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 - Class of 1927

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Even when the events taking place about us are momentous we seldom think of the impression they will make when looked back upon through the veil of years. Contemporary records of great happenings get themselves made, to be sure. But who consciously considers the future historian's craving for color and detail? And without color and detail the bare record is a lifeless thing. A university is the most nearly deathless creation of Western civiliza- tion. If it is soundly established its continuance through changes of gov- ernments and religions a.nd social. customs into an indefinite future may be taken for granted. The records of its life are therefore of far greater importance than are those of most other social institutions. These records should not only preserve the story of its growth a.nd of the mutations of ideas and policies which mark its progress and the progress of the com- munity in which it is set. They should also capture something of the color of the changing human procession that Winds its way down through the endless reach of time bearing the university 's insignia. From this point of view the IRIS is more than a meinento for the members of a single class. Its succeeding issues from year to year add to the unadorncd official story of our Alma Mater's life the vivid human element that makes the record complete. f --5'-""" . ,Q A f. Q I n l " ' ,ff g 1 X . M f - .21 1.1L , f 1' ' E ja H- I mg K 4. T " A 1 1 1 1 4 .1 I J' K' N NI I Nik ,391 , xr y L ff A . 1- ,I ,. 5 . wil . fe ' A2 V 4 Q 4' -:fr ' i X-.-. fe, ' 5:- E . 31: Qf' Z' Q Z 1 ' 3 J V .213 " V' ,Diff fff.,Q.f"' 5 YI, , . 'F .f ,Lx-'jgf-. Q Q,"-. - 1 ', -" V. 0 , 14-jf . Winn f ' , Q ,,: ig, V M V, ,f V , . . , , ., I,.I,, , .A 5 , - ,,IVIg, .., ,, r-'nf V f. , .V V . 1 -,:' ,V '.V-mfiffi V 1 , 115 ' 1 f.1-if rfb 1 -f"'!'." 5"i1n '- fu, V 315 - '26yfz',,4, . If Q ,115 X in 9 az: I , Y , ng.: :qi 1 13.-3,',.-,yi-Zx. ,Af 1 X f . ' Lan V 'fs' V 4 W-11:12.11 .VA1 X 1- -' W'-'f ,W ff LZ. X 53+ V, ' ' 'We V ' Mix X- 'I n' 13'-YK" df- , -. 235 ' UQ ',' ' .' , I , f. ' 1? ' iv' asf, f - v - i 'Q' ' SQ ,ffffi iii -11' V -dx , .fi .r J ,!',f7 , NV .Q 1 bf., . +?'f5yZL1I.?' W," 1,651 I 1 , , ,. lk? , fn. , f ,A X iu A ' A fi f. 9-,V ' H23 fw' -9 ' A 'f 'f'?l'.1 -Z '5 l' ,, V' - , ' ff- ff:'15,'7e 'z'V f' I L I WI- Q 569- ' ff I Q? . 5 If fax-gsyf' 2 1 1 . 'nd - J V - ', , f QM, - , A 'ff fn? "5 :V 24 :1 V, 1, , ,,V-.A M , 1,4 iw f f ' ff 5 ' "' 174' I '- ' Vi -. " ' ' . .Qxfr -A I ' ' I ' U1 VI ' , , yi VI 413. gif ,- :I , , -.ive-mfr, 'i.fl'f'Qj"'a if -Vf A' ,Sigma V . . V , . -' 1 ' f.' - ,- , A4 -4 " ' 'O ' - Q,,-IV.: .-fI V I W 5 ,, , I . ,, W, , ,fi .,I V J, . M, .. .V If .3 Q ,In ,A. If ,I I ,' V ' ,QM 4 ,V ,fi ,V ,gf f g 3 .R .W V wif , I. X , V-,RV Q k,V,f.,, I ' L ' f ' N fy! ,' R5 .n f ' 'Viv 41' '--M - -I I 1 ,V f V ' V , ,Ifzff V -VX M-NM, , V X I A - - I V7 I-,'. I ,. , I f .,,,1,Z ?g:I, Q5,NMZf45V53X2 , ,If , 'I ,,f-,If - -V P 1,5 'I yI,I,.,g, . w ay, I ' --,ffk f " f ,. fe is '- . ' V, I, ,,4-f -jf.. .I-ww '- XfgV'Qm,.Z1Ig'f'iff-.:.,,,,,I'f H. ' ' , prim H ' ,., I I f , 0 , ,,wffff,x9z.f0v,fLffA,vIZV4.,,IV,In,W,. V, ,. ff . ' ff' ":,. NV 14W,,3:'f'MiQ+' ,., ,w w f -M fm I V ww, ' ww? - V ' M MW V... -M-,-. V V V M ,,f 5.WJ:A,-:fIf'V ' XV ,ff""M' ff ' f' ff, - M ' if'fw",f'if'L,..' ,,,f' I ' "7:1X"4' --- - "w,w,:fK.,'f ' -w.a.v,i,.I,IIA ' ,iff .M V ,af ff V ,fn V' , I ,VV " Jig f J 77- 'IM L Vf 'n-MZLLQWII Q, ,, ,M My , ,I I M fx' , bo 6 'nf 'JP' .N 2 - M.- fm ,3,',T'f it .f,. ? ew, ..--want, ,. 4, -Q,...,..n9Iunn:.......mvae.x"' via , ' -""' zzirzw,nflxv--':':g.w--1:12.-.."fffr """' ffTfli7"TZ1T'1'1""f?""W4W"N.Z , ,x,'1ggwgx,-ffj. fls - :,:,a.,-2.5qff1vw1mys 4: -1 x.:1',Q: X5 - - ,-sf.-"e,4...:g 1 4,- ,J-xJ:'wf ,1,z.yA- 'fo' i.Q'.f..,X-1 , ww' 51234 -rsjsiiwf 3,5 V 3 gy Q,"-mf, f: ffl ,Mis ,. f 15,6 flu' -9': 545 ii'-1 W ,wg .mg , mg '-2, rf, J.. gov :' J fr ef ff w,1ei?:4-fvrqff f , f ' . .. 2153A 'S X112 ?7.k:S1?15'. X173 'X 'ff 54 f' i 1.2 si '2 'ff iii- 355 l'f,fifj,f 25551 lffvvh? ,, X ,KN ,. avi. PM X ,., . , , K f, f, ,. . ,, , t , ,,,, .,.,, Aww Q, f. .,,,,,. ,,,f ,f 4.f,ff,,, ,Awww , V., 4 .W is - X V- f :H ,, , - A' A t ,Q-4V ff ,feypvfmfnf X . ffNiX5f2'1if,,' fp Q' ' ,. " H , , f f, :gZ,z,2,Qfff4tfg ,J Mfg: W KZ Jyzya - f- ii 2 1 27452, 3 nf' A " . " , fl " H " V 124: :iv . ,.. .. ,t f "ms 4 -, -, Q r 2 Q, ,f6f.f1fifQiA?2 it ,tl x:3a1f:f.:ff, - 174,14 Lg: ui .4.1,15L,,..LL,..,f...:,:5:i,Q, V, . . gg, '1'C2,4, g4:4L.iLg,,,3,1qQg ,1',5.g.:g...,.Lw,tf. V 'Zi Sgr -Q wi or 'vsfii if ,. W, 1, :QS g l 5, 1 so xii. Efjgf :Xi 'N X ,iffwli jr, ASQ ,rt 5,2555 il gpm 5 Y-Q: ll A, U 915712 Mrfiizf I lvffii' Msn QM mx .kykvgz 1,5 N- Q QSYKM ,,. sm.. Y sw se the t .sifv-5354 r aff, 47" . , .iw-4 sw E .Q hw :Lim ':.,z V? ., ., 4 -eff, ,eww 1 Q, ,f.:, 1 r -1 il 1 r 1 r 32 Wi- . V .,l . I .. ..., til, 1 r - 'vm .ini 1: ..,,. , Q E. , -I l l w 4. ir f 7'-I 'u il Ni l I a ll ii il li l - 1, . l li 1 T0 Carlos C. Alclen, 1. D., or more than Twenty f Five Years Dean of the ,School o Law, a Patient Administrator, an Able Teacher, a Learned Author, ancl an Aclmiralale Man, This Book is Respectfully and Affectionately Declicatecl. r ffm, 5 1 ' u it -g Ziff? Z , se: 'f sri:- : I z, G 21 1 G2 iz! 55 'tj .. i Q 4 QA, , f ml s. :EL 1f,fZ:fl?i Q 2.52 '11 1 I'-nd, iff? Z,..3,,, eiszisigg if gs a ii' 22.15 'vigfifl wigffi if 36525 L ,wiqygm JSM? Mya I , ,f fig: ' 972535 .gxxgg 1 KKK: 4' .a. 04:43 1-'4 iii negifii' Vu 5 :mise-N 1 1 f J1'i-Yew, xkgio, Rysgfs ., 3555 2 RNS if RH T . fe . I-5 .Cl swiss M7574 , .11-i ' Gflxf -r 1" .fl . ,, V, ,V . , l , ff K liixly 'WM e K sg f- , ,fy , ., ..,,g2',,-.ww --5 - f I . . ,, ...., ,W 5 A, ff 1 ' ' ' ., , L f I '. T' 4',-U I :IN H n j ll- - "N , ,..:1,iL ,4 A M"'fv::f-,fa -4... I, I r ,,:. ,-gr I. 1 ., 1' . K . 1 I 1 I 4 W, .- 1 F :fi x my 7. xx . ,.,.-. .W .. --wwf " -2-x, 'X .1 l, L v K . ,. 'Q 1 71 .lx 11,1 JAMES H. lVlcNULTY HE University of Buffalo Wishes to express its deep gratitude to the memory of James H. Mc- Nulty, the Councilor, Endowment Campaigner and friend. His will long be cherished and the 5l5125,000 English Professorship will perpetuate the ideals for which he strove. V FRANCIS W. McGUlRE I HE University will long remember Dr. Francis W. McGuire, the Assistant Professor of Surgery, 1923-1927. He was also well known in theiAlumni Club, in the Buffalo Surgical Society and in the American College of Surgeons of which he was a fellow. ' DR. LEE MASTEN FRANCIS N April 22, 1926, Dr. Lee Masten Francis, As- sistant Professor of Ophthalmology in the Schooi of Medicine, died. Although still in early middle life he had already attained a position of national leader- ship in his professional specialty. As a teacher and practitioner his standing in the llniversity and in the connnunity was unique. ,. ,, ,V sdijfi V' 'Hex , 1 X X x .fu K . 1"- 1 I. , , 1. f, .K , 5 . 4 01,1 .5 A .f , , U .1 ...,- QV- . . - ' ',,Q,. a ,'7. , xg ..,, 1. , ' 'glxmm ,.. , ,, , x '!?g5E!lf . - ." x,' -l ' sf, Q5 . , I x :1:.5,i1 N' f V , A!iff?Z,' 5 ' 'Y ' Q.: . i 1 l IN-,I I x',1EFv- 4. if . V I N 'Mg f' 1. 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M- , w V bf 'Viv .V, - - -V fV,,.,VM 4, .,., , V V ,4 WV V, V , ,K ,5U,. 2. -- . .VV- wijV,,iV,. -V, fz2VV,:V1ff'?W'-"'V'V , V ,F , gr I .VV , . ,Wm Wea. M' VV 's V V-1 EQ VM- ff f,,'WZ'7'VV' . ,, V' V gg 24' 1lu4,7kf"!"' ly' V i7' VV .,vz",Lijf"'VV V 6 V. f. 'V' 112.1 91? Y9- -Vt :ffl-' V .9 ' 4 Va, V 4 I " . ' -' J. ' ' ' y V - 'Jw fc? 1 4 sq,-.-:V 4. - fo W1 'V ' ' V ' V V, , 'fw Vd ffl., 'I-V V g ,.-VN" ,V V' -,E , 'V .V ' - is V " Ny,-' , y V " -1 L - , ' ,f 3' , V Qi E 'Q 5 .f , ,WMSMV-1 'O V-If W. " .,., W'-V ' V c,V'2V:'7fjj"ff5' V ,V" f fn ' V ' V V iii! 2? V V .Vi lf , VV V V .,..,V,V:,w V, V V1 I, V - , 1,4 ,V 1 , 5 3 ,Vg .V V V V ' V ,, ,V,',,:,.4,,.,, VVwXzffV, "vC? .7-,QV V- g,.,,, 'V - Vx ' , ,af -, E 5. V , gf V :V VV ,ff-A V'7V,""V'V' ,, buff . 1 V , V,,6 M ,KV-,,V1 aff Ag ,A , 5,5 Y g-V3 V ,-M., ., 44 , , ,V 3, fwzi J ',. f a, 'Ik v M QW. sn, , ,, V -,- , ,,, I. ,.T. -X ig VSV- KS' , x, X ,V V g2z'V V' ,f3,, 3.11 ,. 177 . Lg -V ,' V5 ma V 5 . 'fx-,ga . 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V V..,,,,- ,f.VVy , s 'V I Avy", AW,,,,,VVA V A':fij1,'?2y1fx,lg1 ,4mV,1.,.V,w.V'MVQ,,k, ,V , ",,,,,,V-, S"x?b,igiZ64C2V.l3fM'zi-gs-V ,, V, V-' 1" YQ' - V5 -M 4, -. 0,,,.,,f,g,,Q2yV,g:,A-.WVVVUVVV 'V' ,fl ' -W4 Vf.V.,,V"22,,,- , 0iN,W94V'VE.-i,g,,Q.u',?c, V' I .ji .Q X,-ggaiifig K3 V-ek V V' V' . . .' V I VVV V VV V"f"'l. fi Vflffiy' 'MM fvmz3lf1N0Q' 'Vi I QQ 3VVLQ'ffT fflxs , V . :Vw ' , .. ,ff V nf',VVgVgmV VVV Var -7nf"VVw1gg.yV .,,f VV ,V , - V+ I Ama .V,,,4,u. ., , a- -,mi-.. ,V--V V. ,R .V -. , ,, ,.f , f -VVVVJ V914 ,.- V44 uf ,a if yan, , Q ,. .. , 3 X, , .. , x 4-,,, - ,. VV-. VVVVVV V ny., -fm--'fu IXMZW, - V' 1' VV fp.-gf-,wwf V4 . , w-V-Vw VV .ans -'f ,.,- - v , X . ,Y xg VV-:XL ,ig-V ,wsiwg . . VVV V. QV, INV f f ' d'V'w4l7'c-f,-'4,,,f5,V4g,,',1-,-V-jvpw , ' : mp'-',:ff-V VLV- V V , -V ,L V. . -1 -5 3,61 -fzgj ,S-,....,f. 'sv - ,-V V, , , , , , V , V V ,gn V.- Vf.,.....,.. V-V.. V ,, , A , -V, , V VV , V MV.. AV 'Vw-,Vp V -my: V ,MV -----..... -.XM , . . ,. ,fl .9 ,V ,MM U ,,,, ,V ,, ,,,! , I ,W ,,,,V , J, In . b N, , L MVP! 1 'VV-1 V. V" '.fVfVfV1,1VE3.V.:ffgVl-, V- ' Wtw- w,-f.Lf,u.Q .--2--V---V-' -V-V5 - CONTENTS W 9519 ADMINISTRATIGN CLASSES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES I I ORGANIZATIONS SAYS? 'NVE W? af.-fxhj The Council CO0 IITIHUCCTD E X-OFFICIO ' CIEIANCELLOR SAMUEL P. CAPEN HON. FRANK X. SCHWAB, Mayor of Bufalo DEAN VVILLIS G. GREGORY, M. D., Ph. G. DEAN CARLOS C. ALDEN, LL. M., J ..D. DEAN .DANIEL H. SQUIRE, D. D. S. IDEAN C. SUMNER JONES, B. S., M. D. IJEAN JULIAN PARK Ph. D. DEAN CLARENCE S. OFFICERS 'O JIIARSH, MA. F THE COUNCIL CHAIRMAN 'WALTER PLATT COOKE, LL. B. SECRETARY PHILIP BECKER GOETZ, B. A. TREASURER. GEORGE D. CROFTS, B. A., LL. B. COUNSEL JOI-IN LORD O7BRIAN, B. A., LL. B., LL. D. n STANDING COMMIT General !1d'I'l'l-'I27l'i.Sif7'Clt'I0'l?, WVAIITER P. COOKE, Chairman GEORGE D. CROETS, Vice-Chairman PHILIP B. GOETZ, Secretary EDWARD J. BARCALO A. GLENNI BARTHOL-OMEXV MRS. EDXVARD H. BUTLER THOMAS B. LOCKWOOD WIIIIIIAM H. CROSBY, ox-officio EDWARD IWTICHAEL, ex-officio THE CHANCELLOR, ex-officio TEES OF THE COUNCIL Ffivmnce WILLIAM H. CROSBY, Cha.iI'maII GEORGE D. CROFTS JACOB J. JOSEPH DANIEL J . KENEFICK ROBERT W. POMEROY WII.II.IIAM A. ROGERS MRS. DEXTER P. RUMSEY JACOB F. SOHOELLKOPE THE CHANOELLOR, ex-officio Builclings cmd Grozmds EDWARD IVIICHAEL, Chairman SEYMOUR H. KNOX, Secretary LOUIS L. BABCOCK MRS. STEPHEN M. CIIEMENT ORIN E. FOSTER FRANK H. GOODYEAR N. LORING DANFORTI-I WAIJTER P. COOKE, ex-officio VVIL-LIAM H. CROSBY, ex-officio THE CHANOELLOR, ex-Officio 18-IIS-1874 1HT-1-185.4 1 1 m " lbh-I-15513 ...,.... ....,..,. 181151-1902 ........ ......... 15102-1903 1 H025-15305 15105-1920 15120-151122 15122- The Council FI-IANCELLORS 111s EXCEEEENOY BflI.I1ARD OESAMUS H. 1WARSHAI.I1 E. C,xR,1.ETON SPRAGUE J AMES O. PUTNAM WILSON S. BISSELVI. GEORGE GORUAM QV12'ce-Cl C,!1I,xm.Es P. NORTON CVice W.Ax1.'rER P. COOKE QAczffin SAMUEL P. CAPEN THE COUNCIL '1'l'l'll1S Expire 1927 ns ICnw.AxED II. BU'l'I,ER FR 4 IIKRLICS Cl.1E'1'OY M XX1l.l.1.-mr H. CROSBY N. F1r.1,MOEE mnccllorj Chancellor, 1905 10001 g Chawwcellow Terms Exp1re 1929 ANK B. BAIRD ES. STEPHEN M CLEMEN LORING DANFORTH 1 - . LSWORTH M SQAT1 ER IMNII-11. .I. KENEEIOK ORIN E. FOSTER H1-zvmurn H. KNOX T1 OMAS B LOOKWOOD Num-zm' W. POMEROY EL '1I. Bl'R'l'0N ESI-IELMAN PJOSEPH L, C1 EVELAIND '1,llll,lI' BICCIUPIR GOETZ PNELSON G, R1 SSFII 'Hnmvl-in W. VVICNDE 2f1A1,BERf1- P, Sy '1xl'l'1llS Expi re 1 S128 Terms Explre 1930 IAJVIS 11. B.-XISCOCK IQDEVARD J. In RICAI O 4' l'.xm' JAOOB G. JOSPPII XN,u.'ru-:E P. VOO141-1 MRS' DEXTER P ROMOH Hz-:Onm-3 IJ. 1'ROI"'l'S JACOB F. SCI1ODLIKOP-E1 linwum AIICIIAI-ll, SKJOHN A' IQLOEI FOR w"""-W A- HUUHRS 5'f'EDOAE R. MCGUIRL ' A. ill.:-:Nm HAR'l'l IOLOM EXV 'U '4'n.xm.1-:s A, BICNTZ 'IPRANE H. GOOm'E.xE 'M4'lll1N'l'H vhOs4-11 by the alumni. OHN LORD O BRIAN l O the members of the graduating class of 1927 I extend my best Wishes. May each one of you find an opportunity to carry the enthusiasm and the idealism of university life into some Vocation and may you know the 'satisfaction of contributing some real service to mankind. wa, jiwfwfk . A i XLOOVM, , Afffvwwc M HE University of Buffalo is a public service institution. It exists for the development of students to perpetuate and to improve our society. It seeks through its various curricula to give all students an understanding of the complex life of the times and to give to the public highly prepared leaders of social and scientific thought, and professional leaders in the fields of education, medicine, dentistry, law, pharmacy and business. N! 'sa 'Q UCCESS is wished for each of you. What is success?" All too often it merely is making money. A much higher goal is making a man. You are expecting a license from the State to do things forbidden to others. Always remember rights carry duties. The State expects you to give its citi- zens genuine service for the rights it gives you. WZ.. ,vi JM l Q i . J f E g U E i s J Q I ul NE could not wish you more, I would not wish you less than that you may attain in rare degree, both art and science, and a good name. "This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." 7 , ff f' X X RADUATION is not the most significant event in one's life notwithstanding all the effort which you have expended, as it only authorizes you to engage in that which is become your real achievement, a period of earnest service to mankind. Success will be measured according to your inter- pretation of honesty, intelligence, and skill in the discharge of future obligations. NCIS more the privilege and necessity of a final word of the graduating class. Regret that you lcuvr- us is submerged in our pride in your ur-vmnplislnnent. Go forward in the great profes- fifm, givc- freely of your ability to the cause of jus- tice, resolve that you shall be a worthy lawyer and citizen. lleserved success be your individual achieve- lllffllt. Aww W Q' bq ..-.-i RADUATION is not the most significant event in one's life notwithstanding all the effort which you have expended, as it only authorizes you to engage in that which is become your real achievement, a period of earnest service to mankind. Success will be measured accordin.g to your inter- pretation of honesty, intelligence, and skill in the discharge of future obligations. Q ' 1 C - O city is great unless it rests the eye, feeds the intellect, and leads its people out of the bond- age of the commonplace. Bufalo has agencies which do one or other of these things, but she can- not attempt to do all of them without the help of the sort of citizenry which you, the University's youngest sons and daughters, best represent. Do you fullv realive the civic obligation im d , , . pose 'on you when you accept your diploma? ' axxdl' Le N oi O you who comprise the first group to be grad- uated from the School of Business Administra- tion, We offer enthusiastic congratulations. Your plans will make traditions in this new division. We covet for Alma Mater your continuing interest in her future, an interest to be expressed in generous and intelligent service to your fellow men, and in thoughtful, loyal devotion to Alma Mater. 4 I The Faculty EMERITUS PROFESSOBS ,.-,Ali VII wi 1-'Q CARY M. D. Emeritus Professor of Clflmcal Meclicflne JOHN R. GRAY, M. D., Ph. G. Emerfitvls P7'0f9S307A Of Phfcwma-00971039 llrzxm' R. I1OI'KINS, M. D. E'W'Wi7f'UrS P'n0fe3-9070 Of Hygiene l,1'c1EN HOWE, M. A., M. D., D. Sc., M. By. C. S. - E1l1.6?'lt"'llS Professor of Opth-almology Vlc.f'1'On HUGO JACKSON, MIA., M. D., D. D. S. A - A Em.erfltus Professor of Ortlzoclorltfla V, Swim-:R JONES, B. S., M. D. Emeritus Professo-r o'f3Pe-clflatrlcs 161.1 II. LONG, M. D. Emeritus Professor Materia Meolflca a--nfl The-ra-pe-at-ics l'1lJXX'AlilJ J. AIEYER, M. D., F. A. C. S. ' E'Hl07"'llL'I.l'.S' Clinical Professor of Surgery .I.m11':s W. PU'1'N.xM, M. D. my Emeritus Professor of Neurology lin-zmxclezx' ROCHESTER, B. A., M. D. Emverltas Professor of Medfle-ine f,'ll.XRl.l'IS G. STOOKTON, M. D. y Ifmeritus Professor of Principles fmcl Practice of Meclficme a-'nd Clinical JI 1' fl ic me A A ACTIVE FACULTY Ame.-x1l.xx1 H. AARON, M. D., F. A. C. P. Asslstafnt Professor of Mecllcme and Thvera-peut-ics fERRl'I'l"l' C '. Al.liRI'I"FON, B. A., M. D. Associate in Physio-lo-gy l'.xm.Os V. A1.m-:N, LL. M., J. D. I 4 V f"'0!'0S-901' 07, the Mew of Property, Equity, Practflce and Pleaycllng XXr.u'1'1-:lc L. Al.I.l'ISPACIT, M. D. I'I'lSt7"IlCl0'7' in Meelicirle lJO1'ul,.-xs 1' ARYO1 f - A A I A W I -X .D, M. D. Assestafnt Professor of Ped-iatrtcs .wma . . I '1'wE1.1. Ph. D, , H H Col U P P' S Professor of Aozatomy - : ' .. J.-XIRD , ', . Q f J Lecturer m Sales Correspofn-clerlce l.,1sx.J..xM1N G. BAKER ' Lecturer 'in - P I S BNN H D zmezples of Acoofzlmgfmg ,md Adva.n,0e,d Accouwntmg . . . . : I, 1 . . . Q. Assocz t ' ' ' . A. Lr1.ENx1 BARN . T 0' 6 W Medwme xoI.OMExx, B. A., LL. B. Professor of the Law of Bwilrnents The , Faculty CCODUHIIGCID I NIOREY C. BARTI-IOLOMEW, B. A., LL. B. I- ' Lecturer on the Law of Quasi Con-tracts FRANCIS H. BANCS, B. A. ' I Instructor in English HERBERT H. BAUCIIUS, M. D. ' Assistant in Derinatology JOSEPH JVVRIGHT BEACH, D. D. S. Professor of .Dental History an-d Ethics LYNN S. BEALS, M. D. Assistant Professor of Medicine EDGAR C. BECK, M. D. Instructor in Medicine and in Therapeutics GILBERT M. BECK, 'M. D. Assistant in Medicine ANTONIO F. BELLANCA, M. D. Assistant in Medicine NORMAN C. BENDER, M. D. g Y . A.ssociate in Public Health and Hygiene and Assistant in Pediatrics tRcsig11ecI J anuary, 1926. ARTI-IUR G. BENNETT, M. D., F. A. C. S. I Professor of Ophthalinology CHARLES A. BENTZ, M. D. Assistant Professor of Illed-icine and Associate in Hygiene LOUIS J. BEYER, M. D. Associate in Rhino-Lary-ngology VVILLARD H. BONNER, M. A. C011 leaveb Instructor in English MILTON J. BORK, M. D. . Assistant in Medicine HOWVAIQD W. BOSXVORTH, B. S., M. D. Assistant in Ophthalinology RUSSELL BOSHAN Evening Session BYRON D. BOXVEN, M. D., F. A. C. P. Associate in Medicine HAROI..D E. BOYD Lecturer in Industrial Managenient RICHARD W. BOYNTON, M. A. Professor of Philosophy SELDON BREWER, B. A. Instructor in Biology GEORGE E. BREXVER, J R., B. A. Instructor in English C. MERRIIJII BRONVN, M. A. Instructor in Cheinistry CDentistryJ Associate Professor of Cheniistry CArts and Sciencesj CLAYTON M. BROXVN, M. D., F. A. C. -S. Professor of Rhino-Laryngo-logy DAVID BRUMEERC, M. D. Associate in M edicine and in Therapeutics JOSEPH BRUMEERG, M. D. I Assistant in Derinatology u . 1, ... .. .iii --"E---As X The Faculty QCO11ti11ucdD FRANK E. BRUNDAGE, B. A., M. D. Assistant ln Pecltatrtcs CHARLES K. BUELL, D. D. S. n Q'lmi0aZ Professor of Crown anal Brulge W orls and Dental Ceraontcs I GEORGE B. BCRD, LL. B. Professor of Constitutional Law - lXIAI.COLM BUCKLEY, M, S, Instructor fin Chernflstry JOHN F, BURDEN, M, D, Assvfstant tn Gynecology NORMAN L. BURN1-IAM, M. D. Assistant' Professor of jM6d'l0'l77,'6 FLOYD BURCHETT, M. A. C011 leavej Assistant Professor of Econorntcs SAMUEL PAUL CAPEN, Ph. D., L. H. D., LL-. D. Chancellor NILES CARPENTER, Ph. DIMAQQ WJ ff , 'Wfessor of Sociology THOMAS B. CARPENTER, M. D. X l J ' Associate Professor' of Genflto-Urinary Surgery I JAMES H. CARR, M. D., F. A. C. S. Assocftate tn Surgery FEIJX A. CASASSA, B. GS S., Cfficier d' Academic . ,,.f18SOC'l:Clt6 tn French DIME. MARIE L. CASASSA, B. L. A Instructor tn French RAYMOND CHAMBERS, Ph. D. A UAsststant Professor of Econornfzlcs LOUIS M- CHELY, M- D- Assistant fin Mecllcflne- M. ARLOUINE CHESEBROUGQI-I, A. -5uf.b....2,..f. Mum in Biology A KENT CHRISTY A Evening Session I ELMER A. D. CLARKE, M. D, Associate 'ln Obstetrics ' S ROBERT M- CLEARY, M- D- Assistant in Orthopeclrlc Surgery JOSEPH L' CLEVELAND, D. D. S. Professor of Crown 'anal Bridge Work AIARSHALL CLINTON, M. D., F. A. C. S. F. A. S A Professor of Surgery CDentflstryD Associate Professor of Surgery Clllecltcflneb GEORGE E CO1 . A . . ' JD ' " Lecturer cn Cost Accounttng ROBERT XVILLIAM CONN, D. D. S, , Sitpemltetffflgtlt of Surgical Clinic Buffalo Cite Hospital TIAIOM, .- F, A ' , t ' J , W, TS COOKE, M. L. Asscsta-nt Professor of Ph-ystcs - .KL , it 5 TI R C001 F' LL' B' g Professor of Law 4-nA The Faculty CCO1ItinuedJ FRED D. COREY, LL. B. Professor of the Law of Public Service Corporations CHESTER C. COTT, M. D., F. A. C. S. Associate in Otology HAROL-D W. COYVPER, M. D., F. A. C. S. Instructor in Oplithalinology FRANCIS M. GRAGE, M. D. Assistant in Medicine GEORGE D. CROI-ITS, B. A., LL. B. Professor of Law WIIABUR CRANFORD y . Evening- Session HAROLD W. CULBERTSON, M. D. Instructor in Meclicine an-cl in Therapeutics ALBERT BASIL CUTLER, D. D. S. Instructor in Croion anel Briclge Work WILI.'IAM J. DALEY, M. D. . . Assistant in M eclieine H. REBECCA DANE, B. S. Instructor in Biology HERMAN K. DEGROAT, M. A., M. D. - Assistant Professor of Hygiene ancl Public Health RICHARD N. DENIORD, M. D., F. A. C. P. Instructor in Meclicine HOWARD A. DENNEE, M. S. A Associate in Anatoniy FERDINAND DIBARTOLO, B. A. Lecturer in Italian ALFRED E. DIEI-IL, M. A., M. D. . Associate Professor of Derinatology J OHANNA M. DIEKMANN, B. A. Assistant in Anatoniy ELMER F. -DIGGINS, B. A. Instructor in Pliychology ROBERT P. DOBBIE, M. D. -A Associate in Surgery WIIJIJIAM L. DOLLEY, JR., Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Biology J. HERBERT DONNEIILY, M. D. A Associate in Medicine GEORGE J. ECKEL, B. A., M. D., F. A. C. P. Assistant Professor of M eclioine JOHN L. ECKEL, M. D. ' V Associate Professor Neurology a-nel Assista' I Professor of Psycliiatry RAY A. EDSON, B. A., M. D. ,nstructor in Ophthalniology C. ARTHUR ELDEN, B. S. Instructor in Clternistry RALPH EBSTEIN, Ph. D. Professor in Economics KARL F. ESCI-IELMAN, D. D. S., Assistant Professor of Meclicine JOHN H. EVANS, M. D. Associate in Anaesthesia HOWVARD M. EVARTS, M. E. Lecturer in Meclta-nics The Faculty CCo11tinuedj ,INN 10- 1f'.x11c1a.x1RN, B. A., M. D., F. A. C. S. PV0f035'0V Of Ofeleoy S'l'.XXl.1'1Y G. FALK, B. A., LL. B. A Lecturer tn Personal Property ancl Negottable Paper 1s,,,,,N J, FARMER, D, D, S, Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Wu 1.1.-xml H. F.xRN11.Lx1vI, B. A., LL. B. Lecturer tn Corporations and Partnerships C.'11,x1z1.12s W. FARR, M. D., M. C., U. S. A. Professor of Mrzflitary Science ancl Tactics Detailed by A the Surgeon General, U. S. A. XVll.l.l.XM M. FAY, B. A., LL. B. Lecturer in Real and Personal Property llmmlm 1f'lc1m151.1. Evening 1368872071- Huw' NI. F11-neo, D. D. S. Instructor in Radiology Mynux W. FINCII, M. S. Assistant Professor of Bio-Che-vntstry Auvnx G. Foonu, M. D. Associate in H ygtene and Publtc Health ANNA B. Fox Evening Session lll-Il-I KI.-xwrlcx Fu.-xxcls, B. A., M. D., F. A. C. S. Assistant Professor of Ophthalino-logy Atm-:lc 1' H.xlc:'l'x1-IR, M. D. Assistant 7:71, Ortlygpgdig Surgery t'1l.x1u.t-Ls II. G.-KVGISR, Ph. G. I-ngtq-ngtgr in Ph.a.rma.Cg Wn.1.n.xM 'l'. G1c'1'M.xN, M. D. Associate in Clbgtgtmfgg UI,ll'llAN'l' til1m0Ns, B. A. P lmcturer in Rhetoric and History of the English Lan-guage HI-IUIHII-I Ilrssl-:Y GIFFORD, M. A. A.f's'tft . t P y s s an rofessor of Romance Languages 4".lI"l"Ulil1 G. GI..-XSICIZ, D. D. S. Clinical Instructor tn Orthoclontfia Ill. ll. Ulcssuxz, M. D. Instrnctor tn- Ophthalnzology HMI' BLCKER GOETZQ B- A' Professor of Latfin and Greek IPn.xxcus C. GOLDSBOROUGH, B. S., M. D., F. A. C S ' 1' A . A - . PW, C8501 Of Obstetrzcs- and Assoczftte Professor G1 necolo y 1 ' e J ' Q II. ' ' 1 . . mm I. GOOD, B. C S Iectnrcr tn lntrocluctory Accounting XX U TER S GOODXLE H D PV0f6Ss0r of Hygzen and Publzc Health The Faculty CCOntinIIedj STEPHEN A. GRACZYK, M. D. Assistant in Medicine CLAYTON VV. GREENE, B. A., M. D., F. A. C. P. ' A Assistan-t'Professor of Medicine VVILLIAM A. HOWE, M. D. , - .Lecturer on Medical Inspection of Schools RUEUS R. HUIVIPHREY, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Anatoniy ALFRED PIURRELL, LL. B. Professorof Law CLAYTON W. GREENE, M. D. Medicine WAI.,TER F. GREENE, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Anatomy CHARLES GREGORY, M. D. Instructor in M ath.enia.tics WIIIIIIS G. GREGORY, M. D., Ph. G. Professor of Phar' FRED R. GBIFFITH, Ph. D. A Associate Professor of Physiology RICHARD A. CrR1MM, LL. B. Instructor in Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence RUSSELL W. GROH, D. D. S. Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry EDXVARD GRUEN Ehoening Session ANTHONY S. GUGINO, D. D. S. Clinical Instructor in Operative Dentistry LEXVIS R. GULICK, B. A., LL. B. I Lecturer on the Law of Liens FRANCIS D. GUNN, M. D. Assistant in Pathology AVIIJLIAM R. PIALE, M. A. Instructor in M a.thema.tics PHILIP HALPERN, LL. B. Instructor in Torts and Criminal Law MARGUERITE IAANSER Evening Session ERNEST B. HANAN, M. A. Associate in Anatoiny :RUDOIJPH HANAII, D, D, S, Instructor in Dentistry CARLOS E. HARRINGTON, M. E., M. S. Instructor in M atheinatics SAMUEL J. HARRIS,.LL. M. I A V Professor of the Law of Crimes and Criininal Procedure FRANK A. HARTMAN, Ph. D. I Professor of Physiology LTIIIICENT IIATHANVAY, M. A. I'HStr'uct0r in S0ti6'I'vC0 BARTON F. HAUENSTEIN, M. D. Associate in Hygiene and Public Health JOHN F. HEALY, M. D. - V A885850-W W 015010931 'Cf- -i ,Q ..... J The Faculty CCOIIIQIINIOCU I X1"rm'l' IJ III-Zxxlcssx' M. D. A33'iSm'7?'t fm Obstetrics A I IH.. WT 11134-'I-Im, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Physics I, HW I HM Lecturer in Marketing A lI.xI:ul.n IIl'IXVI'I"I' M. S. IW-9W'U0t0T W Ch0"Wi3't'Vy k' I III-QUINIIII-I II. III-:w1'1"I', PII. D. Pr0f0S-ser 076 Gernfm VUIIIDIIN Ilmmxs Ewrnno Semen r h I.I.UI:1.l. IIll.I..x1:1m, B. A. I lmf-furor in American Literature anclIEpochs in Literature Ioux 'I'. Ilmmy-3 ' Evening Session I mxixum II. Ilcwll, C. P. A. Lecturer in Principles of Accounting IX.X'I'lII'IIHNI-I H. IIULMI-IS,, A. C. Instructor in Clieniistry I mxxmnt IJ. II'om:.xNy, B. S. Lecturer in Personal Sales-nia.nship I u.:x'rox 'I'. Ilmvrox, B. A., LL. B. Professor' of Law AI.I"ICIiIJ IIVI mm., LL. B. A I Professor' of Law Imlx Ilcnvrox, IS. A. Instructor in History and Governinent S'I'.XNI.I'IY Im' rx 1-1 Evening Session XN'lI.I.:.xAr Y. Inoxs, PII. IJ. Professor of Inorganic Uheonistry XIf'l'llI'l! I". ISIIAM, D. D. Lecturer on Dental Literature :mx Isumfzz.. M. IJ. Assistant in ,Pecliatrics XX u.1.u,m If, .IM-alas, M. IJ. Assistant Professor of Pa-tliology X W. -Iwmzsx-xx, M. IJ. Medicine I"iN-I-WIN 'I-UWIISUN, M. D. Assistant in Ophthahnology IIAIQHY JHIINSUN, Al. D, InSt7.uCt07,, Mediciqze -Xl-l.I'1N A. -lux:-Qs. M. ID., F. A. C. P. Professor Of Medicine I lI.xI:l.l-Ls V, .I . 1 I mx .um 5XI"I"UI!II Jaxlgg, Ph. lj axles jf ecturer in Principles of Accounting Professor of Psycliolo-gy :.I,ssI.1: Ixixllny.-A1.xx. 1111-15, M. D. A'S,S0C,mte Pmfessolr of Neumlogy mm was , ' -3 .3 A , 1 H W V. T A-XI' H' D' y Professor of Hygiene . . .. . XI-.NNI'.lVx, D, D. N. Instructor in Operative Dentistry lil The Faculty QCOIILIIIUGCID NVILERED B. IQERR, M.'A. COXOILD, Ph. D. Iiistrucyfgr m fjtggtwy LEROY IQILMAN, LL-. B. Lecturer in Short Story Writing JAMES E. KING, M. D., F. A. C. S. DOUGLAS P. IQINGSTON, B. S. JAMES F. KIRK KATHRYN M. KNERR, -D. D. S. EDXVARD W. KOCH, M. A., M. EDYVARD C. IQOENIG, M. D. EDWARD H. KRAEMER, M. D. WALTER H. IQROMBEIN, M. D. LEONARD P. IQURTZ, M. A. NATHAN ISLUTZMAN, M. D. VVILLIAM LAIDL-AXV, LL. B. ADELLE H. LAND, M.-A. D. CARL C. LATHROP, M. A., Sc. M. LEDRA M. LAXVTON, B. S. LEON J. LEAHY, M. D. DANIEL BELL LEARY, Ph. D. Professor of Gynecology Lecturer in Acluertising Lecturer in Aucliting Instructor on Racliology Professor of Pharniaco-logy rAssociate in Racliology Assistant in Ophthalznology Assistan-t in Meclicine Instructor in Romance Languages Assistant in Gen-ito-Urinary Surgery Professor in Lau! Instructor in Education Assistant Professor in- Bacteriology n Instructor in- Cheinistry Assistant in Meclicine anal Surgery Professor of Psycholo-gy GRETCHEN LEE, B. A. Director of Physical Education for Wotiifieii EDWIN E. LEFFLER, C. P. A.. Lecturer in C. P. A. Reyieio ancl .Specialieecl Accounting A. BERTRAM LEMON, Phar. D. Prof 038016 Of +MU-154-GMU' Medica THEODORE M. LEONARD., M. D., F. A. C. P. Assistant Professor of Meclicin-c FRANCIS LEOPOLD, M. D. OLIVE P. LESTER, M. A. CARL LEUTENEGGER, M. D. ABEL LEVITT, M. D. MANSFIEIID G. LEVY, M. D. Associate in Illeclicine and in Therapeutics Instructor in Psychology Assistant in Genito-Urinary Surgery A ssistant in Meclicine Assistant in Pecliatrics LESTER L LEVYN, M. D., F. A. C. P. Assistant in Meclwww i1 The Faculty CC011lIl11l16flD TH,y.R,,,,R Imwlx, M. D. Assistant in Ophthalmology -Inu:-gs II. Llswls, B. A., M. D., F. A. C. S. Associate in Snrgery gomx I.. In-zwxs, JR., A. M., LL. B. Professor of Law . Imux' I". l1ICll'l'l5NDI:3RG, A. C. Special Lec:t'furer in Cheniistry .lflI'llMlD W. IJINDEMANN, B. A. l'1lS?5'l"lt0150i' 'W E'llyl'lSllf Umvl-11: V. l,Oi'liIIAR'I', Ph. D. C011 leavcj Professor of Economics l..x1'm-:Nm-1 D. IJOCKIE, Ph. C., A. C. Instructor in Phalronatcy' N. IJUIINICS, M. D. Associate Professor of Pecliatries 3':l.l II. Loxu, M. D. Professor of Materia 'Medica and Thera-pentics f'1:.xxK II. Itoxu, M. D. Associate in Gynecology H:-nomar: W. Lum-:Nz, D. D. S. Clinica-l Instructor in Operative Dentistry YI' ll. Immlon, M. D. Instructor in Obstetrics Vluxuq XVICIIIHCR how, D. D. S. Lecturer on- Prophylaxis and Oral Hygiene Flmtxn H. I.r'c1cl':1c, V. P. A. Lecturer in- Principles of Accoa-n-ting IIYIXG P. Imax, IS. A., M. D. Associate Professor of Me-clicine A"'l"3'l"' T- l1Y'l'H'3, M- D. Professor Medical Econo-mics l'll.Nlil.l'ZS H. BI,xc:A1z'1'mfu Assistant Professor of Pharrnacology 'lUSl'1I'Il -I. M.xf.:IJoN.u.n, M. S. Instrnctor in Physiology 1ll.I.l.XS M. AI.xc:noN.xl.n, B. A. Assistant Professor of Hygiene W.xn.'rr:n I.. M.xc111-zmlcn, M. D. Instruct-0,. fm Smgefry Imxxum A. Mf:1'u1:1sm.'K, B. S. in Mgdv M, D, glmu V WIIMWFH H D Assistant in Pharmacology ana Pathology Hmm H-D-MVHl'lRll: ij .F A C S Instructor in Obstetrics i"1:.xxr'vs W. 3Ic'GI'4i1cl" -NI-,D -FIA. P. ' ' Professor of Surgery l,.X'l'liIf'K 'l'. Mf1Ilnm'uNAI '11 .,Nl.P I Asswtallt Pmfessol of Surgery W I . . . ., I . m.C.1.S. Instrnctor in Pathology Jl.5,.,.M 4-U Mc.KI,.XXY' M. U., FA. C. S. . g Associate in Proctology an-cl Instructor in Gyn-ecology llxvm 'l'.xl.l: 'I' M. ' ' . U HA' D' D' 5- Instructor in Prosthesis The Faculty QCOIItiIIuedD NATHAIJIE K. lWANKELL, M. D. Associate in Mechanical Therapeutics BALDWIN LIANN, B. A., M. D. V Assistant Professor of M eclicine anclof Therapeutics CLARA LIARCH, M. D., F. A. C. S. ' A Associate in Ophthalmology CLARENCE S. MZARSH, M. A, Dean of the Evening Session GEORGE G. MARTIN, M. D. Assistant in M eclficine SERGEANT P. MARTIN, M. D. I nstrnctor in Genito-Urinary Sutrgevry HERMAN G. LNIATZINGER, M. D. Professor of Psych-ia-try HERMIXN F. MAY, M. D. ' Assistant Professor of Psychiatry FRANK L. LIECHEM, Ph. D., LL. B. Instructor in- Contracts, Negotiable Instrnznents and Partnership LOUIS H. ll-IEISBURGER, D. D. S. Assistant Professor of Special Pathology EDWARD F. MEISTER, M. D. , Instructor in Obstetrics EDXVARD R. llfELCHER, D. D. S. A I nstractor i-n Prosthetic Dentistry WILLIAM R. LTELDRUM, Editorial WI'iteI', Buffalo Evening News ' Lectn-rer in Easpository Writing ERNEST G. lWERR1TT, M. S. Lecturer in Physics THESSALON H. MILNE, M. A. In-strnctor in Matheonatics EDWARDF. NIIMMACK, D. D. Assistant Professor' of Materia M eclica and Therapeutics LEON M. MONEI.IIJ, Ph. C., Ch. E. Assistant Professor of Pharmacy FRANK J. MONTROSE, M.D. I nstrnctor in Medicine EDWVARD J. MOORE, Ph. D. Professor of Phys-ics ADELBERT NIOOT, LL. B. Professor of the Law of Evidence RICHARD F. MORGAN, Phar. D. Professor of Botany CPharinacyD Professor of Geology CArts and Sciencesj VINCENT C. LTOSCATO, M. D. Assistant in Ophthalinology C. WALLACE ll'IUNST-IOVVER, M. S. I Instrnctor in Matheinati-cs OTTO LIUELLER - Lectnrer in Sa-les Aclininistration HENRY J. MULEORD, M. D. ' Associate Professor of Rhino-Laryngo-logy ii-L ,4 . The Faculty CCOIILIIIHCLID '1'1mxrw YFIII B A Assistant Professor in Hygiene I I.-H, T YHPNIO LL B Lecturer in Polish Literature , . . . 1+ 5 - ' -Xl.l"l!I'IlJ II. NOIQHREN, B. A., M. D., F. A. C. S. Associate in An-at'o1ny and in Surge-ry Evening Session tinconcclc NIQWMAN B.x1:x1-:'1' Novica, M. A. Lecturer in Contefznporary European History .Ioux Lomb O'BRIAN, B. A., LL. B., LL. D. Professor of Law licmxxn Loma OlB111AN, LL. B. Lecturer i-n Stoch Exchange lIUN.Xl,-D Cf. O ,CONNOR, B. S., M. D. Assistant in Bio-Cheniistry f Jsaxu. J. O1s151cK11zC1-11511, M. D. Associate in Genito-Urin-ary Surgery i'1.-lm-'clan R. Omz, M. D. ' Associate in Radiology Wu,1,1,m1 J. Omz, M. D. Assistant in Pediatrics IC.xm. IJ. OSBOILNE, M. D. Asso-ciate in Dermatology and Syphilology Ilmmlm Osceola, B, A., M. D. Associate in Medicine -I.xc'cu1 S. O'1"1'0, B5 A., M. D. , I Assistant Professor of Therapeutics and Instructor in Pediatrics c'u.x1u,14:s A. PANKOXV, D. D. S. Professor of Special Histology B. SPISNCER PARK, M. D. A3,gj3ga,n.-5 in SW-gem, -Il'1.l.xN Bxlclq, Ph. D. Pyofgssoty of fjqjs-,gory l'llll'llll'IRlC7K J. PARM1sN'1'ER, A. M., F. A. C. S. Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery lf'1,om-:xt-1-3 B. PENFIELD, Ph. C., M. S. Q Instructor in Pharmacy 'l'1nm.xs Plcxxlfzy, JR., B. A., LL. D. ' . Instructor in the Lau' of Private Co-rp-ora-tions Ill-:xl:"' ' 14- w J - . - X 1' 19- 1UUKY, 111. D. Professor of English Literature lfIl.1z.x1s1c'1'l1 IDFTI - U1 B' A- Instructor in German -l. . 'L' P I " T' . , . U" N D - PLRWM, LL. B. Professor of the Law of Bankruptcy SIDNI-ix' P, PF13 F . , . W 'I I FDR, B- A-, LL. B. , Instructor in Elenientary Law u.r.1.xm , 1 ,, ,- lt . , W Iii 1 IIII 1 Il 5, M. D., F. A. C. S. Associate in Ophthalniology ll.l.l.XBl mxixlzl IJ ' H f B f - . . J 1 11.1.s1:L hx, B. A. Professional Lecturer in Education I W The Faculty QCOIItinuedD ALBERT WALTER PLUMI.-EY Lecturer on Jurisprudence W. WARD PLUMMER, B. L., M. D., LL. D., F. A. C. S. Professor of Orthopedic Surgery IIOVVARD W. POST, M. S. C011 lcavcj , Instructor in Cheniistry FRANK N. POTTS, M. D. Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery V. ELLSWORTH POUND, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Matheinatics JULIUS PRATT, Ph. D. I - Emanuel Boasberg Professor in History GRIFFITH G. PRITCHARD, D. D. S. Associate Professor of Oral Surgery GEORGE W. PUOHER, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Bio--Cheinistry HERBERT A. PULLEN, M. D. Professor of Orthodontia JAMES L. QUAOKENBUSH, LL. B. Professor of Law JOHN A. RAGONE, M. D. . Assistant in Pediatrics CHARLES RAMSEY, M. A. Instructor in Econo-mics FRANK G. RAICHLE, JR., LL. B. ' .Lecturer on the Law of Agency JAMES S. REGAN, M. D. Medicine HELEN DWIGHT REID, M. A. C011 leavej A A Instructor in History and Government HOBART A. REIMANN, M. D. Assistant in Medicine HAROLD J. REIST, M. D. Instructor in Pediatrics CHARLES E. RHODES, M. A. Lecturer in English JOHN PIERREPONT RICE, Ph. D. Professor of Romance Languages ATJLEN E. RJICHTER, M. D. Assistant in Surgery JULIUS RIOHTER, M. D., F. A. C. S. Associate in Anatomy and Surgery E. RAYMOND RIEGEL, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Cheniistry LAURETTA F. RIESTER, B. S. Lecturer in Industrial Arts GEORGE F. ROBERTS, M. D. Professor of Bacteriology and Histology JESSE N. ROE, M. D. Associate in Dermatology and Syphilology BAENJAMINAROMAN, M. D. Assistant Professor of Pathology Qs If U I 3 The Faculty CC011ti11uedD f'I.lI"I"URD E. Rose, D. D. S. Associate Pr0feSS0f' 0f 5lf"90"3l Mlm., NWI., Lecturer in Essay and Editorial Writing ROSWl'Il,l, Roslzxuunzx Evening Sessien lima.-ua L. RVFFING, D. D. S. Clinical Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry Ihvm Rx'sl..xNDE1z, LL. B. Professor Of the Law 0f Wills NI-BISON G. Rvsslzm., M. D., F. A. C. P. Professor of Clinical Medicine H. S'r.xNr.1ay RUTHVEN, B. A., LL. B. Instructor in Bankruptcy Um-:N S. S.u.1S1sU1u', Ph. G. Special L6Gtw'6T Nmm.-xx Sc111...xN'1' Evening Session lflxmzum G. Sc'H,xU1z0'1'H, B. A. Instructor in Latin and Greek C. Scu1.eNK1cn, LL. B. Lecturer on the Law of Sales Fm-Lmcmcx 'l'. SCUNATZ, B. A. Assistant in Anatomy llsnvlcx' G. S01-Ixlcmcn, M. D. Instructor in Medicine and in Therapeutics Bl-:nxmm F. SCI-IREINER, M. D., F. A. C. S. Instructor in Surgery Rox' L. SCOTT, M. D., M. C., U. S. A. Assistant in Medicine f'lIARl.l'IS B. SEARS, B. A., LL. B. Professor of Medical Jurisprudence Iinmoxxm W. SIQNDKIQR, M. D. Assistant 7:72, Bastm-tgwlogg, I?nsr'r,,x SENN, B. S. Instructor in Therapeutics Rumcm' G. SEVERANCI5, C. P. A. Lecturer in Advanced Accounting Amar-nm' R., M. A. WJJ.VQY'VO'QP.,Q-.-c-dfQ-'- P,.0f03S0.,. of Bf, linwsnn A. SHARP, M. D. Professor of Neurology A1'f:1's'r1's H. SIAIEARIQR, Ph. D, Professional Lecturer in History and Library Science H "FRE" H- SHERK, M. A. Professor of Mathematics IMAX 'TT H- SHERMAN, B- A-, M- D- Professor of Pediatrics cf' I X .I ' l Y . ml If SIEMUNN Lecturer in German l.m'rs X ,' Q r . . 0 a I ' SILGLU M' D- Assistant in Gynecology Sem .'n.v 1, . . if . . S YRNIAA' B- A' Instructor in English - The Faculty tC0ntinuedD EDXVARD W. SINE, B. Afvb-0 - CU- Wil-4xAssistant Professor 'of English GEORGE E. SLOTKIN, M. D. Associate in Genito-Urinary Surgery WIL-LIAM SMALL . Evening Session BARNEY BARR SMITH, M. D. Instructor in Radiology HERBERT A. SMITH, M. D. Associate Professor of Surgery KARL SMITHER, Ph. G. Instructor in Pharniacy and Ch-ernistry JOHN SNYDER Evening Session JOSEPH SPANGENTHAL, M. D. Associate Professor of Derniato-logy DAINA-L. SPRING, B. A., LL. B. Lecturer on the Law of Negligence WILLIAM STEVENS Evening Session DANIEL H. SQUIRE, D. D. S. Professor of Operative Dentistry STEWART STOKE, Ed. D. Assistant Professor Psychology and .Education THURMAN W. STONER, LL. B., M. A. Lecturer o-n Conflict of Laws OSCAR H. STOVER, 'M. D. Instructor in Pharniacology JOHN G. STOWE, M. D. Instructor in-rMedicin-e NEIJSON W. STROHM, M. D. Assistant in Med'icin-e J. C. SULLIVAN, D. D. S. I Assistan-t in Dentistry PARTON SWIFT, AB. A., LL. B. Lecturer on the Law of Doniestic Relations ALBERT P. SY, Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy HAROLD TAYLOR, M. M. E. Lecturer in Mechanics PIERCE TAYLOR, M. D. I Instructor in Medicine EARL R. TEMPLETON, B. S., M. D. Assistant in Medicine IRVING R. TEMPLETON, B. A., LL. B. . ' Lecturer on the Law of Personal Property RICHARD H. TEMPLETON, B.. A. Professor of the Law of Corporations A. A. THIBAUDEAU, M. B. Instructor in Hygifme RUTH THOMAS, M. A. I Instructor in Latin EMORY THOMPSON, D. D. S. Lecturer on Metallurgy CLARENCE H. THURBER, Ph. D. E50-QCULLUG SGGVGW-Ty Off' I! The Faculty A fC011ti11ucdD ,mm ,I,lYK,,,-I. I2 ,X NI D ' Instructor in Anftto-my VW' A 'I-mlmw XI VID. A - ' Associate1InMe-dtefin-e Il mm' H 'l'mr:K, M. ID.. F. A. U. Assista-nt P1'0f0S-SOI' of SWQWZJ limi:-Ln A. 'i'lm'r'rf-Ln, Ph. G., M. D. ' I . . , -A fl..S'SI..S'fKllIf tn Anatomy ct-1tzcls.0totogg CMectfzvc'tneD E ' I nstructor in Tos3'1'coZog'y CPlm,1rm.a.cyD yy.,-,i .'y,.,-,,,.3,u Ig. S. Instructor tn Biology .g',-M-,QNS Ii. '1'1-NNW Lecturer tn Purcltasfing .I1'1,u's I'r,1.A1.xN, M. D., F. A. C. P. A.s.stst'ant Professor of Medicine H1-Jumslc X'.xxH.-xN'rvorJ1en, IE. Lift. COx011.j, M. A. QOXOILD Professor of English Literature S'u'r'.m'r I.. X'.xl'mr,xN, M. D. Assistant tn Bacteriology lin' M. Yr-:m:n.r., M. A. l,r'r'lurer in If'tzfcto1't17mz.t Literature cond Emoosfttorg Writing S.xx1u'1-:s. A. X'm:r':1., M. D. Assistant 'tn Medicine -luux Y. W.xnswmc'1'r1, li. S., M. D. As.-ist -A tff A 1 s on ru 11 eflieine and Pltarnmeologgy .U.xZIli XVMFNICR, H. 1X.Mp'LfL affix i,,U,g,QiTxo.q' Ingterugtgr in SOC'I:0l0gy lhvm IC. W.u'm':, Ii. S. .llsmslrrfzzf Professor of Chtenztstrg Cflr-ts and Sciencesb Instructor in Metallurgy CDentQfstryD Iii-znzxum H. WA Kr-:I-'11-Jw, D. IJ. S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry 'l'HoM.xs -I. Wmsu, M. D., F. A. C. P. Associate in Medicine limmsl-3 W. W.xx.xM.xm:n, H. A., LL. B. Lecturer On Insurance I,r"rm-21: Ii. XY.X'l'KIYS C' P A . ,... H Lecturer in Federal Taxes l'1l:Nl's'1' AI. W.x'l'suN, Ph. H., M. A., M. D, Associate tn Genito-Urinary Surgery II mm' M. Wm-Jn, M. D., F, A, C, .'lSS0l'l.fIff' in Anatomy and Instructor in O ht? Z Z . . I p . to mo ogy Im XX n.1.r.m XX I-:r.r'n. M. D.. F. A. C. P. Assocefa-te in Medicine Mxm' AYI'ISl.l-IX' Event-ng Session i The Faculty We fCODti1'l11GdD . ... 'PGROVER WILLIAM WENDE, M. D. Professor of Dermatology cmd Sgph.rzfl.o'Iography Ulleclieirzre, De-n-tistryb CHARLES B. WHEELER, B. A., LL. B., LL. D. Professor of Law CLEVELAND WEIITE, M. D. I - . Medicine HERBERT? U. WII--LIAMS, MQD. ' . Professor of Pathology amd Ba.eter'f1ioZogy, Crzcrazfor of Mu..seu.m LESLIE WHITE, M. A. ' Ifnslrfuetor 7:77, Sociology FDICCI February 9, 192657 Af' . , ' I H,ENRY WQWILLIS, B.A. ' , .. ' L, I ,--E Q. 'vb' ,Afo 7.5 ' f j Q I .2 Q . Lecturer on the Lafw of.Confra'c:ts ond Negotfiavble .-Irrsfrugi1fe'rg.ts FRANCES WING - - 'I 'Q A J A ' '- 1 - Efovefnirig sesgigw ORTI-IA L. WILNER, B. A. ' A , A Instructor fm Latin UXIZCZ Greek H. MIIITON WOQDBIIRN, M. S. ' A I rzstruetor fin Chreerfnistry EVERETT A. VVOODYVORTII j P, Assvlsfcmt in A110150-nrzfy FRANK A. VVOBTH4 Leeiurer in Credits and Collections THEWV WRIGHT, B. A., M. D., F. A. C. S. A.ssfe1s1fcm.t Professor of Surgery WALTER J. M. VVIIRTZ, M. D. Assistant in Rhsin-or-La-rgnsgology GUY YDUNGBURG, M. S., Ph. D. 1 Professor of Bio-.Chemfzistry sf! , L-'I "D I. s .X'- I , I ,Yi I I I. I 'SFX W W 2216 I I FOSTER HALL N C3 lsx !- 'n HlStOfy of the UHlVCfSlty HE year 1926 27 has IIS record of achievements quite 111 keeping with these years of tremendous growth of the University It now happens that the year appears prosaic and dull that 1S not full of 1nnovat1ons and instances of gre tt growth This IS a period of read Justment and experiment in higher educational circles and the University of Buffalo IS not beh1nd 1n such matters This cond1t1on IS very attractive to scholars of the new school who desire to teach m institutions that are not fettered by out of date educational methods The summer session of the Arts College IS becom1ng better known every year Last summer registrations came 1n from many states of the Union The faculty was composed of excellent members from various institutions 'lhe social life was not neglected convocation hour was very popular and numerous fine musical program and talks were much appre c1ated The annual faculty student baseball game, steak roast and dance back on Rotarw Field ended the season Convocation Day the fifteenth of September ushered in the eightieth academic year of the university 'lhe new members of the faculty 21 1n number were mtroduced to us at this time Chancellor Capen in speak mg of the growth of the Un1vers1ty said I trust that the process of bu1ld ing will never stop that we and our successors w1ll never be satisfied with the University at any one t1me The res1gnat1ons of Mr A G Bartholomew and Mr Philip Becker Goetz who have been on the faculty were announced and all were sorry at the loss The campus ce1ta1nly deserves a passing remark The occupants of the County-Home and. Hospital had left during the summer along With the1r local color The old men in the dingy backyard the smell of cab- bages the tr1m nurses, the saucy little dog all were gone In their place we had a portion of the County Home called East Hall Although the scent vias d1I11l.V reminiscent of the past we were gla.d to have these tem- porary classrooms relieve our former ciowded cond1t1on The huge hos- pital building was the center of our attention the whole year as we proudly watched It lose its old aspect and assume before our eyes a new exterior and promlse of a new 1nter1or Up went the tower in we-nt the new w1ndows and our hearts d1d fill with pleasure and ant1c1pat1on - Before we go into the new year a woid must be spoken of the Fresh- man Preliminary Course Candidates for admission in the Arts College who had been 111 the lowest two-fifths of their h1gh school class had to attend a month s sess1on to determine whether they were fit for entrance and if so, to help them learn how to study It was so successful as proved by the January exams that It w1ll be repea.ted next year--but will .include all 1n the lowest three-fifths 1 The outstanding student activ1ty of autumn IS of course football if vou except studying In view of the scores ofthe games lt was not a bril- liant season However a step forward was ta.ken in enforcing the one year rule and other stricter el1g1b1l1ty iules The Freshmen 'weretfor the l' tit-st time given real athletie eoaehing. They had a football team from whieh our varsity eoaeh will draw ntueh good material tor next year. The sittin' is true nf' their basketball team. Wrestling and boxing was also tnt t'otlttet'd. 