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 - Class of 1958

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wa-I-40m My 'ww A.. -M, ., i 1. if-'A x 9,45 1 s 2 , w W! , 1 .x , Hd 4, M s- k 11804 ,QQ f W M--. ., .N VA X... , v., Q L. ' k ' I . Jv- , , -- , V I ' ' ' nw X ,Z - fi' K , ' K Q MK ,Q 1 W Q , 'A ff f -fn, -M 1 M V 'W ' fmuw A -, ' ., . , N' I , - .1-..f,, M W ' X AA, , Ag W ' 5 vim ' H f Q, . 'A' . ' ' V L4 in "?K""" , Aww I- A-G ' f J af- ffakxm " U 'fwxhlcfiiefiiiiffgf ' , 'ydlyg . Y ' y ' m I A 'Vx f 'U-W 'QL 'L ., wwf 5 f ' ff' ' .. 1 ' H gs! f V ri of rd e Staff Judiflw M. Carr w .7,,..A,.............,.,,......A .,.,, w ,, .Co-Edifor Charles S. Huesfis ....... . ...,...,,,, Co-Edifor Roberf VV. Sfumpek . ..,,,.,,, w.,Y,,,... L ay-Ou? Edifor Dr. John Benz ,,, , ,..,, ..,7,A ,,,, 7 ,Advisor uf The UniversiTy of BridgeporT has changed considerably Trom The Two-campus univer- siTy iT was aT iTs incorporaTion in I947. We have grown in more ways Than one - in TacT, growTh has been The key word in all areas. Physically, UB has builT or remodeled several maior campus buildings since I948. In ThaT year, Fones Hall was builTy in l95O, The Engineering-Technology Building: in I953, Alumni Hall was remodeled Trom a privaTe home: in I955, The Drama CenTer and Carlson Library were builT: in I956, The gyrnnasiumy and in l957, The Two dormiTor- ies and dining hall. For use in l959 a sci- ence building is now being planned. UB oc- cupies aT presenT 40 buildings on 4l acres. Our enrollmenT has also grown by leaps and bounds. OUT oT ThirTy insTiTuTions oT higher learning in ConnecTicuT, UB is now The Third largesT -- quiTe diTTerenT Trom iTs original TiTTy-seven sTudenTs when The Ju- nior College oT ConnecTicuT was Tounded in l927l lnTellecTually, Too, UB has developed in The pasT Ten years. We now oTTer more op- porTuniTies Tor degrees, including The as- sociaTe degree Tor a Two-year course, and more and more varied courses Than ever before. We aTTracT sTudenTs and TaculTy Trom all over The world To our campus. Perhaps UB's mosT signiTicanT growTh has been in iTs capaciTy To conTribuTe culTurally To The ciTy oT Bridgeport Our music and drama deparTmenTs offer programs To The public wiThouT charge. The Jacoby l.ecTures are now in Their sevenTh year and have be- come a TradiTional parT oT our academic schedule. UB has increasingly become a meeTing place Tor inTellecTual organizaTions, Tor ex- hibiTs in arT and science. As imporTanT as all These are, even more imporTanT is The promise we show of reaching even greaTer heighTs of service To our communiTy. Contents INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION SENIORS ACTIVITIES SPORTS INDEX Trib ' oreword The period of Time which has elapsed beTween The Tall of I957 and The spring of i958 probably means many diTTerenT Things To many people, buT To The senior class oT The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT iT marked a very special period oT Their lives. This year is The end oT Their Tormal educaTion. and now The world iTselT musT become Their school where success will no longer be measured by grades. buT by achievemenT wiThin Their socieTy. The wonders oT college liTe will no longer occupy The presenT. buT musT Take Their place in The pasT only To reTurn as memories. ln The years To come The VVISTARIAN will probably be The only Tangible Thing many oT us have leTT To remind us oT ThaT wonderTul period oT our liTe. As members oT The sTaTT, we have realized This and endeavored To noT only presenT a picTorial review, buT To capTure The liTe as comprised oT The Ii+TIe Things which were so imporTanT To us when we were here. IT is The incidenTs of our daily liTe which are so necessary To us in our recollecTions. and we have Tried To sTore some oT These up Tor you iT iT is possible. This yearbook oT The class oT l958 also has The honor of celebraTing The TenTh anniversary oT The UniversiTy. We are righTTully proud of This honor, Tor iT makes iT possible Tor us To show how The junior college by The sea has grown, noT only wiThin iTselT. buT in The communiTy around iT. WiTh This in mind we have worked Towards a goal, and ThaT goal is a yearbook which mirrors The progress oT a young and viTal UniversiTy. buT does noT lose sighT oT The senTimenT oT college liTe. 2 N 1 aka .L Growth 1947-1948 STUDENT ENROLLMENT: FACULTY: OPERATING BUDGET: ACREAGE: DEGREES AWARDED: FuII-fime I .359 Parf-'Iime I ,057 Full-Iime 96 Pari'-fime 42 S I ,050,350 I5 acres Asiociafe Degree Wqnt l Administration im Manx. ,mv Qfiw LL-4 hm , cz 5 A 1 A-fi mi' mmm T3 13 wnrmsmig ,pn ymfm 1 W.. A MW HENRY WILSON LITTLEFIELD, PHD. Vice-Presidem' JAMES HERRON HALSEY, AM Presidenf ifmwuvmhourw- 5 P Q ' IWL' E 1 f DEAN CLARENCE D. L. ROPP Coliege of Arfs and Science B W DEAN ARTHUR E. TRWPENSEE1 Coliege of Educa+ion X DEAN MARTHA P. JAYNE College of Nursing 5 I 4 , ,,, Amy, .. , WWE aww W W -A Q Mmww mmf Wewfffssfsifiiwesf , 52:::fm2Qf?::mg:5li1 eggcgggggwn.afigmsfwwx my ,bsizfw.faMygfg5fw,.M:3SSs?ES?g vwwwsswwz we A:Maw-A221szwfswwgrvszawfmzs Y'EB18fbsse'. , ZF'f"X' why U-maori? Vu. .. Z.. .Nw'04' wmv fesnewmai wmwwm gums N.,,gx54,.'1,,.Dfvngghm W nsiewwb g f- ,. , :ffm 5 'lui A I i i 2 .U-w.,z,,m, MFNSM-nam 5 DEANJEARLE M. 8:65525 Junior Coilege of Cozmecficui' 3 r A iv 2 5 .....wnf.. S E A EDEAN WILLARD P. BERGGREN College of Engineering Q , 2 e i DEAN EATON v. W. READ ' AECoNege of Business Adminisfraficm i E 1 .. i 1 William F. Allen Hans Apel Edward R. Aslarila Sami Bagdady William S, Bank, ' ' ' E ' l En lish HIS+OfY Economics Marlcehng ngmeer ng g l Q 2 l 5 E 19 is 2 5 if il E ill l nel 3 S l l 2 3: S f 5 55 Si 53 2 3 m.1,.,l s l , v John C. Besson Jol'1n C. Benz E. Calherine Brewster David Brown Reading Laborafory Ari Secrelarial Psychology 16 Ernesl' Buchholfz Rufh Buienslry Edward F. Byerly Emerson G. Chamberlain Kenne+h A. Chandler Reading Laborafory Reading Laborafory Music Hisfory Psychology Ching Chi Chang Ausiin G. Chapman, Jr. Ausiin G. Chapman, Sr. Harold Dari Rose M. Davis Accouniing Accounfing Accouniing Music English 17 William T. De Siero Alberi' A. Diclason Francis X. Di Leo Frances M. Dolan Francis E. Dolan Polifical Science Dramafics Accounting Denial Hygiene Biology Richard C. Doenges Jean W. Dooley Grace Eclrelberry Louise Evans William W. Evere'H English Nursing Nursing Nursing Biology 18 James Fenner David A. Field Richard Fowler Charles B. Goulding D. B. Gowin Economics Physical Eclucalion Reading Laboralory English Education Raghuvin Gupfa Herberl W. Hope Jr. Jui-Sheng Hsieh James O. Jackson EC0n0f1'llCS Engineering Engineering Ari' 19 Charles J. Jacobs Marie L. Jaeger Harry A. Kendall Lloyd Kennision Hazel B. Ken? English Secrefarial Hisfory Secrefarial Fashion Merchandising : S 2. 2 3 3 5 ? 3 5 f 2 S i 5 3 3 3 2 X 3 3 3 5 if 2 5 5 3 Donald W. Kern Walier Kondrafovich Dolores A. Ludlra Joseph Lulriw Educaiion Physical Educaiion Nursing Reading Laborafory 20 Eric Marcus German Siuarf A. Mayper Chemisfry Simon Mowshowifz ln-Mesi Neou Marhemaiics Engineering Eileen S. Moore Denial Hygiene Milfon Millhauser Douglas Merrilees lndusirial Design English I'X -l::"" George L. Newsome, Jr. Carroll E. Palmer Donald Parlrer Educaiion Educaiion Reading Laborafory 21 Andrew l. Peierson Charles F. Pefiiiean Raymond W. Pefrie Ralph H. Piclreii William H. Proiheroe Engineering Business Engineering Hisiory Marlrefing ll Nmmmwa John Rassais Roberi E. Redmann Norman M. Reid John W. Ross Joseph S. Rouceh French lndusirial Design English Industrial Relafions Sociology 22 W. Earl Sauerwein Music Louis Saccone Physical Educalion Q...--Q' Helen M. Scurr Alphonse J. Sherman English John J. Sherry Accounfing Malhemalics if S x ' ' Q 6 HS. S 5 Y . -Q is M S M .uv- yl 3:31 , S ' fo 4 'ff' ' W H K 25 i fi, "" - . J S E J ff J S linl . ' J J S zifs f sslnn 5 2 Chung W. Shih David M. Silverslone Michael E. Somers Charles F. Spilloir, Jr. Shirley M. Spilloir English Educaiion Biology Biology Denial Hygiene 23 George H. Sfanldy Maihemafics Louise C. Turner Mefhemaiics 24 Roberl H. W. Sfrang Edward J. Tornillo Denial Hygiene Engineering Jusius J. M. Van der Kroef Mary Vargoslro Sociology Secrelarial Mifchell D. Triwedi Spanish QP Charles D. Weber Ari' f Y H. 5 fxlfgiisgff Q25 e Q 4 Zgiifjvs,-ini: Mas, ' Q43 31:5 1 Hfgxf LW: if gf 5 26501121 if SW m'?bnS"'m-5 ' .v,-,W-wewf ? iff wil, 'Nw fm fi' 445: :Siam 'fm 'n. - .V "sf VW' F252 :M':g?P::f?2,:5 ,syfw vw .fggsm wsu ,gh ma g,,pl.wD,rm.sHfV, Q 9-rw 4f?f:5mffS2f::w:w1 wife: .Z : Ffselwsvif? nn- 7 W wrzwbw 5 ffm mm ,M Harry L. Wechier Chemisfry AWAAQLSK.. Mefa F. Williams Educaiion Gm Ralph Yalrel, Jr. Economics Cafherine Yocum Physical Educafion S iw. Libby Zagorin Nursing 25 x f f X X Senior Class fficers Fronf row, leff fo righf: Mona Schwarfz, Roger Lefkon - Vice-Presidenf, Ed Chin - President Marge Fenick. Second row, leff fo righf: Vinceni Caprio-Secrefary, Joseph Wargo, Joseph Messineo, Judy Carr-Treasurer. The significance of Senior Class Officers lies in fhe sfudenfs They represenfq fhese officers are a symbol of fhe soon fo be released pofenfial. Whaf are fhe areas in which fhe pofenfial of fhese gradu- afes will be disfribufed? Fun, fancy. success, wealfh, glory. and hard work should all be liberally endowed, if college careers are any indicafion of fufure living. As freshmen, fhese seniors sfrived fo be collegiafe, fhemselves, and sfablely unsfable. The following fhree yearsfhey lived up fo fheir Hupperclassman sfafusu which included displaying fhe "culfure" fhey learned fhrough fheir infellecfual pursuifs in classes, Clubs lof varied nafuresl, Alumni Hall, -- and else- where. An afmosphere of learning, femperecl wifh laughfer, has given fhe Class of '58 an educafion in every sense of fhe word ,... "For 'iusf experience felis. in every soil, Thaf fhose fhaf fhinlc musf govern fhose fhaf foil." Oliver Goldsmifh: The Traveller Adler, John C. Secondary Educaiion 5235 - 1 Wifi - . cewigggggn ,Q f .gg- 'Q 1, k Q., i X, 1 nj , g ll 1' QQ , ' 1 Y si. 1 if Q -1? 'Til "a,f1a25,:1 i - :fam -T E fi rl V 1 M , fa. .ar nz :W Ameis, Richard E. Acccunfing Y .my I" Q , 52 1 ' . mfggh ,X , mf Q' yr' X . , K , 1 Q 2 W if A 5 Q' i , 3' ce- " W. 'xiii fa? , 0 in J E ' 5 F' K5 ' ' ' we .. ' 54 , Adzima, Gary J. Accounring Andrews, Emma L. Execufive Secrefary ,.....,m,,,,...,, ., ,.. lg Us-as Yin an-...M Aleo, John P. Almandinger, Arlyne M. Engineering Fashion Merchandising mEw9jf4 V - v' if X f s.- i 47 - I fi 'L' fi 3. f.Z7:,'g'f jK3-,,y.K A wa w f:f .i.f-'e- Aniolowslri, Richard E. Accounfing if 41913, ,. Y eg. Anfignani, Ernesf O. Bacevycius, Joseph G. Banlro, Eleanor M. Marlrefing lndusirial Design Nursing 'Si ll Q53 WX Q mise X l '5'f?3'lQ .Ai Q ,M m N Q21 i ll my 52252 i A f 4753 fe 5?2'lff5" 5:21233 ,mme 'Q .K , .gy Y A will 32554: Q, 4 A 4 Barrin, Barbara Barslow, William E. Bassiclr, Chrisiian N. Bekalowicz. Lorraine A. English Secondary Educalion Accounling Denial Hygiene 2 3 Bell, Raymond S. Benedeiii, Priscilla J. Berardino, Samuel G. Berlrman, Eleanor L. Physical Educaiion Denial Hygiene Refailing Denial Hygiene Berman, Adele J. Blume, Gail C. Fashion Merchandising Secreiarial 30 F Y 5 S! in 1 ,iw fu wg aw .fiiw A vffssul-rig 1. 2 ' Qfuilviz an I ia Q f 295 L wgzwwgiwww E? ii S2532 My saga .gum isa-f"wiwi2igwQ Q'fLzz,:: :., 5 ?1iEi2'E'2Ef'zfQ2w1i-,Qi -1 " F 252 in 511 iii? b Yi viiifgig 'Se Mgigiagig E 1 3233135 V in wx 5 Iflgl Q 2 Q. 1 qv wi sfsffim- l AE 1 was ggiiggzi A255162 wfim I fgpiggg Egsgiwmswzsa yy 331.-Mag: iii - 1 ggggyaflwgswn b M 5352: QB msc apwzg, 9 .agp ,we , U r 5215 igggtiklw wining Q vb B 4 324 'wvsf"k'l.b w dim- Mui' 12155 E 'iii QQ .Ja E X . wa,F3LpZgg -S .V Q X155 in 3 wi' Fifi me azz - 5? 54:65 7 U M ' fi 35 1 lm X ma K 2 ? Boclc, Richard M. Bonaminio, Kaflwryn Bouflnllel' Raymond J Music Eclucafion ,f fig 'Mfg if , ' 'A Jw... bf w " ' 1-f "Nav I ,F Breff, Gail S. Brisfol, Charles C. Hisiory Nursing 11 fur 15 fm K - R,--. H , ,ffififi W rl' mf' KW S ,.,., ig? . F Broudy, lrwnn Brown, Sandra M Psychology Denial Hygiene Bruder, Kennefh A. Bump, Lyman Burbanlz, Margaref A Burrows, Waller L Jr Mafhemafics Engineering Execufive Secreiary Hlsfory Buser, Caiherine M. Bylo, Raymond Medical Secreiary Accounling 1 Nizfaze' Uiiifw' we or " a anmwpa, , Carr, Judifh M. Physical Educaiion Q , W -J i - ' ' 5' " X 'fZ2'i'LXiA+ff7f:f?W'115y52f ,biiilfg fgvsfffi , , aafffgfga, , 5 ., fv'fB5wg,w'gg ?w ifnzwiigfwzzfzzsisf-wig , ,, -r - v iizmew fg wwfwr ga 2, W ' 0 or J no .... vga U,,,,.awfwg,,gs5g .,.. - ..-.-- Q -- , .,...... Mi.vk,Ww W5 f, . Wezzikflfafmfm Fgvfezxi iaiiff' i 75252, V , V , , 1 lmiiif2siizgiiiiifwilffiggfifiiigiiszzwifiiafifmw Q., , A JI is I 1222955 1 W 35:19:21 ,ff 5 K K7 'Ur' in ,' o it . J 5 ' Q W??3:f.'y5 Q1f"Ezs:.1Z'S!Z?5Zgg2.g.'iiffifgiszrfig -J aj z 5 W , ww Z.. wg5rwmwglgzizzgmmzfzy :,fai1V5y . w, sw i I ' R y r J J J' A L I . , Q--:-12: 565 ' ,eiSiiZfi5:::'21f1f33933212 1 i " E ff-e f: Jliiizazvzsyi :mg . ., 2 15, , g , 4 15523'iZifEs2123ig??'2g2Ez2as224I 11: nw 1 J i M We :g:. wriwi if Q E"W3Efi2isg:lX 32222 aw X fa , W Q '-E ::rE5 '11-iii? XMYV' ik b ' we Sim , sziifzii' S f afsvzigwa 'A ifzi.. Qian 7:5'f 1 Wil 1 T1 32 Casey, Carol Accouniing Caprio, Vincenf M. Marlcefing Carroll, Georg Accounling '27' E 5 ' if v i . , if x c if K y in ima 4 . J Mffw' iwfig Q ' I, Mfffna. 15, sg W: sflgsfiiffff y 51552 fi Q55 1 V1 A ggi fM',,, - ef F3 M y fi Carr, John W. Physical Educafion -i' um Caseria, Roland J. Hislory .si Cebik, Roland J. Ceniner, Richard J. Hisiory Mechanical Engineering Clwala. Diana G. Execufive Secrelary i F Chin. Edward Marlceling fix Cirlyn, Fred Markefing Cherniclr, Julia Denial Hygiene ' . 9 5lfffQ?f5fffl" . l5l'1 :..lf2f1fTT'f5f'-'33 5362 .nf iweizfsfr, 1 455.5 - sew 1 TA 1 ' r ye..--::e::1ewae::: ff, V- V Yi m fg x"?iL?Ez mvievwzs-x'2-'. . ', ' ' lfififf w zsew 1 :S ' ii f wi' IN . we--f.. -1 . ' 31252451335 - , g?4gff5.H??g Hifi' . . afsfzssixkxiieilw. ggegfflfifs V. WS' . , 255 7 22 JV' ' : .f - MQW, Wfgaixif wr ..-Q Clwrisfiano, Joseph Polifical Science wg -fbi ,as-Q, iii Collins, Cynihia M. Legal Secrelary Chomlro, Myron W. Accounling Ciesielski, Edward W Accounling Cl1uga, Barbara S. Elemenlary Educaiion 'EZ We :an- Collins, John W. Collins, Maureen Marlceling Denral Hygiene 2 , fl? El 1 3 3 S :gr ':. s if , l li ala. Q, 4 5 W ':E,,E:.. Eff 6:52 34 Ehg ll 1 1:5 l X K ,E 4 L , iifif iii HS gig W, H Q 2 + , 23 -eg .,., X. ii Q 5 ":5i.:. ii? ---f-: 2 se g Q 122 5 :::':5::.2'E-55' '- .:gfE,E :5f.2 S vffii Q Q. x .,.. 3,2 F S' E s in . M 3 iiiii ... .. aiii 15 i ii iiiieegzf feaefie Y E Q i iw: 4 , 5 BP 1 ywwvawgf 1 Q : :,553,r--29. gi-we my . , K ,gelli9ies?lm?? if ' , na- m,f.f1,:-ma as 5 f' few.. L .., .,'- ,.- 5 ..., . 2. msc. .eil-ii ff egg.. 1 i A ZW- I , if - -Q 1 JS, iz, V kg 5.3 1, s. ' Q , li ig: fi if 5 21 iii we 2 2 .. Crelella, Lorraine M. Denial Hygiene Conley, Donald J. Coolre, Elizabelh J. Copeland, Rosanna Accounfing Secreiarial Legal Secrefary Coppola, Fran M. Cosfello, Donald K. Cox, Roberl' M. Denial Hygiene Music Educalion Mechanical Engineering Crisf, Lorraine A. General Educafion xdewsw . 'Q 33 -S i , .nlfeftaczzf 1. s :?W.s1x'542':fsgi wk. S WISH N ' xiii ye fe Y' 1- e 5+ 50' , 'M Cryslal, Frances Faslwion Merchandising , W1 5 w.1w,g1,l-71 f-f- M f ef., .,, . .,.,m,..5 Cupo, Maryann Accounfing ., .... L. s Q Hiller egggm: Shaw- , ,J,b X fi 5 2 5 5 i 2 ggi 'fia-iii 51:5 , ,W 5, wwe: fi? - ' V' 1:1- fmsqsmvw Z ,Af XM' Davis. John G. Marlcefing Daniels, John F. Davis, Gerald N. lndusirial Design Economics fag,- Q, .. if , we 1 ,arf "" - 1 up 'QQ WY S dwarf H1 gage! ,QV , P DeCava, Raymond E. Delvenihal, Edwin A. DeMayo, Kafherine M Accounling Marlrefing Elemeniary Eclucafion .jj , ' ,pw-. i-9, ma i f .ii ' A 'fi 6 K Q42 DeVivo, Michael A. DiBenediHo, Elaine Dabrowslri, Alicia 1 'L 'fm S , 'K K .2 We YQ my X i Music Educaiion Denial Hygiene Denial Hygiene Educalion wi? K X We Davis, Irma M. Elemenfary Educaiion X .. px 1 , g m -von. li iv 9'5" Desmarais, Pairicia C. Denial Hygiene w Q M1 A '1's32i3g2i:3 Q i2gR?g221f2Ef,i1ggi- ,2fzifi5f5iT' n,w2'Peg2,113,'f-gl kfgi zaifazifsi ch .i an lf: 1 aww: 1 , .,e,,,a1wwgM, ig A Mia, fy, . 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A '- W " 'MQ W .-,Q ., --fm .:zau 5, , wen -mf , Q. ,h ., ...,,, , Lwptifg. 7' J' Q, 2 -Gsm fgsiwig 1 ,F fi W uw.. - www gwf, 'V W - EM 'lp I , ,?gigfgmsm1.k 3fg, sfE if .Q A ,,fg3Zf A 5. l 62 Ku 63 W 9 9 Activities Social Events Seated, left to right: Mickey Etter, Mrs. Lunn, Allan Fredman. Standing. left to right: Iris Lipsius, Ellen Grossman, Eileen Kellman, Maryann Cupo, Herb Solomon, Lou Haber, CarolLaxer, Dorothy Selski, Carol Sack. Social Activities Committee lviiclcey Etter 7 ,, ,,,, ,, ,,Co-Chairman Allan Freedman . . ,,,,,,,, ,,,A,,.,,,t,, A ,,,Co-Chairman Sandi Brill .,,,.,,,, ,, ,, , .Corresponding Secretary Iris Lipsius , ,. , .Recording Secretary Gail Blume i,,, ,,ii,,,,,,.,,,iA . .Treasurer Mrs. Lunn Y, . i,,.,,,,,.,.. .. ,,,,,... ., i,,,., . ,....,. ,,,,, , ,. ...,,Advisor Sott music, dirn lights, and sparkling couples are the pleas- ant rewards ot the close working Social Activities members. Planning and decorating tor the major dances at the University are considered to be the only tunction ot the committee, but there are some other enjoyable attairs to include. The schedul- ing ot various teas tor the queen candidates. and arranging for the judging adds a touch ot anxious excitement other than the usual glamour ot the Christmas, Sweetheart and Wistaria dances. A bewildered, unorganized mass oT neophiTes descended upon The UB campus This Tall. ready To Torm The class of I96I. ATTer The iniTial welcome and visiT To Their dorms. They assembled To receive The TradiTional purple and whiTe beanies, The symbol oT The Trosh. lT was a hecTic weelc Tor Those newcomers as They were TreaTed To a jazz concerT. an inTormal dance, a picnic. movies, and a musical show pro- duced by The KnighTs oT Thunder. On The serious side. They aTTended Two convocaTions, one presenTed by The TaculTy and adminisTraTion and one presen- Ted by The upper-classmen represenTing The various campus organizaTions. The TracliTional climax To The weelc's TesTiviTies, The Freshman Ball, was a gala success, which saw lovely Miss Jane Hillner crowned queen oT The Freshman class. The purpose oT The Freshman Week was achieved by The inTergraTing oT The Class OT l96l inTo The UniversiTy Tamily. Freshman Week Pre-Semester Weekend sc Milam T Every Tall, TwenTy-Tive sTudenT leaders are invi- Ted To parTicipaTe in The Alumni Hall ReTreaT. The purpose oT The ReTreaT, which is sponsored by The Alumni l-lall Board of Governors. is To discuss The problems oT sTudenT acTiviTies as They relaTe To The STudenT CenTer. ln l957 The ReTreaT was held aT Calc 'n' Spruce Lodge in SouTh Lee, lvlassachuseTTs. STudenTs and sTaTT Toolc parT in a weekend of serious discussion Tor The purpose oT planning and organizing The soc- ial calendar Tor The coming year. Problems discussed This year included The role of The STudenT CenTer and The STudenT CenTer acTiviTies. Special guesT OT The Board oT Governors was CheT Barry, DirecTor of The Memorial Union, aT The UniversiTy oT Rhode ls- land. The weekend included The use oT The Lodges spacious recreaTional TaciliTies, noT all of which were ouT doors. Campus Thunder '58 71 3 I.- -,..,-4 f 14 72 Spring Pla rv-M35 624 fAing ef Aeaufly is e jet., forever gfs lovekness increasesg if W.-ll never 70.155 info nofAingnessg Auf Stiff wif! Leep 04 Lower quiel' for MS, .mel ef Sfeep gin!! of sweef olreams, anal AealfA, anal quief 6reafAincs7. H Jfeafs Freshman Queen jane Margaret ,ner Snowflake Queen tpafricia 04 :Ca Sweetheart Queen fmcylks marie IwAifney Greek Goddess BQYLCZYCZ 541114 JGAWSA Wistaria mary Catferine me grail Organizations SeaTed le'FT To righT: Mr. DeSeiro, Phyllis Whifney, Edward Wolf, VincenT M. Caprio, William Kolre, Mona Schwarfz Sfanding lefl To righl: Nancy Lazarus. Marcio Hemley, Judilh Carr, Lorraine Harner, Philip Organ. Andrew Milchell Roger Leflxon, Vincenl J. Falcone, Margarel Feniclr, Eva Bernslein, Rachel SmiTh. Student Council VincenT M. Caprio r,,... ,..,..,,,r,,,,,,.,.,. P residenT William Kolce r,,r.... ...,.,, ,,.,7.,... V i ce PresidenT Mona SchwarTz ..,,. ..,.,, Y YExecuTive SecreTary Phyllis WhiTney ..... , .,,,, Recording SecreTary Edward WolT .,..,,,,,,,..,,. rll,Y,,.,..,.,,.Y,,,..A. T reasurer Mr. George STanley .,.. ,. ,.,.... Advisor Mr. William DeSiero ,,,l.........,..,.,..,,,Y,,,.......,,.,,,,,,.r.....,,,, .....,V A dvisor The STudenT Council is perhaps The mosT imporTanT sTudenT organizaTion on cam- pus, since iT is direcTly responsible To The enTire sTuclenT body. lTs prime TuncTion is To promoTe and To proTecT The righTs and welfare oT The sTudenTs. This body also en- deavors To TighTen The bonds beTween The sTudenT and The adminisTraTion - and Thus prornoTe a more inTegraTed and closely-lcniT UniversiTy. ln addiTion. STudenT Coun- cil hopes To TurTher develop in each sTudenT a sense of personal responsibiliTy Tor The welTare oT This UniversiTy communiTy of which he is an inTegral parT. To Tulfill These purposes, STudenT Council meeTs regularly Two hours each weelc. In addiTion. Council members represenT The sTudenT body aT numerous commiTTee meeT- ings ThroughouT The year and devoTe much oT Their Tree Time To Council responsibiliTies. Membership on Council is deTermined by sTudenT voTe. ElecTions are held an- nually To deTermine The represenTaTives of each class. The senior class has six repre- senTaTives, The iunior class has Tive, The sophomore class has Tour, and The Treshman class has Three. if Sealed, lefi +o righf: Hal Adler, Charles Huesiis. Roberf Siumpelt. my gin V 1:2 WG? . .Wei xl S+anding, leff 'lo right Vincenf Falcone, Norma Faas, Roger Lefkon, Rifa Dellaca, Phyllis Whifney. Wistarian Judy Carr, Charles Huesiis ,,A,,,, ..... C o-edifors Roloerf S+umpek .,..., , r,e,.e,.. ,e,, , cLay-Ou+ edilor Dr. John Benz ..... . .,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,.. .... A dvisor There is acfually very li++le +ha'r can be said abou? 