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1 9 73 EA GLE T University Breckinridge School Morehead State University Morehead, Kentucky I .5 .1 .'4';;. 53:, u Students provide a yearbook with its reason for being. Without students to serve as Characters we cannot play the role in the educa- tion process. We were 553 in effort, uniting to make University Breekinridge the best. We were one in thought, each in his own way giving mean- ing to U.B.S. Eaglet 373 records the activi- ties and events that made up the 1972-73 academic year. It tells the story concerning curriculum, sports, proms, play productions and reflects our association with Morehead State University as laboratory school. Setting the stage for a fruitful year we became friends. We did not dress alike, talk alike, play or study alike. Our interests were widening but our concerns were real. Friends became our concern and 197273 became a fun year. The Accent Is 011 . . . F RIENDS 'ml Gthmm mm MACHINE qasuw .3 .,a Q Empty hallways, ecb oing solitary foots teps are replaced by the sounds ofpeople . . . Friends introduced ............................. 1-23 Friends who participate ......................... 24-47 Student LLfe F riends who care .............................. 48-85 Album Friends who learn - teach ...................... 86-103 Academics Friends who compete ......................... 104-1 13 Athletics Friends who contribute ....................... 1 14-125 Advertising Friends in conclusion ......................... 126-128 , . . , 1 ; "M 2 ., , v I '1 v ! I 3.; 3: 1., 4;. . l .w . . ' .,. i3; 1 k. , . , . $10? , . W. , V : w . . , I x: i' . . . 7' m'" : v 'L ' I p l ' IV , . -! 3A 4 Li I' I x :5 lk 2,: 1'3 j . ' ' z: X H. i .E I r ,34 ! .uma-k V ' ' I k "x People all differen t, yet sharing a purpose an experience, a friendship . . . ,.;. , 34:33?! a.?uiig 3w; K N . AQ ,le V' ,t'bA 37 x s x . c $ I 1 3: d1 .1. 55?:va our friend, that single person With Whom we share our innermost thoughts . . . I2 our friends, not only human but those Who understand and silently encourage our being . . . Seeilat... Stanley Pontiac - Buick G.M.C. - A.M.C. 707 15. Main Ph. 784-6091 Morchcad 14 DAIRY CHEER 608 E. Main 784-5949 Good Food - Quick Service 'f a 22$ ?.k - BURGERS ' CH SlRLo" '-PIT BAR A'I 4 together we share and Will remember for now we are friends . . . McBRAYER'S BEN$FRAN KLI IN Realizing the needs of friends we learned that true happiness comes through others t not through self . . . -;ig;$jaii$' , . at . 'q - 41: AI ' r 1?; 7311'. We laughed together, learned together, worked together; searched our though is and dreamed dreams. l9 .wa M . , , m f v w. J, z . 1., 3 ,A m K. . JV! r I W; .Qxdw, sx X .5 fun p 5.0,..57 En. f. .. .thWrwail x 5 . 0.x. 5 55$ w , ,. . 5.0, L 5l z IL Uniting With others, we grew. 20 $1 59 5. c? 3 acre: .1. 21 22 But There Was A Time . . . When M omen ts Were In valuable 24 muun 3 uas m w ms Mr 2,, UNIVERSITY BRECKINRIDGE SCHOOL 4mm HM Owlw hd 1635 I and it multi mm L 26 - Banquet ' Swimming Rooms Pool 0 Restaurant I Mee'ing Rooms - TV In Every Room Kolon 0 Ice - Baby Beds 0 Complete Dining Room ' 100 Rooms - Double Beds HOLIDEX RESERVATIONS 784-7591 MOREHEAD. KY. I464 8- STATE HWY. 32 Formal surroundings and attire encouraged an air of sophistication to prevail at the Sweetheart Ball, Junior- Senior Prom and Annual Eighth Grade Banquet. The prom featured the Morehead State University Stage Band. Held in the Adron Doran University Center Ballroom the dance honored the 1973 graduates of University Breckinridge. Sweethearts were recog- nized during the annual Key Club Sweetheart Ball. In an impressive presentation Sweethearts were presented Social Elegance Allures Couples from both the U.B.S. and Rowan County Key Clubs and the Sweetheart 0f the Year honored from each school. Kim Miller was Chosen Sweetheart 0f the Year for U.B.S. with Pam Kidd receiving the honor for R.C.H.S. The Eighth Grade Ban- queUDance gave the "nexW high school students an opportunity to predict suc- cess during upcoming senior high days and offered the last big social fling for them as junior high students. WELCOME BRECK JR-SR BANQUET RED ROOM U 1Wav Duz'is porfomzs in Concert LE Coz'erlwr Wendell Ford and President Duran applaud Senalor Thomas Euglcton. Missouri, following a speaking mgagenwnl on campus. m The zrcry versatile and lulmled V idor Barge entertained during Ulu'zrersily Honwmming events. W l C 0N CER TS, LECTURES OFFERS ENRI CHMEN T Concerts, forums and lecture series with nationally known guest speakers pro- vided U.B.S. students enrichment oppor- tunities. As laboratory school for More- head State University we took part in Uni- versity sponsored events, adding both depth and breadth to our total education process. Other activities at the University included senior days, educational semi- nars, Science In the Seventies, World of Technology, Environmental Science and political science forums. 28 WM . m zzzi " 0; v v A 1: . 1, . ., 7:3 x 4 m c .l: x fax. ,3 s37- ;g 2;: ; ;., if , ' W; , K $ . . V i J; J : Z i. U Little Stevie Wonder thrills students with a variety of hit recordings in concert 0 Seals and Croft highlight another school com'cn. C57 Bad Finger adds still more spice to concert series. 0.9 Stewart Udall, former Secretary of Interior and recognized authority in the field of Envionmental Science, is guest lecturer. I , m ., UNIVERSITY CINEMA Morehead, Ky. 784-5522 jrxy, , I'A " . v.. A.'??3'"';A '!.,1 ,, , . La 29 3O MARCHING, PEP BANDS AC CEN T SCHOOL E VEN T S Pep and Marvhing Band members encouraged student vnlhusiasm all University Brockim'idge as they per- formed for athletics. Our first MH' Murrhing Band rep- resented us at Eastern Kentucky Apple Festival in Puintsvillc and at Annual Morehead State University Band Clinic. Long hours of practice and much dedication paid off for the instrumen- tal music groups. 3 . a .fx t X J; ' K r1 w wt 1 , - '1 h u M w , ; iii h v l Kw 'w , $3 "Fairy Mae" played V irginia Landreth appears to be troubled by the udirity surrounding her. K V 'f'iii': ' x"; ' t" ,u V3? w H t .. x R xx . I Ax x x. r L3 .L 7 i.