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. vnfk ,,. .21 A ".. I ' 31- K' K QW ' K: G Somewhere inside you o seed hos been born. You've gof fo wofoh if grow. Somewhere inside you o river is woifing fo flow. Ml! you lei if go? -Don Fogelberg WELCGME TO THE U IVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT Sophomore Class President's message to new students Welcome to the University of Bridgeport which will be your home away from home for the next four years. As a freshman or a transfer student there are still many questions about college life at U.B. that have not been answered. There is no better way to have these questions answered than to become involved in the U.B. community. There are numerous groups and organizations for you to participate in which will help your transition to the University life. Whether your interests lie in decorating for an upcoming dance or running for Class President, U.B. offers the opportunity to get involved. They need your support and enthusiasm to make this a great and fun filled year. To help you adjust to your new social and academic life there are services provided by the friendly staff and counselors which you should not hesitate to take advantage of. The friendships you make will help you grow and mature as an individual, but, also remember that you will discover an unlimited supply of talents and capabilities that you never thought existed. This campus offers everything you need for your own personal development except determination, which you already possess. The U.B. family welcomes the class of 1991 with friendly smiles and a willingness to help. l hope this year will be filled with new and exciting challenges which will become conquered obstacles. Have fun and enjoy! Fix El- On behalf of the Student Services Staff, l welcome you to the University. ln offering the New Student Record to you, ie Sophomore Class is undertaking a project which you will have the honor of continuing next year. Beginning your studies at a private institution is a privilege and an exciting opportunity. For many, the first year is a ifficult time of adjustment, but well worth the effort put into it. The Division of Student Services, from the Admission's nd Financial Aid offices to the Residence Hall Staff, from the Recreation Center personnel to the Career Services and ounseling Centers, stand ready to offer you encouragement, assistance, and information as you begin the year. Our expectations for your academic and personal achievements are high. Strong, active and thoughtful students have receded you. I am pleased that you will number among them next year. Sincerely, Jacqueline D. Benamati, Ph.D. Vice President of Student Services All University Core Curriculum As you know all freshmen in the entering 1987 class d all transfers will be required to meet the requirements the All-University Core Curriculum. In many cases your ajor will determine some of the specific courses within the are that you will be taking. Students in two year pro- ams and the Bachelor of Elective Studies, for example, ll have requirements that are modified accordingly. lwhat is