi Frater- nity. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. LANO, SALLY A. American Pharmaceutical Association. Newman Club. The Script. Pan-Hellenic Council, Treasurer. Dance Committee. Orientation Day Committee. Chi Omega Sorority. LEBLANC, DOROTHY American Pharmaceutical Association. Sigma Kappa Sorority. LUBICK, LAWRENCE W. American Pharmaceutical Association. lntra-mural Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Speealball, Volleyball, Ping Pong Tournament. Beta Sigma Rho Frater- nity. MAROTTA, JOSEPH J. American Pharmaceutical Association. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity. MCMAHON, WILLIAM S. American Pharmaceutical Association. Newman Club. Octogen Society. Intra- mural Basketball. Inter-fraternity Vol- leyball, Softball. Beta Phi Sigma Fra- ternity. MILLER, SHERWIN S. American Pharmaceutical Association. Hillel. Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity. Rho Pi Phi Fraternity. PASSANNANTE, ANTHONY V. American Pharmaceutical Association. Band. Orchestra. I IJ 7 M I PIA A sri L P. f ,I Arbr n ha a uic Asso 'ation. S o o ss e tary-Tr a urer ior 1,1 ' . e cr' t. IO e So y VI resi ent irm n. - u I Boxing, Bas et- if e Th' Ju or P g if ommitteei I If I b eta aternitY. RIEMAN, HERBERT R. American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script. Intra-mural Basketball. Kappa Psi Fraternity, Officer. Qs Qi' MARTIN, PATRICIA A. American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script. Junior Class, Secretary- Treasurer. Senior Class, Secretary. MILLER, ROBERT W. American Pharmaceutical Association. Out-of-Towners' Club. Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity. 45336 gf,.,.fm.f VL-J-ZW:-J-U PANASCI, HENRY A., JR. American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script. Inter-fraternity Council. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. Kappa Psi Fraternity. Rho Chi Fraternity. PERRICELLI, VITO J. American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script, Editor. Inter-fraternity Council. Kappa Psi Fraternity, Presi- dent. lnter-fraternity Council Key. POTTER, CLARK J. American Pharmaceutical Association, Officer. Octogen Society, Officer. Out- ot-Towners' Club. Inter-fraternity Sports. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity, Otticer. ROZE K, FRANCIS P. American Pharmaceutical Association. Inter-fraternity Sports. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity. 71 SAELI, VINCENT R. American Pharmaceutical Association. ,- lntra-mural Basketball. .,.,.:,.., 1 n 1 K y 1 t 'R I 2 1 Q 0 X Q ,K ,X L 5? ... ggi I W f' .,.,. ,.,.,..,.,... . ' eg ii ' x a 3 Q L 1 at ...vis ' K A SCHEUER, EDWIN G., JR. lntra-mural Sports. Kappa Psi Frater- ni. SHAKARJIAN, ZAKAR P. ::1- -::- K' 2 ty MA My l 4. SISKIN, SETH J. The Argus. The Script. American Pharmaceutical Association. Rho Pi Phi Fraternity. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. Norton Union Activity Key. STERMAN, JOSEPH American Pharmaceutical Association. Hillel. Rho Pi Phi Fraternity. Rho Chi Fraternity. SUTTEL, GEORGE R. American Pharmaceutical Association. Senior Class, Treasurer. B. S. at Nia- gara University. 72 . ,... K if-we Uwff, ,J Qi? f iffy ,. . .il ,tx SAKS, GERALD L. American Pharmaceutical Association The Script. lntra-mural Basketball. Rho Chi Fraternity. SCHILLER, HARVEY American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script, Co-editor. Freshman Class, President. Student Council, Vice-Presi- dent. Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. Rho Pi Phi Fraternity, Chancellor. Rho Chi Fraternity. SHELANSKEY, FRANK H., JR. American Pharmaceutical Association. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Kappa Psi Fraternity. STASKIEWICZ, WALTER C. American Pharmaceutical Association. lntra-mural Football, Basketball, Soft- ball. Kappa Psi Fraternity. STRAGMAGLIA, FRANCESCO SY LVESTER, ROBERT W. American Pharmaceutical Association. Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity. WELCH, GEORGE M. American Pharmaceutical Association. Newman Club, Treasurer, Pharmacy Representative. Beta Phi Sigma Frater- nity, Treasurer. Rho Chi Fraternity, Historian. WESTPHAL, HARRY O. American Pharmaceutical Association. Freshman Class, Officer. Rho Chi Fra- ternity. Borden Pharmaceutical Award. WELLS, MARIG A. American Pharmaceutical Association. The Script. Sigma Kappa Sorority. WILLIAMS, MYRNA J. American Pharmaceutical Association. National Stuclent's Association. Out- ot-Towners' Club. Sigma Kappa Sorority. WINSHIP, ROBERT C. Band, Manager. 73 r f Dean John A. Beane received his B.A. Degree in 1943 and his M.A. degree in 1947 from the University of Buf- falo. ln 1946, he became Associate Professor of Engi- neering and a year later became Professor of Mechanics and Head of Department of Drawing, Mechanics and Design. A two-year appointment as Chief Marshall of the University was bestowed upon him in 1948 followed by the appointment as Dean of Millard Fillmore College. The Division of General and Technical Studies was organized in 1950 and Dean Beane was named ite director. Because of his remarkable aclnimistrative ability, Chancellor T. R. McConnell relieved him of his duties as Dean of Millard Fillmore College and designated him Special Assistant to the Chancellor in charge of liaison with industry, for the remainder of the academic year 1951-1952. DEAN JCHN A. BEANE DIVISION OF GENERAL AND TECHNICAL STUDIES ..-.11 Barbieri, Mary Anne. Brehm, Ralph G. Cohen, Harry D'Ambrosia, Dorothy J. Mixer Committee. Orientation Hillel. Bulfalonion. Theta Chi Sorority Week Committee. Sirzmarkers. Student Directory. Theta Chi Sorority, Ghougasian, is M555 Hn . Q 3 n iaith? fi! Pauline Karnolsky, Arrene Kloss, Philip S. Lubiclc, Morris Norton, Wallace E Perez, .luan Hillel. t Sigma Alpha Nu Fraternity. Beta Sigma Rho Fraternity. Seymour, Sara Simon, Jerry Sims, Shirley E. Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Newman Club. Theta Chr Sorority. Pharmacy JUNIORS M. Donald Pritchard . . . President Donald B. Clark . . . Vice President Nina A. Quagliana ...... Secretary-Treasurer Vincent B. Christ . . . Student Council SOPHOMORES Raymond Hunt . . . . . President Frank J.Scibillia . . . Vice President Paul D. Fickenscher ...... Secretary-Treasurer Charles Boshart . . . Student Council FRESHMEN Charles D. Parisi ..... President Carolj. Hayes . . . . Vice President Martin M. Goldman . .... . . Secretary-Treasurer Lawrence Pollock . . Student Council Under-graduat Business Administration JUNIORS Robert Bensman ...... President James Walsh ,.... Vice President Mildred Muenzenmaier . . Secretary Phyllis Erb ......,. Treasurer SOPHOMORES Kenneth Schelesky ..... President Sheldon Dickstein . . . Vice President Donald Dell . . . . . . Secretary Travis Brown , . . Treasurer lass Officers Arts and Sciences JUNIORS Richard Burke . Sheila Hynes . . Grace Reiter . . Andrew Hilton . SOPHOMORES William Jones . Paul Archambeau Robert Geckler . Michael Gallea . . . President Vice President . , Secretary lnot picturedl . . Treasurer . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer XJ, i Engineering JUNIORS Albert Seames . Ronald Ainey . Maruin Baker . Francis McGuire FRESHMEN Frank Alexander Albert Hiler . . Raymond Davis . Fred Hess . . . Donald Beals . . . . . President Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer . . President . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer SOPHOMORES Knot pictured, William Eggleston ..... President George LeMasters . . .Vice President Norman Cicelsky ...... Secretary Edward Kalameia . . . . Treasurer DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE Lf. Colonel R. W. Ard Captain Kennelh W. Kagy Capfain Walter J. Reznicel: Captain H. F. Lazzarlni MfSgr. Willis J. Leach Mfsgf, Harvey F. Sanders TfSgt. Edward J. Brennan TfSgl. John S. Luker 78 .. . M J . 5? K 5 , M M I 4 ,.., , , . X, i. - , 3' -., f . . E ,:.. . ' 1 Y A . - ff. P 11 . 1, . 112 1.1. 1 1.: J V The United States Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps was inaugurated on the University of Buffalo campus on July l, l95l. Lt. Colonel R. W. Arcl, Professor of Air Science and Tactics, is the equivalent of Dean of this unit, although the school is included in the College ot Arts and Sciences and its members and faculty are responsible to the Chancellor and the Dean of Administration. The purposes of the group include the promotion of good citizenship, the training of otticers for active duty with the armed services, and the provision of a reserve supply of trained men in case of a national emergency. These men do not, of course, believe in all work and no play and so they sponsor an annual Military Ball which is directed by the Cadet Corps. The Command Squadron is also responsible for one of U. B.'s yearly dances. The entire year's work is directed toward one goal-the Federal Inspection in March of this group by the lst Air Force Personnel ot Mitchell Air Force Base. This year, the inspection took place on the 3rd and 4th of March and our AFROTC passed with flying colors, both literally and figuratively. Their biggest and most successful undertaking during this, their initial year at U. B, was the organization ot a marching band. Under the leadership of John Krestic and MfSgt. Willis J. Leach, the band put on half-time shows tor all home football games. They also played for all home basketball games this season. The enormous amount ot work accomplished and in the ofting of and by this group has been recognized and appreciated by the rest of the University. Nevertheless, we have tailed them in the one thing they have asked us to provide-a Maiorette for the band! Considering all they have added to University and student functions, this seems the least we can do for the AFROTC! So- Wanted-One or Some Drum Maiorettes. Biology Building Q' 'Y " Q, I . Science Hall nl Nl Book Store , , S x Engineering Building as-S Foster Hall an . 15:-' .-,. 715. ' ' X 'ff 933' .1 , x ' M."-'., f'af"": W Qs YQ. - Q13 R fd N. , X, X. "'-. Norton Hall B ' gz E H M if SS H BV B SS nl .-44' ' 7. "2 M V H HW Bmw .5129 H xmas? M H H -,-.,,.,f-iff Bm mama MM mxwsnxxiwsgam ' . M -mm E-Km mm W Eg A ,E S MH Hmwwgwwam N egg wig wwmw H, HQ: Hswggggw gwgfesggwa - H gyms Hggwga ifmmsm ggxgaw Hg H M myfam Mwmmagymm W B ms Us page M B M :.: gsm H' H553 M Hg Mag? E as 1 was as my - nog as mx- ma M sm nm. f msc- W ss ..:.:.-ff H H5555 Zifv KWH migimfrowgmiig ms E E mm B mm Emwmsm fmgifw-SQB am H wir-ASN 15 -PQ-?::: WE ws am 1,-M: HBE --'E W E x ,... W E M H iii E Bw BEE ,M 523 .M W HSS BBS 151 H M sm 1.4 4am ss is Lockwood Memorial Library Crosby Hall .,'.',,1'w ' Ip'7,Kxjl,llfi ,x .-, if nf .--aff e an Wray f ,., V Nl, ,I ' we 1 A . : I ' I 1 o 1, ,lp-he 5-' N." , ' 1 fpff' x Ei I 1: B. . ,gvi::L..g . . , h, -D. I V ,Ai v ' Jfix., gi-u , " - -- .4'.iv.-. Q.-.. - fn. .-.xl Av: :,,,, - ,I H., V, .., ,z."' f--- -. '- ' ui. 1511, 15 .lk Iliff., 1 'iff f',- Q iigflf I ,, , f- Inf,-5, ' sql If 2 ,v 1: '. .' 'gf ff 4 I5-', "? if-"Z.'74f47'.f' 0.1 4" '.', Zlfiffy' If 545. 1 9' ..Q'QJ9'.-.1 1' .. .-' ,A 43. H. 2: Lf' .1 -1 74 . ...- .,.. .7,fi1.' ,,f-.',1,,-1,, 1, 1, 'f-1. .- ,ff q,3.f..' .., IW, ' Qr' : . . . 4 . , . . 1, 4 ,1"l,'4 3.9 HI Ag... .Y J- , I, ,,.. I, -f ,--1.a- r-, I 'A 342. J" r ,Is fl! 'ua K ,f , . r 1' 1 H1 ,,. ,ry 1 , ,. .. .fA,.r . , Ig .4 .f . . 4, 5 ' . .3 .1 . f ' ' 4-. ' ',. -l'f4 ' , f -2: " , L. ' . , f ,-.U ,N . W, .. ' ' -DJ-4.1 .v 1 UL.. ' .3.a'- - ...X - -- X. 75-' fx- , , .-,mg . 13 'i'.- g:."" ..,. '- . . Hg, 'f' 5 1' " " fun ii.: . ., 1--. . -,..., .-.H fy al.. f a N , f .1 1' 1 ff Ar 1 X '1 A !1 ' ' .' I 1 41 110,-f .- ' I 1 f' ag? ,., -- ,M 3 1 f ff r . 'A.. J...--" - 1 .qv- ,...-.- ,- ,-,.,4--- ,,,.,... ,,..i-1... ,,.... ...rn- --,....-, l ---H -LA-H----Twp' -- .. - -,J R 'NX f"' X ' f ,ffnu s , 2 SN , X -,' l, 1ST ROW: J. Hanna, J. Ellis, D. Hinckley, S. A. Lana, N. Nelson, ZND ROW: B. Lewis, S. Hynes, R. Edelman, D. Young, B. Meyers, B, Holzman, N. Quagliono, R. Mochan. Pan-Hellenic, literally meaning "all Greek," is the governing body of and for the Sororities and women's fraternities on campus. The Council is comprised of a Junior and Senior delegate from each of the six sororities, and meets bi-weekly. In addition to making and enforcing rules for the rushing period, the Council publishes a Pan- Hellenic guide, to acquaint new women on campus with the Sororities. Not the least of the group's purposes is that of acting as liaison between the member Sororities and other individuals and organizations on campus. Also, a spirit of cooperation and friendship among the Greeks is fostered. Evidence of this spirit is the annual Pan-Hellenic Ball, a highlight on the year's social calendar. The dance, planned by the Council, is a closed, inter-sorority affair, and is held the evening before Thanksgiving. This year, the main ballroom of the Hotel Statler and the music of Eddie Diem's orchestra set the stage for the holiday celebration, while the pre-dance cocktail parties assured a gay evening. Pan-Hellenic Council President .................. Dolores Hinckley Vice-President .,.................... Joan Ellis Secretary ......... ....... J oanne Hanna Treasurer .....................,...... Sally Lano Social Chairman ...... Nanette Nelson IST ROW: J. Nesper, M. Levine, W. Smith, R. Dell, V. Mulfolelto. QND ROW: T. Luparello, W. Hill, R. Burke, R. Rensel, G. Castellion, S. Dickslein, P. Fickenscher, I. Hoffman, E. Rumbarger, S. Korn. 3RD ROW: F. Buscaglia, W. Brider, H. Panaci, W. Harris, K. Turner, B. Hayman, B. Arnone. President ...................... William Smith Vice-President ......... ........ R obert Dell Rec. Secretary .................... Paul Clark Cor. Secretary .......... Marshall Levine Treasurer ................ Vincent Muftoletto Inter Fraternity Council The integral unit which coordinates the fraternity life on the University of Buffalo campus is known as the Inter-Fraternity Council. Through this organization as the distribution of freshmen in order that their respective choices IFC also controls the are mediated such functions information to incoming male these men might better make in selecting fraternities. The selection of men by the individual fraternities so that social and scholastic standards remain at an optimum. This is accomplished by the formulation of rules incor- porated in the IFC's constitution and returned to the fraternities via their representatives. The council has instituted an inter-fraternity sports program in which each fraternity gains points by com- peting in the various games. At the end of each school year the fraternity with the most points is pre- sented with a beautiful cup as token of the cumulative victory. Each year the IFC sends representatives to the national IFC convention where ideas are exchanged in order to initiate beneficial changes. Consequently the council is a dynamic organization constantly attempt- ing to better inter-fraternity relations, thereby bettering relations with college authorities. The mettle of the council was proven this year in the overwhelming success of the IFC Dance under the supervision of Jimmy Muffoleto. 'IST ROW: B. Crane, J. Hanna, D. Cavanagh, J. Herrmann, R. Mochan. 2ND ROW: P. Hubbell, J. Shelton, E. Trankle, L. Haynes, D. McDougall, Z. Picclana, J. Murphy, J. Lukaslewicz, B. Kussem, D. Webber, D. Mueller Alpha Gamma Delta Once more Alpha Gam can look back upon a year that has meant achievement and provided us with many fond memories of the fun we've had together. The hard work seemed very gratifying when our Nut- cracker Suite Float captured second place honors in the Moving Up Day Parade. Springtime also brought us the prized Pan Hellenic scholarship bowl. Summer was a series of slightly mad weekends at the sorority cottage at Point Breeze. Recuperation from the vaca- tion was complete enough for us to appreciate the thrill of receiving the Alpha Province East scholarship award for i949-l95l. Our "Shore Leave" Dance at the Buffalo Launch Club set the Fall festivities rolling and provided us with a puzzle-who was the tall stranger who abscounded with the brandy at the party before the dance? Fall rushing found us munch- ing Rye Krisp at ennumerable daily lunches and swell- ing the catfein consumption. A cocktail party hostessed by Millie lBensonl Whitcomb preceded Pan-Hel. We have memories, too, of the parties at .lan Murphy's and Barb Merriman's and of our sister-daughter Christ- mas doin's. The Yuletide season was also the occasion for a party at the Crippled Children's Guild. We're especially proud of Jo Hanna who was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Cap and Gown, and was a mem- ber of the Board of Managers. We were happy, too, to have our Dottie Maratta chosen attendant to the Queen of the R.O.T.C, squadron. Bibi Crone and Lucy Picciano brought further distinction to Alpha Gam through their election to offices in the School of Edu- cation. 86 President .............. Donna Cavanagh lst V. President ........ ....,.. J oanne Hanna 2nd V. President ......... ,....... J ean Herrmann Rec. Secretary ....... ........ B ibianna Crane Cor. Secretary ....... ......... F aye Savasta Treasurer ......... ........Rita Mochan lST ROW: S. Cole, B. Holzman, N. Quagliana, .l. Hickelton, D. Fish. 2ND ROW: M. Basly, D. Kellogg, J. Arm-lt, D. Caldwell, R. McFoll, D. Schlecht, S. Gaik, G. Cannon, N. Brooks. President ........ ...... N ina Quagliana Beta Gamma Phi ,,,,,, ....... Beverly Holzman C0""e5P0ndln9 SSCVEWVY --'------------'-- Sally Cole Beta Gamma Phi, a social-professional sorority, was originally organized by the iunior and senior mem- bers of the School of Pharmacy, in 1926. lt was an active organization until T936, when due to a decrease of enrollment of women in Pharmacy School, the sorority disbanded. Regording Secretary .................. Jean l'liClCeliOn Treasurer ........ ....... Dorris Fish ln the fall of 1949, Beta Gamma Phi was reactivated 3 under the guidance of Mrs. Thomas Rusch, a former member of the sorority and at present, professor of pharmacognosy at this university. Since then we have grown steadily. Things got off to an enthusiastic start last fall when the girls initiated plans to become a chapter in the national pharmacy sorority, Lambda Kappa Sigma. With rushing over, we then turned our energies to the activities of the year. A raffle at Norton Union was held last November. For the enjoyment of the mem- bers and their dates we had a gala party at the Hotel Abbott. The annual Christmas Party gave us the Yule- tide Spirit before we departed for the vacation. In order to better acquaint our mothers with our sorority we thought it best to give a Mother's Day tea. As a fitting climax to a highly successful and eventful year we all enjoyed an unforgettable formal dinner dance this spring. 'IST ROW: S. A. Lano, E. Cocker, L. Vollmer, D. Radell, B. McKenica. 2ND ROW: M. Borzilleri, M. Grazen, S. Zielinski, M. Smith, F. Szymanski, M. Muenzenmaier, E. Wood, J. Schmidt, P. Wiesner. 3RD ROW: M. Harkness, .l. Brock, P. Lowell, F. Gleasner, E. Carmer, S. Zasowski, K. Mckobb. Chi Omega We Epsilons have had a wonderful, exciting year! Besides rating a very close second, one-tenth of a point, in scholarship on campus, our girls have enthusiastically taken part in Norton activities. Who will ever forget "Harvey?" We almost froze to death attempting to make him stand up at his "Bar" with our blue fingers. But he turned out "most original." It was another cold night when the pledges gave a slumber party for the actives at Mary Smith's home. We spent the next day recuperating and wondering how a floor could be so hard. We all had a wonderful time at the Junior Prom, and how proud we were of our two new Cap and Gown members, Syl Zielinski and Eileen Cocker. Stunt Night saw us in tight sailor pants and loose middies with "The Roving Kind." A few weeks later, the Vets enioyed the same show at the hospital. We shouted ourselves hoarse at lnter-Fraternity Sing, then repeated our songs, with much better results, at Shuper House. But spring and Moving-Up-Day was the most exciting time for us! The girls in calico skirts and our own gal from Dixie, Joy Vann, captured the Campus Sweetheart vote and reigned over M.U.D. The victory was complete when our backers won the Campaign Cup. And how cute the Chi O Showboat looked as it chugged up wet Main Street with Sally Lano and her blackface dripping over her zoot suit! At the Convocation Ceremony on that day of days, Shirley Allan was awarded a Norton Union Key and was in Who's Who. Long-due praises went to Betty McKenica, who won the Sophomore Award, a Board of Manager's Scholarship, and Nortonite-of-the-Year, and to Eleanor Wood, who was awarded the Cap and Gown ring for the outstanding freshman girl. More honors went to Carol Gilsey with her high scholastic average when she was elected to the Business Ad. Honorary. Also elected to Pharmacy Honoraries were Lois Schaab, Martha Wilbur and Dottie Barone. All of the girls will remember the April Showers Dance for the fun we had at the Launch Club and also the beautiful Formal Dinner Dance in June. We didn't lack for festivities when Shirley Allan, Joen O'Hara, Martha Wilbur, and Jeanne Sciandra were married. Engaged were Ellen Summers, Carol Gilsey, and Cody Orcutt. This fall has started out with renewed enthusiasm for the promising, new pledge class which has already made a success of its Christmas Kindness proiect. With plans in full swing for another successful year, each of us sees even greater opportunities for friendship and sisterhood. President ............. ...... L ucille Vollmer Vice-President ............,... Eileen Cocker Recording Secretary .... Janet Milligan Corresponding Secretary .............. Corola Orcutr Treasurer ....,........ ....... D oris Young Pledge Mistress .............. Doris Rodell PLEDGES lST ROW: N. Naulh, D. Kohl, B. Alberts, S. Finn, C. Hayes. QND ROW: B. Stern, S. Bennett, M. Leyden, I. Filzpolrick, C. Kinlner, C. Hey, C. Fisher l l 1ST ROW: E. Finegold, J. Wilkinson, M. Hayman, B. Meyers, E. Gross. 2ND ROW: B. Gralnik, P. Schruft, F. Broder, J. Goldberg, R. Barsuk, I. Carrel, E. Umansky. Phi Sigma Sigma The highlight of the 1951-52 season was the formal banquet held at the Westwood Country Club, on Sep- tember 22, l95i, on which occasion Kappa Delta Phi was installed as Delta Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority. lt was on this note that the year's activities began. A series of lectures on Interpersonal Relations was the first undertaking of the year. On November 26, l95l, Founders Day was celebrated with a tea for actives and alumnae. The first semester was drawn to a close with the formal installation of pledges. Phi Sigma Sigma was awarded the Hillel Trophy for two years achievement in athletics. This included com- petition in basketball, ping pong and baseball. The Second Annual Cupid Cotillion launched the social activities of the second semester. A king and queen of hearts were chosen from among the guests. Our philanthropic goals were achieved on campus by a cookie sale with proceeds going to the United Jewish Appeal and a booth for the Community Chest. Delta Chapter also contributed to Phi Sigma Sigma's National Rheumatic Fever Research Fund. A formal dinner dance with the installation of new officers climaxed another eventful year. Miriam Hayman ....... Barbara Meyers ........... Ellen Gross ......... Marcia Rosen ...... Joyce Wilkinson ........ ...........Archon ...Vice-Archon ........Tribune .........Scribe .........Bursar PLEDGES OF PHI SIGMA SIGMA lST ROW: G. Silver, S. Pohl. 2ND ROW: .l. Ellis, M. L. Davis, M. Owsowitz. 3RD ROW: Z. Mitchell, .l. Baker, R. Edelman, S. Lombardo, H. Cohen. We of Sigma Delta Tau have had a very enthusiastic and rewarding year of activities on campus. To welcome in the new school year our "Annual Open House" was held at the home of Joan Ellis. This gala affair will live in the memories of all who were pres- ent for a long time to come. Our alums are showing their continued interest in sorority functions through their work and cooperation in the reorganization of the S. D. T. Alumni Associa- tion in the past year. Names to be included on the Sigma Delta Tau "Hall of Fame" are: Joan Ellis, who has been elected Presi- dent of the Hillel Council, Vice President of the Senior Pan-Hellenic Council, and finalist for the Junior Prom Queen, Mimi Owsowitz, who has been tapped for "Cap and Gown" and has played a leading role in the Blue Masquer's production of "Angel Street", Rosie Edelman, who has been elected Vice President of the Junior Pan-Hellenic Council, Shelly Pohl, who has been awarded a scholarship to the U. B. College of Arts and Science, and Gerry Silver, who has been elected Treasurer of the Hillel Council. In an attempt to bring a little well deserved cheer into the lives of some of the men at the Veterans' Hos- Sigma Delta pital the girls of Sigma Delta Tau have taken great pleasure in helping these men celebrate their birth- days by providing them with cakes, gifts, and laughter. The appreciation that has been shown in the attitudes of these men has been so gratifying that we are look- ing forward to further activities at the Vets Hospital. We have continued this year with the custom started several years ago of having a tea in honor of all the other sororities on campus, the purpose of these teas being to further good relationship between the var- ious organizations. Wedding Bells rang in the past year for Mary Lou Cohen and Paul Davis, Ruth Goldwater, and Arnie Fernandez, and Marilyn Richtand and Freddy Lehr- man. Congratulations, kids, and may you have lust loads of happiness always. lt is such things as the colorful cocktail party before the Pan-Hel Ball, the pledge parties, hayrides, paiama parties, philanthropic deeds and a general feeling of closeness that comes from working together toward a common goal that makes sorority and sorority spirit the great and inspiring thing that it is to each and every one of us in Sigma Delta Tau. President ..............,........... Gerry Silver lst Vice-President ...... Rossie Edelman 2nd Vice-President .......... Shelley Pohl Treasurer ........................ Helen Cohen Cor. Secretary ........ Shelley Brumberg Rec. Secretary .................. Joan Baker Tau 91 s lST ROW: S. Hynes, D. Lee, A. Hausauer, D. Hinckley, C. Orbank, Al Doerbecker. 2ND ROW: G. Reiter, B. Reagan, A. Williamson, .l. Mulholland, J. Nelson, D. Meinhold, M. Zimmerman, T. Winiarski, J. Schau, D. LeBlanc, M. Williams, L Gino 3RD ROW, l.-r.: .l. Golde, B. Klein, M. Wells, S. Sdyb, P. Boyle, M. Healy, P. Emmons, J. Wojciak, J. Scharlt, J. Everingham, M. Klein, L. Seitz, P. Rogers, D. Brenner, M. Haas. Sigma Kappa The Sigma Kaps enioyed, in every sense of the word the year 1951. lt was a prize laden, banner epoch in our history, complete with campus honors and terrific parties. Stunt Night found us walking off with a prize-much to our surprise! The year wasn't the same after we rounce-trounced through our Calendar after a half hour rehearsal. Shortly after, Sigma Kap made its contribution to the Junior Prom with Phyl Hubbard as attendant to the Queen. At the some time, both Phyl and Dolly Jarecke Hinckley became members of Cap and Gown. An outstanding accomplishment of the year was bringing home the Moving Up Day first prize trophy for our float, "Swan Song." "Melvin," our swan, still rests on his laurels at the apartment. The memory of that golden day will never be forgotten-for instance, Dot Brenner trying to shelter a 70-toot float with one umbrella. Our own .loni Schau reigned as attendant to the Sweetheart during these MUD festivities. Norton Union keys were awarded to Dolly Jarecke Hinckley and Ann Sidoni Ross. Dolly was again the recipient of the Pan Hellenic Scholarship. In class election, Sheila Hynes and Grace Reiter were made members of the Student Council as Vice-President and Secretary of the .lunior Class. The AFROTC of U. B. honored Lois Oldstrom and Chris Rutecke by choosing them Sweetheart and attendant of their unit. l95l saw wedding bells ringing for Dolly Jarecke, Bev Schleuss, Fran Hill, Marie Chamberlain, Ann Sidoni, Ann Rogers and Pat Weppner. Best wishes, too, to our newly engaged members, Phyl Hubbard, Dolly Meinhold, Joyce Hubers, and Pat Rogers. The fall semester was made a never forgotten one because of Harli- quinade-even better than last year, the terrific cocktail party pre- ceding the Pan-Hell Ball, and the Egg Nag Party during the Christmas holidays. To misquote an old quote-"The curtain may have fallen but the memory lingers yet." The past has been written and is remembered- the future faces us and we anticipate that: "Through our lives you will guide us, We hail to thee, our Sigma Kap" 92 President .......v................ Ann Hausauer lst V. President ..,. Dolores J. Hinckley 2nd V. President .................. Dodie Lee Cor. Secretary ................ Sheila Hynes Rec. Secretary .............. Cindy Orbank Treasurer ........... ...... A nn Doerbecker PLEDGES IST ROW: L. Fenlon, R. Lalragna, B. Walcher, J. Huffman, N. Forehead. ZND ROW: A. Schoepflin, D. Gardener, S. Griffiths, M. Chisholm, J. Weaver. 1ST ROW: L. Brabander, L. Lackey, M. Barbieri. ZND ROW: B. Lewis, N. Clark, G. Rosinski, D. Linendoll, L. Borowiak, N. Nelson. 3RD ROW: F. Erb, M. E. Frank, M. Killian, E. Smith, P. Morton, C. Spolo, D. Blackman. Theta Chi The combined talents and activities of the sisters of Theta Chi brought many fine honors to the sorority during the year 1951. Followed by a campaign of orchids and champagne, Sally Schillo, who was iudged Junior Prom Queen, had the added honor of being tapped for Cap and Gown. Good harmony and much practice enabled us to win the sorority division of the Inter-fraternity sing contest for the second consecutive year, thanks to "Molly Malone", "Evalow", and an original composition by Carole Rosenbach entitled "Silence." In the field of intersorority sports, Theta Chi again won the swimming trophy with due credit to the budding Esther Williams potentials. When Moving-Up Day rolled around, Linda Lackey was elected attendant to the Queen, after a campaign whose theme was "Look." The scholarship standing of the group was raised to third place and five girls received gardenias for having B averages at the Pan-Hellenic Tea. This fall the French-Bohemian theme of our informal rush party afforded a terrific background for candlelight, can-can girls and garter favors. An excellent pledge class will provide the sorority with a capable body of new mem- bers next semester. Nancy Sheehan, past president of Theta Chi, is now the Alumni Secretary of the University of Buffalo, and Pat Morton, besides being elected secretary of the Board of Managers, is the first woman in the history of the Univer- sity to be elected Junior Prom Chairman. The pledge class sponsored a wonderful Christmas party at the Meyer Memorial Hospital for the benefit of shut-in chil- dren, at which the entire sorority played games, brought toys and food, and caroled in the wards. To help us celebrate our 30th anniversary on November 21, 1951, S.A.N. frater- nity sent a beautiful cake to our Pan-Hell cocktail party. Looking forward to another successful year of fraternal activ- ities, our hands are joined as we sing: "Hail to thee our Theta Chi, Hail the sacred black and gold." Presidenl v,...........,.,.... Nanefle Nelson lsl V. President ..,........... Nancy Clark 2nd V. Presiclenl .......... Barbara Lewis Rec. Secretary ................ Mary Killian Cor. Secretary ........,... Doris Linendoll Pledge Mistress ..,... Dolores Blackman IST ROW: F. Lipinski, M. Miles, J. Johnson, M. lhlenfeld, N. Elliott. ZND ROW: I. Beyer, C. Felz. 3RD ROW: S. Baden, J. Guariglia, B. Callahan, M. A. Wilk, F. Gill, L. Samulski, N. Naylor, I, Walllwer, D. DiAmbrosia C. Scilz, M. Furlong. 95 M 1 , I , W' 4 . ,1-js '.'U'i'x '-:aan l'." ,J 4 1 ' -- J: - milk: ' 'ui- Q df' -ai . ' if , ",.'f55Ei Q5 if . 19.4 6? 3 5365? ,Q .K Ex ,-rf--M QL. 1 A . 514.4 g MM 'gms V ' B: 3 " l b. 'mr-9.4 9- Q Nia K K if X --:: 5 :a:s:a:a:a:5:5' 5? Q -1, 3935-. , .. f IST ROW: J. Worlcley, B. Huth, W. Brooks, K. Helfrich, S. Peters, L. James. 2ND ROW: R. L. O'Brien, A, G. Lisiak, R. P. Denne, D. N. Miller, T. Brahaney, M. V. Karas, Jr., F. Swanson, K. N. Schelesky, R. M. Lian, W. R. Brider, Jr. 3RD ROW: J. R. Walsh, A. David, E. S. Baco, J. F. Adams, R. J. Rensel, G. A. Jackman, W. J. McNeil, A. L. Fischer, D. Riter, R. Bensman, J. F. Majdanski. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi is the first, the oldest, and at the present time the largest fraternity in commerce. At the University of Buffalo, the Fraternity functions in a social as well as profes- sional aspect. The past year was a very eventful one for the Fraternity, being very active on as well as off the campus. On the campus some of our brothers aspired to such offices as vice-president of the Board of Managers, Chairman of the Board of Managers Bookstore Committee, Advertising Manager of the Spectrum, and Chairman of the Board of Managers Cafeteria Committee. ln addition to these we have another brother on the Board of Managers, we are well represented on the Business Administration Student Council, one of our men was tapped for the Bison Head, Norton Union's highest award, and A. K. Psis served as the President ........... Goodreds, G. C. .........Ken Helfrich Vice-President .............. Norm Kuehnel Secretary. ..... . Treasurer ....... ........Bill Brooks .........Steve Peters General Chairman, Parade Chairman and Awards Chair man during Moving-Up Day. Professionally, during the last year, there were many ban- quets and tours. At the beginning of the fall term we pre- sented a plaque to Dean Somers as part of the "Outstand- ing Businessman of the Niagara Frontier" award. We have also initiated difterent faculty men as members of the Fraternity. There are plenty of parties. The big social events of the year are the annual hayride, Christmas Dance, New Year's Eve party, and the Spring Formal. Besides these there are many more after football games, Norton Union Dances and during the summer. We hope that the coming years give us as much, wherever we may be, as the past one has. ALPHA KAPPA PSI PLEDGES Alpha Kappa Psi lST ROW: F. A. Saiia, A. Pellerite, V. J. Muffoletlo, C. J. Carbonaro, E. Masci. Y T 2ND ROW: B. Arnone, J. J. Militello, T. J. Alessi, C. J. Monlante, M. J. Cieri, J. P. lacovelli, J. L. Visone. Alpha Phi Delta Epsilon Chapter, of the University of Buffalo, is a chapter of the National Fraternity, Alpha Phi Delta. University of Buffalo schools rep- resented include Business, Arts and Sciences, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, and engineering. The organization stresses scholarship, social and cul- tural development, and community service. The l95l-52 period was highlighted by various activities which included the Annual February Sweetheart Dance and Buffet Supper, held in the Peter Stuyvesant Room. The 30th Spring Alumni Dance, at the Hotel Statler, was a tremendous success, due to the combined response of the undergraduates and alumni, in support of this gala event. As in the past, the orphans Christmas party held in the German Roman Catholic Orphanage on Dodge Street, was enjoyed by all. Vincent Mulfoletto, as Santa Claus, aided by fraternity brothers, presented gifts to the children. Monte Carlo Night, a social affair for families of fraternity members, was a unique and successful event. Alpha Phi Delta's pledge periods are launched with rush parties. Pledges are orientated on the constructive aims of the fraternity, and hazing is confined to a minimum, complying with national trends. Past performances of this chapter have been outstanding successes. We con- fidently anticipate that T952-53 will prove as successful. Consul .................... Vincent Muffoletto Pro-Consul .....,...... Charles Carbonaro Tribune ....... ........ A rmand Salia Quaestor ........ ....... A nthony Pellerite Chaplain ........ ........... E ttore Masci Pledgemaster ............ Joseph Militello Co-pledgemaster .............. Fred Laurie 1ST ROW: V. Quagliano, E. Heintz, L. Worth, E. J. Baumgarl, Jr., H. Hensel. 2ND ROW: R. Redding, J. Koegerl, W. G. Funk, L. Potenza, G. Castellian, W. Meehan, L. Aber, F. Flierl, R. Aglhe. 3RD ROW: D. Burns, I. Klimowicz, W. lrr, G. Hicks, J. Czarnecki, R. Koch, G. Baeumler, C. Schueler. Alpha Phi Omega The first chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was founded on December 16, 1925, at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. Since then the frater- nity has grown until today it includes 242 chapters. The Epsilon Sigma chapter of the University of Bultalo received its charter on February 8, 1948. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to render service to the student body and faculty, to youth and the community, to members of the fra- ternity, and to the nation as participating citizens. The Epsilon Sigma chapter has tried to fulfill this purpose by making available its services to anyone who desires them for a worthwhile proiect. Some of the service proiects this chapter has participated in are: provid- ing volunteer workers for the veterans hospital, providing leaders for the crippled children's scout troup, sponsoring the Ugly Man contest, pro- viding ushers for commencement, and many other similar proiects. In addition to rendering service this chapter has a well-planned social program which might even be envied by some oi the strictly social fraternities. Included in this program are dances, banquets, smokers and weekend camp outs. The highlight of social activities in the fraternity each semester is the pledge dance, given in honor of the pledges who are about to be initiated into the fraternity. Alpha Phi Omega is a non-discriminatory fraternity and membership is open to all those who have had some previous association with scouting. Plans for the establishment of an alumni chapter in Buffalo are nearing completion. To our brothers who will be ioining this alumni chapter shortly, to carry on the work and tradition of Alpha Phi Omega and to all the others who will be graduating this June, the Epsilon Sigma chapter offers its best wishes for the future. 102 President .....,.... Leonard V. Worth, Jr. ist V. President ...... Edward A. Heintz 2nd V. President ............ John Hoegerl Treasurer .................. W. Gordon Funk Rec. Secretary ........ Herbert H. Hensel Cor. Secretary ...... Lucian A. Potenza Parliamentarion ...... Thomas J. O'Neil Sgt.-at-Arms ........ William R. Meehan Historian ......... ........ D ennis N. Burns x Y 5. P x'x 1ST ROW: H. Schule, P. D. Clarlc, G. W. Harris, J. Wangler, W. Murphy. 2ND ROW: W. Castle, D. Clark, C. Harrigan, E. Chmielewski, J. Hoelcle, E. Hyziewicz, R. Olans, T. Pyrak, K. Kreiss, R. Gaellner, R. Allenback, P. Treys. 3RD ROW: R. Swastynowicz, J. Peperone, P. B. Clark, R. Murphy, H, O'Connor, P. Dissinglon, H. lankowski, W. Daly, .l, Houck, J. Schulz, C. Parloto, F. Mirasola, D. Malone, R. Gaylord, J. Keller. AI l1 S' Ph' Alpha Sigma Phi found l95l a year replete with campus honors for our fraternity. First of all last spring Alpha Sig carried on the tradition of presenting the Campus Sweetheart Trophy to the Movin-Up-Queen, along with a bou- quet ot our Talisman roses. ln the M.U.D. Float contest Alpha Sig literally floated into second place of our division with "Anchors Aweigh." Spring athletics found Alpha Sig taking the honors for second place. ln the Stunt Night, we also took second prize with an uproarious act led by Don Lever, the Fairy Queen. Other honors brought by Alpha Sig by individual brothers included: Ken Pye and Jack Keller, both of whom were "Tapped" for Bisonhead, this pair went further with Brother Pye's graduation summa cum laude and .lack's election as President of the Board of Managers and Bisonhead. Chuck Part- ridge, who was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and the editorship of the Spectrum and President of the Young Republican Club: Bill Jones who fought his way to the championship ot the 160-pound boxing division, Bill was also elected to the Presidency of the Sophomore Classy Bill Daly who was chosen President of the Radio Playhouse, Chuck Harrigan, President of the General Activities Council and Glee Club, Bob Olans, Chairman of the Mixer Committee. A hearty hand goes to the entire brotherhood for the enjoyable night we spent at the Golden Gloves finals with the orphans. Alpha Sig is looking to i952 as an even greater year on campus. ' 'e1??r'f-fer lx ' 'IST ROW: W. Anderson, W. Henry, J. Mallina, R. McCloy. 2ND ROW: A. Pawlowski, J. Macera, W. Bowman, H. Boreanay, R. Brown, R. Grimm, R, Norman, R. Friedley, J. Ferlisi. President .......... ..William Harris Vnce-President ..,... ............. P aul Clark Rec. Secretary Cor. Secretary William Murphy ......Harry Schule Treasurer ............ ....... J ack Wangler Pledge Trainer ........ Chaplain ......... ......Jack Keller ....Ed Hyziewicz w uf. ,Qgfj 'WS M... fa f., fy"5 'YN K' KN V 5 x ge .....,-my Q. vw ra ,K W-cm. s.- ll' R x Beta Phi iST ROW: G. Welch, W. Clark, D. Herrmann, W. Follendorf, J. Potter. 2ND ROW: E. Frank, C. Bellanca, T. Mogle, R. King, J. Leone, D. Fake, R. Dawes, J. Delialski, W. Way, P. Fickenscher, R. Doran, F. Scibilia, W. Hill, H. Ertman, R. M. Prutz, R. Bataglia. BRD ROW: C. Boshart, F. Rozek, .l. Marotta, G. Hooley, B. Connette, M. Forster, A. Brownell, W. McMahon, I. Buckley, E. Briggs, R. Hunt, M. DiVincenzo, R. Sylvester, D. Nash, D. Cadwollader, D, Pritchard, D. Kujawa, S. Piazza, Founded in 1886 in Buffalo, New York, Beta Phi Sigma inaugurated the movement for pharmacy fraternities throughout the United States. Beta Phi Sigma is chartered as a social-professional fraternity giving its members a greater incite into the pharmaceutical world as well as a well rounded campus life. Each year Beta Phi Sigma sponsers a series of lectures and demonstrations which acquaint the pharmacist of tomorrow with the latest in pharmaceuticals and thereby better equip him for the professional world. Socially, Beta Phi Sigma is one of the leading frater- nities at the university, participating actively in most phases of interfraternity competition. The fraternity has achieved prominence: having a member on the board of managers, winning the interfraternity sing, having a member President of the Student Council of the Pharmacy School, actively participating in the Junior Prom and Moving-Up-Day contests. The requirements for membership are: a member must be of high scholastic standing in an accredited school of pharmacy, and his primary interest must be the furtherment and development of the fraternity and the pharmaceutical profession. . o 0-in as Sigma Ht JM My-if-JB Noble Senior. .,......... Daniel Herrman Worthy Junior ......,..... Charles Mulloy Stenographer ....... Exchequer ........ .William Follendorf .........George Welch Conductor ........ ......... W illiam Clark Marshal ..,...... Sentincil ......... Librarian ................ ........David Fake .......Joseph Leone ..........Frank Rozck Senior l.F.C. Repr ........... William Hill Junior l.F.C. Repr ..... Paul Fickenscher lST ROW: F. Buscaglia, E. Bauer, W. Kneeland, E. Falsetti. 'Q QND ROW: C. Terranova, G. Buzzelli, J. Casliglioni, R. Strong, R. Martin, G. Klender, T. Callahan, D. Marchetti, E. Giannini, A. Sabia, J. Caserta. 3RD ROW: A. Chimera, R. Dunklin, J. Darlak, J. Doctor, F. Sanderson, A. Friona, P. Runtola. Beta Sigma Psi We, the active members of Beta Sigma Psi, look back in the waning moment of another school year with pride at the developments of our fraternity. For many of us, it is time to leave the inner circle of brother- hood and retire to the more stoic way of life. But the departing brothers shall remain in spirit and have a lasting influence on those of us remaining. Already the Lambda Pledge Class has accepted the responsibility of new brothers and the Mu Class is ready to swell the ranks of our close group. We have striven to continue our fraternal aims of brother- hood and equality. Preiudice has no place within our chapter walls. As a social group, our fraternity has functioned suc- cessfully. Our annual fall dance will be long remem- bered by our brothers. Equally successful was our Beta Bounce and our Founder's Day Dinner Dance, not to mention a number of informal get-togethers. In the field of sports our endeavors were well rewarded. This could not have been accomplished without a sense of spirit and co-operation. We of the fraternity feel that we no longer stand on the threshold of success, but have reached it, through the interaction of two extremes, responsibility and carefreeness. With these thoughts in mind and with deep gratitude to those powers that make this brother- hood possible, we bring to a close another chapter in our history. President ............,..... Edward F. Bauer Vice-President ........ William Kneeland Treasurer .................... Edward Falsetti Cor. Secretary ............ Fred Buscaglia Rec. Secretary .............. Robert Martin Sargeant-at-Arms .... Antony Chimera PLEDGES ' lST ROW: R. Perri, A. Lapetina, J. LaNasa, A. Sabia, 2ND ROW: N. Cristea, N. Paul, D. Falsetti, R. Conforto, B. Harrington. 9 CI: ...Q if -J TST ROW: G. Schmuckler, R. Reisman, B. Celniker, S. .Penner, P. Cohen, S. B. Sugarman. 2ND ROW: D. Silverberg, H. Kanel, .l. Legumsky, A. Lebowitz, M. Lubick, D. Silverman, E. Barnett, S. Messinger, D. Dopkins, A. Zelman, G. N. Cohen, E. Rivo, L. Smalheiser. SRD ROW: C. Westman, D. Weinberg, G. Landau, D. Fields, R. Miller, .l. Gottfried, N. Mohl, L. Shafer, A. Brown, I. M. Chertoff, A. H. Robins, H. L. Zimmer, M. Rivo, S. Liberman, N. Katz, J. Kassirer. B t S' Rh This was a year rich with social, athletic, and cultural attain- ment for Beta Sigma Rho. An overall B fraternity average, Phi Beta Kappas, and Cum Laude graduates, were almost the rule, rather than the exception. Social affairs were numerous as Beta Sigma Rho men are adherents to the saying: "All work and no play makes a 'Beta Sig' a dull boy." Our annual Autumn Nocturne dance, held at the Statler, was one of the great successes on the school's social calendar. Hayrides, Interfraternity parties, cocktail parties, smokers, "theme" dances, and a giant New Year's affair helped fill our weekends with fun. Somehow, Beta Sigs still found time to ploy basketball, golf, baseball, speedball, tennis, and paddleball, ranking with a top few in overall athletic competition. Members were also active in school activities. The Norton Union Dance Committees, Mixer Committee, Freshman Steering Committee, Board of Managers, and Inter-fraternity Council all had representatives of Beta Sig. The initiation of a wonderful pledge class assures us that in future years our fraternity shall retain its excellent reputation on campus. To our graduating seniors, and to the senior class, we wish a successful life ahead, and to our outgoing officers, we give our most earnest thanks for a year that just couldn't have been any better. l BETA SIGMA RHO PLEDGES Beta Sigma Tau 'IST ROW: R. Johnson, D. Burkhardl, R. Manuele, L. Burnette, T. Flominio. 2ND ROW: J. Hagen, L. Bouchard, R. M. Starks, H. Neck, N. S. Slowinski, R. E. Dehm, C. Taravella. 3RD ROW: M. J. Phoss, T. S. Romano, G. P. Rozycki, L. Broncato, C. C. Koerner, K. A. Turner. President .................... Robert Manuele lst V. President .......... Luther Burnette 2nd V. President .... Donald Burkhardt Rec. Secretary ............ Russell Johnson Cor. Secretary ........ Thomas Flaminio Beta Sigma Tau fraternity, founded in May, 1948, is dedicated to the purpose of promoting harmony and understanding between all races, religions, national- ities and ideologies. This aim is accomplished by inviting all men students who adhere to our belief of democratic living to join our fraternity and take part in our many social activities. Treasurer ............ ............. H ugo Neck The first semester of the l95l school year was begun with a rush party in October followed by a smoker given by the pledges for the fraternity on December l. On December l5, we reciprocated by sponsoring a dance for the pledges. The newly formed alumni organization of BST has 25 members and has been very helpful in making all of our social events a great success. Our fraternity was also very proud of the fact that one of our alumni, Lee Jones, was elected in November, 'l95l, to Coun- cilman ofthe Ellicott District. Six members were sent to represent the Buffalo Chap- ter of Beta Sigma Tau at the Northeastern Conclave held at Baltimore, Maryland, on December 28, 29, PLEDGES Norm Hertzel, Robert N. Maraschiello, Richard J. l95l. Meyers. .gifiziif kk 5, ' L I K 7 i . 7 l 'IST ROW: M. Acifelli, D. Bebak, W. Frey, P. Modaffari. ZND ROW: R. Drobits, H. Caslilone, T. Bridwell, D. Lisk, I. Billick, C. Nikoloff, E. Gaiani, G, Buzzelli. Beta Phi The initiation of six new members marked the opening for Chi Beta Phi's tenth year as a National Scientific Fraternity here at the University of Buffalo. It initiated the activ- ities of Chi Beta Phi, which were stimulating and beneficial to all its members who derive pleasure from scientific dissemination. At our meetings, we gathered with the purpose of giving extra-curricular opportunities to scien- tific students. This was accomplished by papers and demonstrations given by the mem- bers themselves in addition to discussions on subiects not included in regular classwork. Social functions were held from time to time enabling our members to foster greater interest in Chi Beta Phi themselves, as well as among other students on campus. Included in our plans for the remainder of the year is a series of talks to be given by members of the faculty and visiting speakers. President .............,.. Leonard R. Schaer Vice-President ........ Donald M. Bebak Secretary .................. William A. Frey Treasurer .................. Mario A. Acitelli Senior l.F.C Repr ..... William A. Frey Junior l.F.C. Repr ....... Travis Bridwell Fac. Advisor..Dr. Gordon E. Swartz IST ROW: R. R. Muehler. ZND ROW: Charles Carbonan, Joseph Spolo, Glenn Jividen. IST ROW: J. Rottenstein, R. Hayman, A. Kionof, S. Dickstein, H. Starsky, A. Stern, M. Bass. 2ND ROW: A. Rubenstein, S. Rickler, G. Fox, B. Shulimson, M. Brothman. 3RD ROW: H. Sheff, S. Navner, M. Cohan, l. Shuman, S. Zimmer, H. Fliss, D. Steering, H, R. Herman, H. Pleskaw. 4TH ROW: H. Somer, P. Eissenstat, H. Weinberg, l. Neifack, R. Gotterman, L. Freed. STH ROW: I. Ginsberg, I. Katzman, R. Moss, P. Gouson, L. Korman. Kappa Nu We, Zeta Chapter, are proud members of Kappa Nu Fraternity, which has fifteen nationally located chapters. Zeta Chapter can also be proud, for having been founded at the University of Buffalo in l9l7, we have survived, prospered and grown through two world wars and maior depression. Kappa Nu is primarily a social fraternity, but we have graduated leaders in every profession. Our achievements are numerous and our varied pro- grams are beneficial to the University and student body alike. One of our most famous programs is titled "Kappa Nu Presents", where we bring up to our campus the top celebrities in show business to demonstrate their talents. Stan Kenton, Kay Star, Liberace, Johnnie Ray, Fran Warren, and Tony Bennett are but a few of the many Kappa Nu sponsored entertainers to appear in Norton Auditorium. This year we presented our annual cup to Hollywood star Beverly Michaels, for "The girl we would most like to pick up." Another great program of Zeta Chapter is our "Kappa Nu Year", our annual open affair. However, this is not our only social func- tion, for we hold varied affairs on the average of three times a month. We are active in every campus activity, Homecoming Queen Campaigns, Moving-Up Day floats, intra-mural and varsity athletics, and all the other various activities comprising campus life. Kappa Nu is always well rep- resented in campus politics with members in the various administrational offices. Kappa Nu Fraternity is an integral part of campus life and it is our main objective to represent our University to our fullest extent. . , vfiqfl 1ST ROW: C. Hoff, H. Reiman, V. Perricelli, Z. Shakarjian, F. Wickes, V. Latin. QND ROW: P. Gulino, J. Lodico, N. Barber, B. Berghorn, F. Shelanskey, J. Oakes, W. Staskiewicz. 3RD ROW: B. Cherenziu, D. Clark, T. Alfieri, J. Grosicki, H. Panasci. K P . KAPPA PSI is a national Pharmaceutical Fraternity. Gamma Iota, the chapter at the University of Buffalo, was reactivated during the year 1950-Sl after a period of several years of inactivity. Dr. Leroy C. Keagle of the School of Pharmacy faculty and also a KAPPA PSI man, Samuel Ferrara and Frank Enzinna were the driving forces behind the reactivation. Frank and Sam have since left us via graduation but their efforts will be remembered by the present and future members of KAPPA PSI on campus. Our program includes both professional and social meetings, as well as social functions. At present our social calendar includes an annual Mardi Gras and an annual May Dance held, respectively, in the fall and spring as the featured events. ln addition we have the usual get-togethers that don't necessitate weeks of preparation. Our Slogan: "Keep Your Eye on Kappa Psi!" Regent ......... Vice-Regent ...... Secretary ....... .......Vito J. Perricelli ......Herbert Rieman ............Fred Wickes Treasurer ........ ......... W illiam Lodico Historian ........ Chaplain ...... Fac. Advisor ........ ........Vito J. Latin .. ......... Peter Shakariian Dr. Leroy C. Keagle lST ROW: B. E. Thorn, A. F. Podlucky, C. J. Kania, O. J. Shanabrook, A. F. Cataltamo, J. G. Hastas. QND ROW: H. Johnt, H. Kuhn, A. Thompson, R. F.. Foels, M. W. Szydlowski, W. Birrer, F. M. Festa. BRD ROW: Donald M. Jeacock, Patrick L. Wiles, J. S. Wactawski, S. A. Wianecki, A, Calandrelli, W. C. Gryta, J. Donahue . Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity cele- brated its second anniversary as a member of the only national trater- nity of professional physical educa- tion men. All members of the fraternity this year joined the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. ln the tall of 1951, new members were initiated into the fraternity and a banquet was held at the University Post here in Buffalo. They will carry on the high ideals of the Fraternity, Peace, Friendship, and Brotherly Love. President ..,.....,....,........ O. Shanabrook Vice-President ..................,..... C. Kania Treasurer ..,........ ..,..... F . Granada Secretary ....... .......... T . Cataltamo Historian ........ .......... J . Hastas Guide ............. ......... A . Podlucky Sgt.-at-Arms .......... ......,...,. B . Thorn 0 Q T. ' 0 I . t i W e , l- 2-1 T i . in Wg ,'s1 H e wg 'if' gg . I EWQ K '11 .,, 9- x 5 :V 'O YU retgtoee-N 1ST ROW: F. Shelanskey, W. Smith, E. Sieracki, G. Cary, K. Yung, A. Swiatowy. 2ND ROW: A. Rozbicki, V. Slighter, M, Male, G. Miller, F. Wesolowski, R. Dombrowski, H. Grzybowski, W. LeValley, D. Jones. 3RD ROW: C. Meatyard, W. Atkins, J. Walters, R. Plewniak, R. Wilson, R. Wales, W. Eggleston, R. Parkinson. Kappa Sigma Kappa We, the members of Kappa Sigma Kappa, wish to extend the warmest of greetings to those of you who will want to know more about our fraternity. . ln accordance with our aim of brotherhood through social, physical, and intellectual activities, the New York Alpha Chapter has had a fine year. Wishing to start the New Year under the most auspic- ious of conditions, the fraternity, under the chairman- ship of Max Rutkowski, held an open New Year's Party. The following day most of the indulgents were informed of the good time they had had the previous eve. ln February, Dan Cupid's month, the Alpha and Beta Chapters initiated an annual Sweetheart Ball. Lovely Jane Szymanski was voted "KSK's Sweetheart of 1951 Thanks to the efforts of Bill Atkins and his committee the books showed black for this venture. ln remuneration for a successful visit to the New York Beta Chapter's House in Rochester, the "Beta Boys" descended upon Tommy's Schuper House where "a good time was had by all." Contrasting the more boisterous side of the fraternity were the scholastic achievements of Bob Goldsmith, who was deemed to be "Engineer of the Year." The fraternity, being strong in "Engine" school, placed Vic Carew, Bob Goldsmith, and .lack Walters llll as officers in the Engineering Student Council. Bill LeValley was honored with the post of president by the Engineering Society. As must happen, sooner or later, to the best of brothers, six souls were lost to the clark depths of marriage. The underdog participants of the matches were Rodney Anderson, Gene Smith, .lack Tylee, Max Rutkowski, Harry Potteiger and Clarence Sturm. But on to happier matters! In the spring of 1951, the fraternity machinery shifted into high gear. "Sultan" Sam Walley was elected Big Wheel on Campus. This contest, sponsored by the Council of Religious Clubs, was conducted to raise money for the World Student Service Fund. Voting was done with pennies. Each one collected constituted one vote. Working together with Chi Omega Sorority and Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity, Kappa Sigma Kappa's candidate for Moving-Up-Day Queen, Miss Joy Vann, was elected to reign over the Moving-Up-Day Week-end. Attesting to the efforts put forth in backing our candi- date, these three organizations were presented with a cup for the best queen campaign on campus. The Fraternity's float, "Beetlebaum," placed second in Fraternity division number two. ' . f -fu'-v - -..g , Alps fb ll f 5. 4 ..6. fx :Lf l gs T' f -3 lr- P .Q ,,mf,,. ., ' '. 1 ' - ' ' 1-531' A Although ranked only ninth in the PEM sports trophy, KSK made a clean sweep of the baseball series to take that championship. The most successful venture in terms of good times had was the traternity's summer cottage at Angola. Between dips and nips, the summer passed all too quickly. At the beginning of the fall semester we were all sorry to see our President, Jerry Geiger, leave us upon his induction into the Army. Jerry is a good man and did a splendid job, while president of Kappa Sigma Kappa. President ............ ....... J erry Geiger Vice-President.. ......... Gene Cary Treasurer ........... .......... E d Sieracki Cor. Secretary ........ ........ K en Yung Rec. Secretary .......... Sgt.-at-Arms ..... Pledgemaster ............ ...........Bill Smith ....Tony Swiatory Frank Shelansky lST ROW: Knache, Weser, Holler, Kneptlar, Nicholson, R. Dell, Scirto, Cownie, Burke, Weber, Burdick, Gillmon, Guerin. 2ND ROW: Mudd, Caccamise, Suess, Hutson, Trangotl, Tills, Pantera, Center, Hennig, Richard, D. Dell, Giullarl, O'Shaugnecy, Nelson, Gollwitzer, Gallea, Kager, Spencer, Thiel, Jung. 3RD ROW: Wallace, Rich, Kerwin, Hilton, Schaller, Spoon, Brown, Feinen, Geckler, Ridler, Carney, Crowley, Hain, Dickson, Archambeau, Biancatiore. mjipg , ,I ,X Phi Kappa Psi P "Sweethearts and friends may fail you, but a Phi Psi never will . . These concluding words to Phi Kappa Psi's familiar song, "Old Pol of Mine", neatly express one of the bywords of the fraternity, solidarity. Founded at Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, on February T9, l852, Phi Kappa Psi has celebrated its centennial this year. The fraternity now has fifty-six active chapters throughout the United States. Athletically speaking, the Phi Psi's won the PEM Intramural Supremacy Trophy last year for the second consecutive time by placing first in football, speedball, wrestling, the basketball free- throw, the down the river swim, bowling, swimming, golf, and track. Moving-Up Day found the Phi Psi's float, "The Sheik of Araby", taking first place in the fraternity division of the parade, as well as winning the overall parade award. Phi Psi's sawed-off plaid car, "Old Soldiers Never Die" took first place in the automobile division. The fraternity also placed second last year in the Inter-Fraternity Sing. As well as receiving trophies, Phi Psi, as usual, awarded the Dominic Grossi Memorial Trophy to U.B.'s outstanding athlete of the year. Last year this award went to Jack Chalmers, for the second consecu- tive time. T16 X., f' f ' "",i x 'ii' if J, . f 1 1 0,5 . d ff , Lf Q, If 1 all Phi Psi is proud of its members who have distinguished themselves on the campus. Nine members of the fraternity are class officers. At the Junior Prom last year, Ken Knepflar and Roger McNeill were tapped for Bisonhead. Bud Jung is Editor-in-Chief of the Buffalonian, Bob Kerwin is Business Manager and Mickey Gallea is Lay-Out Editor of the same publication. Ken Knepflar was Editor of the Spectrum, Bob Dell is the Spectrum's Sports Editor, Bill Scirto is Chairman of the Finance Committee, Bob Feinen is on the Tourna- ment Committee, and Bud Nicholson is President of the cheerleaders. The fraternity house has been the center of Phi Psi Social Activity. The regular Friday afternoon open houses have provided many memorable occasions as have the many parties following basketball and football games. Cocktail parties at the house such as the one preceding the Silver Ball added to the year's social success. Monday evening dinners, served to the chapter in the house dining room, have provided another means to real fraternal relationships. A unique social event was our Anniversary Tea which was held in honor of the Phi Psi mothers. This was an outstanding success, and will undoubtedly be instituted as an annual affair. The members of the New York Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi will endeavor in the future, as they have done in past years, to work and plan not only for a better Phi Kappa Psi, but also for a better University of Buffalo. President .,............. ....... Vice-President ............... Rec. Secrera ry. ...........Roberf Dell .Carlton Nicholson ........v.,Huberf Holler Cor. Secretary .,,.,,,,.,,...,. Kenneth Knepflar Treasurer .............. Pledge Master ......,........ Sgr.-af-Arms ......... Chaplain ....... Historian ...,.... ....,.William Scirto ...Raymond Weser .....Donald Knoche .,.,....,.Douglc1s Burdick ......,Roger Richard H7 Sigma Alpha Mu On January 26, 1949, Nu Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity was reactivated at the University of Buffalo. Nu is one in a strong bond of fifty-four inter- national chapters, the first of which was founded at C.C.N.Y. in l908. ln these past three years, the fraternity has played an important role in campus activities. The president of the Hillel Council, a member of the Board of Man- agers, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, the Business Manager of the Spectrum, the Advertising Manager of the yearbook, committee chairmen of orientation week, president and captain of the cheer- leaders, Moving-Up Day chairman of publicity, Stunt Night chairman, Silver Ball chairman, chairman of interfraternity athletics, and the secretary of the Inter- fraternity Council all proudly wear the pin of Sigma Alpha Mu. Despite this long list of extra-curricular activities, the men in the fraternity have found time to be rated third, among the social fraternities, scholastically, and fifth, othletically. Nu chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu has sponsored annually an inter-faith service at Temple Beth Zion. The purpose of this service is to lessen prejudice and to create a closer feeling of brotherhood among the students of the University of Buffalo and the citizens of the Niagara Frontier. ln collaboration with Norton Union's Stunt Night, the SAMMIES-as the men of the fraternity are called -annually present the Sigma Alpha Mu Cup to the winning organization. Being primarily a social organization, the brothers of the fraternity have enjoyed many entertaining social functions. The most memorable of these affairs are the semi-annual pledge dinner dances which have been held at some of the most exclusive clubs in the Buf- falo area. Smokers, hayrides, house parties, and mas- querades, as well as numerous cocktail parties have cluttered the social calender of the fraternity. The chapter is strengthened by the close assistance of a strong Alumni Organization. The Alumni is com- posed of such men as Judges Halpern, Diamond, and Harris, County Comptroller, Mr. J. Tick, National President of the Morticians Association, Mr. Mort Etkin, and many other prominent Buffalonians. All of these factors, along with the rich idea of fraternalism, that the SAMMIES have, create truly a strong feeling of brotherhood for the men of Sigma Alpha Mu. Sigma Alpha Mu Pledges "UgliesI Men" on Campus Prior .............. ....... G erald Wolk Exchequer ........ .......... R alph Kaplan Recorder .........,...A...... George Clement Pledge Master ...... Sanford Silverberg Committee Coordinator ................ Arnold Lieberman Fast and firm sfancls the brotherhood we formed in Sigma Alpha Mu' ll? .H i. g ..., X.... 3 ... . lST ROW: J. Lyons, J. Mclaughlin, R. Norton, T. Crouch, P. Rizzo, C. Barresi. ZND ROW: J. M. Dorn, J. Wong, R. Masson, R. Mooney, E. Rumbarger, R. Schieftelin, R. Fiddler, C. S. Tittle, D. Jeacock, P. Martina, J. McDermott. 3RD ROW: S. Russo, S. Caprino, R. Toffolo, F. Tauriello, .Ir., E. Weisenheimer, R. Brainard, K. Spicer, D. Bauman, B. H. Lapp, S. P. Jank, E. Simmons. Sigma Alpha Nu The past year has been a very successful one for Sigma Alpha Nu. In all fields of collegiate life, from athletics to scholarship, the fraternity has been well and ably represented. Thirteen brothers won varsity awards in intercollegiate athletics. Letters were won in basketball, football, three in golf, three in swimming, two in track, and three in wrestling. lntramurally speaking, SAN finished a strong third in the overall standings and won both the wrestling and boxing titles with three individual title-holders in the latter. The fraternity finished well up in the scholarship com- petition and placed from eight to ten brothers on the Dean's List each semester. Five of the members were accepted in professional schools, while several went on to graduate work. In extra-curricular activities, two gold and two silver keys were won by Manny Salemi and Jack Sharpe. In addition, Manny Salemi was elected to Bisonhead, men's honorary society. Jack Lyons was also elected editor of the ESUB Journal. "King Winter" won the annual snow sculpture, and Miss Linda Lackey of Theta Chi Sorority, our candidate for May Queen, finished second and was an attendant on Moving-Up Day. SAN'S annual scholarship was awarded to Bruce Stockton and George Crouch was voted the outstand- ing member of the fraternity by the members. We, of Sigma Alpha Nu, are grateful for the oppor- tunity and proud of the part we played in the life of the University last year. We are convinced that the fraternity will continue to grow and prosper as will the University in the years to come. IST ROW: E. Weisenheimer, Ass'l Pledgemosler, R. Scheiffelin, Pledgemosfer ' 2ND ROW: J. Eschborn, J. Wood. 3RD ROW: A. Scammuro, J. Mangano, J. Martin, L. Sidoni, P. Donate-Ili. Dodie and Gene ". . fo The sacred frusf of fraternity" ii' Q? If 1ST ROW: R. Winograd, S. Woldman, S. Cohen, G. Miesik, B. Derman, A. Grossman. ZND ROW: S. Heller, M. Silber, S. Siskin, L. Greisdorf, H. Schiller, .l. Sterman, H. Krawitz, A. Sirkin, S. Korn. 3RD ROW: G. Greenspan, D. Silverberg, P. Miller, H. Kuperman, A, Goldstein, L. Rothschild, S. Miller, R. Stone, B. Krassenbaum, R. Silverberg. Rho Pi Phi Chancellor .....,.,.,...........,..,... George Miesik Vice-Chancellor ........ Bernard M. Derman Exchequer ........., ....... S herman Waldman Scribe ....,............ .,.......,.... S am Cohen Fiery Dragon ....... ........ A lbert Grossman Chaplain ......... ........ R obert Winograd R. Richards, B. Kiener, J. Breyer, M. Brookbinder. 122 Rho Pi Phi Fraternity is a professional organization composed exclusively ot Pharmacy students. Our programming emphasizes the professional aspect of our field while not overlooking the benefits of a well- rounded social schedule. This year, the fraternity reached its greatest number of members since its post-war re-activation on campus. lncluded in our activities this season were a tour through the facilities of the Veterans' Administration hospital and the sponsoring of an open discussion of narcotic control conducted by the local administrator of the Food and Drug Administration. As part of our social program, we had a dinner meet- ing, a membership dance, several stags, and a formal initiation of new members. We also concentrated on becoming a more integral part of the Pharmacy student body. Our organization spearheaded the movement among the School's other organizations to achieve l00'X, membership in the Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Graduation from the University does not close our fraternal ties. On the contrary-Alumni chapters in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse function to keep the bonds of fraternalism strong for years to come. TST ROW: F. Hammond, F. Johns, W. LeVolley, R. Rotaiczak, T. Buddenhagen, G. Koncsol. 2ND ROW: Dr. Ranov, H. Guilford, D. Jordan, F. Fink, R. Martin, R. Schieftelin, J. Lane, A. Jircitano. SRD ROW: F. Micale, A. Seams, R. Kurtz, A. Chimera, G. Snyder, A. Paige. Tau Kappa chi Tau Kappa Chi is the honorary fraternity of the School of Engineering. The purpose of the organization is to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement and service to the School of Engineering and the University, and to further the reputation and honor of the engineering profession and the University. The past achievements of Tau Kappa Chi include the prepara- tion of solutions to professional engineering examination as reference media, the investigation of the honor system, and a study of student "fatalities" in engineering courses, among others. Every year, the society presents an award to the most outstand- ing instructor in engineering. Recipient of the award last year was Professor Howard Strauss of the Mechanical Engineering Department. This year, the society has conducted a study into the so-called "fatal" courses and possibility of tutoring or orienting lower classmen in the fundamental concepts required in these courses. Among the notable events throughout the year were the initia- tion dinners each semester, the banquet marking the installation of new officers, and several meetings where distinguished men in the technical sciences were invited as guest speakers. The fraternity wishes to take this opportunity to thank Dean Mohn, Assistant Dean Fogel, and its faculty advisors, Dr. Ranov and Professor Fisher for their wonderful help all year. President ............... ........ W illiam LeVaIley Vice-President ................ Richard Rotaiczok Cor. Secretary ........ ......... F rederick Johns Rec. Secretary ............ Frederick Hammond Treasurer .............. Theodore Buddenhagen Cataloger ....... ................ G eorge Koncsol 'IST ROW: R. Graine, R. Murray, R. Anthony, G. Thorsell, D. Baker. 2ND ROW: J. Berry, G. Thaor, A. Flagg, .l. Rooney, P. Will, .l. Nesper, E. Palmer, C. Rudio, R. Pirson, N. Slruebing. 3RD ROW: W. Hall, F. Alexander, R. Crowell, J. Taylor, W. Ramsden, D. Hultenlocher, R. Baker, W. Ingham, R. Ess, W. Anderson, T. Luparello, W. Tranchell, R. DeRue, P. Wehrum. Theta Chi Fraternity After closing down the cottage at Crescent Beach in mid- September, Theta Chi started another full year of fraternity life. This year, however, was a little different than any year since the war, because the Chapter had again acquired a fraternity house. With the house as the center of activities the Brothers enjoyed a year of work for schol- arship, good sportsmanship, and good fellowship. Theta Chi's found their way into most of the campus activities, coming away with some new friends, plenty of good experience, and even a cup or two. Many of the Brothers substantially aided the University's athletic teams. Kuhn and Rooney were mainstoys on the basketball team that made U.B. history and Coach Wilson admits the foot- ball team would have been lost without Brothers Markey and Meyer. Ramsden and Hunter, a couple of Theta Chi's cincler pounders did well on the track and cross country teams. In November, the lightning bolt struck again, and it was Frost Killer time. This year's Frost Killer upheld the repu- tation of its predecessor well and will long be remembered as the best party of the school year. The busy social program of the fraternity was climaxed in April by the annual Dream Girl Dance. Also in April over half the members of the Chapter met with the Theta Chi's from the six other Chapters in New York State for a state convention. The big convention push, however, will be in September of i952 when many of the active and alumni Brothers will meet with their equals from Theta Chi's one hundred and six Chapters at the 96th Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles. The end of the school year finds many of the Brothers assuming the role of alumni. Congratulations to you all for a job well done and those who are still undergraduates assure you they will continue striving to make the Univer- sity and the fraternity institutions of which you may continue to be justly proud. fi. F' fl L L. lST ROW: C. Klmbock, S. Molin, C. Pellll, R. Davls. 2ND ROW: J. Gillie, R. Grove, R. Anthony, C. Hallman, P. Blackhall. HRD ROW: L. Wiggin, K. Davis, R. Kinnius, W. Brownjohn, J. Hunler. Preslclenf ......... ........ R obert Anthony Vice-President ...... ..... ...Robert Murray Secrelary ........ ........ G regory Thorsell Treasurer ....,... ........... P ete Grainge lsr Guard ......... ........ R onalcl Herdman 2ncl Guard ..,. Chaplain ........ Historian ......... ....... ......Waid Ingham William Ramsden Dorrance Allberg Llbranan ......... ........... G all Schoop h V V i in ,V ,232 I, ,F N R my ij' ww' w1 us f' 4 , rililf ' A, A Q- 3 gf I 'Ii 2 1 , ig , . ' 1 fb 212 ff Af 632. . ,M f i E ! xx ' 1, 1 . A M R '- ' ?'i?M'f3' "" , ' -2 .' ' .' A ' Q 1 i . 13 Q w f fb f 1 I' ..A- : 1 L i v -yly 3 -L tbi I 9' QQ Q Q , f fi l ga 13 'f h' E ll Ai, ,. I 05, f J 4 S+' ' Q if f + E u"5 ' -' ' I 3 igfx-., '::': Q xi", :,. W 1 A V iw if X ' ir- - 4 V2 7 hq Vg. A ' 'YQ,,,1J'w7 if fu' 'S' , J' , ' A QW- I 1 -2-1- g . ."W"'Mf , W' VA ,q . gy 95" Hg, Je 'N . Mr I A .4 1 H mf, J-WWW L ff 2 B5 e if 'IMI x i W M 6 5 2 4 im. his Y 5? X s in ,W M3- .. 'W ii i. . i ': .1 V ..,. pm in K, Q, , 1 , fr 'f iTWi:i".iii' V ' ' 3 egg? wg 3 if 1 fyfigf ' f' 25 wax V V Pg: -S , ' AV . ,. K ' , sfgzk- V K 124 . :fc Q fl 4 i ,if '.. f, Q 'Q N K f SEV . W' .f ,W iff A f W V , ' s 'N Ui,-Gam' gm! ifivy,-:V1,' . . i' Vu V 1 ,L in XF vv " I , s , f X NU A U 1 I R a ' wt 'S MI-FOR RL I - DECH-so-9. , W Emu.-m HUUJUMBZEMEZ A .,x- K A mwf '- wp ,g c-QM.. ggi: 1. I ff. 5? ' 4 .,:. , - Q-1n'K-, -f la 1 N 1' 'k -Y 71 v 1 " J X Sw' 9 F V , Q ,Ev.. . P15511 3 S L, I x In .XX f yf I y'7'fgff',, 4 : f? ff X ,, M 7 XA? x 4, 'ff fyffgf if I, if f J lx M Z4 X A, ,- Q. gl Q kj 1 I I fix I ,,f' X' if , fe f 1 f , ,1. , , I ff' M, .VI X fx f "ll 1 f I fy , 4 X , if Q ff' I ' 5 f 'I' ,f U U ff f" f' K ln. ,gif K3 X' 1' fg EJ Dy ff Kg 4!X SJ f!I Y VJ Ifflx I I X fm E E ACTIVITIES J' IQIlgL, f,,,f 'Ii' J American Pharmaceutical Association 'cf 'YU TST ROW: S. Woldman, N. Brooks, B. Cherenzia, D. Clark. 2ND ROW: F. Martin, D. LeBlanc, G. Cannon, S. Lana, M. Wells, B. Holzman, M. Basty, M. Williams, P. Emerson. 3RD ROW: R. Winograd, J. Perricelli, A. Grossman D. Hermann, R. Krawitz, J. Sterman, H. Schiller, F. Rozek, B. Berghorn, F. Shelanskey, C. Hoff, S. Siskin, P. Gulino, B. Derman, S. Piazza. 4TH ROW: J. Latin, Z. Shakariian, A. Tower, J. Mroczynski, H. Reimen, B. McMahon, D. Fake, H, Kuperman, W. Staskiewicz, B. Erisman, E. Searle, F. Wicks, .l. Leone, J. Grosicki, H. Fanasci, C. Potter, J. Sultel. Not to be forgotten was the exceedingly enioyable Christmas Party A lively series of events in this school year generated an abundance of t H DQIDDYEAQQQ fl enthusiasm within the A. Ph. A. Student Branch. Student participation K, fl emphasized at several of the meetings, resulted in various highly stimu- rl lating discussions. At the November Meetings, students entered many E inspiring ideas to those offered by a panel on "Compulsory Membership 5 S " it in the A. Ph. A". Several notable speakers presented a beneficial collection of thoughts to the potential pharmacists. Mr. Robert Harron, Personnel Director of Loblaw Groceterias, heightened the intent of Pharmacy Week with his stimulating discourse of "Personnel Relationships and Problems in Retail Pharmacy". Students from every school on campus delighted over the unusual corner in Norton Union during Pharmacy Week. On display were old and new textbooks, old and new mortars, pestles and suppository molds. Students were fascinated by old-time remedies recorded on yellowed prescription blanks of yesteryear. Notable also in the display was the array of diversely colored capsules and various brand medicaments. which oltered unmistakable spirit to the events ot the season. lt may well be said that the industrious, energetic elements of our professional organ- ization made this an exceptionally successful year, leaving all who par- ticipated with a wealth of irreplaceable experiences. It is sincerely felt that every meeting contributed to a great understanding and reverence within the profession. President .............. ..... Vice-President... Secretary .... ...... . Treasurer ........... Faculty Advisor ......... .Bradley Cherenzia .........Donald Clark ........Nancy Brooks Sherman Woldman ......Dr. John Kleber American Orthodox Catholic Alliance ,M 'IST ROW: N. Kowal, Rt. M.G.H, Gelsinger, Advisor, J. Raplis. 2ND ROW: P. Giliin, R. D. Brophy, E. Lemonis, H. Kargaris, R. J. Massey. Theophany Chapter of the AOCA was charted and installed at the University of Buffalo in 1943 with the blessing of the lawful Orthodox Patriarchal Authority. AOCA is a voluntary association of Orthodox students and other Orthodox persons for defending and propa- gating the undiminished and unalloyed Orthodox Faith, and for the study of Orthodox Doctrine, History, Music, and Art, on the collegiate level. Membership with all the rights and privileges of mem- bership is open on equal terms to all Orthodox persons regardless of their ancestory or parochial connection. iv!-1 President. Marshal ......... Secretary .....,.... .......Nicholas Kowal .................James Raptis .......Harry John Kargatis Treasurer ........,.. ......... G eorge Lambros Chaplain ...,.....,.................................. Philip Giiiin Registrars ...... David Brophy and Angelo Konst Historian ...................,.,.,........,....... Mary Lambros 'l3l' K. Knepflar, K. Helfrich, .l. Keller. W 5, lY? - Wt' is l 1 Q - g r 0 lil HE- .-. fm- --x---xn tI"ll.I,"ll mvn- v-11' uwxx x i 'vnnvn 1 i' L - 'I 1 1 ? Z ' - . Z! 2' ' . -1 EE 3 g L, 3 l il XX? is Bkonhead l95l -1952 Jack Keller Kenneth Helfrich Kenneth Knepflar Roger McNeill A. K. Pye Emanuel Salemi Robert Ploss Arnold DeLaura Edward Spectre Robert Fleming Thomas Troy Bisonhead, founded at the University over thirty years ago, is the traditional men's honor society. To be "tapped" for member- ship in this organization is the ultimate recog- nition accorded men of high moral character, good scholarship, and outstanding leadership in campus and civic affairs. Each year, at the Junior Prom, past Bison- heads assemble to "tap" and welcome the new brothers selected to carry on the tradi- tions and responsibilities which we hold sacred. These men are easily distinguished by the royal blue ribbons and gold keys which they are privileged to wear. Although the principles of the organization are seldom publicized, their impact on student life is unmistakeable. Ever seeking to enhance the prestige of the University, in every way, Bisonheads can be proud of the high position their organization holds in the eyes of the University of Buffalo. . I g s U6 , t e Cap and Gown J 7 If M X - i t J N if., 'I gn Z . singer! - 7 'i I 'l h If R 6 Uh lim Mimi Owsowitz, Eileen Cocker, Phyllis Hubbard, Joanne Hanna, Sylvia At the Junior Prom each year, the outstanding women from the University of Buffalo are tapped for Cap and Gown. The members of this society are chosen on the basis of their character, achievements in activities, and in scholarship. Each member of Cap and Gown is recognized by her pin of gold set with pearls in the form of a C and G. During the year, the society recognizes the outstanding Freshman woman by presenting her with the Freshman ring. On Moving-Up Day in 1951, Eleanor Wood was awarded the ring. Also on this day, the Cap and Gown Alumnae presents a scholarship award to the most outstanding Sophomore woman of the year. Betty McKenica received the scholar- ship. The present members of Cap and Gown are: Mimi Osowitz, Chairman, Eileen Cocker, Phyllis Hubbard, Dolores Hinckley, Sally Schillo, Joanne Hanna, and Sylvia Zielinski, Secretary. ,i-W .nl 3 Buffcllonicm Slcnley W "Bud" Jung, Edilor-in-Chief . , - i N ..,..7TV- A , ,ye Q 1 l W 1 til, 'A.,,b y f w L 5 Donald Dell, Sporls Editor Roberf Kerwln, Business Manager, Sylvia Zielimki, Assfslanl' Editor A E , , 3 . wa we' l L M 4 mi rm. WW Nancy Clark, Arr Ediior Mickey Gallea, Lay-our Editor 1 T 1 N l X 0.5 G 5 W ,lr Y X M fl -X V, 1 1 wll S. Hynes, A. Williamson, B. McKenica, M. Gallea, B. Lewis D. Schaller, J. Wolk, R. Feinen, W. Weber B Nelson T Pantera Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief .......... Assistant Editor ....... Business Manager ....... Stanley W Jung ....Sylvia Zielinski ........Robert Kerwin Lay-out Editor .........,.....,, .... M ickey Gallea Advertising Manager '........ .....,... J erry Wolk Art Editor ...........,..,..,... ........ N ancy Clark Sports Editor .................... ......... D onald Dell Circulation Manager ,......... ..,...... W illiam Weber Photography Editor ......., ....... J an Everingham Activities Editor v..,...,.......,.A . ........ Betty McKenica Fraternity-Sorority Editor .............A.............,..,....,..., Barbara Lewis Senior Write-up Editors ........ Eleanor Wood, Anne Williamson Co-Copy Editors ........,.,,....,..... Dorothy Lee, Dolores Blackman Re-write Editor ..,.....A .............,.................,... S hella Hynes Publicity Directors ..,..... .....A.., T ony Pantera, Robert Geckler Staff ADVERTISING B. Feinen, D. Schaller, M. Levine L Joseph ART M. Ihlenteld, L. Martin, R. Deinhart M Chism C. Cummings, H. Levitt, R. Dickson SPORTS D. Schaller, T. Brown, R. Gillman J Traugott F. Center, R. Feinen, B. Dell PHOTOGRAPHY E. Kaplan COPY J. Johnson, A. Higgins, D. Burke, J, Weaver C Fisher L. Lackey, J. Huffman, M. J. Sullivan, K Moore D Beck S. Zasowski, N. Nauth, M. Harkness J Fitzpatrick S Griltiths, C. Karas J. Johnson, D. Blackman, R. Gr.-cklor R. Burke, F. Center T Brown R Glllman ,fx if . - Y s 2, X . 'u '-J 'IST ROW: M. Bernhard, G. Reiter, F. G. Hengerer, Jr., Z. Chernicoft, R. M. Starks. 2ND ROW: R. Murphy, K. Knepflar, L. Swados, H. Kurland, R. Sader, M. C. Muenzenmaier, M. Owsowilz, J. Wallace, W. Murphy. 3RD ROW: R. Babbage, W. B. Castle, J. McEwan, E. Moran, M. J. Shosho, S. Goldstein, K. H. Williams, E, Sommer, D, Girard, B. Greenfield, R. Goellner, F. S. Romano. .. 'j "- -- A fi ,O I 3. - f 'Ven' Blue Masquers Fill: 4Q4?f f JZ President ......... Vice-President .......... Business Manager .......... Treasurer .,............. Cor. Secretary ..... Franklin G. Hengerer .....,Robert M. Starks .......Melvin Bernhardt ...Zcllaine Chernicoff .....,......Richard Burke Rec. Secretary ........................ Hessa Sagenkahn Board Members .... Grace Reiter, Richard Burke 136 The fall of 1951 found the Blue Masquers attempting its first melodrama in quite a few years. The produc- tion of "Angel Street" was very successful and very rewarding in experience for the group. We also staged numerous productions in our experimental theater program, which gave many of the students an oppor- tunity to act or direct, without spending the time it would take to be in a maior production. Another very interesting project was our work at the Veterans' Hospital. The Masquers worked with those veterans who were interested in dramatics, and we made a wire recording of a complete radio show. The new semester found our roll books swelled by twenty-eight new White Masquers. The spring produc- tion was Jean Cocteau's "The Infernal Machine". This play required a great deal of work from the members of the organization, but it was well worth the effort when we saw the final results. Our plans for the com- ing year are still indefinite, but with the fine coopera- tion of the school, and the students, which we have had in former years, we can plan on having another good season. is 3 no 2 Y. f ' v y fb 'IST ROW: H. Butler, R, Polk, G. Kaplan, J. Shelton, A. Cotriss, R, Lembicz, W. Atkins. 2ND ROW: C. Kurland, T. Sloklosa, G. Goldsmith, D. Mueller, S. Narrioks, E. Hollwedel, A. Goldsmith, 3RD ROW: E. Davidson, .l. Crag, H. Newton, R. Clark, G. Milosc-vich,'H. Grayek, J, Rodin. Camera Club The Camera Club of the University of Buffalo was organized to promote the photographic interests of the student body. The club's well-equipped darkroom in Norton Union is a special attraction to its members. A press camera, two enlargers, developing tanks and trays, floodlamps, spotlights, tripods, printing boxes and ferrotype dryers are among the much appreciated equipment enioyed by the members. The club sponsors frequent photography contests whereby the photo- graphs submitted are iudged and criticized by professional photogra- phers. Special topics of photographic interest are assigned for these contests, usually in keeping with the club's activities. Many field-trips and outings are scheduled throughout the year. The members thus have an opportunity to take a variety of pictures at the same time becoming better acquainted with each other. The club is proud of some of the color work it has produced this year at a Fall outing to Letchworth Park. Many of the pictures in this group demonstrate the modeling ability of the club's feminine members, The Camera Club endeavors not only to promote the scientific aspects of photography, but also to provide social entertainment for its members. The individual members are allowed to use photography as a hobby, as a means of professional training, and also in the aesthetic sense of being able to capture and appreciate the artistic beauty of mother nature. lms "' i'-izall .si-. H55 y ' Ll s N 'R if 1ST ROW: D. Kantrowitz, M. Guerici, G. Repetski, E. Gicewicz, B. Upper, M. Szydlowski, C. Rudio. ZND ROW: R. Donaldson, C. Kania, H. Johnl, L. Molner, C. Markey, O. Shanobrook, G. Gallino, R. Ray, F. Kereken. Block B The Block "B" organization is mode up of athletes who have won major letters in swimming, wrestling, cross- country, basketball and football. A resolution was made at one of the monthly meet- ings to do everything possible to erase the stigma on athletics brought forth recently by the behavior of certain individuals throughout the country. We believe that athletics have a place in college and are advan- tageous to a school and to students participating in them. Each year it is customary to make a donation to an orphan's home with part of the proceeds of a raffle and the annual Tag Day at MUD. Blankets and trophies are also bought for each senior upon graduation. Many of our recent alumni are gaining fame in the sports and business world. Don Beitlemen in wrestlingy Matty Ferrentino as CI player-coach for the Toronto football chain and Dave Runyan, now attending law school. The club points with pride at its own orchestra formed from members of the club. Calling themselves "The Five Wits", they entertain at some of the meetings and social functions. Don Holland plays clarinetp Mike Guercio, trumpety Ed Gicewicz, accordiong Dave Runyan, ukeleleg and Ed O'Reily at the traps. With the new members ioining this year, we believe our club will be bigger and better than ever. fee il Wllllf, .GZYXI T gflx-X ck Y lui K Q,.JX y fyx lllqv il 't :umm 9- fj 58 G? cf-'Qu 4:4...'f9 President .............. ....... E dmond Gicewicz Vice-President ......... ......... .l erry Repetski Treasurer ,............ ............... B uddy Upper Rec. Secretary .......... Matthew Szydlowski Cor. Secretary ........ ............. M ike Guercio Sgt.-at-Arms ........ .......... J ack Gugino Choral Ensemble Seventy people this year provided the neces- sary raw material for the making of a first rate chorus and under the capable and experienced direction of Mr. Wallace Van Lier of the Music Department of the Univer- sity, the finished product was well balanced with excellent artistic appeal. "Singing brought them together and singing will keep them together", said Manager Charles M. Harrigan at the first rehearsal in September. Working with that in mind many programs were presented, one for the Kiwanis at the Hotel Statler, another for the students and faculty on last December 19 and several for local charitable institutions and local High Schools. Of course, the big program was that which was presented in the main ball room of the Statler on April 2. This event was the 2nd annual Home Concert and Ball. The Glee Club is essentially a self-governing organization and elects its own officers. Membership on several committees is open to the interested and matters of attendance, publicity and of a social or party planning nature are governed by these groups. Manager ............................ Charles M. Harrigan Assistant Managers ........................................ Mary Ellen Frank and John Sulecki Secretary .............................. Frances Szymanski Librarians..Olive Umiker and Duane Crawford ZW 5 JN i Debate Society SITTING: .l. Mattina, L. Cebulslri, B. Jones. STANDING: B. Daly, G. Chirnoff, J. Shulimson, F. Zeplowrtz V Rertel F Frisch T Wmlarskr S Brenner T Dean The Debate Society practices the principle that "men are never so likely to settle a question rightly as when they discuss it freely". Each year, an important issue is chosen as a national topic upon which teams throughout the country debate. The discussion this year centered on the highly controversial question of a permanent program of wage and price controls. Some of the opponents of the team were Columbia, Yale, Army, Illinois, and Syracuse, and the Society was represented at the lnvitational Tournament at Brooklyn College. The members of the club not only engaged in formal debate, but also took part in such activities as roundtable discussions. This growing organization has given to many a greater understanding of the vital issues of the day. It was, this year, under the leadership of the following officers: President, William Daly, vice-president, Joseph Martina, secretary, Lorraine Cebulski, treasurer, William Jones. Invaluable aid was given by the faculty advisor, Mrs. Potter. X lf Ei ETX 1 fl If ff i lt IST ROW: George Fausch, Vice Chairman, Douglas Jordan, Chairman. ZND ROW: Arnold Paige, Corresponding Secretary, .lack Olmstead, Sergeant- :zt-Arms, Donald Heine, Treasurer, Thomas LaBasco, Secretary. Electrical Engineering Society 142 The Electrical Engineering Society ot the University of Buffalo was estab- lished by twenty-three electrical engineering students on November 3rd, l948. From this beginning there has developed an organization devoted to electrical engineers which now stands as an integral part of the School of Engineering and the University campus. The activities ot the Society are many and varied, fundamentally, the organization is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of all available knowledge of the theory and practice of electrical engineering. lt is through the meetings held ot least once a month that this goal is achieved. Guest speakers from such national organizations as General Electric, Sylvania, and Westinghouse have been and are invited. An annual dinner-meeting is held here at the university with the Niagara Frontier Section of the American lnstitute of Electrical Engineers. A major event this year was the establishment of an electronics division, the prime function of which is the operation of an amateur radio station on campus. Work on special displays for the Engineering School "Open House" in the spring was another big project undertaken by the Society. Life is not complete without a few social activities, and the Society rounded out its program with a couple ot semester parties for its mem- bers. Special credit is due to our taculty advisor, Professor A. T. Balint, for his great help in making this year particularly successful. lt is with complete confidence that we entrust the Society to the future electrical engineering graduates of the School of Engineering. SITTING: G. Koncsol, C. Hubbell, R. Knight, C. Fogel, C. Upper, D. Bottorf, G. Slenzel. STANDING: J. Lyons, E. Falsetti, R, Farnham, L. Plisk, R. Miller, C. Bogardus, W. Wheaton, A. Seames, The Engineering Society of the University of Buffalo, made up of interested engineering students and being self-supported, considers this past year as one of its most successful. Using its policy of encduraging partic- ipation in all school functions, the society planned its programs in order that none conflicted with other campus functions. Our technical meetings, that were of value to all students, were planned at times to give everyone the benefit of their interest. This was espe- cially noted with a program of "Adventure in Research" presented by Westinghouse Electric at two different times in Norton Auditorium. The second performance was highlighted by a ioint dinner and meeting with the Professional Engineers of Erie County. The other monthly technical meetings proved to be equally interesting, with a standing invitation for everyone to attend. A stag social and barn dance were held each term with the highlights of the social events being the Engineering Scholarship Dance held at Kleinhans Music Hall shortly before Christmas. For all those who attended, these social events will long be remem- bered, and it is hoped that succeeding years will be as successful for our organization. Our gratitude to all those who in any way contributed to this success. The Engineering Society takes pleasure in congratu- Iating the class of I952, and wishes them success in their chosen fields. Engineering Society of U.B. I43 J Engineering Student Council Pl 1ST ROW: E. Falsetti, A. Seames, G. Repetski, M. Baker, J. Tripi. 2ND ROW: D. Jones, R. Arney, C. Upper, W. Eggleston, F. McGuire, N. Cicelsky. The Engineering Student Council was started to promote and develop a stronger school spirit among the student body of the University and to further student relationship. This council consists of the tour officers of each class and the engineering student representative on the Board of Managers. Though this student group is the youngest on the campus, it is the most active student council to further student activity this year. ESC maintained a suggestion box into which stu- dents could drop their complaints andfor sugges- tions, held their Second Annual Saint Patrick's Day Dance, held several after-Basketball dances, decorated the school for Christmas, supervised election of class officers, sponsored the open house, and held several other social activities. Each year the council adds new activities to their program schedule, and so tar their results have been very highly received and their activities have been well attended by the students on the campus. The members of the council at this time want to thank Dean Paul E. Mohn for putting up with the activities and work ot the council and seeing to it that permission was obtained so the protects undertaken by the council could be a success. The council also wishes to thank their faculty advisor, Assistant Professor John H. Woodhull, for supervising the council activity during the past year and for making many suggestions to the council for carrying out certain iobs, and for being the go-between for the faculty and student body. President ......... ....... J erry J. Repetski Vice-President ..,.... ......... A lbert Seames Treasurer ......... ........... J ohn Tripi Secretary ............... ........ M arvin Baker Cor. Secretary ............................ Edward Falsetti Advisor ................ Asst. Prof. J ohn J. Woodhull General Activities Council 'IST ROW: W. Brider, F. Mirasola. 2ND ROW: R. Mochan, F. Szymanski, E. Silver, C. Kintner, E. Carmer, C, Harrigan, R. G. Wilson. 3RD ROW: W. Ramsden, J. Wolk, M. Beauchamp, M. Brothman, V. Bauer. Pledged by its constitution "to sustain all Board of Managers policy in an etiective manner" and to "endeavor to promote student participation in all functions sponsored by any organization . . . or any part thereof", the General Activities Council has carried on for the good of the University and the students. Representing sixty campus organizations lincluding Sororities and Fraternitiesl the Council has backed charitable collec- tions, served as an advertising medium for campus activities during Freshmen Orientation Week, and, has brought a sample of college lite to local educa- tional institutions. The purpose of this latter activity has been to advertise the opportunities available to high school students should they choose to attend the University of Buffalo. We have done this through a student revue. The Revue presented amateur entertainment from the campus in an especially arranged program designed to reflect the college atmosphere traditionally associated with a university, especially the extra-curric- ular or social activities. Functioning as a specially appointed committee of the Board of Managers of Norton Union, the Council under its officers, Charles M. Harrigan, Chairman, Rita Mochan, Corresponding Secretary, and Joan McLennon, Recording Secre- tary, has served the University, the organizations represented and the stu- dents in a commendable manner. lST ROW: T. Grosso, H. Grzybowski, S. Serahn, S. Pawenski. QND ROW: I. Perlini, W. Crowley, P. Alex, T. Boron, E. Nowak, E. llich, T. Radich, R. Chamberlain. SRD ROW: J. Panzetto, J. Dalessanclro, S. Violonti, .l. Williams. Lackawanna U.B. Club he 1 T fvfffe The Lackawanna U.B. Club, organized in 1947, is composed mainly of students and alumni living in the city of Lackawanna. It is becoming increasingly well- known on the campus, especially for its prominence in the field of intra-mural sports. Having gained the campus crown in the Softball League, the Club teams also succeeded in winning the second place berth in both the Football and Basketball Leagues. We 2. 'swf One of the most popular events of the year is the Lackawanna U.B. Club's Annual Dance, attracting many people from outside the city as well as local residents. By means of fund-raising endeavors of this type, the Club was able to provide two ssoo scholar- ships for two outstanding students from the local high schools. Among other activities, the Club sponsors numerous parties for its members, most popular of which are the "After-Dance Party" and the New Year's Eve Party. These are followed by the most looked forward to event of the year, the Graduate Banquet, held annually to honor members graduating from the University. The organization is again looking forward to another successful year, both at home and on the campus. President ......,... Vice-President... Rec. Secretary. Treasurer ........... 'I46 Parliamentarian.. ........ ........Iohn J. Zadzilka ...Anthony Grosso Harry Grzybowski Cor. Secretary ......... .......... R ichard Bohrk ...Michael Grosso Joseph Klimowicz IST ROW: H. Weinberg, J. Kist, B. Dale, J. Riley. 2ND ROW: C. Gollz, J. LaNasa, L. Moss, F. Tillolson, L. Wiggin, M. Beauchamp. The Undergraduate Math Club was organized in 1929. Membership is open to all University of Buffalo students who are interested in Math- ematics, either as a maior field or as an elective. lt is the aim of the Club to make Mathematics vital and absorbing for the students. This year, we have tried to offer a variety of programs which would appeal to every interested student. Our first regular meeting in Novem- ber was set aside especially for the benefits of students preparing to teach Mathematics in the secondary schools, with a discussion of "Some Problems of Secondary School Math- ematics lnstructors". Succeeding monthly meetings emphasized the opportunities open to mathematic- ians in industry, science, and related fields. The Math Club has also endeavored to encourage social contact with games and dancing following the meetings, and with the annual Christmas Party and picnic. Imme- diately following each business meeting, refreshments are served and a period is provided for dis- cussing the evening's program. Dr. Gehman's witty speech on "Relaxations in Mathematics" issued in an extremely successful year for the Math Club and the members hope that this interested spirit will continue throughout succeeding years. Math Club President .............. ........ L ois A. Hunt Vice-President .................... Joseph Kist Secretary .................. Harry Weinberg and Dorothy Webber Treasurer ........................ Beverly Dale Refreshment Committee ................ Jane Riley and Rita Mochan National Student Association The University of Buffalo National Student Association, com- posed of over 400 colleges and universities, represents over 600,000 students in the United States. The organization is formed to aid the schools in their activities. The organization since its inception in T947 has constantly grown, both in number and strength. lt stands as the sole organization for national expression of the opinions ot the American student community in the United States and the world through its representatives to regional, district and national conventions and to international conferences held throughout the world. At the University of Bulitalo this year, N.S.A. has implemented the policies of the National Student Congress. lt has represented the University at many conventions, organized and managed a much needed Student Used Book Store. It has also run a talent show and a student poll service to aid the administration in giving the students their wants and needs. lt has operated a successful Student Discount Service to lower the costs of buying for the student. The work of N.S.A. has well iustitied its purpose. lt is our hope that every student interested in our aims and achievements take an active part in the functions of our organization. President ..................... ....,.. W illiam R. Brider Vice-President of: Student Lite ,..,,.....,..,...,........ Ann Williamson Student Discount Service ...... Joseph Mattina International Affairs. ,...... .... R obert Bensman Educational Affairs ........ ......... S hella Hynes Secretary .,....,..............., ...... J oan McLennan Treasurer ..,..... ....... H uberl I-loler N.S.A. Used Bookstore 'IST ROW: J. Mattina, A. Williamson, W. Bride-r, S. Hynes, R. Bensman, S. Grittiths. QND ROW: R. Latragna, D. McDougall, V. Sakowski, J. Shelton, E. Trankle. 3RD ROW: R. Murphy, W. Henry, E. Baca, J. F. Majdanskf, T. Brahaney, T. Aftrunti, K. Helfrich, P. Wehrum, F. Mirasola. Newman Club The Newman Club has completed a fairly successful school year. With the introduction of new ofticers and a new chaplain, Father Raymond J. Ash, the stage was set for new achievements. An open house at Newman Hall in September was enthusiastically attended by approximately ten-percent of the Catholic population on campus. The subsequent membership drive attracted this ten-percent plus an additional ten-percent to enroll in the club. Bi-monthly meetings were arranged for student panel discussions, addresses by prominent speakers, and general group assemblies. New ideas adopted included a rapidly expanding Club newspaper, more frequent officers meetings, and Com- munion Breakfasts arranged completely by students. Construction of boolcshelves in the Hall and the appli- cation of a new coat of paint to the exterior added touches of freshness. The Thanksgiving Dance was an encouraging success as it attracted many mombe.'s of the alumni, who renewed their acquaintances with the student group. Work was begun and is well advanced on compiling an all-inclusive alumni list of the University of Buffalo Newman Club. All in all, the year l95l-52 was one which the Newman Club of the University of Buffalo may look back upon with gratification. Chaplain ................ ......... R ev. Raymond J. Ash Faculty Advisor ................ Mrs. Helen K. Signer President .................... ............. R ussell A. Reed lst Vice-President ....... ......... W heeler Schmitt 2nd Vice-President ......... .............. J ohn Sulecki Cor, Secretary ......... ......... R egina Bolla Rec. Secretary ....... .......... S ally Kaminski Treasurer ............ ......... J oan Corcoran Newman Club Chapel Newman Hall if MTEA .4 ', l cs, e' E-I IST ROW: Sylvia Zasowski, Sylvia Zielinski, Eleanor Woods. 2ND ROW: Mildred Muenzenmaier, Robert Starks, Robert Feinen, Grace Rosinski. Norton Union Program Committee Whether you like dancing, looking at movies, listening to popular or classical music, playing in tournaments, participating in mixers, or iust pulling oft publicity stunts, the Program Commit- tee can fulfill your wishes. The Program Committee is composed of a general chairman, the chairman of the six sub-committees, the Social Director, and the chairman of the Freshman Committee. The six sub-committees include the Dance, Publicity, Mixer, Tournament, Music, and Movie Committees. Every year the Program Committee plans all social and cultural activities sponsored by Norton Union. Then these functions are carried out by the sub-committees of the Program Committee. lt is the aim ot the Committee to sponsor events which will cover most of the interests ot the student body at the University. Recently, a trend toward tournaments has developed and as a result more tournaments are being presented than ever before. Such tournaments as the table tennis, tiddlywink, pinochle, charades, and chess tour- neys were held during the past year. The Publicity Committee has sprouted a new wing. We now learn of events through publicity stunts as well as through posters. The Music Committee has plans tor developing a dance band composed of students from the University and also for the future is planning to have student combos entertain in the N.U. Lobby. During the year, the College Union Association holds a regional convention, and a National Con- vention, and whenever possible several members from the Program Committee are sent to these Conventions to learn about the programs in other colleges and universities. Our headquarters is Room No. 252 in Norton Union. Conductor ....... ........ J an Wolanek Manager ..........,....,......., Harry Mursten Assistant Manager .,,....... Rita Mochan Secretary .........A..,,.....,..,....,.. Jane Riley Librarian ..........., ,... F rances Szymanski 'cf lST ROW: E. Trankle, R. Mochan, J. Riley, F. Szymanslci. QND ROW: D. Procas, J. Omiker, P. Hutlenlocher, U. Bauer, L. Strong, S. Thompson, Nl. Burley 3RD ROW: D. Crawford, A. W. James, J. R. Patterson, P. Foley, L. Jaber. Orchestra This year marks the fourth season in which the U. B. Symphony Orchestra has functioned under the leadership of its Well-known conductor, Jan Wolanek. Our organization has showed a marked improvement in both instrumentation and quality of performance. The U. B. Orchestra prides itself on including all types of compositions. Richard Rogers is as important to us as Beethoven. This offers the "not- so-serious" members a chance to enjoy the lighter compositions, Through the well-planning of the officers and members, a well-rounded program is presented to include those interested in "letting off steam." This year the U. B. Orchestra was happy to present to Buffalo and the University a concert given in conjunction with the U. B. Band. The com- bined efforts of these two groups added to the prestige already estab- lished in the past. This impressive program took place in April at the Mary Seaton Room at Kleinhans Music Hall. The enthusiasm with which it was received proved that 1951-52 was a banner year for this group, who, like Topsy, plans to grow and grow and grow. Hats off to the Orchestra for a iob well done. Cut of Towners President ........... Vice-President ...,...,. Treasurer ............ Cor. Secretary ........ Rec. Secretary... Faculty Advisor ............. 152 .........William Henry Cotriss .. ...... George Cohen .........Mary Klahn ................Jan Grohm .Mr. Arthur Butler ical The Out-of-Towners Club is a democratic organization in which students living away from home may find companionship. There are no racial or religious restrictions to membership. Student residences on campus are still our most pressing concern. We are proud to note that our dormitory report is proving useful. We are convinced of the value of dormitories both to the University and to ourselves, and we are actively seeking ways to further them. Success in this endeavor now seems apparent after long years of trial. Due to the variety of interests of our members, our activities are many. The highlight of the winter season was the annual dinner held this year in the Town Casino. Other successful affairs are our Spring and Fall picnics, hayrides, and splash parties. We also occasionally enioy lectures and demonstrations by some of the faculty members and guest speakers. We are ably represented in intramural athletics by the many fine athletes which we always find in our midst. Last year two of our officers and three other members of the group received Norton Union Keys for their participation in the University's social program. F. Rembold, R. Rosenthal, W. Guercil, A. Bondi, R. Smith, P. Lockwood, M. J. Shosho, E. Blumenlhal. ln the Fall of 1951, the University of Buftalo Radio Playhouse reorganized to further enliven interest in radio broadcasting. This interest has been stimulated by the activities which the organization has been spon- soring during the year. This year the members of the Radio Playhouse went down to the WXRA radio station and participated in a few educational programs. The organization again conducted their annual poll, of obtaining the opinion of the student body as regarding current radio pro- grams and favorite local radio personalities. Moreover, with the aid ot a tape recorder, the mem- bers have found it easy to practice and improve their style of speaking. The group is keeping in practice for the day when the campus will have a radio station of its own. Radio Playhouse President ............... ............. B ill Daly Vice-President .......................... Joe Mattina Secretary ........................ Priscilla Lockwood Business Managers .................................. Nancy Nauth and Bob Smith Treasurer .................................... Ronald Taft - f? FEW - llblf"llfl'i' P- fl 173 i l fi it Sssgfbltaitv it R Vvkj 'IST ROW: R. De Rue, L Borowiak, J. Walk, D. Linencloll, P. Wehrum, .l. Hanna, R. Dell, P. Morton, E. Kaplan. 2ND ROW: R. Latragna, M. Furlong, F. Gill, N. Burley, B. Sterne, N. Naylor, Aithea Higgins, S. G. M. Muenzenmaier, M. Killian, C. Goltz, B. Callahan, M. Miles, J. Johnson. P. Ahern. 3RD ROW: B. Scirlo, J. Mattina, R. Dickson, P. Archambeau, F. Center, P. Latona, B. Lash, C. Harrigan, M. Vincent, B. Feinen, B. Dell, B. MacCIoy, R. Schaller, D. Kuhn, F. Mirasola. Spectrum Celebrating its first birthday as the OFficial Publication of the University of Buffalo, the Spectrum has now taken its place as the voice of the student body in fact as well as name. Born in the confusion surrounding the demise of the Bee and Argus, we have brought into the Spectrum the best of UB's iournalists. We have climbed laboriously up to our present position as one of the outstanding college weeklies. ln the fall of l950, the Board of Managers of Norton Union saw that the policy of continuing two newspapers on campus was impos- sible to continue. They decided that an entirely rebuilt newspaper would be a necessity. ln view of this the first editorial board was formed with the first editor .lack Keller as its chairman. lssue number one, volume one, was brought forth with only The Official Student Publication of the University of Buffalo, over its first page. In time, however, a new name was submitted in a contest for that purpose, The Spectrum. This was adopted as the official name for the publication. As time went on, new editors took the helm, each contributing with their fellow editors and staff to the ultimate progress of the Spectrum. Problems were not absent and many times the paper faltered along the way. But in time with each staff member came ideas and with each idea a step forward. ln this, our third semester of publication, we feel that the Spectrum will achieve a high place among the college newspapers of the country. We are sure that as our newspaper advances, the Univer- sity will also advance. The Spectrum is published every week of the school year. lts Editorial offices are Rooms 350 and 365 of Norton. The editors extend a welcome to all who wish to join us in any phase of news- paper work. "a whisper in print makes a loud noise" T54 Ronald Banks, Feature Editor, Paul Becker, Editor- in-Chief, Jerry Walk, Business Manager, Dick Schaller, Sports Editor. Editor-in-Chief ....,.. Managing Editor ........ Business Manager ....... News Editor ................ Campus News Editor ....,.. Feature Editor ....... Sports Editor ......... Ronald Banks, Paul Becker Editorial Board Staff Eclitorships .,.....,.Paul Becker Paul Wehrum ......lerry Wolk Bob MacCloy ......lngred Beyer ......Ron Banks .........Dick Schaller Copy Editar ,,,,,.,,,, ,,,.., .,,..... C a mie Kintner Rewrite Editor .......... Betty Callahan Make-up Editor ....... ......... B ob De RUG Circulation Manager ..,..... ........ P Ste Giulluri Photography Editor ....... ....... G SHS Kaplan Secretary .......A. Exchange Editor ......,. Faculty Advisor ,........ ......... W endell Calkins ...Mary Killian . ......... Hessa Sagenkahn Paul Wehrum, Managing Editor, Jerry Wolkf Pat Ahern, Dick Schaller Camre Kmtner, Jerry Wolk, Pat Ahern Camie Kintner, Copy Editor l55 it i V, . wt ,Q '. , - 'IST ROW: P. Wehrum, R. G. Wilson, D. M. Schunke. 2ND ROW: C. Meatyarcl, M. Furlong, P. Gleasner, A. Higgins, E. Callahan, S. Zasowski, P. Clark, .lr. Organized early this fall under the capable leadership of Robert Wilson, the Sitzmarkers began to carry out their purpose of promoting interest in winter sports among U.B. students. During the first semester of the year, the groups' social activities consisted of trips to the "hill" where they ski lwhen there is snowl, dinners and parties on Sunday evenings, and movies of skiing and other winter sports. At the beginning of the second semester, the members of the club began to devote considerable time and energy to the planning and managing of the Annual Winter Carnival which they presented on the weekend of February 8th and 9th, Highlights of the affair were a Square Dance which occurred on Friday evening, an exhibition of skiing which took place on Saturday afternoon, and as a climax to the whole Carnival, a ball which took place on Saturday evening. At the ball, a Snow Queen was crowned and prizes were given to winners of the "Beard" contest. Unfortunately for the ski enthusiasts, this winter was characterized by its lack of snow. However, those really interested in the sport, managed to make the most of every snowy weekend, and enioyed themselves in doing so. Sltzmarkers f' Ni. 1 If hi , 4ifv!1 1 F ' . , . 1 'IST ROW: O. Haull, R. Zepferfahn, R. Schihauer. ZND ROW: R. Siwulo, R. lsackson, R. Sugnet, C. A. Ritchie, Coach, R. Bethman, S. D'Arcy, G. Snider. . 3RD ROW: G. Conroy, W. Waller, R. Dehm, J. lzord, R. Bultington, S. Musella, D. Wallace. The University of Buffalo Sportsman's Rifle Club is made up of students interested in target shooting, hunting, fishing, and similar sports. Primary activity of the club is the operation of two rifle teams, varsity and freshman. These teams are registered under the National Rifle Association's collegiate program, and they competed in rifle matches with a number of leading colleges. Also, all club members shot a U. S. Army course of fire, and those making high scores in this rather diffi- cult event received medals from the Defense Department for their achievement. Due to the lack of a rifle range on the University Campus, the club's weekly shooting meetings were held at the rifle range at Amherst Central High School in Snyder. In addition to these meetings, several others were held during the year, at which time movies and slides of outdoor subiects were shown. The rifle team was coached by Professor C. A. Ritchie, the club's faculty advisor, to whom the club owes a great deal of credit for its success. Other officers of the club included Russell Zefer- iahn, president, Bob Schiffhauer, vice-president, Ed Schilling, treasurer, Orris Hull, corresponding secretary, and Bill Goetzmann, recording secre- tary. I Q" Qlipb -Zi all - Pi - if lv, l 5' f .5 0 Q ' Sportsman's Club yeh. TST ROW: B. Gerkler, B. lewis, P. Morton, L. Borowiak, E. Trankle, B. Feinen. 2ND ROW: M. Frank, P. Erb, N. Nelson, S. Griffiths, F. Szymanski, G. Rosinski, A. Higgins, E. Smith. 3RD ROW: L. Brabender, V. Main, J. Shelton, M. Killian, D. McDougall, M. Furlong, B. Crane, D. Mueller, D. Linendoll. Student Directory Along with such universal Christmas traditions as mistletoe and Tom and Jerrys, U. B. has one which is all its own-getting the Directory out in time for Christmas Cards. This year it happened again! The moans and groans of the staff as they went to work deciphering the code which most of us use as handwriting was pitiful, but the results were gratifying. The Directory emerged a bigger, better and more complete compilation than ever before, of names, addresses, phone numbers, school and year of graduation of all students of the University, and the addresses and office numbers of each member of the faculty. We wish to thank the staff of this U. B.'s "Best Seller", and especially Mr. Jack Deeringer, faculty advisor. Yours' was a iob well done! - ii u Editor ...................,.. ....... N aoml Pat Morton Business Manager ...... Advertising Manager. . .............. Robert Feinen .........Robert Feinen Registration Manager .................. Barbara Lewis Circulation Manager .............. Loretta Borowiak Publicity Manager ......... Cover Artist ............. Filing Manager ......... Copy Manager ......... Faculty Advisor ....... ..........Nancy Clark ......Nancy Clark .......Ellen Trankle .............Robert Geckler Mr. Jack Deeringer isr ROW: M. Afiiein, F. mmf, w. Gaugef, H. Thielke, 1. snuck. 2ND ROW: G. Buzzelli, C. Braun, D. Lisk, F. Haber, G. Costellion, D Huttenlocher F Hemtz R Agthe D Silverberg President ........... .......... H arry Thielke Vice-President .......... ......... E rwin Billick Treasurer ........... .............. M ario Acitelli Secretary .......... ......... F lorence E. Fichtl Student Affiliates American Chemical Society raver-ff if " N rw. if fi, we if, f V. ti NX it I I lift it c llill fs The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is an organization which was designed to prepare the chemical student to be a member of the larger national group, "The American Chemical Society". The University ot Buffalo chapter is prepar- ing its members for this by sponsoring lectures and social activities, with the aim of better understanding and friendship among the chemical students. This year the Society heard lectures by men who are very prom- inent in the chemical industry. Among these were a divisional head of the Socony Vacuum Oil Company who spoke on the "Uses of Oil in lndustry", and Dr. B. S. Ellifson, Director of the Central Engineering Divi- sion of Sylvania Electric Company, who spoke on "The Chemical Aspects of Television". ln December of T951 we held our annual banquet, after which the officers for the next year were elected, and in June of l95l the Society held a picnic which was termed a huge suc- cess, and it is hoped it will be an annual affair. lST ROW: Rev. G. E. Crandall, R. Behrens, B. Castle, .l. Haas, R. Zeferiahn. rv H H ZND ROW: G. Reiter, A. Schoepflin, R. Harman, S. Grifliths, A.Crowell, D. McDougall, E. Trankle, N. Pearson, M. Wiese. BRD ROW: L. Lee, H. Neal, C. Lund, W. Lash, R. Anthony, N. Hertzel, W. Ramsden, R. Koch, R. Ensminger. Student Christian ssociation The Student Christian Association, formerly known as the Credo Club, is an organization of students seeking to understand more fully the Christian faith and its applica- tion to all phases of lite. This includes a well-rounded pro- gram of worship, study, action and fun. Under the capable guidance of the Rev. George E. Crandall, the S.C.A. this year formed tour commission study groups which met monthly in the homes of faculty to discuss and perform various phases of college life. The Commission groups are: Christian Faith and Heritage, Personal and Campus Aftairs, Social Responsibility, and World Relatedness. The program themes for the past semesters were "Exploring the Christian Faith" and "The Christian's Responsibility in Pl'eSlClSr1t .............. ........ W illiam Castle Vice-President ......... ........ A nn Schoeptlin Secretory .......... ........... J anet Haas Treasurer ....... ....... R ussell Zeferjahn the World Struggle", and consisted of lectures, panel dis- cussions, and debates led by such outstanding speakers as the Rev. William H. Tempest, Ray Hortsaugh, and Dr. Marvin Rapp. The lectures covered such everpresent prob- lems as Personal Faith, Immortality, Christianity and Com- munism, and A Christian in Politics. Other S.C.A. activities included retreats, o Bible study and discussion group, and assisting the Council of Religious Clubs in their annual Big Wheel contest for the benefit ot the World Student Service Fund. Socially, we have enjoyed recreation after the regular semi-monthly meetings, a square dance in October, a hay- ride, bowling parties and a swimming party. I I 1-wr-Q - 'Q 'IST ROW: S. Grilliths, J. Szynski, B. Behrens, M. .l. Guizzotti, I. McEwan. 2ND ROW: E. Tronkle, F. Rickard, R. Golebiewski, M. Slominski, J. Murphy, D. C. Wanderlich, D. McDougall, S. A. Morski. 