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-1 X f f ,-" 'A ' f f X XX X X X XXX X XX X X X I XX X ,XX X XX X X X 5 X , X X Xf X XX XX X XX ' XXXX X X XXX X XX X X X ' X X XX X X. X X XX X X X X X XXX X X XX X 'X X 'XX X XX X X X .X X X XX X X X X X X ' X X X X ,X X X X 'X XX X .XX X . 'X X XXX XXX XX XX XX XX 'XX X X XX. X X XX X X X X X X X X X X X X X' ' X X X' P, ' XXX X XX 'XX X XXX X XX X XX X X X 'XX X XX X Xl XX X XXX ' J X XXXX XXX X XXX X Xa X X X X XX' X X X ,X X 'uX X .X X X'X X XXXX X X X XXX XX XX Xl X X. 'X X X '.X ' X :XX XX: XXX P FRANCES THOMP5 GN E LIBRYIS COPYRIGHT BY ROBERT BAKER, EDITOR, AND AMELIA DEMBOWSKI, BUSINESS MANAGER - PRINTED BY BAKER, JONES, HAUSAUER, INC., BUFFALO, N. Y. E 5 w X W A K 0 X x 'x X l3uolisl1eol ll3y tlme Senior Class ol State l-eaelwers College at Buffalo ,fa f 'W -IQ?-s 2:ff'sg3:"' '31-.15 -71-"iv A , .Q - f 1, - - , Qs., . an A , ,,A N, --2" 1 -' ' ,.fr.-'kia f-sf?" ,-.- ,5,:2FT,1Q,'9,, -if:-w W - Z: 4:i.T'j1.,-,aug if ft!?4'31I -X .'j"'.T:1W7-I-gg-L:-2 .L "' 55:-Lf Tffti Eff? w1,f"j"ff:"'.'--2.717-- sz' ' ,. , 4: .-?'.:af Q., .V P . gsa.,. V, l , Q,-. fran, ' --Z .-.4 -mm ,r 712-1- Igirfiis-' 1 A -if :ff- p3i171.1. Z' aff 1 '3K'lYr" . ' - -.5 - ' ' fdlziff ' l ' :.f:: -, 3'-11:2 fu 1 ' 51 f -21 5:2185 L . :ff s . - fr- .::e,fi.- - . -' f- V 715: ,:. .. 'if ""L.t ,, ::-- :Z ' 1- l "5-Q, - . V -1.5 ,Q 2:61 . -A , Qgv .ff '. ,ff ' -' -. -' -'LA : , . wrt- . , :-:ms ' ' , - -ff X 417 L.. ,. It . , iii . I 1 , MH O Ralph Horn, our first Dean, We dedicate this ELMS of 1939. Although his coming is recent, he has already established himself as a friend of faculty and students. Kindly, sympathetic understanding of student problems, and intelligent, willing assistance, characf terize this able coordinator, Dean of the College. I N y , fx I 1 f I I s In this year of fairs, with the accent on progress, we too have placed a stress on contributions and accom' plishments. Q We believe with Lincoln, "If we could first know where We are, and Whither We are tending, We could better judge what to do, and hovv to do it." o We offer a summation of what has been done this year at State. May it be enjoyed today and remembered tomorrow as a foundation to be built on every day of our lives. GENEIQAI CGI I PGI: "We hold these 111' elffefuidefnt, XHHNM M N N Xu X N X WN NNN ll" figfi ,J A A,.! . X, r' I4 , w' . .1 r 1 f A 1 1 www X H H MHMH V r JJ ff-Lf-iw H - 7 W L... xi? un HCDME ECQNQMICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS equal . O 1 SCP-ICDGI. CDF PRACTICE WML U1 M I If -J ,ff'W 1 X1d""LR X f hh ddb 11C h 1191 gh 'W us., ww , X N H H M H M 2 , ,N mu! W mfa2,,,,w,,,,W N N 'H X H H i -, N , ,, V A MMEZEW W ' xi: H V i f- -2 eff. . ei?" Va s "ei - ly J o CEYMN "that among these awe life libefrty, and the pwrsuit of happiness." -T. I 1 , , , H , H Zi, z H , H ,,:, , H ' H ,fi IU HARRY W. ROCKWELL, A.B., A.M., Pd.D. President of the College ilu.. RALPH HORN, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Dean of the College RAYMOND M. FRETZ, B.S., A.M. Assistant Professor of Science Acting Dean of Men. CATHERINE E. REED, A.B., A.M Dean of Women ,,.....i1 ROSAMOND Omar ABATE, Assistant Librarian B.S. GRACE A. ALLEN, B.S., A.M. HOMER A. Bnoce, B.S.,-A.M. Assistant Director of Training Instructor in Education Assistant Principal of the ALEEN Bevan ACKERMAN, A.B. School of Pmmce Assistant to Director of Extension MARION A. CLARK, A,B. Student Aid Director Director of Publicity Romzm' E. Atmucm' A.B., A.M., PHD. Professor of Sociology Head of Department Director of Extension EDITH Asmanoox, B.S., A.M. Financial Secremr Acting Instructor in y Health Education CHARLES B. BRADLEY, B.S. VELMA R. CLARK, B.S., M.S. Professor of Art Education Instructor in Home Economics Head of Department Director of Home Management House CPictures read left to right. Names read downj 18 Husam' E. Conn, B.P.E., ED.M. MARION P. DANA, B.S., A.M. Instructor in Health Education Instructor in Education Director of Athletics GEORGE C. DECKE11, B.S., A.M. SHERMAN G. CRAYTON Instructor in Woodworking A.B., A.M.. Pr1.D. Professor of Education ROBERT O- DBMOND A.B,, A.M., PHD. Professor of History Head of Department STANLEY A. Czuauas, B.F.A., M.F.A. Instructor in Art 19 MARGAIKET DUPRE, B.S., A.M Instructor in Science REUBEN S. Euan-r, B.En., A.M Instructor in Mathematics JOHN FONTANA, B.S., A.M. Instructor in Metal Shop Instructor in General Shop el!'K 'lyk ii.. gf,E,,,lg . 5521 ' YQ: 'Q Q L. my 5 'v isis 1 Mi X" :SYN 1 5 1 ,. 'S' -w IW' RAYMOND M. FRBTZ, B.S., A.M. ANDREW W. GRABAU, B.S., A.M. OSCAR E. Hnivrznmzc Assistant Professor of Science Instructor in English AB., A.M., PHD. Acting Dean of Meri Professor of Psychology ETHEL M. H. HANsEN, R.N. Head of Depanmen, AXEIENAAMMGEIMSL College N'-Vf-55 Director of Research Assistci-no Professor of Science FRANCES G. HHPINSTALL, B-5- Head of Department Head Librarian CAROLYN IW. Hizymfm, B.S., A.M ristructor m Arc MINA S. Gooss1aN, B.O.E., A.M. Assistant Professor of IRBNE Hmscri, B.S., A.M. English and Dramatics Assistant Professor of Education 20 135 DAVID R. Honcm, A.B., A.M, Esmnn MCGINNIS Instructor in English EDNA W' HVRD' B.S., M.S., PHD. Imfmffvf m Music Professor of Home Economics RUTH ELLIOTT HOUSTON EDNA Mnsmc, B.S., A,M. A.B,, ADM, I FAYB Kngvxg, BSE A.M.. Instmctm in Professor of Health Educanifm Hmmm' m Omg Conomws Home Economics Education Head of Department ISABEL H. KIDBNBY, A.B. CXQLQQABQESEER GEORGE E, Hucxms Regmmr Professor of Latin Instructor in Printing Head of Department 21 L ,--. 'G . I .-T. 1. 'R 1 1 5211 ey- 'ISA- EDWARD L, MORRICE, B.S. RUTH PALMER, B.S., M.S. HAROLD F. PETERSON Instructor in Instructor in Home Economics AB., A.M., PH.D. Methods and Practice 'Teaching Instructor in History FELIX PAYANT, B.S. josEE1-1 F. PHLLLIPPI, A,B., A.M EILEEN MULHOLLAND, P1-LB., A.M Instructor in Art Professor of Mathematics Assistant Professor of English Head of Department IRVING C. PERKINS, B.S., A.M. MARTHA S. PRATT, B.S., A.M. MAY C. NYE, AB., A.M. Iirofessor of Vocational Education Assistant Professor of Instructor in Home Economics ' Head of Department Home Economics Education M W 1 l i i CHESTER A. PUGSLEY MARGARET S. QUAYLB ALMA R. Rounnnusu, B.S., A.M. A.Bi51?r.M., I?C.ED. A ABF PHD. Instructor in Home Economics ro essor o I ssistarzt ro essor of Education Elementary School Administration WINIFRED SALON' B-S-A A'M' Principal of the School of Practice Gnome M. QUACKBNBUSH B.S., A.M, Assistant Professor of Vocational Organization 23 HAROLD J- ROESSER, B-S-. M-S- Instructor in Health Education Instructor in Science CPIARLES C. Roof PDB., PD.M., A.B., A.M. Professor of Education, Head of Department Director of Summer Session PAUL W. SLOAN, A,B., AM., PAQSDU-'LQ Professor of Education RUTH E. SPEIR Assistant Professor of Music Head of Department MLQW HARRY J. STEEL, B.S., A.M. Director of Training Professor of Education ELIZABETH L. TALCOTT, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education 101-IN M. THURBER, A.B., PH.D. Professor of English Head of Department A-X CHARLES A. VATL, B.S., A.M. KATHERYNE THOMAS WHITTENIORE Instructor in Science A.B., A.M., PHD. Assistant Professor of Geography Head of Department GRACE VIELE, Bl.. Rgfgfgngg Librarian D. KENNETH WINBBRENNEII, B,S. Instructor in Art WALTER B. WEBER, B.S., ED.M. KATE V- WOFFORD Instructor in Electricity AB-i A'M-- PH-D' Professor of Rural Education Head of Department 24 SCHOOL OF PRACTICE HERTHA S. GANEY, A.B., A.M. HARRY C. JOHNSON, B.S., A.M. THERBSA A. Ron:-Istun, B.S., A.M. Instructor in English and Latin Instructor in Mathematics and Science Instructor in Second Grade E1.nANon M. Govan, B.S., A.M, MARTHA G. Mn-rz, B.S., A.M. MURIHL 5. Suotmmctn, B.S., A.M Instructor in Sixth Grade Instructor in First Grade In-Wmcfof W' Thffd Grade M ,L J B S A M School of Practice Any . Amsow, . ., , . G E, R Kindergarten Instructor Efgiuggy AUKQEH MARGURSSB EQEQTBERGER INEZ M. KNAPP, B.S., A.M. lnsmwfof in Health Education Instructor in Instructor in Fourth Grade History and Social Studies 25 - - . ,..., i ' ' xv s ' x ...A 3 1,.v,- - r 4 A 'N . ,Q 1 I X X MILDRED L. SIPP, B.S., A.M. LLJELLA CHAPMAN HELEN G. ENGLEBRECK, A.B., A.M Professor of Home Economics Instructor in Penmanship and English Instructor in History Head of Department CAROLINE K. Gormumn, B.S. RUTH M. KARCHER, A.B., A.M Alumni and Placement Secretary Instructor in Art ADDITIONAL FACULTY QNo Picturesj Nncun S. Buckley, B.S., A.M. MAnYLou1sEMcMAHoN,B.S.,A.M. STELLA GIREILLY, B.S. Assistant Professor of Instructor in Music Instructor in Fifth Grade Home Economics School of Practice IVIARGARET A. GRANT, B.S., M.S. M. MBLVINA Svrzc, A.B., A.M. Instructor in Instructor in Geography Home Economics Education School of Practice 26 MARION F. AYERS, R.N. Assistant College Nurse HAZEI. S. BLATT, A.B. Stenographer HARRY W. CURTIN Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds JANE L. DIADDARIO Stenographer MEDICAL ASSISTANTS WINEIELD L. BUTSCH B.S., M.D., M.S. Medical Examiner H. L. LEVIN, M.D. Psychiatric Consultant JOHN V. WADSWORTH, B.S., M.D. BERDENA C. DOLEERG Stenographer CIIARLOT M. FETTERMAN, B.S. Assistant Manager of the Bookstore MARY R. FONTANA, B.S. Manager of the Bookstore ROSEMARY FORNES Szenographer MAEEL B. GILBERT Cafeteria Director SCHOOL 52 AGNES AGNITCH GRACE BALLARD, B.S. THBLMA H. CLOGSTON, B.S. MARY DARKER, B.S. LENA DENEORE, B.S. MARY I. DOE VIOLA M. DOHRMAN, B.S. M. JOSEPHINE DURNEY, B.S. EDNA R. GARDNER KATHRYN S. GRAHAM Stenographer AGNES H. LOUOHERN Stenographer MARY M. MAY, A.B. Stenographer AMELIA L. ONODY, B.S. Assistant Registrar FACULTY RUTH M. GATES, B.S. LINA GIELOW, B.S. GEORGINA HASRILL, B.S. ELIZABETH D. MATSON, B.S. ELLEN C. MOCKLER, B.S. CHARLOTTE M. MOORE, B.A MARY H. ROBERTS, B.S. FRANCES M. RUDELL EDNA M. SHAW, B.S. KATHRYN M. STANLEY, B.S. College Physician MARION R. WAKEMAN, B.S. 27 Egg EQ S -22,11 1'imE1w Mm Sei: N 13" 11 111 Z L 111 11 H ,,,.. IW Q 11 , QQ111 51212311 111 L. 2321 ' 111' ' .21-' N V vw, f pnnfu '1 fm T. . bf.. '- 111.1 6:7 ' ' 2155 1 rig-811, Q51 21111 QSLI, 5 931' . We 1153? mf 1 221:15 Q 1 - 111 11 . 11 I ,j ' 111111 1 'li Y - ' A-is ,4 111 111 11 Yan .1 1 111w,, N111 , 11111 H 11 11 1 02111-'11' 11 1 1 sf, 11111-', 11 11,11 U I1M11W'11'11g"'1'l,f -712, gffiggiiz 11 1595" 11.11 "111 ' 1 111H11 111 .'1e11ss1QSff?1- 11 ,1 11 ' 1,5g51g,3ggUf 11" '-X11 ,1 -1111111 11111111 11, 111 , 11 M 1, - 111 111113212 " '111'111" 4,-, 111 - 11 1 1 Af 217 :V W:l1351,"w1 1. 53 1 1 1111 1 3, 1,111111""1'11 N1qjjg511wa 131111 . , .E , 111111' 11' ' 'V Y 1 ,,,.. ,I ' Q 516111 1 , 11m11. 1 V. 45211 , 1 5' I ' 1 NH Mai ,Si u 1 " I 111 5 f l ,iirrgf i -M111 1, jigs: . 11,1 1 'f,g7g,31:'Q1'iS1,z 111 111 111"'111" 52'T1'?'5a,gs2,f:-,11"11"11" M5315 111' 1 1 11,1 443155, , H-1, 1 . 111-111111.. 11 ,.- ,Max 1 111111 111 may -- 1 11 1 . 11 "www 1' 11 11 11"11 " , '1mQff1B11s?1'..11"1111' "1 1 1 F5351 111 ' 1 1 11 5111111111311 11-1 11 . 1M,w,15,,,A11, 111 1111" 11 1 ' 1, 1 11 -'Q111' .i1111m11H1 1!!11g25E1Eigs3iE1,11G-:1Hf1g21'1?5"1 11"11"111"111"11 9 1,1-1:41a-yr' N11 111 111 M 611111551254 56 1-M M1 Q H1 v11!1i11g1s:eze1:1 Wai 11114111 , 111W11111 11giw,1511-11111. , - --1111 -11311211 111! 11111 V W11. 11 1 YY -1 if if ' 6111 Y V -Y Y, , 1 , 11 ."' M, , 1 , 'Z f - ' 1 -1111111 -, -1 1 '1f?", .111 ' s1l"f-"V 2 11"'11" '21 1-T 1 . af 1, 1 1' 1. ,sevgggqgk 1 11 Y 1 '1.,1,,nw'rf,:2f,11'f 1' 1 1 1 'HJ , 11 5.11, 1 1 1' 1111111111 1 1 1 11 l.11z1,..111 111 111,,,1,1111,a X1 11 1131 I1 11 1 11115E11f1111w11a1111 111111 1111111X111!g11jjg111gg31gQ11S11,5N111"1,,1121F'11fN,"11111111111111 '11H111ji251ai11g' ,111111111 111 1 .1 11' 11 YY . 111111 11111 1fE51,11.-11 N H! , 51,1 W1 WY ,, , 11, V , 11-1: 1. , , 111 Y 2 11"f':' ' ' ,' fM1 f 'Q-':'f, , 1 111 f -,- . 95.21 2 N, ,i 111 . 11 -!.!gQ15ggf 111111 11 11 iffy, ,ff H1 1 1 11 11 i1 ,1111"111 1 M11 11 aw , , ' ' -1 1 1 1 11 :Lg V11 , 1.1 ,MW .V ' , . Wvfwxmr: 111 111 v,A.,, 1 . L, V 111 , QW mx? 121' -111 ' 1111'11111 1'--Maw? 111 1 L. , 11gg,A,m 1 Q 111 111 111 11 11111 W 11 1 ' T111 , El1s1.131,y"1111"' - , Y N ' 25 - - , - - 1 1 mia 1 1 5 1, A 1,1 zz,-1 ., H' -ii "' 1-'11 111' "Z:-kia' 1 1 1- 1 -1, -. RS ww. 4- ,Wf'J, lv' A OFFICERS CLASS OF 1939 President . . CREDB HAGERTY VlcefP1esident ARTHUR A. MICHLIN Secretary . . A. IRENB MARTIN Treasurer . BERNARD DEAzL1zY SENIGR COUNCIL Class Day . MovingfUp Day Senior Ball . Holly Hanging Color and F lowers COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . BETTY BBRNHARD, H.E. . RUSSELL BARROWMAN, I.A. . MARGERY MASON, GC., DAVID Low, I.A. . A. LUCILE CHAPMAN, GC. HELEN CEPURA, G.C. 30 Song and Motto Finance . Seminar . Class Gift . jewelry . Announcements Loyalty Fund Publicity . Intev'fC'lass Sing Cap and Gown . VIRGINIA MARVIN, BERNARD DEAZLEY, G G . ALBERT KINGSTON, G ROBERT MINKEL, ELIZABETH A. BUCKLEY, ESTELLE B. ALT, . BETTY HORN, . RICHARD HUGHES, . JEAN DRAA, JBA-N DAHLQUIST, I.A G G. G. G. G. G. fi- 5' 1' gnu: 46' Q FBRN ACKROYD FREDONIA Home Economics LILLIAN ALBRIGHT NGRTH TONAWANDA Home Economics DORIS ANDERSON IAMESTOWN Home Economics RAYMOND AST BUFFALO General College KATHERI NE ALBRECHTSON KFNMORE General College ESTELLF ALT BUFFALO General College YVONNF ASHLEY GRAND ISLAND Home Economics WILLIAM ATKINS BUFFALO Industrial Arts 32 ROBERT BAKER BUFFALO General Gollege ALICE BANGERT BUFFALO Home Economics VICTORIA BARLI BUFFALO Home Economics SAMUEL BARUCH NEW YORK CITY Industrial Arts 33 BETTY BALDWIN SYRACUSE General College JEANBTTE BARKBR BUFFALO General Gollege RUSSELL BARROWMAN WOODLAWN BEACH Industrial Arts NICHOLAS BATTAGLIA BUFFALO Industrial Arts , 2 ,I ., .Lf ..., ,- I HEBR- Y 1 --- f-'kwwmy-mmf. I I ,,.,,,.v , W 4, A V sw ,Il ir- ,gr-L T 'I ,, II 'L df.: -1 134- ' ,ff - ! .F-ES. ,,,, ,- - g,,-, 1L , 'J--'9'-"A" If " f- A Sify ? , ,J ? ' ' 37 'R' " ,. ,, " L. A I '-'-I. I: if N ' -i.'ilL,, ,,,, 4 :IT Wai l T L., :I 5 A .V V ll v '--v, Vx, ' Q5 2.1.4 ' " ' , , s v, ,. .,V. Xiu? H xi lg --5 1 - iihifi. ' .'f'."ii,f'!"". , " " l- "fl ' 4 1335? IH- .' ' II ,g J ,, I A gg 'MII -M5 ' -4I'f'mf .' .vs -'f "" A " , ' W. I ' " . F 4213- -- ,F-"A-1 "rw, f f., I- I .F -I A ff- I -- l"l-'51I??2E2fl'4:1",'17 EF-Q' ' EQ'3:'fifqy'.Q lg V ' V, . , 4' fi X " " w - A . Sw, FA .-' in IHRQFIV' . E. ' ,- ' fu 23'--.-J113i45F1g ff' F51 ' A :wiv ' ' Q - - - I ..::. naw- M " in wtf 1--,-35:1 1 Y!,j,iLL2F:g- -'.!,:xf5ij V , I-If P, 1:, .5 5? 14 :D nip. ,. ,-, 1 . f A - I BBT: Lflfi- . '21 KATHRYN BAXTER BUFFALO General College PATRICIA BIOKEL BUFFALO Art Education CLIFFORD BORTH BUFFALO Industrial Arts DOROTHEA BROWN BUFFALO General College BETTY BERNHARD BUFFALO Home Economics MARTINA BOHM BUFFALO General College ALBERT BROWN BUFFALO Industrial Arts RAYMOND BROWN ROCHESTER General College 34 RUTH BROWN BUFFALO General College LAMAN BRUNFR BUFFALO General College ELIZABETH BUOKLFY BUFFALO General College MARGARET BURNS OORFU General College BURTON CADRO BUFFALO Industrial Arts MARY JOAN CALLAHAN BUFFALO General College NEAL CANEEN FORTVILLF Industrial Arts SAMUEL CARR BUFFALO Industrial Arts W LW I -.if I. ,Y law FL, ,Kim ,,. , .vi 35' '.'Y V, LQ ,, 1 umm ,, i ,av- 19' ' '.-: -.5 Eziigf, 5' f '- s 1 A -f 1,-. .. ,M .-41' 1 rl X .224- Ga' fu? .fri 4 -rx 'Qi MARY CARTER BUFFALO yo ly,?w6rij,r General College HELEN CEPURA BUFFALO General College RAE MARIE CHENEY WOODLAWN BEACH General College PHYLLIS CONRAD NORTH TONAWANDA Home Economics NTZMW MARY AGNES CASEY BINGHAMTON General College LUCILE CHAPMAN BATAVIA General College DONALD CLARK BUFFALO General College GERTRUDE CONSIDINE BUFFALO General College 36 SAMUEL CONTE LAOKAWANNA General College VINCENT COOLEY BUFFALO Industrial Arts MARY CROCUSTON BUFFALO General College ROBERT CUNNINGHAM OORFU Inclustrial Arts 7 JOHN COUGHLIN BUFFALO General College LILLA CORTRIGHT OORNING Home Economics DORIS CUMMINGS NIAGARA FALLS General College JEAN DAHLQUIST B UFFALO General College f'- -651- 1 JENNIE DHALBA OAKFIELD General College AMELIA DEMBOWSKI BERNARD DEAZLFY WILLIAMSVILLE General College 1g3CCHES'I'E0eiroL-f'r,yl ff enera ege jr' .l- J o.xx4v0bIVIARY DOBONY f fd, O "" 95" 4-6" BUFFALO v-A KNSQK QT' I l6,,vx'G' 4 WANDA DOMBROWSKI GOWANDA Home Economics MARY THELMA DORNFELD NORTH TONAWANDA General College Genefral College ELLEN DONALDSON BUFFALO General College JEAN DRAA BUFFALO General College ' sa MATTHEW DUGGAN BUFFALO General College ROSE MARY EAGIN BUFFALO General College OVERINE EHMAN WEST VALLEY General College EVELYN ENGELHARDT BUFFALO General College 9 AGNES DZUFENDA HORNELL General College KENNETH EDMUNDS BUFFALO Industrial Arts ANTHONY EKES BUFFALO General College DOROTHY EFAVETS BUFFALO General College DORIS ERWIN GENESEO General College ROSE FINGOLD BUFFALO Art Education MARION FISHER sODUs Home Economics MADELINE FRITTON BUFFALO General College MARGARET FELSIN GER ANGOLA General College BEVERLEY FISHER BUFFALO Home Economics GLADYS FOSBERG JAMESTOWN Home Economics ERMO FURLANI BUFFALO Industrial Arts 40 ANNA GAOH BUFFALO Gene'ral College ROSEMARY GAFFNEY ATTICA Home Economics LO1s GLEASON HAMMONDSPORT Home Economics BERNIOE MARJORIE GOODMAN RANSOMVILLE General College LOUISE HAGEN NIAGARA FALLS General College CREDE HAGERTY PALMYRA General College E. JANE HANNY BUFFALO General College PHYLLIS HARLEY BUFFALO Home Economics 41 'Sf RUTH HARRIS BUFFALO General College EDITH HENRY WILLIAMSVILLE Home Economics FLORENCE HILL KENMORE Home Economics BETTY HORN BUFFALO General College ROBERT HARRISHBURG BUFFALO Industrial Arts EDNA HERMAN BUFFALO General College EMMA HILLER NIAGARA FALLS Horne Economics JOSEPH HOURIHAN BUFFALO General College 42 ELIZABETH HUEY MAFLETON Home Economics LOIS HUMPHREY KENMORE Home Economics MABEL JEPSON BUFFALO General College ELIZABETH JOHNSTON SCOTIA General College RICHARD HUGHES BUFFALO General College MARJORIE JANIS NIAGARA FALLS General College RITA JERGE EAST AURORA General College JULIA JONES BUFFALO General College fi-V! MARGARET KAKOOK LACKAWANNA Genefral College ANNE KARLN BUFFALO General College ,ff f 5' Jlvligffl' -D DOROTHY KEIL , I. 3 ,jp ll llvl . i ' BUFFALO fQffe'llf'lf-'l "M ' Y' wg: x ,wg , ' gp' Y Geneval College,j,f"'1:A E U , , 11' J ,Q 0' . - MARY ELIZABETH KIESEIQ. BUFFALO M1 LDRED KEISTE11 BUFFALO General College MARY KERWIN BUFFALO General College General College EDWARD KELLY BUFFALO General College RITA KICK BUFFALO General College ' 44 RUTH KIMPLAND WALLINGTON Home Economics RUTH KINSLEY BUFFALO Home Economics LORRAINE M. KOCH BUFFALO! Art' Education MILDRED KREGER EGGERTSVILLE Home Economics 45 ALBERT KINGSTON KENMORE General College MARIE KIRCHMEYER BUFFALO General College SYLVIA KRAMER BATAVIA Home Economics HELEN KREIS BUFFALO General College ,ex Fill '-if n I HENRY KREIS BUFFALO Industrial Arts ELIZABETH LANDFIELD NEWARK General College WALTER H. LARE HAMBURG General College GLADYS M. LEE NORTH TONAWANDA General College ELLEN KUNTZ NIAGARA FALLS General College HELEN P. LANPHEAR BUFFALO General College MARION E. LEARY BUFFALO General College LEO LOUIS LEVINKIND BROOKLYN Industrial Arts -1 46 MARIAN L. LEWIS IAMESTOWN Home Economics JAMES LINDSTROM CHEBKTOWAGA Industrial Arts IRVIN LORICH WILLIAMSVILLB Industrial Arts JEAN M. LUDWIG TONAWANDA General College 47 GUNNAR O. LINDSTROM CHBEKTOWAGA General College HAZEL N. LIPPKE BUFFALO General College DAVID S. Low BUFFALO Industrial Arts MILDRED Lussow PITTSFORD Home Economics 62' ' MA 455' I W, If .. :I 41 If- NI., " ADA MILLER BATAVIA General College AURIE F. MCCABE BEAVER FALLS Industrial Arts JOHN P. MOBRIDF BUFFALO Art Education AUDRBY MCDONALD BUFFALO General College GFRTRUDF SEAMAN MCGOVERN LAOKAWANNA General College I I, . rv ' 1 AJ ly J IJ fl JL, LJ 1, Y llll UI! s,f"lJl! I VAX!! ,jf Volt! T M, I . ,171 U. g, qi, ,V V LPI. 1 ,Ji In ' r,f Q iffy! I M g ANNE MARINUCCI NIAGARA FALLS General College BERENICE H. MALE BUFFALO General College IRENE A. MARTIN BUFFALO General College 48 MASON J. MARTIN LANCASTER Industrial Arts VIRGINIA R. MARVIN BUFFALO General College LUOILLB C. MATTERN BUFFALO General College ALFRED MFGFR BUFFALO Industrial Arts 49 SEBASTXAN MARTORANA FARNHAM General College MARGFRY M. MASON BUFFALO General College MARGARET E. MAYFR BUFFALO General College BETTY RUTH MERRILL NORTH TONAWANDA Home Economics ff' .I-wi!-. 7 .ry plhu Mail! J V ,J My x N If hw- I lf "fl Nfl' ALICE R. MESSING wk fig N N. 'J HORSEHEADS V lx V fr 1 G5 :Fw f Art Education Qjofy ff ' ,li ARTHUR A. MIOHLIN ROCHESTER General College ROBERT J. MINKBL BUFFALO Industrial Arts DAVID MISSERT BUFFALO General College DOROTHY V. MOORE BUFFALO General College MARY ISABELLE MUMMERT HAMMONDSPORT Home Economics ADELE G. MYERS KENMORE General College MIRIAM MYERS BUFFALO General College 50 I NORMA NEWMAN BUFFALO Home Economics MARGARET E. NOONAN BUFFALO General College MARGARET M. OQDONNELL BUFFALO General College ANNA M. OQRIELLY LOOKFORT General College JANE P. OlLEARY BUFFALO General College EDWARD ONODY BUFFALO Industrial Arts ANNETTE L. PAUSEWANG SAYVILLE, L. 1. General College 51 MARJORIE J. PECK BERGEN General College CLARA A. PFNNBR UTICA Home Economics ETTA C. PETERS LYNDONVILLB General College ROBERT PHILLIPS BUFFALO General College FRANKLIN S. PIERCE BUFFALO Industrial Arts X. .vi '. . I , 1 FRANCES PERINE DANSVILLB General College ' MARY ELIZABETH PHELPS BUFFALO General College JOHN PIATAK JR. KBNMORB General College PHILIP POHLMAN BUFFALO Industrial Arts 52 , l J - X A kllxfgjy' of A f VX MAEGYfRE'FxPRqcCE ' BUFFALO General College BUBHL M. RAY lj SALVATORE PULEO BUFFALO Industrial Arts 734 In BUFFALO General College WALLACE REDMAN OLARKSON General College KATHERINE C. RORES BUFFALO General College 53 AQJW? ' A7501 - BETTY A. REOH TONAWANDA General College MARION F. RICH BUFFALO Home Economics BETSY Ross BUFFALO General College HAROLD RUPP GARDENVILLE General College NORA MARIE RYAN BUFFALO General College ALFRED SADROGA BUFFALO Industrial Arts GEORGE SCHIEDER HORNELL General College ALTHEA RUSSELL BUFFALO General College URHO SAARI BUFFALO General College STEPHEN SAFRON BUFFALO Industrial Arts MARTHA SCHNEIDER AUBURN General College j 54 DONALD SCHOLZ BUFFALO General College JEAN SCRIMSHAW KENMORE Genefral College FRANCES L. SELLERS KENMORE Aft Education LILLIAN SEIBERT BUFFALO General College 55 GRACE H. SCHRBINBR BUFFALO Home Economics IRENE MARY SCOTT BUFFALO Home Economics HOWARD G. SENGBUSCH BUFFALO General College MARION SHORT BUFFALO Geneml College TELLES J. ROUSELLE BUFFALO Industrial Arts FRANCIS SIEMANKOWSKI SLOAN General College ROY C. SIMON BUFFALO General College HELEN M. SINCLAIR NIAGARA FALLS General College GERTRUDE L. SINGER BRONX General College FRANCES SKIDMORE NORWIOH Home Economics ARTHUR E. SMITH KENMORE Art Education EDITH K. SMITH DEANSEORO Art Education D 56 RENE SMITH SPFNOFRPORT General Gollege RITA SMITH SPENCERPORT General Gollege J IW", 1 VERLA SMITH 3' ff lf Ll, V, ,M - Exif! ,Llf7'-lyzlflllf' fill!! I. BUFFALO 3,J'jyU,f t :W-J JW , r . V 1. . P . General Gollege' I fly' ,: ,Uv , '1f'lLLl1r"lUjl' l ,NLM Xi' 'J J-1 . 