Core Curriculum? Education means much ore than acquiring skills and knowledge in one major field study. The education man and woman possess a breadth understanding and appreciation of the world around Freshman Year Skills Section of the Core Curriculum Requirements: English 100 or 101 and English 102 Q6 hoursl' or English 103 only fif sufficient competency is estab- lishedl i3 hoursl Communications 101 or 110 or a Foreign Language course at level of competency lin- cludes Introductoryl Q3 hoursl Quantitative Skills-Requires passing a standardized mathematics competency exam at the intermediate high school algebra level. Math 105 is recommended as prep- aration. Q3 hoursl them that permits them to experience that world more fully. The faculty at the University of Bridgeport has designated a sequence of courses that will lead all students, whatever their majors, to that understanding. Without con- centrated exposure to a variety of disciplines and perspec- tives on life, we can be quite content that our experience to date is enough. An outline of the Core courses, some of which you should fit into your freshman year course schedule is listed below. The All University Core Curriculum will give a mark of distinction to your education. Learning Research Skills C1 hourl II. Sophomore-Junior Year Heritage Courses-Courses outside your major designated by the University as "Core Courses" falling into these areas: Social Sciences C6 hoursl Natural Sciences Q6 hoursl Humanities 16 hoursl Fine Arts Q3 hoursl Ill. Senior Year University Capstone Seminar-A three hour seminar on a topic of broad intellectual interest that serves to inte- grate both Core courses and courses in your major. 'The term "hours" refers to credits given for the course. Most three credit courses meet for three hours a week, two credit courses for two hours and so on. WIS PN E:, 4K .JIU LU Q23 D v- mu: mo- if REE 9 30 5 o C x Em Gif A 42, 5- ZX ILL! 4 LL s- F I u: W4 ED. E Q 5 3 I 100 I Q .. Q G9 9 Q 9 9 - Q' Q I -' . Q iw - 1 aspus E 52 o 12 fn umo1uMo001 is NIVW QE E: D Q if '- V V-LS UVOHG if? E v 'ig ls ov 31134 VJV7 'f 2 A 94-rg A 4 ll, 5 V ', ' 4 S K I? y A ,S Q j 'ls N W' O - 4' is 31 2 auum Q 'J , , P 1s,4,,dv7 Co . A If W JS' A 5 GD 3 Q wmuox 4' E15 5 E if NX A 'ls 7 ,:' Q . f3 Q 5' SZVHY Q. ., U P 7 lv 3 5' Pc gf e , 'I W A APM guox Q ill lg, 4: E 34V suuxw - J so Z! Q' lu :S 6 5 Q ,uf G-YD GD 9 'M 4: 5 Z . 3 , ' S S T MV xuvd Q T gemv xuvd S E , A '- , Q 5 v- W2 3 "" H, 1 A Q9 - I ru v p- 3 " QI 0 O yll E , 5 , auuvd vrwuv Q ii' m .JSI 5 Q QLD E W if X 5 Lu -TO I- GD if-L 'sv to U CD : lg me sb of J Q O. E 4 5 LINDENK "Q f fo I E 5 E1 5 '6"'ff+-iw m -A 2 59 Q, LL Q gl 'ls 113NNau 'Q E , ,jf o 1 Q 5 5 Q C9 55 o E v : ., P' 4 g g W : O Q-J J, , I I 2 . W C9 5 I 5 2 " U-I Q A D X an NVLSINVU' Z U LJ '-W - Dgf-O-1 57's ' r 5 ON ir Q MUSIC CAMPUS 3' 0 a z J' ROCK ROLL BANDS IS I-IERI TO STAN CONCERTS SERVING THE CAMPUS A D THE CGMMUNITY 25 or m? y.-.