- Kaly Brooks takes dinner order from Mrs. Hart and Shari. Rpsemations w Susan Calhoun R VD , lit 42 ?MN fit 4 r t ; I i Dr. Emmett Rented played by Tim Porter attempts to calm Titus played by David Sparkman and Lily Belle played by Paula Davis during dinner theater production. A w , Larry Calhoun, David Layne, Mark Paxton and Russell Culley perform. during ianr- mission. ' a DINNER THEA T RE BIG S UCCESS The Breckinridge Speech and Drama Department achieved another milestone with the schoolis first Dinner Theatre. The production, The Curious Sarage, was well received by students, faculty and parents and the evening was complete with a full dinner menu prepared and served by students enrolled in the department. 31 U 5 Bret'lfs I'rrsion of THE CODFA THER speaks IO 5 5 .s'tudml assembly. . . . . P ' 5 CU Re Cenoranon. a toung musmal group, perfonns '4 II '3 5k j . . ., . u e e m concert zth a message of ' hzglz the natural ': 'k .. . . . . I. .h .v way, through Clznsuan Ldeals. 0 g t . l. '2: t ' 0. b e 15 m Io ' o: .4 t - :- b. $... I O 0 g, '2 . h o 0 t 0 O O 1 : v .. t - Q 3; t. P 5s. 4;: , :- ta 3- I!" . V , '5 3y ,5 i h II x i z e K . y - ' 7m Xi 1 i I '7? ex :1 t 5:2! . y A . t h k XL..- - m k5 V - .f X 5 K . ! ASSEMBLIES, t PEP RALLIES BRING . A " STUDENTS 5- ;. TOGETHER Throughout the year, U.B.S. students were entertained with various assemblies. Some of the special assemblies brought to m . W our stage were Re,Generati0n and Natural 637 MO'EheadState Univermy High, both singing groups telling the story PreSidem Adm" Damn . . . addresses FHA Conference of how youth can enjoy llfe w1th0ut use of hostedat University artificial "highs? Other topics were Career Breckinridge. Education, Drug Education, Traffic Safety, V MU Kentucky State Patrolofficer Alcoholism, and Politics In the Seventies. I ; is consulmmfor Safety Among the traditional assemblies were 5 4. F- amicswicydesqufw Student Orientation Day, Faculty Apprecia- . , h elemnm'yhdnwng safely . . 5. for secondary. tlon Day, White Chrlstmas Program, Stu- dent Government Day, School Spirit Day, , and Student Honors Day. School Pep Rallies created school spirit x :6 and enthusiasm for athletic events and pro- 31. 5X ,5 e moted cooperative efforts among student A7 . 37 body and we became one in school events. h km 33 Ecology Seminar. Day. 639 Mr. Steve Young presents program during Hj Enthusiasm is generated at school Pep Rally. 0 Fun and games during Annual School Spirit !3 E: m; L t 7 c t t .. 3 K , K 34 STUDENT COUNCIL STRESSES S TUDEN T INVOL VEMEN T The Student Council composed of two elected representatives from each Class grades seven through twelve, is the govern- ing body for all student programs, academic and co-curricular. The council hosts dances, sponsors School Spirit Day, the Annual White Christmas Assembly and is responsi- ble for the Honors Program at the end of each school year. 3 xxxxxxxe 3 3 3 3 2 Lay- 3 tr 3. 23. 3 he 3 . c 7 7 h :3 1 ' x 77?de S TOR Y OF SCHOOL YEAR The yearbook staff has the task of telling the 1972-73 story of Uni- versity Breckinridge with pictures and copy. An awesome task but rewarding as it offers students an opportunity to tell "Whatas Hap- pening at University Breckinridge? Pictured: fLefl lo Righlj Jeff Burkcll. Managing Editor: Tommy Brown, Business Manager; Kay Manning, Academic Editor; Allen Lake. Photographer; Leslie Smith, Activities Editor. T ALON S TAF F PRODUCES S CH 00L NE WS Our school newspaper, The Talon, has the responsibility of keeping students, faculty and par- ents "in the knowM concerning activities at Breckinridge. Pub- lished monthly the paper is con- cerned with reporting all aspects of the school year. 35 xi am. . i,..,r iv- BETA CL UB LEADERSHIPh SCHOLARSHIP ORIENTED The Beta Club is a leadership-service organi- zation for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors and Open to membership for all students with a 3.0 or above academic standing. It is designed to encourage good character, leadership and scholarship. The main activity of the Beta Club is the Annual Beta Revue at which time Mr. and Miss Breckinridge is announced. The honorees come from the senior class. Other superlatives for Junior and Senior High are also announced. 36 C MR. BRECKINRIDGE Tim Porter MISS BRECKINRIDGE Robin Razor University Breckinridge Superla tives Junior High 7-8 Most Popular Girl Debbie Brown Most Popular Boy Steve Kelly Cutest Girl Mallie Wells Cutest Boy Jamie Payne Prettiest Girl Julie Dennis Handsomcsl Boy Mark Barber Most Versatile Girl Jana Ousley Most Versatile Boy John Black Senior High 0-13 Most Popular Girl Kim Miller Most Popular Boy Gary Ganin Cutest Girl Cindy Thomas Cutest Boy David Egelston Prettiest Girl Nancy Kegley Handsomest Boy JeffBurkett Most Versatile Girl Patti Allen Most Versatile Boy Bobby Wells 37 Hi Drug Education Center offers oppommity for observation in a relaxed atmosphere Ql Club members sari and package aver 1 700 toys rollertpd during 'FToys Instead of Tearsli project. Bl Special Olympia; was a rewarding expedence for participants and Key Clubbers. GU Bicycle inspection as par? of Bicycle Safety Week. SL1! Bl INTERNA T I ONAL RE C OGNI TI 0N HIGHLIGHTS KE Y CL UB YEAR After 209 projects and over 40,000 man hours of programming our Key Club achieved the highest honor bestowed by Key Club Interna- tional by being selected to receive the 1973 Achievement Award at International Convention in Chicago. The club also received the Scrap- book Award representing the historical recording of Key Club activities. This recognition followed Division and District honors where they were selected as the Outstanding Key Club in Division 8-9 and K-T Dis- trict. Other honors received were Scrapbook Award and Achievement Award at the district level. Kim Miller was selected as Division 8-9 Sweetheart 0f the Year and received the Miss Congeniality Award at K-T District Convention. Another highlight was being selected to receive the Single Service Award for their work with mental retardation. Twenty-nine different projects were conducted in this area of need. . The Key Club helped "Insure Tomorrowi, by involvement in school and community service projects obtaining individual leadership that will produce a more concerned and productive Citizen. 38 J t'm, .z'z; V , K.?l k l 1 4n" 691 W W OJ 6? RU CW POW MIA Project obtains over I 200 signatures for letlvrs t0 Gmgrvssmwz. Key Club Chun'h Sunday offers members all oppommily lo enn'rh spiritual aims Inlernalz'onal Arhimmmml Award 1'3 n'rvi 1771' by club 01 Inlvmalional Conz'vnliun in Clzimmx U.B.S. Km' Club. . . Work zz'ith Spm'ial Edllaltinn Class rams dub svhool and mmmunily summit 39 . xyl'i'bk J . a M N; l i f . H q. H I M xJ" iv F35 Q3" 1;?" H y "er ,h H 1:; ' i ii. R Hi mi CW A WARDS and H 0N OHS . X umVEn mp ' .. ' W 3. -- ancxmmnss ' i 4 .'