'I qw' FI FLOSSY SNOW BUFFALO General Gollege MARIAN SOLOMON BUFFALO General Gollege PAUL SPADINGER KENMORE General Gollege UTH SPOHR ILLIAMSVILLF eneral College JOHN P. STACK GRAND ISLAND Inclustrial Arts 7 LAVERNE STONE LOCKPORT Genefral College EDWARD SZYMANSKI LACKAWANNA General College JOSEPHINE C. SYRACUSE BUFFALO Home Economics MARION G. THOMAS BUFFALO Home Economics HARRY F. STRICKLAND LOCKPORT Inclustfrial Arts MARION STOCKWELL RBNMORB Art Education JEAN THOM BUFFALO General College SYLVESTER THOMAS BUFFALO Industrial Arts 58 A 'a an G46 K basil. ',L5L?'ngf?'lr fp lux. 9 5 f. Q0 I xxrwgnfgb JL' UTICA W' 64-. ai DOROTHY THOMPSON General College JULIA THOMPSON NIAGARA FALLS General College LYDIA TOSBTTO NIAGARA FALLS General College MADELINE TRAVERS BUFFALO General College MARGARET URBAN BUFFALO Home Economics ROMA L. VALANCE BUFFALO General College ANNA VAN DYKE "K,,,:r.'f.j muse Hue-J C,,,,lf!. I fzurjerll All The -QW, we LIML! CUBA - .L Uni Vllglll and. Hill- fdmgmbqff General College fl vw n JBSSIE VOLTZ BUFFALO General College UTH VROMAN ATKINS GLEN ome Economics 9 RAYMOND WAGNER BUFFALO Industrial Arts MARIE WEBSTER BUFFALO General College VIRGINIA WEIFFENBACH BUFFALO Horne Economics GRACE WHITELOCK BUFFALO General College HILDA WIELAND UTICA General College CARL WEBER BUFFALO Industrial Arts JOAN WEBER BUFFALO General College EVELYN WBNZEL BUFFALO General College FRANCES WILKS BUFFALO General College 60 ELEANOR WILSON WILLIAMSVILLE General College ALBERT WINKELMAN CHEEKTOWAGA General College 1 . Snoogvjf-L, 5 STANLEY H. WITMEYER gotz Vu? is kno' 54, 0 ROCHESTER C' if aqvrye IZ. ' Art Education N FAU L ANNA MARY WIIQTER WILLIAM P. WIZEMAN PALMYRA Industrial Arts DAVID G. WOODCOCK BUFFALO Industrial Arts MARGARET LOUISE WRENCH HAMBURG General College CUBA Home Economics LAURENCE WOLF RIPLEY Industrial Arts NAOMI WRIGHT NIAGARA FALLS General College 61 2 'I l ilu vmnriam , Aim 5 gm SHIRLEY PLETZKER 1918 f 1939 Though she will not venture forth with us on the career she prepared for so earnestly, she will he there beside us in spirit, Willing to lend the same helping hand she gave so readily in life. ADDITIONAL GRADUATES Sophie Adaniski J. W'i1lia1n Anderson Meade G. Anderson Amy Ruth Ballagh Frances Bamber Carmeta Barshied Sylvia Bookbinder Dora Benthin Benjamin Bird Eleanor Bookey Helen Borngraber Annette M. Brown Marcian Brown Lillian Choate Heloise Cohen 63 REGULAR SESSION KATHRYN BAXTER, General College, Buffalo EsTHER BROWN, Art Education, Buffalo Iosarn D1G1zsARo, Industrial Arts, Buffalo Louisa GUARIGLIA, General College, Buffalo EDITH HENRY, Home Economics, Williaiiisville MARION MAGARGEL, General College, Buffalo EDWARD SIKORSKI, Industrial Arts, Buffalo JOHN WALSH, Industrial Arts, Buffalo DORIS WARNER, General College, Niagara Falls EXTENSION GRADUATES Frances DeLisle John Humphrey L. G. Eisenhauer Mabel Louise Haskni Margaret Ensniinger Marie L. Few Esther M. Foit Rita I. Fridlnan Marion Geiger Harold Gloss Doris Harkness Grace Harry Stewart Harvey Rachel Hassman Cecilia Henry Irma Hock Helene Holmes Fanny Jacobson Mildred Kleinfelder Mildred Law Philip LoGuidici Mary Agnes McCarthy Mary Helen Mansler Sarah Marshall Verna Marshall Margaret Moran Mildred M. Nagle Hortense L. Odell Albert F. Ortell LeGrand H. Owen ADDITIONAL GRADUATES Catherine Pagett Daniel Paclucci Doris Peard Gordon Phillips Leo Powell Helen J. Purcell Kenneth J. Ruttenbur Sherwood Allen Stanley Anderson Elma Anderson Birdena Campany Chester Casey Frances Ciszek Eleanor Craw Mary Crosby ,Jane Dinsmore Dolores Desmon George Dobson Evelyn Edmunds Ralph Eraser Herman Frederick Eugene Freeman Beatrice Johnson Lucy johnson Marion Johnson Bessie Katz Mary Kerushan Mary Teresa Saia Hanna J. Scully Pauline C. Setter Inez K. Senger Mary Shalloe M. Ruth Shattuck Mary Stahl AUGUST, 1938 Mary Kipp Katherine Kenyon Dorothy Klein Lulu Lawrence Margaret Lown Norman Lyon Maysie Latham Thompson McCaw Eileen McManus Richard Maneska Richard Manske Helen Markham Doris Milligan Sherwood Quick Josephine Roberts Vesta Robinson Frances Rosen Frances Rowe Blanche Rupert G. Arthur Schaefer Margaret T. Swift Florence L. Tucker Jessie Voltz Alice T. Wegner Veronica H. Whelan Henriette Zemp Vera Schrader Carol H. Scott Anna Smerka Lawrence Smith Hester Stevens Agnes Stott Mildred Swift Elizabeth Stegmeier Harold Vahue Eva Vaughn Wilda Varn Alma Voss Dolores Von Pless james Weeks Elizabeth Weinple Mary Wilson Edgar Woodard Milton Yonkrers Margaret Young Stephania Zajaczek if ,Q ' 5 uf- ws, -.,. - ,. up 1.1 , ,5,..,L,,..Q 45, 1 ,U H, K. gs. :wap 135'2 J ig? .Ph M .Mg-7 .. fir' Fil?-af f' 'Q 1 -. ,HI ,Egg L- . W ,ar A ,iq Mx: V' 'L X 1 5-5 4 r A ' 'S f r we jg ,iw f M ,' Hb x ' 4 x VF' NC 1.1 f ' ,Y N 4. 1 H c , X 'L v Er 1 ff f L. 2 J' we J 5, 1 If , .N ,L f '-. vw" .-as I -b x' 4 1 ' 'QV ,.:.. 4 5- 'V .ai-f' '1q,,ff -' "'2x' ff12fl vi K' ' U .1-Q,3f":-5 - 9 53' ave-17,3-9 ,, -2735: President . ROBERT C. BOLLARD VicefP1'esident . JOHN HAMMEL Secretary . . JEAN CLARK Treasurer . THOMAS ASBURY CLASS CF194O We, the class of '40, take pride in our threefyear record of service to the College. We have had our share of parties, Stunt Nite honors, and participation and leadership in all branches of extracurricular activities. However, these evidences of a strong class spirit fade quickly into the shadow of the past as momentary victories compared with our more lasting conf tributions. We have left behind us an indelible record of new customs to be transmitted as tradif tions to our successors. As Freshmen, we firmly established our place in the annals of the history of the College by our participation in Collegiate activities. In our Sophomore year, the class of '40 originated two movements which have been successfully carried on since their inauguration. The Sophffirosh Hop iills the unique position of being the only informal hop of the College year, and the Sophomore toy drive has become an annual affair. One of our first responsibilities as juniors was the organization of a junior counselor program. We have extended this plan to operate as a dynamic guiding agent throughout the entire year. In the Held of athletics we feel that we have materially aided the teams in their victories. In the social realm, the junior Prom has made College history. As we enter the last lap of our College career, our fondest hope is to continue our record of achievement and leave behind us a heritage of real worth to the class of '41. 66 .lflg - Leif-f-Q 3':-,fl 511, 4 L9 ll fu 5. S QL N Q by . I l iilxkll' f I Q fd .V JM FJ U Q iw my-l J' 10 11 12 13 J4 . Helen Benning, H.E. . Beatrice Berman, H.E, Olive Berry, H.E. E. Virginia Blake, G.C. Helen P. Bodliin, G.C. . John Branicki, GC. Ruth Break, G,C. . Elaine Breitweiser, HE 21, Ethel Brice, H.E. Continued on next page . Q, it ,gi Margaret L. Brierley, G.C. Marie Burgasser, G.C. Verna J. Burke, G.C. James Burke, G.C. Katherine Burlingame, l'l.E. Isadore Bush, G.C. . Evelyn Cage, H.E. . Eleanor Carland, H.E. . Catherine Chalmers, l'1.E. . Lurissa Childress, G.C. . Martha Ciesielska, G.C. . Annette Cinn, G.C. Jean Clark, H.E. . Jeanne Clements, A.E. . Marietta Cluif, G.C. . Patricia Corcoran, H.E. .L. John Cnx, I.A. Helen Crandall, l'l.E. . Armando DeMarchi, I.A. . Mary E. DiBlasi, A.E. . Celestine DiMarco, G.C. . Virginia Dittmer, 1'l.E. . Anthony A. Durlak, G.C. . Janice Eddy, H.E. . Marguerite Ellis, H.E . Carol Eschelman, H.E. . June Fehr, G.C. .John Finn. G.C. Edward Firestone, I.A. . Lucille Fischer, H.E. . Blanche Fix, G.C. . Jeanne Fleckenstein, G.C. . Ernest Flemming, A.E. . Richard Fry, G.C. . Florence Fuhr, G.C. . Betty Gaver, H.E. . Dorothy Gerber, G.C. . Richard Gibbons, G.C. . Priscilla Gibson, H.E. . Jane Gilliat, G.C. . Helen Girard, G.C. Rose Granato, G.C. Zella Grapes, G.C. . Leonarda Grehinski, G.C. Mary Griffin, G.C. Roger Groth, G.C. .June Halton, G.C. 69 70 71 72 73 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. John Hammel, G.C. Margaret Hart, H.E. Neysa Hayman, A.E. Catherine Heimhucger, G.C. lrma Hess, G.C. Helen Hickey, H.E. Dorothy Hill, G.C. E. Thomas Hoolihan, G.C. Barbara J. Hoskins, H.E. Jeanne Hotaling, G.C. Rohert Johns, G.C. Dorothy Johnston, G.C. Margaret Kahel, G.C. William Kackas, I.A. Mary Keating, G.C. Marie Kcnnelly, G.C. A. Sandford Kenyon, G.C. William Kilcoyne, I.A. 87. Joseph Kinzie, G.C. SS. S9. Vera Kinsley, G.C. ' Charlotte Knack, G.C. 90. Katherine Kniihn, H.E. 91. Irene Kovalcik, G.C. 92. John S. Kwiatkowski, G.C. 93. Anthony LaBue, G.C. 94. Jean Laird, H.E. 95. Hilda Lamm, G,C. 96. 97, 98. 99. Marie Lampka, G.C. Kathleen Lappin, H.E. Eleanor Larmhee, G.C. Donald Lawless, G.C. 100. Betty Lcderer, G.C. 101. Dolores Leising, H.E. 102. Edith Levin, G.C. 103. Mildred Lewandowski, G.C. 104. Agapita Liermo, G.C. Pearl Lindenbaum G.C. 105. . , 106. Phyllis G. Line, H.E 107. Marjorie Lobaugh, G.C. 108. Evelyn Lockwood, G.C. 109. Samuel LoMaglio, G.C. 110. Irene Low, H.E. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. Sol Luhow, I.A. Dorothy Lyon, G.C. Ella MaGuire:, H.E. Betty McBride, G.C. Margaret McEntire, H.E 116 117 113 119 120 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 123. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. Frances McLaughlin, G.C. Betty Mallue, 1'1,E. Eleanor Manning, G.C. Mary Martin, G.C. Patrina lvlilitcllo, G.C. Margaret Miller, G,C. Harry Miloisky, I.A. Edmund NV. Mioducki, I.A. Gertrude Moser, G.C. Doris Needham, H.E. Marjorie Needham, A.E. Louise l. Neill, G.C. John Nichols, G.C. Steve Nyitrai, I.A. Dolores A. O'Brien, A.E. Emily Olszowka, G.C. Mildred O'Neill, G.C. Marion Passage, G.C. Carl Pfeiffer, I.A. Phyllis Pickup, H.E. 136. Patrick R. Pinto, I.A. 137. Mary Piper, G.C. 138. Eva Hope Place, A.E. 159. Joseph A. Poole, I.A. 140. Bertine Popp. G.C. 141. Raymond Porter, I.A. 142. Ruth Premus, H.E. 143. Marion Price. G.C. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 David H. Pritchard, G.C. Anne Quinlan, G.C. A. Morton Raych, A.E. Nancy Reid, H.E. Arthur Ressing, A.E. Mildred Richardson, G.C. Mary Jane Ritzenthaler, G.C. Gilmore Roberts, G.C. Jean Robinson, G.C. Virginia R. Root, G.C. Charles Ross, G.C. Clarina Rossi, G.C. Archie Rousselle, I.A. Frederick J. Rubens, A.E. Susanne Sato, A.E. Geraldine Schamber, G.C. Norma Scheuerman, H.E. Louise Schmanke, G.C. Robert P. Schmidt, I.A. 163 164 165. 166 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. Laura Scholl, G.C. Ruby Schultz, l'1.E. Arline Schwanekamp, A.E. Joseph Schwartz, I.A. Dorothy Senf, G.C. Allen Sexton, G.C. Margaret Smalley, 1'1.E. Catherine A. Smith, A.E. Jeannette Smith, A.E. Edith Snedecor, H.E. Anne Snetsky, G.C. Alan Spear, I.A. Gerd Steinsholt, G.C. Mary Straight, H.E 177. David Strebe, G.C. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185 186. 187. 185. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 193. 199. 200. 201. 202 203 204 205 206 207 203. 209. Muriel R. Sullivan, H.E. Hazel Sweetapple, H.E. Rlilma Tanner, H.E. Earl Telschow , G.C. Dorothy C. Thomas, G.C. Frances Thomps on, 1'l.E. Jam Tillou, 1'l.E- Ruth Tothill, A E. Norman Truesdale, A.E. Martha Tully, G.C. Elizabeth Ucci, H.E. Vera Vandercher, G.C. Martha Vaughan, G.C. Georgia Vincent, G.C. Marie M. Viox, A.E. Ruth M. Vogel, G.C. Clifford Walker, I.A. George Welch, I.A. John F. Welch, I.A. Jane Widrig, H.E. Howard L. Wightman, I.A. Evamae Wilhitc, G.C. Helene Wilson, G.C. Gertrude Wingenhach, G.C Virginia XVitte, A.E. Amelia XVoeppel, G.C. Mariana Woeppel, G.C. Jane Wolsley, A.E. Michael Wovkulich, I.A. Victoria Zabkowski, G.C. Helen M. Zeder, 1'1.E. Herbert G. Zollitsch, I.A. ia' 68 ' ' 'rv--" .ual , iw r--sg - QW., , if 11.-L:.f:-riffs 5? - ' ffee-1: I . . :iggffg -mv?-'Q 1 .fm-4. , -g1Li',,.f.,tJ': 5 42- 'ff M112-fer' '55 -r' 5' 4- jj' .Q':flTf9' . 49315 .ami :N ' 'I -.ff A :ian f '1 3 H .b f , ' , -9:1 'T ' I-H. , . Q-.,-1 1 gl . fi? ,.:,-3,521 , H- L, 'Z -Liv , i., ",,SLEZg., ' ' 'I' -at ,, ,, . ,,.,,. V 5: :Mx S, H-P-'M iii? 0 . 5?-3 ' ww... . , . g ill H A- . Wm- :::.H,iV' ""'i': iT,,g! ' ' ,Lf-VC"--'S 5?:i,' 51 -' 11:54- .. .. '. .r.n?w'EJz 2. 1 '-M1132 ja ?ii',Qik -1'f5-1ffzT4:?z?EA:3jggf'.V ' President . . CHARLES TURCOTT Vicefllresident . DONALD DONLEY Treasurer CHARLES MCCARTHY Secretary . . HELEN Woonnousa CLASS CF19-41 At the end of a successful year, we, the class of '41, feel that in two short years State has felt our presence. As Freshmen we played an active part in the affairs that fill the average Freshman life: Freshman Camp, Sophomore Hazing, and the undeniable thrills of conquest in the social, literary, and athletic fields. When we took second and third prizes at Stunt Nite of '38, we broke all records. Iv1ovingfUp Day witnessed our transformation and we advanced to the ranks of the "wise Sophsf' With pleasure, as Sophomores, we assumed our first duty and duly initiated our sucf cessors. Interclass Sing found us well represented. Repeating our performance of last year, we captured two of the Stunt Nite prizes. In athletics, the class of '41 has well established its fame on the soccer, cross country, and boxing teams. In the realm of social service we are proud of our successful Christmas toy drive. Socially we have filled the calendar with section parties and class affairs. The SophfFrosh Hop, sponsored by our class, has proved to be one of the most outstanding dances of the year. On MovingfUp Day of 1959, when we assumed robes of third year men, we felt that our past successes were only an indication of our future achievements. We are deeply grateful to our Alma Mater for the experience of having been Sophomores at State, and look for' ward to the pleasure of our Junior year. 70 Thelma R. Abel. G.C. Charles Ambellzm, LA Edis Anderson, H.E. XVesley Austin, LA. Rosemary Avery, G.C. Helen Bula, G.C. Eva Baldwin, H.E. '71 ' . Charles E. Bull, LA. 9. A. Marie Barker, G.C. 10. joy Barker, G.C. . Ramona Barnes, G.C. . Elsie Barr, G,C. . Harold Beal, G.C. 14. Ruby Becker, G.C. . Marjorie Bell, G.C. . Bette Bcllreng, G.C. . Miriam Bcuthar, H.E. . Frances Boland. G.C. . Lester M. Boneberg, LA. . Eleanor Kay Bmnt. H.E. . Joyce Brinkel, G.C. Alberta A. Brown, H.E. 22. 23. Betty Lou Brown, H.E. 24. Joyce Brown. G.C. 25 26 . Lillian Buddenhngen, G.C. . Mzxry E, Buachncr, G.C. Conzmued an next pagt WJ , 4014, 5 t sl . 'asus' - se sl 5 . is s 5 1 I 1 GN 1 it -, .1 il 573, it ei ni 1 in N 1, Q. .1 is 1 1 o Eg wil xii iv-E .f "QQ 5 3 s wil if f . 9.21. .Nr px-Idjfdxiuaf if . 'Q ,J ljs - QLAN1 i'- s . 5 ' . A I 5.1-glltrekoks. lfswhl hifi C'-T Slit JNQ KJ JJ . G 5 L49 rx -. 9.4 101 492' bf""l Emily May Butler, G.C. Norma A. Butler, G.C. Charles B. Campbell, G.C. . David A. Cappiello. I.A. 31. Arthur C. Carr, G.C. 32. Veral E. Cashmore, G.C. Alice Chmura, G.C. . Lorraine Cleary, G.C. . Charles H. Clemons, l.A. . Virginia Coho, H.E. . Elaine Cole, H.E. . ,loan M. Collins, G.C. .Edith A. Coombs, H.E. Richard J. Coughlin, G.C. Beryl E. Craig, G.C, Betty Crawford, A.E. Phyllis Creed, G.C. Catherine E. Crocuston, G.C. Harry I. Curtin, l.A. Kazmira Czerniejewski. G,C. Paul Daueher, I.A. . jessamine Davis, G.C. Ruth Dedrick, H.E. Bertha Dembowski. G.C. . Jeanne Demler, A.E. . Anthony DeSeipio, I.A. . Donald Donley, G.C. . Esther Dudzial-:, H.E. . Meribeth Dunckel, A.E. Marjorie Duthie, H.E. Mary Dwyer, H.E. Beatrice A. Ebling, A.E. Frances Epstein, G.C. Margaret Eschner. A.E. XVilliam Exton, A.E. . Jane Foley, G.C. Ruth E. Foster, A.E. Elizabeth Fralcigh, A.E. Melrose Franklin, H.E. Bernice Franks, HE, Bernard C. Glaser, l.A, Williaim K. Glasgow jr., LA. Edna Gordon, G.C. Anne Gould, H.E. Leon Graber, G.C. Mary L. Graham, G.C. Charles Gremlce, G.C. 74 75 76 77 Robert J. Griflin, G.C. Inez Grods, G.C. Marjorie Haifa, H.E. Alberta Hamister, G.C. 78. Geraldine J. Harmon, H.E. 79. Stephen W. Harrison, I.A. 80. Donald Hartman, l.A. gl. Donald Havens, I.A. 2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 SS 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 9S 99 96' 97 Ethel Hellems, H.E. . Gertrude Hellner, G.C. Warren F. Helwig, I.A. . Evelyn Hess, G.C. . Grace Himmele, G.C. james J. Hohensee, I.A. . Patricia Holdredge, H.E. Muriel W. Holmes, G.C. Mary Hussey. H.E. ose h Incardom G C. . j p . . , , . Evelyn Ingham, A.E. Robert lsenberg, G.C. Marjorie M. lsmert, G.C. Winifrcd Jenner, G.C. Helen johnson, H.E. - Elizabeth jones, G.C. . Clayton C. Kaminska, I.A. . Gretchen Kautz, G.C. 100. Katherine Kelly, G.C. 101. Phyllis Kenyon, H.E. 102 103 104 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 . Muriel Kieffer, G.C. Harriett Kingsley, A.E. 1 George Kirch, I.A. Ruth Klipfel, G.C. 105. 106. Helen Kowalski, G.C. . Norma Krause, G.C. . Ruth Krieman, G.C. .lohn Krylo, l.A. George Kuhn, I.A. . Virginia Ann Larson. G.C. Marzetra Latham, A.E. Robert J. Leahy, LA. ,lohn M. Leslie, I.A. Muriel Lever, H.E. 1 Sylvia Levin, G.C. Thelma Limburg, H.E. ,lean Littlefair, G.C. Velma Loekner, H.E. Charles Lunney, A.E. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125 126. 127 128. 129 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 139. 136. 137. 138 139. 140 141, 142. Muriel Audrey Lynds, G.C. Beatrice Mace, G.C. Helen Mandry, A.E. Edith C. Martin, G.C. Elizabeth Maul, H.E. Jean Mayer, H.E. Tyril McCoy, G.C. Margaret E. McCullor, G.C. J. Howard McCullough, I.A. Margaret McDonough, G.C. Zelma McDowell, G.C. Mary McNall, G.C. Daniel P. McNerney, G.C. Bessie Menccr, G.C. Dorothy Miclierdzinski, G.C. Thelma Miller, G.C. Beatrice Minkel, G.C. Shirley Moore, G.C. Hilclred Muller, G.C. Harry Nelson, I.A. Olive Nichols, G.C. Margaret O'Brien, G.C. 143. Eileen O'Connor, G.C. 144. Marguerite Reinhard, H.E. 145. 146. Morris Railren, G.C. Angela Provcnzano, G.C. 147. Glenda Powell. H.E. 148. Robert Potter, I.A. 149. Jeanne Piper, G.C. 150. Betty Pellegrino, A.E. 151. 152 153. 154 155. 156. 157. 158 159 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. Robert Peck. G.C. Gene Pawlowski, G.C. Allan Owe'1,l.A. Mary lane Oelkers, G.C. Dorothee Reynolds, G.C. Margaret Richardson, G.C. joseph Romano. G.C. james B. Rombough, I.A. Marjorie jane Rosa, A.E. Ross Rowley, G.C. Elaine H. Saab, G.C. Mary' Elizabeth Sage, H.E. Rita Sajecl-re, G.C. Amelia Salvaggio, G.C. Victor F. Santo, I.A. Robert Schafer. I.A. Elizabeth Srhlotzer, H.E. 16S 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 ISS 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 Betty Schreiner, Mary K. Scott, G,C. . Glendon H. Seaman, l.A. Betty Anne Seibert, G.C. Elizabeth L, Seiler, H.E. Virginia Shanahan, G.C. Helen Sherwood, A.E. Irene S. Sieroslawski, G.C. Aaron Simon, G.C. XVilliam G. Sion, I.A. Louise Slocum, G.C. Betty jane Smith, G.C. Thomas L, Smith, l.A. . Seymour Sommers, I.A. Marian Sontheim, G.C. lfene Spiewakowska, A.E. Robert J. Spring, I.A. Thelma Stacey, G.C. Betty Stegman, G.C. Alice Stielow, G.C. May StriDP. G.C. Vernon Struh, I.A. Katherine Sullivan, G.C. Mary ,lane Sullivan, G.C. Angelo Suo1zi.l.A. . james Sweet, G.C, Helen Tarayos. A.E. Mary Taylor, G.C. Margarret Telft, G.C. Gertrude Tjecrdsma, G.C. Ruth Travis, G.C. Genevieve Treichler. G.C Charles F. Turcott, I.A. William L. Vandal, I.A. ,lean C. Vedder, G.C. Nelson R. Vnght, G.C. Gertrude Waite, A.E. Dolores Webber, G.C. Charles F. NVeigand, I.A. Frances Weissman. A.E. Betty jean Williams, G.C Myron E. Williams, G.C. Norma Williams, G.C. Betty Willis, G.C. Helen Woodhouse, H.E. John J. Viluiek, I.A. Edward J. Ziegler, I.A. 72 7l7,fff!vis2f..s..- L. 4 lf I X fur -1 Qj5,fLQf' i..g61:",,, FRE1 Y- U H" 'ww- U AJ Jw, a. ,rv AM ww' Xu V wi. ,. "W fl . E , i. K .L .1 :w?"7+x:, - - : . .Y .,,, 4. 4 , J -' f 4 ' -- 1, sr-'f-r mips--e " Q ' ' a ',!-tw ,155 wif I ' ' 'Qian' W" I1 i t is gnqtyxr x ga 'Lia View ,..Qgf1 I 'Q v .I 1 " ",-e2g::ij,Q'9?'.V P, f 15291 A '!19:rf'3.f'Q gm -1 :i51fgi'.f ,1" 7:i.1'i, Q f-Qfw 1 W1 ' -1,5 . 5 fave . - 1- ' ' - 1 1 ,Q 1 - ' ff 1 I ,. ' 51 I 8' .' W ' . SQ' I Q , .ggymitl 'N 4. rp. ' - L-- 325311 w --'HP ' 423 " . A -wk .' ui, ,"-:I M-1 35333, ' 1, ,.3f-X'--, . + wzrgp., -A w +L' 2 -- in f V- lm. . , ' , L, i , fe , QE i-431.3 W 'mg-N ,T ,. - , MHZ I ww , 1' iv -.-A .a .. . . f K 44'bLff.071, f,7a,,7fn,i,4 C?,,4A:pc,3nJ President . GRANT C. WETTLAUFER 1' ff 1 v, f' i N . . 