---av' O ABOVE: Students contribute to making the annual fashion show a big success. l Nw X f f cr" 4 gan, MW' ff ff' X fx N S Xi il .Q A me BELOW: Students and faculty come together to partici- pate in a dance marathon. Y W I ,MJ fy ' 4 ' Lfyw 1 7 1 LEFT: UB students bring "Easter for Tots" to the Bridgeport community, night cruise gwmmfxwwmmwmmx. x. .. A 'l i Q M 1. i NN Xwf Q X Ig X Q , gt? A 'I V4 ff, W ff X Ax X52 S :- ,A , 11 JE-X' wk y Kg Wifi ' f' , WML- rf" f QM Q, N X I, px. u U 1 X ff m7 'fr' IIB MJ rw? .-1' 35 11-A RS' Comedian Billy Crystal performs his unique brand of comedy at UB FRIENDS ARE A, Q -F 1? . Q W ' WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR 'P kb FOR- EVER K' if ,W i"mw5W" - -f-zr g.- fa, ji.f':1.f ..zf f , iii, R -1. W 2'LE5::l:""' 'N 7 ,, .:1f-Q : eff? '-ig.: 1-'.5 :.,1-5:' 5 2. J 2 53553 ' ' .- N ,, , , . .,... .. -, .,,. t . ,., .,.., W... FOOD FOR THOUGHT The only way to have a friend is to be one.-Emerson. Every human being has a work to carry on within, duties to perform abroad, influences to exert, which are peculiarly his, and which no conscience but his own can teach.-Channing "Know thyself" means this, that you get acquainted with what you know, and what you can do -Menander. A smile is the whisper of a laugh.-Child's Definition. To have freedom is only to have that which is absolutely necessary to enable us to be what we ought to be, and to possess what we ought to possess.-Rahel. To err is humang to forgive, divine.-Pope. Ideas in the mind are the transcript of the worldg words are the transcript of ideasg and writing and printing are the transcript of words.-Addison. , Ambition is the spur that makes man struggle with destiny. lt is heaven's own incentive to make H' purpose great and achievement greater.-Donald G. Mitchell. Education is the apprenticeship of life.-Willmott. As dreams are the fancies of those that sleep, so fancies are but the dreams of those awake. --Blount. One that desires to excel should endeavor it in those things that are in themselves most excellent. -Epictetus. '- There are three classes of people in the world. The first learn from their own experience-these are V wiseg the second learn from the experience of others-these are the happyg the third neither learn from their own experience nor the experience of others-these are fools.-Anonymous. -- . Q51 5 4 .W 4 f 'L rv. in ,3,,. 219' Y . mn u' 5' . , , ,Z ., 59:12 A E J," it J L,,a,,y.-- . . Rf? :-.f ,",.l'i6.:' 'w,. "Siem - wniifg' ,,--'fir-,-1-Lai? '1- msgs - 'mfs'-e':': K.- ' i'fL1':,g-'f5f.+,f 'W' :, ':.,,3:vf - 4 .4 ,A -' 'mH?w Mad "fait-1"',," ' -' -L'1.3:-,fix ' ': 1.1 , 1: , , 11. ,-r. 3 is ,f1.,'r5: 295297 , .- ,. Ufijgf ,J -vz. jiri?" 9. ,WA . ,. v,f'f2 ' ,' vi J N ' '5,f:fl.'5 .- 1-,Q ,. x , A.. 1 ,A .-. nga, A .' -4:5 ' vv ., w -,L M5 -C 1 p . ., ' a :Fa I' 25' 1' Lf ' ' Q5 wwggefff - YQ-1.1 'JPH 13115465 g :Ln s 'KM H. ,, +1 PV PH dared 116V 1 'cixjizumstigpcesiiggff A ba , . .-,,'-f. --N We if sr- .fjnwj-,iq .,g',-': .A+ .4 .lffij 3' fm, . L 3245,-,p wg,xil, . ' M gf' '-'efff' '51 S ' Lila. I fl-zx. ,?'qg3 "5 '55157.f ' JJ -.rf 91,5 ,7,.!.,-f.,a,f, -.L,,f-. - s.-Q' .kfez-fy."-'gftbw .3-nf V, I,-fm ,4.74,g- ,5,L-1.53, 1,1-1' . -. -s , W. , ,mv ,,,f,',-1r,":.