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1983 RAZORBACK University of Arkansas, Faycttcvillc, AR 72701 Vol. LXXVI ... - Editor Jana K. Arnold Managing Editor Duane Whitsett Business Manager Steve Longinotti Bill Whisnant, Sales Manager Bill Doshier, Photography Editor Jelyn Thomas, Copy Editor Robert Chcssir, Features Editor Tonda Nations, Events Editor Lisa Westbrook, Athletics Editor Diann Curiel, Academics Editor Linda Laird, Classes Editor Tonda Nations, Honors Editor Millie Robinson, Organizations Editor Colleen Genty, Living Groups Mark McNabb, Greek Editor Staff Kevin Austin Tammy Bell Janette Bergman Gary Coleman David Cozart Bob Elovitz Bonner Fullenwider Martha Funderburg Cindy Gurley Ben Home Michael Thomas Brian Wolf Kim VanNoy Photographers Clark Baird Sherry Bass Bill Bowden Gary Cochran Greg Daven Greg Lovett John Peterson Steve Plaster Mat Pope Hector Sanchez Sandy Schwartz Contents 2 CONTENTS Opening Page 84 Page 281 Features Events Athletics 152 182 Academics 272 294 340 382 500 Honors Organizations Living Groups Greeks Index Classes Contents 3 ieople are starting to notice us. , The University is getting big- ger, better, and stronger. .. . Local resident Joe Patterson looks at the campus map. I ' f c v Photo at left by Bill Bou dun The offensive front line gets excited at the Blue Right: Old Main undergoes major renovating. Bonnet Bowl in Florida. 1 I 1 - .- s I . V 1 Sunset by " Ma Bell ' Right: Shelly Odem. pompon girl. place of beauty, pride, and tradition. The A university of Arkansas touched the lives of many with a spirit that will last forever. 1 Gary Anderson accepts the Blue Bonnet Bowl Trophey. Below: The Greek Theater. i university always reflected the friendliness that made the community special. t Ai Richard Richardson at the Blue Bonnet Bowl. Steve Corte meets the press at the Blue Bonnet Bowl. :.- -; " K! ;n he Washington County Fair , brings the carnival life to Fay- etteville and transforms the night into a spectacle of light. OD5 Fair food. ..X f ' y Photo al left by Bill Bowden Left- Ferris wheel or color wheel? Fair rides light up the night. Opening II Ca ' ' . ' ' jL ' X Ar " " i x " 1 . - -v 1. Id " - ; - - - . ' . . The nice Autumn weather draws students out of the library to study. Walters and Jones talk to one of the football coaches. Go Hogs Go!! K inK ' I lfl . " ' - ... .-- - - A sprawling Maple tree changes it ' s colors in preparation for the upcoming winter. IV ' - -H- i- PL M _ _ -Ajtf ' " - " ! -. mi ky. Opening 14 ( - 3 i. Heading toward Dickson Street after a rough day on the hill. B Phoco courtesy o Army ROTC Carol Councc, escorted by David Courtney, is tapped into Army ROTC Kadettes. Below: View from the Fayetteville Hilton of East Street and the square. Below: The International Club ' s Bazaar held in the Fall. , ' " " ' " . - - ' , :., ' Ml -. A Spring-time view of a local tree-lined street. Right: A snowy view of the Greek Theater. . ' . , The Student Union. Below: Dickson Street, a nighttime hangout for many students. n W,, ' , V ' r . T ' - uf 1 i I . tf i V ' . FEATURES VV w A NEW FACE FOR THE U OF A Tennis Track Building Gary Cochran When a new student or visitor walked across the University of Arkansas campus, they were struck with two contrasts the old and the new. Carnell Hall, Old Main, Ozark Hall. . ., the list goes on naming the older buildings. Then the visitor caught sight of the new Alumni Building, the Tennis - Track Complex, and the HPER Building. There was much controversy over the HYPER Building. The new DPS Building New sidewalks made getting to class easier. The future sight of the Engineering Building. Features 20 Garv Co Unclear completion dates, strikes by construction men, and budgetary problems reared their heads during the months of con- struction. The building was originally scheduled for completion on December 8, 1982, the new date was set for July, 1983. The cost of the project came to 11,775,000 + 165,000 + 500 dollars per day over deadline. The complex housed swimming pools, tennis courts handball courts, dance studios, offices, and classrooms. AND THE WORK GOES ON The Tennis Track Building also had its share of trouble. Not so much in its con- struction, but from what to call the building to who had the priviledge of using it. It was orginally intended for use by the students and the athletic department without charge to the students. But because of the cost of $400,000 a year for maintenance, the students will have to pay for usage. The building housed a 200 meter track, 4 tennis courts, and 6 outdoor courts adjacent to the building. The new Alumni Building add- ed a touch of the modern to the campus. Some say, when the building is looked at just right, it is possible to detect a slight re- semblance to a Razorback. Of course that could be a hog fans wishful thinking. Known as the " big hole in the ground " , the new engineering building, scheduled for completion in 1984, cost 22.1 million to complete. The building was badly needed to raise the academic standard of the engi- neering department and provide a quality education for future grads. Construction of a new sidewalk in front of Pomfret. Ip for the handicapped The completed indoor tennis track complex Old Main, the well known symbol of the U of A, also underwent renovation. At a cost of approximately 12 million dollars, the foundation was re- placed, untilities upgraded and it was refurbished while keeping the historical flavor of the build- ing alive. 7 7 Ury Cochran The HPER Building under construction The Department of Public Safety Gary Cochra m At the completion of the tour of the new buildings on campus, any visitor will leave with the Razorback spirit that surrounds us all everyday. The renovation gave the University a new face and helped to improve the aca- demic portion of university life. AND ON AND . . . Big hole in the ground Early stage of construction on the HPER Building V Rumor Has It reppie, Punk, Athletic, Vogue . . ., all these and many more summed-up fashion at the University of Arkansas campus. Fashions changed so rapidly that staying in style was a harrowing, not to mention ex- pensive, experience. But stu- dents at the University, or any other university for that matter, seemed to make their own style. Everything from cotton sweats to silk dresses were seen on campus. The influence of Ameri- ca ' s yen for fitness sparked the emergence of a whole new side to fashion the sweat. Designers like Halston and Lauren put out their own lines of sweats, and Norma Kahmali, one of fashion ' s hottest new designers, special- ized in voguish sweats for those of us who liked high fashion cot- ton. Students wore sweats for play, work, and even to class. They used the sweatshirt almost as a billboard; who went to whom ' s party, what group was the favorite, and for sporting the Greek letters. Cara McCaslain, an architecture major from Clarendon and Tim Kirby, a Banking Finance major also from Clarendon, exemplify the sweat " craze " . Craig Smith, Kay Wilson, Carl Rudelis, Jacque Dial, Ray Tipton, Andrea Grubbs t - Features 24 I n BE WE ' VE GOT STYLE Phe ever present prep style , was also big on campus. This style never really changed it just went on and on. Prep fashion could carry a person from class to Rumors, as shown by Ray Tipton, Carl Rudelis, and Craig Smith. With the casual preppie look is Toni Yee, a fashion merchandising major from Dermott; Greg Lasker, an Accounting major from Conway; and Michael McDaniel, a Broadcast Communication major from Little Rock. Also at Rumors is Andrea Grubbs, an education major from Huntsville and Kay Wilson an education major from Hot Springs, wear the " dressed-up " prep look. Going a little more up to the minute is Jacque Dial, a marketing major from Little Rock. Her dress is exemplary of fashion ' s move to the irridescent material. Catching the light and gleening admiring glances wher- ever it goes from dancing to the formal. Sprinkled in with the preps, athletic types, and high fashion vogue was the punk look. New Wave as it was later called, originally came to us from England. Where it was adopted by the teenagers as a " rebel- lion " from the norms of the day. In America it was transformed into an accepted style. Roberta Stuttler wears a version of new wave. The U of A was called an " intellectual desert " , but one thing is for sure we were definitely a fashion oasis. c Tim Kirby. Cara McCastlain. Mike McDaniel. I Greg Usker. Toni Yee. Roberta Shultler 8 FeMurrt 27 College, apartment or dorm, I single or married, it doesn ' t matter, it is probably the first time most students have lived away from home for more than a month at a time. The move away could be very scary and could become very lonely after awhile. Most students tried to combat home sickness by bring- ing some of home to college with them. They brought their favorite books, posters, pictures, and stuffed animals. Stereos, record collections, and pillows are necessities. One advantage of being on your own that every- one looked forward to was the not having their parents telling Grant Carwile never cleans his apartment. Gary Cochran A PLACE OF YOUR OWN them what to do, where to go, who to see, and what time to be home. There was no one to tell you to pick up your clothes, do the dishes, or clean your room. Above: Looks like a tornado hit. Lett: Destari Cain and Dina Wood happy away from Huntsville. She ' s got her men pegged out. Gary Cochran Elise Faust and Debbie Owens play Pente. So quite often, the " in " look of a college student ' s room was the " lived-in " look. Most considered the " lived-in " look the coziest way to live. Besides that, you always knew where everything was. It may take ten or fifteen minutes to dig deep enough to reach it, but you knew where it was. Who can find anything in a neat room? In dorms, Garfield and posters with sayings on them were the most common, with unicorns and clowns running a close second. Apartment decor could be any- thing from posters, and milk Ga,ycoch,an crates to beer boxes and dirty laundry. However alike or different the rooms were, they always took on personalities of the occupants and were always unique and personal. Features 29 Diversity of Students -he campus of the University , of Arkansas is, in many ways, exactly like any other me- dium-sized school. Except for one minor detail the people. What makes any group unique is the sum of its parts. We had students from all over the world, but they all blended together to form the atmosphere that was the University of Arkansas. Because of the diversity of the Another busy day for you. background, the students enter- tained themselves in many ways. They excelled in sports, the arts, and in everyone ' s favorite pasttime partying. The life of a student at the U of A was indeed an experience not likely forgotten. First there was registration, standing in line for this and waiting for that. They waited patiently for foot- ball tickets and begged for b etball tickets. Then came the rites of spring and the deluge converging on the Greek Theater to get tanned. All this and more encom- passed life at the University, but one thing was for sure, these ex- periences helped to form a new face for all the students enrolled at the University of Arkansas. - L MASH 4077 The cast of Mash here were no words only tears as America and the University of Arkansas said goodbye to the 4077 MASH unit. After eleven years of good hu- mor, TV ' s half hour of laughter and tears went home. What would we do without this crew of surgeons and nurses to keep us laughing and crying at the same moment? MASH debuted September 17, 1972, and won 14 Emmys and 99 nominations. It also won our hearts. Hawkeye Pierce Alan Alda B J. Hunnicut Mike Farrell Gary Cochran Coloniel Potter and Hot Lips Houlihan. CLOSES CAMP FOREVER There was rage, humor, quick wit, and tenderness in these peo- ple. We missed their courage in the struggle to keep their sanity. There would be no more Fa- ther Mulcahy giving absolution to the mess hall food. No more Klinger frolicking around in drag trying to get a psychiatric dis- charge. No more melodies of Mozart lingering through the Swamp. No more passive B.J. to be the butt of Hawkeye ' s un- ceasing jokes. No more bothersome affairs for Coloniel Potter to deal with. No more sudden surges of passion from the butch headed nurse " hot Lips " Houlihan. And most of all, there would be no more slap- stick humor coming from the sometimes subtle Hawkeye Pierce. We would miss these people because they had become a part of our family. They taught us about life and ourselves and most of all, how to keep sane in this insane world we live in. MASH, we salute you and you will always remain in our memory. Good-Bye, Farewell, and Amen. c = The drag queen of MASH Jamie Farr alias - C Klinger . .. . ' ' :. ' t . . . HOW ' BOUT fHE % THEM HOGS he Arkansas Razorbacks _ were known to have some of the best athletic teams any- where in the nation. What helped to make our teams great was due in part to the spirit and enthusiasm of the loyal fans and supporters of the Razorbacks. This " Hog Wild " spirit surged through the fans at every pep rally and every game in which the Arkansas teams played. At the onset of a pep rally, the Hogwild Band incited the fans to take part in the cheering. The band ' s repertoire included a stir- ring rendition of the U of A ' s Alma Mater and the Band ' s version of " Oh Lord, its hard to be Humble. " Halfway through the pep rallies, beautiful cheerleaders and the dancing Razorback led the fans in " calling the Hogs " . At the pep rally in Barnhill Arena before the Arkansas- Houston game, Basketball coach Eddie Sutton impells his audi- ence onwards with a confident assessment of the team ' s abilities and excellent record. Beyond the color and pizazz in a Razorback pep rally was a fan ' s determination and trust in Arkansas ' teams to make the best of their abilities and talents and show the fans the kind of stuff that Razorbacks were made Everyone went to the Pep rallies to cheer on the Hogs Features 35 MAPLE MANIA STRIKES Spring came early on Maple Street mm w -i II I II Below left: Where are all the cars? Below: Not a parking place in sight. Features 36 mm BeHKl HH OAKLAND It was Spring and that made all the difference to the stu- dents at the U. of A. Mother Nature had smiled on Arkansas and the skies were blue again. Temperatures and cases of Spring Fever were on the rise, j One of our favorite past times was getting into our cars preferably a convertable and ' " cruise for babes " . Especially Maple Street, it became the " main strip " . The interesection was always congested with com- peting stereos and brief conversations between vehicles. Students would load up a car with as many people as possible and drive around and around and .... It was Spring and Maple Mania had begun. Below left: Where is everybody? Below: The big hold up at the intersection. The corner of Oakland and Maple during non-rush hour. Yes, Virginia, there was a world outside of the U of A campus. News hap- pened around us all the time and we are usually not aware of it. Students did not have a lot of time for watching television the main source of information in the U.S. But when looking around the campus, copies of The New York Times, Northwest Ar- kansas Times, The Springdale News, The Arkansas Gazette, The Wallstreet Journal, and the Arkansas Traveler, kept stu- dents up to date on the latest happenings. The following com- posite of news came from the Arkansas Gazette. Farmer Wayne Cryts spent two days in the Sebastian Coun- ty Jail on misdemeaner charges. Senator S.I. Hayakaw introduced a bill declaring English the official language of the U.S. The Senate adopted it. Congress approved legislation slashing 13.3 billion dollars from the federal budget. P.L.O. troops left Beirut. Stocks begin to soar and inter- est rates dropped. 133 million shares sold on Wall Street on August 8, 1982. The 25th anniversary of the Little Rock Central High racial crisis. Governor Clinton speaks to an attentive audience. Photograph compliments of Springdale News. John Hawkins was chosen the first black cheerleader at the University of Mississippi. Alice McArthur killed by hit men in Little Rock. U of A Library sought to add 100,000 books to the depleted library. Frozen yogurt took over the taste buds of Arkansas. Carolyn Vogler opened the first midwifing clinic in Dermott, Arkansas. Public school teachers in Ar- kansas get a well deserved $1500 raise. Princess Grace of Monoco died in a car accident. Pope John Paul II received Yassir Arafat, the P.L.O. leader, at the Vatican. The U.S. Senate begins a very long fillibuster over President Reagan ' s budget proposals. The NSAS space shuttle Columbia comes in for a landing. Five misdemeaner pot cases stemming from a raid of a " toga party " in Little Rock, were dropped because the sheriff ' s of- fice lost the pot! Hall pleaded guilty in the McArthur slaying sentenced to life in prison. Isrealis massacred about 1000 Palestinian refugess in campus outside of Beirut. United Nations observers went to Beirut to " check things out. " First Lady Nancy Reagan visited Little Rock to speak to teenagers on drug abuse. Clinton and White began one of the " dirtiest " political races ever. Poison alerts go into effect on bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol because of deaths stemming from ingestion of cyanide-laced capsules. Peace Day was held in Little Rock: thousands rallied for a ban on nuclear arms production. President Reagan proposed a grain sale to Russia. National incomes rose .3%. John DeLorean arrested on charges of cocaine possession. Governor White defeated by Bill Clinton. Voters passed Amendment 60. The government issued a re- quirement that all over-the- counter drugs be safely sealed. The President and his Lady. Photographs compliments of Springdale News. Vietnam Memorial erected in Washington D.C. Orsini sought a retrial but was denied. Leonid Breshnev died at home in the Soviet Union: Yuri Andropov was appoint- ed to take his place. Lech Walesa, Polish Solidarity leader, was re- leased from prison. The British fought to keep one of their last posses- sions the Faulkland Islands. Queen Elizabeth ' s house- hold cavalcade was bombed by Irish terrorists. Features 39 An unemployment safety inspector spent nine hours in a supermarket and bought $1827.77 in groceries, but paid with a fistfull of coupons and $125.29. David Bullock, 21, who ad- mitted he shot and killed six persons during December of 1981, was sentenced in New York to 150 years in prison. Curtis Sharp, Jr., 44, be- came the fourth $5 million winner in the New York State Lottery. Former CIA agent Edwin Witson was convicted of smug- gling weapons by Lybian offi- cials. Sen. Edward Kennedy and his estranged wife, Joan, be- gan divorce proceedings and a 4 million dollar settlement. Spring 1983 61-year-old Barney B. Clark was the first successful recipi- ent of a polyurethane artificial heart. He died a few months later. Charlie Brooks, Jr. became the first U.S. prisoner to be executed by lethal injection. Norman D. Mayer, a nuclear The water kept rising in a recent Indiana flood. Photo courtesy of Springdale News. weapons protestor, was killed after taking over the Washington Monument. Poland ended martial law. A week of racial violence in Miami broke out after a black youth was accidentally killed by a police officer. Charles Manson, imprisoned for masterminding the killings of Sharon Tate and six others, was denied parole for the fifth time. Marty Feldman, 49, the madcap comic with the dis- tinctive bug eyes, died. Actor Vic Morrow and twm children were killed on location while filming the new Speilbur movie " Twilight Zone. " Two masked gunmen brok into a Brinks armored car an j stole $11 million. Larry McClendon, 27, of Littlf Rock, was convicted of first gree murder in the July 2 shoot ing of Alice McArthur. Little Rock Sheriff Tommj Robinson was found in contempt of court for violating a Pulasl Municipal Court gag order, bi no punishment was set. Features 40 - ' John W. Hinkley, Jr. found innocent by reason of insanity in the shooting of President Reagan, was hospi- talized in serious condition after a suicide attempt. H.P.E.R. workers go on strike would it ever be finished? The American Embassy in Beirut was bombed by a ter- rorist in an exploding car killing 45 people 15 Ameri- can citizens. The American Embassy in Beirut. Photo compliments of Springdale News. ' " . " -;- ; r M PRm . ,p ( " l H ' J 1 r " i ' ji iqM I ' UI - -3 -. f X. S - I -.- ' WBBHl 1, EVENTS HOMECOMING 1982 Homecoming Queen ent escorts 1983 Homecoming Queen Merlkee Steve Gunter escorts Maid Kathryn Lawsorv Brian Rosethenthal escorts Maid Carlotta Nichols. Jeff Bullard Before beginning, James Pankow and Lee Longnane greet the crowd. Ei cnls 46 Chicago ' Only the Beginning " Vacation " was over. It was time to stop " Workin ' for a Livin ' , " and start " Workin ' for the Weekend. " " Turn Me Loose ' Mom and Dad. " I ' m Steppin ' Out! ' I ' ll send home my ' Dirty Laundry ' lat- er. " And away we went. Back to Fayetteville. Back to " The Way it Used to Be " before sum- mer began. We were going to " Rock This Town, " and " No- body " could tell us differently. Why, life was almost " Close Enough to Perfect! " Hog fans went hog wild once more, but to a different beat. This time, to the beat of Chicago, who played October 7 in Barnhill Arena. Comedian Al- len Kaye, walking onto the stage with a hog hat, opened up the evening by joining the crowd in the hog call. Kaye entertained the fans with impersonations and skits until it was time for Chicago to step out. Feet were tap- pin ' and fingers snappin ' while Chicago played an hour and a half concert filled with some of their best. After two encores the concert was finished, but not to be forgotten. Jeff Bullard After an hour and a half, the band has time fo r one more sonq. Jeff Bullard Waiting for a signal, James Pankow stands ready to join in. Jeff Bullard Lead guitarist, Peter Cetera, belts one out. eff Bullard Play it again! Ewmt. 47 Legends . . . " The reason I play the piano instead of the guitar is because the juitar is too hard to find, " Ronnie Milsap said jokingly, October 7, is he walked on stage to where his piano rested. Milsap played ome of his best country music that night; What a Difference fou ' ve Made in My Life, Smoky Mountain Rain and many others, one moment during the concert, Milsap even found the time to erch himself on top of the piano and play a tune with his boots! The opening act, Sylvia and The Southern Flames, warmed the trowd up for a good time. Jeff BuCard Calling the hogs. Members of the group Alabama take time out for ' a nnie Milsap, a legend in his time. Iitt| e fun. | Lovett I H BdUnl Events 49 Events 50 Rock V Roll Sounds for the Soul A different kind of rock, Chris- tian rock, was heard in September as an estimated 90 students stepped out into the autumn night to hear Phil Keaggy and Sheila Walsh in the Greek theatre. After Walsh performed, the band stopped playing, in time for everyone to mellow out to a solo performance by Keaggy. Keaggy began his career playing secular music in the Glass Harp band, but switched after he became a Chris- tian. Some of his songs include " Make A Change, " " Cherish The Moment, " " Morning Light, " and " She Came To Stay. " An energetic and somewhat punk Joan Jett and the Blackhearts entertained students in April, winding up to wind down the spring semester. Jett, now 23, gained recognition in 1981 with her hit " I Love Rock V Roll. " And, after a peak performance in Barnhill, it ' s obvious she does. Jeff Bullard Phil Keaggy Shiela Walsh sings " Turn, Turn, Turn. " It ' s all for the best! " Judas, David Black, and Je- sus, Jeff Thomas, sing during a soft shoe number. Jeff Bullard Jeff Bullard " When you go to Paris will you take me? " asks Simeonov Pishchik, William Duncan, to Lyubov Ranevsky, Pamela Webster. Yermolay Lopakhin, Raymond Lee, approaches. Jeff Bullard Before the party ends, Yermolay Lopakhin, Raymond Lee, shuffles the cards while guest, Natasha Cranford, watches. w :-:. I: : . - -1 Jeff Bullard With disciples looking on. Judas, por- jtrayed by David Black, tells a parable. Jeff Bullard : being handed over to Pontius Pilate. ! Jesus, played by Jeff Thomas, dies on the ss. Disciples. Elsa King and Lisa e. kneel below him. American College Theatre Festival " All For The Best " The Cherry Orchard won the critic ' s and director ' s awards in the American College Theatre Festival, hosted by the U of A drama department. The cast and crew went on to compete in re- gional competi- tion in Fort Worth, Texas, Jan. 18-22. The, K O . O . O . C -OC c play, written by Anton Chekhov and directed by Roger Gross, tells of the trials a Russian aristocratic family faces while losing their cherry orchard and their status in a changing Russian society. Harold Clurman, one of America ' s great critics and directors once wrote, " Everybody in Chekhov is made to speak from his heart. . .The plays are wrought from a fabric of love. " Also performed this year was Godspell, a musical about the life of Jesus and his disciples, culmi- nating with Je- Q sus ' s death upon the cross. " The script called for hippies, but that wasn ' t applicable to today so they went punk, " said Jeannie Johnson, one of several on costume crew. Set de- sign was kept simple. " I thought it was real good kind of differ- ent for Godspell, " said Mary Mahyew, a freshman from Paragould. Jeff Bullard While waiting for the news, Trofimov, Tom Green. pours Lyubov Ranevsky. Pamela Webster, some Bran- dy. Firs. Donovan Pedelty, waits in the background. PLAY IT AGAIN . . . " We can force our husbands to negotiate Peace, Ladies, by exercising steadfast Self- Control, by Total Abstinence . . . from Sex! " And so the wom- en of Athens did in the play, Lysistrata, presented by the U of A Theatre in February un- der the direction of Pat Romanov. Guided by Lysistrata ' s leadership, the women of the warring city- states of Greece unite in refus- ing sexual favors to their men, at the same time capturing the Acropolis, the citadel and trea- sury of Athens. The Glass Menagerie, a bit-i tersweet memory play written by Tennessee Williams, was performed in March. The play, directed by Kent R. Brown, depicts the life of Amandai Wingfield, her son, Tom, and her daughter, Laura, as they, struggle through an economic depression. The climax of the play comes with a visit from a gentleman caller, who tries to teach Laura about self- confidence, only to shatter hen; hopes of getting to know him I better when he announces his ' ; engagement. 4. H JH Carl Hut L. to R. Bill Langley, Natasha Cranford, Jimmy Burns, Eileen Kiethly, Roma Lisa Gray, Shannon Shoemak, and Alice Bane, all part of the Lysistrata cast, battle over the citadel. Carl Hitt Lysistrata, Lorilyn Moore, and Lampito, Alice Bane, affirm the oath. " So take the veil, my dear Commissioner, and drape it thus and Shush! " Lorilyn Moore, Bill Langley, and Natasha Cranford. Events 54 Carl Hitt L. to R. Tom Wingfield. Gary Sweeney, Amanda Wingfield. Sarah Burnside. Laura Wingfield, Sara Hennig. and the gentleman caller. Mike Thomas Events 55 ROMANCE A Comic Relief Romance and comedy both could be found in the University productions for April. Illyria, a " never land " which was made to look much like 17th century Spain, was the setting for William Shakespeare ' s Twelfth Night, a play which shows just how foolish young romancers can be. Orsino, Duke of Illyria, is in love with the rich countess Olivia. A ship wrecked lady known as Viola, however, is in love with Orsino, and dis- guises herself as one of his attendants Cesario. Olivia, disregarding the messages of Orsino, falls in love with Ceasario. Fortunately, Sebastian, Viola ' s brother, appears, marries Olivia, and leaves Orsino to discover who his true love really is. Roger Gross directed the play and Irene Corey, a prominent theatre artist helped with costume de- sign. Following Twelfth Night in April was II Trionfo Dell ' Onore, " The Triumph of Honor Alessandro Scarlatti ' s 110th opera and the first full length comic opera written in Italian. The opera begins after a young impetuous Italian named Ricardo has loved and left the beautiful Leonora. Seeking adventure, Ricardo and his soldier buddy, Bombardo, travel to Pisa where they spend their time wooing the young ladies. But, like all good romances, true love wins out, and Leonora and Ricardo find each other once again only to pledge their hearts to each other forever. Directing the opera was Patricia Relph. Music di- rection and translation into English was done by Richard Brothers. Bill Bowden Sir Toby Belch, Raymond Lee, Feste, Randy Jenkins, and Fabian, Rodney Rollins keep a careful eye on the lovelorn Malvolio. Events 56 Bill Bowden Viola, Chris Urbaniak. incognito as Cesario. lAs members of the cast of The Triumph of Honor, Alex Sharp, Vickie Milliard, Rager Moore, and ' - ' ., _; I Laura Hankins learn the rules of courtship. i, and Law EvBits 57 Ray Cook drew the funniest faces ours! Events 58 John Peterson edian Scott Jones entertained in the n ballroom. RED EYE Specialities When: Saturday, January 22 Tim e: 8:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. Who: Arkansas Union Programs Special Projects Committee What: What else, the Red Eye Special! The Red Eye Special was the highlight of a busy day for the estimated two thousand stu- dents who par- ticipated. And what was there to do? Plenty, from face painting to pizza eating contests. One of the main attrac- tions was the rock band " The Edge. " Also appearing was come- dian Scott Jones. There were also many games that students could participate in. These included a pool tournament, a ping-pong tournament, a wheel-barrow race, a three-legged race, a hog calling contest, a kissing contest, an air- plane throwing contest, and a dating game. If students were too I shy to partici- pate in these, they could watch a juggler or a movie, or go to a disco or coun- try and western dance. Students could also place a five minute call to anywhere in the U.S. for fifty cents, and if they chose to, they could just sit back and watch all of the excitement. The party lasted all night long enough to give most people Red Eyes! John Peterson Razorback beauties line up for judging at the male beauty contest. Events 59 GRADUATION A Moment of Celebration Alma Mater Pure as the dawn on the brow of thy beauty Watches thy soul from he mountains of God Over the Fates of thy children departed Far from the land where their footsteps have trod. Beacon of Hope in the ways dreary lighted: Pride of our hearts that are loyal and true; From those who adore unto one who adores us Mother of Mothers, we sing unto you. We, with our faces turned high to the East- ward Proud of our place in the vanguard of Truth, Will sing unto thee a new song of thanksgiv- ing- Honor to God and the Springtime of Youth. Shout for the victor or tear for the vanquished; Sunshine or tempest thy heart is e ' er true; Pride of the hills and the white-laden Low- lands Mother of Mothers, we kneel unto you. Ever the Legions of Sin will assail us, Even the Battle in Cities afar; Still in the depths will thy Spirit eternal Beckon us on like a piloting Star. Down the dim years do thy dead children call thee, Wafted to sleep while the Springtime was new; We, of the Present, thy Hope of the Future Mother of Mothers, we pray unto you. Fight Song Hit that line Hit that line Keep on going Take that ball right down the field. Give a cheer Never fear Arkansas will never yield. On your toes Razorbacks To the finish Carry on with all your might. For it ' s A-A-R-K-A-N S-A-S spells Arkansas Fight, Fight, Fight. Events 50 Carl Hitt Approximately 3,000 students received diploma ' s. Those receiving them, as seen here, had plenty to smile about. Events 61 Events 62 A student receives his doctorial hood. General commencement. May 14, 1983 " Education is a lot more than twelve years of primary and secondary education and four years of college. It is a life lime experience. " said Dale Bumpers while giving the com- mencement address. Carl Hitt William E. Tinsley, First-Ranked Senior Scholar. Events 63 N ' l THLETICS mm i ARKANSAS 38 TULSA The 1982 edition of the Ar- kansas Razorback football team opened their season Sep- tember 11, in Fayetteville, by walking casually through the eye of a Golden Hurricane. However, the storm was no match for the Hogs, as the home team came away with a 38-0 victory. Quarterback Brad Taylor came into the game with his ' Ri- fle ' arm, and hit wide receiver Derek Holloway for an electrify- ing 67 yard touchdown. The Two-point conversion was good as Taylor hit running back Thomas Brown with a pass, and the Hogs had a 14-0 lead. The big play in the third quarter was a Taylor-to- Holloway pass which set-up the Hogs fourth touchdown. The Hogs then drove 77 yards in three plays for their next score. Fullback Jessie Clark got credit for the touchdown as he ran for 72 yards through a monstrous hole provided by center Jay Bequette and right guard Steve Korte. Villarreal upped the score to 13-0, with a successful extra- point attempt. The Hogs had scored a bal- anced victory in their first game of the season, at the hands of the Golden Hurricane, and the defense had given the fans a taste of things to come. ARK TULSA First Downs 21 11 Rushes Yards 60-306 47-125 Passes Attempted 22 22 Passes Completed 12 6 Passing Yards 243 79 Total Yards 549 204 66 Above: Eddie White fights for pass. Below: Hogs celebrate fumble. Jessie Clark breaks for Touchdown romp with Tulsa. (HOLD OK LOU HIM COKING Razorback fans leaving Houston stadium. Tulsa Shutout Arkansas ' 38-0 shutout victory in the opening game of the season ended Tulsa ' s 49 game scoring streak. The last time the Hurricane was shutout was in 1977 with Cincinnati winning 28-0 in Head Coach John Cooper ' s first season. That makes this the second largest string of scoring in Tulsa ' s history. The longest is 62 games between 1941- 47. The last time Arkansas shutout an opponent was in 1977 when the Razorbacks defeated the Houston Cougars by a score of 34-0. Athletics 67 HOGS 29 NAVY 17 ARK. NAVY First Downs 28 16 Rushes Yards 62-266 28-60 Passes Attempted 19 30 Passes Completed 10 19 Passing Yards 108 274 Total Yards 374 334 The Razorbacks welcomed a new opponent to the Land of Opportunity in the second game of the season as they took on the Midshipmen from the Na- val Academy for the first time in the school ' s history. The setting was War Memorial Stadium, and it appeared as though the Razorbacks were go- ing to give the guests from Navy the full red-carpet treatment. Three minutes HM had ticked off from the kick- off, when stand- out Navy quar- terback Marco Pagnanelli hit The Big Red defense stiffened their backs Bill Doshie Brad Taylor turning upfield for a run. shipmen for a 29-17 victory. On the Hogs second possess- ion they used their ball control offense to crank out 61 yards in 15 plays and their first touch- i HB HHH Mi down of the game. The Big Red defense stiff- ened their backs in the seond quarter, denying Cebak for a 50-yard touchdown pass that stunned the capacity crowd. That was the first touchdown the Hogs defense gave up, and for the rest of the season any more touchdown ' s would be hard to come by. That play seemed to provide the spark, though, that lit the Hogs flame as they burned the Mid- Navy any points while scoring a few points themselves. Richard Richardson found Pagnanelli be- hind the line and proceeded to dump him into the end zone for the safety, and an 8-7 Arkansas lead. Arkansas then took the penalty kick off and marched 59 yards for their second touchdown, a two yard pass Hut play fro receiver were off The BertZin up with offense t yards it another s high pass co Taylor tt wd a 17 Penalty fourth d( ln. Dar drive nir Quarterback Tom Jones reads while calling signals. the Navy defense] Athletics 68 |S A:,, " Harreal ,ij go me, i hark. Bill Doshic Right: Richard Richardson socks Navy Quarter- back. ' Above: Jessie Clark goes through Navy link. play from Tom Jones to wide receiver Mark Mistier. The Hogs were off to the races with a 15- 7 margin. The Razorback defense stepped in again by recovering a Navy fumble. It was linebacker Bert Zinamon this time coming up with the big play. The offense capitalized by going 80 yards in nine plays for yet another Hog score. This drive was highlighted by a 38 yard pass connection from Brad Taylor to receiver Keith Kidd, and a 17 yard pass interference penalty against Navy on a fourth down and fifteen situa- tion. Daryl Bowles capped this drive with an eleven yard blast behind the blocking of Alfred Mohammed, and Villarreal chipped in the extra point, giv- ing Arkansas a 22-7 lead. Villarreal attempted a 33 yard ield goal seconds before alftime, which fell short of the ark. Neither team could mount much of a drive in the fourth quarter. Razorbacks Rover Keith Burns picked off a Pagnanelli pass but his offensive counter- parts were unable to come up with any points to complement Burns ' thievery. With three minutes left in the game the boys from Annapolis took a Brad Taylor punt, marched 75 yards in eight plays, and scored their second touchdown of the game. Pagnanelli hit Clouse on a six- yard pass play over the out- stretched hands of the Razorback receivers. Young ' s ex- tra point attempt was good. Reber then recovered an at- tempted onside kick, which further bombed any chances the Midshipmen had. The Razor- backs won their second game, beating Navy 29-17, and were ready to take on ' the Ole Miss Rebels. Alhletici 69 HOGS 14 REBELS 12 Arkansas traveled back to the Capitol City for their third test of the season, a match up with the Rebels from the University of Mississippi. Perfect football weather had been forecast for the game, but what wasn ' t forecast to the sold- out War Memorial crowd was a nail-biting finish. The Hogs had rolled over Tulsa and Navy in their first two games and appeared to have enough momentum to roll over Ole Miss. At the end of the third quarter it was Arkansas 14, Ole Miss 3. Things seemed to be under control for Lou Holtz and his team. However, Steve Sloan, the Rebel coach, and his team had travelled too far to go down this early. With 6:21 left in the game, the Rebels once again held the Hogs and started on another downfield march. OLE ARK MISS First Downs 20 22 Rushes Yards 57-140 40-115 Passes Attempted 25 33 Passes Completed 12 18 Passing Yards 161 229 Total Yards 301 344 They reeled-off 69 yards in nine plays, managing five first downs, with running back Andre Thom- as carrying the ball for the final three yards and a Rebel touch- down. Thomas carried the ball again for the two-point conver- sion attempt, which failed. Tom Jones running downfield. k; . : Above: Tom Jones passes the ball to Keith Kidd. Left: Eddie White celebrates the Hogs ' victory. I Athletics 70 Arkansas held a shaky two point lead with three minutes left in the game. Arkansas ' final drive stalled on the Ole Miss 47 yard line, 33 yards from where it started. Taylor punted the ball into the end zone, setting up the final dramatic Rebel drive. Aided by a 15-yard illegal participation penatly, the Rebels moved the ball to Arkansas ' 38 yard line, where Ole Miss ' placekicker Todd Gatlin set-up for a 48 yard attempt. The snap was good, the attempt was long enough, and the Rebels swarmed the field, screaming with joy. The joy was shortlived, however, as the ball had missed just inches to the right of the uprights. Arkansas had dodged an early season bullet for a 14-12 victory. Doshis rAbove: Billy Ray brings down Ole Miss quarterback. Below: Last second field goal destroyed by Hogs. RAZORBACKS STOMP TCU 35-0 First Downs Rushes Yards Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passing Yards Total Yards ARK. TCU 25 2 70- 233 19 6 123 365 27-28 18 6 37 65 October 2, Arkansas fans rolled into War Memorial Stadium and watched the Hogs destroy the Frogs in Arkansas ' Southwest Conference opener. The nationally-watched game was every bit of a defensive struggle through the first half. The nod, had to be given to the Razorback defense as they held TCU without a first down in the first half of play, Razorback all-American Billy Ray Smith made his presence known by sacking TCU quarter- back Reuben Jones, causing him to fumble, then recovering the ball himself. With Billy Ray ' s big play, the Hogs mustered up enough momentum to score four touchdowns on their next five Billy Ray makes big play . . . possessions. The first half ended, Arkansas 14 TCU 0. Before the third quarter end- ed, the Hogs had taken their third possession of the quarter 57 yards in 15 plays for their fourth touchdown of the game, a Tom Jones keeper around the right end. Smith, of course, hit the point after, Arkan- sas 28 TCU after three quarters. The final score was Hogs 35 Frogs 0. Arkansas happily returned to Fayetteville to prepare for their next game against Texas Tech. r L. 1 around fl, right the poj w, Arka I 28-TQ ' :iet :;- A Bill Doshier -eft: Arkansas defense looks at signs from defensive Above: Hogs cheer Gary Anderson ' s touchdown. :oach Lindsey. Bill Doshier Smith and Burns celebrate fumble recovery. Hogs Squish Frogs Arkansas had one of their most balanced games of the season as they beat TCU 35-0. The offense tallied 132 yards by passing, and 233 yards by rushing. The defense proved to the War Memorial crowd why it was one of the top- ranked defenses in the na- tion. They held the Horned Frogs to 65 total yards; 37 passing and 28 running. TCU ran the ball 27 times, for a grand total of two first downs. Defensively, Ar- kansas recovered two fumbles and intercepted one TCU pass. That intercep- tion was returned eight yards by Earl Buckingham for a touchdown. HOGS 21 TECH 3 The Texas Tech Red Raiders invaded Fayetteville for the Hogs fifth game of the season. Leonard Harris took the initial kickoff for the Red Raiders and ran 83 yards to the Hogs ' 11 yard line. The Raiders only managed a 33 yard field goal for their only points of the day. Gary Anderson took a screen pass from Tom Jones and did some running for a 74 yard touchdown. The Hogs defense forced Tech punter Dennis Vance to punt his second of 11 punts on the after- noon. Next, the Hogs carried the ball 83 yards in seven plays for their second score. Martin Smith chipped-in his second bonus point, and it was 14-3 in favor of the Hogs. In the second quarter the Hogs got their final touchdown of the day. Smith hit extra point number three, and it was 21-3. In the second half the Hogs created their own problems, or else the score would have been ARK. TECH First Downs 17 12 Rushes Yards 57-268 37-36 Passes Attempted 19 39 Passes Completed 10 16 Passing Yards 165 199 Total Yards 433 235 Above: Bert Zinamon rushes Tech Quarterback. Bill Dosh,, Below: Jones is tackled as pass is thrown. Athletics 74 . ' .;.- ; " " Above: Hog defense brings down Texas Tech , player Below: Gary Anderson looking for running room. greater. The Hogs had the ball 10 times in the second half, and here are the results of each drive: five punts, a Brad Taylor interception, a Tom Jones interception, Gary Anderson ' s fumble after a four yard gain, Darryl Bowies ' fumble into the endzone after a 15 yard gain, and one drive that fell short after four downs. Tech punted six times, lost two fumbles, gave up the ball once on downs, and had the clock run out on their final attempt. Athletics 75 ARKANSAS 38 HOUSTON 3 After the open date the week before, the well-rest ed Hogs stepped into the Astro- dome, ranked number six in the nation and ready to break a four-year jinx against the Cougars. The game, nationally televised over CBS, started out with a fa- miliar twist for the Hogs. The Cougars took the opening kickoff and marched to the Arkansas 31, where Mike Clendenen con- nected with a field goal and just like three other teams before them, the Cougars had the first points of the game. But, the points from there on out would be few and far between. After the field goal it was as if Lou Holtz told his defense to " sik ' em " . On Houston ' s next possession, quarterback Lionel Wilson dropped back to pass, only to have Hog defensive end Ron Faurot with him step by step to deflect the pass into the air and have it picked off by veteran defensive back Danny Walters, who took it 93 years for the score. Ernie Villarreal ' s extra point was good, and the Hogs had the lead for good. In the second quarter the offense made the big play. Brad ARK. HOUST. First Downs 22 15 Rushes Yards 62-299 41-160 Passes Attempted 17 31 Passes Completed 8 11 Passing Yards 138 194 Total Yards 437 354 1 Arkansas celebrates touchdown Cheerleaders lead the Hogs. Lett: Don Lindsey plots strategy. Taylor managed a 66-yard ouchdown pass to wide-receiver Derek Holloway. Villarreal fol- owed-up with the H 2xtra point, and he Hogs were eading 14-3. Taylor ' s fifteen ard pass to 4olloway set-up he Hogs next score as Taylor took the plunge limself for the one yard score. Villarreal did his job, and it was Arkansas enjoying a 21-3 mar- gin. The good guys took their next Dossession down to the one-yard Taylor sneaks across for a touchdown line when Taylor sneaked across for a touchdown. Villarreal ' s kick made it a 28-3 lead for the Hogs. The Razorbacks scored next in the third quarter as reserve running back Thomas Brown ran 13 yards. The Hogs lead had soared to 35-3. Then with two minutes left in the game, Villarreal made lip for the earlier missed three-point try by hitting a field goal from 34 yards out. The Hogs won 38- 3 over the hapless Cougars. inny Walters intercepts pass for touchdown. Alhletici 77 ARK A M 35 The Texas A M Aggies found out what it ' s like to be a punching bag for an irate Razorback. The Hogs were fresh from an upset loss at the hands of the Baylor Bears, and were determined that someone else would pay for it. The 36-degree weather was in no way ideal for football. However, the Hogs went about business as usual as Gary An- derson ran around left end for the Hog ' s first score. In the second period the offense capitalized on an inter- ception as Tom Jones threw to Anderson for a 40 yard touchdown and a 14-0 lead. With four minutes left in the half Jessie Clark ran through a hole provided by the right side of the line for another touchdown, and the Razorback lead expanded to 21-0. In the second half, Tom Jones took the ball in from one yard out, and it was Arkansas 28, A M 0. Late in the fourth quarter Tom Jones kept the ball again for his second score of the night, and the Hogs had a comfortable 35-0 lead. Ark. A M First Downs 8 20 Rushes-Yards 24-53 63-222 Passes Attempted 34 19 Passes Completed 15 9 Passing Yards 95 119 Total Yards 148 341 The Razorbacks substituted heavily the rest of the game as starters got to come off the field and huddle warmly on the side- lines. The Hogs had a well-rounded victory to celebrate. The defense came up with key turnovers, and the offense turned the turnovers into points. They couldn ' t celebrate long, however. Just one week later they would meet the SMU Mus- tangs in Texas Stadium. James Smith Walters runs an interception. Billy Ray Smith closes in on the ball carrier. Billy Ray Smith pressures A M ' s quarterback. James Smith Athletics 78 Susan Pratt cheers the Hogs to victory. Tom Jones set to hand-off to Bowles. Head Trainer, Dean Weber, checks on Billy Ray during the A M game. - Bowles goes over the top for a first down. Athletics 79 ARK RICE 24 6 Ark. Rice First Downs 21 6 Rushes-Yards 59-220 40-32 Passes Attempted 23 18 Passes Completed 10 9 Passing Yards 150 54 Total Yards 370 86 Arkansas ' Homecoming victory over Rice was the second bullet of the season the Hogs had to dodge, even though the score didn ' t indicate it. The Hogs seemed uninspired through the first half of action, and the Cotton Bowl vision kept getting cloudier and cloudier. In the first quarter the Owls kicked a 45 yard field goal, and scored again in the second peri- od with a 25 yard field goal. When the second half opened up, the Hogs began the strenu- ous task of climbing back to the top. Following an 80 yard punt by Dale Walters of Rice, the Hogs ' offensive machine was put in motion. The Hogs marched the football 80 yards, with Jes- sie Clark going over right tackle for the final two yards. Martin Smith came on to make the ex- tra point, and the Hogs had the lead. In the second half, Rice quar- terback Doug Johnson was inter- cepted by Milton Fields, who took the ball to the one yard James Smith Holloway keeping the Rice defender from intercepting the ball. line. Jessie Clark bulled over the right side of the line for his sec- ond touchdown of the day and Arkansas led 14-6. The fourth quarter was highlighted by an eight yard scoring pass from Brad Taylor to tight end Eddie White with ten minutes left in the game, raising the tally to 21-6. Three minutes later the Hogs finished out the scoring as soc- h cer-style kicker Martin Smith made good on a 32 yard kick. The Hogs had to be awak- ened at halftime, but nonetheless came from behind to note victory number seven, a 24-6 win over Rice. The Hogs next had to travel to Waco, Texas, the home of the Baylor Bears, who had ambush in mind for the Hogs. Athletics 80 Janres Smith Brad Taylor on the keeper against Rice. Hogs celebrate touchdown against Rice. Rice s coach checks the call Athletics 81 RAZORBACKS BEARS T 17 24 is Shattered he Hogs Cotton Bowl plans suffered a severe setback at the hands of the Baylor Bears. Arkansas might have had too much on their minds with SMU just two weeks away. It can safely be said that they had too much on their hands, in the form of Bay- lor Bears. The Hog offense came out hot as Brad Taylor hit Gary Ander- son for 24 yards and a touchdown with two minutes left in the first quarter. The two teams swapped touchdowns in the second peri- od. Arkansas got their score as Jessie Clark powered over right guard for six points. Once again Smith was good with the extra point. Baylor running back Al- fred Anderson ran over left tackle for Baylor ' s touchdown. Marty Jimmerson ' s extra point brought the score to 14-7 in fa- vor of the Hogs as the two teams paused for halftime. Both teams battled scorelessly through the third quarter. The Bears tied the score in the fourth quarter on a 12 yard re- ception from Mike Brannon to Allan Rice. w Martin Smith Perfect Season The Hogs, with their perfect season shattered, limped back to War Memorial Stadium for a matchup with Texas A M, that proved to be no matchup at all, as the Hogs vented their frustra- tion on the lowly Aggies. Ark. Baylor First Downs 20 16 Rushes- Yards 53-151 48-164 Passes Attempted 36 21 Passes Completed 13 10 Passing Yards 257 239 Total Yards 408 403 came in to boot a 33 yard field goal for the Hogs as they took a 17-14 lead. The Bears then drove 65 yards in five plays. The highlight was a 60 yard pass from Brannon to Anderson. Brannon scored the Bear ' s touchdown himself to tie the score at 17. From that point on, it was all downhill. Mark Mistier took the pitch, on the Hogs next possess- ion, as the reverse play began to form. Mistier looked deep for Thomas Brown and, as the ball was released, defensive back Preston Davis moved in for the interception. With the crowd roaring behind them, Baylor drove 47 yards to the victory. Alfred Anderson scored on a four yard touchdown plunge, and the Bears had a 24-17 victory. 