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.,.,... A...-.--1--ff-, -' 2-6-5 9 E 1 i 5 I v ,JM ,lit-Q, XiNXxQSffxibl5XN Q . xx 3 Q XTR Sxgxkwjggll S Y XQYZVVLA X 1 vi - ,via N T943 ,- mwx ly? 'wiv I 80 jj UUQQ bf f' Q-6 'tk W, ? S9 , 'ii gy QI! X4 EE. B 5 rl Lip? U -Ziyw 162.321, :L-If M! -- ,. , y, C01 1923 Y Ho ,mn A NI C ocx Ed 1 ER T Sc 11 g .1- ig! wf 'f" 1 ' Q1 W M 'fr I WT:-Lf' X - H, 1 f' fl' +V w 1 .H Wiiigl V311 x 1 X23 15 Q! M53 H22 'ill E ?5'x w is W WEN M21 '1?? Nglm w 15-1' w F33 Y . 5 up E Y LAA-, 4 if-' ' x iii mi, FS, J. i V ww xq ww W-I 2Q-2rf.ffi'uWW35'i WimW f 11u1 fmWf 'M + -. 1min1MMw.2w' i 11 WMMfpfiwiwWMMHMW f H E f f W M - 'IKE' Ninvivvn Efmvntg-Efhrrr H Elrin H Huiurrzitg nf 'iguifaln UBLISHE THE SENIOR CLASS GREEK CDF I5 K K YXmVQxx?Sx't'y YRCNLKKY GmmduzQLQs QAIMSSQBS EBKXWKQKKXCS QM' AMKZARKKWMS 1, YX:'raiMrmxMQs an SQYQTMLKQS X L :A '--x x If'-f .22 cf ,, X , 4, SV Q . . 'W -5- Q I f : ' 2 , 1' Ihr ilrin 57121135 magne ll. Atwell Eacultly Adviser l'Iuumrh 2-X. illllrlllnrhnrk Editor-in-Chirff A Eltrvhrrirk G. Svrhnzxtg B11si1zr2s.9 Dlanagcr Cwnrgr linlhv .flssistrult Ib,Il.S'fIl6'SS Dlnrzngcr Ifivrnarh CE. makviivlh .-ld-ocrfising Dlanagzfr Ollyvatrr 19131. mediate .4.s'.s'ista2zt .'lclz'e2'tisi11g Dlunager 1HPIiIInn liagrr .flrt Editor Enaeph Sgraruze ,lssistazzt glrt Editor Ensign Satrum Co-ed Editor JK. M. Kruk, E.E.S'. Alumni Editor 1-Xuznriatr ifihiturz XVILLIANI P. TAYLOR JKENEFICK T. VVENDE RODNEY D. BENNETT JUSTIN C. MORGAN JOIIN H. BECKI,EY J. FREDERICK PAINTON Dr George Burwell Snow George B Snow was born 1n Sanduskw Ol11o, Auvust '78 1835 In 1856 l11s f3lIl161, D1 It G Snow b1OL19,l1t l11s fam1lx to BL1fl'3l0 H1s fathe1 p1act1ced med1c1ne 1n qandusln but soon afte1 l11S 31111 al 1n Bl1'H1lO l1e changed to dC11t1St11, and became one of the best known dent1sts 111 tlns Ind of tl1e state, dvlng 1n 1811 Geo10e B Snow attended publxc and P111 ate schools 1n Buffalo unt1l he was 10 Xears of ave He was then placed hw l118 fatl1m1 111 a macl11ne sl1op He worl-led about two S6315 ln machme shops ln Buffalo, then 1an away from l1o1nc and went to Detro1t, M1ch Tl11s was tl1e commencement of hxc 1ea1s of wandermfr a1ou11d tl1e countrx, w 01lx1110 1n maclnne shops, or 1-rmo f1t'10'l1t locomotnes He 1Ctl111'16d to Buffalo 111 1857, atlZCI1d1l10' lectu1es 1n tl1e Medxcal Colleoc In tl1e fall of 1858 he commenced a cou1se of dental 1I1St1l1CtlO11 The next two 16318 l1e studled dC11t1St1S 1n the Pennswlxan1a College of Dental Su10e1x 111 Ph1ladelpl11a, and was frraduated 111 1899 In 1869 D1 Snow attended tl1e meetlng of tl1e Amencan D611tal ASSOCI3t10l1 IH Clncago He saw tl1e1e an automatm mallet fm CO11ClE'I'lS1I10 Gold 1n tooth Lax 1t1cs The mallet he saw was of a complxcated deswn Upon l1I9 ICIUID home l1e told Dr Tl1eodore G LEWIS about It and hetween them thew dCSl0116d a much sxmplu one A few were made and leadlly sold Tl11s encoluafred them to make more, so 1n 1866 he left his 1atl1e1 s office, a11d gaxe up l11s entue tune to makmo mflllcts Szx l , ,A . . 7 , Y : ' VJ D " 3 ' - . . . 5 ' ld' -Y . I . . . A I . Lv, 'Y-Y: x . I , . H v Y . . . A V . D . ,. ' ' "' v v v . y ' 1-1' . . cw' ' . - ' ' - v y - . , v - ' ' ' V . . V I. . u . Y V . 1 -1 J A ' .- 1 - ' . . , , .- ' - 1' . U an Y o a :Q V u . ' ' q ' Q ' -x o ' rw- , . ' ' ., ' , v v ' .. .v ' .- ' . . . ra . D , . ,, i . . . . . ' -I .1 . " . v I ' . . ' , .1",N.- f oc- r 1 ' .'- ' . - . C. . , u I D ' ' r '- . 1 -' 1. ' . to '- l .I l .D I 1 ., . ' 1: C and other dental appliances. About this time Dr. B. T. Whitney was carrying on a dental practice in Buffalo, also selling dental supplies, and vulcanizers. Dr. G. E. Hayes, was, also, making and selling vulcanizcrs. These two men together with Drs. Snow and Lewis, in 1867, formed the Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Co. In 1891 the building housing the Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Company at the corner of Court and Pearl streets was consumed hy fire. Things had not been going along smoothly hetween the partners, so when the insurance money came in, the company was dissolved. Dr. Snow retired from the firm, and formed the Snow Dental Company. This husiness is still in existence, niaking vulcanizcrs, articula- tors, automatic gold mallets and other dental specialties. Dr. Snow was of an inventive turn of mind. Among his inventions. hcsidcs the Snow gold mallet, were vuleanizers, oscillating articulators, Snow Face-Bow and saliva ejector. He gave considerable attention to the aetion of ruhher during vulcanization and wrote several artieles ahout it. The iirst one appearing in the Dental Advertiser in 1887. The last one was read hefore the Prosthetic Section of the American Dental Association in Los Angeles in 1922. YVith the formation of the Dental Department of the University of Buffalo in 1892, Dr. Snow accepted an invitation to teaeh. From 1893 to 1895 he was Clinical Professor of Mechanical 'l'eehniqne. l"'ron'i 18915 to 1913 he was Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. From 1901 to 1913 he was also Dean. In 1913 he became Emeritus Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. ' For several years he gave money as prizes for excellence, among the students, in prosthetic dental work. After his severance from the college he deposited some securities with the Council, the income from which is to continue these prizes. i About ten years ago Dr. Snow went to long Beach, Calif. to reside. This wvas clone hecause he found the winters in Buffalo particularly trying to his health. Last sunnner Q1922j he spent two days in attendance at the meeting of the American Dental Association in Los Angeles, where several of his Buffalo friends met him much, to his and their pleasure During the week previous to the meeting of the American Dental Association, the newly formed American Society of Dental Prosthctists held a meeting in Los Angeles. Before they adjourned they went in a hody to Long Beach, passing a very pleasant day with Dr. and Mrs. Snow. Dr. Snow died of pneumonia after an illness of five days. He is survived by his wife andqone stepson, lildwin R. Davis of the Davis Schultz Co. Y Seven Eight --- - JTTYA7' 'T' 'fn' -. . I . I,,qIg..y,..I ii A , , . In ,Mui ,, X M I i VII. I Council Of the University Chairman ..,......., Secretary ............ Treasurer ........... Terms empire 1923 MRS. EDWVARD H. BUTLER WVILLIAM H. CROSBY PHILIP B. GOETZ CIIAUNCEY J. I'IAMLIN PLDMUND HAYES DANIEL J. KENEFICK SEYMOUR H. KNOX ROBERT YV. POMEROY GROvER XV. VVENDE Terms empire 1924 LOUIS L. BABCOCK A. GLENNI BARTI-IOLOMEW CHARLES CARY 'WALTER P. COOKE GEORGE D. CROETS FRANK H. GOODYEAR ABRAM HOFFMAN EDWARD BIICI-IAEL WIIILIARI A. ROGERS Of Buffalo .........YVAI.TER P. COOKE ....,.. iPI-IILIP B. GOETZ ...........GEORGE D. CROFTS Terms expire 1925 FRANK B. J3AIRD MRS. M. STEPHEN CLEMENT ORRIN F.. FOSTER WILLIS G. HICKMAN TI-IOMAS B. IJOCKXVOOD CHARLES P. NORTON NELSON G. RUSSELL ALBERT P. SY Terms empire 1926 JOHN J. IALBRIGI-IT EDWARD J. BARCALO HENRY G. BENTZ JACOB G. JOSEIHI-I EDGAR R. BICGUIRE JAMES H. BICNL'I,T'Y JOHN LORD O'BRIAN MRS. DEXTER P. RLAISEY JACOB F. SCIIOEI.LKOPF EX-OEIRICIO l Mayor of BZLHGZO .............................. HON. FRANK X. SCI-IXVAB Dean, Pharmacy Department .....,,...,....,,, XVILLI5 G, Gmggouy' Dean, Law Department ................... ............. C ARLOS C. ,ALLDEN Dean, Dental Department .,.........., ,...... . .IJANIEL H. SQUIRE Dean, Medical Department ,.....,.................... C. SUMNER JONES DCU-'l'L, College of f1'l't.S' and Sciences I,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, JULIAN PARK ,I wi' 4-'ni I Iv- ,II ,Im I-' I, I 1 It . ww Swv 'W.TT"If-i'Wa"'1x'l-W I iii iii iiimiiiii iiwiiuii I IMI W R - IR 'ff-III, I., . .- Hi". 111' RWM" 'HW' fi-' STM A W. . X if f g 1,,. N .,, ' ' ' " , -Hi "'f- 10 . 1 "pn . -:.- , '.... . T .... LX Q ...., , ,A "'E1e" ,f 'Q5 f Z in ihe firsi fllltztnrellnr nf 1112 Qbreztier llniiwrsiig nf gffiuffzxln 7 Z .J 1 w 1 ginzrmnel Paul Qlzqzw 1 php., - , 19521112 Qllztss nf 333111212211 K1x1e1tig'f if Aa Qlkren rnsperifullg heilirzrie 1112 fuurimznih hnlume nf ihe ' ' Skis ' ' F5 fm' W M 'u Q' m lm la. P W .T . . ax., ,, AEE" MEM HIMIW ... gy, is 1 -, w,..x5 - .1.:., , ' lg: ...leaf 4' 'ff E . au 4U I Y g f ' .u, .Q 1 l .gi 5 Pl 533' X xx: " K, T51 L 'K X an '14 'j 4157 't""T1vf:1T':'T"TW1'IiT fj'f:,,,,' ggi . gf "" 1 'MQ ET' 'ig ,'i'i'iFl! rr' ',iiT iiifwgigl ?-1 l 11335 , . Q..-L. , l E .fav W , ,max-Q l l 5?-E1 Vg gill-rl L, 1 FET i FE 3' .5 f .Til Uv inf' 51:1 yfs -1 'ig' ef. i l l l 4 l l l l History of the Year ' ARLY last summer an announcement of far-reaching importance was .. , ' . I . Sa flu made bv John Lord O,B1'1CH, chairman of the committee in charge of to ' -' E selecting our new Chancellor. 1 , Nf'S5N TQ' "- ,, -. ffufwzg gl C by For more than eighteen months, this committee had been diligently searching the educational world for the man who was best fitted to be- come the first Chancellor of the Greater University of Buffalo. After considering many eminent educators, the committee finally chose Dr. Samuel Paul Capen. Ph.D.g L.L.D.g L.H.D. who was then Director of The American Council of Education. ANNUAL CONVOCATION A BIG SUCCESS ' The thought that was 'uppermost in everyhody's mind at the opening convoca- tion on September 25th, was that at last the university was to have a chancellor- a chancellor who would spend his entire time in developing the possibilities of the Greater University. Dreams of decades were now a realization. V Naturally enough the school year opened with exceptional impetus. Optimism was the keynote of the annual convocation, at which U. B. formally entered upon its 77th year. VValter P. Cooke, as chairman, pointed out that "Never in its history has the University of Buffalo opened with brighter prospects. You have a fine faculty of conscientious men and women. You have, a.s Chancellor, a man perhaps better known than any other in educational circles throughout the country. You are starting this year with the interest and financial backing of 24,000 people of this great city." 11 I . - Y! ig ' il 5 l E l 1 B7 W 1 ilkfjifgl 1 1. 45,15 I i QNWW i il i E5 i ET. ,rg pei X i Tl! W FTE' l Face: l X .1 3 gs: Q I i , Vg 1 , if 5 3: M A- '5- 'ELI73 ,' nl V' 'L ia.. L1 , 552 4 575 4 iii A g , 1 :TE l ' Q-EEI -iii! 71 ,Q , tri .NNE . , . ir Ai ? s. li -I Eng FQ Co-Eifs XV.u'r1No 'ro IQFIGISTER Ten - r--- - li- ., 5 gif' I--16 ' 1 flag ' fsgl '7 l! fix - 1 12,21 Y g l .F-il , i?:l l ' KE' T7 Q YT? 5 CTT '?Q i i-'bi' L-, 1- 1 l 5 F , ,g,"Wxl.l!K3 wail!! 5115. VM" yigllillqx WM 'hgh Q H? QA 3, ,B -:T yd, ...T,fT,:j,?:,,T.A WVTMTLKTTWMTI TW - 'V lllls .Q ni' ,ity all li firmlypillliyrfrfilifli f x ii, ilfraslli Hi iv .4 y L, -,L - .3 . - Q T1-Elly.-rg ,'i,l.1iJ1Qi,.4..irggrgtgl ,L ,gg-. rl " ' " 1 v -:w-may ' . .. 'l ' ii E l u' M A, .E .,,K,.-E.,...lMc, 45752 I it l 16"-' yifmlgvly Wifi! rl lik 'l lv V 11 N, 5 I w l l 1 l 4 1 I 1 ,Z K., 225 ffywifl llii' ,,,,. Vigil l l X Frffrii i 1 LIL fi? 9 1 1 1 , E 1 1 wi i ,TH l E31 4 ' L- Sai! . tg y FS-ilu? I .,i,ey,vy me-A Elerie ----A if -:E I 525 2121 l .,,.., QTL' 1 a 155 iii Y-iv 'T-ll V .5-N Y V. ly it l W N 4 . Hffxn 1531! 4 iris l Ii- 1 FE' ff? I .11 ,IJ l RE' J, l '55 1,5 . in '-A I l1.ft l -Qi l ' , E X iii' XX oU1.n-ni: Fnlssx-IMEN IN LINE AT 'lowxsnxn I-Liu. flziil Adelbert Moot-a staunch friend of U. B.-in a stirring address spoke of the University as "an institution born out of the necessity of the communityg born because public opinion said there must be such an institution to train young men and women thoroughly. The lfniversity of Buffalo as it now stands is the result of three quarters of a century of interest, support and struggle." A number of important announcements were made at this meeting. October 28th was formally set aside as the date of Dr. Capen's inauguration-Foster Hall to be dedicated on the day preceding. The home of General Edmund Hayes on Xorth Street was hereafter to be the home of the U. B. Alumni Club-providing a place where alumni and undergraduates might assemble. Of special importance to the Co-eds was the appointment of Miss Lillias Macdonald as first Dean of VVomen. . STUDENTS DAY PARADE ATTRACTS UNUSUAL INTEREST The extra large registration helped to make the annual Fall Parade on Octo- ber 21st a real gala event. The parade started from Townsend Hall, proceeding to Franklin Street to Seneca and thence to Hutchinson High School, where the mass meeting was held. A large U. B. banner was carried at the head of the parade, immediately followed by a senior, Wheeling a baby carriage. Next in line came The University Band and they certainly made a splendid showing. The procession of enthusiastic students that 'followed gave many Buffalonians a realization of U. B. Spirit. ..E,s,- , I '1 V .U E gil 'il-Z, 1 22 1 ii-1 X 'if 1 l li:-. Q STE'-.. ' gig E ? 5 . ' lffiicf ef llllif? 1 25:3 Several Hoats added considerable color to the procession. The Pharmics had a iv miniature laboratory, which was certainly very app1'opriate. The Dents portrayed the sufferings of mortals as a result of their practices. .il , i , 7 Eleven Lia' :Q x V 'TW T TTU'-"5'ii 'iii i'l'Fdl'wryi ll IW WI .,,. .17-. 'X ff-1 1 f. 4:63 1 '- ax Q. 1'1" l , 511, 1 lff 1 ,W ,. 1 y :E l x , 1 . ,T,51f1, l 'f.f1i1f1 l l .jf 1 sz." , l iii l 1 T, l V 521 1 V.i' la af 27' 7.15, l i Egg. 3 iii? 9 is 1Sl 1 A l l L23 V y W fE1Q3fi 1 1f5"37'l N . 1 Iii l ':"ii?l 1 'R-.r5if1 1 w rg. -pp., A i-4.12.1 1 1 55g -Ei j M -5 , M, 77,2 Y ' ---1" - 'fl' K "-"T"s" ""'R . .' ' -. -- - ff.-.17--1 vw- ' - - w rf f- - .+1.' ge- ,11, 1. ll'-H141-1 'l.11 s.f,11w11 .,1'11.1qM11'11"'g. 1111 1 f ,l1111l1l:l T ill - -,M 1 Z' - 1 ' L ' ".1" l -."1 1 IW' 1 4.1 il 1 1 l 1 -1- 1 - ' r . -- :Mia ,,1. .111111 1'111Jf.11..F1 11.1,,1g,- Y., f HE...-Y H, ,. -.,,,. .,,-N .-,-i The Law College gave the onlookers a real laugh at the expense of a few former city officials. A stern and stately judge was 'followed by several convicts who were be-decked with placards inscribed "Park Department." The Arts had several interesting features. Two Frosh, in childlike garb, were led by a senior, who guided them in numerous infant toddles throughout the parade. The girls made a big hit with the crowds by wheeling a Frosh in a baby carriage. Last of all came the Frosh be-decked with green caps and arm bands. Two of them pushed a boat around the street just to show that they were all at sea. The country cousins all arrayed in their verdancy attracted considerable attention. The procession finally arrived at Hutchinson Auditorium where Mr. Irving Templeton presided. Harry Yorke spoke on behalf of the three student publica- tions, while Howard McCordock spoke on activities in general, urging the under- graduates to support Dramatics, Debating, Chess and Musical Organizations. Edward Hoffman of the Arts College outlined the social events for the year. Dr. Strohm outlined the athletic program for the school year. FOSTER HALL DEDICATED On October 27th, Foster Hall, the first of the new buildings of the Greater University of Buffalo was dedicated with ceremonies in which appropriate parts were taken by Buffalonians, visiting educators and scientists, professors and stu: dents of the University. ' ' The academic procession, led by Chancellor Capen and Mr. Cooke, started from Science Hall and proceeded across the campus to Foster Hall. Here VValter P. Cooke presented the keys of the new building to Dr. Capen who accepted them on behalf of the University. After the dedication, the exercises were continued in the auditorium of the new building where Dr. Edgar Smith extended the greetings of the American Chemical Society, of which he is president. Another speaker of national note was Dr. Edwin E. Slossen who delighted and instructed his auditors by a brilliant address entitled "Chemical Research as a Constructive Servicefi wifi' P1 IQEI1 ,51 r-11 ACADYIMIC PROCESSION ARRIVES AT Fosrun Hari. Twelre wallllliF11ll..1.l111arlMllllMM1QqdlMl11Mjlji51QllllllllliifMt QW1,'.1.,11115My-z1'r21 1l1,f11.ias-.1..11111i 111-1 1 fv - f-M . "'e"'L, 1 .... ll,.1,ll53i,L1.,iJ1Lily-f11- ' 'WilT!l6l1'Zl1l' V'NiilW"lilWf,QQ,, 'Nl'N,PWlVllllzi, b'lllllllllfl'lll' . ,TH QM-.N,'r,i13W1:lfl' llM'wj'rN1rlN''W' 'ln"Wy1'pLWf1N'wri.N5yNr5,, X W W l N N il' , ll! ul will X xii! MUNWM f !lillWllMM4 v,.,Mil ly y i ll 1 B4 'SAV 'ill Ni, ,,, ,, i i ii , ,i,w,.,., ,it , r, 1 ii , Ni-N , ,, N- ww' '- my N , , 1 'N i ir, X . ,y- N I H , il, 1, ,',,,N ,,' 1, L N LN, I ' . , :, i,, N , l 1 N , , , ,!,, ,, fl yy 1, .V ',,. 4, ,,f,,,,,,,,N,, V: , H, 1: iqyyj. 'hh M i w nj N.,-,Ns V ,ii ,,,+.-g 1, , rg it Miz. XVAI,'l'Iill P. Cookie Pm-:sr:N'rs Kurs 'ro Du. Carlcx Chancellor Capen's Inauguration A small walnut toned chest. containing the keys and seal of the University of Buffalo. handed to Dr. Capen in the Teck theater on the morning of October 28th, 1922, invested him with the authority and responsibility of the Chancellor of U. B. Wialter P. Cooke-the man who had established the greater university idea- presented the keys with the brief remarks "I now declare you chancellor and in token thereof hand you the seal and keys of your high office." Chancellor Capen accepted "these symbols with full realization of the honor and responsibility con- ferred and I pledge to you, the council, my colleagues and the city of Buffalo the best of which I am capable from this day forward." Seldom did the City of Buffalo entertain such an august body of educators as had assembled for the inauguration. Practically every university in the coun- try was represented by its president or some other delegate. Even Nathan L. Mil- ler, then Governor of New York State, turned aside from the political campaign of 1922, to bring the greetings of the Empire State and to congratulate Buffalo on the public spirit that had at last made possible The Greater University of Buf- falo with its first full time chancellor. Willis G. Gregory, Senior Dean of the University pledged to Dr. Capen the lieartiest co-operation of the faculty. Dr. Charles Cary who represented the alumni said that they and others had been looking forward to this day so long that some have drifted into middle life and some have even attained age. But all are still ready to work for their Alma Mater. . Thirteen. e , affix v VY, P21 PE!! -5.-r-5---.. Ffa.-5-1:---777' 1-:-:1-fam f--ye:-:ei-fA,f:",w-NW-N 'j7--ff-effff-VV -7--F V--Tye----7 ---' f--ees-,T-in--. W-Te-L: -:. ' l llill'llllTl"l1::,.9i!M'lllbw' lli7'lfl'f-N1-g",Vlll"lir 1 ll:wQgl'1'h,l",l"i'l7'Q?1: 6 - ' . "H'llxf"5yNyi:w'N:i' ie.:-4JQ"li,Q3",1,3i ig-5.-,z ,,,, l lilfil,-if,11l rl" l'fz"?14' ,, nwllllilllllh a"'Wll,llll,lr fillllllll ll ll ' M I J, ,, N,lll,lll1r 'rfNlNw rr I' 'N N rr Willmjllnlll ' Q A ', "-'..'l.,r": r' N,' 'r'iN'N'w','.,' U, Wi -1' ,- ', ,N .1' ,,,:: ,N e,N ",N, ll ,NN1.u,i' rN,.-,: 1 i f,--,tN,:.,i1 iN' ,-HN iw ,i ,w.i,,, ,,,,, , , 'Ny N. ,, . MVN mvL,N'4, ,il iN.1.N,-my Mi, i,,uv'-1N,,,,i ,N,,, ..f,i,fH AQLMA-,,1L ,LLLL-4'iA,YLLl4YM oo,. ,,,Li,,w,,,,1,,WYYY, R N V ,. N, 4 .,.. c,.l--.. .,1c.,..........i,,.....,-,.4 ...... 1..tg1iJ.-.i.....:.1.N:,,.,a.L: , -, x, vw w .i -fe" ii -i " " " gl' -,i"1'm'imizI'w.w il1"w lwll. fllfl,ii!'i,11'w-b".l W ll! all 1 fifiiiiiiii'll' w',N i viillvlillwuffiiilli4iilllislli..!ii.Mfr vilillll i li DR. CAPHN S1-Eaxrxo AT Dicnicxriox Hxuncisizs Sir Robert Alexander Falconer, K.C.hI.G'., M.A., L.L.D. president of the Uni- versity of Toronto extended the felicitations of the Canadian colleges and universi- tiesi "These universities are also by their very nature homes of internationalismf' Sir Robert said. "Patriotic centers, of course, none more so, sources of citizen- ship of the highest quality, but also rernembrances of the truth that science is oneg that law is universal and that humanity has right of way over mere nationalism. So I bring you from a university an international institution, the greetings of the young nation of Canada to you the greatest republic in the world." Livingston Farrand, lNI.D., L.L.D., president of Cornell and representative .of the American Association of Universities, brought the greeting of the universities. "One of the advantages of the University of Buffalo," he said, 'cis its plasticity. I hope that it will always remain so in order that it easily can be shaped to serve the public. YVhat we need is a. broadly informed citizenship and a highly infornrerl leadership, not self perpetuated but open to the infusion of new blood. There is no where We can look for that leadership except to American colleges ,and universities." Frederick C. Ferry, M.A., Ph.D., president of Hamilton College and a close friend of Dr. Capen, made a happy speech in which he paid a generous tribute to Dr. Capen's attainments and qualities as a man. For the American colleges he said he brought to Dr. Capen God-speed and good wishes. ' The audience rose as Governor Miller was introduced and again as Dr. Capen got up to make his inaugural address. He spoke clearly and forcibly with the decisiveness which his colleagues have commented upon. Viewing American education in its cosmic aspects, Dr. Capensaid, certain dis- concerting facts immediately become evident. Nearly every type of institution, except the agricultural college, is over-crowded, congestion being most pronounced Fourteen af- fm . gi ii wvlni, 1 v ,its way mi,-.g.. i f 3 . . ,mi WN X - 'iv y,ilv1W"l-iif':7.Tf iiiifWmprpfglfm,q,,M,m-.:' gf h'T"" i"' ""'t"' ' if-,f 1. ,V 1 vllr'llll+lll'l ix 'illillli Mlm illilillll lllw' illlllilltl 'ill ' i l ' N W' i i ...s my Wi, i. ii . . , - , , , 4.-,,i'i,..i-ii, .iilmif . ii:-we ., 1- p . gal I -1 i rv-ia.. .. ,.i. .W , iv.. i f .- .l Wi , , ..,......, ,, ,...A. ...,u.ii.,,., n.- ,. -, - , , 5 , i, , . in the colleges of arts and science. Arts colleges must be regenerated or they will die, the speaker deelaimed. and he made clear that in his 'view the United States faces the need of drastic, thorough-going reform in its whole scheme of education, to the end that our children and youth may be more 'cffectivelv trained and that time may be saved in the process. K The outstanding educational conditions that need to be corrected, and in which U. B. can lead the way because its is not fettcred by tradition, Dr. Capen saidl are: A. The period devoted to elementary education is too long. Ffticienev is offset by new subjects crowded into the curriculum and proof is wanting that the so- called cnrielunent of the elementary curriculum has increased pupils, intellectual power. B. Secondary education begins too late and ends too soon. failing to compre- hend the whole period of general forms trainings. lt is too diffuse and 'therefore superncial. providing very imperfectly for thc preparation of those who straight- way must earn a livelihood. C. Fifty ,per cent. of the work done in colleges of arts and sciences rightlv belongs in the secondary schools. so that it becomes necessary to provide teaching methods and disciplinary regime in college for immature boys and girls rather than for men and women seriously entering upon preparation of their life work. There is a prodigal waste of time in college. THREE OBVIOUS STICPS The three obvious steps to provide for the regeneration of education, Dr. Capen declared. are: A. Admission to college and continuance there should depend on a more thor- ough process of selection than any that now prevails. The creation of 'tests all the time is going forward. but the ultimate decision as to whether a student is qualified to remain can ustly he made. "if the moral courage of the faculty can stand the strain." B. As early as possible in the college course there should be provision of opportunities for independent study, carried on in the spirit of research without meticulous oversight and with judgment only of the final results. None should be allowed to graduate who have not demonstrated their capacity for independent study and registered definite mastery of some Held of knowledge. C. The college should adopt all means possible to place secondary education where it properly belongs. and enter into eo-operation with the school systems from which the majority of its students came for establishment of methods of redistribu- tion that will prove of advantage to college and schools. "The various kinds of professional training must be re-examined with fresh reference to the demands of the professions themselves." Dr. Capen continued. "And the chaos that prevails in the relationships of the college to the professional schools must shortly be reduced to some kind of order. I am persuaded that both these ends could be furthered by a type of educational research that has rarely been applied to higher education." After the exercises the out of town delegates, members of the council and inaug- ural committee went to the University club for luncheon. Another luncheon in honor of Chancellor and Mrs. Capen was given by the Twentieth Century club, followed by a reception which was attended by the delegates. Fifteen . .l. , 1- 1 i, , . . i cl, l ui . ,. i .V Y fx , l, ,N .. W . ,. 1. i l ,,H,l.,! lm . I ,, l.. ww, 1 ., - l Y- -it MMM Q.. ,i Nr.. 1 Hi if -,wl.1,.,1.,r i, fr-,fs r ,y- lJ,i,g,. 1 , 1 , li 'll il 'Q . fliy, ' f . .' ' -'. . Y 1 ww, .lj WL limiiM-gr!!-ggmi.-l ti Ag.: , . . . . f - Z , .qi 3, ,vm :WH-'-,-lg wg, ,,y!.imr' uv, iw uw I-- M Y Y IX .,,4f1,.,,. v,g:,.d.,- ig wi.-my-yn . 'ze-.' I ,Y V A ,N . . -w 4 I AL-,-H. Nw ff.-au w w--' l w -s M . . . - fail., ...lilvw If .flllilllvvlrlliflalrf.ffleflllwwlllillfl it li I Y 1 , ,.Y. V .. lu- vw .rw ii 1 W . , V . ,, A F, , , , .Av,,.A...,-VW... YAA, -w. . 41. .usa w--.. -- - ---- 1- - W, ,Am - A J-fag -- ------A--W FACULTY AND XTISITING DELEGATES UNIVERSITY DAY "The present students of the University of Budalo have come upon the scene ust as the university is taking an unprecedented step forward. VVe have a most extraordinary public backing and it is now up to the students to build the univers- ity on a new scale with a new unity." In these short but most tastefully chosen words did Chancellor Samuel P. Capen accept the first formal words of welcome from the student body at the Uni- versity Day celebration held at the Teck theater on Thursday morning, February 22, 1923. The chancellor's words came as an answer to a most powerful and elo- quent address by Thomas F. Devlin of the junior law class, who was chosen the spokesman of the entire student body. A BARON KORFF DELIVERS STIRRING ADDRESS The speaker of the day was Baron Serge A. Korff, former vice-governor of Finland and present professor of Diplomatic and Medieval European History at Georgetown University. In introducing Baron Korff, the chancellor stated that the university was fortunate in having for its guest not only a diplomat and states- man, but one of the .foremost authorities on Russian history in this country. Thus ended the most eventful year in the History of the University of Buf- falo. It saw the opening of the Hrst building on the campus at the end of Main Street. It saw the coming of the Hrst chancellor who would devote his entire time to the interests of the University. It saw an enrollment over 1600 students, all of whom believe in their Alma Mater and are ready to work for it to the utmost of their ability. - N It saw not only the alumni but also the people of the city of Buffalo standing squarely behind the University. Finally, it saw an outburst of school spirit on the part of the student body, which alone means so much to any university. Sixteen V T7 -yiiiifwf'f'fqf+3'35,gf ,mg "ff, 41 ...1 ' . ,fi P --- ---W-Us - f .llllilllwllafw'i'll1fillJllllm'1fl'llW'fit rs + tflwllll' ir i it I lf iic . tv ' H 1 A ,..., .I , , ,- , . . , li vw ,r-, ,xx M, w V .. r- '- 2 4 , J- L- J. 1l"' Y f-- ,I H ,. - -- 1 ,gy-,Q ,J 'l ' l1f,,i,,,A1M,,,1 4, ,,,.,, 1. 11' ., U 1- l.. - ,-N. ,., . 1 . W ww- we v- W 1 1- 1 I YY.....,.,,.,,,,vs,,.A,,,. vr,,,,,,,A,,, .,., , 1 , -' ' s , V , - 19,1 'kiwi-,v' ' v" 'fm " 1 'V 'X' , . - VY. .,....... ,,........ .. . ..,... K .,... ..s,.... L- BIRD'S-EYE VIEXV OF CAMPUS , 1 ' 2 MAIN ENTRANCE TO CAMPUS x Q' . THE CAMPUS IN YVINTER LOOKING EAST FROM SCIENCE HALL PQJ' APPROACH TO FOSTER HALL FOSTER HALL SCIENCE HALL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY ,. , ,..-.V . w mv- , . - D ' gg , Judie- , ,, ,g ,., " " - ' N i'I'R " " ' 'M , W -, -. f- ' 'w, M"5'f'5" -H-f" "" -55" -'f34,..x,. .Aemw-mx . ,fab . , 22" .im . ,,, . , my.,-,,ggvtFqA, ,,n,,.n4,f -14,19-'ak-rs-. , bm ,, , . . O ., , . . . , ,.., , . , .4 ,.M . ., . . t f r, J .4 , , . SCHOOL OF LAYV TOWNSEND HALL RIPLEY MEMORIAL LIBRARY GROSVEN OR LIBRARY K , ,..fs.., 7-K-.-.,.,..- Q CHANCELLORS RESIDENCE 1 ALUMNI CLUB ALUMNI CLUB GROUNDS Buffalo From the Beginning .. HE beginnings' of collegiate education in Buffalo date back to 1836, ten . f ing the summer of that year. which was to prove so disastrous financiallv, . Y - 5 -years before the Lniversity of Buffalo was actually in operation. Dur- gfalau. subscriptions were solicited for the University of Vlfestern New York, 'X the purpose being to endow six profcssorships at 355.000 each and to secu1'e twlve or fifteen thousand dollars for the general fund. A building lot was even presented by one of the city's wealthiest men, Judge VValden, near the old barracks. and no doubt the name of College Street was bestowed upon that thorough- fare because it was to mark the western boundary of the proposed campus, its other borders being North and Allen streets and Delaware Avenue. The speculative craze of 1836 is a well-known episode not only in the life of the city but in the history of the nation. Many grandiose designs conceived for the benefit of the city were abruptly abandoned when the financial crash came, and among them was the university project. But the plans were not permanently given lip. and one reason for the revival was the advent during the 1110's of a number of men, mostly physicians. who, notwithstanding l3uf1'alo's subsequent eminence as a medical center, have not yet been surpassed in fame and public regard. Frank H. Hamilton, Austin Flint, James P. Wfhite. Thomas M. Foote were among the physicians who first brought prestige to the city. and they. with sympa- thetic laymcn, were the founders of the University of Buffalo. It was the physicians present at the first meeting, who, after hot debate, persuaded the Y other members of the group to attempt not a med- , -I , , ical school merely, but a university with powers as 5 3 5 I' :E lg-:Q 1. '.-1 . . .. is I If l , s - - " ' A complete and diversified as those of any in the land. T , - The departments specifically contemplated at first : Il!! were the medical, and then the academic, theo- E 5 . 5 ms - E . .. 1 3 lil E ? - THE NIEDICAL Sci-roor. or 18416 V ry- ll XR, .W .V , sux.. K 1 . Y , f' . il i' l , , 1 1 f',1l-,alll-1: lm'-,, ,mtl l .1 " .. ,, :W " . ' logical, and law. Through the exertions of Nathan K. Hall the State Legislature granted the desired broad charter on May 11, 1846. Accordingly, although for forty years the Med- ical School comprised all there was of the University, it was known not as the Buffalo Medical College but as the university of the city which it serves and adorns. Nevertheless, though it has possessed full authorization, the institution has always been conservative in availing itself of the generous preogatives legally conferred upon it. For nearly seventy years it was, however, a university in name Thirty-tlwee ' - . 7 Ll MILLARD FILLMOR13 1-:IRST CHANCELLOR OF THE LTNIVERSITY W 'ilk' N, 1 W w y L w' m 1 11' 1'-1J..h',Q.-.,LUWL' ,. - l 1 1, i l 1 ' ulldl' iiilwifi' qi ifty f- 'l only, a collection of professional schools with little unifying influence. The wonder is that these schools could have achieved their creditable reputation and accomplished such scholastic results as they have. wholly without the aid of any endowment. No non-sectarian university in the country, so far as is known. has been so peculiarly Situated. The financial poverty of the institution was a standing challenge to the best intcllects of the city to compensate by their almost gratuitous service for the other- wise unenviablc position of the university, and never have men of such attainments been so loyal under such discouraging conditions. The oHicc of Chancellor, for seventy-five years an honorary position, was given to Millard Fillmore, who held it until his death in 187111. The second Chancellor was Orsamus H. ltfarshall, a figure second only to Fillmore in the debt in which he placed ,many of the city's early institutions. He served until his death in 188111. being succeeded by R. Carle- ton Sprague. whose term extended until 1895. James O. Putnam, a member of the original Council. or board of trustees. was Chancellor until his death in 1902, and the next head was VVilson S. Bissell. whose untimely death in 1903 terminated what promised to be a service of great benefit. George Gorham was acting Chan- cellor until 1905. when he was succeeded by Charles P. Norton as Vice-Chan- cellor. Mr. Nortonwas made full Chancellor in 1909 and served during the epoehal years until 1920. On June 28. 1922. Samuel Paul Capen. Ph.ll., L.H.D., LL.D., of lllashington, was elected Chancellor. Like most of the early educational institutions of this state. the university was Hrst organized as a joint stock corporation. and indeed continued such until 1909. although there is of course no record of dividends ever having been declared. XVith the first 9512.000 paid in, the Council bought a site at the southwest corner of Main and Virginia streets and there erected the first building to be used for higher education in liuffalo. The older residents will easily recall this curious brown stone building of only two and a half stories. with little spires at each corner. It was dedicated in 1819 and torn down in 1896. The total cost of building and site did not exceed 3325.000 The original faculty of medicine which remained intact for a number of, years was composed of the following men: Charles Brodhead Coventry, lN-LD., Professor of Physiology anifl Ziledical Jurisprualerzce Charles Alfred Lee, M.D.. Professor of Paflzology and Zllaferia Zlledica James Yvebster. M.D.. Professor of General and Special ,flnatomy James P. Vlhite, M.D. Professor of Ollstefrics and Diseases of llfomen and Children Frank Hastings Hamilton. M.D., Professor of Principles rzrzcl Practice of Surgery and Clinical Surgery and Dean Austin Flint., M.D. Professor of Principles and Practice of Zlleflicinc and Clinical Zlledicine HT George Hadley, M.D.. Professor of Chemistry and Plzzzrrnacy E Gorydon L. Ford, RLD., D6'WZO?liSf?'Hf!I7' of .lnatorny and Lilnrarifm i, The Medical Department has been distinguished in respect to its advanced methods of 'teaching in two important directions. As early as the fourth session Dr. James P. YVhite, for the first time in this country, introduced clinical midwifery into the college curriculum. This method had been previously established in Europe, Thirty-five i wh: ui ,- ,' '!, i, " K ,i ,X V, 1 px yi, 11.15. L' ' 2ii,'iGQfrxjii' !fSf'f' W 1 1 1 1 3 wi, 1,-mr-,ll 1' 1 if . ri f .X wt ii '-r' 1' ,w 1 fairu.rlliwiulliliul.llc1.-iilllfltiitlthiifwfttt if e - Mx' .itlltlilll?'..y.1-QMnth.2.1 xx 'Qi 1 '1- H: :Tie i:"4fi.:f Y., " " "W ' -,E A4-X -- .3,fi7".T,'QiViVJfi7E?:'fffliiftfliiff.iffi'3l71"1"fi7ff.7'5'1i'1Yg""TTWEi1 be A or - out its introduction in America caused very severe criticism. So bitter and pointed an attack was made upon.Dr. VVhite in the newspapers, as to lead to suit for libel, the result of which was the acquittal of the defendantg but the trial served to vindi- cate Dr. Wfhite and his method of teaching. Dr. John C. Dalton, Jr., who was elected to the chair of physiology in 1851, was the first physiologist in America to employ the method of experiment on living animals in his teaching. Dr. Austin Flint, during his incumbency asprofessor of medicine, made his noted observations upon typhoid fever. His study of the epidemic in North Boston, N. Y., in 18113, contributed greatly toward recognition of the nature, source and means of conveyance of the infection of this disease. He later described the heart murmur which bears his name. Dr. Julius F. Miner, professor of special surgery, in 1869 became noted through his advocacy of enucleation of ovarian tumors, a method which has been universally adopted. Of the other members of the Faculty Dr. Hamilton achieved a national reputation as surgeon, teacher and writer, Dr. Ford became one of the most noted anatomists in the country, holding for many years, until his comparatively recent death at an old age, a professorship at the University of Michigan, Lee, VVebster, and Coventry all helped to make the first Faculty a group distinguished for intellect, one which reflected honor on the city which called them. i As time went on other men were added l both from Buffalo and from other cities, with the result that it has numbered among its teachers many of the men of whom American medicine is proudest. For example, Edward M. Moore of Rochester was professor of surgery from 1852 to 1882, Thomas F. Rochester was professor of medicine from 1853 to 1887. To suc- ceed Professor Moore, Dr. Roswell Park was called from a career just opening in Chicago, and taught for 31 years. Dr. Matthew D. Mann was called from Con- necticut, and served as professor of obste- trics from 1882 to 1912. Charles A. Doremus, R. A. Wvitthaus Cboth in chem- istryj, E. V. Stoddard, Julius Pohlman, and many another distinguished name lent prestige to the faculty, while of those for- tunaetly still living 'mention should be made of Charles Cary, professor from 1878 to 1911, and Charles G. Stockton, professor of medicine from 1887 to 1918. Younger teachers like James A. Gibson and Frederick C. Busch were worthily continuing the old traditions, and their deaths created gaps difficult to fill. In 1889 Dr. Park headed a movement for a new medical building. On High Street, near Main, had stood for many years the onlv dwelling house then fand stillj in existence with which Joseph Ellicott is directlyiassociated. for he had begun the erection of this house in 1823. He died before it was completed. In the nineties DR. ROS1l'ELL PARK TILirfy-Six fQF7TIiT"TqTWQ'ffT 'f'1V?"y, "fqj"yg1"'1m',.iff 71. .AQ .,.-""x'?'-"y"'f'-?'f- f A f i-fi... f W, ., . ,, ,-A A ,-wvJfy1i flyyi M y lywlyiy My wi j' 13,5.f31-g:,- vp ,'w",,i.lJg.,,5-1.-1.1 .:,1.,. 'gi-5 , 1, , 5, , f- ,. I" : f V -- 1f.f'-v---- A Y W liiiiviwi JlW'lM ?'rf'il1iilii'1"uNifmil' . so . A -V 1 1 . , J!"..'ui..:..,..K tl ri.. 1 "N".,N-iluwlii 'J' 1 1 -f ' . . ' i 'ff.:'f . .-il. c JT? -'fn' . , lflfli, . H-. Z l lgifl :fix . f-,r -X 1 1 1 .'.-. l' .1 "1l'uv. , 'l ' -, , . V. " , .i. ,,j,,"i,p up 4 Q, tl.. to 11. ,X N . .lj ,... lm. 3.11. , .,,,.l,, W., V 1 1 Q I lt- rllhlllsllll J H. P I 1 1 . :ilwlmi 1. .it vllwwlzllililli it , X . 1 . M. xl ' Mi. lily. 1, ia. the building was moved to Amherst Street and considerably enlarged. This was the site on which the University Council decided for the new medical building. The amount paid for the land was only 5li22.275. The chief argument in favor of this location was its proximity to the General Hospital. George Cary was the architect, and the cost of the building was about 5lS130.000.00 of which sum the alumni con- tributed 9'p65.000.00. In' 1919 and 1920 a new wing was added to the rear to pro- vide additional laboratory space, and it is a commentary on relative values to state that the three-story wing cost as much as the entire original building. The dean since 19181 is Dr. C. Sumner Jones, and the faculty in 1922-23 numbered 111441. There were 236 students. A school of pharmacy was organized in 1886 and occupied part of the medical building until 1922, when it removed to Foster Hall. Laboratory teaching has been a prominent feature in the work of this school from the beginning, about half of the instruction being of this practical nature. On completion, of a two-year course, it confers the degree of Graduate in Pharmacy. It also has two post-graduate degrees, Master of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemist, and beginning with 1906, offered special instruction in the different types of chemistry and allied courses, compris- ing either a three-year course leading to the degree of Analytical Chemist, or Cbe- ginning with 1920j a four-year course leading to the B.S. degree. Since 1890 the dean has been Dr. YVillis G. Gregory. and thc faculty in 1922-23 numbered 27. There were 268 Students. University expansion was now in the air. and soon schools of law and dentistry were added. The Buffalo Law School, an independent institution founded in 1887, applied for university afliliation in 1891. The first dean was Charles Daniels, LL.D., for many years judge of the llighth Judicial District. who would even adjourn court to hold lectures. The other members of the first faculty were such well known lawyers as LeRoy Parker. George S. YVardwell. Carl T. Chester, Charles Beckwith, George Clinton, Tracy C. Becker. and Adelbert Moot. the only member of the original group who still gives instruction. James Fraser Gluck and John G. Milburn were long time lecturers. The Law School was in fact the enterprise of the Buf- falo Bar as a whole. The course extends over three years, and the degree con- ferred is Bachelor of Laws. The school has granted some degrees of Master of Laws. The dean Qsince 190-lfj is Dr. Carlos C. Alden: the faculty numbered 27, and there were 228 students. In 1892 a dental school was added. and five of the most eminent practitioners of the city became the Hrst faculty. viz., 1Villiam C. Barrett fdean until 1903j, A. P. Southwiek, Herbert A. Birdsall, Franklin lil. Howard, and George B. Snow Cdean from 1903 to 1912j. Its phenomenal growth-from 46 in the Hrst session to 222 in the fourth-necessitated a special building of its own, and in 1896 a 'three- story building was erected on Goodrich Street. adjoining the High Street property. In 1902 it became necessary to add a fourth story, and a few years later the rapid development of dentistry made further room essential, so that additional laboratory space was rented in the Sidway Building, a few blocks below the college. The dean fsince 1912j is Dr. Daniel H. Squire, the faculty numbered 110, and the students 185. 185. A Teachers College, established as a fifth department of the university in 1895, was discontinued in 1898 for the lack of endowment. None of its schools has had more loyal students and graduates, and they have remained anxious for its revival. Dr. Frank M. McMurray came from the University of Illinois to become dean, ' Thirty-sefuen 1 --,--A --- W - W- V - - 4---f' fu ... -..BY ..-Yi-4.2 ...lf in ' .. m -.x..2.., Mwivri f"i.1 .. . .... .. .T--ff - KI 1.Y..--,.,.....,-. ....... lvj UQ, R Wil l'N4..yjlli"llll'1":f't ..ljlg:'jl:'ll1Ql U' .l1qiT'-it L., jd' gf' N .ti-' ' 1' -fr: LHR ll .-X--.J 1197-f'i ' 1' ' 1. f' ..i.1.L 1 L - ' -1- x we .1 J w..wi.f 1. . no 5194MMM--QUll5,Qi..lill4llwill rllli'1.'-,Mull-li' - 11.1 'wi 'wi 4 -: V . .K V' I- . f --cl if 7.1.11 ..l.if. ijlu..,1llll..l '.ilw!..im3. --.Lacy . .... ,lg .... . 'ns V. . ,Q '... S II-"I I I' II I ww-'I -H -'f'ff --III, If I-III ,II-I,-I.:IIfIIfI- I, I, ,N ., I .. , , , , J A J I I I I I. xI 1 I IFJIII ,I I I .III:II I Iu,,x.I, I III I, ,MII I XII YA , !I!,MI,,,wI WIIIIIIIIIIIIII ., AUIIIWI XII , ,IIN W IIII 'N MII! I H N M U 1, III' I IZII-v..IfI III I I'II-- II I II ,.I,nI II IIIIIIQ. UI, III If I' II IIIII IIII, , I, , I II, -II ' MI I. , I MW M WMWMWWMW I , 2,1 '1lf A ' .IAI ,-,4 AI, - , fu, J, ,In II, .I-,A I ,I II, III. II IIIII , , ,I,gI,IIII -, II II I TI-IIC oI,D MEDICAL BUILDING CORNER OF MAIN AND VIRGINIA STREETS I MMIMMW MW WWWWWWWWW WWWI'WW ':"L l ' ' A' W Iw IW ' II 'V " I' I I ' IIIIWIII I HI' I:J',IIH II-IIII IIIIII-II-I, II IIII II -III IIIIIIII I III I.IIII-III II IQ-IIQ,-IIIIII II,'I-IH If ,VI-.-IIIII ,Iw X ,. I I I .I I. I I ,, II I ' X I " 5' 'II '- I' III III I I IIII IIIII MN I7 ,III -'IIIIIII11III',1,1lI I- IIIIIIIIII EI HIIIIIIEIUI IJ III II II ,III III IMI IIIIIIIII ,I ,IIIQIIIIIIIIQ I I-II -,III 1 1jII?j,ghII ,II II IIVI, I,,IIWII 1, ,IIIKHII-1-I I ,IIIII ,I wg-II VIII .---1, 1 I 1f.1..' ,..,.1 V3-T51 111 1f1',g1, -11 1115, 111 1 .. 134 1 Eli 1 "1 1 1' 11 1 T 1 1 1 '1 111' 1"11-1 11 1 11 11, '1111-1 1 11 11 1 1M 1K1 1111111 1 1 1 111 1 , 11 111,11 H 1 'U11 11V'1 ,1111111wtM1i1uWWky Herbert G. Lord was named professor of philosophy, Michael V. O'Shea was pro- fessor of psychology. and the other teachers were almost as well-known. Of the three named. the lirst two were called to Columbia University on the dissolution of the school. the third to the University of VVisconsin. Toward the end, Francis G. Blair, now Illinois state superintendent of instruction, joined the faculty. The attendance was much larger than had been anticipated. All this time some of the newly elected members of the Council, particularly Charles P. Norton. John Lord O'l3rian, lidward Michael, and Carleton Sprague, were emphasizing thc essential incomplctencss of the institution, and the actual be- ginning of the whole Greater University movement dates from February 1907, when Vice-Chancellor Norton reported the possibility of the removal of the county almshouse into the country. and was insistent that no liner location could be secured which would allow for future expansion. At that time most of the 106 acres which were first purchased was inside the county. and so the lioard of Supervisors was approached. It is the highest land in or near the city, and from the top of the quarry included in the site one may have a charming vista stretching for miles to the west. even including the Niagara River. There could be no doubt that it was the most desirable large picce of property that could possibly be secured for uni- versity purposes. The Supervisors entered into a contract in June 1909, whereby, in considera- tion of a present payment of only the property was to pass permanently and unconditionally to the university in June, 1919, provided by that time it had been put to university use. The last clause has acted as a powerful incentive against undue delay. but it was finally found necessary to ask for an extension of a year, which was cheerfully granted. The sum of 850,000 was secured by popular sub- scription, and the raising of so much money meant at that time months of unre- mitting labor. It was largely a personal triumph for Mr. Norton. His next strug- gle was unsuccessful. but it was a highly creditable defeat. In 1911 a petition was presented to the Board of Aldermen proposing that the city pay to the university an annual sum of 51-175,000 in return for 300 scholarships in the future college. The proposal was voted down for political reasons. ' Beginning at a time about twenty years earlier than 1913, the medical schools of the larger universities had begun building large and well-equipped laboratories, taking on also a suitable staff of salaried professors and instructors. Our own Medi- 'cal Department had long been face to face with the nearly impossible task of keep- ing with such growth, having no funds other than those derived from the fees paid by students. The American Medical Association, which had of late been active in advocating improvements in the schools, decreed in 1913 that all medical schools called first class fits Class Aj should require one year of preparatory work of college grade from all students entering upon the study of medicine. Having this new difficulty to face, our 'own Medical Department asked and obtained from the Council of the University of Buffalo authority to have organized certain Courses in Arts and Sciences, under the supervision of the deans of the four professional schools. The decision to go ahead was really made at a meeting of the Principals of the secondary schools of Btialo, Mr. Fosdick, Mr. Gogt, Mr. Upton, Mr. Hurrell, and Captain Mellen, and the Superintendent of Education, Mr. Emerson, with the Dean of the Medical Department, Dr. Herbert U. VVilliams. Practically all agreed that enough competent teachers could be found in Buffalo to make a beginning, and that many young people were eager for collegework, who would come forward as fast as courses and facilities were provided. The scope of the work offered was, Thi rty-nin e 1 .---,af 1 1 Ei 1 52 1 TE 1 1 1 1 1 225 1 1351 1 1 1 1 A 1 1"r' 11:1 11Ti?liI 1 1 a. 1 ff 1 Q1 - --V151 1 yi.. ..' 1 1 1555 1 121 1 1 1 1 i id 1 IYEQ1 55.21 1 1231 il 1 1.1 11151 1 iii 1 if-i1 4711 11 .11 11 1 L1-egg: N 1? 1 1:-il ' 'ji 1 1 1.. 1 vial 1 192.51 E 11 is X 5: 1.13 1 L f 'K 1 .1 1 1 1 rl: 1 1 1?'5'5'13 1 11117161 1 FT-:fl 1 1 14:1 Fl---V- -M - -1- --- -- --- f---- ff --. - M..-.1-. --. .A-an X N.,-- -WM..--Mi, ,M .Dv Y.. .7 . ..1Tf fel ---1 ET'111'U1111111'111'mi,"1111111'Y1111'1111113:'j11,11111111"1111'11j5g111111-11111y111111g.gg1 152 1 , L , ,1 1 511 '11 '1111"F1111111-T'7'sji1'T11"1''111g11'j1:1' '1f1"3'ym1111'I 51111111111' 1 W1wWw11W1ta 1Wh1 1111 1 in M 1 11 WWW gWMW1 NMWX MWW111 1 111 ..--1 1 1' 1, 11,-,,s111'11 1 1 -1f,f:3:1, 1 -1 11- 1 11 1 , 1 f11 111 , . 1 1 11 11' 1111,111:..,1,'1 1,,3....,, ,1 1111 1, 1 1 1.,M1H,111, .. ,-11111, 11 5111-1 1 1 111 M K . 1 1 .1 . .1,.11,11N 117, I 1. ,1 .1 11 11111, 1, 1"u1E1211.L,,.1,111 U-1,1,,J111. 11 A11111.1111'-111.r111.11 111 1- 1 1 f. 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 11 W, K, t.1,-..gcg.44.J 1 g,,,.'11 f 1 - . 1 1 ,. 1.1L1f-i-Le.laeg.1m.-.'1'1i1f11"13v1ed1,iL'1f1122? 1 1 1 .. L . . c , . . ., . V . l 1 up w.. -, 1 .r -1 Y www ww ii:'iz:". ,, . L . f.. . ,, ,,, . .,, .,, . f' - f - - ww' -- emu My l ll l ll lm lllllll ll ll ull ' -- . - . X - 1 1711.1 uw.. .1 k A. 1,-,Mgr from the first, considerably wider than the momentary needs of the Medical Depart- ment required, and the running machinery was made simple, so that amplification and further development might be easy when needed, which was almost as soon as the courses were started. Perhaps the most critical incident attending the launching of the new enter- prise occurred lwhen the ofhce of the New York State Department of Education agreed to recognize the incipient courses as being of college grade. fSuch recogni- tion was indispensable if we were to meet the demands of the American Medical Associationj. However, knowing that Dr. A. V: V. Raymond, who had been president of Union College, was one of the Council of our University, and having on the State Board of Regents ,Mi-.' Adelbert Moot who was also a resident of Buf- falo, the Department really took very little risk, as the outcome has shown. The courses were at the beginning put under the supervision of the Deans of the pro- fessional schools, and they were given in the Iliedical and Dental buildings. y At that stage the VVomen's Educational and Industrial Union came to the rescue, and decided in 1915 to give its four-story building on Niagara Square to the university for the housing of these infant courses in arts and sciences, provided that the university should within a year raise at least S100,000 toward endowment of the future college. On February 22, 1916, it was announced that the condition was more than complied with, for, at the solicitation of the Rev. Dr. A. V. V. Raymond, long a devoted member of the Council, the family of the late Seymour H. Knox on that day gave S250,000 in his memory. The period of doubt was over and the future of the university was assured, for, although that sum could not of itself endow a growing institution, it was generally sensed that the example would be contagious. The first Bacheloris degrees in arts and sciences were given in 1920 to a class of three. In June 1922 a class of forty was graduated, four with the Master's degree, which was awarded for the first time at that commencement. The faculty of the college then numbered 33 men and women, not including several new professors and instructors who had already been engaged for the year 1922-23. The college offers the following courses: Arts fleading to the B.A. degreejg Science CBS. degreejg graduate QM.A. and M.S. degrees, part of the engineering course, pre-medical flead- ing to the degree of B.S. in Medicinejg pre--dental, Library Science Cleading to certificatej, in cooperation with the Grosvenor and Public librariesg courses for teachers, in part continuing the work of the Normal School. Its total enrollment in 1922-23 was 7111, that of the entire university was 1631. E During the years from 1916 to 1920 the university was prevented from achiev- ing its program of expansion by war conditions. It only awaited, however, the restoration of normal conditions to plan a campaign for buildings and endowment. The Hrst step, even in advance of a financial campaign, concerned the development of its site, and in 1919 the balance of the almshouse property, 111 acres, completing the Main Street frontage, was purchased. Next a competition was conducted for a landscape design in order to obtain the most efficient, artistic, and permanent grouping of all the buildings to be erected. This was made possible through the generosity of Dr. Grover VV. VVendc'and Richard Templeton. Landscape architects throughout the country competed for the prizes. and the jury. composed of the state commissioner of education, two architects from New York. and two members of the University Council, awarded 'the Hrst prize to Hallam L. Movius of Boston. The university architects are McKim, Mead and lVhite, and the type of architecture chosen is the colonial-classic. Forty l5Q.Q.rm if if 1 H one H A -A e -Ywxyl . 17, , f Y X X I, iialflil1,.Hll..l..all K. il 7 . Q .V , - e .1 1 me V- -W Ya RE: ii N 1. -1. 'bl' u, ' -1 A Gila at Q5 ,vm 1 I nfl-gl ,E+ e-1 ' , ,. vi' I 71 -fi: ' .,, , ,ffm L' :Qi I' l ' 5 L -U xzfffaz 1:1 -: U4 Eiii 4 .. 3-Va sz' , - 21 My 1 4 L: -Ill 3 321 ' 1e?1V Af' jq M -4 7:25 ,- if v N fl, ! xg, -1 SNL! '- H V-f 'ff v: JK-1152 xi. ir I' 'I , i ifigf If ff-Q, 9:1 'ffl il'- --1 f-.i v 3' 2, - - f. A 5:-,, F?TWEVWETTTff7E xAQ.f?e Abi? fW VfW7fiiT .xiii M aff J mr gm, E - QM- - E5 W" ' gftliq df 12 'fi' 5 1152 2 '- J- rx.- QQ fl. Iii iii V L W' '5 ,lg F353 g mpg E L3 2 If K RJ if It F lgw 5 QQ L A 5 if 53 2 5? 5 gi' QM ,- FE ie lf E 1' f I N V Dff f sf A 31" - 1 "Mv +V W l V v 1. z. . Mini,41,Q1mw5l!4l:MIM 1..Jlall1N'Mlli +3QE My ,EEL UT 3 mull11mm1 ah Kilim H lllmziW1i im .afill l ? . lfil 43? eivi .m, Mia AY, 1 .f ,ffl ' ...ella 1 I ?' l 1 53. E211 . 111 l-11: W1 1 1 15-1 R 1 1 , ,F -. l 1 1 .1519 as l 1 if-1:1 1 ' 1 i 1 1l 551 1 .,.- 1 ,ff-if 1 eil ff 'EH1 is 1 H5254 1 1.1.5 1 i1 l :gil itil 1.-uf: la " ' - 1 " '11'1'Wf1'f1111'WIiiQ11W11111"111111Eff11111111"'11111m.111ef111111f'11's111:11a111wi1 - ' 1 1 - 1,...' 1, .-.1 11 11 ,,l.,1 1 1 1.a,f- ..1.,1,,., o ' 1 '1''f11llllcfffffrl1ll11ll11ll1f'-'1'1lll111J1l1"1lll1'11ff1'i1f'1111I'lllllll11WC4lg , 1 1. - 7 ,11 1- 4 11.1 1,11 1111,,.11 ,. 141,111,111 11 1,,1.f.H.1 1 11 111 ,.-1F 1 f- 1 K 4 - s 1 1 W-- ,-.-. M ,,,..1 a..1..,.1u.i1.-.1...- t..,wJ1af1:. The first building, for which ground ,was broken on June 11, 1920, principally houses the department of chemistry, and bears the name of Foster Hall in honor of the donor, Orin E. Foster. lVith its equipment, its cost is 3'770,000. In Sep- tember, 1922 the Arts College moved into Foster Hall and into another building which had been equipped on the new campus for classrooms and laboratories. Mr. Foster-'s gift inaugurated the campaign for university extension, a campaign which will remain long inthe memory of all Buffalonians. The goal set was no less than five million dollars, which was to be raised between the seventh and seven- teenth of October, 1920. VValter P. Cooke, who had just been elected chairman of the Council, headed the campaign, the vice-chairman being George D. Crofts Clater university treasurerj, Edward J. Barcalo, and James H. McNulty, while Mrs. S. M. Clement was chairman of the wo1nen's committee. It was of course a city-wide campaign, and every element of the community contributed according to its re- sources, as is shown by the number of donors, which amounted to 2fL,O00. The final total reached the figure of fB5,1'7'7,000, payable in five years. By June 1922 over two millions had actually been paid in. The work of an educational institution is done so quietly that few people realize either the nature and complexities of the work or the discouragements under which, like church or philanthropic work, it is often carried on. But the publicity which the university secured during the compaign served to awake the whole community to the necessity of sympathy and moral as well as financial support, if the city is not to become merely a great industrial center with no concern for things of the intellect. . 1 I - V , 15"1k11,. 1 1 H, l 1?1 l 1f1m1 111 1 Forty-two li-pl... cw., wg, fp - A 1 I2-511 "1 I 1 .1-1. 1, Li U72 F721 4 TC? 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Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. GROVER W. VVENDE, M.D., University of Buffalo. Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology. HERMAN G. BIATZINGER, M.D., University Of Buffalo. Professor of Psychiatry. FRANCIS C. GOLDSBOROUGH, B.S., Princeton, M.D. John Hopkins, F.A.C.S. Professor of Obstetrics and Associate Professor of Gynecology. DEVYITT H. SHERMAN, A.B., Wlilliarns, M.D. University of Buffalo. Professor of Pediatrics. ELMER G. STARR, M.D., University Of Buffalo, F.A.C.S. A Professor of Ophthalmology. EDGAR R. MCGUIRE, M.D., University of Buffalo, F.A.C.S. Professor of Surgery. VV. VVARD PLUMMER, B.L., Hobart, M. D., University of Buffalo, F.A.C.S. Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. EDWARD XV. KOCI'I, A.B., M.D., Indiana University, M.D., Rush Medical College. Professor of Pharmacology. ' VVAYNE J. A.TXVELL, A.B., Nebraska Vilesleyan University, A.M., Ph.D.. University .of Michigan. Professor of Anatomy, FREDERICK J. PARMENTER, M.D., University of Buffalo, F.A.C.S. Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery. ' FRANK A. HARTMAN, A.B., MS., University of Kansas, Ph.D., University of VVashingt0n. Professor of Physiology. GUY E. YOUNGBURG, B.S., PlI.G., M.S., South Dakota State College, Ph.D., Harvard- Professor of Bio-Chemistry. . JOHN F. FAIRBAIRN, A.B., Cornell.. M.D., University Of Buffalo, F.A.C.S. Professor of Otology. CLAYTON M. BROWN, M.D., University Of Buffalo, F.A.C.S. Professor of Rhino-Laryngology. JAMES E. KING, M.D., University of Buifalo, F.A.C.S. Professor of Gynecology. CHARLES B. SEARS, B.A., LLB. Professor of Medicfil Jurisprudence. ' ALLEN A. JONES, M.D., University of Buffalo. Professor of M6dlCl71.6. EDWARD A. SHARP, M.D., University of Buffalo. Professor of Neurology. NELSON G. RUSSELL, M.D., University of Buffalo. Professor of Clinical Medicirie. ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS ZNIARSHALL CLINTON, M.D., F.A.C.S. Associate Professor of Surgery. ALFRED E. DIEIYIL, A.M., M.D. Associate Professor of Dermatology. CHARLES SUMNER JONES, B.S., M.D. Associate Professor of Pediatrics. Forty-eight -M N V PM 7 !.- in .ew :ww H ,- "Ji ' MUNI. I' ,I I I mfr ' A I III.. .wits-2.rtmII TI-IOMAS B. CARI-ENTER, M.D. Ylssociate Professor of Ge1Iito-Urinary Surgery. LESSER IQAUFFMAN, PI-LB., M.D. Associate Professor of Neurology. ARTI-IUR G. BENNETT, M.D., F.A.C.S. Associate Professor 'of Optittzalmology. HENIRX' J. BIULFORD, M.D. .rlssociate Professor of Oto-I,ary11goIogy. JOI-IN L. EC,'IilCI,, M.D. .Jssociate Professor.of Neurology and .flssistant Professor of Psychiatry. JOSEIAI-I SI1ANuEN'I'IVIAI,, M.D. .-lssociate Professor of Dermatology. IRVING P. LYON, A.B.. M.D. -flssociote Professor of Dleclicine. HAHIIY R. LOIINES, M.D. flssoeiate Professor of Pediatrics. ASSISTANT PROI"'1'lSSORS JACOB S. O'I"I'o. A.B.. BLD. ,'Issista'11t Professor of fl',1I"l'fl7Jl'llfiCS. THOMAS J. XYALSII. M.D. .'lssista1zt Professor of Pecliatrics and .-lssociate in Dfedicine. NORMAN L. BURNIIAM, M.D. -'1SSiSf!IIZf Professor of Jledicine. YVALTER S. CQOODALE. M.D. .'.lSSi.S'ffll1f Professor of Hygiene and Public Healtfz. LEIE AIASTEN FRANCIS. A.B.. BLD., F.A.C'.S. flssistarzt Professor of Opfztfzal-moloyy. GEORGE J. RCKEI.. AJS., M.D. flssistmzt Professor of Dleflicizie. JULIUS LJLLMAN, M.D. :I-S'.S'iSlLfl7Zf Professor of BIl'fliCi7Z6. THEODORE LIEONARD, M.D. .flssistarzt Professor of t1Il'fZiCt7lC. KARL F. ESCI-IELMAN, D.D.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Zrledicine. CARL O. LATI-IROP, A.M.. Sc.M. .-lssistant Professor of Bacteriology. CI-IARLES A. BENTZ, M.D. .'1ssista1zt Professor of Zlleclicine and .flssociate in Plygiene. TI'lEWV VVRIGI-IT, A.B.. MJD., F.A.C.S.. .flssistont Professor of Surgery. HERBERT A. SMITI-I, M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery. CLAYTON VV. GREENE, A.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Zllerlicine. BALDNVIN BIANN, A.B., M.D., .flssistant Professor Mecliciize and Associate in Therapeutics. HARRY R. TIIICIQ, M.D., F.A.C.S., .clssistavzt Professor of Surgery. FRANCIS VV. AICGUIRE, M.D., F.A.C.S., .flssistrmt Professor of Surgery. A. H. AARON, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicirze. DOUGLAS P. ARNOLD, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. JOSEPHINE M. LOVELAND, Registrar. GRACE A. PERSCH, Librarian. I Forty-'nine J ' mv, I. qw ww, 'I I-W , " - - 'W --P - -- - 573 - Y 3-T fe V-'V AH V W f Lf' M !,IIQHfjy-,f',QQ4'wl11,Is'!, X ,1 Lug IH "iw f,, L I - K. - ',- , . ,, W V Am My V ,WMIHX H 'gf' A-I EAI-,IQ , fl " I . ' , ' , . N , . N W ,, 'H ,J WI W M J1v.gA4Ei,:J.'"'f12-111l..,..,.3....L.111...1.