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Editor Denise Miller Business Manager Mike Redd Managing Editor Tim Deaton Associate Editor Martha Hendrix Chief Photographer Barry Arthur Copy Editor Gary Newton Sales Publicity Mgr. Mary Meadows Sports Editor Don Eldred Greeks Editor Elizabeth Wellborn Academic Editor John James Honors Editor Tracie Brewer Staff Janet Embry Teresa Habig Dan Hale Photographers Bill Bowden Brian Ramoly JoAnn Goldman Secretary Cindy Burger Advisor Sharon M.W. Bass Copyright 1981, University of Arkansas Board of Trustees. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission of the editor or the UA Board of Trustees. ' ( I 1981 RAZORBACK University of Arkansas Volume 84 Features ... 25 Entertainment ... 73 Academics . . . 105 Sports . . . 137 Honors . . . 217 Organizations . . . 243 Dorms . . . 313 Greeks . . . 353 Classes . 469 CONTENTS Content 4 OId Main Old Man 5 ,- ,-v 6 Fall Shots Fall Shots 7 Above: Bosom Buddies- Tracy Maxon and Lucinda Rightnour enjoy entertainment at the Red Eye Spe- cial. Above right: Late Bloomers- Flowers adorn the campus. Right: The Creek Theater- A popular attraction at the U of A. 8 Opening Left: " A-tent-ative " ticket line- Students set up camp to wait for basketball tickets. Below: Last minute review- John Moore reads through his text before class. Above: Third and Seven- Coach Holtz communi- cates a play to Quarterback Tom Jones. Above right: Arkansas Union- A nocturnal view of the Plaza and Union. Right: Presidential Roast- Dr. James Martin, U of A president, laughs at one of the many jokes at his roast banquet. 10 Opening Below: Did you get that?- Susan Willet checks Left. Jive talkin ' - Billy Reams and Wayman (Squir- rel) Brown carry on a conversation on the library steps. Below left: Parading around- Clowns and floats traveled the streets during Homecoming festivities. Above: Is it worth it?- Darryl Mitchell, along with other avid basketball fans, waits patiently in line for tickets. Right: Spring has sprung- Bright daffodils are signs of spring at the U of A. 12 Opening Left: Trim the rim- Senior Mike Young cuts down a souvenir net from the last Fayetteville game. Below: I ' m late- A brisk walk to class prepares Cindy White for another routine day. Opening 13 Right: Prehistoric plaster- The finished product of a 3-dimensional design class outside the Fine Arts Building. Below: Spreading smiles- Sherry Harmon gives a tired smile after a long day of classes. Below right: Dog day afternoon- Dogs roam freely around campus. Above: Buzz off- Photographer captures close-up of a bee on a Dogwood blossom. Above left: Blocking traffic- Alan Beracietto and Sheliah Keck take a break between class. Left: Senior Walk- Ray Wright, a physical plant employee, renovates a portion of the original Sen- ior Walk in front of Old Main. Opening 15 Right: Time out- Students outside the Communica- tions Center wait for class change. Below: Imperials Concert- Two members of the contemporary gospel group ' s band are highlighted during their fall concert. Below right: Who put the catnip in my meow mix?- Winston, of Fritz Drive, relaxes at home. 16 Opening Above: David W. Mullins Library- Many students frequent the library for studying and socializing. Left: Harmonizing- Cheryl Could and Gary Chinowith practice their duet in rehearsal for the L ' arkette spring performance. Opens: Right: TV? daj- " Tammy Bledsoe heads home after class. Below: Oh nuts- Why did I cut my hair? I look like a squirrel! Below right: Berry, berry cold- Ice storm causes fresh frozen herries. IS Opening Above: Heads up- Lambert Mixon hurls a snowball at an unsuspecting photographer. Above left: Snow, leaf me alone- Light snow hit early in the fall. Left. I only have " ice " for you- This snow sculp- ture appeared after the Thanksgiving snow. Opening 19 ight: Jump for joy- Mark McCollum perform the Red Eye Special held in the Union ballroom. Below: Silence is golden- The Creek Theater has its quiet moments too. Below right: Boo-boop-de-do- Uarkettes Jana Jor- dan and Jeanne Coffman rehearse for their spring formance. Above: Thrill o win at Sigma Nu Relays. Above left: Say " cheese " - The Men of Ha Street, Taylor, Jimmy Bevill, Don Ivey, and Tom Wilson pose for the camera. Left: Coffee, tea, orgatorade?- Assistants help keep the Razorbacks going. Opening 21 Right: Partly cloudy- Moonrise over Vol Walker. Below: Splish-splash- Union fountain illuminated by special lights. Above: Get a charge- Lightening fi ' Jf the horizon during an e -:orm. Above left: Inner-glow- Interior and a --ingle exte- rior light give this entrance to Ozark Hall a warm glow-. Left: ight Moves- Timed exposure of the corner at Garland and Maple shows the heavy traffic at the L ' of A Opening 23 24 Features FEATURES We ' re no different? The University of Arkansas. Where does our individuality lie? Well, we are the U of A, but so is the University of Alabama, University of Arizona, and University of Alaska. Even if we called ourselves A.U. that wouldn ' t help either, ala Auburn University. Here we are located in Fayetteville. However, there is another Fayetteville in North Carolina. We are in the Ozark Mountains, but so is Southwest Missouri State, John Brown, Missouri Southern and Drury College. We find value in our serene " Old Main. " So what, North Little Rock has one too. The largest University in the State? Big deal. Every state has one. The Razorbacks have to be the most original mascot. Well, let ' s not forget, Horned Frogs, Schockers, Aggies, Green Wave, the Elephants, or gasp, the Game- Cocks. " Woo-Pig-Sooee " has to be the most awesome cheer. Go listen to " Fight Texas " in Austin. Our colors are red and white, but so is Nebraska ' s, Oklahoma ' s, Indiana ' s, and North Carolina State ' s. Even the name " University of Arkansas " isn ' t original. There is UA Pine Bluff, UA Little Rock, and UA Monticello. We are close to a Cuban settlement, but so is the University of Miami. The campus was built in the 1870 ' s, but so was most of the South (reconstruction). We gained Frank Broyles from Georgia, and lost Bear Bryant to Alabama. We are the home of the Hogs, but so is War Memorial in Little Rock. 26 Same . re- - Same 27 28 Different However, our " senior walk " is unequalled in the country. Falls in Fayetteville are comparable to none. The entire state supports the Hogs because we have no professional teams and we are the only NCAA division I team in the state. We know more Aggie jokes than the Longhorns do. The U of A possesses the Mother chapter of Chi Omega (afterall, there are no Chi Omegas at Purdue). We have one of the finest Architecture schools in the country. Our engineering schools is trying to keep its head above water. We have the D-Lux, Dickson Street, Maxines, Beaver Lake, Wedington, Gazebo, Brass Monkey, Old Post Office Mr. Burger, 7-Eleven (Pig Out), Hugos, Baskin Robbins, functions, hunchpunch. Dr. Martin, U.A.P.D., and the Union Plaza. And don ' t forget HPER construction Ozark Hall, CC (Country Club), B.A., Hog Wild, Jim Robken, Swing March, Lou Holtz, Fight Song, Dancin ' Razorback, and of course, Eugene the Dunkin Machine. And, last but not least, and above all the rest ... WE HATE TEXAS. But through all the differences and similarities, one fact remains, above all the rest. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE Different 29 TV ' Regina Hopper Miss U of A, 1980 iazortr V) XL KC fe STYLISTICAL 2 Fashion by Bill Bowden " My gosh, Muffy, where are my topsiders! " Fashion has taken a giant step backward. Common 1950 ' s attire is now labeled " prep " and considered the thing to do in social circles. The University of Arkansas is classified as the preppiest school in the state, followed closely by Phillips County Community College and Arkansas Tech (where they sometimes use the same books they do at Harvard). Khaki trousers are the crux of the prep ensemble. These things have been around since the " big one. " This fad, taken straight from the military, will be around until the " final one. " No prep wardrobe is complete without khakis (preferably at least four identical pairs). Semi-ironing is recommended. Oxford cloth button-down shirts are almost as important as their khaki couterparts. Light blue and white are the preppiest colors. Strategic monogram placement is of the utmost importance on these shirts. Oxford cloth shirts with university stripes, usually blue or brick red, are ultra-prep. Madras cloth shirts have only recently made their comeback into fashion circles at the U of A. Genuine madras cloth is handwoven by various families, each with their own specific plaid, in India. These families dig a hole in the ground in which to place their looms, so that they can weave while sitting down. The vegetable dyes used in genuine madras cloth are guaranteed to run, thus the garment requires delicate treatment. Patchwork madras cloth trousers are the epitome of prep, and are only worn by the devout prep who would not mind being seen in his pajamas in public. Izod Lacoste short-sleeve knit shirts are the preppiest shirts for summer. Only the two- button, all-cotton Izod shirt is acceptable. The three-button, cotton polyester blend is known as the " discozod. " These shirts bear a crocodile on the upper left portion of the chest. This crocodile, often mistakenly referred to as an alligator, was the logo for a French tennis player, known as the crocodile because he played with his mouth open. Izod began as his line of tennis clothing. Ellis Trumbo boasts sales of 1,200 Izod knits annually by his store, Trumbo ' s Men ' s Wear in the Northwest Arkansas Mall. And that ' s not the only store in Fayetteville that carries Izod. Polo short-sleeve knit shirts by Ralph Lauren are trying to give Izod a run for their money. The Polo shirt is similar to the Izod except the crocodile is replaced by a polo horse ridden by a preppy old man wielding a polo mallet. The best thing about buying one of these shirts is that everyone knows you spent a few more bucks on it than you would continued Fashion 33 have on an Izod. Top-siders are the accepted prep footwear. Sperry is the preferred brand, since they were the original. These moccasin-like shoes are comfortable but much too popular. Everyone and his dog has a pair of top-siders, but they ' re ashamed to wear them because everyone will call them a preppy. It ' s a vicious circle. The adventurous prep battles the dilemma by purchasing top-siders that are a shade off from the traditional chocolate brown. Tan is a suitable substitute. Girls can even get by with wearing brightly colored top-siders. Girls in tartan skirts are common. These skirts are far from sexy and are well suited for girls with excessive fundamant. Stewart and Campbell tartans are the most popular. These tartans were once worn exclusively by the Scottish families their plaids represent. The Black Watch tartan was worn by a Scotish infantry in the 17th Century. Gold add-a-beads and pearls adorn the prep female ' s neck, where they are accompanied by the traditional sorority insignia. Sweat shirts and pants are chic among prep women, especially when the proper Greek letters are displayed. Pearls are not acceptable with sweats, unless you ' re so preppy you don ' t care. Levi ' s shrink-to-fit jeans (with the button- up front) are the most prevalent pants on campus. These were the original Levi ' s, ego considered traditional by the prep crowd. Penny and tassled loafers are popular when the campus preppy gets semi-dressed up. The oxblood color goes with anything. Only wing- tips are acceptable for suit and tie. Spouting whale prints are preppy, but most guys prefer the flying mallard for its woodsy L.L. Bean look. Sailing ships and anchors are popular prep prints and give you that land ' s end look. These prints are often displayed on surcingle belts. The best aspect of these new fashion trends is that they have run the traditional disco fiend out of town. Maybe he won ' t show up again until these fads get worn out in two or three decades. 34 Fashion Fashion 35 CHEMISTRY On TAe Hill On the Hill at the UA by Jeff Williams We never get what we need. Every high school senior in Arkansas would spend four years on the hill in Fayetteville if they had their way. The attraction is part social, part Razorback and part academic. Part party. A pinch of study. Parents might as well give their kids $1,000 and send them to Acapulco for the weekend. The kid would get as much done and have at least as much fun. The cream of the crop. They wind up in Fayetteville, Arkansas ' social and entertainment Mecca. They Mecca out, become Chi-O ' s, SAE ' s, engineers, and drop-outs. From our first day we wander campus, map in hand, to find our first class. New clothes, latest prep and oldest class, slide from CC to the Union, to racquetball in Barnhill. Quiet awe. The hill is special to those who have spent time on it and probably means even more to those who never make it here but wish they could have. All state universities have a certain air of devotion and thrill. Most are bigger. Arkansas could disappear into many campuses around the country. After all, there are only a little over two million people in our whole state. Not a bad campus for so few people. Physical Plant could have helped if they would have waited to see where we were going to walk before they laid the sidewalks. All the buildings need to be bigger. Every department needs more money and more equipment. Except sports and J. Frank. The trees never grow. The ones that were here before the campus (or at least as long as Old Main, ahem. University Hall) are the only ones that grow and they ' re dying fast. The ones that were planted die, are pulled up, and planted again the next year. The trees and students share common habits. Students fight for tickets to the games and trees fight for existence. The plaza (brick city in front of the Union, takes up space. Maybe somebody figured it would be easier and more conducive to studying to pave the way between the Union and the Library. The library itself deserves some space. If nobody would have told the students it was seriously lacking in the number of volumes, they never would have asked or even known. Next to the Union, the library is where it happens. We go there to see who else is there, except when finals roll around and we need to seriously cram. It is quiet. Visual impact is provided (save rushing coeds) by the Union. Lunch time soaps on big screen T.V. and erotic films exercise the eye. They service the students there, too. The initial thrill of just being in Fayetteville fades slowly and for those who survive it lapses into an eternal yearning to spend more time here. It is an easy place to make school bearable. Not necessarily an easy place to make good grades, but fun. Sure, the same problems remain as they do for all schools. There is nowhere to park so we park on the sidewalk, get towed away and spend half the day and all of our money getting the car back. A decent place to live for less than a pound of gold and your first born can ' t be found. Registration is awful. Unless you pre- register. But, then you have to remember to go through pre-drop-add. And if you want to go to summer school you have to let them know. Forget about graduating. When living on the hill there are a few things to remember: 1) Send your roommate for tickets. 2) Put the phone in someone else ' s name. 3) Keep U.A.P.D. off your case. 4) Be nice to the secretaries. 5) Make copies of everything you give to the dean. 6) Assume nothing. When spending four years here try to stay on the sidewalks. Take your time. Learn more than classroom procedure. Ride the bus and hope it ' s free. On The Hill 37 Bottom left: No place but Texas- This Razorback fan is showing his Hog spirit during Texas Week. Bottom center: One Voice:- Debbie Lopez, of Austin, TX adds one more voice to the singing of the Alma Mater. Bottom right: Red is the color- These students show their Razorback spirit by wearing red and calling the Hogs. Left: Razorback Red- The Arkansas mascot helps with the cheers. Below: Concentration is the key- The percussion section is always a key noise maker during the pep rally. Right: Knowledge- Lou Holtz speaks words of wisdom. Far right: Pig Sooiee- The cheerleaders call those Hogs. 38 Pep Rallies Pep Rallies Pep Rallies 39 UA Police Department Campus security began at the University of Arkansas in the mid 1940 ' s. The " force " con- sisted of one elderly man, employed by the Physical Plant as a walking patrol with a variable twelve-hour shift. The 1950 ' s saw an increase in guards, di- vided into three shifts, and the addition of one patrol car. Two incidents in the early 1960 ' s resulted in the disarming of the campus guards. The first involved an elderly guard who fired his weapon at fleeing suspects. The other in- volved a guard who discharged his firearm at a student who was attempting to break into a campus building. Until 1972, security remained a guard type function. In June of 1972, a newly hired direc- tor began a reorganization of the Depart- ment. In 1975, because of a general need, and renewed confidence in the Department, the Department of Public Safety began arming trained and qualified officers. D.P.S. later became known as the Universi- ty of Arkansas Police Department. The Department consisted of four divi- sions, Patrol, Criminal Investigation, Train- ing, and Crime Prevention. An Escort Service began in 1981 and added another dimension to the U.A.P.D. ' S services. Larry Slammons served as Director for the U.A.P.D. in 1980-81 at the Department ' s of- fices on 608 Storer Street. 40 University Police University Police 41 Here we go again Did you think that after those final bars of " Pomp and Circumstance " that Martin Luther King ' s " I ' m free at last " would hold some special meaning for you? Well, for those going on into Graduate School, it could have been more like John Lennon ' s " Starting Over. " Degrees at the University Graduate School (with offices in Ozark Hall) ranged all the way from a Doctor of Philosophy to a Master of Music to a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. According to the catalogue of Graduate Studies, the purpose of the school became the " advancement and dissemination of knowledge. " Many students took advantage of the Graduate Assistantships offered in their department. Recipients of such awards served as laboratory assistants, research assistants, readers, and teaching assistants. In order to participate in such a program, students had to carry a limited program of graduate studies. A great many graduate students had already participated in " the real world " and had come back to school for higher education resulting in higher pay. However, the " professional " students could always be found. Whether doing hours of research for a professor or an " all-nighter " writing on a thesis, students still looked forward to that day they could be " free at last. " ' 2 Cradu Graduate Students 43 44 Hogwild Band Jim Robken and the Hogwild Hoewild Band 45 46 Hostages HOSTAGES Tie a yellow ribbon January brought not only a new year, but a new president and the renewed lives of fifty-two American hostages held cap- tive in Iran. Returning to ticker-tape parades and songs such as " America the Beautiful, " the former hostages took pride in the revived patriotism of the " Land of the Free. " " Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree " became the theme song for the ordeal, as yellow ribbons dotted the countryside in Fayetteville, as well as the rest of the nation. A lot of changes had taken place since the " take over " in November of 1979. Ar- kansas saw a change in governors, while Cubans found refuge in Ft. Chaffee. Arkansas, while jubilant over the return of two native sons, Robert Blucker and Steven Kirtley, grieved over the death of George Holmes, Jr., Crew Chief of the brave attempt to rescue the Americans. Holmes, brother of University of Ar- kansas junior Rick Holmes, hailed from Pine Bluff. Rick Holmes, along with his father George Holmes, Sr., appeared on Tom Snyder ' s Tomorrow Show after the hos- tage release to discuss the role of his brother. Following their release, some of the for- mer hostages went on the lecture circuit, while others attempted to resume every day life. The entire situation could have been said to have given true meaning to the phrase, " There ' s no place like home. " Hostages 47 Off the Hill by Mary Meadows Apartment dwellers and off-campus students are the unsung heros of the University of Arkansas. Without their keen insight of the University system and the surrounding community, the Fayetteville campus would lack variety and the means of gaining worldly knowledge beyond the boundaries of the University grounds. By living off -campus, a student assumes a responsibility above and beyond his calling. Coping with grocery and utility bills may prematurely age the most determined of apartment dwellers, although Dad ' s credit card and a tearful call home can alleviate most financial problems. Most off-campus students are former Dormies who wanted to escape the cafeteria cuisine. After a year or two of abused taste-buds and developing an iron stomach, a student often seeks refuge in an apartment complex. There, in the tranquility of his own kitchen, he may concoct delicacies to his hearts delight. The common diet of an off- campus student consists of hamburgers, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and generic green beans. Eggs provide for a versatile treat fried for breakfast, boiled for lunch, and made into an omelette for dinner. A more conscientious student prefers not to have left-overs, the reason being that there is usually not enough room in the refrigerator. A close look at the Fayetteville off-campus student lifestyle reveals that most refrigerators are stocked with two cases of beer, a jar of grape jelly, and a moldy chuck of cheese left over from last months wine-and- cheese party. The pantry is stocked with only the most basic of essentials - crackers, a can of tuna, a roll of toilet paper, ajax, dishwashing detergent, and a can of Lysol spray. Learning to live with these bare essentials develops character and integrity in the apartment dweller. Apartment decor ranges from modern to traditional depending upon the individual. Most off -campus students own a variety of houseplants hanging from the ceiling, perched on countertops, or sprouting under the grow-lamp in the closet. Posters on the wall add a colorful accent to every room, and no apartment is without an ashtray stolen from Pizza Hut or Holiday Inn. An apartment without a backgammon board or deck of cards is unheard of. Off-campus students cannot survive without a stereo, reel-to-reel, cassette player, and a pair of earphones - an apartment without music is like a refrigerator without beer. All soap operas start at 11:00 A.M. so a television set is a necessity to keep off-campus students informed of current events. Off-campus students are invariable socialities and know the location of every restaurant, club, and bar in Fayetteville. They also know where to cash checks after 6:00 P.M. A true apartment dweller has knowledge of at least three parties every night or at best knows where to call to find one. His well-stocked refrigerator assures him of a good time if he stays home, but should he choose to socialize elsewhere, his car had been trained to deliver him safely and soundly to his front door. During the summer months of the years, the off -campus students social center is the complex pool. It is here that the student scopes out the finer points of the complex ' s population and finds a challenge in meeting the neighbors head-on. Students who live off -campus during the summer months are recognized for their deep tans, rosey cheeks, and brown noses. The idiosyncracies of off -campus must be tolerated by those unfamiliar to that particular lifestyle. From drinking from Mason jars to saving breadwrappers, all the quirks of the student living on his own are to be respected and regarded as highly individual. Without the presence of this influential sector of the college crowd, the current fads of University students would quickly fade into obsolescence. I 48 Off-Campus Students Off-Campus Students 49 Going strong now No more " Goldfish swallowing " and forget the " phone booth cramming " and " streaking, " because the biggest fad at the U of A and the rest of the nation became . . . Excercising. The " pitter-patter " of Nikes, Adidas, and Pumas on University pavement could be heard more than " Woo-Pigs-Sooeee " in Razorback Stadium. Gatorade probably could have ranked second as the favorite campus drink. Exercising ranged all the way from Aerobic Dance in the Fine Arts Building to " Pumping Iron " at Barnhill or the Power Company. Runners could be seen at all hours touring the campus. Solar belts also became the rage as students attempted to ride themselves of a few unwanted inches, (possibly caused by the number one drink on campus). The fresh smells of Spring in Fayetteville could have quickly been recognized as " Heat " and " Ben-Gay. " Ace bandages should have been placed as a " must " in the Preppy Handbook. Nobody ever said that exercise had to be boring as stereo headphones could te seen on many would-be Olympians. One collapsed, sweat drenched jogger commented, " I don ' t necessarily enjoy running, but I hear it ' s good for you. " Events, such as the " Fun Run " and " Hog-Eye Marathon, " capitolized on the interest of many enthusiasts. However, when it came right down to it, many never became willing to sacrifice their Cap ' n Crunch " for wheat germ or cheese omlettes for " Rocky Style " raw eggs. Exercise Si Two heads better than one Another faction of students at the Univer- sity included married students. The U of A provided 334 units which became available to young couples. To gain a perspective of the life of married students the Razorback talked with Steve and Lisa Richards. Steve, a Senior journalism major, hailed from West Minster, Colorado. He worked for the U.A.P.D. as a ticket writer while going to school. Steve ' s wife, Lisa, from Tulsa, worked to- ward a degree in the Business School and also worked part-time. Coming to the University as an out-of-state student proved to be a cheaper rate for Steve. He met Lisa when the two lived in Holcombe and Futrall respectively. They married May 31, 1979 and moved into Carlson Terrace apartments in August of that year. Steve commented that studying comes a lot easier because of the released atmosphere " The pressures aren ' t on you to go out that much. " " Being realistic and supportive " became the most important virtues according to Ka- ren. She held no regrets whatsoever. " It sure beats living together. " Because of financial burdens, children hold no place in their near future. The couple later hope to take that long awaited honeymoon to the " Emerald Isle. " Steve and Lisa obviously appeared to be very happy. That fact added optimistic hope for those here at the U of A campus to receive that dreaded " M.R.S. Degree. " Married Students 53 The best cure for insomnia by Mary Meadows For all students attending the University of Arkansas, there are four inevitable events that will occur sometime within their college career: term papers, the recognition and familiarity with drop-add slips, a computer screw-up on their new class schedule, and classroom boredom. The first three are usually taken care of in a matter of days or weeks, but classroom boredom is by far the worst. It is a burden the student carries for the duration of the semester, only to be lifted when the final test is taken and the student walks, yawning, out the door. Some U of A students recommend taking a cup of coffee to class when confronted with such a tiresome ordeal. In fact, a classroom littered with styrofoam coffee cups is a sure sign that the previous class had been subjected to the same treatment. One must realize, however, that a constant exposure to classroom boredom may lead to an addiction of caffeine, and some students have been known to take a nip of other beverages before coming to class - for variety, of course. The more experienced students offer the following suggestions to counter-act the various techniques used by professors to lull their students into dream-land. Write letters. You can kill two birds with one stone by catching up on your correspondence and looking as though you are furiously scribbling down notes. Instructors are impressed by the students who constantly take notes, as this indicates their interest in the class. However, a word of caution must be imparted to students who use this ploy often: Do not start the answers to your essay test with " Dear Mom and Dad. " Doodle. Many instructors do not realize that they have been the inspiration for many aspiring Picassos. Page after page in thousands of notebooks have been covered with works of art, famous quotes, and explicit fourletter words done in expert calligraphy - a trade learned through years of exquisite boredom. Many students revert to their second childhood as a result of boring classes. The art of passing notes is perfected, and many professors don ' t realize that the unexpected twitter of laughter was a result of a paper airplane sailing through the air, not his poor attempt at humor. The most common means of dealing with classroom boredom is sleeping. Many students take a radical approach by cradling their poor, aching head in their arms on the desktop. Although taking a snooze is highly recommended, it is suggested that no breach of etiquette be attempted. To take a nap with your head up and eyes open is ideal and risks no loss of reputation or respect with your instructor. Classroom boredom is an inevitable occurance at the University of Arkansas. Most Professors realize this but believe that a long, drawn-out oration on a given subject builds character and perserverance in a University student. 54 Classroom Boredom oom Boredom 55 State News News from the " Land of Opportunity " varied as much as it did on the national scene. Listed below (not necessarily in order of occur- ence) are the news makers from the state of Ar- kansas. An explosion at the missile silo, caused an evac- uation of the residents of Damscus, Arkansas. Little Rock businessman Frank White sur- prised the state by being elected governor of Ar- kansas over incumbent Bill Clinton. 18-year-old James Taylor of North Little Rock was shot and killed by a U.A.P.D. officer, after holding members and pledges of Delta Delta Del- ta sorority at gunpoint. Mark David Chapman, a former resident of Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas, shot and killed John Lennon in front of his apartment building, The Dakota, in New York City. The Creation Science Bill, passed by the legis- lature and signed by Governor White, forced pub- lic schools to teach the Genesis version of creation along with Darwinian Evolution. Mary Seenburgen, of North Little Rock, won an Oscar for best supporting actress. Cubans found refuge at Fort Chaffee in Fort Smith, as the situation became a heated political issue. West Memphis won the over-all state high school basketball championship. Construction finally began on the bridge cross- ing Lake Norfork on Highway 62 East. Two Arkansans returned to the state after being held 444 days in Iran. Head-shops closed because of legislative action. State New State News Former Governor Faubus promoted the sale of his home in Huntsville as a State Park. Television viewers saw " Crisis at Central High, " a T.V. movie concerning the integration of Little Rock ' s Central High School in the late-50 ' s. Ma Bell tried it again, but the state refused her rate increase. Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville operated properly, for a change. The majority of Arkansans voted for a Republi- can presidential candidate, as Arkansas ballots were the last reported in. A Pine Bluff resident was killed in the attempt- ed rescue of the American hostages in Iran. A bus crash on Highway 7 near Jasper killed 20 people and left 13 injured. A new constitution was proposed, but voted down by Arkansas residents. 15 Arkansas county judges were indicted for taking kickbacks. The summer of 1980 brought a record breaking heat wave to Arkansas and the nation. The sum- mer was followed by a mild winter and a cool spring with ample rain to aid Arkansas farmers from the previous year ' s drought. Governor White traveled to Asia to encourage foreign investments in Arkansas. A Fayetteville police officer was shot by an es- caped convict. The convict was killed as he ex- changed gunfire with police from his refuge in a Westfork barn. Governor White cut building funds and jeopar- dized the UA engineering school. National News National news came into the spotlight at the University of Arkansas, as issues directly con- fronted students. Listed below (not in order of occurence) are a sampling of the nation ' s news-makers. The hostages in Iran experienced their first year of captivity. America became increasingly concerned over Soviet intervention in Poland and Afghanistan. Hunger-striker Bobby Sands died in Ireland after not being granted political-prisoner status by the British government. Queen Elizabeth rejoiced over the birth of her first granddaughter. The world ' s most eligible bachelor, Prince Charles of England, chose his future queen. Ronald Reagan became the 40th President of the United States of America. The Hostages in Iran returned to America after 444 days in captivity. Jimmy Carter refused to debate Ronald Reagan and Independent candidate John Anderson. The Space Shuttle made its maiden voyage a complete success. Conflicts in El Salvador increased tensions in the United States as Americans feared another Viet Nam. The Middle East again became a hot-bed for turmoil, as Syrian missiles destroyed Israeli jets. Vernon Jordan became the victom of an assa- sination attempt. Vc- National News Pope John Paul II survived an assassination attempt in St. Peter ' s Square in Rome, as conspir- ac y entered everyone ' s mind. John Lennon was shot and killed in the pres- ence of his wife, in New York Rumors flew about the reunion of the remain- ing three Beatles for a tribute album to Lennon. Colonel Sanders died. Carol Burnett won a land-mark slander suit against the National Enquirer. Pleasant Colony moved 2 3 of the way toward a Triple Crown by capturing the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. Mt. St. Helens erupted in a fury in the state of Washington. The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series by beating the Kansas City Royals. Boston added still another title to their record by defeating the 76 ' ers in the N.B.A. Finals. Indiana won the N.C.A.A. Basketball Cham- pionship at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. Sugar Ray Leonard recaptured his boxing title from Roberto Duran (and also turned 7-up). Black children became the victims of senseless murders in Atlanta, Georgia, as mourners donned green ribbons in their memory. Jerry Falwell and the " Moral Majority " delved into the political spectrum. Postage rates rose to 18 a letter. Gasoline hit $1.40 a gallon for unleaded. John Hinckley allegedly shot and seriously wounded President Reagan, Presidential Press Secretary James Brady, Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy, and a Washington Patrol- man, for the recognition of actress Jodie Foster. V ' .i nxi.i Ni-iv- Once termed " a washed up old movie star, who had become too old, too simple, and too far right to be president, " Ronald Wilson Reagan swept Jimmy Carter from the Oval Office with his " time for a change " conservatism. Reagan ' s 51 to 41 percent margin at the polls and 483 to 49 sweep in the electoral college led a surging Republican party that took control of the Senate for the first time in 60 years. However, the 69-year-old Reagan be- came the target of jokes concerning his age. A bumper sticker reading " Reagan in ' 80, Bush in ' 81 " appeared throughout the country. The motiff in a year ending in zero dying in office seemed to hold fast in people ' s minds. Perhaps even more stunning than Rea- gan ' s victory was the " changing of hands " in the Senate. By picking up 11 seats in the member chamber, Republicans gained majority control. They also picked up 33 seats in the House. The Moral Majority, a religious-politi- cal organization headed by Rev. Jerry Fal- well, laid claim to many of the liberal up- sets. Demoratic Senators McGovern, Bayh, and Church became casualties in the war waged by conservatives. John Anderson, the " alternative " inde- pendent candidate did not capture any electoral votes, but did capture enough popular votes to qualify for matching fed- eral funds. Arkansas, which remained " too close to call " throughout most of the returns night, finally swayed toward Reagan, giv- ing him the " Land of Opportunity ' s " six electoral votes. However, in Washington County, the margin for Reagan was almost two-to-one, with the Republican capturing 20,788 votes as compared to Carter ' s 12,274. John Anderson collected a modest 1,737 votes. In Arkansas Senatorial race, incumbent Dale Bumpers won over strong opposition from Bill Clark. However, in Washington County, Clark gained 16,313 votes as com- pared to Bumper s 15,400. However, the biggest upset in Arkansas came with the election of Republican Frank White over incumbent Bill Clinton. White, 48, a Little Rock savings and loan executive narrowly derailed the nation ' s youngest governor with a campaign that turned the 34 year-old Clinton national celebrity against him. It was only the third time in sixty years that a Democratic governor in Arkansas had been denied a second term. In the Lt. Governor s race, Winston Bry- ant defeated James Canfield. i oO Elections Elections ' 80 Quotes on the Political Scene l ' hat s wrong with an actor, we ' ve had a peanut farmer for four year- Out with the old. in with the older. Vote Republican for a change Reagan in SO, Bush in $1 Bonzo goes to Washington Local News Debates raged at the Fayetteville campus during the school year, giving life and bringing to light topics that have been dormant for some time. Stu- dents had more to do and see than usual and judging by campus conversations, they cared a little and learned a lot. The list below recalls some of the events of greater impact on the hill and on the earth. Professors claimed grades were inflated while students huffed and puffed. Sister Cindy fell into a hotbed of sin on the UA campus and tried to persuade students to clean up their act. Even after a week-long assault the stu- dents held their ground and continued to sin. Louisville lost on a 49-footer by U.S. Reed. Even after dethroning the national champs, the Arkan- sas team went on to lose to LSU. Celebrity Showcase actually coaxed bands into Barnhill Arena. Kansas, Molly Hatchet, Heart, Charlie Daniels and the Commodores all appeared in ONE year. Smoking paraphernalia became unavailable in the state of Arkansas. The same logic brought about the passing of a bill to teach creation-sci- ence in public schools. Only in Arkansas. A 30-foot cowboy was reported missing from Dickson Street. It was never found. Arkansas Governor Frank White packed the house on Lincoln Day and only weeks later froze building funds for state projects. The quickest image change in Arkansas history. Dick Gregory and Gordon Liddy appeared on campus in the same year. KUAF became " The Album Station " overnight. The UA band didn ' t get to Birmingham, but the Hogs took the color out of the Green Wave. Al Hirt stood in. v2 Loul Nc Local News Due to the number of rape attempts exceeding the norm, an escort service was formed on cam- pus. UA males to protect UA females? Construction started on HPER. Late City, Ari- zona. Naked UA coeds appeared in Playboy. No one was injured. Senator David Pryor predicted the Carter-Rea- gan race would be a " cliffhanger " . ASG worked against a tuition hike. Custer fought Indians. UA grads Ron Brewer and Sidney Moncrief traveled over 1000 miles from Fayetteville and found their way back without the aid of a map. They even found the hoop in Barnhill but wore the wrong uniforms. Students can travel with ease since the bus routes cover every square kilometer of town. A reverse discrimination suit was filed because a cheerleader didn ' t make the squad. Go Hogs Go. An invisible Frisbee golf course was set up on campus. Par is debatable. The Who ' s Who list came out and went back and came out and only the vote counters know for sure. Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority popped up. More moral than majority. Old Main was set on fire twice, but didn ' t burn. Too old and crusty. SOS (Save Our School) formed and confronted Governor White. They got as far as Little Rock. Texas won again . . . -.i Newa 63 and everything nice Ah, those Southern Belles. Texas may have some and Harvard may buy them, but Arkansas harvests them. When visitors visit our scenic campus, what do people (males) notice first? It ' s not Old Main, and forget the Ozark Mountains. Our beauty lies in our Razorback ladies. The Beach Boys Song was all wrong, it could have more appropriately started, " I wish they all could have been Arkansas Girls. " Some may question this idea. We consider it pride, and we are indeed proud. Early fall and late spring are the best times to view this splendid beauty as campus contests such as " Daisy Mae " and " Yar d-of-cloth " feature our prized " beauties. " T-top taxis cruise the hill for glimpses of sun-bathing beauties on dorm and sorority roofs. Winter seems to drag on forever in Fayetteville. One visiting student commented when visiting during Row Parties, " I ' ve been here two whole days and haven ' t seen one ugly girl yet. " It ' s been said that Fayetteville is the only city in the Union where you can call a person a hog and get away with it. But, you had better look again before you refer to our " belles " as such. Girls are attracted to the University of Arkansas because as one girl put it " there must be something in the water. " For as long as we continue to boast such lovely ladies, new life comes into the phrase " The SOUTH will rise again!!! " 64 Cirls Girls 65 66 Western Disco Western Disco Fever Justin, Dan Post, Pendleton, and tetson all became common place in ayetteville, as the Western rage took ver Northwest Arkansas and the rest f the country. While for some the Western ishion meant no change at all, thers strove to fit the part of drugstore " cowboys. Inspired by the lotion picture " Urban Cowboy " the Western craze seemed to still be going y the end of the ' 81 school year. Fayetteville practically became asadena, Texas as The Old Post )ffice hosted a weekly " Western Night " and the newly opened " Ya ' ll Come Back Saloon " (complete with mechanical bull) catered to a strictly Western theme. Entertainers such as Mickey Gilley and Hank Williams Jr. brought a packed house to the Rink. " Gilleys " inspired themes to several campus functions and parties, while Country and Western music made a major advance in popularity. Dances such as the " Two-Step " and " Cotton-Eyed Joe " left enthusiasts with that " down-home, " true-to- America feeling. The Western look could have been said to be the only fashion to gain its roots from America. Students didn ' t need to worry about the craze dying out as they waited for a " booster shot " from " Urban Cowboy II. " The entire Western attitude gave students a needed escape from the everyday pressures on " the hill. " After all, how many times does a song dance give you the opportunity to scream " B.S. " in the middle of it as " Cotton-Eyed Joe " did. Western Disco 67 New Alumni Center Twenty years ago, Andy Lucas took over the editorship of the Alumni News- letter. Finally, his and many other ' s dream became reality. A new Alumni Center ma- terialized. During 1980-1981, the Alumni Center consisted of a two-story, former private residence located behind the Delta Gam- ma Sorority House. The offices had been located in any open space the University possessed (another year and the offices would have met in one of the Physical Plant storage buildings. Receptions couldn ' t be held at the facili- ty because of limited space, so after-game receptions took place at anywhere from the Holiday Inn to the Fayetteville Coun- try Club. Two years ago, Fred Livingston (Bates- ville), president, decided that the new cen- ter shouldn ' t be put off any longer. Letters went out solicitating Alumni as well as friends of the University for donations. Ground-breaking for the center took place July 10, 1980 during the presidential term of Ed Stevenson (Mena). Actual con- struction began two weeks later. The new center, funded 100% by dona- tions, featured 8,000 square feet with 2,200 sq. ft. designated for public use. The pub- lic area took the shape of an octagon, while the office space took a rectangular shape. The new center features computerized record storage and a modernized mailing system. The association planned to move into the new $850,000 complex in late July of 1981, under the direction of Executive Di- rector John Rosso. The center, built across from Razorback Stadium, provides a convenient meeting place. The Association hopes that stu- dents, faculty, and alumni will be able to use the public area which could hold 300 persons for reception type events. For the first time since their commence- ment, graduates of the University of Ar- kansas will have a place to actually call home. - - EK H- ff Alumni Center 69 by Mary Meadows If you ' re fortunate enough to be a part of the U of A Transit System clientele, you will emerge from the University of Arkan- sas a better educated, well-rounded per- son. Riding on the bus gives a student variety and entertainment all rolled into one pleasure cruise. You can always tell if someone is a member of the " transit crowd. " The ma- jority of them live off-campus and view the University as another place to go amid the busy schedule of the day. They are the ones who carry back-packs and always have a pen or comb within easy grasp. Topics of conversation are versatile and unlimited as examples: The effects of schizophrenia on current economic policy, and the phrase " substantial penalty for early withdrawal " as it relates to the new Pepsi Light commercial. Of course, the bus drivers themselves play an important part in the daily routine of the Transitor. Their cheerful hello in the morning sometimes surprises a stu- dent who crawls on the bus with a hang- over, while their recognition of you as a person often impresses other members of the transit crowd. Often, the drivers provide music to brighten your morning by playing their favorite songs on a tape recorder. Al- though the song " Another One Bites the Dust " does nothing for your spirits before an Econ mid-term, a Transitor takes this in stride and appreciates the efforts of the driver to make the trip as pleasant as pos- sible. Another interesting fact of riding the bus is the chance to meet members of the opposite sex. Your best bet is to find out that time that gorgeous individual catches the bus and to be conveniently at the same bus-stop the next time you think they will appear. Although some may be well aware of your game plan, conversation openers (commonly known as B.S. . . . Bus Stuff) are relatively easy and you are guaranteed at least a few minutes of conversation. On-campus students and aliens to a particular route are spotted immediately. They chat easily with the bus driver and ask him to let them off at an unmarked stop - breaking an unwritten rule and the Code of Respect of the die-hard Transitor. They are often seen carrying bags of gro- ceries filled with popcorn, potato chips, kool-aid, and a package of Oreo cookies. These strangers are tolerated by Transi- tors who view them with indifference and with perhaps some respect for daring to embark on the sacred ground of the Tran- sitor. All-in-all, the Transitor is a unique in- dividual. From braving the heat, snow, or rain to catch the bus, to pushing his way to the front of the line to assure himself of a seat, his character is flawless and should be commended. 70 Transit System UA Transit System JNIVE ISITY OF ARKANS Transit System 71 72 Entertainment Heart " begins season The " first ladies " of rock came to Barnhill Arena on Sept. 4, as " Heart " played to a crowd of over 8,500 fans. Robert Palmer, primarily known for his hit of two years ago, " Bad Case of Lovin ' You, " opened the power-packed evening. However, one U of A student commented that Palmer sounded " far better on record than live. " Barnhill could have truly been said to house " hot rock " that late summer evening as the unairconditioned arena steamed with heat. Ann and Nancy Wilson, the sister originators, headed the group which played for an hour and forty minutes to the largest concert audience during the fall semester. A special effects show, which utilized fans to blow the girls ' hair, highlighted a show which featured such hits as " Dream Boat Annie, " " Barracuda, " and " Dog and Butterfly. " Plane trouble caused a hectic begin- ning for the group, but the receptions to " Rockin ' Heaven Down " and " Even It Up " seemed to move the show into a smooth performance. The receptiveness of the audience could best be characterized by the three encores following the performance. Fayetteville certainly did not exper- ience " Heart " failure that night. 74 Heart Concert Heart Concert 75 The Devil Went Down " to Arkansas As the sun set in the Ozarks on Oct. 7, " The Full Moon Tour " brought Charlie Daniels to Fayetteville. The " Charlie Daniels Band " played to over 6,400 fans in Barnhill Arena. Matt Meadows, of Celebrity Showcase, commented that Daniels, his staff, and crew proved to be the ea- siest group in recent years to work with. " Charlie Daniels has been on the road so long that every aspect of the show moved like clockwork, " Meadows said. Special effects included a huge screen behind the group featuring swamp pictures during " Wooley Swamp " and candids of deceased artists during " Re- flections, " from their " Million Mile " album. " Grand Ole Opry " square dancers also added to the countrified atmosphere. Louisiana ' s " LeReux " opened the evening, high- lighting such hits as " New Orleans Lady. " Playing to a sea of cowboy hats, the Daniels group featured such tunes as " In America " and " The Devil Went Down to Georgia. " Mid-South Productions promoted the group, which ended the show with two encores for a very receptive and appreciative audience. 76 Charlie Daniels Concert Charlie Daniels Concert 77 Midnight Magic Traveling to Fayetteville from Cookville, Tenn. didn ' t prove " Easy " for the " Commodores. " Their semi carrying the lighting equipment broke down during the six hundred mile trip. The lighting finally arrived around 7:30 p.m. Show-co, an independent staging company, and members of the Celebri- ty Showcase stage crew built the stage, which is the largest on the road, in less than three hours (usually an eight hour job). With opening act 14-year-old Stacy Latisaw unable to per- form because of school obligations and Kurtis Blow ' s set failure, the " Commodores " began their show around mid- night. The group performed the show, uncut, to over 6,500 un- usually patient fans. Members of the group commented that Fayetteville was one of the best places, as far as audiences are concerned, that they had ever played, and they " would be back! " Lasers, a clear piano, an exploding entrance, and colorful costumes highlighted the " Too-Hot-Ta-Trot " show. Songs such as " Brick House, " " Still, " " Heroes, " and " Je- sus is Love, " which featured religious back-up singers, showed the group ' s versatility. Even though the clock approached 2 a.m., the crowd pre- sented a very enthusiastic response, which promoted no encore from the prestigious group. 78 Commodores Concert Commodores Conce: SO Molly Hatchet Concert Molly Hatchet flirts with disaster " Molly Hatchet " brought their road- show to Barnhill Arena for a smaller than expected crowd. Although " .38 Special " cancelled at the last minute, " Molly " performed to a very receptive Northwest Arkansas crowd of " die-hard rockers " as one fan put it. " .38 Special ' s " cancellation prompted the termination of their opening-act con- tract with " Molly Hatchet. " According to a Union Programs spokesperson, " The ' .38 Special ' cancellation was nothing new. " " Molly " performed to 5,100 " reasonably well-behaved spectators, (considering the wildness of the show). " One of the highlights of the show came when the group began their biggest hit, " Flirtin ' With Disaster. " Molly Hatchet Concert 81 82, ' Kansas Concert Kansas sells out Union Programs ' Celebrity Showcase i:,- ed its 1980-81 Concert Season with its best show of the year, when " Kansas came to Fayetteville. Performing to an advance sell-out crowd of well over 8,500, " Kan .i- brought most to their feet with hits such as " Carry On My Wayward Son ' and " Dust in the Wind. " Celebrity Showcase officials stated that the concert turned out to be a " dream. " It became " by far the best crowd and best show we ' ve had all year. " Equally as spectacular that evening was the hot new group " Loverboy, whose hit, " Turn Me Loose " sent all 8,500 to their feet in appreciative response. The entire show could have been said to have --ent Barnhill Arena truly to " The Point of Know Return. " University Theatre presented . . . Buried Child Candid Camelot Tartuffe Witness for the Prosecution 84 Drama Buried child Drama 85 Camelot 86 Drama Witness for the prosecution Drama 87 SB Drama Tartuffe Drama 89 90 Graduation 1981 Commencement Anticipation . . . There you are, standing in a robe that reminds you of singing in the church choir many years ago. Everyone is sweating, although the temperature is mild. The air is tense. The day you thought would never come ... is here. You ' re finally . . . graduating. Dr. William 5. Banowsky, President of the University of Oklahoma, delivered the commencement address in Barnhill Arena, Saturday morning, May 16, 1981. Masters and doctoral degrees were conferred upon 192 students at commencement. A total of 2,900 students received degrees from the University of Arkansas this spring. The Mace, a staff made from the newel posts from the original main staircase of Old Main, was carried by the Chief Marshal, Arthur E. Spooner, Professor of Agronomy. Dr. Spooner is the current chair of the Campus Faculty. Each college within the University had their own respective commencement exercises Saturday afternoon. Former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton addressed 237 students receiving degrees at the Arts Sciences ceremony. Dr. Betty Battenfield, chairman of the College of Nursing, delivered the commencement address to the spring class of the 70 graduates. June Maples, highest ranking graduate in the College of Education, addressed those present of the 286 education graduates. Robert Knowlton, Professor of Law, delivered the School of Law commencement address to 165 graduates. Ray C. Adam spoke to the 148 graduates attending the School of Engineering exercises. Arnold Berner addressed those present of the 180 graduates from the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. The small percentage of graduates that participated in commencement experienced a feeling of pride only known to those who actually walked across the stage to receive their diploma. Mixed emotions filled the air when it was all over . . . exultation, fear, sadness of leaving friends, excitement for the future, and most of all relief. Graduation 91 92 Craduation COVRACt Graduation 93 June Sun. 1 Between 2000 and 3000 Cuban refugees rioted at Fort Chaffee. There were 16 state troopers and 46 refugees injured in the incident. Thur. 5 A chartered bus of tourists from Texas crashed near Jasper. Twenty of the passengers were killed. Sat. 7 -- Temperance Hill, an Arkansas bred, won the Belmont Stakes. The horse was a longshot at 53-1 odds. Mon. Comedian Richard Pryor was burned in an accident in his home. Fri. 13 Mt. St. Helens erupted for the third time. Fri. 20 Twin City Bank in North Little Rock was the last bank to approve loans for the financially troubled Chrysler Motor Co. July Thurs. 10 The temperature in the state reached 108 degrees. No relief was in sight. Fri. 11 Richard Queens, vice consul of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, was released from captivity for medical reasons. He was diag- nosed to have multiple sclerosis. Mon. 14 Former President Gerald Ford turned 67, and nobody cared. Wed. 16 Ronald Reagan won the Repub- lican nomination for president. Sat. 19 The Summer Olympics opened in Moscow. Thirty-six countries, including the United States boycotted. Mon. 21 Draft registration began for 18- year-olds. Sun. 27 Reza Palavi, the Shah of Iran, died at age 60 in Egypt. August Sat. 2 The University Board of Trustees named James Martin as the new president of the univertisity system. Mon. 11 Senator Ted Kennedy withdrew from the race for president. Wed. 13 President Jimmy Carter was re- nominated for the Democratic party. Fri. 15 The Titanic was found off the coast of Newfoundland. Sat. 16 Cuban refugees highjacked a plane to Cuba. Intramural football is one of the favorite activities during the fall semester. Pictured above showing great skill and finesse are Joe Willett and Jim Abraham. The game is be- tween the Penhouse Raiders and the Sedgewell Savages. 94 Summer SEPTEMBER Man. 1 A new decade of college football began as Arkansas and Texas met on na- tional TV. We lost 23-17. Thurs. 4 The rock group " Heart " played a concert in Barnhill Arena. Sat. 6 The Miss America Pageant was held in Atlantic City. Miss Arkansas, Len- cola Sullivan, finished fourth. Thurs. 18 A fuel leak was discovered in a missile silo near Damascus, Ark. Fri. 19 The leaking missile in Damascus exploded, throwing its nuclear warhead sev- eral hundred feet. One person was killed and 21 were injured. Sun. 21 Former Razorbacks Sidney Mon- crief and Ron Brewer met once again in Barnhill, as the Bucks and Trailblazers held an exhibition game. Mon. 21 Presidential candidates Ronald Reagan and John Anderson debated. Fri. 26 Cuban refugees from other reloca- tion centers began arriving at Ft. Chaffee. Tues. 30 Isabella Ardigo, 28, of Italy, turned down Penthouse magazine ' s Pet of the Year award. She said she was " too good to represent Penthouse. " Right: Milwaukee Buck Sidney Moncrief goes in for two against the Portland Trail- blazers. Above: Not all the squirrels on cam- pus go to classes; some would rather eat nuts. September 95 Tues. 7 The Charlie Daniels Band played a concert in Barnhill Arena. Tues. 7 Presidential candidate John An- derson won the final battle to get his name on the ballot in all 50 states. Fri. 10 William Thomas, 44, who played Buckwheat in the " Our Gang " comedies was found dead in his home. Mon. 13 Comic strip character Charlie Brown turned 30. Thurs. 16 Mt. St. Helens erupted after a two month silence. Sat. 18 The nuclear powered guided mis- sile carrier " Arkansas " was commissioned in ceremonies in Norfolk, Va. Mon. 20 The Pearl Brewing Co. intro- duced " J.R. Ewings Private Stock " beer. Posters featured a J.R. can with a smolder- ing bullet hole in the middle. Wed. 22 kana. President Carter visited Texar- Thurs. 23 Eight marijuana plants were discovered growing outside the Little Rock police department. Mon. 27 A five carat, 15 point diamond worth about $7000 was found at the Crater of Diamonds in Murfresboro. Tues. 28 President Carter and Ronald Reagan held their debate. Thurs. 30 Ronald Reagan visited Texar- kana. Above: Searching the library shelves for knowledge is one of the necessary evils of college life. Right: Razor back cheerleaders come in all sizes. 96 October . Tues. 4 Ronald Reagan was elected Presi- dent of The United States. Frank White was elected Governor of Arkansas, calling it a " victory for the Lord. " Sun. 9 " The Commodores " jammed in Barnhill Arena. The concert was delayed several hours because one of the equipment trucks was late. Fri. 14 Casino Carnival was held Sat. 15 Arkansas defeated Texas A M in the annual Homecoming game. Sharrell Keiths was the 1980 Homecoming Queen. Mon. 17 University students awoke to find the first snow of the season. The snow was not too deep, but it was enough to keep many students away from classes. Fri. 21 The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas caught fire. Fri. 21 Faithful " Dallas " watchers found out that Christine shot J.R. B Fayetteville received the first glazing of snow on Nov. 17. It was the earliest snow that most students could remember. November 97 December JL a te W JLJL m. mS JL Mon. 8 Former Beatle John Lennon was murdered outside his New York apartment. Sun. 14 A ten minute silent tribute was held around the world for John Lennon. Tues. 16 Plans to build a UA tennis facility were blocked by a state legislative committee. Thur. 18 Former congressman Wilbur D. Mills spoke at opening ceremonies of the first five miles of the East Belt Freeway in Little Rock. Thur. 25 The American hostages in Iran spent their second Christmas in captivity. Blues singer Lonnie Brooks was in Fayetteville during the semester and played a concert on the UA campus. He is pictured above during the concert playing his guitar. ' December Thurs. 1 Arkansas and Tulane met in the Hall of Fame Bowl in New Orleans. The Hogs won the game 34-15. Tues. 13 Governor Frank White was inaugurated in Little Rock. Tues. 20 The hostages in Iran were released on their 444 day of captivity. They returned home as heros. Tues. 20 President Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. Sun. 25 The Oakland Raiders won the Superbowl. Tues. 27 A former UA student was killed as he leveled a shotgun on members of the Tri-Delt sorority in the sorority house. Above: Two members of the ZTA sorority, Sherry McClendon and Lisa Moilanen, play blackjack with daring students to help raise money for the Diabetes Drive. Left: Other students helped raise money for the United Way. They held a see-saw marathon. jjnujry 99 fri. 6 Oaklawn Park racetrack in Hot Springs, one of the favorite " roadtrips " for UA students, opened for the 1981 season. Mon. 9 A roast was held in Little Rock for former UA Razorback Steve Little, who was injured in a car wreck several months earlier in St. Louis. Fri. 13 Shyrel Ward was crowned the 1981 Miss Black U of A. Thurs. 19 Catherine Bays was crowned Miss U of A. Below: Sharon Loveland, an art student and a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, is pictured practicing her skills as she puts the final touches on a portrait. 100 February March Tues 10-Fri. 13 " Sister " Cindy Lassiter visited the campus and spread the word of Christianity. She told of the Five Dormies and told students they would burn in " The Lake of Fire " if they did not change their ways. Men. 16-Fri. 20 SPRING BREAK Wed. 25 G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame spoke on campus as part of the UA speakers series. Mon. 30 President Reagan was shot in Washington as he was leaving a hotel. Three other persons were also injured in the assasination attempt. Above Left: Karen Kardynalski appears to be under attack from Miss Piggy. Above Right: The dancing Razorback is always a favorite attraction at pep rallies and games. March 101 Sat. 11 " Kansas " played a concert in Barnhill Arena. Sun. 12 The space shuttle Columbia took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Sun. 12 Former heavy weight boxing champ Joe Lewis died at age 66. Sun. 19 Cuban refugees at Fort Chaffee rioted after one of them was shot by a security guard. Sat. 25 The annual Red-White game was played in Fayetteville. The Red team won. Sun. 26 Jim Davis, who played Jock Ewing on the popular " Dallas " series, died. Mon. 27 Ringo Starr and actress Barbara Bach were married in London. Right: A University student finds that studying in the warm spring sun is better than the stuffy classroom. Below: Participants in the annual Razorback Run start out on their long journey. 102 April Mon. 4 Bobby Sands, a member of the Irish Republican Army, died in Belfast after a 66 day hunger strike. Wed. 13 Pope John Paul II was shot in Vatican City by a Turk. Several other persons were injured in the assasination attempt, including an American. Sat. 16 Hundreds of UA seniors were relieved of their college responsibilities in graduation ceremonies. Left: Intramural baseball is one of the fastest growing attractions on campus. Here a player runs home and calls himself safe at the same time. M.iy 103 104 Academics ACADEMICS Y Sl : r - 1 I I 4 LsJ (Front) Dr. Jacqueline Douglas, Dr. James E. Martin, Dr. Williams, Hugh Chalmers, Jr., Hall B. McAdams HI, Louis Raymond Miller, Chairman, Bradley Jesson (Back) Jack Ramsay, Jr., Kaneaster Hodges, Jr. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Kaneaster Hodges and Jacqueline Douglas listen attentively during meeting. The Board of Trustees consists of ten members with at least one member from each of Arkansas ' seven congressional districts. The other three members are appointed from the State at large. The Governor is responsible for the appointment of these trustees who each serve a ten-year term. The at-large members must be alumni of the University. 106 Academics Board members take suggestions from Fayetteville Administrators concerning various construction proposals. As chairman this year, Dr. Miller is responsible for directing the Board of Trustee meetings. Academ ics 107 PRESIDENT JAMES E. MARTIN On August 2, 1980, by action of the Board of Trustees, Dr. James E. Martin was named the 16th president of the University of Ar- kansas. The following comments were made by President Martin on September 19, 1980, when he presented his first annual report to the University ' s Board of Trustees. " This year a major planning effort oc- curred during which we have defined objec- tives for the University for the first half of the new decade. Our planning was rendered more difficult because of financial uncertain- ties; however, we believe that realistic goals are being delineated for the University ' s fu- ture development. The Fayetteville Campus will place the quality of its academic programs above all other concerns. It will seek to achieve, within five years, national recognition for excellence in carefully sele cted academic fields. The li- brary shall be improved substantially, with the goal of meeting the standards of the Asso- ciation of Research Libraries. The University Press will be more fully implemented. New efforts will be made to attract academically superior students, and increased incentives will encourage additional research funds from grant and contract sources. An aggres- sive campus wide development effort for ac- quiring unrestricted research and capital funds will be pursued. " " In the implementation of these plans, ex- treme care will be taken in the review of exist- ing programs and establishment of new pro- grams to insure the following: that existing programs have been evaluated and those which are not justified have been eliminated; that the need for each program proposed will enhance quality education at the University of Arkansas; that existing programs are ade- quately supported; that a careful evaluation has been made of the resources required to support each new program, and that such resources are either on hand or will be pro- vided in the regular budgeting processes of the University, beginning with the next fiscal year operating budget. " " Modest academic program expansion and enrichment occurred throughout the Univer- sity. The National Science Foundation has provided a $2,628,000 grant through an EPS- COR project covering a five year period to enhance the scientific capabilities. At Fayetteville, the College of Arts and Sci- ences evaluated each of its departments to assess strengths and establish priorities for funding and support. The College of Busi- ness Administration and the School of Archi- tecture were reaccredited by their profession- al associations. " It was another good year for the Agricul- tural Experiment Station with $2.9 million in grant and contract support, an increase of over one million dollars. One of the outstand- ing achievements was a genetic approach to preventing cancers in chickens which may have application to humans. " " At Fayetteville, minor renovation is in progress on several small facilities. A signifi- cant expansion of the utility plant has been completed. A major portion of the poultry science facilities is finished and work is con- tinuing on the project. The renovation of Old Main and the construction of a Health, Phys- ical Education, and Recreation Building are both under way. The University has acquired a 150,000 square foot facility on 19 acres of land for use by the College of Engineering and other Fayetteville units. " " We will continue to place emphasis in the coming years on the importance of the Uni- versity ' s role as a discoverer and creator of knowledge. It is a matter of concern to me that the University of Arkansas has not achieved a strong status as a research institu- tion. It does not, in fact, rank among the top 100 universities in the country with respect to expenditures in research programs. There is an average of two premier research institu- tions per state, yet Arkansas does not appear in the select list. " " To make the leap into the top 100 should be a high priority goal of the Fayetteville Campus in the decade of the eighties. Our agricultural and business research programs, along with such promising pro- jects as the University ' s new Biomass Re- search Center, the Engineering Experiment Station located at South Engineering Center and the EPSCOR project, give us strong po- tential for such progress. I think the Univer- sity and the State should move forward in this area with increased support for research. an objective that commands our earnest at- tention. " In terms of the future, Dr. Martin also made the following comments to the Board of Trustees in September. " We must and will provide the profession- al and technological programs which will prepare our children for the best job opportu- nities. We must and we will provide a bal- anced curriculum and place the proper em- phasis on the liberal arts and humanities. We must and we will be creative in our scientific and technological research. We must do everything possible through outreach to en- hance the human resources of Arkansas and insure an economic development of the State that will enable it to be called the land of opportunity! The University ' s " Challenge of the Eight- ies " is to define more clearly the unique mis- sions of the University ' s campuses, to sup- port our campuses adequately by establishing student fee structures for each campus com- parable to that of similar institutions in the Souther region, and to make every effort to obtain the state appropriations per student which are comparable to those provided simi- lar institutions in the Southern region. If these goals can be accomplished, the University of Arkansas can become competi- tive with similar universities in the Southern region in every aspect of high quality teach- ing, research, and service programs. The goal for the 1890 ' s might then become that of na- tional educational eminence! The University of Arkansas, perhaps a s much as any other institution in the State, is a creature of the State and the creation of the people who live in it. From the moment of its founding more than a century ago, it was intended to be a people ' s university whose constant commitment would be to public ser- vice. This commitment of the University to the people of Arkansas can only be as strong and as enduring as the commitment of Ar- kansas to the progress of the University. " (Above, Left-Right) President James E. Martin, Dr. Raymond P. Miller, and Louis Ramsay express themselves differently at a Board of Trustees meeting. (Below) President Martin addresses the National Merit Scholars with respectful admiration. 1W Academics (Above) President Martin finds time to visit with his colleagues and the students at the University. (Above Right) Tha Annual Pomfret Casino Carnival gives the president a chance to relax. (Below) President Martin and Mark Devolder take a chance at Black lack. Academics 111 ADMINISTRATION Fred S. Vorsanger, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs (Above) Kenneth R. Cook, Associate Vice President (Left) Farris W. Womack, Executive Vice President 112 Academics Above Left) Gale Sullenberger, Associate Vice President for Academics A fairs (Above Right) Nancy Talburt, Assistant Vice President (Left) Charles Leone, Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies (Above) Jack Woody, Treasurer Academ in ADMINISTRATION (Clockwise from above) Elton Donaubauer, Executive Director of Development Merlin Augustine, Assistant to the President, Larry Matthews, Director of Admissions, O. J Rinnert, Business Manager 114 Academics (Clockwise from below) Charles Oxford, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Paul Eddy, Registrar, Cordon Beasley, Vice President for Student Services, Julian Street, Vice President for University Affairs Academics US ' ' Or (Above The Home Economics building encompasses many realistic laboratories. (Below) Dean Glenn Hardy reflects on the success of his college. AGRICULTURE HOME ECONOMICS " One of the things that the University and the division of Agriculture are proud of is the contribution that we ' ve been able to make in terms of research not only in the state of Arkansas, but in our region " says Associate Dean of Agriculture and Home Economics, Nolan Arthur. Indeed, the Agricultural department of 1400 undergraduates has concentrated heavily on research. Projects include everything from a solar heated poultry house to high yield plant hybrids including innovative irrigation practices. A major result of this job-oriented attitude in research is the high level of success of graduates in the job field. Both departments profess an obligation to the recruited students toward job searching and placement. The Home Economics department, which enjoys rapid growth in the areas of Housing and Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Foods and Nutrition, reports that last year ' s average graduate received an average of four offers and a starting salary of 13,000 dollars. Both departments now await the completion of the Plant Sciences building that will house more class and lab space. 116 ' Academics L-R Jennifer Donaldson and Lynn Stanley take time to do some research in one of the Agricultural laboratories. Research associate John Mattice utilizes the Altheimer Experiment Station to conduct his work. ofessor Jim McCuire discusses the assignment to his Plant Pathology class. Pat Hogue, an Agronomy graduate student, carefully weighs out his needed materials. Academics 117 ARCHITECTURE According to Architecture Dean C. Murry Smart the excellent national reputation of Architectural design education " is not a direct result of money or unusually gifted students. " He thinks that it is a result of the fact that it is a small college and of the tremendous amount of time that the students spend in what they are doing. " The students get to know each other and the faculty very well. They develop a feeling of commitment to their professional goals and to this school. " Exponents of its effectiveness occur with some degree of regularity. Faculty member Jim Lambeth has been instrumental in explaining the use of architecture design with respect to solar energy. This year the school received an award from the National Endowment of the Arts for student ' s work to be completed during the summer and next fall. Each student this year has been involved in an energy competition program sponsored by the Department of Energy. The future focus of the School of Architecture will concentrate on making sure that their programs retain the present quality they enjoy. Also, despite money problems the school will have to make some necessary changes to meet the challenges of the new decade. (Above) Vol Walker Hall is the most representative building of the School of Architecture. (Below) Dean Smart discusses a project with Pat Magruder. US Academics (Above Left) L-R Kirby Stallings, David Applegate, Tom Kellog, Mike Rush, Ted Miyashiro, and Barry Witherspoon look over a landscape project. (Above Right) Bonnie Sokora diligently works in first year design. (Left) Tom Williams touches up one of his required drawings. (Above) Rusty McKinney, a fifth year student, listens to music as he prepares an assignment. Academics 119 ARTS SCIENCES (Above) Classrooms, labs, and offices are found in the above Science Building. (Below) John C. Guilds currently holds the position of Arts and Sciences ' dean. 120 Academics (Above) L-R Dr. Lester Howick discusses the use of an instrument in the analytical lab to Deanna King, a freshman B. 5. Chemistry major, and Keith Hough, a senior majoring in Bacteriology. (Above Left) Mr. Williams works on an art project during a 3-D design class. (Above Right) Mike and Mark Young work through a shark dissection during a comparative lab course. Academics 121 1 MME (Above) Students leave the Business Administration Building which was completed in the Spring of 1978. (Below) John P Owen, Dean of the Business School discusses future plans of the college with Steve Von Steen, a senior Finance and Banking major. 122 Academics (Above) L-R: Greg Pope, Leo Shurum, and Gary L ensing try their skills on the mini-computer. (Below Left) Ken Powell discusses an assignment with classmate Julie Hayes. (Below Right) Steve Roberts finds a quiet place to look over some important notes. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION " During the past five years the enrollment in the College of Business has doubled. This growth has occurred due to the increasing demand for business administrators in our society and the excellent placement of our graduates in their respective job fields. As of last fall, this enrollment reached approximately 4200 students including the undergraduate and graduate programs. The Data Processing and Quantitative Analysis Department has experienced the most steady growth. In turn, the federally-sponsored Small Business Development Center has continued to serve our surrounding community and our students seeking consultant experience. On a more serious note, as the number of students entering the College of Business increases our existing programs must expand. With a very limited budget ' survival ' will be imperative during these tough economics times. Seeking outside sources of support such as an Alumni Association have seriously been considered and more than likely will be persued in the near future. " Charles W. Hubbard, Assoc. Dean Academics 123 .J EDUCATION (Above) The Graduate Education building is a central location for the College of Education (Below) Dean Fred Vescolani observes one of the many attractions in his office. 124 Academics CONTINUING EDUCATION (Above Left) Hugh Mills, Dean of Continuing Education, awaits the completion of the new Continuing Education Center. (Above Right and Below) The Continuing Education Center is now under construction and is located on the Fayetteville square. :g5 ii Academics 125 ENGINEERING " The main reason I chose the role of an academic administrator was to stay in contact with the many quality students that come through our program. Engineers are having great success in the industrial sector of our society ' s work force. On the average, seniors recieve an average of 3.5 job offers and starting salaries of $2,000.00 per month. The recent energy crisis has stimulated this demand for engineers in mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial, and agricultural areas. A new area of our college is the Speech Improvement Center which is designed to improve the engineer ' s communication skills. Through industrial support, students prepare videotape oral presentations of lab work which in turn are graded by their instructors.The program is manned by students and 300 of these presentations have been scheduled for this semester. In other areas of research, ongoing projects to design industrial equipment have been underway. Our Visual Interaction Processing Lab is working on ways to transmit and display graphically various types of data. The Chemical Engineering Department is working with the problems of hazardous chemical spills. In fact, this department has gained national recognition in this area. " James E. Halligan, Dean (Above) Many different types of labs and classes meet in the Engineering building. (Below) James Halligan is currently serving as dean of the Engineering College. 126 ' Academics (Above) Robert Warren, a senior engineering major, trys his program on an available computer. (Below) Mark Koch records data as Jeff Williams practices surveying techniques. (Above) Jeff May and Keith Beaty, electrical engineering majors, take data during one of their lab periods. (Above) John Null adjusts an instrument during his electrical engineering lab. Academics 127 GRADUATE SCHOOL (Above Left) David Civello is currently doing his graduate research in Biochemistry. (Above Right) James J. Hudson is serving as Dean of the Graduate school. (Below) L-R Dave Cuthrie and Dan Cotterman are presently working as graduate students in Agronomy. 128 Academics NURSING (Above) L-R: Barbara Smith, Susan Decker, and Instructor Jo Rose practice Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation techniques. (Left) Joe Bruce carefully removes a suctioning tracheostomy tube. (Above) Jo Rose prepares to demonstrate the use of a defibrillator. Academics 129 SCHOOL OF LAW (Above) Waterman Hall houses the School of Law. (Below) Dean Epstein vividly instructs a class in Legal Methods. " The University of Arkansas School of Law has changed and is changing. Additional highly qualified faculty members, a fine growing library of approximately 150,000 volumes, a building that was enlarged in 1971 and is being remodeled now, extensive videotape equipment that makes it possible for us to videotape student work in courses in Trial Advocacy and Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiation are four major changes we have experienced. In short, we should not and will not change ' just to do something different ' or copy other schools. Rather we should and will change to improve the education that we provide our students and to meet the changing needs of the people of the State of Arkansas. " David G. Epstein, Dean 130 Academics (Above) Dan Boland uses the law library to do some necessary research. (Below Left) Taking advantage of a break in classes, Ed Corrigan relaxes in the courtyard near Waterman Hall. (Above) Shirley McKisick revies her assignment before class Academics 131 Outstanding Faculty Right: Jeff Shannon, Architecture Nominated by: Tau Sigma Delta Left: Marion Offut, Agronoirn Nominated by: Alpha Zeta 132 ' Academics Right: Evelyn Lewis, Nursing Nominated by: Department of Nursing Left: P. M. Johnston, Zoology Nominated by: Blue Key Academics 133 Right: Franklin Williams, Business Nominated by: Mortar Board (Not Pictured) Robert Knowlton: Law School Nominated by: Law Review 134 Academics IN MEMORIAM James L. Gibson Director of Housing Mem oriam 135 136 Sports SPORTS Clockwise from above: Concentration- Chip Hooper leads the Hogs to national prominence and establishes himself as one of the top collegians. Woo Pig- Hog fans " pre-game " in Austin. Pepso- dent smile- Debbie Sanders maintains the Arkan- sas tradition of beautiful girls. Hard yard- James Tolbert struggles for yardage against Texas Tech. You can ' t catch me- Gary Anderson blows by the Tulsa Hurricane. 138 Sports Sports 139 Clockwise from above: Feet don ' t fail me now- Thomas Brown turns on the after-burners against Texas. Aussie Hog- Peter Doohan of New Castle, Australia returns a shot against Houston. You ' re all wet- Two competitors slosh through the stee- plechase at the Arkansas Relays. Hit that line . . . - The Razorback Band blares out the fight song. 140 Sports Sports 141 I Clockwise from above: Twirler- Cindy Long- necker prepares to take the field for the band ' s pre-game show. Field man- Keith Cray puts the shot at the Arkansas Relays. Over the back- Darrell Walker gets hacked from behind as he attemp ts to snag a rebound. Adios- Gary An- derson scores on a fake reverse against Texas. 142 Sports Sports 143 Clockwise from above: Fastball- Catcher Dave Mc- Clure calls for a fastball from his pitcher. Ozone- Darrell Walker enters the ozone layer to snag this rebound. Too Tall- Ron Faurot, a 6 ' -8: " lineman from Hurst, Texas, zeroes in on a ball carrier. 144 Sports Clockwise from top left: Eugene! Eugene! Eugene!