1 Mark Douglas around the corner against Baylor. Hogs celebrate Gary Anderson ' s touchdown against the Bears. 82 Athletics Brad Taylor takes the snap to start the offense. Thomas Brown finds a hole for a big gain. James Smith Brad Taylor punts during Baylor game. Billy Ray Smith reads the play going away. James Smith Athletics 83 RAZORBACKS MUSTANGS On November 20, 1982, the Razorbacks lined up oppo site the SMU Mustangs, in the biggestgame of the year. SMU had to win or tie to capture a trip to the Cotton Bowl in Dal- las, and outright SWC Championship. Arkansas, on the other hand, i " " " " 11 had to beat SMU, then beat the Tex- 17 17 as Longhorns the next week, in Aus- M " tin, to spend January 1 in the Cotton Bowl. The Ponies were ranked second in the nation and in the hunt for a National Championship. The Hogs took the lead as Gary Anderson took a pitchout from Tom Jones ' and sprinted around left end for three yards and the first score of the game. The Hogs scored again as de- fensive end Billy Ray Smith introduced himself to SMU tailbak Eric Dickerson, causing Dickerson to fumble. Arkansas ' momentum, however, was snuffed out as Martin Smith ' s 26-yard field goal attempt was blocked by Russel Carter. All-American Eric Dickerson The play that cost the Hogs their whole season! scored SMU ' s first points of the game on a six-yard run. SMU received the second half kickoff and moved the ball to Arkansas ' 39 yard line, where Jeff Harrell hit the longest field goal of his career. The Ponies took a 10-7 lead. I On their next possess- ion the Hogs got a 27-yard field goal. At the end of the third First Downs Rushes Yards Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passing Yards Total Yards ARK. SMU 20 16 57-20150.228 18 9 9 7 148 98 349 326 quarter the score was 10-10. With third down and ten yards to go, Tom Jones dropped back to pass, in a do-or-tie situaton. Anderson leaped from a crowd of three SMU defenders and caught the pass on the SMU five yard line. Anderson scored the touchdown giving the Hogs a 17-10 edge. Then came the play that cost the Hogs their whole season. Mcllhanny dropped back to pass, and unleashed a 45 yard pass to Jackie Wilson, SMU ' s re- ceiver and actor supreme. Wilson ' s pass interference act that followed suckered referee Horton Hesesta into dropping his flag against the Hogs, giving SMU the ball on Arkansas ' 17 yard line. The Ponies tied up the score as Mcllhenny ran around right end five plays later for the score. The game ended in a 17-17 tie. Athletics 84 4 w i W Hogs Tie SMU The SMU Mustangs came into the contest with the Razorbacks ranked number two in the nation. The Hogs tied SMU 17-17, leaving im- pressions in the minds of SMU players and fans. The Mustangs became the second of seven SWC teams to score a touchdown against the Hogs, and only one of six teams to score on the Hogs the entire year. This game marked the first time the Hogs had ever held both Dickerson and James to under 100 yards in a game. They held Dickson to 81 and James to 73. In the past two seasons, the Ponies allowed only three touchdowns to be scored on them in the first quarter Ar- kansas had scored two of them. r Gary Anderson ' s first touchdown of the SMU game. AthleBa 85 ARKANSAS TEXAS The Hogs ' final game of the regular season came against the Longhorns from the University of Texas at Austin. The game once again had been moved to accommodate ABC TV. The last time that hap- pened the Hogs were defeated by the Horns, 23-17. This time, however, it was not a change in dates that _ _ _ 7 33 Longhorn ' s get their revenge . . . had hurt the Hogs, but a change in atti- tudes. As the Hogs came out on the " " field, it seemed as though there was a sense of deflation. The Razorbacks seemed drained by the events of the SMU game. The Horns intercepted a Brad Taylor pass and drove for the first score as Ervin Davis ran the last yard for the touchdown. Arkansas ' only score came as Gary Anderson caught a Brad Taylor pass and streaked 46 yards into the endzone. Then Texas quarterback Rob- ert Brewer threw a 37 yard pass down the sidelines for a 14-7 Longhorn lead. With two minutes left in the half, Gary Anderson fumbled a Texas punt and Brewer used the quarterback sneak to up the advantage to 21-7 in favor of the Horns. Texas scored again on their sec- ond possession of the second half. This time Mike Luck broke through the middle for nine yards and a touchdown, raising the score to 28-7. On the Hogs next possession Taylor was intercepted by Jerry |B Gray, who re- turned the ball 18 yards. That set up a field goal from 45 yards out, raising the score to Texas 31, Arkansas 7. As if all of this wasn ' t enough, there was more. Arkansas, on their own 18, was forced to punt. The punt never came through, as the snap sailed over Brad Taylor ' s head into the Arkansas endzone for a two point safety. The Horns had thrown all-out blitzes at the Hogs ' offense all day long, and it finally wore out the Pigs. The Longhorns had gotten their revenge for their loss a year ago, when they were number one and the Hogs knocked them off, 42- 11. The season had finally drained down to an exhausting end. The only salvation for the Hogs would be a victory in the Astro-Bluebonnet Below: Jessie Clark tries to get through Texas line. First Downs Rushes Yards Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passing Yards Total Yards ARK. TEXAS 7 11 44153 48156 29 15 13 9 216 181 369 337 Alfred Mohammed blocks Texas Bowl against the Florida Gators on New Year ' s Eve. Bill Doshicr Above. Brad Taylor looks downfield. Below: Brad Taylor fires downfield. Athletics 87 BLUEBONNET BOWL ARK. FLORIDA Frist Downs 28 22 Rushes Yards 69-358 42-190 Passes Attempted 12 28 Passes Completed 7 19 Passing Yards 122 234 Total Yards 480 424 New Year ' s Eve in the Astro- dome was nothing, of course, compared to New Year ' s Day in the Cotton Bowl; but the Hogs had been invited to Houston and they were determined to make the best of it. It didn ' t look that way, though, as the game began. The Florida Gators took the opening kickoff and began an early drive on the Hogs tough defense. Just as the crowd thought the defense was done in, though, they made the ever popular big play. Danny Walters came up with the first turnover of the game, which not only gave the Hogs the ball, but also gave them the momentum they needed to put the ball across the goal line for the first score. Gary Anderson got the touchdown on a run of 16 yards around the right end. The Gators got their first touchdown on a three yard pass from Bob Hewko to Dwayne Dixon. The Hogs did give up a crucial 30 yard pass from Hewko to Lorenzo Hampton Victory at the Bluebonnet. earlier in the drive which set up the three yard score. The Gators hit two big passes in the second quarter, one a 15- yard play and the other a 21- yard play, that set up their next score, a 34-yard field goal by Bob Raymond. Florida led 10-7. The Gators scored the final points of the first half as Hewko connected with Dixon again, this time for a 13-yard touchdown. Halfway through the Bluebonnet Bowl the Gators led the Hogs by 17-7. The Hogs came out in the second half and scored again as Gary Anderson hurdled over right guard for six points. Hewko and Dixon teamed up again for the next Gator touchdown, a 17-yard pass down the middle of the endzone. The score: 24-14. The Hogs began to pick up steam as Tom Jones hit Jessie Clark in the left side of the endzone for a touchdown, bring- ing the tally to 24-21 Florida. The Hog ' s winning score came as Tom Jones kept the ball on a quarterback sneak from one yard out. Martin Smith hit the bonus point and the Hogs held on for a 28-24 victory. Athletics 88 Defense David Brazzel stops Florida offense. Bill Doshier Bill Doshier Billy Ray Smith chases down Florida quarterback. Bill Doshier Billy Ray Smith checks Scoreboard. Athletics 89 RAZORBACK BASKETBALL The 1982-83 Razorback basketball team started the season out trying to fill a big pair of shoes. They had lost five seniors from the year before: Scott Hastings, Tony Brown, Keith Peterson, Brad Friess, and Greg Skulman. Arkansas fans had reason to hope, though, because their team would be fielding best guard combination in the country in Alvin Robertson and Darrel Walker, and there was a new big man at the center position who would be mak- ing his Hog debut, Joe Kleine. Joe Kleine Making Hog Debut The 17-ranked Razorbacks started the season with an exhibition game against the Yugoslavian National basket- ball team. The Hogs pre- vailed over the larger Yugoslavs as Walder and Robertson scored 20 points apiece in route to an 81-74 HB victory. In the first game the Hogs were without the services of " " " " ' " " " " " " " " " ' senior center Carey Kelley and junior guard Ricky Norton. The two were suspended from the team by Coach Sutton, for violating team rules, until January. The Hogs breezed through Sherry Bass Joe Kleine shoots against Aggies. I r Above: Darrel Walker inside Aggies. Right: Leroy Sutton from baseline. Sherry Bas: Athletics 90 Idie Sutton shouts instructions Sherry Bass Athletics 91 the first five non-conference games, mostly on the cat-quick duo of Walker and Robertson, the inside play of Joe Kleine, and a talented bench. Robertson scored 21 points and Kleine scored 15 against Southwest Missouri State as the Hogs rolled in the opener, 74-57. On mmm . _ December tained Tex- as San An- tonio in Fayetteville. " -- r - rj - rf - " " Walker scored 20, Klein had 14 points, and senior sharp shooter John Snively also scored 14. The sixteenth ranked Hogs wrapped- up San Antonio, 78-59. The Centennary Gentlemen became Walker caps off victory. the next victims in a 79-51 contest. The three Arkansas principles figured prominantly once again, as Darrel Walker scored 13 points, Kleine and Rob- ertson threw in 12 points apiece. Two days later Arkansas whalloped Southwest Missouri State by an 87-66 mar- gin. It was Walker again with 28 points to cap off the .- ...,, victory. Ar- kansas broke the 100 point barrier in their next outing as they beat Alabama State, 108-65. Darrel " Sky " Walker put on a one man show as the All-Ameri- can candidate scored 35 points. Bill Doshier Joe Kleine shoots two. Athletics 92 Sherry Bass Darrel Walker inside Cougars. Left: Robken fires up crowd. b U Eddie Sutton and " How to get a technical. " Moving up to number 12 in the polls, the Hogs rein into a string of three close contests. Against Southern Mississippi, the Hogs fought down to the wire before slipping by with a 62-60 victory in the Pine Bluff Convention Cen- ter. Once again suspension hit the Hog team as Coach Sutton sat down freshman guard Willie Cutts for an indefinite period of time. Cutts, the highly touted guard from Bryant, Arkansas, learned quickly that Eddie Sutton means business. Playing in the Meadowlands, New Jersey, the Hogs used the quick defense to fend off a late rally by St. Peter ' s and come away with a 52-48 victory. The Hogs next matchup was with Nebraska, and this time the Hogs got by with a 64-58 win. Against the Cornhuskers, Walker scored 22 points, while his running mate, Alvin Robert- B.U Doshiet Coach Dickey and Coach Trinkle show dismay over call in SMU game. Athletics 93 son, pitched in 17. The Hogs next matchup was with Nebraska, and this time they were one game away from the 82-83 Southwest Conference opener against the Baylor Bears, though, the Hogs would face upset-mind- ed Mercer at Pine Bluff. Alvin Robertson rose to the occasion against Mercer by scoring 23 points. The junior from Barberton, Ohio, led the Hogs to an 83-62 victory. The 10th ranked Hogs opened conference play by sliding past Baylor 65-60. Joe Kleine and Al- vin Robertson teamed for 31 points against the Bears. The Hogs ' man-to-man defense had a hard time handling the Baylor offense, as Daryl Baucham hit for 20 points and James Stein scored 14. The defense was tough, but as fans would see in the future, there was no killer punch. Sure, there were some blowouts in the early part of the season, but the Hogs were always in control of Athletics 94 Above: Joe Kleine slams one home on the Aggies. Left: Joe Kleine puts the ball off the glass. Sherry Bass brrell " Sky " Walker dunks again. Above: Joe Kleine fades away for two points. Below: The bench catches the action on the court. Bill Doshiet Athletics 96 Walker was high-point man. those games. Things would stiffen up incredibly as the conference schedule progressed. Arkansas ' next three games; were close; as they beat Texas. A M, 66-64, SMU, 63-56, and TCU, 69-55. Walker was the high-point man against SMU and ' TCU, scoring 17 and 15 points respectively. Against A M, Kleine scored 19. The Hogs then geared up fort the first of three possible meet- ings of the season with the Houston Cougars. They would play twice during regular season play, then possibly match up once again in the conference tournament at the end of the year. In the first game against the Cougars, the Hogs suffered their worst defeat of an Eddie Sutton team, 75-60. Darrell Walker took charge of Arkansas ' offense by scoring 25 points. On the other side of the coin, Larry Michaeux picked up the Houston slack byi scoring 26. The Hogs, ranked number four in the nation at the Alvin Robertson slams $icky Norton nails one from the key. Bill Doshier Bill Doshier Ricky Norton looking to pass. Sherry Bass :ing Razorback Tech ' s mascot waiting for ' Horton time, dropped to number 12 fol- lowing their first loss of the year. Bouncing back from the loss the Hogs squared-off against the Tex- as Longhorns. Texas was in bad shape. They had lost head coach Abe Lemons, thanks to his prize- fighting debut in Barnhill Arena. Following Lemons, LaSalle Thompson jumped to the NBA ranks, and premiere guard Mike Wacker went down with a knee injury. Therefore Texas was ban- ished to the position of cellar- dwellar. Arkansas beat the Longhorns 83-64 behind Darrell Walker ' s 28 points. Texas ' Bill Wendlandt scored 23 in the losing effort. The Hogs began looking forward to a mid-season break from the conference schedule against Wake Forest. That may be why the Texas Tech Red Raiders snuck up on the Hogs AthJics 97 and almost pulled off the upset. Arkansas won 62-59, and im- proved their SWC mark to 6-1, 16-1 overall. The Hogs matchup with Wake Forest, on national television, gave the Hogs a break from the SWC schedule, but not a break from nail-biting basketball action. With the game tied at 60 all, Darrell Walker was fouled. After hitting the first free throw, Darrell eyed the buc ket, shot, and missed. Then, almost as if he had springs on his feet, Alvin Robertson leaped up to tap the ball back in the hoop, giving the Hogs a 63- 60 lead. Wake Forest was forced to foul to try and catch up, but guard Ricky Norton, from Okolona, kept the Hogs in front with perfect free-throw shooting. The Hogs had defeated Wake Forest for the first time in three tries. Norton had only been back on the team for thirty days and was already contributing. The Above: Alvin in the press defense. Below: Darrell pops on the turn-around jump shot. Bill Doshier Athletics 98 " Sky " for two Joe Kleine scores two on the Aggies. Sherry Bass Athlelici 99 Referees slapped a " T " on coach Hogs had also started with a string of technical fouls in the Wake Forest game. The referees slapped a " T " on Eddie Sutton as he crawled in front of the Hog bench, protesting one of many " awkward " calls. Sophomore cen- ter Joe Kleine had his best game of the year as he scored at will, totalling 20 points. Robertson gar- nished scoring honors, though, as he scored 23. The Hogs, up to number eight in the polls now, resumed conference play by thrashing Rice and Baylor. In Barnhill the Hogs beat the Owls 70-43. Defense by junior forward Leroy Sutton, and sophomore forward Charles Balentine was the main reason why Rice was shut down. Tracy Steele was the high point man for the Owls with 13 points. Sherry Dass Above: Darrell shoots even with close defense. Athletics 100 Bill Doshier ddie Sutton getting his point across during a time-out. Sherry Bass Alvin lays one up for two. Hog Wild Band getting ready for the Cougars. Sherry Bass Athletics 101 Two Technical Fouls Against the Bears the Hog defense continued to improve. James Stein scored 15 points and Daryl Baucham scored 14 as the Bears were defeated, 81-66. Joe Kleine scored 25 points offensively. The real story was the defense, though. Arkansas ' quick man-to- man was beginning to outclass SWC opponents. The Hogs passed up Texas A M next by a score of 62-55. Darrel Walker scored 17 points in his race for the conference scoring title. Arkansas was asessed two technical fouls during the game, as Eddie Sutton stormed up and down the bench, walking down to talk to A M coach Shelby Metcalf on occassion about the officiating. As the referees left the floor fol- Leroy Sutton looking for a hole in the defense. Sherry Bass WOOOO PIG-SOOIE! Athletics 102 lowing the game, an irate Metcalf, having been hit with a " T " himself raced after the ze- bras, only to be restrained by University Security officials. Two days later the T ' s rained again as the SMU Mustangs visited Barnhill. Sutton received a technical, as did Alvin Robert- son for grabbing onto the rim after a dunk. Sutton ' s T was for volunteering his opinion to the wrong person. SMU ' s bench also received a technical. Despite the penalties, the Hogs rolled the Ponies by a 71-61 margin. Rob- ertson and Walker double- teamed for 38 points, raising the Hogs record to 10-1 in confer- ence play, and 20-1 overall. The Hogs next three games were tune-ups for the showdown of the year. Eddie Sutton checks T.V. replay on call made. Bill Doshier Athletics 104 Coach Sutton giving instructions during time out i Arkansas was looking for a tic for first place in the SWC, but had to beat Houston to do it. In warming up for Houston, they beat TCU, 64-56; Texas, 84-67; and Texas Tech, 77-63. Walker, in the three games, scored 24, 22, and 17 points, while Robert- son scored 17, 20, and 17 points. Arkansas had upped its record to 23-1 overall, and was up to number four in the polls. In conference play, the Hogs had managed a 13-1 record. To tie for the conference title, they had to beat the Houston Cougars, the number one ranked team in the nation. The Cougars Kleme powers one in. Bill Doshier Alvin looking to tattoo someone. Sherry Bass Athletics 105 Darrell Walker banks one for two. Sherry Bass Snively looking to pass inside. Bill Doshier were waltzing through the SWC, thanks to seven foot Akeem Abdul Olajuwan at the center; Clyde Drexler and Larry Micheaux at the for- wards; and Michael Young and Alvin Franklin at the guards. The March third shootout in Barnhill was for all the marbles. The Cougars were 0-7 in Barnhill, but had dealt the Hogs a crucial 15 point loss in Houston eleven games earlier. Dubbed PHI SLAMMA JAMMA, Texas ' Tallest Fraternity, the Cougars put on a number one show, over regional and cable TV, as they defeated the Hogs by a score of 74-66. Arkan- sas made two runs at Houston during the game, managing to come within two at one point, only to have Clyde " the Glide " Drexler dunk Arkansas ral- ly. Micheaux, Drexler, and Olajuwan all fouled out, but Houston kept coming with their bench attack. Bennie Anders, recruited heavily by Arkansas, came on to lead Houston scorers with 18 points. For the Hogs the trouble began early. Before the halfway mark of the first half Alvin Robertson went out of the game with his third foul. Joe Kleine played a great ballgame, scoring 20 points, and Darrell Walker was his usual stellar self as he scored 18, but it wasn ' t enough. The Cougars truly showed their number one stature as they captured the regular season conference crown. Athletics 106 barrell Walker fights off Aggie block. Sherry Bass Athletics 107 Arkansas next travelled to play the Rice Owls in the season finale. Razorback fans feared the Hogs would come out flat after the Houston loss. That fear was magnified as Eddie Sutton once again imposed a suspension. Five players broke curfew the night before the Rice game: Al- vin Robertson, Ricky Norton, Robert Brannon, Robert Kitchen, and Carey Kelley. Their punishment was to ride the pine the whole game while their teammates blasted the Owls, 82- 55. The Hogs were led in scoring by Walker with 22 points, and John Snively with 16. Walker ' s 22 gave him the SWC scoring title with a total of 294 points in conference play. Walker beat out Houston guard Michael Young by five points. Bill Doshier Alvin Robertson had to bank this one high over the defensive player. Darrel Walker pressuring the ball on the press. Athletics 108 Darrell Walker heads downcourt after steal Sherry Bass Above: Kleine at close range. Below: Alvin looks for cutter off the pick. Calling the Hogs Bill Doshier Athtetics 109 Bill Doshier Ricky Norton keeping an eye on the ball. Leroy Sutton ready to receive ball Ricky finger-rolls one in on the fast-break. Sherry Bass Hog Wild Band gets things going. Athletics 110 Alvin Robertson floats up for the shot Sherry Bass AtWetics 111 LADY RAZORBACK BASKETBALL Amanda Holley with one of her many blocks Under the direction of Head Coach Matilda Willis, the Lady Razorbacks had another excellent season. As Willis ' sec- ond year to serve as coach, the team finished with a 21-8 record. In her two years, she has yet to suffer a loss at Barnhill Arena. Twenty-one con- secutive winning games is proof of the outstanding leadership ability that was found in Coach Willis and the quality of players we had representing the University of Arkansas. The Lady Razorbacks launched their 1982-83 basket- ball campaign November 26 in the Converse Little Apple Classic, the annual event hosted by the Kansas City Wildcats. Held at Manhattan, Kansas, the opening game proved to be a disappointment to Arkansas, as K-State beat the Hogs 86-79. Arkansas bounced back to de- feat Indiana in a 62-61 squeaker. Arkansas lost standout sophomore foreward Bettye Fiscus the night before the K- State opener. Sophomore Aman- da Holley stepped in to the leadership role and led the Hogs attack with 25 points in the match with K-State and added 20 more points in a come from behind defeat of the Hoosiers. Arkansas attended the California Invitational December 3-5 at Berkeley. The Lady Razorbacks bounced Montana 55-43 and then upended 16 ranked California 84-66, to earn the tournament title. Bettye Fiscus erupted for 26 points to lead the Hogs past California and was named the Cal Invita- tional ' s Most Valuable Player. Amanda Holley continued to score in double figures and ju- nior guard Cheryl Orcholski was impressive in directing the Hogs offensively. Three other players came off the bench and played Athletics 112 C-.a: v F:ss Doris Gaiser makes a great move to the basket. Charlie Fiss Erma Greer powers up for two. I 4m m Coach Willis confers with Doris Gaiser. AthleBo 113 excellent basketball; sophomores Doris Gaiser, Erma Greer, and Tamara Mathis. December 11, the Lady Razorbacks waltzed to an easy 29 point victory over Oklahoma City in Barnhill Arena. Arkansas defeated the Lady Chiefs 86-57. The December 17 71-52 triumph over SE Oklahoma, at Durant, marked the Hogs fifth consecutive victory and upped their season record 5-1. Sopho- more Bettye Fiscus, 5 ' 11 " sharpshooter from Wynne, sparked the win with 19 points and hauling down 7 rebounds. Arkansas shot a torrid .750 from the field to take a 35-20 lead at halftime. The Hogs cooled off a bit in the second half but still finished with a .583 percentage. January 3, the Hogs opened a four game road schedule with an 80-47 win over Arkansas State at Jonesboro. The Hogs saw their six game winning streak snapped January 5 at Natchitoches, by NW Lou- isiana, 62-58. January 7, the Lady Razorbacks jumped back into the winning bracket long enough to down Grambling, 57- 52, before colliding into 2 ranked and twice defending na- tional champion Louisiana Tech, 74-34, which ended the tiring week for the Razorbacks. The Lady Razorbacks mauled TCU 105-44, on January 11, to inaugurate the first ever wom- en ' s Southwest Conference. Amanda Holley, the 6 ' 2 " forward from Bethany, Oklaho- ma, had an exceptional night. Holley led the stampede with 23 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, and established a school record with 12 steals, blocked two shots, and dished out three assists and was generally all over the floor. In fact, the Lady Razorback team, as a whole, was all over the floor and com- mitted a school record of 26 thefts against the Frogs and looked on as TCU self- destructed with 41 turnovers. The third and probably the most demanding tournament ap- pearance was January 14-15 at Amanda Holley sets up to get the ball. James Smith Coach Willis gives instructions during SWC tourney. 114 Athletics r Bettye Fiscus eyes the ball to the basket. James Smith the Lady Kat Invitational at Lex- ington. Arkansas opened the two day tournament beating Georgia State 70-62, but lost in the finals to Kentucky. The 1 ranked Lady Wildcats scratched and clawed their way to a 77-43 victory. That, in turn, set the stage for the Hogs fourth showdown of the season with a top 20 team. January 19, the Lady Razorbacks played Texas A M, the third visitor of the year at Barnhill, for SWC warfare. The 75-57 thrashing of A M brought an end to a long and tiring stretch of eight games in a 17 day period. A 60-52 loss turned the January 28 meeting with Lamar into a disastrous night for the Lady Razorbacks. The Lady Hogs suffered through their worst shooting night of the year, a dismal .277 percentage. January 29, lead by 5 ' 11 " Fiscus, the Hogs roared back against the Houston Cougars as she tossed in 21 points and was aided with 20 points shot by 6 ' 2 " Bunge. A 62-58 victory, left the Razorbacks with a 3-0 marking in the SWC. fESK Gaiser moves ball upcourt. Athleticj 115 James Smith Coach Willis instructs defense. February 4-5, the Lady Razorbacks hosted the third an- nual Lady Razorback Invita- tional. For the third straight year the Hogs were champions of their own Invitational. Arkansas opened their two day homestand, with a 100-69 pounding of Murray State. However, the finals on February 5 may have been like the Fourth of July with all of the fireworks that exploded in Barnhill Arena. With under five minutes left in the game, Middle Tennessee seized a five point lead over the Lady Hogs. Had it not been for the last second free throw shooting heriocs of Bettye Fiscus and Cheryl Orcholski, the 73-72 Arkansas victory might never have materialized. The dust barely had time to settle before Delta State came knocking, February 7. The Lady Statesmen jumped to a quick 14 point lead and again the Hogs two year winning streak seemed Bettye Fiscus up for the rebound Athletics 116 Cal Invitational M.V.P., Bettye Fiscus. Charlie Fiss Debra Williams on the baseline. Smith at jeopardy. Down by four at halftime, Arkansas rallied from the deficit with a strong second half surge to quail the Delta State threat. Fiscus again provided the spark for the comeback with her sea- son high of 30 points, while Holley recorded her second best point total of the year with 24. Kim Bunge fights to get the shot off. AUiletics 117 February 14, the Lady Razorbacks went to Waco to battle it out with the Baylor Bears. The battle proved to be a little too much for the Lady Hogs, as they lost 72-65. The next evening the Lady Hogs boosted their spirit by beating SMU 60-54. Three days later, Rice was booted by the Lady Razorbacks 68-43. Febru- ary 21 was an evening of disap- pointment as Texas socked it to Arkansas, 67-89. It came as no surprise when Arkansas captured the 2 spot in the SWC, after the Hogs ' 74- TEXAS SWEPT BY ARKANSAS 67 victory over Texas Tech. The Lady Razorbacks ex- tended their home unbeaten streak in Barnhill Arena Febru- ary 26. With an 86-76 thrashing of Northwestern Louisiana. March 2 ended the regular sea- son as SW Missouri fell to Ar- kansas, 76-54. March 11, the lady Hogs trav- eled to Austin for the SWC tournament. Arkansas defeated Texas A M 66-57 in the opening game, and then went on to beat Baylor 65-62. In the third and final game, Texas swept by Arkansas 54-80. 1 Heading to bench for time out. Alhletlci 118 James Smith Fiscus was first Lady R ' back ever to score more than 1000. Amanda Holley eyes the basket on the banker. James Smith James Smith Erma Greer tries to get around her defender. James Smith Left: Debra Williams eyes the ball for a rebound. Be- low: Coaches Willis and Sutherland intently watch the SWC tourney. Athletics 119 Kim Bunge getting up to rebound. . Charlie Fiss Fitzgerald dribbles around opposition. Athletics 120 51 S " M [i m Gaiser looks for an open player Greer drives baseline on Kentucky defender. Left: Bunge powers the ball up. Athletics 121 Razorback Track Last season the Razorbacks became the first team in league history to win the Triple Crown Cross Country Indoor and Outdoor track titles. That was an accomplishment that no other SWC team had ever achieved. History repeated itself in the 1982-83 season as the Razorbacks picked up the sec- ond jewel of that coveted honor after having won the SWC harrier title for the ninth straight season. Who caused this astonishing feat? A 37 man team led by the District II Coach of the Year, John McDonald. Members of this prestigious team included: Paul Barrett, Ronnie Carroll, Ian Cherry, Fred Cleary, Mike Conley, Paul Donovan, Bill DuPont, Carlton Efurd, Martin Fulk, Keith lovine, Donnie James, Bill Jasinski, Mark Klee, Marty Kobza, Tony Leonard, Scott Lofquist, Tom Moloney, Charles Moss, Frank O ' Mara, Terry Osborne, Jeff Pascoe, Jim Pyle, John Ratcliffe, Stanley Redwine, Randy Feina, Roland Reina, Joe Rice, Perry Robinson, Harold Smith, Wallace Spearman, David Swain, Dave Taylor, Gary Taylor, Kevin Thiessen, William Thompson, David Wehmeyer, Ed Williams. Other staff members were: Dick Booth, Doug Williamson, and Paul Jones. Throughout the ' 82- ' 83 season records were being set in both the indoor and outdoor track events. Senior Stanley Redwine set two school records of 47.93 in the indoor 440 and 1:08.06 in the indoor 880. Arkansas registered three first place ribbons at the outdoor Texas Relays held April 8-9. That was the first time ever that an Arkansas team accomplished that feat. Arkansas defended their SWC outdoor title for the first time ever that an Arkansas team ac- complished that feat. Arkansas defended their SWC outdoor title for the first time in school ' s history at the 68th an- nual SWC outdoor track and field championships. The Razorbacks had another excellent year at the SWC Athletic competition when they won their fifth consecutive league all sport championship. The Razorbacks clenched the ti- tle when the track team roared to a first place finish at the conference meet in May. The Hogs have had a lock on the all- sports crown since 1979 when they won their first all-sports championship. Texas finished second in the race this year with Houston finishing third. " Winning the all-sports championship is a great tribute to our athletes and coaches, " said Athletic Director Frank Broyles. " Our entire state and Razorback fans everywhere should be proud what has been accomplished. " Thirteen athletes were taken to the NCAA indoor track championships at the Silver Dome in Pontiac, Michigan. After a second place finish a year ago, this years track team dropped a notch to come in third. The outdoor track team had its highest finish ever at NCAA as they came in seventh place. Mike Conley became the third Arkansas athlete to win a na- tional individual track title. Mike Conley had a successful summer as he won a bronze metal at the World Track and Field Championships in Helsinki, Finland. Ed Williams crosses the finish line. James Smith Athletics 122 James Smith Mike Conley at the Razorback Invitational. Fred Cleary passes baton to Perry Robinson. Athletics 123 .lames Smith Stanley Redwine wins SWC 800 meters. Scott Lofquist pauses before throwing the shot. James Smith Athletics 124 Track (continued) Randy Reina wins SWC 10.000. Athletics 125 Cross Country Track Under Coach John McDon- nell ' s tutelage, the harriers domi- nated cross country in both the SWC and the NCAA ' s District VI the past nine seasons. McDonnell was in his eleventh season at the UA cross country helm. Arkansas breezed through the regular season with a perfect 4-0 record. Arkansas cross country team came off highly successful in the season opener at the Oklahoma Triangular, as they took the title home for the eighth straight time. The Hogs had an easy win over OSU and OU in the 8000 meter run. Randy Reina came in first with a time of 24:03, while his brother Roland Reina took the third place finish with a time of 24:22. Paul Donovan came in fourth with 24:24 in the five miles. It was the eighth straight time the Hogs claimed the OSU Jam- boree title. Sophomore Tony Leonard, of Lancashire, England, took top honors at the Jamboree when he ran the 8000 meters with a time of 23:50. In second place was sophomore Roland Reina, with a time of 24:09. Arkansas claimed the top spot over Texas and Memphis State at the Arkansas Invitational, which was held at Little Rock. Senior Randy Reina was second in the five mile run with a time of 24:09. Junior Tom Moloney, of Thurles, Ireland, was third with 24:22 and Sophomore Paul Donovan, of Galway, Ireland, was third with 24:38. McDonnell ' s charges received their stiffest challenge of the regular season during week four as they hosted Colorado, ORU, and Missouri in their first 10,000 meter race of the year. Colora- do ' s Mark Scrutlon set a Razorback Golf Course record with a winning time of 29:06, but Tony Leonard and his teammates rallied at the finish line to down the Buffalos by three points. Arkansas picked up its ninth straight SWC crown next with a phenomenal team score of 21 points a meet record. Porkers marked at second, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh. Not to be outdone by a record performance at the SWC meet, the Hogs blitzed all com- petition at the NCAA District VI Championships as they scored a perfect 15 with Tony Leonard, Ronnie Carroll, Roland Reina, David Swain and Tom Moloney taking the top five spots. At the NCAA Championships, Arkansas in its second third- place performance in as many years with Wisconsin winning with 59 points and Providence taking second place with 138 points four points better than the Hogs. Paul Donovan was the Razorbacks highest finisher as he placed 24th in a time of 30:54. Donoven finished as Arkansas ' only all-American in 1983. James Smith Cross country trek. Athletics 126 " " - r=. third- feu H38 rath 30:54. Junes Smith Roland Reina. Ronnie Carroll, and David Swain lead the rest in a cross country race. Tom Moloney, of Thurles, Ireland, a talented all-America who is on five school record-holding relay teams. James Smith Athletics 127 Lady Razorback Track Success for both indoor and outdoor teams I w A total of nine school records were broken during the Lady Razorbacks indoor track season. One of the stars who helped accomplish this feat was Lisa Sparks. The Little Rock native placed fifth at the NCAA Indoor Championships with a school record time of 55:50 in the 440 yard dash. Sparks also earned indoor honors. Outdoors the Lady Razorbacks had even more success. The 440-meter relay team of Wanda Harris, Steph- anie Adams, Lisa Sparks, and Patricia Johnson ran third at the prestegious Drake Relays to post yet another school record time of 45.45. That time surpassed the mark the relay set a year ago at the AIAW outdoor championships when the Lady Hogs placed second to the na- tional title in the event. Wanda Harris came in second place with a long jump of 19-10 ' V4. Lisa Sparks continued to shine outdoors as she shattered the Arkansas three-year old record in the 400 meters at Drake Re- lays by recording a time of 53.45. Arkansas had a double winner in the SWC Championships as Sharon Little won in both the 3000 and the 5000 meters. Edel Hackett placed second in the 5000 meters. I James Smith James Smith Marilyn Banks participates in the shot put event at the Razorback Edel Hackett feels the competition at her back during the 10,000 meters Invitational. race of the SWC meet. Athletics 128 m James South Junior Cathy Stone won the 1500 meter at the Razorback Invitational. Charlie Fiss Lisa Sparks, indoor NCAA All-American. broke both indoor and outdoor records with determination. Athletics 129 Lady Razorback James Smith Wanda Harris warms up and stretches out before the long jump event . . Right: where she creates a new school record and places second at the SWC outdoor meet. Charlie Fiss Discus thrower Lana Boydstun begins her wind-up. Athletics 130 Charlie Fas Below: Cathy Stone " cools off " Karen Chance during the SWC 10, 000 meter race. Atttacs 131 Lady Razorback Cross Country Ta Sophomore Sharon Little gains distance at the SWC cross country meet. Charlie Fis The Lady Razorbacks began the year with an outstanding cross country campaign. After finishing second to Houston in the inaugural Southwest conference championship, the Hogs came back the following week to win the District 6 Cross Country title. Arkansas represented the re- gion in the NCAA Champion- ships as- one of the top 16 cross country programs in the nation. The Hogs finished 15th. The 1982-83 cross country team was composed of seniors Karen Goodberlet, Karen Chance, and Yvette Cardenas, junior Cathy Stone, sophomore Sharon Little, and freshmen Edil Hackett and Janice Reina. Athltics 132 try Take District 6 Title James Smith Lady Razorbacks Debbie Agosta and Cathy Stone were part of the foundation of the winning cross country team. Charl ie Ptss Senior Karen Goodberlet manages to outdistance rival runners at the SWC cross country meet. Athlrtcs 133 RAZORBACK BASEBALL Norm Debriyn ' s Arkansas Razorbacks accomplished some almost impossible feats in what was to be a rebuilding year for the Hogs. With many holes to be filled in the field and only four returning pitchers, Norm Debriyn lead the Hogs to a 44- 21 season. It was a season that involved many ups and downs. In Arkansas ' first three conference series the Hogs found themselves behind the right ball with a 3-6 record in conference. Arkansas started out beating Baylor two out of three in the first series but were beat two out of three by Rice and then swept by the eventual na- tional champions, Texas. At this point Arkansas faced almost certain elimination from the conference race if they didn ' t win ten out of their next twelve remaining conference games. This seemed almost impossible but the Hogs did just that and finished 13-8 in the SWC. This was good enough for second place and earned them a spot in the SWC tournament. Even though the Razorbacks were the only team in the league to have played in all six tournaments since the first one in 1977, they had never won the SWC tournament and this year was no exception. In the SWC tournament Ar- kansas started out by defeating Houston 4-3. The next night Texas beat the Hogs 9-2 and placed them in the losers bracket. The Hogs did the impossible again in an after- noon game Arkansas beat Houston 9-7 and then with about a forty minute rest Tom Pagnozzi at third base. James Smith Coach Norm Debriyn leads the Hogs to another great season. Athletics 134 Hogs celebrating at the plate on Kraus ' homerun. James Smith James Smith Charlie Corbell delivering the pitch. James Smith Kraus keeping the runner close. Athletia 135 Ron Slembarski places the pitch. Above: Ralph Kraus at first base. Right: Charlie Corbell checking with the catcher. James Smith between games, went on to up- set Texas 5-4 and force a fifth game. Texas went on to win the championship game, though as Arkansas pitching faultered. Arkansas who had beaten such ranked teams as Texas, Oral Roberts, Houston, Mississip- pi State, and Southern Illinois during the season earned a bid in the NCAA Midwest Playoffs. It was Arkansas fourth trip to the playoffs. All four teams in their Regional (Oral Roberts, Wichita State, Oklahoma State, and Arkansas) were ranked in the top twelve in Baseball America ' s Top 20 poll. The Hogs played Oral Roberts in the first game and were defeated 7-6. The next day, in what turned out to be Arkansas ' last game, Wichita State came from behind to de- feat the Hogs 6-3. The Hogs fin- ished the season 44-21 and set six school records. Athletics 136 Gary Curtis after being taken out at second Above: Gary Curtis throws to first. Left: Brett Harrison getting ready to bat. Athlcfics 137 Scott Loseke owns school records in runs scored (71), walks (67), and stolen bases (41). Charlie Corbell got his name in the record book when he pitched 11% innings against Rice in 1983. With a lot of tal- ent returning, the Arkansas Razorbacks should once again be in the hunt for the SWC title. The 1983 Razorback baseball team consisted of 34 members: Larry Barton, Mark Berry, Da- vid Capka, Charlie Corbell, Gary Curtis, Tim Deitz, Fred Faust, Rudy Garcia, Ray Hansen, Brett Harrison, Randy Hindman, Rick Huntze, Mark Jackson, Steve Jones, Ralph Kraus, Tony Laird, Lester Lancaster, Ed Leuppe, Mike Loggins, Scott Loseke, John Miller, Owen Moreland, Tom Pagnozzi, David Powell, Norm Roberts, Mike Robinson, Ellis Roby, Mike Rock, Jeff Schrantz, Dennis Shanks, Ron Slembarski, Jim Ward, Randy Ward, and Tim Wofford. Staff members included: Doug Clark and Dave Jorn (Assistant Coaches), Shelby Sisemore and Tim Seward (Graduate Assis- tants), Kent Caulfield (Trainer), Kent West (Manager), and Terry Jackson (Statician). James Smith Mike Robinson swings at the pitch. Above: Coach Norm DeBriyn shares enthusiasm with team members. Below: Tom Pagnozzi confers Coach Tim Seward. Smith with Athleli 138 Harrison and Curtis on the double play. Norm Roberts set to make contact. Ron Slembarski watching from the dugout. James Smith Tim Seward and Tony Laird discuss play strategy. Athletics 139 Razorback Tennis Coach Pucci and his team arrive early at the new tennis and track center. Kelly Evernden dives for a close shot. Calm and controlled, Pat Serret returns a volley. Peter Doohan Athletics 140 I Head Coach Tom Pucci confers with Pat Scrret before a match. reaches for a return. Newcomer Bobby Banck proved to be dependable. Arkansas ends season ranked 7th Although the bid didn ' t come automatically this year, Arkansas made its fifth consecutive trip to the NCAA Championship held at Athens, Georgia. Selected as an at-large entry, seventh seeded Arkansas battled and lost to tenth ranked California in the opening round. That marked the third time the Razorbacks had been selected as an at-large team. The biggest match of Tom Pucci ' s eighth season coaching career was when Arkansas lost to top ranked SWU in a battle for the SWC leadership. Arkan- sas fell to the Mustangs 1-8 in the match held at Arkansas ' in- door tennis center. That loss put Arkansas in second place at the end of the season. Head coach Pucci discovered how much depth his team had in the 6-3 victory over LSU. Due to the number one singles standout Peter Doohan being down with the flu, junior Kelly Evernden was placed at the top spot. Freshmen Bobby Banck and Tim Segal won in singles and for the first time as a doubles team. Ben Dodge also came in and played well with Pat Mahaffey at number three doubles. One of the hottest perfor- mances of the season was the Hogs win over third ranked Trinity 6-3 and tenth ranked Texas 5-4 on consecutive nights. Banck and Segal came through in the clutch to win the final doubles match. This gave the Hogs their one point triumph over Texas. Athletics 141 LADY RAZORBACK TENNIS Athletics 142 Kathy Carrigan ' s 1982-83 wom- en ' s tennis team finished the year with a 23-18 record. The fall sea- son got off to an excellent start as it clobbered Southwest Missouri State 9-0 in the first game. The Lady Razorbacks competed in the Oklahoma Invitational which was held September 17-19. Doubles play proved to be the best part of their game as they fin- ished third in the six team tournament. A strong doubles per- formance by sophomore Kellie Chase and junior Beth Wagner combined with the singles prose of senior Myke Loomis helped to boost the team in their finish. James Smith Susan Incardone James Smith Elena Garzo The first upset of the season came at the Cowgirl Invitational. The Lady Hogs finished in fourth place after losing in back-to-back decisions to Rice and Oklahoma State in the semi-finals. The spring schedule began with a big win at the Arkansas Invitational as the Lady Hogs upped their season record to 12-4. They edged out Oklahoma 5-4, slammed Memphis State 9-0, and continued on to give a 7-2 whip- ping of third place finisher Texas A M. The 7-2 win gave Arkansas Kellie Chase James Smith Myke Loomis Beth Wagner a 1-0 standing in SWC. The highlight of the year was an exciting win over Top 20 North Carolina. An impressive 8-1 victory over Texas Tech boosted the Lady Hogs into the Southwest Confer- ence ' s fourth spot. The Lady Razorbacks doubles team of junior Beth Wagner and sophomore Kellie Chase reached second place in the SWC No.l doubles competition and for the second year in a row competed in the NCAA tournament. Chase and Wagner finished the regular conference season at 7-1, their only loss coming at the hands of Houston. Athletics 143 RAZORBACK SWIMMING DIVING It was another good year for the Swimming Diving team led by Head Coach Sam Freas and Diving Coach Scott Pyle as they had another perfect season with 7-0. The season opened with a strong fourth place finish at the SWC Relay Championships held in Ft. Worth, Texas. The swimming Hogs went on to have a double victory over Oklahoma and Texas Tech in Norman, Oklahoma. It was not long before the Hogs had another win over a Texas school, N. Texas State. Swimmer Levente Mady Scott Bergen Roy Deary Don St. Denis Kansas Man ated ships! came finish spot Brooks style i .64. Four in the the Nl Cant StDer M andthr Ik Champ Athletics 144 Randy Ensminger Brian Finnerty Ken Landgraf Levente Mady Arkansas stayed home for the convincing dual victory over Kansas and then Drury. March 3-5 the Hogs partici- pated in the SWC Champion- ships held in Austin. The Hogs came home with a third place finish while Texas was in the top spot with SMU in second. Neil Brooks won the 100 meter free- style with a winning time of 43.64. Four team members qualified in the 400 meter free relay for the NCAA. They were Chris Cantwell, Norman Wyatt, Don St. Denis, and Randy Ensminger. Ron Meyer qualified in the one and three meter diving event. The Hogs went to the NCAA Championships in Indianapolis, Mike Mann Ron Meyer Head Coach Sam Freas Assistant Coach Scott Pyl Indiana to earn their 14th place finish. Ron Meyer placed second in