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 - Class of 1957

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WISTARIAN I957 JNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPCDRT Bridgeport, Connecticut IA HI UNIVERSITY BRIDGEPORT a,, 'll 43 fm f ffylf' ii W ,, , air 4 N Y W L I -if 'Q 4. Q N r 5 Q 9' :ne Af, as ,H ,,,, N ga -il A Q 1 fx g .rr 5590 -ww ,L n , 1? ..3gr,H?,,Q ,, mf. ray? :'f A, I ,Ak gisif' jg yiifgy 3, 4 SWL ilffu ' 1 :J v-I A RQ ,L Qi un- .,., UW , LE T MA M . has X'?' BREAKING GROUND FOR NEW DORMITORY. The University of Bridgeport has begun construction of two four-story dormitories for women capable of housing 150 women each and a dining hall with facilities for 700 stu- dents. Completion of the 51,650,000 project is scheduled for the fall ot 1957. To be located on the former estate ot the late P. T. Barnum, the new structures will overlook municipal Seaside Park and Long Island Sound. Dedication The year 1956 saw the University of Bridgeport grow a few more notches in stature and add a few more achievements to its long list of such accomplishments. Funds received by the University from alumni and an education minded public enabled the school to complete the new Carlson Library that adds to the beauty of our campus. The new gymnasium allows visiting athletic teams to enjoy not only- our hos- pitality but our campus as well. There have been other achievements in this short year and all ol' them are a credit to our school and our instructors. The stall' ol' the l957 VVlSflll'lill1 would lilte to express, in the only way we ltnow how, our thanks to the Faculty and Stall ol' the University ol' Bridgeport lor their un- relenting ellorts to bring credit to our school and our student body. Ir is for this reason then, thit rl ' l9'F XV' pages. 1 it D! istaritin is dedicated to those you shall see on the lollowing HENRY WILSON LITTLEFIELD, Ph.D. Vice-President JAMES HERRON HALSEY. A.M President -fb' v ian '43 ' h-?'fE5'f' Y wif' V William Allen 4 fl . r -4 . , r Y 4 lr 1 Edward R. Astariia f f William Banks I John C. Dorothy Bowen Q'-ON - Willard P. Berggren Earle M. Bigsbee Benz ?ZEs:55E5?i'! -. " Adi . . 1 Q, , ., , , , K Q? rf 4' 3 , WY 4 'K ' ia! as gfk X A was 2 wi my M., le David Brdwn Elizabeih Bjork C. Brewster " . A 9 . ,K VY 7 17- YY ching chi Chang E. Chamberlain Kenneth Chandler Auslin Chapman William Coleman Rose Davis William DeSie1-0 Dosihea DeVauli . f., wi.. fl, A, , El g i 1- ' ga ,li if 42 x g 4 Q.. ....,,. .. i5mk..kgwg?.wW5 .kkki ..i.WwW,,.2 .W .......,.... .. M V1 .A wL?aHQ2e19:4sfQ,MSM-ilzwl J N .aff . V - . ,, V. N ' ff2p.lnfgfsf:,.. . Mg, .1 my In ,nfwixw . . 4 will si gigx, Vw, 5. . .glefwv .. i.egxgQga fwglefwm .- N 4 iiiifkii 39:2 5' . ' '- "li-vez.,--.i .X . A , Ziffiffw .4-, 'Ur M: qw P 2' .zz . ,I-lg. n-.:..a2..- - gn . l i ' . M"w ' F i . A V . 1' ' . U, . wifi.,-gf.ixg , 55,..,535.f,v I -,,. . . A .F ff . ' f I f "7 V K x fmwzg-. w . . , f , 53gr2'g,. -1233 gmfwkg , ,- - gs., 5-.fairy-,, .,' ..1 rfQ'ff!.. V . - ' .1-fa:?i:'1:':. ' . .' " ' 5, .-. 9:5755-5reff ' : f'n-Ufzf' x .fgwi rf,iaw,m.f M k V a P 8 J . ew S siwiu,,1w.gzszQQ2f'lg15. 'Q Albert Dickason Frances M. Dolan Francis E. Dolan Richard C. Duenges A David Field , , .2 W 'Yam if 'ii Louise Foehrenbach Ann Gerard Herbert Glines D. B. Gowen Herbert Hope J. S. Hsieh Gordon K. Hubbard Lewis Ico Charles Jlcobs Jlmn Jackson Marie Jaeger William B. Kennedy W. Klllop Harry Kendall 5 15 525 : ' Y wggimrfffgg k , f - ghffwizsi, M .M S, M- vm. 3.4. '2155g,?ixx,'sw57Wsx,4 ax ' - f,ygnxg,fv-wykxs rf f W M kfmwfszflffiigr K f'i3lElf?ff55,s - 4 V5 kniiiiliii, ' Q , f . gg yfy -:gf9:..,xea-. -gs. Q'-. -R Qfmf-'5.,5,.L,n12 gig - nf . . A-xz X fu ,E-f .J,,,, .. Q - fiigx mm- 5 3' -sn.. 6 . , 'ff - D. W. Kern . Abraham Knepler Marion Lunn J. Mahady Eloise Mallner Eric Marcus Stuui Mayper Douglas Merrilees Milton Millhllliir Helen K. Moore Victor Muniec In-Meei Neou Carroll Palmer Raymond Petrie V Ralph Picket! ,. , A ,f -,mq:'.u4g 2. N A 1:1 ,- 3Q'gqm,ff5gw51sg5:1,.. vfff2f55,':,igfv, 5mw.wgs1sf1 suv nl, fi 1 .' , . 5 . s X M ,Q , if Q M ,-'fa,'i2i'f7:Q1'Y MV , 7 1 -rilifs q: 'TisS5,'f"QJ.fI'Sk' 'li Q, lie, , 1: gig ,U 5 Jn J' ses' K a ' MW' M2 5 A ,v 1 ' .I L wx 'ns xi William Protheroe Eagan V, W, Read Joseph Rovcek Norman Reid Roger E. Richards Clarence Rapp Louise Saccone W. E. Sauerwein S e , 1 1 'lf-:..5:E: R ' , , QL , A 3 5 Margaerite Schaefer Helen Scurr Alphonse Sherman .ff wus ' John Sherry Chung W. Shih Michael Somers ,vi 1 X,L,! -ig 1 if f' awe J :iii E e eS Q58 bg We Shirly Spilioir Charles Spiltoir Carla P. Siilphen Edward Tornillo ,N , ,,,,.. . - - Auihur Trippensee M. D. Triwedi L. Turner Mary Valient J- M- V311 Del' KIOef Charles Weber Mein Williams Alfred Wolff FH'-k Wfighi n Catherine Yocum Dolores Ludka Libby Zagorin Ernest Buchholz Ge01'9e Newsome Herman Bloch Edward Byerly Iohn Besson Marcia Buel Francis DiLeo Harold Dart Jean W. Dooley William Everett Elsie Everett Grace Eckelberry James Fenner Claire Fulcher Mary Grumbly Martina Gilbert Dr. Edward Gerety Dr. Robert Gerety Rosemarie Hope Beverly Howard Martha Jayne Howard Jacobson John Kearns W. Kondratovich Karen Kagey William Kennedy Marie Lantelme S. Mowshowitz John McKeon Ruth Muldoon Elmer Maher Grace Martin Doris Newmane T. W. Nowlan Gladys Persons Andrew Peterson Francis Poisson Charles Petitjean John Rassias Robert Rednann Anite Riess Charles Rassmussen Robert Strang George Stanley Gus Seaman James Southouse Elizabeth Wood Sybil Wilson Ralph Yakel Hassan Zandy " 7 E - ..,..f' 1-rr'-vw 18 ' - 957 - Another milestone in many lives. Another part of life that will he looked back on through the years, perhaps with sadness, perhaps with glaclness. The past four years will never be forgotten no matter how they are thought of. VVith this in mind we of the 1957 WlSI8Tl2ll1 staff would like to extend to each senior a hand of congratulations and a hope that they will find the answers that will hring to the world peace, prosperity, and a love of God. We also hope that no matter where you travel, the scenes on the following pages will help to bring hack some happy memories and remind you of a plan that must be fulfilled. . ' 4,15 ..., 2 gg, tw 1 .w l 4 1 . 5? xxw Y vi ' W., sr M , 1 f Q4 fn., mf- H .35--4 ' . " f ' , ' 1 4 ,g:w-- v P A Q X 4. Jw- i--1 42351 ' 1 Q A if V '. 1' V ami' '1T'r:."" .s A Ta V-1 ,.: L An ,J- J,ia-w :J 5 ' -'plsrfhf ,FQ Y -: 4 ,JZ Va. .,.. ,GU 'lib H? , m f. tim. 6" 24 F I K x 'vw f x x I 1 v y L . I '14, 1' Pr , 1 z., A -R ,, -L O 4 HENRY ROBERT COFEK, B.S. 48 Clemens Ave., Trumbull, Conn. , - -"'- V - ' " ,, . . Q - ta E 5 - , is , "M - A ea' wt , 2-::. i M... . 5 74? fa- 'arise ' Q fr t Y' avaf'Sfg-QHTK. - 55545-,i:?'1.2 , ag :235Zii,5,i. Jw Q , ., ...,,,x. at 'Q' - 1 S I r ,f '..'j121'f:2':-e'g ' "" ' Q' 13 5 A 1 t ' 5iie,:!!9.iQ . in . , ., 53 Qs K 1 , LA .4 :jf .gzwgn ', ' ff., 1' ' 4' :fin W'ff?' . fn 5:p1??f?5:?i3f'2gxii X -ry firgrlimi' A' ft W 'Q ' isii l A ' E A ffl- T A it fff' . ' 'K gi . -A -' i"""' f . 5111, . A.P,O. Fraternity. NICHOLAS A. PANUZIO Indian Rd., Trumbull, Conn. Industrial Relations Student Council l,2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 45 Social Activities Com- mittee 1,2,3-Chairman 25 Student Spirit Committee l,2,-Chairman 2, Political Relations Forum 1,2,3,4-Vice President 2, President 3:'Connecticut Intercolle- giate Student Legislature l,2,3,4-Senior Delegate 4, Sigma Lambda Chi 1,2,3,4- Secretary 2, President 3, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Board of Governors 2,3,4-Vice Chair- man 3,4, Treasurer-Freshman Class. KATHERINE HELEN REVAK 856 Maplewood Ave., Bpt., Conn. Newman Club, Beta Alpha, P.T.A. M. SCHEINBART JUDITII L. YOUMAN, A.A. I4 Alton Pl., Brookline, Mass. Liberal Arts Social Activities Committee lg Pen and Keys lg Hillel lg Wisteria Pageant 1, Campus Thunder 2g Schiott Hall Of- ficer 2: Class Project 2. PETER VITTI, JR. 23 Beal St., Stamford, Conn. S.A.lXfl., P.F.R.g C.LS.L., A.G.P.F1-at., Intramural Softball, A.G.P. CV.P.D, Football. CATRIONA MACKINTOSH VVHITE 138 Elbridge Rd., New Brit., Conn. Secretary, Sen. Class of the Coll. of Nursing. 1 RHODA ANN WERNER 263 Locust Ave., Peekskil Sec. Chi Sigma Delta, Scribe, Student Ed. Assoc., Treas., Student Spirit Comm. Bridgette, Sec. of Park Hall, Treas. of Seaside, Cheerleader, VVOA men's H.S.5 Women's House Guild CPres.D, Cheerlead, Treas. of Seaside. James Bartlett M. Bogues M. Lombard John Ling Kong McNamara Norman Perry Neal O'Keefe M. Ruskin ,lane Trattner C. Schilling D. Tyznik M rs. V. V010 MARLENE ABRAHAMS A S. 569 Donald Lane, Woodmere, Medical Secretary Hillel Vice-President 2. JOAN Louise Arwoon, AS 3 Orchard St., Terryville, Conn Medical Secretary W.H.G. 1. HOPE LYNN ADLEY, A.A. 2095 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn General Education Newman Club l,2. RACHEL AVENA,AA.A. l86 Pearl Harhor St., Bridgeport Conn Commercial Art Doms BOGGILD, A.S. MAURICE HENRY BISAILLONJ A,A, 30 Elberta Ave., Trumbull, Conn. 23 Madison Pl., Stamford, Conn. Business Administration BARBARA ANNA BOYCE, A.A. 65 Delavan Ave., Beacon, N. Y. Fashion Merchandising Social Activities Committee 1. Dental Hygiene Phi Omicron Upsilon 1,23 Correspond- ing Secretary 2. ESTHER I. BROWN, A.A. 51 Winthrop Rd., Brookline, Mass. Medical Secretary Park Hall Sports Representative Vice- President lg Phi Delta Rho 25 Social Activities Chairman 2. 25 ,.., ..,.,, I , ,,.,,,f .,:: , 1 fu tg., 13,-.. :::.t- w . "1 ' 12 - s I 1 :,, - M, T f-:ff 5-::. 'l 15 ':: .a':,a5 1 "' .. X - f:u:!wit'fzF' z5P' A f. ' I Q f t :Am 1 1 'lx , 1. ,tr Q x 4 1 'l 1 H3311 ' tw -V T , -R KN A A i t ,, 1 11,5 1 wx. '- a t 6152510-' , ef tfeiffitfigf A tie? 1 ma me 'Va 1 ifietw 1 1 A 3 fem tt' Q? it Q i 1 W .Af " if Re -t - f ,, ,:Qi .as,ffs1f2 wisafigritf ff.vg2ee'sa,1 ,tml - -i me if ,.1t..,i, it .. if.,,ff,f7f4it5faz 6f1 ff., -tvgrtbfzf . A N 'e:sf:'z?z.'Y'f'- ,. .aiiifgjf ., ym,r.,,5. .rw . ,,.y,,,fs,, . E, ..f-, r, fwwffw . f na . . v'i'fe1ffi?fi'1t'nr - f at Af . 2 'Ya .. . k,,,,,,,gK,1! ,M .am 6 1 1 l ww an ef 3 4 Q t r ,ei Pia. E-Y? 'ia 'E an 1 rf , 2 9,5 rt! 2 ww' s if S 2 2 it JEEQ ,, blame? t M W Q 91 1 :Va el " Q EA R11 932382 . , s A img, E Zi ' Lai ':x L . M IX , 5521554155 H., -. ,-111,-r n, ,.m,a,r . ,if .J aw, -. --- 21,1 ww ,,t,,.,,Ktff5afgata kim L i7t.9if2fT9i?ifr 5 26 jfgg t' ' I, 1 I X A - u may 1 Q, , 1 1 , 2111 , gun Q if ,reg '- fy slr F w if ' 51 A ' ' M A5313 -1 u.wfS,. i ...aZf Atagq, , Ntrseei 2 5, S 5 JK i ' nm gl A A af 1 Q KM if , S L ll .. sam , 1, A 1' .Haag re. stifle. 1 ew-,fsszia '7'3"i55?hi's5x lr Mm' TQ 1 ,.,,.M.t x S .,, N ,S J 5 3 Q'-Luiz tt .. . sr ,, - ft. ,ft , . " 2- - my . 'wi t sfaiffwim .. ffwzffiisr A 3,t i?55afsfss,,. A ar. . Saw 'fm 'tt Q . Q- 5 1' . .1- WK:553?f ' 5 - A , sus,- M-, , Y 1 I may ,fl L , 15 .3.- 1 351' w.. . i 3 f N5 ' 1 'ugly " - ,N f gage, ' ?-2223 "1 , , , 5 if 5, ,gggzrh fig., 1, , .jf fm: ' JL' -f fag , f,yf,.fN1f ff' "' e, F44 fffi,a1f'1 ,. .531 fi? A JOAN KATHERINE BURGESS, A.A. 1120 Central Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Executive Secretary IUDITH BARBARA CRANE, AS. 89 VVestwood Ave., VVaterbury,'Conn. Dental Hygiene Student Spirit 1, Linden Hall Social Chairman 2. RITA j. lJlVIClNCl, A.S. 155 Shuttle Meadow Ave., New llenml Hygiene Secretary-Treasurer of the Freshman Class: Phi Omicrou llpsilon l,2, Treasf urer 21 Park Hall' Sponsor 2. ERICK JAIWES EKLUND, A.A. 53 Stone House Rd., Trumbull, Conn. Advertising Bridgeport Day Alderman 1, Intraa murals 1, Theta Sigma 1,25 Newman Club 1,2. , gf JOHANNA CARTEE, AS. 7001 Park Heights Ave., Baltimc: 15, Maryland Dental Hygiene Hillel 1, Phi Omicron Upsilon 1, .A SHEILA JOAN DAY, A.S. 6 South 'View.Rd., Wcmrcester, Ma Dental Hygiene Phi Omicron Upsilon 1,25 Ski C l,2, Beta Gamma 1. f - CAROL ANN DUNN, A.S, 57 Beaumont Place, Fairfield, Cc Dental Hygiene i ' Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2. GERALD EUGENE Fox, A. ' 686 Garden St., Trumbull, Con Art Camera Club 14 Campus Thunde Theta Sigma 1,2, Director of Sc: tw Activities 2. ig E -' lVlYRNA PEARL FREED, AA. 60-O8 IS3 St., Flushing, N. Y. Secretarial Hillel 1,21 Plii Delta Pxlio l,2, lleeorelf ing Secretary l, Pletlgeinaster 2. Prnfrris QrRULER, A.S. Brooks lltl., Toms River, N. I. Dental llygielle lnterclorm sports l: Newlnan lilub 2. AlARY ANN M. I l,xNusovsKx", A.A. 683 Faircliiltl Ave., 'l'rumlJull, Conn. Executive Secremri' Pen ancl Keys 1, Ushers Guild 1: 'llieta Epsilon 1,2, Secretary 2. LINDA M. l'lERSH, A.A. 687 Front St., Hempstead, I.. l. Co111111ercinl Art Milford Hall Social Secretary and Treasurer lg lntramural Volleyball lg Debating Society 1,25 Secretary 2, Po- litical Relations Forum 2: Deanls List l,2. llARR1ET JOAN CSREEN, A.A. 80 VValnut St., Teaneclc, N. Fashion Nlerclzaizdising Hillel l,2. CAROL lVlARIE HAJAS, A.A. 87 llrooltfielcl Ave., Fairfieltl, Conn. Fashion illerclfzandising lnterelass sports I,2., Baseball 1, Soccer 2: Newman Club lg Charter Member ol' flii Zeta Rho l,2. JANET AlARlE l'lAZELO, A.A. 92 Eunice Play., Stratford, Conn. .llcdicnl Secretary ARLINE GnEENBAu1xl, A.S. 91 Canterbury St., Hartford, Conn. Dental Hygiene Seliiott Hall Vice4President lg VVonien's House Government I, Big Sister Conif mittee lg Plii Omicron Upsilon 1.2: Hillel l,2: Alilforcl Hall Sponsor 2. 27 . iam.-+"jf '7if!1EJf's."FffS3f32?? H :N 5Fs3i51' ' ,.-1-wr--L..--g,.-gms.:H-1:5511-1 .My -sw -. -wr ' ,, -. 1' : ,. -- gr, -' :iw Wf:g..bvlfi5522'm. ., fwiiwiliirlgg - , ' ' A .V , L' ' .f - z f ff' I . ark . Q S 15 E I ' M 5 k .,.., , ,M Y .1-: B wszg-vfwg,A WL M 'fy,-swf1lssw,s?1eR2wEa51,:12.iaw QQ I5555w'?3ifi??i55iffMiYf3E3S?1izfi1i5g:a4Sf5i3 W if fa " 55gqkff212G5faf:f2f2.M MA' ' d1I2S5ee'?.sf'2.55?p?5.i. 54!'lf3j11?i -:,g.,2ag: f-is . 4 Q-'S'-if , Us ...L 28 Mmm ELLEN ll1Tc1icoc:i4, ,X.S. 91 Ryerson Arc., Patcrson, N. DI. Dcnml Hygiene Phi Oinicrnn Upsilun l,2, llcwrcling Secrcmry 25 Sports Car Clnlu Secretary 2: Pzirlc llill Sponsor 2, LLXROLE A. llo1,mc:uEN, Ab 1189 Merritt St., Bridgeport 4, Cl Dwiml Hygiwzv Dental llygicnc Class Prcsiclcnt I. Uniicrnn Upsilun l,2: -lilwtzi lips l,2, LNKVPICLIQCINZISICI' 2. S,fxi,1,.x llumzE1,1,, ,X.,X. 1 , Q35 Siem, Dfw New Mcxiu, LLENN,-x lloms llUROVVl'liZ, f AlL'LIlL'lIl SL'L'l'L'llIl'j Vv0l1lLjl1vS lluusc Guvcrnlncnt l,2g Cui'- 9l7 XVnrrcn llrlay., vluunccla, Y. IJUIIIHI llniuaiiwic 1' S 'J S., 1 Hull lllii Olnicmn Hpsilnn l,2, Social Cl I'CSl3Ul1LIl'lj-.I L'L'l'ClLll'f' -3 . Lll1l7Ul'l X,lL'U-l7I'L'SlLlL'HI uml President l:,lJcunis 1112111 Zi llillul ly-2, RCQYl'llil??-C SLTVU l,ist l: llclu clillllllill l,2: Linnlun llqill 21 l'l'U5l1lN11n H Cffli cUml'l'ttL'f' 21 V 1 Scuiwtziry 2. l!,ximi13r XX'n.xi.x -Ixcoissox, ,X.S. H3 N. lluntingtnn Arc.. .Niluntil C ity. X. Il. Lctu lxlw 2. l3f""f'l H125l"1L' SILEPIIILN M. K.Xlll..Xli. .Xb lllii Umicrun Upsilnn l.2, llismrizin 2: I8 lvxrllukl St," IS"'?.'m7,UI" L "ll Phi Ucltzi Illini l.2: Sclnutt' llaill Y lcv A 'M mH'LH H-UML' Prcsiclcnt 2: xXYllIllCll,S lluusc Cm'ur'i incnt 2, , i I S.xNim,x I.. KLEIN, .X.,X. IIELEN QHUVH- lNl1E1Ni AUX- 425 C'l1irclimi1t Arc., AlI.xvCI'l1UI1, 2 10 Spring St., ljllfiifll, funn. crL'llL'VlIi lizliicriiirni 11'-Hifi SL'L'l'l'llIl'il' , V - l , lon .incl lxcys lg llillcl l,-. .Jllf f-F V +- -.,,. -.,-. f- f ,,,, , . Muiusr. Fl-AFFY KROPF, AA. 740 Grand Concourse, N. Y., N. Y. Fashion i'llei'clmntlising NANCY KAY KURKUL, A.S. 15 Walnut St., Danbury, Conn. Executive Secretary llillel lg Social Activities Committee lg Bridgeport Council Day lg Dorm Officer 1: Vllistarian lg Sopliomore Class President 2g National Student As- sociation 21 Big Sister Committee 2. Pen and Keys lg Wilton Hall Secretary- Treasurer lg Protestant Club Secre- tary 2. BETTE LAIXISON, AA. AIARIE Dsromes L.xcoixE1.L1e, A.,-X. 231 Greenfield Sr-, Herrfvrd, COMI- ov Main sr., ww lima, cum, Medical Secfeffifn' bcllcml blmlulmll Hillel l,2g Pen and Keys lg Social Activities Committee lg Schiott Hall Secretary lg Dean's List lg Women's llouQ Government 2. Yexvman Cluli l,2: Literary Society 2: Chorus 2. llETTY Lou l,.EoN,xmJo. .X..X. , llizrsv M. LIDMAN, Ab. ll Xlt' ' X'-..l7t'l"-ll,C' . , l um Igzlg,-Um,-llhlkl mm IO76 East Broadway, Milford, Conn. A I 1 ' Dental Hygiene Campus lliuncler l,2: Clit Zeta lllio 7 I I . It I 2.1 Spring Play 2: liisenltoxver Coin' llll Omwffm UP51lUn liz' XICWPTCQ' mittee 2. dem 2- 1 K'it1ci,x AlARlE lXlCciOLDRICK, Nlixitv .XnEI.i..x M,xit'1'iN. iX.S. AA lll l-'JWVSCC llclu Www N' l' I7 King Street, Shelton, Conn. Delnul ll-l'g'L"'c illvcliczil Secretary lleta Gamma l,2g Student Spirit Com pun and Kew 1: Cheerleader 2, Dance mittee l: l.F.C. llepresentative 2. 'Committee 2. 29 v lVlARIE JEAN lVlENCARELLl, A.S. 123 Stoehrs Pl., Bridgeport, Conn. Dentnl Hygiene AflARYE J. AlEOLO, AA. Lake Vllalllcill Rd., Sussex, N. -I. Fashion fllerclinmlising Cheerleader lg Newman Clnlm 2. IIEANNE ANN lXllI..LER, AA. 200-l Freeniainsliurg Ave., Euston, l' illeclicnl Secretary Pen and Keys lg Ski Club 1, l'lENRIETTA ANN NUTTALL 458 Beeehmont Ave., Bridgeport. Conn. Executive Seeremry Pen and Keys l: Newman Club l. r , PAULA ll. lVlENTON, AS. . 543 Lakeview Ave., Rockville Centr N. Y. ' Dental Hygiene Hillel lg Phi Delta Rho l,2, Corrs poncling Secretary 2: Phi Omicron U silon l,2. , l:L0llENCE Loen.l.E AlEYER, fX.i 376 Cleveland Ave., Bridgeport, Con A Fashion illcrelinmlisinxg Charter Member of Chi Zeal lil Pleclgeimistei' l,2g Freslimun Yllei clUl1ll11lIl'CC 2, ,lo.xN ALXDELINE iXlLlEI.LER, X. 505 Norluncl Ave., liriclgeport, Con 1I:.X'!.'C1lfll't3 Seereiury ', Pen uncl Keys lg Theta Epsilon l. Clorresponcling Secretory 2. AllLDRED P. PETERS, AMX. , 155 Laurel Pl., Bridgeport, Conn 'Fashion illerelznrulising l l Interelziss Baseball lp lnterclass Soul 21 Chi Zeta Rho 2. 1 l l l " 17 ' W JOCELYNE DENISE Porssow, AS. 291 Cillev Rd., Manchester, Nl. H. Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Class Vice-President lg Newman Club lg VVistaria Pageant l: Beta Gamma l,2, Vice-President 2: Dormitory President 21 Freshman VVeek Committee 2. Susiw Lois PoR'rNov, AA. S38 Vlloodland Ave., Sclieneetacly. N. Y. Medical Secretmi' Hillel l,2, Dorm Representative lg Campus Thunder 1.2: A Capello Choir l,2g Vllistaria Pageant lg Dormitory Sponsor 2: National Student's Associa- tion Secretary 2, Class Dance Deco- rations Co-Chairman 2. lo,xN ELEANOR PRUETT, AS. 268 Maplewood Ave.. Bridgeport. Conn. Dental llygivlic Phi Omigron Upsilon l,2. C2llR1S'l'lNA hlfuuii Ro1:B1Ns, AS. 40 Center Drive, Old Greenwich. Conn. Llshering Guild l: Dean's List l. f. .be tl ' :MW -fs. 'f.,:g,.. :W?'Hi3'-5'F: v I 'bp wr: " hlARION AMELIA POLENA, AA. 702 Church Hill Rd., Fairfield, Conn Fashion lllerchandising Chi Zeta Rho 1,21 Baseball Team l Soeeor Team 2. RosrxL1E .lAYNE PRlNTZ 5523-3l Ave., Viloodside, N. Y. Gfneral Education Scribe 1: Hillel lg Campus Thunder 1,29 Christmas Pageant 1: VVistai'ia Pageant l: Phi Delta Rho 2. josEPH A. RESCSANSKI, NS. Tl Plumtree Lane, Trumbull, Conn. 'TEDDI SUE ROSENBERG, .fX..X. 626 East Beech St., Long Beach, N. Y. Business Azliiiinisfrufioiz 5, Student Council l,2g Hillel l: National Student Association 1,25 Scribe l: XVomen's llouse Government lg South- port Hall 'lreasurer and Viee-Prcsi- :lent lg Linden Hall Treasurer 2g Bridge Cluh 2: Freshman VVeek Committee 2. 31 ': n aQ6i"??'i,lf t J' V ?' aff" ' U R, ww Kffwifgxff , 'fa-sgiifg lt:3??E?s1 E . . ., ,gil ls E, , . it ,A gl? , , f ,ggi . ., .E is 1 I ., 1 A 1,.i,3v f . M, f f-z'1fw,iQg '- 222241 , fi," s' ., 1 ,ka .M mf- qi? 14 wg, 12 ,- Wifi i v gi f s Sf-2,1-liiw if mgiggfffg? if - .':iEaQEs2i5i:f':2 ll XVI 110w,xmJ A. Russo, ,X.iX. 44JNHAlwl'fyIAEfl1I Sflfllf' 'XP 871 Purt Dr., A1kllll2II'UI'lCC1i. N. Y. I Km Lb, t1?"H1:f.?1"l,mrt' Lon Aff LH U j51LHL iirc 11i11 Dr.. Hoclicstur. N. N cTOHIllIL'l'C1l11 Ar! Plii Omicrrm Upsilun 1,23 11l11L1 1 'lElll Suusiimv, .X.,X. Il 'Q 11 1 2 .1 "1 1' R111 . 7' -. , , , CM' f'1"?'!n1 1 - W"1,Q""',"'2 -- moz 190111110111 Aw., A. N x. x impus lliumlcr Art Um-14 1.