- Third-year walk- on Eugene Nash slam-dunks his way into the hearts of Arkansas fans as one of the most popular players on the team. Take that- A Razorback Pom Pon girl, Sharon Cathey, kicks during a pre-game routine. Catch 32- Earl Buckingham catches A M running back Johnnie Hector from behind. Sports Opening 145 146 Recruiting Razorbacks Recruiting Razorbacks Left: Razorback Recruiter- Buddy Ball of the Arkansas Athletic Department organized and co-ordinated its recruiting efforts. Razorback Recruit- Ricky Nor- ton of Okolona, Arkansas became one of the most highly recruited athletes to ever attend the University. Every great athletic program had one thing in common in 1980. USC had it in football, Kentucky had it in basketball. Recruiting became so im- portant to athletic programs that it took on almost as much interest as the sports themselves. Buddy Ball, recruiting coordinator at the University of Arkansas, found and screened prospective student athletes. Ball began with over a thousand names (from Alumni, recruiting ser- vices, newspapers, etc.). " When we got a name, we sent the prospect a questionaire. The questionaire included the ob- vious inquiries: position (offense, de- fense), speed (100, 50, 40 yds.), age, height, and weight. It also asked about his parents ' alma mater, church preference, friends at the University, athletic in- juries, and other sports. " Coaches then made requests for player game films. The assistant coaches evaluated the prospects posi- tion while viewing the film and rated the players on a scale from one to ten in the following areas: running abili- ty, quickness, physical toughness, mental toughness, feet, hands, throwing ability, etc. The coaches then compared the re- cruits to a player already on the team and recommended recruitment or cut. Ricky Norton, a highly recruited guard from Okolona commented on the closing of the recruitment pro- cess. " I was very glad to see it (recruit- ment) end. The process had begun to worry my mother and me. " Norton also stated that " choosing the U of A was the best thing to happen to me. " A strong lineman from Texas, Ron Faurot decided to sign with the Hogs because of the smaller campus (as compared to Texas schools) and the winning tradition. " I ' m excited to come and be a part of the Arkansas Razorbacks. " Recruiting Razorbacks 147 Hogs v. the four seasons Arkansas ' season literally could have been divided into four seasons, and in the long run it hurt the Razorbacks. Season One consisted of the Texas game. The Hogs had geared a great deal of their spring practices and all of their fall practices (which actually began in mid-August) toward this match-up on September 1st. Arkansas lost 23 - 17, and in the process the Hogs saw most of their goals go up in smoke. Arkansas did not play again until September 20th. Season Two consisted of the non- conference teams (and T.C.U.). Arkansas, for the most part, breezed through this part of the schedule. The Hogs had their best game of the year against T.C.U. winning 44- 17. It was the 22nd consecutive time the Hogs had beaten the Horned Frogs. Season Three became the remainder of the conference schedule. The long season began to take its toll in injuries, and the Hogs lost three in a row before rebounding against Texas A M at Homecoming. Season Four came as a surprise. The Hogs, at 6 - 5, still received a bid to the Hall of Fame Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama. The time off between the end of the season and preparations for the game gave the Razorbacks a chance to heal. A fresh group of Hogs, in particular Gary Anderson, enabled them to drub Tulane 34 - 15. Although a 7 5 season isn ' t what Arkansans have come to expect, the Hogs ended on an upbeat note, and hope for the future. Clockwise from top left: Pre-Came - Sophomore Majorette Cindy Longnecker flashes a " game-win- ning " smile to another Hog contest. It ' s Critical- Lou Holtz shouts last minute instructions to signal caller Tom Jones. King of Boars - The score-board displays two number ones in the hearts of some Hog fans. Follow the Hole - Mark Douglass blasts through the line for a short gain against T.C.U. How ' Bout Them Hogs - Calling the Hogs, the cheerleaders boost fan spirit. 148 Arkansas Football Arkansas Football 149 Roone Arledge 23, Hogs 17 Looking back, most Razorbacks would agree that moving the Texas game to September 1st for the sake of ABC- Television was a mistake. But Arkansas and Texas did receive the " honor " of being the opening game for the 1980 decade of NCAA football. Although the game was played in Austin, the Hogs didn ' t seem overwhelmed by the crowd (Memorial Stadium isn ' t nearly as intimidating as Fayetteville or Little Rock). However, the Razorbacks went into the game with several defensive casualties. LB Bruce Sutherland: lost to grades; LB Gary Williams: kicked off the team; LB Ozzie Riley: forced to quit due to a neck injury; DE Mark Dewey: quit the team. Despite these adversities, the Razorbacks still had two very capable and experienced linebackers in Teddy Morris and Steve Douglas. But early in the first quarter, " We have no alibis or excuses We had our chances 7 Douglas went out with an ankle injury. His replacement, Ed Desherow, went out later in the first half with a knee injury. The duty then fell on freshman Bert Zinamon. The Longhorns double- and triple-teamed defensive tackle Billy Ray Smith, and the Razorback linebackers and defensive ends were unable to compensate. The defense finally did assert itself in the third quarter, but the game was already out of reach. In the first quarter, the two teams exchanged missed field goals. The Hogs ' Ish Ordonez pushed his 41-yard attempt wide to the right, and the Horns ' John Goodson hooked his 39-yard attempt wide to the left. The highlight of the quarter was an 86-yard punt by Steve Cox the longest in Razorback history. On their first possession of the second quarter, the Razorbacks opened the scoring. Gary Anderson (9 carries-103 yards), faking a reverse handoff, raced around right end 39-yards for a touchdown. The Longhorns answered on their next possession with a wind-aided 52-yard field goal. The turning point in the game came on the Hogs ' next possession. On the first play from scrimmage, David Haynes fumbled, and Texas recovered on the Razorback 10-yard line. The Horns capitalized on the turnover with A.J. Jones, who ripped the defense for 165-yards on 29 carries, scoring from two yards out. On Texas ' next possession, quarterback Donnie Little caught the Hogs in a blitz and hit tightend Lawrence Sampleton, who had gotten behind the single coverage. The 28-yard reception put the Horns on the Arkansas 1-yard line, and Jones scored on the next play. The Razorbacks threatened to score on their second possession of the second half. Anderson ' s 38-yard run put the Hogs in m field goal position, but Ordonez ' 49- yard attempt was again wide to the right. Aided by a very short Texas punt, the Hogs scored on their next possession. Tom Jones (12-18-1, 177 yards) hit Bobby Duckworth racing ' down the sideline. The ball was slightly underthrown, and m _ Duckworth was bumped out at the 5-yard line. Unable to take it in for a touchdown, the Hogs settled for a field goal. The Horns answered the Hogs on their next possession with Little scoring from 10 yards out. The score stood 23-10 after Goodson shanked the extra point. Here, the Hogs began a rally what would eventually fall short. Aided by a pass interference call that put the ball on the two, Daryl Bowles scored to make it 23-17. With third and long late in the game, Little boot-legged for a first down and ended any realistic chance for the Hogs. After the game, Arkansas head coach Lou Holtz said, " We have no alibis or excuses. We had our chances. We came back int he fourth quarter with three-something to go and couldn ' t get the ball back. That ' s why they ' re (the Longhorns) over there yelling and our players are in there red-eyed. " ISO Texas At Austin c-g s + I Clockwise top left: Hi Mom- Senior kick-off specialist and punter Steve Cox awaits the start of the Texas game. Porker with the Pigskin- Sophomore Gary Anderson avoids an onslaught of Longhorn defenders. Hogs Rooters- These red shirts are a welcome sight in a sea of Austin Orange. Come Again- Daryl Mason, caught off guard, awaits his turn on the field. Strike up the Band- Freshman Majorette Andrea Lyons acknowledges the crowd during the Marching Razorbacks ' performance in Memorial Stadium. Texas At Austin 151 Arkansas drops Oklahoma State Arkansas entered its game with Oklahoma State not knowing what to expect. The Hogs had lost to Texas in the opening game of the season. In that game, the defense had " looked bad " , but that was three weeks ago. In addition, this was the final game in a long, and for the Cowboys, bitter series. OSU would be trying to make up for all the past humiliations in a single game. Both teams started slowly. Arkansas ' only score of the first half was set up by Gary Anderson ' s 43-yard return of a 39- yard punt. After four plays had put the ball on the Cowboy 7-yard line, Thomas Brown swiveled his way around left end for a touchdown. Oklahoma State came back to tie the score in the second quarter. Running back Ed Smith scored from one yard out to cap a 62-yard, 12 play drive. In the second half, Thomas Brown ignited the Hogs by returning the opening kickoff 53 yards to the OSU 47-yard line. Eight plays later, Ish Ordonez kicked a 40- yard field goal to break the deadlock. On their next possession, OSU head coach Jimmy Johnson, who played on Arkansas ' national championship team of j 1964, gambled. Facing fourth and one at their own 29-yard line, OSU went for the first down. Smith was hammered for no gain by Steve Douglas and Teddy Morris, and the Razorbacks took over there. Three plays netted a negative 4-yards but Ordonez converted the 50-yard field goal. The next series proved even more costly for the Cowboys. They were again unable to move, and on third down, OSU quarterback John Doerner suffered a broken leg when he was sacked. After a 14-yard punt return by Anderson and a 10-yard run by Brown, Tom Jones hit Bobby Duckworth with a 35-yard touchdown bomb. This time the extra point was good, and the score stood 26-7. Brown closed out Arkansas ' scoring 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Starting around left end, he cut back across the field and outraced everyone 28-yards to the goal line. Former Hog, Houston Dale Nutt (who was roundly booed as he came on to the field as one of the Oklahoma State cap- tains), led the Cowboys to two late scores, but they came when the game was already over. The game ended with the final score, Arkansas 33 and Oklahoma State 20. Clockwise from above: Option right- Quarterback Tom Jones steps into his pitch while eluding a Cowboy defender. " Where ' s My Line " - Eyeing a receiver, Tom Jones prepares to fire over the pass rush. Peddling Porker- Boosting spirit, the " Honda Hog " bikes around the stadium. With Cox holding- Senior Ish Ordonez makes his first at- tempt to win the Tulsa game. Home-Grown- Fayetteville product Jim Elliot smothers a Tulsa run- ning back. Future Hog-Caller- Spirit comes in all sizes in Hog Heaven. 152 Oklahoma State At Little Rock Hogs survive the Hurricane The Hogs survived the Hurricane just barely. The Tulsa game that is usually a rout, played in stifling heat turned into a cold, rain soaked squeaker. The game began innocently enough. Arkansas won the coin toss and elected to receive. Starting at the twenty, the Hogs moved easily down to the Tulsa five. There, Coach Holtz became conservative, and the Razorbacks were stopped cold on three plays up the middle. Ish Ordonez kicked the field goal, and the score stood 3-0 Arkansas. On Tulsa ' s first possession, the Hurricane fumbled (one of five for the game), and the Hogs recovered. The Razorbacks drove for what appeared to be a touchdown, when Thomas Brown fumbled the ball into the endzone. Tulsa recovered, and the ball came out to the twenty. Brown, who had earlier said he was dissatisfied with his second-team status, quit the team after the game. After having a chance to be up 14-0 and only leading 3-0, the Hogs lost all offensive momentum. In the second quarter, Tulsa stunned the Arkansas defense with a 46-yard pass play to the Razorback 14-yard line. On third and eight at the Arkansas 10-yard line. Ken Sessions went in for the touchdown, and Tulsa led 7-3. Arkansas ' next score was set up by another Hurricane fumble in their own territory. Tailback Gary Anderson took the pitch 20 yards around left end for the touchdown, and Arkansas was back on top 10-7. With 19 seconds left in the first half, Tom Jones ' " Hail Mary " pass was intercepted. Tulsa ' s Kenny Jackson threaded a 46-yard pass between two Razorback defenders, and Stu drum kicked the field goal to tie the score at 10-all just before the half expired. Neither team scored in the third quarter, but it wasn ' t without excitement. On the Hogs ' first possession, they had to punt. A high snap from center caused punter Steve Cox (a transfer from Tulsa) to be sacked on the Hogs ' 7-yard line. Fortunately for the Hogs, Tulsa fumbled the ball back immediately. In the fourth quarter, Ish Ordonez had two chances to win the game. His first attempt with 10 minutes left in the game missed; however, his second attempt with 7 minutes left traveled between the uprights for three points. Tulsa did have a chance to tie the game with less than 3 minutes to play, but Crum ' s 46-yard field goal attempt veered wide to the right. Arkansas won the game 13 to 10. Tulsa At Fayetteville 153 TCU ' S 22nd anniversary Clockwise top left: Keep that balance- David Haynes struggles for extra yardage. Bowles me over- Darryl Bowles dives over a host of Horned Frogs. Down-Set- The Razorbacks prepare to run another play from scrimmage. 154 TCU At Fayetteville No shocker from Wichita Whata ' catch- Falling backwards as he receives the ball, Bobby Duckworth makes another reception for the Hogs. Tripped-up- With a defender hanging on, Tom Jones crawls for a first down. Arkansas finally got rolling offensively in the fourth game of the season. The unfortunate victims became the TCU Horned Frogs, who lost to the Hogs for the 22nd consecutive time. Utilizing veer options out of the I-formation, the Razorbacks kept TCU off-balance all day. Arkansas marched 80 yards with the opening kick-off (all on the ground) for a touchdown. Before the game ended, the Hogs had racked up 610 yards total offense (475 yards rushing). David Haynes, whose fumble in the Texas game proved so costly, redeemed himself by rushing for 98-yards on 8 carries, and James Tolbert led all rushers with 115 yards on 20 carries. The game ended with Arkansas on top 44-7. The Hogs next opponent was Wichita State. The Razorbacks started like they would blow the Shockers off the field. Two Wichita State fumbles set up two quick touchdowns, and the Hogs led 14-0. However, at the start of the second quarter, lightning struck. Wichita State quarterback Prince Mcjunkins escaped being sacked when he heaved up a " lame duck " pass. The ball miraculously landed in the arms of a receiver at the 20- yard line. The two Razorback defenders on the play collided with one another, and the receiver ran 20-yards untouched into the endzone. The half ended with the Hogs ahead 14-7. Arkansas couldn ' t seal the victory until the fourth quarter. With 11 minutes left in the game, Bobby Duckworth made a spectacular 38-yard reception to set up Tom Jones ' 1-yard touchdown pass to Daryl Mason. Arkansas scored again on its next possession, but missed the PAT. The game ended with the Porkers on top 27-7. Wichita S tate At Little Rock 155 Hogs Fall to Coogs Arkansas went into its game with Houston realizing the " make or break " situation in the Southwest Conference. Unfortunately for the Hogs, they lost. Houston converted a 38-yard field goal on the opening possession of the game, but it didn ' t tax.e long for Arkansas to answer back. Diminuitive Derek Holloway fielded the ensuing kick-off at his own 7-yard line and raced 93-yards untouched to put the Razorbacks on top 7-3. Arkansas then blew a golden opportunity when Houston fumbled away its next possession in their own territory. On third and two at the 25, the Hogs drew a penalty for procedure and then could not convert the first down. Ish Ordonez, who might have been thinking back to a year earlier when he had his attempt at a game- tying field goal blocked, miss-hit his 47-yard attempt, and the Hogs came away empty. On Houston ' s next possession, they again fumbled the ball away in their own territory, but this time the Hogs took it in for a touchdown. Gary Anderson broke loose on a 24- yard run to set up Tom Jones ' 16-yard touchdown pass to Bobby Duckworth in the near corner of the endzone. The score stood 14-3, but it proceeded mostly downhill from there. In the second quarter, Houston converted a fumble and an offsides penalty for one touchdown and a short punt and a long return for a second touchdown to put them back on top 17-14. On the Cougars ' second possession of the second half, they extended their lead to 24-14 on a 59-yard, 8 play touchdown drive. In the second half, the Hogs suffered from incredibly bad field position and could only come up with a field goal. Arkansas lost the game, 24-17. 156 Razorbacks Choke on Rice Rice got a Christmas present from Arkansas about two months early. To the amazement of most, the Owls won (or better said, the Hogs lost). In the first half, the Razorbacks blew four different scoring opportunities but still led 9-0. Arkansas ' first score came on the third lay of the game. Gary Anderson roke over Left-guard and outran the Owl secondary for a 71-yard touchdown. Ish Ordonez could not convert the point after (an omen of things to come), and the Hogs led 6-0. Ish did convert a 28-yard field goal on Arkansas ' second possession, but then everything began to fall apart. Arkansas began driving for a score on four separate occassions when: (1) freshman Bill Pierce (subbing for an injured Tom Jones) made a wild pitch, (2) Pierce fumbled, (3) Ordonez had a field goal attempt blocked, and (4) Pierce threw an interception. On each drive, the young quarterback showed his talent as well as his inexperience. At the start of the second half, the Hogs looked like they would put the game away. On the Owls ' first possession, the Hogs sacked the Rice punter and took over on the eight-yard line. On third down and five for the touchdown, Pierce passed to Daryl Mason for the score. This time, the point-after was good, and the Razorbacks led 16-0. In the fourth quarter the roof fell in. Rice scored its first touchdown on a 61-yard, 12 play drive. Their second touchdown came off a Razorback turnover. Freshman Mark Mistier had just entered the game (Pierce was shaken up on the play before), when he fumbled, and Rice took over on the Razorback 34-yard line. Seven plays later, the Owls scored on a third down Eass from Randy Hertel to Hosea ortune. With 1:55 left in the game, the Hogs didn ' t handle the Owl rush, and Steve Cox had his punt blocked. With 21 seconds left, Kenneth Sam (who looked more like an offensive lineman than a kicker) became the unlikely hero of an even more unlikely game, when he converted a 31-yard field goal to win the game for the Owls, 17-16. Clockwise from center: Ouch!- Phillip Moon gri- maced in pain from a knee injury he suffered in the Houston game. " It ' s mine. " - Darryl Bowles clutched tightly on to the ball as he picked his way through a group of Cougar defenders. Tripped (Part I)- Bill Pierce is tripped up as he tried to scramble away from the Rice rush. Tripped (Part II)- Derek Holloway is caught from behind by a Rice defensive back. Touchdown in Triplicate- Bobby Duckworth made a spectacular catch in the near corner of the endzone (as documented by this series of photographs). Rice At Little Rock 157 Bay(lor) of Pigs Arkansas and Baylor met on November 8th in Waco, with both teams having been upset the week before. Baylor had lost to San Jose State, while Arkansas had lost to Rice. The Hogs were hurting both offensively and defensively. The offensive line missed George Stewart, Phillip Moon, and Steve Korte, and the defensive line lacked Jim Elliot and Danny Phillips. In addition, Gary Anderson and Tom Jones saw only limited action because of minor injuries. With Bill Pierce starting in place of Jones, Arkansas could manage only one first down in the initial quarter this coming on a roughing the kicker penalty. However, the Hogs did recover a Walter Abercrombie fumble on the Bears ' 6-yard line to set up a score. The touchdown pass from Jones to Daryl Mason tied the game at 7-all. Baylor ' s superior strength and size began to dominate the statistics and the Scoreboard in the second quarter. Clockwise from top left: Tell ' em Lou- Head Coach Lou Holtz com- ments on the opening game. Take a Break - Awaiting playing time, Hog receivers refresh themselves on the side line. Wrong Man - Razor back defenders close in on a Bear run- ning-back. Watch the kne es - Dan- ny Walters has his legs cut out from under him during the Baylor game in Waco. Six Points - Outdistanc- ing the Bear coverage, Darryl Ma- son receives a touchdown toss. The Bears racked up 21 unanswered points to lead 28-7 at halftime. Arkansas opened the second half with an impressive drive. Pierce moved the Hogs to the 7-yard line but fumbled it away. The Bears marched right back with a 93-yard, 14 play touchdown drive, and the " party was over. " One of the few bright spots of the game occurred in the fourth quarter. Ron Stowe of Baylor was attempting to punt when his own blocker backed into the kick. The ball rolled in the endzone, and Keith Burns recovered for an Arkansas touchdown. Mark Mistier passed to Danny Walters for a two-point conversion, and the Hogs trailed 35-15. The Bears hustled in a late touchdown to make the final score 42- 15. Baylor marked the third straight loss for the Razorbacks and the low point of the season. The Hogs slipped to 4 4 overall and 1 4 in the conference. 158 Baylor At Waco Baylor At Waco 159 Homecoming 1980 160 Hom ecoming The joke ' s on the Aggies Arkansas and Texas A M entered their match-up searching for answers. The Hogs had a 4-4 record (1-4 in the conference) and had lost their last three games. The Aggies, after two superior recruiting campaigns, had expected big things for the season. Instead, A M, suffering through a drug scandal and another mediocre season, produced very little in the first half. Arkansas scored first by capitalizing on an Aggie fumble. James Tolbert scored from two yards out behind the block of freshman linebacker-cum- fullback Milton Fields. In the second quarter, the Hogs moved out to a 24-0 lead. David Haynes scored from the one culminating a 77-yard, 10-play drive; James Tolbert scored again from two yards out after a 60-yard, 6- play drive; and Ish Ordonez kicked a 42-yard field goal. The second half, however, was an almost complete turn around. Mistakes and conservative play by Arkansas gave A M momentum, and the Aggies rallied to tie the score at 24-all. From there on, the defense refused to budge, but it took the offense two tries to win the game. Arkansas drove 57-yards with Ordonez ' 40-yard field goal attempt being wide right. After the defense held, the Hogs began moving again but had to convert a fourth and two to keep the drive alive. Tom Jones passed to Gary Anderson swinging out of the backfield, and " Lightning " gained 8 yards before slipping down. With 12 seconds left, Ordonez converted a 27-yard field goal to seal the Hogs ' Homecoming victory. Clockwise top left: Future backfield- These three young men were the hit of the homecoming parade. The queen and the president- President of the University, James Martin presents Homecoming Queen Sharell Keith at halftime. Trainer- Teddy McMur- ray, a trainer for the Hogs, looks for equipment to re-tape an ankle. Tackle- An Aggie defender stretches out to tackle James Tolbert. Lou Holtz look-alikes- Will the real Lou please step forward. Texas A M At Fayetteville 161 Passes Lead to Split Decision In games against SMU and Texas Tech, a missed pass was the key play in each game that resulted in Arkansas winning one and losing one. Against SMU, Arkansas was trailing at the half 10-7. On their first possession of the second half, the Hogs gambled, and it back-fired big. The Mustangs were rushing 10 men on a punt, when Steve Cox attempted a pass. The receiver was wide open, but the pass fell short. SMU took control of the ball and the game, and before the Ponies blitz ended, they had racked up 31 points to Arkansas ' 7. " I thought a lot of fans would go duck hunting and those that didn ' t would bring their guns to the game. " Against Texas Tech, Arkansas ' pride was on the line. The 5-5 Hogs were faced with the reality of going to a bowl game with a losing record if they didn ' t win. Coach Holtz remarked before the game, " I thought a lot of fans would go duck hunting (It was the opening day of duck season.) and those that didn ' t would bring their guns to the game. " At the half, Arkansas was trailing 14-10. However, in the second half, the Hogs went ahead 22-14. Sandwiched between two Ish Ordonez field goals of 41 and 49 yards, Tom Jones passed 17-yards to Steve Clyde for a touchdown (The attempted two-point conversion failed.). The comeback was quit remarkable considering Jones had broken his nose in the first half and was in severe pain. Tech, however, was not dead yet. The Red Raiders reached the Razorback nine- yard line inside of two minutes, but Jamie Harris dropped a fourth down pass in the endzone. Arkansas ran out the clock with Steve Cox deliberately taking a safety, and the Hogs won 22-16. Top: Ouch- Tom Jones receives assistance for a broken nose he suffered during the Tech game. Bottom: Gotcha ' - Cornerback Trent Bryant prepares to square off against a Red Raider ball carrier. 162 SMV At Dallas Clockwise top: Ski Texas- James Tolbert, with a Mustang " riding shotgun " , presents a " ski show " in Texas Stadium. Happy Hogs- Jubilant Hogs hoist Gary Stiggers into the air after his touchdown reception. Caught from behind- Mark Douglas is tripped up by a Tech defender. Texas Tech At Little Rock 163 Anderson in Hall of Fame The Razorbacks ' bid to the Hall of Fame Bowl came as a surprise to most fans. That they accepted became an even bigger surprise. The Hogs, 6-5 over an extended regular season, probably would have preferred to call it quits. But Coach Holtz was searching for a way to build momentum for next year, and he found it against the Tulane Green Wave. Arkansas ' initial scoring drive began with Trent Bryant ' s interception and return to the 32-yard line. The Hogs had just pushed the ball past mid-field when Gary Anderson (156 yards on 11 carries) broke loose on the first of several long runs. The run carried the Razorbacks down to the 4- yard line, and James Tolbert scored three plays later from the one. Each of Tulane ' s next two possessions ended in a punt, and both times, Tulane had trouble. Jeff Goff partially deflected the first punt, but the Hogs ' ensuing drive was killed by an interception. The second punt, however, proved more costly. Anderson fielded the ball on his 20-yard line and returned it 80 yards for a touchdown. Arkansas ' third touchdown came on a 9 yard pass from Tom Jones to Steve Clyde. The pass culminated a 70-yard, 10-play drive. The Hogs ' final touchdown of the first half (and the game) came on a 46-yard explosion by Anderson. Ish Ordonez converted the extra point, and the score stood 28-0 at the half. In the second half, Ordonez added two field goals to close Arkansas ' scoring. Tulane did score two late touchdowns, but the outcome had already been decided. Throughout the game, the Razorbacks ' super quick defensive line of Billy Ray Smith, Richard " Doughnut " Richardson, Danny Phillips, and Ron Faurot kept pressure on the " Greenies " quarterback and forced him into incompletions and interceptions. During the Hogs ' 34-15 victory, thirteen Hall of Fame Bowl statistics became records: 1) most points combined, 49. 2) most points one team, Arkansas 34. 3) most first downs, Arkansas 22. 4) most rushing attempts, Arkansas 64. 5) most net yards rushing, Arkansas 383. 6) most total offense, Arkansas 466. 7) most yards passing, Tulane 241. 8) Longest punt return, 80 yards, Gary Anderson, Arkansas. 9) longest touchdown pass, 62 yards, Nickie Hall to Marcus Anderson, Tulane. 10) longest interception return, 26 yards, Trent Bryant, Arkansas. 11) most field goals, 2, Ish Ordonez, Arkansas. 12) longest touchdown run, 46 yards, Gary Anderson, Arkansas. 13) longest field goal, 40 yards, Ish Ordonez, Arkansas. 164 Hall Of Fame Bowl Clockwise top left: New Cheerleader: Miss Piggy roots on her favorite team with Razorback cheer- leader Larry Butler. Catch me: Junior running back Mark Douglas eludes two Tulane defenders. All that Jazz: Luckily Al Hirt plays his trumpet better than his team plays football. Catch it: Daryl Mason latches on to a pass from quarterback Tom Jones. Tulane At Birmingham, Alabama 165 Clockwise from above: Drive he said- Mike Young drives to the bucket. Bear faced- Greg Skulman rejects the shot of a Baylor Bear. " Uuuuu .... " - U.S. Reed tips in a shot over two Baylor defenders. 166 Arkansas Basketball Arkansas Basketball Arkansas Rafkpthall 167 1 Clockwise top left: Woo Pig Sooie- Razorback cheerleader June Morrow leans back to call " those " Hogs. Sky High- Darrell Walker soars to reject a shot by an Oklahoma City player. Man-to-Man- Brad Friess applies defensive pressure against one of the Cents from Centenary. Born-Again Razor- back- Razorback pom pon girl Debbie Lopez, who hails from Austin, Texas, cheers on her favorite player. 168 Arkansas Basketball HOW ' BOUT THE M HOGS Arkansas wins 4th SWC Title in 5 years In 1980-81, Texas A M was supposed to be the class of the Southwest Conference. However, the Aggies evidently spent more time reading their own press clippings than practicing. The Hogs, after a rocky 2-3 start, began rolling, and the supposedly second place team won the conference for the fourth time in five years. Arkansas opened its seventh season under Eddie Sutton by beating the Polish Nationals at Little Rock. Although the exhibition game didn ' t count on the Razorbacks ' record, it did serve as a tune-up for the regular season. The Hogs then traveled " north to Alaska " for the Great Alaskan Shoot-out. The tournament featured five nationally ranked teams, and Arkansas faced three of them on three consecutive nights. In the first round, the Hogs " gunned down " Steve Stipanovich and the Missouri Tigers. Arkansas ' man-to-man defense took the Tigers completely out of their offense, and at one point in the first half, the Razorbacks led 40-9. During the Hogs ' spurt, U.S. Reed treated Mizzou to a 360-slam-dunk. Missouri made a run in the second half behind the hot-shooting of guard Jon Sundvold, but the Hogs held on to win 81-73. In the second round, the Hogs beat the LSU Tigers at their own game -- running and rebounding. Brad Friess and Keith Peterson completely shut down All- American Durand Macklin to lead the defense, and Scott Hastings scored 25 points (with 14 rebounds) to lead the offense. The game ended with the final score being 87-76. In the championship round, the Hogs lost to North Carolina 64-58. The Razorbacks had already played two tough opponents (North Carolina had breathers over Colgate and Georgetown.), and the physical and emotional drain showed. The Hogs fought to the end, but the deciding blow came when Scott Hastings (the tournament MVP) fouled out with 10 minutes left in the game. Con tin ued Arkansas Basketball 169 Hogs win 3rd straight at the " Drum " Returning to Barnhill Arena, the Hogs beat Southwest Missouri State (coached by former Razorback assistant Bob Cleeland) 98-65. Arkansas ' next game was against Michigan in Ann Arbor. A crew of Big Ten officials refereed the match, but they apparently saw only one team. The Wolverines ' hot shooting and the " questionable " officiating proved too much to overcome, and the Hogs lost the game 78-65. Afterwards, Coach Sutton vowed to never play under those conditions again. Although Arkansas ' 67-50 victory over Athletes-in-Action had no affect on the Hogs ' record, it nonetheless held special meaning for many Razorbacks. The game marked the homecoming of former Hogs Marvin Delph and Steve Schall. Arkansas reeled off four more victories beating Oklahoma City 76-70, Centenary 78-64, Eastern Kentucky 80-74, and Southern Mississippi 76-68. Arkansas then met Kansas State in Kansas City. Neither team could pull away from the other, and the game eventually went into overtime. As the clock was running down, Darrell Walker attempted a shot that was blocked. He got the ball back and fired it in the hole, but the referee had ruled jump ball n the previous shot. It was K- State ' s turn to get the ball, and with two seconds left, they threw the in-bounds pass the length of the court. Scott Hastings, attempting to go for the steal, committed a careless foul, and the Wildcats ' Ed Nealy converted the front end of a one-and-one. Arkansas lost 47-46. The Hogs then rebounded by thrashing Nebraska 64-52, SMU 92-50 (the worst defeat they had ever suffered in conference play), Alaska 92-58, and TCU 85-51. Continued 170 Arkansas Basketball Clockwise top left: Up and in- Keith Peterson puts in a shot off an offensive rebound. Jam in Triplicate- Darrell Walker, Tony Brown, and U.S. Reed demonstrate their crowd pleasing abilities against TCU. Future Pittsburg Steeler- Texas center Lasalle Thompson goes for a rebound against Austin native Brad Friess. Pressure- Texas ' Ray Harper attempts to drive around the zone press. Arkansas Basketball 171 Clockwise top left: Bombing the Bears- Center Scott Hastings fires home two against Baylor, Pine Bluff Beauty- Razorback pom pon girl Kelly Minton, a senior from Pine Bluff, performs during halftime. Chairman of the boards- Keith Peterson attempts a tip against A M. Pressure- Tony Brown applies defensive pressure to Aggie Reggie Rob- erts. Jackknife- Darrell Walker double pumps one in against Texas Tech. 172 Arkansas Basketball Hogs win brawl with Aggies Arkansas ' old adversary Texas came back to haunt them once more. The Razorbacks had won five straight from the Longhorns and had won 22 straight in Fayetteville. However, Texas, playing better than it had all season, ended both streaks with a 62-60 win. The Hogs continued to slump against Baylor 67-58 and Houston 57-54. Arkansas returned to form against Texas A M. The Aggies also came into the game in a slump. After winning their first seven games, they had lost six of their last seven to give them a conference record of 1-4. It was a physical game, and Arkansas trailed in the first half. However, in the second half, the Razorbacks tightened their zone, and A M ' s lack of leadership began to show. Keith Peterson, playing one of his best games of the season, silenced the more talk less action Aggies with some clutch free throw shooting, and Arkansas won 52-47. Scott Hastings recovered from his second bout with the flu to lead the Hogs to a 57-52 win over the Rice Owls. Arkansas then ripped Texas Tech 60-35. The game became highlighted by Tech coach Gerald Myer ' s ejection after an official ' s none-call in the closing minutes. Eugene " Eugene, Eugene the Dunking Machine " ) Nash canned 3 of 6 technical foul shots to send the crowd into a frenzy. The Razorbacks continued their domination of Texas at the " Drum " without Darrell " Sky " Walker, who did not play in the game for disciplinary reasons. U.S. Reed sealed the victory over the Horns with a steal and dunk in the final minutes, and the Hogs won the " shoot-out " 54-48. Arkansas beat TCU 63-48 before the largest Ft. Worth crowd in four years. The Hogs then repaid Baylor for an early season loss by slamming the Bears 67-50. Darrell Walker returned to the line-up with a vengeance by scoring 16 points, grabbing 12 rebounds, and defensing Terry Teagle into oblivion. Continued Arkansas Basketball 173 Seniors win 3rd SWC title 174 Arkansas Basketball Arkansas and Houston then met on regional television with the Hogs trailing the Cougars in the Conference by one game. The game was close until Houston went into a stall trailing 42-39. Cougar coach Guy Lewis reasoned that with two of his top performers in foul trouble he could keep his team in the game and take the crowd out of the game. However, the ploy backfired on both counts. The longer the Cougars held the ball the louder Barnhill got. The Hog Call rumbled down like thunder from the heavens, and Lynden Rose choked up an air ball after Houston had held the ball for more than four minutes. From there, the Hogs blew Houston off the court 70-55. The Hogs then traveled to College Station to " fight " it out with the Aggies. A M was on a roll, gut so were the Hogs. As Arkansas began to dominate play, the Aggies lost their composure, and on three different occasions, they tried to start fights (mostly picking on Scott Hastings). Ironically, the Texas press had earlier in the week criticized Arkansas ' fans for their conduct. On the flight back from A M, the Hogs learned that TCU had beaten Houston in four overtimes 78-77. The Hogs, now in sole possession of the conference lead, were greeted at Drake Field by Jim Robken and the Hog Wild Band and a bunch of " wild Hogs " . Scott Hastings was presented with a pair of boxing gloves labeled No. 1. The Hogs then held back Ricky Pierce and the Rice Owls 75-59 before facing SMU in the final home game of the season. The Mustangs tried to spoil seniors U.S. Reed and Mike Young ' s final appearance in Barnhill by slowing the game down. But the Hogs were unperturbed, and Arkansas eventually turned the tables on the Ponies by playing a slow down game of their own. In the final half minute, " Downtown " Tony Brown broke away for a spectacular 180- slam-dunk, and the Hogs won 47- 33. Arkansas closed out the season by beating Texas Tech at Lubbock. The Hogs next looked to the conference tournament at San Antonio. Clockwise top left: Pie-Slam- U.S. Reed goes up for a dunk against Houston. Dribbling techniques- Darrell Walker looks to hit the open man against A M. Inset: A future Razorback emulates his he- roes. The Enforcer- Carey Kelly, the burly center from Canton, Mississippi, puts in a short jumper against the outmanned Baylor Bears. Arkansas Basketball 175 Clockwise from right: D by U- U.S. applies defen- sive pressure to a Texas Tech player. SWC Champs- Reed cuts down the net for his third SWC Championship. Frosh- U.S. burst on the scene as a freshman in the Texas game when he scored eight critical points. In your eyes of Texas- Reed gunned down this last second shot his junior year to beat the Longhorns 60- 59. 176 U.S. Reed U.S. Reed: A Long Shot If a stranger had walked into Barnhill on the night of U.S. Reed ' s final home game and heard the chants of " UUUUU ... " , he would have never believed the story of how Reed came to Fayetteville. As a senior at Pine Bluff High School, Reed ' s basketball skills gained about as much respect from major college recruiters as Rodney Dangerfield. They weren ' t sure Reed, a 6 ' 2 " high school center, could make the transition to collegiate guard. In fact, the Arkansas coaching staff seemed so unsure about Reed ' s abilities they didn ' t offer him a scholarship until less than a month before the start of school. However, U.S. believed in himself enough to wait on Arkansas, and the Razorbacks were glad he did. In his career, U.S. experienced the inevitable highs (and the lows) of competitive situations: As a freshman, Reed came off the bench to score eight critical points against Texas to help the Hogs beat the Horns 75-71. As a sophomore, in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament, Reed, after being tripped by Indiana State ' s Carl Nicks, was called for traveling. A subsequent none- travel by ISU cost the Hogs the game. As a junior. Reed gunned down a 20- foot jump shot at the buzzer to beat Texas 60-59. As a senior, U.S. sank a shot from half- court to beat Louisville at the wire 74-73 in the NCAA Tournament. Despite all his deeds. Reed will always be re- membered best for his incredible leaping ability blocked shots, double-clutch slams, above the rim rebounds, and 360-jams. In his four years, U.S. made first or second team All-SWC three years, and he played on teams that combined for over a hundred victories not bad for a guy who supposedly didn ' t have what it takes. U.S. Reed 177 Clockwise from right: Swoosh- Darrell Walker whips an assist past Texas ' Mike Wacker. Birdland Boogie- Pom pon girls Debbie Lopez and Janet Embry performs to Birdland. Whoa- Mike Young flies past Longhorn Virdell Howland. Scramble- Brad Friess scrambles for a lost ball. 178 SWC Tournament At San Antonio Hogs upset at San Antonio In the first round of the Southwest Conference tournament at San Antonio, Texas upset Arkansas 76-73. In a single game, the Razorbacks have probably never played so well or so poorly. To begin, the Hogs came out hot to grab a 10-point lead, then faltered horribly as LaSalle Thompson muscled in 21 first half points for a 50-39 Texas halftime lead. However, at intermission, Arkansas calmed down and even appeared to be in control of the game when they took a 70-66 lead with a couple of minutes to play. Then Ray Harper, the Longhorns ' 5-10 freshman quaterback who proved to be Arkansas ' undoing earlier in the season, took charge. He hit an 18-footer and initiated a steal and layup to tie the game at 70-all. From there, everything fell apart, and Texas pulled away for a major upset. The Hogs had to now hope they would receive an at-large bid from the NCAA. SWC Tournament At San Antonio 179 180 NCAA Tournament U.S. Bombs Lou ' ville Arkansas did receive a bid to the NCAA tourney, and the pairings were better than anyone could have hoped for after being upset in the conference tournament the Hogs faced little known Mercer in the opening round at Austin, Texas. The Texas fans once again proved their class and conference loyalty by roundly booing the Razorbacks against Mercer. In a lack-luster performance, the Hogs struggled to a 76-67 win. Arkansas next moved on to face last year ' s national champions Louisville. Although the Hogs led the Cardinals by as many as seven points with three minutes to play, they needed a miracle to win. Derek Smith ' s desperate rebound bucket with five seconds had capped a long Louisville comeback effort to put them ahead 73-72. However, U.S. Reed, who has hit the game winning shot so often, threw up a prayer from midcourt and had it answered. No rim, no board, no cord, the ball just went straight through the hoop, and the Hogs won 74-73. Even after the fans peeled themselves off the ceiling, no one still believed it, especially Louisville. The Cardinal ' s head coach Denny Crum lamented, " We don ' t have any better defense against a prayer shot. " Arkansas ' next opponent was LSU. The Tigers proved too tough in home-court area as they blasted the Hogs 72-56 in the Louisiana Superdome. The Razorbacks had nothing to be ashamed of though. They ' d had another excellent season. NCAA Tournament 181 Women ' s basketball rebuilding Even though suffering th rough a disap- pointing 11-18 season, Arkansas did see the beginning of a new attitude towards women ' s basketball. A Commitment was given to pro- duce a first-class program during the last year. The Razorbacks added their first full- time assistant who took charge of the recruit- ing program and produced immediate results. Senior ' s Leah Gordon and Tammy Siefkes completed their Razorback careers collecting a good share of the school scoring and assist records. Freshman Cheryl Orcholski of Mil- waukee, WI, led the Razorbacks in scoring during her rookie season and earned all- Southwest Conference honors during the league tournament at Houston in January. As a team, the Razorbacks finished 5th in the SWC, a conference noted for its strong wom- en ' s basketball programs. The 1980-81 season could be labled as a rebuilding year yet it became a season in which a solid foundation was established. 