-rf.:g-Eu::'A,.1',: V, 'f "' gy ' r., Q. ,Q-,. ,1 .,g:,,3gv, Ag-ff' ,, . f-'ff V- - Q 5 ,-gf3:.,s,,v4 .f 1 1, - nj . ' , 1' ., 1 . fn: 91. Q Y:-f'i5",19W iQ iw OSC W O,-k 2-. -,J ,JLQ- ' ' , - gy g f ' 55:3 peifior to . '- ,lx . 21:13 ,:- GM -'f'.3,.1jf' :KEY ff e 0 f 7' W 'QW VV f iffy My M1 QV f 7 W fffufftf- 3 .1 , A , C M 'ei at J 5 B 1 K r f f if 3 , , .,, .. i .Q ,, V ,. , f,,, A A A,,A , , M M Ag Q f Y 2 W, ff 4 5 1 in ' wf ,ll ,A T "1 ' . gf f: WW M 1 fiffflfy g I C W 5 3 ,!, 7 , TAMMY ADAMS Churchville, NY Art, Drama ELIZABETH ALPERT Hull, MA Music, People ANTHONY ARENA Manalapan, NJ Swimming, Travel WENDY BARKIN Manhasset Hills, NY Animals, People LEIGH BART Manalapan, NJ Art, Music STEVE BARTLEY Framingham, MA Art, Skiing ANDREW BENNETT Ft. Myers, FL Jazz, Scuba Diving JEFFREY BERMAN Emerson, NJ Music, Student Gov't. JEAN BISSON New Hartford, CT Art, Skiing JASON BLOCH Sharon, MA Fishing, Travel ROBERT BOCOMPANI Farmington, CT Byron-Bergen H.S. Fashion Merchandising Hull H.S. Liberal Arts Manalapan H.S. Liberal Arts Herricks High Fashion Merchandising Manalapan H.S. Humanities Framingham South Graphic Arts Tilton School Biology Emerson Jr.fSr. High Business Watkinson Prep. School Interior Design Sharon H.S. Liberal Arts Farmington H.S. Guitar, Photography Business MARY ELLEN BONWILL North Branford, CT North Branford H.S. Cheerleading, Student Gov't. Mass Communications KERRY BORROSSO Farmingdale, NY Farmingdale H,S. Basketball, Horses Business SUZETTE BOUTIN Niantic, CT East Lyme H.S. Dancing, Horses Pre-Med DEBI BOYDEN Watertown, MA Cheerleading, Dancing SUSAN BRAUN Watertown H.S. Fashion Merchandising , , Weston, CT Weston H.S. Bowling, Music Psychology ANN MARIE BRELSFORD Bridgeport, CT Bassick H.S. Dancing, Music Business BETH BRENNER Upper Montclair, NJ Bloomfield H.S. Drama, Tennis Undecided JAMIE BURFORD Somers, NY Somers H.S. Cheerleading, Drama Pre-Law MEGAN CALLAGHAN Harrington Park, NJ Northern Valley-Old Tappan Dancing, Music Fashion JOANNA CAMBRIDGE Brockton, MA Notre Dame Academy Bicycling, Choir Engineering NEVILLE CAMPBELL-ADAMS Oxonhill, MD Massanutten Military Academy Basketball, Football Business FRED CASERTA Trumbull, CT St. Joseph's H.S. Art, Volleyball Fine Arts JACQUELINE CASSEL Bridgeport, CT Notre Dame Catholic Animals, Music Business KARIN CASTORAL Edison, NJ Politics, Softball LUZ CASTRO Bridgeport, CT Computers, Dancing KIMLY CHAN Bridgeport, CT Computers, Science RODNEY CHIN Englewood Cliffs, NJ Basketball, Hunting LYNN COLLINGS Somers, CT Art, Skiing JILL COLUCCI Blairstown, NJ Camping, Skiing LINDA COOK Bristol, CT Art, Gymnastics MYRNA CORREA Bridgeport, CT Drama, Music SHERRY CROWELL Westport, CT Choir, Band PAMELA CULLEN Oceanside, NY Hockey, Music CATHY DAMATO Bridgeport, CT Music, Dancing MATTHEW DANIELS Acushnet, MA Bicycling, Swimming JULIE DAVIS Denver, CO Running, Tennis STEVEN DAVIS Topsham, ME Baseball, Guitar JAMES DE CRAY Ardmore, PA Music, Skiing TRACY DELGADO New York, NY Art, Choir WILLIAM DONOHUE Somers, NY Art, Soccer BEN DORESS Newton Centre, MA Art, Swimming DAN DULA Sparta, NJ Baseball, Football MICHELE DUNIGAN Upper Montclair, NJ Photography, Reading TRACEY DURANTE Central Islip, NY