'dVlCE'PT6SldC71t . MARY A. LUTZ ,927 ,fyxrgi Zf5f4,JCfSecretary . . EUDBNB E. SCHENCK ,J V' X , 1 Treasurer . . f CHARLES R. HYDE 4 . . Alf' fl XV Vi' I, ff 'TT fair' W"-'ff7'.'V fe -adv--'--X J-Q11 f"f""'f 'X ctr-rss oF1Q4Q r get - rf" KQQJZ J? The participation of one hundred and fifty Freshmen in the annual Freshman Camp was an indication of the future activity of the class of '42 in College affairs. Well initiated at the Camp, we returned to End our friendly enemies, the Sophs, pre' pared to further our initiation by various methods. "Freshman Daze" passed, leaving us anticipating our successors. The FacultyfFreshman Reception, although it took due toll of our names, better ac' quainted us with the administration. In October, Interclass Sing found us able choristers. Although We did not win recognition in the Sing, we lay claims to vocal accomplishments through the participation of our members in the WOIDEUHS junior Glee Club. We have proved our versatility in the social field by numerous section and class parties. The Christmas Play found this class represented. Sports have attracted the athleticfminded to soccer, track, basketball, and swimming. In fact, in all extrafcurricular activities the Freshmen have become prominent workers. MovingfUp Day came all too soon, and We, in our elevation from the status of "Lowly Frosh" to that of "Sophisticated Sophs' look back in retrospect and are deeply grateful to our Alma Mater, to our Faculty advisers, and to our Junior counselors for having estab- lished us so Well in the ranks of prospective teachers. 74 JW If R! C F M N ' :F ' '1 I 7 pQ.l,f,-11 ' :rx rllwyfvfww J. L' bww V417 J7! f Kb Ml 5 ,l".1""'i"1"ln"'lr.3l1fr"' vffl' ty jfcj, JJJCISJJP' D f' gy" OL' ' ' ,lyJ.,,yw'1 1,17 i fl I-X I9 lf. T 1 , f -, V f ll 1 X A l Aj rl, JH f xv Shirley E. Adams, G.C. Irma Arendt, G.C. Helen Austin. H.E. Notlmrgn Bnchmnnn, H.E. Paul A. Bacon, LA. Donald Baccher, G.C. Ida Bagnarn, G.C. Clifton Bainurcl, A.E. . Agnes L. Bnrcl. G.C. . Szlmh Barnes, G.C. . Marion Bartow, A.E. . Elizabeth Bnrush, H.E. Snmh Banclozzo, G . Irene Batt, G.C. Doris Began A E Q Z Onnnlee Bel,' YQ . Ronald Bell. G.C. Olive Bcllam G K' . V, . ,. . Eugenia Bencal, G.C. . Gertrude Berlin, G.C. Ruth Blncker, G.C. . Henry Bochner, l.A. Helen Bolton, G.C. lsalwellc Bramrner, G.C. 5 Pearl Breitmnler, H.E. Ralph Brighton, LA. Vern Brody. I-LE, Carol Brown, H.E. . Jewell Brown. A.E. . Ninn Brown, G.C. . Dorothy Bunce, A.E, . YViIlinm Cnllnn. G.C. Continued on next page .f-.Ju- ,,,,... -av-ffm I' .LNJ 1. , .WM Q4U,qL,-.4 Lf -"W ch l ES. Aging' fl.. wwwmi pri lo- . z I l Lf 'lb .ily ,1- llsfilfi Irene Camerer, H.E. Boyd Campbell. LA. Elliot Carlson, I.A. Stuart Carlson, I.A. Ruth Chaffee, A.E. John A. Chiavaro, I.A. Lillian Chirlin, H.E. Ruth Marie Church, H.E. Doris Coffey, G.C. Irving Cohen, G.C. Doris Conklin, H.E. Murdock Cunningham. G.C. Barbary Curry, H.E. Betty Curtis, H.E. Lucile Dake, H.E. Elsie D'Angelo, G.C. Marie D'Amico, A.E. Thomas Davis, G.C. Jeanne Deffge, H.E. Elizabeth Delaney, G.C. Rita DeMco, G.C. William Diehl, 1.A. Bernice Dinbcrg. A.E. Libby DiPasquale, G.C. Doris Dutcher, G.C. Laura May Ehman, H.E. Patience Elston. G.C. Robert S. Filer, G.C. William Finnigan, LA. Irma Fiocca, G.C. Ruby Fitch, G.C. Mary Flcckenstein, G.C. Carol Fmzee, G.C. Muriel French, H.E. Georgia Frese, H.E. Elmer H. Gattie, 1.A. Mary Gau, G.C. Carlton J. Gerbracht, I.A. Hanna Getz, G.C. Harold G. Gilbert, I.A. Eleanor Good, H.E. Beth Goodfellow, H.E. Donald R. Goodman, G.C. Kathleen Goodman, G.C. Frances Gray, H.E. Janet Gniy, A.E. Roy Greely. G.C. Genevieve Grotz, H.E. Marie Hacfner, G.C. Janis E. Haenszel, G.C. Joseph Halfey, A.E. Joan Hagerty, G.C. S5 S6 S7 R8 S9 90 91 92 93 94 95 95 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 1 Anne Haggerty, G.C Margaret Hammond, H.E. Jane Hatsell, A.E. Norma Hallock, H.E. Vern Heck Edith Heffclringer, G.C. Doris Hiclr, H.E. . Betty Jane Hill, H.E. Herbert B. Hilton, G.C. Ellen Hirseman, H.E. . Esther Hoag, H.E. Clayton Holland, I.A. . Rita M. Hollands, G.C. . Clarence Hubbard, G.C. . Nettie Hubbard, A.E. . Ruth Huppuch, G.C. . Charles R. Hyde, G.C. . Lois Johnston, G.C. . Madeline Johnson, G.C. Beverly June, G.C. Helen Juzwiak, G.C. Madelyn Keevers, G.C. Robert W. Kerr, LA. . Stanton J. Kilburn, G.C. . Victoria Kimaid, G.C. Leila Kin .Jean Kleppman, H.E. . Jeanne Klocke,'G.C. 09 110. . ' g, G.C. 111. Robert Kirsch, I.A. 112 113 114 115 . Veronica A. Knauber, G . William F. Kneer. G.C. 116. Helen Kohlmeier, G.C. 117. Theodore Kosowslci, LA. 118. Leo Kotula, G.C. 119. Maynard B. Kranz, A.E. 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 . Lois Kroening, G.C. . Annette Krowgel, G.C. . Norman Leary, I.A. . Irene Levine, G.C. Kathleen Link, G.C. . Laura E. Link, G.C. . Elmer Lipowicz, I.A. . Leonard Lipschitz, I.A. . Elaine Longenecker, G.C. Rosaria LoVecchio, G.C. Peter Lukashuk, I.A. Euphra Lupkiewicz, G.C. Murray Lusrig, I.A. Mary Lutz, H.E. Frances Lynch, G.C. Dorothy Mahl, A.E. Mary Jane Malliow, G.C .C. Jeanne Manncar, H.E. Sally Manning, G.C. Robert Marks, G.C. Patricia Marowey, G.C. Pauline Martin, H.E. Amelia Maslany, G.C. John Mattison, G.C. Jean Maxwell, H.E. Norma Mayer, G.C. Edna McChesney, G.C. Jeanne MCMi1hOD, G.C. Mary McParlin, G.C. Richard Mergler, I.A. Richard Meloon, G.C. Virginia Mielcarski, G.C. Mary Caroline Miller, G.C Ruth Miller, G.C. Anne Mooney, G.C. Norma Munger, G.C. Roland Murphy. G.C. Edward Nelson, LA. Mildred Neville, G.C. Lucile Nice, H.E. .Doroth E. Nichols .C. Y , G Jane North. G.C. Mary Nowak, G C. Earl Obermeyer, A.E. 164. Claire O'Brian, H.E. Ruth E. Ochs, A.E. 166. Ruth O'l'lare, H.E. Eleanor Ostrander, G.C. 168. Patrick O'Sullivan. G.C. Mary O'Toole, H.E. 170. Ruth Owen, A.E. 171. Jeanne Padginton, G.C. 172. George Pagan, I.A. Virginia Page, G.C. Lena Panichi, G.C. 175. Jean Parkes, AE. Marjorie Peirce, H.E. Margaret Pellow, H.E. William Perry, G.C. Kenneth Phillips, I.A. Marjorie M. Phillips, G.C. Marion Pierce, G.C May Polalrov, G.C. Anthony Polley, A.E. Gladys Porter, G.C. Marian Ricotta, G.C. Joan Rick, H.E. Jean Rotlwell, H.E. Norma Ross, G.C. 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 l9S. 199 200 201 202 203 204 205' 206 207 208 209 210 21 1 21 2 l Theresa Marie Schott, G Bernard Rostad, A.E. Barbara Rudolph, G.C. Jaunim Rudolph, G.C. Vincent Saia, I.A. Eleanora Sauer, G.C. Eudene Schenck, H.E. Alice Schnell, H.E. XVilliam Schwier, G.C. Lenore Siegel, G.C. Helen Sisson, G.C. Marjorie Slaeer, G.C. Bettina Smith, G.C. Loraine Smith, H.E. Ralph L. Smith, G.C. . Roland Oliver Smith, I.A. Henry J. Smchowicz, I.A. Irene Striker, G.C. Phyllis Suess. G.C. . Richard L. Swart, A.E. Lucille Swick, H.E. Richard L. Temlitz, LA. Eunice Tepas, G.C. Eleanor Thom, H.E. 213. Dorothy Thomas, A.E. 214 Arline Thompson. G.C. 215. Jean Thompson, G.C. 216. Margarettc Tolsma, G.C. 217. Angela Vaccaro, G.C. 218. Harold, Vail, G.C. 219. Louis Varga,1.A. 720 Ruth G. Viox, G.C. 221. L. Holton Vivier,1.A. 222. Richard Vrooman, I.A. 223. Evelyn Walter, G.C. 224. Doris Waterworth, G.C. 225. Doris E. Weber, G.C. 226. Lenore Weber, G.C. 227. Leo J. Weber, I.A. 228. Esther Weinstein, A.E. 229. Grant Wettlaufer, I.A. 230. 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239. 240. 241 Marion Marie Wheaton, H E Lois Wheeler, A.E. Lillian Whipple, H.E. Leonard Wielopolski, A.E Alice Wilton, G.C. Dorothy Winchester, G.C Helen Wolf, G.C. Eleanor Wright, H.E. Esther Yackuhoskie, A,E. Madeline Yuells, G.C. Joseph S. Zahm, I.A. Ray H. Zier, I.A. .C . .- . gr I ,. .. 5122549 .. 1.-. ...M ,1.L. . .. .. ,. ,:11f1" 4,1114 .f".1IJ'N?iJ1 "'i'33S:J""- --11 -ff'-" -1412-.avigg A-..-,.2:...1-f' 311'..,.a- E1 we: , . I-1.-.-, A . -ew mmm-. fS,.f....v-1-.x-.I -'L . - . .-4 1' . 4 , .4v.-,J 5 v-,r'v'- 1- - -54" PP55- . Harem? Eigwf Jia-, , Pgff-J'fafe.f--,Q . 4122 :vw .. ir" 1k?2'?:...--+4 ii:-ft-i1?s.,1:w, '1 . W'4'imv'-f.5'f1fw1g:..,s'ti,- .v :L-:E-1,3"Q'1'fY f-'-r'-v'xw-"1- - - -1 1-, 1.x Q..-:s --.-N - -f -.-:w xv... 1 ,-1 1 ---iv:-' XI.--1.-041 Q' .f- aw. wr-1...-Cnr:- . 5 Y. -y . ' 451- ,, 1 f, Q. . 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W ,-,SQL-h:',.'. .. ,Q '. , , WSW, v -' '.: "1 wil ' ,TQ-4 gf ','.'-,l3.1':a+. -I,..,.., 1. it-A-ff, .Y,.. -.,,L A "E.'fQfl21.....i , lm A95 QE? ww Qiilfg af Q Whig w Q ' Z I 1 T v i ALP!-IA OFFICERS President GRACE SCHREINER VicefP'resident GRACE WHITELOCK Secv'eta'fyfT'reasm'e'r URHO SAA111 FACULTY ADVISERS Ralph Horn Raymond M. Fretz Catherine E. Reed MEMBERS Raymond J. Ast, G.G.'39 Robert E. Baker, G.G.'39 Lanman Bruner, G.G.'39 Amelia Dembowski, G.G.'39 Crede D. Hagerty, G.G.'39 Urho Saari, G.G.'39 Grace H. Schreiner, H.E.'39 Marion G. Thomas, H.E.'39 Grace Whitelock, G.G.'39 I ALPHA Robert Baker, Amelia Dembowski, Raymond Ast f , M, .E I K A P PA A DELTA -'ig A GAMMA Mu PI A lS A . CHAPTER SEBASTIAN MARTORANA OFFICERS President . . . . SEBASTIAN MARTORANA V'iC6'P'reSidC1'Lt . , , SAMUEL BARUCH Corresponding Secretary . . , BETTY HORN Recording Secretary . , ANNETTE PAUSEWANG Treasurer . . . IRBNB MARTIN Reporter . . ROBERT PHILLIPS Historian . . HELEN G. ENGLEBRECK Counselor . . CHESTER A. PUGSLEY - KAPPA DELTA PI GAMMA MU CHAPTER of Kappa Delta Pi, established in 1931, gave Buffalo State the distinction of having the first New York State chapter of this national honorary edu' cational society, Members are upperclassmen elected on the basis of scholarship and interest in the advancement of education. To encourage high intellectual and scholastic standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education are the foremost purf poses of the society. Gamma Mu sponsors an annual educational assembly program, a biannual tea honoring students on the Dean's list, and the Bureau of Instructional Mate' rials. 82 HONORARY MEMBERS Ralph Horn Catherine E. Reed Harry W. Rockwell Charles C. Root Nellie S. Buckey Sherman G. Crayton Reuben S. Ebert Helen G. Englebreck Anna M. Gemmill Robert Baker, G.C.'39 Esther Becker, H.E.'4O Virginia Blake, G.C.'4O Helen Crandell, H.E.'4O Betty Horn, G.C.'39 Dorothy Keil, G.C.'39 Marian Lewis, H.E.'39 Lucille Mattern, G.C.'39 Frederick Neuschel, I.A.'4O Margaret Price, G.C.'39 Ruth Seitz, G.C.'4O Josephine Syracuse, H.E.'39 Jane Wolsey. A.E.'4O ' FACULTY MEMBERS Caroline K. Gordnier Irene Hirsch Edna Meshke Stella O'ReilIy Joseph F. Phillippi MEM BERS Ellsworth Baldwin, I.A Violet Bell, H.E.'4O Lamon Bruner, G.C.'39 Chester A. Pugsley Margaret S. Quayle Mildred L. Sipp Paul W. Sloan Kate V. Wofford Samuel Baruch, I.A.'39 Beatrice Berman, G.C.'4O Burton Cadro, I.A.'39 Leonard John Cox, I.A.'4O A. Lucile Chapman, G.C.'39 Samuel Conte, G.C.'39 Wanda Dombrowski, H.E.'39 Anthony Durlack, G.C.'4O Elizabeth Huey, H.E.'39 Margaret Kakook, G.C.'39 Jean Laird, H.E.'4O Hazel Lippke, G.C.'39 Irene Martin, G.C.'39 Donald Lawless, G.C.'4O Ella MaGuire, H.E.'4O Sebastian Martorana, G.C.'39 Annette Pausewang, G.C.'39 Robert Phillips, G.C.'39 Marion Rich, H.E.'39 Ruth Tothill, A.E.'40 Victoria Zabkowski, G.C.'4O Herbert Zollitsch, I.A.'4O fly 83 fl I I Clarina Rossi, G.C.'4O ' , ' ,f Gertrude Singer, G.C.'39 Paul Spadinger, G.C. '39 u, Norman Truesdale, A.E.'4O " ' ' Q " 5, ' 1 f f ' 1 1 . fn 1 144' ff . --QV, ,f :fig Yeas. 'E ,UW l 'JJVF' ' .I I fy' UU V" " iff' j J lj ff' Qxjyfw M' ,JJ-ffl! vk ff' X AURIE F. MCCABE ELLSWORTH F. BALDWIN EPS OFFICERS President. .... ...... . . VicefP'resident ,.,.......... Treasurer ............ ..... Recording Secretary ...... Corresponding Secy ...... Irving C. Perkins John Fontana ILON PI TAU CHAPTER 1938 .AURIE F. MCCABE ....,,.. BURTON R. CADILO .....,.. ELLSWORTH F. BALDWIN ...., TALJ. .ELLSWORTH F. BALDWIN .GEORGE N. WELCH .CORYDON O. NICHOLS SAMUEL BARUCH .... . ......,. .. .FRANCIS L. ALEXANDER .SAMUEL BARUOH .... Q ..,..... . . FACULTY SPONSORS FACULTY MEMBERS .L. JOHN Cox George C. Decker George F.. Huckins AFFILIATED FROM ALPHA CHAPTER Louis Callan, Instructor in Industrial Arts, Webster, N. T. Russell R. Bentz Walter J. DeLacy Nelson J. Murbach Howard H. Rahmlow Paul M. Sullivan ALUMNI MEMBEIKS CCl1dTfCTD Julius C. Braun Charles F. Desmond Daniel J. Paolucci George E. Schultz Edwin W. Uhl F. Floyd Ziehl Clarence A. Cook Frederic C. Finsterbach John H. Pikus Robert W. Strunk Jerome F. Wilker William J. Atkins, I.A.'39 Samuel Baruch, I.A.'39 Burton R. Cadro, I.A.'39 Ermo Furlani, I.A.'39 Leo L. Levinkind, I.A.'39 Paul W. Miller, 1.A.'4O Corydon O. Nichols, I.A.'40 Salvatore Puleo, I.A.'39 Harry F. Strickland, I.A.'39 George N. Welch, I.A.'4O MEMBERS CCharterj Francis L. Alexander, I.A.'40 Nicholas P. Battaglia, I.A.'39 L. John Cox, I.A.'40 Duane H. Harris, I.A.'40 Sol B. Lubow, I.A.'4O Harry Milofsky, l.A.'40 Steve P. Nyitrai, l.A.'4O Robert P. Schmidt, l.A.'40 Sylvester Thomas, I.A.'39 Ellsworth F. Baldwin, I.A.'4O Albert E. Brown, I.A.'39 Joseph Digesaro, I.A.'39 Jerome J. Klawitter, I.A.'40 Aurie F. McCabe, I.A.'39 Frederick Neuschel, Jr., I.A.'4O Carl F. Pfeiffer, l.A.'4O john P. Stack, I.A.'39 Carl Weber, I.A.'39 Herbert G. Zollitsch, I.A.'40 FIRST Row: Decker, Bjornstad, Stoner, MacLean, Nestick, Essex, Spearman, Ashley, Sink, Warner, Callan, Hatch, Fales, Vega, Boddiford, Wilbur, Osborn, Brown, Perkins. SECOND Row: Pfeiffer, Miller, Furlani, Klawitter, Atkins, Bentz, Uhl, Fontana, Finsterbach, Wilker, Rahmlow, Ziehl, Paolucci, Pikus, Schultz, Murbach, Cook, Lindemann. THIRD now: Battaglia, Welch, Stack, Nichols, Desmond, Sullivan, Braun, DeLacy, Baruch, McCabe, Strunk, Cutler, Baker, Matyosiatis. FOURTH now: Zollitsch, Neuschel, Schmidt, Baldwin, Strickland, Milofsky, Alexander, Puleo, Weber, Mitchell, DiGesaro. FIFTH now: Nyitrai, Harris, Cox, Levinkind, Cadre, Lambert, Brown, Thomas, LuBow. EPSILON PI TAU TAU CHAPTER of Epsilon Pi Tau, the National Honorary Professional Fraternity for men in Industrial Arts and Industrial Vocational Education, was installed at State on November 5, 1938. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, and professional promise. Epsilon Pi Tau seeks to enrich the lives and augment the education and training of Industrial Arts teachers through its monthly meetings at which problems of the prof fession are discussed. The Fraternity aims toward the development of competent, highly eflicient educators on the Campus and in the field. 85 PI-II M UPSILCN CMICIQCN President . Vice'Presiderit . Secretary Treasurer . Chaplain . . Historian and Editor Librarian . . Faculty Adviser . MARIAN LEWIS PHI UPSILCN OMICRON 1 MU CHAPTER . MARIAN Lawrs . ELIZABETH HUEY . EDITH SNEDECOR . JOSEPHINE SYRACUSE . BETTY MERRILL WANDA DoMBRowsRr . FRANCES SKIDMORE . MARTHA S. PRATT MU CHAPTER of Phi Upsilon Omicron, an Honorary Fraternity in Home Economics, was installed on this Campus in 1924. This society originated to establish and strengthen the bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote Home Economics. Mu Chapter helps maintain the Bureau of Instructional Materials. It contributes yearly to the national professional work of consumer education. The Candle is published biannually. 86 Faye Keever Esther McGinnis Betty Bernhard, H.E.'39 Helen Blackman, H.E.'39 Elizabeth Huey, H.E.'39 Ella MaGuire, H.E.'4O Marion Rich, H.E.'39 Edith Snedecor, H.E.'4O FACULTY MEMBERS Edna Meshke Martha S. Pratt MEMBERS Alma R. Roudebush Mildred L. Sipp Wanda Domhrowski, H.E.'39 Beverly Fisher, H.E.'39 Marian Lewis, H.E.'39 Betty Merrill, H.E.'39 Grace Schreiner, H.E.'39 Muriel Sullivan, I-I.E.'4O Marion Thomas, H.E.'39 Phyllis Line, H.E.'4O Norma Newman, H.E.'39 Frances Skidmore, H.E.'39 Josephine Syracuse, H.E.'39 1 2 l 87 V , si LAMBDA SIGMA l n i i gigs' BETTY BARBER President . BETTY BARBER Vice'Pv'esiderLt HAzEL LIPPKB Recording Secretary . FLORENCE EUHR Corresponding Secretary . . GEORGIA VINCENT Treasurer . AMELIA DEMBowsK1 NU LAMBDA SIGMA NU LAMBDA SIGMA, the Wonxerfs Honorary Literary Organization of the College, was founded in 1925. Selecting as its members those women students who have displayed a deep interest in literature, it was organized for the purposes of studying literary types and of stimulating general interest in literature among College students. The year's most outstanding activities of this group are its lecture series and its study and discussions of drama. 88 'f Milli' if 'T A uf? iff' f FACULTY ADVISERS Eileen Mulholland Frances G. Hepinstall PAT1v.oNEssEs Anna M. Gemmill Hertha S. Ganey Q MEMBBRs . Jane Adams, G.G.'4O Isabelle Ahern, H.E.'4O Betty Barber, G.C.'4O Beatrice Berman, G.C.'4O Virginia Blake, G.G.'4O A. Lucile Chapman, G.C.'39 Annette Ginn, G.C.'4O Florence Fuhr, G.G,'4O Dorothy Keil, G.C.'39 Frances McLaughlin, G.C.'4O Irene Martin, G.C.'39 Mary Piper, G.C.'4O Gertrude Singer, G.C.'39 Frances Thompson, H.F,.'4O Amelia Dembowski, G.C.'39 Zelma Fitelson, G.C.'4O Jane Gilliat, G.C.'4O Mary Liddle, G.C.'4O Berenice Male. G.C.'39 Ada Miller, G.C.'39 Margaret Price, G.C.'59 June Halton, G.G.'4O Evelyn Lockwood, G.C.'4O Genevieve Martin, G.C.'4O Marion Passage, G.C.'40 Glarina Rossi, G.G.'4O Catherine Smith, A.E.'4O Helen Stachowicz, G.C.'40 Georgia Vincent, G.C.'4O I SIGMA A UPSILCN me fr iSi?5iez LEO LEVINKIND OFFICERS President CFirst Semesterj . . . . LEO LEVINKIND President CSecond Seniestefrb . . JOSEPH P. HOURIHAN VicefPresident CFirst Semestefrj . JOSEPH P. HOURIHAN Vicefllresident fSecond Semesterj . . LEO LEVINKIND Secretary QFi'rst Semesterj . . SAMUEL BARUCH Secretary fSecond Semestefrj . AARON SIMON 'Treasurer . . . . . ROBERT PHILLIPS Editor of Local Publication . . SEBASTIAN V. MARTORANA SIGMA UPSILON SIGMA UPSILON is a National Honorary Literary Fraternity for upperclassmen chosen from recommended students having an honor average in literature. Alpha Delta Chapter was-established at Buffalo on March 25, 1931, the first Chapter to be chartered in a teacher training' institution. Sigma Upsilon seeks to form a bond among men of literary interests and abilities. It annually sponsors the College debating team. The Scarab is composed of material contributed by members throughout the United States. This past year marked the first appearance of the local publication of Alpha Delta Chapter. 90 Andrew W. Grabau joseph F. Phillippi Francis Alexander, I.A.'40 Robert Bollard, C.C.'40 Laman Bruner, G-.C.'39 Ermo Furlani, I.A.'40 Thomas E. Hoolihan, G.C.'40 A. Sandford Kenyon, jr., G.C.'40 Donald Lawless, G.C.'40 Charles Lunney, A.E.'41 Robert Peck, G.C.'41 Stephen Safron, I.A.'39 FACULTY MEMBERS Charles A. Messner Charles C. Root MEMBERS Robert E. Baker, G.C.'39 John Branicki, G.C.'40 Isadore Bush, G.C.'4O Richard Gibbons, G.C.'40 joseph P. Hourihan, G.C.'39 Jerome Klawitter, I.A.'4O Leo Levinkind, I.A.'39 Sebastian V. Martorana, G.C.'39 Robert Phillips, G.C.'39 Aaron Simon, G.C.'41 Harold F. Peterson john M. Thurber Samuel Baruch, I.A.'39 Albert Brown, I.A.'39 Burton Cadro, I.A.'39 Crede Hagerty, G.C. '39 Richard Hughes, G.C.'39 Walter H. Lare, G.C.'39 james Lindstrorn, I.A. '39 Frederick Neuschel, jr., I.A Buehl M. Ray, G.C.'39 Edward Szymanski, G.C.'39 x l 91 f FRXRTERIXIAI. CDRGXRNIZATIGNS 4 4 m W 444 9 444 444 444 524444 444 , H ,u . E" 4 1 A444 'sf 44+ Q 44? 1' .51-444 4 44. ,. 4444? 4444 L53 1 "' 154444. My 4 ' 4 ,, 444 1 1, 1 t 5 ri -X Y V : - 444 ' ,Ai - Y' 442 444455443-2. 444 44544 4 444 . 4 44415 444 .iw Nj'g444!: ,H4444444 H W 5 2 i ' 4 444 W Hj4ji2?!.4 14455 .444 4445154444 444 144 444 44 , 44 444 44? U' Nb 444 , . he E, H41 4 ,, , 1 444 4494 "' " 444' '14 4 444 444 N 4 444 ML M444 W, 44 445 H' ma 444 444 W W 5 44 444Qm 444 444: EQ- 5? H544 454444 Z "ma mf' M ,- 4, ,N , 4 'Q A343 4445" 444 W 7 ' 444 744 , wp 4-5, 3' 4 E 44 444. fx , - if ' ' 5.4 . gi ' E! H 3 hu 'H E4 TL' WE 4 X SWE 5 1 ' 4, 4 : Z ZNI44-,, 44 44 444 pg 4 gi -A 4? All-fff i4f4444lAA AIU A YN A iff? l 4 - nf 'Wig Q7 b 3 lggwfffh '15i:."71Q 31. 1'4445?44 . I' 'fr ,N Q4 444 Q Hfxgsf? Z4 4- I -. 3:14 . .. fl., Gfsffxxl. 4 4 444 gig N444 mi 07,4434 444j-ay! 445444 EQ ,Wg 44444+fq , Q Q W '44-Vi, E ' 444 'H-, 44 " 4 4 44 PAN- r I-IELLENIC l ASSIXI. 1 ara .ai ELIZABETH JOHNSTON OFFICERS Chairman . ELIZABETH JOHNSTON Recording Secretary . . JOAN WEBER Corresponding Secretary . . MARY JOAN CALLAHAN Treasurer . MARY KERWIN Faculty Adviser . . HELEN G. ENGLEBRECK PANT-IELLENIC ASSOCIATION THE PANTIELLENIC ASSOCIATION is a federation of all Greek Letter Sororities on the Campus. This organization governs all Sororities and coordinates their activities. Through discussions it attempts to regulate Sorority life and to inspire its members. Each March a reception for Freshman women is sponsored to develop their acquaintance with Sorority girls. Pan-Hellenic Day, in which all Sororities participate, is held each Spring. 94 Katherine Albrechtson, G.C.'39 Catherine Chalmers, H.E.'4O Rose Mary Eagin, G.C.'39 Helen Hickey, H.E.'4O Mary Elizabeth Kiesel, G.C.'39 Marion Rich, H.E.'39 Marion Thomas, H.E.'39 MEMBERS Lillian Albright, H.E.'39 Lurissa Childress, G.C.'40 Beverly Fisher, H.E.'39 Elizabeth Johnston, G.C.'39 Dorothy May, G.C.'4O Helen Stachowicz, G.C.'40 joan Weber, G.C.'39 Mary joan Callahan, G.C.'39 Marietta Cluff, G. C.'40 Edna Herman, G,C.'39 Mary Kerwin, G.C.'39 Mary Elizabeth Phelps, G.C.'39 Dorothy C. Thomas, G,C,'40 Evelyn Wenzel, G.C.'39 95 ,al l ALPHA l SIGMA Al-PI-I A PI PI CHAPTER MARION G. THOMAS OFFICERS President . .... MARION G. THOMAS Vice'President . MURIEL R. SULLIVAN Treasurer . ANNETTE L. PAUSEWANG Secretary . . GRACE H. SCHREINER Editor .... . JANE GILLIAT Chaplain QFirst Seniesterj . . . BETTY BERNHARD Chaplain QSecond Sernesterj . , . BETTY JEAN WILLIAMS Senior PanfHellenic Representative QFirst Sernesterj BEVERLEY Frsmm Senior PanfHellenic Representative QSecond Semesterj HILDA WIELAND Junior PanfHellenic Representative . . . LURISSA J. CHILDRESS FACULTY ADVISERS Carolyn W. Heyman ' Rosamond O. Abate ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA PI Pl CHAPTER of Alpha Sigma Alpha afliliated with the national organization when State became a College. Prior to this time it was Theta Chapter of Clio, a normal school sorority. Through a varied program of activities the Sorority provides opportunities for the intellectual, social, and spiritual development of its members. The gift to the College and the sponsoring of a Friday evening dance were among the contributions of Alpha Sigma Alpha this year. A 96 l Ruth E. Albright, H.E.'41 Ramona Barnes, G.C.'41 E. virginia Blake, G.C.'4O Lurissa J. Childress, G.C.'40 Beverley Fisher, H.E.'39 Phyllis Harley, H.E.'39 Ruth S. Kimpland, H.E.'39 Betty Mallue, H.E.'4O MEMBERS Doris R. Anderson, H.E.'39 Betty L. Bernhard, H.E.'39 Katherine M. Burlingame H,E.'40 jean E. Clark, H.E.'40 L. Jeanne Fleckenstein. G.C.'4O Geraldine -I. Harmon, H.E.'41 Marian Lewis, H.E.'39 Mary Martin, G.G.'40 Margaret M. McEntire, H.E.'40 Doris Needham, H.E.'4O Marian Passage, G.G.'40 Annette L. Pausewang, G.C.'39 Betty Marie Schreiner, H.E.'4l Grate H. Schreiner, H,E.'39 Edith H. Snedecor, H.E.'40 Marion G. Thomas, H.E.'39 Betty Jean Williams, G.C.'41 Marjorie G. Duthie, H.E.'41 Flossy Snow, G.C.'39 Virginia Weiiianbach, H.E.'39 PLEDGES Mary Dwyer, H.E.'41 jane Wantshouse, H.E.'4l Betty F. Barber, G.C.'40 Iviiriam Beuther, H.E.'41 Eleanor K. Garland, H.E.'40 Virginia Dittrner, H.E.'