. ,x'i sham Wi Hi Mr. Thomas receives Faculty Appreciation Award. a Qi Mr. Keen Johnson is presented Kiwanis Helper Award. 49 David Egelston is awarded Sandy Nininger Award for leadership. RU Allen Lake receives Kay Man Award. C57 Mrs. Kay Lee is presented a Special Award for her work for the club. K3 Roadrunner Award Placques go to: HrRi Joe Back, wj Tom Boodry, Keith Raines, Randy Oppenheimer, Mike - Flynn, Allen Lake, Tommy Brown, David Egelston, Jeff Burken, David Layne, John Holbrook and Eddie Jones. W? David says a sadfarewell to his year as U.B.S. Key Club President. iBi Mr. Charlie Jones is awarded the . , i ; Distinguished Service Award for his work .935. $3 i l 71$ ms. : in scouting movement. A' i' 13:9, 1 4 x AA? - 4 . x E "k. ,i - l 1-. 1 "i 3 J r i' K 73 i' 9? aw i; A V 5M i m an. :3 n .33.: $3333; AdDJIlk X Kathy Louder .. Patti Allen I'lwI g S WEETHEAR TS 3;, . 1972-73 ' Kay Manning V Paula Calvert 5 ; v I - ' Tina McCIure I gage Kegley R b R P o in azor - Leslie SmiIh I 41 SCIENCE CLUBS ENCOURAGE EXPERIMENTA TIONIEXPL ORA TION I II; 0 F31; vb LV :: 7 .' H. T, i w - Q? P K I L p q L w m I 3."; . - - . - I. I, ' 9 t f L C u .- ' , v "A , V , .. 4? gr w I C? ' R L 5 1 L .l 5'; I vl - v m " l I -m ' I v;- - $5? The Madame Curie Science Club at University I - r Breckinridge was organized to further interest in $57, science and providv opportunity for developing X understandings and investigate Skills in science. $3985 L 1 ervpx dirt Club members participate as individuals in the Morehead State University Science Fair with 4' many top awards earned. C. E. BISHOP DRUG COMPANY l02 E. Main Mprehead, Kyu 784458l Kx RX Sportsman 9s Club Enjoys Nature The newly formed Sportsmanhs Club, under the direction of Mr. Dan Thomas, enjoyed many leisure time experiences dur- ing the school year. Instruction in firearm safety, boating, and fishing techniques led to overnight camping trips and weekend fish- ing experiences. Other activities found mem- bers 0n the shooting range and on hunting trips, developing an appreciation for nature and our natural resources. 43 w . wank..- 4- ;T. i .L -.---, .w 1'17er 1w!!! n h ' Z Above: Susan Calhoun Mrs. ManninghaM and Bobby Johnston UKDugM show great mystery during this scene from Angel Street. Right: Cordon Blark receives the award for the Outstanding Speech and Drama Student. The award is presumed by Alumni Roger Hoffman. 44 tU 1, 3 .. I W 1 PH tU Laura Duncan wins Firs! Place in Talpnl Premiere comprlilinnt Qt NFL Qt Tournament winners againt' Mt Bobby Johnston as Rough. Susan Calhoun as Mrs. AManningham, Bm're Cain as the polia'man. Tim Pum'r as Mr, Manm'ngham, and John Rahn appmm'll in lhx- arrest smile from Angel Street. NFL, THESPIAN T ROUPE AMONG STATE9S MOSTACTIVE The National Forensic League and Thespian International chap- ters at University Breekinridge continue to set the pace in state and international events. Long hours and hard work have produced a trophy ease full of trophies, a bulletin board full of news Clippings, and a sense of pride within the Speech and Drama Department. Special occasions during the year were the Annual Christmas Party, the first Talent Premiere Show, play productions, competi- tive events in speech tournaments throughout the state, and attend- ance at International Convention. Mr. Harlen Hamm, who is currently serving as President Of Thespian International, is sponsor of troupe. 4 ' ; , ' lee .-4.' . K4 th 1?"- '1, 'A I, .- 3e; , K .e; . 1- x p , n' , e 3.9, 7ft - z k: . K, h $4 ' i . . , V5 '.3 3 l k . J ., 5.! f , , -' , s,;y v! f ' v. refs; e t-. - . ,y , - . ' .. o. ,l-u ' k t21 W 45 J unior Honor Society Promotes Character, Scholarship The National Junior Honor Society promotes vharavtvr. svholarship, leadership, ' .ilizenship, and svrviw as cardinal qualities worthy of devel- opnwnl in UN growth of our school. Membership is open to any junior high student who has earned a 3.0 or above in academic preparation. m ,3 z? , Inn!!- 3 42 . - 3 ca 0 b9 C II L 5 $ 345x- 8?? am 0 Iunn . . '5 nnusu C. Roger Lewu Agency, Inc. 0 $6 46 784-4 l 68 6st" ht ' Young Historians Develop Apprecia tion For Sta te History Members of the Young Historians were exposed to in-depth study of Kentucky History and devel- oped a greater appreciation for the historical events leading to present day society. Field trips to state shrines, governmental agencies, state parks and outdoor dramas became a part of the club,s search for enrichment in the social sciences. OWN YOUR OWN HOME f ALPHA M. I HUTCHINSON ' AGENCY INC. Bmkcr Aulhorized Alonagc Loan Broker for L, , . h": "t The 1'1. - ' t Prudential Insurance Company of ' 3. 77 America " . f And Inveslors an'lagc Life Insurance h Co. OfFranlrfon, Ky. DIAL 7845305 or 7844196 h , , u N2 t Office 235 Knapp Av. ; '. 5-7 lg. '. Licensed and Bonded Real Esme w O REALTORS Morehead. KY. 'h 3:33:12; CBNSVIVUIIY 47 A8 "A friend is someone who doesn 3 complain about the length of my hair. " - sophomore "A friend is someone to be with, to talk to, to be there When you need a friend someone who is nice and won 7 betrayyou. ,, -jun1'or "A friend doesngt become jealous or mad because you have more than one friend. - senior 3n Hf. Friends Who Care - Album 50 Rebecca Brown Jeff Bu rkett Cary Gartin Tommy Brown Russell Culley : .. . uvrb: I! . putidagg I ' repchhun own a amen! undersia mm. mm: m REV David is measured for that long awaited cap and gown. SENIORS MAKE HIGHER ED U CA T I 0N CAREER PLANS Peter Hanrahan Sherry Hill John Holbrook III Mike Kegley Allen Lake Virginia Landreth John Perkins Tim Porter Brooks sheds locksfor basketball . Gary reads proclamation honoring high school coaches. 51 . V' . 3 1' P n Ii",r E U Seniors listen to Balfor representative, order cards and invitations. 2 David, Susan, V irginia and Tim await awards announcements during Speech and Drama Awards Banquet. 637 Bobby, Tommy, Jeff and Jimmy shop the Mall on Louisville road mp. MU Alan plays, Mark listens during period of relaxation in Grill. x All ? 52 Mark Poston Joyce Sloan Robin Razor I $-.-g David Sparkman Im. Wz ' "$225 M E: w Cindy Thomas H; U Senior Captains Bobby W 6113 and Gary Gartin lead team members to receive individual awards following victory over Morgan County in 61 st District finals. 