'lille llelzate t'lub early resumed its meetings. This group must be given spet-i:tl tnention l'or its work. Heniarkable success has attended its t'll'ut'tS. Hpealcers have bt-tn developed, the uninitiated l1ave been helped tu study and solve problt-nts. The men and women's teams through their trips have spread the fanie ot' the l'niversity in many localities. Witll the vit-tory over t'ornell in Nlareh tlte women have accumulated ten straight wins beginning with the tirst woniau's debate in April, 1924. A wt-eltly series ol' sixteen l'aeulty lectures began in October. This is one very line way the l'utversity seleets to give of its intellectual fruits In the eonununitv til' l3utl'alo. Student .Xetivitits llay was entirely in the students hands this year. 'l'he niass meeting and parade were held on the campus. There was much entlntsiasin aroused and the nienibers of the football team who spoke were prontised loyal support. Many aetivities ot' the students deserve special mention this year, The live partieularly is to be eonnnended. The newspaper was full of news as its four pages pei-niit. The insertion of news from other colleges has lu-pt us in toneli with the eollegiate world. There have been a number til' extra size issues, even an eight page one for the Christmas issue' An aetivity that is eontpletely rejuvenated is drama.ties appeal-ing utnler the appropriate nanie ol' the 'tlilue Masquers." This til-0-anjydtion is interested in all sides ol' play production. Manv of its nieiinberis are working in the business end, while others are interested in costume desitin makeup, properties and lights. Through the efforts of all these de aft, un-nts as well as those who respond to the lure of the spot liffhts the Il32l1 h Xlastpn-rs have put on a greater ntunber ot plays this vear H1213 peel. b f uf? This stu'lt'ty lit-eps in elose toneh with the dratnaticsiin other Cbllemii fini' sent a tlelegtttt- to the Inter-t'ollegiate Cfonference at Elmira '1'htQL2,figi that nrt ptodtntd att woitltwlnle being put on by a. college group. 'lille Vniversity has given eo-operation to numerous artistic enter ' - llowever, the eo-operation has been mutual for the various lillugig-il fpmsgfbi UUIIS ll1lV" LIt'U"l""lSl5' "'l"'l"'fl tl'reatl,v reduced rates for sttideiit Ou? the eoneerts. Xarious exhibitions at the Albright Ai't'Ctalle1-ivihavc, if a- ad . 'f. f'CC1V0 pttbln tty at the l ntxetsttx and are entoved bv m-mv 'pl . - . - u . . , t , ll .- eo-operation between other agencies who brine 0l1Lt't' d- we It also Close Tl X I V H I D S 2111 mg speakers here. ll' x FS it ege t'tlll"l'2llll ates itself on its ' r - - - oss government. Although we were rather behind 0t1'Rnr1?gElsn .Of a gtudimt it our problems have been eonsiderablv lass bpcuugo of me gezlm a Optmg of out uf town students and the absence of dormitories Tiilea fagiilitienliage ' ' " ' V 3.V6 lies-It verv wtllnu' lu eo-o -' - . if pttate with the studen ' " ' ' has assumed many duties that have in former vearigibeehiiii Siiidenif Umon ignored completely. This is just a beginning' and it is hgllgiedeiih inds or - a every - - year interest in it will grow until it is a real training school for citizenship and leadership. The citizens of Buffalo have continued their generosity towa.rd the University. This year James H. McNulty left an endowment for a pro- fessoris chair in English. The tennis courts that were given us several years ago were open for play in the summer. They are splendid clay courts and are crowded whenever the weather is kind. The good old basketball teambrought honor a.nd glory to our school again this year. It was a successful season viewed from any angle. In the first place the team won most of the games played. Our only defeats were received at the hands of the best teams in the country. The Penn State game was a game probably better than any in local history or in' collegiate history at all. The Blue and White supporters were immeasur- ably proud of the teamas it played battered, weary and crippled through extra period, after extra period, with no sub left on the bench till the glorious end. One cannot start to mention the 'individual players-Brizdle, Harrington, Stoesser or any other for the whole squad played with wonder- ful ability throughout the season. Team work so delightful to watch was developed to a remarkable degree this year. The students enjoyed as always the dancing after the games. In the midst of the period of fraternity formals the Senior Ball whirled on the calendar. Last year the first Senior Ball was held in con- junction with the Alumni but this year the seniors managed it themselves. The ballroom of the Statler was just big enough for the dance. The faculty of the University sponsored by the Alumni bi-weekly radio talks in the spring. I am sure the people of Buffalo enjoyed listen- ing to these short talks on a number of topics that as citizens they were naturally interested in. The public also enjoyed the Fenton Lectures as well as the students. Eminent scholars from all over the world are brought here by this Founda- tion and expound on subjects which they are probably best qualified of .anyone to speak on. The privilege of asking questions of the lecturer is usually allowed and this is especially beneficial for often controversial points are brought out to the light of day and a beneficial result is pro- duced. .I The Medic Shindig this year gave the would-be doctors a chance to shine before the footlights. The orchestra was particularly fine. Sorority Stunt Nite served the same purpose for the girls. All forms of entertain- ment from plays to danceswere on the program with Pi Kappa Phi 's Pav- lowa Gavotte winning the prize. . Vifhen' you get this beautiful book in May you will be sorrowfully .an- ticipating the parting with the senior classes. ,May is a beautiful time on our campus and puts a rosy glow on our thoughts of the past year. So the history of this pleasant year, 1926-1927, is nearly over. Soon our beloved seniors will receive their diplomas and will start history in other far spread corners. But there are many left who must make history for th ' 't f B ffalo in the coming year. t 6 Umv-MSI Y 0 u -CHARLOTTE MCALEER CLASSES xx v' -S, 1: . ' J' W' - mx f ' S, v. E . , ,eff 4 - L . fg , il, 'Wi ' "" fm ,J'x:ff,,'15 .- , .' ,Jijvf .' 5 1- ' . di ff' , 1 '1.."Sf , ' , S , , I V , ,.' f Y, " ' R. .A ,, ,A 1 A . rj: Y- f, jd -. . .f'3,,, gi? ,N . , In n , ' X -.X -'X My :,-.- fn, ,L Q' ,- . S. ' , - ' ,EW f '- ,gf 4 W 4 , I , . , S- ..W,.,, L, , , .- IQ L1 . x, .A jg' u vi -i--,Qi f,.1,1.4, I 'iff I lf, r' , Nigzr- J'f?f.grfr 1 '3f.4fw9I -i aff- :"z 'SS' .J S ' 'HM f f , 'ff'-' 5 '- ,fa g . jz. F- ' ' x- , i - Ziff, M MW' V H- -4 F ' WZ" ,Q v ,.,.- ,W 1, . ' ' " ,mf ,V Kr , Fi' A Ku ,I , :J f ' 'T "" ,'f'fTW'f'C7'rf',4:2'f:ff1-ff-7"V " Sf , , , ,pw ,yu , f K - .,,M" ,S '- ,.-L wwf .,,J' 4,'2:'.5f .,,mf'wg 1, . f 'dig gi ,.,'-51315 b 2.' ,Sf ' 4,5255-gii9?f'fIl2Z'5-415355537a5,uWf.4ly' ff"7 'if wt Ai F' WW' "2-V n""J'f'c.9' ' ' S' " r:?Z1f""' -fy ' '- . f:ii,:-'J 5 X' f ' WU" , ' 'I ' . .fn , :CH . , , .:rfa,3.,, ' ,, V ' 17' '-'L""fV2A9W ",'.,,t ' A ' " ,..',Q4l' ."""' f I ' l x, iV,.4,,. .. .5 1+ f , ,' " .. 5, I JZ' .',f"'H,,' ' 2 + J I 1 1 ff? lf- ,-5 f fy 4' I1 ' ,ff '- f" .fl -Z' H. ' , S -' y ,5 . .A .,,+, riff ,-....,., -"H liz: '."' " ' xx- Neug,-Lf. -f.f,,, ., ,Ml f 21: PM m . V , L, ,f ,S , S. A ' 1.1,-fun' 'QJFJW' ! nu SENIQRS VA if -ll- 3. ,V 5 L 17 4 0' . - - rx"'S- K Y Y A ' 4 ' 'AN 0 'X-fsgmux. -qw-""'Z' db 0 O 9 0 ' Q 7 IIATTIE MARY ABRAHAM .BuffalO, N- Y- B. S. in Education F. ALEXANDER AI B. A. 1 4 . WILLIAM A DER Ll.. B. CHARLES ADKINS D. D. S. JOHNg'lgUART ALLAN B alo School of Fine Artsg Buffalo ' chers Training School. .4 Harbord Collegiate Institute, Torontog Beta Chi Epsilon. ' Xldwifalo, N. Y. X Rochester, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mug Inter-fraternity Basket- ball '24-'25g Varsity Football '25g Black- stone Legal Society. . . Q. -ri xCVX Buffalo, N. tY. li l..9'ilDlAX . .. .55......t. ij? Buffalo, N. Y. Kappa li-Delta Psig On Birg Business Man- ager' of Freshman Handbook 3 Chairman of Students' Activities Day '265 Treasurer of ilggnlior Classg General Chairman of Senior ' . x A BERNICE S. ALPERN LL. B. BESSIE G. ALPERT LL. B. RUSSELL G. ANDERSON D. D. S. WILBUR R. ANNIS Ph. G. ABRAHAM AXLEROD B. A. X Alai' RUTH ll. AYIIAULT li. A. fa. j O.-.i..9CX' l'IS'l'l-I IC R BA K E ll Ll.. B. l"RI'IllA B.-5.I,l.O'l'IN H S. - ,- 2 .if 2. x V' l'lIUBl.-XS H.-XNIGAN ll. ll. S. PHILIP C. BARTH l,l,. B. XP Attica, N. Y. . William Smith College 3 yrs., Dramatics '26. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi, Secretary Freshman Forum, Secretary Freshman Class, Vice-President Junior Class. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Delta Tau, Basketball and Baseball '24-'25, Dramatic Society '25-'27, Girls' Glee Club '25-'27, Bee Staff '25-'27, Muse and Masque, Secretary of Dramatics '26, Corr. Sec'y Menorah Society '26, Feature Editor f B ' - ' o ee 27, Junior Bazaar Com- mittee '26, Moving-Up Day Play, "Thrice Promised Bride". Buffalo, N. Y. Syracuse University, Delta Sigma Delta, Barrettonian Society. Buffalo, N. Y. Cap and Gown Committee, President Black- stone Legal Society. SAMUEL C. BATTAGLIA LL. B. EDWARD BEAVER Ph. G. WILFRED BEDWORTH Ph. G. ROBERT A. BELL D. D. S. EDWARD BERKERY LL. B. Geneseo, N. Y. , Alpha Phi Delta. Gowanda, N. Y. . Theta Pi Epsilong Clarkson Tech. Univer- sity. - Thion, N. Y. Kappa Psi. Akron, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Secretary Freshman Class. B ffalo, N. Y. . Dellta Chig Senior Banquet Committee. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma, Track '22, Swimming '24g Glee Club '20-'22-'26, U. B. Clubg Invita- tion Committee '27. Buffalo, N. Y. Swimming, Basketball, Baseball '25, Pi Kappa Phi, Cap and Gown, Muse and Masqueg Copy Editor of Bee '27, Board of Councillors. - ,I , J J , A.-.,.4. I gAQ,kffrg'4, 4 LL U Zftej-B ,LVL :I , Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Sigma Deltag U. B. Orchestrag Ser- geant-at-Arms '24-'25. Schenectady, N. Y. lieulta .Sigma Delta, ,Barettonian Societyg l1IlIIf.1tlOfl Committee 27. Niagara Falls, N. Y. ERNEST BRODIE M. D. - B. S. in Medicine WILLIAM BROWN Ph. G. IRVING BRUCKHEIMER D. D. S. CORNELIUS BURKE Ph. G. OLIN C. BUYEA Ph. G. Ridgeway, Ontario. Nu Sigma Nu, Beta Pi Rho, Class Treas- urer '24. Buffalo, N. Y. Omicron Alpha Tau. Miami, Florida. Barrettonian Society 3 Syracuse, N. Y. Kappa Psi. Oneida, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma. U. B. Orchestra. I"l,UI2lAN J. BRYLSKI M. D. CHA Rl.l'IS CAMPBELL Ph. G. YICIPU CANIIIELLO l,l,. B. I..-XWRICNCIC CARLINO M. ll. B. S. in Medicine ICIZNICST CARNES I,l.. B. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Theta, Alpha Omega Alphag Sigma Phi Delta, James A. Gibson Ana- tomical Societyg Buffalo General Hospital '27-'28. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma, Pres. of Senior Class '27. Hornell, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta, Blackstone Society, In- vitation Committee '27g Secretary Junior Class '26. Niagara Falls, N. Y. James A. Gibson Anatomical Society. Watertown, N. Y. Phi Delta Phi. ' LL. B. FRANK CARVER Ph. G. SAMUEL CASTIGLIONE M. D. y B. S. in Medicine N. CHAIKIN M. D. IDA CHEPLOWITZ B. A. l JOHN CARRIERO n hmamcgqf Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Deltag Blackstone Legal Society. Syracuse, N. Y. Phi Delta Sigma. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta. Brooklyn, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Basketball, Baseball '26-'27, Normal 2 yrs. X"?,4-Cfxi I 1 -I Buffalo, N. Y. u , Sigma Kappag Nu Sigma Phig Buffalo City Hospital '27-'28. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Footballg Xi Psi Phi. Buffalo, N. Y. U Sigma Alpha Mug Editor of Bisong Pres. Freshman Law Classy Blackstone Legal Society. , ' Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Chig Bison Headg "Hyena's Lair"5, Pres. U. B. Club '26g Manager Glee Club '27g Art Editor Bison '245 Contributing Editor Muse and Masque Magazine '263 Humor Editor of Bee '25g Managing Ed- itor '26g Editor of Bee '27' Muse and gasaque Societyg French Play: '26g French u . DORA COONLY B.S. SAMUEL COPPOLA Ph. G. - MARIE CORRIG AN ' B. A. - VICTOR COYLE, B. S. D. D. S. JAMES J. COYNE D. D. S. Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Beta P Buffalo, N. Y. hi. U. B. Wome-n's Club. Buffalo, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Barrettonian Societyg Vico- a Pres. Freshm Pittson, Pa. n Class. Xi Psi Phig Barrettonian Societ ' U. B. "Y" Clubg Un Y, lVC1'S1ty of Pennsylvania. FRANK CRIDEN M. D. GLENN CUMMINGS M. ll. EARL CUNNINGHAM Ph. G. SIIULOM CYPIN ll. ll. S. SOLOMAN DANIELS LI.. B. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Lambda Kappa atomical Society. Akron, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phi. Mexico, N. Y. U. B. Men's Club. Buffalo, N. Y. Barrettonian Society Buffalo, N. Y. - Trumansbur Kappa Psi. Buffalo, N. Eggertsville Beta Gamm Lycoming, N Buffalo, N. Sigma Kapp ball, Baseba liWl'INll0l.YN IFOUGHTON B. A. 'ti 4 '44 453- .fo- 14.. fi' Jill-lNR.l. XUNN Ci f 0 f HAIIOLIJ IPWINELLE ll. ll. S. STANLE Y IDYNOWSKI Ph. G. .-Xli'l'I-IHR ELS.-XESSER i . ll. B. S. in Medicine X Buffalo, N. Y. 6 , H , , 0 Basketball '23, Baseball '23- 24, 16111113.20- 25g Theta Chi, Muse and Masque, BISON Staff '25, Co-ed Editor '26, Secretary of Freshman Class '24, Senior Class Poet. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Chi Epsilon, On Birg Varsity Basket- ball '26-'27g Board of Councillors, Senior Class President, Dartmouth College-2 years. Auburn, N. Y. llelta Sigma Delta, Barrettonian Society, Vice-President Senior Class '27, Rochester, N. Y. Glee Club, U. B. "Y" Club. Millgrove, N. Y. Ifhi Rho Sigma, Freshman Basketballg Var- sity Basketball '21-'23. YVILLIAM ESTRY D. D. S. HELEN FAIRBAIRN B. A. CHARLES FASA, JR Ph. G. BESSIE FANCHERH B..S. in Education NATHAN FELDMAN M. D. Buffalo, N. Y. Kappa Nu, Barrettonian Society. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, lenic Delegate' Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Beta Pi. .Honors Division, Pan-Hel- , Women's Club, Muse and Masque, Basketball, Swimming. Houghton, N. Y. Houghton Colle Buffalo, N. Y. University of Warsaw, Polan ge. Rochester, d. University of ABRAHAM FINN Ph. G. FRANK FLORIANO l.l.. B. IIARRY FORHEAIJ l.l.. B. GICURGIC FRANK M. ll. A R'l'I'lUR FUNK M. lb. B. S. in Medicine '23 Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Deltag Canisius, 1 year. Buffalo, N. Y. A Beta Pi Rhog Football '25g Inter-fraternity Basketballg S. A. C.g Moving-Up Day Exer- cises '23-'24. Frankfort, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigmag Niagara University. ' Buffalo, N. Y. la- Qfw? HL . 29172-Q JOHN GABBEY B. S. EDWARD GALVIN D. D. s. A ADELAIDE M. GANDER B. A. G. THOMAS GANIM, B. S. LL. B. EDWARD T. GEORGE Ph. G. Indian Falls, N. Y. Phi Theta Psi, Varsity '26, '27, Football azigd Basketball '26, '27g Class marshal '25, Buifalo, N. Y. ma Delta Barrettonian Society, Delta Sig 5 Chairman of Senior Invitation Committee. Bufalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Deltag Class Secretary '25g Dramatics '26-'27, Basketball '24, Glee Club '25, '26' '2'7. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma, President Bison Head '26-275 Edi- tor-in-Chief Iris '25-'26, Bison '24, Dra- matics '23g Manager Rifle Team '25-'26, Glee Club '20-'25, U. B. Club '20-'25, Bee if '23 President Junior Arts Class '24g Sta A 5 Senior Ball Committee '26. Utica, N. Y. U. B. Glee Clubg Alpha Beta Pig Bee Repre- sentative, U. B. Club.- mi WX- A fir. .WV Buffalo, N. fY. Alpha Phi Deltag Shinclig' q'25-'26g Intern- St. Elizabeth Hospital, N. J. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Kappag Women's Clubg Glen Clubg l"rc-nch Club. ' La Salle, N. Y. Kappa Delta Psig Omega Upsilon Phi. A Buffalo, N. Y. Theta Chig Cap and Gown Honorary So- cietyg Basketball '23-'275 Baseball '23-'275 Captain '23-'26g Manager Baseball '26g Ten- nis Champion '24g Board of Councillorsg President W. A. A. '26-'27g Women's Club W. A. A. award '26. Niagara Falls, N. Y. I Beta Phi Sigmag Class Secretary. ANDREW GRABAU , B. A. LESTER L. GREEN Ph. G. . JACOB GREENBERG t QD. D. S. CLARENCE GREENWALD LL. B.. MARGARET GRIFFITH B. A. ' Buffalo, N. Y. Meadville, Pa. Beta Phi Sigma. Buffalo, N. Y. Glee Club '23-'25, Bison '24-'27, Varsity Quartet '25, Alpha Omega, Dental Min- strels '23, La Salle, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Basketball, Baseball, Tennis '23-'27, Board of Councillors, Phi Psi, Cap and Gown, W. A. A., Secretary Junior Class '26, Pres- ident Women's Club '27, Chairman Senior Blazer Committee '2'7. ' 5? Buffalo, N. Y. Tonawanda, N. Y. Glee Clubg U. B. Club. Corning, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Chig Muse and Masque, On Birg U. B. Club, Business Manager Muse and Masqueg Business Manager Bee '27, Manager Debate Team '27, Glee Clubg General Chairman Junior Week '26. Snyder, N. Y. Beta Chi Epsilon. MOORE E. HARDING M. D. MILDRED HARPER B. A. ARTHRIQRDHASSENFRATZ THOMAS HAYDEN Ph. G. IRMA HAYES B. A. .MB " I , .' ,ff .,,," 4. tl 1. N L: f". " i!!,K.' . - Castile, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phig Alfred University. ifalo N Y Bu , . . Phi Psig Muse and Masque, Associate Edi- tor Bee '27, Honors Division. Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Rho Sigma, Cap and Gown Committee, Canisius, 2 years. Los Angeles, Cal. L Be-ta Phi Sigmag Octogen Societyg Iris Rep- resentative, U. B. Band. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Psi' Student Assistant Biology Depart ment '25-'27, Basketball, Women's Club. , -,rf J Y JAMES HAYES I,l,. B. l,I'II'I W. IIAYIQS IP. Il. S. M. D. Tl. in Medicine .'NI,I"IlIfIlJ HISTZEIII' l.l,. B. .IUSISPH .-X. HICKPIY ll. IP. S. I f IVAN HIQKIMIAN, B JOSEPH A. HOFFMAN B. A. 7 BERNARD A. Hom? LL. B. MAURICE HOY ' Ph. G. ANNA HRVOL B. A. el- 4 5 5, MARVIN ISRAEL D. D. S. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mug and German '24-'2'7. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Pi Rho. Clu Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma. Kenmore, N. Y. Treasurer Wome ager '26-'27, I' . 'ik . . t 4" i 'H . 'X v Kappa Nug Gle Barrettonian President Inter- Varsity Bask etb Fraternity all '26-'27. Honors Division, French bsg Chess Club President n's Club '27, Debate Man e Club '25-'27. Society, Vice Basketball '26 I' l.1f2NA .IACOBSON I Il. S. in Education KIflNNI'l'l'H G. JAHRAUS M. ll. Ii. S. in Medicine I" IZA N K .I IC I JRZYEJEWSKI Ph. G. IIULANID .IOHIJAN Ph. G. K.-X'I'l'IlCRINE JUNG B. A. ku. i' ihk,-,NMNC Buffalo, N. Y. Women's Club, Dramatics, French Club. Buffalo, N. Y. . I Phi Rho Sigma, James A. G1bson Anatomi- cal Society, Class Treasurer '24, Buffalo, N. Y. Glee Club, Chess Club. Herkimer, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-President W. A. A., Glee Club Manager '27, Women's Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, Basketball '23- '26, Junior Bazaar Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Sophomore S. A. C. Day Committee, Frosh Lams Club. , i l , . -S CAROLYN KAHN B. A. BENJAMIN KAISER Ph. G. ALTA KELLY . M. D. B. S. in Medicine RAYMOND KELLEY D. D. S. RALPH KENDALL, B. LL. B. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi, Menorah Society, Glee Club Treasurer Pan-Hellenic Council '27. Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Nu Sigma Phig Class Secretary '27. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Delta Sigma Deltag Barrettonian Society Junior Prom Committee, President of Jun ior and Senior Class. Blackstone Legal Society, Secretary '27 Allegheny College 3 University of Montpel lier, France. P., " WW!-. l WILFRIIJ KERWIN LL. B. WILLIAM KIBLER M. IJ. B. S. in Medicine GICNALID KIICFER Ph. G. BARBA IZA KIMBEHLEY li. A. .IIGNNII5 KLICIN, L. L. B. M. ll. B. S. in Medicine Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Pi Rho. Tonawanda, N. Y. Kappa Delta Psig Omega Upsilon Phig Sophomore Arts President. Gowanda, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Deltag W. A. A.g Women's Clubg Basketball. Buffalo, N. Y. Nu Sigma Phig Alpha Omega Alphag Gib- son Anatomical Society. MARIAN KLEIN Ph. G. SIMON KAHN Ph. G. ALEXANDER KOVOCH Ph. G. HENRE IQOZANO-WSKI LESTER KNAPP M. D. Attica, N. Y. Beta Gamma Phi. Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma, Octogen Society Buffalo, N. Y. Senior Invitation Committee '27. . W Newark Valley, N. Y. Captain Football '24, S. A. C. 24 Ch 11 mah Junioi Prom '26 Iris Re resentative ' S P Cap and Gown Comrnitteeg Omega Upsilon Phi, Kappa Sigma, Bison Head GEORGE KINTE Salamanw., N- Y- M, Il, U. B. Club. JOSEPH G. KRYSZTAFKIEWICZ Buffalo, N. Y. I pha Phi Thetag Arthur G. Bennett Prize M. ll. Al in Ophthalmology '26g Buffalo City Hos- pital '27-'28. ' lt. NORMAN KIICCI-IGRABER Buffalo, N. Y. I,I,, B, Blackstone Legal Society. l'3VI'3l1ENAKUNKLE Williamsville, N. Y. Basketball '26g Political Science Clubg Phi Psig French Club. . IOSEPH KIJ Lackawanna, N. Y. M. ll. Alpha Phi Theta. B. S. in Medicine . - NORMA LARRISON B. A. f Wmma, Xfvvwlrn W. TOBIN LENNON LL. B. JOHN LEONE M. D. B. S. in Medicine S. ALBERT LEVITAN M. D. B. S. in Medicine EVELYN S. LEVY B. S. ra' Q., . 1 .XJ ' Q, if Q I .J V I X7 Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phig Dramaticsg W. A. A. Secre- tary Senior Class. Weehawken, N. J. Niagara University. Buffalo, N. Y. Gibson Anatomical Society. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Lambda Kappa. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Delta Taug Muse and Masqueg Bas- ketball '24-'27g Baseball '24-'26g Secretary- Treasurer W. A. A. '26g Dramatic Societyg Secretary Dramatic Society '27g Glee Club '24-'2'7g Bee Reporter '24-'25g Assistant Business Manager Bee '26g Circulation Manager Bee '27g Iris Staff '27g Women's Clu-bg Moving-Up Day Exercisesg Thrice Promised Bride '27g Recording Secretary Menorah Society '26g Chairman Senior Ring and Pin Committeeg Junior Banquet Com- mittee '265 French Club. JOHN LITTLE, B. A. LL. B. ALICE M. LIVINGSTON B. A. GLAIDYS LULL' B. Avy?" Jn? -2 f-we ' Gy w1i.1.1.m im-cmiin M. ii. II. S. in Medicine llOIllCIi'l' M.-XIPERER M. ll. B. S. in Medicine Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma, Phi Delta Bufalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Club, Chair man Senior Invitations Committee. Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo Normal, 2 years. Nunda, N. Y. Kappa Delta Psi, Omega Upsilon Phi. Troy, N. Y. Alpha Omega Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu, Beta P1 Rho, Gibson Anatomical Society, Vice- President Junior Class '26. ii. il S Theta Chi, Honors Division, Baseball '26, ANNA MAISEL W U .X 3- STANLEY MAJOR D. D. S. ADELBERT MAKELY B. LS. T ,Q 1 BENDICT MANGANO LL. B. ANTHONY MANZELLA M. D. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Sigma Sigma, Basketball '23, Baseball '23, W. A. A., Women's Club, Dramatic Society '26-'27, French Club, Honors Di- vision. Auburn, N. Y. Delta Sigma Delta, Chairman Cap and Gown Committee, Barrettonian Society. Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Chi, Glee Club, Treasurer Sophomore Class '25, President Junior Class '26, Frosh Lams Club, Honors Division. Buffalo, N. Y. Rifle Team. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta, Cap and Gown Committee l - 5 l .IllSl'Il'll MARION l.I,. B. CZICUIIGIC MARQUIS M. Il. .I I-I.-X N M A RTIN I.I.. ll. SIIINICY M.-XR'l'IN l.l.. B. IIAYMHNID M.-XY Bl. ll. 4 l . E i 1 1 l A l l I l Kenmore, N. Y. Phi Delta Phi, Theta Nu Epsilon. I Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma, Sigma Phi Delta. 1 1 Buffalo, N. Y. I Phi Delta Phi, Theta Nu Epsilon. l Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Pi Rho, Treasurer Senior Class, Glee Club. Lancaster, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma. I i l l s DKJQYI MARION MAZUROWSKI Ph. G. CHARLOXTE MCALEER B. . ELIZABETH C. BOFF B. A. CHARLES MCGLASHAN Ph. G. JOSEPH E. MEEKIN D. D. s. Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phig Muse and Masqueg Cap and Gowng Vice-President Senior Classy Iris Staffg Vice-President Women's Clubg Presi- dent Pan-Hellenic '2'7g Representative of S. A. C. to American Conference of Col- legesg Vice-President W. A. A. '26g Basket- ball and Baseball '23-'27g Debate Teamg Manager Debate Team '25g Vice-President Debate Clubg Manager Tennis Team '27g Cap and Gown Committee '27, Z' Niagara Falls, N. Y. Sigma Delta Taug Girls Glee Clubg Dra- matic Societyg Bee Staifg Le Cercle Fran- caisg Assistant Editor of Bison '27g W. A. A. Women's Clubg Co-Chairman Junior Bazaar '26g Two Slatterns Sz a King '275 Basketball '24, Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma Avon, N. Y. Leader of the Band. 1 W WIl.l.IAM W. MEISSNICR, M. ll. B. S. in Medicine MARIE M ICTZ B. S. A ll'l'l'lUR MICI-llill. B. A. lll-INIIY MIICTUS l'l1. G. f'I.ll-'I-'llilllllhMll.EHA1I ' 1. G. .T OVL5 Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma . n ,,- 5 Muse and Masque, Class President '26-'27, Glee Club, Glee Club Solo- ist, Medical Shi tee, Senior Ball ndigg Junior Prom Commit- Committee, Senior Banquet Committee, Varsity Quartete '24-'26. Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. French Club. Buffalo, N. Y. East Aurora, N Glee Club. in fygf. f '. Y. 14 MAURICE MILLER M. D. B. S. in Medicine WALLACE MILLER LL. B. G. NORRIS MINER B. A. WILLIAM MISIEK B. S. O ff . f af" - I f ff ,X X 1' - FREDERICK H. MITCHELL B. A. Elmira, N. Y. Phi Lambda Kappa. Buffalo, N. Y. Blackstone Legal Society. Buifalo, N. Y. Sigma, Block "B" Club, Muse and Masque, Treasurer '27, Varsity Football, Ivy Day Committee '27, Track Team, Honors Di- vision. Buffalo, N. Y. . - f .JLLLZQ Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Phi, Bison Head, Editor of Bison '27, Secretary of Bison Head '27. Senior Ring Committee, Art Editor Bison, Chairman Basketball Dance. IV c-'GS' Buffalo, N. Y. Normal School. Buffalo, N. Y. Theta Chi, Muse and Masque, Cap and Gown, Basketball Captain and Manager, Tennis Champ '25-'26, Board of Council- lors, Vice-President Class '24, '25, '26, Win- ner Freshman Scholarship Cup '24, W.A.A. Sophomore Vigilance Committee. lelcuvelton, N. Y. Xi Psi Phi, Bison Head, Barrettonian So- ciety, S. A. C. '26, Assistant Manager Foot- ball, Manager Football '26, University Or- chestra, Syracuse University. ' Buffalo, N. Y. Kappa llelta Psi, On Bir, Vice-President German Club, Glee Club, U. B. Club, Foot- ball '25, Cheerleader '24, Track '25-'27, Honors Ilivision, Student Assistant in Physics '25-'27. llansville, N. Y. Nu Sigma Nu, Football '22-'25, W.QfN'f3 fo IMI Ill ,t . mfmq-..,. f REX J. MORRELL M. D. B. S. in Medicine RICHARD MORRIS B. A. MARVIN B. MORRISON LL. B. HERBERT MULLENHOFF LL. B. Jos'EBH MULLEN M. D. J' av +R' f .ff 3 I ..,.-fkgm, .1 ,AU-M. F Q N, I Jackson Summit, Pa. Kappa Delta Psig Omega Upsilon Phi. Oneida Castle, N. Y. Kappa Delta Psig Bison Head, Muse and Masque, Iris Staff '26g Dramatic Society '26, Business Manager of Muse and Masque Magazine '26, Hamilton College, 1 year. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Lambda Pig Blackstone Legal Society. Buffalo, N. Y. y ., Blackstone Legal Society. N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma, Sigma Phi Delta. rw V N . . J X Gowanda, N. Y. Sigma Kappag Glee Club Dlanmtic So cietyg William Smith 1 376211 Buffalo, N. Y. Blackstone Legal Society Seigeant at alms '27 Hath, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigmag Alfied Univelsity Huffzllo, N. Y. Blackstone Legal Society Sioux City, Iowa. ,,.,.,.,,fl.'k,.LaMK!.,'7 i HUBERT P. NAGEL B. A.. 5. U K Biz? . ANGELO NAPLES B. S. MARIE NELDENGER B. A. HELEN NORGATE B. A. DONALD NORTON D. D. S. Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Chig Bison Head, On Birg Senior Marshall, Varsity Debate Team '25-'27, President Student Union '27, Bee Staff ' Managing Editor Bee '27, Glee Club '24-' U. B. Club '24-'27, Muse and Masque '25- '27g President Muse and Masque '27. 265 275 Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Bee '23-'27, General News Editor '26-'27, Debate Club, Vice-President Debate Club '27, Secretary Muse and .Masque '27, Cap and Gown, Secretary Women's Club '26, Chairman Political Science Club, Winner Erie Canal Essay Contest '26. Lockport, N. Y. Glee Club '25-'27, W. A. A. X 4-4 Rochester, N. Y. Delta Sigma Delta. I I . I 1 ' . xx "V gli' jg, ' lluilalo, N. Y. Q Alpha Phi Dcltag Sigma Phi Delta. Hullalo, N. Y. Kappa Phi. liuflalo, N. Y. t Beta Chi Epsilong Dramaticsg "Thrice Promised Bride" '27 Hamburg, N. Y. I Sigma Kappag Women's Clubg Political Science Clubg W. A. A.g Secretary Debate Clubg Muse and Masqueg Class Prophet '27g Debate Team '26-'2'7g Honors Division. Buffalo, N. Y. Canisius College. l l l 1 l l l .Lv Qfofb MILTON PALMER M. D. WILLIAM F. PALMER Ph. G. ARNOLD PAIGEE M. D. B. S. in Medicine JOSEPH PAINTON M. D. B. S. in Medicine JOSEPH PANTERO LL. B. lliJI22m v-.. ,,- . Hansville, N. Y. Nu Sigma Nug Sigma Delta Epsilong Presi dent Intel'-fraternity Basketball League '26 Buffalo, N. Y. U. B. Club. Falconer, N. Y. Nu Sigma Nu. Buffalo, N. Y. A Omega Upsilon Phig Class Treasurer '26 Associate Editor of Iris '21-'23. Buffalo, N. Y. Blackstone Legal Society. Am 1 Qu I f - C. IJ ... - C A I , . .,A ,., l"l.Hlll'IN1'l'I l'.-'ll'I'I iz. S. I l'1'l'lll-Il. in-xms ll. l.HL'lS l'l-IIMWSKI l.l.. ll. III-IN.l.XNllN Vlilili ll. ll. VIQANK l'l'I'l'lllNfl ll. ll. S. gf Z'-'CCTV-'Lf liullalo, N. Y. K? , , iff, f I Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phig Women's Clubg W. A. A.3 Buflalo State Normal, 2 years. X I 1' K. f nf. . K ' - Al 55" fl if I N 7 A A , l.As.x.,rj Ji Bullalo, N. Y. ' l'Uf'6ff'CAA Blackstone Legal Societyg Secretary of Chess Club '27. Youngstown, N. Y. llelta Sigma Delta. Muse and Masqueg President Dramatic So- ciety 27 lee Club '25g Band '25-'27g Bar- rettoman S lation Man ocietyg U. B. Buffalo, N. Y. . ,t 3 G I' ager '26g ager of Bee ditor Muse zine 'zvg sf A. C. 'zvg P177 4- . Men's Clubg Circu- '25g Business Man- and Masque Maga- Alumni Editor Bee ! ruff' RALPH PURDY Ph. G. MILTON PFEFFER B. S. in Education HUGH M. PIERCE M. D. B. S. in Medicine ROBERT D. POTTER B. S. WILLIAM POTTER D. D. S. Syracuse, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma, Octogen Society. Buffalo, N. Y. Fredonia, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma, Gibson Anatomical Society Buffalo, N. Y. Kappa Delta Psi, Class Treasurer '27, Bas- ketball '23, Varsity Basketball '23-'27, U. B. Club, Chairman of Junior Bazaar '26, Board of Councillors '26, Chairman Senior Week '27, Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Sigma Delta, Varsity Football '26, Barrettonian Society. Q WILLIAM PROCTOR Ph. G. CARL QUAGLIANA Ph. G. HUGH D. QUENBY D, D. S. FRANK BEIDY Ph. G. HAROLD REILLY A D. D. S. Earlville, N. Y. Syracuse Univer Lockport, N. Y. Alpha Beta Phi. Ilambulg N Y Buffalo N Y Beta P111 Slgmi Octzogen Socxety r rankfort N Y Delta Slgmfm D Nmgara UDIVGI ltfx Balrettoman SOC16lY Slty 2 yeare sityg Served in World War. ll il il A h , 5 ,. sz . RICHARD F. RICIIIR M. D. ROSEMARY RICHARDSON R. S. A. B. RIFFI E ll. D. S. MEYER RIWCHUN M. ll. RALPH ROBINSON B. S. Buffalo, N. Y. Nu Sigma Nu. Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phi, W. A. A., Manager Swim ming' Team '26, Sherrill, N. Y. Delta Sigma Delta, Cleff Dwellers, Hamil ton College, 2 years. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Lambda Kappa, Muse and Masque '25 President Menorah Society '25, Vice-Presi: dent Senior Class '27, Senior Banquet Com- mittee. BuHalo, N. Y. Delta Chi, Glee Club, U. B. Men's Club. M- QWQ A 7' ' ylillfafv Lf JT, .LL , L LL ,. f -aff' ALBERT ROBERTS D. D. S. . 7 5 MANUS ROIZON N' B. A. FANNIE C. ROLL B. A. ROSWELL ROSENGREN LL. B. J. ROSENGRANT Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Sigma Delta, Theta Nu Epsilon. Buffalo, N. Y. Art Staff of Bison '25-'27. Buffalo, N. Y. Women's Club, Iris Staff' Glee Club' 'Le Cercle Francais, Winner of French Essay Contest. 11 ,e .1 l Buffalo, N. Y. 55, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Delta Theta, Delta slg- ma Rho, Cheerleader '25, Class Vice-Presb dent '25, ,T Buffalo, N. Y. e 5 Football '25, Captain Football '26, Bison Head Society. HENRY J. ROZAN D. D. S. WILLIAM RUBEN M. D. JOSEPH RUBENSTEIN LL. B. WALTER RUSSELL Ph. G. ANNA ST. JAMES B. S. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Pi Rho, Ba rrettonian Society, Varsity Cheerleader 1922-275 Swimming' Team '23, Block "B" Clubg man Classg U. Bee Stafg President Fresh- B. Men's Clubg Glee Club '25-'2'7g Vice President Inter fratei nit Bas ketball Council, Rochester, N. Y. Kappa Nu. Dunkirk, N. Y. T Omicron Alpha ciety. Canton, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma, Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Psi, Women .. ' y - Dental Track Manager '26, aug Blackstone Legal So- Bee Representative. 's Club. BENJAMIN SAKOWITZ Ph. G. HAROLD E. SANTMIRE D. D. S. EDITH SAPOWITCH B. A. RICHARD SAUNDERS M. D. PHYLLIS SCHECK Ph. G. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. . Xi Psi Phi, Bison Head, U. B. Men's Club, Football Manager '25, Freshman Basket- ball"22. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Sigma Sigma, Basketball, W. A. A., Honors Division.. ' Hornell, N. Y. Buffalo, NQY. ' ' Beta Gamma Phi, Class Vice President '27. - rf X. Warsaw, N. Y. Phi Rho Gamma Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu Buffalo, N. Y. New Haven Norm Lockport, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta 2 years. PHILIP SERLING LL. B.' JAMES SHEEHAN LL. B. JAMES E. SHERWOOD Ph. G. MARGARET SHERWOOD B. A. I ' ,v-ff wr ' L' "'j""4'I T Q V' W .0 . R1...,f1 f P f ff HARRY SHORTAL D. D. S. ' Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Phi Delta Phig Theta Nu Epsilong Foot- ball '25-'26. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigmag Octogen Society Treasurer. Buffalo, N. Y. Y Zeta Taug Glee Cluebg Drarjhatics. . -.,. N L I ' 'M 1.'t.'.LTZ.. "i N- rr..1,..-51rW,51Qi A . . fig. ire., i .. ,, if Buffalo, N. Y. ff! V Xi Psi Phig Barrettonian Society. 'ff' 7 Q Wl-Cf"'U - Q ,,, MARVIN SIMON . LL. B. JOHN SINCLAIR Ph. G. LOUIS SKARNA M. D. BENJAMIN SMALLEN M. D. - SARO A. SPOTO LL. B. 6 ,, 1? E Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mug Blackstone Legal Society, Treasurer Junior Salamanca, N. Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Lamba K Y. Class. appag Omicron Alpha Tau. Falconer, N. Y. Alpha Phi De ltag Blackstone Legal Society 'FXS li: . . n lil Q JF ' . . DOROTHY STAN JEY B. A. swim CHARLES L. STEVENS M. D. HENRY J. STROT D. D. S. LILLIAN SUGARMAN B. A. 1 . m I -.41 A- fl," l A L. j 'i . XX lfd L' DUNCAN H:.lsU1Toi9 LL. B. Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phig Trysting P1ace"g "The New Poor"g vision. Elmira, N.lY. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma. Buffalo, N. Y. Dramatics '25-'27g "The "Bobby Settles Down"g French Clubg Honors Di- Basketballg W. A. A. Niagara Falls, N .Y. 4E 4? Wlkifvp JAMES SULLIVAN ' LL. B. MARJORX J. SULLIVAN B. . Www! fo THOMAS V. SUPPLES M. D . p C. BRUCE SUTER D. D. S. JOSEPH H. SWAGLER D. D. S. Buffalo, N. Y. Chi Delta Mug St. BonaVenture's College. Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phig Basketballg Baseballg Ten- lEHSQbSWlII1II1lI1gQ Honors Divisiong Women's u . . . Buffalo, N. Y. Canisius Collegeg Phi Rho Sigrnag Gibson Anatomical Societyg First Lieutenant O. R. C. U. S. A.g Intern Buffalo City Hospital. Rochester, N. Y. Delta Sigma Deltag Bison Headg Barret- tonian Societyg Assistant Manager Basket- ball '25-'26g Manager Basketball '26-'27g Cap and Gown Committeeg Students' Ath- letic Council. Buffalo, N. Y. P Barrettonian Societyg U. B. Clubg Muse and Masqueg Assistant Circulation Manager of The Beeg Bee Representative. BRUCE E. THOMAS Ph. G. GEORGE M. THOMAS D. D. S. ANGELO J. XTOTA Ph. G. J. B. TROTTER M. D. THEODORE L. TERKOSKI D. D. S. Portage la Prairie, Canada. l University of Manitobag Worthy Junior Beta Phi Sigmag Octogen Societyg Chair- man, Program Committee Senior Ball. Pittsford, N. Y. Syracuse University, Delta Sigma Deltag Beta Chi Epsilong .Barrettonian Societyg Football '21g Sergeant-at-Arms. Jamestown, N. Y. Canisius Collegeg Alpha Beta Pig Glee Clubg U..B. Club. Youngstown, Ohio. Allegheny Collegeg Delta Tau Deltag Nu Sigma Nu. Syracuse, N. Y. T Syracuse University '22-'23g Xi Psi Phig Theta Phig President Barrettonian Societyg Iris Representative '25-'26g Iris Staff '27g U. B. Clubg Chairman Frosh Banquet. !!! Wil . . J' l 1 4b ALFRED L. C. ULRICH M. D. A JAMES T. VALONE M. D. V YOMTOR VARON D. D. S. WILLIAM J. VEIGEL ' B. S. in Education MARGARET WATSON B. A. Buffalo, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phi, Glee Club '21-'22, Me- morial 'Hospital '26-'27, Millard Hospital '26. Jamestown, N. Y. University of Buffalo, B. S., Alpha Phi Delta. Brooklyn, N. Y. Odonlotechnique, France, Barrettonian So- ciety. Biiialo, N. Y. Buialo, N. Y. Sigma Kappa, Muse and Masque, Le Cercle Francais, Women's Club. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Psig Women's Clubg President of Luth- eran Clubg Chairman Music Committee of Senior Assembly. Alden, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo State Normal Schoolg Pharos Club. Buifalo, N. Y. Hornell, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigmag Octogen Society Vice Pres- identg Iris Representative '27g Treasurer of Class '27. HOWARD E WILKINSON D D S EVELYN B WILLIAMS LL B HARRY I-I WILTSE LL B NORMAN J WOLF M. D. EVA S. WOLTZ LL. B. Buffalo, N. Y. V Delta Sigma Delta, Phi Theta -Psig U. of B. Masonic Club, Swimming Team '23. Buifalo, N. Y. Glee Club '24, Muse and Masque, Phi Delta Delta, Beata Literary Society, Vice Presi- dent Senior Class. ' Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Chi Epsilon. BuHfalo, N. Y. Business Manager Bison '22-'24, Managing Editor Bison '24-'25' Omega Upsilon Phi, Alpha Omega Alpha President, James A. Gibson Anatomical Society President '26- '27g J. A. Gibson Prize '26, Class President '24-'25, First Lieutenant O. R. C. Medical Corps. Buffalo, N. Y. Columbia, Mo. University of Missouri, Phi Rho Sigmag Alpha Kappa Kappa, Assistant in Anatomy in U. of B., 4 years. Buffalo, N. Y. p i University of Michigang Phi Delta Phi, Theta Nu Epsilon, Quarterdeck, Scalp and Blade, S. A. C., Representative Law School Senior Ball.. Bufalo, N. Y. Beta Gamma Phi Vice President. Dalton, Pa. West Virginia University B. S., Omega Upsilon Phig Phi Gamma Deltag 32d Degree Scottish Rite, Intern Scranton State Hos- pital, Scranton, Pa. Buffalo, N. Y. JOHN B. ZIELINSKI Syracuse, N. Y. ' Ph, G, Kappa Psiyfootball '24-'26g Class Basket- . ballg U. B. Clubg Block "B" Club. MEYER ZIMMER Buffalo, N. Y. Ph. G. ALBERT A. ZIRNHELD Buffalo, N. Y. D. D. S. Xi Psi Phi. JOSEPH V. ZITO Rochester, N- Y- Ph' G, Baseballg T1-ackg Alpha Beta Pi. SOLOMON TULCHINSKY A Buffalo: N- Y- ' LL. B. . . I - CAZENOVIA PARK CLASSES Q K ?gjI Szfiig, 5 ff 5-S'-1-""1Y,.L,.6.l. -5 " nys- ,H -av"""" ' 0Y'suvu 4 JS' Q OSP u .9 Q I f . v 'Q fffvl-E T5 Q Qi if Qgmglf lj If XI? ,Nl 5: ,. E1 . 'A 3 i Q 3 pi. ? 5 , !,1 ,1 LU 6 gg Q I -4.0 1 165 fgfi 5 5 913' 5 . BWV 2 ' Hz 1 , w,, ' 1 .D U , , 1 , .sql Q li , W., ,Q-3? IH ku FW lip' EH' ,QI .1833 mtixliij .tv jf! -' 'YU JH' ii x '1 I1 YC 0. , ,J ' 1 11 5 f -1, , , , ., ,, Sfwf 6,5 ,me 4 ' I , 2 Q z I 1 1 , . 4 5 5 'fvf-wf5Hw.. e W--l'fffffw x ivyff 71:4 I 2 1 ui u ' ' , .QM fin' 5: .E A ,EJ QFQYEILH MEDICAL SCHO0 SENIQR MEDICS N Q-gf , ?JPi - i f4 Dj xy.. rj Q fy 4 , 60 Senior Medicsg, Ai Presvlclefnvt . . Vice-President Secretary . . ' Treasurer . CHARLES ALESSI DONALD R. ALVERSON HERBERT T. BERWALD ERNEST L. BRODIE FLORIAN BRYI.-SKI ' LAWRENCE L. CARLINO SAMUEL J. CASTIGLIONE NATHAN W. CHAIKIN HENRIETTA C. CHRISTEN FRANK M. CRIDEN GLENN C. CUMMINGS ARTHUR C. ELSAESSER NATHAN FELDMAN GEORGE J. FRANK BERNARD FRIEDMAN ARTHUR L. FUNK JOSEPH H. GERASS ARTIIIIR C. GOETZMAN MOORE E. HARDING ARTHUR C. HASSENPRATZ IVAN HEICEMIAN KENNETH G. JAHRAUS ALTA M. KELLY WIIIIIIAM J. KIBLER J ENNIE D. IQLEIN JOSEPH F. KIJ LESTER S. IQNAPP JOSEPH G. IQRYSTAFKIEXVICZ GEORGE IQUITE JOHN A. LEONE S. ALBERT LEVITAN WVIILI.-XM MACCOMB CLASS OFFICERS . WIL-IJIAM MEISSNER . MEYER RIVVCHUN . J ENNIE D. KLEIN . NATI-IAN CHAIKIN ROLL CALL ROBERT E. MADERER ANTIJONY J. MANZELLA RAYMOND F. MAY GEORGE F. MARQUIS WIL-LIAM W. MEISSNER MAURICE MILIIER JOHN MOREY A REXFORD J. NICRRELL JOSEPH R. MULLEN GERALD E. MURPHY STANLEY A. N OVVAK ARNOLD PAIGE J. FREDERICK PAINTON MILTON A. PALMER HUGH M. PIERCE RICHARD F. RICHIE MEYER H. RIWCHUN WILLIAM S. RUBEN RICHARD L. SAUNDERS SILAS S. SCINTA HOWARD J. SCHNECKENBFRGER BENJAMIN SMALLEN LOUIS SKLAROW CHARLES STEVENS THOMAS V. SUPPLES JULIAN B. TROTTER . ALFRED L. C. ULRICH JAMES -T. VALONE NORMAN J. WOLF EVERETT A. WOODYNTORTH CHARLES A. ZELLER W. PAUL ZIEGL-ER Hysteria of the Class , . ARLY in September, I think it was 1923, an extremely intelligent group of 77, should I say gentlemen, entered the halls of that noted sanctuary, the medical school. NVe were soon informed tha.t t a certain a.mount of tuition money was forthcoming and which has been forthcoming ever since. VVe were then informed that there were several quiet fellows up in the anatomy laboratory that needed a little butchering. Hieing ourselves upward, we all became little cutups and. continued to be so until Easter. About the same time we did a little guesswork at Histology slides. Around Christmas we were intrusted to start calibrating burettes and learned that Folin was quite an intelli- gent bozo. The breaks continued against us all year and we were even required to do some studying. Soon the boys began to get acquainted and horseplay sessions were in vogue. About the same time, Miller in.- formed the universe that the masculine species Was equipped with two progenetic processes. During this turmoil, a little quiz was held in History which gave rise to that now famous expression "Vy I did it, I don 't known by Nate Ohaikin. One day the hysterian was greeted by Litz Feldman, "Hello Babe, do you know ve start Neural Enetomy next week?" Oi Gevald, and before we knew it we were tracing pathways from the Meiss- ner 's corpuscles in a sore corn to the thalamus and thence back by referred sensation to the gluteal region. To lend a little diversion, a hebraic in- dividual by the name of Murphy substantiated the Darwinian theory by ascending to the heights of the Medical School. VVell by this time the ba.ttle of self preservation was in order and the books which hitherto ha.d been unscathed were now thumbed. V ,When the smoke of battle subsided, the class mourned the loss of fifteen casuals, and entered into another combat of overwhelming odds. We soon became infected with those very virilant organisms, B. Lathropi and B. Frankus Hartmonicus flunkus and our immunity seem in jeopardy. After building up a resistance to this infection, we began to extinguish the amphibian kingdom and risk our lives on the hay bacillus. It was at this time that we all became doctors and armedlwith stcthescopes we bega.n to do some 'fbelittlinn of our professors. A tall Nordic -individual approached us and proclaimed audibly that "My name is Wolf." fI'o break the monotony Dr. 