the one and three meter. AthlMKa 145 LADY RAZORBACK SWIMMING DIVING Divers: Karen Gorham, Robin Ford, Lisa Trombley, and Coach Pyle It was a great year for the Lady Razorback swimmers and divers. All but one school record fell during the swim- ming season. The Lady Razorbacks sur- prised most of the SWC by grabbing a second place finish in the SWC Invitational swim meet at College Station, Tex- as, in December. Karen Gorham, Lisa Trombley, and Robin Ford comprised Arkansas ' highly acclaimed diving corps. Karen Gorham, Arkansas ' outstand- ing senior diver, became the first woman athlete in the history of U of A athletics to earn all-America honors four consecutive years. Gorham placed sixth in three-meter competition and seventh off the one meter board in March at the NCAA Championships at Lincoln, Ne- braska. Freshman Robin Ford also finished as a finalist placing 16th overall in the three-meter diving competition. Sophomore transfer Lisa Trombley was ineligible for NCAA national competition because of her transfer status but made headlines in open meet competition. During the Christmas holidays, Trombley won gold metals in both the one and three-meter diving events while representing the United States in Puerto Rico in a meet attended by Latin American countries as well as the USA and Canada. Trombley placed ninth in three-meter diving at the USA In- door Championships in April while Gorham finished tenth. Both Trombely and Gorham were named as first alternates on the USA team which will compete in the World Student Games, the USA-International Diving Cham- pionships and Pan American Games this summer. Sophomore Lianne McCraw, and Freshmen Tammy Ditter, Athletics 146 Kaye Lovatt, and Kathy McCoy became the first Lady Razorback swimmers to compete nationally. The foursome com- prised the Hogs ' 200-yard Freestyle Relay and although they failed to advance to the fi- nal round of competition, the re- lay ' s mere presence signaled a major turning point in the Ar- kansas swimming program. ' This meet was great experience for these girls, " says swim coach Patty Smith. " Our goal this season was to qualify someone for nationals and we did just that. We know what it ' s like now and we ' ll be back again next year to score. " Swimmer Heather Aust Tammy Diner Karen Gorham Kayc Lovatt Kathy McCoy Lianne McCraw Lisa Tromley Athletics 147 RAZORBACK Golf The golfing Hogs were led by David Whelchel, who was in his second and last season as Head Coach. The Hogs led the fall season with an impressive third place fin- ish at the SWC Fall Classic. The next competition was the U.C. Ferguson Classic in which the Hogs finished a disappointing thirteenth with a team score of 892. Donny Davis, top UA finish- er, led the Hogs at 219, nine over par. Next, the Hogs came home with a fourth place finish from the Broadwater Beach Classic. Todd Binder was in third place with a score of 217. Bryan Wagner fin- ished thirteenth at 222. As hosts of the Razorback Invitational, the Hogs came off with a second place finish. David WhelchePs golf team con- cluded its fall schedule with a ninth place finish at the Harvey Penick Intercollegiate, held at the Morris Williams golf course in Aus- tin, Texas. Arkansas posted an eleventh place finish at its spring opener at the Pan American University International Invitational in Monterrey, Mexico. The Hogs went on to finish a disappointing twelfth place at the Henry Homberg Intercollegiate Ilnvitational held at Beaumont, Texas. Bob Sauerberg finished tenth, while the Hog team finished six- teenth at the Imperial Lakes Southern Golf Classic held at Lakeland, Florida. Next, the Hogs journeyed to Austin for the Morris Williams In- tercollegiate Invitational which they finished eighth. Bob Sauerberg came off with a fifteenth place fin- ish. Arkansas missed a 54-hole cut to finish fifteenth in the All- America Intercollegiate. The Hogs participated in the three day SWC Spring Golf Championships held at West Co- lumbia, Texas. The 54-hole affair turned out to be a little too much for the Hog golfers as they finished in seventh place. Head Coach David Whelchel Ted Ashcraft Todd Binder Donny Davis Athlctlci 148 Nash Haxel Dennis McGrail Kevin Phillips Bob Sauerberg Joe Schwarz Brian Thelan Chuck Thyfault Bryan Wagner Athletics 149 RAZORBACK SPIRIT GROUPS MARCHING RAZORBACK BAND Directors: Eldon Janzen, Chalon Ragsdale, Jim Robken, and Robert Bright. Doug Adkins Denise Bakema Rachelle Barnes Barry Barnoski Scott Bishop Gina Blanks Bruce Bohnstengel Kevin Book Anita Boyd Bobby Brand Keith Brannon Candi Bray Brian Bricker Jeff Bright Keith Brison Teresa Brock James Brockway Jamie Broomfield Greg Brown Carissa Bryant Brooks Calhoun Jim Carroll Leon Carson Jr. Clay Cartwright Teri Neal Vauthron Marty Chaffin David Clement Ann Margaret Cogswell David J. Coleman Kay Collier Leslie Colvert Kathy Cornell Richard J. Cole Kimberly Cox David Cozart Cathi Cranston Randy W. Cross Rickey Crowder Rozetta Crowe Janice Crumpton David J. Gushing Lydia Davis Marie Davis Tracy Davis Dean Deckard Linda Dietzen Jose Diaz Christopher Difloe Jeff Dunn Mark Easton Brad Edwards Greg Elders Chris Emert Sandra Evans Elise Faust i. Anne Faupel John Ferguson Allen Kyle Fields Allen R. Fields Marcia Foster Sandy Foster Rob Futrell Laran Gambs John D. Garst Stacy Gessert Lisa Gist Donald Glass James Glass Chris Glover Paul W. Gordon Jr Greg Gordey Jamie Gorsline Randy Graham Michael Griffith Bill Griggs Kelly Hadley Kenny Hall Fred Hanna Sherry Harmon Kelley Hedgecock Troy Helm Lisa Hester Wendy Hilton Ronnie Hodges JoLynda Hoggard Cindy Holmberg Kelly Denise Horton John Hopkins Steve Howard Anne Huey Stephanie Hughes Tim Irizarry Scott Janzen Michael Jarman Lynn Jeffery Donald Jennings Tina Jewell Kim Johnson Timothy B. Johnson Sherrie Johnson Carol Jones Chris Jones Dana S. (Staggs) Jones Leanna Jones Kathy Keaney Howard Kimbrell Jamie D. King David Kirkley Bill Kropp Tina Lamkin Kevin Lancasti Jimmy Leach Chris Lizotte Cindy Lookadoo John Lowry Kevin Lusk Janna Luebkemann Mike McAllister Robbie McFeeters David Macchiarolo Julie Mahnken Brent Mann Malinda Marks David Means Dawn Merritt Paul Messina Tammy Miller Belinda Mills Olivia Mills Aaron Mitchell Rusty Morris Phillip Morris Kim Morton Gary Moss James Mullins Karen Myers Gerard Newsom Karen Nicklas Darla O ' Dell Vikki O ' Dell Karen O ' Quinn Kevin Owen j Brett Palen ,ji Steve Palen Yumie Payne Jeff Peak Beverly Pennington Kevin Perry Tammy Petray Brian Petty Rick Pickel Jeff Pickels Tracy Pipkin Lyndon Poole Mike Precure Teresa Preston Christian Rabone Cathey (Jordan) Raney David Raney Lori Ray Mark Rensberger Fredrick Reynolds Lisa Richards Bob Robertson Otis Robinson Mike Ro Christy Ted Ross Bill Rowan Doyle Rowe Brad Ruth Lucy Beth Ryall Gary Schimmel Jeff Seaman Laurie Seaman Gary Sills Barbara Simmerly Paul Simkins Charles Simpson Becky Speight Lisa Spohn Brooke Stephens Sandy Stephensort Suzi Stevens Laura Stranathan John Strickien Steve Stringfellow Jim Strother Philip Swaim Leslie Thomas Susan Thomas Bobby Thompson Chris Towler Kim Tribble Russell Loyd Turner John Ungurait Eric Vaught Tammy Walkingstick Greg Walton Baretta Ward Millie West Shari Rae West Debbie White Ed White Kerry White Michael A. White Todd W White Christine Whitehead Dana Whitson Ned Wilkinson Christy (Grubb) Willard Ken Williams David L. Wilson Philip P. Wilson Sam Wilson Michele Winkler Boyce Wofford Tom Wofford Amy Woodsmall John Young Athletici 150 James Smith POM POM SQUAD, Row 1: Martha Leach (Co-Capt.), Chris Jones, Ritche Manley. Row 2: Lauren Burke, Sharon Cathey, Amber Lohman. Row 3: Karen Conrow. Molly Inhofe, Cynthia Simmons, Shelly Odom (Captain). CHEERLEADERS, Row 1: Gay Lindley (Captain), Gale Gazette, Kathryn Lawson, Kristi Herndon, Lisa Sanders, Susan Pratt. Row 2: Alan Waters, Gregg Burgess, David Jeffery. Mike McCoy, Terry Rogers (Captain), Tony Downs. Not pictured, Perry Smith and Dancing Razorback, Evelyn Lambert. Below: MAJORETTES, Row 1: Candi Bray, Kaye Collier, Anne Cogswell, Tammy Miller, Lisa Gist, Tina Jewell. Row 2: Malinda Marks, Marty Chaffin, Teri Neal Cauthron, Jamie King. Sherry Harmon, Elise Faust. Athletics 151 ' . ' " g fpi 1 - ' . . ACADEMICS Board of Trustees I Greg Daven (Seated, Left to right) Mrs. Diane Nolan, El Dorado; Mr. Bradley, D. Jessen, Chairman, Fort Smith; Mr. Robert D. Pugh, Portland; Mrs. Jacqueline Douglass, Fayetteville. (Standing, Left to Right) Dr. M. A. Jackson, Little Rock; Mr. Kaneaster Hodges Jr., Newport; Mr. Jack L. Williams, Garland; Mr. Gus Blass II, Little Rock. Kito 1 Academics 154 Gieg Daven Mr. Robert D. Pugh, Portland. Listens intently to the proceedings. Greg Daven Mrs. Jacqueline Douglass, Fayetteville, takes notes for future reference. Greg Daven University President, James Martin, addresses the Board. Academics 155 ' President James E. Martin 1983 has been one of the most important years in the history of the University. The Fayetteville campus accelerated its progress and continued its great traditions as the capstone institution of higher educa- tion in the state. This was the year when the University established its J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. It was the year when the University was ranked as one of the 100 largest and best research institutions in the country. It was the year when a most promis- ing campaign was launched to increase the library holdings on campus. And it was time when a number of important construction projects moved forward, in- cluding the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center, the Administration Services Building, the in- door track and tennis center, and the Biomass Conversion Center. Work also moved ahead on the construction of a new engineering building and the rennovation of Old Main. The student body in the academic year 1982-1983 reflected great credit upon the university. The university had more than 100 National Merit and Achievement scholars. A significant number of student leaders was selected for the 1982 edition of Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges. Student interest in extra-curricular activities was high and both students and parents gave strong support to the University in its efforts to move forward. Greg Daven President James E. Martin. Athletics 157 ( i Administration Gale Sullenberger, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. O. J. Rinnert, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs. Academics 160 John F. Broyles, Athletics Director. Greg Daven John R. Carney. Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs. Larry Matthews, Admissions Director. Greg Davcn Lyle Gohn, Vice Chancellor for Student Services. Greg Daven Academics 161 David Gearhart, Director of Development Eugene Buckley, Director of Institutional Research Barbara G. Taylor, Director of Human Relations William H. Hughes, Director of Information. Academics 162 Don Ousternout, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs. Greg Daver, Clara Manning, Director of University Relations. Academics 163 College Of Agriculture and Home Economics Photo courtesy of UA News Service Glenn Hardy is currently serving as dean of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. left to: Alesia Balch and Claudette Bogan, agricultureal students, run a soil test. Bill Doshiei Academics 164 Bill Doshier (Left to Right) John Easley, Cliff Coker, and Jeff Hutcheson study cells in plant pathology lab. Don Dombeck works on a color analysis for horticulture. The Agricultural department of 1400 un- dergraduates has concentrated heavily on research. Projects have ranged from a solar heated poultry house to high yield plant hybrids and innovative irrigation practices. A major result of this job-oriented attitude in research has been the high level of success of graduates in the job field. Both departments have professed an obligation to the recruited students toward job searching and placement. The Home Economics department, which has enjoyed rapid growth in the areas of Housing and Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Food and Nutri- tion, has reported that last year ' s average graduate received an average of four job of- fers and a starting salary of 13,000 dollars. Academics 165 School Of Architecture Clifton M. Smart, Dean of the School of Architecture. Greg Davcn ' ' i J; After a long night at Vol Walker, Ellen Powell sleeps when she gets the chance. Greg Daven Academics 166 4 Evan Cone keeps a selection of tapes close by while he works- Greg Daven The School of Architecture has been the academic unit of the University concerned with professional design education. At the present time it offers two undergraduate professional degree programs one in archi- tecture and one in landscape architecture in addition to a graduate degree program in planning. It hopes in the years ahead to of- fer professional degree programs in two oth- er design fields interior architecture and commercial industrial design. The School has been the the smallest of the University ' s schools and colleges. It has remained reasonably constant in size at about 350 students. Because design educa- tion involves many hours of studio education and because the School has been small, stu- dents have developed close friendships to both peers and faculty. Consequently a real esprit de corps, a sense of belonging, has characterized the School of Architecture and students through their school governing orga- nization have participated in all areas of de- cision-making. Students in the School of Ar- chitecture have had all the advantages of both small colleges without sacrificing the benefits of attending a large university. Architecture has built a reputation as one of the University ' s most distinguished units in the eyes of educators, professionals, and the general public. Architecture students have been proud of the cachet this reputation has brought them and have been zealous in doing their part to protect and enhance the school ' s reputation. A particu- larly happy cooperation between students, faculty, and administration has been the re- sult. Fifth year students work to beat a design class deadline. Greg Daven Academics 167 J. W. Fulbright College of Arts Sciences Bill Doshier John C. Guilds, Jr. is currently serving as dean of the J. W. Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. The dedication of the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences represented far more than the honoring of the college ' s most distinguished graduate; it represented a singular commitment to academic excellence at the University of Arkansas. That commitment shared by the Board of Trustees, the President, the Chancellor, and distinguished private citizens to make Fulbright College " a worldwide center for liberal learning " has augured well for the future of all students at the University of Arkansas. As the college most highly central to the mission of the University, the Fulbright College of Arts and Sci- ences played a major role in the education of all stu- dents at the University, regardless of major, some- times furnishing almost half the instruction of students majoring in the undergraduate professional colleges. Indeed, it is not too much to say that the ambition of the University of Arkansas to become a nationally recognized university of the first rank is predicted on the University ' s prior achievement of eminence in the traditional arts and sciences. Henry Lowman, a journalism major, works on a layout for a Editing and Production class. t: ' : Academics 168 Carl Hitt Senator David Pryor (left) talks with Miller Williams (right), head of the University Press, after speaking to Roy Reed ' s (center) journalism class. Bin Doslwr Bill Dostaer Cjaylon Patterson, a music major in the College of Arts and Sciences, practices on a difficult Barry Davis, a graduate assistant, disects a pig for a corn- passage, parative anatomy lab. Academics 169 College Of Business John P. Owen, Dean of the College of Business. Greg Daven The College of Business Administration has been dedicated to continuing its outstanding service to the people of the state in the traditional areas of instruc- tion, research and public services. In 1976, the College of Business Administration completed its 50th year of service to the State of Arkansas and its citi- zens. Two years later, the College was rewarded by the provision of a new $5 million building to accom- modate its growing student body. The CBA has been the largest College of Business Administration in the State of Arkansas, and we hope, the best. Its pro- grams have been accredited since 1931 at the baccalaureate level and since 1963 at the graduate level. The CBA has been the only College in Arkan- sas that offers doctoral programs either in business have offered three masters programs in business at the undergraduate level, fifteen major fields of spe- cialization have been available to students. Academics 170 Kim Garner runs a program for class The BA building houses a consistently growing student body Greg Daven Joannie Holloway double checks her accounting test before handing it in. An Econ II class works on a forecast Greg Daven Academes 171 College Of Education Fred Vescolani is currently serving as dean of the College of Education. Greg Daven The College of Education is centered in the Graduate Education Building. Greg Daven Academics 172 Greg Daven Business Education student, Melissa Millspaugh. runs a program before class. Today as in former years the College of Educa- tion has strived to develop and maintain quality programs which prepare graduates for professional service in teaching, counseling, supervision, re- search, and educational administration. In keeping with the University of Arkansas mission as a comprehensive major university for the State of Ar- kansas, the faculty and staff have been committed to providing meaningful research and public service. The role has been to provide quality academic programs in professional education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Emphasis has been given to setting high standards of teaching excellence in a wide variety of specialization areas. The College of Education has accepted the obligation of a multitude of public service and out- reach roles for a broad spectrum of activities which directly impact upon the public schools of Arkan- sas. The responsibility of the College has continued to be ever significant for providing leadership in re- search endeavors which enhance the knowledge base for teaching and learning. To cite but a few, the College of Education has made many contributions in early childhood education through adult education, reading study skills, micro-comput- er applications and software, recreation and health education. Inevitably the years ahead will bring changes but the youth of tomorrow, as in the past, must be educated if the state and nation is to thrive. Debbie Burger, an education major, works in the main office between classes. Academics 173 School Of Engineering Greg Daven E. W. LeFevre, Dean of the School of Engineering. Site of the new Engineering Center. Academics 174 Paula Dangerfield adjusts an oscilloscope in an electrical engineering lab. The University of Arkansas College of Engineering has had as its mission, preparation of graduates of the highest professional competence, with breadth of learn- ing and understanding, and with the character to deal creatively with the increasingly complex problems of our time. Engineering education at the University of Arkansas dates back to 1837, just two years after the founding of the University. The first degrees were given in civil en- gineering in 1888. Through five engineering deans and hundreds of stu- dents, the College of Engineering has evolved into an outstanding engineering school with a strong traditional base. The College has undergone major changes in the last several years. One of these changes involved plans for the new on-campus Arkansas Engineering Center em- phasizing energy conservation, low maintenance and high flexibility usage. These plans have now been com- pleted and the center is expected to be completed in 1985. Other changes included the purchasing of a vacant industrial building in south Fayetteville two years ago. This has now been named Engineering South and houses the Engineering Experiment Station and some instructional units. This has been a showplace for engi- neering expertise and research capability. It has been the aim of the College of Engineering, as of the University System, to prepare students to play a prominent role through outstanding leadership and citi- zenship dedicated to the advancement and betterment of human welfare in the rapidly changing technological society in which we live. Greg Daven Jim Shehee puts the finishing touches on a drawing for graphics class. Academics 175 School Of Law Jake Looney, Dean of the School of Law. Greg Daven (Left to Right) Jerry Richardson and Buch Gwyn use the Law Library to review notes before class. Academics 176 I I The Law Library stays busy all day long. mil Greg Daven Margaret Miller reviews a case for class. Greg Daven The University of Arkansas School of Law has been an integral part of the University since the establishment on the Law School in 1924. The University of Arkansas School of Law was approved by the American Bar Association in its second year of operation, and has been a member of the Associ- ation of American Law Schools since 1927. As a professional school, its objective has been the prep- aration of students to meet the demands of private law practice. The primary function has been to prepare lawyers who will render the highest quality of professional service to their clients, who are interested in and capable of advancing legal progress and reform, and who are prepared to fill the vital role of the lawyer as a community leader. The educational program was carefully designed, not only to teach the principles of law that an attorney must know, but also develop the analytical, communicative, and technical skills that an attorney must have in order to succeed. The School ' s goal has been to see that the time law students spend at the University of Arkansas is the most rewarding of their lives, both intellectually and personally. The University of Arkansas is the most rewarding of their lives, both intellectually and personally. The University of Arkansas School of Law has had a strong sense of responsibility to the campus and to the people of the state of Arkansas. Thus, members of the faculty and student body have been active in numerous extracurrivular activities of a campus-wide and public nature. The School of Law has also served the campus by maintaining an extensive and growing collection of legal materials in the law library, by sponsoring a number of seminars and symposiums on topics of interest beyond the legal community, and by cooperating with other disciplines on campus in research efforts. Academics ' 177 School Of Nursing Greg Daven Betty Battenfield is currently serving as the associate dean of the School of Nursing. Greg Daven Greg Daven Graduating nursing students, Lisa Hassell and Sue Adams, check out their final Marian Parson, an A.D.N. student, works with a training dummy in lab. exam scores. Academics 178 Greg Daven Marian Parson and Clara Russell demonstrate mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. DEGREE PROGRAM The Associate Degree Nursing program has been one of few two year courses of study on the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus. Its specific fund function has been to prepare nurses who render direct, safe and therapeutic care as staff nurses for hospitals and other agencies with technical skills. Graduates of the program are eligi- ble to write the Arkansas State Board of Nursing examination to become a registered nurse. The program was opened in 1970 in response to a community need for nurses and enthusiastic inter- est and support of several hospitals in Northwest Arkansas. Its role has been two fold education and service, two of the three roles in the overall mission of the University. The program has been directed toward members of the community who are interested in furthering the nursing services of agencies. It has provided opportunities to develop an inquiring mind and to pursue individual interests in the automated, rapidly expanding health ser- vices. A stimulus to self-fulfillment, it has acknowl- edged the worth of the individual who wants to ac- cept a contributing role in society. In recognition of the cultural trend toward social awareness, the program has provided a worthy outlet for those who desire to minister to others. The nursing program had a successful spring semester. Greg Daven Academics 179 Continuing Education Dr. Donnie Dutton, Dean of Continuing Education. Greg Daven The Division of Continued Education adminis- tered to the University ' s off-campus course program throughout the state, offered college and high school correspondence courses, and provided public service and non-credit programs in cooperation with the state agencies, professional associations, and the colleges and schools at the Fayetteville campus. The Division also operated the Center for Continuing Education in downtown Fayetteville. Four major departments and areas of responsibility have existed in the Division: Off-Campus Classes Graduate and undergraduate credit courses, at the request of academic departments, throughout the state; inter- session and special credit workshops. Independent Study College and high school cor- respondence courses; courses by newspaper and television. General Adult Education Conferences, short courses, seminars, University performing tours, and various youth activity camps and non-credit classes in a wide variety of subjects. Community and Governmental Affairs Public service and outreach programs provided profession- al development and public management programs for state agencies and public officials and public in- formation programs of public issues and problems. More -than 40,000 Arkansans received some form of educational experience through programs offered by the Division of Continuing Education during the past year. Academics 180 Graduate School Dean J. Hudson is currently serving as dean of the Graduate School. Greg Daven jer and s, short urs, and : classes -Public ofession- rograms dsome rograras location Maintaining and improving the quality of graduate education has been an extremely impor- tant function of the Graduate School. Consequently, the 83 masters, 10 specialists, and 28 doctoral de- gree programs that were offered by the graduate departments responsible to the University of Arkan- sas Graduate School were reviewed periodically by the Committee on Program Evaluation and by the Graduate Council. Although a few programs have been phased out, the great majority of the graduate programs have passed with flying colors Despite budget limitations, the Graduate School has been optimistic about the future. Greg Daven Charlotte Johnson, a graduate student specializing in learning disabilities, catches up on her reading. Academics 181 1 CLASSES Graduates Students enjoyed being out in the only snow of the winter. Greg Lovett Graduate 184 Steve Plaster These students are fired up for the Houston game Abaekobe, Joseph Nigeria Aka, Wilfred Ezinifite Nigeria Alyaseen, Ali Bagndad Iraq Barger, John Lerna, IL. Beaver, Hardey Little Rock Blankenship, Melanie West Memphis Branch, Robert Paragould Briley, Robert Little Rock Buzbee, Richard Dierks Campbell, Sherry Batesville Chenowith, Gary Russellville Cooper, Paul Warren Duffield, Lori Springdale Glenn, Michael Colcord. OK. Goldsborough. Greg Little Rock Havener, Verna Clarksville Hill, Edith Fayetteville Hill, Peggy Fayetteville Holland, Russ Little Rock Holman, Bret Springdale Housley, Kathleen Russellville Howell, David Pine Bluff Humphrey, David Texarkana Ibrahim, Daing Malaysia Ittner, Pamela Noel, MO. Jones, Brad Fayetteville Jones, Lynette Fayetteville Lee, Kian Fayetteville Graduate 185 s Computers make dropping and adding classes easier. Long, Mark Pine Bluff Love, Eddie Dardanelle Lum, Timothy Blytheville MacDonald, Sharon Fayetteville Matthews, Norman Stuttgart McMillan, Karen Russellville Metro, Julia ElDorado Mdzain, Osman Kota Bharu, Kelantan Merletti, Ralph Fayetteville Oglesby, Darrel Foreman Peulausk, TC Fayetteville Pillay, Gopi Seremban, Malaysia Plyler, Phillip Little Rock Porterfield, Thomas Malvern Purdy, Robert Harrison Safarpour, Mohammad Fayetteville Serra, Alexander CLSU, Philippines Sigua, Gilbert Neuva Ecya, Philippines Suwanakul, Sontachai Fayetteville Ulph, Eric Chicago, IL. Vera-Gonzalex, DoraLisa Yauco, PR. Wallace, Timothy Marion Wan Jusch, WanJamaliah Malaysia Ward, Derrick Eudora Wells, Kevin BellaVista Williams, Livy Paradise Valley, AZ Yar, Ahmad Pakistan Zain, Nordin Kelantna, Malaysia Zulkfli. Abdul Hamid Malaysia Graduate 186 SENIORS Carl Hitt He made it! Seniors 187 I k Fire at the Science-Engineering building causes $50,000 worth to damage. Greg Lovetl Graduate 188 Adams. Lisa Trumann Ahrent, Jean Corning Allen, Richard Batesville Allison. Vicki Ratcliff Alfred. Michael Pine Bluff Amsler. Chris Little Rock Anderson. Gayla Harrison Anderson, Randall Springdale Andrews. Keith Sherwood Angel. Richard Searcy Armstrong, Bob Lake City Arnold. Jana Hutchinson. KS. Baird, Steve Fayetteville Bakema, Denise N. Little Rock Barger, Brenda Joplin. MO Barkley. Jon Naperville. IL Barnes, David Mountain Home Barnes, Rachelle Hot Springs Bartley, Richard Pittsburgh. PA Bates. Anne Tulsa. OK Baxter. Angela Pine Bluff Beadles, Kimberly Blackton Belzung, Janet Fayetteville Benedict, Hope Fayetteville Bennett, Greg Ratcliff Bennett. Hollis Springdale Blackwell, Floyd Rogers Blai r, Suzanne Fort Smith Bland, Kim Rogers Blasdel, Mary Rippin Bloxom, David West Memphis Bobo. Eugenia Osceola Bond, Melissa Jacksonville Bond. Paul Fayetteville Boyd, Vallerie Cave City Boyster, Samuel Batesville Bradley, Steven Fayetteville Brewer, Jeff St. Louis. MO Brokate. Tracy Little Rock Brooks. Kim Little Rock Brown. Charles Siloam Springs Brown. Karen Benton Brown. Keith N. Little Rock Brown, Lisa Texarkana Brown. Ricky Rogers Brown. Sanford Pine Bluff Brown, Susan Texarkana Brown. Woody Pine Bluff Brownell. Sheri Ft. Worth. TX Brumfield, Judith Cabot Bryan, Clinton Magazine Bryant, Carissa Texarkana Burchett, Lance Bartlesville, OK Burgess, Gregg Little Rock Burns. Charity Fort Smith Burrough. Brian Hot Springs Students participating in a best body contest at Red Eye Special Burrow, Rick Newport Byrd, David Charleston Calderera, Sharon Fort Smith Cahoone, Sally Little Rock Calhoun, Brooks Benton Callahan, Mike Fayetteville Calvin, Todd Rector Campbell, Karen Harrison Campbell, Theresa Jasper Carney, Randall Rudy Caron, Cozette Fort Smith Carrithers, Jane ElDorado Carter, Debra Hot Springs Cart wright, Clay N. Little Rock Cash, Tracy Hot Springs Catt, Gary Floral Chaffin, Patty Benton Chambliss, Kenny Benton Charron, Bobby Fayetteville Childress, Larry Fayetteville Chilton, Rosalie Houston, TX. Chisom, Dorothy Marianna Chisom, Doris Marianna Christie, Debbie N. Little Rock Clark, Constance Costa Mesa, CA. Clary, Janice Lead Hill Claybaker, Paul Fayetteville Clement, Scott N. Little Rock demons, Johnny West Memphis Clinton, Mark N. Little Rock Closson, Jamie Rogers Cluck, Kirby Hot Springs Clymer, Jane Waldron Cobb, Carla Texarkana, TX. Conn, Mike Aurora, MO. Senior 190 Connell, John Kingsville, MO. Cook, Mary N. Little Rock Cooksey, Bruce Fort Smith Cooley, Andrew Ozark Cordes, Karen Fayetteville Covert, Robert Plattsburgh, NY. Cox, Douglas Pocahontas Cox. William Watson Crabill, James Havana Cranford, Michelle Monticello Creel, Bertha Mountainburg Crittenden, Jeff N. Little Rock Croom, Melissa Marion Crose, Sonya Watson Crowe, Rozetta Springdale Culpepper, Terence Hot Springs Daily, Kevin Berryville Danchower, Chuck Forrest City Daniel, Tammy Little Rock Daniels, Douglas Dewitt Davenport, Dara Texarkana Davidson, Diana Fort Smith Davis, Tracy N. Little Rock Dawson, Angela Jackson, TN. Dean, James Osceola DeClerk, Maria Pocahontas Deere, Steven Benton Degges, Ronald Hamburg DeLung. Brian Fort Smith Dever, Laura Dallas, TX. Dickinson, Douglas Indianapolis, IN. Dietzen, Michael Fayetteville Doering, Jill Muskogee, OK. Dooms, Ronald Pine Bluff Doshier, William Harrison Millie Robinson Above: Mark Wilkerson, UA Ski Team Captain, shows his talent at a Texas A M skiing tournament. ScnK r, ' 191 Doss, Scott Warren Douglas, Kenneth Fayetteville Downey, Rodney Elkins Duffin, Theresa Weir, KS. Duffy, Margaret Chicago, IL. Dunagin, Donald Gravette Duncan, Kenneth Bastrop, LA. Dunn, Julia Russellville Dyer, George Topsfield, MA. Edwards, Bradly Altamont, KS. Edwards, Dwayne Morrilton Ee, Chee-Beng Kuala Cumpar, Malaysia Ehrenfeld, Charles Parsippany, NJ. Ellis, Nancy West Memphis Eoff, Robert Barling Eubanks, Kip Dallas, TX. Evans, Chris Van Evans, Mark VanBuren Faulkner, Rusty Little Rock Faust, Susan Fayetteville Featherstone, Shirley Heth Findley, James Fort Smith Fiscus, Martin Wynne Fish, Jay Arlington Hts., IL. Fitzgerald, Lynne Fayetteville Floyd, Stephanie Little Rock Floyd, Terry Heber Springs Forbess, Mark Little Rock Above: Bill Lester is card shopping at Christmas time. Greg Lovett Senior 192 K vR ftb - I Forbess, Nick Little Rock Ford, LaDonna Hot Springs Village Forrest, Mitch N. Little Rock Fox, Amy Dallas, TX. Fox, Susan Springdale Fraiser, Steven Little Rock Franklin, Stuart Tulsa, OK. Franklin, Brian Claremore. OK. Franks, Gary Odessa, TX. Frazier, Charles Checotah, OK. Frazier, Rhonda Fort Smith Freeman, Jan Texarkana, TX. French, Tracy Dumas Friend, Sandra Galena, KS. Fugedy, Connie Rogers Fuhrman. Benny Gillett Gaddy, Jeanenne Rogers Gaines, Jeffery Mustoe, VA. Gammill, Rick Harrison Garland, Gregory New Orleans, LA. Garrett, Donald Forrest City Garrett, Donna Grandview, MO. Gatzke, Diane Sheridan Gee, Garland Jacksonville Gerke, Damian Little Rock Gerke, Marguerite Little Rock Gibson, Sally Harrison Gilbert, Jennifer Fayetteville Gilbert, Leonna Siloam Springs Gilham, Linda Fort Smith Gilliam, Brian Osceola Ginnavan, Elizabeth Little Rock Ginnett, Tandi Sheridan Gipson, Rex Little Rock Glasscock, Nancy Springdale Goben, Robert Rogers Goben, Tom Rogers Goodwin, Jon Florissant. MO. Gorum, Sherry N. Little Rock Goss, Ian London, England Graham, AnneRose Kansas City, MO. Graham, John Fayetteville Gray, Steven Marianna Graydon, Mary Little Rock Greenfield, Yulonda Little Rock Gregory. Claude Fort Smith Gregory, Wayne Benton Griffin. Frank Pine Bluff Griggs, Valerie Camden Gross, Michael Little Rock Guthrie, Patrick Caldwell Habenicht. Mark Little Rock Hamm, Tern N. Little Rock Hamp, Paula Sioux City, 1A. Hankins, Russel Houston, TX. Haq, Fazal Karachi, Pakistan Senior 193 Haraway, Al Helen Hardin, Robert Benton Harding, Bradley Joplin, MO. Harp, Jeffrey Escondida, CA. Harris, Deborah Camden Harris, Gwendolyn Wynne Hartley, Marie Palo Alto, CA. Harvey, James WinstonSalem, NC. Hartz, Mark Hazen Hartz, Sandy Almyra Hatfield, Karen Fayetteville Hathaway, Randy N. Little Rock Hathorn, Clay Little Rock Hayes, Julie Siloam Springs Heard, Cindy Ozark, MO. Hedgecock, Kelly N. Little Rock Hedgecock, Richard Tulsa, OK. Hefley, Cynthia Harrison Henderson, Mark Little Rock Henry, James Clarendon Herd, Kristi Tulsa, OK. Herr, Timothy Conway Hersey, Kelly St. Georges, Grenada Hicks, Pam Fort Smith Hilburn, Tommy Walnut Ridge Hill, Marianne Springdale Hilton, Keith Litchfield, 1L. Hinrichs, Gerald AshFlat Hodges, Joseph Salem Hodnett, Ellen Texarkana Hogan, Bobby Pine Bluff Holmberg, Cynthia Mena Holt, David Mulberry Hope, Gayle Little Rock Housley, Karen Mansfield Howard, Pamela Fort Smith Huck, Janice Branch Huckleberry, Lee Harrison Hudlow, Mike Fort Smith Huey, Anne Stuttgart Huey, Liz Warren Huffman, Laura Omaha Humphries, Robert Salem Hunt, Gary Fort Smith Irizarry, Kenny Benton Jacimore, Laura Russellville Jackson, Bradley Camden Janonis, Ed Hot Springs Jenkins, Randall Paragould Jennings, Joy Houston, TX. Jennings, Ronald Clinton Jewell, Tina Texarkana Johns, Tommy Paris Johnson, Ann Fayetteville Johnson, Cheryl Jacksonville Johnson, Karla Fayetteville Snior 194 Photo courtesy of Army ROTC Above: Army ROTC members triangulate their position in field exercises. Johnson, Kim Hampton Johnson, Marsha Fayetteville Johnston, Janice Fort Smith Jones, Barry N. Little Rock Jones, Carol Fort Smith Jones, Donna Little Rock Jones, Matthew Bearden Jones, Paul Kansas City, KS. Jones, Susan Little Rock Jones, Susie Warren Jones, Tammy West Fork Kaufman, Kristin Hot Springs Keaton, Mark Siloam Springs Keeter, Lane Heber Springs Knet, Terry Jacksonville Kever, Londa Springdale Key, Pamela VanBuren Kijowski, Jane Clinton Kildow, Norman West Fork Kirby, Jeffrie Montai Home Knittig, Mary Fort Smith Kobeva, John Springfield Koch, Mark Fort Smith Kolb, David Little Rock Kordsmeier, Valerie Morrilton Kotai, Robert Freeport, PA. Kramer, Melissa N. Little Rock Krause. Leslee Orland Park. IL. Kuchel, Lori Sherwood Kullander, Mikel Little Rock Kyser, Sharon Camden Lacefield, Janet Gassville Lagasse, Greg Greenbrier Laird, Linda Stuttgart Lakey, Terry Sulphur Springs Landers, Kelly Benton Landolt, William Barrington. IL. Lane, Mark Little Rock Lanehart, David Keo Lasiter, James Wilmar Senior 195 Laskaris, Thomas Eumira, NY. Leach, Jimmy Kellyville, OK. Lederman, Donna Dallas, TX. Lehman, Lisa Dallas, TX. Leonard, Bonnie Crossett Leong, Susan Selangor, Malaysia Lewis, Suzanne Denver, CO. Liew, Yuen Ming Penang, Malaysia Lloyd, Terry N. Little Rock Long, Lorianne Magnolia Looper, Becky Mansfield Lorenzen, Libby Wynne Lowe, Cindy Harrison Lowry, John Gravette Lubeck, Peter Blauvelt, NY. Lucas, Angela Gentry Luebbers, Karen Yakima, WA. Luebkemann, Janna Stuttgart Lynch, David Fayetteville Madey, John Little Rock Main, Gary Harrison Maner, Daniel Montreal Mangan, Stephen Little Rock Marble, Kim Little Rock Martin, Jan Fayetteville Martin, Mark Morrilton Martin, Sonja Heber Springs Martis, Bernard El-Sobrante, CA. Mashburn, Christie Little Rock Mason, Robin Stuttgart Matchett, Russell Little Rock Matthews, MaryAnn Fayetteville Matthews, Van Rosston Mauldin, Lori Springdale May, Jeffery Jacksonville McBryde, Pamela Fayetteville Senior 196 Above: Students are paying pre-registration schooling fees. McClure. Karen Dayton. OH. McCoy, Becky Little Rock McGaughy, Cindy Pine Bluff McGinnis. Patrick Dallas, TX. Mcjunkins, James Sanctoga McKely, Tina Springdale McLoud, Doug Huntsville McNulty, Michael Blytheville Meares, Rebecca Reeds, MO. Mendenhall. Scott Pea Ridge Merlo, Kevin Arnold. MD. Messersmith, Dan Hot Springs Mickel, Thomas Conway Middleton, Christy Dallas, TX. Middleton, Larry Little Rock Miller, Audrey Dallas. TX. Miller, Deanna Berryville Miller, Gene Melbourne Mills, Belinda West Memphis Milton, Suzanne Amarillo. TX. Mohazab, Sherry Fayetteville Montez, Carmella Fayetteville Moore, Mike Mobile. AL. Moore. Teresa Springdale Moore, Vance Risen Moore, Vancil Little Rock Moorman, Kathi Stevenson, WA. Moren, Brian Sheridan Morrow, Susan Morrilton Motes, Mary Pine Bluff Mullen, Rusty N. Little Rock Mulligan, Becky Camden Murphy, Michael Conway Myers, Nancy Bentonville Neidecker, John Dardanelle Newton, Gary Lebanon. MO. Newton, James Benton Newton, Martha N. Little Rock Nguyen, My-An Houston, TX. Nicholson, Billy Marianna Niles, Mary Little Rock Northcross. Libby Huntsville Norton, Lori Green Forest Null. John Benton Nunley, Dan Clinton Nutt, Tamara Bakersfield, CA. Nutt, Thomas Camden Ohnemus, Stephen Little Rock Olienyk, Ronald Barling Olson, Mard Malvern Owens, Wendell Jacksonvile Oxenreider, Kim Harrison Pace, Daryl Gravette Parette, Ned Fayetteville Parker, Steve Fayetteville Parr, Lisa Little Rock Senior 197 Parson, Tracey Longview, TX. Patterson, Karen Fayetteville Payne, Karen Fort Smith Person, Thomas Hamburg Peterson, Scott, Little Rock Phillips, Alan Harrison Phillips, Gloria Joine Phillips, Joe Texarkana Phillips, Morrise Joiner Piveda, Luis Clarendon Placke, Eric Fayetteville Poag, Robert Athelstan Pope, Brenda Fayetteville Post, Tina Altus Potter, James Paragould Potter, Mary Little Rock Powell, Cheryl Green Forest Powell, Ellen Little Rock Price, Tracee Pine Bluff Prud ' homme, Bonhommie Houston, TX. Pyle, Laura ElDorado Quinn, Christy Blytheville Quinn, Kevin Key West, FL. Raney, Cathey Bentonville Ray, Lynnette Green Forest Redding, Judith Fort Smith Renard, John Nashville Renner, Loyanne Fayetteville Rensberger, Mark Kendallville, IN. Rhoades, Tom Mountain Home Rhodes, Lori Malvern Richardson, Alan Fort Smith Richardson, Jon Little Rock Richardson, Joyce Little Rock Rickltis, Jeff Piano, TX. Riester, Becky Rogers Rigsby, Stephen N. Little Rock Robinson, Clark Tulsa, OK. Rogers, Janet Scranton Roitz, Joseph Harrison Root, James Greene, NY. Rotenberry, Michael Yellville Rouse, Brad Calgary, Alberta Rowen, Doug Hampton Ruble, Russell Russellville Rutledge, John Charleston Ryan, Archie Eureka Springs Ryan, Mark Walnut Ridge Ryan, Maurice Walnut Ridge Sams, Mitchell Berryville Santa-Cruz, Nester SanSalvador, ElSalvador Saracini, Susan Newport Sargent, Judy Fort Smith Sarkar, Asish Chittagong, Bangladesh Sauer, Kim Springfield, MO. Scheibel, Kathryn Syracuse, NY Senior 198 Schexnayder, Steve. Dumas Schopp, Wendy Gravette Schreiber, Scott Conway Scier, Cynthia McMurray, PA Scott, Jeffery Camden Scott, Linda Rogers Scribner, Linda Fayetteville Seaton, Evelyn Lavaca Seliguchi, Mary Fayetteville Sexton, Steve Pine Bluff Shelton, Janis Joplin. MO. Sherman, Brent Humphrey Shollmier, Brian Little Rock Siebenmorgen, Tony Fort Smith Simmons, Scott Mt. Ida Simpson, Greg Rohwer Sims, MaryBeth Scott AFB. IL. Sinks, Michael Pine Bluff Sittington, Billy Springdale Sletten, Lori Cave Springs Small, Jeff Glenwood Smith, Andrew Rogers Smith, Craig Rogers Smith, Cynthia Rogers Smith, Donald Fayetteville Smith, Gordon Little Rock Smith, Jacquelin Hot Springs Smith, Laura Fort Smith Millie Robinson Shannon Perry. Janice Carter. Diane Jones, and Linda Laird are rejoicing seniors about Out!! 5a ; 199 Smith, Sheri Leachville Snow, Caleb McGehee Snowden, AlFrita Delight Sparks, Kristi Malvern Sparks, Michael Little Rock Spencer, Lori Fayetteville Spohn, Lisa Fayetteville Stadthagen, Mercedes Costa Rica Stancil, Sandy Fort Smith Standlee, Jacky Golden, MO. Steed, Stephen Leachville Stevenson, Regina Springdale Stewart, Scott Fayetteville Stokenbury, Susan Elkins Stone, Jeff Batesville Stramel. Katrina Joplin, MO. Strickland, Mark Little Rock Strother, James Springdale Stuart, David Little Rock Stuart, Mark Kenner, LA. Sullivan, Brian Conway Sumner, Charles Siloam Springs Sutton, Russell Texarkana Swayne, Ronnie Cabot Tackett, Garland Eads, TN. Taldo, Diana Tontitown Talton, James Crossett Tanner, Christopher AR. This is one sign seniors will not miss. Greg Daven Senior 200 An AKL member, Howard Veazy, practicing his guitar like Peter Frampton. Greg Daven Senioc 201 Tappan, Philip Helena Tesdall, Allen BellaVista Theodore, Robert Pine Bluff Thomas, Susan Batesville Thompson, Larry Springdale Thomson, James Little Rock Thomson, Karen N. Little Rock Thornbury, Jeff Springfield, MO. Todd, Karla Fayetteville Toler, James Newport Treat, Darryl Marshall Threet, William Little Rock Tribble, Alan Little Rock Tucker, Parker Shorewood, IL. Turk, Teresa Texarkana Turner, Samuel West Memphis Tusinger, Jane Springdale Tyler, Vivian McGehee Ursic, Barbara Bolivia Vancuren, Arlin Harrison Vaught, Joel Altus Steve Plaster saying " Have a drink anyone! " Senior 202 Carol Brown Amy Kucala is modeling for someone! Vest, Donnie Melbourne Voise. Kenneth Fort Smith Wadkins. Jesse Marshall Walker, Timothy Marion Ward. Lloyd DeQueen Ward, Mitchel Emerson Ward, Sherry Little Rock Warner, George Little Rock Watson. Kay Wesley Watson, Lisa Alma Watson, Ralph Pine Bluff Webb, Elmo Hermitage Wells, Judy Hamburg Whisnant, Bill Little Rock White, Cyndi Dallas, TX. White, James Greenwood White. Scott Forrest City Whitmer, Daryl Muldrow. OK. Whitsett, Duane Witcherville Wilbourn, Gordon Conway Wiles, Barry DeQueen Senfer 203 Wilhite, Allison Pine Bluff Wilkins, Torrance Fort Smith Williams, Christopher Leslie Williams, Frank Jacksonville Williams, Lynn Fort Smith Willmon, Steve Benton Wilmoth, Gerald VanBuren Wilson, Sandra Beebe Wilson, Melinda Stuttgart Wingert, Cheryl RoseBud Wise, Janet Russellville Wise, Rick Green Forest Wittman, Tracy DeQueen Womack, Jacquelyn Dallas, TX. Woodsmall, Amy N. Little Rock Woodward, Mike Siloam Springs Woody, Darcy Fayetteville Wright, Bonnie Mountain Home Yancey, Debbie St. Joe Yates, Rebecca Memphis, TN. Yee, Teck Choon Malaysia Young, Bradford Waldo Young, Mark Springdale Zerman, Gregory Lexington, KY Carol Brown Eating with chop sticks seems natural for Liew, Hon, KimSoon, and Sean Rung. Senior 204 Steve Plaster Pat Guthrie seems to be saying, " Cheers Anyone? " Seniors 205 JUNIORS These band players are trying to get the football players to " CHARGE " against Rice. Greg Daven Juniors 206 Ackerson, John Marvell Aikman, Lynda Waco, TX Aikman, Russ Pine Bluff Albright, Melissa Pine Bluff Alexander, Robert Memphis, TN Allen, Eric Little Rock Ambrose, Paula Monticello Andritsos, Pam Camden Armstrong, Bruce Fayetteville Atchley, Marcia Little Rock Back, Cindy Springfield, MO Bailey, John Greenwood Barnes, Richard Honolulu, HA Barnett, Becky Tulsa, OK Bartsch, Ashley D. Tulsa, OK Basham, Melissa Huntsville Bassham, Robert Wynne Beadles, Wayne Clarendon Beaver, Joe Little Rock Beck, Lowery Pine Bluff Beck, Theodore Solgohachia Beckham, Nanci Houston, TX Beeson, Lee Texarkana Bell, Bobby Pine Bluff Bell, Jonell Heber Springs Belt, Emmanual Colt Benedict, Dale Fayetteville Bennett, Barry Jonesboro Bennett, Darus Springdale Benton, Russell Beebe Berkey, Alan Hot Springs Bickerton, Romany Jasper Bishop, Scott Little Rock Blazer, Janett Green Forest Booker, Brooks Mayflower Boone. Craig Fort Smith Boyd, Beth Monticello Boyd, Caroline Fayetteville Bradford, Robert Crossett Bradley. Susan Fayetteville Brasel, Ann Jasper Breckenridge, Joey Franklin Paragould Brewer, Melissa Russellville Bridges, Christie Stamps Brooks, Evelyn Little Rock Brooks-Pryor, Marianne Cabot Brooks, Tony Hot Springs Brown, Lori Camden Brown, Melissa Tulsa, OK Brown, Penny Inola. OK Brown, Vanessa Jonesboro Bueker, Hank Stuttgart Bunton, David Russellville Burks, Kimberly Benton Burns, Jimmy Clarendon Burress. F. J. Overland Park, KS Juniors 207 Burris, Kathy DeQueen Buxton, Lori Van Buren Campbell, Curt Bentonville Carr, Jim Cassuille, MO Carr, Leisha Berryville Carrithers, Cherie Little Rock Carroll, James Austin Case, Debbie Pine Bluff Chaney, Chet Coy Chiechi, Luigi Little Rock Chu, Paul Helena Clark, Cynthia Little Rock Clark, Michael Hot Springs Cline, Lori Fort Smith Cloud, Shawn Carlisle Clower, Anne Fayetteville Coffman, Holly Anne Hot Springs Cogswell, Mary Kay Russellville Cole, Jeff Fayetteville Cole, Mycheal Fort Smith Cole, Suzy Russellville Coleman, Anne Little Rock Coleman, David El Dorado Coleman, Terri Siloam Springs Collins, Ginger Green Forest Cook, Tipton Searcy Cooper, Charles Arthur III Paris Cooper, Susan Little Rock Coots, John Bryant Copenhaver, Ronda Kansas City, MO Cordes, Janet Fayetteville Cordill, Paige Fort Smith Corrum, Kathryn Jacksonville Cotten, Michael Benton Craig, Jeffery Gould Cranford, Natasha Malvern Crawford, Wayne Danville Creed, Ginger Pine Bluff Cullins, Melanie Pine Bluff Curtis, Jada Benton Davis, Dennis Benton Davis, Thomas Hot Springs Dean, Susan Osceola Denniston, Helen N. Little Rock Deponte, Sandella Fort Smith DeSalvo, Mark Little Rock DeSieghardt, Donna Cherry Hill, N. J Dopp, Patrick Harrison Doswell, Larry Beebe Douglass, Phil Jacksonville Duke, Kelly Texarkana Dumas, Shannon Little Rock Dunasky, Mitchell Arkon, OH Durham, Amy Dallas, TX Dyke, J. Benton Little Rock Early, Jamie Helena Juniors 208 Edman, Beth Carthage. MO Edwards, James Little Rock Edwards, Lois Kingston Elliot, Clarence W. Batton Rouge, LA Ellis, Lisa Little Rock England, Alan Jacksonville Entler, Brenda Conway Eoff, Linds Harrison Evans, Susan Fayetteville Faulkner, Judy Fayetteville Ferguson, David C. Hermitage Finch, Michael Jonesboro Flowers, James Monroe Flowers, Sandra N. Little Rock Leah Fry (Miss U of A) with the saxophone player from Chicago after the concert. Juniorj 209 Foro, Scott Little Rock Forrest, Ron West Helena Fox, Tory Fayetteville Fulton, Alline Fayetteville Gadberry, Jay Little Rock Galloway, J. J. Waldron Gattis, Robert Fort Smith Gentry, Colleen Little Rock Giles, Gregory Little Rock Goodman, Melinda Jonesboro Graves, Christopher Blytheville Graves, Roy Little Rock Gray, Courtney Fayetteville Gray, Debra Yellville Greathouse, Tamara Fayetteville Green, Leslie Arkadelphia Greenway, Dede Paragould Greenway, Randall Gravette Griffin, James R. West Helena Griffin, Michael Little Rock Haaser, Elizabeth Renee Fort Smith Hacskaylo, Jane Gravette Hall, Dennis W. Fort Smith Hall, Katherine Prairie Grove Hamer, Becky Pine Bluff Hammond, Paul Fayetteville Harness, Bryon Carlisle Harpole, Ed Little Rock Harrell, Christy Little Rock Harris, Brenda Bryant Harris, Gary Saratoga