182 Arkansas Basketball Clockwise from far upper left: Keep away- Two Oklahoma players pressure a Razorback with the ball. Up and in- An Arkansas player fires in a layup off of an offensive rebound. The unknown forward- This masked LSV player attempts to cut off the passing lane. Hot shot- Cheryl Orcholski, a freshman from Milwaukee who led the team in scoring, fires home two points. Assist- Connie Fitz- gerald dishes off an assist to a teammate. Arkansas Basketball 183 Clockwise from right: Reach for it- Karen Corham, who earned AII-American status, on the one meter board, reaches upward as she prepares for her dive. Airborne (top and bottom)- Ron Meyer reaches back for the water in this series of photos. Off the blocks (far right and below)- Hog swimmers ex- plode off the blocks to commence the 400-meter freestyle relay. 184 Arkansas Swimming Arkansas Swimming Arkansas Swimming 185 Clockwise from right: A different kind of pike- Freshman Ron Meyer gains All-American status in both the one and three meter diving events. Ready, set- Senior Jay Merritt earns Ail-American status on the 400-meter medley relay team. Olympian- Martin Smith, who competed for the United King- dom in the Moscow Olympics, earns All-American status in the 400-meter freestyle. Two timer- Senior Jerry Spencer ' s accomplishments earned him All- American status for the second time in three years. 186 Arkansas Swimming Hogs finish twelfth Despite illness and injuries, the Arkansas men ' s swim team had one of its best seasons ever in ' 80- ' 81 with a 12-1 record and a twelfth place finish in the NCAA championships. " I was pretty upset when the NCAA meet was over, " said Razorback coach Sam Freas. " I can ' t remember a year when we had more people sick. But overall, we had an excellent season. " Several times during the season, the Hogs had as many as twelve swimmers miss a meet, but the Porkers still managed to field a team capable of whipping formidable opponents. Arkansas knocked off Big Eight powers Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas, along with perennial swimming power Tennessee on their way to a near-perfect dual meet season. The Hogs dominated the Southwest Invitational at Lubbock, Texas in December, beating national chamPion Texas and SMU, a team that finished fourth " Nationally. While at the United States Invitational in Gainesville, Florida, Freas ' crew continued to dazzle the nation. The relay team of Randy Ensminger, Jay Merritt, Martin Smith, and Jerry Spencer broke the U.S. club record for the 400-meter freestyle relay, and also defeated world swimming teams from East Germany, the Soviet Union, and Sweden in the process. Spencer ' s time of 22.91 in the 50 meter freestyle in the same meet stood as the world record briefly before being bettered later in the same evening. Besides his great performance in the U.S.I., Spencer had several other impressive times over the year. Spencer ' s accomplishments earned him All-American honors for the second time in three years. In addition to Spencer, the Razorbacks had six other Ail-Americans. Merritt gained recognition in the 100-meter breaststroke relay, the 400-meter medley relay, and the 400 freestyle relay. Ron Meyer gained Ail- American status in both the one and three meter diving events, Robert Lager on the 400 Medley relay team, Olympian Martin Smith on the 499 freestyle and medley relay teams, Ensminger on the 400 freestyle team, and Derek Taylor gained honors also on the 400 freestyle relays. Besides earning All-America recognition, freshman Meyer was the most valuable diver at the Southwest Conference meet. " If I hadn ' t sent most of my kids all over the world (in order to get qualifying times for the NCAA meet), we ' d have finished higher than twelfth, maybe even eighth, " Freas said. " Next year we ' re going to change our approach a little bit. The Conference meet will be higher on our priority list than it was this year. Our Conference is the second best in the country. We ' re only a little behind the Pac 10. " Although Freas was disappointed with the team ' s finish at the NCAA ' s, he is still optimistic: " We ' re gonna win the NCAA ' s in a few years, " he said. 187 Clockwise from right: Running in the rain- A Hog steeplechaser gets rained and splashed on. Born to run- Cathy Stone competes in distance races for the Hogs. Pig train- Razorbacks Tom Moloney and Frank O ' Mara run one, two. By the seat of your pants- A Hogs high jumper attempts to clear seven feet. 188 Arkansas Track and Field Hogs Run For Triple Crown Arkansas ' track team attempted to become the first team in Southwest Conference history to win the " Triple Crown " . The Razorbacks, who won the conference cross country title last fall and the indoor track and field championship earlier in the spring, would complete the " Triple Crown " by capturing the outdoor track championship. " It ' s going to be hard for us to win the outdoor championship, " says coach John McDonell. " Our winning will depend on the balance of all the teams. If the teams like Houston, Texas, and Texas A M split up the points in the sprints then we will have a shot at winning it. " Arkansas appeared to have an excellent chance of winning the outdoor championship before the season began but injuries to Razorback distance ace Mark Anderson and triple jumper William Thompson may cost the Hogs needed points. Regardless of his team ' s outcome, several members of McDonnell ' s squad have a good chance of winning individual titles. Quartermilers Stanley Redwine and Pat Mitchell will be among the favorites in the 400 meters. Randy Stephens will have his hands full when he takes on SMU ' s Sammy Koskei in the 800 meters but could pull an upset. Pat Vaugh, Tony Conroy, or Randy Reina could take the 100,000 meter title. Frank O ' Mara won the steeplechase last year and should repeat. The Razorback mile relay team of Paul Jones, Kerwin Washington, Mitchell, and Redwine holds the second best time in the nation, but should get a strong challenge from Baylor. In the field events Scott Lofquist rates a strong favorite to win the discus competition. Lofquist just missed throwing 200 feet when he set a new school and state collegiate record with a throw of 199- 5. Over the course of the season, Stanley Redwine established himself as one of the top intermediate sprinters in the country with several outstanding performances. Arkansas Track and Field 189 Clockwise from above: Irish Hog- Dave Taylor of Ireland participates in cross country for the Razorbacks. Front runner- Dave Taylor leads the Hogs to a victory in the Kansas Relays. You can ' t catch me- Stanley Redwine blows away the competition in the 600-meters. Another win at KU- Frank O ' Mara cruises in with another victory for the Hogs in the Kansas Relays. 190 Arkansas Track And Field f F+TT m B " F; ? - r . ft 1 9 iifrt Arkansas Track And Field 191 192 Arkansas Track And Field Hogs host 1st Track Meet SWS The women ' s track and cross country program enjoyed continued growth during the past year. Serving as the host school for the SWAIAW Cross Country Championship s, the Razorbacks qualified three runners- junior Jody Rittenhouse, Junior college transfer Maria Tillman, and Freshman Cathy Stone - for the AIAW National meet at Seattle, Wash. They missed sending the entire team by only one point. On the track, Arkansas fielded some quality athletes. Freshman Betty Smith, although bothered for much of the indoor season with a strained hamstring, demonstrated why she was considered one of the top sprint recruits ever to sign with the Razorbacks. Smith set school marks both indoors and outdoors and added the SWC 100 meter crown to her credit in May. Sophomore Wanda Harris surprised everyone with her victory in the long jump competition at the conference meet. Harris hadn ' t competed in the event since her senior season in high school, but at the SWC Championships, she displayed the form that made her one of the top prepsters ever to come out of the Arkansas high school ranks. Harris won the competition with a leap of 19-8 Vt, a new school record. The Razorbacks accomplished many first during their campaign. In May, Arkansas hosted the first ever SWC Women ' s Track and Field Championships. During that meet, the Razorbacks won five events and set five school records. In total, nine Razorbacks qualified for national meet competition during 1980-81, a guide to the direction headed by the Arkansas women ' s track and field program. Clockwise from upper left: Celebration- Erin McCarthy, Jody Rittenhouse, and Cathy Stone celebrate after a successful meet. Too close for comfort- Freshman Jan Bennett clears 5 ' -8 % " at the SWC track meet for a school record. Exhaustion- Maria Tillman embraces her teammates after crossing the finish line. Juco national champ- Maria Tillman, who transferred to Arkansas as the reigning national junior college cross country champion, competes here for the Razorbacks. High stepper- Wanda Harris finishes second in the 110-hurdles at the SWC track meet (she won the long jump). Arkansas Track And Field 193 Women ' s records fall All but one school swimming record fell during the 1980-81 season. The addition of seven freshman with all-star credentials breathed new life in the Arkansas women ' s program. Sophomore Karen Gorham picked up where she left off as a freshman. The Nashville, Tenn., native accomplished her primary goal for the season in winning the AIAW one-meter national diving championship at Columbia, S.C.. This marked Gorham ' s second national crown. Her freshman year, Gorham won the AAU one-meter diving crown. In addition to her one meter title, Gorham narrowly missed a double win by placing third in the AIAW three meter competition. Following the week-long meet, Gorham was named the AIAW Naional Diver of the Year for 1981. Although she failed to repeat as the AAU one meter champion in 1981, Gorham ' s seventh place finish earned her a berth on the United States diving team that will compete internationally this summer. At the first international meet in May, the USA-International diving Championships, she finished seventh in the world on the three meter board, she was the youngest diver and the only collegian among the top eight finishers. 194 Arkansas Swimming Clockwise from upper left: Congratulations- An Arkansas women ' s coach reaches down to congratulate one of his swimmers. Churn it up- Junior Paula Hamp churns through the water. Butterfly- Freshman Maggie Schwindt practices the butterfly. Tighten up on that backstroke- A Razorback swimmer competes in the backstroke. _ Arkansas Swimming 195 Arkansas Tennis 196 Arkansas Tennis Clockwise from far left: Doo- Peter Doohan, the Hogs ' number two singles player, prepares to smash his backhand cross- court. Hoops- Ship Hooper, Arkansas ' nationally ranked number one singles player, warms up before a match. All-Star Frosh (Part I)- Trisha Shaw, a freshman from Tal- lahassee, FL, waits to return service. All-Star Frosh (Part 11)- Beth Wagner, a freshman from Mt. Pros- pect, IL, prepares to hit her backhand. Arkansas Tennis 197 Hogs ranked 3rd Arkansas netters ' total domination of the Southwest Conference for the second year in a row, defies the fact that at one point it became questionable if they would even be able to field a team. The Hog ' s top freshman recruit, Mike Depalmer, defected to Tennessee when his father was named head coach there, and Arkansas ' other spring recruit became academically ineligible before the season began. However, head coach Tom Pucci refused to be discouraged, and in the fall, he went on a world wide recruiting trip. To go along with Chip Hooper, Peter Doohan, Clark Diehl, and Jose Lambert, who returned from last year ' s team, Pucci added Pat Serret from Australia and Jean Van Rensberg from South Africa. The squad was completed by walk-ons Mark Kane and Mark Dutton. Before the play began, Hooper established himself as the No. 1 ranked player in the country by winning the National Collegiate Indoor Tennis Championships. The tournament featured the 32 top ranked players in the country. Early in the dual season, the Hogs struggled slightly in singles while Pucci searched for the right combination, but they still managed to win the Wal-Mart Invitational (held for the first time at Burns Park in Little Rock) on the strength of their doubles play. The Hogs remained undefeated until Hooper suffered a stress fracture in his left foot that sidelined him for several weeks. During his absence, Serret and Van Rensberg each missed action with less serious injuries. Only then, did the Razorbacks lose despite the outstanding job of Doohan who filled in for Hooper at the No. 1 singles position. Arkansas got well in time for conference play though and began to roll through it ' s opponents. The Hogs opened league play with a 9-0 win over Texas Tech at Lubbock. Returning to Fayetteville, they dispatched of pre- season favorite Houston 6-3 and Texas 8-1. The Hogs then went on a critical four day swing through Texas. On consecutive afternoons, Arkansas whipped a better than average TCU team 6-3, nationally ranked Trinity 6-3, Texas A M 8-1, and Rice 7-2. Back home, the Hogs took only two hours plus to slam hapless Baylor 9-0. Hooper and Diehl highlighted the blitz with a 6-0, 6-0 victory at No. 2 doubles. The Razorbacks then virtually clinched the conference championship with a 7-2 drubbing of second-place SMU. Serret closed out the regular season conference date undefeated to lead the Hogs ' victory. Arkansas completed the regular season with a 6-2 win over Oklahoma State (led by former Razorback Mark Johnson). The Hogs 24-3 dual meet record had them ranked third in the country. At the Southwest Conference tournament in Corpus Christi, Arkansas won its second straight conference title by winning four of nine league championships. Hooper (repeating from last year), Doohan, and Diehl won at No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4 singles respectively, and Lambert and Van Rensberg won at No. 3 doubles. The Razorbacks looked on to their third straight appearance in the NCAA tournament. 198 Arkansas Tennis Clockwise from far left: Strain of the game- Chip Hooper strains to hit a return. Intimidation- Pat Serret puts the intimidation factor on his oppo- nent. " Cat " quick- Pat Serret, who is known for extremely quick reflexes, hits a backhand. CD- Clark Diehl, a junior from Los Angeles, gets his racket in positin to hit a return. Arkansas Tennis 199 Tennis on the upswing I The Women ' s tennis program gained new respectability in tennis during the 1980-81 season. Coach Katy Carrigan turned a program that finished 12-14 her first year into one of the most promising programs in the Southwest. Carrigan imported four outstanding prospects, and once on campus, the newcomers wasted little time in asserting their prowess on the courts. Freshman Trisha Shaw of Tallahessee, L, who ranked among the top 60 juniors nationwide as a high school senior, compiled an impressive 41-11 mark during her first campaign at Arkansas. Junior college transfer Lorie Zacharias was equally strong rolling up a 39-11 won-loss record and a phenomal 22-3 record during the spring. The other top newcomers were Freshman Beth Wagner and Junior College Ail-American Debbie Smith. The Lady Razorbacks earned their first trip ever to the SWAIAW Regional Championships rolling to a 28-10 overall mark. " The improvement we have made in the last year is almost unbelievable, " says Carrigan. " It ' s hard to say 28-10 is a great record but you have to take into consideration the number of teams we lost to last year and then beat badly this season. " That ' s how you can gage our improvement " she adds. " We had a much tougher schedule this year, too. The losses we had were good ones and they helped us improve as a team and individuals. We all learned a lot this season. " 200 Arkansas Tennis Clockwise from far left: Keep your eye on the ball- Donna Ruggles, a young team ' s only senior, con- centrates on the ball. Stretch out- Beth Wagner stretches out for a return. Drop shot- Debbie Smith, a junior college All-American from Hous- ton, hits a drop shot. Follow through- Beth Wagner follows through on her forehand. Calm, cool, and collected- Trisha Shaw, the Hogs No. 1 singles player, prepares for her backhand. Arkansas Tennis 201 Arkansas Baseball 202 Arkansas Baseball Clockwise from far left: Reggie, Reggie, ... Reg- gie Thomas takes a cut. Razorback hurler- An Ar- kansas pitcher prepares to deliver the ball. It ' s a bunt- First baseman John Hennell moves in for a Texas bunt. High five- Kenny Rogers gets the high five after belting a homerun. Hold ' em- John Hen- nell holds a runner close at first base. Out!!!- Dave McClure tags a Texas runner out at home. Arkansas Baseball 203 Chckwite from above: The Gambler- Kenny Rogers puts on the tag at third base. Get Back- Todd Zacher scrambles back to first base. Big Mac- Kevin McReynoIds hits a shot down the third base line. Hot box- Kenny Rogers (right) and Dave McClure have a Texas player in a rundown. 204 Arkansas Baseball Hogs make 5th trip to tourney As was the case last season, inconsistant pitching hampered the Hogs. Against tough competition, if Razorback Scott Tabor didn ' t pitch, Arkansas usually didn ' t win. The Hogs, however, were often able to overcome their inept pitching with a powerful hitting attack led by Kevin McReynolds, Billy Dees, and John Hennell. Arkansas was up and down over the course of the season. They closed out the regular campaign with a 29-19 record (the ninth straight season the Hogs have won 20 or more games). In the conference, they were 12- 9, which was good enough for second place to Texas. The second place finish provided the Hogs with their fifth consecutive SWC Baseball Tournament appearance to be played at Disch-Falk Field in Austin. Arkansas Baseball 206 206 Arkansas Cross Country Razorbacks finish 2nd in Nation After suffering disappointment at previous NCAA Cross Country Championships, the Razorbacks broke out of their tenth-place finishes of the last two years to capture second in the country. In the process, the Hogs racked up an unprecedented seventh straight conference championship. The team consisted of Mark Anderson, David Taylor, Anthony Conroy, Frank O ' Mara, Pat Vaughn, Scott Jones, Randy Reina, and Randy Stephens. Under the direction of head coach John McDonnell, these continued and added to Arkansas ' tradition of quality distance runners. Just as important, the Hogs captured the first jewel in the SWC ' s track anf field triple crown. Clockwise from far left: Heat Wave- A Razorback runner struggles in the heat. The thrill of victory- Mark Anderson clinches his fist inexultation. Stamina- Running in a group gives the Hogs added stamina. Leader of the pack- A group of Arkansas runners outdistances the rest of the field. 208 Arkansas Golf DAVID WHELCHEL HEAD COACH TODD BINDNER BRAD BROOKS BRUCE JENKINS JOHN BRACKEN MICK BRETHOWER Razorbacks place 6th at SWC Golf Championships At the Southwest Conference Golf Championships held at Briarwood Country Club in Tyler, TX, the Razorbacks finished a somewhat dissappointing sixth. Arkansas shot a combined 892 to Texas ' 863, Houston ' s 865, Rice ' s 876, Texas A M ' s 880, and TCU ' s 891. Individually, Bruce Jenkins finished in a tie for 13th with a score of 221, Bob Sauerberg finished in a tie for 16th with 222, and Ronnie Ocker finished in a tie for 18th with a score of 223. However, the addition of a new coach and two highly recruited freshmen gave the Hogs reason for optimism. RONNIE OCKER BOB SAUERBERG Arkansas Golf 209 Clockwise from below: Gang tackle- Razorback defenders gang tackle a Baylor Bear. Yeah!- Pat Serrat clinches his fist in joy after hitting a match winning shot against SMU. Offensive rebound- Forward Greg Skulman scores on a lay-up. Every which way but loose- Elusive Gary Anderson leaves three TCU Horned Frogs in his wake. 210 Sports Sports 211 Clockwise from right Rained out (Part I)- Bad weather curtailed most of the performances at the Arkansas Relays. Get it- Keith Peterson fights for a rebound against Baylor. Rained out (Part 11)- Dan- ny Phillips tackles a ball carrier in the rain-soaked SMU game played at Texas Stadium. 212 Sports Folie Sports 213 Clockwise from right: 1980-81 Cheerleading Squad- First: Larry Butler, Perry Smith. Second: Les Warren, Doug Green, Scott Atkinson, Damian Cerke. Third Angle Schaefer, Cindy Burns, Gary Lindley. Fourth: Carolyn Scott, June Morrow. Fifth: Liz Paddock. H-O-G-S Hogs- The pom pon squad performs one of their most popular routines in this series of photos. Pep rally- Kelly Minton dances to " Instant Replay " at a football pep rally in the Greek Theater. Larry All- Cheerleader Larry Butler dons a towel at the SMU game. 1980-81 Pom Pon Squad- Front: Tamera Daniels, Debbie Lopez, Janet Embry, Susan Wilkinson, Sharon Cathey, Penny Hamilton, Debbie Sanders. Back: Kelly Minton, Sandi Munnerlyn, Shelley Odom. 214 Spirit Groups Spirit Groups Spirit Croups 215 216 Honors HONORS Barry Bryan Accounting Gurdon, Arkansas Marching Razorback Band Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board-Vice President 1979 Razorback Sports Editor Beta Alpha Psi Blue Key-Treasurer Kappa Kappa Psi University Symphonic Band ASG Honorary Degree Selection Lesli Overbey Speech Pathology Little Rock, Arkansas Kappa Kappa Gamma-Treasurer Order of Omega-Secretary Cardinal Key Chairman Diabetes Drive Kappa Kappa Gamma Panhellenic Representative Honor Roll Mike Calhoun Chemistry Texarkana, Arkansas Interfraternity Council-Vice President Sigma Nu Lieutenant Commander Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Blue Key Cardinal Key Alpha Epsilon Delta National Youth in Achievement Award WHO ' S WHO 218 Who ' s Who Sarah Albert Political Science Jasper, Arkansas Phi Beta Kappa Henry M. Alexander Award Pi Sigma Alpha-President Pre-Law Student Association-President Alpha Delta Pi Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Anthony Lewis Accounting Camden, Arkansas Mortar Board-Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Lambda Delta Mu Alpha Nu Resident Assistant Minority Assistant Dennis Robinson Architecture Little Rock, Arkansas Alpha Rho Chi-Charter Member Student Government of Architecture-Vice President Razorback Yearbook Staff-79-80 Architecture Week-Committee Chairman Design Review Board Navigator Ministry WHO ' S WHO Who ' s Who 2U Tracie Brewer Physical Education Little Rock, Arkansas Zeta Tau Alpha-President Mortar Board-Historian Order of Omega Omicron Delta Kappa , Blue Key Arkansas Booster Club-Publicity Chairman P.E.M. Club-President Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister-Vice President Outstanding Young Women in America National College Register Razorback Yearbook Staff Young Life Leader Freshman Sorority Council Cardinal XXX Steve Von Steen Finance And Banking Little Rock, Arkansas Phi Gamma Delta President Associated Student Government-President Associated Student Government-Treasurer University of Arkansas Presidential Search Committee Mortar Board Blue Key Cardinal XXX Cardinal Key Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Elizabeth Wellborn Chemistry Little Rock, Arkansas Zeta Tau Alpha-Historian American Chemical Society-President Blue Key Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Union Programs 1981 Razorback Greek Editor Phi Beta Kappa Honors Program WHO ' S WHO Billy Polk Zoology Fort Smith, Arkansas Mortar Board-President Blue Key Omicron Delta Kappa Cardinal Key Phi Beta Kappa Phi Delta Theta-Scholarship Chairman Merry Lee Hewitt Broadcast Journalism Springdale, Arkansas Panhellenic Council-President Delta Delta Delta Rush Chairman Blue Key Cardinal Key Mid-America Panhellenic Association-Vice President Razorback Beauty 1981 Order of Omega Miss University of Arkansas-Contestant Steve McDaniel Zoology West Memphis, Arkansas Senior Honor Citation Omicron Delta Kappa-President Cardinal Key- President Mortar Board Blue Key Zoology Honors Program Cardinal XXX-Treasurer Associated Student Government-Senator Union Programs Phi Delta Theta-Vice President WHO ' S WHO Who ' s Who 221 Patti Freemeyer Speech Pathology Helena, Arkansas Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Panhellenic Rush Chairwoman Kappa Kappa Gamma Chaplain National Student Speech and Hearing Association Alpha Lambda Delta Scott Ramoly Electrical Engineering Little Rock, Arkansas Associated Student Government-Senator Judicial Committee Chairman Athletic Committee Chairman Campus Council Faculty Athletic Committee Student Ticket Committee Chairman Court Selection Committee Gail Gladdin Communications Hot Springs, Arkansas Kappa Alpha Theta-Rush Chairman Blue Key Pi Kappa Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron Associated Student Government Senator Board of Publications Student Services Allocations Committee WHO ' S WHO 222 Who ' s Who r Trent Walton Chemical Engineering Forrest City, Arkansas America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces American Institute Chemical Engineering- Vice President Tau Beta Pi- Pledge Trainer Omega Chi Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Epsilon Students Taking a New Dimension- Leadership Award Hall Senate Rho Judical Board Lloyd Meyers Architecture Little Rock, Arkansas Outstanding Leadership Award Outstanding Academic Award U. of A. Dean ' s List President ' s Advisory Council Associated Student Government Senator Masonary Contractors Association Scholarship Residence Hall Association Students Taking a New Dimension- President Board of Publications Alpha Phi Alpha Omicron Delta Kappa Doug Green Zoology Tulsa, Oklahoma Phi Beta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa-Vice President Razorback Cheerleader-Captain Mortar Board Cardinal Key Blue Key Phi Gamma Delta-Treasurer, Chaplain, Pledge Class President Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma-Vice President Freshman Fraternity Council Union Programs Associated Student Government-Parking Chairman WHO ' S WHO Who ' s Who 223 Marie Clinton Broadcast Journalism Fayetteville, Arkansas Kappa Alpha Theta-Rush Chairman Freshman Sorority Council-Treasurer Associated Student Government Community Relations Chairman Homecoming Parade Coordinator Sigma Delta Kappa-Secretary Order of Omega Panhellenic Rush Chairman Jon Seiz Architecture Hot Springs, Arkansas Cardinal XXX-President Phi Delta Theta ASC AIA-Vice President Mortar Board-Vice President Omicron Delta Kappa Tau Sigma Delta-Secretary Senior Scholars Key AIA Henry Adams Award Hannibal Johnson Economics Sociology Fort Smith, Arkansas Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Students Taking a New Dimension Arkansas Union Programs S.M.I.L.E. WHO ' S WHO 224 Who Who . . _- - m m C. Lowry Barnes Zoology Pine Bluff, Arkansas Interfraternity Council-President Sigma Alpha Epsilon-President Phi Eta Sigma Cardinal Key Blue Key Cardinal XXX Associated Student Government Senator Presidents Advisory Council Phi Beta Kappa Mortor Board Mohini Chatrathi Chemical Engineering Fayetteville, Arkansas American Institute of Chemical Engineers- Treasurer Alpha Chi Sigma-Treasurer Arkansas Engineer-Editor Cardinal XXX Cardinal Key Tau Beta Phi Omega Chi Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta Bill Bailey Finance Springdale, Arkansas Interfraternity Council-President Sigma Phi Epsilon-President Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega President of Advisory Council Freshman Fraternity Council WHO ' S WHO Who ' s Who 225 Allison Level Public Administration Topeka, Kansas Assistant Head Resident Humphreys Hall Arkansas Union Programs President, Vice President Mortar Board-Editor Blue Key-Vice President Omicron Delta Kappa Associated Student Government-Aid to the President, Senator Cardinal Key, Carinal XXX U of A Debate Team Kadettes Lisa Christian Social Studies Overland Park, Kansas Panhellenic Assistant Rush Chairwoman Greek Woman of the Year Chi Omega Rush Chairwoman, Pledge Trainer Razorback Pom-Pon Squad Order of Omega-President Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Kappa Delta Pi Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart Cardinal Kay Cardinal XXX Freshman Sorority Council-President Associated Student Government Human Resources Council Razorback Beauty Finalist WHO ' S WHO 226 Who ' s Who University of Arkansas 198 J Ot A 22 V., I Qaila ftamett representing Alpha Kko Chi Gaila is a member of Alpha Rho Chi honorary architecture fraternity. She enjoys snowskiing, waterskiing, and playing raquetball. Gaila someday hopes to open her own architecture firm and work on her special interest-dealing with solar energy. Razorback Beauties 230 Razorbdck Beau V - ee Mcwitt representing Order of Omega Merry Lee is a member of Delta Delta Delta where she was Rush Chairman. She served as a member of the U of A Pom Pon Squad, as Panhellenic President, and as a member of Order of Omega. Her honors have included Blue Key, Cardinal Key, and Who ' s Who. Merry Lee hopes to be a news reporter and anchorperson. Razorback Beaut: ; II. V. Kegina Mop per representing Zcta tau Regina is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha where she was Rush Chairman. She served as a member of Blue Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Young Democrats, and the Uarkettes. Regina ' s honors have included Miss U of A 1980, Drake Relays Queen, Outstanding Young Woman in America-1980, and the International Youth Award- 1980. Regina plans to attain a law degree at the University of Arkansas Law School and seek public office. Razorback Beauties 23. f V 2J4, Razor back Beauties r Slicia Sinor representing Phi Elicia is a member of Phi Mu where she was scholarship and campus activities chairman. She served as a member of Angel Flight, Cardinal Key, Phi Gamma Delta little sisters, and was a Young Life leader. Elicia ' s honors have included the National Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and recipient of the Phi Mu Scholarship award. Elicia plans to attend medical school. Razorback Beauties 4 Vi I r Williams representing Sigma Alpha Spsilon Gwyn is a member of Pi Beta Phi. She served as a member of the CEC Education Club. Gwyn was honored to reign as Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s Miss Knockout. Gwyn hopes to receive a masters degree in special education. Razorback Beauties Kazorback fteauty flemy Carter Zeta isa Ckristian Cki Omega floamie flaeobsen a Kappa ambda Owen Angel Slight 238 Beauty Finalists Tmalists 1981 floknice Cross Pki Qamwa ' Delta Cathy Cullcn Delta Qamma eigk Kandall Cki Omega " Debbie Scwagin Kappa Kappa (jamma Beauty Finalist- Kim Sauer Agri-Queen Julie Scudder St. Patricia L inda Richardson Track Queen Beauties 241 242 Orga n iza tions ORGANIZATIONS Organizations 243 Qrganizations 245 Agronomy Front Row: Hank Chaney, Lee Sweetin, Randall Smith(TreasJ, Wayman Holt (Sec.), Vaughn Skinner, Steve Malone, Swenn Watts (V. Pres.), Dave Longer (Advisor). Row 2: Mary Kay Inman, Felicia Berg, Nancy Miller, Jerry Cobb (Pres.), Dwane Wolf (Advisor). Row 3: Marrion Offutt (Advisor), Mark Martin (Corresp. Sec.), Hugh Jacks, Mike Sullivan, Babette Goodman, Lynn Stanley, Terry Tatum, Jim Wyatt, Brian Osborn. AIChE Front row: Kirk Rhee, Doreen Hen son, Ngoi nguyn, Tina Strassle, Lisa Brown, Deva Hupaylo (V.Pres.), Becky Riester, Mobini Chatrathi, Terry L. Hardin. Row 2: Welton Boyce, Curt Castle, Eddie Rutledge, Leonard T. Foster, Hardey Beaver, Scott Hart man. Rick Moore, Michael Pike, Joe Doyle. Row 3: Terry E. Hedden, Steve Bushkuhl, Jimmy Cilbreth, Mark L. Springer, Steven Auchterlonie, Marcua Newman, Charles Walsh, Bruce Eldridge, Donald Jennings. Row 4: Tom Spicer (Pres.), Mark Creer, John Kelly, Wayne Mullins, Mike Cochran, John Freemyer, Gary Davis, David Satterfield, Bob Poag. Alpha Zeta Front row: Miguel Salinas, Tracy Kelley, (AHESA Rep.), Kevin ThrelkeldfSgt. at arms), David Branscum. Row 2: Connie White, Ed Dooley, Cheryl Miller, Mary Ann Villines, Jelicia Berg (Scribe), Anna Jo. Connell, Phyllis Moore (Chronicler), Mark Hobbs, Kathy Miller, Bella Jo Cairns, Noah S. Peek III. Row 3: Peter Chu, David Price, Neil Morris, Hal Hillman, Roy Barnard, Bern Kurz, Alton Beck, Fred Collins (Advisor), Gwendolyn Kay Watts (Programs Chariman), Paul Dutram, Sang B. Im. Row 4: Wade Whistle (Chancellor), Ray Osborn, Ricky Strain, Mike Power, Barry Cruup, Roy Sharp (Advisor), Daniel Wolf, Gary Bohannon, J. Douglas Brooks, Andy Coins. Not pictured: Shirley Wolf Barney Morris(Cen sor). Ahesa Front row: Janan Jackson, Jawanda Barnett, Pam Hollandsworth, Lee Ann Huckleberry, Ted Dorn, Charles L. Metz, Debbie Fiegel, Felicia Berg, Don Young(Sec.), Cindy Park. Row 2: Kim Sauer, Leah Chester(Editor), Janet Wood, Marisa Houston, Meta Cross(Pub. Mgr.), Mary Ann Busby, Judi Dellinger, Sharon Loveland, Jewelene Lovell, Cindy Clements, Alan Hopkins, Row 3: Charlene Mootz, Cindy Brown, Tresa Lack, James Mcjunkins, Mike Hudlow(Assit. Treas.), Sam Green, Mike Kiene, Roy Barnhard(Treas.), Tommy Waters (V- Pres.), David Holt. Row 4: Kevin Threlkeld, John Jones, Threlkeld, John Jones, Tracy Kelley, Wayman Holt, Gary Main, Berni Kurz, Susan McChristian, Eddy Howard, Alvin Huck. Row 5: Michael Shook, Doug Brooks(Pres.), Kelly Smith, Wade Whistle, Nolan Arthur. NSSHA (Above) Front row: Carol Smith, Dr. Bar- bara Sladden (Advisor), Regina Day, Mari- lyn McCurty, Joni Cogbill. 2nd row: Kym Smith, Caroline Cann, Nancy Davis, Lesli Overbey, Sally Schneider. 3rd row: Carol Wasseh, Vanessa Satterlee, Jeff Moore, Ear- lene Carratt, Diane Siebenmorgen, Patti Freemyer, Patricia Gregory. (Left) Marcia Roles (Sec.), Sally Schneider (V. Pies.), Nan- cy Davis (Pres.), Dr. Barbara Shadden (Advi- sor), Shelley Brammer (TreasJ. Ark. Engineers (Above) Front row: Carton Caroom, Mohini Chatrathi (Editor), Constance Corcoran (Asst. Editor). 2nd row: Dale Randels, Charles Wood, Kevin McPherson. (Left) Engine Week ' s Soap Box Derby. 248 Orga n iza tions AHEA (Above) Front row: Ellen Humphreys, Chris Love, Beverly Baughman, Linda Basse, Margaret Maddox, Teresa Lauder- milk, Cindy Brown. 2nd row: Becky Ley, Kelly Marrs, Christine Thomas, Leah Ches- ter, Anna Westfall, Sharon Westfall, Liz Jones. 3rd row: Charlene Mooty, Rebecca Hicks, Debra Houston, Pamela Mueller, Debbie Yancey, Donna DeSieghardt. (Right) Front row: Linda Busse (Parl.), Chris Love (Treas.), Margaret Maddox (Sec.), Tere- sa Laudermilk (V. Pres.), Debbie Yancey (Hist.). 2nd row: Beverly Baughman (Rep.), Cindy Brown (Pres.), Tresa Lack (AHESA Rep.), Dr. Charlene Mooty (Advisor). Soccer Club (Above) Front row: Ayman Alkhadra, Tim Newell, Herb Busch, Doug Hamilton, Mike Cox, Inuwa Danlad, Darlush Shafezadeh. 2nd row: Steve Ciddings, Enrique Funiga, Edwardo Salofano, Richard Kaufman, Ran- dy Smith, Chris Floyd, Jeff Chandler, Wally Stanimirobic, Doug Myatt, Bill Stokker, Bri- an Lark. (Right) Soccer team in action. Organizations 249 Engine Council Front row: David Peavy, Eddie Rutledge, Kennith Evans, David Pitman, Michael Beasley, Tom Groom. 2nd row: Deva Hupaylo, Lisa Brown, John Jehlen, Mike Winemiller, Joni Jennette, Kim Campbell, Janis Womack, Ann Caffrey, Randall Small, Douglas Foster. 3rd row: Tom Croce, Creg Hirsch, John Madey, Terry Hedden, Randy Matthews, Dorene Henson, Tom Spicer, Robert Hunter. (Left) Engine Week ' s Soap Box Derby. (Above) Dr. Neil Schmitt (Advisor), Creg Hirsch (Treas.), Marlowe Small (V. Pres.), Janis Womack (Sec.), David Peavy (Pres.). 250 Orga n iza tions AWS (Above) Front row: Johnnie Rhoads, Najla Kutait, Diana Scott, Tanya Phillips, Ginger McCaughy, Harriet Morris, Mindy Holt. 2nd row: Melissa Albright, Angie Faulkner, Becky McCoy, Karen Dugan, Heather Miles. 3rd row: Annie Carrett, Lori Camp- bell, Stacie McHan, Pia Heden, Stacy Hag- gard. 4th row: Barbara Byrd, Wrenetta Ol- son, Lisa Cook, Lynn Cook, Cary Cravens, Toni Bowlin. 5th row: Jane McKinnon, Lisa Weeks, Karla Bradley, Jane Baker, Linda Vines. 6th row: Teresa Carter, Art Olson, Kathy Dobbs, Joan Troy, Melba Hagan, Marie McQuarrie. (Below) Left to right: Jane McKinnon (Treas.), Johnnie Emerton Rhoades (Sec.), Wrenetta Olson (Pres.), Bar- bara Byrd(V. Pr es.). (Right) Phyllis Schlafly speaks to AWS. Food Science Club R : HB A (Above) Front row: D.R. Davis (Advisor), Ginger Jones, Jackie P. Donley, Lee Ann Huckleberry, Marilyn Twogood, Janet Beck, Joe Kozup, Carol Striegler. 2nd row: Kurt Wiese, Gary Main, Peter Chu, Keith Striegler, Bryan Hill, Richard Forbess. (Left) The making of apple cider which was sold in the Union for a fund raising project. Pi Delta Phi (Above) Front Row: Susan Durean, Cindy Chandler, Beverly Coney, Sharon Fulks, Dr. Margaret Clark (Sponsor), Dr. Rita Falke, Russel Black, Mary A. Hill, Ellen Moore, Marshall Sladyen, Susan Faust. (Left) Dr. Margaret Clark (Sponsor), Cindy Chandler (Pres.), Suzanne Cooksey (V. Pres.), Susan Durean (Sec. Treas.). 252 Orga n iza tion s FFA (Above) Front row: Terry Rorex, William Tapp, Craig Smith, Barry Robinson, Cindy Clements, Sara Marley, Jana West. 2nd row: Shirley Wolf, Patti Bale, Alvin Huck, Brad Oxford, Mike Kiene, Alan Hopkins, Carson Marcantel, Tracy Archer. 3rd row: Julie Lawrence, Ben Boyce, Steve Payne, Steven Mudford, Mark Sanders. (Right) Front row: Tracy Archer (Sentinal-Spring Sem.), Kim Sauer (Queen Canidate), Annetta Bilbo (Sec.). 2nd row: Patti Bale (AHESA Rep.), Craig Smith (V. Pies.), Barry Robinson (Rep.), Alan Hopkins (Rep.). 3rd row: Ben Boyce (Treas.), Mark Sanders (Sentinal), William Tapp (Rep.). Eta Kappa Nu (Above) Front row: Michael Brooks, Steven Williams, Tina Ciasca, J.D. Wheelis, Augus- ta Williamson, Michael Beasley. 2nd row: John Cramer, Joseph Metzger, Stanley Holloway, Ramin Moshiritafreshi, Kirklyn Melson. 3rd row: Carl Bowling, Paul Jef- fries, John English, Stan Mecke, Lewis D. Lorenzo. 4th row: Todd Wisner, Cray Mor- ris, James Roberts, Stanley Smith. 5th row: John Hug, Paul Vinson, Keith Davis, Mi- chael Hughes. 6th row: Prof. Haroon Ra- shid, Prof. Stanley E. Stephenson, Prof. Jer- ry Yeargan, Prof. W. D. Brown. (Right) Front row: Michael Beasley (Pres.), Tina Ciasca (Recording Sec.). 2nd row: Augusta Williamson (Bridge Correspondent), J.D. Wheelis (Treas.), Michael Brooks (V. Pres.), Steven Williams (Cor res. Sec.). OSCA (Above) Front row: John Nelson, Craig Brown, Tom DeMont, Andy Herman, Charles Due . 2nd row: William Kim- brough, Yvette Green, Wade Jones Jr., Jane McKinnon, Annette Green, Cindy White, Ted Vandergriff. 3rd row: Wayne Ball, Grant Downer, Michelle Pinegar, Joe Pine- gar, Garry Mayo, John Adams, Jeff Kirby, Kim Godfrey, Dan Hale, Delane Kelly, Barry Kew. (Left) Tanra Plummer (V. Pres.), Jane McKinnon (Pres.), Wade Jonew Jr. (Treas.). Coll. Republicans (Above) Front row: Stacee Whiteside, Christy Middleton, Maureen Scott, Santa Claus, Cheryl Pitts, Theresa Campbell, Diane Wilson. 2nd row: Mike Simpfen- derfer, Mike Hayward, Raymond Osborn, Kelly Mackiewich, Tracy Henderson, Sandy Smith, KathySuratt, David Branscum, Greg Dunn, Tom Paterson. 3rd row: Jon Wright, Brady Vick, Brad Brown, Joe Gilker, Melody Cowan, Don Elred, John Riddle, Mark Fuhr- man. 4th row; Charles Peacock, Jeff Cole, J. R. Spies, Allen Laws, David Clark, John Ackerman, Gregory Lones, Gary Rhodes, Brady Tinker, Mark St. Onge, Ron Pickens. (Left) Mike Simpfenderfer (Pres.), Nancy Caughlan (Sec.), Charles Peacock (V. Pres.), Theresa Campbell (Treas.). AIIE m (Above) Front row: Marty Koschmann, Clark Matheny, Virginia Allen, Fred Halper, Charlie Wood, Dana Darter. 2nd row: Joe Wurtz, Julie Elidge, Bryan Grimsley, Wendy Owens, Mark Desalso, Tracy Maxson, Deb- bie Reeves. 3rd row: Tony Cassady, Carlon Randalls, Bonnie Christy, Kathy Reilly, Diane Morgan, Mario Selva, Tom Groom, Ace Ashmore. 4th row: Bill Rader, Brent Combs, Ted Warriner, Greg Hirsch, David Hudman, Jeanie Ludeni, David Hudman, Jeanie Ludeni, David Brown, Keith Smith, Scott Hendren, Terri Chapman. 5th row: Mike Waldren, Dana Sedgass, Robert Hunt- er. 6th row: Kevin Miller, I. Rainian, Alfred Young. (Right) Front row: Robert Hunter (Chairman, Chapt. Org.), David Hudman (Chairman, Refreshments). 2nd row: Ted Warriner (Chairman, Programs), Tony Cas- sady (Chairman, Membership), Bonnie Christy (Chairman, Academics), Joe Wurtz (Chairman, Publicity). Hunter (Chapt. Organization), David Hum phreys (V. Pies.), Brian Grimsley (Pres Elect), Bill Rader (Advisor). (Right) Fall Pic (Above) Front row, fall officers: Tom Groom (Pres.), Carlon Randalls (Sec.), Dathy Reilly (Chapt. Organization), Charlie Wood (Treas.). 2nd row, spring officers: Brent Combs (Pres.), Dana Sedgass (Sec.), Robert Org a n iza tion s 255 Alpha Kappa Psi (Above) Front row: Caroline Coffman, Bebe Ferguson, Jennifer Morgan, Lynne Fitager- ald, Tracy Hobbs, Jill Chapman, Melissa Cattaneo, Kim Rorex, Vee Monney, Mary Fox, Patti Pickett, Sheila Watson, Gwendo- lyn Norman, Dooley Ann George, Teresa Dillah unty, Judy Schoolcraft. 