Basketball, Swimming CASSANDRA EIBLE Cold Spring, NY Cheerleading, Yearbook RICHARD EVANS Wyckoff, NJ Racquetball, Softball SONYA EVANS Atco, NJ Cheerleading, Dancing J.P. Stevens H.S. Political Science Harding H.S. Business Bassick H.S. Engineering Dwight Morrow H.S. Journalism Somers H.S. Fine Arts North Warren Regional H.S. Pre-I.awfLegal Assistant Bristol Eastern Fine Arts Notre Dame H.S. Business Staples H.S. Education Oceanside H.S. Interior Design Kolbe Cathedral Fashion Merchandising Bishop Stang H.S. Undecided Cherry Creek H.S. Undecided Mt. Ararat H,S. Engineering Haverford Senior High Engineering Cathedral H.S, Visual Arts Somers H.S, Fine Arts Newton North H.S. Fine Arts Sparta H.S. Fine Arts Montclair H.S. Advertising Islip H.S. Pre-Med Haldane Central School Fashion Merchandising Ramapo Economics Edgewood H.S. Psychology QI-naw f ff! ff 4 X! 1 EDWARD FALCONE Yonkers, NY Baseball, Fishing JEANNINE FALTUM Trenton, NJ Ice Hockey, Racquetball RICHARD FARROW Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY Hockey, Skiing KEN FAUSTINE Stratford, CT Film, Hockey MICHELE FEAR Mystic, CT Cheerleading, Hockey DEBBIE FIGLAR Bridgeport, CT Parties, Shopping DARYL FITZGERALD Norwalk, CT Baseball, Guitar CAROL FLANAGAN Rockland, MA Skiing, Swimming KATHLEEN FRANK Merrimack, NH Photography, Skiing WILLIAM FUHS Cinnaminson, NJ Soccer LESLEY GASEAU Marlborough, NH Choir, Drama HEATHER GENDLER East Rockaway, NY Piano, Tennis DONNA GREENBLATT Newburgh, NY Animals, Art CHERYL HAMILTON Randolph, NJ Art, Photography AUDRA HARRIS Hazlet, NJ Crafts, Skiing JONATHAN HEIL Richmond, MA Camping, Racquetball KYLEE HERBERT Loudonville, NY Art, Skiing TRACI HERMAN River Vale, NJ Animals, Music Blessed Sacrament Pre-Law Notre Dame Business Cornwall Central Philosophy Notre Dame Catholic H.S. Cinema Fitch Senior H.S. Dental Hygiene Central H .S. Data Processing Norwalk H.S. Pre-Chiropractic Rockland H,S. Fashion Merchandising Merrimack H.S. Journalism Cinnaminson H .S. Business Keene H.S. Fashion Merchandising Lynbrook H.S. Psychology Newburgh Free Academy Undecided Randolph H,S. Fine Arts Raritan H.S. Fashion Merchandising Taconic Industrial Design Colonie Central H.S. Interior Design Pascack Valley H.S. Pre-Law CATHERINE HERNANDEZ Passaic, NJ Art, Softball Paul VI Regional H.S. Fine Arts STEPHANIE HIRSCHFELD Forest Hills, NY Music, Tennis JACQUELINE HULFORD Stratford, CT Art, Film ARMANDO IMBROGNO Fairfield, CT Computers, Hunting GREG IRELAND Fairfax, VA Computers, Racquetball DAWN ISKRA Fairfield, NJ Art, Cheerleading Forest Hills H,S. Fashion Merchandising Stratford H.S. Cinema Fairfield H.S. Business Chantilly H.S. Computer Science West Essex Senior High Interior Design ALLISON JENKINS Jamaica, NY August Martin High Basketball, Bicycling Business ROBERT JERNOSKE Bridgeton, NJ Cumberland Regional Soccer, Volleyball Business KECIA ANN JERRELL Media, PA Penncrest H.S. Student Gov't., Cross Country Skiing Liberal Arts EDWARD JONES Blue Point, NY Photography, Reading MICHAEL JONES Poquoson, VA Soccer, Photography RICHARD JUANTEGUY Baltimore, MD People, Skiing CARRIE KARO Greenwich, CT Skiing, Swimming