2 David takes a last second glance at English I V notes prior to final examination. Cw Senior against junior in Chess grudge match. 1m Alan Watts Bobby Wells i A :x i I 71' ' "1?? , JUNIORS HOSTBANQUET PROM. . . ORDER Joe Back Sarah Brown Elizabeth Davis 54 John Back Paula Calvert Karen Davis Stanley Bentley Greg Binion James Clark Bill Dameron Cheri Ellington Leslie Engelhardt , $9: egg??? LONG A WAITED CLASS RING .f I . , . V . . y I. , x - 5 Phil Figg Mike Flynn 3' I7 ' . q x ? . . ? M l' V y . 1,. 4 '1 , . Jan Eppcrhart . xv ' G Janie Cullt'y . Jim Hays: Nancy Hill Paul James Henry Lacy Kay Manning Eddie Jones Ken Jones Nancy Kegley Mary Beth Lake David Layne Earl Leach Kim Miller Suzanne Minion Randolph Oppenheimer Leslie Smith Terri Watkins Paul White Cindy Williams MONARCH HARDWARE AND SUPPLY l I I W. Main 5+. Morehead. Ky. 784-5796 John Rahn Pat Watts Bruce Young Kim Reynolds Linda Wentz 58 SOPHOMORE STUDIES REQUIRE THOUGHT, Tom Boodry Marla Brammer Randy Day Ada Derrickson .6 ' 'A . Patty Allen Nancy Bendixen Billy Calvert Laura Davis Dan Eaton Doug Egelston COORDINA TION .. H ; Leigh Ellington Greg Eversole Louis Johnson Anita Johnston A1 Fryman Theresa Cillum Dona Jarett Eric Johnson Mavemk Munderlmd Mustang 70 mo me0 ford ROWAN MOTOR SALES 425 West Main Street Morehead. Kenfucky 4035! JOHN DICKERSON BUS. 784-4l47 Sales Manager RES. 784-5979 59 Kathy Louder Louls Magda Diane Minion Tina McClure Brian McBrayer Mlckey Mlller kc m m m Bud Lucke Cindy Queen Keith Raines h Terry Reynolds John Sadler Elizabeth Tolliver Chuck Ward Cindy White Eddie Wilson v; L .1 1;: k +4 v . Buy F RESHMEN ADJUS T TO NE W EN VIR ONMEN T Cathy Beane Susan Calhoun .', 1';a , LHX m X ,1 4g? V. K i'rhqx. V , W1 !m x K , 2f? fif' '33,? '4' ' R; .udf'i ,4 k : I I a X Tony Bentley J01! Calvert Katie Brooks Bryce Cain Cindy Carr Margie Cornell Eddie Cox Charlene Derrickson FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION : - . 'I I7 West Main Sireef 784-5565 Cathy Figg David Flatt Jimmy Fraley Keith Gartin Carol GUFICY Stephanie Hamilton Lisa H0110W3Y Skipper HOHY m ALPHA W7; . HUTCHINSON t ; INSURANCEAGENCY 214 Wes+ Main I a . : Pr 4 L1 784 4l96 : I - - 1' 9.7 q 63 f .1; x 5 r 64 R David Hughes Roben Johnson Lisa Martindale Jimmy Morrison Tommy Queen Kevin Randolph Low Down Paymenfs Bank Financing up fo '2 years +0 pay BILL'S MOBILE HOME SALES U.S. 60 Wes+ of Olive Hill Tony J ones Mike Osborne Teresa Logan Ed Perrine GREAT LOOKING CLOTHING FOR .JUNIORS .MISSES .WOMENS 'CHILDRENS Remember: JUDY S Says - "H's Smurf To Be Thrifty" 110 E. MAIN Bob Razor Candy Roberts Mary Young -, b Pngy Terrell Susan Whitson -' x EIGHTH GRADE READIES :2 FOR FRESHMAN YEAR Licensed Alpha H utchinson Bmded Morehead, Ky. , Phone 7845305 or 734.4196 L 4' Authorized Mortgage Loan Broker for the .1 Prudential Life Insurance Company of America w E , mama SE VEN T H GRADE J OINS JR. HIGH .1 HF i I - flfdldiii I Tom Back Jeff Barber Cheryl Beam: 1: "fo' , :13 Lisa Bellamy V p- ' . Cordon Black Erik Bragg .ZXJ 5' I II in x; ; 68 Mike Williams Ramona Wulfv Vicki Culvert Slow Chaplain Tom Clay Mark Cunningham Damn Dailcy Julio, Dvnnis Bill Falls Alimn Franklin Mike Cillum Bobby Hamilton Liz Hamilton Both Hampton Susan Hanrahan Nathan Huang Lisa Jarett Royce Kirkland Andy Leach Molissa MrBrayvr Shvrry MPDanivl Dal? Minion Joanne Needham Mikv, Nickvll Jamie Paynv Nelson Phillips Elise Rainvs Alvsia Rvynolds Sheda Sabie Mary Staggs Bruu' Steller Curtis Swishvr Lora Tucker vain anllvr Cindy Ward Troy WCHS EAGLE'S KENTUCKIAN NEST 8r BAKERY RESTAU RANT We Specialize in Morehead's Oldesf Wedding and Bidhday ,:.; . and Fines?! Cakes . ; I Opon Everyday , .. I ' BnaHasf - Lunch Cornpkfe Line of Dinmr Puiriu and Damn; ' Old Ky. Cured Hams I Privah Dining Rooms BILL DAVIS - Ownor ' Special Catering Sonic. 734-7349 I I? w. Main . Mmhud Sean Worlwr Edward Whiti 70 SIXTH GRADE ZK Dwayne Allen Manha Back Tim Back Janet Bigham Helen Bowen Shirley Brown Kelly Brumagcn Mitchell Bryant Becky Calhoun Michael Campbell Lea Casper Kevin Chaplin Michael Charles Grant Clough Stark Davis Jean Ellis Jeff Ellis Bridgette Eversole Ann Falls Missy Flatt Angela Cillum Brian Harris Shari Hart Lisa Holloway Rachel Holloway Tom Johnston Tami Lichtenberg Mark McClure Jeanette Minion Brian Moore David Philley Mark Randolph Kaldoon Sabie Sally Sadler Jan Simon Suzy Tucker Janet Whim Kathy Whilson Liz Whitson Cary Wilson l COMMERCIAL I RESIDENTIAL I INDUSTRIAL 784-4108 ,, 1034 E. MAIN FIF T H GRADE Diane Wilson PERK'S INC. "Le+ Pgrk do your work" PLUMBING. HEATING. AIR CONDITIONING Flemingsburg Road 784-752 I Julie Alha Ddrold Bailey chdell Bailey Christian Bragg Lee Clough Deborah Cox Tamy Dennis Alison Fisher Derek Flora David Graham Brian Huang Donna Hunt Bonnie Jackson David Keenan Douglas Keenan Krista Kelly Robcn Mahaney John Mahaney Alan Martin Douglas Norfleet Lauren Patton Eric Payne John Payne Karen Perrine Cynthia Phillips Sandra Spears Richard Staggs David Tapp Sandra Ward Jeff Wells 74 F 0 UR TH GRADE KXfSprm . COSMETICS . HALLMARK CARDS . COMPLETE LINE COSMETICS . FANNIE FARMER a. WHITMAN CANDY .. . SANDWICH SHOP . HOSPITAL SUPPLIES -- ' - 24 HOUR PHOTO ' ' FINISHING I am I 784-4491 FREE DELIVERY 175 E. MAIN MOREHEAD Scarlcl Ashursl Stany Boam- James Brndixt-n WHlliam Bigham Janicv Blul'k James Bondn Phillip Brown Fredrit'k Busroc Jennifer Cham-y Pete Charles Jeanne Cornell Susan Draper Robert Damcron Dale Egclslon Larry Figg Keoni Foslrr Angela Crindslaff Sarah Hall Brad Hawkins Clark Hill John Howard Danny James Ashley Kiescl Kim Lewis Billy McDaniel Ricky Newton John Northcutl Robert Osborne Nadine Phillips Laura Queen Lynn Robinson Mary Scholcs David Sctscr Sxephcn Simon Sheri Sluss Melody Tackrll Linda Thompson John Venettozzi Rod White Greg Whit! 75 THIRD GRADE s'v ; a w W 76 3;: ' a on- . . 'ta . Mark Bailey David Barber Toni Bellamy Clayton Black Jeffrey Bovais Ellen Brown Jeffery Bryan! Wendy Carpenter Morris Caudill Tracey Clough Carla Crum Dennis Dailey Lumber Co.. Inc. 540 W. Main Morehead. Ky. LUMBER and Building Mderials Serving +he Builder . . . and +he Homeowner We Have If All ; ; 5 , f Katy Donovan L'iu ra Lev Dunran Lari Ann Fannin Vivian Flora Charlus Ci" Timothy Cothirk Annvtlv Graham Richard Hamilton Stephen Hick:- Mallhew Hill Alir'ia Johnston Donna Jonvs Michelle Lichlvnbcrg Laslie Louder Torry Mann Cheryl Maud Leslie MrBrayvr Holly McClun- Kevin Nolvn Duane Osborm- Marsha Philley Anthony Purlvr Lisa Randolph Deanne Roberson Paul Roberts Mona Sabiv Kerry Stephenson Laryn Tapp Scott Vititor Robert Wadv Ray White Timothy Williams Gram Wilson James Wilson 77 SECOND GRADE . p x C . . J V: : l y . 