3RD ROW: J. Kuhn, H. Borkowski, B. L. Powell, B. Crane, P. Snitker, E. Kloss, E. Kussem, D. Mueller, C. Kraemer. Women's Athletic Association The Women's Athletic Association, or W.A.A., as it is better known, is an organization on the campus of the University of Buffalo, devoted to bringing together girls interested in sports. The girls meet to play basketball, volleyball, and other sports among themselves. The girls from W.A.A. have challenged the girls from the athletic association at State Teachers' College to volleyball, which will take place in March. We wish to become better acquainted with girls from other colleges who are also inter- ested in sports, and to learn their methods of organization. The W.A.A. is planning a basketball tournament this spring with teams from sororities, other organizations, or just a bunch of girls gathered to make a team. We wish to make this a most successful tournament with the W.A.A. as the organization force as well as taking part. A splash party is also on the agenda. The officers for this year are: President, Judith Suckow: Vice-President, Betty Kussem: Secretary, Eleanor Kloss: Treasurer, Jeanne Kuhn. We hope that in the future more girls will join the W.A.A. so that it can become more successful with more opportunities for sports activities. ATHLETICS 1 1 5 X , XX L. -nf ,.-fsv f" A TQ , '- if rx'-X -gi.-,Z K I 563 U,-,.,J- fb---JN X'SMwX V - f--- . R TX, JQPNN XX ,M .XJXN ,. :J Q, pf?-5" 35 C36 if .J-""""--A'-,fairy ...-"ZH .,-- ,,f""!-W M f,f!f,,fff'-f ' Q-O f A view Q I U O62 ff J 9 9 Q ,WO f JR! Hb" C " fx XX Q M' R, I L Q I- Q V .' W... E lx . X A X 5 kk A .1 ! 1 6 " X' JO I Q f QD Nx.fX"j A O03 - Q W gg O 6 'im NJDAX Jn .ix JW W ff' ,R W ll. ,I x 1 X xx Q f gk ,X if X t 0 l xg'Qxi fl. I . I KQV , EQ XM ,X ! j 'si X, A...x ,X if J I K N v J 5 . M 1 X, X X f X , l , xx! .f' X E ' X ' NN ,w,,,,,.,.fiILA -NLQQ x ix 1 -W 2 1 5 ' gyms Y H E ss 1 ma 1 .- ,f - t m , 5- f- N H Q L- w - nw-12,-3547! sl.. it Haw - 535 it - L, an im ,-xtfw?-HLA ,wx--,nf S js"-qigu X 5 mf W, :nirm U :Rabi -,uw A Xl K X ij' an L4 mm www, sm- mms QQMTSN,-. giif tx H tv X- -awww nagbzjl a -Agglg-AHaEf2,5 - 3- 'fur L - -as-Qs -me H EE H mam.-as Emmy-,isa Hwigms' Q-.-Qu M MHA L WM -X :H 1 fgw is Hatha -W -1 E -is twig ss, Q-A-. T, SS .M ww ' lf' V ,CLA . yy' l James E. Peele, Director of Athletics Edward Malcolm Eiken, Basketball Coach William Sanford, Tennis and Swimming Coach 164 James Wilson, Football Coach Clark Memorial Gymnasium E G. Andrews, Director of Sports Publicity , . za ,. H : X sg, -ss Thomas Neill, lntra-murals Instructor 4 E . ,Nl .A C ,r"fw ggwtgii, S 5. ., S Jai ix RK ,- 2 H 'x ' ' ENN ' 2l?f'2E2ii 1 .2 AST i'-f, -, .ie r 1 .r'.W?W:-1 R . Charles J. Bryant, Wrestling Coach 4 J MQ 1 ,wkq-H K 'xi it fn We W: w M .S , ,swg W ?iEfV'K, we , X viii 5' 5 1 S., .. ,nz S , pgs.: f . If-'Q' 2:45 1-'fiifl ,, 254155, ,H gif? .tt .,. WH 'mf' W EQ if 4 Q X H Kpfl Slbg Sh ML H Blk s- - . sim 1ST ROW: Nowak, Ray, Holland, Szydlowski, Guercio, Gicewicz, Duquette, Kereken, Buzzelli, La Rocque, D'Arrigo, Chamberlin, Gugino, Markey, Walsh, Weston. 2ND ROW: Boron, Gallino, Calandrelli, Teresi, Melisz, Gibbons, Kusneske, Wilson, Iezzi, Crowley, Radich, Kennedy, Genar, Vincent, Pordum, Vinterna. Football The University of Buffalo football team, 1951 edition, playing such strong opponents as Colgate, Bucknell, and Miami of Ohio, compiled a season record of four wins against four losses. This was the first time in six years that a Blue and White squad failed to post a winning record. One of the big reasons for this was that constant plague that always worries coaches -name "Old man injury." This year's Bulls without a doubt had more than their share of sprained ankles and torn ligaments. The gridders opened the season with a convincing 26-0 victory over Cortland State Teachers. Then in the big home game of the year, the Bulls played ter- rific first half football and held the Red Raiders of Colgate to a 14-13 score at the intermission. How- ever the Bulls tired in the second stanza and the game ended with Colgate the victor by a 47-13 margin. Still recovering from the Colgate tussle the Blue and White played sluggish ball and lost to an alert Ohio Wes- leyan eleven by a score of 21-0. The following Satur- day saw the U. B. squad defeat a very good Alfred team by a 13-6 count. Then the 1951 eleven traveled to the home of the powerful Bisons of Bucknell. After being completely outplayed during the first half, the Bulls made a valiant effort to make it a contest, but the final still read Bucknell 62-Buffalo 32. Back in the confines of Civic Stadium the Bulls romped over the Uconns of Connecticut with a 20-7 victory. At Oxford, Ohio, the Blue and White again met a superior team and were beaten 27-7. The closing game, which was played on a very sloppy field, saw the U. B. boys easily win over R.P.l. 33-20. Standouts on this year's team were seniors, Ed Gicewicz, who captained the Bulls, linemen Pete D'Arrigo, Jack Gugino, Ray Dinnocenzio, and Les Molnar, ends Carl Markey and Matty Szydlowski along with such backfield stalwarts as that brilliant quarter- back Don Holland, and Mike Guercio, the fleet little scatback. Returning to next year's team will be Bobby Ray, Joe Shanabrook, Buz Buzzelli, Cas Kania and Elmer Jahn. This nucleus should give Jimmy Wilson a good start for a winning combination next season. W ti vi , . 5 ' ' W ' W e 4 L, . -,J 1 ' --'X X -5 -, ww 4, 'as L 4. - Y' N L Q- ' V ' UN v ' ffm 5 ,,. Y ,,, -, :P-:-:-:-5 ff -W:-: ff :zz YH- ,: '5::5:s5ga'-', :e A :M . Q: 1 N x 4 Q A R 5 3 rx S 4 1 if S g if 1 61" g f . U 3 i f 5 ,X 9 ..:::::::: S, ah T1 1 H JN Bob Ray .loe Shanabroak Ted Boron Ed Gicewicz Cas Kania Don Holland .e " "fi7'lf'1 Wilson, Piccolo, Kodba 1951 U.B. FOOTBALL SQUAD ROSTER Name Pas, Age Baron, Ted 8 19 Dinnocenzio, Ray Adams,Roger Smolinski, Phil Holland, Dan Guercio, Michael Shanabrook, Ordean Genor, Richard Masters, Gene Crowley, William Junk, John Girdlestone, Harold Vaskerchian, George Kennedy, William Kania, Cas Ray, Robert Wactawski, John Calandrelli, Arthur LaRocque, Ronald Kusneske, Stuart Iezzi, Anthony Teresi, Tony Guillari, Peter Chamberlin, Raymond McNally, William Radich, Tom Duquette, Donald Wasielewski, Edward D'Arrigo, Peter Perma, Richard Westin, Barry Kareken, Francis Buzzelli, Godfrey John, Elmer Dombrowski, Norbert Kiefer, Ernest Gugino, Russell Gibbons, Harry Pordum, Herbert Gallina, George Nowak, Edward Papsidero, Joseph Markey, Carl Podlucky, Andrew Melisz, Edward Gicewicz, Edmond Szydlowski, Matthew Wilson, John Vincent, Herbert Walsh, Norb Ursitti, George Meyer, Howard Wende, Herman Wt. Ht. 168 10 170 10 180 1 190 10 200 11 163 6 185 2 190 9 160 7 160 9 215 2 195 11 170 9 175 172 9 180 11 175 9 190 10 210 V1 175 185 200 205 2 185 10 190 10 180 8 185 9 195 11 175 9 200 11 160 7 180 8 195 10 220 11 240 4 205 210 195 11 183 11 225 1 180 1 195 1 200 175 190 204 3 180 210 1 180 8 175 8 195 10 195 218 3 in. in. in. in. in. ID. ln. in. in. in. in. ll'1. in, in. in. in. in. lf1. in. in. in. in. in. in. in in in. in. in ln. ll'1. Ift. in. in. in in in in in in in in. High School Riverside N. Tonawancla Lafayette Griffith lnst. Lafayette Lafayette Hanover, Pa. South Park Tonawanda Seneca Lackawanna Bennett Bishop Ryan South Park South Park N, Tanawanda Trott Bennett Fredonia Lafayette Amherst Bennett East Canisius Lackawanna N. Tonawancla Bishop Ryan Lafayette Lafayette Amherst Kensington N. Tonawanda Kensington East Pine Hill Lafayette Canisius East Pennsylvania South Park N. Tonawanda Lafayette Kenmore South Park Technical Sloan South Park Kensington Amherst Bennett 1ST ROW: J. Rooney, H. Johnl, D. Craft, J. Horne, H. Kuhn. if 3 ii 2ND ROW: Coach M. Eiken, E. Nowak, R. Ramming, B. Donaldson, R. Riley, E. Gicewicz, 8. Thorn, R. Scamurro, L. Schrult, E. Muto, D. Falsetti, F. Shelgren. NOT PICTURED: J. Thompson, D. Kwialek. sketball The 1951-1952 edition of the U. B. Cage team was considered by many as the hottest quintet ever to represent the Blue and White. The two outstanding performers of the year were Capt. Hal Kuhn and freshman Jim Horne. Rounding out the usual starting five were Dan Craft, Jimmy Rooney, and Howie Johnt. Kuhn, a senior, is a cinch for the charmed 1000 point circle at this writing. Outstanding Bull opponents during the season were Canisius, Niagara, Rochester, and many other highly respected foes, Standout performers who were used in reserve by Coach Mal Eiken included Dan Kwiatek, Dick Riley, Bernie Thorn, Boots Donaldson, Ed Gicewicz and Bob Scamurra. For the first time in the school's history we installed a Junior Varsity team in the place of the Freshman team. Coached by former U.B. star, Eddie Muto, the Jayvees had a very successful season and many new potential varsity stars were unveiled. These include Len Schrutt, lan Smith, Don Falsetti, and Bob Romming. With the loss of such varsity greats as Kuhn, Johnt, Thorn, and Gicewicz, Coach Eiken will be strongly dependent on this year's Jayvee squad for next year's varsity. 1951-1952 rzssuirs l U. B. Score Opponenfs Score 108 Ontario Aggies ..................... 37 62 Washington and Jefferson ..., 57 106 McMaster ,,.,.,.........,.......,..,.... 40 63 Allred .................,.,......,,........, 55 "' 69 University of Connecticut ....... 72 70 Hobart .........,,..............,..,,....... 47 81 Toronto ...................,........... 54 74 Buffalo State Teachers ..... 65 " 60 Colgate ........................... 67 92 Case ...........,...,...... .... ..t. 7 0 63 Western Reserve ................... 59 65 University of Connecticut ....... 58 65 Colby ,..,................ .... .... 4 8 80 Niagara 78 72 Gannon .. 50 69 Alfred ......... 59 " 64 Rochester ..s.... 65 'tt 77 Canisius ,.,,......,...,. 83 91 Bucknell .................... 75 88 Western Reserve ........ 67 " 61 Lafayette .............. 67 68 R. P. I. ..... 63 72 Hobart ........... 55 "Lost Won 18, Lost 5. Harold Kuhn, Captain and all time record breaker Season's Record-485 Career Record-T065 fb , V ,y ww qw ,Q V-42,1 4123251 gfff i V . , ffa sw - , f ,Q 1 f Lg, my-W ff L V Q . E up .fi .x- .i':L 'X flw "W K ' - I 918 5 -M: ' f Aftiqfy '9 WT '- " 1 2' Q' 4,13 far-A , ' gc w llg ' 'f1 '6Q Z f af 'VE 4 V 5 ' ij-.A Q ,A 1, 122 a . 1 Q ' ??i5? teh ,Q - ig ,, ,Els 1 fu . ' 332: Q43 5 I ...ff- ,av 'XJ' Rooney Kuhn Crcxff Home John! Donaldson Thorn Glcewxcz Riley Scamurra g r D W. . Wx N.-. mi, ---H it 7 -2 ' 1 'IST ROW: P, Mundi, R. Pearl, J. Kindel. ZND ROW: A. Zimmer, D. Stickel, V. Cipolaro, D. Rosselino, J. Caserta, .l. Macero, S. Molin, G. Limburg, C. Lonno 3RD ROW: A. Kelly, J. Penlini, W. Ferguson, L. Wiggin, E. Bereck, E. Anoka, W. Higgins, Coach Chuck Bryant. Wrestling 4131- , gi-Q N vis? .J F21 'N' "Sa" l fi - :LU is-sk With the loss of all but two of last year's grapplers, the Uni- versity of Buffalo wrestling team compiled a not too im- pressive 2-8 record. Coach Bryant is to be com- mended lor his excellent work in building the team from the young and inexperienced ma- terial at his disposal. The lone holdovers from last year's varsity are Bob Pearl and Vince Cipolaro. Cipolaro has lost one match the whole season. With the experience and knowl- edge gained this season, next year's team should be a rugged aggregation to beat. IST ROW: N. Manson, C. Bates, L. Zangerle, F. Hammond, T. Wilson, N. Herrzel 2ND ROW: B. Fuchs, F. Center, B. Dickson, P. Archombeou, B. Iokl, Coach Bill Sanford 3RD ROW: L. Lee, R. Johnson, B. Carson, W, Brundige. Swimming Coach Bill Sanford had rough going this season with the return of only one letterman, Larry Zangerle. Though the season's record was not impressive, Coach Sanford has come up with many new potential varsity stars. Under his careful guidance, the i952-53 aggregation will be hard to defeat. Such new perform- ers include Fred Center, Bob Dick- son, Bill Fuchs, Paul Archambeau, and Jim Spencer. Here's wishing luck to a fine coach and a fine bunch of up-and-coming mermen. At this writing Larry Zangerle is warming up for the Eastern Nation- als, where we are sure he'll turn in a very fine performance. l74 fljew'iif'iX QE X wi TST ROW: R. Riley, R. McClure, R. Scamurra. QND ROW: W. Coslle, J. DiCarlo, W. Kullmon, Coach W, Sanford. Again a perfect season, three in a row, and if all goes well the Blue and White Tennis team will repeat their previous performances and add to their outstanding record of 26 straight victories. According to their able coach, William Sanford, the spring matches against Colgate, which was second in the Eastern Intercollegiate Tournament, and against such teams as Rochester, Wayne, Western Reserve who have a victory record comparable to the Bulls, and Alfred against whom they open the spring season on April the 26, the racqueteers will have plenty of chance to prove their mettle. Tennis They will be without the assistance of team captain Bill Kullman, but those two sophomore sparkplugs, Dick Riley and Bob Scamurra have shown that they are quite capable of shouldering their share of the responsibilities. Other squad mem- bers are: Jim Hodan, Bob McClure, Gene Barnette, Ben Celnilcer, Bill Vullo, Bill Castle, Harry Weinburg, Bert Shulimson, and Joe Di Carlo. Doubles will depend on the matches to be played at the time of compe- tition with Coach Sanford depending quite heavily on Bill Castle. Here's hoping for the best with what Coach Sanford believes to be the strongest squad ever to represent the Univer- sity. IST ROW: lFoill-J. Stone, K. Everette, B. Liebman, F. Washburn, T. Ertischek, Coach Sid Schwartz. 2ND ROW: lEpeel-R. Spring, F. Huttenlocher, Capt. B. Feinen, B. Starks, J. Turner. 3RD ROW: lSabrel-G. Goldsmith, J. Tremor, E. Hacker, A. Goldsmith. Fencing The University of Buffalo fencing team, which compiled twelve wins in fourteen matches last season, is main- taining its excellent winning percentage. This year the Bulls are tackling ci very tough schedule, but at this writing, with the season about one-half over, have maintained the perfect TOOO mark. This reflects the fine abilities of Coach Sidney Schwartz, Western New York Chairman of the Amateur Fencers League of America and current three-weapon champion. The U. B. fencing team is now rated second to Cornell in Upper New York State and sixteenth in the nation, out of approximately forty schools. The main-stays of this year's team are: Fred Washburn ancl Bob Liebman in Foil, Captain Bob Feinen and Bob Starks in Epee: Al Goldsmith and Jack Tremor in Sabre. T76 1950-5l RESULTS U.B. 18 Buffalo Fencers Club ,.,. I7 U. B. Alumni .............. l6 Case Tech ...................,... . TO Michigan State College ..... T6 Fenn College ..,........,... 20 Toronto University ...... 22 Rochester University ..... t7 Syracuse University ...... 12 Cornell University ....,.. I9 Detroit University .,..,. I7 Lawrence Tech, I5 Oberlin College .. T3 Rochester Inst. .......... ...,.... .,.... . 24 Clarkson Tech. ....,,....,.............,. ...... .................... . 16th N.C.A.A. Championships at Illinois University. 2nd Up-state Championships at Syracuse. Opp 9 T0 ll T7 11 7 5 TO 15 8 T0 T2 9 3 Cross Country Considering the high calibre of competition, the 1951 edition of the U. B. Cross Country team compiled a fair record of 3 wins and 6 losses. Under the able leadership of Coach Emery Fisher, our losses were at the hands of such capable foes as Brockport, Niagara, Canisius, Toronto, Buffalo State, and Alfred. Two Bull mainstays, Ken Plumb and Don Willert were hampered by iniuries through- out the season. Regular participants in the events were co-captains Plumb and Jerry Pepetski, Jack Traugott, Bob Jagodzinski, John Hunter, Don Willert,and Ron Niedrauer. The outlook for next year is fairly bright with the return of Jack Traugott, team leader for the past year, Jagodzinski, Niedrauer, Willert and Hunter. Outgoing members of this year's team are Plumb and Repetski. Though their absence will be noticed the experience gained this year should offset their graduation. 5 1 5 Coach E. Fisher, D. Willert, R. Niedrauer, R. Jagodzinski, J. Traugott, .l. Repetski. Golf Following the procedure of past years, several practice golf matches were scheduled last spring in an effort to interest students in golf and also to secure information as to our prospects for 1951-52. ln these practice matches, seniors are not used, so that prospects for the following season might get an opportunity to play against other schools. The turnout was excellent, with 17 students reporting. Of this group, Coach Mal Eiken hoped to find a well-balanced team that could hold up the standards of previous years. Shelgren, Finch, and O'Shaughnessy looked particularly good and, Mr. Eiken hoped, would fill the shoes of our de- parting seniors. Late in September of this year Coach Eiken issued his regular call for fall golf. Student transfers and the armed services depleted the ranks to 14 aspirants includ- ing two of the first three men. The Bulls did remarkably well, however, by going undefeated for five straight matches, stretching our undefeated string to 17 over a three-year period. However, Canisius proved a Tartan, in our sixth and final match they defeated us sound- ly. All in all, the boys had a fine atti- tude and did remarkably well. Of the eight who participated in actual matches, five are seniors, which will leave our ranks depleted. Four of the five Mr. Eiken is recommending for an award are seniors. ln each match, the six participants were shooting against their own team mates as well as their opponents. Coach Eiken tried to have all team members play whether against an opponent or not and the six lowest shooters would play in the next match. ln that way, each man would have to shoot his best, each match, in order to stay within the select playing six. As in the past, we were handicapped by a lack of facilities, Transit Valley again permitted us to play our home matches there, for which the team is very grateful. The season's record shows 5 wins against 1 loss. U. B. Score 13 Niagara ................. 16 Ontario Aggies ......... 9 Niagara .............. 12 Canisius ....... 12 McMaster ........ 2172 Canisius .............. . Won 4, Tied 1, Lost 1. GOLF PARTICIPANTS Filipowitz, Frank Grytan, Walter Hartzberg, Gerry Mooney, Robert Norton, Roger Shelgren, Fritz Sweeney, John, Jr. Yox, Raymond Opponent's Score 5 2 9 3 6 15172 177 Intramurals ln 1948, the Physical Education Maiors offered a trophy called the P.E.M. trophy to the organization which has won the greatest number of points in intra-mural activ- ity. This trophy was first won by the Scotch and Sodas in '48-'49, then by Beta Chi Epsilon Fraternity and for the last two years by Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. With the advent of the new R.O.T,C. program, increased intro-mural activity is anticipated in future years. 1951-1952 Volley Ball ...,...... Sigma Alpha Mu Baseball ...... Kappa Sigma Kappa Padclleball ............ Beta Sigma Rho Golf ...,..,... ..,...,,. P hi Kappa Psi Track ........ ......,.. P hi Kappa Psi RESULTS Tennis Football . Speedball Basketball Swimming Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Kappa 0 :si 1 flip Football Champs Basketball Champs Q , lt's mine Whatta boot ! L OUT OF THE EDITOR'S DESK nl? . . v 1 A ' . , Lf ' " HJ 1 ' ' l,.-,X " N . K A A' ' : 7 5 , . A 1 I KF ALL Department ot Nursing Education and Public Health Nursing SITTING: M. Nelson, M. Nieman, M. Rathmann. STANDING: J. Day, L. Rietz, J. Marso, J. Collison, M. Garrison, M. Kirk. lAbscnl: D. Steward, M. Harris, B. Burroughsl. OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN President .......... .,.,,.....,,Margaret Nieman Library........................Margaret Garrison Vice-President ..,...,..,.....,.... Joseph Marso Student Welfare .................... Mary Harris Rec. Secretary .............. Margaret Nelson Activities .,.......,...i..,,,...,.....,....... Mary Kirk Cor. Secretary ...,....,..... Myrtle Rathmann Curriculum ........ ........ D orothy Steward Treasurer ...,..,,,.,,,.,, ,,,............ J anet Day Faculty Rep ................. Beatrice Burroughs Publicity ....... .,...... J ane Collison Faculty Rep ,........ ................. L ydia Rietz In September ot I948 the Student Faculty Council of the School of Nursing was organized at the request ot students for the purpose of providing a means of meeting and working with faculty members on prob- lems of mutual concern. A constitution was prepared and by-laws accepted in April ot I949. On December 4, I949, the School held its first social function, a student-faculty tea, which was a great success. Its purpose was to promote inter-relations between the students and the faculty. Since this first social function, the Council has sponsored numerous other activities. These ranged from a halIowe'en party, coffee hour, punch parties to a social hour for new students. As the Council progressed the original constitution and by-laws proved inadequate and a revised edition was accepted in April of I950. The Council has acted on many issues this semester. Our Department of the School ot Nursing moved to the campus in September of I95I and one of the initial decisions of the Council was to purchase a part in the yearbook for our Department. Our annual pre-Christmas tea, held on December 9, 1951, was an interesting climax of the Convocation ceremonies for the nurses. February Group Margaret Kumpl, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, Barbara Hennigan, Teaching in Schools of Nursing, Robert Harvey, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, June Simpson, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, Helen Boso, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, Loraine Raps, Teaching in Schools ol Nursing. lAbsent: .lean Lo Buglio, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, Rita Stein, Public Health Nursingl, The above students expect to become candi- dates for the degree of Bachelor of Science in the School of Nursing in February, 1952. June Group - Mies , 1 SEATED: Irene Zwolinski, Teaching in Schools of Nursing, Mary Kirk, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, Mary Millar, Public Health Nursing, STANDING: Margaret Nieman, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, Alma Clark, Teaching in Schools of Nursing, Norma Muhl, Public Health Nursing, Myrtle Rathmann, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, Louise Palmiter, Teaching in Schools of Nursing, Jeannette Hennigan, Public Health Nursing, Janet Day, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals. Mbsent: Helen Klimschot, Public Health Nursing, Marion Render, Supervision of Nursing in Hospitals, Belle Gluth, Teaching in Schools of Nursingl. The above students expect to become candie dates for the degree of Bachelor of Science in the School of Nursing in June, 1952. 182 U B Basic Nurses -- Sophomores lST ROW: S. R. Mantione, B. Meyers, H, Upclike. 2ND ROW: E. Walker, B. Snyder, E. Smith, J. Milligan, C. Brenner, G, Torquin, R. Gimbrone, J. Perrello. This year marks the second year of a four-year nursing course at the University of Buffalo. The sophomores have been busy since last June gaining clinical expe- rience at the Buffalo General and Millard Fillmore Hos- pitals, as well as attending classes. Despite a heavy schedule, these busy students have found time to form an active Student-Faculty Council and a school organ- ization. Class officers were elected as follows: Harold Updike, President, Bernadine Myers, Secretary, and Samuel Mantione, Treasurer. Miss Ellen McNicholas served as class advisor. All is not work, however. At the beginning of Septem- ber a swimming party and picnic were held in Canada. Two parties were enjoyed with the Freshman class-a Hallowe'en party on October 31 and a Christmas party on December 20. Much has been gained in the past year and the stu- dents are eagerly looking forward to next year and the renewing of old friendships on campus. Illllllllglll 4, fi fl 1 0 gi. 'ji lie l A- ls , 22- . 'ir fi. W , U B Basic Nurses -- Freshmen ist ROW: C. A. sein, L. Muffin, s. srubbe. 2ND ROW: L. Swack, L. Williams, S, Bennet, D. Wanderlich, R. Golebiewski, F. Rickard, D. Burnet! SRD ROW: B. White, B. L. Powell, E. Sheperd, C. Rutecki, G. McKnight, M. J. Lanza, V. Knowles. From many paths of lite, the Freshman class has been united into a uniform and coherent group. Many of the students have ioined sororities, or have become active and prominent members of W.W.A., Glee Club, and the Norton Union Fresh- man Committee. The members have assisted in Convocation, Parents Night, Teas and other social functions around the campus. The class has also taken an active part in the School of Nursing activities. We gave the sopho- more class a Hallowe'en party, assisted in Christ- mas Wonderland, and co-operated with teas and dances. The class itself has formed a new constitution, is represented in the Pre-Clinical Student Council, the Student Faculty Council and the New York State District Nurses Association-Student Division. The class officers and representatives are Liz Martin, Presidentg Sharon Stubbe, Vice-President, Carol Seitz, Secretary, Irving Drucker, Treasurer, Mariaiean Lanza, Student Council Representative, Rosemary Golebiewski, Student-Faculty Council Representative, and Doris Burnett, District Nurses Association. Aside from the many activities, the class has toured many different hospitals in Buffalo and has taken a special Home Nursing Course. This has given the students an idea of their curriculum which they will follow in the next three years. The stu- dents are so enthused with the program that they are constantly looking forward to their future and especially to their goal-the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. School of Nursing Buffalo General Hospital l l . I J f ' l R ug I l l M. Albert, A. Barber, M. Boiloha, B. Beach, L. Becker, A. Blomowski, S. Bigorl, D. Bowles, J. Buffum, L. Burlon, A. Choinskr H. Clevely, B. Crowlorcl, P. Cybulslfi, R. Dargacz, E. Doclor, M. Donner, B. Drumm, D. Dygerf, C. Eberhardf, J. Ferrell, K. Falsion L. Frazier, M. Hamrich. f A a H g A . W r 1 K .ill 'L A QQJ, L' 5 HEI, Q Ir. f l 'lf ll lf A li x 5 ' v :Z ' , 9? . W' ,I .Al l.-if-V.'?Vf' Z l ' L. Harrison, I. I-Iolnon, S. Henry, A. Higgins, B. House, E. Howard, B. Hine, P. Joynf, B. Kershner, R. Lampmon, J. Land, J. Langdon, J. Livermore, C. Loomis, M. Lorich, N. Marro, M. Mossaro, A. Mallhews, D. McKnight, P. McWilliams, M. Miklcrs, 5. Miller C. Mooney, J. Moreland. 1 Bufla o General Hospital 'F 2 , if M 6 Q L. Mussaro, N. Nagel, J. Ondus, G. Ponepinlo, S. Panzarella, C. Pascialc, A. Rein, V. Rosinslri, B. Rule, L. Shaw, S. Slahler, J. Sievens, M. Tonnehill, P. Tiernan, E. Thore, N. Tillack, M. Twohey, T. Wallace, A. Washburn, W. Wilford, M. Williams, M. L. Williams, R. Wykofl, L. Young. Millard Fillmore Hospital Y lg . A we J. Bentley, W. Blake, M. Bonsfeel, N. Carlson, D. Eberle, J. Fisher, S. Houn, N. Graham, C. Gersienherg, J. Hesch, S. Hess, M. Kania, S. Klein, C. Kuhn, C. Kolmalr, A. Lawrie, J. Lesniewska, V. Maxson. J. Marshall, D. McGralh, J. Mead, D. Medinger, S. Nagell, E. Nobilio, J. Filler, M Prise, C. Roux, P. Reed, L. Rs-inhollz, J. Renner, L. Stein, N. Sloker, G. Vara, M. Vossler, C. Whalen, M. Young, J. Zimmer. 186 Deaconess Hospital ow- e' 1 C. Bowers, 8. Brasch, H. Carlson, M. Cornwell, J. Erlel, B. Gasser, B. Glor, J. Griswold, M. Kaufmann, C. Knapp, L. Kragh, M. Luskin, D. Marlin, M. Mascara, S. Mourer, C. Parker, J. Rogers, E, Russell, P. Severn, D. Strachan, L. Wolas, S. Wall, D. Winsley, H. Whitehead, G. Wighl. Wyoming Counfy Community Hospifal 'il ?,. :sh QU i Qi 3 was ,Q .. r 5 5 X is sf" R. Bieher, J. Gill, A. King, J. Musick, K. Nellis, C. Nichols, Q 5- ' if ar 'Q ll... . . if :QQ s 21... ' . . H ' f ,Q "'f'5i: ---: . 7 X' ' f fl 0 is S r S i 1 Q Q I ,J . . ."r M. Rulhven, J. Slokes, V. Stokes, A. Wawrzycki, D. Wemell. Meyer Memorial Hospifal - F , "': f W J ' "T .... R. Beclcwilli, K, Blessing, H. Hecker, J. Hopgood, B. McBride, J. McCloskey I A-sais.. , gf 5, 1 . our - ii' f 3.5. .' - ' .. i M1 fi . 5 E. Meinke, P. Schafer, P. Slaclman, N. Therminy, J. Warsocki. x . 1 ,, 'ixx ,-- Xl"-'dlx-'F4,-a-4'-'-,gffur-,f'Mv,,2X:. "-,d-If,-r-,-.V x K :TY X A - 'X 1 'NA "'-, X x X -, Y 1 if X XX yt' X Xxx k, X XX V W Q v Gflfw ' ' sskx R Q' I-ff' :Ulf ,Ni AMX ,f NA 9' J , I If X1 53727, 1 XG 5 fl 'J 'I ,V R X Q NPQLJ .XM 1? fx X1 X vb THQ- y N J m- RL! S xwf Fw' !4Ls f A R -QQ, X---f 5 mf Cf' wi X V 1 X4 x..2fv9! fl. '20 : -NJ .1 E' xi' R 'X L v' X3 L-A """" N if Y , , , f U Q 3 if ., if LIT 1 x ENV- il' b: I! , . Ei!! NXWQ at ii' T- XX xx lx 1 . , x -5 fl -X 4X I '.l- ,X-Tfyfii ij A ZEP, 3 N Q "' "" . I X "-L , ' J 'HK xxx. V 2 -xxxj , '1 I . " "" x - I kk 1 Q i XT: ' xg H E W gf 5 ,x ,yu ex 2 fvNQ on QM f m 31 gg wwe Kg x. NV' F 152 3 N' ' f ,E jf flj Q ,X ffl. lx -ilil , ' ' g X X I Q'-K XX If I fl' TL if R I XV x RR f 5 Y 3 I xxx, "xl f I!!! ,ff 1 ' L 5 .13 f. -5 f E Q X - 5 tw XX 1 - !,.f' K . LA X, in .Rh KU jf iv ax h . X If -, -, f X .ix lik M ks.x- AV -, ,xxx jf!! 1 ,I 5 Q-,Vx N N' . wfff' 1. 'Nil ' A + f 1 A f ' li f : , Q4 fx ,z--f-' " v . I -r E . V -T",?1ll gs. , - ' ' Q Y... J K- l- 'il Y H X 3 X1 J ' PK - I ll , Xxx ,, .,' ! XX 1 . 'JI XJ yxxvx 1 I X LYUZF-'X J ,Iii X 1 X N I it K TW , ' x ff x N l 4 f -A X fi TT N. x ' - "" ""T' "" " .' - "' Q xx R -I RQ if ,. XXX X " X J ,.-.W.A-Q X efx -Q u if ' ' R 1---4' " ,. Q 'A E - -.-,w7'4X1 l'.I X ll' :X .N I , Wx - X Ex ' -. , f NX 1 Wx' xkxfy A '-.4. XXX 1 I tfmx IIW fx X A331 FK ff Xxx LW 1 H j 3 K Ll ,f" f J A I X .1 A- X x "E, f 'y X . if yi X 'X 'N ' f pf ! A A X K K, X I p E Wy gi ' f N N f x f 1 . ' f 1 f X K XX X 5 ,X X, I ' I S X ff 'fl I I I N X xx Zig X I ZX! V I X ffl X 4 . I I 1 X X X I X x Z X X vkqx x j 1 I E J 0 QA wil ,J f l 4 H! E : fy ff if. 4 ? .I . f ,Z ' M m I W W X iw X my X M EX M P .2 AN ,ff XJ 'xr-C-S-Eg R U X eg, I-M,-N MN K X Y Z xffff L1-f'x,f SW frlffff lx df' JRR 1 K 1 JL TE wr " N 1 ' Q xx lvfl M 1-N. 6' 5 X' Q 5: . ' X I ,, -.X . ' xv X 3 ff k' i 1 LQ. ' ,,,, ' G xl fa ' ,R xg, "E . , I I D 5 :ii .L X- g My-f . A X4 Q ...,,..,..,-,' ' r -R5 Xxx L4 H X ff ' 23 RY f if J A M Q A X ly An' ll . l,,l X! I ' i V1-5 5 J" VTX , W. -' Q NV . x GX fl xg Qs H 1 I: f in.. If ,N ,- l X 0 N 'J-1"i"'V 1' 'ff f'xF'4"'?S A-'ff 31 I'-X ' TR A M N 1 ' 'X Y X, r f' f' wr x f f, ' f 5, NN af ! ----Q 'AL 5 1 x 'Q-, x ff W ix K. X " " -- ' Ex 3 xx R2 ' '7"""J tzx - xxx--. ' fx X xx-Mmwmhwwm ' if " U 1 2 ,I X ' - ' 5 ' ' 1 ! x. it X ! .v 1 wb 'QUE ,I-'ff 4 ' NA K 5 xx g g g 3 1 Q ' -'V iz E , x-"x n 'bl 'X I I I if . :X X J KXX E l KJ, A l if I J! ,X Xe 1' X xx g,-,Y f . 'V fx "I if 'E N' X X 2 'fi I X' X X I! , Afjxt ,f X I ff ' X Q X f 1 A WX ff Kimi! XX' i 1 K l If Y E !,f 1,1 I 1 +G: M M Aj w 1- 1 1, X 1 'f- nf, X X 'X X-. , l W 45" W. A--nf' Wulf!" LET US HELP YOU. 7M vw W "WESTERN NEW YORK'S FINEST AGENCY" 9 TECHNICAL 9 ENGINEERS 9 TRAINEES Mule and Female 9 EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES 9 OFFICE MANAGEMENT 9 PERSONNEL 9 ADMINISTRATIVE 9 CLERICAL 9 SKILLED TRADES 9 ACCOUNTING 9 SALES Our Unlimited Contacts are at Your Service H 'Me Way mmf 'Wiemw ta ca 'getzfm ?uz'me fam Que " WAYS 'rm' 616 LAFAYETTE BLDG. EIIIIS MA 7013 THE UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO RING - - presented exclusively by the 'fiia xgn me " l.:1.1: X2 ,,,. . I ,..e , if I 'ee e portrays the finest in die cutting and workmanship and features Hayes Hall Tower and the University Shield with any class numerals. A VARIETY OF SETTINGS ARE AVAILABLE - - - Samples are on display at the University Bookstore. COMPLIMENTS OF O O O Edmund B. Zielinski W I L K I E ' S Stores for Men . LOWE BROTHERS PAINTS Nationally Advertised Men's Wear I HARDWARE 1448 HERTEL SHERIDAN PLAZA I ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES of Norwalk Kenmore Q2 YOUR WEDDING DAY .n PHOTOGRAPHS I by I aflfnl WEDDING ALBUMS PA. 4757 525 and Up 1028 SYCAMORE ST. TA. 4193 THE STUDENT above all others should be sure his eyes are tree from eye strain "THE SAFE WAY" is to consult an eye physician loculistl. Then it glasses are ordered go to Buffalo Optical Co. Always Better Glasses Never Higher Prices 559 Main Street 297 Main Street 2830 Delaware Avenue BRACE CLEANERS Successor to Brace-McGuire 3130 MAIN ST. NEAR TI-IE CAMPUS 'i' H- SPECIAL DISCOUNT I . to all U. of B. 4 , STUDENTS a. ig! sf... st PROFESSORS Q, 5 + -v . IMF f J Q at Sporting Goods lk ,S Headquaitersl -' f ' ATHLETIC DlCK FISCHER GOODS, INC. 699 MAIN I Free Parking O WA. 8080 FOUR WINDS NURSERY, Inc. Your Neighborhood Source of Supply for All Garden Supplies, Plant Foods for Indoor and Outdoor Use EASY PARKING - COURTEOUS ATTENTION 4190 MAIN STREET EGGERTSVILLE, N. Y. Standard Printing Company Printers of the SPECTRUM Taylor 0913 1335 EAST DELAVAN AVENUE J. C. STEPHENS MOTOR CORP. SALES SERVICE Opposite University of BuFfalo 6017110 AWLQVL fri O! HARFQISCDN RADIATCDIQ CCD Division of General Motors TUXEDOS, CUTAWAYS and SUMMER FORMALS RENTED All Accessories Included--Shoes Rented Fifth Ave. Clothes Guaranteed Perfect Fit 7 WEST EAGLE PHONE WA. 9351 OPEN MONDAY, THURSDAY EVENINGS "THE COLLEGE HANGOUT" JAY BEE LOUNGE 572 AMHERST STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. DE 9656 Prop. STAN PALKA WONG LEE LAUNDRY 3122 MAIN STREET Across from Highgate, near the Campus THE FINEST IN LAUNDERED SHIRTS WITH SPECIAL BACHELOR LAUNDRY DIAMONDS TEL.: PA. 5415 WEDDING RINGS JEWELRY WATCHES GUSTAV A. FRISCH JEWELERS - OPTICIANS 41 KENMORE AVENUE AT UNIVERSITY PLAZA BUFFALO, N. Y. BRUNNER'S TAVERN CHET BRUNNER 3989 Main St. Phone PA. 9791 EGGERTSVILLE, N. Y. Park Florist, Inc. 2926 MAIN STREET BUFtaIo, N. Y. Flowers for All Occasions UNFRIED PHOTO SUPPLIES Complete Stock 0 CAMERAS I MOVIE CAMERAS 0 ENLARGERS O OTHER PHOTO OF COURSE YOU KNOW The Colvin CASINO has fast become one of Western New York's FAVORITE EATING EQUIPMENT and Films Developed, Printed and Enlarged ENTERTAINMENT SPOTS 3104 MAIN ST. BUFFALO N Y ALWAYS AN OUTSTANDING ORCHESTRA WALTER E. ZIEBARTH Wholesale Meat Co. 20 ELK MARKET TERMINAL BUFFALO, N. Y. Compliments of N. L. KAPLAN Buffalo's Largest Furrier BRISBANE BUILDING Er' EE fr ,... sEasa .... jg'- E A - Treasure , ,A f MMS il " ' sl 555E5E5E:2.-, .... : ..: 15:a:a:i:a. House of I E' Gifts fe Headquarters for Unusual Gifts for Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Weddings and Showers THE SHERIDAN CHINA COMPANY, con- veniently located at Sheridan Drive and Niagara Falls Boulevard Iless than 2 miles from Main St.l, brings you gifts of lasting beauty. Our spacious new building is filled with the finest of Dinner- ware, Glassware, Pottery and Artware. Here you may browse to your heart's contentiin a friendly, quiet atmosphere and choose from a galaxy of gifts for all occasions, priced to fit every budget. Drive out any day or evening, including Sunday . . . park in our spacious lot . . . you've a treat in store! Best Wishes TOTHE STUDENT BODY FROM NORTON UNION CAFETERIA HENRY BLOOM TAILOR 31 I2 MAIN STREET near Highgate Slacks in All Colors FOR YOUR NEXT SUIT COME TO HENRY BLOOM'S! ALL TYPES INSURANCE WILLOUGHBY INSURANCE SERVICE 257 Minnesota Avenue I Buffalo I5, New York AMherst 7459 Downtown Office 727 GENESEE BUILDING Summer Residence WAshington 5497 Fort Erie 326-Y-14 U 0 U U U U U 0 U U "The Printing House of Craftsmanshipn E AND COMPANY, INC. PRINTERS AND i.lrHoonAPHEns Complete Copy, Layout and Art Departments 1707 HERTEL AVENUE DIAL Vl. 2766 lt's the FLAVOR that counts!! You'll enioy the extra fresh, wholesome taste of Dodds Sealtest Milk and Cream. Be sure to ask for ............ Dodds Sealtest MILK-CREAM Call HU 4200 for Home Delivery "Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtues." X--KX THE PARK LANE Gates Circle PATRONS DR. ZIGMUND TARLOWSKI DR. ANTHONY S. PANTERA EVART'S SNACK BAR et gfivv ,XX S424 4NNlVERSA,qlE Your Official Photographer JEAN SARDOU STUDIO THIRD FLOOR NW MW' N.. J. A fp S 67 S You, the class of 1952, have had the privilege ot seeing the growth of what is soon to be one ofthe finest campuses in the nation. As the prime contractors of this great project, we wish to express our sincerest congratulations to you on your gradua- tion. It is our desire that when you return for a visit to the campus as active alumni, the dreams of your University will have become a reality. Contractors JOHN W. COWPER CCMPANY, INC. SIDWAY BUILDING Cleveland 1130 Heating and Ventilating Plumbing JOSEPH DAVIS CARL C. GRIMM 412 GENESEE STREET Cleveland 1613 295 DELAWARE AVENUE CLeveland 7080 Electric WIPPERMAN 8. MITCHELL 404 NORTH OAK STREET CLeveland 8135 n -'W Doamnr Y Gkoup Uruvsasrrv or Burrno TO A GREATER UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO . . .....,,....?..,,,-.. -W ' e -rw . Tm 'S ' x K - V-. - ,T -XFX Y A - V .Ax , W ,, A, :QE The new Medical-Dental Building to be completed in 1953. COMPLIMENTS OF ROSINSKI FURNITURE COMPANY "Stores of Confidence" 697 Ridge Road LACKAWANNA he-if Congratulations Class of '52 Remember . . . good clothing might not make the man, but it certainly helps to make a suc- cessful one! You will find clothes- by-Kleinhans CI good rule to fol- low as you advance through life. Jack Keller, right, 1951-52 Presid t U B B d f M g tries on a handsomely-patterned sport I t KI h b g l I Kleinhans Sport Shop MAIN AND CLINTON IN DOWNTOWN BUFFALO 2 hours parking tth V d G g with th purchase of S1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF1952 tiki? KARAS SAUSAGE CO. "Aristocracy in Meats" 1490 WILLIAM STREET HU. 4499 41 pig an P 'A' mfg ku -16' We , Q4 ' tj. ,yi , ',4qgf.1-h :suv S ff- in -- 1 5fQ'i,fQ'f 31,3-ef4g3g15fgrL,jf. A TIM - "Z,3?45efyj : u.j9f9:-. ,, W., . -A s-1-,P " ,gg , ' 9 xv" 1 ' ' ' - ' s.. . A Q x " , 'f' fl -1 , , ' ' ' Q JY' '.. - lc-- nn wp: J! ' ll' -'f I J " n ' , -8 .-.4 , A 4 JI- " , gi-110' A ' "' r A . ' Q .,.4r Q5 . . ' 13. A , . X , . ' LJ 15 E . , vi' -' U Congratulations and Best Iwshes . . . To The CLASS OF '52 RAUCH 8g STOECKL PRINTING CO., INC. ESTABLISHED I905 All Types of Commercial Printing LETTERPRESS PHOTO OFFSET Q u.Luu r-1101!-110 5-nuz.u-f PHONES GARFIELD 6700-6701-6702 120-I30 ELMWOOD AVENUE BUFFALO I, NEW YORK Alpha Gamma Delta .......... ........-....--. Alpha Kappa Psi .......... .........., 9 8, 99, Alpha Phi Delta ........ ....-.-.--. Alpha Phi Omega .........., ......... 1 02 Alpha Sigma Phi ........................................ .---A---. l 04 American Orthodox Catholic Alliance ........ ....... American Pharmaceutical Association ........ .......................... Basketball ................... 70, 171 Beta Gamma Phi ........ ..............,............ Beta Phi Sigma ........ Beta Sigma Psi ........ Beta Sigma Rho ...,.. Beta Sigma Tau ...... Bisonhead .......... Blue Masquers ......... ......... 1 36 Block B .............. Buftalonian ....... Chi Omega ..... Chi Beta Phi ...... Camera Club ...... Cap and Gown ...... Cheerleaders ........ Choral Ensemble .,...... Coaches ................ Cross Country ...... Debate Club ........................... Electrical Engineering Society ......l Engineering Student Council ....... Engineering Society ............... 1 34, .......88 Index Inter-Fraternity Council ....... ...... Intra-Murals .................... ,,,,,, Kappa Nu ....... ....... Kappa Psi .................... ,,.,,,,,,, Kappa Sigma Kappa ....., ........... 1 14, Lackawanna UB Club ...... ,,..,,, Math Club .................,,,,....,,,,.,.. ,,,,,, National Student Association ........ ....... Newman Club ,.........,,..,.,,..,.... ,,,,,,. NU Program Committee ......... ...... Orchestra ....................... ...... Out-of-Towners Club .....,. ...... Phi Epsilon Kappa ....... ...... Fencing ....... ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Football .........................,.,..., ,.,,,,,,,,, 1 66, 167, General Activities Council ......... Golf ...................................... Phi Kappa Psi ....... Phi Sigma Sigma Radio Playhouse .. Rho Pi Phi .......... Sigma Alpha Mu . Sigma Alpha Nu . Sigma Delta Tau .. Sigma Kappa ....... SAACS ............. Sitzmarkers ....... Spectrum ............... Sportsman's Club Student Christian Association Student Directory Swimming ..,......... Tau Kappa Chi .... Theta Chi Fraternity Theta Chi Sorority Tennis .,...,............... Women's Athletic Association Wrestling ............... fllma Winter Where once the Indian trod the silent wood, Above the beach where antlered deer have stood, Where martyrs brought the faith and patriot swords Assembled oft, to repel invading hordes, Chorus: Brothers, tonight we sing the chorus free Pledging the health of our University: To U. of B., to U. of B., Our Alma Mater by the Inland Sea. Before the Saxon march, the forest fell, The Church, the School, the Shop their stories tell, Off wind-swept beaches proud ships securely ride, Here Peace hath blest and Plenty shall abide. Beside Lake Erie, where the daring deep, The Cont'nent's erring child hastes to the leap, And crushing cliffs in youthful quest, From rock to rock leaps to his ocean rest.

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