-. limp lilwml AVN C 1121111112111 1, Piup Nlaimgci' 21 Stuclviit Y A ' Spirit cl4ll1'llU1IfCC 13 Social zlctiviticx L4lmptlg'lI1um1ui' 13 U'istili'ii1 Puig Pultlicity Clliziirmziii 21'xX11SI2lI'1Lll1 Piigu lg Hillel ll SQ,-jlw 7 mt Pimp Nlziimgcr 1: Spring Plzw Pimp Miinzigcr 1. f V 5 SH iii ,X.5. .XNN1x,x'rliEmNE Sxiiiii, fl. X. ll"'hIl-will 'MPP XI 192 Sylvain llll., llluuiiilviclcl, N. -1. P 'mmIfJC?1m"'II,Hi:I1,:I'Z,l" ' AP 4 c'iL'11Cl'tl1 Ezlltciziimz "S I L N , . 7, J ' , Q W 1 NL-uiiiiin Clulv 12. 1I'CLl5Lll'CI' 23 Pvai 'Pull 1"' HN ,DLIFI PPS' CPIPM and Kew 2. liml 11l5IllI'1tlIl 1,-. 11Ul5Ell'l'X'VARREN S'iLml1'Ei4,.X.,X. ILLIZMSETII Cl. SWEET. AMN 21 Klziriain Ave., Pittsficlcl, Nlziss. P1'U5lWUT SF-i C'l'C2lf BilI'f1l1SZf'Y'V Ml CTOlllllIlZl'C1tl1 flrt Sl'CVU1U"Hl1 V 1 E P111 llcltu 11114, 7 Xcwzmin C luln 1,21 Alplin Gzliiirzm "Iii 7, Q w i ffl lf- t 1 -A1 1.m1.f.i.f X ., Q f -Fwy, fin-T5 55 ww. ip. m.wv :a - -:m i . M fiswsisgei V fe - 35 1 :iam 1? rv .,. wiki ww .1 My ww C . fi? E . T wir : , Q. ... .,. ,W . Af XV H it A , is My 5 i .5 '1. w5g5' .1 12.3.5 . 5 i l ,XIIDREY LEE ild1l1L0, A.S. 123 Quaker Lane, Fairfield, Gmn. Denial Hygiene Freslnnun Queen lg Phi Uinierun Llp silun 1.2: Theta Epsilon l,2, Sueizil Activities Gu-Cliiiiriiiilii 2. 3 . ,. liuiii lLLl.EN lnisihii, XA.. IIS Deer llill Ave., Dimbury, Guin. Legal Seeretury Stuclent Spirit lc Hillel 1.2: llritlge Ciluh 2. 4 .Io.xN LOUISE XXAN lloimtg, XA. 95 XvlI1llClMlg0 Rd., Yunlters, N. 'lf fleueml lzalueulimi Ciliuir 2. Rim RAE E. VlREl,l.l, .X.S, 650 Gmncl St., Briclgepi-i't, funn. Pre-Medical Chi Signiu Delta 1.2, Vice-President 2: lliulugy Society 2: Freshman Wleek cll7l1'll'lllffCC 2. NOEL BERTIM TRISCHMAN, .X.A. 9 King St., Shelton, funn. Mealieril Secretary Pen uncl Keys 1: Beta Giuniuu 2: A Cappella Choir 2. .llfxiilow llYllKEY, AS. lielgrzule, Alanine Uanml Hygiene fannpus lihuncler Ig Phi Oiniemn Up' silun l,2. Pregitlent 23 Big Sister Orin mittee lg Beta Guninm 25 XVmnenR lluuse Government 2. Nlrrzi ll. V.-xss, AA. 30-I4 llulvnrt St.. Vllmxcmclsicle, N. Y. Lilzcrnl Arts Cnnipns 'lhuncler L21 Hillel 1: KYB' iillilll Pugeuiit lg Sehiott llilll Presiclent iz lVunien's House Government 2: Pin Delta Rho 2. C,im'L llELEN XV,x1.LENs1'LiN. A.A. l6O VVest 77 St., N. Y., N. Y. Executive Secretary Booster Cfunirnittee 2. 33 Fashion IW erclzazwlising VVeelc-end 2. ELINOR CiI.OR1A VVEISSBIAN, AS. 330 Pacific St., Bridgeport, Conn. Dental Hygiene Phi Omicron Upsilon 1,2g Hillel l,2. ,, ,,.,Ww.w7Y Y im 4. ' NlARIO SANDRA VVARGO, AA. 932 No. Benson Rd., Fairfield, Conn Chi Zeta Rho 23 Fashion Show Com'- mittee 2g Fashion Show Model 2g Deco' rations Committee lor l-lome-Coming NANCX' loAN VVEISS, AA. I Brookwood Dr., Baldwin, N. Y. Executive Secremry Pen and Keys lg Protestant Club 1,2 lX1. FRANCIS ABRAMSEN, B.A. Evergreen Ave., Patchogue, N. Y. Psychology Sigma Omicron Sigma l,2,3,-1, Vice- Chancellor -1, l.F.C. Bep. 2: Varsity Hockey 3. LEVVIS ALPERT S3-10 118 St. Kewgarden, N, Y. Engineering Baseball l, P.O.C. l,2,3,-1, Hillel l,2, 2,-1, Fencing 3,-1, Mens' Senate 3, Engr. Soc. 3,-1, P.U.C. Pledge Master -1. CHARLES E. ANDERSON, BS 36 Henry St., Stratford, Conn. Ind. ,lo1u'v1. Swim Team l,2, Klang. Ed. Scribe 3: Pi Delta Epsilon 2. BoRER'rA S. FXRONSON, BS. -135 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Vice-Pres. Fresh. Class, Student Coun- cil l,2, Student Spirit l,2,3,4, Campus Chest Comm. l, Hillel l,2,3,4, Future Teachers of America l, Treas. of Strat- ford Hall l, Music Club l, lnter Dorm. Comm. 1, Deans List l,3, Chi Sigma Delta Sor. l,2,3,-4, Pres. Chi Signxi Delta 2,-1, Freshman VVeek Comm. 3, Pres. Soph. Class, Scribe Reporter 2, Pi Delta Epsilon Frat. 2,3,4, Nat. Stu- dent Assoc. 2, Student Ed. Assoc. 2, l.F.C. Rep. 3, Pub. Director VVoman's Athletic Assoc. 3. lX'lARILYN l. ALCON 25 Brewster St., Kingston, N. Y. Education Hillel 3, Treas. Linden Hall 3, Future Teachers of America 3, Hillel 4, Com-. Ed. Assoc. 4, VVoman's House Gov. 3,4. RITA ALTIERI 9 Sunnyridge Pkwy., Trumbull, Conn. Education NEA l,2,3,-1, CEA l,2,3,4, Theta Ep- silon Sor. 2,3,4: Deans List 2, Newman Club 2, Ushers Guild 2,3,4. STEVEN Nl. ANTAL, B.S. 999 High St., Fairfield, Conn. Ind. Engr. Engr. Soc. l,2,3,4, S.A.lVl. 2,3,-1, Alpha Phi Omega 3,4. LARRY BABICH, B.S. 226 East 203 St. Bronx N. Y. Ind. Iourn. Baseball l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4 Sports Ecl. of Scribe 3,4, Sports Ed VVistarian 4, Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4. 35 1 Hillel 2,3,4, Varsitv "B" Club 2.3.4, vifemis.-. . -- S. fr -'s:. A we, W., ,,.. M.. .. . .. f,Qf.m Ai N.. , 1,A5g,vg or .5 likiiig-T323 f 'S f gi if 45:1 "I L l --ri. . gf-fel fi f5Yfg.. 1.,ggX1-.' . W, 'S WEN .mf Q 5 ,255 SX 'wi , Q S si 5, 2 P i wi 5325 5 5 xi, WW f K . . is 5.32.33 . .f t 'fS:TixiE!.T' . :-. . asggg-iii.. . if ,,g,5ff'.fi - 7 j ,. . Q2 3 - 36 llOVVARD S. ISADER, BA. 1254 Capital Ave., Bpt., Conn. Psyelwlogy Photography Club l,2, Swim Team 2, Sigma Lambda Chi l,2,3,4, lraelt Team 2,3, YN'istarian Staff 2, Hillel 2,3,4, Psyeo. Soc. 2,33 Varsity 'lin Club 3: Fencing ilieam 3.4. loin' ll. l3,xRl,ow, l3.rX. 239 North St., Ulatertown Conn. illcirlcetirzg Campus lliuntler 3, Cliorus 3, Clirist- mas Pageant 3, Management Club 1: Tlieta Sigma l'rat. 4. X'X'1i.1-i.xxl Nl. l3.x1r1'i.H1'T, HS. l75 Linclen Ave., New llaven, Conn. xlceozrriliriuti Spring Play l,2, XYlSIill'lil Pageant l.1. 3.4. Clirist. Pageant l.2,3,-la Campus 'lliuncler 2.3: liniglits ol' 'liliuncler 25, 4, lilieta Sigma Frat. 2,3,4: Student Council 3,41 Etliics Comm. 3, Parking Comm. 3, Cliairinan Student Court l: Chairman Rep. Club 4. Coiinox' L. llauga, l3.S. Beacon llill llts.. Slielton Conn. DIL. Engineering Soeietx' 4. Aisiiaiiam BANGRAZ1, BS. 312 6th St., Leominster Hass. Imlzrxtrial Davin S. lhim, l3..X. 330 lfernelale Ave., Strat., Conn Political Science Vice-Pres. liresli. Class, Stuclent Co: :il l.2,3.4, Pres. Stud. Conn. 3, N lg Frencli Club 1, Deans List l,2,? Sigma lambcla Clii Frat. l,2,3,4, Trt Sopli. Class, Treas. Stud. Council Vice llres. Stud. Coun. 3, Scribe Atl' Boarcl 3: ull In 2,3,4, C.l.S.l.. 2,3 Sociology Col. 2,3,4, Pres. Junior Cli Plii llieta Kappa 3: XVlio's XVlio i'X1iiei'iu1ii Univ. a ntl Colleges 3,41 P. F. 3,4: Vice Pres. S.L.X., See. ior Class, Alumni llall Board of C 4, C.l.S.I.. Sen. Scribe Columnist Pres. ol' Common Council lipt. Uay ,XLIIHLIR E. ll,-xirioxie, I3.S. I I2 l'ir St., Valley-Streain, N. Y. lml. lieluiioiis i Kappa lleta lllio l.2,3,4, Newinan Cl' lp S..'X.Xl. 3.4. l.oiuN J, lluiiesxv.-xx, ILS.- 66 Cole St., lipt., Conn. illullieimzrics Campus -I-liuncler l, Cliristmas Page lg Newman Club l,2,3,4, SEA. . Baseball 2.3,-la Varsity "B" Club 2.. Alclerinan 3. EQ- . W . -l:., P' 11.-...t-an fwnfyse- My jqg 4. . ,. 1 Q' ' 7 ei. .1 ., - .' 1 : A.. 'yi' Av? W -'93 K 'V .. N ,., ::, W 5. .' 1 fm f f f 41515 -1,9 yfmwer -at 2 .Pt .,Qgfwgf5, si 51 'YE U" ' C - PQ .315 -ff. ii N4 A11 .1OSEP1'l 'I. 13Es'1'E1zcv, 13.5. Lluyd Rd., Norwalk Cfcmn. Aceoiantizzg C1IlARl.ES K. 1iONDER, 13.5. 015 111ue Sen Lune, Kings Point. I-, 1., N. Y. 111L'L'lI. Ifrzgr, vlui Delta Omega: Fmt. 2.5,-1: Ensgr. Que. 23,-13 Deans Liar 5,-13 Spurts C1111 C1u1x 1:1 11.13. -1. SUSAN 11. 11v11UNO, 13.5. 95 Pierce Ave., Brut.. Ciwnn. Iitlrreulirm Pen ZX Keys lg NL'X1'll1kll1 C'1u15 '1.2,5,'1. '1'1ietzi 1fpsi1nn Sorority 1,231.41 Eduei tion C1u1i 23,-1: Cliuius 3,-1. .Xnxmxn II. Cf,xx'1',xHo, 11.5. 185-1 Buxton Ave., Upt., Cfcmr-. 11111. Ifvzgr. Newnmn Ci1u1J lg Engr. Soc. 3,-1: Alplm Phi Oinegu Fraternity 3,-1. nlosiivii C. BOLDUC, 13.5. I5 Spring St., Uzinbury Cfnnn. ACClIl1l11111g 1.110121 811511113 Frat. 3.-1-1 11etu A1n1izi 5:-1. Xv1l.I.l.XM 17, llnovnoxvsm, 11.5. 9-1 Nlnritf 1,1.. 1:alirfie111. Cinnn. 11111. lgngr. 1i1ietu Sigma flruternity 3.-1. - w 1OS1i1'1l AX. C.,xNnEi..x, 11.5. .686 liussutli St., lint., Chun. ,11t1r1ze1iHg . .. , . 15.use1m11 2,41 Sueeer 4: Sigma 1111 .VXI p1i.i Fruit. 3.-1. . , 1 Kluuixw 11. CASE, 11.5. -19-1 Puineruy Ave., 17itts1ie1L1 N1.1ww. Bjlllfltlfj Student Spirit Cicmnnn. 1: Deans 1.iN1 12.3,-1, Se1m1zirS Dinner 2.3.-1: Out- 1 standing 17res1unun 1'Xwurc1: See. 11iu1- ogy Sue. 3: Pres. 1111111153: Sue. 33 Arif ten Se11u1urs11ip for Highest Pxaiiking Suplimuurez Freneli C'1ub 3.-1. 37 ,5 .. U ,,.,,..-, .vt .. ... , L ::'-Aw ,F .. AV-'- 14151 fsfii' : i A, ,,, 35? 1' t 13.114 ' iii sf f U W4 s UNH mx X P91 ,Q .. ith i.1,.t,q,, eggs A 12,255.53 W. X W ag tg, 1. 53 Y ,251 . gf, ggi S, , 5. sz Kimi M 5 if S . 1 Alffsfsa.. . Q -ff, , . . - . , .. M sf L :F A . J, K. f f 1 3 ...R .. . Qi? . J Sire .ggi S S ...E-,At ..f 4 if ' W' ,AAA .,..,,.k ,. kg ,, .. 5.1 ,,'.1 111 ., ,,, g, .A7, 5 w"i'S if ll ,mr1az1.-' 3 F b 'f A 2 . 3 Siiiiilvi X4 ' - f: s4s,:2.g,y M A f iii f: ff it as " --"2:ZZ25aE-:. -if: X- 1 1 :g,:2,f: Asif .fi .2 ' . is W FRANK W. CAVENDER, B.S. Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. Education JOANNE M. CHIFFRILLER, B.S. North St., Oxford, Conn. Education CEA 35 FTA 3,45 Newman Club 3.,4g Theta Epsilon Sorority 3,43 Christmas Pageant 33 Campus Thunder 45 Mod- ern Dance 45 Historian Theta Epsilon Sor. 4. JOEL H. COHEN, B.S. 46 Redfield Ave., New Haven, Conn. Marketing Hillel 1,2,3,4, Photo. Club, Int. Soft ball, Football, Basketball l,2,3,4g Swim- mingg Trackg Soc. Act., -Soc. Co11q., Pol. Rel. Forum, Tennis, Fresh. VV14. Com., Sigma Lambda Chi Frat: Sport. Award. BARBARA Pt. COLLINS, BS. 31 Bush Ct., Stratford, Conn. Nursing Deans List 1,2,3g Choirg Psych. Soc. 1,25 Theta Epsilon, Aristeia, Helen Scurr Scholarship, Scho1ar's Dinner. JUDITH M. CHELLBERG, B. 71 Stonecrest Drive, Bristol, Co Nursing Deans List l,2,3g SchO1ar's Dinner Aristea 3. JANET BAILEY AKJATOLE K. COLBERT B. 527 Riverside Dr., New Yofk, N Political Science Upsila Beta Sigma, Pres. 2,3, Se Tr. 2, Pol Rel Forum 1,23 Int. Cl. 2,3,4, St. Ed. ACC. 3,45 Soc. 2,3,4: Alpha Phi Omega Frat. F Vvli. Comm.g C.1.S.L. ROBERT C. Cox, MA. 36 Iudsen P1., Devon, Conn. Education Baseball 1,2,3. , ,,,L. A ,t.,,,,t Z-1. EDWARD A. CURRIE, B.A. 40 Reservoir Ave., Bpt., Conn. Industrial Design LEAH H. DAVID 122 W. Rocks Road, Norwalk, Conn. Alpha Gamma Phi Frat. l,2,3,4, ln' Hillel 2,3v45 SEAC Alternate 2- dustrial Design Soc. 2,3,4. ROLAND A. DAv1N 21 Merwin St., Norwalk, Conn. Arnold Alajor Club 23,41 The Spart- ans 4. JERRY ANTIIONY DECAPUA 72 Hellstrom Rd., East Haven, Conn. GEORGE M. DEER, B.S. 60 Hudson Bpt., Conn. Education Alpha Gamma Phi Frat. 2,3,4, Inter- Frat. Sports. ROBERT F. DEACON Flanders Road, VVoodbury',hConn. Dr-ans List l,2,3, Engineering Society 4 RICHARD A. DEOAPUA 15 Le Roy Terrace, New Haven, Conn. Debating Soc. 3,4. ROBERT S. DyANDREA, B.A. 1672 Stratford Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Sociology French Club l,2, Debating Soc. 2,3, Treas. 3, Pol. Relations Forum 2,3.,4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Sociology Colloquium 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4, Alpha Phi Omega Frat. 3,4, Aristea 4, Phi Thet Kappa 3,45 Pi Gamma Mu 3,4, Freshman VVeelc Comm. 4, Student Council 4, Vllistarian Advisory Board 4, Pres. Sen- ior Class 4. President 4, Scribe Advisory Board 4, A wif' ,, , 39 if 2 3 il? -s Yv if WY, 1 OLGA DELAVICTORIA, B.S. 189 Clairmont Ave., N. Y. Exec. Sec. Cheerleaders 2,39 Chi Sigma Delta Sor. 2,31 Newman Club 2,31 Vllistaria Hall Pres. 3. AlAR1LYN B, Diamorsiss, 13.5. 3505 Perry Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Psychology Psychological Soc. 2,3,-lg Theta Epsie lon Sor. 2.3.41 Debating Soc. -L CQERALD A. DEVITO, BS. 9 Vernon Pl., Mount Vernon, N. Y. Accounting Alpha Gamma Phi Frat. 2,3,-lg Treas. A.C.P. 3: Baseball 2. Doromss M. Doss, B.A. 606 Trumbull Ave., Bpt., Conn. Bus. Educ. PTA l,2,3,4q Sorority l,2,3,4. Yo1.ANDA M. lDELMORE, B. 345 Ridgefield Ave., Bpt., Cor Ezluczition Campus Thunder l,2,3g Beta Ca Sor. l,2,3,-lg Newman Club l,2.3:. taria Pageant 1.2.34 Knights of T er 3,43 A.C.P. Football Queen 3:l C Sweetheart Queen I. EDVVARD DENIKE, BS. Seeley lltl., Xllilton, Conn. Economies CISL l,2,3,-ll Golf Team l,2,3,-lg l flub l,2, bllreas. ll PRF l,2,3,4g C flub 2,3,-lg See. of PRP 3, lnter-Nl Softball, Basketball, Volleyball l .ALBERT l.. DoNAFR1o, HS. 353 Putnam St., Bpt., Conn, Etluczrtimz Alpha Phi Omega Frat. l.2,3,4g C Club l,2: Cllioir 1,25 Conn. Eduea Assoc. l,2,3,-lg Nat. Education As l,2,3,-lx Music Club 3,-l. CHARLES H. Down, B.S. 155 French St., Bpt. Conn. Bus. Admn. VV1LL1Aixi H. DREHS, BS. IIS Ghurch St., Ffld., Conn. Industrial Engineering Scholar's List l,3, Deans List l,2,3 Engr. Soc. 2,3,4g Engr. Club of Bpti 2.3,-1: Alpha Delta Omega Fraternity 2,34 Roiusnr B. ENCKE, HS. 45 Albion, Brut., Conn. Illecli. EHKQT. Scholar! Dinner 1,233 Aristea gl Eng.: Soc. 4. VVALTER rl. FAHERTY, BA. 235 Arsenal, Vllatertown, Mass. Physical Ed. Baseball 1,2,3,4, Newman Club 1,2,3'.-lp Soccer Mgr. 2.3, Football Mgr. 3,4: Varsity "B" Club 4, Alpha Gamma Phi Frat. 3,41 Arnold Majors Club 3,4. JAY A. FISHLER, BA. 15 Schenck Ave., Great Neck, L. I. Industrial Design Student Spirit 1,2,3,4g Vice-Chairman 3, .Industrial Design Society 2,3,4. 'CS NICHOLAS D. EDWARDS, BS, 71 Portland Ave., Georgetown, Conn Ind. Relations SAIYI 4, Deans List 4. Ricnixrtu E. EPPLER, BS. Marina Hall, Bpt., Conn. Bus. Admn. BALDOMAR FERREIRA 754 Maplewood Ave. Accounting P.R.F. 2,3,4g Alpha Gamma Phi Frat. 3,43 Debating Soc. 3,4g Treas. A.G.P. 4, Beta Alpha 4. ROBERT E. FLADER, B.A. 245 High Ridge Drive, Bpt., Conn. Ind. Rel. Sigma Phi Alpha Frat. 2,3,4g SAINI 3,45 Pres. S.P.A. 4. 41 , we--1.,, 1, fvi2..g.i. . in-.figs f if if f.'Q.gggz:f. A ' .fir 151541211153 ' wif-,i"'iW3 . ff'E5?w..: F 59551. V? -'f'wQ5.f?- - . E .1 A .gf-, ' : al'-'N' -, ' wif .iff ' I .fi-.Ljg t yfgf' ., " J wiqf- Z.. ff miixg M 2 . WS ggi: A, fi N 3 8 ...fb i K APK4 gif 5 .Mm NF. 5 sf, H , v ,- r sf? ,E nap A z Y- 21 if 1 '51 5 fs. 1 'A Q ,Q 1 A e ,ff T 4 1- .-1 wit v if ,inf .if Q K iii.. L., . ,Mi pk'5??fs ,. .. ,..1 Q. . ..-.gxgbwgxk M ,lv Ind. Engr. 4 -4: :E -wazg.,.::Ef.ea:si:,:f-- sz:,f::'..i Qf.,,gs,. jf if 35515. :i'5f'5'?2'? --mls?iigiihiigiigiilaff32:15:21ig1E1.:1:ZZ::1:.:-'faf.l:.::5'-:f:i:g:.l' -' -. :. . .JW F .V--a.-...A ' . :mmf--a..i,. -. ,, wwf. WEP. fb: . A is A QQ ai A Q, iff Q.-iswgggz.--i..,' L 1 assff' f .-.. gg-f..'v1qgg:yi..Hzf ,ln ANN FOOTHORAP QQ E 3 . AM... , . ..,. . 1.-i. .--mf'-Fi, - ' . 21 lzfifig ' , F ' ' . i A 71 iff' ' Efsywii I . .'1i.i'f.53E5i'f2i ' Ygj f J.-fri. 5:1-HS ' 'ifyfifitiififiifi ',-Iiikii 5f'1"' ' iii '-1 , ' . f 1. ' .aw an is 4 -if -1-f--M it ii if J 1 Itngr. Soc. 1,2,5,-1: Student Chapter QI of Society of Pi'ufcssiumi1 Emir. Chorus 3: S0cia1 Activities Ccmiiii. 5.4. CJEORGE FOLLETT Jn., BA. DAVID H. CJALE, 13.8, 51 Woodlawn Ave., Naugatuc1c,Conn. 25 Sanford P1., Bpt., Conn. Psychology Economics VVALTER M. QiALL, 13.5. CiEO1!C1'i .'X. CLA1z1EPY, 13.5. 9 Summit Ave., So. N171'XVk11k,c1UI1l1. 12-3111 1,euininStci', K1uSs. Mcclzuriiccil It-unix 3,-1: 11.110, Frat. 3,-11 C 1113 3.-1: Ifngr. Soc. 3,-1: A-S-M-1 DIANE HELFAND. 13.5. LEONARD ciER1XlANO, BH 412 Ainsterrl Ave., Pvt.. Umm. 58 Fairfield Ave.. Stamford, Con! ll- ' ' Education Freshllum Week - . Future Bm Alpha l,2,3,4g Alpha Delta O11 Teachers of America 23,-ig Mixed 2,3,4, 3. 1-1.xx'ixioNu -I. CiI.ATKOWSK1, B 448 Pop1ar St., Bpt., Conn. Iwriustrini Design 1:uotba11 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3g 'Sm Phi A1p11a Frat. 23,-1, Vice-Pre- Industrial Design Soc. 2,3,-1. Q az aim... ,.,. ., ,.,. .. isiljii f V155 7. ... a fiagziar -i.i.,.?5fw.. --, Qb , . . ' A-f- 1. '35 . . 925 - .M . Jig, 5 2 xg -.ia swf., se....w7 -sf --fl ff.. f iV'iii?fs?iif31gfRgw'A , Am,, sv--f5w.a:-ffigfq ::f..::s::'r:::f:- ei.'121fe2's1g2e.aigs : .zzfvziwqaxxeer ..-'1::-sith.- fzszsfiisfg-1a.gssa.'?4Z8 . , 5'?.i5i"?2fQW', "YN .sms wit it .fs 1m2,5555,gg5af ..:.:- .: f --a. f..1w-m,v,...m --...Q . Q-ff. are 51gi,se5i4.f:iggsg H5935 ::"5 s55Q?Q5:w1s?zA A- 5, 53, .M as ti-- -1 w..-a t 1.?if5:t-w5wP??s?fQ 2 " -if-'hi'.iYlf?.3?itz Q51 ' fi 35i5Q33 -ji .Hia 'wifi' ff..fmg525sf "::.::-if . 'vgvlsx '.j:j,,::fh3'jL25gf--'til9 ei ' P' 'r - f- .f':z1'4s,,w34Q?a5Q :E-gin . .ttf -mg . .1.'N'1S1f':..-isisweflg - : - . X i fzszsi:a:.J .Q it . ,"-i'21i.'wi?fHvi5Fi ,. O Y H2 .M.....i-.fra-.-...i t ' xfxigftfiaisiiggwt1f.s,:'tfas5 tiiigfiffisiai iiyff-119551 . 55 .. -i - wff2atE g 'w,5Rz?2.f 1,42ff-1-ily . ai W' 'iM5?gAiv" A 2 'ag : -s -- az. M . a t.. i O-.5 .. ., A.. Ra - - Nj .. .. 'ff " it .' fi ' FRANK R. GODO, B.S, 223 Fairchild Ave., Fairfield, Conn. Mech. Engr. Newman Club 2,3545 Engr. Soc. 2,3,4' Student Chap. A.S.lVI.E. v PAULA GORDON SAMUEL B. GOODWIN, B.S. 725 South Ave., Bpt., Conn. lklech. Engr. Engr. Soc. 2,3,4. WALTER GUNDERSON, B.S. Boulavard, Newton, Conn. .Mecli Engr. Engr. Soc. 2,3,4, Pres. 4. EDWARD M. HALL, B-A L MARY L. HEALY, B.A. 10 Sanchez Ave., St. Augustine, Florida Physical Education Newman Club 1,253.45 Arnold Troop- ers 1,2,3,45 Arnold Majors Club 152, 3,45 Alpha Gamma Phi Frat. 1,2,3,45 Track 253,45 Football 253,45 Swimming 2,3545 Varsity Club 2,3545 Freshman VVeek Comm. 35 Student Spirit 35 Corr. Sec. A.G.P. 35 Wistarian Co- Sports Editor 45 Football Tri-Captain 45 Fencing 45 Gymnasium Dedication Comm. 45 Future-? CAROL B. HENKIN, B.A. 55 Lee Ave., Scarsdale, N. Y. Education Hillel 253,45 Student Activities 35 Co- Chairman National Student Assoc. 4. 268 Park Pl., Bpt., Conn. Physical Education Newman Club 1,2,3,45 W.A.A. 1,2,3 45 Basketball l,2,3,4g C.E.A. 253,4 Field Hockey 3,45 Softball 2,3,45 Arn old Majors Club 3,45 Beta Gamma Sor 3,45 Treasurer 4. DONALD LURIE 221 Huntington Rd., Bpt., Conn. Education Literary Soc.5 Hillelg NEA5 SEA. 43 'ii Sim it W ESR 33551: ,, fi Lf gr if ZR ff? f, ,,L., , . W... i.. .,.. ., ,-,-as -tiff . - R .. if g, . - -fi, , . ifwssi ,JI 'Q 1 :W lst ' ' - ' - -f-...,,1..1,..... . f f NSY"-:q:s1. . MQW' my -Q-:zwfq 2 3 ,,,. ,. m, WA. . W . , MX' 'ff-.-sf , milf- "H 'Q ' "rf-A . 20- " -- Q-i-v-was-ff.i...1,--'nfVi :wwzm , i x ---- -- 'V ft -wif,-f,:f'.'.-it-' 1, ,115-. ,- -1 swfgf-: saw 1 1. g.e Jf,.i.s1'.-tial .. A 1 if W ...XS gs .A .iz ...I W... .. sg sq..Ei,.fM,, ,gli , i A235 H Ely t W1 3 rx fm ,sr Z? yZgiQZ'j3 25555 A 5 S ,wp if E 'Qs ffm sffgjliik 4 ago, it 4401, i i. i N J A w,lf33' ,3,, ,,2j.f'5?fft ,M 3 Wzmtwgfi , A it HZ" N M H5551 5 S wir in ,. L,k,,. A k.k. L VLL., . - - L r .. :"g.'.-5.13.5-,lyys Yiirfgzitsegy --rr-'rv L CHARLES W. HILDENBRAND, B.S. Box 327 New Milford, Conn. Industrial Newman Club l,2,3,4g Alpha Delta Omega Frat. 2,3,4g Engr. Soc. 2,3,4, Treas. 4. PAUL l1lLLER, UA. 35 Catherine St., Norwalk, Conn. Euluczificm Spanish Club 1, Literary Soc. 3,-lg Stu, dent Education Assoc. 4, State Educa- tion Assoc. 4, Natl Ed. Assoc. 4, Na- tional Council of English Teaeliers 4. GEORGE P. llOBART, l3.S. 225 Roekey Hill Pxcl., Trumbull, fonn. 1l1LlllSi7'iL1I Engr. Soc. 2,3,-lg Alpha Delta Omega Frat. 3,4, Treas. 43 Student Chap. Professional Engineers 3,4. RICHARD C. HILL, B.A. 430 Allyndale Dr., Stfcl., Com fvfarketing KURT D. Ll1I.ZINGER, HS. 229 Ridgefield Ave., Bpt., Con llieciz. Engr. Engr. Soc. 2,3,4. ELWIN R. llowEs, BA. 470 Vlloocllancl Drive, Nlilford, fu IJ 1: ixlARIE G IANNIOTTI BA CLINTCJN L. lluizizmin, IEA. 42 Academy Si., Neg, Havimy boa 286 Park Pl., Bpt., Conn. English LH. I A V Y X Biology Club 1,2,3,4g Literary Soc Student Spirit 39 Pres. ol Mens Senate ga. French Award 2. Seclifrcg 3. w Scribe 4. W '1A1XlES W. IDE DIR., B.A. 169 Farm St., VVoonsockct, R. 1. 1.11. Student Spirit 1,2,3,4, Chairman 4,2-5 Freshman Week Comm. 35 Alpha Gam' 1113 Phi Frat. 3,4, Corr. Sec. 45 1.F.C. Vice-Pres. 45 Dorm. Officer 35 Mens Senate 31 Football Mgr. 4: Alumni Hall Program Comm. 4. Huco A. JAIXIES, B.S. 23 Franklyn St., Trumbull, Conn Biology Carman Club 1,3,45 Biology Soc. 3,44 Alpha Phi Omega Frat. 3.4. Pres. 3, flist. 4. lJAVID P. joIINsToN, B.A. 94 Greenleaf Ave., VVaterbury, Conn. flourimlism Scribe 3,45 Feature Fd.