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E E E 5 5 Q 2 Z Wistarian 1959 University of Bridgeport Bridgeport, Connecticut Staff Editor Charles S. Huestis Assistant Editor John B. Stewart, III Art Editor Robert Stumpek Copy Editor Sally Ann Podufaly Advisor Victor Swain Art Advisor Sybil Wilson .fr ' . .4 -rf" , " ifP2"' iw. ,ns A. ,. -vis f, fw ., 1- . .. .5 . . A HX XX RXXQXXK, - ,h t XXXJXXXXHXXX XX ,, X X X -Cr? 4 ' . ' 'F' "4 1 , .J ,? 'W' '.. vw! XX. I - ,XX V. 'Au Xf:':ff4l xl- 'V -rl ff'ff'X" ni thi . 5 I N' NIE", 'ik' 1. , . l . -1- ' f- 7':'f.!S "ff" ,Qtr-,XX'Xf h 'E if - ' 5 .U Q." "1 ly it-:XX H . X 2 ' XX H A 4 ,H X7 " ' I' - 4 " L f. . S nl V 1 , ur- 9' 4 , 1 . . . Q. 4.- ,, .'t' 1. 9 md :fm X XX ' X.,.1XXw-- AY!! XX 'E MXY, 9 ,M 1314- fs. .11 , M I p 'gg' X ,A X " li., Ju! N " ,A f - 1 , TTX' :R X XX X. 0 .X X .. ,,X +,.,XX.,.XXXXX.,X W ,H ,,',XlX.X X ,I . XX -:QQ XXX n ,Q -., A BX. XX '-X X nf X .X MXL VA XX 1 f- X. HX XX. HX- X ' '. ,,., gl ' .. ,QM Mx '4-rn ,N -w . ,X Vg X. ,. .- nf 'X X, ' .1 LAX' V. J- X. A' X 1, - w-"V iff! " .4 gf-'wmv 'aff--. ff .TM X M K-QX,'yg,vafff,: 'gd' . f m. . xf P' ' ' H X 4- nf Xw7if'f XX my X"f',-.X3.', .' " " Q, 1 Af ,, "N, 9i,..'mw'i" '. '4 Q' 4'-,QM ..,,'4 :.:' f ' a-.auf ""f'i' 'A' f Y. I r JL' xv fi-Aa 4 ' -, 1 4' 'A' ,, gn- X, ".L"'9i 2, ' Vu: J' 4',,ga,g,., ..,h,.q' ., W .-N ,FX - - ,. ' " .' . ,. ' ",,1- n, ...M :Xa .XX,, 1.1. M, I X S, 4:XA,.X,M,'tXX,Xv'XX , .XXX.g,Xg.XX,,XXX.i,1:XX,X' X ' 'N' 54 ' Ah. 'nr iff, XX .A ,,X -. . - wX'fX'fsX,. ,X X 1X.X M ax. ,. .Q ' ' . ' ' f 4 Q .1 . ' ffj' fx 1 1 ,. -. , J - ' A , it , . , X X ,444 . ' w. , X ' X .. . v. .4 M .- M... fi. .- g .Jr-Q ,gg ,J-., M , Pb, Q ' 'uf' v 'J' ' . X, "' ' A ' 3" , Q., "' r ,. lv. "'n X ' ' X A' 3 FX x'XXX'- X' H XXX. ' "X ,X , XX 'I 4' g"Qrm"' -firhir pApu'X "LQ ,A W, 'f 'Xi L ,. N '- ' N Q . 1-,ij 2 3 A .. HW. wg . .M-4 , ' . ' , ' 'RQ . . . .X X, ,XM X ..XXXu:.,-nh 4.1! Av' 'fl-na. 7 XXX Q rf, ., . . M, 4 V' u , M ' 'W V A I . M - -In 'wpfx A - --'QsEf.5.eZf+... ""'.fW' .g - 'paw ' ' ' ' 'L' I1 A 1,1 . . W .. Q- x, -. , 'S ' 1, 0- . ,Virus . . V ' 'M' :I ' 'U ' : " , ' '- ' U 'TW N 1- """w ' ...1:..:m, " V. 1 . 4- . ' ' 'v 1 ,. - - A V LL lf' - X X .X vw .gf',X. . .,..,.,g , tg X ,lar Y X ,W XX ' ' A ' 1 ' ' 'f 1 - ',' ' X ' h A .., V ' ' , ' ' ' . ,,M ,Q -11-1-Q w 1' " f -ra. " , "i f - ' ' - . jw..m,, ' ', -. N., A-ur x 1 ,. , - 'V . 4 L V ., . . : W.. ,ll V1 u.- J.-a YM'- .M I gi-JX .W ' -1 ' . . " ,M . ' X ' ,Xm M . I X XXX. 'sv 'P' . Q' Xt. X .' f 1 "' . ' ., ' if sXNyll5mn 1 ' ' , iflga ,H XX .X X X .xi X ,X 1 X X A . W X ,XXX XX-and . X X ir :. uh." 1 ur - 'K' ' - - afv f -. X .5 " 'fe' ,f ' ' fit 'ff f rX,Y,'XX,g,, , 'WWA' ,, V . A ' . .' 4 " ' iw , av alia , 'XX f-,fm . 1. 5, .. - . 1 X L N. ., . 4, t 5' Yr' . -V' " ' .43 'S y:u.,.,' V., W . 'L ' ' .zvgnit ' V -A H- ..,-Q' '1 mg, i , . 'f u 4 X X 'XX X X ' . - f. . , ,fi 'Z . X , XXX? , h R ,uX X wg , Q A. q. - M r f .. - 1 . 1,"e,.i . X Y' , ..,.1."l 'M f 3 ' ' . v . 1 . LW" W' -,Y ' , ' ' M, w ' , J 11 , ,, . .. ff H , .u.......M.,.,.,,v...w-.,.-...,,...,..,..V ., . V ' , , ' 1 4 , W,-..,5i,:QQ,g5 . '1.""EffF" fr I'1' ' W ',.. ' ff:.ffw ' ,I mm Q .. ,.,, A X J, w W f , .W , "W w.Xf!X1XXX...Xi5XX:X:g L W .,m.?wgg',gW,mXX,m,,4y.DXFXWXEXMXQHXLsXiL5wX1XXXX.,X,,3X,iXXXXXX X X XXQX'XX. XX . . L .iv The TiTle of This arTicle, slighTly alTered, becomes The keyword oT our generaTion. Forward. The word iTselT connoTes The resT- less undercurrenT ThaT has inTensiTied man's recenT advancemenT. We are now riding a cresT of invenTive achievemenT. New ideas have spurred manuTacTure and Trans- porTaTion. Very recenTly men have begun To musTer Their Trail sTrengTh and uTilize Their inTelligence To probe The mysTeries of The universe. Gropingly. sTeadily. man' conTinues To exTend his masTery over The elemenTs. The world we are abouT To enTer is brillianT. Tense, and challenging: iT is a place where new achievemenTs and new dangers are born simulTaneously. During This Time oT explosive advances, we here aT The UniversiTy have lived exacT- ly The same collegiaTe paTTern which our predecessors lived years ago. We sTudied unTil daybrealc: Then TorTiTied wiTh blaclc coffee. we wenT doggedly To class To be TesTed: we shelved our books in Tavor oT The baslceTball games. "bull" sessions. or daTes when The ThreaT oT menTal combaT was less imminenT: we spenT counTless hours discussing The adrninisTraTion, The world siTuaTion, The TaculTy, our classmaTes. Dur- ing our meTamophosis Trom adolescence To adulTs we shed coaTs of innocence. arrog- ance. and superficial independence, re- specTively. Finally, as The Time Tor gradu- aTion grew near, we grew senTimenTal and misTily Tond oT The place we had alTernaTe- ly libeled, boasTed oT, and complained abouT Tor Tour years. All This happened iusT as iT had years ago. This boolc is more Than a linlc beTween our TuTure and The secure and comTorTable pasT. IT is a reminder oT whaT we will be sTriving To mainTain. College - all The sTudy, companionable sTriving, and silly cusToms ThaT are an inTegral parT of ThaT insTiTuTion - is a segmenT of our Ameri- can way oT life which is noT a myThical, inTangible Thing - an absTracT Term - buT a composiTe oT all The ordinary daily rou- Tine Things our people do. FraTerniTy dances: examinaTions: The slow. paTienT cul- TivaTion of The mind: The sTeady Triclcle of nuTrienTs To The inTellecT: all are viTal To The healTh of our people and our na- Tion. So long as These seemingly mundane occurences are Tree To happen unmolesTed. our counTry will be able To provide men wiTh The abiliTies To harness successfully The new powers They engender. The pic- Tures in This boolc. Then, represenT more Than The pleasanT memories oT each of us: They represenT The way oT life iT is our duTy and our honor To preserve. ,W 'auqge :iff Q,,i,,b.g, Q - ffisnw There are men whose abiliTies To mold and nurTure indusTry mark Them as gianTs in American busi- ness. There are men who, prompTed by love oT mankind, share unselTishly Those resources which They pos- sess in greaTer abundance Than Their fellows. Such men are known as philanThropisTs. BoTh oT These deTi- niTions are exempliTied by lvlr. Charles A. Dana. When The new science building rises To grace our campus, iTs exisTence will be due largely To The ToresighT oT This man. The audiTorium which is To be a parT oT The building will owe iTs exisTence To The business man wiTh The idea ThaT The UniversiTy need- ed a place where sTudenTs mighT hear lecTures or, more imporTanT, parTicipaTe in religious services. Mr. Dana's varied and exTensive career illusTraTes his characTer. ln his youTh Mr. Dana aTTended The CuTler School and Columbia UniversiTy where he received his B. A. and M. A. degrees in law. l"lis early career in corporaTion law led To a posiTion on The sTaTT oT The New York DisTricT ATTorney. For Three Terms Mr. Dana served as a prominenT Republican on The New York STaTe LegislaTure. l'-lis career in poliTics culminaTed in his serving as campaign manager Tor Theodore RoosevelT. As one mighT expecT oT a broad-minded, vigorous person, lvlr. Dana's inTeresTs cover a broad scope. While a young lawyer he spenT his vacaTions working as a cowhand on a Mexican ranch which he now owns. lvlr. Dana's presenT business aTTiliaTions include The Dana CorporaTion, oT which he is presidenT, and many oTher corporaTions in This counTry, Canada, England, and France, which necessiTaTe his Traveling aT leasT Twice The disTance around The eguaTor each year. Age and experience have sharpened Mr. Dana's abiliTy and heighTened his achievemenTs: iusT lasT year The UniversiTy oT Toledo awarded him an honorary degree Tor his abiliTy To organize new indusTries. lvlr. Dana is primarily a business man. l-le considers his paTronage oT The UniversiTy an invesTmenT - an invesTmenT in youTh and in a sTronger naTion. WiTh ToresighT - ThaT same ToresighT ThaT has enabled him To amass a business empire - lvlr. Dana saw ThaT The TaciliTies oT The UniversiTy soon would be in greaTer demand and ThaT a new science building would in- crease opporTuniTies Tor many. l'le has remarked ThaT all successTul businesses succeed because oT good organizaTion. l-le believes, as do The sTudenTs, ThaT The U.niversiTy has an exemplary organizaTion in iTs TrusTees, adminisTraTors, and TaculTy. l-le has placed his conTidence in The organizaTion: conTidence ThaT Those oT us who are leaving will do crediT To The UniversiTy by succeeding in our chosen Tields: ThaT Those oT us who remain will conTinue To uTilize To The besT oT our abiliTy The opporTuniTies Tor beTTermenT ThaT we Tind here. lT is in appreciaTion of This TrusT'ThaT This book is dedicaTed To Charles A. Dana. QQ! A ,,,, Q 'W -fi-x"f iff AN ff , ,Q A """'A "x. K ff 4 'NXAX y' 'X C Nxl X I s. fx... Story of the Year Each oT us who spenT The year I958- I959 here aT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT will carry away wiTh him diTTerenT memo- ries, Tor each oT us noTices only Those Things which impinge on his paTTerns oT liTe. So iT -is ThaT To mosT oT us, someThing as minuTe as a damp, earTh-scenTed spring breeze, a shell salvaged Trom a winTer- ravaged shore, an "A" paper will mean more To us Than a proTessor's new docTor- aTe, The addiTion oT a new building To The campus. or a vicTory Tor a sTudenT organi- zaTion. YeT our very presence here made us a parT oT This insTiTuTion. In as much as whaT we gained or losT here will re- main embedded in ourselves all our lives, This insTiTuTion has become a parT of our- selves. This arTicle is wriTTen in The hope ThaT iT may provide us wiTh a beTTer under- sTanding oT whaT our school is ThaT iT may Turnish us wiTh some iusTiTiable pride in The insTiTuTion oT which we are a parT. The rain rolling in Trom Long Island Sound, shrouding The campus in gloom mosT oT Freshman week, heighTened The confusion oT The purple capped newcomers. Bewilder- ed, beraggled Treshmen, rallied by Their spiriTed guides, Toured The campus and en- dured The many social TuncTions planned Tor Them by The Freshman Week CommiTTee during The summer. The Freshman Ball cul- minaTed wellcome-week, and Those Treshmen who sTill had sTrengTh enough To aTTend iT saw I-larrieT ZiTron oT The Bronx, lovely ad- vocaTe oT The bouTTanT hair-do chosen Freshman Queen. EnrollmenT reached a new heighT This year, as did conTusion during re- gisTraTion. Following The minor havoc oT Freshman W'eek and regisTraTion, sTudenTs welcomed a chance To seTTle down To The comparaTive peace oT classes. BrighT OcTober broughT a bursT oT ac- TiviTy To campus. FaculTy and sTudenTs alilce had noT yeT seTTled inTo The comTorTable, sTeady mold oT acTiviTies which paTTerned The laTer monThs. The clear, colorful days of early Tall seemed indicaTive oT explora- Tion and experimenTaTion. The Circle K sim iicifvf, mor: THE 'gf' 4 Club, an exclusive service organizafion composed of selecfed sfu- denfs, sponsored by fhe local chapfer of fhe Kiawanis lnfernafional. was infroduced fo fhe universify fhis year. The organizafion elecfed Bob Moran as ifs firsf presidenf. Members of Circle K - fogefher wifh sfudenfs. from Women's House Governmenf, fhe deparfmenf of journalism. and fhe Scribe - parficipafed in fhe Unifed Fund's "Goldfish Bowl", a newsroom demonsfrafion held for fwo weeks af fhe D. M. Read Company. The growing College of Nursing ac- quired a building of ifs own fhis year. The faculfy. reinforced by several new members, happily moved info fhe pale pink Monroe Hall, braced fheir desks againsf fhe walls fo offsef fhe slanfing floors. and began dreaming of a "brick building of our own some- day". Only a few sfalwarf sporfs fans braved a drenching down- pour fo wifness fhe firsf foofball game of fhe season againsf New Haven Sfafe Teacher's College. The onlookers affribufed our feam's loss fo fhe weafher and adjourned fo a posf game parfy af Lenny's Wagon Wheel. Progress in ofher deparfmenfs offsef fhev inifial defeaf on 'rhe field. The music deparfmenf organized a jazz work- shop, a new marching band, and a concerf band under fhe direcfion of Raymond Sfewarf. who joined fhe faculfy This year. The jazz workshop adopfed an abandoned sfable, which had housed fhe horses of P. T. Barnum, for ifs headquarfers. and each Wednesday evening fhe aspiring musicians convened fo develop fheir fledgling falenfs under fhe guidance of Mr. Sfewarf. Virus ECHO descended on campus during fhe early fall. leveling sfudenfs and faculfy in- discriminafely. and counfer-balancing fhe exhilarafing effecf of brighf. brisk, aufumn weafher. The lnfer-frafernify Council granfed BERT B DAVIS LINCOLN COUEC T10 recognifion fo lofa Delfa Pi, lafesf addifion fo fhe male Greek Leffer groups. The men of l.D.P. recognizable by fheir affracfive olive drab suifs, face a year of probafion before final accepfance. Dr. Joseph Roucek of fhe Universify's polifical science and sociology deparfmenfs received fhe honor of being named a corresponding member of fhe Acadamie Di Mediferraneo. Professor Hasan F. Zandy. fhis year received an honorary Ph.D. from fhe lvlinisfer of Educafion and fhe chief of fhe Deparfmenf of Advanced Edu- cafion in lran. The degree, which had been conferred on Dr. Zandy five years ago in recognifion of his research concerning a new x-ray specfomefer, came fo lighf only fhis year. Dr. Harold J. Fine, a psychologisf, began conducfing weekly group meefings wifh sfu- denfs who professed a desire for help in overcoming fheir emofional problems. The Universify Adminisfrafion displayed an acfive infer- esf in sfudenf welfare by following fhe example of many larger schools which have engaged such help for fheir sfudenfs. Donna Long became fhe l958 Homecoming Queen af Alpha Gamma Phi's Sword and Shield dance, which began fhe Homecoming Weekend fesfivifies. The gray November skies failed fo dim fhe color- ful parade held Safurday affernoon. The Kappa Befa Rho viking ship. manned by sfalwarf K.B.R. sailors. sailed fo vicfory in fhe floaf confesf which gave frafernify and sororify members a chance fo manifesf fheir arfisfic imaginafion and fo display fheir creafive ingenuify. Haven Hall won fhe dorm decorafing confesf for ifs spirifed display feafuring a U.B. angel poised friumphanf over a New Haven Teach- er's devil. Af The pep rally held before fhe game wifh New Haven, which was played Safurday nighf, our cheerleaders and 'rhe Bridgeporf Si Bag Pipe Band, complefe wifh lcilfs, af- fempfed fo enliven spirifs despife fhe fhreafening drizzle, yef only a few people braved fhe rain fo wifness fhe game. A Sun- day iazz concerf and a sfudenf-faculfy buf- fef ended fhe fesfive weelcend. Banned in Bosfon, fhe Campus Thunder Producfion, which had been sfruggling info exisfence for six monfhs, af lasf bursl' info a specfacle of splendor "lv1r. D." skillfully fashioned fhe parficipanfs info performers of professional caliber. Capably handled comedy, color- ful song and dance numbers, and excellenf acfing complemenfed fhe sfory ifself, a nof unusual girl-gefs-boy fale. complicafed by fhe facf fhaf fhe heroine was an uninhibifed burlesque queen. and fhe hero, a member of Bos+on's elife. Few of fhe many sfudenfs and fownspeople who filled fhe Klein Me- morial Audiforium fo capacify realized fhe efforf spenf in producing "Thunder". Those of us who remember seeing fhe red-eyed performers sfruggling fhrough fheir classes during fhe long monfhs of rehearsal: fhose of us who heard fhe fired groans of fhe fechnical crew grow fo a frenzied moan as show fime grew near, recognized fhe max- imum efforf needed fo produce a maximum success U.B. received angencouraging vofe of confidence when Charles A. Dana. in- dusfrialisf and philanfhropisf, donafed fhree hundred and fiffy fhousand dollars for fhe consfrucfion of a new science building. Af fhe debafing fournamenf in Providence, Rhode Island, fhe U.B. debafing feam de- feafed 'reams of Brown and M.l.T.. furnish- ing a superb refufafion fo fhose in fhe area who sfill ferm us "Seaside l-ligh". A few scaffered snow sforms called fo mind Chrisfmas fide. and fhe holiday spirif sfruggled up from beneafh fhe mound of ferm papers, fesfs and baskefball games. The Scribe and fhe sisfers of Phi Delfa Rho sponsored a drive fo help re+arded chil- dren. The Brofhers of Alpha Pi Omega proved fhe mosf generous wifh fheir small change. This was only one of fhe many Chrisfmas underfalcings by various groups on campus: The BroThers oT Thera Sigma provided a ChrisTmas parTy Tor The Crip- pled Children's workshop, compleTe wiTh SanTa Clause: SisTers oT TheTa Epsilon carol- ed To The paTienTs oT Hillside Home Tor The aged: members oT The lnTer-TraTerniTy Council decoraTed a ChrisTmas Tree in TronT oT CorTwrighT Hall: The A Cappella Choir. The UniversiTy CommuniTy Orches- Tra. The brass choir. and skilled soloisTs com- bined Their eTTorTs To produce The sTirring sound oT The annual ChrisTmas ConcerT. December TwelTTh marked The opening oT The season Tor The TirsT U.B. badminTon Team. This evenT was obscurred by The ChrisTmas Ball which began The WinTer For- mal Weekend. Duke EllingTon provided music Tor The occasion: Shirley Sabo, I958 SnowTlake Queen. provided The glamour. The wave of science-consciousness Tound iTs way To U.B. via The NaTional DeTense STU- den+ Loan Program which will be made available To sTudenTs nexT year. This pro- gram oTTers loans To Tull Time sTudenTs in good sTanding. PreTerence is made Towards sTudenTs who plan To Teach or sTudy maThe- maTics, science, or language. The College oT Nursing acquired a sizable governmenT granT, which will enable iT To oTTer more scholarships on a graduaTe or posT grad- uaTe level. December also marked The end oT a highly successTul soccer season, blem- ished by only a single loss. The season in- cluded games againsT Yale. B-osTon Univer- siTy, and The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT. Hans Zucker. received The mosT valuable player award Trom his TeammaTes. The De- baTing Team echoed iTs previous Triumphs aT The NYU TournamenT, deTeaTing Queens College and Wesleyan. STudenTs reTurning Trom ChrisTmas vaca- Tion braced Themselves Tor a Two weeks cramming period beTore exams. and many were unaware oT The subTle changes going on abouT Them. Fairfield Hall. Tormer siTe oT draTTy classrooms and TaculTy oTTices, meT The TaTe oT all ThaT sTand in The way of progress. For a Tew days The sulking hulk '93 V Siva A! V S 1 ' fx X9 M ew ,J of X of whaf once had been a proud mansion offered local children a chance fo release hosfilifies by fhe roclc-fhrough-a-window mefhodg fhe building was complefely de- molished fo malce way for fhe new science building. Changes foolc place af Marina: fhe food remained fhe same, buf music was added. The final sfudenf grumble of firsf semesfer came from fhe boys who had fo sacrifice fheir bohemian Sfafe Sfreef dwel- lings and move info fhe new boys dormi- fory. Grey skies arched over greying snow casf a melancholy mood over fhe campus af fhe beginning of second semesfer, buf sfu- denf spirif somehow managed fo penefrafe fhe gloom in a few lively incidenfs. Roberf Sillman, a freshman maioring in French, played fhe leading role in an inferesfing drama performed in coniuncfion wifh Na- fional Foreign Language Week, February I5-2I. Mr. Dillman, assuming fhe idenfify of "Jean Paul Meunier", sfepped off a frain in Bridgeporf Sfafion, and speaking only French affempfed fo wresf informafion from fhe conducfor. Affer affracfing a crowd of onloolcers. many of whom bom- barded "Jean" wifh fragmenfs of fheir high school French, fhe hapless "French- man" was conveyed fo fhe Barnum Hofel. From fhere, he managed fo find his way fo a deparfmenf sfore where he laboriously purchased a sporf shirf. The experimenf was complefed when "Jean" aslced a confused cab driver fo convey him fo "l.'Universifie de Bridgeport" The Scribe became fhe scene of a heafed debafe on fhe advanfages and disadvan- 'rages of "beafnilc" philosophy. Parficipaf- ing sfudenfs responded vigorously wifh fhe surprisingly infellecfual argumenfs on fhe essence of fhis culf and ifs place in our so- ciefy. Friday fhe fhirfeenfh, long an obiecf of dread fo supersfifious persons, broughf well deserved good forfune fo lvory-com- plexed Sandra McLellan, who became Campus Sweefhearf af fhe Sweefhearf Ball held fhaf nighf. Paf Dorn furnished fhe music, and fhe proximify of Valenfine's Day furnished fhe mood for a highly successful evening. The lnferfrafernify Council proved ifself capable of more fhan mainfaining peace befween rival frafernifies and sororifies. M -4-74' 4 , T., 'r 16 'Jiri JJ. "1 um'-. v . .4 ,.4- ...df-" r""'f"' H S.. .' 1'-.JF A af.- Five oT iTs members volunTeered To Teach aT The Crip- pled Children's Workshop during The week ThaT The regular Teachers Took Their vacaTions. SporTwise, The season was livened by a hairbreadTh 86-84 vicTory over our arch-rival FairTield UniversiTy. Few oT us who saw The game will TorgeT Ed Wysocki's shooTing a baskeT in The lasT Two seconds oT The game. Pledging helped To renew sTudenT spiriT during The mid-semesTer slump. Young aspiranjrs, Tired. harassed, buT happy, Traversed The campus in Their colorTul, painTully-conspicious cosTumes. During The weeks oT pledging one could Tind The hapless pledges "bussing" Trays in Alumni l"lall, sTuTTing envelopes in The Crip- pled Children's Workshop. or aTTempTing To sTudy in a dark niche in The library. Four pledges oT Sigma Lambda Chi FraTerniTy, while on Their pledge Trip, were spoTlighTed on The TronT page oT The SenTinel, LewisTon, Pennsylvania's newspaper. The basemenT oT Allumni l-lall wiTnessed more Than The usual anTics oT The coke and T. V. crowd This year. On W'ednesday aTTernoons The Psychology SocieTy, a group oT sTudenTs inTeresTed in The science, convened To hear guesT lecTurers speak on psychology and iTs applicaTions To life. "Time oT The Cuckoo," The annual spring play re- vealed some new sources oT TalenT, parTicularly among The Treshmen. The casT. laboring under The diTTiculTies oT The lTalian accenT, managed To handle The inTrica- cies oT The play wiTh surprising skill. EasTer vacaTion provided a welcome respiTe Trom classes. and sTudenTs reTired To enioy The balmy spring weaTher, wiTh The excepTion of members oT The A Cappella Choir, who volunTeered Three days oT Their vacaTion To Tour Long Island. The week oT April 26-May 3 wiTnessed The TirsT annual ArTs FesTival, designed To sTimulaTe sTudenT in- TeresT in The humaniTies. An arT exhibiTion, composed oT sTudenT endeavors, TogeTher wiTh The disTribuTion oT l-lelicon, a sTudenT liTerary magazine in which The in- TellecTuals on campus maniTesT Their abiliTies Through a series oT absTracT poems and ThoughT provoking sTor- ies. opened The TesTival. On April 27 sTudenTs braved The rain To waiT in line Tor admiTTance To The showing oT "Oedipus Rex", a Tilm perTormed by The STraTTord OnTario's players. LecTures by Dr. Squires and Dr. Van der Kro, occupied The nexT Two days. On May 2, "Seven AcTors in Search oT a STyle," wriTTen and di- recTed by Al Dickenson, was presenTed in The Drama CenTer. A French Club presenTaTion of scenes Trom plays by Moliere and Coineille Tollowed. AT Alumni l-lall, The A Capella Choir added melodic overTones To The evenTs. EdiTh Thor. ediTor oT The l-lelicon. TogeTher wiTh Mickey ETTer and Michael Summers. virTually or- ganized and made possible The enTire TesTival. The lnTerTraTerniTy Council suceeded in squelching TraTerniTy and sororiTy rivalries long enough To produce, by uniTed eTTorT, The besT all-campus weekend oT The year. On Friday aTTernoon, enTerprising, if unskillTull, sTudenTs gaThered on The lawn oT Alumni l-lall To con- sTrucT booThs Tor The carnival. ThaT evening, Tor our slim dime, revelers were able To douse Their classmaTes wiTh shaving cream or weT sponges. or TesT Their skills on more inTellecTual pursuiTs such as Tishing Tor milk boTTles. Nancy Wysinski, who casT a hush over crowded Alumni l-lall wiTh her moving rendiTion oT RevolunTion- ary ETude, became l.F.C. Queen aT The masquerade ball held SaTurday. A picnic climaxed The weekend. Arnold Mead. a iunior maioring in hisTory. wroTe and sold a book describing sTraTegical and TacTical movemenT oT Troops during a war beTween Two hypo- TheTical counTries. The sTeel skeleTon oT The new science building loom- ed Torlornly incompleTe during an exTensive carpenTer's sTrike This spring. WiTh The advenT oT lvlay The campus puT on a colorTul cosTume oT dogwood and TorsyThia: classes moved ouTdoors: sTudenTs succumbed To The call oT The sea and The sun and mass migraTed To The beach. ElecTion campaign posTers TurTher colored The campus as The TirsT all sTudenT elecTion Tor STudenT Council presidenT began. DisappoinTingly Tew sTudenTs aTTended The opening oT The campaign in The gym To hear The hopeliul represenTaTive and presidenTial candidaTes sTaTe Their plaTTorms. buT a record-breaking number oT voTes appeared aT The polls. Fred Dauer. an engi- neering sTudenT, became presidenT oT STudenT Council. and campaigning conTinued Tor represenTaTive. l'loT damp air lay mercilessly over U.B. on W'ednes- day. May 20, CharTer Day. The dormiTories, Alumni Hall, and The library closed driving sTudenTs, uncom- TorTable in skirTs or shirTs and Ties To The convocaTion honoring Charles A. Dana, who made possible our new science building. DocTor Dolan led The impressive pro- cessional oT gowned TaculTy To The sTage oT The gym- nasium where he received a ciTaTion Tor Teacher oT The Year. The program ended wiTh a lively. merciTully brieT address by Mr. Dana, who received an honorary DocTor oT Laws degree. Seniors donned Tormal aTTire Tor Their lasT Univer- siTy oT BridgeporT Dance. The WisTeria Ball. LesTer Lanin's perTormance enlivened The romanTic mood oT a moon drenched evening. Following The dance, sTu- denTs parTicipaTed in various parTies and picnics, Then seTTled down To prepare Tor The immediaTe onslaughT oT exams, which marked The close oT anoTher year here aT U.B. X ii X ,, ggi. i , iili' 2 iililf f .a,.. 3 5, . , if ,ii ,E , , leg l lg. Administration , r fi . , A an ' , :uma " '- v' 'Z'-J i -, " ' Q Eh 2-fa A may ig5Q,Qyyf4A.fg:-i-iff-,Q gb 1, W W ,- f .- L ,warg VMFQQ ws. rf 'di ,.ggi'g9ggfgjg"??: " -af, ',,, f ,- Q. . A, H. Y. v- x r ' 1. 4-iii ' if j nm , ' az, . ' -' ET., . ,A '? : . Q ., ' ' 1, - K - ' C' f' -:sw :E ' J' ' . y., Q- 'lr ' w 'sy ' ' . A ' " U -F -sv ,V 4 K ' '- W .H " ijw"'vPw 'fi' 4 , ,M f . 1 ' 'N" wi. . rg." gt 1 fgif A e' v' 1 ,J , Y f ,25?.?Xq4 f ' . , f, 4.93 .. f fL.".L hs 3 2, .52 S, H, V 55 ' -ff , . 4-Q -' s a Q V Building the Future Q ., u 11 V 6 ' x i 2 4 la EVERETT CORTRICHT MRS. RICHARD OPPEL ISAAC E. SCHINE May 23, 1927' May 23, 1927 September 20, 1927 Emeritus CARL E. HEDBERC January 25, 1944 4. - RONALD A, MALUNY DONALD S. SAMMIS January 25. 1944 January 25, 1944 DAVID S. DAY July 16, 1929 Emeritus FRED R. CARSTENSEN March 15, 1946 ' 'f'?2fi":C?+b'1"T ' wifi' 5. we , Q mix iv . if or 1 4 . , 5 5.51.51 .. . . . ,ML L , g. SE A V . . GRN? 7 .5 I . 1, 1 I i X . , S , les A 1. .- - 0 1 A , - -,L A 1 XL . if ' .4 tl , W- i ve- , i I -. f . , .. ..- I .I. WILLIAM HOPE November 26, 1935 W. STEWART CLARK March 15, 1946 HARRY B- CURTIS FREDERICK R. SILLIMAN HISRMAN W. STEINKRAUS DR. LIIARLES H. SPRACUE RUDOLPH F. BANNOW March 10, 1950 November 10, 1950 November 10, 1950 November 14, 1952 November 20, 1953 . A A 5 ' , ' .4 4. A if I VZ . ,,, ,b it iff I , , ,:L.k'! g t-gs x,.,k X5 6 .N , V. 0 lu.. , . Y. .1 I rl , ' 1 "1 A I -A 1 , -,., 'Lp .rg '5' 5 A 'S ' ' - if 'W' " . f ' 1. 4 A, re e MRS. JULIA F. QIQINN MRS. LUCIEN T. WARNER HUC-II V. ALLISON WILLIAM S. SIMPSON CHARLES B. KENTNOR November 20, 1953 November 20, 1953 July 8, 1955 November 18, 1955 November 1, 1956 Emeritus WILLIAM BENTOM April 11, 1958 IIERN DIBNER NEWMAN M- MARSILIUS, JR. ROIIERT A. IDUNALUSUN LIIRIS PARKS July 11, 1951! July 11, 1958 November 18, 1955 November 8. 1957 Alumni Trustee Alumni Trustee Dale of Election lo BOIIFII 4. Yggr Tprm 4 Year Term MRS. ALVIN C. BREUL 'Vovember 20, 1953 HAMILTON MERRILL November 9, 1956 xi .4 X s to QX 4 rg X ii, 4 K Q 4 Q S r, ,of J , V 'vw S 1 . Q -V . sifiiefia ,ki - .2 ec., - J 'F .M....i ALFRED V. BODINE April 2, 1940 October 16, 1940 LHARLES W. BITZER DANIEL F. WHEELER November 12, 1948 November 12, 1948 445 9323 3 33.-M M ex' M, 0 ,S QQK X Q, - ' :fy 1:9 ' r f "iw ' . gygw Z Q liar j ers ' T ' .'i'?i1i, , -1..,5-V. ' sw: ' f I fr X. -, W Y ,N mix , 1 f f . Administrative Officers Reporting to the Board of Trustees PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT JAMES H. HALSEY IIENRY W. LITTLEFIELD September 1, 1938 July 1: 1944 FRED E. LACEY November 20, 1953 HERBERT L. COHEN April 12, 1957 Board of rustees Ea'ch year the Wistarian includes in its publication a picture ot the Board ot Trustees and a tew words to explain what this group means to the students. As a policy making board the Trustees have absolute power, a tact that nearly all the students recognize, but this year the Wistarian would like to pay special tribute to the Board tor their ettorts towards the building ot our new science building. Charles A. Dana has donated a large sum ot money. but there are many others who deserve credit tor their work. The University ot Bridgeport Board ot Trustees is one such group, which has spent untold hours in discussion and pian- ning, leading to their responsibility ot making the University's decisions. Few ot us in the tuture will thank the Board tor what they have created tor us, but perhaps this page ot the Yearbook will make more ot us cognizant ot our bene- tactors. zur un----n .