Harris, Mike Shawnee, OK Hartsfield, Michael Hope Harvell, Brenda Fort Smith Hawes, Debbie Rogers Haydon, Jayne Little Rock Heathcott, Sheryl Fort Smith Hee, Kim Fah Selangor, West Malaysia Hee, Ycim-Fah Selangor, West Malaysia Heird, Karlos Pine Bluff Henderson, George West Helena Henderson, Tracy Dallas, TX Hendrix, Elizabeth Horatic Herbert, Holly Shreveport, LA Herlong, Jill Columbia, MO Herndon, Kristi Little Rock Hess, Donna Batesville Hicks, Sherrie Garland, TX Hildebrand, Jeff Stuttgart Juniors 210 This air guitarist is giving it all he ' s got at the Red Eye Special. Greg Lovctt Junior 211 r Hill, Mary Ann Berryville Hill, Sharl Alexander Hill, Vicki Harrison Hines, Carolyn Batesville Hixon, John Fort Smith Hogan, Ban West Memphis Hogue, Gregory Blytheville Holcomb, Christopher Little Rock Holloway, Joan Poteau, OK Holly, Dale C. Malvern Holt, Hilary Fayetteville Hookins, J. Alan Paris Home, Bennett Harrison Horton, Mae Ruth Brinkley Hout, Pam Newport Howard, Paula Siloam Springs Huckaba, Parker Sanders Mountain Home Hudgins, Tressia Springdale Hudson, Tracy N. Little Rock Hughes, Alan Benton Hunnicutt, Hollie Fayetteville Hunt, Sonya Wynne Ingram, Lisa Little Rock Jackson, Margaret Richardson, TX Jackson, Suzanne Morrilton Jennings, Donald Forrest City Jester, Liz Dallas, TX Johnson, Donald Fayetteville Johnson, Nancy Fayetteville Johnson, Stacy Pine Bluff Johnston, Daniel Little Rock Jones, Dana Clarksville Jones, John Calvin Thornton Keenen, Beverly Rogers Keenen, Lori Rogers Residents at Pomfret are trying to give the R.A. an hard time. Greg Lovett " Juniors 212 Guys in 280ZX ' s catch all the girls eyes. Greg Louett Junior 213 Kerr, Kenny Mountain Home King, Gina Mulberry Kirkpatrick, Gina Little Rock Knies, Eugene Batesville Lamb, Cindy Richardson, TX Lackey, Kimbra Augusta, KS Lambert, Walter Heber Springs Larkin, Johnny Siloam Springs Lawrence, Richie Hatfield Lawson, Kathryn Paragould Lay, Wayne Hot Springs Lee, Thomas Camden Lehman, Rodney Abilene, KS Lenderman, John Carlisle Lenehan, Nancy Fayetteville Lenhart, Michele Little Rock Lewallen, Tamara Springdale Lewis, Lisa Beth Baton Rouge, LA Lietza, Jerome Algonquin, IL Lim, Yan Theng Malaysia Lindsey, Kim Trumann Lockeby, Glenn Warren Logan, Michele Texarkana Loh, Charmen Malaysia Lookadoo, Jan Pea Ridge Lovelace, Jerry Rector Lovelace, Leslie Rector Lovell, Jeffery Jonesboro Macchiarolo, David El Dorado Madden, Terry Lee Fort Smith Mallioux, Ross Harrison Mansour, Abe Greenville Marble, Leigh Little Rock Martin, Gina Murfreesboro Martin, Linda Kay N. Little Rock Martin, Michele Anne Fayetteville Mason, Kent Fort Smith Mathews, Craig Fort Smith Mathis, Stanley Clinton May, Susan Little Rock Mays, Stephanie Little Rock McClure, David Pine Bluff McClure, Mike Monett, MO McDoniel, Peggy Batesville McDonnell, Bill Hot Springs McFerrin, Susan Fayetteville McGhee, Janis LittleRock McGruder, Brent Cassville, MO Mchan, Stacie Little Rock McJunkins, Jo E. Saratoga McLaughlin, Suzanne N. Little Rock McNabb, Mark Pocahontas Metheny, Sandra Etowah Miller, Alan H. Little Rock Miller, Andrew, Little Rock Miller, Melissa Lincoln Juniors 214 Tammy Johnson relaxes while studying the only way to do it Miller, Paul Hazen Mills, Kendal Pine Bluff Mills, Olivia West Memphis Mills, Richard Ward Mills, Wayne Little Rock Mitchell, Jamie Fort Smith Moery, Kyle Robert Carlisle Montgomery, Cynthia Roland Moore, Chrystal Fort Smith Moore, Freda Russellville Moore, Mark Pine Bluff Moreland, Tina Texarkana Morris, Harriet West Helena Morris, Rhonald Dallas, TX Morris, Rowdy Huntsville Morris, Russell Arkadelphia Morris, Vicki Fayetteville Morton, David W. Ratcliff Munley, Ritche Conway Murphy, Jackie El Dorado Myatt, Tim Mandeville, Jamaica Myers, Wesley Pine Bluff Nance, Sheila Green Forest Nations, Tonda Harrison Necessary, Mark A. Northport, AL Neidecker, Silva Ronita Russellville Nolen, Tim Siloam Springs O ' Guinn, Gerald Keith Strong Juniors 215 Greg Daven Michele McGuire, Mike McSweeney, Dixie May and Buddy Bischof enjoy a break by playing cards. O ' Neal, Glenn Fort Smith O ' Neal, Michael Russellville Paas, Randy Mena Pangle, Pamela Flippin Patterson, Karen Marie Fort Smith Pearson, Annette Rogers Pearson, Steven Prattsville Pennington, Roland Little Rock Perry, Gabriel! Springdale Petrus, Gary Carlisle Phillips, Tanya M. Jonesboro Pierce, Chuck Greenwood Pike, Steve Van Buren Pipkin, Tracy Blytheville Plaster, Steve Bartlesville, OK Post, Jacqueline Altus Pote, Joseph P. Pine Bluff Prickett, Kimberly Allyn Dallas, TX Purdy, Miguel L. Dewitt Rainwater, Bill Walnut Ridge Rakestraw, Patrick Siloam Springs Rampmaier, Paula Alpena Raney, David Harrison Rathbun, Sherril Greenwood Rausch, Susan Audora, IL Ray, Shelly Hot Springs Reams, William Houston, TX Reaves, Keith Wilmar Reeder, Van Fort Smith Reeves, Camie Dallas, TX Reynolds, Vickie Springdale, MO Richard, Sandra Overland Park, KS Riddle, David Carlisle Riggs, Robert Fayetteville Robb, Debbi Springfield, MO Juniors 216 Roberts, Jerry D. Monett, MO Robertson, Carol Little Rock Robertson, Susan Mabelvale Rogers, Curtis Springdale Rogers, Michael Brett Little Rock Root, Linda Greenwood Root, Sean Greenwood Rosenthal, Brain Carthage, MO Rothrock, Tim Prairie Grave Rucker, Jeffery Hot Springs Rudasill, William B. Fayetteville Rudd, Tammy Forrest City Russell, Alicia N. Little Rock Russell, Lyndal Little Rock Sallis, Lance Brea, CA Sams, Gallic Berryville Samuel, Angela Paragould Sandahl, Locke P Fort Smith Sanders, Mark Bowie, MO Sanders, Ross Dallas, TX Sanner, Randall Muscatine, IA Sass, Lori Fort Smith Schimmel. Gary Little Rock Schneider, Judy Fort Smith Schoborg, Kim Tulsa, OK Schopp, John Gravette Schrader, Roger Bryant Schuldt, Andrea Fayetteville Greg Daven This family and dog are resting before a Razorback game on parent ' s week-end. Juniors 217 Scott, Coy Malvern Shaw, Tony Monticello Shell, Casey Salem Shirrel, Franklin Batesville Sievers, Lisa Warren Simmons, Shannon N. Little Rock Sites, Jerry Altheimer Smith, Carole Fayetteville Smith, Danny Barling Smith, Ollie Mae Marianna Smith, Sara Elkins Smith, Susan Fort Smith Smith, Tina Dallas, TX Shawna, Snadon Branson, MO Solomon, Karen N. Little Rock Spann, Quinn Jr. Little Rock Spells, Lori Camden Spencer, Beverly Wynne Springer, Tish Hot Springs Stephens, Jerry Don Heavener, OK Stephens, Robin Dallas, TX Stevens, Elaina Clinton Stevenson, Rickey Conway Stewart, Clenton Forrest City Stovall, J. Michael Blytheville Stuckey, Cecile Trumann Sullivan, Kevin Royal Swain, Jeanne Overland Park, KS Tan, Roland Singapore Taylor, Deborah N. Little Rock Taylor, Guy Garland, TX Taylor, Stephen Hickory Ridge Tedder, Andrew Searcy Tedford, Marjorie Little Rock Teeter, Mark Russellville Teoh, Kim Soon Air Itam, Malaysia Thelan, Brain Springdale Thompson, Joy Little Rock Thompson, Thomas Texarkana, TX Thorton, Ruby Malvern Tolleson, Richard Malvern Treece, Kim Greenwood Trimble, Todd Little Rock Troher, Shauna Weiner Tudor, Lea Ann Marshall Tugwell, Tracey Fayetteville Turner, Karen Lynn Osceola Llmar, Nadiem Karachi, Pakistan Vandevender, Julia Fayetteville Vaught, Carla Horatio Vaught, Eric Perryville Vaught, Kathy Hazen Veit, Jana Wilmette, IL Vinsant, Jan Little Rock Waldron, Michael N. Little Rock Waller, Kim Little Rock Juniors 218 Walker, Craig Gulf Shores, AL Walsh, Lee Marshall Ward, Dana Little Rock Waschka, Laurence Little Rock Watkins, Tammy Fort Smith Watson, Marti Little Rock Watts, John Jr. Van Buren Waymire, Scott N. Little Rock Wear, Eric N. Little Rock Webb, Susan Rogers Webster, Kelley Fort Smith Weitlicb, David Fort Smith Welch, Stacia N. Little Rock Wells, Beth Osceola You can tell that Rod Spence really enjoys washing clothes. Gary Cochran Juniors 219 These three students enjoy coffee at the Brough snack bar. Greg Lovett Welty, Timothy Osceola White, Pamela Albany, GA Whiteaker, Greg Pine Bluff Whitehead, Cathy Union City, TN Wiggins, Richard San Bernardino, CA Willadsen, Diana Sue Van Buren Williams, Domma Little Rock Williams, Irma Thronton Williams, Ken Van Buren Williams, Kenneth Jacksonville Williams, Marietta Harrison Williams, Robert Eric Waldron Williams, Tryone Bernard El Dorado Williamson, Joanna Fairfield Bay Wilmoth, Kim Decatur Wilson, Kenny Fairfield Bay Wilson, Shawn Glenwood Winborn, Susan Fayetteville Wingo, Kathy Mansfield, MO Wiseman, Tim Mountain Home Wong, Lipkhen Malaysia Wood, Robert Danville Woods, Kimberly N Little Rock Wooten, Ronald Mansfield Young, Susan Pyatt Zimmerman, Keith Russellville Juniors 220 Steve Poster It looks like Julie Hendrix is happy about something! The dancing Razorback (Evelyn Lambert) is friends with people all ages. Greg Daven Juniors 221 SOPHOMORES Susan Nunnelee, a Younglife leader, runs for Diabetes. Greg Lovett Sophomores 222 Adams, Marti Newport Addison, Michael Houston, TX Adkins, James Little Rock Altemus, Cindy Bald Knob Altenbaumer, Alicia Glenwood Altenbaumer, Shell! Winthrop Alton, Terral Bateswille Anderson, John DeWitt Anderson, Sharon Ballwin Appleberry, Patricia McGehee Arnold. Candi Pine Bluff Arnold, Doug Arkadelphia Aston, Mike Tulsa, OK Austin, Kevin Wilton Baker, Brenda ST. Joe Baird, Donna Elkcity. OK Ballard, Ann North Little Rock Barber, Randy Mena Barr, Paula Fort Smith Barrentine, Ronald Little Rock Barton, Larry Keiser Baughn, Stephen Tuckerman Beavers, John Rogers Beem, Richard Clinton Bell, Audrey Lake Forest Bell, Steve Jonesboro Beltrani, Mike De Queen Bennett, Tom Joiner Bethell, Lisa Wynne Biever, Victoria Kansas City, KS Bigelow, Edward Voorhees. NJ Biocic, Jim Homewood, 111. Bird, Lisa Childress, TX Blackall, Cindy Little Rock Blackford, Nelson Pine Bluff Blackwell, Owen Pickens Blagg, Kevin Dumas Blankenbaker, Lori Greenwood Blanks, Gina Little Rock Blatter, Cristina Cabot Blythe, Michael Booneville Bocksnick, Sherry Russelliville Bocquet, Lisa Fayetteville Bogy, Lori Jacksonville Bolden, Karen Dumas Bend, Kathryn Jacksonville Bonner, Amy Little Rock Bookout, Paul Jonesboro Boswell, John Forest City Bowden, Todd Clarksville Bourland, Layne Blytheville Boyer, Susan Fort Smith Boyett, Lisa Bozeman, Gary Little Rock Bradley, Edwin Kennett, MO Bradsher, Becky North Little Rock Sophomores 223 Brannan. Christian Fayetteville Bradwell, Garla Texarkana Bray, Candi Blytheville Bridgforth, Janet Crossett Britt, Stephanie Okolona Brothers, Kimberly Osceola Brown, Carrol SanAntonio, TX Brown, Jana North Little Rock Brown, Michael Cabot Brown, Michael Mount Veron Brown, Tommy Harrisburg Brunson, Lucinda Franklin Bryant, Anthony Forrest City Bryant, Melinda Little Rock Buchanan, Jayne Rogers Buechley, Jennifer Jacksonville Buffington, James Malvern Burmgarner, Jo Lynn Huntville Burnett, Sherman Springdale Byler, Tim Mountain Home Cagle, Cynthia Pine Bluff Cagle, Tammy Ozark Campbell, Amy Pryor Campbell, Donna Cabot Cantrell, Rhonda Bateville Cardinale, Donna Dallas, TX Carlton, Teresa Searcy Cessna, Allison Rogers Chefchis, Lori Dallas, TX Chenault, Terri Malvern Chesney, Gayle Cabot Chesshir, Robert Huntsville Chia, Kok-Loke Malaysia Childress, Kenneth Fayetteville Childress, Keith Fayetteville Chow, HoongKai Malaysia Christian, Ellen Texarkana Chudy, Amelia North Little Rock Clark, Joe Little Rock Clark, Ken Melbourne Clark, Lee Dover, NJ Claunts, Jeff Fayetteville Claybaker, Peter Fayetteville Cobb, Keith Dallas, TX Cochran, John Russellville Combee, Eve North Little Rock Combs, Laura El Dorado Conner, Robert Mountain Home Cooney, Greg Piano, TX Cooper, Edward Little Rock Copeland, Kelvin Ingalls Corder, Rachel Perryville Core, Kathleen Fort Smith Couchman, Renee Forrest City Counce, Carol Camden Cowan, Carol Harrison Sophomores 224 ran Cravens, Darrel Magazine Crawford, Brian Tulsa, OK Crawford, Kelly Mountain Home Crawford, Scott Little Rock Crossley, Blair Dallas, TX Crownover, Carolyn Gassville Culp, Amy Monroe, LA Cunavelis, John Stillwater. OK Curtis, Holly Springfield, MO Cusack, Scott Edina, MN Czeschin, Sara Mountain Home Dale, Martha Jopiin. MO Dalton. Kyle Senath, MO Davis, Deborah Phoenix, AZ Davis, Donny Carlisle Davis, Lisa Fouke Davis, Lydia Fayetteville Davis, Lynn North Little Rock Davis, Ralph Burke, VA Dawson, Mark Sherwood Day, Keith Springdale Denham, Galem Springdale Devers, Scott Jopiin, MO Deuald, Anne Memphis, TN Dickerson, Rex Milton, DL Dickson, James Little Rock Dicus, Scott North Little Rock Diebold. Laddy Wynne Dillard, Debbie Little Rock Doak, John Tulsa, OK Dockins, Tammy North Little Rock Donouan, Wally Omaha, NE Don d. Susan Texarkana Dowdy, Garret! Carlisle Dunn, Steven Fort Smith Durham, Deloris Fort Smith Duty, Lisa Springdale Eagle, Cheryl Little Rock Easiley, Kenneth Tulsa, OK Edmisten, Raina Huntsville Sonya has many cuddly friends Sophomores 225 Edmondson, Willam Walnut Ridge Edrington, Ann Marion Ehren, Grant Paris Elders, Greg Walnut Ridge Ellis, Lorie Little Rock Elovitz, Bob Helena Emmekamp, Scott Phoenix, AZ Erickson, Jennifer Mena Ervin, David Harrison Evans, Suzie Yellville Fair, Lance West Memphis Farver, Pinkie Pine Bluff Ferguson, John Garland, TX Fetzer, Greg McGory Fiegel, Eva Conway Fine, Tonja Fort Smith Finn, Elizabeth Turnersville, NJ Fiscua, Bettye Wynne Fitzgerald, Charles Fayetteville Flesher, Jolene Conway Flippo, Miriam Powhatan Ford, Valerie Russellville Foreman, Kathy Siloam Springs Foster, Tim Harrison Fox, Tamara Pine Bluff Franklin, Regina Jacksonville Freer, Michael Tuckerman Frieze, Kelly Hot Springs Fritts, Linda Little Rock Fulenwider, Bonner Little Rock Gagen, Cyndi London, Ontario Gallagher, Daniel Mulberry Gann, Gregory Noel, MO Garrett, Amanda Beebe Garrott, Natalie West Memphis Garst, John Siloam Springs Gattis, Robert Fort Smith Gharvat, Chip Norfork Gibson, Gretchen Dierks Gibson, Kelt! Fayetteville Gibson, Lisa Dermott Gibson, Terry Poplar Grove Gilbreth, Deborah Fort Smith Gilker, Mary Fort Smith Gill, Tracie Pine Bluff Gillespie, James Tulsa, OK Gilmore, Brian ElDorado Glasscock, Llisa Fort Smith Glover, Nancy Malvern Gober, Becky Redfield Gooch, Donnetta Van Buren Goodman, Blake Corning Gordon, Paul Tulsa, OK Gouge, Kathy Buzzards Bay, MA Gravis, Cheryl Tulsa, OK Green, Michele Lonoke Sophomorcs 226 Green, Sandy Fayetteville Gregory, Gail Rapid City, SD Gresham, Daniel Heber Springs Griffith, Kristi Little Rock Grim, Marie Martinsville, NJ Grimes, Jeanne Bentonville Groundwater, Thomas Springfield Grubbs, Andrea Huntsville Gwinn, Jim Stafford Haley, David Van Buren Haley, Tracy West Memphis Hall, Amgela Crumrod Hall. Keith Pine Bluff Hanna, Paul Owasso, OK Harrell, William Camden Harris, Darlene Wynne Harrison, Laura Little Rock Hart, Dawn Fort Smith Harvey, Lisa Fayetteville Hatchett, Linda North Little Rock Hatchett, Rochelle Cottonplant Hathaway, Kimberly North Little Rock Henry, Sheila Little Rock Hester, Lisa Hot Springs Hinds, Kelly Green Forest Hirsh, Peter Prospect Heights, IL Hixon, Deborah Fort Smith Hobbs, Connie Humphrey Carol Brown He ' s trying his hardest to think of something to do besides study. Sophomores 227 Hodge, Tony Clarendon Hoggard, Sara Springdale Hogue, Glenn Little Rock Holder, Kyla Little Rock Holley, Amanda Bethany, OK Hollowell, Melanie North Little Rock Honea, Lynn Little Rock Horbelt, John Ocean Beach, NJ Hornbeck, Terri Dewitt Horton, Holly Fayetteville Horton, Mark Little Rock Houston, John Truman Howell, Jana Fayetteville Honing ton. Tim Benton I i Believe it or not This is Futrall ' s mascot. Greg Daven Hubbart, Ora East Peoia, IL Hubbs, Tabi Van Buren Huckleberry, Jill Harrison Hudgens, Alice Little Rock Huffmaster, Denise Fayetteville Huggs, Russell Hot Springs Human, Carla West Memphis Jackson, Patti Marvell James, Angela Van Buren James, Cindy Newport James, Dede Conway James, Maria Tulsa, OK James, Susan Bartesville, OK James, Tony Huntsville Jefferies, Alonna Ashdown Jernigan, Tommy Ravenden Johnson, Jeannie Bigelow Johnson, John Cabot Johnson, Shelley Clinton Jordan, David Pine Bluff Sophomores 228 Jordan, Susan Lowell Kalkae, Cynthia Mountain Home Kemp, Edward Old Joe Kemp, Kary Old Joe Kesner, Bonnie Fort Smith Khataw, Haider Pakistan Kijowski, Karen Clinton Killian, Steve Little Rock Kilpatrick, John Fayetteville King, Janet West Fork Kinsey, Sherry Bentonville Kissell. Deborah Mountain Home Kitch. Angela Tulsa, OK Kittler, Scarlett Carlisle Kizzia, Martha Calica Rock Klemm, Michael Mountain Home Koenig, Margie Pine Bluff Kolb, Sheri Tyler, TX Kordsmeier, Elaine Conway Koty, Lisa Beebe Labinske, Susan Dallas, TX Lambert, Paul Newport Lamkin, Tina Owassa, OK Lampkin, Donna Chidester Landrum, Angel Fort Smith Lanier, Lance Greenwood Lawrence, Jason Harrison Lenderman, James Carlisle Lewis, Charles Chicago Lewis, Lisa Batesville Lewis, Margaret Mena Ligon, Dawn Helena Lim, Chai Malasia Linam, Janet Rector Loggins, Michael Melborne Long, James Magnolia Loo, Chee Malaysia Lowery, John Alexander Lowy, Gene Rogers Luce, Angela Little Rock Ludwick, David Los Angeles, CA Mahnken, Julie Springfield Manatt, Logan Corning Mangan, David Little Rock Mariano, Mary Pea Ridge Martin, Carolyn Springfield Martin, Jill Fayetteville Martin, Jo Fayetteville Martin, Randy Mena Martindale, Suzanne Benton Mason, Bill Fort Smith Mathews, Steven Helena Matlock, Scott Little Rock Matthews, Carla Pine Bluff Mattingly, Kimberly Rogers Mayfield, Kathy Joplin, MO Sophomores 229 Mazzanti, MaryLynn Lake Village McAdams, Terri Little Rock McClard, Tracy Hot Springs McCollum, Weston Forrest City McCrady, Rusty Raleigh, NC McCullough, Megan Pittsburg, KS McCord, John Rogers McCuther, Joey Fort Smith McGee, Chan Gepp McGill, Robin Rogers McGuire, Robert Dallas, TX Mclntyre, Meddle Pine Bluff McKenzie, Ken Mountain Bro ok, AL McKisick, Sandra Forrest City McPherson, Scott Jonesboro Meeker, Kelly Pea Ridge Meeks, Jane Crawfordville Melton, Cindy Batesville Metzger, Tracey Rogers Meyer, Lorie Lincoln Miles, Tina Greenville, TX Milliken, Suzy Carlsbad, NM Monger, Lisa Mountain Home Moody, Lizan Fort Smith Moore, Ann Mountain Home Moore, Ann Pryor, OK Morris, Kara Sherwood Morris, Melanie Lonoke Morton, Kimberly Ozark Mount, Veronica Little Rock Mulligan, Sam Camden Myers, Karen Bentonville Nail, Jeff Blytheville Nance, Melanie Texarkana, TX Necessary, Cathy Northport, AL Necessary, Cindy Rogers Ness, Donald Joplin, MO Newton, Deidra North Little Rock Nicholson, Kelli Little Rock Notto, Anita Helena O ' Bar, Robert Ozark Owen, Melanie Little Rock Pace, George Mammoth Spring Painter, MaryBeth Fayetteville Pankey, Donna Newport Pape, Allison Fort Smith Papizan, Susan Fayetteville Parker, Don Harrisburg Pascoe, Jonathan Conway Patterson, Delena Marshall Pennington, Allison Austin, TX Perdue, Paul Pine Bluff Perryman, Stephen PineBluff Petray, Tammy Pine Bluff Phillips, Alan Clarksville Sophomores 230 Sieve Plaster These people are celebrating goodtimes at Bahama Mama. Sophomores 231 Phillips, Paula Greenwood Phillips, Sherri Fayetteville Pinter, Timothy Morrilton Pohlkamp, Michael Little Rock Polk, Jaima Rogers Polk, Natalie Little Rock Porter, David Little Rock Porter, Kelli Stuttgart Porter, Kenneth San Antonio, TX Potts, Bryan Little Rock Powell, Danny Little Rock Powell, Dianna Jacksonville Powers, Steve Pittsburg, KS Prater, Tim Maynard Pratt, Susan Sherwood Priester, Douglas North Little Rock Pruitt, Sheila Jasper Puckett, Audrey Little Rock Purdy, Kim Dewitt Quackenbush, Christine Sherwood Rabenck, Rayanne Stuttgart Robins, Richard North Little Rock Rand, Julie Searcy Rapert, Shannon Springdale Ray, Lori Van Buren Reding, John Greenwood Reding, Keith Dumas Reece, Gregory Osceola Reese, Vanessa Elaine Reeves, Crystal Mountainburg Reynolds, Frederick Bald Knob Rhoades, Bruce Mountain Home Richmond, Sheri Helena Rieff, Leslie Prairie Grove Riggs, Samuel Pocahontas Ring, Robin Dardanelle Roberts, Keivin Little Rock Robertson, Christopher Omaha, NE Roberson, Mary Fort Smith Robinson, Rob North Little Rock Robinson, Sally Little Rock Rogers, Barry Fayetteville Rogers, Terry Marion Rooney, Meredith Little Rock Rose, Melda Little Rock Ross, Doug Fort Smith Rumps, Deborah Chicago, 1L Rusa, Dean Fayetteville Rush, Laura Pine Bluff Rushing, Robin West Memphis Russell, Carolyn Bentonville Russell, Kimberly Truman Ryan, Greg Humphrey Sadler, Mark Moline, IL Sagely, Scarlett Lonoke Salmon, Dona North Little Rock Sophomores 232 Kenny Douglas makes diving look easy. Greg Lovett Sophomores 233 The dancing Razorback and the usher should enter the dance fever contest. Greg Lovett Sophomores 234 Carol Brown Kim Oxenreider relaxing after a long hard day of classes from 9-12. Sangaran, Man! Malaysia Sanzenbacher, Eric Siloam Springs Schneider, Nancy Fort Smith Schuldt, Robert Arlington Heights, IL Schultz. James Little Rock Scier, Claudia Pittsburg, PA Sanders, Stephanie West Fork Selby, Chris Montrose Sexton, Sheri Fort Smith Shell, Sean Salem Shepherd, Rhonda Springdale Shipley, David Fayetteville Shoemake, Carla Marion Shoemake, Shannon Osceola Sht, Allison Tulsa Siebert, Paula Jonesboro Simmons, Suzanne Ruston, LA Simmons, Teresa Jonesboro Simpson, Waylan North Little Rock Sinor, Carla Harrison Skiver, Mark Sloat, Margo La Grange Smigla. Greg Dimberling City, MO Smith, Anjal Lake Village Smith, Elaine Kingston Smith, Cynthia Salisbury, MD Smith, Jeannine Rogers Smith, Randy Melbourne It ' s always said, " Teachers are the key to everyone ' s future! ' Greg Davcn Smith, Stephen Lonoke Simothers. Wesley Benton Sowell, Melody Austin Spero, Marie Oak Lawn, IL Spillers, Billy Paris Spinell!, Mark North Little Rock Spitzmiller, Elizabeth Sikeston, MO Staggs, Tara Mabelvale Staint Columbia, Michelle Helena Stevens, Jane Paris Stewart, Brenda England Stolee, Marcia Duluth, MN Staint Onge, Michele North Little Rock Stephens, Jeffrey Hot Springs Stephenson, Sandra Staint Louis, MO Stotts, Allyson Little Rock Stranathan, Laura Van Buren Stratton, Donna Rogers Sullivan, Lisa S ' dale Sullivan, Emily Burdette Sushko. Robert Amityville, NY Sutton, Michele Alma Swann, Leigh Newport Swilley, Steve Ashdown Swor, Sonya Alpena Taggart, Tracy Little Rock Taylor, James Piano, TX Taylor, Karen Fort Smith Sophomores 236 Taylor, Lena Siloam Springs Taylor, Tanya Pine Bluff Teeter, Lisa Dumas Tennison, Marvin Sulphur, LA Thieben, Chip Springfield Thomas, Michgel Osceola Thompson, Connie Springdale Thompson, Sherie Harrison Tims, Patrick Austin, TX Tracz, Trinita Horsehoe Bend Trinca, Pete Monroe, LA Trumpp, Tammy Russellville Turner, John Fort Smith Udouj, Cristelyn Fort Smith Utley, Kelly Cabot Vance, Tracey Morrilton VanParys, Marsha North Little Rock Vanston, Caroline Dallas, TX Vaughan, Audwin Wheatley Vertrees Fort Smith Von Steen, James Little Rock Army ROTC has tapped Lynn Honea as a cadette. Compliments of Anny ROTC Waddell, Barry Arkadelphia Wade, Malinda Hope Wallace, Kimberly Dogpatch Wallis, Reesa Espamola NM Walls, Carroll Little Rock Walters, Kristine Searcy Walton, Charles Sulphur Springs Walton, Renee Truman Wan, Bong Van Malaysia Warlick, Janet Camden Washburn, Guy Roland Washington, Grace Brinkley Watson, Jason Fayetteville Watson, Missy Little Rock Carol Brown Kent Vetsch enjoys the recreation room at Reid Hall. i Sophomores 238 Waughop, Ellen Springfield MO Welborn, Saundra Mountain Home Wells, Barbara Bentonville Welshans, Beth Little Rock Welty, Lisa Osceola Wentz, Jeffrey Sarasota Westbrook. Lisa Springdale Wheeler, Scott Jonesboro Whitaker, Bryan Fort Smith White, Edward Greenwood White, Karen Pine Bluff White, Mae Pine Bluff White, Natalie Ashdown White, Todd West Helena Williams, Danny Calico Rock Williams, Jamie Lonsdale Williams, Karen Harrison Williams, Melissa Warren NJ Williams, Rhonda Sherwood Williams, Sharon Osceola Wilson, Mary Rogers Wilson, Robert Woodlawn Wilson, Virginia Boulder Wingfield, Greg Camden Winn, Michelle Springdale Winsted, Tammy Springdale Wise, David Ft. Smith Wise, John Forney Carol Brown Cyndi Scier and Maurya Ridge study in their room in Gibson Hall. Sophomores 239 ' Witt, Lisa Conway Wolfe, Ritha Stilwell OK Womack, Jessilyn Dallas TX Wong, Koon West Malaysia Yearns, Elizabeth Western Grove Yee, Ton! Dermott Young, Deanna Newport Zahm, Julie Nevada MO Zimmerman, Karen Russellville Zornes, Scott Booneville k m Chuck Cullom, Richard Oest, and Richard Wooley at a Galdson-Ripley Halloween Party with Gibson. Sophomores 240 Greg Lovett Julie Ternes enjoys a brisk walk early in the morning. Sophomores 241 FRESHMEN Larry Craft goes through drop add. Freshmen 242 N 1 Abbott, Becky Benton Abernathy, Belinda Russellville Abernathy, Cindra Russellville Abney, Melanie Tulsa, OK Acuff. Bill Pine Bluff Adams, Danny Siloam Springs Adwers, LouAnn Houston, TX Ahrent, Scott Corning Aikman. Randall Pine Bluff Alexander, Cynda Fort Smith Alexander, Lesli Heber Springs Allen, Craig N. Little Rock Almond, Jim Mountain Home Alsup, Tim Decatur Anderson, Kathleen Irving, TX Anderson, Laurie Little Rock Anderson, Shelly Laurel, MO Anderson, Stefanie Helena Anderson, Stephanie N. Little Rock Apata, James Cotter Armstrong, Rachel Rogers Ashcraft, Linda West Memphis Baird, Gretchen Richardson. TX Baker, LeahAnn Mountain Home Balentine. De ' Lisa Newport Baltz, Fintan Pocahontas Banks, Emanuel West Memphis Banks, Wendell Forrest City Barnas, Donna Libertyville, IL Barnes, Susan Hot Springs Barre ' . Hal Pocahontas Bartholomew, Tammi Malvern Bassham. Beth Wynne Beasley. Cassandra Moro Beatty, Mike Pittsburgh, PA Beaty, Lance Fort Smith Bednar, Gloria Pin Bluff Bell, Donna Fordyce Bell, Tammy Irving, TX Berg, Phillip Jonesboro Bernard!. Diana Little Rock Bethel, John Benton Beutelschies, Mark N. Little Rock Bingham, Paul Duncanville. TX Bisbee, Michelle N Little Rock Blair, Elizabeth Arlington Heights. IL Blair, Richard Blytheville Blevins. William Little Rock Bolding, Scotty Judsonia Boling, David Pine Bluff Book, Kevin Harrison Booth, Sharon Ashdown Bowlin, Mark Hot Springs Boyd, Mary Jo Monticello Bradley, Randy Springdale Brady. Scott Hot Springs Freshmen 243 Branch, Alice Paragould Brashears, Amy Benton Bratcher, Ben Richardson, TX Bray, Hester VanBuren Braznell, Julia Harrison Brewer, Carrie Paragould Bridy, R aymond Manville, NJ Brittain, Richard Redfield Brock, Leonard Porterville, CA Brogdon, Mary Arlington, MA Brokate, Patricia Little Rock Bronson, Charles N. Little Rock Brooks, Brian Holly Grove Braughton, Steve Little Rock Brown, Chuck Pine Bluff Brown, John N. Little Rock Brown, Sharon Crossett Brown, Tracy Pine Bluff Bryant, Mary Pine Bluff Bunch, Brett Lonoke Bunch, Tim Pocahontas Burgener, Jerry Hattieville Burk, JoEllen Jacksonville Burns, Brian Alma Burress, Madeline Overland Park, KS Busby, Paige Benton Butler, Laura Benton Butler, Lawrence Pine Bluff Cahalan, Sherri Kansas City, MO Caldwcll, Debra Gentry Caldwell, Susan Bentonville Calhoun, Ramona Beardon Campbell, Nelson N. Little Rock Campbell, Tammy Cabot Canino, Jill Little Rock Capps, Deborah Dallas, TX Carder, Candy Pine Bluff Carey, Cecelia Little Rock Carey, Debbie Paragould Carlock, Craig Blytheville Checking the mail boxes at Pomfret. Freshmen 244 Carter, Brent Little Rock Carwile, Lynn Wynne Case, Linda Pine Bluff Casgrove, Candace Lawton. OK Cauthon, Becky Magazine Cessna, Jack Blytheville Chaffin, Marty Benton Chambers, Steven Carlisle Chaney, Jim Springfield, MO Christopherson, Amy Hot Springs Village Charlton, Lea Berkeley, CA Chadick. Shelley Humnoke Chasar, Cassie Dallas, TX Chew, Pak-Tung Muri Sarawak, Malaysia Cholcher, David Fort Smith Christen, Kathryn Mabelvale Christian, Mary Griffithville Christmah, Joyce Fayetteville Cia, June Little Rock Clegg, Randall VanBuren Clark, Barnes Little Rock Clark, Stuart N. Little Rock Clawson, Scott N. Little Rock Clay, Kristi Sherwood Clements. Cathy Dallas, TX Clement, David N. Little Rock Clemons, Theresa Bearden Cloar. Lynn Little Rock Cogswell, Ann Russellville Cole, Larra Trumann Coleman, Gary Mount Pleasant Collins, Donna Pine Bluff Collison. Denise Sherwood Combs, Frances EIDorado Cook, MaryAnn DeQueen Cook, Ray Texarkana Cooper, Sonia Sherwood Cooprider, Benton Diamond City Coppola, Dawn N. Little Rock Covert, Christine Ozark Cox, Kimberly Washington, DC Cranford, Nicolai Malvern Crank, Mallory Little Rock Cross, Jim Pine Bluff Cross, John Eureka Springs Cross, Randy Bald Knob Crossland, James Little Rock Crouch, Cindy Fayetteville Crowder, Rickey VanBuren Cullem, Chuck Conway Culpepper, Lori Malvern Cumbie, Curtis Fayetteville Dains, Vickie Benton Dalton, Beth Kennett, MO Dangerfield, Sharron Ashdown Daniel, Sammye Conway Freshman 245 I Darter, Greg Fisher Daven, Greg Magnet Cove Davenport, Karen St. Joe Davenport, Michael Sherwood Davidson, Donna Siloam Springs Davis, Don Hot Springs Davis, Glen Burke, VA Davis, Jamie Hot Springs Davis, Karen Springdale Davis, Marie N. Little Rock Davis, Sam Carlisle Day, Debra Springdale Dawson, Deborah Sherwood Deal, Suzanne Forrest City Dean, Rochelle England Dean, Scott Stamps Deaton, Tammie Little Rock DeLaPorte, Sara Elkins DeNoon, Trey El Dorado Deramus, Billy Mena Dial, Valerie Little Rock Dickinson, Tracy England Dicus, Craig No. Little Rock Diebold, Libby Wynne Difloe, Christopher Melbourne Dilatush, Andrew Greenwood, MS Dixon, Jeff Eudora Dockins, Marsha Gassville Dodd, Jimmy Paragould Dokes, Yolanda Pine Bluff Dold, William Morrilton Dolls, Sandra Pine Bluff Doshier, Bob Harrison Dougherty, Kim Fayetteville Douglas, Lance Bentonville Dowdy, Angela Dierks DuBois, Emma Hughes Dunegan, Lisa Batesville Dunn, Jeff Fayetteville Dunn, Sandra No. Little Rock Dust, Glynis Pocahontas Eastburn, Linda Fayetteville Ebbler, Lisa Percy, IL Echols, Jill ElDorado Edwards, Bryan Springdale Edwards, Lori Pine Bluff Ehrenfeld, Jay Springfield, MO Elder, Scott Nashville Ellingson, Dan Omaha Elliott, Kim Ft Smith Ellis, Jennifer St. Louis, MO Elsken, Patricia Paris Eubanks, Kime Little Rock Eudy, Carolyn Hot Springs Enderlin, Diane Little Rock Evans, Karen Greenwood Freshman 246 Greg Daven Kurt Rogers says, " Thank Goodness for one sunny day this spring. " Freshmen 247 Evans, Lila Shreveport, LA Evans, Robert Kansas City, KS Faupel, Anne Fayetteville Faust, Elise Huntsville Fellinger, Ann Ft. Smith Ferguson, Dana No. Little Rock Ferguson, Tammy Eureka Springs Ferguson, Erin Little Rock Finch, Scott Alicia Fincher, Steve Fayetteville Finley, Kathy Marion Fite, Ann Muskogee, OK Flemister, Pamela No. Little Rocl- Fluharty, Kenneth Little Rock Fong, Ling Marianna Foote, Carl Fayetteville Foote, Donna Ulm Ford, Susan Savannan, MO Ford, Tonya Hot Springs Village Fordyce, Kathy Harrison Forgey, Gina Gateway Foresee, Tamra Bentonville Forte, Mary Lake Village Francis, Lisa Bartlesville, OK Francis, Sandra Piano, TX Franks, Jerry Tulsa, OK Friddle, Carolyn VanBuren Friends, Phyllis Pine Bluff Greg Lovett This is one of many caricatures that were drawn at Red Eye Special. Freshmen 248 Dana Duggar is performing a flute solo in the Miss U of A pageant Fries, Suzie No. Little Rock Funderburg, Martha Stamps Fung, Pak Marianna Furnas, Kevin Hot Springs Gaddy, Deanie Fayetteville Gaither. Clevester Normal, IL Gales, Carla Ft. Smith Garrett, Sharon Forrest City Garrick. Tommy No. Little Rock Carton, Lyle Fayetteville Geels, Cynthia Scranton Geheb, Jeanette Lavaca George, Connie Cabot Gentry, Mandi Avoca Gibson, And! Jonesboro Gibson, Laura Jonesboro Gillison, William Lake Village Gipson, Konnie Benton Gist, Lisa Stuttgart Glazener, Rusty Little Rock Gobbell, Jeff Helena Godzeski, Jeff Indianapolis, IN Goggans, Miles Pine Bluff Going, Cindy Cabot Goodwin, John Tulsa, OK Gordon, James Gosnell Gordon, Robin Little Rock Gornath, Elisabeth Harrison Freshmen 249 Greg Lovett Patty McClendon is leading the pack of freshmen girls through sorority rush week. Freshmen 250 Gray, Gail Bentonville Gray, Kiraberly Muskogee, OK Gray,, Sherri Bradley Green, Michael Batesville Greenwell, Jerry Trumann Greenwood, Gayle L ittle Rock Gregory, Elizabeth DeQueen Gross, Donna Little Rock Gunter, Mark Pierce City, MO Hageman, Jeff DeWitt Haley, Sheila Springdale Hall, Andrea Prairie Grove Hall, Kenny VanBuren Hall, Mark Shawnee Mission, KS Hall, Verna Ash Flat Hamilton, Cheryl Rogers Hamilton, Michele Greenwood Hankins, Connie Pine Bluff Hanshaw, Hunter Jonesboro Hardcastle, Heath Bentonville Hardcastle, Tom Harrison Hardy, Jo Ft. Smith Hargis, Sharon Dover Harmon, Rhonda Newport Harris, Bradford Jacksonville Harris, Myles Bauxite Harris, Stephanie Sheridan Harrison, Mandy Blytheville Harrison, Monte Alma Hart, John Fayetteville Hart, Susan DeValls Bluff Hartman, Robert Hattieville Hatfield, Kelley Fayetteville Hawkins, Chip Pine Bluff Hays, Sue No. Little Rock Head, Dana Little Rock He ' bert, Lisa Hot Springs Hemme, Gregory Little Rock Hender, Dayna Cedar Rapids, 1A Henderson, Debbie Gentry Henderson, MaryEllen Berryville Henderson, Stephen Pine Bluff Hendrix, Ned Horatio Henley, Brian Crossett Henry, Karen Marion Herget, Eric Little Rock Herget, Sarah Paragould Herndon, Ashley Little Rock Herring, Robbie No. Little Rock Hester, Beth Corning Hickman, Karen ElDorado Hicks, Keith Waldron Hill, Chad No. Little Rock Hill, Gina Harrison Hill, John Little Rock Hilton, Wendy Benton Freshmen 251 Carol Brown It looks like he is actually " hitting the books " Hinds, Wayne Bradley Mines, Aretha West Helena Hixson, Thomas Paris Hilburn, Danny Harrison Mocker, Don Tulsa, OK Hodge, Stan Blytheville Holton, Jennifer Little Rock Hooks, Sarah Hazen Hopfinger, Susan Kansas City, KS Hopkins, Tom Hot Springs Hopper, David Marianna Hopson, Cliff Rison Horn, Lezleigh Foreman Hotze, Kirn Pocahontas Howard, Joel Blytheville Howell, Jana Stuttgart Howells, Alicia Hot Springs Village Howey, Cynthia Stuttgart Hubbard, James Marvel] Hudson, Matt Fayette, MO Hughes, Rebecca Fayetteville Freshmen 252 Hughes, Stephanie Bixby, OK Huitt, Brenda Little Rock Huckaba, Marisa Mountain Home Huff, Stanley West Memphis Hunt, Roberta LaJolla. CA Hunt, Shawn Little Rock lies. Lisa Eureka Springs Ingram, Karen Pine Bluff Irby, Allison Piggott Irizarry, Tim Benton Irvin, Angela Springfield, MO Irwin, Sheila Hot Springs Isaac, Cardye EIDorado Ives, Kirnberly Bentonville Jackson, Julia Beebe Jackson, Nancy Richardson, TX Jackson, Pam Jasper, TX Jackson, Russell Searcy Jacobi, Nancy Piano, TX James, Elizabeth Little Rock James, Jeffrey Hot Springs Greg Lovett Debbie Kissell is looking to see if the class will be open or not. Freshman 253 Jarman, Michael Little Rock Jarrell, Judith Hot Springs Jenkins, Loyd Fayetteville Jenkins, Renata Mountain Home Jesson, MaryBeth Ft. Smith Johnson, David Ft. Smith Johnson, Diana Fayetteville Johnson, Lisa Eureka Springs Johnson, Robin Malvern Johnson, Sherrie Springdale Jones, Jay West Helena Jones, Kevin Mansfield Jones, Kim Tulsa, OK Jones, Ray Paris Jones, Sharon Huntsville Jones, Wittney Little Rock Jost, Michael Tulsa, OK Kale, Randi Poplar Grove Kane, Jon Grandview Kearney, Scott Rogers Keil, Peggy Texarkana Kelley, Harold Joiner Kelley, James No. Little Rock Kelly, Jean Keokuk, 1A Kelley, Kim Helena Kelley, Preston Ft. Smith Kelsay, Diana Council Bluffs, IA Kemp, Sallie Old Joe Kepler, Timothy Indian Head Park, IL Kerr, Darla Gravette Kesterson, Kay Pine Bluff Kimbrell, Howdy Pine Bluff Kinder, Kyla Cinn Kindley, Viki Inola, OK King, Joe Murfreesboro King, Payton No. Little Rock Kirby, Tim Clarendon Kirk, Rita Hugoton, KS Kirk, Tracy Blytheville Knapple, Whit Fisher Kocher, Lisa Harrisburg Koehler, Kirk Sherwood Kratz, Lowell Malven Krause, Janel Mountain Home Krie, Johnna Rogers Krietemeyer, Donald Ft. Smith Kropp, Alison Ft. Smith Kucala, Amy Flippin Kukar, Blake Ft. Smith Lacy, Lee Searcy LaFoon, Nicole Crossett Lamb, James Richardson, TX Lampkin, Sherry Chidester Lancaster, Jack Ft. Smith Lancaster, Virginia Sheridan Lane, Chris Little Rock Freshman 254 i Greg Daven Donna Campbell is singing a medley from the Urban Cowboy in the talent segment of Miss U Of A. FreAmen 255 Langston, Kelly Little Rock Larkin, Jerry Siloam Springs Larson, Brent Benton Laster, Sara No. Little Rock Lawrence, Bill Bentonville Lefler, Stephanie Clinton Lein, Bobby Mena Lester, Bill Hope Lewis, Carol Little Rock Lewis, Mike Pine Bluff Lewey, Kevin Pine Bluff Lever, Joyce Pine Bluff Ligon, Chuck Marianna Linn, DeLinda No. Little Rock Livingston, Susan LaGrange, 1L Lochridge, Lauri No. Little Rock Long, Kevin DeWitt Long, Margaret Arkadelphia Lookadoo, Cynthia Benton Lorence, Rick Rogers Losa, Shari Memphis, TN Lovett, Greg VanBuren Lowe, William Jacksonville Lucariello, Michael Dewittville, NY Lucas, Lisa Damascus Luster, Bryan Jonesboro Luebkemann, John Stuttgart Lundstedt, Niels Sollerod, Denmark Pomfret desk resident assistant ' s work very hard! Greg Lovett Freshmen 256 Lutes, Charlotte Blythcville Lyons, Vernon Fayetteville Lytle, Joseph Fayetteville Maberry, Stephanie Eureka Springs Mackin, Leslie VanBuren Magee, John No. Little Rock Maier, Mark Stuttgart Malcom, Steve Rogers Mansour, Mark Greenville, MS Marquess, Barrie Decatur Maris, Guy Little Rock Marohn, Chris Eureka Springs Marsanelli, Bobby Pine Bluff Martens, Dawn Fayetteville Steve Plaster Party Hearty after a Texas A M victory at Little Rock Freshmen 257 Martens, Dawn Fayetteville Martin, Ann Mountain View Martin, Ronald Ash Flat Mason, Jimmie Hope Mason, Michael Clarksville Maxwell, Al Pine Bluff Maynard, Dwane Rogers McCastlain, Cara Clarendon McCay, John Little Rock McChristian, Janet Ft. Smith McCoy, Kathryn Fairoaks, CA McCurdy, Jon Little Rock McDaniel, Rexford Dallas, TX McDonald, Renee Pine Bluff McDonnell, Kathleen Hot Springs McElduff, Nancy Helena McEntire. Ike Little Rock McGary, Elizabeth Heber Springs McGinnis, James Tontitown McKenney, Johnny Piggott Mcllroy, Missy Fayetteville Mclntire, Holly Dallas, TX McKinnis, Rhonda Mena McKnigh Cherie Little Rock McMahon, Karen Ft. Smith McNeil, Jeffrey Little Rock McNabb, Shannon Pocahontas McPherson, William Stuttgart McShan, Amanda Little Rock Meroney, Connie Fayetteville Merritt, Farris Hot Springs Meredith, Todd Hot Springs Merry, Cheryl Booneville Metzger, John Little Rock Michael, Butch Pine Bluff Miller, Charles Little Rock Miller, Donna Carlisle Miller, Joyce Fayetteville Miller, Lisa Little Rock Miller, Tammy Stuttgart Milum. Charmagne Harrison Minton, Cheryl Pine Bluff Mitchell, Jeanne Ponca City, OK Mitchell, Laura Forrest City Mitchell, Sheila Malvern Moeller, Julie Ft. Leavenworth, KS Moffett, Beth West Memphis Mommsen, Kimberly DeWitt Moody, James Little Rock Moon, Susie Mountain View Moore, Brian Rison Moore, Carrie Caddo Hills Moore, LeeAnne Dallas, TX Morehead, Tracey Benton Morgan, Cecilia Harrisburg Morris, Delia West Memphis Freshmen 258 Carol Broun There is nothing so precious as a true college friend Morris, Phillip Winchester Morrison, Connie Fayetteville Morrison, Dana Cabot Morton, Jeanne Mulberry Moseley, Pamela VanBuren Moss, Thomas Newark Mount, Theresa Little Rock Mourton, Stan Mena Mullens, JoBeth Heber Springs Mulkey, Gwyn Bentonville Murphy, James Conway Nabholz, Thomas Conway Nanny, Jerry Little Rock Needham, Tricia Berryville No, it ' s not the hogs. It ' s the Sigma Chi ' s ready for action in the charity bowl. Freshmen 260 m When I think of studying. I sit here until the thought goes away. Nelson, Lynne Spirngfield, MO Niece, Hal Scarcy Nix, Kim Carlisle Northam, Roger Fayetteville O ' Connell, Christine Carmel, NY Odell, Victoria VanBuren O ' Neil, Brenda St. Paul Oofresch, Blair Kansas City, MO Overholt, Hugh Alexandria Owen, Laura VanBuren Ownbey, Suzenne Russellville Oxner, Greg Harrison Pace. Kelly Jacksonville Park, Kristie Crossett Freshmen 261 This handsome pair look like they ' re ready to go " swanging " . Freshmen 262 Parker, Rodney Dardenelle Parsley, John Houston, TX. Partin. Renata No. Little Rock Pascoe, Jeff Conway Pate, Tyler Hot Springs Patrick, Angela Fayetteville Patterson, Tucker DesArc Patterson, Vanna Strong Patton. Kyle Pine Bluff Paxton, Robert Benton Peak, Jeff Fayetteville Pearson, Todd Irving. TX Peek, Shannon Mena Pell, Charles Springfield. IL Pennington. Lesa Little Rock Perry, Lisa Springdale Peters, George Little Rock Petrus, Kim Carlisle Petz Vickie Benton Phelps, Thomas Fayetteville Phillips, Melissa Shreveport, LA Pickering, David Little Rock Piha, Monte Bentonville Piker, Paul Searcy Pirtle, Janna Milwaukee. WI. Pitt, Jenny No. Little Rock Pittman, Patricia Amity Pope, Deborah Little Rock Porter, Pam Benton Porterfield, Lee Malwern Poynter, Debby Mountain Home Prater, Karen No. Little Rock Pratt. Linda Little Rock Presley, Gretchen Flippi ' . Pribble, Vernon Wynne Price, Janet Ft. Smith Price, Jennie Tulsa, OK. Prichard, Beth Bartlesville. OK. Prichard, Tony Grannis Prickett, Dianna Benton Prince, Lisa Searcy Procter, Kelly Prairie Grove Prosser, Paige McGehee Pruitt, Bryan Ozark Pruitt. Jamon Osceola Pruitt, Lisa Jasper Pullen, Donald Hot Springs Pulliam, Chris Ft. Smith Quails, Tamra Osceola Quinn. Jamie Pine Bluff Ramey, Bruce Danville Ramey Krissena Chester Raper, Tammy Arkadelphia Ray, Jeanette Green Forest Ray, Terry Gassville Reaves, Sharon Bauxite Freshmen 263 I Redden, Scott No. Little Rock Reese, Valerie Tahlequah, OK Reichert, Chris Chesterfield, MO Reid, Cathy Pine Bluff Reid, Tommy Little Rock Reimer, Chuck No. Little Rock Renow, Bobby Little Rock Revis, Roslyn Bryant Reynolds, Bruce Bentonville Rhodes, Pamela Parker, TX Richardson, Ben West Helena Richardson, Dennis No. Little Rock Richardson, Terri Benton Riddle, RaeGina Charleston Ridgell, Jacqueline Little Rock Riggs, James Fayetteville Rigsby, Dwane No. Little Rock Ritchey, Amy Pine Bluff Roberts, Beth Norman, OK Roberts, Mary West Memphis Robertson, Joy Russellville Robinette, Randall No Little Rock Robinson, Lisa Pine Bluff Rockwell, Angela Corning Rogers, Lorrie Searcy Rogers, Marty Fayetteville Rogers, Missy Springdale Rogers, Rhea Fayetteville Rogers, Sheila DeQueen Rogers, William Texarkana Freshmen 264 Do you think she s upset about something?? Rolfe, Debrah Foreman Rolfe, Effie Forrest City Rollins, Susan Bryant Rolloff, Sara Fayetteville Romine, Lori Fayetteville Rorrer, Kathy Harrison Rosenbaum. Kathryn Little Rock Rowe. James Pine Bluff Rowley. Toni Colorado Springs, CO Rumps. Linda Norridge, IL. Ruston, Tonya Parkin Ryall, Lucy Yorktown Rydell, James Waldron Sanderlin, Carol Crumrod Sanders, Edward Hot Springs Sanders, Todd Danville Saxton, Jay Russellville Schoettlin, Phil Lee ' s Summit, MO Schuster, Marshall Little Rock Scott. Becke Rogers It looks like these two might be Razorback fans!! Scott, Darrell Rogers Scott, Robenetta Moro Seaman, Laurie Hot Springs Seiig, Kimberly Lenexa, KS Sehman, Linda Austin. TX. Sengel. Kelli Ft. Smith Sherry, JayeLynn Russellville Shinn. Ken Malvern Sievers, Tricia Warren Simco, Dabbie Springdale Simkins, Paul Fayetteville Simmons, Robbin ElDorado Simpfenderfer. Todd Searcy Simpson, Joy Oakton, VA Freshinn 265 Army ROTC members are at a camp learning to rapel, and rope knots to complete mountaineering. Compliments of Army ROTC Freshmen 266 Simpson, Leslie Searcy Simpson, Paula Mena Siamons, John Fayetteville Smith, Brian Rogers Smith, Elizabeth Bryant Smith, Jean Mt. Vernon. MO Smith, Joe Dumas Smith, Julie Fordyce Smith, Keith Watson Smith, Leslie Tahlequah, OK Smith. Lisa Clinton Smith, Mark Marianna Smith, Maria Van Buren Smith, Michael Helena Smith, Phil West Memphis Smith, Susan Ft. Smith Smith, Susan Russellville Smith, Valerie Mountain Home Soloman, Michael No. Little Rock Sowle, Julie No. Little Rock Speight, Becky Bentonville Spelter, Layne San Diego, CA Spence, George Ft. Smith Spivey, Michael Rogers Sprenger, Kay Little Rock Squires, Michael Sheridan Stafford, Bill Fayetteville Stamps, Melissa Eureka Springs Standlee, Donnel Berryville Stanley, Caroline Little Rock Stanley, Donald Little Rock Stanley, Ricky Wynne Staples, Jeff Clinton Stauber, Larry Lonoke Steadman, Jim No. Little Rock Steed, Jonathan Leachville Steele, Dede Farmington Stehle, Pam Paris Steiner, Robert Marvell Stephens, Brooke Springfield, MO Stephens, Monte Fayetteville Stevens. Michael Kansas City. MO Stiles, Sheri Fayetteville Stine, John Searcy Stocks, Jamie Little Rock Stone, Christine Mountain Home Storey, Lisa Marvell Strassheim, Julie Siloam Springs Strongfellow, Steven Ft. Smith Stuart, Robert Waldron Stutts, Nancy Richardson, TX Summitt, Steven Heber Springs Swindle, Mike Hot Springs Village Swope, Jeff Little Rock Swope, Sarah Elkins Tabor, Mike No. Little Rock Freshmen 267 Tallent, Kim Pine Bluff Tarochionc, Mary Harrison Tarvin, Leigh Fayetteville Taylor, Gregory Monticello Taylor, Jessica Richardson, TX Taylor, Meleah Pine Bluff Tedford, Susan Little Rock Teeter, Joseph Little Rock Temple, Cara Little Rock Templeton, Jan Fayetteville Thibodeaux, Michele Fayetteville Thomas, Jelyn Clarksdale Thomas, John Little Rock Thomas, Michelle VanBuren Thomas, Teri VanBuren Thomason, Libby Little Rock Thompson, Robert Ft. Smith Thompson, Shelby Little Rock Thompson, Stacy Siloam Springs Thornton, Joe Sherwood Tillman, Mary Dumas Timberlake, Elizabeth Charlottesville, VA Timmerman, Bonnie Dim Tiner, Eddy Russellville Tisdale, Fred Pine Bluff Too, Kee Sg. Way, PJ., Sec. Tooke, Sam Hot Springs Townsell, Todd Conway Painting faces was one of the activities at the Red Eye Special. Freshmen 268 Steve T., Todd G.. and dates are living it up at formal Tramme Debra Warren Trieschmann, King Lake Providence, La Trollinger, Charles Fayetteville Tschirhart. Janet Orlando, FL Tucker, Becky Memphis, TN Tucker, Cindy Mountain Home Tucker, Dwayne Little Rock Tucker, Lesley Memphis, TN Tune, Dennis Fayetteville Thurman, Margaret St. Louis, MO Turnage. William ElDorado Turner, Brenda Tichnor Turner, Megan Cedar Rapids, IA Turner, Paula Little Rock Underwood, Leighton Oklahoma City, OK Upshaw. Mark White Hall Usery, Gary Clarksville Vaccaro, Chris Forrest City VanNoy, Tom Fayetteville Varwig, Scott St. Louis, MO Vega, Raymond West Memphis Vetsch, Kent Pine Bluff Viera, Godwal Miami, FL Villiger, Josee No. Little Rock Vozel, Mary Ft. Smith Wade, Serena Ft. Smith Wahlquist, Danielle West Plains, MO Freshmen 269 Waldron. John No. Little Rock Walsh, Tina Fayetteville Walt, Page Altheimer Warren, Rae Little Rock Watkins, Amanda Dallas, TX Watkins, Kevin Sprmgdale Watkins, Kevin Trumann Watkins, Larry Forrest City Watson, Stephen Little Rock Watson, Tracy Hackett Weaver, Anne Edmondson Welch, Carrie No. Little Rock Welch, Evan Ash Flat Welch, Julie Alexandria Welch, Tammy Pine Bluff Wells, James Little Rock Wengert, Chrissie Fayetteville West, Lyn Benton Westbrook, Paul Blytheville Whatley, Gary Benton Wheeler, Don Little Rock Wheeler, Scott Mena White, Dianne Benton White, Kerry Sapulpa, OK White, Mari Fayetteville White, Michael Dardanelle Whiteaker, Deni Pine Bluff Whitfield, Elizabeth Sherwood Wigington, Susan Rogers Wilcox, Colleen West Fork Williams, Charlotte Little Rock Williams, James Altheimer Williams, Wallis Pine Bluff Williamson, Elizabeth Fairfield Bay Wilson, Carol Rison Wilson, Joe Searcy Wilson, Susan Greeley, CO Wofford, Thomas Alma Wiggins, Randall Hazen Wilbourn, Darin Ozark Williams, Mariel Pryor, OK Wolfe, Jeana Bentonville Wolf, Martha Fayetteville Wolfe, Rodney Springdale Wood, Brian Tulsa, OK Wood, Frances Crumrod Wood, Maria Fayetteville Woods, Dawn No. Little Rock Woody, Bruce Bossier City, LA Workman, Drew Blytheville Worley, Sharon Shreveport, LA Wright, Harold Siloam Springs Wright, Tim Texarkana Wynne, Nancy ElDorado Young, Cleora Malvern Young, Jan McCrory I Freshmen 270 Young, Jimmy Lexa Young, Valerie Dierks Youngblood, Sherri Little Rock Zarlingo, David West Memphis Paula Phillip and Irma Greer are practicing hard for basketball. Greg Lovett Freshmen 271 Bi .r ' H HONORS photo by Duane Whitsetl WHO ' s WHO Twenty-five students were selected to be in " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colletes. " Who ' s Who recognizes those students who excel in areas of scholastic achieve- ment, service to the community, leadership in ex- tracurricular activities, and future potential. All pictures by John Peterson and Jeff Billiard Bob Armstrong Architecture Lake City, Arkansas School of Architecture Honor Roll, Student: Government of Architecture Treasurer, Student Year Coordinator, Union Programs There Politii FortS fliEti Denise Angela Bakema Zoology and German North Little Rock, Arkansas UA German Club President, Nortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Marching Razorback Band, Hogwild Basketball Band, Resident Assistant 1 Cfnthi Grady, Who ' s Who 274 : Studen Theresa Brown Political Science Fort Smith, Arkansas Phi Eta Sigma, Cardinal XXX, Cardinal Key, Blue Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Mor- tar Board, Zeta Tau Alpha-Vice Pres. Constance Jeanette Clark Industrial Engineering Costa Mesa, California Tau Beta Pi, Society of Women Engineers, Alpha Phi Mu-Sec., Angel Flight, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Resident Assistant Cynthia Kay Daniel .Industrial Engineering Grady, Arkansas , : 3: 2 :JTau Beta Pi, Alpha Pi Mu-Pres., Mortar Board, a: BexlOmicron Delta Kappa, Cardinal Key, Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Angel Flight, Chi Omega Alex Dunlap Zoology West Memphis, Arkansas Marching Band-Drum Major, Concert Band, Phi Delta Theta-Vice Pres., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Kappa Kappa Psi, Blue Key Who ' s Who 275 Clay Hathorn Journalism Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas Traveler Sports Editor and Staff Writer, Phi Gamma Delta Pres., Mortar Board Editor, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega Pres. Laura Lyn Jacimore Foods and Nutrition Russellville, Arkansas Mortar Board Pres., Kappa Kappa Gamma 1st Vice Pres., Student Dietetic Assoc. Pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron Vice Pres., Blue Key fed Rnam fyetl Mortar lei ton; Jana Jordan Communications Springdale, Arkansas Cardinal XXX, Cardinal Key, Blue Key, Mortar Board, Razorback Beauty, Uarkettes, Phi Eta Sig- ma Sec Treasurer XXX Kristin Kaufman Marketing and Data Processing Hot Springs, Arkansas Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa XXX Kappa Gamma Pledge Pres., Angel Flight, AU Celebrity XXX Showcase Chairperson, Phi Eta Sigma fordyci iEta Who ' s Who 276 Meredith Level Finance and Banking Fayetteville, Arkansas .