-Rewrite Chief 4: Pi Delta Epsilon Frat. 4. DENNIS A. KARLEN, B.A. 8 Susan Ct., White Plains, N. Y. Accozmring Sigma Lambda Chi Frat. 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Freshman Week Comm. 2,3,45 Beta Alpha 2,3. ----w VVALTER CEEORGE IGNATOWICH, B.A. 29 Euclid Fairfield, Conn. Industrial Design Industrial Design Soc. 1,2,3,4: Delta Epsilon Beta Frat. 2,3,4. WILLIAAI A. DIARBOE, BA. 12 Sunset Ave., Trumbull. Conn. Educzztiou Fresh. Vveek Comm. 1,2,35 Scribe Photos 1,2531 Fencing Team 23,41 Capt. 35 Vllistarian Photos 3: Phi Cniee ga Chi Frat. 2,3,45 Psch. Club 2,35 Orchestra, Ba d 2,3,45 Public Bel. lPhotos. 4. CERALIJ L. KANTER, BA. 23 Abbott Ave., Danbury, Conn. Nlarketing lnter-mural sports 1.23.41 Student N. DANIEL KATZ, B.A. 90 Morningside Dr., Verona, N. J, llflarketing Soccer, 1,2,3,45 Hillel 1,2,3,45 Sigma Lambda Chi Frat. 1,2,3,45 Photo-Ed. VVistarian 35 Tennis 35 Varsity "B" Club 2,3,45 Scribe 2. 45 Yeierrfie- ' 'ff " ' ' . Ki 1 5 I x r4gJ, 'il, M15 11 S M .1 ff' tgtntlf at W r I, , N9 4 vw W Y .X 4 gfaisffs, .Img as , X at at 4 t 3 S5 K 5. H 5,32 ' 'K if f' 4 .B 5 , ,J is 4 2 L. mp? r 5 Wig, 2 X M L ,. 3 ,si 1 .P ,Y 6 is W te .L E 'X fi at sg. X Q ,nf I a Q algal 1. l Wg, ,WY A H. asa. 'M M32 t Q ., 46 thi, wr. R gl s iksxs 5 5 . -'fftlw i zi ,si Mir, 'Sm is . ..,,.. ..- ,. ft' lf' I E Egggfg. .. . . 1 f gist gk:-, 75,7 -. Iij::E'H:':s!:fI . --..-as view flfefswir .. -. 1 ' -4 Wi.-52.4 if "Z-if .... .. .. ... 1, 3 i s .-1 ., f .feittzias fr,-5 tw.. .-I iz f .IIYIQSG A llfif F ' g fm.. 1 K ' ..-it is Q .as .... is . , '. P51 . ' .IEREIXIIAH KENNEDY, B.A. 129 Capitol St.. Augusta, Maine Accounting Beta Alpha 23 Intermural Football, Softball 2,3,4, Alpha Gamma Phi Frat. 3,4g Deans List 3. RICHARD B. KIRK, B.S. 120 Garfield Ave., Bpt., Conn. llleclz. Engr. Engr. Soc. 2,3,4, Alpha Phi Omega Frat. 3,4. lXlURRAY A. KLEIN, BA. 570 Capitol Ave., Bpt., Conn. Accounting Sigma Lambda Chi Frat. 3,45 Freshman VVeek Comm. 45 Beta Alpha 4: Pres. S.L.X. 4. BERNICE V. KMIEC, B.S. V 247 Central Ave., New Bedford, Mass. Dental Hygiene Newman Club l,2,3,4g Phi Omicron Upsilon l,2,3,4g House Council Pres.-- Treas. 3, Supervisor Fones School of Dental Hygiene 4. WILLIAM G. KIIXIBALL, BA 131 Vought Pl., Stfd., Conn. lndustrial Design Industrial Design Soc. l,2,3,4, Sec. LESLIE D. KLEIN, B.S. 58 Elm St., Glens Falls, N. Y Psychology' Psych. Soc. l,2,3,4, Music Club S.A.M. 1,3g Hillel 1,2,3,4, Tennis Fencing 3,43 A Cappella Choir 3, i ver. Mgr. Vllistarian 4, Sigma Omic Sigma Frat. 3.4. VVILLIAAI Il. KLEIN, B.S. 9 Bennett St., Bpt., Conn. LB. Sigma Phi Alpha Frat. 2,3,4, 23,-P, Treats. 4. EvEI.YN T. KNAPP, BA. 228 Baxnaps Rd., Garnerville, N. Biology Delta Epsilon Beta Frat. l,2,3,4, ology Club 23.4, German Club 2 Aim, ifgafsy 'SEEK ' . gg . . 132' WE 2,-.,.Q . , ggi.,5w..h. t l FXgsti,Y!, 1, as iw E56 L'-' awe 114. - ' 7 'if sa. . iw , wmv.-'1 .2 iii E.. . mi if f .S ,gm , ag- if .3 ,.., at Q il-an 'l if ' at it tr It r gem. 1 Y ' K ",,.".4, . . 3. .J 1 f wg f-a:..,.E.. aaa: as - X y My R Y N 1 X .9 l.-1.-f H? its W .V55 J K 1, . fi? infje Q am gg WFP 'L if il ,ff 1 Q fi si.. -E lv' 5 24, if . ,Q Na ll V -,. ,,.. . :z 1 'mt i e Q. lf . 55' It ,,,,. 1 .,,A, ,M K ALLAN KUPFERAIAN, BS. 37 Lowe St., Nwllq., Conn. Education Beta Camina Sor. 3,-l. ll1crimnD E. LOCKNVOOD, BS. 66 Perry St., Fflcl, Conn. Bleclz. Enlgr. Bnml l.2,3,-lg Orchestra l,2,3.4: Coll l,2,3,-lg Engr. Soc. l,2.3.-L CLHARLES E. BlANVlLLE, BS. l7l Derby Ave., Seymore, Conn. Accounting Pres. Beta Alpha 3,-l. SALVATORE J. MASTANDREA, BS. Sl Pinehurst Ave., VVaterlJury, Conn., Pol. Sci. ' Alpha Gamma Phi Frat. 2,3,4, Debat- ing Soc. 2, Soc. Colloquium 2,3,4, Pres. 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3,4, Treas. 4, P.R.F. 3,43 Student Council 4. Ho C. LEE, B.S. 108-3 Changsung-dong Chongro ku, Seoul, Korea Mech. Engr. Fngr. Soc. 3,4, Deans List 3,-1. LEAH A. LUKE, B.A. 2 Ashmury St. Monrovia, Liberia Education DAVID LAURENCE MARSH, BA 9 Marsh Rd., Easton, Conn. Nlarketing :fi It EDWARD G. MCANDREW, BA. 326 Wilson, Bpt., Conn. Marketing 47 rea Muir- aq- 'At-.,.:a ,,.,, S. Av-, Af , ,, -ffm-'.35Qgt2:b3ib5s-5 gs f- f.q,zr.:.r.r.,..1f-, ,,1:.:Sr1w-w riawwff have 358452 ' A V" - A at-f mr H ff. 4 1 ..-f.- ff .5-,,A5q,5.,,, I Sa - W Wing S nw av H, .. is A W KW XV., f '53 . ,gi Rs "'AA , gli 5 ........................- DONALD j. MCINTYRE, BA. 95 Roanoke Rd., Ffld., Conn. Industrial Design Delta Epsilon Beta 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2,3 Treas. 45 Industrial Design Soc. 1,2,3 45 Newman Club 1,2,3,45 Deans List 1,2,45 1.F.C. Rep. 35 Freshman Play 3,45 Spring Play 3,45 Campus Thunder 3.4. TOBY MICHAELS, BA. 82 So. Main St., So. Norwalk, Conn. Education Chorus 1,25 Deans List 35 N.E.A. 4. JEAN A. MOLLAN, B.S. 81 Flint St., Trumbull, Conn. Nursing RHODA B. NASH, B.A. 155 Maine St., Ridgefield, Conn. Sec. Beta Gamma Sor. 3,4. v JALXIES M. MCVICAR, B.A. 219 Buena Vista Bd., Bpt., Cont Industrial Design D.E.B, 2,3,-15 lndustrial Design 1 2,3,4, Pres. 3. STEVEN 1V1ILLER, BA. l 137-O2 224 St., Laurelton, N. Y lllarketing Delta Epsilon Beta Frat. 1,2,3,45 V Pres. Trumbull Hall 15 Pres. Wa mere Hall 25 Student Spirit Comm DONALD N. MOTT, B.S. 575 Harvard Ave., Stfd., Conn Ind. Engr. 1 lntermural Bowling 1, Engr. Soc. 2,1 Spirit 25 Hillel 2,3,4, Bridge Club RoBERT NEUBERGER, B.S. 35 Aldine Ave., Bpt., Conn. Ind. Engr. Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3,45 Theta Q ma Frat. 2,3,45 Pledgemaster 45 Brix Club 45 I.F.C. Rep. 35 Football JOHN F. O'BR1EN, B.A. NORh'IAN 0yDONNELL, B.S. 7 Atwater St., New Haven, Conn. Turnpike Rd., Vvestboro, Blass. Accounting Industrial Dean List 3, Beta Alpha 4. FRANK A. OlNE1I.L, B.A. 2366 E, Alain St., Bpt., Conn lllrirketing FREDRICK A. PALUINIBO, B.A. 8 Saxon Bd., E. Norwalk, Conn. Accounting Beta Alpha 4. Louis S. PASTOR, B.A. 178 Orchard St., Bpt., Conn. Accounting Football 1,23 Beta Alpha 3,4. Baseball 2,3,4, Alpha Delta Omega 4 Engr. Soc. 4. FRANK OYSULLIXVAN, B.S. 13B Bryant Pl., Ridgefield, N. ll. luol. Rel. Newman Club 1,2,3,4, Basketball lL Alpha Gamma Phi 3,4, Treas. 3, Sec 4: S.A.lXl, 3.4. DAVID PARKER, B.A. 522 Howard Ave., New Haven, Conn. Industrial Design Kappa Beta Rho 2,3,4, Treas. 2, Vice' Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Industrial Design Soc. 2,3,4g l.F.C. 4: Sports Car Club 4. ENRIQUE G. PENA, B.S. 54 Pasajesur, Havana, Cuba Al6Cl'l. Newman Club l,2,3,4, Delta Epsilon Beta 2,3,4g Marina Hall Treasurer 3, Spanish Club 4. 49 llanm' NlIClIAEL PE'I'Ens 30 Carlson St., Bristol, Conn. Plznrsiezzl Iitlllfflllitlll Newman Clulb l,2,3,4: Newman Clulu Vice Pres. 2: Newman Club Pres. 3,-1: Basketball l,2,3,4: Basketball Capt. 4, Baseball l,2,3,4, Baseball Capt. 4: Arnold Troopers 1, Arnold Majors Club 23,43 Varsitx' "B" Cluli 2,3.'lZ Sigma Plii 'Alpha 23.4. llnwuzn Bicriaiiip lJRIXIAK'IIllK. B S IO Granite -l'erraee, Artsonia, Conn. Met-li. Eiigiz Bancl l: Engineering Society 23,41 Sports Car Cluln 4. iXlARlE hloaisi R.xCANiELLo, BA. 341 Glenbrook Rcl., Stniforcl, Conn. ElL'H1Cl'llt1l'j' Ed. Xllistiara Paguente lg Beta Ganiina 2. 3,41 Cliristmas Paguente 3: Deans List 3, JOIIN CiEORGE BE1cHEi., B.S. 36 Bronx Ave., Bridgeport, Conn, Sigma Oniieron Sigma 23,41 Sigma Oinieron Sigma Pres. 4, Engineering Society 23,41 lnter-Fraternity Couneil 25 Student Couneil. .XLIZERT CTARL PE1'EnsoN, 9 U'est End Ave., Old Creenwieij Conn. l lmizistrinl Design lnclustrial llesign Soeietv 23.43 De Epsilon Beta 3,4. Xliiniiw YIOEI. PRUESS, B..X. I25 Chester St., Mt. Vernon, N. , Retailing llillel l,2: Deans List 12,51 Sig. Lamlxla Clii l,2,?w,-lg Sigma Lainlg Clii lreas. 3: Hlistarian l: Serilme i 3,4: News Editor Scribe 3.4, Stutlc Activities 33 Pi Delta Epsilon 3,41 , clerinan Bridgeport Day 3, XVlio's XV in American College 81 Universiti Eiiwixiiip -losEPii RAL1SKl,ili.1'l Derluy Road Soutli Norwalk, Co' .fleeoiiuting 4 Beta Alpha 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 4. VlEnEM1.xii llAI,SEY BENjii.iAis Bail. 880 Old Post Bal., Fairfield, Corp Englisli lJean's List 3, Sports Car ClulJ,4: lx erary Society Vice Pres. 4. ' .Al RX-fe LEONARD J. RICH, B.S. 204 Rosewood Pl., Bpt., Conn. History Newman Club lg Kappa Beta Rho Frat. l,2,3,4. CLARE E. RIPLEY, B.S. VValdohoro, Me. l.H. Alpha Cantina Phi Frat. 3,-lg P.R.17. 3.4: S.A.N1. 3.4. NANCY R. SAIXIUELSON, 13.5. 101 Elmwood Pl., Rpt., Conn. Nursing Sec. of Nursing Class 1, Pres. 25 Del. to Conn. Student Nurses convention 2: Delegate to National Student Nurses Conv. 2. lNORlX1AN SCHIMELINIAN, l3.A. 170 Lincoln Ave., Rpt., Conn. RE. Band 1, P.O.C. Frat. 2,3,-1, Vice-Pres. 3: Baseball 2,33 Hillel 2,3,4, Pres. 3: Arnold Nlajors 3. RONALD T. RICHARDSON, B.A. 1011 Sheridan Ave., N. Y. Illarketing Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3,-lg Intermural Sports l,2,3,4g Trumbull Hall Soc. Dir. 1, P.O.C. 2,3,4: Swimming 25 Ski Club 2, Hillel 3,45 Freshman Week Comm. 33 S.A.N1. 3g Social Act. 4. lXlAXINE S. ROSENHOLTZ, BS. 116 2nd St., Troy, N. Y. Fashion Illerclmndising Hillel 1,2,3,4g VVistaria Pageant lg Chi Sigma Delta Sor. 2,3,4, Pledgemaster 2, Soc. Activ. 2,3, Sec. 33 VVoman's House Gov. 2, Vice-Pres. Linden Hall 3: Sec. of l.F.C. 3. lXlARY Lou SARRA, B.S. 27 Patton Dr., New Briton, Conn. Nursing Head Drum Nlajorette 1,2,3,4: Student Spirit Comm. l,2,3,-1, Newman Club 1,2,3,4g Theta Epsilon 2,3,4g Pres. of Senior Class of Nursing. MARILYN SCHNEIDER, B.S. 63-202 Alderton St., Forest Hills, N. Y. Nursing Student Assoc. College of Nursing l,2, 3,43 Freshman VVeek Comm. 23 Stu- dent Council 25 Theta Epsilon Sor. 2,3,4: Hillel 1,2,3,4g Treas. Senior Class of Nursing 4. 51 A 1 aa.. RICHARD C. SCHNEIEF., B.S. 4 N 56 Ritch Ave., Bryant, Conn. fag gwigiifg Mech. Engr. " ,jail Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4, Soc. Chair- rii f man 3, Corr. Sec. 4, Bridge Club 4, if? Engr. Soc. 4. Lois A. SCHWARTZ, B.S. 187 B-129 St., Belle Harbor, N. Y. Fashion .Merchandising Dorm. Pres. 1, VVoman's House Gov. 2, Social Activ. Comm. 2,3,4, Sociol- ogy Colloq. 2,33 Dean's List 2, Student Council 3, VVomen1s Athletic Assoc. 3,4, Sec. 4. josispu Pi. SCLAFANI, B.S. North St., Greenwich, Conn. Mechanical Engr. Soc. 3,4. , BERTRAM M. SIEGEL, B.S. 357 Queen St., Bpt., Conn. Evlucation Univ. Sr Community Symphony Orch. 1, Sigma Lambda Chi Frat. 1,2,3,4, Pledgemaster 2, 1.F.C. 1, Student Coun- cil 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4, Freshman Week Comm. 2,3,4, Co-Chairman 3,4, Uni versity Ethics Comm. 2, Junior Class Treas., Political Relations Forum 3,4, Student Education Assoc. 3,4, Alumni Hall Board of Covfs 4, Hillel Pres. 4, Scribe Advis. Board 4, XVistarian Advis. Bd. 4, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. RONALD R. SCHULMAN, B.S. 460 Salem St., Bpt., Conn. Sales Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Hillel 1,2,3,4 Marketing Club 4, A.P.O. Frat. 1,2,3,4 MARTIN H. SCHARTZ, BS. 1124 Lindley St., Bpt., Conn. Economics Sigma Lambda Chi Frat. 1,2,3,4, Po 1,2, Econ. Club 2,3,4, lntermura Sports 3.4. EDWARD SCHUIXIOFSKY, B.A. 276 Carden Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y Biology Football 1,2,3,4, French Club 1, Tracll 1, Pi Omega Chi Frat. 1,2,3,4, Sgt of Arms 2, Pledgemaster Sc Public Rel Chairman 2, Trumbull Hall Soc. Direc 1, Varsity 'Bi' Club 2,3,4, Hillel 2,3 4, Scribe Sports Writer 2, Biology Soc 3,41 Dean's List 3, lntermural Basket ball, Softball 3. SALVATORE SIGNORE, B.S. 462 Ffld. Ave., Stamford,-Conn. Accounting Beta Alpha 2,3,4. litical Relations Forum, 3,4, Pi Gamma 1V1u 1,2,3,4, Hillel 1,2,3,4, Swimmingi JOHN F. SPILLANE, B.S. 73 Ashley St., Bpt., Conn. Accozznting Newman C1ii1i 1,2,3,4, Beta A1pha 23.4. ,loiiiv STEENECK, B.S. 109 xx10tK111lXVI1 St., Hariiden, funn. 11c'Coiuztiizg Theta Signu. Frat. 2,3,4, Treas. 5,45 1.17.C. 3,4, Beta A1pha 4, BAI113iXIl.'X B. STOHL, B.S. Barn 11i11 11c1., Nlcinroe, funn. lmi. 1le1. VVoiiien's Athletic Assoc. 1,2,3,4: Scholf ar's Dinner 1,231 Basketball 2,41 1nf terinura1 Spnrts 23,41 Theta Epsilon 4. KT. Pixui. S'rRAv1TZ, B.S. 205 Iligh St., Klnnroe, N. 1, lfcoizoiiiics Pi Omega Chi 3,43 LBC. 33 11i11c1 3,41 Pres. 33 17nntha11 31 S.fX.K1. 3,-1: N1en's Senate 4, See.f1' 4: Chorus 4: Stu- dent Spirit Cuinin. 4. ROBERT I. STEHLE, BA. 2701 Old Town Bd., Bpt., Conn. Industrial Design lingr. Soc. 1, Industrial Design Soc 2,3,4: Kappa Beta B110 Frat. 2,3,4 Historian 3, Sec. 4, Dean's List 2.4 Scholars Dinner 5. h x7OLIDA S. STIETZEL, B..-X. 5 XVashingt0n St., Su Nnrwa11x, Conn. History ELISSA Srnauss, B.S. 2251 Ho11and Ave., N. Y. Nursing Chorus 1, Hillel 1,2,3,4g Social Activ Cfninrn. 1,29 lheta Epsilon 3,43 Dean! list 3, Nursing Student C'nunci1 3,4 BENITO -12,-XLIGNANI, 13.5. 87 Asyluin St., New Haven, Conn. A1CL'11. Eugr. lingr, Snc. 1,2,3,4 Student Chapter prn fessinnal engr. 3.4. 53 ,Q -1, 'fa ffwffyz. gmisif2'?ffiiv.'sWW?siy?Y'gV" ' ..'fs5-4:-1.j,:-51 VN 1'Sff.:vfgjf-vm, sv A imk 5,Q555ifA?1?,555'?5.?a, .. .. -wf..,ss2i it-,ai f5,2i-.'i'm1f'- -A is fe -'sfifii'-.mtf.f!.1' 1ZZei'3sAkEs2f":s:: 5ws-vff1f,f11f:tiWsz -' - -'f"w1i,:n' A wpwwf?-.e.,siaKL,S szsgggfi ' - ' " ' at . .1,,,,.?.-g,s.,was,, g,, K.,,,cAf..wza,5f. .. i if f..-5.4-ffii-WESW .-E21?lxzg?iff?Z L' nf 1. , . w.1..,-.fwmsaii mssi...,,1. . -1 fs A -1:-T ' wi' L . , . . , . f5"'c - . A 1 1 I - - v if '71 ..,.ya,. - 1 iff' .1-'Q'.12': .iii - ' ' E".7.,1'.'"ri'Sf?ir55" , - 1 A . 1:11 ,rug gr.. , .f 151, -,' En g., - ana ,i zffa-' ,. f A ' 1 'fgik ' u ' , , ., . Iw i I ,,f..,'.-vis, 47 51' f. . A res fi... . , . rm- . '-- . -. .ag 5' www Q-sim 9 . K - xi.-.if f . ...,: A tri- Q is, 'wssraaa I .-: . ::fs.s:f:" " . D " 2rEs..:--age. 1: f - 1:f+:'a::.:-Ievfws-si' 1 .. MMP, . 2 .,,,.. W., ,A .. Q.--. f- , s - :SEE 15255 5 Pd 'ff:.1f2,25+1i2Iifiiiaim -Ni: miifigisfiifwilefm 2. 2 :4122 ::wsf2T.z52f-.-rv..-' . . ..,.,4. .. ,..,.. , . 4'2a.:1r4'.Ia'.:'22r::s::..2:. : se 'QWQQEQEQ5 riieiv 332' 7 -. ' :'52::,5f .. . - ' . ... ..,,g..,3 .. . . .32 M... ., ,, ,, 2 gg. .. .- W., ... 11. fag- E wma,gfg5,?f?a?t,,m..5,.,.g,. 5.15 E -- use ....m.,.,,.....,.. Iac..-- 5 mX.w1ig:,wf,.f,f -Pg.,i,.i.f,iw, ,,,,,,.Q,,.g,,....t,. 5.1 1 .... .. ,.. ,Q gp,uq,1wfg35g g, '.. ',,' fgm gazg - : . ..He.aSH!a. ' 2.411 Y'ffAti4s?ies?4mii.',i' gwgsggwmisi. - sf' 5tf3t1fi,1'1T51f ' 75' - xmrzifwsi SWL fwz-fvzs11,s ff' sfvixigffiiiisii ,iff-ff,1'w" 5 -I Si ' 'Wiieiiesils ,.:,,, , ..,..,..,, " 17552 ff 2751 ig va -at dn ., -sfllfi' K ' 7 K A QKK iii ifflf . .iff 3, f. I 1858 2 ., ,.., ,..,.a,. . :S ., ...QP 2 , fwezm- . -- f .,fez-aww. - ii: -ia... " - " 54 RALPH M. TRUE In., B.S. 120 Brewster St., Stratford, Conn. Accounting Christian Assoc. 1,2, Beta Alpha 2,3,4, Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Vice-Pres. Beta Alpha 4, Music Club 3. THOMAS H. WALLACE, B.S. 130 Mt. Airy Bd., Bernardsville, N. I. Economics Pi Omega Chi 3,4, Ski Club 3.4, Eco- nomics Club 3,4. BETTE G. WEBER, B.S. 68 Highland Ave., N. Y. Fash. Merch. ' Sec.-Treas. Freshman Class, Student Council 1,2,3,4g Student Spirit Comm. 1,2,3,4, Social Activ. Comm. 1,2,3,4, Bridgettesl, Vice-Pres. Soph. Class, Beta Gamma Sor. 2,3,4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Miss Bridgeport 2, Cheerleaders 2,3,4, Capt. 4, Freshman Week Comm. 3, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 3,4, Greek Goddess 3, Phi Theta Kappa 3,4, Conn. College Queen 4, Alumni Hall Board of Gov. 4. CATRIONA M. WHITE, B.S. 138 Elbridge Rd., New Britain, Conn Nursing Sec. of Senior Class of Nursing. . K. MARION WALLACE, B.A. Success Pk., Bpt., Conn. Education Conn. Educ. Assoc. 2,3,4, National Ecl Assoc. 2,3,4. HAROLD C. WALLACH, B.S. A 42 Eastern Pkwy. Milford, Conn. 1 Mathematics Chess Club 1,2,3,4, Tennis 23,45 A11 pha Phi Omega 2,3,4, Hillel 2,3,4i Helicon 4. 1 WALTER K. WELKER, B.S. 212 Willis Ave., Mineila, N. Y. Marketing Intermural Football, Basketball 1L2, P.O.C. Frat. 3,15 gaseball 3, Treas. . . 4. l EDWARD WHITNEY, B.S. 50 Pearsall Way Bpt., Conn. Economics Christian Assoc. 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1,2, Economics Club 1,2,3, Pres. 3, Photg, . Club 3,4, Pres. 4, Wistarian Photo- ' grapber 4, French Club 4, Campus Thunder 4, Baseball 4, Pi Gamma Mu 4, Deanls List 2,3,4. a,AA,, i " A 1 . , A ,L . . 7 f '. fl Fw.: .T A ia. ss ...P I - w - . .. .. L' A . A K . V . ,A . 9535.451 fre ,U "IL . ', ' , sf 'fm 5111 '. 2753. 1 www . 4 5'-,Wiz 2. 2 g f 'ic J ng I .sf ies. sa , 1' -'if-f '.., ..+f -sf, wi.. 3 ff " f 1 T 1 P 5. wg... .W f- :f.,fi..wv.ga5 13 'W' ., page 'tsl V it 3 up ,, . W 'SF lv 4? MILTON B. WHITTEMORE, gn RICHARD 1. WISH, B.S. 93 Strawberry Hill, Norwalk, Conn. 16 Forbes Blvd., Tuckahoe, N. Y. Mech. Engr. - Engr. Soc. 1,2,3,4. l : ROSALIE S. WOLPE, B.A. ' 595 Atlantic St., Bpti, Conn. English ' ' DONALD T. WOODRUFF, B.A. , Roxbury, Conn. Industrial Design Dean's List 1,25 Industrial,Design Soc., 1,2,3,45 Delta Epsilon Betas3,4, Pres. 4. DONALD JOSEPH ZADROZNA, B.S. - 197 Lafayette St., Bpt., Conn. ' Mech. Engr. Engr. Soc. 2,3,-4. ' 4 wr . , , f'L,g .V 9 fue ,,. l..... i...- Marketing Hillel 35 Intermural Sports Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball 35 Photography Club 3. ELISE L. WOLFF, B.A. 1916 Grand Concourse, N. Y. Education Hillel 1,2,3,4g Dorm. Pres. 1,2,3,-15 Scribe 15 lnterehall Comm. 1,25 Dean's List 2,3,45 Student Spirit Comm. 35 Wistarian 35 Women's House Gov't. 2,45 Beta Gamma Sor. 2,3,4, Pledge- master 35 Judge of Homecoming Floats 35 Pres. B.G. 35 VVho's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 3,45 Freshman Week Comm. 4. WILLIAM C. WRIGHT, B.S. 353 Lenox Ave., Bpt., Conn. lllarketing Theta Sigma 1,2,3,4, Pres. 25 l.F.C. Rep. 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3,45 "Along Park Place" Columnist 2.35 Phi Theta Kappa 2,3,45 Pi Delta Epsilon 3,45 Scribe Feature Ed. 3,45 VVho's Who in American Colleges and Unia versities 3. ROSALIND Louisa ZAZZARO, B.A. 79 Grandview Terrace, Hartford, Conn. Education Pres. Shiott Hall 15 Women's House Gov. 15 Newman Club 1,25 Big Sister Comm. 1. 55 .Q A STEVEN ANTEL JOSEPH BOREK MARTIN CARRIGAN HENRY R. CLARK VITO CONSOLATORE MELVEN I. ZIMMERMAN, B.S. 220 East 5th St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Marketing Sociology Coll. 35 Sigma Lambda Chi 2,3,4g Public Rel. Forum 2,35 Hillel 3,43 Student Council 35 Tennis Club 4g Vice-Pres. S.L.X. 4. CAMERA SHY JOHN Del3ELANY RICHARD AZZARO JUDITH BROWNSTEIN EDWARD CARROLL ARTHUR COONEY WILLIAM DREHS MARVIN RAUR FRANCES BUCHTA FRANCIS CHACO GERALD DAVIS KATHLEEN EARLE CAMERA SHY LOIS FIRISIN NANCY FRICK GEORGE FOLLETT SANDRA GODFR EY WALTER GALL CLAIRE HERSHER NANCY KIRMAYER MILTON HOBBY RONALD MCCARTHY HOPE LEURA LEO NOON MARIE MENCARELLI WARREN KATZ RONALD FRENCH ROSE GIBSON A RLI N E GREENBAUM DAVID JOHNSON HERRATE IVIATEY .I ACQUELINE MELLES MAYNA OGILVIE LEE PERKENS 4 SHIRLEY SABO ROSALIE STERN PETER VITTI DIANE GELEAND ALAN CDIIEN -ll- 1' FRANCIS HUBER DONALD ZADROZNA xl' SQT- 1.-? Y.V. NICHOLAS PANUZIO JOHN RAPISARDI JACQUELINE SCARRITT VINCENT TORCHIA PHOEBE'WALLACE LDKJKONGIUON GERALD DAVIS PADI, 'SLOSER .IOHN GREEN PATRICIA PARKS VIRGINIA ROBERTS RICHARD SHELBY DIANE TYZNIK JOAN WASKO GEORGE SLUTSKY NINA DURIN , NANCY. TREADWEII. ON .- 5 H I 1 1 I. 7 H 1 2 , p .1 L 'K -1. V I 2 1 ...i .J 4 I Ah ' 1 .:. , .4 Y J -1. u.. -, ,D - '1 J, ,.- L.. 5. lie Universitv of Briclggeport lris mm 1 Q t. i y stucleut organi- zations that sponsor activities ol' both social and eclueational nature. 'lille University can lie proud of tliese groups and of their aeliieve- ments. Every stuclent wlio participates in meetings ancl aetivities Ol' these organizations is rewarded with new friemlsliips and develop- ment ol' qualities that will assist liim in securing a better place in society. Xfve now present a review ol' some of tl f l ' l ig ug 1 spots in the yearls activities. f! rf ki!!! Ili z'!2ifl 3 'ggfil fill!! QQ: f ' Qxzfzfsisissfzs -Q: "w...,""'-..,"""w. QVN ""w,,""'-ww, .,,,.. UU EH Q51 kg, , 1 ., A 2, mm, X ., . , -gm .Q Ms: + A A, a . .I 5 . M AN" fre' . 