'Williams told us that it wasn't "cocki" but "cox1." Oarlino disagreed with the pathologist thruout this period and said "you're all wrong doctor" and demonstrated fourteen books to prove it. Hekimian, not to be outclassed, proved himself a professional parasite and desired proof on every point. During the second semester everybody brought their cleaning cloths and proceeded to do some pithing. Everything went along admirably until "Zo.ok" and "Rich" endeav- ored to prove the theory that pilocarpin won't kill a dog, not even Jimmy the altar boy 's. While this theory was being proven Obadiah Goetzman in a heated discussion proved that ergot is a valuable remedy for psoriasis. XVith this terminal event, we again began 'CO P1357 the b00kS- The ellsulng summer was enjoyably spent condvltionrmig ourselves for the forthcoming 3ear.The curtain arose on a new era and we found. ourselves fortified against our losses by the addition of four men and '4B1ly" Ruben of Ala- bama fame, who attempted to lend a southern atmosphere to the estab- lishment. The beginning of the year was at relative cinch, having. only thirty-two subjects with eight hours a day, the ultimate result being a hyperkeratosis of the gluteus. At this stage of our development we were informed by a self appointed instructor, namely S. Airborne Nowak of the two schools in Germany, on the one hand the aerogenous exponents, and on the other hand two shovels and a wheelbarrow. Further enlightenment by Dr. 'Wolf revealed that gastric lavage was specific for perforated gastric ulcers. A sad thing occurred during this time when Willie Kibler became deaf during Dr. Goldsborough's lecture and demanded clea.rer acoustics. Trotter then suddenly decided to enter the medical school and came to class. With the advent of our City Hospital venture, Nate Chaikin demonstrated the Hgrenulesi' to Dr. Foord, who armed with whip and spurs proved that Simon Legree is not dead. Dr. Foord also instructed us in the use of heavy woolen socks as a means of wiping glass slides. Our class gained athletic fame with the establishment of Morey as an ALL American center, which proves that perseverance conquers all. Vile now began preparations for our Senior year. A heated political battle occurred with W. Week Meissner elected to guide us thru our destinies. The grand guessing con- tests were upon us before we were aware and in a body we retired to our domiciles. Our exams took place B. I. D. indefinitely andiwe sought a long needed vacation. . September arrived after a long wait as we approached the last stretch. The class was divided into two sections, one section going to- the City Hos- pital and the other section going on a vacation. An- outstanding event of the City Hospital section was the inauguration of the "bopping" league, forwarded by "Zook" and his disciples, 'tRev," '4Rich" and "UL" Murphy soon mastered the technique which proved disastrous for .every- body inigeneral. This new organization met with objection. from Stevens who insisted that the class "grow up." Reports from the vacationists CCreneral Hospitalj revealed some unheard of things. 1. Alverson appeared in two classes in one day. 2. Griden failed to arrive until 9:30 one morning. I . 3. The boy Doctor Jahraus presented a case so that every one heard um. 4. Miss Christen was reprimanding Dr. Dobbie. The bowling league' from the General including Elsaesser, Levitan, Berwald and Leone petitioned the school that the work was interfering with their bowling. The City Hospital clinics of the entire class proved interesting vocabulary instruction with Ulrich and Schneck proving apt pupils of Dr. ilTCQU1I"6. HThe class was rapidly molding into professional 51111.95-Celit that Scoop was a little weak on the normal pulse and tactile Igemitus. Dick Richie came forth with a new differential diagnosis of aynauds and cerebral l 11 1 ' ' ' iemori iage. While these new theories were being expounded Scinta was busily engaged in writing 14 page histories and Schneck was having difficulties with youthful blonde female patients. Ray May expounded his recent impressions on dullness over the bronchi, a subgect which always has been diffiicult for the class to understand. An outstanding- feature of the Senior year was the redemption of S. Airborne Nowak. His .presentation of "Fay" and his elucidation of its mysteries proved most instructive to all those present at his clinic and forever en- graved him in the hearts and minds Of his fellow students. To return from the ridiculous to the sublime, the four years are draw- ing to a close. We are on the threshhold Of a new day-each one of us to make Our names in Our communities and to render service to humanity. With due respect and justice to all our professors, instructors and to all those who took part in preparing us for' our chosen profession, we wish to tender our heartiest. thanks and appreciation. May the classes which follow in our footsteps continue to uphold the sta.ndards which we have endeavored to maintain so as to bring fame and distinction to our Alma Mater. Class Ufiicers for the Course Fresh-man Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Presvlclent , . . . MOLAUGI-ILIN 'WOLF BIEISSNER Vice-President . . STEVENS MADERER Secretary . . . . CHRISTEN CrIRIsTEN KLEIN Treasurer . . JAHRAUS BRODIE PAINTON Senior COmm1ttees Cap and Gown Invitation ARTHUR HASSENFRATZ, Chairman RICHARD SAUNDERS, Chairman LESTER KNAPP HERBERT BERVVALD ANTHONY MANZELI.-A NORMAN WOLF CHARLES STEVENS FIJORIAN BRYLSKI Banquet Write-uPS ' WIIJLIAM KIBLER, Chairman FREDERICK PAINTON, Editor MEYER RIWCHUN lWEYER RIWOHUN, Humor ROBERT lWA.DERER RAYMOND MAY,'POet WILLIAM 'MEISSNER JENNIE KIJEIN, Miscel. What Keeps Med Students from Growing Old P This is a very raah condition. ' Now if you were asked to give the action of digitalis, you could, couldn't you? Now let us recapitulate, and descend into monosylabic phraseology Do you get that change? Huh. V When lf did 7000 Vkfassermans at the Providence General Hospital. How are you this morning, Mr. Masters? Now Mr. Carleino, yo-ulre just wrong. ln the technique of a submueous resection we must stop hemorrhage Has the babe regained its birth weight? Now when I spent a yeah at the Queens Hospital in London study- ing motaw tracts. Don 't ya believe it, it ain't. ' Now we'll have to speed up, we've only covered fifteen diseases CVery fast, etc., ete.D We 'll set aside blepharitis, and tell you how to act as gentlemen. This is ROTTEN. COne guessj. ' Doctor Lavctt, will you palpate the spleen? Now class, we will now discuss the spacific-icity, of enzymes, enzymes are hoistening agents. I This is a very ahh difhcult case. I V Looking into the circle the other way its concave. This is extreecemly interesting. I am convinced say whose makin' all the noise up there. Give me five seconds on any blood smear to make a diagno-sis. Don't shoot the piano player, he is doing the best, he can. Boots, Boots, Boots XVe,ll take the next 75 pages in Davis. The door is a. jar. It can only be diagnosed by the esophagoscope. Understandt the deer smelt the hunter in the woods. Vlil I ' i 0 v lat triangle is bounded anteror and posterorly by- ITPSICTOWD. V Now gentlemen we have loculated areas of empyema. T Note. The first member of the class to guess these correctlv, turn in the lnswers on an embr d, d ' 'Y ' ' ' oi ere khnili frown and Wm an 1m orted celluco-tten heinostadt. ' b p a 0 Class Prophecy ill The married men, the fates portend Wilt share life 's greatest joys, For Marquis and obese Smallen Will be the daddies of six boys. Zellar as well as Alversan, Will also show that they are men, Woodworth, of three already the dad . ' u Will be looked up by many and wondro Castiglione, that handsome Sheik, Will hover closely ,round the peak, And with the blue-eyed Al-es-si Will special in Urology. Ulrich and Painton of bopping fame, In medicine will make their name. Rex Morrell with his handsome face And knowing of every womanis ways, Equipped with knowledge, wit and gist, VVil1 surely make a gynecologist. Alas, aloof for Levitan, He'll bring the babe that grows to man. Charlie Stevens of State Hospital fame, For who the women strive in vain, Will be a psychiatrist of wide renown, Practicing in a country town. The teachers at your fair U. B. Of doctors will be the makin', Will be our sailor friend Berwald, And the world renowned Nate Chaikin. Yea, Wolf and Kuite and Bryl-iski, Oh, read ye well this prophecy, Some day when we are old and gray Will read of them in the A. M. A. Moon Mullen and the bald Murphy, Will experiment in Surgery. sly glad Cummings, Goetzman and MacComb, Will flock with bills to every home. Leone and Caroleno, The men from out of town, Will startle the world with theories, And gain the worldls, renown. Imagine Morey and Les Knapp, With Mother is darling on their lap, But hold they laugh for Dick Richie He'll have two sons across his knee. Nowak of the master mind, Will publish theories of the WIND. Alas for Frank and Harding, The midgets of the year, As doctors with one specialty, Will fill the world with cheer. Hekimian will cross the sea, And practise far in Araby. Scinta, beware of writers' cramp, For a fourteen page history is surely damp Ruben and Feldman will both write a book On obese individuals especially the cook Pierce, Paige and Hassenfratz, In country work will cast their lots, Elsaesser and Kibler, it is to laugh, VVill diagnose by the photograph. Alas, Julian Trotter At bookwork the best XVill journey to Europe For a much needed rest. Then Manzella of T. B. fame At Perrysburg will gain a name. FN Kelly, Christian Ellld Miss Klein, The damsels of the class, In they World will sure succeed, And on thru life will pass. Schneckenberger and S-klarow, For research to Paris will go And there along with Joseph Kij Will discover things what is to be. Willie Meissner, Obese and long Will go thru life with one sweet song. Miller and Riwchun true as fate, Will be consultants always late. Zeigler, hear this prophecy You 'll be a mystic mysteryg But ah, look up Sir Joseph Kryst, Will be an ophthalmologist. A It is only too true that Joe Gerass, Will make a hit With one fair lass, And Palmer, Friedman and Jim Valone Will share their fortunes not alone. Criden, he of stature small Will teach the boys in Lecture Hall. Supples, Saunders and Steve Brodie, Will step along in Surgery. The two good doctors, Maderer and Funk At the home of fame will bunk. As for the boy Doctor Jahraus Will peddle, pills to every house, And Ray May it is plain to see A pediatrician will surely be. 7 -L. 511-0- . I' ic 11 5 INTERIOR FOSTER HALL X. i SENIGR PHARMICS K if H 3 ' ' H Senior Pharmics 74 CLASS OFFICERS Presftctertt . . . CHARLES B. CAMPBELL Vtee-President . . MISS PHYLLIS SCHECK Secretary . . . JAMES F. GORMAN Treasurer . . STANLEY L. WEIJD M arshal . . . . KENNETH L. BOWEN Prophet ..... . . LESTERL. GREEN Bison R61JT6S6'lZ'tGt't"UG . . WAIITER E. RUSSELL Bee'ative . . . EDWARD GEORGE I res Representative ' . . STANLEY E. WEIJD AXNTKOXVIAK, .fXDALBER'l' ,ASI-I, FLETCHER T. BEAVER, EDWARD N. BEDWORTH, WIIJFRED BLACK, SAMUEL BOXVEN, KENNETH L. BRITMAN, EDDIE . BROWN, WILYLIAM BULLOCK, EDYVARD F. BURKE, CORNELIUS J. BUYEA, OLIN C. CAMPBELL, CHARLES B. CARVER, FRANK A COPPOLA, SAMUEL A. CUNNINGHAM, EARL DARLING, ANDREW J. DEMROWSKI-, CLARA J. FASO, CHARLES P., JR. FERRARA, MICPIAEIJ J. FINN, ABRAHAM J. GENCO, SALVATORE G. GEORGE, EDNVARD T. GORMAN, JAMES F. GREEN, LESTER L. HOY, JVIAURICE J. CLASS ROLL HUEP, ARLTON L. JEDRZEJEYVSKI, FRANK JORDAN, ROLAND H. KAHN, SIMON KAISER, BENJAMIN KLEIN, RIARIAN F. KOBERIIEIN, CARLOTTA KOVACH, fXLEXANDEB LABOVITCH, JEROME LARUE, PAUL T. LEXVIS, MILTON W. LIPSON, SAMUEL LOVVE, WEBSTER A. MAZ'UROWSKE, MARION .MCGLASHAN, CHARLES MIETUS, HENRY C. MILEHAM, CLIFFORD R. MOSS, EMANUEL -NIYERS, ANTHONEY J. NAPIERSLSKA, MAE C. PALMER, WILLIAM FORD POPPELSDORF, FERDINAND PROCTOR, WIIJLIAM N. PURDY, RALPH QUAGLIANA, CARL REIDY, FRANK T. RESNIIQIHIARRY I. RUSSELL, WALTER E. RYAN, JAMES G. SAKOVITZ, BENJAMIN SANGEORGE, JOHN N. SCHECK, PHYLLIS U. SHEEDY, JOHN J. SHERVVOOD, JAMES L. , SINCLAIR, JOHN M. ' STEXVART, NETTIE A. THEOBALD, FREDERICK P. TOTA, ANGEL-O J. VANGELI, PHILLIP L. WALDECK, JAMES 'LELAND WALTERS, MERLE D. WELD, STANLEY E. WVIGODNER, A HARRY ZAIDEL, WIIILIAM B. ZAWADSKI, JULIA R. ZIELINSKI, JOHNS B. ZIMMER, RIEYER' ZITO, JOSEPH V. ' GRIMALDI, MARION J. Class History N the Twenty-first of September, 1925, the class of '27 in the Buffalo School of Pharmacy made its first appea.rance on the campus as a unit. All of the newcomers were heading for Foster Hall which was to be their home for the next two years. It had been looked forward to by the faculty as a class that would be different and decidedly better prepared for a university course as the standard for entrance had been raised over the preceding years. The class has lived up to the expec- tations of the faculty in the short time allotted for their college ca.reer. During the first two or three weeks of school we spent our time arranging schedules, finding classes and getting acquainted with our future class-mates. Robert Mould was chosen as our temporary chairman. As "Bobby" so adequately filled this office, he was selected as our leader for the remainder of the college year. At this class election, which was held soon after' our Thanksgiving holidays, his assistants, Miss Frances McGill Vice-President, and Eddie Mangruso and George Bulkley as secretary and treasurer, respectively, were chosen. As for athletics, one of the star football players on the squad of '25 was our class president, Bob Mould. He may be small but how that lad could hit the line from his position- of guard on the varsity quintet. These two were well supported bythe freshmen class. The "rushes" at the football games are not to be forgotten although the victory was always accredited to the upperclassmen. Socially this class has not been a slacker. The freshman and the Senior classes jointly held an autumn dance at the 4'Green Mill," with plenty of "Sweet" cider and doughnuts for refreshment. Then the Senior Ball, with its honor to the dignified seniors, and the Junior Prom were, nevertheless enjoyed by a large number of our "lowly" Frosh. In the early spring, plans were made. for the annual banquet, which was a success both socially and financially. One day in early May Cmoving up dayb we lost our distinguishing blue and white caps, which clearly discerned use from the upper classmen. The seniors decided that they would like our president as their guest at their banquet, so, unawaringly, they snatched him from our midst. No more school that day although we were unsuccess- ful in our search for him. It was now nearing the end of the first year, with our thoughts cen- tered on our senior year, elections were held, and the officers for the coming year were elected. Finals now claimed our attention and it seemed only a short time until the campus was deserted for the summer vacation, all. eager to leave a.nd then be ready to come back in the fall with more ambi- tion than ever to continue the tasks of school. The opening of the fall term found the ranks somewhat depleted but the less determined, as is the case at the beginning of each term when everyone turns over a new leaf. Among the first essentials to be thought of was class-officers for the ensuing year. After a spirited and closely fought contest Charles Campbell was chosen as our leader for the final vcar. His assistants proved to be Phyllis U. Sheck as Vice-President, :James Gorman Secretary, Stanley Welcl as Treasurer, a.nd Kenneth Bowen as Marshal. It was .now our chance to show our superiority over the freshmen.. In the numerous "rushes" that were held between the halves on the.gr1d1r0n and on the steps of Foster Hall the seniors were always victorious. Zielinski showed by his desperate fighting on the football team that Phar- Inacy was not to be forgotten. i Starting the social activities for the year '26 and '27 was the "Senior Pharmacy Dance" held the week before Thanksgiving at Summit Hall. Every one from both the freshmen and senior classes attended this affair. Then there was the Bison Head dance and the Senior Ball, both staunchly supported hy our students. Bruce E. Thomas was chairman of the program connnittee of the Senior Ball. Then the Block "B" dinner at the Con- sistory was ably supported by the Pharmics. After mid-years, with their rewards a.nd casualties, were over, things took on a new atmosphere as this was the final term together. Miss Phyllis Sheck was appointed as the chairman of the cap and gown committee. We took a little trip down to Rochester and observed the manufacture of Eastman Kodaks and Taylor Instrument products. Now, as seniors, we look back over the two previous years with pleasure and regret, realizing that we are going through the familiar routine for the last time Zllld there is an of finality to every item on the calendar. The animal banquet was held in early May to terminate the social activ- ities before tlie coming finals. This was a huge success due, in a large part, to the capture of the freslnnen officers. ' Every one was too busy cramming in May to know or care what was going on or why. For a slight relaxation the class took a boat trip to Detroit and spent three days inspecting the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and biological laboratories of the Parke, Da.vis and Company. Rcturiiiiig, we were informed of the results in the recent examinations were given oI1t. A . , The goal which we have been striving for is at last in sight and we are all hoping that when the roll is called for graduation there will be none of our class found wanting. -HISTORICAIJ COMMITTEE Class Prophecy l N the year 1932 a green little Frosh sitting on the steps of Foster Hall turns to his companion, and asks "Do you ever wonder Joe, what becomes of all the fellows that sat on these steps in years gone by?" 1 There 's Bruce Campbell directing the destiny of Parke, Davis and Co. of Detroit.. Frank Reidy, the boss of South Buffalo, the picture of a busy politician. Tota, with his large chain of Restaurants, is Chi1d's only rival. Sam Coppola, putting Statler on a paying' basis. Burke, still i 1 l 1 .Y n-su Waiting for Olin Buyea to finish their Chem experiments. Ed Beaver boasting Gowanda's only Professional Drug Store. Britman, in his new store in East Buffalo. Adalbert Anthowia, importer of crude drugs. Mrs. Koberlein, owner of Buffalois best drug store on Delaware Avenue, under the management of Miss Phyllis Scheck. John Zielinski and James Waldock standing in front of a mammoth stadium announcing to the crowd that inside the championship battle of two centuries is about to take place between '4Stanley Dynowskif' known as the "VVallop Kid," and "Eddie Georgef' the "Utica Beast." The purse consists of a clean mortar and two laboratory towels. "Morre" Dezoritz in an iron derby seconds the "Wallop Kid" while Sain. Lipson will attempt to keep Eddie in the ring. Sam .Black and William Brown are standing by waiting for the gong to ring, in the meantime discussing their business troubles. At this point in comes Ken Bowen, Prohibition Inspector, his eyes search the audience until at last he finds his man, Frank Carver, whose store, it seems had been broken into and some "stuff" taken. The stadium vanishes and Foster Hall takes shape. It is Room 310, there stands Andrew J., g'Darling of the fair ones," lecturing to the class on the drug f'Bella Donna." Earl Cunningham is head instructor in Pharmacy Lab and is demonstrating to the class, the only right way to make "emulsions." At his side is Arlton Huff, more interested in a "Racing Form" than in the work at hand. He is reading an article in which the names Frank Jedezijewski, Kaiser and Mietus appear as the .big figures in the year's racing wo-rld. The scene again changes, they now see a large office room, Clifford Milehan sitting at the desk, giving advice to 'fIrish" Moss on how to reduce. Doctors Myers, McGlashen and Resnik enter the office without notice, as they were called into consultation by Dr. Mileha.n over the severe ease of William Palmer, the man who made Kenmore. VVilliam Procter, Sur- gical Supplies Salesman, is busy getting his goods out for display. The New York waterfront now takes shape. There is Walt CLord Piushbot- tomj Russell surrounded by his many servants making ready to depart for t-he wilds of Africa as a Missionary. Ralph Purdy, editor of the Syra- cuse "'Love Call," is standing nearby giving last instructions to "Kayo,' Ryan, his Assistant. A big car drives up and stops, out step Bennie Sakovitz and John Sansgeorge, the ship 's doctors. Another ocean liner had just arrived and who comes down the gangplank but John Sheedy, general manager of Liggett and Co., Lester Green, boss of Meadville, Pa., and Alex Kovack, now an influential city official of Buffalo. "Deen Jim Sherwood had also given up his busy pra.etice to meet his old friends again. Johnny Sinclair with his ready smile is busy answering saluta- tions from the crowd, who know him as the owner of the 4'World's Largest Wholesale Drug House." New a huge electric sign replaces the scene at the wharf telling of the chain of Drug Sto-res owned by Clara Dambrowski, Marian Klein and Julia Zawadzka, which extend from Key West to the state of Maine. Stanley Weld appears seated in his New York office, controlling the experts of the United States Drug trade. -LESTER L. GREEN, Class Prophet . 'CJ 771' 165 - lil ., Ill i I I I-'I ENTRANCE TO TOWNSEND HALL .' "M :, F-R K , u'D'v - : SENIOR LAW Q Senior Law ,W .l...1.-1-1 CLASS OFFICERS P'I'6SiCl6'7Z7f .... . AIQFFRED LEO HIETZELT, A. B. First V'iC8-P7'6Sid6'INf . .A . GEORGE WILLIAMS HOIJT SecondJVQJCE-P'V6S'iCZ8'lZt . . A EVELYN BLANCHE WIIJIJIAMS Secretary .... . RALPH NEWTON KENDAI.-L-, A. B. Treasurer . . . . . SIDNEY JAMES MARTIN SeTgeafm5-af-A,fmS , EDWARD BERNARD MURPHY I Y CLASS ROLL XKVILLIAM AABRAI-IAM ADER BERNICE SYBIL ALPERN BESSIE GERTRUDE ALPERT, A. B. JOSEPH CHARLES A'FTARDO JAMES GASTON AUSTIN ESTHER REBECCA BAKER PHILIP C. BARTII SAM CHARLES BATTAGLIA EDXVARD THOMAS BERKERY SEYMOUR. BERNSTEIN S XVILLIAM HAROLD BERNSTEIN JOHN J EREMIAH BISSELL IXIELVIN LEONARD BONG EIILDRED JMARGARET BORK, A. B. JOSEPII BROWNSTEIN JXR'1'I'IUR JOHN BUOKLEY MJARVIN SMITH BURT, JR, BOYCE HERBERT BUTTERFIELD, A.BQ XVILIIIAM ALEXANDER CAIADXVELL VEDO 'MARIO CANDIEIILO ERNEST SYLVESTER CARNES JOHN SAMUEL CARRIERO NORMANJ AUGUSTUS CHASSIN, ISADORE BERNARD COHEN ALFRED D. CONN JOSEPH EDWIN CONNERS JOHN AOHILLES CORTIP AI.FREl5 JOSEPH D 'AMANDA SOLOMON DANIELS DONALD EDWARD DORAN EDWARD JULIUS .ELSAESSER ALTON RUDOLPH ERICKSON EDWARD HAIJIJ FARNHAM, B. LESTER FISHMAN A EDVVARD DENNIS FLAHERTY FRANK FLORIANO I HARRY JAMES FORHEAD AI.IEXANDER GEORGE FOSTER, J ARTHUR FRIED G. THOMAS GANIM, B. S. LILLIAN ELNORA GEIGER VVHITNEY WEST GILBERT IQARI.. GOLDMAN EMANUEL VGOLDSTEIN LOUIS GOLDSTEIN. JACOB GOODMAN , . WAIJTER, STANYSLAUS GOSZTYLA CLARENCE WALTER GREENVVALD VVILLIAM' ITAESELER, JR. EARL V GUMBINSKY HARRIS JAMES THOMAS HAYES ALERED LEO LIETZELT, A. B. BERNHAR'P-HENN HOLT GEORGE VVILLIIAMS HOLT JOSEPH JOHN J ORDON MEYER IQAHN ' J SIDNEY JOHN KAL-I.,ET HAROLD PATRICK KELLY RALPH NEWTON KENDALL, A. B. WIIIFRED FRANCIS KERWIN R. NORMAN IQIRCHGRABER OSCAR COBB LAUT-Z, PH. B. WILLIAM TOBIN ALENNON FRANK LEONE MANUEL .LEVY JEROME DWIGHT ALEXVIS, JR. JOHN I HORACE LITTLE, A. B. MUESETT CHARLES LUCKNER BENEDICT. THOMAS MANGANO ANTHONY NIANGUSO JOSEPH AANDERSON MARION JOSEPH BIARSEY l JEAN AUGUST MARTIN SIDNEY AMES MARTIN BERNADINE MCGOWAN ' WAI,I,A-CE HENRY MILLER MARVIN BEAR MORRISON ' HERBERT FRANCIS M'ULLENHOFF EDWARD BERNARD MURPHY ADRIAN MICHAEL JWURR.-XY ANDREW JOSEPH MUSACCHIO EDWIN GEORGE O'CONNOR A. B 1 I ALFRED ROCCO PACINI. JOSEPH FRANK PANTERA AMIL JOHN PASQUARELLE LOUIS EDWARD PELOWSKI STEVEN LARKIN PERKINS HAROLD VERNON POTTER VICTOR WALLACE RADZIEVVON LOUIS NELLIGAN ROCHE J UDSON TVIILES ROSENGRANT ROSWVELL PERRY ROSENGREN, B JOSEPH RUBENSTEIN ARTHUR EZEKIEL' .SCHULGASSER .PHILIP SERLING JAMES FRANCIS SHEEHAN MARVIN MEYER SIMON DAVID SMOLAK V SARO ANTHONY SPOTO TRUMAN LAMBERT STONE DUNCAN' HARRY SUITOR JAMES E. SULLIVAN ROL-AND HENRY TILLS SOLOMON TULCHINSKY WILBUR JAMES TURNER JULIUS JOSEPH VOLKER, A. B. ROBERT ROUNDS WEBSTER NATHAN ABRAHAM WEISS JACK WEISSEELD ' EVELYN BLANCHE WILLIAMS HARRY HERSEY XVILTSE EVA SOPHIA WOLTZ JOSEPH XTALLERY WRIGHT GORDON FITHIAN ZIMMERMAN Class History ,..1..1i- N the fall of 1924, the law school admitted the largest freshman class in its history. Quarters available in the law school building being inadequate, the auditorium in Townsend Hall was designated as the meeting place for the new students. Here they quickly be-came accli- mated, and soon there was to be observed a spirit which forecast success. The class participated in the various university functions, contributing largely to athletics and other student activities. V - Their ranks somewhat depleted, although still outnumbering any other class at any time a.dmitted to the school, the members of the class we-re welcomed back in September, 1925, as juniors. They resumed their work with an earnestness of effort and an enthusiasm which dispelled any doubt that "moving up" day would see a great delegation of potential seniors As in its freshman year, the class, throughout its junior year, was made conspicuous by the material that it furnished to the various teams and by the type of service which it rendered to the university. Thus the first two years served to lay' the foundation for the last and most eventful year of the university life of the class. i The final year at Townsend Hall was begun by the class of '27 with a different outlook. To all outward appearances it was the same class that entered as freshmen in 1924, but itisoon became apparent that it was more settled and sedate, more determined and earnest, with the goal for which it had been striving now .almost in sight. Realizing that there now rested upon its shoulders the responsibility of upholding its previous records and the dignity of all senior classes, it proceeded to assimilate the finer points of the law-to round off and fill out the firm but rough cast acquired in the previous years. And along with its curricular duties, it continued to participate in athletics and other university activities. The class banquet proved to be the outstanding event of the year. ,Deep and lasting impressions were there made. All ,members of the la.w faculty who conduct senior courses were invited to be present, and those who' attended included Dean Alden, Mr. Moot, and Mr. Penney. President Hetzelt acted as toastmaster, speeches were made by the faculty, members, and a program of entertainment was presented by a number of members of the class. An important action taken at that time was the ado-ption of a resolution that the class hold a banquet once a year for the next one hundred years. i --WAI,I...ieE H. MILLER, Class Historian .Ll.... SENIGR DENTS Presiclefnt . . Vice-PrcsQ7cl01zt . Secre tafry .'e1' . ADKINS, CHARLES L. ANDERSON, RUSSELL G. BANNICAN, THOMAS G. BELL, ROBERT A. BICKEL, GILBERT A. BLACK, MICHAEL W. BRUCKI-IEIMER, IRVING A. CIAMBRONE, FRANK COYLE, X71C'l'OR W. COYNE, JAMES J. CYPIN, SHOLOM B. A DICKINSON, HAUGHTON N. DIJ AMES, DANIEL J. DXYINELLE, HAROIID W. DZIMIAN, WALTER F. ESTRY, JULIUS E. ESTRY, WILLIAM GALVIN, EDXVARD J. GREENBERG, JACOB H. I'IALI., HARRY J. HAYES, LEE W, LIICKEY, JOSEPH A. ISRAEL., ELIARVIN E, KELLEY, RAYMOND T AIAJOR, STANLEY J . Senior Dents 50 . . ROY IfELLEY HAROIID DWINEIJLE ALBERT ZIRNI-IELD . LEE W. HAYES JHEEKIN, JOSEPH A. MOORE, HAROLD S. NORTON, DONALD G. PERKINS, BENJAMIN PETRINO, FRANK S. PLEASUR, SOLOMON POTTER, WILLIAM E. QUIMBY, HUGH- D. QUINLIVAN, JOHN L. RIFFLE, ARVIS B. REILLY, HAROLD H. ' RIVO, MAX ROBERTS, ALBERT E. ROZAN, HENRY J. SANTMIRE, HAROLD C. SHORTAL, HARRY F. STROT, HENRY J. SUTER, BRUCE ' SVVAGLER, JOSEPH H. SZCZEPANIAK, JOHN J. TERKOSKI, THEODORE L THOMAS, GEORGE M. VARON, YONTOV WILKINSON, HOWARD ZIRNHELD, AIJBERT A. Class History OULD but the scythe of Time be stayed and not end so abruptly four years of pleasant associations, friendships, sorrows, griefs and never to be forgotten days. As a ca.ndle flickers, sputters and goes out so the class of 1927 of the Dental College be disintegrated and each back to where he came from, only to relight the candle at times few and far between. Hardly now do we realize it to it's fullest extent but the change from the carefree life to one of a drab, less glamorous existence with the cares of the world will promulgate the realization. Well do we remember when we first shyly met each other in our freshman days against the old iron rail in front of the red brick vine clad Dental College. There lasting impressions were made of one another, likes and dislikes finally all ironed out by four years of association under the common bur- den and now holed under the sound name of friendship. Our freshman year was really a sound one for all of us after the pre-dental work but what a change from the work in a College of Arts and Science. It was a tempestuous year with most of us surviving with "Hank" Rozan, our able class president. Our freshman banquet will long be remembered as the banner event in the extra curricular activities of the year and there will probably never be another one like it. The return in autumn found most of us again at the same place, but this time sophomores, a little more intelligent and a little more eager to go in for the lightened schedule. We chose for this year "Tom" Banigan as our leader who took us through a very successful year. These first two years culminated our daily visits to the Medical College and it was with a great deal of pleasure that we entered the doors of the Dental College to become versed in the technical proceedure of our chosen profession, Dentistry. For two years we had heard from the outgoing senior classes that if we once finished the first two years that it wouldnbe a case of sitting down and waiting two years for the proverbial sheepskin. Little did they rea.lize how they had disillusioned us. . . For most of us the junior year was the attempt at the co-ordination of the brain and the hands with either one or the other responding but hardly ever both. The junior la.boratory would at this time have been a wonderful place for some of the modern fiction writers to secure new swear words to put into their stories. Even though we never seemed to do much, nevertheless after the school day was over we would plod to our rooms tired and discouraged but one good day would always seem to overbalanee several bad ones. It was in this trying year that Ray KCHCY became our president and a reward for his good work he continued on as president through the senior year. The metamorphosis from the freshman to the senior can hardly be passed upon W1th0ut IIOUHS the changes wrought by time. From flippant minded youngsters. to apparently serious minded young men with some of them even sporting mustaches becoming or unbecoming. Requirements-at hustle bustle and humdrum to get them in. 1 1 A! ' 5. 1 1' - I QS if 5 ! i .fl Www Q' 1" ' 1 f :Wi 1 1 ' . 1.1. .Q , 5 I 7 1 ,if ' 1 -fl ' 9: 1? 'fiiii -.' '- . ,Sl 'AEN f -ffl' ' I zpfqlzs gf lr ui ' , , QSQQE and - f . 'r3'9ii?'E'.?3:i 'fd' ' 5' 5 . f -Eg: f.zf?f2,f Q . - ' . fzfnw . f ,Qu , mf . . mr' I 1 ----T1 , I ?f5?gsB.,g., , , , - , SASQJWHVSESQ: , if ' .' ' ' Q I A -GSW Nw, 2 ,. I IA 2 wggffi-, 5-,.:..,vQsslm.,'N .w.J.:w:' ,M M-,gg 4 :. f 1' , . f my ,mgmw , .,,,,.. if ,. 4, , . Q 1 fix 'Sify ,igyf f .- ' , 5 ? if . I wg W s A :ffl f . 1 H ' ' 'ji' 'S 4 -- 'N' ' , ,Mfg ' ' ,fi x Q - sim- if . 1 . 1 .-L 4 . ' "Ah-- -1 S1 'E 1 f' ' ' Ei . '- ' 6 ik X: " -'Z M g-1.,, -9 I 1 Z s uf - if is Fi' , . '1! "1if 1 ,X ' K M:-'wzmm , -- , ' f'f7?Ew"?f ' WV? ,A X 2 Lim? Q 52 1 . ff w . SX,-N E? A 1- 5' X , - ' . J .' :qw 'ff' Sis. Q- .rw " ' 5 ' ' " g if A . + . fm? 1 ,. -2 ' 12 , ' ," S333 'ffjqj'-.,.?1'c" ,. Q: Ep W 51515 1 ,L I 1 ' r' 4 , .' f"-'43, 1' 'fs :K 'A9'f"'- X ' .fm X ' 3 V 3 7 X Q ., . ,V M ,Wim , , l , safsi v wig s. 2' 53534 :ff , "' -5'-CMR 9 x :'.-fww'-x-3 3 Q 2. vt ' .. ,- ' ,rf i'- fre . 1 ' ' - . " xxw F3232 , . :z- ' lei. f -: .1 I "Z: . ew gg 3 3551 3 A aff M. v . A N235 if w T ' ' ff S 2 'N if fi. .1 j g li ' 't' 'Sw Q, X .f 2. - :W .1 - 'X Q- 415525. . f "?3v.3N'f'f?'Qff .. ,. ' , ' ' -- L.. " ' N- ' 24. 'vga-L f ifflfigf-2jf,5..-1 5 ,,LQj3.'e 1 " 7. P Aziz' JE -ifff' -- -1 f fffff fwfr.. . 1 .gf .1 A.. 'Z A .- -,. x i . ,R - .. - , V in -,f A . 1 555131.-'Yiwu X ? ' -- '- 1-mu.:-Q- x ..-Q :I b pf!" ,- we , K gg? 3 .f 3,55 3 -' 3552 3 ver. E ,-ua ' ii Xigaif y 951: f F W 1 ' -1- 1 1: cg Sf-- X gl: gf . .,,,,, , H ,.,,g ' f Qghw M iii 2.,.w- . ig Q qi! -5 s- '- , pf- , . N Q59-gf" Z gxpvg -1 ., g :fy Q - , sazff. a .xi V- , 1 4 sfffk .. . ' ' i- Q 5'-.J-, , f .fx G gf 1, AQ, -, Q . 4 1 ., 1. 2 , . 'I , i K Q Q Q2 .- 1- - - ' 3afi,fZ if ' D 455.-lx-I -,1 x. . '-.x t-:V-,Av - N. M H I xv- ' x 1 . . ,g ' I g .-.A hr, . .T ' N, 55. 3, it -1.33-ww wh g gi . 'f.24... m v.? ' H -' w If N V' 1 Ywssxigf gQe..,..Q,, 3 i . l,- 3, i 5 iii ' W Y- -- L 5 rg,-1. 43.1 1 - -- if 3? Q 3 'gb YQWXQW nik Q ' ' 4 " ' " X v ifi..?E.zE'5fEmf'f .E ii EXW-.2 Xxx -- ' ' ' K Y .1 .X,..,. '-3g.?1.iM:1mg,. Q5 , 1 wx ,.X. . .QW,.,,, . , ,mf , QS l Avsyiup sb- Yi QQ , .,.- ... ,. . 'Q X Xgyw :A 'ig 2 f .-- , A i an - tv f . -W I, . 5 5 ff Q f X 0301, vw 'X Y bk Q X 3' V9 3-X mms. , . 5514, .Nfl rN'AQj,.55 5 X W Y ' N ' 1 X. K Q J S- 3 165 g .... . . . ,..,, gy? " - Q N "'-12' X vii i? ffge-39 M' f Fig 552 3 1 if ' -3 : X vi 2-. 5 V ef'Q'f""'f'v-ffv-TE Qi: " X Qi EQ 5 Y 'W gym- fr' Q--, sg ....x. N skimpy mx if 5 1 .V Q' f iw xx pf- 1 . N' iwgvf . E-12.523 .s X33 1 if 'gf' ' gf' ' A 313 X xi -, 'Q TER HALL ,-f. 5 ' Q 1 SENIQR ARTS - . fl Q e ..,., ,.... .., ' .. . ..., - .. - , . . ,.. - -,.. ,. - ltrgiv .L-L Senior Arts President Vwe Preszdenf I5 ecretary Treasurer ABRAHAM HATTIE MARY ADAIR, FR ANK ALEXANDER AIREY, JFANNETTF AILAN, JOHN STL ART AXIEROD ABRAHAM AYRAUIT RUTH DOROTHX Att1ca,N Y BAILOTIN, FREDA BEYER WINIFRED FRANC BOEE ELIZABETH CHARLO1 Niagara, Falls N Y BRADY CATHARINE PIERCE Niagara Falls N Y BRECHTEI MARION GR A ACE BROGAN MABEL M N OLIVI LLEL-LA TL BROII Corfu N Y A CHEPLOWITZ IDA MARION CIELAND HELEN BIALCOIM COHE N ESTHER WILLIAM GR ANT' RA MARGARET MARCUS ISAAC COOK COONLY SA COOPERMAN Elmira N Y CORRIGA M INE CURRAN M AGNES Mt Morris N ' Y DAVIS, SELTEE I DELAMAT D . A ADELAIDE INSMORE, DOROTHY HELEN N MARIE FLORENT ER FLORENCE OFFICFRS IOIIY I DUNN U ARGARI I E GRIFFITH NORMA I L ARRISON ROBERT D POTTER 1926 Z1 DOIIIIION GAA EXDOI YN DI NN lOIIx JOSEPH li AIRBAIRIN IIE! EIN I4 ANCIIIR BESSIF MARIE Hougl1t0I1,N X PI I CIIAFR HAROI D WIIIIAM G ABBLY, JOHN THOM AS ll1Clldl1FHliS N Y GANDER ADEI AIDE M GIIIESI IL DOROTIIA :HOPE GOODMAN DOROFIIX MIAE GR AB AU ALDREXK XVII LIAM GRAHAM FRANCES L GRIEFITH, DIARGARET ELIZABETH HA AS, EVEIXN M HARBISON PALI AI EIAANDER H ARDER JAMES BPR-NARD HARIPER, MII DRED I HAYES, IRMA LEE HBIIIBRUN NORMAN HOEEM AN JOSEPH HRVOL ANNA EMILY Kenmole N Y JACOBSON LENA C J UING, KATHERINE LOUISE IAAHN CAROLYN CORINNE KIMBERLEY BARBARA LOUISE KOZAANOXVSKI HENRY NIKODEM KUNKLE, EVELYN LOUISE Williamsville, N. Y. is-2' LARRISON, NORMA JEAN LEVY, EVELYN SARAH LIVINGSTON, AL-ICE MITCIIELL LULL GLADYS NANCY 7 MCALEER, CHARLOTTE FRANCES MAISOL, ANNA NIAKELY, ADELBERT TALBOT METZ, MARIE LYDIA lg'MEYER, FRED W. MICHEL, ARTHUR CARL Niagaira. Falls, N. Y. MINER, G. NORRIS MISIEK, VNTILLIAM MlTCPIEIJL,,, FREDERICK HENDEE MITCHELL, ALENA MARY fMRS.D Ellieottville, N. Y. lVlONTAGAUE, HAIiRIET FRANCES MOREY, DONALD ROGER iWOREY, EDA BENEDICT CMRSJ Kenmore, N. Y. MORRIS, RICHARD TEMIJLETON Q Oneida Castle, N. Y. NIUNSEY, MARY PAUL-INE Gowanda., N. Y. MUNTZ, J. PALMER MURRAY, ELEANOR L. NAGEIJ, HUBERT PAUL NAPLES, ANGELO SAMUEL NEIJDENGER, MARIE FRANCES NORGATE, HELEN WELCH Lockport, N. Y. NOWICKI, EDNVIN PAUL NOYE, JAMES KEITH O,DAY, LAURA Hamburg, N. Y. PAPE, FLORENCE HILDA PARIS, ETHEII LOUELLA PFEFFER, NIQILTON JOHN POTTER, ROBERT DUCHARME RICHARDSON, ROSEMARY ROBINSON, RALPH NORMAN ROIZEN, lllANUS RIOLI.-, FANNIE CAROLYN SAPOVVITCH, EDITH SCHLOSSMAN, DAVID SCHWARTZ, JEROME Ci SCHXVENGER, BERTIIA CAROLYN SHERWOOD, MARGARET ELIZABETH STANLEY, DOROTHY HEXXVITT ST. JAMES, ANNA YIAYN SUGARMAN, LILLIAN DOROTHY SULLIVAN, lWARJORIE J OSEPHINE TAYLOR, OLIVE GERTRUDE VEIGEIJ, WIIIIAIAM JOHN WATSON, F. MARGARET C. WEBER, DORIS LOUISE WEBSTER, GERTRUDE WEIERHEISER, RUTH AVIRGINIA WEIL, THERESA JOAN WILLIAMSON, MARY NIERCER Vivian, W. Va. WOLF, ROBERT RANDOLPH Tonawancla, N. Y. ' 'Candidates for degrees in February, 1927. ' 1- Class Annals p HEN Father Time turns back the mellow leaves of his dusty records, he will surely pause when lns misty eye rests on the pages recording the events of September, 1923. There is entered thenames of two hundred and eight youthful souls who knocked at the portals of the great University of Buffalo. These unsuspecting, courageous Freshmen, full of the joy of living, chose as their leader Andrew Jackson and or0'an1 d t U . . , . . g ze o protect themselves against the traditional horrors of the Sophomores We enjoved and a . . , ppre- ciated the attempts of the Sophs to be friendly at the Soph-Frosh Spread, and then showed our august superiors what could be done in the line of entertainment. Who is there that doubts the success of that famous party? Finally mid-years came and exams were not overlooked, and an encourag- ing number of our fellow classmen survived. I t was now felt that we must have an outlet for our surplus energy, so our recruits went out for every activity. Women 's athletics were successfully launched on a brilliant career. The Publications, and nearly all organizations progressed 'amaz- ingly. l ' ' September marked the commencement of one' of our most outstanding years. We attained unprecedented success in initiating the Frosh into the mysteries of our institution VVh ' n T . o is there that dares to say that we I didnot safeguard the traditions of our University? The girls organized a Vigilance Committee and e , pi armed themselves with whistles, whose shrill blasts resounded o'er our Campus With W'll' .. 1 iam Stein as President, we QJHVG the lower classmen a treat in the way of a Sophomore' Hop With our rank l s somewhat depleted by the loss of our professional colleagues, we entered into our third ' year with all the arrogance of upper- classmen. VVe chose as our leader, Adelbert Makelev and successfully carried through a very en' bl .J Joya e Junior week. The Bazaar, the Theatre larty, the Class Banquet and the "Prom" ' ever are memorable occasions for y one of us. M0V11?QQ UP Day finally arrived, and our class responded with a great deal of spirit We t l - tn - , Me great Joy in remembering the momentous occasion when our President led the class ' l' 1 t , . i in ns horse and buggy. Finals came 11 oo great a hurry, and We reluctantly closed the door on the third year of our college life, Dunyvstnshw Quin te our Senior Y 92114 With pleasure and regret. With John Order tb dish ive embarked on the last stage of our college life. In iuauolumted dpegiiiswt ourselves.. from the rest of our fellow students, W6 Ship smore Hmm cus oipof Senior Blazers.. To weave the bonds of.fr1e1T1Cl- t recalled deholhtfyuwe lrequently held Senior Banquets, at which time we for the mists til H regiinences of the past. The Student Union functioned Successfuu 7 11.9. nder ca.pable leadership, the Board of CO'l111C1ll0I'S 5 Caffled through 3 VGFY progressive program for one year. . +hTARGARET Gmrrirn, Class Historian X . I-, r i Class Prophecy UINLIGHT filtered through the ivy lattice work of thc window, fell acrossthe fioor of the study and with singular precision lighted upon a 1935 edition of "Who's VVl1o." ldly I rcaclicd for the por- F rutentious volume, scanned a few pages and lwcanie cngi-ossc-cl in revelations of an astounding character. ADAIR, A.-Renowned authority and lecturer on the art of absorbing the intricacies of ap Greek lecture course while maintaining an uninter- rupted state of slumber. Special attention is given by Mr. Adair to first year- college -students. AIREY, JEANETTE-Social Worker and novelist. Author of "How to Influence M-en in Business" - U ALLAN, JOHN S.-The Second Rudolph Valentino of American Drama. AXLEROD, ABRAHAM-Eminent Psychologist and author of "Hypnotism or Concentrated Suggestion." , AYRAULT, RUTH D.-+Heralded as this year's most famous screen star, appear- , mg m several, dashing roles. BALLOTIN, FREDA-Leading lady in "Follies of '35.', BEYER, WINIFRED F.-Heroine of "Winnie's Triumphs." Miss Beyer is still enjoying unmitigated popularity. BOFF, ELIZABETH C., AND BRADY, CATHERINE P.-Owners and oper- ators of the airplane line between Niagara Falls and Buffalo. This line . is operated for the express purpose of enabling commuters to the Uni- versity of Buffalo to make the trip during the daytime. BRECHTEL, MARION G., AND CHEPLOWITZ, IDA M.-Authorities on traf- fic rules for air routes. Employed by B. Sz B. Airplane Co. of Niagara , Falls. CLELAND, HELEN M.--Model charmont in the Parisian Hat Shop. COOK, WILLIAM G.-Leading tenor in the New York Opera Co., editor-in-chief of the "N, Y. Times," reporter on the staff of "League of Nations Daily. COOPERMAN, MARCUS I.-Instructor of Chemistry at Elmira College. DINSMORE, DOROTHY H.-Parisian Beauty Specialist and Transformer. DOUGHTON, GWENDOLYN-Winner of the Nobel prize for free verse. DUNN, JOHN J.-Apialogist. Proprietorof the Dunn Apiariesg specializing in clover "honey.'.' ELEN P chiatrist of unusual merit Miss Fairbairn has met FAIRBAIRN, H ' - sy . - ' with unequalled success in treating the mental derangements of College Seniors. .. ' tb ll t '. Alth gh M: Gabbey had GABBEY, JOHN T. 1932. Olympic fooi a s ai f dolfle Wag unable to rid not played football since his .college days he oun himself of the habit of "holding" GANDER ADELAIDE M.-International expert on "The Joy of Looking Slim.' ofnize, 13 san Miguei st., same Fe. ! GILLESPIE, DOROTHY H.-Director of "The Children's Hour," broadcasting from station Who's Who. GOODMAN, DOROTHY M.-Promulgator of the plan for the innovation of mail boxes on street cars for the purpose of speeding up del1very. GRIFFITH, MARGARET E.-Talented assistant in a well known docto'r's laboratory. HARBISON, PAUL A.-Proclaiined the distinguished winner of this year's beauty contests for his very definite style of masculine beauty. HARDER, JAMES B.-Prohibition enforcement officer of South Carolina. HARPER, MILDRED I.-The new manager of the I. R. C. Miss Harper guar- antees special consideration for college students as well as reduced rates. HAYES, IRMA L.-Famous soprano of Finland. HOFFMAN, JOSEPH-Chairman and Professor of the Department of French at the University of Buffalo. HRVOL, ANNA E.-Superintendent of the Florida Public Schools. Miss Hrvol's work among the negro children of that state has received special com- mendation from the Secretary of State. JACOBSON, LENA C.-Owner of a chain of ladies' hat and gown emporiums. JUNG, KATHERINE L.-Successful successor to Sousa. ' KAHN, CAROLYN C.-Discoverer of a new food-drink "for sound sleep at night and high-spirited days." KIMBERLEY, BARBARA L.-Operator of the bus line between Morocco and Timbuctu. ' KOZANOWSKI, HENRY N.-Dictaphone professor. KUNKLE, EVELYN L.-Homemaker. Miss Kunkle's devotion to science leads her to even do her cooking in test tubes and beekers. LARRISON, NORMA J.-Supervising deaconess in the popular Orphan Asylum who's slogan is "We Want Jello." LEVY, EVELYN S.-One of America's most promising social leadersg author olgseveral widely circulating books on the subject of constructive court- s ip. - LIVINiiggyhiaLgilgylyl.-Talented heroine in this year's biggest musical LULL, GLADYS N.-Business manager of Greater Buffalo's Piggly-Wiggly. MCALEER, CHARLOTTE F.-B. A. Ph. D. A record is still incomplete. , ' R' R., H' C' L' and W' G' S' Gut MAI MAKELY, ADELBERT T.