- Mortar Board Historian, Omicron Delta Kappa, p- Blue Key, Cardinal Key, AU Governing Board, Union Programs Council Secretary Janna Rose Luebkemann Agricultural Business Stuttgart, Arkansas Alpha Phi Omega, Collegiate 4-H, Agriculture Eco- nomics Club, Alpha Zeta, Razorback Band, AHESA Publicity Committee, OCSA Publicity Comm. Flight ,, Phi B ' Jack Lyon Zoology Fordyce, Arkansas Phi Eta Sigma Pres., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Mortar Board, Blue Key, Cardinal XXX, Order of Ome- gaVice Pres., Sigma Nu, ASG Senator Kim Renee Marble Math Education Little Rock, Arkansas Delta Delta Delta Executive Vice Pres., Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa Secretary, Blue Key, Kappa Delta Phi Who ' s Who 277 Christy Middleton Accounting Dallas, Texas Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa Pres., Blue Key Sec., Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Kappa Alpha Theta Treas., Angel Flight Toni Miller Chemistry North Little Rock, Arkansas Phi Eta Sigma, Cardinal XXX, Cardinal Key, Blue Key, Mortar Board, Razorback Beauty, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Delta Delta Rush Chairman talph Jjrio Noun 1 terii Alpha Gary Marvin Newton Communications Lebanon, Missouri Sigma XXX Nu-Commander, Yearbook Editor, ASG Legislative Affairs Committee Chairman, Phi Eta Sigma, Cardinal XXX, Cardinal Key Eric D. Placke Political Science Fayetteville, Arkansas Phi Beta Kappa, National Merit Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma, Honors Candidate political science, Nation- al Dean ' s List, Pi Sigma Alpha Pres. Food, Who ' s Who 278 Ralph David Price Agricultural Engineering Mountain Home, Arkansas American Society of Agricultural Engineers Sec., Alpha Epsilon Pres., Alpha Zeta, Agricultural Mechanization Club Pres., Kathryn Ann Pryor Broadcast Journalism Little Rock, Arkansas KUAF Public Affairs Director, Mortar Board Sec., Omicron Delta Kappa, Blue Key, Cardinal Key, Cardinal XXX, Angel Flight, Pi Beta Phi Lisa Rice Food and Nutrition Lonoke, Arkansas Gamma XX Sigma Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Or- .jder of Omega, Blue Key, Cardinal Key, Cardinal iXXX, Chi Omega, Mortar Board Kimberly Diane Sauer Animal Science Springfield, Missouri Mortar Board Vice Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Blue Key, Order of Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta Vice Pres., Alpha Zeta, Alpha Epsilon Delta Who ' s Who 279 Steve Schexnayder Zoology Dumas, Arkansas Mortar Board 2nd Vice Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Cardinal Key, University Leadership Com- mittee, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Eta Sigma Jacquelin Kathleen Smith Chemistry Hot Springs, Arkansas Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, Delta Gamma Historian, Alpha Epsilon Delta Sec., Alpha Chi Sigma Vice Pres., Angel Flight, Phi Eta Sigma WHO ' S WHO Bradford Manson Young English Waldo, Arkansas ASG Senator, Razorback Orieteering Club-Com- mander, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Pershing Rifles Commander Who ' s Who 280 Miss U of A Tracey Whited B Miss Black U of A Nanette Newsom Honors 281 . . . tAZORBACK BEAUTIES RAZORBACK BEAU :S Susan Dean Osceola, AR Junior Banking and Finance Kappa Kappa Gamma Daisy Mae College Republicans Phi Beta Lambda First Runner Up Miss U of A Homecoming Court Photos by Bill Bowden CK BEAUTIES RAZOF OQ as o N UJ H W CQ BEAUTIES RAZORBA IAZORBACK BEAUTIES RAZORBACK BEAUTIES R, Lisa Gibson Dermott, AR Sophomore Public Relations Advertising Chi Omega Angel Flight Arkansas Booster Club Young Democrats Union Programs Travel Committee Photos by Duane Whitsetl K BEAUTIES RAZOR1 ffl DC O N tt (A U U QQ u RBBACK BEAUTIES RAZQRBA , JAZORBACK BEAUTIES RAZORBACK BEAUT ES Sarah Hicks Tulsa, OK Junior Public Relations Communications Kappa Alpha Theta Cardinal Key Cardinal XXX Phi Eta Sigma Asg Senator CK BEAUTIES RAZO CO K o N U H 3 U 00 plRBACK BEAUTIES RAZORBAl RAZORBACK BEAUTIES RAZOR BEAUTIES Amber Lohman Dallas, TX Junior Banking and Finance Kappa Kappa Gamma Homecoming Court Pom Pom Squad Union Programs Symposium Asg Senator Photos by Bill Bowden U K BEAUTIES RAZORI ffl tc o N C 5 U U 03 u 5 BACK BEAUTIES RAZORBA RAZORBACK BEAUTIES RAZORBACK BEAUTIES Ritche Manley Conway, AR Junior Industrial Engineer Alpha Kappa Alpha Porn Pom Squad American Institute of Industrial Engineers National Society for Black Engineers Photos by Duane Whitsett CJ K BEAUTIES RAZOR] 03 X o N H D u CQ - u S JIRBACK BEAUTIES RAZORBA RAZORBACK BEAUTY FINALISTS Honors 292 Karen Boles Terri Hamm Nancy Keil Sonya Hunt Bonnie Leonard Carla Cobb Honocs 293 RGANIZATIONS INTERNATIONAL CLUB INTERNATIONAL CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT: Tariq Qaiser, Pakistan VICE PRESIDENT: Saliou Djiba, Senegal TREASURER: Antoine Nakhoul, Lebanon PUBLIC RELATIONS: Pia Andersson, Sweden Rodney Hathershaw, USA EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS Organization of Arab Students: Raad Al-Molla Malaysia Student Association: Abbasher Ariff Malaysia: You-Hoo Cheah Chinese Student Association: Traanrong Chen Iran: Masoud Hashemi Finland: Kirsi Korhonen Singapore: Yiap Rung Loh Friends of India Society: Karim Maredia Peru: Paul Bauman African Student Union: Sidney Okolo Japan: Chiyo Sakamoto U.S.A.: Holly Turner Advisor: Ron Moffatt N.C.P. Pi Epsilon Delta is the 46th chapter of the National Collegiate Players, which is a honorary fraternity dedicated to the advancement of the performing arts. First row: Scott Porter Parlimentariate, Scott Doss Pledge Chair- man, Eileen Keithly President, Laura Penn Treasurer, Ken McCullouch Secretary Second row: Rich Gerdes, Belinda Matlock, Lorilyn Moore, Natasha Cranford, Fredrick Gisler, Lisa Winkle, Kermit Medsker, Alice Bane Third row: Dr. Rodger Gross, Dr. Patricia Relph, Cindy McConnel, David Black, Bill Langley, Dr. Andrew Gibb, Vickie Milliard, Betty Blyholder For the past 35 years, the U of A has been wel- coming students from other lands to pursue their education. In the last ten years alone, over 2300 students from 97 countries have made the U of A their home. The International Club was formed in 1965 to promote better understanding between countries and cultures. Club programs include cultural exhib- its, parties, movies, dinners, class presentations, and the Whole World Olympics. Two traditional events, the Fall International Bazaar and the Spring Festival of Nations, usually attract hundreds of stu- dents, faculty, and townspeople. Tne Oiemi Drawn from all aspects of the arts, members include actors, dancers, artists, and directors. Their activities during the 1982-83 school year included sponsoring the Dramatic-duet event during the U of A High School Forensics tournament, assisting the Dance Department with the Fall Choreographer ' s Concert, and in the spring they sponsored their second annual High School Drama Day. Pi Epsilon Delta closes the year with their annual Awards Banquet. 91 Theatre Festival! Organizations 296 sue their 2300 1965 to countries OMEGA CHI EPSILON The purpose of Omega Chi Epsilon is to recognize Chemical Engineering students who have displayed outstanding scholarship. Omega Chi Epsilon is open to juniors and seniors and the eligible candidates are ini- tiated each semester. Millie Robinson Officers: James Talton President, Kay Watson Treasurer, Bob Poag Vice President. Marcus Newman Treasurer. Members 1982-83 James Talton Jeff Presley Chris Holcomb Jen Tolbert Brenda Harris Carl Wikstrom Marsus Newman Steve Taylor Ann Smith Paul Chu Mike Wood Bob Poag Becky Riester Kay Watson Dr. Ed Clausen Doug Hume Linda Kay Martin :;::s. The: ir includes ig the U o: ssisting tht KEY sored to Pi Epsilon lal Awards Row 1: left to right: Christy Middleton, Johnette Oden, Kim Sauer. Row 2: Scott Turley, Meredith Level, Kathryn Pryor. Row 3: Karen Patterson. Ron Dooms, Don McKnight. Row 4: Payne Brewer, Laura Jacimore, Gary Petrus. Row 5: Greg Pitts, Lane Keeter, Toni Miller. Blue Key National Honor Fraternity began at the University of Arkansas in 1928. Their membership was based on all around leadership in student affairs and high scholastic achievement. Members of the service organization had a desire to serve the University and their fellow students. Their motto expressed this, " Serving I live. " Millie Robinson Officers: Meredith Level, Scott Turley. Not pictured: Johnette Oden, Christy Middleton. Organizations 297 UNION PROGRAMS AUP, the major programming body of the campus, is responsible for bringing a wide variety of events and activities to the students and Fayetteville commu- nity. A group consisting of 150 students and four full time staff members, AUP has brought to the campus such programs as Red Eye Special, Bob Hope, Alabama, G. Gordon Liddy, Feast and Fest, Chicago, Rachel Lampert Dancers, The National Shakespeare Company, trips to ski and sun locations, and much much more. Greg Lovett Too much too fast. Rob Cheshir tries to swallow as the Pizza Eating Contest during the annual Red Eye Derrick Rose competes in Special. Greg Lovett A night at the races. Greg Goodwin, Dave Ureckis, Phyllis Gilken, and MaryLlew Gilken yell for their horse to win in the races shown on the video screen in the Etcetera Room. Bill Bouiden Chicago! Front row: Kristin Kaufman, Alline Fulton, Mary Reed. Charlet Davis, Martha Denison. Susan Carney Second row: Anne Kittrell, Eric Wear, Jay Dyke, Keith Besonen, (Bill Farmer), Joe Williams, Greg Whiteaker, Larry Butler, Rose Sales Organizations 298 EXECS PROGRAM ' S COUNCIL POPULAR FILMS -:- PRESIDENT Charlct Davis VICE PRESIDENT Martha Denison CHAIRPERSON OF GOVERNING BOARD Greg Whiteaker CELEBRITY SHOWCASE CHAIRPERSON Kristin Kaufman Tor V. Faulk Kevin Kilker David Shipley Tim Whelan Rodney Ford Brian Lamb J. Michael Stovall Julie Zahm Kristi Kellam Walter Quinn Mike Wallis Greg Whiteaker FOREIGN FILMS CHAIRPERSON Keith Besonen James Giese Lisa K. Neal John Shackelford Jeanne Luddeni James Roles Marilyn Miller Paulette Schmidt MINORITY PROGRAMS i CHAIRPERSON Mary Reed Emmanuel Belt Curtis Perry Chana Johnson Sonya Hunt Althea Gibson Sharon Lawrence Stanley Huff PERFORMING ARTS CHAIRPERSON Alline Fulton Paul Claybaker . Marin Duncan Sherry Harmon Stacie McHan Suzie Clayton Gayle Corley Betsy Homer I Geroge Ladyman Druska Salisbury Judy Drummond Teresa Habig Tom Lee Debbie Williams CHAIRPERSON Joe Williams Teresa Turk Katrina Stremel Bob Armstrong Karen Votteler Meredith Level Kimberly Kirby John Paul Moory Pam Reid Robert Buckley Elaine Snow Stephen Stair Keith Line SPECIAL CHAIRPERSON CHAIRPERSON Susan K. Carney Don Brewington Jerry Hill Erin McCarthy Sue Mitchell Mike Shaver Rich Helfrey Jay Burress Vonda Lewis Pat McGinnis Scott Sandlin Phoebe Thompson Tina Fountain Marilyn Ligon Tina Miles Stephanie Saunders Greer Woodruff SYMPOSIUM Lynda Aikman Ashley Grisso Carol Robertson TRAVEL CHAIRPERSON Jay Dyke Bruce Armstrong Gibson Garrett Brad Phillips Ken Bonds Terry Kent Archie Ryan Ginger Creed Mary Niles VISUAL ARTS CHAIRPERSON Eric Wear Kelly Bond Ginger McSherry Kathy Green Art Nations Robert Lowe Organizations 299 ALPHA ANGEL SOCIETY During the semester the Angels have participated in several service projects including the Kiwania ' s Turkey Trot, fund raising dances, tutoring at Willow The Alpha Angel Society is a service organization. Heights, and the Special Olympics. It began on September 26, 1971 as the little sisters The Society had 25 members. Their motto is love of Alpha Phi Alpha. and progress. Millie Robinson Organizations 300 TAU BETA PI The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to recognize engi- neering students who have displayed outstanding scholarship and exemplary character. Tau Beta Pi is open to juniors in the top Ys of their class and to seniors in the top 1 5 of their class. Tau Beta Pi performs several functions during the year. Community projects, Engineering Homecoming, scheduling of HIT reviews, and sponsorship of a casi- no party during Engine Week are some example of their projects. Millie Robinson Officers: left to right: Billie Nicholson Vice President. Dr. W. D. Brown Major Advisor. James Talton President. Dr. E. C. Clausen Advisor. Kathleen Rea Pledge Trainer, David Mines Recording Secretary, Phil Smith Treasurer ORDER OF OMEGA Order of Omega is a service organization that hon- ors outstanding seniors in the U of A fraternity and sorority system. Members are selected for their contri- bution to the Greek system and to their chapters. Millfe R Left to Right: John Goodloe, Kathryn Pryor. Kay Watson, Tracy Brokate 2nd row: Johnny Mansour, Greg Zerman. Gary Yanosick, Terry Brown. Kim Sauer 3rd row: Archie Ryan, Clay Hathorn. Dumas Garrett Members 1982-83 Mike Tessaro John Lillard William Luter John Pierce Janet Lacefield Doris Chu Jen Tolbert Cynthia Brown Paul Chu David Ranney Bill Wood Mark Johnson Kathleen Rea David Mines Robert E. Williams Billie Nicholson Dr. W. D. Brown Phil Smith Gary Quinn Ed Clausen Ann Smith James Talton Linda Kay Martin Susan Schaefer Mark Brightwell Douglas A. Hume Stephen Taylor Hardey Beaver Chris Holcomb This year Order of Omega sponsored several activities to benefit the University community in- cluding the Brain Strain, and a game show that educated the campus on different facets of alcohol during the Alcohol Awareness Month. Order of Omega also manned the reception booth during Parent ' s Weekend. The organization ' s main project in the spring is the Order of Omega Banquet which concludes Greek Week. The purpose of the banquet is to present awards, recognize achieve- ments, and to name the new Order of Omega members. Officers: Gary Yanosick Enlightened Treasurer, John Goodloe Secretary. Clay Hathorn President Oganizatkns 301 ARMY ROTC: MS iv CONTINUING A TRADITION This University had a rich tradition of service and leadership given to it by men with distinguished mili- tary backgrounds. The cadets, voluntarily participating in the ROTC program, felt as strongly as those that had gone before them that " so long as our nation can call with confidence on her sons and daughters for the defense of her people, just so long will she remain one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. " These cadets exemplified the finest in American youth. Front row: Bill Neidringhaus, David Belva, Louise Hanscn, Bob Rog- ers, Steve McClain, Randy Massanelli Second row: Mark Butler, Steve Houser, Mark Benedict, Kirk Koebler, Scott Porter, Kyle Davis, Bob Casey, David Courtney, Brett Stuart, Bradford Young Third row: Ted Vandagriff, James Nelson, Max Timmons, Ken Hoover, Mark Elliot Photos courtesy of Army ROTC The way we were ... on the way to MS IV year. Organizations 302 Front row: Bill Pagan. David Phillips, Ed Wood, Grant Boles Second row: Joe Young, Ken Comer, Rick Mayes, Keith Henry, Rusty McGrady Third row: Steve Redman, Joe Park, Emmanuel Belt, Kevin Moore, Andy Lucas Fourth row: James Johnson, Jim Flowers. Arthur Oliver, Tim Wiseman. Ken Jeffrey ARMY ROTC: MS m BECOMING EXPERIENCED LEADERS Cadets in the advanced program learn the principles of leadership, tactics, and management in the classroom and at summer camp. More impor- tant, however, the cadets applied these principles in actual leadership situations so that they are com- missioned as experienced leaders. Organizations 303 ARMY ROTC Organizations 304 CADRE: Front row: MAJ Boyd, LTC Robinson, SGM MacDonald Back row: CPT McClain, SSG Buda, MSG Fant, CPT Beane, CPT Kattleman, CPT Hudson, MAJ Prichard Michelle Green Pershing Rifles Sweetheart ARMY ROTC: KADETTES The Kadettes, dedicated to the support of the Army ROTC Department, had a busy year. They tapped members in the fall and spring. They enter- tained children at Jefferson elementary school with a Halloween party, and sold concessions and novelties at Barnhill Arena and the Northwest Arkansas Air Show. They also had the chance to try their hand at rappelling during the Army ROTC Field Training Ex- ercises. In March the Kadettes rounded out the year with the annual Military Ball. Front row: Carla Cobb, Anne Bates, Cyndy Montgomery, Christie Bridges 2nd row: Gibson Garrett, Anna Schreit, Gayla Anderson. Melissa Albright, Darla Braswell, Ellen Christian 3rd row: Becky Ley. Patti Jackson, Sherry Alford. LeAnn Evans, Michelle St. Onge, Harriet Morris, Tanya Phillips 4th row: Melinda Mcliroy. Susan Nichols. Michelle Green, Donna Pankey. Bonnie Sokora, Marjorie Tedford Officers: Left to right: Christie Bridges Deputy Commander ' 83, Anne Bates Commander ' 82, Cyndy Montgomery Commander ' 83, Carla Cobb Deputy Commander ' 82, Gibson Garrett Secretary ' 83 Organizations 305 ARMY ROTC: SAME The Society of American Military Engineers is a professional engineering society, one of the oldest and most respected in the nation. It is a nonprofit corpo- ration founded in 1920 and dedicated to the national defense and to the advancement of military engineer- ing. SAME receives outstanding chapter award. Millie Robinson PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor fraternity with chapters in all the major universities across the Unit- ed States. The University of Arkansas chapter is ten years old and around 300 members are initiated dur- ing each spring semester. Membership requirements are a 3.5 or above grade point average for the first semester or first two semesters combined. Millie Robinson Left to Right: Kelly Frieze treasurer, Tim Hudson vice president, Bart Barnwell president, Sarah Hicks secretary, Dr. Leah Eastman advisor. It maintained the high standards of professional excellence and encouraged the free exchange of ideas and developments between military and civil- ian engineers and architects the design build team. This union of military and civilian engineers has increased the engineer potential of the United States and has helped our nation " stay ready. " Millie Robinson Row 1: Bob Rogers, Andre Houser President, Greg Lucier vice president, Daniel Wedeking, Bill Niedringhaus. Row 2: Mark Braughton, John West, David Courtney, Marc Langston, Captain Dean Kattelmann Faculty Advisor. This year Phi Eta Sigma worked on a joint project for emergency phone stickers for campus phones, helped the ASG Special Project Committee with the United Way Casino Night, started con- tracts for the establishment of a second Arkansas chapter at the University of Central Arkansas, they contributed to the University Library Fund, and awarded six scholarships for outstanding freshmen. Executive officers were Bart Barnwell presi- dent, Tim Hudson vice president, Sarah Hicks secretary, and Kelly Freize treasurer. Using a new committee system to handle the group ' s activities, the executive members appointed the fol- lowing committee chairmen: David Mangan investment, Lisa Bocquet scholarship, Candi Bray initiation, Megan McCullough executive auxiliary, Greg Elders publicity, Ann Moore mailing. Organizations 306 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Bill Doshier Front Row. left to right: Diann Curiel, Steve Longinotti, Tina McKelvey, Tyler Treadway, Duane Whitsett. 2nd Row: William Ingenthron, Robert Douglas, Tommy Vaughn. Gary O ' Keif. Brad Phillips. Mitch Cone, Bill Hughes, James Ezell, Sharon Bass. Organiiitjoni 307 MORTAR BOARD The purpose of Mortar Board was to ' " promote and advance the status of women, to promote equal opportunity, to support the ideals of the university, to advance the spirit of scholarship, to recognize and en- courage leadership, and to promote the opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group. " Membership in Mortar Board signified honor, offered challenge, and represented commitment. Selection was based on the areas of leadership, service, and scholarship. Al Millie Robinson Officers: Left to right: Clay Hathorn Editor, Meredith Level Historian, Kim Sauer 1st Vice President, Laura Jacimore President, Steve Schexnayder 2nd Vice President, Toni Miller Treasurer, Kathryn Pryor Secretary. 1st row: Kathryn Pryor, Gary Petrus, Denise Bakema, Meredith Level, Kim Marble, Laura Jacimore, Jana Jordon, Johnette Oden, Kim Sauer. 2nd row: Clay Hathorn, Jack Lyon, Ron Dooms, Toni Miller, Larry Childress, Cindy Daniel, Steve Schexnayder. Not pictured: Terri Brown, Donna Cater, Alex Dunlap, Dumas Garrett, Kristin Kaufman, Christy Middleton, Greg Pitts. Kendall Price. Lisa Rice, Jackie Smith, Kristi Probasco. i Millie Robinson Member Kristin Kaufman sells the annual Mortar Board calendars. Organizations 308 AHEA AHEA student representatives attend conference. The American Home Economics Association (AHEA) was founded in 1909. The educational and scientific organization ' s purpose was to improve the quality and standards of both individual and family life through education, research, cooperative pro- grams, and public information. AHEA one of the largest professional organizations in the United States had affiliated home economics associations in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Seated: Miriam Flippo AHESA Representative. Gibson Garrett Corresponding Secretary. Standing: M.C. Potter Vice President. Donna DeSieghardt Treasurer. Paula Porter, Lori Bogy Historian. Renette Conrad. Dr. Charlene Mooty Advisor. Debbie Yancey President. Left: Stuart Franklin absorbs himself in the Traveler. Above: Students walk to class. Organizations 3O9 ASSOCIATED STUDENT GOVERNMENT Dyke Morris President Millie Robinson Millie Robinson Jeff Kirby Senate President Pro Tempore Organizations 310 iNl I ASG Brian Rosenthal Vice President Mike Moore Treasurer Joe Horner Assistant Treasurer Ronnie Duncan Assistant Secretary Organizatk ns 31 1 ASG Senate Millie Robinson Dave Coleman Greg Hildreth Bryan Rachal Rhonda Harmon Suzie Fries Melissa Kent Becky Edelman Victoria O ' Dell Angela Irwin Gretchen Gibson Richie Cullom Edward Schmel Eric Henretty Steve Quillman Ed Harpole Bill Kropp Kime Eubanks J. J. Galloway Lynn Davis Kay Mathews Kellye McDonald Brian Finnerty Bradford Harris Vicki Davis Fred Henderson Carla Gales Debbie Gilbreath Mark Long James Williams Chris Yates Scott Stillwell David Bunton Robin McGill Robin Ring Jana Brown Debbi Robb Lori Seeburger Becca McDonald Mary Laughton Hollie Hunnicutt Kim Woods Bo Barnwell Jeff Massey Cindy White Todd Martin Barney Clark Rob Bradford Mike Reilly Kevin Jones Kevin Utley Dennis Smiley Eugene Jenkins Todd Rose Dick Davis Geoffrey Tompkins Bill McDonnell Ross Sanders Blant Hurt Alan Laws Mike Ablowich Ritchie Barnes Steve Breedlove Cathye Carter Kim Roberts Steve Lancaster Tracy Davis Michael McCarthy Curtis Creek Kelly Mayo Barbara Derryberry Debra Whitt Kyle Kellams Tina McKelvy Anne Faupel Tim B. Johnson Sarah Humble Janna Luebkemann Rob Stovall Jeff Crockett John Largent Tex Trumbo Jeff Walker Craig Boone Lynn Threlkeld Mark Benedict Rich Bailey Janie Mitchell Melanie Smith Rhonda Shepherd Kevin Delk Wally Donovan Scott Waymire William Frye Randy Roberts Bobby Harrison Delena Patterson Dean Jones Driller Fiegel Rob Hibbard Bobby Pryor Douglas Hume Forrest Spicher Sharon L. Loop Mike Cummins Organizations 312 PHI BETA LAMBDA PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS FRATERNITY Officers: Mitchell Ober Doug Cass Jerry Markey Suzi Reed Karen Myers Vallerie Boyd Alline Fulton Members 1982-83 Rhonda Shephard Judy Malone Advisor President Vice President Membership Vice President Community Service Vice President Faculty Relations Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Phi Beta Lambda members present new ideas to the group. Members 1982-83 Tamara Kenyon Belinda Mills Kim Garner Mary Robertson Terri Ghenault Cheryl Johnson Timothy Aasland Scott A. Barber a Janice Huck Connie Swafford Mardi Gurley Franklin Shirrell Mark Necessary Jeff Crittenden Scott White Teresa Moore Diane Jones Thomas E. Green Charles D. Summer Patricia L. Smith Dina C. Wood Norman A. Brannon George Dyer Mike Clark Robert K. Grattis Lance A. Beaty Melissa Millspaugh David Pugh Joan Neal Mary Knittig Rich Craft Richard Beem Rhonda Royd Clinton Stewart Naomi Harvison Irma Williams Logan Manatt Lance Douglas Becky Speight Peter Duncan Award winners from PBL convention. Organizations 313 Agricultural Economics Club Officers: Betty Swartzwelder, Janna Luebkemann, Vicki Allison, Tim Marconi, Dale Stevenson PHI MU ALPHA The Agricultural Economics Club strived to stim- ulate interest in the field of Agricultural Economics and to provide a medium of exchange of ideas in that area. The academic and social organization also fostered a closer relationship and understanding between faculty and students. They achieved these goals by various club sponsored activities such as guest speakers in related fields, and a yearly field trip to agribusinesses in cities and states in the surrounding area. Row 1: Amy Marr. Vicki Allison, Cheryl Wingert. Betty Swartzwelder Row 2: Dale Stevenson, Tim Marconi. Sheliah Keck, Kimberly A. Beadles, Janna Luebkemann Row 3: Emmett Elam, James McJunkins, Billy Sitlington, Basil Hoag, David Crossett, Randy Roberts, Ron Stanley Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a professional music fraternity, was founded in 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Their primary purpose was to encourage and activly promote the highest standards of creativity, perfor- mance, education, and research in music. The organi- zation was involved in many activities such as the Northwest Arkansas Choral Solo and Ensemble Contest, backstage management of recitals at the Fine Arts Concert Hall, and various other socia; projects in the Department of Music. Members: Jeff Bright, Keith Brison, Jim Carroll, Alan Clark, Jose Diaz. David Doke, Tom Ellis, Randy Grahm, Troy Helm, Steve Howard, David Kirkley, John Lowry, Paul Messina, Brian Petty, Alan Sharp, Jeff Thomas, Mark Wagner, Martin Walters, Phil Wilson, Jim Robken Advisor Officers: Christian Rabone President, Ken Williams Pledge Trainer Second row: Chris Lizotte Vice President, Gary Hunt Secretary Mike Simpson Treasurer (not pictured) Organizations 314 ETA KAPPA NU MEMBERS Alan England Brian J. Sullivan Thomas M. Barnes Cliff Oglesby Larry Adair Jeff May Donnie G. Vest Larry Dickinson Ronnie Brown David Bowen Ronald Danielak Christian G. Cochran Chuck Shaver Chuck Tomiello Officers: Cliff Oglesby President, Larry Adair Vice President. Chuck Tomiello Recording Sec- retary. Thomas Barnes Bridge Correspondent. Brian Sullivan Corresponding Secretary. ODK Leadership 1st row Seft to right: Meredith Level. Kim Sauer. Kathryn Pryor. Allyson Andrews. Denise Bakema 2nd row: Ron Dooms, Kim Marble, Steve Schexayde. Gary Petrus, Johnette Oden 3rd row: Ralph Johnson, Tracy Davis. Christy Middleton. Dumas Garrett, Clay Hathorn. Kristin Kaufman. Gary Yanosick Officers: Gary Yanosick, Christy Middleton, Kim Marble, Gary Petrus OraaniMtiota 315 An early morning walk to class along the new sidewalk between the Science buildings. Students enjoy the sun while watching the Charity Bowl football game. Greg Lovetl ik ' aer " ' - ' - Gr. .L U " :: ; ' :-.=-, vu We A nice place to study on a warm day. Orga nizations 316 h Sh I ARKANSAS BOOSTER CLUB ABC is an organization composed of three dele- gates from each living group on campus. The main purpose of ABC is to promote student support and spirit for U of A athletic events. Ways in which members work to accomplish this purpose include sponsoring football and basketball pep rallies, selling Razorback towels, and planning events for Texas Week and Homecoming Week. Millie Robinson Officers 1st row: Carol Robertson Vice President, Buddy Main Secretary, Lisa Gibson Publicity Chairman. 2nd row: David Watson Treasurer. Dan Collum President Not pictured: Lori Edwards Publicity. MEMBERS 1982-83 J Curt Campbell ' Tommy Brown Evelyn Lambert : Cecila Stuckey Kristi Griffith Melinda Goodman Tony Rowley I Rick Kelly Todd Martin |Tom Watson 3 Bryan Cranford Mac McCain Carrie Galemore I Donna Salmon Lori Edwards I Laura Tate Alana Boyd Karen Schreiber Tony Shaw I Nelson Campbell Jeff Swope Robert Paxton John Goodwin Rich Robbins John Ritrell David Burnett Dallas Brooks Terry Huitt Randall Carney Steve Parker Tom McGuire Donna Lederman Krystal Moore Lisa Rice Lori Seeburger Kelly Bond Carol Minton David Pickering Lance Sallis Rick Bartley Robbie Armstrong Jackie Bartholomew Frank Sprick Steve Means Jeff McNeil David Kolb Mark Boltz Adrien Freeman Peggy Keil Kelly Duke Trog Heron Betty Thomas Carissa Bryant Robert Hart Becky Edelmann Lachelle Whiteley Todd Cotton Lance Parton Brett Bocy Brian Wolff Mike Baltimore Shawn Riley Liz Lewison Kevin Ozburn Mike Lewis Todd Ross Terry Madden Fred Tisdale Joe Clark Les Martin Mike Odell Jimmy Marconi Donna Pankey Kirsten Junkins Cathy Reid David Sallas Walker Sloan J.R. White Melissa Brown Susan Brown Betty Suartewelder Connie Swafford Stefanie Anderson Gary Harris Organizations 317 CARDINAL XXX 1st row: left to right: Michele St. Onge, Lisa Boquet, Elizabeth Yearns, Candi Bray, Carla Sinor, Kristi Griffith, Sarah Hicks 2nd row: Leah Eastham Advisor, Susan Nunnalee, Jirn VonSteen, Margo McCollum, Ken Bonds. 3rd row: Mitch Cone, Tim Hudson, Brian Meggers, Bart Barnwell, Lance Fair, Tom Gean. 4th row: David Mangan, Mark Rogers, Michael Callaway, Don Parker, Ashton Adcock. KAPPA DELTA PI Members: 1st row left to right: Dora Haney, Cynthia Hefley, Lori Mauldin, Kimberly A. Bland 2nd row: Linda Eoff, Marilyn Hollis, Judy Faulkner, R. M. Roelfs, Frances Roelfs, Othelia Paul, Maxine Vaught. Cardinal XXX is a sophomore honor organization consisting of thirty members. The gorup is commit- ted to service at the U of A. Some of their projects include assisting at the Chancellor ' s recep- tion for National Merit Scholars, and the casino party for the United Way and the book fund, and participating in the Scholar ' s Day. A minimum grade point of 3.0 must be attained for admission. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and leadership on campus. Interviews are conducted in late March. Officers: left to right: Lance Fair, Sarah Hicks, Ken Bonds, Margo McCollum. Not pictured Molly Inhofe. The U of A chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, founded in 1924, has recognized excellence in scholarship, outstanding contributions to education, and distinc- tion through achievement. Individuals were selected to become members of the Society through invitation from the local chapter. The invitation was based on high academic achievement, a commitment to education as a career, and a pro- fessional attitude to assure member ' s growth in the field of education. Those elected to membership in Kappa Delta Pi will remain members for life. Officers: Left to Right: Othelia Paul Counselor, Dora Haney Reporter, Lori Mauldin Historian, Kimberly A. Bland President. ] Organizations 318 18 commit. e oft Or ' s recep. tlle casino be attained ta basis t| Interview BETA ALPHA PSI The Alpha Iota chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, a honor- ary Accounting fraternity, promoted both academic and professional excellence. They were active in several community and campus activities. Millie Robinson Beta Alpha Psi 1982-83 Maijo McCAa! Pi, foundei scholarship, and distinc- ere selected ty througk rotation was Demerit, i and a pro rowth in to mbership i Millie Robinson I Officers: 1st row left to right: Cindy Wingo President, David McCurdy Trea- surer, Becky Matthews Recording Secretary, 2nd row: Barbara Drummy Vice President, Terry Kenyon Programs. Members 1982-83 Jean Ahrent Dennis Anderson Clay Anderson Randall Carney Brenda Cline Melissa Coggins Mike Conn Frankie Crabtree Angela Dawson Susan Dayringer Teresa Dillahunty Barbara Drummy Brenda Eastburn Kelli Elmer Shawna Farthing Martin Fiscus Mary French Brian Gilliam Wayne Gregory Jean Haley Jana James Rebecca Johnson Lane Keeter Terry Kenyon Bill Leonard Becky Matthews David McCurdy Christy Middleton Phillip Porter Martin Murphy Mark Richards Karen Thonson Sharon Ward Teresa Wilder Greg Williams Cindy Wingo Teresa Wood Tommy Vaughn Julia Dunn Steve Harrell Gordon Wilbourn Agha Khan Kathy Panas Art Babb Cindy Carr Mike Blackwell Stanley Choong Randy Davis Clarence Elliot Ron Fillmore Ronnie Hodges Rebecca Howell Roxane Kramer Norman Lenehan Catherine Phillips Lynn Shanks Norman Kildow Sara Tepfer Joel Vaught Carolyn Vest Jean Whelchel Paul Williams Bruce Armstrong Steven Ashcraft Marvin Bixby Tracy Borgognoni Katherine Brasel Linda Brick Jimmy Burns Brent Campbell David Clark Debra Conard Katsuyo Drummond Tamera Ginn Carol Henley Sherrie Hicks Melissa Holder Dwain Hudson Charles Leflar Stephan Maestri Gina Martin Michael McClure Jeff Myers Cynthia Montgomery Melissa Newport Brian Rosenthal Dawn Schober Randall Seismore Timothy Thompson Lisa Wallis Camille Webb Gary Wilson James Yeager David Yowell Organiziinoru 319 PRE-LAW Student Association The Pre-Law Student Association helped 10 famil- iarize undergraduate students with law school, law curriculum, and the LSAT. Various speakers were invited to discuss such topics as the qualities of a law- yer, discipline required in law school, the importance of attending an accredited law school, and how to choose a law school. The speakers were usually professionals in the Fayetteville community or law stu- dents from this campus. Anyone who was considering law as a career was invited to join. Officers left to right: 1st row: Susan Fox Vice President, Deborah Whitt- President. 2nd row: Wendy Kelley Treasurer, Danny Cook Secretary Members 1982-83 John Anderson Michael Barnes Trey Barrett William Blevins David Boling Mark Bowlin Scott Brady Mark Breashears Brad Butler Roger Bryles Jim Chaney Danny Cook Dan Collum Tim Kepler Don Davis Susan Fox Kevin Fumes Greg Giles Martin Harrel John Hart Eric Harget Sam Hill Kevin Hudson Mark Huney Ron Jennings Wendy Kelley John D. LaFargue Donna Larr Brit Metcalf James Moody Brian Moore Kirk Netherton Johnette Oden Karen Patterson Lisa Pruitt Sheila Pruitt Trip Pullin Robert Riley Todd Rose Brian Rosenthal Edward Sanders Terry Schomert Allen Smith Doyle Smith Mark Smith Robert Smothers Gary Standridge Andrew Tedder Pete Trino Steve Warrick Lyn West Deborah Whitt ten Pa HmkJ Jennl Jay Bill GusPa DougC crry David [ George m See:: T- Organizations 320 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL STEVE GUNTER DON MC KNIGHT MIKE BONDS GREG ZERMAN RICHIE BARNEL DON PARKER JOHN GOODLOE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY RUSH CHAIRMAN ASSISTANT RUSH CHAIRMAN GREEK WEEK CHAIRMAN Millie Robinson IFC MEMBERS 1982-83 Don Parker Hank Johnson Glenn Hogue Jay Billingsley Lewis Kinard Gus Pace Alan Hope Doug Cox Terry Madden David B. Scruggs George Dyer Jeb Byrd Mike Hudlow Scott Turley Alfred Young Carlos Woods Chip Thieben Brad Paul Steve Curda Larry Wood Lance Click Mitchel Ward Bryan Meldrum Laddy Diebold Mike Aston Samuel Turner III Darryl Brannon Bob Brooks John Goodloe Steve Gunter Members of IFC assist in Blood Drive Greg Lovctt Millie Robinson Or9anizationi 321 BAND FRATERNITY AND SORORITY KAPPA KAPPA PSI Millie Robinson TAU BETA SIGMA Millie Robinson Organizations 322 OFF CAMPUS The Off Campus Student Association was the main governing body of the off-campus student population and it served as their official representative to the University of Arkansas. OCSA provided a means to unite off-campus students, to insure representation in student government and student activities, to keep members informed of pertinent campus and communi- ty activities and to assist the off-campus students in meeting those problems which arise through living off campus. The Off-Campus Student Association repre- sented and provided services for about 9000 off campus students. Delena Patterson and Victoria were hamming it up while Jeff Massey, Kim Poindexter. and Steve Curda were " hard at work. " Officers left to right: Dr. Suzanne Gordon, Jeff Massey President. Rich Bailey Chief Justice. Melanie Smith 2nd Vice President. Not pictured: Laura Cabell Secretary - Treasurer Fall. Sarah Humble 1st Vice President, Kevin Delk President Pro-Tempore, John Largent Associate Justice, Mike McCarthy Associate Justice, Delena Patterson Secretary Treasurer Spring. Oa uiiMtion. 323 RAZORBACK STAFF 1982-83 Front Row, left to right: Ben Home, Greg Daven, Brian Wolfe. Row 2: Sherry Bass, Duane Whitsett, Jana Arnold, Tonda Nations, Millie Robinson. Row 3: Gary Coleman, Bill Doshier, Diann Curiel, Colleen Genty, Gary Yanosick, Bill Whisnant, Mark McNabb. Organi2ations 324 RAZORBACK EDITOR JANA ARNOLD The staff works hard before a deadline Oganiiations 325 RAZORBACK MANAGING EDITOR -DUANE WHITSETT Hill Hall Razorback Offices Organizations 326 RAZORBACK Features Editor Robert Chessir puts finishing touches on the features layouts. Section Editors spent a lot of time getting things just right. The editor checks over the pages. Orgamutions 327 RAZORBACK , Bill Doshier ' s Camera. Bill Doshier Photography Editor Staff members spent many hours planning and preparing. Organizations 328 RAZORBACK T Above: Staff member pretends to sell yearbook. Below: Beautiful Hill Hall. Organizations 329 THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF Organizations 330 ANOTHER RAZORBACK ' S BEEN SUSPEND FIND OUT IF IT ' S SEX OR DRUGS, BUT DON ' T MAKE ANYBODY LOOK BAD. " ...ITEM 24. HUSTLE OVER TO THE ASG OFFICE IF YOU DON ' T SEE ANY NEWS... MAKE SOME. AND REMEMBER, LET ' S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. " Organizations 331 " I ' LL HAVE TO PULL A DELOREAN TO GET THESE GUYS OUT OF HOCK " I GOTTA DO A STORY IN THE BAHAMAS, TOMMY. GIMME $3000. " WHADDYA MEAN? WE SCREWED UP YOUR AD. WE PUT 990 INSTEAD OF $99? YOU ' RE GONNA LOSE $10,000? DON ' T CRY TO ME BUDDY. NEWS PAPERS IS A TOUGH GAME. " Organizations 332 iING AN EDITOR IS A TOUGH, DIRTY, THANKLESS JOB BUT THEN IT DOES HAVE ITS BENEFITS. " IT FITS DOESNT IT? RUN IT. " RICK, WE GOTTA FIX THIS HEADLINE ASG TO HOLD OFFICER ERECTIONS. ' SHOULDN ' T IT BE... " Organizations 333 MEANWHILE IN A GOVERNMENTAL-TYPE OFFICE ACROSS CAMPUS... " WHEN ARE THEY GONNA STOP BEING JOURNALISTS AND START BEING HUMAN BEINGS? " Traveler rMliui.fciii WHEN ARE THEY GONNA START PRINTING GOOD NEWS? " SUDDENLY A SHOT RANG OUT.. TO BE CONTINUED NEXT YEAR Editor Tyler Treadway Managing Editor Rick Lee Assistant Editor Stephen Steed News Editor Thomas Sissom Sports Editor Clay Hathorn Photo Editor Brian Ramoly Production Manager Betsy Homer Ad Manager Pam Key Ast. Ad Manager Laura Treischmann Business Manager Tommy Vaughan Writers Annette Frazier, Steve Boling, Kelly Hinds, Sherri Ward, Brian Wood, Charlie Ehrenfeld, Keith Stephens, Judy Gallman, Lori Harrison, Terry Jackson, Slant Hurt, Jeff Beecher Photographers Greg Lovett, Tom Kitts, Ric Poole Production Staff Tina McKelvy, Paul Neal, Stacey Higginbotham, Gloria Pendry Ad Sales Allyson Andrews, Kim Burks, Craig Campbell, Melissa Bair, Bill Burgess Administrative Assistants Rhonda Cantrell, Leonda Fultz, Cindy Stewart, Cyndi Key Circulation Jonathan Steed, Jeff Williams, Bruce Castleberry Organizations 334 - Traveler Managing editor Stephen Steed spends a cold gray at the Arkansas track watching warm-ups. Benton Cooptider OignbMiora 335 Below: Charity Bowl referees Duane Whitsett Studying in the sun at the Greek Theater. Below the Fayetteville skyline. A couple discusses their American National Government class Organizations 338 T ' Pv. A LIVING GROUPS - r m Gibson Hall Gibson Hall, formerly Razorback Hall, was renovated in the fall of 1981. Dedicated to James F. Gib- son, the hall housed 104 women and had the reputation as being a " study " dorm. One resident said she felt that Gibson was " a good place to spend your upper class years " . Yet there were programs and functions to keep those interested involved. Gibson, along with Gladson Ripley, won a $60 prize for a hall decorating contest during Home-coming week and co- sponsored a Halloween party, a skating party, and several dances. The hall government worked closely with the hall staff to present educational and social pro- grams for its residents. Staff members were Tina Thomas (1st), Colleen Genty (2nd), Alfrita Snowden (3rd), Tammie Cox (MA), and Annette Bobo (HR). Hector Sanch ez Hall government front row: Angela Irvin, Betty Swartzwelder, Sharon Arnone. Second row: Gail Gray, Linda Case, Tammie Barber, Anne Graham, Mary Brogdon. Third row: Candy Ba- ker, Lucinda Rightnour, Sharon Ander- son, Dana Dooley, Gretchen Gibson, Connie Swafford. Officers: Betty Swartzwelder (presi- dent), Lucinda Rightnour (treasurer), Anne Graham (vice president), Dana Dooley (secretary). Hector Sanchez Hector Sanchez First floor RA Tina Thomas dresses as her favorite beer can for the Gibson Gladson Ripley Halloween party. Hector Sanchez Gibson 2nd Front row: Sarah Phillips, Rebecca Meares. Second row: Lisa Koty, Amy Woodsmall, Tammie Cox (MA), Mary Pillay, Ann Moore, Colleen Genty (RA), Gail Gray. Third row: Lucy Phillips, Connie Dunlap, Sharon Anderson, Teresa Smothers, Sharry McColough, Karen Luebbers, Anne Huey. Fourth row: Susan Robertson, Gretchen Gibson, Brenda Cline, Susan Dunn, Betty Swartzwelder, Christl Cozart. k I Residence Halls 342 Gary Cochran Connie Dunlap, Sharon Anderson, and Becky Gober spend an evening with accounting and economics. Hector Sanchez Gibson 1st Front row: Annette Bobo (HR). Second row: Anne Graham, Mary Ridge, Mary Brogdon. Jackie Dimond, Kim Oxenreider. Third row: LouAnne Adwers. Laura LaBarre, Lucinda Rightnour, Carol Hopson, Roma Lisa Gray, Nancy Pettigrew, Andrea Hall. Fourth row: Cyndi Scier, Candy Baker, Tina Thomas (RA), Connie Swafford, Sharon Arnone. Hector SancKez Gibson 3rd Front row: Lynn Jefferies, Donna DeSiegardt, Tonja Fine, Amy Brashears. Chow Heing Long, Michelle Thomas, Carol Lange, San- dra Hamilton. Diane White. Second row: Alfrita Snowden (RA), LaLeh Amomoriez. Natasha Cranford, Becky Gober, Karen Cordes, Debbie Case, Angela Irvin. Donna Forst, Linda Case. Gary Cochran Ann Moore of Gibson and David Swain of Pomfret Hall visit together be- fore going out for the evening. Gibson Hall Residence Halls 343 Pomfret Center Pomfret Center housed over 800 residents. The residents had access to a computer terminal, a dark room, a weight room, a music room, and two large study rooms. Hall events were held in the formal lobby by the hall senate and staff. Staff members were Michelle Schmidt (B-2), Corine Ackerson (B- 3), Pauline Schwartz (B-4), Sheila Young (B-5), Terry Jackson (B-6), Caren Harp (B-7), Kristi Hinchey (B-8), Jeff Germany (C-l), Craig Kozel (C-2), Ernest Brown (C-3), Guy Litton (D-l), Kelly Webster (D- 2), Robert Ridley (D-3), and Mike McNulty (D-4). MAs were Carol Mann, Jerry Davis, and Carl Dupin. Gary Cochran Ron Miller proves to be an avid Hog fan, complete with hog hat, Tostidos, and a Coke. x 4 - Residence Halls 344 Hector Sanchez Pomfret B-4: Front row Cindy Lookadoo, Brenda Harris, Pauline Schwartz (RA), Stephanie Brodacz, Bonnie Timmerman. Second row: Donna Foote, Ka- ren Davenport, Mary Lynn Harrell, Brenda O ' Neal. Sherry Lampkin, June Kijowski, Third row: Karen Housley. Chris O ' Connell, Donna Lampkin, Shar- on Jones. Brenda Baker, Lea Charlton, Susan Fokenbury Hector Sanchez Pomfret C-3: Andrew Gibbs, Eric Lichte, Alan Tuns. H.K. Chow. Ernest Brown (RA). Robert Taylor, Rob Thornton, Phillip Swain, Mike Davis. Donald Plowman. Russell Jackson, Jesse Wadkins, Richard Brown, Tom Hardcastle. David Hopper Mike Clayton What a party! Mark Attendorn finds his bed has been thoughtfully moved closer to the restroom when he returns from a week-end night on the town. A hot game of poker provides suitable relief from a long day of classes for Pomfret residents Robert Jones, Billy Bisswanger, Jeff Hageman, and Kevin Lang. Pomfret center Residence Halls 345 Pomfret Center Pomfret Hall Senate was the governing body of Pomfret. Each floor had two floor representatives and, together with the executive coun cil, provided and maintained equipment for the hall, planned programs, and distributed hall funds. Meetings were held once a week. Hector Sanchez Hall Senate Members Front row: Stephanie Adams, Sarah DeLaPorte, Lisa Laney, Jeannie Luddeni, Laura Combs. Second row: Tracy Weaver, Renee Tyler, Donna Schaeffer, Brenda Baker, Kurt Lichte, Hong Kai Chow, Third row: Robert Jones, Alan England, Joe Hockaday, Jay Ehrenfield. Fourth row: Wendell Banks, Robert Hurt LaDonna Womack, Betsy Swanson, Joy Simposon, Kevin Phillips. Officers Eric Lichte advisor, Laura Combs president, Keith Jenkins staff advisor, Dena Woods treasurer, Janie Stevens secretary, (not pictured) Benny Gilbert vice president. Hector Sanchez Gary Cochran In a cozy corner in her room, Patricia Smith nods off to sweet dreams. Residence Halls 346 Dra Hector Sanchez Pomfret B-8 left to right Front row: Patricia Farrell, Lori Bohler, Sherry Gladnery. Linda Dicus, Kira Drosihn, Shelley Lee. Kim Lewis, Lisa Moline, Lisa Afendis, Karyn Haynie. Second Row: Kristi Hinchey, (RA), Monica Allen, Nina Jackson, Cynthia Alexander, Toni Rowley, Bo Hunt, Vicki Moss, Allison Pennington, Nancy Schopp. Third row: Janice Pickett, Betsy Swanson. Leah Da- vis, Charlene Channell. Linda Ashcraft, Oenita Davis. Joyce Daniels. Lorie Ellis. Gina King, Karla Hopkins, Stacy Williams Hector Sanchez Pomfret B-6 and D-3 left to right Front row: Keith Jovine, Susan Rollins. Protima Roy, Kelly Oquin, Deanna Young, Kathy Chastin. Fred Henderson. Knut Bjovvatn. Mark Gunter. Second row: William Jackson, Brad Willis, Allan Pashkevich, Janet Tschirhart, Lee Ann Hant. Jeff Simons. Larra Cole. Terry Jackson (RA), Susanne Minor. Lawrence Craft. Third row: Jay Ehrenfield. Rob- ert Ridley (RA), Tracy Kerk, Cathy Gouge, Brenda Turner, Lisa Laney, Greg Lagasi, Suzi Gooran, Brian Tunnerly, John Ratcliffe What were some of the thoughts of the residents living in Pomfret? " I like living in Pomfret. It ' s convenient to have our cafeteria in the same building. The hill does pose a prob- lem, but there are always the bus- es! " said one freshman. Another stat- ed that studying was a problem a lot of the time but there was a study floor in both the wings. A two-year resident said the hall provided a real " community " setting. " There are a lot of people to meet and usually there is someone from each of your classes living in the same dorm. " Hector Sanchez Pomfret resident, curling iron in hand, prepares for an evening out. Pomfret Center Residence Halls 347 Reid Hall As one of the two co-ed living facilities on campus, Reid hall was a unique place to live. Out- doors, the hall was surrounded by open fields where residents could enjoy football, soccer, Softball, and other sports. Students also had access to the tennis and basketball courts nearby. Indoors two comfort- able television lounges and a formal study room allowed the students a place to relax or review diffi- cult subjects. Reid was also equiped with recreational facilities such as a pool table and ping pong tables. Activities varied in range from sponsoring dances with neighboring residence halls to participating in both RHA and ASG functions. The officers for the ' 82- ' 83 school year include, President Marcus Hatley, Vice-President Kevin Sullivan, Secretary Cheryl Fields, and Treasurer Laura Townsend. Residents expressed their thoughts on Reid. " At first it was different living in a hall with boys, but now I ' ve discovered not only a hall of sisters, but brothers too. " h Hall government Front row, left to right: Bryan Kennedy (staff), Allison Wilhite (staff), Kevin Sullivan, Laura Townsend, Cheryl Fields, Marcus Hatley. Second row: Bill Scroggins, Rory Gillett, Curtis Hampton, Melanie Morris, Kristi Parker. Third row: Jay Curtis, Quan Mai, Mike Beatty, Linda Shauer, Susan Jordon, Tina Miles. I h . v-. Hectui Sanchez Tammy Palmer battles the winter cold with a squirt of throat spray. Residence Halls 348 Reid Oth Front row. left to right: Karen Harris (RA). Cheryl Fields. Lib- R e id 2nd Front row: Michael Daniels, John Schwarts, Mart Hudson. Larry by Smith. Mindy Nolan, Melanie Morriss. Paula Hamp. Second row: Jill Peery. Vi Chun Siki. Daniel Greshan. David Riddle. Second row: Charlie Herlong. Debbie Gwatney, Susan Jordan. Martha Denison. Third row: Medlock, Carl Higginbothan. Marc Baker. Quan Mai, Jeffert Hays. James Edel Hackett, Laura Townsend, Jenifer Johnson, Tina Miles, Jill Martin. Quinn. Michael Beatty. Bryan Kennedy (RA). Third row: James Genckerman, Kevin Karmel, Dee Henderson, Terral Alton, David Johnson, John