5" -'La' M , Mi.. 'x 1. --i i- fw " -Q M 1 :I fx, N e,f'Q,u. ,L ,WT xl ' 'ai' W, . Y1 4' ,, 12 19, EH 'Y 'I '.j ..1,.,, , mf' .14 4, Q ' " .ff 'R . . 1 4, Q31 512575 31'-" 'mi Af 'Lu' L1- VJ" J Wil' xii, .I .f 35'- fcw? . V ups ' -1 -1' 15' i M ,gn px M, ,QL vi, ,5 V. I 'ink' VH' i I '1'f':f, ily 11.34, ,,: -nf. 5 4.45.1 . ,IQ ji rx 7.: T -v f+,f-1--v-fWv- H ---, . ., -Y - Q ,-1"""" 1. 4? . . 'V if Q. A . Y . SOCIAL ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE OFFICERS Mary Ann Cupo -, ,,,,v,,,, -A .,., Co-Cliairiimn Alan Freedman .W .,,, Co-Clmirman hlaxine Pwsenholtz W --,Corr. Secretary Carol Jacobson ,,, ,,--Rec. Secretary Roger Lefkon ,, ,,,,,,,Tf8US1!Y87' lVlrs. Lunn ,W ,,- , ,, ,,,,,, ,,,-,Ad17lSA7l' Many hours of planning, decorating, tedious nights are spent work- ing on the major dances, here at the University of-Bridgeport. From the Christmas Ball in December, right straight through to the VVistaria VVeek- end in May, the Social Activities members always have some affair to keep them busy. Not only are the dances- included in our program, but so are the various teas for the queen candidates, and arrangements for judging. Their motto: A Social Activities member's work is never done. One dance has ended and weire back in the swing of planning another one. 9 :pu , , , The first wccli of college life is fillccl with all sorts ol' LICU' if , The Frcslimzm llop' :incl of course itgfistultion are the highl ln bttu Leu tht txxo tht Oiils iniimvtd to stelx out 1 ft xx lllLl'lC . . lj - ,K V 1,52 2 S I I n with mcmhcrs ol thc various athletic teams, and at thc emi of Qf t it K ,Q , . gi 1:2 they fell in line with the rest of the stuclcnt hotly for the yearly of guthcring books. 1 OFFICERS Nick Plilllllill , Y, W Y H , , Ci0'CilZ!1iT171LlFl Burt Seigel , ,N H , Cfo-Clzairmmz Ann Foothorap , , ,, , W S9C1'!3fCITj' Bill Bartlett W- WHY, W , W - ,, H ,,,.,,Tv'easurer M...,,Mi Pre-Semester Weekend ln early September ti group of students from the University of Bridgeport spent it well remembered weekend in the mountains of New York State. Dr. Vllolff and hlr. DeSiero Ctwo fine yaehtsmenl will remember it hest of all. Perhaps the students who were there will enjoy the several snapshots we have included in these few pages. K Campus Thunder '57 Direcior Cast S f Mm ,, ' mx nn ...M Staff Rehearsal 'N Opening Night 'F'-'1 ' " G8 R TAG N ,ff S.. Wffqiwy 1 Production Number Reassurance The Show Anybody's guess Lovely Ladies ALM' g F I 4 .I I Manhattan Finale PQ if 6 .... as Me velvef glove ef fwihgif casts infimafe sAaolows over Me fem! ef Lnow- feefge, one pauses fer jwef e moment fo gaze info Me fwinlhng sfar-sfucfoleol inhnify efepeeee anollzere in Me Aeavens, as Aere on earfA, Me mosf Lrifhenf sfars are Me jlkrsf fo maAe fAeir Presence Anown .... H Tervou' Miss Anne Footl1o1'up's glittering smile reveals liei' emotions upon receiving lim' crown as SVVEET- HEJXRT Quccn, of UB. weefAearf ueen wsfaria ueen Bliss June Nl-I'iIlffl1Cl' Becomes another on thc' growing list of lovcly 'XVIS1 ,NHLY quecns to grace the UB. Campus. J V25 1446171 lfleelfl Bliss Sandy Katz, chosen by thc lvrcslumm class to be their queen displays thc smilc that lmclpccl her gain such an honor. 73 n6W-flag? Queen L , This year Miss Lois Prentice received the 'SNUW-FLAKE, trophy from the brothers of Sigma Omieron Sigma Fraternity. She was elected for this honor by the student body. .. 1 A.. ach of the thirteen emblems on the opposite page has a special meaning to the members of the Greek Letter organization it represents. Each emblem represents a bond, a brotherhood, an almost physical tie, which will survive both distance and time. Each member wears his or her emblem proudly. The stein and the pipe signify the good times, the parties, the unforgettable weekends among the closest friends he will ever have. Creek Letter life is not all fun and relaxation howevcrg there is work to be done, there are brothers in need of a helping hand, there are principles of leadership to be learned. Let us look at the pictures on the following pages remembering that these are the Greek Letter groups that represent and make- up the student body of the University of Bridgeport. h , ag- V .sfQQ.,A 'AX .Ho Q' f X 'Q Sv -ff XJ 'lx QMS" .Q lj C , ,,. -41195 X c"'l ' 39. . sg, ,,.f"" 1 14"-1 . OW." av 'J' +bf"!"'f-T-'YA Q-90" w 9' :Q .N I 534. jf go xx ' '-- - .xr ' + Q Q wr Qs- 4, 1 414 Lf XV 4 iff:- Y if xikiifu 2' 'WE , ,, -. '23, .4 - .if H X if' . V J, --Qw- fi? EFJ 1' ' 13? Qkig' .' ,,.. ,,X.L , ,, -Q, ., v. . ,,,.w,,, A ',--K.L,,fff-fffv ' ' ' x Q ,, f- .Sgr 'X ig 4 X 55353. fax- .w..,,.-,. , -- X ff -we .- - .QQQ Qi fa'- eb. fs fi?-s'E.,s+5l -' "S L 5 gg 6 . f .f'2QffLf"'f ' 1.,1.iL.Qi.. . f f . .. X ' - 8 ' 1 .-,,',i,', 7 xii o 19 W ev QQ' I, I Q J- Sl -Y - 1- - we f .- 49 4 121 , .NIA - f ,k W- N V -W J' ,'i:-1,662 bfi?" - ,BST FP. 'ffl-2 f',,-ffzww ml, , -, ' f , P-: ,. ,.E f 1, iff-g a new M .J- 134-www? 53935 f A F12 Fw- .. . -F-1 ' -sm Y i g W- H Aw.-4 Q -gfa,a,1-gtlnf Y ' Y-.-Zfirif. 1- fim ,J - 'f-fwfr ..--Ei' .- ff m , . , ,. v ' ' -in -1,5 - f Q ff K, .. 54 I-fl--1 N' ivsff-QM '- 5 -A ., ww-Q'131.51: , .ww - .Q I gy V I ...M L 4 - ,,-.--- Q.. -Q, f M. .-Sgfmf 3253 H .,- 4- 15' V :V .121 W,-4 i. f.:'f7?W , 1...-.-,-,,..... W , X M. . . ,ft-Q-fPv v y , K 735. gtg ., .Jw wr. f JF .- , nw--if 3, 5 it fi-Qs? rf, iq: if -, .1 M:-5' f n ? sg ,- . . qw " 425' 'f . . f'. 'am YE: - .K A 1 ,,. 1 .- i E if-Q? my M is ' Af., ' 15 , . . .-is-55 f '-- rv I,P0,. - 5 . .252 ' WB " -' -.- ,, ... ,,. . 'WW -i ni. lv i g ,ri " X .4-yg.,wf f.fQ . - -, wg 'E+ A Q? Q 5 4 fn , 1 RM! 9 N, af J. . . 3 vp Q - Wifi, I I -.2-Qgfs if 'I it - mf fg ggf , KW-,7 .. - X? - 'f 43? . 1154-1-W j' l - fn QW. A , . .-sw.. - M ' 12 4. 1 ..- - -V - E F . , A 2 5, , iw . K Q . . ' . . -.fe f as ' 3 A JU S 6455 X Q W3 3 -, Q -5,55 , f Sq--3.-gfgfkkgv I 35357, .viii- -igjf. .4 -. - ..,. 1 1 2 'QM - n lie , , J-QQ! fm? Q'--J Q .J , W 92-55,- W f J , ,g 111:-xi- f- .-ffm. f ,-,. . . gp - .5-7-,.Z?L if " 1.,. . .f- ,aNa,,-- , ??LgiT.L3f'f'v5:vl at V. gn QE A -.-E1 ai 'L-4'-X, k -' 21- .ve -,.,,. ,awvgwg v -- f L. -7 Vifjfljiivg, 1 ' T .AL -1. .- Q' fa 434:55 7' :A f' if-g.,-iw A 1 , -L J --fi 1.7. ,e ., gf Q .9 ,1',-we 1. P241 4 QQ? W wif., 1 . . 5' N X A A . -, 'f ff."-fql ,R k,,.A,fg:1fg?Ly1z . ' f'13?32IiM - 31- Q . 1- fl- 51,5 ,ff .Ts-ii? - --.1 .H X - 4 m - fs - '--- 1. 1 ,-f-, , ...X . . ,Kg ' - 93? 'AQ'f5"9?5. , 'X EV' ' . ' ' ' viii Inter Fraternity Council Seated Left to Right: Ann Fooihorap, Bill Wright, James Ide, Maxine Rosenholtz Standing Left to Right: Donald Lurie, Lois Prentice, Marshall Dickman Sieffic Berger Stuart Plotnick, Judy Kornbluh. Back Row Left to Right: Frank Cavender, Anton Colbert, Richard McDurm1t Fred Pickle Richard Siener, Howard Abner, Bob O'Brien, John Stenick Martin Carrigan Good-will and cooperation has been the keynote of the lnter-Fraternity Council, the governing body of the Creelv letter groups on campus. The l.F.C. Constitution was ratified during the Fall semester, 1956. Among the purposes of the organization are the establishing of a Fraternity Social Calendar, basic minimum qualifications for membership in the several fraternities, and a code of general conduct for the external affairs of the member fraternities, The Greek-Letter Dance, an annual event, is sponsored bv the lnter-Fraternity Council. ln the spring a Greek Goddess is elected to reign as Camp- us Aphrodite for the coming year. SIGMA PHI ALPHA OFFICERS Row One, Left to right: Richard Amies, Robert Flader, Martin Carrigan, Michael O'Donne11. Row Two: Frances D'Osti11io, Raymond Bell. Robert Graze, William Klein. Joseph Christiano, Raymond DeCava, Steven Sorracco. Row Three: Stanley Roman, Gary Adzima, Harry Peters. Joseph Sicliano. Richard Miron. Robert Flader -e Martin Carrigan ,, OFFICERS ,----- ,---- ,,,,-,l'rc5ide11t Raymond Bell a,,,.. Richard Ameis .... Dr. Charles Petitjean . -c,Vice Prcsiolent e , - , , Sec1'eta1'y c , , , ,T1'3!t?1ll'C1' ,,, U Advisor Sigma Phi Alpha was the first fraternity to be chartered on the University of Bridgeport Campus, receiving their charter in l947. Sigma Phi Alpha has always been a leader in everything they have undertaken. Every year Sigma Phi Alpha awards a S100 scholar- ship to a student who is outstanding in athletics, has good scholastic grades, and is in financial need of assistance. The pledges are characterized by different costumes every semester. They are different and colorful and looked forward to by the entire campus. . . V- -xv V w ' 3' 5 DELTA EPSILCN BETA OFFICERS Row One, Left to right: Richard Bonini, Donald McIntyre, Don ld W d ff, R' h d M D 1 F d P' k Row Two: Frank Wlassak, Barry Kichline, Chico Penna, Carl lgetersgrg. ru lc ar C ermo L re lc el' Donald VVoodruff Richard McDermott Richard Bonini ---- OFFICERS Donald Mclntyre ---, Raymond Petrie --- . ---Vice President President -- ----- Secretary Treasurer - - ,-ldvisor Delta Epsilon Beta fraternity was founded in October, 1947, on the principles of Brotherhood and Sociability. One of the oldest fraternities on campus, it places equal emphasis on studies, social activities and sports. The fraternity tradition includes a bi-annual pledge period during which members are tested and initiated with- out public embarrassment, In the true spirit of fraternity, DEB prides itself on the many national and racial extractions represented by their members, which includes students from all parts of the worldg an organization which literally unites members of all races and nationalities into a brotherhood. The aims of the fraternity are to promote good will, friendship, and good fellowship. THETA EPSILON SORORITY Row One, Left to right: Judv Carr, Teri Paston. Anne Foothorap, MaryAnne Hanusovski, Joanne Chiffriller. Row Two: Alda Garofalo, Carole Holmgren, Audrey Thilo, Shirley Sabo, Bernadette Farrone, Joanne Alecknowicz, Barbara Stehl, Lois Anderson, Joan Mueller. OFFICERS Ann funrliiiixip , -,.. - .-...... ------- Vif'siilf2'11 Tcri Ptistrni illqiry Ann Iliiiwsiwslq' , , -- - ---t .,, , , .-., Sccimftziijv leptin Xluullci . , , ,- - , ,-- - - , ,, L5 IUV1i1,I'x at Inch' Curr , fi'eimirc" Joanne Qihiiiiii ui , A ,Y , ,--.., A ..,, , i. f' t I Audrey -llhiiim , .--..n ,,,, , , - Y, Socizil IDiVL'L'1!J'A Louise Sahel, Ciiiiml llohngrcn A, W -,-- , PlULl4lftZ771tl5iCl'5 Airs. Hi1i'btii'.i Siciclcuy A , , H ,, , -- - ,,,.., . ."l1il'iSUI TllET,'X liPSll.ON SORORITY, ii nonfscctui'iiin sca- rority was toinicci in tht- full oi' 1948 hy sixteen united C0-cds. lr was ticciiciitcci to proinoting hotter illtllllllll relations inncang the viirimis llltlili rciigicuiis and niitiointlity groups un thc UB CLIIHIULIS. The soroi'ity motto Ntoutcs cnscinhicn, cxcinpliiiics :iii iictixitics LlllCiCI'fLliiCll hy the group. ilniuiiii trips to hospit- als in the ncighhoring coniinunitics, activities in vzirirmus sports and the sponsoriiig of ini iinniiui "ll.isquci'acic Bull" highlight an active your, that cannot hut help to cicvciopc thc qualities of icaicicrship, Cillll'2lCICl', fellowship Lind sciloiiir- ship. Kappa Bela Rho Row One, Left to right: Robert Siehle, Brian O'Gorman. David Parker, Donald Knapp Row Two Dick Sxener Bob Haskell, Bob Pervier, Dave Quaglozzi, Vinny Gloria, Jack Ryan. Row Three: Joseph Peinllo Gus Gazdlk Charlie Sivain, Al Wesi, Roger Gill, Jerry Davis, Missing: Jim Cassel, Don Conley. OFFICERS Daxitl ljarlter -.- .,... -,- ,..,,,,,,v.,,..,.,....., Presitlerzl lirian Cfflorinan ,,-,, ,,,,,, ---, -,---,, , liiee-llzesitleizi liollert Stelile A,--- ---, ,,,,---,-,, ,---, Seeretttrj lionaltl Knapp --,,,,,,- -,,, -,-, ,,--,- ,'I1l'C1lSlll'L'Y' Kappa lleta lllio was iountletl 'Noyemluer 3, 1947, antl N its constitution was acceptecl antl approyetl' lvy tlie Uni' yersity in nlarcli, 1948, tlius estalvlisliing a social fraternity luasecl on tlie prineiples ol trutli, iclloyysliip anti lionor. Early in tlie fall semester ol' eacli year since its in ception, tlie fraternity lias tlie lvestoyretl priyilege ol' initiate ing tlie social season luy presenting its annual tlance, Kap- pa's liicltolil' Kaper. lloweyer, Kllli men never rest on ihtiif latirels, tliereiore, tlie scliool year is tlottetl yyitli many parties antl Functions, namely, ililie lirientls antl ,Xlumni Dance antl tlie famous .Xpril Stag. 'lille liraternity also pursues a vigorous policy ol, interf mural participation, liieltling teams in all sports. THETA SIGMA Row One, Left to right: Gerald Fox, Bill Bartlett, Bryce MacNaugton, Edward Chin, John Steeneck. Row Two: Bob Burgess, Stanley Sanders, Ronald Miller, Kevin Tobin, William Wright, Mr. John Sherry. Row Three: An- drew Mitchell, Fredrick Topham. Lorin Beresnyak, Robert Neuberger. OFFICERS liryee MaeNaughton . ..... -- .... - - . - - - -,l,1'eSi4lUf11 Edward Chin ,, , , .,., . -, - . --- . -, . - l'iee l,l'L'SlllC'!ll .lohn Steeneela , , -- ,.... - - - - - - .... -, 'I-"t'lIY1ll'Cl' XVilliam Bartlett -, ,.,. -- . - . ..... - lice. Sc'ei'U1m'3 Vineent Claprio -- , - , , , , , , , - , , , Corr. Seereiurj Gerald Fox A A - - ,D - , , ,, , , ,,,, , Soc. Aer. llireetor Lorin lleresnyalc ,-- - - ..... . -- ....... ljleclgeumsler Klr. john Sherry 'lclvisor Theta Sigma, founded at the University of Bridge- port upon fellowship and loyalty to one another, has en- deavored to develop in its memhers a high degree of leader' Shipg an example of which may he found in the many offices and positions of responsihility that Theta Sigma men have attained. Traditions of the lraternity inelude an annual Christf mas party at the .Crippled CTl1llLll'ClllS lN'orltsliop, the lied Cross drive, and the annual "l7oothall" danee, which this year shared puhlieity' with hurrieane Diane. Semi-annual pledge weelts and the annual homecoming and reunion meetings with its alumni have heeome traditional. The eontinued sueeess oi' Theta Sigma from its origin in 1947 may he attrihuted to an underlying devotion to Fellow memhers and to the Praternitx' name. SIGMA LAMBDA CHI OFFICERS Murray Klein Larry Lcvnw Henry Frnciiliofcr Xllilliuni Ncxvtcmii , llK7XYill'Kl Aluncr C0 lose Kliyiriuli. Fcluurcl X1 Mr. DeLeo, Mr. McKeon W Y Y, AW- W- Advisofs Sigma l,LlI'l1lXlLl Cliig fountlccl on tlic principles nl' sclwlursliilu, fcllmxsliip, uncl limtlimlioncl, was nrgzxnifccl in tlic lull nl NWO. Sincc its inccptinn, it has cncnurugccl intcgrity, loyalty anal lll'LlICl'l1lff', rcgurcllcss of msc or rrcccl. Aclvncnting lcaiclcrsliip and rt-spimsilwiliry in tlic intcrcst of the University, I1'lL'lHl7L'I'S ol' Sigma Luliilxln flii lmvc luccn liswciurt-tl tlimugli participation in CXIl'2lAL'llI'l'lL'LllllI' zlctivitics with tlic zlcliniliistrtition in tlic integral grnwtli nl' tlic Ul1ix'c1'sity ful' l3l'lllgCI7OI'l. Sigma l.LllHlXlLl flii lm csmlwlislit-tl SCYCl'Lll nrcccclclits wliicli linvc lvcconic ll'llCllIlUIllIl Lit tlic LlIIlYL'I'SllQY Stmxx' lmttccl lucmticcl plctlgcs sccn twice ll wean' and tht- annual "April liL'l1llCX'OLlSH ullliir, onc of tht- liigliliglits ul' tlic social ycur, zlrc SyI10l1ylHOLlS witli Sigma Lalinlxlti Chi. K , W zznw, ,,President Vice Prcsiclunt Y Trcziszrwf , Rec, Sccrcmri' , f rr. SL't'1'Ur411'j' X 'JH' , Plefigvrlzizxffws v Q . UPSILON BETA SIGMA Row One, Left to right: McDickson Bennett, Dr. oviiz, Anaiole Colbert. Bill Bancale. A1 Xerillo. OFFICERS Probert King ,,,F....A..,,,. ,,,,,... 1 ,resident Richard Bennet -V ,,,Vice President Robert Cox ,,..... ,,,, , Secretary Donald Raymond --- - .,,, Treasurer Anatole Colbert A, .,.. I.F.C. Rep. Norman Reid, Bob King. Row Two: Bob Cox. Haym Ralin Upsilon Beta Sigma, formerly known as the United Brotherhood Society, was formed in February of 1949 by a group of students interested in furthering interracial and interreligious brotherhood on campus. lt became a recogniz- ed fraternity in November of 1951, ln fulfilling their initial goal, the members of Upsilon Beta Sigma have in the past sponsored several lectures, whose themes were related to better brotherhood. All the members have 'given much extra time to make U.B.S. one of the most progressive fraternities on campus. The holding of many parties and the Annual U.B.S. Picnic each spring has well illustrated that Upsilon Beta Sigma is on its way to being a highly rated organization. fr g -. 1 PHI DELTA RHO Row One. Lett to right: Blossom Kessal, Stephanie Berger, Anne Friedman. Row Two: Pat Mertens, Myrna Freed, Elaine Luskin. Mitzi Vass, Eva Bernstein, Barbara Benner, Esther Brown, Betty Sweet. Missing: Judy Kornbluh, Paula Menton, Rosalie Printz, Wilma Jacobson, Eleanor Stotler, Mrs. May Lewis Advisor. OFFICERS Stephanie Berger W ,, ,, , ,, President Judy Kornhluh , H W Vice-President Anne Friedman ,, ,, Recording Seeretnry Paula Menton ,, , H, Corresponding See. Blossom Kessel , H , , W , , T1'Gl15Zi1'CY Eva Bernstein, Myrna Fried , ,,PIedgenzisfi'esscs Hrs. May lewis - H W fldvisor Phi Delta Rho, the newest sorority on campus, was organized in the spring of 1956. It was founded on the ideals of "Faith, Love, and llopev, which serves as its motto. The first pledge class was held during the Fall semester of 1956. The girls Consider their pledging it part of ti hhelp week" and strive to mise funds for Charitable orgzinizations. K. SIGMA GMICRON SIGMA Row One, Left io right: Sheldon Glago, Mort Abramson, John Reichel, Joel Rosenfeld. Terrence Johanesen Row Two: Dave Hoffman, Jake Magurk, Leslie Klein, Mike Gwurizman. Robert Finegold, Stu Plofnick Fred Cirlin, Roger Lefkon, Mal Wolff. OFFICERS -Irmlin lleieliel Clzurieellor Mortimer F. Alnrainsfm ,Vice Cliaiigellfir Slieltlcin Xl. Glago Serilfe Joel l. llosenllelcl , Cflmizeellor of Exelzeeqzlev' Pllerrenee M, -lwlianesen lillrlefrj' Austin C. Clliapinan, Alplionse Slierinan C0-1lLi1'iso:'s From 1953, when its constitution was approvecl, to its present date Sigma Omieron Sigma Fraternity lias movecl towards ldeeoming one of tlie leading fraternities on Campus. Stressing elose ties in the lvraternity itself, tlie fraternity lias lent itself to small pleclge elasses ancl lias aeliievecl the ultimate in lurotlier- lioocl. Sigma Omieron Sigma looks llOI'XX'2lI'Cl to many successful affairs, sponsors tlie l'Snowflalae Queen" contest for tlie Cliristmas Ball, and also awarcls a trophy to U.l3.'s most valualvle atlilete late in tlie Spring. Tlie fraternity tliis year lias wma first prize for the most outstanding Float during HI lomeeoming Xveelcn. , msgs CHI ZETA RHO First' row: Frances Crystal, Treasurer: Lois Prentice, Vice-President: Mrs. John McKeon, Advisor Marge Femck President: Sandy Hinck, Historian. Second row: Joan Green, Ann Loconto, Glenna HuIOW1fZ Marianne Wargo Third row: Betty Lou Leonardo, Barbara Mocabee, Florence Meyer. Missing from photo Carol Hajas Mildred Polena, Mildred Peters. OFFICERS Marge Feniek su , , , President Lois Prentice Vice President hlildred Polens W , Seev'r'mry Frances Crystal ,, Trezzsurer Surzinne Hinck W ,, Historifm Mrs. john Melieon ,, , Faculty Advisor hliss Doris May -,, Assismnt Advisor Chi Zeta Rho was founded in 1955 upon the principles of Friendship, fellowship, and scholarship. The first pledge period of Chi Zeta Rho was held in March of 1956. This year the sisters of Chi Zeta Rho have combined the antics of pledging with ehurituhle works. The first annual dance was held this March, ut which time an original show was presented by the sisters. Af ' it ,. 'VWYQ' BETA GAMMA Row One, Left to right: Ollie Schindler, Jocelyne Poisson, Mary Healy, Mary-Ann Cupo. Row Two: Marion Tukey, Marie Racaniello, Lee Grimes, Evelyn Knapp, Sandee Strauss, Rhoda Nash. Row Three: Crit Herr, Sheila Day, Mary Marun, Molly Takacs, Jane Shapiro, Sally Hubbell. Missing: Bette Weber, Joann Malon, Elise Wolff, Yolanda Delmare, Jane Tratiner, Mona Faulkner, Carol Fallberg, Jackie Millgs, Nancy Hurowitz. Lucy Wisin- Ski, Jean Heanire, Mrs. Jane Kondraionich: Advisor. OFFICERS Bette Vveber ,,,,, WW, ,,,.,,,, W wearer ..,,P1'E5i1fl6'l'lt Jacelyn Poisson Nlaryann Cupo lylary Healy a,,, Olive Schnider lane Shapiro ,a Nlary Martin ,,, Mona Faulkner -,., ,,,,, Vice President err. ,Recording Secretary , ,, ,,,,,,, WW, ,,,,T1'8GS1l7'E7' , , ,Corresponding Seeremry , ,,,,.,, Social Chairman -..