-O f th M k l ' pose of Spinning yarns. WT191' O e a e y Industrial Plant for the pur- METZ, MARIE L.-Originator of the Metz art calendars and blotters. MICHEL, ARTHUR C.-Professor of nasal elocution. MINER, G. NORRIS-Renowned football coach at Wellesley. MISICK, WILLIAM-Oil king. A MITCHELL, FREDERICK SOL, ANNA-Director of the famous French Ballet Schoolf H.-American Consul to Siam. MONTAGUE., HARRIET F.-World tennis star. Miss Mo t - t d th title from Susanne Langlen early in the Spring and is nIov?ggld?11KgSEi1rope? MOREY, DONALD R.-President of the Irish Free State. MORRIS, RICHARD T.-A diplomat o-f prestige. The United States govern- ment has. requested Mr. Morris to attach a glossery to each of his reports due to his ponderous legal phraseology. MUNSEY, M. PAULINE-Demonstrator of the Munsey Harmonica. Also famous for her ability on thekazoo. NAGEL, HUBERT P.-Silver tongued orator and artist's model for the Arrow Collar Co. NAPLES, ANGELO S.-Archaeologist, at present engaged in excavating work at Pompey and Herculaneum. NELDENGER, MARIE F.--President of the League of Women Voters. Author of several treatises on International law. Recent Ambassador to China. NORGATE, HELEN W.-Director of the Lockport Kitchen Band. NOWICKI, EDWIN P.-Joint operator of the "Dolittle" Firm, experts in con- titutional inertia. NOYE, J. KEITH-Manager of the Hot Dog and Waffle stands of Erie County. O'DAY6fLf5g.T2RA-Expert on commerce with Chinatown. Earl Carroll's Vanities PARIS, ETHEL L.-4Parisian modiste. POTTER, ROBERT D.-Inventor of the wireless, pocketsize telephone. RICH.DER1DSON, ROSEMARY-The thirteenth woman swimmer of the English anne . ROBINSON, RALPH N.--Prominent portrait painter. Mr. Richardson expresses ' a growing fondness for hand-painted things. ROLL, FANNIE C.-Humorist. It is reported that Miss Ro1l's humor has caused the Sphinx to smile. SAPOWITCH, EDITH-President of the United States Board of Censors for College publications. SCHLOSSMAN, DAVID, AND SCHWARTZ, JEROME-Authorities on Eu- genics. SHERWOOD, MARGARET E., AND STANLEY, DOROTHY I-I.-Protectors of S. P. C. A., now interested in the abolition of all examinations. ST. JAMES, ANNA H.-Madame Moonstone of the fortune tell-er's bazaar. SUGARMAN, LILLIAN D.-Proprietor of the Sugarman Taffy Co. of Green- land. SULLIVAN, MARJ ORIEE J .-Cartoonist. "Sequels to Skippy." WATSON F. MARGARET C.--Owner of the Watson Libraries-charming plades of both social and intellectual attraction. WEBER DORIS L.-Interpretine Xylophonist, now engaged in inspirational art near Mt. Popocatapetl. WEIL, THERESA J.-Agricultural expert in Oregon. WILLIAMSON, MARY M.-This yea1"s most striking example of beauty and genius. WOLF, ROBERT R.-An understudy of Dick Barthelmess. I ENTRANCE TO DENTAL SCHOOL f i N x W N . ll 1 Wi WS JUNIOR CLASSES Medics 1711... JUNIOR CLASS ROLL OFFICERS President . . I HARRY L. CHANT V'i06-PVGSICZGWY5 - . IVIARVIN S. HARRIS SHCWIWZI - - . HELEN G. XV.-XLKER Trewsfwrer - - . FREDERICK S. CRAIG Class If'l:S7f0'?"7:Cl,7L . . . EUGENIA L. FRONCZAK Bee Representative . , , , V1-JHEIJLIA BROCK Bvlsolfn Representative . BRUNO SCHUTKEKER BENNETT, ARTHUR L. BINISKIEWICZ, EDMOND A. BRATT, FLOYD C. C BLEICHFELD, SAMUEL BROCK, THELMA BUCKHEIT, RUDOLRH G BURNS, JOHN B. CHANT, HARRY L. CRAIG, FREDERICK S. CROSS, WARREN G. DAVIS, LERAY J. B. DEAN, GEORGE A. . DIN OTO, JOHN DODGE, EDWVARD F. DONNELLY, GEORGE H. ETLING, GEORGE F. EVANS, JAY I. EUSTACE, CHARLES G. FLANNIGAN, JAMES T. FREEDMAN, BENJAMIN FRONCZAK, EUGENIA L. GARDNER, RICHARD M. GEORGE, CLYDE W. GERSTNER, MARTIN L. GUTHIEL, GEORGE N. HAAS, NELSON W. HANAN, ERNEST HARRIS, MARVIN S. HATCH, GLENN C. HAWES, JOHN K. HAWRO, VINCENT A. HOLT, RAYMOND W. IHILL, JOSEPH M. JARVIS, JOHN R. A IQEYES, DONALD C. KEYES, HOWARD C. IQING, WALTER F. LAYER, JULIUS J. LOWE, FREDERICK A. MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN R. IWOORE, EVERITT C. IVIARKOVITZ, JULIUS T. IVIAZUROWSKI, BERNARD IVIIKOLAJCZAK, EDWARD O,CONNER, ROBERT E. X. OKONIEWSKI, THEODORE OLLODART, BENJAMIN OLSON, ROBERT A. PURPLE, DONALD G. RICKLOFF, RAYMOND J. ROSENBERG, JOSEPH SCHUTKEKER, BRUNO G. SHEEHAN, GEORGE L. SCHUTZ, JOSEPH A. SIEKMANN, CARL F. SMOLEY, HEYMAN SPIEGELMAN, IIARRY STOLL, HOWARD L. V OELKLE, ALBERT J. XVALKER, HELEN G. VYTILINSKY, ISADORE J. WOPII.R.AB, RAYMOND B. B Q 1 v l l Junior .langlery 1.1.-11-11 , l l "You're a lucky class," the Seniors saidg i But, methinks, they were misled. They may have cut the number of hours, But lectures still come on in showers. l l V It will never rain, but 'twill pour, . 1 1 And Tuesday always makes us soreg, . From early morning until dark We hear them rave, and rant and bark. "Starting in the rear rank" we found Often meant going over unfamiliar ground. Q i R. O. P. and L. O. A. didn't seem so neat . . yy When we found hands where we tho 't were feet. ' 1 Being a spectator in a surgery clinic ' Certainly makes one an awful cynic ' l They saw and they hackg they fix and they mend ' And to the mortician, a client they send. There are many uses for a Murphy drip 5. And it may be right toiuse a glass tip. ' But out in the country, where it's breezy, y To use a rubber tip proves far more easy. l YWQl1ld you advise hesitation ln a case of constipation? - HY'understan7," in Pre-Volstead days V 1 lhere always were some other ways. 1 I A l 1 We shouldnit diagnose pleuritis In chronic interstitial nephritis. How could We a kidney see 'Where only Hthickened pleuran be? n Pictures in Alumni Hall Some Hupsidedownn but not all, Some are good, some are not. ' "What is Neisser?" I "Ain't that hot?" It's easy to guess Who's "Eosinophil," But Who's "Julian Eltingel' and '4VVhiskey Billm? And how will one know Without searching pockets What happened to those two-Way sockets? Some amuse, some astound, r Some confuse, some confound, Some are late, some are never, Nelson early, no not ever. What is this angry talk? W What ls happened to the chalk? Where did the 'rasers go? Only Stoll and Bennett know. Two phrases do they shout You've surely heard about, The mob like wild wolves bayin' HSCl1l21fG11 Stunden and "Heine Gchenf' I D vw ' -ls 't" t1'ue but Jerhaps by virtue of it, a kalcidoscopic presen- obbtit , is , , 1 tation of our Junior Year. May the next one bc as happy! W --EUGENIA L. FRONCZAK CVVith collaboration of Thclilia Ilrockj I1lI JUNIOR LAW x, Y ,WA President . Vice-President Vice-Presvlclent Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeafnt . H fiswriavv, . ABLOFF, M. AI.IEY, G. D. BASS, H. l BERGER, W. BLATT, L. N. BRACHFIELD, S. BRIM, W. A. BURTON, S. F. BUTLER, R. G. CARREL, H. COHEN, P. L. ' CONGDON, C. E. CREOLA, P. P. BORK, MISS M. M. FEASTED, MISS H. E. FRANKLIN, MISS C. SCACCIA, MISS J. D,ARCY, F. L. DONSON, E. W. EVANS, G. J. FARNER, K. G. FRANKLIN, B. FREY, M. GINTZLER, J. H. GUARIGLIA, J. HALBIN, J. A. C. HOIJLANDS, F. A. KISTER, C. V. Junior Law .OFFICERS CLASS ROLL G. JOHN MCDONOUGI-I . . C. R. LOOIVIIS . MISS J. SCACCIA . . J. F. TREBIIE . . E. .DONSON . . C. E. CONODON . MISS FRANKI KLOOHE, L. C. LEXER, C. F. LOGEL, R. E. LOOMIS, C. R. LUTWAOK, M. .IN IWCCARTHY, I. D. BICDONOUGI-1, C. JOHN LICDONOUGI-I, C. MODONOUGI-I J JOSEPH i , .I LIILNER, E. B. MORRISON, I. NIURPHY, E. D. PANEPENTO, P. PAPROCKI, J. RAY, V. T. RUTH, E. ROTH, VV. SILVERMAN, A. SISSON, P. N. STECKER, A. J B. I. STI3W,xRT, W. P. A. SULLIVAN, K. TOPPING, P. H. TREBLE, J. F. ZIMER, M. E. SHERMAN, D. CSpccia1 Studentj Class History HE Law Class of 1928 congregated in the Eagle Street abode in September 1925. Since the preceding Class was soularge that it o meeit in Townsend Hall, we were subjected to the domineering towai d insignificant Freshmen. . . L But we aie a distinctive class, nevertheless because we are the first class to enter under the new requirements, making a year s credit of Arts a Jrerecuisite for admission to Law School. flhus our number is much I hadt 1 + ' ' . geuiorg yvho behaved toward us as upper classmen generally do 1 ' U, I Adu ' I I ' , ' 5 ' .' ' I r I snialler ihan that of preceding classes. Witli our new class, the old order chaneed. For a number of years the Freshmen Law Class has been initiated into the study of the Law of Crimes by the Present Supreme Court Judge Harris,,whose absence we much regret, however we are happy to have with us Mr. PhiliprHalpern, a former graduate of the University, who taught us both Torts and Crimes' in our Freshman Yea.r and Real Property in our Junior Year. La.te in the Fall of our Freshman Year, the Class elected the officers as follows: GeorgeFoley, President, Josephine Scaccia, Vice-President, Clara Franklin, Secretary, and Sidney Brachfleld, Treasurer. - - ' We were at first honored withipermission to use the large, beautifully sunlit Senior Classroom, but when January came, with its customary mid- years, casualties were so great that the small rear classroom was large enough to house the survivors. Among the departing congregation was our contracts instructor who wa.s succeeded by Mr. iueeehem, a young lawyer from Iowa, whose uncle is the famous authority on the law of Agency and Partnership. lVith our class thus diminished, we proceeded, more or less happily, till J une arrived with its prospective vacation. The following September we again congregated at the Eagle Street address and began thelyear under the able leadership, of C. John-,lVfc- Donough, with Miss Scaccia and C. Loomis as Vice-Presidents, -and Treble and Donson as Secretary and Treasurer', respectively, a.nd Congdon, Ser- Q'C2l11f-2ll5'Al'111S- Wlfll US, this yea.r, we have a new full time instructor, Mr. William K. Laidlaw, a Cornell man, who is the third direct descendant Laidlaw in the Legal Profession. e . I The banner of the Junior Law Class is carried onto the athletic field, lui di11fi,Ellgilf'0 S'I3511f',. Hy Bass, who put the f'Bas" in Basketball, as Us Oh I YQE fl .L G0l1HfTl1fo11. the field of battle. Nas-h Abloff represents Flaw it ee, and entertains the entire University with the antics of our 1hG133,351llgiflllglggilcmzs 3i1g1lCLllQ'E', under the chairmanship of Mr. Congdon, immducod by Mi.. Halpemagplgpirfltltioii of a Law Review, The subgect was called a meetino' to discuss 1151 S only after lmdyearsf C' John MCD0nOl1gh zlilvllclccl. Dom? Uh A .Wle qmatfijh luoth Freshmen and Juniors 1 U12 jdiplvisctl the entluisiasts of the seriousness of the undertaking, stating that it't the beginning which was so difficult butlthe continuance, as we would not want to start it and then have to abandon the project for lack of material suitable for such a publication. The main difficulty arises in that students cannot do much of the work, but that fullliedged capable lawyers must write original articles involvino' a c u I C a great deal of research, work, without which articles no Law Review can exist, and few of the first class lawyers could, or would, spare the time. Mr. Templeton spoke of the financial difficulties and responsibilities, Mr, Halpern and Mr. Laidlaw, a former editor on the. Cornell Law Quar- terly, spoke to us on different aspects of the undertaking. The interested members of the Freshmen and Junior Classes are now going to consider the matter from its serious angle, apart from the incipient, juvenile enthusiasm. Committees have been appointed, with C. John McDonough as chairman and Murphy and Congdon as subcommitteemen to collect pertinent data. If we do introduce a University of Buffalo Law Review, our Law School will be pla.ced on a parity with Cornell University in New York State, in that respect. , Next ,Year we as seniors and the other classes shall have a serious decision to make, whether we shall or shall not inaugurate a -Law Review. Meanwhile we are proceeding happily along till next year' with its antici- pation of graduation from Law School. A -CLARA FRANKLIN, Historian 1-...Qi Junior Dents FIJASS OF'Flt,'ERS AND ROLL Presiclent . . . ll,xnoi.n A. So1.onoN le'f1'cc-Ptresz'rlcnt . . .lonx BIAIIONIEY Secretary . . . Anxonn Ni-:i'M.xN i"ref1s11,1'cr . ........ KEXNl'Z'l'll lJi"r'roN EMM,xNi'i-31, i'l,0'I'lIAKlS .Ionx Gixvix EDw1N .l.-xren Cieianm-:s bl.-KRSllAl.l, ELDICN D. Piznkixs INDIVIDUAL HISTORY lJI7'I"I'ON-l500Sll,t say much but when he speaks his words are full of wisdom. GAVIN-SllffiCiCl1t to say-from OIQEAN. fiil.tJ'I'I'IiXKlS-A Greek history book-straiglit from the old country. -IAUCH-Tlie entertainer of the class. NIAIIONICY-I'IlS mind is busy with a number of things. M,xnsuiu,I.-Sileiitly plods his course without distraction. NEIFMAN--AIS our shining light when it comes to technique. PicRKiNs-The big newspaper man from South Butlialo. S0l,0B'ION-IXIWHXS smiling so we call him "SKlPPY." HE -lunior Class in Dentistry started this year in its original num- ber of nine. Two additions to the class brought the quota up for during the Soph year we had only seven. Although hampered in many ways by its few members, the smallest, class in the University is not suffering and in fact is getting along very well. After four long years we have arrived at our goal-the llental School. 'l'he way has been rough and ditifieult at times, but now Chemistry, Anatomy and Bacteriology are a thing of the past and we have eome into our own, into real Dentistry. At this writing we have been in the infirmary about five months and have met with both success and failure but keep going on, our slogan being, "Give us patients!" tlaast year it was "They ean't tlunk us all "j. XVith four months still to go we expect to be pretty good by the time our .lunior year ends. Then the home stretch and-our sheepskins. Along soeial lines we have kept up our end, having a smoker and a couple informal gatherings, our numbers making it impossible to hold a danee of our own. Yet we have enjoyed our little functions, besides attend- ing fraternity danees, elass parties and proms. I. J UNIIOR ARTS l'1'1'.w1'rl1'1fl , Vizfr'-l'1'f'sirlwnl Sl'lfI'PflII'.U . 7'M1'ms111'r'1' . AUCH, JOHN BARNES, RUTII A. BENDICR, DORIS A. BQWMAN, E. Al.r.1cyN1': BmQN'1', SCo'1"1' XV. Bvlslmscu, 'Ig.w1c.x H. CAMPliI'1I.I., M. Enolsr-3 CAR1zoI.I., MARIAN L. CrA1.xu'1'1-1113, ANDREW J . Cfmluf, EILEEN Cfrmlulxs, XVENDELI. C. CUSACK, LIARION J. F.xR1sEn, I'IAROI,D D. FRANK, IIARRIE1' E. GEIB, IRVING G. GOLDBERG, ES'l'EI.I.E Gown, ANNA Ar.E'r111c fl.-XMMOND, J A. H.uzP15R, :HILDA L. I-IAWKINS, UA'l'IIPIRINIC L. J 01-INSTON, F1.01z11:NC1-1 E. IiAUFER, Blsssus M. IiIR'1'I.ANIJ4, HPll.lfIN L. Kumi-115512, ESTHER M. Iii?-AEMER, XV.xI.'rE1z H. IJEIGHBODY, J13R..x1.D B. LEWIS, GOI.-DINE H. LoR'1'z, SIIEIQDON G. Junior Arts Ul"l"ll'l'llIH . l'I.xm. .l. AIl'UllX'l'll . . . .MM-1A.'l'.xl:mc . i'.-vr1xl':l:1x1-:llxwlilxs SK'U'l"l' XY, Hlil'IN'I' 'ROLL FALL Mc:G1c.x'1'11, E.xm. J. M.xNz1-:1.l..x, .IUHN A. AIILCII, MARVIN II. Mlsl-:1cl+:N'r1No, i'lx.x1c1.l4:s O. Momma, El.1':.xxu1c NAl'l.I-IS, S'1'l'Il.l..X M. N1-:.x1., M.x1cc:.x m-71' E. O1s1.1c'1'z , C1..xm':NC1-1 P0lz'1'14:u, PuY1.x.1s M. HHN, II1cl,1-:N R. Hm1A1'r1f:u, Glfzoxecslc E. Romans, Joslclfu L. S.x1f1cm..xND151:, ANN.-xM.x1m SCACCIA, C.x1m1a1..x M. SIQRNOFFSKY, Ev1f:1.x'N Snrzlzwoon, M.x1z.Y E. SM.-XI.l.ENl3I-IRG, I-Imlzx' W. Slrmmcns, M.xnc:.x1c1-:'1' Sum, M,xmoN M. 'l'.x1suR, MM: A. VAN Os'1'n.xND, G1-1n'1'1c1'm: YICIGICI., C'IA1.x1zl.1cs N. X'1l,,xImo, ANN1-3 J. XVI-:1z'1'11151Mr:1z, LUCu.1.1f: W1r1'1'N1cy, L1'C1l.1.11: G. XV11.m-:RMI'Tr1, P1-mm. U. ZICII, Gl2lC'I'RIfDIi A. i :"vXfliQ T Junior Arts .1-1-.1-. T was in September, 1924, that the present Junior'first gathered together at Science Hall and went through the bewildering processnof registration. Vile forgot our first unpleasant thoughts of the University as a place where you walked on everybody is feet except your own and signed innumerable cards, at a dance given in our honor by the Sophs. A second dance with our as hosts was a -very enjoyable affair. The ever- vigilant sophomores who made our days a sort of mild reign of terror with their freshman rules, called a truce for the evening at least. ' ln the fall of 1925 we returned to school with some new members added to our class and at few of the old ones gone. Our class officers for the year were: President, Myron Roberts, Vice-President, Lucille VVhitney5 Sec- retary, Helen Kirtland, Treasurer, Frank Kleckner. Early in the fall we entertained the freshmen at a get-together at Townsend Hall. A return dance was given by the class of '29 shortly afterward. - The next important social affair in which we, as a class participated, was a dinner-dance given in the spring of 1926 in the Rand Room at the Uonsistory. The officers elected to guide the class during the year 1926- 1927 were: President, Earl J. McGrath, Vice-President, Mae A. Tabor, Secretary, Catherine Hawkins, Treasurer, Scott Brent. This year, due to the losses in favor of the professional schoo-ls, our class is greatly diminished, but with the proper spirit, those remaining are planning the most exciting Junior VVeek in the history of the Arts College. On Monday, April 18th, the Freshmen will entertain the Juniors in the form of a party in the Gymnasium. Vifednesday evening the Juniors will hold their banquet at the Hotel Statler. Elaborate arrangements are being made, and with the support of the entire class, this evening promises to be one of much merrymaking and eating. S The annual Junior Bazaar is to be held in the Gymnasium on Thurs- day afternoon. This is a function in which the entire Arts Colle-ge par- f.1C1D21ies. The class ofithis year intends to uphold' the precedent estab- llshed 111 fofmel' Wars of making this one of the outstanding' events of the 5011001 yetlli And on Saturday the Seniors will be entertained b us at a. l'l'f'3U'e Daffy if they survive the Prom on Friday night V y' l i i I 1 l i 4 1 I fkl' i::fJ i Q SOPHS I UCI C5 . ll- V I I I 1 . -.r ' zu: "l',lllI. H' fl n Ill 1 a In M C V , A--...Y, W .... P ,,. .,..r,,V ...Tvl Q SOPHOMORE MEDICS Sophomore Medios Prcsiclevzt . . . GEORGE E. LEONE Vficae-P1'e.9ifIc-nt . . MAXWELL LOOKIE T7'PfI-S'Ilf7'f?'I' . . JACOB ABR.-XMONV SECOND-YEAR CLASS, 1926-27 ABRAMOVSY, JACOB ALESSI, FRANK ANDERSON, JOHN B. BAKER, GEORGE A. BIIASH, ANDREW A. BRONT, CHARLES M. CACCAMISE, JOSEPH G. CIRRINCIONE, ANTHONY CLARKE, HAMIIITON J. COMELLA, JOSEPH A. COHEN, VICTOR L. CURVISH, EDWARD L. DAKE, CHARLES M. DAILEY, JAMES E. DARGAN, JOSEPH L. DIPASQUALE, STEPHEN DOOLITTLE, GEORGE M. DOWNEY, RICHARD A. ELLSWVORTH, JAMES E. FILSINGER, RAYMOND FINEGOLD, JOHN ' GRID1.-EY, NORMAN G. GROYVNEY, GEORGE M. GURNEY, RAMSDELL I'IEILBRUN, NORMAN HIGBY, VROOMAN S. HOLMLUND, THEODORE J. JACOBS, EVERETT A. JOHNSTON, REGINALD G. IQIMBALL-, STOCKTON A LEONE, CHARLES R. LEONE, GEORGE E. LEONE, RUSSELL S. LESTER, GARRA L. LOCKIE, L. MAXWELL LONGXVELL, HAROIID J. LYON, HERBERT M. MACDONALD, JOSEPH J MAGGIORE, MICHAEL J. MARCUS, AIIEXANDER LIEYERS, FRANK MREZEK, EMIL C. NAUTH, RAYMOND RUNG, CHARLES E. RUSLANDER, DAVID SCHAMEL, JOHN B. SMITH, WARREN S. STEIN, WVVILLIAM G. STEPHENSON, GORDON STOESSER, FREDERICK G STOL-I.-, GEORGE C. THORN, GEORGE N. TYNER, JAMES D. VVAGNER, GEORGE G. VVAITO, EDXVARD B. AVATTER, ALBERT E. WEINSTEIN, LEE VVOLLEN, IRA C. YORK, JACK M. ZACHMYS, ANTHONY ZAIA, ANTHONY J. ZIELINSKI, JULIUS Class History ill-1-u HE fame of the U. B. Medical School had spread far and wide into the lands of our country and there appeared one day in September of 1925 at the portals of the Temple of Aescalapius, on High- Street, a group of men clamoring for entrance--and alas-also a fair lady. There was much talking and confusion-chaos -reigned supreme-the demand for entrance took on strength and after somewhat loud knocking there appeared a stately person dressed in leopard skins. He had been sent by Hippoerates, the Father of Medicine, to learn the whys and wherefors of all the commotion. When we explained to HDoc" Leonard Cwhieh we later learned was his namej that we would enrich the profession of medicine with our admission, the doors were opened as if by magic and we all eagerly filed in. And who could tell, as they passed into the secret temple, that perhaps in that group were some future Pasteurs, or Listers, Jenners, or Pares, or Cslers. We had all come possessed with the secret of success in medicine-the ability for work. But our ardor was somewhat dampened when Mr. Dennee immediately ordered some of us to duty-to bring up our future dumb companions from the cellar to the airy Dissecting Rooms. .After a few preliminary instructions by our Chief, Dr. Atwell, we a.ll .rushed into the Anatomy lab and gave our new friends .a good bath, a shave and a haircut-but we couldn't collect. And our Anatomy began from that da.y on. The Histology and Embryology departments heard of our wonderful class and invited us to some of their informal gatherings to which we all eagerly attended. We liked them so well that we decided to stay with them for a while at least. Like every other good organization we elected Everett Jacobs to guide the destinies of the Class of 1929 for the Freshman year. Vile. make history on that day--for there was banded a group of young minds-for whom medicine held no terrors, of whom the medical world would soon hear. We had come to give our best to medicine and wha.t it stood for. 'After Histology and Embryology were over, we were hungry for more medical knowledge, and the faculty realizing our abilities decided to take l33Ct91'1010Qy.out of the Sophomore year and put alongside of Chemistry ?s 'a companion-as it were. This proved to be a 'very nice arrangement oi then we had engagements for the evenings for all the rest of the year. lt. was a tearful day when Gross Anatomy came to an end, but a better triend beckoned us on-Neural Anatomy. The trips to the City Hospital WCW the thllli' W0 engoyed most in that course. We felt confident that we could locate the lesion-in the nervous t - tt h ti 1' t d case was brought before us. Sys em H0 ma er W a comp ma 6 Soon the month of May came and our Freshman year was nearly over. ggi 535313 thecld no terrors-for some of us. Before we .took the last leap, 8 1 would be wise to elect those that would - , - - -- 0 i guide our Sophomore flhSUI11eS if any of us were left. Like an old-time political campaign- gS.! N Pi! - the election was held-and out of all the smoke George E. Leone emerged as President for the Sophomore year. We settled back for the final ordeal. The exams were over, and we left it to the faculty to decide who shall pass. Vtfe said goodbye and went home to Wait for the verdict-Curtain. A FALL OF 1926 Those of us t.ha.t were fortunate enough to get through that all eventful year as Fresh were back in school ready to strut around as the Sophomores. We all went out and bought our Stethoscopes, and had them hanging out of our pockets, for the benefit of Freshmen-in order that no mistake would be made as to our identity. We did not stop there in our attempt to impress firmly upon the soft he-ads of the neophytes just what part of Medical College we constituted. What Sophomore did not take great delight in walking into the Dissecting Room, Stethoscope well 'in view, with that sophisticated smile and go up to some ta.ble to watch the dissec- tionsp ,No question was too difficult for a Sophomore-who had looked it up the night before. We did not hesitate to advise the Freshmen about the pitfalls of that year. i When Dr. George Eckel turned ,us loose in the Buffalo General hos- pital it was difficult to distinguish between the Sophomores and the attend- ing physicians. Although it was our first real bedside experience-what Sophomore was there that did not know inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation. it took us some time to calm our fears at the patient 's bedside but we were soon pereussing hearts where the liver was, on the right side, palpating spleens that no one else had been able to palpate, discovering all sorts of murmurings. that were not recorded in the histories. However, it was difficult for someof us to understand the fine technic that a few of the classmates developed with the stethoscope. It was not uncom- mon for a Sophomore to recognize an Austin Flint murmur, or a Graham Steele murmur or perhaps a few fine subcrepitant rules with Stethoscopes that were hopelessly plugged with paper. Some of the men were invited to Vienna, where the liver is the barometer of the heart, to further their medical training. Although Physiology kept us rather busy we were not dead weight and decided to hold a Sophomore banquet. It was finally held at Hotel Markeen in the early part of December-a.nd we had as our guests Dean Jones and the faculty for the Sophomore year. It was successful in every way, and hence look forward to another one in our Junior year. We were well represented in the University athletics by E. Jacobs, N. Gudley, and F. Meyers in football, and G. Stosser in basketball. We are certainly proud of these men. Again at the Medical Shindig we had a good number taking part. The class was also represented at the "Block B. Dinnerf, What is so rare as a Sophomore Medical Glass without a failure in Physiology. It happens once in a hundred years. For the century the honor goes to the Class of 1929. , . Inspection, Palpation, percussion and Auscultation-these were our best friends at the Buffalo General and Buffalo City hospitals. CJ 1,1 LI. ll H ii dp 0 YD L SOPHOMORE DENTS Sophomore Dents CLASS OFFICERS 1'rc.sirZent ........ J oiiN T. Mimosa Vice-Prcsiclcnt . . Howixno XV. WALTERS Secretary . . . ELMER E. IQLEINHANS Trccsiwev' . . . . ARTHUR J. PAUTLER Sergeant'-cm?-Afruis . . . J OHN W. Casey V Bison Reprcsentcotivc . . EDXVARD A. Souein Bee Reprcscmfaitive ....... CARL Coors E hereby take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to inform our admirers of the stethescope brigade that we are still pur- suing the envied dental profession. ' After a summer of fun a.nd frolic, the latter part of Sep- tember found the seventeen survivors of the Freshman Finals ready to again take up the battles of the coming campaign with that same Hdetcr- mined -to succeed" attitude which has always been so characteristic of the class. And terrible battles they have been for only a fw lectures had boomed when before us, cold and stiff, lay the first autopsy. The way of that course, Pathology, was via the Kensington street cars to the City Hospital. Although horses were never seen, Joe J ureller declares that hc's sure they were used to give the cars their infamous speed. Ah! again and the poor tardy stude, with a heart almost jumping through his ribs and thoughts of being dashed on the table as the next victim flashing through his brain, slipped, crawled or stumbled as best he could over and concrete embattlements to his place. A question and Bert Terhorst jumped to the well known tune of "Yes?" "Neil" UNO?" '4Yes?" "Yes?" UNO?" 'cYes?'7 4'What sa.yest thou?7' and poor Bert ventured at last a whispered chronic interstitial nephritis which was followed by "Why certainly, why don7t' you say so?7' And there were other battles. In Pharmacology Jimmie gave us seine white mice which were very playful but occasionally got pecved and bit. Frogs and rabbits were also offered to break the monotony of playing with the mice. Special Histology and Special Bacteriology were very interesting only Andy Zacher claims someone stole his tooth. We doubt that however, be- cause Andy's smile is just as beautiful as it was preceding the catastrophe. Surgery and Hygiene are two courses that in this late period are still continuing to cause the dents many worries and tribulations. And to make things worse we were housed with the medical brigade. Ah yes, a. terrible affliction with no panacea but time. Time refuses to stand still and although at the mid-year battles were won, new recruits have taken their places. The enemies against us now are Medicine, Special Pathology, Metallurgy, Dental Anatomy, and two still remaining which refused to be left at mid-years. This is the status of the Dental Sophomore Class at the present writing and although the outcome may be far away we will continue to fight until at last we have won, and we hope that when that time comes the present roll call can be taken and a cheery "Here,' willbe the answer to every name. PAl,lI1 BAKEMAN, Arcade, N. Y. A f'Ba:ke" Arcade's gift to the Dental Profession. STANLEY E. BLAZAK, Buffalo, N. Y. "Stan" Senior member of the Polish Contingent. J oi-IN W. CASEY, Buffalo, N. Y. . 'fJawfn" Having his face lifted and the wrinkles and bumps ironed out. CARI, Coors, Canisteo, N. Y. "Coats" UAW! let's play." , , V A 1 A JOSEPH JACOBSON, Buffalo, N. Y. 'fJco7oe"' His dad advised him to studypless and enjoy better health. And he is "Kosher" too. . JosEPH P. J URELLER, Springville, N. Y. "Det-mel Boone' ' It sure is tough when you have an extra line date and can't find the street. A . ELMER G. K1.EiNHANs, Buffalo, N. Y. "Klein" Spider legs capable of wonderful "Charleston,' and "Black Bottom" tactics. Dupont's Fiber. ' JOHN T. lWERCER, Buffalo, N. Y. . "Sc00p'f Modern mothers, even "bunny" mothers, are too darn modern. JOSEPH NOXVAK, Buffalo, N. Y. A A A A Senior member of Polish Contingent and Dr. DeGroat's star pupil. . ARTHUR J. PAUTLER, Depew, N. Y. . . "Art" Ambassador to United States from Depew, .. AIXBE J. Rorxowirz, Rochester, N. Y. "Abe" Abe is assistant to the assistant Librarian. He also works on the V street cars entertaining the ladies. EDWARD A. SOUCIE, Medina, N. Y. y "Skippy" "I carry a knife"-and the Fraternity pocketbook. XVILLIAM R-. S'rEvENsoN, Buffalo, N. Y. "Bill" "Anyhow the world's all wrong." ' BERNARD J. TERHoRs'r, Buffalo, N. Y. Y "Bert" The fraternal man. "Guess I'll ankle over and consume some v1c ua S." HZOXVARD W, WAIJTERS, Depew, N. Y. "Doc" A 1 "Holy Corkeye! What did you get?" IIFRLD J. WVATERS, Buffalo, N. Y. 'fDrmka" Just another piece of. static from a local station. C. Waters Neek's T b' only rival searching for Ella Cinders. ' Horus 'Wi1LLiAArson, Trumansburg, N. Y. "Tom" X Oh. Im Just tired out from overwork. f NDREXY ZACHER, B ff l Y If ' 71 The big bo uha O L ' A - Lat-HQ Andy Y VY 0 keeps th.. refreshment business flourishing He' never st d know his ngyleewonder how all the girls at the Grosvenor Q N y NC! if- ', ' SCIENCE HALL ad Qc W W 1 V L1 r 1 I 1 I I I I I x I Sophomore Class CLASS OFFICERS Presiclemf . . . ROBERT :HARRINGTON V509-PT0SiCZe1zt . . . . ILMA LESTER , S0C7'0?ffW3l . . . LUZERNA MCCLINTOCK Marshal . . LEIIAND MORSI-IEIMER Treasurer . ...... EDMUND FARRIS ROLL CALL A ALESSI, RUSSELL J. ANTHONY, MARGARET E. BASH, PERCY W. BEAN, RICHARD B. BENNETT, H. VERNESE BESCHEL, 'MARTHA A. BEUZENBURG, ANNABELLE BINGHAM, SUSANNE BLACKMORE, WILLIAM B. BLANAR, EDITH BLOCK, ELLA BLOCK, ROWENA BORZIEN, RUTH M. BOECK, VIRGIL H. F. BRATTON, EDWARD W. BROGAN, CLARA BRON, .MILTON M. BROWN, IRENE C. BROWNELL, KARL W. BUCK, MARGARET BURKE, BURKE I. BURNS, C. V. NORMAN BURNS, VIOLET CAMPBELL, JERAULD A. CARNEY, BEATRICE M. CARROLL, EDWARD J. CARROLL, GLENN A. CIESLA, THEODORE F. CLAYMAN, DOROTHY COHEN, ARA CONNELLY, GERALD T. CORTESE, ROSALIE A. CRISTALL, DOROTHY M. DAKIN, ALICE E. f"X DALUISO, GUSTIVE A. DAUSCHER, SELMA DELBELLO, LOUIS S. DONOVAN, DONALD E. DONOVAN, STEPHEN J. EICHLER, CHARLOTTE M. ELLIOTT, RALPH B. ERCKERT, KATHERINE G. FARBER, CARL M. FARRIS, EDMOND J. FEINSTEIN, SAMUEL FISC-HER, MARIAN E. FLAHERTY, MARIE FORMAN, MARGARET L. FOSS, ANNA LOUISE FOSTER, CLARENCE B. FOSTER, KENNETH P. FRANK, PAUL L. FRANKLIN, LENA FREED, ALFRED FREED, EDWARD M. FREITAG, ARTHUR F. FITZPATRICK, JOHN G. 71 FULKERSON, MARGARET A GASPER, JOSEPHINE V. GENCO, ELIZABETH E. GILMORE, DUDLEY W. GOEHLE, HELEN A. GOLDSTEIN, PHILIP GOLFEDER, SOL H. GRAF, MILDRED M. GREEK, .MILO F. 1 pgfajf 1.1.-Qf'f' ,Q . Ill 4 :ix S- L43 . i I A GREENBERG, ISADORE GREENFIELD, LILLIAN D. GREIL, ROBERT R. HANNE MARGUERETE G. 7 HARRINGTON, ROBERT HARTMAN, WARREN E. HEIER, ELLWYN E. HICKES, WILLIS F. HILL, ESTHER V. HOLMES, MARGARET L. HOMEYER, ERMA G. HYMAN, IRVING ' JOHNSON, ALBERT B. JOHNSON, HELEN E. JUDD, DONALD S. JUNG, EVELYN L. KARNOFSKY, CELIA KAVINOKY, DOROTHY M. KELLER, GRACE E. KING, GILBERT H. KING, ROBERT R. KING, RUSSELL LAWLER, LEE LAWTON, RUTH M. LEE, NEEKHAM F. LESTER, ILMA L. LINDERMAN, K. STEPHEN LITTLE, VENORMA S. LONG, JAMES E. LORENZO, ANGELO J. LOWELL, ANITA MCCLINTOCK, LUZBRNA J. MIXBIE, WILLIAM E. MALLAM, JAMES MALEY, WAIJTER R. MANCUSO, SALVATOR A. MANSFIELD, ELIZABETH MAUNZ, DANIEL H. MAYER, KATHRYN H. BTILBER, SAMUEL MORSI-IEIMER, LELAND MUELLER, CARL E, MUSKOPF, HAROLD W. NAYLOR, EDWARD D. NIESZ, FLORENCE R, NORTH, GENE O'BANNON, JACK OKONIEWSKI, FRANK L 'I O'LOUGHLIN, ALICE M, OLSON, ERNST A. PLACE, THEODORE W. A POLISNER, BERNARD M. POLISNER, SIDNEY H. RAPPOLD, CLARENCE C. REDDIACLIFFE, RUTH E. RISMAN, FRIEDA D. ROBERTSON, MARTHA E. ROGERS, ZAIDEE I ROSE, XETHEL M. ROSEN, MAURICE ROWE, KENNETH T. SCHACTEL, ISADORE I. SCHAFFER, HAZEL J. SCHLOSSMAN, RUTH L. SCHMIDT, HELEN J. I SCHULTZ, KATHERINE W SCHWARTZ, HERBERT J. SCHVVEITZER, HAROLD T. SEELBACH, HELEN SHERK, WILFR-ED SIMONS, MARIAN SLATER, H. ELIZABETH SLY, ,FANNY E. SMITH, FRANCIS STOLL, LELAND R. STROMAN, XVALTERAG. SWARTHOUT, GERTRUDE TEDESCO, JOSEPH C. TEETER, A. GRACE THELLEMANN, LESLIE C. TOWNSEND, JANE M. TRAENKLE, HERBERT L. VAN DEUZEN, GEORGE WALDRON, MERTON E. WALLACE, JEAN L. WALLACH, WILLIAM S. WALLE, LORRAINE F. WELKER, E. MARIE WVEYAND, JANE A. WHITE,AGEORGE H. R. XVIEQSE, MAXIMILIAN GQ XIVOOD, GULA A. A ZACKHEIM, ' PAUL ZELLER, ABRAHAM v ii!! CJ !! 1 l Class History . FORE AND AFT N' my light fantastic toe, I tripped gaily down the street. But walt-What was this sign, swinging in the breeze over the door- way of a quaint building? It read: ' ED. VVYNN A 4'Sees all, Knows all." Fain .would I know all 5 inward did I trip. "Great Sir," quoth I, "Fam would I see once again my Sophomore year at college, and fain would I know the fortune of my comrades both now and laterfl. f"Gay Sir," he answered, '4Be seated. All shall you know and see. Nothing shall we hide from your sight.',' And then the fun began- The crystal cleared to show the past ages once more: A gaily dec- orated ballroom, colored serpentine streamed from mid-air, balloons floated on high, some burst, refreshments Cwhich none of those present missed! g and then on with the mad da.nce to the tune of an orchestra which could make discords harmonious! Memory flew to my time-worn, weather-beaten mind. It was the Soph-Frosh I-Iop, of course, which we gave in honor of those miserable little Freshmen that October in 1926 at Townsend Hall. The scene shifted-Ah, yes! 'who could forget that delightful day when all the naughty little Freshmen boys took a paddling manfully and danced ,heroically in the blistering snow with their little bare feet? "O-o-0-o-o !" wailed a disgraced Freshman, "O-o-o-o-o those Ca few adjec- tives which it is thought wiser to omit as unbecoming to the dignity of the college studentj Sophomores ! !! They have tortured, tormented, and well- nigh slaughtered us unnecessarily! They have made us use basement entrances, back ways, almost shaved our heads if we disobeyed, and treated us brutally. Is there no mercy?" But then those Freshmen did have to be punished for having such a good time at that Soph-Frosh Hop. Besides, this very thorough training in Misery is very beneficial, if they would but realize it, it prepares them to enter boldly into the struggle with hard- boiled Education. y The crystal was a moving screen. The next field of action was the Football ,Field-"VVhat ?--Oh, sure! There's Steve Donovan, Ed, Farris, and GeneiNorth fighting on the Football Squad. Who 's this coming out? Of course, I remember now. It's our Soph Football team! We used to furnish the opposition so that the Varsity Team could practice. Those were good old days! We beat the Freshman team that year 7 to GL Poor Freshmen! They got a beating at every stop-signal! Say, Mr. Wynn, I think. there is something wrong with this crystal! It 'is all blurred-Stay! Well, well! Look! There 's Bobby Harrington chasing .down the basket- ball court and cinching the game for us. Why, this is that thrilling C ester game! I remember hovx I used to chew my neighbor s hat o those exciting games. Those were the days! "MI-, Wyiiii, I told you there was something wrong with your crystal, It 's been blurred for five minutesnow. What can we do?" HI'm sorry, Mr. X., but my crystal never works when it is tired and with so much action, it has been forced to retire. But if you like, I shall try to See what Sort of a. history some of your comrades are making for themselves in this year of l939." I assented. What was he doing? Fra.ntically he waved. his arms and beat theair and his head and made queer soundingunoises. "Ah! I have it. Remem- ber that girl by the name of Charlotte Eichler?" "Oh, yes. She used to fool a lot in Chemistry Lab. I remember her." '4EXactly. Well she is now a famous chemist. She has just discovered atomic evaporation ! " "Well I never! And what ever happened to Esther Hill? I suppose she 's a famous historian by now. She always liked history so well." "Indeed she is. I see her teaching the history of the cinema to a deaf, dumb a.nd blind school. Ah! Here I see Lena Franklin." "Is she still interested in 'Art'?" "To be sure! But I can 't quite distinguish whether it is a still 'Art' or a human 'Art'." He rubbed his forehead thoughtfully.. "Do you rcmemberithat Bash boy?" I nodded. "Well, he is President of the new hair pin factory in Niagara Falls which is successfully competing with the Shredded Wheat Co.', V . "Well, Illl be -- Say, I heard a rumor the other day that Ilma Lester had too much trouble with men, so she started an old maid 's insti- tution which is strictly enforcing the blue laws in the-ir district. They mean to reform the universe I hear." "Correct Do you want to hear some great news? You remember Burke Burke? He bought anew hat two weeks ago. The town in which he lives celebrated the occasion, lost its equilibrium and hasn't been able to regain it yet." f KI 1f1UQhCCl- "Good for Burke! Speaking of Burke makes me think o enneth Foster. He was always the model for what the well-dressed man should wear." Cl . Let me see. He is now demonstrating . . , . how to wear the Arrow collar at the leading store in Ebenezer." I ZZIT31VV35's knew he would do something neat." Hlou remember Johns Fitzpatrick tvhg He used to work at th Y. M H 'Q .I 9 .C. A., didn'the?', Yesl ' ' ' - - was always spotless?" ie . . . . t 15 Suu Workmg there He is not s otless an more because he is tending furnace." Q' L p -y "Never!" G4 ' A1lClDO1' . f ' ' '. dl Othi Cmstau 15 3 Crystal gazer now. Remember her?" Cf course." "Yes, she is the. crystal gazer for NVoolworth's. She watches the crystals in the dime rings so no one will take any." ClOh!77 "'And here is Gerald T. Connelly. He is the Head Master at the Elmira Reformatoryf' I "I always knew he would reform something. Say, did Annabelle Beuzenburg marry Earnest Hill? You remember she was engaged to him when she was in college." D D "Of course she did. And they are living happily ever after. Toniglit they are celebrating their tin anniversary at their palatial home in Tin Oan Alley. Every one who will bring a tin present is invited." "I shall not fail to go-. Ah- I shall take them, for my gift, a tin can filled with beans." "Here is a fine picture of Louis DelBellof' "I remember. He used to work at the U. of B. Lunch." "Well he is now the world's leading pancake turner." "Oh, well, the U. of B. Lunch can claim him, for he got his training LhereE1f3yCthe1Way what ever happened to Dot Olayman. They used to call er' a ,in ers'?" "She went into the movies. She is now making a picture entitled 4How Ella Oinders Broke Out of the lVIovies'. Gilbert King is playing opposite heri He took Lon Ohaneyis pla.ce when that worthy passes to other rea ms. "Great! I shall have- to see this. But whatever ha.ppened to our president, Bobby Harrington? I'm sure he must have done something great." A "He did. He is still presiding. He founded an asylum for homeless and orphaned cats. He is trying to teach them how to play basketball." "B-eally? Well, well, well! ! ! And what has become of our faithful treasurer, Eddie-'Farris, who used to take care of the funds we never had?" "He is weeping over' his treasure chest, sad to relate. Somebody was .mean enough to steal the bag of pennies he saved since he cut his first tooth. Speaking of pennies, did you know that I don't. see all and know all for nothing? How much are you going to pay me for my services? W'e 've been seeing all and knowing all for two hours." 'tOh," weakly, "Uh-uh--How much do you charge?" t'Twenty-five dollars an hour!" "Oh," faint smile. "Oh-h, isn't that nice of you? I'll-Iill-I think we had better stop before I know and see too much. Will it be all right if I pa.y you twenty-five dollars now and the other twenty-five when I get home? I'll-" "Oh, no you won't. I want fifty dollars now! l" "Oh, yes. I'll-Well, here 's twenty-iive downf' I-grabbed my hat and tripped out., not on my fantastic toe, but on my running toe." Q O 55 fl 3 4 I I ENTRANCE T0 FOSTER HALL A SZ V N of ' ,-of I 4 'fo . v YQ ..' '.-I A., I , :-- A ,'c,. 1 .id f ,A f xx I ' ' I ix his -rl-fl I ll ull ll' li ' C fb Z- fx L 3 3 I I if .1 ,K 'V ,AX FRESH MAN NIEDICS ...... f lx H K H KD M, Freshmen MCd1CS Presddefn-t' . . 'Vfice-Presfidenyt S' e cretomny . . Treasurer . BARBACE,'EDWIN' V BALDWIN, ARTHUR BONAFEDE, VINCENT ' BOROSZEVVSKI, FRANCIS BUTSCH, WINFIEI.-D A CAROL, FRANCES CASSETTI, ANGELO CATALANO, MARY CELLINO, JOSEPH CIRRINCIONE, ANTHONY COATS, COLIN CULP, JOHN CUSTER, BENJAMIN CZASMYKA, LOUIS DALRYMPLE, RICHARD DALRRIDCE, RALPH DAUGHERTY, EUGENE DUNPHY, JAMES DYRICH, MYRON 4 EG-GERT, EDVVARD ELLIOT, J OHN. EROSAVITCH, 'ANTIJONY EUSTACE, JOHN FEL-DMAN, RAYMOND FARRIS, LOUIS FERRIS, AIYEXANDER FRUCELLA, SALIVATORE GERMAIN, RAYMOND , -1-11 u . . . . . . . , ROLL 'CALL . PAR-TI-IUR HORTON . JOSEPH SCANIO . :MARY CATALANO . IRVING WOI,FSON GOEMBEI., THEODORE GRUENAUER, CHARLES GURNSEY, IWAYNARD HARTNETT, HAROIYD HEIST, CARLETON IJEYDEN, CLARENCE HORTON, ARTHUR. LIUMPHREY, R. R. IRYVIN, ROBERT IRPO, JAMES J ORDEN, JAMES KAUSKI, JAMES KEECEI, RAY KING, VVILLIAIVI IQUHL, JOHN LADUCA, PAUL LAMPERT, JACOR LIEAKY, THOMAS LYNN, VVYOR MCATEE, RICIIARD MACDONALD, WILLIAM MCMAHON, DANIEL MADAXY, IGNATIUS BTAHONY, PAUL BIANZALLA, ANTHONY MARSH, INA MALACHOWSKI, BRONISLAUS NIICHALEK, LEO RIUIQ.-KN., XYINCENT AIORRIS, ROBERT MVIIPHY, XVAI.'I'ER NCAICN, .LIMES PI,.Iss, AARON QVINIZY, SIIIIICIARIJ S.'Xl,lSl3l'RY, f'II.1.RI,12S S.-XXI-IS, SAMIIIQI, H.xIcI.I-zs, BI.-KRVIN S.-xx'I'CN, II.-xRoI.1I SCINIC, JCSIQI-II SI-:II., Xx'll.l.l.-XM IIIHIIJIJIJIUII - 1, SHIPIRO, I1YMAN SMARZC, FRANK SPOTO, FRANCIS SUESS, LESTER TAYLOR, RICHARD FULRICH, HERBERT X7AUGHAN, J AMES VOIIK, FRED WEHlR, NVILIIIAM VVESTINGHOUSE, .VVAI 'ILR WOIFSON, IRVTNG Class History n i.1 fHE mediealelass of 1930 started the school 'year with 78 membursu Great care had been exercised in the selection of this class and surely this precaution has borne fruit. V Dean Jones appropriately describes ' the freshman class as the select few in view of the fact that there were very nearly fiveihundred applicants for admission. Early in October the class officers were elected and Art Horton was chosen as president. Soon after this a class banquet was given at the Hotel Touraine and the professors were invited asvthe guests of the evening. Dean Jones' was also onepof the guests. .After the dinner Dean Jones spoke in response to our master, John Elliot. Every guest spoke during the course of the evening. A 1 Just before the affair came to a close the glee club of the freshman medical class sang a numberof songs. The singing of the glee club, in addition to the witty remarks of the toast master, soon had the class in a most jovial mood and the end came in themidst of the evening's enjoy- ment. The banquet was the most successful one that has ever been given and surely it shall be long remembered. The months rolled by quickly and soon the final examinations loomed in the distance. The entire class is working very hard, however, and thus much of the usual fear of final examinations has been eliminated. Like a group of well-trained thoroughbreds, the members of the class are sail- ing down the homestretch. Victory seems near at hand and the very halls of our school re-echoiwith the shout of triumph. "On to the wall, on to the wall On to the wall and over." 