-ww f-ur - mf u Q n .1 1, nu .- ... W n.--we ,W 1 A v nu nun nun -:nw JAMES HERRON HALSEY, A.M President HENRY WILSON LITTLEFIELD, Ph.D. Vice-President 7 SN ff X X ,f , ,ff A V 5 W My , - ,M x K xmffl X V , ,, CLARENCE D. L. ROPP College of Arls and Science Deans M ARTHUR E. TRIPPENSEE College of Educalion WILLARD P. BERGGREN College of Engineering l l i EATON v. w. READ l College of Business Aclminislralrion l 1 D b 's1" Wwwffrfel , , ,M M ,.,,.s. , -..,,,,. ,,.,' l V . ...,,,......., .,,,,..... W.-.,..,.,, V 'l3"'...' N! lugs ' i 3 'lf , 5,11-',?'f' ,, EARLE M. BlesBEE , f 'Y' fill . . I if wk Q ,ga A.. Junior College ofConneC+:cu1' V V, jifffk. A f- X 1 su X , s. 5. fi gm Al '545 f. Sr 'K A 4 Q V? 1 cz fill Q , Y'--? 1 oy. MARTHA P. JAYNE College of Nursing l l I l fbiili Faculty WILLIAM F. ALLEN JOHN BESSON I'IisIory Reading Labora'rory HANS APEL E. CATHERINE Economics BREWSTER Secre+eriaI EDWARD R. DAVID BROWN ASTARITA Psychology Iv1arke'ring SAMI BAGDADY I ERNEST BUCHHOLZ EIec'rricaI Engineering R eading Laborafory WILLIAM 5. BANKS ALFREDA BURBLIS English Nursing RUTH BUTENSKY Reading Lalooralrory EDWARD F. BYERLY Music EMERSON G. CHAMBERLAIN Hisiory CH INC-3 CHI CHANG Accouniing AUSTIN CHAPMAN. JR. Accounlring AUSTIN CHAPMAN, SR Accoun+ing HAROLD DART Music ROSE M. DAVIS Engiish JOHN DAY Ari' WILLIAM DE SIERO PoIi+icaI Science ALBERT A. DICKASON Dramaiics FRANCIS DI LEO Accounling ROBERT DI SPIRITO Physical Educaiion RICHARD C. DOENGES English FRANCES M. DOLAN Denial Hygiene FRANCIS F. DOLAN Biology LYDIA A. DUGGINS Reading Laboraiory GRACE ECKELBERRY Nursing WILLIAM EVERETT Biology SOL L. FEIGENBAUM Physics JAMES FENNER Economics DAVID A. FIELD Physical Eclucalion MARJORIE HANSEN Educalion HERBERT W. HOPE, JR. Mechanical Engineering RICHARD FowLER JUI-SHENG HSIEH Reading Laborafory CHARLES B. GOULDING English RAGHUVIR GUPTA Economics Mechanical Engineering LEWIS M. ICE Librarian JAMES O. JACKSON Ari' ' m CHARLES J. JACOBS English MARIE L. JAEGER Secrefarial Sludies HUGO A. JAMES Biology HARRY A. KEN DALL Hislory HAZEL B. KENT Fashion Merchandising DONALD W. KERN Direclor of Admissions WALTER KONDRATOVICH Physical Educalrion JOHN L. KRAUSHAAR Markeling DOLORES A. LU DKA Nursing JOSEPH LUKIW Reading Laloorafory RAYMOND MAM MA RELLA Educalrion ERIC MARCUS Foreign Languages STUART A. MAYPER Chemisiry DONALD MclNTYRE Indusirial Design WILLIAM McKENZIE Educafion DOUGLAS MERRILEES IncIus+riaI Design MILTON MILLHAUSER English EILEEN S. MOORE Denial Hygiene SIMON MOWSHOWITZ Maihemaiics EARL P. NELSON Elecirical Engineering IN-MEEI NEOU Mechanical Engineering CARROLL E. PALMER EcIucaIion CHARLES F. PETITJEAN MarIceIing RAYMOND W. PETRIE Engineering Graphics IRENE PRISLOE Nursing WILLIAM H. PROTHEROE Business AcIminisI'raIion JOHN RASSIAS French ROBERT E. REDMANN IndusIriaI Design RALPH H. PICKETT NORMAN M- REID Hisjrory EngIish JOHN W. ROSS lnclusirial Relalions JOSEPH S. ROUCEK Polifical Science W. EARL SAUERWEIN Music HELEN M. SCURR English ALPHONSE J. SHERMAN Accouniing JOHN J. SHERRY Malliemaiics CHUNG W. SHIH English DAVID M. SILVERSTONE Educalion MICHAEL E. SOM ERS Biology CHARLES F. SPILTOIR Biology SHIRLEY M. SPILTOIR Denial Hygiene SAMUEL J. SOUIRES Psychology GEORGE H. STANLEY Malhemalics HELENA STEENE Reading Laboralory ROBERT H. STRANG Denlal Hygiene EDWARD J TO RNILLO Mechanical Engineering LOUISE C. TU RNER Malhemalics JUSTUS M VAN DER KROEF Sociology MARY VARGOSKO Secrelarial Sluclies CHARLES D WEBER Ari' HARRY L. WECHTER Chemislry ALFRED R. WOLFF Eoluca+ion RALPH YAKEL, JR. Economics CATHERINE YOCUM Physical Eclucalion LIBBY ZAGORIN Nursing 'L . I I FacuII'y - Noi' Shown MARGARET ALLMAN Nursing CLAIRE FULCHER ' Educalion HERBERT E. GLINES Physical Eolucalion HOWARD B. JACOBSON Journalism JOHN W. KEARNS English JEANETTE B. LAM Ari PAUL A. LANE Psychology HENRY MAZZOCCHI Accounling JOHN L. McKEON Physical Educalion EMMA PACK Nursing SARA PELLEGRINO Physical Educalion ANDREW I. PETERSON Induslrial Engineering YVONNE PICCONE Nursing PILAR REGALADO Foreign Languages RAYMOND H. STEWART Music VICTOR SWAIN English SYBIL WILSON Ari' HASSAN ZANDY Physics + If X N. WX V2 . f , D ,K X Graduates Senior Class Officers 43 3-0- 41"S"Vi '25 ,.. L. - R.: John Anqhce, Mickey Donahue L. - R.: Herb S'Nf'H',SI'1irley Sabo, Ed Wolf, Joe O'Brien ff-.Q 'gan Andrew J. Mifchell Presidenf, Class of '59 'UL HOWARD J ABNER JOANNE M. ALECHNOWICZ Elemerfrary Educafion Z, I I , f ,f wxjxww ,,,,,,, 1 , T ' MQW! I ., jf. ag, ' X "S ,Q ,, .,.: . W, , f f UWM W ,iw nf QYQ CQS qw, 56, gfii n w? FfW?kf Y- is . - 1, '? V C L. , S gg FAITH M ALLENBY ARTHUR ALTMAN Denfal I-lygnene Accounjring DONALD C. ALEXANDER Graphic Design A LOIS M. ANDERSON Secre+arial JOHN F SHIRLEE E. ATHERLEY HENRY BADMANN ALBERT T BAINES ANGLACE JR Legal Secrefary Accourfring Physical Educahon ROCCO C. BALDINO WILLIAM E. Graphic Design BANCALE l N 7 V7 9 i..,,.,,.,Q:.:,.,,..., .'3f GLENN W. LLOYD E. BANQUER BANCROFT Secondary Educarion Mechanical Engineering Journalism ARTHUR J. CLAIRE P. BATES VINCENT F. BATTLES BARRIERE, JR. Denial Hygiene Hislory Marlcering Hx X . I EDWARD M. PETER N. ROWLAND H. BEARDSLEY BENEDETTI, JR. BENJAMIN Mechanical Engineering Physical Educalion Mechanical Engineering CHRIS BENNECHE LENORE A. BENZA DELLA R. BERGER Mechanical Engineering Medical Secrelary Fashion Merchandising STEPHANIE E. BERGER NATALE BISCIGLIA EMMA J. BLANCH JILL H. BLASKEY Elemenlary Educalion Mechanical Engineering Secondary Educalion Secrelarial . -i L, . 1 x EMANUEL P. BLOSIO ELAINE M. BCBER MARY ANN EDWARD BOI lnduslrial Design Malhemalics BOCHNAK Polilical Science Nursing DANIEL J. BOLAND CAROL BORDEN JUNE P. BOROS Marlceiing General Eclucaiion Graphic Design 1 Q 4'-5-K l HW' z 507' X," if? li 1 i i i i I STEPHEN F. BOROWY EDWARD E. BORSOI MADELYN A. BOWEN Accounring Markeiing Denral Hygiene E N ilsfl al gg RITA A. BRALOFF NANCY L. BRATTER ELI Y. BRELLO, JR. DONALD C. BRENNAN General Educalion Sociology Mechanical Engineering Business Adminisiralion LINDA J. BRUCKNER Denial Hygiene RICHARD R. BU RC-JESS Marlceling 5 1,1 fri Eli 9 g 4 .Ls Yeo 4 .- .mfs , f , ., Aw 1. wg W- QL., windy 'ing'-.f..4ff, "', , Vg 'w ,f fqsvm .yy ft W , 2. :wwf W .Www .-., ,ef f .ws fgz ' .. ' ' 'aw in '-af: iiffk-3,120 ,, :., 2: A f i 7 5,5 P. 'Q V.-.: ,- Af 2, :A K -v2.,pw.', 12.3" W ff: I J f, M.. - - .1ff':.4.rf1: 21, KENNETH A. BRUDER Mallwemalics NANCY R. BUCK WENDY H. BUFFONI Denlal Hygiene General Eclucalion TERRENCE J. CALLAHAN Accounling DOROTHY O. JAMES B. CASSEL CAPURO Marlceling Medical Secrelary Qg GRACE L. JOAN M. FRANK J. EDMUND E. CLARK CHANOVITT CHEVALIER CHIAPPETTA Psychology Secondary Educafion Legal Secrelary lnduslrial Design ROBERT H. CONVERSE lncluslrial Relalions 'Nur C-TQ A Y ' i1""'W JAMES J. COUGHLiN Mechanical Engineering ROBERT L. CLARK CY R. COFRANCESCO Music CAROL L. COOPERSTEIN Denlal Hygiene ' 1 V MARYANN R. CUCCIA Elernenlary Educalion JOSEPH P. COMUNALE Physical Eclucalion lndusrrial Design .5 Q' F3545 5. 4-,qs x 3 55- f ' as if-E'E,: 3- 5 A ,WJ .-gi... T, Q ,,4.,f 1 ...J is-, l i . 538 . is Jv- WS is BIAGIO G. VERNON J. CORMIER COPPOLELLA Accounling Secondary Educalion Aimssg ,-fy , W .1i"' , 7 :fi-QA.: va-ws fi',i'ffL , fn 4302-. . 3+ iii -' X ff-33 . 3fZ1,'L1..i.? V 5-3111 H LOUIS J. D'AMATO A. PATRINE DABBS Accoun+ing Real Es'ra're 84 Insurance MARY T. D'AURIA SAMUEL J. DEASO Denlal Hygiene Mechanical Engineering GEORGE W. DEVAN lnduslrial Relalions GEORGE J. DIETER Physical Eclucalion BERTON E. DELAMATER Business Economics 4450?-. ROBERT A. DIX Pre-Denlal RITA M. DELLACA Secondary Eclucalion E. MICHAEL JOHN J. DORKIN EUGENE J. DOWLING DONAHUE English lnduslrial Relalions Polilical Science VLADIMIR DROBASHEVSKY indusrrial Design FRANK J. DULIN Business Educalrion in A. X is l V 3:4 1 N S WALTER A. FAIR VINCENT J. FALCONE lndusrrial Engineering Hisiory MARY E. DU RFEE Nursing , - G-nl WERNER H. EGLI Mechanical Engineering MONA M. FAULKNER JOAN B. FAVREAU Eiemenrary Educaiion Denial Hygiene x HINDA R. FEIBUSH Elemenrary Educafion Q, ROBERT J. FERIK Accounring FLORENCE A. FERRETTI Denial Hygiene ROBERT E. FEU RY Markeiing X Z,wfvf4w.5Wmw.we.,27.4,we w 2 4 , 67,4 94 . :P-4 f..fQr,,.f .- 5521 9'SQfQ?K-fs -.f.w4fw,,aafcyf1wf - 5. My A gfyig fe 9 My anew 540 V ,I 24 12 VIZ! KV! 135 2622152-' '.a.f7.23Zf.-"f'Tf" , - '4WMr'V'4'f 5? fQ1W.,'f-2'-,?f,.'1 Y:-Lv., - Lv, n. 1 ' ww , f fo, 6452. X14 45.45 . W , A ,My yd? fmggyj f . .J 1. .wi Y f 2 1 f ii . ' 'Q 1 i 1 if , , ,lx . . 5: 'wfw-bf? 'SYQKZQXZAQ A , f M, 641.gif ' garb' .4533 1 1 ' sr' ff? ,ff 4 ' 1 ' S f f f X if X. If if ggs ffgfcyhfs fl fyzf ,K 1 ' f , W 5.52, S2 ,, 1 ,Q .a Maw' f ' fav- in 41 . . f fffawfiffy-'-f,-' ':,fQ-,CW , ' i JEAN G. FRANCHINO General Educafion BERNADETTE M. MICHAEL P. FETTIG FERRONE Secondary Educa'rion Elemeniary Educafion SANDRA J. FISH WILSON J. Fashion Merchandising FOGARTY Accouniing ADRIENNE FRANK ALLAN J. FREEDMAN ANNE S. FRIEDMAN Sociology Accounjring Hisiory FERDINAND J. FRITZKY Psychology ARNOLD V. FROST TOBIE A. FUCHS MARY ANN E. French Psychology FRITZKY Medical Secrelary SHEILA M. GANN BRENDA M. GAFFNEY Denlal Hygiene JUDY A. FURMAN Denlal Hygiene Medical Secrela ry 'M Q jk 92 F V .X I RALPH F. GAROFAL THOMAS L. ALDA A. GARAFALO GARGUILO Physical Eclucalion Psychology Graphic Design REV' ilgggl,Fll:!5 5 .i laflxliif ll!-llzllzlf 29532 l-lllffillllls :Lilian--5 ll-l1l!g:':. .. n.,,E......,g54l,?,l1u,l Ml. -....f , J . 'llli fHf2la1ef':'l'lll'll l l ll,lllllllllllllllllllllll-llllll ll lllll1llll'l1' l ,, l,-h.l,Ul,llMl All I l ,ll:Ty?-lllllililllflfgfylllmglllllln ,..-m.,kl.l: ,K ,l..ll.1 1. -, .W 1 .ll l,. . . l e flslrzffazflll1:f4lllil!'l1'lllllwllllll-uflllllIll l l "lf lyllluly nl l ll: llllll ll l: 1-Fil ill ffl 'llll 5512 wislfl, , . HM-. 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CAROL A. GEIGER WILFRED R. GELINAS MARY K. GIBSON General Eclucafion Mechanical Engineering Medical Secreiary x , c'5 f X , s f W , M . T E if f 'K'-' U", .M,,,,. .1. . ff, 1.3, .4 V.. .' SANDRA P. GOLD BERNARD A. CECILE F. GCLDBERG GOLDBERG Mechanical Engineering Medical Secrelary 1.7 fo , ,I K W., ' , ,V L-mmf . Q . j, E 1 i f 2 'V 1,71 ', ' f ' .- W Q . il ' . 2 . fp 1 ,-., -, 4 . wg ,A y6,.,,,,, . M f, 3...-..,-,Z , , " "?"i fi-3v,tgf- "-.111-'L-q':?51:g, ' 513, English' Educaiion A ag.: SALLY V. GOLDMAN Elemenlary Educalion , 4, X N.. ROBERT C. GRANT CATHERINE S. MARYANN E. GRILLO H. LEE GRIMES Physical Educa+ion GRENTHOT Denial Hygiene Elemenrary Educafion English NORMAN R. ELLEN M. GERALD GROSSMAN GRISWOLD GROSSMAN Mechanical Engineering Engineering Fashion Merchandising PHILIP E. GUILMETTE MYRON J. WILLIAM G. GYDUS Accounfing GWIRTZMAN Economics Business Adrninisfrafion KENNETH E. MARY P. HALL MAUREEN G. EINAR F. HANSEN. JR. HALCOTT Execufive Secrefary HAMILTON Engineering Sociology Medical Secrefrary JOHN C. HARDING LEON D. HARRIS Accounling Marlce+ing CHARLES E. HA RTLEY Markeling THEODORE A. HAROLD HELLERMAN NAN R. HENIC-5 HELLER Engineering Psychology Secondary Educalrion' CRIT S. HERR JANICE Elemenlary Educalion HERSCHENHORN Medical Secretary N? , JANE M. HILLNER Denlal Hygiene PENNY A. HEDGES Medical Secrelary WILLIAM HERLIHY Marlceling E 1 I ' L gyjry, ,S 2-fflff ' I If I Business Adrninis+ra+ion I-Iis+ory 2 1 5 1 A I I DAVID A. HOFFMAN LOUIS A. HOYDA FLORA M. HRICISKO DOLORES A. CHARLES S. NANCY H. HURWITZ Biology HUCHKO HUESTIS Elementary Educahon Fashion Merchandising I-Iisfory I r I E I I i I I I I 7 qi.. . I I I I I I I I LOUIS M. IANNAZZI FRANCIS P. DOUGLAS R. JAYNE EDWARD J. Indus'rriaI Engineering JACARURSO Mechanical Engineering JOHNSON Mafhemafics IncIus'rriaI Design Q EN 415' :H v www? ide-f ,,, ...H ...,. .,.. . X 1 c?Qe"25k'5'9 ,.,x. .,Q.....Q. Swwa-. L., f. .X ,.. ,. WMN. 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KRALICH Medical Secrelary i MARILYN L. KRALL ELLEN KRAMER Denlal l-lygiene ' 1 fi JOSEPH R. KRAYNAK Elemenlary Educalion Nursing l JUDITH E. L'ANTlGUA LOIS B. LAVENBERG NANCY J. LAZARUS JOHN M. LEAHY Denlal Hygiene Medical Secreiary Sociology Mechanical Engineering JOY A. LEBOWITZ ROBERT B. LESSNER Elemenlary Educalion Marlceling 5 MARILYN F. LEVI Elemenlary Educaiion Mechanical Engineering ERNEST LEVITT PAUL W. LONERGAN Mallwemalics DONNA R. LONG General Educalion CECILE M. LUPIEN Denlal Hygiene WILLIAM A. LOSAW LOUIS R. LUPARIA Ma+I1erna+ics Induslrial Engineering CAROL A. EUGENE F. RODNEYC LYUBLANOVITS McCARTHY McFARLAND Denial Hygiene Induslrial Relalions I"Iis'rory MARGARET E. SANDRA E. McLELLAN KATHLEEN T. MCHUGH Denlal Hygiene Biology ROBERT C. MANGER Mechanical Engineering '-, 'L MCOUEENEY Nursing CAROL T. MARCEL Medical Secrelary PATRICIA A. MANCO Biology N.. We LEONARD S. MARCINACCIO lncluslrial Relalions JOHN J. MARINO RUTH A. MARTIN MARY S. MASSARO Accounfing Execulive Secrelary Physical Educalion SANDRA F. LOIS METROPOLE MERITHEW Denlal Hygiene Medical Secreiary , 2 BERNARD MILLER GAIL MILLER CHARLES E. MILOT JR. Accounling Medical Secrelary Physical Educalion JACK L. MISCHOU Journalism A JOANNA C. MISKA ANDREW J. DOROTHY M. Elemenlary Educalion MITCHELL MITCHELL Secondary Educaiion Educalion DANIEL J. MIZAK Biology DOMENIC C. MONACO Accounfing ROBERT J. MORAN Mechanical Engineering UU' an-1'4" 1' ANDREW J. MORGO DORIS P. MORSE JOHN W. MORTIMER Mallwemalics Elemenlary Eolucalion Sociology MARJORY MOSHIER DAVID D. MYERS ALLEN A. NAMIAN JACQUELINE A. General Eclucalion l-lisiory Marlceling NASSIF Denial Hygiene ALYS L. NEMETH Nursing WILLIAM J. NORWOOD IncIusIriaI ReIa+ions REGINAL J. NYSZIK Accounnng JOSEPH T. O'BRIEN Poliiricel Science KATHLEEN M. RICHARD J. O'GRADY f R MARIE A. ONOFRIO PATRICIA E. PARKS Nursing Fashion Merchandising O'BYRNE Markefing Execu+ive Secrehary fl f ,J DEXTER B. PAUL MARTHA C. PELTON MADELINE J. PEPE IncIus'rriaI Relafions English Denfal Hygiene MARILYN J. PERLMAN Biology ERICH C. PETER JOHN R. PETERSON JOSEPH A. PETRILLO Meclwanical Engineering Ari Educalrion lnduslrial Design G FRED W. PICKEL CHARLES A. PIKE FLORENCE E. PINEAU lnduslrial Design Plwysical Educalion Legal Secrelary CAROL A. PERSECHINO Denlal Hygiene BARBARA PERLMUTTER Sociology RICHARD W. PINTO Sociology STUART E. PLOTNICK ROGER W. POWERS EDWARD W. LOUISE E. REBELLO Elemenlary Eclucalion Nursing PRITZKER Execulive Secrelary Biology l . JUDY S. REICHEL DONALD A. RENTEN MERLE RIFKIN Denial Hygiene Markeling Elemenlary Eclucalion MILES A. ROCK JUDITH E. ROGERS JEROME L. ROOKASIN Business Adminislralion Medical Secrelary Markeling CAROL A. ROSE Business Educafion PATRICIA C. ROONEY Fashion Merchandising MARLENE ROSENBLUM Secondary Educalrion NORMA ROSENBLUM Secondary Educafion SOREL M. ROSSINOFF CARL C. PASQUALE RUBINO DIANA S. RUSCOE Legal Secreiary ROTHERMEL Indusirial Relalrions English ERLEEN M. RUSSELL JOHN F. RYAN Physical Educafion Indusfrial ReIa+ions ANTHONY SABATINO SHIRLEY J. SABO CAROLE S. SACK lndusirial Relaiions Secondary Educaiion Fashion Merchandising 'i:" A ,.VQ Aii'i a aiaaa a F SAMUEL SADIE PHYLLIS F. BARBARA J. SANISLO Secondary Educaiion SAUNDERS Drama Eiemeniary Educaiion FRANK P. SAVO PAUL SCARPINO RHODA SCHAEFFER CAROL D. SHAPIRO Accouniing Accouniing Elemeniary Educaiion Elemeniary Educaiion , X JOAN D: SCHNEIDER DenIaI Hygiene DONALD D. SCOTT Physical EcIucaIion MARTHA E. SHAPIRO EIemenJrary EcIucaTion 1 if I KAREN V. SEELGEN EIemen+ary Educafion DUANE R. SHEPARD Markefing MICHAEL SERINO Markeiing 'Q-hw RICHARD E. SH EPARD Secondary EcIuca+ion I I I I I I I 'try 51' JOSEPH A. KATHRYN F. G. RICHARD SIENER SICILIANO SIEGLER His+ory PoIi+icaI Science Den+aI Hygiene KAREN E. SMITH TRACY L. SMITH MIRIAM SMOLLAR Drama1'ics Secondary Educafion I-Iislrory ' 'M f 4 lv 'L 1 I I I I I I ffswpzf 5, 'V',i.,Wg,,,f,-gn, .1 ' ww pf w rf v, f .fy f,f",L,i5c-0 V1-Gwve 41 ' ww mgqyysf -X 1 f W wvffmg, 'sf ' " e iw. V-Qfs:ww.'. wQN6wQV":.f44',f- fa 75'ZP'V'f2vf 9537 'N 2,. W,-ff , 'Zvi-f -XfffQf1'r'Ww2:f4f2GN!Z47x2395E ,., fm. ,, 4, , 4.-V fx ffmw.-f,.. .W-f, 42M-Z,.-ffwc. -.wwwmaf L+-.1 M- . I I - , w ' fwwfnzw v 4 .4-W 2' X f 6497... x, 34, 4 ,, z ,,f f -' fy ws, , .MAM ov hx .11 V A 1 f.. 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General Educarion TRIMPERT French VARHOLAK Medical Secreiary Mechanical Engineering THOMAS VAN SHIRLEY J. VIERSTRA ROMAN R. VIOLYN EDWARD WAKIM LENTEN Nursing Educaiion JR. Physical Eclucaiion Business Adminisiralion Polilical Science WALKER JR. lncluslrial Relaiions K AUDREY E. WALZ Denial l-lygiene STUART WEISSMAN ,gg - JI y . y ,, A . I - I lx ' I 5 ' .-.... Y g 4 ' i Q lie I- ' ' . 75:1 . " , I w ' c gi' v'- +.i . Lf' gzsiisgqzr, -, 5:13.52-Ig I 55,-E., ,Eggs x "E.'Sg1-3.325455 1. 5 . ,4 - .ei , AX,-.iff 'nm , 1-, f rf? Jw- ' .f A ' wif' ., ':. f-e:-fr-ami:-Q I 1 1 . , v Q . U K' .I . 1' u FRANK M. WLASSAK Meclianical Engineering TOBY S. WELK Denial Hygiene fx' EDWARD L. WOLF Polilical Science FRANK J. WATERS Mechanical Engineering CHARLES A. WHEELER Biology CAROL A. WEIGEL Denfal Hygiene WILLIAM J. WILBER Marlceiing . , .ww Qi , ' Q L' f 1 3 ., .gy .'-- ,fy 7,5 .. ii s-fm-., ...H L... . . -- .A , w.'.:...n : . N .x ,.vw.Qx.c 2f., I- ' . 52 f Q. , J.: Xi?-g s X 52 fa q -:LZ ' 1.1.1 A, X iw A. an gm wx . I 45 'w'22. -::' xNf.,.,.,....e,X.v1Q..x ,, , .. ..,.: 5. ,jQ,L4,.-ng-g,23j'b.N X -fig.. ,::,j.L, 1 ' 2?-I J,,wS. YN, . .,,. .. Q ,, il 3 wvxxybqix A-2 A 7 N 'Q sa, Q- .A A55-,ga H .4wg1,eglM5.,y 2 N " 5 it 2' :ggxf I X 'X' X xx 1 A. A N. Q K3 N 2 av Q . 4 P Q.. 1 ., it 6 F X L VIRGINIA WOODWORTH Denial I-Iygiene RACHEL WYSOCKI N ursing fi BARBARA J. YOVAN GERALDINE A. Derfral Hygiene ZOPPINO Dental Hygiene 1 f""""f f XX ,,,f, XX Y. S A fc msg s- v z YY 1' fi ex "uf '-9 ' ,I gi Q .l3i:,,V, ah . A liifv ' l . .. , K, ,vi V N ' min 4- A ". ' X: ' -V 1221? , x x ff' L if '-'gs , f 'X A . , ' ix 77' 5 ggi ' f ' if w , ' X 14 'E Y! ,Q 'fi Q5 4 ii fa ...2.Z:a.3,. "Lak l.-V , Nnf, J l K A . rf N Fx! :gs e 3' K ND E E 4 f , E s 4 I 2 is X f fn Q KQ4 4 Q. Xxx, W QN w X Q- L if f X-XX ,wi X. W -XX . ,W - ., ,xi X 7 f 7 ,,,,, ff X SX X X RN N 2531! 5 ' ' EXS' ,ww l X Xi X' - M if 2 "', ' ' V4 K 72 'Wy " N . W, X 2,4 w V , vc N ' , - , H S Wf 'K XS 9 X . If X X XXX 1, 0 ,f X fx x V ,' ix ' K v K. I 4 XXL A ,, X , X I XXXX , , ,, 0 ff R C 1 V 1 1 e S f X X f , - X Fix QV - , .x If , , f i mf f . K Ami XJ. , J, Q ,M ' , X 4 W 7 'MW' X W7 ' UW, , , , ,fy , X , zyf. ' , if .,,, ,, , I, ,W ,, W, ,,,,f , , ,,,,, , V , , nf' X ,, YM 'ff ,,'737' f QWK' , , xg X W , ,f k I ',v,! X f , , ff' xx , I 0 fd Of X ' Wwff, f f ,Qf!0 ' UW K X 1 S 1 5 1 r , I SOCIHI Events Y 1 J A 'HEL 1 ,Wm f gf. W, ,. ,W Jw , H sv 41 N ., 'X , y 4 , -:fm,ext,,i34f.f 4:-M. L.-R. Front Row: Helen Voss, Don Brennan, Mrs. Hotchkiss, Ellen Grossman, Maxine Ripans, Susan Wanch. L.-R. 2nd, Row: Cammy Molin, Carole Sack, Janice Lichtman, Dick Litton, Jack Stewart, Louis Haber, Herb Solomon, Judy Furman, Sally Krieger, Barbara Nadel, Abby Mosberg. Social Activities Committee As an introduction to the Social Events section ot the Yearbook. it is appropriate that the Wistarian should present the hardworking Social Activities Committee. It is their re- sponsibility to coordinate and plan tor the major University- sponsored social events each year. ln addition to giving many teas tor queen candidates, the Committee arranges the Snow- tlake, Sweetheart, and W'istaria Balls. As always the success ot the organization has depended upon the ettorts ot Mrs. Hotchkiss and the otticers ot the Committee. OFFICERS Ellen Grossman ....... ............................. .... C O -Chairman Don Brennan ..............,.. .... C O-Chairman Judy Shomes ..................... ........ S eflreiary Mrs. Marion Hotchkiss ........ ........ A ClviSOr .B wr 74 GM Q f, ,W Q A 2 f N A s ,A ww- Q f Q f A -. --Y-W -- +m,.i-W , . ,, .qggga-,-,,:" - 1 'f ' V - A -'Aw3'iiM1'z F 4- , 'A Q A. Q! -is ' Ss Freshman Week As an lndian Summer day played hosT To The class oT I962. The view oT The ocean beyond Sea- side Park was a welcome and comTorTing sigh+ To The apprehensive Frosh. An underTone of exciTe- menT prevailed as The Freshman began To wend Their way To various designaTed poinTs. The buy- ing oT beanies and nameTags was The TirsT oTTicial duTy oT The neophyTes, Then on To Their guide groups. The week oT orienTaTion Thus began wiTh The usual conTusion, buT as always The enigma of a new and delighTTul experience broughT a reward- ing inTroducTion To Their TirsT days on The UniversiTy campus. The week was crammed wiTh enTerTainmenT and The Tedious, buT unavoidable, processes oT exami- naTion, convocaTion, and The like, buT The Fresh- man Ball puT The Tinishing Touches on a beauTiTul week. The crowning of The Freshman Queen, Miss l-larrieT ZiTren, seemed a TiTTing conclusion To The six-day inTroducTion oT The Freshman To The Uni- versiTy. wi -,-W.-,-Q-1 .M ., W ff V fvmwv V . . ,, -, , ,gg x l ,Q T T f 1 NV We 4 FE 1 we 91, M QIIV fy ' ' Z 0565+ Ol f f' . , i: ,, f i"i Y ,J T.,-N33 ' 1 x .c If Q is M? sf' L Q 95 Q ll il lW Ai 2 5 2 1 2 3 E S E 5 2 2 S f 1 5 X 2 3 3 3 E E, E 5 1 E s 3 K 4 i 4 1 F r ,f I ,gms W1 w Q ,gwgm X N 4 'pf' 40' l wi W- . E I fi- X. 7,3 . X X X5 s N W ' .1 ,QQ -x. K ' ' in y t . , W V. V ,-Aj, x . X, ' +- Wg Q X x Q s Q 'fax as , A .. wg I , . 5 , 1 2 4' ' SVN 4 I .,9..,4v",,? gm, Si, z ? A -vw ' M Q .N,..w,,f--'f ,I 1 I , """ifw , , 1. jf 4" , , -fe "' ' v " f' I' ,f a 50.2 , ,xx 'fr The house lighTs dimmed: The murmer oT voices sank: Tinally, The curTain rose. Campus Thunder oT I9'58 had begun. The ploT oT The play unTolded eTTorT- lessly sparkled wiTh songs, dances, and comedy. The audience sympaThized wiTh Snow WhiTe, The burlesque queen, producT oT Scully Square and RadcliTT, as she Tried To break The social barrier and win The hearT oT Taylor Redman Van Noyes oT Beacon l-lill. Erwin, The sTage manager, TogeTher wiTh The iovial wardrobe misTress, drew chuckles Trom The audience, buT The subTIe laughTer swelled in volume as The ThundereTTes, led by ponderous John Scully, perTormed Their arTTully graceless dances. The show closed magniTicenTly wiTh a splendid Tinale, The WhiTe Circus Dream. Colored lighTs played soTTly on The casT dressed in silver-speckled whiTe cosTumes, and The sound oT song soared To The arched ceiling oT The Klein Memorial AudiTorium an- nouncing The end oT anoTher highly successTul Campus Thunder. The audience had been amused, removed Trom The very real world of classes or work Tor an all Too brieT Three hours, buT Tew realized aT whaT cosT This had been achieved. The idea oT "Banned in BosTon," This year's produc- Tion, was born someTime in midsummer when DirecTor AI Dickenson wroTe The scripT Tor The comedy, Then songwriTers were given The problem oT providing original scores To inTerweave inTo The sTory. Two hundred hope- Tul sTudenTs appeared aT The iniTial casTing TryouTs early in OcTober. From These sTudenTs a commiTTee oT KnighTs oT Thunder veTerans chose perTormers, Then The scripT had To be revised slighTly To allow The chosen Tew To give more unresTricTed rein To Their TalenTs. A monTh beTore opening nighT Mr. D. increased rehearsals To seven nighTs a week. A Telling, sTrained expression began To mark The Taces oT The casT, many oT whom Trudged To rehearsals wiTh Their books and subsTiTuTed sTudy breaks Tor coTTee breaks during The Tedious period. As The show Time approached To a mere Two weeks away, conTusion increased and Tension climbed. The Technical crew searched TranTically Tor away To shooT Lucy Wysinski, leading lady, ouT oT a cannon in The second acT. Mr. D. was assaulTed by many problems in sTaging and in handling his casT. The enTire casT and crew moved inTo The Klein, and began The diTTiculT iob oT TransTerring all They had painTully learned To Their new surroundings. Then, iusT as The casT seemed ready To ToTTer under The oppres- sive burden oT losT sleep and TaTTered nerves - show Time! New energy rose Trom unknown depThs To give This years Campus Thunder The vivaciTy and candor which marked iT Tor success. Campus Thunder 5 ,f-ff ,sa-. 352 ...J W7 12:2 E E 2 e 5 2 2 3 5 Q 3 5 5 E 4 x : 2 f E f 4, li. V' 'His 5s',C?gf a E 7' Q 1' ' . 5 0 , . A E, , le w PM ilu, 'S W my A.,, -4? Q. 79 U 0' 0' ii., 'JA ol . o u 3' CUCKO0 I 3 wg, ,Q 1' fi 'Q 'fy .Ky f M XX P' 4 Freshman Queen WM .Jgarrief Zfren Q ...MF 1 Snowflake Queen W5 .gzirig Sago M is Q l"fx wh ,X Q 1 x wg 5? .lx QI V i Sweetheart Queen 5 .SJ6Ll'LC!I"6'L WCCPQZZHJL E I E X s i E 4 Wistaria Queen md .jcwen Smifk ZZ Adm! Organizations ,pw 1-ar 'AN L.-R. FronT Row: Mr. De Siero, Barbara SaraT, Shirley Sabo, Andrew MiTchell, Joe O'Brien, Charlie DragoneTTe, Mr. STan ley. L.-R. 2nd, Row: Herb Swiff, Tom Negele, Bill Kolre, John MeTcalT, Ed WolT, Mike Alper-T, Irene STeinberg. L.-R. 3rd. Row: Fred Pike, Ed Goffey, Diclr Liffon, John Anglace, Gene Glennon. Student Council The STudenT Council is The maior governing body oT The sTudenT populaTion. This year PresidenT Andrew MiTchell and Joseph O'Brien, PresidenT pro-Temporae, presided aT meeTings. Charles DragoneTTe, Treasurer, and Shirley Sabo, SecreTary, gave invaluable assisTance as members oT The execuTive commiTTee. iv1osT oT The STudenT Council's energies This year were Tocused on providing a iusT proporTioning oT Tunds To various organizaTions. Members oT The Council aTTempTed To have The UniversiTy assume Tinancial responsibiliTy Tor sTudenT mono- graphs and The DebaTing SocieTy. A revoluTionary change in sTudenT governmenT was made when The Council voTed To have TuTure STudenT Council presidenTs elecTed by The sTudenT body raTher Than by The Council iTselT. Mr. iv1iTchell and The execuTive commiTTee exTend besT wishes To The new Council Tor a successTul year. 1 095 Ch I H Tis Andrew Morgo RiTa Dellaca SeaTed lefT To righT: Sally Podufaly, Jack STewarT, ar es ues , , , Sfanding leTT To righT: Gail Olren, Janice Hershenhorn, Valerie Amaru, Ann RosseTT, Milce FeTTig, Joan Kralick, Penny Hedges Sarah Howard Pai' Rooney. Wistarian IT modesTy should be The only TraiT oT a hard working group whose eTTorTs are once annually displayed in a publicaTion which awaiTs iTs criTics, Then The copy on This page should be omiTTed - in anTicipaTion oT your iudgernenT. BuT since The WisTarian sTaTT has been oTTen criTicized Tor iTs boldness and dicTaTorial policies le. . AlberT, why The hell didn'T you show up Tor your picTure?l, we have decided Q To be a liTTIe presumpTuous and wriTe our own plaudiTs. The I958 WisTarian was generally accorded To be The besT yearbook published by The UniversiTyg we are conTidenT ThaT The l959 book will surpass even The success oT The l958 book. The year sTarTed wiTh a large TurnouT, over TorTy people expressing an inTeresT in working on The sTaTT. EdiTor HuesTis was in 7Th Heaven and even The always reserve ArT EdiTor, Bob STumpek looked wiTh conTidence To an enjoyable working year. Then The leT-down. As always, in The Tinal analysis, a Tew people did The bulk oT The work, buT Those Tew individuals can be Truly proud oT The end resulT. The ' ' I h Th' bl' sTaTT awaiTs your verdlcT. buT regardless oT your opinions, They Tee T aT is pu i- caTion is worThy oT iTs lasTi,ng place on The UniversiTy's book shelves. ti, lqmjv ART EDITOR Bob SI'umpeIc is ff fig - YVWT, 5 3241 1' V Q Q S Q2 5 iei 'L . , 'IZA ,, 'War "'mmp,wmMAT,, , OVERSEAS REPORTER F. Reicheri- ASSISTANT EDITOR JacIrS+ewar1' I I ai 93 I L.-R. Andrew Morgo, ArT Alfman, Jaclr Mischou Scribe . OTTice rs Jaclc Mishou ...... ,,,,,,,,,, .,,.,.,,.,A, -,-.-,,.,,,,. E d i Tor Nlorman STern ,,,.,,, ,, ,,..- News ECIH-or Lloyd Banquer ........ ,,,, C opy Ediror Andy Morgo .A................. ......,..... S porTs EdiTor Dan JoTTe, Ed Clark ,...... ,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,, P hcfrographerg Sid Kohn .................. ....... A dverTising Manager ArT AlTrnan ........... ....... .......... B u siness Manager Dick Brandz .............,............. ....... C irculaTion Manager ProT. Howard B. Jacobson ....r ,,..,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,, A dvisor Joe O'Brien ,.......,.........4.,.......,.............................................,......,,............,............ STudenT Council From an obscure corner behind The caTeTeria The click of TypewriTers signals The hearT beaT oT sTudenT spiriT here aT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT. Here in The dim, unpreTenTious oTTices sTudenTs ThoughTs, hopes, and criTicisms are collecTed and seT To prinT. From This seem- ingly ineTTecTual observaTion poinT all sTudenT acTiviTies are noTed and compiled. The Scribe, sTudenT newspaper. which is released every Thursday ThaT classes are in ses- sion, provides a wash-line on which sTudenTs air Their griefs concerning The adminisTraTion, Their curriculum. or each oTher. The Scribe relaTes any evenTs oT imporTance To The UniversiTy wiTh clariTy and TrusTed auThenTiciTy. This year a news survey column, new addiTion To The Scribe. gave inTormaTion concerning evenTs on an inTernaTional scale. Besides being an inTeresTing publicaTion, The Scribe provides experience Tor Those sTu- denTs inTeresTed in malcing a career oT iournalism. Under The guidance of Mr. Jacobson sTu- denTs apply ideas Tormed in iournalism class To prinT. ii-ff 5 95355 ,july , Un J 'E fg ff A.. mu 5 ff. -1' fx f L.-R. Froni' Row: Hugo James, Norman Chainiese, Harlod Diamond Ber+on Delamaier David Miniell Roberl P M 'H' Arfh H. Schipul, Vicfor C. Swain. I I I i a rel ur L.-R. 2nd Row: John Sabal, Roberi' Sparer, Anfhony Paulouslcy, Alfred Gluclrman, William Davidson, James Blue, Roberl' Sydislris, Jack Horner, Ar+hur VVeins+ein. L.-R. 3rd Row: Salva+ore C. Dizenao, John M. Prinner, Rob'er'l' J. Ferilr Rober+ E. O'Connor, Leonard Gendal, Sigmund A. Rosen- +hal, Edqin Griswold, Norman Glover. Alpha Ph' Omega OFFICERS Presidenf ,,,,,,,,,,,,-,. ,,.4,..,,,,,,,,...,..,..,.... ..... B erion Delamaier Vice Pregideni- ,,,.,,,.,,,..,.,,,,, ..... A r'rhur Weinsiein Vice Presidenr Tpledgei ..,... ..... N orman Choinere Corresponding Secreiary ,.... ......... D avid Min+elI Recording Secreiary ........ ..... A Fihur' Schipul Treasurer ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ............. J Olin Sabol Sergeanr of arms ..,.... ................................... H arold Di6l'f1Of1d l-iisigrian -,------,,,-.--. ,,,,,,,..,,.,,,.,,..,,,.......,............ R oberi' MaHie Faculiry Advisors ,-,.-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,........,....,..,,,.,....,, VTCTLOI' Swain and l'lUQO James Alpha Phi Omega was founded on December I6, I925, ai Laiayeiie College: The Theia Psi Chapier was organized ar U. B. in May. I95O. A. P. O. has ihe disiinciion of being The only naiional Traierniiy on campus. The influx of veierans 'ro The college campus gave A. P. O. iis siarl, and ii has coniinued as a service fra- Jrerniry since iis founding. H' fulfills i'rs role by rendering many worihwhile services 'ro 'rhe school, siudeni body. and 'ro ihe communily. We of 'rhe Traierniiy know only foo well 'rhe necessiiy of iniermixing service and social evenis. Many social Tuncrions are, Therefore. woven info our yearly program. lnierfraierniiy relaiionships are encouraged Through The yearly "Ugly Man" coniesi, and The Ugly Man Dance. The Wisiaria Ball, ihe mosr imporiani social eveni on campus, has been given much aireniion by our broihers during +he lasr iwo years. We have pui in many hours decoraiing our lable, and our eiforis have been rewarded by our winning Wisiaria Ball 'rrophy for 'rhe pasr iwo years. The Freshman-weelc commiiiee, The Science-building commiialee. Jrhe Blood Banlc, and many oiher service-rendering organizarions have all seen A. P. O. in aciion. A Capella Choir The ThirTy-voice A Capella Choir, under The direcTion oT ProTessor Earl Sauerwein, has Tor The pasT several years been singing Tor local civic groups, ConnecTicuT high schools, and UniversiTy oT BridgeporT TuncTions. This year's choir members, besides sing- ing aT several local engagemenTs, spenT The TirsT Tour days oT our EasTer vacaTion in March Taking a liTTle biT oT UB To Long Island in our TirsT exTended concerT Tour. The Tour was a Tremendous success as an insTrumenT oT public relaTions Tor The UniversiTy. The choir received greaT applause Tor iTs perTormances, and choir members ThoughT The Tour a very enjoyable experience. More Trips oT This naTure will be scheduled in TuTure years. L R lsT Row Miyjha PelTon, Ida Faiella, Susan Chandler, Joyce LebowiTz, Louise Nicol, Joyce Doben, Rhoda Schaeffer Barbara Jennings MarTha Shapiro, Elaine Bober. L R 2nd Row: NaTalie Burdon, Carolyn Slrinner, Barbara Nalepa, Rosaline, SchwarTz, Margarel' Figlur, Nancy Wysmslu Gall MorlarlTy barol SmiTh. L R 3rd Row David STeadwell, Arnold FrosT, Bruce Johnson, Charles WhiTman, William Sinclair, David Myers. L R 4Th Row Ray Thornberg, John Scully, Joe Zaccania, Donald FlaherTy, David ElrsTrom, Donald Oyesfee, John Marshall Alumni OFFICERS Allen Freedman .. v.e.e.vV.e..e..A,e. V..........,.., P residenT Edward Clark ...e., ,..,,,.,., V ice PresidenT Jerry Norwood o...,. ......................... T reasurer Mickey lfTTer ,,,..,A oooo .,.o..... R e cording SecreTary Joan Tassinaro ...o.o.,Aoooooooooo.....,., ..... C orresponding SecreTary Mrs. HoTchkiss, Mr. STanley ,,,.,,.,, ,4,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,4 A dvisors Once again The yearbook would like To recognize The eTTorTs oT The Tireless group known as The Alumni Hall Board oT DirecTors. The organizaTion, made up oT sTudenT members under The direcTion oT The advisors, plans and sponsors several social gaTherings in Alumni Hall Through- ouT The year. AT TirsT, coTTee breaks and jazz concerTs were oTTered. buT during The winTer a suc- cessTul FaculTy-STudenT-STaTT BuTTeT was held. The climax oT The year's acTiviTies was The Weekend-on-a-Dollar. held in coniuncTion wiTh The lnTerTraTerniTy Council. This group has been considered one oT The mosT selecT on campus because oT iTs power in conTrolling The social aTTairs oT The school and The meThods Tor membership which have been esfablished. lT is an elecTed posiTion, and The members have usually been considered The campus leaders. L.-R. FronT Row: Mr. STanley, Mickey ETTer, Allen Freedman, Ed Clark, Jerry Norwood, Mrs. HoTchlziss. L.-R. 2nd Row: Helen Voss, Fred Pike, Herb Soloman, Irene STeinberg. QR Qfx 3:7 tv, Hall Board of Directors 71? L.-R. Isl. Row: Mr. Banks, Wilson Fogarly, Joanne, Alechnowicz, Andre Guilberlg Barbara Prawdzilr, Barbara Li'I'rop. L.-R. 2nd Row: Michael Wargo, Dave Simpson, Joseph Hoclc, Ed Fernandez, Ed Coffey, Fred Dauer, David Breifbarf. Debating Society The Universily Deloaling Sociely was inauguraled in l947 as an oullel' for sludenls infer- esled in learning and praclicing lhe lechniques of Jrhe ancienl forensic arf. ll has nol only proved ilself a lraining ground for lawyers, Teachers. and olher professional personnel dependenl upon speech. buf has alrlracled many 'members for Jrhe pure enioymenl experienced from ils aclivilies. Debaling Jrournamenls held wilhin The New England area are frequenl means for lhis social aclion. Schools from The area include Wesleyan, S+. Joseph's. Smilh College, l-larlford Uni- versily, Maine, Brown, lvlassachusells lnslilule of Technology, and Holy Cross. Occasionally. lhe opporlunily is presenled lo exlend Jrhese inler-aclions and pariicipale oulside Jrhis area - New Yorlc Universily, l-lofslra, Columbia, S+. John's. Princelon. George- Jrown. l-lobarl, Universily of Florida. and Mercer Universily. This is lhe fourlh year of lhe Reorganized Debaling Sociely. Again lhe group had a suc- cessful year. lhe highlighl coming when lhe Sociely conducled a debaling Jrournamenl on 'rhe Universily campus. , Seaied leH io righi: Mr. De Siero, Charles Dragonefie, Barbara Sirofnalc, Joanne Mislra, Gene Dowling, Jerry Norwood, Shirley Slanding leff io righh Andre Guilberl, Elizaberh Kershaw, Kafhy O'Byrne, John Pererson, Edward Fernandez, Rober'l'Thomas, Don Brennan, Jacl: Sfewari, Milre Wargo, Terry Pilareslci, Roberi' Wolfe, Bernede'H'e Ferrone. Political Relations Forum Presideni' ..,...,......,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,.,,,.......,....... .......... J oanna Musica Vice Presideni ..,,...,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,. .,....... E u gene Dowling Treasurer ..,..................... ....... W illiam Norwood Recording Secreiary .,..,...,, ....... B arbara Siroinalc Corresponding Secreiary ..,... ........ T heresa Pilarslci C.l.S.L. Chrmn. .......,,......... ......... A ndre Guilberl' Elecrions Chrmn. ...... ..............,..... ,....,.,.. - . ....... .... ....... C h a rles Dragoneiie The prime purpose of lhe Poliiical Relalions Forum is io fosier 'rhe opporluniiies for parialcing in +he s'rudy and praciical applicalions of poliiics. H' is 'ro Jrhis goal 'rhal all acrivilies are geared, ihereby enabling lhose who parricipaie a knowledge and appreciarion of ihe polirical responsibil- i+ies of cirizenship in our democraiic socieiy. The immediaie duiies of +he Forum are forming and mainraining eleclion. policy, conduciing campus eleciions of class officers, queens, eic., and giving aid +o campus organizaiions in drafiing and revising 'rheir consiiiulions. Aciive parriciparion in Jrhe Conneciicui lnlercollegiare S+uden'r Legislalure is a maior aclivily of ihe Forum. Each year represen+aJrives from sixieen Conneciicui colleges mee'r in 'rhe capi'rol building in Hariford. Members of 'rhe "mock" assembly assume Jrhe duries of aciual represen+a'rives and senafors, +hrough elec+ion and appoinrmenl. Each school submiis rwo bills, which are subiecl' 'lo deba'l'e on +he floor of boih legislaiive houses. This year 'rhe Universiiy was honored in having Andre Guilberi' elecied Regisiraiion Chairman and Joanna Mislca appoinied Senaie Chairman of +he Educaiion CommiH'ee. Circle K Club OFFICERS RoberT Moran ..... ........,,..... P residenT Wilson FogarTy ........ ......... V ice PresidenT Frederick Dauer ...... ,.......,..............., S ecreTary Richard C. Moore ..... ..... R ecording SecreTary Norman Lake ......... ..,,.....,......,.. T reasurer Jack Mischou .......,......,.. ....,.. ,..,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,, , . ,,,, ...,... - -- ....... Public RelaTions The Circle K Club was charTered by The BridgeporT chapTer oT Kiwanis lnTernaTional, OcTober 3I. I958, aT Tormal ceremonies aT The Universiiy of BridgeporT. The CharTer members were selecTed by Their respecTive Deans Tor Their leadership qualiTies and scholasTic achievemenTs. Kiwanis presidenT, Jack Jensen, presenTed The charTer To Circle K presidenT, Bob Moran, wiTnessed by assembled guesTs and digniTaries. The original Charler Group was composed oT I5 members, represenTing The various Colleges on campus. The Circle K Club was Tormed aT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT Tor The purpose of TurThering yoiuTh Through civic and school service proiecTs. The ideals oT Circle K are like Those of iTs parenT organizaTion - Kiwanis. A SeaTed IefT To righT: Dr. Spilfoir, Jack Mischou, Fred Dauer, Rob'erT Moran, Norman Lake, Dick La Marche. STanding le'FT To righT: Frank WaTers, Mike FeTTig, John Foscolos, Joseph Hock, Richard Shepard, Joseph Luciano, John Anglace, Dave Minfell, Andrew Morgo. Qi T sf if Women's House Government The Women's l-louse Governmeni wiih iis counier-pari Men's Senaie, acis as ihe spokesman for ihe dormi- lrory slrudenis on ihe Universiry campus. Wirh represeniaiives from each floor of ihe dormirories, The girls provide ihe srudenis wiih a governing body. Minor infraciions of rules are discussed by ihis group and in cases of liabiliiy, punishmenis are meied our. ln 'rhe laslr 'rwo years Jrhe group has proved To be very eifeciive and i'rs coniinued suc- cess seems ceriain. Anoiher imporiani facior is Jrhe group's mediaiing posi- lion berween The siudenis and Jrhe ad- minisiraiion under ihe guidance of Dr. Claire Fulcher. The fuiure of +his or- ganizaiion is brighi' and we all look forward To anoiher successful year. , usb' S he e .. . x f 6 S S 5 i 1, i 1: 'V X lv-'V 3 Q7 Q V' J W , ill i K i i i Q "' .-'K 1 I aw L.-R. Isl' Row: Joanie Kaplan, Nancy Wysinski, Rhoda Schaeffer, Lenore Benza, Mary Ann Grille, Dr. C. Fulcher. L.-R. 2nd Row: Flo Ferre+1'i, Sue Koslow, Valerie Amaru, Carol Harelick, Lynne Ormsby, Joyce Macaulay, PauleH'e Kobbe, Jean Franchino, Siephanie Berger, Adrienne Conveigh. L.-R. 3rd Row: Joyce Doben. Men's Senate OFFICERS Daniel Joffe .......,.,,.,,.,,.,.,.,,.. Presidenl' Raymond Mencken ...,..,. Vice Presideni Arihur Barriere .... Treasurer-Secrelrary The Men's Senaie is composed of iwo represeniaiives from each of Jrwelve residence halls. Led by Presideni Dan Johcee and Mr. Alphonse Sherman, ihe advisor, Jrhe group is primarily concern- ed wi+h 'rhe welfare of 'rhe male dormi- 'rory s+uden+. The organiza'rion's close 'ries wiih ihe adminisiraiion provide 'rhis group wi'rh an eifeciive means for airing Jrhe complainis of fhe sfudenis. I+ is hoped +ha'r in 'rhe fufure 'rhis organ- izarion will be as successful as if has been ihis pasi year. Zolla Maslref, Sharon Dier, Pai Duffy, Teresa Gillon, Shelia Gann, Joyce Fauyea, : Burien While, Alan Biorr, Ar? Barriere Dan Joffe, Ray Mencleen, Louis Haber A. J. Sherman. L.-R. 2nd Row: L.-R. Isi' Row Ed Fried, Eric Jack Coogan, William Nelson, Mike Terezalcis, Fred Sussenberger, Gerry Handler Greenhuf, Lou D'Amanfo, Bob Sparer. Canterbury Club Ls l'ront Row, left To righT: Louise Nicol, Nancy Beardsley, William Herlihy, Jeanne Taylor. Baci: Row, lefl' To righT: Doris WhiTney, Jaclr STewarT, David ElcsTrom, Charles HuesTis, Roberl' Wolfe, and Anclre Guilberlu -MW.. rx L.-R. Isl' Row: Mr. Jacobs, Rhoda Fogelsohn, ArThur Zeflan, STeve Sfammer, Mariorie Lazar. Toby Udell. L.-R. 2nd Row: Joel Rindler, Al Temenbaum, Usaclore Deboris, STeve STein. OFFICERS William l'lerlihy ,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,, Presideni- Mona Faulkner ,,.,,,.,,,,,,, Vice PresidenT Nancy Beardsley .... SecreTary-Treasurer Dr. Charles PeTiTiean .... FaculTy Advisor Rev. J. W. l'luTchens ............ Religious Advisor The CanTerbury AssociaTion. one OT The newesT groups on campus, is a na- Tionwide sTudenT organizaTion on a College level conducTed under The au- spices oT The Episcopal Church. lTs pur- pose is To promoTe ChrisTian Tellowship aT The UniversiTy Through social service, educaTional. and worship acTiviTies. The group has been quiTe acTive in iTs shorT exisTence, highlighTed by The Fall and Spring weekends which The CanTerbury AssociaTion spenT aT conTerences. Hillel For The pasr several years The Uni- versiTy has been proud oT The close Ties beTween The communiTy and The col- lege. Especially acTive in This direcTion have been The many religious organiza- Tions on campus. One'oT These groups which has done much Towards The Tel- lowship beTween college and commun- iTy is l-lillel. Hillel was Tounded in i955 and has grown sTeadily since ThaT Time inTo an organizaTion ThaT The school is proud To recognize. Under The careTul eyes oi The advisor, Professor Charles Jacobs. and The oTTicers, The organizaTion has compleTed anoTher successTul year, ap- propriaTely indicaTed by The increase in members. Hillel usually holds one meeT- ing a weelc. providing The members wiTh programs oT boTh a religious and social naTure. To enable This program To be eTTecTive, The Jewish CommuniTy Cen- Ter oT BridgeporT has graciously allow- ed The members of l-lillel To use iTs TaciliTies. Christian Association Lett to right: Rev. Mowat, Nancy Harvey, Barbara Donald, Donna Long, Marilyn Loolce. Eastern Orthodox Seated left to right: Angelo Tsetrelras, Dennis Bileca, Mary Lilra, George Rahrias, Paul Palubnialr. Standing left to right: George Muzea, George Mougios, Michael Terezalris. OFFICERS President .................... Barbara Donald Vice President .............. Nancy Harvey Secretary-Treasurer ....,... Donna Long Publicity and l-listory .... Marylyn Loolce The Christian Association is a group ot students trom several religious de- nominations. lts purpose is to relate all students to Churches ot their own taiths: to stimulate thought and action in higher education trom the Christian point ot view. To this end it sponsors convocations, study and discussion groups. and lectures. The Advisor and the program are sponsored by the Council ot Churches ot Greater Bridge- port. The Association is also related to the Student Christian Movement. This has been a successtul year tor the asso- ciation under the personal direction ot Mr. Mowat, the advisor. OFFICERS George Rahrias .................... President Paul Palubniak .............. Vice President Dennis Bileca ........................ Treasurer Mary Lilca .........,............,...,. Secreta ry The Eastern Orthodox Christian Fel- lowship is a religious and social organ- ization composed ot University ot Bridgeport students ot the Eastern Or- thodox Faith. Lectures on the history and customs ot the Orthodox and the Divine Liturgy are presented by our spiritual advisor, Rev. Victor F. George ot St. Nicholas's Syrian Orthodox Church ot Bridgeport. Discussions are also held on any questions submitted by the students. Social activities are held in coniunc- tion with various Eastern Orthodox or- ganizations throughout the Bridgeport area. The meetings are held on the tirst three Wednesdays ot the month in Alumni Hall. Students and their triends are cordially invited to attend these open meetings. Phi Omicron Upsilon, Dental Hygiene Sorority, recently reorganized in antici- pation of future nationalization, had another successful year. lts purpose is to promote fellowship and unity among the dental hygiene students in relation to the dental profession. The sorority tool: the initiative this year in promot- ing the organization on a national level and is now awaiting confirmation of its application. The University is proud of the record achieved by the sorority, and everyone hopes that it will con- tinue its successful ways. Phi Omicron Upsilon s Seated left to right: Norene Johnson, Alberta Taylor, Jane Hillner, Sandra McLellan, Claire Bates, Sheila Gann. Standing Ist Row: Flo Ferretti, Linda Kassed, Judy Reichel, Audrey Walz, Carol Weigel, Judith Stevens, Ginny Woodworth, Toby Wellc. Standing: 2nd Row: Cecile Lupien, Judith L'Antingua, Lois Metropole, Carol Cooperstein, Mary Ann Grillo, Geri Zoppino, Mary D'Auria. Women's Athletic Association OFFICERS President .,e.,......,...,., Mary Massaro V. President ....cs,.,...e.c. Rosemarie Sepe Rec. Secretary ....,...,,....,..,.. Dian Doda Corr. Secretary ,.,..c,, Beverly Mulonet Advisors ..........,..,.,..., Katherine Yocum Sara Pellegrind The Women's Athletic Association provides a program of various activities for the sports minded girls on campus. Teams from dormitories, sororities, and commuting areas participated in this year's program, which proved very suc- cessful. ln the fall the W. A. A. held its annual banquet for the awarding of trophies. The highlight of the season was the sponsoring of a field hockey playday for the school in the local Bridgeport area, during which about I5O girls par- ticipated. The large enrollment of the organ- ization has again made it one of the most active and prominent on campus. Front Row: Mary Massaro, Rosemary Sepe, Dian Doda, Beverly Mulonet, Alda Garofalo. Second Row: Joanne Santarslere, Dian Longden, Carol Kenel, Vicki Nalle. Who's Who There are always a few sTudenTs on campus who sTand ouT among The lead- ers. Each year These individuals are honored by The UniversiTy by being elecTed To The annual ediTion of "Wiho's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versiTies". The members have been chosen because oT Their leadership, scholarship, and abiliTy To creaTe new proiecTs. The annual publicaTion recog- nizes Their achievemenTs, buT The school is The beneTacTor oT Their Tireless eT- TorTs. lT is Truly an honor Tor The school To have such men and women on campus. L.-R. IsT Row: Ronald Miller, Phyllis WhiTney, Shirley Sabo, Rhoda Schaeffer, Allan Freedman. L.R.: 2nd Row: Andy Margo, Charlie HuesTis, Andy MiTchell, Grace Cl1anoviTT, Bill Kolce, Dick Seiner, Vinny Falcone. Knights of Thunder The KnighTs oT Thunder was organ- ized in February, l948, wiTh Their STaTe CharTer accepTed on AugusT 28, I95l, as an honorary dramaTic TraTerniTy. The purpose oT The TraTerniTy is To provide recogniTion To Those individuals who have done mosT Tor The school Through The arT ol: dramaTics. lT also gives The sTudenT body an incenTive To become acTive in campus produc- Tions. Because oT The large number oT alumni, The organizaTion helps To pro- moTe inTeresT beTween The communiTy and The universiTy. Under The direcTion oi PresidenT June BarTram The group has compleTed anoTher successliul year. IU! Vx Q? Leif To Righfz June Barham, Joe Messineo, Marcia Robinson, Gerry B'enneTT. L.-R. Ist Row: Lynn Moyer, Margie Brosgol, Lois EpsTein, Ginny WoodworTh, Joan Favreau, Pai' Rooney, BerTie Taylor, Diana Michel. L.-R. 2nd Row: AnTie Orbanowski, Tom CelesTino, Brenda Gaffney, Allan KoperwhaTs, Wayne Mc- Duffie, Frank Pisano, Jean Richens, Rosemary Sweeney. L.-R. 3rd Row: Frank CasTagnaro, Charles Corchide, Tom Cupo, Brian O'Gorman, Don RenTon, Jack Harris, Lud Scarpino, Bob Roman, Ed Gencarelli. Ski Club UnTil The Ias+ Two years The Ski Club has been relaTively inacTive, buT since This Time The organizaTion has been very successTul. Beginning soon aTTer school sTarTed, The club began To make plans Tor The winTer season. Under The direc- Tion oT Mr. James Fenner, advisor, The group began iTs acTiviTies during The ChrisTnnas vacaTion. AT TirsT The weaTh- er was noT advanTageous Tor The besT skiing condiTions, buT shorTly aTTer The mid-semesTer vacaTion The season sTarT- ed in earnesT. Many Trips were made To VermonT, Maine, and New l-lampshire, mosTly Tor The day. buT on several oc- casions weekend visiTs were planned. The number oT a club oT This sorT deTermines iTs sTrengTh. IT The club can conTinue To grow as iT has in The pasT Two years, The organizaTion can plan more exTensive acTiviTies. Student Spirit , Nl . L.-R.: Dick Li'FTon, Mrs. Hofchkiss, Ed Wolf, Jerry Norwood, Jeanne Taylor, Paul Samuels. STudenT SpiriT Tound iTselT This year wiTh a maior underTaking: ThaT oT l-lomecoming Weekend in coniuncTion wiTh The Social AcTiviTies CornmiTTee. The weekend proved 'To be The besT one yeT, and iT is cerTain To geT beTTer in The TuTure. The only dark spoT oT The weekend came when The U.B. TooTball Team wenT down in biTTer deTeaT aT The hands oT The sTrong New l-laven Team. The SaTurday aTTernoon moTorcade Tol- lowed by The dance in Alumni aTTer The game proved To be a big succcess. The iazz concerT on Sunday was a compleTe sell-ouT. The cheerleaders have always been considered an imporTanT parT oT sTu- denT spiriT, and Their conTribuTion To The weekend made iT obvious. Also, many people, Too numerous To menTion, helped To make The weekend as good as iT was. Engineering Society L.-R. Ist Row: Daniel Rubino, Fred Daver, Robert Moran, Terrence McCoy, Franl: Waters, Ray- mond Petre. L.-R. 2nd Row: Eli Brello, Herb Swift, Donald Sumple, Christopher Foster, Hani Azzam, William Barth, Milne Sgrillo, John Foscolos. Q L.-R. 3rd Row: David Wesley, Ray Lunstrom, Andy Morgo, John Costa, Charles Zimmermann, Jack Stewart. Industrial Design Society 'J 1 L.-R. Ist Row: Don Osteyee, Bruce Doyle, Mari: Trager, Richard Thompson, Nancy Robel, Henry Kuusisto, Richard Slcargenslry. L.-R. 2nd Row: Dave Smith, William Nelson, Oliver Bond-Nelson, Fred Piclrel, Alfred Gluclcman, John Koplra, Tony Nappi, Pete Allard, John Rich, Joseph Marrino. OFFICERS President ..........o...........s. Robert Moran V. President ......,,.,., Terrence McCoy S6-Cretary ......, ......... D aniel Rubino Treasurer e,,.,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,o Frank Water-5 The Engineering Society ot the Uni- versity ot Bridgeport was established in I947 by engineering students interest- ed in the advancement and dissemina- tion ot knowledge ot the theory and practice ot engineering, the presenta- tion ot a proper perspective ot engi- neering worlcs. and opportunity to promote protessional consciousness and tellowship among students ot the Uni- versity ot Bridgeport, College ot Engi- neering. This year the Society boasts an ac- tive membership ot IO6 engineering students who have participated in tield trips to the Bridgeport Brass Company, l-lulls ot New Haven, the Esso Standard Oil Company ot New Jersey, Ballantine ot Newarlc, New Jersey, and the South- ern New England Telephone Com- pany. Active participation at such tunc- tions as the American Society ot Pro- tessional Engineers banquet broadened the scope ot the society members. OFFICERS Richard Thompson ...c.....,...... President lvlarlc Trager .,....,,........,. Vice President Douglas Debreuiglieri .......... Secretary Nancy Robelt .....,.,......,......... Treasurer The Industrial Design Society was tormed in l952 to promote interest and education in the art-design curriculum. Norseman l-lall, home ot l.D. students, provides them with a modern drawing studio equipped to handle all their problems. An exhibit this spring gave the student body as a whole an oppor- tunity to see the work ot the art-design students. Plans are also being 'Formu- lated to meet with two other design schools in the East so that 'technique and workmanship may be compared. Academically, the year was a success. and the social highlight ot the year was a Halloween party. Pi Gamma Mu, TuncTioning This year wiTh The Sociology Colloquium, is The NaTional honorary Social Science Fra- TerniTy. LasT year wiTh The PoliTical Re- laTions Forum ioining iT, The SocieTy had a large membership and an acTive social calendar. The highlighT oT The year was The annual banqueT aT The end oT The school year. IT is hoped ThaT The TuTure will be brighT Tor This worThy group in Their endeavors To honor Those who have been acTive in The social sciences. AnoTher new organizaTion on campus is The Sailing Club. STarTed because oT The inTeresT shown by a Tew girls who have compeTed in The annual Women's lnTercollegiaTe Sailing RegaTTa Tor The pasT Two years. The Club loolcs Torward To nexT year and a bigger membership. The Club's acTiviTies This pasT year were resTricTed To inTormal sailing excursions. buT wiTh The expecTed addiTion oT more boaTs nexT year The club may be able To organize some compeTiTive meeTs. Many well-wishers Tor This new organ- izaTion are loolcing Torward To hearing oT Their accomplishmenTs in The years To come. X X Gamma Mu SeaTed leT+ To righT: Mr. Fenner, Mr. Di Siero, Jerry Davis. STanding leTT To righi: Howard Abner, Richard Siener. W, Sailing Club is x L.-R. FronT Row: Tom Cupo, Brian O'Gorman, Jeane Taylor, Jerry Davis. L.-R. 2nd Row: Charle Carchidi, Jaclcie Capellaro, Judy Heinle, Mary Lou Hesse. Society For Advancement of Management OFFICERS John F. Anglace, Jr. ....,....... President Anthony Sabatino .....,,. Vice President Miles A. Rock ........ ........... S ecretary Benjamin Zarker ........,.........., Treasurer Mr. John W. Ross ................., Advisor The Society tor Advancement ot Management is the recognized national protessional organization ot manage- ment in industry, commerce, govern- ment and education and the pioneer in management philosophy. The basic objectives ot the Society's University program are: jll To bring closer together executives in business and students preparing to go into business. j2j To serve as an ettective medium tor the exchange and distribu- tion ot intormation on the problems, policies, and methods ot industry and management. j3l To provide students with the opportunity to participate in the organizing, planning, directing, and controlling ot the activities ot an or- ganization. L.-R. Front Row: Ann M. Rozett, Ronald Verrilli, Dick Brandz, Anthony Sabatino, John F. Ang- lace, Ben Zarker, Bill Gydus, Anthony R. Presutto, Anne Edelstein. L.-R. 2nd Row: John Panula, Al Haws, Ray Mencken, Carl Rothermel, Rick Topham, Duane Shepard, Bob Lesko, Al Freedman, Andrew Geier. L.-R. 3rd Row: George Devan, Joe O'Brien, Paul Samuels, Gene Dowling, Dick Thomas, Ozzie Levene, John Ryan, Gene Thomas. Marketing Club OFFICERS PrGSiClent .................... Carl Rothermel Vice President ........ Richard O'Brady Sefiretary .................... Arthur Barriere Treasurer .......................... Mike Serino Bringing tirst-hand information to students majoring in Marketing is a very important purpose ot the Mar- keting Club, which was organized in l95O. Several leaders in various tields ot business present topics ot current methods in marketing to the members ot the club. A job placement bureau ot the American Marketing Association is maintained by the club. The club was tortunate this year to have guest speakers such as Edward Delventhal, who spoke on stock and bonds, and Mr. Fielding ot McKessons and Rob- bins, who talked on advertising. The club had an active membership ot thirty-tive students. L.-R. lst Row: Dick Thomas, Bill Wilber, Dick O'Grady, Carl Ruthermel, Michael Serino, Art Barriere, Mrs. Astarita, George Muzea, Mr. Petetiean. L.-R. 2nd Row: George Mougios, Herb Solomon, Norm Glover, Andy Geier, Phil Abrams, Louis D'Amato, Al Haws, Fredrick Topham, Duane Shepard, Sid Kohn, Benjamin Zarker, Robert Lesko, John Panula, Paul Samuels. Student Education L.R. lst Row: Gloria Buddington, Louise Nicol, Bernadette Ferrone, Richard Shepard, Michael Fettig, Lee Grimes, Vernon Cormier, Carroll Paller, Rita Dellaca, Barbara Nalepz. L.