-,,l.F.C. Representative ,,, ,,AZ1LlYl11l Director On April 8, 1948, the first sorority and seventh Greek letter organization on campus, Beta Gamma, came into existence. lt was founded on the ideals of understand- ing and practice of honor, loyalty, and truth. Each year the social activities of Beta Gamma have as their climax an open dance which precedes the sorority weekend. The girls distribute baskets of food, bring cheer at Christmas to needy families in the community. K if .,, F-i---,mf ---2-2 - ALPHA DELTA OMEGA Row One, Left to right: John Goerig, Tom Nugent, Charlie Bristol, George Hobart. Row Two: John Aleo, Ken Sancly. Lou Vesche. John Schipponi, Mark Schienbart, Ray Mahon, Dick Kregling. Row Three: Howie Dee- Wees, Clint Moran, Mike Kepchar, Norm O'Donne11, Dick Ugolik, Harry Sinclaire, A1 Hromjak. Art Dixon, Bob Geneslaw. OFFICERS Charles Bristol e e, ,ee We , new Thomas Nugent George Sliuesler George Hobart Frank Farelias , ,, ee ljresirlerlt ,,,l'ice Presirleur ,ee W , , Secretary ee ,ee ,Tl'8HfS1ll'Ql' Sergeant-of-Arlrzx Founded in 1947, ADO was recognized ollfieially lay tlie University in 1943, i'UB's most progressive l7raternity,l' its motto, Upeaee, Fraternity, and Dlustieel' are the words of the rebels. Its annual First Niter Dance after Campus Thunder, its pledges dressed in Confederate garlu, and its farewell salute to its graduating memluers. "The llail and Fare' well" are highlights of the social season. The Fraternity devotes mueh of its time to intermural sports and various Charity organizations, besides being ae- tive in many organizations on Campus. A small Fraternity by elioiee, its lnrothers are never the less eliosen from diversified fields of study at the University. CHI SIGMA DELTA Included: Maryln Green, Dorosoth Sylnsky, Sugar Arronson, Sandie Godfrey, Maxine Rosenholtz, Barbara Warner Maryna Klosk, Rita Verrelli, Rose Zito, Taffy Tofler. OFFICERS YYVYY,,,,,,,,,,Pl'ESl!l67lf Myrna Klosk M - - Rita Vgfilli ,N ,..,..,. Vice President R053 Zim RRZZYYHF Y KAAA Recording Secretary Olga DeLaVictoria W- ..,. C:01'TES10011L1ll1g Sec. Y ,,,..,, ,.,TY?llS111'Cl' Barbara Wariier ,W Chi Sigma Delta, a newer sorority on campus, will be celebrating their third birthday this year. During the pledge period, prospective members can be recognized hy the traditional red skirts, white blouses, and red caps. Throughout the past three years, they have helped various charitable organizations raise money during their seasonal drives, Their motto is Wisdoin, Joy, and Justice. The sisters are assisted bv their Sorority lX'lothers, Miss Catherine Yoeum, and Mrs. Shirley Spiltoir. ALPHA GAMMA PHI Row One, Left to right: Sal Mastandra, Bart Ferreira, James Ide, Walter Kondratovich, Pete Vitte Jr., Bob Marks, Ed DeNike, Felix Oliva. Row Two: James Kirk. George Devan, John Profetto. Tom Phillips, Louis Bruno, Ed Wakin, Joe Comunale. Row Three: Bob Stumpek, John Kenny, Dick Whitcome, Gerald MacDougal. Bill Barstew, Lee Noon, Don Scott, George Dieter, Frank O'Su11ivan. Row Four: Paul Slosar, Bill Springer, Jerry Kennedy, Gary Engler, Tracy Smith, Mort Faherty, Jim O'Hara, John Carr, Bob Sullivan, Bob Sveda. OFFICERS Dan Rizzi H ,s,...fff Y - Pere Vitri W, Gib Emack ,, Bart Ferreins Jim lde ,, nn , President Vice President M, , , Seer1?m1'v , ,W Treasurer ,,,,C0rr. Secretary ln the latter months of 1947 a group of students who were veterans united to form a social fraternity which still has as a characteristic many veterans as brothers. The pur- pose of the organization is to promote peace and charity, scholarship and fellowship among all men, irrespective of race, color, or creed. One ol' the outstanding objectives of Alpha Gamma Phi is to promote school spirit. This year as in the past, the brothers have expressed this objective by actively partici- pating in all varsity athletics and in holding key positions of leadership in all phases of student life. The brothers also participate in all of the intra-mural sports contests. A part of our tradition is the dispensement of "Hell VVeek'l for prospective members, and the awarding of the Jim Kanopanous trophy for the outstanding athlete in intramural sports. PI OMEGA CHI Gil Strunk Dave Marks Carl Yurdin rum cw-. VValt VVellcer Dr. F. Dolan OFFICERS A .. .,,Viee llresitlent Presirlenl Secretary Tmristzrei' . flclvisoi Pi Omega Chi was founded on Decemhcr 5, 1947 hy ine men who desired hrothcrhood, fellowship and advancement of the true ideals of llratcrnalism. Since its inception, the brothers have continually participated in all campus activities. At their ninth annual dance, Octoher 5, 1956, Pat Duffy was presented as the sweetheart of the fraternity. The pledges, with their goatces and green hercts, appeared at the statue of P. T. Barnum, the fraternityfs patron saint, twice during the year tOl' the traditional torehlight ceremony. A an . . ALPHA PHI OMEGA Identified: Joseph Beycevious, Gary Adbina, Ralph True. Roger Powers, Hugo James Remo Navarro Tony Colbert, Richard Bock, Miron Champke, Richard Scheir, Bob Cains, Bob Zuliano, joseph Kraznick: Peter Poshke. Alpha Phi Omcgu was founclccl Dcccinhcr 16, 1925 at Lufziycttc Co11cgc. Theta Psi Chaptcr xxzis 0I'Q2lI11ZCL1 at U.11. in hiziy 1950. .rX.P.U. is ri Nutionzd Scrricc Frzitcrnity hziscd on scrvicc to the school, thc student body, and to thc community. .X.P.U. comhincs its scriicc proiccts with many socir11 functions, A.P.O. assists with 17rcs1imun XVcc14, Blood 13 ink, and acts as guidcs for tours of the University. 1.L1st ycrir's Prujcct was the Mriycni''y Schohirsliip Fund. This yczir .'X.P.O. cstaih1ishec1 the Lost LIIN1 1ioLi1ic1 1lonth in .X1umni 111111. ,X.P.O. ulsn won the ginnuai1 XVisturia Brill trophy for thc hcst tuhlc dcccmrritions. Unc of .X.13.O.'s rinnuzi1 cvcnts is the Ugly Main Contcst with all proceeds C10- nritcc1 to c1iurity. A --gif: was L X f fri- wx. -Q - - QM, U., ,.,, , , Q .,,Af-f- V -:W . . f:-1 mf. fm, Q va 7 mvijgf, -zum, w3ia14arf:za?:,,1. .fig5?MS2?fmg,g?3Qif-af'12, 251 -:Li ,lim qwzif- ,!'v?29?21fgffi1mff- '-1.52-IA f .322 S 1' ., . ,. ,,ff,.,.,f..-m.., W,,W,,-',M,,-l,-1g,,wA-:,:,,- W-.',1fQf:es.f, f, ,.M1:f,, Kmmm.W,,,,,M,Mk'k,,k,M,,L , vw, U "H ' . ' -HW-Wx uf' s vim, . F-f,1iz5f'f, H veiaw 1 :ms sJ3rr.s"' mg- .Q JZ M g'fwxV'xcxf:nM,1H Q11 V! Lsifwzlw zmzikf FW-Lf W-S99-:J f WVU f --f?'VfVf i '172iKZbSL-5 ":.:,1ffl4"1 H-YW' .Hill f- L: -ww 1--wif '.lf.E-:'- 'vig-ry ' -SZ-iw?"1"ff3:w.f,-N Q-'psy fu-Q-fe' f1f1g25y," ffw:ggfq'.qk'1,:ggf,- ,fsgjzf naw-w , ,. , , ,N ,v.M-W - f-M-f-f-W---W ' ' 1,5,sm.m..,,. f , ., , , ,MW ,L,,..A..M,.,, NW. ,. ., ,. K ,L ! CRGANIZATICNS First Row: Mr. Stanley, Dave Marks, Bob O'Andrea, Nick Panuzio, Sugar Aronson, Mona Schwartz, Mr. Di Siero. Second Row: Bert Seigel, Jack Reichel, Ed Chin, Ed Wolf, Allan Feldman, Dave Barr, Ann Foothorap Judy Corr, Teddi Rosenberg, Rachel Smith, Taffy Kropf, Bette Weber, Lois Schwartz. Missing: Bill Bartlett Vinny Caprio. Nicholas A. Panuzio OFFICERS one tt.. President Bert Sleggl -xM-----, ..,,,,,, Y fice President Roberta Aronson tt Mona Schwartz W David blarlis ,,,,r William DeSiero --e George Stanley .... Executive Secretary etttliecording Secretary -,,,,,,,,,,TT6HS14T6T ,,-,Faculty Adviser ---c,,EFaculty Adviser Elected by the student body, the Student Council is dedicated to the ideals and principles of the form of govern- ment under which we live as American citizens. ln seek- ing to promote good citizenship and democratic fellow- ship, student government formally known as the Student Council, gives students the experience of active participa- tion in government procedure and further develops in each student, a sense of personal responsibility for the wel- fare of the university community of which he is an integral part. The powers of Council are legislative, executive and judicial. Its decisions are final unless vetoed by the Presi- dent of the University within two weeks after having been passed. STUDENT COUNCIL x i ? 1 1 3 F i r 100 .. ,, THE SCRIBE COVERS THE CAMPUS.. An eye on campus events and a reflection of student opinion have been the watcliwords of the Scribe for the past 26 years. A student project from the beginning, it has grown over the years from a shakey "publish-when-we have-the-nioneyil endeavor to a firmly entrenched campus institution. As one edition hits the stands on Thursday mornings the Scribe staff is at worly on the 'next weeks edition. Re- porters quizz faculty and students alilte, feature writers look for the unique while the editorial board plans the paper's position on an important student question. On Monday nights the Scribe office lights burn into the dawn as rewritemen, copy desk workers, layout editors and photographers join forces to produce a concise, in- formative picture of UB at mid-week. Vllednesdays are spent in the print shop where minor corrections are made on galley proofs and the final layout is decided upon. By that evening the final page proofs have been scanned and corrected and the Scribe is put to bed. THE SCRIBE UNIVERSITY of BRIDGEPORT CAMPUS WEEKLY Published weekly during the school year Cexcept exam and vocation perioclsJ by the students of the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut. The SCRIBE is a member of the Inter-collegiate Press and the Associated Collegiate Press. Both services are entitle to full use of material contained herein. ADVISORY BOARD Jack J. Hurley ,e,., H ,.e,cr V. .... -Ediivf Arnold Miller ,L -. ,- ,.., Business Manager' Ed Chin ,, ,,..v,,,e seine, ,u-St1u7lent Council Prof. Howard Boone Jacobson ., ,,,,-,,,e .Advisor ElJl'l'OliS: George liolok, copy editorg Lloyd Banquer, senior news editor, Roberta Lanese, junior news editorg Dave Johnston, feature editorg Harry Nigro, managing editorg Troy Brains ard, senior layout editor: Jack Mischou, junior layout edi- tor: Larry Babich, senior sports editorg Roger Leflton, jun- ior sports editor. ALll'L'1'll5lllg dept: Brian O'Gornian, advertising manager. Special Features: Vinny Caprio, Barbra Blendor, Dave Barr. Reporters: 1 Rlarshall Dickman, Judy Katz, Poster KlcQuaCle, llermine Gingold. iCampus and local news stories are edited and headlines are The copy edifgr and Scribe adviser fake 3 Close 100k at 3 page written on the copydesk and news-pictures are selected to proof before fhe final press 1-un, illustrate important stories. 101 PUTTING HER TO BED A Scribe staffer piaces type maf- rices by hand in the 'type sfick' preparaiory io casting a line of type in casting machine. A makeup problem is solved and fhe printer begins to assemble stories and ads set in type into a page-size steel framework call- ed a 'chase.' The typesefting machine where copy is casf into lines of type is demonsirafed by the operaior sift- ing ai the keyboard fo one of the Scribe edifors. A headline doesn'f fit so the chief ediior asks his 'girl Friday' fo re- wrne it whiie he checks some fresh galley proofs for errors. Eduor in Chief Terry Johanesen ponders over some of the problems concerning the '57 Wisiarian. WISTARIAN -1957 September brought the first signs of winter and with it also came the starting date for the 1957 XVistarian. The 1957 edition got off to a very shaky start that saw several rnislortunes befall the hardepressed staff. Editor -Iames hlurphy was forced to leave school because of personal problems at home and the VVistarian ground to a standstill for several weelis. An advisory hoard was set up consisting of: Mr. Vic hluniec-Faculty Ad- visor, Nick Panuzio-President of Student Council and Robert Dfwndrea-Vice President ol' Student Council. The board quickly appointed Terrence ,lohancsen as new Editor-in-Chief of the Yvistarian and once more things began to roll. Terry filled the main body of his staff with Larry Levow-Layout, loel Rosenfeld-Business Manager, Les Klein-.Xdvertising Manager, Ed X'Vhittney- Photography, and Larry llabich and Ed llallASports. There were several more additions to the group who, though in the less Uglamorousu capacities, proved of invaluable aid. The third Floor l'Blacl4 llole ol: Calcutta" in Alumni Hall oft times found many of them pounding away their little fingers. 'Count 'em and give 'em a rousing cheer." Lois Anderson, Judy Kornhluh, Grace Chanovitt, Sugar Aronson, Paula Gordon, and Judy Resnick. V70 cannot forget or thanlx enough not only these few, but also hir. llanli 0'Neill who provided untiring and patient assistance. XVe thank them all and hope we see some again next year. ,...-rw-mme, M, m mwimmsmmmm Layout Editor Larry Levow makes some corrections on the firs! roughs. -xx If 35 Y sri WM' a?'5VmfW21a3x' Larry Levow, Joel Rosenfeld, Les Klein check progress reports.. Some of the staff gather for a conference. ,.,....,.1:g.W -:mann-,,-1J..M..ww.vrunmsww Sports Co-Editor Larry Babich be- Les Kiein and Judy Resnik seem to gins work giving credit to U.B. ath- enjoy working on reports. letes. Terry Johanesen, Lois Anderson and Larry Levow check one of the captions for mistakes. . Lensman Ed Whittney takes a snap. 105 The campus of the University of Bridgeport is the home of three major religious groups. These are the Protestant Club, the Hillel Club, and the Newman Club. The three groups work within themselves toward the same common goalg to promote the laws of life laid down by Cod. The Protestant Club under the advisorship of Reverend Ned Eastman and Dr. Ralph Pickett plan and participate in many activities during the school year. Ronald Cebik as President, john Mortimer as VicefPresident and Terry Iohanesen as Treasurer help to guide the organization. The motto of this organization is: 'Cur aim is to know Cod, thereby better knowing ourselvesf' The Newman Club, a club of Catholic culture and'Catholic fellow- ship named after Cardinal john llenry Newman, is under the guidance of Chaplain Father John J. lX'lcCough and faculty advisor Albion Doe. This group has set its ideals towards furthering the spiritual, cultural and social welfare of the students. The Newman Club is host at many discussions and holds many ree treats during the school year. The Hillel Club is under the leadership of its President Hal VVallacl4 and sponsors many "Bagels and Loxn brunches, a Chanukah Hlatkan party and discussion seminars. ESTANT HILLEL ' --- - 7 V WHO'S WHG Students selected to represent the University of Bridgeport in the annual edition of "Who's Who" in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, were as follows: First row: Anne Foothorap. Yolanda Delmare, Judith Carr, Sugar Aronson, Bette Weber, Barbara Warner, Elise Wolf. Second row: Dave Barr. Wes Hobby. Bert Seigel, Ed Romos, Bob D'Andrea, Murry Pruess, Jim Ide, Nick Panuzio. -f I BETA ALPHA PHI CMICRON UPSILON OFFICERS Nlarion Tukey - ...,,,,,,,,,,. - President Betsy Lidman ,,,, ---.-Vice President Doris Boggild ,,,,, .... C Orr. Secretary Marie Hitchcock ,,.. ,,,, , Rec. Secretary Rita Divicino ....,,,, ,,,..,,, T reasurer Mrs. Beverly Howard cc- wc... , Advisor Phi Omicron Upsilon was chartered by the first graduating class of Fones School of Dental Hygiene in 1950. It is a professional sorority, promoting sisterhood and unity among the dental hygiene students. The group sponsors affairs and speakers throughout the year. Mrs. Beverly Howard is the advisor of this worthy organization. V orrtczns Charles E. Manville ,-,.....,.. -President Edward Reliski ,,..,. .,,, V ice President Katherine Revalc 8i Carol Casey ,.u,,... ...A,,,, , Secretmy Daniel Dtevanik ss e.......,a Treasurer Joseph Warren ,,,....s Pub. Rel. Officer Honorary Accounting Fraternity, Beta Alpha was approved in September of 1948. Under the co-advisorship of Mr. Francis X. Di Leo and Mr. Austin G. Chapmang the group is noted for its annual party, held this year at the home of Mr. Chapman during the Christmas season. The purpose of Beta Alpha is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession, to promote the study of accounting with a view toward se- curing the highest ethical idealsg to act as a medium between professional men, instruc- tors, students, and others who are interested in the development of the study or profession of accountancyg to develop high moral, pro- fessional, and scholastic standards in its mem- bers, and to encourage cordial intercourse among its members of the profession of ac- COLIIIKHIICY, Seated, left to right: Carol Casey, Charles Manville, Joseph D. Warren. Stand ing: Jess Smith, Clifford Peck, Myron Chomko, Dick Schultz, Gary J. Adzxma John Harding, Ralph M. True, Walt Hurtzeler, Louis Pastor, Curtis Caulkrns Baldoniar Ferreira, John Steeneck. Salvatore Signore. PI DELTA EPSILON ENGINEERING SCCIETY Founded for the purpose of advancing and diseminating knowledge of the theories and practices of Engineering, the Society at- tempts to present a proper perspective of en- gineering work. Lectures, films, and tours to local industry plants, supplement theories obtained in the classroom. Fellowship was integrated by var- ious social functions throughout the year. A strictly stag banquet was held in the fall. With the purpose of promoting sociologi- cal interests in combining classroom theory with first hand experience in community affairs which are related to the field of soci- ology, the 1956-57 school year was an ac- tive one for the Colloquim, with several ethnic dinners, field trips to various institutions of sociological interest in the state. 110 OFFICERS Howard Broder .u...,,.,...e... President Ken Hawman --. v.u, Secretary-Treasurer Victor E. Muciec . E- - .... Chancellor Howard B. Jacobson Y-.- ,-.-,-Aduisor Pi Delta Epsilon is the honorary journal- ism fraternity and the oldest national fra- ternity on campus. Organized at Syracuse University in 1909 to honor outstanding lead- ers of campus publications, it was intended to be to collegiate journalism what Phi Beta Kappa is to scholarship. The University of Bridgeporfs chapter of Pi Delta, in conjunction with the editorial staff of the Scribe, sponsors the Annual journalism Workshop which is designed to aid and instruct high school journalists. lt also sponsors the Annual Publications Dinner to honor outstanding campus leaders for their contributions to the University. The work of Pi Delta is educational in that it strives to teach the ethics, technique, and mechanics of collegiate journalism. It guides and instructs and has been nicknam- ed the "Watchdog of Campus Publicationsn. Among the brothers of Pi Delta Epsilon are many famous names in the fields of journalism and public relations. Pi Delta Epsilon takes its members from the various publications on campus as well as choosing honorary members each year from the various journalistic outlets of the city and state. No higher honor than membership in Pi Delta Epsilon can be attained by any editor or staff member of a U.B. publication. 1 4 SOCIOLGGY CGLLOQUIM OFFICERS Sal Mastandrea .,H...4.Y.-M---- PTZSMEVLT Robert D'Andrea .A,.. Vice' President Howard Abner --- ...,.. Secretary Arthur Kuchuk .