'nalQ1flH" .pi f,..uq ,, 1 51" 'sg -f. w ,if 'ny 1074 Q Q 4 .5 Q1"".7 - N M, , . +V if 'Q Qs' iff? E Q 2- f ,if X A s. W.,- 4 .M ., Fe f xx my A Freshman Pharmics P7'68'idQ'lfl,tA. A. . Vice-President' V . Secrewfarggli A T7'0CLSflL7f6,Zf.5. WALDO H. AUST-IN-.A IRVING BABITZ In I GEORGE R. BAIN LUCY C. BARACEVIC I ANTHONY N. BARONE' . ANTHONY C. BATTAGLIA ANTHONY R. BATTAGLIA JOHN LOUIS BAUBE ADOLPH BESSER ' WILIJIAM RAABOEDEKER ANDREXRT L.'BOOTHE PERCY ELMOR BRIGGS .- IRVING A. BROWN ELMER S. BUKLEY GEORGE B. .BUKLEY I BERNARD J A. CAREY . GERALD CARTER' . CLEMENT A., CAULFIELD-A MARY .LUCY CI-IHI-LLI4 ALPHONSE C.. CHIMERA DANIEL AR. CLEARYJEL MARCTIS COHN . ,: JAMES R. CONLEY THOFIAS N. DEFAZIO. P WII.IIJIS S. DOANE5 JR. V GEORGE B. DOIJSON.1 JOHN W. DUNN. SAMUEL ENGEL DUDLEY H. fEXVELL .. JAMES FEDERMAN I OFFICERS . ELDRED C. LOUGHBOROUGH . 'MARY M. YOUNG JOSEPH DON GULLO . . . . . CARROLL- V ERN IWESTLER CLASS ROLL DANIEL J. FIEDLER JACK A. FIERO .GEORGE FINCH DAVID FINE NATHAN FINKELSTEIN VICTOR FUMIA - HENRY M. GALII CHESTER S. GERLACH DAVID GOLDMAN LOUIS GOLDSTEIN CHARLES M. GORMAN EDNVARD GOULETTE JOSEPH DON GULLO GEORGE D. GUNN CHARLES E. HADI.OXXf JAMES JOHN HARTZ DONALD J. HELXXVIG PAUL C. GHERGER ALBERT L. HOOK DONALD H. HOHMAN JACOB HURWITZ LOUIS LEO JANOVSKY HAROLD T. JONES HERMAN.S. JOSEPH NATHAN JOSEPH ROSEMARY J. KANE ALFRED R. KARR JOHN S. KASPRZAK LEO N. KEIIJEN IRENE E. KISH Freshman Pharmics ELSIE M. IQLEXKE HAROLD IQRAMER PIIII.I1f IQREGER MAX KRVIPNIK NOIIEERI' KI'.IAWA BIAIJICIJNIS A. IQITREK S'I'IiI'III5N E. LACZYNSIQI BVRDHTTE G. LAMPE SAM I,ISI.Ow SA AI CEI.. J. LODICO IBI.DIzI':D C. IJOITGHBOROUGH C'OR'I'IIEI.I. S. AIACK FIIOAIAS R. RIACK JI'I.IAN AIADICJSKI .II-:ROME RIARKIN I JOsIf:I'II J. MAROTTA GIAQNN II. 'RJAXV IIVCII B. RICBRIDI5 JOIIN F. AICGOXVAN HARRY T. RIICSSINA f'ARIIOI.I, VERN 1'Il5S'l'l.15R FRANK J. MICI-IEI.S f'A'I'IAIERINIS A, MILLER ANCI':I.O CT. MII.I.ONzI Al.I!IiR'I' O, AIINNICR SAAIVEI. C. AIIRANDO VICTOR G. MORRIS AI.vINA J. AIORRIS IIARRY M. MOVNT ALOIS VG. AIU1CIII.I3ALfI5R JOIIN O. RIVRDOCK KI-:NNI':'I'II M. AIVRPI-IY C'I-:CII, J. NEWTON ALOIS J, NQXYAIQ ROIII-gm' V. PAGE ANTIIONY I". PAGAN0 IGVCI-:NI-1 Z. I'.xwI.OwS1q NORMAN I?EI:I.STEIN CCO11ti11l16dJ ARTHUR F. PFENNIG J IGNATIUS PROVENZANO MOE RABINOWITZ MAX W. RELIN XVILMA M. RIEHLE HAROLD E. ROBINSON SAMUEL G. ROLIFE MAX ROSEN JACK ROSENBAUM HAROI.,D G. ROSS IQENNETH L. ROSS JOSEPH H. RUEBEI, BERTHA J. RUSSO HORTANCE RUSSO SIDNEY SACKS JOSEPHINE G. SAELI ROSARIO J. SBRIGLIA. MILTON- I. SCHXVAB EDXVARD L. SCHWABE EMID A. SCHYVEGLER ARTHUR SCOTT ' CHARLES H. SERUSA JOSEPH H. SHAPIRO- BENJAMIN I. SHULMAN HYMAN SHUMSKY HENRY R. SILL., J RI. PAUI, V. SMILEY GRAHAM E. SMITH CASIMIRA E. SUCHOCKI MARY J. SWVEENEY RIONICA G. SWEENEY MARIE ANTOINETTE VAS FRANCES V. WILKINS RAYMOND F. WINSHIP ALBERT M. WIPPLE BERNARD T. WITZKE JOSEPH H. WOLDMAN MARY M. YOUNG ' TOLA Cla-ss History -+ Freshman Pharmacy 1li T was on a bright sunny morning when for the first time The Class of '28 met. in a group. It was on this morning that each student brought forth his or her manners of conduct and ability to appreciate College. The Spirit of High School days was soon set aside and in exchange a Spirit of College was received as the pages of time were turned. The first day was one of uproar and the day which was irresistible to the new, green, College Fresh had appeared. Now responsibility was left upon his own shoulders and success would mean much to him. The second week of school temporary officers were selected and at Thanksgiving time the' regular officers were elected. These students were to lead wisely and with their utmost ability. Professors were planning and assigning daily lessons while the class members struggled to attain a high average. Every student was treated alike with no individuality or partiality. In this manner the class progressed rapidly and with much enthusiasm. The friendly feeling that existed between members of the class was a great asset to the unknown outcome. As the days slowly passed and the quarterly examinations came, the students became more acquainted with each other. The class was inspired with the marks which were returned after the first siege and individuals received the ability to accomplish their .tasks more efficiently. Christmas vacation was soon on the books and every student enjoyed the period of relaxation. Back at school and mid-years were in our midst. The mid- night oil began t.o .burn and students worked hard to do their utmost toward passing these mid-year trials. Following, mid-years the class had turned another leaf toward success. No doubt the students will leave a remarkable record of the tasks they have accomplished. The class is looking forward t.o the time when each one will be successful, a time which shall prove to all other FROSH that the Class of Pharmacy of 1928 had set a standard no other class could surpass. ,. , -1 ' -Josisrn Dox GUI,-LO, Sect. er? il fN ,- Iilll IV I 1 I V C 1 : nur-- 5 s Q I k FRDSIIMAN L xW IK! 1 .President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer .... HARRY L. ABT, B. S. JOHN M. BARRETT S. J. BELLOMO V. G. BREDER L. J. BRIZDLE A. A. BUERGER, B. A. LOUIS BURMAN J. N. BRUNACINI C. J. BUSCAGLIA W. K. BUSCAGLIA N. CANTOR, PII. D. G. W. CARR H. E. COBURN G. A. COFRANCESCO M. S. COHN A J. H. .COSTON LILLIAN FRANKLIN HONORINE N. REINSTEIN URSULA A. RYDZYNSKA JAMES T. DADY J. L. D7ARCY A S. DRUMSTA ' S. L. DZIOMBA, B. A. L. FINKELSTEIN J. J. GERBASI ALLAN GOVVAN V. J. GULLO S. J. HARTZBERG G. D. HERVEY J. H. HEEEERN A W. HILLER I. H. HIMMELE, B. S. L. HCDFFMJXN' H. W. HOI.ITZ NATHAN HYMAN, B. A. MQA. JACOBS K. V. KEADY, B. S. G. H. KEATING, B. A. C. C. KNIGHT D. J. IKULICK A. ISBUSHNER Freshman Law 'MARVIN B. CARREI..-II, PII. G. ,B A. OFFICERS - - PETER J. NAXPIJES, B. A. CCz111isiuSj . . CLARICE SPARBERG . FRANK IWCGRATI-I, B. A. QCu11iSiuSJ . IRVING MILOII J. F. LADUCA, B. A. HENRY I. LENZ E. I. LEVY C J. V. LOJACONO S. D. MAXGAVERN B. BTAIDY J. A. MASON, PI-I. B. G. E. NIASTRODONATO C. P. MILINER T. J. MORRISON C. BIOSCATO, M. D. V. W. P. MURPHY, B. S. F. H. MOCONVILLE W. F. NESS H. S. NICHOLS E. F. C'SIIEA F M. OSTA ' .I C. PECK A. B. RAVNITZKY, B. A J. ROBINSON S. ROSENTHAL H. RUBEN H J. W. RYAN - R. SAFT R. J. SCHUTRUM ' ELI SHAPIRO D. SHERMAN A. SHTOULBERG J. STEIN L. STERNBERG C. E. STEWART N. STILLER H. TEIBEII I. TEPLITZIQY H. P. TERESI A. F. V ALVO L. D. WALLACE, B. S. F. E. WEBER M. S. WEISSBERO C. T. VVILSON R. O. VVOLE . R. LOJACONO, PII. Q Freshman Law Chronicle Q-,-i1...f-1, HE School of Law needs no introduction to those who follow this profession as it has proven its worth by its very existence and steady progress in the face of many difficulties not encountered in th A e ordinary course of building a professional school. For the benefit of those not familiar with the college or its growth and present standing, permit us to suggest the following: Such success is due to the personal edort and ceaseless struggle of our Dean Dr. Carlos C. Alden, that the college has the distinction of being one of the finest Class A. Law Schools in the country. Dr. Alden has been fortunate in securing a very capable and efficient staff of Professors and with their hearty co-operation the school mustcontinue on to larger and greater heights of success. With this in mind let us see what the class of '29 has to offer to our Alma Mater by the inland sea. , Late September, found an enthusiastic crowd assembled in the Fresh- man Ro f ' om 0 the School situated at 77 West Eagle Street. Turning to they cards we find the Class has 84 members, 19 of whom are graduate students from 11 collegesand universities, namely: Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Williams, Illinois, Pennsylvania,,Franklin and Marshall, Vermont, Niagara, Canisius, and our own University of Buffalo. I The first semester had begun, the work was new and everyone was so absorbed in their work, that little time was devoted to making friends or thinking of other activities. Four months slipped by, before rumors began to eireulat th , ie . at the Class must have officers. Soon groups could be seen discussing the merits f h .' - ' ' o t eir candidate. This was going 011' for some time, when it ' was decided to hold a Class meeting. A notice was posted, and the day set for th ' ' e meetingcame around, a cha.1rman, M11 J. A. Mason was gh I -, osen and he endeavored to do best to conduct the mecllng, however, after much d' ' , lscussion pro and- con the meeting was adgourned to a later date. A mary 7 192' beme the date fixed for the election said eleo s held and a mo re interesting and keenly contested election had no ole been held in the School fl s 1 result of the election Peter J Na 3 GS elected President Clarice Sparbeig Vice President Francis J L iath Secretari and lrving Milgh Treasurer llll 1 The scars of the election battle hadlbarely healed when a. glass bamqupt was suggested. A committee was chosen namely, Joseph Lojacono, John La Duea, 'Miss Cummings, Miss Franklin, John Barrett, and Irving Himerle who acted as collector of taxes and well he performed his task. The banquet was a complete success. The faculty were the guests of honor and from all ind.icfitions they enjoyed themselves immensely, and as for the class it was said for many a day thereafter "A good time was enjoyed by all." In the activities of the University the class will certainly have an enviable reputation if it continues its present standard of activity. XVe are justly proud of Leonard Brizdle, the elongated center and Captain of our Varsity Basketball Team Whose noble work this past season is well known to all throughout the entire University. Miss Sparberg, Mr. Teibel, and Mr. Finkelstein, are three debziters from the Class representing the University in its various intercollegiate debates. Debating has a host of followers in the University and those who make the teams do so in the face of keen competition due credit goes to the lucky members. ' Mr. Lynn D. Wallace, too much cannot be said for Lynn, for he gives unsparingly of his time, effort, ability and leadership, in the development of new men and- women into the Various studies and activities in the University. Wallace'is 'Editor'-in-Chief of the lQRl.S which position is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on at man during his entire college career. He is Captain of the Rifle Team and a member of the coveted Senior honorary group 'CB-ison Headfl Mr. Henry Lenz is a, member of the TRIS staff, tl member of the Varsity Rifle Team, is one of the cabinet members of the U. ll. HY" Clllll, and is Law School Librarian, and as such many new changes and new systems have been adopted which have led to the general improvement of the Library. - The class is honored with having two doctors among its members, namely Dr. James Muscato, M. D., U. of B. Dr. Muscato is an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist, but carries on a very thorough general prac- tice. Dr. Nathaniel Cantor, Ph.. D., Columbia, gives freely of advice on philosophy and the general principles of argumentation. In conclusion we may safely say that from such an auspicious start the Freshman Law Class may well be conside glorious in the future. red to rank among the W xr, Q 'Z . V .ill Q O P w N N E FRESHMAN DENTS I 7 Y 1 7 3 I n " l I Q I , I .- I, I l I I . l. it Fl II lit fl zt Ei. . 'I i li Q.. 2 .I 41 lf .-. fi 'll f 'il l l I I , I l I 9 I I I President . Vice-Pre.s2'd-e-nt S e ere to-ry . Treasurer . HAROLD V. ACKERT PI-IILLIP AMENT JOSEPH iBibEHLERli FRANOISIIBOZER JEROME BIIeHrI.EI,T, LOUIS F. ,CIESLA L MARVIN S. COLIEN FRANCIS L. CRYAN JOSEPH E. DEMPSEY ERNEST C. DOTY Ci-IESTER G. DOWNES MAX D. FARROW JEFWETT J. FOOTE SAMUEL FRIED . ROBERJ GALLAGHER LEONARD F. GLAESER Freshman Dents l1, OLASS OEEIOERS 1 4 . . - CLASS ROLL MAX D. FARROW .p JOSEPH E. DEMPSEY . ROBERT GALLAGIIER . . MYRON A. :RIOl3ER'l'S ELMER PAUL GREENE WIIIIJIANI KAVANAUGII LAD. A. IQONOYVAIISKI JOSEPH E. MARGARONE NVILLIAM lWCG'UIRE PAUL J. MODIOA F. RAY lWUMFORD TPIADDEUS OKONIEWSKI EARL W. PELIIIEN lWYRON A. ROBERTS VVILLIAM R. ROOT SELYVYN B. SMITI-I EVERETT H. SUGNET LOUIS G. TRIBUNELIO AR'l'PIUR C. UNGERER VVILIQIAM WEINISAXCII Iris Represefnta-tioe-MARVIN COIIENI Bison Representative-MYRON A. ROBERTS Bee Represeretmffzfvef-MARVIN COIIEN 4 HEN the fall of 1926 hadiimade some poor 'rose the "Last Rose E of Summer," 'a conglomeration of magazine salesmen, ditch dig- gers., icemen, taxi-drivers, bell-boys, printers, confidence men and loafers met at the gates 'Mof'the'Dental School of the University of Buffalo and decided to handeshalze-themselves into recognition as Fresh- men.. Thus, by a lucky turn ofafate the Dental School became the home of these choice men, the honoring few, the cream of the cream of the Worldls manhood. Men Who had just come from the completion of their attempts to ruin the Arts Colleges of such renowned places as Buffalo, Canisius, Rochester, Alfred, George Was'hing'toIi, Saint Louis, Saint Law- rence, and Cornell had no-W congregated here to continue the mirth-givnig process C ?j Bound to leave nothing done which might be undone, the class officers were promptly elected and fittingly installed with bouquets .of fresh salted bugs ofievery description accompanied by showers of delightfully fresh muscles, tendon-s, ligaments, and fat. COnly five years Olfl-7 with HHH Vee ,-,,ueino- beginning, plans for an enthusiastically complete year were gotten . g Q . under wav and success was ours at every turn. Every turn belng anothel something sent to ruination Anyhow, the first event of universal importance was the Frosh Ban quet to which all our Profs were invited-and when 'the' final gxrades were given out, many were thankful that they had been 1nv1ted.. 'lo the con it-ai-v, notwithstanding, the banquet was a. howling success-if the s1ng1ng wasia fair criterion. As a matter of fact and record Cpage t'he lawyersj ilu- entire evening and a good deal of the following morning was quite a sueeess-at least for a certain charmed few Cpage Howie Deneej The next event of equally wide prominence was our Frosh Theatei Partv. Of this lots more could be said, but not here. It would be more than enough to mention the name of the show place Cwe dont call t . s 1 a theateri, to impart information as to the success of the venture Clt was a venture for some of usb. Suffice it to say that this too was a howling sueeess. Some of the men haven 't staged a complete recovely even until now. Well, to continue with the dirt, we soon formed a powerful cllque at the basketball games. Those of you who have wondered occasionally what all the raucous noise was -b t a ou may now sit back and rest peace fully. lt was just the grinding destructive, occlusal suiface rolling of the teeth ot' some of us in greeting to the entering fellow-destroyer or destroyers of ' " " ' ' ' out noble gioup. llns contmued till the end of the season and is evi l 4 ent even now at all places of meetino The last event which caused the world to falter, gaze and give ear, was the Fresh Private Party. And. believe me never had to say, it was private. And how! Anc ting word to describ tl as George Washington success IS a most unfit e ie itally hy peisuccessitv of that affan CPage Hr. Youngbure' At the time of writing ue hue still to oot mt-luml IDll'lllt'. We don't know the iules and regulations of this afair, but leave it to us-we'll for l- - i mu ate 1 code all ou1 own. And we ll challenge H".VlHHl5' fllld 9V01'5'lJotly to combat in anything and everything and what have-you included. That ls us. We 're the greatest bunch of go-getters and I .ll do-us the Dental School or the University of Buffalo ever had or ever will have within its proud and ancient portals. We 're the bunch for whom lllf' SUN! UXV0'l'f' a Bunch of Jolly Good Fellows" was written. We're that and more. And if you don 't believe it at present-it won't be long now. Wt-'rc the class of '30 and we do t foiwaid to the Dental H H . n care who knows it, for We are ll, and we have "I " -' t. Besides that, we are US-The Frosh Dents. l T -C -xv ii f wno- made those last three tackles? That was Art Ungcrer F. B. is that fellow with the sleepy eyes? That's Bill Kavahaugh. that picking up' the pennies? Cohen, the "Goldbriek Man that sheik with all the girls? Thatfs Joe Bochler. is that with the funny accent? That's Joe Dempsey, B. S. did you say ran Lockport? Thatls Gord Downes. threw that meat? That must have been Ciesla. is Butch? That's Joe Margarone, the bloody surgeon. is that Eskimo Pie boy over there? That's Baby-Face Doty. is that fellow trekking over to Normal? That 's Roberts. is is is is is I is is' is is is the Frosh Dean? Tha.t.'s Lipinski, the butter 'n'egg Man. , has the costliest sweetie in the class? 'l'hat's Pellicn. owns the seven keys to Baldpate? That 's Medica. that "You know me Alf' man? That's Glaeser. that '4Still waters run deeperw man? Tl1at's Greene. that with the kippy Jane? Tl1a,t.'s Jerry Foote. that "Annie Federlinen line man? 'l'hat's Larry Cryan. is the best dressed man in the class? That 's Konowalski. 'Skippyu the Hairdalen? 'l'hat's "Jerra" Bucliheit. the hardest worker in the class? That 's Ament. the best oiler in the class? That 's Bozo Bozer. is the sweetest man in the class? 'l'hat's Selwyn B. Smitty. is 2l,I'6 are are 316 HTG that "know-it-all" man? Thatls Sugnet. getting all thegrades? setting records heretofore unseen? ruining traditions for years untouched? putting the Dents above the Meds? sitting on top o' the world? Why we are-the Medico-Dents of '30 Pfi- 'YQ' 5 1 I E President . . . - Vfice-Presficlent . Treasurer '. . Secretary . M arshal . ALAIMO, CALOGERO S. ALMY, ROBERT L. Auburn, N. Y. ARBUTI-INOT, MARGARET A. BARBER, JOSEPH D. Otto, N. Y. BARDEY, GLADYS A. BARNDOLLAR, WILLIAM P. Williamsville, N. Y. BAUCKUS, ANITA H. Town Line, N. Y. BECKER, ARNOLD H. BEECH, EARL G. BEI-IRINGER, NORBERT BENEDETTO, ANTHONY L. Rochester, N. Y. BERCHTOLD, CLEMENTINE BERGER, JACK 'M. BERNHARDYT, HILDA E. BEST, ROBERT A. BINIGERT, GEORGINA J. . Ebenezer, N. Y. BIXLER, ALFRED E. BLAZEJJEVVSKI, EUGENE B. BLEICHFELD, GERTRUDE BLOCK, ABRAHAM W. BODDY, LACY V. ' Castile, N. Y. BONAFEDE, PETER L. BOUGHTON, CHARLES 'G. BOVE, EMIL J. BOWEN, CARROLL T. Lancaster, N. Y. BRAUNSTEIN, HILDA M. - BROOKS, ERNEST A. East Moriches, N. Y. BROWN, FRANCES J. East Williamson, N. BROWNELL, EDNA V. ' BUNDY, MILON J. Angola, N. Y. Freshman Arts . FRANK ROBERTS . VIOLA S'I'ANF11-:LD . T1-IOMAS DIORAN EDNA V. BROWNIGLI. . .... WRIGlI'F PIERCE FRESHMAN 1926-27 BURSZTYNSKI, STANLEY BUTLER, SHERMAN H. North Collins, N. Y. CAINE, YVALTER E. Kenmore, N. Y. CARMER, MABEL E. Clarence Center, N. Y CHALIEN, BRUCE W. CHANDLER, LYMAN East Aurora, N. Y. CHASE, CLIFFORD A. Oa-kfield, N. Y. CHIMERA, MARION JOSEPH CLARKE, ROBERT R. Ransomville, N. Y. CLAYMAN, BERTHA COHEN, DORIS G. COOKE, EILEENE J. Alden, N. Y. COPLAI, LOUIS CRAINE, CLARK A., JR. Lockport, N. Y. CRAMER, ARTHUR J. CRAWFORD, EDWARD I. CRISTALL, MIRIAM S. CROSBY, ALFORD A. CUMMINGS, JOHN CUSHING, CHARLES G. DAVIDOFF, MAX DEVAUGHN, J ERROLD D. Kenmore, N. Y. DEWITT, EMMET T. DIAMOND, YVILLIAM J. DIEBOLD, LILLIAN C. DIMARCO, VINCENT J. D'IMPERIO, JOSEPH P. Mt. Morris, N. Y. DISTEFANO, SALVATORE F. Rochester, N. Y. DOLATA, ALBIN S. DONNELLY, MARGARET V. Avon, N. Y. DOVE, DORIS R. DRESSLER, FRANK J . DRISCOLL, HELEN L. DUNCAN, BYRON H. Kenmore, N. Y. EDELMAN, SEYMOUR FARBER, EVELYN E. FARBER, JASON E. FARMER, ELMER C. FELDMAN, HAROLD FIERAMUSCA, JOHN J. FINEBERG, DOROTHY C. FISH, HAROLD W. FISHER, AARON A. FISIIMAN, SAMUEL FLEMING, JAMES S. FOWLER, NORIYIIIG IY Kenmore, . . FRANKLIN, ALVIN J. FRANKLIN, MOLLIE FRASER, EVELYN A. FRASER, JOHN T. FRIED, ALFRED P. FRIEDLAND, ELMER FROST, A. NORMANN Y North Evans, . . GENRICII, JOHN H. GEYER, ROY H. GLEZEN, MARCENA B. Lisle, N. Y. GLYNN, RUTH A. GOEIILE, LINDA M. GOGOL, DAVID Rochester, N. Y. GOLDBERG, NITA M. GOLDFEDER, SOL H. GOLDMAN, HAROLD L. GOLDSTEIN, STEPHEN GOODEJNGIL MABEL E. oc port, N. Y. GOODMAN, FLORENCE A. GRAIEAM, THOMAS H. Orfu, N. Y. GRAU, IDA V. Lancaster, N. Y. GRI-Il-INBERG, ISADORE GREENE, ROBERT T. GUARINO, FRANCES M. Niagara Falls, N. Y. HAILE, ERNESTINE HAINES, HENRY H. HAMILTON, JEAN G. Orchard Park, N. Y, HAMMOND, FREDERICK D. HANLEY, DELLA M. HARDY, MIKRJORY K. Niagara Falls, N. Y HAUBIEL, HARRY M. HENIC, LUDWIG HOMOKAY, ERNEST G. Depew, N. Y. HOOLE, ALBERT L. HUBER, FRANKLIN A. JAVERT, CARL T. Depew, N. Y. JELLEY, THOMAS H. JELSOMINO, SAMUEL J. JOHNS, L. CARLTON JOYCE, FRANCES I. KAHN, SIDNEY N. KAISER, HENRIETT.-'X KAISER, REBECCA KARNOFSKY, HYMAN KEMP, ANNA E. KENT, HALSEY H. Honeove Falls. N. Y. KILLEEN, HENRY W.. JR. KNOBLOCH, IRVINC W. KRAMER, ALFRED M. KREINHEDER, MARION KWOKA. WALTER J. LANE. LAURENCE B. Olean, N. Y. LANG, GLADYS S. LAVENDA, ISIDOR LEE, F. NEEDHAM LEONE, ANGELO F. Avon, N. Y. LESZCZYNSKI, FRANK North Tonawanda, N. Y LEVY. HAROLD Rochester, N. Y. LEWIS. WILLIAM R. Niagara Falls, N. Y. LOPEZ, LESTER D. LOWVELL, ANITA I. LYONS, NITA L. Hamilton, Ont. MCCAEE, CLARA J. MCCARTY, CHARLES V. Niagara Falls. N. Y. MACDONAIID, JANET C Hamburg, N. Y. MACKENZIE,' ANNIE E. MCMAHON, ANNA L. MAGNUS. ALBERT J. Rochester, N. Y. MAI-IER, FRANCIS J . North Tonawanda, N. Y. NIALLAM, JAMES W. Niagara Falls, N. Y. MARIN, LILLIAN, Porto Rico MARSH, RALPH W. MATTESON, ARVIN R., JR. ' Rochester, N. Y. MAUNZ, DANIEL H. MAY, CHARLES E. Kenmore, N. Y. MAY JOSEPH MELTZER SIMON . Rochester N Y 'VIERKELBACH WALTER ' Dunk1rk,N Y MESMER EDWARD G I MESSING EDWARD F North Tonawanda N MEYERS GERARD J North Tonawanda N MILCH ELMER MILLER ALBERT M MILLFRG E RUTH Niagara Falls N Y MILLER GORDON R MINELLA FRANCIS M Rochester N Y MINER CARLTON H MINTZ HELEN MITTLEFEHLDT MYRTON C MOEST ROBERT C MONDO JOSEPH G MONRO HELENLE MORAN THOMAS F Warren P MORRISON LOUIS B MOSS ELI A A Niagara Falls' N Y MUELLER RUTH S MULLER, ROBERT M Anaconda, Mont MULROY, JEAN L MURRAY, OLGA E. MUSACCHIO, PAUL North Collins, N NICHOLSON, ELLEN M NOCERA, JACK Perry, N Y NORTHRUP, JOHN H, JR La Salle, N Y NOWAK, JOSEPH E NUERMBERGER, GUSTAVD A OUTHWAITE, NORTON Niagara Falls, N. Y. PARK, MARIAN L. Hamburg, N. Y. PATTI, CARMELO E. Dunkirk, N. Y. PETERSON, ELMER PICKUP, ALICE J. Cherry Creek, N. Y. PIERCE, WILLIAM W. POLISNER, SIDNEY H. POPPENBERG, MILDRED K. PRICE, ABRAHAM Rochester, N. Y. PRIEBE, JOHN L. PRIORE, ANTHONY J. PROSSER, JUDSON K. RADDER ELIZABETH RAPPOLD CLARENCE C REARDON JULIA W REED ROY E Niagara Falls N. REED WENDELL P RETTER ALFRED O RICE DELANO G RICK CHARLES J RIEHLE ALICE A Hamburg N Y, ROBERTS FRANK C ROBINSON HENRY J RODGERS ZAIDEE M ROSEN MAURICE ROSENBERG PHILIP ROSENBERG SALLY RYERSON CLAUDE S Daggett Calif SANG MELVIN E SANTI IRENE G SAPOWITCH EUGENE SARBOUGH MARY E North Tonawanda N SBARBATI EDITH I Niagara Falls N Y SCALTSAS CHRISTOPHER P SCANIO VINCENT A SCHANZER BENJAMIN C SCHOLL, WILLIAM H Blasdell, N Y SCHREIBER, ANNE S Niagara Falls, N Y. SCHWARTZ, JACOB M SEAMAN, M FRANCES Middleport, N Y SEIVERT, CARL A Olean, N Y SENTZ, ARTHUR J Tonawanda, N Y SHAEFFER, MARGARET E Lockport N Y SHAPIRO, ASHER N Rochester, N. Y SHEAR, DANIEL N. Lockport, N. Y. SI-IEINBERG, MONTE L. SHEPHARD, KENNETI-I S. SHERK, WILI-'RED D. SHERMAN, PAUL F. Great Valley, N. Y. SHEIN, NATHAN SHIESLEY, STANLEY E. Williamsville, N. Y. SHINE, NATHAN SILBERBERG, LOUIS SILVERBERC, A. JACOB SIMON, DOROTHY P. Springville, N. Y. - J' SIMONS, MARIAN M. Attica, 3 SLOCUM, HARVEY C. Angola, N. Y. SMITH, FRANCIS A. SMITH, HENRY T. SMITH, JOSEPHINE L. Cattaraugus, N. Y. SMITH, RODERIC G. North Tonawanda, SMOLEV, JOSEPH M. SOURAPAS, LEON C. STANFIELD, LAURAINE G. STANFIELD, VIOLAN J. STANLEY, WINIFRED C. STEKL, ELEANOR B. A Centerville, N. Y. STICKLE, LEONORA C STIEG, LEWIS F. N. Y. STELMASZYK, HENRY H. N North Tonawanda, STIO, ROCCO Rochester, N. Y. STONE, FREDERICK J. Dansville, N. Y. SUMNER, ALMOND G. TABER, CLAUDE E. Dale, N. Y. TARBOX, RICHARD L. Cattaraugus, N. Y. TEPLITSKY, HARRY THIEL, NORMAN E. Barker, N. Y. TOBEY, HELEN F. TOMASELLI, B. LOUIS ' Rochester, N. Y. ' TOMLINSON, RUTH E. TOUPKIN, HYMAN UNGER, ELIZABETH H. VANDEUSEN, GEORGE S. VERSO, JOSEPH A. VOWINKEL, HARLAN G. WALKER, HAROLD L. WALLACE, ALICE M. WAIJLACE, MONROE E. Franklinville, N. Y. WEIDMAN, 'DAVID H. Clarence Center, N. WEIG, MELVIN J. WEINBERG, CELIA WE.LKER, EDNA M. I WERTHEIMER, CLARENCE VVHEATLEY, HELEN M. Attica, N. Y. A WIDLER, VIRGINIA H. Williamsville, N. Y. WIER, VERNON W. WILCOX, MYRTLE M. Jamestown, N. Y. WILLIAMS, WILFRED WOOLHANDLER, HARRY I W. Erie, Pa. - YARDLEY, JEAN Kenmore, N. Y. YOUNG, FLORENCE S. YOUNG', WILLIAM B. ZAVISCA, JOSEPH A. Depew, N. Y. ZEH, RUTH MQ A ZWICK, ROSALIE A. Y S. Freshman Arts emiss .item T.,-l ' INETEEN HUNDRED TVVENTY-SEVEN a.nd all is well with the Freshmen! VVith the anticipation of three short vears of work and pleasure in our Alma' Mater we are spurred onuto makg the class of 19,30 the best yet. ' V Notwithstanding the opinion of the Sophomores to the eontrarv, the first year class at theiUniversity of Buffalo is not the fresh 4'frosh'i' that some gossip might indicate but is decidedly intellectual and in all other ways one of the best Freshmen classes in the history of the college. Never before have three -Freshmenmade the first debate teams. They are Melvin 'Weig, and John Cummings of the boys, and Janet MacDonald ofthe girls. Every debate in which these three students participated was won. A ' ' ' Our future actors and actresses may have received instruction at the University of Buffalo, as, in the two. plays given in December a. great deal of talent was developed among the Freshmen. Ruth Glynn, John Fraser and Elmer Farmer took pa.rt in 'cThe Thrice Promised Bridew and Josephine Smith in "Suppressed Desires." The work of these students has been very favorably commented upon. T We are proud of our Freshman Boys, basketball team which won the Inter-Class title from the Sophomores as easily as we won the class rushes at the beginning of the year. The girls also have an excellent team but have not yet had opportunity to display their prowess. V In November the Freshmen gave a dance at Townsend Hall for the Sophomores, in return for the hop the Sophs had given the "FroshH the preceding month. On the 25th of March the Freshmen gave another delightful informal dance, also at Townsend Hall, having the members of the successful Varsity Basketball Team as honorary guests. Plans for the remainder of this semester include a party to be given for the entire Junior Class and a tea for the Junior girls by the girls Of the Freshman class, both to take place during Junior week. A final dance will be given to close the activities of our class as Freshmen. . . ' ' rear '4Au Revoir but not Good Bye.77 'When W9 11165 YOU 32,3111 HGVU . f - .i ,T . . ..i-1 Ill be the we will be the c'Glor1ous Sophomoresl' and our sueetssois M1 "Fresh," A ' F Q: k . 'j -- 5.-Q Nvyff-VL-5 5, .Z , ,745 Y, X 'V , is Y45'6fvQffi3f V w .1 Y X ,V x ' V , V' V. , , 4 V Q '. - A' V x. , x ' V. +. 'QVN N' '--rx f A, , 4 -- , ,' QV, A' 17' in Y , V X W d ,V I, V x w,1f,k ,A V .i ,. ' Q V., ,fly Mlffzafv V.-5 x .Q..Y,Qi1-.11 ,C A ' , 9 1,21 . V. 1- . . ,:Qzf+fg:g'g:. . ff E7 'V' 1- m . :V 1 , ,V V x V, ' ' , . 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M W. , QQ-ss. ,- W www Mx w-W 4: 7-E 4iWMMQifv21"N , .. .- ,,,, If f x .V ming, or .4 X!-xr N, 0 K x TB fix I ,- ' ' .- v -W' -,- x ,V 5 V vm Qzfg , -, af., 5,- . kv1,"'.,f' ,LfkAj5"fQx , .- " 43' ' ' ' ' ,3 4 V1. 546113 ff, if , .4-Q 'ale K 1 " 'ff I f. A, .. , .. , fm, . , f , , .X ,OJ w av: rf: -W f 1 - -, , Q 6 kb-2: , ,, ...LQ ., . aff gif swf' - Y: 1 ,uf 4 2 'A li b-2.1-' A, , 4,5 4 , A 4 -fc, j ,135 7 , ,.,. , - f ' f , v'1 ga .vbl , if ' if, A , 1 9:1 My -Q . ,zu . . If gf 52? ,,!,:.g',I,1 i z? xl M A fiwf if 4: 41, f..-ww ww ' '26-gzwhf 1-ziwaw f 1,44 ..-aG+v,z:.1 .9- ' 4- 5 M ., 'jig it-A6 f , 41, 4 WV' N "' Am. we f A X, ,. 1, ,fri ,gf , 1 ' 'fzfflf 4 gp,-,uf ,, 1 ta ,W , , ft .. Q 1' W- Q - vw Q xv " - ,X,.,1,. 1 ,HJ Wwfi -,-.M , ., x ,. A A ! ,V, 1 Q, L? CZ gf v 5 i 9 if , -' , K3 2' A 'brfn'. , ,, A ' A ' f , , " f t: , Y! A f l :V I 3? 4,2 ,,LZ1'r ,. 5:5 Zn , .Kg . A KWH5 5 'Q Egg 4' . . Q L fr., 535- ,. fi ' . .f , .N ,-vhll .I-sf Athletic Coune1l OB FICI' RS Presulent . . ROBERVI DOBBIE S009 GUWU . EDWARD MIM ACK G1 cdmtte Mcmager WH HAM J BMCKBURN CHARI ES H IQFENE Dzrectov of Physica? Educcttvlon I+ AUUIJF3. RFPREqENl Al Il ES Law - MORDY C BARrHo1 oM1 W Dentzstr y EDWARD li . Minion Medfocmc lxoisrlrr Domain Arts VVII FRED H SI-IERK Phcwnmcy . . XVII 1' TAM X . Iizoxs g ALUMNI REPRESENlA'lIVES r l NEISON G RUSSLLI Brnziom la bnmsoix 1 i it E LLOYD LELAAD , NEIsoN W ETROHM l t t t 1 STUDENT REPRFSEN TAT1vEs 5 ' - J UDSON ROSENGRANZ ' H NROLD 'MOORE 5 5 A LINARD BRIZDLE BPUCE SUTOR QHF Athletic Council is composed of icpresentatives of the facultw r of each college, fiom the alumni from the student bodY, 111dJfj1 s L sport teams and from the Block P club. The graduate managff ii and the head of the li sical education de lrtment are also 1l1C1HbC15 i D 1 of this council ' " , This representative body governs the organization and ii1i1Hd?6J151011E i i A f all athletic teams, elects the managers and assistant IDHIIEQCI? D 11131 ne Q Q mS, ratifies the schedules and awards the VEIFSITDE' letters and IGS . , merals to the members of athletic teams who have earned. them., 'Jong 5 i - the rapid growth of the University and the added -interest in liievttiilded sq the Work of the council increases each year. EvC1'Y'f'h1118' Cfllln? de flwork 3 or to during' the regular meetings of the council, but much 0 19 . , , . - - f roblems 1 5 handed over to Special committees which consider canreflilglegiliili ll before them, and then make their reports at the regu dl D n ' l r , , ' 2 1 0 Y , 1 . W. J. BLACKBURN GRADUATE MANAGER WF g ' f i ,l, 4 I 4 1 X Ill M I I Nvw. 0 , ,faknm "'X FOOTBALL SQUAD w 'U 11 71 1. . WL 111 ,. A . W I 1 I 1 1 E 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y 1 1 HAROLD Moons Crzplzzzfn . Coacclz . Tl'flI.llI'I' Mcmczgm' . . . . A1.ssfz'.str1111f Mrmzugnr . Ros1cNG11.x Nw' UN 1: 1111111111 A111-111 M 1Wz1'1211s M IN 11:11 M.-1 l'I ON 121' Z A C11 1511 G,x1s1a1Q1' XV .1 1 .'1'E11s l",111N1f:1z lf'1.1xcr111s,x1'c:11 Sl 1 121:11 S 1 1 1-1121-1 A N P1f:cK I1E'1"1'ER M EN SQUAD Ilussx-11.1. LJ,11:111c1c .lvnsox R11s1-:x111:.1x'1' . R1'ss1-:1,1. l'.x111z11:1i . .IAM1-:s H1111-'1-'1N . 111x1m1,11 M1111111-1 . f.'.XRl.'I'0X Jmms G1c1D1.1-:Y ,Lxfrolzs Nu11'1'11 F11111c1s Z1 1 .1Ns1q1 M11111e1W: In w1,1:1c 1'11'1"1'1-31: IJoNm'.1N l",x111111w li1'1m.xx 5111.1 111-31. CJ p- Zf 4 CAPTAIN JUDD ROSENG RANT f? sf -4-4 - ui HE football season oi 11196 ls 111111 111511111 1 1 1 does not stand 0111 1'0I1S1C1C1'1l12' existing 211111 of its sllowillg. 1, with the hope of 11111111112 1 .11 111 IN 1 1 11111061 for two weeks, 13111 18 111111 1 1.1111 11 .letlee l1l1C1Gl' the 1111111111 11ts 11.1s 111111 s 1 lt 1 11o11g'11o11t the season. 1 1 Ill1J01'S of lalst y11z11"s t1111111 111-11 111 . 18 season. Also, the 11111 11.11 1 1 . , 1111.11 just GIl1t'l'1llg' 11111' ills 1 ll 11111 s s .111es, the 01121011 ZIIIC1 1111 11111 1 11 1 .1 not have 1,1 1721111010 o o11 1.1 11111111 . 1111 i11 11isz1g'l'1-111111111 11'1-.1 111 .l111f- s ll l10llg'11Ol111 the 1-11ti1'1- s11z1s1111 C81 11 s .11 1 1 101' the p111'1111s11 of 0111101111 11111 11181 1111111 JDOI'11l1g' 11111' 0211150 11'l111 111.11 l111t 11.111 11111111 11 111 111, 1110' t 111 pzlst season. The 11.1111 111.11 11 cl ne s 1111111111 .1,,.1111s 11111 111111 Alfred, p11ttil1g'1l11 1 1 11111 IX 11 11 1 11ve11o111- loyzll t11 the 1111i1'e1s1t1 11.1ssed Hobzlrt 11llI'111Q,' 1111 f11st 11.111 111 111 11111 .111 1 1v11 from t11e 1i1C1i-011, 1217111111 111sen111.111 st.111111 1 .1 1 seen 1111110110111 footbzlll. lt 1.1s 1 1 1 1111 the U11i1'1-1's1t1' did not e111e101 111 1111 111 1111111 1 111'ight for the future 1.1 s 1 s 1 1o11111ted. A f1'11sh1111111 s11l1.1d 11.18 11111 o111.1111f11 IN 111 p1'z1eti1e1- is to he 1111 111111 11111111 1 12111121111 11111111 1111s1-1111 1 1 .lkillg t11'11 11111g'1'1111s 11111 111 11111111 11111 111 11111111111 111 1111 111111111 15 10 2111101111 the 1111111 l'111lN 11 11- s11z1s1111. 111 the 'l'11l1 11 ' s 1- . 1111's tl1i1'1'111-11 j'21l'l1 11111 11111 1.11111 11111111 1111 111111 1111 1 111l11h11111111 1 1 of eigllty-s111'1-11 j'2ll't1S. 111 1111 111111111 11. 1 11st 1'11111es11111 111111111 111 1111 Nl Is ' s 1 ss .11111 111111111 21 l'1l1l 1'111' il t111111111111111 111 s1x11 1111 131' 11111 1'11'1'1l1111 111 A111 1 1111111111111 111 111111-11 111111111 11111 '111111lN111171N 1 111111 I I Xl A BRUCE SUTOR Varsity Basketball MG77dg6?' .... .... 3 . . 'BRUCE SUTOR Asszstcmt Manager . . , , , Cmwh. ..... . ARTHUR POXVELL Caiptam . . . LEONARD BRIZDLE L. BRIZDLE M, ISRAEXJ H- BASS R. POTTER J- DUNN D. PURPLE J. GABBEY F. STOESSE R. HARRINGTON SCHEDULE Varsity Opponents 35 ................ .....,...... B uffalo State Normal ..l. Q ............................ 19 36 ............ ............ B uffalo Toronto .................. ......... . 23 23 ............ ............ B uffalo Cornell ........... ......... 2 0 43 .....,...... ............ B uffalo Hobart ........... ......... 2 4 31 .....,...... ............ B uffalo Niagara ........ ......,.. 2 1 41 ............ ............ B uffalo Alfred ........... ......... 1 0 44 ............ ............ B uffalo Clarkson ......... ......... 1 4 26 ......... ............ Buffalo Rochester ....... ..... . 29 21 ............ ............ B uifalo Colgate ........ .......,. 3 2 30 ............ . .... ......, B uffalo Niagara. ........ ..,...... 1 7 46 ............ ............ B uffalo Hobart ........... ....i.... 2 3 42 ............ ............ B uttalo Hamilton ........... ......... 2 4 27 ....... ............ B uffalo Rochester ........... ......... 2 5 41 ............ ............ B uffalo Penn State .......... ........ 4 3 21 ............ ............ B uffalo Colgate .............. ........ 2 7 507 TOTAL 351 R CAPTAIN LEONARD BRIZDLE a Basketball 1l HE 1926-27 troup of basketball tossers emerged from their strcnuoug records in the lrisketlrtll campaign with one of the most successful ,f , annals of the university. lVhen final tallv was taken it w t' l . - f an ' that the Bulls had rolled up a grand total of 507 points th lilii-ilr opponents total of 351 and had GlHOI'0'Ctl vict , A D 'orious in eleven out of fifteen contests. V Under the able guidance of Coach Arthur Powell and the careful grooming of Trainer Jimmy Griffin the Bulls earned a nation-wide repu- tation as one of the foremost quintets in collegiate circles. The Blue and White triumphed over such strong teams as Rochester, Cornell. N iagqnxi, Hobart, and Toronto. Buffalo was entered in the New York State 'Von- ference and lost but one of nine league games played and that to Rochester, whom Buffalo subsequently defeated. However, due to the fact that thc Buffalo team did not meet every team in the league, it was forced to he contented with second place honors, as St. Lawrence finished without a league defeat. The Buffalo students and fans were treated to some exceptional con- tests this year. The Cornell game proved to be a hard-fought, nip and tuck tussle which was decidediin the last few minutes of play, when Buffalo was on the long end of a 23-20 score. Niagara, one of the strongest teams in the conference, fell by the wayside in a spirited contest in which the Bulls staged a sensational rally to overcome a Niagara lead and emerge victorious, 31-21. Bob Potter and Bob Harrington dropped them in from all over the court during th - second period to give their team a safe margin. The return game at Niagara Falls was only a repetition of the first with Hy Bass in the starring role. The local Rochester-game resulted in a see-saw, bitterly contested struggle in which the boys wearing the Blue and XVhite reversed the verdict of the game- at Rochester by turning their ancient riv.:ls, 27-25. Another of the outstanding games was the Colgate contest which took place in Hamilton and in which Buffalo, although beaten, played a ln-and of basketball which the coach and students have reason to be proud poll However, the Penn State game was the most sensational and l'lll'lll'lllQ,' struggle in the collegiate history of basketball. The teanis fought tast and furiously throughout two exciting halves which ended in a deadlock at 32-32. After a wild extra period the score was again tic at ii-l-ZH. The teams fought like tigers in the second extra period, each setting a terrific pa.ce, and scoring five points and again knot the score at 351-39. lu tl.e final ten seconds of the third extra period with the score 41 all, the Penn State center scored what proved to be the winning basket. The Arthur' li. Powell Tygphyj dongjfed Cach year by the coach to the niost proficient foul shooter, was won by Robert Harrington who scored a total of -129 shots out of 560 attempts. ,J . H A ' FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD Freshman Football . .--1 HE yearling football team started its career by taking a beating from the much praised Nichols School team early in the season. The second game, which was with Kenmore, was a bitterly fought con- test and the 6-0 defeat which the freshmen were forced to accept does not tell the whole story for they played a ine game. The next game with Teelniit-al High School was one of those see-saw affairs in which neither team was able to cross the other's goal line. South Park proved to he too strong, and went home with a 12-0 victory after an exceedingly nntddy game on Rotary Field, during which Caine and Duncan gave at line exhibition of plunging only to loose the ball on a fumble When a score' seemed almost certain. The big game of the season then took place, that with the sophomores. The latter team started right oif with a touch- down and with the score 7-0 the freshmen held for two periods. Late in the last quarter the yearling hacks began to rip the sophomore line to pieces and finally crashed over for at score. As night was creeping over the held thc try for point sailed just under the bar and the sophs had saved their honor. The last game of the season resulted in a victory over the lqancaster team by a 6-0 score. T! E Q FRESI-IMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD l Freshman Basketball ii.l HE conference ruling which affects Buffalo for the first time this year have made freshman .teams necessary and welcome in the l'ni- V9I'S11V- Under thc direction of Mr. Neill and 4'-lirniny' Robinson V the freshman basltetball outfit had a very successful season, ' . Plus team played six games outside of the University and six otlu-rs in interclass competition. They won the intcrclass struggle by beating the JUNIORS which had tied with them for first place in the leagm-. c 1, lted in a victory for the yearhngs by a 28-14 score. Nichols then took the freslnnen into vanmp. 2844, l0U'E they came back in the next game by trimming Sl. Josephs ' - ' ' '- - 123-12, 14-13 only to have the same team beat them in a return grunt, 7 Nichols again took the freshmen's measure, 20-13, but in the last gnnw ofgthe season the blue clad warriors turned in a 29-14 victory over Bt-nm-tt ' N . . . . Hlgh ,School 1n a, game which showed their great iinproveinent over the first of the season. Captain Stone Caine Rice, Dewitt, Za' 3 P made up the first squad, and played in the magortty of the games. ru - . , lheu first outside frame was with Lancaster, and resu xista, lluntfan and Mona-lla 1 l i C u 1 Jxmns M. H. WALLACE I XNN D. VVALLACE 'ffl C1 -IARLES XTEIGEII - HENRY LENZ W. ALFRED BRIM BIAURICE LUTWACK BENEDICT NIANGANO J. O ,BANNON CAPTAIN JAMES M. H. WALLACE LYNN IJ WMI W, A Rifle Team - reason of the increased interest- in Collegiate. Rifle Practice, it eeame necessary for the National Rifle Association to orgznnze the ,various .Universities of the United Sta.tes in several leagues. The University of Buffalo was placed in League D with six other East- ern Teams, all of .which had been heretofore entered and were considered very keen competition. The first call for the team was sounded late in the Fall. Among those- who turned out were four lettermen. Around this nucleus, the coach began training the new men. Considerable time was SDSU- 111 teaching the phases of marksmanship, including triangulation, positions, sighting, trigger squeesc and shot calling. Soonysonie of the neweomers discovered that 'target shooting in such company was not akin to snapshooting, but real Work, requiring complete co-ordination of mind and muscle, and plenty of practice. Under these conditions the Squad dwindled to about a dozen men. A The Work of the Squad was frequently interrupted during the practice and during the League Matches, by events held at the 174th Inf:in1ry Armory, which interfered with the shooting and it was necessary that three regular league matches be forfeited, due to the fact that the ranges were Yu ' '13 A .. . not available for the use of the team on the days of the competition. The scores of the tea.m were excellent. The High Score of the season was 1333 points out of a possible 1500 points, which is a creditable showing. Under the Inter-Collegiate competition and National Rifle Association l 'bl f fuithei competition as he h-is coin Rules the team is ine igi e or 'V ' I ' - 1- - - ' ' - " - " ' "tl the pleted his third year with the tea.1n. During his entne affiliation ix it 1 team, he has led it in every match. Hicks was placed second in all inatelies. except o-ne-, and Frank, one- o A . f the recruits to the Squad, placed third in every match except- in one, in which he was placed second. Although being compelled to forfeit three matches, the tc-ani was ahh to place fifth in the League. CHARLES N. VEIGEL Mcmctg e-1' The interest shown by the students of the University in this sport and the spirit of the mon firing and the careful and painstaking instructions of the coach should certainly place the team amongst the fore-most of the Nation, should facilities for uninterrupted practice and competition firing be arranged. Other universities have ranges available for practice and the firing of matches at all times. An attempt is being made to obtain such facilities. LEAGUE D UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO VVESTERN BTARYLAND COLLEGE P1crNcE'roN U NILVERSIHTY XVILIJAMS COLLEGE WUI!-CJESTIBR POLYTECHNIC l,Ns'rI'rU'1'E AMHERST COLLEGE WEs'r XIIRGINIA llNIVERS1'l'Y l ii., ERNEST DOTY HENRY Ros.-xx K1-:xxx-:Tu Hu I ' GIRLS' ATHLETICS qkijfg OFFICERS AND SPORT LEADERS Sport Leaders IIARRH-:'1' Mox'1'.ExuL'15 . M.Xll'l'II,X BIQSCIIICI, . f'll.XRl,O'l"l'Ii 1IC'Al.lC15R . licmsmlxlzy Rlfglulclnsox M.xl:c:,xR1i'1' BVCK . . BIIRSZCGHJIIZZ Buscba-ZZ . Tennis Swin1Rming . Ifilmzg Z -L-:fg- 5 !li,,Lj: lil - ' iii 7 , 0 W il' I Women S Athletu Assoufttion , ot-'1-'ICI-:tis ' I'rr'sirlwn! .... .... . llUlCU'l'llY tioomrxx lf'irsf l'ic'r-l'1'rsi1lr'ul . , li,vt'xtt:t:txtq .lrxu Hwrzrnul l"iu1'-l'1'r'.w'11r'11I . ll.xtu:u-:'r AlUX'l'Alil'l'l I Sl'l'l'l'fllI'-lj-Tl'l'llSIll'l'I' ......... llUlllS Iiiaxtucu IIE XVonu'n's Athlrtit: Assfu-lution, lu'ttt'r known us tlu' W. A. A.. wus l'outulc'1l in tlu' full of 1922 just lu-l'orv tlu' l'uiw'rsity tuovvtl to tlu' ounipns. At at nuu-ting cullvtl lay tlu' lit-un ol' Wonn-n tlu' ith-at ol' an orgunizvcl nthlvtic zu-tivity took slutpc auul otlit-1-rs wi-rv vlwtt-tl to guido the first elforts in luiilcrling up intvrvst in :nul opportunity t'ot wonurn's athletics at U. 15. CllillI'llll,'ll for tlu' vurious au-tivitit-s wort- vhost-n :uul tlufsc' leuclvrs togvtlicr with tlu' oflivcrs of tlu' ussovintion l'ornu'cl tlu governing' council of tlu' 0l'22llllZ2lllUll. A t-oustitution wus zuloptvtl zuul l'l'Q'lll2ll' monthly lllCl'illl!.l'S wort' lu'ltl to tlirvrt tlu' zu'tivitit's. 