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Melissa Gardener Katherine Cotsick Kelly Harris Christy Hull Julie Tackctt Andrew Thompson James Vititoe Kim Waller Laray Wilson Dwayne Hylberl Patricia Jones Roxanne Lewis Dale Mahaney Mark Messer Dwayne Moore Melissa Philley Donna Schafer Gene Scholes Julie Scmary Tom Scrcy Laura Sprague 81 82 KINDERGARTEN CLASS OF 1985 Mirhc-llv Adams Anthony Adkins Dvnitu Armstrong Stvphvn Buck Michael Burbt-r Twila Bentley Kim Bignon Andy Blair Brian Boodry Christopher Bovais Bryan Bragg Susi!- Bragg, Mary Brzlughlvr Marilyn Brum- Mark Bn-ngvlmun Rt-gun Brumugcn Andy Busroe Tony Bullry Mt'liSSZl Calvert Michael Calvert Alan Carter Lcslt-y Caskey Stephen Caudill On Chung Amy Cooper Wendy Comer Kyle Cragcr Bob Dailcy Carl Dailey Nelson Dales Patrick Daniel Darren Davis Jeff Duaton Darrin DcMoss Melissa Dterifivld ShirIIr-y Earlcy Jo Beth Falls Keith Flora Billy Flowers Rodney Fouch Melissa Cinlnr Tina Goodpaslcr Jonathan Cousick Stephanie Gray Amy Hall Kimberly Hardin Susan Hargis Donnie Hedges Jack Helwig Cindy Hutchinson Teresa Ison Julie Jet! Stephanie Jewell J. W. Layne Check Wifh Us For Your Roof Trusses We Use The Bosiich Truss System We Use Cons+ruc+ion Grade Hemlock Or Fir In Making Trusses $ WHITE LUMBER CO. 5 Miles East Of Morehead On US. 60 Ph. 784-5588 83 Durn-H Lmlford Tommy Livhh-nbcrg Lvsliv Muyst' Alcishu Milivh Jvnnifvr Moun' Mit'havl Murray Seth Musv Michael Parker Patricia Pcnnington Cindy Phillips Kristi Poago Nancy Riley Roy Roberson Kelley Robinson Shawn Schietroma Vincic Scmary Mike Sercy Shelley Sluss Roy Terry Tammy Tiller James Trent Andy Walker Chris Wilson Jodie Wilson Chris Young "'WV'F'" 'WifT Twamkv Nww-vwv.p..,.w.. w WW v; mm ,4, MOREHEAD HOME 8 AUTO "Your Local Firesfone S+ore" Main Sheet -7 Phone 784-4 I 5! - Mdrehead. Ky. SPECIAL EDUCA T10N ' 1 Nora Belle Byerly Mary Hackney Panwla Hoggc Tillard Ingle Donald Lcdford Roy Lee Lytle Jessie McGlothin Craig Raines Brian Ultvrlrm'k Diana Wages Q A ;N.. l?" I , , h V ?Alk 3 g; . 85 k "A friend is someone who Iivens up school. senior "A friend is someone you can exchange ideas with and decide on the best one. 1'11111'01' "A friend helps on an assignment he understands and ."9 - faculty you don 7 ; 86 F riends W110 Learn - Teach - Acadelnics 87 x f-I ' ;N ; A m -.4 mjx U Gary and Phil concentrate in card play. 2 New dance movement! 63? Junior high students in Woodcraft mini course. MJ Mrs. Thomas demonstrates needlecraft. 5 Watts in concert with his banjo. 88 UBS Introduces Mini Courses - PEP . . '1 Enabling studvnts l0 lakv diffvrvnl coursm nol covered in the regular U.B.S. vurrit'ulum. mini courses were installed as part of a Prrsonul Enrirh- mcm Program WEB. Students sclm'tod various ruursvs. non-vrvdil and evaluated on pass-fail basis, for a four wm-k pvriml of time. Courses were taught by ETV as well as live instruction. Businessmen, professional pmplv and parents assisted faculty in exposing slutlvms lo a wide range of activities. Among the courses taught were bridgv. billiards. guitar, Chess, lableh-ard ganws, gourmet rooking. ceramics, wood crafts, camping, swimming and boat- ing safety. Other courses included needle craft, serial danc- ing, photography, boxing, karate, judo and bait rast- ing. A total of fifty-thrcc courses wvre prvpan-d and available for student utilivalion on an elective basis. ' m U Interesting game of billiards. Cw Boxingpl 6y Curtis studios plzolographic lwhn 1111105. 0 Mr. Young gives A Vinstruction. C9 Xmas ngts being made by students in vmfls mini murse. 63 I ' 89 .r-n 4; ; ma." 9O President and Mrs. Doran providr academic and co-curricular leadership. Administra tion Mrs. Conley uses Materials Center to demonstrate teaching techniques and utiliza- tion of teaching aids. Mrs. Kirk trains future teachers in television instruction. Dean Powell and Dr. Payne work with stude x V . , ' ?K x N! y; W x X H ,7, L m w 7 V1 '; ' ' n't 55. . p, . 'a.;uV-'u . . . J sW 1, -2 nts in Teacher Education program. I A Yd! BeheVe Yov UnDeRsTanD WHaT YOU m:nK I said, BUT $ .. . IAM N5T SURE, 13' WU PeBllZQ WET WHE'lT YOU HeBPD IS NoT WHE'BT I MeBrTIT er 91 92 Mrs. Kay Loo, Receptionist Ronda! Hart Director B.A., MSU M.A., MSU I51 "II 1'75 ' 7:! ARY's MARINE SAIZES , Auuwmd sun. I. Souk. I Chryiu Icon I um I clam loan l Susan Boon l an "lau" loan I M501 8hr huh I nor. lot- I Camping Supplies VXRIyx'K 'R Z?Wxio.4 2. Daniel Thomas V's" DUI NEW INSIDE 5mm Counselor H 8 oven unmo mun R 'S V N OK 3.5., Cumberland College . 'i': I , mu M.Ed.,0hio Univ. '- " 81$I784-6488 lg 10 I9 W. MAIN 91!; i17zfafl 50 ' Opal LoMaslcr Malia Cerucr B.S., Concord College M.A., Marshall "$.. 5 TUCKY'S BEA U TY SHOP Merle Norman Cosmefics MI E. Main 784-4885 Edward Garelt Speech Pathologist B.A., Marshall M.A., Marshall Joy Dennis Business and Coordinator of Testing B.S., Anderson College M.A., MSU 93 94 SOCIAL S TUDIES "Deeision $72,, was the major concern for the social studies Classes as the age old debates of Republican versus Demo- crat were met by students concerned about their gov- ernment and their chang- ing world. World History Classes studied the spread of Civilization throughout the world to present life. The American History Classes examined past his- tory of the United States and began to realize how important our form of gov- ernment is. Debates over elections, inflation, and the Vietnamese conflict were just a few of the top- ics touched by the contem- porary issues Classes. And Sociology introduced indi- viduals into our society as each social studies class united in effort to be a part Of the solutions to man,s dilemmas. 3.: Lu 1. A t MCGmymWJ Shnwr t - ' oVFm'm! 1" l' Mcghm'cr 1i ,3: En Md MU" .N lltlu'l' Ta "Charles Bruce American History and Covemmenl B.A., UK M.A., MSU . , W J a ' t - , , e IF" ' g mpnulwlm L www.wh Charlotte Gillum History and Sociology B.A., MSU M.A., MSU Bruce Bissmeyer Seventh Grade B.A., UK izw , uh . 