2nd row: Tom Rogers, Stanley Hill, Roy Jackson, Shawn Hill, Cordon Hardin, Rodney Brannon, Ronald Dooms, David Sanders, Gordon D. Voight II, Brian Sullivan, Steve Richards, Kelly Hackler, Tamyra Black, Charles Par- ette, Pam Core. 3rd row: Dr. Joe Wilson (Advisor), Michael Panas, Kenneth Daniels, Brian Rosen thai, Chris Jackson, Ernie Clif- ton, Chris Hansen, Bradley K. Phillips, A. ]. Brown III, Rusty Faulkner, Andrew Post, Parker Pennings, Joseph Gilker, Brian Lay- man, Chris Back. (Left) Front row: Tamyra Black (V. Pres. -Membership), Patti Pickitt (Treas.). 2nd row: Pam Core (Sec.), Chris Back (V. Pres. -Performance), Jennifer Mor- gan (Master of Rituals), Charles Parettt (Pres.). Ag-Econ Club " - ' (Above) Front row: Mark Mason, James Mcjunkins, David B. Smith, Thad Hanna, Cheryl Wingert, Wendy L. Lasiter, John Jones, Candy Baker, Teri Huffaker. 2nd row: Brad Edwards, Emmett Elam, Ned Lar- son, Gary Bohannon, Ken Peacock, Brian Osborn, Caleb Snow Jr., Randy Odglen Barry Crudup. (Left) Front row: Mark Ma son (Pres.), Emmett Elam (Advisor). 2nd row. John Jones (AHESA Rep.), Caleb Snow, Jr. (Treas.), David B. Smith (Sec.), James Mcjunkins (V. Pres.). 256 Organiza tions Tau Beta Sigma (Above) Front row: Cheryl Ratcliff, Liz Les- ter, Cayle Roske, Debbie Christie, Rebecca Younger, Alice Bane, Anne Huey. 2nd row: Jeanie Rimmer. Denise Bakema, Cathey Jor- dan, Kim Johnson, Ann Manning, Cheryl Miller, Kim Baker, Cindy Foster. 3rd row: Kim Tribble, Cathi Cranston, Debbie Riggs, Rachelle Barnes, Belinda Mills, Millie West, Judy Sims, Kelley Hedgecock, Cindy Holm- berg, Amy Woodsmall, Janice Crumpton. (Right) Ann Manning (Treas.), Kelley Hed- gecock (Cor. Sec.), KathySeaton (Pres.), Deb- bie Christie (Hist.), Liz Lester (V. Pres.), not pictured: Cheryl Ratcliff (Rec. Sec.). University of Arkansas Kappa Kappa Psi (Above) Front row: Mike Rotenberry, Allen Fields, Kevin Quinn, Russell Robinson, Rick Rauh, Randy Green, Tom Cannady. 2nd row: David Corham, Chris Rabone, Mike McLarty, Steve Malone, Greg Brown, Rex Gipson, Tracy Davis, Roy Vestal. 3rd row: Brooks Calhoun, Chris McMasters, Jose Diaz, Loyd Price, Mr. Eldon Janzen (Sponsor), Barry Bryan, David Gusewelle, Gary Moss, Barry Jones, Rusty Turner, Steve Carter. (Right) Greg Brown (Treas.), Tom Cannady (V. Pres.), Allan Fields (Pres.), Steve Malone (Sec.), Russell Robinson (Cor. Sec.). Organiza tion s 257 A.B.S. Front row- Larry Childress, Debbie Burnett, Bryan Grimsley, Ronda Hurst, Iris Hall, Karen Deen, Ken Childress. 2nd row- Craig Hubbs, Dennis Arrington, Timothy Rowland, Warren Dugas, Rod Downey, Keith Chil- dless, Jeff Burtlett. FELLOWSHIP NATIONAL ABS RETREAT CHOIR BIBLE STUDIES PRAYER BREAKFAST SWEET HEART BANQUET Meeting Schedule Weekly Meeting ............ Tues., 7:00 p.m. Bible Study ................ Thurs., 4:30 p.m. Prayer Breakfast .............. Fri., 7:00 a.m. C L f o r n i 258 Organiza tion Ag-Mech Above: Front row- Mike Keine (Pres.), Amy Man (Sec.), Sang B. Im (V. Pres.), Alvin Huck (Rep.). 2nd row- David Price (Treas.), Eddy Kinslow, James Sanders, Dale Mermoud, Jim Keeling, Bernie Finch, Dr. Clifton Braker (Advisor). licity), Pat Baldwin (Pres.). Not pictured: Scott Knowles (publicity). Right: Left to right- Leila Dodge (Treas.), Cordon Voit (V. Pres.), Trade Brewer (Pub- ASAE Left: Timothy Young (Sr. Eng. Council Rep.), Charles Smith (Pres.), Richard Penn (V. Pres.), Michael Shook (AHESA Rep.). Above: Front row- Dr. William Warnock (Advisor), Charles Smith, Richard Penn, Timothy Young, Michael Shook, Mark Wil- liams. 2nd row- Chor Mi Lee, Roy Bulling- ton, Doug Hammilton, Alice McCiboney, W. Charlid McCool, Rodney Wright. 3rd row- Earl Vories, Darrell Holmes, George Russell, Michael Winemiller, Calvin Henry. Blue Key Left: Barry Bryan (Treas.), Cathy Cravens (Rec. Sec.), Paul Hailey (Pres.), not pictured-Denise Miller (Corres. Secretary) Alpha Chi Sigma Above: Front row- John Meazle, Nancy Hillis, Ann Smith, Charles Cist. 2nd row- Samuel Siegel (Advi- sor), John Harrell, Ernie Lucas, C. Todd Pharr. 3rd row- Jerry Osing, Herbie Owen, Jeff Presley, Pat- rick Cuthrie. Left: Patrick Guthrie (Reporter), Charles Cist (Recorder), John Meazle (Pies.), Ernie Lucas (V. Pres.), Jeff Presley (Treas.). Organizations 261 Arnold Air Society t. f Left: Fall Officers-Front row- Brian Win- berry (Info. Officer), Brian Marr (Angel Flight Liason Officer), Dean Bradshear (Pledge Trainer). 2nd row- Eric Placke (V. Commander), Eric Freeman (Commander), Will Galloway (Operations Officer), Booker Washington (Admin. Officer), Mike Mur- dock (Archives Officer), Rebecca Mears (Comptroller). Above: Spring Officers-Front row- Eric Placke (V. Commander), Robert Short (Archives Officer), Timothy Wolfe (Comptroller). 2nd row- Jerry Ellis (Info. Of- ficer), Paul Eichenlaub (Pledge Trainer), Re- becca Mears (Admin. Officer), Brian Win- berry (Commander). 3rd row- John Lucas (Angel Flight Liason Officer), Eric Freeman (Operations Officer). (Left) Eric Freeman (Fall Commander) and Brian Winberry (Spring Commander) re- ceive the award for Best Arnold Air Squad- ron in Area 1 of the U. S. (Above) Front row- Brian Winberry, Eric Placke, Robert Short, Henry Cook, Timothy Wolfe. 2nd row- Paul Eikenlaub, Rebecca Mears, Daniel Numley, Cus Deibner, Jeffery Evans, Tony Brooks, Ed Caitley. 3rd row- James Spurlin, Hope Benedict, Rodney Redus, Joseph Lee, John Lucas, Jay Fish. 4th row- Chuck Ramage, Rocky Howe, Jerry Ellis, George Ha 1, Eric Freeman. 5th row- Frank Steele, Betty Light, Barney Woods. 6th row- Tony Montgom- ery, Dean Bradshear, Brian Marr, Wally Bruce. j Ir 262 Orga n iza tions Board of Publications Front row- Mike Verucci (TRAVELER business manager), Mike Haddigan, Mike Spades (chairman), Gail Gladden, Denise Miller (RAZORBACK edi- tor). 2nd row- Charlie Alison, Mark Kinion, Mike Redd (RAZORBACK business manager), Mr. James Ezell. Not pictured- Sharon Bass (RAZOR- BACK advisor), Roy Reed, William Ingenthron (TRAVELER advisor) and Mike Gauldin (TRAVELER editor). Mr. James Ezell, assistant business manager of the Uni- versity, financially advises the RAZORBACK and TRAV- ELER. Organization s 263 Parachute Club Abov: Front row- Eric Allen, Randy Smith, Pat McDermott, Mark Mosley. 2nd row- Mark Osnamer, Todd Calvin, Alex Montez, Brian McCimsie, Bob Cooper, Bill Nie- dringhaus. 3rd row- Murray Allen, Don La- cefield, Larry Stewart, Tommy Hunt. 4th row- Phil Smith, Lance Fry, Tommy Gussewelle, Sharon Overholt, Linda Rich- ardson. 5th row- Bruce Spurlock, Bill Bui- lard, Jeanne Whitmire, Gary Conner, Lynn Ray, Julie Jenison. Left: A perfect landing. ASIA Above: Front row- Keith Benj. Franklin, Jim Davidsmeyer, Ed Schweitzer, Arlin Van- curen, Wm. Bruce Frazier, Barbara Apel, Paige Gibson. 2nd row- Scooter Kellogg, " Biff " Eubanks, Damon Thayer, Reed Par- kerson, John Ryder. 3rd row- Charlie Phil- lips, Ken Eastin, Dwayne Wilkerson, Steven Allen Sexton, Kathryn L. Morton, Gary Wimberly, Rodney Micheal Anderson, Coy Talley, Barry Witherspoon, Jennifer Rut- ledge, Brett Pultz. Left: Front row- John Crone (Advisor), Barbara Apel (Sec.), Mike Anderson (Treas.). 2nd row- Tom Kellogg (V. PresJ, Mike Rush (Pres.). SAE Above: Front row- Russ Rasnic, Rick Ham- rick, Kathy Baley, Tim Hawkins, Jim New- ton. 2nd row- Dr. H.H. Hicks, John Waters, Bruce Jordan, Mollie Crockett, Hormoz Ker- endian, Prof. J.C. Cleason, Dr. J.H. Cole. 3rd row- Pradup Braumik, Mohamed Bonyady, Clenn Green, John McQuary, Rick Forst, Doug Steinsiek, Dr. Mason Somerville, Tom Brennan. Right: Louis Shambarger works on a mini Baja car. Cardinal XXX Above: Front row- Lynne Schlatterer, Robin Johnson, Caren Cargill. 2nd row- Jack Lyon, Kim Sauer, Jeanne Coffman, Gary Newton. Right: Not pictured- Gary Sammons (Pres.), John Daniel (V. Pres.), Allison Andrews (Treas.), Phillip Johnson (Social Chairman). Organizations 265 ASG ASG President Steve VonSteen. 266 Orga n iza tions Officers Vice President Beverly Mathis. Secretary Margie Young. Treasurer Steve Douglaus. ASG Senate 268 Organiza tion s Staff Organizations 269 S.T.A.N.D. 270 Organiza tions Union Programs Front row- Bill Farmer (Program Advisor), Anne Kittrell (Program direc- tor), Larry Butler (Program Advisor), Stephen Stair (Pop Films), Margie Presley (Outdoor Rec.), Fran Hetrick (Pres.). 2nd row- Joel Green (Eclectic Films), Beverly Norwood (Minority Programs), Gretchen Kaufman (Per- forming Arts), Greg Doty (Foreign Films), Patricia Faust (Governing Board Chair.), Matt Meadows (Celebrity Showcase), Becky Thomas (Special Pro- jects), Jan Chalmers (V. Pres.), Rose Coleman (Program Advisor), Les Evitts (Travel), Ron Steen (Mini-Concerts). Not pictured: Don Phillips (Sympo- sium). r Arkansas President - Fran Hetrick Vice-President - Jan Chalmers Governing Board Chair - Patricia Faust ECLECTIC FIL! Chair - Joel Gree Robert Armstron Patrick McQuaid John Paul Moory Katrina Stremel FOREIGN FILMS Chair - Greg Doty John Bales Keith Besone: Eric Dodson Dane Gresham Terry House Paulette Schmidt MINORITY PROGRAMS Chair - Beverly Norwood Angela Bogan Audrey Coleman Valire Fells Lament Hill Hannibal Johnson Dennis Matheney Darren McNeal Mary Morgan Lloyd Myers Virginia Patilla Marvell Poole Brenda Thompson Sandra Trotter Jackie Warren Jerry Davis Mary Reed CELEBRITY SHOWCASE Chair - Matt Meadows Andy Berman Amber Bright Janie Craig Todd Green Becky Jones Kristin Kaufman Brian Lamb Sandy Martin Darren McNeal Deena Neely Doug Quinn Al Swanson Tom Williams Sherry Williams VISUAL ARTS Mike Davis Billie Biese Janice Glenn Union Programs Council 1980-81 I F Shelley Hurler VISUAL ARTS CONT ' D Allison Level Meredith Level Roxanne Rackerby Mike Roper Marianne Wilson MINI-CONCERTS Chair - Ron Steen Barb Bury John Daniels Rina Fountain Mike Gross T Sharon Hannah .(i Steve Longinotti Beverly Reid Katrina Stremel ! tmam SPECIAL PROJECTS Chair - Becky Thomas Lisa Christian Charlet Davis Gail Gladden Carol Hammans Sharon Hannah Susan Hannah Joe Barbuck Darren McNeal Garry Mayo Rochelle Moore Joe Jurphy Belinda Parker Mike Shaver SYMPOSIUM Chair - Kim For Terri Alford Robert Buckley Liz Dehls Valaria Felk Richard Hedgecocl. Meredith Level Gary Newton Jim Norys Don Phillips Angela Theiben Robin Westbrook TRAVEL Chair - Les Evitts Brad Co!e Jeff Maxwell Susan Newton Leslie Roper P to Shannon Smith POPULAR FILMS Chair - Stephen Stair Laura Giles ' J Terry House Kimberly Kirby Lee Anne Kirb; Cliff Miller Jim Roles Marcia Role- Mike Shaver Ollie White 2 O 0) PERFOR MING ARTS Chair - Gretchen Kaufman Maye Apple John Bales Eddie Ball Dirk Burns Amanda Cheatham Theresa Faust Leah Fry Betsy Homer John Manning Leslie McChristian Laura Randall Carmella Tortorich Pamela Webster Elizabeth Wellborn Greg Whiteaker Lance Whitney Randy Whindham Paula Wiswell i - - to 5 O o o D O C O o g o o a D .c D o O OUTDOOR RECREATION Chair - Margie Presley Lora Barthelemu Barbi Beard John Bryant Liz Cusack C O V) D J= 13 O C --- Caroline Gann Kenny Goff Carol Hammans Celeste Hertson Guy Hickman Brigitte Jacob Michele Loganc Sharon Myers David Orr Lynn Ray Bererly Reid Karen Schindler Kristi Skinner Sally Van Horn D O D O D O) O 0 n o 9 0) T3 O - c D E O o o o o .;.:- _ Union Programs Cont ' d 274 Organiza tions ODK M Above: Front Row- Janet Combs, Leila Dodge, Elizabeth Wellborn, Denise Miller Lisa Christian, Trade Brewer, Cathy Cra- vens. 2nd row- Ric Deramus, Doug Green, Mark Kinion, Allison Level, Lee Anne Kirby, Alan Hapler, Blake Murphy, Mark King. 3rd row- Bill Bailey, Barry Bryan, Jon Seiz, Billy Polk, Mike Calhoun, Hannibal Johnson, Bern; Kurz, Murray Smart (Advi- sor), Steve McDaniel (Pres.). Right: Left to right- Doug Green (V. Pres.), Denise Little (Treas.), Murray Smart (Advisor), Leila Dodge (Sec.), Steve McDaniel (Pres.). P.E. Majors mm Above: Front row- Janey Breedlove, Merry Tom Price, Trade Brewer, Honey Adams, Dana Bradshaw. 2nd row- Teresa Keegan, Terri Langston, Lisa Widner, Beth Turner, Debbie Casto, Kathey Haley, Ray Tucker, L Anne Howard, Randy Stephens, Tim Plunkett. Right: Front row- Honey Adams (V. Pres.), Dana Bradshaw (Treas.). Back row- Merry Tom Price (Publicity), Trade Brewer (Pres.). Phi Beta Lambda Above: Front row- Judy Malone, Larry Wright, Chuck Hutchins, Rose Curry, Cleve Jernigan, Martin Ferstl, Steve Weathersby, Cwen Norman. 2nd row- Robin Hall, Michelle Morris, Nancy Baskin, Pat Bradsher, Jami Snow, Melinda Rice, Kim Woods, Laura Connor, Mark Tyler, Nancy Roberson, Amy Sieglinger, Barry Bennett. 3rd row- Bill Daily, Kelvin Bostic, Lee Wai-Choong, Randy Cooley, Don Cook, Beth Owens, Marcia Kirksey, Melissa Cattaneo, Judy Reaves, Diana Cox, John Minor, Price Holmes, Kevin McCoy, Mike Robinson, Rodney Bran- non, Steven Harrell. 4th row- Doug Cass, Bert Harper, Charles Russell, Terry Landreth, Janet Baird, Marianne Hill, Lenya Foster, Doris Chisom, Mary Clark, Shawna Farthing, Alline Fulton, Meredith Level, Janis Deay, Car- ola Moore, Kimala Nichols, Jeff Brandt. Right: Front row- Jeff Davis (V. Pres.), Michelle Moore (Pres.), Tina McKelvy (Reporter), Becky Clayton (Historian), D. Park (Advisor). 2nd row- Teresa Moore (Hist.), Valerie Ferrell (Sec.), Suzi Reed (Treas.), Barbara Byrd (Par!.), Mitchell Ober (V. Pres.). 276 Organizations Marketing Club Right: Front row- Jayne Sanders (Ties.), joy Jennings (Sec.). 2nd row- Russel Hankins (Pies.), Terry Norman (V. Pres.). ASID Above: Front row- Cat Jones, Kerry Shipley, Eberle Burke. 2nd row- Barabara Blair, Judi Dellinger, Susan Lolley, Julia Vandevender, Shari Stewart. 3rd row- Jackye Williams, Kathy Suratt, Peri Hayes, J.L. Navin, Sharon Loveland, Margie Young, Bridget Bruce. Right: Sharon Loveland (Pres.), Margie Young (V. Pres.), Donna McSpadden (Sec.), Bridget Bruce (Treas.), Judi Dellinger (AHESA Rep.). Theta Tau Front row- Eddie Rutledge, James Bellora, Bud Chastain, Randall Marlowe Small, Mark Thomey, Timothy Welty, David Peavy. 2nd row- John Lucas, Kenneth Evans, Martin Theriault, Kevin Curtis, John Jehlen, Keith Pat- rick, Dr. William Warnock, Sam Boyster. 3rd row- Greg Hirsch, Alberto Pineda, Keith Pilcher, Morse Craig, John Madey, Keith Brown, Stan Nelke, Tom Croce. 4th row: Mike Winemiller, Christopher Tanner, Pete Hender- son, Michael Marlow, William Irwin, David Pittman, Bob Dean, Randall Bohannan. Left: Dean Halligan- Look out, he ' s trying to take my picture. Above: Ricky Fitzgerald. 278 Orga nizations Above: Front row- Christine Wolfe, Christy Coker, Libby Stuart. 2nd row- Teresa Dilla- hunty. Sue Unger, Liza Welty. 3rd row- Libby Northcross, Lynne Fitzgerald. Debbie Dearie, Judy Delinger. Right: Front row- Gregory Hirsch (Regent), R. Marlowe Small (V. Regent). 2nd row- Bob Irwin (Ties.), Ronald Pederson. UPTF IS H Engine Week ' s Ice Cream Social. Organ iza tion s 279 Cardinal Key Front row- John James, Leigh Randall, Elicia Sinor, Du- mas Carrett. 2nd row- Linda Lee, Coralie Watts, Janie Craig, Terr; Alford. 3rd row- Liz Baxley, Scott Schlesinger, Susan Newton. 4th row- Sandy Smith, Sherril Green, Sam Pittman, Vanessa Cladney. 5th row- Scott Overby, Kym McDonald, Laura Gaston, Ray Hughes. 6th row- Lowry Barnes, Bobby Taylor, Kevin Staten, Chip Turner. Chi Epsilon Left: Front row- James Reeves (Treas.), Timothy Henry (Pres.j. 2nd row- Stephen Horton (Marshall), Vicki Forsythe (Sec.), Kenneth Hirshey, Jr. (Editor). Above: Front row- Thomas Thompson, Chanda Thomp- son, Tim Henry, Morse Craig. 2nd row- Richard Ashworth, Voon Wong, James Reeves, Ken Hirshey, Stephen Horton. 3rd row- John Meeker, Mary Gillespie, Lewie Wallace, Elaine Thomas, Vicki Forsythe, Praful Sanghani. 4th row- Steve Myers, John Stanley, Sean Easter, Bubba Brewster. Tau Sigma Delta Above: Front row- Jim Mangold, Keith Franklin, David McKee, Randy Stocks, Bob Coodloe, Ted Belden, Nancy Burkhalter. 2nd row- Kent Taylor, Jon Seiz, David Cen- ter, Rusty McKinney, Dale Flynt, David Al- berson, Richard Kellogg, Stuart Crawford. 3rd row- Hugh Painter, Tom Williams, Ke- vin McCIurkan, Kent Maddox, Allan Brown. Right: Jon Seiz (Scribe), Hugh Paint- er (Recorder), Allan Brown (Chapter Master). Tau Beta Pi Vories, Elaine Thomas, Michael Beasley. 4th row- Dana Sedgass, Bruce Bumgarner, John Hug, Charles Fowler, Ben Evert, Dr. Bill Brown. Right: Front row- Terry Hedden (Pres.), J.D. Wheel is (Corsp. Sec.). 2nd row: Hardley Deaver (Rec. Sec.), Kirk Rhee (Treas.), Trent Walton (Pledge Trainer). (Above) Front row: Bruce Hill, Bryan Crims- ley, Steve Jenkins, Jay Mi ller, Jeff Doss, Mi- chael Benson. 2nd row- David Pittman, Ann Caffrey, Carig Tapperson, Terry Hedden, J.D. Wheelis, Trent Walton, Kirk Rhee. 3rd row- Bryan Cartman, John Krohn, Carl Dobbs, Brent Combs, Roy Bulling ton. Earl Marching Razorback Band 282 Orga n iza tions Organizations 283 Big Red Goodtimers rell Keith, Tina Post, Pollyanna Westbury. 3rd row- Becky Heer, Terri Fitzgibbon, Kim Sauer. Front row- Sara Presson, Mary Martin, Jac- queline Post, Kim Klett. 2nd row- Debbie Murray, Janie Clymer, Suzie Stroop, Shar- 284 Organiza tions Uarkettes Front row- Cheryl Could, Jeanne Coffman, Jana Jordon, Marti Rounds- ville. 2nd row- Gary Johnson, Brent Winborn, Mike Collie, Don Griffin, Sandi Huckaby. 3rd row- Ralph Johnson, Regina Hopper, John Manning, Merna Mahan, Lonny Glover, Sandra Canada, Jennifer Morgan, Wes Cur- ry, Rhonda Harrison, Phil Kirk, Christy Hooten, Phillip Johnson, Donna Weir, Ken Ballenger (Director). Above: Jeannie Coffman and Brent Winborn rehearsing. Right: Merna Mahan looks enthusias- tic. Phi Eta Sigma Above: Front row- Jack Lyon, Mark St. Onge, La Donna Ford, Kim Brooks, Lilly Cash, Denise Bakema, Theresa Brown, Jana Jordan, Larry Thompson. 2nd row- David Mines, Billy Nicholson, Mary Beth Sims, Becky Mathews, Lisa Erwin, Mary Ann Schemel, Nanci Wood, Allyson Andrews, Kelly Mackiewich, Ronald Dooms. 3rd row- Nina Jones, Cynthia Heard, Marguerite Gerke, Eric Placke, Carla Jane Chote, Julie Hayes, Vicki Allison. 4th row- Steve Schex- nayser, Nancy Myers, Gregory Brown, Jane Huey, Tina Propps, Doris Chu, Christy Middleton, Kim Sauer, James Newton, Kim- berly Moore, Teresa Wood, Audie Dennis, Rachelle Barnes, Janice Huck. 5th row- Douglas Hume, James Talton, Alan Daws, Lisa Watson, Debbie Rodgers, Daren Thom- son, Stacy Moser, Mike Hudlow, John Fikes, Dean Klug, Lorie Clark, Robert Buckley. 6th row- Mitch Forrest, Tracy Davis, Bobby Jones, Andy Cooley, Garbo Watson, Jose Diaz, Carl Culver, Lance Burchett, Randall Carney, James Lambert, Richard Allen. Left: Jana Jordan (Sec.), Ronold Dooms (Treas.). Mortar Board .,. . Above: Front row- Marcia Roles, Lisa Chris- tian, Clay Bailey, Billy Polk, Becky Thomas, Kathy Martin, Kim Arnold, Cathy Cravens. 2nd row- Doug Green, Barry Bryan, Mike Calhoun, Mark Schlesinger, Jon Seiz, Steve Von Steen, Margaret McGlauflin, Anthony Lewis. 3rd row- Keith Franklin, Lynn Jones, Janet Combs, Allison Level, Trade Brewer, Leila Dodge, Denise Miller, Marin Taylor, Patti Freemyer. Left: Front row- Trade Brewer (Historian), Cathy Cravens (Sec.). 2nd row- Anthony Lewis, (Treas.), Barry Bryan (2nd V. Pres.), Jon Seiz(V. Pres.), Billy Polk (Pres.). 286, Animal Science Right: Front row- Cathy Cormack (Treas.), Charles Metz (AHESA Rep.), Becky Martin (Sec.). 2nd row- Susan McChristian (Report- er), Dr. Lionel Barton (Advisor). IMAL SCIENCES Tial science - poultry science ry science - animal diseases Razorback Staff Above Front row- Jana Arnold, Tim Deaton, Teresa Habig, Barry Arthur, Eldred, Mary Meadows, Bill Bowden, Brian Ramoly. Below: Editor Denise Denise Miller, Janet Embry, Mike Redd, Martha Hendrix. 2nd row: John Miller. James, Danny Hale, Elizabeth Wellborn, Gary Newton, Trade Brewer, Don Tux ' s provided by Mr Tux 288 Organiza tion s Above: Hobbit smile by Tim Deaton, Man- aging Editor. Right: Mike Redd the Business Manager. Below: Sure I ' ve got legs! Martha Hendrix the Associate Editor. Organizations 289 Above left: Jana Arnold, Organizations Edi- pher. Below: Mary Meadows, Publicity Sales tor. Above: Nose job. Gary Newton, Copy Manager. Editor. Left: Barry Arthur, Chief Photogra- Above: Don Eldred, Sports Editor. Right: born (Creeks Editor). Below: John James the Danny Hale (Honors) helps Elizabeth Well- Academics Editor. m Organizations 291 Above: Teresa Habig (Staff) takes a break. Left: Cindy Burger (Secretary). Below: Bill Bowden (photographer). 292 Organiza tion s Above: An Obscene phone call. Right: What is going on here? Below: I caught a fish this big! Below right: Trade Brewer (Honors) Organizations, 293 News News Staff: (left) Pam Key, Robin McDonald, Leah Chester, Stephen Steed (News Editor) and Stacy Higginbotham. (Above) Assistant Editor Michael Haddigan seeks guidance in plumbing the depths of the mechanical mind. (Top of page) First Row: Terry Williams, Stacy Higginbotham, A Mystic Visitor From the East. Second Row: Mark Riffey, Patrick Scroggins, Sally Wampler, Laura Cummings, Pam Key, Mignonne Agee, Donna McDonald, Leah Chester, Stephen Steed. Back Row: Charlie Ehrenfeld, Bruce Castleberry, David Lewis, Dan Mouritsen, Michael Haddigan, Michael Cauldin, Robin McDonald. 294 ' Traveler The Arkansas Traveler The Night Shift: Charlie Alison, Jeff Williams, Michael Cauldin, Michael Haddigan. (Right) Editor with cub reporters Amanda Kathryn and Patrick Clen Cauldin. Features Feature Staff: (Above) Sharon Wells (news writer), Mignonne Agee, Clay Hathorn (sports writer), David Yarbrough, Laura Cummings (Feature Editor). (Right) Laura Cummings prepares copy as deadline approaches . . . and passes. Traveler 295 Sports Sports Staff: (left)Terry Jackson, Bruce Castleberry(Sports Editor) and Charlie Ehren eld. (Above) Bruce Castleberry punches a story into the computer. Business and Advertising Staff: Drake Hawkins, Janet Embry, Kelly French, Susan Willet (Ad salespersons), Mike Verrucchi (Business Manager), Patrick Scroggins (Ad Manager). Left: Mad Dog Steed. Photographers: Dan Mouritsen (Circulation Manager). Ken Fung, David Lewis, Janet Davidson. Production Staff: Front row: Donna McDonald, Kenneth Bush; Back row: Cheri Peden, Charlie Alison (Managing Editor), Jeff Williams (Production Manager). Editor MICHAEL GAULDIN Managing Editor CHARLIE ALISON Production Manager JEFF WILLIAMS Assistant Editor MICHAEL HADDIGAN News Editor STEPHEN J STEED Feature Editor LAURA CUMMINGS Sports Editor BRUCE CASTLEBERRY Photo Manager MARKRFFEY Business Manager MIKE VERRUCCHI Ad Manager PATRICK SCROGGINS Circulation Manager DAN MOURITSEN Classified Ad Manager DAVID HARRISON News Writers ROBIN MCDONALD. LEAH CHESTER. SHARON WELLS. STACY HIGGINBOTHAM. PAM KEY Sports Writers TERRY JACKSON. CLAY HATHORN. CHARLIE EHRENFELD Feature Writers DAVID YARBROUGH. MIGNONNE AGEE Photographers JANET DAVIDSON. DAVID LEWIS. PHIL POLLARD. KEN FUNG Production Staff KENNETH BUSH. CHERI PEDEN. DONNA MCDONALD Ad Salespersons SUSAN WILLETT. DRAKE HAWKINS. JANET EMBRY Administrative Assistants KATIE KEISNER. STEPHONY FOGLE Advisor DR. WILLIAM INGENTHRON DARKHORSE STAFF Editor SALLY WAMPLER Managing Editor JUDY MONTGOMERY Photographer LINDA PLEMONS Writers BART VIRDEN. KATRINA ELSKEN. JOHN WOLFE. WILL POND (And members of the Traveler staff) Other Contributors DAVID GOODLOE. USA GODWIN. BILLY HOLT, STEVE LONGINOTTI. STEVE JONES. KLETHA HARRINGTON. RICHARD KOCH. RUSTY TUR- NER. DENISE HAIR. ANN JOHNSON. AMY GRAY. BEN KAFAIE. JEFF NECESSARY. ANN BARTLETT. GUY LEOPARD. RON SPRINGER. GAY CROSBY. ALAN WILBOURN. BILL BOWDEN. TIM DEATON, ALESIA JOHNSON. RICK LEE Special thanks to. DAVID SLOAN. TOM WRIGHT, LONN E MELLOT and COURTESY BOY Traveler 297 KUAF Radio KUAF O a n iza tion s 299 Army ROTC LTC James L. Buckner, Professor of military sciences. Faculty Staff Front row: CPT H. Taylor, LTC J. Buckner, SCT ]. Williams, SCT Buds. 2nd row: SCT Pant, CPT C. Fetterolf, SCT Stamford, CPT R. Janak. 3rd row: Maj. R. Holt, Maj. L. CIossup, SCM Booton, CPT L. Hudson. 300 Orga n iza tions MS-IV Class (Sr.) Front row: K. Iller, S. McMahand, T. Baker, D. Wilson, D. Moody, B. J. Smith, M. Langston. J. Chandler, F. Armstrong, D. Cantaral, D. Walker, Morris, M. Ferguson, M. Considine, M. Scott. 2nd row: C. Young, G. Scott, K. Young. MS-III Class (Jr.) Front row: R Stout, L. Barnes, M. Ivekson, T. Ford, S. Curda, T. Pownall. 2nd row: P. Blackburn, B. Cunningham, J. Campbell, J. Terry., R. Thomas, J. Buchanon, D. Pilcher, M. James. 3rd row: S. Spahr, C. Bond, S. Payne, R. Hayes, B. Robinson, R. Williams. Organizations 301 Pershing Rifles (Left) Rifle Ream: Front row: Maureen Ri- ley, Bryan Brown, Hope Denedict. 2nd row: Boyd fant, Donald Spickes, Randy Roberts, Dean Finley. (Above) Drill Team: Front row: Debarah Dearie, Richard Loppe, Dar- ren Reynolds, Brad Young. 2nd row: Alan Tribble, James Nelson, Dale Mark Benedict. (Left) Combined Army-Air Force Color Guard Team. (Above) Army Color Guard: Front row: M. Sims, B. Niedringhaus, P. Blackburn, S. Curda. 2nd row: SSg. J. Buda, ]. Campbell, T. Wiseman, J. Park, K. Flippo, C. Bond. Not shown: M. May, P. Long, B. Stuart. 302 Organiza tions Student Activities (Above) Orienteering. (Right) Rappelling. _ (Above) Field Training Exercises. (Right) Canoeing. Organizations 303 Army ROTC Kadettes Front Row: Johnette Oden, Cenny Wraps, Anne Bates, Leslie Youngblood, Mary Beth Sims, Nancy Loyd. 2nd row: Kathleen Simpson, Gayelynne Mazzanti, Sue Unger, Susan Rebsawen, Delie Ivey, Stephanie McConnell. 3rd row: Holly Patton, Ollie White, Lynn Jones, Magigor White. 4th row: Janet Hooks, Susan Scott, Elizabeth York, Mary Ann Higgs, Mary Helen Bass, Carla Cobb, Susan Loeschner. ASME (Above)Front row: Christine Wolf, Russ Rasnic, Kathy Baley, Randy Etzkorn, Mar- tha Caffrey, James Vimzey. 2nd row: Mike Ainsworth, Randall Carter, John Krohn, David Weeks, Tom Niwton, Tim Hawkins, John Madey. 3rd row: Ramero Estenssoro, John McQuary, Rick Hamrick, Randy Un- derwood, Eddie Whitworth, Robert Duerr, Thai Huy Ha. (Left) Val Bellora (V. Chair- man), sitting. John Madey (Membership Chairman), Dr. Jim Kimsey (Advisor), Ran- dy Etzdorn (Chairman) Edgar Riddick (Sec.). Phi Upsilon Omicron Right: Front row- Lori Sanders (Tieas.), Janan Jackson (Pres.). 2nd row- Marge Rockenhqus (Sec.), Kathleen Hardy (Sec.), Ginger Rockenhaus (V. Pres.). 3rd row- Cin- dy Brown (Candle Rep.), Sandy Barclay (Chaplain). Above: Front row- Cindy Brown, Sharon LoveJand, Sandy Barclay, Janan Jackson, Margaret, Maddox, Ginger Rockenhaus, Pam Hollandsworth. 2nd row- Susan Jackson, Mary Warnok, Kathleen Hardy, Marge Rockenhaus, Lori Sanders, Jo Lynn Gokdin, Katrina Stremel. Beta Alpha Psi Right: Officers- Front row- Brenda Brannon, Kim Turner, Sally Adams. 2nd row- Ed Vance, Mary Ellen Eubanks, Bob Rogers. Organizations 305 Air Force Rote Col. Douglas Wood. 306 Orga n iza tions Jane Young, Capt. Cary Doss, Major Paul Wengert, Capt. Dave Creamer. Above: T. Sgt. Larry Lames, S Sgt. Mike Dixon, M. Sgt. Gene GuIIey. Right: MS. Front row- Morgan, Presley, May, Murdock. 2nd row- Kidd, McGuire, Kinsey, Hodson, Null, Box. 3rd row. Tanner, Kirksey, Muggins, Perkins, Heithold, Fivehouse, Brown, Baker. Organizations 307 Left: A Flight- Front row- Henry Cook, Jeff Evans, Lance Love, Angela Baxter, Barry Kummick. 2nd row- Douglas Enpig, Greg Dawson, Robert Brooks, Linda Powell. 3rd row- John Parson, Patrick Cowden, Rodney Redus. Center: B Flight- Front row- Hope Benedict, Danna Graham, Rit- chie Manley, Dewayne Billings, Dean Bradshear. 2nd row- Rocky Howe, Rick Smith, David Shoemaker, Jim Breen. 3rd row- Eric Russell, Robert Dyer, Dan Meyer, Chip Dearing. Right: C Flight- Front row- Kathy McDowell, Paul Eichenlaub, Joe Hooper, Don Vancleave, Keith Alexander, Brian Marr. 2nd row- Ed Gaitley, Richard Mills, John Vestul, Booker Washington. 3rd row- Curtis Culver, Sean O ' Rourke, Will Galloway, Rob- ert Kulsey. Left: D Flight- Front row- J. Mann, J. Ellis, C. Ramage, J. Toler, 2nd row- D. Carrell, B. Woods, J. Presley. 3rd row- S. Quillman, J. Lucas, S. Evans, J. Massanelli. Center: E Flight- Front row- K. Williams, W. Cable. 2nd row- C. Hammock, T. Treat, K. Ennis, K. Luebbers. 3rd row- C. Higginbotham, E. Placke, C. Whisenhunt, R. Null. Right: F Flight- Front row- D. Reyn- olds. 2nd row- R. Meares, Y. Wilborn, D. Treat. 3rd row- B. Hogan, K. Corroum, M. Hawkins, B. Winberry. 308 Organizations Angel Flight Front row- Suzy Ellis, Mary Fox, Sandra Trotter, Lisa Winberry, Ann Dean, Deanna Miller, Kathy Dobbs, Elicia Sinor, DD Andrews, Carol Long, Tammy Buck, Jan Freeman, Dru Cammell, Capt. Gary Doss (Advisor). 2nd TOW- Kathryn Pryor, Sharon Schaefer, Jacqu elin Smith, Kim Sauer, Jane Baker, Sandra Canada, Debbie Kitchens, Milanie Owen, Anne Randall, Laurie Burks, Sarajane Phillips, Nancy English, Anne Stallcup. 3rd row- Suzanne Cooksey, Cindy White, Constance Clark, Teresa Wilder, Beverly Reid, Lisa Smith, Linda Marshall, Liz Baxley, Althea Gibson, Allison John- ston, Dee Faulkner, De Ann Duckworth, Cindy Daniel. Organizations 309 Sigma Delta Chi Above: Front row-) Lynn Walker, Marie Clinton, Bill Ingenthron. 2nd row- Bill Bowden, Pam Haynie, Patrick Scroggins, Suzanne Lewis, Hallethia Wofford, Pam Key. 3rd row- Riginia Green, Charles Ehrenfeld, Jan Morsani, Jennifer Craves, Linda Plemans, Lisa Hill, Jana Arnold, Lisa Neal, Judy Montgomery, Holly Pierce. 4th row- Rusty Turner, Paul Neal, Mary Meadows, Patricia Faust, Stuart Vann, William Pond, Kendall Woodward, Wally Treimann. Officers- Paul Neal, Suzanne Lewis, Patrick Scroggins, Rusty Turner. 310 Organizations American Advertising Federation Above: Front row- Anita Ledbetter, Jennifer Craves, Lisa Main, Dianne Cretzmier, 2nd row- Paul Neal, Mary Meadows, Wanda Belzung, Mike Cass, Vicki Vowell. Left: Front to top- Jennifer Craves (Pres.), Mike Cass (V. Pres.), Mary Meadows (Treas.). Not pictured: Ann Johnon (Sec.). Organizations 311 312 Residence Halls 314 Resic -nee Halls Opposite page: Picture puzzles are a favorite pastime for Ginger Jeffery and Jeanny David- son. Left: Rochone Nichols relaxes after a work out. Below: Robert Smiley finds himself in- volved in an intense Backgammon game with Tim Dunn. Residence ialls 315 Right: A moment of solitude in Fulbright. Below right: Fulbright ' s own raving beauty shop. 316 Residence Halls Left: When the walls of Reid start shaking it ' s probably caused by the music of John Town- send and Locke Sandahl. Below: Kathryn Wynn enjoys being serenaded by Frank Lannence. Residence Halls 317 Pomfret Pomfret H.R. and Council Kristi Hinchey V.P. Kelly Peck Asst. H.R. Jackie Treadway H.R. Karla Todd Sec. Tom Kauffman Pres. Jean Ahrent Treas. Pomfret Reps. Tina Coney ABC Kelly Landers ASG Jean Haley ASG Jeanne Luddeni RHA Dena Coney ABC Ginger Allen ASG Kathy McElduff RHA Renee Tyler ASG Joyce Biddle RHA Patty Chaffin RHA Margene Lenamon ASG Steve Lancaster ASG Kirby Cluck RHA Jimmy Carter RHA Tim Mardian RHA SIS Residence Halls Pomfret Senate Mandy Thomas Julie Ward Susan Fox Buddy Newton Sherry Thrower Jeanne Reiter Alan Hughes Michael McCarthy Michael Rowland Kir by Cluck Joe Feldman Eric Lichte Melanie Cullins Pomfret Staff Nancy shaw Michelle Dagley Jackie Tread way Lynn Griffith Cheryl Vines Kelly Peck Ben Carpenter Bernard Carpenter Keith Jewell Shelia Walton Hannibal Johnson Michael Haynes Kevin Grover Lynn Jones Brian Lachowsky Debra Cooper Curtis Lews Karen Rutledge Halls 319 Pomfret B-7 Lynn Jones Dena Coney ' Patrice Whitfield Teresa Weir Lucy Kelly Babette Yost Tracy Dimock Laura Davis Sonya Hunt Mae Huskey Lisa Mahfouz Dana Dean Kristi Ylvisaker Sandy Schwartz Holly Coffman Barbie Parker Nancy Cyr Teedie McKenzie Susan Studebaker Betsy Ballard Donna Lafayette Stacy Scalet Gaye Scott Julie Ward Celeste Henson Rebecca Wilson Becca McDonald Jeannie De Masters Susan Fox Connie Warford Debbie Balsa Kathy Wingp Laura Hoyne Pomfret D-2 Mike McDonald Gary Schimmel Dale Schimmel Craig Walker Scott Blair Phil Douglass Mark Woosen Grayson Silaski Owl Man Peter Lubeck Gary Halford Bob " Joey " Schardt Keith " lurch " Line Cris " cross " Craft 320 Residence Halls Pomfret B-8 Dee Dee Landureth Kelly Evans Norma Stewart Gina King Leslie Sinks Alexis Kopituk Pan Streetman Sara Merritt Jamie McEnroe Elaine Grissom Linda Hyndman Nellie Martinez Kelly Alka Lynn Griffith Melinda Brody Joanna Williamson Missy Tadlock Karen Glynn Jacquie Mooney Betty Brandon Cecelia Adair Pomfret D-l Daryl Teitler Bob Clinkenbeard Larry Winslow Doug Long Ben Carpenter Perry Blackburn Ed Myers Louise Carte Steve Curda Eddie Patrick Russ Ruder Ed Zeuppe Willi Venable Earnie Deaton Jeff Schrantz Kevin Schaffer Eddie George Ricky Ferguson David Sitton Dirk Wooden Tim Seward Rat Ruff Danny Johnson Tony Neve Michael McCarthy Mark Rogers Daniel Davis Tony Tim Vinsant Jeff Franchere Residence Halls 321 Pomfret B-3 Lisa Wood Sheilah Palmer Kristi Hinchey Cheryl Vines Aline Jackson Karen McCorkle Gwendolyn Marshall Karla Todd Sharon Meyers Cindy Clements Colleen Genty Jane Moore Kelly Tong Carmer Benning Joyce Biddle Jackie Biddle Robin Taylor Janna West Dana Bryant Lora Barthelemy Mitzi Chrisman Debbie Stepp Shawna Snadon Jeanne Luddeni Jean Ahrent Stacy Higginbotham Brinda Jackson Lyn Mintim Pomfret C-l Russel Crouch Mark Sanders Michael Rowland Tommy Cook Michael Vitez Bob Short Marty Seifert Kirby Cluck John Kelley Joe Frey Joe Roitz James Johnson David Woody Toby Slinkard Ed Faust Curtis Broadway Trent Walton 322 Residence Halls Pomfret B-4 Tami Wodden Michelle Dogley Katrinka Seabolt Cathy Treimann Gretchen Gerard Judy Redding Sandra Friend Susan Pehrson Jeanne Reiter Pomfret C-3 Marvin Tennison Richie Mann J. E. Wadkins Byron Haynie Prentice Jackson Leon Lassial Doug Scott Kevin Grover Jeffery Doss Tom Molomey Donald Duck Pete McManus The Katt Mike Homan Eric Lichte David Pugh Brooks Booher Mike Powers Matt Seifert Bob Baker Brian McDonald Mongo Stephens Ronnie Carroll David Taylor Terry Lambreth F. C. Wiley Joe Shackwens Jerry Fertile Robert Jackson Charles Davis Residence Halls 323 RAZORBACK Razorback 1 Leslie Goff Linda Davis Lucinda Rightnour Lisa Sturdivant Nancy Pettigrew Pam Schmidt Tracy Maxson Barbara Davis Cathy Frederick Jo Dawn Smith Marian Beaty Michele Schmidt Pamela Hardy Kathy Bigbee Susan Winborn Brenda Garner Razorback 3 Sallie Mahoney Janet Kirkpatrick Carolyn Edom Shirley Wolf Mary Ann Schemel Donna DeSieghardt Paula Wiswell Teri Canady Mollie Crockett Lynn Frances Nelke Barbara McMenis Debbie Case Lori Ludwig 324 Residence Halls REID Reid Senate Officers Joyce Lichti-Advisor Lisa Lehman-Secretary Libby Stuart- Treasurer Randy Bohannan-V.P. Raymond Gosack-President Reid Senate Andrea McKinney Peggy McDaniel Debra Gilbert Alice Bane Mary Morehouse Susan Hannah Cheryl Fields Casey Fields Paula Mattis Bridget Bruce Brian Rosenthal Victor Wilson Ferdinand Morrow Kevin Lynch Tony Brooks Phillip Standridge Troy Heron Walter Hedges Gary Mayo A.C. Brown Danny Shelton Douglas Ott David Barclay Residence Halls 325 Yocum Yocum Staff Harry Schuler H. R. Lance Cole Asst. H. R. Larry Schwartz Terry Wallace Marvin Dalla Rosa Robert Gieringer Marvin Love Bryan Larsen Terry See Not Shown Craig Tapperson Gary Longley Teddy Plyer Yocum Mu Alpha Nu Bryan Larsen V.P. Marvin Dalla Rosa Sec. Tre. Terry Wallace Pres. Chip Jolly John Crats Alan Daws Harry Schuler Bryan Grimsley Larry Schwartz Robert Gieringer Greg Westbrook Lonny Glover Lance Cole John Root Terry See 326 Residence Halls Yocum 6 Michael Hartz John Fazio Bill Anderson Donnie Allen Terry Madden Robert Brown Paul Roth Marc Sydow David Crossett Marc McCall Bill Browning Garland Tackett Scott Mackivitch Joe Dwayne Doshier Ronnie Rounsaville Geefus Tackett Jon Goodwin Ken Brazil Mike Conn Greg Brown Rusty Yowell Alan Henley Jim Newton Patrick Dopp George Dyer Murray Allen Mike Ross Paul Long Steve Young Pat Walsh Mark Dininuco Jim Rockenhaug Jim Keeling Billy Richmond Chuck Richesin Wade Fox Mike Heathcott Gary Stubenfoll Richard French Robert Arrington Forest Young Residence Halls 327 328 Residence Halls Yocum Yocum 5 John Scott John Meazle Rusty Meazle Colin Crouch Paul Moore Gary Longley Scott Coleman Tommy Gusewelle Dwane Wilson Richard Oest Wayne Willis Michael Reynolds Mike Fisher Ching Ko John Williams Alan Chapman Mike McClure Mark DcSalvo Residence Halls 329 Humphrey ' s Humphreys Officers Maria Tinnerello Coni Clark Diane Page Nila Hill Lorie Clark Jann Thayer Santa Clause Gator Anyone? 330 Residence Halls ' I Humphreys 9 Lilly Cash Lacy Langent Dana Foley Felisha Love Lynn Parker Lori Norton Laura Douglass Lisa Erwin Deborah Dearie Debbie Yancy Quinton Geans Karen Waters Cari Schedler Susan Collins Stacy Cowsert Sheryl Heathcott Debby Seward Rebecca Younger Humphreys 6 Renee Fowler Lady Martin Paula Brunson Becky Mathews Laurie Baltz Melissa Cattaneo Johnna Bach Leonette Tucker Deanna Miller Malinda Taylor Kim Bohannan Nancy English Liz Cusack Kristie Baltz Elaine Snow Jane Henry Kim Whatley Laura Giles Lesha Lewis Oteeka Miller Brenda Harvill Robin McGary Scarlett Aikman Pam Hodge Becky Robertson Betty Moody Pam Andritsas Sheri Rogers Lisa Blanton Judy Fish Lisa Ingram Melissa Basham Marisa Houston Residence Halls 331 Razorback Razorback 2 Kim Rhodes Lynn Garley Jean Harvey Magigor White Doug Walker Ollie W hite R.A. Barbara Robinson Kim Boggs Anne Huey Lynn Nelke Shari Kyser 332 Residence Halts Futrall Futrall Officers Ann Marie Johnson Juli Michel Kimberly Moore Lisa Widner Kathy Miker Diane Siebenmorgan Karen Campbell Missy Rogers Doris Siebenmorgan Relenda Moore Janna Luebkemann Elizabeth York Futrall Layra Dever Juli Michel Aongnart Srivihok Nancy Brandt Barbara Wilkins Connie Tucker Suzanne Lewis Maria Plafcan Ann Marie Johnson Mary Lowery Teresa Keegan Lisa Widner Sheri Easter Mary Ann Villines Cheryl Swofford Relenda Moore Janna Luebkemann Kimberly Moore Norma Wilkinson Diane Ferm Nancy Myers Linda Basel Brenda Galyean Anna Westfall Tanya Graves Alice Rabeneck Lisa Jenkins Susan Young Elizabeth York Kathy Micker Daryl Felkins Karen Campbell Missy Rogers Jan Rogers Ddiane Siebenmorgen Residence Halls 333 Pomfret Pomfret D-4 Bobby Dreher David Cozart Mark Baker Jim Spiers Jim Davidson Cris Davis Keith Jowell Boyd Matthews Tom Hanson Charles Hammock Jeff Bain Donna Highfill Thomas Green Tim Asaland Ronald Olienyk Don Farris Mark Gay Clifton Johnson John Evans Joe Burns Bob Wham Peter Wolf Rich Dimock Paul Nielsen Chris Williams David Evans Nicky Hobbs Charlie Ehrenfeld Doug Hamilton Joe Carroll Bud Chastian Raymond Ruiz John Blair Not Shown John Bojkovic Pomfret B-5 Suzanne Wilcoxson Teresa Clark Lynda Clem Leslie Emert Nancy Leuck Kelly Landers Kelly Kinard Cynthia McGee Deniece Ridley Carolyn White Linda Dismuke Cindy Burger Lorie White Dedra Bowen Shelia Walton R.A. Lisa Baxter Ro lsin Rogers Cheryl Lawson Dianne Simpson Carol Whitenton Rose Ann Serio Shanti Wilkins Teri Christiansen Patty John Chaffin Shirley Claypool Tonya Aldridge Abbie Gail Newsome 334 Residence Halls Pomfret B-6 Marie Hartley Renee Tyler Diane Gatzke Andrea Wenger Dianne Elliott Allison Wilhite Jackie Bradley Mary Beline Debbie Smith Ghana Johnson Brenda Bailey Gina Marshal Kelly Whiting Sherry Thrower Laura Woodson Sara Phillips Karen Rutledge R.A. Adele Rockenhaus Susan Zupanic Residence Halls 335 Pomfret Pomfret C-2 Steve Carney Buddy Halcum David Allen Tony Kempa Vernon Culver Lance Burchett Gerald Richardson Hannibal Johnson Michael Boone Tom Cauffman Mike Ross Ron Steward Mike Rice Alan Hughes Jimmy Carter Tucker Davis Mark Reznicek Lin Buie Rodrico ElFordo Brooks Calhoon Dan Meyer Greg Meyer Michael Zadra Bret Bricker Shawn Hill Vernoris Johnson Richard Altmann 336 Residence Halls Pomfret D-3 B-2 Vallerie Boyd Greg Glasgow Lynne Banks Lance Sallis Melanie Cullens Brad Davis Mandy Thomas Cecilia Stallard Wayne Bledsoe Tina Coney E;len Hodnett Gabriell Perry Dan Smith Angella Bulloch Chris DeVito Renee Carter Joe Feldman Carissa Bryant Miguel Purdy Teresa Bailey Michael Hawkins Connie Overton Marty Bowen Alicea Koone Nancy Shaw Sandra Davis Craig Kozel Susie Sylvester Jeff Scharp Terri Selvidge Jim Pardun Keith Lester Maureen Riley Richard Hamby Mike Haynes R.A. Rodney Carter Pam Venable Brian Maner Mary Aldridge Donna Hess Larry Truelove Jonell Bell Johnie Walters Jana Carness Albert Schilling Karen Sweeney Suzi Burkett Carol Crane Kay Kincaid Deanna King Chris Graves Residence Halls 337 Gregson Gregson Officers Tim Hunt John Hunt Anthony Gaston Daron Wilson Eddie Burchfield Jeff Gaines Ronnie Pinkerton Lance Kordis Rick Hultquist Tim Foster Gregson-1 John Jones Ronnie Pinkerton Mike Olge Mitchel Ward Jim Hayley David Herndon Gary Franks Eddie Whitworth Bob Duerr 338 Residence Halls Gregson-2 John Hunt Jeff Gaines Daron Wilson Steve Schexnayder Anthony Gatson Wayne Beadles Bill Bradberry David Lews Ricky Allen Lance Kordis Will Rippey Gregson-3 Tim Rush Keith Covert Mike Carpenter Craig Frazier Joe Allen Scott Mattingly Brad White Rick Hultquist Jay Gulick Cary Craig Coy Scott Russell Morris Monty Crawford Steve Deere Bill Banister Roger Vincil James Yeager Neal Wesson Residence Halls 339 Yocum Yocum 1 2 Jim Cunningham Tammy Buck Laurie Baltz Mark Barre Robert Bassham Alan Daws David Jines David Ferguson Larry Schwartz James Talton Sharon Cook Moose Bruton Sally Slimpickins John Lennon Brad Jackson Doodie Kell Darla Young Darryl Freat Wayne Gregory Roy Barnard Alvin Huck Margo Leadbetter Mike Kiene Usysses Parr Mike Stovall Stanley Mathis Dan Martin Greg Westbrook John Coats Kristie Baltz Pee Wee Roberts Terry Wallace Paul McCartney Lee Walsh Tim Jasper Dale Head Mike Holman Kenny Wilson Glynn Fulmer Mark Strickland Stephen Rigsby John Rooney Greg Heldreth Alan Watson Grant Carwile Carl Bridges Ron Danielak Boyce Wofford Marvin Dalla Rosa Don Lacefield Robert O ' Bar Kevin Quinn Rusty Faulkner Craig Bond Kevin Wells Jimbo Hobson Larry Scroggins Tom Brawley John Murry David Warlick Mark Nelson Jeff Ricks Allen Hollis 340 Residence Halls Yocum-9 Scott Carter Mike Flowers Jamie Milks Howie Boscowitz Bill Doshier Jeff Hess Miles Cunningham Jim Carroll Walter Reynolds Gregg Burgess Mike McNulty Davar Khales Pau; Jones Chip Allen David Macchiarolo Mike Draper Bradley Harding Jeff Small Joe Roach Dave Roberts Scott Ratchford Kelly Hamby Ed Harpole Mark Jasper Trey Rogers Michael Green Pat Garrison T. J. O ' Brien Jack Phillips Rick Connors Sam Davis Mitch Forrest Frank Adams John Sharp David Pemberton Jerry Poague Yocum-10 Peter Ling Robert Falcinelli Fred Rasmussen David Brotherton Dale Holly Wilson Dubois Johnny Courtney Kent Johnson Kelley Webstwr David Hutchinson Rudi Landolt Bernard Martis Jeff Secton Steve Bradley Joe Willett John Martin Scooter Elliott Bill Nedringhaus Ahmad Halim Kevin Puckett Bruce Maddox Jerry Gollinger Tracy Archer John Cidlik Mark Ousnamer Richard Wilson Joe Hotz Morrie Chamberlain Brent Sherman Thomas Booth Jerald Lewis Anthony Lewis Residence Halls 341 Humphreys Humphrey ' s Staff Gail Young H R Jennifer Womack R A -3 Karen Powell R A -2 Beverly Pryor R A -8 Shelley Hurler R A -7 Lady Martin R A -6 Allison Level Asst. H R Lacy Largent R A -9 Sue Unger R A-5 Alfrita Snowden R A -4 Humphrey ' s-2 Sandra Edwards Lisa Walker Linda Kasperowicz Vicki Allison Janice Huck Lori Leach Tammy Ginn Palli Skinner Sharon Caldarera Mindy Holt Melissa Morris Libby Magnini Karen Powell R A Elizabeth Henry Glenda Weigand Betty Willis 342 Residence Halls Humphrey ' s 4 8 Libby Northcross Natalie Bolinger Deborah Cooksey Deena Shaffer Nancy Roberson Stephanie Maxwell Kathy Gray Dea Ann Hill Nila Hill Najla Kutait Majorie Hampton Beverly Pryor R.A. Cindy Holmberg Carol Jones Anita Walker Donna Tate Janine Keck Laura Fritz Gail Brewton Pam Stanton Hollie Hunnicutt Heather Miles Cathy Duncan Lisa Becker Deborah Harris Alfrita Snowden R.A. Ruth Durnal Judi Dellinger Amy Marr Carla Chote Humphrey ' s 5 Leslie Young Laura Frazer Lee Ann Huckleberry Vasantha Reddy Tammy Buck Constance Clark Pattie Smith Wendy Owens Laura Thomas Sue Unger R.A. Mary Beth Sims Sarah Weyer Paula Ambrose Kathleen Simpson Residence Halls 343 Humphrey ' s Humphrey ' s-3 Jackie Grace Tammy Thompson Sandy Leclercq Susan Hogue Jennifer Womack Susie Jones Lisa McGee Becky Jones Beth Wells Michelle Graves Kathy Darnall Debbie Gross Lori Reeves Karen Brown Jacque Petray Liz Wheeler Laurie Holton Nancy Martin Becky Mulligan Linda Garrison Humphrey ' s-7 Glenda Powell Malleson Emmerling Lisa Sievers Debbie Eckart Ritchie Manley Cathy Goodwin Cheryl Batchelor Jeannie Rimmer Becky Burford Carolyn Hines Susan Hines Megan Bull Sherry Mohazab Wendy Christian Debbie McNeill Jann Thayer Jackie Moyano Lotty Ascarrunz Terri Coleman Shelley Hurler R.A. Becky Barney 344 Residence Halls Residence Halls 345 Above: Fulbright resident takes time out from a busy day for a phone call. Right: Michael Cavitt and Randall Boone prefer backgammon to studying. Opposite page: Coed prefers between- meal snacks to Fulbright food. 346 Residence Halls Above: Reid resident Leah Cordon reads " 99 Ways to Remove a Cast. " Right: " Ibe got dis code in my nose. " 348 Residence Halls I Above: Kevin Sullivan studies intently for an upcoming test. Right: Paige Cordill hurries to finish her needlepoint in time for Pike ' s initi- ation. Residence Halls 349 Opposite page: " Sure you forget your number. " Right: " Maybe salt will help. " Below: Kim Thomas spends a quiet afternoon in her room studying. 