'l'here wvre cliliiciiltit-s urising' front lzu-lc ol' 4-tpiipuwnt znul ol' tnut uvziilulilt' for nu'n1lu'1's ol' tlu' vurious st-liools to worli log-e'tlu'r, lint tlu-sv wvrt' sul'lit'ii'ntly ovrruonu' to grunt tlu' girls 1-onsitli'rulilt' o1'g'z1nim-tl uvtivity 'l'hC first prrsiclrnt' of tlu' 2lSSOi'l2lll0ll, Violet l'. llultiu, '23, gruvt' rupuhlt zincl untiring' cll'ort to tlu' tlt'vt'lopnu-nt of ntlilvtics. llvr t'tl'orts wort- rvwurcletl by tlu' loyal support of tlu' girls intt'rt'stt'tl. The yours l?l2Z'l-1926 lllilj' lu' t'c'ro1'clt'tl us vvry vntliusiztstu' :nul pro g'rt'ssivt' ont-s in tlu' zinnuls of tlu' university. 'l'lu' iniportzuu-v ol' tlu' zith- lrtiu lift' of tlu' wonu'n sttu,lt'nts luis grown to u grunt vxtvnt. A l'ti'r moving to tlu' rzinipns tlu'ro was tlu' alvuilulmility ol' tlu' gyintutsiiitnt wliivh luis lu-vu ol' grvut vailuv. ln tlu' your 19233-2-l Mrs. t'lutrlt-s ll. lm' lu'uztnu' gyninusiniu . . . , . ' . . tltrvtftor :nul tlu' t'ozu'lt in girls 2llllll'ill'S. hlu' luis also luu'n nn t'lllllllSlilNllt' supportvr ol? tlu' 0I'Q,'2llllZ2lllOll. -1 v.: v - , .I , i - ., v H- - a,,1 P, 1 . 1 I K . . 1 xv . Another zu'l1iQvL'nu'nt of tliut your was tlu' auloption ot' tlu' point systvni ol' in ual ln XtlllLll lhlllltlpdllls in utixiti s woulml lktt in points l'ot tluir l'lllll'2lV0l' niul with tlu' winning' ot? Gllll points wonltl 11-m'ix't' at univvrsiti lt'ttt'r "H," At' the luislwtlmll i0lll'll2llllClll', lu'ltl in tlu' spring' ol' thztt yvur two vups wrrc z1wz1rtlt'4l, otu' to tlu' winning' vluss trznu zuul otu' to zu l' rush tnun girl luiving both high srliolursltip znul utlilctit' ulmility. ln tlu' uutuntn ol' lSlZ2-l Prolvssor Clovtz gave at rup ns tlu' uwnrtl for tlu' tvnnis tournzt nu'nt tlu' nnnto of czufli yt'zir's wnnu'r to lu' t'ttg'l'z1vt'tl upon tt. 'l'hrougrlt this pvruul tlu' sport lrzulcrs wvrc working' ll2ll'tl to luultl up tlu'ir zu'tivitit-s :llul l'lu'y haul Hlll'l'L'l'lll'll to :t nolulili' rxtvnl. 'l'lu' spvriul zu-vontpltsltnu'nt tn lllizi-Zh wats Joining' tlu' A. l . A. 4 . NX ,, tlu' Atltlrtit' iltllllltll of Anu'rivun l'ollt'g't' XVonu'n, zuul u 4lt'lt'gg'utt' wus sont' to tlu'ir t'onvt'ution :it Wt'llt'slt'y Vollcgr. ,, . . . , , , , llu' prvsvnt orgzintzzitton is tlu' rvsult ol tlu'st' it-w yours ol rupul growth. 1"it'hl luu'lu'y wus zultlotl iluring' this your. zuul us opportnniti t'onu's tho lirltl of utltlvtit-s will lu' XYllll'lll'll. Anotlu'r stop ot' progrt-ss wus tlu' revision ol' tlu' 4-onstitutiou whivh ruist-il tlu' nutulu-r ol' points tu't-t-ssurlx for winning uwurds. P K 1 'EFX J -lv Xdgi FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-INTER-CLASS CHAMPIONS 11 1 l!.1s141:'r11.111 113.1514131111111 1111 1111x'1'11:1'1:, .111111 ' ' 1 ' ' 111111 111111'1' 3111111111 1111 I11l1111111111 111 111111111111 1 1 - 1 1N11 11111111 NI11111 1111111 1111111 111 1111 1111 111N1 111111 Nlllll 1111 1111111 11 IN N1111111 111111 11111 11111111111 111NN 11':1111S 1111 1111 111111111 111111111 117111111 - 1 111111111111111ll11l111l11111l 1111 1111211118111 111111 111111111111 11111111 X1l711 1 1111111 111 1111 111111111 11111 S11l1X1l 111 11111 l111111l1N 11111111 111 11111111 1111 111111111115 1Il11111l111N 1111111 111 1111-11'1-111111111 1111 11I11'l1l11H1 1111 1111I11111111111 11111' 11111111 1 111 1111 NNWF111 11 1111 K 1 1 111111 111 1 1 111N 1'11111'g'z11111111111 11111111 '1111 111111111 DIN 11111 11.1111 111' 1111 IIIIIIIIIN 11111 1111111111 111 1 11l1111l1N 111111111 111N11111111 111111111 1111' 111111 1111 11111111111111 1111 Illll 1 1 1111111111 1111 1111111111 111 111111 111111 111-1, :11111 1111 111111111111111111111 1111111111 N11111 X1111 1111 1111111 1111 11l1111lN1l1lN'111'111111111 1111111111 1111 11111 11111111 1111111 11111 1111 1111111111111 l'11l1 111N 11111 111 111 111111 11111 11111111111' '111 1l111N1111111lN111111l1N1l111i111115111111111 11111111 11111 1111111111711 11111111111 1111' 1 1 11Ill'1 1111 11111111 1111 11111 11111 S1111X1l 111N111111111,1'1'N1111'1l1 1111 1111 1111111 1111 1,11 1 1 1 111111 11111 1111111 1l1111lll1l. 811111 11'1'-11'1-11111111 -1 3 Q13 IRD ,ff-ilk 5 GIRLS' BASEBALL Baseball hl.XlE'l'lI.-K liizsoimi, Sport Leader Now that the baske-tball tournament is just around the corner, and . , . . p 1 y- . rv wt-njwlxie is filled with enthusiasm for sports, the Hgreat AHIQFICELI1 game proniist-s to ln'ing'ou1 'lf ' ' 'f ' 'i i ' ' ' ' fs many, 1 not moie, candidates tor baseball. Last .war the l1'rt-slnnan team had high hopes of Winning the tourna- nn--nt ol' Illrve fvaines, tor in 31'aet" tl f , I ice ie5 Won the majority of battles. llowt-wr, the lla M-rvlassinen swe t lllI'0ll0'll the contest leaving the Fresh- l l P D nn-n illznlmonuerl on the island of defeat. Y Vhis yi-ai' tliere is so niueh promising material. in the Freshman C-lass :hal ew-n thi- llelpliiv Oracle would not be able to prophesy the Winner. l-last-liall is a major sport. Position on a team entitles at player t0 om- lllllllll'l'1l points, a stepping--stone to the athletic awards. The game is ndividual talent is absolutely ies or fun and friendship. ont- in whivli It-ani eo-operation as well as i 1-ssl-inial. It altorcls endless opportunit' f 44 5 54 Field Hockey One of the most exciting of outdoor games for girls, field hockey, was introduced by W. A. A. this fall. Heretofore we have had no fall sport and have had to let this invigorating season go by without organized methods of enjoying it. A very large number of girls responded to the call for players. Hockey sticks were furnished and this warlike looking army set out on pleasant afternoons to master the intricacies of the game. For want of a better place we used the gravel roadway beside the red barn in back of Foster Hall. The players were delighted with the game and soon acquired excellent teelmique. As there were no seasoned players teams could not be developed and all continued to play just for the love of the sport. Now that our coach, Miss Lee, has this group of girls with a knowledge of the game, teams will be organized starting next year and hockey will be considered a major sport with 100 points awarded to those who make the class team. t Tennis CHARLOTTE NTCALEER, Mana-gm' Tennis this year received a boon such as no other sport has been for- tunate in receiving. Five splendid tennis courts have been built and have been used to our great delight. The girls enjoyed them to the full until cold Weather. The girls' tournament was held in the spring and the winner received the Philip Becker Goetz Cup. A tournament was started in the fall but not concluded because of rain. The idea of assistant man- agers was used and was found to be very successful, a number of girls trying out for the position. Hiking lvfaueannr BUCK, Manager One may observe that athletic activities for college women are not complete without hiking. This is attractive as a. sport for them beca.use it requires no extensive training, no marked ability, and no elaborate equipment. I Hiking consists merely in placing one foot in front of the other and, simply expressed, is the organized method of getting 'toxyigen on the hoof." Organized it is, for the regulations require a. total of thirty miles before any athletic credits are given and those at the rate of one half credit per mile. And moreover, no credits are allowed for less' than five miles nor for more than ten. In order to reach the annual maximum of fifty points, at least ten hikes were necessary. However, in spite of Saturday football games in the fall, the perversity .of the weather, and Saturday classes throughout the year, a successful hiking season has closed. Thus the hikers of '26-'27 testify. Swimming Rosicxmizr liICll.-XRDSON, jllcmager Swiiiiiiiiiig at the Viiiversiley is rapidly progressing and developing in the roll- ol' ai major sport. The girls have this year had the privilege ol' using the new lieiiiic-tt High School pool every Wetlnesday afternoon and thus midi-r niiivli more favorable conditions. Remarkable headway has liven iiiallv. Miss Georgia Lautz has acted as instructor and With ber zililt- zissistamre new and old material has been greatly improved. The last llliii' years has lirouglit about a greater interest and enthusiasm in this spoil. A 1-5 2 5 A 1 'Will 2 Q rg. l l l ACTI 1 Q TIES 4 1 . V f , ' 'Z z5L'4ff'g'- Vie ,-V271 f if 1 N f 7 lf' gr ' gf V , , g .X f R, n gk f I ,P .mlm x 1 I f 1 4 I V X i i f vlfpv ' t V,,. EW 7'WVL., Vcf.5Z5?:V21 A7 V, me . V .5 -V ff' ' 9 f' 7 V - 1' fag? , ,A ' wif V - 1 ,, ' V V' 1, fa V W V ,ff ff2'3'X'AVV5V 3 'W f aw ' fs' V sew 5 V V, ww' ffsf 'u ffyt?vQyQfQf . 13 ,gf .Qjj ff? ffagfx 2 Qi X , A 17 V w , kg K ,R fiif ' 2 - W WN ' q5', f5f5 312 W' '1 f.,?ff, V ..,,-,M-,V,,,e.:.r,--,,-, V4 .,. ,V . V, .a..VN.wJ 1 , 1. H1 f . , Vf- Q. I 3 VV , ,-1 5 ,V.Vf2.,4QL +wfm,.VV..f.f .. -V .,wVV..,V,f'.y V, , V V-r .V -V f VV 14,5 V E V V 423076. 72 ny! Q WL ' Q, 4.5 V' Vw"-. 5 , W, 5 V I 3.53, MW.. . M ,fmg""" W ' 4 V Vw jj I ttf, I K, VA V 'A V ,,5,,,:,.?,,,f,,WMM35V gif, H-17.53 inf Qi,f:i,., V ,EJVV ,V p fi XL :V 15.17 .-"fr I X ' - I fxf " 9 ' ' VX' ' :WV "-Til X ' ' ' i , W W I 'F 7 ' , 4 V :Q?g1ff"VQy'21Jzf-flgw ,fjxj A -': Q, . V V M ' ,. if-T, ' ,. ,f 'W' ' 5 ' ki V V .. VV , V - V ' '- L-,' V V V VV ' X V, A f ""K?'52145:r"h V Q W? I -i-55243 "'ff'T"fif"Tj ffff VV if Zcvj - 'fmt Q g.,.wV- X' . 'ex Xf ' ,:, - -ff 'f V. 1 .. I .lm .. , , Vi m, 2555-f -,Q , , Y , - V ,Q ,,,,,.V,Lx ,i . V ,ff yn, ,, gi-1, 7' ff, x . V 1 pw .I L, VV 3 ix M aww, If ll! if ,. '- 1212575155- , k .X ,V I K, I Azffnwy. 1 - . v- X - fa:-:gg 5 , TWV .,5 J, , A t' ' , 'ATM -, f V " ,m Rr,--L -5 A .rf ,ff ' WJ Wiz Vigf- ' .- M45 V' , " .. 'HA f XV , 5555 ' wh ' D I- ,,,.--'ff'- ,-fain-V1.,V -, .5 I V ,W ffxy ff : V V . V-VV . V ,.. Ms -'ff ,V ' ' VVL.. KT35-f' -' 52' i' X v Vin fi: g gm I , 'I , PI - ff S ' -r..fi1 .. X A V , V, 2 xgm' ',- . , ,' 'P-v-..f.Vv.:.+1.:,.,, .,f-3' i 1 X-V -Q U1 Students' Activities Committee ,ii-1-1' lllS organization known as the Faculty Student ,ACtiVitiGS, C0111- mittee was started in January, nineteen hundred and three. fllhe grgup was made up of faculty members representing the various schools. For a number of years the principal work was to foster athletics and the musical clubs, the financial part being successfully ca.r- ried on with the assistance of the students. I ln nineteen hundred and twenty, student members were permitted to join the committee, and at this time the College of Arts and Sciences together with each of the professional schools was allowed to have one Senior representative. In nineteen hundred and twenty-three, the Student Activities' group was increasedso that each of the schools was allowed to have two representatives, one from the Junior and one from the Senior class. Moreover, two women students, one a Junior and one a Senior, representing all the women of the University, were chosen to sit withthe committee. A further addition to the Student group was made inthe year beginning September, nineteen hundred and twenty-five and ending in May, nineteen hundred and twenty-six. Each activity was represented by one student member, non-voting, who was assigned .to bring from the organization any recommendation which it had to make. The various Faculty members ofthe Students' Activities Committee are assigned by the chairman of the group as Faculty advisers to the activ- ities of the students. The principal functions of the Committee are: To check finances and to approve all student activities, to determine eligibility rules and enforcement of the same for all activities, both athletic. and non- athleticg to foster and further self-government, student initiative and leadership. Joint meetings are held monthly at the Alumni Club on North. The student body holds extra meetings of its own. awk? v i .ii I STUDENTS, ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE STUDENTS ' ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE FACULTY REPRESENTATTYES ClLClvi7"lIHL7L . . . Du. P,xNKoxx' 'VTCC-ClI'll'T7'Illl!ll . Dlx. LEMON Svcrefa-v'y . . MN. lIAI1I1,.Ixxx' Auditor' .............. Die. 1EII':cE:'1'oI: TDEAN MACDDNALD, DEAN BTARSH, AND DH. 'l'1fII'R1sEI: DE. IfEENE, MII. M0NEI.1,, DE. TCENXEDY, MR. B.XR'l'l'lOl,OMICXY. DE. Do1sIs1E, ,IND DE. SIEGEI, STUDENT REPRESENTATIYES Jumfor lI7cp1'csfg11fal1'uc ........ DONALD T,,I,'Rl'I.E Senioi' lmfcprcsentaf1'z1c . . A121:,xIIxAI FINN Scmfor Rcp1'0.sc1z1'ul1'z,'ff . . JOSEPH XVl:1r:II'1' Junior Iicpzwsmzfrffziw' . . E. D. MI'1z1'1II' Smzior R0prc.s'mz1'c1l1Tuc . . T'T.XR0l,lJ ATOOHE Jufnior' li0p1'0.s01zfufIz7z,'0 . . Souior Ii0p1'0s011ff1f1'z:0 . . JDIIN Ar,I,EN Junior Rcp1'0sc11z'af1'1:0 .... . . . EARI. MCGR,x'I'II Svnior TVOIlIf'lI4,S 1?c'prc,smzlczhzfv . . f,'Il.XRl,OT'I'E 1TCAI.I:Il2R Jznzfor Wonzmzfs livpzwcfzfa1'1'I-1' . . TJVCIIIIQ XVIIITNEI' THE BOARD OF COUNCILLORS OF THE STUDENT UNION TEE I The Board of Councillors of the Student Union CFFICERS Presicleint . . . I'Ii:nER'r P. NIXGEI. 'Vice-Presiclenit . . XVAii'rEn IQRAEMER Trea,szw'er . . . ADEIBERT MixKi.Ex Sce1'etcw'y .......... Hannim' F. MONTAGUE N the Spring of 1926, Miss Marion Macdonald was appointed head of a committee, by the Student Activities' Committee, to look into tl feasibility of student government in the universitv. Miss Macdonald chose to serve on her committee some fifteen active members of the junior and senior classes. This group had regular meetings last over period of two months. At the end of this time a constitution was prc sented to the students of the College of Arts and Sciences for ratification The majority repo-rt of the committee was approved by a vote of 61 to 54 on March 3, 1926. The constitution was accepted at the annual elections held April 19 and 20, 1926 The original idea of student government in the university was aban doned, and government in the College of Arts and Sciences instituted. The reason for this was the future of the college as the center of campus life The student body was renamed the Student Union. At the head of the union is a Board of Councillors, composed of eighteen members, Whose duty it is to represent the union in all matters and to govern them wisely The officers of the Board serve as the officers of the Student Union The object of the Board for the year 1926-27, has been to create an interest in, and a sense of, the necessity of student government in the col- lege. Regular meetings of the Student Union were held in October, Decem- ber, March and April, with good attendance and lively interest. A drive for a community chest fund was carried on in February, with almost Cnc Hundred Twenty-five Q51-3125.005 Dollars collected. Plans for Moving Up Day were in. the hands of the Board, and all class rushes were governed by it. .One of the biggest steps was our recent joining of the National Student Federation of America, an organization designed to co-ordinatc. the colleges of the country in an effort to solve individual, collective, and international problems. The Board of Councillors believes it has planted the seed' for further development of student government. Nothing is possible without the back- ing of the students. Throug'h a lively student organization, a real college spirit will arise, which we have often envied the older colleges. The senior members of the Board retire, leaving a challenge to the rest. VVill it be accepted? A. B. LEMON J. lVIARK WARD History of the lVIen's Glee Club .1 l N 1898 the Dental School of the University of Buffalo organized a Mandolin and Glee Club which became one of the foremost of these organizations in WCStG1'11 New York and Pennsylvania. This Club was the progenitor of our University Musical Organizations, which consist in a Men's Glee Club, Girls' Glce Club, the U. B. Serenaders, and the Quartet. The Men's Glee Club now has members. 'While this number is smaller than last year, the men are better prepared, and through the capable development which our director, Mr. J. Mark Wa.rd, has brought out the Club is qualified to produce some of the best choral singing in this part of the state. Several concerts have been given in the city, as well as the out-of-town trips that are being planned. An innovation occurred in the University Day program when the G-lee Club was requested to sing at the Convection exercises, at which time it merited the appre- ciation rendered. Due to the success of the out-of-town trips of last year, the faculty has generously allowed a period of four days preceeding the Heine Concert on April 30th, when the musical organizations will make the most extensive tour in recent years. The itinerary will include Hornell, Rochester, and Syracuse, and although the latter two cities have excellent glee clubs' of their own, Manager William G. Cook feels confident of our successful completion. On April 30th the Annual Home Concert will be given at the Hotel Statler. An entire new repertoire contains the well- known chorus from Tannhauser offered by the combined organizations. I KATHERINE JUNG A. B. LEMON J. NIARIQ XVARD . W1-1,1,.1AM CUOK KATHERINE L. JUNG .A W. T. MURPHY MEN,S GLEE CLUB The Meds Glee Club Dzfrector . Mavmgcv' Librcnriufn . flrscofzzpfmrisl BEM, IXIIFKED CIIASE, CLIFFORD CO1-IN, lWII.1'l'ON CUMMINGS, JOI-IN COOK, WII,LIAIwI EI.LIOT'1', RALPH EVVELI., IDUDLEY FI.INOHIsAI,IGII, EVEEETT GEORGE, EDNVARD I-IAEBISON, PAUL PIARTMAN, WAIRREN HAUBIEL, HARVEY JIIDD, DONALD LESTER, GAERA MIIELLEE, CARL JNIAKELY, DEL MAESI-Ii, -XNARREN DRESSING, E. F. NIH.-EHAM, CLIFFORD I A Y M A RK XVA RD XVILLIAM COOK DONALD MOIII-:Y . . f'l..XRI'INCIQ OIsIE':'z AIINI-Ili, CAIII, A'ICGRA'l'I'I, IGAIIL NIOREY, DONALD NIlYRIDfIC'K, J, O, NVAGISI., HIIEEIIT OIILETZ, C'LAIIENI:E PICYIOWSKI, II. E. PIIIEEE, .JOIIN R-OBENSON, R-AI.1'Il ROSENTIIAII, SAMIII SCIIXVARTZ, JACOB SLOOIIM, TIARVEY TI:IlQI,I.MAN, LESLIE TOTA, A. J. WATERS, AI.l"Iil5l7 ZAOIIIEM, PAIIL ZELLER, AISRA HAM OKONIEXVSKI, E. 1 NVONIEN 'S GIJEE CI.-UB WOmen's Glee Club Mcmager . Lib ra-rian . Sec1'ei'a-1'y . FREDA BALLOTIN RUTH BARNES DORIS BENDER MARTHA BESOHEL GEORGINA BINGERT ROWENA BLOCIC VIRGINIA BODDY ELIZABETH BOEE ELEANOR BRONVN EDNA BROWNELL MZARGARET BUCK ELOISE CAIHPBELL BEATRICE CARNEY BERTHA CLAYMAN DOROTHY CLAYMAN DOROTHY CRISTALL MIRIAM CRISTALL AIJICE DAKIN DOROTHY FINEBERG LENA FRANKLIN EVELYN FRASER ADELAIDE GANDER IDA GELMAN DOROTHY GILIIISPIE RUTH GLYNN HEIIEN GOEHLE ESTELLE GOLDBERG NITA GOLDBER-G BTABEL GOODING ANNE ALETI-IE GOULD BTILDRED GRAF XIERNETTE GRAU LILLIAN GREENFIEIID JESSIE IIAMMOND RIARGUERETE IIANNE MARGARET HOLMES ANNA HRVOL OFFICERS IQATIIERINE L. JVNG . JEAN XVALIIACIC C1'IARL.OT'1'I'I RAINS IRATHERINE J UNG RUTH LAWTON EVELYN LEVY ANITAX LOWELL NITA LYONS JANET B11XCDON:XI.ID KATHERINE MAYER I'IEI.IEN MINTZ IIELEN MONRO EIIEANOR MORRIS ROSE BIORRXSON MARGARET N EAI, FLORENCE N IESZ HELIEN NORGATE IQATHERINE POPPENBICRG PHYIILIS PORTER CHARLOTTE RAAINS RUTH REDDIOLIEEE FANNIE ROLL ETHEL ROSE IRENE SANTI IXNNAMAREE SAUERIIAND HAZEI.I SCHAEFFER MARGARET SCHAEFFER RUTH SCHLOSSMAN ANNA SCI-IREIBER DOROTHY SIMON MARGARET SHERNVOOD MiARY SHERWOOD MAE TABOR HELEN TOBEY JEAN W.ALLACE DORIS WEBER CELIA WEINIIERG JANE XVEYAND NIARY VVILJIIAMSON 1311 Women's Glee Club History 111 ONG is the heritage of the entire human race. The joyful have filled the earth with lyrics that have captured the sunshine of their souls and held it prisoner, the sad have found expression for their shadows. Groups have inevitably assembled in this common interest. Two years ago such a group was formed and was soon moving rapidly toward its rightful place among the foremost of campus activities. The succeeding years have meant increased interest and membership. The enthusiastic response to a call for more singers together with a pleasurable feeling of responsibility. Under the able direction of Mr. Jay M. Wa.rd' the repertoire includes choruses from the best operas, light classics, and well known negro spirituals by the entire club, violin solos by Charlotte Rains, vocal selections by Marguerete Hanne, and readings by Ma.e Tabor. Recruited fromithe Clubls membership last year, the Ukelele'Club has orgzinized this season and affords an interesting variety in the programs presented by the whole Glee Club. Its increasing popula.rity and enthusiasm bid to establish this as a permanent and integral part of the WOm6117S Musical Organization. I .A new system of tryouts for the accompaniists' positions has been used during rehearsals with the result that much hidden talent in that direction has been brought to light. , 1 . 1 n A concert program was givenby the Crlee Club at Saint James Evan- 121911CH-1 Church. In addition to' this, the Club participates with the Men's Glee Club and Musical Organizations in the Home Concert, given April the thirtieth, in the ballroom of the Hotel Statler, .,,Q-L.,-' -1, -1. -v 1.. 'Q11 11.-i ... --1.1 1.1-Q 1-s-1 ' . 11, --1-1 ,.,..,,,+ ,-,Q . ----1 11. -11.1. his Q' l I l l W - The . Serenaders l 17" I USICAL activity finds numerous outlets in tlu- University ol' Buffalo. 0110 of the very suc-ccssful outlvts is the 0l'g'2llllZ2lll0ll known as the U. B. Scrouaders which traces its origin to thv Mandolin and Glee Club, organized in 1898. 'l'h0 "Sereuach-rs," under the clirecetiou of .rliosvph Hickcy from Dentistry, '27, again 0l'i't'I't'll music lovcrs of the University th0 saiuv quality of music: as iu tht- prvvious year. The Orclivstra was ahly iiiauagrecl hy Elwiug' Svliac-luvl frrmi Arts, 28. lt is apposite to mvutiou at this tiiuo that thci siufc-1-ss of all thv mush-al organizations is due iii large iueasurv to thv iimliuliug' 0Hfm'ts ol' our faculty adviser, Dr. A. IS. liomoii. Piano DI.'I'l'Cf0I" .... . . -losisrii IIICKICY Violioz Mmzngm' . EIAVING Sc1a1,xc:11'1'1':1, iSf1.1'0plz0n1' . M.,xI'R1ci': Li"rw,xc:K Ba-1z.j0 . . . -lOSl'Il'll PUPXYICKIIII Trumpet . . . . ti-xiii, tfoors Trumpvt . . IIAROLD BIOORI-I Bass , . l3.sxN11f:1.SHRA1: Drums . . W1I,1.i.aM Liuwis --i- . . A.. .An . 1...-A 9 l 4 I 3 Members Of 1926-1927 Band M cm agar . Lcczdefr . . MEDICINE MURIJI-IY, NV. T. TIEIST, CARLTON T.IYI,OR, RIOI-IARD PHARMACY PAGANO, rXNTHONY ROSS, KENNETH SCHXVAB, MILTON ZAIDEL, XVILLIAM LAW LUTXVACK, BTAURICE . . . . . XVAIJPER MURPHY KENNETH ROSS DENTISTRY GOOTS, CARL KAVANAUGH, WILLIAM PETRINO, F. S. ARTS FRANKLIN., ALVIN BURMAN, LOUIS J UDD, DONALD S. KENT, HALSEY H. HUBER, F. A. SHEAR, D. N. SHIEN, NATE VERSO, J. A. 'University Quartette F'iVSf T 6710? . . . . Joi-IN Pmisisic Second Tenor . . C'ARI.roN H. Mixes Fntst Bass . . . AI.F1u':n W.vr1-:us Second Boss .......... DONALD R. AIORICY HE University Quartette, accompanied by Clarence Cbletz, has just completed one of its most successful seasons. It has sung at every Glee Club concert accompanying the Club on its eastern tour and on ' its trip to Lockport. Besides the latter, it has functioned on many occasions of its own accord some of which consisted of radio engagements, church dinners and a performance at the Annual Senior Ball, held in the Hotel Statler Ball Room. It has also assisted the Women's Glee Club at several of its concerts. The quartette finished its season at the Home Concert on April thirtieth. John Priebe, the Glee Club soloist, and Carlton Miner and Donald Morey are students at the College of Arts and Sciences while Alfred is from the School of Dentistry. The numbers in this year's repertoire were exceptionally well chosen. They consisted of two negro spirituals, 'cLittle David, Play on Your Harpf' and "I Heah de Wind a BloWin'," together with several other light numbers, "Roll Along, Cow- boy," '4Mah Lindy Louf, "Dunes," and HI Passed by Your Window." There were also two popular numbers listed, namely "Blue Skies," and "Moonlight on the Ganges." 2 ! Alma Mater Where once the Indian trod the silent wood. Above the beach where antlered deer have stood, lVhere martyrs brought the faith, and patriot swords Assembled oft to repel invading' hordes. CHORUS Brothers tonight we sing the chorus free, Pledging the health of our University, To U. of B., to U. of B. Our Alma Mater by the inland sea. Before the Saxon march, the forest tell. The Church, the School, the Shop their story tell. Ott the Wind-swept beach proud ships securely ride. Here Peace hath blest and Plenty shall abide. CHORUS Beside Lake Erie, Where the daring deep, The cont 'ne-nt's erring child, hastes to the leap. And crushing cliffs, in youthful, eager quest, From rock to rock leaps to her ocean rest. X , lgl l!l li! l in S5 Debating Club 1i . OFFICERS Preszfclent . . , , , 'Vice-Presficleitl' . "" ' Secretary , , ' Treasurer , , , ' . . HERMAN TEIIIIIII. PIUBERT NAOIQI, . PAUL HARRISON . . ANN.-K HRVOI, . RIORRIS OPLRR RTARIE NI5I.oENeIf:R . LAURA O ilDAY Sergeant-ctt-Arms , Mewfs Manager , , ' Woimevzfs Mcmager ..., , , A I The Teams FQlRfS'l' VVOMEN'S TEAM ' w , .4 1 . ELIZABETH SLATRR CLARICE SPARBUR-G Rowena BROCK JANET BTACDONAIID, A.lterowte SECOND VVOMEN'S TEAM JANET liTACDONiXl.D CLARICE SPARRIIRG li.xIIR,x O'D.n, ETHEI. ROSE, Alteromte M 1 . FIRST MEN'S TEAM JOHN QUMMINGS BTEIIVIN WEIG RTORRIS OPI.I-:R - HRRMAN TRIBRI., A.lterfIm.te ' SECOND MEN'S TEAM MORRIS OPIIER . ETERMAN qlElBEl, M IcI.vIN Wino ' IRVING li'fII.CH, Alternate THIRD MEN'S TEAM TIUBERT N AGEI., JOHN FINKELSTEIN JOHN Ctznnmcss REAL Club with a real interest in debating has been built np, and the interest is more sustained than ever before. This Club now boasts a tripled membership. New policies have been aiming to develop art of extemperaneous speech, and it can confidently be foretold from the start already made that art, difficult as it is, is yet well under way to being mastered. This may be considered the really ont- swtanding development of the year. The Club had a double victory over St..LaWrence, in December, over their Men's team, and in January, over their Womeiils tea.m, the proposition being both times, Resolved: that the Eighteenth Amendment be repealed. Both debates were held in Buffalo Zllflfl 111 bo-th, Buffalo upheld the affirmative. The question for the second semester was that of the Cancellation of the Allied War Debt. The men upholding the affirmative against Pittsburgh were victors. The women won the debate on the same question at Cornell. The men next niet Queens University on the following question: Resolved That NVeStern Civilization Is Tending Toward Decay. This was the first defeat of the team. The final debate, also on the Vilar Debt, is to be waged with the University of New York. Chess Team . WIl.l.l,NM BQISIEK . Lows PEIJOWSKI . . Joslamx PIOFFMAN Du. C1N1Au1..1Qs KENNEDY CLUB MEMI ERS .IOIIN CUMMINGS VVIIJFMQD WII,l.IAAM.S FRANK QKONIENYSKIN Ihr mam flffodtecl folululnfx Ulll'MISlfy ijlfg To VZ, Tied the A171113 2 xml xx ls clvfmtcc LIIIVLISHX of Pennsylvania 3242 to Vg. The Blue M asquers Presiclefut . . . . . . . FRANK PIfI'I'RIXO Vl09'PV9-Yifletbf - . ES'I'El.I,E Goiperzms SCUVQWVU - . . Evi-:MN Llcvr Treasurer ............ RIARVIN Cones Blue Masquers rang up the curtain on the Hrst act of the season amid great applause from the audience. Every character played his part With ease and ability and there was little need for proinpters I backstage. Act succeeded act smoothly and efficiently until the cur- tain fell on the end of the season. This, in dramatic terminology is a summary of the past ye-ar' in the history of the Blue Masquers of the Uni- versity of Buffalo. ' In two short years dramatics in the University has been raised from a grave of disinterest and neglect to a position of one of the 4' Big Three" on campus. This, considering the lack of even a stage to work upon or an auditorium in which to present finished productions, is little short of remarkable. An entirely new scheme of organization has been put into working order which makes for quantity as well as quality production. It is the Worksho-p idea in embryo. The Blue Masquers are the people who have proved their ability either in- acting, in the mechanics or in the business management of production. Under their able guidance and supervision, the younger and less experienced actors, are organized and function as "The White Masquersfl Each of the VVhite Masquers must serve his term of apprenticeship on one of the committees before he is invited to become one of the inner circle, the Blue Masquers. In this way there is continual activity all during the year and all work is put on a. competitive ba.sis. Short pla.ys are produced under student direction, the director being a Blue Masquer, and staged and costumed by groups of the White Masquers. This gives not only the director but the costumers, stage inan- agers and their assistants an opportunity to work out problems in staging and lighting. The Blue Masquers' 1926-27 Billboard has so far been an interesting one: December 23rd, Second Shephercls' Pla-y from the Townley Cycle, revised, staged and directed. by Marion Suor under the supervision of Prof. Henry Ten Eyck Perry. The cast included Duncan Mallain, Scott Brent, Irving Schachtel, Robert Hufstader and Fannie Roll. January 8th Cfirst public productionb, Tlzricc Proiniscd Bride and Suptpressed Desfires under the direction of V. Spencer Goodreds. Casts: John Fraser, Marvin Cohen, Elmer Farmer, Ralph Elliott, Mae Tabor, Ruth Glynn, Marion Suor, Estelle Goldberg, Keith Noye, Evelyn Levy, Freda Ballotin, Irving Schachtel and Nita. Goldberg. Vtfilfred Sherk, Josephine Smith and Eleanor Hessinger played in Suppres.s'ecZ Desires. MASQ February 15-th, Two Slatterns and A King in celebration of National Drama Week, dlrected by Marion Suor. Cast: Dorothy Kavinoky, Estelle Goldberg, Ruth Glynn and Elizabeth Bott. February 23rd, The Girl, directed by John Fraser. Cast: John Fraser, Elmer Farmer, Keith Noye a1rgl'iR-alpli Elliott. - April 8th and 9th, Tentative dates for major production, The New Poor, by Cosmo Hamilton, directed by V. Spencer Goodreds. In an effort, to bring dramatics at U. B. up to the standard of other colleges in the east, the Blue Masquers sent Marion Suor as delegate to the Inter-Collegiate':QDramatic Conference held at Elmira College lllg-NOV0lll- ber, 1926. Blue Masquersnare also members of the Drama League of America. "The Cue," the -weekly bulletin of the club, is the oflieialmoutli- organ and keeps all the members in touch with matters of dramatic interest within as well as outside the University. '- Looking backward and reviewing the activities of the past year it is obvious that the Blue, 'Masquers are keeping pace with the growingll ni- versity and upholdingits-fphigghistandards. Looking forward we can see a Workshop where plays' can befwritten under the supervision of the Eng- lish Department and fa laboratory for the Drama and Creative Writing classes, wheii'ej1inteigeste'dp students will have a chance to experiment with stage-lighting -ai' ithefaifd and guidance of the Physics Department and a stage Well-eqiiippedft-with an auditorium of adequate size where lovers of the DramaQ.maytpaymtribute to its greatness. .V A' ' ,-.- wld Q... T.-i... .i-' 1- ? .iii .. ..-ii., ....1. .....-ii .-. , .-11, .-ii-.., ...iii 1.11.- ,,,l,.+.. ,ili- ,-.-.T- ' eil i',"f ive W DELAWARE PARK PUBLICATIQNS N1 K ww I 44. f L 5' if z, ' W' W 'x "L g 1, QQ HS .. LJ An Appreciation r - to - ALEXANDER 0. LEVY C-LGU The Iris Board takes this opportunity to thank Mr. Levy for his eager, willing, and untiring services in the artistic construction of this number of the Iris. G 0 2- " M AN A Q' . 1 1 IRL BO RD LYNN D. WALLACE ' Editor In Chief WILLIAM LALDLAW Facuhy Adviser CHARLES VELGEL Business Manager GERTRUDE VAN DSTRAND Literary Editor CHARLOTTE MCALEER Book Editor 0 ea ILI3 The Iris URING the four years of undergraduate life the student has become acquainted with allisorts and kinds of books: books of poetry, - drama, history, fiction and science. He has a natural p1'ef6I'f-31109 . for certain types, from which he will choose his libraryiafter 111S graduation. But of all the books which have become dear T0 111111 110119 will be ne ' t h' 1 . arer o is heart or will occupy a more prominent place O11,h1S book-shel h ' ' e ves t an the four volumes of the Irzs which he has collected during his college career. They are important to him because they 1'ep1'eS611ti11G' activities of his own class, his friends and acquaintances and last, but not least, of himself. Perchance, in a quiet evening by the tlreside ten years he-1106, he Wlu open the covers of the lewis and lo, in a moment he is back at dear. Old U. of B. again. There is his frat picture and he eagerly scans the faces of brothers Wondering what they are all doing now. Here HFC the Senlor class pictures and the amusing class prophecy. Half-laughingly 3-Hd ha1f'Cu1'1011Sly he turns to it to see how many of them have followed H1911 PTOPOSU1 d9S'E111Y- And then there are the football heroes and the wonderful basketball team he rooted for so enthusiastically night after Dlght He reads on tl 1- - - lrough the rest of the book, chuckling and seri011S by turns, until he has finished, then he close ' s it with a happy sigh. ig .5 1 . I I 0 0 E I 4 i CHARLOTTE MCALEER GERTRUDE VAN OSTRAND It is in this spirit of making the Irzis a real Memory Book, a book that will encompass the finest experiences of four of the best years of one's life that the members of the staff have strived to publish this hook. They have constantly worked toward embodying in it the spirit of the University as a whole. They tried to weave the strands of local college allegiance into a loyalty, embracing the Greater University of Buffalo and the innova- tions attempted in this book are in accordance with this ideal. It is with this thought constantly in view that the editors compiled this fvolume. To bring back memories, fresh and vivid and maintain an atmosphere of dignity, is difficult. Quite obviously no single volume eoulcl record completely all the humor, toil and success of any activity, accord- ingly this Iris can but touch upon our school life. 'llheustaiiff feels itself extremely fortunate in being able to obtain art work of such a superior rank for this volume. It is due to the graciousness of Mr. Levy that it was made possible. The staff of this year 's Iris has taken great pleasure in their uutiring work to present in this volume, their best efforts toward making it come up to the idea.l of the University. In order to publish a satisfactory annual the co-operation of the alumni, advisers, faculty and entire student body is extremely necessary, and so the staff wishes to express its sincere appre- ciation to all those who have helped to make this book possible. .P-I' IRIS STAFF O X6 Iris Board - 1926-1927 LYNN D. WALLACE E dfitor-tn-C hte f WIIALIAM LAIDIJAW, LL. B. Faculty Adviser GERTRUDE VAN OSTRAND Literary E dttor EDITORIAL STAFF Book Editor CHARLOTTE MCALEER b utb-Book Editors Campus Editor-ANDY CHARTERS CIHSSGS-FANNIE ROLL Q ACtiVifAi6S-ANNE ALETHE G-OULD Sororities-ESTHER HII..ItJ A Fraternities-NORRIS TWBINER Athletics-SCOTT BRENT Feature Editor-ALICE DAKIN bah 001 Editors APtS-EVELYN LEVY ' 1D611tiStI'y--THEADORE ' TERKOSKI LEW-BERNICE ALPERN Medicine-VVILLIAM MEISSNER Pharmacy-STANLEY WEIJD BUSINESS STAFF B 11..Q1f11,ess Mm: ager CHAIQLES XYEIGEI, A. ssista 11 t PIENRY LENZ AfIvm't'ist-21g Mamzgm f'I-rAR1.0'r'rE RMNS Circutn t ion M11 rmzgwr ETHEL ROSE Photo gra-p hy Man agm GLENN CTARROLI. f1SS2'SffI'llf' JOHN PRIRBE v f WILLIAM G. COOK Hunrrrr N A Edlit -' - - 'J AGEL A 1 orm Chief I , Iwfmalgmg Editor The Bee Staff ECMO7'-'m'Ch?:0f - Wi1.I.1Aiv1 G. COOK Manajgmg Editor - . HITBERT P. NAGEL. A G67?f67'CI,l N6?,U'S E'd'lli0JI' . , IXIARIE NEIADENGER Busmes-9 MCWWQW - . PAUL A. IIARBISON NDER theeflicient guidance of its staff, the '4Bee', has carried its .Work during the past year very successfully. As the only bond between the widely separated colleges of the University the HBee" ' n fills a. vital and invaluable position in student life. Through its editorials and student criticism columns, the sentiments of the student body on various questions find expression, in its pa.ges the realms of sport, lntellectual development, social activities and other interests receive recog- nition. The exchanges afford us a glimpse of customs and traditions in other colleges. Several new features introduced this yea.r give evidence of the constant striving of the staff to improve the paper and to retain the interest of the readers. The six-page paper, introduced last year, has been even more widelv used during this past year. As a special feature, the Christmas number appeared in appropriate colors with special dec- ' thc Bee-O-Graphy orative additions. Another innovation this year is column which offers a means of commending outstanding services of indi- vidual students. The increasing number of subscriptions shows the ever- growing realization of its va.lue to professors and students. l FREDERICK MITCHELL ' E-di tor-in- C liie f E ditor-in-U hie f . Assistant Editor ' . Co-E d Editor . . Circulation Manager Assistant Circulation Managing Editor h. Book Editor . . . Business Manager . Advertising Manager Office Manager . . Assistant Business Manager . . Literary and Eacfatty Adviser . . Faculty Adviser . JULIUS ESTRY Managing Eclitoo The BISOH . FREDERICK H. lWI'l'CI'1ElIlJ . . ELIZABETH BCEE . . . GXVENDOLYN DCUGI-ITCN . GLARIC15 SPARBURG . EDXVARD FARRIS . . . J. ESTRY . BEATRICE CARNEY . J ULIUS E. ESTRY . . FRANCIS SMITH BERTHA L. CHAMBERS . EVELYN SERNOFFSKY MR. R. W. LINDEMANN DR. CHARLES IQENNEDY Associate Editors Editorial Staff Art Staff' MAE TARCR IDA GELMAN XVILJAIAM COOK LUCILE QVVHITNEY J EAN WALLAXCE THOMAS MORAN VERNESE BENNETT ' The Beast is modest, and to let you into the real secretf-he's Just .I little self-Confident. He Tollicks through the years styly, 1nJectIIIg it blt of nonsense into an atmosphere of-profound and semous thought. lheu at the end he is secure in his friendships, and having done INS bGS'D 110 awaits any approval. IRVING R. TEMPLETON Editor The U. B. Alumni News HE Alumni of the University of Buffalo reorganized' its ASSOCIELUOH last year. This Association was originally organized under 'Ehfi name of the Federated Alumni Association on University Day, Feb' ruary 22, 1915. The name was changed and a complete reorganiza- tion etfeeted February 6, 1926. This organization, now the Alumni Asso- eiation of the University of Buffalo, comprises the alumni of all depart- ments of the University. It is managed by a Board of Trustees, composed of five representatives from each divisional alumni association, elected by such division at its annual meeting. The term of office of a trustee is three years. - One of the first objectives for the reorganized association was that of starting an Alumni publication. Through the united -efforts of an alumni group with Dr. Boynton, Dr. Lemon, Dr. Thurber and Irving R. Templeton leaders plans were Worked out at the May and October, 1926, meetings of the trustees. ln October the Board of Trustees elected Mr lempleton as first Editor of the proposed publication. The first i.SSL1G ivas brought out on Novembe 15. 1926 t, r , , and the second on January 27, 1927. Each of these issues was mailed to approximately iifty-five hundred alumni. The publication covers the alumni and all their activities and varied interests in connection with the University, and also includes gen- iiial University activities, both of the administra.tion and graduate body ie 10clf'l'1011.0f the alumni shows that it fills a great need that has long existed in this field. SQCIAL FUNCTIQNS A B I S O N H E A D FOOTBALL DANCE Ac.. THOMAS GANIM Chairman DBCCMLCF Billy Boyle Ancl His Boys A Twentieth Century E 1012 BALL JOHN S ALLAN qffffffm ,V . I . V w-.Mn-1M-ywav, t o zlzfflqzff ,, ,A 1 U B t f Dvfellers A .5 , d v. h . , QA ln Vat 125, k r - '.-' Q fl: 5' P' ,mn ' - . wi f 5 x -JY A 4. .fi-fu ""f' Y fi :'f, IM-V K -N 4 , xk.,,,,L .'., 'lt4"-- Af. f fl uf-A. . , vivt . o o ' 1 . ' gtwz, 1 f, " , V -' - .L- '? ,L 553' ,"'L Q' I f 'EXW 4.25" 1 ."L" 1 '1 Q, vi f ' " I -, xi ,,A'- We Q25 ' ff . Q, ' Q g' V535 ffl 9: WI: o iff: f ff"-ff ' K- Liz 'A' f ? " fp ' ' -:'-, , '- ogg-fx-vt ' 5 . , , jig , , . ff- 5 gg gf 5 55 gf - , wif oi 135 '-Q f'- H 2 X f ' ' x 3 K 1, if ff .X M .Q o f'lH'.x,x HAI' ' 1 F X X .af f wx 3 .L J' ll D Hotel Statler B 1 Room ' BISON HEAD Basket Ball Dance FREDERICK H. MITCHELL Chairman April First, U- C1cf'DWc1lers GFOVCI' Cleveland Park I Club Home LE . , fyf 4 Si 'fun 3, fb H U3 CI 2 Ea' 3' :L 'gl ro Q H 3 S 93 p--I to I ? 5- 5 Q , ,1,,,,,.4 'yn' - .,N,Q -gia Q K 2' ' N -W ffw V 312: 'E 'N N -.2 fi . ' if-3 ' , I ,Ag X- 5, 5, ,Y ,P Q, ,N - -2 W' A'-' -"XT 'Wfxx fwvx, if N h . I Q 'Ku igkh ' -.-. f-A 2 , Xi l ' 'N-N-. ' 'ffw!f?F3: A ' -'-4.11 '-7 ,- 1:,4M'Q , ' X39 in A x W W? I i f A l 5 E R ...- unin- -H nu-1- 'E' 2 l ' L 2 1 P l 'f 1 :U ff ome oncert fs, rf '-5' ,EL X 'uf .Y4 2-yzzq ,. 5 iw , WILLIAM G. COOK Manager. f 571 if SR lf' C: D XX 9 V xx if A x I a 44 ? ' 2 3 f . 1 ' V ' . ., -A , f5,74ffifw"v'j12wgf?5E?2gQ?,M J V, ic, . ky ,., . 5 " ' , fx ' I ' 'K' 'KL' i S vit ",v'L I 'QQ mga NN if 1Y:,f.f cfs V,L,L, 1 ,,L.VL, Q QVKL 1,-55,5 if -f" '," 5 ww 31 IQ, 1 V. - QM. f f 431 nw , I M M459 - f N1 Y , A P, Y , 'L', L .. ' 5 ' "iii -'.L K -ii' ' .fyjfliz V ,. :iii rg A t lv ' ,.r,, W if i fv,q'Xb ',..V ii 5 iff V,,' - ggi, H Hg. Y g, 2 X- ' yfi , 1 - l . , 5 Q? A 1 L ','LL X- 'ff ,, ,.,,, g f,,L L", X'-" , X 4 - -f ff . 'N ' 'B ,j 95 , I . Q :ugzy1y7g5igxi?f, , , , if I Q i ,Xin zf LV.. li 6 Q .fff X . - ' .- , Qfs' . 2 -5 ,ty ., :-N.r"L',Q:,1151-x,.J , , . ,, -a -,M h - 55225515 xii, 4 ' v - 7 '- ,L , f' 1 f ,, L 53555 1 rl t ' " 3 Afyggff g ,ff L-,'.L ' 1155? gf- 362, L-,,' Q ',', I ., P lr le , f af 6 ,,kkk Arrwwxxal -,1L1g ,eg,., x , I 5 gr V E133 ,", - , ,,'- f X A : ,. f f . I9 , V M-Liv , VK ,,,V f ,rkr 24, 2 t gif: V-,,k gl '- ' ', , L'L, B E3 L-"L ""', ' L"' ' '," 'Ei U . . Crena CFS ' , 'e fs 'gg 4 32 f"- 'gg .'.V' ,i ,,'f, 3 yy 5 k ' S- k,j A 'A Kw J'f-12 f.,' '51, 'f,, ,: .,',.' i ""X T223 ' ' ,'. f ' 5 , - l 1 .i?2 E , YI pf VV,V :Ki,:rVZ4Y.:TLK:i , t. Ir . . I, ote tat er a 1 Room ' 'Q ZS .,' ..,.,-x 5 Xxx ,Qt ,gv-: W .9 , .Jag 5,5 QRGAN ZATI NS 7. W,- . '. -gf-5 , T , P, "WZ 1' , ' , E. - ,Mya ' V rf X , . 'i x H f ' 1 ff , 1: " 1 , v i f ,f I - f 7 9,1 , J f . , , 1 1, ,. If-,124-,,,f , J If -, 6 ! ' ,W ,, 4, 1 - f ffl! fy H ,LV ' ff 7 K 1 ff lf ,X M f, ff Q 4' 'T ff if , A ' r f ff 4 ff I f - -7 Offlff "Z A 'W f, f f ,iZ'4,w' if f li If 1-r f ' if if M ,Z LSR X 111: f ,If i ,517 1 , z ,Mi - ' -sigh A 5, i i K R 5 R 2 , K Y 1l ff.. 3,- i ff ---., , if f ,Q 4 Af 'W If -F " f f 4 , . , ., , ,.. ,W-gf, ,. ,, ,U - . -l ,i.gfy,.,- vb 1- - '49, f--f .fy ,, ,,,1-if , ' vm -f f, J , L ,Wu 4 ff fig-1-wlifif ,.,- ..-,fl ,f 9, -f gi!! U.. - .mfgf,a:-'fawusei-sfiffwiM , . - gh,-w , 1. 1 ,av-, f., -, wwf xs will -,W fy . - '-:iw '- -:f-1" -.ffm--5 , ' ,:,-22 if . . --1 ,Z Lg? ,. ' , YEL yf-' .5y,-fff'-"5--:ZW M2 2 H -f '14 f f' . -f - A' .- A - M - Rf- ,M . 4, ', ' f fr, Q ' " "HP-'h1.,1 - '41 -1 ' idx- L V- ' 3 ihvf ' 5 ' H -- f- L .4-. ,. - -- f -'V mm: 'i,Q,JZf-M' Q-4Hi.:.f -- . - f - -V ,. -- 4-, ---Lv - - ,L , . .-,- , ,M .U -, ., -, , -,,, .4 4,Z,,.,, -, .- ., .: ,. ' Q .54 ,Q 24- - . 12:-, 'Q 1, 51,11-., , ' , -'T ' .X f ., ' ' f ' . -I ,.,'f,,: ,',',r'4ffwv,y,f '.LF,5ff?6-mu. f-,,,m:-.1- - . f . y W W -42 A- -- 2 ' 0 , f , f ---.-.Z 7,1 f 3-'f fa ' -1 ,, -141.7-.,f , -- 5 1, y-,M rg-4-4. n. I.-Q - , - ,,, ,. W " - A . - ' - - ,. ,L , ,,,. f -,.m:4fZ4,5--Z w.xg,wfmw-.e-H W ,. f--, 2. ,f 1- A .:'-M3149 -4 .- 5o,,,g -,-f-f.'r-.,f , N, 1. - -'f ,v1- - ,. . ff? -. 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' -J 4 4-.,,. ,. ,MQ W. MQ. 11, ,My ,fx .gq . ..w':,-4,,N 424- 'W-124 haf-MW - " ,- W, -f me N5-' ' W .,,,:f.m4gQ 559 A5J1p,,z:5zm:a.m..,.Q- 'Q -, '. H X' if2a5s ff" 1 If C 3 BIQS,ON HEAD ,, 1, . faaf-56143,-m wfmamqeavziraeevfn-Wrr'5fW'1a?5'fw""'M '5"f"'W"f" Q3 T'5::-"??f7k K yi Tw BISO HEAD A emor onorary OC1Cty fx kk 'j X C Thomas Gamm Fredernck Mltchell Hubert Nagel Lester Knapp Rlchard MOYIIS ' Wllllam Cook Harold Moore Bruce Sutor Harold Santrnlre Lynn D Wallace no Judson Rosengrant Louis Farris of CAP anc1GOX7J ,,,,.5.