4': , K I. ll 71' I;- r" 'l I V t Ix h h x h x X . SCIENCE . . . MATHEMATICS Whether it was writing a con- clusion for a biology experiment, measuring Chemicals for 3 Chem- istry project, or studying earth science, U.B.S. science students were involved. Observing and researching in the lab, science classes involved the students in opinions, observation and hypothesis. Speed, accuracy, and a willing- ness to learn were all concepts gained by mathematics students. Algebra, trigonometry, and geometry unlocked minds and opened doors to a better under- Terry Hoffman Chemistry, Physics B.S., MSU M.A., MSU standing of a most confusing sub- ject. With pencil in hand, stu- dents ventured into a dark forest of numbers, signs, and equations but came out with clear minds and a sense of accomplishment. Calculus posed problems but effi- ciency became a keynote in learning. AM i Hazel Nollau Joyce Saxon Nadme Griffith Biology 81 Ecology Mathematics Mathematics ' 3.8., UK B.A., MSU B.S., MSU M.S., UK MeA., MSU M.A., MSU 95 96 .4g2 x4 Action was tense during Angel Street as portrayed by Susan Calhoun as Mrs. Mannigan and Tim Poner as Mr. Manningham. i Nell Collins English B.A., Morehead State Teachers College M.A., U.K. James Reeder English B.A., MSU M.A., MSU M.H.Ed., MSU THE HUMANITIES The Department of Humanities offered U.B.S. students opportunities in developing communicatiwes skills, speaking ability and creative thinking through writing and speak- ing. English classes studied literature, gram- mar and prepared for University instruction with advanced composition. Breckinridge Speech and Drama continued to set the pace by offering a comprehensive program of debate, studying the history of dra- matics and getting involved in improvisational acting, make-up techniques, original script writing, costume designing, one-aet plays, and voice perception. Students learned to control their physical and mental being express sad- ness, happiness, and frustration. Art education exposed the students to the art of weaving, sculpturing, advertising layout, figure drawing, jewelry making, and photo- graphic processes. Individual work allowed advanced students to "do their own thingh and develop at their own pace. Many projects of utilitarian value were created by students. Chorus classes learned skills and developed techniques necessary for going into concert Choir with members earning AH-State Chorus recognition. The instrumental phase of the music curriculum found U.B.S. with its first ever marching band to complement the exist- ing concert band. +1 i h mm t Nih'x ' I i ll 5 i 9 t Eh, t II: :xv m. "m a i , u t o: '- 4 Connie Wells Speech and Drama B.A., MSU Harlen Hamm Speech and Drama B.A., MSU M.A., Bowling Green Oval Hall Music V0caU B.S., U.K. M.A., U.K. r3 . JFK. Larry Dales A It and Photography B.A., MSU M.A., Brigham Young 97 HEAL T H, PHYSICAL ED U CA TION RECREA TION, A THLETICS 1972-73m15u war of busyx LIVIiViU for tho HPER depart- mvnt as sludt'nls m'rv prm'idvd Llll opportunity to plan handball. swim, and txllgagv in Ivarning tlw skills of golf. lon- nis. urvhm'y. bowling. gymnuslirs. soviul dam'v and tin ever popular trampoline. Team sports found activity in Hag fool- ble. soccer. softball. vollv-xhull and basketball. Add thv physival growth to vlassmom at'lix'ity in hvullh vducalion amd wv rwviwd breadth and depth in HPER instrut'lion. Divnzvl Dennis Hmlllz and P. E. 8.5., Anderson College M.A., Eastern Ky. Univ. Elizabeth Sadler Health and PE. B.A., Western Ky. University M.A.. Western Ky. University 98 Applied Sciences Industrial Arts education another vital phase of our total curriculum, has the responsibil- ity of placing emphasis on our 'technological society. These experiences offered students an opportunity to gain background knowledge in manufacturing techniques and industrial proc- esses. Creativity and practical abilities come into focus througH application of the process involved. Special interest classes and independent study seminars added to program enrichment. Home Economics consisted of a study in Clothing and textiles, food management, interior deco- ration and units in child and infant care. Home and family liv- ing allowed for an insight into home management, as well as home decoration through a dif- ferent styles of artistic garnish- ing. Wayne Morella Industrial Arts B.S., MSU M. H. Ed., MSU ; 5 99 Hazel Martin Special Education B.A., MSU M.A., Miami Univ. SPECIAL EDUCATION . , g The special education program at U.B.S. is truly A "speciar, as students are integrated into one pro- gram with complete diagnosis and perspective teaching taking place. Students learn to serve as ". classroom aides, are integrated into a physical edu- cation program of studies and have opportunities to take typing, music, home economics and industrial vocational education. Arithmetic and reading are classroom regulars with enrichment derived from various field trips. x V 100 Bob Monahan Special Education B.A., MSU M.A., Marshall University : 1 W r:- K-6 . , ELEMENTARY , -' ix 3:5' "1 1th j ED UCA TION x3, . - 4., 1,! From the preschooler to grade six the elemen- L , , a e . t d tary program of studies operated with the total x child in mind. Non-graded, progress at own rate, - s t- .. V1, ,-. individualized instruction, and programs of edu- L , , ,g; cational enrichment Offered the student experi- . . . , gr, :. V g - h - 7. .2. ,1 ences that gave him a strong foundation for -. ,-'-',i': 32:31-: 'i ,7 t ' ; 9': future life. ., t . h ht m I Elizabeth Anderson Shirley Blair Fifth Grade First Grade B.A., MSU B.A., MSU M.A., MSU M.A., MSU Gretta Duncan Kindergarten B.A.,MSU , 101 MA, MSU 102 Barbara Gilley F irst St'z'und Grade B.A., MSU M.A., MSU Karen Hammons K indergarten B.A., UK. c ' l Gngrutulutiuns +0 +he graduaHng class Cour+esy of SPINNING WHEEL FABRICS I I6 E. Main Morehead. Ky. 784-5 l 20 , Gloria Harrell Head Start B.A., Ky. Wesleyan M.A., Morehead State Univ. Bernice Howell ThiraVFourth Grade B.S., U.T. 3 , I a f? . QEAV N . M, Bernice Jackson Second Grade B.A., MSU? M.A., MSU V n u A Sixth Grade Lois Huang 3.8., Western Michigan M.A., Univ. of Michigan Jessie Mangrum Third Grade B.A., MSU M.A., MSU K-6 ELEMENTAR Y ED U CA T I 0N Sue Wells Fourth Grade B.A., MSU M.A., MSU 103 "A friend shares your happiness in winning. sophomore "A friend is someone who tolera tes your shortcomings. ' , -- freshman "A friend doesn 7 p13 y to beat you but plays for the fun and exercise. , -j1mior 104 . 1t 1,; , x I o 3, - , n -- L x - 3; . K , , , walk . 1 h ! . , ; ' x3 2' g? g? -- - '4: -. .; ,- Friends Who Compete -Athletics 105 106 ': :vr' 1": :11 3..I.'I.' ...l- ?