350 Reside cc Halts. " NO ENTERING DINING Residence Halls 351 352 Creeks Fall . . . red cowboy hats . . . footballgame flasks . . . sweater weather . greek jackets . . . penny loafers . . . Old Post Office . . . Maxines . . . serenades . . . quarter beer at the Place . . . renewing Dickson Street . . . moving in ... first walkout drunk . . . pizza delivery . . . buying preppy clothes . . . getting dropped . . . Autumn leaves . . . road trips to Little Rock . . . throwing frisbees . . camping out . . . Thanksgiving dinner . . . Halloween pranks . . . service projects . . . 354 Greeks-FaIl Opposite page-Left: Creeks show their support at Razorback pep Rally. Top right: James Smith and brother provide entertainment at Fall- function. Top left: New Alpha Delta Pi pledges speculate about what pledgeship will include. This Page-Top left: Unidentified Lambda Chi takes time out from Fall Activities to brush up on a minor activity-studying. Top right: Delta Gamma ' s welcome new pledges aboard. Bottom left: After a week of eternal smiles rush week comes to a close. Bottom right: Zeta ' s encourage Rushees to join their crew. Greeks-Fall 355 Opposite page-Right: Rush holds many anxious moments for all those in volved. Top Left: Sig Ep remembers hack when he was young . . . Alpha Delta Pi-Sig Ep Rock-athon for Diabetes. Bottom Left: Sorority houseboys encourage healthy grazing habits for undernourished college girls. This Page-Top Left: Intramurals encourage friendly competition between sororities and fraternities. Right-Fraternities select little sisters early in the fall. Dick Davis and Cindy White. Bottom Left: Functions provide the atmosphere to avoid studies, display the latest preppie fashions and mingle with the opposite sex. Bottom Right: Amber Bright encourages a sister to fit right in to the Kappa " click " . 356 Creeks-l-all Fall . . . rush . . . football games . . . begin class . . . Homecoming parade . . sadie Hawkins . . . intramural football . get pinned . . . hayrides . . . diabetes drive . . . painting the SAE lions . . . kidnaps-big sister-little sister . . . Deluxe . . . pep rallies . . . bid party . . . parents day . . . formal pledging . . . cookouts . . . wet-willy trips . . . cruise frat row . hashing at frat houses . . . little sister tapping . . walkouts . . . United Fund Drive . . . hats . . football game flasks . . . Greek-Fall 357 Winter Winter . . . hot buttered rum . . . rabbit coats . . . snuggling with your date . . . winter formals . . . cold hangovers ... all nighters before a test . . . down vests . . . electric blankets . . . icicles . . . rubbing noses . . . jack frost . . . levis and hiking boots . . . falling on the ice on campus . . . slip sliding away . . . polo sweaters . . . turtlenecks . . . beer on the window sill . . . fogged up car windows . . . body heat necessary . . snow streaking . . . snow ski . . . happy hour . . . 358 Greeks-Winter J legra mi V Opposite page- Left: Paul Bartlett, Terry Kuykendall. and Rick Fine practice technique to lure " green " freshmen girls away from a function. Top right: Phi Psi ' s attend one of many functions with a theme. Bottom right: Randy Sweetin And Lisa Cook show how to keep warm on a cold winter night. This page-Top left: Phi Mu ' s join in the fight against diabetes. Top right: The Picture man is always a favorite at functions. Bottom left: Cindy McGaughey, Lisa Rawn, and Ginger McCaughey in popular function attire. Bottom right: Theta pillow talk. Creeks-Winter 359 Opposite page-Right: Fraternity man trying to snag his prey. Top right: Cina Jacuzzi and Liz Halinski enjoy one of many initiation parties during the cold winter months. Bottom left: Lambda Chi ' s entertain their dates at formal-a winter ritual for greeks. This Page-Top left-Ben Dodge and Brenda Theil warm up at the Tri- Delta formal. Right: Kelly Smith thinks of ways to lure his date to HIS room. Bottom left: Kappa Alpha Theta holds their annual Christmas party. Bottom right: Alphs Demonstrate proper formal attire. 360 Greeks-Winter sledding . . snowball fights with Christmas break . . . fires . . . finals . . . . . . basketball . . . . stealing composites . studying . . . going to Oaklawn Races . Winter dorms Initiation . . . hot chocolate skipping class due to cold . . . watching soap operas . the library before a test . . . jeep rides . . Monogramed sweaters . . . John Lennon ' s death . . listening to Beatle music . . degree check . . initiation parties . . hats and gloves . . . Greeks- Win ter 361 Spring . . road pops . . . sunglasses . . . Mr. Burger ... ice chests . . . blowing off class . . . gym shorts . sun tan lotions . . . sun decks . . . T-shirts . . . white legs . . . cold beer . . . road trips to New Orleans . . . Row Dammit . . . imitation beach parties . . . Softball . . . catching rays . . . seven days of rain . . . graduation . . diet plans . . . campouts . . . Beach Boys . . . baseball . . school ' s out . . flip-flops . . . hay fever . . . flowers . . . green leaves . . bicycles . . . breaking out the Izods . . . visors 362 Creek s -Spring Opposite Page- Left: Spring parties are long awaited after the long winter. Top right: Craig Campbell and Cret Whitacer search for dates to Viking Party. Bottom right: Derby Day attracted all types of people to display hidden talents. This Page-Top left: Creeks praise the gator god. Top right: Creek Physique contest at annual mini-olympics Bottom Left: AK.L s on the way to hell. Bottom right: David Frazier accepts the coveted Relays trophy sought by all sororities each spring. Creeks-Spring, 363 This page-Top left: Spring wouldn ' t be complete without a creash course in sunbathing. Top right: SOB -one of the many spring parties at the U of A campus. Bottom left: Kappas appear distressed over something- maybe someone kidnapped granny. Bottom right: Cindy Fancher and Greg Davis try to forget about upcoming finals at ROW. Opposite Page-Top left: Joey Hayes gives Joe Harbuck some Brotherly advice to impress a date. Right: Spring Parties challenge one ' s agility as well as sobriety. Bottom left: Sorority girls would do just about anything for a derby. 44 Greek s -Spring Spring . . . cruisin . . . TGIF ' s . . . spring frat parties . . . relays and derby day . . . Florida . . . float trips . . springfever break-up . . . finals . . . job hunting . Oklahoma road trips . . - laying out . . skipping class to lay out . . . engagements . . . getting in shape . . . Lake Wedington . . . candlelights . . . serenades . . . Viking Party . . . Catfish Row . . . Bahama Mama . . . Go to Hell . . Fight Night . . . South of the Border . ASG elections . . Georges Beer Gardens . Easter . . . Spring Break trips . . . Greeks-Spring 365 Greek Beauties Right: Mindy Williams-Fiji Island Princess-XU Bottom left: Sandra Bell-Serpent Queen-KKP Bottom right: Karen Morris Derby Darling-An 366 Greek Beauties Greek Beauties Left Donna Williams-Daisy- Mae-AF Bottom left: Gina Kirkpatrick-Sorority Pledge Queen -XQ Bottom right: Julia Baker-Miss Knock -Ouf-TIB Creek Beauties 367 Order Of Omega Order of Omega (Row 1) Trade Brewer, ZTA, Lisa Christian, Xfi; Denise Miller, ZTA; Cathy Cravens IIB ; Dana Yeatman, KKT; Kim Arnold, XJJ; Sfeve Spencer, 4 A0; (Row 2) Elizabeth Wellborn, ZTA; Janet Combs, KA0; Marie Clinton, KA0; Cathy Cahan, AAA; Brianne Faulkner, IIB ; Kevin Phillips, SX; Bobby McNeill, 2X; (7fotv JJ Judy Herd, ZTA; Jeannie Weeks, AAI1; Merry tee Hewitt; AAA; Patti Freemyer, KKT, Marcia Roles, Xft; Wrenetta Olson, ZTA.; Steve Von Steen, FIJI (Row 4) Frank Wehr, 2 t E; Richard McElrath, N; Lesli Overby, KKF, Leila Dodge, IIB ; Mary Fox, AF; Tom Demont, HKA; Row 5 Sfeve Methany, AFP; Kaf iy Martin, J M; Denise Little, OB , Sfeve McDaniel, A0; MarA Schlesinger, 2N; M Jke Calhoun, 2N; Cen I y, 2N. Lisa Christian President Cathy Cahan Vice President Steve Spencer Treasurer Leslie Overby Secretary Patti Freemyer Banquet Chairman 368 Order Of Omega Freshman Fraternity Council (Row 1) BUI Free, Robert Stovall, David Allen, Steve Gonter-President 2nd. Sem., Gregg Burgess, Jerry Davis (Row 2) Perry Brown, Don McKnight-President 1st. Sem., John Frankenfield, Scott Tucker, Scott Gateley, Alan Dobbins, Ronald Mathewey, Mark Greer (Row 3) Brian Franklin, Christopher Floyd, John Cooper, Brad Burgess, Greg Matter, Tommy Turner, Ken Peacock, Kevin Spence FFC FSC Freshman Sorority Council - - Row 1: Catherine Weaver, Maureen Moran, Tracy Austin, Ginger Creed, Sheryl Beard, Hilary Holt, Melinda Goodman, Karen Harder Row 2: Lyn Cravens, Kara Breaux. Laura Long, Susan Brusewitz, Patty Dobbs, Ann Turner, Shannon Smith FFC IFC 369 Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Council . . . Row 1: Clay Hathon, Greg Zerman, Kip Blakey, C. Ball, C.L. Barnes, P.W. Calhoun, Andy Croson, Robert Witte, Row 2: Gregg Fisher, Ken Voise, Ken Harper, Jerry Friend, Hal Dejarnatt, Vance Mitchell, John Goodloe, Chris Morrow Row 3: J. W. Rayder, Sam Pittman, David Beck, Randy Bynum, Lowell Hays, David Kalkbrenner Row 4: Greg Neislar, Jackie Hancock, Danny Bercher, Hal Hillman, Tracy Kelley, Wade Whistle, Waynam Holt, Scott Schlesinger 370 Inter fraternity Council Panhellenic Panhellenic (Row 1) Cindy Fancher, Linda Lee, Billie Mayes, Maude Powell, Cary Cravens, Jo Ellen Chambers (Row 2) Mindy Kiley, Patti Freemyer, Merry Lee Hewitt, Mary Ellen Eubanks, Julie McCehee, Sandy Bailey, Jill Chapman, Susan Dorsey, Suzanne Yates (Row 3) Melissa Andrews, Sally Curtis, Denise Miller, Sharon Wilichowski, Helen Ann Lewison. Merry Lee Hewitt President Suzanne Yates Vice President Patti Freemyer Rush Chairman Julie McGehee Secretary Melissa Andrews Treasurer Panhellenic 371 Alpha Delta Sarah Albert Kerri Anderson Melissa Andrews Carolyn Baker Jane Baker Becky Barnett Beth Beatly Amy Berry Kim Bland Stepphanie Boss Nancy Breckinridge Kara Brown Melissa Brown Barbara Byrd Teresa Carter Carlon Caroom Phyllis Cash Michelle Ciasca Lisa Cook Cathy Cormack Liz Dehls Cindy Donnica Pat Ervin Debbie Fiegel Julie Finch Terri Fitzgibbon Vicki Fitzgibbon Sara Ford Kim Forrest Katy Caring Chris Gandy Marguerite Gerke Natalie Glover Debbie Godwin Lisa Godwin Leslie Goff Vicki Harman Melody Harris Becky Heer Angie Hegeman Beth Henry Jamie Hill Carey Hoffman Mary K. Iman Kay Ingram Margaret Jackson Patty Jackson Laura Johoske Cat Jones Julie Jones Susie Jones Toni Jones Pam Key Missy Kerr Susan Knoll Lisa Krumsick Lori Krumsick Peggy Larkin Melody Laster Michelle Lenhart Helen Ann Lewison Liz Lewison Terri Luers Missy McCain Ann McCreery Lisa McCrutcher Sharon McDonald Kay McHenry Mary McKinney Amy McSwain Beth Mann Mary Martin Brenda Melin Vanessa Merrel Alison Miller Karen Morris Karen Mullins Kris Nelson Christy Owens Shaune Parker Becki Patrick Anna Person Suzanne Pippin Kristi Probasco Nancy Ray Carol Rebsamen Susan Rebsamen Melinda Rice Becky Riester Cindy Rushing Jackie Sabbe Lee Ann Sheppard Joyce Sheridan Renee Shoffner Steffanie Short Judy Smith Jami Snow Melissa Snow Anne Stallcup Kathy Sudduth Rochelle Tankersley Le Ann Tanner Terri Thompson Laura Treischman Jerre Trimue Susie Tucker Karen Turner Pam Underwood Beverly Yoekel Karen Waters Kay Watson Lisa Watts Jeannie Weeks Lisa Weeks Pollyanna Westbury Diane Wilson Nanci Wood Kim Woods Leslie Youngblood 372 Alpha Delta Pi Left: New ADPi pledges pose for their first of many pictures. Below: A rocking marathon was a relaxing way to raise money. Alison Miller - President Barbra Byrd - Vice President Amy Berry - Vice President-Pledge Education Cindy Rushing - Assistant Pledge Trainer Lisa Watts - Recording Secretary Susan Knoll - Treasurer Carolyn Baker - Scholarship Chairman Kim Forrest - House Manager Sarah Albert - Standards Chairman Phyllis Cash - Junior Member-at-Large Melissa Andrews - Senior Member-at-Large Susan Rebsamen - Rush Chairman Carol Rebsamen - Assistant Rush Chairman Alpha Delta Pi 373 LEFT- " Anyone want to elope? " Mary McKinney and Ann McCreery. TOP-An Alpha Delta Pi Chorus Line. Alison Miller, Stephanie Short, Jimna Barnett, and Kat Jones. BOTTOM- A DPi ' s perform for prospective pledges. Susan Knoll, Kay McHenry, and Terri Fitzgibbon 374 Alpha Delta Pi TOP LEFT- Alpha Delta Pi wants YOU! Susie Jones, Karen Morris, Lisa Krumsick, and Melissa Brown. TOP RIGHT-Karen Mullins and Ann Stallcup show their ADPi sisterhood at Pref parties. BOTTOM RIGHT- " Picture Man!! Picture Man!! " BOTTOM LEFT- " This city ain ' t big enough for the both of us. " Becky Heer and Chris Candy Alpha Delta Pi 375 Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Row 1: Donna Jones, Trudell Jones, Beverly Moore, Sheila Rutledge, Mrs. Clark, Phyllis Jackson Row 2: Michelle Shavers, Fredlesha Tyson, Lady Jo Martin, Teal Johnson, Karen Powell, Nina Yancy, Carolyn Smith, Not Shown: Renee Brown, Sue Hampton, Benita Lyles, Patrisha Young Sheila Rutledge President Nina Yancy Vice President Trudell Jones Treasurer Teal Johnson Recording Secretary Carolyn Smith Ivy Leaf Reporter Karen Powell Dean of Pledges Donna Jones Assistant Dean of Pledges Lady Jo Martin Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Clark Advisor 376 Alpha Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma Theta Delta Sigma Theta Corine Ackerson, Brenda Anderson, Annette Bobo, Robin Brown, Rose Coleman, Brenda Courtney, Valeria Fells, Shirley Fletcher, Stephanie Fogle, Phyllis Cant, Vernell Glass, Elaine Goosebury, Maura Hall, Jackie Hammonds, Karen Harris, Linda Jackson, Sherrie Johnson, Velmon Johnson, Denee Knuckles, Patricia Lewis, Carol Mann, Brenda Mitchell, Sheila Palmer, Deniece Ridley, Sandra Trotter, Sandra Watson, Velina Watson, Demetra Webber, Magigor White, Allison Wilhirte, Kathy Williams, Karen Williams Valeria Fells President Kathy Williams Vice President Vernell Glass 2nd. Vice-President Eugenia Bobo Treasurer Deniece Ridley Corresponding Secretary Sandra Trotter Parlimentarian Delta Sigma Theta 377 Alpha Gamma Rho Brian Ayers Jeff Baker Kevin L. Barrows Bud Beaty Frank Bednar Gary D. Bohannon David L. Branscum Joey Breckenridge J. Douglas Brooks Roy L. Bullington Jackie D. Carmichael Perry Davis Mark Drake Baton Foil James R. Freeman Alan Hall Robert C. Hanna Mitch Harvill Leslie R. Henderson Waymon Holt Alan Hopkins Mike Hudlow Greg Keen Tim Kiene Scott Kilbourn Mark King Ned Larson Mark Martin Keith Mercer Steve A. Metheny Charles Metz Barney P. Morris Charles J. Peacock IV Kenneth Peacock Ron Pickens Gary L. Safcsak James Smith Kelly Smith Randall Smith Rick Strain Clifton Stringfellow Michael P. Sullivan Lee Sweetin Randy Sweetin Kevin Threlkeld Tommy Turner Darrell Veazey M. Kevin Verkamp Mark Verkamp Tim W. Verkamp James Vincent Thomas L. Waters Wade Allen Whistle Mark Wilson 378 Alpha Gamma Rho TOP LEFT-Alpha Gamma Rho Little Sisters MIDDLE LEFT-Lisa Cook-Sweetheart BELOW-Old heads, Chuck Peacock, and Kevin Barrows Wade Whistle President Randy Sweetin Vice-President Kevin Threlkeld 2nd. Vice-President Mike Hudlow 3rd. Vice-President Bud Beaty Secretary Waymon Holt Treasurer Alpha Gamma Rho 379 COVRACE Alpha Kappa Lambda Barry Barnoski Ralph Black Alan Casby Steve Caspar! John Cooper Tim Collons Ronald Clem Randall Cason Doug Deason James Ellis James Evans Mike Pagan Gregg Foti Glenn Gish Greg Glasgow Mike Green Craig Grosshuesch Chris Hanson Ron Hearon Ken Henry Mitchell Hicks Dale Lang Eric Liepins Larry Low Ricky Johnson David Kallbrenner Bill Martin David Mayo Mark McSweeny Chris Morrow Steve Murchison Tommy Murchison Tom Oswalt William Otis Robert Parker Tim Parthemore Danny Petty Brad Phillips Mike Porter Chuck Powers Robert Reid James Ruf William Rush David Sander Terry Sapp Randall Schild Mark Scott David Scruggs Mike Sinks David Sites Jerry Sites Todd Smith Steve Thompson Steve Toon John Ungerait Gordon Voight Robert Vorsanger Gene Ward Steve Wright 380 ' Alpha Kappa Lambda Top-left- " Would you believe he has an IQ of 210? " David Mayo, Mike Sinks. Top Right- Mike Sinks and Randy Schild Show The " support " of Brothers. Bottom Left- Mark Scott, Mark McSweeney, Mike Green, And Chris Hanson engage in Elementary Partying 2003. Chris Morrow President Mark McSweeney Vice-President Ralph Black Treasurer Gene Ward Secretary David Kalkbrenner Pledge Trainer Alpha Kappa Lambda 381 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Jerri Morris, Colleen Centy, Nancy McMenany, Liz Clark, LaDonna Mace Row 2: Cyndi Scier, Joni Strobbe, Penny Aderholt, Leigh Ann Jones, Kim Orlicek Right-In the mouth over the tongue look out liver here it comes. Craig Crosshuesch, John Vitro. 382 Alpha Kappa Lambda Top left: Photographers John Ungrait and Doug Deason in search of a Razorback pin-up. Top right: Siamese Twins Chris Morrow and Cary Steele pose for Field and Stream. Bottom left: " My mother told me things like this would happen " David Smith Bottom right: " Honest Mom, I REALLY don ' t smoke " . Chris Hanson, Bob Vorsanger Alpha Kappa Lambda 383 384 Candids Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha-(Row 1) Shawn Hill, Kenneth Daniels, Johnnie Booth, Dennis O. May, James Lee, Dale Hamilton (Row 2) Rodney Brannon, Chris Jackson, Kenneth Bush, Michael White, Gene Hamilton, Marvin Love, Vernoris Johnson, Gerald Richardson, William Harris, Keith Jenkins, Samual Turner (Row 3) Michael Campbell, Kenneth Perron, A.J. Brown HI, Marlon Weems, John Colbert, Johnny demons (Row 4) Welton Boyce, Floyd Armstrong, Willie Matlock, Gregory Smith. Johnnie Booth President A.J. Brown III Vice President Shawn Hill Secretary William Todd Harris Sargeant at Arms Keith Jenkins Treasurer Willie Matlock Chaplain Samuel Turner III Corresponding Secretary Kenneth Bush Dean of Pledges Rodney Brannon House Manager John Colbert Graduate Advisor Alpha Phi Alpha 385 Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Alpha Psi A.L. Beal, Andre Bernard, Ernest Brown, Larry Butler, Bernard Carpenter, Tod Carter, Denisho Coleman, Al Dixon, Mark Douglas, Tony Downs, Alex Ford, Augusta Farver, Donald Carrett, Sam Gilbert, Don Hampton, Marcus Hatley, Reginald King, Kenny Lewis, D B Johnson, Mark Mann, Johnathan Hayes, Darryl Mason, Jerry McAdoo, Darron McNeal, Teddy Morris, Don Nichols, Jerry Noble, Zebedee Parks, Keith Peterson, Joel Portwood, U.S. Reed, Carl Roberts, Terry See, James Smith, Kerry Smith, Wayne Sherrer, Darryl Thrower, Carl Tyler, Darryl Walker, Melvin Walker. Augusta Farver Polemarch Bernard Carpenter Vice-Polemarch D B Johnson Chapter Advisor Denisho Coleman Secretary Wayne Sherrer Exechequer Alex Ford Chapter Advisor 386 Kappa Alpha Psi Omega Psi Phi Omega Psi Phi Carlton Bailey, Randy Brown, Forrest Coleman, Dwayne Dixon, Jerry Flemons, Tim Foster, Charles Freman, Ricky Hammonds, Alex Harmon, Cordon Morgan, Andrew Moxey, Stanley Redwine, Quincy Ross, Michael Small, Clint Smith, Charlie Tolliver, Phillip Walton, Booker Washington, Dwayn Williams, Nudie Williams, Lonnie Williams, Richard Wilson, Garland Yarber, Lee Young. Andrew Moxey Basilus Randy Brown Vice-Basilus Quincey Ross Keeper of Finance Phillip Walton Keeper of Records and Seals Omega Psi Phi 387 Delta Gamma Sue Adams Beth Alex Chestea Breyman Mary Bringle Susan Brusewitz Kathy Burris Teresa Campbell Jill Chapman Amanda Chetham Caroline Coffman Holly Coffman Rhonda Copenhaver Kim Crawford Cathy Cullen Michelle Darmell Tonya Davis Kathy Dobbs Patty Dobbs Barb Drummy Shannon Dumas Cathy Duncan Susan Duncan Laurie Dupre Mary Fox Tory Fox Sara French Julie Farlow Stephanie Goode Peggy Grant Kathy Gray Sherril Greene Claire Haimilton Mazi Harp Holly Harper Jayne Haydon Cindy Heard Kim Heller Carol Henly Elaine Hodges Lyndee Hoelle Laura Home Phyllis Hoyle Krystal Humphrey Holly Hunter Wendy Kelly Dina Kempa Mindy Kiley Kristine Kohles Nanette Lacey Kimbra Lackey Marti Lambourn Donna Lederman Linda Logue Laura Long Jana Lindemann Melanie Marsh Linda Marshall Susan Marshall Frances Martin Linda Martin Megan McCully Michelle Mitchell Vee Mooney Crystal Moore Laura Moore Rebecca Moore Tina Moreland Jennifer Morgan Dyke Morris Nancy Moyers Barbie Nagel Nancy Nesbit Melinda Newton Allyn Overholt Joan Owen Cheryl Pitts Mary Quinn Chea Redditt Beverly Reid Lisa Robirds Kim Rorex Sharon Schaefer Kim Schoberg Maureen Scott Carol Seffense Jackie Smith Lisa Smith Dana Staggs Virginia Stratton Renee Suskie Marin Taylor Martha Taylor Phoebe Thompson Bari Turner Betty Weeks Judy Wells Debbie Williams Donna Williams Kim Wilmoth Sharon Wilson Linda Zimmerman 388 DeIta Gamma Left: Immediate sisterly love is a part of bid day. Below: New pledges learn it ' s anchors away with Delta Gamma. Mary Fox-President Debby Clark-lst Vice-President Virginia Stratton-Treasurer Phyllis Hoyle-Recording Secretary Melinda Newton-Pledge Trainer Mindy Kiley-Panhellenic Delegate Jill Chapman-Rush Chairman Mary Bringle-Corresponding Secretary Delta Gamma 389 If FT- " Broadway Here We Come! " Martha Taylor and Sue Adams. TOP- Sorority life is one big bunking party. Kathy and Patty Dobbs, Lisa Robirds, Car a Watson. BELOW- Debbie and Donna Williams have fun at the Delta Gamma Hay ride. 390 Delta Gamma Top Left-Delta Gammas match up with little sisters. Top Right- Max Harp and Virginia Stratton practice for the pro-bowlers tour. Bottom Right- Delta Gammas display preference party unity. Bottom Left- Cheryl Pitts and date relive childhood at the Delta Gamma hayride. Delta Gamma 391 Delta Delta Delta Debbie Adams Honey Adams Tracy Baltimore Laura Beth Bentley Karen Blackstock Connie Blasingame Dana Bradshaw Kara Breaux Christ! Brown Jan Bulkey Blayne Burch Cindy Burns Cathy Cahan Jana Carey Melanie Carlson Debra Carter Denise Carter Dru Carter Cindy Chandler Cynthia Chiles Michelle Cockrell Kim Cornelious Melody Cowan Nancy Cunningham Jamie Cypert Julie Dabbs Tammy Daniel Dara Davenport Diana Davidson Elizabeth Deal Suzette Dees Teresa Dittenheim Debbie Douglas Kay Douglas Julia Dunn Mary Beth Esch Mary Ellen Eubanks Julie Evans Maryanne Fisher Carol Furrman Courtney Gray Dede Greenway Rebecca Griffin Terri Hamm Cathy Hargis Holly Herbert Kristi Herndon Merry Lee Hewitt Susan Hood Francis Huey Liz Huey Joanie Jacobsen Deena Jesson Tina Jewell Ann Johnson Stacy Johnson Jana Jones Susan Jones Terry Kent Mary Kirby Kathy Koontz Kathy Kullander Evelyn Lambert Janet Lassetter Amy Lawrie Kathryn Lawson Martha Leach Lynda Lee Lisa Livers Phyllis Long Debbie Lopez Kelly Mackiewich Tammy MacLarty Lori Mahan Kim Marble Leigh Marble Kathy Mallon Susan Manning Kimmie Maxwell Toni Miller Jackie Murphy Sally Murphy Lucy Murray Debbie McCallum Carla McChristian Kookie McCreight Carmella Montez Terry Norman Shelley Odom Shelli Owen Liz Paddock Kenny Pagdett Pam Pangle Joni Parham Suz Peebles Lisa Perry Cathy Phillips Cory Piester Annette Post Tracee Price Kelli Quinn Becky Reginelli Julie Roeder Sally Ross Debbie Rotan Debbie Schlesinger Angie Schaefer Jan Schroepfer Julie Scudder Denise See Melissa Shoffner Laura Smith Fran Selby Cindi Stewart Jill Storey Cecile Stuckey Angie Studer Jeanie Swain Debi Taylor Brenda Thiel Vicki Vinson Dana Ward Georgiana Walt Janice Vaughn Terry Vaughn Staci Welch Connie White Tammy White Leslie Wilkins Chris Williams Janie Williams Debbie Wingert Betsye Wright 392 Delta Delta Delta LEFT-Tri-Delts display Razorback arithmatic. BE- LOW-Actions speak louder than words. Christi Her- endon and Shelly Odom. Jana Carey- President Kathy Koontz- Vice-President Mary Kirby-Treasurer Rebecca Griffin-Secretary Pledge Trainer- Honey Adams Delta Delta Delta 393 Left- Leigh Marble and Stacy Johnson say try Delta. Top Right- A Delta duo-Merry Lee Hewitt and Cindy Stewart. Bottom Right- Now you know why helicopters hover over the Tri-Delt sundeck. 394 Delta Delta Delta Top Left- I just LOVE functions, don ' t you? Christy Brown and Lori Mahan Top Right- Tri-Delts lost in space. Bottom Left- Dana Bradshaw, Susan Manning, and Julie Ryder audition for the U-arkettes. Bottom Right- Tri-Delts display their assets for Phi Mu review. Delta Delta Delta 395 Delta Upsilon Sammy Baker Jon Beard Lewis Clark Scott Davis Charles Denson Doug Dover Brad Eddins Oscar Hernandez Russ Holland Bruce Jacobs David Pennington Blake Price David Robinson Chuck Rogers Todd Griffin Hanklin Jackson Mark Jordon Paul Miller Larry Waschka Bob Bolls Kevin Carter David Gean Rick Hansen David Hoff Jeff Newstrom Jeff Recton Tony Siebenmorgan Pat Turner Glenn Walsh Jeff Carlson Thomas Deen Curtis Eddgers Brian Franklin Don Griffin Jackie Hancock Russell Hankins Greg Hil Vance Mitchell John Monaweck Joel Polichronopolis Keith Satterfield Doug Stensiek John Stroh John Waters Andy Bryson Chris Ellis Chris FLoyd Randy Haler Mike McNair Randy Moore Roger Polichronopolis Tim Thompson Teddy White 396 Delta Upsilon Top-DU ' s and dates party at the Formal. Jackie Hancock, John Waters, and Doug Steinsek. Jackie Hancock President Vance Mitchell Vice-President John Monaweck Recording Secretary Greg Heil Treasurer Joel Polychronopolous Membership Development Russell Holland Relation Secretary Delta Upsilon 397 DELTA UPSILON LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Lou Ann Spinks, Lisa Bray, John Monaweck, Peggy Sims, David Hoff, Julie Jones, Janice Franks Row 2: Sharon Cuni, Teresa Carter, Lisa Lessley, Joy Jennings, Stacey Stern, Susan Rebsamen, Patty Dobbs, Anita Ledbetter, Barbara Byrd, Jo Nell Atchley Row 3: Susie Hoffhaus, Jenelle Derickson, Becki Patrick, Laura Lawrence, Kathy Haley, Vanessa Armbrust, Karen Mullins, Carolyn Baker, Julie Finch, Karen Hansen, Melinda Newton. Janice Franks Sweetheart 398 Delta Upsilon Top left- Tommy Shurley, Thomas Dean, Eddie Solorzano, Isaac Bollinger, and Bob Bolls live it up. Top right- Could I interest you in some real estate in Florida? " Jeff Newstrom, Pat Turner. Bottom left- Paul Miller and Julie Jones relieve their academic pressure at a function. Bottom right- Bill Kirschberger and Blake Price entertain friends. Delta Upsilon 399 Zeta Tau Alpha Kay Adams Lisa Albright Brenda Alexander D D Andrews Camille Basham Lisa Barry Judy Belt Pam Blasingame Tami Bowman Amy Boyd Lori Brenner Tracie Brewer Donna Brown Terri Brown Mary Brust Debbie Campbell Sandy Carlisle Cindy Carr Janice Carter Jenny Carter Melissa Carter Nicki Carter Susie Casavechia Traci Chappell Sharon Church Ann Coleman Deirdra Cochran Lynn Cook Mary Cook Susanne Cooksey Jill Copeland Lynnette Cornwell Bobbie Cross Johnice Cross Karen Cunningham Sally Curtis Julie Cypert Jody Crawford Donna Dean Kathy Diemer Tracy Diemer Renee Eagle Angela Edwards Mary Faulk Laura Fritz Karen Formby Laura Gaston Kim Gibson Connie Graves Mary Graydon Christie Grubb Theresa Habig Kathy Haley Debbie Hall Yvonne Hanzlik Julie Harris Julie Hayes Pam Haynie Martha Hendrix Judy Herd Kerri Hibbard Beverly Hill Regina Hopper Tracy Hudson Holly Hunnicutt Pam Ingram Denise Johnson Lori Johnson Janice Johnston Dianne Jones Susan Jones Jana Jordan Sherrie Joyce Marcia Kirksey Kathy Knez Missy Knight Valerie Kordsmeier Linda Laird Laura Lawrence Kim Lindley Vicki Logan Kari Lohmeyer Stephanie Maxwell Pattie McClendon Sherry McClendon Denise Miller Patti Minton Lisa Moilanen Carol Murphy Kay Murphy Tammi Neukam Sharon Nutt Shanon Perry Laura Peters Mary Peters Becky Ramsey Denise Reading Theresa Reading Jo Ellen Robbins Suzanne Roberts Carol Robertson Millie Robinson Julie Roblee Linda Rogers Donna Ruggles Alicia Russell Debbie Sanders Cindy Satterfield Karen Schreiber Amy Shaff Debbie Shields Laura Smith Karen Solomon Amy Sparks Laura Turner Helen Unverferth Robin Walker Elizabeth Wellborn Becky Werner Susie Werner Jody Williams Sherry Williams Shelly Wilcoxen Penny Yoakam Susan Rinnert Clair Clancy Julie Dean 400 Zeta Tau Alpha Clair Clancy and Mandy Abbott display their newfound Zeta smiles. BELOW- " Hi! What ' s your major? " Patty Mitton, Mary Brust ' . u Tracie Brewer - President Denise Miller - Vice-President Susie Werner - Treasurer Elizabeth Wellborn - Historian Lori Brenner - Recording Secretary Shelly Wilcoxen - Second Vice-President Johnice Cross - Third Vice-President Suzanne Cooksey - Ritual Chairman Zeta Tau Alpha 401 Left- " You said you read about this in The Joy of What? ' Shannon Perry and Trade Brewer Top Right- " Zeta Love " Jody Williams and Sherry McClendon. Bottom Right- Vickie Logan Displays a typical sorority girl smile. 402 Zeta Tau Alpha Top left- ZTA ' s open house skit typifies rush skits for Fall rush, Sherry Williams, Mary Peters, Suzanna Roberts, Donna Ruggles, and Jana Jordon. Top right- The eternal rush smile leaves both rushees and rushers ready for bid day. Missy Knight, Cindy Satterfield, Lisa Albright Bottom left- Lisa Moilanen and Eddie Ball snuggle up close on the Zeta hayride. Bottom right- Age or I.Q.? Suzanne Cooksey, Denise Miller, Lori Brenner, Trade Brewer, Susie Werner, and Elizabeth Wellborn. Zeta Tau Alpha 403 Kappa Alpha Theta Vanessa Armbrust Sherry Arnstrong Cindy Back Sandy Bailey Rachelle Barnes Laurie Bernard Donna Burnett Sandra Canada Moka Caudle Nancy Caughlan Cindi Cleveland Marie Clinton Janet Combs Carla Corn Sharon Cuni Helene Denniston Jenifer Dickinson Carol Dillard Shannon Featherston Lynne Fitzgerald Nancy Fore Deanna Gibson Jennifer Gilbert Nancy Glasscock Melinda Goodman Linda Hanson Karen Harder Shari Harrison Tracy Henderson Bee Hicks Sherrie Hicks Jan James Patti Johnston Leigh Ann Jones Kathleen Keith Susan Kemp Nancy Kraus Karen McClure Susan McFerrin Julie MaGehee Laura McKinnon June McMahon Susan Man Christy Middleton Rita Middleton Michelle Mitchell Carlotta Newton Malinda Oakes Sharron Parkman Karen Patterson Robin Pitts Camie Reeves Vicki Reynolds Jennifer Perkins Linda Richarkson Sheila Richardson Debbi Robb Melinda Rogers Gail Ruchle Sheila Rummel Kim Sauer Susan Schoppmeyer Sandra Smith Shelly Smith Vicki Smith Shauna Snadon Mercedes Stadhagen Nan Stark Kerri Steele Robin Stephens Jan Stewart Kathy Strode Cindy Stidham Cheri Taylor Kelly Tudor Julie Warmouth Kathleen Webb Stacee Whiteside Sharon Wirchowski Cheryl Wilson Darcy Woody Judy Wright Sherry Charithers Lyndell Holt Libby Northcross Amy Walsh 404 Kappa Alpha Theta Left: Daisy Mae is doing her part for Sadie participation. Below: Now, Phi Mu Review. Next, " Broadway, here we come " . KAT DANCE HALL 1 i ' i V I -, ( . I m i i if i mil i It I M Hi , il I K M t triii Illl ' : Janet Combs-President Sandra Canada-Chapter Relations Cindi Cleveland-Vice-President Efficiency Carol Dillard-Treasurer Carlotta Newton- Vice President Pledge Education Sandy Bailey-Rush Kappa Alpha Theta 405 LEFT-Sue Kemp and Nancy Kraus display kite flying skills. TOP- " Your money or your life! Sheila Richardson and her prisoner. BO 1 1 OM-Kim Sauer, Michelle Traylor, and Jenifer Rutledge are singing in the rain. 406 Kappa Alpha Treta TOP LEFT- " Centlemen prefer Hanes. " TOP RIGHT-Thetas have a strong foundation for sisterhood. BOTTOM RIGHT-Theta ' s monkey around during Rush. BOTTOM LEFT-Fundamental Reading Skills 2003. Laura McKinnon and Gail Ruehle Kappa Alpha Theta 4O7 Kappa Kappa Gamma Gwen Adkinson Diane Baker Suzanne Baker Polly Baldwin Valerie Barnes Liz Baxley Catherine Bays Sheryl Beard Linda Beiser Sondra Bell Paige Bethune Beth Bloore Jeannie Blunker Melissa Bond Leslie Borgognoni Kelly Boyd Beth Brackin Pam Brietenberg Amber Bright Gail Bryant Janelle Cange Caren Cargill Kelly Carter Linda Castleberry Leslie Chalmers Carol Clark Jeannie Coffman Mary Kay Cogswell Carol Colburn Suzy Cole Beverly Cope Kelly Coulter Ginger Daniel Susan Davis Susan Dean Zem Delay Dana Dickerson Debbie Doster Amy Durham Jamie Early Cindy Fancher Signe Featherston Patti Freemyer Leah Fry Andrea Fry Wendy Garner Gale Gazette Kelleigh Goldtrap Anne Goodman Kelly Graves Denise Hair Rhonda Hair Penny Hamilton Robin Hayes Pam Hout Laura Jacimore Janan Jackson Susan Jackson Janna Jennings Jennifer Jesson Robin Johnson Celeste Jones Kim Karnes Gretchen Kaufman Kristen Kaufman Katy Keisner Kimberly Kirby Shelly Lashley Beth Laster Carolyn Lindsey Amber Lohman Deahna Lohnes Holly Magruder Kim Malone Billie Mayes Suzanne Milton Kelly Minton Sue Mitchell Trisha Moore June Morrow Marge Anna Mosley Leslie McChristian Leah McDaniel Kim McDonald Nancy McElrath Danna McKay Karen McNeil Lesli Overby Cindy Parks Julie Plunkett Rene Porterfield Kim Prickett Allison Reid Lisa Reynolds Andrea Richardson Melody Ricks Tammy Sanders Lynne Schlatterer Jill Schroeder Robbi Schupp Debbie Scroggin Lori Seeberger Shannon Smith Pam Stanton Leslie Squair Joyce Terminella Allison Terry Angela Thieben Mary Ann Tilley Carmela Tortorich Holly Turner Kim Waller Kelly Watson Marti Watson Vanya Webb Kay Wilson Dana Yeatman 408 Kappa Kappa Gamma LEFT- ' T.A.K. ' BELOW-Andrea Richardson and Valerie Barnes catch that Kappa Spirit. Rhonda Hair- President Gretchen Kaufman- First Vice-President Dana Yateman- Second Vice-President Trisha Moore- Recording Secretary Sharon Flood- Corresponding Secretary Lesli Overby- Treasurer Kim McDonald- Pledge Trainer Celeste Jones- Assistant Pledge Trainer Kappa Kappa Gamma 409 Left- " I new pledge? No I ' m looking for Pizza Hut delivery. " Beverly Cope. Top Right- Your Basic Kappa harem. Bottom Right- No Mom, it was just orange juice. 410 Kappa Kappa Gamma Top Left- Kappas at an early morning lil sis kidnap Top Right- " the minute you walked in the joint . " Gale Gazette, Pam Breitenburg, Lynne Schlatterer, and Dana McKay. Bottom Left- " Kiss me you fool " Jeanne Coffman Bottom Right- Boys! We don ' t have boys in OUR room. " Marti Watson, Suzy Cole, and Luwana Wolfe. Kappa Kappa Gamma 411 Greg Allbright Michael Bass Ned Beaver Danny Berdher Richard Bodie Mark Brantley Bob Brooks Michael Brown Robby Bruce Harry Bryant Brad Carey Marcus Carter Eddie Christian John Cravens Kevin Crawford Kappa Sigma John Gulp Jerry Currena HB Fink Steven Gibbs William Hanna Mark Harper Tommy Hawkin Andrew Hendrick Greg Hout Randy Hurbam Fowler Jayne Rex Johnson Todd Johnson Matthew Jones Keith Kapel J B Lambert Russell Laster Erie Matzdorf Mark McHenry Scott McSween Russell Melviller John Owen James Parr Jefferson Pratt Foger Price Robert Richart Bruce Roberts James Robinson Mike Sellers David Smith Joseph Smith Robert Speed Dan Stainton Timothy Taylor Leonan Thompson Harry Thompson Greg Trulock Flippin Whitner Barry Williamson Mark Williams Tom Williams Wayne Williams Charles Wilson George Ward 412 Kappa Sigma Top Left- Wanted: Dead Or Alive-Matt Jones and B. Thompson Above- Kappa Sig And Date Enjoy Island " Orgy " Randy Hurban Grand Master Andy Hendricks Grand Procurator Budder Wilson Grand Master Ceremony Daniel Bercher Grand Scribe John Kulp Treasurer Bruce Roberts Pledge Trainer Kappa Sigma 413 KAPPA SIGMA LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Claire Koffler, Dee Norman, Julie Scudder, Kathryn Morton, Greg Hout (Sponsor) Row 2: Peggy Watson, Linda Garrison, Cecilia Graham, Judy Schneider, Amy McSwain, Deana Jesson, Diana Davidson, Camille Coates Row 3: Jayne Sanders, Susan Pearce, Kelly McConnell, Jeanette Baker, Missy Butler, Teresa Crafford, Teresa Korkame, Pam Ingram, Donna Worst, Tamera Wallace, Leslie Plant Row 4: John Cravens, Laurie Parton, Deidre Sawyer, Becky Mulligan, Sherry Armstrong, Dee Fincher, Lambert Mixon, Suzanne Williams, Kale Carlisle Now you know how the west was won. Andy Hendricks, Dianne Davidson, and John Culp 414 Kappa Sigma Top left- That Close-up will do it every time. Top right- " Which one of those guys was voted housewife of the year? " Jeff Gammon, Pete Word, Wayne Williams, Greg Allbright. Bottom left- Part of the notorious Kappa Sigma Harley gang. Brad Carey. Bottom right- Mom Crowe, Robert Speed, and Bill Hanna Enjoy another party. Kappa Sigma 415 Lambda Chi Alpha Bill Alexander Jeff Altemus Jay Baker Steve Bateman Ernie Bauer Randy Bivens Phillip Blansett Bill Brasel Perry Brown Scott Broyles Brad Burgess Jay Burgess John Caldwell Mike Chisholm Bill Collison And Croson Allen Crutcher David Cuzac Chuck Danehower Clark Davis Gary Ebbing Kevin Elliot Rob Engles Matt Fellows Kevin Forte Stu Franklin Brian Gerhki Buddy Goldhammer Mark Gratz Grant Green Steve Grisson Noland Hagood Jon Hale Ralph Hall Scott Howard Tim Hunt Donald Ivy Ricky Jones Bobby Koznarczyk Steve Kelley Danny King Steve Krim Stan Lawrence Mark Lewis Vince Mayer Duff McGennis Greg McKinney Bradley McLaurin Cliff Miller Chris Morris Fred Naparano Tommy Pazdera Joe Perry Kelly Renard Kris Snodgrass Tommy Stewmon Phil Terrell Frank Watson Brian Westfall Duane Whitsett Eddie Wilkinson Robert Wilson Bobby Wise Robert Witte Scott Wood Bill Wrape 416 Lambda Chi Alpha Top left- " Let ' s Play Doctor " , a typical fraternity favorite at functions. Top right- Lambda Chi ' s practice to replace the 1980-81 Razorback Team. Kevin Forte President Stuart Franklin Vice-President Brian Gerrki Ritualist Earnie Bauer Rush Chairman Perry Brown Rush Chairman Stan Lawrence V. P. Crescent Cliff Miller Social Chairman Noland Haggod Fraternity Education Bill Alexander Secretary Buddy Goldhammer Intramurals Randy Bivens Asst. Treasurer Lambda Chi Alpha 417 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Leslie Roper, Beth Henry, Row 2: Terri Luers, Piper Wilson, Judy Dennis, Robin Westbrook, Kim Danehower, Betsy Milick, De Ann Richards, Tammy Cutzman, Laura Frazier, Karen Patterson Row 3: Kari Lohmeyer, Kim Harraway, Ann McKenzie, Mary Brust, Mary Peters, Nancy Cunningham, Melinda Goodman, Lynette Cornwell, Melody Cowan, Missy McCain, Kim Lyndsy, Jennifer Regains Row 4: Marie DeClark, Melinda Rogers, Andrea Lyons, Kathy Hargis, Jan Adams, Linda Barnes, Karen Turner, Kandy Rankin, Cathy Duncon, Susan Duncan, Donna McMillon, Pam White, Tracy Whitman, Mom Kelly Row 5: Karri Ebbing, Anna Schreit, Shelly Owens, Cathy Cullen, Ann Browning, Marshmellow, Ruby Lee, Celeste Jones, Valeria Barnes, Sandy Baily, Sandra Conade, Jennifer Dickenson, Christy Middleton Not Shown: Tracy Baltimore, Roxanne Deitzig, Chris Candy, Natalie Clover, Sherrill Green, Ginna Heck, Kim Kirby, Debbie Lopez, Kimmie Maxwell, Sharon McDonald, Lisa McKinnon, Jackie Sobbe, Chris Watkins Cathy Cullen Sweetheart 418 Lambda Chi Alpha Top left- It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, it ' s a Lambda Chi party. Top right- Robby Hinds and Steve Crisson enjoy Spring Party Bottom left- " If you don ' t get off my foot ... " Danny Hoskins and Greg Frohnappel. Bottom right- " Look what followed me home. Can I keep her? " Cliff Miller, Perry Brown, Mark Crazz. Lambda Chi Alpha 419 Pi Beta Phi Jan Adams Terri Adams Melissa Albright Leslie Arnold Becky Bailey Jeannette Baker Mary Helen Bass Tammy Bledsoe Tamera Bowlin Toni Bowlin Kathy Bradly Christie Bridges Kim Brooks Vanessa Brown Leslie Bryles Kristine Buckey Maureen Buckingham Missy Butler Lori Campbell Jan Chalmers Kelle Chastain Carla Cobb Robin Cobb Jackie Coker Susan Cooper Cathy Cravens Lyn Cravens Lisa Crossland Lisa Crossland Mary Jane Crossland Leila Dodge Karen Dugan Deann Duckworth Sara Eldridge Angle Faulkner Brianne Faulkner Dee Faulkner Jan Freeman Sharon Fonville Sherrie Gaylor Karen Gentry Susan Gentry Debbie Gold Ginger Gooch Nanette Grabel Gretchen Gray Pam Griffin Stacy Haggard Lisa Hain Liz Halinski Beverly Harrison Laura Hastings Anne Henson Sandy Hildebrand Jackie Hill Mary Ann Hogg Hilary Holt Gina Jacuzzi Ellen Jernigan Allison Johnson Jan Johnson Cindy Jones Lee Ann Jones Mary Jones Nancy Keil Mary Laughlin Denise Little Mary McClarty Becky McCoy Anna McDaniel Cindy McGaughty Ginger McGaughty Stacie McHan Misty Mcllroy Teague Martin Mary Menz Audrey Miller Harriet Morris Marjorie Munger Kim Murdock Melinda Nabholz Laura Olmstead Melanie Owen Molly Owen Rita Patterson Annette Pearson Laura Pennebaker Mary Pennebaker Mary Phillips Tanya Phillips Beth Plegge Anne Powell Maude Powell Kathryn Pryor Becky Pugh Susie Pugh Laura Pyle Zanya Rapp Lisa Rawn Liz Renaud Malinda Rutledge Cynda Scott Diana Scott Terri Scott Sally Sloan Lucy Smart Valerie Smith Christie Snowden Jennifer Sossamon Sandy Stancil Steffi Steed Margo Stockhoper Jodie Taylor Donna Tokarczk Cary Tracy Coralie Watts Susan Willet Gwynn Williams Katherine Willis Karon Young Marrianne Woodyear 420 Pi Beta Phi Left: Annette Pearson sings to a " sister? " at Phi Mu Review. Below: Valerie Smith and Debbie Cold keep their " chins up " at a function. Cathy Cravens- President Leila Dodge- Vice President Of Moral Lori Campbell- Vice President of Mental Brianne Faulkner- Vice President of Social Deann Duckworth- House Manager Malinda Rutledge- Treasurer Teague Martin- Recording Secretary Kathryn Norris- Corresponding Secretary Pi Beta Phi 421 Left- Jodi Taylor practices for the doughnut race. Top right- Melissa Albright and Cindy McCaughy demonstrate the dead trout look. Bottom right- Becky Pugh enjoys one of many TCIF ' s held in the spring. 