-R. 2nd Row: Nancy Beardsley, Pat Duffy, Catherine Grenthot, Cecile Goldberg, Samuel Sodie, Thomas Saccone, Tracy Smith, Joe Collelo, Jerry Davis, George Hardiman, Andy Mitchell, Raymond Beraidi, John Peterson, Shirley Sabo, Loretta Witowslri, Miriam Smoller, Sandra Lemieux, Nancy Harvey, John Soplca. Association The Student Education Association is composed ot students maioring in education or planning to enter the education protession. lt endeavors to acquaint the prospective teacher with problems and challenges tacing educa- tion today. Students, worlcing in conjunction with the Connecticut Education Association and other colleges throughout the state and nation, have a unique opportunity to observe and participate in actual in-service situations as they arise. Fre- quent state-wide and national conter- ences are held so that students may meet and exchange ideas and views. Such problems as ethics, protessional standards, and salaries are discussed. Worlcing closely with local in-service, protessional organizations, the prospec- tive teacher is given the opportunity to become well acquainted with his pro- tession betore graduation. Biology Society Seated lett to right: Jean Sotelc, David Mintell, Charles Wheeler, Barbara Kalinslri, Michael E. Somers. Standing lett to right: Steve Stein, Martin Halpert, Margaret McHugh, Richard Moore, Tom Negele, Arthur Schipul, Thomas Saccone, Anthony Paulouslri, Hedwig Szynzlslri. OFFICERS President ........ Charles A. Wheeler, Jr. Vice President .............,.. David Mintell Secretary .,.,,......... Barbara A. Kalinslci Treasurer ......,................. Festus l-loley The Biology Society began in I947: because ot the continued interest ot its members, the society has grown into the worthwhile organization we see today. The Society, under the leader- ship ot Charles A. Wheeler, Jr., Presi- dent is designed to turther the interests ot its members in the tield ot Biological Sciences. The organization has promot- ed numerous activities which include such things as convocations, tield trips, movies, and the annual Exotic Dinner. The trips talcen by the club include such places as the Museum ot Natural l-listory, the Aquarium, and other plac- es ot biological interest within a radius ot IOO miles. French Club L.-R. Fronl' Row, SeaTed: Dr. Rassias, John AlberT, YveTTe Bredbenner, Arnie FrosT, Emma Blanch, Ray Cornier, Gail Olcen. L.-R. 2nd Row: Joan Flynn, Bobbie Blenner, Phyllis Whifney, AlberT Tannenbaum, Ralph Garofalo, EdiTh Thor, Roberi' Dillman, Joe ResTuccia, Rachel RoThchild, Dianne RusToe, Ann Labarre. Psychology Club L.-R. FronT Row: Dr. S. Squires, Miclrey Elfer, Ferdinand Frifzlcy, Ralph Garofalo, Lynn Lesfer. L.-R. 2nd Row: Carol Borden, Joan Tassinaro, Toby Fuchs, BerT Poplrin, Roger lshlzan, Joan Schwarlzlropf. L.-R. 3rd Row: PeTer Abi, Eilene Kellman, Barbara PerlmuTTer. Since iTs incepTion, The French Club has endeavored To susTain an inTeresT in language sTudy by inTroducing To The sTudenT a comprehensive view ol pasT and conTemporary culTure. The club is TasT becoming an inTegral TeaTure oT The language curriculum. Any sTudenT may ioin This club who is a sTudenT oT The French language by aTTending The TirsT meeTing in The Tall. ln The pasT years The group has been small, buT Through The eTTorTs oT Dr. Rassias The club has expanded. ln The TirsT Tew weelcs of This year The club has more Than doubled iTs membership. Each year The club puTs on a play Tor The beneTiT oT The sTudenT body. buT inTeresT is usually limiTed To French sTudenTs since The enTire program is in French. GFFICERS ExecuTive Commiirlee ...........,...,.... Mrs. AlberTa Trew Fred FriTzlcy Ralph Garafalo Recording SecreTary ........ Mickey ETTer Advisors .......,................................ Mr. Brown Mr. Lane Mr. Squires A group oT sTudenTs believing in knowledge, honor, and democracy com- bined Their eTTorTs wi+h The help ol Mr. Brown, Mr. Lane and Mr. Squires, Tac- ulfy members of The Psychology De- parTmenT, To Torm The Psychology So- cieTy. Their purpose is To supplemenT The courses oTTered by The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT by providing an oppor- TuniTy Tor developing inTellecTual curi- osiTy and scholarly habiTs by encourag- ing cooperaTive acTiviTies wiThin The Technical areas oT psychology and re- laTed Tields. The SocieTy, now in iTs developmenTal sTage, has greaT poTen- Tial Tor conTribuTing To The UniversiTy. Freshman Week Committee Welcome Freshmen! Each year fhe Freshman Week Commiffee organizes a schedule of evenfs fo enferfain fhe newcomers fo UB campus. Once again fhe week proved fo be a greaf success. Presidenf Halsey and Vice Presidenf Lifflefield greefed fhe incoming fresh- men and fheir parenfs af a fea held in fhe dining hall. Neophifes donned fheir beanies as fhe week began. Convoca- fions, a picnic, a iazz concerf under fhe sfars, and a record hop lcepf social acfivifies af a lively pace. The mosf successful Freshman Ball ever wifnessed climaxed fhe week. Freshmen began fheir social life af UB in earnesf af fhe RH1 Ballroom where a packed house danced unfil fhe nexf morning. Aside from being a social success, Freshman Week helps direcf fhose individuals info a common bond, which was found in fhe newformed class of '62. The Bridgeffes, a new group af fhe Universify, led by Capfain Brenda Gaf- ney. hold fheir pracfices on Monday nighfs and Safurday affernoons in preparafion for U.B.'s foofball games. They are an acfive parf of fhe band and provide enferfainmenf af fhe half fime of fhe foofball games. Unfil fhe fall of l956 fhe Bridgeffes were sfricfly a marching corps wifh liffle or no bafon fwirling acfivifies. Af fhaf fime Brenda Gaffney organized and sfarfed fhe frend foward less marching and more emphasis on bafon fwirling and enferfainmenf. If is hoped fhaf in fhe fufure fhis will be offered in fhe spring semesfer so fhaf if will be possible for fhe group fo be beffer prepared for fhe early foofball games in fhe fall. L.-R. ls'r Row: Faiih Allenby, Irene Sfeinberg, Mrs. Hofchlziss, Shirley Sabo, Vinceni' J. Falcone, Bernie Goldberg, Ronald V. Miller, Mr. DeSiero, Chris Trimperf, Bernadeffe Ferrone. L.-R. 2nd Row: Joan Flynn, Barbara Prawdzilr, Louise Clark, Ari' Alfman, John Mefcalf, Andy Mifchell, David Elrsfrom, William B. Herlihy, Carol Breen, Sara Howard, Ellen Grossman, Lynn Bowen, MaryAnn Frifzlry. L.-R. 3rd Row: Roberf Wolfe, Frank Pagano, Lee Meschen, Roberi' Lessner, Charles Dragoneffe, Don Kaiser, Fred Pike, Jack Sfewarf, Diclr Wrighf, Joseph Bober, Milce Wargo. Bridgettes L.-R. Froni' Row: Shiela Gifford, Brenda Gafney, Pa? Rooney. L.-R. 2nd Row: Carol Harliclr, Ginny Woodworfh, DoH'y Capuro. Helicon Once again The conTroversial Heli- con SocieTy made iTs mark on The Uni- versiTy campus wiTh iTs annual publica- Tion. Under The direcTion oT Dr. MilTon Millhauser, sTudenTs were encouraged To submiT arTicles To The socieTy Tor publicaTion in The l959 ediTion. This year's auThors, displaying Their excep- Tional liTerary TalenTs. received more Than The usual adverTisemenT when an onymous individual wroTe a saTirical sequel. The commoTion sTarTed a chain reacTion oT criTicism and praise direcT- ed aT The SocieTy Trom all corners oT The UniversiTy. The sTaTT oT The Helicon is To be con- graTulaTed Tor Their successTul publica- Tion. The Tew dissaTisTied individuals who aTTacked The magazine should in The Tollowing years eiTher hold Their criTicism in reserve or make a more posiTive sTep by joining one oT The Three liTerary organizaTions on campus so ThaT The UniversiTy can beneTiT Trom Their TalenTs. L.-R. Froni' Row: Ray Berarcli, RiTa Dellaca, Ediih Thor, Casimir Norkeliunas. Parlimentary Procedure Workshop To mosT of The sTudenTs on campus a reiuvenaTed inTeresT in poliTics was The sTory oT The year aT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT. Such slogans as "Down wiTh NepoTism" and "NepoTism is beT- Ter Than DespoTism" provided The sTu- denTs wiTh an enThusiasTic Topic Tor discussion and argumenT. BuT one oT The underlying Torces conTribuTing To This inTeresT which was noT quiTe as obvious was The newly Tormed Parli- menfary Procedure Workshop. Under The direcTion oT The school's leading TaculTy poliTician, ProTessor William T. Degiero, The organizaTion Took Torm and ',eT an evample which should be Tol- lowed by all. The primary purpose oT The class was To give all would-be poliTicians and group leaders some pracTical Training in The applicaTion oT RoberT's Rules OT ParliamenTary Pro- cedure. Mock meeTings were held and gradually The class grew To a subsTan- Tial size. Much oT The crediT is due To The eTTorTs oT Chairman Eugene Dowl- ing. L.-R. FronT Row: Cecile Goldberg, Benie Ferrone, Mr. De Siero, Andre Guilberf, Barbara Prawclzik. L.-R. 2nd Row: Dick Wrighf, Mike Wargo, Bob Thomas, John Anglace, Ed Ferandez. Jerry Norwood, Frank Pagano. Y' German Club L.-R. Froni' Row: Doroihy Sfadler, Casimir Norlzeliunas, Dr. Eric Marcus, Johann M. Prinner, PaTricia Tyler. L.-R. 2nd Row: Lois Drier, Jean Sofek, Louise Clark, B'eH'y Sieidel. L.-R. 3rd Row: ArThur H. Schipul, Richard Wells, Ronald Baird, Gerald Hadden, Kilian Brech. OFFICERS PresidenT .,...........a.. Johann M. Prinner Vice PresidenT ..,......aa.,,.. John Maiesko SecreTary .....,,....,...,,... iv1argareT Figlar Treasurer .,...,.,,,., Casimir Norkeiiumas "Wie GehT's?" This German greeT- ing appears more oTTen on The U.B. campus Than in a classroom. IT is This TradiTional German hello. used upon meeTing a person, ThaT opens The DeuTsche Klub. The club's purpose is To broaden knowledge oT The German language and culTure among iTs members. Under This sTaTemenT Tails a varied and Tull program aT monThly meeTings each year. From The TirsT "Wie gehT's?" oT The year T'o The lasT "Auf Wiedersehenf' The club had a successTul accomplish- menT in The pursuiT oT German culiure. Sports Car Club L.-R. SeaTed: Beverly Kichline, Charles Zimmermann, Walfer Fair, Mar+in Halperl', Ken Oberfelder. L.-R. STanding: Sara Howard, Ray Mencken, Kurf Pfannkuch, Fred Pickel, Ilan Weiss, Vinceni Smolslres, AlberTa Taylor. li.-R. 2nd Row, Sfandingz Bruce Doyle, Bruce Hiammar, Sian Burgess, Bobby Wiles, William omeo. The UniversiTy of BridgeporT SporTs Car Club has acTively parTicipaTed in evenTs ThroughouT The sTaTe during This pasT year. Some highlighTs oT The year included organizing and conducTing The TirsT Barnum FesTival Gymkhana in which one hundred cars parTicipaTed, making This The largesT evenT of This kind ever held on The EasT CoasT. The SporTs Car Club includes some oT The besT. small evenT, sporTs car drivers in The sTaTe. ATTer parTicipaTion in The ConnecTicuT STaTe Championship Gym- khana, Dave Marks is ranked TourTh in The sTaTe, MarTy l'laiparT TiTTh, and Dal- las Moierin sixTh. This club remains acTive ThroughouT The summer monThs To enable iTs mem- bers To meeT and compeTe under The banner oT The U.B.S.C.C. Greek Letters Interfraternity Council Ronald Miller ............. .............,,., PresidenT WalTer Londergan ..... Barbara Nalepa ..,... Jack Ryan ............ Mickey ETTer ,.....,. The lnTerTraTerniTy Council is The governing body of The Greek leTTer organizaTions on campus. Good will and cooperaTion have been The keynoTes oT The Council since iTs Tounding in I947. The original con- sTiTuTion was raTiTied in I948, and The presenT ex- panded consTiTuTion. under which The lnTerTraTerniTy Council operaTes, was raTiTied in l956. The lnTerTraTerniTy Council's posiTion as governing bodv Tor all social TraTerniTies and sororiTies esTablish- es The basic qualiTicaTions Tor membership in The several TraTerniTies, and TraTerniTy membership in The Council. The Council serves also To develop and mainTain a code oT general conducT Tor The exTernal Vice PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer l-lisTorian aTTairs oT The member TraTerniTies, and To plan The UniversiTy social calendar Tor The coming year. The lnTerTraTerniTy Council weekend, held annually in The laTe spring, is highlighfed by a Greek LeTTer Dance aT which Time a girl is elecTed as queen on a TalenT basis. The Council has endeavored To bring abouT a close harmony in The relaTions, noT only oT iTs members. buT wiTh The TaculTy and adminisTraTion. This uniTied ac- Tion has resulTed in The progress noT only oT The Council buT oT The enTire TraTerniTy-sororiTy sysTem on This campus. L.-R. FronT Row: Mr. STanley, Barbara Nalepa, Howard Abner, Ron Miller, Jack Ryan, Jerry Davis. L.-R. 2nd Row: Barbara Prawclzik, Mickey ETTer, Michael Wargo, Ray Mencken, Tom Thompson, Joel Hand, Frank Pagano, Carol Harelick. L.-R. 3rd Row: Paul Scarpino, John Marshall, Bill Herlihy, Michael Summers, Al Aurilio. 'Y 4 vi? Sigma Phi Alpha John Scully ...... . ..... .... ............. P residenl Franlc Savo ....... ........... V ice Presidenl Paul Scarpino ...... .........A..........,.. T reasurer Sleve Borowy ,........ ......... R ecording Secrelary Gordon Wagner ...,... ...,. C orresponding Secrelary Dr. Peliliean .....,...............,........,.,................... Advisor Sigma Phi Alpha was lhe lirsl' lralernily lo be charlered on lhe Universily of Bridgeporl' campus, receiving ils charler Oclober 3, I947. Sigma Phi Alpha has always been a leader in everylhing il has underlalcen. ln addilion il annually awards a Sl-OO Alhlelic Scholarship, lhe lvlorlon Levy, in memory ol a ira- lernily alumnus who died while in lhe service of his counlry. Through scholarship, fellowship, and alhlelics, Sigma Phi Alpha has proved lhal individuals can par- licipale in campus exlra-curricular aclivilies, and can, al lhe same lime, mainlain high scholaslic slandards. Many ol UB's besl alhleles are members of SPA, and lheir grades are comparalively high. Once again, lhe annual dance, "Col'lonball Caper", was lhe social success ol lhe season. L.-R. Fronl Row: Franlr Savo, John Scully, Paul Scarpino, Gordon Wagner. L.-R. 2nd Row: Gerald Palriclr, Thomas Shea, Charles Colyer, Lou Koccis, Tony Caldaroni, Bob Durwin, John D. Panula, Dick Tho- mas, Ronald Verrilli. L.-R. 3rd Row: Bob Graze, Franlr TaH'o, Leon Beeler, Tony Domenico, John Harding, Joseph Siciliano, Ray Thornberg, Fred Del Percio. Absenf: Pe+er Benedefli, Bernard Miller, Sal Norcia, Joseph Chrisliano, Roberf Roman, Mr. John Ross. I L.-R. FronT Row: BernadaTTe Ferrone, Phyllis WhiTney, Donna Long, Theresa Pilarslri, Pai' Manco, CaThy O'Bryne, Jucly L'AnTigua. Barbara Prawdzilc, Barbara Siroinalr. L.-R. 2nd Row: Joy Polifo, Gail MoriarTy, Jean Richens, Lois Anderson, Shirley Sabo, Louise Clarlr, Claire BaTes, Sandra McLellon. L.-R. 3rd Row: Brenda Gaffney, Lynn Bowen, FaiTh Allenby, Marylyn Looke, Nancy Robel, Ginny WoodworTh, Nancy Harvey, Joan Theta Epsilon Flynn. OFFICERS PaT Manco ..................................... ............ P residenT Barbara SiroTnalc ..... .......... V ice PresidenT Terry Pirlaslci ......... ..........,.....aa..., T reasurer Donna Long ................................ Recording SecreTary KaThleen O'Byrne ..,........... Corresponding SecreTary Phyllis WhiTney, Judy L'AnTigua .... Social Chairmen Sandra Fish. BernadeTTe Ferrone ........ PledgemasTers Miss Pellegrino, Mrs. Shook ..................,......... Advisors The sisTerhood of TheTa Epsilon endeavors To de- velop The qualiTies of leadership. characTer. Tellow- ship. and scholarship in iTs members. Exempliiying scholarship, a percenTage oT The sisTers are Deans LisT sTudenTs. Among The honors achieved by The members oT TheTa Epsilon are elecTion To STudenT Council, represenTaTion in "Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies," The l958 Alumni "OUT- sTanding Freshman" award. and pasT and presenT WisTaria Queens, Campus SweeThearTs. and Home- coming Queens. The spiriT oT fellowship is exTended To The communiTy by chariTy proiecTs such as an annual drive Tor CysTic Fibrosis. and a ChrisTmas Trip To The Hillside Home, and The diTTiculT underTalcing oT enTering a TloaT in The I958 Barnum FesTival Pa- rade. Under honesT, criTical self-analysis, The sororiiy consTanTly sTrives To improve iTs obiecTives, organ- izaTion, and policies. lTs members exhibif sisTerhood and co-operaTion in all iTs endeavors. carrying Through TheTa Epsilon's moTTo. "TouTe Ensemble." li ,. -4-.-FN- A L.-R. Fronf Row: Halgh Green, Wilson Fogarfy, Dick Seiner, Jim Cassel, Jack Ryan, Roberi' Di SpiriTo. L.-R. 2nd Row: Dick RoTh, Leonard Led'eT, Michael Landolphi, Ro'oerT Budd, John Marshall, Harold Windsor, Tom Nagele, Jim Crip- pen, WalT Drozeik, Thomas Richards, Tony Minardi, Richard Burgess. L.-R. 3rd Row: MaTT Kaishian, Ben Biscoglio, Charlie Doyle, Al WesT, Joe PeTrillo, James A. Griglun, John Lynch, Bob McCullagh, Roger AbbaTe, Bob Pervier, Warren HelsTein. Kappa Beta Rho OFFICERS This year Kappa BeTa Rho's annual Kappa KickofT Presidenf aara. arar,cccrcrc.,c,,,,,,.c,,,,,,,,rr J a mes Caggel Dance proved To be anofher highly successful social Vice PresidenT ss,.s ,,,,,, R ichard Siener funcTion as iT always has in The pasT years. During Secrefary,cc rrrrrsr J ack Ryan Homecoming Weekend, Kappa BeTa Rho worked Treasurer sssc cscsc W ilson FogarTy wiTh superior spiriT on Their "Viking FloaT" which enabled Them-To win The l-lomecoming Trophy for The second year in succession. Fgumded in Ngvember l948, Kappg BeTa Rhg Kappa BeTa Rho has always Taken an acTive has been growing sTronger as The years pass. ln inTeresT in inframuralsporfs, having reTired The Trophy The pasT Three years iT has placed iTself among for sofTball afTer winning The championship for Three The leaders of fraTerniTy organizafions aT The univer- years. siTy in academic, social, and sTudenT spiriT funcfions. The spring semesTer's calendar was doffrecl wifh One of iTs ouTsTanding aTTribuTes is The inTense pledging, The Friends and Alumni Dance, and Tull feeling of uniTy ThaT prevails among iTs broThers. parTicipaTion in universiTy drives and acTiviTies. Theta Sigma OFFICERS Ronald V. Miller ,,.........,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,4, P regideni- John iv1eTcalT ......... .....,..... V ice-Presialenr l.OUiS l'lOyda .....,.,..... ......A.......,.,.,,..... T reasurer Joseph SchlachTer ........ ......,f. R ecording SecreTary William l-lerlihy ...........,.... Corresponding SecreTary Charles S. I-luesTis ................................ PledgemasTer FrederickGi. ReicherT IV ,.,... ....... S ocial Chairman Mr. John Sherry .......... Thefa Sigma FraTerniTy, Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT upon Tellowship and loyaliy To one anoTher, has developed in iTs members The highesT qualiTies oT leadership which is exempliTied by The innumerable oTTices and posiTions oT responsibiliTy held in The hisTory oT The UniversiTy by TheTa Sigma men. Each year TheTa Sigma adds To iTs lisT oT civic and social acTiviTies. This year The Playboy Dance and The CharTer Day Tund-raising campaign headed The lisT oT addiTions. Among The TradiTional evenTs were The parTy Tor The Crippled Childrens' Workshop, The semi-annual pledge week wiTh iTs men in Tux. The annual W. C. Grubney Award, and Advisor The homecoming and reunion weekends Tor iTs alumni. TheTa Sigma is equally proud oT iTs honorary members including PresidenT James l-'l. l-lalsey, Dr. Henry W. LiTTleTield, Mr. AlberT A. Dickason, Dr. AlTred R. WolTT, Dr. Clarence D. L. Ropp, Mr. Francis Dolan, Dr. John GunTher, and Mr. George STanley. FraTerniTy members mainTain Their close bonds oT Tellowship upon graduaTion by becoming acTive in a sTrong alumni associaTion which was Tound- ed by The Tounders oT TheTa Sigma. The conTinued success oT TheTa Sigma FraTerniTy Trom iTs origin in i947 may be aTTribuTed To an unyielding devoTion To Tellow members and To The FraTerniTy name. L.-R. Front Row: William Herlihy, Joseph SchIachTer, John MeTcalT, Ronald Miller, Louis Hoyda, Roberf Lessner, Frederick Reich- erT. L.-R. 2nd Row: Vinceni' Falcone, David Elcsfrom, Phillip Bush, Roberi' Abel, Andrew Miichell, Charles DragoneHe, Charles Huesfis, Roberi' Wolfe, Richard Wright L.-R. 3rd Row: Andre Guilberf, Edward Coffey, Herberi' SwiTT, Rober'r Thomas, Richard Gill, Frederick Schempp, John STewarT. Sigma Lambda Chi OFFICERS Edmund Clarlc ..,..,,.,.,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Presideni' Fredericlc Pilce ...... ................. V ice-Presidenfr Jaclc Farrell .Av....... ...,,..., R ecording SecreTary Jerry SchwarTz ....... ..A. C orresponding SecreTary Richard LiTTon ,,......... ........,...........,,,.,... T reasurer Leonard lvlarinaccis ....................,... SergeanT-aT-Arms Paul Samuels. NaThan Lerner ....,.,.,... PledgemasTers Sigma Lambda Chi was organized in The Tall oT l9SO on The principles oT scholarship, Tellowship, and broTherhood. Since iTs incepTion, iT has en- couraged inTegriTy, loyalTy, and TraTerniTy regard- less oT race or creed. AdvocaTing leadership and responsibiliTy in The inTeresT oT The UniversiTy, members oT Sigma Lambda Chi have been associaTed wiTh The adminisTraTion in The inTegral growTh oT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT Through parTicipaTion in exTra-curricular acTiviTies. The eTTorTs oT iTs members To enhance The presTige oT The school have always sTood ouT as one oT The many Tine characTerisTics oT The FraTerniTy. The devoTion oT The FraTerniTy To high ideals expresses Their desire To achieve and accounTs Tor Their many successes. Sigma Lambda Chi has esTablished several pre- cedenTs which have become TradiTional aT The Uni- versiTy. STraw-haTTed, bow-Tied pledges, seen Twice a year on campus, and The annual dance held in April are synonymous wiTh Sigma Lambda Chi. L.-R. FronT Row: Nick Panuzzio, Richard LiTTon, Fred Pike, Ed Clark, Jerry SchwarTz, L'eonard Marinaccio. L.-R. 2nd Row: Alan ChrisTie, Milne Somers, Bill Serlin, H. Silverman, Malcolm Schuldiner, Ed Wolf, Tom Gilman, Paul Samuels, Howard Abner, BrenT Toll, George Rabinas. Ig.-IR. 3rd Row: NaThan Lerner, Sandy KaTz, J. SpiTalniclc, ErnesT LeviTT, Barry BlumenThal, Milne AlperT, Allan Freedman, HerberT oomon. P. 2 9 i Ll gg BET43 B2 7 L.-R. FronT Row: Al Haws, Bill Tiley, David Haas, Bill Nelson, Charles Zimmermann, Jaclc AuleHa, Mr. Tornillo. L.-R. 2nd Row: John Conley, Bill Bancale, Rice Ranaldi, Alan Biorlc, Bruce Doyle, Paul Taylor. Upsilon Beta Sigma 0 . OFFICERS , William Nelson .,............................. ......... P reSlClSnl' David Haas ................. ........... V ice-PresidenT Charles Zimmerman ...... ........,....,......... T reasurer William Tiley ............................ Recording SecreTary Dr. Norman Reid ..,...........,....,..,....,,,.,,...,....,,, Advisor Upsilon BeTa Sigma TraTerniTy was 'founded in I949, and aT ThaT Time was The UniTed BroTherhood SocieTy. lTs purpose was To promoTe a spiriT oT broTherhood and Triendship among people oT various creeds and races. Many programs were iniTiaTed To help achieve This purpose oT broTherhood. Included among These were The sponsoring of a number oT lecTures on broTherhood. During The year. I95I, The name was changed To The Greek leTTers oT Upsilon BeTa Sigma. IT was accepTed in The school as an acTive TraTerniTy, The purpose of broTherhood remaining unchanged. UnTil l956 The TraTerniTy was composed aImosT enTirely oT Engineering and lndusTrial Design sTudenTs: ho-w- ever, a serious and successful aTTempT was Then made To include member Trom all colleges oT The UniversiTy. UBS is conTinuing iTs many responsibiliTies on campus, dedicaTing iTs Time To The growTh oT The UniversiTy. The FraTerniTy is quieTly acTive, holding many closed parTies and The TradiTional UBS picnic aT The end oT The school year. WiTh The organizaTion oT The TraTerniTy revised and wiTh The help oT iTs TaculTy advisor, Mr. Merril- lees, Upsilon BeTa Sigma will soon be one oT The mosT highly regarded organizaTions aT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT. 4 -,- L ll L.-R. Fron+ Row: Sealed Salley Krieger, Helen Voss, Brenda Krandall, Barbara Nalepa, Sfephanie Berger, Toby Fuchs, Mrs. Lewis, Mickey Effer, Anne Freidman. L.-R. 2nd Row: Renafa Goefzl, Donna Neeclell. Ellen GFOSSFH-in. Lois Mefropole, Ilene Kellman, Alice Gereghly, Joy Lebowilz, Joan Kaplan, Rhoda Salz, Judy Resnick, Judy Kornblum. Phi Delta Rho OFFICERS Siephanie Berger ....,...................... .,...,.,., P residen+ Toby Fuchs .....e,... ...........A V ice-Presiden+ Renee Bologh ...... ...,....c..,.....,.,.,,r,. T reasurer Carole Sack ........ ...........c. R ecording Secrerary Barbara Nalepa .,... .,... C orresponding Secreiary Mrs. Lewis .,l...,..............,......................,..,...... Advisor Phi Della Rho, by advocaling leadership, friend- ship, and scholarship among irs sislers, has won Jrhe respecr of olher Universily organizalions and oil- campus groups. I+ is eviden? lhar 'rhese ideals are pul info praclice when The Sorori+y's record for lhe year is presenled. Crealive leadership has been displayed by The sisrers who represenl lhe Sororily in various exrra- curricular acliviries. Accompanying rhis cosmopoliran almosphere is a warm bond of sisrerhood rhal is Jrreasured even more. While rhe Sororily srresses scholarship rhe sislers claim lhar rheir "bullsessions" abour "Life - in general and in par+icular" have conrribuled more 'ro Jrheir educaiion lhan some of lheir courses. Sororily lradirions include a help week of pledg- ing, climaxed by a riolous pledge lrip, a rollicking parry. a symobolic. candlelighi ceremony al The Sound and a formal inirialion dinner. P.DR. lempers irs beloved alllicrion, "par'ry-iris," wilh charilable work for rhe communily organizalions 'rhroughour 'rhe year. Sigma Omicron Sigma OFFICERS, Chancellor .,.........,..... ........... R oman R. Violyn, Jr. Vice Chancellor .................,........., Myron Gwirfzman Scribe ....,........................................... David Hoffman Chancellor of fhe Exchequer ......,,,.,, Arfhur Alfman Equerry .....................................A.... Sfewarf Plofniclc Co-Advisors ........, ,.... A usfin Gi. Chapman, Jr. and Alphonse J. Sherman From I953, when ifs consfifufion was approved, fo ifs presenf dafe, Sigma Omicron Sigma Fra- fernify has moved fowards becoming one of fhe leading frafernifies on campus. Sfressing close fies in fhe frafernify ifself, fhe frafernify has lenf if- self fo small pledge classes and has achieved fhe ulfimafe in brofherhood. Sigma Omicron Sigma loolcs forward fo many successful affairs and sponsors an award fo U.B.'s mosf valuable afhlefe lafe in fhe spring. The fra- fernify fhis year won second prize for fhe mosf oufsfanding floaf during "l-lomecoming Weelc". L.-R. Froni' Row: Arfhur Alfman, Myron J. Gwirfzman, Roman R. Violyn, Jr., David A. Hoffman, Sfuarl' E Plofniclx Alphonse J Sherman. L.-R. 2nd Row: John Maguirlc, Joel Goldberg, Sid Kohn, Burl' Levinson, Sfeve Eisenberg, Phil Organ John Camera Kennefh Begel man. L.-R. 3rd Row: Richard Slcargeuslry, Sfan Pollack, Ed Lucas, Edmund Wolf, Ray Mencken, Marfin Lewis Vinnie Soccoll Pa1'Toma :SHE Chi Zeta Rho OFFICERS Gail Marks ................Q..... ....A........ ............., P r esidenT PaTricia LamberT ,,,...,. ,,..,,, ,,,,,, V i ce-PresiclenT Barbara Sanislo .,.,. .,.,,.,.,,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,. T reasurer Lenore Benza ...Q.... ..... C orresponding SecreTary DoroThy Capuro ., .....,..,... ......... R ecording SecreTary Jean Franchino, Penny l'ledges ........ PledgemasTers Miss Doris May .................,,.......,...,....,..,.,,.,., Advisor Chi ZeTa Rho sororiTy was Tounded in The Tall oT l955 upon The principles oT scholarship, leader- ship, Triendship, and inTegriTy. As one oT The new Greek leTTer organizaTions on campus, The girls have sTriven To live up To Their moTTo oT "happiness Through Triendship". ln keeping wiTh This dedicaTion, The members have creaTed beTTer undersTanding among people oT all races, colors, and creeds. By sTressing closer bonds beTween The UniversiTy and TraTernal organizaTions, The sororiTy has conTribuTed To The solidiTicaTion oT The UniversiTy Tamily. ln The pasT Tour years The sororiTy has grown Trom a small iniTial group oT eighT s'isTers To an organizaTion which now counTs iTselT among The Top groups on campus. PresenTing one oT The high- esT QualiTy PoinT RaTions on Campus, These lovely lasses in Powder Blue coaTs have also been very acTive in oTher organizaTions on campus. The big social aTTair oT The year came in The spring when The sisTers presenTed "The BeaTnick Ball", an annual dance which Took place aT Lenny's Wagon Wheel. Much oT The success may be aT- TribuTed To The new sisTers who were iniTiaTed inTo The sororiTy aT The end oT The spring semesTer. L.-R. FronT Row: Doris May, DoT Capuro, PaT LamberT, Lenore Benza, Barbara Sanislo, Mrs. John McKeon. L.-R. 2nd Row: Penny Hedges, Carol Hareliclc, Marion Prell, MollieTTa DePompa, Jean Franchino. T. :yn -mars-W 1 'yy nf s -- ,, , ,, ir , , gags T Y , Ragga Q? MQ -s -.-,.-fps, ,J M, ,N Q, A T, ..R.' f Ag I I l I L.-R. FronT Row: Sandy MeriThew, Janice Herscherihorn, Lolly Wifowslci, Crif Herr, Lee Grimes, Joan Tasavaro, Miss Marcia Buell. L.