--, .Y,. Treasurer Dr. Roucek ..,,..wrrr.,v,,,. -eeAflviS0f Founded for the purpose of advancing and diseminating knowledge of the theories and practices of Engineering, the Society at- tempts to present a proper perspective of en- gineering work. Lectures, films, and tours to local industry plants, supplement theories obtained in the classroom. Fellowship was integrated by var- ious social functions throughout the year. A strictly stag banquet was held in the fall, With the purpose of promoting sociologi- cal interests in combining classroom theory with first hand experience in community affairs which are related to the field of soci- ology, the 1956-57 school year was an ac- tive one for the Colloquim, with several ethnic dinners, field trips to various institutions of sociological interest in the state. KNIGHTS OF THUNDER OFFICERS William M. Bartlett ,,,-Y--Ak, vVP,fe5i,1e,,, Alex Zavadzky rrr, ..., V ice President June BHIUIHIII ,,,. gY---,i- S gcygfgfy Clefaldlfle BCIIIICU Y, Y----Yi- gTfgg51gfgf Frank Castellucci ,-..ur.. Alumni Secretary MI- Albeft Dickason --YY---YY - - Yjldpiggf The Knights of Thunder were organized in the fall of 1949 as an honorary student- alumni dramatic fraternity of the University of Bridgeport. Its purpose is to reward those who faithfully participate in the dramatic productions and activities of the Office of Campus Productions of the University of Bridgeport by inviting them to membership in which they can participate during and after their undergraduate years. The official year of the Knights starts with its annual Freshman show presented during Freshman week for the incoming Freshman, and ends with the installation of new officers in May. During the interim the Knights keep occupied with a full and varied program of social, dramatic, civic, and fra- ternal activities. The Knights sponsor an annual Campus Thunder from active roles on stage to the technical and business phases behind the scenes. Left to right: Vic Muniec. Geraldine Bennett, William Bartlett. Bob Huge, June Bariram, Alex Zavadsky. 111 POLITICAL RELATIONS FORUM OFFICERS Robert D'Andrea ..O... H..---- - Pfesivlenf Edmund Ramos -- ..,,.W. Vice President Judy Carr ,,-- W- --,, Recording Secretary Rachel Smith -, - ..YO Cowes. Secretary Sal Masrandrea - .------- T1'9GS1W91' Mr. DeSiero -- a- ------A0lViS0T The Political Relations Forum is an organ- ization vvhich is composed of those individual students vvhoare interested in a knowledge of governmental structure, electoral procedure, and political activity at local, state, national, and international levels. The highlight of the Political Relations Forum calendar is attendance at the Con- necticut Intercollegiate Student Legislature in Hartford. The C.l.S.L. is made up of eighteen member colleges from the state, of Con- necticut. The Forum initiates Bridgeport Day dur- ing the spring semester. At this time the stu- dents take over the municipal offices of the city for a day. The offices are filled by stu- dents elected by the general student body. DEBATING SOCIETY OFFICERS Edmund Ramos ,,....,,...,,,,, President Wilson Fogarty --- e.,,. Debate Chairman Linda Hersh ,,,, ...,,,, , Secretary Rachel Smith ,--,- ee... Treasurer Mr. Banks ,.,,. ...,, A olvisor The function of the society is to provide an instrument through which the students can further their speaking abilities. The so- ciety also serves as a media of information regarding the controversial topics of our so- ciety. Debates with the leading colleges and uni- versities of this and other areas have reflected credit upon the members of the society and the University. 112 SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT OFFICERS -lack Martin H ,.,,,, ,uw WW Art Bartone - ,,-,,-I'ice Robert Flader ,,,. ' ..., , , Willianl Klein ,,,, .- ,, , Presirlerzl President Secrefary Trezisurei' Dr. Herman Bloch --. ,,,Advisor INDUSTRIAL DESIGN SOCIETY OFFICERS ,Tack HamiIton H ., W , ,,,,, Y Prggitigm Hank Leon ,--... ,.,. Vice President Daviti DICU - -,-A,g Y Sggremry Air. Vvebtlr , ,,,g Aff-Idriggr The Industrial Design Society was organi- zed in 1952 to promote the professionaI and sociaI resources of the Industrial Design De- partment and the students. In 1954 the first annual I.D. convoca- tion was IieId under the sponsorship of 1Iie I.D. department and the society. Much of the work of the society is done in Nosemzm I'IaII, where the I.D. society mem- bers spend their time studying, drawing, work ing on clay modeals, and in general training themselves to be the future leaders in their field. I ,c 17 NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION BIOLOGY SOCIETY Officers Marilyn Case W , -Y W ,Y-P11-ZSIUIGILY Hugo A. James , so ..,,Vice President Rudolph Gisrnonde s, ,,,,,, Secretary Allan Kupferinan ,ss , ,,T1'6ilS1i1'CI' Joseph Kraynak , ,,., H.-H'iSf0fiflV1 Dr. Francis Dolan W, ,,,,,,.Ar:Iviso1' The purpose of the Biology Society is to further interest in the biological sciences by a program of an educational and social na- ture, incorporating work in Biology, Chem- istry and other related fields. Membership is limited to students of the natural science. A newspaper, the Purple Probe, is published annually. 114 Officers Nancy Lazaros ..,, ,Wu ,,.CIu1i1'111an Carol Henkin no ,,,,,,Co-Clwirwzan Susan Portnoy uuu.. Secretary Mr. Stanley , -,,,Adviso1' The University of Bridgeport is a chart- ered member of the National Student Asso- ciation. The United States National Student Association, formed in l947, is a non-political. non-sectarian organization of more than 330 democratic all-elected student governments of American Colleges and Universities. National Student Association represents more than 800,000 American students and has won rep- resentation on the United States National Commission for UNESCO. First Row: Marilyn Case lpresidentj. Dr. Francis Dolan fadvisorl. Professor Willia Everett, Dr. Charles Spiloir. Hugo James Kvice-presidentl. Second Row: Marge M Hugh, Rita Virelli, Florence Hriesko. Pat Manco, Hedwig Szynalska, Rudy Gismon Isecretaryl, Marie Jannotti. Third Row: Marilyn Perlman, Richard Moore, Mr. Mic . ael Somers lassistant advisorl, Edward Schumofsky, Allan Kupferman ltreasure I Jean Sotek. Fourth Row: Phelps Laszlo, Martin Halpert, Charles Wheeler. Alfre Covino. Maury Guberman. STUDENT NURSE ASSOCIATION Left to right: Nancy Swanson, Barbara Stevenson, Judith Chellberg, Catriona Barbara Collins, Marilyn Schneider, Elissa Strauss, Mary Lou Sarra, Nancy son, Mary Ann Bochnak. Second Row: Marie Onofrio, Rachel Haury, Mari- ieges. Lorraine Taborelli, Marilyn Gardiner, Cleanor Banko, Mary Hallahan, Llank, Marilyn Johnson, Kathryn Bonominio, Kathleen McQueeny. Third Row: owers, Barbara Minchin, Arlene Morbell, Eileen Pope, Barbara Riley, Sonja n, Lucille Pepin, Joyce Wax, Lorraine Harner, Roberta Packer, Ann Faiella. Lanese, Patricia Murien, Joseph Kraynak. Standing, Left to right: Leo Plasz- , Susan Metzger, Yvonne Baldelli. The Student Nurse Association was found' ed in 1951. One of the purposes of the organi- zation is to establish unity and friendship among the students. Another purpose is to provide an opportunity for the student nurses to become acquainted with the business mat- ters, social functions, and projects of the As- sociation. Membership is open to all those enrolled in the Basic Nursing Program. The meetings are held monthly, and provide the students away on affiliation with the means of keeping their acquaintances and contacts on campus. Representatives of the Association are sent to the Connecticut State Student Nurse Asso- ciation meetings. Each year one or two mem.- bers are able to attend the National Student Nurse Convention. Annually, the Association plans and pro- vides for an inspirational Hhlilestone Xlarlt- ing Ceremony". It is at this time that the various classes are recognized as attaining significant milestones, Each class receives a symbol of its achievement. BAND 'he UB. liand was organized in the at l9-l9 bv Mr. 'Tohn C. VVorley and rttained maturity under the leadership r. Earl Sauerwein. It has performed at irsity football games and varied campus ties. The Band has appeared in annual rrt performances at the Klein Memorial orium. 115 , 4.7:-rf-f - PI GAMMA MU GLEE CLUB MARKETING CLUB WOMENS ATHLETIC CLUB ARNGLD MAJORS ORCHESTRA RESIDENCE HALLS 1"-,Mm ,4 ,M Mu, ww, 3 mfr 553532 Mil Wan A -Ms4""" 1 M 3? gif! Q4 RESIDENCE GOVERNING BGDIES Men's Senate OFFICERS Herbert Gruber , Hpyesidem TONY Bfainafd -V ,,., ,,Viee President Paul Stravitz ee ,,eSecretaryfTreasu1'er The lVlen's Senate is comprised of a representative from each of the menls dorms. Through discussion of common problems much is done to alleviate difficulties which arise. Their Big Brother movement is an indication that the organization is aware of the entering studentis need for counselling. Women's House Government OFFICERS Rhoda VVerner W , s,,,AA,,,,, YYPrg5idgnL Roberta Aronson e- Bette Lamson -- Sally Hubbell , ,,,Vice-President, Treasurer ee ,,,,,-., Recording Secretary ., ,,,-Corresponding Secretary Womenis House Government is organization of the women's residence mem- bers. Through their efforts the residence dorms are ioined together. The organization has in the past year enlarged upon the Big Sister Committee, distributed Freshman Guide Books, and sought to case the tension of entrance exams by making available to the candidates a break for coffee and sandwiches. Vile can continue to look forward to Womens House Government as an invaluable aid in the preparation of a college career. LINDEN HALL First row, Left to right: Barbara Cohen, Sally Hubbell, I0:elyne Poisson, Mrs. Marion Lunn, Hilda, Marion Tuky, Teddi Rosenberg, Rhoda Nash. Second row: Nancy Lazarus, Carol Henkin, lylurial Stepakoff, Rose Genziono, Judy Crain, lX'lary lVlartin, Crit Herr, Jane Shapiro, Charlotte Hoyt, joan Green, Glenna llurowitz, lVlaryann Cupo, Virginia Eppler. OFFICERS Jocelyn Possion W ,, HM,,,,. .President Marion Tulcey ,,, ,,,, Vice Presicleirit Sally Hubbell ..,, .Y..... S ecrcmri' Teddi Rosenberg ,V M Y,..uYYYY Treasurer Joan Green ,,,,, ,-, ,,,,, Social Activities Judy Crane ,,..,,,,.. ...,a S ocial Activities Mrs. Marion I. Lunn ,,,, ..-, ,,,,,,.v .. .,,..,, Cmmselor "How nowbrown dogf, With a daschound as its mascot, 24 of the zanniest upperclassmen resided here. lVl1's. Marion Lunn was dorm mother, ready with a supply of "no-dozen pills and gizzmos. Organized its own Shakesperian theater. Held bridge tournaments, 122 ,fl MARINA HALL 1 Front row, Left to right: Yxllllllllil Newton, Red Springer, VValter XVilker, james Oillara, Donald Renton, Frank Cavender Cproc- torj. Second Row: Paul Samuels, Enrique Pena, Geoffrey VVeaver, Howard Levin, -loe Connnunale. Third Row: Howard Fur- long, Iohn Ganbcroni, jerry Davis, Frank Cohh, joel Englander, Fl hornas Thoinpson, john Kenny. Fourth Row: Phillip Abrams, Paul Stratvitz, Ed Lucas, Dick Bernia, Alan llaus. Fifth Row: Ray Cardini, Dick Stiehlcr, Steve Schanker, Arthur VVright, Thomas McDonough, VVoody VVoodruff, Bill Dodge. Sixth Row: Dick Bennett, Don Raymond, Danny Katz, Bryon O'Gorman, ,lorry Schwartz, john Daniels, Joe Presad. OFFICERS joe Communale A, ,,,,,,,,,President VVilliarn Springer ,WH --,, ,MVice Prexident Donald Wboclruff ,,,,, , ,,,,,S6C1'8ftl1'j"T7'CHS1IT!-ZT Mr. Frank YV. Cavender , ,Y ,,,, Counselor Food and fun and hi fi's. RT. Barnum and Tom Thumh once lived hcre too. Hot Rod Radanic, Mr. UB. loe Commnnale and the three Marina chefs, are just a few of the cclchritics who now inhahit the estate. MILFORD HALL Row One, Left to Rightz: Roz Zazzaro, Arlene Greenhaum. Row Two: Judi Schneider, Marcia Heniley, Ina Ellis, Yvonne Baldell, Ioan Phillips, Carol Jacobsen. Row Three: Carol Kenal, Sonja Molder, Shirley Gordon, Kay Abraham, Renata Goetzel, Sanclee Friend. Row Four: Jackie Zamost, Roberta Packer, Connie Nlorse, Eleanor Berkman. OFFICERS Ioan Phillips ,, ,,..... President Marcia Helnly ---- ,,-,Vice President Bliss Rose Gibson - .,.... Counselor Miss Rose Gibson as counselor for this dorm, has the task of keeping watch over a group of girls, who are as lively and active as they are stuclious. 124 PARK HALL Row One, Left to Right: Bobbie Blender, Ilene Goldberg, Sandy Seidman, Eileen Katz, Sandy Brown. Row Two: Roberta lrx in, Rhoda lnventasch, Happy Friedlander, Norma Faas, Caryl Hoglowski, Ellen Kramer, Jeanne Taylor. OFFICERS Norma Fass ....., ,.... . .-,Preside1zt Marilyn McGuire an ,,,, Vice-President Mrs. A. C. Glines --- ,..a. Counselor A group of girls who are always in the thick of any competitive activity on campus occupy this dorm. How else could a group react with a coach and his Mrs. as counselors. SCHIOTT HALL Included in Picture: Sandra Godfrey, Phyllis Saunders, Carol Vllallenstein, Anita VVallers ludx Xouman Rosalie Print! Bar bara Bloom, Mitzi Vass, Blossom Kessel, Elaine Luskin, Ann Smith, Ann Friedman, Jeri Shuloxx Xlll'Nl'l1,I-.ll'l'lL.Y Xlxrni freed Pat Duffy, Eleanor Stoller, Maureen Dalton, VVilma Jacobson, Pat Mertcns, Judy Kornhluh Alice C ci hui bu erlx lxnxus Ah e Hathaway, Paula Cohen, Paula Klenton, Barbara Schwartz, Jo Cartee, Barbara Nelepha, om Ixnox C irolxn DelaValle f lure Reegan, Mary Ann Cuccia, Dorlores Vllinowsky. Mitzi Vass ..,,. Wilma Jacobson ,A- Paula Cohen ---.--- Phylis Saunders ,..-, hlary Ann Cucchia Mrs. May Lewis ,- OFFICERS President -,,,Vice President , -- --., Secretary , - - - - , ,Treasurer Social Activities -,ue,Coimselor Schiott Hall is still living up to their fine reputation as being the most united 'dorm on campus. It is now a dorm of both upperclass men and freshmen, but they still live and work together one h ippv Familv. SEASIDE HALL First How, Left to Right: Mrs. 'K' CK11nclrz1t11viel1D, Rlwclxi Ulerner, bliwlny Fuelis ull Xlnsi ll 1 I1 se X 11 Sandra Strauss, Marilyii Case, Noel Nlacgr11tl1. Second Row: Nina lgnylrmr, Murcia S rl Ilnnct C 1111 met Bnlu Xmu Il11rwitL, Gail Hrelf, Grace Cl11111c11'itt, llzirion Sussxiuin, Nlerle Rilltin, juan Atxxootl X 1r1e O1111l11c1 11rc um l IIJIYI Reimer, Erlene Russel, Alklfy-jf? 'Iiurrenee, 1111111 Van Horn, Marlene Abriulmiiis, H1nd1 feibusli 111 lxnhler Sintlrx la.11 Absent: Jackie Miller, Taffy Kroph, Bette VVeber, Marge Meola, Harriet Green. jane Trattner Elise XVUIH Marilyn Case Rlwdu XxlCI'I1CI' Lee Crimes OFFICERS ,, , ,Presidevzr Vice Presizlezzi , ,,,, Seeretnirj' , ,,T1'ez1s111'er' Social flefivities This bevy of f'?12" eoecls were 13lACSCDLCCl with 11 new Pl2lf'IULlfC. ren - C11mplin1ents of Couch and Alrs. Kc111cl1'11t41x'iel1. Peppy Rlwcla Wleriier, Prexy of VVOIUCl1lS llouse C1OVCIAINUL'!1i Cfl l1Cl'C. SCDUTHPORT HALL my i Row One, Left to Right: Lynn Kerr, Rhoda Schaeffer, Carol Gross. Row Two: Carolyn VVisterberg, Sandra Sniulyan, Ginger hlarshal, Gail Blume, Judith Geller. Row Three: Barbara Sussman, VVinona Dufford, Barbara Perlmutter, Joyce jodoin, Rhoda Paescher, hlarilyn LaRosa. Row Four: Tami Garay, Brenda Kushaw, Nancy Shapiro, Francis Schian, Lorraine, Harner, Nancy Wyfsinski hlary Katherine hlcGrath, Eileen Kelhnan, Pat Schiff, hlrs. Carlisle, Eileen Pape. Row Five: Brenda Gaffney, hlarilyn LaPenta, Terri Korn, Nlickey Etter, hlariam Ponser, Brenda Krandell, Sonya Schwartz. OFFICERS Rochelle Seinfeld , ,l'resiilc11r Sandra Smulyan , , Vice Presiilenl Klrs. le. M. Carlisle , ffriiriiswloi' This clorm provides a home away from home for one of the biggest groups of girls on campus, There are always a len' girls on hand to vroyicle a traycllinv male with uleasant coin uanx' or musical 1 . T . Y. T . 4 1 ' ' I . I l1SICI'l1I1U. The girls can lincl a willmv ear for all ol their vrohlems n ' 4 I h N ' l the person of their rlor mmothcr Mrs. T-. Xl. Carlisle. 128 STAMFCRD HALL Bottom Row, Lett to Right: XVillia1n Barstow, CAss't. Dorm Proctorl David Ilaas, john Herbst, Herbert Solomon, jacques l7urrell, Burton Uiliite, Amerigo Riinalcli, Mrs. john Nlclieon, john Becker, Rodger Davis. Absent: Klart Zabinski, xvilllkilll lioldiga, Donald Fflllllll. lop Row: Ralph King, Everett Hart, Loring Fluke, Malcolm Sehuldiner, Richard Roman, Philip lierber, Donald Duson, Rusty Ball. Robert Darula Pwsiilciir The young men ol' Stanford Ilall pulled the right suite lorry lliniiniard Y Vice I'twic1w1! win them the Home Coming Display Contest. This dorm an Ziibinslxi ,, , , , Ticifsiftw houses a number ol Sports enthusiasts. BUUOIU ROW, Left to Right: Ronald Osborne jr., Robert Hagstroin, Richard Lifton Henrv St 'e K Ch' -1-'Z' - ' Xl' - tin Selden, VVinlrind Vllelsch, Douglas Towers, Ho Chong Lee, Donald Wfardwell. Top Row? slr. Joliilnwwleigxufifirlikllilrlpqrfiri-3 Robert Darula, George Muzea, Leon Harris, Steven VVest, David Wolfe, Raymond Mencken, Victor Brainarcl. flbsentz Vklilliam Coke, Donald Greenberg, Charles Patterno. STRA'FORD HALL Row One, Left to Right: Sheila Gelade, Rosalie Krenzis, Marilyn Fisher, Helen Abeshouse, Marcia Ferhune. Row Two: ,lane Slessina, Pat Lambert, Sonny Swenson, Rosemarie Sepe, Claire DiBeneditti, Pat Dismuriais. Row Three: Roslyn Gilbert, judy Giles, Jud Unger, Pauline Ellis, Ellie Highling, Ruth Trster, Lu-cille Pepin, Sondra Torrey. Missing: Sue Portnoy. ,I OFFICERS Pzitrieian Lainhert , , , , ,presirlezzt Rosemarie Sepe ,, ,, Vice Prcsilleszt Mrs. Sideleau , Cozoisclor One of the most lively and enthusiastic groups of girls will this dormitory "home", Stratford Hull, for the past two years, has pro- viclecl Campus Thuncler with one of its stars in the person of Sue Portnoy, Dorm mother for these twenty girls is hits. SiClClCLILl. 130 .ff ag, , ff 1 . , r .fl I f," V' far? L fp , ,ff , ,,, . j ..,,, l ml i 1 X or TRUMBULL HALL Seated, First Row, Left to Right: Paul Taylor, Jay Fischler, Don Sarner, john Hanker, Dick VVitcomb, Bob lsham. Second Row: Larry Tomback, Tom Cupo, Arnie Uretsky, Bernie Stoffer, Lou Kayne, john Mortimer. Third Row: Connor Markey, Dick Bock, Steve Stammer, Dick Vogeler. Standing: Mr. A. J. Sherman, Dennis VVilliams, john Hutchinson, Bob Laemel. Stu Gussin, Mike Alpert, john Albert, Zeke Lerner, Io Zeiger, Pete Kerwin, Roger Gill, Herb Gruber, House President, Jerry Rus- sian, Tom Ncgele, Leo Elter, Allan jones, William Norwood, jerry Bayer, Ronnie Olson, Dave Van Tosch, Mat Kaishian. OFFICERS Herbert Gruber ,W ,,.,.Pre.sidc11r Robert Pervier ,W ,,,,,l'ice President John Shanker ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,SECT!!lUl'j'-Tl'EHSl!7'Cl' X Thomas Cupo, Zeke Lerner , , , ,Social Activities l Thomas Nagle W W, , W Rep. to Maris Seizure X Full of pep and vigorg the Trumbull men were one of thc . , I - .N V rx , , -, I . r leaders in campus spirit. nl he voices of the bleu of Trumbull were l also heard on many campus organizations. Mr. A. ll. Slicrnian anal his family are the proctors for this group. WILTON HALL First Row, Left to Right: Ann Berk, Barbara Traubh. Second Row: Teresa Pagnatte, Rita Riley, Raylene Hill, Carol Aptekar, Barbara Riley, Lyn Meyers. Third Row: Jaclyn Jensen, Joyce Wax, Mrs. Decker, CProctorD Judith Resnick, Marilyn Geist. First Row, Left to Right: Sandy Werner, Gail Kaufman, Micky Rosenblum, Linda Zahler. Second Row: Bobby Warner, Betty Lambson, Marilyn Alcon, Sandy Klein, Elynore Madalin, Steffi Berger, Eva Bernstein, Esther Brown. Third Row: Max Rosen- holtz, Arlene Weiss, Myrna MacKlosk, Marilyn Green, Phyllis Gruler, Diane Tysnick, Adele Berman, Doris Schwartz, Paula Gordon. Missing from picture: Olga de la Victoria, Sugar Aronson, Trudy Greehaber, Mona Schwartz, Lois Schwartz, Berni Kmiec. Carol Aptekar , Barbara Riley -. Rita Riley ,,,, Raylene Hill zz.. Barbara Troubh OFFICERS ,,,,,,, Prasiclent r ,A - ,,Vice-Presidevit , ,,,,, ,, Secretary ,, , an T1'eczsu1'cr Social Activities Thirteen girls and Mrs. Decker make a motley crew with most of the girls displaying New York accents. Although the home of Rock and Roll, Wilton is the smallest dorm on campus. VVay down yonder at the end of Park Place, friendly faces full of life and laughter smile to the tune of UNO Not Muchn. 132 WISTARIA HALL First Bow, Left to Right: Sandy Werner, Gail Kaufman, Micky Rosenblum, Linda Zahler. Second Row: Bobby Warner, Betty Lambson, Marilyn Alcon, Sandy Klein, Elymore Madalin. Steffi Berger, Eva Bernstein, Esther Brown. Third Row: Max Rosenholtz, Arlene Weiss, Myrna MacKlosk, Marilyn Green, Phyllis Gruler, Diane Tysnick, Adele Berman, Doris Schwartz, Paula Gordon. Missing from picture: Olga de la Victoria, Sugar Aronson, Trudy Greehaber, Mona Schwartz, Lois Schwartz, Berni Kmiec. OFFICERS Olga De La Victoria , N Yzzzv Pyegidem Doris Schwartz W, , ,ujlicg Pfeshjem lxlaxine Rosenholtz Y V YYY MW SeC,.em,.3, Marilyn Green N VYYY TreL,5u,.m. Vlfistaria Hall is inhabited by lVlrs. Totten, better known Mrs. "TH, and 27 energetic upperelassmen. Their favorite expres- sion, f'One for bridgelln Every day from 9 in the morning, until ll at night, one can always find two Card tables, and eight girls bidding the hours away. One thing you can count on for sure, is never a dull moment . , . Lg , In ai . '11 Y . 