422 Pi Beta Phi Top left- Molly Owens, Stacy Haggaret, and Tish Springer cruise fiat row-a favorite sorority past-time. Top right- Pi Phi ' s sing their way into rushees hearts. Bottom left- Denise Little has that typical second semester senior look in her eyes. Bottom right- Once, twice, three times a Pi Phi. Cary, Lynn, and Cathy Cravens. Pi Beta Phi 423 Kappa Alpha David Allen Clark Andrew Jim Berry Brad Brown Gary Burrow Randy Bynum Bret Cameron Bill Chiles John Clement Rodney Crafton Greg Colvin Tom DeMont D.D. Dunnigan Steve Edwards Kurt Faulk Tor Faulk Joey Gilker Brad Gray Johnny George Mark Greenway Tim Haunert Lowell Hays Steve Hays Dave Hooker Doug Hooker John Hooper Joey Hopson Ben Home Jeff Houser Mike Houser Doug Kallis Byrum Kelly Kevin Kilker Brian Layman Kevin Layman Max Lough David Loyd Frank Madewell Mike Mahonney Ross Mallioux Jeff Mattox Bryan McGlaughlin Bryan Meldrum Van Mills Steve Morris Mark Myers Parker Pennings John Plummer Phil Plyer Andrew Post Gary Prescott Mark Prescott Cris Provancha Allan Ranson Robert Reese Alan Roberts Jim Roberts Carl Rudelis Scott Ryberg Randy Sanner Bunker Sessions Mike Simpfender Craig Smith Scott Smith Ron Steen Jim Sturdy Ray Tipton Paul Tracy Porter Wafter Paul Williams David Wise 424 Pi Kappa Alpha Top left-John " AH " Plummer sets up for the attack. Top right-Pikes Jim Roberts, Frank Madewell, Lowell Hayes, and Brad Cray, hard at " Play. " Randy Bynum President Mark Greenway Vice-President Lowell Hays III Vice-President-Alumni Kevin Layman Secretary Allen Ranson Treasurer Pi Kappa Alpha 425 PI KAPPA ALPHA LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Debbie Campbell, Kay Murphy Row 2: Parker Penning , Carol Colburn, Cherly Partain, Laura Turner, Penny Yoakam. Bunny Johnson, Paige Lester, Kimbra Lackey Row 3: Sharon Tracey, Holly Herbut. Kelly Young, Lisa Moran, Terry Miller, Jana Arnold, Deidra Cockran, Ann Prescott, Cindy Lamb, Doug Hooker Row 4: Vicki Logan, Marti Lam bourne, Darcy Woody, Sally Crimes, Dana Rayniak, Mary Phillip, Debra Williams, Tracy Henderson. Nancy Chandler, Melanie Marsh, Ann- Marie Deproma, Leslie Springer, Larenda Howell Row 5: Carol Carpenter, Tami Clark, Jacque Post, Sarah Eldgree, Janet Hinds. Vietta Treat, Jana Veite, Tina Jones, Tina Post, Sandra Sturdy, Tamra Cockran, Margaret Jackson Row 6: Jan Jordan, Jill Copeland, Janet Price, Melissa Carter, Melinda Wilson, Merna Mahan, Amy Fox, Karen Seidenstricker, Robin Stephans, Mary Jane Clay, Kim Treece, Paige Cordial Kelly Young Sweetheart and Sweetheart Court 426 Pi Kappa Alpha Top left-Going My Way? " Typical Pike Statement. Top right-Pikes Display Strength at mini-olympics. Bottom left-Pikes version of California beaches. Bottom right-Pledge initiation-A time to remember, or maybe not. Pi Kappa Alpha 427 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Al Alexander Richard Balay Mike Baldwin Lowry Barnes Bo Barnwell Sam Baxter Charles Beene Tom Bell Richard Burg Ray Blackston Willard Burks Mike Calahan Paul Calvin Houston Chambliss Tom Christenbury Chris Clark Alan Cline Roy Clinton Mark Cole Ellis Collins Jeff Calomino Scott Cooper Jack Crews Gene Davis Greg Dawson James Devlin Jack Deward Steve Douglas Jay Duke Bart Edwards Randy Ensminger Richard Farr Steve Farr Darren Farrish Grant Fiorita Scott Ford Scott Gillham Christopher Ginnaven Robert Ginnaven John Goodloe John Goodson Bill Gray Baker Gross Steve Gunter Bruce Haley Jeff Halford Frank P. Hall III Mike Harris Randy Hathaway Scott Hembree Lawson Hembree Patrick Hickman Basil Hoag III Raush Hodges Greg Hogue Jack Hollingsworth Carl Honeysuckle Dean Hover Jim Hornibrook Lester Jackson Bruce Jeffery Tony Jezek David Jones Tom Jones Todd Joubert Keith Karnes Matt Keil Cliff King Scott Knowles Andy Lagrone Dean Lagrone Tim Lance Steve Lincoln Paul Makris Steve Mangan John Manning Randy Massonelli Mark Massey Steve McClanahan Doug McClay Rick McCollum Jim McGee Tom MacLaughlin Greg Means Al Melde Dan Messersmith Dan Miller Jeff Miller Jeb Mills David Mott Dale Nicholson Kip Norton Scott Overby Jay Patterson Mark Patterson Paul Patterson Dwight Plunkett David Pulliam Mike Ramsey Clay Randolph Chuck Richison Tony Riggan Ross Sanders Alan Shadoin Dewey Shanks Gary Sheppard Mike Sheppard Randy Shirley Gene Stimson Terry Sipes Matt Spencer Dick Simpson Dave Stahr Philip Tappan Vince Thomas Todd Trimble Scott Tucker Chip Turner Richard Udouj Bart Virden Les Warren Craig Willis Brian Winstead Gil Wooten Joe Young 428 Sigma Alpha Epsilon President-Lowry Barnes Vice President-Jeb Mills Secretary-Scott Knowles Treasurer-Richard Farr Pledge Trainer-John Goodloe Asst. Pledge Trainer-Jim McGee Social Chairmen- Steve Lincoln Greg Means Sigma Alpha Epsilon 429 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Beth Bracken, Linda Bieser, Laura Olmstead, Dee Faulkner, Christy Brown, Laurie Burks, Kim McDonald and Robbie Crupp, Row 2: Tammy Bledsoe, Debbie Cold, Amber White, Lynn Slater, Susan Davis, Jana Jennings, Vanya Webb, Sand Stacie, Liz Baxley, Julie Evans, Paula Bounson Row 3: Mary Jane Crossland, Lee Anne Shepherd, Becky Pugh (Pres.), Holly Patton, Ellen Jenningan, Sandi Hilderbrand, Cora Lee Watts, Jan Johnston, Mary Anne Higgs, Sally Sloan, Cinny Wrape, Tracy Brewer, and Nancy Loyd. Right- Bubba Klugh and Sue Adams wonder which tastes better -fried catfish or fried flamingo. 430 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Top left-Tammy Bledsoe her Alpa friend do their rendition of Humpty Dumpty Top right-Here, you want me to iron that shirt. " Robert Cinnavin Bottom left-Clay Randolph and Dru Carter attend the million dollar possum formal. Bottom right-Polly, Pat, and Kelly Baldwin pose for a family picture. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 431 Sigma Nu ' Wade Abernathy John Ackerman Bruce Armstrong Teddy Ashcraft Tom Baker Richie Barnes Joe Bearden David Beck Marty BEnnet Scotty Branscum Jeff Brewer Payne Brewer Fred Brown John Bryant John Buchanan Bill Burgess Brian Burrough Mike Calhoun Jeff Campbell Jerry Caroom Greg Carr Randy Gates Craig Chandler Mike CTurch David Clark Scott Clement Greg Cockerell Brad Cole Jeff Cole Ernie Cook Scott Byrus John Daniel Charlie Dixon Ben Dodge Scott DuBois Greg Dunn Jay Dyke Les Evitts Randy Farless Kevin Farmer David Frazier Mark Fuhrman Kevin Gentry Scott Gentry Trip Gentry Tad Gidcomb Benji Gilmore Brian Gilmore Bill Goodwin Todd Green Mike Gross Kyle Hannah Joe Harbuck Dave Harrison Dan Hart Drake Hawkins Joey Hayes Mike Haywood Guy Hickman Rick Holmes Mike Hudsbeth Kurt Hyde Barry Jewell Doug Johnson Phillip Johnson Tim Jointer Gary Jones Greg Jones Kenny Kerr Randy King Scott Kingsborough Allen Laws Ken Lilly Patrick Logan David Longinotti Steve Longinotti Rel Luttrel Jack Lyons Jeff Majors Jeff Maxwell Jeff May Richard McElrath Richard Mo-row Mike Moss Matt Murphy Brian Mustacci Steve Nelson Gary Newton Ray Osborn Tom Patterson Danny Pelton Scott Pettit Mike Ptak Ross Ramsauer Gary Rhodes Jihn Rittle Larry Rial Ed Riddick Terry Rogers Brian Rosenthal Trey Rutledge Mark StOnge Gary Sammons John Satterfield Mark Schlesinger Scott Schlesinger Mark Shavers Lance Shinall Mark Shirley Scott Simmons David Skinner Jeff Smith Mike Smith Jim Stark Kevin Staten Mitchell Taylor Gary Thorn Brady Tinker Craig Treece Jay Trumbo Tommy Vaughn Mike Verucchi Brady Vick Andy Warren Tim Washington Sean Weaver Blake Weber Lance Welch Mark Welch Steve White David Williamson Shawn Wilson Jon Wright Brian Wright 432 Sigma Nu Richard McElrath Commander Brad Cole House Manager Tim Washington Lieutenant Commander Barry Jewell Rush Chairman Top left-David Williamson being kissed by a martian. Top right-Mitch Lyons and Joe Harbuck prevent cavities with their own special kind of " fluoride " . Sigma Nu 433 SIGMA NU LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Brianne Faulkner, Carla Cobb, Gina Kirkpatrick, Martha Taylor. Tracy Gwaltney. June Morrow, Mary Norman, Susan Hood, Jea-nie Coffman, Laura Randall Row 2: Courtney Grey, Cooky McCreight, Marty Watson, Angle Faulkner, Debbie Douglas, Renee Porterfield, Dianne Baker, Lisa Reynolds, Nancy McElrath, Kelly Carter, Jamie Cypert Row 3: Gina Turley, Liz Wallis, Mary Penabaker, Carmella Montez, Carol Cooper, Sue Adams, Leslie Overby, Lowana Wolf, Stacy Johnson, Carol Freeman, Angle Studer, Mandy Abbot Row 5: Sarah Lewing, Holly Metcalf, Margie Prestley, Lisa Corssland, Sharon Cathey, Jamie Wallis, Denise Dandeneau, Larua Pyle, Stephanie Maxwell, Jan Shrepford, Mary Beth Esch, Debra Carter, Allison Terry, Susie People, Pam Griffin, Jackie Hill, Beverly Hill Row 6: Susie Cole, Sandre Bell, Susan Baker, Debbie Slesinger, Kay Wilson, Kim Roark, Patti Minton, Suzanne Roberts, Anne Coleman, Chris Williams, T ri Norman, Karen Cunningham, Julie Roblee, Melissa Shaufner, Joni Parham, Cara Brough, Carla McChristian Not Shown: Billie Mayes, Leslie Bryles June Monow Sweetheart 434 Sigma Nu Top left-Jeff Brewer and Jeff Majors hold Annual Arm Wrestling Competition. Top right- " You say she went that way? " Mike Verucci, Ben Cilmore, and girl watcher. Bottom left-Scott Cyrus displays his Fred Astaire moves. Bottom right-Sigma Nu is famous for Sadie Band, an annual fall event Sigma Nu 435 Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 John Archer Butch Barclay Kenny Barton David Bendigo David Blindman Phil Brandon Bobby Brannon Tim Buddig Greg Barton Jim Cadle John Carpenter Mark Clinton Kern Comer Mark Counce Steve Counce Dale Davidson Robert deBin Hal Dejarnet Mark Dewey Steve Douglas Kirk Frazer Jerry Friend Rod Frizzel Jim Gant Joe Gardner Bill Gates Scott Goodfellow Scott Grimes Jeff Hairston Bobby Harrison Ryan Hill Dan Hogan Danny Hogget Scott Holloway Steve Hudgens Boyce Johnson Joe Justus Allen Kelley Mike Kemp Chris Kozaritis Wayne Larue Gary Lensing Terry Lloyd Gid Lockhart Bill Low Steve Marchese Joe Marconi Phil Marconi Tim Marconi Russell Matchett Loel McCarth Pat McGinnis Gates McKnight Phillip McKnight Miles McMillan Doug Mead Tom Mickel Alan Morris Mike Murray Mike Oglesly Art Olsen Joe Park Jerry Ptak Pat Reilly Rick Reynolds Doyle Riggan Archie Ryan Bill Saig Howard Satterfield David Scott Brian Shollmier John Siccardi Pat Skinner Mike Spades Tom Speck Drew Speed Kevin Spence Lance Staggs Keith Stephens Robert Stovall David Stuart Dan Thomas Larry Thompson David Torres Joe Trimble Dale Tucker CUris Warner Frank Wehr Bill Whipple John Whiting Jim Woods Jim Yauch 436 Sigma Phi Epsilon Top left-Hal Dejarnatt asks " and what was your name again? Top right-Brian Shollmier overdoes the Hai Karate. Jeff Hairston President Jerry Friend Vice-President Keith Stevens Recording Secretary Ryan Hill Chaplin Steve Counce Corresponding Secretary Sigma Phi EpsiIon 437 _ . SIGMA PHI EPSILON LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Susie Ellis, Dara Causey, Monica Murray, Cathy Cray, Jill Thompson, Cindy Rushing, Julia Eubanks, Denise Johnson Row 2: Terry Lloyd, Kelly Watson, Leslie Squair, Caren Cargill, Dianna Main, Elizabeth Henry, Charlotte Davis, Cindy BIyth, Stacy Welch, Car a Stein burg, Miriam Dykes. Kelly Watson Sweetheart 438 Sigma Phi Epsilon Top left-Would you believe they all met on the dating game! ' Top right-Sig Ep version of Island Orgy Bottom left-Super Ape Eric Savage, Gets thumbs up to a safe landing from Jerry Ptak. Bottom right-Find one thing wrong with this picture " Terry Lloyd Pat Maginnis, John Archer, Mike Oglesby, Chris Kazertz Sigma Phi EpsiIon 439 - . XT- . ' : - ' ' : Sigma Chi 440 Sigma Chi Chris Amsler Rick Anderson Rick Angel Pat Arthur Tommy Atchley Scott Atkinson Eddie Ball Taun Berry Welby Billings Don Bingaham Jamie Bingaham Bryan Blackshare John Bland David Bonds Tracy Borganoni Bob Bracy Kenneth Broom Charlie Brown Sandy Brown Woody Brown Tommy Bryles Chris Camp Alan Cardwell Mike Cardwlll Mike Clark Bob Claxton Clay Cook Less Cooner Kyler Cornish Doug Cox Steve Cox Will Cox Zach Curtner Jeff Davis Mark DeClard Chip Dickenson Mark Dixon Rick Dixon Mike Emerson Rodney Engler Marty Faulkner David Lrey Mark Gabbie Jay Gadberry Steve Garrett Kenny Golden James Gates Bryan Greenway Mike Hartje Cliff Henry Todd Hensley Tommy Hilburn Jeff Hildbrand Scott Hill Hal Hillman Phil Hinch Grant Hinch Todd Holt Thad Holt Jeff Honea Alan Hope Joe Homer Jim Howe Andy Hewlett Blant Hurt Jim InHofe John Jewell Chip Johnson Larry Joe Johnson Bert Kell John King Keith Kiper Kevin Knauts Mike Kullander Brent Lakey Greg Lane Brent Lassetter Keith Lau Doug Lawrence Britt Luplow Jay McConnell Jay McEntire Kirk McDonald Keith McGuire Craig McMahon Hank McNabb Mark McNabb Bobby McNeil Johnny Mansour Eddie Maples Eddie Martin Kim Merrell Alan Miller Andy Miller Clint Miller John Minor Hugh Monger Brian Moore Vance Moore Walter Morris Scott Morrison Mark Murphy Joe Phillips Kevin Phillips Johnny Pittman Sam Pittman Mike Power Joe Price Charles Prichard Bill Rainwater J. W. Rayder Rawleigh Rails Mike Redd Steve Reed Jay Ritchie Mark Robbins Mark Ryan Maurice Rayn Mark Saunders David Schneider Will Schirmer Fletcher See Jim Shaddox Bobby Silzer Greg Sink Greg Simpson David Smith David Smith Don Smith David Stubblefoeld Mark Thomas Jeff Thomas Mark Thomas Phil Thomas Ab Tilley Scott Trammel Matt Vest Eddy Vestal Larry Wainwright Scott Wallace Phillip Wallace Mark Weosberger Brian Westbrook Bill Whisant Bob Whisant Andy White Steve Wilcoxon Mark Wilkerson Paul Winder Keith Woodruff David Workman Dave Workman Phil Zimmerman Ricky Bettison Curtis Baily Rob Richardson Top left-Les Cooner asks Rob Richard about his health problem Top left-Mark Emerson and Kim Smith attend the Senior Creek Week party. Bottom left-Bat Twirl Technique is demonstrated by Sigma Chi Bob Bracy Counsul Mark Gabble Pro-Counsul Les Cooner Annatator Kenneth Broom Queaster Jay Ritchie Social Chairman Sigma Chi 441 SIGMA CHI LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Tami Gibson, Kim Brooks, Audrey Miller, Susan Brown, Carolyn Wren, Lisa Norton, Leigh Ann Porez, Jo Ellen Chambers, Cathy Rogers, Connie Blasingame, Susie Wright, Pam Taylor, Susan Newman. Row 2: Jane McCain, Janet Lassiter, Susie Werner, Susan Newton, Magaret McClarty, Robin Hayes, Stephie Steed, Lynn Minor, Mary Cohn, Johnice Vaughn, Terry Kent, Kim Marble, Linda Laird, Trad Chappell, Judy Simmons, Kathleen Luplow. Row 3: Robin McCainey, Laura Smith, Julie Rayder, Susan Manning, Rebecca Baily, Harriette Marse, Shelly Wilcoxen, Shannon Perry, Melinda Hartje, Virginia Rainwater, Becky Payne, Cari Gallemore, Malu Mammons, Tori Rodgers, Debbie Spriggs, Sara Jane Phillips, Anne Randall, Julie McCain, Susie Pugh. Row 4: Jeanie Lynch, Bobbie Cross, Janis Carter, Lori Campbell, Becky Vestal, Marilyn Hirsch, Marganna Mosely, Leslie Borganoni, Catherine Bays, Kelly Graves, Charlotte McKnight, Kelly Goldtrap, Melody Ricks, Blayne Birch, Michelle Barre, Gayla Anderson. Lynn Minor Sweetheart 442 Sigma Chi Top left- Won ' t he have a big surprise when he opens this package? Hal Hillman Top right-Old Heads Bobby McNeal and Brian Moore. After a hard day on the hill and all he ' s got is LITE beer. Bottom left-Allen Miller and big-sis Marganna Mosley. Bottom right-C.Q.-2400bc Mike Powers, Andy White, and Phillip Wallace. Sigma Chi 443 Gamma Delta Rick Allred Terry Altenbaumer Doug Baird Paul Bartlett Rick Hartley Joe Beavers John Blair Lenny Blaschke Mike Bonds Byron Bordeaux Grant Bray Mike Brooks Redi Caldwell Dave Churchwell Dick Davis Brian DeLung Rick Deramus Steve Edmiston Rick Fine Mark Forbess Nick Borbess Mike Glass David Gordon Doug Green Robert Grumieaux Danny Hale Ronny Harp Trent Harp Clay Hathorn Richard Hedgecock Scott Hillman Tripp Home Ty Hoskins Jamie Keller Scott Kendrick Brian Kohler Terry Kuykendall Clifton Ladd Mike Llewellyn David Lynch Danny Meyers Cooper McCraney Don Miller Mik Nunnelee John Overton Ken Parnell Mark Pauly John Peterson Don Phillips David Price John Price Joe Pusateri Kent Rylee Mark Saxton John Schmitz Ward Seibert Jim Seratt John Shields Pat Shields Tim Shields Perry Smith Steve Staples Chris Stotts Ed Stout Scott Tanner Kevin Teeman Mark Teeter Steve Von Steen Steve Wagoner Mike Wallis Alan Waters Chris Werner Tim Whelan Dean Williams Tom Williams David Wilson Jim Woker Gary Yanosick Mark Young Greg Zerman 444 Phi Gamma Delta Top left-F-one-J-one Top right-Scott Hillman and Tim Whelan fuel up for the game President Ric Deramus Treasurer - Byron Bordeaux Recording Secretary Dean Williams Corresponding Secretary Ed Scott Historian Trent Sharp Phi Gamma Delta 445 Phi Gamma Delta Little Sisters: Row 1: Cheryl Jackson, Miche ' le Cockerell, Cindy Harrison, Zem Delay, Dana Dickerson Row 2: Beth Lasster, Terri Allen, Susan Smith, Ylonda Greenfield, Karen Patterson, Sandi Harrison, Jamie, Kathy Gray, Suzanne Jackson, Alicia Russell, Lori Sass Row 3: Amy Sparks, Renee Bernath, Laura Fritz, Mary Kay Cogswell, Sherri Brownwell, Tandi Ginnette, Elicia Sinor Row 4: Robin Walker, Connie Graves, Becky Ramsey, Pam Golden, Beth Bray, Ann Kinneman, Ginger Allen, Karen Harder, Annette Post, Kathy Martin, Tammi Sherm, Cindy White Not pictured-Cindy Carr. Michelle Cockerell Sweetheart 446 Phi Gamma Delta Top left-Terry " Rocky " Kuykendall Top right-Trip Horn and imaginary Playboy Bunny. Bottom left- " We bought our home from Century 21 and boy are we proud. Beth Lassiter and Steve Staples. Bottom right-Two basic fun times. Dan Hale, Trade Brewer, Elizabeth Wellborn, Steve Von Steen. Phi Gamma Delta 447 Delta Theta Jay Adams Barrett Albright Greg Alford John Allen Tommy Allen Charles Ball Jeff Bell Kip Blakely Chuck Bonsteel Raymond Bornhoft Fletch Bransford Mike Breedlove George Brenner Buster Brown Woody Broydon Rudy Burns Craig Campbell Scott Carter David Castleberry Jeff Christian Mark Chudy Brian Clark Joe Cook Keith Cooper Alan Crouch Harry Cummins David Darville Ricky Deldonno Dennis Delk Mark Devolder Alex Dunlap Merritt Dyke Bill Edwrds Jim Edwards Steve Faulkner Martin Fiscus Wendell Flemester Peter Fotio Bill Free Kelly French Dumas Garrett Greg Giles Russ Gill Steve Glaze Chip Grace Gary Graham Bill Gray Brad Green Bobby Hannon Jeff Haun Tom Havenstrite Monte Hawes Kyle Hayden David Hearnsberger Mark Hill Scott Hodnett Lee Holmes Jim Hout Him Hurley Charles James John Hames Craig Jones Jay Kincannon Frank King Jeff Kircy Tommy Lorience Howard McCain John McDaniel Steve McDaniel Don McKnight Mike Mendenhall Myles Mendenhall Dennis Miller Clay Minor Scott Morgan Scott Mosley Jay Mullis Robert Newell John Newman Rob Norcross Kevin Nowlin Randy Ort Walter Quinn Bill Paschall Mark Pearce Mark Alan Pierce William Polk David Richardson Mark Roberts Curt Rogers Tommy Russell Mike Sassere Steve Savage Jack Sheridan Jim Simpson Irwin Sisk Mose Smith Kevin Snodgrass David Snowdon Steve Spencer Rick Springer Tom Stockland Fred Stuckey Bobby Taylor Greg Thomasson Brent Thompson Jom Tobler Scott Turley Steve Turner Donny Underwood Tommy VanZandt Greg Whiteaker Joe Williams Andy Whitney Russell Wilkens Louis Wilson Lance Whitney Charles Worden Jim Yeary Jim Young 448 Phi Delta Theta Top left-Phi Delts demonstrate their special kind of I.V. Top right-Kyle Hayden and Brian Clark-favorite show Happy Days. Bottom left-Phi Delts help with Special Olympics Steve Glaze President Charles Ball Vice President John James Vice-President Alex Dunlap Secretary Jim Young Treasurer Phi Delta Theta 449 PHI DELTA THETA LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Helene Norcross, Bonnie Sokora, Betty Choate, Martha Choate, Leigh Randall, Deena Neely, Toni Miller, Phyllis Cash, Tish Springer, Melissa Bond Row 2: Leila Dodge, Kelli Quinn, Kim Cornelius, Terri Hamm, Cathy Cahan, Lisa Christian, Dru Carter, Cecila Stuckey, Lori Mahan, Melissa Albright, Tracy Austin, Row 3: Melanie Carlson, Marianne Woodyear, Julia Baker, Kathryn Norris, Ann Bogle, Sarah Oliver, Holly Austin, Pattye Wilson, Cecily Storm, Cynthia Taylor, Kim Arnold, Cathy Cravens, Christy Snowden, Cindy McCaughy, Malonda Rutledge, Pam Bretenherg. Not pictured-Rhetta Taylor, Lori Brenner Lisa Christian Sweetheart 450 Phi Delta Theta r Top left- DD Andrews and John James take a break during Viking Party Top right- The story you just heard was true but the names were changed Bottom left- Viking Slide under construction, splinters and all. Bottom right- Tommy Allen, Kevin Nowlin, and Rudy Burns toast to the 1980 Pledge class. Phi Delta Theta 451 Kappa Bruce Aston Mitch Ballard Mike Borst Gregg Burgess Brian Campbell Leuigi Chiechi Paul Colwell Kevin Dailey Alan Dobbins Bill Doshier Grant Downer Gregg Fisher Greg Garland Jon Gregory Ken Harper Brad Hixon Shan Hodges Tim Hogue Virgil Holloway Rusty Jackman Bobby James Keith Jones John LeFevre Harry Light Verne Mason David McKinney Jeff Penson Brett Pharis Mike Reynolds Ronnie Roonsaville Scott Schreiber Tim Scott Casey Shell Bob Sherman Bob Shores Michael Sparks Andy Sulephen Robert Thompson Parker Tucker Gary Thornton Ken Voise Richard Waddell Tim Wallace Karl Wasson Bruce Watson Gordon Wilbourn Tim Wiseman 452 Phi Kappa Psi Top left- Keith Jones, Cubby Daily, and Jeff Penson help fight Diabetes. CWn Top right- Phi Psi ' s brush up on their drinking skills. Gregg Fisher President Tim Scott Chaplain Virgil Holloway Corresponding Secretary Greg Garland Historian Brian Campbell Treasurer Parker Tucker Messenger Tim Hogue Recording Secretary Karl Wasson Sargeant-at-arms Keith Jones Vice President Phi Kappa Psi 453 PHI KAPPA PSI LITTLE SISTERS: Row 1: Wrenetta Olson, Wendy Roth well, Lynn Cook, Lisa Weidner, Terri Jump. Kim Oxenreider, _ Tracy Cahs, Tami Neukam, Glenda Glassy Row 2: Diana Deer, Cathy Hartzel, Gail Bryant, Vee Mooney, Linda Richardson, Denise Hair, I Vicki Harmon Lynne Cook Sweetheart 454 Phi Kappa Psi Top left- Habig and Harem. Top right- " 1 wonder if Apollo did this? Bruce Aston and Cathy Dobbs. Bottom left- Kendall Faulk and Greg Garland take time for a picture. Bottom right- Greg Garland, Paul Caldwell, Tim Hogue, and Bruce Aston Party at a boxer rebellion-a favorite function theme. Phi Kappa Psi 455 Phi Mu Lisa Adams Lisa Allen Malissa Baltz Laura Bath Janet Bayles Cindy Bednar Leigh Biggs Cindy Blyth Karen Boling Beth Bray Coleen Burke Charity Burns Kelly Butler Libby Butler Gayle Cash Daria Causey Jo Ellen Chambers Carla Clark Mary Coen Theresa Coutney Charlotte Davis Leanne Davis Ann Dean Darilyn Dodson Susan Dorsey Alison Dugan Nancy Ellis Suzy Ellis Mary Jane Fallows Ellen Fletcher LeeAnne Finks Lisa Franklin Christy Frye Carrie Gallemore Shirley Gardner Tammy Jo Gibson Tandi Ginnett Glenda Glassey Nancy Goben Pam Golden Yulonda Greenfield Malu Hammans Melinda Hartje Cathy Hartzell Gina Heck Melissa Hoffman Stacy Holcombe Larinda Howell Stephanie Jeffus Kathie Johnson Tammy Jones Terri Jump Anne Kinnamen Cindy Lamb Bonnie Leonard Sarah Lewing Barbie Lewis Kim Lindsey Phylis Liner Joanne Lohr Gail Lyons Mona Manning Kathy Martin Becca McDonald Donna McMillin Karen Payne Becky Payne Alyson Perkovich Terry Pich LeeAnn Poirez Janet Price Maria Raines Kandy Rankin Lisa Nordin Virginia Rainwater Becca Reed Sherry Reed Cathy Rogers Leslie Roper Tammy Rudd Lori Sass Bobbe Scarbrough Amy Scherm Tami Scherm Andrea Schuldt Elicia Sinor Elizabeth Shingleur Kym Smith Susan Smith Tammy Stafford Pam Steele Melinda Stephens Brenda Sims Anne Thiessen Kim Treece Jana Veit Jan Vinsant Nancy Wagner Carol Wasson Kim Watkins Tina Winstead Cindy White Pam White Miche;le Wilson Deborah Whitt Valerie Wilson Carolyn Wren Beverly Wright Suzanne Yates Kelly Young 456 Phi Mu LEFT-Leslie Roper and Elizabeth Shingleur play twister at formal. BELOW- " Guess who ' s coming to dinner? " Donna McMillin and Kim Lindsey Kathy Martin- President Cathy Rogers-Vice-President Cathy Harzell-Treasurer Cindy Bednar-Recording Secretary Theresa Courtney-Corresponding Secretary Daria Causey- Rush Chairman Leslie Roper-Phi Director Jo Ellen Chambers-Panhellenic Delegate Carolyn Wren-Social Chairman Phi Mu 457 Left- These sisters really got " behind " Phi Mu for the pajama party. Top right- Janet Bayles and Teresa Courtney smile big for the picture man. Bottom right- Phi Mu round-up was held at the " Rum on the Range function where cowboy garb was donned. 458 Phi Mu Top left- The relief of Bid Day brings smiles to Cathy Roger (center) and her sorority sinters ' faces. Top right- Phi Mu ' s and their sweethearts at the annual Valentine party. Bottom left- Another memory captured from the Candlelight Formal. Bottom right- The picture man stayed busy at the Moosehead Function with the SAE ' s. Phi Mu 459 Farmhouse Bob Apple Moises Balam David Bryan Curt Campbell Hank Chancy John Connell Ronnie Cunningham Mike Dodson Ted Dorn Dwayne Edwards Jeff Fruechting Scott Gateley Andy Coins Sam Green Gary Harris Chris Hart Mark Hobbs Tracy Kelley Buddy Lewis Gary Main David Martin Greg Matter! James Mcjunkins Mike Melugin Charlie Rotter Buddy Snow Mike Stroud Stan Webb Bob Wilson Karl Wright James Lee Wyatt Donald Young 460 Farmhouse Above-Farmhouse Little Sisters Left-Farm house partakes in a favorite Friday afternoon pastime TCIF ' s Tracy Kelly President Hank Chancy Vice-President Karl Wright Treasurer Dwayne Edwards Secretary Andy Coins Business Manager Farmhouse 461 Chi Omega Terri Alford Alice Allen Mary Allen Sarah Allen Gayla Anderson Lynn Andres Linley Arnett Kim Arnold Holly Austin Tracie Austin Michelle Barre Beverly Basham Nancy Baskins Ann Bates Ann Blakely Ann Bogle Laurie Burks Cindy Caldwell Meg Calvert Nancy Carlson Jane Carrithers Terri Cauthron Betty Choate Martha Choate Lisa Christian Elizabeth Clark Janie Craig Ginger Creed Kim Danehower Cindy Daniel Susan Dayringer Renee deBin Shannon Demuth Becky Dennis Judy Dennis Darrielle Duncan Laura Eldridge Lisa Ellis Leann Evans Lisa Folkner Amy Fox Gay Freer Gibson Garrett Kathy Gray Leslie Green Julie Griffon Tracy Gwaltney Debbi Hall Lisa Hall Carol Hammons Lisa Haydon Gail Helms Dawn Hickox Mary Ann Higgs Marilyn Hirsch Linda Howlet Annette Hurley Delie Ivey Karen Jasiulevicius Ginger Jeffery Cesu Jennings Chris Johnson Kristy Kellam Martha Kelly Ann King Kitty King Gina Kirkpatrick Laura Lambert Karla Johnson Mary Kay Lazenby Gina Lee Lori Loeschner Mary Helen Long Nancy Loyd Jeanne Lynch Lisa Lynn Jayne McCain Julie McCain Holly McDermont Robin McHaney Ann McKenzie Ginger McSherry Jan Market Teddy Mersch Holly Metcalf Lynne Minor Cindy Montgomery Maureen Moran Stacy Morscheimer Sara Morgan Sandy Munnerland Susan Newton Helene Norcross Becky O ' Bryant Polly Montgomery Johnette Oden Sarah Oliver Suzanne Oliver Susie Page Holly Palton Sarajane Phillips Mary Carol Poole Susan Loesschner Margie Presley Anne Randall Leigh Randall Lisa Rice Tori Rogers Marcia Roles Susan Saracini Anna Schreit Lynn Schriver Shannon Simmons Kristi Skinner Tina Smith Bonnie Sokora Mimi Sorrels Cecily Storm Christy Sutherland Laurie Sutton Cynthia Taylor Rhetta Taylor Ellen Thompson Donna Thornton Martha Thornton Ann Turner Beth Turner Gina Turner Becky Vestal Nan Webster Robin Westbrook Susan Wilkinson Mindy Williams Melinda Wilson Leanne Wise Genny Wrape Martha Wynne 462 Chi Omega LEFT-Cinger McSherry and Christy Southerland obviously pref Chi-Omega. BELOW-Becky Dinwiddie and Maureen Moran look forward to the future with Chi-Omega. Ann McKenzie - President Marcia Roles - Vice-President Kim Arnold - Treasurer Rhetta Taylor - Secretary Lisa Christian - Pledge Trainer Chi Omega 463 Left- Mary Helen Long and Butch Barclay demonstrate superglue ' s holding ability! Top right- Car a Johnson and Lisa Ha I display those Chi- O smiles Bottom right- Jane Curithers feels Prep is a must- even at Formal events 464 Chi Omega Top left- All together now. Top right- Cesu Jennings, Susie Paige, and Nancy Baskins wait apprehensively for new pledges. Bottom left-Chi Omega ' s work when they work and PLAY when they play. Bottom right-Karen Jasiulevisius, Christy Sutherland, Chris Johnson, Tracy Gwaltney, and Lynn Andres prove gentlemen prefer Hanes. Chi Omega 465 Speak Greek Let ' s cruise . . . Late Date . . . Rack king . . . TGIF . . . I ' m sick about it ... sun goddess . . . hang over . . party at the green house . . . shackin ' up . . . brewski . . . I ' m dyin ' . . . It ' s Row Dammit . . cooin ' . . . Mr. Burger . . . I ' m gaggin ' . . . What ' s your major? . . . You drive a BMW? . . . crank it . . . what a cull . . . space cadet . . . Gator . . . function punch . . . cut her ... be gone . . . there are no at Purdue . . . can I borrow your ' zod . . . send money . . . beer run . . . the p ' s . . . piece of cake . . . old head . . . it ' s an easy A ... coolin ' cheese and chillin ' wine . . . wench . . . punt . . . IT ' S ALL GREEK TO ME! 466 G reeks Opposite Page-Left-Robin Walker and Wayne Williams support each other at a roller skating function. Top right- Pillow is a must for Relays. Bottom right- Phi Delts and dates take advantage of Viking pool. Top left- Sigma Chi ' s Definitely individuals Top right-Scott Hillman and Ward Seibert cruising on a spring afternoon. Bottom left- Everybody LOVES a party. Bottom right- Buddy Stimpson, Kitty King, Dewey Shanks, and Ann King display new prep attire. Creeks 467 468 Classes Abbasi Farhat, Pakistan Business Administration Business Administration Cynthia Ainsi Rock Accounting Comfort Akinola, Nigeria Home Economics Samuel Akinola, Nigeria r -if Haydari, Fayetteville Animal Science Abdoulelahe Alvai, Fayetteville Computer Science Kenneth Allen, Cabot Business Administration Francisco Almeida, Fayetteville Agronomy S. Amarakone, Fayetteville Industrial Engineering Catherine Artz, Marceline, MO Animal Science Bruce Aston, Little Rock Finance Banking Ahmed Azam, Pakistan Electrical Engineering Robert Baker, Mountain Home Chemical Engineering Mark Banbridge, Kansas City, KS Agronomy John Barger, Matton, IL Law Janet Beck, Richardson, TX Food Science Leslie Belden, Pine Bluff Bethy K. Bell, Hope Accounting Kathy Bigbee, Springfied, MO Education John Blair, Richardson, TX Law ph Boene, Join Daniel Bo.. a .. Arkadelph Diane Boyd, Memphis, TN Law B.V. Boze, Fayetteville Business Administration William Brandon, Lonoke Mechanical Engin Carol Brenm Fayte Brewer, Corpus Christi, TX Agronomy Judith Caldwell, Dayton, OH Political Science Mary Cantrell, Portage, MI Vikram Cariapa, India Industrial Engineering Clay Carithers, N. Little Rock 470 Gradua tes- Jerry Carter, Little Rock Law Keri Cauthron, Ashdown Education Pornsri Chaiatanayut, Fayetteville Animal Science Steven Chealum, Sierra Vista, AZ Agricultural Economics Franklin Chesnut, Russellville English Chok-Yew Choo, Singapore Sandra Christopher, Ashdown French Phyllis Clancy, Pangburn Anthropology Carol Claybaker, Fayetteville Rita Cole, Paragould Math Rose Coleman, Forrest City Business Administration Sandra Cooper, Fayetteville Elementry Education Tillman Cooper, Texarkana, TX Economics Bruce Crabtree, Fr. Smith Bacteriology Dorethea Davis, Mariani Elementry Education Jacquelyn Driver, Sherrill Agronomy Tony Driver, Humphrey Agronomy Will Dryer, Higginsville, MO Business Administration Hattie Duncan, Pine Bluff Education Cheryl Dynan, Fayetteville Industrial Engineering Lewis Eady, Marvell Public Administration . David Eddy, Morrilton Law Mabrouk El-Forgany, Fayetteville Plant Science Fouad Elayyach, Lebanon Wyley Elliott, Cabbot Business Administration Robert Evans, Clinton Business Administration Derence Fivehouse, Fayelteville John Fogleman, Marion Law Francia Fonseca, Nicaragua Richard Forbess, Farmington Food Science David Foy, Fayetteville History Debra Francis, Arkadelphia Business Administration Dee Franklin, Fayetteville Political Science Harry French, Prairie Gr Business Administration William Friendly, Siloam Springs Political Science Cay Ceurin, Hot Springs Business Administration Mary Gooch, Dumas Law Ron Goodman, Jonesboro Law Denise Gordon, Fayetteville Raymond Gosack, Greenwood Public Administration Kazufumi Goto, Japan Animal Science Cynthia Greene, Little Rock Law Jay Gunnels, Fayetteville Physical Education Kevin Hamberger, Fond-du-Lac, Wl Psychology Michael Hancock, Pampa, TX Architecture Brock Harris, Fayetteville Chemistry Graduates 471 Charles Harris. Fayetteville Civil Engineering John Harris, Fayetteville Law Masoud Hashemi, Tehran, Iran Animal Science Tony Henthornc, Benton Business Administration rew Henwood, Collinsville Joyce Holt, Fayetteville Education Young Hong, Korea Agronomy Larry Hurley, Camden Business Administration Stephen Hutchens, Fayetteville Business Administration Stephen Hutching Chili, NY Chemistry Joongsun Hwang, Seoul, Korea Accounting Don C. Ivey, Fayetteville Environmental Engineering George Jackson, Jackson, MS Accounting ?r Jaffery, Flushing, NY Justness Administration Mark Johnson, Cherokee Village La. Bradley Jones, Fayetteville Agronomy Elizabith Jones, Murfreesboro Law ., Fayetteville Horticulture Reza Kamali, Fayettevilec Industrial Engineering Nancy Kelly, Helena Mohammad Khaneghahi, Rasht, CO Business Administration Janice Krupka, Rogers Randall Lamh, Delight Law Ma nsur Lande, Ujung Pandang Agronomy Paul Langston, Fayetteville Education Jack Lax, Fayetteville History Karen Ledhetter, Conway Law Hyung Lee, Korea Physics Dennis Leone, Eaton, OH o Lin, Taiwan Chemistry Pat Magruder, Jr., W. Memphis Architeture " nnis Mak, Hong Kong Business Administration Patcharee Makarastamdu, Thailand Geography Thomas Mann, Springfield, MO Law Daniel Martin, Hannibal. MO Chemistry Marjorie Marugg, Rogers Music Rick McEuen, Little Rock Business Administration Chris McKen ie, Little Rock Ron McMillan, Pine Bluff Andrew Mgonja, Fayetteville i Marie Mires, Gales Ferry, CT AnthropoU Peter Mires, Concord, NH Anthropology Philip Moore, EJ Dorado Business Administration Tommy Moore, Flippin Geology Nancy Murray, Little Rock Business Administration William Murry, N Little Rock Zoology Esfahani Nasre, Espahan, Iran Michael Nassaney, Cnetral Falls, RI 472 Graduates Scott Nipper, Magnolia Physical Education Mark Nippoldt, St Paul, MN Chemistry Mark Noble, Wichita. KS Chemistry Eddie Norman, Atkins Botany Emmanuel Nsonwu, Nigeria Agricultural Economics Mary Normally, Bastrop, LA Animal Science Thakol Nunthirapakorn. Fayetteville Business Administration Charles Nwankwo, Nigeria Fanny Nyaribo, Kenya, Africa Agricultural Economics Anthony Nzeocha, Imo State, Nigeri Charlie Padgham, Mountain Home Law Lazar Palnick. Little Rock I -!;- Ronald ] Parker, Fayetteville Geology .la Pflant Animal Scienvc Eugene Post, Altus Geology George Poulick, Fayetteville Chemistry Shane Premiaux, Gueydan, LA Business Administration Ron Proctor, Bull Shoals ss Ad Carlos Quintan, Venezi.. SN Rajagopal. India Maher Raslan. Fayetteville Business Administration John Rateliff, Magnolia Engineering Randell Renfro. Havana Carlos Reyes, Fayetteville Spanish Daniel Reynolds, Jerome Richard Rorex. Imboden Ann Roscope, Helena English Fernando Ruette, Venezuela Chemistry Keith Russell, McKavid. FL David Sadnavitch, Fayetteville Business Administration Dale Schimmel. Little Rock Vicki Schroeder, Fayetteville Horticulture Fazal Swyyed, Padistan David Shaw, Steeleville. 1L Anthropology Anthony Shen, Tai Business Administration Patrick Shen, Tai Animal Science Abdurraza Sherif.Tripoli. Libya Judy Simmons, Texarkana Physical Education ckk; Si n ha, Cincinnti, OH n Smith, Whittier, CA Nancy Smith, Fayetteville Chemistry Education Phillip Smith, Marshall John Snowden, Arlington, TX Zoology nart Srivihok, Thailand Bacteriology Carmen Stanfield, Little Rock James Stanley, Fayetteville Law John Stanley, Little Rock Graduates 473 Susan Starker, Denver CO Business Admini tfraliriri Charles Stewart, Fayi Business Administration William Stidham, Fayette. MO Animal Science Kelly Strickland, Shreveport, LA La Sontachai Suwanakul, Thiland Economics Charles Swanson, Joplin, MO Zoology Becky Swearingen, Brinkley Home Economics Robert Taylor, Springdale Administration Ronald Taylor, Bogalusa, LA Electrical Engineering Dennis Thomas, Pargould . Geology Danny .Thrailkill, Mema Law Sandra Tindall, Fayetteville William Tomblison, Fayetteville Gary Tomlinson, Fayetteville Henry Udoye, Nigeria General Agriculture Mollie Vanveckhoven, Pine Bluff Math Sherri Vervack, Ft. Smith Business Administration Liem Vu, Ft. Smith Business Administration Valencia Walker, Little Rock Rehabilitation Timothy Wallace, Marion Law Sally Wampler, Fayetteville Publications Clinton Wariboko, Nigeria Agriculture Nancy Watson, Fayetteville Ho-Ching Wei, Taiwan, R.O.C. " ' hittenton, Forrest City Business Administration Roy Widmann, Chatham, NJ Geology Jay Williams, Gentry Law Michael Wilson, Fayetteville Patye Wilson, Little Rock Business Administration William Wisely, Hot Springs Law Dana Woods, Little Rock Home Economics Rachel Wormington, Fayetteville Art Orville Wright, Arkadelphia f Vocational Education Walter Wright, Hot Springs Law Ahmad Yar, Fayetteville Suree Yongskulrote, Thailand Business Administration 474 Graduates ates 475 Mark Abington, Russellville Architecture Harry Ackerman. Little Rock Accounting Sue Adams, Canada Education Dona Ahadiat, Macomb, IL Personnel Management Carmen Alessi, Forrest City Executive Secretary Jame Alexander, Fayetteville Chemical Engineering Charier- Allison, Fayetteville journalism , AtlhrioKt tlnr j t MO Transportation Esam Alnasery, Fayetteviile Mechanical Engineering Maria Andieu, Bolivia Melissa Andrews, Prescott General Business Beverly Angles, Holly Grove Art Jonathan Annable, Wilson Civil Engineering Vanessa Armbru t, Benton Personnel Management, Kim Arnold, Arkadelphia Finance ' Banking Richard Artington. Flippin Lance Ashmore, Rogers Mechanical Engineering Boyouk Asl, Iran Industrial Engineering Brian Atchley, Green Forest James H. Atchley, Little Rock Steven Auchterlonie. Fayetteville Chemical Engineering Holly Austin, Little Rock Zoology Timothy Babei, Hot Springs Civil Engineering Sandra Backs trom, Valparaiso, IN Elementary Education !nhn Railv f.r n Lynne Bailey, Bentonville Education C,,4,, -,,!.-.,. D; Dl..tC Secondary Education John E, Baker, Springdale Kim Baker, Ft. Smith Zoology Raymond Baker. Bald Knob Mechanical Engineering Rebecca Baker, Charlotte, NC Marketing Ronny Baker, Clinton Chemtstrv 476 Seniors Wayne Ball. Hot bj: Art Thomaf Baltz, Pocahontas Chemical Engineering Charter Bame. Roger? Stephen Banik. Fayetteville Sandra Barclay Fayetteville Barnaid, Boon Lowry Bame Pine Bluff Zoology Dame! Baints Mountain Home Landscape Architecture Bane. Little Rock Real Estate Art Laura Bath Hot Sf Accounting. Data PiocesMni Beverly Baughman Harrison Hot ticuhute Food Science Haughman. Pittsburgh- PA Samoe! Baxter, Derr katr.v : . -eenng m Beaver. Hous-ton. TX r-ehan Hamr Ted v Benni Mechanical Er ccounting Civil Engine-. Hum! industrial Engines. ..... Oscar Bomfaz. Bolivia ituiai Economics Mohammed Bonyady, Iran Beniamin Boyce, Fouke Horticulture Welton Boyce Brinkley Chemical Engm James- Bradley. Cvt .. Dana Bradshaw. Pine Bluff Physical Education Elizabeth Brandon. Little Rock. Secondary Education Larry Brannam Zoology Seniors 477 Brenda Brannan, Ft Smith Accounting Michael Brannan, Hot Springs Electrical Engineering David L Branscum, Marshall Agricultural Economics Lea Bratton, Little Roc Home Economics Lori Brenner, Hot Springs Elementary Education Cassandra Brewer. Carlisle Tracie Brewer. Little Rock Physical Education vlilburn Brew ter. Bonneville Civil Engineering Deborah Brook--. Won, N Art Sciences Douglas Brooks. Kycnou james Brooks, Ei Finance Real Estate Michael Brooks, Little Rock History Allan Brown, Fayetteville Electrical Engini Christi Brown. Little Rock Elementary Education Cynthia Brown. Lincoln Environmental Science Keirv Brown, Mountain burg Electrical Engineering Pamela Brown, Florala. AL Wilburn Brown, Harrison Administrative Management Nancy Bruce, Elkins Marketin Barry Bryan, Gurdo Accounting Gail Bryant. Little RtKk Zoology Donna Buccella, Huntington Physical Education Beverly Buckman. Liverpool, N " V Social Welfare Roy Bullington. McCrory Agricultural Engineering joe Bumpers, Conway Accounting Becky Burford, Hot Springs Personal Management Nancy Burkhalter, N. Little Rock Architecture Andrew Burnet, Little Rock Engineering Robert Bush, Vi Ionia Psycholo David Buttgen. Fayetteville Civil Engineering Brenda Butts. Jacksonville, FL Nursing John Buzbee, Little Rock General Business Barbara Byrd. Cassville Business Office Education Sheila Byrd, Charleston Elementary Education Phil Caddell, Paris Psychology Cathy Cahan, Decatur, IL Business Office Education Bella Cairns, Springdale Agriculture Scott Calabro, Londonderry, NH Amounting Data Processing Dwight Capps, Tulsa, OK Zoology Jana Carey, Shreveport, LA Political Science Jeff Carfagno, Atkins Zoology Marketing Michael Carpenter, Monticello Chemical Engineering Ricky Carson, Huntington Vocational Agriculture Scott Carter. Marion Agricultural Business L Carter, Fayetteville Spanish Chris Carver, BlytheviUe Industrial Management 478 Seniors Patricia Cash, Hoi Springs General Business Randal! Cason Batesville Marketing Tony Cassady Nashville Indusrnal Engineering Curtis Castle. Rogers Chemical Engineering Bruce Castleberry. Dallas. TX Journalism David Castleberry Pine Bluff Mihwj Cha. Fayetteville Computer Science Alcmda Chandler, Pueblo. CO French John Chandler, ClarUville Accounti ng Data Processing Elizabeth [Strickland) Chaney Math Kyung Chang. Fayetteville Carolyn Chapman. Ventura. CA Secondary Education Deborah Cheek, Hot Springs Animal Science Gary Chenowith Russellville " -veriv Chesser. Maiv - Jucatton isa Christian, Overland Park. KS Secondary Education Bonnie Christy, Dardei Industrial Eng:-; Peter Chu. Joiner Food Science Thomas Chu. Joiner Accounting Charles Chunn, Arkadelphia Accounting Michael Church. Little Rock " .teriology Gabriel Chuwa. Moshi -Tanzania Agricultural Mechanics kJ,.t;,r " :_ . K! i _..i. o _ _t Electrical Engineering Elizabeth Clark, Arkadelphia Dtama rk. Huntwille S UVM- CU:. - Rock MuMi Education Gary Clements. Austin Architecture Cynthia Cleveland Hou tc-r. I Mane Clinton Fayetteville Journalism jerry Cobb LaK Agriculture Melinda Cobb Lake Education Hal Cochran Little Rock Michael Cochran Ft Smith Michelle Cockerel 1. Texarkana. TX umtnkatmns Ronald Cockmon. Little Rock Accounting Mary Coen. Little Rock Zoology Jonita Cogbill. Fayette lle Arts Science . Randall Cogbill. Fayetteville Electrical Engineering Joe Cohea. Fayetteville Christy Coker, Pine Bluff Secondary Education Anthony Coles Van Buren Horticulture Lloyd Colins Little K Chemistry Janet Combs, Houston. TX Marketing Chris Conatser. Ft Smith Math Anaconda, from Brazil Beverly Coney, Hamilton IL French Anna QmneH, Arkadelphia Agricultural Economics Suwnne Cooksey. Ft. Smith English Seniors, ' 479 Mark Coonce, Corning Mechanic ! Engineering tynnette Corn well, Stephens Accounting Data Processing Barbara Couch, Des Moines. IA Architecture David Couch, Newport Plant Science Ronald Coutu, Colchester, CT Anthropology Thomas Cowan. Ft. Smith i ' ' Quantitative Analysis Denny Cowling, Mineral Springs Electrical Engineering Lfe Cowling, Hind dale Calvin Cox, Gurnee, IL Architecture Charles Cox, Hope Chemical Engineering Steven D. Cox, Pocahontas Electrical Engineering Steven D. Cox, Pocahontas Electrical Engineering Steven P Cov, Fayetteville Music Education Morse Ciaig, Bentonville Civil Engineering Dennis Cianrord. Monticello Music Education Cathy Cravens, Little Rock Public Relations Advertising Stuart Crawford, Jacksonville, IL Architecture Rusaell Crawley, Gtavette Mollie Crockett, Fayetteville John ice. (Bordeaux) Cross Finance Banking Meta Cross, Coffeyville, KS Agriculture Richard Cross, Salesville Psychology Catherine Cullen. Ft Smith Accounting Grant Cummings. Sherwood Industrial Engineering Kos.: Cuny. Meridian. MS Business Office Education Elizabeth Curtis, Harrison Geology Julie Cypert, Springdale Elementary Education Stephen Daily, Ft. Smith journalism Marvin Dalla Rosa, Gentry Environmental Science Tracy Damron, Ft. Smith Marketing Steven Danfoith, Lincoln Jackie Dougherty, Fayetteville Civil Engineering James Davidsmeyer, Beardstown, IL Landscap -- L ' Flint Davidson, ixu-.