-..,, f A- - I ' ' ' I -- . , In in Y 4 -A W -S .KIYQ ,W , ,LW . . . ,, , " ' W f f f - ' '1111 "T 111,15 '71 111111. A 1. ' 11. 1. 11:11 -2.11.1111 1'111111fX111EEgA1j 3, 1: ' - . 1 . 5: f11,111.,1l1111 11.1.11--.11,11111g,11,51.1 ,1 1 gag? , ,1 1 . '- i. 1 , 1 . '1 7 1, 211. 1 '1L, 11- L., 15.11, .. 111,111 ,-1411 .11111.L11111,..A1141.1-11. .,,. 1.L1LLJI1QEgi1-11 . ,, - 1- f11-- .1 1.1.11 1 .1 1 1.111-111.14311 1 1-111p'11f.-111 1111-1. ., 1 1 11 1 A 1 11111 1 1 1 11 111111111111 - 1- --- H : -, -- - 747 L. ,,-,,,,, ,, - ...J ,-4-- --Y--Y --A--+G 4-1--1:15511 - 1 - V4-71. - -iff! "' 'L 1 131111 bf ' 1551 15.4-1 1-1111.1 . 1 .3 4 1 151 11"f-If!! efiixkgv , - - 1 4134! 1:1 . ,L i' ' iii , ,A nf-.1 1 - 1 . 1' - .- 11 31 1551 1 if. 1151145 1 I. F-11 , -1, A .-.1.1l,11 1 1 1 Y -1: 1 13:-Q 1 T21 :1 Y 1 " 221. 1 2 .1 1 : was . f-. ff? 11. 1 11: 1 1i?1'9?gf 1 mi 1 ' T711 11?Lf'1' .---11 1" "fu 1 1 L.-FEM! 11 Y 19 1 . 1 1 -.1-11 1 ?-.4 1 . 955 1 1 , 1 15? 1 'az 1- 15:51.1- 'as Q51 1 24? 1 .-fd 1 1 if-53 152 .iz 1 1 'iii 1 25512 1 1111, I 1 13,,:L.L, " - 1?2 1 3252 1513211 1. ?f3 1 fs 1 1 15:T1 1 F.-42 1 S -A-1 WILLIS G. GREGORY DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY 1 T172 1 FE: E IG. ..11. 1 1 1134- -, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1'-531 1 1 3 1 1 g , .L-1 1?:-11 1 .1 I ,TA 1 ' ' 1 1 , . -H 1 1 1 jig , 1 gfx 1 1 ,HL , 1- .L A. 1 1 1p3fiFam,1q1r1w-11-1' 2-1-vw--AA--f-1:2-111-3--T--1-W'wwf--11-111--, .1 1 F' A ' f 'W A' .ii "J 'W Lg.: iiT".:L.-.:g, JIT.--1.1293 11:1 11111'1 11'11111.1',,111 '11 '11 111111111 11,5 111 17111 111' 1:, 14.1111111111'1111111-g- 5, .A 'f'T 1, ,"?1 11 -1 51- 1 U11 11 11,111 13111111111 TA.ff,,.'11 15151111111.1511111i,11111S1111111 111111111111111.,1er.g111111111 1 11"1v,11111111111111111 11 112 ' ' if 111. ff- 111 111 1 A1 11 1. 1 1 1 - 113131-if1111111111 111111131511 1.34"u'1"'fL'l"'+'-M '1"' U 1' ' W ku'74"1LiZi3:,ijf"1'1"'-1-"A ' 11 172-L -' 1 ' 'P in Q- ' ifi....,iL.l' '.1,,,,,,L,1,1g,:111':' ll. LL. ,.'i1Df1g.,r1,5U.LllLlHL:!1i , iv, N Nw ww, ww' ,UF ,,-.'w11iJ1, Mm' U 1: Y M 1 1 u:1 , v Yi u1 Wy::f W I Y I 2 w WILLIAM V IRUNS RIEHARD H.lVImRsAN ALBERT E EY I . I 5 1 2 i . A ABERTRAIV1 LEMUN Em H. LUNG DAVID E. WAITE 1,4 W , li? x 'N gi, 2. F11 . .nag X 5 w 1 N, .1 , --1 Ui? A 4 fQs3Wi?iMHHE1WQ'1HIiWliMk E 'T www? uw M4 'MA L..ififs.1,L3. ,'.'.l.Jgs .W-:1531l-Q1:14Q.,.1,LfiQQ 'L i' -"xr 'N 1' U. 41Ag..4-fll- K K' ,,,,,,.IIx, I II , ,I HN In I A . . ' WWW. PM A It'titI'I t Faculty Of Pharmacy VVILLIS G. GREGORY, M.D., PH.G., Dean. Professor of Ptzarmacy. ALBERT P. SY, PH.D. Professor of Chemistry. ELI H. LONG, M.D. Professor of Tomicology. RICHARD F. EIORGAN, PIIAR.D. Professor of Botany. YVILLIAM V. IRONS, PH.D. Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. A. BERTRAM LEMON, PI-IAR.D., Professor of Irlateria Ilfedica. ERNEST G. BIERRITT, M.S. Professor of Physics. RAY M. STANLEY, PH.G., LL.B. Instructor in Pharmaceutical Jll7'tSf21'1lfl87ZC6. HENRY A. BELL, PHAILB., Instructor in Commercial Pharmacy. FLORENCE L. BENTZ, B.S., PH.G., C.K. ' Instructor in Ptzarmacy. ' CHARLES GAUGER. Instructor in Pharmacy. OREN S. SALISBURY, PH.G., Special Lecturer on Serums and Stanctarclization of Drugs DAVID E. WAITE, B.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry. E. RAYMOND RIEGEL, PH.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry. C. MERRILL BROWN, M.A. ALBERT H. HOPKINS. Instructor in fllectzanicat Drawing. ELIZABETH S. GRABAI'. Instructor in German. KATI-IEIKINE S. HOBBIES, A.C., DONALD M. KUMRO. Assistant in Chemistry. N. CHARLOTTE KINNIL'S. Assistant in Chemistry. DAVID BIATHIESON, Assistant. GORDON A. HAGUE, Assistant. MR. LEON BIONELL. RICHARD A. GRIINIBI. GEO. A. LAvIs. C. ARTIAIUR ELDEN, Instructor in Chemistry. EIABEL BROWN, Registrar. Fiftyrtwo ' . px Hit N ,X 5 ,I It-1-IEJWMQIIIIII ,N ,, "T ,U , ,B-. 1, I ' 'Ww,LL.. Lltlt ui?fU'N.ftt2t3tt'.A I M - ' ' + A b ' ,vE f MW f Q54 i Kfkflp 5 1 K3 A 1' w,.-v:i4 V, Hn gl, 1 x . . ,A , N X , ' fig ,f ...M-, Y 1:5 za W1--au ,.v,,, 1 , L:-Z J. Jw' Lfzgj U NJ L-:X .L-, 7-'l?? ZZ: , ' fag g ,J ' Lixllfi fgf W E air- , gil? 1 mar: W sf. 42:4 E 5 3.2 N 1 P,-El' l xm 1 4114 g ,il ,f-5 x W if '5 Mid faxes! I 21 xv, Qi - ,. W uiirilb , W ' fye' s fi V -1 Q531 Wr I L W . 1.7 Cflifkf: ' -3 Lf? ,, ..,., 14, wif! I Al nib ,s ..- 4- A ! W i i',T, xi! 'V-U-cl E ,LTU QLLJ 1 ff w ri iii I I 51' Xa 'L U11 N Iii ,Q i 1 1 T l?1 2 Q? CARLOS C. ALDEN WMM DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF LAW rL i 11256 gm' :El . 5, -Tia 1 llllllnlwwllllillllll iw am ig wi ESQ' V-f F, ' gm an AI- If xl HL, IR M :lx MII 4 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 15 1 1 1 1 ,7:- 1 ' E525 1 I 151 1 9,321 -'11 1 ' Qgli ,- Ei 125,21 1 1 1 1 f 1 Kr. ., 1 1 1 1E ' 53155 1 115: 1 15 1 1 115 1 115 ':. 1 111 .VI f- f sl: - Qwgml ,,-.,1-'i A. . -14 gp 1-mWAW11w1aW'W11111115511111Wq11p1111Ti11'11Wm11gE 1 1 1 1 '1 11 1 1 11 f 1111 , 11 1 4111111 - H 1,1-f , 1 E521 1153 15 1 1 1 Q 15 , :T-1 Fi 5 1 1 L""i 1' img 1 ff?-F5 ii- 13' if.-4 me 1 17.51 ' gg-'-'Z . rl, 1 ' a E1 11: 4, 1 1 1 . 121, limfm fl? ,121 1 1 1 ,ST Q E155 1 Rl? 1 1 f- 1 1-:E 1 1 ' 1 1 15: 1 ,gl 1 1 ff- 1 ...wma , 1 '- LT: 1 1221 1 iii 1 1 1 ifllli 1 1 1 I 5 1 1 Li?-' 1 1 ei' Wifi EFL? 1 1 514-'1 1 ! 1: 1231 1332 'l fl' 1 iil 1 1 5?-11 1 ' 'W -fxx 'S - ' -1 - -, f-N' T757 1 1 l1111W1111giIW1111m11 1 11111 1 , 111: T22 1 1 1:11 11 1 gs EIIVQ 311111111111111111g1111fi1Tg,1111111111111111331111111111?131:i?111111111p111111i511 11 IIIIII ' '11 II I."I -l'1 'I lm: wwf' '1. -If II- 'III I- I. vIIIII.II I - III' . I I II .II-win! -,II ,I I II 'y'f"li" I',1II.I'1I Im. . V J I l-" ' "I'l'I' ' ' ll IIl'II AI2 I lwlw ltr' 'Ivll' -llym Ill I qlllwtxl Ill l I 1. . H -l ,I , tbl l1IHllI :Il , ll l l W 4 l ' l I 'IH I I' l 'll YL1 IC L Fiji l pl l - I get l iff 4' is l 1 l if- I D- 1.5! I I- IIIIII IRI Y Y II. I I IIIIIII III IIIII,I,. II Faculty Of Law HON. CI-IARLES B. NVIIEELER, A.B., LL. B., Vllilliams. Justice of the Supreme Court. JOI-IN LORD CYBRIAN, AB.. LL. B.. Buffalo. LORAN L. LEXVIS, JR., A.M., LL. B., Buffalo. FRED D. COREY, LL. B. Lecturer on Public Service Corporations. ALIPIQED HURRELL, LL. B. CLINTON T. HORTON, A.B., LL. B. GEORGE B. BURD, LL. B., Michigan. Lecturer on Con-stitutio-nal Low. YYALTER P. COOKE, LL. B. JAMES L. QL'AcIcENI3USII, LL. B. GEORGE D. CROFTS, A.B., LL. B., Cornell. Lecturer on Torts and Contracts. A. GLENNI BAR'rI-IOLOMEW, A.B., LL. B., Buffalo. Lecturer on Bailnzeuts. CARLOS C. ALDEN, LL. M., J.D. Dean, and Lecturer on Property, Equity, Practice, and Pleacling. ADELBERT MOOT, LL. B., Albany Law Schoolg Alfred University. Lecturer on Evidence. SAMUEL J. HIARRIS, LL.M. Lecturer 071 Crimes and Criminal lrocedure. RICI-IARD H. TEMPLETON, A.B., Syracuse. Lecturer on Corporations. JAMES WV. PERSONS, LL.B., Cornell. Referee in Ba'11Il'ruptcy. Lecturer on Baukrzzptcy. DAVID RUSLANDER, LL.B., Buffalo. Lecturer on Wills. RALPH K. ROBERTSON, A.B., LL.B. Lecturer on Agency. EDWARD C. SCIILENKER, LL.B. Lecturer on Sales. DANA L. SPRING, A.B., LL.B. Lecturer on Negligence. WILLIAM C. CARROLL, LL.B. Lecturer on Domestic Relations. IRVING R. TEINIPLETON, A.B., LL.B., Syracuse. Lecturer on Personal Property. E JACOB SICHERMAN, LL.B., Buffalo. Lecturer on I-Izsurmzce. THURMAN VV. STONER, A.B., LL.B. Lecturer on Partnership and Conflict of Laws. LEWIS R. GULICK, A.B., LL.B. Lecturer on Liens. J MOREY C. BARTHOLOMENV, A.B., LL.B. Lecturer on Quasi Contracts. HENRY VV. YVILLIS, A.B., Michigan. Lecturer on Negotiable Instruments. li 1 y- ve L55 F it in -- -H lk ----If 1: -.--- A- -- -V "F - 1 lll'illKQ?filillEl'illIll?lilly?ll? , .. .Qs 'fjtieq , Eli ZgttfrmIIllIltRELlIll11.llIIlIIIIIIf.tIIitIlIllmIltIII.tmlIIIl1lglu.Elilllg ii ,gffgi . - gifri. Q51 IIIIQIII. fllI'IlllIl I I ,gI I IIII- ,I I, .I III,I, .I, I I I., ,I I , I., I. ,I I, I ,III III, if 1 .1 Teri ,EQ-,E 122 JE wk: 1 f 1 i1 :gg 1 12 1151 F l . . 1 .521 'r- if 1 'Eg' FY f", 1 151 1 , Li 1 1 fGj,L'4i,1 Mum ,xl-A , ' 1 1 1 5, X 1 ' L? 1 1'-'25 ' 1172 E' ia-43 E1 .-1-'-79' 1 za, 'L 3 1 1 1 I 1533 3 5. z 1 1 rr.,- v 1 'fi 1 1jL?Si m 1513 :E Q 1 Fir? ' 1 1 , -1 Q , I fr. 5 1 :gag 1 1 1 ei 1 1 1 13,3 is 2 45.3. , 1 21:2 1 1 'ji.1 1 Ki, 1 LE' 5' 1 1 E:2.:3 5161. 1 QE: j 4 gllqi u 1EL?1 1 Lift HQ :a :Qum- I 1- 43g gi: x +2 g !E1:i RAT '11 ELQHXT 11.31-.wg 1?-.wi 1:14 nw .11 1 11, LJ111111 11111 1 1 1 .N 1'TT.X?2f 1111111 f"11mM 111111111 11111i11111111M11 f 11 '11111 1 1 11 1111,1111111111fi1ilQ 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 gi L41 .n.1,. ii S51 Ep ' .Q 99 . ii ' si N 325 gi -.14 QTY 5:2 X rl ig , wvix, Wa-'Q W , ygliih f - . 1 ,- V. -1 ,Jn I +, .L-2, ,f A an 41 un. 1-. :fry .iq l Ygiril 754 FFP: l I-Ea f 3 ,Luz 'a fd? ,5 , l"', fe' TMHW A21 ' ' W 151-" ' , "M-Q1 A Q Fx 5 ,LT NE' 'v' ' I V'-5 V m 'frf QT f' nnrrum ,Gm mi 11:1 3 if: 4.2: Z 52211 Lili? 55 1 I ' l 13 I 1 QE E Y V V F M, V A -FN 1 ' . j .MM N w .J It ,um ,, ,b , gg IIlHi1lll1lNEHMHM !i5HNW3WE ig 239 nf 211,25 u w 5 umm rn fm mm 1vf , mmn1mmm I--A I III.I,,.II I. III-. I, I Ig-IIgII,I II N A . IIII' II III II "IH", I,Ii'IIIII 'NI -1' v 'I IIIII III I 1' ' . . Faculty Of Dent1Stry DANIEL HUBBARD SQIIIILEJ D.D.S. Dean and Professor of Operative Dentistry and qpeczal Pathology VICTOR HUGO JACRSON, A.M., M.D., D.D.S Ii, Emeritus Professor of Orthoolontia. ELI HERR LONG, M.D. Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics CAnesthesia, Physical Diagnosis and Special llleclzcznc CHARLES KING BUELL, D.D.S. Clinical Professor of Crown and Bridge W orlc and Dental Ceramics Pro essor MARSHALL CLINTON, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.SA f f o Surgery. JOHN LYALL GARRETSON, D.D.S. Professor of Dental and Comparative Anatomy Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry EDSON JAMES FARMER, D.D.S. f f Pro essor 0 Prosthetic Dentistry. JOSEPH LEE CLEVELAND, D.D.S. Professor of Crown and Bridge PVorls. CHARLES ANDREW PANKOW, D.D.S. - Professor of Special Histology. HERBERT ARMITAGE PULLEN, D.M.D. Professor of Orthortontlia. RUSSELL W. GROIYI, D.D.S. Superintendent of Infirmary. GEORGE FENN Professor of Bacteriology and Histology ROBERTS, M.D. ALBERT PHILIP SY, M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry and Dletallurgy. JAMES CORNELIUS SULLIVAN, M.D. Professor of Anatomy. JOSEPH W'RIGI-IT BEACH, D.D.S. l Professor of Dental History and Ethics GROVER VVILLIAM WENDE, M.D. Professor of Dermatology and Syphilography GRIFFITI-I GLADSTONE PRITCHARD, D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Oral Surgery. ARTHUR FULLER ISHAM, D.D.S. Lecturer on Dental Literature. HAROLD JACOB Professor ARTHUR BURT Instructor VVALTER LOUIS Instructor Fifty-eight REIST, M.D. of Physiology and Pathology GRAVES, M.D, in Anatomy. MAOHEMER, M.D. in Anatomy. III I 155- Tuff W7 ff D I I lIIIlIIllIIl I XXIIIWIII I It l' ,Iliff Ili I X I l , I . .,I. I.I-IIII1 II I . WL ..... .. .LL -ALL ., II II II. - .A '--- --A-I -I I. I , fi! . S ' lmfflex . 311 5 Ziff' 111, 1 -r V: 542' Hfisui i"iiIxW,iW'E.i-..y ' ,W'5UIV'W'QS. ,'x I glitmp-'igiii W1gQ',guIms 'U"ifl..5f4fs A , , 51' ,Ig '.A, 1rw'ygj1igIs'g.i,'iITM.i'1,i51IIi5'g',gggiII "' mi f'I5,,:gIy3fggQ'iw f 1-A1 1,fi'WVv Wag Qi? ' iilfi AQWiiiliignviiliiiililin-if.MlMiioivifififiitliwWilliiliil wligll Pg L WM A MALL L L D H D M WALL C-liegi J. P. DENNEEN, Instructor in flnatomy. LFQTSVSY 'Fil' VVILLAM VVATT CAVERS, D.D.S. Lecturer on Dental Economies. DAVID TALBOT MAIN, D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthesis. ALBERT XVALTER PLUMLEY, ESQ. Lecturer on Jurisprudence. 5-jfrffl CLAYTON lM:ILO BROXVN, M.D. Lecturer on Nose anal Throat. if FRANK XVEBBER Low, D.D.S. Lecturer on Proplzylawis. and Oral Hygiene. ill! LOUIS HALIDAX' IVIEISBURGER, D.D.S. Instructor in Special Pathology. RUSSELL YV. GRO1-I, D.D.S. iiffffjffi Instructor in Operative Dentistry. EDWARD FARRINGTON BIIMMACK, D.D.S. Instructor in Nlateria Iklediea and Therapeutics. VVILLIAM A. HOWE, M.D. Lecturer on Zrledical Inspection of Schools. si fit 2351 I IEE A l ALL I 5121 Tw! W LSE, N R will 1 i f :1-.L ..,,...., ?.E1 I - CFM 4-'i1"'! ,Ep NELSON VVILBERT STROIIM, M.D. DAVID EVERETT XVAITE, D.D.S. Metallzirgy. RUSSELL O. L. SMITH, D.D.S. Operative Dentistry. FRANCIS ULYSSES KOIXLER, A. B., D.D.S. Prosthetic Dentistry. RAYMOND CHARLES HERMAN, D.D.S. Operative Dentistry. E. RAYMOND RIEGEL, Ph.D. Chemistry. GEORGE HENRY SNIDER, D.D.S. Prosthetic Dentistry. SAMUEL ALEXANDER GIBSON, D.D.S. I Prosthetic Dentistry. GEORGE VVILLIAMI LORENZ, D.D.S. I- L ?gE1 ! lim, 13:3 4 L I, ,Lt T. I 1 , I . 4 iii? i iift 1 5 ,E E51 Chairman of Infirmary Stajf, Operative Dentistry. 5531 5 FL,-. 'll gg I-4-T TI QE ALBERT BASIL CUTLER, D.D.S Prosthetic Dentistry and Croicn and Bridge PVorlc. l GRIFFITH GLADSTONE PRITCHARD, D.D.S. I Exodontia. ? MYER DAVID VVOFSOHN, D.D.S. Bacteriology. 1 EDGAR LEO RUFFING, D.D.S. ANTHONY SAMUEL GUGINO, D.D.S. CLIFFORD GLASER, D.D.S. I ' ' A Fifty-nine 'EEN 'lg ' URW .'i'iiW'H'1IV Qi Igzr ,L - El'553W'VfiQeiZ5.qA Wi' 1 i M-IllilliiimiiiiifiiiilU1W1lliiiemiiiiiiWiimljgg il Mg AH, 5 ' 41.5, N 5:72, iggi , X rf' w '11, ,1, --vi! f-E gf!- Eli iWHN W v: u.. E- ,ymf ' ' -- if ' xf-X, ,f .4 -1 -44 . ,D fm ' 'm" ' ' 1 ."' ww , A 3,5 EMGWJTH. E5 " "?' 1 """ Wwrfzf- W f-rf ,SEQ Eig Q AM' 'i ggi li' JULIAN PARK Kelli - DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES :EE fi? Q1 , W w VERA' i H1131 if Y 'il E, ,E,N E wh- -N,. ,..., - .-:,.l... .4 Mlm 1 E 1 'l5XM115uE.L,lLEf1,fk'iE Q1 5 1 . ,. I.I,. ! I I I ' I III IIII IIIIIIIIIIIH ,I PI QI QI I I EnIIIARU J. MOORE DANIEL B. LEARY ALBERT R. SIIAIIIIE ' , I WILLIAM ,V IRIIN5 PHILIP B.GI:IE'Iz FELIX A A I I I I 41 -,.. I A ,.II II,, A I ,W ,Iwi A , N, f WI T'-f-W-j"II".q-j'A'f1I?Io::p"r5'I - -:I-I ,,::: :gm j- I ' ' ' I WII .. I III I I. ,,,.II H A rf IIIII, IV., X WNW W :.,,mIIIII'II 'II -I"':-'-MJIIIH-U, W I'I,'i -1-EI II , , ., H I II I I I I I'IIII I II' 'I .W I VI I II I A IIIIWI I I III IZIII ,I I II- II., '1'IIII II -4m'-Nfl'W.VQ.'L,,."1f-I'.'Ll1fIfI,"f1.If,lk'l.LiLQ,',,, , ' ' ' " , If ,I I I VI . INN UI , MI 'II'I,I lI,,I:,,.,:I'IIIIfCLIL....,. I1.LQ.1,ggu 'II IIII' Q lj'wfl.Ql'lg'QM 4 Faculty Of Arts and 'Sciences JULIAN PARK, Ph.D., Columbia and Minnesota. Professor of History. LILLIAS M. MACDONALD, B.A. Dean of Women. C. S. IMZARSH, A.B.g M.A., Northwestern. Dean of the Evening Session. ALBERT P. SY, M.S'., Univ. of Ill., Ph.D., Univ of Buffalo. Professor of Chemistry. PHILIP BECKER GOETZ, B.A., Harvard. Professor of English, Acting Professor of Latin and Greek. WILERED H. S1-IERK, B.A., Oberlin College, M.A., Univ. of Chicago. Professor of Matlieniatics. DANIEL BELL LEARY, Ph.D., Columbia. Professor of Psychology. EDWARD J. MOORE, B.A., Oberlin College, Ph.D., University of Chicago. Professor of Physics. ALBERT R. SHADLE, M. A., Ohio State University. Professor of Biology. WILLIAM V. IRONS, Ph.D., Minnesota. Professor of Analytical Chemistry. RICHARD F. MORGAN, Phar.D., University of Buffalo. Professor of Geology. CORNELIUS M. BROWN, M.A., Vllilliams College. Assistant Professor of Chemistry. THOMAS F. COOKE, M.E., Columbia. Assistant Professor of Physics. EDWARD VV. SINE, B.A., Vllesleyan University. Assistant Professor of English. E. RAYMOND RIEGEL, Ph.D., Harvard. Associate Professor of Chemistry. GEORGE E. VVASHBURN, B.S., Mass. Inst. of Tech., Ph.D., Univ. of Berlin. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages. DAVID E. WAITE, B.S., Mass. Inst. of Tech. Assistant Professor of Chemistry. FELIX A. CASASSA, B.S., College de Chaptal, Officer ,d l'AcadeInie. Associate in French. V CHARLES ELBERT RHODES, M.A., Princeton. Associate in English. CHARLES VV. WVHITNEY, Ph.M., Hillside College. Associate in Economics. AUGUSTUS H. SHIGARER, B.A., Rutgers College, Ph.D., Harvard. Professorial Lecturer in History and Library Science. WILLIAM H. PILLSBURY, B.A., Carleton College. Professional Lecturer in Education RICHARD VVILSON BOYNTON, M.A., University of Buffalo. Professorial Lecturer in Philosophy and Sociology. ' MME. MARIE L. CASASSA, B. es L., College Sevigne. Instructor in French. OCTAVIO SOTO, C.E., Chapultepec, Mexico. Instructor in Spanish. CARL P. SIEKMANN, Teachers College, Detrnold. Instructor in German. M. ARLOUINE CI-IESEBROUGH, B.A., Cornell. Instructor in Biology. FERDINAND F. DIBARTOLO, B.A., Syracuse University. Instructor in Italian. CARLOS E. HARRINGTON, M.E., Cornell. Instructor in Mathematics. ORTHA L. VVILNER, B.A., Holyoke College. Instructor in Latin and Greek. WILLARD H. BONNER, B.A., College of the Pacific, M.A., Leland Stanford Univ. Instructor in English. VIVIAN B. POUND, Ph.D., University of Toronto. Instructor in fllathematics. RAYMOND CHAMBERS, B.A., Northwestern University, Ph.D., Harvard. Instructor in Economics anal Government. GUY BAILEY DOLSON, M.A., Cornell. Instructor in English. ROY C. HOLL, Ed.D., Harvard. Instructor in Psychology and Education. FREDERICK J. HOLL, B.S., University of Buffalo. Instructor in Biology. EMMA E. IDETERS, Registrar. JEAN fhGNEXV, Librarian. ANNA C. ULRICH, B.S. Secretary to the Faculty. Sirctyatwo l l l Muni , willIf-.',.,,Il.,:pW,I'. mms my 1 f .A f rw I ul--':.. ww: uf .N -'tl .I v l ll 'lllll l A if I fflQ.QQl,ll1l.lJ'.Q U l ll ,M-Y i X X , XX-Xp' X,X- X - ,, rn ,,, .. . .' X, X ,, . ,X X. X , . ,XXXX ,,,,,,.,, ,, X,,X,X,X.,. ,X , ,, ,,,, ,MMA Xp-X 2 XXX1,j , , 'X X XXX XX X X X -,XXX XXXXXXXX ZXXXQX f ,X - ,XXX1XXX"X1XXX W. 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' I-"ii ws- ' AAA 1 in 2549: "El Th r Vg? wg 1 N A' QT CLARENCE F. MARSH DEAN OF THE EVENING SESSION :fi ' 1555 .Eid SEEN if-?Nl 4 N iw Q :iw l FLEN ,,, N ,, , ,,,4 -mn f N-- f 1f1iP-WW!lUfFvHww.g,yWNWNum,-1g:11mWww fe , -N N , ,T w '2f"TT7g11'TE7T' N Mfm:'fr'w feQw Mm jx L, , , , . 1.,- , - J- . ,1 '- ,1,,,, 'hi , ,E 31,-X. M, Nl 3 H N N LLEQQINIQQQIMlIWmmN!M'rl 'IM Q HV H NNN! 1 ' 1 " ' Xi A ,J I'5WlHi.i'Mf.f'lEQ144, A v' ,N LLL. 11.'.-9.35. A- J, l ,lnuvnlnl-ul I fl' nm I 4 4 lnnmnxllllxn lllllllllln Ymlmglnllvll nl, H' -III''Ulllllllllllllllllll 'HWIIIIIIIII . HIIIllIHHIllllllllllllllmmlm' QL Q ul' mmm Ill , 2 4 -0--sw An -nr In -nb-.nas-Q41 Qu -a - An -ln,-:lsr -n --fn i-ln-In 4111-J f W ILIHIUIPMWIWIUIW1 1 -fd Q . SJ55 EN M 5 F '- H 1'-'mflv FTN1- " , '7 ' - --ff L4 , Wil II km Wm i f , wi , A ' am W Q f ff' 'I 7 A ' 'Q X ! - X K p 1 axQ?fg ,gff.E2y,4f.1 xk it ' X-1 vb b I Q! j , .. , X I, J, W .rj 'I ff :xg '. Q 'ff f-,Fw " 1 ':gg,js,Q,V,x ' if f WW: ""5Hlni1W ff!Qfu?e !f f do . 1:2 - A vu? A , , 1: X 12? A V Y vx ill W I nf 52' :Iii 1' V- f , V U X . ' - I 2,5 VH , , ,I F flag Q fx XM 1m p f! ,V :I . b. ,CX f K Jig 1 ' 1:54, wt JE: ' 'igli ,I A' ,LL 1-:I?L,n ' I J w R5 26 A' ff , 5 ' V if 51 H N 14 ffffW: 5 :QQ 4 m f ! af f .f ' xg' f -Qeikgf 1, -'Hx A-l?'lf4 'fffgi""ii I 4 1c',gAg'...g,:.i , Y 1' , -SX' PV "Mx: A 145:11 :L Wi '- f' ' ' 17 f' RTW '4 7 7 HSE, ' ,STL 1 'e QV V , ff f E: X zv Jr 5 ,A ff M K fl n bg NN ll r 175' ff - X - L if A A ,f A ' Q -xx Q65 , IV fy X xjfgf, uf , I Xxxggxgkx n, I, , X f , ,M - ..x --K LA f 'Eg 'vf ff, A if M6 gxkgg 111 -'tl Mi --rl f W l mn ,rn :lm -4-- af- -m---rr 4-1 4l1l -ri -an QA Yi!! V IW 4 rflim I G-Q9EYIi'm 30159, 5lZE i'Ill1lK1ilWl 1lIl1lkIlliWlIl!iL ulilllillllllllwf HHIWHIXIIH Z Lal .1-' L .... .. l 1 .. 7 "ii 5.53 -1- M1212-5 , Q-12 LLF. E QE? vii 5 F:-2:5 ,Z Er gem Lgvji E ..:.- 311 lei! u 3-Qs-4? mg 1 S 1, 2553 N Si? exam 2: g nil has :S .QR F: .zz 5: ,ff-I, 52 L. 5 1 Lim 4lIWIH1lIllllN1 11LAIIlIkIIlIIllIllIlkYxiHliH!1!UlIIIMlIi5' 4llIllIllNlliiHll as QR of 'Q 23 KE QllNlllHIr,-Lbnllylllllliiqllylli ,lllllllllllllllllum ,mlmlll 11'111111111:,-11-111111.1111 5111':11'1f111:2F'f111-1: f 1 1 11512, 1 r 1 111 111111111111i1ll11U11illli1111111 A 11 1'11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111is 1111111111111111 .1,..1 11 111111 111,11 111.11 11111111 1 111,111 1, . 1111. 1,1 1 - , ,111-1111, 11113111-1 1.151111 11.111-1.111111 11, - ' , 1.17. .11111.1 1.1-11.1 11 111111111111,1,111.11111'1111, 1 1 . 11.1 11 71 1 . V. 1.1. 2.1.11 L'-'11 1 :1-.LQ1 1 1 E11 1 .-ei 1 l ll 1 1 lfiif l . 1- E111 1 1 1-U32 - 1 1151 3r1a11 : ii--lla VVINDOM EDWVARD ANDEIISON, BS. IN MED. Buffalo, N. Y. BENJAMIN ALPEIIN M.D , . Charkoyff I1mper1ial U1niz1ersity, Russia. Clzarluojl Russia. Medical Department of Berlin University, fGeI-manyj, 1909-191-Lg Medical Clinic of Charkoff University, fltussiaj, 1918-19194 International Committee of Red Cross, Con- stantinople, Military service in Russia, 1915-1918. GILBERT 111IONROE BECK, B.S. IN 11fIED. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu. James A. Gibson, Anatomical Society, Me- morial Hospital, 19224 Buitalo General Hospital, 1923-'24-. HAROLD A. BLAISDELL, B.S. IN 111ED. Cherry Creek, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phig Kappa Delta Psi. Masonic Club, James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, U. B. Glee Club, 1921-22, Business Manager Iris. 1922, Sisters Hospital, 1922, Erie Co. Penitentiary, 1922-23, Cl1E111'Il'l21,Il Sr. Banquet Committeeg U. S. Expedition- ary Force, 106 U. S. F. A., 1917-195 New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut, 1923-'24-. EDWVARD B. BUKOTVSKI B.S. IN MED. Bujfalo, N. Y. ' Phi Rho1Sigma., Alpha Phi Theta, P. K. U. Sisters Hospital, 1921-23. CARLETON VVILLIAM BULLARD, Plziladelphia, N. Y. Colgate Un1i'versity,' Syracuse University fPre-Medicj. F. and A. M., Lamda Chi Alpha fCOlgatej Nu Sigma Nu QI. C. 1.j University Masonic Club, Cap and Gown Committee, Erie County Penitentiary, '22- ,23g Medical Shindig, '23, F. A. C. U. T. S., Camp Taylor, '18-1194 Broad Street Hospi- tal, N. Y. City, 1923-'24, , .' -.1l1.11' 1 11 T1f"1 11111 11 111.11111 1 . 11111111 11 1 -1 , L. 1 1. .a1....1 11 CAE, . ., .B C .-- E--. 1- . ,1.1B.r.--,1, . ,, ' 5:11 1 55551 T: 1 1131111 .Q . .1 1.211 E" T1 1 1 .Y . 1 1 Zi 1 1 11 1'fi11.21' 111: .1 1 1 1 1 1 11.5511 1 1 1.1i....J 1-ff, 1 1 11 1 15 L, 1 1,211 1 Zig, 1 Ei? 1 111111 jg 1 E'-43 1 Hifi 1 1 1 V224 1 11 3-1 L 1 ij 1 -gg 1 1 V+-Ei' 125221 121 af:-'1 .1 1 1 1. -1 11,1211 1....1 1 1i"--1 1 1 11:4 1i 1 11535 1 11 i 1 1-iii' T1 1 fs: 171,11 ' 1 E15 ' 1 113,51 1 mfg, 1 FE? 1 . 1' ig, 1 VE1 1 1 3 1 H9521 1 15,3-1 1 il-ii 1 1 iii 1 J? 1 1 1 1 giii. 1 1 1:11 1 :Z 1 1 1 1 1 12 1 1 1r 1 Sixty -S 817671 1i1 1 15- '-1 1 fi 1 jJ11111,l-mln Kim 1111 1 11 1 1-111 11 4 ,,,'I 5-f L nf g1,11f1 -. 14 141, 11 1 irq ' r ilu H 4 ini -:ai g. I wk. gli iii 51 l , ill fa, 1 ' I ag , ,. .. .. 1 v ' Aga. X 1-L: 1 3 , ., ,, .. ,. X ,.., N ' L.l.'..... .....,.L'1g-,..-L'.,....,,. Y 1 4. Q' .- --IN- ,, , -, Y .. 5. ..s 4 gi, -:Q 1. ,gi M.--5 jf, ws '1'w?l1IL.l1JLE3..zcml1 - I 1 7251! 'NT 1:-1 i ii . Q . 1 ,TVN ,Q V ig i fu ia., -J .., .I 2:- Jve : I., , , ' Sixty-eight il ' Wiffliiilllli 'QM limi 1 WWU' .ll 11 Vi N lit lf I ,. I'. WILLIAM GERALD BURKE Buyfalo, N. Y. Canisius College, Pre-medic. Phi Rho Sigma. James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Senior. Banquet Committee, Emergency Hospital, 1922-23, St. Catherines Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1923-'24, VVILLIAM HERBERT BURWIG, B.S. IN MED. Buffalo, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phi. James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Dra- matic Society, 1919-1920, Camp Zachary Taylor, F. A. C. O. T. C., 1918, Emergency Hospital, 1921-22, U. S. Marine Hospital, 1922-23. . HAROLD A. BIITMAN Bfujfalo, N. V. Omega Upsilon Phi, Masonic Club, James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Glee and Musical Clubs, 1919-1923, Manager Golf team, 1922, University Golf Champion, ' 1922, Camp Zachary Taylor F. A. C. O. T. S., 1918, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City, 1923-'24. FRED G. CARL, B.S. IN MED. Bujfalo, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma. President Sophomore, James A. Gibson, Cap and Gown Committee Cchairmanj, Homeopathic Hospital, '21, Erie County Hospital, '21-22, World Vilar Veteran, Buf- falo City Hospital, 1923-'24. 'MARIETTA C. CATALANO. B.S. IN MED. Buyfalo. Vice President Dramatic Society 1919- 1920-1921-1922-1923, Class Treasurer, 1919, Bee Representative, 1923, VVomen's Club, University Branch Y. VV. C. A., Malpighi- gian Society. LOUIS H. CI-IELY, B.S. IN BIED. Elmira., N. Y. James A. Gibson. Invitation Committee, Arthur Bennett Award. Qiiiul 1. 1 iw iT' I l se is-fi .5 i 'it r lg 1 f 12 l 5 i 5152 T54 , ,ii-L 5 l QI? 4 5:6 i3 if ami li i V 1 1 ,I .. i ,M ,V ., FZ. ,il ' 11: r 1.1 I 2521315 ' ,ELET -..N ?5i'1 Q 1-ff, 117- . U74 I Fliiif ,Q,,,,II IA, ,,,.,. ,. ., Y T ' Wil . .f . . In 'III f'A 1.21 H1 ' X-J 'k -Ah' P'K" '-I I Lili l -Iii ' ' QE? fl I "ff 'I i iv-, ,Eli X Up. I Iv: 11. g.I :gif -I ag' . -4 I lr I l l I I ,fr 1 5: 5' l Y I il if iz! :ffl LQ' ,M -ALI . - -II iipg l l "Eff, ' 1 535' V -f,I,.. Ii 54, T,-TTT LT-13 EI FCGQ I 2 L2-iii? E LEON ALEXANDEII CIIOJNACKI, Bfuyfrzlo, N. l". B.S. IN MED. President Alpha Phi Theta, 1922-'23, Pres- ident Polish University Club, 1922-'23, James C. Gibson Anatomical Society. LOUIS CIIoJNAcIcI, B.S. IN iM:ED. Buffalo, N. Y. James A, Gibson Anatomical Society, Pol- ish University Club, Alpha Phi Theta. Orchestra., 1920-1922g Class Marshal, 1923, Buffalo City Hospital, 1923-'24-. DONALD XFVILLARD COIIEN, B.,S. IN DIED. Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho. James A. Gibson Anatomical Societyg Var- sity Basketball, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1921g Cap- tain of Varsity Basketball team, 19214 Treasurer of Senior Classg Treasurer of James A. Gibson Anatomical Societyg Vice- Presiclent of Junior Class. G1Y'ENDOLYN E UNICE Cowrmn, B.S. IN MED. Bujalo, N. Y. VVomen's University Club, Zeta Gamma Phi. Hostess VVomen's University Club, 1918-'19, Secretary XVomen's University Club, 1919- '20g President Zeta Gamma Phi, 1919-'20, Secretary Freshman Medics, 1919-'20, Vice President Sophomore Medics, 1920-'21, Vice President Senior Medics, 1922-'23. WILLIAM J. CUSICK, B.S. IN MED. Elmira, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phi. James A. Gibson Anatomical Societyg Sec- retary Junior Class, Invitation Committee. CHAS. S. DALE Elmira, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phi, Kappa Delta Psi. Lafayette General Hospitalg Erie County Penitentiary Hospital, Arnot Ogden Memo- rial Hospital. cl " A N il llviigll iAlllll1lllll.1 Li? I Eid K T314 .Ja ititiiz V Lil If. ML Ie. A IIN, I , wi str 'LLM lA li E! JT 5 l Q Sim,-nine 1533.459 I feialfil I., l i Q IIEI lvfligi l lifz ' Iii? FEE-J I IIBICX IPL-'fl I :Eli I IZ. li: 1 l-iz. l LMIIU11 I l,.,.,. I I Ig- I 1 I 1-gj life F iii? , I-fi haf I I Ig? I p,g-':,- EE: I ii?- I liii l F21 I f EE l gf, Q 1 f l ,M . I 2.1.-. I , . . iff lie: E sg fiigi 1 EE ,. I., l . 1. ' l 5,31 l J gl '- iw HEPEQE .A ,, rp! . 'l 'fa :. :' -. 1 l N fn! V I fill iii all A-1,31 l 2 D' -25 l . . I l 1551 1 Q:-ig I :fi I iii' ' I I rg., 1 -I ily I '-'il , 1 K-53 1: .1:.,.4. ' if 1' ici 1 L1 l , ' f 5 Q I fi'-----. I ' if Ei I 'fl 3 y " I i E2 5 l I ,ii 1 P1 I i 1 iii F,.l 1 ' Ekiiez r yor.. y y 1, l lirfiil l l Pill-CH' l eg ' 1 5X'R1f 11.4.1 f iiif5iiMEsle.5fs- ss I j,r VVILLIAM J. DALEY Buyfalo, N. Y. Canisius College, Pre-medical. Nu Sigma Nu and James A. Gibson Ana- tomical Society. Sisters Hospital, 19214 Bison Representa- tive, 1922, Buffalo General Hospital, 1923- 19241. CLARENCE J. H. DURSHORDYVE, Buyfalo, N. Y. B.S. IN MED. Omega Upsilon Phi. U. S. Marine Hospital, 1923. EDMUND B. DYWINSKI, B.S. IN MED. Bufalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Theta and Member Polish Uni- versity Clubq Interne at Erie County Hos- pital, 1922, Buffalo City Hospital, TI-IOMAS, ADRIAN FITZMARTIN Bujfalo, N. Y. C'a'nisius College Pre-Medic. Phi Rho Sigma. James A. Gibson Society. HENRY CHARLES GALANTOWICZ, Buffalo, N. Y. B.S. IN MED. Alpha Phi Theta. U. of B. Orchestra, 1921-19224 U. of B. Band, 19214 James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Polish University Clubg Senior Ball Committee, Buffalo City Hospital, '23-'24-. SANTINO PAUL GERACI, B.S. IN MED. B'uyfa.l0, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta. James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Mal- pighi Society, Buffalo City Hospital, 1923- '24. Il Vg Ill l EQ glfiig ii SE'-Q5 i F li-.Zi f-4 I A. - si? l 1-E l WT' 1 11 Yiwu l 4?- hliqi 1 1 PY I ,ii fi 1 1 iii 132 5' l , +1 l fi l 1.7 H. :li , li EE l Ji l l A .5219 F, P? 1:2 1 l?i W i E: W rr J!-v 1 takin.: fi- eg iii 1 V- A5 .Z fi I ' i I -.2 -ta M53 if i Seventy f l "" iammhammhamlhlmmhwees slwrie as irmhhwhwuawwhaumta lt ll I.I ,5IIgxI1II:IIii31i13,15gwgwIIIW5'--14,311-E 1 f ' I 111' .1 . 'HI . fa I ' '-3 -fd Qi, l ,Z , ,---' ., Itffl Ia? ig,-...D lg wx' l l iii, X.,-iii isa .Vila 15:-WQHW Kg -1, li" 5' l l I -gg -- -- I Ififfl ' II L., .I Z S' I .L , -:Z 1 ' Y .1 .' YL ' ,IN ' in gg gg i 71. 1 5 11333 ' ' I I Q-ji . Iii 4 ' KA-'31 11211 ,EI I Iii! I-.. , , ,,, f 'D' . ,I -A---A-4- ---- -'vw --Y-.- Y,,. ...k,-,..,,A, - - I-Iw2':I.I-1 NI' M W1 Nfl.,-1-'. .I ' E ,fri ll' IT' ,lf ' .lv . f- eI',: "l'I'-IM-'fI1'II'i' .1 1 N 1 :I I 'F 1 X I I l , il'll',l' jllfl' IV' 4- . L ' .T-f . 57 f,',i,,,i.I 'V't 'Ii LGIiIff7ITTI?F?-i-Y'gTiiIllgfrgjiiiiffliygziiiilh ml, WWW HWWM WMWIJ, I w,MWM. wmyg MMWJQWMWM,I .. ,I , I 1.4 44 I r.,, ,, . I I, . gr, ,I . , V- ,I 1, We I,4,I.,..-I.. ,, -.r mu., ,L I. 1. , .4 -- 1 II , I . lil I III f---h---An --Y -V-A A-------A' . I . 1 . I. . ,ff .J I -, ,, I ...M ,I ., I - -an wi., I' is. affw... V fgv ... -. 1 - M- -. I -. 'A J -'J N 1, Y--IM-1-I -..+.......I. I. ,,., 44..L.u4!1I.1 .,u.1I,.41iIIL,I,1,,i3IJfI5gQ52 Wil NORMAN F. GRASER, B.S. IN MED. A kron, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma. Chairman Invitation Committee, Lucien Howe award ,195 Erie County Penitentiary, 1922-1923, New York Post-Graduate Hos- pital, 1924-'25, JOHN HAROLD HUNT, B.S. IN MED. Elmira, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phi. Class Treasurer, '19-'20, Buffalo General Hospital, 1923-'24-. CARYL A. KocH, B.S. IN MED. I Alden, N. Y. Omega Upsilon Phi. James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Class Poetg Degree Committee, Chairman. HARRY A. LABURT, B.S. IN IMIED. EI-mIi'ra., N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta. Hockey 1918, 19215 Manager Hockey, 1922- '234 Athletic Council, 1922-'23. CHARLES S. LAKEMAN Rochester, N. Y. Pre-medic-Hobart. Nu Sigma Nu. Rochester General Hospital, 1923-'24-. HOWARD A, MCCORDOCK, B.S. IN MED. Brooklyn, N. Y. Nu Sigma Nug Kappa Delta Psi. University Y. M. C. A., Director '18, Class .. . I 1. .J l l zlfifsiis l Irwamy 3135 IEE!! lv .,. lfwgxj HJ' I F. I U-.- ,TTI F53 E351 1 , . ifi I . E, l IQ 1 Q2 1 ' ,M I.-:si p , R EEA SEE gg?-5, .iy,.,.I fi? ig! l l I l -f'T4':7:l7i ' gil LE' Il: l EQ. 11721 I aa l E l ' -l 1 Il I-Lf: l l 4135 aa. 4795 ,LT Fir:-' ajft .Z E2 President, '19, University Play, '19, '21, '22, ,23g Dramatic Society, Treasurer, '18 to '23, Masonic Club, Secretary, '19 to '23, Iris, I Photographic Editor, '22, Editor-in-Chief, '23, Students Activity Committee, Medical Representative, Student Assistant in Path- LEM 32: ologyg Medical Shindig, 19225 President of Bison Head. I IEE? -f E1 -- ' I1 Seventy-one ii ,. .,. -- ,.,' .,. fi- E- -Vw f- --- 2 -5 f""o l.1 Y. y all-I I 'Im 'm.Qn',I 'lQk,g'illUllA IgI:waef+I'2 - fe , ,E isa . I, llIIll1Ii5tMlIIIlillllII5.cItillllllWlWIIIaEMlll1.lrIlruglflljg is UI .. 5. QM IlIm!!!IIIDaml,i1?l:gIItfIlislMlIltaxi 1111 1 16511 11" 1 :ff-.1-1-1 1 -4- 11 1 ii L11 -if 1 'xii , ,11 'iii 1 ln" 1 15 5151 1 1217? 1 1 1 15 .gli ' 1' 1 1 , 1.1:1I,1!1'1 1 1 L23 1 1" '--- O 1 1' 152 1 1 1 5 1-- X255 1 1'i-13:11 E111 1 1 1l 1-4+ 11 'i 32,111 1'?f1'1f11 1' LJ55 1 LL? 12. 1 1 W :PW 1 1 Seventy- two 1 ---97-1 1-1,111 11. ,N..., 1..,.,. , 1 , 1 1 11 1 1.11 111af.,,?f11'11111111111'111111151151111-111 1 1eQ11:1111311.,11111111111111m1.11,1,.M111 1111 1111 111 TTT111... .,,, ,,1-,.W.TT.,F..,v,A.. .,.. Vw.. N 1 . 111 11 1111:1.1111.1111 1111.1.-111111-1-11 111 1 11' 1 11 1 111 11191111 . 1 1111's 1111r1111111111 1-11 ,-ev 311- 1111111 111111111 1111 1111 11111 1 11 ' 5.1111 11111, 1111851111 11111 1 111151 1111 ec-- FRANCIS J. V. MARX Bufalo, N. Y. Pre-Difeclical-Canisius College. Phi Rho Sigma. Sisters Hospital, 1920-'21, Emergency Hos- pital, 1922, Deaconess Hospital, 1921-'22, Class Marshal, 1920-l22, Senior Ball Com- mittee, 1923, St. Catharines-Brooklyn, N. Y., 1923-'25. I JOHN M. MDSSINGER Oukfielcl, N. Y. Premeclic Cornell. Nu Sigma Mu. Student Assistant in Pathology, James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Senior Banquet Committee, Rochester General Hospital, 1923-'244. VINCENT J. MOORE Buyfalo. Omega Upsilon Phi. 1 IRIS Representative, 1920-'21, Artist for IRIS, Junior Ball Committee, 1922, Junior Class President, James A. Gibson, Anatom- ical Society, Broad Street, New York City, 1923-'24, J. MORABITO Bufalo. Pre-medical certificate from Canisius College. Alpha Phi Delta, P. K. Society, Malpighi Society, Buffalo City Hospital, 1923-2241. CIIESTER A. NORDSTROLI, B.S. IN BIED. Jamestown, N. Y. Nu Sigma Nu. James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Senior Ball Committee, F. A. C. O. T. S. Camp Zachary Taylor, '18. PHILIP A. PALISANO, B.S. IN MED. Bizyfalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta. Malpighi Society, Buffalo Columbus Hospi- tal, 1921-1923, NVa1ter Reed General Hos- pital, 'WaslIington, D. C., 1923-'24, hgffu of -...-......-...,,,.,...,...?.? WW .--1-L11 1 1:31 111111 1,111-,111 11 1- 1--1-1 11 T 1--. 111-1 A a11'1111111111111111111251-M111'111111f11111Lv11.gj11111,1111 ..,v- 1 un, 1. ,- .Y E531 1 1 1?:1lf1 1 11521 1131.11 1 11 ..'..1NP1 1 1 1515 1 1 E21 1,21 1 1 gil' 1 1 1:11- I AES:- 1 152 1 521 1 A ' 1 f 1 153.21 1,5 I 11' 13' 1 1.415 1 1 1 1 1 1 , LAS: riff! is 1 are.: 1 ... 1 1 ...1 1 1 E' 'E 1 ifiugi 1 1 1 '---f"'1 1 Q15 1 53W 1i 1 FEE- ' QET1 1 1 '1 1'TF111,1TFQ! 1111 1 11 rw-- .1 1 1 111 .1111111111s1 I 2? 5,113.11 i11Mu11111111lL1111.M111.1111J11L111M1.a111U 111.1311f11i111.M11h111g11g1' 1 .1'1'111'm'11r':11"11 1ir"1-1111':':g11D1"'t11'1'Tm1'1U11' 1' 'Q f" Ts, 1. ' .f9Ll11 21111111112-af1W11l l 1.211111-ff-Y,11591111 11p-11.1-fl ll.. ll .lf A . - f . .T-. 11" 'jill' 111 '1.1:'111. 1,1111-111111aq2'111'?'1"1i'1'1111i1.1,f.5111 1111115211133 11112 4:51:21 f 11 1 f .1 1 11111 1111111111111131111111111llll1ga11111l1lll111111.a11s11111l1Ii1l11llll111tQ11 -"Mo " ' 'M-A r- f'XA-1 A A A 111, 112415 1 -h ., 1g2yg:li1 'fl-:RYYL1 .lfgi 1 Y- f' . V VY . ' 5'5" l E-212.11 1 , l CHARLES A. QUINN Buyfalo, N. Y. 'Fi 11 Phi Rho Sigma. '53 Pre-medic, Canisius College. .igriijt Sisters Hospital, 1922, Buffalo General, . 192.5-124. NATHAN RAVNITZKY, B.S. IN MED. 1 Buffalo, N. Y. . Kappa Nu. 1 James A. Gibson Anatomical Societyg U. B. - 1' Masonic Club, Pascal P. Pratt Scholarship, 1917-1918 g BulTalo. BIARK C. RYAN, B.S. IN MED. K B'u.j'aI0, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma. President Senior Class fMedicQg Vice-Pres- ident James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Sisters Hospital, 19214 U. S. Army, 1917- '19g Camp Dix, 1917-'18q Langley Aviation Field, Hampton, Va., 1918-'19, St. Francis V H... 1-1-, 1 11511 i?E li - 1 113,111.1 W ir. '1 91 PQ' 1 :1L!t.1 I 1 12-7:3 1 1 N Vilgig .A 7,:'l!1 1 1 'iill 11551 1 . 14221 1 1 'Q '?' ,li l EF-VJ: 1.11 1 . ig 1 1 W l 1 1 1 1 15:1 1 1 1 N f Z' 1 1 1 1 C631 1.7 1 1 1fi:i1 1 i 11QQ1,fl5 f 4 f 'Qj,g.1.fl 1 l Qil 1 Ig! , .i 1 1 "?'1.'1:.i 1 gif 1 , iii ' 251 I 3 1 1 .iw 1 W .A . .1 TTA 1 1 1, ,. ,?. i7 ' 1 14-W 1 1 Hospital, 19241-1926, New York City. LEW HAIIOLD E. SCI-UVING, B.S. if-. Cfffrnixiux Collegej. 11 1 iff." Bujfalo, N. Y. Nu Sigma. Nu. piiftfq 51: James A. Gibson, Anatomical Society, House gif Physician, Infants Summer Hospital, Roch- ester, N. Y. Season of 1922, with B. E. F. Vflgl in France and Belgium, 1917-1918. Louis ARTHUR SiEGEL, B.S. IN :M:ED. Bupffizo, N. Y. .gsfjif Beta Slma Rho. James A. Gibson Anatomical Societyg Var- sity Basketball, 1919-'20-'21, Captain Var- sity Basketball, 1921, Senior Athletic Rep- resentativeg Senior Ball Committee, Buffalo General, 1923-'24-. 2 ALFRED J. SIGMANN 11.25 Pittsbzwglz, Pa. Omega Upsilon Phi. E l Senior Ball Committee, St. Joseplrs Hospi- T tal, 1923-'24, Pittsburgh, Pa. N LT. ' l l 1 S eventy-three -fl: in 1 'PW HUP 1 '.C"11A 1 1 11T"'.1 11111 111 "?-21.75 'T 4. . 12251 1r'f"T1T1Ff-1 'T "1'7'r-'T""' 'F-'TTYF - I' i 1 ...,-1 1 ' E712 1 '?Lf, 1 M.. if 1, ..1 11. E12 1x-1 -J 1 1 TM. 1 1 1l1 1 1 -i, 4 11"-Pi-:El 1 1 3521 iii' ' 112 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-:Q 1 2? :1 Es! -TF1' sa lm--4' E1 17 ,. fx --1 1 1 1 1: .111 1 1 1 111111.-11. 1111.-E111 1 , . .1 1 - 1 1. -.1.s,.111 1 . 11, . 1 .A .1 1239.21 1 1. " . 11 . ' , .,- -I 3111 .1 11 111 1.1.111111111111-111.1111 11,1-K 1 ' ' ' ' A ' ' ' ' 1' A5111 1' 2 14.111 R..-.L3,fg11!1'J1.'11lL1g1"'1:11l-A.:1..-. Ll1U1YM.QI.111 NEWTON DEAN SMITI-I, B.S. IN MED. Buyfalo, N. Y. ' Nu Sigma Nu. ' James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Or- chestra,. '20-'22, Class President, '19-'20, Chairman Senior Smoker,,'23g F. A. C. O.- T. S. Camp Zachary Taylor, '18, Hospital of the Good Shepherd, Syracuse, 1923-'24-. GEORGE HAEBERLE STINE, A.B. QCo1'nellj. 1Viagao'a Falls, N. Y. Nu' Sigma Nu. U. B. Musical Clubs, '22-'23, Chairman of entertainment committee of Medical Shin- dig, '21-'23, Service Record, 2nd Lt. Inf. U. S. A. Camp Shelby, Miss., Buffalo Gen- eral, 1923-'24-. HENRY GEORGE STOIINER, B.S. IN MED. Bufalo. Phi Rho Sigma. Glee ClI1b, '19-'23g James A. Gibson Ana- tomical Societyg Class Historian, Dramatic Society, '19-'21g Camp Zachary Taylor, '18, Delegate Student Volunteers of America, Des Moines, '20q EInergency Hospital, '21, Sistei-'s'Hospital, '22, Memorial Hospital, '22-'23, Deaconess Hospital, '23, JOSEPH A. E. SYRACUSE, B.S. IN MED. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta. James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Mol- pighi Societyg Designed J. A. Gibson Shingle, Buffalo Allied Hospitals of the Sis- ters of Charity, 1923-'24, SAMUEL Vanco, B.S. IN MED. Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta. James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Mal- pighi Society, Secretary of Senior Class, Student Assistant in Anatomy, '20-'21, Sis- ters' Hospital, 1922, Buffalo General, 1923- '24-. ROSAMOND HOHNES VVAITE, B.S. IN MED. St. John, Kansas. Secretarv of James A. Gibson Anatomical 1 1 1 :til 1i, 1 L,-i-A, Mein Nl. L.: - Yu 11 -- w- 1 '.:vS1 l 1 1 151:-1? 1 l 1 fi I 1-:S ' 1 W l,,1 E"E1 1 F-.l1. 11 H ' 1 l 1 EEE ?, 1,..11 will 1 1 i--:Cl I i4 l 51 1 1,.:.,.1 E--Q-""1 1 ' 1'ig 1 12-1 1 1+ 49 1 35,9 l uwi 1 I Ii 4 if 1 X t 1 1 5,1252 -.1 .E ll 1 1 in if --.1 1 . 117 1-1 F: 1 1 1 si E 9.4511 137-1 1 1 1 'L-'igl 2 Ei 1 1 1 sig! 1 Ta-1 W ? Society, 'V 1921-'22, Buffalo City Hospital, 1923-'24, 1131 Dill il i ' 1 :dis E1 -lf: 1 Seventy-four 1 15:25 ! 1f'.:l- . -- 1fs,s -- 1 12, ,, A, 'ffflilllllWillfsmllwlwgielliwllnll1WSl25Wlll1l1ll'15 ff- 1 11 111.gif 1'i1i1"11' 11sEa1lM11111.1mE1l.l1ll 111l111Q111.1E111ll11J11i1.1zE1lU111fliI11171 ' -rw .1 i1 155111 1, jill 111111111n115sM111l1l1 1 if' Il Ji if ET 1 HQ DAVID WARD WI'IITE, B.S. IN MED. il-: N'iG1gG'i'Uf Falls, N. Y. I fi Phi Rho Sigma, Kappa Delta Psi. Y-453 President of James A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Class Treasurer, 1920-'21-'22, Iris Committee, 19235 Emergency Hospital, 1921 '22, Bulfalo State Hospital, 1922-'23g S. A.- T. C., 1918g Lenox I-Iill Hospital, N. Y. City, 1923-'24, ii , lvl - ,Q ,,,.,. -. Eu B: EDWARD JOHN ZIMMERMAN, B.A. CHoly Crossj ' B . .l N. Y ufa 0, . li Nu Sigma Nu ' J. A. Gibson Anatomical Society, Associate Editor, Bison, 1921-'22, Bison Representa- tive, 1920-'22, Toastmaster, Senior Banquet. q 1 l 59, ' F3 i-T41 i Lg.Q'n'1 E-L35 l 1254 i :ii 1 , i, QP, I g i i i , l . 1 ., V is fqfern I N 1 i l 'Sw -f 5 'Q ,-'H 'T'ilff??Ti' ' mi .mir QQ,EilIll.llillliliMilmllilllilmlllli ll . I! Pi 6:14 ' l IE IT' ..- E viii 5: 'VTLQQ ii k H135 E1 Eg-1 El: tif i E me Q: ,, sw . I 1 iii li WWl WllWll . I4l!i is M. of is 2,-4 failimriiisiifiniaril 2 To THE Jvlorouf-' :H.EA5E KEEP IN LINE- . 2 If -kb. .1 2 , 'QL 'J 'X M 'jf Q Rf' ff an , H MW ay: X U72 EM Q-of QW. -,if 6 4 X4 4, 0 I f, 1 1 0 X 'I 5 ' "5-,PH -J . -,, ,,,,.- , ' " '1 'J Vs., . X, , - . ,J 3, I 1hm1uammM 11z 1 ,5M1mllHnn 1 111u4u11l 1 Q I N H I H J 1 SH VP? 5, 9.1-5 gill :SA 15?- - wp is ,Z 3.5 'r N- w- ' q l , 1 :Elisa si I!!! X .q H '94 'Fit' N Q21 im' 0 x' H Q x X 1,55 ,N - X --im - , N l" ' ?? I IWllIIIIiIllNllH1'w4llIIIllIHll1lIiIlfn'HNi!HlllllllliillhW'' IIIIIIIINIWU3 it 19 211 of LE 2:5 Milllillllllllllllff bmllllllllllllllll uHllIIIIlll!lIH EEE? ' "' 3 i 1 l!" "l lEY 1: 'uu9 Y r g - 3 ' f ' YL" ' . 14 ,3 gg I-We. qw, f W bi N ' N N - 1 'V Y IL--1' JL., fd' W zu r: 'fl KVYY J Y Him A An, wg 'T , ' lg ' Q, 1 ' V 4 N Y W W: A AN- x 'f j L. E X1 I Q 5-nfl' """.'n"h 5-1: M 1 "- ,g'!?ig I-.-'Z5S:f'f T,-2' Y' ' iT "i3aiL2 T 15, 'fi' ' qE., ' Q3i.1L 14:'f ?'.-E:.1:.'-4 1. '1 114 1111 11 11 4-,4 1--1-11-1111 rep- 1 - - -111- 51-11,111,111 -, 1 - 133- ' 5 7' A ' Y - -- --Q -4 1 - 1.-12'-1111 111a ..111' 1.11. 1 --if -1 11 11111, 1 1 1' ,-1 111111 11 111. 11 1 1 " .. . .,.1 1 11.-1111l1m1:E1,,1...: 1 . . , J M3-1.-'51, My A -1, 1 1 1 .1 1 ,Y '1- i zfwsig 11 . .Miz i ,317 11. ,. I 1 7 1L " gr -2. rl 1. ,:1 lt. . ' 11. f:-.1 iff-1:11. "1 11'f 1..,, Q: il 1 l Y Y '1 Vajra. 11 11,1 12- '2L'5f..N1 rlgff li-ix, V ' ' 4 'El 1 1'iT': 1i- iq-DQ.. .L .,.,, Wil X-l"'1 TLJ1 -Lhiri if e. A -amp: -1 QDZ' i V11-f i " l 'iii-Q7 all-:L 1 E'-?l '-lil l FZ.. fs: .i., 111 , Su- ,Y Y ,Vim A. g -Ai f .1 1 1. 1-.......1 .' 1111 ,.11,.,.lg.g,1,1'111.11 1.,111,y1:11111m,1,1 ,111 , 11, GEORGE B. ATWATER H tl'll-b'IL'l'71-, N. Y . Delta Si ma Deltwg Delta Ome a Psig Bar- : g . r c g rettonian Society. . Manager Football, '22g Athletic Councilg Masonic Clubg Bison Head, T1-easurer. WILLIABI E. BACI-IMAN Bujalo, N. Y. Xi Psi Pbig Bari-ettonian Society. Football, '20-'22g U. B. Club. RODNEY D. BENNETT Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Barrettonian Society. Sophomore Vice President, '20-'21g Junior Bison Representative, '21-'22g Assistant Edi- tor of Iris, '22-'23g Chairman Senior Ban- quet, '23g U. B. Club. REUBEN B1LLoW1'rz Bufalo, N. Y. Barrettonian Societyg U. B. Club. Delta Sima Deltag Delta Omega Psig Bar- Leader of U. B. Glee Club, '22-'23, Mem- ber of U. of B. Quartet, ,20-'21g '21-'22g MER1'0N H. BRADLEY Avon, N. Y. rettonian Society. '22-1234 Bison Head. L.-E ADELBERT J. BROTHERS if Buyfalo, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Delta Omega Psi. Big! U. B. Club. infill! il W liil 1 W1 1l1'l1n1l11111ili'1'1 1+ 11111wJ5s11111fl1l111'11.11e511 ' 1? 1 1' 2131 51111111111111111i1ff11.1.11111111111111111gQ1,f1e11111111111111111wp11111m111f11 ,-. 'V' mil' ' 1 ' 1 T- 4 -1 11 ,arp 1 if 1 -11-., 11111'w - -1.11.1 111111111 1111114111 ,F . 55:1 1 E' 3 Ei' -M E- on ami 1 13714 .1-.,1,,'a 1 ?f',I ..-1 1:.l . T1 l 1 i if.fl1lf!? j i zyiij 1 ' I yogi 1 tif 1 ilffy' 1 1 fl! I l i5f5.rd',3 i . 1 I 1 lg 1 3. 41351,,gl 1 1 I T-ll? -5 1 Vvfn 1 1 eg 1 12221 553 1 l1g- 1 I 1 L22 1 ' l Qf??'ff'.1 'fi If l i 5.1: UE? Liiil 1 fi! 1 5551 I l 1 if L ..-U 11-.- 1 Lg ! ' Qgz l :ggi 1 ' l 1 ,B 1 J--:Ii 1 Q ll 151 xi? KKQLLE B Seventy-'nine 1 1 1 L A 1'ii ROBERT J. BURNS Buffalo, N. Y. Delta. Sigma Delta, Skulls, Barrettonian Society. Goal-Guard on Joe Der1neen's Hockey Team, Bison Representative, 1919-'20, Class Secretary, 1920-'21. ALICE WARNER CARY Bujfalo. Alpha Gamma Delta, Women's Clubg Bar-- rettonian Society, Y. VV. C. A. Vice President Y. VV. C. A., '21-'23, Vice President Girls A. A., '22-'23, Secretary' Womenls Club, '21-'22g Class Prophet, '23g Bison Stahl, QCO-ed issuej. - W. GORDON COUCH Delta Sigma Delta, Delta Omega Psi, Bar- rettonian. ' BENTLEY LEVERE CRAIG H um Iniurg, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Alpha 'Gamma Rho fC01'l'lCllD g Barrettonian Society. Pres. Freshman year Class, Cluhg Ring Committee. 19233 U. B. JosEPH M. CUSTO, D.D.S. Troy, N. Y. Georgetown Un-iziersity. Delta Sigma Delta, CSup1'eme Chapterj. ALTER EDWVARD DAVIES Ilion, New York. Barrettonian Society, Delta Sigma Delta: Delta Omega Psi, Kappa Delta Psi, Molars. Manager Musical Cluhs, '22-'23, Memher of Varsity Quartette and Glee Club, i20-'21g '21-'22g '22-'23, Bison Head. 1 l l , ra 1 will U34 1- rr- fl 5:5 F .I X gfiiifff his? l . ,li 1 ui L . V l ' ' JE' 2. l 455,12 N iii l 1- . 1 . I l 332' l 1 3 l Ei 9 9 5. i fl-'lLl:71' l. l I I ' ' l B. l IT l i l ' , TEE . l Q Z 1.1414 ,Q . gy, 51 , T.-WT--.. - -.,-Y,....-,...'.',...-..-.-,....L..,..Vfe?:'7' 1 Hr, ill l e .-.- !1'!L.1D1,,,i, , .gnq?,,., . x Ti.y:.w,1,' .rp-xijk. in i"lPllll 'li H il lil l li H .ill Ll' i Nl M . . va f all T 1i23'fi1:fw I E ,,., - ,i.,..,,,., , 4 F- , ,., ....-...a.r.-.w,.,..-.L..l-... ..... .......a. ..... 2 1L:4...-......i.. Y -il-lililjjgf llw:z.,5?i . Ti LI '-1? - 771 r '71 .f ,. x 1. 1: as . 2: 1 +4 iv ,., 1 nzvni ..,.:i. . .1 l, i .. -,Lf Lf. 1 QI 1 -gl F--4. 7-.1-1 1 1 1 fililff' uwnwszffwFiji'7'fQu51Tf'Trwf11yf1f-ff " f-Qi, h . -i "- -,, .p.1,.gjg:if.iz.-. :f.:...4-:'ff-. ,,,,.. iT:7 ,.,11111.gfwf'J,l1'l fb-1951.11 1 H1 4. ll 1l:9'!r'g , ' If -5191211111111 'fr:1l1.,32gp1gf111f1 11113311 M 1.-if 1 lf If 323111il111M111111111MililiiiiiliiWi1f1.111E.1il5il.Hiiiuiigg Ei S " 'J Cm 'S 1 ww-A1322 RALPIi J. DAVIS - Buyfczlo, N. Y. 1 Barrettonian. 1 1 U. B. Club. 31? ' 'EEE GAROLD G. DEFRIES 12: L .t . 'V Y 'pix ,gi afnicas ev, 1 . . D . ll : 15155 Delta Sigma Deltag Barrettonian Society. ggi Masonic Club CU. BQ, Representative ifil 11-is, 1919-'20. qi. 1 Y fgigfgi FRED J. DEGELL1-:KE Roclzester, N. Y. iii Delta Sigma Delta, Delta Upsilong Delta , iii' Omega Psi, Molarsg Barrettonian Society. Glee Club, '21-'22-'23, Member S. A. C.g Senior Banquet Committee, U. of B. quar- tene, '22-'23, H334 eil H315 JOSEPH B. DENNEEN Bufalo, N. Y. Skullsg Barrettonian Society. Hockey, 1919-'20-'21-'22, Captain of Hockey, 1921-'22, 1922-'23, Athletic Representative, 1919-,204 U. B. Club. -iii' 251 ii' MAYNARD J. DORAN, B.A., M.A. QCa'n'isiusj . i mg, . -. 1 Att-zca, N. Y. Qffx Barrettoniang Skulls. Vice President, 1919-1920, U. B. Band, 1919- 1923, Secretary University Debate Club, l i 1919-1920. , i l l E E' DONALD C. DUNHAM Baldwinszaille, N. Y. 4 g Xi Psi Phi, Skullsg.Delta omega Psi. S. A. C., 1920-19214 Barrettonian President, 1923g U. B. Club. lg ig' I - F fl N i - W Aw Eighty-one ' 1 '19 . 'cs My fax - .1 i1'lililQ?5M l ifllllllhlmlllliil ! iii Ui 52 5111111 1 'lf' 1 1 1 13251 1 Lael 1 1 1g ,E1 1 '51 ii! 11 mag. 1 1 1 11255 1 1111? i 11 -1 -.1 11? 1 1 ,111 1 1, .gl 1 1 112 1 fi. 1 1 1: its-11 1 'if I 1 1 Q 1 1: 521 1 1 1 122 1 1 1 ,111 '1 -is 1 114.--1 1:--1 :nz ZMLLLI. :ii li: I 315551 L1 1 1 51. 1., 1:3123 1 15:4 "'1 '4Q' 1 5 1321 1 E111 51 55.1 L1 511 if '11 111' 1117" 11,-1. 1 ....,11 -, ,,-.1 12 I-1111111 1 1 11' 1 mf-151.1 1 V-'1 - L 1 ,1 .1 111 iglztyftwo - 111: C1 VTT1 ' V11 1 ..w1..1,,1.v. 1.1.. 111152 1 , 1.555 1 LEROY D. EARL Malone, N. Y. ' Delta Sigma Deltag Delta Omega Psig Skullsg Barrettonian Society. G1ee.Clu1J, '19-'21-'22g U. B. Clubg Ring Committee, Chairman. ROY LEONARD IERLENBACK Syracuse, N ew York. Xi Psi Phig Barrettoniau Society. Associate Editor of Bisong U. B. Clubg Class Treasurer, '20-121. ' JAMES V. FREGELETTE Sm'frtog1L Sprifngs, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Molarsg Bawettoriiau Society. Varsity Football, 1919-'20-'21-122g Glee Club, 1921-'22-'23g University Quartette, ' 19213223234 U. B. Clubg Bison Head. DAVID SIDNEY FRIEDMA.N Elmira, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mug Barrettonian Society. Senior Banquet Committee. JACOB GARLINEK Bzcjfrclo, N. Y. Alpha Omega Dental Fraternityg Barret- toniari Society. J Umzs GOLL Bfulfalo. Varsity Orchestra, 4 years. E1 me -new " T-E 1 321' 1 I fi 1 :Li 15115 1 LI T325 '13 1 5112115 1 5 4-Z 1 1 1 fl-l1 I' ff":":1 EEE if ii 1 ...,:1 1 1 1 1 1 11.:LL.51 1 'ijf 1 1 i' 1 ' 1 1 ggi ll 1 1 4 1 2511252-7.1 1 1 W, 5 1 1 In 1 1 1'Y 1 1: 1.1 f,-.jr . ., 1 1 if1 1 1 if 1 11 1 7-1 1"i11-11 1 :L 51 +11 1 c .... ,111 is ' .31 1 ,-L1 QT, 1 T 'r 1 1 5573. ' e f. S 1-- 1-1 1 1 .?f 'EELS 1 11 1. ,,.1 1, Q . .- W 114-11' W ij EE! 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L. ,,.J11..:1 ,,,,. .L'..' ': .V11 - 1: f , , . ' , ,. - 9.2 jx. Y 1 LWWN-ILL-m1:11VJ111J11L43,11:.jLl111-11i1,1i,-IL-1-11413-" f :11 'f 1f'if?'11 in I 1 1 1 nfl! 11191 1. ,1l . l 1 1 1 JAMES LEDIJIE GROVER Howzell, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Bziwettonizm Society. I U. B. Club. MICIiAEL S. GUERCIO Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Phi lfeltug l3iIl'1'Cl',t0I1lEil1l Society. 1 qenioi' lS1uic uet. Couuuitteeg U. B. Club. L, 1 I YYY U. B. Club. J. NELSON HEALY Bujalo. Skullsg Bai-rettonian Societyg U. of B. Club. Rover on Capt. Joe Denneen's hockey teamg Cllillflililn Senior ulVZl'l'l1lllIJH banquet Committeeg Senior Banquet Committee. WILLIAM JOHN HIBBARD .L M orc1z1ic1, N. Y. 1' fi Xi Psi Phig Ba1'I'ettonia1n Society. IRIS Representative, 19213224 Vice Presi- dent Class, 19223234 U. B. Cluh. 123, .x .11 14? rg: F5111 11'glj,1'1 .11 111 1! 1' rig, 1 1 1 2 5 l - l.. ,H . 1 -1,:Y,4.! 1 111,311 l E551 lg 1 1, :ir 1 1.1.11 1 l 1. W, -::1 11 1Q.1. "1 111' 111' .iii 155711 4 U22 1 fi' 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1.4 Hi? 11I?f,1i ,-11,1 1 , , i251 1 f 21 1 .rl 1 1 1 1. Li 'Y 1 13362 1 ff? l 1-fi e i ilu 11:1 .. 1 .1 11,1 ---f1 H. ROLAND HUNT Q22 , . S 11 , N. Y. 111 DCeiilySigIna Deltag Delta Omega Psig Bar- rettonian Society. ARTI-IUR DEWEY JEWELL B I , V. Y. IE .1 Xlqjlgsll lihi and Delta Omega Psig Barret- 13 t '. S ' t . 1 B9olltlb1all:JCll39gOg Football Varsity, 19214 President Junior Dental Class in 1922g 'U. B. Club. E l Qliifi 1 I Will ' - ll 1 Eighty-tlzree ' 1:2 3 fe- - -M ii ug, LV 1233" gfpff' ,If ,, X, 5'1f1,11"" ,' E' Tj efwvwwef-1vw1r'm'l.? fee, fs.. A . 5237" iiffi ' I I . -- Q Lw ., ,W i, . W--- ....,.Y ---A 1 ge .Y --- - J'sJ"C51 Warne'- I .. DANIEL KAISER Buyfalo, N. Y. - Kappa Nu Fraternity, Barrettonian Soci- I ety. . 1212 I Ei! I tts. CHARLES TAYLOR KENNEDY North Evans, N. Y. Xi Psi Phi, Bari-ettonian Society. I Iil if, if,-5' I .f.,, ff-41 5. fill . ..I Class President Sophomore year, '20-'21, S. A. C. Representative, Senior yearg U. B. Clubg U. B. Masonic Club. I ii GEORGE R. KINNE Penn Yan, N. Y. Xi Psi Phi, Barrettonian Society. Senior Banquet Committee, U. B. Club. 'gil JOSEPH H. KNAB, JR. . Bujfalo, N. Y. r I Hifi TSI I Xi Psi Phig Bai-rettonizin Society. U. B. Club, Ring Committee. Ili. Nl ,Y I Ili L- I IEP! ggfiq I :iw KATIIERINE M. KNERR Buffalo, N. Y. Barrettonian Societyg Wonien's University Clubg Y. VV. C. A. Historian Senior Class. I I I Ilf I I afwffi I I I Eg'-if I K. 3 , ,L 1 Ii.: I 551.1 I I Orvis D. LAWRENCE Horvzell, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Bai-1-ettonifm society. Representative of ,"Bee',, '22-'23, U. B. II, IS.. Club. Iigl I I Eighty-four vo'Trfmgwrfr--'Ilyf'i" In I I A f B' I Ei IIIITII .i i , 52 Ig F Liz I QE Ii lf? Dig I IZ.-T I-1 , IEE. I Il?3 .15 , .4 ' I .wifi , fri- pi: if Q E 72 I Fi? I fl: I 75.--2: I I 332 I I ,i I ,il I i I gli I :iii f' I Vlfm- I I Ei I 5 .lf.1 I gf- 4 I Tm-f E, L Iggy-Q I 2 iff? R Vzilxv'-X .lv is -4. 7,1 , I lim -L2 I I Fi I ,I Il I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I A I I I l . 'U'l4"T ixf -. -Lx .ip ,ffl jli .Dix lv .1 , 5 ---v 'FJ ,. V ,,, .. il ,f.., Ji A ' J" ' WYHWJUMTEF - liil 5 . . he ei llfiil fJg5,l ERNEST A. MACMINN ' l Ccmisteo, N. Y. lfrillql Xi Psi Phig Molarsg Barrettonian Society. iii Qiggll Secretary Bari-ettonian Society, '21, Vice President of Athletic Association, 1922. , F. BALDXVIN MARTIN Rochester, N. Y. Xi Psi Phi, Molarsg .Barrettonia.n Society. gift Varsity Basketball, 1918-19205 1920-1'921g ,ffg-ffjr Junior Prom. Committee, 1922, U. B. Cluhg jf?Ff3j Vice President, '22, Secretary, '23. i. girl' I 2-ef' Jo11N W. MCCARTHY '.ifQ, Troy, N. Y. S- ffl Sigma Nu, fPenn.jg Delta Omega Psig .hi .gh ,233 ,T l Zigi 5 Q.-T 'Z-:J 1 if V . Sail UP' 'I .wif fi .121 , 5-lj - ii ,. ci Barrettonian Society. , F i" X f 5 H Iii: .1515 1 'hifi- ORMONDE J. MCCORMACK Syracuse, N. Y. M:-: U. B. Club. Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Sigma Delta, Delta Omega Psig Bari-ettonian. Senior Banquet Committee. Qi-1 JOSEPK EDXVARD MCGRATH Hoosick Falls, N. Y. lg: Xi Psi Phi, Barrettonian Society. Barrettoniun Society Vice President, '21- '22, Skulls, Athletic Representative, '20-'21g Fi? U. of B. Club, Chairman of the Cap and 1 Q Gown Committee. . 5. ri kg' l Ei gsiCPlEg Barrettonian. i?.'I i Eighty-five! Wi " 1 ' ' Iflll .1 ll. ' : 7 Y" ' 1 ..-- '?J'Eff' ' ' PVT? 'Sill 'in"i F.-J' 1 tlttilllu il l 1l1l l1llll is nt 25. ff, 5. lulllllillllfmliiilllllll' r I I ,-we ,.,, :'..4Yi.i 1 i 73 '--- -- W ,L-lg ff, N ?-'iq 1 L 5:1 ' E515 i ri- l l I if 2.1! gif. li-5 iii l Y . 1 E F9252 Ea. X.. Qi! az-,J-wg lf' 1 ?f5 l 5:-5:53 Qwlma :IWTTES 45511' Q 114 Evil' :J 4. f1 il ' 5 Fgl l , -as ,Ax 7.77. -...--V W- fi-----ffij 4-M-A 1 L all 5. li L l i KENNETH J. MELLEN Sym case, N. Y. Delta Sigma Delta. CLARENCE F. MEYER Bujfalo, N. Y. Xi Psi Phi, Bari-ettonion Society. Hockey Team, '22-'23g U. B. Clubg Guift Committee. LEON B. MILLS Guelph, Ont. Xi Psi Phi, Barrettonian Society. JANEVCOULTIE O,MALLEY Buyfalo, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, WVomen,s Club, Bar- rettonian Society. Secretary 'Women's Club, Freshman Secre- tary '19-'20g Class Poetg Invitation Commit- tee, '23. , GEORGE L. O,NEIL Saranac Lake, N. Y. Delta Sigma Deltag Skulls, Delta Omega Psi, Barrettonian Society. U. B. Club. DANIEL F. OJNEILL Elmira, N. Y. Delta Sigma Deltag Skulls, Bari-ettonian Society. Manager Basketball, '22-'23g Athletic Coun- cilg Bison Head. 121 E Eighty-six rw . v-' E " gsgaqilll rf-. x EMM .V 'll-. ti1.E.l T l E '1 IEE 5L I ! l ! -32,55 . gi P?-I 123 E 5 ill: ,I-Q iv in ' Elsa, i Fig l i Ti' li ill' f, lgiq l E fJ lin lit 'IEEE-41 Evefxi ll. E u LE VTE! iii' tis is --WT! , W A N V---------'--1---'-V-' f . 'T L' ii E. 'g 'KAW-A 4 Y Y, B . .... nn. WY. , v ,- -X .KY Y , ,f-yM,---.., W .,.,,, Y ,H ,,.,,,.?,,... il .fum i Y -3. J'-w 4 I L WI. V 1 l :if l . ,jiri , f ' ,Al il.7 i -G iff' .- fx .iff l Jill . J" i wfw ' ' 'ili'3EfiIf3.i'i1"'i ''Y'iliftgwwlfl' 'fT.':Fl.f'1i'1 "-F' '1U'ik9 ff: .Ty , 1 ., .N YHYEQ, WW 'vliffitlif WWlii:wf4q1rF5W'5'.',ZUUET '5ii.iE"V"'W5"' Q cQ35llllll.l,lilM1g vllll-U 33, , , -is ggjllllllllllllQ.lgM.llll1fi:fiiiliiir,lllllllllllyzlillllllllllll. ' P - N-" li. ,--. Ali 'lfirvii l l., ,ill ' JOHN R. PFALZGRAF a ' P, O9'cl1a.1'rZ Park, N. Y. Xi Psi Phig Barrettonizin Societyg Bison Contributoi-g Chziirman Senior announce- ments :md Invitations Committee. .li L 251 DANIEL F. RAI-IIIJI, i Buffalo, N. Y. ,151 Xi Psi Phi, Sigma Phi Deltzig Barrettonizin Society, 1919-'23g U. B. Club. ffm 5, NA'FI-IAN B. REDSTONE Bujalo. 'Y 15" Sigma Alpha Mug Bari-ettonian Society. LEoN E. Sci-mium ,7. N Lancaster, N. Y. Barrettonizin Society. U. B..C1im. . i353-37 JosEPH DONALD SCOTT LeR0?l, N. Y. W Xi Psi Phi and Barrettonian Society. ' V. B. Cluhg Gift Committee. 5 ii ELMER M. S1-IEDD 4 " Roclzestefr. I , Xi Psi Phig Bari-ettonian Society, U. of B. 1 -P HY" Club. Glee Club, 1-2-3-44, Dental Basketball Team, 1 mggfi. 1-25 President U. of B. "Y" Club, 3g Class lg 'lr Wi Treasurer, 415 Librarian Glee Club, 41. Q -' -- ' i l , . 'gf l lild' i P . 2 M5551-2.24 l I 4 I i ai 1 l :im ,. - E., 55.1, i pf.,- ,Lys il M, .fl ie' .ms E532 1?'f'f2fETi gl V45 l in ,x-W 'lf y 'l ff : ,Liga Q! li-21 Q 1 ii-1 r , , l JF! 5 V : if gw lg JE l E 1 " i i l li Eighty-seven livf I fillllilllllllwli l 'f-IME' 1 1 1 -1 f' 17 gi. ,Q 1 1 1 gi. 1 1 1 - 3 1 11. E571 "1 ,791 JI E1 .55 i1'1i '- ' -1 1 1153 1 12.-.,: 1 fi .P iff 1 1 1222 1 1 ll-.1?11',e1 1 1 1 D212 1 1 Ei 1 170, ef-1 1 Z. Ef Ei? 1 ffm' 1 1? F eg 1 125.1515 1 iiffi ' i?E --:L1 ' 1 ii 51-25 E532 1 12.41 1 151m -5 1 1 Etghfy-eigms - 111- - -- --- A ,- 1. ,...,.s.. ,. ELWYN RAYMOND SHIRLEY TVh'ite7za1ZZ, DT. Y. Delta Sigma Phi QU. of Pa.jg Barrettonian Society. OSCAR IRVINGTON SIEGEL Elmira, N. Y. Kappa Nu, Barrettonian Society, U. B. Club, Guift Committee. Bison, '2lg Orchestra, '19-'20, Chairman of Senior Class Gift Committee. JOSEPH C. SPOTO Freclonicn, N. Y. Alpha Phi Delta, Barrettonian Society. U. B. Club. OSCAR D. STAGE Bujfalo, N. Y. Xi Psi Phi, Delta Omega Psig Barrettonian Society. U. B. Clubg Class President, '20-'21, VVILLIAM STAPLETON Buyfalo, N. Y. Xi Psi Phi, Molarsg Skulls, Barrettonian Society. U. B. Club. LEXVIS ROBERT STEWART Clyde, N. Y. Delta Sigma Delta, Delta Omega Psi, Bar- rettonian Society. University Band, Manager, ,19-'20-'21g Dir- ector, ,22-'23g University Orchestra, 'l9-'20- ,21g Manager, '22,-'23, Glee Cluh, 1920321- '22-'23g University Quartette, 19203215 Senior Students Activities, Committee, Bison Head. ' D-.. ,. 'Xi E1 1 .1..f' ,. ,wig i .- -e is 1 f ri 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 --1 1 1? 1 ,Lfftigt 1 QE. 1 1 . ,L .:,.:Lk 1 : . T 1 i 1 ! ? 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Club. fl "QW 11,11 -41 lT?11 'iiil 1 lil ..., as 'Img 1 1 iii ,. .,1 11, ., il? l. A. BROWNELL Wocx -ig F01-1 Pmin, N. Y. Lg. -T "'7 Delta Sigma Deltag Barrettonizin Society. EE'r1c3isl1" Class President g Masonic Club 4 gg-iff . . ,ii F54 E J 1 15 1EZ,fa?0f'Z1?2f, 1,14 4 5 'J 7 E E 3-ll V Q Eiglzty-fiirze , ' T ""-11 1 111 WY Fl? 1 11 Sl 7 1 11 11 1 1,11-1-1 11 ' ..1 , l!lllll1l 1111111m11.11 1111111111Filf1'1l1l111111 15 M1119 fill, gg, 31Q11111 1111111111 1111 111m 111111 1111111m1f11111111111 1111 .-g 3: , P r ,.-r, .,.4 4- 1- . -- 2 fv Li si. : an " .1 55 'i ' -53 fir l Class Mottca F T the Grewtest Good to the Greatest Number in! . - A ' , . ' T fix: X Wa- Q x WU' iff? i ,"l Z 5 E . E gg Q L? as , E 21? qs -1 , ' ' I 51. nf' :LL1 ,Trfi:..,.LM e.f..m -11.51511 -imlilui -'14 G- AF. 25- fiul lrxsx mmswnw nummnwfi sm1u4nrml 1m s luun muuiu qu 19 M of EB as NWINIXINIIII V?EHIIIlll!lllH W r .. -J .Y A L U '.1'2n-.:hni'.L-1111.-.1n-u.ze CJOEIJ il 1? 2 W 6, 'Nz ref :Dry ,hh A, 'REV ' 1- " - ' , 65923921 . ' fa x W .ay ,,..f , si-W f- ws , , w 9-51 A --fain . , E cil'-15. 'n ge-Q 1, ""'Wf 'I f9, Na fe - 2 a n Z, 'Z r fgxyl lk ERN A Y " 1 WKQHL, .x K X 1 .Q 'f If QI.-'HL 1 TA, f YL!-if lgrlj 1 Z7 Whit, I7 nll LU'9144l1wr l ' 2 " WWW " lalr f ' Cay il it llmflfllllr' E, si: 63. .1 - -C1 E 5-mx ,. 244121 'tfift 'AQ v-"'-:rf"7F7i4-:lu-9 'G' fx , N ' ' I Wfzaff ",f3"2'f.' ' 72 EE ' . - " 'Ufii QRS ' 1? Q Z ' ' ' inssi... . p z , Q 1 A A J' X f- I Q I I. VN V J 1 , J ,A D . Y ,' y 1 V i X1 if 11'5,J1 1 1 . ,V7 , 3, 5 1 5' 1 F. fg::11 132' 1'l,,..11 ,1 E f ,1f . 7731! uiil fi! if ,-E925 . 1 .1 Fil 131:55 ,".f.1 rip ll", 471 2,-4 ,i 1 1,13 1 i iii 1 , '. '?'1 1 :x 17 'V 1 " if-T1 1 TE1 1 12 1 +1 N ,Q N lil! W 5' Film 1 1 if WF- ' 1 1, 11.123 W ,l ,A1 5 ,ZW M, Y, f- '-X, to N - .1 e. . C M me ,,e,,m,,e,- ,,,,,m,-,e..-,T,c l CLIFFORD CLOE VVEBER Born June 8, 1901, Died June 8, 1922 In Memoriam The friends of Clifford Cloe lVeber were shocked to hear of his sudden death on June 8, 1922. He had been in the school of Phar- macy only one year, but in that short space of time he had gained an enviable reputation among his fellow students. He was always quiet and unassuming, extremely conscientious and in spite of many other duties, he never lost sight of his duty to his university. Being fond of athletics he naturally turned hisiattention to football and basketball and became a member of both teams. His classmates, recognizing his ability, elected him Regent of the Kappa Psi Fraternity. Their faith in him was not misplaced, for iligi lm .11 .-,Fug l 1311 ,iii X553 flii' ff tiff? 11 U19 J get 1 Fl Lf 1 1:2121 .La li? 1 1 1 M1411 ! 1 1 +31 il: ii E 223505 Q l S3 ,ff . ffif! L ,l X .li E ' if-.., gig iz1'L1'it J, ., ia -f 1 1 . l iii Lis, 1511 nil lege' 1??3J' 1 ffsm. ' lg! 153' 15275-1' 11-and 1 5 121 1 I sms! l L iii l 1 2.35 l 1 ll 1 QF 3' l I 1 l 1543 1 N -it 71 he filled that position throughout the year with the greatest efficiency. Nevertheless he still found time to devote to his studies, being an honor student and recommended very highly bv the- faculty. - Those who knew Clifford best will remember him as a princely fellow and will keenly regret his death. 5:3 l V ' 45 Ninety-two Q fi 'W .wilfmi-in c'f"?f1fe'c WFT- 1 1 5 s-' f'-- T- - - -- . 5 I 1 ,1! i1 5 .- -.-..v ' Qs 15: l 'iailfafgl 1L, 1 1+ 'E . 1..- 1 1--f l 1 KJITQ 11 l iii . fi lifflffi sz- 1-f 1474 1 E: '22 1 1 1 ' 11:51 2151 E55 1 if?if T- -1 1 33 15123 S 1,1551 lhii fii . if 1 mime! l 'DW 1 i fs. .- 1 1 221. ' . 1 I , 1 1 1 7 KF ii 1 eg 1 EEE 5 . : 3 'r-I-.if l l THEODORE A. ALFIERI fTerZdyj Batavia, N. Y. Beta. Phi Rho Varsity Football, 1921-19224 U. B. Cluhg Y. M. C. A., Pharmacy Basketball Team, 1921-19223 Batavia High School. RICHARD DAVID ALLEN KDn.z1ej Buffalo, N. Y. ' Beta Phi Sigma. President Class, Freshman, '22, Pharmacy Bowling Team, '22, U. B. Cluh of Y. M. C. A., Manager Freshman Basketball Pharm- acy Team, '22g "Lafayette High School". HAROLD C. BABCOCK Bufalo, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma. Class Treasurer, Counsellor, Beta Phi Sig- ma Fraternityg Secretary, Octogzen Society, U. B. Masonic Club, Masten Park High School. ANTHONY J. BARONE fStucliousj Bulfalo, N. Y. Hutchinson Central High School. GEORGE L. BARONE fBm'onj Buffalo, N. Y. Degree of Analytical Chemistg College of Pharmacy and Chemistryq U. of B., 1921, Secretary, Senior Section of "Student Acti- vities Committee, 1922-19234 Glee Club, 1921 1922 1923- Secretal of U. of B Club .asia NEW 1: 5.::,fz':32,ga:-13:1:gfsvJa2y2Q2ie6m11112519151341211:-:51:1-41' af W, .1 I ff ?4' 7 " L , , ,,,,. .1 Y 11,4 iamfz , 12- 1? V11 llgiiea TM 151 1 E' il l EEE l1..1L151s T51 ,QMS l :amass A 1 Si if A 1 f 1,1 X 1 l-. 