-40 Jane Gilliat, G.C.'40 K. Margaret Kabel, G.C.'4O Phyllis G. Line, H.E.'40 jean E. Mayer, H.E.'41 Marjorie Needham, A.E.'40 Suzanne Sato, A.E.'4O Frances C. Skidmore, H.E.'39 Muriel R. Sullivan, H.E.'40 Hilda Wieland, G.C.'39 Norma Williams, G.C.'41 Mary Hussey, H.E.'41 i l 97 f"f"T,Cwj M. 'Sa 66 . A L P H A SIGMA T A U SIGMA CHAPTER EVBLYN C. WENZEL OFFICERS President . . . . EVELYN G. WENZEL VicefPresident . . C. LUCILLE MATTERN Recording Secretary . R11-A M, KICK Corresponding Secretary . . . GLADYS LEE Treasurer . I . . HELEN E. STACHOWICZ Chaplain . FRANCES PERINB Editor .... RENE SMITH Historian CFirst Sernesterj AMY BALLAGH Historian lSecond Semesterj . R1rA .IERGE Custodian .... KATHRYN BAXTER Senior PanfHellenic Representative . . MARY KERWIN junior PanfHellenic Representative . HELEN STACHOWICZ Faculty Adviser .,.. . MARGARET S. QUAYLE ALPHA SIGMA TAU I SIGMA CHAPTER of Alpha Sigma Tau originated as Tau Phi in 1920 and nationalized by afliliating with Alpha Sigma Tau in 1925. The purpose of Sigma chapter is threefold: to develop the character of each memberg to help each sorority girl know and appreciate the cultural advantages of lifeg and to develop in each member the social graces. Each year the Sorority awards a one hundred dollar scholarship to a nonfsorority girl deserving of financial aid. This year Alpha Sigma Tau presented to the library a yearly subscription of Banta's Greek Exchange. 'I 98 Luella Chapman Amy R. Ballagh, G.C.'39 Rita Jerge, G.C.'39 Marie A. Lampka, G.C.'4O Frances Perine, G.C.'39 Rita Smith, G.C.'39 Evelyn G. Wenzel, G.C.'39 FACULTY MEMBERS Edna W. Hurd MEMBERS Kathryn Baxter, G.C.'39 Mary Kerwin, G. C.'39 Gladys M. Lee, G.C.'39 Betty Rech, G.C.'39 'I 'H x , . :Nitin rw' Ruth M. Karcher Catherine Crocuston, G.C.'41 Rita M. Kick, G.C.'39 C. Lucille Mattern, G.C.'39 Rene Smith, G.C.'39 Helen E. Stachowicz, G.G.'4O Martha Tully, G.C.'4O PLEDGE Ruth E. Foster, A.E.'4l Helen M. Zeder, H.E.'40 99 ,7 DELTA KAPPA President . . VicefPresident . I ALPHA CHAPTER Jyfx OFFICERS Corresponding Secretary . . Recording Secretary Treasurer . . Chaplain . SergearLtfatfArrns . Stanley A. Czurles Andrew W. Grabau Thomas Asbury, G.C.'4O Ellsworth Baldwin, I.A.'4O Lamon Bruner, G.C.'39 Samuel Conte, G.C.'39 Paul Daucher, I.A.'41 Lindsay Farnan, I.A.'41 Richard Gibbons, G.C.'4O Robert Harrishburg, I.A.'39 Warren Helwig, I.A.'41 David Low, I.A.'39 Robert Minkel, I.A.'39 Carl Pfeiffer, I.A.'4O Raymond Porter, I.A.'4O Louis Rosa, I.A.'40 Stephen Safron, I.A.'39 William Sion, I.A.'41 John Walsh, I.A.'39 FACULTY ADVISERS john Fontana Irving C. Perkins Edward L. Morrice MEMBERS Raymond Ast, G.C.'39 Russell Barrowman, I.A.'39 Richard Burau, I.A.'40 L. john Cox, I.A.'4O Anthony DeScipio, I.A.'41 Richard Fry, G.C.'4O Crede Hagerty, G.C.'39 Stephen Harrison, I.A.'41 Henry Kreis, I.A.'41 Mason Martin, I.A.'39 David Missert, G.C.'39 Patrick Pinto, I.A.'41 Robert Potter, I.A.'41 Fred Rubens, A.E.'4O Francis Schoonover, I.A.'4O Arthur Smith, A.E.'39 Carl Weber, I.A.'39 William Wizeman, I.A.'39 . L. JOHN Cox ELLSWORTH BALDWIN . CREDE HAGERTY RUSSELL BARROWMAN HAROLD RUPP . CARL PBEIFPBR ROBERT CUNNINC-HAM Raymond M. Fretz Homer A. Bruce William Atkins, I.A.'39 Raymond Brown, G.C.'39 David Cappiello, I.A.'41 Robert Cunningham, I.A.'39 Kenneth Edmunds, I.A.'39 Irving Fuhrmann, I.A.'4O Duane Harris, I.A.'4O Hugh Haslett, I.A.'41 George Kuhn, I.A.'41 Arthur Michlin, G.C.'39 Edward Onody, I.A.'39 Phillip Pohlman, I.A.'59 Roger Rawe, I.A.'4O Harold Rupp, ,G.C.'39 Norman Schussler, I.A.'40 Charles Turcott, I.A.'41 Charles Weigand, I.A.'41 100 PLBDGES Charles Bull, I.A.'41 Harold Beal, G.C.'41 Irving Cohen, G.C,'42 Edward Firestone, I.A.'4O Charles Giglia, I.A.'41 Harold Gilbert, I.A.'42 Charles Hyde, G.C.'42 Robert Isenberg, G.C.'41 Clayton Kaminska, I. A.'41 Charles Lunney, A.E.'41 Peter Lukashuk, I.A.'42 Daniel McNerney, G.C.'41 George Pagan, I.A.'42 Arthur Ressing, A.E.'4O Glendon Seaman, I.A.'41 Seymour Sommers, I.A.'41 Angelo Suozzi, I.A,'41 Richard Temlitz, I.A.'42 Norman Truesdale, A.E.'4O DELTA KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER of Delta Kappa Fraternity was founded at State in 1920. Estab- lished for the general purpose of fostering fellowship, scholarship, and leadership among its members, it is dedicated to the advancement of the teacher training institutions in which its chapters are located. Delta Kappa publishes the Student Directory and presents annually the Delta Kappa award to the Senior who is outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and character. 101 DELTA T SIGMA I ARETI-IUSA UPSILON CHAPTER MARION RICH OFFICERS President . . MARION RICH VicefPresident . . . DORIS CUMISIINCS h Corresponding Secretary , HELEN SINCLAIR ' Recording Secretary . GRACE WHITELOCK ' Treasurer EMILY MAY BUTLER Chaplain . ROSEMARY GAFFNBY Sergeant , HELEN KREIS Historian . . . . JEAN LAIRD FACULTY ADVISERS Anna M. Gemmill Margaret A. Grant Ruth Palmer Mildred L. Sipp DELTA SIGMA EPSILON ARETHUSA UPSILON CHAPTER of Delta Sigma Epsilon, originally Arnanon Sorority and later a part of Colonor, joined Arethusa in 1902. In 1926 it afliliated with the national sorority. The development of character, scholarship, and leadership is its threefold purpose. The Bishop Honor Medal is presented annually by the sorority to that Senior Woman who has displayed outstanding and effective participation in College Activities. 102 .I X ! 'IJ K, . , I, WA . W rr c WP W! ' MEMBERS er, H.E.'4O Emily May Butler, G.C.'41 0 Patricia Corcoran, H.E.'4O Beryl Craig, G.C.'4l Doris Cummings, G.C.'39 Rosemary Gaffney, H.E.'39 Jeanne Hotaling, G.C.'4o Jean Laird, H.E.'40 Mary Elizabeth Phelps, G.C.'39 Marion Rich, H.E.-'39 Helen Sinclair, G.C.'39 Grace Whitelock, G.C.'39 Mary Ellen Donaldson, G.C.'39 Helen Hickey, H.E.'40 Katherine Knifiin, H.E.'4O Mary Jane Oelkers, G.C:'4l Margaret Price, G.C.'39 Betty Schlotzer, H.E.'41 Margaret Smalley, H.E.'40 Nancy Chad, H.E.'40 Helen Crandall, H.E.'4O Melrose Franklin H.E.'41 Muriel Holmes, G.C.'41 Helen Kreis, G.C.'39 Elizabeth Pelligrino, A.E.'41 Nancy Reid, H.E.'40 Elizabeth Anne Seibert, G.C.'41 Josephine Syracuse, H,E.'39 Frances Wilks, G.C.'39 PLEDGE Norma Krause, G.C.'41 fn' q 4' ,xy ' 66'-f :gk . . filfjfw rn ' . lf y 103 Ir as 5 1 pl at ss DELTA TI-IETA President . . First VicefPresident . Second Vice'President . Secretary CFirst Sernesterj Secretary QSecorId Sernesterj Treasurer . . . Registrar QFirst Semesterj Registrar QSecorId Sernesterj Chaplain CFirst Semesterj Chaplain CSecond Semesterj ParIfI'IellerIic Representatives Editor . . . Faculty Adviser . . EDNA HERMAN OFFICERS Agri .p up Q PI DELTA THETA ZETA CHAPTER EDNA HERMAN MARY SAUEILWBIN HELEN LANPHBAI1 EMILY OLSZOWKA ZBLLA GILAPES VIRGINIA ROOT ANNE MARINUCOI BETTY LEDBRER GERTRUDE MOSEI1 . MARY SCOTT ELIZABETH JOHNSTON DOROTHY THOMAS . ALTHEA RUSSELL ELEANOR M. GOVER THIS SOCIAL SORORITY, established on the Campus in September, 1926, became Zeta Chapter of Pi Delta Theta when it was accepted into the national sorority in june, 1928. TO foster close friendship between members, to stimulate the social, intellectual, and spiritual life Of the members, and to render service to Others are the chief aims. "Araf F 'd evenin dance, was one of its outstanding social achieve' biau Nights FarItasy",a ri ay g ments of the year. 104 Aleen B. Ackerman Margaret Brierley, G. G.'4O Edna Herman, G.C.'39 Betty Lederer, G,C.'4O Betty McBride, G.G.'4O Virginia Root, GgG.'4O Mary Scott, G.C.'41 PATRoNEssEs Harriet K. DeMond May D. Root MEMsBRs Helen Girard, G.C.'4O Elizabeth Johnston, G.G.'39 Jean Ludwig, G.C.'39 Gertrude Moser, G.G.'4O Althea Russell, G.G.'39 May Stripp, G.G.'41 Irene Hirsch Zella Grapes, G.C.'4O Helen Lanphear, G.C.'39 Anne Marinucci, G.C.'39 Emily Olszovvka, G.G.'4O ' Mary Sauerwein, G.G.'4O Dorothy Thomas, G.C.'4O 105 mi ' RHO le CHAD- pi TER L 1 1 42- Qin-4' if GBRTRUDE MCGOVERN KATHERINE ALBRECHTSOIN President QFi'rst Semestefrj President C-Second Semesterj OFFICERS VicefP1'esident QFi1st SCTVLCSIGTD ViccfP1esident QSecond Semesterl , . Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary . Treasiwer CFi1st S8177.CStC'l'h 'l"reasu1e'r CSecond Semestevj . SergeantfatfA'rms . . Edit or . . . FACULTY ADVISERS GERTRUDE MCGOVERN KATHERINE ALBRECHTSON KATHERINE ALBRECHTSON . LOUISE HAGEN . RUTH BROWN EVELYN ENGELHARDT MARGARET O1DONNELL . MAIKY CLINTON . MARY DOBONY . AGNES MAI-IONEY Mary R. Fontana Hertha S. Ganey PATRONESS Dorothy Ebert PI KAPPA SIGMA THETA KAPPA, local Sorority, was chartered as Rho Chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma in June, 1928. Social service is one of the primary aims of Pi Kappa. Through Sorority ac tivities, opportunities are provided for the spiritual and social development of its members Pi Kappa Sigma contributed to the social life of the College by sponsoring a Friday evening dance, a "Paris Cruise." 9' :kg 1 Katherine Albrechtson, G.C.'39 Ruth Brown, G.C.'39 Lucile Chapman, G.C.'39 Mary Clinton, G.C.'4O Evelyn Engclhardt, G.C.'39 Mary Keating, G.C.'40 Margaret Mayer, G.C.'39 Mildred Richardson, G.C.'40 julia Thompson, G.C.'3-9 MEMBERS Jessamine Barrett, A.E.'40 Elizabeth Buckley, G.C.'39 Catherine Chalmers, H.E.'40 Amelia Dembowski, G.C.'39 Louise Hagen, G.C.'39 Marion Leary, G,C.'39 Gertrude McGovern, G.C.'39 Lillian Seibert, G.C.'39 Martha Vaughan G.C.'40 Patricia Bickel, A.E.'39 Mary Joan Callahan, G.C.'39 Jeanne Clements, A.E.'4O Mary Dobony, G.C.'39 Jane Hanny, G.C.'39 Agnes Mahoney, H.E.'40 Margaret O'Donnell, G.C. Catherine Smith, A.E.'40 Amelia Woeppel, G.C.'40 '39 107 PLEDGE Mary Buechner, G,C.'41 H 7 vw! V" E XAJJ' FIRST SEMESTER DONALD CLARK. . BETA CHAP- TER DONALD CLARK PAUL MILLER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER . . . ..... President ...... PAUL MILLER GORDON DEIINER .... ..... V icefPresident .... DONALD CLARK JOHN STACK ..... JOHN SCHASSAR. . . CROYDON NICHOLS JOHN BILANICKI. . . EUGENE HOOLII-IAN. . . . . . ANTHONY LABUE. JOHN BRANICKI. . . JOHN STACK .... Hubert E. Coyer Ralph Horn . . .Treasurer .... . . . . . .Financial Secretary. . . . . .Recording Secretary. . . . . . .Corresponding Secretary .... . . . . . .Chaplain ........ . . . . . . . . . . . .SergeantfatfArms. . . . . . .News Sheet Editor. . . . ...House Manager. . FACULTY MEMBERS W. KENT CLARKE DAVID COWNIE GEORGE COCHERN .JOHN BRANICKI CHARLES MCCARTHY HERBERT ZOLLITSCH JOHN BRANICKI JOHN NICHOLS Robert O. Delvlond Reuben S. Ebert Joseph F. Phillippi George M. Quackenbush PSI PHI IN 1923 Beta Chapter of Psi Phi Was'estab1ished on the Campus. Its primary aim is to serve State to the best of its ability. In sponsoring an athletic rally and dance before the Cortland game, Psi Phi contributed to the extracurricular life at the College. In bringing Outstanding speakers to its Weekly meetings, it sponsored the individual development of its members. In the Spring the Chapter was host to the national convocation held at Buffalo. IOS Robert Bollard, G.C.'4O Burton Cadro, I.A.'39 W. Kent Clarke, I.A.'4O John Coughlin, G.C.'39 Donald Donley, G.C.'4l John Hammel, G.C.'4O , G 1 W! X MEMBERS John Branicki, G.C.'4O Neal Caneen, I.A.'39 George Cochern, A.E.'41 David Covvnie, G.C.'4l Anthony Ekes, G.C.'39 Eugene Hoolihan, G. C.'4O Albert Kingston, G.C.'39 Jerome Klawitter, I.A.'4O Walter Lare, G.C.'39 James Lindstrom, I.A.'39 Charles McCarthy, G.C.'4l Tyril McCoy, G.C.'41 Edmund Mioducki, I.A.'4O Wilfred Morin, G.C.'4O john Nichols, G.C.'4O Buehl Ray, G.C.'59 john Schasser, G.C.'40 David Strebe, G.C.'4O David Pritchard, G.C.'4O Carl Rost, I.A.'39 Edward Sikorski, I.A.'39 Harry Strickland, I.A.'39 Thomas Tierney, G.C.'4O George Welch, I.A.'4O Michael Wovkulich, I.A.'4O james Burke, G.C.'4O Donald Clark, G.C.'39 David Cooke, G.C.'41 Bernard Deazley, G.C.'39 john Finn, C.C.'4O William Kilcoyne, I.A.'4O Anthony LaBue, G.C.'4O Aurie McCabe, I.A.'39 Paul Miller, I.A.'4O Corydon Nichols, I.A.'4O Salvatore Puleo, I.A.'39 Ross Rowley, G.C.'41 John Stack, I.A.'39 Sylvester Thomas, I.A.'39 David Woodcock, I.A.'39 Herbert Zollitsch, I.A.'4O w 109 Cult ,4f 1 Q -ivy., LUWJQJQJX' SIGMA I SIGMA SIGMA ZETA CI-IAPTEI2 MARY E. KIESEL OFFICERS MARY E. KIESEL . . . President CAROL ESCHELMAN VicefPresident VERA KINSLEY . Treasurer JEAN DAHLQUIST . . . . Secretary JANET TUCKER . . Corresponding Secretary MARY AGNES CAsBY . Keeper of the Grades FACULTY Anvisizns Theresa A. Roehsler Helen G. Englebreck SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER of Sigma Sigma Sigma, established in 1901 as Epsilon Mu, was affiliated in 1911 with the national organization of Tri Sigma, thus becoming the first national Sorority on the Campus. It has endeavored to contribute to the advancement of the numerous enter rises at State. Sorority activities during the year include participation in P the social service work of the College, the presentation of two books to the library, and social service independent of College work. 110 Olive Berry, H.E.'40 Jeanette Barker, G.C.'39 Mary Agnes Casey, G.C.'39 Jean Dahlquist, G.C.'39 Carol Eschelrnan, H.E.'40 Winifred Jenner, G.C.'41 Mary E. Kiesel, G.C.'39 MEMBERS Ruth Kinsley, G.C.'39 Vera Kinsley, G.C.'40 Irene Kovalcik, G,C.'4O Berenice Male, G.C.'39 Dorothy May, G.C.'40 Margaret McCullor, G.C.'4l Jane O'Leary, G.C.'39 Eva Place, A.E.'4O Marion Price, H.E.'4O Jean Scrimshaw, G.C.'39 Edith Smith, A.E.'39 Jeanette Smith, A.E,'40 Janet Tucker, G.C.'4O Joan Weber, G.C.'39 Helene Wilson, G.C.'41 111 SIGMA TAu GAMMA ROBERT P. SCHMIDT RHC CHAPTER OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER ROBERT P. SCHMIDT ......... President ........ ...... R OBERT P. SCHMIDT HOWARD SENGBUSCH ...... . .VicefPresident ..... .... J OHN PIATAK, JR. ALLEN G. SEXTON ....4 .... DONALD A. SCHOLZ. JOSEPH P. HOURIHAN ..... . . . Treasurer .......... Recording Secretary .... A. SANDFORD KENYON, JR. DONALD A. SCHOLZ NELSON R. VOGHT Corresponding Secretary ......,. CLIFFORD J. BORTH ......... SergeantfatfArrns .,.... ..,. A RTHUR CARR RICHARD F. HUGHES ....... .Financial Secretary FRANCIS T. SIEMANKOWSKI. Chaplain NORMAN GALEMBO ....... . . NELSON R. VOGHT ....... CHARLES A. VAIL D. KENNETH WINEBRENNER Robert E. Albright Charles B. Bradley Saga Reporter Editor of Chapter News .Faculty Advisers FACULTY MEMBERS Oscar E. Hertzberg Harry C. Johnson Slieet Chester A. Pugsley Walter B. Weber SIGMA TAU GAMMA ER f S' a Tau Gamma originated at State as Alpha Chi in 1931 and in RHO CHAPT O igm , 1955 aiiiliated with Sigma Tau Gamma, the oldest National Social Professional Education F t 't with twenty chapters throughout the United States. Its main purposes are ra erm y, the fostering of fellowship among men entering the teaching profession, and the advance' . . h ment of scholarship and leadership. Each year, awards are given to the two men in t e Chapter, one outstanding in scholarship and the other in extracurricular activities. An annual project is the distribution of the Social Calendar. 112 Robert E. Baker, G.C.'39 Clifford J. Borth, I.A.'39 Arthur Carr, G.C.'41 Norman Galembo, G.C.'41 joseph P. Hourihan, G.C.'39 Richard F. Hughes, G.C,'39 A. Sandford Kenyon, jr.,G.C.'4O john Krylo, I A.'41 Charles E. Gremke, G.C.'41 Robert F. Peck, G.C.'41 MEMBERS Samuel C. LoMaglio, G.C.'40 Sebastian V, Martorana, G.C.'39 J. Howard McCullough, I.A.'41 Allan Owen, I.A.'41 John Piatak, Jr., G.C.'39 Eugene J. Ruskowski, I A.'40 Alfred Sadroga, I.A.'39 Victor F. Santo, I.A.'41 Robert P. Schmidt, I.A.'4O PLEDGES joseph I. Romano, G.C.'4l james A. Sweet, G.C.'41 William L. Vandal, I.A.'41 Donald A. Scholz, G.C.'39 Joseph P. Schwartz, I.A.'40 Howard Sengbusch, G.C.'39 Allen G. Sexton, G.C.'4o Francis Siemankowski, G.C.'39 Earl Telschow G.C.'40 Nelson R. Voght, G C.'4l Raymond V. Wagner, I.A.'39 John Wujek, I.A.'41 Edward J. Ziegler, I.A.'41 113 TI-IETA SIGMA UPSILCN Tl-IETA CHAPTER ROSEMARY EAGIN OFFICERS ROSEMARY EAGIN , Pvgsidgm MARY STRAIGHT . VicefP'resident MARJORIE PBCK . Secretary YVONNB ASHLEY , Treasurer IRBNB SCOTT . . Editor LILLIAN ALBRIGHT Pa11fHellenic Representatives MARIETTA CLUFF FACULTY ADVISERS Alma R. Roudebush Kate V. Wofford Margaret Dupre THETA SIGMA UPSILCN In 1927 THETA CHAPTER of Theta Sigma Upsilon was organized at the College. Its aim is 'rivefoldz the physical, intellectual, social, ethical, and spiritual development of its members. The social highlights of the year were a Courtesy Day Tea for faculty and organizations and a Friday evening dance. The Torch, the sorority publication, is distributed twice a year. 114 ST- 3 Jw TWH? C. Lillian Albright, H.E.'39 Yvonne Ashley, H.E.'39 Ruth Bergman, G.C.'4O Martha Ciesielska, G.C.'4O Marietta Cluff, G.C.'4O Phyllis Conrad, H.E.'39 Dorothy Gerber, G.C.'40 Ruth Krieman, G.C.'41 MEMBERS Hilda Cook, G.C.'4O Rosemary Eagin, G.C.'39 Overine Ehmzm, G,C.'3? june Fehr, G.C.'40 Margaret Hart, H.E.'40 Edith Henry, H.E.'39 PLEDGBS Hilda Lamm, G.C.'4O as Max 115 Marjorie Lobaugh, G.C.'40 June Meyer, G.C.'4O Norma Newman, H.E.'39 Marjorie Peck, G.C.'39 Irene Scott, H.E.'39 Mary Straight, H.E.'40 Mary Paulin, H.E.'41 Dorothy Senf, G.C.'40 M ,Z . V w dsx, l ,- Iliff: ' M. rr I wc, L d X CAMPUS GRCDUPS ll TI-HE ELMS I j l l l ROBERT BAKER G.C.'39 ...,. Editor m Clue ' AMELIA DEMEOWSKI G.C.'39 - , Business Manager MARXON THOMAS H.E.'39 . . Associate Editor FREDERICK J. RUEENS A.E.'4O . Man.aging Editor CArtj ANNETTE CINN G.C.'4O . . . Managing Editor Qbteraryj GEORGE E. Hucxcms, Cliairmarrg STANLEY A. CZURLESQ JOHN PONTANA EILEEN MULHOLLANDg HAROLD F. PETERSON . Publications Committee STAFF MEMBERS Art Business Laurence Bartz A.E.'4O, Editor Marjorie Aigner A.E.'41 George Cochern A.E.'41 Charles Lunney A.E.'41 Marjorie Needham A.E.'4O Ruth Wagner A.E.'4O Gertrude Waite A.E.'41 Virginia Witte A.E.'4O College News Robert P. Schinidt I.A.l4O, Editor Marjorie G. Duthie H.E.'41 joseph P. Hourihan G.C.'39 Allen G. Sexton G.C.'4O Feature Staff Dorothy Moore G.C.'39, Editor jane Adams G.C.'4O Thomas Asbury G.C.'4O Beryl Craig G.C.'41 jean Ludwig G.C.'