JULIE KINGSLEY Old Bethpage, NY Skiing, Tennis KATIE KNAPP Ballston Lake, NY Dancing, Horses STEVEN KOSS Merrick, NY Basketball, Bicycling MEREDITH KRIEGER Brooklyn, NY Dancing, Travel LESLIE KRONENGOLD Great Neck, NY Art, Drama FRED KUERSTEN Bridgewater, NJ Film, Travel STEVE KUPCHUN Merrimack, NH Baseball, Racquetball SHARI LASHINSKY Spring Valley, NY Astrology, Music MARIA LETTIERI New Haven, CT Cheerleading, Dancing DAVID LEVY New York, NY Music, Politics CHOY LIM Bridgeport, CT Computers, Math JENNIFER LOCKWOOD Pembroke, MA People, Skiing APRIL LONGOBARDI Staten Island, NY Cheerleading, Dancing ROBYN LOWENBERG Clifton Park, NY Skiing, Soccer ANTHONY LUCIANI Summit, NJ Baseball, Football ERIK LUKACS Jackson, NJ Art, Drama JOSEPH MAILLOUX Monroe, CT Basketball, Football Bayport-Blue Point H.S. Visual Arts Poquoson H.S. Design Pikesville Senior High Business Greenwich H.S. Journalism J.F. Kennedy Liberal Arts Shenendehowa H.S. Humanities Business South Shore H.S. Psychology Great Neck North H.S. Fine Arts Bridgewater-Raritan West Psychology Merrimack H.S. Mass Communications Monticello High Music Education Saint Mary's Pre-Law Business Bassick H.S. Engineering Silver Lake Regional Dental Hygiene Tottenville H.S. Business Shenedehowa H.S. Fashion Merchandising Summit H.S. Communications Jackson Memorial Advertising Masuk H.S. Engineering mos Hu. 8 li ,Q f ! 4 Z, Z Q 1 ,ff iii "gal I , four' 'T x kk' U " , ft' rr f , JOHN MANCINI Bridgeport, CT Baseball, Basketball THOMAS MARTIN Holden, MA Film, Music DAWN MARTONE Trumbull, CT Cheerleading, Swimming PETER MATTHES New York City, NY Film, Soccer ESTHER MAZAL Bridgeport, CT Ballet, Dancing LISA MC CASKILL Bridgeport, CT Basketball, Dancing KRISTIN MC KAY Canaan, CT Basketball, Photography KATHY MC KEON Weston, CT Art, Horses COLLETTE MEGAHEY Jackson Heights, NY Cheerleading, Horses DEBORAH MEYER Stratford, CT Horses, Reading JASON MEYER Notre Dame Computer Science Wachusett Regional H.S. Cinema St. Josephls H.S, Fashion Merchandising Friends Seminary Cinema St. Joseph's H.S. Business Kolbe Cathedral H.S. Psychology Housatonic Valley Regional Liberal Arts Weston H.S. Fine Arts St. Agnes Academic H.S. Education Frank Scott Bunnell Dental Hygiene Berkeley Heights, NJ Governor Livingston Regional SCOTT MILLER Undecided Randolph, NJ Gill-St. Bernard's Tennis, Golf RetailingfFashion Merchandising WANDA MIRANDA New York, NY Cardinal Spellman Baseball, Bowling Psychology JENNIFER MONTEMAYOR King of Prussia, PA Upper Merion Softball, Swimming Education MARVIN MOY New York, NY Fork Union Military Academy Racquetball, Football Business HEATHER MUENZ Hawthorne, NJ Hawthorne H.S. Computers, Reading Fashion MerchandisingfRetailing DAWN MUNFORD Trevose, PA Bensalem People, Languages Pre-Med SAMANTHA MURTAGH West Chester, PA Tatnall School Art, Bowling Photography ALAN MUSHLIN Sharon, MA Sharon H.S. Basketball, Fishing Undecided ELAINE NG Sunnyvale, CA Jazz, Photography Taipei American School Fashion Merchandising PHONESAMAY NGAOPRASEUTSACK Bridgeport, CT Computers, Math LINDA O'DONNELL New York City, NY People, Photography ZRINKA ORR Darien, CT