----1 VVINIFRED F. BEYER HARRIET F. MONTAGUE DOROTHY GOODMAN MARGARET GRIFFITH CHARLOTTE NIACALEER MARIE NELDENGER and AV ? sa wi? Eli V 4 V KV Q Ui me ' I n n 1 Phe Ca and Gown Sen1or VVomen's Honorary Socletv w-is OI'0'HH1ZCd in ' . ' L - D - nil? SbPI'111g'0f 1924. The first members were chosen by the faculty. The outgoing' 18231 ers 3'9HI'1y elect their successors from the incoming Senior class. Election ased upon scholarship, leadership and participation in student activmcs. Hall of Fame IIE IRIS feels unusually fortunate in having' the opportunity presented to it to give honor to the Alumni who justly deserve it. , For that reason, it sets apart this section that it may in a trivial Way thank those Alumni who have carried on the spirit of their Alma Mater even though they have left its doors. This year the Iris adds the names of three more men who it rightly feels should be the recipients of this honor. P-Q-4 NAINETEEN T VVENTY-SIX SELE CTION A. GLENNI BAR'rHoLEMEW Da. RUssEr.,L W. GROH DR. A. BERTRAM LEMON - P-Q-4- NINETEEN TvvENT.Y-sEvEN SELECTION DR. RICHARD W, BOYNTON JOHN LORD O,BRIAN DR. CHARLES A. PANKOW El l l l 1 1 l 1 v I I iii--' i if 1 1 JOHN LORD O'BRIAN DR. RICHARD W. BOYNTON . 45 n , if" . ff , if Q, A, -5. XE-:ww 'Q .... .' ' ,gl L' 'UT 1 1 . , 'ii f ,, XP' ' ap 4' 'Q 1 ' 18 S' , in., K, 27:1 Qi 4 ' , , ,,, ' ",' wf: ' wg, " ' 2' ,W4!'3'ff' , , f 1 , , My if if',"V' . ,Q , A,,,4.,w 1 , DR. CHARLES A. PANKQW f , -t' .- " Q. ' I-. ff" A1 I' ' f's1:.' ., ' ' 'I-I 1 'Zh--':' f, , I 1 FY., , '- A A nf -V .L- in fa lv , ,mf ' V ,, QS AW, ' I I ' . , ' , , . . 1 2 55? A ' 4 .,., Mr .. . , "" RH' 1.- ..... f f is, V . ,. "" 1 - , - , 0 - -, frm' -, vg:-1 , ' Q -: ,mgisw-1 ,, N", -,ies -i ' 13,1 ,, ,e:1':- ,fig , Q , ' P 2 f"' . , , . ,, X eZ,2,'s,'z:. f:""w,,:ga ,f,a5,E 2 1- ,fwg .,55:9N'P'Xf?' H , , ., Q 1 .,-- f - ' G H -, 2' z ,I . :':',,g1gga L",:11z"3ss 5-? ,.e,: '- :1:,:b' Wffxgwfzw ' - -f ,:w: 2',"::,fvf:fw e z, ',,v 1eg2,. Qk5s,,5212SL f ,,,f Q- 4,,fw,.V .Ni 5 14+ fr , 5 , 3: 1,--6,5 451: 1 1- -Y, ' -,shi f. , f-:gg ' ,-I ,4 ' - f M- ' 9 2 ,1'f1fe'1i 'NiE21:3e i f -X5 -3 A Q ,S ff- KQ,1,yA,yZ,, ., V f ,,,. 5 2.1, , ,,: mg,-,,., gm, ','- xg,-311, ,I 3 35, , ,4 MQ . , f 4,79 nf ,ffQ?51s"w12 5 . -'-5 ffw-2 ' - fy , I-11 H Q4 :, mg,-2 r:-in ff,-:..:,' 321-si VM PSU as ' ' 1- ' ' 1 M Mez,---,:e,:, 1:1 fa, -f HWY I' . ' ,ff WEWQQ X , ' 'Ng l? ' lff,,V,',I'- 'xfW372f 2 7 1 f v gg 3 w-yur 3 49 'Q , an - gpg., ,:.:,,f:.z ..4.3Q, 5f,::,, Q 5 SM' X . , -1 :: :i':ffff", -V w '1i'ii5f3'1?2 ff 1. 4:53,-'P SFA- '- , .+- Pei,-:fp--v. w, ,:,,'-5'-A-, .' f f6-1,'-:Q- -P: xi' 5 1-' is: ' 97 f--- ' Q f , '21g f w22fVg O52 , L6 Q X, " :Q-f: ,,,. .mzgrz .,'-fm zzg 2151 5 f, , , 3 7 f ..,, - '-"' . 1 4 9' 8,1 gli? 3 Z J, f Nwfsff G 2 , if Q .I Y' . if: """ ,iffW113g ' 3 ' Q' if mi ,I Clif' J, Q O X 4 f. . .. , G ly W 7 ? 4,!g,1,59,5 2 A - ,,z'1:7 Af',,g,:' 1925 EVEREND BISHOP CI-IARLIQS IIENRY BRENT Episcopal Bishop 1926 Mm. XVAl.'l'l'lR I7l.,v1"1' COOKE AOH01'1my and Brmzkev' 1927 MR. FRANK BURKETT BAIRD Master IIIIIJCZBI' - 1--1 X f 5 -zz, gg! 5 , k .-kb., , FRANK BURKETT BAIRD ECAUSE of his outstanding civic patriotism and ' vivid public service, the Chancellor's Medal Was this year awarded to Frank B. Baird. He has rendered great service during the Liberty Loan drives and the Joint Charity Campaigns. But great- est of all, he is largely responsible for the Interna- tional Peaee Bridge which has personified civic patriotism and dignified Buffalo in the eyes of the Worldg ff I ...f- -F De- f-Q. , - . . .1 -, X Q -I .-4 -1 rv f-sw' v- -7- rv W, 1-'-'s-'ww X x I l N' v-Ny. I 1-.44 ,. . . . r . 1 vff -,M M' W rg H: - --' 1 v'?x'1k',S 'Haj-I ' s 'V ', ' f- - -11 '- -w Ju' f ' 1 J'-w"vft' fv f? -'F Q 51, 3,3 jg. s ., . .. . -f 412. , ,ff-" A - V--Q m ,, , , - .RJ , 4 Y A 75 3: J Q Vuf-.4FFJi-J fgfjpv- '--'..- 1.' -- fi 2-Q -' --rv 1 ----+-,,,, , , W' ' J, ' ."N X ' J, 'Fw C- I -N. In K ,' my .1 'jf CX X ., , ,1- + . .fg 6 1 X 'xJ fg F,-.NNN 1 f .' Q' v ' QW? hm "Z'?:',,."' 1 - uf' xx' 4 W . 5 xr f FNTIi,A'xf'If P: T0 Blrinlcxxl, SCHOOL X JA, .C ri 1 l W 7 212' lf' ,gg MXX K, E , yy X I X ZR' + X X 54, A ff' ll 8 l 1 Ll I dv ..-1 21-I . . Q-C' ,nu U1-'I'ICI-IRS BARR!-ITTON I AN SOCIETY I!! 1 Barrettonian Society OFFICER-S P1'0S'0dWt - - . rlll'lEOI7ORE Ii. 'l'l'IliliOSKl Vice-Presficlent . . . Joi-IN lt. Gavix 1 U 17'0f43'WU' ' . AnrllifuP.x1'l.'r1,1-in S00'f'0l5CW3! - - - - - . . . WILLIAM iKAVAN.Xl'GIl N most every dental office where the dentist is a graduate of the lini- versity of Buffalo will be found on the wall a certificate of inemliersliip to the Barrettonian Society. These certiicates symbolize the honoring the College of Dentistry's first dean, Dr. George VV. Barrett, ai man Whose sterling qualities and leadership of men has stood as a. criticism for those students before our time and for those to come as the society carries on from year to year. As students most of us hardly realize that many men who have become famous in the field of dentistry have been inenilu-rs of the society Whose meetings We so casually attend. As the story goes, the society was organized one hot spring evening by some of the students of the Dental College over a gallon of beer. It was in the long ago when the brewery was in the rear of the school on High Street and the youth of that time Wore large mustaches and the proverliial mutton chop whiskers. The organization started by a group ol' stiuli-nts interested in the study of dentistry and furthering the best nietlioils mul of the profession has stood the test of time and the same stznularils still hold. Such a group of men with those thoughts in mind can liarclly help but perpetuate to posterity a beneficial and helpful intluenee. Every year in the latter part of April a holiday for the whole school is set aside for the Annual Barrettonian Picnic. lt is the day that the whole school Waits all year to come around. On this day all tliouglits of dentistry are dismissed and the Dean, Faculty and students mingle man tonman in day of sports and a big feed set up by the Facultii FOV Wm" schools it would be a rare coincidence to be served with food by mu-'s faculty but in the society one waits a. year and then it happens. Last r the big event came off at the Hamburg Fair Grounds but we hope it is bigger and better this time. As yet no date is really set but onedoes not have to go far to hear inquiries about the picnic which is the windup ot the year. fi ll' X 'r.,':., I JI W1 C 'D , , , ,wf,.. x Q i 1 1 JAMES A. GIBSON ANATOMICAL SOCIETY 4 k l The James A. Gibson Anatomical Society MEMBERSIIII' Ittlhl. DR. XVAYNE J. lX'l'Wl-II.l., Ffzeiilly lfeprfsffilfilm- DoN.u,.n C. Kmyiss, Pres'zTcZen.t H. tg Iqm-,,:S XVAi.'rlf:n IQING, Vfice-Prcsiclent gl,-,,,-Ki,-,W K,,,,,M.,' R. J. RJICKLOFF, Vficc-P1'e.stz'clc1zt fg,.3t,m,,.3 W. 'p,,,,HN E. Mixoinwezixic, T1-ec1.s1w-m- 3fyxw,.3,,,, IM-,4,,.3 M- S- 1-1-WHS, S0C"'0tfl'7'!! Ylcooxmx lllmsi' I LEROY M- DAVIS th-zoiusiz IC. l,i':oxi-: GEORGE F- SHEEHAN Noicnxx'x GEORGE F. DoNNnr.r.Y .lu-K M, Yami R. P. .IAIWIS l"u.xsi4 All-IYI-IIIS I, J. VVILINSKY tl. A. Sri-:i-in-:xsox l 1 T. OKONIEWSKI HE James A. Gibson Anatomical Society is an lununviry organiza- tion founded in 1918 in memory of llr. -lames A. tlihson, late Pro- fessor of Anatomy in the University of Iinttalo. 'l'he purpose ol' the society is the furtherance of interest in anatomical study on the part. of the student body and the promotion of the welfare ot' the Depart- ment of Anatomy. It was to both of these purposes that Dr. tlihson gave inuch energy and many years of his active life. and it was in honor of this great Teacher with his ideals and purposes that his last class fouiuletl this Society as a living memorial to his work. Membership in the James A. Gihson Anatomical Society is limited to niemhers of the Sophomore and Junior classes in the School ol' Bletlieine who during' their eourse in Anatomy have shown attainment and interest far above the average. Membership is conferred hy the Society with tfnll co-operation of the members of the Department of Anatomy and all ettorts are made to limit. the honor to those previous behavior indicates that they are equipped to carry on in the original purposes of the Society. - The activities of the Society consist mainly ot meetings held on the average of once a month, which are largely taken up with scientific' pro- grams presented by members of the Faculty of the School ot' Rleilicnic. Among those heard this year was a presentation. hy Dr, Wayne .l. .Atwell. Professor of Anatomy, on "Recent Developments in the lixpernnental Study of the Hypophysis Cerehrif' To its other activities, the Society this year added il Dl'f'H1'Hl1l "li H"""P'l lectures to be delivered to the Student Body and the Medical Pi-oliession of Budalo The lecture each year is to he given hy a visiting seientist who is an outstanding' iieure in his field of endeavor. 'l'lu' firstuleeture ot this series was delivered by Dr. George NY. ilUl'Ill'I'. Pl'Ulil'5SUl' ol Allillmlli' a.t the University of Rochester. i Alpha Omega Alpha I I l.. l W---1 iff llllif'-' ,iii ""' ll"" ll lat ll Pill: .- HGNORARY FRATERNITY HE Alpha Omega Alpha is a Medical Honorary Society organized at the College of Medicine of the University' of Illinois, Chicago, August 25, 1902. Its definite mission is to encourage personal honesty and and the spirit of medical research. The organization soon began to expand and at the present time about thirty charters have been granted to Medical. Schools of the highest standing throughout the country. In 1924 the Epsilon oi' New York Chapter was established at the Medical School. of the l'nivc-rsity of Buffalo. The society is an honorary fraternity and membership is based exclu- sively upon scholarship, moral qualifications being satisfactory. Members are elected from those standing highest in scholarship in the fourth year class. this number not to exceed one-fifth of the candidates for gradua- tion. Thus in college such an organization forms a powerful stimulus In seholai-ship. for the student upon entrance to his medical course, soon learns that only rank. honestly attained can secure "this highest honor in Illt' AlOtllf'zll St'llm1l." 1 OFFICERS 1926-1927 Presfzclcnt . . . NORMAN J. WOW, I-1. A, r'. . .' , T160-P713-5151073 - - . . . ROIII-:RT lu. A1.XIll'IlH'llC SGCTGffl-TU-T1'casfu.1'e1- . . . JENNII-: IJ. KIA-LIN, III.. li. Al1mmiSecrc2fa.ry . . EV15I.YXIIl-ZA'l'H A l-I Xl ll Counselor . . . . .HOXYARD OSGUUIJ, A. B., AI. ll. FACULTY MEMBERS SAMUEL P. CAPEN, Ph.D., L.H.D., LL.D. QHOrIO1'a1'yJ C. SUMNER JONES, B. S., M. D. JAMES E. KING, M. D. NELSON G. RUSSELL, M. D. GROVER W. WENDE, M. D. CDeceaSedJ HERBERT U. WILLIAMS, M. D. HENRY R. HOPKINS, M. D. fDeceasedJ DELANCEY ROCHESTER, A. B., M. D. IRVING M. SNOW, M. D. IRVING W. POTTER, M. D. MAUDE J. FRYE, M. D. AUGUSTUS G. POHLMAN, M. D. BURTON T. SIMPSON, M. D. CHARLES G. HEYD, M. D. MARTIN B. LEHNAN, M. D. HOBART A. REIMAN, M. D. JOSEPH A. WINTERMANTEL, M. D. IRWIN M. WALKER, M. D. LOUIS H. CHELY, M. D. HOWARD A. MCCORDOCK, B. S., M. D. LOUIS A. SIEGEL, M. D. AUGUSTINE J. ANNUNZIATA, M. D. DENVITT SIIERMAN, A. B., M. II. W. VVARD PLUMMER, B. I.., M. lm. CLAYTON W. GREENE, A. B., M. lv. HOWARD OSGOOD, A. B., M. II. JOHN V. AVADSWORTII, B. S., M. II. ALLEN A. JONES, M. II. HERMAN G. MIXTZINGER, M. lr. EDWARD A. SIIARP, M. II. TIIEW WRIGIIT, B. A., M. lr. ABRAHAM H. AARON, B. A., M. II. ALUMNI MEMBERS EVELYN HEATII, A. B., M. D. VVALTER H. KROMBEIN, B. S., M. II. MILTON G. POTTER, A. B., M. Ir. J. SUTTON REGAN, B. S., M. II. RONALD F. GARVEY, M. II. FRANCIS J. GUSTINA, M. Iv. VINCENT D. LEONE, M. D. MARGARET M. LODER, M. Iv. JOHN L. NEUBERT, M. ll. CHARLES D. AARON, M. IJ. HARRY G. CI-IERNOFF, M. IP. AVERNER J. ROSE, M. D. JAMES J. SANFORD, M. II. FREDERICK T. SCIINATz,A. B., 31.11 CLASS OF 19127 FLQRIAN J, BRYLSK1 ROBERT E. NIADERER JENNIE D, KLEIN, LL, B, NORMAN J. AYOLF, B. A. i - ,1 " IV.. I Octogen Society l OFFICERS 1374931559715 - - . THOMAS A. PIAYDICX Vzce-Preszclefnt . . , S'1lANI1EY E' WELD Secretary-Treasurer , . JAMES E. Sriiamvoop MEMBERS JAMES F. GORMAN THOMAS A. HAYDEN ALEXANDER KOVACH RALPH PURDY FRANK T. Ricmr JAMES E. SI-IICRNVOUIJ BRUCE E. 'l'1e1oM.-is S'rAN1,EY E. W1-:Ln 5 Q HE Octogen Society was organiged in 1918 by eight members of the Senior Class of the School of Pharmacy. The sole purpose of which was to create a higher scholastic standing among the students and to support the University social and sport activities. Each year successors are chosen from the Junior Class, to "Carry On" the beneficial efforts of previous members. The Octogen banquet of the old a.nd new members was a great. success and the present members not only completed the year triumphantly but the 'new society is oft for a good start. 'With '4Tommy Hayden" as President, the society of '26 and '27 have certainly had a banner year and although it seemed a short time, never- theless many fine things were accomplished in following our motto "Carry Onf, The Octogen Society has always been a very ag'g'1'eSSiV6 9-Hd PUT' suant society and this year proved itself to be so. 'With new members appointed there are great prospects for the next year. t fi 'i kTI'jI. ,Hap "J ' I Q 'D I , Q . ly! KH BLACKSTONE LEGAL SOCIETY X O 's QU X.. - Blackstone Legal Society l-liii OFF'lCfER-S FOR THE YEAR 1926-1927 President '. . . . . lVIII.PHIIiIP C.BARTH Vice-Preszdlent . . . , MR, FRfXNIf LEONE I Secretary . . . MR. NORMAN KIIzOIeIGImIaIsIz Treasiwcr- . .... MR. WILLIAM Aman - Zllafniciger . . . MR. WIxLI,IxcE MII.I.I-:II p Lfflbfrrvwavz. .... MR. MARVIN BIORRISON SUCCESSFUL assistance to student members has been the marked accomplishment of the Blackstone Legal Society. This Society owes its inception to the activeness and the inter- est taken in their legal problems by some fifteen members of the class of 1925 of the Law Department. For the past three 'years members have met every week and lll1'2lSl1Cf.l out for themselves every legal difficulty which presented itself. Then too, there Were many appreciative and a.dvisory talks given to tlIe members by I prominent and respected ,members of the local bar. Only Juniors and Seniors are eligible- to this -body. It is only a limited number of Juniors Who are admitted annually. It is not uiicoinmon to see the-m vie with one another for election. Each year the ranks have been filled by newcomers with stupeiidous rapidity, for the Society has earned and justly obtained the respect not only of the Law Department but also of the other branches of the lllll- versity. I i ' r' 1 Q3 H1- - .ll .M all xv German Club DIE DEUTSCHE' eEsELLseHAE'r Vorrsztzencler ........... H:XlZOl.lJ l'lARliER Stellvcrtretendler Vorsztzevnder . v .... DONALD Mom-:Y Sekretaeram ...... . ANNAMARIE S.xI'1f:nl...xNDl-:lc SChfl-?55m0lS7567' - ---. .... l RVINO tl. fililli Bemter fee die Falmlaet . . . DR. TI-IEODORE B. l'll'IWl'l"l' ' MITGLIEDER DER EAKULTAET DR. SAMUEL P. CAPEN DR. THEODORE B. HEWITT PROFESSOR EDXVARD SOHAUROTH xl DR. .ALBERT P. Sv R- MR. PAUL J . TRUDEL Oneof the most active Organizations of the University of Buffalo has been the German Club. VVe have had talks in German, short plays and much singing of German songs. VVe feel indebted to the Rev. Emil Mueller and his daughters, for the prOgra.m they presented. Rev. Mueller spoke on the Germa.n Thanksgiving and his daughters, and he entertained ns with voice and piano. Some other outside friends who have assisted in the programs are Mrs. Barrell, one of Bulfa.lo's leading soloists, and Miss Gladys Oertel. - Our faculty members have all shared in the programs and made them of high quality and interest. ' The student members have presented short talks, played and sung, and given plays. Of course, all who were present assisted in the consumption of refreshments, playing of games and smgmg of German favorites. GG In XLWQ Xi: gf In qt A II H Us 'ha ' QD U. B. XV L ll tl- , Aexg . U. B. Women's Club President . , OFFICERS 1926-1927 . . . . MARGARET GRIFFITH, Arts, V509-P7'0StCl9W1i . CHARLOTTE .bTCAI.EER, Arts 'J S'0C7"0fWy - . MARGARET NEAL, Arts, A Treasurer . ' , ANNAIX I-IRX7OI-u, Arts, Hostess . ...... ALICE DAKIN, Arts, OFFICERS 1927-1928 Presvlcltent, . C ' . HEIJEN KIRTIJANND, Arts, Vice-P1'6s'id-en-t . ALICE DAIQIN, Arts, Seoretairy . . MARGARET BUCK, Arts, Treasurer . . 'SELMA DAUSCHER, Arts, HE U. B. Women's Club is an organization for all the women con- nected With the University, regular and special women, students. alurnnae, Wives of faculty members, office assistants and women of the faculty. It was formed in February, 1923, by the union of thc Wo111e11's Uni- versity Club. ' ' The purpose of the W0H16117S Club is to further co-educational activity in the University. Thus far it has functioned perfectly in that capacity. Through this organization Freshmen girls and other new students become acquainted with the upper-classmon and soon the strange atinosplu-rc of the College is removed. ' Regular meetings are held thetfirst and third Wednesdays in the Girls',Room, Foster Hall. Supper is served at 6:00 P. M. Theiprogram for 1926-1927 misused A F1-Osh Party, Vewfifmel BHU- quet, Christmas party, Faculty Wives' Bridge and SPCCFU 191'0S'1'f1mS- fl most unusual meeting Wa.s held with the U. B. Me-n's Club. The Men s Club furnished the entertainment which proved verb' 9111053919- NIASQ FW Muse and Masque Presvlolent . . 0 H Vice-Presiclent . Q Secretary . Treasurer . BALLOTIN, FREDA BEYER, WINIFRED BRIZDLE, LEONARD 1 COOK, WILLIAM DEMPSEY, J OSEIJH DOUGI-ITON, GWENDOLYN ETLING, GEORGE FAIRBAIRN, HiELEN FREEMAN, SI-IELDON HAR-BISON, PAUL HAXVKINS, CATHERINE HOLMLAND, THEADORE EIUFSTADER, ROBERT LEVYI, EVELYN LEWIS, GOLDINE MOALEER, CHARLOTTE lWICHEL-, ARTHUR BIINER, NORRIS URERT P. N AGED ATI-IERINE EIAVVKIXS MARIE NELDRNIIER G. NORRIS BIINEK BIONTAGUE, H1XIililE'l' MORRIS, RIOIIARII NAGEL, I'lUBERT NEIIDENGER, BIARIIS OPLER1, LTAURICE PETRINO, FRANK RAINES, CIfIARI.o'r'I'Ic SCI-IXVEGLER, .losIa1'II SMALLENRIIRG, IIARRY SUOR, MARION TABOR, MAE VAN OSTRAND, GER'I'RI'I11-: WATSON, MAROARRT WIIJIIIADI, EVELYN HARPER, MII,DRIf:II MCGRATH, EAR1. BRENT, SCOTT O'DAY, LAURA "Music to rouse fzts, Leitcra-ture to clelvlght us, Eazpressfion to .slzurc u'1fll1 others the ffruits of our creative efforts." HE desire to promote and to furnish a medium of expression for things purely .cultural motivated a group of students, i11 the illlllllllll of 1923, to organize Muse and Masque. Its members are 1iCC'l'lll'ft'fl from the entire university and they are chosen upon the iJ2lSlS of 111'- erary, musical, artistic, or some allied talent.. 'Meetings are held O11e1,- 1-ael1 month at which time the members present an attractive program. Muse and Masque, in the first year of its 01'gH1I1lZ3-tlOll, COI1.ClllCiCCl',x lll the College librarv an exhibition of rare books and Inanuscripts. lhf' . , yr . I , , ,, . following year It inaugurated the custom of holding an annual sprak111g contest In which original orations -are offered and substantial prlzes dll awarded to the best speakers. ' For the past two years Muse and Masque has published a literary 111235133 ZIIIG of high quality containing plays, poetry, STOFICS, Hlld 0853-5 N"f WN admirably supplementing the campus publications. l 1 ' ii I -.- , .., - - The U. B. Club I - President . . . VROOMAN HIGli1',B.ICtl', .29 V206-PT6Sld67tf . . PAUL I-lannison, Arts, ,27 Secretary - - . . HAROLD KELLY, Law, '27 B Treaswer . , FRANK PET RINO, Dent., '27 l OFFICERS HE U. B. Club being composed of students from all the colleffis of the University has afforded one of the best means of bringing tln men together. Meetings are held every Tuesday night at the f c nti il Branch of the Y. M. C. A., through the courtesy of that organifx tion, thus giving their representatives the opportunity to meet the colle 4 men and impress upon them the ideals and standards which every min should know. Mr. Wi11tl11'opi' G-. Martin, the representative of the Y. M. C. A uho I' ' works in conjunction with the officers of the U. B. Club in planning tlu programs of the Club, has been very energetic in striving to improxe tlu organization- In addition to this he is always willing to aid a student in finding workoutside of school hours or to give him advice on any pu plex ing question which he might encounter. A speaker is obtainable for each meeting whose topic is ot especial interest to young men. At the first meeting of the year, the Deans of 'fllf various schools were there and. each gave a short talk. The speakers it ilu means of meeting the heads of the various colleges informally. meeting. ' latter meetings were men who excelled in their particular lines. Mcttinf I were held that were designated, Law Night, Medic Night, Pharnnc N1 lit Dent Night, and Arts Night, when the Dean of each college spoke on hh respective night. This proves very valuable as it affords one of tht fm , . - . - 1 Y X ' , v y ' x ' ' A C e There was an innovation tried this year, Whldl PIOW ed U15 ST Ll 1 . . V. ' ' .' S llf ell ful. This was "Co-ed Night," when the membeis of the gn S . . . . . , P' - Q ,1 0 Organization accepted the invitation of the HU. B. Club to iav J !"sf!'1 . 7 L I f'N CERCLE FRANCAIS 111 1111111 11-Y 111111111z11111'1 11x 11.111 111111111 l'1'1'.w1'1l1- Ill 1'2'1'r-l'r1'x Nflffl' I Il ry TI'I'Il.YIl 1'1'1 11111 1'1'l'1'11' 1"l'.lll1 4 1 1 1.11111g: 11111-1'1's1 111 1111' 1111 ' '2111' 111111111 111 sp1.111111" 1111 1'1111111 1.1111'11. 1 N111' 1111 1111- 11. . 1 5 1 11.1s 1111-11 111111-11111111 111111111 gn 111, 111 .111 111 11111 111111 11111.51 111' 1111'111111'1'x111p 1115 1 1 1 1111111 111111's1's 111111 0111128 il1'l' 111111 .11 1111 11 1 . N ' 1111's111vs 111' 1'V1'l'X 1111111 ' 1111 1 s 1f lll111l11,I 111111'11 11s11z1111 1111111111 1111111 sp1.11101x 1 s111'1. '1'1111 V. 1 1111111 1111 N1'V1'l'2l1 111-1. s . ll1l'I11'S. '1'11111 1Xl1X11l1l 11111s 111 .1 'f1111'1.11 111N111NN11111 18111111 11 11x Xllj' 1111'111'111111 . .111 .111 11111111011:1s1111'1111111x 11 1 IX 1 1 N 11 N 111 1 11 111 PY l ' . .1s1 -111111 11. ' ff NN 1 1 Ill .1111v1111-s 111111 111111. 1 N 11.111111x 111 1111111111111111 Ill 1111 411111 11.1 lffw 111- "Hung 1"1s Nl 1 .1 1111111111 11.1111 1101121111111 .111 111111111 31111111115 111111 1x11111 111111 1111 1111 11111 1111' s111'l1'15' 1111x 1 1 11 ff 11111j111 11 1111111N 1111 1.11111 1 1-1 1 111 s1111f1111f 1111- 1111111111 1 N ' N 1 111 151 1111111111 .11 1111 111.11111 111111 N11 1.11x.111.1 1111 1111 ON Bi On Bir Society OFFICERS . PAU1 A HXRBISON . Roman D Porun MEMBERS JOHN J. DUNN JOHN S. ALLAN PAUL A. HARIHSON ROBERT D. POTTER WILLIAM G. COOK HUBERT P. NIXGEI, Ev1sR13'r'r FLINC1-IBAUGH DONALD MOREY JOHN G-ABBEY CHARLES XVEIGEI, ROBERT H.-XRRING1'ON is X aff! saf- wf . !!! CJ The Alumni Club 3111-1-1- EW University Alumni Associations can boast of a SB200,000.00 Club House for its members. The graduates of the University of Buffalo feel proud of the Alumni Club even though not all are active members of the Club. A U The idea of an Alumni Club was conceived by Walter Platt Coo-ke, Cha.irman of the Council of the University, a.nd now a member' of the Dawes Reparation Commission. With Mr.4Cooke's co-operation a cam- paign for members in the proposed. Club was conducted in February, 1922. Immediately following the campaign' the property at 147 North Street was purchased. I This magnificent property includes two a.nd one-'half acres of land. The spacious 'Club House is built with Italian brick in the style of architecture of the French Renaissance. The grounds of the Alumni Club form one of the most beautiful of Buffalo 's numerous private parks. Clock greens and tennisqcourts add to the attractiveness of the beautiful gardens. I The privileges of the Club House continually used, not only by club members, but by numerous organizations of Alumni and undergrad- uates. Since the University is not yet in possession of a Union or similar Club House the Alumni Club, splendidly .fills the need of such. In the opinion of Chancellor Capen, the Club and its properties have an extremely important place in the growth and development of the University. The Club officers are continually Working on plans to extend the usefulness of the Club to the more recent additions to the ,Alumni body and faculty. The officers of the Club are as follows: . ' J. GALVIN WVOODVVORTH, D. D. S., '17, Presfideint . . Q, Biialo, N, Y. J OHN V. IVIALONEY, LL. B., l01, First Vice-President .' . Buffalo, N. Y. ROBERT P. DOBBIE, M. D., '17, Second Vice-President . . Buffalo, N. Y. LESLIE I. LTARCH, Ph. G., '18, Secretary ,,,, , Buffalo, N, Y, HENRY A. BELL, Ph. G., '04, Treasurer , , Buffalg, N, Z Vi, 2 iid- Alumni Associations The graduates of the University of Buttalo are org-anizetl in their respective departmental Associations, the General Alnmni Association including' graduates of all schools and the college, and the Your District Branch Associations composed of all alumni in their 1-espeetive localities. Dr. A. B. Lemon, Foster Hall, University tfanipns, is the General Alumni Secretary and has at hand all important data eoneerning' alumni aetivity. THE ALUMNI ASSOOlATlON OF THE l.TNlYli1tSl'l'Y OF BUFFALO This association was organized under the name ot the Feileratecl Alumni Association, on University Day, February 22, 1915. The name was changed and a complete reorganization affected Feln-nary ti, 1926. This organization comprises the Alumni of all departments of the Uni- versity. It is managed by a Board of Trustees, composecl ol' live repre- sentatives from each divisional alumni association eleeiecl by sneh division 7 at its annual meeting. The term of office of a trustee is three years. The next annual meeting of the association will he hehl ilnring eonnnence- ment Week, June, 1927. OFFICERS 1926-27 R. W. BOYNTON, M. A., D. D., '23, Pl'f'SZ.fI!'lIf . . Buffalo, N. Y. D. O. NTCTQENNEY, M. D., '05, V1'c:r1-l'1'es17fIc1zt ..... Bnltalo. N. Y. A. B. LEMON, Ph. G., Phr. D., '13, SFUVC'fI17',U-T'I'l'llSIIVFI' . Buffalo, N. Y. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Tc-rm Ezrpifrcs 1.927 H. D. B1.,x1ncsi.1s1Q Jn., LL. B.. '02 7 E. H. CHAMPIJN, B. S., '22 J. L. CI.1svEr.AND, D. D. S., 'll PORTER S'rEisl.1s, M. D., '16 Term Ernpiir-es 1.928 7"'1'H' f5"'1lf""-Y 1"'f7"' F. M. iXCKl'IliSON, LL. B., '92 XV. M. li.xc:ii1's, Il. D. S., '04 OWEN B. Anosrnizoisn, LL. B., '02 EDGAR BECK, M. D., '19 HENRY ADSIT BIl1,I,,,lJIJ, B., '98 B. liO'l'Sl"ORD, lil.. B., '02 JOHN W. GREENWOOD, B. S., '21 li. W. l-lox'x'rox. AI. S.. 2Il F iXBRAM HOFFMAN, D. D. S., '99 0. M. leIt'ein:x', IJ. DBS.. 01 HERMAN l1'LxY, M. D., '09 lilimxii Iioxe, M. D., 14 , v D. t'. MeK1':Nx1':x'. M. D.. On EMILY NVEBSTER, B. A., '23 P. W. Z1i'.i.M.xN, D. D. S., '19 EXECUTIVE COMMl'l"l'EE O. B. 1511'GSPURGER, LL. B. XV. M. B.xCKt's. D. D. S. JOHN Gingicxwoon. B. S. PORTER S'rif:izi., M. D. A. 19. SY. Ph. D.. 'OS 55. 'YW INTERSTATE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION This branch was Organized March 30, 1914, at Elmira, N. Y., and includes a.ll alumni. resident in southern New York and northern Penn- sylvania. Meetings are held annually in either Elmlra, Binghamton, Hornell Or Ithaca. OFFICERS 1926-27 . XV11.i.1.xM -I. TR.A.OY, M. D., '09, Presfifel-evzt . . . . Hornell, N. FERDINAND IIAASE, D. D. S., '01, 'Vice-Presielieinit . . . Elmira, N- Y AIARK IYIINARV, Ph. G., '98, Second Vice-Presielent .... Ithaca, N. Y. ROi.i.iN O. CROSIER, M. D., '00, Secretary - .... Johnson City, N. Y. GEORGE BAXTER, Ph. G., '02, Treasurer ....... Elmira, . Y. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE IJEON M. IYYSOR, M. D., '03, Chairinafn ..... . Hornell, N. F. OTTO K. S'I'EXVART, M. D., '02 .......... Hornell, N. 'Y. W1i.i.1.xM J. LAVVSON, Ph. G., '14 ......... Hornell, N. Y. ROCHESTER DISTRICT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Rochester bra.nch was organized at Rochester on April, 15, 1914, and includes more than four hundred University of ,Buffalo graduates living in and around the city of Rochester. 'OFFICERS 1926-27 A A FRANK Dow, M. D., '85, H onorary President . . . Rochester, N. Y. Wii.i.i.-iM A. RYAN, A. C., '15, Presielen-t . . . . Rochester, N. Y. C. A. TI-IORN, D. D. S., '04, Fivlrst Wee-President . . . Rochester N. Y. EDXVARD IJAIVIB, LL. B., Second Vice-President . . . Rochester, N. Y. JOHN G. IIART, Ph. G., M. D., '09, 1'75?r-cl Vfice-President Rochester, N. Y. ELMER F. O'BRIEN, M. D., '20, Secretary ..... Rochester, N. Y. ARTHUR OQBRIIQN, M. D., '21, Treasfzwev' ..... Rochester, N. Y. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE QNot yet appointedj , CIIAUTAUQUA DISTRICT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION This branch was O1'g'2lIllZ6Cl in Jamestown, N. Y., on November 18, 1914, and includes all alumni residing in Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties and the counties of northwestern Pennsylvania. For the last three ears ' Y annual meetings have been held in June on the shore of beautiful Lake Chautauqua. OFFICERS 1926-27 FREDERICK W. Nissox, D. D. S., '16, Presiklent . . . Jamestown, N. Y. Ci-1.xR1.Es E. GOODEL1., M. D., '10, Vice-P1'esfid.ent . . Ja.mestown, N. Y. GEORGE Biaxcmr.-.N, D. D. S., Second 'Vice-Prersvlolent . GERTRUDE IYEENAN, Ph. G., '03, Thrzfrcl V'l'C6-PT6S?ifl6?24t . . Olean, N. Y. J. II. fiACCAMISI'l, D. D. S., '22, 7'rrea.surer .... Jamestown, N. Y. L. B. B.x'rc1-1Ei.i.ER, Ph. G., '97, Secretary .... Jamestown, N. Y. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE F. E. LiN.x1n.OM, D. D. S., '24, Chairnzan ..... Jamestown, N, Y. W. O. B.xRRE'r'i', D. D. S., '21 ......... Jamestown N. Y. HARRY M. Ri1RENs, Ph. G., '15 . . ' , Falcone,-f N, Y, AIAYNARD W. RI.-KR'I'IN, Ph. G., '23 , , Shinglehouse, Pa. ! I I NN. ll -I gi 45 il ii . I I l I i i l l v CENTRAL AND NORTHERN NEIV YORK ALUMNI ASSOCIATION This branch was organized at Syracuse, N. Y., On Fcbruurv 10, 191 and includes the alumni resident in cent 'C l I l ' I 11 inc northern New YOI-lc. Annu Il meetings are held in Syracuse during- the month Of April. OFFICERS 1926-27 CLAYTON L. RVIPLEY, D. D. S., '18, I'rn.q1'dent , , , v Syiwiviisi-, N. J WM. RAUMBACK, Ph. O., '10, First Vice-I residenl . f QI-IAUNCEY H. GROVES, M. D., '95, Second 'VICE-I,I'PSl'fIPllf GEORGE P. SCI-IAEFER, D. D. S., '17, Secretary ,,,, R. W. YOUNG, Ph. G., '25 Treaisiww' ....... EXECUTIVE COMM ITT EE ORTON E. WTIITE, M. D., '12, Clmfirnuzfnr .... . Sj'1'2lK'llSU, N. v Syraciisv, N. Syl'2lCllSl', N. Syiwiciisc, N. Sy 17101180 N. . . N . 1 v CEDRIC P. VVELLS, Ph. G., '11 .... . Syi-aciise, E. B. COUGI-ILIN, D. D. S., '18 . . . . Sj'l'2li'llSP, N. Divisional Associations MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS 1926-27 HERMAN K. DEGROAT, '97, PresfzTcZemf .... . FRED C. BALLARD, '98, First -V'I06-P'7'8S'l:CZC'lllf . . . MARTIN J. DONVNEY, '99, Second V?iC6-PTG.9'I'CZ6'11f . ARTHUR E. MCCARTHY, '99, Third Iffzfce-Presfzfcleizt . . WIIIIIIAM I. DEAN, '02, Fourth Vfice-President . . ANNA P. WAIJSH, '17, Fifth V'2lC0-1J7'H.9'1.fZ97lf . . LEON H. SIVIITI-I, '16, .Seceretalry ..... JOHN F. IIEALEY, '17, T1'ea.sure1' ...... EMMA L. CI-IAPPELI., Perma-nent Secrciafy . . . BOARD OF TRUSTEES FREDERICK J. I.JARMfEN'TER, '03, Clz.afiv-imma. . . . . ITARRY J. IITUI.-FORD, '98, Sccretfwy . THEW IVVRIGHT, '03 ....... NVILLIAM G. TAYLOR, '93 ......... MARSHALL CLINTON, '95 .......... EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE HARRY G. JOHNSON, '15, Clmfzfrnian- ..... JACOBS OTTO '98 Wivr. T.-GETMIAN, ,oi . . . Buffa O, N. RllSllfOl'Cl, Bllil:2l..O, N. Buii'afO, ROcliesTer, N. BufTa.O N. 7 v Buffa O, N Buffa O, N. BufIa.O, Bulfalri, N. lgllfliilill, N. Bul'fa O N. Bui'faO, lgllflgil O, N. Q BiifIafO, Buffafo, Buffalo, N. The President, Secretary and Treasurer Ex-OHiciis Representative of the Medical Faculty on the Executive Comuiittee 5 Y Y HARRY M. WEED, '03 ............. Buffalo, 1 - I PHARMACY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS 1926-27 II.-IRRY LAFORGIQ, '23, Presficlelnt ..... LESTER BENGEI., '18, First Vice-Preszfleoat . II.xGD.x1,1-:Nm SC1'1N.xB131J, '22, Second I7'll06-P7'0.9'I-d8llf . . CURTIS C. FINNEY, '15, S0crefa.ry CARI. F. GR.-YMENS'l'E'I"l'I'IR, '25, Trmsz l7'G7' . . EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE E.xRl.1-1 H. I'.uzK1sn, '94, Cllflfliflllll-ll' .... I-IENRY G. BIQNTZ, '80 . . . CIf1z'1'1s C. Flxwx 'Iv JICSIJIC I. I SIDNEY C. -I,xM1':s, '04 IJAIV ALUMNI' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS I026-27 l1w1No R. 'l'l'lMl'I.IC'I'ON. '09, P'I'C?SICIl'7If . . . W.x1.'1'I:1z A. IYI'IND.XI,I., '21, Secremry l,llIRIS'l'OI'lll'lli 'B.x1,m', '10, T'l'I4!lSIl-I'0'l' Cm' M. IAI1fo1A11cY, '07, l'1'esifIv1zl DENTISTRY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS I926-27 G. G. PRI'r4f1-1.-xlm, 'IS, V1'c0-l'1'c.s1'cIo11I . . PAUI.. Zu,1.M.xN, '10, Rvrorflzng Sccroiary . Wmsmcv lhcflclfsy, '04, 7'rvf1.wurm EXECUTIVE I" C W-xlqlslvll-:l,1u, '24,Clm1'rm v1'Rc'F1z '10 IJOXXI xxn, 03 D, 1, . ll. II. Ml-:ls C E. I ' . . . II. II. MIf1.c,:,x11x', 0.3 . E. C. 'l'lIOMl"SON, 'I0 . II. YV. BIACK '00 . Ill! . COMM ITTI4 B ARTS AIJIIMNI ASSOCIATION Buffam, N. Y. war: www wwwww :awww 'SC 'SSS 552-'GS SZ'-::'C5C7 mmm :Qmmmm :amrrzra Q VO YO vO P YO XJO VO MO Q0 YO v0 UO 9 SS SSS WSWS ZZ Buffalo, .Y. Buffalo, .Y. Buffalo, N. Y. BufI7a,lo, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Batavia, N. Y. . Wa1'1fe11, Pa Rochester, N. Y -l.xx1-:Y R. SMICRING, '22-'24, I'wmwz'fImzl ....... Buffalo, N. Y .loux T. IIou'1'oN, '26, Vice-l'rvs1'fIm1t . , Buffalo, N, Y Mummcn II. XYllI'1A'I'ON, '24, Sccrcfu-ry . . Buffalo, N. Y V1ol.,x C. Ilrlxrlx, '25, Tl'l'lISlll'I'7' ....... . Buffalo, N. Y EXECITTIYE COMMITTEE wi wt- - .lollx T. AVA! c II 94- 3:9 r', ... Y1. IFOWICN, '23 .IOIIN NY. Gm-Ilfixwoon, '2l ClH'll.l'lHf17L W my ORCDRITIES 'L 5' Lf?-'.3 ' V, p elf! J W4 gy' EA, S, XX I Q Xi X V' I I 4.- v I I E l 2 I 1 I l I I I I 'I IMI Ill CLASS OF 1927 HENRIETTA CHRISTE N DOROTHY DINSMORE HELEN FAIRBAIRN DOROTHY GILLESPIE PAULINE MUNSEY LAURA O'DAY MARGARET WATSON CLASS OF ELOISE CAMPBELL HILDA HARPER CATHERINE HAWKINS ESTHER KOEHLER A NNAMARIE SAUERLANDER Slgma Kappa VLASS Ol' 151251 MARGARET ANTIIONY BEATRICE CARNEY ANNA LOUISE FOSS ESTIIER HILI. ILMA LESTER ELIZABETH NIANSI-'II-Il.lJ 'ATIIERINE BIAYER 1928 ALICE O'I,0UGllI.IN GULA XVOOIJ FLASH Ulf' 151:50 VIOLA STANEII-:LII PLE I JI I 15 IG MAY TABOR , , GERTRUDE VAN OSTRAND JANET MAC"0M'I" ALPHA, 1874 ..................... ............. C olbg College, TfVa.terI'ille, Me. BETA AND 'GAMMA ...... ...I.,........,..........,......4. C onsolidated with Alpha DELTA ................. .....,......... .....,......,..........................,..... B o ston U'niveo'sit.g, Boston, Mass. EPSILON ...... ............,...........,................... S gvacuse U7'Ll'U9?'Sll!l, S graeuse, N.Y. ZETA ............ ......... G eofge Washivzgton Unioefrsitg, Washzfvzgtrm, Il. C. ETA .......... ....I.........., I llinois We-slegan Univemwitg, Bloo-Irzington, Ill. THETA ....... .,...........I................. U niversitg of Illinois, Clzampaign, Ill. IOTA -............ ............... U 7'lf'll9'l'S'll?f of Demfer, Dem'e'r, Colo. ............ClLa9'tefr S1w'fI'emIererl, 1911 KAPPA ....... LAMBDA MU ........... NU ................ X1 ...................... OMICRON ........, P1 ................. RHO ........... SIGMA ...... TAU ................ UPSILON ......... PI-11 ................. CHI ............. PSI ........... OMEGA .. ...............Unifvevsilg of California, Befrlceletl, Cal. ..........Unioers'lt'g of Washington, Seattle, Wash. ..........................Mlddl6b?L7'jl College, Miclcllelmlzerg, Vt. ....,...................Uniifefrsitg of Kansas, Lawfrence, Kan. College, Meclfofrcl, Mass. ....................Lela-'nd Stanfovrl Unlioefrsltg, Palo Alto, Cal .... Randolplz-Macon Woman's College, L2j71.Cl1l7Zl'7'fj, Va. .................Sout-lzern Methodzst Unzoeosztg, Dallas, I .............................Unifvefrsvltg of Indiana, Bloomivzgton, Infl. .....OI'egon Agriczlltzwal College, Coo'1IalliS, Ore. ........,.Rlz,ocle Island State College, Kingston, R. I. State Unifvefsitg, COl7l,7lll71l.S, Ohio . .' b. , . ,im U7l'lUe7'S1l'lf of Wfzseoemsm, Maelzson, H . Collegelfoo' Women, Tallahassee, Fla. ALPHA BETA .............. .................,.....I.... - ........... U niversfity of Buffalo, Buffalo, N. I. ALPHA GAMMA ....... ..,.,,..... I 'Vasllington State College, Pullman, Wash. ALPHA DELTA ...........,. .......,...,. C l1z.ioe-Tsitjf of Tennessee, If7l.0nl7'l'lllU, Ten 11. ALPHA EPSILON ...... ..............,.........,.............. Iowa State College, Ames, lou-a ALPHA ZETA .............I. .. ....... .....,.......................... C ornell U7ll1'Cfl'Sll11, Ithaca, N. Y. ALPHA ETA ........,.... ...... .,,., I l niversfltg of Minnesota., tVI?:727l.0ll-IJOIIS, Minn. ALPHA THETA ......,... ........ ............ U 71 iversitg of Louzfsville, Louisville, Kg. ALPHA IOTA ........... ................... , ................. IV Iiami Uni1'e'rsitg, Offxforfl, Ohio ALPHA KAPPA ........... ................. L 77l'l'U6'I'S'lt.ll of Al9lI'l'flSIffl, Lincoln, Neh. ALPHA LAMBDA ....... .......,.............................. A delplzxi College, Broolrlgn, N. Y. ALPHA MU ............. .....,... U niversity of Michigan, Ann. Afrhofr, Mich. ALPHA NU ............... ........................... U vzivefrsitg of Montana, Missoula., Mont. ALPHA XI .........................,............... - ............................. U1z:i1.'e'rsitg of Iowa, Iowa Citg, Iowa ALPHA OMICRON .................. S0'tll-Il,6?'I"7L Brancll, U. of Ca-lifor'm'a., Los Angeles ALPHA PI .....,................ ..................,..... O llio W'oslegan U7l.l1'C'7'Sll-ll, Dela-ware, Oh io mi f I' fl' IJ! 1-1- I' 1 PHI SIGMA SIGMA 4' 04,2311 Phi Sigma Sigma 741 VV. FO1'l'j' Street Founded at I-1111111-1' College, Now York Vitv, IEIIZI Presicl-ent . . Vice-PresiIfcle'IIl . SecI'el'ary . T7'0CLS'lL'7'0?' . 2 .CLASS OF '27 ANNA MAISEI. EDITH SAPONVITCH CLASS OF '28 ANNE GAMIIER ESTEIIIIE GOIIDBERG EIIEANOR MORRIS ROSE MORRISON EVEIIYN SERNOFFSKY ALPHA .....,.. BETA ........ GAMMA ....... DELTA ......... ..............,.......... O FF I C 'E I1 S . . . . . . .ANNA li.XlSliI,, '27 . IQDITII S.II'OwI'I'c,:II, '27 . IGVI-:INN SIQIINOI-'I-'slim '28 . ELEANOR AIORRIS, '28 NIGMISERS CLASS 01" '2!l IGI,I ...I I ISIOIIIQ IJORO'I'IIY f,il,.XY3l.XX ARA COIIIJN R,Ir'I'II SCIILOSSAIAN CLASS OI" '30 GI:R'1'IuiImI-1 I3I.I-:Ic:IIIf'I-:I,II I5IaR'I'I'I.x f'I.,KYMAN DORIS COIII-xx BIIRIAM CliIS'l'AI.l, l3ORO'1'I'IY FINIQJIIIQIIII ANNIE SCIIRI-:IIIIQII CHAPTER ROLL Himtefr' College, New Ylffli' Cilg ...........,...........JCLClI7S07l College, Bosio-11, Moss. .......lVC7,lF YoI'l.' U'ni'zIeI'sitg, New Yoirlr Citg .. ..... Uvzflvemitlf of Buffalo, N. Y. EPSILON .....,............,.....,.........I. ....,.............. .......I............. A d elplzi College, Bfroolclgrz, N. Y. ZETA ......... ........... L 7-1'LIive'I'si1fg of Cfllifofrnirl fSo1Itlze1'fn Bircmclzij, Los Angeles ETA .......... ,..........................,............... D v7'll'l'8'I'Sll--Il of Miclzigmz, .-'inn Azlmor, Jliclz. ' TI-IETA ........ ........ ........................... U 7 I?:178'7'Sll-ll of Illinois, Lllllflllfl, Ill. .........,..............Ll??'l1'C"l'S'Z'Z'!f of Piftslmfglz, Pitthlnzrglz, Pu. IOTIA ........ KAPPA .....,... ......... LAMBDA M U ............ NU ........ X1 ...... ....,......Uvziveirszftg of PenIi,sgl'wz:Iziu, PlIl'lflClL'l11lllll, PII. Geov'ge Wclslzivzgton U7Z'lfl'C7'Slljl, Wczslziizgton, D. C. ...........U7Z.l1'8'I'Slf-ll of Civzcimzatli, CincI'nncI,ii, Ohio .....,..,U7?'l'L'6'I'Slfjl of Cirlifornia, Berlfcleg, Cul. ..,........,...,.....,..ITemple Unz'r'ersifg, I-Jllllflflfllllllll, Po. - ALPHA GAMMA DELTA APA Alpha amma Delta 1.1il. 1927 was KATHERINE L- JUNG BESSIE KAUPER ADELAIDE M- GANDER PIIYLLIS CIIOEAI xx BARBARA KIMBERLEY ALICE LIVINGSTON HELEN KIRTLABD CHARLOTTE RAINS 1929 19:50 VENORMA LITTLE RUTIAI GLYNN LUZERNA MCCLINTOCK HELEN MONIIO RUTH REDDICLIFFE JEAN WALLACE MIARIAN PARKS JOSEPI-IINE SAIITII ALICE XVALLACE PATRONS AND PATRONESSES ME. AND MRS. PHILIP BEGKEP. GOETZ DR. AND MRS. DANIEL SQIIIRI MR. AND MRS. THOMAS F. COOKE ALPHA ...... ........................,........,.. U nitlersfitg of Sgnctezcse, Sgfrucuse, N. Y. BETA ...... ......,.............. L Unwuersttg of Wzsconsin., Madison, Wis. DELTA .....,...... , ........... U?21?J9'l'SZljj 'of M znnesotcl, Minneripolis, M inn. EPSILON ..... ............... U nfwersztg of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. ZETA .,.......... .........,....,.....,,..... - .I... O lilo- Unizieiwzftg, Athenx, Ohio ETA ............ THETA .....I. IOTA .....,... KAPPA ........I. LAMBDA ......, MU .........II... NU .....,.......... XI ....................L OMICRON ........ PI .................. RHO ........ SIGMA ,...... TAU ,................ UPSILON ...... PHI .....,....... CHI ...... PSI .............................I..... OMEGA ....................... EPSILON ALPHA EPSILON BETA .....,.. ALPHA ALPHA ..... ALPHA BETA ...... DELTA ALPHA ..... GAMMA ALPI-IA ........ DELTA BETA ................ ALPHA GAMMA .......I. DELTA GAMMA ,......... ALPHA DELTA .... DELTA DELTA ..... GAMMA BETA .......... ........ ALPHA EPSILON ALPI-IA EPSILON .........Dep:Ifztw UnineI'Sitg, Gweencustle, Intl. Gonehev' College BCl'll'lll10l'f', MII. ..........Uni've1'sitg of Wclshington, Seattle, Wash. .....,.................,.Alleghxtng College, Meflfflfville, Pu. ..........No1'thwesteen LMI-1i'IIC7'Slljl, ElltL7ZSf07I, Ill. . ..................... Brenftu College, Cf!!-Z'71CSl'1-llll, tin. ...................Boston University, Boston, Maxx. ..........,....,Illinois VVeslega.n, Bloomington, Ill. ,.......UniveI'sitg of CalifoI'niIl, Berlceleg, Cal. College, CGCITZL7' Rapids, Iozuu ...,.,.................Iowa Stclte College, Ames, Iozvu .. ..... Unz'veI's'ltg of Illinois, Clzrznzpfz-ign, Ill. ..........................U?'L'l?.lC7'S' of Toronto, Toronto, Ont. .......................Unizievsitg of Olflcthomu, Nofrman, Olflu. ........OI'egon Ag7'lC1Lll?l.?'flfl College, Co'rz'nll'is, Ore. ...........MlClLl,ClCL7Z Stclte College, East Lansing, Mich.. .......,.....U7Z'l'Ll67'S'lltjj of Alflellfllllflf, Uniretrsitg, Ala. ..............................U7?fl'UC7'S'l'ljl of Ak'ron, Alctron, Ohio ..........Uvtiversitg of llflSS0ll-VI., Colnnzliiu, Mo. ....UniUersitg of Kansas, L!lll'I'ClICC, Kun.. .,.............,....University! of Buffalo, Buffalo, N. Y. .....,,......University of Miclzigun, Ann Arbor, Mich. ........U71Il'l'67'Sll.ll of S. Ctt.l'l'f'0'l'7?,, Los Angeles, Cul. ...............U7ZZ'7.'C7'Sll'Il of Georgia, Athenx, f1t'0I'!ll.ll ...........l'Vll-Sll-'l7Iglf07l Stole College, Pullman, Wrzslz. .........U7Z.?:178'l'S'llj1 of Cincinnati, Cincintnrzti, Ohio ..........JlflO'IZfCL7ltl, State College, Bozeman, Jlont.. Wesleyan, Delalware, Ohio ,,.,,W,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,..Unifvefrszitg of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. ..FlofriclcL State l'VOIllCl7llS College, Tallahassee, Flu. Univefrsitg of Cal., Soutlzern Brunch, Lox Angeles ,................l'VCSl"HIl"7ISlC'I' College, New II"z'ImI'ngto'n, PII. W Q'-AQQ-G.Q.M.Qx,.v.w L5 IL1 DHLJZZELZ xi 'D SIGMA DELTA TAU I lil ' f ' Wx YY EA Sigma Delta Tau DELTA CHAPTER Founded 1917, Cornell University 1 FREDA BALLOTIN, '27 ELIZABETH BOFF, '27 EVELYN LEVY, '27 DOROTHY KAVINOKY, A GOLDINE LEWIS, '28 CHARLOTTE EICHLER, Q ROXVENA BLOCK, '29 A AAALPI-IA ........... BETA .......... GAMMA ......,.. DELTA ....... EPSILON ....... ZETA ........... ETA ............... V FHETA ............. IOTA ............. IQAPPA ............. SOROR IN FACULTATE ADELLE H. LAND PATRONESSES MRS. CHARLES BOOK MRS. ERNST LEVI MRS. DAv1D B. LEVI ACTIVE MEMBERS DOROTHY CRISTALL, '29 LILLIAN GREENFIEL-D, '29 CLARICE SPARBERG, Law, '29 '28 ESTHER AVEINTRAUB, '29 NITA. GOLDBERG, '30 29 N'I'TA LYONS, '30 DOROTHY SIMON, '30 CHAPTER ROLL V Unfzfversity ..,......Ufnivcr.s1'ty of Pem1,.syZvamTa ..............07w70 Sta-fe Unfifuersity ........,........Unfzfvemity of Buyfalo ............,.....University of C'incmnaTt1I ............1Q0m7.Sfiana State Umlversfity ,,,,,,,,,..,.,.,..,,,.U71-'1:'U67'87:tfU of Ge01'gia ,,,,,,.,,.,.,,Umifversity of N ebmska- ...........,......,,..McGQAlL Umfverszty fnfiversizfy of Ill1in.0'z's v" P1 KAPPA PHI E! 0 Founded at the Univ01 'si1'y of 'lluffalo in 1921 NVINIFREDD IBEYER N ORMA LARRISON CHAMOTTE MCALEER ET1-IEL PARIS C ATHA R I NE JOSSELYN A,NN,xBE1,1,E BEUZENBURG IXLICE DAIUN , V IXNITA LGWVELL GEORGINA BINGERT V11zG'1Nm BODDY NIABEL GOODING EDN,-x BROWNELL, '30 PAT ROSEMAICY RICH IJ0Ro'1'11Y STANI M,x1c.1om' SIv1,1,n JANE V.xNAusD.x IAIELEN SCI 1 MIIYI GRACE 'l'1s:15'1'15lc ALICE Proxim' I IE1.EN Tomey D1Q1,1..,x H,xN1,m', R-ONS AND PATRONESSES DR. AND MRS. R.. XV. BOYNTON MRS. C. H. THTTRBER MR. AND Mus. VAN DEVENTER " THETA CHI Theta hi Theta Chi Sorority was Founded in 1921 ACTIVE MEMBERS 1927 HARRIETIF. MON1'AGUE DOROTHY M. GOODMAN GLADYS N. LIULL GVVENDOLYN DOUGHTON 1928 L-UCILE WHITNEY ANNE AIJETIiE GOUIID SIIZANNE BINGHAM RUTH LAWTON if u - , HJ 1,412 lf fi N' . 