?:9 Marian Solomon G.C.'39 Margarette Tolsma G.C.'42 Literary Genevieve Martin G.C.'4O, Editor Francis Alexander I.A.'4O Helen Bodkin G.C.'4O Evelyn Wenzel G.C.'59 A. Lucile Chapman G.C.'59 Doris Cunnnings G.C.'39 A. Sandford Kenyon G.C.'4O Anne Marinucci G.C.'59 Buehl Ray G.C.'39 Photographic john Welch I.A.'4O, Editor Robert Brown I.A.'4O Milton Gurvitz G.C.'41 Sports Arthur A. Michlin G.C.'39, Editor Anthony DeScipio I.A.'41 Mary Dobony G.C.'39 Anthony Ekes G.C.'39 Margaret Felsinger G.C.'39 Roger Groth G.C.'4O Albert J. Kingston G.C.'39 A. Morton Raych A.E.'4O john Schassar G.C.'4O Typing Lilla Cortright H.E.,'39, Editor Doris R. Anderson H.E.'39 Bertha Deinbowski G,C.'41 Edna Gordon G.C.'41 Elizabeth Huey H.E.'39 Edith Levin G.C.l4O Sylvia Levin G.C.'41 The first edition of THE ELMs appeared in June, 1912, as a publication of the Senior class of the Buffalo State Normal School. An outgrowth of the keen interest of students of the College, THE ELMS is a recapitulation of collegiate life for the year. Its evolution to this, its twentyfeighth year, from a paper to an embossed leather volume, its advance in makeup, and its photographic improvement, proclaim its development. The ideas of art Work, the layout of the issue, and the total arrangement of the book are the production of the Art Staff. The compilation of materials which include the history and contributions of each organization is the work of the Literary Staff. The portrayal of extracurricular and social life of students is a vivid addition by the Feature Staff. The Sports Staff acquaints students with the sports program by stressing the highlights of athletic events for the year. The Business Staff aids in the publication of the Yearbook by collecting organization fees for pictures and pages. To act as a checking agent is the foremost purpose of the College News Staff. The Photography Staff supervises the taking of both informal and formal pictures of Campus groups. The Typing Staff types all printed material appearing in THE ELMS. Under the leadership of the Editor, the Work of all of the staffs is coordinated. The Associate Editor assists the Editor and supervises features. The Business Manager controls photography and dictates business policies. The Managing Literary Editor coordinates the Literary, Typing, and College News Staffs. The Managing Art Editor has charge of the formal art work. ' This work is carried on under the supervision of The Publications Committee, as advisers, technical and literary, who direct the policies in the publication of the Yearbook. rmsr Row: Martin, Cinn, Dembowski, Baker, Thomas, Moore, Cortright, Michlin.s1zcoND Row: Wenzel, Solomon, Anderson, Schmidt, Welch, Huey, Dobony, Chapman, Cummings, Felsinger, Rubens. T1-nan now: Bodkin, E. Levin, S. Levin, Sexton, Ray, Brown, Kingston, Raych, Elqes, Milofsky. FOURTH now: Wittig, Wagner, Gordon, Alexander, Hoarihan, DeScipio, Groth, Kenyon, Schasser, Bartz. I 1 t 119 ZW-Q ..a-aww! 2454 yeas TI-IE ANNETTE CINN RECGRD A. SANFORD KENYON W rr- a L "5 -, f ,, "Zi, 1 l. A " a t I N ,,, . Q- 1 it , rl.. 5 , S , H 3 i., ,ai lfeigal: 5 , 1 A nik- , V i i 5, R L - 1 S fr Bl it ' ' I T Q : W CHARLES R. LUNNEY " "'f:E"e:,.1" f STAFF MEMBERS News and Features Eva Baldwin, H.E.'4l Lucile Chapman, G.C.'39 Norman Galembo, G.C.'41 Gertrude Hellner, G.C.'41 Dorothy Keil, G.C.'39 Ruth Miller, G.C.'42 Ellsworth Baldwin, I.A.'4O Burton Cadro, I.A.'39 Frances Gray, H.E.'42 Jerome Klawitter, I.A.'4O Barbara Rudolph, G.C.'42 Williani Sion, I.A.'41 Business Lucille Beardsley, G.C.'41 Richard Coughlin, G.C.'41 Marjorie Gottlieb, G.C.'4l Esther Hoag, H.E.'42 Joseph Kinzie, G.C.'4O Edmund Mioducki, l.A.'4O Co Pfroo and Ma e'Up PN, f R Samuel Baruch, l.A.'39 Anna Gach, G.C.'39 Williaiii Kackas, I.A.'4O Mary Lutz, H.E.'42 Robert Schmidt, I.A.'4O Louise Slocum, G.C.'41 Victoria Zabkowski, G.C.'39 Stephen Harrison, I.A.'41 Aurie McCabe, l.A.'39 FACULTY ADVISERS Boyd Campbell, I.A.'42 Mary Dobony, G.C.'39 Inez Grods, G.C.'41 Robert Isenberg, G.C.'41 Genevieve Martin, G.C.'4O Aaron Simon, G.C.'4l Florence Bergtold, H.E.'41 Carlton Gerbracht, l.A.'42 Madelyn Keevers, G.C.'42 Roger Rawe, I,A.'4O Lenore Siegel, G.C.'42 Michael Wovkulich, l.A.'4O Charles R. Hyde, G.C.'42 Juanita Rudolph, G.C.'42 The Publications Committee 120 " Mali 'Xb ' 1 T2 Wwlxala-as x QQ-X RECORD STAFF ANNBTTE CINN G.C.'4O ..... EditorfinfCl1ief CHARLES R. LUNNBY A.E.'4l .... Business Manager A. SANDFORD KBNYON G.C.'40 . . . Business Manager A. MORTON RAYCH A.E.'4O .... Managing Editor ASSOCIATE aDrroRS BERTHA DEMBOWSKI G.C.'41 . . . . Features MIRIAM MYERS G.C.'59 . . MalgefUp ROBERT Pack G.C.'41 . . . . News MORRIS RAIRBN C.C.'4l ..... Copy and Proof LBO LBVINKIND G.C.'39 ..... Copy and Proof The year 1913 marked the inauguration of The Record at State as a weekly magazine to review College activities, and to act as a forum for collegiate opinion. It has developed through the years not only in form, but also in content and style. A new system in the publishing process was developed this year whereby half of the staff worked one night and the other half the next night, instead of all members of the news, features, copy, and proof staffs working two nights. This gave greater opportunity for stu' dent participation on the publication, and allowed more time for staf members to share in other activities. Two new columns appeared this year, Student Flashes and the Weekfend Bookshelf. fl' he former wasfcomposed of short news notices collected for the convenience of the readers. The latter reviewed recent additions to the College Library. The annual Literary-Art Issue was greeted by Students as one of the best compilations of State's literary and art efforts. The Record believes its purpose is to act as a tie between students and College activities and to reflect the important aspects of College life. How well that purpose has been ac' complished its thousand readers each week may be willing to say. FIRST Row: Myers, Peck, B. Dernlvowslqi, Kenyon, Cirm, Raycli, Chapman, Raiken. SECOND Row: B. Rudolph, Hellner, Grocls, Miller, Gray, Hoag, Zabkowski, Beardsley, Gottlieb, j. Rudolph, Baldwin, Bergtold. THIRD ROW: ' Gash, Wotvkulich, Klawitter, Kackas, Cadro, Harrison, Coughlin, Isenberg, Keil. 121 STUDENT HANDBOOK Editor . . Literary Editor Art and Malgefup Sports Editor Social Editor . Curriculum Editor Eva Baldwin, G.C.'4l Barbara Rudolph, G.C.'42 OFFICERS . . . A. LUCILE CHAPMAN, G.C.'39 . BERTHA DEMBOWSKI, G.C.'41 . EVA PLACE, A.E.'4O . ALBERTA HAMISTER, G.C.'41 . BUEHL RAY, O.C."59 . DOROTHY MOORE, G.C.'39 FACULTY ADVISERS The Publications Committee STAFF Anthony DeScipio, I.A.'41 Inez Grods, G.C.'4l Juanita Rudolph, G.C.'42 Pmsr now: B. Dembowski, Ray, Chapman, Moore, Hamister SECOND Row: j. Rudolph, G1-ods, DeScipio, E. Baldwin, B. Rudolph THE HANDBOOK is a publication issued each September. Its purpose is to provide a to ive the student an idea compact, concise journal containing the information necessary g f the interests opportunities and customs of State Teachers College. Serving as a conf 0 3 , venient source of College materials, this book has been a valuable aid not only in orienting the Freshmen, but also in assisting upperclassmen. 122 STUDENT CCUNCII. OFFICERS President . . . . VicefPresident Secretary . Treasurer . . . . . MEMBERS EX orrrcro Ralph F. Horn Harry W. Rockwell Raymond M. Fretz ELECTED MEMBERS Harold F. Peterson Paul W. Sloan Grace A . Allen RAYMOND AST RICHARD FRY JOHN BRANICKI . ROBERT POTTER Catherine E. Reed Alma R. Roudebush Branicki, Ast, Fry, Potter. MEMBERS Donald Dooley, G.C.'4l Matthew Duggan, G.C '39 John Finn, G.C.'4O Donald Baecher, G.C.'42 Esther Becker, H.E.'4O Ronald Bell, G.C.'42 Robert Bollard, G.C.'4O John Branicki, G.C.'4O Joyce Brown, G.C.'41 Katherine Burlingame, H.E.'40 Mary J. Callahan, G.C.'39 Boyd Campbell I.A.'42 Frances Carruthers, H.E.'41 Jean Chad, G.C.'41 John Coughlin, G.C.'39 Betty Curtis, H.E.'42 Wanda Dombrowski, H.E.'39 Crede Hagerty, G.C.'39 John Hammel, G.C.'40 Duane Harris, l.A.'4O Warren Helwig, I.A.'41 Mary Hussey, H.E.'41 Edward Lipowicz, A.E.'4l Hazel Lippke, G.C.'39 Marjorie Lobaugh, G.C.'40 Peter Lukashuk, l.A.'42 Mary Lutz, H.E.'42 Arthur Michlin, G.C.'39 Beatrice Minkel, G.C.'41 Carol Frazee, G.C.'42 Isabelle Mummert, H.E.'39 Earl Cbermeyer, A.E.'42 Jack Piatak, G,C.'39 Mary Piper, G.C.'40 Phillip Pohlman, I.A.'39 Robert Potter, l.A.'41 Norma Krause, G.C.'41 Harold Steffen, A.E.'40 Jennie Tarentino, G.C.'41 Charles Turcott, I.A.'4l George Welch, I.A.'40 Grant Wettlauffer, I.A.'42 The Student Council was established by the Senior Class of State Teachers College at Buffalo in the year 1937 "Realizing the need of a better organization to discern, discuss, and act upon the matters of general student concern," the purpose of the Student Council is "to enable the students to discover and to assume direction of those activities for which they, as members of the College, are responsible." The standing committees have assumed direction of student activities, election activities, ethics work, and social functions. The Work of the Student Council has proved its worth as an efficient body, capable of directing student government. 123 ORCHESTRA President . . Vice-President . Secretavyffreasttrer FACULTY Anvisiza Ruth Albright, H.E.'41 Yvonne Ashley, H.E.'39 Robert Baker, G.C.'39 Betty Baldwin, G.C.'40 Elsworth Baldwin, I.A.'40 Joanne Baldwin, G.C.'4O james Burke, G.C.'4o 'Rae Cheney, G.C.'39 Murdock Cunningham, G.C.'42 Lucile Dake, H.E,'42 Thomas Davis, G.C.'42 jean Draa, G.C.'39 Georgia Frese, H.E.'42 Marjorie Gottlieb, G.C.'41 Leonardo Grebinski, G.C.'4O Charles Gremke, G.C.'41 OFFICERS MEMBERS Stephen Harrison, I.A.'4l Hugh Haslett, I,A.'4l Dorothy Hill, G.C.'4O Herbert Hilton, G.C.'42 Muriel Holmes, G.C.'41 Winifred Jenner, G.C,'41 Robert Johns, G.C.'4O Clayton Kaminska, I.A.'41 John Krylo, I.A.'41 Henrietta Lash, G.C.'42 Marian Lewis, H.E.'39 Sol Lubow, I,A.'4O Dorothy Mahl, A.E.'42 Marie Mahl, H.E.'41 Mildred Neville, G.C.'4Z . EA RL Tmscnow Yvonne Asnuzv , RUTH Armucanr . EDNA W. Hunn Dorothy Nichols, G.C.'42 John Nichols, G.C.'4O Steve Nyitrai, I.A.'40 Eva Place, A.E.'4O Robert Potter, I.A.'41 Buehl Ray, G.C.'39 Jean Robinson, G.C.'40 Albert Rydzynski, G.C.'41 Eleanor Sauer G.C.'42 David Strebe, G C.'40 Phyllis Suess, G.C.'42 Earl Telschow, G.C.'4O Lydia Tosetto, G.C,'39 Ruth Viox, G.C.'4-2 Richard Vrooman, I.A.'4'2. Eleanor Wilson, G.C.'39 THE ORCHESTRA, composed of students with instrumental ability, was organized in t was established not only for the 1900. Taking a prominent part in all musical activities, i enjoyment and appreciation of music, but also to add to the musical and social life of the . . . H 1 . 1 College. The Orchestra contributes to assemblies and special programs. The na musica activity of the year, the Spring Concert, numbers the Orchestra among its participants. 124 BAND President . Faculty Adviser Yvonne Ashley, H.E.'39 Robert Baker, G.C.'39 Betty Baldwin, G.C.'39 Joanne Baldwin, G.C.'40 Ellsworth Baldwin, l.A.'4O Harold M. Beal, G.C.'41 james F. Burke, G.C.'4O Rae Marie Cheney, G.C.'39 OFFICERS MEMBERS Charles Gremke, G.C.'4l Stephen Harrison, l.A.'42 Hugh J. Haslett S Robert johns, G.C.'40 William Kackas, l.A.'40 Clayton Kaminska, I.A.'42 Marie Kirchmeyer, G.C.'39 Sol B. Lubow, I.A.'40 Murdoch Cunningham, G.C.'42 Dorothy Mahl, A.E.'42 Lucille Dake, H.E.'42 Marie Mahl, H.E.'41 Georgia Frese, H.E.'42 Sebastian Martorana, G.C.'39 JAMES F. BURKE . RBUBEN S. EBBRT John W. Nichols, G.C.'40 Steve P. Nyitrai, l.A.'4O Francis Perine, G.C.'39 Robert Potter, I.A.'41 Glendon Seaman, I.A.'41 David Strebe, G.C.'40 Sylvester Thomas, I.A.'39 William Vandal, I.A.'41 Anna Van Dyke Richard Vrooman, I.A.'42 Eleanor Wilson, G.C.'39 THE BAND was founded in 1932 by a group of student musicians who desired to add pep to collegiate activities. Its chief aim is to contribute to extrafcurricular life at State. Meniberf ship is open to all who play band instruments. The Band takes a prominent part in the Spring Concert, enlivens sports events, and is an indispensable factor in the MovingfUp Day Parade. 125 --- -V--Q 7..YY.Y,- , lw , ,, I V lllifrntn' :rr 5 A F ,l I 111 :Trl-f' E I Y- -QQ 'gi E V H ull? V.. Q .t L 'Q " J" , A H i 2 H, ,,, VT, . ' V- ,.t.,' H I .. .Y t Q wif X -4, ! E J NES S! Wxiy I If L '..ia.LLfj MAIITINA Boi-TM OFFICERS President CFirst Semesterj . . . . ANNE QUINLAN President QSeco11d Sernesterb . MARTINA BOHM VicefPresident CFirst Semesterj . TRENE KOVALCIK VicefPresident CSecor1d Semesterj . IRENE KOVALCIK Secretary QFirst Scmesterj . . EVELYN CAGE Secretary QSccond Semesterl , MARY CLINTON Treasurer QFirst Semesterj LOUISE SCHMANKE Treasurer CSecond Semesterj LOUISE SCHMANKE Librarian CFirst Semesterl . MARY CLINTON Librarian CSecond Semesterj BETTY JANE SMITH FACULTY ADvIsERs Ruth F.. Speir Rosamond O. Abate THE WOMEN'S SENICR GLEE CLUB is composed of seveutyfeight upperclass women and forms one of the oldest organizations on the Campus. It meets each week not . . . . . . t l to develo its own appreciation of good music, but also to share Its musical enjoymen on y p with others. Through participation in the Christmas play, assemblies, outside performances, and the Spring Concert, the Glee Club has accomplished its major purpose. The activities of the y ' ' ' ' S University. ear are climaxed by work In the Spring Festival to he held this year at yracuse 126 . ' -' 1 J 4 n Vu Q, . J' -' Se , .ff i -f ,, . f . - I-f .f ,Ip ,I lf! .' fy' sy' xy 'fly lin." v '1 N - I . .3 -.1 .UL ef ,Glu-4 6 L, K af-...av f la" ,F if I ' I . -l 1 ' 1 if ,z ,-'Q e , il' '. - , " 'J ,f3fP"'7l,g,A' ' v I." ,, W V F . pw, -1 ':,- I ,,..1 ,It . I I,--s ,te ,S g, I - - ,, .sf , 1 ,, ,ir ,J , H af el' -.f f v J' 3 ,,. h .I-' - ,W YJ :uf rr 1, . L, ' " -' f: fx H I FIRST Row: Williams, Burckley, Viverette, Clinton, Cage, Abate, Koralcik, Quinlan, Miss Speir, Schman lg Oellqers, Sullivan. SECOND Row: Anderson, Mayer, Bohm, Ehman, Martin, Lipplge, Mattern, Anderson, Hill, Miller, Gottlieb, Smith, Creed, Sweeney. THIRD Row: Fischer, Stone, Cluff, Clements,'l'ravis, Mall, Laird, Himmele, Zablqowslqi, Lederer, Childress, Van Dyke, Valance, Craig. FOURTH now: Jenner, Epauets, Hess, Neill, Lenclenbaum, O'Donell, Lynds, Adams, Draa, Chad, Reynolds, Sandecki, Fleckenstein, Blake. FIFTH Row: Burke, HajJa, Holmes, Passage, Coho, McCullan, Alt, Dolan, Boland, Barnes, Kreiman, Cashmere, Miller. MEMBERS Jane Adams, G.C.'40 Ferne Alt, A.E.'40 Betty Anderson, H.E,'41 Helen Anderson, G.C.'40 Sally Anderson, G.C,'41 Yvonne Ashley, G.C.'39 Ramona Barnes, G.C.'41 Virginia Blake, G.C.'40 Martina Bohm, G.C.'39 Frances Boland, G.C.'4l Vera Burckley, G.C.'4l Verna Burke, G.C.'40 Evelyn Cage, H.E.'4O Veral Cashmore, G.C.'41 Jean Chad, G.C.'41 Lurissa Childress, G.C.'40 Jeanne Clements, A.E.'4O Mary Clinton, G.C.'4O Marietta Cluff, G.C.'40 Virginia Coho, H.E.'4l Beryl Craig, G.C.'4l Phyllis Creed, G.C.'41 Jean Draa, G.C.'39 Margaret Dolan, G,C.'41 Overine Ehman, G.C.'39 Dorothy Epavets, G.C.'39 127 Lucille Fischer, H.E.'4O Jeanne Fleckenstein, G.C.'4O Marjorie Gottlieb, G.C.'41 Marjorie Haflia, H.E.'41 Margaret Hart, G.C.'39 Irma Hess, G.C.'4O Marie Hetzel, G.C.'40 Dorothy Hill, G.C.'4O Grace Himmele, G.C.'41 Norma Hoffman, G.C.'4O Muriel Holmes, G.C.'4l Winifred Jenner, G.C.'41 Irene Kovalcik, G.C.'40 Ruth Kriernan, G.C.'41 Jean Laird, H.E.'40 Betty Lederer, G.C.'4O Pearl Lindenbaum, G.C.'4O Hazel Lippke, G.C.'39 Audrey Lynds, G.C.'41 Catherine McArdle, G.C.'4O Margaret McCullor, G.C.'41 Beatrice Mace, G.C.'41 Genevieve Martin, G.C.'4O Irene Martin,'G.C.'39 Margaret Mayer, G.C.'39 Lucille Mattern, G.C.'39 Ella MaGuire, H.E.'40 Thelma Miller, G.C.'41 Adele Meyers, G.C.'39 Louise Neill, G.C.'4O Margaret O'Donnell, G.C.'39 Mary Jane Oelkers, G.C.'4l Marion Passage, G.C.'40 Anne Quinlan, G.C.'40 Dorothee Reynolds, G.C.'41 Virginia Root, G.C.'40 Helen Sandecki, G,C.'41 Betty Schlotzer, H.E,'41 Louise Schmanke, G.C.'40 Betty Jane Smith, G.C.'4l Bernice Speer, G.C.'4O LaVerna Stone, G.C.'39 Katherine Sullivan, G.C.'41 Earla Sweeney, G.C.'40 Wilma Tanner, H.E.'40 Ruth Travis, G.C.'41 Roma Valance, G.C.'39 Anna Van Dyke, G.C.'39 Mary Viverette, H.E.'4l Betty Jean Williams, G.C.'4l Frances Wilks, G.C.'39 Mary Louise Woods, G.C.'41 Victoria Zabkowski, G.C.'40 :- M' MEMBERS J WOMENS JUNIOR GLEE CLUB .M i FIRST Row: Breitrnaier, Hatsell, Owen, Hagerty, Miss McMalion, Barnes, Frazee, Porter, Frese, Bolton, McParlin. SECOND Row: LoVecchio, Godclman, Fleckeristein, Link, Mccliesney, Keevers, Winchester, Nichols, Neville, D t her, Lupkiewicz, Peirce, Tepas. THIRD Row: Kroenig, B. Smith, North, Johnston, Arendt, Blocker, Viox a c , Miller, Rodwell, Dake, Gray. FOURTH ROW: Page, Klocke, Ochs, Thompson, Phillips, Littlefair, Hallock, Slater, Levine, Mielcarski. OFFICERS President SARAH BARNES CAROL FRAZEE Secretary ...... Treasurer ,....... JOAN HAGERTY Librarians . . MARY ALICE MCPARLIN, MARY CAROLINE MILLEIK Director .... MARY Louise MCMAHON M Irma B. Arendt, G.C.'42 Sarah W. Barnes, G.C.'42 Ruth L. Blacker, G.C.'42 Helen C. Bolton, G.C.'42 Pearl E. Breitrnaier, H.E.'42 Lucile M. Dake, H.E.'42 Doris A. Dutchcr, G.C.'42 Mary Fleckenstein, G.C.'42 Carol C. Frazee, G.C.'42 Georgia I. Frese, H.E.'42 Kathleen R. Goodman, G.C.'42 Janet A. Gray, A.E.'42 Joan M. Hagerty, G.C.'42 Norma L. Hallock, H.E.'39 Lois Johnston, G.C.'42 Madelyn A. Keevers, G.C.'42 Jeanne Klocke, G.C.'42 Lois R. Koenig, G.C.'42 Irene D. Levine, G.C.'42 Laura E. Link, G.C.'42 HalliefJean Littlefair, G.C.'41 Rosaria M. LoVecchio, A.E.'42 Euphra Lupkiewicz, G.C.'42 Edna L. McChesney, G.C.'42 Mary Alice McParlin, G.C.'42 Virginia H. Mielcarski, G.C.'4Z Mary Caroline Miller, G.C.'42 Mildred A. Neville, G.C.'4Z Dorothy E. Nichols, G.C.'42 M. Jane North, G.C.'42 Ruth E. Ochs, G.C.'42 Ruth P. Owen, A.E.'42 Virginia R. Page, G.C.'42 Marjorie M. Phillips, G.C.'42 Marjorie B. Peirce, H.E.'42 Gladys R. Proter, G.C.'-12 Jean E. Rodwell, H.E.'42 Marjorie Slacer, G.C.'42 Bettina E. Smith, G.C.'42 Eunice R. Tepas, G.C.'42 Arline L. Thompson, G.C.'42 Ruth G. Viox G.C.'42 Dorothy W. Winchester, G.C Jane Hatsell A.E.'42 THE WOMENS JUNIOR GLBE CLUB numbers among its members Freshman girls ith sin in ability It was established for the enjoyment of partfsinging and the develop' W g g . ment of musical ability. Through the media of assemblies and recitals, the Glee Club ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' t climaxes the accomplishes its major purposes. Participation in the annual Spring Concer year's activity. 128 f -fl 'Ref ixiazgi TRIADS GLEE CLUB I FIRST Row: Anderson, Grifjin, Seitz, Miss Speir, Bodlgin, Caplin, Burke, Fleckenstein, Garner. SECOND Row: Richardson, Hess, Tefft, Stegman, Smith, Treichler, Stripp, Stacey, Salvaggio, Miscerdziriska, Martin, Taylor. THIRD Row: Ciglia, O'Conr1er, Bell, Bagnara, Brierley, Sieroslawslqi, Murphy, Chrnura, Provenzano, Knaulner, FOURTH Row: Kautz, Sontheim, Vedder, Bellamy, Moore, Scholl, Buechner, Heimhueger, Nichols, Corsi. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER HELEN P. BODKIN ..,. .... P resident ........ RUTH SEITZ. . . MARY GRIFFIN HELEN CAPLIN. Pianist ....... Directors ..... Faculty Adviser .... Irene Batt, G.C.'42 Ida Bagnara, G.C.'42 Marjorie Bell, G.C.'4l Olive Bellamy, G.C.'42 Helen Bodkin, G.C.'40 Margaret Brierley, G.C.'4O Mary Buechner, G.C.'41 Helen Caplin, G.C.'40 Alice Chmura, G.C.'41 Maria Corsi, G.C.'39 Irma Fiocca, G.C.'4O Margaret Garner, G.C.'4O Santa Giglia, G.G.'42 Helen Girard, G.C.'40 Rose Granato, G.C.'4O Mary Griiiin, G.C.'40 Janis Haenszel,G.C.'42 . . . .VicefPresident. . . . ....Secretary. . . . . .. ........'l"reasurer.. . . . .MARY TAYLOR . . . .RUTH SEITZ . . . . . .BETTY STEGMAN . . . . . . . .SHIRLEY MOORE . . . . . . . . . .JEANNE FLECKENSTEIN . .HELEN ANDERSON, VERNA BURKE, NOIKMA HOFFMAN ....,..,.........................RUTHE.SPEIR MEMBERS Catherine Heimbueger, G.C.'40 Evelyn Hess, G.C.'4l Gretchen Kautz, G.C.'41 Veronica Knauber, G.C.'42 Marie Lampka, G.C.'4O ' Elizabeth Landheld, G,C.'39 Mildred Levandoski, G.C.'4O Irene Levine, G.C.'42 Agapita Liermo, G.C.'40 Dorothy May, G.G.'40 june Meyer, G.C.'4O Dorothy Miscerdzinska, G.C.'4l Shirley Moore, G.C.'41 Rita Murphy, G.C.'41 Olive Nichols, G.C.'41 Eileen O'Connor, G.C.'41 Angela Provenzano, G.C.'4l Margaret Richardson, G.C.'41 Laura Scholl, G.C.'4O Ruth Seitz, G.C.'40 Irene Sieroslawski, G.C.'4l Betty Jane Smith, G.C.'41 Amelia Salvaggio, G.C.'4l Marian Sontheim, G.C.'41 Thelma Stacey, G.C.'4l Betty Stegman, G.C.'41 Gerd Steinholt, G.O.'40 May Stripp, G.C.'4l Mary Taylor, G.C.'41 Margaret Tefft, G.C.'41 Dorothy Thompson, G.C.'39 Genevieve Treichler, G.C.'41 Vera Vandercher, G.C.'40 Jean Vedder, G.C.'41 THE TRIADS, a musical organization for women, was established in September, 1937. Although its primary aim is the enjoyment of music, this organization also provides social opportunities for its members. Participation in the Christmas Party, the Spring Concert, and musical Assemblies are among Triads' contributions to College activities. 129 DRAMATIC CLUB FIRST Row: Oberrneyer, Ekes, Dorchak, Hoolihan, Lynds, Morin, Axlerod, Miss Goossen, Bollard, Blake, Widrig, Breitweiser, Wantshoilse. SECOND Row: Lappin, Rudolph, Beuther, D'Amico, Burclqley, Berlin, Link, Wagner, Hubbard, Klipfel, Sullivan, Seibert, B. Schreiner, Hollarids, Becker, Welcli, THIRD Row: Onody, Sommers, S. Levin, Barber, Vaughan, Wolsley, Manning, Draa, Brown, B. Andersen, Drew, Milofsky, Peck. FOURTH Row: Schassar, Brighton, E. Levin, Beardsley, E. Baldwin, Elston, Frazee, Haefner, Polalqov, Clements, Clarke, Marks, R. Smith. FIFTH Row: Stuart, Carlson, Groth, Fleming, -I. Smith, Rick, Fridgeri, Skidmore, D. Brown, Sisson, Barnes, Delaney, Burke, Isenberg, Harrishburg. OFFICERS President . . HAROLD AXLEROD Vicefljresident . Secretary . . Betty Andersen, H.E.'41 Harold Axlerocl, G.C.'40 Eva Baldwin, H.E.'41 Betty Barber, G.C '40 Lucille Beardsley, G.C.'41 Ruby Becker, G.C.'41 Gertrude Berlin, G,C.'42 Mirizini Beuthcr, H.E.'41 Virginia Blake, G.C.'40 Henry Boehner, l.A.'42 Robert Bullard, G,C.'40 Blaine Breitweiser, H.E.'-10 Ralph Brighton, I.A.'42 Dorothea Brown, G.C.'39 Joyce Brown, G.C.'41 Lzimnn Brunner, G.C.'39 Vera Burcklcy, G.C.'4O james Burke, G.C.'40 Elliott Carlson, l.A.'42 Stuart Carlson, I.A.'42 Gerald Clarke, G.C.'42 Jeanne Clements, A.E.'40 WILFRBD MORIN AUDREY LYNDS Betty Crawford, A,E.'41 Marie D'Amico, A.E.'42 Elizabeth Delaney, G.C.'42 Margaret Dorchak, G.C.'4O jean Draa, G.C, '39 .lane Drew, G.C,'40 Anthony Ekes, G.C.'39 Patience Elston, G.C. '42 john Finn, G.C.'40 Ernest Fleming, A.E.'40 Betty Fraleigh, A.E.'41 Carol Frazec, G.C.'42 Martha Friclgen, A.E.'42 Rosemary Galfney, H.E.'39 Richard Gibbons, G.C.'4O Roger Groth, G.C.'4O lvlaric Haefner, G.C.'42 Anne Haggerty, G.C.'42 Robert Harrishburg, l.A.'39 Rita Hollands, G.C.'42 Thomas Hoolihan, G.C.'40 Carol Hubbard, H,E.'40 Treasurer . Stage Manager Faculty Adviser Robert lsenherg, G.C.'41 Marjorie Janis, G.C.'39 Vera Kinslcy, G.C.'4o Ruth Klipfel, G.C,'4l Kathleen Lappin, H.E,'-40 Marzctta Latham, A.E.'41 Edith Levin, G.C.'41 Sylvia Levin, G.C.'41 Kathleen Link. G.C.'4Z Audrey Lynds, G.C.'41 john McBride, A.E.'39 Marpxaret McCiIllor, G.C.'41 Eleanor Manning, G.C.'40 Rohert Marks, G.C.'42 Betty Merrill, H.E.'39 Harry Milofsky, I.A,'-10 Wilfred Morin, G.C.'40 Glenn Morrison, G.C.'41 Earl Ohermeyer, A.E.'42 Edward Onody, I.A.'30 Robert Peck, G,C.'41 May Polakov, G.C.'42 VIRGINIA BLAKE ROBERT HARRISHBURG MINA S. GOOSSEN joan Rick, H.E.'42 Iuanita Rudolph, G,C.'42 john Schassar, G.C.'40 Betty Schreiner. H.E.'-41 Betty Ann Seihert, G.C.'41 Gertrude Singer, G.C.'39 Helen Sisson, A.E.'42 Frances Skidmore, H.E.'39 Arthur Smith, A.B.'4U jeannette Smith, A.E.'-10 Ralph Smith, G.C.'42 Anne Snetslzy, G.C.'40 Seymour Summers. LA-'41 Katherine Sullivan, G.C.'41 Richard Swart, A.E.'42 Marrha Vaughn, G Cf-40 Georgia Vincent, G.C.'4O Ruth Wagner, A.E.'-40 jane Wanrshoixse, H.E.'41 john NVclch, l.A.'4O jane Widrig, H.E.'40 jane Wolslcy, A.E.'-10 THE DRAMATIC CLUB originated at the Buffalo State Normal School, purposing to present to the students of the College the best possible in the field of dramatics and to give 130 l its members opportunity for creative expression. In addition to offering opportunities for individual development, the club presents many occasions for aesthetic enjoyment through its participation in outstanding College activities. Selections by the Verse Speaking Choir of the club and a onefact play, "PaWns," by Percival Wilde, comprised the activities of the Armistice Day presentation. During the At Left Christmas Play Below, Spring Play Christmas season the club offered - 1 -T-v--1-7-wi its traditional holiday play. The , ' production this year was 'LOne +2 Night in Bethlehem," the cast of which included over one hun' dred participants. Various com' mittees worked tirelessly on cos' tumes, scenery, and lighting to make this performance one of the , prominent activities of the year. W Two onefact plays were also 2 prepared. One, L'Fine Feathers" :.,. E L ,fjsa ' ,. 