'rhe Wisfarian unfil afier you, 'the siudeni, have seen 'rhe yearbook and passed judgemenr upon if. The members of rhe siaff have worlced hard on fhis year's publicaiion and are proud of +he end result Special credii musi be given 'ro Ri+a Dellaca and Rachel Smirh, who devored much of 1'heir 'rime and effort Bur unforfunaiely many facfors have hindered fhe s1'aif's progress. Nexf year. wi+h many of 'rhe s+aff refurning, 'rhe yearbook will be in +he hands of experienced personnel, who are now conscious of lhe many pi+'Falls which arise in producing an annual such as rhis. ie ear .frm , C if ' vga V Isf row Gilberf, 2nd row 3rd row 4fh row A Cappella Choir The A Cappella Choir performs as an added arlracfion af many Universily func- fions. The smoorh sounding voices of rhe choir impressed everyone by fheir rendifion of fhe songs from "The King and l" ar rhe Frank Jacoby Lecrure. Under The direclion of Mr. W. Earl Sauerwein, 'rhe choir has performed af many lunclions in 'lhe surround- ing areas olher Than a+ The Universily. leff fo righf: Susan Chandler, Joy Lebowifz, Louise Nicol, Joanne Boviclr, Barbara Nalepa, Gail Moriarfy, Roslyn Barbara Jennings, Rhoda Schaeffer, W. Earl Sauerwein, Direcior. leff io righf: Barbara Perlmufier. Arlyne Almadinger, Margaref Figlar, Horiense Horen, Marfha Shapiro. lefi' fo right John Scully, Arnold Frosi, Joseph Silva, Charles Whifman, David Myers. leff io righi: Howard Cole, Raymond Thornberg. Huge Williamson, David Elrsfrom, Donald Osfeyee. Alumni Board of Governors Allan Freedman ....., ....... C hairman Maryann Cupo ,, .,.. ...,A S ecrefary Mrs. Marion Lunn .,,,,, ..Advisor Mr. George Sfanley ,,,,Y,,..,..... Y,oo,.V,v, .....,.,V. . . .,o.. .Advisor The Alumni Hall Board of Direclors is a newcomer 'ro The Bridgeporl campus. A srudenl organizaiion, if was conceived our of necessily and has proved iis worlh during ils shori exis- fence. Previously par? of lhe Alumni Hall Board of Governors, Jrhis new group will organize a series of programs for Alumni Hall +o fill any void in ihe social calendar. The Board of Gover- nors consisls of Vice-Presidenf Dr. Henry W. Lilrleiield, Direclor of fhe Evening Division James Souihhouse, Alumni Represenlaiives John Cox and Tom Moore, Direclor of Alumni Hall Mrs. Marion Lunn, Direcfor of Sludeni Acfiviiies George Slanley. and six siudenls. These sluclenls have branched our and, allhough slill parl of lhe Board of Governors. have formed ihe nuc- leus of The Board of Direcfors. This membership will grow ro sixieen wilh The beginning of 'lhe 1958-I959 school year. In +he past 'rhe Board has presenled coffee brealcs, jazz conceris, 'rhe Facul+y-S+uden+- Sfaif Buffer, and many olher smaller affairs. Wilh The iniiialion of 'rhe new members, The pro- gramming will increase len-fold. Sealed, lefi fo righfz Maryann Cupo, Mrs. Marion Lunn, Mr. George Sfanley, Allan Freedman. Sianding, lefi' fo righf: Ronald Miller, William Norwood, Edmund Clark, Rachel Smifh. 'apr' ID ' Seaied, leff To righT: Ed Ramos, Joanne Alechnowicz, Ed Fernandez. STanding, leff To righT: Gene Dowling, Hal Hemingway, Mona Faullcner, Wil FogarTy, Andre Guilberi, Diclr Shepard Debating Society The UniversiTy DebaTing SocieTy was inauguraTed in l947 as an ouTleT Tor sTudenTs in- TeresTed in learning and pracTicing The Techniques of The ancienT Torensic arT. lT has noT only proved iTselT a Training ground Tor lawyers, Teachers, and oTher proTes- sional personnel dependenT upon speech, buT has aTTracTed and mainTainecl many members Tor The pure enioymenT and experience received Trom iTs acTiviTies. DebaTing TournamenTs held wiThin The New England area are TrequenT means Tor This social acTion. Schools Trom The area include Wesleyan. ST. Joseph's, SmiTh College, l'larTTord UniversiTy of New Hampshire, Maine, Brown, MassachuseTTs lnsTiTuTe oT Technology. and Holy Cross. Occasionally, The opporTuniTy is presenTed To exTencl These inTerecTions and parTicipaTe ouTside This area -- New York UniversiTy, HoTsTra, Columbia, ST. John's PrinceTon, George- Town, l"lobarT. UniversiTy oT Florida. and Mercer UniversiTy. For The pasT Three years. The SocieTy has conducTed a debaTe TournamenT on The Uni- versiTy campus. Seaied, lefl' To righlz Mr. De Siero, Ed Ramos, Judy Carr, Rachel Smith, Shirley Sabo, Anclre Guilberf. Sfanding. lofi' To righf: Barbara Sirolnak, Mon Faulkner, Louis Onofrio, Wil Fogarfy, Joanne Alechnowicz, Ed Fernandez Gene Dowling, Dick Shepard, Joanna Miska, Jerry Norwood. Louise Clark, Peggy Burbank, Bernie Ferrona. Political Relations Forum The obiecT of The Forum is To exTend To iTs members The opporTuniTy To parTalce in The sTudy and pracTice of poliTics To The end ThaT They shall gain a knowledge of, and willingness To underTalce, The poliTicai responsibiliTy of free ciTizens in our democraTic socieTy. The primary duTies of The PoliTical RelaTions Forum are To formulaTe and mainTain elec- Tion policy. To conducT all elecfions for class officers, queens, eTc., and To give aid To oTher cam- pus organizafions in drafTing and revising TheirconsTiTuTions. One of The maior acTiviTies is The ConneclicuT lnTercollegiaTe STudenT LegislaTure. The annual session is held in The capiTol building in l'larTTord. Composed of delegaTions from six- Teen colleges, This legislaTure assumes The duTies of acfual represenTaTives and senaTors. Through eledions and appoinTmenTs. Principal elecTed p0STs include Pre-siclenT of The SenaTe. Speaker of The House and MaioriTy leaders of boTh houses. NoTeworThy among The appoinTmenTs is The posiTion of CommiTTee Chairman. ln l958. The Universiiy WGS honored in having Ed Ramos elecTed as PresidenT of The Sen- aTe and Judy Carr appoinTed SenaTe Chairman of The Edugafion C0mmiT-Tee, Each SCl'l0Ol submifs Two bills, which are l'l'1e subiecl' of Clebafe in b0Tl'1 lqgugeg, Here 'H-ie individual proves himself Through parTicipaTion. Every spring, The Forum sponsors Bridgeporf Day. A Mayor, a PresidenT of The Common Council and several Aldermen are elecTed by The sTudenT loody. OTher sTudenTs are appoinTed To fill The various adminisTraTive offices of The ciTy. BridgeporT Day is a collegiaTe legislaTure on The local level. Sports ar Club The Sporfs Car Club of fhe Universify of Bridgeporf was founded in Ocfober, I957 by Phelps Laszlo, Pefer Cornell and lvlarfin Halperf. ln ifs shorf exisfence if has grown from an idea fo a sfrong body of over fhiry members wifh common inferesfs. ll' offers friendship fo many and promofes good will fo fhe people wifh which il' comes in confacf. The club encourages safefy and courfesy on fhe road and sporfsmanship in connpefifion. The U.B.S.C.C., as The club is known, is essenfially a gymlchana club: fhaf is. ifs meefs consisf of evenfs which fesf a driver's skill and abilify fo maneuver his car fhrough a prescribed obsfacle course. However. fhe club parficipafes in rallies, frials, hillclimbs and various ofher fypes of sporfs car compefifion wifh success. Membership in fhis club is open nof only fo fhose who own sporfs cars. buf fo anyone-who is inferesfed in fhis fype of acfivify. Seafed, lefi' 'fo righl: Chuck Simmerman, Anne Granchii, Mariy Halperf, Fefe Cornell, Keylene Cornell, David Marks. Sfanding, le'Pr 'lo righf: Bob Piekarski, David Nelson, Paul Taylor, Kennefh Fagan, Wal? Fair, Dick Abbafe, Charles Deuier- man, Ray Wallace, Ray Williams, Barry Kichline, Marfy Hosen, Beriie Taylor, Dick Linclquisf, Louise Clark. Women 'S House Government Eva BernsTein ,. ..... .....VvV.V.V. ....,. P V 9SidSf1T Jeanne Taylor .... Vice-PresidenT,'Treas. Ellen Kramer ..A, ,..Recording SecreTary PaT LamberT ..Corresponding SecreTary An organizaTion of The women's residence members. The Two dormiTor- ies including The members on all Tloors are able To be ioined TogeTher by This organizaTion. lT has increased iTs plans Tor The Big SisTer CommiTTee This year, so ThaT each enTering Freshman or Transfer girl will be able To correspond wiTh an upperclassman. IT also disTri- buTed Freshman guide books To allevi- aTe confusion Tor The new sTudenTs. 4 Ann. 4 . , Floor, leff To righlz Brenda Krandell, Marilyn Chapman, Nan Henig. Sealed, lell To righlz Sandra Meriihew, Marcia Hemley, Lucille Di Sfelano, Jeanne Taylor, Dr. Fulcher, Eva Bernslein, Ellen Kramer, Palricia Lamberl, Nancy Hurwile. Siancling, lelf To righi: Cecile Lupien, Palricia Duffy. Linda Goodman, Carole Harelick, Arliene Levifl, lris Lashin. Norma Fass, Mary Lou Flanagan, Lorelfa WiTowski, Nancy Bralrler. Sue Unger, Nancy Young, Brenda Diamond. .., l .C Q T Sealed, lefl To righT: Carol Rubenson, Norma Marinello, Lucille Di Slefano, Jeanne Taylor, Dr. Claire Fulcher, Eva Bernslein, Ellen Kramer, Pafricia Lamberl. Nancy Hurwilz. Slancling, leff To righl: Judifh Furman, Palricia Duffy, Barbara Feeley, Barbara Slrolnick, Norma Faas, Mary Lou Flanigan, Rosemary Sweeney, Rose- marie Sepe. Harriel Schulfz. 88 9 2 - Q Men 'S Senate M 'll' - l. 4 r J Seafed, leff io righl: Mr. Sherman, Dan Jaffe. Don Scoff, Diclr Siener, John Morfimer. Sfanding, lefr io righf: Mari Wassarman, Phil Organ, Tom Negele, Lenny Kleinman, Ed Wolf, Emile Smilh, Sid Kohn, Maffhew Kaishan, Paul Palubnialr. Don SCOH ,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,..,.......,A..... Presidenf Daniel Joffee .,...... Secrefary-Treasurer Mr. Alphonse J. Sherman ........ Advisor The Men's Senafe is comprised of fwo represenfafives from each men's residence hall. Alfhough fhe Universify is primarily concerned wifh rhe gen- eral welfare of men sfudenfs, fhis group assisfs 'rhe adminisfralion wiih problems which have been delegafed 'ro fhis group. The Direcfor of lvien's Resi- dence Halls acfs as advisor. Newman lub Isl' row leff 'lo righh Barbara Napela, Alice Garrefy, Marilyn Chapman, Mary Ann Tomasiro, Loreifa Sieinman, Barbara Sirolnalr, Carhy O'Burn, Pai Lambert 2nd row lefi io righf: Ed Lucas, Joe Kelly, Charles Milof, Roger Abbafe, Tony Granger, Fafhar McGough, Terrence McCoy, Lucille DiSiefano, Molieifa De Pompa, Eugene Molner. John Profeffo ,.,,.l. ...,,.,,,,.,,. P resiclenl' Rose Zifo . . ..,.,,.. A. .,..,,.,,.. Vice-Presidenf Pafricia Lamberf ., ...,,........,w.. Secrefary Pafricia Duffy ,,,. ,..,,...... Treasurer John Camera ..,.....,...,..........A.. Publicify The main purpose of Jrhe Newman Club is 'ro offer spirifual guidance and social funcfions fo fhe sfudenf. The organizafion has fhe largesf sfu- deni membership on campus, offering social acfivifies fhroughouf 'rhe year. The Mass. followed by brealcfasf, is of- fered every Sunday morning in fhe chapel. For fhe firsf fime Mass was said daily during fhe Lenfen season. The Chaplain of fhe club is Rev. Fafher McGough who supervises all acfivilies. Rev. Fafher Russo. from Nofre Dame High School. usually lecfures on fhe college sludenf and religion. Christian Association Sealed, leff 'lo righf: Ron Cebill, Nancy Beardsley, Louise Nicol, Donna Long, Grela Kuneman, Donna Hoffman, Richard Shepard. illel Sealed, lefi io righl: Judy Reichel, Ru'I'h Ann Sidman. lna Ellis, Siuarl' Gussin, Rhoda lnveniash, Sieve Slammer. Sfanding. leff fo righl: Sandra Gold, Jusfine Kobe, Eileen Levin, Harold Adler, Phillip Abrams, Sieve Wes+, Larry GlaH, Louis Haber. Elsa Wharlon. Paul Joclmau, Brenda Freidman, Janice Herschenhorn. Ronald J. Cebik ,....,... ......,. P residenf LeRoy G. Holman , Treasurer Rev. W. R. Mowai, Advisor 84 Chaplain The Chrisiian Associaiion a+ The Universiiy of Bridgepori is a 'fellow- ship of sfudenis and iaculiy of all de- nominaiions bearing wiiness io iheir iaiih on campus. Feeling ihai Chris- 'rianiiy has a challenge for ihe world which is relevani 'ro 'rhe campus com- muni'ry, The group has sponsored a pro- gram designed 'ro make 'ihe campus aware of ihis challenge. The associa- 'lion is also aciive socially, which inclu- ded iwo ouiings 'rhis year. The Chris- +ion Associaiion is a member of +he Siudeni Chrisiian Movemeni and is sponsored by ihe Council of Churches of Greafer Bridgeport Advisor .,.. .,s.. ...,., P r of. Charles Jacobs Presideni ,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,...,. lna Ellis Vice Presidem' ,..,,,,,..s,,.,... Siuarf Gussin Corresponding Secreiary ...... Ruih Ann Sidman Recording Secreiary ............ Gail Miller Treasurer .,.s.............. Rhoda lnveniasch Sergean+ of Arms .,,,.,,...., Larry Glaii' Newspaper Ediior ..s..,,, Herberi Poplcin Hillel received i1's ioundaiionship charier in I955: buf uniil ihis pasi' year. ii has been in a baby siage. Now, ii has blossomed info a well-organized group. Under ihe careful eye of flee advisor, Professor Charles Jacobs and The officers, 'rhe organizaiion is well on Hs way 'ro a successful year. Hillel encouniers a five-poini pro- gram including social, religious, cul- iuural. inieriaiih. and guidance aciivi- Hes. To enable ihis program 'ro 'lake effect ihe Jewish Communi+y Cenier of Bridgeporf has graciously allowed 'rhe members of Hillel To use +heir fa- ciliiies, which include a Hillel meeiing room. gymnasium, bowling alleys. and enrollmeni' in iheir culiural program. William l-lerlihy ...................,.. Presideni' Mona Faulkner .,.....,.....,.. Vice-PresidenT Nancy Beardsley ...,.7............., SecreTary Jerry Davis ..,.., w.,................... T reasurer Dr. Charles PeTiTiean .,,, Faculfy Advisor Rev. J. W. l'luTchens, Religious Advisor The CanTerbury Associafion, one of The newesT groups on campus, is a nafionwide srudenr organizaTion on a college level conducTed under The aus- pices of The Episcopal Church. lTs pur- pose is To promofe ChrisTian fellow- ship aT The UniversiTy Through social, service, educaTional, and worship ac- Tivifies. The group has been quiTe ac- Tive in iTs shorT exisfence, highlighTed by The Fall and Spring weelcend con- ferences aT which oTher CanTerbury As- sociaTions Throughouf Connecficuf were represenTed. anterbur Club Sealed, leff To righh Richard Siener, Gerald Davis, William Herlihy, Nancy Beardsley. John Marlin. Sfanding, leff To righfz Sandra Meriihew, Barbara Marfin, Jeanne Taylor, Charles HuesTis, Louis Hoyda, David Elrsirom, Norma Faas, Phyllis Whilney, Louise Nicol. Eastern Urthodox Club The EasTern OrThodox ChrisTian Fel- lowship, formerly lcnown as The Easfern Orfhodox Club, was firsT organized in l947. However, iT has been relafively inacfive for The pasT few years, buT Through The efforfs of Dr. Rassias, The faculfy advisor, George Rahnias, The firsf presiclenf, and George lvlougios, The presenf vice-presidenT, we have again begun To fulfill our aims of plan- ning a program of religious educaTion and social acTiviTies for The sTudenTs on The campus. WiTh The help of our spirirual advi- sor, Reverend Kehayes, we are arrang- ing a series of appealing and informa- Tive lecTures, some wiTh slides and mov- ies, on The many diversified subiecfs of The EasTern Orfhodox religion. All of The leclures will be followed wiTh a social hour. Seafed, leff To righlz Alma Mafozian, Diana Chala, Lorraine Crisf, Mary Lilra. Slanding, le'FT To righh Paul Palubnialr, Fosfer Muzea, Raymond Roman, George Muzea. Phi EdiTh Hubbelbanlc A ..,.,A, ...,A. ,PresiclenT Marilyn Ehlers , 77, ,,A A., ,, Vice-PresidenT Lorraine CreTella Barbara GoerTs ..., Recording SecreTary PaTricia Desmarais .... Corres. SecreTary Caryl Kozlowski Y,,,....,,,,.. Y,,,.,, H isTorian ................Treasurer Phi Omicron Upsilon, DenTal Hygiene SororiTy, was reorganized This year in anTicipaTion oT TuTure naTionalizaTion. lTs purpose is To promoTe Tellowship and uniTy among The denTal hygiene sTudenTs in relaTion To The denTal pro- Tession. The sororiTy Toolc The iniTiaTive This year in prornoTing The organizaTion To a naTional level. The UniversiTy is proud oT iTs DenTal Hygiene course which has been successfully represenTed by This group. Eleanor Banlco .....Y,. ...uvs..... P residenT Rachel Haury .,v,,us,,,ss...... Vice-PresidenT Barbara STevenson .......s,,,a..,, SecreTary Mary Ann Bochnalc ......s,,.....,, Treasurer The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT College OT Nursing STudenT AssociaTion serves To uniTy all sTudenTs in The College of Nursing. lT is The oTTicial medium Through which The opinions and wishes oT The sTudenT body may be expressed. The Nurses' STudenT AssociaTion is governed by an execuTive board com- prised oT The persons who have been eIec+ed To serve in an official capaciTy. The Nurses' STudenT AssociaTion perTorms many TuncTions. Perhaps iTs largesT TuncTion is To give supporT To The ConnecTicuT STaTe STudenT Nurses' AssociaTion. This year. The UniversiTy OT BridgeporT Nursing STudenTs' Asso- ciaTion responded wiTh IOOW member- ship enrollnnenT. Each year Two repre- senTaTives Trom The sTudenT body are elecTed To aTTend The meeTings oi The C.S.S.N.A. held in HarTTord. The sTu- denT body also elecTs members as can- didaTes Tor oTTicers oT The C.S.S.N.A. Joseph Kraynala, is now serving as Treasurer oT This organizaTion Tor his second consecuiive year. Marie Ono- Trio was elecTed PresidenT oT DisTricT 3. C.S.S.N.A. AnoTher TuncTion oT The Nurses STU- denT AssociaTion is To plan The program Tor The MilesTone Ceremony which Talces place each Tall. This is an occas- sion which marks The progress oi each sTudenT and is recognized by The pres- enTaTion of purple bands on The caps oT Senior sTudenTs, The U.B. insignia on The caps oT Junior sTudenTs, receiving The TirsT cap by The Sophomore sTu- denTs and presenTaTion oi name pins To The Freshmen. The male nursing sTu- denTs receive purple sTripes on The sleeve oi Their uniTorm. micron U psilon r r , , 'JW mfr ' s: T -Q -ii 1-5 i ii" . wa 'ii - 7 SeaTed, leTT To righT: PaTricia Desmarais, Lorraine Cre+eIla, Edifh Hulaelbanlr, Marilyn Ehlers, Barbara GoerTs, Caryl Kozlowslci. STanding, leff To righf: Brenda Gaffney, Teresa PagnoTTi, Lorraine Belralowizz, Elaine DiBenediTTo, Rhoda Prescher, Shelly Sunfield, Judiih Geller, Jaclyn Jensen, Mary CaTherine McGraTl1, Sandra Torrey, Elaine Kohl, Marilyn LaPenTa, Sandra Brown. Student urses Association Leif To righT, from' row: Judiih Sievens, Carol Weigel, Norma Marinello, Sandra McLellan, Brenda Gaffney, Claire Bafes, Shiela Gann, Lois MeTropole. Second Row: Linda Kassed, Virginia Woodward, Joan Favreau, Mary Ann Grillo, Florence FareTTe, Carol CoopersTein, Toby Welk, JudiTh L'AnTigua. Third Row: JudiTh Reichel, Marilyn Krall, Linda Bruclrner, Barbara Yovan, Audrey Walz, Norene Johnson, Alberia Taylor. FourTl1 Row: Jacqueline Nassif, Geraldine Zappino, Mary D' Aurea, Cecile Lupin, Jane Hillner, Deanna Michel, Carol Pereschino. FiTTh Row: Fai+h Allenby, Madelyn Bowen, Joan Schneider, Carol LyublanoviTs, Nancy Buck, Madeline Pepe, KaThryn Seigler. Who is Wino SeaTed, leTT To righT: Margaref Fenick, Mona SchwarTz, JudiTh Carr. STanding, leTT To righT: Vincenf M. Caprio, Edward Ramos, Sfanley Roman, John MarTin, Edward Chin. A group of sTudenTs who are elecTed To represenT The UniversiTy oT Bridge- porT in The annual ediTion OT "Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versiTies." This group is chosen because oT Their leadership, scholarship, and ab- iliTy To creaTe a new projecT. IT is Truly an honor To be nominaTed To This or- ganizaTion. Kings 0 f Thunder y's?m5,,i s,.. gb T Seaied, lefT To righT: June BarTram, Al Zavadslry, Lucy Wisinslri, Leo Muldoon, Geraldine Bennef, Dicl: Boclc, Marcia Robinson. Sfanding, Second Row: Phil Bush, Charlie Kopin, Ernie Schwab, PeTe Abboff, John Micha Richard Ameis, Geoff Weaver, John Scully, Frank Casfelluccia. STanding, Third Row: Ed Morrison, Vic Muniec, Bernard Goldberg, Caryl Blank, Vincenl' J. Falcone. Joe Messineo, John Reed, Don Maclnfyre, Debbie Pensalr, Madolyn Morrison, Bill Pura, Bob Ruge. The KnighTs oT Thunder was organi- zed in February. I948, wiTh Their STaTe CharTer accepTed on AugusT 28, I9'5I, as an honorary dramaTic TraTerniTy. The purpose oT The TraTerniTy is To provide recogniTion To Those individuals who have done mosT Tor The school Through The arT oT dramaTics. IT also gives The sTudenT body an incenTive To become acTive in campus producTions. Because oT The large number oT alumni, The or- ganizaTion helps To promoTe inTeresT beTween The communiTy and The school. Under The direcTion oT PresidenT Leo Muldoon The group has compleTed ano- Ther successful year. 93 Ski lub Kneeling, left To righf: Joan Fabreau, Deanna Michel, Virginia Wooclworih, RonaTa Gerzeflel. Sfanding, leff To righi: Mr. Fenner, Wayne McDu'Ffy, Emile Smiih, John Klienfelder, Ray Cor- iello, Hal Adler, Robert Morris. The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT Ski Club has been relaTively inacTive Tor The pasT Tew years. buT This year iT has become very acTive. The advisor, Mr. Fenner: presidenT, Wayne McDuTTieg vice presidenT. Bob Morris: and secre- Tary and Treasuruer. Joan Favreau1wiTh all The members, are working TogeTher To make The group well organized and enjoyable. The club has Taken week-end and day Trips To BosqueT in MassachuseTTs, MT. Snow in VermonT, and Mohawk in ConnecTicuT. During semesTer vacaTion, They spenT Tive days aT PleasanT Moun- Tain in Maine. The ski areas in The WhiTe MounTains oT New Hampshire were The siTes of Their Trip during spring vacaTion. The club has progressed a loT This year and hopes To conTinue To grow and become even more acTive in com- ing years. Women 'S Athletic Association Seaied, lefl' To righh Phyllis Whifney, Mary Massaro, Alda Garafalo. Sfanding, leff To righi: Judy Carr, Posemarie Sepe, Pauline Ellis, Dian Doda, Marilyn Chapman. Mary Massaro .,,.......,.,,,t......s. PresidenT Phyllis WhiTney .,.. Recording SecreTary Dian Doda ,, ,Corresponding SecreTary Rosemarie Sepe ,,..., PubliciTy Manager The Women's AThleTic AssociaTion provides an inTramural program Tor all girls aTTending The UniversiTy. lTs urpose is To exTend recreaTional privi- leges To all. and in This endeavor The organizaTion has been successiul. Team sporTs mainTain The bulk oT The acTiviTy, buT individual parTicipaTion is noT lim- iTed. The associaTion provided a picnic Tor The Treshmen in coniuncTion wiTh The Freshman Week CommiTTee. lTs large enrollmenT has made This group one oT The mosT prominenT on campus. Freshman Week Committee VincenT M. Caprio .w.w..e.,,w..... Chairman Roger Lefkon ....,,.,..,...., Vice Chairman Judy Carr ,.,,...............,. Vice Chairman Phyllis WhiTney ......,...,,...i.,.,.. SecreTary VincenT J. Falcone ,.i..,,,.A,,,..... Treasurer The Freshman Week CommiTTee meT during The summer To Tackle The iob oT providing The incoming 'freshman class wiTh an inTeresTing week of social af- Tairs. The success oT Their program pro- vided The school wi+h an example of whaT The sTudenT body can do under good leadership. Special crecli+ should be given To Chairman VincenT Caprio and The Freshman Week advisors - Mrs. Lunn. Mr. DeSiero, and Dr. Dolan. No one evenT sTood ouT, buT raTher, each acTiviTy equaled The nexT, all of which, when broughT TogeTher, gave The Treshman a goal To shooT Tor in laTer years. lN -- Seafed, leff To righT: Mr. De Siero, Phyllis WhiTney, Roger Leflron, Vincenl' Caprio, Judy Carr, Yinceni Falcone, Mrs. Lunn. STanding, TirsT row, leff To righT: Lorrie Harner, Marilyn Ehlers, Bobbie Siroinak, Peggy Burbank, Gail Blume, Mjckey ETTer, Louise Nicol, Judy Kornbluh, Rachel Smifh, Anne Friedman. Sfanding, second row, lefT To righT: Andy GuilberT, Herb Solomon, Jane Merwin, Carol Breen, Allan Freedman, Ed Wolf, Andy MiTchell, John Mefcalf, BeTTy Cooke, Shirley Sabo, Bob Lessner Ron Miller, Charlie Huesfis, Mary Ann Cuccia. Student Spirit Committee Jerry Norwood ,s,,, ..........,.,. C hairman Norma Faas ...... .ss...... V ice-Chairman Jean Taylor ,......,., .....,..,.. S ecreTary John MorTimer .. .... ........s,,, T reasurer Nancy BraTTer ...... .,...,,DecoraTions Marion J. Lunn ....,s...,... ..,,.,,, A dvisor Dr. Francis Dolan ,,....,,.,.,,,,. ,.,,s A dvisor STudenT SpiriT found iTselT This year wiTh a maior underTaking: ThaT oT Homecoming Weekend. The week end proved To be The besT one yeT, and iT is cerTain To geT beTTer in Tollowing years. The only dark spoT came when U.B. wenT down in a biTTer deTeaT aT The hands oT The sTrong Brandeis Team. The SaTurday aTTernoon moTorcade Tol- lowed by The dance in Alumni aTTer The game proved To be a big success. The jazz concerT on Sunday was a compleTe "sell-ouT." This year, The Cheerleaders became an acTive parT of STudenT SpiriT and conTribuTed greaTly To The success of The week end. Also, many people, Too numerous To menTion, helped To make The week end as good as iT was. The commiTTee never really exisTed excepl' Tor a small nucleus which Tound much help and assisTance when iT was needed. To Those who helped, we wish To Thank you. LefT To righh Nancy BraTTer, John MorTimer, Norma Faas, Jerry Norwood, Jeanne Taylor. Engineering Society PresidenT .....,,..,e..,...,....,. Harry Sinclair Vice-PresidenT .....,.,.,.... Donald Sumple SecreTary .......... .,.,...., J ohn Orlandi Treasurer ................ .......,....,. J ohn Aleo Public RelaTions ......,...., John Schippani As a resulT of The increasing number of sTudenTs being admiTTed To The Col- lege of Engineering, This year's Engi- neering SocieTy has a greaTer number oT acTive members Than any of iTs pre- decessors. The members. which ToTal over TiTTy, can usually be Tound,aT Their bi-weekly meeTings in The Technology Building. AT These meeTings. subiecTs perTaining To various phases of Engi- neering are discussed. ln addiTion planT Trips To diTTerenT indusTries such as The ElecTric BoaT Co. and The Springfield Armory have proved highly enlighTen- ing. In agreemenT wiTh a sTaTemenT made aT one of This year's engineering convocaTions by Dr. Chaoin oT The Bell Telephone LaboraTory, "Who says en- gineers don'T have any Tun?", The So- cieTy's annual picnic has proved To be quiTe The social TuncTion. AnoTher so- cial TuncTion oT a slighTly more serious naTure was The SocieTy's annual sTag banueT aT which Mr. Alfred V. Bodine was guesT speaker. Industrial Cy Cofrancesco .................... PresidenT Vladimir Drobashevslcy .... Vice-Presidenl' Howard Cole .......,......,.....,... SecreTary Fred Piclcel .............,... ...,...,.. T reasurer Mr. D. Merrilees .,..,.., ..,...... A dvisor The lndusTrial Design SocieTy was Tormed in I952 To promoTe The inTeresT and educaTion of The indusTrial design curriculum and iTs allied Tields, by showing Tilms. inviTing guesT speakers. and Taking Tield Trips. MosT oT The worlc of The l.D. sTudenTs is done in Norseman Hall, where They have room in which To sTudy. draw, and worlc on clay models. IT is The aim of The socie- Ty To aTTiliaTe wiTh oTher college design organizaTions and acquire acTive alum- ni who will be able To help The incom- ing designer Tind a place in The Tield. 96 ..4. Seafed, lefT To righiz Ed Kuhn, John Orlandi, John Aleo, Harry Sinclair, John Schippani, Don Sumple. Sfanding, leTT To righT: Louis Vescey, Douglas Towers, Herb Swiff, Fred Dauer, Ericlr PeTer, Al Zerillo, Mile Kepchar, Charles Kurh, Ray Mahon, Marvin Bae-r, Charles Zimmerman, Ted Bayer, Paul Palubniah, Ronald Rome, Bob Seminshi, Dave Reed, PeTe Lynwander, Ed MaTThews. Design Society SeaTed, lefT To righT: Bill Bancale, Fred Piclrle, Cy Cofrancesco, Howard Cole, Dan Drevanilr, Mr. Redman. STanding, lefi To righh Frank ChiapeTTa, Richard McDernoTT, Joe Pehillo, Bob Mc Kovaclr, John Kovacs, Carl Yurdin, Ed Johnson, Dallas Molerin. Sociology Colloquium Sealed, leff 'lo righh Wall Londergan, Joe O'Brien, Mickey Donahue, John Howell, Richard Green, Mr. De Siero. Sfanding, leff 'lo righf: Ed Boi, Thomas Phillips, Richard Pinfo, Joe Siciliano, Joe Chrisliano, Charles Swain, Roberl Lesko, Edward Pisley, John Dorlrin. Michael Donahue ..A.......,....,.A,, Presidenl Ari Kuchulc A,l.,.,.,,,..,l..,, Vice-Presidenl' Howard S. Greene ,, .l.....,..,..,o Secreiary Joseph Chrisliano ........,...,..... Treasurer John Howell ,,,,..,,,,,..,,., .,.,.,,, H isiorian Dr. Joseph Roucelc ..,.,.,.......,..,,, Advisor The Sociology Colloquium is com- posed of Sociology maiors and oiher sfudenis inieresied in Sociology. The Colloquium sponsors Eihnic Nighis in- volving lhe cooperalion of various cul- iural and nalional groups in lhe Cily of Bridgepori. They sponsor an evening affair consisling of a 'typical meal of ihe naiionaliiy group and enieriain- meni describing 'rhe cullural back- ground of ihe group. Hs main funciions are concerned wilh ihe polilical aspecfs of sociology as a supplemeni 'ro class room iheory. Pi Gamma Mu - an - T Sealed, lefl lo righf: Joseph O'Brien, Vincenl M. Caprio, Michael Donahue, Howard Greene, Gerald Davis, Mr. DeSiero. Carol Friedberg ,...,, vA.f... P reSider1i Gerald Davis ...,,..............,...... Treasurer Dr. Joseph Roucek ,cc...A..,........,. AClviSOr Pi Gamma Mu is an honorary Social Science Fralernily. This organizaiion has several funcfions wilh 'rhe Sociology Colloquium. The Poliiical Relafions Forum joined These lwo organizalions lhis pasl fall when 'rhey held a banquei' 'ro which people from The communily were inviled. 97 Society for Advancement of Management 2 Seaied, leff To righi: John Lewis, Ben Zarlrer, Roberi' Saganshi. Sfanding, lefi' To righf: Joseph Warren, Tony Sabafino, John Mariin, Ed Menna, Dan Drevaniclr. James Kleiner. arketing Club lr - - .. , Seaied, lef+ To righiz Carl Rofhermel, Edward Delvenlhal, Murray Schwarfz, William Kresge, Advisor Edward Asferiia. Sfancling, leff To righh Ed Chin, STanley Rosenihal, Richard Wish, Roger Gill, Paul Sieiner, Roberf Geoghegan, Hugh Williamson, Charles Gafii. Benjamin H. Zarlcer ,.,,.........eee Presidenf RoberT Sozanski .. ...,,..,.. Vice-PresidenT John Lewis ..,s,.v ..................,. T reasurer Andrew F. Wargo ........,...,eee SecreTary The purpose of S.A.M. is To bring closer TogeTher execuTives in business and sTudenTs preparing To go inTo busi- ness. lT also serves as a medium Tor The exchange and disTribuTion of in- TorrnaTion on The problems. poliTics, and meThods oT indusTry and manage- menT. The organizaTion provides sTu- denTs wiTh The opporTuniTy To parTici- paTe in organizing. planning, direcTing, and conTrolling The acTiviTies oT an or- ganizaTion dedicaTed To The promoTion and advancemenl' oT The arT and sci- ence oT managemenT. Ed Chin ,,,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,,,.,t,..s,,,..,, PresidenT Murray SchwarTz ,o,,, ss..,.. V ice-PresidenT Roger Gill ....o,,e, ...SecreTary John Collins .. .,,, ,,.,.., T reasurer Mr. ProTheroe ,...,., ......,. A dvisor Dr. PeTiTiean ,,,,,. .,,..., . .Advisor Mr. AsTariTa ,s,.,,.,, .........,.. Advisor Bringing TirsT hand inTormaTion To sTudenTs majoring in lvlarlceTing is a very imporTanT purpose of The MarlceT- ing Club, which was organized in I95O. Several leaders in various fields oT business presenT Topics oT currenT me- Thods in marlceTing To The members of The Club. A iob placemenl' bureau of The American Marl4eTing AssociaTion is mainTained by The Club. The mem- bers were TorTunaTe' This year in being able To include various acTiviTies along wiTh Their meeTings. Field Trips were Taken and several lecTures by promi- nenT men of indusTry and business were presenTed To The members. The honorary Accounfing Frafernify, Beia Alpha. was approved in Sepfern- ber I948. Under fhe direcfion of Presi- olenf Donald Brennan and The advisor- ship of Mr. Francis X. DiLeo. 'rhe pur- pose of Befa Alpha is fo encourage and fosfer fhe ideal of service as fhe basis of fhe accounfing profession: 'ro promofe fhe sfudy of accounfing wifh a view foward securing ihe highesf efh- ical ideals: fo acf as a medium befween professional men and sfudenfs in fhe developmenf of ihe field: and 'ro en- courage cordial infercourse among ifs members and professional accounfanfs. Beta Alpha 'i Seafed. leff fo righi: Maryann Cupo, Dan Drevanih. Joseph Warren, Chris Bassick, Wil Fogar+y, John Sabol. Student Education Association Richard Shepard ...... ......., P residenf Louise Nicol s.,........,.. ....,.t S ecrefa ry Herman Belinslci s............,....,c Treasurer The Sfudenf Educafion Associafion is comprised of sfudenfs majoring in educafion or planning fo enfer fhe edu- cafional profession. If endeavors fo ac- quainf fhe prospecfive feacher wifh fhe problems and challenges facing educa- 'rion ioday. Sfudenfs, worlcing in coniuncfion wifh fhe Connecficuf Educafion Associafion and ofher colleges fhroughouf fhe sfafe and nafion, have a unique opporfunify fo observe and parficipafe in acfual in-service sifuafions as They arise. Fre- guenf sfafe-wide and nafional confer- ences are held so fhai' sfudenfs may meef and exchange ideas and views. Such problems as efhics. professional sfandards and salaries are discussed. Worlcing closely wifh local in-service, professional organizafions, fhe prospec- five feacher is given fhe opporfunify fo become well acquainfed wifh his profession before graduafion. ily Seafed, lefi fo righl: Dr. Palmer, Herman Belinsli, Richard Shepard, Louise Nicol, Bernadeffe Ferrone. Sfanding, leff 'lo righf: Nancy Beardsley, Siu Weissman, Sieve Tofh, Ed Sargent John Adler, Cafherine Grenihof, Joan Sopko. Marcia Terhune. Biology Society Since The beginning of The Biology SocieTy in I947, The purpose oT The SocieTy has been To TurTher The inTer- esTs oT iTs members and To inTroduce The sTudenT body To The sTudy of The Life Sciences. Under The leadership of Richard Moore, PresidenT, The organi- zaTion has promoTed a worThwhile pro- gram Tor The year. The SocieTy accom- plished This by sponsoring convoca- Tions, numerous Tield Trips, movies, and The annual ExoTic Dinner. This year's success can be aTTribuTed To The large membership of The group. Richard Moore ,...,c.s ,,,......, P residenT Charles Wheeler ,Y,,.. ,o,,, V ice PresidenT Flora Hricislco ww,,,,,,,,,, s,,,,,,,,, S ecrei-ary MargareT McHugh s,,, ,, Treasurer SeaTed, leff To righh Dr. Dolan, Prof. EvereTT, Dick Moore, Charles Wheeler, Prof. Somers, Dr. Spilfoir. 2nd row, Ieff To righf: Hecly Szynolsha, Marilyn Perlman, Flo Hriscislco, Marge McHugh, Marfy Halperf, Jean Sfoiek. 3rd row, le'FT To right George Schuessler, Hugo James, Pai Manco. Photo Club Under The direcTion oT Presideni' Joseph Warren, and wiTh The able gui- dance of Their advisor, Mr. James Fen- ner, The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT Pho- Tography Club engaged in anoTher in- TeresTing and enTerTaining year. Spark- ed by new members - picTure Talcing was aT a new high. One oT The high- lighTs of The year was a presenTaTion by Mr. Fenner of color slides Talcen in Europe. The yearly phoTography conTesT sponsored by The club, saw Wally Shapiro and Hal Adler walk away wiTh Top honors. The, club, Through muTual help and inTeresT, has broughT The phoTographic arT To a new high on The UniversiTy campus. 100 Seaied, leff To right Charles Huesiis, Beniamin Zarler, Harold Adler, Joseph Warren, Daniel Drevanilr. SeaTed, lefT To righf: Roberi MaTTie, ArThur WeinsTein, Norm Glover, S'luarT Franlr, George Muzea, Al Gluclrman. Sfanding, lefT To rigl1T: Mile Colandrea, Joe Perfoso, Herman Belinslri, Norman Choiniere, STeve Wesf, Mr. Swain Alpha Phi mega Norman Glover ....e,e ..........,., P residenT ArT WeinsTein ...... .,....,. V ice-PresidenT STeve WesT ...,........ ,..,.....,... S ecreTary Norman Choiniere ..... ,,,,...,. T reasurer STuarT Frank .,.....,...... .,,,.. l-l isTorian Mr. VicTor Swain ,....,,,, ....,.....................,....................,.................................,...,, A dvisor Alpha Phi Omega TraTerniTy was founded December I6, l925 aT LaTayeTTe College as a NaTional Service FraTerniTy based on service To The school. The sTudenT body. and To The com- muniTy. In I95O, The UniversiTy oT BridgeporT chapTer, TheTa Psi, was organized To promoTe The ideals of The fraTerniTy on This campus. Their service has been TanTamounT To The developmenT oT The school, an endeavor which has won The respecT oT Those on campus. A.P.O. has been very acTive socially on ca mpus. aTTesTed by The TacT ThaT They won The annual WisTaria Ball Trophy Tor The besT Table decoraTions. AnoTher Trophy, which was again won by The group. is The Scribe ChrisTmas Ball Trophy Tor conTribuTing The mosT To The Tund Tor needy children. This year Alpha Phi Omega re-esTablished The LosT and Found booTh in Alumni Hall. Among oTher annual evenTs, The TraTerniTy sponsored an Ugly Man ConTesT, The proceeds go- ing To The building Tund Tor The new Science building. f 1251 3' vggiy ' ' 2-iS:35'5i?gf'7 ':.,,.. ..:-,.- if Q 5 . . ,. :Q J 59592: 1? 51 f 1 he . l2s":"?Q1 "2 fl 'iv 3- F4 Q . , +1 K 5 X I ' W ' W 'T 3 ROBERT DONALD ACKLEY I929 - i957 On 'rhe nighl of November 7. 1957 dealh siruclc swifily and deeply info The heads of many Universify of Bridgeporf slu- denls. Words cannoi express fhe sorrow +ha+ remains in The hearls of 'rhose who called Bob Aclcley "Friend". l-lis happy'go- luclcy aiiifude. his ever presenl' smile, and his conslanl offering of a helping hand are surely missed by all. Though physically gone from us forever. his memory re- mains. One can never forgef a person like Bob. who made +he world a beirler place as he passed fhrough. "The Lord is my Shepard . . ,,,., ,F R 9' JP 5, l Q9 CDU .fA Seaied, le'fT To righT: Ronald Miller, Sieward PloTnik, Raymond DeCava, Mona Faulkner, James lde. Sfanding, leff To righfz Alda Garofalo, STephanie Berger, Ann Lacanio, John S. Ryan, Frederick Pike, Roberi' Geneslaw, Joseph O'Brien, Andrew MiTchell, Roberf Slumpek, Howard Abner, Roberia Packer, Crii Herr, Phyllis Sanders. nter F raternit Council Ray De Cava ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,..,. P residenT Ron Miller .,,s,,. s....,. V ice-PresidenT Mona Faulkner ,s,.. ,,,,...,.,,, S ecreTary STu PloTnik .,..............,s, ......,, T reasurer STephanie Berger s.,...,.,,,,..,..........., .................,,..............,,,..,.,,,,V,,,.,,,,..,.....,.....,,,, H isTorian The lnTerTraTerniTy Council is The governing body oT The Greek leTTer organizaTions on campus. Good will and cooperaTion have been The keynoTes oT The Council since ETS founding in I947. The original consTiTuTion was raTiTied in IQ48, and The presenT expanded consTiTuTion, under which The lnTerTraTerniTy Council operaTes, was raTiTied in I956. The lnTerTraTerniTy Council's posiTion as governing body Tor all social TraTerniTies and sororiTies esTab- lishes The basic qualiTicaTions Tor membership in The several TraTerniTies. and TraTerniTy membership in The Council. The Council serves also To develop and mainTain a code of general conducT Tor The exTernal aTTairs of The member TraTerniTies, and To plan The UniversiTy social calendar Tor The coming year. The lnTerTraTerniTy Council weekendf held annually in The laTe Spring, is highlighTed by a Greek LeTTer Dance aT which a Greek Goddess is elecfed To reign as Campus AphrodiTe Through The following year. The Council has endeavored To bbring abouT a close harmony in The relaTions, noT only of iTs members, buT wiTh The TaculTy and adminisTraTion. This unified acTion has resulTed in The progress, noT only oT The Coun- cil, bu+ oT The enTire TraTerniTy-sororiTy sysTem on Thiscampus. Sigma Phi Alpha Ray De Cava ,.,,, .,,....,,,,.,,,, P residenT STeve Soracco ,,,,,,, YA.....w V ice-PresidenT John Scully ......,,,, ...........,,,,,,,, S ecreTary Gary Adzima ,YY,,,,,, ,,,Y,,,,,. .....,.,,,.,,,, T r easurer Roland CaserTa ,,,,,, ...,,,, R ecording SecreTary Joseph Siciliano ,,,, v,,,.,7,, S ergeanT-aT-Arms Joseph ChrisTiano ,,,,. .,........,,7,,,,,,, C haplain Richard Thomas .a..,wv, ,,,,,,,,,a.,,,, S urgeon Mr. Louis Saccone .,..,,,, ,,.,,Y,Y,,,,,,,,, , Advisor Dr. Charles PeTTiiean ,,,a,.a... ,.....,..........,....,...... ............. .....,,...,. A l umni Advisor Sigma Phi Alpha was The TirsT TraTerniTy To loe charTered on The UniversiTy oT Brialgeporl campus, receiv- ing Their charTer OcTober 3, l947. Sigma Phi Alpha has always been a leader in everyThing iT has underTalcen. ln addiTion To The annually awarded SIOO AThleTic Scholarship, The lvlorTon Levy--Sigma Phi Alpha Mem- orial Loan Fund amounTing To Sl5OO is esTablished Tor Those sTudenTs who need Tinancial aid. This is in mem- ory oT lvlorTon Levy, a TraTerniTy alumnus, who died while in The service oT his counTry. Through scholarship, Tellowship, and aThleTics, Sigma Phi Alpha has proved ThaT individuals can parTici- paTe in campus exTra-curricular acTiviTies, and can, aT The same Time, mainTain high scholasTic sTandards. Many oT UB's loesT aThleTes are members oT SPA. and Their grades are comparaTively high. Once again, The annual dance, "Co++onbaII Caper" was The social success oT The season. Kneeling, lefi To righT: Peier BenedeHi, Michael Kiley. lsi row, lefT To righT: Ted Piffu, Raymond Bell, Siephen Saracco, Raymond De Cava, Gary Adzirma, Joseph Siciliano, John Scully, Frank Savo. 2nd row, leff To righh David Panula, Michael Sirino, Sianley Lu by, Roberf Sozanski, Dave Jenneife, Roberi Graze, Sal Norcia, Ronald Verrilli, Richard Thomas, Valenfino Renzulli. 3rd row, lefT To righi: Franlr Tafio, Leon Beeler, Bernard Miller, Gordon Douglas, Siephen Barowy, Anihony Caldaroni, Sfanley Roman, Michael O'Donnell, Richard Schuliz, John Harding, Joseph Chrisiiano, Rolaerf Roman. Theta Epsilon Shirley Sabo ., A ,.,.,w..... ,..,,,7.,7..,,, w..., P residenT Joanne Aleclcnowicz ...... .,,.7, . .7,,,,,, V i ce PresidenT Phyllis WhiTney ........... ,,....,,. , ,Recording SecreTary Lois Anderson .oo,o ........ C orresponding SecreTary Judy Carr ,oo.,.....,. ..V,oo..,...,,,................. T reasurer CynThia Collins ...,i,,..i,,..,,..,,,,,.w. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,A,,,,, I-l i sTorian Bernie Ferrone ......i,,,,,..,w...,.,,o,,.., ,.,,o, S ocial DirecTor Barbara SiroTnalc. Marilyn Ehlers .,... ,,,,,,,AA,AA, P ledgmasTers Miss Pellegrino i.i.,,,........ .....A,, F aculTy Advisor Miss Vargoslco ,.o..o,a..a..a,,,.,Yooas.,. ..V,............,..... , .. .... .,..,,,, F aculTy Advisor SisTerhood, uniTy, and good-will are promoTed by TheTa Epsilon. a non-secTaTian sororiTy Tounded in The Tall oT l948 by sixTeen co-eds. The sororiTy has grown wiTh The UniversiTy. and The moTTo "TouTes Ensemble" exemplifies all acTiviTies underTalcen by The sisTers. Each semesTer Two weelcs are puT aside Tor pledging eligible girls Trom all colleges oT The UniversiTy. Pledging acTiviTies include a Tormal Tea. a coke and cocl4Tail parTy, and culminaTes wiTh a dinner-dance. The sisTers enioy Their annual volunTeer work oT enTerTaining ST. VincenT's' l'lospiTal, collecTing Tor The CysTic Fibrosis Tund, and doing chariTy work aT EasTer Time. TheTa Epsilon endeavors To develop The qualiTies oT leadership, characTer, Tellowship, and scholarship in iTs members. Seafed, leff To righT: Barbara Sirofnalc, BernadeTTe Ferrone, Joanne Aleclrnowicz, Shirley Sabo, JudiTh Carr, Phyllis WhiTney, CynThia Collins. Sfanding, leff To righT: Louise Clark, Diana Chala, Pairicia Manco, Noreen Farrell, Theresa Pilarslri, Lois Anderson, KaThryn Bona- minio. Jane Merwin, KaThIeen O'Byrne, Lorraine CrisT, Alda Garofalo. f' ' P- I , 'D ' js! Zi - rg V Q7 2 gd, 'i A asm ' ,., Wx v sa ,A A Q? Q -- . nv A sr L , -. s I ii sf . 'ei fi is . L VL , , H T 3 ' Q I - . Q, "T Q T . Q , 4 as f T an g e i 4 'xc iw L' H 'sf ' in 4 5 T if i ' if Y T 4 A T P . , , l A- .i li i s f ,safe T 4 K is ,Til T Q ii!! 