1 fl! , 1.- 1 ' QELQS ' 'if-1 1 i final I i pi I y 1-lj, l 1.: 1 1 'Q'1.fil,f:il gf I 191-14. 1 i l l l l 1 112-:va 1 1,-ffxg 1 1 as ig rsffaa l 1 '4 TTY' ' 1 aaa..-1 1 Zi-', ll? JSE 3 I 3 'Y ' 3 ,L- 1922-1923g Class Secretary and Treasurer, 1921-1922g Chairman of Banquet Commit- teeg Hutchinson-Central Hiffh School, Bison f ! 15321 Head U l i ' ' ' -.. SALVATOR J. BAUDA 1, fF'lying Bcmdaj 1 Buffalo, N. Y. iii l U. B. Clubg Y. M. C. A., Hutchinson-Cen- iii! M561 ma High schooi. '15-Q4 Wg, 5? gi . 1 l X. all ' I WWW' l lllfilm ' TTWQflfl311Wf1l'm52i1lii ,1 31-5 if .... 5' 41" W W il 1t.Wlillllulllll11ailia1i'L.iWl1lil.1ll1fr.1.11r:.1111lMgg 1,.1'li5 1 is 5.131 lla xg E21 3'-E?l i -. . .1 21? 1 E551 15511 ' 'il i 25 ' 1 1 l i331 1 'EJ' Qfmilll 715' 1 5:12 1 1 1-1 -f. 1 J-as N V1.9 if-if i ' iiffffl N 1 it QE, jiiil wif 1 l l gg is-ez. 415431 legal It 'lfll El1 .ih 2521 Li ff,-Z1 l 1 FE? 1 P iii! I ' ' ' JOHN H. BECKLEY fBeclcj Buyffalo. ' Beta Phi Sigma. Manager Varsity Debate Team, '21-'23g Sec- retary University Debate Club, '21-'23g As- sociate editor for Pharmacy and Chemistry, '23g IRIS Representative, ,233 Member of Cabinetg U. B. Clubg Y. M. C. A., '23g Hutchinson High School. FRANK W. BROWN flieflj VVcw'sa'w, N. Y. NVarsaw I-Iigh School. IDA G. CARREL Bujalo, N. Y. Hutchinson I-Iigh School. JAMES J. CIRESI fJ'I:'7l'lT116yj Buyfalo, N. Y. Chairman Invitation Comrnitteeg Cartoonist for the Bisong Hutchinson-Central High School. ISABEL F. CosGRovE fffvrsl Scwmton, Pevznn. Old Forge, Pa. High Indiana University. School 5 Attended G. RUSSELL DEANE fRussj Rochester, N. Y. ' U. B. Cluhg Y. M. C. A.g Niagara Falls High School. 1 1 i I '1t1'1+11fW1 1 1 fxijm M A X1,1iiEjg.Hl.111lf11'11311121 11l1X,Av.:.1Y-Qsillii ffllwlM155-1QM!11l1l1M1i17..:5 1 X .V V A I I. V 1.x r W , X, . ,W X 1 X ,V-1 ,N M l Is, U H 11, WMV' El il A C i ! 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Kappa Psig Auburn Acaclelnic High School. 'f' F. DEE FORREST EATON Inl'o1'nelZ, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma. U. B. Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Bee Representa- tive, 19224 I,ll7l'2l.l'iilll in Beta Phi Sigma Fra.te1'nityg I-Iornell High Sc-hool. NORMAN E. EMDLIDGE KNO-r-miej f Buffalo, N. Y. Bc-:tzL,Phi Signing Hutchinson-CGnt1'z1l High iff, S Ch ool. INIIRA EMERICK ' Buffalo, N. Y. South Park High School. -75 fggf . PETER J. FIORELLA KPQMFU 3 1 B'uj'c1.lo, N. Y. U. B. Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Hutchinson Cen- Hifi tml High School. " " "w' il'l'.i'fl'f. 1,.' n ."'lg3i'.:.1'i'il.'ili' "l' 5 fiill 'f . 55' ,Q H f 11" ,'.',.fl'lQ' l".' ghlllilfzliA1'i?i'1fT'F':iw513i.,'V"f'ff2-:Milli ii L fl l in in N -laf illlallliff lflfil llllllllfo..lvlllllellll...Ei .-Lg N llllfil 1'1"i,L.'i',jQs llllzlli, L ii nvluy ,gtk ' Lui Efiil li Mail' xiii. l riff' ,Ll ,qw '4 . . l r KNEE' if-iii? 'fn 1 . Lai Efifj . ig nl ilf-.rg lifkigjll r i 'EM' LLL.. .. ,nl ---- .,.-s 1 an-,Q 35 I l 2 -"2 l l nf-- li, lil' l l 'fl - l . QL--. mhz, fig? 1, il ii.. l .. ii- 2 132 ' lr .. W. ... V11 fi. i -4 N iii I l ., Q... V Y-Z i 115:51 1Lil.f.l1f i l l if' i QE i . 14.1154 ' gi.. 5-Eg. T ' k 1 El gl LZEW 3 E ii A Ninety-five .?illlllWlllWWf"Uqll' l1'?l.i..ETlf 'H ff. ., .. My 5. . ....c,,., ,,..., l,..,.,..T-...-.,.fTj A it .,-.T..UPS ...,. -..,..,.: .,.. ,m......,.-...-.,, .A j H l M A ' -Q ,,-4 l 1 1 1 Wh... 1 in iii iw Qt' 4,3 I I '1 '-.-' RONALD T. G'ALLAGI-IER . fRo1miej - lffji Omega, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma. U. B. Clubg Class Marsliall, ,234 Owcgo Free 5 Academy. 'l fx fi! Fi '. mg, tif ABRAHAM GALLEN Taj. If? CD55-trict Attomeyj Vi 'iii Roclzestefr, N. Y. Rho P1 Phi. ' I W4-2,1 U. B. Clubg Y. M. C. A.g East High School. 1 Fi-1. i ! f mag miirk ' ' 251 WILLIAM J. GEORGE Buyfalo, N. I . .haf Hutchinson-Central High. , r X if U75 EES EEN ANTHONY J. GEORGESKI .gif fGeorgej Lacfkawavmza, N. Y. Canisius High sc-11001. , Y . '23 Lili! MARIAN M. E. GLINSKI ig! fBoz0j l Buffalo, N. Y. A Hutchinson-Central High School. ,pil ,Z-4 L-'-" iii -- '--' 'iii' PT N gil' f l in 1 -if ' 1: '3 i 7 - fi HONFAS RANK UGIN0 Y l KLM Tommfff' ii ll Dmlmkf N' Y' . . U. B. Clubg Y. M. C. A.. Dunkirk High V School- ll'- V iii? Nmws 'T A lfgqfl pmWfmwmi'mmmymfirmfgs-si.mwwiwmf H Y 2 1 ,. .m.:.fTi' i Tia, 'Q-iq I 1,3 ,..,:P'z.,Q1,lJ , M ,wlixyzgw l lmggnzug ,!1l..,gQll!',- 5 V Jw.. ,.1.,-3 -.:'-A ,J ,,, qi?" ' 1.5! 1l'l'Q"1,Aif..g1,'w" ,img 3:1 Mill. 'llgfflsfi 1 3lLl:l,lhrrv-Mfr' Iakvmllihl.1milQM1r':-wi. ll 15 .ifv . lil 5. 41 ml: 5g?llllisl.lislMQi-M l...ilfl"lVW.ll l 1.1lpZ?M , will j a 1 l 'sifl li? vga: F1555 .aw I ii iii! IQFY1 J :gn l E+-73 5 if.. l l l ffl' iii! l rwiaw . ,-- -. ...QA WEE, :I-,il 1 l gif F . rv-B l 1 ffl Fife-' fl: Eg E I T r 5 . Q 1. iuml ? ... l: Es sf -Q .Q 5 . 1 ' ' V C' 2 WALLACE E. GUMINSKI ffl frlcj Buyfalo, N. Y. Hutchinson-Central High School. PARKE11 JO!-IN Hmzznrnc rn K H Qrsh Q Pewy, N. Y. ' Kappa Psi. Secretary Kappa Psig Orchcstrag Banrlg U. B. Jazz Bandg U. B. Club of Y. M. C. A.g Perry High School. ARTHUR N. HOLZBIAN fTl1e Thicloj Buyfalo, N. Y. U B. Club of Y. M. C. A.g Mastcn Park High School. VICTORIA A. HURISH Ufickj A-ub1m'n, N. Y. Auburn Academic High School. LEO KOLDIN L , . C P61 Syracuse, N. Y. Rho Pi Phig Sergeant at Arms. U. B. Club at Y. M. C. A.g Syracuse Voca- tional High School. ANGELO C. LADUCA glmkeg Buffalo, N. Y. Hutchinson Central High School. n ,-.1 IM! I i E 2 1 1 I 7 ,, ,fi l ' -4 l gg l if l l 5 yi. mug! 4 lic il ' li? '1'1'.!i:J'. l I ia. V33 EZ. ji 4 l 1 f l wig! l-17 -1 if- 2, ,Q-L? 5 liz..-fi 15:35 Q QW '14 Vilas s fi M ' 424 Him' .T tylseven -fan. .s Q, 1 l l l 4! 11 1 .uf 1, 7-YL--f'-.ff 'ff ' Va .-1 ' f1V1Qf:1l?'H' 1. eff. 5: 1... 'M . -Q Me- 4.1, -E. 1 ' . 'f 311111f1gk111111U1111111123-11111W11111111j111g91i131Q1111111I11W1L111h5211111M1 1 - 1 ' . ..g.- . ,.gg:....,Q,,.1Lg,e.1g..3 .. 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L f-S N .fi 5551.51 Fres1111z111 as et a eam, .1 - -, a- -111 X37 '1 'Wi X 1.4 f1'- V 511111511 ' fwette H1811 School- 1 1231 ANTHONY P- MANCUS0, A-O 1 112211 111111 Qfgnf N Y 1151 51.511111 , 131111 '11 010, - e - 1 1 ' ' 1?-1111..-1. --0: -W ,.. 1'111 . . . . 1 1,-111. 13311 -1 ' Analvhcal Cl1Cl'I'11St degree from Ur11ve1's1ty 125 zf11111111wfsf1s - , . . . 's1 1155 1 1 of Buffalo 1n 1913g Ca1111s1us I'Ilgl1 School.. gi, 1 iv- 111 Anil: 1 HEL 42:7EiI:21:341:-5'-".':1-:f-. 'WM EL'-.VN F151 Qi . 1 1 1 115111211 1 1.51 1111-1' '5" T1 -if EL 1 1312? .. - .,-.1 ....., 1.. 111 1 11521 11 11 HYINIAN J LIANDELL 111 1 2.1 ,Wi . .. 1 v.. 1.4 4,,,1 . . . H22 1 if 11 21" - 1-i+ 1 or--11 531 2- - , :1 :ffm Af sv-1: 41 f if 1 1 1 gligz . V IV y 1 'C.:.1, . V1., 1-fa -9 9 11 -0 f- 1651101 1 -- - - .175 1: 11151121 1 3,1 11 . . 1 ,ye-le. 1 1111151 Rho P1 Plu. 1??j'fvT1i' 11-3-451 Cl1ee1'leacle1-, 19.3g L. B. C u 1 Q . 1 . . ii 1 T-.2-. .,.. -- - 1 gf. , - Tl Ajg Pl12l1'I1lkLCj' Basketball Team, Cz1pt.11ng L21 East Hlgll School. . 135.11 11914. 1 TTS .1-. Y :lx 1 1 13 1?-Y? :, 1' 1' X CLIFTON F. MANNING fE1 1011112 1'!9i111 C01'11mq, N. Y. 32,533 1 - - .. 1:25 .W Beta P111 Slgllld. VL: bentlnel, Beta P111 S1g111:1g PlCSlCl6l'1'C, Octo- 531 ,iz 1 ' X , :I . . . 131 , Q gen Socxctvg P11111tecl Post H1gl1 School. .5131 2 : 11 - 111'-117:11 1 ff f 1 1:11 511 M911 1 1-'WSWS :--'Si-Yflclg' ggi 4' 1 Q31 1 . 1 W TEPI-LINE LIETZLER 1 fStme,1 is '-mg,-11' 111 -f -55,31 1. V in ' - 1 gf '--4 . 310101101 N- 1 - 121. . Qi, XTICG Pres. F1'CSllII1ZlI1 Classq Cap and Gown 152 1, ',. ...v',. pf . i1f.-m'NY1. CZK - ' - Qi .. 311355 Co1111111tteeg Masten Park Hlgll School. 15?11 fi . li 1 .:1f1,1:1:1 11 . i 1 E211 11 1 121 wel - 2: 1 . .... .... . ,I .S ..M1e:.::,,..w1.e...,..1f:m.1-.m,.w41w.,...uf .,Y,. 1 1 l 11? 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Olean High School. 1 Q62 7 ff 140 Ni if rr, if---. img? V-6?-.i ,J i 'Z-" " . LL -y -r n ,f cg .ffhl 'ill Vu :gi V 'li ,or 1-f. , .,,..,f- 1 lil . lj l liiii l W :Si ' l . 5 i lil l fi. y :-, wg 'il ,J u .. .-1 I I. ,. .. l I I ,. l Q, l i f l .,,.. -. -E423 l Ei l il: l 1:12, . 7, ' l ""f:E 'fr -ff ' l .fi K l -fl 5 .RA fc V. .,.f- -1 i X,-if q ,,:u .,,. , ,-6455 ...Q .L , f- 8. 52: :H :Til T 11 5 EDXl'!N NEUMAN if fEclcl'iej ima B1,1,7fa.Zo, N. Y. zifviql W Z ,ZII ,,:l,, , N .,, Rl P' Pl '. 33' "'V "TJ, " " H Hnicliihsonl Central High School. Nav' ' R. JOHN NETVMAN v XSS! Wifi fRipj I lfVeIls'z'LlIe, IV. Y. Theta Delta Chi. ' i hi . i Vifellsville High School. ' 1 H 55 il J. NORMAN O,NEIL fBuckj fl 1552 .fqI0wzeIl,PINl. Y. ana si. - li Prgsldent Senior Classg Vice-Regent Kappa Psig Bowling Teamg Hornell High School. F VZ EE "- E A I 1V'i'netyfni'ne T7 'fipj l . X' 1 fi . 'Q 5 W 7' i , if-313 L"-fifgf iv f 1R..-illTlll.iR.iafiiiiilsrzlullmlllfinwillliMelriwasinlmwifgiail. ii. 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RR f-441 1- -'.'-f- 3 KRW 1.11 1211511.10 N Y i f 1 Eli 5 111 Iieta Pm Sigma- 'EQ 1121 11 Golf Teams U- B- Club Of Y- M- C- A-Q 1 1 51 Conductor Beta Phi Signmg Hutchinson 1521 A Q 3151115112611 Central High School. 1 241521 221 1 1- 1111211 - 1 1-11? 1 122122 151 -4 ,Eli 1ii -- 1 ig: 1 1 Z' 1-"TEM I 1,5"lI3 -Y? 9 521 1"1z?fi' ig -1 1111151113 55225 , ,i 1 51 1111111 21,1 -1 TF-111 aff: AV 1 1111111511111 1 LL- 'Bez' 11.'f-1?Q1 1 .1 , 11111111111 1-T4 11-1 1111 JOSEP3 OSINSK1 5 N,..m-4 11 .ef 1 508,61 3 g111'1 Bfupmzo, N, Y. Canisius High School. 113 1 1 1 1 1,g,- , 51151511 1 51123221 11121111111 4? GRE? iff? 1' 1' 1 1315 1121 LEO FRANCIS REDDEN -1 -1 1 1 N1 235353 ,i. 121 11515 WMU Fi 1' T 12 -1 11: 1. . .w,,...i... ,,,, . . ,wm.W. s1 7 Y ...- giew 11.1211 BWHIO, D- 1- 13:2 15151.55 QSM1- . . . ,,., , Ctrl Phi Slgllhl. . V yn Vzsggj M525 Exchequer of Beta Phi Sigmag Octogen 11131313531 ' Societyg Technical High School. 1?i 2 .mi 11111121111 1: e:- 1 5 11"'I11I5Igf rig 'mil 1. 3 1151111211 - 'mi' 15551 1' , . 1 121112121 1.11 151'1 1 U11-I 7511 1 E fe w 1' v .rvgafmfa CHARLES B ' RIVO 1 il- ' z ' 11111 1 B 11 f Cl I 0 N Y 1 11 .251 f.1t..Q.,. f 5Cg 1 11 1 . .' '. ' 3111111 R110 P1 Phl- as Mil M gg as en url igi School. 13 15511 11 1 1 .1115 1151 ' 'if 1 11- J 12111251 11,1 , I'-'l 1 121 11,113 311 es: 1 1 LE' 111 .11 r-T51 1 SAMUEL S Rivo T: Buzffilo, N. Y. 1?i1 152211 S i g w iilif Rho Pi Phi. . Hutclnnson-Central' High School. 1621 13151 Q-sag? . A C ' V' Y 11 5 ' 1 gil: 19 aw 112 1 LEG 12-Perf - 21215111 11 1 1 -ww 1 11512-1 11221 5Qfk:i 1. 152 an gi E., CASIMIR S. ROBASKIEWICZ Erie, PU. FE! 111317 -1 ff - . I- E Attended St. John lxanty College, Erie, Pa. 1 1 1511 115112 1121.5 1 if '75 11 115.11115521111111 1 ji IEEECE' 111111511 1111 ms: 1.'. 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A.g Pharmacy Bas- lcetball Teaming Syracuse Central H i g h y ,gpg School. 1 I EVM' PLT? vi' - 12157 is . if ,-, FRANCIS A. Rozmx CROW! Depezv, N. Y. .a. Lu' Kappa Psi. Canisius High School. lil ii 11 ST1aPHEN N. J. RUBACH fStevej Sloan, N. Y. i Analytical Chemist U. of B. Kappa- Phi. A Bowling 'I'eaun, Captaing Hutchinson-Cen- tml High School. ' i' ABRAI-IAM RUDNE11 pw L, Rochester, N. Y. n Rho Pi Phi. U. B. Clubg Pharmzrcy Basketball Tezuug 1. Invitation Committeeg Rochester East High School. . E .. E iiffsrqf MARY J. SBARBATI ei fSmwiIesj Niagam Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls High School. Xi JOHN JosEPH SCIBETTA ' t. A, .419 fRucloZph V'aIe1z.zii1z.o Q ff Y 525' Bujfalo, N. Y. Z. N U. B. Club- Y. M. C .An Hutchinson High E School. , , 'ivglirg ' ,J ? ..... . gi I One H'undv'ed One .rf E iigrru g 'g . itll' il qi 96' it J lp .p l Ti vi-jmfi ..lliMll.lkLamEllllllll i'lllllllllifilli 15 gt. si Q. gg W ilu,1uill fc, -..fl l Ia 511 ' 1' xl y I -'11 l l 'gh l l x l N S' lil' l . .v - . 14 Til l Q25 T i .Fiififl Q, ,-X fx , , .- 4.1.4. .L T T 4 y RALPH E. SHARPE I Sharpe j South Dayton, N. Y. Beta ,Phi Sigma. South Dayton High School, N. Y. ROBERT A. SIMPSON fBobj Buyfalo, N. Y. Beta. Phi Sigma. U. B. Clubg Y. M. C. A.g Lafayette. High School. JAMES J. SIRACUSE I H 02229311 Buffalo, N. Y. 1 Hutchinsong Central High School. EBIERY RUSSELL SMITH ' fSh1'impj lVebsto1', N. Y. Wlehstei' High School. , liz? , T -ii 'TEES' ti-Zim ' ' ligf f l Q f W 5 1 1 lf? I ' 151541 ' l f.Cs..f. - .6 ,.,, , . ig Q. in . MM: N -. ,uf L. xiii kwa. .1 15:3 I f . l 3 X l EZ.-1 v l Gigi? w wt M41 ' L :Hel 2: l Ll . TI-ILTRLOXV C. SMITH fW'alleyj North Tonawanda, N. Y. Kappa Psi. North Tonawanda High School. CHARLES A. STEXVART fSt0'iC'iej Ithaca, N. Y. Beta Phi Sigma. S'lZ6I10gl'2lDll6l': Octogen Society. Ithaca High School. r'-aw wifi!! KE: One vm dre cl Two -- f"'w -H V -,,,-,,,- ,, ,,.,, A 'S rv-V .. .... ..,. .... - .. ,... ,. WET, WT ...,....,., .. .. f f- 1 .- ' ---T N, ,v- Marshall, Beta Phi Sigmag Octogen Societyg ci? - --Y 5 " ?L .5 N J 2 gif ' ' ' "S - l . 3 iiqnii ' tl ! Ljjx: 1 lv ,Qxfli 1 Q21 I w 1 Q21 l lil rl, V. Kult 'll l :E 5.4 1 . fi, , w l l N 'VH I . v Llvzfii . fv-. Ai' Zi X if vfiifi l l 1 gr 4 L . 4. A. Q'-HH w Ig QQ P l , N - fw 1 IJ,-'Gi -' ia -QU .:1. v ,,. V . i 1 L: . 'Ii l ii li?-Tl .gil Eli tififl Egg Fig TAL-fill llf T, T,---ul V . i 1 1 - -, V . . ------A----.------..-.-.--. --..-.-----f -.1 11 1 wwlw ,sg Ill wlllig.?fllwfll"illli1ll llWjf'3l'glll wrvum Yi M ' 1 - . 'pri li,wfmi"g:U,5i,f ,""k, xg -W, 7 ,,!, M. , IM, , -,V - 1. 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DONALD TEYVICSBURY . A U B11.z?'ffI0, N. Y. 2 54253 ff, South Park High School. T' 3 ' gli ' f --1 i M' Homeuf N' Y- F37 fd KPIPPU Psi FY'Hif61'UitY- sg?f JAMES JOHN WVHITEHEAD gf? flimm ie Q ?iff?'i . 5 Buffalo, N. Y. Elgi- aif Debatmg Club, 21- 224 Cflfllsws Hlgh ,PE School. .,..,..,. ,... . :..A.. .,,,.,,..,..,..., 0 .0 ,...,..,,, ,,.,,,.,., A C.. :N W 1,-,sa l f-'-.--'fill WARD L' WINSHIP ' ,',, QE , rf-r: 1 - - .i-sfw,:,s-L::4::e-s-a:,:- 3, V is-U1 , Griffith Institute, Springville, N. Y. -..- jglfl I f:-:+s:-:,-4::-::- ,rcsw4:::::p:1.,4a1 V 1 fl Y 2 5,31 i 453331 vw 1 5--2 ,fliffigli gm , I : i i:,,:g 53:51 fi iv' ,- :- ,Ely wffizil lif- W PETER' WISNIEWSK1 sf::1:,g 1: 14-:xg- :ra w --:-:-as m ai:-W :-if-Q2 f Bowling Teamg St. MZ11'j',S College, Detroit, 'f ff 7141-f:A:Qr-2-1-we-'lf-1 ,-. "11 W 35 1 ' wwf-- 'rlhmsiB.,.,...,..,..,.,..., 3 W... ., ,, . ,..,, , Ittix fr - - l i ii- in 'A One Hmmdrecl Three V ivfmifggW1'i11i'p'gfifgwV' 'gi'rWr6siwi,,v mf51fQ9M2 ' ' A ,?3T"H"'?z',',2f??fMw Wf,,fiHMHN-'lwitilll M slwlmmr,Il,,w:g.:mi ,3l'W,,t A mf A, ,,. fl -z, ,., iff: J, L. 37111 ff--gil '4i'w1,y,,tL:,gplg,,N1,w, mghg,-y:, ww if',1lu?1Q',,jifl,,'l'lWW'mi 4' laleiimlys 'rlM,,i,.'1':jg:HYllMMMi,iw:LfDjLg?MQml,:llllihyjfel'L53 1-25 iii, il 5, .3l,".gli " 'gwxixllifir gig, v -- V. :Z- .Lf E, I 1 W KEY-, -, .,-, , -, -,A.,. -, A, f'-.,- --- E777 ""'W'7f7- . '1i":5,,,'. QW?-'lYl' in l MAX D. WVITHERIL lT"i"' fD0cto1' Patj l i . Buyj'cc.Zo, N. Y. 3 iii Kappi Psi. l Bison Representative, Regent Kappi Psig , Pharmacy Basketball Team, '21-'22g U. B. 1 Club, Y. M. C. A. 4 West Hi -11 School, 1 il . Rochester, N. Y. 1 ARMIN T. WITTKOWSKY l 51900. Q 1 North T011,cm'wcmcZa, N. Y. , , V Kappa Psi Fraternity C'll1'CZ1S11l'C1'D. U. B. Jazz Orchestra, U. B. Club of Y. M. il C. A.g North '1'onawanclzL High School. UZ l i i ROY H. WOELFFEL i fblucluj ? Point PIea.srm.t, lV. Va. Beta Phi Sigma. Q Class Poetg U. B. Masonic Club g Point l . Pleasant, XVest Virginia, High School. fir L54 'Z CONCETTA ADA ZARCONE Buffalo, N. Y. eu . ,Q-1 ,- Hutchinson Central High School. if LIIECZYSLAW ZAXVADZKI A fMattt.j . I B7llFCll0, N. Y. Class Prophetg Mastcn Park I-ligh School, i ' P. N. A. College, Czunlvriclge Springs, Pa. f-im g-W l iff E E. XV. MARTIN NIAYNARD Z lfUPf"'9 e ii 1 Shmglelzofuse, Pa. Beta Phi Sigma. "' li' U. B. Club, Y. M. C. A., University Bandg ix Orchestra, Sl1ll10'lCllOlISC Hi h School. ,Hi 1: g r f Hug LEE Z El One Hundred Four - -5 aWEESiiIT?5 q gy I Zum BREW s.4 k.Mx mv? ,1 YSIS K v gi nmqsus X QD gy -Q G!! ,fx QQ Q . sg L , . .- , -1' , ': Q 44 " -, I '-Q , L f .' .. V , , , . - ., . .,.. , . Q, , . .. , , .-r- z l x n m lrmlns u s mnun l w n e w Kip . . . '11 ig? -15 Q91 X , ': :l: rif ' Ga, ' Q22 em xg 1. " ,' H f l lll l l l ll i l is of n u ' H -2 E' ' A ' h ' I -. "' L- 3 '1b -f b : -il 73 Y, 4-Af -W '- f' - f" ----gif-'WC--.,,.,. . -W, f'-X 7 ,Y 'Y , i v , 1 i,"""' . il ' ' I 1 - fl :f 14 ,ff .wr ,v Alzlgf-lfffiillilxlllilVWllrsfiililillllWHllYlwlLl'P?VQlsllllll 'llligifalwlllllillilllllw-VN li ff' - ,.,. alll U llflimiiffllWww 2' 2' 'NN C pil if 'li llfi, 5 3 lfzil Qfl-J , ' U . If 'il , lx NIERTON S. AJIMSTRONG 1 4 Lo-ng Eddy, N. Y. Iggy Gamma Psi. W .- -.l 1-A ie. A' .Y - 4 3. l . l 1' lf? it .' A ,, . - l HAIIOLD AALBERT DAY . Bujalo, N. Y. xsl Q e l if g. 'QQ GRANT SIDNEY DIAMOND , Bfzl-jfalo, N. Y. 'fl Class Poet. L-QQ il 1 l CYRUS M. LAING Buffalo, N. Y. , 1 Students' Activities Committee, '23, Bee A Rep resentativ e, '22, Associate Editor of 1 Iris, '22, Vice-President Class, '22, K ll? ls l iii' 'lin '?'?Q,f' xiii: ,121 1 l l l A 54?-E l l i 3 wif l 1 . - 'DH l Elem-ci 1 i, mix" lil El :gl g s l, U il gsewsnli , L-il l i :Li l l GEORGE A. RASCH, A.C.g B.S. C U. of BJ N. Tonawaucla, N. Y. Beta Chi Epsilon. Football, '19, '20, '21g Vice-President Stu- dent A. A., '22-'23, 'l'e1npo1'a1'y President. 1920 Chemical Class. VVALTER R. SJODEN Bufallo, N. Y. Gamma Psi. Sargent-at-Ai'ins Class, ,22. i if - l ia-2 ' l l 3 F52 El j yE ri gi 1 Ll. 4 iii? l 2512951 I E One Hmm dvlefl S even wr "iii if-'THE C 'ffl ' W . ' l 7? L. 1, 15' NEI 14. 74 1 27 .,4-- --.2mf--.- -AA- Wm. ---- . -V.VN., ff-if , ee . . -rw . - . . . . , . " ' .1-:si QW ,-Plz!-ill! l1l"'lll""f15 'V-, E131 l1,'l1'li'v'tiSl .. ..f' ,M , El M34 ' 1 nfl T 'Wifi V-4 1' 'E Mile me ...H gsm i galil ill Illllm ill M52 W, .5 .J Yi ,Af V, gl, - ,WG V .J il he 3, ig: . l - VVESIQEY C. STOESSER, A.C.g B.S. CC- Of B-5 Q52 B11-j7x'lLl0, N. Y. iii' Beta Chi Epsilon. Class President, '21g Class Treasurer, '22- Q I '23 g Secretary Athletic Association, 235 '1'rea.surer Beta Chi Episoln, 23. .fi lg .2 IZ ICENEFICK T. VVENDE ' T07ZfCLTOfl7l-flft, N. Y. i Football, 1920-'224 Editor Bison, 19224 Man- aging Editor, 19235 Associate of the Iris, li 19234 Vice President Bison Head. 2 li' E i?': ri VPIRA Bl. NVETMORE Mig! Buyfalo, N. Y. Q Vice-president, 1922 5 VVoman's University if I Cluhg Y. XV. C. A. A F Ai A pm , w LA, i Luo VV1DGoFF, A.C.5 B.S. Q? qU. of 12.3 .. Buffalo, N. Y. Class Philosopher. k v. QQ V? -fi We If 4 ...H -. 5:1 ,E E QE?- .H One Hzmdv ed Ezglzt 2 l I T Y. 'CZ in 2-V 'ful YL' I Y tg l. V u ,NQLGH . idly? "W " I. H w. ,us-f I or H iii. in .itil 2: 55 Ill ST xx N 5, I xy N SENHQR LAW 1,- f' 1 1 gf-if 1 1 131 if-1 1 1 51 e1 111-1 1551 1 ij 1 1 1 1 1221 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- 1 1 1 1-i1 1 1 11-iilff al 1 1 1 .P ,.1 2 i, 1 fizf 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 ETHELYN DUDLEY B7l1fClIO, N. Y. Sigma Gamma Phi. Vice President, '21-'22g Secretary, '22-'23. HENRY NICKINLEY ERB, A.B. C H cw"c1a1rcZj . , Buyfallo, N. Y. Phi Delta Phi. Class TI'C2l1Slll'Cl'3 Moot Court Committee of Phi Delta Phi. FLORENCE BERTHA FARRINGTON Buyfalo, N. Y. Bison Representative, 1923. JAMES E. FOODY, B.A., CNfic1gm'c1 Universityj. L Bfufalo, N. Y. Phi Delta. Phi. Vice President, 1920-19215 President, 1921- 1922. EDXVARD A. GILROY TVaylancl, N. Y. Delta Chi. Vice-President of Debating Club, 1921-1922. PHILIP HALPERN Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu. Associate Editor, Iris, 19225 First Prize 1920-19215 Scholarship, Freshman First Prize Scholarship, Junior Class, 1921- 1922. Class, 11521 11511 e Himdred Ten 1 Ti-2 ig 119.3 ' ff I rfpfmf 1 gig ' 1.2-1 1 1 iii 1 1 ii' as i 1255-ga :, 1 1 l 1 1:1-L 1515421 :MESS F 112115 l?l 1 ' 1 1f'157?3 1 M1435 1-.-Q 1 f' f 1 I1 1 E4 lil 1 1 1L I 1 iii 1 - vryv- 11 xi, 1? RQ 11111 1 1111 1 163. 1 ,iij 1 1 1 ri: I 1 1 1 1 51-,ij 1 -- 1 j fl 1 1 vi 1 1 1 JE A5 51:4 1 1 F.f:1fL2: 1 1 .T 4 1 1 1 lA 1 25291 1 1 1 51: 1 1 1.51: .- 1i 1 i 1 i 1 1 1 egg-.a 11:1 1 1 1 '151 153251 1ii1 1 h?1 1 LTI: 1 1753 1 1 :tis 1 1 1 1 1'5i1 1 1 TTTT1 in TW?i"QJEP'1N 1 :Z -- - T . .,.. .,... ....-.g:1'2 1 11 X1 1111111231111 11 1 1 '111R'111111 111 1 1-1141 1 11 vi H11 Xf 1 1 1 1 '1 '1'r"1111 '-'11 .?'1'T"1T'f'r.Tff-F71111111115 1 if EUGENE EDWARD BURGER 'D' Erie, Pu.. 9.1 411 Ross I. CI-IAMBERLIN Phi Delta Phi. ff- University Golf, '22-'23, 1 F' W1L1,A1zD R. CI-IAMBERLIN Buyfalo, N. Y. Phi Delta Phi. DONALD S. DUDLEY, B.A. 1,11 1 1211 B1117f110, N. Y. 1 N-... 11 1l1'i1 -Y--'ft' "' tt ' " "N" '77 ' t' Y," 1 1-1 f--f -A----- ,7..,-,,.4,., .f g,,,,Y,,H, YYY YW- mn 11 11111 :'- '1 1117111 x 1-11" '1 14.11 '1'1. D 1. ,. , 1 . . .1 -N . WW. 1' 1 11 1 1 1 1' f 1 .11 1 111 111-11 1 1 11 '11'1f11:'-- 11 -.1351 l Q-13111111 1 11 11 11 11 11111 1 .g-11..--11111111 1.11 -1 1, 1 1 1 - f 1 ,11 1111 11111 1111 1 1 1 -1 11 11111- - 1 1. -1 1-. 1 -M . . - 11,514 M5111 1 11.11,1C,1111 1 1151.111 11:1-11l ,ii 111 1111i1'11 11... ,,.v l11 1lli1,-l RVN 11111111111 1 1 11, 1 A W Q 4 1 71' H11 1, 111- 1 11 11, 1 111 111 1 1111 Aim 1 ' Ml' i will 1 '1' ' 'll' i111l11" 1' ii1ililiiill'1lili'l' JM1 11 I Y Y 1 I 'iii 11 '1 11.1 1 1 1 -i 1 .liz 1:61 XEVZZQ' 1. fa1'1,'?,1 1 -U---1 ' 1 l 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 - 1 . Q,,,L1,1."15'1 13"1l',.g..,.,.LlTL.L.'L li' 'f 'lillffil Lil .1511 I. "' .5 ,J I, LQ. 1 1' .1 1 W1 1 1 11 '11 1 1111515111 1111 1,1131 11 11 111411111111 E,-72:1 Y , E ,, . W . . ,W W .. , 1:11 1 1 - 1 1 --qx 4-ML J -Li .A JN' Lglww. 54.1 1. -1 H.J:11Ei,k1l1,L,J .11,,Li,11111 11W an li . .1l 1.41. .1 1 . 1 .1- l 1 1 DoRo'r1-Iv ANTHONY 1 Q1 Bufcrlo, N. fl'. i"1 .1. l 1 jj Delta Chi. ERNEST E. CAVAGNARO, B.S. QC'cmisius Collegej. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Delta Phi. Bufalo, IV. Y. qyazey. . fm 1.f 1 '11-11 1 1 l "1gj:1j 1.-w1.1,,1 1152 1 1 1?51 1 ?21 1 1121 :vw 1.1'QQV11L1 1 11 E11 ---'1 .D .11 . 1.,f1. 1 1 1 ' 1? ih 7.1-11 1 1 l l D1 Y 1 1 21,111 1 :L 1 I-E' 1,3 1 D .1 51:1 1 if 1 E. 1- fy 111x111 reid 1 ,...,.. i r .11 .1 .ffl .-iii 1 1... 1 U11 1 1-1 .11 '1 ECW?--11 1 1 1Q11.a.f1 1 1 l 1 1 :il I 11 111 1FYfi11 1? 1 1i1 M., .1 i 11.111-1 1-...Nz l 1 l 1 Owe Hundred- Eleven 11? 11 1. 11 ' . ,. .1 s1f11'?31' tt. l5mMl11.1lfMh111fm?11111111111111111111g11:1111111111l11r1111111,11De11111mpg 1111? 411. 111' 1,2-1 fn, g111M1111Q41g,'1111111111111gE1111.1111 11111111111 11 lL.i....-.iiD:f D- ,W D .fK . 71 1V i BEaz1.1iA1f.1f1. Q1 Phi Sigma Sigma. 1 1 1 .931 1 iii 1 1 1 15 i i ' mag i 1 1 iii 1 1 1 Sri 1 1 .,,,. 1 1 1 5.5 , 551,511 1312.315 1 1 ETLQQ1 1 1 1 fm, Ei 1126 P-41 1?-J 1 pit! 1 27 151,211 ,V-r 1 i1 fl-"1 1ig 15 11??V:f 1 1-fl, .wg rei? l Women's University Clubg Bison Represen- tative, 1921g Law Representative of Gir1's Recreation Association. F. PAUL NORTON Olerm, N. Y. Delta Chi. Associate Editor, Bison, '22-'23g Bee staff, '21g Treasurer U. B. Club, '22, JOSEPH C. PANZARELLA Bujfalo, N. Y. ' Qual Lt, U. S. Dlilifnry Academy, Ufest Point, N. Y. Phi Delta Phig Alpha Phi Delta. DAVID B. ROIZEN Buyfailo, N. Y. HX'hfAN SAPOXVITCH Buffalo, N. Y. Kappa Nu. EDITH SILVERMAN Bfuyfalo, N. Y. Secretary QFi-eshman Classj, 19213 Bee representative, 19213 VVonien,s University 'Er -EQ.-Y 151 it 'j E JYE' L-L 13224 Efivlf? i 1 1 1 13 11:1 . 1--Z ' uri? 1 1 1 1 fi 13 1521 1 1 1 ff... 1 22:91 1 if- ii' i 1 5 E 12 11111 R37 'E 21 club. 121 1 One H1mdred Twe '7 'ffl-1 125 1 1 1 'W fl 11 211111111111111-11111111111111111:11f':w1 1 11-11 11m1iln.f-1.11111 .Q e 1 111111-, .,1,f 1 '1., 11111'l'5.A 11' i11"L-fo 11111 1i"11'4. 'L 11 11jg1g311j,l111-11111111111125 1 1 ff'-mi ,V ,,V, , l, , 2- wi l l ,.. l .. 1 1 lg .i," W lil CQ.viilllflqilllllllil-'xl. ' l illl NM. riff is E E -' J ' .1 ly: I il "" .ll in fm-, ll HQ ll '?"'fj 1. nl IJELOS XVALKER HARING, A.B. ' CQ QC'or11.ellj. l ' 11 isllpmzo, N. r. Phi Delta Phi. 1 University Golf Tezim, 1922-,235 University I-Ioclcey Squad, 19223234 Iris representzzf- tiveg Senior Law Poet. VVILLIAM H. HAYES D 7lllli'fl'Ix7, N. Y. Howfuzn H. HOLMBERG B7lf'fllI0, N. Y, Phi Delta Phi. BENJAMIN ISENBERG B'7l.f2l'IIf0, N. Y. RIARGUERITE E. KENNEDY Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Gamma Phi. if Class Vice President, 1920-13219 Class Sec-- 'l gi retary, 1920-1922g Fraternity Editor, The Bee, 1922-'23. AI,BER'F R. LINDGREN B1l.fflI0, N. Ql5fl1'Wff'2lfgiii Ei .'iAx'ilWi if ,gs ',.. .-.fllffg.,.L'i5L'1xl l 5 " l 1' zwfl' in vm 'm' -' i" f - iw ill iiili if wlvlll 'lwllllllll llllmlw . H f .E if lm Al 3 1 'mfr' f lb. 'M' l 1 l li if E One Hwzdred Thirteen - W"-'X X f, L iv' ffflt' W 'YZ 7, , f" g' ' " 2 flllll-If i 'Q f V lqffliwi One H1m1drecZ Fourtben R, ,7l,-- -..-A X- 1,11 - -1, . . 1 1 H. 1 11 11.111 1 . - 111111 '1 1'11'1iI11F,.'11111' 1 '11 111! '11 111111111111 1 1111111111111111' '111111111111W 1 '111111111111111111 11 -f11--1111z1'11 1 - 1 711' 1 "111'1 1 1..-11'1'1111 1111 1 ,1 11 1 1. 11. 1111111 V ., .11 11 ,1 ,.-,-,..1,..1.-,-,.....,-.. ..,,,J.-....1.. 1...' 11.1.,...1:,,,:11s.'l. ,11..,,, .1 4' Q HELEN STANKVIEYVICZ, A.B., Cornell. Buyfalo, N. Y. Phi' Beta. Kappag Phi Bc-:taVPhi. FRANK L. 'TAURIELLO Buyfalo, N. Y. tliil : I 11 21111 1 1 i1 .1 ,. .' T111 125 J 1 1 1 1 1 11152 -9 1 1' A5395 1.1 11111, 1 'Wf 1:-1 .1 1 --1 - L. ' 1 REQ if 1.2.5. 1 VET?-,'1 5' 1' 2, :1 1 23511 1215.21 Mi 1 Ei 1 .1-1 1 1, "TP 1 1 11:-1,-1, 1 1 11 4 I :fa 1 ? 1 1 M... 1 -fm 1 ,- 1-1 1 1312.- i , 1.11- 1 1.4, 1 1T:,"i I ' 1 .. 1 1 1?? 1 11 T 1 .:' '44 1 1 mi' 1 i 1 12? 1 151 112 11-- 11 1 U1T11'1W" 'wmflfk' 11.17,1111113'1'1"11'11' 111' 111111'3131"11 ' 111 A 11 -'YA""'Av'-'V M .- 1 .. 1----iff----1-i---1-3'---1:5 1 11 11111 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 1111 11 111E11111 1111 111 ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 111111111111 1 1 1 11 1 11 11111 1- 11 1 1- 1 1 11111 1 1,11 1-t 111i 1 , 1,1 111.1 1.1 1 ., 1.111 11 ' 1 1 11 1 11111 1' 111-1111 11' - f' 1 ,LL ,.1L,,,1,,, ,. ll' 1' 1 1 - . - f' ' " -1 ' 1 - 1 1111.111 '111' 11111"7 1 ,. 1, -1:1',.l. " - I - 1 - 1 11 11 1 1 . . 1 .1 . ....-.,-.-..-.,--. W -W .JL 1,111-,u44..1.1. L2.L..,:..1.L.1lL.l ,, 1 ,1.. A1 11-11, 1 2111? t11111ff1?F.Z Mlm Z in if-:ff 6 Y R WXW f gx ...I 2 ' 'ii-4 ' 5 E Lis! 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Student Assistant Psychology g Debate Team, Captain, '22g Member, '23g Dl'3.ll121tiC 5 Club, '21 to '23g Student Senate, '20 to '23g T1-e,asure1' Freshman Classg VVinne1' of Hos- mei' Thesis Contestg U. B. Cluhg Orchestra. ie YES i W One Hunclred Seventeen WWWWWQWWWEu.WW,WWWWWW,WWWWW W'W, WQSQWWWWWWWWWWWQWWJWWSEVWWWg'WWWWWWWWQz-RWWWE i 3:4 M W fg,WiW"WWW'W1WW'7iV'WW '.WWWWWWWpW , ,,Wg.g1g,gW'W,, W, WWWWWQjqE?fW,WWWWWWW'2W1,WGWLWWWWIE QW gli QWWMWWWWWWWWWWWWWfWWWzWWWWMWWWWWiWQWWW WWW,WM-W,WWMW1WWW'WWWWWAW,g One Hzmdred Eighteen A .V i f - 5 -N H WM YM 1:3 -:f:-:,T1,lf5c,V!:y- A ' '-1 .w,.:., i -Y , 1 1,-,,i wgi- .xi 1 - ' - i, w V, . ' ', ,ww ww.. 'i ' Hi l-i""Ji v ' ' ff- f . . 1, ' :ily -Ul11g.g,., 'lf llrli-" -gigfllill l ill l 1 N ' ' ll in M RUTI-I M. FOULKE B'llfjfClZ0, N. Y. Sigma Kappa. Woman,s University Clubg Y. VV. C. A. SOPHIA N. Fox Bufalo, N. Y. Women's University Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Smith College, 1919-1921. SYLVIA M. GOERGEN Bujffalo, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phi. President Y. NV. C. A., 1922-19233 Treas- urer Y. VV. C. A., 19215 VVomen's Clubg Pan- Hellenic Associationg Class Prophet. WII.LARD HEMEDINGER BfLlf6lZ0, N. Y. Kappa Nu. Dramatic Society. NIARION ESTHER HERSIiISER Bujjralo, N. Y. Delta Upsilon Betag Alpha Gamma Delta. President of Co-Ed Glee Club, '20-'21g Vice- President Y.1V. C. A., 1919-1920g Arts Sophomore Co-Ed Member of Endowment Fund Committee, 192lg Class Gift Commit- tee, 19193201 1920-'21, DonoTHY P. Honciss Buffalo, N. Y. 'fill' 'MLN ":.w"' Q ' W' ll .l1'1lE1llx:i,'fl".?" ,pi 4 - il llillliittitfliyfugg w L, LM ,,.,. 1.lUhl'l.'ll.' , ,, ' if ,, ""1f.'f " Q. H. T Y ' i ,J-,fel wi' W... .. t ,..' ,- .-.:.ffi.i. f' .,.,, 'j W. ii, ,.... ..- .,...- ., i . . f. '. . . . . . . ,.- A . ww.f..w.w. lirfll.l.... .li ..i .. ..:...i,. .. it .V x .. . . ., ....i,,....i .1 ,,...... , . .,,. ,W ,... .. .1 ., ,, . FIDXVARD J. HOFFMAN Bu.-Ufcalo, N. Y. Sigma. Chzmirmein, Senior Students Activities Com- mitteeg President Senior Class, '23g Presi- dent Junior Class, '22g Student Assistant in French Department, '22g Chairman Junior Prom. Committee, '23. .NIARGARET HOLMES Orcharcl Park, N. Y. Sigma Kappa.. e NVomen's Cluhg Swimming Cluhg Secretary Senior Class. V1o1.A C. HULTIN B'uyj'aZo, N. Y. Chi Psi Delta. VVomen's Athletic Association, Presidentg Y.1V. C. A.g Denison University, 1919- 1921. AIAHION LEIGH HUNT Orclzmd Park, N. Y. Sigma Kappa. 1Vomen's University Cluhg QVice-President Artsj. JEANE1-'rm Lois JACOBSON Bufcslo, N. Y. Phi Sigma Sigma. Iris Representative, '22 and '23g VVomen's University Clubg Treasurer, Panhellenic As- sociationg Secretary Intersorority Council, '22g Cap and Gown Committee. ELEANOR Xwfl-IITE BQIAGO Tonfzwavzflcr, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phi. Bee Representative, 19213223 XVoman,s Club. V M!!-Y I wil ,..i..,, .,,. .w.lHii.,,i' in ..i.. .'. ...u-. ... wi. ii . 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'r -,,,,,l,, -W ,K i,-i?,,i 'X. ... " I ff: Y-f -3 - - --- J, My of W I'M,,.j!j::,. I,-,Il,.. I I 1 . 1 .. . ,, , WM,,::,E5j'I"5 iw I I II 1 X willIf'qiillillIlliillllln Y ' ' ' l' fifililllklr -v I I -- wu.J1"I"'lw1" IJAVID L. llIA'F1-IIESON .B'llfZ7rCIIO, IV. Y. SARA IQELSO RICE Buffalo, ,N. Y. Sigma Kappa. Freshman Secrctaryg Junior Student Senate Representativeg VVonIen's University Clubg Y. WV. C. A. Rosh: ROSENTHAL Buffalo, N. Y. Beta Phi. Exchange Editor of Bee Stafif, 19234 Asso- ciate Editor of Bee Staff, 19224 WOIl1CH7S University Clubg Y. VV. C. A.g Dramatic ' Club. NATALIII: Loumsm ROUND Kevmriore, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phi. Vl'omen's University Club, President, 1922- ,23g Dramatic Clubg Y. 'W. C. A.g Bison Representa.tive, '21-'22g Intersorority Coun- eil, '22, BIAUDE B. SCOFIELD Cherry Creek, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phi. Y. XV. C. A.g X-'l'o1I'1en's Club. .Bm V551 aff.- mr - I 1 I If: -mx. w 'L :ni E229 .,,.,. I li "I 'fri 12354 I g I ii Ei? 1:75 if In lar: ,J li if g E li .Wulf 153 ' ll-iii gas-55,5 I?5 i Il Fi EEE If Elia Lge. f. gi? ifnig Q N Is.-I-:wi 2 L25 L:-fi I lp- I -xi -mx. In-5,"Lfi, Ll? L tit! QI-fl l :ii 3 .--if J infix :ZS 1: fr- z 1 I I K 1 l 4 i i I i l I 1523 RIARION A. SI-IANLIQY Biujfalo, VN. Y. Sigma kappa. .il Vice-President of Junior Classg Yice-Presi- dent CSecondj of Athletic Association 1554511 CXVOIHCIYSD 4 Cap and Gown Couunitteeg f -II I I v . . Ig.-,g- Q---Lili ' W 0l'I1C'UlS Unrversitv Club. ifgfg X745 ' lifulflgn y 5 1 12 if I if Y I---1 I 2: 1531 One Hundred Twenty gil Fifi' - -I H fi:oalAQI1,,j'3i'Ti jILgjTMI.I X M Mcfgi jjgfqgi. I lim.IIQQNQMII.-IIIIIIAII!,IHzhl'I.liwifI-fl'IlwilliiifljifgI,ll1lMi1l1 Hy JE :P gli. j gil-' V. " Emi xml. mn.- . ,. M 'w wil ' M J 1 i .+P my V ly 1 ii 1 y i ii , f ii . . Wi i.. yi in , , W, ,, ,V i f, ,Ni 3 iv ,!,i.i ig . x Mm, ...ll M, vl . . .. mi , ,J .W W f ,Ml , . W . miwwq of llwxs . 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Art Editor of the Bison, 19213223235 Glue Clulig U. B. Club. 252' iig HENIKY M. VVOODBURN Bufalo, N. Y. 3 2?-5 EE! ??E v?w'fi l ii 3 'IW If 51 V51 , One Himrlred Tweinty-one ' eil .Qi i5 L ' , ,,1.wi!ivm-ffmpmwf ni nick N in my figs im.i1.iwfmwwimzwfffmmmfiffl MJ .lil W1 Jalal V-'T Al lillllW-.'fw''ff'f1wlwBlum , ng liigipghlllmmmn.ilrllllli.ili:e.YcRr,llweliiillMMESMBQ-L ll? f fl ,T .lLn.c .iM,'..lggiggl 1121 1 ggi. 1 1 111. 1 ,j :1 1 1 11.3 -1311 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 '-'lj 1 1 1 1 1 fffftfi 1 1 1 1 1 1 iii 1 1 1,-Ti. 'rf "1-11 111 "TQ 51,111.11 1, 42:11 1 1 ? 1 1 ,1 41' 1 1 11:Q,1 1 1 Iwwr 1 1 5+?E1 1 if? 1 1 1 1 fr 34.1111 1 1.43 ' 1 1 1 1 :L Eff 1 vzfq- 1 1 1 1: 111:12 1 1 1 1 1 5271111 1 kfmihi . One Hundrecl Twen ty-two 111-,1111:1111 ,111 '1 .1 111 1 1 ,-, gm .,,.11,11 11 1 .QV 11 1 ,1,-.,. 11 11 1 1111, ,13 1 -11 .... 11.T1-1. .-..TT1.1.111.311...iT1T1111..,1,,1f11111v11f1F111-11511 1, 1, 1.1 .111 .11 11111111111 .1-111.51 11 , Q, ,111 11 ,,-.2f.h,-.--.4- 1. ,,.1 .L H., 11- .. , DOROTHY M. YVORK ' Bcutawia, N. Y. Sigma, Kappa. Womeifs University Clubg Y. W. C. A. 1 1 -1 - '11 11 f111111111111111,.1'1 1'1 1111111111111111111.3111111111111111111111111111E1MI511111111m11M 1117? 1 .-- f 1 1 E' 1551 51 Jim 1 111 1 "'-.?"'4 1 i1 1 1 17 21 1 55-'11 T' xii 1 1 1 1 1 53 I 1?-5 1513! 1 12:2 1 E21 CE' 1 11,511 1:5 1 1 1 ! 1 15315111 1 .1, L'J',5:3 1 gli! 1 1 1 ff-Eg! 12 fi 1 152 1 ? 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'Wi X X CCS Q Q -ww: 'QQV-fZu,z,ff'f--1 fu: N Ni UA KP i' If XD x- K 'N' fc' -73,-Sizzvzuu ' mf ,kkxgzxx .Vx 1 , - fi X -MK.:',fi:fg53w."S:xgQ:x,5235,iii 1- X fx- 'fiTf'f2:11.? "7 fx' Ak 2 x i xiqyhm !f'Nx.4'Z-704. imp- W,----gf 4 421' f , f ' 'x-es'4-ww, 'f f ' '11,'!"i6ca1kx?Q'::n!Q?'lf'5lx1v"Nw X , ' till 'ff ,' fiw 'JWMHZA -ix , X fx W M' W?!.fi"lW'iY'V' f.1--9fFW- X XkM3s"?' Rig? 'SQA' U C ww!!! lly guf V rm 'PW -5 , wx mmm HOYVARD A. LICCORDOCK KENEFICK WENDE President Vice-President GEORGE B. ATYVATER HERBEIKT HELWIG Treasurer Secretary M M M ffiiif' i 'E 'Wa'efe'-e-we-we-W-f f-ee ef E 1 1 H 1 .:i1yNjMl wf W .' 1 x W, , . ' M r x ur., Mg Y- Y Y X IW, Y. LEXVIS R. STEXVART OTT0 VVILLAX GEO- BAKONE VVALTER E. DAv1Es .,.,T,,-A. . ,, ,,,,, ., -V MY. ,,, K- IH M 5,4 ,. Y , v--- A --VYYY- -- W M ' Nl' Y W w 3 N w WN I 1 w w ,iw .1,1 QL wxi f ,Qg , - ' H 1 w Y w . .. . W W f ' Q fw f wwwlw , 1 M N , , V ... . ,,.1.-Y ... iw-.- -Z ,, --7 -S IBANIEL F, O,NEII,L JAMES V. FREGELETTE I-IARRY Yoxuus BIERETON H. BRADLEY Q x T Q11 CI! il ' 9:12 -- 1 z:n:1 CIIIIJ ? 4gg:2g fQ??iiE53F:-1'2"Hu" ' E:-1 QCZ1 CE 5555 C' .53 :min f Q If 1,2 on H ggl-153 DR.5mm-I -? 'f4,f BOY" ' ' I3 D an I f A . l1'!'1l1'4f T ,SPECIALIST , ' Sf Q ' X R?- r ' Q':Q,,, I1 . A W' ' ff ff fly Fin" ' , V-xlbf ff X , , , f a ' ' - W f if-411' C3 1 ,Af X, , 1:1113 eeln f 4, A NX ,L ll VW ,,,, ,. UU . I ,,, " g,,, X ,,,.-,,,,,A-,,,,, m5:3W i ,Je :ywfei - X f X f - WM! 'yin Senior M edies Preszclent .........A...............................A.........A......,A... Q ,...,.....,.,. MARK C. RYAN I7iC6-PI'6S'id67lt ............ ...,,,,....,. G XVENDOLYN E. COWPER Secretary .,........... ...,.....,........,.,......., S AMUE1. VARCO Treasin'er ..........,.,.,.. ........,....,.... D ONALD COHEN Nlarshall ....,..............,.,..,, ..A...... L 0Urs A. CHOJNACKI Class Historian ............,..A. ..,......... H ENRY G. STORNER Iris Representative ............. ....,,.,,.,......... D , VVARD VVHITE Class Poet ............,,..............., .............,............... C ARY1. A. KOCH Bee Representative .......,,........ .........,. lk IARIETTA C. CATALANO Athletic Representative ..,..,..,, ...,....,............ I ,OUISE A. SIEGEL COMMITTEES CAP AND GOWN FRED G. G. CARL D. WARD XVHITE CARLTON VV. BULLARD INVITATION NOIih'IAN F. GHAsER WVILLIAM J. CUSICII LOU1s H. Ci-IELY BANQUET PHILIP A. PA LISANO JOHN M. BIESSINGER HAROLD A. BLAISDELL VVILLIAIVI G. BURKE One Hundred Thirty l lwiwlwwli,-. I lx ' ' l Our Passing YVhen I am dead, if men can say, if He helped the world upon its way, Wiith all his faults of word and deed, Mankind did have a little need Of what he gave"--then in my grave NO greater honor shall I crave. If they will say--if they but can- He did his bestg he played the man. His mind was justg his soul was clean His ways were not unkind nor mean. He loved his fellowmen, and tried To help them"--I'll be satis6ed. Then when I'm gone, if ever One Can weep bcause my life is done, And feel the earth is something bare Because I am no longer thereg Call me a knave, my life misspent- NO matter--I shall be content, 3 Class Poet istory of lass of 723 Y i, HROUGHOUT the entire universe there is evidence of perseverance, Q manifold are the revelations of hard-won success and the results of steadily plodding individuals of ordinary birth, yet ultimately attaining niches in such realms as science. religion, music and labor. Persevering 'T leads but to crowning achievement and the latter to a rnausoleum of contentment. Our Jrssent '1U'0'1'C0'alZl0I1 of embryonic diagnosticians and therapeutists, now l 'aa ca leaving the first University of instruction to enter the finishing school of life with its opportunities and experience is an instance of ust such striving for magnihcent attainments. lve started as ordinary progeny of humble parents-parents who have tried to give the world something worthy 'of themselves and who have, we of course now feel, almost accomplished their desire. But in their attempts they gambled to a degree which they little realize, for in education are pitfalls which students vault and circumvent-not to say clamber fromfrcpeatedly. in order to finally gain their goal. Life is begun, as it were, on the rocky coast of New England and we have crossed the Berkshires of early school education, the Alleghanies of our immediate past and are now veritably sprinting down their western slope to the broad middle west. lVe are by this time elatedly reaching Buffalo, but will soon find Chicago- not yet in sight-only an early stop in our journey across life's expanses. The first decade of independent existence will be as that broad Mississippi valley with the sun beating down so that perspiration will run straight through our brows and blind us with the discouragment. Then will we come to the Rockies with strenuous ups and downs of middle life and finally the Sierras and in sight of the end-the end of a life of service with the Golden Gate of retirement as a fitting reward when our usefulness is exhausted. ' But to return and unfold the map of our recent progress. Note our cosmo- politan constitution. There are represented in the class of '23 various nationalities, schools of general Arts education and the usual variety of individual characteristics. This condition is known to every American University and is well borne in mind, for it goes far toward producing common advancement and furtherance toward true Democracy. It was back in '19 that most of us left the previous places of education, includ- ing the University College of Arts and Sciences, Canisius, Cornell, and the rest,- some of us had spent much time in Government service-to begin the grind toward Medicine with its attending but not impending sheepskin. Of previous work, little need be said, for the majority of us are not interested. VVe knocked and were quietly admitted to 24 High St. on paying the requisite sum. Some of us attended a get-together meeting at which we met a few upper- classmen, some of the faculty and others of ourselves. They never did put enough spirit into those "acclimatory" good times in this University and it takes longer here to know your class-mate and meet the Senior than in any other School. Perhaps that's the prerogative of a Medical School, but it doesn't jibe with "cosmopoli- tanismf' No memory of a Frosh-Soph rush flashes across the mind, for there was none, as, perhaps, there should have been. But the sophomores evidently realized that fingers and heads are indispensable to a medical practitioner. One Hamdred Tl1.irfy-one ' " "W" MWHWAW 'AW' J 'W' A W'WW lr W W ' WWW L -, Tig f?z-fJi'W mg?-EW W 1 W E51 WWE-W Wit- F133 -fp-'-W5 W Ii., W W7iWW 'Q' W W EEN W f"" W W WV WW. W . T-,W ' 'W :W W W W -, X. ,.,,W, 5 -1 W Am W .Y ,1 I--W 'f f W W ,WW W W , .Til W W?iiQW W W W Wfzf. W W W Wi W W W F?'?5WW W EL? W . W Wiz, W"??f, W W : W WWiW1?E?W ,Z W. - W W 342W W W W WEN W ' IWXfF".qiW W W W 11WW Wx-vm: .fs W YL Wm ' 4 WW I' ,gf Wig WTTVSYW 'JGWL3 E pi WET 6, Eff: W- ,s elk Wife W F .EW W WE?:W W 51362 W5 lg.. i. W W? MLW? W WE-F32 W Pl N' Y 'Tii WWE' W W W?W W W-:EE -J We 4953 W, WW, Wi, W 1,54 L W Wi-5 Q-'W Fw? W ,CW W W W W W 333 Wi? W W fl WQFEW W Wi W W W?-lW W W lg-223W ' W ' WQQWMQW W W EW W2 Wi' W W 3 W Fri W 1 I W ' W Wzaii ,a can, W Wf -.-W-1-:-M Wwe- W--W ff, v,..:W,--, gf ,W - W.-v-WW,y11:,,-'WfrrWv- rv' fi W g - 'W ' ' W W--V V-V f-W1,,,WjWW , W 1., JWWQWJ, Jn, K WWMLI..-, Wai! WWW W W W x.,W fW.WW WW'W W W' WWW1:l'WWL.! W' Wm?---Q-3'W' -' 'W-FW "WE I QT IF :QWWWWUW ,W W'"'W'W'2.7'WW'T4Af'WTliffWf'777ffEKIfQWW ,WWW WWWNWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-.4WWWWW,WWW,WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWg WWWWEH si W gWWWf1 gfMjfjWWWW,W' WWW www .w , ww .wwww w wg wlw' ,wg uw wjwwx w.w w. .., ww, 1 ,dw .M W l wlw' w . . .w'.lw.l.H ,N . ll l well t" ll Uwwlll lil! wwf - w w w . . .. .w w- ww .wwl , ww lwll .',wyw, .w,w, ww 5, ,X 'ww , M,.,,,,M,,fw ,w As will be recalled, it was early in '19 that we were ushered into the long dissec- ting room and were introduced to the Michigan addict, Howard, and to Dr. Atwell and the eadavers-a lot of nice cold human meat to be introduced to! We soon learned not to be too careful of thc 'dissecting specimens, as per instructions and certain of the foundlings laid on that Medical door-step found how to throw livers and hearts so that they would bound from another foundling's head. Some of us had a splendid ride on a table one day, from which we were effectually precipitated by others of us and we found it fun, but embarrassing-not to say disastrous-to produce a floor-ful of carefully dissected anatomy. But, after all, it was only How- ard that interrupted that ride and told hlcCordock to get the broom, whereat the latter got a very red face. There were other incidents-those watery eyes after looking over the formalin-scented male for three hours, nearly every day. The escarotic effect has immunized us from nasal bacterial invasion, purely a scar-tissue preclusion. Remember Drs. Noehren, Richter, and Sullivan with their enlightening courses on various sections of anatomy. , Dr. Atwell handed us some Histology that nearly floored us and, later in the year.. some Neural anatomy. Remember the attempts at the latter? He mentioned columns that were lost strayed or stolen from the Greek literature. VVe will often wonder where some of those tracts run and whether they will ever find room for them in text-books. His courses were of great advantage, but not one of us admitted it until after passing them. One could never forget those D- Anatomy quizzes and especially that last spot oral by "Diny." He-well-looks and thoughts do not annihilate! If, in wait- ing for the first patient, one feels abstract and will ust reflect over the banjo and songs from 'IlN'Iicl1," life will take on a frosier rue. Right? And say 'AHello Art" to yourself and smile as you look back on polished bones and balsam-smeared sections. Then to come up the 2nd range of the Alleghanies and End A'Fran" Hartman blocking your path with a 'iLaboratory Manual on Physiology" in one hand and a Kymograph in the other. Nice articles to tote up a steep slope. Steep enough, for Dr. Koch had much to give us about Patent Medicines and Dr. H. U. VVilliams about Path. To go back to Psysiology. No sooner had the drum been smoked with vituperations than Mary Collette and Eisenberg threw a lot of frogs and turtles in our path like so many banana peels. No small wonder that a few fell by the way-side that year. YVe learned much about muscle and nerve-reactions and to pith a frog is an art, you can rest assured. Too bad Coue wasn't in full swing then-his philosophy would have been an undoubted aid. Lathrop introduced us to a lot of bugs-his course was a bug-bear, no mistake. But, thank heaven, he XV3S nice about it, as were all the instructors that year. They thoroughly realized that we needed a few knocks and they effectively delivered the goods. "Herbie" made us all artists, after a fashion. It is doubtful whether he appre- ciated our reproductions of T. B., Appendicitis, etc., as much as we thought he should. He taught us a great deal andpis a man who exacted and obtained strict attention. Some of us began to ask questions at this period, for when one thinks he knows something, he must ask questions and such as he generally can himself answer. It sounds nice but gets you no where. Dr. Williams was quite a questionnaire himself. One day he asked Zim in this One Hundred Tlzirty-three fashion: "YYhat type of epithelium lines the bladder, squamous or columnar?,' "Zim- merman," And Zim answered: "Squamous," venturesomely. VVith a twinkle in his eye, the Doctor corrected him thus: 'fNeither, cuboidalf' Alpern is the only one that cannot hear him right now. That 2nd ridge was difHcult to surpass, but their loomed up the steeper broader slope-the Junior year. Let's be thankful, however, we never had to go through that dread experience at Chieamauga and others equally as fearful. Dr. Ullman must well across the Rockies by now. ' He and all the rest did their best to present the voluminous topics of modern Medicine. VVe were in many instances as sleeping sponges. Fortunately we absorbed many facts for eternity. But those men were fighting against odds. They seemed to realize, though, how hard those 'seats were and that they became harder as the 7-hour day wore on. It was tough, wasn't it, to have a bunch of forceps or diameters thrust on a little heap of human neurasthenia, after you had been through, perhaps, an appendix, stomach lavage, and lumbar puncture all in one day? Remember the Shindig of that year? Schwing was the Bouncer, hfrs. Wfaite, the attraction, also the class quartet with "Boom" as Barytone. In this book, you will find that song the quartet used. Sing it over to the tune of 'The Bulldog on the Bank." . Obs. calls were mixed with necropsy icalls all during that year. Some of us went to some of them. At last, came the deluge of blue-books which were returned to the various instructors with plenty of information on any topic of which they inquired. The Alleghanies are nearly crossed, and after. hearing reports on the Junior year most of us were exuberant. The last year was one of Hospitals, with Medicine, Surgery and Specialties, all no more disordered than we ourselves. Many were our paths, often crossing, often leading us astray, and all seemingly twisted. But on the whole, a very pro- fitable year with Clinics by Drs. Russel, Lyons, Jones, Mc-Guire, Smith, Clinton and Eckel, standing out as Oases in a boundless desert. Of course furore arose as we made our decisions as to Interneships. Many made choice decisions and some were left out in the cold? But when that diploma entered our grip, all ill-feeling evaporated. , They were a happy four years with very little to be permanently regretful of, we owe much to every man who gave his time to instruct us. They shall profit from their own examples. "If dull, think ye on these thingsf, H. G. S. One Hundred Thirly-four .sg 1 Q, Q, A FEW UF ou R QQ., 9 -f . A l P sm- C was 25 YEA RS -Q . X. v l gf- AFTER GRADUATION - , 7 Q HE H45 Gkoafnf 50 LIBERAL To DAY 1 . ' ki' - Q , QQ A Wowf .xax I. f' 3' ' or 0 I A R Qxll Wy , 21 I. v .l"nl' L V W A m OPT ,v0kQ5m0M THEN057 POPULAR my WU NOT JFXFCIALIST ffl! dA!47f57,0l4ffV. REC-Ogfyfx5'g H0141 7'?f'4f f Yfg-E23 V AND STILL 0 - Z QS HE mefps. !v " Q , ff o ' 1 51119038 I U- '-.155 - ..- y ll 2-4 XRX S 5 W ' XXLLQ I - Q X ox V X X - Mex r ' YEAR HAVE NOT CHANGED HXM. ' HE gnu ffvaoys H15 Fnvamrf sffaxz T V Q.. 29- Q ,Q X JN M354 Q 5' ,flu rn! Z' Z: ' '- H . V f E 3 " 4 5 j' ' 4. ' . TXVXQ N Ag 'SY' -- f .li YQ, ' Rag DRDALEY Aa' . wi Q ' "' THE .YOUTH N .' W 1 lf' - X QE? , ,X ,DARK OSI-ER ' ! - U . ,. ,, cfafefefes GRE47 cMS5NfEUg'l1'Z ?H'7'E8LEZgiE HWS' wffefff HV HIS COMUIVITV- T f'N . X 3 X O l D . 42 A x 'Q ,. llIllHHHIHIIllllllIlllilllIlllllllllllllUllllllllUIIllllllllIllI!l - llllllllllllillllll! 2 . 1 L , ir 'Qs' JUNIUR NED! 1 1 1 .1 - 1 111 1x 1' -- .1 1 '11 1111. .Y 1 1 11.,.11,1111,, 1 1, 11 ,11, 111 1111. 1111111-1111111111111111111111111 1,,1111111111.11111111g111,1.,111111111111111111111 V 111.1 7111, 411 1 1.11.111. 11111117 11 111111 1111111111 ,111111,1'111111 '111f'i'i1 1 1 1 1 1 11, 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 111 11 1 11111111 11 1 1111 1111111111 1111111111 11111111111 1 11111 1, 1 11 -11,11111111111..1.11311111111 1, 11111 1. . 1: ,111. ,.1 1 , 1 111 11111111 11, 1 - Y 1 ' 1 1 '1 ' p 11 '11 1 fl Y ,111 1111' 11111 ".11 111111111111111111'f1'1'1 11111111311 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 JUNIOR BIEDICAI. CLASS lass fHcers 1 V President ...,...,.,.,.,... ...,.. R AYMOND YV. SENDKER 1 ii Vice-President ........ ,............... E VELYN I'IEATI-I Secretary ,...,...... ,,.........-,. 14 juwimn DENNEEN T11easurer ,,,.,. ....,... H AROLD CONSTANTINE ig Marshall A..........A.................... .....,....... X TERBY JONES Iris Representative ........... ....,.. J AMES E. DOLAN 1 fi Bison Representative .......... ......... D ANIEL FISCHER 1 if Bee Representative ......,., A........ V VM. C. BYRNES 11iffg1 1 1 3 One Hundred Thirty-seven -iWWWWiW'fUfiWWl -inn i77'3?'7 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 , 1 1 1 , - .1 1 1- 1111,,'1.1111.1.1 1,1711-111111111711711,L'QY11111 1 1 H L1 K 7 " ' . A M1 L 11 ATHIN, SAMUEL ANNUNZIATA, AUGUSTINE BARATTA, RAPHAEL M. BARRESI, CEVVSNIE BATES, BIARLO P. BENSON, LESLIE A. BERRY, GEORGE D. BOOIiE, SOLOMON BRAUN, ARPARD BUEEUM, EDVVARD S. BURNS, JOSEPH E. BYRNES, WILLIAM C. CARR, ROLAND B. COLTON, RALPH M. CONNELLY, LEO CONSTANTINE, HAROLD J. DANIELS, FRANCIS R. DENNEEN, EDWVARD V. DINATALE, PETER J. DOLAN, BERNARD J. DOLAN, JAMES E. FARROW, FRANKLIN C. FINGER, LOUIS FISHER, DANIEL C. GILDEA, NIARK A. HART, JAMES R. HAUSER, DAVID H. HEATI-I, EVELYN HOFFRIAN, JOHN L. JERGE, ISADORE LEXVIS JONES, VV. YARBY KAESELAU, ERNEST A. KOHL, JOI-IN YV. One Hzmclred Tlziriy-eiglzt N I ' W M ' 'l',Q,,,'.1I,3'A'i . W1 3' . O11 Call KOSCIANSRI, LEO C. KROMBEIN, VVALTER H. BIARMORSTON, JESSIE E. BTCGEAN, BTACE K. BCIIETUS, CONRAD' A. BIIKULSKI, FLORENCE G. MOWAT, KENNETH G. O,CONNOR, CHARLES M. PACIULLI, ORLO C. PETRINO, PETER A. PILLION, ETHEL D. POTTER, MILTON G. POXVELL, EDGAR F. POWELL, ROBERT REGAN, JAMES S. ROOSA, CHARLES T. RUTECRI, PAUL J. SANBORN, LEE R. SENDKER, RAYMOND W. SMITH, BEATRICE A. SMITH, VVILLIAM M. SI-IEARER, GEORGE M. STENVART, FVILLIAM C. STENSTROM, ANNETTE T. TAYLOR, XAIILLIAINI PIERCE TL'RNER, RICHARD J. VAS'FOLA, ROSE M. VAUGIJAN, STUART L. VVEIDLER, RUSSELL INT. VVEIGEL, EDGAR WV. VVELCH, HAROIJD J. VVENDE, REINXTARDT C. YVETZEN, DELMO L. 7 X X ,,:,lX 3XJ2' N x 4 'f'f!, fix , ', 'x IN , . W 4 yd S, I m a CllI1'0p1'8.CtO1' bold wif,-"1 NX Quack, quack, quack, ' ' 'X And its practice I uphold. f ' X Quack, quack, quack. X V Q' X ,X Graduate me and youlll see ff ll A fake doctor I shall bc, xfrf ,X I Making light of my M. D. A 4' ' For 4 I'm a Quack, l l Quack, 2 Quack. X A .1 . -. X xx lit ' T I I 1 Of course her name is Flossic. ' . ' A I Tis true shels not so bossy f Lx X , ' But her winning way, X '11 Has the profs at bay Q L ' V ' I Adi 1' ' tl do-1 V f n mer me is smoo 1 an D ossy. gi --X , " J N' I if , jc r X ,'s.iffgxf2f f ,f 57 x -5 Her papa sends her to school in a car 1" If' fffix X She wonders why some are late -gggl XX ' 1 ' Q She imagines that she is a morning star 2- j'2g7 fig Because sl1e's there at half past eight. -Qmff' X-fx' Q ffl f, ,. f ,V X f Q, '- ti'-fi' N. ff I Li' ,f Tx A 5 X ffx 1 f ' ff J! ' One Hundred Tlzifty-nine In ll wi 'ITIIII I. l I e ,iv ,ur , ,Mum , , ,X - , V-,.', ',,, , ,ag v 1 1' I 1lll1,u1'QJ'-DalLg A f ' I i 1 VV,,,, fjg. 'iii li 1 4 ,f fk ' - -' H.-1 Ml' ij f , V If cf- P' Z Q X ' -any p, , X , 4 i Vi 'tif Xe 0 , 1 G j .vl fi 1, 174 ff I1 X l ip 1 xx T X KX ul N J p T One Hundred Forty , ,,, , N, ,N K, N- W 1 , Mwwix l lx , . w , . . 4. U w N-- i i , . ,, ,X ,V H W M , i ,, ,V The sportiest dresser in class Under whose feet there grows no grass He's the cats fallen arches and flat feet. lVhen he strolls down Michigan street And we sometimes see him with a lass. He has an Irish name and Von Hinden- burg neck And he hails from Oil City too, by Heck. He's often porky and sometimes cracks wise But he has much to learn before he dies. A guy that sets in the upper King row A very fine fellow as all of us know VVhen he isn't "plugging" or "burning Rome" He takes Anna out, then sees Anna home. Que A 0 8 60 SUPH l'IEIllC , , ,V ,, h.,,,,,,,,,4, ls.. , ,,,, ".,. X, gm, ,gx ,,,,x,im, ,,,,,!,u ,w,. iw ii X X ,, ,W ,',,1 ,,,,,:g,,,-",f,,, ,,u,,, Q-A .- A uw, V, Vw ,, bw'iJLL,,, , D A-, -2, M Qi: -511' N W .I , -QA- PL-9-:E iff fl: if- Q 5333 , gf 1 iii .55-, 41 1 1 -. Mya if .1 :I 5? , A1173 1 L. : x 1-1 V22 S0111-IOMORE IVIEDICAI, CI.Ass Class fflcers President ............... ........ A NTHONY C. PARIS Vice-President ......... ...,........... 1V IARGARET LODER Secretary ............... ,,....A. J . ROLAND GETTINGS Treasurer ..,..... ...,.................. Y VM. M. HOWARD Zllarshall .A.....,..,,................A. ....,.. C ARL A. HETTEsHE1MER Iris Representative ......... ...........,. N ORBERT YV. KUCH Bison Representative ........ ,.,,.... B IILTON J. SCI-IULZ Bee Representative .,..... .,..,.,..,.... D AVID C. Foss One Hundred Forty-two f::5 , 155 1 f, r , I, ,M 41W 'V 1 , , ,, , 1 j 1 V Y A Q, ,, .,,, ,, ..,, i.1f""f,ji.ff ,xiii 1,1,w,W,NH.,',,-- Y X X A iw ,,N , f ,MMV W WM' 1-Mmm 1 , ' V X H 4:11 A Aw- u -Q4-..: V .pw mm- -w- -N it ,N r w ,.wN'. 11, W 1':i,,l ,- Nm Nw! W Pu ' H W ,I 1 M M, N BERN1-IAIID, JOHN J. BLOCK, BIARVIN A. BURKE, EUGENE M. BUSCAGIIIA, JOHN J. CARBONE, FRANCIS T. CHIMERA, ANTI-IONY J. CLARK, VVILLIAM T. CULVER, CLAIR H. DAVIS, JAMES L. DOMINICIQ, TXIARY L. FERRARI, FILIBERTO A. FISHER, GRANT T. FLECK. XXLBERT H. FOSS, DAVID C. GARVEY, ROLAND F. GETTINGS, JOSEPH R. GEOGIYIEGIKN, THOMAS 'W GREENDERG, SHERMAN GUSTINA, FRANCIS J. HAFT, FRANK P. HAIIIXIS, CHARLES HETTESI-IEIMER. CARI, A. HOXVARD, 'WILLIAM M. IXLAI-IN, MILTON E. KAUFMANN, CHARLES KENWELL, HENRY N. ,Oll all 'IM 1 Q' Vi' I' ' I. I W VL' . . , . I. U N. KESSEI,, BRINA H. KUOI-I, NORRERT YV. KULOXVSKI, JACOB LA1,I, LOUIS L. LEONE, VINCENT D. LITTLEEIELD, TNIARTIN J. LODER, MARGARET M. NEUBERT, JOHN L. PARIS, ANTHONY C. PHILLIPS, ALVAH H. PISA, JOSEPH J. RIVO, DAVID ROGERS, HOXK'AllD ROSNER, EDXVARD L. RU'FECliI, LUCIAN C. SCI-IERER, EDWARD L. SCI-IULZ, JNIILTON J. SPINUZZA, JOSEPH Y. STERR, ANNA M. STOLTZ, RAYMOND R. UNIiA'1'I-I, CLARA H. UPSON, ITALPI-I VVELCI-I, TJTI-IAN L. XVOODWORTH, EVERETT A ZITTEL, HAROI,D E. One Hundred Forty Hnee -l e s as E V: fs E525CQTT1:ll'if'f'7WT5f!1"ll'Tl5S'llflfifYQTTTTTYEE'lm' if he ,, , A, O A ,,,,,,n,m. f Y . - -4-3 T :..--T 71----' f v x..- V3 ,L In The Usual Way LAMENT OF THE MEDIC'S OF '25 3 PROLOGUE-September 25 One year past us, we,re still game , To have another do the same. N Vacation time has held its sway, And we've come back-in the usual way. l SEMESTER I-November 1 l They tell us we're an awful lot. l They tell us that we know much-not! Q To teach such dumbells doesn't pay. l It's natural-lt's the usual way. l SEINIESTER II-February 1 N We hear the P1'of's and Doctors shout, l You'll have to study or get out. 1 VVe get our razzing every day, ' Q And we take it-in the usual way. l SEMESTER III-April 2 l Encouragement is all We need Q If this is present, we'll show speed l y And all the Doctors then will say: "I knew it"-in the usual way. l EPILOGUE-June 10d . i Examinations done at last! l If the card informs us that we've passed VVill we be happy P-Well I'1l say, ' , And we'll celebrate-in the usual way. 1 i J. L. NEUBERT. E., : l me P52 r. EPC! 'Wil ggi if-X -4:15 T l I y-itil lil ' fm- ! l1. si H459 ' 1 l : i l T ' E l 1 R 4-1-ll ' iii l I ,tg l Tl l 15:51 l 3: fxsixi l E25 ' ui fl ' 1 gi.: W xwf. i,, .lf 2: 1 251. ,T W- fix, , Li. y ii 1E . .. ' One Hundred Forty-four Lm. T.--1i,..f.-fi TM, , ,.,, A, ,,,l A ,.m..Y..L.,,1-...Q,4A '1l+ , ,A,-, , .-...? fgg in s E ll!,lllliliill.-ismumlM.1l.1sEuu1.Qu.isf.:mMil,'Wig ' 5 - -. L W wil1ixll.uu11.44Lu:.iwiil1s.l-mg.h Hll1aifalvggiufimuunffamgf. .L 5: sg X J A3 1 QQ 7. ik figy ,f 4 l -1, 1:al7a 'y By" I fiegfj-3 J Z Vis' Z W W Z 'T' . 3 6 Z f .4 4' " 25, 'agua so X5 111: ' Jr' ,gf 6? -4 I fimf .1 4:55 7 mo n Mlimcs FRESI-IMAN IYIEDICAL CLASS lass fficers President ,,,.......,,.... .... . ,MAX CH12Pr.ov1Tz Vi've-President ...A..... ....... E ARL FREDERICKS Secretary ........A,..... .......,......, E VELYN ALPERN Tveasurer ...................... ......... W VxLJ.1AM SCI-11N'rz1Us Iris Rep1'esentati've.g ..... .,..............,.. H . G. BROWN Bison Representative ........ ........... L EROY DAVIS Bee Representatizfe .,...' . . ,.,. .......,. H. T. BERXVAI,D Marshall ........................... ........ T HEO. IXAZMIERCZAK One Hundred Forty-six O11 ALBERTI, ANTHONY A. ALPERN, EVELYN E. ALVERSON, DONALD R. AJFKINS, JOHN J. BACIIIMAN, JOHN P. BARATTA, FRANK C. BEIiXS'ALD, HERBEli'F T. IBOROSZEXVSKI, JOHN P. BROARDT, EDITH C. JBROYVN, HENIKY G. CASTIGLIONE, SAMUEL J. CAVANAGH, HAROI.D E. CIIIEPLOVITZ, RIAX CI-IERNOFF, HAIIRY A. COLLINS, JOHN J. CONSTANTINE, XVALTER E. CREAGH, EDWARD G. CUMMINGS, GLENN C. DAVIS, LEROY J. DENNEE, HOXVARD A. DOUGLASS, MATTHEW M. EBERSOLE, 'EGERTON O. ELSAESSE11, ARTHUR G. FLOOD, LEO T. FREDERICKS, EARL VV. FREESE, YVALTER C. FRIEDLAND, MARTIN GIBBONS, EDWVARD H. GULDFARB, SAMUEL GULLO, CHARLES HANDEL, VVILLIAM H. HARRISON, VVILLIAM R. HULBERT, HAROLD F. JOSEPHSON, EMIL KAZMIERCZAK, THEODORE F. KEYES, ROSWELL PARK KORN, JOHN J. El KWIATROWSRI, GEORGE LACAYO, RENATO LEVINE, NATHAN MCCARTHY, JOSEPH L. MCDONAIIIJ, CRUMSVELL H MARQUIS, GEORGE F. MOORE, EVERETT C. ELIORRIS, ALLEN S. MULDOON, AIRTI-IUR P. NADOLNY, CHESTER J. NOWAII, JOI-IN E. NOWVAIKOWWYSIKI, LEON I. OIBRIEN, JOSEPH P. PEACOCIQ, HIXIKLEIGIII S. PODELL, ALEXANDER PRENDERGAST, JOI-IN J. RAFLE. PHILIP J. RAPID, MILTON V. ROSE, JOHN A. ROSE, VVERNER J. SANFORD, JAMES J. SAUNDERS, RICHARD L. SCHINTZIUS, VVILLIAM C. SCHNATZ, FREDERICK T. SCINTA, SILAS F. SERIO, THOMAS X SILVERRERG, SIGMUND B. SMITH, ERNEST P. STERNBERG, EMIL STEPLNBERG, FRANKLYN J SULLIVAN, EUGENE M. SZAFRANSKI, CASIMIR J. 'TI-IUM, LEO A. TOOLAN, THOIYIAS B. ULRICH, ALFRED L. C. YELLEN, IRVING One Hzmdred Forty Semen I 1 I . .Il '. I 5 1 I- ,. - 1- I II . Lf., . .... .ILL -, I I , -' f, I i' .- : V -,L I H1 A, Freshman Medical History On September the 26th there entered into the mystic portals of the College of Medicine, seventy-eight would be students and verily two were of the fair sex. All of them were filled with the old ambition to conquer anything that might dare to cross their paths. 'They thought that most likely the first day would find them in the operating room of the Buffalo General Hospital but that evening at five o'clock seventy-eight disgusted would be students filed out. It seems they were sadly dis- appointed for instead of performing operations they were initiated into the Royal Crder of Barkers. Now, while many of them had already removed the down from their own cheeks fby putting milk on and having the cat lick it Aoffj, there were hardly any who had ever applied a razor to any face but their own and then to be made a barber instead of a surgeon. VVell it's easy to imagine the shock we all had. After the first week or so we began to get used to the odors of the butcher's shop. Oh yes, I quite forgot to tell you we had been advanced and were now delving into the mysteries of dressing meats. This we had to do without wasting too much but were supposed to save everything so that at the proper time we might be able to be asked questions of which we had no idea of answers. But as has been said before, after the first week this struggle for advancement soon languished and we submitted quietly to await the outcome of our destiny. VVe had also been taught about pigs and chicks and kidneys and livers and a whole flock of stuff and then at the end of six weeks were led into the mysteries of a final examination. W'hen the results were published, sad to relate nine had been lost in the maze, but after wandering in a daze seven returned but two were lost and we fear there is no hope of their recovery. Will wonders never cease. Now we are in a land of bottles, smells and noises of explosions. Yes we are again being introduced to the best way to make home brew, etc. Verily medicine is a wonderful course,-but this last course of which I have written is Chemistry. Many are called, yea every one of us but few it seems are able to master the artof mixing chlorides and carbonates yet all are adept, even the girls, at making alcohol. Even so we wandered aimlessly on until Christmas or I should say until just before Christmas and horrors of horrors, again we hit a final examination but this was in anatomy or rather I should say, the butchering department. Then came home sweet home and after a good ten day of sleep, eats, wine, woman and song again we returned full of spirits to start on the last lap of our first year of medicine. up to the present time, the Freshman class has still continued intact and in closing we give the final will of the class that mayit continue so throughout the next three to come. Q. P. 0719 Hundred Forty-eight . ,,,i. X. .. mr 1 .uililirg ,Q Class Officers Preszdent .....,....,,.,,.,.,,........................,,,..,,..,.....,....,,......... B ORMAL O NEIL Vice-Presiclent ..... ...,..., K ATIYILRIAE AIUR1 HY Secretary A......... .,,......... IV IAXWPLL LOCKIE Treasurer .......,..,,....,..,, ,......,..,........ I i C BABCOCK Maw-shal ...,...........,.,.,..,.....,...... ...,..,... R ONAID GAI LAGIIER Iris Representative .............. ,.,.,,...,..,...... J OHN BECKLEY Bison Representative ............ .,......,,..,....... ll In VVITIILRILL Bee Representative .............. ........,.................... E LMLR VINCENT Hist07'ifL7z t,.,,..........t.................... ......... A RMIN T VV1TTaoWsKY Prophet ,,,., ..........,. lN IIECZYSLAW' ZAYVADSKI Poet .,.,,.,,,, .......................... R ov VWOFLLPEI One Hundred Fifty Class Poem O' noble class of twenty-three You have at last attained The goal, that by hard plugging Can You slow, but sure be gained. doubled up on theory You helped upon the grid You sure deserve full credit For doing what you did. And at times you seemed to mope Your path was sort of rot-ky But that was when the rhizone slipped Beneath your microscope. The chemistry was none too soft But you grasped it with some pride How sweet to differentiate 'Twixt a gum and glucoside. The dosage too, in pharmacog, Could hardly be called pie And fifteen mils is much too much Of C1-oton Tiglii. But now your toils are over And from worries you are free Come---step up, fellers, And receive your Ph. G. fr., V V o , QMAQI NX - -. OAKLAMU - . EGQRY S SVN E cg CHN, J i QM Q at FY? X .1 1, ' !'I'?I1 4 x U Eg!! ,il flufif fd 1 ' ' 1- -I l"I H., M 5 f W' fi1Q'ff!g'hgqf3.,.. 'X r- .1 ugh- A.,- . X rx " my X l N 'E DR TK ' ,f7LL f X ff . . Q K , , .-,::51:,' ff ' ' . gli ,L-mrs iiiiix Q - , s P H lc ' HU X X6 XX X y 4 : n. fr, v E X! X , ' Q , "1 ,nfl x. 'f A xx K MN 'fi almlr if N ' ' 'I ' WIFWSE' I s xx 'PL UR: ' ,, 'U ' Q P f X , 0 ' i L W f ' ' f QX X H in . X P- X A f Lzzxli f f ' f N I A If f - ' Q xA K '- .. , -- - Q xx YX J 5 'afffff ipff 5 WN ' 23:52 X Q X , N R VFPLEMQN -z Z ' -, A , .XX J'gia'2,ri4.E 5 X 156 X Y-' - JQY x -Flora .,' 1 .- - -0 ., W ff I' Vi I .-If ,fn x w I l 'INN ,R f Jfwf 1 l. fm V f, vvwxvr wr, D" VS! I rl f - ,X I-K , , . YPA'-1:01.17-1'Q JH' N L Y 1 ' I A V 1 f I X Q 1. ,T ,c XX , gff4.7 3 X, . ,- XX, " 1 X -r wo " 5:1-nf 'X 1 A 4- L FNDICKY ' MDRQAN kr If YN 'Tov 1 X12-' 1"'.1lil'fl'1" l llllll ll M ' ,Mid yy Senior Pharmacy Class Hist01'y, 1923 The history of the illustrious class of '23 had its humble beginning in the color- ful and delightful month of October, nineteen hundred and twenty-two A. D. From far and near, they came, leaving the plow, the pen, and their varying tasks, to answer to their names on the roll-call of their chosen profession, Pharmacy. VVe were a sorry looking sight as we presented ourselves to the critical "once- over" of the haughty Seniors, and were made the butt of many unkind remarks and woe be unto the "freshman" who allowed the least of resentment to appear. In the course of time we became acquainted, in some degree, at least, with our fellow-bootleggers and we were thus afforded an opportunity of confiding our wrongs and woes into the sympathetic ear of one who could appreciate our tale of woe, and incidentally, one who, in all probability, is impatiently waiting for us to finish our discourse so that he may impart his grievances to our none to responsive ear. ' No more than had we acclimated ourselves to our new environment and regained some of our self-confidence, when again our superiors dragged our good name and prestige in the dirt, for imagine our embarrassment and shame when a band of Seniors armed with barrel-staves and other implements of war, descended upon us and subjected us to public ridicule by applying paint in huge quantities and of many colors to our faces and otherwise holding us up to the ridicule of the common layman. In this humiliating manner were we forced to parade upon the public thorough- fares and respond to any whim which might enter the minds of the Seniors. Yea, verily, 'twas a pitiful sight. After much worry and suspense, our Midsession Exams were safely put behind us, thru some miracle and also thru some very clever manipulations on the part of --. As I was saying, when we had recuperated sufhciently, following exams., we looked forward to the time when vacation time would come around and we could again take our trusty soda fountain under our own personal supervision and 'fjerk sodas" to our he'art's content without that uncomfortable feeling which unprepared lessons and assignments gives to a person. Quickly came October. Soon after' the school year had opened, we now, as Seniors, took advantage of the pleasure of initiating the Frosh, which opportunity we had waited for patiently thruout the year. IVe took out on the Frosh what the Seniors took out on us the year before, with interest added. If I may be permited to disclose this secret, I will say that I believe we did it up brown. For the second time we were face to face with Midsession Exams. XVe sur- mounted this obstacle with flying colors, much to the astonishment of our professors. On the horizon, bekoning to us, appears graduation day. Every succeeding day it becomes more and more a reality and we realize with a pang at the heart, that soon we will bid farewell to the stately halls of U. B. and upon our day of all days-Graduation Day, we must bid farewell to our classmates, and as we have come to a parting of the ways, each of us must travel our own road surmounting whatever obstacles we may encounter and eventually we will all find and remain at the one Main Crossroad, "Success" ARDIIN T. XNIITTOXVSKY, Class Hisforiazz. One Hmzdred Fifty-two fp. wr' fix' I ,, ' "ff H ,W , ,,i ri - gg- 1 N v,gi"l.,,,' g . ' Class Prophecy On the 12th day of June, 1929, I resolved, that work was interfering with my pleasures, so I quit work, and started out on what was to be a pleasure trip. Hav- ing made all preliminary arrangements, I promenaded down Broadway, coming to a stop on the corner of Fillmore Avenue, to await the street car, glancing around my eyes sought the sight of a huge electric sign, reading, "Rubach, Barone Sz Co." the names being familiar I stepped in, and there in clean white coats were the honorable Steve and George, each taking exceptional care of their respective de- partments. After a conversation I got out ust in time to catch the street car. Suddenly a crash startled me and leaving the car I noticed that it was the result of a collision between a grand Rolls-Royce, belonging to Miss Marian Glinski and the street car. Soon the tracks were cleared and I resumed my journey. While at the station, I met our old friend lNfIr. Parker Herzherger and his beautiful wife, who were also making a trip, but somewhat different from mine, as their's was a honeymoon. At the same station, Mr. Asa Rod Sisson, a New York state repre- sentative of Sears Roebuck, was trying hard to furnish lNfIr. I-Ierzberger's new home, but was told to call after their return. Having planned an extensive trip, with stops in Chicago, St. Louis and Frisco, I boarded a train going west. The first short stop was made in Cleveland, here a few more passengers entered, among them were the old but still reliable Dr. Godfrey and the midget Ellery DePotty, the famous shortstop, of the Gas House Terrors. baseball club. They were bound for Chicago, so I had company that far. In Chicago a great convention of Professional men and women from all of the United States was scheduled. I made up my mind to attend it and see if I would meet any of my old class mates. The day being very warm I looked for a place where I could quench my thirst. I readily found a respectable cafe, which I entered and to my surprise the proprietor of the place was James J. Syracuse, while his manager was no one else but Angelo I.a Duca. From the conversation that followed it was evident that they 'also were going to the convention. That evening I met the following at the convention, Miss Victoria Hurish a teacher from Auburn high school, Clifton Man- ning a pharmacist, Stephine Metzler a nurse, Maxwell Lockie a wholesale drug- gist and .Iohn Scibetta a restaurant owner. I surely had a fine time and was sorry to leave for St. Louis. The Hrst thing I did at St. Louis was to consult a direc- tory, here the following names were listed, Rich Allen president of the St. Louis Pharmacy, Jacob Brezen and Maurice Denver, owners of the Park Hotel, and Joe Ossinski a fight promoter. I paid all of them a visit and in turn was invited to attend a theatre party, Joe Ossinski having made reservations. WVe came a little late, but just in time to hear a famous quartette sing. It was composed of Samuel Rivo, Charles Rivo, Abraham Gallen, and Edwin Neuman. After the theatre we drove in .Ioe's car, but with orders, "not to smoke" in the car. From this I notice he has learned a lesson back in 1922 when he was the cause of the burning of Steve Rubach's car. A few of the boys saw me off at the station for Frisco. In Frisco, I was really glad to shake hands with the leading motion picture producer of U. S., Mr. Clyde Durston. among his celebrities, I noticed were some of our schoolmates, the leading Lady Miss Kathryn fMurphy, who has by now discarded her wrist watch with the red 12 on it and wore one with all black numerals, so I wasnit positive whether she still gets home before 12 at night or not, but I totally lost nerve to inquire. Her leading man was Howard Ochotzki who put the dim One Hundred Fifty-H1 ree ri y 9455, J , . .. , g fi ry ' fi . 1' rr . r pf I. f I . , I ., lights upon the old timers like Valentino and Reid. Other actors of note were Edward Donovan, and James J. VVhitehead. The Camera man Mr. VVard YVinship and Stadio director Roy lvoeifel showed me the other features of producing films, we cannot wonder that the Durston productions are a success. The Drug stores were taken care of Frisco, by skilled men, a big store on the corner of Bennett and lVells street is operated by Anthony Mancuss, Anthony Georgeski and Salvator Bauda, while other smaller stores were owned by Max WVitheril, Francis Rozek, and Leo I-Ioldin. My next step was to make reservations for a trip to Alaska, while registering some of the names in the book looked familiar especially those of Mr. and Mrs. Rothschilds, and Miss lVilma Miller. Two days later I boarded the boat and there met Miss Miller, who as a lover of outdoor sports was going to Alaska, for such sports as seal hunting. VVe landed at Nome, Alaska and while waiting for my train, to Dawson city I met some prospectors, who were aspiring to be gold mine owners. 'Mi-. Anthony Drews, Chester Pantera, and Abraham Rudner were the chief leaders in this party. Not being too well equipped for the northern journey I ,hunted up a general store and this one was conducted by Ronald Gallagher, a strapping fellow, who took everything in life with a smile. It was here that I was told about the Government Police. Mr. Gallagher boasted that it was the best Police force on earth, and I never doubted his word for the following men had charge of the outfit, commander in chief was Colonel Thurlow C. Smith, his staff consisted of Captain Ray Orr, and Lieutenants Frank Rainone and Theodore Alfieri, their' chief judge was Anthony Barone. From here I expected to go back to U. S. by train, but the areo route was well established between Nome and Calgary, char- tered a aeroplane, with an expectation of a wonderful trip. which turned out to be not too wonderful, for the rough and ready pilot was Mr. Ford Sheaf. and doing funny stunts in the air doesn't mean anything to him. At Calgary I met a prosperous wheat grower awaiting a train load of harvesters to do his work. This farmer turned out to be Arthur Holzman. My next stop was in YVinnipeg, and it was sur- prising to see many of my old Friends in a foreign country, for Mr. Stanley Shel- madine was principal of a high, and his teaching staff was composed of New York State women, namely Misses Cosgrove, Carrel and Emerick. From Vlfinnipeg I went to Toronto, where an International debate was in progress which composed of John Beckley, James Cerisi, and Franlf Brown took the first prize. Here I also discovered that the Na-Dru-Chemical Co. was owned by graduates of University of Buffalo, Mr. Ralph Sharpe, Elmer Smith, Armin lVittkowsky and Elmer Vin- cent, they were making their greatest success with Gino pills. From Toronto I went to Hamilton by boat, and visited my friend 'Wallace Guminski. now a pro- prietor of a first class drug store. This was my last Canadian stop for the next one was in Boston. I went to the opera in the Hub City and to my surprise, the Lead- ing man happened to be Peter Wisniewski and the leading woman Mary Sbarbati. I made a hurried trip to New York and visited Howard Babcock, a District Attor- ney, Russell Deane a theatre owner, Fee Forest Baton, Norman limblidge and Peter Fiorella all connected with the shipping board. Mr. Charles P. Morris and Mr. LaForge are on the dry squad. The Brokers in lVall Street were Hyman' Man- dell, Robert Simpson and Charles Stewart. In Hoboken James Norman O'Neil was Bank President, Donald J. Tewksberry a wholesale druggist, and Jolm R. New- man, Chief of Police. On my last lap to Buffalo, I made a short stop in Syracuse, there I visited Georg Sz Miller Co., a big taxicab concern, Thomas Gugino, a poli- One Hzmdred Fifty-four tical leader, and Emery Smith, the editor of the Syracuse journal. In Buffalo I noticed many changes. drug stores sprang up over night since I left, the new pro- prietors were Casimir Robaszkiewicz, Miss Concetta Zarcone, and Mr. Kenneth Stocking, whose children now attend Lafayette High School. I do miss the days of 1922-,23. M. ZAXVADZKI. Senior Pharmacy Alphabet A is for Allen, a young man so Hne, B is for Brown, who can plunge the line, C is for Cosgrove, who'll rise to the sun, D is for Donovan, who can shoulder a gung E is for limblidge, who never gets "A", F is an initial for whom I cannot say, G is for Glinslii, who holds her head in the air, H is for Hurish, a blonde maiden and quite fair, I is for ignorance with which we are blest, J is for joys which we all possessg K is for Koldin, a youth great and strong, L is for La Forge, a man full of song, M is for Manning, a great man is he, N is for Nuernan, whom you are bound to seeg O is for Orr, calm as of yore, P is for Panteira, back here once moreg Q is a letter we do not use, R is for Redden, who collects I. O. Uisg S is for Stocking, always seen with girls around, T is for 'I'ewksbusy, stands five feet and more from the ground, U is united we all ought to be, V is for Vincent, slender as a treeg VV is for Wlhitehead, who stands high in our sight, X and Y are absent from our alphabet, Z is for Zarcone, who is a beauty you bet. One Hundred Fifty-five FRQSH PHARMMCS - -, X !Y4Y?,Ww Y YW. ,i...,..,-,.,-,., ,f NYW Y Y 77 Y Y Y W Y , 1 , , 1 1 4 w W' W Vu wliywuui.ffm yi W li If ,, , ,,., g fi. V11 'bl lwuw Wm,-1115! .WH IN W , U WMM' lwINWllM1k u WMUfM1,"wewWJUe1M" HWY A fl e' 4 iff in '1L5mMe e Wlwjillif , 1.-,A ,,.u - Q- . ,V e e .- w N -we 1 'ww 'wsfygm FRESI-IMAN PHARMACY CLASS Class fficers Presiclent ........,.,...,.. Vice-Presiclent .,...,.. SC'C7'Gf!Z-7'Zf.: ........... Treasurer ....... Nlarslzall ..,......................, Iris Rep1'ese1ztat'ive5... Bison Representative ........ Bee Represen tatifve ...A. A. ,ALBISTON .ALENE SWAN G. NIANNING XVARD ....,.,.,......EARL HEIB VANINI ,......VV1L.LIAM VVIQGMAN ..A.......JU1,1Us STAMM ........JOHN PIARSCI-I Cheer Leader .,,.,.,,,.,,,.... ......,. H . H. ELLIS W 5 Y Y A A One Hundred Fifty-geten dm 41 M w X rx "'xrv'1'-"Nw M' " ' Y- wx ,X f"M1f'f me WJM, ,N L, M-, U 'i My Nw '!'--. mg.-tl ,, NM- , - - ,- ,, 'N , WM ,,--, e ,M ,W M IJAIMM M. l wHNMLug1mQfQmeMl,Uim,eWg 1- U ,X'1,N13U,ZQ MH QWWWW' +1 1lWfIH f Fres BOLESLAUS F. ADABICZYK JOHN H. ALBERT JOI-IN A. .ALBISTON JOHN H. ANGROVE 'VVILFRED J. BEDNVORTH JOSEPH BENDERSON EDWARD A. BLINZLER JOSEPH J. BOEI-ILER DAMIAN BOJARSKA JULIA BOJARSKA OCTAVE M. BOND SYDNEY M. BRUCKHE BERNARD F. BURKE BTILFORD P. CASLER JOSEPH CI-IIARELLE DAVID CHODOROYV 'THOMAS L. CII.E JOI-IN P. CLEARY CLAIRE CLEVELAND LCUIE F. COOK JAMES M. COOKE FREDERIC YV. COON EARL J. CRAIG THOMAS L. CUNNINGHAINI ROBERT H. CUSHING CHARLES M. DARE, JR. LEE H. DANIELS SAUEL DAVIDOX' ROBERT J. DAVTSON DONALD P. DILLAXVAY JOSEPH DIPASQUALE JOSEPH J. DIPASQUALE FRANK F. DELCO LILLIAN V. DOMINSKI PHILIP DOREMAN HERBEIl'F G. ELLIS HERBEIl'F H. ELLIS VVILLIAINI E. EVANS LUCIAN A. FIERELLA HEIVRY APEOLGROON FRANK GENCO 4 IMER LEWIS R. GOLDNER VVILLIAM J. GORENELO RIIVICHAEL A. GRANDO CHARLES GUGINO One H'm1clred Fifty-eiglzf hman harinac HENIIY D. HAREORD JOHN G. HARSCH THOMAS M. HENNESSEY HAROLD S. HICKS J EARI. VV. HIEB ROBERT G. HITCHCOCK BTABELLO S. HUBBARD SAUL HURYVITZ THOMAS INEANTINO HERINTAN S. JIMERSON TNIANSFORD B. JORDAN ALFRED H. KEIZER JAMES KNOPP TVIAX KREINIK SAMUEL J. LANO JOSEPH C. LEONE JEMANUEL LEXVENSON SAMUEL C. LICATA WILI,IAM B. LEDICO FRANK J. LOIACANO FRANK C. LUONGO- I'IAROLD E. RTAHLE VVALTER J. RIARYNOXVSKI DANIEL H. MAUNZ MARY RTAZUCA ROYAL L. MCLUTH RAYMOND M. BIELLENGER LAXVRENCE G. RIETCALF EDMUND A. RIICHALSKI EIJNA C. -ATIDDLETON STELLA M. BTINEO TXTICHAEL RTIODUCKI EDXVARD B. MOGENHAN IGNATIUS RTONTELEONE VVALTER MORGAN VVILLIAM E. MORRISON LTAURICE TPIURCHISON GEORGE VV. NALBACH DAVID NUSBAUM RICHARD J. O,BRIEN EXVING H. ORG.-XN PHILIP ORLANDO HENRY PANASCI ANTHONY A. PANTERA VINCENT PARLATO I MORRIS PLESKOXV YVINNIERED J. POTTER PETER PULVINO REBECCA REISON BENJANIIN RESMAN ANGELINE B. ROGERS GEORGE C. ROSINSKI VALIER J. ROY LOON S. RUTKOXVSKI THOMAS SANGOORGO JOSEPH F. SCATCI-I ALICO SCHNEIDER HOWAIID I. SCHULTZ LOUIS SI-IUMAKER VERNON L. SMITH JULIUS STAMM FRANCIS T. STEED FRANCIS X. STURNER ABRAIIAM SUGARMAN J. ALENE SNVAN CHESTER T. SXVEET DAVID XV. SXVINTON MARIO TAVANE STANLEY E. TEFFT TBDGAR M. TILLMAN PAUL J. TOMAKA EARL UMANSKY NINA M. VACANTI XfVII,I,IA1N1 E. VAGGE SAM J. VANINI CLINTON E. VANSLYKE BENEDICT YV. VARCO NORMAN H. VEDDOR ALMON H. VOLK GEORGE VV. VOORHES G. MANNING YVARD xVILI,IAM H. YVOGMAN E. C. YVHITING MORRIS YVICHMAN BIORRIS YVIGODNER EXLFRED E. VVILLSEY SAMUEL B. YELLIN JOSEPH ZAX Pharrnix of '24 Last October the U of B was invaded by the largest Pharmacy Class it has ever known. Many of the students were ready for class work the first of October. hluch to our sorrow we had a recess of two days. In one way it was very helpful to the student desiring work. It gave him an opportunity to seek a position. The first part of our course was spent in the well known jail of the U. of B. at QLL High Street or the College of Medicine. The first roll call was taken on October ll. The class was assembled in the Alumni Hall. Many of the students were very much surprised as they expected to enter a familiar study hall which they were accustomed to attend in dear old high school. There was a great deal of chattering and rumbling of voices going on when a. lull came. There stood at the foot of the class the Hon. Dr. Gregory. After an address of welcome by Dr. Gregory we were presented with a lot of books and material necessary to proceed to Seniorism. After a long talk by the Dean we were given a class schedule and rules of the College of Pharmacy. It was but a few days before the van guard of Senior Pharnie were at hand to instruct the humble frosh how to respect and take care of the Senior. Life was given to the Class after a short talk by a Senior, Geo. Barone. After a few words of advice from him the Frosh started to show signs of life and it hasn't decreased one bit. Temporary election of officers were held at the Hrst meeting of the class con- ducted by Dr. Lemon. Then a message came from the Dean that we came to work and to play. The following day classes were in full swing. VVe had all class work except lab. It was quite amusing to the upper classmen to see the unwise frosh proceed- ing from class to class. A week after classes were started we had permanent election of officers. A Then back to work until the grand news came we were going to move to the new Pharmacy School at Foster Hall. I may say that the class of 1921 is the first and largest class to enter the new school. After entering the new school we were again greeted by the Seniors on class day for initiation. It was agreed by the whole class to give themselves up and be treated as the Senior saw fit. After that day the entire class was through with fooling and have gained the reputation as being ardent workers. - Our class has been well represented in the following organizations of the school. Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Football, Basketball, Track, etc. The class of 19241 is aiming to have the largest graduating class of any of the colleges of the University of Buffalo. VV. H. VVEGMAN. One Hundred Fiffy-nine SENMQLRZ LAW STATE OF NEVV YORK Supreme Glnurt APPELLATE DIVISION--FOURTH DEPT. I-IOYVARD H. HOLMBERG, Defmdavvzt-.fl ppellant, AGAINST C. A. LINDGREN, Plaintiff-I?e5p0ndmz19. Extracts from Record on Appeal ETHELYN DUDLEY QG. H. CARRIE, of counselj Attorney for Defendant-Appellant 1 PETRINO BLVD., BUFFALO, N. Y. CAVAGNARO 8: MCENENY Attorneys for PI11i1ztif-Respondent 12T1-I FLOOR E1,.L1co'1'T SQUARE BUFFALO, N. Y. HOWARD H. HOLMBERG, Defendant-Appellanf, AGAINST f A. LINDGREN, Plaintijf-Respondent. TRIED at the January Term of the Supreme Court, Erie County, 1943. One Hundred' Sixty-one Case and Exceptions I FOR PLA1N'rxFF-INI1: hlcllneny. 1 FOR DEFENDANTTIIIISS Dudley. '1 PRESENT-Hon. D. S. Dudley, .I. S. Ct. The jury waslcomposed of the following, viz: ' Messrs. Beebe, R. YV. Chamberlain, Tauriello, IVhite, Zimmer, Neifach, Robinson, '- Fitzgerald, Gates, Lanning, Kraus, Leff. ,W Mr. Halpern sworn. i To Q. A. Q. A. Mr To Q. A. Q. A. INI r. BI r. Proving P10 lNIr. IXIcEneny. VVhat is your business? Attorney, Author and Editor. ,Q Of what are you editor? 1 My wife, Bella, and I publish Halpern's Law Review. it VVhat is your business, Mr. Yorke? I am golf instructor at the Transit Valley Golf Club. Anything else? , Oh, I run the Buffalo Evening News as a sideline. Bender called. Mr. McEneny: If the court please, we will excuse Mr. Bender as he is asleep, and I don't like to disturb him. I Isenberg sworn. QM1'. lVIcEneny. You are an attorney? Yessir, senior partner qf the firm of Isenberg, Sapowich 8: Roizen. VVhat was that last name? Roizen, "Pat" Roizen, everybody knows him. Does your firm think that the plaintiff should recover? Decidedly so, the riparian owner always has dower when the damages are un- liquidated. E INIr. lNIontford sworn. map? CWD Mr. MeEneny. Do you know the plaintiff in this action? I know neither QNITHERD the plaintiff nor the defendant in this action. Are you sure? Well, I may be mistaken, but I am quite positive that I do not know the plain- tiff, Mr. Lindgren, but on second thought it seems that I remember the defend- ant, Mr. Holmberg. Yes, he is ........................ By the Court: You may not go into that now, Mr. Montford. Mrs. Dorothy Holmberg sworn. H o JD BPD? 9 S Mr. McEneny. Are you the wife of the defendant? Yes. What'was your maiden name? Dorothy Anthony. VVhere did the defendant say he was going on the night in question? Objected to as privileged. Sustained. Hundred S1'xty-two ' "w,n,v,,-,111 f www I . Yorke sworn. - Mr. McEneny. ,- Mr. Lindgren sworn. To Mr. McEneny. Q. YVhere did this accident occur? A. In front of Shea's Theatre. Q. How fast were you going? A. Very slow, I was ust shifting into lligll. Q. YVhat make of car was it you were driving? Objected to as irrelevant. Overruled. A. A Mercer that night. IXIiss Sullivan sworn. To Mr. McEneny. . Are you willing to testify in this case? Q0 A. I donit see the use. the court has no jurisdiction. Q. W7hat makes you think that? A. I went to Albany and found out. Q. Oh, you are quite a traveller. then? A. Yes. Q. Wfhere else have you been? DIP . Fort Erie. . YVhat did you learn there? Objected to as incriminating. Sustained. . Are you married? . No, but I'm thinking seriously of it. Mr. Bleyle sworn. To M r. McEneny. PD Q. Yvhat is your occupation? A. I am a barber, proprietor of the Spic S: Span Tonsorial Parlors in Kenmore, New York. Q. Wliy do you wear that sweater? Are you cold? A. No, I am athletic. lVIiss Stankiewicz sworn To Mr. McEneny. The Court: Are you winking at lNIe? Obj ected to. Overruled. A. No, I'm sleepy. Excused. Mr. Gilroy sworn. To Mr. McEneny. Q. What is your occupation? A. Well, to use that homely phrase, I am a weaver of cloth, and a maker of apparel. Q. What do you make? A. Fancy waistcoats. Mr. Klocke sworn. To Mr. MeEneny. Q. Wliat is your' business? A. My partner, Mr. Kaeselau, and I are teachers. One Hzmrlred Sixty-tlzree YVhat do you teach? 40 A. My partner is a dancing teacher. Q. And you? A. I teach the course in Negotiable Instruments in the Law Department, University of BuHalo. Q. And is that all you do? A. No, we practice law inour spare time. Q. VVho is the Dean of that law school now? A. Mr. A. Newman. Q. Does your iirm consist of just you and Mr. Kaeselau? A. No, Mr. Norton is a member and chief of our publicity department. The Plaintiff rested. Mr. Burger sworn. To Miss Dudley. Q. VVhat is your business. A. I am general counsel for the International Railway Company, Marine Trust Company, Frontier Heat, Power and Light Company. The Court: Speak louder, please, so you can be heard. lNIr. Alessi sworn. To Miss Dudley. Q. VVhat is your occupation? A. I am a manufacturer of trained dice for exhibition purposes. Q. Do you know Daniel P. Scannell? X A. Say, Kid, seems as though I do, but I don't just recall the name now. Q. Daniel P. Scannell, Governor of New York State, and ex-amateur golf champion of United States. ' A. Yes, yes, of course. iq? O? U1 ml-4 Q0 'LT' Em CD3 ,QU ' ru '1' P14 E. : U7 E O P1 P D . Is there something on your lip? A. Absolutely, that is my mustache. Q. Oh! How long have you had that? A. About twenty years now. Q. Is that so? You must like it? . De be '7 ?e: ,s P51 .ww MCD U5 P" Qi? .gm -2 O V1 P . Between you and me, I do. Court: Five dollars fine for contempt of court. . Five dollars only half expresses my contempt for this court. Here's a ten. Q. What are you smiling about? A. I always smile, unless someone erases it. Q. Wliat is your favorite motor car? A. A Buick coupe. lNIr. Holmberg sworn. To Miss Dudley. Q. Did you run into the defendant? A. No, I never go near Shea's at night. Your honor, I think I need more counsel. Court: The legatee is barred by res adj udicate. One Hundred Sixty-four l rl, li- i f Q. IVIIOHI do you want for counsel? A. For a sample, how about Mr. Foody, who is now junior partner in the firm of Farrington 8 Foody. Excused. Mr. Fuhr sworn. To Miss Dudley. Q. Wlhat are all the papers you have there? A. Answers to questions I may be asked. Q. YVhat is your business? A. Lawyer. No, clothing. Mr. Berry sworn. To Miss Dudley. Q. Wlhat is your occupation? A. Investigating L. R. Steel stock for the defendant here. Q. lVith whom are you associated? A. Clerk in my wife's oflice. Q. lVho is your wife? A. Florence Farrington Berry, the big corporation lawyer. h'Ir. Panzarella sworn. To Miss Dudley. Q. You are a soldier? A. Brigadier General, U. S. A. Q. Then you are no longer in politics? Objeeted to as leading. Sustained. ' A. I was elected supervisor, but wasn't appreciated and resigned. lNIr. Erb sworn. To Miss Dudley. Q. You are quite a globe trotter, I hear? A. Yes. Q. Have you ever visited Sumner Place? A. Frequently, frequently. Then you have seen all there is to see? . Yes, except I've never had the D. T's. P60 Q. Is it the custom for travelers to wear red ties? A. Yes, it is done to capture the attention of the ladies. Mr. Dietrich sworn. To Miss Dudley. Q. From your lon0' and varied experience as an attorney, what do you estimate the Z3 services of an attorney to be worth? ' A. As much as he can get. Mr. Hayes called, but absent. Miss Dudley: If the court please, the witness is essential and he has failed to appear, I should like to Withdraw a juror and adjourn until he can be found. The Court: Granted. Miss Dudley: I'll take Mr. Fitzgerald. D. YV. I-Iaring, Clerk. Wlith appreciation for the able assistance of Miss Mar- guerite Kennedy. One Hundred Sixty-five Hx f1Qiill,'v'f1i 1 I . I I J UNHQR LAW 1 ' . '-W .11'11'-- ','1 1r"1w1,'111.1 11-1 . X- Q" W' "A f " .1 .1-.1 1 1 ..11. . 1. ', 7127-.1 .f .L-v..,!.,1 1 .X 1 ...,1'1, . N1 1 W W 1 ...X H. , U H1 . ,.x .1 .M 1. ,W f W .1..4 1. 1, .1'.1111,1 , 111.:1u 1. 11 1.111 ,1-1 11'. ,11'1L1. 1- 1 A 1' '1 11 1.1.1..1.11'.,f.'1:11.111 1. . . 1. ..,11. .1 .11..11-'1'1111. .1 I ....111' ' 11. ..'11111 1. 1.1 1 1 1 1,1 ,1 ,L1 111 111111 ,J .f ,Y 1 1 , -1 I :hx 1,1 '11111.::'. 1 " 1"1.H11 1, "1.',11j1111H:, 1.-1. .311 17 QA 1 11 1 11. NM W1yN1M1,JM 1!v1:1!W,!W,vv- H11WH,11 ,E 27 V , 11 H 1! I X1 JM N M11 1 11 1 ,1 I W 1 1 1, .MJ , LM .1 1m1v , Www! 1.111 WM K lwqwwur NX 1111! K1 1 M11 W! W HMM ' 1NYm1MM 1NlW11 1 1 1 '1 -'x I1 .,.... 1233 if 3f1 11' 11 1 gg! W. f ez! I 1-1 1'1 , 1 Y N jg. JUNIOR LAW CLASS 3 fr Q Class fficers - Presiclent .............,... ,..... . TUs'r1N C. BIORGAN Vice-President ...... ........ K ATHERINE VVELCI-I Secretary ....... ..,.... 1 'IARTI-IA V. DRISCOLL - T1'easu1'e1' ,,.,,,.................... .............,..... D ANIEL BXiI'FT Iris Representative ..,......... ............. P lARL H. KEYSER Bison Representative ........, ,...... A LICE E. HOFFMAN Bee Representative ......A. ........ A NDRHW C. HxL'roN 15.2 pew 1 1 1 ,1".' 173 1 1 .Gif Hi- 1 11'-5,11 Q jj 1 . 251 . 1 ! 1 'iz 1 ll! I 'iq N 1, 12111 A 11.14 1 One Hundred Sixtyiseven 13:-1 L- lf... 5,---IM.-mfxr--'M-41A ,Y,, 17-,YWAM -v-Afhlfi: W AV E,,i,TiMl, I . ,,,,,M-.., v.. ........, Y . , ,..- ,,?..i,f.,,.. .... ,-,.,.:1,.,,f, Q?-3EWl 'M?45' . if 1 .1 1' 3.5Yf'1E' 111.7415 1l7T'Vf"'1l1MUN111W1l!4GiJ.1':WT'VVfU"W1FEfEEEWUWQQ'HE 1 ' :111 11 +1 1 ', H, um 1 .111111.'1l1111H.111111 ..1NM1i11111.111 wJ1'111.1 mg - 1 f 1a--- 1 . 1: . 1 1aE:f..iU1Q1 AN' 1..,"',"f1.1' " 1. .1 11 fwwlix' 1111 11' .E 1 -M 15 11111.13 .1 U1 . .V.11111.'1'11.131..f.'11N.'.1!Wl11.HH1218 Ww1H'uW"1N 1 1 'W I-....-........,....,.-,.,,,,,...-,--. .... ,-,..-,.- .... - V IH T 1 1 Roll Call BIILTON LOUIS BAIER CULVER ANTHONY BARII HOIVARD VVILLIAM BARRETT FRANK JOSEPH BIONDOLILLO CHARLTON GEORGE BLAIR DANIEL BENJAMIN BRITT LEONARD HIERBERT BUSCI-I CARL PAUL CAMPBELL DEAN JOSEPH CANDEE, A.B. ELEANOR E. CONSTANTINE FRANK BUSIVELL CORCORAN ROSE C'ORN'BLUlYI CHARLES JOHN COSHXVAY ROBERT JOSEPH CRONVE EDWIN JAMES CULLIGAN FREDERICK THOMAS DEVLIN HONVARD VVILLIAM DICKEY TVIARTHA VIRGINIA DRISCOI.I. ETI-IEL EVANS PAULINE EVANS BENJAMIN FINEGOLD STUART L. FITZPATRICK ISRAEL DAVE FRANKLIN ANTHONY EDXVARD GALBO TMIICHAEL PHILIP GERACI JULIUS JOSEPH GOLDS'FEIN BERNARD LIEKKVIS GOT'FLIEB IVIELVIN GREENE HERBE1l'E CHARLES GRIEB GEORGE LOUIS HARRINGTON LEE ANTI-IONY HEAI,Y NICHOLAS ANDREW HEGEDUS HICRBEIKT FRANCIS HILI,E1lY ANDREW CLARK HII,'FON NORMAN CI-IANDOS HISE ALICE :ELIZABETH HOFFMAN IRA JOHN HOVEY One Hundaed Si.cfy-eight HOWVAIID ALOYSIUS TQELLY EARL HARVEY IQEYSER XVALTER A. KIRKPATRICK EDWARD ffl-IOMAS ZLAXVRENCE RALPIAI .ALVIN LEI-IR BYRON PHILLIP RIACKENZIE CHARLES FRANK INIARTINA JOSEPH E. IXTCIITAIAION, A.B. JUSTIN COLFAX MORGAN, A.B. TI-IORIAS FRANCIS IXTYERS CORNELIUS JAMES O,CONNELL JOHN STICKNEY O'DONNEI.,L OMAR GORDON OLDS SIDNEY OTIS AIKTHLTR EDXVARD O'FTEN STEPHEN KENNETIYI POLLARD HAROLD IRXVIN POPP HOXVARD CHRISTIAN PRAKER ALONZO JOHN PREY CATHERINE GENEVA ROXVLEY DAVID REDSTONE CLIFFORD RAY ROSA NATHAN ROVNER IXIARIE THERESA SCALZO HARRY SEROTTE GEORGE SIDNEY SHANE JOSEPH PATRICK SI-IEA XXIILLIAM JACOB SERNOFFSKY LIAURICE DAVID SIEGEL JOSEPH SILBERT, A.B. NATHAN SI-IANON SILVERBERG SAMUEL CHARLES SONNABEND NELSON HENRY STALEY HAIiX'EY NEXVCOMB STEXVART RL'DOLI'I'I SAMUEL XVEINSTEIN :KATHERINE IRENE XVELCI-I Summing Up Dear Ed. . Since I wrote you, a whole lot has happened to our class. About twenty QQOD per cent of our noble assembly decided that they would seek their fortunes in other fields, especially after they received their marks in contracts. VVe started in the year with 'sadly depleted ranks and everybody was feeling blue about it. Conse- quently when an announcement is made that there will shortly be a new pep parade, nobody feels much like attending so only about a dozen out of the whole class goes to the thing. The idea was to show the people of Buffalo that there was such a place as the University of Buffalo on the map, a real university attended by real students and while I don't want to brag or anything, I do want to state right here that we sure did make a swell bunch of stndes. Every class was supposed to put on something striking. Our gang thought they would represent the members of said gang ten years from now so we picked the two most logical and best prepared fellows and dressed them up like convicts. I didnit say anything to anyone about it Ed, but I thought they looked mighty natural. There was another fellow who walked with them Ed, But I guess he was just plain crazy because he thought he was a horse. He had on a long black blanket and a white tail. The funny part of it was he was wearing the tail on his head. All things considered though I thought that looked pretty natural too. lVell anyway our whole crew went up to Hutchinson H. S. and listened to a lot of speeches, some of which were pretty good. Now as it happened, Mr. Templeton was chairman on that auspicious occasion and some of the fellows near us insisted on making a hek of a lot of noise, much to the embarrassment of those of us who still have the pleasure of trying Personal Property more successfully in the future than we have in thc past, wc figuring that maybe if he didn't like these demonstra- tions of-now--pep. our chances of passing the aforesaid subject would be not so good, if you know what I mean. .However that's about all that happened there because pretty soon after we had starved to death for the eighth time, we had to sing a song and as soon as it was over with, everybody looked at their neighbor with a kind of funny expression on their face and then quietly withdrew with a rush. The next thing that came along was the inauguration of Foster Hall only they didn't inaugurate it. In fact they didn't burn anything all the time I was out there. Our class was supposed to group itself around a pole which supported a cardboard on which was a sign that says, "Junior Law Students". As it happened, those of us who got there were almost left out of the parade because when the marshall got there we were standing behind the pole and he couldn't see us. However, Miss Driscoll giggled at something and the marshall heard her so we were all jake. lVe fell in line by twos and marched up to the new building which is a nice place made out of concrete or asphault or something and when we got there we were supposed to separate and form two lines ten feet apart. Wie couldn't agree on how far ten feet was so we sent Dick Busch after a tape measure. XVell he was gone so long that we began to be afraid that the Chancellor would come marching along before he got back so we made Goldstein pace it off, we figuring that his foot ought to be nearly a foot long considering how short he is. YVould you believe it, Ed, when Dick got back with a twenty-five foot tape measure, it wouddn't cover the distance Goldstein had sworn was ten feet? By this time the Chancellor had come marching along between the lines and went up the steps in the front of the building together with Mr. Cooke and Mr. One Hundred Sixtyrn-ine Foster and Mr. Kopald and some more distinguished guys and started to speak but I couldn't hear much of what was being said because two residents of the Erie County Farm, who had come up to pass on their new neighbors, started a fight. After this Mr. Cooke announces that owing to the inclement weather, the remainder of the ceremony will take place inside and that since there is not room enough for everybody only those will he admitted who have tickets. VVell I didnit know where they were giving the tickets away so I went home. Now sit up in your chair and pay attention Ed. You're about to hear the story of the custom created by our class, the Hrst real sign of originality in its history, namely and to wit: A Class Banquet. This affair came off at the Iroquois Hotel and was as liberally attended as a cootie ball at a dog fight. Dickey showed up wearing his best smile and it never left him. Even when the bell-hop whom he had paid to come into our midst and page him left the Mister off his name, he continued to smile. That was nothing thoughg we were laughing out loud. The girls wanted to sit together but Doctor Alden wasn't near them so helmade them separate. Culligan told Miss Kubiszewski, who, I am sorry to say, is unfortunate enough to live in the same town as Culligan, that when she got home, if there was a band waiting for him, she should tell them he would be along in a few minutes. He added that if it was an armed hand she shouldn't say anythin. I guess he didn't go home though because he was around the next day. Well Mr. Stoner, who presided over our congregation, and Doctor Alden were the real speakers of the evening and really gave us some excellent advice and information. Mr. Stoner insisted on calling us a partnership. I couldn't see the idea until he began asking for contributions to the capital in the form of speeches, etc., but then I realized what a great man Barnum was. He called on MacKenzie to put over the speech he had been preparing the two preceding months and Mas simulated surprise in a manner that would have donelcredit to Charlie Chaplin. Devlin was then called on and made a speech replete with historical significance. You see, Ed, he told us the same joke that tickled Caesar to death so many years ago when Brutus told it to him. Only Devlin didn't have a sword with him to tickle us with like Brutus did when Caesar couldn't laugh, wherefore, fsee Crowej-i-, his joke fell a little flat. Well Morgan delivered a good oration and Betty Hoffman said that she thought speech was silver and silence golden and Baier pulled the same stunt so Mr. Stonner asked Katherine VVelch if she would please render us a selection on the piano. She said she couldn't but that she would try so she did, and Oh Boy, what a selection it was. Nobody could keep their seats so everybody adjourned to the piano and began to sing, etc. Christy insisted on putting on a shimmy dance that was a Wiz. Instinctively one was reminded of Irene Castle, Gertrude Hoffman, and others. He was so different. However all good things must come to an end so Corcoran proposed that we all go over to the State Library and prepare the next day's lesson and the suggestion was enthusiastically adopted. Thus was concluded the most brilliant event of the social season at the University of Buffalo Law School and incidentally all of the important events of the school year that I now have time to tell you about. The only thing that marred the culmination of the affair was the fact that Gilbert got his hands brused on the way home. Some awkard jap stepped on them. Very truly yours, BIICI-IAELQGERACI. One Hundred Seventy w ,l w ww ,mr .. N ,N , y. I ml.. 'ul '..,lT,"l.r 1 lv 'N , , . . , , Q, IFRQDSH LAW 'Q W I 'N A ,, II' II W , I ' 'E 11 FRESIIMAN LAW CLASS V53 lass Qficers President ....,.......... ........ B 'IARTIN PHILLIPS Ijijn' Vice-President .A.,.....,..........,. .... YVINIFRIZD ROWLEY N Second Vice-President ,,....... ....... P '. P. HENDRICKS Secretary ..A......,. . ....... TED J. SULLIVAN Treasurer ........ ........,.. G EORGE J. EVANS I C Zkfarslzall ..,...............,...I....I..,. ,. If -fx Iris Rep1'esentati've...Fl. Q 'ff' Bison Representativen, QAQQ Bee Rep1'esenta,ti'Ue ....... Wg E? ' 125' E? ,bi ,I I I 'ejjfif ,T - One Himdred Seventy-two Y .W Jwfi' , Z" 'UH f 5 X , I 4 Y : ' ' , ' fl , ,fIIIjHI,' 'IZ 5 8 jr, ' F. KIRK BURNIIAM AND G. C. SXVEET, JR. ..,....,..,............,...DONALD - BI. CRAWVFORD EDMUND DECASTRO l Act I Time: 8.59 o'clock, any morning. SCENE: The contract rooms of Buffalois greatest law school. The scholastic wheels have begun to revolve. albeit slowly. The sun shines brightly and the clouds sail serenely past the Terrace station and the pleasant jail. The merry riveters tap gently on metallic girders unmindful of the busy snorts of four freight engines and the raueaus notes of forty-nine ilivvers all parking in a row. A red, white and blue limousine careens up the winding drive. its wheels crunching on the gravel as it winds in and out beneath the lofty elms of the campus. Students who have been reclining on the softly rolling turf spring to their feet with alaerity. YVittman pockets the bones. and Evans pockets the weekly allow- ance of the junior class. Quickly the machine arrives beneath the marble portico and the second chauffeur leaps from his seat and stands smartly at attention. The tipstaff across the street raps noisily for attention. Nine Supreme court judges snap into parade rest. The janitor hides his pipe and the cleaning women present arms with mops. George Davis Crofts has arrived. Mn. CROFTS: QSeating himself quickly, after handing his silk topper to Bleich- feld and his cane to Brittingj-I have here a watch. If in a moment of weakness I entrust it to Dr. Harris for the sum, let us say, twenty cents, I mean S2,000, and he and liattaglia trade it to Miss Hauck for five car tokens, does that make it a binding contract, or a mere trespass? Mr. Burglar? fBurger, A. H.. seeing the fatal moment arriving, kicks Buerger, O. M., vio- lentlyj Buerger, after counting the kicks carefully answers, UNO, sir." Both gentle- men sliake hands in congratulation. Mu. CHOFTS: CLooking with a meditative eye at the rear of the roomj-Mr. Staples, does that draught annoy you? If so I will ask Mr. Crawford to stop yawn- ing. Mr. Crawford awakes with a pained expression and asks what about the awn- ing? Plimpton slips a note to Miss Kubiszewski and is rewarded with a shy smile. McNulty shines his Phi Beta Kappa key and begins his game of tit-tat-toe on McKnight's cuffs. Miss Evans revolves slowly and transfixes Moynihan with a limpid look. Moynihan signals by flapping both ears in an agitated manner, while Mowitz sticks a pin in McKenna. The door opens slowly and Rapaport, Marsey and Skinner ooze in. The door opens rapidly and XVilson bustles in bowing low to the Chair. Sweet and Norton whistle in unison, "Far Above Cayuga's W3tC1'S.,, Suddenly a challenging voice is heard. The class subsides while Kirk raps for attention. This man has education. UMR. CROFTS, according to psychology, this stuff is the bunk. Any time this fellow Huffcut tries to differ with us dramatists he gets in wrong. In the People vs. Trotsky, 144 Petrograd 999, and again in the noted case of Herring vs. Dill Pickle, we find that a major premise cannot be sustained against the full weight of rulings by the courts of Oysters and Terminals-Mr. Crofts-Qltevolving slowly and allowing his tongue to protrude even farther than usualj-"Mia Roth, you are quite"--a wave of the hand, and the class yelps in unison-"VVrong, all wrong. 'Tink lowers another window and Posner looks insulted. The jury, composed of Burns, Scherer, Pfeifer, Case. and Lazarony slip in during the confusion, while Blair walks in backwards. VVard, in constant training for the job of court reporter, makes note of the event. Yeager sticks a leg out of the window and kicks a sparrow off its nest in the apple tree planted by the class of 1492. One Hundred Seivenfy-three . N , EAT-I l l :if ? l l w ' l 1 4 ??f' l :5-.Eg w 153 91.1 l 1:1 , '52-EH! N l QE? l f i, F A 1 55-lp ,,A. ' 'r ,, , ' 1 v 1, , 1 . 1. ,, - ,-,H ,,,,,..., , M, X U - - ' 1 W " 'lr , , gl 1 ,N L..-f ,,', ,X M - - mx' -' M auf- ws -w., U r,,1rw.,,,: pi .. j V , e- .1 - ,wp . ,. - - ,,-- ' ,3..1u- . vi.. ,,.,1i-,am,m4, ',ur.,, ,,: MR. CRoF'rs-fln a ruminative veinj-Miss Burnham, will you illuminate the subject? Miss Burnham makes a perfect recitation with some slight errors here and there, while Carlson looks wise. The two Siegels pass a package of pretzels to Salacuse via Gibbons. The door opens authoritively. A gentleman wearing silver buttons and the cutest badge, allows his gaze to roam over the bored class. Sud- denly he points a talon-like hand, and de Castro slips into the hall stepping on all feet in his way. A MR. CRoF'rs-QClapping his hands gleefullyj: 'llust a question of' time. They used to wait on the walk outside. Never came right in the class after them before." Miss Roberts looks pained and Miss Poppenberg gets a thrill. Somebody has been arrested or something. Gardnes becomes annoyed and shuflles himself a new deal. it, ii gene 4 li? 1 I f I l v w , -fre, .9354 lr-T3 l V kiiafe I l 1 9?-v 2523 I x Q-5-Ei w Q 2Lf51:.fQ' ,,-.JL Fi! pl- lg 15' 1 V 1 ' it Ei l asia. C.. T??2l 7 Y :Qin mf, I as ' N 3 fi l l,,a.s,, li' f 7 I ggi l all I are , li gi Mei iiil l gs,-ee, X511- l 1 2 au, , isa.. l J lingua I-:lei , 3 5 pail l l N--. U lf-2 - ' xx ,.-3 lgiif ' 1 .129 3 One Htmdred Seventy-four 1 l Q ------iw' 7-7, ,W Y. ,fs ,V A , w'Z.?'F 'W W" JWU- " ' A'il""'5i'7'TfT we w-ff lj- N ,fr , ., " .,,, , ,,,, A A ---S - - - V Fifilfllffiffills'llfjliulilllfWifiifllifmilllflfillllsillifflf'f7!1ll'll':lf'flil'ifUlf 'Q .. c LMWQPltif-Wulf'T'6f'2FYf2V'Tfemrfffwi'QQ ,J,11a,amuf"5llIf.!1Milli lllr 1 mllu1c.xrgsw1 fi - 1 t :V c- , 1 - if :wr is -WV llw f ll it . wi W r til M -mmm e ee e - ee- ff 4 ' l 4 Ml' of 4.1 4 l33ffgagi..Lr1Lu..e.f 5ly . gf ' lllzflkggl 11 1 :W X a -NTL kxH'KlXW x 'lW'Msl - :Y 'Aky l X A To Whom it may concern: I , h 1 1 d five hundred dollars . as paymegx ff gil? ve for injuries received during the annual rush on September 88, 1930 between the classes of 1923-and 1924 of the Dental College of the University of Buffalo, waiver all claims against said classes. Signed fe, Q75?a4zZ? Hitneseesdz? k59CiEifCii4ffffLL424? f Class Officers Pregidgmf ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,4.,, ,,A,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R OBERT VVILSON Vice-President ,,,.,,,,,44 ,.,.,,..,, X 7VILLIAM J. I'IIBBARD Sec1'etar'1f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.A,,., , BALDKVIN S. TXTARTIN Trea,5'u1'g1 ',44A,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . , .,,,.,,,,,,. ELMER SHEDD May-.9Itf1,Zl ,,A,,,,,.,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,,, ,,,,,.,.,.,. X VALTER MCGUIRE Iris Representative ............ .......... R ODNEY BENNETT Bison Representative .......... ......... R or ERLENBACK Beg Rep7'ese'1ztati'zJe ,,,,,,,,,,,, .................... f ,TIS LAURENCE Higfm-ian ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, K A THERINE KNERR PR0pH13'p 4,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,44,,,,, ................,....,.,.. A LICE CARY Poet ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..4.,,......... J A NE CYMALLEY Class Poem 1923 I As when a traveler to foreign shores Upon a lofty stern serenely stands, And, idly gazing, waves reluctant hands In last farewell, then on the legend pores Of his far wandering, and sees the doors Of a new venture opening in lands Beyond the sea, nor fears the shifting sands Of fortune, but in spirit soars To heights long dreamed of, we, not less than he, Our days of tasks and pleasures laid to rest Within our Alma Mater's hallowed halls, Upon life's great adventure fearlessly Embark, brave in the knowledge of the best, Imparted in the shade of these old walls. II Look now! the scroll of Memory unfold, And watch the slow receding shores of Time Fall from us as we seek some newer clime: Dimly the distant years we may behold VVithin whose rounded space the rarer gold Of Duty consummate lies buried, Faith sublime Attending like some long forgotten rhyme, And new-born Hope that springs from love untold. Perchance some mighty prophet of our race The havens of our journey may foretell, Or some lone artist of a vision wide The future with unerring hand may traceg Move we beneath fair Truth's eternal spell And in the ways of Justice long abide! l E V JAN C. O'MALLEY J One Hmzdred Seventy-six Senior ents Class istory F A OUR score and seven years ago-but this is just four years ago of which ai ' I tell. A ripple appeared on the sea of events in Dentistry, which to our J minds is unprecedented. From various places Cmainly small onesj there assembled in this col- lege a group of boys and an exceedingly large number of three girls to form the class of '23. Rach one entered with varied emotions of buoyancy and expectancy. Above all hoping that he would not act as a mere Freshman and little suspecting whether the next man be fellow classman or otherwise. After the novelty of classes wore off we settled down to a variable degree of hard work. As to all Freshmen. our class was handed a set of rules to guide them, which for the most part were broken as most rules were made for this. Felts and velours were replaced by scanty caps which marked' each man as Freslunan. One great event which is never forgotten by the "Frosh,', is the usual hazing. This afforded great amusement to the public and a vast amount of fun to the old time rivals, the "Sophs." Later in the year all feelings of rivalry were temporarily forgotten and the Sophomores were royally entertained at a dance given in their honor. The banquet held earlier in the year was a success and the Sophomores were "out-smartedf' During this year, the Iiarrettonian Society Hgured prominently. VVe had sev- eral interesting speakers and one very pleasant evening at which our Faculty and their wives served meats." Another get-together occurred at the end of this year. The Barrettonian Picnic, loyally supported by Faculty and students, was declared a marked success. This year was successful and in it each learned the walks of college life. It would be impossible to relate all the events of this year. Great at that time, yet so remote to us all now were those much dreaded freshman examinations. and although at the time, we left several of our classmates behind, most of us survived and lived through three more years. Before we had really gotten over the surprise of having finished our first year, the second began. Although it was a wonderful satisfaction to come back and watch the bewilderment of the incoming class. the excitement of it all was not so keen. This year with the state boards looming in the distance took a more serious aspect. Despite the apparently calm surface of the future. many noteworthy things occurred. First and foremost in our minds was the hazing of the freshmen. Being a well matched class in numbers the rush took more the form of a battle, during which a poor old lady was 'inflicted with a broken wrist. Wiithout a doubt regrets were experienced. Despite this however. I don't believe any member of our class will ever forget those class meetings to discuss the matter of raising 35500.00 for the lady. No public question box ever received more questions. than suggestions which were offered to raise the required fund. All the discussion ended in no other way than our class paying the amount. The freshmen gave a little support to the fund. Not only were we deprived of the 55500.00 but the incoming classes were not per- mitted to indulge in hazing. Another dance and a Barrettonian picnic were included in that year. In addition to the excitement of the sophomore examinations, were the state boards which marked the halfway point in our careers. ' One Hmiclred Seveiify-seven September 1921 and really Juniors! By this time we were a pretty well estab- lished part of the dental college. This was one of the pleasantest years of our course. The first thrill came with really working on patients and "Didja have a disappointment?" "That blamed patient is late again" and other similar expres- sions became the vogue. Wliite gowns took the place of dark laboratory coats as we became a small part, or, shall I say a large part of the infirmary workers. At last the goal is in view! VVe are really Seniors and the anticipation was greater than the experience, for really we feel just the same as when we were Juniors. Witli varied emotions we look forward to the close of the year and a successful course we hope. Although each one looks forward to setting up for himself, there is a reluctance of leaving school and its associations. Before closing this brief glimpse of the past, I must not neglect the fact that many members of our class made themselves prominent in athletics, musical and fraternal organizations. ' Neither must we forget the faculty under whose guidance we have penetrated the four years. It has been helpful in all respects. And so I say we shall not close here but just begin our lives. No matter how many miles separate our ways, the events of these four years shall maintain us as one. g Ye Prophecy As a "prophet is not without honor save in his own country and in his own housen, I offer these conjectures with little expectation of approbation. My wish for each one of you is: "May every page the years shall write I Bring happiness to you May every cloud be tinged with light And all your dreams come true I" lNIay 15, 1933 Buffalo, New York University of Buffalo School of Dentistry. My dear Jane: You certainly missed a good time the last few days. I must have told you in my previous letter that our Alumni banquet, class reunion and the celebration for the completion of the new dental building was to be held this week-end. As you missed the excitement, I will try to give you a bird's-eye view of the affair and picture our classmates for you. The first event was the inspection of the new dental building out on Main Street. It certainly is a wonderful structure. Everything was new and unfamiliar to me until I reached their Hne, large assembly-hall and there my eye fell on some of those old tablets from our Ampitheatre on Goodrich street. VVhen I saw "A Posse ad Essen, "Nulli Secundusn, "Esse Quarn Videri" and "Finis Coronat Opus", I felt at home immediately. Mr. Merkley and I were not alone long, for in came Jack Pfalzgraf, Joseph McGrath, VValter McQuire and Bob Wfilson. They looked prosperous and when I asked them what they were doing, they said that they were partners. Mac specializes in the women's work because he always was popular with the ladies. One -Hundred Seventy-eight Jim specializes in amalgam fillings because their amalgamation of forces has pleased him so greatly. Bob does the bridge work because he once had ambitions to be an engineer. Every spring he devotes his spare time to coaching the U. B. crew which is a winning aggregation. Jack levies tl1e bills because he has a good line, telling the patients of the time, money and energy required to acquire the degree of dental surgery. VVhen Mr. Merkley asked me if I wished to be shown around thebuilding, I readily acquiesced. IVe left the boys and started on a tour of inspection. I went into the office to pay my respects to Dr. Squire, who is the same dignified, highly- esteemed, dean of the University. In a conference which he was holding with a number of his professors, I was surprised to recognize several members of our class-Bill Couch, Fred DeGelleke and Bob Stewart were in a group with Dr. Cutler, Dr. Cleveland and Dr. Buell. Bill is now a professor of Physiology. Fred is a professor of Anatomy, giving up what time he can from a busy practice. Bob Stewart is Dr. Pankow's able assistant in keeping the accounts of our school in order. He also finds time to conduct the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra which is well known thruout the United States. They tell me that George Atwater is in Florida at this time every year. He has written a very popular book entitled "An Easy Course in Dentistry.-in Six Lessons". He has finally decided to try out some of McCormick's ideas on diet. Ormonde is the eminent dietian and lecturer at Syracuse University. Mac has done a great deal toward the establishment of a dental college at Syracuse and he is in line to become itis first dean. Mr. Merkley and I then went upstairs to see the laboratories. Wlhom did we see but Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence? Mrs. Lawrence is none. other than our old friend Katherine. Otis is a successful prosthesist of Hornell. He has a mysterious process of making well fitting dentures with merely the fingerprints of the patient to work with! As a lecture and clinic was scheduled in a few minutes, into the room came Mayno Doran, Robert Jerry Burns, Joseph Denneen and Nelson Healey. Bob was to conduct the lecture which consisted of the treatment of burns found in apical tissue due to the use of strong acids. The name Robert Burns is already famous in poetry and tobacco but our Bobby has made it well known in Buffalo. Joe Denneen, who is something of an oral surgeon, demonstrated the correct method of extracting the deciduous bicuspids.. Mayno Doran has invented a handy instrument for gauging the exact degree of the condyle path. Nelson Healey who has gone into politics, is a candidate for mayor of Buffalo in the fall campaign. VVe expect him to be elected because Buffalo is still dry and Nelson has a few plans! Nels said that not long ago he received a letter from Jack McCarthy who is in Luxor, Egypt. Jack is doing research work, studying the process of the mummufi- cation of pulps in King Tut. I certainly surprised everyone with the news that you had seen Joseph Spoto, Rollie Hunt and Roy Erlenbach in Europe. Joe Spoto having returned to Italy, holds the position of major dentist to the king of that country. They welcomed your description of Joe with dignified, black beard and in flowing white robes, attending a king! And to think that, in England, you met Roy Erlenbach travelling around on surplus profits to beat out the income tax! I can't hardly imagine Roy carrying a cane and "all dolled up" with white spats and a gardenia in his lapel. One Hzmdred Seventy-nine Of course, Rollie has perfected the manufacture of a pure, smooth, non-irritable artificial denture and it is guaranteed not "to rattlen. The dental convention was held at the Statler Hotel, and our old friends Messrs. March, Bliss, Brady and Cook were on hand to welcome us. Ralph Davis is now a member of the Davis-Schultz Company. He was asked to join in order to help perpetuate the name. Garold DeFries had a special display of musical instruments of which he is a prosperous manufacturer. I kept the story of the banquet until last for it is a long one. Bentley Craig is the president of the Alumni Association. The Hrst number on the program was a quartette by DeGelleke, Bradley, Davies and Fregellette, the famous dental quartette. VValt,s voice has stood the strain of the years the best. He studied medicine after he had completed his course in dentistry. Since then he has made himself famous for his treatment and cure of rodent ulcers. In his study of malignancy, he has solved for Nelson Healey the problem of the "Galloping Spider Flora". Danny O'Neil was toastmaster at the banquet. He is a public speaker and orator. He has at last convinced the voting public that it is necessary to establish a pension for all retired dentists. Danny called on Joe McGrath for a solo. Mac still insists that he can't sing but that his brother can whistle. Those who responded to toasts were Roy Earl, George O'Neill, Rodney Bennett and Bill Bachman. Roy Earl, who has given up his business of Chinese bootlegging, is touring this country. He lectures on "The Chinese System of Vibratory Breathing and Mental Control". He will soon return to China as the American Ambassador! Anyone touring Saranac Lake would be sure to drop in on George O'Neill. Buck is a whizz at Hlling root canals. His technic is going to be adopted in U. B., especially that technic for Hlling root canals of upper molars. Bill Bachman and Rodney Bennett were partners. They have both retired from dentistry. Bill has become football coach at U. B. His former position was football coach at Vassar College. Rodney Bennett has made a tidy fortune manufacturing Saratoga-Sit- easy-Springs for automobiles. Joe Denneen was busy thruout the banquet, passing out cigars. He owns a store from which he specializes in supplying all belligerent smokers in this vicinity. Did I tell you that he is President of the Buffalo Hockey Club? Charley Kennedy, Leon Mills, George Kinne and Donald Dunham came in late because they had been having a little celebration out at Charley's estate in North Evans. Charley made a definite connection with the Standard Oil Company. He owns so many shares that he lives on the interest and "farms it" as a leisurely gentleman. Leon Mills is the dean of the Dental College of the University of Rio de Janiero. He will return soon to South America for he is here on an inspection tour. George Kinne is a champion walker. He has already upset mathematical calculations because his two feet make one yard. Donnie Dunham of Baldwins- ville is prosperous. Heis "dun" his patients and "dunham" well but no one can say that he hasn't done well by them. Nathan Redstone evidently found his oratorical ability wasted in dentistry, for time has made of him a rising young lawyer. Our two popular actors in slap- stick comedy gave a little exhibition of their talent. They were no other than Sidney Friedman and Oscar Siegal. YVe all roared when Sid came out with "Absolutely, Suction on lower plates costs extra, Mr. Gallagheru and Oscar, "Positively, Mr. Shean!" One Hundred Eighty Mr. XVilliam Stapleton was one of the last ones to arrive at the banquet. You must have heard that he married a wealthy girl and has turned out to be a society man. Another out-of-town man is Vtfilliain Hibbard. liill is a big man. out in Ken- tucky where he recently established a school for dental hygienists. Clarence Meyers has become a social hound Lllld at four o'clock every afternoon one can find him at a tea or a tee. Elmer Shedd is a fashionable dentistg he's always fashioning new instruments! Daniel Rahill is the leader of a jazz orchestra during his spare moments from a lucrative practice. lVhile it rendered popular jazz, in came Kenneth hfellen who surely created a sensation in his Conventional suit of solemn black. He's a minister, you know. lVhen we had recovered from our surprise, class roll was called and everyone responded with some fact of interest concerning himself: Lcdlie Grover has a general practice in a small town and has everything his oiwn way. Adelbert Brothers and Arthur Jewell are partners. They have established a dental clinic at Nome, Alaska. They say that the Eskimos have entirely given up eating tallow candles or soap for dessert and now indulge only in "Eskimo Picsn. Reuben Billowitz and Julius Goll are partners. Billy is a satisfied man because his oflice is on Delaware avenue where the people do not know him so well and therefore call him "doctor", and not Reuben. .lulins is s Jeeializinv' in 0'old inlay work. .lack Garlinger recently returned from a meeting of the Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation for the revision of the National Pharmacopoeia. Michael Guereio has found "his place in the sun". He is an importer of Cuban tobacco. Daniel Kaiser is a busy dentist. His larffe clientele usually wait hours for the doctor to arrive. Joseph Knab has become an ardent follower of Monsieur Coue and has revolutionized painless dentistry. As each patient is seated in the chair, he is instructed to repeat ten times, "This will not hurt me, I know it will not hurt men. Baldwin Martin is a dainty denture specialist of Rochester. He specializes in "partial full dentures". ' Ernest MacMinn has joined a Community Chautauqua and is touring with them. "Oh, I know Ernie Maeltlinnu is a household saying now. Mickey Scherer is a busy dentist of Lancaster. He has become a pyorrhea specialist. Donald Scott has done well manufacturing bridges for violins. So you can see that he has not lost the influence of the training of 1919-1923. Oscar Stage is an Exodontist of note. His drawing room is always full. Elwin Shirley is an Odontolagia specialist. Henry Thompson has invented'the so-called Thompson splint for use on broken jaws. It has attracted the attention of the profession. Brownie Wfauc is the Editor-in-chief' of the American Dental Journal. His immense scrap book is always a source of inspiration to a harassed author and writer. Zeno Zackem was always the last one on our class rollg but, as the last shall be first, Zeon has now become famous for his dentifrice "Ze-Zac". The banquet ended the details of the excitement and thus endeth my account of the events of the last few days. Many of the boys inquired for you and sent their best regards. Cordially, l an cs o ALICE VVARNER CARY. One Hamdred Eighty-one l ?