-R. 2nd Row: Dian Doda, DoT+y, STadler, Ru+h Mar'rin, Vi Clarke, Marlene FeTchero, Rosemary Sweeney, Barbara Feeley, Mary Lou Flannigan, Marilyn Krall, Jeanne Taylor, Linda Bruihuer, Nancy Yong. Beta Gamma , OFFICERS , CriT Herr .....,,.. ...,.,........,.,......,........,.....,. P residenT Lee Grimes .,......., .....,..................... V ice PresidenT Nancy l'lurwiTZ ......, ..,..,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,. T reasurer Rosemary Sweeney ..... .......,..,s R ecording SecreTary Lolly WiTowski ,. ........... Corresponding SecreTary Miss Marcia Buell, Mrs. KondraTovich ,....... Advisors BeTa Gamma was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT on April 8, I948. The sororiTy has The disTincTion oT being The TirsT on campus and The sevenTh Greek leTTer organizaTion aT U.B. From iTs Tounding. The girls who wear The black and green have held prominenT places in all phases of college liTe and have parTicipaTed wiTh enThusiasm in many communiTy acTiviTies. LaughTer and Tun were again experienced by BeTa Gamma during The social evenTs oT The pasT year. "ChaT 'n Chew" was The Theme Tor The pledge parTy. The annual open dance was again a blazing opening Tor The B.G. weekend. WiTh The purpose oT being a conTribuTing TacTor To a good communiTy, BeTa Gamma enioys helping insTiTuTions around This area. The sisTers lend a helping hand To l-lillside I-lome, The Red Cross, The l-learT AssociaTion. and oThers. All These acTiviTies live up To The ideals oT The moTTo "ViTa l'lonoris", a liTe oT honor. L.-R. Firsi' Row: Jon Van Hise, Alberi' Aurillio, Don Sumple, Don Spillane, Bill Neer, Fred Rowland, Richard Billilr, Joe Williams. L.-R. 2nd Row: Wal+er Barling, Erich Pe+er, George Clark, Pe+er Aid Hani Azzam, Clin? Moran, Herb Wafsen, Charles Brisfol. Missing from piciurez Marc Polcelr, George Hardman, Donald Bossa. Donald Spillane Don Sumple .,.. OFFICERS Bill Noer a...,...... Fred Rowland ,,..,.,,,,,,,., Charlie Brisrol ,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,, Mr. Allen, Mr. Kendall lpha Delta mega Vice Presidenl' Presidenl' Treasurer Scribe Hisiorian Advisors One of The smaller frarerniries on campus, Alpha Della Omega. has chosen 'ro remain This way, be- cause of Their desire To remain selecr. Since The founding of The frarerniiy in I947, The group has been known for Their close-lcnir service 'lo The school and rhe communiry. This is besr illusrrared by The Fralernily moiio, "Peace, Fraierniry, and Juslicen, a self expression which embodies The very spiri+ on which +he Fralerniry was founded. Socially rhe Traiernily hiis iis peak on The nighr of Campus Thunder when +he Firsr Niier Dance is held. A+ Thai lime all in alrendance voie for Their Tavorile acior and aclress. The winners are presenled Sidney awards. Chi Sigma Delta OFFICERS Presidenr ...........,...........,..,.,...,,..,.,,,,,, Parricia Griffin Vice Presiden+ ...............,. ........ C arole Breen Recording Secreiary ,......,.. ,,,,,,,,,,, P airicia Duffy Corresponding Secrerary ..,...,.,.,,,,,, Sylvia Pirozzoli Chi Sigma Delia had iis charier accepied in February, I955. H was founded To promoie chariiy, scholarship, and fellowship among all siudenrs, re- gardless of race, color, or creed. The sisiers of Chi Sigma Delia have speni' many hours in helping var- ious charirable organizarions raise money during Their seasonal drives. They have also assisred Jrhe Uni- versiry in i+s efforis +o grow as a unified communily. During pledge week, prospeciive members may be recognized by Jrheir iradirional red slciris, whi+e blouses. and red caps. Along wijrh Chi Sigma Del+a's full sororily work load is combined an inreresfing social calendar dur- ing Jrhe year. A dance and many week-end pariies head The lisi. Our advisor, Mrs. Vander Kroef, has been of greai assisiance in all of our underialcings. Chi Sigma Delia denoies ioy. wisdom. and iusiice. L R Fron'I' Row Barbara Llfavp Sylvia Pirozzoli, Pai' Griffin, Carole Breen, Joan Meyers. L R Zncl Row Leah Orlm Lorrie Jackness, Joan Lischke, Ann RozeH, Carol Henry, Ann La Barre, Gail O Ken 'G-29' CHI SIGMA DELTA if T. Q Tracy SmiTh ..,..., RoberT STumpelc Charles Carchida Alpha Gamma Phi OFFICERS PresidenT Vice PresidenT Treasurer Michael FeTT1g ........ .....,........ R ecording SecreTary Red Springer ...,...... Mr. KondraTovich Corresponding SecreTary Advisor In The laTer monThs oT I947, a group oT veTerans uniTed To Torm a social TraTerniTy Tor The purpose oT promoTing peace, chariTy, scholarship., and Tellow- ship among all men, irrespecTive of race, color, or creed. The name of The new organizaTion was Alpha Gamma Phi. Since Then The broThers have sTriven To hold These principles successfully. This year saw The AGP Sword and Shields Dance surpass all oT iTs previous realizaTions. Once again during This dance AGP sponsored The crowning oT The Homecoming Queen. ln The spiriT oT ChrisTmas, The broThers oT AGP opened Their hearTs To The needy and aTTempTed To bring happiness To an unTorTunaTe Tamily Through Their unselTish generosiTy. AlThough AGP was origin- ally organized as a social TraTerniTy, iT is TirsT and ToremosT our inTenT To improve our universiTy and communiTy. The loroThers are now looking Torward To The always "gala," and someTimes "rainy," spring picnic. L.-R. lsT Row: Mr. McKeon, Bill Springer, Bob STumpelr, Tracy SmiTh, Milre Fenneclc, Tom Thompson, Mr. KondraTaviTch. L.-R. 2nd Row: John Maieslco, Bob Dueula, Ralph King, Hal Hellerman, Bill RiTTer, Paul Feeley, Bob Grant Richard Fallman. L.-R. 3rd Row: Louie Bruno, BerT WhiTe, Joe Comunale, Jim Kirk, George Denoa, Bob Dveau, Eddie Walcen, Jack Coogan. 'xi' L R Is+ Row Mr Fenner Tom Cupo, Bob Laemel, David Marks, John Kovacs, Joel Englander, Wayne McDuffie L R 2nd Row Don Renien Daniel Joffe, Richard Weiss, Arfhur Jacobson, Ted Heller, Tom Riger Marhn Holperi' L R 3rd Row Sonny Esfrm Mel Klein, Carl Gardin, Michael Lich+ens+ein. Phi Omega Chi OFFICERS Presideni ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,..,.......,...,..... David S. ivlarlcs Vice Presideni ............... ..... J ohn S. Kovacs Recording Secreiary ..,........ ........... B ob Laemel Corresponding Secreiary ....... .......... J oel Englander Treasurer .,...,.,..,,.......,..........,.,.,.,.,. Thomas A. Cupo Sargenlr-a+-Arms ........,,.......,.,.... C. Wayne Mclluifie Since iis inceprion on rhe U.B. campus in I947, 'rhe broihers of Pi Omega Chi have been prominenl' on Jrhe campus scene. The P.O.C. men have held imporianl' posiiions and parjricipaied wiih enihusiasm in many phases oi campus life, including ihe Scribe, Srudeni Council, lnieriraierniiy Council, and Social Aciiviiies Commiiiee. On Ocioloer IO, IQS7, lovely Susan Kadar was presenired as ihe Sweerheari of Jrhe irarerniiy ai Jrhe Ilih annual successful dance. The pledges, complere wirh green bereis. green bow Jries, and home-grown goaiees have lorighiened up Jrhe campus Jrwice ihis year. Anolrher highlighr was The inspiring rorch-lighr ceremony siaged ai ihe siaiue of P. T. Barnum. L.-R. FronT Row: George Moniaug, Fosfer Muzea, Mickey Donahue, Joe O'Brien, Roberi' Lesko, John Aslan. L.-R. 2nd Row: Vernon Cormier, Bari Maverick, Duane Shepard, William Darragh, Dick O'Grady, Tony Granger, Vifo Rallo Ai Palumbo, Ed Boi. L.-R. 3rd Row: Fred Dau'er, Eugene Glennon, BreT Maverick, Andy Morgo, Roy Bruno, Ed Caliendo, Ralph Papazian, Dick Frlfzen mega Sigma Rho OFFICERS PreSidenT ............. .........,........................ J oe O'Brien Vice PresidenT ...... ....... M ickey Donahue Treasurer .,.....,..,, ,.,... ,,,,.,..,,,,,,,, R o berT Lesko Rec. SecreTary ..o..,,,.....,...,..,..,...,.....,.,,.,, FosTer Muzea Omega Sigma Rho was TirsT inTroduced To The UniversiTy of BridgeporT in March, I957, and The TraTerniTy received iTs approved charTer on April 28, I957. Omega Sigma Rho was organized by TwenTy-one men To TurTher The principles of scholar- ship, broTherhood, and service. The TraTerniTy is novif composed oT ThirTy-Tive broThers sTriving To achieve This goal. In order To become beTTer known, Omega Sigma Rho held iTs TirsT annual "Spring Picnic" in May, l957, and iT has been conTinued ever since wiTh energeTic success. The oTher aTTair on The OSR calendar. which was The highlighi' oT The year, was The "Swinging ATTair". The broThers of Omega Sigma Rho are proud of The many posiTions in campus acTiviTies ThaT The broThers hold. The FraTerniTy has always been in- TeresTed in sporTs and always conTribuTes greaTly To The inTramural program. Iota Delta Pi IOTA DELTA Pl OFFICERS Presidenl ........................................ Roger Soderholm Vice Presidenl ..............,...,... ........ J oseph Bober Corresponding Secrelary ..,.... ....... J oseph Bober Recording Secrelary .........., ........ R oberl Pekar Frank Delvlasi Mike Wargo Treasurer .............,............. ........ Pledgemasler ....... ........... I-lislorian ,,,,,,,,.,, ,,..,.,,, J Oseph Trinidad Advisor ,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,...,,.,,,,, Dr, David A. Fields On March 2l, I958, a small group ol college sludenls mel in Alumni Hall on lhe Campus ol lhe Universily ol Bridgeporl lo lorm lhe lralernal organi- zalion known as "lola Della Pi" which on Oclober 8, I958 had ils conslilulion accepled by lhe l. F. C. lola Della Pi lralernily enlorces lrulh in lhoughl and in aclion lo oblain lhe highesl levels ol honor: lola Della Pi encourages iuslice and an undersland- ing ol lhe laws ol men: lola Della Pi symbolizes lhe concepl ol loyally lo lhe Universily and lo our lralernilyg lola Della Pi believes brolherhood lo be lhe mosl human ol humane lrailsg lola Della Pi considers lhe induslrious person as mosl valuable lo socielyg and in general, lola Della Pi expecls ils members lo lollow lhe conslruclive legacies ol pasl generalions and live up lo ils mollo ol "Non sibi sed omnibus." L.-R Isl Row: Dr. Field, Joseph Bober, Roger Soderholm, Frank Delvlasi, Roberl P'ekar, Frank Pagano. L.-R. 2nd Row: Gordon Cassano, Michael Wargo, Donald Osleyee, Kurl Plannkuch, lan Blank, Thomas Minolli, Taymond J. Lulr, Jose Trinidad. L.-R. 3rd Row: John Pellegrino, Gus Cherwon, Edward Fernandez, Donald Kaiser, Roberl Liskoski, Jerry Rookasin, Raymond Crowley Warren Delibro. Sports Cheerleaders When The boys oT The varsiTy Teams look back over Their many vicTories They cerTainly musT Think of The beauTiTul cheerleaders who led The sTudenT body in Their spiriTed supporT oT The Teams. ln mosT schools The cheerleading elemenT lacks The necessary supporT To make iT eTTecTive, buT aT BridgeporT everyone is proud oT The job done by The girls. PaTTy LamberT. capTain oT This year's group did a wonderful iob in leading The cheers and generally creaTing The enThusiasm necessary To carry The Teams To vicTory. Special crediT musT be given To Dian Doda Tor her excellenT display oT acrobaTics. l-lerel' l-lere! We all wish The girls conTinued success in The TuTure, especially since Dian will be back on The squad nexT year. Football The Purple KnighTs began Their I958 season under a heavy handicap. Coach KondraTovich Ios+ many valu- able members of The Team unexpecTedly This SepTem- ber. Tracy SmiTh, Vin Gloria and George Devon all of whom had seen acTion as Tullbacks in The previous year were unable To rejoin The Team This season. Dick WhiTcomb, Dave Quagliozzi, John Aslan, Don DeBella, Dick WrighT, PeTe BenedeTTi, Tom Cupo and Andy lvlorgo sTabilized The line This year. For The second consecuTive year George Dixon lead The Team in scoring and in yards gained. Dixon scored TifTy poinTs and was followed by CapTain Don ScoTT, who had 44 poinTs. Dixon carried The ball on I55 plays To gain a ToTal of IIO6 yards. l-le lead The EasT in rushing and was in The Top Tive of The naTion in The rushing deparTmenT, Tor small colleges. Dixon highlighTed his sporTs career by being picked Tor The small-college All American Team. Dixon Then sTarred in The OpTimisT Bowl game in Tuscon Arizona, reTurn- ing a kickoff Tor a 85 yard Touchdown. l-le is expecTed To conTinue his TooTball career wiTh The Green Bay Packers of The NaTional FooTball League. E YE? .3 7 92 L K '54s Y ,.-Yr, V -f YK i , xx TK L6 ' A - 11... .43 l. i A . . lay. r g - ' , T? - 1' I ' ' .cy ' fl - ,PV W ,f i ff If I . ' I . . 2 f ' A X .,., K jf 1 T 'T' L X M3 :M . Y. f , , . .nf . Hmm 1,3 , A . . Q 'S' i i 'V i gfiweu .Y Vi f' . rf " Y 138 ln The opening game oT The year, The KnighTs Traveled To NorThTield, VermonT, where They losT To The Norwich UniversiTy CadeTs, 24-8. The Purple NighTs bursT inTo a shorT lived lead in The opening quarTer oT The game as George Dixon Toolc The opening lciclcoTT and raced 95 yards Tor The TirsT U.B. Touchdown oT The season. Don boosTed The lead To 8-TO as he rushed Tor The Two poinT aTTer-Touchdown. BeTore The end oT The TirsT guarTer, however, Norwich had scored Two Touchdowns and esTablished The lead which They con- Tinued Through The game. Dixon was The chieT ground gainer wiTh I4O yards. The Kay men nexT played hosT To The very sTrong Lycoming College Team. ATTer a scoreless TirsT period, George Dixon brolce loose on a 37 yard run Tor The TirsT Touchdown oT The game. The Try Tor The poinT Tailed and aT The halT The KnighTs were in TronT 6-O. Lycoming Then scored in The Third quarTer, buT U.B. regained The lead when Donahue scored Trorn The Two-yard line. Lycoming Then came back wiTh a 75 yard lciclcoTT reTurn To Talce The lead and The ball game. AlThough The KnighTs losT The game, They again domi- naTed The play by rushing 275 yards as compared wiTh I73 Tor Lycoming. Dixon alone, who gained l74 yards by rushing accounTed Tor more Than The enTire Lycom- ing Team. Dick Donini and Duane Shepard conTribuTed Tine deTensive play. The Blue Devils oT New BriTain Teacher's College, The nexT invaders oT l-ledges STadium were compleTely ouTclassed as The KnighTs won Their TirsT game oT The year, 42-6. The Kay men scored Two TD's in The TirsT Two periods and. wiTh The aid oT a saTeTy, ' 1 1 f hi .3 if 3 F' 1, Q! 1 rf ,ffui vs. . 5 vr., X MTM led 30-O aT The halT Time inTermission. The KnighTs scored Two more Touchdowns in The Third quarTer as They wenT on To Their lopsided vicTory. lvliclcey Dona- hue, who compleTed 7 ouT oT I4 passes Tor a ToTal oT I48 yards, TogeTher wiTh ScoTT, The chieT running ThreaT, highlighTed The game. The KnighTs nexT played hosT To The l-loTsTra Col- lege DuTchman, one oT The besT small college elevens in This area. The DuTchmen Toolc an early 6-O lead in The TirsT quarTer and held This score unTil The lasT Two minuTes oT The game when They added Two more Touchdowns, raising The score To 22-O. Nine Tumbles made by The Purple KnighTs accounTed Tor our losing The game. Again The KnighTs ouT rushed Their opponenTs I9l-l53. l-lowever, l-loTsTra gained IO3 yards by passing as compared To U.B.'s 23 yards. AT SpringTield, lvlassachuseTTs The Tour-Touchdown scoring oT Don ScoTT TeaTured The Purple KnighT's 26-24 vicTory over American lnTernaTional College. The Purple KnighTs scored in all Tour periods buT had To come Trom behind To win. EnTering The lasT period The Kay men were leading I8-8. A.l.C. Then scored Two TasT TD's and added The valuable exTra poinTs To Talce a 24-I8 lead. AT This poinT ScoTT scored on a 54 yard run To Tie The score. The Try Tor Two poinTs was good as Tom Shea gaThered in a Donahue pass Tor The conversion and The win. AlThough The score didn'T show The one- sideness oT The game, The sTaTisTics did. The Purple KnighTs gained 309 yards rushing while holding A.l.C. To a mere 54. The KnighTs Then Travelled To Orange, New Jersey and deTeaTed The Vikings oT Upsala College. I4-8. The Kay men compleTely ouTclassed Their opponenTs as They rolled up 3I9 yards rushing as compared To 34 Tor Upsala. They led in TirsT downs I7-5. Upsala Took an early, eighT-poinT lead as They scored in The TirsT period. The KnighTs came back wiTh Two TD's in The second quarTer Tor The win. Donahue plunged Trom The one Tor The TirsT score. and Dixon scored The oTher on a 20 yard run ScoTT was The chieT ground' gainer wiTh l95 yards. The Torward wall deserves much crediT Tor This win. They were led by Ed Wakim, WalT Londergan, Dick Bonini, and ViTo Rallo. WiTh The hope oT going over The .SOO mark Tor The TirsT Time, The KnighTs Traveled To BosTon To Tace a good NorTheasTern UniversiTy Team. The Purple KnighTs were beaTen 36-8. The Kay men's chances were hurT because Don ScoTT could noT play because oT iniuries. Also, Dixon was hurT in The TirsT period and saw no acTion aTTer ThaT poinT. Coach KondraTavich's Torces nexT Traveled To W5alT- ham, MassachuseTTs and losT a rough game To The Brandeis Judges I4-I2. The home Torces scored laTe in The TirsT period To Take a 6-O lead. The KnighTs came back To go ahead in The second quarTer as Donahue scored on a guarTerback sneak. The Try Tor The poinTs 'TQ M ,, Z rw 91 . , Z , W v mf' " S X QWTS r"'wl f I T My 1 f ' , V - , s x .- f'-..-rgzn " SE' - T v:.L "' f','4,f, 9, 9' , 4 at ' ,V s ' .L Ds- ' xl T ' T A ,V ' ,,,,, 1 , N 33 ,T I " A KR. Q. in ,- M 5, ,: ,.uv1,.:14.5f- N , - T Y H ., elif' - - ! T fi" fy . so def, E, ff-Gffiji . . :sf j g ,. t,LR,k, g H - , : A! . f:f,'.:.f ' ' --V fi ' T ' , , :W wr' If Mtn. fviwafvf- -ff' zli-fi IQ. 'T' ' ali' 1, :if 1"+5?i'Lli - ,,s . ,T . Q f X , 1 , .V ,f iz , 1 8 X ,, wax , 4, mx V ::.,4,:v 1 N ,7 NJ gf , i.:::.- f ,f T fgy 77 fp, Q 0' ,, A ,en Q ., A, s. fr- , . fhi' EA, HQ., I KW N A ai 15- aTTer was good. and The UB-iTes were ouT in TronT 8-6 aT The half Time inTermission. Dixon scored on a 20 yard run early in The Third period To puT The Kay men in TronT I2-8. ln The closing minuTes of The game, Brandeis scored The game winning TD. The Judges had six Tries Tor The TD, as The UB-iTes were guilTy oT Tour consecuTive penalTies wiTh The ball on The Tour yard line. A Homecoming crowd saw The KnighTs lose Their lasT game oT The year, 42-20 To New Haven STaTe Teachers College. The Owls oT New Haven sTarTed TasT and scored Two TD's in The TirsT period To Take a I4-0 lead. The Purple KnighTs managed To gain a Tie by The Time The horn sounded To end The TirsT half. Shepard scored on a l6 yard pass play and Dixon wiTh a 40 yard run Through The enTire New Haven eleven. The Teachers were noT To be denied This win, Tor They came TasT in The second halT To win easily. Coach Kay will have a loT oT rebuilding Tor nexT year. He has losT his enTire baclcfield oT ScoTT, Dixon and Donahue wiTh The excepTion oT Tullbaclc Shea. The Torward wall will lose Shepard, Bonini, Communale, LediT, and Dowling. Bonini and Shepard have been The main sTays oT The line The pasT Three years and will be Tough To replace. Coach Bolo Di SpiriTo, aT The helm oT The Freshman TooTloall Team Tor The TirsT Time, Turned in a record oT Two wins, one loss and one Tie. Franlc Depaolo and Andy lvlorgo served as alole assisTanTs To Coach Di SpiriTo, who came To The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT aTTer sTarring aT Rhode Island UniversiTy. The Frosh opened Their season in a disappoinTing Tashion, dropping a close 8-6 decision To The Treshmen oT l-loTsTra. The junior KnighTs ouT-rushed and ouT-passed The DuTchmen louT Then could noT Tind The winning com- binaTion To puT TogeTher a poTenT scoring aTTaclc. In Their nexT encounTer, The yearlings soundly Trounc- ed New Haven STaTe Teachers Junior VarsiTy, I6-O. ln Their nexT l:naTTle The Junior KnighTs Tangled wiTh Dean Junior College Tor Their TirsT home appearance. A consTanT downpour boThered The scoring aTTacl4 oT boTh Teams, as The game ended in a scoreless Tie. Tom CelesTino, The oTTensive sTar oT The game. goT oTT Two long runs. The line play oT Diclc ArmsTrong and Jim SmiTh conTained The Dean aTTaclc. The Frosh ended The season on a winning noTe. sTop- ping The Aggies oT Long Island 22-O. In This game we gained a good insighT inTo whaT we may expecT oT These players when They come under The wing oT Coach Kay on The varsiTy level. Coach DispiriTo Tormed a win- ning combinaTion and puT TogeTher a solid scoring aTTaclc along wiTh a sTable deTense. WalT Czelcai came inTo his own To aid CelesTino in giving The Frosh a one-Two scor- ing punch. We may look back on The season wiTh ex- pecTaTions oT TuTure winning Teams Tor U.B. Freshman Football Cnce again, Coch John McKeon's soccer Team end- ed iTs season wiTh a winning record. eighT wins, Two losses, and one Tie. I958 marked The sixTh sTraighT year ThaT McKeon's Torces have had a winning season. This year The Team also broke Three U.B. all-Time records: The record Tor mosT goals scored in a single season wiTh 49: The record Tor mosT goals scored againsT one Team wiTh nine poinTs: The record Tor The highesT average number oT goals scored wiTh a 4.5 average. The Team was so ouTsTanding ThaT six men oT The sTarTing line-up were honored wiTh posT-season awards. Jim Kuhlman was picked Tor The TirsT Team oT The All-New England Team. l-lans Zucker and Co-CapTain Frank Wlassak were placed on The second squad, and EveriTT lv1erriTT, Nicholas l-laTzig, and John Maiesko won Honorable lv1enTion awards. The KnighTs began Their season wiTh a hard-ToughT, 3-I. overTime win over l-loTsTra College. They nexT de- TeaTed Fairleigh Dickinson UniversiTy and The UniversiTy oT l'larTTord. The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT l'-luskies proved To be very rough in handing The Team Their TirsT deTeaT, 2-I. BuT The Purple KnighTs bounced back To deTeaT BosTon UniversiTy, Lowell Tech, Clark UniversiTy, and Albany STaTe Teacher's College. Three oT These wins were shuT-ouTs Tor U.B.'s goalie, George DeiTer. NexT. The McKeon men ToughT To a Tie wiTh Yale Uni- versiTy. buT The Tollowing game wiTh SpringTield was a disappoinTing 6-I loss Tor The U.B.-iTes. The season ended when BridgeporT deTeaTed The CoasT Guard 4-2. On The season The Team managed To Tinish in a Tie Tor second place in The New England Soccer League wiTh Tive wins, Two deTeaTs. and a Tie. The UniversiTy oT ConnecTicuT won The League by virTue oT Their deTeaT oT BridgeporT. The KnighTs opened Their season wiTh an overTime win over The HoTsTra College DuTchmen aT Seaside Park. The visiTors scored early in The second period To Take a TasT, one-goal lead. WiTh less Than Two minuTes leTT in The TirsT halT. sophomore John Meiesko scored The TirsT goal oT his varsiTy career, To .gain Tor The McKeon men a halT Time Tie. The second halT was somewhaT The same sTory as The TirsT. and aT The end oT The regulaTion Time, The score read I-I. In The overTime period oT Ten min- uTes. The UB booTers sho-wed Their superior power as They scored Two goals, winning 3-I. BoTh goals were scored by John Coogan, who like Maiesko, was playing his TirsT varsiTy game. BoTh boys had been on The unde- TeaTed Freshman Team oT lasT year. Fairleigh Dickinson was nexT To invade Seaside Park and was shuTouT by The McKeon men, 5-O. Co-CapTain Frank Wlassak puT The home Torces ahead early in The TirsT period, as he scored Trom The righT-hand corner wiTh a 30 yard shoT. Maiesko accounTed Tor a 2-O lead by half Time as he scored his Third goal oT The year in The second quarTer. Hans Zucker, anoTher sophomore sensaTion, scored his TirsT goal oT The year in The Third period. and aT The beginning oT The lasT period The KnighTs were in TronT, 3-0. W'lassak and Zucker each scored Their second goal oT The aTTernoon laTe in The Tinal period. and The McKeon men were home, 5-O. The UB defense was greaT in This game, Tor The Fairleigh Dickinson Team managed only Tive shoTs aT,The UB neTs. NexT. The KnighTs Traveled To,HarTTord, and made iT Three sTraighT as They easily deTeaTed The UniversiTy oT HarTTord, 7-I. EveriTT MerriTT, The Team's leading scorer The previous year, puT The UB-iTes in The lead early in The TirsT period as he scored his TirsT goal oT The year. The home Torces oT The UniversiTy oT HarTTord Tied The game seconds laTer wiTh Their only goal oT The day. WiTh Tour minuTes leTT in The TirsT period, Frank Wlassak scored on a penalTy shoT. The KnighTs were now ahead To say. BeTore The halT Time inTermission, MerriTT scored his second goal oT The day Tor a 3-I lead. Wlassak and Zucker each scored in The Third quarTer Tor a 5-I lead. MerriTT now hiT The neTs Tor The Third Time in The game, and Coogan also scored beTore The game was over Tor a 7-I vicTory. The U. Conn. Huskies nexT invaded Seaside Park and emerged wiTh a hard-ToughT. 2-I win. IT was The TirsT loss Tor The UB KnighTs. The Huskies Took a I-O lead as They scored laTe in The second period. ATTer The halT Time inTermission The UB-iTes came sTorming back and managed To gain a I-I Tie beTore enTering The Tinal period. The only UB goal was scored by John Maiesko. WiTh only Tour minuTes remaining in The game, The Hus- kies scored The winning goal. The UConn goalie was superb in This conTesT as he came up wiTh 25 saves. The visiTors could manage only I3 shoTs aT The UB neTs. The McKeon Torces nexT played hosT To The BosTon UniversiTy Terriers and won easily, 7-O. All seven goals were scored by members oT The undeTeaTed Treshman Team oT The previous year. Coogan scored Three, Zucker Two, and Jim Kuhlman and Maiesko each had one To add To The UB ToTal. Goalie George DieTer had only Three saves and wiTh The aid oT subsTiTuTe goalie Joel Gold- berg's Tour saves The game ended wiTh anoTher UB shuTouT. ff""'x i 'lQ'.f'?' J , f ' . J ' .f Tx X ' If . W Q ,W ' .A,f Q A ig i i. , . is Xxx' Co-CapTain DeiTer regisTered his Third shuTouT of The year, as The KnighTs deTeaTed Lowell Tech. 5-O. Zucker scored early in The TirsT period and again in The second Tor a TasT 2-O, lead. Maiesko hi+ The neTs seconds aTTer Zucker's second goal, and aT The half The KnighTs were in TronT, 3-O. Wlassak scored laTe in The Third quar- Ter Tor a 4-O lead. Then Maiesko scored in The closing momenTs oT The game: The McKeon men had Their TiTTh win oT The year, '5-O. The KnighTs nexT Traveled To WorcesTer. Massachu- seTTs and deTeaTed Clark UniversiTy, 9-O. IT was The Third sTraighT shouTouT Tor goalie DeiTer: his TourTh oT The year. The nine goals scored also was a record Tor The mosT goals scored in a single game by any UB soccer Team. The KnighTs sTarTed TasT. and had a 6-O lead by The hall:-Time inTermission. This game was TeaTured by The Three-goal ouTpuT oT John Maiesko. The KnighTs nexT played hosT To The Teachers Trom Albany STaTe Teacher's College, and won easily, 6-I. Wlassak and John lvlaiesko scored in The TirsT period, and as The quarTer came To a close, The KnighTs were in TronT 2-O. Wlassak scored his second goal oT The aTTer- noon in The same period. and aT The halT The UB-iTes were in TronT, 3-O. The Teachers closed The gap early in The second halT as They scored Their only goal oT The day, buT The KnighTs wouldn'T be denied This win as MerriT'T and Coogan scored. and The KnighTs were in The lead, 5-I, sTarTing The lasT period. Kuhlman scored The lasT oT The UB goals laTe in The lasT period. Opposing Yale UniversiTy aT New Haven, The Purple KnighTs and The Yale Bulldogs played To a l-I Tie. Yale scored early in The TirsT period and Trom +ha+ poinT on iT was enTirely a one-sided game in Tavor oT The UB-iTes. The KnighTs Tied The score in The Third period as Maiesko scored Trom The leTT side. The McKeon Torces managed 23 shoTs as compared To a mere nine Tor The Bulldogs. Springfield College. The number one Team in The counTry in I957. compleTely ouTclassed The KnighTs by a score oT 6-I. The Cvymnaslrs sTarTed TasT, and by halT Time They were in TronT, 5-I. Wlassak scored The only UB goal laTe in The second period. In The Tinal game oT The year. The KnighTs Traveled To New London and deTeaTed The sailors oT The CoasT Guard Academy, 4-2. The sailors scored in The TirsT period, To Take a one goal lead. Maiesko Tied The score by halT Time wiTh a shoT Trom The righT side abouT 25 yards ouT. The McKeon men broke The Tie in The Third period as Maiesko and Wlassak scored. Wlassack. play- ing his lasT game Tor UB-iTes, scored The lasT goal oT The season Tor The KnighTs laTe in The lasT period. The 'UB booTers won handily, 4-2. Frank Wlassak and John lvlaiesko Tied Tor The Team's leading scorer wiTh ll goals each. NexT came l-lans Zucker wiTh 9. and John Coogan had eighT. Coogan also led in assisTs wiTh nine. Tollowed by Wlassak who had eighT. NexT year's co-capTains have been announced: They are EvereTT l'larT and James Kuhlman. l'larT, a iunior majoring in Physical EducaTion, has won varsiTy leTTers in baskeTball and baseball besides his soccer abiliTy. Kuhlman is a sophomore who was ouTsTanding Tor The Team and will be a welcome reTurn in The Tall. Under The able direcTion oT Dick l-lungerTord, Spring- Tield All-American, The Frosh Soccer Team compiled an impressive 6-I record. The Junior KnighTs opened The season on a winning noTe, whipping a deTermined T-loTsTra club. 3-O. Bob Dikranian opened The scoring Tor The season by booTing home a goal in The early minuTes oT The TirsT period. Bob Churilla and Jerry Lessner added insurance goals in The second and Third periods. The Frosh experienced Their only loss oT The season in The nexT conTesT. dropping a 3-O