'wi is T 1 :fi i , l Seafed, leff io righf: Brian O'Gorman, John Ryan, James Cassel, Charles Sevain, Donald Conley, Donald Knapp. Sfanding, leff 'lo righfz Anfhony Menardi, Maflhew Kaishian, Richard Siener, Charles Doyle, Roger Gill, Al Wesf, David Quagl- iozzi, Thomas Negle, Rolaeri Haslrell, John Lynch, Gerald Davis, Ben Bescoglio, James Crippen. Roger Abbafe, Leonard Ledef Dick Burgess, Roberf Lynch, Roberl' Rofh, Roberi Pervier. Kappa Beta Rho Charles Swain ,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,, P resiclenl' James Cassell ,,,,.,, ,,,.,,, V ice-Presidenf Donald Conley ....r ......,,, T reasurer Jack Ryan ............,,7.a,,...r.,........,..................,........Y,.,,,,.a..,Y,,....,7,,,....a,,,, ,.,...... S ecrefary Kappa Befa Rho was founded November 3, I947, and ifs consfifufion was accepfed and approved by fhe Universify in March, I948, fhus esfablishing a social frafernify based on lhe principles of frufh. fellow- ship and honor. Early in fhe fall semesfer of each year since ifs incepfion, fhe frafernify has fhe besfowed privilege of inifiafing fhe social season by presenfing ifs annual dance, Kappa's Kiclcoff Kaper. However, KBR men never resf on fheir laurels: fherefore, fhe school year is doffecl wifh many parfies and funcfions, namely fhe Friends and Alumni Dance. The frafernify also pursues a vigorous policy of inframural parficipafion fielding 'reams in all sporfs. Sealed, leff To righiz Philip Bush, John Meicalf, Ronald Miller, Vincenf M. Caprio, Vinceni J. Falcone, Andrew Mifchell. Sfanding, leff To right Advisor John Sherry, Bill Kresge, Herber+SwiH, Ed Chin, Roberi Lessner, Robert Burgess, Edward Varholak, Frederick Topham. Theta Sigma VincenT M. Caprio .,..,, ,,,e,,.., .,,,, P r esidenT Ronald V. Miller ,,,,,,r, ,,,,,, ..,..7,,, V i ce PresiclenT John MeTcalT , ,. ,,,,, .. .,.,,.,.,,,,, .,Treasurer Joseph SchlachTer ,,,,, .. , Recording SecreTary VincenT Falcone ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, . . Corresponding SecreTary Philip Bush , . ,,,,,,,,,,, ,e,,. ,,,o... S o c. AcTiviTies Chairman Andrew J, MiTchell, Jr. ,,., , ,o,,,r,,,r.,,,,,e.... PledgemasTer Mr. John Sherry . . ,,o,,,,, ,,r,, . .. . .,,.7, .. ,o,,.,, o,,..,7,,., . . ,,,o,,o,,,o,,, ...Advisor TheTa Sigma FraTerniTy, 'Founded aT The UniyersiTy oT BridgeporT upon Tellowship and loyalTy To one anoTher, has developed in iTs members The highesT qualiTies oT leadership which is exempliTied by The ennumer- able oTTices and posiTions oT responsibiliTy held in The hisTory oT The UniversiTy by TheTa Sigma men. Each year The TraTerniTy adds various civic, social and chariTable acTiyiTies To iTs long line OT sTanding TradiTions. This year TheTa Sigma added To BridgeporT's annual P. T. Barnum FesTival a TloaT, highlighTing The school's WisTaria Theme. OTher TradiTional evenTs were The parTy Tor The Crippled Childrens' Workshop, "The FooT- Ball", The semi-annual pledge weelc wiTh iTs men in Tux, and The homecoming and reunion weelcends Tor iTs alumni. TheTa Sigma is equally proud oT iTs honorary members including PresidenT James H. Halsey. Dr. l-lenry W. LiTTleTield, Mr. AlberT A. Diclcason, Dr. Ahfred R. WOTTT, Dr, Clarence D. L. Ropp, Mr. Francis Dolan, and Dr. John GunTher. FraTerniTy members mainTain Their close bonds oT Tellowship upon graduaTion by becom- ing acTive in a sTrong alumni associaTion which was Tounded by The Tounders oT Thefa Sigma. The conTinued success oT TheTa Sigma FraTerniTy Trom iTs origin in I947 may be aTTribuTed To an unyielding devoTion To Tellow members and To The TraTerniTy name. O O 9 Slgma Lambda Chl Harry Nigro .... ...........,..,V, P residenT Alan Feldman ...... .,,A........ V ice-PresidenT Allan Freedman ........ .A.,A...,...,,.Y,,.........V...., Treasurer HerberT Solomon .,............,.,,,.,,,,...,....,.,..... ...... ..,,..,,...,,..,, R e cording SecreTary Ernie LeviTT ....,,,,.,,...4,.,,A.A,,.AA,..,...,.,AA..................... ......,.. C orresponding SecreTary Mr. Nicholas Panuzio, Mr. Henry Mazzocchi ....., ,..... . ................,..,...Y...,,,... A dvisors Sigma Lambda Chi was organized in The Tall of l95O on The principles of scholarship, Tellowship, and broTl3Ierhood. Since iTs incepTion, iT has encouraged inTegriTy, loyalTy. and TraTerniTy, regardless of race or cree . AdvocaTing leadership and responsibiliTy in The inTeresT of The UniversiTy. members of Sigma Lambda Chi have been associaTed, Through parTicipaTion in exTra-curricular acTiviTies. wiTh The adminisTraTion in The inTegral growTh of The UniversiTy of BridgeporT. The eTTorTs of iTs members To enhance The presTige ol The school have always sTood ouT as one of The many fine characTerisTics of The TraTerniTy. The devoTion of The TraTerniTy To high ideals expresses Their desire To achieve, and accounTs for Their many successes. Sigma Lambda Chi has esTablished several precedenTs which have become TradiTional aT The UniversiTy. STraw haTTed, bow Tied pledges seen Twice a year on campus and The annual "April Rendevousu affair, one of The highlighTs ol The social year. are synonymous wiTh Sigma Lambda Chi. Seafed, leff To rigl1T: Jose Mizralri. Allen Feldman. Harry Wigro, Allen Freedman. Herberi' Solomon, Ernesf LeviH'. Sfanding. leff To righfz Alberf Chrisiie, Howard Abner, Paul Samuels, Richard Liffon, Edward Wolf, Edward Clark, Jerry Sch- warTz, Frederick Pilre, George Rahnias. Mr. Henry Mauochi. Mr. Nicholas Panuzio. I l I l l. sans. Upsilon Beta Sigma William Bancale ..... .................. P residenl' Bruce Doyle ,,Y...,.., .......... V ice Presidenl' Douglas Towers ..,.. ..........,..A S ecreiary Hugh Williamson ...........................,.......,...........A............,........,.,..,......,.............. Treasurer Upsilon Bela Sigma fralernily was founded in I949, and a+ +haff lime was +he Uniled Brolherhood So- ciely. Hs purpose was 'ro promole a spiril of brolherhood and friendship among people of various creeds and races. Many programs were inilialed 'lo help achieve lhis purpose. included among lhese were lhe sponsor- ing of a number of leclures on brolherhood. During 'rhe year of l95I, The name was changedlo 'rhe Greek lellers of Upsilon Bela Sigma. I+ was ac- cepied in 'rhe school as an ac+ive lralernily. and The purpose of brolherhood remained unchanged. Unlil i956 lhe lralernily was composed almosl enlirely of Engineering and lnduslrial Design sludenlsg however. a serious and successful allempf was lhen made 'ro include member from all colleges of ihe Universily. Upsilon Bela Sigma is conlinuing ils many responsibililies on campus, dedicaling ils lime 'ro lhe growlh of lhe Universily. The fralernily is quielly aclive, holding many closed parlies and 'rhe lradilional UBS picnic al 'rhe end of The school year. Wifh The organizalion of 'lhe fralernily revised and wiih lhe help of ils facully advisor, Mr. lvlerrilees, Upsilon Bela Sigma will soon be one of The mos? highly regarded organizalions al The Universily of Bridge- por+. Sealed, leff io righf: Hugh Williamsen, Bruce Doyle, Bill Bancale, Douglas Towers. Slanding, leff fo righf: Allen Hawes, Donald Raymond, Paul Taylor, Bill Nelson. Bar Qs? 4 lb TB2 Sealed, lefl' To righh Mrs. Lewis, Alice Gereghfy, Eilene Kellman, Juclifh Kornbluh, Eva Bernsfein, Anne Friedman. Sfanding. Ieff To right: Slephanie Berger, Renata Goefzel, Barbara Nalepa, Mary Anne Cuccia, Toby Fuchs, Rosalie Krenzis Phi Delta Rho Judy Kornbluh .,.,.. .......,........,,A P residenT Eva BernsTein ...... .,,.vvw.v,,.,,,.,w,.,.,, V ice-PresidenT Anne Friedman .....Y ,.,.....,,,w.... R ecording SecreTary Eileen Kellman A,,,, .ee. 7 s.Corresponding SecreTary Alice GerehTy .,,,.,,,. ....,....,........e,..,...,,, T reasurer STephanie Berger ...... ..,,,....,.e,,, H isTorian Mary Ann Cuccia .,... ,.AA,A P ledgemasTer Toby Fuchs ...,....... ,......,. P ledgemasTer Judy KaTz ,, ,....,,..,,,.....w,..,,,.w.....................................,..,.,,...,,,,............,......... Social DirecTor Phi DelTa Rho. by advocaTing leadership. friendship, and scholarship among iTs sisTers. has won The res- pecT of oTher UniversiTy organizaTions and off-campus groups. IT is evidenT ThaT These ideals are puT inTo pracTice when The SororiTy's record Tor The year is presenTed. CreaTive leadership has been displayed by The sisTers who represenT The SororiTy in various exTracur- ricular acTiviTies. Accompanying This cosmopoliTan aTmosphere is a warm bond of sisTerhood ThaT is Treas- ured even more. VVhile The SororiTy sTresses scholarship. The sisTers claim ThaT Their bullsessions abouT . . . .. . . . fm . "Life - in general and in parhcular have conTribuTed more To Their educaTion Than some o eir courses. SororiTy TradiTions include a "help week" oT pledging. climaxed by a rioTous pledge Trip, a rollicking oarTy. a symbolic candlelighT ceremony aT The Sound and a formal iniTuaTion dinner. P.D.R. Tempers :Ts be ' ' T' Throu houT The ear. loved aTTlicTion, "parTy-iTis," wiTh chariTable worlc Tor The communiTy orgamza ions g y Sealed, leff To righl: Arihur Ginsburg, Siu Ploinilc, Joel Rosenfeld, Bob Violyn, Milze Gwirfzman. Slanding, leff To righT: Dave Hoffman, Phil Ferber, Ray Menchen, Roger Leflron. Sigma micron Sigma Joel l. Rosenfeld v,,,... ,,,,..A.,,..,.o..,,,7,,..,,,,,,o C hancellor Roman R. Violyn ,,,., ,,..,,....,,,,. . ...,...,,,, V ice Chancellor ArThur Ginsburg ..e..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,V,,,.,,,,, .,....,,,,,,.,...... . ,, ..... Chancellor oT Exchecquer Mike GwirTzman ..,... ...,u,,ee.A,,.ee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..c,v,,,,,, ...,e,,,,,,,,,,,,ee,..,,,,,,,,.,,, E q uerry AusTin G. Chapman, Jr., Alphonse J. Sherman ,,,,,,...c...,,,,.A,....,e.c,,,,..,.e.,..,,, Co-Advisors From l953, when iTs consTiTuTion was approved, To iTs presenT daTe, Sigma Omicron Sigma FraTerniTy has moved Towards becoming one oT The leading TraTerniTies on campus. STressing close Ties in The TraTerniTy iTselT, The TraTerniTy has lenT iTselT To small pledge classes and has achieved The ulTimaTe in boTherhood. Sigma Omicron Sigma loolcs Torward To many successful aTTairs. sponsors The "Snowflake Queen" con- TesT Tor The ChrisTmas Ball, and also awards a Trophy To U.B.'s mosT valuable aThleTe laTe in The spring. The TraTerniTy This year won TirsT prize Tor The mosT ouTsTanding TloaT cluring "Homecoming Week". Chi Zeta Rho Margarei' Fenick ..,.. .....,......, P residenf Frances CrysTal ,..... .............x....... V ice-PresidenT DoroThy MikiTa ......,, ....................A.............., T reasurer Rose Genziano .....,...........,,..,... ......... C orresponding SecreTary Lucille Di STephano .........,....,............ .....,.,...., R ecording SecreTary Suzanne Hinck. Shelia Gelade ........... , ........... PledgemasTers Miss Doris May. Mrs. John McKeon ..,............,,..,...,.,........,.....,........,......,.,......... Advisors Chi ZeTa Rho sororiTy was 'Founded in The Tall of l955 upon The principles of scholarship. leadership. friendship, and inTegriTy. As one oT The new Greek leTTer organizaTions on campus. These girls have sTrived To live up To Their moTTo of "happiness Through Triendshipn. ln keeping wiTh This dedicaTion, The members have creaTecl beTTer undersTanding among people oT all races, colors. and creeols. By sTressing closer bonds beTween The UniversiTy and TraTernal organizaTions. The sororiTy has conTribuTecl To The solicliTicaTion oT The UniversiTy Tamily. ln The pasT Three years The sororiTy has grown Trom a small iniTial group oT eighT sisTers To an organiza- Tion which now counTs iTselT among The Top groups on campus. The big social aTTair oT The year came in The spring when The sisTers presenTecl "The Bubble" an annual dance which Took place aT Lenny's Wagon Wheel. Much of The success may be aTTribuTecl To The new sisTers who were iniTiaTed inTo The sororiTy aT The beginning oT The spring semesTer. Seafed, left To righf: Dorofhy MikiTa, Frances Crysfal, Margaref Fenicll, Lucille Di STe'Fano. Sfanding, lefT To righfz Pafricia Lamberf, Ilene Goldberg. Rose Genziano, Ann Loconfo, Shiela Gelsde, Suzanne Hinck. Beta Gamma From The Tounding oT BeTa Gamma, which is The TirsT sororiTy and 7Th Greelc leTTer organizaTion insTalled on The campus, April 8, I948, Through The years To The presenT, The girls who wear The black and green have held prominenT places in all phases oT college liTe. Cheerleaders Social AcTiviTies Dean's lisT P.O.C. SweeThearT Campus Thunder Hillel Queen W.A.A. STudenT SpiriT Choir STudenT Council l.F.C. Board oT Governors SweeThearT Queen P.R.F. WisTeria Queen DebaTing SocieTy LaughTer and Tun were again experienced by B. G. during The social evenTs oT The pasT year. "Chicken Fry" was The Theme Tor The pledge parTy. The annual open dance was again a blazing opening Tor The B. G. weelc end. WiTh The purpose oT being a conTribuTing TacTor To a good communiTy, B. G. enjoys helping insTiTuTions around This area. The sisTers lend a helping hand To Hillside l-lome, The Red Cross, The l-learT AssociaTion and oThers. All These acTiviTies live up To The ideals OT The moTToT "ViTa l"lonoris" - a liTe oT honor. Seaied, Iefi' To rigl1T: Jocelyne Poisson, Sandra Sfrauss, Maryann Cupo, Mona Faulkner, Olive Schindler. Sianding, lefi To righf: Lee Grimes, Jeanne Taylor, Molly Talracs, Norma Faas, Crif Herr, Barbara Kalinski, Pauline Ellis, LoreHa Wifoski, Sheila Day, Nancy Hurowifz, Joan Tassinaro. a.- 44 sl. l Sealed. leff 'lo righiz Harry Sinclair, Ray Mahon, Milne Kepchar, Clinlon Moran, Peler Abi, John Schippani. Slanding, lefl' lo righl: Don Spillane, Roberl' Geneslaw, Hani Azzam, Don Sumple, Charles Deulermann. Erich Pefer William Fletcher, Marc Polcelr, Bill Neer. lpha Delta mega Michael Kepchar ,w..... Clinlon Moran .,,.w,, John Schippani ,r,rr l-larry Sinclair ,,,,... Ray Mahon ,.,,.,,, ,..,,,....,..s,.Presidenl Vice Presidem' ..,,..,.uSecre+ary s.,s.,.s,.,s,s.,...,..........s,,,......,sTreasurer Chancellor of The Exchequer John Aleo ...,........YY...w....,,.w.w.w....,.......... ...,.,.,.....,..... ,,.,......,...,.......v..,,,,................ E q uerry Alpha Della Omega. "UB's mosl progressive fralernilyf' was founded in I947. A small frafernlfy by choice, ils annual Firsl' Niler Dance and presenlalion of lhe Sidney Award is one of 'rhe social hughlighls of 'the year. The fra+erni+y's mollo. "Peace, Fralernily and Jusl'ice." is sell expressive and embodies 'rhe very spirif on which The lralernily was founded. Sealed, leff To righlz Pafricia Duffy, DoroThy Selski, Barbara Schwarh. Sfanding, Iefl To right Barbara Warner, JeaneTTe Izzo, Phyllis Sanders, Carole Breen, Sylvia Pirouoli, Brenda Kershaw, Pahicia hi Sigma Delta DoroThy Selslci ,, ,, .A,.,...........,,.... PresidenT Rose ZiTo ,, .rY.. ..,,,,,........, V ice-PresidenT PaTricia Duffy ,,,.,.A.,, ..A,,,,,,,,,. R ecording SecreTary GreTa Kuneman ,,,,,.,,, ,.,,..,. C orresponding SecreTary Barbara SchwarTz ,7,.,7 ,A...,,,,A. .,.,........,.,..,, T r easurer Phyllis Sanders ,,,r,,a aa,...r.. ....,,...... I .F.C. RepresenTaTive Chi Sigma DelTa, one oT The newer sororiTies on ca mpus. will be celebraTing iTs TourTh birThday This year. IT was founded To promoTe chariTy. scholarship, and Tellowship among all sTudenTs. irrespecTive of race. color, or creed. To accomplish This basic ideology and To keep The sororiTy as a close lcniT group. The sisTers have spenT many hours in planning and assisTing The UniversiTy in iTs eTTorTs To grow as a uniTied communiTy. During The pledge period, prospecTive members may be recognized by Their TradiTional red slcirTs, whiTe blouses, and red caps. ThroughouT The pasT Tour years, The sisTers have helped various chariTable organiza- Tions raise money during The seasonal drives. Chi Sigma DelTa combines wiTh Their Tull sororiTy worlc load, an inTeresTing social calendar Tor The year. A dance and many week-end parTies head The lisT. Alpha Gamma Phi William Barslow ,,w., w7.....,....., P residenl John Kenny .......,..,,, V7,a.,,..,a,,...,,,a,.,A, V ice Presidenl Gary Engler .....,......,, ........,,7,,A...A..Y.......,,,a,A.. S ecrelary Roberl' Slumpelc ........ ....... . Corresponding Secrelary Bari' Ferreira .,....,...., ..............,o..............w,, T reasurer Gerald McDougall ...,... ..7.e7,..,,,,,.,.....,,o C haplain Roberlr Slumpek ,o,,.a...............,......o.,,.,. . Y,.V,eo...oo.........,,.a,,.o,o.,oo,...........Y IFC Represenlalive ln lhe laler monlhs oi I947, a group of sludenls who were veierans uniled lo form a social 'iralernily which slill has as a characlerislic many velerans as brolhers. The purpose of lhe organizalion is lo promoie peace, charily. scholarship and fellowship among all men, irrespeclive of race, color or creed. One ol lhe ouislanding obieclives of Alpha Gamma Phi is lo promole school spiril. This year, as in lhe pasl, ihe brolhers have expressed fhis obieclive by aclively parlicipaling in all varsiiy alhlelics and in holding lcey posilions of leadership in all phases of sludenl life. The brolhers also parlicipale in all ol 'rhe inlramural sporls conlesls. Each November, Alpha Gamma Phi sponsors ils "Sword and Shield Dance" as a parl of Homecoming Weelcend. This year for lhe iirsi lime a campus-wide seleclion was held 'lo selecl a Foolball queen lo reign lhrough 'rhe weelcend. A parl of our lraclilion is 'rhe dispensemenl of "Hell Week" for prospeclrive memloers, and The awarding of lhe Jim Kanopanous lrophy for The oulsianding alhlele in inlramural sporls. Sealed. left fo righ'l: Louis Bruno, Michael Fellig. John Profeffo, Gary Engler, Bari' Ferreira, Roberf Sfumpelr. Standing, lofi' lo righf: Ronald Osborne, Robert Sullivan. Arihur Weeks, Bill Wrighf. Thomas Phillips, William Springer, William Barsiow, George Devan, Don Scoif, Vandy Kirk, John Kenny, John Daniels, Edward Walrim. Tracy Smifh, James O'Hara, Ro- bert Mark, Roberf Sveda. V a Q Q i Pi Umega hi Presideni , Y......... ,,wV ,., J oseph War o Vice Presideni ,,,.,.,.,,, ,.......... .,.,, C a rl Yurgn Recording Scribe ..... ,.,.,..., E dward Moiiern Scribe ..,,,,.,,.....,...... ........,......,,,.....,, ,,,,7A,Y.,,,,,,,,.. L o ring Fluke Exchequer .....v..... c..Y7.............,....... Yw.c,.,.,......,,, D o nald Renien Advisors ,,,,,Y,,,7,,,...,,,Y,,,...,.,,..,,,,v,,.,, Y......,...A,.,7v,,,. D r. Francis Dolan. Prof. James Fenner Since iis incepiion in I947, ihe broihers of Pi Omega Chi have been promineni on ihe campus scene. P.O.C. men have held posiiions on 'rhe Scribe, Siudeni Council, lnierfraierniiy Council, and Social Aciivi- 'ries Commiiiee. On Ociober I I. l957, Cooper Hall's Caroline Skinner was presenied as The Sweeiheari oi ihe fraierniry ai fhe IO1'h annual dance. The pledges, complefe wiih green bereis. bow lies, and goaiees, appeared iwice ihis year. Anoiher highlighi was ihe inspiring +orch-lighi ceremony siagecl ai' ihe siaiue of P. T. Barnum. Public service +0 boih The school and 'ro The communiiy, associaiion wiih a large alumni organizaiion. and many Bohemian siyled parries have been associaied wi'rh Jrhe broihers of Pi Omega Chi. Seaied, lofi io righi: Loring Fluke, Carl Yurdin, Joseph Wargo, Donald Renton, David Marks. Standing. lofi io righf: Hal Roberts, Thomas Cupo, John Shanley, Daniel Jaffe, Roberf Laemel, John Kovacs, Joel Englander, Richard Weiss, John Marlin, Joseph Gavin. . .L 4.- P .l ' .l A Seaied, left fo righi: Joe O'Brien. John Howell, Mickey Donahue, John Dorlrin, Diclr La Marche, Mr. De Siero. Sianding. left fo righh Ed Caliendo, Tony Granger, Roberf Leslro, Richard Pinfo, Wulf Londergan, Dicl: O'Grady, William Dar ragh. Ed Pisfey, Vernon Cormier. Ed Boi. mega Sigma ho Presideni r,,,........,. ,,,,..,,. R ichard O'Grady Vice Presideni .V... .v....,,. M ichael Donahue Secrefary ...,,,,.., .,,....., A ndrew Morgo Treasurer .......................c..............,.,7.....................................,........,..,.........,,, Roberf Lesko Omega Sigma Rho was firsf infroduced fo fhe Universify of Bridgeporf in March of I957. and fhe fra- fernify received ifs approved charfer on April 28, l957. Omega Sigma Rho was organized by fwenfy-one men +o furfher develop fhe principle of scholarship. brofherhood. and service. The frafernify is now composed of fhirfy-five lorofhers sfriving fo achieve This goal. For fhe purpose of becoming beffer lcnown. Omega Sigma Rho held ifs firsf annual "Spring Picnic" on May IO. I957. This affair proved 'ro be a greaf success and will be confinued in ihe fufure. April l8. I958. was fhe dafe for Omega Sigma Rho's firsf venfure on The Universify of Bridgeporf's so- cial calendar, when a "Swinging Affair" was presenfed. The brofhers of Omega Sigma Rho have pride in fheir many brofhers who fill posifions on fhe Universify of Bridgepor+'s afhlefic feams. The frafernify also has feams parficipafing in all inframural sporfs. Kneeling. leff fo righh Pafricia Lamberf, Sandra Sfrauss. Sfanding, Ieff fo righf: Susan, Chandler, Elizabeih Pilre, Jane Hillner. CarolRubinson, Eva Bernsiein, Norma Marinello Cheerleaders The firsf weeks of school saw a hosl of our be-auliful girls rush fo Hue school gym- nasium 'ro +ry ou'r for lliis year's cheerleading squad. Aller many hours of careful wafcliing, coach Vic Muniac came up willm a combinalion of eiglwl well spiriled girls +0 lead our varsily 'reams 'ro viclory. The girls funclioned oluring rhe foolball and bas- lcefball seasons fo boosl llie Universi+y's alrlwlelic morale fo new lieiglmls. Pallie Lamberl was capfain for flue i957-58 group. Football Wifh coach Waller "Kay" Kondrafovich a+ rhe helm of +he varsi+y foolball squad. assisled by line coach Peler Alese- vich, 'rhe Purple Knighl gridders +urned in rheir finesr sea- son of play on +he gridiron since l953. Co-Caplained by Gary Engler and Jerry McDougall. 'lhe i957 Knighls finished lhe season wi+h a record of four wins, 'lhree losses. and one +ie. ln comparison ro lasr year's record which saw only a single win lhis was quile a year in The an- nals of UB grid his+ory. Who was responsible for Jrhe sudden success of +he UB gridders af+er so many years of disappoinfing play? Well, 'rhere were many people responsible. fhere was of course coach Kay wilhoui' whose efforls a winning season would have been nexl fo impossible. There was of course Jrhe forward wall, consisling of such sfandouf performers as Wall Londer- gan. and Dick Bonini a'r +he laclcle posifions. Dwane Shepard and Jerry McDougal a+ 'fhe ends. McDougal Turning in a line iob of adiusling +o lhe swilch from 'rhe baclcfield. Then of course rhere were 'rhe oulsfanding game-in, game-our per- formances lurned in by Dave Quagliozzi. and Gary Engler. while +he cenler spol' was shared by 'rhe very able Bill Bar- sfow. and Lenny Ledel. Thar was parl' of +he reason for The UB success 'rhis year. 'rhe remainder of +he sfory lies in +he baclcfield. Coach Kay came up wilh his liines+ backfield since X ' -1" B l :.,,- lv xx. A, YD is , X . 