Art, Languages MARK PACICCA Purchase, NY Jazz, Music Central H.S. Engineering Cardinal Spellman Education School of Applied Arts Dental Hygiene Harrison H.S. Music NICOLE PANTE Hackettstown, NJ Music, Poetry JENNIFER PARSONS Medway, MA Art, Skiing MALY PECH Bridgeport, CT Languages, Singing LISA PEREIRA Trumbull, CT Languages, Math JEFFREY PERERA Richmond, VA Skiing, Wrestling VUTHY PLANG Pocasset, MA Photography, Skiing DARREN PRINCE Livingston, NJ Baseball, Fishing NOELLE PYZNAR Hazlet, NJ Cheerleading, Dancing HOLLEY QUINN Milford, CT Camping, Horses REGINA QUINN New Haven, CT Dancing, Music LAURIE REIN North Brunswick, NJ Publications, Softball TRACEY RICH Stratford, CT Art, Crafts JAMES RICHARDSON Englewood, NJ Baseball, Bowling LAURA RIVERA Stratford, CT Art, Photography RICHARD ROCCAPRIORE Meriden, CT Soccer, Water Skiing CHERYL ROETZEL Brookfield, CT Bowling, Music PETER ROSASPINA Greenwich, CT Drama, Guitar JILL ROSENZWEIG Holmdel, NJ Dancing, Piano JEFFERY SANDOR Bridgeport, CT Baseball, Basketball JACQUELINE SCHAFFER Old Bethpage, NY Horses, Music LISA SCHINDLER Mansfield, OH Ballet, Photography KIMBERLY ANN SCI-IMITT Warren Hills Psychology Medway High Fine Arts Central Magnet H.S, Business Trumbull High BusinessfAccounting The Collegiate School Visual ArtsfArchitecture Bourne H.S. Visual Arts f Philosophy Livingston H.S. Business Raritan H.S. Fashion Merchandising Joseph A. Foran HealthfHuman Services Fairfield H.S. Political Science North Brunswick Twp. H.S. Communications Bunnell H.S. Fashion Merchandising Dwight Morrow H.S. Accounting Stratford High Fashion Merchandising Maloney Music Brookfield Nursing Greenwich H.S. Psychology Holmdel H.S. Fashion Merchandising Notre Dame Engineering John F. Kennedy H.S. Undecided Mansfield Senior High Fashion Merchandising River Edge, NJ River Dell Art, Dancing Fine Arts KAREN SCHOENFELD Parsippany, NJ Parsippany H.S. Art, Tennis Pre-Law SUSAN SCHORPP Langhorne, PA Neshaminy H.S. Dancing, Gymnastics Undecided 4'!W""7 5 . , f H "" igftzfpl - :ff -Mft:-5 ef I f I , 4, ,J .f ' YZ- f W my ' 3. ' f 1 , - ft , 1 ff . jf N 11 V V , f,, 1 nf'?".t7 f f in g 4 ? V , fr Y , ' M 5-I ww W , If "Ar, A We I 'T awww, W .....,. ""s.., was f I 32, g STEPHANIE SCHUETZ Woodstock, VT Lacrosse, People STACY SHAPIRO Morganville, NJ Cheerleading, Student Gov't. JASON SHARENOW Livingston, NJ Football, E.M.T. JAMES SIEGENFELD North Woodmere, NY Bicycling, People TARA SINGER Howell, NJ Cheerleading, Volleyball KELLIE SMITH Leonardo, NJ Choir, Music ROSE ANN SNURKOWSKI Northford, CT Cooking, Track TRISTAN SOARES Hastings-On-Hudson, NY Baseball, Bowling AIMEE SOLLENBERGER Carlisle, PA Basketball, Golf DUSTIN SPERBER Monticello, NY Hockey, Racquetball PAUL SPIRITO The Kent School Nursing Marlboro H,S. Undecided Livingston H.S. Pre-Med Lawrence H.S. Business Freehold Township H.S. Fashion Merchandising Mater Dei H.S. Pre-Law Nursing Hastings H.S. Business Carlisle Senior High Undecided Monticello H.S. Pre-Chiropractic Saco, ME Thornton Academy Art, Golf Industrial Design WENDY STACK Levittown, NY General Douglas MacArthur Cheerleading, People Dental Hygiene MATTHEW STEIGER