1 gg, 'z u 13 ' ' 'Q f. ' :UL "ig, 1- l nf ' I .gig EY V firm :lj ' Q 'I Church of Buffalo. The other, produced for an Assembly prof gram. The annual Spring play, given in Marcli, was the climax of the year's Work. The offering was a Russian satire, "Squaring the Circle" by Kataev, which was given under the able direction of Miss Mina S. Goossen, faculty adviser ofthe club. Synge's "Riders to the Sea," was N 131 by Ryerson and Clements, was 'L Q presented at the Westminster li in w v l :ww 44 ' 3 W ,fl em, 'J P ggi' , J? Af Ziyi-i Sydllpl 5.11.1-. unann- -il..-.,.. .1 A new MENS GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President .... MICHAEL WOVKULIOH Secretary .... JOHN F. WELCH Treasurer . . . NELSON R. VOGHT Librarians . . DUANE H. HARRIS, JOHN A, MATTISON Director ..... A . . . FRED J. RUBEN5 CofDirector QFirst Semesterb . . . . J. ALVIN POOLE Accornpanist . . .... RUTH ALBRIGHT Faculty Advisers .... EDNA W. HURD, RUTH E. SPEAR MEMBERS Francis L. Alexander, I.A.'40 Ernest N. Flemming, A.E.'40 Earl J. Obermeyer, A.E.'42 Donald L. Baecher, G.C.'42 Leon Graber, G.C.'41 J. Alvin Poole, I.A.'4O Ellsworth F. Baldwin, I.A.'4O Roy Greeley, G.C.'42 Charles D. Ross, G.C.'4O Laurence F. Bartz, A.E.'39 Duane H. Harris, I.A.'40 Fred J. Rubens, A.E.'4O Henry Bochncr, I.A.'42 Ralph Brighton, l.A.'42 David A. Cappiello, l.A.'41 Thomas Davis, G.C.'42 Donald Donley, G.C.'41 Robert S. Filer, G.C.'42 Robert Isenberg, G.C.'41 A. Sandford Kenyon, G.C.'40 Robert N. Marks, G.C.'42 Richard C. Meloon, G.C.'42 Glenn H. Morrison, G.C.'41 Robert P, Schmidt, I.A.'40 John P. Stack, I.A.'39 Nelson R. Voght, G.C.'4l John F. Welclx, l.A.'4O Michael Wovkulich, l.A.'4O John J. Wujek, I.A.'41 l THE MEN'S GLEE CLUB was formed in 1925 to fill a recognized need for such an Organization. It purposes to offer the men of the College an opportunity for singing in a choral group and to add to the entertaining musical programs presented in the College. Participation in Assembly programs and in the Spring Concert were the Organizations contributions to the College during the past year. The male quartet, comprised of selected Glee Club members, was an added feature. FIRST Row: Ellsworth Baldwin, Duane Harris, John Welcli, Ruth Albright, Charles Ross, Fred Rubens, Robert Schmidt. SECOND Row: Earl Oberrneyer, David Cappiello, Donald Baecher, Nelson Voglrt, Richard Meloon, John Mattison. THIRD Row: Robert Filer, Robert Isenberg, Robert Marks, A. Sandford Kenyon, Michael Wovlqulicli, Leon Graber. 133 VT ,I ,f ' J ro 'r y I! ifryljff ' fr' .y V. ART KRAFT KLUB President .,... . NORMAN TRUESDALE Vicefllresident . , RUTH TOTHILL Recording Secretary . . . . JUNE HALTON Corresponding Secretary ...... JANE WOLSLEY Treasurer . ....,.. CHARLES WEIGAND Faculty Advisers . . STANLEY A. CZURLES, CAROLYN W. HEYMAN FACULTY MEMBERS Charles B. Bradley Ruth M. Karcher Harry W. Rockwell Mary Fontana Felix Payant Urquhart Wilcox Mina S. Goossen D. Kenneth Winebrenner MEMBERS Thomas Asbury, G.C.'4O Elizabeth Johnston, G.C.'39 Richard Swart, A.E.'42 Miriam Beuther, H.E.'41 Ada Miller, G.C.l39 Ruth Tothill, A.E.'4O Marie D'Amico, A.E.'42 Samuel Munich, A.E.'4O Norman Truesdale, A,E,'4O Mary DiBlasi, A.E.'4O Earl Obermeyer, A.E.'42 Charles Weigand, I.A.'4l June Doyle, H.E.'39 Allan Owen, I.A.'41 , Joseph Witka, I.A.'41 Ernest Flemming, A.E.'4O Margaret Price, C.C.'39 Stanley Witmeyer, A.E.'39 Richard Fry, G.C.'4O A. Morton Raych, A.E.'4O Virginia Witte, A.E.'4O June Halton, G.C.'4O Frederick Rubens, A.E.'4O Jane Wolsley, A.E.'4O Catherine Smith, A.E.'4O ART KRAET KLUB was founded in 1920. Membership includes students from each College department, but is limited so that each individual can participate actively in every project. To afford opportunities to those people who are interested in creative abilities and to learn various means and techniques through specific projects beneficial to the individual and to the College are primary aims. As a club project a marionette production was def developed. The club also supervised posters and bulletin boards. The proceeds from 'LBuggy Daze," this year's name for the club's annual Stunt Nite, go to a scholarship fund for art students. FIRST now: Mrs. Hayman, Mrs. Fontana, Weigarrd, Halton, Truesdale, Tothill, Wolsley, Miss Goossen. SECOND now: Mr. Winebrenner, Price, D'Arnico, Witte, Doyle, Miller, C. Smith, DiBlasi, Mr. Czurles. THIRD Row: Rubens, Munich, Owen, Raych, Stuart, Flemming, Witka, Asbury, Obermeyer. 134 ART EDUCATICN CLUB rmsr Row: Biclqel, Mr. Payant, Smith, Raycli, Scliwanelqarnp, Rubens, Sisson, Mrs. Hey-man, Fingolcl. SECOND Row: Dinberg, Compton, Sellers, Taclquboski, Mandry, Sherwood, Tarayos, Spiewalgowslqi, Kingsley, Weissman, Ingham. THIRD Row: Begert, Bel, Chaffee, Phillips, Wheeler, Esclmer, Hayman, Alt, E. Smith, Messing, Totliill, Weinstein. rounrn now: Wagner, Rostacl, Kranz, Policy, Swart, Ressing, Lunney, Flemming, McBride, Boniface. President ......, ARLINE SCHWANEKAMP VicefPresident . . FRED RUBENS Susanne Sato '40 Genevieve Abrams '40 Recording Secretary Treasurer ...... Corresponding Secretary , . . . FACULTY ADVISERS Charles B. Bradley Carolyn W. Heyinan HONORARY MEMBERS! Stanley A. Czurle MEMBERS . MORTON RAYCH . JEANNETTE SMITH JEANNE SIssoN Ruth M. Karcher Urquhart Wilcox Evelyn Ingham '41 Harriet Kingsley '41 Maynard Kranz '42 Charles Lunney '41 Helen Mandry '41 Alice Messing '40 John McBride '39 Anthony Polley '42 Morton Raych '40 Arthur Ressing '40 Jeanne Robinson '40 Fred' Rubens '40 Ferne Alt '40 Doris Begert '42 Onna Lee Bel '42 Patricia Bickle '39 Mary Boniface '42 Ruth Chaffee '42 Shirley Compton '42 Bernice Dinberg '42 Margaret Eschner '41 Rose Fingold '39 Ernest Flemming '40 Martha Fridgeon '41 Arline Schwanekainp '40 Frances Sellers '39 Helen Sherwood '41 Jeanne Sisson '41 Edith Smith '39 Jeannette Smith '40 Irene Spievvakovvski '41 Helen Tarayos '41 Esther Weinstein '42 Frances Weissnian '41 Lcis Wheeler '42 Esther Yackuboski '42 THE ART EDUCATION CLUB, established in 1937 as a chapter of the Junior Division of the Eastern Arts Association which purposes to cultivate a deeper understanding of professional life and to strengthen bonds of friendship, sponsored an art auction and a Beaux Arts Ball this year. , 135 MEN S CLUB - 'lf' - - .- . imwnv ., , I mi ui. I . ig i -lf.--f ,L,.., , Y.: 'g' if '-1 'l . ,. af ...feel ni... , , a.rffs+L-A -' , ' 5'1"-1 ' W.: 12 W Nlfjziim 5 ,A .ie .ati . J..-1 L: I f.,i, 'fl S- V' .. V 1- " 5 um r 2 4194, l ll! Y i i EQ as . . s. , N M i I , . 4 Francis Alexander, I.A.'40 Charles Ambellan, I.A.'4l William Atkins, I.A.'39 Charles E. Ball, I.A.'4l Harold Beal, G.C.'41 Nelson Beck, I.A.'39 Lester Boneberg, I.A.'41 Clifford Borth, I.A.'39 Ralph Brighton, l.A.'-42 R. L. Brown, I.A.'39 Richard Burau, I.A.'4O David Cappiello, I.A.'41 Elliott Carlson, I.A.'42 Stuart Carlson, I.A.'42 John Chiavaro, I.A.'42 W. Kent Clarke, l.A.'40 Charles Clemons, I.A.'41 Irving Cohen, G.C.'42 David Cooke, G.C.'41 David Cownie, G.C.'4l L. John Cox, I.A.'40 Paul E. Daucher, I.A.'41 Thomas Davis, G.C.'42 Anthony E. DeScipio, I,A.'41 Emerson C. Dunning, Jr., G.C.'-42 William Exton, A.E,'41 William Finnigan, I.A.'42 Edward Firestone, I.A.'40 Irving Furhman, I.A.'40 Elmer Gattie, I.A.'42 Carlton J. Gerbracht, I.A.'42 Richard Gibbons, G.C.'4O Harold G. Gilbert, I.A.'42 William Glasglow, I.A.'4l Charles Gremke, G.C.'4l Joseph Halfey, A.E.'42 Duane Harris, I.A.'40 Donald Hartman, I.A.'41 Norman Hapke, I.A.'42 MEM BERS Hugh J. Haslett, I.A.'41 Donald Havens, I.A.'41 Warren F. Helwig, l.A.'41 Herbert B. Hilton, G.C.'42 James I-Iohensee, I.A.'41 Robert Isenberg, G.C.'41 William Kackas, I.A.'4O Clayton C. Kaminska, I.A.'41 A. Sandford Kenyon, jr., G.C.'40 Robert Kerr, I.A.'42 Stanton J. Kilburn, G.C.'42 William Kileoyne, I.A.'4O George Kirch, I.A.'41 Robert Kirsch, I.A.'42 Maynard B. Kranz, A.E.'42 John Krylo, I.A.'41 George Kuhn, I.A.'4l Norman Leary, I.A.'42 john Leslie, I.A.'41 Leo Levinkind, I.A.'39 Gunnar Lindstrom, G.C.'39 Irving Lorich, I.A.'?:9 Peter Lukashuk, I,A.'42 john A. Mattison, G.C.'42 Aurie McCabe, I.A.'39 J. Howard McCullough, I.A.'41 Daniel P. McNerney, G.C.'41 Alfred Meger, I.A.'39 Richard Mergler, I.A.'4Z Robert Miiikel, I.A.'39 Edward Nelson, I,A.'42 Harry Nelson, I.A.'41 Stephen P. Nyitrai, I.A.'40 Earl Obermeyer, A.E.'42 Edward Onody, I.A.'39 Allan Owen, I.A.'41 George Pagan, I.A.'42 Robert Peck, G.C.'41 WILLIAM J. ATKINS Edward Pecora, I.A.'39 Kenneth Phillips, I.A.'42 Patrick Pinto, I.A.'40 joseph A. Poole, I.A.'40 Robert Potter, I.A.'4l Arthur C. Ressing, A.E.'4O Carl Rost, I.A.'39 Alfred Sadroga, I.A.'39 Stephen Safron, I.A.'39 Victor Santo, I.A.'41 Robert Schafer, I .A.'41 Robert P. Schmidt, I.A.'40 Norman Schussler, I.A.'40 Joseph Schwartz, I.A.'4O Glendon Seaman, I.A.'41 Allen G. Sexton, I.A.'4O Edward Sikorski, I.A.'39 William Sion, I.A.'41 Harry Alan Spear, I.A.'40 Robert Spring, I.A.'41 Henry James Stachowicz, I.A.'42 Harold J. Steffen, I.A.'40 Vernon Strub, I.A.'41 Angelo Suozzi, I.A.'41 Richard Swart, A.E.'42 james Sweet, G.C.'41 Richard Temlitz, I,A.'42 Norman Truesdale, A.E.'40 Charles Turcott, I.A.'41 William Vandal, I.A.'41 Leon Holton Vivier, I.A.'42 Raymond Wagner, I.A.'39 Charles Weigand, I.A.'41 John Welch, I.A.'40 Grant C. Wettlaufer, I.A,'42 Howard L. Wightman, I.A.'4O Myron Williams, I.A.'4l joseph Witka, I.A.'41 Michael Wovkulich, I.A.'40 1 l FIRST Row: Kilcoyne, Nyitrai, Glasgow, Pinto, Vandal, Saclroga, Porter, Atkins, Weigand, Peck, Brown, Harris, Clarke, SECOND Row: Kuhn, Ressing, Arlson, Vivier, McNerney, Ball, Boneherg, Witka, Turcott, Wettlaufer, Linclstrom, Hafey, Schussler, Truesdale, Zeigler. THIRD Row: Silgorslqi, Swart, Obermeyer, Cohen, Clemons, Wujek, Burau, Fishman, Haslett, Leslie, Helwig, Krylo, Smith, Suozzi. FOURTH Row: Onody, Wagner, David, DeScipio, Mairiard, Stachowicz, Kirsch, Gerhracht, Temlitz, Wightman, Madison, Schmidt, Haplge, Welch Rubens. FIFTH Row: Leary, Isenberg, Gattie, Carlson, Kerr, Santo, Hartman, Spear, Kackas, Schwartz, Alexander, Poole, Kenyon, Rust, Rousselle, Burke. SIXTH Row: Kilburn, Cox, Karriinslqa, Ambellari, Holiensee, Gilbert, Hughes, Wovlgulich. OFFICERS President . . . WILLIAM ATKINS VicefPresiclent . RAYMOND PORTER Treasurer . CLIFFORD BORTH Secretary ALFRED SADROGA Representative . . ROBERT POTTER Representative . .... ALLEN G. SEXTON Faculty Advisers . ROBERT E. ALBRIGHT, RAYMOND M. FRETZ, ANDREW W. GRABAU THE MEN'S CAMPUS CLUB was established in 1955 through the consolidation of the Men's Club and the Campus Club. The organization provides an Outlet for the physical, mental, and social energies of its members. Through its orientation activities by which it annually sponsors Freshman Camp for the men of the College, the Campus Club con- tributes to extracurricular life at State. 137 MARY MARTIN FIRST SEMESTER MARY MARTIN. . . MILDRED O,NEILL. . . JOAN WEEER. . . ELLA MAGUIRE. . MARGARET DUPRE YWCA. OFFICERS ....P'resident. . . . . . .VicefP'resident. . . . . .Secreta'ry. . . . . ."Treasm'er. . EAOULTY ADVISERS RUTH E. HOUSTON HONORARY ADVISOR CATHERINE E. REED BETTY JANE SMITH SECOND SEMESTER . . .BETTY JANE SMITH . . .KATHERINE HEIMBUEGER . . .CECELIA KENNEDY . . .BARBARA HOSKINS KATHERYNE T. WITTEMOKE THE Y. W. C. A. is a Christian organization afiiliated with the national "Y," Although its main purpose is social service, the "Y" offers many spiritual and recreational activities for its members. Among the outstanding achievements for the year were Freshman Camp for girls and the second annual HY" Carnival. Proceeds from the Carnival were added to the student loan fund. A series of religious forums, Lenten services during Holy Week, and several lectures by representatives of various service Organizations in Burlialo were sponsored by the "Y" this year. 138 Ruth Albright, H.E,'41 Ferne Alt, A.E.'4O Irma Arendt, G.C.'42 Marie Barker, G.C.'41 Esther Becker, H.E.'40 Doris Begert, A.E.'42 M. Onnalee Bel, A.E.'42 Violet Bell, H.E.'4O Ruth Blacker, G.C.'42 Martina Bohm, G.C.'39 Joyce Brinkel, G.C.'41 Vera Brody, H.E.'42 lrene Camerer, H.E.'42 Helen Cepura, G.C.'39 Lorraine Cleary, G.C.'41 Virginia Coho, H.E.'41 Beryl Craig, G.C.'41 Jennie Cranston, H.E.'4O Betty Curtis, H.E.'42 Patience Elston, G.C.'42 Margaret Eschner, A.E.'41 Irma Fiocca, G.C.'42 Lucille Fisher, H.E.'40 Betty Gaver, H.E.'4O Zella Grapes, G.C.'40 Arlene V. Groll, G.C,'42 Anne Haggerty, G.C.'42 Vern Heck, G.C.'42 MEMBERS Katherine Heimbueger, G.C.'40 Barbara J. Hoskins, H.E.'4O Patricia Holdredge, H.E.'41 Lois Johnston, G.C.'42 Beverly June, G.C.'42 Dorothy Keil, G.C.'39 Mildred Keister, G.C.'39 Cecelia Kennedy, G.C.'40 Leila J. King, G.C.'42 Jean Kleptman, H.E.'42 Helen Kowalski, G.C.'41 Mary Adalene Lutz, H.E.'42 Frances McLaughlin, G.C.'41 Mary McNall, G.C.'41 Mary Alice McParlin, G.C.'42 Ella MaGuire, H.E.'40 Helen Mandry, A.E.'41 Patricia Maroney, G.C.'42 Mary Martin, G.C.'40 Jean Mayer, H,E.'41 Norma Mayer, G.C.'42 Margaret Miller, G.C.'40 Thelma Miller, G.C.'41 Beatrice Minkel, G.C.'4l Olive Nichols, G.C.'41 Ruth Ochs, G.C.'42 Mary J. Oelkers, G.C.'41 Edith Olsen, G.C.'4Z Mildred O'Neill, G.C.'4O Jeanne Padington, H.E.'42 Annette Pausewang, G.C.'39 Etta Peters, G.C.'39 Marjorie Phillips, G.C.'42 Phyllis Pickup, H.E.'40 Marion Pierce, H.E.'42 Margaret Price, G.C.'39 Betty A. Rech, G.C.'39 Virginia R. Root, G.C.'40 Juanita Rudolph, G.C.'42 Helen Sandecki, G.C.'41 Lou Schmanke, G.C.'40 Bettina Smith, G.C.'42 Betty Jane Smith, G.C.'41 Betty J. Stegrnan, G.C.'41 Hazel Sweetapple, H.E.'40 Wilma Tanner, H.E.'40 Edith Taylor, G.C.'42 Mary Taylor, G.C.'41 Arline Thompson, G.C.'4Z Genevieve Treichler, C.C.'41 Roma Valance, G.C.139 Evelyn Walter, G.C.'42 Jane Wantshouse, H.E.'4l Joan Weber, G.C.'39 Grace Whitelock, G.C.'39 Norma Williams, G,C.'4l FIRST now: Oelkers, MaG'uire, Craig, Price, Hoskins, O'Neill, Martin, Weber, Albright, Schrnanke, Keister, Keil McParlin. sncorm now: Minkel, Whitelock, Leising, Rudolph, Barker, June, Treichler, Smith, Taylor, Stegman Blacker, Padington, J. Mayer, McNall, Fiocca. THIRD Row: Barker, Cleary, Heck, Haggerty, Johnston, Phillips Walter, Elston, Gaver, Mandry, Brinkel, Sandecki, McLaughlin, Thompson, Ochs. Fouurn now: Bolirn, E. Taylor, Maroney, Begert, Arendt, Fisher, Becker, Cranston, Eschner, Wantslzouse, Holclredge, Peters, Kowalski, Tanner FIFTH Row: King, O'Leary, M. Pierce, Bel, Smith, Curtis, Sweetapple, Woodhotase, Lutz, Alt, Kennedy, Barnes Heimbueger, T. Miller, Kriijfen, M. Miller. 139 1 we Q lil in vi rl RURAL . EDUCATICIXI CLUB CLARINA ROSSI r M OFFICERS President . . CLAMNA Rossr VicefP'resident . . MARION SHORT Secretary . MARIAN SONTHEIM Treasurer . MILDRBD O,NEILL FACULTY Anvrsans Homer A. Bruce Kate V. Wolford THE RURAL CLUB was founded in the fall of 1933 to stimulate an understanding and appreciation of the values of rural life, to increase the number and significance of the College contacts with the problems of rural and village schools, and to provide recreational and social development for its members. The Bureau of Instructional Materials was founded and is carried on in cooperation with other organizations. Participation in the State Convention and the annual banquet were the major activities of the year. 140 Thelma Abel, G.C.'41 Concetta Alfano, G.C.'4o A. Marie Barker, G.C.'41 Kathryn Baxter, G.C.'39 Ruby Becker, G.C.'41 Helen Brennan, G.C.'41 Lillian Buddenhagen, G.C.'4l Vera Burckley, G.C.'41 Margaret Burns, G.C.'39 Norma Butler, G.C.'41 Catherine Jean Chad, G.C.'41 Martha Ciesielska, G.C.'4O Lorraine Cleary, G.C.'41 Joan Collins, G.C.'41 Velma Curry, G.C.'41 Jennie D'Alba, G.C.'39 Elsie D'Angelo, G.C.'42 Catherine McArdle, G.C.'40 Frances McLaughlin, G.C.'4O Catherine McLellan, G.C.'41 Jeanne McMahon, G.C.'42 Bessie Mencer, G.C.'41 Shirley Moore, G.C.'4l Hildred Muller, G.C.'41 Miriam Myers, G.C.'39 Dorothy Nichols, G.C.'42 Eileen O'Connor, G.C.'4l Mildred O'Neill, G.C.'40 Jeanne Piper, G.C.'41 Mary Piper, G.C.'4O May Polakov, G.C.'42 Bertine Popp, G.C.'40 MEMBERS Gladys Porter, G.C.'42 Angela Provenzano, G.C.'41 Alice Eaton, G.C.'41 Frances Epstein, G.C.'4l Jane Evans, G,C.'41 Ruth Feder, G.C.'40 Jane Foley, G.C.'4l Madeline Fritton, G.C.'39 Hanna Getz, G.C.'42 Edna Gordon, G.C.'41 Rose Granato, G.C.'40 Milton S. Gurvitz, G.C.'41 Edna Herman, G.C.'39 Evelyn Hess, G.C.'41 Grace Himmele, G.C.'41 Marjorie Ismert, G.C.'41 Winifred Jenner, G.C.'41 Mabel Jepson, G.C.'39 Elizabeth Johnston, G.C.'39 Elizabeth Jones, G.C.'41 Gretchen Kautz, G.C.'41 Rita Kick, G.C.'39 Muriel Kieffer, G.C.'41 Marie Kirchmeyer, G.C.'39 Charlotte Knack, G.C.'4O Frances Krainz, G.C.'41 Eleanor Larrabe, G.C.'4O Mary Liddle, G.C.'4O Dorothy Reynolds, G.C.'41 Mildred Richardson, G.C.'4O Marion Ricotta, G.C.'42 Gilmore Roberts, G.C.'40 Laura Scholl, G.C.'40 William Schwier, G.C.'42 Ruth Seitz, G,C.'40 Virginia Shanahan, G.C.'4l Marion Short, G.C.'39 Irene Sieroslawski, G.C.'41 Betty Jane Smith, G.C.'41 Marian Sontheim, G.C.'41 Helen Stachowicz, G.C.'40 Betty Jane Stegman, G.C.'41 Gerd Steinholt, G.C.'40 Earla Sweeney, G.C.'4O Mary Taylor, G.C.'41 Margaret Tefft, G.C.'41 Lydia Tosetto, G.C.'39 Ruth Travis, G.C.'41 Genevieve Treichler, G.C.'41 Martha Tully, G.C.'4O Jean Vedder, G.C.'41 Doris Warner, G.C.'39 Katie Warner, G.C.'41 Pearl Lindenbaum, G.C.'40 Evelyn Lockwood, G.C.'4O Elaine Longnecker, G.C.'42 Eleanor Manning, G.C.'40 Sarah Manning, G.C.'42 C. Lucille Mattern, G.C.'39 Dorothy May, G.C.'40 Helene Wilson, G.C.'40 Amelia Woeppel, G.C.'4O Beatrice Yaw, G.C.'41 Victoria Zabkowski, G.C.'4O Clarina Rossi, G.C.'4O FIRST Row: McLaughlin, E. Manning, M. Piper, O'Neill, Sontheim, Dr. Wo-ford, Rossi, Mr. Bruce, Linclenbauni, McArclle, Epstein, Gordon. SECOND now: Kick, Mattern, Burckley, Ricotta, Kiefer, Ehman, Zablgowski, Stegman Smith, Evans, Porter, Eaton, Taft, Sweeney, O'Conno-r, Becker. THIRD now: Mencer, Seitz, Fritton, Davis, Getz, Kirschrneyer, Himmele, Taylor, S. Manning, Hess, Nichols, Travis, Ciesielslqa, Collins. FOURTH Row: Wairner, Militello, Krainz, Tow, Cleary,J. Pi per, Sieroslawslqi,Jenner, Knack, Leary, Kautz, Reynolds, Provenzano, Wilson, Foley, Treichler, Noonan. FIFTH Row: Jones, A. Woeppel, Brennan, May, M. Woeppel, Muller, Buddenliagen, MCMlll10H, Moore, Jepson, Vedder, Chad, Barker, Larrabe, Gach, Abel. 141 ECGNGMKH CLUB Ury L HCWWE ,eww A ,f Nat' 'M I i X aff , ' XP. ao ,ff Alice Acquard, H.E.'40 Isabelle Ahern, H,E.'40 Ruth Albright, H.E.'41 Helen Bailey, H.E.'4O Esther Becker, H.E.'40 Violet Bell, H.E.'4O Eleanor Belz, H.E.'41 Helen Benning, H,E.'40 Florence Bergtold, H.E.'41 Ethel Brice, H.E.'40 Vera Brody, H.E.'42 Caroline Brown, H.E.'42 Kay Brant, H.E.'41 Katherine Burlingame, H.E.'40 Evelyn Cage, H.E.'4O Grace Calkins, H.E.'4l Frances Carothers, H.E.'41 Irene Camerer, H.E.'42 Lillian Chirlin, H.E.'42 jean Clark, H.E.'40 Elaine Cole, H.E.'41 Doris Conklin, H.E.'-42 Helen Crandall, H.E.'40 Jennie Cranston, H.E.'4O Barbara Curry, H.E.'42 jean Deifge, H.E.'42 Esther Dudziak, H.E,'42 Marjorie Duthie, H.E.'41 Mary Dwyer, H.E.'41 Marguerite Ellis, H.E.'4O Lucille Fischer, H.E.'40 Bernice Franks, H.E.'41 Muriel French, H.E.'4-2 Georgia Frese, H.E,'42 avi? Sv bt fo MEMBERS Betty Gaver, H.E.'4O Priscilla Gibson, H.E.'40 Eleanor Good, H.E.'42 Frances Gray, H.E.'42 Genevieve Grotz, H.E.'42 Marjorie Haifa, H.E.'41 Margaret Hammond, H.E.'42 Geraldine Harmon, H.E.'41 Margaret Hart, H.E.'40 Jean Hauser, H.E.'4l Ethel Hellems, H.E.'41 Helen Hickey, H.E.'4O Betty jane Hill, H.E.'42 Ellen Hirseman, H.E.'4?. Esther Hoag, H.E.'42 Patricia Holdredge, H.E.'4l Barbara Hoskins, H.E.'4O Caroline Hubbard, H.E.'4O Helen johnson, H.E.'41 Phyllis Kenyon, H.E.'4l Katherine Kniffin, H.E.'4O jean Laird, H.E.'4O Kathleen Lappin, H.E.'40 Dolores Leising, H.E.'40 Muriel Lever, H.E.'41 Phyllis Line, H.E.'40 Irene Low, H.E.'40 Mary Lutz, H.E.'42 Ella MaGuire, I-I.E.'40 Betty Mallue, H.E.'4O jean Mannear, H.E.'42 Pauline Martin, H.E.'42 Elizabeth Maul, I-I.E.'41 Jean Maxwell, H.E.'4-2 Jean Mayer, H.E.'41 , , 'Th 1 .F-F. L' 'V i Z ,a I lii: I ' 'I I , I., 'bn ELLA MAGUIRE Peggy McEntire, H.E.'40 Norma Newman, H.E.'39 Ruth Noble, H.E.'41 Mary O'Toole, H.E.'4Z Mary Paulin, H.E.'41 Phyllis Pickup, H.E.'40 Ruth Premus, I'I.E.'40 jean Reece, H.E.'42 Nancy Reid, H.E.'40 ,Ioan Rick, H.E.'42 Jean Rodwell, H.E.'42 Norma Scheuerman, H.E.'40 Eudine Schenck, H.E.'42 Maribell Scholl, H.E.'41 Alice Schnell, H.E.'42 Betty Schreiner, H.E.'4l Ruby Schultz., H.E.'4O Lorraine Smith, H,E.'42 Edith Snedecor, H.E.'40 Mary Straight, H.E.'4O Marjorie Studer, H.E.'4I Muriel Sullivan, H.E.'40 Hazel Sweetapple, H.E.'4O Lucille Swick, H.E.'42 Wilma Tanner, H.E.'4O Eleanor Thom, H.E.'42 Frances Thompson, H.E.'4O Jean Tillou, H.E.'4O Emily Van Brunt, H.E.'4O Eleanor Williams, H,E.'41 Lillian Whipple, H.E.'42 Helen Woodhouse, H.E.'41 Madeline Yuells, H.E.'42 Helen Zeder, H.E.'40 FIRST now: Rick, Thom, Ehrnan, Dwyer, Bailey, Thompson, Snedecor, Mayer, Hickey, MaGuire, McEntire, Schenck, Brown, Brody, Clark, Brant, Grotz. SECOND now: O'Toole, Corcoran, Woodhouse, Harmon, B. Schreiner, Curry, Zwick, O'Brian, French, Schnell, Lever, Kenyon, Carland, Brice, Bergtold, Scholl, Hammond. THIRD ROW Reece, Dudziak, Frese, Premus, Leising, Hoskins, Fischer, Becker, Reid, Ahern, Tillou, Lappin, Acquard, Gray, Gleason, Gaver, Martin, johnson, Mannear, Maxwell. FOURTH Row: Baldwin, Hill, Kreger, Scott, Schultz, Scheuerrnan, Gibson, Dombrowski, Bell, Eddy, Burlingame, Mallue, Tanner, Albright, Hauser, Holdredge, Dake Cole, Camerer. FIFTH now: Carotlzers, Calkins, Conklin, Wliipple, Crandall, Lussow, Syracuse, Cage, Hoag? Dittrner, Hubbard, Van Brant, Knifjin, Cranston, Good, Hirseman, Chirlin, Huey, Kleppman, Noble, Dejfge sIx'rH Row: B. Franks, M. Hajfa, Cortright, Franklin, Duthie, Sweetapple, Pickup, Chalmers, Low, Zeder, Benning, Line, Straight, Laird, Tuells, Anderson, Merrill, Fenner, Lutz, Sullivan, Williams. OFFICERS President ELLA MAGUIRE 1 V' 'P 'd t N N I ice resi en o1zMA EWMAN If AM7 Secretary HELEN HICKEY ff"S,,,7,-4? I I5 'Treasurer . JEAN MAYBR f Faculty Adviser . ALMA R. ROUDBBUSH jxf THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB, formerly the Household Arts Club, was organized on the Campus in 1911. It aims to foster professional interest, to provide social contacts, and to broaden the interest of its members in various iields. The Home Economics C1ub's greatest contribution to the College was an openfhouse program on the Home Economics' Industrial Arts Day. The proceeds of its Animal Sale were given to the International Scholarship Fund of the American Home Economics Association. An International Tea and a Fashion Show were sponsored by this organization. 