-,,-, , , 1 1111191.11111 11111.1Y,y1 1'-. , 11111111111-g,,141 111 1 111.-1' 1111111-11111114 1 1 1 ' 1 '12 " 11. ' 1 11.11 1 1 111 1 .11 11 1 . 1 1 1 .1 111 1 11111111fK111111111:13. '1"1111111'1'11 1111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 111 11 1111 111111111111111 1 1 1 1 M1 1111 11111 1 1111 111 1111111111111 1111 11 , 1m N M MH111111! U 111111111111111A111111 N1'1UmHN '1'11.111111-:1'11111 1 1'1 .11 11 1 'u'11 111 1 '1 1111 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1.5111 1111111 11,111 111111111 111: .1111,1,, .11 1151111 JUNIOR DENTAL CLASS Class ffieers Presiclent ,.,.....,..,...........,...,......,...... ,.,.,,,,, J . V, BIARTIAN Vice-President .... .,....., R AY BIARCI-IAND Secretary ..........,... ..........,......... E MILE C. SAUER- Treasurer ......... ....... S ENNER E. BLINDBLOM Marslzall .,,..............,.............. ............. H . F. X. FREITAG Iris Representative ..,,,.... ........ D . F. XNYAKEFIELD Bison Representaiive ...,.... ..........., J . B. BIARTIN Bee Representati've ......... ....,... C . R. BENNISON Historian .......... ........ ............ I J. R. CASEY Prophet ,,,,.,, ........ I1 I. VV. KLEIN One Hunqlred Eighty-th-ree 1 H1 .11..11.117q1.1.1-1111111f1f 1111 11, -5 1 j 1 . 11 .W , .. . , K. ,rn . We 1 1 1' 1111111111 '1 ,1111111111 1' 1 1-A. '11, 1,1 1111 ff 111 1 -1'11r'11 11 v- 1 1 1 '1 1111 1111-B11 1 1 '1111111111111 '1 1111111111'11111g151111111111111111111111111111111'111111'111y.111111 1 f 71" 111111111 15' 1"1' 1115 gg,1'11111''11111111111111M111:'1b11A11 1111111 CHARLES E. AMO Clayton, N, Y, Harold Lloyd himself. Yes! That's Charlie the slicker that makes them while you wait. HENRY APPEL New York City Hank will surely make an ethical dentist. He does not believe in gold teeth suspended for a sign since in the first place they tarnish and more- over he likes silver ones better. ' PETER BATTIS'DA , Buffalo Pet's there in the clinic, Pet's there in the lab. He certainly gets the dope. And I've heard he dOesn't crab. CLARENCE BENNISON Frankfort, N. Y. The versatile gentleman Of business ability and far-reaching enter- prising ambition. If he maintains his many accomplishments his shingle will read Teeth-Taxicabs, Coal-VVood. LEROY CASEY , Sardinia, N. Y. ' Leroy says he cant help it because he gets all the good lookling patients. Ross asked him to do his work. A THOMAS CASTON Lackawanna, N. Y. A good student, you're right, A good scout, you're right, Always on time, you're wrong, XYe know the reason hut we wOn't mention her name. ERWIN CI-III-'LOXVITZ Buffalo, N. Y. The Officer who calls the cop on Schwab's police force. He would be ,with them still but he was never still, except where there was a still on which the music professor. ROBERT CONN Snyder, N. Y. The fellow who is so smooth he makes frog hair feel like sand paper. Go right ahead and break anything you wish. Bob dOesn't speak harsh words. ' FRANCIS CORCORAN Syracuse, N. Y. We can't see why a fellow with such a big heart goes around breaking others. HOWARD DECAMP Ithaca Now here's to our good friend Deak, Who is a preacher mild and meek, But this is all slam, For I heard him say damn. Therefore his dope is weak. HENRY FREITAG Buffalo The old proverb "Less haste more speed" must be so, for Hank sure - does get there. MICITAEL GEORGE Buffalo The man of few words but many accomplishments such as bowling, porcelain work and short cuts. BURT HEDDEN Buffalo If it's Dentistry he talks with you, If it's sports he will talk to you. If your right he'll convince you your wrong, Time out Bees till we get our Websters. THEODORE HOFFBTAN Springville The kid from Springville who sort-O-fools them all. Teddy is a fast worker. She told me so. at DARWIN JACOBS Rochester Roamer states that Rudoph V. swiped that patent leather hair from our Shiek and pays Dory royalty for the sideburns. Dory expects to be Prince Oarminta's private dentist since he looked into her ey es. One Hundred Eiglzty-four ALOYSIUS KIELICII Buffalo The Junior "Coue', Day by day in every way He gets better and better I-Ie can already sharpen aeclusial planes. IVIAURICE KLEIN Buffalo Our own Moorey the crown specialist. VVe think he gave his girl a porcelain erown for Xmas since he took his supplies home for the holidav work out. - ' PERRY IJAVIN Syracuse There is il boy named Larin ' XVho isn't very fond of shavin, So he leaves hair on his lip, Just to be savin'. DANIEL INXYER Lockport Daniel McCarthy Layer, C. S. In case of doubt, the C. S. stands for class shark. He showed the Seniors and with good luck he will make some- thing of the Juniors yet. LOUIS LIEBERMAN R0CI1CStQ1' Oh-Alllll-Lauaaa. Kin I barrey a few Contact pints? True to his name, he is a loved man. Mothers donehu no? FRED LINEHAN Glens F3115 Fred came to ns quite by surprise and he sure tits in. Wie do sort-o wonder how he developed such a line. FENNER LINDIILOOM Jamestown The fighting blondy. And they're no private fights. Say Fenner: week end excursions end before Tiiesday. Roy IVIARCI-IAND Buffalo The old Sax artist, but the instrument must he contaminated now. We thought he played by ear, but now we know different. .IOSEPH B. BIARTIN ' Syracuse Jose proves the saying, "Size doesn't county, for he is neither short nor tall. he just gets there that's ull. JAMES V. MARTIN ,Buffalo Vick, our class president, is a man of few words. He doesn't argue. He just tells you, and that ends it but it required more as regards Dory and his dearie when he looked her square in the eyes. KENNETH MCMAIION Syracuse Ken's time is now equally divided between his sax and the fair sex and we guess the latter wins with less noise. HAROLD NIEESE Bradford, Pa. He's like a boomerang. He always has a come back, He further eliminates all friction with ample lubrication and pub- lishes a real magazine into the bargain. VICTOR IVIONCZYNSKI ' . Buffalo Tiny is a great boy. You can't kid him as there are reasons, but I can't tell you their names. GEORGE IVIUNSIN Dover, N- J. It's a wonder we didn't get a shock when such a live wire entered our midst. GERALD NATIELLA UtiCa Itis alright. He ean't help working on the good looking ones when they insist but he doesn't need to take them out also. EDMUND Osooon A11gS1iC21 This young fellow Osgood, Says he always was good, ' But we think, . The Ha! I-Ia's, good. One Hioidred Eiglzfy-five DEMONT ALGER Springville D is the kind you like to find, And not the kind who always whined, On a stormy dull gray day, To have it some other way. B. PACONOXVSKI Buffalo Pack and Vick are the long and the Short of it, but they surely have team work when it comes to electric furnaces. CARLTON ROBERTS Perry, N. Y. Our assistant basketball manager and original "Gosh dang it", needle bender of the class, is Simply unbearable since his interview with the reporter at Alfred, N. Y. Ross SANDEL A perfect example of home talent. Hurrah! Buifalo. Who would O thunk it of Ross to sit on the floor during a dance? EMILE SAUER Snyder At the banquet, "Shay Bob, help me fine my tat?" Why you have it on I your head. Zasso? YVell then I'll look for it myself. AUGUST SCHNVENDER Bulflao . Fussy Gus. The yes so kid. VVhose ideal is the rabbit and turtle fable. Sure take your time Gus and we will catch up. Buffalo LAUREN SKIFF Buffalo Every day in every way It grows thinner and thinner ' Well Babe it takes a Smooth man to get on top and he is usually smooth on top before he gets there. CHESTER SOULE Wfaterloo, N. Y. Say Chet! Be sure to have your hat on when you trye to sell Xilallace and Skiif some of your new tonic. ADRIAN STANTON ' Canisteo When they fall as they do But we'll hand him some credit It'S hard to be true. For he surely did it And I'll leave this all to Abe, But we think somebody forbade. ALOYSIUS STILLER Buffalo If Steller hadn't of been his last name, he never would have it. HAROLD STRASSNER U Rochester Manager of freshman basketball, a gridiron wonder, a good student and just the dearest thing. DAN TAYLOR ' Buffalo If Dan were to become bald it would Only prove that insulation burns off- live wires. . EDWIN TERRY Little Falls Our Rotund acquisition to the class and one who proved his oriental ahil- ity at the banquet. FREDERICK TULLY Rensselaer So she was the cause of your deserting the Frat house those five days? VVell, Fred, we guessed it before you fessed up. AUGUST TWIST Buffalo The kid himself, black curly hair, childish complexion, hard goggles and that "Stop iti' smile. Now why Shouldn't they go wild over him? EVERE'F'F VANDER POEL 016311 Now don't worry boys he's not going to float off. He just poses that way donchu no? You must be diferent in a Bouine practice. BERNARD G. WAIKEFIELD ' Rochester Iris Representative. CHESTER VVALLACE Rochester He's not the wild and wooly, He's just the type of fellow - He's not the Inild and meek, You're always glad to meet. RAYMOND NVATT Big hearted Raymond. Those three girls told me so. The reason we know he's good is because he admits it. One Hundred' Eighty-six SMH DENTX SOPHOMORE DENTAL CLASS Class fflcers President ...........,..............,...........A ,........., IN 'IITCI-IELL L. PODVIN Vice-President .......... ............. A RTHUR A. Cnoss Secretary ..,............ ......,.. IN fI1L'roN O. HAGER- Treasurer .......................,. ............. H OMER F. XVETZ Iris Representative ...............,........,.. ......,.,. E ARLE J. :KELSEY Bee and Bison Representative .................. ROBERT A. HICKEY Barrettonian Society ........................ ............. A LBERT C. RoEs One Hmzdrecl Eighty-eight oll Call AILINGER, JAMES KEIISEYI EARLE J. BRADLEY. COURTNEY A. LEE, E.. STANLEY BURNS. JOHN V. MCNALIIY, JOHN M. CLARY, AUSTIN J. MEYERS, EDNVARD M. CROSS- AIVII-IU11 A- TXTITIUFI-IA, l'VII,I.IAM H. IJALTONV, PIERRE F. PoDoI,IN, llIATHEWV l3lMMERLING. FREDERICK H. Po'I'ovIN, NIITCI-IELL L. HAGER, IXIILTON O. Rrzzo, CHARLES C. HALL, TTENNETI-I A. ROES, ALBERT C. HICKEY, ROBERT A- SC'I'INVA1iTZ, EDXVARD C. YVETZ, HOMER F. VENI, VIDI, V101 In tlIe opinion of a Freshman "He who survives the Final examinations, is certainly a lucky fellow." TlIe class of '25 started on tlIeir S631'Cll for the mysteries of the "Oral Cavity" with twenty-eight members. After the smoke of tlIe Freshman seige had cleared, there 1'CIT121lI'lCCl 21 battle scarred veterans. W'ith good judgement the class chose for itis leader, Mitchell Podvin, who by lIis efficiency as Executive of the class, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we had not erred. During the year tlIe boys certainly showed tlIe Faculty that they were there to give tlIe best they lIad. and rumors had it that tlIey were, collectively, the most energetic unit that ever entered tlIe University. TlIe class also has the unique distinction of being the first body of students to enter tlIe course with every member a former College man. N The crowding social event of the season was "Our Banquetl' which was held at The Hotel Brozel on tlIe night of February 7th. The guest of the evening was Dr. W'olfson, who pleased all by his good fellowship and witty remarks. Speeches were made by the President and others. At tlIe end of the evening a rousing cheer was given for tlIe Committee, who made such an event possible. JAMES AILINGER, Buifalo, N. Y. "Big Ifeartecl Jim" We have often wondered why our Jim excels in cavity preparation. How could it be otherwise? Doesn't he own an engine that knows the tricks of the trade? Jim is the class representative on the football field and also on the University five. - COURTNEY A. BRADLEY, Avon, N. Y. "Beams" It has been rumored around the College this year that Court will not want for a position this summer. He has accepted a position with the "Boston Baked" Co. His duties being to make known to the people of the rural districts the Inns and outs of the famous product. G0 to it Brad. May the noise of your success be heard thruout the country. JOHN V. BURNS, Buffalo, N. Y. "Jack" Many a Freshman entering the University may with good results take as a model for "First class attendance, our Jack". Jack has learned at least two Acme principles in his Soph. year. First, that things will "WAX" hot for anyone who will "CASTl' himself with the "Baseplate Houndsn, and secondly that moveing his wandering classmates with the best of spirits is charitable if to say the least non profitable. One Hundred Eighty-nine ARTHUR A. CROSS, Wlestport, N. Y. "Art" Many times during the year if one chanced to stroll down North Pearl St., he would be enchanted by the sweet tones of a violin, coming from Art's apartments. and strange as it may seem, the tune on every occasion would be the same, a very sweet balad entitled 'LMary Dearu. AUSTIN J. CLARY, VVaterloo, N. Y. "Aus" Austin, during his musical career, has written many beautiful songs and among his most recent successes is the "Song Show Review" fwords by Bob Hickeyj. Aus, is also a very active Clubman, being associated with the "Wandering Sophomoresw and also retains the office "DEATH" in the clan of the four HorseInen. PIERRE F. DALTON, East Syracuse, N. Y. "Hot Soup" Three times during the year, the Fide Dept. was summoned to the College lunch to extinguish a flame. On each occasion it was learned that the smoke and flame issued from Daltis 25c Stogi, which he deems an essential part of the daily meal. Dalt never could understand how soup could be anything else but hot. FREDERICK EMMERLING, Buffalo, N. Y. A "Tiny" Tiny, in the near future will become one of Buifalds best known plate specialists, in fact he has already made it known in public that he will devote his life to the making of Cast Aluminum dentures. This statement has blasted the hopes of Philip Sousa, who had been trying for some time to induce Fred to relieve him of the burdens of leadership of his band. BIILTON O. HAGER, Buffalo, N. Y. "Milf Milt claims that the best thing for a rubdown after a heavy day is Which Hazel. He is noted around the lab, for the ease and precisiveness in which he reduces the breakage fee of the class. It has ben rumored around the school-that Milt has often been dining at Palais Royal, in the Company of Dr. Reist. KENNETH A. HALL, Hornell, N. Y. "Doc" Doc has found out from experience that a permanent wave is not all bliss. The women won't let him have a minute's peace. Doc has a great habit of arising about 6 A. M., and if the weather is stormy, he pursues the pages of a Saturday post, but in fair weather he walks to the Front before his repast to develop an appetite. ROBERT A. HICKEY, Rensselaer, N. Y. "Bob" Hick has been quoted as saying, that altho the class does not appreciate his voice, nevertheless he is able to horn in on a few free feeds occasionally, on the strength of it. Bob has been studying nights under the supervision of Doc Gibson the aim being to compose an alloy of Zinc and Lead for Dental purposes. Hick refused an offer to replace Al Jolson in New York recently, owing to his love for the profession. EARLE J. KELSEY, Theresa, N. Y. "Kels" Kels has always retained the reputation of 'bing a mean man in Prosethitics, lab. He also is there in recitations. Kels has been elected as the class represntative at the Dental Convntion for next year. His congenial manner and pleasing smile carried everything before him this year. JOHN M. TVICNALLY, Buffalo, N. Y. "lilac" Mack had a dream one night. He dreamed that he had died and was at the Pearly gates clamoring for admission. St. Peter spied him and knowing Mack's fame below as a Pro- stesist asked him, "Mack, when do you place a permanent denture in the mouth?l' And our own little Mack spoke up and said, "I'll tell you Pete, it is done only when the oral tissues have come to their final resting place? It is needless to say that Mack gained entrance to which place, however, we have been unable to -find out as yet. One Hundred Ninety EDWARD M. Mmvmzs, Niagara Falls, N. Y. "Chief" Eddie, the fashion plate of the Cataract City, is really capable of vamping Buifal0's best, but it is also a fact that he remains true to the idol of his heart. He is also a lover of music, his favorite piece being "Don't send 'me Potzies. I-le has been called upon to render this ballad several times by "Our Paddyv. XVILLIAM H. EKIURTI-IA, Niagara Falls, N. Y. "BillSmooth" If anyon can frown after hearing Bill laugh, he's not human. Bill claims that in order to get an average of 95W in Anatomy, one must read his Doctor. When he was informed that there were to be midyears, Bill just puckered up his mouth and said "Is that so". When speaking of colors, Bill maintains that red is not red but Auburn. MATTHEW PODALIN, Buffalo, N. Y. "Mat" Mat. is having his hands full these days. lt certainly is hard on a fellow when he ruins another man's casting ring. Ever since Mat destroyed Meyers casting ring, which was in the first place a gift from Chief's sweetheart, he is afraid of law proceedings from that source. Mat has the happy faculty of supplying the class with imitations of canaries and other beasts of the air. MITCHELL L. PoTv1N, Hudson Falls, N. Y. "Mitclz" It's a hard job to find Mitch on an oif night. He is most certain to be found surrounded by a bevy of College flappers at some Hop. Altho Mitch does not resemble President Harding, still w believe that he could very easily replace the executive, due to his xperience and his debative powers. He is the hero of many daring escapades, having fought Single handed a pack of wolves. Jack Burns can vouch for this final statement. CHARLES C. Rizzo, Mt. Morris, N. Y. "Chuck" Chuck, otherwise known as the Lone VVolf, has his classmates guessing most of the time, trying to figure out where he spends his evenings. He certainly doesn't get his hair cut twice a week for nothing. He has accepted a position this summer as life guard at Hunter's Canal. - ALBERT C. Ross, East Aurora, N. Y. HAZ" One of the worst habits that Al has is to pay a perfectly good two bit piece to go down to a show and sleep. He has been chosen as the anchor man on the Soph, bowling team, owing to his ability to swear at the pins when the stay up after a perfect hit. VVhenever Al longs for an afternoons vacation, he leisurely sticks a file into his hand and calmly drops to the floor. E. STANLEY, Buffalo, N. Y. "Stan" Stan. has started the fact that he has become one of Vv'alter Camp's pupils, in the summer reducing class at Angola Beach. His one great trouble in life in trying to get a square deal from his partner in crime, Jim, in the division of the spoils of the Lab. EDWARD SWARTZ, Buffalo, N. Y. "Eddie" Eddie has taken for his motto, HA note in the hand is worth two in the book". If we all knew anatomy like Eddie, Dr. Gray would have to retire from business. Eddie believes that all knowledge in the class should be Universal, and for this we thank him. MOMER VVETZ, Trurnansburg, N. Y. "Homer" Homer claims that wine, women and song, makes the world go 'round, and it certainly is true in his case. If things are dull in class it is always our Homer who pipes up and shouts, "That reminds me of a story", and we generally cry nCurtains", after the story. One Hundred Ninety-one A 1,y. - g, 044 zu ! Q ' .TTT 2 -1. J - A A jf 'L'5 fvs:'.- 1' Qyj Q5 T T T , g X XXI . .2 ex 'LEQS ALPIQ 3' HERES A FELLOW WHO , DOESPVT KNOW WHAT ITS IL . ,fe Q S I . lllll -A X 'z f n 1 1 P 1 f . f, 5 F E X X 4 0 X . f- ll! - i ,L J IH ' ff' E .I ' w ' if? AL Hoes ESTA5LI5HlHCr A weaves INVENTION y THE WIT SHAQPEHER - me SUTCHEP-S THVN5 SOPHOMOQE DEFITS SHOULD HAVE cms 0""'L7"'7 7 FINAL REPORT -- 7 AND VVE EXPECTED PIOTHIHQ- eemvv qc. x EUS! c 76' f 77 77 if if T 'noch HERE's A BABY wma " HQT sou?" rus AUANYS APVLE TAKES A WALK WITH EVEQY Movmevl, OF F009 TD 555 1-HAT IT Lamps 5AFeT.v KN HL5 5TCzP4ACr-1 WOULD Gwe THF. wlvow A MILLION DOLLARS Al-U7 r-usb Luge TD vauvei 'T To HER EN vekson VP? AQ ' I 'x A-" T STANDARD WEIGTHT FOI? A ALT, ABOUT- H53 JUST A nop AHEAD OF Tm: NUT COLLEQE. HE,Ll. HOW EHDEAVOR TO TELL YOV HOVV THEY TOOK THE BABY FROM THE mzzo QTT-1 me QYM SUIT, WW vs, MEYEI25 "THIS BOUT SHOULD BE Fouqm IH THE 5-TQATQATAWAY Ar-To IJICYERS SHOUI.D'BE - qlvrfr-1 5:-TILE START- T'-5 fn' ,, . .5 . T . E-AMT .41 " 5Qr1wAK'rz ' THIS T511-TE 14:9 VVITH THE 5-I LEACTVE HAIR- CVT. 6.92 xx ,ff X 7? T w ' J f ,f f 1T,!T U X! ffof , "1?'g7 if ff ff If Hi! "W if f A 1 ' if ff f. -,,,f" Sw-.. 4 , X 1 , .f,.?'5'? 1 -xx Z-- 'SAY,LTsTnT-T, AlN'T 1 suwvasav TO se Tn THAT PICTURE? 'ol'x.L BET 'ED' MEYERS LOST Tr-nm QLOVES- II NQHOT Tomq-HT, dum:-'neg som: 01-HER NIGHT HAYBET LOOK UT TH' WAY THEY LAY!" I l - I I Qgf- 09 . 'Lf' ir : T .I ,AT yi I v lffy, V A ' ff " zv' ' 1, 1- ',' fi ' ', . ' , -If Q 3- T,Tg,1c4f5 'f f,4,.q.f' W lxffyff' f T '-'vb -f ff, E!!! jffggi mf '1 MM f - iff! 1 IT 'uf TT TV fn 5315-Vvifffk' I W V! if T A fzssg5i,:jI'TL ,Wg Y , - 'W T' 4 xv - f' f I 1,1 'ffl f' iff "5 , Fi' T f 'iff . ,T " TT' f 'T fg f rf . I Tl Zz:-' -1:1 I 1 .11':.e x -1- 731. lf: ' Aff.-, Y tg: 3,-. 5, 3. "L 1 - L' '+I -:N-.Q zgqggj Jigs QRYF1-xgas. 7' 4 -,Z I "M OL? r fm Q 'y' "0 '..p,,. .,3.,.N:., 4. :I-:W 1. 4, ff. FRESHMAN DENTAL CLASS Class President .,..........,,,,.., Vice-President ......... Secretary ........,...... Treasurer ........ Md7'Shall ...........',...,...,.,,.,., Iris Representative ....... Bee Representative ........... Bison Representative ........ Prophet ,,.,,...,.,.,.,.....,,........,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,, Advertising Manager, Bee .......... One Hundred Nm ety-four fficers .,..,...,.THoMAs C. ROONEY .....,,JAMEs R. CAMPBELL .........ERNES'F D. HUNT .........CARI, K. SANJULE ...............JOI-IN BURNS .,.......,...THOMAS HAYES ...,..,...YVALTER BURRELL .........FRANK QUININ .........THoMAs HAYES ........,TRACY TOUGH Toll all JFRANK R. AIICAIXA PHILIP J. BARR JOIIN XV. BURNS XVALTIZR J. BIIRRELL JAMES R. CACCAMISE JAMES R. CAMPBELL ALLEN YY. COLE FRED H. CONVERSE JAMES P. CRONAN RAYMOND J. TJOLI. NORMAN YY. ELSAESSER XVILLIAM' J. FRANK NICHOLAS CTIMIGLIANO FRANCIS L. GUINAN TIYIOJNIAS J. HAYES GEORGE T. HICIilEI.,'1'ON NORBERT C. HOFFhIEYEll ERNEST D. HUNT LOREN M. KAXISEII JOHN E. ISTELLY LTERLE H. KING ROBERT G. KNAPP SHELDON WV. KOEPF ALOYSIUS IQORNIEJEWVSKI SI-IIMO A. KIIIMJIAN JAMES F. LINDSAY GERALD T. MCGRATH JOHN B. TXTCCTRATH TXTYRON S. BICGUIRE YVM. R. TNIECKFESSEL, JR AN'1'I'IONY S. PANTERA JOHN F. PITASS :LOUIS YV. RADDER, JR. THOMAS C. ROONEY CARL K. SANJULE PHILIP T. SCI-INITZPAHN AUGUST J. SIPPEL CHARLES C. SULECKI TIIACY N. TOUGH HAIQOLD VFROSSET EARL I. ULLMAN ROY E. YVAGNER LEON M. VVALTS LEYVIS VVILSON HENIIY J. XVISEP. ANTI-IONY A. ZIELINSKI One Hundred Ninety file Greetings e VVe who aspire to become "Ye Future Dentists" greet you. Father Time in his daily travels brings to some their share of joys, to some their burdens of grief. But on the members of the Freshman Dental Class, he has lavished an abundance of concentrated troubles in such forms as Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, etc. The majority of the present class had their initiation into the mysteries of Higher Education, in the College of Arts and Science, U. of B. We started out forty strong on September 25, 1921, fully equipped with all the determination necessary, to become full-fledged dentists, in the course of time. VVhen we returned to college after the Christmas holidays, it was to learn that mid year examinations had caused the withdrawal of four from the course. Again in May, the final examinations demanded their toll-and another four were missing. September 25th, 1922, found us knocking at the portals of the College of Den- tistry, craving admission. Upon entering we found that our depleted ranks had been strengthened by some twenty-two students from various other colleges. As the close of the school year of 1922-'23 draws near, it is the earnest desire of the members of this class to extend to faculty and teachers. their apprecia- tion for the many helps that have aided so materially in smoothing the rough road to Dentistry. ' Louis VV. RADDER, JR. One Hundred Ninety-six X9 UQF 7 J X' uw SENHCODR CHEMMCS xknvfvf i R I.2I IVw ' I I N I W fW'wfWV SENIOR CHEMISTRY CLASS lass ficers President ....,......... ,................ C YRUS LAING Vice-President ..... ..,...... F RANCIS BIULLINS Secretary ........... ........... V ERA VVETMORE Treasurer ....... ......... W ESLEY STOESSER Marshall .............................. ............ V ERA WETMORE Iris Representative ,,,.,.., ,,..,,.. K ENEFICK YVENDE Bison .R8P7'6S6?'Ltdti'U8 .,,..,. ...,..., D AVID IYIEIYIRTIOF Bee Representative ..,,...,. ..,..... V ERA XVETMORE Historian ....I.... Poet .,....,.... One Hundred Ninety-eiglzt WV: If QU' :I JN' I 'W I WI .f,f"J:'IH"JI: 3' " I 'wlh'ww-'mzx M I Im I ILRQIIIIIIIIIIIC .wIlImuJf yu VVALTER SJODEN ..,......GRANT DIAMOND I VL ,V WW- .,, IIXM, J 21, VIN X! . rI The Chemics Chant I1e1'e's to the class with a ll1f0llS!I7llZ songs, Songs with a common theme, ,fl thousand like one, get each. belongs To a lllffC?'C?'7Zf hemztiful scheme. Others may sing of old Townsend Hall, Wfhere lovers express devotion, But Chemic students canlt see that at all- VVhat care they for silly emotion? A botanist sings but a verse on flowers, Perhaps on the sprouting of wheat, But a Chemie will sing. and sing for hours, And need never the same verse repeat! He sings of the structure of alloys like brass, Of copper. and zinc, and nickel, How the crystals form. and how they pass, As the temperature drops a little. His songs tell the tale of an atom. an ion, A proton, electron and shell. How Sodium and Chlorine like to combine, To form the salt NaCl. He sings in his songs the laws of Charles, Of Boyle, of Henry and Dalton. How gases expand. compress, dissolve. Theory of kinetics and motion. He tells the story of cause of color, VVhy Sylvia has brown eyes, and Maude's are true blue, The presence or absence of pigment in nature, The color of feathers he tells about too. Yes, the Chemic sings a thousand songs, Songs with zz. single theme, A thousand like one, yet each belongs To a dijferent chemical scheme. VVhen a Chemie sings, he sings what he knows, And he knows the secrets of matter, How stone, iron, wood all are composed, And earth, and air, and water. 'Tis no wonder this class has a thousand songs, And hesitates never to tell them, For to Chemistry only its heart belongs, And Chemistry enfolds all Creation. GRANT S. DIAINIOND. One Hundred Ninety-nine Class Prophecy The experiment was admittedly a delicate one-it was the Hrst time that I had been intrusted with any original research with nitrogen iodide, and I was pro- ceeding with the utmost caution. However, ia blinding flash, a sense of dizziness then someone muttered faintly in my ear, "You have had a long seige of it. Your case has been in many of the Medical Journals for you have been asleep for over twenty years. Now that you have recovered consciousness you shall be wheeled out to the sun parlour that your strength may return more rapidly." I had been seated in the sun parlour but a short time when my attendant returned with a newspaper which she handed to me. I will admit that I stared at her. There was something about her that reminded me of some one I had seen before. "Yes," was her amazing reply, "I was in the Arts at the time the explo- sion took place but I was acquainted with most of the Chemics and I have followed them that you would know where they were when you recoveredf, "But tell me about them all" I asked. For reply she pointed to an obscure paragraph in the paper, "Prospector Murdered by Indians, Mexico City, June 9th, reports from the interior indicate that an American chemist and prospector, M. S. Armstrong, was scalped by Indians in a remote section of Zufeda State while in search of the new mineral VVidium." HBut the rest?" I asked, "Surely Armstrong with all his bull could not be the only one left!" "Be patient, and you shall hear it all. Laing, you must remember your class president, is still at Foster Hall-as anitor. He could never leave the old place he loved it so, and now he is regarded as a permanent fixture. I-Ielwig is section boss at Martinsville, and has Dr. Irons working for him as a shovel man. Dr. Irons and Helwig became much attached while at Foster Hall and when the Chemical course was discontinued Irons found an easy berth with his former pupil. Frank sacrificed his life in an attempt to cross the Atlantic in one of the new Fliv- ver planes, while his old side-kick Durfee is Captain of a Fairy boat on the River Nile. Day has lately accepted a position as 'head lineman for the Radio Corpora- tion of America and Miller was last seen as a demonstrator of Amami Henna Sham- poo in a window of the National Drug Store. Mehrhof is manager of a pool-room in Pearl Place while VVes. Stoesses has been taken in partnership with Nate Fen- ton in the New Palis Royal. Sjoden's story is a sad one. After graduating he left for Sweden and after much work was promoted to Admiral of the Swedish Navy. He was 'busted,, however, for allowing one of the vessels of his command to approach too closely a mountain of magnetite with the result that the rivets were pulled out and the vessel sunk. He afterward returned to this country and was shot in a brawl in Jew Minnie's. Miss Wfetmore is serving time for speeding, a habit acquired in making an eight thirty class at Foster Hall with a Flivver. IVidgoff is Dean of the Chess College which he founded. Holt has a position as chief photo- grapher for the Police Gazette while Airey is a trainer of wild animal crackers. Rasch is spending his time posing for advertisements for Mellin's Food while Mullens after evolving the newly accepted formula for starch, has been raising immense quantities of sugar beets on his farm near Hornell, N. Y. Miss Scoield is still passing the tambourine for the salvation army. Wlende has been the big man of the class. 'Two Hrmdred Kenefick Theodore Wlende, A.C., M.C., O.L.S. fOnly Living Speeimenj was elected to congress from the Goose Island District. He was instrumental in securing the passage of the 28th amendment which repealed the 18th and threw 956,384- pharmics out of employment. A few years after graduation he was united in mar- riage with a former classmate, Miss Sylvia Goergen, and strange as it may seem they are still .....,...,...........,.. " "Come on wake out of it. Merely because you canlt quite comprehend my lecture is no reason for sleeping in classl' ..,....,.... I grinned rather sheepishly at the instructor and beat it. The Ballad of the Pen Pensilicic acid Illas invented by our class It served a noble purpose To help the sinners pass. J One day the one who found it Did spill some on the floor, George Raseh as usual, curious Asked him if he had more. George Raseh soon got prohcient In using this strong stuff, He seemed to be intelligent In 'pulling off this bluff. IfVhen Vera learned that George Rasch had An acid that was new, She borrowed some one afternoon To see what it would do. At first she used it sparingly She used it drop by drop, And day by 'day her marks went up Till she was right on top. VVhen Stoess, our foremost chemist Saw Vera in the lead, He got so peeved and angry Till did his conscience bleed. He turned aside tradition He wavered and he fell, And used this mighty acid And say, he used it well. T-wo Hundred 1 One 1 Ii: , Wgl . v-72 ,TJ ,mi Zigi :Liz 51:-., 1 155 1 I M1111 1:1 1 1i-1 T'?:l I E-,1 1 ,,,, 'E' vs F1 , l:L...n-'-N1 11, 1, vnu, f ,..A ,,,, X , .. me -1 J E But Maud and Syl. persisted still In antiquated ways, They worked hard, yes they labored A And put in lengthy days. But when they learned the secret - To get a good result, By using Pensilicic acid They added it in bulk. MLP? fi li IAE5 ' USF F . Said K and Cy, Leland and Dave, n Sj oden, Herb, Wick and Bert, I Newton, Francis, Edward, Day and Grant, 1 And we can't o'erlook llfert. "W'eive known this stuff for a In concentrated form, It's nothing that is new to us It has our burdens borne." long time 1 iff l 5 l gfpnie , ,X an ,Q -1 If 1 Jf 1555 This pensilicic acld rj No stronver one can be 155131 A , - C 2 And It was used by many gi But never used by me. G. C.M. id ,135 -. 1532 112.24 'L 5 4 ill-7-'31 Sig lie! 1? 1 F if ,fi i i 14239 '-ti Ellffi 4 A L 'J rf 'E EE 1 HSE 1 51, tiijfij 1 1 l no-mmf? l lg - 1 1 i if '21 - 5 2-,ii iz 'xg ef' 1 ' 1J 1 Two Hmmdred Two F 111VT-WUWW mmm yT"1Ewm'111y1'1C5F,15 was . 2551 1 11..ff1-I 111 N11-11 1 1 11 tri? -W1 1 l'?4lJ"' V111'ff'.l!l'11t'vi1e11'1f1f11,l1r1E 11li f1:f Tl -ef' 59 ff ill"ffW1l'a1Wf?ffflN111111if1f"111-l11111ti5fS'1111l'1"f, 1,5L 11111f11lIllllUlllmmdlllll11l11lll1i1v,1nlM1ll1111l13l1.11A:, M55 ,,ii't..1Ji QC., 3QflU111,1111l11l111mQ1.1?11.11111l11 ,.,1, 1 o11l11111l1l J f-R lfy f M ,fgywwff "" My My M if Q XM! F Un, x l r I ml XX X f if T 5 N X O R Y Q ff, xfimll iff? -g I1 Y V ri 'A -. - R v. gm -'HW + 5 ll 'jr iv' lf, .Ae- 'W1' I ,I "- li wx 'TY P32 'Nfl rf" g if- ,-1 ' f , W . 0+ ! N ' . r fwffk 51?-4- . Q41 Wllluun f aim .U , 71, -i-:R-15255 ig-ixgyf ,3 in P fm f ima. f 9 R ggi , H , ,W x an j74s.., G h 1 J H Q QV 067, l-Lx f 5m"""1n1g 5 La 91140 'Zigi 3 i My PMS., 3 J' 1 5 ff 'Q 5 'K NJ? E J' O 'H ,wir AH'-I ,TX .f 'X -? rd Q5 .r "P, ,V -N ?7f 4,5 3' "Pe 6 uvfuv fb 5 K S9 fs Qt'-'iw W 4-Z' , V is vMv,x'1'A A'-rx lay 'tw QD J,mimi'W rlfqr 'A' C, 'X 0 " W 'UQ ' gm x' "ox 1 'L Y Q0 ff, fo 5,3 If ' Gish 6 D QFSA X Qa"M" Q9-N if V W Q as X x , Nkqx fu Wx ' , ob X' F c,-an N NW! JUNIOR CHEMISTRY CLASS Class Gficers President ...............,.. A....... R OBERT G. FREEMAN Vice-President ........ .................... G RACE H. LEE i Secretary ...,.............. ,...... A LBERT A. GULLIAN T1'e0,.s'u1'e1' ,.....,.,. .,,..,.. ...,...,...... D U ANE TNI. RECH Mai'sIiaZl .................A,..........................,....... ......... C LIEEORIJ C. CARTER Athletic Representative ..,......,......,... ..,......... C HARLES T. BESCH Publications Representatizw .........,....,... :LLOYD T. HOWELLS ROLL CALL BESCH, CHARLES J. LEE, GRACE HILDRED CARTER, CLIFFORD MULLINS, FRANCIS T. FREEMAN, ROBERT G. RECH, DUANE M. GULLIAN, ALBERT A. RYBERG, DONALD K. HOYVELLS, LLOYD T. Two Hufndred Four 4 D. M. RECH flVreekj XVe Thrive on Competition', Doesn't that sound grand? If you must know, huy a glass of Reehso And you will understand. Since the neerology of liaeehusg VVhat would we do today, If Rech would stop, manufacturing pop, I Sex, 1 "IJ UP L . R J W' l 57 . 2 To drive our thirst away? V31 T' A H1 POP -f A, A. GULLIAN A In the lab one day we were husy, Vilorking with our stills, 'Il -. A lady stepped in, and gave us a grin- V , Even Solomon would have heen thrilled. She seemed to he looking for someone. VVe wondered who it eould he. Looking over the shelf, eaeh said to himself, I hope that she's looking for me." Alhert started as usual to fuss up, To us it seemed quite queer: And let it he said, we nearly dropped dead 3 , VVhen she said, "Are you ready dear"? .4 1 , .., N Q Out to the Dodgez they meandered, X-WY 5 avi in 'V X Swinging their arms to and fro, 22" f Viihen they sat side by side, Chemist Gullian cried, Q - Ez ' Toot your horn Gabriel, I'm ready to go!" ,JT - Y i, ' -1" ' L77-I ' CARTER-THE CANDY KID Cliff Carter needs no introduction, That name is enough 'tis trueg VVhen you open the door, at Bierina's store, He's there with a smile for you. OLE FAITHFULI. E ERMA35 Now ladies! He's the manager, At least it appears that way, 4 Q For he hires and and fires, the clerks he desires, ., And draws an exorbitant av. 'V P . 9 up He has no time for study, 5 55 U He wouldn't if he hadg 5-7 ,3 ll VVhy should he know, where atoms go, .-' VVhen candy is his fad? I si, 919: 4 -Q g.-12 Yet he's in every sport there is, .. A.- From bowling up to pokerg P-4 'H But truth comes out, with out a doubt "- He's a wicked little joker. 1 ff! 5 I I J I f 1 xl Two Hundred Five Ralsuss na r' E' - cvpmamst fl . f -'- '4fe f ,f U Q I gil. H Ss 1:19 AL' nj .LQ ff I. CTQ15 , U it -5 ff'-T-'gil-L 4' f ,il Q I 757 f 4 ff ,wif-:lr 1'-5 - T 531 '71, f E KE -253 L Mx n 33 p ,g ill ? ye, -H QJ .15 Two Hundred Six R. G. FREEMAN Bidwell 1055-'gls Robert there?" Just fifty times a day. ca 71 One minute my lad, I'll look in the lab, His mother will always say. XVe wonder what he does there, Has he discovered something new? Perhaps fl..lUCl'C notion, of perpetual motion, Or maybe he's making home brew. Gullian calls him Gattermann, He's an Einstein without doubt, YVhen problems evolve, that no' one can solve, It's Freeman who figures them out. CStevc himselfj C. J. BESCH--Dean of XVOIHCD I cawn't see why," said Charlie Besch That women are so beastly fresh, I know l'm sweet and tres petite But they just carry me oi? my feet. And at a dawnce it gets me peeved, They crowd around like a swarm of bees. Comparative Anatomy is a cinch for me, I know, that stuff from A to Z. IR'hen I read the Times it tickles me, Slim Pickens, he's a used to beg Upon my word, it seems absurd, That Janes should fall for that poor bird. XVhen I've finished this college life And start out in this world of strife, I'll start a war, make money galore." Class au "Oh where have I heard that stui before together LADY LEE Scott had his lady of the lake, She doesn't stand a chance NVith Lady Lee, of old U. B., Our charming dehutante. To all young men from far and near, I write this without raptureg Our lady fair has bobbed her hair, But indeed she's not a flapper. Out in the wilds of the country, VVhere everything is gay: NVhere no one stops, for ti-attic cops, She drives her Chevrolet. Of all the places we have been, The noisy and tranquilg Of all love nests, in Hollywood's crests, XVe envy Eggersville. f'x ,N QQTX ,J ff A XXGfi'f' ff! ww 'ab'-,xv C FRESIIMAN CIIEMISTRY CLASS Class Gfficers President ............................................................... VVILLIAM H. JEFFERY Vice-President .......... ........... H AROLD J. LICCONNELL Secretary ..............,,.................A.........,,.,,..................A..........,......... CARL RASCH Treasurer ........................,........,..Y.,,................. ..........,. G EORGE GOOD Bison and Bee Representative t...,... , ...... ......... C ARL RASCH CLASS ROLL Goon, GEORGE RASCH, CARL JEFFERY, WILLIAM H. ENGLISH, RICHARD IVICCONNELL, HAROLD J. Two Hundred Eight .xii . I, I -iii P , .. f I' .,w'w"uH1.i " 'l1y'fl'l!illllfi""' I W A f it 'fl' I ' ' " .. "i1M..iii:'5 i'liililliilliliiilfii'. Let us start the roll with Harold Jeffry, better known as "Jeff'7. He is a very promising young man whom we have honored with the presidency. He was elected in a very democratic manner. When the ballots were counted it was found that there were as many candidates as there were voters. This tie was then settled by the ancient American custom of tossing a coin. Jeff for some unknown reason won. Harold J. McConnell, who hails from that famous part of the western hemis- phere known as Ontario, Canada, is a fine specimen of "Mutt". I-Ie will probably go on the stage as the famous "Gold dust twin". Like all Canadians Mae is a lover of the popular winter sport known as hockey. He makes frequent trips home on "business". From the wilds of Lafayette Avenue comes the promising youth by the name of Good. He is a wizard at math. Try and copy it. It looks very pretty we must admit but to be candid it would take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure it out. Next comes the bright boy from Tonawanda and like most of his towns folks he has the ever present oil. It is surprising how many questions he can ask. One day we think he is a geologist, the next a consulting chemist, but when it comes to working, he takes the prize. FAVORITE SAYINGS .Ieffry-"Gosh I don't know". McConnell-"Let's go to the show". Good-"I'm sorry that it's your beaker I took, Jeff". Rasch-"Gimme that newspaper". Dr. Morgan-"Wie will all spread out for the written review". Prof. YVaite-"That's all rightn. Dr. Sy-"As Dum Dora would say". THICK HOBBIES McConnell-"Showdown". "Jeff"-'Trick Cigarette holders". Ambitious Good-"Lifesavers,'. Two Hmzdred Nine SENIOR ARTS Qffieers P7'GSi6l611i ....................... ,......... E DWVARD J. HOFFMAN Viw-PW'6SidC1Li ......... A.................,.....,., lN IARION HUNT S6CV6iw1'y ......A....... ................,.....,.. IN TARGARET HOLMES T1'6llSu1'e1' ......... .......,.. K ATI-IERINE W1fu'r'r1,1zsEY HiSi01'ia1l ......... ........................A R 0sE ZROSENTI-IAL P0615 .....................,...........A.A... ........,. E lMILY VVEBSTER Pwphet .....................,........... .............A. S YLVIA GOERGEN Iris Representative .....,..... .......... J EANETTE JACOBSON Senior Class Poem Our course is like the sun Whose race is yet to rung We pass but once, the sun will come again. 'Tis now our dawn of day, 'Tis ours to do and say, To act that all the world shall know we have not We will not look behind, We'll face with fearless mind The problem that we meet from day to day: To do and speak the right To shed both truth and light passed in vain. To lend a helping hand to fellowmen along the way. Our aim must be to work, Our tasks we must not shirk, A keen delight in life and living will we then eve We'll gladly go to rest at close of day, In the evening of our life, When free from care and strife, r take. 'To no man have I done injustice may we then truly say. EMILY H. VVEBSTER Two Hundred Eleven Chronicle of the Class of 1923 ITTLE did we realize, as we, ninety-one men and women, entered upon the last lap of our education on Monday, September 29, 1919, what vast opportunities and varied experiences lay in store for us. Of one and only one fact, however, everyone was certain, we were all newly-arrived Freshmen. As all other classes before, we, the Class of 1923 began our year in work, play, and in activities, social, literary, and athletic. The biggest social affair which stands out was the dance given in honor of the Sophomores. Hazing was attempted by the Sophomores but was only partly successful. Mid-years came and went with few casualities and soon we all recuperated from this first great fright. The second ixsemester passed more or less uneventfully 'for us and came to an end as- usual with unwelcome final examinations. VVith the reopening of the college in the fall of 1920 our class was somewhat diminished for but seventy-two reappeared. One could hardly believe that this class was the same that entered the year before but one year's instruction certainly had done a great deal for us. VVe exercised our power by causing the newcomers to wear Freshman caps of blue and white. . The inter-class spread soon followed. .Then came the dance that we gave for the Freshmen who reciprocated later in the year. Later we united with the Fresh- man to give a Soph-Frosh dance which wasra very brilliant event. Mid-years again took place but this time the effects were not so devastating. June came again and 'we separated to returnlin the fall of 1921 as twenty- six sophisticated Juniors. The majority of our last year's class chose to continue their education at the Medical School. As time does not permit it will suffice to state that the year was Hlled with both usual and unusual happenings. 'However, we could not pass over the history of that memorable third' year without men- tioning the great historical fact that we were the inaugurators of the Hrst Junior Prom held in the annals of this University. All who were present will not forget in a hurry that elaborate occasion with its th1'ills and throbs. Before we realized, our third year at the University was almost over and vacation was once more at hand. September 25, 1922, we returned for the last time to Townsend Hall where we were this year only temporarily housed for Foster and Science Halls were well nigh completed. Yes, this is our fourth year and we, too, can Zhardly believe that we are this yearls graduating class. Our number this time rather than decreasing as it had done the three previous years, increased to a total of 112 due to the addi- tion of chemistry and special students. This year, above all other years, was of great historical importance. 1Ve, as Seniors participated in the dedication of Foster Hall on October 27, 1922. Inaug- uration of Chancellor Capen took place the very next day and we were greatly honored to be present. Dean MacDonald also come to us this prosperous year. On November 13. 1922 the Arts and Science College moved to the new campus and this fact alone is sufficient to make us of historical significance as the first class to graduate from the "Greater University." In keeping with this distinction, we planned the crowning event of our four years sojourn, senior week. The wearing of caps and gowns on the campus, the senior reception, banquet and ball terminated Httingly our happy and eventful col- lege career. Ross ROSENTHAL. :MF th was 'T Two Hundred Twelve -G Over 100,000 Weathe, Circulation N - I I P Not So Good fsuccessor to The Bee? Vol. I05 BUFFALO, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 33, l933 Per Copy 5.001 Radical, Nlenacing . S. Government, Deported NOTED PI-IILOSOPHER VISITS HOME TOWN Prof. Sidney Farber of U. of B. and Harvard will give a series of lectures before the Buffalo Phil- osophical Society during the week of June 3lst. Dr. Farber has spent several years in Berlin, where he obtained his Ph.D. Ilis now famous book, "Freedom vs. Determinism", is soon to be fol- lowed by other philosophical publications. Buffalo is indeed honored to claim him as one of her sons. U. B. HAS NEVV NIGHT WATCHMAN XVesley C. Stoesser will be the new night watchman at Foster Hall. The friends of U. B. will be pleased to hear that this hall of science will be under the pro- tection of a man who has had practical experience on night, shift work during his undergraduate days. SEARCH FOR AVERAGE MAN Miss Sara Rice has undertaken a campaign to find "the man of average intelligence" in the city of Buffalo. She will make a house to house tour giving intellgence tests in order to gather her data. If she succeeds in finding him, he -will be presented as part of the equipment of the University of Budalo, Psychology lab. DEANS OF WOMEN HOLD CONFERENCE Dean Katherine C. Whittlesey of Vassar and Dean Lillias Mac- Donald of the U. B. will meet in conference this afternoon to dis- cuss the problem of tConduct of 'Co-Edsf' NORTH TONANVANDA MEN HEROES The most troublesome radical in America has at last been con- quered. This radical has been threatening society and endanger- ing the lives and health of Amer- ican business men since the depor- tation of his brother, E. Al Cobol, in 1921 by the Volstead Act of Congress. E. Al. Cohol was long consid- ered a menace to American inter- ests, but his younger brother, VVood Al Cohol, has proved to be even more deadly. The work of David Mehoif and George A. Rasch in the Rasch Chemical Lab. at N. Tonawanda, has defeated this radical and saved society from its devastating effects. Prof. H. M.'VVoodburn, head of the Department of Chemistry, at the University of Buffalo, and his colleagues, D. L. Mathieson, D M. Kumro, connnent as follows: The problem has been solved at last as to the identity of E, Al. Cobol and VVood Al Cohol by a simple, sure test worked out by these eminent scientists. AT THE THEATERS Shea's Marion Hershiser is the chief attraction at the Buffalo theatres this week. Her pep and enthu- siasm together with her charming personality, easily places her at the head of the vaudeville features. Miss Emily Webster is giving a course in pronouncable French, using her new system. She believes that French can be made a talk- able language. VVe await results. NEW WORM DISCOVERED Miss Marion Deuchler, instruc- tor in biology at Masten Park High School, has just reported to the City Laboratory that she has isolated the book worm. TENTH ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hoff- man entertained at a dinner on Thursday evening. The occasion being the tenth' anniversary of their wedding day. Covers were laid for ten. The guests were Prof. and Mrs. Sidney Farber and Mr. and Mrs. Otto NVillax. NENNS ITEMS H. Olive Standart has just re- ceived the appointment as head nurse at the Hospital for Erie County Dependents. Miss Rose Rosenthal, instructor of mathematics in-Hutchinson Cen- tral High School, has resumed her duties after a leave of absence of five years. During this time, she was collecting news for the Bee. Geo. C. Miller of the City Coun- cil is in jail awaiting the action of congress to pass the W'ende Act to repeal the Volstead Act. Orchard Park, Feb. 32.-Mayor Jim Holmes has signed an ordi- nance to prevent bicycles riding on the sidewalks of Orchard Park. Batavia, Feb. 32--Girl's Friend- ly Circle gave a variety shower for the president, Miss Dorothv York, whose wedding will be sol- emnized next month. SOCIALISTIC LEADER GAINS HEARING Prof. Leo Widgoff is to speak before the Council of U. of B. on Socialistic Community Life. He is seeking to establish such a com- munity among University of Buf- falo students. NEVV COURSES AT U. B. The University of Budalo an- nounces a new summer course under the direction of Ruth Foulke on "Cave Man and His Relation to VVomenis Rights? Miss Foulke takes her usual firm stand and her lectures will be most complete. Two Hundred Thirteen Art-it News - AMATEUR THEATRICALS Art-rr muff E se College Daily "Penrod', will be presented at X553 Editor-in-Chief S. M. Gaonoizx Reporter M. B. SCOFIELD Price--Breakage Fee Per Year Each Copy-3.001 FEBRUARY 33, 1933 EDITORIAL The appointment of Miss Jean- ette Jacobson, as diplomat to the Peace League was an extremely wise movement on the part of our government. The ability of Miss Jacobson has been proved during the past 10 years in the various campaigns and speaking tours she has made. She has also acted as arbitrator in the coal conference and International Railway strikes. Thruout her career she has shown her ability to rise to any occasion, with words and talk at length without committing herself. Just this sort of lubricant the U. S. government requires if we are to remain on friendly terms with all European nations. A RESEARCH TOUR Mr. Edward Grant Airey, a well known scientist and formerly of this city, started this morning on a research tour to measure the distance from here to infinity. Mr. Airey is to make this trip by Ford and has set out well equipped with spare and 5 gallons of gas and 1 movie camera. He plans to make this a sight seeing tour as well and will visit all the planets on the route. HUNT SEMINARY ENJOYS LECTURE Miss Viola Hultin spoke on Social Welfare Work Thursday to the girls of the Hunt Seminary. She was both inspiring and inter- esting. The conditions she des- cribed were so appealing that the collection taken up amounted to 875 cents. Miss Marion Hunt, head of the Seminary, is to be congratulated on the splendid re- sponse made by the girls. Two Hundred Fourteen the University of Buffalo audi- torium on Monday and Tuesday evenings of next week. The play will be given by the Kenmore Y. W., under the direction of Miss Natalie Round. Miss Round will play the leading role as Penrod. Mr. Harold Penfield has taken Miss Florence Bentz into partner- ship with him in his rapidly thriv- ing business at the Dimple Beauty Shop. They will specialize in clay packs and permanent waves. To- gether they will combine their in- dividual knowledge of Pharmacy and Chemistry in an effort to work out a novel way ofmanufacturing permanent dimples. Miss Eleanor Mago has opened a beauty shop and her recipe for permanent pink cheeks and golden hair is far famed! Shades of the poor dark Spaniards who are par- tial to blondes! Miss Cheryl Cowen, a former Buftalo school teacher, has ac- cepted a position inthe Psycholo- gical department at Columbia. IVe who know of her excellent work teaching History in the grades feel sure that she will be successful in this new field. ADVICE TO THE LOYE-LORN Conducted by Eleanor YV. Mago Dear Miss Mago: I am a college man of 17. Should I allow Co-ds to kiss me good night? My mother does not think this proper, yet all the co- eds seem to insist. XVhat shall I do? Anxious. Anxious: Such promiscuous kissing 'is cheapening to a man of your posi- tion. I should advise you to he firm. Be suspicious of co-eds. I am afraid they deal only in num- bers. YE U. OF B. STUDENTE ! ! Successor to Hamburg Jax I will carry a complete line of dogs. OTTo WVILLAX vrllx. , 0-1- ei-..,,. U. B. BASEBALL TEAM R.1c1xrA1uc.x1zLE SPEED S1-IOXVN BY ATHLETIC KINGS In 1923 the Captain and Mana- ger of the "Baseball team" Qthen non existantj were appointed mem- bers of the Athletic Association. Due to the untiring efforts of the Graduate Manager during the last I0 years the team is now a reality. GRADUATE MANIKCIER EBIPOWERED The University Council at their last meeting empowered the chair- man to empower the treasurer to empower the Graduate Manager to empower the Athletic Council to empower the Athletic Associa- tion to take the steps necessary to organize a baseball team. IJARGE Arrnorni.-vriox MADE The "Graduate" Manager has voted 9E0.l2y2 to secure equipment for the team and to defray the ex- pense of the eastern trip which the team is to make. Success is now assured. STUDENTS GRA1'EFUL The student body take this op- portunity to extend a vote of thanks to the "Graduate" Manager for his ceaseless efforts in their be- half and his liberality iii voting such an excellent sum to this in- fant sport. THE EDITOR. THE MARION SHOP invites its friends to the SPRING OPENING Saturday, March First Miss Fox has just returned from France with the latest creations of Paris. 1 THE MARION SHOP Importers Prop., Marion Shanley Sophia Fox TC . 0 jg 1.4 X EW X U 3 AR X 00 Xfi X Q k I 0 5 LL,,5-f 4 3 X N4 YEARS Aqo f ,. X X We WEE Q K XF. L DVQEAMEIQ4 n AND DQBULED -I Nom! WE ARE rrf Focus:-mess gf f 9 LIKE Boon-5, ETC. Ai? 1 YEEL. 3 K, DKE Wins' 6 Q X fr X pl , f I' K H QGVFEN Bus-'NESS SOMETHING' LJK5 T-H3 J Air-Q-' WIN: 'HE Clomwgz Of: 'mi BLAZEQ COATS W5 PA5-5:0 THE 'Pb-reffomefyal, EXAM OPGOEL RATQDM 2 f ig A Q 1.5 'Nw mx I T6 I-' N 7 Q 4 . A I v , ,.. L ' 1' . ., -1:47 .X , 'A 'N 9 ' - J I ml, "VdFm7 Q fa! MEIN,-fl' iw 'MW 'W W Lf Vi' 9" 7' Q A f 7-VESA mal1f""-- VV 'lg 7 Q Fi Xifmfgjw, L. X1 U? EIIUUO1' 5 V, .X I Ir I N 'M"'7"+T'A" Y-"""i "W" ' ywf mu E.-, q,,w'--'fp wfwM'fHf,Af.- ww' -S,w eI..vI' 'mln " .1 ' -. NI .K :-- W M. IH. , ,,.,g- I-. ,' , . .I ,J In., 'A - .Imp N I I ...IIN I . I -III . IMI H I. 11 ITM! " """"IWL,I ' ' I,.I:.f1'YT'I1I,1'-,'. ,,,.'f -1 IM". . .I - 'V ,-,., , , V ,,..,,. .,,,., ..,,.,,,..X,,... ,,.,..., ..,, , ,,,W .Vf-H ITM ffE.1W+rE!f4ll57I??Mf -g 'I'WfWl5EffIQjlQ1ik-I Il,'IIHNIWWWW IWW " fififf5HlA11WT3liilWl55WllflU4HW5IW?lV!flNWUW5351UQUW3ii!TTlf?1TTiiM' 1, ., .,,. . I Q , , 1'. , LLJM .'. JAVA . IHWHT' ' V. AA... ,,,. ,,,. ...I .I-,,.,.. . W Y , , ...L-,..-.,Y .,.. H,H,,,t,,,Y,. -. 1,LM,,,,,,-grrw YM H !, W A rffg? V?:?J, Ifiii I.iZ: I 'i3iA 1 I J 1 I-,sig .A-M, v'1ig',,'! - ,N L, ,LI ,TALL H523 ,LMI 'fig' , 'Cv vi iv-,j'.7, - " I ,,'1k.g,f Q - I ,TTIZZ I Ixif . I mn-f. I I I,L . XYNYA 1 E' TH,I ,..L W I-I gf! 155175 Ji35! ' I yi-93 ???. ,v5v5 f'. IRQQ. I ,Agn - T ,LLL T If-2:1 L, Nffiq LL. , 13534 A ' fis .QT I ' Xi' JUNIOR ARTS CLASS Class Officers , Preszdent ....................... 2 I 1 Vice-President ....,..... L -, Sec1'ez'a1'y .......,..,.... . .fr-R5 Treasurer .... . figf, Marshal ........ . ,752 BICIIEL, LTILDRED D. BUCKI-IAM, ANNA J. CARY, RUTH E. COI-IN, CAROLYN DANE, REBECCA H. gI,,,:,:,, DARLING, MARION E. DAY, DOROTHY C. DELANEY, :MLARY ANN D A , , H ,AAI OTTLRIIEITCII, ELEN DRISCOLL, EVELYN E FISCHER, EDNA E. Fi... THOMAS GANIM CATI-IARINE HALL ...........LfIILDRED D. BICKEL LRERT KUIAIN T. XVAUGH ROLL CALL GRUI-E, TEDITI-I V. GANIM, G. TI'IOMAS HALL, B. CATI-IARINE HEACOCK, GRACE M, HESSINGER, ARTI-IUR J. JONES, BIOLLIE A. KAMNER, IWIILDRED KELLY, WINIFRED J. KUHN, ADELBERT LEIN, HERBERT S. LESTER, OLIVE GAGE, CORINDA LIIACLEOD, E. VIOLET GAMLER, SADIE PELOWSKI, EDXVAIID S. gggg l:::Q. , , M,.,,,,,f- ,4,,.,,M, tv 1:12fiZY:Z::E:7i1'T1HL. ,,.. ..... .-H ..,,...,. W ,,,. WN- Q--M'MHTT'T'A .,"' YT1 llgiiklvlwIWYlkgjmgiiWm!!I3gigylgqwy:gl'iIUW'Qg,MfjI1w1Iy:,'3gIf.g1fQ,1Xf .g..IjI A J, ,V 1EIZEIEIWMlIIJlUM!TA3H?E?j,M.!Tl?,U.All9EQMUWUMMEIEHQMM!fWE ' If ' Elia '13 ji PM POTTER, HELEN O. ROLLER, VVILLIAM ROBELLARD, MRS. J. ROWVLEY, WINIFRED SATRUM, EVELYN SLOAN, HELEN K. STANLEY, ADA SWVIFT, JEANETTE D. VVAUGH, J OI-IAN T. XXII-IEATON, BIILDRED L. Iffea I 1115i W i 1 r WTT ' N iii, .J H, -.Sn fig I W O-E1 V Q I '7 - "LIL IVMT L21 li-1 N Q12 f Elfi IEi?. M2125 viii MSE? ':E3 I.E?3 .,.R I: .14 I yi?- N VTE- W Il EJ ' 5 ji' Q22 V21 E ELEM I E555 IKEA? 1 I i REQ 1 SET WEEE 1 l S I 514,522 M222 VVILLIAMS, G. MAXWELL WVOLF, NORMAN J. kg!! Two Hundrecl Seuehteen rs +A-AR---A---A-A A AAAA 5.5 'wi "j1fQ7m.fTi?I1V'w, T-,rf:7.:3f"mW I 3. . I I'..v 1 R: IN4Tv42HUIJ: 'Qi.W 'E'ItZEmH X Vd-Ym I www III' Im! MMIII WMNIIHIN TMI',II1IWNWl In - T I - I. ",.I',I IL' '..', If Nu 'Iwuvw N I www ,II-Iv . .N MAI.- LL. L I,,.I-..,1 L. -,I,L..1. ,ANL , ., 1. 1L.I,.p11.., . . ,.v,. .mv Two Hundred Eighteen. Ode to Twenty-four QApologies to Longfellowj By the frowning County Poorhouse On a noble browed hillock - Rose the Arts and Science College Seat of learning, hall of knowledge. Rose that square, old greystone building Thickly walled as if a prison To withstand the raging blizzards Winte1',s snows and April's showers, All about it stood the maples Stood the stately sheltering maples. While around it lay the campus Lay the bleak and barren campus, There the class of four and twenty Lived and laughed and loved and longed. Dreamed of visions unfulfilled, Happiness and wealth and song. Discoursed on the fourth dimension, Einstein's theory, Darwin's, Newton's. Pondered deep o'er syllogisms, Racked their brains long on psychoses. Chief among the learned number Was the Ganim Thomas Ganim, Known afar for wit and wisdom Capable to rule and govern. Others who are quite as famous You have heard their names before Cary, Rowley, Kuhn and Satrum, Hall and Day, and many more. Should you ask me of their future, Of their hopes and destinies, Of their dreams and endless visions, Of their thoughts and deeds and lives, I should answer, I should tell you Of the future bright, and more, Of the deeds and wondrous actions Of the class of twenty-four. E. V. M mme? Q M XKO TJLHQ1? , , 13 1 1 11111166 T .:1,1 1 'fi 1 . 