2 - 5 R, Q L 4 7l 4 ll 7U 5 7 Z EE 'hh' so The i949 season. a backfield ThaT ranked wiTh The besT New England had To oTTer. A brieT sTaTisTical review will show why. PredominaTely a running ball club, UB gained l4-03 oT iTs l737 ToTal yards rushing, while holding Their opponenTs To a ToTal of I434 yards combined. HalT-back George Dixon was The leading UB ground gainer as well as The Top scorer. The New Haven producT carried Tor an average oT 6.7 yards and scored 36 poinTs on 6 Touchdowns. Dixon had his biggesT day againsT The New BriTain. Thai' aTTernoon Dixon scored all oT BridgeporT's poinTs on Two Touchdowns. gaining II9 yards in Ten carries as The Purple KnighTs won l2-4. Don ScoTT, lasT year's leading ground gainer racked up 290 yards in 68 carries Tor a 4.2 average. ScoTT enioyed his biggesT nighT againsT Upsala, as he igniTed a TourTh period scoring ouTbursT oT TwenTy poinTs wiTh Two long T.D. runs. All-Told ScoTT picked up a ToTal oT IO3 yards in I3 carries. AT The all imporTanT signal calling posT was Mickey Don- ahue. who Tinished The campaign Third in rushing, and second in scoring wiTh 24 poinTs on Tour Touchdowns. Donahue. The clubs sTandouT punTer kicked Tor an average of 40.5 yards To Tinish among The Top in small college kickers. ln The air UB passed 72 Times and compleTed 32 oT Those. Donahue complefed 30 passes in 60 aTTempTs Tor a .500 average and 296 yards. His chief TargeT ThroughouT The sea- son was George Dixon who grabbed Ten Tosses Tor l2l yards. Add To This Tine array of aThleTes Dick WhiTcomb aT end, Don DeBella aT Tackle, Jim O'Hara aT guard. Charlie Jessup. Ed Wakim, Vinny Gloria. and Tracy SmiTh in The ,gg ., .l UAlmi,,,',m, l i x 124 backiield and ThaT will give you a preTTy good reason why BridgeporT Tinished wiTh a winning season. LeT us now relive some oT The highlighTs of The I957 grid season in The sequence in which They occurred. ln The season opener UB had To be conTenT To seTTle Tor a I3-I3 Tie wiTh Norwich College. Vinny RoTh's second per- iod pay dirT run saw BridgeporT Trailing I3-7 mid-way Through The Tinal sTanza. Sparked by Donahue and SmiTh The KnighTs provided The equalizer. and elecTing To pass Tor The Tie breaking poinT narrowly missed The poinT-aTTer-Touchdown. ReTurning home To The Triendly conTines oT Hedges Me- morial STadium UB rolled over NorTheasTern UniversiTy 32-6. This will always be a memorable day in The mind oT lineman Dave Quagliozzi, Tor when The l75 pound junior Trorn Bro'ck- Ton, Mass. rumbled inTo The end-zone, he became only The second lineman in UB hisTory ever To score a T.D. ln The words of The popular UB veTeran, "IT was The greaTesT Thrill oT m liTe." The KnighTs nexT Traveled To ChesTer. Pa., home of Penn- sylvania MiliTary College, where They were handed Their TirsT seT-back oT The season, I3-6. Fumbles were The key To The BridgeporT downTall This aTTernoon as The knighfs Tumbled seven Times. Trailing I3-0 wiTh six minuTes remaining in The conTesT, guarTer-back Mickey Donahue Tired Three passes To halT-back Dixon Tor 45 yards To seT up The lone UB Tally OT The aTTernoon, Donahue romping To paydirT momenTs laTer. ln Their second road encounTer in as many games The KnighTs nexT bowed To New Haven STaTe Teachers College. gf -41? 20-7. From The UB sTandpoinT The lone momenT To cheer came on BridgeporT's second play Trom scrimmage wiTh TleeT TooTed Don ScoTT racing 65 yards To paydirT. As Tar as The UB supporTers were concerned The game was virTually over Tollowing Gloria's conversion of The exTra poinT. This game marked Vinny Gloria's appoinTmenT To The Tull back sloT. Gloria proved his worTh in The following game as he scored all The BridgeporT poinTs in a I3-7 Triumph over A.l.C. ln The pouring rain The 5-TooT 6-inch Tullback puT on a one man show as he carried inTo The end-zone Tor boTh Tallies and converTed The laTTer To even UB's season mark aT 2-2-l, and snap a Two game losing sTreak. The Purple KnighTs of UB nexT meT and conquered Upsala College, The Tinal score reading UB 27. Upsala O. Sharing The honors in This week's purple and whiTe spoTlighT were George Dixon and Don ScoTT. BoTh backs scored Two Touchdowns apiece To give UB iTs Third consecuTive home vicTory as well as puTTing The KnighTs over The .500 mark Tor The TirsT Time in several years. A 78 yard run on The TirsT play from scrimmage by George Dixon gave The UB The TirsT oT Their Two T.D.'s To enable Them To beaT New BriTian STaTe Teachers College, I2- 4. NoT only did BridgeporT spoil New BriTian's homecoming, buT They also noTched Their TirsT road vicTory of The season, To exTend Their games won To Tour. The mosl' vicTories by a UB Team since I953. IT also assured coach Kay and his Pur- ple KnighTs oT a winning season. In The Tinal conTesT of The season BridgeporT saw iTs un- deTeaTed home skein of Three come To an end as The Judges of Brandeis UniversiTy puT a damper on The UB homecoming week-end via 33-I2 seTback. BuT you have To give coach KondraTovich and his KnighTs crediT, They played Their hearTs ouT ThroughouT The game, buT were iusT ouTclassed by a sTronger Brandeis ele- ven. However, leT iT noT be said ThaT The game was noT wiTh- ouT iTs Thrilling momenTs. There were Times during The sixTy minuTes of play when BridgeporT Tlashed The signs oT bril- lance ThaT so many homecoming Tans had heard abouT and had come To see. Aside from being The Tinal game on The l957 schedule, This Tinal conTesT broughT down The curTain on The Tine play- ing careers oT co-capTains Jerry McDougall and Gary Engler, cenTer Bill BarsTow. and guard Jim O'l-lara. These boys will have someThing To loolc baclc upon, Tor They were presenT Tor The sTarT oT The rebuilding of This ball club, Three years ago, and They were around To wiTness The beginning of whaT loolcs like a very brighT BridgeporT TooTball TuTure. fm f if Coach Lou Saccone's Third freshman TooTball squad ended The l957 season wiTh one win and Three losses. We sTarTed oTT The season by beaTing The Long Island Aggies and Then losT To Dean Jr. College. Upsala. and an undeTeaTed l-loTTra Team. The Aggies meT Their deTeaT righT here aT Seaside Park. QuarTerback Jack Sullivan kepT giving The ball To Tom Pissano and he kepT running Through The holes ThaT The line opened up. Harry Shulb, Roy Bruno, Cal Perry, and Dennis Mackim shone on The line, while Pissano scored all The poinTs Tor us as we won I2-7. We Then Traveled To Dean Jr. College. buT iusT couldn'T geT sTarTed. To make maTTers worse a Touch- down was called back because oT a penalTy. Tho defea- Ted, by a score of I9-0, iT was noT really a True picTure of The game as many oT The fellows Turned in a Tine performance. Upsala was diTTerenT. We were ouTclassed here, as Their big line moved in To sTop all ThreaTs. Their backs were TasT and brusing as They plugged away aT a 27-O vicTory. The boys were up Tor The l'loTsTra game, buT unTor- TunaTely This was noT To be a U.B. vicTory. The score aT half Time was I3-6 in Tavor oT The HoTsTra squad. AT The sTarT oT The Third quarTer BridgeporT made a desperaTe bid Tor vicTory. Charging down To The IO yard line, our boys were sTopped cold as our quarTerback, Tom Shea, was carried oTT The Tield wiTh a broken ankle. We did manage To score again, buT aTTer Shea's injury The Tide seemed To Turn rapidly, as HoTsTra wenT on To a 24-I2 vicTory. The season's record was disappoinTing, buT each game had iTs highlighTs Tor The BridgeporT Team. WiTh This in mind, The varsiTy coaches awaiT The arrival of The sTand-ouT Treshmen who will give depTh To nexT year's varsiTy Team. .Ln Freshman Football In ' Soccer The imporfance of soccer aT The Universify of Bridge- porT is highlighTed by The facT ThaT The Third annual soccer coaching clinic, which is sponsored by The Con- neTicuT lnTerscholasTic AThleTic Conference, was held on The U.B. Campus, Sepfernber I4, oT This pasT year. Junior and Senior high school and college coaches, as well as physical educafion Teachers, aThleTic direcTors and school adminisfrafors Took parT in The clinic. C.l.A.C. officials had an oufsfanding guesf speaker To lecfure and demonsTraTe The various offensive paT- Terns of soccer and describe The fundamenTals and rules of The game. John McKeon, coach of The soccer Team said ThaT The clinic mighT be held here again nexT year if possible. Coach McKeon's boofers finished, for The fiffh sTraighT year, wiTh a .500 or beTTer percenTage. The soccer Team finished The i957 season wiTh a record of '5 wins - 3 losses. AfTer Two iniTial sefbacks They sTormed To 4 sTraighT vicfories. The defeafs came aT The hands of Two powerful Teams. l'lofsTra college in overfime and a sTrong UniversiTy of ConnecTicuT Team. This was The firsT Time a UniversiTy of BridgeporT squad had played U-Conn. The Purple KnighTs racked up Their four consecufive vicfories over Lowell Tech of Lowell, lvlassachuseTTs, Clark from WorcesTer, Mass., Albany STaTe Teachers, and BosTon Universify. Their final seTbaclc of The season came, aT The hands of a consisTenTly powerful Springfield college Team. They concluded Their season on a win- ning nofe by defeafing The Coasf Guard Academy. A game scheduled wiTh Fairleigh Dickinson College was canceled because of rain and The Springfield College game had To be posTponed because of The flu epidemic which sTruck several members of The U.B. Team. ForTun- aTely, The sick members quickly recovered and only This game was effecTed by The epidemic. AT The beginning of The season. The KnighTs losT The services of Their I956 All-New England goalie. George Diefer. He suffered a severe shoulder separafion while The Team was scrimmaging Yale UniversiTy aT New Ha- ven. ConnecTicuT. Al WesT was DieTer's replacemenT as goalie for The remainder of The season. The Knighfs losT Their firsT game of The season To Hofsfra College of Hempsfead, Long Island. aT Seaside Park. Affer The Purple Knighfs were puT ahead 2-I on goals by Chuck PaTerno and EveriTT MerriTT, They were Tied up via a penalTy goal by HofsTra's Jim Paferson. This puT The game info a 5 minuTe overfime period, This proved disasfrous To The Knighfs as HofsTra scored ano- Ther goal and defeaTed U.B. 3-2. Opposing The UniversiTy of ConnecTicuT Huskies aT Sfarrs. The U.B. Team was beaTen by a 6-O score. The ouTsTanding performance by Frank Wlassak, The U.B. co- capfain was overshadowed by The facT ThaT veTeran player Jack Marfin was losT To The Team for a few weeks during This game. Wlassak was on The receiving end of anoTher smash-up. This led To a fracTured nose for Jack and anoTher player losT To The squad. The firsT vicTory of The year for The KnighTs came aT The hands of Lowell Tech Team. lT was a goal by Ed Makim in The firsT period which sTood up for The enTire game and for vicTory number one. The fine defensive , ' U3 U lay of Al WesT in The goal and EvereTT HarT heaped keep The KnighTs ahead of The Lowell Team. The inal score was l-0. Traveling To WorchesTer, Mass. To play Clark Uni- versiTy was when The soccer Team picked up iTs second vicTory of The season. They were losing by a score of I-O aT half Time. Then in The 3rd period EvereTT MerriTT came in To score The Tying goal for The KnighTs. The game confinued on like This unTil There was less Than one minuTe To go when Frank Wlassak boofed one in and gave The KnighTs a snappy 2-I vicTory . ln a very exciTing game. The,Purple Knighfs defeafed Albany Sfafe Teachers College. EvereTT MerriTT played one of The finesT games of The year. He scored boTh of The Team's goals. IT wasn'T unTil The final minuTes of The game ThaT he scored The deciding goal in The 2-I vic- Tory. This was one of The finesT individual performances of The season for The UniversiTy's soccer Team. Playing anoTher major college soccer Team, The Knighfs again displayed Their power. Leading by a slim I-O margin aT half-Time, on a goal by EvereTT HarT, They Ther. broke loose for four Tallies in The second half To soundly defeaT BosTon UniversiTy 5-O. IT was a Time scoring day for The Knighfs as EvereTT HarT and EvereTT MerriTT scored 2 goals each. Joe ResTuccia scored The final goal To pace The Knighfs To vicTory. ln a game played aT Springfield, Mass., The soccer Team losT iTs firsT game in Their lasT five sTarTs and iT broke Their 4 game winning sTreak. The GymnasTs were The Nafional Soccer Champions lasT year, I956. and again had a powerlul nucleus for a repeal performance. ll was lhe loughesl game lhal Springfield had all year. Il was also lhe linesl game played by lhe U.B. soccer leam. Al hall lime lhe Knighls were behind I-O and Springfield came back lo score 2 more goals in second hall. Il was close lor lhe enlire game and lhe Knighls came close lo scoring bul lhey repealedly missed oul on scoring opporlunilies. Frank Wlassak and lhe 3 lull- backs Gordie Douglas, Bill Koke and Slan Roman played oulslanding parls in lhe leam's ellorl. In lhe linal game ol lhe year lhe Purple Knighls played lhe Coasl Guard Academy al Seaside Park. Leading I-O al hall lime on a goal by Everell I'larl, lhe 3rd period saw Joe Resluccia score lo Ienglhen lhe lead lo 2-O bul lhe Coasl Guard also scored in lhe 3rd period lo cul lhe lead lo 2-I. However Frank Wlassack scored on a penally shol lo push lhe Knighls lo a 3-I lead. In lhe 4+h period lhe Coasl Guard again scored lo come wilhin I goal ol lhe Knighls, bul Everell Merrill came up wilh a goal lo deleal lhe Coasl Guard from New London. 4-2. The new co-caplains were announced lor nexl sea- son and lhey were goalie George Dieler and Frank r -. M2 Wlassak. Bolh lhese boys gave plenly ol aclion as mem- bers ol lhe soccer leam. Dieler missed almosl lhe enlire pasl season wilh his injured shoulder. Nexl y,ear he should spend one ol his linesl years in lhe UB nel. One player who should be menlioned is Al Vlfesl who look over lor Dieler as goalie lor lhe leam. Allhough relalively new al lhis posilion. Al lurned in one line perlormance aller anolher and was a conslanl help lo lhe leam. For lhe second year running Frank Wlassak led lhe leam in assisls. Everell Merrill was lhe leading scorer lor lhe leam. Everell Merrill also made lhe 2nd All New England leam as cenler lorward. Wlassak- made Isl slring as enler hallback while Bob Sveda made honor- able menlion as a hallback. Sveda along wilh Jack Mar- lin and Slan Roman are lhe only gradualing members ol lhe leam. This leaves a slrong leam lor nexl year's schedule. which will include Yale and lhe Universil ol Harllord. This will make a schedule ol 8 New England league games oul ol an I I game schedule lor lhe Pur- ple Knighls. Wilh a slrong lreshman leam coming up lo replace gradualing members ol lhe leam. nexl sea- son should be a very successful one. M,,,,,,,,. 4' """"-. " W -M.- K , 4' We ilsffs f 4: Ui' Wm? 'f .T t 5 - :. - ' - , - . fi g . l hql qi g ., . B . c - . 'V,. 6. f i ,V .!. ' V . . za 'f F' 5152 . A -Q-,M-3 MT Q ii- ... V .. szfiffif V, ,EE ,IQ . in f . . . 5 . l . ' fa Y -r T -ff . K ' ., jk rx, Q Q , H. if 0.3 . -B ufeB f-A 5 s aj E 5 ,Ja e T . s .1 T . ' .' .- w ' ' - 5:1 5 ' r i-ink 'W w k, i . .W T2 il - sfv ,SQ-2 4: 'T 5 . i if 11.4653 , . ' . ' 151- 'S' 55: . .. Hia! win... ' . . fa-T' V 'im ri.. 3 -xv . , 512' .1 f g -isis, . iiilfi. 1:1 ff: Freshman Soccer We now have an undefeaTed Team aT The Univer- siTy of BridgeporT. Coach John McKean whipped The boys inTo shape righT aT The beginning of The year and had Them rolling all season unTil They had Turned in Their record of 6-0-I. The old faifhful bus, The "Purple KnighT" Took all The fellows and everyThing ThaT They needed To make Milford Prep Their second shuT-ouT vicTim, IO-O. The boys had chosen Two fine aThleTes for Their capTains: Hans Zucker, and Jim Kuhlmann, who showed The way To This successful season. We wenT up To Yale, buT did noT come back wiTh a vicTory. The Bulldogs from New Haven Tied us 3-3. lT was a disappoinTmenT because sTaTisTics aT The end of The game showed ThaT we had made 60 aTTempTs on goal and Yale had made only l2. Weuhad The ball deep in Their TerriTory for almosT The enTire game. Our Three goals were scored by our co-capfains. and one by Jack- ie Coogan. Jackie ended up The season wiTh The second highes+ number of goals scored. The high scorer was Hans Zucker. NexT To fall before The booming Toes of our fuTure soccer sTars was Cheshire Academy. The boys consider- ed Cheshire Their besT opponenT. We won 5-l. Milford Prep had a second chance To see whaT They could do againsT us. This Time They scored a goal. We Took oul' fourTh win 9-I. The boys wanfed The Army Plebe game very badly. This was The big Trip of The year. The fuTure officers from WesT PoinT seem no maTch for our TalenTed kick- ers, as we romped To an easy 7-2 vicTory. The Weslyan Jr. VarsiTy was The mosT highly raTed of our opponenTs. The year before iT was The who ended our Trosh soccer players bid for an undefleaTed season. IT was noT-in The records for This Team To lose. and Weslyan became our Third shuT-ouT vicTim of The year, 4-O. Goaly Pefe Galindez, helped by The greaT defense of Chiroganis, McCullagh and WirTh had only 7 goals scored on him all year. ln conTrasT To This we had four forwards who scored over five goals: Hans Zucker led wiTh IO. Jackie Coogan second wiTh 8. Paul Pysynski nexT wiTh 7, and Nick Hodges ended The season wiTh 5 goals under his belT. CapTain Jim Kuhlmann and lefT wing John Maiesko each scored 4 goals. Coach McKeon is looking forward To The nexT Three varsiTy seasons, and perhaps a place in The sun wiTh The besT in New England. 131 Basketball The l957-58 baslceTball campaign found The UB hoopsTers wiTh Their backs To The wall almosT from The ouTseT, as They prepared To Taclcle one of The mosT dif- TiculT schedules conTronTing any New England College, Tacing such powerhouses as ManhaTTan. ST. Johns, As- sumpTion, ST. Francis, and lona. ln addiTion. Dr. l-lerberT E. Slines, sTarTing his elev- enTh season as head baslceTloall coach Tound himselT holding The reins To a unTried and unTesTed sophomore dominaTed quinTeT. When all These TacTs are Taken inTo consideraTion iT is noT diTTiculT To see why The purple lcnighTs Tinishecl The season wiTh an 8-I6 record. The Glinesmen did noT 'Fare Too much beTTer in The newly Tormed Tri-STaTe League, dropping Trom a second place Tinish lasT year To TiTTh place This season. WiTh Hal l-lellerman, lasT seasons leading rebound- er and runner-up in scoring, Bob Laemel, 'former All- CiTy selecTion, Diclc WhiTcomb. Tony Granger. and Ed Wysoclci forming The nucleus The KnighTs managed To sTruggle Through The TirsT I7 games on Their schedule. buT. iT was in ThaT evenTTul eighTeenTh game againsT Brooklyn College ThaT Hellerman's services were losT Tor The remainder oT The season, and any chance UB had Tor a winning season when down The drain. Having losT Tive ouT of The nexT six games Tollowing l-lellerman's injury, The Glinesmen wenT all ouT To beaT LM L s..e.......,,,,,.s.WW,,,-,., ,,,.M.s-..aes......s.c.,s,s...e.,,,.,.,s.a,,-. ' X archrival Fairfield Universify on fhe concluding day of fhe season. You don'f ordinarily find much consolafion in a 8-I6 record by any sfrefch of fhe imaginafion buf if fhe years highlighf had fo be singled ouf if would have fo be UB's elecfrifying 76-72 over fime win over fheir fra- difional rivals Fairfield U. before a capacify crowd on hand af fhe Brass Recreafion Cenfer. Sophomore sensafion Bob Laemel was fhe "man of fhe hour" as he neffed 28 poinfs fo wall: off wifh fhe Mosf Valuable Player Award. and end an ofherwise dis- mal UB baslcefball season on a highly successful nofe. Final sfafisfics for fhe season showed five players finishing in double figures. l-lal Hellerman, who missed fhe lasf seven games, was fops wifh a l5.7 average. Bob Laemel was nexf wifh a l4.2 average, followed by Ed Wysoclci, Tony Granger, and Dick Whifcomb. Wysoclci was fops in fhe all imporfanf rebounding deparfmenf wifh ZOO followed by Hellerman. Laemel and Whifcomb. Also playing imporfanf roles fhrough- ouf fhe season were George Diefer. Tony Granger. Charley Milof and Charley Jessup. Alfhough Coach Glines will sfill be laclcing fhe neces- sary heighf fo really be effecfive. he will gef much needed depfh from several of fhis years yearlings nexf season and will be able fo subsfifufe more freely wifh- ouf showing a deficif on fhe score board. This plus fhe age old facfor of experience should provide The Glinesmen wifh fhe impefus fo pose a real fhreaf fo fheir opposifion nexf season. ang-.-..- X . ix xg K 4-523 gxii .70 2 F' Freshman Basketball Gus Seamon's 'freshman squad slarled lhe season oll real slow and lound il a Iillle hard shilling inlo second gear. They did lhal aboul hall-way lhrough lhe season and coasled in very smoolhly, winning lheir Iasl nine oul ol len games, lheir Iasl six in a row. They linished up lhe season wilh a respeclable I4 won 7 loss record. Tom Liplcowilz was high scorer lor lhe season averaging I6 p.p.g. and scoring 342 poinls. Tom brolce lhe old loul shooling record by hilling on 771, ol his shols lrom lhe lree lhrow line. The nexl lwo scorers were co-caplains Joe Dunn and Richie Khenligan averaging I3.8 and I0.0 p.p.g. respeclively. Rounding oul lhe slarling live lhal linished lhe season winning nine oul ol len were Tom McCarlhy and Dave Breilbarl, who bolh scored over len poinls per game in lhe Iasl len games. Giving lhe leam deplh and coach Seaman a chance lo subslilule lreely were: Lou Kocsis. Richie Dimuro. AI Kerlerz, George Wines, Bobby Durwin, Manny Lopez. and Tom Shea. Some ol lhe leams lo lall belore lhe young Knighls were: Milford Prep, Cheshire Academy, Silcorslcy, Broolclyn College, Iona College. New Haven S. T. C.. and lhe one We wanled lhe mosl Fairlield Uni- versily. Allhough Gus Seaman considered lhem all big ones, he was mosl happy aboul his overlime win over Brooklyn College and lhe slomp- ing ol Iona and Fairfield. The Iona and Fairfield games were beauli- lul leams ellorls wilh Liplcowilz, Khenligan, Breilbarl, McCarlhy and Dunn all scoring in double ligures. The I958 Baseball Season goT under way wiTh a noT To uncommon problem Tacing Coach Lou Saccone, ThaT is a lack oT piTchers. As The season progressed. MaTT Kaishian and Skip DePace proved To be reliable sTarTers, and Senior Bob Sullivan showed his value as a relieT specialisT. Charlie Pike, senior shorT-sTop, was The lead- ing hiTTer wiTh an average oT 365, Tollowed by Bob Laemel, soph. reserve ouT-Tielder, wiTh an average of BSO. The opening game saw The Purple KnighTs Traveling To The Bronx To play l'lunTer College. UB won 3-2, be- hind The Tour-hiT piTching oT Skip Depace. DePace sTruck ouT I4, buT was in consTanT Trouble by walking 9. Charlie Doyle led The hiTTing aTTack wiTh Two singles. Dick FriTzon, soph. righT hander, sTarTed on The hill Tor UB againsT Adelphi College in Garden CiTy, N.Y. UB was deTeaTed 5-2. FriTzon gave up Tour runs The Three innings he worked. He was relieved by Bob Sulli- van, who piTched one run ball The resT oT The way. Tony Granger, John Giampaola, and Charlie Pike each had Two hiTs Tor UB. ln Their TirsT home game, UB deTeaTed Fairliegh Dickinson 4-2. Depace sTarTed Tor UB and wenT 8 inn- ings beTore being relieved by Bob Sullivan. The hiHing aTTack was led by Charlie Pike, Jerry McDougall. and John Aslan. MaTT Kaishian. piTching his TirsT varsiTy game. de- TeaTed ST. PeTers College 5-2. Kaishian had perTecT conTrol walking only Three men and was never in serious Trouble. Tony Granger and Charlie Pike had Triples To lead The KnighT's aTTack. BridgeporT Traveled To SpringTield nexT only To go down To deTeaT ll-O. Ralph King sTarTed 'for UB and Baseball I T TT if il inm"'l F.. ,- .,, y, - vrzsw if K V! ,, li ! . 