1929 V ERNESE BENNETT IIEIJEN JOHNSON ERMA HOMEYER MARTHA RIOBERTSON JANE XVEYAND MARGARET HOIINIES MARGARET BUCK 1930 LIIJIIAN C. DIEBOLD JULIA REARDON MARGARET ARRUTHNOT 'PASSIVE MEMBERS WINIIFRED ROWIIEY HILL BETTY HOFFMAN NORTON CATHERINE ROWLEY LAUTZ Bill--DEED XVHEATON EVELYN PRYOR EL-OISE POOLE CORINDA GAGE BACHMAN ELLA BOROHARD J EANNETTE SWIFT ROSALIE IKARNER MARGARET WHYTE R-UTI-I SYVEETLAND JOSEPI-UNE LI'1'TI.E Iil'1"I'ING1-IR MIIIDRED TEMPLETON MARY LOUISE BIAIJPBIE ELXRION NIACDONALD RIUTH PETRIE AIIICE L.-XNGNVORTIIY IIUCILE JAMES DOROTHY MZCIQEE DOROTHY BUCKLIN ADEIJAIIJE ROBERTSON IQATHARINE XNILLIAMS I I NU SIGMA PHI I Nu Sigma Phi M I fl C H AP 'I' E R I OFFICERS 1"'0S'lCZ0l'H5 - - . HELEN G. W.x1.K1f:1e iV'l00-P"0S5fl0"Hf - . . AI.'1'.X M. Klsl.l.x' S907'0?5CW'.ll - - . EUGENIA L. FRONCZAK Treasurer . . JIGNNIE D. IQLICIN . ACTIVE MEMBERS HENRIETTA C. CHRISTEN '1'1-ug1,MA TBHOQIQ ALTA M- KET,-LY EUGENIA L. 1DRONCZAlx JENNIE D. KLEIN IIEIJCN G-. XVA1.K1cl: ALPHA ........ BETA .......... GAMMA ........ . DELTA ............ EPSILON ....,,.,. ZETA .......... ' ETA ............ TIIETA IOTA ........... KAPPA ..... . LAMBDA ...... .MU .......... . NU ....., X1 ........ SOROR IN FACULTAfl'E JHOIIANNA M. DIECKMANN C H AP TE R R-O LL ............L77ll'l'G'I'Sll11j of Illinois, Chicago .................Rnsli Medical College, Chicago ..........Unii2ei'isity of Indiana, Inclizznapolis ............Co'eigh.ton Univeis-ity, Onzalia, Neb. Univeirsity, Chicago U'nivoe'sily of SOZLULGTTZ Califoinia, Los Angeles State University, Iowa City ,.................,,,.,Western Receive Univeisity, Cleveland .Boston Uni'vei"sity, School of Medicine, Boston ......................U?2l?J97'S7:fQlj of Califoinia, San Fiancisco .......................VVasl1.ington Univeisity, St. Louis ,............University of BZLEGZO, Buffalo College, Boston ............Uniisefrsity of Colorado, Denvei eff? . 1 ,. KM i ZETA TAD ma l'1'esficZe-nt . Vice-Prasfz'clefnt . Secretary . Il'rmsm'ev' . II'l:Sf0'9'fCL71f . MRS, GEORGE GIFFORD MRS. C. AR'FPIT7R EIQDEN SENIOR JEANNETTE AIREY JUN IQORS MARY SHERVVOOD R1UTI-I STE1GERWA1.D lVfA.RIE WELKER SOPHOMORES M,xRGARE'r BURTON IIONORE MCMULLEN . BIARG.-XRE'1' E. Sill-ZIIXVOUD . E1.E.xNOR. L. I-Buzmx . Rlf'I"l-I A. Bmxlcs . MARG,xR1f:'1' E. N1f:. x1. HE1,EN Golcllm-1 M Rs. GIQORG1-1 l'3m1:w1-nn, MRS. YV11.1J,x1m Iioxxm F RAE H M E N C1,1sMEN'1'1N1-1 I 31':1zc:11'ro1 FRANCIS Joyul-1 RUTH 1WUEI,I.AIQli KA'1'1-IARINE POl'Pl'INI3ICl EDN.-X XV1c1,K1c1z PLEDGE LlN1 m,x GOEI-11,142 MA KY IJA M M lCll'l' o-+ -- X K. ,,, 4 Qu' xy-,L 5 Ti' -D A I PS1 - A- -f -It-- T-fi-- ,, , ,ln ,Y , -A,-, ,. , fl? 115 Phi Psi Founded 1923, Univm-sity of I511iTnlo MARGARET GR1FF1'1'H NIILDRED IIARPER IRMA IDIAYES DORIS BDNDRR MZARTHA BESCHEL SEIJMA DAUSGHRR G-LADYS BARDEY AANITA BAUCKUS EVRLYN FRASER ANNIE FICIQENZIE OLGA BIURRAY 1333 NVCST Norlllrup Place CLASS OF 1927 CLASS OF 1928 CLASS OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930. H ONORARY MEMBERS M. ARLOUINR CHESEBROUGH EVRLYN IiI'NIil.l'I ANNI-1 Sw. -IAMIQN DORIS Wrzmclc FIARY S'l'ICKl,Ii MA RGA R1-:ir IRI A N N R EVRLYN .I UNO El.1zA1sI5T1--I RADD1-:R IJRDNDRA S.'l'IOliI,lC R-Uil'1R1 TDM LINSDN PIONOR XVIDLI-:R AIYR'l'I,E XVILCOX AIARIAN PLoss PATRONS AND PATH ONE SSE S MR. AND NIRS. CHARLES B. LEE 'MR. AND MRS. EDXVARD G. SCHAVROTH D R. AND FIRS. JULIUS PRA'l"l' . I , ,-, -W ,,,,W ,MN7,, A ,NN, ,,,-,,,,.,A. ! REU PIII B111 Beta Phi MEMBERS lm IMA BROCK, Med., '28, P7'6.5ZCZ!'Ilf CAROLYN C. QKAHN, Arts, '27, Semetm If ESLIIER R. BAKER, Law, '27, Trcasznm LII IIAN FRANKLIN, Law, '20 Nunn LEVITAN, Library Scicnct H11 Dx, BRAUNsTE1N, Arts '30 7 HEI EN BIINTZ, Arts, '30 '1 EVF1 YN BARBER, Arts, '30 A C14 LIA WEINBEIQCS, Arts, '30 ALUMNAE EVA .RAVN1'rzKY LEYA GREENBERG SONIA BEAR RUTH ZACKEM ROSE ROSENTHAI, PATRONE SSE S MRS. J OSEPH BRUMBIERG MRS. I. SETEL DIES. BERNARD F1NKEr,s'rE1N B P fl? Beta Gamma Phi Presficlent . Vice-Presicleozt Secretary . Treasurer . CLARA DEMBOWSKI, '27 ROSEMARY KANE, '30 IRENE KISH, '28 MAXRIAN KLEIN, '27 ELSIE KLENKE, '28 CARLOTTA IKOBERLEIN, '27 BTADELINE KUREK, '28 FRANCES MCGILL, '28 CATHERINE MILLIER, '28 AIIVINA MORSE, '30 OFFICERS . . . . CARI.O'I"I'A KOIAI-:RI.EIN . o Q - 0 0 MEMBERS . JULIA ZAWAIIZKI . ZHARIAN IQLEIN CLARA DEMIIOWSIQI MAE NAPIERALSII1, '27 PIIYLLIS SCIIECK, '27 CASMIRA SUCIIOCKI, '28 MARY SXVEENY, '30 NIONICA SXVEENEY, '30 MARIE X7ASTOLA, '28 FRANCIS NVILKINS, '30 MARY YOUNG, '28 JULIA ZAWADZKI, '27 HON OR-AR-Y MEMBER-S WIIIIJIS G. GREGORY, M. D., PII. G. FLORENCE L. PENFIELD, PH. C., M. S. :HAROLD HEVSTITT, PH. D. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MABEII I. BROXVN LOUISE F. GREGORY FACULTY ADVISERS A.. BERTRAM LEMON, PHAR. D. LEON M. BIONELL, PH. C., CH. E. I Fraternities P1'o'fess1ional- Gcnemlr. NU SIGMA NU OMEGA UPSILON PI-II PI-II RHO SIGMA PI-II LAMBDA KAPPA BETA PHI SIGMA KAPPA PSI DELTA CHI PI-II DELTA PI-II XI PSI PHI DELTA SIGMA DELTA an 2 a -1 I fx RIS BETA CIII EPSILON SIGMA KAPPA DELTA Psi KAPPA NU SIGMA ALPIIA MU ALPI-IA PI-II DELTA BETA SIGMA RIIO PHI THETA PSI OMICRON ALPHA TAU ALPI-IA PIII TIIETA ffl' -'X W' ' S x :Fifi IW : ll' C. wi -. .. I I fw H NU SIGMA NU CLASS OF 1927 ERNEST L. BRODIE ROBERT E. MADERER JOHN B. MOREY ARNOLD PAIGE MILTON A. PALMER RICHARD F. RICHIE CHARLES L. STEVENS J ULIAN B. .TROTTER . RICHARD L. SAUNDERS CLASS OF 1928 FLOYD C. BRATT FREDERICK S. CRAIG GEORGE F. ETLING CLYDE W. GEORGE u Sigma u I. C. I. CHAPTER, JOHN K. HAWES DONALD C. KEYES HOW.ARD C. KEYES FREDERICK A. LOWE ROBERT A. OLSON BRUNO G. SCHUTKEKER HOWARD L. STOLL .ALBERT J. VOELKLE CLASS OF 1929 JOHN A. ANDERSON J. EMERSON DALEY NORMAN G. GRIDLEY VROOMAN S. HIGABY EVERETT A. JACOBS L. MAXWELL LOCKIE XVILLIAM G. STEIN FREDERICK A. STOESSER GORDON A. STEPIIENSON GEORGE W. THORN RAMSDELL GURNEY CLASS OIT' 151230 DR. RUFUS R. HUMPHREY XVINFIELD BUTSCII R. EDWARD DELBRIDGE TI-IEODORE E. GOEMBEI. MAYNARD W. GURNSEY THOMAS M. LE.-XIIY J. KENNETH NEALON SIIEPARD QUINBY ALPHA ......... BETA .......... DELTA ...........,... EPSILON ......... ZETA .............. ETA ..,.......... THETA ..... IOTA ....... KAPPA ...... LAMBDA ...... MU ......... . ..... XI ............ ............................ CHAPTERS ...........Uil'L'l1J67'.S'lljj of Michigan Detrozt College of Medicine ............Univwsitg of P'llfSb1L7'glL ......Un.iveo'sity of Minnesota ...........No7'tlLwestewz U71.l77C7'Sl'fjl of Illinois of Cineivzozutl ............Collcge of Phys. and Szwg., N. Y. C. Medical College .........................U'rLive9'sitg of IJC7Z'lZSjjl'UCL7l.'llL University .........Bellevae Hospital Medical College OMICRON .............................. ALPHA KAPPA PHI ...... ............... V Vaslzington Univefrsity RHO ......................................... SIGMA ...................... TAU ................... UPSILON ...... PHI .............. CHI ...................... PI MU ........................ BETA ALPHA ....... BETA BETA ........ I. C. I. ..................... . ., .... BETA DELTA ..................... BETA EPSILON DE.LTA EPSILON BETA BETA THETA ....... BETA IOTA ......... BETA KAPPA ....... IOTA ETA ......................... BETA LAMBDA ........ BETA MU ................ BETA NU ............ BETA XI ..................o..... BETA OMICRON ............4 Je'1?'eo'son Medical College ............................VVestern Reserfve ....................Coo'w ell Umv eos-L tg Stcmfowl .........U71?l'UG7'S7lflIf of Cflllf-0'I'7Z'l7CL ........Uni'ue0'sitg of Toronto .............Uni've1'sitg of Vifrgivzlia .......,.U1ziveo'sltg of Mwrglavzcl H oplcivzs ............University of Buffalo ......................Uni'ueo'sitg of Iowa ........Univev'sitg of Nebraska U1zi1'ev'sitJf ...,.,...........I'ndiafna Uvziversvltg ...........Unive9'slty of Kansas ...............Tula9ze U7?,l1JG?'S'Zltjf .........Unive1'sit.g of Texas McGill U'7Ll'L'6'l'S'ifQIj ..........Unive1'sity of Oregon ...........Umlveo'sitg of Colorado University of Wisconsin ..A 'lk C 'D -1 - OMEGA UPSILON PHI ll U! Xl lil -. " R fx 1 1 U Omega Upsilon Phi SILNIORS AIVERSON, DONAID R GOETAMAN, APTIIUR IQNAPP LESTER S KIBIER WIIIIAM I IR MAOCOMB WIIIIANI IIFKIMIAN IVAN WOIF, NORMAN PAINTON, J FRFDFRICK AOEIIFR C1-IARIFS UI RICH, AI FRED IVIORRFII I RExFORD QOPHOMORES CIARK IIAMII PON DOXVNIY RICHARD IDI 1 SWORTH, JAMES FII SINGER RAYMOND FYNER, JAMEb WAGNER GEORGE IVAI 'IERQ AIBERT AEIINGKI JUIIUS A1 IHA .....,. BEIA .... III. ..... . RHO ...... J AI,P,IfIA AI PI-IA ,,,.. . LI SILON .....,......... IOIIA .......... SIGMA ..... LAMBDA ...... UPSILON .... DELTA ...... -ll I IIA CII XPPI I N IJIRAS Oux DLXN, G1 OIIOI MIM XVKIIIIM INAOIIIW IIOR11 num x Om 1 il cmnx I I X I IIIIISIINI X I1 IDAGI L I lxx OIIGIIIRII L uw OROA wsm If R Nh lx ISI ul Orm s C IRI II RION A111111 R I III NV 1111 RM-IMO, PRIMA IIIIOR RIOIIIRD U1 RICII HI RBI Rl VOIIX PRPDIRICII CHAPII ER ROLI 11111 fI.'1'f'lj Of Ol Il.. .1110 CI'IIC,l'll-IIIIIIT I 1i1g1'111'11 Jcffm son I1111-11.s,1fI1111f1111'11 ......,.IS111'11t I 0111.8 C111lif01 1111.1 11111111117 Slnnfozrl Mfi111111s0f11 G110rg111'011'11 T11111p11' C'0I1n'111ZO 1-,af Phi Rho .Sigma I 1886 ALPHA OMEGA DELTA CHAPTER ARTHUR ELSAESSER HERBERT BERWALD EIVDAVSEEE E322 GEORGE FRANK LEW-ELLYN GERSTNER IQENNETH JAHRUS JULIUS LAYER GERALD MURPHY ' HOWARD SCHNECKENBURGER HUGH PIERCE , A ARTHUR HASSENFRATZ WILLIAM MEISSNER THOMAS SUPPLES JOSEPH MULLEN RAYMOND MAY GEORGE MARQUIS . EVERETT WOODWORTH RAYMOND WALRAB GLENN HATCH JOHN ELLIOTT LESTER SUESS CHARLES GRUENAUER ALPHA .......... BETA .......... GAMMA ........ A ZETA ...........,........ EPSILON ......I........... LAMBDA PHI ...... RHO ........................ NU ................................ ALPHA BETA .......,.... ALPHA GAMMA .............. u ALPHA EPSILON .............. SKULL AND SCEPTER ........ ALPHA OMEGA DELTA ........ PI .................................................... OMEGA ........ KAPPA ......... CHI ................ OMICRON ........ ETA ........................ IOTA ............................. THETA TAU ........ ALPHA DELTA ........ MU ..,.................................................. PSI ..........................,...........................,........ N DELTA OMICRO ALPHA UPSILON ............................................. SIGMA .............................................. ALPHA ZETA ........., DELTA ................................ ALPHA THETA ........ HARRY CHANT JAMES FLANNIGAN RICHARD GARDNER JOSEPH DARGON EDWARD WAITE EMIL MROZEK HAROLD LONGWELL JOSEPH MACDONALD FRANK ALESSI , GEORGE LEONE MYRON DYBICH RAYMOND GERMAIN PLEDGED MEN EDWARD EGGERT CLARENCE HEYDEN GEORGE DOOLITTLE CHAPTER ROLL E I . .......................,,.................................. N orthwestern University ..................University of Illinois M eclical School ...........................,......University of Michigan ............Detroit College, Plvys. and Surg. .......................University of Pennsylvania .......................JeJferson Medical College .........University of Toronto University of Buffalo ...............Inoliana University State Reserve ..University of Pittsburgh .......... '- ..,...........,..Marqilette University .......,..CreiglitOn Medical School ...,............University of Nebraska ...University of Minnesota Washington University Iowa State ....,.....University of Colorado University .,Meclical College, Virginia .I ..... University of Virginia tanford ...........University of Soiitliern CCllif0W?ia University X I 1 1 PHI LAMBDA KAPPA 1 Lili Phi Lambda Kappa J. ULLMAN, M. D. I S. H. LEVY, M. D. M.. ISRAEL, M. D. FRANK M. CRIBEN JOHN FINEGOLD BENJAMIN FREEDMAN S. ALBERT LEVITAN 'VVILLIAM LYNN BTAURICE MILLER ALPHA .............,............... ALPHA ALPHA ......... BETA ............................. GAMMA ........ DELTA ........... EPSILON .....,..... ZETA ...........,... ....... ETA ............. .........,, THETA ........,. IOTA .......... KAPPA ...,....... MU .............. NU ............... XI .......................... OMICRON ,........ PI ............ . ........ . RHO ........... SIGMA ............ TAU ................. UPSILON .......... PI-II ................., CHI ......,. QKAPPA CHAPTER FACULTY MEMBERS ' ' J. BRIIMBERG, M. D. M. J. LEVY, M. D. S. A. WVOGEL, M. D. MEMBERS BENJAMIN OLIIODART MEYER RIWCIIUN ' BENJAMIN SMOLL-EN HARRY SPIEGELMAN LEE VVEINSTEIN C HAPTE R S i University of Pennsylvania University of Illinois ...........Je1yfersIon Medical Scliool .............Loyola Meclical School Medical School ...................................Nort.liwe-stern. University University CP. and SJ University and Bellevue Medical College, N. Y. U. Long Island College of Medicine Medical School ...................................University of Buffalo ..........University of Pitrtsbilrgh University ..................University of Maryland ..............Detroit College of Medicine University of Michigan ..............Geforge Waslifinvgton University ..........,.........Meclical College of Virginia Louis University ............University of Virginia ............Georgeto'wn University ............Albany Medical Soliool CIT" Noble Se-mor . W orthfy Junior Counselor . . E.73071,6CQ'LlfGV . Stemographer . Marshal . . Conductor . Sorevtmel . Lvlbraricm . . Assocvlakto Editor 1927 .HERBERT ASHBY KENNETH L. BOWEN GLIN C. BUYEA CHARLES B. CAMPBELL JAMES F. GERMAN LESTER L. GREEN THOMAS A. HAYDEN TWAURICE HOY GERALD F. IQIEFER ALEXANDER KEVACII CHARLES LTCGLASHAN RALPH PURDY FRANK E. RUSSELL, GIFFORD SHERWOOD JAMES E. SHERNVOOD BRUCE E. THOMAS STANLEY E. WEI..D JAMES LIARTZ ALBERT MINNER GEORGE DOLSON GEORGE FINOH Bill Beta Phi Sigma OFFICERS n u . , .- 1 ROLL PLE DGES . FRANK T. REIDY . BRUCE E. THOMAS VTHOMAS A. HAYDEN . . RALPH PURDY . LESTER L. GREEN . AIAEXANDER KOVACH S. JAMES F. GORMAN CHARLES B. CAMPBELL . .STANLEY E. WELVD . XVALTER E. RUSSELL 1928 WALDO AUSTIN ELMER BULKLEY BERNARD CAREY GERALD CARTER DANIEL R. CLEARY CHARLES E. HADITOXX' HAROLD JONES BURDETTE LAMP15 ELDRED4' C. LOUGHBOROUGH CORTELL NIACK - IQENNETH MURPHY CEOTL NENVTON JOSEPH H. RUEBEL . ARTHUR SOOTT PAUL V. SMILEY GRAHAM SMITH DONAIAD HELWIG ' ALBERT HOOK VERN TVIESTLER C In KAPP.-X Psi 34 Presiclefnt K Kappa A Psi Founded 1879 Incorporated 1885 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ,Founded 1921 74 Health Sheet FRATERNITY OFFICERS A Vice-Presiclcut . Secretary TTQGVSQLTGT H fistorvla-fn 1, THOMAS MACK ANDREW DARLING JOHN SHEEDY PAUL LARUE HARRY MOUN1' JOHN NICGOXVAN EMIL SHWEGLER EDWARD GOULET I - . . - u . . - . MEMBERS PLEDGES ---rf Q -4 . THOMAS MACK ANDREW DARLING . . JOHN SHEEDY CORNELIUS 'BURKE XNILFORD BEDVVORTH H PERCY BRIGGS GORDON ROLFE VVILLIS DOUNE CORNELIAUS BURKE JOHN ZIELINSKI DUDLEY EVVELL KENNETFH HAUOH IQENNETH FREDENB U RG 4 I Presidfmt . . .. ' . YJAMES AUSTIN Vice-Presficlcnt . , -MARVIN BUM- A S90'V0m-T31 - ' . JOHN FRASER Treasurer . . . .. . 'ELMER NTILNER Chapter-Editor ..... WVILLIAM BARNDOLLAR CHESTER LEXER WILLIAM A. CALDXVELL KREIG SULLIVAN ALTON ERICKSON HAROLD IQELLY EDWARD BERKERY JOHN BISSELL CLAUDE KISTER BUTLER WIIJIJIAM G. COOK HARRY J. CUDNEY GEORGE L. DECIQER ROSTER OF THE CHAPTER ROBERT R. GREIIJ PAUL A. HARRISON EARL J. MOGRATH - ADELBERT T. TVIAKEIJY HUBERT P. NAGEL RALPH N. ROBINSON HARRY W. SMALLENBURG KEITH G. FARNER EDXVARD J. CARROLL ARTHUR J. CRAMER, JR. ARV1N,R. TWATTESON IIENRY H. HIXINES - 4 PHI DELTA PHI I 1 xl ix x s., 'x A Magister . JAMES SHEEHAN R 't . C5533 er . JEAN MARTIN g IHSMM' I' Q CHARLES LOOMIS Tnmman . CHARLES LOOMIS GZ. Z. ' JOSEPH WRIGHH' ' wc W Of ' ESMOND MURPHY A MEMBERSHIP ' A OLASS CF '27 A p ARTBIUR BUCKLEY JEAN MARTIN ERNEST CARNES THEODORE FARNHAM EDWVARD FLAHERTY ALBERT HETZEIJT JOHN LITTLE Q A JOSEPH lX'fARION CHARLES CONGDON LEROY IQLOCKE CHARLES LOOMIS A ALFRED BUERGER CARL LOJAOONO JOSEPH LOJAOONO .ADRTEN MURRAY' A J UDSON ROSENGRANT ROSWEIYL ROSENGVREN JAMES SHEEHAN JAMES SULLIVAN' JOSEPH WRIGPI17 ESMOND MURPHY - XTINCENT RAY Q WILLIAM STEWART SAMUEL NPAGAVERN FRANCIS MOCONVILLE EDXVARD PECK ' ANIEINS INN' of the legal fraternityof Phi Delta Phi has had a successful year. A Well functioning program committee has Secured for the fraternity reputable speakers who have given both interest- ing and helpful talks at the regular dinner meetings. Besides this the students have conducted Several moot trials and debates. y All members are pleased to notice the increased interest shown by the alumni of the Organization. The outsta.nding social undertaking of the year was a Supper dance given at the Hotel Statler in February. The national council of Phi Delta Phi has expressed great pleasure at our continued progress. P X1 PS1 Phl ML CHAPTER 201 WOS1: North Street lounded 1689 U111V6TS1tV Of RUSSEL G ANDERSON PAUL E BAKEMAN ROBERT A BEIL FRANK CIAMBROINL CARI A COOTS VIOEOR W COME JAMES J COXNE JOHN R GAVIN LEO W HAYES JOSEPH H HIOKEI. EDR IN C JALCH JOSEPH P JURPIIER JOSEPH BOEHLER JEROME G BUOHHEIT BIANK I LRYAN ERNEST C DUTY GORDON L DOWNES MAX FARROXV J J FOOTE ROBERT AJ GALLAGHER ROSTER I LFDG-FS 1U1Ch1g'3,11 JOHN A MAHONEX CHARLES R MARSHALL HAROLD S LTOORIJ ELDEN D PERKINS HUGH D QLIINBX JOHN L QUINLIVAN HAROLD C SANTMIRE HARRY F SHORTAL HAROLD A. SOLOMON EDR ARD A SOLOIE ' IHEODORE L B -TERKOSINI AI BERT A ZIRNHELD LLONARD F GLAESER LI MER P GREEN WVILI IAM MOGUIRE JOHN F MERCER I S. B 'SMITH EVERETT H. SUGNETJ ARTHUR UNGERER THOMAS WILLJAMSON, JR. DR. G. G. PRITCHARD DR. E. F. AWIMMACK DR. H. A. PULLEN C. LACFIY .ADKINS THOMAS B4XNNIG:XN GILBERT A. BIOKEI- M. VVILLIAM BLACK EA Delta Sigma Delta ' PI CHAPTER HAROLD YV. IDXVINELLE . EDXVARD GALVIN RAY T. IiELLEY ELMER KI.,EINI'1fXNS STANLEY J. MAJOR ARNOLD NEWMAN J. BTEEKIN J. DEMPSEY W. CASEY W. NVEINBACII H. BTUMFORD 1901 FRATERS IN FACULTATE DR. L. H. JHEISBERGER DR. E. R. MELCIIER FRATERS A DONALD H. N ORTQN BERNARD PERKINS WILIJIAM POTTER HAROLD REILLY ALBERT 'ROBERTS A C. BRUCE SAUTER BERNARD TERHORST GEORGE THOMAS V HOWARD WILKINSON PLEDGES ..,-...A ,Vg-41' M. ROBERTS H. ACKER1' F. BOZER VV. ROOT BETA CHI EPSILON BXE Beta hi Epsilon Founded 1915 24 Devereaux FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRANK A. IIDAIR ANTHONY L. BENExIE'1'TO VIRGIL H. F. BOECK INLARL BROWNELI. GEORGE BUCIIWAIL FRANK J. IJRESSLICII JOHN JOSEPH D ENN EDMUND J. FARRIS KENNETI-I P. FOSTER IIAROLD J. GENRIOII ALLAN P. GOWAN JAMES B. HARDER ROBERT HARRINGTON DELWIN HERVEY ARTHUR KREUTER LEO LAWLER PROF. C. MERRILL BROWN DR. L. GRANT IIECTOR DR. XVILLIAM V. IRONS DR. ALBERT P. SY FR ATR-E S IN URBE JOHN H. PATTEN IXRTI-IUR S. GRAHAM ACTIVE MEMBERS DANIEL H. IWAUNZ FRANK WALTER NEAI, HARWOOD S. NICHOLS, JR. EUGENE V. NORTH KEITH NOYE GUSTAVE A. NUERIVIBERGER ERNEST A. OLSAN DELANO RICE GEORGE E. RICHTER. ,I',xMES ROBINSON IEIERBERT TRANKLE V EDWIN SY :HAROLD L. WALKER V MIAXIMILLIAN G. WIESE HARRY HERSEY WILTSEI WIIJLIAM B. YOUNG -. . O SIGMA - . - - . CIEIARIESIXIXFIGEI C07IOS2J0'IlII21lUSPC'I'0fIl?'.1j . Sigma Founded 1920 OFFICERS President . , F V100 Pzeszdmzl . S001 cfm U u GLENN MEMBERS Emxxxim IVZ1:.v1"1'0N , Arts ALI-'RIQD IBRIM, Law GLENN A. Cf.xRRto1.1.., Arts ANDREW C1-1,xm'ERs, Arts Enwmm Doxsox, Law Ulfzoizuifz 1C'1'1.1::u, Medicine EVliR1'1'1"l' I-1. FLINCI-r1s,xUGI-I, Arts WVH.1.xs F. I'tIICKPIS', Arts G. 'l'xsmM.-is GANIM, Law VIQOQM.-xx H. IIIGISY, Medicine Iionxlc ICING, Mvditzinv ti. Ncmms Mlxlcn, Arts XVlI.I.l.'XM Ii. Sian., Modiczinv t'11.xm,1-:s N. Vfcmi-xl., Arts LYNN IJ, NV,x1,l.,xc:1c, Law Mlcnvnx Wlcm, Arts IIUNOHAIIY lXIIClNIl3ERt tf,x1"1', .MMI-is M. II. NV.-UA..-XCE 'l'IiICIJt-i E .lmm l'1c1m1z14: KX JVERETT H. FIINCIIB wsu . LYNN D WALI A01 . Emi ARD BRA1 PON lj , APPA ELTA SI KA? Kappa Delta Psi OFFICERS President . . .JASPER KOBLER Secretawry ..... . ROBERT POTTER C01'rcsp01zcZ'i1zg Secretary . . . DONALD IAIOREY Treasurcz' ..... . HAROLD MUSKOPE A V BROTHERS IN FACULTY ' EDWARD J. MOORE, PH. D. EDWARD MIMMAOII, D. D. S. LEDRA M. LAWTON, R. S. I SENIOR ARTS JOHN ALLEN ROBERT POTTER BEN JOHNSTON DONALD IIIOREY RICHARD BIORRIS JUNIOR ARTS O. FRANK IQLECKNER WAIITER IQRAEMER RICHARD MERRILL ROBERT WOIIFE SOPHOMORE ARTS PERCY BASI-I J ERAULD CAM RBE1 .1 , WVARREN IIA RTM A N JASPER IQOBIIER 'IVILLIAM RIABIE HAROIID MUSIIOIT' JACK O,BANNON HERBERT SCIIXYAR.'I'Z FRESIIMA N ARTS THOMAS G RAIIA M ALLAN IIOOLE WVIIILIAM. IJICWIS Al,I5ER'I' III5'I"I'1'IR SENIOR MEDICINE WILLIAM MOCOMB JUNIOR MEDICINE CLYDE GEORGE VVILLIAM IQIBIIER FRED LOWE EVERETT IVIOORE SOPI-IOMORE ME JAMES E III..SVVOR'l7H WVILLIAM STEIN GORDON STEPHENSON DICINE ERESI-IMAN DENTISTRY MYRON ROBERTS WVIIJLIAM ROOT PIIEDGES W STUART FLEMING JOHN NORTIAIRUI' FRANK ROBERTS ROBERT WIAIILEIIY ' ILT? U 1 iff ul C l + I KAPPA NU ' f Kappa Nu ZETA CHAPTER 112 OXFORD AVENUE OFFICER-S 1926Q1927 Presficl-ent . . 'Vice-Pmszfde nt . Sccretcnry . . A Trea.szu'er . . MARVIN E. ISRAEL . JULIUS E. ESTRY - . I-IEYMAN SMOLEV ISADORE MORRISON ACT lVE ROLL' JACK AXBRAMOXV, '29 Mod. ABRA1'IAMlXXEI,ROD, '27 Arts HYMAN BASS, '28 Law HAR-OLD BERNSTEIN, '27 Law SEYMOUR BERNSTEIX, '27 Law SAMUEL BLEICI-IFEI,D, '28 Med. MILTON BRON, '29 Arts JOSEPH BROwNS'rI-RN, '27 Law I-IYMAN CARRIEZL, '28 Law JULIUS E. ESTRY, '27 Dont. WILI.-IANI ESTRY, '27 Dent. SAMUEL FEINSTEIN, '29 AI-is LEONARD FINKlCl.S'I'l'2IN, '29 Imw AARON FISHER, '30 Arts KARL GOLDMAN, '27 Imvv PHILIP GOLDSTEIN, '29 Arts IRVING HYMAN, '29 Arts 1X'LX.RV1N E. ISRAEL, '27 Dent SIMON BJELZER, '30 Arts ISADORE 1WORRISON,- '28 Law CLARENCE OBLETZ, '28 Arts J OSEPLI ROSENBERG, '28 Med PI-IIIII1' ROSENBERG, '30 Arts WILLIAM RUBIN, '27 Med. NIARVIN SARLES, '30 Med. NATIIAN SPIEIN, '30 Arts HEYMAN SMOLEY, '28 Med. IIOUIS STERNBERG, '29 Lawwv ITIERMAN TEIBEL, '29 Law JACK XVEISSFELD, '27 Law I. JACK WILINSKY, '28 MSCI. PLEDGEE . J OSEPI-I SMOLEV, '20 Arts 13:13 Qx GMA ALP ASM Sigma Alpha Mu NU CHAPTER OFFICERS . Prim' . . . . MARVIN SIMON E4U0h0Cl'l067' . . A. IRVING AWILCH Recorfler PHILIP HALPERN AfVl1.,I,.IAM IXDER ABRAHAM BLOCK SIDNEY BRACHFIELD ALFRED CONN MILTON S. CORN ARTHUR FRIED SOLOMON GOIIDFEDER JOSEPH HOFFMAN ABE KUSHNER JEROME MSARKIN A. IRVING NIILCH a . s 4 4 f - . . WILLIAM ADER FRATRES IN FACULTATE HON. SAMUEL J. HARRIS DR. EDGAR BECK FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE .-.-i-5-I-4-'-i""' MARVIN H. NIILCH LOUIS :MORRISON ABRAHAM ROCKOVVITZ SAMUEL ROSENTHAL IQENNETH ROSS ELI ROTH ' ' WIIJI,,IAM ROTH JACK SCI-IVVARTZ JEROME SCHVVARTZ MARVIN SIMON ALPHA PHI DELTA KEYS--. AfI1A Alpha Phi ,Delta EPS ILON CHAPTER Chapter Founded Maxell 31, 1921 A OFFICERS A I Cwzsul . . . JAMES THEO. VALONE -1 Proco-nsul . . ANH.'Ie1CNY J. IWANZELLVA T7"IibllH0 . .... 'JOHN DINOTO Qu-fl-GSIOI' . . STEPHEN G. DIPASQUALE II'iSf0rifw1' . . . JOSEPH G. CACCAMISE I Cluczfplfzm -.... . . . U. FRANK LEONE Sergccml-at-Aerm.s ...... SAMUEL J. CASTIGLIONE, . FHATRES IN FACULTATE ANTHONY GUGINO, IJ. D. S. FEEINNAND DIBARTOLO, B. I Active Members A SAMUEL J. CASTIGLIONIC JOSEPH H. CERASS ANTHONY J. IWANZELLA SILAS E. SCINTA JAMES THEO. V ALONE JOHN DIN OTO JOSEPH. G. CACCAMISIC SAMUEL C. I3A'1"l.'AOl,1A VEDO M. CANDQELLO FRANK FLOEIANO DAN1EL DLJAMES PAUL J. MODICA JOSEPH G. CONT: JOHN A. NIANZELLA MEDICAL COLLEGE f AN'1'I-ICNY A. CIRRINCIONE STEPHEN DIPASQUALE ARUSSEL S. LEONE NIICHAEL- J. MAGGIOELE IXNTHONY J. ZAIA JOSEPH F. CELLINO JOSEPH C. SCANIO A LAW COLLEGE -JOHN S. CARRIERO FRANK LEONE SARO A. SPOTO DENTAL COLLEGE I LOUIS TRIBUNELLA ARTS AND SCIENCE - CHARLES C. MISEEENTINO JOSEPH L. ROGERS lf T! 3 lift' 1 ll"lf,n I BETA SIGMA RHO T ill Beta Sigma Rho DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS Preszfclent . . ..... NORMAN HEILBRUN Vice-Presifle-nt . . RAYMOND FEIJDMAVN T7'6ClES?67'67' . LEONARD J. BRIZDLE S0C"6ffU'.U . . JOSEPH H. GINTZLER U MARVIN HARRIS ?!ARCUS QOJOPERMAN 94-ov-4 ,L 'UYTIL-ff' EONARD J. BRIZDLE VICTOR COIIEN NELSON IIAAS HAROLD SCI-IXVEITZER NATHAN SHINE NORMAN :HEILBRUN ALPHA ........ BETA ........ GAMMA .,.,,. DELTA ...., EPSILON ,....,D ZETA ........ MEMBERS RAYMOND FELDMAN PHILIP AMENT .M ,,,,. 1 A- PIERSON COHEN ELMER LEVY JOSEPH H. GINTZLER - CLARENCE WERTPIEIMER I HY KARNOFSIQYH PLEDGEE BIEIIVIN SANG C H A P T E R R O L IJ Cornell ....,....P81172'SfLjl'UCl7'M:VCl- State WH,mC0Ilumbia .....,....U?1Mi'lJ67'S7:7fQj of PmmsyZv6l'Wi0f ..............Ccw'ne9'59 Twh PIR GEORGE FOLEY . Presirle nl V ice-Prvx Secretary T re as u re: Steward Marsh al Faculty .'1CII'I'.il"I' . FRANK BIIPIYERS. '29 EVERETT J ACORH, '29 HENRY ROZAN, HOWARD XV.-XI.'1'EliS, '29 ARTHUR UNGI-IRPZR, '30 XVIIAFRED KERWIN, '27 JOHN MGDONOVGII, '2h PRICE 'I'OIfI'ING, '28 BERNHART HOIXF, '27 MILTON LEWIS, '27 LEON ORSEN, '27 GERALD CONNEI.x', '29 KENNETH ROWE, '28 WIXI,'PER BEIIRENR, '28 ANDREW JACKSON, '27 -T01-IN NIII.I,l'1R HAlilCI'l'l"I', '29 r ,s FHOM.-XS J. RIORRISON, JR., 29 u B II R Beta Pi Rho i Founded in 1929 1926-27 Chapter OFFICERS . . . , . . . FRANK MEYERS . JOHN K. MODONOUGH . . . PRICE TOPPING WALTER BEHRENS . MILTON LEWIS' . HARRY FORHEAD U . . . . . . NV. J. BLACKB RN MlGDIl"IN'l+I NORMAN GRIDLEY, '29 ' JAGIQ YORK, '29 DIC NT l STR-Y MAX FAEEOW, '30 ERNEST DOTY, '30 LAW I SIDNEY MARTIN, '27 II.-KRRY FORHEAD, '27 FRANK OSTA, '29 PIIAIUIAQTY ROBERT PAGE, '28 ARTS EIIG ENE GUILLIAUME, C.-XRI.'l'ON JOHNS, '29 THOMAS NIORAN, '30 .TERROIID DEVAUGHN, EDWARD NAYIIOR, '29 l'I,If1I7filCS , 7 SAMUEL ROLEE, 28 EUGENE BIIAZYEVVSKI, ALUMNI 7 I-IUGII AI,DlvZliDICl'1 :III-IEODORE AI.Fl'1lil 1HEODOIU'1 WI'1lI"I4'I'IN DAOII S'l'EPI-I EN ISA RDI ,I-:Y MA'I"l'f-I EW M AYI-:R QIOI-IN NEWSOME G ICORGE M OG-REE C1 EORGE HANDY OMICRON ALPHA TAU O T Omicron Alpha Tau XI CHAPTER Chaptel' House, 464 Auburn Ave. Founded at Cornell University, 1912 Chapter Founded November 7, 1924 ALPHA ......,. GAMMA .........,o, DELTA .....,.., . EPSILON .. ..o.. .. ZETA .......... IOTA ......... .... LAMBDA ........... MU .........,........ NU ............. CHAPTER ROLL University .................COZnnibia University niversity of Kentucky York University ,I................Syvacnse University .,.....................Ha:rva,vd University University of Pennsylvania ............F0vcZhani University U nivei'sity of Valparaiso XI ................... .. 4....... ..... ..,.... .............. T J 1 ziversity 0fABnjjfaIl0 OMICRON ..., I .,.., L..,.........,...o..............o... L Miiversity of Alabama SENIORS A WILLIAM BROWN JOSEPH RUEENSTEIN EDWARD COIIEN ALFRED B. SILVERMAN HERBERT HOLTZ BERNARD MAIDY BERNARD POLISNER ABRAIIAM ZELIIER ALFRED FRIED - JACK IIURWITZ HERMAN J OSEPII HYMAN SI-IAPIRO JUNIORS SO PH OMORES FRESHMAN MANUEL LEVY BENJAMIN SMALLEN 'VVILLIAM BERGER DAVID RUSLANDER JACK SIMON MILTON WEISSEERG DAVID ZIRIN, A NORMAN STILLER NATHAN JOSEPH JACK SILVERBERG IIAROLD LEVY ALPHA PHI THETA ACDG-D . lpha Phi Theta Presidcozt . . Vice-Pvwrzfclv ni T'I'Cf!'8lM'0.V' . Secrv fury . SENIORS JOSEPH G. KRx's'1',xE1qmwlcrz FLOEIAN J. BRYISKI JOSEPH KU STANLEY A. NOWAK SOPIIOMORIG ANTHONY ZAOHMYO -l OFF IECYERS . J OSEPI-1 G. IQRYSTAFKIEVVICZ . FLOEIAN J. BEYLSKI . BERNARD A. MAZUROWSKI . 'l'r-II-:ODOEE B. OKONIEWSKI J UNIORS BERNARD A. MAZUROWSKI THEODORE B. OKONIEWSKI EDYVARD NIIKOLAJCZAK VINCENT A. HAWRO FRESHMEN JAMES IQANSKI BRUNO MALAOHOWSKI LEON BIICHALEK IGNATIUS MADAYT v 0---bf --" 1- J C - Z- RHO P1 PHI O RHCIJ Rho Pi Phi EPSIIJON CHAPTER ' Ihstallecl February 15. 1922 Chapter House, 19 1DOVCI'6El11X Avenue OFFICERS Chancellor . . . - - - - BENJAMIN SAKOVITZ V-we-Clmneellor . . . ABPNHAM J F 'erlibl . . . ' I ' INN S0 0. , , ' - - - . BENJAMIN KAISER G'lll'l'I'CZ'ltl"Il- of Ismelzeqzzer . IWEYER ZIMMLR f'ff I- - A , ' N 1 my Dragon .......... JEROME LABOVITZ ERATRER IN EAOUIJIIATE DEAN WILLIS G. GREGORY M D PII G A. I3IrIR'I'RAM I.,I'IM'ON, PIIAR.. D., P1-I. G- I Ii'RA'I'I1 IGS IIONO RES C. ARTHUR ELO:-xx, A, IK, 1'II,I4, HARRY XVIGODNICII DAVID GOLDMAN SIMON KAHN MAX RELIN HARRY RESNIK RIILTON SCHWA IZ NATHAN FINK I-:I .s IRVING BA1sI'rs NATHAN HORWITZ, P SAMIIEI, ENGEII DAVID FINE IRVING A. BROWN JOSEPH SIIAPIRO J ACK ROSENBAUM .7IOSI'1I"I-I NVOIJDMAN BENJAMIN SHULMAN QLPHA -'-"'--- ,I .I...,I.,,. I.,,.. .,,, I I Iassn.clzuu,setts College of Pllfl-'l'77'1fCLC2f GETA '-------- .II.. . ,.1I...,.I..,, I fneioen Uni1'e'rsitg1f, Albany, N. Y DAMMA '-'-"' ..,I I ,C!1IIl.IIIIJZl!L U1z.i1fefrsily, New Yooelc, N. Y ELTA "-f--I-------- ,.,. ,... ,.,.. R I 1 ,ode Island College of Phafrimaoy EPSILON -"-'--f- ,.,,. ,.............,...,................. U n ivefrslty of Buffalo ZETA '--"'----f--- ...,,...........,....................... O lzio State Univeofszty ETA '-"'--4-"-- ..,,...,....I N ew Jefrsey College of Plvafrmaoy QFHETA ------'f'- , ...,,,........,.,, Brooklyn College of PIWTWWGU ISM "-"-e--"---- .. .,..,. ...,,,...... F ov'cl11,afm College of PlLa0'Wffl07! 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FRED SULLIVAN IIERBERT A. IHOPPER EDWARD H. HO1 T LAWRENCE J. BQCCORMICK STEWART M. MILLER Cr. LAWRENCE NUTCULI 1 RICHARD 'MORRIS FRED SU1,1.1VAN ,ALFRED SCHAEFER FRANCIS STRIKER ' FRED STRAUSS PIONVARD WEIIJ FRED BELL DOUGLAS CAMPBELI 1. .1x:5 N S ! 4 ' ff 1 H ALPHA BETA P1 P'l'8S2Td8'7l-If . . Vfice-Counsel . , Scribe . . E .rchvqzw r . Editor . . . H ou-so Manugrr Marshal . . H Historia n . EDWARD NIANGVSO ANTHONY F. PACMNO JOSEPH BJORRATO LAURENCE SPERANZI RTICHAEL J. I+'ERR.xR.x SALVATORE GENCO PH11.1.1P L. VANGEM CHARLES SERUSO ANGELO NIILLANZI NIICHAEI. A. GRANDO, l'11.G. Alpha Beta Pi . ANG J. TOTA . . JOSEPH V. ZITO Ur-1AR1.ES P. FASO, JR. SAMUEL A. CAPPOLA . EDWARD T. GEORGE . CARL J. QUAGLIANA JOHN N. SANGEORGE BIICHAEL J. FERRARA IIARRY NIESINA JOSEPH D. GUELO SAMUEL LODICO JOSEPH PROVENZANO THOMAS D1 FAZIO ANTHONY C. 'BATTAGLIA ANTHONY R. BATTAGLIA JOSEPH A. FARINELLA 'NIICT-IAEL JP. GERACD A fy - . - 1 T lhe ALPHA BICTA PI fI'?lfl'l.'l1l1'j' WAS founded On Januzugi Y, The Et the University of I311H'alO, by Ang J. TOM of Jamestovwiulg, light-ion mception Of this Sifr:11AO1.'11i1'y was due pI' to fusel, le of the . - 0' ' Pharmacy Students Of wO1'1'h5-' cllamf-TOP Wlth t11O.S1Oreac111ZtiVity of our trmes of fI'?l1jCI'll?lliSll'l, fm' Sc-If-clc'vc-lopm Alma. Mater. Ont, and JJO1 the 21 T'lX bf!-Xm:Q-x 5-:ugggwsmf - 1, X xzi P1 ik fic' -N N NN- XX X E XX X- 5 'NN V X 'fx T-'wk . ,, X 4 gigs:-ig -- , r 6,mxf,.:f A 1 X axis 1 '-5, Y 5:1 - - A ' 1 'xx , ,wg,:.-5.g,,- Q , . , , .V A Q , - ! . M.:U.,3,,,' Q V Q - , Q Q., ' I Q ' ' P5 1 - A . , N . Km - - . . 2 'gl 1 , '. n -f '7 A l , -f ,sm K, - .L , Q13 1 'fi ' A ' 5 ff' ' 4 N . V - " -V :FV .-:vu -Q 2 Q f- . . ky .5 , . L , , f' A ,. ,eff , . A '. V f 'QLQ Z A .Q 5. ,' Q f '-3 yy f , . Our Advertisers il American Cabinet Co. Buffalo Dental Mfg. Co. Buffalo Eleolirotype 8 En Buffalo Optical Co. 1 Z7 Conmlunity National Bank Cox Sons LQ Vining Davis-Seliultz Coinpany Electro-Dental. Mfg. Co. Frank N. Haefnor Hanan 62 Son Harvard Co. Jeffrey-Fell Co. Kenworthiy Priniiiig Co. Kleinhans Co. Klepfer Bros. Kramer Peerless Launflry Ritter-Dental Co. Russell Printing Co. Snow Dental Co. W. O. Tower Victor X-Ray Corp. Vfestern Savings Bank Willia111s Gold Ref. Co. Y. M. C. A. an "F Thu K '-:Ed - 5 Q X A , 4 - 44 Xfxl lx 4 x ?ff'f95'fff99'f5 if? Nr 4545550550 H C W' ffm f'4"H'0"-9 Uf UAIH' Own, N 'r'r'r'f'r'f'f'1'f'f'r'f'I'I'r'f'r'f'f'f'r'f'f'f'r'r'r'r'f'r'z'f'r'f'f'f'r'r'r'r'flIlQ4 yffrligf fx 6'lilfiilkfifffiffiJ?f5f'f,3 iifffl,f'59fY'?f545669Q9fyi6 N7 V 0 w xx 0 W5 0 x wx 0 it A :Q SP5 '59 15:5 22:2 U1 3. 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G Q T : 5 1 , 0 u-1 ga W UQ UQ f I f O 8 -1 "" "" Z 7 I ' Q , 2 Q, o cn 4 - 2 4 4 sr' 5 :s 5. 4 5 5 4 2 . 4 0 9 ' o 5 2'-3 9' E-'-' 9 4 4 3 rf I ' ' , Z 4 4 f 4 Nwwwwwwvwvxwvwvvwwvvwvwvvvwvvvwvvww www Nw 5 4, 4- 'YXSSA NNN XXXXXXXXXXX XX "W 'X' NNNNNXNYXKNYXKNYYYYYXN NYYNYYXNYYYYYYYYXNYXNYXNYYY NXNXNYYYYXNXNYY ' ' NK ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'f Www X wawssssssssfassssf,fx,f,f,f, ID AL- 3lNhiS Bank was founded unon an ideal service to its epositors and the comm t . F 75 this ideal has been faithfulllyl gollowend Over years Ehe Linity of interest between itself and its depositors as aways been recognized. Our growth has been the result of mutual co-operation with our patrons. THE WESTERN SAVINGS BANK OF BUFFALO Northwest Corner lVlain and Court Streets OFFICERS President CHARLES DIEBOLD, Jr. Q Vice-Presidents HENRY E. BOLLER HENRY R. HOFFELD ' Secretary-Treasurer FRANKLIN W. H. BECKER Assistant Secretary-Treasurer FRED C. SPRICKMAN Attorney EDWARD E. COATSWORTH TRUSTEES , Henry E..Boller William P. Northrup Franklin W. H. Becker t George S- KCHOQEZ - Edward E. Coatsworth George C- Wheelef Charles Diebold, Jr. Robert W. Gallagher Edward A. Eisele Charles H. Robinson Henry R. Hoffeld Severn A. Anderson Leslie Bennett Alex F' Osborn Vfilliam H. Hill - 0 The balfzers' toast: May he www' be cruHf.'!- r 1 S999''3'XfifS6ffif,W0S'5fif55!?f5945f5 A ' f39iPf?f?'Q9fff315f?'P9954?f3f75959f?'7'?9fif5f3f5f5 X fi 2 MEDICAL AL UMN - Your future efficiency is somewhat dependent 5 ' ' . . if upon an always available convenient source of medical and surgical supplies. We have for half a century supplied the Medi, can profession with such equipment from a stoclc which is second, to none. 3 s You are invited to examine our stock. t 1 1 f 2? 1 if 2s ei 22 xy? , 4' f X ' iz 3 e YV l 3 .5 1 . Interior view showing Furniture Display and Instrument Department, . ' . ? +1 z ' 3 3 A ff gg JEFFREY-FELL COMPANY '5 4 y Z 318-320 PEARL STREET .:, V BUFFALO, N. Y. ' Phone Seneca 23.23.2324 A ' 7 s fwfxsfaowxxswxxwrwssfxsggsgxw, ,Wm c c Y, llovmj Ir1Y7i'f- bg 'e - ' ' ' ' , 11.1 'Lf' I A . I r . . ' ' 15041.11 01011065 what kmcl of' gwm1, Qt 10868. X V, ,fl 4'f,4 4 , " ff NYY ' 21? NNYYX' NXNYX' NXNXNNNNXXN N .yyyy Nyyyyxwgyx . NX . y 0 O O 4 w rm K S x x x 4. x N Ns x W K X 9 " x x K x x Jflilil,4,4x,l,4,f,l'4'4,l'l,l,l'l'l,l!I'4'l,I,l'J'4,l'4'l'4,I,I,l,l,I'I,4'4'4,J'l,J'4,I,l'I,I,l'4'I'l'4'4'4'4,4'4' 5 n -YI A he Unit that Grows rows with YOU i 'Nav NNNNNN ln addition to its superiority in construction appearance and efficiency, the E. D. unit is ' I ri the only unit that solves perfectly the pro- it fs blem of development for the successful dentist. w 4? 0 45 Vx s The Electro Dental Unit is the only one with an electric bracket talfleg the only unit where reaching ' , across the patient is unnecessary, thc only unit 1fL'l'lET8 X all the instruments are ideally located for g-reatest convenience. K Write for Catalog and Office Designs w J ELECRO DENTAL MANUFACTURING Co. PHILADELPHIA .A 0 N lx x 1 A4-X., -N ft X I AY iTh0 3W"Ueo-ng' 1-05,311 The nz-on who bleeds for izis fellow nzmz. t . 0 X' 'X l 'X5,4990ff,coccofxzcf,f,cc',c':scQocc4sfssf:fss:s:Qsfss ocsswo., ,oss 'V I . ,fi N 'Q ,,, vf- Q I www Sz N - - - 5. ,- AM . W - tx 111112 alll w 2,3 - .V A Q A 'X 1 Topo A . - 5 .ffl Q . , A - - ' ' f -. 1 f ze wt A Sault artlon C S K , - -. .- 0 1 ,S ' E S5 ' 5 O 1 . ,S 31315 yy xl" 4 Y I ,. f xx .ff vf A nv 419-,T f1,p,2,,L.g,--.rzu 5'-'Iv-1 If . xx -57 .Q , W Q ' ".A 'sf' H E!if:f' " N 3 ' xx it ' s A ' :K 1-'Q ' 1 N ri 1' Q sag 4 x' F l 1 SZ: 4 H if o r 5 N ' ' .4 . x x 9 Q 5 X if " Z as sq" 0 'is 3 2 4 xx E41 4 Q Qi 1 x 524-Q5 A 1 :A 6 o xx lay? 4 X :TX i f f It 2 xx 3 l 0 3? 4 .Q 2 5 1 .f xx i f g -02 0 N .1 5 ,. ,ir , 24 Xf1I70I'lC8lI Den fa! Clzbmef No. 120 5 K ' 2- :eg THE Q x ' 1 7? Q 5,2 AMERICAN CABINET CO. 5 N N Q 'rwo RIVERS, wls. Z x E I - """"'- ' J ' -4 .' .J 1w1'Qve'1fr':' ew fyf1zfow4w,zf"W'MJ?iiQ2 . lt Q W ' . . . . . . 0 :N Our goocs can be purchased from the dealer ln combznatzon with chazr, englne, 7 K . . I, unzt, and zn fact at complete outfit, on one contract on easy monthly payments. Z Q We will demonstrate our line in your city before you graduate and hope to see 5 v . 0 .3 every member of the senior class. 1 xt 5 Y' . . - X X, -, x X X , .Y .V X i , X x O - fr 'f'r'r'f 'f 'r'r'f'r'ffl'rIf'rl''rlr'r'rffff'f'ffr4vff'ffrf,vfffff9QS'kfffffQgXvxfff?fySf9QQfQSff4?QffS 5 Wlwn lzmufy ix ul the bar, blifnrl men make the best jury. A I 4 f 4 4 4 4 4 Qfaffg Y YE Is 9 S Z GOOD SELF-MANAGEMENT S2 1 'I 1 s ood Self-management means that you are giving your hody It . . 5 f wIse and effecuve care. It 1 . . . . . , ' f An ocul1st fphyslclan eyefspeclahstj should be asked to examme IE Q your eyes. :Q Z I . . . . . . ' 5 There IS zestful satIsfactIon 1n wearmg a paIr of glasses made IE Q by the Buffalo Optical Company in accord with the doctor's S1 Z - - S prescrlptlon. Q: , , Y 2' I BUFFALO OPTICAL OO. 32 PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS 5 SPECTACLE AND EYE-GLASS MAKERS 5 ' 574 MAIN STREET Z Ifyou do not know an oculist we will gladly supply a list. fssssesssssswssfxsssfffxxx,fxxsi fxifssfss4sssssessssf,'x,cgZ Z Compliments of tg 36 THE COMMUNITY NATIoNAI, gg BANK E Z 4 O F B U F F A L O 5 5 4 5 MAIN OFFICE 5 5 l Main and Seneca Sts. 7 . . A Z JEFFERSON OFFICE y NoRTI4APARIf Norfiicg 5 I308 Jefferson Ave. Herte ve. a Or - if f SOUTH SIDE o.FFIcE SCTQE Etfrlgirffi 32 Q 2221 Seneca SI. 0 Z 1 WILLIAM ST. OFFICE , 5 KENSINGTON OFFICEE illiam St. at Madison NE , I W I .g Kensington Ave. at Bal ey Z X X fsesxxxx,fsf,sfassfJS , . ,K . Woman needs no If1Itr0cZIzclI2'0'1l5 Shfl -92990793 fm' h6"SeU' E . ! ,4 I 1. . M U - pq I ,, L . if ii. . T t s " W T iii? f iff: , ii C ' 7' I f I . dv . E ii: -' , ' -',, X if L T T g 'i 'f - -M' 'A ., Q ' '.'h is La, T- 5 41 . t 4 99 t , P Rirrui Dzxrm. CHAIR U 6 I9 RITTBI1 IVR.-xv IWACLHINE , V I' E i -the mari: ofllze modern 0566 i Biff, To THE new practitioner Ritter W . ' fi, ,Q equipment offers particular 3 gl ,. M-, f promise. lt assists him in attain- i 'Q--' ,N ' Qil an Q, .V ing the high standard of service y ,I uf Q in .Lv . 'lf which his traininff makes possible ...- W . - 1 i ' 1.2 ' rr . . . D I . U ,L iii , , L - D and his ambition demands. -5 . 1 6.4 A V xii! . T .... , ,- T , . J' gi il Then too, atients refer the " g . . . , , 'L ln: I, ,. p P 1 - l lu- ,h i .w , Nil fad, I", up-tofdateness and efhcicncy of f 1 i Qi j' RX, - Ritterfcquippcd ofhces. 'XVhat at fi fi: K Q 1 help then, to start one's career is . Ni 1 ' with these advantages. i 1" ff Vi H, 1- ' .T f ' XIII - 1 , START RIGHT' IXVITH RLTTER - gi M 1" f ' f f, bw ' 11 its A f '- fzrw fwz f 'Q R11-ran Uxn- Ri-rrsrt Tm-nam' W1 'I RITTER Am Com-Rnssou r M Ui? bl' , 1 yi I , I 14' 'i K 1-ii l ii 4, , W 4! ' I L11 ' .i 1 f bf' Qc ,,k. ' ' ., , wmzzzf Vfif-m'l 1 -ga as . 1 I' . A I If - U fi " W i , i , Rn-nn film-at A Lfvrm: g A H FILL., I Rn-ran MODEL B Lmna if is fe it T T jf nav . ..,. A ' - F543 g mfg Q ,",,,5 Hi: ,f , : 1 ,xi , 54:2 6, ' , T. A 1 I M . , i 1-4,sg..lf"", ' -4, I, 5,22-, ...,:Qf,:".:3 ' , , -,nik -,:ff..:igL .. T , .. it ff 115 ,I Tm: LARGEST Fftcronx' in me world devoted exclusively , , to :lic nitmufucmrc uf dental equipment , f" -"5----:M N.- c . fl! .. T -- T is .fl goof! mnrlfsnmzz may nrzfss. K 'l,4'l,4,J,J'J,J,l,J,4'J'J'J'4'4',4'4'4',p'4,4 .f'4,4,4' 7 cc 9 ' - 'I f x 5 I d llke a little SERVICE-please" gt O S Q - ln a busy. dental practice nothing is so exasperating as is slow, 7 haphazard Service. It K 7 Our constant .endeavor is to instill into the minds of all the mem- 1' 2 bers.or our organization the thought that PROMPT and EFl:lClENT f Service to our customers is absolutely the prime requisite. 4 When We receive an order We do our utmos ' ' ' 7 r to fill r d r l X 5 and WITHOUT SUBSTITUTION. ' 'mme 'a ey It 5 We aim to carry a suflicient stock of teeth and facings so that we L clan send on order just the ones asked for and not some that are "about Z t e same. :S f We rnake a special effort to install equipment as quickly and at 7 the same time as correctly as is humanly possible. 9 . '- Q . ln every detail vve strive to make our customers' interests OUR 5 interests-and Serve him accordingly. yt 5 LET us DEMONSTRATE our SERVICE to YOU! 7 . Q y 7 W x 5 q gTHE DAY IS-SLHULTZ CO., Inc. 23 Y Q 613 Central Bldg., P. o, Box 998, 3 ROCHESTER, N. Y. BUFFALO, N. 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I4 7 '7 1 xS 7 W2 2 TH ' ' N 1 I ' If 4 lx H.-XRX .XRD LONII A1 X lx 7 'f 2 , ,. .N , wg 4 C :VN ION, OHIU lx 0 5 7 1: 1 'x 4 Man f ' ' ' ' ' ' lx 4 U aClUflU2 chsxnrs, c:ax7'nncts, laxboraxlury furmturc, elcctrxc eng1neS, xx K 5 Omp cle dentaxl umla, lmnnlzxnn spntfmns, brackets. ta es, an xt Z , , . . fx 5 other nrluzlc-s :making px complete equipment lme. xx 7 I4 4 0 4 0 7 b , . xg - lllufftrrzleri fl1f'l'flIl1fl' nn ff'ffllf'.S'f ll'1lfIUllf ul1l1!lf1f'0'7- 1, Q " V x K 1 p4,4,4,4p',',I,v'a'a,54, I'I, 1, 1' 1' 1, a, 1, 1, 1, 1, 4, 1, 1, 1, 4, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, l,l, 1, 1,1,5if1,4,a,f,',l,',','fff' - Hflllflllf :mf 11. fnxf fulf 1:11111 ruxf fflfl ll""'l" - 4 1 4 4 1 . B - 5 is f f f f X 'ff f if66'f'r'Xf'f'f'f',f'f'f9fvY3f59f5SQ1'3f5X .5 S fig wif ' 3- gt The New Century Artlculator 0 'J ' Patented July 24, 1899, Nov. 12, 19075 Feb. 11, 1909 Q 42 To attain the best results in the articulation of full upper and lower .den- gg tures, it is necessary that the articulator used shall be capable of adjust- Q ment to imitate the peculiarities of the temporo-mandibular articulations of the patient, a matter which hias 4 Qt 3 Lx been hitherto neglected. As a con- Q "5 'si T sequence, full dentures often fail to y Y P1-if '. . . 0 . , give satisfaction, unaccountably to 0 Qi-E I. j both patient and dentist THE w' 1 , A NEW CENTURY ABTICULA- It E ' 'Si TOR has been designed to fulfill sf ' these requirements. The slotted lx ,nav f i? f Q' 1 guides which receive the joint pins f Q 9 , . and render possible the imitation of 9, It fig, the lateral and producive move- N . A , ments of the mandible, are sep- :I jg- i' arate from the upper section, Y swiveling in socket-s at its ends. ' i g. . ,, Their inclination maylbe varied as tx much as may be required. xx :Q THE SNOW DENTAL CO. It 448-450 Niagara Street Buffalo, N. Y. S xx eff'f6'ff'ff'ff'f'ff9ffifffi'5'J'Xs'!fifb9SS9fz'SXBf5S96 !SSYJ999S5SS9'5fXS9fX599 :fr'r'r'f'r' r' 'Ill' 'r' 'r'r'r'r'f'r'f'r'r4iff4f'k'5fQg NNY W y o at X X if 3, gt BELL PHONE 5 wt fx I ss Is ig 1 If Q +2 22 y :Z zi Frank N. Haefner 5 'I I2 +4 RESTAU I v . RANT I3 Klepfer Brothers gt 3:1 5 Q: flncorporatedl Q . g X S 0 0 It BUICK CARS Ig 3 Z xx :S qi EQ 1575.158-5 MAIN STREET :E Regular Dinner from 11.30 3 0 Y ' - 7 QI BUFFALO, N. Y. Z2 to 2 P- M' , ., 3: 32 22 6 wx 3 Z 1: . rf Z2 Q f Ze 'JF' vs 4' 4 e Q' as at . Q Q ,2 1047 Main, Cor. North ' 7 A 7 3: 52 :Q BUFFALO, N. Y. ' Q fs , z4p4,4,4'4'4'4'4,4'4' '4'a'4'4'4'4'4,4,4'4,4'4'4'4'4,f,4 ti s 11107111 words will not fill a bqiglml, Doesn't worry the Dentist who uses a "CDX" X-Ray Unit HEN the child, out of curiosity, reaches out and touches the "picture machine," the dentist with a "CDX" may happily retain his full composure, for there can be no serious conf sequences. If you desire to realize the important advantages of XfRay diagnosis in your practice, with' out having to concern yourself about risk, as regards electrical safety to yourself or patient, the 'CCDXM Safety Dental XfRay Unit was designed for you. The idea of the "CDX" was conceived by the same research laboratories that developed the Coolidge XfRay tube itself Complete information on 'request VICTOR X-RAY CORPORATION Dental Department 2012 Jackson Blvd., Chicago nunum1iiiiiiiiliiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixliii E1naall1azlal'l1alsa1lll1alllrllalal'l1alnarlaarmr1,.ll Each thlzinks Hz-e world a moon and laz'm.wlj' flu! :nun in it, . ... ,,. ,,..-I gg-nw- 3-1-115' Wy -..' ' CAL, V"-In-lf..,,4,, 'xkMM4w,l'f.-,, . 4 4 'ff.L'5"'3 ng, vw x N -his-i,u .V ,. -f A ., - 1 . -+1 +' -i2g:i5w-:f,q.45-J'- :N-. ,g -,- -1 -A Q1 f-A 5... ,l if -15.3-?':- -:::3-1111-.111aZ?q:g1qL:1.f: "M-z4f,,,A f '-2,2,-521455553-5-i,5L-i?HJ ' f ' -"ali Tir. ,'1,f:f,:-J' J4g'3'-'I-geqwf---f ,,-1rf'j- .'. f ,..-E - Ji- '- ' J1QHfwy..--1---yf. ,. 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