Franklin Lakes, NJ Ramapo Art, Student Gov't. KELLY STREICH Bridgeport, CT Animals, Art LAURA SULLIVAN Lafayette Hill, PA Bicycling, Softball CHRISTINE SWAFFORD International Business Trumbull High Interior Design Plymouth-Whitemarsh Industrial Design Felton, DE Lake Forest H.S. Animals, Drama Pre-Law TIA TAYLOR Cinnaminson, NJ Cinnaminson H.S. Bicycling, Music Communications BETH TEMES Marlboro, NJ Marlboro H.S, Dancing, Horses Humanities LAURIE TOBIN Edison, NJ The Wardlaw-Hartridge School Animals, Cheerleading Merchandising JULIE TOPCIK Huntington Woods, MI Darrow School Cheerleading, Dancing Retailing KAREN TOUFAYAN Morris Plains, NJ Dancing, Skiing VINCENT VAICHUS Oakville, CT Basketball, Chess JOHN VERRELLI Bridgeport, CT Art, Baseball DEBORAH VILLEPIGUE Roslyn Heights, NY Film, Travel Academy of St. Elizabeth Fashion Merchandising Watertown H.S. Computer DraftingfDesign Notre Dame Catholic Engineering Roslyn High Fine ArtsfCinema f JEN VITTUM Plymouth, NH Art, Dancing MARCIA WALLACE Bridgeport, CT Piano, Politics JOEL WEBNE Richmond, VA Art, Photography PETER WILLIAMSON Stamford, CT Computers, Music FREDERICKA WILSON Bronx, NY Horses, Music MARC WOLFE Cherry Hill, NJ Drama, Guitar LAURA YONCO Huntington, CT Running, Travel KELLI YUROCHKO Edison, NJ Animals, Poetry DONNA ZOLKIWSKY South Plainfield, NJ Dancing, Skiing Plymouth Area H.S. Fine Arts Central Magnet H.S. Political Science Douglas S. Freeman Interior Design King Music Monsignor Scanlan Liberal Arts Cherry Hill H.S. West Liberal Arts Saint Joseph's H.S. Fashion Merchandising Edison HS. Psychology South Plainfield H.S. Fashion Merchandising fr SOME OTHER EW STUDENTS AVI ABITBOL Baseball, Basketball Forest Hills, NY Business KRYSTYNA DZIEZYK Bridgeport, CT Animals, Math Dental Hygiene MELISSA HAMBERG Melrose Park, P Photography, Tennis Fashion Merchandisig LYNNE ABRAMS West Haven, CT JENNIFER EISEN White Plains, NY MAUREEN INTEMANN Norwalk, C Art, Dancing Fashion Merchandising Cheerleading, Dancing Humanities Photography, Running Dentail Hygiel JIM ANDREWS Milford, CT AL FARAGALLI Marlton, NJ SHARI JUME Lakewood, T Baseball, Basketball Engineering Bicycling, Skiing Architecture Skiing, Swimming Libgfal Ai JULIE MARIE AVELLINO Monroe, CT SCOTT FELDHERR Seaford, NY MARK KUCHAR East Brunswick, P Animals, People Visual ArtsfGraphics Baseball, Basketball Business Skiing, Tennis Undecids JERRY BRANDINO Milford, CT PATRICIA FILSHIE Huntington, NY BOBBI-ANN LEVICIE Plainfield, I' Art, Guitar Fine Arts Skiing, Swimming Fashion Merchandising Dancing, Lacrosse Merchandisii FELICE BRODY Marlboro, NJ SHANA FRASHUER Stratford, CT JOSH LEWIS Montclair, 1' Cheerleading, Student Gov't. Undecided Cheerleading, Dancing Fashion Merchandising Music, Cars Liberal Ar TARA CHARNOW Brooklyn, NY ANDREW GARTNER Chadds Ford, PA STEPHEN MANSFIELD Stamford, C Animals, Film Cinema 8: T.V. 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Suggestions in the University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) collection:

University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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