- .l'f'", H. i. ?lIvli-X': .. v w ' v. f:'-: ,1 V-H'o't k.gtbwiljxhea i'y , Jul 1m . VARSITY BASKETBALL 72- 73 EKC CHAMPIONS. . . W 61st DIS TRICT T0 URNAMENT ' CHAMPIONS. . .16th REGION SPORTSMANSHIPA WARD. . . 1972-73 was another twenty game winner for our Eaglets as for the fourth consecutive year U.B.S. achieved this coveted goal. In route to a 25-9 season Coach Dienzel Dennis and his Eaglets won their fourth straight Eastern Ken- tucky Conference Championship with an 8-1 sea- son mark for conference play. Senior Gary Gartin led U.B.S. in scoring with a 22.6 average and handed out a record 171 assists. Seniors Bobby Wells G251, Allen Lake 9.71 and Alan Watts 9.81 followed with junior John Back contributing point totals at a 9.4 aver- age per game clip giving the Eaglets a well bal- anced scoring attack. Allen "Louh Lake added 11.1 rebounds per contest, Closely followed by Wells with 9.6 to keep the Eaglet fast break in operation. ! Following regular season play the Eaglets proved their ranking by winning the 61st District with victories m'er rivals Rowan County and Morgan County. After opening with a Victory in 16th Regional play the Eaglets were defeated by Boyd County, the eventual Region champion. Named to the AH-District Team were Gary Gartin, Allen Lake, Bohhy Wells, and John Back. Guard Gary Cartin was named to the All 16th Region Team. For season play Carlin was selected to the ADI All-Area Team and Honorable Mention All- State. Wells was All-State Honorable Mention. Coach Dennis came into his own shower of praise as his fellow coaches voted him EKC Coachlof the Year for the second straight year. His two year record in conference play is 18-2. Other season highlights were road trips to Pikevillc and Louisville where we received the finest in eastern Kentucky and metropolitan hos- pitality. The University Breekinridge basketball tradi- tion continues but Coach Dennis and U.B.S. fans will miss our seniors which also includes first line reserves David Egelston, Tommy Brown and David Brooks. All helped keep the Eaglets as feared basketball opponents. 1972-1973 SEASON SCHEDULE AND RECORD Break 82 .................... 'lollvsboro . . . . . . .55 W Brock 77 .................... ML Olivtt ........ 57 W Break 73 .................... Morgan County. ..68 W Break 71 .................... East Caner ....... 52 W Break 56 .................... Morgan County . . . .59 L6 Breck 46 .................... Russell .......... 73 L Breck 98 .................... Menifec County . . .77 W Breck 89 .................... Augusta ......... 62 W Breck 89 .................... McDowell ........ 67 W Breck 75 .................... Sandy Hook ...... 62 W Brock 52 .................... Louisa .......... 49 W Break 74 .................... Salycrsville ....... 45 W Break 1 12 .................... Le-atherwood ...... 76 W Break 61 .................... Wurlland ........ 70 L Breck 72 .................... Ezel ............ 4-1 W Break 55 .................... Galloway County. . .49 W Break 67 .................... Boyd County ...... 80 L Breck 94- .................... Menifee County . . .66 W Breck 67 .................... McDowell ........ 36 L Breck 55 .................... Pikeville ......... 65 L Break 78 .................... Elkhorn City ...... 44 W Break 58 .................... Mason County . . . .43 W Break 81 .................... Richmond Model. .49 W Break 90 .................... Eu :1 ............ 73 W Break 66 .................... Fern Creek ....... 50 W Brock 65 .................... Moore ........... 56 W Break 57 .................... East Carter ....... 68 L Breck 54- .................... WEst Carter ...... 51 W Break 75 .................... West Carter ...... 72 W Breck 58 .................... Ml. Sterling ...... 60 L Break 67 .................... Rowan County . . . .48 WW Brcck 50 .................... Morgan County. . . .47 W" Breck 66 .................... Sandy Hook ...... 43 W6" Break 62 .................... Boyd Count y ...... 68 L6 7 7 7EKC TOURNAMENT " District Tournament 7 " 7 Regional Tou rnament "Happiness is W inning, and John Back displays excitement as he cuts the nets following Eaglet victory and 61 st District Championship. Guard Gary Ganin drives for two more points e . 107 61 st Distlict Champs . . . Aftergame relaxation. . . "Big L0u ,gets two. . . Alan contributes two. . . to climax eventfu Var:- . S b? 'y g 55 .5! BASKETBALL AWARD RECIPIENTS: Kneeling: HJU Jimmy Morrison, MVP Frosh; Bud Lucke, MVP "B" Team; John Back. Defense Award, All-District. Standing: 0110 Coach Dienzol Dennis, EKC Coach of the Year; David Egelston, Spiritual Leadership Award; Tommy Brown, Splinter Award; Cary Carlin. Most Valuable Player Award, Honorary Team Captain, Assist Award, All EKC, All-Slatc, All District, A" Region, ADI All-Area; Alan Watts, Free Throw Award, Most Improved Player Award; Allen Lake, Rebound Award, Field Goal Percentage Award, Honorable Mention EKC, All District; Bobby Wells, Honorary Team Captain. All EKC, All District. Honorable Mention All-State. Most Valuablv Player Award, Sportsmanship Award, Hustle Award; Jeff Burkell, Manager Award, Assistant Coach. hV' IT'S A GREAT DAY FOR COLONEL SANDERS' RECIPE Kentucky Fried wicks. A .- Former Morehead State All-American Steve Hamilton. relates his experiences and goal in ath- letics. Cary leads in assists, scoring. Allen gets Rebound Award. Bobby is Most V aluable. l l!!ll tlll.lll1l I .v. Ipuubliltltlll .!!'I llllllllll itllll xtltlu. llltlIl IIliullllll-ullllll Illl.!i!!lIlIll.-ll IIIII z r . xizzrzz artllillllllll 11 bklrllllllttll.. w Curmz. - urg' v I 1 I Milking. BWcll '- mu! 6 CHEERLEADERS - - HELP EARN MX ' V: SPOR TSMANSHIP - W s 'B SCHOOL SPIRIT ' A WARD "B9, TEAM CHEERLEADERS: VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: BL R Katy BL RB Tina McClure Nancy Bendeen, Patti Allenr Brooks, Kathy Louder, Kim Miller, Leslie Smith Mn shouWIdersj Cindy Carr, Margie Cornette. Janice Epperhan, Nancy Kegley. BASEBALL 972 The U.B.S. Baseball Eaglets finished the 1972 campaign with a fine 14-4 record, fin- ishing as runner-up EKC Tournament and in Distrivt competition. Returning lettermen Bobby Wells, Gary Gartin and David Egel- ston helped the Eaglets to their fourth con- secutive winning season. Wells was the teamis leading hitter with a spectacular .640 average. He also sent six balls sailing over the fence for home runs to lead the team in this category. His 5-2 record on the mound was another team high. Gartin and Egelston teamed with under- ciassmen standouts