Mackey, Richie Lawerence, Bradley Hunt. " Hector Sanchez Marcus Hatley. Curtis Hampton, and Meche Freeze take advantage of Reid ' s game room during a lull in study- ing. Reid Hall Residence Hills 349 Reid Hall The RA ' s are Great! ' Reid residents agreed that the resident assistants were helpful and " fun " . The eight staff members and one minority assistant head- ed up programs, both social and educational, for the benefit of all students. The head resident coordinator of Reid Hall was Skip Wiest, and the assistant head resi- dent was Laura Grim. Resident assistants were Bryan Kennedy (2nd), Dennis Matheney (3rd), Craig Frazier (4th), Peter Lubeck (5th), Karen Harris (6th), Linda K. Martin (7th), Lori Nor- ton (8th), Ruby Nichols (9th), and Allison Wilhite (minority assistant). Hector Sanchez Hal Bradford, with ping pong paddle in hand, is waiting for some good competition as he takes advantage of Reid ' s recreation room. lid UJT ;. Dwayne Tucker Reid 7th Front row, left to right: Francis Russell, Second row: Kaye Lovatt, Brit Gulbrandsen, Jane Pole, Tammy Ditter, Sandra Flowers, Diane Kelsey. Third row: Penicia Morris, Denise Purnell, Shelly Taylor, Natalie Hardin. Fourth row: Melissa Stamps, Debra Gilbert, Stephanie Hughes, Donna Barnes. Fifth row: Linda Kay Martin (RA), Lisa Walker, Liz Samoore. Dwayne Tucker Reid 4th Front row: Dwayne Tucker, John Smith, Harold Nynerdyhl, Kevin Sullivan. Second row: Mark Segovia, David Woodmessey, Mike Rita, Greg Cantrell, Jada Curtis. Third row: Doug Kums, Jeff Faught, Roger Schrader, Craig Fraizer (RA), Fourth row: Brad Hartness, William Maloney, Kenneth Fluharty, John Post, Don Livingston, Bruce Bogosliviski, Ken Wright, Kevin Lynch, Loo-Ah-Heng, Locke Sandahl, Troy Heron Residence Halls 350 Dwayne Tucker Reid 8th Front row, left to right: Rita McKendra, Debbie Teems, Diane Thompson, Sharon Williams, Carla Gales, Yvette Anderson, Tracy Vance, Laura Grim (AHR). Second row: Cheryle Pollock, Kim Stevenson, Tracy Brown, Phyllis Friends, Kris Covert, Cheryle Rollar ' Joyce Lever, Lori Nor- ton (RA), Delores Cloud. Dwayne Tucker Reid 3rd Front row: Emani Alarizi-Seijed Jalalodin, Dennis Matheney (RA). Second row: James Harris, Reno Casteen, Anthony Nicks, Anthony Ponder. Third row: Tom Yarbough, Scott Minor, Godwal Viera, Michael Lucariello, Martin Waltmen, Torrence Tuberville, Jeff Leonard, Fourth row: Ron Thornton, Ralph Rodregues, Dave Carr, Miles Harris, John Clark, Phillip Yankaway. Lisa Thompson prepares to settle in for the night. Hector Sanchez Hector Sanchez Reid residents Cheryl Rollans, Joyce Lever, Krista Cargile and Sherry Bochsnick take a break from studying and decide to play chicken. Reid Hall Residence Halls 351 Reid Hall Hector Sanchez Dixie May and Buddy Bischot participate in a serious game of spades in Reid ' s lounge area. Hector Sanchez Is Phillip Yankaway taking phone numbers or just making notes of the scenery? Reid Hall Staff creates a " pyramid of togetherness " . Front row: Bryan Kennedy, Dennis Matheney, Lori Norton, Laura Grin (AHR), Skip Wiest (HR). Second row: Ruby Nichols, Craig Frazier, Karen Harris, Peter Lubeck, Third row: Linda Kay Martin, Allison Wilhite. Dwayne Reid 9th Front row, left to right: Joy Durward, Susan Brenholtz, Linda Beasley, Ruby Nichols (RA). Second row: Cecilia Roberts, Debra Harris, Lana McAllister, Beverly Pennington, Cheryl Winger, Margaret Scott, Jackie Holloway, Betty Chavis, Kathy McMann Dwayne Tucker Reid 5th Front row: Peter Lubeck (RA). Second row: Skip Hadaway, Tucker Patterson, John Steine, Emmanuel Banks, John Steed. Grant Perville, Alan Smith. Stanley Huff. Third row: Mike McKibben, Henry Woolen, Bobby Jones, Billy Crawford, Paul Westbrook, Jack Cessna, Gary Thomson. Ron Beshears, Mike Archor. Mike Druger, Kevin Doerty. Fourth row: Gavin Duke, Jeff Scott, Richard Blair, Mike Sutherland, Rob- ert Gehub. Mark Boling, Robert Rhodes, David Rushing, Scott Johnson. John Scully. - Dwayne Tucker Residence Halls 352 John Post and Jeff Faught " show off " their very extensive (and very expensive) stereo unit. Dwayne Tucker Reid Hall residence halls 353 Sedgewell House f The right half of the Gregson ;W Lodge was housed by Sedgewell -f residents. While each house has its own government, both Williams House and Sedgewell worked to- gether on hall improvement plans, social functions, and obtaining equipment for the recreation room. The hall government worked with the hall staff to provide a comfort- able atmosphere for its residents. Hall staff members were Ted Wil- liams (1st), William " JR " Robinson (2nd), Rod Spence (3rd). Gary Cochran Gregson residents Hal Irvine and Steve Louks visit with Beth Paulk of Gibson Hall. Hector Sanchez Sedgewell 1st Front row, left to right: Steve Louks, Phil Schoettlin, Bill Acuff, Todd Jordan, Jim Roomsburg. Second row: Robert Hortman, Jerry Burgener, Paul Peacock, Robert Cobb, Phillip Carter, Rick Stevenson. Hector Sanchez Sedgewell 2nd Front row, left to right: Ed Schemel, Barry McCormick, Greg Morris, Hon, George Waldon, Bob Finke, Bryan Morris, Tyron Lew- is. Second row: Robert Braughton, Todd Calvin, Mike Judsper, Doug Mor- ris, Randy Gorski, Jane Nelson, Allen Patterson, John Sidwell, Lance Dortch, Ronnie Jennings. Hector Sanchez Sedgewell 3rd Front row: Danton Jennings, Kevin Patrick, Dwayne Calhoun, Chuck Smith, Rudy Hutter. Second row: Robert Hutchinson, Stephen Dunn, Rod Spence, James Mosely. Hector Sanchez Hall Officers Front row: George Waldon, Don Petre (social chairman), Phil Schoettlin (Secretary), Don Grossburger. Second row: Steve Snyder, Ferris Merrit. Third row: Chuck Smith (president), Ed Scheme! (ASG), Todd Calvin. residence halls 354 1 : . Gary Cochran After a hard day on the hill, one can find hall government president Chuck Smith taking a short snooze. Sedgewell House residence halls 355 Hotz Hall - Located in the Hill area, Hotz Hall, built in 1964, consisted of a nine story building with only the top four and a half floors used to house students. University depart- ments controlled the bottom floors, which included the Archeology department and University Muse- um. The University Computer Cen- ter used the hall until it moved to the new Administration Building. Hotz was operated by a compe- tent staff and hall government. These two organizations offered the residents a full year of pro- grams. In recent years the hall government purchased a videotape recorder and established a biweek- ly schedule to show movies. The staff also provided activities such as hall-wide floor competitions. Of- ficers for the ' 82- ' 83 year were President Chris Harris, Vice-Presi- dent Randy Dowling, Secretary - Treasurer Terry Gambill, and Advisor Jerry Jackson. Gary Cochran Chip Soulsby of Hotz finds the LL Bean Catalogue much more interesting than any text book. Dwayne Tucker Hotz 7th Front row, left to right: Clevester Garther, Bill Lester, Michael Freer, Rick Simas. Jim Singleton, David Belvo. Bruce Gaston, Dane Wat- son, Chris Pieper, Dale Danks. Second row: Randy Davis, Jeff Hutcheson, Doug Edwards, Terry Verklee, Rusty Weddle, Jay Jennings, Stephen King, Rime Eubanks. Third row: Jody Lyons, John Kennedy, Mark Leger, Bill Lowe, John Fant. Ed Fedorkx. Fourth row: Glenn Carter. Tim Johnson, Phantom Burroughs, Terry Huitt, Mark Landthrip, Keith Truitt, David Johnson, Harry Schlong, Gregg Lehr, Jim Woods, Majo Risin, Ah- med Malik. Dwayne Tucker Hotz 6th Front row: Bobby Lien, Alan Clark, John Hoyden, Mike Goust. Chip Cowlsey, Roger Fosberguh, Pat Redaler, Ralph Smith, Perry Jacobi, Bruce Breeding. Second row: Tim Hudson. David Linn, Randy Martin, Alex Cox, Steve Schaefer, Darrell Tuckett, William Rogers, Steven Harrison, Tim Bunch, Robert Gorveria, Randy Hattie, Jana Payton, Jerry Jackson. Third row: John Martin, Tommy Harri- son, Matt Sutfin, Keith Jackson, Mike Dalton, Tim Wright, Tommy Turner. Bob Prader, Blake Jukar, Eddie Bell. Lance Young. Dennis Richardson, Steve Ferryman. Mark Moran, Scott Magruder. residence halls 356 Hotz residents found lasting friendships throughout the hall. " I met guys four years ago that still live here with me and we ' re all the best of friends, " said one senior. Another summed up the feelings of many stating, " Hotz is the best! " Gary Cochran Martin Murphy and Bruce Gaston enjoy the friendships made while living at Hotz Hall. Hotz 9th Front row, left to right: Greg Mitchell. James Sheldon. Tyle Reimer. Joey Rocconi, Russ Fischer, Randall Carney. Mark Stuart. Brent Standridge, Jimmy Dodd. Max Squires. John McCurdy. Thomas Guerrero, Robert Warren. Mark Braughton. Second row: Kevin Perry. Brent Mann, Greg Simpson. Steve Zeller. Bill Kropp. Marc White, Craig Busbea, Stu- art Clark, Doug Speer. Bud Talhell. Third row: Phillip Standridge (RA). Jerry Whitley, William Bednar, Steve Redman, Possum Baughman, Sam Mulligan, Scott Siple. Erin Mitchell. Alan Looney, Todd Cregor, Jeff Staples. Gary Cochran The museum located in Holtz Hall attracts many visitors: Bonnie Hurst, Jan Browning, and Kim Bailey spend the afternoon exploring and discov- ering. - Hotz 8th Front row: Tim Russell, Mike Walker. Doug Andrews. Scott Schoen. Jeff Clemens. Brian Chambers, Second row: Pete Glass. Darryl Race. Wayne Lay, Siamak Khorhami, Mike Schoen. Randall Dowling. Jim Buffington. Dwayne Tucker Hotz 5th Front row: Mitch Eggburn, Scott Duncan, Robert Jackson, Mike Faucett. Hugh Bowden, Casey Houtuchens, Steve Russell. Second row: Bernard Shulte. Mike Ganner, Robert Pool. Daniel Eddy. Larry Doswell. James Merriweather. Fredrick Schultz. Steve Kranc. Richard Mills, Gary Moselv. Hotz Hall residence halls 357 Fulbright Hall Facilities at Fulbright consisted of a sewing room, study room, card and game room with ping pong tables, a TV lounge, and a laundry room with vending ma- chines. An escort policy was in ef- fect at all times during open house hours (10 am until 1 am). While most residents found the system tedious, all agreed that it was reassuring knowing that no men were allowed on the floors without a female escort. The hall government worked closely with the hall staff in pro- grams, both social and educational. Officers were Kelly Proctor presi- dent, Tammy Bell vice president, Kim Kellum secretary, and Candi Arnold treasurer . Sally Hooks Fulbright resident Carol Sheppard uses the front lobby to retype an English essay. Hall Government Left to Right Front row: Kim Buford, Candi Arnold, Kelly Proctor, Tammy Bell, Sally Hooks, Second row: Kim Hotz, Char- lotte Williams, Linda Blackburn, Dawn Lyon, Rhonda Harmon. Marty Jo Rogers, Karen Brown, Beth Kumple. Dwayne Front row: Jo Lynne Bumgarner, Alice Branch, Sehlly Thibodeaux, Nancy Lee, June Cia, Kathy Finley, Sharon Bland. Second row: Lorie Edwards, Su- san Smith, Sarah Herget, Shannon McNabb, Becky Cauthon, Georgia Milham, Third Row: Lorie Culpepper, Tammy Bartholomew, Kim Wilson, Lila Evans, Melissa Phillips, Laurie Long, Kim Kellum residence halls 358 Dwayne Tucker Doing laundry is a weekly chore for most college women as Lana Baevers and Denise Collison demonstrate. Dwayne Tucker Left to right Front row: Marty Jo Rogers, Nancy Wynne, Mariel Williams, Kathryn Martin, Susanna Phillips, Beth Bell, Megan Turner, Tammy Bell, Denise Bakema. Sec- ond row: Shari Losa, Cornelia, Schirmer, Linda Blackburn. Alicia. Howells, Tonya Ford, Kim Rucks, Shannon Peek, Rae Warren, Carole Jones, Lisa Smith, Lee Jeffcoat. Third row: Maria Jackson, Shelly Hopkins, Cassandra Beasley, Mildred Johnson, Gloria Bednar, Jill Echols. Angie Baxter, Adelia Ranson, Susan Hart, Karen Thompson, Laura Mitchell, Jackie Boswell, Dana Tull, Tracy Morrehead, Diana Prickett. Sally Hooks Kim Burford found the new telephone system installed dur- ing the summer months a very valuable tool in the every day life of a student as she explained weekend plans to a friend. Fulbright Hall residence halls 359 Futrall Hall ' Located in the Holcomb Futrall area of campus, this all-female residents hall had a busy atmosphere. The hall governments sponsored several " drop-ins " with Holcomb residents and held a hayride during the fall months. A Christmas formal was also held. Officers of the hall council were: president Kim Poindexter, vice president Lisa Burns, secretary- Cindy Altemus, treasurer Lisa Threet, social chairman Suzie Ev- ans, and intramural director Rayanne Rabeneck. ' Futrall Hall Council Front row, left toright: Loretta Taylor, Becky Edelmann, Tracey Michaels ond row: Felecia Marie Threet, Melinda Marks, Melinda Sugg, Kelly Langston, Lisa Byrnes, Evanz, Kim Poindexter, Rayanne Rabeneck, Vikki Odell Sally Hooks Sec- Suzie .-,... Sally Hooks Sandy Foster of Futrall and Mike Griffith of Gregson practice a difficult piece of music in Futrall Hall ' s formal lounge. Sally Hooks 3rd floor Front row: Kendal Mills, Pam Wedington, Monica Motgomery, Chros O ' Hara, Debbie Morrison, Lisa Byrnes. Second row: Ellen Tencleave, Carolyn Orlicek, Kim Poindexter, Cindy Geels, Tracey Michaels, Suzanne Lewis. Beth Tomlin. Maria Plafcan, Kary Kemp, Susan Morrow. I) Hector Sanchez 1st floor Front row: Angela James, Dayna Fisher. Donna Perry, Sarah Schoen. Second row: Verna Havener, Mycheal Cole, Nan Looney, Emily Tolleson, Lori Spells, Ling Fong, Eng Ai Chin. Third row: Helen Powell, Nan- cy Myers, Karen Myers, Felecia Threet. Loretta Tabor, AnnMarie Johnson, Patricia Virnig. 360 , s, Soar Kay Melugin and Cheryl Welch settle in for an evening of textbooks, calculators, and gossiping. Sally Hooks 4th floor Front row, left to right: Becky Edelmann, Lisa Inman, Jamie Da- vis, Janet Bryan, Verna Hall, Marianne BrooksPryor, Melinda Sugg. Second ;:i Sam | row: Sharon Spellings, Valerie Young, Pam Raines, Lynn Zechiedrich, Laura Livingson, Lee Ann Moore. Vikki Odell. Futrall residents use the dinner meal as a time to socialize and visit with fellow Holcomb residents. Sally Hooks 2nd floor Front row: Martha Kizzia. Tamra Foresee, Rayanne Rabneck, Kel- ly Langston, Cindy Mayfield, Sheri Stiles, Susan Wilson, Second row: Javana Hamilton, Anita Brown, Tammy Carroll, Beverly Bradley, Vanessa Reese. Sally Hooks Basement Front row: Cathi Cranston, Laura Dever, Katleen Arens. Gretchen Presley. Christine Bliss, Brenda Ulmer. Second row: Cheryl Trusty, Lydia Smith, Freida Fuchinelli. Futrall Hall 361 Williams J House The left half of the Gregson Lodge was designated as Wil- liams House. Although the hall had its own staff and hall government, the residents shared the many facilities with the rest of the Gregson area. These facilities included a snooker ta- ble, pool table, weight machine, and a volleyball net used frequently in the fall and spring months. Other facilities available were a television lounge, a study room, and a laundry room. Activities such as a fall picnic hawaiian luau, Thanksgiving dance, and a pajama party were carried through by the collaboration of the hall council and hall staff. Hector Sanchez 2nd floor Front row: Stuart Opfer, Phil Hays, ChewWuy Keong, Tony Hodge, Wesley Myers, Chew Choo Hooi, James Waller, Brian Crow, Lim Baon Chye, Dan Wedeking, Edwin Bradley, Lawrence Hannah. Hector Sanchez 1st floor Rodney Ford (RA), Randy Ruble, Ronnie Pinkerton, Dan Page, Mike Ogle, Joseph Hutton, Gary Morris, Eric Henretty, Andy Carney, Jeff Stone, Dean Deckard, Wayne Richards, Jerry Rydell. 3rd floor: Joe Allen, Keith Covert, Judy Drummond, John Ferguson, Bryan Edwards, Bill Harris, Jon Montag, Doug Atkins, Tommy Reid, Mike Jarmon, Dan Monk, Fred Hannah. ;KSITY OF ARKANSAS Hector Sanchez Tony Hodge of Williams House pauses to watch a series of football plays during the Super Bowl. Instead of dialing Pizza Hut delivery, Pooi Keoing Liew and John Hon prepare their own Sunday night dinner. Williams House 363 r Yocum Hall Yocum Hall was the largest male resident hall on campus with the capacity of more than five hundred residents. An en- thusiastic hall staff and a hard working student government combined efforts and successfully achieved the goals of making Yocum Hall a unique place to live. Facilities provided by the hall included pool tables, ping pong tables, a study lounge, and a formal lounge. An equipment room, dubbed by the hall government as ' The Cata- combs " served as a checkout service where residents could ob- tain tools, sports equipment, games, and other items. During the school year, the Catacombs was expanded and a microwave oven was installed. The officers of the hall government were: president John Ballard, vice president- Raymond Day, treasurer Jeff Mann, and secretary social chairman David Beck. n I Hall Officers: Curtis Wise, David Beck, Raymond Day, John Ballard, Jeff Mann, George Peters, Nadiem Umar, Ray Marple, Clint Beutelschies, Brent Larsen, Joe Paul Smith, Jeff Gobbell Bernard Williams and Ray Garr return from dinner a quick form of transportation the dependable elevator. N I Sally Hook, Housecleaning is also a must in dorm life as Gary Willis finds when he has to check Joe Cook finishes his weekly laundry and heads back to his room. out a vacuum cleaner. 9th floorFront row, left to right: Karen Patterson. Mark Necessary, Brent 3rd f loor: j K . Itchinson. Tyrone W. Williams, John Larson, Randy Ludwig, Brian Patty. David Macchiarolo. Second row: Darrell ,, ,, T , t r c i u v . Evans. John Schopp. Sean Shell Kevin Watkins, Tim Howington. Tony o " y. Steven Taylor. J. D. Starpsky. Chns Yates . Hooks Ballard. Kenneth Raymond Earl, I Rocha. Jim Edward, Third row: Jerry Greenwell. Tim Byler. Anthony Causey. Joel Vaught. Donald Jennings. Yocum Hall 365 Yocum Hall Several programs and dances were scheduled by the hall staff of Yocum. A movies night, skating parties and other activities were held successfully throughout the year. Staff Members included Head resident Harry Schuler, assistant head resident Bob Keller, Joel Vaught (1), Clyde Dismike (2), Jamie Morton (3), Alan Hughes (4), Vernoris Johnson (5), Bruce Crawford (6), Terry Kenyon (7), Bobby Jones (8), Mark Necessary (9), James Edwards (10). f Sally Hooks A careful eye and steady hand are musts to sink that ball into the pocket as John Stuckey of Yocum Hall finds. Yocum resident Rob Conner spends a Thursday evening watching TV in his home-away-from-home. Sally Hooks J Sally Hook; 1st floor Front row. left to right: Mark Strickland, Randall Clegg, David Mines, Jeff Bain. Darryl Treat, Kevin Lee, Steve Edwards. Second row: Miles Cunningham, Phillip Schiefer, Monty Marsolf, Tim Pinter, Tommy Garrick, Jeff Serfass, Bob McDaniel. Frank Williams, David Lorenzo. 4th floor Mike Solomon, Mike Klemm, Chuck Reimez. Marty Eaton, Rob Connor, Tracy Pipkin, Michael Bray, Brad Ruth. Mark Hatwig, Tom Wofford, Tom O ' Brien, Gary Troust, Tom Johnson, J. Meoff. Alan Hughes, Hank Bueker, Larry Shields, Chris Graves, Brian Gilliam. Bob Mills. Louis Cruer, Don Thornton, Mark Beutelschies, Mike Tabor, George Peters, Chris Minshall, Byron Smith, Stephen Taylor, Paul Chu. 366 : :::. - ' m Frank Williams of Yocum and Molly Malone of Humphreys " bend " the rules a little and perform a daring stunt in the Yocum lobby. Sally Hooks :: ' ' -- Yocum Hall 367 Humphreys Hall Boasting to be the largest women ' s resident hall, Hum- phreys offered many activities to its residents. The hall govern- ment sponsored an ice cream so- cial, a dance with a Western theme during Texas Week, and a Hawiian party. An equipment checkout room was established and a microwave, a test file, and various athletic equipment were available. Hall officers were president Kelly Crawford, vice president Caroline Stanley, Secretary Kelly Fisher, treasurer Rhonda Williams, and social chairman Sharon Reeves. Hall Council Front row, left to right: Sharon Reeves, Leslie Talbott, Melissa Kramer, Caroline Stanley, Kelly Fisher, Kelly Crawford, Lynn Davis, JJ Galloway. Second row: Liz Blair, Kathy Twuman, Pam Por- ter, Dawn Coppola, Rhonda Williams, Rhonda Cantrell, Kendra Cook, Becky Speight. Carrol Brown Hall Officers Left to right: Caroline Stanley, Rhonda Williams, Kelly Crawford, Kelly Fisher, Sharon Reeves. i Hector Sanchez Roxanne Scott finds a phone call to a friend can cure the blues most of the time. residence halls 368 Wednesday night is wash night for Roberta Scott of Humphreys Hall. Hector Sanchez Julie Vollmer finds a new way to cram for an exam study by phone! Hector Sanchez Ronna Souza packs for a weekend at home. Humphreys Hall Retidence Hails 369 Humphreys Hall Hector Sanchez Hector Sanchez Humphreys 2nd Front row. left to right Cathy Necessary, Vicki Allison, Humphreys 9th Front row. Left to right: JJ Galloway, Joyce Miller, Karen Tammy Johnson. Second row Cliffie Reed, Sonia Cooper, Wendy Lillie. Prater. Second row: Lisa Johnson, Connie Thomason, Becky Looper, Lisa In- Lucille Peek. Machelle Gardner, Candi Carlon. Christi Carlson, Kathy gra m, Brenda Marvel!, Vickie Davis, Third row: Stephanie Maberry, Janett Blaz- Lindberg. Third row Amy Kucala, Robin Trout, Sally Cahoon, Carrol er , Sharon Reeves, Jackie Baker, Rita Hounshell, Sherri Gray, Brenda Carr. Brown, Paula Simpson, Gabriell Perry, Dana Head, Molly Malone. Laura Chaney would obviously rather be left alone to finish going through her Walmart goodies and to listen to the phone conversation of Amy Kucala. Residence Halls 370 4th Floor Front row. left to right: Pam Moseley, Karla Green. Deborah Pope. Second row: Valerie Amrine. Liz Blair. Martha Wolf. G ina Hill, Leslie Alexander, Phyllis Dillard. Katie Stevens. Third row: Lynn Davis. Connie Thompson, Elizabeth Williams. Judy Redding. Leslie Ruff. Rebecca Ruff, Beverly Spencer. Hector - 7th floor Front row. left to right: Magfalena Kuaz. Toni Yee, Tammy Buck. Tracy Taft. Tracey Barrett. Second row: Aiissa Shaw, Kay Mathews, Jackie Reader. Leslie Talbott, Jennifer Buechiey. Inger Warren. Becky Hughes. Third row: Nancy Chu, Amelia Chudy. Marie Davis. Judith Brumfield. Rhonda Williams. Kim Harris, Kelly Gray, Chanda File, Lynne Black. Hector SA : 3rd floor Front row. left to right: Susie Jones, Burnadean Washington, Monica Love. Paula Ambrose. Brenda English. Danielle Wahlquest. Cindy Melton. Tricia Loose. Second row: Kit Corroun, Lisa Witt. Michelle Bisby. Fran Jones. Kim Mommser. Rhonda Cantrell. Caroline Stanley, Stephanie An- derson. 8th floor Front row. left to right: Linda Fritts. Susan Wigington. Brigitte Ja- cob, Melody Morgan, Norma Stewart. Dana Morrison, Lori Dellinger, Mary Ann Cook. Cyndi Key. Becke Scott. Mary Chr istian. Third row: Saundra Welborn. Deborah Rumps, Dawn Coppola. Roslyn Revis. Emma DuBois. Hector Sanchez Resident Mary Tarochione believes that Humphreys should invest in an automatic dishwasher. Humphreys Hall Residence Halls 371 UBC Hall In the summer of 1978, University Baptist Church bought the old Sigma Chi house and ren- ovated it for student housing. The housing is broken down into the hall, where 44 men resided and four houses nearby, where the women lived. The hall contained a study room, a weight room, and a room used for meetings, and watching movies. Front row left to right: Lori Keenan, Mary White, Kim Johnson, Jo Ellen Davis, Margaret Thurman, Linny Garnder, Sarah Gardner, Serena Wade, Robyn Neidecker, Sandy Stevenson, Linda Hall, Vicky Whitley. Second row: Crystal Newsom, Melissa Dial, Jenni Anderson, Tracey White, Brenda Garner, Beverly Keenan, Regina Fancher, Cheri Fixler, Mikki Marugg, Cindy Howard. Third Row: Todd Hodgson, Phil Goff. Kenny Orr, Scott Clark, Scott Watson, Bruce Reynolds. Jamie Stocks, Scott Ezell, Jeff Parker, Jamie Broomfield, David Fox, Dan Pearson, Sam Pyeatte. Fourth row: Chris Holcomb, Michael Draper, David Porter, Brian Brooks, Mark Midgett, Greg Tapp, John Reding, Scott Doss, Steve Wood, Robert Gilson, Jeff Presley, Michael Gray, Curtiss Doss, Paul Moser, Randy Stewart, Ronnie Martin. Fifth row: Scott Gardner, Quinn Spann, Kuen Fung. Phil Caddell, Reggie Fowler. Hal Henson, Chip Rye, Keith Brison, Robbie Stanley, Tom Van Zandt, Greg Spann, Audwon Vaughn, Jimmie Edwards, David Williams, Joe Goodwin, Steve Fincher. Junior Quinn Spann holds UBC ' s little sister, Sarah. During a progressive dinner, members of the UBC living group gather for a quick picture. Residence Halls 372 Gladson Ripley Hall Government Officers. Richie Cuiiom Gladson Riplcy, part of the Gregson Lodge, participated in many of the campus-wide activities and organizations such as ASG and RHA. Fifteen residents also repre- sented their hall in a football run to Little Rock to raise money for a charity. Resident assistants Richard Oest and Lance Kordis worked closely with the Hall government in planning and programming activities. Among these activities were a Halloween party, all-night movies, a cook-out, and a toga party. Hector Sanchez Residents of Gladson Ripley and Gibson Halls spend Halloween dancing, eating, and partying. Mark Culpepper Mark Culpepper Richard Oest awaits the handoff from Pat Gaston during the football run to A tired but happy crew sit in front of War Memorial Stadium after the run. Little Rock. Gladson Ripley Residence Halls 373 .1 Dining Halls " Provide Food The resident halls food services provided students with prepared, nutritious meals and, often a program of entertainment. The four dining halls Pomfret Center, Brough Commons, Fulbright, and Futrall Holcomb held a wide range of activities varying from a Chuck Wagon Hoedown to a Ha- waiian Luau to a County Fair to Mardi Gras. Bands provided music, and food service workers spent hours decorating and setting up. The programs always gave the meal time a welcome change. Doug Cass tries to keep up with the steady demand for pink cotton candy. Gary Cochran J Tina Moody " guards " the animal cage. Gary Cochran Gary Cochran Resident Assistants Caren Harp, Terry Jackson, Mike McNulty, and Tim Maher sell balloons. Residence Halls 374 i Gary Cochran Pomfret residents count their tickets and wait in line for refreshments. Gary Cochran Omar Peracha greets diners and takes tickets. Music is provided by Jamie Morton and Chris Carver. tiary Cochran . . And Fun! Residence Hals 375 Housing Staff The University housing program was oriented toward assisting stu- dents in their social, personal, and academic growth and development while providing a place to reside. All residence halls had facilities that provided for most of the day to day student needs. Each hall was staffed with a professional and student staff that offered a variety of services to help residents with problems, direct them to offices and services on campus, and assist them in planning hall activities. The director of housing was Monroe Harrison. ' : ' :. Bob Keller Keith Jenkins, Assistant head resident of Pomfret, performs with another Ebony Players member at Yocum Hall. PHI Kf - - Bob Kellar One of the busiest resident assistants at Yocum Hall. Alan Hughes catches up on the current news in the world of Mademoiselle. Resident Assistants enjoy the partylife, too; Richard Oest of Gladson Ripley, Colleen Genty of Gibson, and Pat Gaston of Hotz take a break for refreshments at a Haloween program. Residence Halls 376 Bob Keller Yocum ' s head staff play Santa Claus Bob Keller, assistant head resident and Harry Schuler, head One of the many responsibilities of the RA ' s is to resident bring in some Christmas spirit for the residents. decorate the tree and string the lights. Bob Keller Linda Friedman, assistant director of housing, and orientation assistant Debbie Qlbert begin a busy day during orientation. Housing Staff Residence Hals 377 Dorm Life: " A Time Daily life in the dorms were gen- erally divided between classes and relaxation. But, during the times of studying, the residence halls pro- vided a place to read, work prob- lems, and cram for tests. Many halls were equipped with a study lounge or room, but often, resi- dents just closed up their own rooms a nd closed out the outside world. Jim Roomsburg corrects the errors in his computer program. Fulbright residents take a study break for pizza and Magnum PI. Pre-registration proves to be a full evening ' s worth of work. I L Residence Halls 378 Hector Sanchez Patty Appleberry and Jennifer Buechley find quizzing each other is helpful before a major exam. Beth Bell finds a quiet corner of her room to look over some class lecture notes. Sally Hooks For Studying, Residence Halls 379 And A Time I The evening meal gives these young ladies a chance to catch up on the news of the day. In a residence hall, not even a personal phone call is private! Bill Doshier The spring weather brings in a lot of secret pets varying from chicks to rabbits to ducks. I u Residence Halls 380 Bill Doshier Donna Gross makes good use of her spacey room and practices a try-out routine. For Fun! Residence Halls 381 I . A w M , I KS Alpha Delta Pi Steve Plaster From Front Left: Kay Watson V. Pres., Kim Bland Pres., Judy Smith Treasurer. Back Row Left: Liz Lewison Asst. Pledge Trainer, Susan Young Chaplin, Melissa Brown Scholarship, Janelle Derickson Pledge Trainer, Becky Riester Sr. Member, Missy McCain Panhellenic. Steve Plaster Sandy Middleton and Jimma Burnett perform their pre- game customary intramural Softball ritual. Greeks 384 Dru Aclin Casey Alexander Becky Barnett Jimna Barnett Kim Bland Melissa Brown Allison Cessna Lindsey Cooper Paige Cordill Jenelle Derickson Nancy Glover Laura Harding Laura Harrison Lori Hasstedt Carrie Hoffman Margaret Jackson Nancy Jackson Kathy Kaer Liz Lewison Megan McCullough Lisa McCuthen Margie Meeks Tracey Metzher Sandy Middleton Tammy Mizell Ann Moore Lee Ann Rowe Jan Shelton Lisa Sievers Judy Smith Karen Sweeney Susie Sylvester Laura Trieschman Karen Turner Kathy Vaught Karen Vottelcr Karen Waters Kay Watson Diane Wilson Kim Woods Susan Young Jackie Sabbe Jodi Siccardi Jennifer Adams Beth Dalton Pam Jackson Robin McGill Mary Ann Miller Mary Robbins Dave Ann Ryles Marcia Stoles Shelly Anderson Cathey Brogdon Evelyn Brooks Penny Brown Jean Ann Coger Kelly Cordill Susan Ford Kelley Hatfield Sue Hays Kelley Hedgecock Hulie Hendricks Rhonda Howard Nancy Jackson Johnna Krie Helen Lowe Cindy Magnoni Dawn Martens Kathryn Martin Holly Minish Dena Moore Lauri Musso Laurel Opler Melissa Owen Shannon Peek Tammy Rogers Cindy Self Tricia Sievers Megan Turner Paula Turner Rae Warren Susan Webb Julie Welch Dawn Woods Amy Berry Phyllis Cash Julie Finch Caty Garing Melody Harris Missy Kerr Peggy Larkin Susan McLemore Pollyanna Westbury ADPi ' s and Sigma Nu ' s rock for the Ronald Mc- Donald house. Alpha Delta Pi was founded in 1885 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia as the first female secret organization. The Delta Delta chapter was colonized on the University of Arkansas campus in 1957, and in the past 26 years the chapter size has grown from 13 to 106. Throughout the year, the sisters of Delta Delta enthusiastically volun- teered their time in numerous com- munity service projects, such as a Rock-a-thon to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, volunteers babysat for SCAN and COPE, and during the holiday season the entire house donated money to Operation Bless- ing. The Special Olympics also re- ceived assistance from the ADPi ' s. Graeki 385 Kt " Steve Plaster Carrie Hoffman and Paige Cordell at Derby Day. m Nancy Glover makes the pitch. ADPi real sisters. Greeks 386 Greg Daven Casey Alexander, Carrie Hoffman, and Paige Cordill rock for the Ronald McDonald House. Left: Susan Sylvester and Missy Lee. Greeks 387 Alpha Gamma Rho - Left to Right: Carson Marcantel Noble Ruler, Mark Verkamp 1st Up, Steve Cranford 2nd Up, Steve Cochran 3rd Up, Chet Chaney 3rd Up, Ron Pickens Alumni Sec, John Dreker Sec., Ron Burk Tres. ..: ' : ' Carson Marcantel, Mac McCain, Brad Posey, and Randy Boyd play some basketball. Gfks 388 Randy Boyd Kevin Bruick Ronald Burk John Byrd Robert Chancy Steve Cloutier Steven Cochran Bryant Cranford Steven Cranford Wayne Crawford John Dreher Larry Gann Waymon Holt James Hopkins Mike Hudlow Gregory Keen James Kelly David Marcantel Todd Martin Gordon McCain Ron Pickens John Posey Kelly Smith Randall Smith Russell Smith Danny Spears Scott Spreen Micheal Sullivan James Sullivan Howard Sweetin Randy Sweetin Kevin Threlkeld Brian Verkamp Mark Verkamp Thomas Watson Teddy Wrute Llpha Gamma Rho fraternity was founded at the University of Il- linois. The Alpha Iota chapter was chartered at the University of Ar- kansas in 1934. The membership of Alpha Gam- ma Rho consisted of men who were agriculture majors at the time of their pledging. Greeks 389 Alpha Gamma Rho Greeks 390 v. , - - Greeks 391 Alpha Kappa Alpha i r W he Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- M. ity initiated the movement of Greek-letter sororities among Black women in America on January 15, 1908. The Kappa Iota Chapter was founded on the campus of the University of Arkansas on March 20, 1976. Through the years Alpha Kappa Alpha ' s program has had as its chief aim " service to all mankind. " In its desire to be a cooperating member of the campus community, the Chapter participates in activities organized by other groups, especially Panhellenic, S.T.A.N.D., and the Alpha Phi Al- pha fraternity. hut Le| Graduate Officers: Pat Young Pres., Ritchie Manley Vice. Pres., Sonya Hunt Corres. Sec., Veronica Cunningham Tres., Paula Ambrose Asst. Dean of Beulah Morrow Asst. Dean of Pledges. Greeks 392 Alpha Phi Alpha H . Sieve Plaster Front Left: Larry Hall Dean of Pledges. Marvin Love Asst. Dean of Pledges, John Colbert- Graduate Advisor. Samuel Turner Pres.. Jerome Robinson Sec., Lee Jeffrey Tres., Kenneth Duncan V. Pres. Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity was founded at Cornell University at Ithica, New York in 1906. The first black Greek organization granted a charter on April 27, 1975 to the Kappa Kappa chapter at the University of Arkansas. The Kappa Kappa chapter proved another successful year in both community service projects and campus-wide projects. Greeks 393 Chi Omega Steve Plaster From Left: Lisa Hayden Pledge Trainer, Polly Montgomery Treas., Johnette Oden V. Pres., Jane Carrithers President. Cristelyn Udouj and Shannon McNabb are happy about it at a Sigma Chi party. Greeks 394 Bonnie Armstrong Lana Beavert Sarah Allen Gayla Anderson Tracy Austin Kelly Baldwin Karen Basham Anne Bates Nancy Beckham Maria Buck Tammy Bostelmann Laurie Burks Nancy Carlson Jane Carrithers Scarlett Crafford Ginger Creed Cindy Daniel Susan Dayringer Rochelle Dean Jeannie Didion Lori Dodd Lisa Ellis Beverly Evans LeAnn Evans Jolene Flesher Amy Fox Kathy Fordyce Amanda Garrett Gibson Garrett Lisa Gibson Candi Grace Leslie Green Michele Green Terri Hancock Becca Gwaltney Lisa Hargett Kelly Harper Lisa Hayden Gail Helms Kelly Hill Lynne Honea Julie Hopson Holly Horton Jana Howell Laurie Hunter Mallory Hurt Julie Jackson Patty Jackson Ginger Jeffrey Jill Jeffries Karla Johnson Kirsten Junkins Randi Kale Kristi Kellum Martha Kelly Howe Kay Kesterson Gina Kirkpatrick Laura Lambert Carol Laxson Mary Kay Lazenby Nancy Lee Lisa Lynn Ingrid Manson Laurie Long Julie McCain Weston McCollum Holly McDermott Nancy McElduff Colleen McGrail Susan McLeod Shannon McNabb Ginger McSherry Jan Market Allison Mays Allison Meador Teddy Mersch Donna Miller Cyndy Montgomery Polly Montgomery Maureen Moran Cecilia Morgan Sara Morgan Julia Morsopheimer Helene Norcross Johnette Oden Susanne Oliver Mary Anne Oxley Susie Page Donna Pankey Jana Parsley Jennifer Patton Sarajane Phillips Janna Pirtle Anne Randall Adelia Ranson Cathy Reid Lisa Rice Tori Rogers Scarlett Sagely Angela Samuel Susan Saracini Cornelia Schirmer Cindy Shaddox Shannon Simmons Tina Smith Bonnie Sokora Mimi Sorrels Laurie Sutton Missy Sweet Lisa Teeter Donna Thorton Ann Truemper Dana Tucker Ann Turner Karen Turner Cristelyn Udouj Medora Vestal Melinda Wade KaKa Washborn Melissa Williams Melinda Wilson Steve Plaster Chi Omegas raising money for the March of Dimes in their " mile of quarters " drive. The Mother Chapter of Chi Ome- ga Sorority, commonly referred to as Psi Chapter, has been a very active organization on the University of Arkansas campus. Founded here in Fayetteville on April 5, 1895, Chi Omega celebrated its 88th birthday a few weeks after State Day was held in Fayetteville for all active chapters across the State. Philanthropically, Psi raised enough quarters for the Easter Seals Foundation with a " Mile of Quarters " fund raiser. The chapter also donated toys for the underprivileged children of Washington County for the Christmas season. Greeks 395 niiiiJ Jiimiii., Steve Plaster Scarlett Crafford, Ann Truemper, and Colleen McGrail holding down the steps at the Mother Chapter of Chi Omega. ' The usual Chi Omega spirit at a Razorback pep rally. Greeks 396 Big Sis Lil ' Sis Halloween Pumpkin cutting contest results Chi-Os keeping warm and spirits high during relays. Steve Plaster Chi Omegas taking a break from Senior Weekend practice. Greeks 397 Delta Delta Delta ' L r Front Left: Pam Gibson Tres., Tracee Price Pledge Trainer, Cori Piester V-Pres. Back Left: Dara Davenport House Mgr., Dede Greenway Sec., Janice Vaughn Pres., Julie Dunn Chaplin, Karen Paterson Scholarship Chrm., Pam Pangle Social Chrm. Missy Watson and Dede Greenway enjoy themselves at a SAE T.G.I.F. Greeks 398 Marti Adams Stephanie Anderson Lisa Bird Karen Blackstock Lisa Bocquet Candi Bray Kara Breaux Laurie Burke Susan Burgess Tracy Carroll Melanie Carlson Debra Carter Gigi Gassier Dawn Chinnery Jamie Cypert Dara Davenpert Iboo Deal Susan Dowd Kay Douglas Julie Dunn Kelly Frieze Natalie Garrott Pam Gibson Tina Goodwin Dede Greenway Courtney Gray Terri Hamm Holly Herbert Kristi Hcrnden Jamie Howe Liz Huey Suzanne Jackson Liz Jester Stacy Johnson Terry Kent Evelyn Lambert Kathryn Lawson Martha Leach Carla McChristian Tracy McClard Kookie McCreight Meddie McEntyre Kelly Mackiewich Kim Marble Leigh Marble Jo Martin Kimmie Maxwell Carmela Montez Jackie Murphy Toni Miller Melanie Nance Mary Beth Painter Pam Pangle Melanie Parham Tracy Parson Karen Patterson Susan Phillips Cathy Phillips Sherri Phillips Cori Piester Natalie Polk Tracee Price Robin Rushing Margo Sangster Debbie Schlesinger Julie Scudder Suzanne Simmons Laura Smith Cecile Stuckey Jill Storey Suzanne Sullivan Jeanie Swain Leigh Ann Swann Debi Taylor Toni Taylor Holland Teasley Caroline Vanston Dana Ward Missy Watson Stacia Welch Natalie White Tracy Whited Nancy Wells Andrea Grubbs Leslie Baldwin Remnants of the Tri-Delts first walkout of the Fall semester. Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University on Thanksgiv- ing Eve in 1888. A charter was granted to the Delta Iota chapter at the University of Arkansas in Novem- ber of 1913. The sorority ' s turned out the first Men of Arkansas Calendar, raising a large amount of money for cancer re- search and a scholarship. Delta Delta Delta ' s Kim Marble and Toni Miller were chosen for Mo- tor Board and Who ' s Who Among American College Students. Jeanie Swain, Liz Huey, and Terri Kent were Rho Chis for fall rush. Terri Hamm was a Razorback Beauty fina- list. Laurie Burke and Martha Leach (co-captain) danced on the Pom-Pom Squad. Candy Bray, Tammy Miller and Tina Jewel (captain) were Majorettes. The dancing Razorback was Delta ' s Evelyn Lambert. G eetu 399 Steve Plaster Tri-Delt ' s hold an Easter Egg Hunt for the Alum ' s children. The Tri-Delt house. Greeks 400 I Sheila Breaux helps look for Easter Eggs. Jeanie Swain plays leap frog in Sigma Nu Relays. Sieve Plaster Steve Plaster Miss Sorority Pledge Queen!! Greeks 401 Delta Gamma Front left: Julie Furlow House Mgr., Kim Schoborg Tres., Tory Fox 1st V. Pres., Back left: Beth Alex 2nd V. Pres., Kathy Burris 3rd V. Pres., Krystal Humphrey Pres. Eva Fiegel and Kathy Burris mousing around at a Phi Kappa Psi function. Greeks 402 Beth Alex Cindy Altimus Melanie Biskup Wendy Borcherding Carol Brantley Julie Braznell Carrie Brewer Jana Brown Jayne Bucanan Joy Burns Kathy Burris Julie Charter Amanda Cheatham Holly Coffman Ronda Copenhaver Casey Correll-Wray Patty Dobbs Barb Drummy Shannon Ducas Cathy Duncan Sarah Duncan Gina Dunlap Melanie Eifling Caroline Farmer Eva Fiegal Teresa Flushe Tory Fox Lisa Francis Julie Furlow Lisa Garner Lisa Gornatti Gloria Guyer Michelle Hamilton Holly Harper Jayne Haydon Cindy Heard Carol Henley Staci Hitt Elaine Hodges Krystal Humphrey Wendy Kelly Bonnie Kesner Laura Kinney Kimbra Lackey Marti Lambourn Donna Lederman Nancy Lenehan Linda Logue Margaret Long Dee Lybrand Susan Marshall Carolyn Martin Frances Martin Linda Martin Cara McCastlain Megan McCully Suzie McLaughlin Chrystal Moore Tina Moreland Delia Morris Dyke Morris Nancy Moyers Jo Beth Mullins Joan Owen Teresa Pennington Sandy Richart Judy Riehl Kathy Roberts Kim Rogers Terra Lynn Rogers Kim Rorex Lisa Rose Kim Schoborg Leslie Schmitz Jaye Sherry Jackie Smith Donna Stratton Patti Sullivan Amy Thoma Jelyn Thomas Jenny Twyford Kim Wallace Betty Weeks Debbie Williams Donna Williams Kim Wilmoth Susan Winborn Steve Plaster Delta Gammas anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new pledges on Bid Day. Delta Gamma sorority was founded in December of 1873 at Lewis School in Oxford, Mississip- pi. Alpha Omega chapter was founded on the University of Arkan- sas campus on October 11, 1930. Delta Gamma again sponsored their " Ice Cream Social " for the University of Arkansas. Philanthropically, the women of Delta Gamma raised money for the Arkansas chapter of the Diabetes Foundation. The sorority again provided repre- sentation to the Panhellenic and Freshman Sorority Councils. Greeks 403 The Delta Gamma house. Above and below: D.G. ' s demon- strate sisterhood. Greeks 404 A Lou Holtz lookalike fools two D.G. ' s Hat party. Greeks 405 Delta Upsilon Front Left: David Green V.Pres., Paul Miller Chap. Rel., Larry Waschke Pres. Back Left: Steve Powers Tres., Doug Dover Sec., Todd Griffin Rush Chrm., Rusty McCrady Mshp. Re- lations A Country Club function with the ADPi ' s. Greeks 406 Kevin Blackwell Nelson Campbell Devin Carter Ralph Davis Doug Dover David Eddins Curtis Eggers Brian Franklin David Gean Jay Green Todd Griffin John Goodwin Russel Hankins Greg Hogue David Hoff Hank Jackson Mark Jackson Mark Jordan David Loenneke David Ludwick Niels Lundstedt Mike Macalady Rusty McCrady Paul Miller Robert Paxton Steve Powers Chris Reichart Glenn Reese Mike Reilly Randy Robinette Rob Robinson Tony Shaw Scott Steinsiek Jeff Swope Pat Turner Tim Thompson Glenn Walsh Larry Waschka Ted Weddle Bill Welsood Lynn Woods Scott Crawford Glenn Davis Rob Hager Jeff Rector Randy Haler Checking out the DU bullitin board. Steve Plaster D elta Upsilon Fraternity was founded as a non-secret fraternity in 1834 at Williams College at Williamstown, Massachusetts. On November 15, 1975, the Arkansas Chapter of Delta Upsilon received its charter from the national fraternity. Delta Upsilon celebrated its seventh annual Founders ' Day Banquet at the Fayetteville Hilton after the Razorback Homecoming game. In order to raise money for the Diabetes Association, the Delta Upsilon chapter held " A Christmas Singphony " in which fraternities and sororities competed. Members of Delta Upsilon became active in campus organizations over the last year. Greeks 407 A D.U. makes a phone call on the house ' s pay phone. Greeks 408 f . D.U. ' s enjoy each other ' s company. Greeks 4O9 Farmhouse Steve Plaster Front Left: Jeff Odom Cor. Sec., Don Young Pres., Caleb Snow Rec. Sec. Back Left: Gary Harris House Mgr., Stan Webb V. Pres., James Mcjunkins Tres. Tommy Brown and John Watts sit in the sun and sip some suds. Greeks 410 9 Julian Angulo Mark Berry Tommy Brown Curt Campbell John Connell Dwayne Edwards Terry Floyd Mike Fulmer Sam Green Gary Harris Chris Hart Kirk Houtchins Kevin Jones Reese Kauble Mike Lucariello Gary Main James McJunkins Loui McLoud Randy Moore Roger Moren Jeff Odom Dennis Ramsey Darren Richmond Charlie Ritter Caleb Snow Charles Southall John Watts William Webb Don Young Doug Young Sieve Plaster Farmhouse Parents Weekend. Farmhouse fraternity was founded in 1905 at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The Arkansas chapter of Farmhouse fraternity was chartered in 1954. Greeks 411 Halloween at Farmhouse. Greeks 412 Duane Whitsett Greeks 413 Kappa Alpha Theta TT Front Left: Debbi Robb Tres., Sherrie Hick Pres., Kim Sauer V. Pres. Back Left: Susan McFerin Sec., Cindy Brock Frat. Ed., Shawna Shadon Sec., Tracy Henderson Schlr., Christy Middleton Rush Chrm. Sharon Cuni and company at a special Halloween Party. Greeks 414 Cindy Back Liz Back Rachelle Barnes Lu Beghtel Laurie Bernard Vicki Biever Belinda Boyce Connie Braswell Cherrie Carrithers Annette Carter Becky Cauthen Cassie Chaser Anne Glower Laura Cole Sharon Cuni Holly Curtis Martha Dale Donna Davidson Helen Denniston Judy Deterding Lisa Duty Kathy Elder Brenda Entler Lynn Feather Chris Finnegan Lynne Fritzgerald Nancy Glasscock Jennifer Gilbert Elizabeth Gregory Kristi Griffi th Linda Hanson Melinda Goodwin Karen Harder Christy Harrell Dayna Hender Tracy Henderson Sarah Hicks Sherrie Hicks Kelly Horton Kim Jones Tina Jones Kathleen Keith Darla Kerr Vicki Kindley Lou Ann Lawson Libby Lorenzen Karen McClure Susan McFerrin Christy Middleton Georgia Millham Liz Moody Dawn Mueller Linda Nabholtz Laurie Pascale Kalia Pate Karen Patterson Cyndi Phillips Robin Pitts Camie Reeves Vicki Reynolds Debbi Robb Bobbette Roberts Toni Rowley Laura Rush Lucy Ryall Kim Sauer Trish Scarborough Kelli Sengel Allison Shy Valerie Smith Shawna Snadon Monte Stephens Robin Stephens Betty Thomas Teri Thomas Janet Tschirhart Amy West Cathy Whitehead Darcy Woody Julie Zahm Paige Prosser Kappa Alpha Theta Candle Light. Founded on January 27, 1870, Kappa Alpha Theta was the first Greek letter fraternity known among women. Alpha chapter was estab- lished at Asbury University, now known as DePaul. Sixteen years ago on October 29, Delta Nu chapter was organized at the University of Arkansas. Both nationally and inter- nationally, there were over 100 The- ta chapters. As a fraternity, the Theta ' s were dedicated to service. They prepared meals for the elderly, helped with the Red Cross Blood Drives, and dressed over sixty dolls for children at Christ- mas. Throughout the year, Kappa Alpha Theta has been individual and group contributions to the university and to the community. Greeks 415 The Country Club look. Above: Sisters. Below: Darcy Woody and Kim Sauer enjoy the formal. Greeks 417 Kappa Kappa Gamma Steve Plaster Left to Right: Laura Tacimour V. Pres., Diana Main President, Polly Baldwin Sec. ,;, Lori Seeburger and Danna McKay during Rush Week 82. Greeks 418 Suzanne Baker Polly Baldwin Sheryl Beard Michelle Blasingame Elizabeth Bloore Kathryn Bond Lisa Boyett Pam Breitenberg Cynthia Brown Karen Campbell Caren Cargill Linda Castleberry Ellen Christian Carol Clark Catherine Clements Jeanne Coffman Ann Cogswell Mary Kay Cogswell Mary Cole Carol Colburn Karen Conrow Kelli Coulter Ginger Daniel Laura Daniel Suzanne Deal Susan Dean Gwen Denson Anne Dewald Tracy Doster Sandy Dunn Amy Durham Jamie Early Signe Featherston Ann Fellinger Dana Ferguson Lisa Ferguson Erin Fergusson Kathryn Finley Ann Fite Carol Fogerty Karen Fuller Gale Gazette Karen Giles Lisa Gist Kelleigh Goldtrap Lisa Gordon Gayle Greenwood Melanie Griffin Ginger Graves Diana Hain Kimberly Hathaway Elizabeth Hendrix Pamela Hout Karen Ingram Molly Inhofe Laura Jacimore Susan James Jennifer Jesson Mary Beth Jesson Kristin Kaufman Kelly Keene Kathleen Keisner Margie Koenig Alison Kropp Shelley Lashley Beth Laster Marilyn Ligon Amber Lohman Mary Lynn Mazzanti Margo McCollum Holly Mclntire Danna McKay Cherie McKnight Suzanne Milton Carol Minton Cheryl Minton Sue Mitchell Karen Morrow Marganna Mosley Mary Niles Susan Nunnelee Allison Offut Patricia Olberts Kari Ontis Melissa Pearcy Julia Plunkett Jaime Polk Deborah Pope Rene Porterfield Allison Pounds Susan Pratt Kimberly Prickett Audrey Puckett Allison Reid Milody Ricks Jalane Riggs Kathryn Rosenbaum Kimberly Schickel Lynne Schlatterer Lori Seeburger Laura Skinner Julie Smith Shannon Smith Pam Stanton Jessica Taylor Karen Taylor Vicki Tennant Joyce Terminella Sarah Thibault Carmela Tortorich Veronique Tucker Lynann Tullos Kelly Utley Julie Vollmer Kimberly Waller Marti Watson Casie West Rebecca White Kathryn Wilson Kim Wilson Michelle Winstead Lawana Wolfe Maria Wood Robin Wright Kappas at Relays. K (appa Kappa Gamma so- rority was founded in 1870 at Monmouth College in Mon- mouth, Illinois. The Gamma Nu Chapter was chartered at the University of Arkansas in 1925. The sorority traditionally participat- ed in the sorority competitions, Sig- ma Nu Relays and Sigma Chi Derby Days. Greeks 419 Steve Plaster Steve Plaster Trying to practice. Kappa ' s cheer at Relays. Duane Whitsett The Kappa house. Greeks 420 Cheryl Minton at Sigma Nu Relays 421 " .- Kappa Sigma Steve Plaster Left: Matt Jones Master of Ceremonies, Terry Schonert Grand Treasurer Bob Brooks Grand Master Mark McHenry Grand Procurator, Jerry Day Grand Scripe Steve Plaster Tom Cox, Susan Phillips, Mike Rye, and Eric Pheips tap out a tune on the piano during a function. Greeks 422 Jim Bailey Gene Berry Bob Brooks Mike Brown Robby Bruce Brad Carey Judd Casler Kevin Crawford Don Dalton Jerry Day Mike Dodson :. Scott Dollar Mike Fisher Pete Jackson Paul Johnson David Jones Matt Jones Todd McClain Mark McHenry Mike Pohlkamp Mike Rye Terry Chonert Steve Schulte Mike Sellers Mack Stafford Kevin Utley David Wright Jay Smith Greg Spurlock Eric Phelps Steve Holman Rob Blackburn Butch Hart Rob Roy Kevin McMillan Jeff Hollowell Mark Gilliland Davis Woodward Bun Tadlock Rob Speeds Greg Trulock Jim Spencer Danny Bercher Photo Compliments of Kappa Sigma Smile at the birdie! Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia, December 10, 1869 at Charlottesville, Virginia. The Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity was chartered at the University of Arkansas on May 29, 1980. Kappa Sigma proved to be the oldest fraternity on the University of Arkansas campus. Greeks 423 Greeks 424 Kappa Sigma Little Sisters Right: Bob Brooks. r a Sieve Plaster Greg Spurlock tosses the ball to David Wright. Little sister initiation. Mom Crow with her 4-point killed at Madison County. Greeks 425 Lambda Chi Alpha Steve Plaster Officers left to right: Dan Cullum treasurer, Brian Boyd Rush Chairman, Joe Fleeman House Manager, Lewis Kinard President, Tim Hunt Ritualist, Jay Burriss Scholarship, Gus Pace So- cial Chairman, Scott Etell Chaplain, Don Ivy Social Chairman. Steve Plaster Lambda Chis prepare for Bahama Mama. Greeks 426 Bill Alexander Mike Aired Tim Anderson Jay Baker Mike Baltimore Steve Bartholomew Ernie Bauer Jason Benham Scott Blair Charles Boaz Brian Boyd Bill Brasel Brett Bunch Jay Burress Curt Cagel Joey Cash Jay Chesshir Mike Chisolm Scott Clawson Wes Crank Dan Cullum Scott Cusack Chuck Danehower Kenneth Decker Kevin Dunlavy Scott Ezell Jeff Fairman Mark Fairman Matt Fellows Joe Fleeman Kevin Forte Stuart Franklin Brian Gehrki Greg Gibson Buddy Goldammer Blake Goodman Ralph Hall John Holloway Jeff Home Tim Hunt Donald Ivy Phil Jacobs Johnny Johnson William Jones Bob Kaczmarczyk Jeff Kirkpatrick John Koch Steve Krim Rich Krutsch Tracy Langston Johnny Larkin Eric Larsen Jason Lawrence Jeff Lynch Mark Maier Vince Mayer Tom McConnon Duff McGinnis Greg McKinney Keith McPherson Frank Mehler Dallas Monroe Rowdy Morris Steve Morrison Matt Mulvihill Fred Napurano Gus Pace Brett Palen William Pazdera Van Reeder Steve Richardson Shawn Riley Ronnie Robertson Phil Sherman Butch Smiley David Snodgrass Chris Vaccaro Bob Vogel Shawn Weidman Scott Wheeler Marv Whitney Duane Whitsett Richard Wiggins Eddie Wilkinson Greg Williamson Robert Witte Brian Wolfe Bill Wrape Time to get into shape with a little basketball. Lambda Chi Alpha was founded on November 2, 1909, at Boston University. On May 23, 1925, the 89th charter was issued to Gamma Chi Zeta Chapter at the University of Arkansas. Lambda Chi Alpha has a lot to of- fer young men who want more out of their college days then just studying. Community service, interfraternity activities, and various social functions of all sizes and themes are availab;e in addition to opportunities for broadening oneself academically and personally. We believe that membership is for life and that the background and experience of being a Lambda Chi undergraduate will remain precious memories of fortunate individuals. Greeks 427 Matt Fellows, Jimna Barnett, Helen Ann Lewison, Lee Ann Jay Burress and Butch Robertson talking on the head phone to Brad Sheppard at Bahama Mama Duane Whitsett The Lambda Chi Formal was held in January. Greeks 428 Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents. Sieve Plaster Lambda Chi ' s sponsored the Sorority Pledge Queen Contest. Jay Baker at Fight Nite. Greeks 429 Phi Delta Theta r-M Greeks 430 Jay Adi MarkD- HarkH Marshal temy! PaulU Henick ArtKeJ Don Pa Craig J; JiraYei Phi Delt pledges on their first walk-out. Left: Scott Turley President, Alan Cline Secretary, Greg Giles Vice-President. Brian Clark Steve Faulkner Scott Hodnett Myles Mendenhall Curt Rodgers Tommy Allen Keith Cooper Kevin Nowlin Buster Brown Charles Worden Kyle Haden Boo Roth Tracy Waller Bill Free Jay Adams Mark Devolder Mark Hill Marshall Ray Jimmy Simpson Paul Lambert Herrick Norcross Art Kellum Don Parker Craig Jones Jim Yeary Jack Sheridan Barrett Albright Scott Mosely Mark Criner Howard McCain Tom Stockland Allen Crouch Jay Pirtle Don McKight Monte Hawes Greg Whiteaker David Snowden Joe Williams Greg Giles Lance Whitney Bill Edwards Walter Quinn Mark Pierce Rudy Burns Woody Brogden Greg Alford Merritt Dyke Brad Green Joe Cook Scott Turley Charles James Mark Chudy Justic Essman Greg Thomasson Jeff Christian Steve Savage Kip Blakely Wendell Flemister Chip Grace Dennis Miller Rick Springer Tommy Russell Jim Toler Jeff Bell Clay Minor Rob Norcross Daveid Hearnsburger Dave Richardson David McCain Tommy Havenstrite Martin Fiscus Tommy Lorince Boogie Wilson Alex Dunlap Lance Click Tommy Henry Tommy Baioni Doug Arnold Kirk Netherton Chuck Angel Doug Little Lowell Terrell Jim Johnson Scott McPherson Jim Havenstite Mark Horton Frank Wright Drake Smith Tripp Vogel Greg Parham Tim Fortner Larry Moteley Shy Anderson Pat Mahaffy Brother Alexander David Gammill Alan Cline Bort Jones Mike Estes Charles Rains Greg Greenwood Ivan Lee Jimmy Swank Mike Sullivan Bill Huey Fred Holzhaver Claude Cousins Phi Delts participate in the Greek Olympics. Phi Delta Theta Fraternity was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1848. Phi Delta Fraternity was granted a charter to the Alpha Chapter at the University of Arkansas a century later in 1948. During this past summer, the Arkan- sas Alpha Chapter received the Harvard Trophy for being the best Phi Delta Theta Fraternity interna- tionally. This year, Phi Delta Theta held its 3rd annual Casino Party which under the guidance of Paul Lambert was able to raise over $5, 000 in its fight against Diabetes. The Fraternity house has recently undergone renovation totaling. $300, 000 in which the dining area, the for- mal, the informal, and the living quarters were remodeled. Greeks 431 Scott McPherson with rushees Steve Plaster Party to kick off Muscular Dystrophy Superdance. A brother-to-brother talk. Greeks 432 Mike Sullivan trying not to fall off of the roof Shy Anderson at Greek Olympics. Left: An SAE function. Greeks 433 Phi Gamma Delta y Bt ;.- ' Lance S Steve Plaster Left: Mike Bonds Treas., Gary Yanosick Corres. Sec., Greg Zerman Pres., Chris Stotts Hist., David Wilson Rec. Sec. Mike Aston and Brett Seivert as they appear just before bedtime. Greeks 434 Mike Bonds Jim Von Steen Mike Aston Lance Sallis Mike Kohl Thomas Phelps Scott Varwig Mike Mohn John Parsley Glenn Hogue Jay Billingsley Ken Bonds Joe Beaver Geoff Tompkins Kenzie Parnell Doug Dickinson David Haley Mike Llewellyn Brant Elsberry Brett Siebert Mike Addison J.P. Warren Chris Werner Jeff Forbess Kieth Cobb Russell Neese Tom Gean David Lynch David Wilson Clay Hawthorn Richard Hedgecock Mike Nunnelee Tim Whelan Lenny Blaschke Terry Kuykendall Brian Delung Cooper McCraney Mark Forbess Mark Saxton Greg Zerman Gary Yanosick John Shields Kevin Teeman Mark Pauley Don Miller Grant Bray Mike Wallis Reid Caldwell Ward Seibert Trent Harp Scott Kindrick Rick Fine John Schmitz Tim Shields Shawn McElroy Dave Dutcher Members of Phi Gamma Delta await the outcome of the Greek Olympics Founded on the Campus of Jeffer- son College at Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, Phi Gamma Delta granted a charter to the Phi Alpha chapter at the University of Arkansas in 1969. The Fiji ' s have been active in all portions of The University System. Dick Davis was elected as the Associated Student Governments President for 1983 and 1984. Greeks 435 Clay Hathorn enjoys a drink with his date. Greeks 436 The Fiji ' s cheer on the hogs at a pep rally. Greek Olympics A fearsome threesome. Greeks 437 Phi Kappa Psi Greeks 438 Sieve Plaster Phi Psi pledges talk over game strategy before the annual pledge-member football game. Steve Plaster Bottom Left: Jeff Baines Sec., Scott Schrieber V. Pres., Luigi Chiechi Asst. Tres., Kevin Dailey Tres., Jim Hayley Sgt. at Arms, Grant Downer Pres., Tim Wiesman Chaplin, Kevin Collier Messenger, Greg Garland Hist., David Jordan Rec. Sec. Grant Downer Tim Wallace Shan Hodges Steve Luker David Jordan Jeffrey Gaines Kevin Daily Greg Garland Brett Mosley Gordon Wilbourn Ken Boise im Wiseman Luigi Chiechi Matt Jones Casey Sell Chris Evans Terry Madden Steve Plaster Nelson Blackford Jeff Edwards Jim Hayley Kevin Collier Joe Clark Alan Berkey Jeff Wentz Glenn Lockeby Stephen Henderson Bobby Massanelli Chip Hawkins David R. Ferguson Fred Tisdale Barry Rogers Chip Porter Bradford Young Tipton Cook Parker Tucker Joel Tyler Richie Beem Scott Schreiber Mike Borst Steve Plaster Richie Beem parties with the Little Sis ' s. - Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity was founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on Febru- ary 19, 1952, by William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore. The Arkansas Alpha Chapter was chartered at the University of Arkansas on December 8, 1979, with forty-one charter members. Chapter membership has more than doubled in the short time since that day. The Phi Psi ' s have temporary lodging at 360 Arkansas Avenue in front of Old Main until a larger house becomes available. One special event all members en- joy is the annual " Out of Hiberna- tion " party held after the last regular season home basketball game. Greeks 439 Phi Mu Steve Plaster Bottom Left: Dawn Hart Panhellanic, Karen Payne Sec., Lisa Adams Social Chrm., Lisa Brown Phi Director, Susan Smith V. Pres., Tracey Brokate Pres., Charity Burns Rec. Sec., Lori Sass Membership Director. Cindy Gurley and Lori Sass, both glad Rush Week is over. Greeks 440 Lisa Adams Ginger Allen Lisa Allen Kelly Billings Cindy Blackall Amy Bonner Janet Bridgforth Tracy Brokate Coleen Burke Kelly Butler Donna Cardinale Kristen Clark Sherry Crockett Nancy Ellis Malleson Emmerling Carrie Gallemore Mary Llew Gilker Nancy Goben Cindy Gurley Sherry Harmon Dawn Hart Melissa Hoffman Melanie Hollowell Lauri Holton Scarlett Kittler Cindy Lamb Kim Lindsey Melanie Owen Allison Pape Karen Payne Kandy Rankin Sheri Richmond Sally Robinson Tammy Rudd Dona Salmon Lori Sass Andrea Schult Carla Sinor Susan Smith Elizabeth Spitzmiller Debbie Spriggs Rebecca Stickler Allyson Stotts Tanya Taylor Kim Treece Tammy Trumpp Jana Veil Renee Walton Catherine Weaver Pam White Gloria Bednar Kristi Clay Sharon Douglas Robbie Herring Karen McMahon Laura Mitchell Beth Moffet Mary Anne O ' Dell Ann Pearson Stacy Thompson Tamara Wood Paige Thomas Cindy Shaw Tracy Ruggeri Leigh Biggs Lisa Brown Sharon Brown Sonia Cooper Charlet Davis Debbie Dawson Tammy Dockins Lori Edwards Sandi Francis Tandi Ginnett Kimberly Green Rhonda Harmon Melinda Jartje Jennifer Holton Larinda Howell Carla Human Kim Dellam Anne Kinnamon Bonnie Leonard Dawn Ligon Barbie Lewis Phyliss Liner Terri McAdams Becca McDonald Donna McMillan Lisa Miller Kim Nix Janet Price Tonya Ruston Dede Steele Meagan Steele Pam Steele Lisa Storey Jan Templeton Ellen Waughop Anne Weaver Cyndi White Deborah Whitt Michelle Wilson Valerie Wilson Debbie Kissell Phi Mu ' s roll out to practice for the Sigma Nu re- lays. On March 4, 1852, Phi Mu soror- ity was founded at Wcsleyan College in Macon, Georgia. The Al- pha Beta chapter was chartered on January 19, 1979, making it the youngest sorority on the University of Arkansas campus. Phi Mu ' s continued this year to participate in service programs which aided Project Hope, Meals on Wheels, the Sheriff ' s Association for Underpriviledged Children, and the American Lung Association. They were also part of a program supporting a child overseas. Several Phi Mu members were ac- tive in Angel Flight, Kadettes, ABC, ASG, Cardinal XXX and Order of Omega. Phi Mu Sherry Harmon per- formed with the Marching Razorbacks as a majorette. Greeks 441 Phi Mu Phi Psi T.G.I. F. Below: Kim Kellam and Ann Dearson. Kim Treece and Blake Weber at Relays. I Phi Mu ' s at Relays. Greeks 443 Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi 444 Melissa Albright Mary Austin Jeanett Baker Julia Baker Lisa Bethall Karen Boles Tamra Bowlin Tone Bowlin Christie Bricges Kimberly Brooks Kimberly Brothers Vanessa Brown Mary Bryant Melinda Bryant Rebecca Bailey Man Calhoun Jill Canino Susan Cearley Lynn Cloar Carla Cobb Susan Cooper Carol Counce Lisa Crossland Mary Crossland Sammye Daniel Donna Didier Maureen Donovan Karen Dugon Carol Duke Kelly Duke Shawna Edwords Diane Enderlin Dee Faulkner Sharon Fonville Valerie Ford Adrienne Freeman Jan Freeman Barbara Gaylor Andi Gibson Nanette Grabel Sandy Green Lisa Hebert Karen Hickman Ore Ita Missy Holder Hilary Holt Cynthia Howey Alice Hudgens Allison Johnston Jill Jones Dawn Kelly Nancy Keil Peggy Keil Melissa Kent Mia Kuper Nicole Laffoon Mary Laughlin Lisa Luter Jamie McAlister Becky McCoy Renee McDonald Cindy McGaughty Stacie McHan Melinda Mcllroy Misty Mcllroy Mary Menz Audrey Miller Suzy Milliken Kelle Mills Harriet Morris Melinda Habholtz Susan Nichols Kelli Nicholson Kelly Pace Kristy Parks Annette Person Shannon Phelps Tanya Phillips Peggy Probst Katgryn Pryon Amy Reginelli Stephanie Reinboth Lisa Richards Amy Ritchey Beth Rogers Kim Rucks Linda Selman Suzanne Shirley Margo Sloat Sarah Spikes Tish Springer Sandy Stancil Michelle St. Columbia Michelle St. Onge Marjorie Tedford Susan Tedford Julie Ternes Libby Thomason Deb Trammell Gina Turley Tammy Welch Beth Wells Mariel Williams Carol Wilson Marianne Woodyear The Pi Phi ' s brave the cold to practice for relays. Steve Plaster The Pi Beta Phi sorority was founded in 1867 at Monmouth, Illinois. Pi Beta Phi chartered the University of Arkansas chapter in 1908. An annual tradition, Pi Phi partici- pated in the Sigma Nu Relays and Sigma Chi Derby Days sorority com- petition. Greeks 445 Who said three is a crowd? 4 Greeks 446 Above: AAhhhh . . Below: Formal 447 Pi Kappa Alpha Left: Bill McDonnell Mgr. at Large, Kenny Wilson Tres., Wade Smith Sec., Michael Lane V. Pres., Ross Mallioux V. Pres. Alumni, Bryan Meldrum Pres. Sunning on the roof in the Spring. Greeks 448 Michael Lane Kenny Wilson Lowell Hays III Donald Stobaugh Brad Brown Carl Rudelis Charles Baden Craig Walker Rodney Cole Randy Greenway Todd Meredith Jeff Dixon Greg St. John Jeff Claunts Laddy Diebold Paul Williams Michael Griffin Jeffrey Stephens Jon Waidlow Ross Mallioux Mark Greenway Todd Estes Steven Edwards William McDonnell Jeff Meyers Glenn O ' Neal Tommy Bogard Greg Colvin Steve Morris Doug Hooker Kirk LaVigne Phil Plyler John Stuckey King Trieschmann Phil Porterfield Blair Overesch Ray Marple Dean Rush Phil Smith Bill Lawrence Ray Tipton Neal Galloway Jeff Houser Greg Elders Andy Cheatham Joby Caspall Wade Smith Rich Robbins Mike Stovall John Hooper Doug Kallis Robert Reece Craig Smith Bill Chiles John Clement Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was founded March 1, 1868, at the University of Virginia at Charlottes- ville. Pi Kappa Alpha granted a charter to the Alpha Zeta chapter on November 2, 1904. Pi Kappa Alpha members served on both the Interfraternity Council and the Freshman Fraternity Council. The Pikes also sponsored the fall " Riverboat " function and " Pikefest " in the spring. Greeks 449 Getting together at Greek Olympics. Greeks 450 Getting the house ready for Riverboal Pike spectators at Greek Olympics Gr ki 451 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Front Left: Phil Puritory Pledge Trainer, Michael Cissell Warden, Bart Barnwell Sec. Greg Dawson Tres., Paul Calvin Pres., John Goodloe V. Pres. One of the most important ingredients for a good SAE par- ty is the bartender. Greeki 452 Bart Barnwell Bo Barnwell Willard Burks Mike Callahan Houston Chambliss Alan Cline Mark Cole Jeff Colmina Greg Dawson James Devlin Jay Duke Scott Ford Frank P. Hall Mike Harris Scott Hembre Basil Hoag Greg Hoag Dean Hoover Ben Hunley Lester Jackson Tony Jezek Scott Knowles Andy Lagrone Doug MacClay Steve Mangan John Manning Randy Massenelli Jim McGee Al Melde Dan Messersmith Jeg Mills Matt Spencer Philip Tappin Todd Trimble Scott Tucker Joe Young Jay Andres Ro Arrington Steve Bader Jay Belew Bob Bethal Thad Bishop Ben Bracher Mike Braken Paul Calvin Mike Cissell Darrell Chambliss Keith Christenbury Edward Cooper John Cox Jamie Crossland David Dallas Scott Davis Jon Pascoe Bruce Dunn Philip Evans John Goodloe Steve Gunter Buddy Hain Greg Hemme David Holland Scott Hollingsworth Ken Hoover John Kane Blake Kellett Mike Kent Tim Lance Kevin Lewey David Mangan Paul Makris Scott Marotti Mark Massey Al Maxwell Brian Meggers Charles Miller Greg Minton Tom Mitchell Mike Mobley Brett Norsworthy Scott Pahlow Kyle Patton Nick Patton Mark Pryor Phil Purifoy Jeff Rand Terry Ray Chuck Richensin Rusty Russell Doug Sanders Ross Sanders Dewey Shanks David Shipley Gordan Silaski Walker Sloan Murray Smith Peter Sullivan Jody Teeter David Terry Page Walt John Ray White Bobby Harris Scott Knight Blake Kukar Lee Lacy Lance Lanier Chris Pulliam Lance Young Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was founded on March 9, 1856. The fraternity granted a charter to the Alpha Upsilon charter to enrich its total membership. SAE ' s were very social during the year. Sponsering " Catfish Row " end- ed the spring semester after having sponsered the " Oaklawn Party, " So- rority Pledge Champagne Party and several Football game parties earlier in the year. A new party this year was the " Suitcase Party. " Tickets were drawn and two couples were sent on a weekend retreat to Puerta Vaurta, Mexico. Greeks 453 SAE ' s cheer at the Greek Physic contest. r SUCK5 ' i: A r- Steve Plaster Row dammit! Greeks 454 Serious discussions do go on at parties Steve Plaster Greeks 455 Sigma Chi Front Left: Shawn Lee Spring Pledge Trainer, Vancil Moore Tres., Bryan Greenway Fall Pledge Trainer, Rick Anderson Spring Sec., Sandy Brown Spring V. Pres., Alan Hope Spring Pres., Doug Cox Fall Pres.. Vance Moore Fall V. Pres., David Kolb Fall Sec. Hunter Hanshaw and Michael J. Spivey begin to succomb to the effects of their first pledge walkout. Greeks 456 Ashdon Adcock Scott Arnak Edmonson Danny Powell Sid Stafford Chris Amsler Brad Edwards Paul Perdue Jim Stanzil Jack Anderson Rodney Engler Bill Rainwater Mike Steele Rick Anderson Kris Fisher Rawleigh Rails Alan Stone Rick Angel J.L. Franks Jimmy Rapert Andy Tedder Mark Baltz Bonner Fulenwider Greg Reece Mark Thomas Peter Baltz Jay Gadberry Andy Rice Ab Tilley Steve Barre Steve Garrett Eddie Sanders Tod Townsell Lee Beeson Rusty Glazener Mark Saunders Pete Trinca Randy Becker Miles Goggins Eddie Schieffler Brian Wagner . Steve Bell Kenny Golden Fletcher See Scott Wallace ' Jeff Bettison Mike Gray Chris Selby Todd Ware Brad Billings Brian Greenway Jim Inhoffe Brian Westbrook i Jamie Bingaman Burt Hanna Rob Kalb Bob Whisnant Chip Blackwell Hunter Hanshaw John King Brian Whitaker William Blevins Ned Hendrix David Kolb Todd White Tracy Borgognoni Eric Herget Chris Lane David Wiggins Scott Bolding Jeff Hildebrand Brent Lassetter Mark Wilkerson Brick Bradford Rich Hildebrand Keith Lau David Womack Chuck Brown Andy Hill Shawn Lee Dane Workman Sandy Brown Scott Hill Chuck Ligon Drew Workman Woody Brown Rich Hillman Bob Linzy Glen Wright Roger Bryles Grant Hinch Rick Lorence Tim Wright Tommy Bryles Alan Hope Britt Luplow John Young Clay Bumpers Joe Homer Abe Mansour Phil Zimmerman Ty Burks Joey Howard Johnny Mansour Curtis Bailey Mike Callaway Jim Hubbard Mark Mansour Bob Claxton Richard Callaway Blant Hurt Steve Mathews Mark Dixon Chris Camp Robert Jacuzzi Jay McConnell Mike Emerson 1 Craig Carlock David Jeffery Joey McCutchen Scott Emerson Brent Carter Trice Johnson Ike McEntire Hal Hillman ' Steve Chambers John Minor Jay McEntire Price Holmes Mike Clark Hugh Monger J.D. McCay Jim Howe Greg Cooney Jay Moody Craig McMahon Bert Kell Doug Cox Brian Moore Mark McNabb Kevin Knauts Jim Cox Vance Moore Jeff McNeil L.J. Johnson Will Cox Vancil Moore Butch Michael Mark Lane Jim Cross Scott Morrison Alan Miller Kirk McDonald Kyle Dalton Tommy Nabholtz Bobby Silzer J.W. Rayder Donny Davis Roger Parette Rich Silzer Greg Sink Sammy Davis Brian Penn Randy Simpson Phillip Wallace Mark Dawson J.D. Phillips Mark Smith Bill Whisnant f Garrett Dowdy Johnny Pittman Steve Smith David Workman Scott Duncan Brian Potts Mike Spivey 3jg The Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded on June 28th, 1855 at proved to be a success by donating over $8,000. to the United Fund of JSm [i Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Fayetteville. This Year pitted the S39 , -i-t f f-v - 1 _4._ Sigs against the Lambda Chis. ttB C M 3 t 3 i ne wmeQa umeqa napier was I T-3 Y chartered on September 16, 1905. Individual Sigs were involved in r S I The General Fraternity has over 165, virtually every sector of the h( " | 000 initiates, and boasts 180 active University system. An alumnus, Jack U L chapters. Stephens of Stephens Inc., was se- fiHHn Ski Lodge and Derby Day once lected by the Sigma Chi Fraternity as VmFiocVV VinC6S again proved that they are the a Significant Sig for his activeness in K 77m ' SJ community, state, and fraternal sicr " " " ond annual Charity Bowl again affairs. Greeks 457 Photo courtesy of Sigma Ch Party Time! Rob Kalb in the Chug Twirl competition in Derby Days. A typical sunny afternoon in front of the Sigma Chi house. Greeks 458 Taking a study break. Below: Getting ready for a meeting. Steve Plaster Steve Plaster Left to Right: Jim Rose. George Jernigan, Andy Teddor, and Charles Thatcher. Sigma Nu Steve Plaster Sigma Nu officers for 1982-83 Steve Plaster Tracy Whited and Todd McDonald have a blast at Sadie Hawkins. Greeks 460 Jonathan Ackerman Bruce Armstrong Robbie Armstrong Jim Auguire Richie Barnes Jackie Bartholomew Jeff Blecher David Boling Mark Bowlin Scott Brady Don Brewington Payne Brewer Robbie Bridges Danny Callaway Jim Chaney David Clement Scott Clement Greg Cockrell Brad Cole Mitch Cone Danny Cook Jimmy Curry John Daniel Don Davis Dean Denton Ben Dodge Kevin Furnas Kevin Gentry Kenny Gibbs Tad Gidcomb Mike Gross Pat Halligen John Hart Drake Hawkins Rich Helfry Brian Henely Rod Hethershaw Chad Hill Sam Hill Jerry Holder Jeff James Mike Johnston Phillip Johnston Greg Jones Payton King Corey Little John Maeder Jeff Majors Andy Market Scott Marvel Britton Metcalf Jeff Nail Gary Newton Scott Overholt Craig Philips Mike Ptak Keith Reding Ed Riddick Paul Roberts Mark Rodgers Brian Rosenthal Mark Sadler Scott Simpson Mike Smith Roger Simpson Robert Smothers Wesely Smothers John Spies Mark St. Onge Gray Standridge Jay Stringfellow Bobby Thompson Craig Treece Jay Trumbo Dennis Tune Jason Watson Steve Warrick Blake Weber David Wheitlick Matt Williams Tony Wray John Scott Wright Ken Young Wade Abernathy Teddy Ashcraft Jeff Brewer Bill Burgess Jeff Campbell Mitch Cone Jay Dyke Jay Haney Mike Hudspeth Barry Jewel Randy King Scott Kingsborough Jack Lyon Todd Mcdonald Richard Morrow Steve Nelson Larry Rial John Riddle Terry Rodgers Scott Simmons Greer Woodcraft Steve Plaster Sigma Nu Relays. Grwki 461 Terry Rodgers, Phillip Johnson, and Mike Gross. Susan Dean EN ' s Jeff James and Dennis Tune. Greeks 462 Steve Plaster Jerry Holder, Brit Metcalf, and J.R. Spies. Greeks 463 Sigma Phi Epsilon Front Left: Tom Mickel V. Pres., Larry Thompson Pres., John McKay Corr. Sec. Archie Ryan Chaplain, Les Martin Rec. Sec., Joe Parks Controller, Billy Griffin Pledge Trainer Steve Plaster South of the Border Party. Greckj 464 Mike Ablowich Brent Akers Craig Attwood Dave Bendigo Hal Bradford Marty Bryan Greg Burton Mark Clinton Greg Collier Ken Comer Mike Crockett Billy Gates Jeff Gearhart Bill Goodman Gene Grahm Billy Griffin Bruce Griggs Scott Grimes Greg Halbert Phil Hanby Brad Held John Hilgar Dan Hogan Danny Hoggat Scott Holloway Johnny Johnson Joe Kelly Micheal Kemp Tim Kirby Chris Kozarits Terry Lloyd Jimmy Marconi Phil Marconi Guy Marts Les Martin Russell Matchett Micheal McCoy Micheal McDaniel Patrick McGinnis John McKay Harlan McKnight Thomas Mickel Kyle Moery Alan Morris Daniel Oberste Micheal Odell Arthur Olson Joseph Park Bradley Paul Ken Porter Paul Porter Art Preutt Raymond Ranchuso David Richardson Robin Reeves Brad Rogers Archie Ryan Steve Selakovich Micheal Selig John Siccardi Steve Smith Matt Smith Mike Smith Bryan Spaulding Mark Speed Kevin Spence Lance Staggs Kelly Truitt Donald Stanely Rudy Steiner Robert Stovall Tim Strother Todd Tesney Chip Theiban Dan Thomas John Thomas Mario Thomas Larry Thompson Dave Torres Joseph Trimble Kelly Truitt Having fun at the South of the Border Party. Jeff Underwood Greg Vanhorn Chris Warner Eric Wewers Jim Yauch Steve Plaster Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia, in 1901. The Ar- kansas Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was chartered here at the U of A in 1907. Sig Ep celebrated its 75th year on campus this year with a series of banquets during the fall for our alum- ni, culminating in a party for alumni and parents during Homecoming. An added honor was Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s winning the homecoming float compe- tition for the fourth year in a row. Fite Nite was held in the spring for the seventh year. Once again, the event was a huge success as Sigma Phi Epsilon donated over $5,000 to the March of Dimes. Sig Ep closed out the school year with their annual South of the Border party. Greeks 465 Sieve Plaster Sig Ep Fife Nites. Sig Eps cheer together at Greek Olympics. Greeks 466 Steve Plaster Big-Little Brother Drink-off. Sceve Plaster South of the Border Party. Steve Plaster Gene Graham and Alan Morris. Gtetks 467 Scott Tau Kappa Epsilon - ' r. Front Left: Steve Means Historian, Bobby Fanning 2nd V. Pres., Steve Curda Chaplin Larry Wood Pledge Trainer, Vince Mazur Tres., Joseph Kilgore V. Pres., Burt Wilkinson Pres., Daniel Gallagher Sec., Mike Martin Sargeant at Arms l Party time! Greeks 468 Scott Barbera Doug Beaver Stony Bogan Drew Clark Mark Clem Rob Codner Steve Curda Kevin Delk Bobby Fanning Tim Foster Daniel Gallagher Bobby Granata Joe Heffernan Richard Herman Keith Hicks Nick Hobbs Bob Hogan Ora Hubbard Joseph Kilgore Tony Koros Chuck Lamb Terry Landreth Mike Marintez Vince Mazur Steve Means Paul Nielsen John O ' Connell Scott Rogers David Ross Gary Sager Matt Seifert Pete Sickinger Frank Sprick Daryl Teitler Jeff Walker Dave Ways Burt Wilkinson Larry Wood Chan Yang ' I TKE ' s Big Bamboo! Greeks 469 Steve Plaster TKE Barbeque. Carrol Brown TKE IN ' sis Milissa Rodwich does the limbo. Greeks 470 Steve Raster Fooz-ball at the house. I Carrol Brown Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters Greeks 471 Zeta Tau Alpha Sieve Plaster Left: Rene Eagle Tres., Anita Kordsmeier 2nd V. Pres., Carol Robertson Pres., Laura Tate 3rd V. Pres., Karen Schreiber Sec. Audrey Bell and Laura Tate at a Lambda Chi T.G.I.F. Greeks 472 Leslie Alexander Barbara Amex Ann Ballard Susan Barnes Lisa Barry Audrey Bell Diana Bernards Sharon Bland Tami Bowman Susie Boyer Alana Boyd Terri Brown Madeline Burris Debbie Campbell CeCe Carey Cindy Carr Melissa Carr Janis Carter Niki Carter Melissa Carter Anne Coleman t Lynne Cook Mary Cook Jill Copeland ( Lori Culpepper Karen Cunningham . Lisa Davis Lisa Ducharme Cheryl Eagle Rene Eagle Lisa Engelmann Kim Ferritor Sandra Flowers Laura Fritz Kelli Gibson Mary Grayden Julie Griep Lynne Grim Paige Grisham Teresa Habig Heidi Haggerty Kristi Harrendorf Lisa Harvey Julie Hayes Beverly Hill Susan Hopfinger Kim Hotze Alicia Howard Tracy Hudson Holli Hunnicutt Denise Johnson Diane Jones Susan Jones Sherry Joyce Kim Kelley Anita Kordsmeier Susan Kuykendall Linda Laird Dana Lamar Allison Lanford Laura Lawrence Lisa Lewis Lim Lindley Suzanne Martindale Kim Mattingly Patty McClendon Sherri McClendon Sara Merritt Lisa Morilanen Lynne Nelson Cathy Nutt Suzanne Ownby Shannon Perry Laura Peters Kelli Porter Becky Ramsey Shelly Ray Jo Ellen Robbins Carol Robertson Millie Robinson Julie Roblee Kim Rogers Rhonda Ross Alicia Russell Lisa Sanders Karen Shreiber Sandy Schwartz Julie Seibert Karen Seidenstricker Kim Selig Debbie Shields Debbie Simco Susie Smith Suzanna Smullin Karen Soloman Katie Sprenger Laura Tate Sheri Thompson Beth Wagner Elizabeth Yearns Karen Zimmerman Meredith Rooney Janet Kimbrough Marcie Meador Tammy Bartholomew Trish Bross Kim Burford Karen Davis Pam Eaton Debbie Gilbreth Leslie Home Bo Hunt Susan Prewitt Claudia Scier Steve Plaster Patty McClendon and Kim Lindley wasting the day away in front of the Zeta house. Epsilon chapter of Zeta Tau Al- pha is the fifth link in a chain of 189 chapters originating at Longwood College in Farmville, VA. Our sisterhood began on October 15, 1898 when nine young women sharing common beliefs and goals came together to form, before choos- ing a greek name almost a year lat- er. Maud Jones was soon after cho- sen president and on March 15, 1902, Zeta ' s chapter was granted by the Virginia State Legislature. On December 18, 1903, Epsilon became the fifth chapter of Zeta, the first one established west of the Mis- sissippi River, and the second girls fraternity here at the University of Arkansas. Greeks 473 They melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Above: Bid day. Below: All smiles. Greeks 474 Above: Holly Hunicutt at relays. ZTA contestant for Derby Queen. Greeks 475 Alpha Kappa Lambda WcC Front Left: Brad Hixon Rec. Sec., Art Johnson Rush Chrm., Eric Liepins Pres. Ken Henry Pledge Trainer, George Dyer Tres., James Dickson Sgt. At Arms, David Scruggs V. Pres. Bryan Stewart escorts Dana Poore at the Greek Physique Contest during Greek Week. Greeks 476 Barry Barnowski John Belcher Mina Bright George Clark, II John Cooper, III Todd Cotton Greg Daven Leon DeLoach James Dickson George Dyer, Jr. Tony Erwin Kyle Gean Greg Glasgow Todd Glasgow Paul Gordon James Henry Jonh Hixon Arthur Johnson Eric Liepins Dwane Maynard John Metzger Vance Parker Timothy Parthemore Randall Schild David Scruggs J. Michael Sinks Brian Smith Bryan Stuart Stephen Toon Brett Vaught Howard Veazey Kevin Walker Lloyd Ward Scott Wharton John Wise Sieve Plaster Brad Hixon gets left out of the conversation. Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity was founded at the University of California at Berkley on April 27, 1907. The Alpha Mu chapter was granted its charter December 12, 1964. The AKLs co-sponsored Pledge Night at the Rink with the Kappa Kapp Gamma sorority in the fall, and held its spring party in April under the annual theme of " Go To Hell " with AKL. Members of the fraternity served on both the Fresh- man Fraternity Council and the Interfraternity Council. Grexkl 477 Greg Daven AKL ' s at Greek Olympics. Kevin Walker and Bryan Stewart help each other shave. Greeks 478 Little Sister Halloween Party. AKL ' s Greeks 479 Theta Tau L rf II El Greeks 480 . . - m.1 l i U X ' l % w k x m INDEX B Abaekobe, Joseph 185 Abbasher, Ariff 296 Abbott, Becky 243 Abernathy, Belinda 243 Abernathy, Cindra 243 Abney, Melanie 243 Adkerson, John 207 Acuff, Bill 254 Adams, Danny 243 Adams, Stephanie 246 Adams, Sue 178 Adcock, Ashton 318 Addison, Michael 223 Adkins, James 223 Adwers, LouAnne 243, 340 Afendis, Lisa 347 Ahrent, Scott 243 Aikman, Lynda 207, 299 Aikman, Randall 243 Aikman, Russ 207 Aka, Silfred 185 Albright, Melissa 207, 305 Alexander, Cynda 243 Alexander, Cynthia 347 Alexander, Lesli 243, 371 Alexander, Robert 207 Alford, Sherry 305 Allen, Craig 243 Allen, Eric 207 Allen, Joe 362 Allen, Monica 347 Allison, Vicki 370 Al-Molla, Raad 296 Almond, Jim 243 Alsup, Tim 243 Altemus, Cindy 223 Altenbaumer, Alicia 223 Altenbaumer, Shelli 223 Alton, Terral 223, 349 Alyaseen, Ali 185 Ambrose, Paula 207, 392 Amomoriez, LeLeh 343 Amrine, Valeris 371 Anderson, Gary 1 7, 73, 75, 85 Anderson, Gayla 305 Anderson, John 223 Anderson, Kathleen 243 Anderson, Pia 296 Anderson, Jenni 372 Anderson, Sharon 223, 342-3 Anderson, Stefanie 243 Anderson, Yvette 351 Andrews, Doug 357 Andritos, Pam 207 Apata, James 243 Appleberry, Patricia 223 Archor, Mike 352 Arens, Kathleen 361 Armstrong, Bob 299, 274 Armstron, Bruce 207, 299 Armstrong, Rachel 243 Arnold, Candi 223, 258 Arnold, Doug 223 Arnone, Sharon 242-3 Ashcraft, Linda 243, 347 Aston, Mike 223 Atchley, Marcia 207 Atkins, Doug 362 Aust, Heather 147 Austin, Kevin 223 Baker, Brenda 223 Back, Cindy 207 Baevers, Lana 359 Bailey, John 207 Bailey, Kim 357 Bailey, Rich 323 Bain, Jeff 366 Baird, Donna 223 Baird, Gretchen 243 Bakema, Denise 308, 274, 359 Baker, Brenda 345-6 Baker, Candy 342-3 Baker, Jackie 370 Baker, LeahAnn 243 Baker, Marc 349 Balch, Alesia 164 Balentine, DeLisa 243 Ballard, Ann 223 Ballare, John 364, 365 Baltz, Fintan 243 Bane, Alice 54, 296 Banks, Emmanuel 243, 352 Banks, Wendell 243, 346 Barber, Randy 223 Barber, Tammie 342 Barger, John 185 Barnes, Donna 243, 350 Barnes, Richard 207, 321 Barnes, Susan 243 Barnett, Becky 207 Barnett, Jimna 428 Barnwell, Bart 318 Barr, Paula 223 Barre, Hal 243 Barrentine, Ronald 223 Barrett, Tracey 371 Bartholomew, Tammy 243, 158 Barton, Larry 223 Bartsch, Ashley 207 Basham, Melissa 207 Bassham, Beth 243 Bassham, Robert 207 Bates, Anne 305 Baughman, Possum 357 Baughn, Stephen 223 Bauman, Paul 296 Baxter, Angie 359 Beadles, Wayne 307 Beasley, Cassandra 243, 359 Beasley, Linda 352 Beatty, Michael 349 Beatty, Mike 243, 348 Beaty, Lance 243 Beaver, Hardey 185, 301 Beaver, Joe 207 Beaver, John 223 Beck, David 264 Beck, Lowery 207 Beck, Theodore 207 Beckman, Nanci 207 Bednar, Gloria 243, 359 Bednar, William 357 Beem, Richard 223, 439 Beeson, Lee 207 Bell, Audrey 223 Bell, Beth 379, 350 Bell, Bobby 307 Bell, Donna 243 Bell, Eddie 350 Bell, Jonell 207 Bell, Steve 223 Bell, Tammy 243, 358-9 Belt, Emmanuel 207, 299, 303 Beltrani, Mike 223 Belvo, David 302, 356 Bend, Kathryn 223 Benedict, Dale 207 Benedict, Mark 302 Bennet, Barry 207 Bennet, Darus 207 Bennett, Tom 223 Benton, Russell 207 Berg, Phillip 243 Berkey, Alan 207 Bernardi, Diana 243 Beshears, Ron 352 Besonen, Keith 298-9 Bethel, John 243 Bethell, Lisa 223 Beutelschies, Clint 364 Beutelschies, Mark 243, 361 Biever, Victoria 223 Bigelow, Victoria 223 Bingham, Paul 243 Biocic, Jim 223 Bird, Lisa 223 Bischof, Buddy 216 Bishop, Scott 207 Bischot, Buddy 352 Bisswanger, Billy 345 Bisbee, Michell 243 Bjovvatn, Knut 347 Black, David 52-3, 296 Black, Lynne 371 Blackall, Cindy 223 Blackburn, Linda 358, 359 Blackford, Nelson 223 Blackwell, Owen 223 Blagg, Kevin 223 Blair, Elizabeth 243 Blair, Liz 368, 371 Blair, Richard 243, 352 Bland, Kim 384 Bland, Sharon 358 Blankenbaker, Lori 223 Blankenship, Melanie 185 Blanks, Gina 223 Blatter, Cristina 223 Blazer, Janett 207, 370 Blevins, William 243 Bliss, Christine 362 Blyholder, Betty 296 Blythe, Michael 223 Bobo, Annette 343 Bochsnick, Sherry 251 Bocksnick, Sherry 223 Bogan, Claudette 164 Bogosliviski, Bruce 350 Bogy, Lori 223, 309 Bolden, Karen 223 Bohler, Lori 347 Bolding, Scotty 243 Boles, Grant 303 Boling, David 243 Boling, Mark 352 Bond, Kelly 299 Bonds, Ken 299 Bonds, Mike 321 Bonner, Amy 223 Book, Kevin 243 Booker, Brooks 207 Bookout, Paul 223 Boone, Craig 207 Booth, Sharon 243 Boswell, Jackie 359 Boswell, John 223 Bourland, Layne 223 Bowden, Hugh 357 Index 482 Bowden, Todd 223 Bowlin, Mark 243 Boyd, Beth 207 Boyd, Caroline 207 Boyd, Mary Jo 243 Boyd, Randy 388 Boyd, Vallerie 311 Boyer, Susan 223 Boyett, Lisa 223 Bozeman, Gray 223 Bradford, Hal 350 Bradford, Robert 207 Bradley, Beverly 361 Bradley, Edwin 223, 362 Bradley, Randy 243 Bradley, Susan 207 Bradsher, Becky 223 Bradwell, Carla 224 Brady. Scott 243 Branch, Alice 244, 358 Branch, Robert 185 Brannan, Christian 224 Brashears, Amy 244, 343 Bratcher, Ben 244 Braughton, Mark 357 Braswell, Darla 305 Braughton, Robert 354 Bray, Candi 224 Bray, Hester 244 Bray, Michael 366 Brasel. Ann 207 Braughton, Mark 306 Braughton, Steve 244 Bray. Candi 318 Brazzel. David 89 Braznell, Julia 244 Brewer, Carrie 244 Breckenridge, Joey 207 Breeding, Bruce 356 Brewer. Melissa 207 Brewer, Payne 297 Brewington. Don 299 Bridges, Christie 207. 205 Bridy. Raymond 244 Brightwell, Mark 301 Briley. Robert 185 Brison, Keith 372 Britt. Stephanie 224 Brittain. Richard 244 Brock. Leonard 244 Brodacz. Stephanie 345 Brogdon, Mary 244, 342-3 Brokate, Patricia 243 Brokate, Tracy 301 Bronson, Charles 244 Brooks, Brian 244. 372 Brooks, Evelyn 207 Brooks, Tony 207 Brooks-Pryor, Marianne 207, 361 Broomfield, Jamie 372 Brothers, Kimberly 224 Brown, Anita 361 Brown, Carrol 224. 370 Brown. Chuck 244 Brown, Cynthia 301 Brown, Ernest 245 Brown, Jana 224 Brown, John 244 Brown, Karen 358 Brown, Melissa 207, 384 Brown. Michael 224 Brown, Michael 224 Brown, Penny 207 Brown, Richard 345 Brown. Sharon 244 Brown. Terry 301. 308 Brown, Theresa 275 Brown, Tommy 224 Brown, Tracy 244, 351 Brown, Vanessa 207 Browning, Jan 257 Brumfield, Judith 371 Brunson, Lucinda 224 Bryan, Janet 361 Bryant, Anthony 224 Bryant, Mary 244 Bryant, Melinda 224 Buchanan, Jayne 224 Buck, Tammy 371 Buckley, Robert 299 Buechley, Jennifer 224, 379, 371 Bueker, Hank 207, 366 Buenholtz, Susan 352 Buffington, James 224 Buffington, Jim 357 Buford, Kim 358 Bumgarner, Jo Lynne 358 Bunch, Brett 244 Bunch, Tim 244 Bunton, David 207 Burford, Kim 359 Burgener, Jerry 244, 354 Burger, Debbie 173 Burk, Ron 388 Burks, Jo Ellen 244 Burks, Kimberly 207 Burmgarner, Jo 224 Burnett, Jimna 384 Burnett, Sherman 224 Burns, Brian 244 Burns, Jimmy 54, 207 Burress, Jay 428 Burris, Kathy 207 Burnside, Sarah 55 Burress, F.J. 207 Burress, Jay 299 Burress, Madeline 244 Busby, Paige 244 Burrow, Rick 190 Burroughs, Phantom 356 Busbea, Craig 357 Butler, Larry 298 Butler, Laura 244 Butler, Laurence 244 Butler, Mark 302 Buxton, Lori 208 Buzbee, Richard 185 Byler, Tim 224, 365 Byrd, David 190 Byrnes, Lisa 360 Cabell. Laura 323 Caddell, Phil 372 Cagle, Cynthia 224 Cagle, Tammy 224 Cahalan. Sherri 244 Cahoon, Sally 190, 370 Cain, Destari 28 Calderera, Sharon 190 Caldwell. Debra 244 Caldwell, Bentonville 244 Calhoun, Brooks 190 Calhoun, Dewayne 354 Calhoun, Ramona 244 Callahan, Mike 190 Callaway, Michael 318 Calvin, Todd 190, 354 Campbell, Amy 224 Campbell, Curt 208 Campbell, Donna 224, 255 Campbell, Karen 190 Campbell, Nelson 244 Campbell, Sherry 185 Campbell, Tammy 244 Campbell, Theresa 190 Canino, Jill 244 Cantrell, Greg 350 Cantrell. Rhonda 224, 368 Capps, Deborah 244 Carder, Candy 244 Cardinale, Donna 224 Carey, Cecelia 244 Carey, Debbie 244 Cargile, Krista 351 Carlock, Craig 244 Carlon, Candi 370 Carlson, Christi 370 Carlton, Teresa 224 Carney, Andy 362 Carney, Randall 190, 357 Carney, Susan 298, 299 Caron, Cozette 190 Carr, Brenda 370 Carr, Dave 351 Carr, Jim 208 Carr, Leisha 208 Carrithers, Cherie 208 Carrithers, Jane 190 Carroll, James 208 Carroll, Tammy 352, 361 Carter, Brent 241 Carter, Debra 190 Carter, Glenn 356 Carter, Janice 199 Carter, Phillip 354 Cartwright, Clay 190 Carver, Chris 375 Carwile, Grant 28 Carwile, Lynn 241 Case, Debbie 208, 343 Case, Linda 241, 342-3 Casey, Bob 302 Casgrove, Candace 241 Cauthon, Becky 241 Cash, Tracy 190 Cass, Doug 374, 311 Casteen, Reno 351 Cater, Donna 308 Cart, Gary 190 Causey, Anthoney 365 Cauthon, Becky 358 Cessna, Allison 224 Cessna, Jack 241, 352 Chadick, Shelley 241 Chaffin, Marty 241 Chaffin, Patty 190 Chambers, Brian 357 Chambers, Stephen 241 Chambliss, Kenny 190 Chaney, Chet 208, 388 Chancy. Jim 241 Chaney, Laura 370 Channel!, Charlene 347 Charlton, Lea 241, 345 Charron, Bobby 190 Chasar, Cassie 241 Chastin, Kathy 347 Chavis, Betty 352 Chefchis, Lori 224 Chen, Troanrong 296 Chenault, Terri 224 Chenowith, Gray 185 Chesney, Gayle 224 Index 483 Chesshir, Robert 224, 298 Chew, Pak-Tung 241 Chia, Kok-Loke 224 Chiechi, Luigi 208 Childress, Keith 224 Childress, Kenneth 224 Childress, Larry 190, 308 Chilton, Rosalie 190 Chin, Eng Ai 360 Chison, Dorothy 190 Cholcher, David 241 Chow, H.K. 345 Chow, Hong Kai 346 Christen, Kathryn 241 Christian, Ellen 224, 305 Christian, Mary 241 Christie, Debbie 190 Christmak, Joyce 241 Christopher, Amy 241 Chu, Paul 208, 297, 301, 366 Chudy, Amelia 224, 371 Chye, Lim Baoh 362 Cia, June 241, 358 Clark, Alan 356 Clark, Barnes 241 Clark, Constance 190, 275 Clark, Cynthia 208 Clark, Jessie 67, 69, 86 Clark, Joe 224 Clark, John 351 Clark, Ken 224 Clark, Lee 224 Clark, Michael 208 Clark, Scott 372 Clark, Stuart 357, 241 Clary, Janice 190 daunts, Jeff 224 Clausen, Ed 301 Clawson, Scott 241 Clay, Kristi 241 Claybaker, Paul 190, 299 Claybaker, Peter 224 Clayton, Suzie 299 Clegg, Randall 241 Clemens, Jeff 357 Clement, David 241 Clement, Scott 190 Clements, Cathy 241 demons, Johnny 190 demons, Theresa 241 Clegg, Randall 366 Cline, Brenda 342 Cline, Lori 208 Clinton, Mark 190 Cloar, Lynn 241 Closson, Jamie 190 Cloud, Delores 351 Cloud, Shawn 208 Glower, Anne 208 Cluck, Kirby 190 Clymer, Jane 190 Cobb, Carla 190, 305 Cobb, Keith 224 Cobb, Robert 254 Cochran, John 224 Cochran, Steve 388 Coffman, Holly 208 Cogswell, Ann 241 Cogswell, Mary Kay 208 Coker, Cliff 165 Colbert, John 393 Cole, Jeff 208 Cole, Laura 241, 347 Cole, Michael 208 Cole, Mycheal 360 Cole, Suzy 208 Coleman, Anne 208 Coleman, David 208 Coleman, Gary 241 Coleman, Terri 208 Ceilings, Ginger 208 Collins, Donna 241 Collenson, Denise 241 Combee, Eve 224 Combs, Frances 241 Combs, Laura 224, 346 Comer, Ken 303 Cone, Evan 267, 299 Cone, Mitch 307, 318 Conn, Mike 190 Connell, John 190 Conner, Rob 224 Conrad, Renette 309 Cook, Joe 365 Cook, Kendra 368 Cook, Mary 190, 241 Cook, Ray 241 Cook, Tipton 208 Cooksey, Bruce 190 Cooley, Andrew 190 Cooney, Greg 224 Cooper, Charles 208 Cooper, Edward 224 Cooper, Paul 185 Cooper, Sonia 241, 370 Cooper, Susan 208 Cooprider, Benton 241 Coots, John 208 Copeland, Kelvin 224 Copenhaver, Rhonda 208 Coppola, Dawn 241, 368 Corder, Rachel 224 Cordes, Janet 208 Cordes, Karen 190, 343 Cordill, Paige 208, 487 Core, Kathleen 224 Corley, Gayle 299 Corrum, Kathryn 208 Corte, Steve 19 Gotten, Michael 208 Couchman, Renee 224 Counce, Carol 15, 224 Courtney, David 15, 302, 306 Covert, Christine 241 Covert, Keith 362 Covert, Kris 351 Covert, Robert 190 Cowan, Carol 224 Cowlsey, Chip 356 Cox, Alex 356 Cox, Douglas 190 Cox, Kimberly 241 Cox, Tammie 342 Cox, William 190 Cozart, Christy 342 Crabill, James 190 Crawford, Kelly 368 Crafford, Scarlett 396 Craft, Larry 242 Craft, Lawrence 247 Craig, Jeffery 208 Cranford, Michelle 190 Cranford, Natasha 54, 208, 296, 343 Cranford, Nicolai 241 Cranford, Steve 388 Crank, Mallory 241 Cranston, Cathi 361 Cravens, Darrel 225 Crawford, Brian 225 Crawford, Billy 352 Crawford, Kelly 225 Crawford, Scott 225 Crawford, Wayne 208 Creed, Ginger 208, 299 Creel, Bertha 190 Cregor, Todd 357 Crittenden, Jeff 190 Croom, Melissa 190 Cross, Sonya 190 Cross, Jim 241 Cross, Randy 241 Crossland, James 241 Crossley, Blair 225 Crouch, Cindy 241 Crow, Brian 362 Crowder, Rickey 241 Crowe, Rozetta 190 Crownover, Carolyn 225 Cruer, Louis 366 Cullen, Chuck 241 Cullom, Chuck 240 Cullins, Melanie 208 Gulp, Amy 225 Culpepper, Lorie 241, 358 Culpepper, Terence 190 Cumbie, Curtis 241 Cunavelis, John 225 Cunningham, Miles 366 Cunningham, Veronica 392 Curda, Steve 323 Curiel, Diann 307 Curtis, Holly 225 Curtis, Jada 208, 350 Curtis, Jay 348 Cusack, Scott 225 Czeschin, Sara 225 D Daily, Kevin 190 Dains, Vickie 241 Dale, Martha 225 Dalton, Kyle 225 Dalton, Beth 241 Dalton, Mike 356 Danchower, Chuck 190 Dangerfield, Paula 175, 299 Dangerfield, Sharron 241 Daniel, Cynthia 275, 308 Daniel, Sammye 241 Daniel, Tammy 1 90 Daniels, Douglas 190 Daniels, Joyce 347 Daniels, Michael 349 Danks, Dale 356 Darter, Greg 246 Davenport, Dara 190, 398 Davenport, Karen 345 Davenport, Michael 246 Davidson, Diana 190 Davidson, Donna 246 Davis, Barry 169 Davis, Deborah 225 Davis, Charlet 298-9 Davis, Dennis 208 Davis, Don 246 Davis, Donny 225 Davis, Glen 246 Davis, Jamie 246, 361 Davis, Jo Ellen 372 Davis, Leah 347 Davis, Lisa 225 Davis, Lydia 225 Davis, Lyle 302 Davis, Lynn 225, 368, 371 Index 484 Index 485 Davis, Marie 246, 371 Davis, Mike 345 Davis, Oenita 347 Davis, Ralph 225 Davis, Sam 246 Davis, Randy 356 Davis, Thomas 208 Davis, Tracy 190 Davis, Vickie 370 Dawson, Angela 190 Dawson, Deborah 246 Dawson, Make 225 Day, Debra 246 Day, Keith 225 Day, Raymond 364 Deal, Suzanne 246 Dean, James 190 Dean, Rochelle 246 Dean, Scott 246 Dean, Susan 208 Deaton, Tammie 246 DeClerk, Maria 190 Deere, Steve 190 Degges, Ronald 190 DeLaPorte, Sarah 246, 346 Delk, Kevin 323 DeLung, Brian 190 Denham, Galen 225 Denison, Martha 298-9, 249 Denniston, Helen 208 DeNoon, Trey 246 Deckard, Dean 362 Deponte, Sandella 208 Deramus, Billy 246 Derickson, Janelle 384 DeSalvo, Mark 208 DeSiegardt, Donna 208, 309, 343 Deuald, Anne 225 Dever, Laura 190, 361 Devers, Scott 225 Dial, Jacque 24 Dail, Melissa 372 Dial, Valerie 246 Dickerson, Rex 225 Dickinson, Doug 190 Dickinson, Tracy 246 Dickson, James 225 Dicus, Craig 246 Dicus, Linda 347 Dicus, Scott 225 Diebold, Laddy 225 Diebold, Libby 246 Dietzen, Michael 190 Difloe, Christopher 246 Dilatush, Andrew 246 Dillard, Debbie 225 Dillaed, Phillis 371 Dimond, Jackie 342-3 Ditter, Tammy 350 Dixon, Jeff 246 Djiba, Saliou 296 Doak, John 225 Dockins, Marsha 246 Dockins, Tammy 225 Dodd, Jimmy 246, 357 Doering, Jill 190 Dokes, Yolanda 246 Dold, William 246 Dolls, Sandra 246 Donovan, Wally 225 Dooms, Ronald 190 Doerty, Kevin 352 Dombeck, Don 165 Dooley, Dana 342 Dooms, Ron 297, 308 Dopp, Richard 208 Dortch, Lance 354 Doshier, Bob 246 Doshier, William 190 Doss, Curtiss 372 Doss, Scott 192, 296, 372 Doswell, Larry 208, 357 Dougherty, Kim 246 Douglas, Kenneth 192, 233 Douglas, Lance 246 Douglass, Phil 208 Dowd, Susan 225 Dowdy, Garrett 225 Dowdy, Angela 246 Dowling, Randall 357 Downey, Rodney 192 Draper, Michael 372 Dreker, John 388 Drosihn, Kira 347 Druger, Mike 352 Drummond, Judy 299, 362 Drummy, Barbara 319 DuBois, Emma 246 Duffield, Lori 185 Duffin, Theresa 192 Duffy, Margaret 192 Duggar, Dana 249 Duke, Gavin 352 Duke, Kelly 208 Dumas, Shannon 208 Dunagin, Donald 192 Dunasky, Mitchell 208 Duncan, Kenneth 192, 393 Duncan, Marin 299 Duncan, Ronnie 311 Duncan, Scott 357 Duncan, William 52 Dunegan, Lisa 246 Dunn, Sandra 246 Dunlap, Alex 308, 275 Dunlap, Connie 342-3 Dunn, Julia 192, 398 Dunn, Stephen 225, 354 Dunn, Susan 342 Durham, Amy 208 Durham, Deloris 225 Durward, Joy 352 Dust, Glynis 246 Duty, Lisa 225 Dyer, George 192 Dyke, J. Benton 208 Dyke, Jay 298-9 Eagle, Cheryl 225 Earl, Raymond 365 Early, Jamie 208 Easily, John 165 Easily, Kenneth 225 Eastburn, Linda 246 Eaton, Marty 366 Ebbler, Lisa 246 Echols, Jill 246, 359 Eddy, Daniel 357 Edelmann, Becky 360, 361 Edman, Beth 209 Edmisten, Raina 225 Edmondson, William 226 Edrington, Ann 226 Edward, Jim 365 Edwards, Bradly 192 Edwards, Bryan 362 Edwards, Davis 356 Edwards, Dwayne 192 Edwards, James 209 Edwards, Jimmie 372 Edwards, Lois 209 Edwards, Lorie 246, 358 Edwards, Steve 366 Ee, Chee-Beng Kuala 192 Eggnurn, Mitch 357 Ehren, Grant 226 Ehrenfeld, Charles 192 Ehrenfield, Jay 246, 346-7 Elders, Scott 246 Elders, Greg 226 Ellingson, Dan 246 Elliot, Clarence 209 Elliot, Mark 302 Elliott, Kim 246 Ellis, Jennifer 246 Ellis, Lisa 209 Ellis, Lorie 226, 347 Ellis, Nancy 192 Elovitz, Bob 226 Elsken, Patricia 246 Emmekamp, Scott 226 Enderlin, Diane 246 England, Alan 209, 346 Entler, Brenda 209 Eoff, Linda 209 Eoff, Robert 192 Erickson, Jennifer 226 Ervin, David 226 Eubanks, Kim 246 Eubanks, Kip 192 Eubanks, Rime 356 Eudy, Carolyn 246 Evans, Chris 192 Evans, Darrell 365 Evans, LeAnn 305 Evans, Lila 248, 358 Evans, Karen 246 Evans, Mark 192 Evans, Robert 248 Evans, Susan 209 Evans, Suzie 226, 360 Evans, Suzie 226, 360 Ezell, Scott 372 I Pagan, Gill 303 Fair, Lance 226, 318 Fancher, Regina 372 Fant, John 356 Farrell, Patricia 347 Farver, Pinkie 226 Faucett, Mike 357 Faust, Elise 29 Faught, Jeff 350, 353 Faulk, Tor 299 Faulkner, Judy 209 Faulkner, Rusty 192 Faupel, Anne 248, 312 Faust, Susan 192 Featherstone, Shirley 192 Fedorkx, Ed 356 Fellinger, Ann 248 Fellows, Matt 428 Ferguson, Dana 248 Ferguson, David 209 Ferguson, Erin 248 Ferguson, John 226, 362 Ferguson, Tammy 248 Fetzer, Greg 226 Index 486 Index 4?