143 . 'EL a L1-. lun " 1 aE'L'W?'5 We: ' lf: MEMBERS NEWWWAPJ CLUB President . . First VicefPresident Second VicefPresiderzt Treasurer . . . Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary . Executive Committee . FRANCIS ALEXANDER . . CLARINA Rossi . JOHN WELCH . MARY DIBLASI . IRENE KOVALCIK . . DOROTHY MAY IRVIN Loiucn, IRENE ScoTT, ELIZABETH BUCKLEY, DOLORBS OQBRIEN Faculty Adviser . . Moderator . . . Alice Acquard, H.E.'4O Isabelle Ahern, H.E.'4O Francis Alexander, I.A.'4O Concetta Alfano, G,C.'4O Helen Anderson, G.C.'4O Ida Bagnara, G.C.'42 Helen Bala, G.C.'41 Elizabeth Barush, I-I,E.'42 Bette Bellreng, G.C.'4l Eugenia Bencal, G.C.'42 Joan Bianchi, G.C.'42 Frances Boland, G.C,'41 Isabelle Brammer, G.C.'42 John Branicki, G.C.'4O Ruth Brown, G.C.'39 Marie Burgasser, G.C.'40 Margaret Burns, G.C.'39 William Callan, G.C.'42 Marjorie Campbell, G.C.'42 Helen Caplin, G.C.'4O David Cappiello, I.A.'41 Mary Agnes Casey, G.C.'39 Catherine Jean Chad, G.C.'41 Rosanna Marian Chad, H.E.'4O Alice Chmura, G.C.'41 Ruth Church, H.E.'42 Martha Ciesielska, G.C.'40 Joan Collins, G.C.'41 Gertrude Considine, G.C.'39 Samuel Conte, G.C.'39 Patricia Corcoran, H.E.'40 Maria Corsi, G.C.'42 John Coughlin, G.C.'39 Catherine Crocuston, G.C.'41 , EILEEN MULHOLLAND REV. FR. JOHN J. DEMPSEY Dorothy Epavets, G.C.'39 Helen Evans, G.C.'4O Jane Evans, G.C.'4O Irma Fiocca, G.C.'42 Edward Firestone, I.A.'40 Blanche Fix, G.C.'40 Mary Fleckenstein, G.C.'42 M. Jane Foley, G.C.'41 Melrose Franklin, H.E.'41 Rita Frawley, G.C.'4O Martha Fridgen, A.E,'42 Madeline Fritton, G.C.'39 Margaret Garner, G.C.'4O Betty Gaver, H.E.'40 Dorothy Gerber, G.C.'4O Charles Giglia, I.A.'42 Mary Graham, G.C,'41 Rose Granato, G.C.'4O Mary Griihn, G.C.'40 Robert Griffin, G,C.'41 Genevieve Grotz, H,E.'42 Marie Haefner, G.C.I42 Joan Hagerty, G.C.'4-2 June Halton, G.C.'4O Margaret Hammond, H.E.'42 Eleanor Hanny, G.C.'39 Geraldine Harmon, H.E.'41 Catherine Heimbucger, G.C.'40 Doris Hick, H.E.'42 Helen Hickey, H.E.'4O Margaret Hodge, G.C.'42 James Hohensee, I.A.'41 Rita Hollands, G.C.'42 Joseph Hourihan, G.C.'39 Mary Louise Crocuston, G.C.'39 Helen Humphrey, G.C.'4O Margaret Crowe, G.C.'41 Barbara Curry, H.E.'42 Jennie D'AIba, G.C.'39 Bernard Deazley, G.C.'39 Jeanne Deifage, H.E.'42 Betty Delaney, G.C.'42 Armando DeMarchi, I.A.'4O Rita DeMeo, G.C.'42 Anthony DeScipio, I.A.'41 Mary DiBlasi, A.E.'40 Madeline Johnson, G.C.'42 Julia Jones, G.C.'39 Helen Juzwiak, G.C.'42 Mary Keating, G.C.'40 Madelyn Keevers, G.C.'42 Katherine Kelly, G.C.'41 Marie Kennelly, G.C.'4O Mary Kerwin, G.C.'39 Rita Kick, G.C.'39 Muriel Kieffer, G.C.'41 Irene Kovalcik, G.C.'40 John Krylo, I.A.'41 Ellen Kuntz, G.C.'39 John Kwiatkowski, G.C.'42 Hilda Lamm, G.C.'40 Marie Lampka, G.C.'4O Kathleen Lappin. I-I,E.'4O Henrietta Lash, G.C.'42 Donald Lawless, G.C.'39 Salvatore Lazzara, A.E.'39 Robert Leahy, I.A.'40 Marion Leary, G.C,'39 Gladys Lee, G.C.'59 Mildred Lewandoski, G.C.'4O Agapita Liermo, G.C.'40 Sam LoMagIio, G.C.'40 Irvin Lorich, I.A.'39 Rosaria LoVecchio, G.C.'42 Jean Ludwig, G.C.'39 Beatrice Mace, G.C.'41 Agnes Mahoney, H.E.'40 Sebastian Martorana, G.C.'39 Dorothy May, G.C.'4O Margaret McCullor, G.C.'41 Margaret McDonough, G.C.'41 Frances McLaughlin, G.C.'4O Catherine McLellan, G.C.'41 Jeanne McMahon, G.C.'42 Mary McParlin, G.C.'42 :ae Y .E .T FRANCIS ALEXANDER Anne Quinlan, G.C.'40 Sarah Randazzo, G.C.'42 Emma Rang, G.C.'4l Margaret Richardson, G.C.'41 Joan Rick, H.E.'42 Marian Ricotta, G.C.'42 Rosemary Riordan, G.C.'41 Mary Jane Ritzenthaler, G.C.'40 Clarina Rossi, G.C.'4O Archie Rousselle, I.A.'40 Eugene Ruskowski, I.A.'4O Nora Ryan, G.C.'39 Alfred J. Sadroga, I.A.'39 Mary Sage, H.E.'41 Vincent Saia, G.C.'42 Amelia Salvaggio, G.C.'41 Helen Sandecki, G.C.'41 Victcr Santo, I.A.'41 Mary Sauerwein, G.C.'40 George Schieder, G.C.'39 Betty Schlotzer, H.E.'41 Theresa Schott, G.C.'42 BettyfMarie Schreiner, H.E.'41 Irene Scott, I-I.E.'39 Ruth Seitz, G.C.'4O Allen Sexton, G,C.'4O Virginia Shanahan, G.C.'41 Irene Sieroslawski, G.C.'41 Dorothy Micherdzenska,G.C.'41 Loraine Smith, H.E.'42 Virginia Mielcarski, G.C.'42 Mary Miller, G.C.'42 Edmund Mioducki, I.A.'4O Anne Mooney, G.C.'42 Hildred Muller, G.C.'41 Rita Murphy, G.C.'4l Roland Murphy, G.C.'42 Ruth Noble, H.E.'41 Margaret Noonan, G.C.'39 Mary Nowak, G.C.'42 Claire O'Brian, H.E.'42 Dolores O'Brien, A.E.'4O Eileen O'Connor, G.C.'41 Margaret O'Donnell, G.C.'39 Ruth O'Hare, H.E.'42 Jane O'Leary, G.C.'39 Rene Smith, G,C.'39 Rita Smith, G.C.'39 Irene Spiewakowska, A.E.'41 Henry Stachowicz, I.A.'42 Marjorie Studer, H,Ef41 Kay Sullivan, G.C.'4l Josephine Syracuse, H.E.'39 Jennie Tarantino, G.C.'4l Julia Thompson, G.C.'39 Margaret Tolsma, G.C.'42 Angela Vaccaro, G.C.'42 Kathleen Valley, G.C. Spec. Jessie Voltz, G.C.'39 Raymond Wagner, I.A,'39 Dolores Webber, G.C.'42 Joan Weber, G.C.'59 144 Joseph DiGesaro, I.A.'39 Libby DiPasquale, G.C.'42 Wanda Dombrowski, H.E.'39 Donald Donley, G.C.'41 Mary jane Drew, G.C.'4O Esther Dudziak, H.E.'41 Matthew Duggan, G.C.'39 Mary Dwyer, H.E.'41 Agnes Dzurenda, G.C.'39 Rose Mary Eagin, G.C.'39 Evelyn Engelhardt, G.C.'39 Stanton Kilburn, G.C.'42 Victoria Kimaid, G.C.'42 George Kirch, I.A.'4l Marie Kirchmeyer, G.C.'39 Robert Kirsch, I.A.'42 Jeanne Klocke, G.C.'4-2 Veronica Knauber, G.C.'42 Katherine Knithn, H.E.'40 Irene Kovalcilc, G.C.'4O Helen Kowalski, G,C.'41 Frances Krainz, G.C.'41 Mary Paulin, H.E.'41 Eugene Pawlowski, G.C.'41 Betty Pellegrino, A.E.'41 William Perry, G.C.'42 Theresa Petras, G.C.'42 Patrick Pinto, I.A.'40 Jeanne Piper, G.C.'41 Mary Piper, G.C.'40 joseph Alvin Poole, I.A.'4O Glenda Powell, H.E.'4l Leo Weber, I.A.'42 John Welch, I.A.'4O Evelyn Wenzel, G.C.'39 Mary Wild, G.C. Spec. Helene Wilson, G.C.'4O Amelia Woeppel, G.C.'4O Mariann Woeppel, G.C.'40 Helen Wolf, G.C.'42 Esther Yackuboskie, A.E.'42 Victoria Zabkowski, G.C.'40 Angela Provenzano, G.C.'41 Helen Zeder, H.E.'40 ' FIRST Row: Pinto, Syracuse, Keating, Scott, Koualcilq, Alexander, Rossi, DiBlasi, Saia, Dzurenda, Kennelly, Burgasser, Militello, Weber. SECOND Row: Tarantino, Mace, S. Anderson, D'Alba, Richardson, Kiefer, Gaver, Chad, Corcoran, Hickey, Ricotta, Hollands, F lcckenstein, Dwyer, Schlorzer, Seibert, Fiocca, K-nauber. THIRD Row: O'Laary, McLaughlin, Collins, Miscerdzinslqa, Schott, Eagin, Provenzano, Chirnura, J. Mitrphy, Mielcarslqi, Ranclazzo, Vaccaro, Caplin, Harmon, Hussey, Lierrno, Ritzenrhaler, Welch. FOURTH Row: May, Kelly, Boland, juzwialg, Bencal, Salvaggio, Sieroslawslgi, Maroney, Haefner, Noonan, Leary, L. Smith, H. Wilson, Ciesielslqa, Kloclge, Ahern, Mahoney, Larnplga. FIFTH Row: Friclgen, Silqorslqi, Casey, Piper, Considine, Kirchmeyer, Kcrwin, French, M. Woeppcl, Wolf, Deffage, Crotz, Crocuston, Garner, McMahon, Hagerty, DeMeo, Bramnier, Zeder. sIxTI4I Row: Duggan, Conte, Sadroga, Martorana, Wagner, DeMarchi, Heimbueger, Sauerwein, Kwistlqowslgi, Pawlowslqi, I, Murphy, A. Woeppel, DeScipio, Callan, Murphy, Burke, Lawless, Donley, Kilburn. THE NEWMAN CLUB at State was organized in September, 1937, as a member of the Newman Club Federation. It is a club of Catholic culture and Catholic fellowship, named in honor of the great literary and religious leader, john Henry Cardinal Newman. To foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of the Catholic students of the College and to assist the College and its students whenever possible are the aims of this society. The annual Retreat held during the Lenten season and discussions at the weekly meetings contributed to the spiritual interests of the members. The series of lectures on education and philosophy by Abbe Dimnet, Dr. Mortimer J. Adler, and Arnold Lunn formed the major part of the intellectual side of the club's program. "Wi11ter Wonderland," the organizations first Friday night dance, was its outstanding contribution to College social life. The Newman Club gave the College library a subscription to the Catholic Digest. 145 A. C. E. FIRST Row: M. Vaughan, Miss Allen, Price, Adams, Miss Hirsch, Lynds, Graham, Wingenhach. SECOND Row: Snow, Wliiteioclg, Kabel, Bohm, B. Smith, Stegman, Meyer, Williams, DiMarco. THIRD Row: Vogel, Thompson, Wrench, Kovalcilq, Clujf, Hoffman, Mace, Oellgers. FOURTH Row: Childress, Vandercher, V, Smith, Lamplga, Martin, Fuhr, Krause, Phelps, McDonough. FIFTH Row: Fleclrenstein, Lamm, Lyon, Quinlan, Passage, Littlefair, Clinton, Willqs. President ........ JANE ADAMS VicefPresident . MARGARET PRICE Secretary . . . AUDRBY LYNDS Treasurer . ..... MARY GRAHAM Publicity .... BARBARA ALLAN, MARTHA VAUGHAN' FACULTY ADvIsERs: Grace A. Allen, Irene Hirsch MEMBERS jane Adams, G.C.'40 Barbara Allan, G.C.'4O Helen Anderson, G.C.'4o Sally Anderson, G.C.'41 Martina Bohm, G.C.'39 Veral Cashmore, G.C.'4l Lurissa Childress, G.C.'40 Mary Clinton, G.C.'40 Marietta Cluff, G.C.'4o Celestine DiMarco, G.C.'4O Jeanne Fleckenstein, G.C.'4O Florence Fuhr, G.C.'4O Mary Graham, G.C.'41 Louise Hagen, G.C,'39 Margaret Kabel, G,C.'4O Cecelia Kennedy, G.C.'4O Irene Kovalcik, G.C.'4O Norma Krause, G.C.'4l Marie Lampka, G.C.'40 Hilda Lamm, G.C.'40 jean Littlefair, G.C.'4l Audrey Lynds, G.C.'41 Dorothy Lyon, G.C,'40 Beatrice Mace, G.C.'41 Mary Martin, G.C.'4O Anne Quinlan, G.C.'40 Diana Sawyer, G.C.'4O jean Scrimshavv, G.C.'59 Betty Jane Smith, G.C.'41 Verla Smith, G.C.'39 Flossy Snow, G.C.'39 Betty Stegrnan, G.C.'41 Marian Solomon, G.C.'39 julia Thompson, G.C.'39 Margaret Mayer, G.C.'39 Martha Vaughan, G.C.'4O june Meyer, G.C.'4O Ruth Vogel, G.C.'40 Margaret McDonough, G.C.'41 Grace Whitelock, G.C.'39 Mary Jane Oelkers, G.C.'41 Frances Wilks, G.C.'39 Marian Passage, G.C.'40 Betty jean Williams, G.C.'41 Margaret Price, G.C.'39 Gertrude Wingenbach, G.C.'4O Margaret Wrench, G.C.'39 THE ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION was established at State this year as a student branch of the national organization for childhood education. It desires to provide a means by which members may achieve professional improvement and enjoy professional fellowship through exchanging ideas and experiences, organizing study groups, and making social contacts. A. C. E. has sponsored speakers and panel discussions open to the entire College. 146 N.-R. A. President . VicefPresident OFFICERS Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . Esther McGinnis Fern Ackroyd, H.E.'39 Alice Acquard, H.E.'40 Betty Baldwin, G.C.'39 Joanne Baldwin, G.C.'4O Eugenia Bencal, G.C.'42 Helen Benning, H.E.'4O Eleanor Kay Brant, H.E.'41 Vera Brody, H.E.'42 Lillian Buddenhagen, G.C.'4l Mary Buechner, G.C.'41 Emily May Butler, G,C.'41 Elaine Cole, H.E.'41 Carol Hubbard, H.E.'40 Helen Johnson, H.E.'41 Margaret Kabel, G.C.'40 FACULTY ADVISERS Edna Meshke Catherine E. Reed MEMBERS Phyllis Kenyon, H.E.'41 Lois Kroenig, G.C.'42 Elizabeth Landfield, G.C.'39 Phyllis Line, H.E.'4O Marjorie Lobaugh, G.C.'4O Irene Low, H.E.'4O Pauline Martin, H.E.'42 Hildred Muller, G.C.'41 Dorothy Nichols, G.C.'42 Lilla Cortright, H.E.'39 Jennie Cranston, H.E.'4O Kazmira Czerniejewski, G.C.'41 Virginia Dittmer, H.E.'4O Jeanne Dodson, H.E.'4O Esther Dudziak, H.E.'4l Overine Ehman, G.C.'39 . PHYLLIS LINE ELEANOR KAY BRANT JANE WANTSHOUSE VIRGINIA DITTMBR JOAN BALDWIN Ruth Palmer Marian Fisher, H.E.'39 Priscilla Gibson, H.E.'4O ' :E g,g,uL- Janet Gray, A,E.'42 flaky- ,nu-U-A' I I, 6 f Margaret Hart, H.E.'4O " ' " 4061 Marjorie Peck, G.C.'39 FA' Q I 7' Marguerite Reinhard, H.E.'41 . ,I a 5,51 Jean Robinson, G.C.'40 W' , Elizabeth Seiler, H.E.'4l Mary Straight, H.E.'4O Eunice Tepas, G.C.'42 Emily VanBrunt, H.E.'4O Ruth Vroman, H.E.'39 Jane Wantshouse, H.E.'41 Jane Widrig, H.E.'40 Eleanor Williams, H.E.'4l In 1929 the NonfResident Association, a social organization for outfofetown women, was instituted at the College. To create new interests and foster new friendships among nonf resident women are the major goals of this organization. Early in the year the N.fR. A. sponsored a party for all Freshman women. It also conducted a Friday night uReverse Rhythm" dance and, as an innovation, a Date Bureau was set up in connection with this affair. 147 l PSYCHOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS President . . . . VicefPresident Treasurer . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary .... DAVID PRITCHARD GILMORB Roasrrrs . ANTHONY Eicrzs MARGARET DORCHAK . JANE DREW FACULTY MEMBERS Margaret S. Quayle Oscar E. Hertzberg Reuben S. Ebert MEMBERS Harold Axlerod, G.C.'4O Norma Hoffman, G.C.'40 David Pritchard, G.C.'40 Isadore Bush, G.C.'40 Norma Krause, G.C.'41 Gilmore Roberts, G.C.'4o Margaret Dorchak, G.C.'4O Leo Levinkind, I.A.'39 Clarina Rossi, G.C.'4o jane Drew, G.C.'40 Miriam Myers, G.C.'39 Jennie Tarantino, G.C.'41 Anthony Ekes, G.C.'39 Robert Peck, G.C.'4l Earl Telschow, G.C.'40 jane Gilliat, G.C.'40 julia Pero, G.C.'41 Evamae Wilhite, G.C.'4O THE PSYCHOLOGY CLUB received its charter in 1957, although the nucleus was formed ' 1 36 It r ose is to study and discuss problems of psychology, to learn of the psy' in 9 . s pu p . chologists' contributions in the field of social service, and to lend its efforts to promote . . h artici ation in the betterment of this community. Complete reports of the telepat y P P testing program conducted last year were sent to Duke University to be added to their ' ' ' f h Stat Hose research files. An annual drive for collecting books and magazines or t e new e pital Library was sponsored in the Spring. Dr. Oscar E. Hubbard of the Buffalo Guidance Center was among the club's guest lecturers. FIRST Row: Roberts, Drew, Dr. Herczberg, Pritchard, Dr. 921445-yle, Dorchak, Ekes ' ' ' B I1 sacoN'o Row: Axlcrod, Pero, Rossi, Myers, Peck, Hoffman, amntmo, ns 148 LES AMATEURS DE LA FRANCE Fmsr Row: Mattern, Rorcs, Mace, Tarantino, Conte, Czerniejewslqi, Cheney, Solomon, Grebinslqi. SECOND now: Fiocca, Singer, Croruston, Keil, Eagin, Russ, Meloon, Pawlowslqi, Izzo, Siegel, Porter, Link. 'rumn Row: Kecvers, Kimnid, Kelly, Boland, Duggan, Kotula, Murphy, O'Sullivzm, Munger, McMahon, North. FOURTH now: Bolton, Fitch, Keister, Haenszel, Rang, Dolan, Viox. O'Brien. President . . K .... SAMUEL D. CONTR VicefPreside'nt -IENNIB TARANTINO Treasurer . BBATRICB G. MACE Secretary . . KAZMIRA CZEIKNIEJEWSKI Faculty Adviser Concetta Alfano, G.C.'40 Sally M. Anderson, G.C.'41 Frances Boland, G.C.'41 Helen Bolton, G.C.'42 Rae Cheney, G.C.'39 Samuel D. Conte, G.C.'39 Robert Coppola, G.C.'40 Catherine Crocuston, G.C.'41 Kazmira Czerniejewski, G.C.'41 Margaret Dolan, G.C.'4l Rose Mary Eagin, G.C.'39 Irma Fiocca, G.C.'42 Ruby Fitch, G.C.'42 Leonarda Grebinski, G.C.'4O Janis Haenszel, G.C.'42 MEMBERS Frances Izzo, G.C.'41 Madelyn Keevers, G.C.'-12 Dorothy Keil, G.C.'39 Mildred Keister, G.C.'39 Katherine Kelly, G.C.'41 Victoria Kimaid, G.C.'42 Leo Kotula, G.C.'42 Laura Link, G.C.'42 Samuel LoMaglio, G.C.'40 Beatrice G. Mace, G.C.'41 Lucille C. Mattern, G.C.'39 Jeanne McMahon, G.C.'42 Richard Meloon, G.C.'42 Norma Munger, G.C.'42 john Murphy, G.C.'41 CHARLES A. MESSNER Margaret O'Brien, G.G.'4l Patrick O'Sullivan, G.C.'42 Gene Thomas Pawlowski, G C 41 Gladys Porter, G.C.'42 David Pritchard, G.G.'40 Emma Rang, G.C.'41 Katherine C. Rores, G.C.'39 Bernard Russ, G.C.'42 Allen G. Sexton, G.C.'40 Lenore Siegel, G.C.'42 Gertrude Singer, G.C.'39 Marian Solomon, G.C.'39 '41 Jennie G. Tarantino, G.C. Lydia Tosetto, G.C.'39 Ruth G. Viox, G.C.'42 jane North, G.C.'42 LES AMATEURS DE LA FRANCE was established on the Campus in the Fall of 1935 in response to a longffelt need for a cultural organization in the language held. Its expressed purpose is to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the culture, customs, language, and arts of the French people. Among activities sponsored by this organization are the publishing of an annual French newspaper, the yearly production of a famous French drama, and presentation of guest speakers who lecture in French. To the French student, it is indispensable as a social, cultural, and literary supplement to classroom Work. 149 ALUMNI ASSCCIATICN OFFICERS . , , HENRIETTA STRAUB '12 15 28 13 President . VicefPresident , . . PAUL WAMSLEY ' Ex Ojicio President . . MILDRED K. VOGELSANG ' Recording Secretary . AGNES R. VOLLMER ' . FREDERICK SCHULTZ '16 Treasurer . Financial Secretary . MARIE FITZPATRICK '28 Historian . . MARY DARKER '17 Permanent Secretary . . . . CAROLINE K. GORDNIER '36 ' DIRECTORS Caroline K. Gordnier '36, Permanent Alumni Secretary George Schultz, '29 Thaddeus May, '33 Elizabeth M. Roth, '07 Damon Witte, '36 Madeline Mache, '14 Arthur Lord, '34 - BRANCH PRESIDENTS BARBARA BOATFIELD ..... . . Batavia RETA H. HALL . . . Niagara Falls . Rochester DELLA DAVIES CHAFPEE ATHLETIC CCUNCII. President . . . . . ARTHU11 A. MICHLIN, G.C.'39 VicefPresident . . MARGARET E. NOONAN, G.C.'59 Secretary . . . . MARGERY MASON, G.C.'39 Treasurer . . . . THOMAS TIERNEY, G.C.'4O Men's Intramural Manager . DONALD CLARK, G.C.'39 A Girl's Intramural Manager MARGARET FELSINGER, G.C.'39 Soccer Manager . , NORMAN ScHussLaR, I.A.'4O Basketball Manager . . . SAMUEL CARR, I.A.'39 Swirnrning Manager . JOHN SCHASSAR, G.C.'4O Tennis Manager .... HOWARD SENGBUSH, G.C.'39 jane Adams, G.C.'40 Irving Cohen, G.C.'42 Vera Kinsley, G.C.'40 Katherine Albrechtson, G.C.'39 Virginia Coho, H.E.'41 Gunnar Lindstrom, G.C.'39 Betty Bernhard, H.E.'39 Betty Curtis, H,E.'42 Phillip Pohlman, I.A.'39 Dana Berry, H.E.'41 Anthony DeScipio, I.A.'41 Raymond Porter, I.A.'4O William Callan, G.C,'42 Roger Groth, G.C.'4O joseph Romano, G.C.'4l Doris Hick, H.E.'42 The history of the Athletic Association dates back to the first athletic program at State. A formal constitution was drawn up in 1936 to give the representatives of the student body the jurisdiction to control all phases of athletics. During the 193869 season the Athf letic Council reorganized and actively functioned as the governing body of the Athletic Association. It has been the Council's aim throughout the year to put the athletic program on a higher intercollegiate level, to bring about a correlation of social and athletic fellow' ship, and to encourage greater student participation in athletics. The Council sponsored sports rallies to create greater enthusiasm and attendance at the soccer games. Another accomplishment during the year was the securing of publicity in the newspapers and over the airfwaves for Statels varsity teams. Coaches of minor sports, varsity captains, varsity managers, and the intramural managers of both men's and women's sports were elected by the Council. Contests for selection of players to represent "AllfStar" teams nu soccer and basketball, and provision of orchestras for afterfgame dancing were also contributions. FIRST Row: Mr. Fontana, Mr. Coyer, Mason, Miclilin, Noonan, Miss Houston. SECOND Row: Sengbush, Felsinger, Coho, Adams, Curtis, Kinsley, Porter. THIRD Row: Carr, DeScipio, Schassar, Linclstrorn, Cohen, Schussler, Callan, Barrowrnan. 151 ff :y 1 O MENS ATHLETICS ww 2 5- m -H Mm mm"' K "' M W ' M' H V, X ,W '-Hu 1 ,H w vim X w W X' . 'A 4' 1- -, -2-h e N ' : .. 1 . ' ' fa:--.iff -:-,wrff"- H N, '11 uf- -' f -,rim , 1 H ,Q ' , -,FSKMEEJ ,':':Q':'f .f.5?:'L12bHZ,f ' 'iffgff :QQ - HM J -NN -25, 'f.l'22- fi-fv." 'f - 1 iwglfrziiif 1 ' X ' ':L.'11g-'w- - . I ,,,., f,-.ji 115155,-gg: L, 1 1' mu W Y ,E .,., ,MW ,A - .., 5 ,Li .kzl 5 , , M m, ' E '- 2 ..L igk fguf , in gm :I ,ffl -:: -4,Y.gY,,,,,E1 Humuw LM. 7 ww mu if j , mu., L .K gg -L , :M -- , ,I .N 'V . W V V: :V A V, ,, ,W Y LW,A Y in , -7-. ' ' ' il Y ,v Nw- vgg.. 'H ' 'wif "W" fa xl A 1' 1 A wg, , Mi u ' .- '--'M , W pi ww, ww ' 'Aff 'if Lu' x VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST Row: Turcott, Miller, Munich, Witmeyer, Rosa, Farmm secono now: Carr, Rupp, Edmunds, DeScipio, Mr. Coyer DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Coach . ..... HUBBRT E. COYBR Manager . SAM CARR, I.A.'39 CofCaptain . . STANLEY WITMEYER, A.E.'39 CofCaptain . .... SAMUEL MUNICAH, A.E.'4O SEASON RECORD State . . . 38 Cortland Normal. . . . . :"State. . . . . . 45 Grove City College. , . . . 'FState . . . 43 Slippery Rock College. . , , State . , . 35 Toronto University. . . , State . . . 40 Oswego Normal. . . . . State , . . 43 Allegheny College ..... , . . State . , . 52 Ontario Agricultural College State . . . 47 Thiel College ......... . . , State ..... , , . 72 Geneseo Normal. . . . . a'c"c":State . . . 38 Niagara University, . . . . 453 7 games won and 3 lost. :kGR11lE5 played away from home. "'MBest Game of the year. INDIVIDUAL SCORING OE THE SEASON Games Points Average . Stanley Witineyer ..... .... 1 O 198 19.8 . Samuel Munich ..... .... 