5 . 105 fgf I I ::. 'T I ,v ,i , g sl gave up seven runs The TirsT Three innings. Again Bob Sullivan did a Tine job in relief. UB, back aT Triendly Seaside Park, easily deTeaTed HarTTorcI UniversiTy II-3. Bob Sullivan in his TirsT sTarT oT The year piTched a greaT Tour hiTTer. The KnighTs were aided by eighT HarTTord errors. John Aslan had a perTecT day aT The plaTe wiTh Two Tor Two. Bob Sveda also had Two hiTs. The KnighTs back on The road, played Upsala Col- lege and were deTeaTed 6-5. Upsala scored in The IasT halT of The ninTh inning To win The game, UB once led 5-I and iT appeared as Though The KnighTs would be in line Tor an easy vicTory. Skip DePace losT his conTroI in The sixTh and sevenTh innings and Upsala managed To Tie The score aT Tive all. Charlie Pike had Three hiTs Tor UB, John Giampaolo, Bib Laemel. and Ronnie Osborne each had Two hiTs To lead The hiTTers. MaTT Kaishian was called on To piTch againsT power- Tul SeTon Hall College by Coach Lou Saccone. UB won 6-l. Kaishian piTched a Tine Two hiTTer walking only Two baTTers. Again iT was Charlie Pike who led The hiT- Ting aTTack. Pike had Three hiTs, including a double and a Triple. He was Tollowed by Jerry McDougall who had a home run and a single. John Giampaolo also con- Tribed Two singles. The Purple KnighTs played Their nexT game in Eb- beT's Field only To be beaTen by Long Island UniversiTy 7-5. WiTh The score Tied aT 4-4 going inTo The eighT, Ron Osborne was called on To pinch hiT. Osborne hiT a Two sTrike piTch Tar To righT cenTer Tor a Triple and a 5-4 lead. LIU counTered wiTh Three in Their half oT The same inning Tor The ball game. BridgeporT played hosT To AIC lAmerican lnTerna- Tional Collegel and were deTeaTed 7-I. Ralph King sTarTed Tor UB and was The vicTim of poor supporT. AIC scored Tive unearned runs The TirsT six innings. UB's infield was guilTy oT Ten errors. The KnighT's Traveled To play Their neighbors The STags oT Fairfield UniversiTy and won easily I9-I. MaTT Kaishian piTched a Tour hiTTer Tor his Third win oT The year. Charlie Pike led The hiTTers wiTh a home run, dou- ble. Two singes, and six hiTs. John Giampaolo and Ever- eTT HarT each had Three hiTs. Behind The Three hiT piTching of Skip DePace, UB scored boTh Their runs in The sevenTh inning when Bob Sveda walked, John Giamapolo doubled, and boTh runners scored on EvereTT HarT's single To cenTer. UB playing a morning-aTTernoon double header losT The TirsT game To Rider College ll-5, and won The sec- ond game by cleTeaTing Iona College 7-4. MaTT Kaishian sTarTed Tor The KnighTs in The TirsT game and was Tagged Tor seven runs The TirsT Tour innings. Kaishian suffered his only losf of The year aT The hands OT The Rough Rid- ers. BridgeporT goT Twelve hiTs in a losing cause, EvereTT HarT. Tony Granger, Jerry McDougall and John Aslan had Two hiTs each. In The second game oT The day. Ralph King piTched a Tive hiTTer To gain his TirsT win oT The year. The big hiT oT The day was a bases loaded Triple by Bob Sveda. Sveda and McDougall had Two niTs To lead The aTTack. The Purple KnighTs deTeaTed The Teachers of New Haven 4-2, behind The piTching oT John Harding. Hard- ing piTched greaT ball and did noT walk a baTTer unTil The eighT when New Haven scored Their TirsT run. UB scored all Their runs in The TourTh inning: Two walks, Two hiTs. and Two double sTeaIs accounTed Tor The runs. In Their lasT game of The year, Coach Lou Saccone, called an his ace MaTT Kaishian in hopes Tor The vicTory. UB won 7-2. The game was close unTil The sevenTh, wiTh UB enioying a one run lead 3-2. WiTh The bases loaded and Two ouTs, Ron Osborne was called on To pinch hiT and delivered wiTh a bases clearing Triple. UB scored Their IasT run in The ninTh on a home run by Charlie Pike. Charlie Pike led The hiTTers wiTh Three hiTs. he was Tollowed by John Aslan, who had a Triple and a single, Charlie Doyle also had Two hiTs. In his TirsT year as head Coach, Lou Saccone, did a Tine job which is shown by The Team's I0-6 record. Skip DePace was The leading piTcher, wiTh a' 3-0 record and a era. oT I.74. MaTT Kaishiain had, a 4-I record and a era. oT l.77. Bob Sullivan, who appeared in halT of UB's games had an era. oT 2.75. Players who baTTed over .300 were Charlie Pike, 365: Bob Laemel. .350: Ron Osborne, .3l6: and John Aslan. .300. The Team's aver- age was .26O. 1 i"A'57'7f' L75 ff?-'f'?? L., v L ,L L' 5 'L ,ff L L :Es-fi Lm:gy,,iAAfw L 3w....L. SQL gm L Aff f"'hmfw X' xl if ' L 5' ff L7 1 L' . ff- i.a.3f',l1n?f 'fL15f'hvvf-:.Ms?"'.2! -fbvcj' ' L, 1' K Q i'.f'f'f5" ' ' sf'5f4,A I. L"- . iff" :tial-gh' V - 'Hsin 1-4:24 ' I." is. H, - H Q ' .ff 'Eg fvv S L '1 L if' 55.24, ini-f?2-Lf'-Li'ff'-1?iwss'?g2f iff L4-fi f. ' Q ffl W 32" L ,iw gs- SA, , LAAQA 2iLAAAjAA,, A A01 A4,L.T-,.xf,4qA Ag? .,.f ,A A AA LA A1315 ,At A. wfw-fain :y-+L: f ' L ii L isfm 'Z 1634" . I 'E' WML'-f Wiki' 3' -L :V "-4e?flff?"'-vsg' ' ' .xii f L a 'f'E3..W'f '35-?'+54'.fi" f.L1fiif'y ' L M Tfxgff V ff " -bmi' 'L L' .f ' "' L FW'-QSQFHQ-1'1 4 's X LL aj3cf!Hf,L QL Lf' gf 5' .91 F3 My " 'LL 'Q - fa L L Y M ' L9 if ffl L1 L, ' I ' Q, L, f-Lfm L, -- LM L F 'X-:Lg2Lg LL L' X-'-i'1 ,L L 1 ' LL ,L '4gw1z,L L L 'L LL-Wu 74 Lg, 'Y L, ,i ,lf L A Q f" ' ' Q .:.., fame, ,, 1, Tai L- wgmf' ' 'J LQ '- ' 1 ',,3k?k,Y.,Q4 ' ' ,K ,fbi 5 Lv Qi 3 wRLgq1L,,'L3,Li' 3 f"' " ffffgr' .L ,fav L X wvv '?fL ' .. i'-Lv L- L fcfwfi '7L1?5Q 5 -' Lfif4f4f...fT Q ,L x V VAKQL , . -. H, LL , 1 f .- :.1v-, L WX' uf A L, ,L LL XE If A1 xx ,f . Q 1 'P 1 f "' K -.4 L aff - m 1 Y , ' 1 11 'M-.Li R' 5 Xp . ,, 5,,,:,,,,, AL A A A A: A AAA' gig ig A A. A AA ,AALA:f,.Z. -L ,AAWAALA A AA, A .AAA L ri .3 "Q: L, L ' ' TNA V L ' 1. - arf-Q L 1 +1 .3 ' 'La " ' L ' R, L L L f QL in L,-"f Q 1 L L 'Hn 1- wi L , ,M - . , - ,. ' 1 L -- 4 ir 7 'W ' A g ,git , if A " ,A f ' g L , I ,Q V' Lf A , L LL f , fill L 5 ' , 1522: XL ' 1 ' ' K - F - y' 'xii 3 ' ' N -' A YM ff' ' A ' 'tl - -A L L 'P LL 1 . L QR f - ,L fu L L L f' ee: L L ' -A A -: .ef 'Wffw , Q , AWA A X 5 :AA L L . VA A AAA :Q .AAA AL ,-,ip LL V " H 'A ' ,L W 2 - L. if 5' - - " ' L 1 L I f f "" """ -- A' H . LL -W ..f "".. 'f f' ' 'R ,L Y .' A L A , L A A A W , A. L. A , Q AL A A 1' i 'QL' A ,L " 4 L E' 'N L , 'vm' LL f il' -A A HC' A H" L 5 'L'f ff ' wi. fi 5231, " 7 .' L 5 "aL - ' , ' H L- ' L " Ari ' ' I ' ' 4 L A L ' A -f .4 Lf L f VL-L .L 1. Lf f, LL ' L .W W L ml" Q X 3' L ' L A ' 'X J ' K- A iii? gfi' flf"j'hx" f 'V ' af- """" L x, X LLL. 1 L ""' " , Li A QL ' -' af f L ' N L "...,..a : ,- ' -- - L . 6" Y L A 1 A 1 r g . f . , . L - ' W- K' f Q ' - L jf' ' , , , A '- A ' L, . Lf AL ,AA L LL LL:gigjLLL4a LA'-g,f,gjhgiA4' Alggj ,,..,,, WA 4,,ggi,,,,LL,A ,, LL AL A AL AMA .AA ,L , L LVLL ASLQALA AV L AL , L L f 4 -" NUM' ' f Q .mf .1 L- L' ' - ' L, A A L L 3 , L A ' 'hwy V ,,L, AAA AxV,v,L AA AAA A A A A ,,kV A AEAAAAAA A +A AA An Q A 1 A 'Av-Q? A s 17A 4' 'A A A- .LA AA XV , A ,F 'K 'A A ' A Y? Af. A, A LA . , X A 4 AAA, A4 :L L Llgfg " V A' , 1 A x AA-. EA V 'L .S , L,,LLL ,. W .......w 139 5 1 fg,i..Jg j 5:5 1a'qVN'.f' is .iff Q Freshman Baseball Fran Poisson sfepped from fhe fraining fable fo fhe coaching bench fhis spring fo fake over fhe iob of Freshman baseball coach. Ouf of an II game schedule, 4 games have been rained ouf and I game wifh Army plebes is yef fo be played. Of fhe six games fhaf fhey did play, fhe young lcnighfs won 4 and losf 2. The boys gof off fo a bad sfarf losing fo Trinify, who had played several games previous fo fhis one. All of our fhree pifchers had frouble geffing fhe ball over. ln our nexf game againsf Cheshire Academy, Tom Mc- Carfhy wenf all The way fo show a six hiffer fo fhe prep school sfars. The oufsfanding play of fhe game was Tom Shea's running, leaping. .one handed cafch deep in leff field. The final score was I3-2. Olson pifched our lO-l win over Milford Prep on fheir field. John Maieslco brolce info fhe sfarfing-line-up wifh 5 hifs and sfayed righf up on fop: he is baffing over .600 now. The nexf fhree leading hiffers are cafcher Blair Morelli, second basemen Angelo Palumbo. and Fichie Dimmurr, who covers all fhaf ground in cenfer ield. Diclc Fullman sfarfed sending fhose long drives he is now famous for, and Tom Richards classy fielding af fhird base lcepf fhe boys on fhe winning sfrealc. Bobby Budd wenf all fhe way fo win fheir fhird in a row over fhe already defeafed Milford squad. Il-5. We dropped our refurn game wifh Cheshire, I4-8 buf came righf baclc 'ro lace info fhe Yale frosh and whip fhem 8-3. Bobby Budd again wenf all fhe way and gave up only fhree hifs. l-le added fo his win by geffing 2 R.B.l.'s. Marfy Rigga also lrnoclqed in fwo runs. Richie Dimuro, Tom Shea, and Dick Fullman all had fwo hifs up af Yale. Nexf spring fhere will be a lof of falenf fo add fo presenf sfrong Varsify Baseball feam. Q . f ,X - ff Q , i B x .1 A. X f ii . I-. . ' l N - 'ax ix ig l A 5 if f- A ' K . .- i puff: X ,rw if .f " 5533, Q! i M41 W iics y a i li , 995, 5 .-d ax " 'M-fl 1 ,, Sf. j I A V jig. fir- s few f N ff' P Track Wifh 'rhe very able Walfer Kay Kondiofovich back af fhe coaching reins for fhe ninfh year. fhe Universify of Bridgeporf prepared for ifs five meef schedule, wifh all home meefs faking place af fhe Seaside Park Track. Elecfed Co-Capfains for fhe i958 season were Dick Whifcomb and Bob Graze. fwo sfandouf performers on fhe cinder frack. Whifcomb, aside from parficipafing in frack. has varsify leffers in foofball and baskefball. Graze an oufsfanding performer ran The mile, fwo mile and high hurdles. Graze formerly sfarred wifh War- ren Harding High School's Sfafe Championship Team. Coach "Kay" had among his refurning leffermen Whifcomb, Graze. Don Scoff, Jim Lassel. Bill Barsfow, Bill Spunizer, and Jim O'Hara. The sfandouf among fhe newcomers was George Dixon. an oufsfanding afhlefe from New Haven. Dixon will besf be remembered for performance on fhe gridiron fhis pasf fall. The UB frack and Field Schedule opened on a high- ly successful nofe as fhe Purple Knighfs defeafed Upsala College. The Purple and Whife spoflighf fell on George Dix- on fhaf affernoon as he sfarred for Coach "Kay's" UB squad. winning fhe firsf fwo places in The broad ium-p and fhe high iump. Bridgeporf was nof as successful in fheir nexf meef, bowing fo Fairleigh-Dickinson away from home. The score was 60-37. AlThough in a losing course Dixon and l-larold KenT, a newcomer To The squad were sTandouTs Tor UB. Dixon displaying brillanT Torm. won Three evenTs, The one-hundred yard dash. The high jump. and seT a new school record oT six TeeT, one inch. KenT placed TirsT in The shoT-up and discus Throw. Co-CapTain Bob Graze also Turned in a Tine perTorm- ance Tor The Purple KnighTs placing in Tour evenTs. BridgeporT moved over The .500 mark by nexT edg- ing ouT New Haven STaTe Teacher's College 66-6l in a spine Tingling aTTair. WiTh The score Tied aT bl apiece and only The mile relay remaining. The KnighTs Toolc charge and capped The remaining Tive poinTs. Heroes in This evenT were George Dixon, Bob Graze. Joe Kelly and Bolo Laemel. as They seT a new record Tor The race. The poor weaTher condiTions creaTed a nighTmare wiTh The schedule, and as of The end oT classes The Traclc Team record was 2-I. H s aw: Q, ,Q ,Q Esi ' . - M , . i i ey . if - Q- .,.. , , if A V I A V , . K I - Q73 7 " "1 7 . - an 1. 1 ,Q ' , H . The Freshman Track Team sTarTed The season by working ouT wiTh The varsiTy Track Team. WiTh only Two games scheduled Coach "Kay" ThoughT iT necessary. in order To build The Team Tor The TuTure, To have Them gain experience by Training wiTh The presenT varsiTy Team. The TirsT meeT was wiTh Fairfield UniversiTy and The boys seemed up To The TesT. buT The old sTory oT rain aT The UniversiTy inTervened To wash-ouT This very im- porTanT conTesT, The second meeT wiTh New Haven STaTe Teacher's College proved successTul. as The U- BiTes Thrashed Their opponenTs. proving wha+ everyone on campus already knew, ThaT The Track Team in The Tu- Ture will have many brighT prospecTs. Freshman Track Gov Golf coach Al Sherman, one of The mosT successTul coaches aT The UniversiTy rode True To Torm This year by conTinuing his disTincTion oT never having a losing season. As an indicaTion oT his Tine record, lasT year's Team compiled a 7-I record and capTured The Divisional lnTer CollegiaTe Championships, which were held in New Jersey. WiTh reTurning leTTerman Tony SabaTino. Ed Beard- sley, Dick Siener, "Champ" Howell, and sophomores Bob Quigley and John Shanlcer, The Team opened iTs season by bowing To Iona College 5lf2-2lf2 aT UB's home linlcs, The Mill River CounTry Club. The KnighTs bounced back by Talcing successive maTches Trom New BriTain and l-larTTord UniversiTy, The laTTer avenging lasT year's only lose. Fairleigh Diclcin- son and New Haven STaTe Teacher's College meT Their maTches, as Coach Sherman's charges made iT Tour sTraighT. ReTurn maTches wiTh New BriTain and T'larTTord gave The KnighTs a six game winning sTrealc, wiTh buT Two maTches leTT. The big maTch of The year was The reTurn maTch wiTh Iona College. The maTch was hard ToughT. buT our boys could do no beTTer Than 6-2. The Tinal maTch oT The year againsT SeTon Hall gave The BridgeporT golT an- oTher successTul season, wiTh an overall record oT 7-2. 5 1 9255425334 E.. . E Il! ll HF I T .L- Tennis Tennis has Tinally reTurned To The BridgeporT Campus as a major sporT. buT unTorTunaTely The resulTs oT This season were noT capiTal. Only Three maTches were played as scheduled because oT rain. OT The six posTponed maTches. Two oT Them were finally played. buT Tour oT Them had To be cancelled. The Team sTarTed TasT by winning Two maTches from l-larTTord College 7-2 and '5-4. JusT when The Team seem sure oT a successful season, The rains came and iT was over Two weelc before anyone even goT on courT much less play a maTch. The boys Then played Three maTches againsT New BriTian, Iona College and Fairfield Uni- versiTy, losing Them all by one-sided scores. The season record of 2-3 was noT impressive, buT wiTh The excepTion oT player-coach, Ron- ny CaserTa and Dickie Moore. a Tour-year man, The Team will re- main in TacT Tor nexT year. A loT of crediT should be given To Ronny CaserTa. who Tor Two years has Talcen over The responsible iob oT sTudenT Tennis coach. l-le has builT The Team To a qreaT poTenTial, and Thereby creaTing an acTive inTeresT in The sporT around campus. Q i A. . Tif f -T ' i ITA., X ': T J, V ff- ' vi ' T""'7 T I " .. by Neg fg'HQ2'f i if" f 1 - X E , Zig L ' Q25-4.?'. :yy-gsf,5,1U.,..i5: L :gawk jxgss-153 Lx ,jfiaggis -. , 'i w ' -fre' if f- Sf'-fr A. . mi, sf zany. ,N Q L4 ,N ., my-f ,1Cgg'y'i'.f':,g , S w -F' if-,-3, A A T i - l.'-":3i?',3'i T T ' .V ,hs X f I A .k?yaf..--jrcg. i -1-9-:wzflzgiigtzf if in -X .sv 9,4 '.'qf'.5'jg- Ji e . W . 'lk is, a,J:'v., '.ly1t?1.f4 gui -s,i,.:r:eT., ., ..fjS..,sjg-.- K D , , A, b 1 n ,. L, ,L -y 5 1 V ,J -A, .-ix 'ff .ff gp. 1 gj52.y,4-1'-f,3.:i,'Y4g , . J fi -fbi, ,N +R- ' ,.-.. T - sf tjyfwi - ,...-z .,,r-Qgifxifx .yxazxx wx . 7 . iilijggk,--,Q Z , Q r 2 Q ' Tile" 'Alf " T' - 4 'X . ,N 1 my Q .gs ',, 4, 1 , 5' , Y , - 1' I l . " 5, X, , ,. xg , -' . H '1 A kk 1 f. . K. lk "fs - C ? :fi -' - if vga T :T T Q is T WT'-V fl 'T' , ' . . ':' .5?s..,.z " -' A ises i H-fi X' 5' , 5 ,sk as , g i . VY, 1 iff i ,.,. T x am , . 'ex X it The , ST' i , . f t l x 3f.16,,5-MF? x eiye 1 X..4J , Women 's Sports 48 149 UBD .1- M Q , wk if I X i - ,-,h -www ,. .f ,. f-34: , 4, . ' ' W' V'iY7zzA:4qszl H' W,'fff.f: - A152551 A92 wi. In .fifi TIN ,, . , ,, ,,,ww,,,A,gAf, 1 ,f , , 5 ,g -1 R. x ' ,g-vw V ps Jim M K F , 1 si y,ai:,i4wi,.f',l , v . -F. ,KK K, X 1... W-...,N,xq Z, -9.3.51 .-gy! :M '-1,65 Img.. -I f 'kfaff EA.-1, hmm, gi .IA - Q k tin in ' lib ,, g '52vwJ? A 'N' h 4 3 Ld I ' . QW ,,, 4--ol""f"' V2 'I K , irl Q .z iff., if , Q-fs J 1 5 -Ge? More Fun ouI of Life-you 'Ioo can be- K come a Social Success Learn 'Io Dance Beauii- fully wiII'1 any dance par+ner -- wi+I1 DaIe's nance smmns 'fabulous speed sysiem iaughf by America's H finesi' ins+rucIor. Smarr People go 'Io DaIe's I044 Main St Bridgeport Conn. Tel. FOres'I' 8- I 64I-2 Crown Budget Market Meafs, Groceries, Dairy Producfs Fruifs, Vege+abIes, Beer 375 Park Ave.-Corner Gregory S+ EDison 3-7807 BRIDGEPORT, CONN. EDWIN MOSS and SON, Inc. COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTORS - BUILDERS TeI. Bridgeporf EDison 4-4I77 555 Grani' S'I'ree'I' Bridgeport Conn. Phone ED 5-I800 Norden-Green, Inc. Bridgepor+'s F-inesi' UphoIs'l'erers Facfory Showroom 604 Easi' Main St II75 Broad St Bridgeport Conn. Bridgeport Conn. Complimenfs of Uncle BiII's Diner 926 S'I'aI'e S'l'reeI' Bridgeport Conn. T 0 The Clam of 1958 Greetings and Congratulations! As you seek your place in the busy world, may your every action retlect credit on your university. Make good use ot the tine train- ing you have received. This country, as never betore needs trained men and women. 74' echanics 8: armers fd 'THE FRIENDLY BANK" Cor. Main and Bank Sts., Bridgeport 'I, Conn., FOrest 6-3251 Ill BEPIISITS BUARIINTEEII IN l'Ul.l. BY TIIE SAVINGS BANKS' DEPOSIT GUIRANTY FUND UF CONN. "As Education prepares you tor you future health. Be sure it's BORDEN'S" ture . . . drink milk to build your The Borden Compo MITCHELL DAIRY DIVISION r tu- ny Phone ED 5-3940 Len's Camera Supplies Photographic Supplies Since I9I7 3l8 Fairtield Ave. Bridgeport, Conn LEONARD M. IRVING Reichert's University Shop 745 N ith A I pf 993 Board St. or venue ' TQ Bridgeport FO 6-076I BRIDGEPORT 6,coNN. Y Our Specialty - Catering to the I College Crowd CDTBC Our Aim - Satisfaction Roofs 8: Sidewalls Before you Buy - Investors Mortgage Co. Tall: wifh Only TlLO o Manufacfures 'S+ Mo'-irgages 0 Applies 0 Guaranfees 0 ArrangesEl3?ra1rLcia:g o Free 2nd Morfgages One Source - One Responsibilify -me Roofing Co. Inc' l8I Sfafe S+. Bridgeporf, Conn DRexl 8-7308 EDison 3-3l7l 292 Longbroolc Ave.. Sfrafford, Conn. R e a d ' s exfends hearfiesl' Congrafulafions T0 THE CLASS OF '58 Four solid years behind you, a springboard info a world filled wifh quesfions, filled wifh challenge. The fufure will be as YOU shape if . . . wifh knowledge, belief, and slcill. Our good wishes go forward wifh you in your career . . . your fufure . . . your life. Collins Pharmacy P ' B ln Blaclc Roclr au' S ootery ll"s Collins For 2802 Fairfield Ave. Prescripfions And Baby Needs Bridgeporf, Conn. 2804 Fairfield Ave. Edison 5-5669 City Savings Bank 948 Main Sf. Bridgeporf, Conn. Sfrafford Branch 362I Main S+. Sfrafford, Conn "The Family Ba nk" Member of Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. Brooklawn Conservatories, Inc. THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS in Bridgeporf, 4, Conn. I255 Park Ave. Phone ED 5-5096 - GREENHOUSES -- I85 Lawrence S+. Phone ED 3-5053 Bridgeporf's Mosf Exclusive Nighf Club HOME OF UB's SOCIAL FUNCTIONS DINE - DANCE - REUNIONS BANQUETS-WEDDINGS o VISIT US AND SEE 0 FACILITIES ARE THE LARGEST AND MOST MODERN IN CITY 0 PRIVATE DINING AND NEWLY DECORATED CAMPUS ROOM. Lenny's Wagon Wheel 7I I Barnum Avenue - Phone Edison 536I4 To The Class of '58 We Ex'I'end Our Besf Wishes For A Successful, Healfhy Fufure "fill Complimenfs of Bradbury, Sayles, 0'NeiII, Hurley 81 Thomson, Inc. Official Phofographers and Prinfers of THE I958 WISTARIAN Execufive Offices: The Chrysler Building, 405 Lexingfon Avenue New Yorlc I7, New Yorlc Murray Hill 7-8862 5 Best Wishes trom the Brothers ot Sigma Phi Alpha Compliments ot Alpha Gamma Phi 'ICD Alpha Phi Omega Best Wishes The Sisters ot Theta Epsilon Compliments of Whitney Insurance Agency 952 Main St The Sherwin Williams C Paints tor all purposes including tamous SWP house paint Super Kem Tone DeLuxe Washable Wall Paint La Rose Specialty Shop Complete line of Ladies wear Open every day 900 am to 800pm 2877 Fairfield Ave ED 3 0275 Bridgeport 5 Conn Black Rock Department Store 2948 Fairfield Ave Bridgeport Conn Kem Glo America s Favorite Enamel EDlson 4 2367 I009 Board St EDison 6 OI I3 Bridgeport Conn CDA ACD QE Acknowledgement For eighT monThs now, The WisTarian STaTf has worked hard To produce a book worThy of your kind appreciaTion. IT has been puT TogeTher by The many hands of our working Team. aiong wiTh The help of many inTeresTed persons. As you read This book, you are perhaps aware of The accomplishmenTs of The STaTT. buT much of The crediT which would oTherwishe be anonymous, can only be lisTed here. The book is dedicaTed To growTh. as is should be. Tor This book demonsTraTes The Torward pro- gress of our UniversiTy. We consider The phoTography of This book To be excellenT. Vic Muniec, TogeTher wiTh Mr. Murray Modick and Mr. Richard RoberTson oT Bradbury. Sayles. O'Neill. Hurley 8: Thomson. Inc., our publishers, have done The bulk of The work. PresidenT Halsey. Dr. LiTTleTield. and Their serceTaries, have been of consider- able help. Mr. Hubbard has several Times gone ouT of his way To see ThaT everyThing would work well For us. The sTudenT help, besides our regular sTaTT, has been of paramounT imporTance in making This publicaTion a success. And lasT, buT Tar from The end, we wish To acknowledge our Thanks To Mrs. Turner and her sTaTT Tor The help given To us. We Thank you all Tor your fine cooperaTion. and hope ThaT This momenTo will be a lasTing Treasure on your bookshelf. -The I958 WISTARIAN STaTT. Graduation 'I 1 1 f 161 . JOSEPH G. BACEVYCIUS, 267 Robin St., Bridgeport, Conn. Director JOHN CYRUS ADLER, Wilton Rd., Westport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Student Education Association1 Alumni Hall News Letter. GARY JOSEPH ADZIMA, 59I Artic St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Orthodox Club I1 Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4, Treasurer 31 Beta Alpha 2,3,41 Sigma Phi Alpha 3,4, Treasurer 41 Political Relations Forum 31 Campus Thunder 3, 41 Dean's List 3,4. JOHN PAUL ALEO, 62 Orlando St., West Haven, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society l,2,3,4, Treasurer 41 Alpha Delta Omega 3,4, Ser- geant-at-Arms 4. RICHARD ERIC AMEIS, I46 Ferndale Ave., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Campus Thunder 2,3,41 Christmas Pageant 21 Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,41 Beta Alpha 2,3,4: Knights of Thunder 41 Wistaria Pageant 3. RICHARD E. ANISLOWSKI, 806 Hallet St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Newman Club I. ERNEST ORESTE ANTIGNANI 220 Ba view Blvd. Stratford Conn. I Y . . Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Rho Alpha I1 Marketing Club 3. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Activities: Campus Thunder I,21 Alpha Phi Omega l,2,3,4, Historian I, Sergeant-at- Arms 21 Industrial Design Society 2,3. ELEANOR MAY BANKO, Marchouse Rd., Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: Student Councilg Dean's List. BARBARA BARRIN, 339 Wayne St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Literary Society 3,41 Associate Editor ot Helicon 4. WILLIAM EDWARD BARSTOW, 70 Maplewood Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Trumbull Hall President I1 Varsity Football I,2,3,41 Varsity Track l,2,3,4, Captain 31 Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,4, President 41 Intramurals I,2,3,41 Student Edu- cation Association 3,41 Dean's List 2,3,4. CHRISTIAN BASSICK, 435 Algonquin Rd., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha 3,4, President 4. LORRAINE ANN BEKALOWICZ, I39 Richard St., West Haven, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omecron Upsilon I,21 Newman Club I,2. PRISCILLA JANE BENEDETTI, 506 Lakeview Dr., Fairfield, Conn. ' Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon. SAMUEL G. BARARDINO, 58 Smith St., Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha1 Marketing Club. ELEANOR LOIS BERKMAN, 33 Bolivia St., Willimantic, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon: Hillel. ADELE JOAN BERMAN, 32lI Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Hillel I,2,3, Executive Secretary 31 Women's Athletic Association I1 Fresh- man Week Committee 41 Women's House Government 41 Big Sister Committee 4. ERNEST AUDETTE BISAILLON, I Arnold Dr., Stamford, Conn. I Associates Degree Activities: Industrial Design Society I,2. GAIL CYNTHIA BLUME, IB Myrtle Ave., Ansonia, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Freshman Week Committee I1 Hillel I,21 Bridgeport Day I1 Social Activ- ities Committee. Treasure 21 Scribe 21 Sociology Colloquium 2. NORMAN FREDERICK BLYCHER, ZI4 Ellsworth St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts Activities: Baseball 21 Football I-1 Literary Society 3,4, President 3,41 Helicon 3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 41 Canterbury Club 41 Freshman Week Committee 3. RICHARD MARVIN BOCK, Sl Second St., Stamford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Alpha Phi Omega l,2,3,41 Music Club l,2,3,41 Band l,2,3,41 Orchestra l,2, 3,41 Mixed Chorus I,2,3,41 Knights of Thunder 3,41 Camp Thunder 2,3,4. KATHRYN ROSE BONAMINIO, l020 Wintergreen Ave., Hamden, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: Mileston Marking1 Theta Epsilon. IRWIN BROUDY 287 Wayne St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Political Relations Forum I1 Psychology Club l,41 Hillel I,41 French Club 31 Debating Society 31 Biology Society 4. SANDRA MYRA BROWN, I79 Curtis Dr., New Haven, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel1 Phi Omicron Upsilon. MARGARET ANN BURBANK, 64 Temple St., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Pen and Keys l,2,31 Literary Society 31 Ushers Guild 3,41 Freshman Week Committee 41 Newman Club 41 Political Relations Forum1 Connecticut Inter- collegiate Student Legislature 41 Dean's List l,2,3,41 Aristeria 4. WALTER LEWIS BURROWS, JR., 259l Post Rd., Noroton, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Scribe 2. CATHERINE M, BUSER, 75 Newfield Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club 21 Biology Society I,2. RAYMOND BYLO, 46 Federal St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration VINCENT MICHAEL CAPRIO, 80 Highland Ave., Danbury, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Student Council 3,4, President 41 Theta Sigma 2,3,4, President 4, Cor- responding Secretary 31 Freshman Week Committee, chairman 41 Scribe 3,43 Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 41 Wistaria Pageant 31 National Student Association 4. JOHN WILLIAM CARR, B5 Spring Garden St., Hamden, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Alpha Gamma Phi1 Arnold Maiors Club: Intramural Sports. JUDITH M. CARR, 33 Fairfield Beach Rd., Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Freshmen Week Committee, Vice-Chairman 41 Student Council 2,3,41 Theta Epsilon 2,3,4, Treasurer 3,41 Political Relations Forum 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 41 Women's Athletic Association l,2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 3,41 Arn- old Maiors Club l,2,31 Arnold Troupers I1 Wistarian, Co-editor 41 Varsity Field Hockey I1 Varsity Basketball l,31 Varsity Softball 31 Modern Dance Club 31 Dean's List l,3,41 Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3,41 Bridgeport Day Alderman 21 Connecticut Intercollegiate Student Legislature, Rep- resentative 3, Senate Education Chairman 41 E.H. Arnold Student Award 41 Alumni Hall Program Committee 3. GEORGE JOSEPH CARROLL, 392 Laurel Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in ,Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha. ROLAND JOSEPH CASERTA, I24 Old Battery Rd., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Varsity Tennis 2,3,41 Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 4. CAROL ANN CASEY, 607 Bridgeport Ave., Milford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha 2,3,4, Secretary 3,41 Newman Club 31 Literary Society 3. RONALD JAMES CEBIK, I44 Terrill Rd., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts Activities: Christian Association 2,3,4, President 3,41 German Club, Vice President 2. RICHARD J. CENTNER, 42 Weston Rd., Westport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Delta Epsilon Beta 2,31 Engineering Society 2,3,4. DIANA CHALA, 70 Brittin Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree ' Activities: Pen and Keys I,21 Eastern Orthodox Club l,2, Secretary I1 Ushers Guild I,21 Theta Epsilon 21 Wistarian 21 Wistaria Pageant l. GRACE L. CHANOVITT, 535 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. Associates Degree Activities: Scribe l,2j Dean's List I1 Student Spirit I1 Hillel I,2,3, Publicity 31 Wis- tarian 21 Political Relations Forum 2,31 Freshman Week Committee 2,31 Literary Society, Treasurer 35 Student Education Association 3,4. BRIAN MEAD CHAPMAN, II7 Beatrice Dr., West Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Societyg Alpha Delta Omega. JULIA CHERNICK, Middle Road, Amesbury, Mass. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,21 Newman Club I,2. 163 EDWARD CHIN, II6 Hanover St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4: Theta Sigma 2,3,4, Vice President 3: Student Council 3,4, Vice President 3: Mar- keting Club 3,4, Secretary 3, President 4: Intramurals 2,3,4: Student Marketing Awards 4. MYRON W. CHOMKO, 425 Lincoln Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration BARBARA SWARNEY CHUGA, ll5 Birchwood Rd., Stepney, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Campus Thunder I: Christmas Pageant l,2: Student Education Associ- ation l,2,3: Dean's List I,2,3,4: Cortwright Scholarship l,2,3,4. EDWARD WALTER CIESIELSKI, 2445 Old Town Rd., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Newman Club l,2. LOUISE ELIZABETH CLARK, I64 Nettleton Ave., Milford, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Theta Epsilon l,2: Sports Car Club 2: Political Relations Forum 2: Cam- pus Thunder 2. CYNTHIA MARIE COLLINS, 265 Housatonic Dr., Devon, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Bridge Club I: Freshman Week Committee 2: Theta Epsilon l,2, His- torian 2: Ushers Guild I,2: Pen and Keys I. JOHN WILLIAM COLLINS, 666 Courtland Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Marketing Club, Treasurer. MAUREEN COLLINS, 3470 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club l,2: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2. DONALD JOHN CONLEY, II5 Grant St., Portland, Maine Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Kappa Beta Rho 2,3,4: Beta Alpha 2,3,4. ELIZABETH JANE COOKE, 9 Tremont St., Milford, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Bridge Club I: Ushers Guild l,2: Pen and Keys I: Freshman Week Com- mittee 2: Theta Epsilon l,2. ROSANNA COPELAND, 3 Jamroga Lane, Stamford, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Pen and Keys, Secretary I: Hillel, Secretary I. FRANCES MARY COPPOLA, 967 Prospect Dr., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Newman Club I,2,3,4: Phi Omicron Upsilon 4: Student Education As- sociation 3,-1. DONALD KENNETH COSTELLO, 273 East Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Music Club I,2: Band l,2,3,4: Chorus l,2: Orchestra l,2,3,4: Chess Club 3. ROBERT MYLL COX, 776 Bronx River Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering LORRAINE MARGARET CRETELLA, 29I Birdseye St., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2, Treasurer 22 Newman Club 2. LORRAINE ATHENA CRIST, 76 Hunting St., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Ushers Guild l,2: French Club l,2: Eastern Orthodox Club I,2: Theta Epsilon 2: Pen and Keys I. FRANCES CRYSTAL, I055 East 23rd St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Hillel I,2: Chi Zeta Rho 2,3,4: Scribe 3. MARYANN CUPO New Jersey Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Gamma 2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 4: Social Activities Committee 2,3,4, Co-Chairman 4: Board ot Governors 4: Board of Directors 4: Freshman Week Committee 2,3,4: Newman Club I,2,3,4: Dean's List I: Bridgette 2: Beta Alpha 4: Wistaria Pageant I, ALICIA G. DABROWSKI, RFD :PZ Uncas Trail, Peekskill, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Newman Club I,2,3: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2,3,4: Student Education As- sociation 3. JOHN FRANCIS DANIELS, 554 West St., Pittsfield, Mass. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Activities: Alpha Gamma Phi: Industrial Design Society, Newman Club. 164 GERALD NUTTER DAVIS, Ocean House Rd., Cape Elizabeth, Maine Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Kappa Beta Rho 2,3,4: I.F.C. Representative 2: Pi Gamma Mu 3,4, Vice President: Newman Club: Canterbury Association, Treasurer 4: Men's Senate. JOHN GOLDTHWAITE DAVIS. 6 Rings End Road, Noroton, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Marketing Club 3, Vice President 3, Charter Member 3, Board Member 3. SHEILA JOAN DAY, 6 South View Rd., Worcester, Mass. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Pi Omega Upsilon l,2: Beta Gamma 2,3,: Ski Club l,2,3: Sailing Club 3: Women's Athletic Association 2,3. RAYMOND EDWARD DE CAVA, 2 Seeley St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, President 4: lnterfraternity Council 3,4, President 4: Freshman Week Committee 3: Varsity Tennis 4. KATHERINE MARY ANN DE MAYO, 489 Ezea St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Campus Thunder 4: Student Education 3,4, PATRICIA CLAIRE DESMARIS, II6 Laval St., Waterbury, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2: Women's House Government I,2: Newman Club I. MICHAEL ANTHONY DE VIVO, 263 Charles St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Band: Orchestra. ELAINE CARNA DI BENEDETTO, 43 Anthony Terr., Waterbury, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2: Newman Club I: Women's House Government I. MARSHALL S. DICKMAN, l60 Forster Ave., Mount Vernon, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Pi Omega Chi: Marketing Club: lnterfraternity Council Representative. JOHN F. DI MATTEO, I5 Cleveland Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha. LUCILLE JOAN DI STEFANO, Box 83, Port Jefferson, N.Y. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club.l,2: Pen and Keys I: Woman's House Government 2: Chi Zeta Rho l,2, Recording Secretary l,2. FRANK J. D'OSTILIO, 44 Worth St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4: Newman Club I,2,3,4: Intramural Softball 2,3: Intramural Basketball 2,,3: Intramural Volleyball 3: Intramural Football 3. JAMES EDWARD DOWLING, 635 Merritt St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha: Newman Club. DANIEL DREVANIK, 27 Franklin Ave., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta Alpha l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3: Photography Club 2,3,4, Vice President 4: Society tor the Advancement of Management. PATRICIA MARIE DUFFY Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club 3,4, Secretary 3,4: Women's House Government 3,4, Secretary 3: Chi Sigma Delta 2,3,4, Recording Secretary 4: Student Spirit 2: Pen and Keys 2,35 Dean's List 4. MARILYN ELEANOR EHLERS, B6 Plymouth Ave., Trumbull, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club I,2: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2, Vice President 2: Theta Epsilon l,2, Pledgemaster 2: Freshman Week Committee 2. INA SUSAN ELLIS, 5 Lakeside Dr., Rockville Centre, N.Y. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel l,2, President 2: Freshman Week Committee 2: Pen and Keys I: Women's House Government I. GARY ENGLER, 3I5 Laurel Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Freshman Football: Freshman Baseball: Varsity Football 2,3,4, Co- Captain 4: Varsity Baseball 2,3: Track 4: Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4: Arnold Maiors Club 2: E. H. Arnold Award 4. NORMA HELEN FAAS, 220 Harrison Ave., Glenside, Penna. Associates Degree Activities: Women's House Government I, Guidebook Editor 2: Student Spirit l,2, Treasurer I, Vice Chairman 2: Beta Gamma 2: Wistarian 2. MARGARET ROSE FENICK, 295 Jackson Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Chi Zeta Rho 2,3,4, Vice President 2, President 3,4: Political Relations Forum 3: Student Council 4: Sociological Society 3: Freshman Week Com- mittee 3,4: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities 4. SANDRA CAROL FERRY, I05 Milwaukee Ave., Bethel, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Scribe: Protestant Club: Alpha Delta Sigma. BERNARD NOEL FINEGOLD, 239 Marion St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Omicron Sigma l,2,3,4: Bet Alpha 3,43 Freshman Week Com- mittee 2,3,4: Bridgeport Day Alderman 3: Student Council 3: Intramural l,2,3,4: Hillel I,2,3,4. SALVATORE A. FIORDELISI, 90 Mayflower Ave., Stamford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Pi Omega Chi 2,3,4: Beta Alpha 2,3,4: Newman Club 3: Intramural Baseball 3. MARILYN FISCHER, B5 Lenox Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel: Student Education Association: Dean's List, TREAVOR H. FOX, 27lI Broadbridge Ave., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Industrial Design Activities: Varsity Football 2,3: Freshman Track: Industrial Design Society l,2,3,4: Dean's List 2,3,4. JAY RICHARD FRANKEL, 23lI Ave. I, Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration DEANNA EDITH FRIEDMAN, 74 Hunting St., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel I,2: Pen and Keys I: Spanish Club I: Freshman Week Com- mittee 2. CAROL A. FRIEDBERG, 40 Sherley LI., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Sociology Colloquium 2, Historian 2: Pi Gamma Mu 2, President 2: Political Relations Forum 2. MARILYN HAMILTON GARDINER, 3I4 Stillman St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Activities: Theta Epsilon: Protestant Club. CHARLES R. GATTI, 583 Beechmont Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Marketing Club 3,4: Omega Sigma Rho 3: Newman Club I: Scribe 3: Intramurals l,33 Dean's List 3. SHEILA GELADE, 482 Ilth Ave., Paterson, N.J. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel l,2,: Chi Zeta Rho 2, Pledgemaster 2: Pen and Keys I. JUDITH GELLER, I35 Grove Ave., Albany, N.Y. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2: Hillel 2. ROBERT GENESLAW, 30 Chatfield Dr., Trumbull, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts Activities: Alpha Delta Omega 3,4, l.F.C. Representative 4: Political Relations Forum 3: Connecticut Intercollegiate Student Legislature 3: French Club I: Hillel 2,3,4, Treasurer 3. ROSE MARIE GENZIANO, 60 Stanton Ave., Winsted, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Chi Zeta Rho 2. Corresponding Secretary 2. ROSLYN LINDA GILBERT, BIS Bedford Rd., Schenectady, N.Y. Associates Degree ROGER A. GILL, I0 Coolidge Ave., Bloomfield, N. J. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Kappa Beta Rho, 2,3,4, Vice President 4: Marketing Club 2,3,4, Sec- retary 4: Intramural Football l,2,3: Intramural Volleyball 2: Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,4: Intramural Baseball 3. BARBARA ANN GOERTZ, Overbrook Rd., Norwalk, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2, Secretary 2. RICHARD LAWRENCE GOLDBLATT, 68 Norton St., New Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Lambda Chi 2,3,4: Freshman Week Committee 2,33 Bridgeport Day, City Attorney 3: Intramurals 2,3,4. ROBERT L. GRAZE, Pixlee PI., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Track 2,3,4, Captain 4: Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4: Varsity Baseball Club 2,3,4. CAROLE TOBY GROSS, BI Valley Circle, Fairfield, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel I: Biology Club I. HERBERT SAMUEL GRUBER I79 Sumter St., Providence, R.I. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Student Spirit 2: Freshman Football Manager: Freshman Baseball Manager: Men's Senate, President 3: Scribe 4. JOHN JAMES HAMILTON, 55 Sherwood Fl., Greenwich, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Industrial Design Activities: Industrial Design Society 2,3,4, President 4. LORRAINE M. HARNER, 53 Englewood Rd., Clifton, N. J. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Delta Rho l,2: Social Activities lg Women's House Government 2: Scribe 2: Student Council 2: Dean's List l,2: Bridgeport Day I: Pi Delta Epsilon 2: Wistaria Court 2. WILLIAM ROBERT HASKELL, 305 6th Ave., Pelham, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Kaopa Beta Rho 2,3,4: Beta Alpha 2,3,4: Varsity Track 3: Intramural Basketball 2,3,4: Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. MARCIA KATHRYN HEMLEY, 73-50 I79th St., Flushing, N.Y. Associates Degree Activities: Women's House Government l,2: Hillel l,2: Social Activities Committee l: Student Council 2. CAROL HENKIN IMILOVEJ 55 Lee Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Student Education Association: Hillel. ANTHONY GEORGE HERLES, R.M. 25, Salt Point, N.Y. Associates Degree SUZANNE GASKILL HINCK, IZ3 Beach Ave., Mamaroneck, N.Y. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Student Spirit I: French Club l,2,3: Hillel I,2: Scribe 2,3: Chi Zeta Rho 2,3,4, Historian 3: Freshman Week Committee 2,3,4. JAMES ADAM HITTER, 85-44 2l2th St., Queens Village, N.Y. I Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society 2,3,4: Sports Car Club 3: Hillel I,2. RITA MARGARET HOGAN, I75 Shuttle Meadow Ave., New Britain, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing LEROY GLOVER HOLMAN, 544 Unquowa Rd., Fairfield Conn. Bachelor ot Arts Activities: Christian Association l,2,3,4. JOHN GEORGE HOWELL, JR., III Pilgrim Lane, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Varsity Golf. ALBERT JOSEPH HROMJAK, 254 Pixlee Pl., Bridgeport, Conn, I N . Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society: Alpha Delta Omega: Dean's List l,2,3. WILLIAM JOHN HROZENCHIK, 4l Division St., Stamford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Industrial Design Activities: Industrial Design Society, EDITH M. HUBELBANK, 747 George St., New Haven, Conn. Associates, Degree Activities: Freshman Week Committee 2: Hillel l,2: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2, President 2. STANLEY LOUIS HUTKIN, IIIA Valley Rd., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Scribe: Sigma Lambda Chi: Marketing Club. RHODA ANN INVENTASCH, 3? Rolling Ridge Rd., Orange, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel l,2, Secretary I: Treasurer 2: Student Spirit I: Arnold Troupers I: Pen and Keys l. ROBERTA SUSAN IRWIN, l58 Williams St., New London, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel: Phi Omecron Upsilon: Bridgettes. JEANNETTE IZZO, 68 Dutchess Terr., Beacon, N.Y. 'Activitiesz Pen and Keys I: Chi Sigma Delta 2: Dean's List I. DIANE JACOBSON, I .207 Wayne St., Bridgeport, Conn. - I l Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Chi Sigma Delta I,2,3, Social Chairman 3: Scribe 2: Campus Thunder 2,3: Wistaria Pageant 2. JACLYN DIANE JENSEN, 43 Northwood Rd., Newington, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,2. JOYCE JEAN JODOIN, l988 Wilbraham Rd., Springfield, Mass. I Associates Degree Activities: Newman Ciub I,2: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,2. 165 BRUCE EDGAR JOHNSON, 587 No. Main St., Wallingford, Conn. A Associates Degree MARILYN ANN JOHNSON, II5 Rose St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing JUDITH ARLENE KATZ, I806 North Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Student Council I,2, Phi Delta Rho I,2, Scribe I, Hillel I,2, Bridgeport Day 2, Pen and Key I. GAIL KAUFMAN, 363 E. 39th St., Paterson, N.J. Associates Degree MICHAEL WILLIAM KEPCHAR, 235 Goddard Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Sciene in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society 2,3,4, Alpha Delta Omega 2,3,4, President 4. BRENDA E. KERSHAW, 289 Brownell St., Fall River, Mass. Associates Degree Activities: Dean's List I,2, Pen and Keys I, Chi Sigma Delta 2. MYRNA MAE KLOSK, New York Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Hillel I,2, Social Activities Committee 2,3,4, Scribe I,2, Student Spirit I, Chi Sigma Delta 2,3,4, Social Chairman 2, President 3, lnterfraternity Coun- cil 2. DONALD E. KNAPP, 30 Harrison St., Danbury, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Kappa Beta Rho, Marketing Club. BEVERLY JANE KRAUS, 222 Dix Ave., Newington, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Bridgettes I, Newman Club I. JOAN ELIZABETH KNOX, 340 Rumstick Rd., Barrington, R. I. Associates Degree Activities: Pen and Key. ELAINE MARIE KOHL, Oswegatchie Rd., Waterford, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,2, Newman Club I,2. GEORGE KOLSK, I34 Pemberwick Rd., Greenwich, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Scribe 2,3,4, Copy Editor 3,4, SANDRA ROCHELLE KOTON, 793 Capitol Ave. Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel, I,2. ROSALIE I. KRENZIS, 9I7 Vine St., Scranton, Penna. Associates Degree h A Activities: Phi Delta Rho I,2, Hillel I,2, House Council I,2, Social Chairman I, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Pen and Keys Club I, Bridgeport Day I. GRETA LOUISE KUNEMAN, 63 Glen Circle, Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Christian Association I,2, Secretary 2, Pen and Keys I, Secretary I, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I,2, Chi Sigma Della I,2, Corresponding Sec- retary 2, Freshman Week Committee 2, Campus Thunder Tech. Stall I. PATRICIA A. LAMBERT, 4l Sigourney St., Bristol, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Women's House Government I,2, Rules and Regulations Committee, Corresponding Secretary 2, Womcn's Athletic Association 2, Tennis Manager 2, Cheerleader I,2, Co-Captain 2, Freshman Week Committee 2, Big Sister Chair- man 2, Chi Zeta Rho I,2, Social Chairman 2, Campus Thunder I,2, Bridge- port Day 2, Newman Club I,2, Corresponding Secretary 2, Snowtlake Queen 2. MARILYN JOAN LA PENTA, 430 Blake Rd., New Britain, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club I, Pi Omicron Upsilon I,2. MARILYN ANNE LA ROSA, 269 Steele St., New Britain, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Pen and Keys I, Newman Club I,2. ESTER CLAIRE LEFER, 23 Marsdale St., Bridgeport, Conn Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Scribe, Student Education Association. ROGER LEFKON, 346 N. Long Beach Rd., Rockville Centre, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Omicron Sigma 2,3,4, Student Council 4, Beta Alpha 2,3,4, Campus Thunder 3,4, Scribe, Sports Editor 3,4, Wistarian, Sports Editor 3,4, Social Activities Committee 3, Treasurer 3, Bridgeport Day 3, Hillel I,2,3,4, Freshman Week Committee 3,4, Co-Chairman 4. HENRY LEONG, 64 E. Broadway, New York, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design I Activities: Football I,2, Industrial Design Society 2,3,4, Vice President 3, 166 LAWRENCE LEVOW, 603 White Ave., New Hyde Park, N.Y. -H I Bachelor ot Science in Industrial Design Activities: Sigma Lambda Chi l,2,3,4, Vice President 3, Industrial Design Society 2,3414 Student Activities 2, Freshman Week 2, Intramural Sports 2, Dean's List JOHN E. LEWIS, 74 Roger Williams Rd., Bridgeport, Conn. U . . Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Sports Car Club 3,4, Society for Advancement of Management 2,3,4, Treasurer 3,4, Fencing Team 3. JAMES PATELLA LEWIS, Holly St. Extension, Milford, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Photography Club, Alumni Hall News Letter. ANN JOAN LOCONTO, 255 Lincoln Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Arts ' Activities: Freshman Week Committee 2,3, Newman Club I, Political Relations Forum 3, Sociology Colloquium 3,4, Carr-pus Thunder 3,4, Chi Zeta Rho 2,3,4, Vice President 33 Wistaria Court 3. i WILLIAM C. LOVE. 4 ' l 20 Lawton Terr. Ansonia, Conn. - I V U Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Society for the Advancement ot Management, Christian Association. STANLEY A. LUBY, y . I Warren Court, Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha, I,2,3,4, Marketing Club 4, Knights of Thunder 3. DORA STEINBERG MACCABY, 5I5 Westchester Ave., Crestwood, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Education STEPHEN ROGER MAFFEI, 4687 Bedford Ave., New York, N.Y. Associates Degree RAYMOND PATRICK MAHON, 438 Main St., West Haven, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society I,2,3,4, Alpha Delta Omega 3,4. JOHN CHRESTEN MARTIN, III Leversee Rd., Troy, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Pi Omega Chi I,2,3,4, President 2, Social Activities Chairman I, Society for Advancement ot Management 2,3,4, President 3, Scribe I,2, Business Man- ager 2, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3,4, Canterbury Club 4: Protestant Club I, Men's Glee Club I,2,3, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Soccer Varsity 3,4, Varsity "B" Club 3, Debating Society 3, Bridgeport Day 2, Registrar ot Voters. ELMA LORRAINE MATASIAN, 56 Buckingham PI., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Pen and Keys I, Treasurer I, Eastern Orthodox Club I,2. GERALD WILLIAM MCDOUGALL, BI Wyoming St., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Physical Education Activities: Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Baseball, Captain, Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,4, Social Activities Director 3, Newman Club I, Varsity "B" Club 2, Varsity Baseball 2,3,4, Varsity Basketball 2,3, Varsity Football 2,3,4, Tri-Captain 3, Co-Captain 4, Intramural Basketball. MARY CATHERINE MCGRATH, 40 Marlboro St., Waterbury, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Theta Epsilon 2, Phi Omicron Upsilon 2, Newman Club I,2, Correspond- gg Secretary I, Freshman Week Committee I, U.B. Bridgettees 2, Wistaria ueen 2. ALLEN J. MERENOFF, Karens Lane, Englewood, N.J. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration JOSEPH WILLIAM MESSINEO, IBO Parrott Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Campus Thunder 2,3,4, Wistaria Pageant 2,3, Spring Play 2, Knights of Thunder 4, Student Council 4, French Club 2, Literary Society 2,3. DOROTHY EILEEN MIKITA, 82 Norman St., Bridgeport, Conn.3 Associates Degree Activities: Chi Zeta Rho I,2, Treasurer 2, Newman Club I, Freshman Week Com- mittee 2. JOSE M. MIZRAKI, Ave. Paraiso Qta. "Esther," San Bernardino, Caracas, Venezuela Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Spanish Club 3, President 3, Sigma Lambda Chi I,2,3,4, Sergeant-ah Arms 3,4, Soccer Team 2, Sociology Colloquium 2. CLINTON VINCENT MORAN, Box I45, Pine Rock Park, Shelton, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Alpha Delta Omego 3,4, Pledgemaster 3, Vice President 4. CORRINE BETH MORSE, II9 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,2, Hillel I,2. PATRICIA ANN MOWAT, 44 Strathmore Ave., Devon, Conn. Associates Degree JOANNE CHRISTINE NEALON, l7O Lincoln Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Newman Club I1 Beta Gamma l,2,3,41 French Club l,2,3,4, President 41 Chorus I1 Aristea 4. PAUL JOSEPH NEMERGUT, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Varsity Football 21 Varsity Track 21 Engineering Society 2,3,4. HARRY JAMES NIGRO, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Lambda Chi, 2,3,4, President 41 Scribe 2,3,41 Pi Delta Epsilon 2,3,4, President 3,41 Sports Publicity Director 3. MARIE ANN NOBILE, I08 Patterson Ave., Stratford, Conn. 644 Capitol Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 28 Benham Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Student Education Associationg Theta Epsilon. THOMAS MITCHELL NUGENT, 497 Franklin St., Port Chester, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Industrial Engineering Activities: Alpha Delta Omega,,2,3,4, Vice Chancellor 3, Pledge Master 21 New- man Club, l,2 3,41 Engineering Society l,2,3,4, MARY JANE O'CONNELL, 80 Newton St., Fairfield, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omecron Upsilon. MICHAEL THOMAS O'DONNELL, 23l Charles St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Freshman Basketball: Varsity Basketball 2,31 Freshman Week Committee 21 Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4, Secrelary 2,31 Society tor Advancement of Manage- ment 2,3,41 Sports Publicity Assistant 31 Intramural Football 2,31 Intramural Softball 2,3,41 Intramural Volleyball 21 Intramural Basketball 4. JAMES JOSEPH O'HARA, 5 Third St., Danbury Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Alpha Gamma Phi 2,3,41 Recording Secretary 3, Corresponding Secre- tary 31 Varsity Football 2,3,41 Varsity Fencing 31 Freshman Track1 Varsity Track 2,31 Newman Club l,2,3,4. LOUIS D. ONOFRIO, 40 Hilltop Rd., New Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Phi Theta Kappa 21 Literature Club 3: Debating Society 3,41 Society tor Advancement of Management 41 Political Relations Forum 4. JOHN FRANCIS ONZESHOWSKI, 40 Cowles St., Devon, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering SHIRLEY ANN PACETTI, 2I Oak Grove Ave., Brattleboro, Vt. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club l,21 Pen and Keys I. TERESA MARIE PA.GNOTTI, 42 Granniss Rd., Orange, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club I1 Pi Omicron Upsilon I,2. ANTHONY MICHAEL PAVIA, JR., West Hill Rd., Stamford, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Pi Omega Chi. ENRIQUE G. PENA, 54 Pasaie Sur., Havana, Cuba Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Delta Epsilon Beta l,2,3,41 Corresponding Secretary 21 Newman Club l,2,3,41 Spanish Club 2,3. JOSEPH ANTHONY PENTOSO, I07 Hodge Ave., Ansonia, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Society lor the Advancement of Management 31 Alpha Phi Omega.3,4, Slergeant-at-Arms 4. FRITZ PETER PESCHKE, I60 W. Putname Ave., Greenwich, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Photography Club 21 Society for the Advancement of Management l,2,3, Secretary 21 Alpha Phi Omega l,2,3,4, Secretary 2. IIOAN IRENE PHILLIPS, I02 Elmfield St., W. Hartford, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Women's House Government1 Newman Club: Phi Omicron Upsilon. PATRICIA NINA ANN PICARD, I44 Mary Ave., Stratford, Conn. I Assocbtes Degree SLYVIA THERESA PIROZZOLI, l242 Lindly St., Bridgeport, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Chi Sigma Delta l,21 Freshman Week Committee 21 Newman Club I1 Biology Club lg Campus Thunder I. THEODORE V. PITTU, I375 Capitol Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alhpa l,2,3,41 Athletic Director I1 Inter-Fraternity Council 21 Freshman Week Committee 2. IOCELYNE POISSON, 29I Cilley Rd.. Manchester, N.H. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Beta Gamma 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Treasurer 41 Newman Club l,2,3,41 Vice President ot Dental Hygiene Class I1 Phi Omicron Upsilon 41 Women's House Government 31 Freshman Week Committee 21 Wistaria Pageant I1 Bridgettes 21 Woman's Athletic Association 2,3. LOIS A. PRENTICE, I30 Pequonnock St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Campus lhunder l,41 Spring Play 21 French Club I1 Chi Zeta Rho 213, Vice President 2, President 31 Bridgeport Day 21 Inter-Fraternity Council 31 Debating Society 3,4, Treasurer 41 Freshman Week Committee 21 Christmas Pageant l,31 Wistaria Pageant 31 Sociology Colloquium 3,41 Pi Gamma Mu 41 Connecticut Intercollegiate Student Legislature 31 Political Relations Forum 31 Dean's List l,2,3 41 Snowflake Oueen 31 Scribe l,21 Psychology Club I. RHODA PRESCHER, ll0 Church St., Plantville, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon l,21 Dean's List I,2. JOHN GERALD PROFETTO, 65 Pine St., Waltham, Mass. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Alpha Gamma Phi 3,41 Vice President 41 Arnold Spartans 3,4, Vice President 3,41 Dean's List 3,41 Newman Club 3,4, President 41 Wistaria Pageant 31 Bridgeport Day, Water Commissioner 41 Varsity Baseball 3: Varsity "B" Club 31 Intramural Basketball 3,41 Intramural Football 3,4, Intramural Softball 4. PATRICIA ANN RACANELLO, 34I Glenbrook Rd., Glenbrook, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Biology Club l,21 Pen and Keys I. EDMUND JOSEPH RAMOS, I24 Wheeler's Farms Rd., Milford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in-,Business Administration Activities: Newman Club I1 Debating Society l,2,3,4, Debate Chairman I, Presi- dent l,41 Political Relations Forum l,2,3,4, Vice President l,3, Senior Delegate 41 Pi Omega Chi 2,3,4, Parliamentarian 2. DAVID SHERMAN REED, 89 Nichols Ave., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Engineering Society l,2,3,4. RITA JANE RILEY, 350 Guy Park Ave., Amsterdam, N-.Y. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club1 Phi Omicron Upsilon. HAROLD EUGENE ROBERTS, 302 Madison Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities1 Pi Omega Chi 2,3,4, President 31 Newman Club 2,3,41 Marketing Club 2,3,41 Freshman Week Committee 2,3,41 Scribe 2,3,41 Intramural Basketball l,2,3,41 Intramural Baseball l,2,3,4. A STANLEY J. ROMAN, JR., 832 Kossuth St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Soccer 2,3,41 Basketball I,2,31 Sigma Phi Alpha l,2,3,41 Arnold Spartans 31 Arnold Maiors Clubs l,2,3,41 Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 41 Deanis List 2,3,41 Newman Club I,Z,341 Bridgeport Day, Alderman 41 Intramurals I,2,3,4. JOEL I. ROSENFELD, 68I E. 94th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Omicron Sigma, Chancellor 4, Treasurer 31 Scribe Business Manager 41 Wistarian Business Manager 31 Beta Alpha 31 Society for the Ad- vancement of Management 21 Inter-Fraternity Council 3. STANLEY ROSENTHAL, I6 Buckingham PI., Norwalk, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities1 Marketing Club 2,3,41 Hillel I. K. NEIL ROSS, 98 Wilson St., Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Hillel l,2,3,41 Political Relations Forum l,2,3,41 Connecticut Intercol- Iegiate Student Legislature l,2,3,41 Beta Alpha 2,3,4. KENNTH CAMILLUS RUDNICKI, 3B Helen St., Hamden, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Beta .Alpha 2,3,4. MADONNA DOROTHY RYNN, 2I Hermit St., Woonosocett, R.I. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club1 Phi Omicron Upsilon. EDWARD JOHN RYSIEJKO, 5I Myrtle Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Newman Club, Society for the Advancement of Management. FRANCES ELAINE SCHEIN, 47I,Cedar Ave., W. Long Branck, N.J. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel I1 Freshman Week Committee 21 Spring Play I. OLIVE LOUISE SCHINDLER, fI47 Sherwood Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education ' Activities: Beta Gamma l,2,3,41 Alumni Director 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, Recording Secretary 41 Ushers Guild l,2,3,4, Co-Chairman 2,3,41 Music Club I,2, Treasurer 23 Newman Club I: Student Education Association 41 Intramural Sports 2,31 Student Guide 21 Freshman Week Committee 4. JOHN ANTHONY SCIPPANI,. 3I4 Huntington Rd., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Alpha Delta Omicron 3,4, Secretary 41 Engineering Society 2,3,41 Public Relations Manager 3,4. 167 EILEEN ROSALEE SCHULLEY, 256 Garfield Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. I I . Associates Degree Activities: Hillel l,23 Pen and Keys I3 Ushers Guild l,2. BARBARA CLAIRE SCHWARTZ, 2l0 Market St., Perth Amboy, N.J. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel l,23 Chi Sigma Delta l,2, Treasurer 23 Freshman Week Commit- tee . MONA IRENE SCHWARTZ, 3530 Henry Hudson Parkway, Riverdale, N.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Social Activities I: Hillel I3 Bridgeport Day 23 Scribe 2,33 Freshman Week Committee 2,33 Women's House Government 2, Student Council 3,4, Re- cording Secretary 3, Executive Secretary 43 Student Education Association 43 IDean's4 List 3,43 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- eges, . MURRAY SCHWARTZ, 9 Goldstein Place, E. Norwalk, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Marketing Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 43 Pi Omega Chi 2,4. SONYA RAE SCHWARTZ, 3550 Chesapeake St., Washington, D,C. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon. ROCHELLE J. SEINFELD, Long Branch, N.J. Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,2: Women's House Government 2, Hall Council 2. ROBERT BERNARD SEMINSKI, 5I7 Main St., Dickson City, Penna. Bachelor of Science in Mechancal Engineering Activities: Engineering Society l,2,3,4, JUDY SIMONY, 3350 Stuyvesant Place, N. W., Washington, D. C. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon. THOMAS J. SKUDLAREK, I47 Charles St., Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Sigma Phi Alpha l,2,3,43 Freshman Baseball: Newman Club3 Varsity Baseball 23 Society for the Advancement ot Management. SANDRA MAE SMULYAN, 37 E. Broad St., West Hazelton, Penna. Associates Degree Activities: Women's House Government I3 Hillel I3 Snowflake Queen Court. DAVID ARNOLD SPRECHER, I3'I Madison Terr., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Arts MURIEL STEPAKOFF, i406 Trout Brook Dr., W. Hartford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Student Education Asscciation. SANDRA PHYLLIS STRAUSS, 2l9 Tremont Ave., Orange, N.J. Associates Degree Activities: Hillel I,2, Secretary 23 Wistaria Pageant I3 Cheerleading 2,3,4, Co- Captain 43 Beta Gamma 2,3,4, Pledgemaster 3, Vice President 43 Student Spirit 43 National Education Association 3,43 Freshman Week Committee 2,3. ROBERT EDWARD SULLIVAN, 27 Temoleton St., West Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Activities: Varsity Baseball 2,3,43 Freshman Baseball3 Varsity Soccer 33 Newman Club l,2,3,43 Alpha Gamma Phi 3,43 Intramural Football 3,43 Intramural Basket- ball 4. BARBARA JUNE SUSSELMAN, 27 Nottingham Terr., Clifton, N.J. Associates Degree MARION SUSSMAN, 40 Barker Ave., White Plains, N'.Y. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Political Relations Forum3 Student Education Association3 Social Activ- ities Committee3 Dean's List. LORRIANE ETHEL TABORELLI, 32I Soundview Ave. Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Nursing PATRICIA AGNES TANNER, 69 Kerema Ave., Milford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education I Activities: Student Education Association 43 Bridge Club 43 Literary Society 3,43 Newman Club 3,4. MARIANNE PAULA TOMASKO, l0I Clarendon St., Stratford, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Newman Club I,21 Campus Thunder Z3 Biology Club. SANDRA LEE TORREY, I7 Cedar St., New Britain, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omecron Upsilon3 Christian Association. DOUGLAS S. TOWES, 55 Stony Lane, Yonkers, N.Y. Associates Degree Activities: Engineering Society 3,43 Upsilon Beta Sigma 3,4, Secretary 4, l.F.C. Representative 4. RICHARD UGOLIK, r . , , , Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities: Alpha Delta Omega 2,3,43 Engineering Society 2,3,4. 168 CHRISTINE A- UI-MANIEC. ' 193 James St., Fairfield, Conn. Associates Degree THOMAS STANLEY URBANOWICZ, 2I Orchard St., Bridgeport, Conn, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Society for the Advancement of Management. JANE LOCKWOOD VAN WORMER, 70 Central Ave., New Haven, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: Sports Car Club. LOUIS RICHARD VECSEY. , 206 School St., Fa'rfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 5 Activities: Alpha Delta Omega3 Engineering Society. EDWARD DUNN WAIWAT, I08 Flat Rock Rd., Easton, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration MARGUIRITE LILLIAN WALSH, 75 Colony St., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education ANDREW FREDERIK WARGO, 298 So. Benson Rd., Fairfield, Conn. I . Bachelor of Arts Activities: Society for the Advancement of Management I,2,3,4Q Varsity Track I3 Varsity Football I3 Psychology Society I3 German Club l,2,3,43 Biology Club l,2. JOSEPH DAVID WARGO, 340 Windsor Ave., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Activities: Photo Club l,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, Alpha 2,3,4, Publicity Manager 3, Vice President 43 Society tor the Advance- ment of Management 4. President 43 Beta JOSEPH STEPHEN WARGO, 2l54 Kings Highway, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Pi Omega Chi, President 43 Student Council 4. BARBARA LOIS WARNER, Briar Hill Rd., RFD No. I, Groton, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Chi Sigma Delta l,2,3,4, Vice President 2, Treasurer 33 Student Spirit Committee l,2,3, Secretary I, Treasurer 33 Christian Association I: Student Education Association I,2,3f Freshman Week Committee 2,31 Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3. DELIGHT WEAVER, 84 Whippoorwill Lane, Stratford, Conn. Bachelor of Arts Activities: French Club3 Literary Society. ARTHUR WEEKS, ......,... ....,..... I 24 Van Tassel Ave., No. Tarrytown, N,.Y. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Alpha Gamma Phi. HUGH G. WILLIAMSON, 44 Elgin St., Hamden, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Glee Club l,23 Christian Association l,2,3,43 A Cappella Choir 33 Up- silon Beta Sigma 4, Treasurer 43 Marketing Club 4. RICHARD IRWIN WISH, I6 Forbes Blvd., Tuckahoe, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Intramural Baseball l,2,3: Intramural Basketball 2,33 Hillel 2,33 Photo- graphy Club l,2. LYNDA TOBY ZAHLER, 3l4 E. 4Ist St., Paterson, N.J. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Social Activities Committee l,23 Secretary l,23 Hillel3 Snowflake Queen I3 Student Spirit Committee l. JACK I. ZALKIND, 77l Lindley St., Bridgeport, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Campus Thunder. JACQUELYN ZAMOST, Il5 Robin Rd., W. Hartford, Conn. Associates Degree Activities: Phi Omicron Upsilon I,23 Hillel l,2. RUTH NORMA ZAR, I9I First Ave., Stratford, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Education Activities: Student Education Association. ALFRED EDWARD ZERILLO, JR., 77 Pauls Place, Fairfield, Conn. Bachelor ot Science in Mechanical Engineering Activities3 Arnold Troupers I,23 Newman Club I3 Engineering Society 2,3,43 Up- silon Beta Sigma I,2,3. MELVIN JAY ZIMMERMAN, 220 E. 5th St., Mount Vernon, N.Y. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Activities: Political Relations Forum3 Sociology Colloquium3 Sigma Lambda Chi, Pledgemaster, Vice President3 Freshman Week Committee: Hillel: Marketing Club, Charter Member. ROSE ANGELA ZITO, 73 Fairfield Ave., Stamford, Conn. Bachelor of Science in Education Activities: Newman Club 3,43 Chi Sigma Delta 2,3,4, Pledgemaster 3, Recording Secretary 3, Vice President 43 Wistaria Pageant 33 Dean's List l,Z,3,4: Who's Who Among College Students in American Colleges and Universities 43 Wom- en's Athletic Association 4, X S L

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University of Bridgeport - Wistarian Yearbook (Bridgeport, CT) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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