Randy Oppenheimer, Jimmy Morrison and Joe Back to form the nucleus of another winner at University Breckinridge. Coach Sam Dougherty completed his sec- ond season as coach of the Eaglets and sports a .720 winning percentage over the two year span. r " J FUTURE EAGLET GREA TS Tho vlmnvntury and junior high athletic pro- gram was in full gear with regular season and tournamcmt competition in basketball and track and fivld. Following 21 full round robin svhcdulc for grades five and six the group par- ticipated in a road trip to Murray State Univer- sity whom they played in a four team tourna- ment as host of Murrayis Laboratory school. The junior high basketball team finished with a 16-14 record, taking first place in Salt Lick Invitational and third place in Annual Lions Christmas Tournament. Nathan Huang Elemm'yEaglels leavefO'MWay' ' ' and Lloyd Raines were selected to the All- Tournament Teams. Track and Field joined the spring sports program with participation in Rowan County Invitational Meet. As a team the "baby, Eaglets finished fourth with outstanding per- formances by Nathan Huang, Mike Tapp, Timmy Hughes, Brian Harris, and Lloyd Raines. Lloyd wins dash evem Junior High Eaglets complete successful season . t . Elementary action as Tim Back drives for a lay-up . . . ?..- -- -- w; a 4,: la! 23' R137 ,0 1'; ': t. '. i'LA 4 5 . . ! Alto. L t t5 ix "A friend is someone to borro w money from. - sophomore "A friend helps you pay for gas when your're broke. " --juni0r "A friend works foryou when you want to get off. " senior PASIEUIIIID I IOIOGENIIW vmmun viii; ! $COFFEEIZ G9 wDQRIgp FEDEWMANSM 114 Physicians XI Surgeons, M. D. . George Barber . Hunter Black . Troy Burchett . Richard Carpenter . Billie J0 Candi" . C. Louise CaudiII . James Fisher . Robert Hill Dr. James D. Hall, III . John L. Kiesel . Beth Peurose . Arvsi Porter . Wlarren H. Proudfoot . Sam E. Reynolds . Ewell G. Scott Dr. Douglas Scutchfield Dr. Patrick Serey Dentists Dr. David M. Cash Dr. Harold E. Holbrook Dr. J. K. Smith Dr. Milburn.W7heeIer r312 F MMIV MOREHEAD ' mg;- RESTAURANYSI ?- 3,, lmuull: ' IIIIII I 13:! II "' "I. I g ; ,. 9. ., ' i; if V, , -. - MI . 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MQIELS W ALL STAR DAIRIES umvmm CINEMA Morohood, Ky. 784-5522 HHMHHMHIlv I I7 E. Main MARTIN'S DEPARTMENT STORE INC. COMPLETE FAMILY STORE Ladies' - Men's - Children's Clo+hing Shoes For The En+ire Family Lingerie and Accessories Na+ionally Adv. Brand Names 784-4320 Morehead. Ky. H9 IT IS OUR PLEASURE TO SERVE YOUR COMPLETE BANKING NEEDS - BANKMERICARD 084-4159 122 E. MAIN :4 rimmil'v 21113- '; m 0 EL? :39; EActErs NRIDCE 5 GREE PARKING SINC E 1907 Hours Monday Thru Thursday 9 AM. - 3 PM. Friday 9 AM. - 5 PM. Your BonkAmericord Center C. DALE CAUDILL Manager ' DRIVE-IN BANKING ' SAFE DEPOSIT BOX 0 NIGHT DEPOSITORY MOREHEAD I330AM492. I FM "The Friendly Voice of A Friendly Town" WILLIAM M. WHITAKER. General Manager HAROLD BELLAMv-D ,, .KLLg'Z'mL '. . v RANDY WELLs'. f UNITED PENTECOSTAL sreve HAMILTDNTM CH U RCH ' " E ' ' Lloyd Dean, Pasfor Morehead. Ky. 784-9I45 WARREN H PROUDFOOT MD. JAMES D HULL III M D BETH H PENROSE M D TROY L BURCHETT M D PATRICK J SEREY M D RYHDMAS FOSSETT, M D :gHOBBs R. H. HOBBS CO. I47 E. Main "Your Friendly Variefy Sfore" 784-7! 3! 121 one SUNSHINE hour CLEANERS 25I W. Main 5+. Ph. 784-84l 3 Morehead. Ky. Shurlene Lowe, Mgr. . 7 EC. BARBER. MD. 1 FAMIEffaR'KCTIpE 4'! n, -. DR.J. K. SMITH , DENTIST , 4l .71 -7I DR. B. E.WENTZ "OPTQMj-ZTRIST HOMER GREGORY 87 COMPANY INC. Buyers of Logs and Lumber Ca": Saw Mill Equipmenf 784-9492 IOI8 W. Main 784-4707 Saw Filing . KNOX HATS ' CURLEE ' NUNN BUSH SHOES ' H.I,S. ' ACCESSORIES ' MANHATTAN SHIRTS ' COSMETICS 784-4778 110 E, MAIN MOREHEAD, KY. 122 AND FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE "We're Always Here When You Need Us!' 309 Main 5+. Morehead, Kenfucky OPEN 16 HOURS 8 am. "I. MIDNIGHT 7 DAYS A WEEK! "One Sfop Shopping Service For All Your Grocery Needs." 123 I24 INTERIOR DESIGNING AMERICA'S LEADING BRANDS COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDERS SUPPLIES "Home of Sudden Service" Open Evenings By Appointment 784-4108 1034 E. MAIN ELWOOD'S ECONO-WASH SELF-SERVICE DRY CLEANING . . Color Television . . Recrea+ion FacilHies . . Professional AHenfion I I3 Bradley Ave. Morehead, Ky. 784-9090 MOREHEAD'S ONLY COMP LAUNDRY . . . N.I' ONE DAY SERVICE Sanltone UNIFORM RENTAL a. W'Ww LINEN SERVICE 0 on. at - 3 5 AM. - 5 RM 7 8 4 1 Delivery 155 E. 15' MOREHEAD, KY, ONE HOUR CLEANERS OPEN 7 A M.v6 P.M MON. - SAT. 1 DAY SHIRT SERVICE DRAPERY ClEANING "Drive-Up Window" 522 E. Main, Moreheod B a. r NORGE VILLAGE 'SERVICES INC. ' DRY CLEANING SELF SERVICE PROFESSIONAL PICK UP 8. DELIVERY SERVICE ' LAUNDRY SHIRT - GARMENT 8- BASKET WASH ONE DAY SERVICE ' DECOR DRAPERY SERVICE ' OPEN 8 AM. TO H P,M. SUNDAY 1 P.M. TO H RM. 235 E. MAIN 784-9081 MOREHEAD. KY. 125 Faves. . .plozlsanl surprisvd, poisvd, and primlvss. The faces of our friends 8. ralughl in a moment . . . captured 2' r , v . - I. f ;h , I 1 x ,. , z 3 w .. J Fl 8 x, 8 . nh't' 8 .8 'T'x y , , . x c , 2 A g-b' 0 . I8 m J I x a :4 W , 8 5., ' J! '4'? K-v ! STUCKY'S BEAUTY SHOP ' Complefe Beaufy Service ' Merle Norman Cosme+ics ' Wigs Sold and Sfyled MI E. Main 784-4885 A swoml in time, a mommtt m-wr to ho rcliwwl - thosv wv lthO shared with our lrivmls. Our friends, that total mass we identify with, hide within. Our lrimnl. that singlv person with whom w share our innermost thoughts. Our lrivmls. not only human but those who understand zlml silvntl'x vnvouragv our lwing. Together we share ; and will remember for now . . . El I28 We Are Friends . . . W70 were 553 in number, uniting in effort to reach our goals. Throughout the year there were many rough and discouraging moments but there was always a fricnd to talk to. Many of us sot our goals and made our dreams become reality. Othvrs are still searching. Now as you travel life,s journeys, never forget your yes- terdays, hut raise your tomorrows to the sun. As you seek to find your place in this world. first find yourself as an individual; then uniting with others will become eas- 10F. Jvff Burkott, Editor John Back, Assoriulv Editor

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University Breckinridge School - Eaglet Yearbook (Morehead, KY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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