1 1 1 1 1:23 1 1 5231 1 1 Ei I 1 Fi 1 1-E: 1 1 1 1Z1 1 1 1 1:15 ' 1 5:1214 1 Q' ff' 1' 1 1a 1 1 1 1 435 1 1 1T'T?:1 1 1 1 11 1 1 aim, 13:1 1 1 15 :iq 1 1 ,T V, 155111 157531 1 as ' 15,3 1 1 1541 . 1 1 1 2-41 1 1 1224 11:33 1 fili 1 1 L 111111151 F1 331 1 1 1, 121111 if'-by 1 ,,'11f, 11 1 1,L,. .11 vii! If -511 15252121 E-5115113 1 Ll 071 1 1 1 -1: li Tr-1T?1 12 155 Ez QM W-2 1111: 1f 5.95: aa 125 1 533 -l. .- 5 . -' ! ,. iq SOPHOMORE ARTS CLASS Class Hicers President ................A...A............ First Vice-President ............ Secmzcl Vice-President ,......... Secretary .....,......................,..., Treasurer ....... ....,,., Ma1'slzaZ .....,....,... . .A..........A........ Iris Representative ......,.... Bison Representative ......... Bee Representative ....... Two Hundred Twentu ,TQ--A-- -v.- M-, ev 1 .HJ 11 mm ,Q1 1- 1 1?-1,1111 11 11-1:1 '1' 1,11 1 .11 ,11 1. 111111-1 1 111' -1 1, -11 1'-11 1 1-1 1 1 1,1:f1.1v11 11 11111111-1111111 . 1 .1 - K1-' rd ,...1 ..,,,. ,7,,.,A,., .,,,, ,..,. , ,,A,,,A, N671 1. .Y 1 ?+,-,x -, -,, ,. ..-Y.,-,, 1 1 1 1, - ...HVVILLIAM J. KIBLER, JR. ......,JAsM1NE L. HARDLEBEN .........ART1-run C. GOETZMAN ,...,.......ROSALIE E. KARNER ........JOI-IN H. LITTLE , ..,..,...,....,....... HENRY ROZAN ...,......R.ICI-IARD F. RICHIE PRYOR .......DANIEL KATZ ,.,......-Q f A ,L , .J 1 .ii I bf?-.iz 1 15 11112 1 111 Q11-it 5 25:1 1 15 kim.. i E95 1 ! 1 Z3 1 1i1 1 1 12 We 125.3 1 1 E' 11 1' .-1 61 4 . 1-,..11-1.1 1 1 1: : S vi:-:4 1 L13 ,,1 1 2' 1 in 1 2:55 1 1 1 1 1 1 im 11,7 ,1 111.1311 1111111111 1111 "111'W1T 11 m11F7W1'YF'W11171TTWZ:77111.11 1111115171117 W- N' RwHm,, 5,511 r' S5-111511"'TTT'Ff1'"QTiTE1T?T"'1'"-1i'j1i1T111111112' 12' ' 111 11111 111111111111111111 11111'11111111'1 1111111111111111 11 11 ' 111111 1 1 1 111 1W1'11W 1 ..a.,1.. " -'Vi -'C ':T Z1 1' 1 I 1111111 11'?'f1:,f'111j ,1'1,5LQ'j1 --'1 111 111 111-171111111111 11 1 1111 5.11.11 11111111111,11.1.11111111111111111111-M11111111111 ALESSI, CHARLES LLY, ALTA M. IA' MHA, I IIHII II N W. 'IIN ,. . ,WIIIMM II N I III ,MMI BELL. HEI,EN M. BLASDELL. ISRUCE J. BUECKING, H. RUDOLPH CARREL, MARVIN B. CLELAND. E LIZARETI-I K. COURTADE, LALYREN G. ECRERT, RUTH E. ELSTER, ROBERT S. FAIRBAIRN, VIRGINIA VV. FRANKLIN. CLARA FRISCI-I, ELLEN J. FUNK, FLORENCE GOLDBERG. R.UTI-I YV. GUMINSKI. TI-IADDEUS E. HARDLEBEN, JASMINE L. HARRIS, EVELYN J. HOLMES., GEORGE H. KARNER, ROSALIE E. KATZ, DANIEL Oll Call ARTS AND SCIENCES KENNEDY. ROIZlCIl'l' E. KING, RIERLIE H. KOLIIE, GEORGE A. KRAl'F. CLARA M. KllAl.7S, RIILDRED M. IJICARMAN. SICLMA E. LEXYIN. ELVA LITTLE, JOHN H. Af III IUNICI R'fCIN'l'YRE. I'IUGI'I . RIARTAN. A. LOUISE NAISI-I, CARL YV. PINCUS. IQTHEL PRYOR. EVELYN G. ROBERTS, AI.BIC1l'F E. ROZAN. HENliY LONG. HIEI.lZN NI I . .. 'I 'Q F. T SCIIMIDLIN. BESSIE C. SCHUTT. ALICE W. PRE-MEDICS KE SI-IERWOOD, ELIZABETH H SIKES, IJELA IW. UCHIM. IDA 'N. VVERNER, MARGARET L. VVESLER, M. GERTRUDE BRONVN, HIEI,EN J. ,BROXY'NICl.I., KATHERINE A CAREL. FRANCES M. COPLON. MARION B. CURTISS. CONSTANCE E. MADEE, RIILDRED F., PAYNE, RIILDRED L. PRICE, ALBERTA J. ROBINSON, M. ARLINE TARBOX. CHARLES H. VVAGNER. EUNICE L. VVAGNER, RTAZIE E. YVARDNER, ELAYNE CI-IRISTEN. HENRIETTA ETLING, GEORGE F. FREEMAN. SHELDON B. FUNIC, ARTHUR L. GERASS, JOSEPH H. GILBER'F, YVHITNEY VV. HOXVARD, RUSSELL B. HPIIICIMIAN, IVANQ B.A. JAHRAUS, KENNETIYI G. BRODIE, ERNEST L. CARLINO, LAXVRENCE CHAIKIN, NATHAN YV. DARCANGELO, GENEVIE GOETZMAN, ARTHUR C. C. VE C. KlBI,E11, VVILLIAM J., JR. KIJ, JOSEPH F. LEONE, JOHN A. MACCOMB, VVILLIAM S. BICLAUGITLIN, JOHN R. MADERER, ROBERT MILLER, RKIAURICE KLEIN. JENNIE D. KRYSTAFKIEXY'ICZ, JOSEPH LEVITAN, S. ALBERT MANZELLA, AN'FI4ONY J. MEISSENER, YYILLIAIVI WV. RIORELL. REXEORD J. PAINTON, J. FREDERICK PEENNIG. ARTHUR F. TIiIEI.E, HONORINE M. RIONTGOMERY. RIAURICE YV. MOREY, JOHN B. RIURPHY, GEIlAI,D E. PAIGE, ARNOLD PIERCE. HUGH M. RICIYIIE, RICHARD F. RUMBOLD, DEAN YV. SCI-INECKENBURGER, H. J. SMALLIDGE, CEDRIC VALONE, JAMES T. VVALKER, ERNEST ZIEGLER, YVILLIAM P. G. Two Hundred Twenty-0916 Two Hundred Twenty-f'wo Ode to Mae When in my arms I hold my Mae, Pressed close in sweet embrace, A curved creature soft and warm, Faint breath upon my face, 'Tis then I know that ecstacy, That joy of love divine. 'Tis then from out those pure blue eyes A splendor deep doth shine. Those mystic orbs intractible, Unfathomed as the sky, Yet Welling from their lovely depths A soul that cannot die. Her lips are soft and petulant, Full, yet slightly drawn Like petals of a full blown rose Kissed with the glow of dawn. And sensitive and Winsome they, As though the Gods above Had deftly carved them out to be The Sacred Seals of Love. And radiant waves of hair she has, Spun gold, both light and Hneg And 'gainst my face it is like down. She's sweet-this Mae of mine. And as I see her day by day, A full life does she lead, She grows and blossoms lovelier In beauty, and in deed. And in the garden of my heart Full oft' love Howers rare- Little kindly acts--she plants, And full they blossom there. She is the girl my heart longs forg My soul craves for it seems. I love this Mae-o'-mine, she is The Dream Girl of my dreamsl. GEORGE H. HOLBIES, JR. Gallahad Q, 4 . T 'T X ' W ' , . 45' T T 64q::!5,ak ,:7 1' Q' px W Y, su Q Q Q? Wi, f VY 1 Bivn mu A' f a? X w .445 ,fn L X T lg! gl' T Q 4 J K fr'-2,15 , A tg fr" of if X THE Tn? THAT BIND! 2 Dl2EffEDxXF-ITU TQ KILL T g g? gggg gggg I C in ,,T TT TTTTTWTTTTTTTTTT j!xi 3? 5 f mm g T 1 Q T T, I DONT MEETTD Wm A IVIETED MTWR COLLEGE OF ARTS FRESHMAN Class Officers Presiclent ..A.................................,..........,........................ FREDERICK Lowm Vice-Presiclefrzt ,........ ,..,...... 11 IARGARET W'I-IYTE Secretary ..,......... ............. L OUISE SCI-UVABE Treasurer .,,.,.. ..,........,............ R 'OBERT BELL TXIARSHAL .......,. ...........,,,,..........................,....,.,, G ORDON BROWNJOHN Class History This year promises to be a banner year for the Freshman Class of the Arts and Science College. Following in the steps of their predecessors the class elected the following persons as ofhcersg President, Fred Lowe, Vice President, Margaret 1Vl1yteg Secretary, Louise Schwabeg Treasurer, Irwin Thompson. From the first day of school in 1922 the workers of the greenite class have been as busy as a swarm of bees and thus it came about that we freshmen had a live-wire party and dance at Old Townsend Hall on November 17, 1922. Did you sayvmusic? VVell that freshmen orchestra had it all over any VVebb's Jazz band you ever heard of. The two comedians of the class, "Bill" ,Cook and Irwin Thompson, put on several acts being ably assisted by a bevy of beauties from our 'own class. Oh! boy, you ought to have seen that dance Thompson and Capitola Parker pulled off. A youthful Juliet in the person of "Ted" Holmland then rendered several song selections to the great delight of the dancers. A On January 17th the class aspired to greater heights and put on a real college dance at the Twentieth Century Club. The original "Yankee Six" furnished the music for about one hundred enthusiastic couples. Two Hundred Twenty-five Sf' -qxi 3 K XE 4 IX Q T'-RQ1 :E 0,3 Y NI I X f X F f Plcwree o ."A FRESHMAN xml M f MNTNG SAD AT SIGHT OF A PIECE OF' 9lE E ,MMZIA :WWE XX I I N Z A x,' T THE Flresv DISSECTION tqlfmyfo , , 1 g + g -4 ., g ., 1- i ' l qi , THE WEAR' N' A - O'THE GREEN X . ? ' 2 Q1 X 111 CQ NOT QX .IW 5 X X JW 5 fx X A X , X -- Q XJ ? I 1 X O XZ Q 6 'T Em X " Am' WHEN we XX BODL Hum IN 2 OIL., WHAT THEN, . 9 L 5HoELAcEs AN TEAR I 1 THEN WE HANG I OUT ms EYE BRoxws: X 1' HIM UP BY THE c A nw! xW WHY FROSH To Xl Bl! Mimxg Le-:Ava COLLEGE A -I , v A A l i l l DR. NELSON XV. Sruoxaxm VVILLIAM J. BLiXffIiBURN P1'0Sld6?115 Graduate Zlifanager The Athletic Council The Athletic Council of the University of Buffalo is composed of graduates of the University and a representative from the faculties of each of the colleges of the institution, a graduate manager and the managers of each major sport team for the year. The Council this year has accomplished more perhaps than any similar body in the history of college athletics in the University. Under the careful leadership of President Dr. Strohm and the guidance of Graduate Manager, Blackburn, the Council has wiped out the entire Athletic debt and starts the season 1923-'24 with a clean slate. This in itself is a noteworthy feat. The Council has established a publicity bureau for athletics this year, with Mr. Emil Farris as director, which has resulted in a great amount of advertising for Our University. The Students have been given five home games of football, eight home games of Varsity Basketball, 6 home games of freshman basketball and from 15-20 hours of dancing following the basketball games, also an attendance in 1 game of hockey at which admission was changed. Our schedules in basketball and football for the next year, both contain new opponents. VVe have engaged a football coach who will bring new riches and spirit to our University. Mr. Powell has been re- engaged as basketball coach and Mr. Griflin as trainer in football and basketball, Two Hundred Twenty-seven l ll lll ,xV,,i. lqllll .. H i N' 1 This body has not stopped there however for, it has placed Athletics in the University on an absolutely sound basis. Intercollegiate lfllligibility Rules have been adopted in regard to players collegiate standing. Spirit of a substantial kind has been fostered and generally more has been done for Athletics in one year than had really been hoped for. The two major sports Basketball and Football paid for themselves with of course the aid of Student tickets and last but not least the wonderfully generous gift of Mr. Michael, donated at the Football Banquet. On basketball the season was very satisfactory both in games won and in building for the future. Wfe have had Frosh teams lin the past but not one could compare in strength and record to the team of 1922-23. This material developed is a big boon for the Varsity of the coming season. The last powerful stroke of the season was the signing of Art. Powell as Coach for the squad next year. The 1922 Football season was not as suc- cessful in games won as might have been hoped for, yet--the calibre of team was far above what the scores would indicate. Under Coach Batterson a powerful squad was de- veloped but a squad which seemed unable to find itself until the end of the season when the books were nearly closed. The big noise made by the Council came in March when the contract for Coach for the season 1923 was signed by-no less than fdim Bond, formerly of the University of Pittsburgh. Bond comes to us next season with a reputation of being one of the best linesman ever turned out at that School and along with that he is a Glenn VVarner pro- duct which fact speaks for itself. This the Athletic Council feels will do a great deal toward building University Tradition. Along with these branches of Athletics the Council has pushed Hockey and is supporting a golf team our Alma Mater may be proud of. May the season 1923-24 be a bigger, brighter and far better year than ever for the University of Buffalo both in Scholastic work and Athletic achievement. JAMES BOND Football Coach, 1923-'24 Two Himdred Twenty-Eight ' ' T nw T .. H2121 ., X 1- w . TI'IE ATI-ILETIC COUNCIL Qflicers of Council President ..,........,............. ............ D R. NELSON VV. STROHM Vice-President ........ ..,...........................,..... G Eoncfn LONG Secretary ..............,, .......,.......... C . M. BRowN Treasurer ........... .......... D R. W. V. IRONS MEMBERS OF COUNCIL FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES FROM 4 T ' Medical-Dr. Charles A. Benn STUQBM BODY pharmaCy.Dr- A. B, Lemon Herbert Helwxg VVesley Stoesser Chemistry-Dr. VV. V. Irons Dentistry-Dr. E. W. Mimmaek Arts-Prof. C. M. Brown GRADUATE MANAGER W. J. Blackburn ALUMNI Dr. Nelson W. Strohm Dr. Harold M. Johnson MAN3A?ER?,QF MAJGR Dr. George W. Voss 51 OR1 1E-AMS Dr. Burton T. Simpson G. B. Atwater Daniel O'Nei11 Two Hundred Twenty-nine T. '- 4Mf"W'2rU'm' T ' 1' X ,AQ 'nw' xx W , -fl! i 1'.11Wq"Nht',l',, 1. w "YW V , ' Y 1 ,,Y,rv '11 V1 1 111111 11 mlm , , ,, M , X, , , ,e,,,11x, ,H 1 M11 l fl ,,1115U11 , ,1 ,W 1 1111'1,1 , , ,. 5- -- 1 f - F 1 : ,, , ,M ,,, ,X-,W-.,,!11,,,, , -, . .. L ,- ' - E 11: '1' '1 1 1 '-1,,,11Ix1, Y 7 r A g, -, , l,..-,- -..-., , 1 W- W -- -3 A HENRY J. ROZAN , HYMAN NIANDELL Cheer Headers 1 1 ART POXVELL Basketball Coach Two Hundred Thirty NV ,Y.,. .,,,-. .,,.,,,, ,,,,,,. ,,A, . , f --- -'L g- -f--7 -1- --Y A- ---- -- f,'U1H,' WH ,1f"11 111'N,1 I 1 ,211 ' ww!! 1: 1'If1"""' 'x'7'3'!TTT1"?11'1 . 1' I 'X N- i N Y , ,, , ff-Vw ,f-,ig Af ex .1,,.11, ,,11i1,V1-, , . 1,,1,.1.1. ,111 , 1,,-7,13 , 11 . -. , 1' 1 11, . ,-,,1!,, W ,.1. ,Q ,N 1, jx , ,,,, ,7 , . . . ,, , , 11! , ww, ,A H ., , , 0. 1P1N1ifH11111111,Qf111'.MiFU1AML-M11,1gf eeee U1.1LQ1MJW11111f11511531 e -'b1':'x1!1x1!"11: 11,- '1,1c1,'l,, ,U 1 H, 11. Q iw xiii!-g -VYYY V Y- U Y YW- , , V f , 4 x . Q .,., . .,-,,,,., ... V--1 L--I Uof all ,I ,II I II I IIIIIIW I X , II HI N II I I III I IN VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM C The Squad Coach ..... ....A.....,.. ......... ' ' Dm" BATTERSON Manager ..............,................ ....... G EORGE B. ATIVATIQR, '23 Assistant Manager ......... ........ C IIESTER VV. VVALLACE, '24 Captain ........................... ............. H ERBERT HELWIG, ,23 WENDE BUSCAGLIA BROWNJOHN FRIGEI.ETTE LICCPRATH LOCIiIE BACI-IMAN Dom, AIIINGER HAYES SULERCIQI SULLIVAN VANINI IWIOERY POTAVIN JooR Foss STRASSNER MARYNOWSKI NIORRIS- HOW'ELLS ALFERI BARIJEY KOPF NEUSOME BIAGAVERN OYER JENCO HENDIIICRS ICAISER GLEASON BURNS Two Hundred Thirty-two Football Season 1923 The past year has been one of the most successful in the history of the University, not as regards the number of games won, but in every other way that can be mentioned. For the first time there was an adequate playing field and a properly equipped club- house to go with it for the use of the players. At the present time Rotary field is the best foot- ball field in the city, properly drained and sod- ded to give good results in the worst kind of weather. The clubhouse is equipped with showers, lockers and dressing rooms to accomo- date a large number of men. There was no early practice and it was mighty hard to get a team in shape for the first game with the time that was at hand from the opening of school. Then too the personal of GEORGE B. ."hT'WATER the squad changed a g1'eat deal during the sea- Illanager son which made it mighty hard for "Dim" to have a regular team with which to deal with. There were twice as many men out for the squad as any previous year which shows that there is a great deal more interest than in the past. If the same group could have been together all fall the results might have been entirely different. ' "Dim" certainly deserves a whole lot of credit for the way he worked with the squad and the boys enjoyed every minute of the time while under his supervision. As regards next year we can only see the best of luck for the foundation has been carefully laid and every stey prepared so that the results are bound to show. Buffalo 125 Mechanics Institute 0 . The team showed up very well considering the amount of signal practice that they had before the game. Although a very rainy day the boys handled the ball well and showed a great deal of fight and all were in the best of condition. Buffalo 35 Thiel 15 Thiel brought one of the best teams they have ever had at Buffalo and they certainly were well coached and in splendid condition. The averaged 15 pounds heavier and Buffalo certainly did well to hold the score as low as it resulted. Ailinger made the only score for 'Buffalo by a nice drop kick from the thirty yard line. Thiel presented as smooth a working team as Buffalo played against. Buffalo Og Alfred 6 Buffalo's old rival turned the trick and came out on the long end of the score between these two rivals. It was a mighty interesting game to watch and Buffalo had many chances of scoring, but lacked the necessary punch to carry the ball across. Buffalo out-played the visitors except for a short few minutes and their score resulted during this short letup. Two Hundred Tlzirfg-fliree Buffalo Og Clarkson 18 Before one of the largest crowds ever seen at a 'University contest, the varsity held the strong Clarkson team to a score of 18 and 0. They outweighed Buffalo ten pounds to the man, but the local boys fought like trojans and made the visitors work for every point they secured. A fumble and a penalty practically gave the visitors two touchdowns but in spite of this the boys put up a wonderful fight. The playing of "Tommy', Hayes was one of the features of this game, for when he started for a man he was sure to come down. One of the best games of the year. Buffalo Og Rochester 19 The first game between these two teams since 1918 resulted in a victory for Rochester on their own field. Buffalo played Rochester to a standstill for the first three quarters only to weaken and let Rochester make two easy scores. This was rather a thrilling game with many long run prospects of scoring. The punting of Macgavern was a feature, but the boys did well. A large delegation of rooters went down to the flower city for this game and it should be one of the big games in the future. Buffalo 13g Hobart 28 The best game of the year was the last one on the schedule with Hobart, which we lost, but Hobart knew we had a Hghting team before the game was over. Buffalo outplayed the visitors for nearly half of the game, but the speed of the lightning like Casper was too much for the local team. Jimmy Alinger played a wonderful game,.his blocking of Krause's punt paving the way for one of the touchdowns. Jimmy was in every play during this game and showed the stuff which makes the real football player. Hobart won the small college championship and it is to Buffalo's credit that they held the score as low as it was. The season wound up with a football banquet at the Alumni Club on North street and the following men were presented letters by Chancelor Capen: BACI-IMAN VVENDE I X Moums HAYES . VAN-INI Joou ' BTARYNONVSKI JXLFERI ' Nmusoixm -IICNCO g 1 N SULLIVAN .fX'rwA'r1cR 1 ,.,, A ,,-g i V Foss FR1GE1.1s'r'rE - ,Wx B A RD EY M A GA VER N - . 'S fi H E N D RI C K s B U R N s 1. i-i- BROWNJOIIN Loomis ,Qfr 7 - - ,.i' ii-i i -.',. 1 5Siff "-' f Two Hundregl Tli irty-four Hiaimear HELXVIG Captain UVM I 19 E I C VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Basketball Season 1923 In the spring and summer of '22 athletic conditions in the University were in an uncertain state. However, early in the fall due to the untiring efforts of Graduate Manager Blackburn and President of the Athletic Association, Dr. Strohm, the outlook for the year brightened. Although handicapped by a late start, a very good schedule was arranged by Manager Dan O'Neill, bringing some of the countries best teams to Buffalo. Among the eight home games were Yale, Georgetown, and Rochester,,which enabled the students to witness some real basketball, while five trips kept the players interested and gave them a chance to explore the empire state. The call for candidates, the first week in December, brought out a fair size squad of inexperienced but willing men. Coach Art Powell had but two lettermen Capt. Jim Ailinger and Howie Rogers, as a nucleus around which to build his team. The Hrst game on December 19, while we defeated Mechanics, the team showed its inexperience and need of good coaching. During th Christmas vacation the team remained in Buffalo practicing daily at Rotary clubhouse. On January 5, our team of inexperienced men met Yale and the tie score at the end of the first half not only surprised the student body, but proved the worth of the team and the remarkable ability of Coach Powell to develop basketball players. Although beaten by Yale in the last few minutes of play the team gained the spirited support of the student body and the basketball enthusiasts of Buffalo. The Georgetown game on February 2, proved another thriller when the team overcoming a ten point lead by its superior lighting spirit, beat Georgetown in one of the most exciting contests ever witnessed in Buffalo. I Two H'lt7lClI'CCl Thirty-six , .1 ' , NJ 1' l N . l J f . iif H V . 22 7:43 i. M411 A -,:., .....',.-..,:,- f 131 W 29.537 :.. 4 ZE1,:7'fv.-5-.-3,11-1 ,....9:,f,, . .-:."?:'!5!7 5 - A HY ,-."1'f .I -:jp 'A Q-5:23. , lagjxa, " V-,,s,f,32-tffk. fl 1 1 . i Aff :'- i1 V'ix'Wls Pffiia-'-fi 1 W -lan.. o ,-..-'1-:-1f1?w:. ,wi ZZ... -1:1.':,,z' DANIEL O,NlQII.I, JAMES IXILINGER Zllzznager Captain In the course of the season the team defeated such teams as Hobart, Rochester, Niagara and Alfred. Although the team suffered some defeats, we must consider it was at the hands of worthy opponents such as Yale, the intercollegiate champions, R. P. I. and the Alumni team composed of former all stars and two out of town games by one point each. The season was brought to a formal close on March 14-, by a banquet in honor of the team tendered by the Athletic Association at the Alumni club. The following men received letters: Capt. .lim Ailinger, Howie Rogers, Sam Vanini, Heinie VViser, Sam Siegle, Lou Farris, Bob Cantor and Manager Dan O'Neill. The announce- ment that Coach Powell would be with us again next year and the election of Vanini as captain shows a fine start for next year. The return of the entire squad will give Coach Powell that which he has heretofore lacked, experienced men. VVith such a bright outlook as far as a team is concerned and promises of an attractive schedule by Graduate Manager Blackburn and Manager Carlton Roberts, next year should be a banner year for basketball. SCHEDULE '22-'23 At home U. B. Opp. Abroad U. B. Opp. l5 ll 26 Mechanic's Institute ......... Hobart ......., ......... 3 2 Yale ................................................ 13 23 R. P. I ......... ........, 1 6 38 Niagara ...........,............,.............. 19 16 Rochester ....... .,....... 2 1 33 Georgetown ...... ............ 2 7 22 Niagara ..... ......... 2 0 2 1 Rochester ........ ............ 3 5 23 Alfred .... ......... 3 0 3 1 Hobart ..... ........ 3 9 20 Alfred ..... ....,,...... 5 1 23 Alumni ..... ............ 2 2 27 Two Himdred Tlzirty-seven :fre '-,' w n kvg 1' VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM Hockey Season 1923 Hockey was reorganized this year and put on a permanently sound basis. In the latter part of January a meeting for the reorganization of a hockey team was called and all former players and new candidates were asked to attend. Graduate manager, VV. J. Blackburn, presided. Officers were elected and the sport received the official stamp. A The former players who attended wereg E. J. VVeisenheimer, Dentg H. A. LaBurt, Medicg F. Farrow, Medicg N. Chassin, Lawg all members of the first 1918- 19 team. J. Denneen, Dentg VV. Schintzius, Medicg J. VVaugh, Arts and F. Haft, Medic of subsequent teams. The new candidates that attended were 5 D.' Scanwell, Lawg H. A. Dennell, Medicg G. Gleason, Lawg D. Foss, Medicg L. Lapi, Medicg .J. E. McGrath, Dentg M. VV. Klein, Dentg C. T. Meyers, Dentg R. S. Elster, Artsg B. Burns, Dentg D. O'Neil, Dent. Two H 'zmdred Tliirty-oi in e -A--.-X -.1-,-M W f-1-, . W.. .,..... . 2 . Y UW, . , J W. . ,Wx l 1 ,, will i... ' f , , , ,. l ' D11 'Z Wx., 1, ' 1 ' Q' ' f l'ui,f,lL' ,HW 'Q'1'Q1'Q1f.f' Life ll l X , HARRY LABERT JOSEPH DENNEE Mavzager Captain The oflicers elected were, Manager, H. A. LaBurt, of the medical collegeg captain, J. Denneen of the dental college, coach, H. A. Dennee, associate professor of anatomy in the medical college. The above men have had considerable experience in hockey and know the game thoroughly. The arrangement of a good schedule was immediately started, but due to the late organization and many other factors that arose, one that was desired could not be arranged. Five games were played of which two were won and three lost. The first game played was against the Hutchinson Central Alumni and was won by U. B., 6 to 0. U. B. showed its superiority well, but showed signs of lack of form and poor con- dition due to insufhcient practice and training. ' The second game played was against the U. B. Alumni. In this game, the- team showed improvement and won by a score of 4' to 0. Had the ice been in better condition the would, no doubt, have run up a higher score. Captain Renneen played very well and accounted for two of the markers. He was the star of the game. Two Hundred Forty Y -Mili i ' ' 1.1 A -Wm N .N W Y,,. Perhaps next to him ranked Farrow. It was due to his consistent and accurate passing that enabled Chassin to slip two more markers into the opponents goal. Seannell at left wing also performer admirably. The fine defense work of Denneen and lVClSllfflII1Cl' robbed goad guard Roth of an opportunity to show his ability. They prevented the opposition from getting anywhere near the U. B. goal. The third game was the first real test of the season. It was played on January twenty-seventh, at Delaware Park l.akc, against Ridley College, This well coached and well conditioned Canadian team proved to be a stumbling block for the U. B. boys. They lost by a 7 to 3 score after a hard tussle. The first twelve minutes went scoreless, each side playing exceptionally good hockey. Then the Canadians broke tl1rougl1 and showed-up the U. B. weak spot-the goal guard. Two goals slipped by Roth i11 rapid succession. In this period, Chassin, on a lucky rebound from the Canadian goal's skate, slipped the puck in for the first U. B. tally. In the second period, Roth, was replaced by Foss, but he too was off form and per- mitted four goals to get by him. Captain Denneen, after some clever skating and handling of the puck, registered the second U. B. tally. In the third period, Farrow after some elcver dodging and aided by the fine passwork of Scannell, registered another score. The Canadians shot another score past Roth in this stanza, making their final count of seven. The fourth game was played against Niagara University, Feb. third, at Nichols Rink. The Niagara players were whirlwinds and would have done credit to any professional hockey team. They won by a score of 5 to 2. Our regular goaler, "Johnny" Vlfaugh, played in this game, having been kept out of previous ones by illness. His close guarding materially aided in keeping down the score. Captain Denneen and 'LJerry" Gleason. aided by excellent teamwork, each tallied a score. Manager LaBurt, took the team into Canada and invaded the Ridley Rink, February ninth, for the fifth and last game of the season. This was, unquestionably, the best and hardest fought game of the season. No scores were registered until the last few minutes of play, when the referee sent three U. B. men, Farrow, Deuneen and lVeisenheimer, off the ice on technical fouls for one, two and three minutes, respectively. During this time, with only three U. B. men on the ice, they registered the two and only goals of the evening. 'iJohnny" VVaugh, was easily, the brilliant star of the evening. It was due to his superb guarding that the game was so elese. Every other member of the team played the game of their life, carried the fight all the way and pressed the Canadians hard. Ridley had the advantage though, being on their own rink and the crowds with them, which counts much as everyone knows. The U. B. boys deserved a tie at least. In 1918, the Athletic Council voted to make hockey a major sport and awarded the major "B" to members of that team. The members of this year's team worked hard td put hockey on the map again and deserve this major HBH. The following names will be submitted: F. Farrow, right wing J. VVaugh, goal guard D. Scannell, left wing H. A. Dennee, substitute N. Chassin, center G. Gleason, substitute J. Denneen, Capt., left defense H. A. LaBurt, manager E. J. VVeisenheimer, right defense Two f1'll7'llll'CIl F0'l'lflj-0118 g x F fx H 142 W W W ' ' i1hiYill l?WV1 'll rfi'lfl1if1HWi"i'l2iW'w T A ffl'1i7M,M5' 5l fM'u Gi T V i. C W W cf Wilillflilfii r'HililwillllHn,.- illff' 2.95511 iyllilaliillfl' 1' Wilwilih "U it VARSITY GOI.F TEAM Golf Season 1923 Golf oflicially took root at University of Buffalo on May 17, when, after a few preliminary workouts by individual varsity linksmen and girl student linkers a large and spirited meeting was held in the law school. attended by Dr. A. B. Lemon, who was appointed faculty advisor for the University golfers. The following officers were chosen: Manager, Harold Butmang Captain, Dan P. Scannellg Assistant Captain, August Twistg Executive Committee, Ray A. Orr, Grant Fisher, Joe Shea and officers, Secretary, Frant T. Fisher. Two Hundred Forty-three ll'-'.li3Ti'il!W""pf'f"7ll'llllilfl'lll'lfi7l'llf'V'1Iill."1'il5.". C C '777v'7 . e C ? . 1 f I v Iiifiiu' ' . 3 .1 -' 1 i, .fl v' jlir Y ,,'i'ili,Nu5l i 1 l.W',,,i"i"ii,i' ' V 5 if l 1 l .. 2 ll N l l l y ' if DANIEL SCANNELL H:XROLD BUTMAN ,, , 1- Captain Manager A. G. Spalding 8: Bros. donated a gold medal for a championship competition. Harold A. Butman proved victor in the initial clash, his 38 and 39 for a total of 77 being just one stroke ahead of the 39-39-'78 of Ray Orr. Then came' Scannell with 38-441e79, and Twist with 41-fL2-83. A four-ball' competition was staged with chosen partners, and in this Scannell and Haring nosed out Orr and Butman by one stroke. The scoring of the whole line-up was very good for a first championship meet. In the fall the big feature event of golf activities took place, when U. B. in- augurated a VVestern New York intercollegiate r.-liampionship series. Invitations were sent out to many colleges, but the short notice resulted in only Syracuse send- ing a team. But that team was a crackerj ack combination, the four young links- men being state stars who later will be national Hgures in golf. The intercollegiate bout was staged over two courses, Park club links at Orch- ard Park and the meadow course at Delaware Park. The Syracuse players made a walk-away of both the individual championship and the teams match, but it was their remarkable play, and not the U. B. men's showing that was responsible. This year, as a result of the pioneer work of University of Buffalo linksmen Syracuse is calling an intra-state tourney to which U. B. will send four players and a manager. Two Hundred Forty-four ,1 ' W wlxl' '-Wliilxi, w ,IX mlllwlluj"N"A l"'fl"'l"'g"'lf l W X 1 y 4, A, X, wi , -1 N. -,,,.lMl il University University University University University University University University FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Squad IlONALD PURPLE JAMES ROBINSON HL'GPI CULP HAROLD SANTMIER WYIIJLIAM POTTER PETER EVANS ROBERT POTTER SCHEDULE Q Buffalo Frosli ................,, 20 Masten ........,......... ...,,,.. Buffalo Frosh .................. 50 Orchard Park ..... ...... ....,.,, Buffalo Fl'0Sl1 ..,...l........... 29 St. Joseph ...................... ,.,,.,., Buffalo Frosh ....,,............ 34: Niagara Reserves ........ ,..,..., Buffalo Frosh .................. 14 Niagara Reserves ........ ,.,ll,,, Buffalo Frosh ........,,.,...... 15 Hutch ........... .......i......,....... ........ BuHalo Frosli ...............,. 29 Lafayette ........ ........ Buffalo Frosh .................. 17 L , 1 '- 'ff-Bw . .. , ,, 1 Two Hundred Forty , ,. i, , V, it , ,1 ,, ., 1,1 1+ mlm l, y B 1 15 M M: ,qw Exif-A "L A 1 , 3, ,:,:ll1,U, ,Q , ,K tl ,i i JL1 N 'LE 11' x Lil ,Q ,, f ,L , 'li F i ff " irslllill ?'J!1llllill"l ,ll ' -W -M H if 7-H-,fb f' 1,1 Y L ,L L, LY ,L A , B, , ,L ,fri .3,:,:.1g, , 14 27 16 13 16 141 20 -fi-ve -,- ., fg g. , ' mf Irv 17wiU571:7Ew7,:-my-.,af:1 P A ,'llllllllll, Y-, . i,,.-, .,,i, . ,l-.,,,, ,, ,,, X , V . -- sn-, -J ,cr ,3,lLL,3,l1,n4,,3,Ll1:,gYyi,'Jw, ,M ii,-vw EMU, M. FARRIS, Director of Publicity University Publicity Committee I Another step in the advancement of the greater university was the formation of a Publicity Bureau during the fall of 1922, at the suggestion of Dr. Strohm. The need for such-an organization had long been felt, but now all branches of university activities will be sure of ample publicity. The Board, as now organized, includes the president of the Athletic Board, the Graduate Manager, the Director of Publicity and the coaches of the teams. Mr. Emil M. Farris was chosen director of the Publicity Bureau and has worked out a well organized press campaign. Athletics especially will benefit by this new bureau, as was evidenced by the press aid given to the basketball team during the last season. All local and out of town matters will be handled by the Publicity Bureau, Two Hundred Forty-six A GIRLS' Q! The Girls, Athletic Association The opinion for the past few years has been that an association should be organized for the promotion of athletics and healthful recreation among the co-ed members of the University, so in the fall of 1922 the Girls' Athletic Association was instituted with Viola Hultin, Presiclcntg Alice WT. Cary, lst Vice Presidentg Marion Shanley, 2nd Vice Presidentg Rebecca Dane, Secretary. The aim was a big one to' be fully realized in one short year but big strides have been taken in that direction and it is felt by the members of the governmental council that this foundation has been at least laid, for the succeeding years. All girls of the University are members by virtue of the athletic fee payment. The first semester was spent by the ofHcers and chairmen of the various sports Qtogether forming the governing councilj in organizing and developing plans for a foundation which would be strong enough to stand the test of time. Upon the completion of those plans immediate results began to take place. Basketball practice is held weekly, hikes are occurring weekly, swimming was enjoyed during the winter months and plans for a tennis tournament are nearing completion. The various sports which prove of interest are-basketball, swimming, hiking, bowling, horseback riding, baseball, and tennis. Plans for inter-collegiate contests are being made for next year and with the increasing enthusiasm a wholesome rivalry is expected to develop which will help to promote college spirit. A banquet for the outgoing and incoming councils is held in the spring to perpetuate the purpose of the organization and to offer any suggestions which seem to the old council to be pertinent to the execution of the next year's work. Two Hundred Forty-eight LS. , 1 1' 11 Q'--,J 1, 15:11, 1-f." , '111 111,11, -11' ,. 1 'L .1., , - , . 1 -11 ,. , .. - 1 4, . ,- ,,, 1,N ,, , 1, -,1 1 1 1 1, .11 ,1 1 fr . 1, -J ,-4 11. - , ,.- V- ,LH 1 .1 , ., 41 1 ,1 -1 ,-11 , ,1 ., Q., 1 ,.5.I,111,1 ,1 ..'1 ,1 1 1 ,1- 1 1 ,1 ,11 , 1, , , .1 - ,- W- ,- 1 U 31 11 , I ,1L,.,,-4, 1 11, H,,:.41,,1-1 X, , 115, . ., . ,..x11'.,.'1,,,!,,1!11-...1 1,111 .11...,,'1.1Q1v5U1'11. 1l:,..s. 1: 'A fm ,fh u . , 1. - , . 11 1 11,1 - - 1 1 1 ,, -.111-, ,--A , - ,K w. - , .V .,, ---. 4 us., - , .1 . ,,,.,1:-11 1 1-L ,111.111 511 .N1111,1, 1 l 11111, .41 , 1,11f1,U11:111g11111'11111123.-Q1IWW,-1 1-I-::11115.-,s,,1:1W11 1111im1'g1'-,eg A., MW ' iwkfxwx, T, PEW, ,.,,, w.,i, ,.,,W,T Wm ,TT ,.,, m,T5iM:5, 2 1. 11 ,J111111111 , 111111111111 11111111111111,1111l11111, J 1,1 1 1 1 1111W1111m111111'1:f J1111111,11,11111111f,, ,1,1111111,1,1l111111, ,'1111,11111111111111T 11 , 1 112511 . ,f-, .71 11. 1,'., . 1 1 Ef- 11 Q71 11,Yfgf1 1l 1 1 1-51 15111 1 Q11 E1 Vi 1 , H1 -- -1 2-1" 1 + -1 W'-1 -1M'f-ff- -W-1, -f , --- iv ,qki ,fjki - --. ....,.., A ,, .-A4.,,,, 1 15441, 1 Ei 15222 .1-Z1 1 f,,,,,, 1 155 , if 1 ,, 1 fill 1 1i:,1 1 12:51 lsff 11 12315 1 11 11 ' 1552-1 asf" F1 1T'Af3?' 531,11 1 "7"1 55 JL .Hn ,:-.Ez l1 111 Yffff I 1 6111, ,1,, , VT4, 1 11223 ,,,-. 12723, 1 . 11, 51 ,-521 1 11-,A 1321 if F2 fi 5 , 25 ,' 1 11 ,1 11151 1?Li1 , 1 ig, h'::, 1 1,55 1 1113fTz,,1 517, Ei? ,fin 1 53 Ei 591 Ei EE Hi MF? 1?fg :Yi 1Jf1 1' " fi if 1 1,fiifQ. 1 R211 'gg 12 1,41 gg 1 15221 1s Ufsi 1 1" 1 1 1 1 145.141 121:31 ,i Lt' 1:2 ? 'TNF Q1 1172251 14. 1?-Li TF? 17:5 1L,:' i1 1521 Two Hundred For,ty-nme E1 . ...2,,,-.v...v. r..Y,..',,- ,..-.,....- .-,M.,,,"K ,: ' : -.-,,. fx 22.211111 '111'1111E1 Fl11"11'111111111"11W T11111111111111111 11vr11"11W1 111 311119-111? 1 11 1111 i?fFi1WF'TF MMWMMHMMMMWMWWMMW w1W1p111H1jWNMmWWMW11WmW WWQJ1 111 111 1 11- 1111 .11F1'11 1' 1. 1 "Y W "W 1111111M1M, M ,M W, 1 111 1 ,W L 11! 1,1 1 , X 111 1 , 1 1 1 111 1 1 I , -1 ,, F ' . I ' ' -1.1 1:1I1'.'f- 11 1 177 Y 1,m1,,, 1 9 V' -, s- lg, , . 5 1 11' , m .11:114 1 l11,,1:111"1 1,:1I11-:J11.f , W ,, ,,,, , , , ,,, , 11 ,,,1 1,,1fg,,,.,,,1,11,1111111111,111f -11111111111 11 W 1 1 ' WN " 111! 1W:1'N1111'1L1W '1 Uwlhzw W., , Y, . Y, , .1 .,,,-,--Y. - --, ,Y Y ,Y,Y , , V K -.Y .--Y +,.,,,-,, ,, ,iz A. FAULDS V. FAIRBAIRN R. LEVEY G. WESLER S. LEARDIAN L. SATULOFF L. COURTADE V. C. HULTIN I-I. YVILSON A. LA XVYN' F. FORD DI. SCHOEPHLIN E. KELLER asketball eam Two Hundred Fifty 11 1111 11. ,,:111111'W11:111 11.1111 1 1-111111 1 ' 1 1 , -- .V .-.Y ,LY . 1 Yagi' 1 W .Sh . ,.,.1 -1 .lp .11 1 11 EE, fi. 'fffj -44. , .f, Wg. Q31 rf, gg 1121321 C252 J Til ei? 1.3 , , .F 1 ,, -1 mi, V +11 Q?" "LA 1 1 .Aff Q Eli 1 41'-1 L: if . 1-1 V 111: 5fi.sli12 NMM12.L.5s33ENEWMUualashHMM!!ufm5??UiFU1ur5?HmvQ Uwe . fa m E566ii'EMNHNU!?j' l5k.giMMHVIEW?1Ni1fiiEWllMIif?Ei2f HNllUWEl1ll Kgil1 4A"' 'k' "f ':"" i ' -'L-'f "L 'f" " V "'g ' ' ' w E . lli :,'.f il 1-cfym Q ,, J' . . . lvl! I ,V i 1 w ' .-Wm' i H V. ' W! .. 7.1, , gg . ,-, 'YT' N "fi 4 W ,, y .-'FI L illj , W in -, I 'k 7.5! 1 , ,ij Q 1 , ..5..f I V M. DIABEE E. WARDNER if J. SNVIFT M. STEVVART M. W1-IEATON M. cm-LAN H. WVILSON ifgjfg E. HARRIS enms nthuslasts , 5:13 X , ..-111 V- -r ifiii Y ,. , VV, i . i . , Lfjfff 1 I r v .JV 1 mf 1-5 . Q . 1 :'3T'E.i 1 1 Two Hmzdred Fzfty-one ,I-iii W- -I -"f"f,Tg, tiff ' fd" """' " " " ff' A ' ' ""' '31 ' -V'-W-45.-f T- -Fiify'-'V -1-T' ' --5',,1z,w 'Wifl .ww M, wwrw mrwxfwq Wg. ww 13:1 211 , . , ' V . -N wi -11' 'M '- NN " ,yn ,umm ,, M m I w , Vw 'MN W r UMVVU W H 'W ' W X ' W 1 1mMw I ', . Mu 1. .X www-..--k., ,,w wmv'--..w w 1. u. .4 '-- 4 - - :wx '1' 'L--we, "--', '-' w dr-nm. W, HH, k, WM, ,!,.f..,,,,,. X. L., . , ,M .V ,.,.. .1 wx 1. X, -3. V ,'l-.LN 3.'ULLML1lJMl.'-1W.WlL-.M "JY."?+.L'Ll .l!.!m.1!'k' 'fL4l4L,. V N' 1' ' K ' ' ' 1 ' 'jg . ' illif L'1:LLiii!i"f':1Zgl!f'.iLg'.L fzqwi-V 'www-,'3y12' ,vim my ww 'r1r,w1iWw xyum-'m2.2'1X1,'g',J 'W 1 11 "3JVfY- 'V --. . 7,1 "TTf.iWAm1 'Y -'fffif w fm, .537 '.m,,L" 'T'C"'T'M ff. .M my , '- 1wwf'f" yvwq "WW + 4 A ' w ww, w V- yn w Wwulu , . , .f ,. , 1 w u W xH ,N 1 Q! 'xwwx 1 1 w, ,, , ,5-. V. FAIRBAIRN A. FAULDS G. TVESLER L. COURTADE E. HARRIS C. FRANKLIN V. C. HULTIN D. YORK F. FORD S. LEARDIAX R. LEVEY L. SATULOFF H. 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J SX x 6 i' Z I X i ni: f x f X X, X . w f 5TUDlfHT Student Activities Committee 1 :ll HE writer has been requested to furnish W the Iris for 1923 an article of some length on the Student Activities Commit- tee. This has been an annual request for 'dx the past two years. The writer is more fortunate in being able at this time to furnish some data of real importance concerning the history of the S. A. C. for the first time. The ordinary student, if he thinks about the matter at all, probably imagines the S. A. C. to be an organization of recent growth. In looking over the data at hand we are surprised to Hnd that the organization known as the Student Activities Com- mittee is twenty-one years old. Thanks to the courtesy of Mr. A. Glenn Bartholomew, who re-- ccntly has turned over to the Chairman of the S. A. C. the minutes covering the period of January , 1903 to 1907, the real purpose and original organ- ization can be clearly outlined. I The organization known as "Committee on Stu- ChfU"'Wm7l dent Organizationsv was started in January 1903, with Dr. Jacob S. Otto of the Medical School as Chairman, and Attorney Henry Adsit Bull of the Law School as Secretary. The other members of the Committee were Dr. H. B. Huver of the Dental School, and Dr. John R. Gray of the Pharmacy School. On February 7, 1903, the Secretary sent a letter to the Presidents of the Senior Class of each of the then four departments of the University of Buffalo, in which he outlined the organization and purpose of the Committee on Student Organiza- tions. In part the said letter was as follows :- "Last month the different departments of the University of Buffalo by their faculties or other governing bodies duly adopted the following resolutions: 'Resolved, That a committee on Student Organizations be created in the Uni- versity of Buffalo, to be constituted as follows and to exercise the following powers: 'The Faculty or other governing body of every department of the University shall annually, before the beginning of every University year, elect a delegate from the teaching staff of that department to be a member of said committee, and to serve until his successor shall be elected. The members of the committee so chosen may elect a fifth member from any department of the University to serve with them. 'All organizations and enterprises of one or more students in the name of the University, or by which the name or credit of the University is brought before the public or for which subscriptions are solicited, including all athletic, musical and literary Qorganizations, shall be subject to the supervision and control of the com- mittee hereby created, so far as said committee shall deem any control or super- vision advisable to protect the credit and good name of the University. 'The committee is further authorized and empowered to establish all necessary and proper regulations for the effective exercise by it of the powers hereby granted. Invme R. TEMP1.1c'roN ' Two Hundred. Fifty-seven mi in ' 1 1 1 1 1 gll5lLuwwVL.lg-, J 1 il - THE FACULTY COMMITTEE ON 'STUDENTS ACTIVITIES E E. IVAITIG DR. A. P, SY DR. I-I. A. SDIITII DR. XV. J. A'l'W'ICl.l. DR. XV. V. IRO IFR. A. 0. I.I'IIIl'0h' E. IV. SINE DR. R. F. JIURGAN IRVING '1'EINII'I.E'l'ON E. IV. SINE I , ,vu 'I ' U M Q NWI,-1' '1 H1 'M' ,W , 'NN , 11'M!T', 1 I' ,'f',5' ,M ,, 'I""J': I1 W. , X I I I I H .- Im, I Wwirwl. ,":w'1N!N.siqf' , I,wMwwMy T. ww Mm, . I I I 'The committee shall also l1ave power to determine, in any case, whether its regulations have been violatedg and the finding of the committee shall be conclusive, but the punishment for any violation shall be determined by the faculty or other body having general jurisdiction and control of the offenderf " The plan and purposes of the Committee on Student Organizations as will be noted, included the Committee's supervision of all athletic as well as all non-athletic student activities. The matters of most importance to the Committee in thc first year of its work were the football and musical organizations. The above letter further goes on to say that the Committee is much concerned about securing a satisfactory schedule for the football team for the following fall, as well as the regulations which should be adopted to govern all management and gives the students a chance to get under way a football association if it was found desirable. It is also interesting to note that a little later a committee was concerned as to the Musical Clubs schedule and concerts in some of the big local halls. It will be noted in the above that the Committee consisted of one faculty mem- ber selected from each of the four separate schools or departments. After about a year Mr. Henry Adsit Bull resigned as Secretary. and John Lord Oilirian was chosen from the Law Faculty to succeed him as Secretary. Dr. Otto and Mr. O'l3rian continued for another year or more as officers of this important and inter- esting organization. b Some time between 1907 and 1915 apparently, a change was made in the num- ber of faculty members and the selection of said members. Each of the Deans of the respective departments appointed two men from each department, and that method of selection and number have come down to the present time. Naturally with the addition of the Arts College several years ago, the membership was in- creased from ten to twelve. This is the present number and method of selection as to faculty members. About three years ago for the first time a Constitution and set of By-Laws were adopted by the Faculty S. A. C. and approved by the Board of Deans. Since that time the membership of the S. A. C. has been increased to include six juniors, one from each of the colleges. who serve as student representatives during the senior year. The first group was elected a year ago last spring. But for the Hrst time the Faculty S. A. C. worked out a plan of election that was more representative, and the present senior group was elected under that plan in April 1922. This group of seniors has assisted very much in forwarding the interests of the students through all of the colleges by their first-hand knowledge of conditions, and the hearty co- operation of its group and the faculty of twelve members. The object of the S. A. C. as outlined in the present Constitution brought up to date, is as follows. 'ITO promote, control and regulate all student activities in all of the colleges of the University of Buffalo with the exception of athletics. As to athletics this Committee shall with the approval of the Council of the University make and pub- lish rules governing the eligibility of all students to participate in any branch of athletics, which rules shall be uniform and binding on all departments of the Uni- versity and shall supersede all departmental eligibility rules. The Faculty Commit- tee on Student Activities shall with the approval of the Chancellor enforce the same and punish infractions thereof. . Two Hundred Fifty-n ine i'Vfgv,xf,: ,. , Y, , 1 . www' 1 QM' ' 1 My. V . Y, , ,, , , , . . y 1 DAN SCANWELL I-IOVVARD BIC CORDOCK GEORGE BARONE EBV ARD J. HOFFBIAN CYRUS LAING The Students Activities Committee OFFICERS Chairman ........ ........,......i......,.....,.,,..,.,. ..... ,...........i E d x vard J. Hoffman Secretary ......... .. .,.,,...,.......,.... .....,... ,...........,......... G e orge Barone MEMBERS College of Medicine ....,..... ....,.,.... . .. ....... ......,. . ....... . ..I-Ioward A. McCordock College of Pharmacy .,..,...... . ......,.....,............ George Barone College of Dentistry ............. .. ........,.. Charles T. Kennedy College of Chemistry .......... .,......... .........,.............,.... C 5 frus Laing College of Law ,,..,.........,............ .... ....,.... .,.......,,............,.. D a n Scannell College of Arts and Sciences ............ ....,..,.. .... E d ward' J. Hoffman Two Hundred Sixty "To have general charge of the funds for the maintenance of said activities, except athletics, and to control their apportionment and to supervise their expendi- ture. "To exercise jurisdiction over the establishment of student organizations and the management of their affairs and the launching of new enterprises and activities including entertainments of various sorts, and to determine the eligibility of students to take part in these activities as well as to hold office. "The authority of this Committee extends to all activities, except athletics, fin athletics-as above notedj, and to all students in every school and college of the University subject to such regulation and control as may from time to time be exercised by the Council of tl1e University of Buffalo." The membership of this Committee brought up to date now consists of the fol- lowing. 'iTwo Faculty members appointed by the Dean from each college in the Uni- versity. "One upper class man elected from each of the colleges of the University dur- ing the second term of his Junior year, who shall serve for one year from the time of his election. "The President of the Athletic Council, the Graduate Manager of Athletics and the Dean of Wlomen of the University shall be members ipso facto of the Stu- dent Activities Committee." The officers of the Faculty S. A. C. consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Sec- retary and Auditor elected annually. The seniors group of the S. A. C. at the suggestion of the Faculty S. A. C., drew up its own Constitution and has its own separate officers similar to the Faculty group. excepting an Auditor. The standing committees of the S. A. C. are committees on the following:- Athleticsg Musical Clubs, Publications-Bee, Bison and lrisg Committee on Fra- ternal Societies and Social Functionsg Dramatic-sz Debating: Chess, University and Class Officers, Eligibility, and Committee on Awards. Each of these ten committees has a Faculty Advisor who has entire supervision of the particular organization or co1nmittee's work, and reports on the same once a month at the regular monthly meetings of the S. A. C. These monthly meetings are held at 5 P.M. on the first Friday of each month at the U. B. Alumni Club, and the entire membership get together at such sessions. Briefly it might be said during the past two years the following new mat- ters and activities have been brought up and put through for the benefit of the University students in general. The Debating Club. including the inauguration of intercollegiate debates, Dramatics reorganized, and the Chess Club. Also two addi- tional holidays have been secured for student activities and celebrated annually, the Student Activities Day in fall, and Moving Up Day in spring. Uniform certificates or shingles have been adopted, and awarded annually to those students deserving in the various activities. In addition to this the musical interests have been forwarded materially, includ- ing the inauguration of a series of annual out-of-town concerts. The band also has been uniformed and put on a real working basis. More recently the custom has been started of having an annual reception to the Chancellor. An Honorary Senior Society, the Bison Head, has been formulated, approved and started, and to this organization the twelve exceptional honor men for each year will be elected. Class elections have also been made uniform, as well as the elections to the seniors' group of the S. A. C. ' ' Two Hunclred Sixty-one The personnel of the Chancellor ........................................,........,..,.............................,....... Medical College .,..,,.... Student ,..,.....,......,...,,.,.. Dean .,..,,....,,..,,,,,.,,........,..,,...,. College of Plzarmacy Student ....,..........................,.. Dean ,......................,..............,. College of Clzemistry ..,.,...... Student ..................................... . Dean ...............................,.,,,. Dental College ............ Student ........................., C. to date is as follows :- Samuel P. Capen, Ex-oflicio Dr. Herbert A. Smith and Dr. Wlayne J. Atwell Howard A. McCordock C. Sumner Jones .Dr. A. B. Lemon and Dr. Richard F. lllorgan Geor0'e Barone ...........................................,...................................................... D Willis P. Gregory VV. V. Irons and Mr. David E. Waite Laing Dr. WVillis P. Gregory Dr. John L. Garretson and Dr. C. A. Pankow C. H. Kennedy Dean .....,..................... .........................................,...,......,..,............,.... D r. Daniel H. Squire Law College .............. ............. lV Ir. Irving R. Templeton and Mr. Lewis Gulick Student ..................... ........................................................,......................... D aniel J. Scannell Dean ........................... ......... ..,.................,..... .......................................... C a r los C. Alden Arts College .............. ...... Dr. A. P. Sy and Mr. E. VV. Sine Student ............. ..... ............. .................... E d W ard Hoffman Dean ....................................................................................................................................... Dr. Julian Park Also Dean Lillias McDonald, Dr. Nelson VV. Strohm and Mr. lV. J. Black- burn. Two Hzmflrecl Sixty-two Yours for U. of B., IRVING R. TEDIPLETON. IVIUSICAI ORGANIZATIONS Ln Qgmxt gag A eeet 'La f, I fdigff 'Eflfi i , , w,,A1,' l. A 5 1 A n A g 1333 A A A iifg 3 A 'afar ,rex 'fifl !',551?11 ' w A , WM. A. FUHRMANN A mx. A. B. LEMON iii Director of Music Faculty Manager A ji L. n. STEWART, '23 -Murrow. H. BRADLEY, '23 WALTER E. DAVIES, '23 xii f Student Leader of Student Leader of , Manager of " Band and Orchestra Glee Club Musical Organizations A ' Two Hundred Sixty-four Music in '22 7 The fourth year of the existence of our musical organizations shows the same degree of progress as is everywhere in evidence about thc greater university. Frequently critics expect too much of student organizations Whose existence has been of so b1'icf a duration as our present musical organization. The Harvard Choir was not developed in four years and it is not to be expected that the University of Buffalo Glce Club will be developed to that point of perfection in the first five years of its organization. Those who have watched our Glce Club and Orchestra during the last three years have commented upon the steady growth and improvement in those organiza- tions. This season the presentations have been of a much better type than ever before, due largely to the very careful selection of numbers and training of clubs by William A. Fuhrmann. Mr. I"uhrmann has directed both Glee Clubs and Orchestra and the results of his direction have been very gratifying, not only to the members of the Clubs, but also to those in the University who are most interested in music. This season's concert programme has been more extensive than any previous season. The out-of-town concerts included Lockport, Jamestown, Tonawanda. The local concerts included and broadcasting concert from the local radio station, a concert in Lafayette Presbyterian Church, one at the Alumni Club of thc University of Buffalo and the home concert at Twentieth Century Club on April 9th, which closes the season. The radio concert was listened to by the largest audience evcr given a University Glee Club. The name of the University of Buffalo was carried all over the United States and compliments were received from many cities upon the exccllency of the evening's entertainment. It is planned to begin work on next season's concert itinerary at once. The new manager will attempt to secure concert dates in Jamestown, Olean, Bradford, Elmira, Syracuse and Rochester. YVl1ilc this will not be an extensive trip it will be entirely in keeping with the steady progress of our musical organizations. Special attention should be called to the excellent work of the Varsity Quartette, consisting of Bradley, DeGclleke, Davies, and Frcgelletc. These boys have always been willing to sing whenever called upon and have furnished entertainment for many functions 11ot included in the regular concert programme. Our solosits, H. C. Galantowicz, violinist, Merton Bradley, baritone, Sheldon Freeman, violonist and Miss Elaine Rubary, pianist, have all contributed very largely to the seasonis success. Consistent attendance at rehearsal, held only once a week, has been the evidence of the interest of those students participating in our musical prsentations, Two Hundred Sixty-Jive FIRST TENORS GEORGE L BARONE, Pharmacy HERBERT BERWALD, Medicine JAMES FREGELLETE, Dentistry J. H. GREENBERG, Arts HAROLD JEFFREY, Pharmacy JOHN JMLCBIASTER, Arts J. SUTTON REAGAN, Medicine , L. AIREY, Pharmacy C. S. BRADLEY, Dentistry . H. ANGROVE, Pharmacy E J F. A. BEYER, Arts NEWELL DREYFUS, Arts D. C. FESS, Arts Glee Club D ' SECOND TENORS F. J. DEGELLEKE, Dentistry XV. E, DAYVIES, Dentistry A. J. HESSINGER, Arts JULIUS STAMM, Pharmic ELMER S1-IEDD, Dentistry YV. J, SERNOFFSKY, Law JACK. S. TAFT, Arts FIRST BASS THOMAS GANIN, Arts G. H. HOLMES, JR., Arts LOREN F. iKAISER, Dentistry FENNER E. LINDBLOOM, Dentistry L. R. STEWVART, Dentistry HAROLD FROSSETT, Dentistry C. M. WALLACE, Dentistry M. H. BRADLEY, Dentistry N. H. FELDSTE1N, Law MICHAEL GRANDO, Pharmacy SECOND BASS CARL O. HITTESHEIMER, Medicine FRANK C. LUONGO, Pharmacy CARL .NAISI-I, Arts ALFRED XVILLSEY, Pharmacy QUARTETTE JAMES FREGELETTE, First Tenor FRED DE GELLEKE, First Bass VVALTER DAVIES, Second Tenor M. H. BRADLEY, Second Bass Two Hundred Sixty-six 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 ' 1 ' X ' ' ,,'!111'1, 1 1,9 1,1 ,1111111.,w1 X !1,11111,1:1:1 M,-1,-1 1M1' 11 X , 1 1111111 111111 11111111111 .D , xx Gum CLUB Hicers VVM. A. FUHRMAN ..........,... LIERTON H. BRADLEY ......... VVALTER E. DAVIES ...,...., FRED DE GELLEKE ......., ELMER M. SI-IEDD ..,,.,. HAROLD E. ZITTEL ,........ ......A......A....Direct01' Student Leader .........A.......ZVIanagar ,..Secretary ...I,ib1'aria'n .....A..Acc0mpanist Two Hundred Sirvkty-seven ,1111111 11111 111 1- 1-M 1 i 1 f. ,N . , 111' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , .1 , , 111111'1!11111 11 W' ' 11 1 1 ',."1-rj Y ' X f X -1,111-11111-1' ,1y1'LL1Y' 1' 1,j 111,11 ' .X ,L.',--1 11 UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA William A. Fuhrmann .....,..,.., ........,..............,.....,...............,...,............ ..............., I J irecfor Miss L. E. Rubary .,,.....,.,.... ...,....,.. A ccompanist L. R. Stewart ,....,........ A...............A............... ................ lN I anager Henry Galantowicz, Medicine .....,...,. ..........,. F irst Violin Sheldon Freeman, Arts ..................i...i. .... Julian Gall, Dentistry ............ ....,..... Benjamin Resman, Pharmacy .... Irving Bruckheimer, Arts .....i........... .... L. A. Fiorilla, Pharmacy ......... .... Frank Dalce, Pharmacy ..............,. . Phillip Dorfman, Pharmacy ....... Thomas Infantino, Pharmacy .... VValter M arynowski, Pharmacy ,.,......,... ......i.. Parker Herzberger, Pharmacy Donald Beebe, Law .............................,.,...... A. S. Pantera, Dentistry .............. Michael llflaggiore, Arts ........... L. R. Stewart, Dentistry ....,..,..... First Violin First Violin First Violin First Violin First Violin Second Violin Second Violin Second Violin ...Double Bass Clarinet Clarinet .........Trombone Cornet James Meekin, Arts i..i........................... ..........i........ C ornet E. J, Crazz, Pharmacy .......,............. Nicholas Gimigliano, Dentistry .,......... Sam H. Skinner, Law ........,......,...,....,,..... Two Humired Sixty-eight Saxophone Drums Drums John Bolton ........AA..... L. R. Stewart .......A...... J. D. Pantera ...............,........,. L. R. Stewart, Dentistry .......... . J. D. Pantera, Arts .................... Jos. Meekin, Arts ..,.....,.,........,,.,....,. J. J. Bernhard, hledicine ............ Michael Maggiore, Arts .............. A. E. 'Willsey, Pharmacy ........... UNIVERSITY BAND BAND E. R. Smith, Medicine ....,.............,......... E. J. Craig, Pharmacy ....,......................,.,. Raymond Marchand, Dentistry., Geo. Robinson, Law ...................................... BI. J. Doran, Dentistry ..,........... Fred Ernerling, Dentistry .........,..., P. J. Herzberger, Pharmacy ............ Donald Beebe, Law ..............,......... Director ............Student Leader ,,.,,,,,,,,..,.,,..,,....,Manager ............Cornet ,,..........Cornet ,,,,,.,....,....,C01'HCt .,.,,,.......T1'ombone .............T1-ombone ,,.,.,,,.,...Trombone Saxophone Saxophone Saxophone ....,.,,...Baritone Alto ,....Tuba Clarinet Clarinet Two Hundred Si:g:t5y-'nine v 1 "' w WWW V N UW , 1 w ,Ju N! I in J. FREGELETTE VV. DAVIES F. DE GELLEKE H. BRADLEY N n nlversity uartet Two H1l'lld7'Qd Seventy , V ,1 X, X , X Y ww 315' my inn' w 1 W K 'i N L. Varsity Debating i f HIS has been a golden year for debating at the University of Buffalo,- g a year in which the banners of the university have been gloriously car- ried to triumph by a young and untried student activity. U. B. made ,. .faq .... . . its debut in collegiate debating circles last year when the first varsity A debate team in the history of the university met Hobart College on the Closed Shop question. Although Hobart was victorious on this occasion the ice had been broken. Debating had been given the necessary impetus and during the past year this activity has been placed on a firm basis. If in the future the University of Buffalo fails to enter the most select of collegiate forensic circles, it shall not be for lack of a worthy precedent. The first move which presaged a highly successful season was the selection of coaches for the varsity team by the Debate Club. Miss Vilelner, Mr. Yvalter Ken- dall, and Mr. Martin Buecking were secured to guide the debaters through the vicissitudes of a year of debating. Too much credit can not be given to their untiring efforts in developing effectiveness of argument for the university team., They devoted their time, energy and talent to make the debate team a credit to the university. And indeed there can be no question as to their unqualihed success de- spite the fact that they encountered obstacles which were no small hindrance. VVhen the university opened in the fall the Debate Club immediately began a program of discussions and practice debates for the purpose of accruing interest in a hithertofore somewhat neglected student activity. Considerable interest was manifest in these early meetings, the Law School and Arts College especially con- tributing their support. ln December in answer to a call for candidates for a var- sity team, about a score of students presented speeches at the preliminary try out in Townsend Hall. Two more try outs were necessary before the final selection of' a university team was made. The four men chosen to represent the university on the- debate platform were Justin Morgan, Fred Denlin, Sidney Farber, and Daniel Katz, alternate. The first intercollegiate debate of the year occurred in February when the U. B.. debaters traveled to Geneva and there inflicted a 3 to O defeat upon Hobart Col- lege. In retrieving last year's loss the debaters conducted themselves brilliantly and left no doubt as to the fact that debating had come into its own at the University of Buffalo. Excellence of delivery and logic of argument gave Buffalo the unani- mous decision of the judges. In this debate U. of B. upheld the affirmative of' the question Resolved: That the Allied war debts owing to the United States should be cancelled. The high lights of the contest were the unanswerable logic of Mor- gan's argument, the convincing force of Devlin's presentation, and the clever hand- ling of the European economic situation by Farber. Clifford Orr. the Hobart captain, who led his team to a 2 to 1 victory over Hamilton College, should be mentioned in a report of the Hobart debate, for his efforts stamped him as a debater of no small ability. The debate team, however, was not content to rest with its victory at Geneva. Manager John H. Beckley was successful, in securing a place on Pittsburghisr schedule for U. B. The University of Pittsburgh has long been prominent in debat- ing and her teams meet the biggest universities and colleges throughout the coun- try. This year the Pittsburg team had defeated Harvard. W'ashington and Jeffer- son, and Carnegie Tech. Her victory over Harvard had been unanimous and it. Two Hundred Seventy-two ' f - ii iiii T iiii + hire illlllll it ml 1 uv... 1. W, ww: frm., ,N ,A ,, l .... DEBATE CLUB was on the very question and on the very side which she was to have against Buffalo. The varsity team, however, prepared diligently for the Pitt debate and on the evening of March 28 entered the contest fully primed. Dean Alden of the Law School presided and a large number of loyal supporters were on hand at Lafayette High School, the scene of the contest, despite the bitterly cold night. Again the U. B. debaters argued their way to a unanimous decision although meet- ing with opposition of a stiff sort. The debate was keenly contested throughout. Justin Morgan, the Buffalo captain, summed up brilliantly for the negative in pres- entation and in rebuttal he skilfully took up the threads of the eveningls argument and wove them into a case, the logic of which was unassailable. Sidney Farber, speaking second for Buffalo, conclusively established Europe's ability to pay and in rebuttal maintained his argument in excellent fashion. The Pittsburg debaters.were well trained and smooth speakers and their case for cancellation was logically put. The U. B. team in this debate was composed of Justin Morgan, captain, Sidney Farber, Daniel Katz, and Ira Hovey, alternate. The two unanimous decisions which Buffalo has won over formidable opposi- tion have firmly established her place in collegiate debating circles. Hobart and Pittsburgh are both anxious to meet Buffalo again next year. Hobart will prob- ably come to Buffalo and the varsity team will travel to Pittsburgh. 1 Two Hundred Seventy-three HRAMATIIIS B 5111 2? gms x iw NX X t If! f A Nm! WWW, 5 mmm C18 Q 1? Q I WWW . - 3 N ml v""11 Ei diff ,inn ' V W 2:1114 1' 1 vb" .. 4 I U ' . " f, - ,, , U' ffl' M if f -..-:. ,wi . 5 1 1 E -'I Q Q Zvi :wx U49 MIX: lk' '4Dramatics" OFFICERS Director -,----.,,-. .......... M Rs. DANIEL BELL Lmuv Pfwfdefli ------A-4-A-.,-.-- ................A.........,........ A RRAI-IM Ro'r1-I Vice-President ......... ......A... M AIUETTA CATALANO Sf?CV6f0H'3l --........... ...,..,............. B ENEDICT ITRENCH T1'6'fLS1H'6T ---,-.----A. ......A.. H OWARD A. BTCCOILDOCK The present Dramatic Society under the direction of Mrs. Daniel Bell Leary has been in existence three years. Its policy is to present notable plays 'that are at the same time good drama and good theatre. The high standard of the work of the Society is to be considered in a measure of its success. And the success at- tendant on past performances has been instrumental in developing a general inter- est in Dramatics in the University. Despite the lack of equipment and the necessity of staging the productions out- side the campus, the enthusiasm of the students in support of the efforts of the Society. both, as to the numerous aspirants for places in each of the productions and as to the attendance of the whole student body and the faculty at the presen- tations. has been most encouraging. iThe Society has expanded to now include a competent business staff with Mr. YVaite as faculty advisor. The first production of the present Dramatic Society was "Belinda" by Milne. This presentation was a great surprise to many in many different ways. At the time this piece was decided upon for presentation by the Society, the Society was in its infancy and unknown as was the author of the play. Since that time the judgement of the Society has been vindicated as to the merits of the play and to the ability of the author by the great succecss of this very able playwrite both in this country and in England. lVhen it became known that the Society had defin- itely decided upon this piece there were many who advised against its presenta- tion claiming that the play held no interest for an American audience and that America college students would be unable to portray such typical English char- acters. But with a firm faith in their judgment and ability, and against such dis- couraging advice, they continued with their rehearsals and the great surprise came with the wonderful reception of the play and the exact interpretation of each char- acter. VVith Mrs. Daniel Bell Leary directing Molly Catalano, Howard McCor- dock, Edward Hoffman, Alice Scott and Abraham Roth successfully closed the first year of "Dramatics." "Moliere," a play in three acts by Philip Moeller was the Society's choice for the second year. This is an historical play of the time of Louis the fourteenth and has for its theme the downfall of the great dramatist, Moliere. who was the favorite of all France at this time. How the intrigue of the court. which was so prevalent all during this period, and the fickle whims and fancies of Louis and his courtesans dragged this truly great man to a tragic end gives good opportunity for display of real histronic ability. Splendid ensemble work and some fine bits of acting were to be observed in this production. A Turo Hundred Seventy-five -1 Jr. , w, L , ,M H - I i ,ri 7. -', ,,,, -, ,im ,z ,,, , I, -uf :W 93,3 f, ."u,w,,w', 1:-"ul u 'I ','tr'r' ,, ,- fu ,I r- 4 --,I ,, ' ww "l'l"k,m: 'Ylllll'l1lul'l1l'll,l1llll M W lJ1lxlg"i:'lil'l" HH WM! 'lx will HN 1 1' i i v Vi lllll iullhwwl llwlllllwii 71 v ' ' ',",w Y. ,,i,,,i', J,i WMS, f ." I I v 1-ww, '-"N HM Hx 1, 'fu -i '- f,'- x. iw , xp: 4 , I. ., um. ,..-i fr iw, - HOWVARD A. BICCORDOCK . ABRAHAM ROTH AS AS MOLIERE LoUrs THE XIV I Cast of Moliere Baron, a young member of Mo1iere's troup ...,...,,,,,..,..,,4,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LaForest, Moliere's cook and friend ,.,.,.,,,.,.,,,,,,.,,,,,., Armand Bej art, Moliere's wife .,..,...,..,,.., Moliere ..................,..........,.,,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Colinge, an old actoi '.,,.,,.., ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,4.4 DeLuzon, a courtier ..,.......,,..,,,,,.,,,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,4.,,4,,,,,.,A..4,,.,,,,,. ,,,,,,, The King's Chamber-1ainQ ..,....,,,,.......,...................,.....,.,.....,,,.,,,,......,.,,., ,..,, France, Marquise De Montespan, The Kings mistress .,..,..... La Fountains .,.......................... ,,.. ..........,.,,.,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,., ,,,,,,,A.,,, Hercules, a black boy ...............................,,. .......,,. Giovanni Lulli, a court musician .,,....,.,... First Lady In VVaiting ..................,..... Second Lady In YVaiting .,.......,,. A Lackey ...................................,........... Louis XIV ..,......,...,,...,,..,..,............ Claude Chappele ......,.. A Doctor ............,,..,......, First Actress .....,..., Second Actress .......... Two Hundred Serenfy-six ,i, , , V9 ww, 1, , , , ,, , ,, W . I ' ll I" , ' 1,12 ,,ui!,,i,1! 1' n enealict French .......,...j..............Evelyrn .ellpern .,,,,Viola Krzyzykowski Howard A. ZlIcCord0ck .............,.........,..,..,.,Clzarles Alessi .,.....,....,Sidney Farber Burns ............l1'III7'i6ff6l Cafalano ...............Frmzk Shalters .,,,...,..DIicIzael Crztalano .............Sid7Z8y Farber .....,,....l7'I'S1lIIl, lllelody .....,...,...,,iLiZly Ufetson ...........,.James Cronan ...........f1braham Roth ...............Eme1'y K0'va,ck Josephson ..,..................R0salie Kar-ner .........Zllar.y Dorothy Barnes PVBLIKATIANS ,A- K lm lm! HERO ii. I B MW ! -f wfwu m-Q P 114' A Bin? ' o X 9 f- ' T . ' J X mm- -. I 'fx' 1 V ""nr!L-.!W K 5Q ' f -- I-lm, F M Y . yy. , xswffv 5 xg . 0, 5 - " :F ' 1 ,ti g - b W ,, A , , 2- , :I A 4 ' "tan in IH ,, -' Q f f V U 'A "W .Maze-' ,, . if ft :iasfisiizgf-f?esfa1a,' f,,'w'f-wi' .- . . ' pf . . Appit is-jg, , .ldiygi , v - ap, ,ZH l 1, " -Z ff. V- 'E y2.z:':'1fw. ' iefyrsi ew- Q4 Y is, l ,,,. Y M, ,..q,,,. new New M , Q ' l ll :AMN In ,. .sl ,,,. ,. . W ..,. .. , V,.. A A ..,,. T 'fi ,,.. , H Howaan A. :M:CCORDOCK FREDERICK T. SCI-INATZ Editor-in-Chief Business Manager h I VVith this volume, the members of the staff of the 1923 Iris presents the results of their untiring efforts throughout the past year. This book is, we sincerely believe, thoroughly representative of the University of Buffalo at her best. It has many new and novel features and still retains all the popular features of former annuals, but treats them in a systematic way. In every chapter we have given our best efforts to portray the university life, as we have found it. A All of the changes that have been made are in keeping with our desire to produce a year book worthy of The Greater University of Buffalo-one that would take its place in the front rank of the college annuals of the country. It is in this spirit that we have prepared this fourteenth volume of The Iris, and now offer it to the student body. That much remains to be done, we are well aware. But much may be ex- pected from this publication during the next year or two. Give it the support of the students and the faculty to which it is entitled and the Greater University of Buffalo will have an annual which will not be eclipsed by any similar publication in the country. The colored inserts and all unsigned drawings are the work of the Art Editor. Two Hundred Seventy-eiglzt m . .. . .Ill ff V U 1 1' ' . ! 1 1' "' .y ' . ,. :X ,,A,Lw,1 ,. llvlvlti-6:2 iw .,:.V:, .A 5VJ4i?f ,S W! ' E -lg X ' J aifZ?'l,.3:.. 1 ,X-'?f2i?f,vf' f 'TA 4 W 've I-' f f f W i' -'bmi.-ff3fiSvE5S4Q4.fJ i':i: 1 'izgi -4:'..-fs.-Af "fill ::.,, lil l li 1 2 1' 'zQ,:,fwvf:-Qfrfzwf.. f11-.wfwevv -,ffmflu In THE IRIS STAFF Two Hzmdrecl Sfizwwty-11i11e 1 Y 1 1 , 1 1 1- 1' 11 .11. 11 1,4 , , . I FET' I K ,?III I 'ff-II-2 I I :E LE I I I 5'-if :Elf I I 5? 'I 5I:'I i 11:1 I fig! I 2,3171 I -1153 I 'L ' MI I 593 If if I I5vI'?I1 I qv, 'I I I IQ: I I 2- I I , Y, Iii, I13II I IMT, I ' 'IQILI ' L43 :FII ' IYTIQII I IE! If FEI I ,,,. I ,,:I Qi I I I I If I 55 rj? LTL'-' I :iw I It I, A, I: : Iii-LI Iii II-2,1 ' Ii: I If I Isis? I IETE KE? I ., ,I I gag I I I f-ii I I I 7-M - -I 3 -V77 W I . ,g,,,,g,- -H.. ,.,,,,,?,,,,,,i,i-I ,f-x,.,,,,,,YA,Y +-YT v UIIIIII' A I7 VIIIIIIIII'.If'II'?V I I ,Ik I I-4,2 - 3f.III,ff9,I' TII' 'IlII'fiIb' I ITIIIIIMQI' 'i ' WI:-T-TT' 'T"Icf":mY I I 'ii I '5I'II'jI'I'1fIIIIIMII'II'IIIE I .- K. "IIN 'Ef-7 Ig: J 7:-5 473 QIII' IIIIMWI -I-Ihr-:lg -A-,!' ' ' 1 1' :-1 I -,f iw If ,fd 1.3 Z7 ZQIII 5",1I4,-,III1mIg:!'-.IL-g..Mz1III-UIII, ,IIIIIIIIIQII ,X x-M,-,,,q,N,uv,-A-H ,,.xd, ,,W f-Hi W MW . ,IS Ii F: . I. I l I Iii! . V U ,:,f1-fm-f fv-., , ,I,,.,,I. , yy, 4 Vvgyz- -I ' ' - - "-f QQ ' -f 2 35 Y I IL' I I " , N , I T: Ai W uf, wxI,wypQ:"Hyf.-l--'" ' I ' SQX27 1.3,-Amy,-79 fi f "- 1 + ,,3,'fI"fwI -i.- ,Wi neg' :bmi -fm", ZW4WWpj22f Ill- ' J S - I ...LL I l, I 1 I it-II Fi, I I IIIIIEII , I 1,-4 I i, I I 31 I 4, Iwi? I I I, fI Vi? 42'.I I BERNARD G. VVAKEF11cr.D Advertising ZIIanage1' Two Hundred Eighty ,N I ?E,. I I If? A , IE? I I I ' I I , QI I -I .,,: I If I MILTON HAGER Art Editor I r I I If fl- S1 I I afiee I z?, I Q I 7I '-ii I I I ug ,I ? A I - f',:'fIIIIIII IIIVIIIIIIxf-JI'2-:IIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIT1I'II':jIIIIIIIW'If'-'II wwf-I-I I'IIII If'jI I I1 ' H""7Q , "'4"f '---Y ----I . I " II I1FsIfsIfII :IfII. 1fvwIII IIIIIQI I ,, IQI , .IL Ii ,I I IIf'.5'I1T.I'III,IIIIIIII I-,I fIII'III'IIIIIIII"IIII"Ii-IIIIIIIII I :I IIIWII- IIII1 I 1. III' if -i f "I IIIIIW' II'mv"I II I IIIIQIII II "WWI II' I 'EJ LIII-gm ' 'in I I I I I I I I 2 I I I I I I I I. 1.41 ,:-,-- M -fffrvf 61509 A CO ED HAROLD F. MEESE KENEFICK T. VVENDE Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Bison The Bison, during the past year, has enjoyed a phenomenal success compared to that which it had a few years ago. From an authentic circulation of about four hundred it has increased to that of twenty-Hve hundred, and is steadily growing. This Hgure includes a four hundred and fifty alumni, and a five hundred- news stand circulation. The increased circulation has been facilitated by the publicity in the local newspapers monthly, upon the issue of the magazine. These articles have compared the Bison favorably as one of the best of college humor publications, es- pecially along the artistic and cartoon lines. Several of the leading college joke books have requested exchange of cuts and have quoted The Bison in their columns as well. Among these have been the Yale Record, the V00 Doo, College Humor and others, as well as the Literary Digest, which has credited the Bison several times in their Film Fun on the screen. Letters from the alumni commending the magazine and placing their name indefinitely on the subscription list have been a source of encouragement and in- spiration to the staff to renew its efforts. However, one of the biggest measures of its success is the fact that it has been a financial success, breaking even with a margin, instead of presenting the S. A. C. with a deficit at the end of the year. This is Edue to the fact that the advertising was tripled, as well as the price per page being increased one hundred and Hfty percent because of increased circulation. Two Hlmclred Eighty-two 1 1 111111, ' '111 11 1 111 11, 1 11 -1 1 - 1 1 111.574 12151 1, ,5- 15551 1 ' -Y - --1 iii- I 153,511 if 1I"11fi.1 1.111 ' '-W'-1 1--2: ,f,3 1-if,-.1 1 .. 71 -11 11:f1,:i, 1 fffxu V Y ' 1 ' lj 57 1g1T'i1'111T1'T' "1 1111Q1i' - f!1W'1,11'u1 ' '111111" " ' ,1'11 '111 1 1 '11 W 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 Inf?-E 1 1513 f ,iz 1 1 ?- q 1W- WM 1 1 1 1 1 W!! 1 111'1'1 1 '1'111 1 H1111 11 111 1111 11 BUT OF 1 BEEQ' .ws TELL ...-:E ,..wE....sE..-s e 0F BIG BARGAINS vo.. zu. u....-...... ... anew... Ap... xo. vm N... 24 IOR PROM FRIDAY EVENING AT HOTEL LAFAYETTE DRAMATIC CLUB T..,..f ....2Q.5"'MAY SM RED S'ff"""'P"'m in UB' PRESENTS PLAY :u':.::f:.:::1:: LETTER DAY IN BEE af Sake Hfsfofy Big Elm u""""""uT"""C""s' 'x" "" .l?'fI...fLni..fl'lISfiiIf'lllff of funior Week ON MAY Isl- 11511: :T1..:1:1't.g:.-:1z.T:: U B- HISTORY I ... n.. ....J ... nm :...-...Em ..- .......-.. -rr... mn.. ... m. ...... .?. -T ... ..... .....- ... E. ...-......... 1 'iw' -ff -'DH1' '1"'1'm'W . , . 1...-...-......,.............-...... W"k'Y "f"'N H""1f"' ful" Rlle s Orcheslra will Fur- .. ............-.- .X .I - I - - I "He Who Gets Slappedn lo . ... 5 D C Il' B d I W' " f01"""f"""F B P I III AI III IIII IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII III, l'- HPGD. 'Im 011 0 -.-...- T...........I.- ......... ...EI nlsh MUSIF for Oc e resell e .........-. ... ............. ... ... Speak Az Muv...g Up Day 1.2.5. .H'5M"77'flIiSf. f3f"""'L 1351011 Allendale "M"'A"' m""' "' me 'M Tm' Erercises At Hutchinson '. .I , .HL '. . ' ffm ., .........E.,, .-...... .uw ... ... H " 1' f f 1- I, ,,,,.. I ,I. , ,II ..-......N ...... ... ..... ...... - IIQQIQJIIII IgIg,IgIgjIII1?IIggIII -, ......... ...... ... ......... ..... T... ......... ...... ...... .. ... ..... -.-.... s......... ...... M ...... ... ....- II , I C.II. .,,,,,I .. I. M..........- ..II.I MII. III.III,II,II II.III.I ...1................-..............-Q.-. ...... ... m.. ......-.-.-,... ...n ... ...... ...- n.......-.'g.....- ...' n..r...1.., ...Q ....IIn:?... IIIIL'I':u"LII1I IIIIIQQI IIIIXII ............3 ..E.L..,.... .mx ... ..... ,... .-1..- .-......-M ...-.-1..- ...........n ...I...-TI: v.-rI:I..:I.. .I .ur um.-:... H..- .....-...... -.................. ... ... ... IIII I ,I ... ......... ......... .......,., ........ ... ......E ,... .-.........-.. ...vp .T ... . . . .. . . ......... ...... uw .......-.'.....ny -.r -ne.-ln.: rr... .-rf-- MII II ...... ...-.-.-,... -E l.... ...U ...... ..f..-... ......,I um. ....- ............. ... :... n...1- --I -hr wil--mow r----r In cf-mnnr---vu .-,..,....... ... --... wr... -1.-u sm.-.--I." TII IIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIII Ax... 5... ..... 1...-.. ......E-.. ... .. mx.. vm... ... L..m..1...x.. ..... w..... "HH Wfvlvh Uv- fmhmnn hw- nn-I W'-1411 mf Dff-'wif 5'f'Q'Y 'W l:II"' WI., .........-...K ....- 1... .... .lay ... ....- -......-...- ... .1..- ...... ... . ..-...-1... .....-.-...... .. ...... QIIIHH-:I --.. ...I... ...... .1n1.z-111:-1-----. .....k....: .... 1...-W... .nw .mu 1- II I III, ,III Iuf I I ......-I. ... -...-....W -... ...:...-..-....-...E of .... ....y- --.n ...y ...... ....h- f '10 1' 'Vw .1'-1-- fwlvmvnl N-1vi1I ... .- ... -- -.---W---f jI33I'3I1II iff ...... .........,.. ..-...... ... .... -- --- -... "'f""'. mf. 'K .f"U"f. TM. ff.W'3l'.Q.f ...., ...-- ......-... ...-.-J.-...... ...., IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIII II .1-I' "1'1"'- MW" W' 'he BT WC" flimwtmllf ff .l'.'mf. 'ofmm 'M no-w fv- fu- . -1 1- K 1 1 IIIIIIIII III IIII IIIIIII IIIII III IIII ...........I ...-1 .... ......... ...... ... ...E ..r- ... .,.,,..,. ..,.- ...-I. 1 1' N 11- 1-1 --1.---1--n Q.. ... M... ......... n. M... .- ,I I IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIII III ... .r..- -....1..-. or lr..-1-......r ...... .---'H-1-1--1 --.- .. .-......... Q... f-101'-'- 5--1"-""' 41'-' ""-"T" ... U... .1... ..........- ..... .-...... ... I IIIIIIII. IINIIIIII IIIIIII ,III II -Im ... --... ..-..... ...... S...........-- 'f.f'.."fff'1'f,fQ""PI f" 'I"""'gI ' . sm... s........ ...... M... ,MI ,I I,.,., ,IIIII II, IIIIII IIII -1 -1.-.. x-.1..1..- u-.....-......-N ..-... .. ...... ........ .-................ ...... ..... If I'II II: 'I"II'I'j"11'II .. .-.11 ....fn -.---- f'-:---H1-- H-. -1- 11-U ...... ....-E. 11111 1-1--I' -I-1---H-Iv :..II..............- 1.-......I ...:...-..-......... ...... ....-... ...-.I ""I'II'I IPI fm" 1 "' 1 1.-......-I ......... 1-... ..-.- ... ......I mn. I - Q'1":I"If M '11f11I1 1---N 1: ---- ............- ... ......-Af...-.. ..... ..-......y ' J ' ""' " " W- I .-...,.p................WM ... ......-.........., My 11 111-1 1-1-ww-1---11 or 1-11-f. - ... ....-., 1... .-.-............. ....... ... ......., . T ll 1- -I 11. 1----T ----x ---I - ""Y""'-'- U""'1"H '11""M1 P'-1'-'M ... ...-...... ... ...-...... .............. ... .-... F I . .-.....- ......... ..-,...-......... ... ..... ,... Vocahonal Conference 1- --1 -.----- -..-1--X. .-- --1-..-.- ....- ........ ... ...... ...... ... ..... .. orma Upenmg ..... ... ----N -1---- ... -.1---1--1 ----u - - -N-' HH' '-' --11-L A.. ... ......-.. .........., .:...... 1-........... I I ... ...,- ... ........... ...... .......- ...... For Umverslty Women J--I-1 P...-1.1-.m ... c........ D .. ... ... ...... ....... ... . .. .....- ......... 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'W ' 'H " 'Y' 1 W X ' ""' ' 'L "" "' '."N"'l""""fH"'P"1 1'b"'39fT1 II ' ,III IIHII III III IIII I NIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIII me L1...v.-.saw or c........bu. na... M- ...E ......... ... .....-......H ... n... ... mm- wings, mm mf.- Vfgmq, IW 7I IIII I,IIII IIIII II ...... ..... ...... .. ...-...... .... ......... ... ... ... ......I ... .............. ... ... ... F N' Y "' nm' "Nl Nun' ' " ' ' K H " Faure" Nu our Is acreplal whom- rlwlm.. ..I .mn .v....l.1I... rr... 1...-l...l4r n-:..i-tml..-.-nllirws. Th-:lass is eslimml- T"" W' "HW 'U' 3" """'5 4" W" IM11fif111-'11 011 Wav lv-L7 ml. .. nf.. ......realy rm mx.. n- sm... ru...--.,., ...... s.-.1........ .-.1 .. e1511.1mr., 4... -..-nu... ,......v -r.-......... ... .......... .-...... ...-.,....., ...... U V' 1' ll 'UW 'lll'l1'1u 'U 111' W ir wr U Y ,..w.1x,W1 HW w:.',3jf ', H. ' 1H,i3,rg,1' .1 W, '11g"1,1",'11'Ht.', , ' '11 ii "ig 'p4:gw..'p',u. W 1'-.14ij!1ldl.Ull'lllllllx1..lwlilrrlllftl.15 i?'Wlll1'1lll1V W ff 1. Flllitlllwlll. .ul'2.Hlll1llllUlllEel"xl1lll':WllL1lllllT'E lllllllwl 1 1 rf- w r X .vi A u of., H. 51 yt ,H HARRY Yoiucu General Ilia-nager The Bee And now at Commencement time THE BEE has completed its second successful year as an independent newspaper. In the spring of 1921 a young manis fancy turned to thoughts of aiding in the development of his University when Vincent Loughlin, a junior in the Law School, conceived the idea of a daily newspaper for U. B. students. Quite naturally it was necessary to use caution in the promoting of this new venture and many were skeptical as to the outcome. However, THE BEE made its appearance soon after as a few columns in The Commercial. Greatest of all its first year triumphs was the fact that it proved itself a necessity in college life. In the fall THE BEE was established as an independent weekly paper. Backed by the interest and faith of the Student's Activities Committee, Vincent Loughlin, as Editor-in-Chief, supported by Esther Lieberman, Frank Shalters, VValter Con- stantine, Bernard Wakefield, Joe Pass, and Emory Kovach, as well as by an able staff of reporters, put forth a four page paper worthy of much credit. Those who had previously prophesied failure became actively interested and the student body responded favorably to the call for subscriptions. On Moving Up Day, in May, 1922, it was extremely gratifying to those who had put their time and energy in THE not to mention their talent, to realize that the true value of such a paper was recognized, when keys were presented to Mr. Loughlin, Miss Lieberman, Mr. Constantine, and Mr. VVakefield. Mention of the success of THE BEE for the year 1921-22 can hardly be made without reference to Frank Shalters whose dependability and constant effort furnished the necessary support for such an undertaking. Mr. Shalters held the position of circulation manager. A . Two Hundred Eighty-five W, MJ mr. . X... , , , ,md W I . . . 'A-a M, " , 4 , -. 1 DANIE 1. KATZ Editor-in-Chief In 1922 the Law School again produced a man suited for the position of Editor- in-Chief when Harry Yorke was chosen for that ofhce. Th-rough the ability of Mr. Yorke, whose wide newspaper experience enabled him to ferret out its mistakes and enlarge upon its qualities, THE BEE began its third year without serious hindrance. And truly THE BEE under Harry Yorke's direction has grown during the past year. The few faithful reporters who had served their apprenticeship last year became the nucleus of a large and capable staff. In keeping pace with the growth of the University and the growth of student activities THE BEE has progressed so that it is no longer a small leaflet but the real newspaper of the University. That there is still much to be desired is, of course, recognized by those who have charge of its immediate future. They, however, would put forth but one claim for the weekly product of their energies. THE BEE with all its failings and with all its virtues is a true index of the University of Buffalo. Its columns are but a mirror of student life and whatever unpleasant reflections may appear in them are not always due to a defect in the mirror. Two Hundred Eighty-six I 1 4 n, . - ' Q - '.,f.i:g , ' Bee Staff' General Dlanager .......... ...............,......,.,,.,....,,....,.....,.,,,,, ,,4,.,,,,,, H A RRY YORKE Editor-in-Chief ......,.... ,A,,,,,,,.,, I JANIEL KATZ Managing Editor ......., ,..,.,..,.,,.,,..,.....,.,.,.....,.,. ,.,..,,.,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,..,,, , , , ,,,,,, T ED SULLIVAN ASSOCIATE EDITORS Editorials .......,... ......... J OHN H. LITTLE Literary-Debating GEORGE HOLMES DONALD WVATKINS Exchanges ...,.,..,.,,,..... ROSE ROSENTHAL lVe1vs, Features ........A... CORINDA GAGE Dlusical ............................A....... ALAN NASH JOHN HARSCIi Dramatics ..................... T1-:OMAS GANIh'I Alumni ....,.........,,..,..,,,.....,.., ETI-IEI, PINCUS Features ......... J. :EDMUND DECASTRO Fraternities IXLIARGUERITE KENNEDY ROSALIE KARNER Sport ......... ...A...... F RANGES FORD BUSINESS DEPARTMENT A cting Business Manager ......,..,. Circulation Maizager ...........t............... Advertising ' Dlanager ....,.,,,..,.,...........,,,, Assistant Advertising Blanager .....,.t. Business Secretary ...,...........t...............,.... ....,..t....,.JOHN HARSCIi .........JOSEPH KOLASSA ERNEST WALICER ..........,.,,.JAMES CAMPBELL I I ' AZIE E. VVAGNER W Two Hundred Eighty-S '23 '25 595 '25 '23 '25 '23 '25 '26 '244 '24 0 '25 '26 '25 'l'C'Z ff- i ,f,-:- 54 1 '41-.Q 1x'5 'U- Q z,,fa:,'eg., .,. g,.. . ga :ziggy 4 I 7- -!:, ., 4 . -Q-. K.. -5 ' X f K g ee: 56 151 ff' U GSS? 625-'OW ' I nfnff ,.--'un iggfriiigl ll 1.15.1 uk 'ml ,Lo Q59 ll' CW -'63 o W5 RA :I NUI llilllllll LHB! .WS W !M nmW15'3l3'm m lf I-ll IIIHHIIIITIIIH QM! A Aw rm 4-Hllllllll-lllmilif affix 'lk Glhvzz an'-we I . ' 1 mg Xu un ' . 7 1 r X ' U' A pf' 0 O S cg ' HE In Q llll I Elll IIII I- -lll I Ln' Ill I I fl- Ill V Ill II ll -I Ill ll- II . - - mu' 21 wx, AG! nl 'I -A xg. -- II ll x ,I 1 Il X 1 . 4' U' " I X i e - - 1, IL Q: 1 ,xy 1 ww 1 1 ml "HN NN X!! H' MM U W N wx w N ww MM!! w 1 y I NNW N CHESS CLUB Two Hundred Eightyfnine N , yu H N M f 1, ' M! , jr 17 H V i www w xl, .lames A. Gibson Anatomical Society OFFICERS President .....................................................,.,.....,....... MILTON G. POTTER First Vice-President ........,....... ...........A. W . PIERCE TAYLOR Second Vice-President .....,.... ,, ..A....... GEORGE M. SHEARER Treasurer ..............A..,.................... .....,....,, K ENNETH G. MOWAT Secretary ...................... ,....,................ E THEL D. P1L'L1oN Faculty Advisor ......... ......... D R. YVAYNE U. ATWELL Around the lives of all great men there circles a mysterious halo which shines on after they are gone. The spot in- an institution it continues to light, we call tra- dition. Human beings are drawn to these-love to bask in their light because they are inspired by them. From the life of Dr. James A. Gibson, there has come to the University of Buffalo a light, a tradition, an inspiration which is carried on by an organization created to his memory, The James A. Gibson Anatomical Society. Dr. Gibson was born in Prescott, Ontario, in 1867. Shortly after, his parents moved to London, Ontario, where he received his academic and then his medical training, graduating in medicine from the University of London in 1890. He 'im- mediately went to Toronto and tried the Toronto examinations which correspond to our State Boards. These he successfully passed and was qualiied thereby to prac- tice 'in any province in Canada. Not satisfied with his equipment for the practice of his profession, he then went to London, England, where he studied as interne in Brompton and two other large hospitals, filling out and improving himself in clinical medicine. Upon returning to America he felt that he wanted to practice in a large city and near his home if possible. Buffalo being the nearest large city--he came here in 1893-began a practice and for a time was on the staff of the Fitch Hospital. He also joined the Roswell Park Medical Club where he became acquainted and formed strong and lasting friendships with many of Buifalo's leading medical men. He was a close friend of the great clinician whose name the club bore and with whom he shared an enthusiastic and devoted service to the University in after years. This same year, 1893, he became affiliated with the Calvary Presbyterian Church of this city and took an active part in the maintenance of that church, so long as he lived. Having established himself in practice and in the medical circle of the city-he married Miss Clara North of Preston, Ontario. His beautiful home life which came to include one daughter, Clara, was a guiding factor in his contemplations and actions. The worth of his character and achievements attracted to him the considera- tion of those interested in the advancement of the University of Buffalo to the extent that he was placed on the teaching staff of our University, at the age of 27, in the year 18944. He was at first, instructor in anatomy under Professor Phelps, but his extraordinary ability, coupled with a sincere earnestness and zeal for in- dustry marked him for advancement so that in 1905, he was chosen for the place vacated by Professor Phelps, as full professor of Anatomy. - From 1905 until the time of his death in 1917, Dr. Gibson worked incessantly with the student, for the student, toward making a bigger, better University and a better world at large. His untimely death was a great blow to all and a distinct loss to the students of the greater University. Two Him dred Ninety I JAMES A. GIBSON ANATOMICAI. SOCIETY The James A. Gibson Anatomical Society was founded shortly after his death, in 1917, "to form a living tribute to Dr. Gibson's memory, to provide for and pro- mote the general welfare of the Anatomy Department of the University ofsBuffalo, which was his earnest desire, and to secure from the student body their undivided interest in the study of Anatomy, at which our former professor so diligently worked. The attainment, at the end of the Sophomore year of an average standing in Anatomy of 85? or more, makes a student eligible for membership in the society. It 'is therefore honorary. The fact that this society is named in honor of the memory of Dr. Gibson is most appropriate. The consideration of his work cannot fail to emphasize an ideal and to stimulate us all to noble and unselhsh ends. The embodiment in our lives of Dr, Gibsonis ideals will lift us above the average of our profession and if followed will increase our influence, widen our horizon, and make us worth while citizens of any community in which we may live. HAROLD BLAISDELL f723j Tuxo Hundred Ninety-one Two Hundred ZVi1zety-t-wo OFFICERS OF THE BARRETTONIAN SOCIETY l li illlllillllil jlwlllyfflf . l The Barrettonian Society OFFICERS P1'eSid611f ....................... ...,,A.... D ONALD C. DUN1-IAM Vice-President .A.... ,... ......,.A. lt I AURICE WV. KLEIN Secretary .............. ,.,.,,.,,., E RNEST D. HUNT Treasurer ...,,.... ..,....... A LBERT C. Roms In 1893 Dr. WVilliam Cary Bennett founded the Barrettonian Society, through which the ideals of this great dentist have been perpetuated. He strove to create a wider knowledge and a greater advancement in his chosen profession, through the closer friendships and relationships between the faculty and students and among the students themselves. By these means he endeavored to accomplish greater things. The fulfillment of these principles may easily be seen by the spirit that per- vades the Dental School-the spirit of accomplishment scholastically and fraternally. Clinics have been held throughout the year, which have considerably lightened the problems of the students. The annual Held day also is an event which is looked forward to by the entire student body. In this Way the ideals of the first dean of the Dental School have been per- meated, right down to the present time. Two Hlmdred Ninqefy-three . 1 M-3l""M w . 1' ' ' L. - ' , l, xi .lH:1iLllh, . li, 1 X .yi 1'lu1mll.M I ' N Wome117s University Club uf Womenns University Club The U. B. YVomen's Club is aniamalgamation of the Y. VV. C. A. and the VVomen's Club of the University of Buifalo. The cabinet for 1923:2fL is: OFFICERS President ..................... ...............,,.,w................................. R UTH E. CARY Vice-President ..........................,.......,.,. ,....,........... H ELEN K. SLOAN Corresponding Secretary .....,.,,,. ...,,.,..,.... H ELEN L. VV11.soN Recording Secretary ,......,.......... ,.......,.....,, A NNA INI. STERR Treasurer ,...,................,........,....... ....,..... ...,. E ' FI-IEL PINCUS CHAIRMEN Program ............ .........,.........,......,.......i... ....... ............ E D N A Fiscx-IER .Membership .......... ...........i..... I-I K. S1,oAN Ifosiess ..,.............. ..., ,.,,............. I J oRoT1-:Y C. DAY Publicity ....,..,..... ...,..,...... C ONSTANCE E. CURTISS Y. VV. C. A. . RET11uNG CABINETS: President .................i...............................,......,.....,,...,.,...,, SYLVIA GOEHGEN Vice-President ..................,...........,....... ....................... A LICE VV. CARY Corresponding Secretary ............ .......... E VELYN M. SATRUM Recording Secretary ................,. .,................ C LARA UNRATH Treasurer ....................,................. .....,...,... V ERA VVETMORE WOMENS CLUB President .......... ................,..,, . A ............. .............., N ATALIE ROUND Secretary ...,.....,.,. ............. J ANE C. O'MALLEY Treasurer ....... .,..,.......,..... R UTH E. CARY Two Hundred Ninety-five Two-Hundred Ninety-six ,1w,, Y University The University of Buffalo Y. Bl. C. A. Branch has the distinction of being one of the oldest student Associations in this country. For more than tenty years, this Branch has been serving the students of this University. It also has the distinc- tion of being the first student organization, bringing together the students of the various colleges. The Student "YH has always been an influence for the greater University and it is a source of satisfaction to see this dream beginning to mater- ialize. The U. B. Club meets every Tuesday at 6:30 at the Central Y. M. C. A. for supper and a social program. At every meeting. some speaker brings a worthwhile message on somt topic of interest. These meetings bring together the students from each college for fellowship and this helps to promote friendly relationships among the students of the University. Because of the fact that the University is growing so rapidly, it has become necessary to re-organize the work of this Association. lf the present plans are carried out, we may all look forward to a larger work being carried out among the students during the coming year. LIVINGSTONE CLUB On Feb. 20, 1923, one dental and three medical students with a common inter- est, met after t'beans" at the Y. M. C. A. to talk over the proposition of organizing a club or society for fostering and advancing Christian ideals on the campus of The University of Buffalo. Bob Smith, the boy's secretary, kindly offered us the use of his ofHce for meetings and we decided to meet every Tuesday night for prayer, to take up together whatever issues might come up from time to time and for the fellowship of being together, at least once a week. As knowledge of these meetings has spread. others have come to be with us and share in the privilege of the association. Because of the spirit we have named it, "The Livingstone Club," in honor of that great missionary and man of God, David Livingstone, hoping that the spirit which guided him to make so much of his life worth while, may continue to permeate us all and help us, too, toward that end. , FRIARS CLUB The Friars' Club of the University of Buffalo was organized February M, 1923 by some of the men of the College of Arts and Sciences who intend to under- take active Christian work. The purpose of the organization is to afford an oppor- tunity for fellowship among its members and for discussion of the work tney are to undertake. Meetings are held weekly in Science Hall at noon. Membership in the Club is open to any men in the University expecting to enter into active Chris- tian work. Two Hundred Ninety-seven - fy jffffl' " . EGG me i x 51 X L 'I fa X 3, X Q Qi 1 6517 Q I j :-.-L,pv HE 1 1 659. 9 HE L' it y c'g?4Ih'aZ1Z 5 S' - -'JE ,N , Yi 44 f 9 2-F' Q 2 ffbuff f fi . 7-,-I-Y. Al ' T?-I 9. i'4 4- -rss '-.1 if . ,-, fp 'K A I ,-1.3555 .ei gl eijgisi CQP0 G 1 M05 31:10 4 W' K- 'W . 1.--E -' ? K z- 1 r' xt-. ,FE E 7 ff Ti-, V ' A YR -Q N64 ':? X-X JK -, N846 X . ' , . W- 5 5-fli' ,I ' -. I ": 'gy -"' HllIl:'4'u 'iid' 9 , 'LU:"11Iff'.'I!lIjIl.Ll1L fh' ,,,. V, , X' w,. 1, qui 'lv im.. 7 Z ui' ,M ima Z JM X if ff v , f A + J W 7 K fg f SXXQ QS X DR. RUSSELL Gnou Alumni Editor Foreword p In view of the more active interest that is being manifested at the present time by the alumni in all functions of the University of Buffalo, the Editor of the Iris has deemed it altogether fitting and proper to designate a section of the Iris to the alumni body. This is the first year such a section has been devoted entirely to the University's roll of graduates in this, the University Annual. It is a well-known fact that the growth and the achievements of a University are largely dependent upon the support given it by the alumni body. Likewise, is it true that all student activities and organizations within the University are de- pendent largely upon that body' of graduates for its accomplishments. Cooperation between the alumni and the student body is a thing entirely desired and it is this cooperation that the Iris wishes to promote to a greater existence. Due to a late start in the gathering of material for this section much has been omitted that would tend to create an active interest on the part of the alumni in the Iris. However, it is sincerely hoped by members of this staff that what has been started here will be carried out to a larger extent in the future and we heartily solicit your cooperation in the plan to make the Iris a University Annual which will be second to none. I T100 Hundred Ninety-ni9'1e The Alumni Club of The University of Buffalo, Inc. . BY DR. A. B. LEMON, Secretary 1 l C longer can there be any excuse for lack of Alumni interest in the affairs nrxig of the University. No longer must six thousand graduates of the Uni- versity admit that they have no fixed meeting place, no forum, no rally- Fl!-' ' ing point, no alumni contact, no discussion, no policy. A' A new spirit was born among the graduates of U. B. when on Octo- ber 27, 1922, the doors of the Club House of the Alumni Club of the University of Buffalo were thrown open and 800 members pledged themselves to the purposes of the Club, viz: "to promote social intercourse among its members, provide them with the conveniences of a Club House and to provide also other means of pro- moting Science, Literature and Art, with the special purpose of aiding and develop- ing the University of Buffalo." The opening date was purposely arranged to fit in with the ceremonies incident to the inauguration of Samuel P. Capen as Chancellor of the University of Buffalo. Thursday, Oct. 27th, 1922 the house was opened to its members. The beauty of the house, the enjoyable entertainment, the excellent quality of the food and the gen- eral' air of hospitality astonished every member and guest who called on opening day. Friday morning the housewas used as a registration point for the delegat-es to Dr. Capen inauguration. The signatures of the great educators from all parts of the country delegated to attend the inauguration ceremonies now occupy a prom- inent place in the Club House. After the rather auspicious opening the club soon settled down to the customs of most male clubs. The regular "Saturday Nightersn were introduced and have become very popular. Department Nights were intro- duced which proved very interesting and entertaining. These nights brought out the talent that is everywhere among the graduates and which has been tabulated for further use. The Musical Clubs of the University have contributed their share of the entertainment. Pool and cards have secured a liberal following. Entertain- ment never is wanting about the Club House. VVhile a few minor changes have been made in the interior structure of the Club House, nothing radical has been attempted. It is true that the Alumni Club had a more auspicious berth than any other Club in the city and from the outset was on a firmer Hnancial basis than most clubs of its type, yet the Board of Governors have been reluctant to make any changes or additions which might necessitate ad- ditional taxation and thus discourage some of the younger memebrs. At the time this publication goes to press, tennis courts are being built and lawn bowling greens planned. Doubtless within the near future the large building in the rear of the Club House, formerly used as a garage will be transformed into an assembly hall and gymnasium. Wfith over two acres of land at the rear of the house, the possi- bilities of expansion and development are virtually unlimited. A great deal of credit for the establishment of this most active breeding place of Alumni spirit must go to Dr. Grover YV. YVende the President of the Club. He has built up around him a most efhcient corps of workers so divided into Committees that the work of managing the Clubs affairs does not become burdensome to any individual. Three Hzmdred l i 1 rr"'l' i i i , 1, i .HH,1' H "c"',i' UN1vEns1TY or BUFFALO A1.UMNx CLUB U. of B. Federated Aumni Association OFFICERS President ....A.....e,..,...................................................... Gaovim W. WENDE First Vice-President ......,.,, .,,,,.,.. G EORGE G, DAVIDSON: JR, Second Vice-President ,,.,..,... ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, X N YALTER P, COOKE Secretary ..............................,,...... ............... ......, A . B. LEMON Treasurer ......,..,............................................,,............. J. G. Woonwoaru The annual dinner and dance' of the Buffalo Federated Alumni Association was held on February 22nd at the Hotel Statler. This meeting as in other years was held as the closing exercise of a day of University functions which started at ten thirty in the morning at the Teck Theater. The speakers of the evening were Chancellor Capen and Dr. Davis of Alfred University. The meeting this year was exceptionally well attended. Those in charge of the arrangements were Dr. E. J. Farmer of the Dental alumni, Dr. Theo- dore Leonard of the Medical alumni, Sidney James of Pharmacy, .lohn Greenwood of Arts and Morey C. Bartholomew of Law. The various other Alumni Dinners were held this year as follows: Chautauqua District,-November 16, 1922 Salamanca, N. Y. Rochester District--April 9, 1923 Rochester, N. Y. Central Sz Northern New York-April 244, 1923 ASyracuse, N. Y. Interstate-April 25, 1923 If7MlCfl, N- Y- Chancellor Samuel Paul Capen personally attended all of these dinners and addressed the alumni at each. Three Hundred One Three H mi dred Two DR. HERBERT U. VVILLIAMS Dr. Herbert U. Vkfilliams, after graduation from the Cen- tral High School, spent two years in the University of Michigan. He received his M. D. from the University of Bufalo in 1889 and later from the University of Pennsyl- vania. Dr. VVilliams took post-graduate work at Colum- bia, Johns Hopkins, Vienna, Berlin and Gottingen. He has been on the faculty of the School of Medicine since 1891, Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology, since 1896 and Dean of the School of Medicine from 1912 to 1914- also member elect from the faculty on the University Council for three years. Dr. 'Williams is Pathologist at the Bufalo General Hospital, the Buffalo City Hospital, and the Erie County Hospital. He served as President of the Buffalo Academy of Medicine, was treasurer of the Asso- ciation of Pathologists and Bacteriologists for seven years, and president during 1913. He is a member of the Asso- ciation of American Physiciansg and state examiner in Pathology and Bacteriology. Dr Willianfs hobby is anthropology. GRovER W. WENDE, M.D. Dr. Grover Wencle is an alumnus of the University of Buffalo who has gained a national reputation in the medi- cal profession. He is a graduate of the year 1889. Be- sides being well-known as a medical practitioner, Dr. Wende is known as one of the University's most ardent supporters. He has devoted much hard work toward the development of the Alumni Club ofl which he is president. Dr. VVende was also chairman of the committee in charge of the membership drive which did such splendid work. 'Ill-IEODORE M. LEONARD, M.D. Dr. Theodore Leonard graduated from the Medical School of the University of Buffalo with the class of 1901. He has spent much time and energy in behalf of the Medical Alumni Association of which he is president. Dr. Leonard is also a member of the house of delegates of the Feder- ated Alumni Association and he is Chairman of the Mem- bership Committee of the University of Bufalo Alumni Club. DR. HENRY G. BENTZ Dr. Bentz is a graduate of the school of medicine, class of 1888, and a graduate of Pharmacy, class of 1889. He was one of the founders of Beta Phi Sigma Fraternity in 1888 and ever since that time has been active in University work. He is now a member of the University of Buffalo Council, to which he was elected July, 1922. Dr. Bentz is engaged in the practice of medicine with offices at 894 Michigan Ave. DR. DANIEI, H. SQUIRE ' Dr. Squire needs no introduction here. But he occupies a very unique position among the Dental alumni, being one of six members of the 'Hrst class graduated from the Uni- versity of Buffalo Dental School. Dr. Squire has not severed his connection with the institution since that time, having been a member of the teaching staff for 30 years, and for the past 11 years he has been dean of this de- partment of learning. At a recent meeting of the Dental Alumni Association, Dr. Squire was honored by having conferred upon him the honorary degree of "I-Iumdinger," which classifies him as a Prince of Good Fellows. His powerful influence for better dentistry has been felt by all who have had the privilege of attending the U. B. Dental School since his early connection with the insti- tution as a teacher. CHARLES A. PANKOWV, D.D.S. Dr. Charles Pankow is one of the live-wires of the dental profession in Buffalo and may be seen very much in evidence at any of the dental or other collegiate functions. He is a member of the class of 1905. When not actively engaged in following the pursuits of his profession, "Charlie" may be found hard at work directing some form of entertainment. His name is always found at the head of the entertainment committee whether it be the Eighth District Dental Society, Alumni Association, University Alumni Club or a show put on for the benefit of the Old Folks Home. Dr. Pankow has shown an active inter- est in all student activities and is the faculty advisor of the Bison. JAY G. ROBERTS, D.D.S. Dr. Jay J. Roberts is one of the prominent members of the Dental Profession of Buffalo and a graduate of the University of Buffalo, class of 1905. He is a member of the N. Y. State Board of Dental Examiners and a past president of the Eighth District Dental Society. Dr. Roberts has been much interested in post-graduate work and has been instrumental in bringing to Buffalo some of the best men in the dental profession for the purpose of instruction in post-graduate work. Dr. Roberts' offices are at 207 E. Ferry St. CLIFFORD E. Rose, D.D.S. A Dr. Clifford Rose who is well-known as an oral surgeon is a graduate of the Dental School of the University of Buffalo, the year 1903. He has been very active in Alumni vvorkand during the past year was President of the Dental Alunmi Association and Vice-President of the Federated Alumni Association. Dr. Rose has offices in the Buffalo Electric Building for the practice of oral surgery. Three Hun drcd Three IRVING R. TEMPLETON 1 Mr. Templeton received his Arts degree from Syracuse University in 1904. Thereafter, for several years he was engaged in newspaper work. Later he attended the Uni- versity of Buffalo Law School and graduated with the class of 1909. For the past seven years he has been a lec- turer on Personal Property at the Law School, and for several years he has been Chairman of the Students Activ- ity Council. Mr. Templeton is also a member of the Mem- bership Committee of the University Alumni Club. DR. A. BERTRAM LEMON Dr. Lemon is one of the very active graduates of the School of Pharmacy, having received his degree in 1913. VVhat is lacking in stature is compensated for by an abundance of energy which manifests itself in every activ- ity in which Dr. Lemon is interested. Besides being a member of the teaching faculty of the School of Pharmacy, Dr. Lemon is one of the most ardent workers in behalf of student activities. He is particularly interested in the welfare of the University Musical Organizations and to him is due the greater share of credit for the rejuvena- tion of the Glee Club and University Orchestra. He is a member of the Faculty Committee on Student Activities, a member of the U. of B. Athletic Council and is secre- tary of the University Alumni Club. T. F. XVILLIAMS, P1-LG. ' Mr. XN'illiams is a graduate of the Department of Pharm- acy, in the class of 1898. For years he has been active in alumni work, particularly in the 'Pharmacy Alumni Asso- ciation of which he is now President. During the past year, Mr. XN'illiams has also been president of the Buffalo Federated Alumni Association, which comprises all de- partments of the University. Josnru L. CLEVELAND, D.D.S. Dr. Joseph L. Cleveland is one of the most active members of the Dental Alumni. Upon looking up his record, past and present, we find that "Joe" has been or is secretary of most every live organization in Buffalo. He is a gradu- ate in the class of 1914. At the present time, besides. being secretary of the Dental Faculty, Dr. Cleveland is secretary of the Dental Alumni Association and secretary of the Eighth District Dental Association. VVhen not en-- gaged in organization work of some form or other, he may be found practicing dentistry at 505 Franklin St. Q i Three Htmdred Four N 1 F E Mlllm wg, rl 3:1 , -'nf ' P WM mmm E g,-.E . I' 3 "" , Il?" U 'f"7f"r""WE9 " I IV I Q I - E' EA . Q . 1 E ratermtles and Sor0r1t1es Ig M EDI CA L- ' CH E M ISTRY- NU SXGMA NU BETA CIVII EPSII,0',N MZ OLTEGA UPSILON PI-II PI-II RI-IO SIGMA PI-II LAMBDA KPAI-'PA ARTS- KAI-PA DELTA PSI ' SIGMA PI1ARMAc:Y-- 'Ii !' BETA Pl-II SIGMA GENERAL... KAPPA PSI NIASONIC CLUB OCTOGEN KAPIQA NU RHO PI Pm SIGINIA ALPHA MU ALPIIA PI-II DELTA L BETA SIGMA P110 MW- BETA PI R110 PIII DELTA PHI DEIITA CI-II SORORITIES- E21 !' fi? Tl 1 . 51,115 wi, 1 ii? 'til-.Ji U54 152503 ,KFTHV , A l F511 5 F125 E K I-- I-:1 Mui' E DEN'DA1,i DEI,TA,SIGMA DELTA XI PSI PIII DELTA OMEGA PSI SIQULLS ALI'I1A OIVIEGA SIGMA KAPPA A.LPI-IA GAMMA DELTA PI-II SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA IDELTA TAU PI KAPPA PIII TI-IETA CI-II SIGINIA GAMMA PHI 34 ET I--:Z :E IE if Z' iff "aw I PEE 1,1 J. I M II ,L-1:1 R11 I F rrfgal w :U 32:2-23 I I Q' TI E' A7 1: 15:13 -1 Ii li Il-iq E ri E FQ! 5 :H Q ELET!-:J . ' 14-4-Y .- Kg ' If E K7E'fsi ' Three IH1mdred Five 5:1 ,-N I gy 1 I Dr S UIIHMIIIIHS 3, I d Nu Sigma Nu FRATRES IN FACUI .TATE Nu Sigma Nu I. C. I. CHAPTER Founded at University of Michigan ix 246 Elmwood Avenue SENIORS C. YV. BULLARD H. A. MCCORIJOCIC IV. J. DALEY C. A. NfJRIJS'1'R0hI J. M. NIESSINGER C. S. IEAKEDIAN N. D. SDII'1'I'I J UN IORS R. M. COLTON M. G. POTTER, A.I3. L. A. BIENSON G. M. S1-IEARER, BS. IV. P. VFAYLOR, B.S. S. L. XVAUGIIAN E. VV. I"OwEI.I., B.S. SOPHOMORES J. L. DAVIS D. C. Foss V. D. LEONE FRESHMEN RICHARD SAUNDERS EIARLE IFREDERICKS AR'l'l'IUR MULDOON PLEDGES FREDERICK T. SCIINATZ XVALTER CONSTANTINE JOIIN J. PRENDEROAST I18 S2 G. STINE, A.B. H. E. SCHYVING, B.S. E. J. ZIDIBIERDIAN, B.A C. VV. STEWART E. V. IJENNEICN, Afli H. CONSTANTINE E. L. XVELCI-I HENRY J. BROWN ROSWPILII KEYES JAIVIES SANFORD TI-IOINIAS TOOLAN XVAI,.'1'ER CONSTANTINE C. SUMNER JONES, B.S., M.D. EDWARD VV. KOCI-I, A.M., M.D. C1-IARLES CARY, M.D. CHARLES G. STOCKTON, M.D. HERDIAN G. IVIATZINGER, M.D. GROVER NV. XNENDE, M.D. JADIES VV. PUTNAKDI, M.D. VV. NVARD PLURIBIER, B.I.., M.D., F.A.C.S. FREDERICK J. IBARHIENTER, M.D., F.A.C.S. DELANCEX' ILOCHESTER, A.B., M.D. ELI H. LONG, M.D. ALLEN A. JONES, M.D. DEXATITT S1-IERMAN, A.B., M.D. ELDIER G. STARR, M.D., F.A.C.S. 'IYIAIEXV NVRIGHT, A.B., M.D., WYALTEII MACIIEWIER, M.D. XVILLIALI F. JACOBS, M.D. CARL S. TODIRKINS, M.D. F.A. I'IARRY M. NVEED, M.D., F.A.C.S. WILLIS G. GREGORY, M.D. FIDVVARD C. IQOENIG, M.D. FRANK N. POTTS, M.D. ROBERT P. DOREIE, M.D. HODIER A. TAROTTER, PILB., I RICI-IARD N. DENIORD, M.D. NELSON G. PLUSSELL, M.D. .D. 'VI CLAYTON YV. GREEN, A.B., M.D. FRANK H. LONG, M.D. JESSE N. ROE, M.D. DAN S. BELLINOER, M.D. F. WILLIAM VVELCI-I, M.D. ALBERT GARTNER, M.D. HERBERT U. WVILLIADIS, M.D. JOI-IN F. FAIRRAIRN, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. :EDVVARD A. SI-IARI1, M.D. ALFRED IDIEI-IL, M.A., M.D. JAMES E. KING, M.D., F.A.C.S. JULIUS ULLMAN, M.D. NOIUIIAN L. BURNI-IAM, M.D. CHESTER C. CIJTT, M.D., F.A.C.S. DELZON N. COTT, M.D. JAMES C. SULLIVAN, M.D. HUGH C. MCDOWELL, M.D. A. I-I. AARON, M.D. F'RANCIS LEOPOLD, M.D. W. J. M. VVURTZ, M.D. JACOB S. OTTO, A.B., M.D. LEE IVIASTEN FRANCIS, A.B., M.D. 'THEODORE LEONARD, M.D. HARRY W. '1'RICK, M.D., F'.A.C.S. DESCUM C. MCKENNEY, M.D., F.A.C.S. FRANK E. BRUNDAGE, A.B., M.D. JOSEPH P. BRENNAN, M.D. CARL G. FROST, M.D. JOIJIN F. HEALY, M.D. CS. Three Hundred .Se Tien -- 4 YY ,Y X ,- ,T.,i....?w...J.-L--Q--.H -- 1- 'N .W , .,, ,..,,1,,.,, 1111, ,,,, .-,.1 ,N I f , ,K , , -111 ,H :--4 1 1 11A ak- - -11 1 ,., 1 , nf, -,11.11.f,11 rv,11 11- ,Z-1,1 -, L '1 1,1 115 -wwf-I 1 1 x, ,MN ..1 1' '141 -3'L41x51 -1-11 1' 11-11111:-,gf-.1f11f1 ,,1 11 V11 - , U7 X, - 71.1 ,R11 41 111: 1 143 13N11Q:11"1g1,..f ,--fr, 2 it 2 r' xyk, :51. 1' :..l1AL V W ,, ., ,,,, ,WWW :U N ,,............Y,-,,g.n.,,.,...-,.. , - A. 1 1 'WE4 1,11gf,3p11Q11,1J..ML,11 111Q11f1T111 111 War i Three Hu ndre rl Eight -11111 11 11 1,11-14.121 - ' ' Y' 1 Omega psilcjn hi FZ' F21 ?'i-'il-. , 1 f1'715',ii1 17 5,35 1 1 fi 1 .,. 1 1 12:-1111 151 , L ,1 ,.,.. 1 112-121 'bile 1?-L 1 1 1 ii 1-1 1 Q -Q. 1 1 '15 3 1 5:1 N 155- 1 L25 1-,951 1f?f 1 'E' 1:-L: 1-QQ 1 2? 1 gg ,. 11111 , . ,1 V -, 1 5, ,1 111111111 11: 1 f 1 '1'1 11 11 1.111,,1,111 X1 1111.11V1,111111111N1'111 1111111'111111'111111"' : 111- 1 '1' 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1'- 1 1'1!11111N111 1 1111111 11111111'11N1 1'1 1111m111" 1111 1 ' 1 11,11 Lu: .LL Bl 1' W 4,121.3 111111111 ,1. 1. 1 1-2 WILLIABI F. GETMAN, M.D IW ,,,.,,,,, I.,I,,, 1. W... ...Mn I .M I IIIv IW.4I II WII.I+f. I www Wf'1.W".' . . . ,, ,N ,IH H, , W .I .I . . . I I',1.w'! 1. I ,,w.M.:W xx ,R ' ,M j 'I ' . W . . ,. I. - .V ,V ,IN ,f ,1,., g15,I.,,4.1 1. mega Upsilon Phi ALPHA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT BUFFALO 1897 228 ELMVVOOD AVENUE FRATES IN FACULTATSE EDGAR R. MCGUIRE, M.D., F.A.C.S. MAJOR CHARLES VV. FARR, M.D. NIARSIIALL CLINTON, M.D., F.A.C.S. JOIIN L. ECIiEL, M.D. XVALTER L. GOODALE, M.D. HARR1' R. LOHNES, M.D. GEORGE J. ECKEL, M.D. H1-:RRERT A. SBIITH, M.D. KARL F. EISCIIELMAN, .D.S., M.D. FLDVVARD F. lMIEISTER, M.D. 'IJIBIOTIIY F. DONOVAN, M.D. DOUGI,AS P. ARNOLI7, M. D. BYRON D. BOX1'EN, M.D. J. S. BANTA, M.D. OSCAR J. OBEIKICIIKCI-IER, M.D. LIAROLD A. BLAISDELL VV. HBRISERT BURVVIG HAROLD A. BUTDIAN XVILLTADI J. CUsIcIc CLARENCE J. F. IJURSHORDWIQ NIAREO P. BATES EDWVARD S. BUFEUM BERNARD J. DOLAN JAMES E. DOLAN DANIEL C. FJISHER, B.S. XVALTER H. IQRODIBEIN XNILLIADI F. CLARK GRANT FIsI-IEE ALBEIi'P H. FLECK CARL A. HI5T'1'ESI'IEI1WIER C. EARL IJARRIS HAROLD E. A. CAVANAGI-I WILLIADI H. HANDEL' DONALD IXLVERSON VVALTER FREESE HOWARD A. DENNEE, A.B. A. A. 'fl-IIBAUDEAU, M.B. JOHN IIJINKLEII, AB., M.D. BERNARD F. SCIIRICINICR, M.D., 1 X L S JOHN H. EVANS, M.D. ROY A. EDSON, A.B., M.D. JAMES H. CARR, M.D. EIDVVARD H. KRAMER, M.D. EARL L. EA'1'ON, M.D. LIERDIAN F. MAY, M.D. IJANIEL JUNG, M.D. XNALTICR L. AI.LIZS1'AXCI-I, M.D. J. HAROLD IJUNT CARYL A. KOCH CI-IARLEs S. DALE VINCENT J. RIOORE .ALFRED SIGJNIANN, JR. J. LEWIS JERGE RIACE K. NICGEAX CHARLES M. O,CONNOR JROBERT V. POWELL WILLIADI M. SMITH RICI-IARD J. IJJURNISR SOPHOMORES XAIILLIABI M. IJOVVARD HENRY N. ISZENVVICLL EDWARD L. ROSNER RAYMOND R. STOLTZ RALPIAI UPSON FRESHMEN EVERETT C. MOORE JOSEPI-I P. OJBILIEX WILLIABI SCIINITZIUS EUGENE M. SULLIVAN Three Handled Ame Phi Rho Sigma IOIHVARIJ TZ, T3 U KOXVSKI XVI LLIAM CEICRALD BURKE Flllill CHCORGIC G. CARI, GISORGIAZ TUAVID BEIZIQY JOSIQIIH :EDXVARD BURNS XVILLIAHI C. IBYRNICS ROLAND BENIGIJICT CARR FZIYGENE MICIIARL BURKE JOHN JAIRUS BRRNI-IARD JOIIN LOUIS N1sU1usRT ZVl'A'l"I"I'IEXV NIITITTII IJOUGL A L11 HA ...... IBETA ,.......,. GAMMA ......... DELTA .......,,.. EPSI LUN ....... ZETA ,...,.,,...... ETA ...,...,,.,,A,......,..........,... ........ fu rw A SS hi ho Sigma 'SIEZNTORS LXDRIAN FITZBIARTIN INTORMAN FRANKLIN CTRASER ,FLIOBIAS FRANCIS J. V. NIARX CHARLES xXNDI!ICXV QIYINN JUNIORS JAAIRS RARIfIAIc1, IJART EllNI'1S'1' ARTIIIIR ICAESICLAN ORLO CIIARLRS PACINLLI JARIRS SUTTON IQEGAN FRANCIS RARIIADI. IDANIELS SOPHOMORES CI..-HR PI.-XYES CULv1:R TLONALD IFRANCIS GARVEY JOSRPT-I liOI.AND GETTINGS T1-IOMAS VV. CEEOGHHGAX FRESHMEN PIERBERT T. BERXVALD I'XR'1'HUR GISORGE IELSAESSER CHAPTER ROLL NI-NRK C. RYAN PIICNRY GEORGE STORNER RDAVID YVARD VVIIITE IAEE IiANDALl. SANDORN RAYMOND VV. SICNDKER RUSSHL M. XVICIDLIQR I'IAROI.D JARIRS NVELCII MARTIN JOSEPTI LITTLEFIELD AN'Fl'IONY CI-IARLRS PARIS ITOXVARD EIJXXVARD IQOGERS JOHN JACOB ICORN .........Northwestern Uniz'ersZifl! Medical School, Chicago, Ill. .......L'1iiz'ersify of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, Ill. Medical College, Chicago, Ill. of Southern California. ...........lDetroit College of Medicine and Surgery, Detroit, Mich. .......Uni-versity of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Mich. A. Creighton Medical College, Omaha, Nebraska. IIIRTA IAU ........................................,. Uni'cersity of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, Minn. IOTA ,.......,.,,,.,.....,..... University of Nebraska College of Medicine, Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska RAPPA ..,.,.,....................,..,............. I'Vestern Reserve Uniixersitg School of Medicine, Clezfelancl, Ohio IUXDIBDA IJIII .....,,. ......... l Iniversify of Pennsyhvania Medical School, Plziladelpliia, Penna. MU ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. .,....,. S tate University of Iowa College of Medicine, jowa City, Iowa. NU ................ fllHCRON...... PI ............... R 110 ........... ................ SIGIXTA .....,,.................... ....... LVPSILON ........,............... .. .................. ................... ........ . . School of Harvard University, Boston, Mass. ........Marqnefte University School of Medicine, Milwaukee, TVis. ..T.T...Incliana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis and Bloomington, Ind. ' ,,.. - ...... J eyj'erson Medical College of Philaclelyrlzia, Plzilaolelplinia, Penna. University of Virginia. lieparlvnent of Medicine, Clzarlottsoille, Va. Medical College of Virginia, Riclmzond, Va. SKUIJIA ANL SCEIITIIE ,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,-.,,.I.,............... ........... , .,.... I 'ale University, New H afcen, Conn. CHL ,-,,,,-,,-,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, I Jni-versity of Pittsbnrgh'School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pa. PSI ................................. ..... University of Colorado School of Medicine, Bonlder and Denver, Colo. ALIYIIA OBfEG,X D14II,TA ,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,........,.,. University of Bajfalo School of Medicine, Bnjalo, N. Y. fJBIEGA ........................ .............. ..,.............Olzio State Unizfersity College of Meclic-ine, Colnfnzbns, Ohio ALPHA BETA .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Columbia Uni-versity College of Plzysicians and Surgeons, N. Y. City ALLHA GAMMA ,,,,-,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ll IcGill University Faculty of Medicine, Montreal, Que., Canada ALPHA DELTA ,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,.,,.,...,,,,,...................... V Vaslzington University, Saint Louis, Mo. ALPHA EIJSILON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,...., ....................... I lniversity of Toronto, Toronto, Ont., 'Canada DELTA OAIICRON ALPHA .... Tulane University of Lonisiana School of Medicine, New Orleans, La. Three Hundred Eleven 3 L ,pw -, -X ,M ,rr-vw. -.r--x -mm, -..Tr1....--y N H- f. , .. . ...,. ., n -,JV wx- '-wi,-.xgw W H, ...xml f. w i,I- , ix 4- . 1 II 1 ---5 fgvygf. Q.. N1qwy,..,511,l.MUm!-1l1MIiifrp?'Yg,55Q.mn1'Wf!i'm?fQElWMU lmi E fig' ,. ID Q ai, gm : im!! . - - . J . , . 1 A. 1 - yr. y, - , . 