1 O 64 6.4 . Paul Miller ...... .... 1 O 63 6.3 . Louis Rosa ........ . . 9 55 6.11 . Anthony DeScipio .... .... 4 19 4.75 . Lindsay Earnan ..... .... 1 O 27 2.7 . Raymond Brown .... . . 3 8 2.6 . Kenneth Edmunds .... . . 8 12 1.5 . Harold Rupp ......, . , 8 7 0.86 . Charles Turcott .... . . 6 1 0.16 . Roland Murphy .... . . 2 0 0.00 VARSITY BASKETBALL The cry, "The Time Has Come," resounded when the basketball season closed with the team defeating Niagara University 58555. This was the second time in the history of basket' ball competition between the two colleges that State handed Niagara a reverse to win the District Championship. This game came as a fitting climax to a most successfulcampaign. The game was a thriller from start to Hnish, and although perhaps the team was not the best in the history of the Orange and Black, it was considered to be the most pugnacious aggregation to don the colors since the 'LS Iron Men," composed of Michlin, Coleman, Zwick, Reist, and Hickey, defeated Niagara in 1936 by a single point margin. Led by Stan Whitiiaeyer, the team composed of Sam Munich, Lou Rosa, Paul Miller, Ray Brown, and the two substitutes, Harold Rupp and Lindsay Farnan, played a Bne game to emerge victorious. In addition to the Niagara victory, the varsity also triumphed over Cortland Normal, Grove City, Oswego Normal, Ontario Aggies, Thiel College, and Geneseo Normal. Three defeats were received at the hands of Slippery Rock, Toronto University, and Allegheny College by Eve, one, and two points respectively. Most of the games were closely contested this year and the good sportsmanship and social atmosphere they created has been responsible for the large student request for a more extensive basketball schedule for next year. 1 155 JUNICI2 VARSITY BASKETBALL rms? Row: Sclmssler, Daucher, Viuicr, Safran, Vfizeman, Hagerty, Beal SECOND now: Mrmrphy, Callan, Chizwaro, Miclilin, Romano, Brown, Cohen SEASON RECORD 3 1 State J. V. ,... .... 3 4 Class of 1938 ............. . . . . State J. V. ,... .... 3 4 Millard Fillmore College .... . . . 20 State J. V. ,... .... 5 1 Marine Trust Company .... . . . 13 State J. V. .... .... 2 9 Nichols Prep School ...... .... 2 4 State J. V.. . . .... 30 Delaware Y. M. C. A.. . . . . . . 36 State V. ,... .... 3 8 Liberty Bank ........... .... 1 6 State J. V.. . . ..., 36 Humboldt Y. M. C. A. .... . . . . 40 State J. V.. . . .... 29 Buffalo Athletic Club .... . . . . 19 State J. V.. . . .... 26 Niagara Frosh ......... . . . . . 39 307 238 6 games won-3 games lost. Coach . . . ARTHUR A. MICHLIN, G.C.'39 Captain . STEPHEN SAPRON, l.A.'39 HAROLD BEAL, C.C.'41 Manager ....... UNIOR VARSITY of 1938 1939 was one of the best reserve basketball teams THE I f State has had The squad, coached by Art Michlin, a court star of a few years back, who " in succession was chosen for the "AllfWestern New York Basketball Team two years , turned in some fine scores, winning six games out of nine. The victories included wins over Millard Fillmore College and the strong Nichols Prep Squad. Several members of the junior Varsity were graduated to the Varsity before the season h d d d. Ra Brown, Tony DeScipio, and Roland Murphy savv action in Varsity games. a en e y The best performances made by individual players were twelve points for Holton Vivier, and ten for Charles Ross playing against the strong Humboldt Y. M. C. A. Crede Hagerty, ' ' C h ra ed about five points Ray Brown, Holton Vivier, Roland Murphy, and Irving o en ave g per game for the season. 156 VARSITY SWIMMING This year witnessed the greatest season in the history of varsity swimming at State. The team, handicapped by the loss of several point getters of last year's campaign, came through the year with the addition of Ken Phillips, Joe Zahm, Bill Kneer, Charles Ambellan, and Wallace Redman to win six meets out of nine. Coach Saari's men swam against outstanding teams from New York State, Canada, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The team opened its season with an easy victory over Grove City College and eked out a 41-34 win at the expense of Slippery Rock. Although the relay team of Saari, Tierney, Barrowman, and Woodcock met defeat against Rochester, Toronto, and Western Reserve, they gained experience that will enable them to meet these teams at home again next year. Two wins were scored over Niagara's mermen. Recognition must be given to Coach Saari, one of the greatest breast strokers of the East, for his tireless effort during the past four years as coach and winner in the 200fyard breast stroke event and relays, and to the other graduates, Captain Barrowman, Woodcock, Phillips, Lare, Sengbusch, and Redman, who deserve praise for their achievements. State ....... State ....... 41 State ....... 28 State ....... State ....... 43 State .....,. 55 57 28 State ......, State ....... 33 State .,..... 43 Total ....... 374 Won 6 and lost 3. VARSITY SWIMMING 193869 SEASON RECORD 46 ' 20 Grove City ................. Slippery Rock .,............. University of Rochester ......, Allegheny ...........,....,. Ontario Agriculture College .... Niagara University .... , ....... Toronto University ...,....... Western Reserve ..... Niagara University ..... at Grove City at Slippery Rock at Rochester at Buffalo at Buffalo at Buffalo at Toronto at Cleveland at Niagara FIRST now: Wettlatcfer, K. Phillips, Rowley, Sami, Barrowman, Kneer, A-mbellzm, Lare sncobm Row: R. Phillips, Woodcoclq, Redman, Sclmssar, Tierney, Zahm, Sengbusch 157 x I X. , X ,iv if lil VARSITY SCCCER I Q j FIRST ROW: Kingston, Oleniacz, Lare, Missert, Porter CCapt.j, Hagerty, Finn, Brown, Potter, Steffen ll SECOND Row: Coach Coyer, Haslett, Lulqashuk, Romano, Miller, Strelve, Safran, Clark, Schussler QMgrj 'X State State State State State State State. . State Coach . HUBERT E. COYER Captain RAYMOND PORTER Manager . . NORMAN SCHUSSLER Assistant Managers . ROGER GROTH, ROBERT ISENBERG 1938 SCHEDULE Oswego Normal ...,. Cortland Normal ..... Colgate University ..... McMaster University University of Toronto .... . ..3 . .... O . ..2 . .... 4 . ,.l Slippery Rock ......... Allegheny College .... . ..l .. ....2 . ..4 Oberlin .......,. .. Total ...... ....... 1 7 6 games won-1 game lost-1 game tied. VARSITY SOCCER During the 1938 season, soccer became even more firmly established as a major sport at State. After the close of the fullest and most successful season in the history of the College, with a record of six victories, one tie, and one loss, Coach Coyer termed our aggregation "the greatest team since the inception of soccer at State." Its ranks depleted by the graduation of many of its stellar performers, gaps in the line-up were ably filled by newcomers. Captain Ray Porter, who was shifted from his former wing position to right inside, bore the brunt of the season's offensive playing. The greatest single performance, however, was given by Bud Miller, star goalie and captainfelect of next year's squad. Miller, Porter, and Brown were chosen to represent State in their respective positions on the first team of the AllfState and Opponents Soccer Team. Bob Potter and Joe Romano were selected for the second team. Honorable mention was given to Hagerty, Finn, and Clark. The fine playing of the entire team, however, enabled these men to gain their honors. State opened its season before a large crowd on Alumni Field, defeating the team from Oswego Normal 3fO. Four days later, a snorting Red Dragon outfit from Cortland Normal handed the Orange and Black its first and only setback of the season, blankirig the home team 2fO. Playing their third game on the home field, the Mudders took the measure of a strong Colgate team, 2f1 and although pressed to the limit by the Canadian sharpfshooters from McMaster University, eked out a 4f3 victory. Before the season was three weeks old the team had played five contests. By drawing lfl with Toronto, scoring three victories and one loss, State had already equalled last season's record. On a twofday trip to Pennsylvania, State scored victories over Slippery Rock State Teachers lf0, and over Allegheny College 2-O. Coming home, the Statesmen swamped Oberlin, 4fl. - Tallying over twice as many points as their opponents during the season, the Mudders proved themselves a good defensive team, being held scoreless in only one encounter. ar- 159 CHEEIQ LEADERS EIGHT, STATE, EIGHT! just one of the resounding cheers so ably led by the enthuf siastic group of cheer leaders who contributed much to the success of State's teams during the past year. The squad performed consistently, exhibiting its gymnastics and leadership at pep assemblies, pep rallies, soccer and basketball games. 3440 CROSS COUNTRY Engaging in its second year of varsity competition, a veteran cross country team won two out of three meets to continue a .667 average set last season. In the first home meet, State's harriers scored a 24f35 victory over McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario, Voght, Wielepolski, and Bacon led the squad over Delaware Park terrain to defeat the Canadians. The following week the team journeyed to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, to defeat Slippery Rock State Teachers College, 1'7f42. In the final meet of the season, which took place on the University of Toronto's racking live and onefhalf mile course, a strong "varf sity" squad defeated the Orange and Black, 2Of35. Veteran Ray Ast coached the uhillfaiidfdalersn and did a commendable job. Nelson Voght, outstanding star, will succeed Captain joe Kinzie in the coming season. Other veterans who will return include Bacon, Wielepolski, Hammel, Wujek, Branicki, McNerf ney, and Stachowicz. 1938 SCHEDULE October 14 ...... State ..,.,. 24 McMaster ............... 35 at Buffalo October 22 .,.... State ...... 17 Slippery Rock ........,... 42 at Slippery Rock October 29 ...... State ...... 35 University of Toronto .... 20 at Toronto l 160 GOLF State's parfbreakers, under the superb coaching of Mr. Vail, swung back into action this Spring, after winning one and losing two matches in the early Fall competition. The team was nosed out 1342 in a close contest with Niagara University. Carl Rost and Joe Zahm, who were outstanding for the Statesmen, were back in action this year when the team sought revenge for the earlier defeat. Members of the squad included Captain Robert Flanigan, Bernard Deazley, Carl Rost, Robert Cunningham, Frederick Neuschel, Jerome Klawitter, john Coughlin, William Glasgow, joseph Zahm, and Robert Marks. Victor Santo managed the team whose Spring competition included matches with the University of Buffalo, Niagara University, and Fredonia State Normal School. TENNIS Last year the tennis team made the best showing in recent years by defeating the University of Buffalo team 5f4, and losing two close matches to Niagara University. This year the same team will be back under the tutelage of Arthur Michlin, coach of last year's team and a former racquet wielder on the 1935 team. Due to lack of Enancial backing from the blanket tax appropriation the team will be chosen on the basis of an intra' mural tennis tournament. The following players are expected to compose this year's team: George Kirch, Paul Miller, Ray Wagner, Ed Sikorski, Joe DiGesaro, Harold Steffen, John Cox, David Cooke, and some of the promising freshmen. Howard Sengbusch, '39, has been chosen as manager. State will meet the following colleges in intercollegiate competition: University of Buffalo, Niagara University, and Fredonia State Normal School. INTRAMURAL SPORTS LEAGUES Designed primarily to give nonfvarsity students opportunity for athletic competition, the Intramural Sports Leagues were planned and carried out to a successful finish this year. A large variety of sports was offered including crossfcountry and soccer in the Fall, basketball and pingfpong in the Winter, and softball, swimming, and badminton in the Spring. Besides offering everyone a chance for participation, the Intramurals produced several men who later engaged in Varsity play. The program was efficiently executed by Donald Clark, intramural manager. In a grueling twofmile run around Delaware Park Lake, the Class of '41 repeated its cross country victory of last year, placing four runners in the Hrst five finishers. Holton Vivier crossed the tape first, while Sophomores Santo, DeScipio, Potter, and Daucher finished before Chiavaro, another Freshman, to score a Soph triumph. Although forced to put up a stiff battle, the Sophomores again came through with the laurels, this time in soccer. About 200 men, representing several classes, sections, and departments, answered the call for Interclass Soccer and displayed an abundance of class spirit and sportsmanship which led to a highly exciting schedule. The contest for the basketball championship was a battle from the start and up to the time this article went to press, the winners were unpredictable. The team to win is sure to have done so only after the most strenuous competition. Pingfpong potentate of the College, Dave Cownie, was victorious over a large Held of contestants. Much interest was evidenced in this sport and the game room was consistently crowded. Spring- Gaining rapidly in popularity among State students, many keenly contested badminton tournaments were conducted, both in singles and in doubles. An intramural swimming meet determined individual and class champions among State's mermaids and mermen who were not entered in varsity competition. With the first signs of good weather, interclass softball became the major sport interest of many. Keen competition, tempered with good sportsmanship, kept participants and spectators on edge pending the outcome of these well played contests. 161 K Q li 432' i WCDMEIXVS ATHLETICS kv " LL1, ,' 7 Q 111 111 Y ss 5 2: 511 111mg . 11 11 ,111 111 11 11 M 11 ,, 11 11 5 M 11 111 H 1 11 11 Q 1 11 W E :11 11 1 1 1 11 1 11 11 11 Q 111 111 11 ' 11 11 11 1 11 11 11 5 . 111 111 A111 2 1 1 11 211 - 1111 W 1 111 11111111 fy" 5 Eg 11 1 W11115 11 14111 "f 1 211 ,,..11 .3 11111 ,1 111 111, 11 'E 1111 rf as m'2'211 1152 1221 111 1 11' : H 11 BASKETBALL The basketball tournament, one of the women's major sports events, is very well planned. Eirst practice games are played, then intersection games, interclass games, and finally the Orange and Black game. Only the best players are chosen for the hnal game. Eleven section teams played a total of nineteen games. When a team lost two games it was dropped from the tournament. As THB ELMS goes to press two undefeated teams, the Home Ec Sophomores, last year's champions, and the Seniors, champions in their Freshman and Sophomore years, are battling for top honors with the Home Ec Freshmen already established in third place. Girls are elected to the AllfClass teams from the section teams. Three years' participation the All Class team is rewarded with a gold basketball. Members of the junior and on f Senior teams automatically became AllfClass players as each of these classes entered only one team in the competition. Chosen from the Freshmen were Nina Brown, Miriam Borden, Doris Coffey, Lucile Dake, janet Gray, Doris Hick, Euphra Lupkievvicz, Marjorie Pierce, Marion Pierce, and Mar 'orie Slacer. From the Sophomores were Helen Bala, Elsie Barr, Alberta Brown, Mary l Beuchner, Grace Calkins, jean Chad, Anne Gould, Lorraine Cleary, Rita Murphy, and Betty Smith. included Esther Becker jean Fleckenstein Vera Kinsley Katherine Kniflin, Juniors , , , Patrina Militello, and Margaret Miller. Seniors were Kay Albrechtson, Mary Joan ' Ed H Callahan, Helen Cepura, Mary Dobony, June Doyle, Margaret Eelsinger, na erman, and Rita Kick. The AllfSophs took an easy victory from t e f ros y took the measure of the juniors by a score of 3420. The. championship was decided .between these two winners in a bitterly contested game, resulting in a victory for the Seniors with a score of 25f24. h All F h b a score of 4845. The Seniors 164 From the AllfGlass teams the Orange and Black members were selected: Nina Brown, Lucile Dake, Marjorie Pierce, Marion Pierce, Janet Gray, Doris Hick, Euphra Lupkiewicz, Helen Bala, Elsie Barr, Dana Berry, Alberta Brown, Grace Calkins, Anne Gould, Betty Smith, Patrina Militello, Margaret Miller, Esther Becker, Vera Kinsley, Kay Knifhn, Kay Albrechtson, Helen Cepura, Mary Dobony, June Doyle, Margaret Felsinger, and Isabelle Mummert. As the smoke of battle cleared, a score of 25f24 indicated that the Black had subdued the Orange. The following Seniors and Juniors will receive gold basketballs in recognition of three years' membership on AllfClass teams: Kay Albrechtson, Esther Becker, June Doyle, Jean Eleckenstein, Vera Kinsley, Kay Knifiin, Patrina Militello, Margaret Miller, and Isabelle Mummert. For the first time in three years a fourth year distinction will be given to three Seniors who received gold basketballs last year. Helen Cepura, Mary Dobony, and Margaret Eelsinger will each be awarded a gold block "S" at the MovingfUp Day Dinner. A position created this year to arrange details of tournament play was filled very ably by Margaret Felsinger as WOlH6H,S Intramural Sports Manager. Highlights of this year's tournament were the rivalry between the Home Ec Freshmen and the Home Ec Sophonioresg the Seniors' galloping gamesg Rita Kick's refereeingg the high scoring averages attained by Marjorie Pierce with 17 points per gameg Elsie Barr with 16 pointsg June Doyle and Doris Hick with 15 points eachg and Anne Gould and Dana B erry with 14 points each, the loss of several excellent players who were practice teaching among them Rita Smith, Rene Smith, and Laura Eisherg and the battle for championship, between the Home Ec Sophomores and the Seniors. 165 SWIMMING Swimming instruction, required of Freshmen and Sophomores, is divided into three classes: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. A variety of strokes are introduced to the students. Perfection of form is sought during at least twenty swims throughout the Freshman year and sixteen during the Sophomore year. Various tests are given and records are kept of individual achievement. Advanced swimmers may join the Life Saving Class for men and women of all classes. The participants receive Senior Red Cross Life Saving emblems after being tested and passed by licensed examiners. About eighteen students comprised this year's group, which learned ice and swimming rescues, safety in small craft, artihcial respiration, and general first aid information. Grant Wettlaufer, Betty Merrill, and Beatrice Ebling, Senior Life Savers, aided Miss Betty Talcott in instructing the class. The Swimming Club for those interested in swimmingg-learned stunts, diving, and for' mations. They executed in great style the star formation, fountain formation, letter forma' tions, and others. The members of the club exhibited their feats and presented a program of informal races for the Alumni Sports Night. Members of the club included the following: Marion Barton, Joy Brown, Catherine Chalmers, Beryl Craig, 'Wilma Dolk, Jean Draa, Marjorie Duthie, Beatrice Ebling, Geraldine Harmon, jane Hatsell, Ethel Hellems, Emma Hiller, Eleanor Larrabee, Evelyn Lockwood, Agnes Mahoney, jean Mayer, Betty Merrill, Amelia Salvaggio, Betty Schreiner, Edith Smith, Thelma Stacey, Dorothy Thomas, Amelia Woeppel, Mariann Woeppel, and Helen Woodhouse. The Seventh Annual W'omen's Swim Meet, open to all girls, occurred late in the Spring. Breast stroke, relay, exhibition swimming, and diving were features in which girls particif pated at will. Letters were given to girls who did exceptional work. A 166 MIIXICR SPCRTS BADMINTON, a spring sport, always attracts a large group. About thirty women participated in last year's annual women's doubles and mixed doubles. Margery Mason, and Margaret Noonan earned letters as champions of the doubles, while Margaret Noonan and James Perona took the mixed doubles glories. Professional instruction brought out large numbers for this year's tournament. TENNIS, a spring and fall sport, was severely handicapped this year by inclement weather and the lack of available courts. Though the tournament was not completed, the hnals brought to the front such stars as Lorraine Cleary, Ruth Church, Jeanne Klocke, and Euphra Lupkiewicz. At the end cf the season Lorraine Cleary and Jeanne Klocke seemed to be the logical claimants to the championship. SOCCER, introduced as a women's sport this fall, aroused the keen interest of about 300 girls. Six class teams were formed to play games during class periods and as a result of the popularity of the game, many of the more ambitious players are hoping for a regular soccer tournament next year. TABLE TENNIS is a yearfround sport at State. Extra impetus was given to the game this year when State students were given the opportunity to enter the Western New York Ping Pong Tournament. SHUEELEBOARD increased in popularity with the inauguration of the Senior Recreaf tion Hour. Tournaments were inaugurated for interested Seniors. HORSEBACK RIDING, especially enjoyed during spring and fall, held the interest of a sizable group, who took canters into the country from the Rosedale Academy. TOBOGGANING AND SKATING at nearby Delaware Park thrilled College groups whenever weather conditions were suitable. 167 ,K V Q QMQM. FEATURES X X X X 1 X X P R E S E N T 1 N cs uuJ,.1J-o..w-J- ha .r:.. 'H-swf x V 1 IIIIl:'I.I:? . V. V wx., NN- 'f I -, -.4-i'if"."-'g '::V . V..f mv A432 ' -1 .-FY' V-Qi. L -H' , gn P" "' -. yn, VII, - .P -f EV- - -. .V-asv-fi-',-' ' ' V V. ,V . Vim. V1fVVV , ,HF , ,-" - A1' fg -- . VV-xv' , . -V e ', .7- f "4i:iJ - .-V-.,. V . ' ' ' ,,-ww-'.,I .:' Vi --i,I. If-A-:1:f ' fig- ii".-f . A If . -V. IIIIIIII , . 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