1 9 6. sa A .pf .r 41 . . 'ff 1 , , QE .I ' - 1,4 QL .nag '45 af 1, xi .VA 4? g, A i 15' Z Y In 1. A2 , .V .R , , T .2 fa- ,.r FI. Q 5 if jf . in.: N k eg 4' A ' T1 .k vi' ' '11 Q. fl . , gg . sg C -' .. 1 .-: 1 T. x--iz ,U .M Q. 41- S.- X . - '- 54 Q 4 a.. ., , V -'Gm 'Y-. Q. .X C1111111011111111 is 1110 way of 1110 . F111 U1111eri111 11 B1111q011ort 181761168 1110 1111110105 111 01111111010 fairly 111111 51111111111 T111 11o1s 111111 1L'177'f3S8II1 1111 50110111 IWC f1g11ti11g 1111111 111111 trying 111011 111 S1 111 1111 1111 LS B0 ll'11'1I, 1110 G1111, 111111 118117 1110 ll'11Z T110 011111051 of f0L1lU' B111 101 1110 110111 ll'1111 111111117112 l1011r1 T110 1111115014 110111110 S1131 . . . L01 1110 110 110rf001 111 11111 f01'111 . . A1111 101 011011 1I'11I 110 11'111 '... A1111 101 1110 117110 11 001111111 1111110 . 111 f.'l'Cl'j'11I1lI.Q 1 1111 . , . B111 15111 1111' S11111 1111111 11OlICS1.1' . . A1111 1151011 111 lllfl' 17I'lTV1'L'l' . . . T11111 t':'l'C1',1' 111110 1 1111111 1110 Qflllll' . . 1 17151.11 if fair 111111 S1111111'0 . . . 1300111150 1110 Q10111' of 11118 11'or111 . . C1111 1111131 11151 so 111110 . . . A1761 1110110 15 110111111 111 110 1111 01111 . . To 6'l'C1'j" 1llI7AQ1C song . . . A1711 C'l'L'Tj' 1'iC111ry 1 goin . . 13011111.05 111 11151 to 31111 . . . B0c1111s0 11111 A011110 1110 1111 1110 S1l'L'I1A5jl1'l. To 500 L'flC1l struggle f1lYU1l1Q1l . . . L 1 . - I A 1, fc , L K , D . X ig.. . 7 V . I ,, M" . . W. - - f in ' ' " ' 3 Wink, f 'W sl .fi f Af-W-ff W . M I ' ann, M,,,.,, 3 , L ' 4 ' - I S ' K-V, ,,x, ,...W... W K ' m . A? 5 lr ,, W Juni H ' W ,, ii' , , A inu- .- ' Si inn . , 1 K H D w Q me ganna W 41 .,,, - .m.... I 8 ...w.,,, . ---M - ,.... , 1 gnu--W ,,,, ,. 5 Q91 E f i nu-4 Q-.Nh S ,1 N ink- Q ,- ,,, ..,... ,,,.,..-A W, 's QW,. .f , an i K A 4 4 nk vs.. ,j A 1 1 ,V '7- FOOTBALL Coach Walt Kondratovich welcomed 50 players to the 1956 football practice as the good coach and his new line coach Pete Alessevich prepared for their tough nine game schedule which included such powers 'as Northeastern, Norwich, New Haven, Hofstra, and Pen' nsylvania hflilitary College. VVith only two seniors on the squad, right-half Eddie "Rebel" Hall and center Ed Shumofsky, the Purple Knights elected the Confederate Flyer Hall, sophomore quarterback Mickey Donohue, and junior fullback ,lerry McDougall as the 1956 UB Tri-Captains. Many people started asking questions as the football opener with Norwich drew closer. VVould the team be better than the last two years? Could a team dominated by sophomores and juniors shine against experienced performers? Only time would tell? At any rate .optimism was evident among all who were connected with the team during the pre-season drills. Coach Kay had more backfield depth this season than in previous years. Returning to him for another season were lcttermen Hall, McDougall, Charley Pike, Bobby Nlark and John Carr. Along with service re- turnees Nlickey Donohue, Don Scott, and Charley Jessup. The 1955 frosh team sent up Tracey Smith, Ed Wakim, Clarence lN1eLeod, Vinnie Cloria, and Bill Springer to aid the head coach in his selection of able hacks. .Q '1QQ,Q. Q QQQ3 P? T Q , aa latin' it -ala The forward wall was as solid as the previous sea- son although graduation took such standouts as end Dick Cipriani, two-time N.A.1.A. All-American, tackle Frank Aloi, and All-New England center and co-captain Dave Deep. ' Kondratovich, who is never one to give up easily, was optimistic. Gene Pulaski would be back at guard. Then too, two-hundred-and-fifty pound Ernie Levitt would be there to give that much needed punch at tackle. Beside these, Kay could count on such vets as Cary Engler, Bill Barstow, jim OlHara, John Kenny, and Dick Leigh to bolster the forward wall. The forward wall also saw sophomores Dave Quag- liozzi, Joe Communale, Dick Bonini, Gus Sazdik, Dick Whitcomh, Bill Meade, Lenny Ledet and Duane Shep- ard along with Jim Cassell fighting for starting berths. The stage was now set. The months of preparation would now be tested on the gridiron. It was a very strong and confident crew that opened the season against Norwich at Hedges Memorial Stad- ium. Late in the first quarter the Knights moved all the way to the Norwich two yard line before being stopped. Hallis thirty-five yard run and a pass play from McDougall to Shepard brought the ball deep into the visitors' territory. Near the end of the first half McDougall hit Meade with a long aerial deep in visitors, territory' but the clock halted this march as the half ended in a scoreless tie. Early in the fourth quarter the Kaymen again be- gan to move. The ground attack headed by Hall, McLeod, Gloria and Scott moved the ball all the way up field .mf before a fumble on the Norwich 10 halted the final at- tack. The visitors from Vermont could get no attack moving against the strong UB line as the season opener ended in a scoreless deadlock. With spirits still high the Knights traveled up to Boston to play Northeastern, a perennial New England power. The Kaymen jumped off to a fast lead as Scott started the attack moving with a 63-yard run of an intercepted pass. With a first down situation on the 14, McDougall passed into the end zone to Scott for the score. Jessup added the extra point. The Hub City crew tied the score but the Knights came right back and scored again as Scott caught his second TD pass, only this time Smith was the passer. The extra point was no good as the Purple and White led at the half 13-7. The home squad grabbed the lead in the third quarter and moved into the final stanza with a 25-13 advantage. Dick VVhitcomb tackled the Huskie quarter- back for Northeastern in the end zone for a safety to end the scoring as the Kaymen bowed 26-15 in a hard fought battle. VVith the bitter taste of defeat still fresh on the lips the Knights returned home to face Pennsylvania lX"lilita,ry College under the lights. This was the first meeting of the two schools in any sport. In their desire to bring home the victory, they did not figure on lohn Costello upsetting their plans. Direct- ing the attack beautifullv the little signal-caller, ran. passed, and directed the Cadets to a 28-6 win. - The Purple and White trailed at the half by 13-6 N W W 1 141 Q ikliiis-iffy? wp 4' + 2 gy vig iffifkffliif -. , Sqllllw 5 'X' W ' QQ. !!Xih.w ' -1-Q I . 'E' Jm""" my .. P V - , ,V I , X f f" V , f A L ' ...,.,Q W i v A 142 hut in the second half Costello opened up the throttles and pulled the game out for the visitors. UB scored in the second quarter as Donohue, in his first game of the season, hit Scott with his third TD pass of the season. Scott put on one of his finest performances of the year as he rolled up 92 yards on the ground and BT via two pass receptions for a game total of 129 yards. Again going on the road the Kaymcn ran up against a strong llofstra College team and somehow could not get themselves going as they finished up the evening with their worst showing of thc season, a 44-7 loss to the lilving Dutchmen. The Long Island crew grahbed quarter leads of l3'O, 3217, 38-7 and finally 44-7. Cietting no place on the ground the Knights took to the air for their offense and with hlcllougall, Scott, Smith and Donohue pitch- ing forrned some sort of an offense. A Scott to lkieade pass in the second period plus Scotts conversion gave the Knights their lone score. The lone alihi for the showing was the injured list for the Ullites with such performers as llall, Alessup, Cloria, XVhitconih, Smith, and Wlakim watching the game from the sidelines. Wfitlr llall and lessup hack in action the Knights traveled to Springfield to play rknierican lnterrrational College. It was the Knights third road trip in five games. After a good hut scoreless first period which saw the Alessivich Line holding strong against the Aces the home cluh scored early in the second period thru the air lanes as quarterback Bold Anastas hit halfhack Ken Balducci for the score. A recovered Donohue fumble set up the second AIC scores as halfhack Tom Thompson scored and his adding of hoth extra points gave the Aces a 14-O lead. The Purple and W7hite hegan their first hig offense move in the second quarter as McDougall and hleade teamed up to move the ball down to the two' yard line hefore the attack was halted. The third period saw the UB Club march again only this time it was on the ground as Jessup and Scott took over the reins. This time the home forces stopped the march on the five. Going on the road for the fourth time in six out- ings the Kaymen played Upsala College in New lersey under the arc lights. With the line headed hy Com- munale, Barstow, Shephard, and Bonini holding strong the Knights and Vikings played to a scoreless first period, Upsala finally broke through to score as they march, ed 96 yards in 13 plays with halfhaek Fred llill reaching paydirt. The extra point was good and the Knights trailed 7'O. Ed XVakim, Bohhy Mark, and McLeod paced the UB offense with Xvakim getting off a run of 44 yards for their top gain of the evening. Wlith the score still 7-0, the Vikings marched again despite a strong UB line and scored the clincher as a 14 yard pass play worked for the score. The extra point was no good as llall lun-dlecl the line to distract the kicker. The Knights kept plugging away as Smith joined VVakim and Scott on the offense but nothing could get generated as the gun sounded giving Upsala a l3f0 win. 1-.3 4 C41 1 iffig aQ mf vi . i'iY'.,2:'2fa52,f2 A F' 45-.My L51 . if , is k, at I LEP? , , .J I 1' if A , Having let down some what since the beginning of the season the Kaymen now prepared for their last three games of the season. First came the Teachers Col- lege of Connecticut crew from New Britain. On the opening play from scrimmage the teachers romped to a score on a 70 yard run. Downhearted but not beat the Purple and White came back on the next set of downs and tied the score as Donohue sent Scott straight down the field and then hurled one over the would-be defenders right into Scott's hands for the score. New Britain picked up the offense and scored twice more to gain a 20-6 halftime advantage as the Knights let down on both defense and offense for just a few minutes. But that was enough for the visitors to score twice more. As the second half began the Knights were all fired up and paced by Gloria, Donohue, and flall closed the gap to 20-13 as the pint-sized fullback Gloria rambled over for the score and added the extra point. Still down hy seven the Kaymen fought on and scored again as 1'lall catching a flat pass from Donohue raced 7 yards for a TD eluding three would-be tr on the way. The scene was now set for Gloria to tie score with his conversion. The ball was down, the kick up and it hit the crossbar bouncing backwards to give T.C.C. a 20-19 victory. Coach Kay had his boys scrimmage almost an hour prior to the Wilkes College game and it seemed to have some effect as the Knights routed the Coloncls from Wilkes Barre 44-0 and gained their most one-sided victory since 1949. The Purple and VVliite broke fast and on the first play from scrimmage Donohue hit lrlall and the Con- federate Plyer raced 53 yards for the score. From that point on the game turned into a defensive battle as U13's line shone in holding VVilkes Stall' Ron Rescigno to small yardage. Time and again Barstow, McDougall, Bonini, Kenny, Quagliozzi, Engler, and Ollara took turns in stopping the Colonels, As thc second half began the Knights unleased an offense that had not been seen around this area for a long time. The Kaymen scored 38 points with llall scoring again as well as Scott scoring twice and Gloria and Pete llenedetti reaching paydirt once. Gloria opened the scoring in the last half with plunge through the middle after he set up the TD with a 43 yard run. Hall registered the teams third score as he caught a Donohue pass and galloped 37 yards to score. Gloria converted and the Knights lead 19-0. ln the fourth quarter the Knights line really show- ed itself. Still charging hard they bar-relied into a Vvilkes player and caused him to fumble the ball into the air, and running full steam ahead raced 79 yards and made lineman's dream come true as he scored UBB fourth touchdown. ln the middle of the final stanza, Don Scott entered the ball game for the first time since he was sitting this one out because of an injury and promptly scored two 1 Us. Un first down Donohue hit Scott in the flat and the big sophomore raced 21 yards unmolestcd to score. Still pressing the attack the Knights counted for the sixth time as Scott intercepted a pass and scooted 38 yards to score. Meade converted and the score was now 38-0. With some four minutes remaining and the Kaymen in possession, Tracey Smith pitched a 22 yard aerial to Benedetti who caught the ball on the two and trotted into the end zone to put the finishing touches on the 1Vilkes Colonels by a 44-0 score. alert and ready tackle 'lohn Kenny spcared the pigskin Q "sir ,.,. 52 ? MN -1 1, sit io Wwvgw, .. an 1, ' 1. 1 1 , sf-e f f 'KLV . 'iss 3 ..f?W'k Hn., 1 . 1 . ga ' ' . x ' . - ""' 'r - Q . . 3 - ! if 'J Fi? . ' N V 1 . -s F ' -Q'-a V i y H ww. 1 Q g . , 1 sw 1 1 if s X i' ,x.V 146 The Knights traveled up to New Haven to play their seasons finale against the power of New England unheaten and seldom scored upon New llaven Teachers College. Playing on a mud soaked field under rainy skies the Knights put on another fine performance but bowed to a strong New 11aven cluh 33-12 after trailing at the half hy a mere 14-6 count. Ed llall, performing in his last collegiate game for UB capped off a Knight touchdown drive hy plunging over from the one after some fine running and passing from Gloria, Pike, and Donohue. As the second hall' hegan the Kaymen were a dc' termined crew hut could not match forces against a much higger New llaven team who started to move. Not giving up the Knights marched again and with Scott pitching and VVhitcomh catching the Purple and VVhite scored again. Although they lost the Knights two scores were the most points recorded against the powerful teachers all season. Even through the football season For 1956 was over a great deal ol interesting data, in the form of statistics remained for perusal. 13ridgeport might not have set the world on fire with their record. hut they lett the llans with plenty to tally ahout. As a unit, the Knights had hut two seniors out ol' the 33 players that performed. With this large nucleus and the promising llreshmcn crew, the 1957 Knights should he one of great interest. hliclxey Donohue will return to holster the Knights next year. The hig signal-caller was among the tops in the nation in punting with 535 yards in 13 iunts plus completing 36 of 62 passes good for 657 yarclls and six TD passes. In the pass catching department, Bill Meade, rangy receptions lor 386 yards and two touchdowns. "13chel" llall and Don Scott followed Meade with 10 catches each as llall made them good lor 256 yards while Scott piclv ed up 23-1 yards. Duane Shepard was fourth with seven for 88 yards. On the ground it was Scott who showed the way for the haclafield contingent as he reeled off an average of 5.9 yards per carry. The hig sophomore lugged the ball 66 times and gained 395 yards and six TD's. Vin Gloria, who will return as well as Scott lor another year, was second in rushing as he piclyed up 129 yards. Charley Pilie finished third with 92 yards while llall was fourth with 50 yards. As a team the Knights were tops in the passing de' partment with 79 completions in 165 aerials good lior 1198 yards and 11 touchdowns. The following is thc hrealgdown of scoring For 1111: TD X1 PAT T011 , Scott H 6 1 37 llall ,W-1 O 2-1 Meade 1,12 1 13 Gloria 1,1 2 8 XVhitco1nh , . .1 O 6 Benedetti .1 O 6 Kenny . 1 O 6 Totals .V 2, , , 16 -1 100 CHEERLEADERS The S6357 sciison sim ii ltirgc gmtip ul' ciigci' "i'iili-mlm" girls try for ll lncitli on tlic U 13. srmiiiicl lurinlgiiclc. Sumo miiclu it iiiicl mint' cliclift luiit tlicy itll liiivc 0110 tliiiig in iimoii, ilu' will to win. ljurliiips it ix tlicii' ciitliusitism riicliatiiig cwci' tlic licltl tligit Us our IL'.lIl15 llic spirit tlitlt lilhtx Ilicm tu x ictrwiy atiicl tilw cntilblcs tlicm to LICCCIDI Llc- ft it gi-iicicitixly. llicy will iilxx :ty s lun iuiiciiilucitccl timl mi cuiitcst xxwulcl sccm quite umm vlt l S W 5 ite XYllllIJLll tht-ir Cl1CULll'k1f'l1lf' xwiucs riiigiiif' out mm' tlic t-mul. 4? NkExx"'x , FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Coach Lou Saccone graduates his second freshmen grid team to the varsity as his 1956 squad concluded their season with a 1-4 mark with a win over Milford Prep and losses to llofstra, Long lsland Aggies, New Haven STC, and Upsala. Starting the season off slowly the Knights picked up steam and finished their season off with a win over a good Milford Prep team on the road. Opening their season with a road contest at Hempstead, L.1. the yearlings were edged out by a 13-7 score as Hofstra broke through a tight defense to score late in the fourth quarter. Quarterback johnny Hutchinson was the star for UB as he ran and passed the Knights to their score. llutchinson on the opening play from -scrimmage raced 30 yards with the games longest run. A few plays Tater he passed 22 yards to end -loe Kelly to set upia first down within the five yard marker. Fullback Bobby Darula smashed over for the score and guard Ralph King converted. The Knights defense was particularly good with King and tackle john Lynch shining. Next came the Long lsland Aggies, a powerful junior College team. Despite Hutchinsons fine running as well as that of Pete Gill and George Muzea the Knights lost 32-O as the Aggies unleased a tremendous passing game. The Knights again shone on defense with tackle Johnny Lynch and guard Bobby Lynch leading the charge. The Knights then traveled up to New llaven and bowed to the Teachers 32-O as former U13ite Dickie Dahn starred for the winners. llutchinson once again started as he teamed up with Muzea and lX'1att Kaishan to form the U13 offense. Although the Teachers ran their attack on the ground two yearlings stood Out on defense. Guard Vinnie Pento and center Vin Aguillare. Then traveling to East Orange, N. -I., the Knights bowed to a good Upsala freshmen crew. George Muzea and johnny llutchinson paced the offense while johnny Lynch, Pento, and Ralph King excelled on defense. Closing out their season with a game against a strong hlilford Prep crew the Knights thanks again to fiutchinson, Muzea, Gill, and Dartila won 6-O as their defense sparked the offense to victory. llutchinson teamedup with hluzea for the score vie the airways as the play covered 30 yards setting up a first down on the 15 from where Nuzea raced over for the score with a neat block thrown hy lohn Lynch. On defense it was again the combination of Vinnie Petite, Ralph King, Beanie Osborne, .lohn Lynch, lohn Aslan, and Tony lX1inardi that stopped the Prep offense and gave UB the victory. rat, VARSITY SOCCER With soccer rapidly becoming one of the most popular among winter sports in New England, the UB booters prepared to try and live up to the fine record turned in by last years outstanding team C9-ID. Ablely coached by John McKeon, starting his fourth campaign as varsity soccer coach in which he has compiled an amazihg 32-6 record, the Knights prepared to open their season away from home against Hofstra college. Bolstered by returning veterans Felix Oliva CA11- New Englanda, Co-Gaptains Mark Scheinbart and Gibby Emack, Danny Katz, Cstarting his fourth sea- sonl, and Bob Sveda, the Knights looked to