decision To The LiTTle Elis oT Yale. The l-lungerTordmen goT back on The winning Trail by soundly Trouncing Chesire Academy. II To I. Bob Dikranian pulled The haT Trick plus one, scoring an un- believable 4 goals. Goalie Mark Ward accomplished a once in a liTeTime TeaT Tor a goalie by breaking inTo The scoring column. The Junior KnighTs conTinued Their winning ways by Freshman Soccer Taking Their nexT conTesT againsT MilTord Prep 3-O. The highlighT oT The season came as The KnighTs upseT The highly-TouTed Army Plebe Team by The score oT 2-I. Bob Dikranian and Jerry Lessner led The KnighTs' scoring aTTack. The deTensive play oT Bruce Jano and Mark Ward was ouTsTanding. The Frosh compleTely ouTplayed The Army Team and broughT home one oT The prized vicTories oT The UniversiTy's aThleTic program. The Junior KnighTs romped over Danbury Teacher's College by a score oT 3-O. Dikranian showed his poTenT scoring by collecTing Two goals. The Frosh ended a successTul season by Taking a close 2-O decision over The Treshmen oT Wesleyan. The de- Tensive eTTorTs of Ward and Jano were rewarded by The achievemenT oT The TourTh shuTouT oT The season. Coach John McKeon can look wiTh a smile To nexT season as he has some very promising sophomores To aid a junior laden club ThaT will help keep UniversiTy soccer in The limelighT and on a winning level. Xtiiisff ff 31 is iv .. wi . filfsl ss..f!5?l9,W5!li.QIijTli iw Wfsil if W y . i 'A 'Q' , Q f,f., i' T 1 i 35 T vks a - 9 .T filo fri 1. ' 14,5 . X gg if 15 J .,,,.' .lm A - ' W if 'T Y' . ,gs V ,va T . ...,, . V , .. . x-:VAA g ,cv I T T if if B ' U Y l 3 ...i-iiqk Basketball The varsify baskefball season opened wifh an air of gloom. Coach Glines had losf his scoring ace Hal Heller- man fhrough graduafion and was leff wifh a feam fhaf was comprised of iuniors. To add fo Dr. Glines worries nof a player was over 6'4" in heighf. Jusf prior fo fhe sfarf of fhe season playmaker Tony Granger was hobbled by a leg iniury fhaf was fo keep him inacfive for fhe firsf half of The season. Dick Whifcomb. who was a sfarfer in fhe I957-58 season, was nof able fo ioin fhe squad eifher. Despife fhis dismal ouflook fhe Knighfs opened fhe season in grand sfyle by beafing a highly favored Yesh- iva af fhe UB gym. Bobby Laemel led fhe Knighfs in an up-hill fighf by scoring wifh his deadly one hand iump shof. Transfer sfudenf Jim Romanello did a fine job in feaming up wifh Jumping Joe Collello in confrolling fhe backboards. Laemel was fop scorer for fhe evening wifh a 35 poinf performance. The Knighfs fhen losf fheir nexf fhree games. ln fhe firsf game fhe Knighfs losf fo fhe Coasf Guard feam. a defeaf fhaf showed fhe definife disadvanfage fhaf lack of heighf can produce. Againsf Sf. Johns and Manhaffan Bridgeporf opposed fwo of fhe besf feams in fhe coun- fry. lf will be remembered fhaf Sf. Johns wenf on fo win fhe Nafional lnvifafional Tournamenf. The Knighfs gof back on fhe winning frail by beafing fhe Merchanf Marine Academy. Ed Wysocki showed some of his old form by chipping in wifh a neaf l8 poinf fofal. Ed was invaluable as he snared off counfless re- bounds. This seems fo be fhe sfory of fhe Glinesmen fhroughouf fhe I958-59 season. when fhe Knighfs were in confrol of fhe backboards fhe Knighfs usually were in confrol of fhe ballgames. The Knighfs dropped fwo more games fo Fairleigh Dickinson and Springfield fo run up fheir dismal record fo I-5. The Glinesmen in fheir nexf baffle hif fheir high poinf fofal for one game when fhey roufed Brooklyn College I I4-fo-80. The Knighfs sef a new scoring record for fhe Universify by smashing Brooklyn. lf will be re- membered fhaf in lasf year's Brooklyn game Hal Heller- man mef wifh a brufal beafing from fhe Brooklyn fans: 'rhis game proved fo be a fiffing revenge for fhe Bridge- porf five. The Knighfs fook some of Hal's pain away by amassing over a hundred poinfs wifh six men in double figures. Scoring honors wenf fo Bob Laemel who garner- ed 29 poinfs. The Knighfs kepf on fheir hof sfreak by downing AIC. Bob Laemel kepf his hof hand by scoring 33 poinfs sro lead fhe Purple Knighfs once again. Affer losing fo New Brifain, fhe Purple Knighfs roufed Brook- lyn Poly in a warmup filf for fwo of fhe mosf imporfanl' games of fhe season wifh Sf. Francis and arch-rival Fair- field. Jumping Joe Colello regained some of his old form by leading fhe Knighfs 'ro fhe uosef vicfory over highly-rafed S+. Francis. If was an up-hill fighf wifh fhe Knighfs pulling ahead in fhe fourfh quarfer fo win going GWGY. WiTh This sweeT vicTory over ST. Francis. BridgeporT seemed ready To do baTTle wiTh FairTield. AnoTher brighT noTe was The reTurn oT Tony Granger To The squad Tor The TirsT Time This season. The KnighTs iumped oTT To a quick Tour poinT lead in The opening minuTes oT play due largely To The Tine shooTing oT Colello. The STags bounced back in The second half To Take a commanding lead ThaT The KnighTs Tried in vain To overcome. ATTer The game, iT was learned ThaT Ed Wysocki had played despiTe a painTul iniury To his index Tinger on The righT hand. IT was This Type oT Team spiriT ThaT more Than made up Tor The lack oT heighT problem ThaT The KnighTs suTTered all season. The Fairfield UniversiTy Team also did an excellenT job in boTTling up BridgeporT's scoring ace Bob Laemel. ATTer breaking Tor The mid-year exams. The boys reTurned by soundly beaTing The UniversiTy oT l'TarTTord. The KnighTs Then wenT inTo a period ThaT saw Them lose Three ballgames by a ToTal of seven poinTs. During This hearTbreaking period The KnighTs played Their TinesT baskeTball of The season only in a losing cause. Bob Lazar was on a scoring spree in This Time along wiTh The able shooTing oT Laemel and Romanello. The Glinesmen in Their nexT encounTer beaT l-lunTer College in New York and Then losT To New Haven and ST. Anslems. In Their lasT Three games The KnighTs played The kind oT baskeTball ThaT can be expecTed oT Them nexT season. The Glinesmen Then upseT LIU and walloped Clark UniversiTy. The season came To a glorious end when The Purple KnighTs downed Their arch-rival Fair- Tield. lT was noT an easy win Tor The KnighTs who came Trom behind several Times To beaT The STags. Probably The mosT memorable shoT of The season was The lasT shoT oT The season ThaT gave The KnighTs vicTory. WiTh The score Tied aT 84 all. Ed Wysocki came Trom nowhere To sink a hook shoT and bring The KnighTs a mosT deserv- ed win. WiTh Tive reTurning seniors Coach Glines can look Torward wiTh a brighT ouTlook Tor nexT season. WiTh Bob Laemel, who broke The individual season scoring record OT The "lron Horse" Lou Saccone. back The KnighTs should supply UB Tans wiTh inTeresTing and winning bas- keTball. One oT'The saddesT noTes of The season is The loss oT veTeran ballplayers George DieTer and CapTain Chuck MiloT, buT since These are The only Two leTTermen who will noT be reTurning Coach Glines looks Torward wiTh opTimism To The I959-60 season. QW 'QQ , 4 ' f'f'f-L' cfs ' 'fel -L-L ' wil IE W Freshman Basketball Coach Gus Seamen, one oT The UniversiTy's all Time baskeT- ball greaTs, began his second season aT The helm oT The Junior KnighTs. The KnighTs were made up largely of Tormer local high school sTars who decided To go To college in Their own home Town. The Junior KnighTs opened The season in impressive Tashion by reeling oTT Tour sTraighT wins. Deacon Dan lvlorello, Jerry Sysmanski and Joe Yazinslci were The leading scorers in This hoT sTrealc. Coach Seaman's charges losT a hearTbreaker To Fairleigh Dickinson Frosh in one oT The TinesT games played all season. A ToTal oT T92 poinTs were scored in This conTesT. Dan Morello was high man Tor The Junior KnighTs wiTh a 25 poinT ToTal. The KnighTs won six ouT oT The nexT eighT games. Seaman's boys Toolc The measure ouT oT such Teams as New BriTain, l-larT- Tord UniversiTy, and New l'laven STaTe Teachers' College. ln The game againsT New I-laven The Junior KnighTs ran up a ToTal oT 98 poinTs, a season high Tor The Frosh in a winning conTesT. The leading scorers in ThaT conTesT were Joe Yazinslci, Sysmanslci and CapTain Jim Moran. The KnighTs during The hoT sTrealc losT To Adelphi and The FairTieid Frosh. I Again The KnighTs wenT on a winning sTrealc Taking The spunlc ouT oT The Wesleyan Frosh. DuTehess College, lv1ilTord Prep, and The Y SporTmen. The KnighTs Then dropped close decisions To The Yale, Iona and Fair'Tield Frosh. The l3airTield game, played aT The UB gym was one oT The TinesT games seen aT The new gym. The conTesT required a Triple overTime To decide The ouTcome. The KnighTs came Trom behind Time and Time again To Torce The STags inTo The Third overTime period The KnighTs losT The services oT Dan'Morello and Joe Yazinslci which proved To be TaTal because oT The lack oT a scoring punch. ThroughouT The conTesT Jaclcie Burns kepT The KnighTs wiTh range wiTh some long seT shoTs. The KnighTs ended The season Tor Coach Seaman wiTh a very Tine overall record. Therfine TalenT was developed This year will cerTainly be oT use To Coach Glines in The nexT Three years To come. : 1 50 When The cry of "Play ball" was TirsT heard aT Sea- side Park by The members of The UB baseball Team, an apprehensive air of Tension hung over The squad. The UniversiTy ol: BridgeporT had noT done well over The year in maior varsiTy sporTs. and iT seemed raTher ridiculous To hope Tor much Trom The baseball Team. Nobody lcnew iusT whaT Coach Bob DiSpiriTo would do wiTh his young and inexperienced players, buT characTerisTically everyone remained quiTe opTimisTic. As we now review The ToTals of The I959 season. we realize ThaT Their opTi- mism was well Tounded and ThaT The UniversiTy of Bridge- porT made a good invesTmenT when They hired Coach ln April, The Team made iTs debuT, buT in raTher a dis- appoinTing Tashion. Leading The whole game unTil The 9Th inning, The KnighTs were overTalcen by The LIU Aggies, who came up wiTh Two big runs. Laemel and Giampaolo were The baTTing sTars Tor BridgeporT, and piTcher Bob Budd Toolc The loss. The nexT game wiTh l-lunTer College was again de- cided in The lasT inning. buT This Time The versaTile baT of John Aslan provided BridgeporT wiTh iTs TirsT vicTory, 5-4 Bernie Depace wenT The rouTe Tor his TirsT vicTory. On April I5, Bob Budd made his TirsT sTarT by Turn- ing in a sTerling Tour hiT perTormance. The KnighTs were unbeaTable as They collecTed ThirTeen hiTs Tor nine runs. allowing The opposiTion only Two runs. The BridgeporT aTTaclc was again led by Laemel, Aslan, Granger. and Giampaolo. Baseball f ' 'T-M H gpg , 1, Z Af'-? Q " I 1. ' Z, ' sim v , , , X t wi G Nm M f I TW Q T ,wa y T ,gs as V l X! I -if X I U ,5' WW , X QQ g . MA , KX! rg bk: f ,Q sk as In M T' . , S12 . S I A . ei T' f Y 'W 3 A 3' ,fb gg , f if , ' Hffiif , 1 f gr: T X 1 1 s"' T Q , rf-T 5 , T no ' 'T T f - , zz T' ffl U K f 1 1 "5 sf . -- wywww- ' .. ' A H . ' 'ri ' ff f riff- T T A f TG A .. ff .. , 1, , ,,, ,V X , . ,g , ,A H ,, fl, Y M, , s ' ' f f .f .s , f ' A 's -Q22 T -. . X may I ff.. C ., Wa, ,. . -, - 2 i ' x 'Pi +L, Q al ' ' -z .5,,-,,- :-,R-,mg -. .fl 'i-ug..-1 -' .ww , .11 4 f 'a li-ff"s'3'fl?ig . .. . V... -Vg--T..-.sffffm On April I7. The UB-iTes were rained ouT Tor The Third Time This season when The Providence College game was posTponed. The lay-oTT proved TaTal as The KnighTs losT Two ouT oT Their nexT Three games To New l-Taven, 9-6 and SeTon Hall. 8-4. Wedged in beTween The losses was a sparlfling vicTory over an inepT l-larTTord UniversiTy Team. I8-O. ln This conTesT The KnighTs collecTed I9 hiTs. Laemel drove in 5 runs wiTh a single, double, and a home run. On April 30, The KnighTs Traveled To The Hair CiTy To meeT a good Danbury STaTe Teacher's College nine. Bernie Depace, in his second compleTe game oT The year, ouT-piTched The Danbury ace, as The BridgeporT hiTTers eked ouT a close 2-I vicTory. BridgeporT's overall season record now sTood aT, 5-3. Clark UniversiTy oT WorcesTer. MassachuseTTs nexT invaded Seaside Parlc, buT The long Trip was in vain, as The Purple KnighTs collecTed seven runs To beaT Clarlc. 7-3. A Three run ouTbursT by The visiTors in The 9Th was The only sTain on an oTherwise perTecT game Tor The KnighTs. TN-A-. The Tollowing Two games wiTh Fairleigh Diclcinson UniversiTy and American lnTernaTional College ended wiTh UB adding To Their winning season. The KnighTs were now moving along smooThly wiTh beauTiTul piTching and a poTenT hiTTing aTTaclc. ln These Two games The KnighTs collecTed TwenTy-Three hiTs. On May I2, SpringTield College ended The KnighTs' Tive game winning sTrealc wiTh a 5-4 vicTory. TT was a biTTer deTeaT Tor The Purple warriors as They led in The 9Th by a 3-I score. Then The rooT Tell in and KnighTs were saddled wiTh Their TourTh loss. DiSpiriTo's men did manage To come back wiTh one run in The boTTom oT The ninTh buT iT was noT enough To beaT The lv1assachuseTTs nine. Wednesday. May T3. The big game oT The year was held wiTh FairTield UniversiTy. As usual The biggesT crowd oT The year wiTnessed The conTesT. WiTh Bob Budd piTch- ing. The KnighTs Toolc an early lead, buT in The TourTh The STags scored Three big runs wiTh The aid oT Two cosTly BridgeporT errors, To Talce The vicTory by 4-3. BridgeporT could noT pull iT ouT. The mosT ThaT can be said Tor This W game in behalf of The BridgeporT Team is ThaT iT was a Typical Fairfield-BridgeporT game. Bernie Depace, Two days laTer. puT The KnighTs back on The winning Track wiTh a 6-I vicTory. IT was a well piTched game and again The KnighTs sTole Tive bases. The nexT game wiTh l-loTsTra College was also anoTher vicTory Tor BridgeporT by a 7-I score, buT againsT The Rider College nine, The UB-iTes looked miserable in los- ing, 3-I. While collecTing Il hiTs, The KnighTs managed To hiT inTo Two cosTly double plays and sTrand I I men. The Tinal game oT The season againsT TriniTy was also Tragic, as The KnighTs losT To a good Team by a score oT 5-I. This Tinal game was a hard way To end The season. buT cerTainly noT indiciTive oT The Team's overall record. When The ToTals were compuTed. The record showed a credible eleven wins and seven losses. The KnighTs aT Times showed some specTacular baseball abiliTy, buT cosTly errors and The loss oT many one-run games marred The record. WiTh iusT a couple of breaks in The righT places, an oTherwise good season could have been a greaT season. Only in The TriniTy game did The KnighTs really Teel The pressure oT a beTTer squad. ln hiTTing, Johnny Giampaolo capTured The baTTing TiTle wiTh Twen- Ty-eighT hiTs in sevenTy Trips To The plaTe Tor a smashing .400 average. Laemel Tinished in The runner-up posiTion wiTh TwenTy-seven hiTs in sevenTy-nine Times aT baT Tor a .342 mark. Ralph Papazian and Bernie Depace had The besT piTching records, buT The work oT Ralph King and Bob Budd was also insTrumenTal in providing Coach Bob DiSpiriTo wiTh The winning combinaTion. . Xi x JE ...I . 3 I Y ' .6 ' 2"' +f' 5 ' FF Wx ' , ' mi gb , 1- -' 1. x- - Vx 3? 3,- AV 'sg , - 'ML 1 I rar' ' if 154 Freshman Baseball Under The guidance of Coach Fran Poissen. The Freshman baseball Team compiled a credible 6-3 record Tor The T959 season. On April I5, The squad opened iTs season wiTh a hearT- breaking 6-5 loss aT The hands of a well-balanced Yale nine. The yearlings Then Took The nexT Two games Trom TriniTy and Milford Prep, before being handed Their second deTeaT by WorcesTer Junior College. The BridgeporT nine Then shuT-ouT Their nexT Two opponenTs, New l-laven and Mihcord Prep. Two days laTer The Wesleyan Junior-varsiTy handed The Frosh Their Third and Tinal deTeaT. ln The lasT Two conTesTs BridgeporT prevailed over The Army Plebes and W'orcesTer Junior Col- lege. Besides having a good over-all record, The sguad also showed Their poTenTial by scoring 92 runs in 9 conTesTs wiTh only 48 runs againsT. All The deTeaTs were by a one-run margin and The piTching sTaTT had Three shuT-ouTs. IT The boys pro- duce as well Tor Coach De SpiriTo on The varsiTy squad nexT year, BridgeporT should have a winning season Tor many years To come. Track Wi+h WalTer KondraTovich back as coach Tor The TenTh year, The Track Team prepared Tor iTs I959 season. UnTor- TunaTely The weaTher did noT hold and The Team was only able To geT in Three meeTs. George Dixon and Don ScoTT were elecTed co-capTains Tor The year. Even Though The win-loss record was one win and Two losses The True poTenTial oT The Team came ouT in The lnTer- collegiaTe ConTerence Track lv1eeT in which The UniversiTy of BridgeporT placed TourTh in a Tield oT 30 schools. In This meeT Dixon won Two medals as he came in second in The broad jump and high jump and Harold KenT came in second in The shoT puT. This was a year Tor breaking records and The Tollowing school records were seT during The shorT Three-meeT season: George Dixon seT Two school records in The broad jump and high jump. In The broad jump Dixon hiT 22 TeeT and 6 inches, while in The high jump he reached 6 TeeT 3 inches. Jim Kuhl- man broke The high and low hurdles record. OTher Top perTormers Tor The Track Team were Paul Feeley and Jim Mc- Gary. VarsiTy leTTerman and co-capTain Trom lasT year's squad, Dick WhiTcomb, was injured in The second meeT and was unable To parTicipaTe in The TuTure engagemenTs. The BridgeporT Team had some unTorTunaTe breaks be- sides The weaTher and W'hiTcomb's injury, buT were able To win one meeT during The year. This was a big win because iT was over FairTield UniversiTy. VicTory over The arch rivals soTTened The oTher Two meeTs againsT Adelphi and Fairleigh Dickinson which The Team losT. Freshman Track The Freshman Track Team again showed The spiriT ThaT will malce The good varsiTy Teams oT The TuTure. This year's sched- ule held down To only a Tew meeTs was TurTher wealcened by The posTponemenT oT several scheduled meeTs. On The season record The KnighTs came ouT wiTh a I-I win-loss record. Coach KondraTovich, who was also The menTor Tor The varsiTy squad 5penT mosT oT The year drilling The boys on Tundamen- Tals in anTicipaTion oT The TuTure. Jimmy SmiTh and Bruce Johnson were co-capTains and boTh showed Their abiliTy by winning many evenTs. The meeTs were againsT FairTield UniversiTy, which The boys losT by a small score and wiTh New Haven which The Junior KnighTs won in Tine Tashion. Coach Kay said aT The end oT The lasT maTch ThaT he Teels ThaT nexT year's varsiTy will be sTronger wiTh The addiTion oT many Tine Treshmen on This year's squad. 5 Golf 'a -.T .X , T ,X " x Gas, lv -Elf -1 160 . ix! The Golf Team had anoTher winning season under Coach AI Sher- man whose squads have never had a losing season This year's Team came Through wiTh a Tine record oT 6 wins. I loss and Z Ties. Lead by CapTain Ed Beardsley The BridgeporT golTers ended Their season in a highly successTul noTe by coming in TourTh in The MeTropoliTan lnTer- CollegiaTe GolT TournamenT in which They compeTed wiTh mosT of The larger schools in The area. Don Micklus and Ralph Howe ioined The Team Tor The TirsT year and proved To be valuable asseTs wiTh Micklus becoming The number one man as The season progressed. OTher players were Tony Saba- Tino, Dick Seiner, George MonTour, Nick Poppas and Don Brennen. Dick Moshow did a commendable iob as player manager. Impressive vicTories were scored over SeTon Hall and Fairleigh Dickinson. Our boys deTeaTed lona and New BriTain Twice. The sole loss came aT The hands oT a sTrong l'larTTord UniversiTy Team. Beside The wins, The Team gained Two Ties. one wiTh New l-laven and The oTher wiTh l-larTTord. fffbx "' f' 'f . .s -N. 55. Y.. '- -- " . -- , . -' - .. f c M . ,,,- A 1 - yirfxjik l ,.... . il. Q' s.,4f ,.J-g, v H 1 4' s ' ' ZJi3f?'jf3 , W , fs rpg f 1111 as .fig 'QS '11 if -S: f, i 4 4 5 4' ' X -i 6 a A Q -as 3 Q 4 Q P T vvffi4,,g B., ii yhgfgi g' ?," ings, ' If S 1 X ' w c 5 P! + , 'N i!'fl, qi ' ffsri:avg1,s.,q,,,i2y,w,1g,M,i,iif5" 971 4 w 1 g, 4 i,f,f4,a1gHi , Sf 3 S . 5 Q H sk X. "--iwgbgxkf as .5 Q Q s T 2 75-SFX-Swv m,,b4r4-aww 'fr ' YvV?e!4rfi,ffqiYg.,,5'fi W gg'fi'r!'?'ffsr? via f.s, ,, sfxifqi M 4X.,,,,,ff fa i, , , ' TS' ff fi If FHS as-,.?sg,5 9 vig'-iff mzfs mf,f44,fzv2h f 1 ' '3 ' ' 5 4 ! fix 5.5 if 'CG ,Mia Q 'iz f 2 M 1 f,,a,fqg,. ?!!,fj , 3 ivy, gg - ?'J'? AW--N as as excl QXXWT N uf 2 :if r iw V a r W :TSW . Q W sg' l'f!'!4fyr,, -f ffio af ffwpw Qwf f TY: fle x! T f 1 fffifiswfizafijaf if is s is ' mfs, " was " , M1 Qs sigma ,. M, x I . gg ik! ggi , fy A l . A cr., ,V VV: , Q 1 , , -V T uarfwayf, T, , .1 Mg-N ps , A ..., ,,, , , V . ,T ,NW , , L Q -f 5 X S3 M ,, , ' ' T' T J X r AK T. 4, wi. Tennis LasT year Tennis reTurned To The BridgeporT campus and This year showed more inTeresT, noT only by The players Themselves, buT by The sTudenT body as well. AlThough The win-loss record oT This year's Team was raTher poor. men and spiriT promise much Tor The TuTure. Plagued by a weT spring, The Team suffered seven deTeaTs. The highlighT oT The season was an impressive vicTory over The New I-laven squad. Player-Coach Charles l-luesTis led well his Tine Team all oT which will be back nexT year wiTh The excepTion oT Dick Moore and Charlie himself. John WrighT proved To be an ouTsTanding performer in his TirsT year on The sguad. Besides WrighT, Sandy KaTz, Jim Blue, and Lee Mislca have showed greaT promise. As The season progressed The boys improved and Man- ager Fred ReicherT summed up The prospecTive Tor The TuTure wiTh These words, "This year everyone saw promise, nexT year They will see acTion." 'WWW , vvvv i A ,- .A f 00.6.4 Q x .,,... 1 u 4? WZo'gg,3,f , Swv? , Y. 5 "f3,ff".,g Sc' 'Q-.5 N:-If? Of , ,,,, R , M l in Wm ,W Z I nk 'V' , K. 4 M as ff? f WN ax 2.1151 1. ni' mi.. G an T -4' . 'vx....,. 161 Women's Sports ! I 1 I l i A 44 fl I 51311 3 . A 1 mf'- 5 'NX X 111111 11 W Mx ' ,.,,,.f..v.- Q---A--v Q , 'T 1 fa 5 I ,LMA -A-a4h-- - f '1 --A A' f15ll!P'-A LETCTU Pl 10-Inu' :...:,:gg11g13g 1 :gii, f' - 11 , , elfflsii' I R e a d s exfends hearfiesf Congrafulafions TO THE CLASS OF '59 Four solid years behind you, a springboard info a world filled wifh quesfions filled wifh challenge. The fufure will be as YOU shape if . . . wifh lcnowledge belief, and skill. Our good wishes go forward wifh you in your career . . your fufure . . . your life. -N-it l A B S, if 2 S' i 3 x 'z . ' R . 3 2 i I I ' 1 5 5 l B 2 Q 5 . 5 J- 5 B r ie in 2 1 1 as B l 5 5 l Crown Budget Market Meals, Groceries, Dairy Producfs Frui+s, Vegefables, Beer The Sherwin-Williams Co. Painfs for all purposes including famous SWP house pain'l' S K -T D L 375 Park Ave.-Corner Gregory S+. Llxfirshaim Qfj, pigrfxe Eolson 3-7907 Kem-Glo America's Favori+e Enamel BRIDGEPORT, CONN. I009 Board S+. EDison 6-OI I3 Bridgeport Conn. ,f "i.... ,, W V.V. C ,, , X N , K, 4, . ,A W w , , X X J ,Q Z f , N 1: 'ff 2 ,, Q ,, NX ,,,,WW,f. f if ' W M 5' H, 9 ff X 5 "U' ? 1 f ESEZZZEL S555 if M355 Eiiwjllum 3:11 M 2 """A':1 X Y i Q f Qi52m Q4 ga ,.,: Q .A1 libi' 1--- - , 4 F WZ E5 LHSG X I f f " 4 W ,,,,, 1 E ' ,+s:: "'k:" 'fin ,,,, Q L "" X 3. - ,,.. 3 X x SENSE 35 2.632 JLME ENFQQ ETt, asf. ff x 0 5 Q X X X 5 ,X N .XX Xi. X x x X 'A X 5 X xx x X x . X 3 X X X X xx X V XXX x 'XX QXX X u XXX x E X lX x x , Q P . X x of l 5 ljxxxii ll! xxipf Hx ,N f 1 .1 X - do Q' if 'M 5X X . K X v- Q , M Y m M1 M ' N.. i sn , kN Nxxg - 'Q il. - J ., .., H Il X N "Ev S X Q X'X XX M M N A'XX ' "" ""7 do 5 X FH do do o 'N 2 l an i fy X Y. M-1 X e 7 5 . Em, 5552 5' 155- x P l l y e on A l' X 4 Q . 'N " ,. V 1'--W--W f-X' on f ef' ev- X -- we . , V Q " - Q- ' ' 5 I W. .. , 5 1 25, 3 , - " Y i A f . ' vi, I 2111 X. 4 Heiney g I 1 Q ' . ., , r V x 4 ---- - Y... Y W,4s fx' ,,,, ,, ,WW ,, ,rm ,A -,ww M 4 ' - Y e- "' -W Y qv , W Q? y nf 1 , Collins Phormocy C I, + F ompumenso In Black Roclx b 'FS Collins Uncle Bill's Diner For Prescriplions And 925 Sfaflfe Sh-eef Baby Needs Bridgeport Conn. 2804 Fairfield Ave. Edison 5-5669 BricIgepor+'s MosI' Exclusive NigI1I' Club HOME OF UB's SOCIAL FUNCTIONS DINE - DANCE - REUNIONS - BANOUETS - WEDDINGS VISIT US AND SEE FACILITIES ARE THE LARGEST AND MOST MODERN IN CITY PRIVATE DINING AND NEWLY DECORATED CAMPUS ROOM. Lenny's Wagon Wheel 7II Barnum Avenue - Phone Edison 5-36I4 -,,' Suv . an -s lm! I " lawafffq 4 '3- sl.- , fare.. 11 ' r' fa' 'nl up r- 'nv .H if v K r jxr'f,', H ,gf W ' .. 9 ll-IU, ' . ,,, x i ' , I . as - X4 . 'Q 5'-' ,, Nei .11 x , x dv? K K- 1 ,A 5 4: 'R V Q I' . g 'hr l 'PH- -K8 'U vb . V si '-Q I it I ff, ,fwvh 5-e?"" ' 1. P115 Q bn he C . . f Q MAJ ...,.,v- A 1 'Dafa - Af' -JV 'Z f'. 443, . . I Q." .Nu ,ILA ff ,J 4?+,J-iz . - ..., V, A M ilu? hffv- 1 :,.Ar., "-'C' -J mg ' f' C " V ,.,, E.:- Jckg -',-nnfid wx Q 1 n w.1.,,g . ..- ,fjn Moa. . , ' -t nl - H. .f 1 . " n Q51 -. - 1. Q , .ja- :W , b Vw , ww. - 1. . 11 ' p-1 1 ,M J -, -P 1 'ff'-BW. 1 A,- . S -sf. lx-,,. .,Q,e-1.92-' , g,.,:':-"T 7.-7 3. 345 ,a-424'-N--' ff . --,Ig infer 3,1 '-. -I-Tfwsg--ff "ha-"5 1-rib'-P 1 129 4? ,ff ':l.l "if A. x 4, ., 5 1 -F ,, 'F ,QF ' 1 -L,ij.'.. .,.1'ii'1., "f nf, 0 . 'f,., '.'3 f.x, I S Lis: ' ff' 'v"l--:fu M.. I ,-N. 5,515 '- G.. . ...- 'f-'-- -P-x-v ,. iq x Stas." . ,ff .373 ,".-P-'-49 ilvd: ' ff", ' gin .P - - ng.',s .-,,.f' -'Q-ff x Gi ii "wr 'Y'-x .4-. if - ' ,,,.:.. In .. , . .,.w ' 1 if' .. L' ' -1' l , - a ,IAWM g , 1. WN. X fx, X Q p ' 1. 1 . 1 Q A 'vap""vf W, " Q- 5- 2+ Q tl 0' 'r 55 "' 'c Q mat Q P CJ If I rj., so 'I 1 eg C mf,-:fvw'r' 1 Q, M. ' 'na Kami' ' imifvgr xxx , ' f hy: Nxxx Q Q' I K nl Graduation I 1 N l F I P N N l N W Q - r ' 2 1 L 2 4 I N , 1 , I Q ! i i l i I J 1 5 1 V J. 1 . b . ol 1 Ak, , , 's I ' 1 x. I J N- 1 X 1 173 Acknowledgements Each year iT is cusTomary To lisT The individuals who were noT on The WisTarian sTaTT buT conTribuTed To The publicaTion oT This yearbook. There are many people who have devoTed much oT Their Time, and undoubTedly some helpTul person will be omiTTed Trom The Tollowinq crediTs. Our Thanks go To everyone who has ioined in making The I959 yearbook possible. ln an eTTorT To save money The sTaTT relies quiTe heavily on The phoTography TalenTs oT Vic Muniec. ln This publicaTion a maioriTy oT The candids and sporTs picTures are selecTions Trom Vic's Tiles. Messrs. Murray Modick, Richard RoberTson and Jay Jan- neTTy are also To be complimenTed Tor Their eTTorTs. ln The sTudenT deparTmenT we wish To Thank Dian Doda and Chris TrimperT. Mary Lika and Mrs. l-loTchkiss, Trom STudenT Personnel, deserve much crediT Tor Their inTeresT and supporT. Our Thanks go ouT To The girls in Howland l-lall, and To Mr. l-lubbard and his secreTary, Mrs. WinTerburn. BUT Tor all The sTudenT help, TaculTy assisTance, eTc., The Tinal success lies wiTh The publisher-Bradbury, Sayles, O'Neill, l-Turley and Thomson. We wish To Thank VicTor O'Neill Tor his special help. The T959 WisTarian STaTT Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Directory HOWARD JEROME ABNER I33I E. 48th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor of Arts in Economics Activities: Sigma Lambda Chi I,2,3,41 Corresponding Secretary 21 Pledge-master 31 Intertraternity Council 31 Vice president 41 Hillel l,21 Sociology Colliquium 21 Secretary 2: Bridgeport Dav Alderman 21 Pi Gamma Mu 3. JOANNE MARY ALECHNOWICZ 68 Alanson Road, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Student Education Association of Connecticut I,2,3,41 Theta Epsilon l,2, 3,41 Vice President 31 Newman Club I1 Debating Society 2,3,41 Secretary 3, Presi- dent 41 Dean's List 2,31 Political Relations Forum 3,41 Campus Thunder 3,4. DONALD C. ALEXANDER 490 Lake Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design FAITH MARY ALLENBY I34 Glenfield Avenue, Stratford, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Theta Epsilon l,21 lnterfraternity Council 21 Phi Omicron Upsilon l,21 Newman Club I. ARTHUR ALTMAN 620 Hawley Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Omega I1 Hillel I,2,3,41 Freshman Week Committee 2,3,41 Sigma Omicron Sigma 3,41 Treasurer 41 Scribe 3,41 Business Manager 41 Beta Alpha 41 Pi Delta Epsilon 4. LOIS M. ANDERSON I0 Tremont Street, Milford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Theta Epsilon I,2,3,41 Corresponding Secretary 31 Freshman Week Com- mittee 21 Wistarian 2. JOHN F. ANGLACE JR. 255 Garfield Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Relations Activities: Society for the Advancement of Management 2,3,41 President 41 Student Council 41 Circle K 4. SHIRLEE ELAINE ATHERLEY 629 Drexel Avenue, Atlantic City, N.J. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies HENRY BADMANN 22 Jackson Avenue Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Hillel l,2,3,4. ALBERT T. BAINES I863 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education ROCCO C. BALDINO 82 Whippoorwill Lane, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design WILLIAM E. BANCALE 458 Second Street, Palisades Park, N.J. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Newman Club l,2,31 Upsilon Beta Sigma 3,41 President 3. GLENN WALLACE BANCROFT l260 Huntington Road, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society 4. LLOYD ELLIS BANQUER 66 Seaview Avenue, West Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Scribe 2,3,41 Copy and Photographer Editor 41 Pi Delta Epsilson 41 President 4. ARTHUR J. BARRIERE JR. 84 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, Mass. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Marketing Club 3,41 Secretary 41 Newman Club 3,41 Men's Senate 41 Secretary 4. CLAIRE PATRICIA BATES Airport Road, Dudley, Mass. Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Theta Epsilon I,2: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,21 Recording Secretary 2. VINCENT F. BATTLES 392 Blackstra Road Falmouth P . . Me- Bachelor of Arts in History Activities: Chorus 41 Men's Senate 41 Band ldancel. EDWARD BEARDSLEY 377 Kentucky Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Varsity Golf 2,3,41 Engineering Society 2,3,4. PETER N. BENEDETTI, Jr. North Providence, Rhode Island Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Varsity Football 2,3,1 Arnold Spartans 21 President 21 Sigma Phi Alpha 3,41 Treasurer ot Class 41 Student Council 4. ROWLAND H, BENJAMIN 80 Los Angeles Avenue, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Chess Club l,2,3,41 Engineering Society l,2. CHRIS BENNECHE I69 DuPont Place, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Chess Club 2,3,41 Engineering Society 3,4. LENURE ANNE BENZA 2I Fanley Avenue, Spring Valley, N. Y. Associate ot Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Chi Zeta Rho l,21 Corresponding Secretary 21 Woman's House Govern- ment 21 Recording Secretary 2. DELLA RUTH BERGER Hempstead Road, Spring Valley, N.Y. Associate of Arts in Fashion Merchandizing Activities: Social Activities Committee l,21 Hillel I1 Women's House Government 21 Maiorettes l. STEPHANIE ELISSA BERGER 285 Central Avenue, Lawrence, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Bridgettes I1 Hillel I1 Social Activities Committee I1 Phi Delta Rho 2,3,41 President 2,41 Chaplain 31 Interfraternity Council 2,31 Historian 31 Women's House Government 4. NATALE RALPH BISCIGLIA 2lO Greystone Road, Bridgeport, Conn. Bacnelor of Science in Mechanical engineering Activities: Student Education Association 3,41 French Club 3,41 Secretary 41 Epsilon EMMA J. BLANCH 5 Diamond Street, New Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education .... Activities: Student Education Association 3,41 French Club 3,41 Secretary 41 Epsilon Delta Chi 41 Helicon 4. JILL H. BLASKEY IBB Henderson Road, Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Srud e. EMANUEL P. BLOSIO 55 Blachley Road, Stamford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Activities: Industrial Design Society l,2,31 Varsity Track I,2. ELAINE M. BOBER 762 Shelton Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in Mathematics Activities: Choir 4. MARYANN BOCHNAK 40l Pearl Harbor Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: U.B. Student Nurse Association l,2,3,41 Treasurer 2,31 President 41 Connecticut State Student Nurse Association 2,3,41 Co-editor Newsletter 31 Cam- pus Thunder 3,41 Freshman Week Committee 3. EDWARD BOI I3 Bethal Street, Bristol, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Activities: German Club l,21 Treasurer I1 Newman Club l,21 Omega Sigma Rho 3,41 Social Chairman 4. DANIEL J. BOLAND I2 Lakeview Terrace, Derby, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Society for the Advancement of Management 3,41 Marketing Club 3,4. CAROL E. BORDEN I856 Main Street Stratford, Conn. Associate in Arts in General Education Activities: Campus Thunder l,21 Dean's List l,21 French Club I1 Psychology Society 21 Freshman Week Committee 2. JUNE PATRICIA BOROS 49 Joseph Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Associate in Arts in Graphic Design STEPHEN FRANCIS BOROWY B05 Artic Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha 3,41 Recording Secretary 41 Beta Alpha 4. EDWARD E. BORSOI l6I Spring Street, New Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Activities: Spanish Club 2,31 Marketing Club 3. MADELYN A. BOWEN I00 Ann Street, Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,21 Social Chairman 21 Newman Club l,21 Theta Epsilon l,21 Freshman Week Committee 2. RITA ANN BRALOFF 65 Lincoln Boulevard, Long Beach, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Education Activities: Hillel l,21 French Club l,2. NANCY LEE BRATTER Fort Hill Road, Scarsdale, N.Y. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Activities: Student Spirit 31 Women's House Government 3. ELI YALE BRELLO JR. 26 Pershing Avenue, Stamford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society 2,3,41 Varsity Soccer 2,3. DONALD C. BRENNAN 225 Ocean Drive West, Stamford, Conn. Activities: Beta Alpha 3,41 President 41 Social Activities Committee 3,41 Chairman 41 Newman Club 3,41 Varsity Golf 41 Political Relations Forum 4. LINDA JOYCE BRUCKNER 4I9 Beach l38th Street, Belle Harbor, N.Y. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Hillel I1 Phi Omicron Upsilon I,2: Beta Gamma 2. KENNETH ALBERT BRUDER I06 Reitter Street, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in Mathematics NANCY RUTH BUCK 282 Gulf Street, Milford, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,2, WENDY H. BUFFONI Pound Ridge, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Education RICHARD ROBERT BURGESS I54-02 Powells Cove Boulevard, Beechhurst, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Kappa Beta Rho 2,3,41 Pledgemaster 31 lntertraternity Council 41 Amer- ican Marketing Association 21 Gymnastics Team 21 Canterbury Club 31 Society for the Advancement ot Management 4. TERRENCE J. CALLAHAN 52 Newton Avenue, Norwalk, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha 2,3,41 Dean's List 3,4. DOROTHY OGDEN CAPURO 2I44 Freemansburg Avenue, Easton, Pa. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Chi Zeta Rho l,21 Recording Secretary 21 National Student Association 21 Secretary 21 lntertraternity Council 21 Newman Club 21 Maiorette 2. JAMES B. CASSEL I88 Medford Avenue, Patchogue, N.Y. Bachelor in Science in Business Administration Activities: Freshmen Football I1 Freshmen Track I1 Kappa Beta Rho l,2,3,41 Presi- dent 41 Newman Club I,31 Varsity Football 21 Varsity Track 2,3. GRACE L. CHANOVITT 535 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N,Y. Bachelor in Science in Education Activities: Scribe l,21 Hillel l,21 Publicity Chairman 21 Pi Delta Epsilon l,2,31 21 National Education Association 2,3,41 Connecticut Education Association 3,41 Student Education Association 3,41 Literary Society 31 Treasurer 31 Helicon 31 National Council of Teachers of New England 31 Dean's List l,41 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. JOAN MARIE CHEVALIER l089 Church Hill Road, Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Band l,2j Orchestra I.2. FRANK JOSEPH CHIAPPETTA 36 Aberdeen Street, Stamford, Conn. Bachelor in Science in Industrial Design Activities: Industrial Design Society 3,4. E. EDMUND CLARK 2I Columbus Street, Belle Vernon, Pa. Bachelor in Arts in Psychology Activities: Men's Senate I1 Scribe I,3,41 Sigma Lambda Chi 2,3,4: Debating Society 21 Mayor - Bridgeport Day 21 Freshman Week Committee 2,31 Alumni Hall Board of Governors 3,41 Board of Directors 41 Pi Delta Epsilon 3. ROBERT LOUIS CLARK 229 Jefferson Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor in Arts in Music CY R. COFRANCESCO 420 Washington Street, New Haven, Conn. Bachelor in Science in Industrial Design Activities: Industrial Design Society 31 President 3. 175 JOSEPH PETER COMUNALE .... .... . . 73 Berkeley Boulevard, Iselin, N.J. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Freshmen Football I5 Newman Club I,2,35 Arnald Maior's Club .I5 Varsiey Football 2,3,45 Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,45 Eastern States Collegiate .Weightlifting Champion I,2,35 Mr. University of Bridgeport I5 Men's Senate 25 National Weight- lifting champion 3,4, ROBERT H. CONVERSE 742 Cooper Street, Watertown, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ' CAROL LEE COOPERSTEIN I93 Wilson Avenue, Quincy, Mass. Associate in Arts in Dental Hygiene A - Activities: Hillel l,25 Phi Omicron Upsilon l,25 Campus Thunder 25 Student Spirit Committee 2. BIAGIO G. COPPOLELLA I00 Merriam Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration VERNON JOSEPH CORMIER JR. 7 Fyrbeck Avenue, Shrewsbury, Mass. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Freshman Basketball Manager 25 Arnold Maior's Club 25 Men's Senate.35 Omega Sigma Rho 3,45 Corresponding Secretary 3,45 Connecticut Education Association 3,45 Student Education Association 3,45 National Education Association 3,45 Newman Club 2,4. JAMES JOSEPH COUGHLIN 47 Nichols Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities Engineering Society 3,4. MARYANN RITA CUCCIA 606 Tennyson Avenue, Baldwin, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Social Activities Committee I5 Newman Club I5 Phi Delta Rho 2,3,45 Pledgemaster 35 Campus Thunder 3,4, ALICE PATRINE DABBS 67 Strobel Road Trumbull, Conn. Associate in Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha l,25 Secretary l,35 Parlimentary Procedure Workshop 2. LOUIS JAMES D'AMATO l203 Beverly Road Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Newman Club 45 Men's Senate 4. MARY THERESA D'AURIA 498 Race Brook Road, Orange, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene SAMUEL J. DEASO I03 Indian Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society 4. I BERTON E. DELAMATER Stone Ridge, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Alph Phi Omega I,2,3,45 President 45 Varsity Track 25 Economics Club 3,4. RITA M. DELLACA 2l7 Kensington Place, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Alumni Committee on Evening Student Activities 25 Phi Theta Kappa 25 Dean's List 3,45 Helicon 45 Wistarian 3,45 National Education Association 4, GEORGE W. DEVAN I48 Orland Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Alpha Gamma Phi I,2,3,45 Freshmen Football I5 Varsity Football 35 Varsity Baseball 45 Soccer Manager 45 Sociology Colloquium 4. GEORGE J. DIETER I09 Teaneck Road Ridgefield Park, N.J. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Freshmen Soccer I5 Freshmen Basketball I5 Freshmen Track I5 Busi- ness Manager Athletic Department I,2,3,45 Varsity Soccer 2,3,45 Co-Captain 45 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 Varsity Track 25 Arnold Maior's Club l,25 Varsity "B" Club I.25 Aloha Gamma Phi 2,3,4. ROBERT ALAN DIX 404 McKinley Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Associate in Arts in Pre-Dental Activities: Biology Club l,25 French l,2. EDWARD MICHAEL DONAHUE 50 Canaan Road, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Activities: Varsity Football 2,3,45 Freshman Basketball I5 Varsity Baseball 2,35 Varsity Golf 25 Varsity Fencing 2,35 Sociology Colliquium I,2,3,45 Omega Sigma Rho 2, 3,45 President 25 Vice President 3,43 Bridgeport Day Alderman 2,35 Newman Club 35 Student Council 45 Society for the Advancement ot Management 4. JOHN JAY DORKIN 405 Westfield Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in English Activities: Omega Sigma Rho 2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Sociology Colliquium 3,45 Fresh- men Week Committee 35 Student Council 3. EUGENE JOSEPH DOWLING Whittemore Road, Misslebury, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Varsity Football 3,45 Political Relations Forum 3,45 Vice President 45 Debating Society 3,45 Society for the Advancement of Management 45 Connecti- cut Intercollegiate Student Legislature 3,45 Newman Club 35 Parliamentary Pro- cedure Workshop 4. VLADIMIR V, DROBASHEVSKY 380 lranistan Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Activities: Industrial Design Society 35 Vice-President. FRANK JOHN DULIN 94 Jackson Avenue, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: University of Bridgeport Band I,2,35 Connecticut Education Association I,2,3,45 Community Orchestra 35 Scribe 35 Newman Club 4. MARY ELIZABETH DURFEE IIBO Farmington Avenue, W. Hartford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing WERNER HANS EGLI 705 Trumbull Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering VINCENT J. FALCONE I0 Lester Street, West Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in History Activities: Theta Sigma 2,3,45 Corresponding Secretary 35 Campus Thunder 2,-35 Spring Play 25 President of Class 25 Freshman Week Committee 3,45 Treasurer 35 Chairman 45 Newman Club 2,3,' Men's Glee Club 25 Student Council 25 Varsity Tennis 3,45 Knights of Thunder 3. MONA MARGARET FAULKNER 9l Twitchgrass Road, Trumbull, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Christian Association I5 Secretary I5 Beta Gamma I,2,3,45 Secretary 35 Campus Thunder 2,3,45 Freshman Week Committee 2,35 Secretary 35 Debating Society 3,45 Canterbury Club 3,45 Vice-President 35 Political Relations Forum 3,4. JOAN B. FAVREAU lI0 Forestview Road, Bridgeport, Conn. ' . I . Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Ski Club l,25 Secretary-Treasurer l,25 Women's House Government 25 Beta Gamma 2. HINDA FEIBUSH U I8 Dixon Drive, Woodbridge, N.J. A N I Bachelor in Science in Education Activities: Hillel I,2,3,45 Student Education Association 3,45 Connecticut Educa- tion Association 3,45 Dean's List 3,4. 176 ROBERT J. FERIK 95 North Bishop Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration X Activities: Alpha Phi Omega 45 Beta Alpha 4. FLORENCE A. FERRETTI 44 Clark Street, New Haven, Conn. Associae in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Newman Club l,25 Women's House Government 2. BERNADETTE M. FERRONE Newtown Turnpike, Westport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Arnold Troopers I5 Newman Club I5 Theta Epsilon 2,3,45 Social Chair- man 2,35 Pledgemaster 45 Connecticut Education Association 2,3,45 Political Re- lations Forum 3,45 Connecticut Intercollegiate Student Legislature 3. MICHAEL P. FETTIG 9lI State Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Newman Club I,2,35 Freshman Basketball Manager I5 Student Education Association 2,3,45 President 45 Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,41 Secretary 3,4. ROBERT E. FEURY 6 Hamilton Street, Oxford, Mass. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Men's Senate 45 Newman Club 4. SANDRA JEAN FISH Christmas Tree Lane, Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Arts in Fashion Merchandising Activities: Scribe l5 Theta Epsilon l,25 Freshman Week Committee. WILSON J, FOGARTY 49 Longview Avenue, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Debating Society I,2,3,45 Treasurer 45 Chess Club I5 Beta Alpha 2,3,45 Treasurer 45 Bridge Club 25 Kappa Beta Rho 3,45 Treasurer 45 Circle K 45 Po- litical Relations Forum 3. JEAN G. FRANCHINO 853 lst Avenue, Rariton, N.J. Associate in Arts in Education Activities: Newman Club l,25 French Club l,25 Chi Zeta Rho l,25 Women's House Government 2. ADRIENNE FRANK 3I Silent Grove, Westport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Activities: German Club I,2,35 Sociology Colloquium I,2,35 Dean's List I,2,35 Pi Gamma Mu 2. ALLEN J. FREEDMAN 32 Virginia Avenue, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Lambda Chi I,2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Social Activities Committee I,2,35 Chairman 2,35 Beta Alpha 2,45 Freshmen Week Committee 2,35 Alumni Hall Board of Directors 3,45 President 3,45 Alumni Hall Board of Governors 3,45 Bridgeport Day Mayor 35 Dean's List 35 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. ANNE S. FRIEDMAN I45 East 22nd Street, New York IO, N.Y. Bachelor of Arts in History Activities: Phi Delta Rho I,2,3,45 Charter Member I5 Recording Secretary 2,35 Hillel IQ Freshman Week Committee 2,35 Dean's List 2,3,45 Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. FERDINAND J, FRITSKY 4I Canaan Court, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Activities: Dean's List I,2,3,45 Psychology Society 45 Chairman 4. MARYANN ELIZABETH FRITSKY 4l Canaan Court, Bridgeport, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Campus Thunder l,25 Newman Club I5 Freshman Week Committee 25 Psychology Societv 2. ARNOLD V. FROST Sl Holbrook Street, Milford, Bachelor of Arts in French Conn. Activities: German Club l,25 French Club I,2,3,45 President 45 Band I,2,3,45 Campus Thunder l,25 Student Education Association 35 A Capella Choir 3,45 Dean's List 3,4. TOBIE A. FUCHS 55 Disbrow Lane, New Rochelle, N.Y. Bachelor ot Arts in Psychology Activities: Phi Delta Rho 2,3,45 Vice President 45 A Cappella Choir 25 Dean's List 2,3,45 Campus Thunder 3,45 Psychology Club 4. JUDY ANN FURMAN 9 Woodland Place, Great Neck, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Hillel I5 Women's House Government I5 Campus Thunder 25 Social Activities Committee 2: Freshmen Week Committee 2. BRENDA MAY GAFFNEY I2 Overlook Road, Westport, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Newman Club l,25 Bridgettes I,2,35 Pi Omicron Upsilon I,2,35 Theta Epsilon 2,35 Freshmen Week Committee 35 Dean's List 2. SHEILA M, GANN I77 Andover Street, Hartford, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,25 Women's House Government 2. THOMAS LEONARD GARGIULO l3I Huntington Road, Bridgeport, Conn. Associate in Science in Industrial Design Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha 2. ALDA A. GAROFALO 65 Hilltop Drive, Southport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Arnold Troopers I5 Women's Athletic Association 2,3,45 Varsity Softball I,2,35 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 Theta Epsilon 2,3,45 lntertraternity Council 2,3,45 Physical Education Girls Club 3.. Freshman Week Committee 3. RALPH F. GAROFALO Kettle Creek Road, Weston, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Activities: Psychology Society 45 French Club 4. CAROL A. GEIGER 80-5l 233rd Street, Queens Village, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Education WILFRED R. GELINAS Main Street Moosup, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering MARY K. GIBSON I86 Arbor Drive, Southport, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Newman Club I5 Freshmen Week Committee 25 Psychology Club 2. NORMAN T. GLOVER I385 Wood Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Omega I,2,3,45 Marketing Club 3,45 Freshmen Week Com- mittee 3. SANDRA GOLD I9 Garland Street, Lynn Mass Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Hillel l,2. BERNARD A. GOLDBERG 26I Highridge Drive, Bridgeport, Conn. h . Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Freshmen Week Committee 2,3,45 Campus Thunder 2,3,45 Bridge Club 2. CECILE F. GOLDBERG I7 Sniffen Road, Westport, Conn. I . ' Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Chi Sigma Delta 45 Recording Secretary 45 Helicon 45 Parlimentary Procedures Workshop 4. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology SALLY V. GOLDMAN 2I6 Clark Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education A I 2 3 4 Dean's List' I 2 34 Natiofsl Education Association I 2 t"t':H'lll,,,3 ...I , , , .." A3,i1f''Eiuaen'+eEauCa+ian Association I,2,3,43 Connecticut Education Association - Cl b 2,3, ROgEiTTi'C?elGnRaANT U 267 Park Lane Trumbull, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education U Activities: Arnold Maior's Club I3 Varsity Soccer 33 Alpha Gamma Phi 3,43 Can- t b CI b 3,4. CAT-HERilNEuS. GRANTHOT 34 Cranbury Road, Westport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in English Activities: Student Education Association 3,43 Helicon 3,4. MARYANN E. GRILLO I326 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,23 Women's House Government 23 Treasurer 2. HARRIET LEE GRIMES I4 Oxford Street Brockton, Mass. Bachelor of Science in Education. Activities: Athletic Association 33 Newman Club I,2,3,43 Beta Gamma I,2,3,43 Vice-President 43 Interfraternity Council 23 Women's House Government 33 Student Education Association 43 Secretary 4. NORMAN R. GRISWULD 28 Holley Street Extension, Danbury, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering ELLEN MAE GROSSMAN 77 Cedar Road, Malverne, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Fashion Merchandising Activities: Phi Delta Rho l,23 Dean's List I3 Social Activities Committee l,23 Co- chairman 23 Bridgettes I3 Hillel I3 Freshman Week Committee 2. GERALD GROSSMAN 385 Burnsford Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering l Activities: Engineering Society l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Chorus I,2,3,43 Hillel l,2,3,4. PHILLIP E. GUILMEITE l0l2 Connecticut Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ivities: Beta Al ha 2,4. BACYRON J. GWIRTZMAN 200 East 205th Street. New York, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Omicron Sigma I,2,3,43 Sargent at Arms 33 Vice-President 43 'Ilel I23,4. wil'LiAM' G. e-vous R.F.D. ,442 Box 4313, Trumbull, conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: University ot Bridgeport Sports Car Club 33 Society for the Advance- ment of Management 4. KENNETH E. HALCOTT 27 Oak Avenue, Milford, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Activities: Pi Gamma Mu 33 Christian Association 3. MARY PEARL HALL l65 Taylor Drive, Bridgeport, Ct. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Dean's List I,2. MAUREEN GAIL HAMILTON I33 Arbor Drive, Southport, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Newman Club I3 Freshman Week Committee 2. EINAR F. HANSEN, JR. 22 lf2 Lowndes Avenue, Norwalk, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Industrial Engineering JOHN C. HARDING 3l Isaac Street Norwalk, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Freshmen Baseball I3 Varsity Baseball 2,3,43 Beta Alpha 23 Sigma Phi Alpha 3,4. LEON D, HARRIS 399 Ocean Avenue, Lynbrook, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Society tor the Advancement of Management l,2,3: Varsity Track 23 Marketing Club 3,4. CHARLES E. HARTLEY I47 Princeton Street, Bridgeport, Ct. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Freshman Football I3 Marketing Club 4. PENNY A. HEDGES Mountain Avenue, Beacon, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Chi Zeta Rho l,23 Newman Club I,2, THEODORE A. HELLER 279 Tillou Road. South Orange, N.J. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Activities: Pi Omega Chi 3,43 Sports Car Club 3,43 lnterfraternity Council 3,43 Psychology Club. HAROLD HELLERMAN 42l7 I6th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Varsity Basketball 3,43 Alpha Gamma Phi 3,4. NAN R. HENIG 65 Forest Avenue, Albany, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Education Activities: Hillel I3 Women's House Government I3 Campus Thunder I,2. WILLIAM BOVINE HERLIHY 925 Church Hill, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Theta Sigma 3,43 Secretary 43 Canterbury Club 3,43 President 3,43 Marketing Club 3,43 Dean's List 3,43 Sailing Club 3,43 Freshman Week Committee 43 lnterfraternity Council 43 Society for the Advancement of Management 4. CRIT S. HERR 7 Conestoga Road, Lancaster, Pa. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Beta Gamma I,2,3,43 Secretary 23 Intertraternity Council 33 President 43 Women's House Government I3 Secretary I3 Student Education Association 43 Vice President 4. JANICE HERSCHENHORN 7 South Pine Avenue, Albany, 8, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Hillel I3 Beta Gamma 2. JANE M. HILLNER 5609 6lst Place, East Riverdale, Maryland Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Cheerleader l,23 Phi Omicron Upsilon l,23 President 23 Student Spirit I,2. DAVID A. HOFFMAN 355 Woodford Street, Portland, ME. Bachelor of Sciene in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Omicron Sigma 3,43 Secretary 43 Hillel 3. LOUIS A. HOYDA 8l Harbor Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in History Activities: Deans's List I3 German Club 23 Theta Sigma 3,43 Treasurer 43 Canter- bury Club 3,43 Freshman Week Committee 4. FLORA. M. HRICISKO 25 Newport Avenue, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Biology Activities: Biology Club I,2,3,43 German Club 3. DOLORES A. HUCHKO I0 Lucille Street, Bridgeport, Ct. Associate in Arts in Fashion Merchanising Activities: Newman Club l,23 Theta Epsilon I,2. CHARLES SPICER HUESTIS II Bliss Place, Norwich, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in History Activities: Freshman Week Committee 2,3,43 Theta Sigma 3,43 Pledgemaster and Recording Secretary 43 Wistarian 3,43 Co-editor 3, Editor 43 Photography Club 3,43 Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. NANCY H. HURWITZ 76 Boykton Street, Chestnut Hill, 67, Mass. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Social Activities Committee l,23 Beta Gamma 2,3,43 Treasurer 43 Freshmen Week Committee 2,3,43 Women's House Government 3. LOUIS M. IANNAZZI l78 Fourth Street, Stamford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering FRANCIS PATRICK JACARURSO l3I Seymour Street, Waterbury, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Activities: Chess Club 2,3,43 Engineering Society 2,3,43 Circle K 4. DOUGLAS R. JAYNE 66 Hawthorn Avenue, Hamden, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineeering Society 4. NORENE C. JOHNSON I0 Bicycle Streeet, Plainville, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,23 Treasurer 2. LINDA E. KASSED 2l Ruskin Street, Providence, Rhode Island Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omircon Upsilon l,23 Hillel I,2. JACK KATZ 52 Lockwood Lane, Norwalk, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration GAIL KAUFMAN 363 East 39th Street, Paterson, N.J. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Social Activities Committee I3 Hillel l,23 Bridgettes l,23 Chorus l,23 Dean's List 3,43 National Education Association 43 Student Education Association 43 Connecticut Education Association 4. LYNN M. KERR 22 Broad Street, Milltown, N.J. Bachelor of Science in Education ELIZABETH M. KERSHAW Il Meadowbrook Drive, Huntington, Conn. JOHN C. KIERCHNER 492 West Taft Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Society for the Advancement of Management 4. JAMES W. KIRK 374 Ezra Street Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Freshman Baseball I3 Freshman Basketball I3 Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,43 Varsity Baseball 2,3,43 Varsity Basketball 2. JOHN W. KLINEFELTER 34 Tusor Lane, Scarsdale, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Varsity Golf 2,3,43 Ski Club 2,3,4. JUDITH VITA KORNBLUH 99-72 66th Road, Forest Hills, N.Y. Bachelor of Arts in History Activities: Phi Delta Rho l,2,3,43 Vice-President 23 President 43 Hillel l,2,3,43 Freshmen Week Committee 2,43 Interfraternity Council 2. SUSAN KADAR KOVACS l552 Post Road Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Arts in Medical Technology JOAN K. KRALICH 24 Verplank Avenue, Stamford, Conn. Associate in Science in Secretarial Studies MARILYN L. KRALL 457 Central Avenue, New Haven, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Hillel l: Pi Omicron Upsilon l,23 Beta Gamma I,2. ELLEN KRAMER 2229 Valentine Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Hillel I3 Women's House Government 23 Recording Secretary 23 Na- tional Education Association 2. JOSEPH R. KRAYNAK 90 College Street, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Nursing Activities: Campus Thunder l,2,3,43 Thunderettes I,2,3,43 Biology Club I Track l,23 Alpha Phi Omega l,23 Secretary-Treasurer I, Vice President 23 Varsity "B" 23 Connecticut State Nurses Association 3,43 Treasurer 3,4. JUDITH E. L'ANTlOUA K 76 Emerson Road Watertown, Mass. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Newman Club l,23 Phi Omicron Upsilon l,23 Theta Epsilon l,23 Social Director 2. LOIS B. LAVENBERG 206 Branford Street Hartford, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Hillel l,23 Dean's List l. NANCY J. LAZARUS Sunset Road, Stamford, Conn. Activities: National Student Association I23 French Club I,2,33 Women's House Government 43 Alumni Hall Board of Directors 43 Political Relations Forum 43 Sociology Colloquium 4, JOHN M. LEAHY 333 High Street, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering JOY A. LEBOWITZ 248 Davis Road, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: A Cappella Choir 3,43 Phi Delta Rho 3,43 Pledgemaster 43 Campus Thunder 33 National Education Association 43 Freshman Week Committee 43 Big Sister Committee 4. ROBERT B. LESSNER !04 Bancroft Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Theta Sigma 2,3,43 Recording Secretary 33 Historian 43 Marketing Club 43 Society for the Advancement of Management 4. MARILYN FISCHER LEVI 87 Lenox Avenue Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Hillel 2,3,43 Dean's List 2,3,43 National Education Association 2,3,43 Student Education Association 2,3,4. ERNEST LEVITT 99-60 64th Avenue, Forest Hills, 75, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Freshman Football li Freshman Baseball I, Hillel l,23 Varsity Football 2,3,4: Varsity Track 2,3,43 Sigma Lambda Chi 2,3,43 Secretary, Pledgemaster 33 Engineering Society 3,43 Bridgeport Day 33 City engineer. PAUL W. LONERGAN R.F.D. 4564, Danbury, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics DONNA RAE LONG l90 Matthew Drive, Stratford, Conn. Associate in Science in Education Activities: Christian Association l,23 Theta Epsilon I,2. WILLIAM A. LOSAW 75 Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Activities: Dean's List l,2,3,4. 