3,1 . I .. li... - 1 Jgfiki Q Q2 L .., . 4.5: as km, .muah I-E -2--1 ' Q' W - l 1 ff: -:-T.,-I 1 3 WIN 37-5 . I E r.:::3 A 3 I . .. hge- ?-'gll ' J: E-: ""'7Z 1- JEL , , V- 1 ' rfgj sf,.1.3,I -QED.: f- i 2:52, its -wif' X 9' 'i I fig . X V X X .14-,Mg i Fi - -:iii 5...-.iii--J 3' ., z:.' -v X g::::1!i+ I f' TFT! :,.-ii:-N ' fs-1591565 xi'-g.':1-e-sZg:::.'.-' :::-fa-'e 'E' ' A-Qr , . 5 rf- ,ff . -A--: , .... f..:f ' 2 Q gxgf -F-.--fag ,. -,., x:g-,ff-, W..-535.-...,... -V: -- -1 9.4, 1 4.41: 1112- 'fs F599 Z -1 Ei' - 5 Eb , fa. .I1': . .. ' is 2 . 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I, , Ll A,,, , A I WI, H I """ ' -?'?H-'- NJHMHH--HAI-I-I i , lI C CI EQ, , Ph L bd K I 1 am a appa KAPPA CHAPTIIR - ' HONORARY BROTHERS A fill X' Jos1cPI'I SPAGENTI-IAL, M.D. Josm-III BIIUMBERG, M.D. N JULIUS ULIIMAN, M.D. NIANSFIELD LEVY, M.D. AIIIIAM YVEIII, M.D. NIARVIN ISRAEL, M.D. SIDNEY H. LEVY, M.D. HIRAM S. YELLEN, M.D. W SAMUEL KAVINOKY, M.D. . 333 ACTIVE BROTHERS H22E5gff, f I SAMUEL ATKIN SIIIQRMAN GREENBEIIG 7 HARRY A. C1-IERNOFF SAMUEL GOLDFARB ' LOUIS ICINGER CI-IARLES KAUFMAN ,Eel , :une - fi, :NIARTIN FRIEDLAND NATHAN LEVINE Y? PI-IILIP RAFLI2 PLEDGES MEYER RIXVCI-IIN BENJAMIN OLIJODART I - f 545224 Q Qi CHAPTER ROLI, I hifi? l "I Uvziversitiy of Illinois Rush Meflical College T Unl1Je1'sIlty of Pe1msyl1Irmia Nnrthwesteowz- LrHlZ'87'SlIf-V il, A Jejfevsovz Medical College Chicago UIz,iz'ersity .3 il Q U1z,lzIe1'sity of Buffalo Loyola, UnizIe1'sity ' U-lziversity of W"lscons'ln Tufts Medical College Long lslfmfl College Hospitccl New York U1LizIe0'sity N235 fl Colmnbia U7Ll7'97'Slt?j U1zizIe1'.s'ily of PiftSb'1,m'g M 55, University of Ma1'ylm1rl Boston College Unizfefrsity of Detvoit ll f'I . '51 Qi! -I I tlj .4 ' V, El Iii 537 '!2EQIl QL, 2' Ci1 iil 1,1 If, l 5321" gl ' - , Three H1mdred Thlrfeenl A. I' HI ,I,,.,:,,,, ,I ,, .2f.,..,II II I, ,IL,,?YII,II , I'I,II'v-g ,I C ,ls !,,,,I, ,wg ,g:,,,,, ,I,,, I'- , I ,,,, , . ,, ,!,, ,,,. ,X ,,,,,4, ,,,! V, N11 ,I , -M In Ml Il ,WFIIIE X M MIM W J TI-I, 'uf K ,M I X 'W I,fl,lll.lll,lll,l'l' l1,I'lllllllWI'IlI "ull II ll,lII 'I lf I' l I 'WIW 'I Ill Ill! Wllwl I, l,,Il,,l I Qihlllw 'T' '-..JJlg,llI'If,'I,, I:,'I I', II' :fff.L:lll.llL,!",' I lf -V1 ,421 if "J 1 57, ,,,,- ' '12 , 1, I," IL'.,',"I ,,,',"1'I 'WWE "' I' I, ' I' IIIII I',I.i "i j' "J" ,' 'L ' ' I " " 'I .L-',I'I'1iI:,l.gI.! 1:,lL4LI1!:11.l.lI,-I3l.g,."I 'LII Beta Phi Sigma Beta Phi Sigma ALPHA CHAPTER OFFICERS 1923 Noble ISEYZZO7' ......,,...x,.,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,A,.4A,.,,,,,,,,,,44-,-------,.. IJAITORGE TVOTHIZJ JU?ll01' ---,.,..-... . ..,.., K. A. STOCKING S507l0,Q7'flZ9llC7' ---,..----x- ........,. C . A. STEXVART Eavvlwquer ...,,..,,.. ........... I ,. F, REDDEN Cvfwwellvr ----------4 ....,... I- I. C. BABCOCK Couclucfm ',,....,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., R , A, 01,3 DICWSIIIIIU ----v--... .......,.,,. R . A. SHARP Semfillel ,-,,,------, .....A.. C . F. TVIANNING Lilnrarifm ..................,..,,,.,..,..,,..,,,...,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,., F, D, EA'f0N FRATRES IN FACULTATE DP.. VV. G. GREGORY DR. R. F. RTORGAN Dn. A. B. LEMON C. H. GAUKQER DR. XV. V. I1ioNs C. A. TELDEN FRATRES HONORES DR. HENRY G. BENTZ VV. F. VV1-IELAN R. K. SMITIIER fdeceasedb R. D. ALLEN J. H. BECIILEY E. VV. DONOVAN N. E. EMBLIDGE J. H. ALBERT O. M. BOND J. P. CLEARY CLAIRE CLEVELAND J. M. C001-1 ALPI-IA ........... GABIBIA .......... DELTA ......... EPSILON ......,., .,....,..,.. ZETA ........... .......... TI-IETA ,....... ........ ..................... ETA ......... IOTA ........ SIGNIORS R. T. GALLAGHER F. O. RIILLER R. H. VVoELEEEL R. A. SIMPSON L. M. LOCKIE J. D. TEWKSBURY NI. VV. TXTARTIN R. H. VVOELFFEL - F RESHMEN G. N. CI1oo1aToN G. C. STEGNER H. D. HAIIFORD C. R. XIANSLYKE J. G. HARSCH G. YV. VORI-IEES E. VV. HIEB G. M. VVARD H. E. BIAHLE A. E. YVILLSEY V. J. ROY ' CHAPTER ROLL ,,...........,.......,,.,.,..,...,....,lQln'i'versity of Bujfalo .,.,,,.,..,.....PlIilarlelplzia College of Plmrmclcy .........Tulane Urzizversvlty, New Orleans, La.. Iowa State Univewity, Iowa City, Iowa Ka.n.s-as Slate Unizwefrsity, Lawrence, Kan. Baylor University, Dallas Texas . ..Temas State U'niz'ersit'y, Ga.l1:est0n, Texas College of Fharmazfy, Atlanta, Georgia Three Hundred' Fifteen Three Hundred Sixteen Uctogen Club i l A . A .A+ A ' WV will l Ml etogen lub The Octogen Club was formed five years ago by several members of the Senior Pharmacy Class. In order to create a more intimate and friendly feeling amongst the fellows, which no larger organization can foster. Eight Seniors united to form this club. Rach out-going member selects his own successor from the Junior Class and in this manner the Octogens i'Carry On." The plain gold skull on an oetagonal background, the pin we wear, indicates a life-long friendship. Several good times have been enjoyed by the members, times which we will not soon forget. f To our successors in the Class of 324, we extend our most sincere wishes for the same kind of organization. OFFICERS President ...,........,. ..,........, C LYFTON F. MANNTNG Vice-Presizlewzf ..,.,.., , ...,. GEORGE A. CRoo1cToN Segq-emry ,,,.,,, ,,,, .,.,,.,.. H A uoLD C. BABCOCK T1-eg,.9m-er ,,,,,, ....... K ENNETI-I A. STOCKING MEMBERS CLIFTON F. BIANNING HARRY G. LAFORGE GEORGE A. CHOOKTON LEO F. RIDDIN k HAROLD C. BABCOCK CHARLES A. STEWVART IQENNETH A. STOCKING RALI'II E. SHARPE Three Hundred Seventeeow lu V w ""'w"" Y' i ' ' W Y' T 11,1 f V T Three Hundred Eighteen ho Pi Phi President .................. Vice-President ....,... Secretary. .........,. . Treasurer ...........AA.......A.,. Sargeant-A t-A rms EARL URIANSIiY Monms YVICHMAN SAUL PIOIUVITZ Lows GOLDENER BENJAMIN RESMAN HENIIY APFELGREEN JACOB BREZEN ABRAHAM GALLEN LEO KOLDEN HYMAN J. BIANDELL ALPHA ..,,A.. ..,,,.... BETA ........ GAMMA ....., DELTA ,..,..,, EPsxLoN ......, ZETA .,..,.... ho Pi Phi OFFICERS 1 ....,.....,,..E,DW1N NEUMAN RIVO , ,...,.,. HYMAN J. MANDELL .........JACOB BEEZEN ........LEo KOLDEN MEMB E RS CHARLES B. Rlvo SAMDEL Rrvo ABE RUDNER :EDYVIN NEUMAN EAR L ROTI-IS cl-11 LD DAVID NUSBAUM SAMUEL DAv1Dov Moums PLESKOW ALFRED KEIZER JosEP1-1 ZAX CHAPTER ROLL ZVIassaclmsetts College of Pharmacy ......... Union University ..,C0lzmzbia University Rhode Island College, ..........Uni'uersify of Blu-Halo Ulzio State University Three Hundred Nmefeen W w 1 ml 'FN wi .x xgxfl -' wff-TH rv- 1 . , 7 vw-if-f-ww A N , ,, if ' '-ifgf'f41lQ11W5E2iv",'!1W1" !fffi9,Qg,y,'3,Uj'1" 5 95221 " !V"'!5'f Q 1 ,Mg T1 Q wif Three Hmulred Twenty appa si M45 '-5 V 1 , A-.. ., jr A., .A L YK i .rl Ni 1 'i' 'i 11515, MW! 'ii sl N4 A A SZQIQE N 'fia- H" W -X f' 11, WJ!! ,,-.L 1 "L,w"e1 ' A , ,A - u1mm:s au X W 1 ..-, ,M ,, ,, .,, -,x,,w,, 1 ,, ,,,N. vpu, 1 ,L H 5 , ,, ,,c,,.k .-.m,1,,,, HV , Kappa Psi Kappa Psi Fraternity was first founded as a Medical Fraternity at the Medical School of Virginia in the fall of 1879, Secondly as a Pharmaceutical Fraternity at Columbia University, School of Pharmacy on October 15, 18885 since which time it has developed into the largest International Fraternity of its kind in the country, having Chapters in 25 statesg and one in Canada, with a grand total of 82 active Chapters with 12,000 members. In 1917 the Delta Omicron Alpha medical fraternity, having 8 chapters merged with Kappa Psi. In 1918 the Phi Delta medical fraternity with 16 chapters was absorbed. Gamma Iota Chapter at thc University of liuf'l'alo School Oi Pharmacy was granted its Charter On January 16, 1921. Kappa Psi has eight Chapters in New York State alone, giving its members ample opportunity to share its privileges throughout the state. OFFICERS Regent .,,....,,,,,,,,,,, ,....,,.....,......................,...... lN TAX D. VVITI-IERIL Vice Regent .,,,.,.,, ...................,....., J AMES N. O,NEIL Secretary ..,,..,,,,,. ,.,..,.,,. P ARRER J. HIEIXZBERGER Treasurer ii,.,.,.,,. .,...,..,., A RMIN T. YVIT'I'EOwsRY Historian ,,,,,,,,,,,, .............. C I-IARLES P. IIIORRIS Chaplain ....,,.,. ........,. I DR. RICHARD MORGAN FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. RIC.'1'IARD F. IIIORGAN DR. A. BERTRAM LEMON PROF. LEON INIASON MONELL MEMBERS EARL J. CRAIG I.'lI,LERY O. DEPOTTY H. CLYDE DIIRSTON PARKER J. HEIIZBERGER rI'lfIOS. M. HENNIQSY IJAXVRENCE G. INIETCALF CI-IAS. P. FLIORRIS HOTVAIID VV. O'I'IO'I'zIiI JAMES N. O'NEIL FRANCIS A. ROYEIQ STEPIYIEN U. J. RUBACH ASA ROD SISSON TI-IIIRLOW C. SMITH ELMER D. VINCENT JAMES J. VVHITEIIEAD MAX D. WITHERIL ARMIN T. VVI'I"rI4OwsRY Three Hundrerl Tu 811fI!07lP w W1 ,x ywfyx V ' QL-3 1 TW MQ Ni rr ' 5i?'W N 21: 1: L , Yer: x hi Delta hi w ' 1 :J W W, :Tm , ,T ,,., Nliiggi ' yq, iii! :iff i Three H1md1-ed Twenty-two , I 'Y-Y, I xiii' Fir 'rv' wi'-N MM Mm' W CARLOS C. ALDEN A. GLENNI BARTHOLOINIEWV YVALTER P. COOKE EDWARD YFHOMAS BERRY ERNIEST EJMIL CAVAGNARO Ross IRVING CHAMBERLIN IJICO JOHN IDIETRICI-I DYXNIEL B. BRITT FRANR B. CORCORAN PAUL C. JXNDRE H. DONALD BURNS DONALD D. CASE J. EDMLIND DI CASTRO GIBSON GARDNER YVILLIS D. HALL Phi elta hi FACULTY MEMBERS GEORGE D. CROFTS JOHN LORD O,B1lIEN RICIYIARD H. TEMPLETON SENIORS DONALD STICRNEY DUDLEY HENIIY RTCIQINLEY ERB JAMES EDXVARD FOODY HOXVAIQD HENIIY HOLRIBERG JUNIORS ROBEIi'P J. CROW' .EIOYVARD A. IQELLY FRESHMEN FRANK P. HINDlllC'liS L. F. KIRK NNLILLARD J. BIAGAVERN ROBERT WV. RICNULTY N. S. NORTON BIARTIN G. PHILLIPS CH .-X PTER R0 LI I NIOREY C. BARTI-IOLOMEW DANA L. SPRING IRVING R. TEMPLETON JOSEPH CI-IAS. PANZARLLLA HAI21iY YOIiIiE HARRY MATI-IEW ZIMMER DELOS VV. HAIKING EDWARD K. KENNEDY GEORGE F. PLIMPTON FRANCIS M. SCHERER EDWARD J. SULLIVAN JAMES E. 'SULLIVAN G. C. SNVEET, JR. JAMES B. YVILSON UIrzi'ver.vify of So-ulh Dalroia .lly6l8l1llLglTU'7l State University lf11iz'er.vity of Soulhern California. Illinoix W'esleyofIz- l'n'izIersitg Nortl1,we.vteIrnI l,7nizIersity D6'Il"L'E7' Uniiversity Univerxity of North Dalrotci University of Oregon U1zizIer.s'ity of Florida Syracuse U'ni'ver.vity Cornell University IVfzshington Uni'0erxity, St. Louis University of Bnjfalo University of Minnesota Un-'izIers'ity of Chicago New York Law School Brooklyn Law School lSt, Lawrence Uni'u.j N ew Yorlu Unirversity Indiana University Chicago-Kent College of Law University of Pennsylvania University of Kcinsas University of Oincinnrzti University of Tlfiseonsin I.7niz'ersi2'y of Ukhzlfoma Ifniversity of California l.'1zIizIerRity of Mivlrigcm Illinois University Unizversity of Nebrfmhct Ilnizfersity of Iowa Vanrlerbilt l,7IIi'z'er.eity George -lVflNllllLgl'0lI lf'niz'ersify Stanford U'rzizIersity University of Virginia Law School of Upper Cmmfla Ifczstivzgs Law School QCUI. Uniznj ll'ester'1zI I'L9S67"L'6 U'1ziz'ersity Uni'LIer.wity of Maine Unfi'versity of Teams U'Izii'ersity of Temzessee Pittsburgh lllnviwersity Ohio State University Un-iversity of Colorado University of Missouri Washington and Lee University Ufrziversity of North Carolina Yale Unizzefrsity Boston University Tulmze University Three Hrmrlred Twenty tlnee I I IIIIIIIITI .I ,. , II 'I I ' 'IlIIlIll." I' I' I ?iwEI QIIIIIYIIIUIMF.PI I q A f X ...M A 1 .ruf- E' Q Nw af V. - 'H ' .V..V M n 1 ls vi. V 55 V-333 11: . ... .- 11 ,, ml. ., W5-?f5 ,A,, ., . . V Q .f.. V: 3 ' L Eg 3.155 N ri, , 25:41 Y x 4 V Eu . f iff? ' . ":':g.,.,12 1 VV V :- .. . - fm'-gf-V:rf' -'s:::::f-pq-gf 1, 3' . 7.17: 'V-: : :...... V. p. 5- . . Fx fixi' Mfg ..:.V'-.':1f?',-I-. . 555.5 '5'1fVf..I"1Vf.':-f.. H-5-gd - nga . mf M - .E Q.: .' I-I ' .J VV .- . . V zf. .13 ' xi V 'i:gI'1VIIi:g- I ' ' ' Vgil Z-. 1 qw- 1" V V, 'Z -.J V V' 'flqg -r., 1- .. ' 3-' . M153 1-.yi -A -K, . ' - Q 'gif-5, ., M A . A w W 3355? 1 . 5?! 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X -.4:. ., - 1.-sa-,x':-asf:-be-aaa-1.-V f ,:25:.a:.:.""-- V -: 1.-:F:5':I:-:--Q xx r' ,V Q31-f53sQ':f15.-.ififsr ....,v,.,-b.""5l5f4 '- "L Q X .,We:-s:Ii-:".-ff-1-:rf ff 'ffl ' , .V '5-f f' lI1'f4YZ.. ' gg, ' " , .. - 5:,,,V:-V,-,Q . V ,, . .,,Vm,....,-M f , - 2-'i' 1 . wx-:E-.:: vw- X .A -A'- . '. ' -V Na2E2i:li5V.IV +V... 1151 -. bf: er-.. ' V fx f :.e....Vff.'.f...ffrsw ff'2.:f'F?ff 14 '- .-f::a2V:':E waz 2.1.1.-V va . . QVSESQ V- .,q: Le-,g4f g,fVf :,Q.,g:55.3- :4 .Ve:.g.f,f,9aQ..::'.: V. 'Q-:Tr ,-.-1"' 'sax em A.-:img .3 ' . 1 X ff ,ff ... . -Q':1:'.34 5 2562 Z 'Ex' . ' , 1 "',,-5 ,. , A - " : 4. , ., V:5:3f:' " -V , .. " .. .K 'mggv . V..V, is- ' ' fi-T' 'ef- - .... V A X' , 4..,: jkV ,QV - X ., ,. ..... . . x V. qw-',,.. - 41,,y,.-V..:V .V-: .Vw-.g. 1-.MV 1. fx:-.,V.,: . . ., . .,.,....,.. A,,.,R2 ehlsz., -V-.3 ,',:,. 4-,V+ .. .Q ...Vi .. V..,,,.,,,.,,,.,g. -' IS?"-.-'::..? I' 152. 15 'f 'E ' -155:-- "?:""V 'F - 1 ,. ., ., s -.:2:If' V. " .M .,., ,--, A xx., " if " " -3:1 'E-:yi C X v V , 5, S if Q . K . Q ,,... 4, ., Delta hi V if 4 i - I E? gig! 11525 'F ..-. ' Ei' ig iii-. L? 5 gi. if-T vp: U farx fs. 52.3.1 "-'. 1 Lila l 7 ::4Ei L-'gf 15' .j'- I-,Vg 1 5522 y V515 1 STE? 9' 'Lili x :-:g 5 I 'VE' 1. 'A-:mfg ,V.-.fN. A ,.. -. -1. .. .. -ii' -r I 2-2 QE? jf! V 2 5:13131 5153 1 Elf? iz--ffl ' 37 Q21 E?-l lf :EEN E'-55 EEW Three Hundred Twenty-fo-ur q.....-,- ,. ,, ,,m,,,FW - ff - L--- .-.--V --. Ag.- --.,- . MW1 ' H v.f.VU "HMV: Vf"Q'fQf2Y'l'N1"Nl"'.l?5fJ"ipQfiglVTN1mg NE gwg- - - As 11 V7 PH!" .WI WF' 11 M 1 MW jr. HHH "EVM Vf,vr-1'.r0!4vMV' WF H 1.. f- .- ,V V I 1 ff- ' 91 N" f .V 5 "--fir " 'L'--.NVE .V 'f'L+,vV-' H 'if'-511 ramV..mMMVnV'V'-'fmmhlilwwlvVMV.l.MmlLfrVm1a4mu 'H1WH '..LE ' 'LW . -- ji 55-f V. Fl .,Vji?yLfQJg wx ,,1'.g,',,,.jQl 4,.H'M,..3gH,g,.j,g I Ivm I I I I I Founded at 'IWW I Delta hi Cornell University, October 13, 1890. BUFFALO CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS Q HON. ALBERT HAIGIfI'F HON. EDWARD YV. HATCH TRACY C. BECKER, ESQ. HON, DANIEL J. DONALD BEEBE EUGENE BURGER GEORGE E. CARRIE SIYHOMAS G. FITZGERALD SIDNEY SI-IANE EUGENE BICNIAHON SIDNEY OTIS E. CORNING TONVNSEND, ESQ. ADELRERT TYIOOT, ESQ. JOI-IN CUNNEEN, ESQ. KENEFICK JAMES L. QI.TACIiENBUSIfI, ESQ MEMBERS SENIORS EDWARD GILROY, JR. PAUL NORTON GEORGE A. ROBINSON DANIEL P. SCANNELL JUNIORS JOIIN S. O,DONNEI,l. STEPHEN K. POLLARD HAliOI.D I. POPE WALTER A. KIRRPATRICI-1 FRESHMEN DONALD M. CRAXVFOIID LEO. C. KINNICY CLAUDE E. ACKERMAN BLMER O. CARLSON FRANK R. HOFFBIAN GERALD F. GRANGER GERALD A. GLEA Cornell New York Minnesota M i rlzi gan Dickinson Clzicczgo-Ke'1z19 Buffalo Osgoorls Hall SON SAMUEL H. SKINNER JAMES B. MCKENNA CHAPTER ROLL Union ll'f1.vlz.i1I-qton Ohio Slate Nebraska. Chicago So1.I.tlzern Cczlifowria Georgetown Cfqlifornia T"i1'gi0Lia Iowa Teams Kentucky TVcI.vlzi'1Lgt0n Columbicn S tcmford Three Hzmdrecl Twenfll-Fra :NYM I, f C . w W 13I,I'I.-. . 'f -MMI .NI W J 1 V Y w , 1 MMU Three Hzmdrecl Twenty-sin: elta Sigma Delta myquu , wx ,mum , , f, M + + w + . 1 U! W LV- ,w . Delta Sigma Delta PI CHAPTER OFFICERS Grrmrl Zllasim' ........,,. .,...,..,.......... ...........,.......,.,......,. Wbrtlzy Blaster ..... Scribe ............A....,....,... Ifistorifm ,...,,,. Trea.s'1w'e1' ..,....,... . Seniov' Page .....,.,.,. Jfmim' Page ..,,......, Tyler ...................,.,. M. H. BRADLEY D. F. O,NEIL H. R. LIUNT K. J. INIELLEN F. J. DEGELLEKE VV. E. DAVIES L. D. :EARL I O. J. BICCORINIACK C. M. ROBERTS BI. VV. ICLEIN F. V. TULLY L. C. SRIFF E. C. VYANDERPOOL J. J. AILINGER F. L. GUINAN C. H. SOULE XV. I. BURRELL HENIIY YVISER HAROI.D TROSSET THOMAS VBURNES SICNIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORE M. H. BRADLEY F. CJ,N1fIILL R. HIFN1' V. 'FULLY F. ILOBICIKTS D. JEARL C. SRIEE L. O'NEILL G. B. A'FXX'.K'FEl1 XV. G. COUCI-1 R. J. BURNS G. G. Dl5FllIICS G. L. O,NEIL A. B. XVOCK L. R. S'1"EWAlZT F. B. IJINDBLOOM H. F. IDECAMI' C. M. YVALLACE K. YV. BICRIAI-ION S C. S. BRADLEY FRRS HMB N L. BI. VVALTS T. J. HAYES J. P. CRONAN GEORGE VVAGNER YVILLIAM RICFESSEL Three Huw! ed Zwentf ee en ,Y X! X ...N Xi Psi hi W gif . ,EMM 4' X W W 6 ' ML A ' ' W! f 1 QR W.. , Mei N H ', ' ' ,V ' W 'ECU if , mi k 'Egg' , wbvxf 'gligy 250315 "A" gf-X... Three Hundred Twenty-eigI:,t w 'VL gi 1 Nw UF Qgfzfjfr f , M Z' W " wx! ,X i V Y 1 X Depuly Supreme Pre.s'ifle'1zt ....... Presi 1? zz n t ...,........,.,......,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice President ...,.. Secretary ..,,.,.,,..,.., ,I 1 'rermurer .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Master Of CerenzO'nie.s-,,.... Xi Psi Phi MU CHAPTER OFFICFRS Editor ................................. I Cevzisor ..,. DR CIAIAS. K. BUELL DR. JOIIN I.. GARRETSON DR. CIIAS. A. PANROW DR. fxxR'I'l'lUR F. ISIIARI DR RUSSE LL NV. GROII DR. DR. DANIEL H. SQUIRE, Dean DR. RAYMOND C. PIICRBIAN DR. :EDGAR RUEEINO DR. MARSIIALI. CLINTON DR. JOSEPII L. CLEVELAND DR JOSEPH XV. JBEACII A. HOFFRIAN, Member of Cowncil SENIORS L. C. HAWES IQRNEST A. MACMINN JOSI-:PI-I F. NICc3IlA'1'1'I OIZHRT J. XVILSON .............EI,DIER M. STIEDD ..............IXDIIIAN B. STANTON ......BERNARD G. XVAREEII-:I.n .............I'IAROI,D F. MICESE DR. FRANK XV. LAW DR. JALBERT B. CUTLER DR. GEO. H. SNYDER DR. CLIFFORD G. GIJASER XVILLIAIXI E. BzXC1'IBIAN RODNEY D. BENNETT IXDELBERT J. BROTHERS BENTLEY L. CRAIG IDONALIJ C. DUNI'IABI ROY L. EIIIINBAXCII JAIXTES V. FREGELETTE J. LEDDIE GRAXVER XVILLIAXXI J. IJIIXIZARD ART1fIUR D. JEYVELL ROBERT XV. CONN FRANCIS P. CORCORAN HURT J. PIEDDEN THEODORE C. PIOFFDIAN JOIIN V. BURNS AUSTIN G. CLAY LART1-IUR A. CROSS ALLEN NV. COLE JAMES R. CABFPBELL RINYBIOND J. DOISL NORBERT C. HOFF1I1'2X'ER ERNEST D. HUNT CITIARLES T. KENNEDY GEORGE R. ICINNE JOSEPII H. IQNAB OTTIS D. LAWRENCE IERNEST A. MACMINN BALDWIN F. lVIAR'1'IN JOSEPH E. RICGRATII WAXL'1'ER J. MCGUIRE CLARENCE F. MEYER LEON B. MII,I.S JUNIORS RAYMOND L. MARCI'IANIJ HAROLD F. FJEESE DEMONT F. OX'ICR EH'III.E C. SAUER SOPHOMORES MILTON O. 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BATES HAIIOIID A. BLAISDELL CHARLES S. DALE WALTER E. DAVIES J. IIEVERETT DAVIS ALBERT H. JFLECK WALTER C. FREESE CLYDE XV. GIEORGE AR'FIiUR C. GOETZMAN C. VERNON HOLMES HENRY T. :KENNVELL VVILLIAM A. KERN WILLIAM J. KIBLER, JR. BTAURICE WV. KLEIN E FRED LOWE HOWVARD A. LICCORDOCK WILLIAM BIACOMB VVILLIAM R. BIECKFESSEL, JR. :EVERETT C. TXTOORE REXEORD .ATORRELL VVILLIAM MIIRTI-IA CHARLES M. O,CONNOR DEAN W. RUMBOLD ' WILLIAM G. SI-IOEMAKER, JR. RAYMOND R. STOLTZ FRANCIS STIRER GEORGE WV. SXVANNIE TRACY N. TOUGH HAROI,D R. CFROSSET RAI.I'I-I UPSON ROY E. VVAGNER JOI-IN T. VVAUGH DAVID WV. VVHITE HAIZOLD E. ZITTEL FRATRRS IN FACULTATE DR. EDWARD F. LIIMMACK FREDERICK J. HOLL ROBERT XVOLFE RUSSE LL B. HOWARD Three Hundred Th i1'tI1-DMI e 1 W' WN w H 'N " A WMM! ,M W!! Mlm Three Hundred Forfy Sigma -YWf"'N31I' ,,.,..II, - I-I 1.1, mf .M U3 II M- '- JI." H .- Nl. M, I . H . I A A N I ,III',AW.-.I WI., 'If X WMYINAINAA I , I,1y!,A.'1II IA! I I Sigma Founded 1920 A. D. 'I ,IIIII II I III I ACTIVE CHAPTER Preszdent .............,.,..,...., .,.,, ,..,,, .,.,A,,,,,,.. ,,,,,.,, Vice-President ........... Secretary .....,............. Treasurer .... . .... VVILLIAM BURLEY SIDNEY FARBER G. THOMAS GANIBI ARTHUR J. HESSINGER EDWVARD J. HOFFMAN OFFICERS EDWVARD J. HOFFMAN ,............IvIAXTVELII XNIILLIAMS MEMBERS OTTO M. VVI LLAX G. TIIOINTAS GANIM JOHN LITTLE ANDREW T. IVIENZIES CARL NAISI-I EUGENE POLLACI-1 OTTO M. WILLAX G. EIAXWVE LL VVI I. LIAMS ASSOCIATE CHAPTE R MEMBERS JOI-IN P. BACIIMAN HENRY' I. LAUTTIT HOWARD YV. BARRETT JAMES J. SANFORD SIDNEY DUNIIAM WVILLIAM L. SEIL KENNETIT D. GREEN YV. Ross THOMSON GORDON H. HIGGINS CI-IARLES L. VVIIITE Three Hundred F01 My one . 1,YM,II.- Y.. JV, A Y: ' - -A V V .?.L.,lI. ' M F Masonic Club f, Wm .IAXRXX . I Masonic Club Founded 1894 OFFICERS President ....,,...........,....,... . ..,,...,., ...,,, ....,.....,,.. .... J o I -IN L. HOFFMAN I"i-ce-President ,,,,,,,,,,,,. .....,........ N ATI-IAN RAVNITZSKY Sem-etm-y ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,., .,..,....... GRAN'1' FISHER Treasurer ,.,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,, ,,,,.,...,,,,,,,,...,,.,,.. T I IEADORE T. TERRY ACTIVE MEMBERS G. E. .AITXVATER WY. IXNDEHSON A C. CJAVANAUGH H. A. BIIAISDELL GEO. F. BOOTI-I E. H. BIEECIXER J. L. HOFFMAN M. M. D0l7GI,'AS J. L. DAVIS B. DIIAKE N. RAVNITZSKY DR. VV. G. GIPPLE DR. H. C. BEATTY DR. E. E'ICANDRETV DR. GEO. W. Voss FI. ELLIS E. XVALDOCK E. C. ROSENKRANS E. J. VVEST H. M. SNOW L. S. B1-CCLELLAND E. S. KENLINE H. E. VVILLIAMS H. A. EICCORDOCK A. H. CUMMINOS C. M. ROBERTS C. YV. JEULLARD L. C. HOPPER H. BERRY' Y :ERNEST BENCH D. FISHER G. DONNIGAN PASSIVE MEMBERS A. M. STICKLE D. R. BESSLER A. A. SHANNON DR. E. BECK DR. VV. D. VVISNER R. SEDELE R. C. HARRISON A. H. HOPXKINS R. VV. CRAYTON JACOB TICR DR. YV. H. PUTNEY DR. C. WV. BRUNNEII G. SNVANNEY BENTLEY' CRAIG THEODORE T. TERRY KLINNE'FI'I HALL HOWARD DE CAMP CHARLES KENNEDY DR. MORGAN L. J. MARCH H A RRY HUTT J. MCIYOR G. DR DR DR DR DR DR f VV. ANNIS . P. ORVIS . YV. J. HOLLBROCK . G. G. PRITCHARD . LEMON . J. J. HAGAN . H. A. REIMAN Three Hundred Forty-three 11 11 11 ,111 1 1 1 111 111111111 ' '1 1 '1 .11 1 W1 M' ' W 1 M3112 ' 11m'l1'131 if appa P u 1 1 Three Hundred Forty-fom' 11 1 1131 !,12'1'1"1 1 111111 1 1 1 11,11 - 11 ,, ,, W" ' "'T11111f 111 11 1 11 111111 Presmleizt ...,,,.,.,,,,A,,,,.,,,,,, Vice-Presiclent ........... Secretary ..................... ,,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer ........... SOLOMON Booms - AIARVIN BLOCK MAX CI-IEPLONVITZ JIILIIIS ESTIIY YVILLIAINI ESTIIY VVILLAIIII HEMEDINGER TNIARVIN ISRAEL ALPI-ILA ...,.... BETA .......... GABIMA ....... DELTA ........ EPSILON ..,.,... ZETA ,...... ' ETA ...... IOTA ..,.,........... KAPIJA ........... LAMBDA ..,.,,.... MU .,...,,,.... NU .......A XI ..,............,, OMICRON ...,. PI ............,. RHO ........ SIGMA .......... ' TAU ........, Rochester New York Kappa Nu ZETAN CHAPTER OFFICERS ...Y.........lXIILTON KAI-IN .........HYhIAN SAPOWVITCIAI NATIIAN RAVNITZKY I....,......lNIAx CHEPLOXVITZ ME ME ERS JACOB JACOBSON LTILTON KAIIN IDANIEL KAISER JACOII KULowsIc1 LEWY'IS LEFT AI,I.EN BIORRIS ADOLPH blESVIYIAN CHAPTER ROLL NATIYIAN RAVNI'FZIiY JosI1:vH ROSENBEIIG HYMAN SAPOXVITCI-I HAIIIIY SEIIOTTIQ MAIIRICE SIEGEL SAMUEL SONNAIIEND EMII, STEIINBERG Rochester Y. U. Columbia Union Cdlbanyj Boston Buffalo ,Harvard ...,..,,Union College CScheneetadyj . .................,.......,,...., W'ester-n Reserve GRADUATE CLUBS Buffalo Boston Mieltigan Pemisylfuania Pittsburgh Ch icago Alabama Cincinnati , ......., Tu lan e California Philadelphia Albany Three Himdred Forty-fi ve 'fffgx . f - VV X. V.. IIIWI IITHI T u .VV A ,lil XXX W. K C w 5. EQ N J 'Trix X . E3 I ?V'jiw.Q5 v 5-' V '12 V :Fez ' . gi 5 ' ll-?E I 1 . A 135 55, 1 fi 1g '! wig X X L 1 1 E23 T F55 -'TTE ,s.-2 X si ia Y W ? 'xiii zirfif V ? 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RAPAPORT INIILTON RAPP A NA'DI'IAN REDSTONE DAVID Rwo ARRAI-IAM RO'1'I-I WVILLIAM ROTI-I JosEIfI-I SILDERT D. BERNARD SIMON MEMBERS-FACULTY SAINIUEL J. HAIIRIS, LLM ...........,...............I.,.,.,.. College of Law A LPIIA ,...... .. BE'1'A ...,..,... G A M M A ...... DE LTA ..... DR. EDGAR BECK .,,,..,..,...... ......... .......... C o llege of Medicine CHAPTER ROLL ........,.,..,..,,.........,........College of the City of New York .....................,........Cornell University ............,Coliim bien U'nwi'oersity ............,....L07Ifj Island Medical College EPSIIION ....... ETA ..,........ T1-IETA ....... IOTA ,,,,...... IQAPPA ,.,.... LAINIBDA ..... NU ...v..,... XI ................. OMICRON ...... PI.. ........... .. R110 ......... TAU ........ IJPSION ...,.L,. PHI ........ CHI ........ PSI ................... OBIEGA ................... SIGMA ALPHA ........ SIGDIA BETA .,...... SIGMA GAMMA ...I.. SIGBIA DEI,TA ......... SIGMA EPSILON ....... SIGDIA THETAL... SIGDIA ZETA ......... SIGBIA ETA ,...... SIGMA IOTAI ....... . .......College of Plzys-ieiazis and Surgeons ............................,....Syrac11se University ....,...........Uiiiversity of Peiirzsylzizmia .........UrIiTersity of Kentucky ........l.lniversiIy of Nirmesotzi ..................................IIlVl"L'IlTfl Uiiiversity University ......ZlIassnc-lifusetts Ivistitute of Technology ........,................,Uniz'ersity of Ciricimznti ,.............,.......Yale UrIi1'ersity ........Uniz'ersity of Illinois ........UrIi'zIersity of Illinois ,.................Uiiiversity of Utah .,.,...........lVlLSl7l7'Lgt07L University ......McG'ill U1ii'LIersity Ccflilflddj ....................,..Pitts-burglz Uiirversity .........TororIto IJTIf'Z'67'SlfLlj fCfl?1flCIflJ ................University of Oklahoma ......,..........Oliio State University- . .......,...................... Tulane University Uriiversity .,......Ar'mo'zir lizstitute of Technology ...,.......,...........U11-'iz'ersiIy of Terms .......U1iiz'ersify of Iizclizmn ..............Piirrlue University ........Uni'versity of Mielzigcm Three Hundred Forty-severz 4 Alpha Phi Delta Three Hundred F01 fy ezjht Alpha Phi Delta OFFICERS Consul .......,..,.,., Pro-Consul ....... ,,,,,,,,,A, Quaesior ..,,.... . Tribzme .,..,,.. IIiS1f0v'ifl,1z ,,....,.. C71 aplin ......,. MEDICINE CEXVSME BAHIIESI, '25 JOHN J. JBUSCAGLIA, '25 SAIVIITEL J. CASTIGLIONE, '26 ANTHONY J. CIAIIMERA, '25 PI-IILIBERTO A. FEIIARIII, '25 SANTINO P. GERACI, '23 JOSEPH H. GERASS, '26 CHARLES GULLO, '26 HARIKY A. LABURT, '23 LOUIS L. LAPI, '25 .. ................JOSEPH SPOTO' PHILIP PALISANO .............SAMUEL VARCO RIICIYIAEL GUERCIO JOSEPH SYRACUSE ......................LOUIS LAPI SANTI J. RIORABITO, '23 PHrL1P A. PALISANO, '23 PETER A. PETERINO, '24 JOSEPH J. PISA, '25 JOI-IN A. ROSE, '26 THOMAS SERIO, '26 JOSEPH Y. SPINUZZA, '25 JOSEPH A. E. SYRACUSE, SAMUEL VARCO, '23 DENTAL FRANK R. ARCARA, '26 GERALD NA'PIEI,I.A, '24 PETER L. BATTISTA, '244 Cf!-IARLES C. Rizzo, '25 MICHAEL S. GUERCIO, '23 JOSEPH C. SPOT0, '23 LAVV THOMAS ALESSI, '23 .RIICHAEL P. GERACI, '24 FRANK J. BIONDOLILLO, '241 JOSEPH C. PANZARELLA, PHARMACY THOMAS CILE, '25 ' HENIIY PANSSCI, '25 CHAPTER ROLL ALPHA .,,.., ,....,.......,....,,.,,...,...,.....,....,....,,,.,,,,,, ,.., A 'S' ymcuse BETA ....... ....... Columbia GAMMA ..,...., .....,.......... Y ale DELTA ........... ....... I ,afayette EPSILON ........ ..........,................ ..........., B 1 affalo ZETA .........,,,,. .. ...............,..,.......,,.,...,,.,.,... R. P. I. ETA ......,...,. TH ETA ....,.. IOTA ........ KAPPA ........ LAMBDA ....,... M U ................ NU ........,.. ,. .,..,........................,.,...... N. ...,.......COlZege of City N. Y. Y. U. 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BROCK SIDNEY JOSEPII MAIICUS COOPERMAN MARVIN HARIIIS ROBERT CANTOR ALPHA , BETA .,,.,.,,., GAMMA DELTA .,,........ EPSILON ZETA ..,........ ALUMNUS EMIL JosEPIIsoN CHAPTER ROLL Cornell Penn State Columbia Bufalo , Pevivisylvania Carnegie Tech Three Hundred Fifty-one Three H zm dred Fifty-two Beta Pi Rho 7 - . 7175 ' 'f'TIwwFf?5A,?? ,W r,,M,ll,1'..., :.', fi 1 w,T!111,,L-,,a:-JL Mwwilg-',g3f w ..1 - -- -V VAW- .. Y. ... ...,....-,..,,,, M", NL, 1g,,5'5. , :lg f--1 , A ya tw., ,y,7, l w: ,il E' 1 gf? .',- fm Y. 1, ,. V533 r... . 1 Q 'fi ll V'-V 1'iIIIuIIIi'- L1 ' ' Ill!! A ., II ' 1' U1 Elli :JI H1 :",ll1! . I4 J N Beta Pi Rho Pfreszzlent .........,,...... Vice-President., Secretary ............... T1'easzl1'e1' ............ Marslzall ......, YVALTER BURRELL, '26 JOHN BURNS, '26 JAMES CRONAN, '26 AIAXXVELL LOCKIE, '23 OFFICERS HENRY J. ROZAN ROBERT RIADERER .....ALBEI1T VOEIiI,E ...........RIAX'WELL LOCKIE DENTISTRY PHARMACY :ERNEST BRODIE THOMAS HAY'ES, '26 LEON VVALTS, '26 HENRY VVEISER, '26 THEODORE ALFIERI, '23 ARTS AND SCIENCES ERNEST BRODIE, '25 EDWARD RIILLER, '26 JOI-IN NEXVSORIE, '25 TED WEIFENBACH, '26 STEPHEN BARDEY, '24+ ROBERT MADERER, '25 INIATHEW IX-IAYER, '24 HENIIY J. ROZAN, '25 ALBERT VOEKLE, '26 Three Hundred Fifty-three f , lv.. -... ,AW ...Y ,, -' X - L -M A NW, .... , ,..,. ..,... ,,--M...-, .ME ,M WM, . V - f , . -+11 -' , rf, l'1LV'l'-5f""2'f Ql'lEiYfi7' ,E ,WUW1f?fI1iMEf'.l5"'l1Wf3VW5E+W!X IWW-'55 ' ' V L , Y. Q.: EQHUI 2 , f -Y g K R , ,WW .-...-. ., Wg-- K Y fx, X-, t I f 2 'ri YRS N, fm -A . Vmg'VMwagwg1 VW Nga.-www E? 'My WMA www QMa14Mw-swH :wwf www Hd ' --51525155.26 ' -3 ,.,,- : f z ' . V -Q-,i:.' 'V'za2'L:f .- ' ""' ' Q. , 'f "'k' ' ""' V 1 ' 1 A f ' A A"'1 eg, , fri' s. , V 2: "" 1:-was -. ' 'hf' ' :Q-if ri ,I-, If , 1 Uhv. 9 if . ' '5'7'EEi,! ' VV . 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'23 KIXTIYIERINE XXYIYIITTLESICY DOROTHY M. XTORK EKIILDRED D. BICKEL, '24 REBECCA DANE, '24 DOIIOTIIY C. DAY, '21 B. CATHARINE HALL, '24 GRACE M. HEACOCIQ, '24 OLIVE LESTER, '24 MEMBERS '23 PLEDGE MARION CARROL, '26 CHJXPTEPL HOLL HELEN O. POTTER, '24 BEA'FRICE Al. SMITH, '24 ADA STANLEY, '24 HEI,EN .L BROWW'N, '25 KA'FIfIP2RINE A. BROWNIEI,L, '25 VIRGINIA FAIHBAIRN, '25 JASMINE L. HAIXDLEBEN, '25 EIILDRED F. MABEE, '25 BESSIE C. SCI-IMIDLIN, '25 H. ELAYNE VJARDNER, '25 GERTRUDE WVESLER, '25 ANNARELLE FAULDS, '26 ISABELLE YVETI-IEREEE, '26 HENRIETTA CI-XRISTEN, '27 CONSTANCE VOLK, '28 AJIPHA ...... .......... O Olby TAU ............ .............................. I vwlifma DEI,'FA ..... ........................ B Oxfon. LYPSILON ..... ........ O 'regon Agricultural EPSIIION .... ....................... S yrarzme PHI ........... ....... R lzode Island State ZETA ....... ..... G eorge TVa.vhingtOn C1-II ...... ................. O lzio State ETA ......... ............... 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I W V ' 1lT'fV1NffF91W:.L,'f,.'!iV'Vl VV JN i W VV:'V '1'.,W1V? WMV ' 'll V V V R. Alpha amma Delta Founded in 1 904 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER ALICE Wf CARY, '23 MARION E. HERSI-IISER, JANE C. O'lALl'ALLEY, '23 RUTH E. CARY, '24 EDITH V. GRUIJEJ '24 MEMBERS IQATHRYN L. CARLTON, '26 '23 E. VIOLET MACLEOD, '24 EVELYN M. SATRUM, '24 ELLEN J. FICISCZI-I, '25 ELVA IJEVVIN, '25 MARGARET L. VVERNER, '25 L. ELAINE RLTBERY, '26 HELEN L. YVILSON, '25 RUTH KREINI-IEDER DOIlOTI'IY K. VAN TINE, '26 PLEDGES JANET R. YVIIITLEY, '26 PATRONS AND PATRONESSES AND MRS. PI-IILIP BECKER GOETZ DR. AND MRS. DANIEL H. SQUIRE MR. AND MRS. THOMAS F. COOKE ALPIIA ...., BETA ........... GIAMMIA ...... DELTA ......... EPSILON ........ ZETA ........... ETA ..,...... TI-IETA ...... IOTA ,.,,..... ICAPPA ......... LABIBDA ..... . M II ............ NU ......... AI ...............,. fJBIICRON ....... PI .............. RI-IO ............ SIGMA ......... TAU ....,........ UI'SII.ON ........ PI-II ......... CI-II ...... PSI .,......................... OMEGA ..................... EPSILON ALIII-IA ......... EPSIIION BETA ..,.,..... AI.PI-IA ALIAIIA ......... ALI-IIA BETA ,,....,.. DEL'fA ALPI-IA ....... CHA PTER ROLL .........Sgrrzcu.we llwzizvenvitg ........Un-iz'er.vilg of IVi.w:on.s'i-n .,..............lV6b'l6lIf!Ill L'1zlz'eTxilg ........lf1ziz-ersifg of Jllll'I1f0S0ft'l ......lf'1Liz'er.vifg of Kentvrclcg ..........l'fniz'ersilg of Olzio Panic l'niz'ersZtg .........................Gouclzer College ........f,.7'lZl'UG7'Nlf'Ij uf U'nn.vl:i1z.gfon ..........,....,.....f1lleglzmzg College ........NoI'flm'e.s-1'e rw lQ7niz'ers'itg ................,,.........I3reazrrzc College .............13OS'f07L I'Il'l'L'67'Slfjj ........Illin.oi.s' We.slegrr.1z U1zi1'e'rsifg ............University of California College ..........,..l0ZUfl State College ...........U-ni've1'sitg of Illinois ...,........ll'n'i1'e1'siz'g of To1'mzto .,..,.,.......Lf'Ill'Z'67'Sifl1l of Olrlrzlvomal ...........Oregon Agricultural College .......Il'lich.igcm .4g1'ic11ltIn'al College ....,............Uv7'L'lZ'9?'SlZ"If of Alabama .........,................f'llfron l,7'n'iz'e1's'lfg ,.,...........llIiss01zri Uniz'e1'sitg ....,.........l'1ziz'eo'sitg of Kansas ....,......,.,..Un-iversitg of Bu-yfulo ,,,.,,.....................University of Michigan .......UnizIersitg of Soutlzewz California Three Hmzdred Fiftyfseven 'CDES w V f24'2f5f:5S ' if ' if? 1 M , ?g ii Three Hmzdred Fifty-eight M, , 5!H,'1,'q:! U. Q,j . 1x ,,w.,. ,. , Phi Sigma Sigma DELTA CHAPTER MEMBERS A S0111-IIE SATULOFE .,.,..,........,.......,....,...,,,,.....,....., Pharmacy Arts '21 JEANETTE L. JACOBSON ............. ,,....,........,,.....,,....... Arts '23 S0111-IIA S. LEFF ...........A........,......A .....,....... F ine Arts '23 BELLA MAISEI ,..,....,....,.,,,..,...... .E................,, L aw '23 LILLIAN SATULOEF .,,,,....., ..,....,.. ...... . 4 rts '25 ROSE CORNBLUM ,...,.,..,., A................ L aw '24 SADIE GAMLER .......,.,.,...,,.,,,. .................. Arts '24 ' JESSIE TYIARMORSTON ..,,........ .......... Il ledieine '24 CLARA GIIJDEN .,.,..........,.................,,.,......,..............., ........... . flrts ,QU CHAPTER ROLL ALPHA .,......... ...,.,...,.,...,........,,....,...,..,.................... I fzmier College BETA .... ........t.............. J aclcson College GAMMA ............ .,........ A lew York University DELTA .... EPSILON ZETA .....,.,...t.. ETA ,,,.,....., ...,.......Urzizvemity of Buffalo College .............Ur1i-versity of California ..,....,,Uni1Je1'sity of Dlielzigrm Three Hurmdreol Fzfty-nine M w .UV . Mu V N , ' , . 1 1 ' 1 N , 1, H M. w w wg , 'X W! N wan. 1.1 ,',w, H, Xe 0 2 . g,-,:k:g:1:f -. .:1.f-. .,g , Q H XQ- A X J , Q,- . ik -lv'.,fZ,, ....i wr , ,. Q, , ,5 Q 1 s J A Y f . fi ' , N ' -f 'K "'q,'f: q , ' if L ff- A ff. ' " vw .1 fe-V 'A M, 'V Q, we 4 H QV 6 "' xx vw 4 be ' , - , K , x was 417 4- A YA , X 2' 2 'X 4, 5, 5 nn . F! 3 . Q . 4. f:..:. 1: V:-m y C Q 1 4 X f -.-:mar gg V .gf A 2 4 X , Y v M , Q fa ,,.., 1 -'tx 'N , N a Y x 3, , Q Q ,Q , ..,Q , 1 4 Q Q 2 , , N 3:2 2 , 1 f ff I ii? 'S 'L :-: ' Y 5 x 4 '4 X K N '7 Y x, w .fm y , X X S V ,x l -2 I x k .J 'Zf' g!"a5 f15 13' Y Three Hmzdred Sixty ,g11Yl'Q1"1' 'T' ' "wif , W , , Y H Mu , !,,,..x , Sigma Delta Tau President .......... Secretary .........,... Treasurer ........, Historian .......... ADELLE LAND CORIIIILE MICHEL CAHOLYN CO1-IN TVIARIAN COPLEN RUTH GOLDBERG ANNE'F'PE LVVEINTRAUB ALPHA ....,,., BETA ........., GAMMA ...Aa,.... DELTA ....,...... EPISLON ........... DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS ,. .......,....ADELLI'I LAND ......,..RU'rH GOLDBERG .........,..CAROLYN C01-IN ,. , ....................... .......,.. E TIIEL PINCUS MEMBERS F.VELYN HARRIS SYLVIA LAYMAN ETHEL PINCUS BEATRICE ISRAEL HARRIET LEXVIS PLEDGES REGINA LEVEY CHAPTER ROLL ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,Cm'1Iell University .....,..,.U'1Iiversity of Pelzrzsylvawrzia State University ,,,,,,,,.,,,,Unizzersity of Bujfalo .I.,.....U'ni1Jersity of Cincimzati Three Himzdred Sinrty-one ""' f'1'X-'11 111 ' ' 11111 ' 1' 1' ' ' 1- , 1 1111111111 111111.11 1111111 1 1. 1 11 1 1 1 .111 H11 11' 1 1 11 1. . 1.,L1,.'l'1 lf' 1 , JN . .4.., Fil-'Z 1 ??"-iz, f . . 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M, .-- , .L -,A A 11,-1 1 - 1....1111 -11111111111111.-..1-,1111,1111 ,1. 11,11,1V11,111111 1, .. 1. 11, 1 - 111 11, . ,- M -11.11 .11 111, .1, 1 1- -f 1 , --T---..YT 1: iq 1----..Lg.4.,,4.,.,-L.4Qg1..LL,,g, 11 1 ' . ,1.. 1 lk, ,111 Q ,Y '1 'ug' --A : ' 1' 1 ' , 1, 1'.1,'-L--S., ,1 . -1111 '.il11 1' 1 q. .,M' T'-1'-f--1:1 w, A..f...,, Y ,- 4, ,.,. . , L, ,V . .. X , ,.1, , . .T-, ,V 1 ,.1.- ,1, ,,L,g,z,q .1 . . - . -- 1, -- 1 - 1 Q1111, I 11.111,-111 1,. -,, ,1 , .7141 ,' ., ,jwm 11.1 ,121-tg Q 51 .-1 -L41-111-911 '1:,111,1 , .,.,11,1,-.1111 '11 1111 11. J,1.'-T1, H11 111111 -151 V - ------.-.LL..+4,1,4LLk1mr,-1111111111111 ,. 111,-:Wg Pi Kappa Phi SYLVIA M. GEORGEN ELEANOR WIIITE MAGO Organized, April 1 921 MEMBERS SENIORS JUNIORS ANNA JOSEPIIINE BUCIII-IAM IVIILDRED P. FOULKE HELEN MARIE BELL HICI.EN L. BURTON EDITH T. BARNES CAPITOLA J. PARKER HELEN KELSEY SLOAN SOPHOMORES CLARA H. UNRATII FRESHME N NATALIE L. ROUND INIAUDE B. SCOFIELD JMIOLLIE A. JONES VVINIFRED J. KELLY M. ARIIINE ROBINSON ANNA M. STERR HELEN BI. SIDER :NIILDRED M. WINNER V Three Hundred Slxfj tlmee , X ' ' X X WX XX!" 'fin ff . , , ' X . .V Ii iff? ii 182522 5 -mc.-5-11:39.05 ' x Tzu lx A. IX, f X, f 221 I A f w Three Hzmdrecl Si:cz'Xy-four XXX X XXXXXXXX - X XX . X X N X 1 X X 1 ' XX X Y X X X X X , .. ,. X X X XX, X X , X XXXXX N 'HX X X X X X W X Theta Chi Organized 1921 OFFICERS President .....,.................... .... ........,,.. IN I ILDRED L. VVHEATON Vice-President ..,,.A.A...... ,...,.,..., ...,....,. C A TI-IERINE G. ROWLEY Recording Secretary A.......,,. ,.,, ....................,. B E TTY HOFFMAN Corresponding Secretary .......,. ..................,. C ORINDA F. GAGE Treasurer .,.,....,,..,.,..,.,........,.................,,....,....,.. VVINIFRED F.. ROWLEY JUNIOHS I ELLA H. BORCHARD FVINIFRED E. ROWLEY CORINDA F. GAGE JEANNETTE D. SWVIFT BETTY HOFFLIAN MILDHED L. VVHEATON SOPHOMORES ROSALIE R. KAIINER EVELYN G. PRYOR E1.oIsE J. POOLE CAT1-IFRINF G. ROWLEY . FRESHMEN LIARION E. BIACDONALD E. LUCILE JAMES NIARGARET YVHYTE PLEDGE LILLIAN F. DOANE Three Hundred Sinzfy-fire ,vm 1: -2 If- ff . lv ,,-:Av . X, -gf, :' W.-ff' ' ' - 212221, ax gi . 22: . , -I Q x 12 sf af NUX QI 429 - Three Hundred Sixty-sfo: Igma President .................., Vice-President .,.... Secretary ............ Treasurer ...... ,. EDNA BAILEY DREWV ALICE DooI1'rY GENEVIEVE GAUCQEN IIIENE COGGINS TATER FRIEDA BIIENDEI, amyma h1 ......1xTAIlY BLAKELEY LANE ..........IRENE O,SUI,1,IK7AN BRIGGS ...,....BIADGE TAGGART DOYLE LORETTA CAUFFIELD ETI-IELYN DIIDLEY KATI-IERINE VVELCII MAIIGAIIITE ICENNEDY MAIITI-IA DRIsco1,I, Three Hundred Sixty-seven Z7 7374 ,fl F ' if MV f K , , Y if fl W 1 i, , Lffffzv' W 1 PLEASE PA'rRoN iz E ou vr-.:aTr5"ERS vf 1 .x Q X U A X. ' N- fivix L 'I :Alva x' I ' f C65 Y X! .f 1 , , 41 ff , F nv f ' f f ' ' 1 f . , f 1, ww' -1 , 01 1, V fd, V, 1 ,I - In FN -- Y GM NNY l by f , ,rf mms , yx I 4 PM f 7 dll N I I - J . . X ' ,N ff X f 2 xi ff 4 lp N T- X , if ff X .f X ff f I s ,, ,f f X F ff!!! z fl' M N fl A 554 K X f 4 VBR x 0 If wx 1 E .-,W L.. 1 'MW' ' X X X X To U. B. Students, a clothing, furnishing or a hat need at once suggests - Browning-King S1 Co. 571-575 Main Street Buying direct of the manufacturer means but one profit between the weaving of the woolens and the warflrobe of the wearer. ? 1 l l Y l , GW AGAP4 QVMSSBAC-Wx NIAGARA HAMS are out from extra selected stock and are the last Word in proper curing. NIAGARA BACON-nicely stretched with lean-is a real pleasure to prepare and eat. Be sure and ask your dealer for NIAGARA Jacob Dold Packing Company Phone, Tupper 0945 Look For Better l 7 D Ladies HATS Men's Thls Optical Cleaned Dyed and Reblocked Sign Service PANAMAS A SPECIALTY MAKERS OF PERFECT EITTING EYE GLASSES AND SPECTACLES Strycher Optical Co. 32 West Genesee St. ARLINGTON HAT SHOP 115 Elmwood Avenue Near Allen St. OFFICE SUPPLIES Desks - Blank Books - Eversharps Chairs - Memo Books - Fountain Pens - Safes - Typewriter Paper Inks - Files - Carbon Paper Wfrititng Paper VVhitin.g Stationery Company Swan at Wlasliington Opp. Majestic Theatre Phone Seneca IO65 Sen' 1998-9 OPP. Hotel Statler Quality Cleanliness I OI LEGE N. J 5- L- f gimxx Ag 52. l qxkiflfz l- UNCH ' F i t I H 0 me -I. Fill il -.-41 -1- ' Y EE Cook1n g Vg sg 1 l '-ian, Rastus:-Why dose you allis eat chiclcen? R.:-Tflflzy, I would look nice carrin Service IO35 IVIAIN STREET a ox under my ar-m. .. f ., we., '. ' ,.,A. if H50 ii i 1 .Q lx lv' 5' s':, ,t:, WMM 4 In A Good ame The Value of llllli . J if X -'eb Ritter equipment means more than a chair, an engine or a lathe. It signifies a product that has served the Dental Profession for thirty-four years in such a way that the Word "Ritte1"' in all parts of the World stands for a guarantee of sterling quality, absolute satisfaction and continued good service. T 0 - 'sas E21 . v J D b ln Literature on request I f peq ia No obligation Ritter Dental Mfg. Co. INCORPORATED Rochester, N. Y. --" ?'7IY Ilililllliiillt q w 3 T 'R W tm sf s 1, g , IT L Q Esrlo W'hat's Going To Bring Your Second Patient To You? Your Work or your equipment? Those two things are the important factors in practice building. You, no doubt, will begin work on your first patient just as soon as you hang out your shingle. You, probably, have the patient already booked. But, it is going to be some time before your good work on that patient proves itself. So, that patient is not going to say much about your Work right off the reel but Will surely say something to somebody about your equip- ment as soon as she gets out of your ofhceg thatis human nature. You should not be burdened with too many nor handicapped with too little facilities. Unified equipment with Hjust enoughw utilities, pro- motes the efficiency that leads to proficiency and with it the prestige and progress that will be yours. Let's talk this over. THE DAVIS-SCHULT Z CO., Inc. 700 Main Street 613 Ceriu-3.1 Building Buffalo, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. TUMM Trunks and Leather Goods Has For Thirty-five Years W'e Specialize on Boston Bags and Brief Cases TRUNKS BAGS SUITCASES BRIEF CASES LADIES' HANDBAGS DRESSING CASES LEATHER NOVELTIES "LONGER LASTING LUGGAGE" Buffalo Leather Goods Co. Main Store-362 Main Street ,Branch Store-316 Pearl Street Factory 369 Ellicott Street BUFFALO, N. Y. 48 E. SENECA ST. Phone, Seneca 2996 L. H. Beer, Pres. ,IACKSONS aa H El H f HoME MADE CANDIES EJ EI D P A EJ P JY P lkrwag soDAs my gp E1 I u i VS Luncheons Fancy Baked Goods . ,j I I ff fi xx 'fl I .ii XX!! 386 Blain St. I f 369 Mein St. -4 We twig A NEW DE IG U O W 1th Special Features I WILL NOT TURN YELLOW LINED WITII WHITE GLASS A5 EASYIO KEEP CLEAN AS A CIIINA DISH. ! IA, All Glass, One-Piece -nmmnnn in-.11ERN , . .S.':L?g,W"' Medicine Closets A radical departure in dental cabinet construction. Medicine Closets are made of white glass in one pieceg no EQQLTSg,E'TE corners or crevices for dirt to lodge. I Imwmnwm Entirely sanitary and shows it. VEUWITII OYALGLASS 'KIRAY5 If Steel Drawer Bodies ff with solid oak or mahogany frontsg eliminates swelling, and binding and are noiseless. '0 MORE SWELIING DR iTIfillNG UF DKAWER5 LI.l.IJRAWIIIl5HAVE , . Y 1 iQf:E,EsZZ'iI5Z2ll" All Corneis Round X It was designed by an artist, and the NX design is carried out even to rounding i the drawer fronts and marble base. I gl A desirable cabinet in every respect. I " . -:f5,U,,fLQNJ,?gf Prism Glass in Doors w,,,, More expensive but more beautiful. No. 120 Cabinet Showing Special Features uality Predominates throughout in this cabinet. The cabinet wood is the best selected, kiln dried and seasoned stock obtainable. The finish is put on by experts and is beautiful and lasting. , The steel drawer bodies are finished in a white pyralin enamel, baked on before the fronts are attaehcd. The drawers are fitted with white glass trays the one piece white glass medicine closets, and white glass working top add a touch of beauty and cleanliness that is unsurpassed. - You can combine our goods with chair, engine, unit, etc., and purchase all on one contract on easy payments if desired. THE AMERICAN CABINET CO. A Two Rivers, VVis. . Every reputation has a reason Ours is good clothes THE . l U Bufaloiv Greatest 0'loth'ie1'.s' Huron, Clinton and Washington Streets "Gifts Y ilwfielll That l J A Qfg i b l Last" xg l? ii' ,K W h -X 'XWNX " ' fx We ,fy E NWN if gf' Q is fl Jewelry Makes A Substantial Gift It is the kind of present that indicates solidity and real worth. At our store you will see the hand- somest display of jewelry articles for men and h Women we ave ever shown. THE CRITERION SHOP 30 W. Genesee Street jewelers and Silvemmiths DAN a'ncZ---J OE 5 The Lutz Shop Your Barbers for First Class lVork Scalp and Facial Treatments a Specialty 5 Students You are Treated Right at COR. NORTH AND MAIN STS. Upstairs-Over Gi1ott's Cigar Store gcc 5 "Do you think you could care for a chap- like mc?" "Oh, yes, I think so-if he wa.s'n't too muclz like you." .aid W 'Q 9,, f g I ,-7 ' "ll,- StudentsfXUenHon! Eat W'h.ere It's a Treat Food that is as good as Mother ever preparedg food that is wholesome :md fresh and economical. 9 Full Course Luncheon 5Oc :: 750 Q OSTICCERIA EEESTAURANT 635 Main St., North of Chippewa St. W X x YOUR ASSETS Figure them as you Will. Your credit, money in bank, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc., are all very real and perhaps are always uppermost in your mind, but don't forget that the tools and equipment with which you practice your pro- fession and which come directly under your patient's eye, are an asset of the highest value. They are standard by which you are judged in a large measure, and the patient of today is far more exacting and observing than he was 25 years ago. This company has kept pace with the most advanced -ideas in Dental Office Equipment and we offer you the product of the best manufacturers. The men who handle this department of our business have had years of experience in planning and equipping Dental Offices, and We shall be glad to have you bring your problems to us. ,V BUFFALO 'l"l"!Ili5Ei ies DENTAL MFG. Qin, ' I, ,. if'iwi!:n.:.iii1,,,ii,-H,,i-1yW-mfmm:.iqfy111"f . C 0- ali- lfll' B n m cn Ii T ., .21 nur Au: NY !' gli U I l,f,,l5ilLr lfllllyll ll dll' I' i,, ii il hill IHIA i ,, - 5: A."-hiii.wl1j1i,i,-ii-!IIi'I' .2 ' ' '-s .f",,i.m :J 5 vg using, L. ' I ' iiil illiil 'l lil' lil :If ivihl Ii.. . if X- 'iffy' 'fi ra 'u4i.,,..,iy , , - .. iii.. ir,-is 2 ' V52 q'nl0lIr4l'y-i ipw o ' 1'-film :limi f,,- 7 iili :1il1iv.allEiI1lf:ffrj SS U S A 9 g ii'- T, ' fp ' Borfaihiigjxirco Nlakers of the Lewis Cross Bar Vulcanizer HOTEL PRIVILEGES AT BUARDING HUUSE RATES THE BUFFALO NIEN'S HOTELS COMPANY Steam Heat, Electric Lights, Shower Baths, Elevator Service, Barber Shop, Tailor. "A Home for the Man Away from Home" Sl. 0 0 THE MEN'S HOTEL, Pearl and Genesee Streets THE RED TRIANGLE INN, washington and camm streets Translent Special Monthly Rates, Nov. 1 to May l Every Year Correctly Styled Haberdashery Topcoats Hats and Caps Showing at all times the Smartest and Newest of lWEN'S VVEARABLES 7 umconpomrreo 598 MAIN STREET TVVO STORES 325 MAIN STREET At Chippema At Shelton Square A 6 . M S de l tt Ilt1OIl, I'. tu Ht . ll-lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIIllIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll The successful physicians of Buffalo are our patrons. You will be. Eventually, Why not now! ' JEFFREY- FELL COMPANY 318-320 PEARL STREET Electro Dental nit A COMPLETE OPERATING UNIT The dentist has only his time and skill to sell. He can make them count only when he has efficient equipment. Economy points to an Electro Dental Unit because it is the final word in operating units-in efficiency, precision and appearance. It comprises : Engine L Electro Dental Light iRheinj ' ,-'ig i Automatic Switchboard J ' 3 Bracket Table " " ' Fountain Cuspidor 8 s 1 Air Compressor Set of Instruments Hot Air Syringe -'miktx V Cutoff it Water Heater is 1 Atomizer Heater and y - " lj! Atomizers 1 fx Q 'Sf' XfRay Picture Reader 1 X if Pedestals and Base fl lg Those Who are not ly prepared to purchase l A fl ilk the Senior Unit are ly f yi p advised to consider the lg ll Q l merits of the Iunior i Unit- By adding cer- ga l If tain parts to the junior, ' it becomes a Senior, thus illustrating the princif ple of growth rather than replacement. For further details, consult your dealer. 'i c bf' ' ' - - b ' Q E ELECTRO DENTAL MANUFACTURING co. i A A t Jlhizaaaz hiqt g u I p f A J' I A ' W 'Q 'iff I l 7X 5' X Il! . . Q , K I , .B I ff A I I ' sv r cl l 0. ,-5 l 15 'K-5 5 'I I ,Z 'JZ ' 6"'Efv Q91 ll "'?-M4 5590" I Mi. -BQQ1 51" ' l fl . ', xg-z:.,v' G" NX , - ,Ng K.. . X25 .JA -N., I.. 9' uw lu 2 ,,. If wx.-gms me , 7, ' 'ji fri, IQ- If ga . 43.3.5 , E o I ll .lf I 'T' In 7' I I I ,..-W ,f if 'ar Y ! -1, X ' I ' f f .E+ Q . J-'fr T jfvcf f , ,cf,f,ff2i. 1:,.,,--4 ......,. ' f-ff-,':.."' fi -f- 1 , -'- '4 P A A 5' - QjxX1f,g! o XX X ' , 525:32 A 9,4 ,N I l+I I lily! i t W ' ,M f A ttrifwi lk 'A ' - V4 J Q N Nag QD N .' . ' " I 'I A IK:-::?.il'Q' 2 ' X . is 5 nh -1 11- 4 Q' ,f,, I I MAMMYb LlTTLIi-C BLACK R055 Phone, Tupper 6308 Arthur J. Funk TEACHER DANCING QSocial and Professionalj Studio and Ball Room Dellwood Dances MAIN STREET At Vfest Utica Street BUFFALO, N. Y. Public Dances where you will be liberally correct. The Shop of Gifts PHILLIS WOOD 59-61 ALLEN STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. A shop of unusual attraction, displaying a carefully selected stock of furnishing gifts for all occasions. PRICES VER Y MOD ERA TE Cut glass and the Hnest Crystal in different colors and designs. Artistic potteries and china. Objects in tooled leather. Lamps, Mirrors, Trays. Hand Painted Metalware, Silk Novelties, Candles. ANTHONY E. JAKUSZ CUSTONI TAILOR Renting Dress Suits for Wed- dings, Banquets, Funerals and all Other Occasions Our Specialty Pressing, Cleaning and Repairing Work Proinptly Finished at Moderate Prices 876 BROADYYAY Tel. Howard 4324-XV U. B. STUDENTS AFTER CLASS STOP AND SEE OUR UP TO DATE LINES Young hfIen's Furnishings, Hats and Caps KEAN BROS. 3156 Main St. University Block 43W Awyrbgiggg -1 YMR K' ir QV' fy 1 af? -.M ' Nix J' -5 'K 6 as at Elms Maggy f6g3f5 K if Wgqrywr T Ziiiuw .6 M46 36 13? 'X' QM Mr 21 ass f W ff rj! 'S Q.. 2' it Kg so g fi 1 gpg x ff' gy 55? f if We f f Q. f 3 4 -Nasa., ,,,.,V,x ww A 20a wg YP? 4 N My Q Mit 5 3 55 4 W ! W sm A , 'kj A65 Wi -N-W.. f:fWg4'ff,2iibwfSJ7x5iff"Y6S'd'p V 1 ,Q.,, ,,, - ' , f, lgy is..-. . '--" IQZV 1 ff ',, Wh ,, ' ' 11+ 3' Q'-'-E 11.3" .Q-'Wa A 1 -'-- 1 jr' A lf. - 4- -.Dam i HQ, f f. ' V 1 L. 1" ' :-, 'n,., was 1, . Vp..-. ' . wi' ,ie :mf :fl-of-' f- Div. a 39 s.AQv,4fi sfwf 1. .-fb Q ' -M? s an L: - . . .fswsffa A s 1 f L- 1.1.5, . . . ' ,. -' -f . . lf? .. .... . , as -......,.,.. .- " , X. Y Q.. . :"T' ,'5.'Yg:2: ,. 12, 4 .,:w-A ' "Y 525 . X 3 L -e -. E ', .: . - 'fi J' w . Q.. .1 ww' H - . Mr. '- f .fag V. - at. is--.. X- .ig 1s:sa:r:s1..:1 V :g N 1' 1 -1 5 - fs' .- . .. . . . . -wa. 1- . Y-4.s6ws..: V -. gs .1111 ? 1 1-f.: ' ,. 4. 1 ' Wzlxl-'fi-i'E:E'Q,. ls' ""',QJ, .ig -22235 ... X ff A - 5.3 4f...f ,vw . sr-M A L.,-..imp-1:1-5:-sgfg.L1..1,gp:3A 3 ga-.1.15:Lfg.'f if Emilia - Exif, :.f.flf.:ji?'1 A111191--2 Q' , g -N-- g - The initials of a friend You will iind these letters on many tools by which electricity works. They are on great generators used by electric light and power companiesg and on lamps that light millions of homes. They are on big motors that pull railway trainsg and on tiny motors that make hard housework easy. By such tools electricity dispels the dark and lifts heavy burdens from human shoulders. Hence the letters G-E are more than a trademark. They are an emblem of service-the initials of a friend. GlENlE lElI..lE. K1 WWI 1 3 W " '-' P ' 'I -r- Jv c Q Q, 15 ' 'faf'N -' ' '-T-5:1-1, E-, - ' Fi- E ' 'ff' ,, we -e-e'h-f 'A W l iz, '..f,, fry ii' ? f in nh fd ,f if Lil' iff- X Y f 1:1 155,1- I If i' 5, 'Q M 416:59 K7 I I v?:,g,g9sx. I .K -5: :' -In I K ' 'v 'STI i w :': :F T ,i lij A Aft- I? if' if :ii', -A O, PE' ,5Ibne 475 .ffwf TELEPHONE, SENECA George R. Fox, President 71141-7115 Alfred Stainland, Vice-President fn . . iii: Kenworthy Printing Co. PRINTING ENGRAVING A BINDING 45 NORTH DIVISION BUFFALO, N. Y. ST. Geo. R. Fox Opticians, Inc. 634- Main St., Buffalo MAKERS OF FINE SPECTACLES AND EYE GLAS SES Since 1 899 KODAKS GRAFLEX SUPPLIES For both Professional and Amateur Photographer INIICROSCOPES, BALOPTICONS, MOTION PICTURES PROJ ECTORS AND X-RAY MATERIAL Fihn, Developing, Printing and Enlarging J. F. Adams 459 VVzLshington Street The Iris Staff is grateful to J. F. Adams for the liberal discount on photographic paper which Inadepossible the frontpiece of Chancellor Capen. SATISFACTION 2 f Hawri n Harvard Chairs and Cablnets are the klnd ...... ' - that endure f ck, Q- T ,- ,,g,, 5-M y , -. , , , K " 3 ,V N.. -X -, ,' S w f i fk- I Sat1sfact1on IS the result of Y '- being bullt r1ght, designed right with highest quality of ma- , terials and thoroughness 1n -,- 5 V ' W V 7 ' . manufacture. ' Sve n fjf' A - 1 - f i f gam t my are S0 at flght ,WAP prices by dealers who are right. - -' - .mNe"i'-fxssrep -S-km.-1:1., , ' --.. -qvfwezfzr -' x ., --:..u,3.14:,im- ifwffw .X . Harvard Company, Ask for illustrations Canton, Ohio and prices lf W ?-X X 1 Sl i - T X 1 f I l 594 M '17 fy C XJ N 5 r Qi 1:4 J, ' "I .gf V , W xl K ' f f t x, K K He-D0 you like to dance? She-I love to-0. He-Aliriglzt, then let us do tlzat. Chippewa Athletic Goods Compan "Better Athletic E q u ip m e n t" E. A. RAYHILL Mavzager 74 WEST CHIPPEWA ST ESTABLISHED 18341 PLIMPTON -COWAN COMPANY INCORPORATED Wholesale Druggists 50-52 East Swan Street BUFFALO, N. Y. Phone, Tupper 8522 M. BALASH Manufacturing Furrier FURS MADE TO ORDER REPAIRED, REMODELED AND STORED : : 500 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, N. Y. Surgical Instruments, Trusses, .-,. Elastic Stockings and is Abdominal Supporters bi it 1 I f 1 Q, ' 5? ' 4' fix? . 1 and F1ne Chemlcals 9 Z I X f Evvrytlz-ing the Doctor needs to make his J k v office perfect ll SPECIAL PRICES TO STUUDENTS I Stoddart Bros., Inc. 4' A I I I - . .,,- C 1,55 86 Seneca St. 315 Main St. ' 4, ' , l J Buffalo, N. Y. fffwff , Zo . George Kramer 86 Son University Photographers STUDOI: 856 MAIN STREET Phone Tupper 1113 ...Q-...,-v .......... ...... 1 -:.....f:.- ..... nf.-, .............,.... .-., ..... .. ', ................. .................. 1 1:1 ,..... - :,. -" ......,.......... 1zf:- ..... - :11...,.:5L- ................. ' IGI:-5...-L Within the Reach of Everyone The building of your practice depends upon the standards that you set in service to your patients. You cannot afford the handicap of inferior tools or inadequate equipment. Ask your dealer for details of our deferred payment plan which places S. S. VVhite Nlodern Dental Equipment within ihe reach of everyone. Look for the trade-SS-markg it signifies the highest quality in dental supplies. It assures the greatest utility and service combined with artistic excellence of a high order, wherever appearance is a factor to be considered. Ask for Catalogs describing S. S. White l"rndz1eIs XXXXX xxxxxxxx 2 W S Mill 110 2 S Z 5 f S Z S e, ae Z S Q I X ' 5 y f3ef ' if A . Z S A 1 1 Mp! p Q S -. 5,1 5 k "" ..' ' it .. 5 . -Q . 1 QS my E I, ,.. L 3 ms- f, , -im... .4 , - 1 .M I V g 4 he S.S.WHlTE DENTALMFQCO 5 1 g . 'Fin ce 1344 the Stanaazfcf' X s rj' ? v ' 2 - V. 5 , PHILADELPHIA Q N 4 s , E " - Q S W N lil. 1 5 t V S af!!! X ' - l ! I ,.,, N ., . x ' Q J .E 3, Wff lfffflflf!lH! ' Xl :E ll IH I ln..-U. - - - 1 E- XKXXWXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ,. ROVEY INSTRUMENT Sa CHEMICAL CO., INC. 73-'75 Niagara Square, Buffalo, N. Y. APPARATUS GLASSWARE CHEMICALS for laboratories of CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, BIETALLURGY, BACTERIOLOGY, BIOLOGY SPECIAL PRICES T0 STUDENTS Tupper .2238 Emma Millette Buffalo Cloth Weaving Co. WE REWEAVE lNIoth IIoles, Tears and Burns in All Garinents ALL HAND NEEDLE YVORK 939 Main St. Buffalo, N. Y. Opposite Allen Street H Compliments of The University Confectionery Store 935 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. VVhere our Home-Made Candies and Light Lunches, incorporated with cleanliness and service, satisfy your desire QC F Oog 0 .0 .'l " 'O 'Og' 9 Q I, c"' ,H 43 Stezved Chicken-Creole Style C0m,pIi'nwnfts of THE VVILLIAMS GOLD REFINING COMPANY 2978 lVIai11 Street Buffalo, N. Y. AL. CORRY Barber SPECIAL ATTENTION TO UNIVERSITY TRADE Main St. Buffalo, N. Y. .. A Even as you and I BELL PHONE FRANK.N.HAEFNER RESTAURANT Q Regular Dinner from 11:30 to 2 P. M. Q 1047 Main, Cor. North Buffalo, N. Y. TakeYourImundry oPPos1TE Dental Department TO PEERLESS LAUNDRY QQ 5 30-40 GOODRICH STREET XVe Have the Largest Stock MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF NEVVEST MODEL SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS I SURGICAL FURNITURE PHYSICIANS' SUPPLIES FLAT FOOT SUPPORTS TRUSSES DEFORMITY BRACES AT TIIE RIGHT PRICES "Our Instruments and Appliances Have No. Superiorn SAND S AND LEVY I New York 55 Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y WHEN U. B. Students think of Shoes and Hosiery they think of WATTERS Main and Mohawk , HJ- "xx f'7 A . 50 ex, -4555, I , ve V!-HX, !I A 7 - x. x I ' L , Q' Q ,Q It elf :,gnl.f2- 1-lm Old, But Even Se HEADQUARTERS for ENAMEL TEST TUBES GRADUATES IVASTE CANS WHEEL CHAIRS STERILIZERS BRACES IRRIGATORS ICE BAGS ABS. COTTON GAUZE 1 PESSARIES SPHYGMOMANOMETERS HYPO SYRINGES MEDICINE CASES LEATHER BAGS SPLINTS STOMACH TUBES SPUTUM CUPS ADHESIVES ' Everything for YVARE AS E PTO SYRI NGES GOWNS LAMBS IVOOL TRUSSES ATOMIZERS MICROSCOPES URINOMETERS UREOMETERS SACHEROMETERS G06 APP. OFFICE FURNITURE SURG. INSTRUMENTS LIGATURES THERMOMETERS BED PANS URINALS BEDSIDE TABLES HOT IVATER BOTTLES CRUTCHES fhe Doctor SPECIAL ATTENTION TO STNDENTS W. O. TOWER Co., IN 60-66 West Genesee St. Seneca 7740 C FOR ALL OCCASIONS "Say I t Witlz, Flowers" Telephone Tupper 781 L. H. NEUBECK FLORIST MAIN AND HIGH STREETS Branch: 360 Connecticut Street Andrew Niederpruem Tailor and Shirtmakei' Dress Suits to Rent Do Your Eyes Ache? The remedy may be more simple than you imagine. ' Correct glasses will perform wonders. Are you sure that your's are correct? Have your lenses for glasses prescribed by an OCULIST. GIBSON 81 DOTY Dispensing Opticians 5841 MAIN STREET 15 W. EAGLE STREET BUFFALO W Mg B U I C R VALVE-IN-HEAD Q MOTOR CARS x Pl .LAC . , I I Klepfer Bros. M AGENTS I 771525 1029 Main St. Tu- 7742 Bunny? Blewes, Not Bumzy's Winds Qc 1 i xr U9 xl r"' CLQ fx Fon 27 YEARS U 1 Good Food kj X' - Goof! S1'r'uio.e IQ" W" Cafeteria in Lower Q, M! - Dining Room KJ Fixed price and l :1 lan Carte Service in Upper Dining B5 X Room with Wait- ress Service. "Pa, what is your birt7zs!on0?" "The g7'l7ZdSf071-6, I guess." KNOWI G HOW AND WHE There are thousands of drugs on the market, but only at physician knows how and when to use them with real effectiveness and safety. Glasses are mechanical aids to eye-sight, but only an oculist fphysician eye-specialistj knows definitely Whether you need them or not. B FFALo OPTICAL Co. Prescription Opticians Spectacle and Eye-Glass Make1's 574 Blain Street Buffalo, N. Y. If you do not know an oculist we will gladly supply a list 7 E I 5 'N I r 5 Z: E fx E 4 .p 4 NI .I A ,I myI H,T, PQ I 1 I Z . ,l I. N ' W S H? .' 6' I f.vML.5 .i'N X? K y - .ai-1,4 m'. ,..n ' ' T E - 211 5.2: Q ? 5 ,' I E 3 ' 'f H 'S . I f- ig, M, I f I, D1 -7 if . f W, II-. ix, 1 MH: H: bl HH W : E II SI HN E 2 . I 4 X 2 7 ' 74 LY- ' I 1 Q . 15 : ' I 5 E ' I E I 5 I I E C : : 3 2 S 5 E 5 5 I f I I S " 15 E : : 5 3 ,. 19 2 ' . , IS I S S ' 4 S 2 2 31 A ,. ., .. .. .. Q .. .. ,I .. ,. Q 5 21 - I ' HQHHH HHH H Q5 HHHH H 2 HV GHPH H HVlHH H I , 2 , fc? 1' F 5 I Q Q .ICHHHHHHHHUHHS S 21 : E ?E Eg and aff offer ig 5 ILLUSTRATIONS and lg 2 5 - - I QQ ADVERTISEMENTS I E 9 - 4 , 5 4 2 ' H?rH.JH7lFAH.,0 IELECTRIOTYPE 6' ENIGRAVHNG ICU, g d Jfilberf .7f.97er1jy, Owner Q 3 - ELLICOTT AND SOUTH DIVISION STS. 5 E - E 2 51 1. .. ,. ., .. In .-. ,I ,. L. .-, .. I. .. .. .. .r" 4 IIIHIIIII IIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllII lllll ' I RHIIIIIWIIIIVIIIII ,1'!"TH'l'HHHWHH IIIIIIIIHIIHIWHIHIIIIII! H I1MIIHIUIIHIIWIHIIIIIIHHHIUIHIIUHIIIHIUHHIUWUIBUIIHHIIIIHHIHE QHIGNYVZYAXVAYAXVKAVANWK9?-HV'71Z5'R3ZxVf 'PIANMXYQMSVITVIVR?GV63lmWxV1VAYQXY9YN'Yf9t-7'VWSYAVAVAV1NWkYGVNff,5fYY KY k3VrI3VmNVZXVc?ln'X6AV'AYmQ THE HA MOND PRESS Printing They tt Wiz K T Nt L eel? illhite l l ,ll fiadl 9 Glyn Ziriz is a product of our plant 0 B 1 ff 5 QS Q :r xx .Q X -9 QDLQDLCKQ E can add days to your printing. Every additional day that a man keeps your printed matter, the better chance you have to sell him. The day he gets it may be his of day. The third day after may he his on day. On his on day he will buy. Insure preservation ofyourprinting liyput- ing a little more money in it-lay letting us pul a little more thought in it-in short by having it DONE RIGHT. That is the big advantage of printing over all other kinds of advertising. If it is good it stays with him through several moods, and is there to talk to him when he is in the right mood. Be sure it's good. THE HAMMOND PRESS Complete If nj t lf Service 567 Washington Street Buffalo, N. Y. Compliments of THE NEW Chicago Lunch 939-941 MAIN STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. A Dinner Here Will Prove Our Merit Our Home Baking and Cooking VVlil Satisfy You K Frank B. Hoole 950 MAIN ST., NEAR ALLEN Stationery and Office Supplies Ring Books Note Books Fountain Pens Pencils Filing Cabinets and Supplies U. B. Engraved Stationery ,W . V li," ,. ,N 1, 1 ' 1 V if-,-' 'HU E, ,Xl ' 1 A Qi -x x ,al 1 'Q lllldlll ll ' ' L-.xy Everyone was out that evening, oven the light. Q 75 QM? Fil. 1 S N, l D Urn.: Bmw Bu-.w C. C. Penfold, Inc. Desbeckers' SOCIETY BRAND SUITS AND OVERCOATS For I923 They stand for what is "best" in Clothing Suits-2510 to 3455 Overcoats-51525 to F550 NEED A TUXEDO SUIT? 'Ill12lt'S where we shine ,ZlIll'Il'ZLfClCf'ZLI'ifllg J f'wc?lers SB35-3840-3950 CLASS PINS LET US BE YOUR CLOTHIER FRAT PINS EMBLEMS TRO? H1 E5 Desbeckers' 700 Main Street 3-119-351 Main Street HAHA 40 fs , nAnL G1 5 S Qpgimmg 2 I 6875 ' J fa ' A- D' X0 r- U '-'u.:.mY' SPALDING Athletic Goods There is no substitute for Spalding Quality. To be well equipped is as satisfy- ing as to be Well dressed. CATALOGUE ON REQUEST G29 MAIN STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. xlllf! il W lf Wigs XIII Wd"Fg?f If She-"Mig artist friend said he would like to paint me." FIU-"Probably mas11,'t satisfied 'zeith the job yozfve done." MFI! RN 3 xy 1 r IW, i l-I 'PV

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