make it two in row over the Dutchmen from across the sound, but were turned back in an overtime thriller 3-2. UB led twice during the contest, I-0, and 2-1, on goals by Felix Oliva, and .lack Martin, but Hofstra came back both times to send the game into overtime. However, at 2:22 of the overtime Hofstra broke through the Bridgeport defense to score the tie break- ing goal and hand the Knights their initial set back of the young season. Bouncing back from this heartbreaking loss to Hofstra, the booters got off to winning ways the fol- lowing week by shutting out Fordham, l-O. After a bitterly fought scoreless first half, UB final- ly broke the ice midway through the third period when Frank Wlasstik booted home a loose ball in front of the Fordham goal. The assist went to Mark Schein- bart. The Bridgeport squad came back onto the field for the start of the fourth and final stanza, determined strong defense plus the very capable goaltending of to hold the lead, and thus capture its first victory. A George Dieter supplied the margin for the UB victory. Returning home, the Knights were handed a 5-l defeat by Springfield College. Springfield having just ripped off three consecutive wins, and boasting one of the finest teams in all New England, dominated play throughout most of the game, although Felix Oliva's early goal gave the Knigsts a momentary lead. The 75 fans who stayed to see the fourth quarter of this game were treated to one of the finest performances ever turned in by a UB goalie. Sophomore goaltender George Dieter's superlative net minding was nothing short of sensational as he turned back 32 Springfield 3' "' ' "" 'l"'-ii shots on goal. The team next traveled up to Massachusetts where they edged out Lowell Textile lnstitute 2-l, and tied the University of Massachusetts, 2-2 the follow- ing day. The Knights looked like a much improved team as they beat Lowell 2-l. Frank Wlassak, and Felix Oliva accounted for Bridgeports margin of vic- tory. Oliva continued his spectacular play the next day when he booted home two goals to gain a 2-2 tie for the Knights. Two five minute overtimes were scoreless as the defense of both squads held up. In their final home appearance of the season, the Purple Knight booters kicked their way to a 3-O win over Boston University, At this point in the season the Knights ranked seventh in the N.E.I.S.L. stand- ings. Scoring all three goals in the first period, the Mc- Keonmen handed BU their sixth consecutive loss of the season. Bridgeport's goalgetters in this productive first period were Frank Wlassak, Pete DeGregorio, and seconds later DeGregorio again. The booters closed out their 1956 soccer campaign on the road, by edging the Coast Guard Academy 4-3 in their final. Once again Felix Oliva sparkled as he led the Bridgeport attack with two goals. The see-saw game had the lead changing hands four times before an aggressive UB team could finally win it. The winning goal came just minutes before the final whistle. Frank Wlassak and Mark Scheinbart accounted for the other two UB scores. ln looking back over the season it can be seen that after a shakey start the Knights found themselves, win- ning three out of their last four games to finish the season with a 5-3-l record. ln league play, however, they fared considerably better, finishing fourth with a 4-l-l mark. ln scoring statistics Felix Oliva led the team in goals scored with ll, while Frankie VVlassak was the top man in assists. Coach john McKeon will look to this year's fine freshmen squad to fill the spots being vacated by graduating seniors, Mark Scheinbart, Gibby Emack, Danny Katz, and Felix Oliva. T QW -Q - 'Sf g X 2, A 3 K Q - -- Q M , ., - - V X 4 V ,.,i,g3, ,,.,- -, - ,M ,V K1 j - I V, .',-- L -- ,-sf ,z ,fy up L-,, K A . Q52 'fi -Q . 'W Q , - , :,,f K . I U mf. ..,, ,5gg4g - ' " 'iff ,y fa' ,h ,,,,, , -,-,: .. , 'J .J 5 ' ,5LfGX, X,5ve3 , K f 5 , .rffffx-',,j3fe'g45-jgiifflsizv515543 '-" , ,S f X MVS f , 7, 5 AW, , Q S, 'K , ' 2 , yy yn 2, S Y W f Y Q V Y' "5 K ,ff , Vw if V Q ' s f Z W? S Fzigjgik Mk -rift g k X Vx V . vi, . 5 1 15231 Q X X ' U,,g,,,. . ' 'X Q51 ' 5 ' ww' ,gu i X A A , f S ff S' v X Q fx fx N. , 1 S- , X wmsmx . 4 W u "' . - K ,Wa A sw ,wk ,ygz M 1 L Vw 313 45 , 23 ,M Q ,f ' xx, ' ' VV g m ' I I A ,V,k. ,V , - -if ' 5 fm ' 'K wg, V, - , pf M Y I , ,,, 1, JV? H Y Rf" gi: . , - 'Q - V we fa ' Q M, ' . -if -. 6' KH? 5 H ff 3 f, '5.. 'S' ' k I ,w,,,,. t Hgggk Neg 1, s - ..p- , f.f,-gm f- - -V 2 1: - 'fi r m ,.,, , J, Q ,- :f2 "1 V A VY ,, -'51,-1-f 15 ' ' ' .-wiv A f wm- W , V 1, 5 .af 4+ ' 'ff , ' ' ,M 5 I .,,. S , s 5 Q! CF" ,, ' Mx B ml 5 FRESHMEN SOCCER Only in its second year of existence, the freshman soccer team under the direction of jim Horan, finished 'its five game schedule with a standout 4-l record. Coach Horan, who is in his first year of coaching at UB made the best of a severely undermanned squad in piling up four consecutive shutouts before finally tasting defeat. The Knights opened their season against Hofstra, on the latters home grounds, and promptly handed them a sound 5-O pounding. Next on the list of victims was Milford Prep. They bowed 1-O, as UB goalie Bob Mahoney turned in his second shutout of the season. Standouts in this game were Everrit Merrit, and Chuck Paterno. The Knights extended their unbeaten string to three when they edged out Ches- hire Academy in a thriller, l-O, with Chuck Paterno's third period goal supplying the winning margin. A late Cheshire drive was stopped due to the fine play of goalie Bob hlahoney, and fullback Don Creenberg. The freshmen soccer teams bid to become the first team in University history to go undefeated went by the boards when they lost to a larger and more experienced Wesleyfan squad. The final score was l-O. The lone goal in the game was also the first and only goal that goalie Bob Mahoney had given up all year in compiling four consecutive shutouts prior to this game. Many of these boys will be seeing action next year in varsity uniform as UB continues among the leaders in intercollegiate soccer in New England. L, l ff! , v YV' fi u 'jf fl '1'. Ly? X , . -Q. ,i E3 My QMQIQ N-.Mkt 'M gi , A -2,1 .sf TNM 3, x Xf iw X I rf ' WE XL 'Fa w I' r K n A 7 Z i w ,.f: , .A A i f f h ,Ti f' ,B E,E ,Af .sf , .,' . wx fbi, Kg. ,, V, VARSITY BASKETBALL The athletic stock of Bridgeport gained prestige this past year on the basketball court, and began what appeared a strong dominance as one of the leading contenders for the Tri State League championship. Prior to this season the Purple Knights never par- ticipated in any league, but the functioning of an eight-team league made up of schools in the New York-New jersey and Connecticut area's gave the Knight's a chance to shine in league competition. Playing their best schedule in the school's history they listed 24 games including such opponents as Man- hattan College, NIT visitors and winner of the Holi- day Tourney in New York, St. Francis of Brooklyn, St. Anslems, AIC, Yeshiva, Adelphi, Springfield, and Brandeis just to mention a few. As far as the Tri State League goes the seven other clubs included Yeshiva, Fairleigh-Dickinson, Adelphi, Fairfield, Hunter, Brooklyn, and Kings Point. Be- cause of the previous arrangement in scheduling, a full slate of games was not scheduled and the final winner would be based on a won and lost basis. The Knights finished their campaign with a 9-15 mark but came through with the ubig ones" so to speak as they knocked off arch rivals Fairfield Univer- sity twice during the season as well as Adelphi College, Yeshiva University and powerful New Haven State, New England NAIA champions. During the season the Knights showed one of the top scorers in New England circles in their 5-8 captain Harry Peters. The pepperpot guard who finished off his career playing in the New England All-Star game was the teams top scorer with 474 points and a 19.8 average. His total of 189 field goals set a new school record and his total points was one shy of the record of 475. It was not Peters alone who 1ed the Knights to a good season. Added in backcourt to make the spark on the club was sophomore Charley Iessup who broke into the lineup in the third bame. Iessup finished fourth in scoring with a 7.2 average and a high of 22 -his 'ff' ii :Wi l X4 -2 an if 5 at . if iifa, .. against Brooklyn Poly. Une of the best traits Jessup d h' had was his fast hands and ruggedness that ma e 1m f h clubs best defensive performers. one o t e All in all, Coach Herbert C-lines had but two sen- f h' . Mike iors and four juniors on his squad o t irteen O'Donnell, 6-5, began the season at the center spot, d t ive the Knights added rebounding and was use o g strength throughout the season. Glines could also i count on juniors Stan Roman and jerry McDougall for ' Dick Whit- help up front or in backcourt. Sophomore comb also gave the varsity a big lift all season long as l ' mber one replacement G ines nu . Three other members of Bridgeporfs starting five d G Dieter were Hal Hellerman, Larry Babich an eorge . ' 1' h H l- Babich, being the other senior on the squad vut e lerman a junior an d Dieter a sophomore. N L, x - rv. - .f3:,3W', ' i Www: 1 T 1 , ,,:. J MM F xg , if , X 'zx V' , t 2 K f i! t i,, V ,, , i- ki 5 xv . if K fx' 'V lk I S I J 11 -X ,. gf: 1 ' .1 J A, .,-f"' J 'A sf I LF ' 1 . 51 if ' Q N --Qlif 1QQQ . f f 'w A ,gy 1 3 f A, V- xx qi Rug' QNQHQQHK V 'A X .,.x Q1 1 gemasrapff .4 Q 2u , : 3 : XA," X Q g fi W fir g fi f, s Lou Saccones freshmen Knights finished with a 17-3 mark eclipsing the former record of 11-12 set by the 1954-55 team. Bob Laemel and Tony Granger pac- ed the attack while Ed Wysocki, Tony Calderoni and Ioe Colello controlled the backboards. Some of the better clubs to fall before the year- lings were Iona College, Wesleyan University, Milford Prep, Clark University, Yale University, New Haven STC twice and the Baybestos Cardinals, the Industrial League Champions. Laemel averaging 17.1 and scoring 342 points was the leading scorer followed by Cranger who had 264 points. Laeme1's mark broke the old record of 309 set by Bob Litak in 1955-56. Wysocki was third in scoring with 22 points followed by Charley Doyle and Joe Colello. Saccone used most of his players sparingly with guys like Everett Hart, Bob Mahoney, Hugo Papstein, Bob Lazar, Bill Darragh, Bill Koke, Tom Thompson and Bon Osborne starting at different times during the season. Colello was the teams top foul shooter with a 75W mark followed by Laemel with 70W and Cranger with 6824 . Laemel and Cranger each hit for the individual season game high of 29 points but it fell short of the record of 37. Wyfsocki, Colello, Calderoni, Doyle and Mahoney were the main rebounders during the campaign for the Knights and all were consistent scorers. The year- lings biggest win was their one point victory over Yale at the Payne Whitney gym in New Haven and their return game rout over New Britain STC who defeated them earlier by one point. , wk: H sis En S J . nfklf Jw A . ,ff 1, R 'si wif-'f" ' iggwi, . .,:HfQwi ,Z, i 5 M s .f. X , . 2 ix s -' fi" 5 ,Q .95 6' W' Q kr 4 L, ,f 1 0 .3 .1 L 'H QRX 1-j , x-TJ: fy- u,.,. uw 'Q .N- Q W k 1 i r ,fi ' , ' 3 8 , W , ,yi A i f A V P+ M N. J H... TRACK TEAM STRENGTH1 CONDITIONING, ENDUR- ANCE, just three words, but to cindermen at the Uni- versity of Bridgeport, thesewords meant victory. Being outmanned at every meet, the Knights pulled more than one surprising upset, in addition to bringing credit to UB in the Connecticut Small College Meet. Coached by former record holder of 440 and javelin at Notre Dame and Columbia, Wzilt Kondratovich instilled that "Never Say Die" spirit into his athletes which in turn gave the school another successful season. The ,56 track team were perhaps the most versatile cindermen ever to don spikes here at the university. Carrying a full squad of eleven men, coach "Kay" had to use each man in two or more events. In winning 4 out of 5 dual meets, UB met such strong teams as Eairleigh Dickinson, Fairfield University, New Haven S.T.C., Adelphi, and Westchester S.T.C. along with entering the Collegiate Track Conference Meet. Outstanding for the Knights was co-captain Paul Hennion who was defeated only once in his dual meet competition. Also outstanding was UB,s 1 mile relay team which set a school record against Eairleigh Dickin- son. This team consisted of Iohn Carr, Dick Cipriani, Eddie "Bebel,' Hall, and anchor man, ccrcaptain Dave Deep. Point makers throughout the season were Bob Craze in the mile and 2 mile runs, Nick D'Alusio and Bill Barstow high jumping, and Dave Deep and Eddie Hall running the 440. GOLF TEAM Fore! This is the universal ery that warns of an on-coming ball. But the record that is compiled here at UB during the past three seasons is reason enough For opposing teams to yell when playing against the Purple Knights. Through the Coaching of hir. A. Sherman, the Knights have brought home fame and credit to our University. VARSITY BASEBALL Y 7" WPT 'WY' 1 13ridgeport's baseball team moved out of the dol- drums of 1955 and back into the light of 1954 as the '56 version of the Purple Knights finished their cam- paign with a 6-6 record against some of the top New York and New England schools. When lohn lV1cKeon reopened the spring sport in 1954 after an absence of three years his first squad recorded an impressive 10-4 mark. But the squad made up of seniors departed and the following campaign saw the Knights with an unimpressive 5-14 mark. But in 1956 the Purple and White moved back into the lime- light with a good 6-6 record. Playing against such powers as Manhattan, St. vlolins, Rider, Providence, American lnternational, llrandeis, Upsala, Pairleigh-Dickinson, and New Hav- cn the Knights faced some top flight clubs in compil- ing their record. The season held many bright spots as the teams play was generally good and the pitching was top flight. On occasions, however, the pitchers and fielders couldnit get together. O'Donnell set two U13 records and tied a third as he started the most games C65 and worked the most innings C47 2f3D while tieing the 1950 strikeout mark of 33 set by Frank Henckel. O'Donnell finished the season 4-2 while Babich and Skudlarek each won one apiece. Captain and first sacker Lorin Beresnyak set a few batting records as his season average of .469 top- ped the 1954 mark of .368 set by Joe 1V1arrucco and the 1955 mark of .356 set by loe Candella. Beresnyak got the most hits 623D topping the 1954 mark of 19 set by Dick Giansello and assistant coach Ronnie Krause. Lorin also had the most total bases C315 topping the 1954 mark of 28 set by lim Davins. 1-le also tiedloe 1V1arrucco's 1954 mark for most doubles with five. Behind Beresnyak in batting was shortstop Charley Pike with .310 and third sacker Harry Peters with an even .300. jerry McDougall led the team in R131 and was tied with Pike and Ed 1-lall for the home run leadership. Other standouts were Steve Butkovsky with a .263 average plus a solid glove at second, and .veteran Ed Hall behind the plate. Bob Sveda, Don Renton, Gary Engler, and Mickey Donohue all played adequate roles in the outfield with Sveda picking his batting average up considerably with a fast climb at the end of the campaign. ,, R 3 . K M a k a SL 3 .K 1 X 3 Q am,- Jw Mem Q Q 4 fflfQ'13 f 7 5 - L- "-- L, , , K 5 - 12 ? ill 5 1, 4 3 A Z -3 ff .-- . . - -- - .: ,iy f w P , wm a 1 ig, In my , . U . Y- 411 gf Ni 1 I, H 1 ' 22' ' '73 .wvf,,s1, vm :ES iii " 1 - . Xi Q f 5 fi? I 1. e A 'H 3iQg,5.:53,Qxf-rf' ' , A pf xi -. ,X K inn 164 sr' W-' FROSH BASEBALL l ff- .me - Playing a short schedule curtailed by snow and rain the freshmen Knights of Lou Sacconc opened the 1956 season with a 3-O white-washing of Hofstra Col- lege as Bernie DePace hurled a three-hitter. Pete Brown took to the hill in the next encounter and pitched a magnificent one-hitter in stopping Yale University 4-1 as Vandy Kirk and Dave Quagliozzi supplied the big blows. Then going into the prep school league the Knights faced Cheshire Academy and lost as DePace took the defeat. In a return contest with Cheshire, Brown took the mound and stopped them as DePace, playing first base, and Aslan supplied the clutch hits. DePace facing Milford Prep became the first hurl- er in UB history to hurl a no-hit, no-run game as the Knights routed thc prepsters 9-O with Kirk, Aslan, Quagliozzi, Tracey Smith and DePaee shining at the bat. John Harding was the freshmen UB hurler as the Knights played a return contest with Milford Prep and again stopped them by a IO-4 score. Aslan, DePace and Kirk supplied the hitting in this contest. Closing out the season the Knights played another return game only this time Yale' University was the opponent. Brown again was the pitcher but the Ivy leaguers had the breaks and Brown and UB were set- back 4-3. FENCING TEAM UB closed out their most suc- cessful fencing season as William T. DeSerio and his club won two of five meets with one ending in a draw. The fencers meet such teams as the University of Con- necticut, Brooklyn Poly, Yeshiva U n i ver si t y, Fairleigh-Dickinson and Adelphi College. Captain Dick Shelby was one of the outstanding members as well as newcomers Mickey Donohue, Frank Russo, Len Ledat, Lou Nappi and jim Oll-lata plus vet- erans Marshall Dickman, Lew Al- pert and Wally Shapiro. A45 OUR Brasil? WISHES . . to the Class of 19517 Whatever your plans for the future, may happiness, health' and prosperity be your companions. , K ill 7 T A echanics 8: armers fx , o V, - . ,. 5 ,h M1146 fi' 'il l l X. . Q, amp, 5 -gf tor. um An mu mms v umarrolr L councncur Q 'S All DEPUSHS GUARANIEEUIN FULL BY THE SAVHIGS BANKS' DEPUSIY EUARINH FUND UF Cllllll.. INC' "As Education prepares you for your future . . . drink milk to build your future health. Be sure it's BORDEN'S" RElCHERT'S UNIVERSITY SHO 993 Broad Sl. Jie Farah fbmparq FO Our Specialty - Caiering To the College Crowd Our Aim - Salislaclion MITCHELL DAIRY DIVISION ' 745 North Avenue - BRIDGEPORT 6, CONN. Gmc 166 CONGRATULATIONS You have your diploma . . . Now's Ihe 'Iime when a sound career is yours 'for +he making . . . WHAT CAREER? Re'I'aiIing holds many advaniages and offers coun'IIess 'Iypes of sI'imuIaI'ing work, opporiunifies for advancemen+s, s+able employmen+, many aHracI'ive bene'fi'Is in heaI'I'h pla ns, insurance, discounI's on your purchases, andso on. WHY NOT LOOK INTO IT? Our personnel execuiives will be glad Io discuss 'Ihe many phases o'F refailing wi+h you. Drop in aI our Personnel Depar+men'I', Read's EasI' Building, John sI'ree+. You may discover a whole new job horizon before you! The D. M. Reed Company f ,.,,,,.,r, .,..... Q f .:.f'- 81 .,.. "'1: 2 . ,........ E 1eNNIP- N For Ezfeffylbincg You Need - - - Your Best Spot to Shop S ww., ,,,..,.,.i.,: rY".'7P??" ee South. End Laundromat A . 354 Main S+., Bridgeport Conn. Shirfs Finished - Dry Cleaning ED 3-I778 fy ED'3-8091 ' CATERING TO U 2'-I PARK PHARMACY MILTON S. BRAUNER, B.S., Ph., Reg. Pharm. 426 Park Avenue BRIDGEPORT, CONN. 9 y Brooklawn Conservatories, Inc. The House of Flowers in BRIDGEPORT 4, CONN. 1255 Park Ave. Phone ED 5-5096 -- GREENHOUSES -- 185 Lawrence St. Phone ED 3-5053 Steak Sandwiches Jumbo Hamburgers Ice Cream Bars A -MILMAR'S Sea Food Clfarcoal Broiled Hot Dogs 500 Iranistan Avenue BRIDGEPORT, CONN. ED 3-4747 Bridgeport's Most Exclusive Night Cl' HOME OF UB's SOCIAL FUNCTIONS DINE - DANCE - REUNIONS - BANQUETS IVEDDINGS Q VISIT US AND SEE. Q FACILITIES ARE THE LARGEST AND MOST MODERN IN CITY Q PRIVATE DINING AND NEVVLY DECORATEI CAMPUS ROOM. 1 LENNY'S WAGON WHEEL 711 Barnum Avenue - Phone EDison 53614 sf CROWN BUDGET MARKET A Meats, Groceries, Dairy Products Fruits, Vegetables, Beer 375 Park Ave. - Corner Gregory Sit. EDison 3-7807 '58 A ' 1 - BRIDGEPORT, CONN. K Bradbury, Sayles, O'NeilI, Co., Inc. . . 219 EAST 44+h STREET NEW YORK I7, N. Y.

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