- Fiegel, Eva 226 Fields, Cheryl 348-9 Finch, Michael 209 Finch, Scott 248 Fincher, Steve 248, 372 Findley, James 192 Fine, Tonja 226, 343 Finke, Bob 354 Finley, Kathy 248, 358 Finn, Elizabeth 226 Fischer, Russ 357 Fiscus, Martin 192 Fish, Jay 192 Fisher, Dayna 360 Fisher, Kelly 368 Fite, Ann 248 Fite, Chanda 371 Fitzgerald, Charles 226 Fitzgerald, Lynne 192 Fixler, Cheri 372 Flemister, Pamela 248 Flesher, Jolene 226 Flippo, Miriam 226, 309 Flowers, James 209, 303 Flowers, Sandra 209, 350 Floyd, Stephanie 192 Floyd, Terry 192 Fluharty, Kenneth 248, 350 Fokenbury, Susan 345 Fong, Ling 248 Foote, Carl 248 Foote, Donna 248, 345 Fong, Ling 360 Forbess, Mark 192 Forbess, Nick 193 Ford, LaDonna 193 Ford, Robin 147, 146 Ford, Rodney 299, 362 Ford, Susan 248 Ford, Tonya 248, 359 Ford, Valerie 226 Fordyce, Kathy 248 Foreman, Kathy 226 Foresee, Tamra 248, 361 Forgey, Gina 248 Foro, Scott 210 Forrest, Mitch 193 Forrest, Ron 210 Forst, Donna 243 Forte, Mary 248 Fosberguh, Roger 256 Foster, Sandy 360 Foster, Tim 226 Fountain, Tina 299 Fowler, Reggie 372 Fox, David 372 Fox, Tamara 226 Foz, Tory 210 Fraizer, Craig 350, 352 Fraizer, Stephen 193 Francis, Lisa 248 Francis, Sandra 248 Franklin, Regina 226 Franklin, Stuart 193, 309 Franks, Gary 193 Franks, Jerry 248 Frazidf, Charles 193 Fraizier, Rhonda 193 Freeman, Jan 193 Freer, Michael 226, 356 Freeze, Meche 349 Friddle, Carolyn 248 Friend, Sandra 193 Friends, Phyliss 351, 248 Fries, Suzie 249 Frieze, Kelly 226, 306 Fritts, Linda 226 Fry, Leah 209 Fuchinelli, Freida 361 Fugedy, Connie 193 Fuhrman, Benny 193 Fulenwider, Bonner 226 Fulton, Alline 210, 298-9, 311 Fung, Kuen 372 Fung, Pak 249 Furnas, Kevin 249 Gadberry, Jay 210 Gaddy, Deanie 249 Gaddy, Jeanenne 190 Gagen, Cyndi 226 Gaines, Feffery 193 Gaither, Clevester 249 Gales, Carla 351 Gales, Carla 351 Gallagher, Daniel 226 Gallaway, J.J. 210, 368 Gammill, Rick 193 Gann, Greg 226 Ganner, Mike 357 Gardner, Linny 372 Gardner, Michelle 370 Gardner, Sarah 372 Gardner, Scott 372 Garland, Gregory 193 Garner, Kim 170, 299 Garr, Ray 364 Garrett, Amanda 226 Garrett, Donald 193 Garrett, Donna 193 Garrett, Duma s 301, 308 Garrett, Gibson 305, 309 Garrett, Sharon 249 Garrick, Tommy 249, 366 Garrott, Natalie 226 Garst, John 226 Carton, Lyle 249 Gartner, Clevester 356 Gaston, Bruce 356-7 Gattis, Robert 210, 226 Gatzke, Diane 193 Gean, Tom 318 Gee, Garland 193 Geels, Cindy 249, 360 Geheb, Jeanette 249 Gehub, Robert 352 Genckerman, James 349 Genty, Colleen 210, 342, 376 Gentry, Mandi 249 George, Connie 249 Gerdes, Rich 296 Gerke, Damian 193 Gerke, Marguerite 193 Gharvat, Chip 226 Gibbs, Andrew 234 Gibson, Althea 299 Gibson, Andi 249 Gibson, Garrett 299 Gibson, Gretchen 226, 342 Gibson, Kelli 226 Gibson, Laura 249 Gibson, Lisa 226 Gibson, Pam 398 Gibson, Terry 226 Giese, James 299 Gilbert, Benny 346 Gilbert, Debra 350 Gilbert, Leonna 193 Gilbreth, Deborah 226 Giles, Gregory 210 Gilham, Linda 193 Gilken, Phyllis 298 Gilker, Mary 226 Gilker, Mary Lew 298 Gill, Tracie 226 Gillespie, James 226 Gillett, Rory 349 Gilliam, Brian 193, 366 Gillison, William 249 Gilmore, Brian 226 Gilson, Robert 372 Ginnaven, Elizabeth 193 Ginnett, Tandi 193 Gipson, Lonnie 249 Gipson, Rex 193 Gisler, Fredrick 296 Gist, Lisa 249 Gladnery, Sherry 347 Glass, Pete 357 Glasscock, Llisa 226 Glasscock, Nancy 193 Glazener, Rusty 249 Glenn, Michael 185 Glover, Nancy 226 Gobbell, Jeff 249, 364 Goben, Robert 193 Goben, Tom 193 Gober, Becky 226 Godzeski, Jeff 249 Goff, Phil 372 Goggans, 249 Going, Cindy 249 Gooch, Donnetta 226 Goodloe, John 301 Goodman, Blake 226 Goodwin, Greg 298 Goodwin, Joe 372 Goodwin, Jon 193, 249 Gober, Becky 343 Goldsborough, Greg 185 Goodloe, John 321, 301 Goodman, Melinda 210 Gooran, Suzi 347 Gordon, James 249 Gordon, Paul 226 Gordon, Robin 249 Gorham, Karen 147, 146 Gornath, Elizabeth 249 Gorski, Randy 354 Gorum, Sherry 193 Gorveria, Robert 356 Goss, Ian 193 Gouge, Cathy 347 Gourge, Kathy 226 Goust, Mike 356 Graham, Anne 193, 342-3 Graham, John 193 Graham, Gene 467 Graves, Chris 210, 366 Graves, Courtney 210 Graves, Ray 210 Gravis, Cheryl 226 Gray, Gail 251, 342 Gray, Kelly 371 Gray, Kimberly 251 Gray, Michael 372 Gray, Roma Lisa 54, 343 Gray, Sherri 251, 370 Gray, Steven 193 Graydon, Mary 193 Greathouse, Tamara 210 Green, Karla 371 Green, Kathy 299 Ifce Index 488 Green, Leslie 210 Green, Michael 251 Green, Michelle 304, 226, 305 Green, Sandy 227 Green. Tom 53 Greenfield, Yulonda 193 Greenway, Dede 210, 398 Greenway, Randall 210 Greenwill, Jerry 151 Greenwood, Gayle 251 Greer. Irma 271 Gregory. Claude 193 Gregory. Elizabeth 251 Gregory, Gail 227 Gregory. Wyane 193 Gresham. Daniel 227 Greshan. Daniel 349 Griffin. Frank 193 Griffin. James 210 Griffith. Kristi 227. 318 Griffith. Mike 210, 360 Griggs, Valerie 193 Grim, Laura 351-2 Grim, Marie 227 Grimes. Jeanne 227 Grisso. Ashley 299 Gross. Donna 251, 381 Gross. Michael 193 Grossburger, Don 354 Groundwater. Thomas 227 Grubbs. Andrea 24, 227 Guerrero. Thomas 357 Gunter. Mark 251, 347 Gulbrandsen, Brit 350 Gunter. Steve 321 Guthrie. Patrick 193, 205 Gwatney. Debbie 349 Gwinn, Jim 227 Gwyn. Buch 176 H Haaser, Elizabeth 210 Habenicht, Mark 193 Habig, Teresa 299 Hackett, Edel 349 Hackskaylo. Jane 210 Hadaway. Skip 352 Hageman. Jeff 250, 345 Haley, David 227 Haley. Sheila 251 Haley, Tracy 227 Hall, Andrea 251, 343 Hall, Angela 227 Hall, Dennis 210 Hall. Katherine 210 Hall, Keith 227 Hall, Kenny 251 Hall, Larry 393 Hall, Linda 372 Hall, Mark 251 Hall, Verna 251, 361 Hamer. Becky 210 Hamilton, Cheryl 251 Hamilton, Javana 361 Hamilton, Michele 251 Hamilton. Sandra 343 Hamm, Terri 193 Hammond. Paul 210 Hamp. Paula 349, 193 Hampton, Curtis 348-9 Hankins. Connie 251 Hankins, Laura 57 Hankins, Russel 193 Hanna, Paul 227 Hannah, Fred 362 Hannah, Lawrence 362 Hansen, Louise 302 Hanshaw, Hunter 251 Hant, Lee Ann 347 Haq, Fazal 193 Hardcastle. Heath 251 Hardcastle, Tom 251 Hardy, Jo 251 Haraway, Al 194 Hardcastle, Tom 345 Hardin, Natalie 350 Hardin, Robert 194 Harding, Bradley 194 Hargis, Sharon 251 Harmon, Rhonda 251, 358 Harmon, Sherry 299 Hames, Bryon 210 Harp, Caren 374 Harp, Jeffery 194 Harpole, Ed 210 Harrell, Christy 2 10 Harrell, Christy 210 Harrell, Mary Lynn 345 Harrell, William 227 Harris, Bill 362 Harris, Bradford 251 Harris, Brenda 210, 297, 345 Harris, Darlene 227 Harris, Deborah 194 Harris, Debra 352 Harris, Gary 210 Harris, Gwendolyn 194 Harris, James 351 Harris, Karen 349, 352 Harris, Kim 371 Hartsfield, Michael 210 Harris, Mike 210 Harris, Miles 251, 351 Harris, Stephanie 251 Harrison, Laura 227 Harrison, Mandy 251 Harrison, Monte 251 Harrison, Steven 356 Harrison, Tommy 356 Hart, Dawn 227 Hart, John 251 Hart, Susan 251 Hartley, Marie 194 Hartman, Robert 251 Hartness, Brad 350 Hartz, Mark 194 Hartz, Sandy 194 Harvell, Brenda 210, 370 Harvey, Janes 194 Harvey, Lisa 227 Hashemi, Masoud 296 Hassell, Lisa 178 Hatchett, Linda 227 Hatchett, Rochelle 227 Hartfield, Karen 194 Hathaway, Kimberly 227 Hathaway, Randy 194 Hathershaw, Rodney 296 Hathorn, Clay 194, 301, 308 Hatley, Marcus 348-9 Hattie, Randy 356 Hatwig, Mark 366 Havener, Verna 185, 360 Hawes, Debbie 210 Hayes, Phil 361 Haydon, Jayne 210 Haynie, Karyn 347 Hayes. Julie 1 94 Hays, Jeffery 349 Harp, Sue 251 Head, Dana 251 Head, Dana 370 Heard, Cindy 194 Heathcott, Sheryl 210 Hedgecock, Kelley 194 Hedgecock, Richard 194 Hee, Kim 210 Hee, Ycim-Fah 210 Hefley, Cynthia 194 Heird, Karlos 210 Helfrey, Rich 299 Hemme, Gregory 251 Hender, Dayna 251 Henderson, Debbie 251 Henderson, Dee 349 Henderson, Fren 347 Henderson, George 210 Henderson, Mark 194 Henderson, Mary Ellen 251 Henderson, Stephen 251 Henderson, Tracy 210 Hendrix, Elizabeth 210 Hendrix, Julie 221 Hendrix, Ned 251 Heng, Loo-Ah 350 Henley, Brian 251 Hennig, Sara 55 Henretty, Eric 362 Henry, James 194 Henry, Karen 251 Henry, Keith 303 Henry, Sheila 227 Henson, Hal 372 Herbert, Holly 210 Herd. Kristi 194 Herget, Eric 251 Herget, Sarah 251, 358 Herlong, Jill 210, 349 Herndon, Ashley 251 Heron, Troy 350 Heir, Timothy 194 Herring, Ronnie 251 Hersey, Kelly 194 Hess, Donna 210 Hester, Beth 251 Hester, Lisa 227 Hickman, Karen 251 Hicks, Keith 251 Hicks, Pam 194 Hicks, Sarah 306 Hicks, Sherrie 210 Higginbothan, Carl 349 Hilburn, Danny 252 Hocker, Don 252 Hilburn, Tommy 1 94 Hildebrand, Jeff 210 Hill, Chad 251 Hill, Edith 185 Hill, Gina 251, 371 Hill, Jerry 299 Hill, John 251 Hill, Marianne 212, 194 Hill, Mary Ann 212 Hill, Peggy 185 Hill, Sharl 212 Hill, Vicki 212 Hilliard, Vickie 296, 57 Hilton, Keith 194 Hilton, Wendy 251 Hinchey, Kristi 347 Hinds, Kelly 227 Hinds, Wayne 252 Hines, Artha 252 Hines, Carolyn 212 .-_-, v 4-- Mines, David 301 Hinrichs, Gerald 194 Hirsh, Peter 227 Hixon, Deborah 227 Hixon, Brad 477 Hixon, John 212 Hixson, Thomas 252 Hobbs, Connie 227 Hockaday, Joe 346 Hodge, Stan 252 Hodge, Tony 362-3, 228 Hodges, Joseph 194 Hodgson, Todd 372 Hodnett, Ellen 194 Hoffman, Carrie 487 Hogan, Ban 212 Hogan, Bobby 1 94 Hoggard, Glenn 228 Hogue, Gregory 210 Holcomb, Christopher 212, 297, 301, 371 Holder, Kyla 228 Holland, Russ 185 Holley, Amanda 228, 112 Holloway, Jackie 352 Holloway, Joannie 171, 212 Holloway, Kenneth 365 Hollowell, Melanie 228 Holly, Dale 212 Holman, Bret 185 Holmberg, Cynthia 194 Holt, David 194 Holt, Hilary 212 Hones, Lynn 237 Holton, Jennifer 252 Hookins, J. Alan 212 Hooks, Sally 358 Hooks, Sarah 252 Hooi, Chew Choo 362 Hoover, Ken 302 Hon, John 363 Hope, Gayle 194 Hopfinger, Susan 252 Hopkins, Karla 347 Hopkins, Shelly 359 Hopkins, Tom 252 Hopper, David 252, 345 Hopson, Carol 343 Hopson, Cliff 252 Horbelt, John 228 Horn, Lezleigh 252 Hornbeck, Terri 228 Home, Bennett 212 Homer, Betsy 299 Homer, Joe 311 Hortman, Robert 354 Horton, Holly 228 Horton, Mae 212 Horton, Mark 228 Hotz, Kim 358 Hotze, Kim 252 Howard, Joel 252 Hounshell, Rita 370 Houser, Andre 306 Houlsey, Karen 194, 345 Houston, John 228 Hout, Pam 212 Howard, Cindy 372 Howard, Pamela 194 Howard, Paula 210 Howell, David 185 Howell, Jana 228, 252 Houser, Steve 302 Housley, Kathleen 185 Houtuchens, Casey 357 Howells, Alicia 252, 359 Howington, Tim 228, 365 Hubbard, James 252 Hubbart, Ora 228 Hubbs, Tabi 228 Huck, Janice 194 Huckaba, Marisa 253 Huckaba, Parker 212 Huckleberry, Jill 228 Huckleberry, Lee 194 Hudgens, Alice 228 Hudlow, Mike 194 Hudson, Matt 252, 349 Hudson, Tim 305, 318, 356 Hudson, Tracy 2 12 Huey, Anne 194, 342 Huey, Liz 194 Huff, Stanley 253, 299, 352 Huffman, Laura 194 Huffmaster, Denise 228 Huggs, Russell 228 Hughes, Alan 366, 376, 210 Hughes, Rebecca 252, 371 Hughes, Stephanie 253, 350 Huitt, Brenda 253 Huitt, Terry 356 Human, Carla 228 Humble, Sarah 323 Hume, Doug 297, 301 Humphries, Robert 194 Humphrey, David 185 Hunnicutt, Hollie 212 Hunt, Bo 347 Hunt, Bradley 349 Hunt, Gary 194 Hunt, Roberta 253 Hunt, Shawn 253 Hunt, Sonya 212, 299, 392 Hurt, Robert 346 Hurst, Bonnie 257 Hutcheson, Jeff 356, 161 Hutchinson, Robert 354 Hutter, Rody 354 Hutton, Joseph 362 I Ibrahim, Daing 185 lies, Lisa 253 Ingram, Karen 253 Ingram, Lisa 370, 212 Inman, Lisa 361 Irby, Allison 253 Irizarry, Tim 253 Irvin, Angela 253, 342-3 Irvine, Hal 354 Itchihson, J.K. 365 Ittner, Pamela 185 Irizarry, Kenny 194 Irwin, Sheila 253 Isaac, Cardye 253 Ives, Kimberly 253 Jackimore, Laura 194, 308 Jackson, Brad 194 Jackson, Jerry 356 Jackson, Julia 253 Jackson, Keith 356 Jackson, Margaret 212 Jackson, Maria 359 Jackson, Nancy 253 Jackson, Nina 347 Jackson, Pam 253 Jackson, Patti 228, 305 Jackson, Robert 357 Jackson, Russell 253, 345 Jackson, Suzanne 212 Jackson, Terry 374, 347 Jackson, William 347 Ja cimore, Laura 276 Jacobi, Perry 356 Jacobi, Nancy 253 Jalalodin, Alarizi-Seized 351 James, Angela 228, 360 James, Cindy 228 James, Dede 228 James, Elizabeth 253 James, Jeffrey 253 James, Maria 228 James, Susan 228 James, Tony 228 Janonis, Ed 194 Jarman, Michael 254 Jarmon, Mike 362 Jarrell, Judith 254 Jeffcoat, Lee 359 Jefferies, Alonna 228 Jefferies, Lynn 343 Jeffrey, Ken 303 Jeffrey, Lee 393 Jenkin, Keith 376, 346 Jenkins, Loyd 254 Jenkins, Randy 56 Jenkins, Renata 254 Jennings, Danton 354 Jennings, Donald 212 Jenkins, Randall 194 Jennings, Donald 365 Jennings, Jan 356 Jennings, Joy 194 Jennings, Ronnie 194, 354 Jernigan, George 459 Jernigan, Tommy 228 Jesson, Mary Beth 254 Jester, Liz 212 Jewell, Tian 194 Johns, Tommy 194 Johnson, Ann Marie 194, 360 Johnson, Charlotte 181 Johnson, Chana 299 Johnson, Cheryl 194 Johnson, David 254, 349, 356 Johnson, Diana 254 Johnson, Donald 212 Johnson, James 303 Johnson, Jeannie 228 Johnson, Jenifer 349 Johnson, John 228 Johnson, Karla 194 Johnson, Kim 372, 195 Johnson, Lisa 254, 370 Johnson, Mark 301 Johnson, Marsha 195 Johnson, Mildred 359 Johnson, Nancy 212 Johnson, Robin 254 Johnson, Scott 352 Johnson, Shelley 228 Johnson, Sherrie 254 Johnson, Stacy 212 Johnson, Tammy 215, 370 Johnson, Tim 312 Johnson, Tom 366 Johnston, Daniel 212 Johnston, Janice 195 Jones, Barry 195 I I Index 490 Index 491 Jones, Bobby 352 Jones, Brad 1 85 Jones, Carole 195, 359 Jones, Dana 212 Jones, Diane 199 Jones, Donna 195 Jones, Jay 254 Jones, John 212 Jones, Kevin 254 Jones, Kim 254 Jones, Lynette 185 Jones, Matthey 195 Jones, Paul 195 Jones, Ray 254 Jons, Robert 345, 346 Jones, Sharon 254, 345 Jones, Susan 195, 371 Jones, Susie 195 Jones, Tammy 195 Jones, Tom 68, 70, 74 Jones, Wittney 254 Jordan, David 228 Jordan, Jana 308, 276 Jordan, Susan 229, 348-9 Jordan, Todd 354 Jost, Michael 254 Jovine, Keith 347 Judsper, Mike 354 Jukar, Blake 356 K Kalb, Rob 458 Kale, Michael 254 Kalke, Cynthia 229 Kane, Jon 254 Karmel, Kevin 249 Kattelman, Dean 306 Kaufman, Kristin 298-9, 308, 195, 276 Kearney, Scott 254 Keaton, Mark 195 Keenen, Beverly 212, 372 Keenan, Lori 212, 372 Keeter, Lane 297, 195 Keil, Peggy 254 Keithly, Eileen 296 Kellam, Kristi 299 Kelley, Harold 254 Kelley, James 254 Kelley, Jean 254 Kelley, Kim 254 Kellum, Kim 358 Kelsay, Diana 254 Kelsey, Diane 350 Kelley, Preston 254 Kitrell, Anne 298 Kemp, Edward 229 Kemp, Kary 229 Kemp, Sallie 254 Kennedy, Bryan 348-9, 352 Kennedy, John 356 Kent, Terry 299, 195 Kenyon, Terry 319 Keong, ChewWuy 362 Kepler, Timothy 254 Kerk, Tracy 347 Kerr, Darla 254 Kerr, Kenny 214 Kesner, Bonnie 229 Kesterson, Kay 254 Kever, Londa 195 Key, Pamela 195 Khataw, Haider 229 Khorhami, Siamak 357 Kiethly, Eileen 54 Kijowski, June 195, 345 Kijowdki, Karen 229 Kildow, Norman 195 Kilker, Kevin 299 Killian, Steve 229 Kilpatrick, John 229 Kimbrell, Howdy 254 Kinder, Kyla 254 Kindley, Viki 254 King, Elsa 53 King, Gina 214, 347 King, Janet 229 King, Joe 254 King, Stephen 356 Kingsey, Sherry 229 Kissell, Deborah 229 Kirby, Jeff 195, 310 Kirby, Kinberly 299 Kirby, Tim 27, 254 Kirk, Rita 254 Kirk, Tracy 254 Kirkpatrick, Gina 214 Kissell, Debbie 253 Kitch, Angela 229 Kittler, Scarlett 229 Kizzia, Martha 229, 361 Klemm, Mike 229, 366 Knapple, Whit 254 Knies, Eugene 214 Knittig, Mary 195 Kobeva, John 195 Koch, Mark 195 Kocher, Lisa 254 Koehler, Kirk 254, 302 Koenig, Margie 229 Kolb, David 195 Kolb, Sheri 229 Kordsmeier, Elaine 229 Kordsmeier, Valerie 195 Korhonen, Kirsi 296 Kotal, Robert 195 Koty, Lisa 229, 342 Kramer, Melissa 195, 368 Krane, Steve 357 Kratz, Lowell 254 Krause, Janet 254 Krause, Leslee 195 Krie, Johnna 254 Krietemeyer, Donald 254 Kropp, Alison 254 Kropp, Bill 357 Kuaz, Magfalena 371 Kucala, Amy 203, 254, 370 Kuchel, Lori 195 Kukar, Blake 254 Kullander, MikeI 195 Kumple, Beth 358 Kums, Doug 350 Kyser, Sharon 195 LaBarre, Laura 343 Labinske, Susan 229 Lacefield, Janet 195, 301 Lackey, Kimbra 214 Jackimore, Laura 297 Lacy, Lee 254 Ladyman, George 299 La Foon, Nicole 254 Lagasi, Greg 347 Lagasse, Greg 195 Laird, Linda 195, 196 Lakey, Terry 195 Lamb, Brian 299 Lamb, Cindy 214 Lamb, James 254 Lambert, Evelyn 221 Lambert, Paul 229 Lambert, Walter 214 Lamkin, Tina 229 Lampkin, Donna 229, 345 Lampkin, Sherry 254, 345 Lancaster, Jack 254 Lancaster, Virginia 254 Landers, Kelly 195 Landolt, William 195 Landrum, Angel 229 Landthrip, Mark 356 Lane, Chris 254 Lane, Mark 195 Lanehart, David 195 Laney, Lisa 346-7 Lange, Carol 343 Lange, Kevin 345 Langley, Bill 54, 296 Langston, Kelly 256, 360, 361 Langston, Marc 306 Lanier, Lance 229 Largent, John 323 Larkin, Jerry 256 Larkin, Johnny 214 Larson, Brent 256, 364-5 Lasiter, James 195 Laskaris, Thomas 196 Lasker, Greg 27 Laster, Sara 256 Lawrence, Bill 256 Lawrence, Jason 229 Lawrence, Richie 214, 349 Lawrence, Sharon 299 Lawson, Kathryn 214 Lay, Wayne 214, 357 Leach, Jimmy 196 Lederman, Donna 196 Lee, Kevin 366 Lee, Kian 185 Lee, Missy 487 Lee, Nancy 358 Lee, Raymond 52, 56 Lee, Shelley 347 Lee, Thomas 214 Lee, Tom 299 Lefler, Stephanie 256 Lein, Bobby 256 Leger, Mark 356 Lehman, Lisa 196 Lehman, Rodney 214 Lehr, Greg 356 Lenderman, James 229 Lenderman, John 214 Lenehan, Nancy 214 Lenhart, Michele 214 Leonard, Bonnie 196 Leonard, Jeff 351 Leong, Susan 196 Lester, Bill 192, 256, 356 Level, Meredith 297, 299, 308, 277 Lever, Joyce 256, 351 Lewallen, Tamara 214 Lewey, Kevin 256 Lewis, Charles 229 Lewis, Carol 256 Lewis, Kim 347 Lewis, Lisa 229, 214 Lewis, Margaret 229 Lewis, Mike 256 Index 492 hd.x 493 Lewis, Suzanne 196, 360 Lewis, Tyron 354 Lewis, Vonda 299 Lewison, Helan Ann 428 Lewison, Liz 384 Ley, Becky 305 Lichte, Eric 345-6 Lichte, Kurt 346 Lien, Bobby 356 Lietza, Jerome 214 Liew, Pooi Keoing 361 Liew, Yuen Ming 196 Ligon, Chuck 256 Ligon, Dawn 229 Ligon, Marilyn 299 Lillard, John 301 Lillie, Wandy 370 Lim, Chai 229 Lin, Van Theng 214 Linam, Janet 229 Lindberg, Kathy 370 Lindsey, Kim 214 Line, Keith 299 Linn, David 356 Linn, DeLinda 256 Livingson, Laura 361 Livingston, Don 350 Livingston, Susan 256 Lloyd, Terry 196 Lockeby, Glenn 214 Lochridge, Laurie 256 Logan, Michele 214 Loggins, Michael 229 Loh, Chareen 214 Loh, Yiap King 296 Long, Chow 343 Long, James 229 Long, Kevin 256 Long, Laurie 358 Long, Lorianne 196 Long, Margaret 256 Long, Mark 186 Longinotti, Steve 307 Loo, Chee 229 Lookadoo, Cindy 256, 345 Lookadoo, Jan 214 Looney, Alan 357 Looney, Nan 360 Looper, Becky 156, 370 Lorence, Rich 256 Lorenzen, Libby 196 Lorenzo, David 366 Losa, Shari 256, 359 Loliks, Steve 354 Lovatt, Kaye 350 Love, Eddie 186 Love, Marvin 393 Lovelace, Lesly 214 Lovell, Jeffery 214 Lovett, Greg 256 Lowe, Bill 356 Lowe, Cindy 196 Lowe, Robert 299 Lowe, William 256 Lowery, John 229 Lowman, Henry 168 Lowry, John 196 Lowy, Gene 229 Lubeck, Peter 196, 352 Lucariello, Michael 256, 351 Lucas, Andy 303 Lucas, Lisa 256 Luce, Amgela 229 Lucier, Greg 306 Luddeni, Jeanne 299, 346 Ludwick, David 229 Luebbers, Karen 342 Luebkeman, Janna 196, 277 Luebkemann, John 256 Lum, Timothy 186 Lundstedt, Niels 256 Luster, Bryan 256 Luter, William 301 Lutes, Charlotte 257 Lynch, David 196 Lynch, Kevin 350 Lyon, Dawn 358 Lyon, Jack 277, 308 Lyons, Jody 350 Lyons, Vernon 257 Lytle, Joseph 257 N Maberry, Stephanie 257, 370 Macchiarolo, David 214, 365 MacDonald, Sharon 186 Mackey, John 349 Mackin, Leslie 257 Madden, Terry 214 Madey, John 196 Magruder, Scott 356 Maher, Tim 374 Mahnken, Julie 229 Mai, Quan 348-9 Maier, Mark 257 Main, Gary 196 Malik, Ahmed 356 Malcom, Steve 257 Mallioux, Ross 214 Malone, Judy 311 Malone, Molly 367, 370 Maloney, William 350 Manatt, Logan 229 Maner, Daniel 196 Mangan, David 229, 318 Mangan, Stephen 196 Manley, Ritche 392 Mann, Brent 357 Mann, Jeff 364 Mansour, Abe 214 Mansour, Johnny 301 Mansour, Mark 257 Marble, Kim 196, 308, 277 Marble, Leigh 214 Marcantel, Carson 388 Maredia, Karim 296 Mariano, Mary 229 Maris, Guy 257 Markey, Jerry 311 Marks, Melinda 360 Marohn, Chris 257 Marple, Ray 364 Marquess, Barrie 257 Marsanelli, Bobby 257 Marsolf, Monty 366 Martens, Dawn 257 Martin, Ann 258 Martin, Carolyn 229 Martin, Gina 214 Martin, Jan 196 Martin, Jill 229, 349 Martin, Jo 229 Martin, Kathyrn 359 Martin, Linda 214, 297, 301, 350, 352 Martin, Mark 196 Martin, Michele 214 Martin, Randy 229 Martin, Ronald 258, 372 Martin, Sonja 196 Martindale, Suzanne 229 Martis, Bernard 196 Marugg, Mikki 372 Marshburn, Christie 196 Mason, Bill 229 Mason, Kent 214 Mason, Michael 258 Mason, Robin 196 Massanelli, Randy 302 Massey, Jeff 323 Matchett, Russell 196 Matheney, Dennis 351-2 Mathews, Craig 214 Mathews, Kay 371 Mathis, Stanley 214 Matthews, Becky 319 Matthews, MaryAnn 196 Matthews, Norman 186 Mathews, Steven 229 Matlock, Belinda 296 Matlock, Scott 229 Mattews, Carla 229 Mattingly, Kimberly 229 Matthews, Van 196 Mauldin, Lori 196 Maxwell, Al 258 May, Dixie 216, 352 May, Jeffery 196 May, Susan 214 Mayes, Rick 303 Maynard, Dwane 258 Mays, Stephanie 214 Mayfield, Cindy 361 Mayfield, Kathy 229 Mazzanti, Mary 230 McAdams, Terri 230 McAllister, Lana 352 McBryde, Pamela 196 McCain, Mac 388 McCarthy, Erin 299 McCarthy, Mike 323 McCastlain, Cara 27, 258 Martin, John 356 McCay, John 258 McChristian, Janet 258 McClain, Steve 302 McClard, Tracy 230 McClendon, Patty 250 McClure, David 214 McClure, Karen 197 McClure, Mike 214 McCollum, Weston 230 McColough, Sherry 342 McConnel, Cindy 296 McCormick, Barry 254 McCoy, Becky 197 Mccoy, Kathryn 258, 147 McCrady, Rusty 230 McCullough, Megan 230 McCord, John 230 McCullouch, Ken 296 McCurdy, David 319 McCurdy, Jon 258 McCurdy, John 357 McCuther, Joey 230 McDaniel, Bob 366 McDaniel, Mike 27 McDaniel, Peggy 214 McDanile, Rexford 258 McDonale, Renee 258 McDoneell, Bill 214 McDonnell, Kathleen 258 McElduff, Nancy 258 McEntire, Ike 258 McFerrin, Susan 214 ' Index 494 Index 495 McGary, Elizabeth 258 McGaughy, Cindy 197 McGee, Chan 230 McGhee, Janis 214 McGill, Robin 230 McGinnis, James 258 McGinnis, Pat 197, 299 McGrady, Rusty 303 McGrail, Colleen 396 McGuire, Michele 216 McGuire, Robert 230 McHan, Stacie 214, 299 Mcllroy, Milinda 305 Mcllroy, Missy 258 Mclntire, Holly 258 Mclntyre, Meddie 230 McJunkins, James 197 McJunkins, Jo 214 McKelvy, Tina 197, 307, 317 McKendra, Rita 351 McKinney, Johnny 258 McKenzie, Ken 230 McKibben, Mike 352 McKinnis, Rhonda 258 McKisick, Sandra 230 McKnight, Cherie 258 McKnight, Don 321, 297 McLaughlin, Suzanne 214 McLoud, Doug 197 McMahon, Karen 258 McMann, Kathy 352 McMillan, Karen 186 McNabb, Mark 214 McNabb, Shannon 258, 358, 394 McNeil, Jeffrey, 258 McNulty, Michail 197, 374 McPherson, Scott 230 McPherson, William 258 McShan, Amanda 258 McSherry, Ginger 299 McSweeney, Mike 216 Meares, Rebecca 197, 342 Medlock, Charlie 349 Medsker, Kermit 296 Meeker, Kelly 230 Meeks, Jane 230 Meggers, Brian 318 Melanie, Morris 349 Melton, Cindy 230, 371 Melugin, Kay 361 Mendenhall, Scott 197 Meredith, Todd 258 Merletti, Ralph 186 Merlo, Kevin 197 Meroney, Connie 258 Merrit, Farris 258, 354 Merriweather, James 357 Merry, Cheryl 258 Messersmith, Dan 197 Methany, Sandra 214 Metro, Julia 186 Metzger, John 258 Metzger, Tracey 230 Meyer, Lorie 230 Mezain, Osman 186 Michael, Butch 258 Michaels, Tracey 360 Mickel, Thomas 197 Middleton, Christy 197, 297, 308 Middleton, Larry 197 Middleton, Sandy 384 Midgett, Mark 372 Miles, Tina 230, 299, 348-9 Milham, Georgia 358 Miller, Alan 214 Miller, Andrew 214 Miller, Audrey 197 Miller, Charles 258 Miller, Deanna 197 Miller, Donna 258 Miller, Joyce 258 Miller, Gene 197 Miller, Joyce 370 Miller, Lisa 258 Miller, Margaret 177 Miller, Marilyn 299 Miller, Melissa 214 Miller, Paul 215 Miller, Stuttgart 258 Miller, Toni 278, 297, 308 Milliken, Suzy 230 Mills, Belinda 197 Mills, Bob 366 Mills, Kendal 214, 360 Mills, Olivia 215 Mills, Richard 215, 357 Mills, Wayne 215 Millspaugh, Melissa 173 Mioton, Suzanne 197 Milum, Charmagne 258 Minor, Scott 351 Minor, Susanne 347 Minshall, Chris 366 Minton, Cheryl 258, 421 Mitchell, Erin 357 Mitchell, Greg 357 Mitchell, Jamie 215 Mitchell, Jeanne 258 Mitchell, Laura 158, 359 Mitchell, Sheila 258 Mitchell, Sue 299 Moeller, Julie 258 M, Kyle 215 Moffat, Ron 296 Moffett, Beth 258 Mohammed, Alfred 87 Mohazab, Sherry 197 Moline, Lisa 347 Mommsen, Kimberly 258 Monger, Lisa 230 Monk, Dan 362 Montag, Jon 362 Montez, Carmella 197 Montgomery, Cynthia 215, 305 Moody, James 258 Moody, Lizan 230 Moody, Tina 374 Moon, Susie 258 Moore, Ann 230 Moore, Ann 230 Moore, Anne 342-3 Moore, Brian 258 Moore, Carrie 258 Moore, Chrystal 315 Moore, Freda 215 Moore, Kevin 303 Moore, Lee Ann 158, 361 Moore, Lorilyn 54, 296 Moore, Mark 215 Moore, Mike 197, 311 Moore, Roger 57 Moore, Teresa 197 Morehead, Tracey 258 Moreland, Tina 215 Morgan, Cecilia 258 Moore, Vance 197 Moore, Vancil 197 Moorman, Kathi 197 Moory, John Paul 299 Moran, Mike 356 Moren, Brian 197 Morrehead, Tracy 359 Morris, Alan 467 Morris, Bryan 354 Morris, Delia 258 Morris, Doug 354 Morris, Gary 362 Morris, Greg 354 Morris, Harriet 125, 305 Morris, Cyke 310 Morris, Kara 230 Morris, Melanie 230, 348 Morris, Penicia 350 Morris, Phillip 260 Morris, Rhonald 215 Morris, Rowdy 215 Morris, Russell 215 Morris, Vicki 215 Morrison, Connie 260 Morrison, Dana 260 Morrison, Debbie 360 Morrow, Beulah 392 Morrow, Susan 197, 360 Morton, Jamie 375 Morton, Jeanne 260 Morton, Kimberly 230 Mosely, Gary 357 Mosely, James 354 Mosely, Pamela 260, 371 Moser, Paul 372 Moss, Thomas 260 Moss, Vicki 347 Motes, Mary 197 Motgomery, Monica 360 Mount, Veronica 230 Mount, Theresa 260 Mourton, Stan 260 Mulkey, Gwyn 260 Mullen, Rusty 197 Mullens, JoBeth 260 Mulligan, Becky 197 Mulligan, Sam 230, 357 Munley, Ritchie 215 Murphy, Jackie 215 Murphy, James 260 Murphy, Martin 357 Murphy, Michael 197 Myatt, Tim 215 Myers, Karen 230, 311, 360 Myers, Nancy 197, 360 Myers, Wesley 205, 362 N Nabholz, Thomas 260 Nakhoul, Antoine 296 Nail, Jeff 230 Nance, Melanie 230 Nance, Sheila 205 Nanny, Jerry 260 Nations, Art 299 Nations, Tonda 205 Neal, Lisa K. 299 Necessary, Cathy 230, 370 Necessary, Cindy 230 Necessary, Mark 205, 365 Needham, Tricia 260 Neidecker, John 197 Neidecker, Robyn 372 Neidecker, Silva 205 Neidringhaus, Bill 302 Nelson, James 302 Nelson, Lynne 261 Nelson, Jane 354 Ness, Donald 230 Index 496 ' Alton ' KTH ' 49T Newman, Marcus 297 Newsom, Crystal 372 Newton, Dcidra 230 Newton, Gary 197, 278 Newton, James 197 Nguyen, My-An 197 Nichols, Ruby 352 Nichols, Susan 305 Nicholson, Billy 197, 301 Nicholson, Kelli 230 Nicks, Anthony 351 Niece, Hal 261 Niedringhaus, Bill 306 Niles, Mary 197, 299 Nix, Kim 261 Nolan, Mindy 349 Nolen, Tim 205 Northam, Roger 261 Notto, Anita 230 Nunnelee, Susan 222, 318 Northcross, Libby 197 Norton, Lori 197, 351-2 Null, John 197 Nunley, Dan 197 Nutt, Tamara 197 Nutt, Thomas 197 Nynerdyhl, Harold 350 o O ' Bar, Robert 230 Ober, Mitchell 311 O ' Brien, Tom 366 O ' Connell, Chris 261, 345 Odell, Victoria 261 Odell, Vikki 360-1 Odem, Shelly 6 Oden, Johnette 297, 308 Oest, Richard 240, 373, 376 Ogle, Mike 362 Oglesby, Darrel 186 O ' Guinn, Gerald 205 Ohnemus, Stephen 197 O ' ttara, Chris 360 O ' Keif, Gary 387 Okolo, Sidney 296 Olienyk, Ronald 197 Oliver, Arthur 303 Olson, Mark 197 O ' Neal, Brenda 345 O ' Neal, Glenn 216 O ' Neal, Michael 216 O ' Neil, Brenda 261 Oofresch, Blair 261 Opfer, Stuart 362 Orr, Kenny 372 Overholt, Hugh 261 Owen, Laura 261 Owen, Melanie 230 Ownbey, Suzanne 261 Oguin, Kelly 347 Orlicek, Carolyn 360 Owens, Debbie 29 Owens, Wendell 197 Oxenreider, Kim 197, 235, 342-3 Oxner, Greg 261 Paas, Randy 216 Pace, Daryl 197 Pace, George 230 Pace, Kelly 261 Page, Dan 362 Painter, Mary Beth 230 Palmer, Tammy 348 Pangle, Pamela 216, 398 Pankey, Donna 230, 305 Pape, Allison 230 Papizan, Susan 230 Parette, Ned 197 Park, Joe 303 Park, Kristie 261 Parker, Don 321, 318, 230 Parker, Jeff 372 Parker, Kristi 348 Parker, Rodney 263 Parker, Steve 197 Parr, Lisa 197 Parsley, John 263 Parson, Marian 178-9 Parson, Tracey 198 Partin, Renata 263 Pascoe, Jeff 263 Pascoe, Johnathan 230 Pashkevich, Allan 347 Pate, Tyler 263 Paterson, Karen 398 Patrick, Angela 263 Patrick, Kevin 354 Patterson, Allen 354 Patterson, Delena 230, 323 Patterson, Gaylon 169 Patterson, Karen 216, 297, 198 Patterson, Tucker 263, 352 Patterson, Vanna 263 Patton, Kyle 263 Patty, Brian 265 Paulk, Beth 354 Paxton, Robert 263 Payne, Karen 198 Payton, Jana 356 Payton, King 253 Peacock, Paul 354 Peak, Jeff 263 Pearson, Annette 216 Pearson, Dan 372 Pearson, Steven 216 Pearson, Todd 263 Pedelty, Donovan 53 Peek, Shannon 263, 359 Peery, Larry 349 Pell, Charles 263 Penn, Laura 296 Pennington, Allison 230, 347 Pennington, Beverly 352 Pennington, Lesa 263 Pennington, Roland 216 Peracha, Omar 375 Perdue, Paul 230 Perry, Curtis 299 Perry, Donna 360 Perry, Babriell 216, 370 Perry, Kevin 357 Perry, Lisa 263 Perry, Shannon 199 Perryman, Steve 230 Person, Thomas 198 Petray, Tammy 230 Petrus, Gary 297 Perville, Grant 352 Peters, George 263, 364, 366 Peterson, Scott 198 Petre, Don 354 Petrus, Gary 216, 308 Petrus, Kim 263 Pettigrew, Nancy 343 Petz, Vickie 263 Peulausck, T.C. 186 Phelps, Thomas 263 Phillay, Mary 342 Phillip, Paula 271 Phillips, Alan 198, 230 Phillips, Brad 299, 307 Phillips, David 303 Phillips, Gloria 198 Phillips, Joe 198 Phillips, Kevin 346 Phillips, Lucy 342 Phillips, Melissa 263, 358 Phillips, Morrise 198 Philips, Paula 232 Phillips, Sarah 342 Phillips, Scoot 198 Phillips, Sherri 232 Phillips, Susanna 359 Phillips, Tanya 216, 305 Pickens, Ron 388 Pickering, David 263 Pieper, Chris 356 Pierce, Chuck 216 Pickett, Janice 347 Pieper, Chris 356 Pierce, John 301 Piester, Cori 398 Piha, Monte 263 Pike, Steve 216 Piker, Paul 263 Pinkerton, Ronnie 362 Pinter, Tim 232, 366 Pipkin, Tracy 216, 366 Pirtle, Janna 263 Pitt, Jenny 263 Pittman, Patricia 263 Pitts, Greg 296, 308 Piveda, Luis 198 Placke, Eric 198, 278 Plafran, Maria 360 Plaster, Steve 216 Plowman, Donald 345 Plyler, Phillip 186 Poag, Robert 198, 297 Pohlkamp, Michael 232 Poindexter, Kim 323, 360 Pole, Jone 350 Polk, Jaima 232 Polk, Natalie 232 Pollock, Cheryle 351 Ponder, Anthony 351 Pool, Robert 357 Pope, Brenda 198 Pope, Deborah 263, 371 Porter, David 232, 372 Porter, Kelli 232 Porter, Kennith 232 Porter, Pam 263, 368 Porter, Paula 309 Porter, Scott 296, 302 Porterfield, Lee 263 Posey, Brad 388 Post, Jacqueline 216 Post, John 353 Post, Tina 198 Pole, Joseph 216 Potter, James 198 Potter, M.C. 309 Potter, Mary 198 Potts, Bryan 232 Powell, Cheryl 198 Powell, Danny 232 Powell, Dianna 232 Powell, Ellen 166, 198 Index 498 Uxkx 499 Powell, Helen 360 Powers, Steve 232 Poynter, Debby 263 Prader, Bob 356 Prater, Karen 263, 370 Prater, Tim 232 Pratt, Linda 263 Pratt, Susan 232 Presley, Gretchen 263, 361 Presley, Jeff 297, 372 Pribble, Vernon 263 Price, David 279 Price, Janet 263 Price, Jennie 263 Price, Kendall 308 Price, Tracee 398, 198 Prichard, Beth 263 Prichard, Tony 263 Prickett, Diana 263 Prickett, Kimberly 216 Priester, Douglas 232 Prince, Lisa 263 Probasco, Kristi 308 Proctor, Kelly 263, 358 Prosser, Paige 263 Prud ' homme, Bonhommie 198 Pruitt, Bryan 263 Pryor, Kathryn 297, 301, 308, 279 Puckett, Audrey 232 Pullen, Donald 263 Pulliam, Chris 263 Purdy, Kim 232 Purdy, Miguel 216 Purdy, Robert 186 Purnell, Denise 350 Pyeatte, Sam 372 Pyle, Laura 198 Q Quaiser, Tariq 296 Quackenbush, Christine 232 Quails, Tamra 263 Quinn, Christy 198 Quinn, Gary 301 Quinn, James 349 Quinn, Jamie 263 Quinn, Kevin 198 Quinn, Walter 299 R Rabneck, Rayanne 232, 360-1 Rainwater, Bill 216 Raines, Pam 361 Rakestraw, Patrick 216 Ramey, Bruce 263 Ramey, Krissena 263 Rampmaier, Paula 216 Rane, Darryl 357 Rand, Julie 232 Raney, Cathey 198 Randy, David 216 Ranney, David 301 Ranson, Adelia 359 Raper, Tammy 263 Rapert, Shannon 232 Ratcliffe, Hohn 347 Rathbun, Sherril 216 Rausch, Susan 216 Ray, Jeanette 263 Ray, Lori 232 Ray, Lynnette 198 Ray, Shelly 216 Ray, Terry 263 Reader, Jackie 371 Reams, William 216 Reaves, Keith 216 Reaves, Sharon 263 Redding, Judith 198, 371 Redden, Scott 264 Redaler, Pat 356 Reding, John 232, 372 Rding, Keith 232 Redman, Steve 303, 356 Reece, Gregory 232 Reed, Cliffie 370 Reed, Mary 298-9 Reed, Suzi 311 Reeder, Van 216 Reese, Valerie 264 Reese, Vanessa 233, 361 Reeves, Brenda 370 Reeves, Camid 216 Reeves, Crystal 232 Reeves, Sharon 368 Reichert, Chris 264 Reid, Cathy 264 Reid, Pam 299 Reid, Tommy 264, 362 Reimer, Chuck 264 Reimer, Tyle 357 Reimez, Chuck 366 Remow, Bobby 264 Renard, John 198 Renner, Loyanne 198 Renner, Loyanne 198 Rensberger, Mark 198 Revis, Roslyn 264 Reynolds, Bruce 264, 372 Reynolds, Fredrick 232 Reynolds, Vicki 216 Rhea, Kathleen 301 Rhoades, Bruce 232 Rhoades, Tom 198 Rhodes, Lori 298 Rhodes, Pamela 264 Rhodes, Robert 352 Rice, Usa 279, 308 Richardson, Ben 264 Richardson, Dennis 264 Richardson, Terri 264 Richards, Wayne 362 Richardson, Alan 198 Richardson, Dennis 356 Richardson, Jerry 1 76 Richardson, Jon 198 Richardson, Joyce 198 Richardson, Richard 19, 39 Richart, Sandra 216 Richmond, Sheri 232 Rickltis, Jeff 198 Riddle, David 216, 349 Riddle, RaeGina 264 Ridge, Mary 343 Ridge, Maurya 239 Ridgell, Jacqueline 264 Ridley, Robert 347 Rieff, Leslie 232 Riester, Becky 297, 384, 198 Riggs, James 264 Riggs, Robert 216 Riggs, Samuel 232 Rightnour, Lucinda 342-3 Rigsby, Dwane 264 Rigsby, Stephen 198 Ring, Robin 232 Rish, Majo 356 Rita, Mike 350 Ritchey, Amy 264 Robb, Debbi 216 Roberson, Mary 232 Roberts, Beth 264 Roberts, Carol 217 Roberts, Cecilia 352 Roberts, Jerry 217 Roberts, Kevin 232 Roberts, Mary 264 Robertson, Butch 428 Robertson, Carol 299 Robertson, Joy 264 Robertson, Christopher 232 Robertson, Susan 217, 342 Robinette, Randall 264 Robins, Richard 232 Robinson, Clark 198 Robinson, Jerome 393 Robinson, Lisa 264 Robinson, Rob 232 Robinson, Sally 232 Rocconi, Joey 357 Rocha, Tony 365 Rockwell, Angela 264 Rodregues, Ralph 351 Rogers, Barry 232 Rogers, Bob 302 Rogers, Curtis 217 Rogers, Janet 198 Rogers, Kurt 246 Rogers, Lorrie 264 Rogers, Mark 318 Rogers, Marty Jo 264, 358-9 Rogers, Michael 217 Rogers, Missy 264 Rogers, Rhea 264 Rogers, Sheila 264 Rogers, Terry 232 Rogers, William 264, 356 Roitz, Joseph 198 Roles, James 299 Rolfe, Debrah 264 Rolfe, Effie 264 Rollands, Cheryle 351 Rollans, Cheryl 351 Rollins, Rodney 56 Rollins, Susan 264, 347 Rolloff, Sara 264 Romine, Lori 264 Roomsburg, Jim 378, 354 Rooney, Meredith 232 Root, James 198 Root, Linda 217 Root, Sean 217 Rorrer, Kathy 264 Rose, Derrick 298 Rose, Melda 232 Rosembaum, Kathryn 264 Rosenthal, Brian 217, 311 Ross, Doug 232 Rotenberry, Michael 198 Rothrock, Tim 217 Rouse, Brad 198 Rowe, James 264 Rowen, Doug 198 Rowley, Toni 265, 347 Roy, Protima 347 Ruble, Randy 362 Ruble, Russell 198 Rucker, Jeffery 217 Rucks, Kim 359 Rudasill, William 217 Rudd, Tammy 217 Index 500 Ruff, Leslie 371 Ruff, Rebecca 371 Rumps, Deborah 232 Rumps, Linda 265 Rusa, Dean 232 Rose, Jim 459 Rush, Laura 232 Rushing, David 352 Rushing, Robin 232 Russell, Alicia 217 Russell, Carolyn 232 Russell, Clara 179 Russell, Francis 350 Russell, Kimberly 232 Russell, Lyndal 217 Russell, Steve 357 Russell, Tim 357 Ruston, Tonya 265 Ruth, Brad 366 Rutledge, John 198 Ryall, Lucy 265 Ryan, Archie 198, 299, 301 Ryan, Greg 232 Ryan, Mark 198 Ryan, Maurice 198 Rydell, James 265 Rydell, Jerry 362 Rye, Chip 372 Sadler, Mark 232 Safarpour, Mohammed 196 Sagely, Scarlett 232 Saint Columbia, Michelle 236 Saint Onge, Michele 236 Sakamoto, Chiyo 296 Sales, Rose 298 Salisbury, Druska 299 Sallis, Lance 217 Salmon, Dona 232 Samoore, Liz 350 Sams, Callee 217 Sams, Mitchell 198 Samuel, Angela 217 Sandahl, Locke 217, 350 Sanderlin, Carol 265 Sanders, Edwards 265 Sanders, Mark 217 Sanders, Ross 217 Sanders, Stephanie 235 Sanders, Todd 265 Saxton, Jay 265 Sandlin, Scott 299 Sangaran, Mani 235 Sanner, Randall 217 Sanzenbacher, Eric 235 Sass, Lori 217 Santa-Cruz, Nester 198 Sarachini, Susan 198 Sargent, Judy 198 Sarkar, Asish 198 Sauer, Kim 198, 297, 301, 308 Saunders, Stephanie 299 Saur, Kimberly 279 Schaefer, Steve 356 Schaefer, Susan 301 Schaeffer, Donna 346 Scheibel, Kathryn 198 Scheme!, Ed 354 Schneider, Nancy 235 Schexnayder, Steve 199, 308 Schiefer, Phillip 366 Schimmel, Gary 217 Schimer, Cornelia 359 Schlong, Harry 356 Schmidt, Paulette 299 Schneider, Judy 217 Schoborg, Kim 217 Schoen, Mike 357 Schoen, Sarah 360 Schoen, Scott 357 Schoettlin, Phil 265, 354 Schopp, John 217 Schopp, Nancy 347 Schopp, Wendy 199 Schrader, Roger 217, 350 Schreiber, Scott 199 Schreit, Anna 305 Schuldt, Andrea 217 Schultz, Fredrick 357 Schultz, James 235 Schultz, Robert 235 Schuster, Marshall 265 Schwarts, John 349 Schwartz, Pauline 345 Scier, Claudia 235 Scier, Cynthia 199, 239, 343 Scoggins, Bill 348 Scott, Becke 265 Scott, Coy 2 18 Scott, Darrell 265 Scott, Jeff 199, 352 Scott, Linda 199 Scott, Margaret 352 Scott, Robenatta 265 Scott, Roberta 369 Scott, Roxanne 368 Scully, John 352 Seaman, Laurie 265 Seaton, Evelyn 199 Segovia, Mark 350 Sehman, Linda 265 Selby, Chris 235 Selig, Kimberly 265 Seliguchi, Mary 199 Sengel, Kelli 265 Serfass, Jeff 366 Serra, Alexander 196 Sexton, Sheri 235 Sexton, Steve 199 Shackelford, John 299 Sharp, Alex 57 Shauer, Linda 348 Shaver, Mike 299 Shaw, Alissa 371 Shaw, Tony 218 Shehee, Jim 175 Shelson, James 357 Shell, Casey 218 Shell, Sean 235, 365 Shelton, Janis 199 Shepherd, Rhonda 311, 235 Sheppard, Carol 358 Sheppard, Lee Ann 428 Sherman, Brent 199 Sherry, JayeLynn 265 Shields, Larry 366 Shipley, David 235, 299 Shirrel, Franklin 218 Shoemake, Carla 235 Shoemake, Shannon 54, 235 Shollmier, Brian 199 Sht, Allison 235 Shuttler, Roberta 27 Shulte, Bernand 357 Sidwell, John 354 Siebenmorgen, Tony 199 Siebert, Paula 235 Sievers, Lisa 218 Sievers, Tricia 265 Sigua, Gilbert 186 Siki, ViChun 349 Simas, Rick 356 Simco, Debbie 265 Simkins, Paul 265 Simmons, Robbin 265 Simmons, Scott 199 Simmons, Shannon 217 Simmons, Suzanne 235 Simmon, Teresa 235 Simons, Jeff 347 Simothers, Wesley 236 Simpson, Greg 199, 357 Simpson, Joy 265, 346 Simpson, Leslie 267 Simpson, Paula 267, 370 Simpson, Waylan 235 Sims, MaryBeth 199 Singleton, Jim 356 Sinds, Michael 199 Sinor, Carla 235, 318 Siple, Scott 357 Sites, Jerry 218 Sitter, Tammy 147 Sittington, Billy 199 Skiver, Mark 235 Slamons, John 267 Sletten, Lori 199 Sloat, Margo 235 Small, Jeff 199 Smigla, Greg 235 Smith, Alan 352 Smith, Anjal 235 Smith, Andrew 199 Smith, Ann 297, 301 Smith, Billy Ray 89, 21, 73 Smith, Brian 267 Smith, Carole 217 Smith, Chuck 344-5 Smith, Craig 24, 199 Smith, Cynthia 199, 235 Smith, Danny 2 18 Smith, Donald 199 Smith, Elaine 235 Smith, Elizabeth 267 Smith, Gordon 199 Smith, Jacquelin 199, 308 Smith, Jean 267 Smith, Jeannine 235 Smith, Joe Paul 267, 364 Smith, John 350 Smith, Judy 384 Smith, Julie 267 Smith, Keith 267 Smith, Laura 199 Smith, Leslie 267 Smith, Libby 349 Smith, Lisa 267, 359 Smith, Lydia 361 Smith, Mark 207 Smith, Angela 267 Smith, Melanie 323 Smith, Michael 267 Smith, Ollie 218 Smith, Patricia 346 Smith, Phil 267, 301 Smith, Ralph 356 Smith, Randy 235 Smith, Sara 218 Smith, Sheri 200 Smith, Stephen 236 Smith, Susan 218, 267, 358 Smith, Valerie 267 Smith, Tina 218 Snadon, Shawna 218 Snow, Caleb 200 Snow, Elaine 299 Snowden, Alfrita 200, 343 Snyder, Steve 354 Sokora, Bonnie 305 Soloman, Karen 218 Soloman, Michael 267 Soulsby, Chip 356 Souza, Ronna 369 Sowle, Julie 267 Sowell, Melody 236 Spann, Greg 372 Spann, Quinn 218, 372 Sparks, Kristi 200 Sparks, Michael 200 Speer, Coug 357 Speight, Becky 267, 368 Spelber, Layne 267 Spelling, Sharon 361 Spells, Lori 218, 360 Spence, George 267 Spence, Rod 354 Spencer, Beverly 218 Spencer, Lori 200 Spencer, Beverly 371 Spencer, Rod 219 Spero, Marie 236 Spillers, Billy 236 Spinelli, Mark 236 Spitzmiller, Elizabeth 236 Spivey, Michael 267 Spohn, Lisa 200 Sprenger, Kay 267 Springer, Tish 218 Squires, Max 357 Squires, Michael 267 St. Onge, Michelle 305 Stadthagen, Mercedes 200 Stafford, Bill 267 Staggs, Tara 236 Stair, Stephen 299 Stamps, Melissa 267, 350 Stancil, Sandy 200 Standlee, Donnel 267 Standlee, Jacky 200 Standridge, Brent 357 Standridge, Phillip 357 Stanley, Caroline 267, 368 Stanley, Donald 267 Stanley, Ridky 267 Stanley, Robbie 372 Staples, Jeff 267, 357 Starpsky, J.D. 365 Stauber, Larry 267 Steadman, Jim 267 Steed, John 352 Steed, Jonathan 267 Steed, Stephen 200 Steele, Dede 267 Stehle, Pam 267 Steine, John 352 Steiner, Robert 267 Stephens, Brooke 267 Stephens, Monte 267 Stevens, Elaina 218 Stevens, Jane 236 Stevens, Janie 346 Stevens, Katie 371 Stevens, Michael 267 Stewart, Brenda 236 Stephens, Jeffrey 236 Stephens, Jerry 218 Stephens, Robin 218 Stephenson, Sandra 236 Stevenson, Kim 351 Stevenson, Regina 200 Stevenson, Rick 218, 354 Stevenson, Sandy 372 Stewart, Clenton 218 Stewart, Randy 372 Stewart, Scott 200 Stiles, Sheri 267, 361 Stine, John 269 Stocks, Jamie 267, 372 Stocenbury, Susan 200 Stone, Christine 267 Stone, Jeff 200, 362 Stovall, Michael J. 299 Stremel, Katrina 299, 200 Stolee, Marcia 236 Storey, Lisa 267 Stotts, Allyson 236 Stovall, J. Michael 218 Stranathan, Laura 236 Strassheim, Julie 267 Stratton, Donna 236 Strickland, Mark 200, 366 Strongfellow, Steven 267 Strother, James 200 Stuart, Brett 302 Stuart, David 200 Stuart, Mark 200, 357 Stuart, Robert 267 Stuckey, Cecile 218 Stuckey, John 366 Stutts, Nancy 207 Sugg, Melinda 360-1 Sullivan, Brian 200 Sullivan, Kevin 208, 218, 348, 350 Sullivan, Emily 236 Sullivan, Lisa 236 Summitt, Steven 267 Summer, Charles 200 Sushko, Robert 236 Suffin, Matt 356 Sutherland, Mike 352 Sutton, Michele 236 Sutton, Russell 200 Swafford, Connie 342-3 Swain, David 343 Swain, Jeanne 218 Swain, Phillip 345 Swann, Leigh 236 Swanson, Betsy 346-7 Swartzwelder, Betty 342 Swayne, Ronnie 200 Sweeney , Gary 55 Swilley, Steve 236 Swindle, Mike 267 Swope, Jeff 267 Swope, Sarah 267 Swor, Sonja 236 Sylvester, Susan 387 Tabor, Mike 267, 366 Tackett, Garland 200 Taft, Tracy 371 Taggart, Tracy 236 Talbott, Leslie 368, 371 Taldo, Diana 200 Talhell, Bud 357 Tallent, Kim 268 Talton, James 297, 301, 200 Tan, Roland 218 Tanner, Christopher 200 Tapp, Greg 372 Tappan, Phillip 202 Tarachione, Mary 268 Tarvin, Leigh 268 Taylor, Brad 68 Taylor, Deborah 218 Taylor, Gregory 268 Taylor, Guy 218 Taylor, James 236 Taylor, Jessica 268 Taylor, Karen 236 Taylor, Lena 237 Taylor, Loretta 360 Taylor, Meleah 268 Taylor, Robert 345 Taylor, Shelly 350 Taylor, Stephen 218, 297, 301, 366 Taylor, Steven 365 Taylor, Tanya 237 Tedd, Andrew 218 Teddor, Andy 459 Tedford, Marjorie 218, 305 Tedford, Susan 268 Teems, Debbie 351 Teeter, Joseph 268 Teeter, Lisa 237 Teeter, Mark 218 Temple, Cara 268 Templeton, Jan 268 Tencleave, Ellen 360 Tennison, Marvin 237 Teoh, Kim 218 Ternes, Julie 241 Tesdall, Allen 202 Tessaro, Jike 301 Thatcher, Charles 459 Thelan, Brian 218 Theodore, Robert 202 Thibodeaux, Michele 268 Thieben, Chip 237 Thomas, Jeff 52-3 Thomas, Jelyn 268 Thomas, John 268 Thomas, Michael 237 Thomas, Michelle 268, 343 Thomas, Mike 55 Thomas, Sheri 268 Thomas, Susan 202 Thomas, Tian 342-3 Thomason, Connie 370-1 Thomason, Libby 268 Thompson, Connie 237 Thompson, Diane 351 Thompson, Joy 218 Thompson, Karen 359 Thompson, Larry 202 Thompson, Lisa 351 Thompson, Phoebe 299 Thompson, Robert 268 Thompson, Shelby 268 Thompson, Sherie 237 Thompson, Stacy 268 Thompson, Thomas 218 Thomson, Gary 352 Thomson, James 202 Thomson, Karen 202 Thornbury, Jeff 202 Thornton, Don 366 Thornton, Joe 268 Thornton, Rob 345 Thornton, Ron 351 Thorton, Ruby 218 Threet, Felecia 360 Threet, William 202 Thurman, Margaret 269, 372 Tillman, Mary 268 Timberlake, Elizabeth 268 Index 502 Index 503 Timmerman, Bonnie 258, 234 Timmons, Max 302 Tims, Patrick 237 Tiner, Eddy 268 Tinsley, William 63 Tipton, Ray 24 Tisdale, Fred 268 Todd, Karla 202 Tolbert, Jen 297, 301 Toler, James 202 Tolleson, Emily 360 Tolleson, Richard 218 Tomlin, Beth 360 Too, Kee 268 Tooke, Sam 268 Townsell, Todd 268 Townsend, Laura 348-9 Tracz, Trinita 237 Trammell, Debra 269 Treadway, Tyler 307 Treat, Darryl 202 Treece, Kim 218 Tibbie, Alan 202 Treischman, King 269 Trimmble, Todd 218 Trinca, Pete 237 Troher, Shauna 218 Trollinger, Charles 269 Tromley, Lisa 147, 146 Trout, Robin 370 Truemper, Ann 396 Truitt, Keith 356 Truman, Kathy 368 Trumpp, Tanny 237 Trusty, Cheryl 361 Tschithart, Janet 269, 347 Tuberville, Torrence 351 Tucker, Becky 269 Tucker, Cindy 267 Tucker, Dwayne 269, 350 Tucker, Lesley 269 Tucker, Parker 202 Tuckett, Darrell 356 Tucor, Lea Ann 218 Tugwell, Tracey 218 Tull, Dana 359 Tune, Dennis 269 Tunnerly, Brian 347 Tuns, Alan 345 Turk, Teresa 202, 299 Turley, Scott 297 Turnage, William 269 Turner, Brenca 269, 347 Turner, Holly 296 Turner, John 237 Turner, Karen 218 Turner, Megan 269, 359 Turner, Paula 269 Turner, Samuel 202, 393 Turner, Tommy 356 Tusinger, Jane 202 Tyler, Renee 346 Tyler, Vivian 202 Ursic, Barbara 202 Usery, Gary 269 Utley, Kelly 237 u V Vacarro, Chris 269 Vance, Tracey 237, 351 Vancuren, Arlin 202 Vandagriff, Ted 302 Vandevender, Julia 218 Van Noy, Kim 209 Van Parys, Marsha 237 Vanston, Caroline 237 VanZandt, Tom 269, 372 Varwig, Scott 269 Vaughn, Audwin 237, 372 Vaughn, Janice 378 Vaughn, Tommy 307 Vaught, Carla 218 Vaught, Eric 218 Vaught, Joel 202, 365 Vaught, Kathy 218 Veazy, Howard 201 Vega, Raymond 209 Veit, Jana 218 Vera-Ganzalex, Doralisa 186 Verkamp, Makr 388 Verklee, Terry 356 Vest, Donnie 203 Vetsch, Kent 269, 238 Viera, Godwal 269, 351 Villiger, Josee 269 Vinsant, Jan 218 Virnig, Patricia 360 Voise, Ken 203 Vollmer, Julie 369 Von Steen, James 318, 237 Votteler, Karen 299 Vozel, Mary 269 w Udouj, Cristelyn 237, 394 Ulph, Eric 186 Ulmer, Brenda 361 Umar, Nadiem 364 Underwood, Leighton 269 Ureckis, Dave 298 Upshaw, Mark 269 Waddell, Barry 238 Wade, Melinda 238 Wade, Serena 269, 372 Wadkins, Jesse 203, 345 Wahlquist, Danielle 269, 371 Waldon, George 354 Waldron, John 270 Waldron, Michael 218 Walker, Craig 219 Walker, Lisa 350 Walker, Mike 357 Walter, Timothy 203 Waller, Kim 218 Wallace, Kimberly 238 Wallace, Timothy 186 Waller, James 362 Wallis, Mike 299 Wallis, Reesa 238 Walls, Carroll 238 Walsh, Lee 219 Walsh, Tina 270 Walt, Page 270 Walters, Danny 77 Walters, Kristine 238 Waltmen, Martin 351 Walton, Charles 238 Walton, Renee 238 Wan, Bong Van 238 Wan Jusoh, WanJamaliah 186 Ward, Dana 219 Ward, Derrick 186 Ward, Lloyd 203 Ward, Mitchel 203 Ward, Sherry 203 Warlick, Janet 238 Warner, George 203 Warren, Inger 371 Warren, Rae 270, 359 Warren, Robert 357 Waschka, Laurence 219 Washburn, Guy 238 Washington, Burnadean 370 Washington, Grace 238 Watkins, Amanda 270 Watkins, Kevin 270, 365 Watkins, Kevin 270 Watkins, Larry 270 Watkins, Tammy 219 Watson, Dane 356 Watson, Jason 238 Watson, Kay 203, 297, 301, 384 Watson, Lisa 203 Watson, Marti 219 Watson, Missy 238 Watson, Scott 372 Watson, Stephen 270 Watson, Tracy 270 Watson, Ralph 203 Watts, John 209 Waughop, Ellen 239 Waymire, Scott 219 Wear, Eric 219, 298-9 Weaver, Anne 270 Weaver, Tracy 346 Webb, Elmo 203 Webb, Susan 219 Webster, Kelley 219 Webster, Pamela 52-3 Weddle, Rusty 356 Wedeking, Dan 306, 362 Wedington, Pam 360 Weitlich, David 219 Welborn, Saundra 239 Welch, Carrie 270 Welch, Cheryl 361 Welch, Evan 270 Welch, Julie 270 Welch, Stacia 219 Welch, Tammy 270 Wells, Barbara 239 Wells, Beth 219 Wells, James 270 Wells, Judy 203 Wells, Kevin 196 Welshans, Beth 239 Welty, Lisa 239 Welty, Timothy 220 Wengert, Chrissie 270 Wentz, Jeffrey 239 West, John 306 West, Lyn 270 Westbrook, Lisa 239 Westbrook, Paul 270, 352 Whatley, Gary 270 Wheeler, Don 270 Wheeler, Scott 239, 270 Whelan, Tim 299 Whisnant, Bill 203 Whitaker, Bryan 239 Whiteaker, Greg 298 White, Cyndi 203 White, Dianne 343, 270 White, Eddie 66, 70 Index 504 r Index 505 White. Edward 239 White, James 203 White, Karen 239 White, Kerry 270 White. Mae 239 White, Marc 357 White, Mari 270, 372 White, Michael 270 White, Natalie 239 White, Pamela 220 White, Scott 203 White, Todd 239 White, Tracey 372 Whiteaker, Deni 270 Whiteaker, Greg 220, 299 Whitehead, Cathy 220 Whitfield, Elizabeth 270 Whitley, Jerry 357 Whitley, Vicky 372 Whitmer, Daryl 203 Whitsett, Duane 203, 326, 307 Wiest, Skip 352 Wiggins, Randall 270 Wiggins, Richard 220 Wigington, Susan 270 Wilborn, Darin 270 Wilbourn, Gordon 203 Widonx, Colleen 270 Wiles, Barry 203 Wilhite, Allison 204, 348, 352 Wilkerson, Mark 190 Wildins, Torrance 204 Wildstrom, Carl 297 Willadsen, Diana 220 Williams, Bernard 364 Williams, Charlotte 270, 358 Williams, Christopher 204 Williams, Danny 239 Williams, David 372 Williams, Debbie 299 Williams, Donna 220 Williams, Elizabeth 371 Williams, Frank 204, 366-7 Williams, Irma 220 Williams, James 270 Williams, Jamie 239 Williams, Joe 298-9 Williams, Karen 239 Williams, Ken 220 Williams, Lynn 204 Williams, Mariel 270, 359 Williams, Marietta 220 Williams, Melissa 239 Williams, Livy 186 Williams, Rhonda 239, 368, 371 Williams, Robert 220, 301 Williams, Sharon 239, 351 Williams, Stacy 347 Williams, Tyron 220, 365 Williams, Wallis 270 Williamson, Elizabeth 270 Willis, Brad 347 Wilson, Carol 270 Willis, Gary 365 Willmon, Steve 204 Wilmoth, Gerals 204 Wilmoth, Kim 220 Wilson, Joe 270 Wilson, Kay 24 Wilson, Kenny 220 Wilson, Shawn 220 Wilson, Kim 358 Wilson, Mary 239 Wilson, Melinda 204 Wilson, Robert 239 Wilson, Sandra 204 Wilson, Susan 270, 361 Wilson, Virginia 239 Winborn, Susan 220 Winger, Cheryl 352 Wingert, Cheryl 204 Wingfield, Greg 239 Wingo, Cindy 319 Wingo, Kathy 220 Winkle, Lisa 53, 296 Winn, Michelle 239 Winsted, Tammy 239 Wise, Curtis 364 Wise, David 239 Wise, Janet 204 Wise, John 239 Wise, Rick 204 Wiseman, Tim 220, 303 Witt, Lisa 240 Wittman, Tracy 204 Wolf, Martha 270, 371 Wolfe, Jeana 270 Wolfe, Rodney 270 Wolfe, Ritha 240 Wofford, Thomas 270 Wogford, Tom 366 Wogford, Tom 366 Wood, Bill 301 Wood, Brian 270 Wood, Dina 28 Wood, Ed 303 Wood, Frances 270 Wood, Maria 270 Wood, Mike 297 Wood, Steve 372 Woods, Dwan 270 Woody, Bruce 270 Womack, Jacquelyn 204 Womack, Jessilyn 240 Womack, LaDonna 346 Wong, Koon 240 Wong, Lipkhen 220 Wood, Robert 220 Woodmessdy, David 350 Woodruff, Greer 299 Woods, Dena 346 Woods, Jim 356 Woods, Kimberly 220 Woodsmall, Amy 204, 342 Woodward, Mike 204 Woolen, Henry 352 Wooley, Richard 240 Wooten, Ronald 220 Workman, Drew 270 Worley, Sharon 270 Wright, Bonnie 204 Wright, Harold 270 Wright, Ken 350 Wright, Tim 270 Wynne, Nancy 270, 359 Yancey, Debbie 204, 309 Yankaway, Phillip 351-2 Yar, Ahmad 186 Yarbough, Tom 351 Yates, Chris 365 Yates, Rebecca 204 Yearns, Elizabeth 240 Yee, Teck Choon 204 Yee, Toni 27, 371, 240 Young, Bradford 204, 302 Young, Cleora 270 Young, Deanna 240, 347 Young, Jan 270 Young, Jimmy 271 Yougn, Joe 303 Yougn, Lance 356 Yougn, Mark 204 Young, Pat 392 Young, Susan 220, 384 Yougn, Valerie 270, 361 Youngblook, Sherri 271 Zahm, Julie 240, 299 Zain, Nordin 186 Zarlingo, David 271 Zechiedrich, Lynn 361 Zeller, Steve 357 Zerman, Greg 204, 301, 321 Zimmerman, Karen 240 Zimmerman, Keith 220 Zinamon, Bert 74 Zornes, Scott 240 Zulkfli, Abdul 186 Index 506 Specifications and Credits Volume 86 of the RAZORBACK Yearbook was prepared by the students of the University of Ar- kansas. Offset lithography by Inter-Collegiate Press of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Copy and headlines are generally Souvenir. The paper stock is Enamel 80. Trim size of the book is 9 " xl2 " . Portraits are by Sudlow Photography of Danville, Illinois. Press Run is 2,500 copies. Funding was provided through book sales, page sales, student services allocation, portrait rebate, and other fees. The RAZORBACK is published annually by the RAZORBACK Staff with no expressed relationship with the UA Journalism Department. The views ex- pressed herein are solely those of the 1983 RAZORBACK Staff and in no way necessarily reflect the opinion or attitude of the UA administra- tion, faculty, staff, Department of Journalism, or student body. Special thanks to the Women ' s and Men ' s Sports Information Office and to photographer James Smith.

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