177 MARIE A. ONOFRIO 582 Ferry Street, New Haven, Conn. LOUIS R. Activities: Engineering Society 2,3,43 Alpha Phi ?me3E1S+2.3.?-Canielsonl LUPARIA 82 North Whiftlesey Avenue, Wallingford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Industrial EngIneerIng DORIS P. MORSE 7 Flintlock Road, Darien, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Student Education Association 4. JOHN WALTER MORTIMER 7 Inwood Road, Auburn, Mass. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Activities: Christian Association l,23 Student Spirit 3,43 Men's Senate 3. MARJORY MOSHIER 762 North Broadway, Yonkers, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Education Activities: Cheerleader 2. DAVID D. MYERS 65 Fairfield Beach, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in History Activities: Dean's List I,2. ALLEN A, NAMIAN 2I0 Wilson Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration JACQUELINE A. NASSIF I Victor Street, Danbury, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Pi Omicron Upsilon 2. ALYS L. NEMETH I58 Cedarhurst Lane, Milford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing WILLIAM J. NORWOOD 33 Fairfield Beach Road, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Christian Association I,2 Men's Senate Ig Band 23 Student Sprit 2,3,43 Chairman 3,43 Student Council 33 Political Relations Forum 3,43 Treasurer 43 Orchestra 23 Alumni Hall Board of Directors 3,43 Treasurer 43 Alumni Hall Board ot Governors 3,4. REGINALD JOHN NYSZIAK II4 Trumbull Road, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha 3,43 Public Relations Officer 4. JOSEPH TERRENCE O'BRlEN III Thorme Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Activities: Varsity Basketball I3 Manager l,23 Omega Sigma Rho 2,3,43 Charter Member 23 Social Chairman 23 lnterfraternity Council 33 President 43 Sociology Colliquium 2,3,43 Vice-President 2,3,43 Political Relations Forum 33 Debating Society 33 Student Council 43 Vice-President3 Pi Gamma Mu 4. KATHLEEN M. O'BYRNE l5I0 Broadbridge Avenue, Stratford, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Newman Club l,23 Theta Epsilon l,23 Secretary 23 Pen and Key I3 Poli- tical Relations Forum 2. RICHARD J, O'GRADY 20 Chesterfield Road, Stamford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Omega Sigma Rho 3,43 President 33 Marketing Club 3,43 Vice-President 4. E M. LUPIEN U ss roa' ree, Conn. CEClL Associate in Science InP.D3It6Ll l'lYQ'5'le,I I2 -'3 . ' 5' Q tI3 micron psIon .- CillV3LeSANI3mLrYliIBlLlA3NSOVlTSVemmen v I I Shaw.Avenue, Norwalk, Conn. Associate in Scienceuin .Dent.Tl2HygIene a lbl-P'O' 0.- i-3oiLjLgelsliESiFlileMMli:iCrARE'liilY I I micron T04OLake Avenue' West Haven, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business AdministratIon RODNEY C. McFARLAND 75 Housatonic Avenue Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in History M33C'IK4. Q1C,llggiRE1FlE.GhiTl-TSGHU lic e 33 Avon Street, Devon, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in Biology "' : A I Cl b I,2,3,43 T 3- Elo hiAgcyLELEAN reasurer 27 Pearl Street, Brockton, Mass. Associate in Scienge Dengal Hygiene ' 'I I,23TIiI .. Riil-ll:EEiNPlT?mMir8rUEJEpNEYn ea pslon l98 Division Shelton, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Nursing . Activities: Student Nursing Association l,2,3,43 Newman Club l.2.3.4i Connecllcul State Student Nurse Association l,2,3,43 Freshman Week Committee 4. State Student Nurse Association I,2,3,43 Freshman Week b0mm'f'fee 4- PATRICIA A. MANCO 2 Bank Street, Derby, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in Biology 3 Activities: Biology Club I,2,3,4g French I,2: gearfs List I.2.3.4: Theta Epsilon - ' 4- F h W kC 'tt e . ROgEiRTPg.SldtjlAiNGEl'feS man 33 mm' e zs Sariing srrooi, Shelton, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechazngcial Engineering ' 'S't2,3,43D 'L't..- 2Blkv3LeST.Ent3l2RCEll.g Ocley eanf854S Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial StudIes : F h W k C 'tt 2. EEONARSD Siet5vtAlRllNACeClO omml ee 494 East Main Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Lambda Chi 2,3,43 Society tor the Advancement ot Management JOil-lN I-I. MARINO a Avenue P., South Norwalk, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration "':D 'L'tI,2,43Bt Alh 4. RXDTFWAS MiaRlTlN ls e a p a III Leversee Road, Troy, N.Y. Associate in Science in Education ' ' ' : B t G 2. , ,RISti.lRiYilSi MiASSAiRrOma 2058 Main Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Physical Education - Activities: Arnold Troupers l,23 Varsity Softball l.2.3I VGVSWY Bilieiball 2.3.42 Women's Athletic Association 2,3,43 President 3,43 Physical Education Girls' Club 5,s?3Lil3SRP,eieSEeiJEi31'I4fHEW 472 Main Street Wethersfield, Conn. Associate in Science in Education Activities: Women's House Government I3 Canterbury Club l,23 Beta Gamma 2. LOIS METROPOLE B0 Marian Avenue, Pittsfield, Mass. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene I Activities: Hillel I3 Pi Omicron Upsilon l,23 Phi Delta Rho l,23 Womens House Government. BERNARD MILLER Caanon. Corm- Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration A t' 'ti : D ' L' t I,2,3,43 S' . Ph' Alpha 2,3,4. Gislil ESMITTEE ls lgma I 4 Dartmouth Road, West Orange, N.J. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: Hillel l,23 Corresponding Secretary l,23 Vice-President 2. CHARLES Activities: E, MILOT, JR, Sandy Hook Hotel, Sandy Hook, Conn. h I r tScience in Ph sical Education Bac eo 0 Y 3 Varsity Basketball 2,3,43 Captain 43 Varsity Baseball 2,3,43 Omega Sigma Rho 43 Newman Club 4. JACK L, MISQHOU Guernseytown Road, Watertown, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Journalism h Activities: Scribe 2,3,43 Editor 3,43 Pi Delta Epsilon 3,43 Circle .K Club 4. JOANNA MISKA l45 Beardsley Park Terrace, Bridgeport, Conn. Activities: Bachelor of Science in EducatIon ' I Political Relations Forum 3,43 President 43 Debating Society 3,43 Sec- retary 43 Student Education Association 4, ANDREW Activities: J. NIIICI-IELI. U Bachelor of Science in Education National Student Association l,2,3,43 Newman Club l,33 Band l,2,33 Treasurer 2,33 Men's Chorus l,23 Mixed Chorus l,23 National Education Association 2,3,43 Student Education 2,3,43 Connecticut Education Association 2,3,43 Theta Sigma 2,3,43 Pledgemaster 33 Dean's List 3,43 Men's Senate 33 lntertratermty Council 33 Student Council 3,43 President 43 Freshman Week Committee 3,,43 Senior Class President 43 Science Building Fund Committee Chairman 43 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. K DOROTHY MARIE MITCHELL l826 North Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Debating Society 3 Political Relations Forum 3. DANIAL J. MIZAK I62 Price Street, Bridgeport, Conn. One Year Certificate in Biology DOMENIC C. MONACO I6 Grenelle Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,43 Society tor the Advancement ot Management 43 Beta Alpha 4. RICHARD C. MOORE III Vermont Avenue, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in Biology Activities: Biology Club l,2,3,43 President 33 Varsity Tennis 2,3,43 Dean's List 23 Alpha Phi Omega l,23 Circle K 4. ROBERT J, MORAN 58 Valley Street, Wallingford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society I,2,3,43 President 43 Dean's List 2,3,43 Circle K 3,43 President 43 Varsity Football 33 Omega Sigma Rho 3,4. ANDREW J. MORGO I6 Fyrbeck Avenue, Shrewsbury, Mass. Bachelor ot Arts in Mathematics Activities: Varsity Football 33 Scribe 3,43 Sports Editor 3,43 Newman Club 3,43 Omega Sigma Rho 3,43 Secretary 33 Engineering Society 3,43 Dean's List 33 Circle K 43 Baseball Manager 3,43 Basketball Manager 3,43 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. 178 Activities: Women's House Government I3 Student Nurses' Association l,2,3,43 Vice-President 4. PATRICIA E. PARKS 305 Middlebrook Drive, Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Arts in Fashion Merchandising DEXTER B. PAUL 348 lranistan Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration MARTHA C. PELTON 29I2 Main Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in English Activities: A Capella Choir 3,4. MADELINE J. PEPE I3 Talmadge Street, Derby, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Pi Omicron Upsilon l,2. MARILYN J. PERLMAN I Rowman Street, Norwalk, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Biology Activities: Biology Club l,2,3,43 Band l,23 German Club 3. CAROL A. Persechino 52 Chestnut Avenue, Torrington, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Pi Omicron Upsilon I,2. ERICH C. PETER 20 Osee Place, Cos Cob, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society 3,43 Alpha Delta Omega 3,4. JOHN R. PETERSON 3l Turn-of-River Road, Stamford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Political Relations Forum 43 Student Education Association 4. JOSEPH A. PETRILLO 5429 Connecticut Avenue N.W., Washington, D.C. Bachelor ot Science in Industrial Design Activities: Industrial Design Society l,2,3,43 Newman Club I,2,3,43 Kappa Beta Rho I,2,3,43 Freshman Basketball I. BARBARA JAYNE PERLMUTTER 280 Ward Street, Newton Center, Mass. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Activities: Hillel I3 Sociology Colloquium I,2,33 Secretary 23 Social Activities Committee I3 Psychology Club 33 Dean's List 23 A Cappella Choir 2. FRED W. PICKEL 2466 B:rch Street. Easton, Pa. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Activities: Industrial Design Society l,2,3,4: Sports Car Club 2,3,43 Treasurer 2,31 Delta Epsilon Beta l,2,33 lnterfraternity Council I. CHARLES A. PIKE 22 Parker Avenue, Stamford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Physical Education Activities: Freshman Football I3 Freshman Baseball li Varsity Baseball 2,3,43 Varsity Football 2,3,4 FLORENCE E. PINEAU 9 Beechwood Avenue, Milford, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities Dean's List I. RICHARD W. PINTO 429 Amsterdam Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in Sociology Activities: Newman Club I,2,3,4: Biology l,23 Freshman Baseball I3 French Club 23 Omega Sigma Rho 2,3,43 Sociology Colloquium 3,4. STUART E. PLOTNICK 3I9 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Freshman Football I3 A Cappella Choir l,2 33 Campus Thunder l,2,33 Sigma Omicron Sigma l,2,3,43 lnterfraternity Council 23 Equerry 43 Freshman Week Committee 2,3,43 Hillel l,2,3,43 Student Education Association 3,43 Treasurer 3. ROGER W. POWERS 937 Hancock Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: German Club I3 Biology Club I3 Student Nursing Association 2,3,43 President 43 Campus Thunder 2,3,43 Thunderette 2,3,4, EDWARD W. PRITZKER I672 Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in Biology Activities: Biology Club 2,3,43 Dean's List 2,3,43 Freshman Week Committee 4. LOUISE E. REBELLO I0 Casper Street, Danbury, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies JUDY 5, REICHEL 225 Nelson Avenue, Peekskill, N.Y. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Pi Omicron Upsilon l,23 Hillel l,23 Deans List l,2. DONALD A. RENTEN Route 82, Moores Mills, Pleasant Valley, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Newman Club l,2,3,43 Phi Omicron Chi l,2,3,43 Varsity Baseball 2,3,43 Ski Club 4. MERLE RIFKIN l63 Beach I25th Street, Belle Harbor, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Student Education Association 3,4. MILES A, ROCK 282 Texas Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Marketing Club 3,43 Society for the Advancement ot Management 3,43 Secretary 3. JUDITH E. ROGERS 37 Webster Hill Boulevard W. Hartford, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Newman Club I3 Chi Sigma Delta l,2. JEROME L. ROOKASIN 248 Federal Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Associate in Science in Business Administration Activities: Freshmen Football I: Freshmen Track I3 Iota Delta Pi 2. PATRICIA C. ROONEY 36 Hartley Road, Summit, Conn. Associate in Arts in Fashion Merchandising Activities: Bridgettes 23 Ski Club 2. CAROL A. ROSE North Street, Oxford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Dean's List l,2,3,43 Freshmen Week Committee 33 Student Education Association 4. MARLENE ROSENBLUM 462 Beach l33rd Street, Belle Harbor, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Hillel l,23 Dean's List l,3,43 Social Activities Committee l,2: National Education Association 3,43 Student Education 3,4. NORMA ROSENBLUM I977 North Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education SOREL M. ROSSINOFF I09 Meadowcrest Drive, Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Scribe I3 University ot Bridegport Sports Car Club 2. CARL C. ROTI-IERMEL 253 East Putnam Avenue, Cos Cob, Conn. PASOUALE RUBINO 282 Elm Street, West Haven, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration DIANA SYLVIA RUSCOE 6 Parisade Avenue, Trumbull, Conn. Associate in Arts in Education Activities: Dean's List l,23 French Club l,23 Scribe 23 Assistant News Editor 2. ERLEEN M. RUSSELL 92 Church Street, Kensington, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Dean's List I,3,43 Women's House Government I3 Newman Club l,2,33 Varsity Softball 2,33 Varsity Basketball 2,3,43 Physical Education Girls Club 3,43 Women's Athletic Association 4. JOHN F. RYAN IO6 Locust Hill Avenue Yonkers, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Student Spirit I3 Newman Club l,23 Kappa Beta Rho 2,3,43 Secretary 3, 43 lnterfraternity Council 3,43 Society tor the Advancement of Management 43 Treasurer ot lrttertraternity Council 43 Varsity Track 2. ANTHONY SABATINO 483 Gurdon Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,43 Varsity Golf 2,3,43 Captain 33 Society for the Advancement ot Management 3,43 Vice-President 4. SHIRLEY J. SABO I573 Bronson Road, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Theta Epsilon 2,3,43 Historian 23 President 33 Freshman Week Committee 3,43 Vice-chairman 43 Student Council 43 Recording Secretary 43 Political Rela- tions Forum 3,43 Recording Secretary 33 Corresponding Secretary 43 Campus Thunder 2,33 Bridgeport Day Alderman 33 Connecticut Intercollegiate Student Legislature 33 Dean's List 3,43 Vice-President ot Senior Class3 Student Education Association 43 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. CAROLE S. SACK 425 Broadway, Lawrence, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Fashion Merchandising Activities: Hillel I3 Social Activities Committee l,23 Phi Delta Rho l,23 Recording Secretary 23 Freshman Week Committee 2. SAMUEL SADIE 799 Beechwood Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Student Education Association 4. PHYLLIS F. SANDERS 500 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Chi Sigma Delta 2,3,43 lntertraternity Council 23 Dean's List 2,3,43 Stu- dent Education Association 3. BARBARA J. SANISLO 225 Blade Avenue, New Brunswick, N.J. Associate in Arts in Drama Activities: Newman Club l,23 Treasurer 23 Campus Thunder l,23 Spring Play l,23 Chi Zeta Rho l,2. FRANK P. SAVO 3I Taft Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha l,2. PAUL SCARPINO 36 Gerry Street, Greenwich, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha 2,3,43 Sigma Phi Alpha 3,43 Treasurer 43 lntertraternity Council 3,43 Newman Club 43 Ski Club 43 Sports Car Club 4. RHODA SCHAEFFER 65! Garner Place, East Meadow, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Dean's List l,2,3,43 Hillel l,23 Freshmen Week Committee l,23 A Cappella Choir l,2,3,43 Women's House Government 3,43 President 4. JOAN D. SCHNEIDER I59l Round Hill Road, Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2. DONALD D. SCOTT 72 High Street, Norwich, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Freshmen Football I3 Freshmen Basketball I3 Freshmen Track lg Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,43 Varsity B Club 23 Varsity Football 2,3,43 Captain 43 Varsity Bas- ketball 2,33 Varsity Track 2,3,43 Arnold Maiors 23 Men's Senate 33 President 33 Campus Thunder 4. KAREN V, SEELGEN Tait Road, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Student Education Association 4. MICHAEL SERINO I47 Wolcott Avenue Beacon, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,43 Marketing Club 2,3,43 Treasurer 33 President 43 Dean's List 2,3,4, MARTHA ELLEN SHAPIRO 255 Lindenmere Drive, Merrick, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: A Cappella Choir 3,43 Helicon 43 Board ot Editors 4. DUANE R. SHEPARD 285 Main Street, West Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Freshman Football I3 Freshman Track I3 Varsity Football 2,3,43 Varsity Track 23 Marketing Club 3,43 Newman Club 3,43 Omega Sigma Rho 3,43 Society for the Advancement ot Management 4. RICHARD E. SHEPARD IOO Aldine Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Christian Association l,2,3,43 Dean's List l,2,3,43 Student Education As- sociation l,2,3,43 President 33 Treasurer 43 Debating 33 Political Relations Forum gg Oonlrgecticut Education Association 33 State Treasurer 33 Canterbury Club 43 irce 4. JOSEPH A. SILILIANO 285 Stonehouse Road, Long Hill, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts in Political Science Activities: Student Council I3 Sociology Colloquium 2,3,43 Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,43 French Club 3. KATHRYN F. SIEGLER I45 Bayview Boulevard, Bridgeport, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities:Phi Omicron Upsilon l,23 Newman Club 2. GEORGE RICHARD SIENER I7l-08 Ashby Avenue, Flushing, N.Y. Bachelor ot Arts in History Activities: Student Spirit Committee I3 Kappa Beta Rho l,2,3,43 Vice-President 43 Varsity Golf 2,3,43 Dean's List l,2,3,43 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Men's Senate 33 Vice- President 33 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. KAREN E. SMITH 207 Ellicott Street, Rochester, N.Y. Associate in Arts in Dramatics Activities: Campus Thunder l,23 Theta Epsilon l,23 Spring Play l,2. TRACY L. SMITH 266 Connecticut Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Freshman Football I3 Freshman Basketball I3 Freshman Baseball I3 Var- sity Football 2,33 Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,43 President 43 Student Education Associ- ation 43 Town Otticial For U.B, Day 4. MIRIAM SMOLLAR 89 Saint John's Avenue, Yonkers, N.Y. Bachelor of Arts in History Activities: Hillel 3,43 Student Spirit Committee 33 Student Education Association 43 Dean's List 4. CAROLYN A. SNYDER Gore Road, Webster, Mass. Bachelor ot Science in Nursing HERBERT E. SOLOMEN I6 Cardinal Road, Worchester, Mass. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Hillel I3 Sigma Lambda Chi 2,3,43 Secretary 33 Social Activities Com- gnittee 2,33 Bridgeport Day Alderman 23 Alumni Hall Board of Directors 43 cribe 4. DONALD J. SPILLANE 2I48 Seaview Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society 2,3,43 Alpha Delta Omega 3,43 President 4. WILLIAM C. SPRINGER Upper Nyack, New York Bachelor ot Science in Physical Education Activities: Arnold Maior's Club I3 Varsity Football 2,3,43 Varsity Baseball 23 Varsity Track 3,43 Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,43 Corresponding Secretary 43 Newman Club 33 Men's Senate 3. BARBARA V, STEIG 7I Hillside Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: A Capella Choir l,23 Wistarian I. PAUL STEINER 49 Barnes Street, Long Beach, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration BARBARA J. STEVENSON 78 Clemens Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: Student Nurses Association l,2,3,43 Secretary 33 Executive Board 2,3,43 Secretary 3. JOAN M. STEVENS I79 Atlantic Streeet, Bridgeport, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies JUDITH R. STEVENS 24l Boston Road, Springfield, Mass. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2. JOHN E. STRATTON 238 4th Avenue, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education ROBERT W. STUMPEK 2l Marian Avenue, Pittsfield, Mass. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities Newman Club l,2,3,43 Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,43 Corresponding Secretary 33 lntertraternity Council 33 Vice-President 43 Wistarian 43 Layout Editor 4. JUDITH M. STUMPF 77 Dayton Road, Trumbull, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: University of Bridgeport Band l,2. DONALD J. SUMPLE 45 Pert Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society 2,3,43 Vice-President 33 Alpha Delta Omega 3,43 Vice-President 4. NANCY E. SWANSON I75 French Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Nursing Activities: Student Nurses Association l,2,3,43 Connecticut Nurses Association 2,33 National Student Nurses Association 3. HEDWIG H. SZYNALSKA 93 Woolsley Avenue, Trumbull, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts ot Biology Activities: Biology Society l,2,3,43 German Club l,2. ALBERTA TAYLOR 25 Tecumseh Road, West Hartford, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activitieif 'Phi Omicron Upsilon l,23 Vice-President 23 Sports Car Club l,23 Ski Club l,23 Hi e I. FREDERICK H. TOPHAM 25 Cartwright Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Freshman Basketball I3 Varsity Basketball 23 Theta Sigma 2,3,43 Market- ing Club 43 Society tor the Advancement of Management 4. NORMA C. TRAURIG l4l-48 78th Avenue, Kek Garden Hills, N.Y. Associate in Science in Education Activities: Hillel I3 Dean's List l,23 Campus Thunder 2. CLARISSA ANN TRIMPERT 7I Hoyt's Hill, Bethel, Conn. Associate in Arts in Secretarial Studies Activities: Wistarian l,2. 179 JOAN A. ULRIG 25 Oakwood Street, Stratford Bachelor of Arts in French Activities: Theta Epsilon lg French Club 2,3,4. EDWARD M. VARHOLAK 27l Ridgefield Avenue, Bridgeport Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Theta Sigma l,2,3,4g Engineering Society 4. THOMAS VAN LENTEN Danbury Bachelor of Science in Business Administration SHIRLEY J. VIERSTRA 390 Church Street, Whitinsville, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: Christian Association 3,41 Political Relations Forum 4. ROMAN Bachelor of Arts in Political Science ROBERT VIOLYN, Jr. l23 Goy Park Avenue, Amsterdam, Conn Conn Conn Mass. N .Y. Activities: Sigma Omicron Sigma l,2,3,4g Equerry lg Chancelor 2,45 Vice-Chancelor 3, Newman Club l,2,3,4g Secretary lg Vice-President 2, President 4: Scribe Sociology Colliquium 4: Secretary 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4. EDWARD WAKIM 998 State Street, Bridgeport, Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: BERNARD F, WALDER Jr. I540 Fairfield Woods Road, Fairfield, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration AUDREY ELIZABETH WALZ l59 Hollywood Avenue, West Hartford, Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2. FRANK J. WATERS 73I William Street, Bridgeport, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Dean's List l,2,3,4g Engineering Society 2,3,4g Circle K 4. CAROL A. WEIGEL 2 Starr Lane, Hazardville, Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,2g Scribe I. STUART WEISSMAN 72 Rippowam Road, Stamford, 180 Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn Conn. TOBY SUSAN WELK 206 Burnham, Hartford, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2: Hillel l,2g Sports Car Club 23 Dean's List 2. CHARLES A. WHEELER 208 Shoreham Village Drive, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Arts in Biology Activities: Biology Club l,2,3,4g Vice-President 3: President 43 German Club I,2,3,4g Omega Sigma Rho 3,4. WILLIAM J. WILBER 232 Sound View Avenue, Shelton, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Marketing Club 3,47 Vice-President 4. FRANK M. WLASSAK 960 Hancock Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Freshman Soccer I: Varsity Soccer 2,3,4g Engineering Society 3,4. EDWARD L. WOLF 67-l06 Clyde Street, Forest Hills, N.Y Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Activities: Freshman Baseball lg Sigma Lambda Chi l,2,3,43 Pledgemaster 23 Political Relations Forum lg History Club lg Vice-President of Class 23 Student Council 2,3,4g Treasurer 3: President ot Class 33 Treasurer 43 Sociology Colliquium 2,33 Pi Gamma Mu 3,45 President 43 Freshman Week Committee 2,3. VIRGINIA ANN WOODWORTH 75 Parker Road, Fairfield, Conn Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Ski Club I,2g Bridgettes l,2g Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2g Theta Epsilon 2. RACHEL E. WYSOCKI 5 Pierce Street, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: Connecticut Student Nurses Association I,2,3,4g Newman Club 2,3,4g French Club l,2. BARBARA J. YOVAN l054 Mill Plain Road, Fairfield, Conn. Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene GERALDINE ANN ZOPPINO 80 De Leo Drive, Stamford, Conn. l l ' Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2. 31- -4- .- . 1 A, :I . ' W -G-' I in 1 H' r 1" L I I ,. n tg-Z N 0 9 oz' 1. af' v r A '1 V .. X din n '.f.14g . 5 I 4 Q ' .IF A I M I , W .E N I ' ' V ' , 3 ' -:- ' . - ' Q S-1 - U K I 7-n . ,Q ,. I I my ' -, ' if K .- " , , . 1 1. -- ,, ' y . 9 1 ' 5' I . 2 m . . A 4 5' F 1.1, . ' . A '-A jg, v rl' 5 I -F P x O .lar-an i H U .s . V 4 ' 1 - M 1. ,U I .. 1 b 5 1' :ip I I C r J lui- s fi '1 'Qu 4 1 I :AH ' .v '- r f TY U' if " 1. If..-'11 u 'C 2-4 , 4. Av Q ' w V r ' -e . 1-Q i . .. ' 'Q 5 la Q' ' '1 5 E. ' n k Y 1. 0 o I U - ,. , l ' Q , . ?I , 'ggi I i " H it ln ' lb -I . .Q :. U - - ,fg . '. P "-- " ,M "':,"?"y." T, . 5 . , lx . W . WY " ' Y , ' v wir 5 -' 1 5 1 ' A 5 i Q, , A u u. ,X i Y 'N , N l ' A 'E If r .L Y! ' .41 . W , 1' r -. ,L Q Q 1 tw 1 3 - - fi. -1 -A, 1 Q Q H , '9- , . n t . P' 5 ev: if J 4 'cm If - x Y W1 mv L 3 . ly. if so? .I vw 1 ' I u, L Q Q eta, . N 5 0 . 11 l 4 3 ol --. J A V H- W . ' -'L HF' ,r 4'4- U, 'i J 'I r 1 if H M a ' 4 , av ,' 4 J. ' ll K i I A in J' Af . " In an .mn J Q. 1 1 4 I A I F A . 5 f ,I I 5 I if -I , L'-SQ 1 ' 'T'-v A 1 I 14' Us' ,, Q' F,. V' x 4" ':?', va x My .1 xibt J "v f 4 X J ...vm-V X Q.. ..: n 4 rv-Ai N1 ff 1 1 .,.'-V1 :ff V an :,,,,,1v.,-q.:..,,W.. W , , MLQYLW fu 7,77 A541 . , f -J ' 1 Vw, .Y-, n,srr- - f v' . f 1, -L s 5- n -. - fs 1.1- ' .n L 1 x I 1 ., J - ,'., A X 1 an 'z v ,, ' 4 . 1 'uh-Tv 'Q - v . 1 ' V J F. ,. I , " i . -.5 I . . I . -1, A Q 'u .. . ' X v , H , . . V P , ' . N , .- , . 'Ayn , f Q ' - - V. .nz , ,fu V '1 . ' I v ' 4 " .1 , . V Q- , .-. .- 1 wfvh' V 1 . ' 4. ' ' . V, , ' . A' 'I ' I -., i A .Q iq. x F V . .. ...f ' ' S.: 1 . Q fr V 1 ' Vp Mgr .. ' V ,-A 3 . 1 '. A V M' ' M, .V 'V ,.+Jl5. - - . .,, H. M., Y VA N A .NRL .. V K FL.-ff' '. fr, ' . I -I V A .. , . U . M . V ,..,. LV, . . . . . VZ f" . mf. .. ,41V,, V V 1 , - 4 1-.Q , . .:- .' ' ' . .3 ' "pl 31- , '- ' "if-.z 'W I 'v ' . 1 -':.-4-,' 1, .. -4. f V . Q Q . .1 'X , 1 A ' V ' 'Av' Q-g 1 V,! . ,A N A , '.v r ' ml' ' - 1 ' . . , . ,f V . , N ,. . . , L , -lr." ' A W, I .' - I .V Q . A .- 5 , .,,- N gf. .- , .3 I, ,4 .J .. ,A ,.' -.1 '. 4 . .v 4v.U. "-vi ' N ' -.Q ,V ,V,,,. Vf...a..,. V ' F N - . 4.. -rw... -V , . ., Vh ,. K MM, B 1... , - -V V , . .. - V .V-f - 4 L V ,QW , , , .V , ' ' 'M'-,RH . .-, .v 1 ' V V V ' ,v Vygj -.-fn -' ""FffV,V ' . - '. . l'fV11"4 " K-A ' , . :a'.- 'gf . .,-3 RJ". .-w -16,4 V , .V u 4.-V : . -,. f . 1.35. -"' . ' ' a , , , . - , 4. , - . . .-wa yn' Q- - - 4., M . A 1' .. 'fs-Q . ' f . - . -9 f-. f., ' ' . 'fag - - -'L . L7 -'15 ' ' I ,1' V ',-' ' Q-E: .. M " 'Q ' L, . ' . ,gv ' V U. V --w. V. 'N - , ,,-LV , v .: ' - .- -' ' - .Q f . ' V. ',. , 9114. 'Jr' ' ' . f-,, 319. . . ".i"!"' , , ' , Q 5 ' '-'A 'L' 1 .Jw ,- . f . I-. 3 . ' V3 " ' - 3 .f ng. . ,V " -. l, H ' X A wp- y. .. V. V f 4 , "'.f ' " '. ,. 11 V . ' . M. Q UL' - 5 - 'N ..,. " 'f'.'?' f., 'iq' " 3 'W 7 ' ' .., - A . V . ., 3 N Q ,V , l I ,, . 4- A 4. .614 Y' ' ' ' . .' 'f . , .4 ,. .. f-ff., . 4- - A q ., ,. , I ,. . , " '- e ' An V , , f , . , ."' V. . ' ' "' 1 ..- - ' ' , v"- . '- X. 1- M . ', '.,, . ,. 'X V f N, ,, N .. , V5 , X! . Q, I 1.4! ., -m "pg, -fx " -' V 1 r ,,-. . -. ' ' ' .vt h . .- .. . 1 " 1, I A N' .- ' ' 9 -. V., 1 . 'ff -V A f V .-V V . , , V . . I ,,. - 4 2 - '55, , .. - V .. Y , - V 4" L7 .JI , ' wi A' 1' -. X- 1 Q 'Q 4.7 ,wi w .-4 i 4 H .r -4 f I . L ...U f.. J' 1 L :'v fx..-'f . '-'riff W- ' 'L 'I 4 JH 'I 1'lD' A, lp' fl lx" . '..-1 . - -U . x ij: Haag, RPL fb 1:43 ,,x :ff ' ff -,nu-h?,g, " .5 ' .. . , via H 4, .H R . in V fy-, 'ov,... af? 4. Y" . gzffxr . an 'f .'1' J wg, 4 --JH., A-1 .uf V ,. 1 "-'1 Agn .yan f -., ,,f 4. ,. Q ' .-J lv' V4 . ,. J.. 1, v . 1- - -' . 1 , 2 H 1.JI1.x"yfA . -1,151 ' 1-4. ' ' -fa . Vp ,L -',' g h-lu , M . ! 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Suggestions in the University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) collection:

University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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