-.t-nv,,, Zoology Arthur Davis. Little Rock Agricultural Business Janice Davis, Hot Springs Speech Pathology Ltnda Davis, Aberdeen, SD Data Processing Quantitative Analysis Scott Davis. Paragould Industrial Manasement Social Welfare Rick Dean. Mayflower Marketing Timothy Deaton, Camden Magazine Photography Mark Declerk, Pocahontas Bact ' Suzette Dees, Texarfc Elementary Education Scott Degeer, Tulsa, OK. General Business ylvester Delaporte, Huntsville Math Charles Demon, Little Rock Ricky Deramus. Mena Marketing David Dinwiddle. Ft. Smith Jim Ditzig, Fayetteville Finance ' Banking a Seniors General Business Leila Dodge, West Memphis Personnel Management Christina Doering, Muskogee. OK Edwin Dooley, Ft. Smith Animal Science Diane Doucet, New Orleans, LA Physical Education Philip Dougherty, Magnolia Architecture jacke Dramis, Fayetteville Secondary Education Scott Dubois, Pocahontas Marketing Rhonda Duke, Glenwood Accounting Sean Dunagin, Gravette William Duncan. N. Little Rock English Joseph Du sex, N Little Rock Math Cynthia Duvall, Rogers Social Welfare Edward Eckart, Subiaco Chemical Engineering Bill Eckenrode, West Plains. MO Accounting Data Processing William Eddins, Fayetteville Marketing Kathryn Edmonson, Ashdown Bart Edwards. Fayetteville Histoiy Wendy Ehret, Mena Electrical Engineering Don EUred. Windsor, MO Av. Counting Jeffrey Elliott, Texarkana, TX History Julia Ellis, Springfield, MO Home Economics Janet Embry, Atkins journalism Mechanical Engineering Mary Ellen Eubanks, Rogers Accounting Michael Evans, Bee Branch Les Evitts, Benton Personnel Management Saeed Fallah-Mogha, Iran Industrial Engineering Cindy Fancher, Berryville Data Processing Quantitative Ar Kurt Fauik, Rogers Finance Banking Brianne Faulkner, Pine Bluff Marketing Carlo Fernandez, Bolivia Valerie Ferrell, North Little Rock Administrative Management Karen Fine, Ft. Smith Spanish Craig Finley, Fayetteville Industrial Engineering Sharon Fischer, Rogers Data Processing Quantitative An Larry Floyd, Ft. Smith Geology Jennifer Fogleman, Marion Finance Real Estate Paul Ford, Bald Knob Social Welfare Nancy Fore. Russellville Zoology Richard Forst, Paris Charles Fowler, Ft. Smith Mechanical Engineering Jayme Fowler, Tulsa. OK Finance Insurance Mark Fowler, Harrison Architecture Mary Fox, Tulsa, OK Administrative Management Cherylann Francis, Dallas, TX Journalism Keith Franklin. Hattieville Landscape Architecture Seniors 481 Steven Franklin Lowell General BuMncs 1 - Cathy Frederick. Ft. Smith Elementary Education " ' BraunfeU. TX Public Administratio Kathryn Gainer, North Little Ror Dru Gammill, Public Ad Caroline Gann. Little Rock Speech Pathology Shirley Gardner, Little Rock Communication-. Lenny Gartenberg, Hot Springs Russell Carton. Roger? Mechanical Engineering Lynn Gateiy, Hinsdale, !L Art James Gates, Salins, OK Data Processing Quantitative Analysis jane Gauidin, Fayetteville English Michael Gauidin, Fayetteville journalism Scott Gee, Blytheville Zoology e Geels. Ft. Sn Computer Scie Brenda Geisler, Brinkl Elementary Education Roy L. Gentry HI, North Little Rock Chemical Engineering Dooley George, Garfield Marketing Richard Gerety, Hazen Business Rex Germany, Memphis, TN Genera! Business B. F. Gibbons II, Springdale Data Processing Quantitative Analysis Rebecca Gibbons, Springdale Dental Hygiene Jerry Gibbs, Farmington Terri Giberson, Little Rock Elementary Education Carolyn Gibson, Harrison Agricuttt Bob Gibson, Jr.. Chariest Plant Scier jimmy Giibreth, Barli Chemical Engineering Gregory Gill, Fayetteville Architecture Charles Gilmore, El Dorado Marketing Tammie Gimenez, Lead Hill Music Education Glenn Gish, Sapula, OK Secondary Education Charles Glass, Fayetteville Secondary Education Donald Glass. Springfield, MO Geolo Michael Glasv Cur Electrical Engineering Eric Godrey, Ft. Smith jolynn Godkin, Conway William C. Goodwin, Hot Springs Marketing Ghassem Goudarzi. Fayetteville Architecture David Graham, Oklahoma City, OK Marketing Jennifer Graves, Nashville journalism 482 Seniors herasa Gray, , ithropology ford Green, ]i , Ft Sam Y larketing J. Doug Green, TuUa, OK Michael Green. Pine Bluff General Business William R. Green. Lonoke . Prospect Heights, IL William R Green. Prospect Hei; Electrical Engineering Lou Ann Gregg, Ft. Smith Education Patricia Gregory, We-st Memphi Speech Pathology Julie Gnffin. El Dorado Horticulture Food Science Pamela Griffin, Texarkana TX ' Bobbie Griffith. Texarkana Public Administration Tom Groom, Siloam Springs Industrial Engineering Deboiah Grubb. Des Moint . Lawrence Grubb. Hamburg Gregory Gunter, Vilona Jeffrey Hairston, Springdale Finance. Banking Erin Haiford, Memphis, TN Business Administration Terri Hall Pine Bluff Ho ' " Architecture Malu Hamm " a . , .,. Plant Science " " " anlcins, N. Little Rock rndiiLtfReal Estate Thomas Hanfon, Fayetteville Thaddeus Hanna, Fayetteville n Hannah, Little Rcnrk Richard Hansen, FayetteviH Horticulture Terry Hardin Littit- Rock Chemical Engin Brian Hatdy. Pine Bluff Pamela Hardy Blytheville Personnel Management Valerio Harp. Springdale Vickie Harper Norphlet --v Education r; Harris. Mountain Grox-e David Harrison, Foreman Accounting Lonnie Harrison, Toppewish. WA Electrical Engineering John Harvey, lox Engineering Heddy Hasbun, Fayetteville Linda Ha vtedt. Hot Springs Pathology Greg Hayden. Melbourne Architecture Michael Hayes Siloam Springs Plant Science Terry Hedden. Batesville Chemical Engineering Michael Heirnan, Little Rock Stephen Helberg, Texarkana, TX e ,nb!e Heller. Kansas City, MO Art Education son Hembree. Fayettevilie Animal Sience Martha A. Hendrix. Harrison Public Relations. Advertt-mw: John Hennell. Ashland. Wl Seniors 483 Abod JaJ jana janzen. Fay MUMC Education Timothy Jasper, Panv Data Processing Quantitati Daniel Jefferson, Fayttevill John Jehlen. Pine Bluft if-w-e.ll. Little K Accounting iohnbcm Little Marketing Larry Johnson. Little Roci Marketing Rita Johnson Little Rock Interior Design Teresa joiner. Shreveport, lynn jone fc . Fa%- Marketing nes, Mintutn Animal Rebecca Jone--. ' . Ronald Jones. Benton Plant Science VVaJe jone . Springdaie Mark jostad. Little Rock r.g-Data Proct Gietchen Kaufman. 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Springdale Marketing Kristine Kohles, 5pringdale Personnel Management Carol Kretzmann, Fayetteville Seniors 495 Angela Krohn, Clarksville Accounting John Krohn, Clarksville Mechanical Engineering Diane Kruse. Omaha, NE Accounting Robert Laird II, Muttgait Marketing jerdan Lambert, Helena Thomas Langford, Neosho, MO Fashion Merchandising Janet La etter, Searcv Marketing Ku -- ' ( ll Latter. North Little Rock Finance, Banking Francis Lathrop, Fayetteville Katheiine Ledyard. Littk Rock journalism Kian T Liv. M-iLiv- a Electrical Engineer ing Gregory Loden. Little Rock Timothy Lum. Biytheville Administrative Management Michael Lynch. Palatine. IL Architecture Gayie Lyon. Fordyce Administrative Management Mitchell Lyons, North Little Rock Transportation Larry Mattaggart, Pea Ridge Music Education Lori Mahan, Fayetteville Elementary Education David Malaby, Texarkana, TX law Lisa Malone, Jordan English Jame Mangold, Rogei-- Architecture Marv Ann Manntn, Stuttgart Mark Maiino. Camden Business Dorothy MarUr. Texarkana Math ICathy Martin. Dallas. TX Elementary Education Lisa Mason, Bald Knob Rebecca Mas -ey, Pine Bluff Mkhael Mathisen. Ft. Worth, TX Finance - ' Ban king Leonard Matthew, Gartield Gt-.irge Matthews, Pine Bluff EJectrical Engineering Norman Matthews. Stuttgart Electrical Engineering Jeffrey Maxwell Benton Architecture Dennis May, North Little Rock Jayne McCain, Houston, TX Elementary Education Maty McConnell, Springdale Nutrition Stephanie McConnell, Dardanelle Accounting Anna McDaniel. East Kennett, MO Business Leah McDaniel, Fort Smith Zoology Richard McElrath. Hot Springs Marketing Deborah McFall. Pine Bluff Terrell McFall, Pine Bluff Julie McGehee. Little Rock Marketing Patty Mclnrosh. Batesville Administrative Management Ann McKenzte, Paragould Elementary Education Mary McKinney, Springdai-? Physical Education Leah McKinnon. Dover Chemistry John McKnight, Parkin Agriculture Michael McLaty, El Dorado Secondary Education Christi McLaughlin Gravette Executive Secretary Terriel McLaughlin, Pleasant Plains History Kevin McManus. El Reno, OK Hank McNabb, Pocahontas General Business Gail McNeal, Moriilton Accounting William McNeal, Momlton Animal Science John McNeiiance, Tulsa, OK Kevin McPherson, Yeilville Pam McPherson. Fayetleville Elementary Education Pierce McVey, Fayetteville Architecture James Meachum, Macksonville Karen Meachum. Uniontown Secondary Education Mary Meadows. Black Rock Journalism Matthew Meadows, Black Rock Zoology John Meeker, Conroe. TX Civil Engineering Amy Mendelowitz. New York, NY Social Welfare Gerald Merritt, Lincoln, NE Genera! Business Steve Bethanv, Charles Metz, London Animal Science Jane Meyer. Fayetteville Psychology Wade Meyer. Hot Springs Daniel Meyers, Ft. Smith Finance Banking Katherine Micken, Springdale General Home Economics Bruce Middleton. Fayetteville Business Allison Miller, Newport Accounting Car!a Miller. Prairie Grove Cheryl Miller, Snohomish. WA Agronomy Denise C. Miller, Springfield. MO Advertising Public Relations Michael Miller, Hot Springs Animal Science Lynne Minor, Newport Seniors 487 Gregory Mitchell, DeQueen Public Administration ! ' " -! Mohlei, Rohni-rt Park. CA Dudley Moll, Stuttgart Marketing David Montgomery. Hot Spring Marketing Judy Montgomery, Warren Journalism EHen Moore. Pine Biuff French Harold Moore Pine Bluff Jeffrey Mi oie [,K ksonville Speech Pathology Laura Moore, Luxora English Timothy Moore. We -t Minister CO Geology Wesley Monte, Van Buren Brian Morgan, Fayetteville [ournaltsm urei Morgan, Tahlequah, OK Administrative Management Maik Monis Shei woo Agricultural Bust n Terry Morton. Piano, JL Ramm Mohhiiitaf, Iran Electrical Engineering Michael Mo(t, BoitneviUc Edward Moulthrop, Pine Bluff Marketing Dan Mouritsen, Eureka Springs journalism Anne Mulhn, Fayetteville Data PtiKe-smg. Quantitalivf Analysis Ronald Mullin, Biloam Spring 1 - iarles Mullins, Texarkana, TX Art Karen Mullins, Phot-ni , A Dietetic Robert Muneer, Little ock Jorge Munoz, Bolivia Stephen Murchison, Albuquerque, NM Industrial Management Michael Murdotk, Favetteville Administrative Manaytment Lucy Munay, KU t Springs Doyle Nalley, Benton Marketing Rhea Neal. Arkadelphia Comr Jeff N Patricia Niet-essary. Fayetteviiie Finance ' Banking Dorothy Neely, Fayetteville Geology Stan Nelke. Cedars, OK Electrical Engineering Billy NeUon, Fayetteville Finance Banking Michael NeUon. Little Roc. L Tran portatio: Tami Neukam, Almyra Journafi- m Robert Newell, Newport Accounting James Newton, Hot Springs Electrical Engineering Thomas Newton, Little Rock ering Mien iNguyen, Houston, TX Mechanical Engineerir Hung Nguyen, Vietna.,1 Mechanical Engineering Luat Nguyen, Ft- Worth. TX Chemical Engineering Thu Van Nguyen, Gretna, LA Data Processing Quantitative Analyci ster Niblock, Fayettevtlle History 488 Seniors Robert Nichols, Star City Vocational Agriculture irah Nickey, Fayetteville Public Administration ndolyn Norman, El Dorado onnel Management Mary Norman. El Doi Accounting Terry Norman, El Dorado Marketing Richard Null. Benton Engineering Science Robert Nunnaily, Camden Physics Ronald Ocker, Van Buren Finance Banking jerra Odum. Cabot ..rure juliann Oliver, North Little Rock Marketing Meianie Oliver, El Dorado Wrenetta Olson. Omaha NE journalism Raymond Osborn, Little Rock Agriculture Business Rera Oskouie. Iran Mechanical F Accounting Herbert Owen, Pine Bluf: Chemical Engineering Ghulam Paracha. Paki ' siai Marketing Lisa Parks, El Dor.; Executive Secr Prafulchandra , ait .. t ,, ya Civil Engineering Gary Patrick, Fayetteville Math Becky Payne. Ft. Smith Horticulture Judith Paz. Micklet Donald Pearson, Blarksville VVN. Pearson. F: Smith General Busmen David Peavy. Texarkana ' . Engineering Lee Peden. Charleston IN Electrical Engineering David Pemberton. Hunt viile Industrial Enginee:.. Albert Peikin- . Aliu-. OK - Parkins Pine Bluff Pre-Uw Kenneth Perron. San Antonio, TX Physical Education Social Welfare jacqueiin Petray Ru--. Zoology- Allen Pettit Little Rock Christina Pevehou e, Ft Smith Chau Phan, Houston, TX Electrical Engineering Dough- Phillips Little Rock Kevin Phillips, Ft Smith Zoology Chris Pianalto, S t .......v Patricia Pukilt, Langley AFB ' A Finance Banking Carolyn Pierce. North Little Rock journalism William Pisaruck, Hoi Springs Accounting David Pittman. Amity Electrical Engir Cherly Pitts, Tuisa. OK Music Linda Plemons, Tulsa. OK Martha Polk Magnolia Art William Polk, Ft Smith Zooloev Seniors 489 Mary Pomrenke, Clarksville William Pond, FayetteviUe Secondary Education Victor Porter, Clarksville Marketing Joel Portwood, Biinkley History Maud Powell Ft. Smith Mike Power, Little Rock Agriculture Education David Rathbun, Hackett Marketing Joan Ratten, ParagouU N u r si ng Rick Raul Owa o. UK Sharon Ray, De Queen Home Economic;. Teresa Reading, Fayetteville Marketing U-bsamen. North Little Rock Electrical Engineering Mike Redd, Ft Smith Ai. Counting Tom Reddin, Bentonville Business Administration Chea Redditt, Little Rock Marketing Lynn Reese, Fayetteville Business Administration - Reevei, North Little Rock Civil Engineeiing Carol Regan, Hope Accounting Data Processing Stephan Reinke, St Louis. MO Architecture David Remerscheid, Fayetteville Electrical Engineering Ru ' hard C. Reynolds. McCrory Marketing ichard N. Reynolds, Camden Finance Banking irk Rhee, Silver Springy MD Chemical Engineering Melinda Rice, Dardanelle Business, Office Education Rebecca Riggs, Fayetteville Mu ir Education Anita Riley, Buckner Eduo,ion Julia Riley, I nburg Math Tom Robb, Fayetteviile Architecture Robertson, Shreveport, LA ri " ientary Education David Robinson, Littie Rock Accounting - , Robinson. FayeiteviHe Architecture Karen Robinson, Fayetteville Anthropology Otis Robinson, Dermott Music Education Agriculture Education Melissa Robirds, Houston, TX Marge Rochenhaus, Paris Home Economics 490 Seniors Bryan Rodgers. Texaikana. TX General Business Cathy Rogers. Hazen Journalism j C. Rogers, Glen EHyn IL Marketing Mark Roger-, North Little Rock Architecture Accounting Tim Rogers, Beaiden . H . .v K er. Batesville Data Processing Quantitative An Terry Rorex, imboden Vocational Agriculture . ' . n.TX mrock, Fayetfc Accounting Martha Rounsavitle, Little Rock Regina Rowe. Batesville Nursing William Rowland. He: tt, Danville mica! Engineering Lotia Rudh. Fayetieville Art - and Science Mahnda Rutledge. Fayetteville Jministration ;nae-. Bolivia Marketing Kenneth Sander, Magnolia Geology Ron.v Busir- Kantila! Sanghani. Kenya i ngineering Pratu! Sanghani. Fayetteviile Civil Engineering Piemwati Sanghani, Kenya Civil Engineering TeiiY Sapp. Ashland. MO General Business Cam! Sjontnvton. Spnngdale tertield, Green Fc aee. Branch Marion Scarborough. Clarks Tami Scherm, Carlisle Secondary Education Joseph Schoolcraft, Van JuJv Schooicraft, Greensboro Marketing Lisa Schratz. Little Rock Marketing n Scott. Ft. Smith iistry Scott. Benton Civil Engineering Trendle Scott, Camden Social Welfare Kathy Scroggs, Fayetteviile General Business Michael Scutlock. Greers Ferry " -rhanical Engineering T A Seabolt, Uniontown ;y Denise Seiz, Hot Spring Elementary Education Jon Seiz. Hot Springs Architecture F B. Sessions. Tulsa, OK Electrical Engineering Lesley Sewell. New Orleans. LA Seniors 491 Dunal St. Martin, Ja Tun viJ Slaht, North L 492 Seniors Nan St. ' .: r Michael StauJt Riter- Mirhael Stone, lntle R.xk Thoou Stewan FJ-. i noin.r,ne Chemistry Stephen Slon Marketing 1 r;y Stor Marketing Srrom Bill Sv.v s Engine I .innc-i f ' Compufa Cheilv 1 - rw ; " .ing [ " mon TK.- - Anth, . Wjxal Physi,.,. as Bluft Math Kerry Thurman. Pint- Blutt I Becky 1 Home Eion :: colt Tt. Little Ro Seniors 4 ' Elizabeth Wellborn Little Roik 494 Seniors OUie White Zoology Shari White. Ft. Smith Elizabeth Whittington. Ft. Smith Physical Education Eddie Whitworth. Mablevale Mechanical Engineering Mark Wiesbergei, Marvel) Cecil Wilkerson, Jonesboro Landscar- -- L; - Susan Wilkinson. Greenv Finance Banking Anita Williams, Ft. Smith 7 oology lizabeth Williams Hot Spring Architecture Gwyn Williams. Tulsa. OK. Elementary EdiK icri Jeffrey Williams. Dardanelle Journalism John Williams, Searcy Accounting Williams. Harrison Seth Williams, Texarkana Public Administration Bering is. Hot Spring Architecture Sheryl Willis, Fay Speech pathology Margaret Wilson, Wideman Michael Wikon, ClarUviU - Chemical Engini Rebecca Wilson Elementary Education Rosalind Wilson. S;. Louis. MO Business Thomas Wilson, Shreveport, LA Geology Christmas Win ead Buoxi Mb Business Shirley Wolf. Texarkana jacquelyn Womack. Dalla . TX Suan-Onn Wong. Malaysia rhanual Engineering , a , Wood. Siloam Springs Home Economics David Woods, Carlisle Marketing James Woods. Ft Smith Computer Science Lola Woods, Siloam Springs Benjamin Uoo ' .rA Little Rock Lisa Worst Broad Run, VA Mary Wiape, Little Rock Marketing Sharon Wren. PocahonUv Marketing Alan Wyatt ior.e- ' - Landscape Architecture Daniel Yeagei. Farmington Accounting Dana Yeatman Little Rock Marketing joe Yee, Lakt Marketing Elizabeth York. Fayetteviile Public Administration Carev Young Nof,: Minting ynthia Young Fayertt-viHe ccounting Gregory Young. Clarksviile Chemistry Accounting Joe Young. Hope Psychology Einda Young. Dyatt Education Margie Young, Fayetteville Horticulture Donal Zimmerman. Elkins Vocational Education Seniors 495 496 Juniors i Abbey, Jonathan Nigeria Donnie Acree, Fayetteville Randall Adair, Lockport, IL Ellen, Adams, Fayetteville Roberta Agee, Waldron Lisa Albright, Harrison Terri Alford, Hope Alice Allen, Alicia Mary Allen, Alicia Terry Allen, Little Rock Rick Allred, Fayetteville Jeff Altemus, Bradford Terry Altenbaumer, W ' mthrop Jeanne Anderson, Lockesburg William Anderson, Magnolia Keith Andrews, Sherwood Tracy Archer, Harrison Robert Armstrong, Lake City Barry Arthur, Little Rock Stephen Ash, Gateway Charles Ashby, Texarkana Dennis Atto, FayetteviHe Johnna Back, Ft. Smith Christopher Back, Springfield, MO Steve Baird, Fayetteville Bruce Baker, Mountain Home Carolyn Baker, Springdale Diane Baker, West Memphis Charles Ball, MonticeHo Samuel Baker, Little Rock Edward Ball, jr., Eudora Mark Ballard, Heber Springs Jon Barkley, Naperville, IL Frank Barksdale, Pine Bluff David Barney., Scottsdale, AZ Rebecca Barney, Magnolia Richard Bartley, Pittsburgh, PA Cherly Bartchelor, Van Buren Brenda Beall, Lake Village Emmett Beard, Houston, TX Jon Beard, Little Rock Marian Beaty, Ft. Smith Cynthia Bednar, Pine Bluff Carol Beene, Little Rock Linda Beiser, Vero Beach, FL James Bellora, Harrison Judy Belt, Lea wood, KS Hollis Bennett, Sphngdale Barton Benson, Fayetteville George Bequette, Crystal City, MO Felicia Berg, jonesboro Julie Bensonen, Fayetteville Claudette Bethel, Benton Welby Billings, Osceola Donald Bingaman, Ft Smith Mary Bittick, Clarksville Ralph Black, Mansfield Sammy Blackshare, Piggott Barbara Blair, Richardson, TX Susan Biair, Smackover Jeannie Blunker, Hot Springs Cindy Blyth, Little Rock Eugenia Bobo, Osc eoia Rachelle Boggs, Waldron Leslie Bogle, Bentonville Abe Bogoslavsky, Ft. Smith Danny Bohannan, Eureka Springs Craig Bond, Pine Bluff KJmberiy Bone, Lake Jackson, TX Lisa Bonebrake, Webb City, MO Shari Borland, Bismarck Marida Borniu, Fayetteville Jimmie Bowling, Batesville Blaise Boyle, Fayetteville Samuel Boyster, Batesville John Bracken, Seattle, WA Elizabeth Brackin, Marion Caryle Bradford, Lepanto Jackie Bradley, Rogers Michael Bradford, Osceola Steve Bradley, Fayetteville Dean Bradsher, Dallas, TX Mark Brady, Hot Springs Shari BramhaH, Little Rock Nancy Brandt, Springfield, MO Billie Brasel. Jasper Hollis Bray, Hampron James Bray, Houston, TX Nancy Breckenridge, Joplin, MO John Brennan, Fremont, CA Thomas Brennan, Westfork Chelsea Breyman, Clarksville Amber Bright, Little Rock Kenneth Broom, Texarkana Cynthia Brown, Tuckerman Donna Brown, Hot Springs Jim Brown, CockeysvHle, MD L. K. Brown, North Little Rock A. C. Brown, jr., Van Buren Bridget Bruce, Dallas, TX Paula Brunson, Conway Mary Brust, Rogers John Buchanan, Texarkana William Bullard, Little Rock Leigh Bullington, Marianna David Burks, Benton Michael Burnett, Mountain Home Brian Burrough, Hot Springs Juniors 497 Mary Ann Busby, Houston, TX David Bushkuhl, Ft. Smith Linda Busse, Maysville Libby Butler, Ft. Smith Richard Buzbee, Dierks Kerry Callen, Oak Grove William Calvert, Fayetteville Brian Campbell, Wichita Falls, TX Cathy Campbell, Barling Diane Caneva, New Lenox, 1L Sheila Cantrell, West Fork Carlon Caroom, Fayetteville Greg Carr, Eldorado Jenny Carter, Fayetteville Rhonda Carter, Blytheville Phyllis Cash, West Memphis Tracy Cash, Hot Springs Melissa Cattaned. Ft. Smith Daria Causey, North Little Rock Janis Chalmers, Early Raymond Chastain, Charleston Leah Chester, Pocahontas David Chilcote, Little Rock Dorothy Chisom, Marianna Martha Choate, Helena Diane Chrenko, Mountain Home Thomas Christenbury, Memphis, TN Sharon Church, North Little Rock Carla Clark, West Memphis Curtis Clark, Helena Norma Clark, Fayetteville Robert Claxton, Little Rock Paul Claybaker, Fayetteville Rebecca Clayton, Fayetteville Johnny Clemons, West Memphis Roy Clinton, Fayetteville Dana Cobb, Mablevale Caroline Coffman, Hot Springs William Collison, Bald Knob Paul Colwell, Hot Springs Leslie Cooner, Fayettevilie Scott Cooper, Little Rock Pam Core, Ft. Smith Gayle Corley, Benton Cathy Cormack, Greenwood Steven Counce, Camden Mark Counts, Fayetteville Theresa Courtney, Mountain Grove, MO Melody Cowan, Rogers Tim Cowgur, Gravette Diana Cox, Evansville Oliver Cox, Little Rock James Crabill, Havana janie Craig, Little Rock Cary Cravens, Little Rock Mark Cravens, Chicago, IL Glynda Crawford, Ft. Smith Jody Crawford, Texarkana Tim Crawley, Gravette Steve Crump, Kichyar David Crutcher, Ft. Smith John Culp, Prescott Laura Cummings, Little Rock 498 Juniors Nancy Cunningham, Jonesboro Tim Curlin, West Memphis jerry Currence. Little Rock Teresa Curry, Gravette Sally Curtis, Ft, Smith Paul Da Costa, Fayetteville William Daily, Springdale Denise Dandeneau, Pine Bluff Kim Danehower, Forrest City Deborah Daniel Pine Bluff Steve Daniel, Ft. Smith Janet Davidson, Winchester, VA Michael Davidson, Fayetteville Biad Davis. North Little Rock Christopher Davis, Monticello Nancy Davis, Hot Springs Regina Day. Fayetteville Renee DeBin, Little Rock Debbie DeBlase, St. Louis, MO Mark DeBoer, Siloam Springs Ann Dean, Paris Dana Dean, Ft. Smith Thomas D en, McGehee Joe Delap Praire Grove Dennis Delk, West Helena judi Dellinger, Morrilton Billy Dempsey, Ft. Smith Shannon Demuth, Benton Scott Devers, Joplin, MO John Dewald, Memphis, TX Jenifer Dickinson, Ft. Smith Carol Dillard. Hope Rebecca Dinwiddie, Wichita Falls, TX Mark Dixon, Searcy Kathy Dobbs, Kirkwood, MO Eric Dodson. Santa Barbara. CA Ted Dorn, Dover Susan Dorsey, Kansas City, MO Stephen Ducker, Pineville De Ann Duckworth, Heber Springs Cynthia Dudley. Pocahontas Dennis Dull Shawnee, KS Susan Duncan, Arkadelphia Alex Dunlap, West Memphis Kenneth Dunn, Fordyce Paul Dunn, Camden Paul Dxitram, Dudley, MA Mark Dutton, Fayette -ille Martin Dyrhood. Ft Smith Gary Ebbing, Ft- Smith Stephen Echols, Ft. Smith Debora Eckart, Paris Dennis Edge, Little Rock Angela Edwards, Camden Lawrence Edwards, Sherwood Richard Edwards, Jacksonville Suzy Ellis, West Memphis LindeH Ellison. Mansfield Robert Eoff, Barling John Evans. Eureka Springs Kenneth Evans, Benton Michael Pagan. Helena Richard Farr, North Little Rock Juniors 499 Mary Faulk, Little Rock Roy Favre, Texarkana Shannon Featherston, Altus, OK. Julie FincK, Fayetteville Phillip Finley, Rogers Gregory Fisher, Beebe Marianne Fisher, Paragould Terri Fitzgerald, West Memphis Lisa Flynn, Fayetteville Dana Foley, Ft. Smith Lisa Foikner, Warrensburg, MO Karen Formby, Siloam Springs Emily Fortner, Dallas, TX Cynthia Foster, Mabelvale Linda Foster, West Fork Brain Franklin, Ciaremore, OK Charles Frazier, Checotah, OK Gerald Friend, Little Rock Charles Frizzell, West Helena Leah Fry, Little Rock Connie Fugedy, Rogers Benny Fuhrman, Gillett Carol Fuhrman, Pine Bluff Pak Fung, Marianna Mark Gabble, Helena Jennifer Gailey, Springdale Craig Gann, Little Rock Patricia Gannon, Fayetteville , Ft. Smith Brenda Garner, Steve Gary, Marianna Erma Geiger, Lockesburg Steve Cells, Springdale Jacque George, Cabot Damian Gerke, Little Rock Robert Gibbs, Ft. Smith Katherine Gibson, Fayetteville Tammy Gibson, Savaca Joseph Gilker, Ft. Smith Timothy Gillespie, DeQueen Richard Gilliam, Hot Springs Robert Ginnaven, Little Rock Rex Gipson, Little Rock Shelley Glass, Arnold, MO Stan Glover, Lepanton Debra Godwin, Hot Springs Jeffery Goff, Benton Pamela Golden, Little Rock jo Ann Goldman, Little Rock Jeff Gollon, Stuttgart Stephanie Goode, Tulsa, OK David Goodloe, Fayetteville Sharla Goodman, Little Rock John Graddy, Stuttgart Gary Graham, Tucker man Kelly Graves, Ft. Smith Tanya Graves, Bentonville Kathy Gray, Hot Springs William Gray, Paron Sherril Green, Fayetteville Claude Gregory, Alma Dianne Gretzmier, Osceola Rebecca Griffin, Hot Springs Laura Grim, Ft. Smith 500 Juniors Bryan Grimsley, Springdale Steve Grissom. Pocahontas John Groce, Benton Baker Gross, Forrest City Deborah Gross, Huntsville Mary Groves, Blytheville Jay Gulick, Mucsantine, IA David Gusewelle,Wichita KS Tracy Gwaltney, Las Cruces, NM Mark Habenicht, Little Rock Jim Hacker, Portia Noland Hagood, Strong Andrew Haingaertner, Rogers Dan Hale, Ashdown Kathleen Haley, North Little Rock Ahmad Halim, Pakistan Debbie Hall, Clinton George Hall, Green Forest Laura Hamblin, Eureka Springs Carol Hammans, Fayetteville Paula Hamp, Sioux City, IA Marjorie Hampton, Fayetteville Russell Hankins, Houston, TX Kyle Hannah, Little Rock Sharon Hannah, Little Rock Kim Haraway, Helena Alison Hardegree, Mena Jeffery Harp, Ft. Worth, TX Ken Harper, Star City Charles Harris, Stuttgart Joy Harris, Crossett Julie Harris, Pine Bluff Karen Harris, Little Rock Kimberly Harris, Pine Bluff Melody Harris, Hamburg Karon Hart, Blytheville Mark Hartz, Hazen Cathy Hartzell, Beebe Kathy Hastings, Bentonville Laura Hastings, North Little Rock janelle Hawkins, Van Buren Timothy Hawkins, Parks Paul Hayden, North Little Rock Jeff Hayes. SHoam Springs Pamela Haynie, Prescott Michael Heathcott, Evansville Gregory Heil, Little Rock Richard Helton, Booneville Robert Henderson, Independenca, MO Andy Hendricks, Ft. Smith Clifford Henry, Conway Anne Henson, Ft. Smith Mary Higgs, Forrest Gty Sandi Hildebrand, Humnoke Shawn Hill, Arkadelphia Gerald Hinrichs, Fayetteville Clifton Hinze, Benton Michael Hipp, Prim Amy Hobbs, Fayetteville Mark Hobbs, Rudy James Hobson, North Little Rock Joseph Hodges, Salem John Hogue, Bryant Juniors 501 Timothy Hogue, Piggott Pam Hollandswith, Springdale Douglas Holmes, Newport Richard Holmes, Pine Bluff David Holt, Fayetteville Mary Holt, Ft. Smith Teresa Hood, Jonesboro Laura Home, Harrison Kathleen Housley, Russellvile Durrell Howard, FHppin L ' Anna Howard, San Antonio, TX Jim Howe, Wabash Linda Hewlett, Ft. Sam Houston, TX Phyllis Hoyle, Ozark Donald Hubbell, Henderson Raymond Hughes, Pine Bluff Robert Hughes, Ft. Smith Rick Hultquist, Muscatine David Humphrey, Texarkana Diana Hunt, Hot Springs Randall Hurban, Toledo, OH Shelley Hurler, West Plains, MO Lisa Hutchens, Springdale Mark Hutson, Ft. Smith Linda Hyndman, Hot Springs William Irwin, Hot Springs Kenneth Irizarry, Benton Russell Jackman, Fayetteville Connie Jacks, Hot Springs Brenda James, Forrest City Jana James, Mulberry John James, West Memphis Ed janonis. Hot Springs Calvin jarrett, Jr., Keiser James Jeffries, Tuckerman Ketih Jenkins, Pine Bluff Lisa Jenkins, Lead Hill Loyd Jenkins, Mountain View Stephen Jenkins, Ft. Smith janna Jennings, North Little Rock Joyce Jennings, Katy, TX Ronald Jennings, Clinton Ellen jernigan. Little Rock Kmule Jhak, Batesville Tommy Jones, Paris Bradley Johnson, Jacksonville, IL Linda Johnson, Fallbrook, CA Marsha Johnson, Van Buren Barry Jones, North Little Rock Jace Jones, Conway jana Jones, Siloam Springs Matthew Jones, Hope Scott Jones, Wichita, KS Thomas Jones, Beebe Wanda Jones, Vernon, TX Kay Kalian, Hartwick, NY Brenda Kankey, Pineville Glenda Kankey, Pineville Kim Karnes, Sherwood Terri Kauble. Hope Gayle Kearney, Fayetteville Teresa Keegan, Springdale Phyllis Keene, Fayetteville 502 Juniors Lorrie Kegley, Brindley Delane Kelly, Hot Springs Stephen Kelly, Houston, TX Susan Kemp. Tipton. IA Dma Ketnpa. Potomac, MD Tern Kemmer, Waldron Kathy Ken. Bartlesville. OK Lisa Kersey, Greenwood Londa Kever, Springdale Clifton King. Texarkana. TX Randy King, Charleston Tracey King. Russellville Jeff Kirby, Morrilton Kimberly Kirby, Temple. TX Marcia Kirksey, Mulberry Gloria Kirkwood, Widener Kevin Knauts. Bentonville Micheal Knittig, Fayetteville Susan Knoll, Richardson, TX Phillis Koon, Ft. Smith John Kramer. Hope Leslie Krebs, North Little Rock Najla Kutait, Ft. Smith Janet Lacefield, Gassville Clifton Udd, Ft. Smith George Udyman, Poplar Bluff. MO Donna LaFayette, Ft. Smith Rebecca Lancaster, Sheridan Marcus Langs ton. Fayerteviile Terri Langston. Harrison Lacy Urgent Fayetteville Melody Laster, Benton Rebecca Layman, Prairie Grove Norman Lee, Holly Grove Regina Lee, Dallas ' TX Ruby Lee. Lake Village Jean Leger, Ft, Smith Gary Lensing. North Little Rock William Leonard, Ft. Smith Lizabeth Lester. Springdale David Lewis, Little Rock Jerald Lewis, Mena Suzanne Lewis, Alexandria. VA Toni Lewis, Bentonville Steve Lincoln, Little Rock John Lmdquist Ft. Smith Janice Little, Ft, Smith Audra Long, Fayetteville Mark Long, Pine Bluff Stacy Looney II, Springdale Cindy Lovelady, Van Buren Frank Lowe. Fayetteville Nancy Loyd, Lake Village Teresa Loydermilk, Greenwood Ernest Lucas, Fayetteville Therese Luers. Bald Knob Britt Luplow, Little Rock Delinda Mace, Batesville Melinda Mackey, El Dorado John Madey, Little Rock Cheri Malone. Osceola Stephen Malone. Harrison Daniel Maner. Fayetteville Juniors 503 Michael Mann, Ft. Smith Elizabeth Manning, Grove Susan Manning, Newport Gina Marshall, Wynne Lady Martin, Texarkana Sarah Martin, Ft. Smith Beverly Matthis, Little Rock Billie Mayes, Hot Springs Gayelynne Mazzanti, Little Rock Neil McGehee, Ozark Thomas McGuire, Little Rock Robin McHaney, Blytheville Margaret McLarty, El Dorado Michael McNulty, Blytheville Leslie McChristian, Fountain Valley, CA James McCrary, North Little Rock Kim McDaniel, Charleston Kirk McDonald, Stuttgart Kymberly McDonald, Pine Bluff John McEIhaney, Charleston June McMahon, Omaha Chris McMasters, Sapulpa, OK Barbara McMenis, Eudora Denise Meads, Fayetteville James Meazle, Charleston John Meazle, Charleston Tom McGee, Harrison Kirklyn Melson, Rogers Linda Melton, Bartlesville, OK Dena Meyers, Grand Prairie, TX Karen Meyers, Lincoln Jeff Miller, San Antonio, TX John Miller, Fayetteville Kelley Miller, Van Buren Merrill Miller, Marked Tree Jacalyn Mingolla, Leicester, MA Kelly Minton, Pine Bluff Patti Minton, Benton Kelly Mitchell, Russellville Vance Mitchell, U Jolla.CA Michelle Mitchell, Hot Springs Sandy Mommsen, Almyra John Monaweck, North Little Rock Allen Monholland, Fouke Marc Moody, Little Rock Jacqueline Mooney, Harrison Michelle Moore, Bentonville Phyllis Moore, Hot Springs Randal Moore, Springdale Brenda Moorman, Sulphur Springs John Moory, Jacksonville Mary Morgan, Little Rock Karen Morris, Webb City, MO June Morrow, Jacksonville Stacy Morschheimer, Pine Bluff Kathryn Morton, Texarkana George Moschner, Ft. Smith joe Mott, Little Rock Sally Murphy, Lepanto Teresa Murphy, Cabot Vickie Murphy, Springdale Cornelia Myers, Viburnum, MO Edwards Myers, Ft. Smith 504 Juniors Paul Nance, Beedeville Denise Nations, Harrison Jeffrey Necessary, Arkadelphia Greg Neislar, Ft. Smith Lynn Nelke, Ft- Smith James Nelson. Camden Michael Nelson. Booneville Jennifer Neukranz, Evanslon, IL Marcus Newman. Arkadelphia MeHnda Newton, Noith Little Rock Susan Newton, Hot Springs Ronald Nichols. Carlisle Barbara Nielsen, Star City Allyson Noel, Lamar. MO James Nolle, Ft. Smith Lisa Nordin, Ft. Smith Thomas Norsworthy, Widener James Norys. Mountain Home Dan Nunley. Clinton Chukwyemea Nwaykwu. Nigeria Malinda Oakes, Leawood. K.S Darrel Oglesby. ]r., Forman Matthew Ohl, Marcellus, NY William Okwu. Enugu Nigeria Laura Olmstead, Rison Phil O ' Neal, Ft. Srmth Corine Oordt, Netherland Anita Orr, Memphis, TN Randy Orr, Malvern Catherinea O Rourke, River Ridge. LA Gregory Ostberg. Springdale Otto Oswald, Garfield Cristy Owens, Fayetteville Mary Owens, Texarkana. TX Wendell Owens, Jacksonville Alice Padgett. Marion Mike Panas. Berryville Darral Parapis, North Little Rock Charles Parette, Fayetteville Charlotte. Parker. Fayetteville Lisa Parker, Johnson Tom Paterson, Leawood, KS Rebecca Patrick, Harrison John Pearson, Fayetteville James Pelton, Pine Bluff Parker Pennings, Houston, TX Jeff Penson. Ft Smith Connie Peneira. Ja Steven Perryman, Calico Rock Thomas Person. Hamburg Mary Peters. Pocahontas Scon Pettit. Aurora, MO Gregory. Pharr. Cumming, GA Don Phillips, Ft. Smith Rodney Pianaho, Springdale James Pierce, Ft. Smith John Pierce. Ft Smith Michael Ptke. Biytheville Luis Pineda, Clarendon Dennis Pirani, Manon Sam Pittman, Benton John Pitts, Little Rock Maria Plafcan, Stuttgart Juniors 505 Karen Plumlee, Berryville Tim Plunkett, Mena Phillio Plyler, Little Rock Leeann Poiriez, Tulsa, OK Lynn Poorman, Darling Paula Porter, Conway Andrew Post, Altus Michael Post, Altus Thomas Post, Altus Vada Post, Ft. Smith James Potter, Paragould Rachel Powell, Ft. Smith Rick Powell, Van Buren Terry Pownall, Johnson Marjorie Presley, Dallas, TX David Price, Fayetteville Kendal Price, Barling Beverly Pryor, Crossett Anne Putliam, Ft, Smith Douglas PuIUam, Covington, GA Brett Pultz, Hot Springs Gene Pyeatt, Springdale Janis Quillen, Bella Vista Mary Quinn, Tulsa, OK Alice Rabeneck, Suttgart Maria Raines, Pine Bluff Linda Ralston, Fayetteville Phillip Ralston, Bruning, NE Mark Ramm, North Little Rock Laura Randall, Hot Springs Leigh Randall, Ft, Smith Dale Randels, Little Rock Allan Ranson, Fayetteville Lynn Ray, DeQueen William Ray, 111, Helena Susan Rebsamen, North Little Rock Elroy Reed, Heth Janet Reed, Texarkana rieverly Reid, Dover Gtynda Reynolds, Arkadelphia Ed Riddick, Fayetteville Lloyd Ridenour, Ft. Smith Billy Riley, Bentonville Jeanie Rimmer, Van Buren J. A. Ritchie, Little Rock Jody Rittenhouse, Janeaville, WI Joe Roach, South Ralph Mark Robbins, Searcy Bruce Roberts, Pine Bluff Ronald Robertson, Bella Vista Adele Rockenhaus, Paris Virginia Rockenhaus, Paris Debbie Rogers, Ft. Smith jeffery Roe, Fayetteville Julie Roeder, Piggott Mathew Rogers, Virgin Islands Robert Romine, Horatio Gayle Roske, Rogers Jeffrey Roussel, Little Rock Douglas Rowen, Hampton Marilyn Rucker, Forrest City Mark Ruff, Benton Raymond Ruiz, Irving, TX 506 Juniors Carolyn Rush. Nenna, VA Cindy Rushing, Fayetteville Connie Russell, Springdale John Rutledge, Charleston Mark Ryan, Walnut Ridge Maurice Ryan, Walnut Ridge Greg Sadler, Bauxite Susan Sadnavitch, Fayetteville William Saig, West Memphis Mitchell Sams, Berryville John Sanders, Sherwood Lori Sanders, Searcy Buford Satierfield, Perryville Debbie Saunders, Searcy joe Scarsdale, Searcy Sharon Schaefer, Shalimai, FL Scott Schlesinger. Hot Springs Pamela Schmidt, Hardy John Schmitz, Clinton Celia Schoolcraft, Van Buren Jeffrey Schrantz, Lawton, OK Lynn Schriver, Ft. Smith Geneva Schroeder, Jonesboro David Scott. Warren John Scott, Rogers Kathleen Seaton, Rogers Dana Sedgass, Texarkana Martin Seifert. Glen Ellyn. IL Frances Selby, Siloam Springs Doborah Seward, Ft. Smith Lance Sexton, Clarksville Melissa Shaw, Ft. Smith Shelia SKeppard, Cabot Lovana Shooter, Fayetteville William Short, Kimberling City, MO Michael Siebenmorgen, Scranton Crayson Silaski, Little Rock Kathleen Simpson, Eudora Brenda Sims, Hot Springs Elicia Sinor, Harrison Bitly Sitlington, Springdale Sally Sloan, Little Rock Randall Small, Conway Brian Smith, Fayetteville Carylon Smith, Dumas Donald Smith, Fayetteville James Smith, Luxora Kathy Smith, Fayetteville Kevin Smith, Hope Nancy Smith, Greenwood Perry Smith. Foreman Sandra Smith, Mountain Home Jami Snow, Springdale Melissa Snow, Mountain Home Paige Snow, Rector Sandra Snyder, Springdale Joyce South, Fayetteville Tom Speck, Little Rock Cynthia Spencer. Alma Forrest Spicher, Royal Wallie Sprick. Subiaco Jimmy Spurlin, Mount Ida Mercedes Stadthagen, Costa Rica Juniors 507 Tammy Stafford, Bryant Anne Stallcup, Tulsa, OK Jerry Stamps, Springdale Brent Standridge, Mt. Ida Stephen Staples, Fayetteville James Stark, El Dorado Kevin Staten, Pine Bluff Stephen Steed, Leachville Ronald Steen, Tulsa, OK Melinda Stephens, Van Buren Margo Stockalper, Elkins Doris Stout, Pineville, MO Edward Stout, Piano, TX Tina Strassle, Ft. Smith Virginia Stratton, Rogers Jacquelin Strong, Ft. Smith Elizabeth Stuart, Fayetteville John Sturtevant, Springfield, MO Kathy Sudduth, Conway Thomas Sulephen, El Dorado Gregory Sullivan, Conway Michael Sullivan, Davis, CA Christy Sutherland, Dallas, TX Cheryl Swofford, Berryville Lee Tackett, Stuttgart Lon Taft, Ft. Smith Peter Tannenbaum, Millburn, NJ Claud Taylor, Ft. Smith Cynthia Taylor, Hughes Lavader Taylor, Pine Bluff John Tenny, Little Rock Candance Terry, Fayetteville Allen Tesdall, San Diego, CA Janette Thayer, Fayetteville Martin Theriault, Waxahachie, TX Brenda Thiel, Rogers Anne Thiessen, Wichita, KA Phillip Thomas, Royal Mark Thomey, Morrilton Robert Thompson, Little Rock Sally Thompson, Pine Bluff Gary Thorn, North Little Rock Mary Tilley, Harrison Max Timmons, FayetteviHe Lyle Titterington, RussetlviHe Kimberly Toler, Morriiton Marc Tougaw, Harrison John Townsend, Ft. Smith Connie Tucker, Waldron Parker Tucker, Shorewood, IL Barbara Turner, Bentonville Bari Turner, Memphis, TN Kathy Turner, Gravette Len Turner, Ft. Smith Samuel Turner, West Memphis Vincent Turner, Memphis, TN Clint Turnipseed, Green ' Mark Tyler, Pine Lisa Utley, Friendswood, TX Roger Utley, O ' Fallon, IL Monica Van Parys, North Little Rock Don Van Rheeden, Mountain Home SOS Juniors Stuart Vann, Magnolia Michael Verucchi, Hot Springs Bart Virden, Morrison Michael Vitez, Rochelle Park. NJ Kenneth Voise, Ft. Smith Timothy Vose, Stuttgart Jesse Wadkins, Marshall Robin Wahlquist, Piescott Catherine Walker, Shteveport, LA Lisa Walker, Cotter Lucinda Walker, Houston, TX Robin Walker, Quitman Timothy Walker, Marion Susan Ward, Tulsa. OK Edwin Warren, Pine Bluff Karl Wasson, Sitoam Springs Phillip Wallace. Newport Sheila Walton, Forrest City Alan Waters, Little Rock John Waters, Tulsa, OK Terri Watson, Hoxie Caralie Watts. Ft. Smith Brian Wauer, Conway Vanya Webb, Little Rock Jeanene Weeks, Pine Bluff Lisa Weeks, Cabot Teresa Weir, Ft. Smith Robert Welch, Salem Kendal Wells, Charleston Kevin Wells, Kansas City, MO Sharon Wells, Edmondson Millie West, Marina, CA Gregory Westbrook, Camden Robin Westbrook, Little Rock Potlyanna Westbury, Camahllo, CA Diane White, Sparkman Eric White. Fayetteville James White, Greenwood Magigor White. Hope James Whitehead, Magnolia Lisa Widner, Alpena Sherry Wilborn. Helena James Wilbourn, Searcy Shelley Wilcoxon, Hamburg Russell Wilkins, Pine Bluff James Willard. North Little Rock Timothy Willett, El Dorado Christopher Williams, Dover Elizabeth Williams, Little Rock Frank Williams, Little Rock Greg Williams, Stuttgart Kathy Williams, Stephens Diane Williams, Russellville Michael Winemiller, Sheridan Cindy Wingo, Hot Springs Brian Winstead, Little Rock Rick Wise, Green Forst Janis Womack, Little Rock Jennifer Womack, Barling Diane Worden, Ft. Smith David Workman, Blytheville Carolyn Wren, Pocahontas Betsye Wright, El Dorado Juniors 509 Beverly Wright, Little Rock Larry Wright, Springdale Rodney Wright, Tyronza Susan Wright, Pine Bluff Deborah Wylie, Tulsa, OK Nina Yancy, Little Rock Suzanne Yates, Rogers Penny Yoakam, Mountain Grove, MO Jyh-Hua Yufh, Fayetteville Elizabethl Younes. Harrison Judith Bell, West Memphis Above: Kathy Moncravie gives that 7:30 section smile. Righ t: A young artist puts the finishing touches on a portrait. Left: Jody Rittenhouse consoles her cross coun- try teammate after a grueling race. Below left: Knowing how to get out of taking a 7:30 if always " the " objective. Below: An Arkansas coed makes that all impor- tant final check before class. 512 Soph om ores Wade Abernathy, Fayetteville Arnold Adams, Sheridan Lisa Adams, Trumann Mignonne Agee, Fayetteville Jean Ahrent, Corning Monica Alexander, McGehee Robert Alexander, Paragould Sherry Alford, Russellville Albert Allen, Helena Ginger Allen, Ft. Smith Murray Allen, Shreveport, LA Richard Allen, Batesville Laleh Amirmoez, Tehran, Iran Chris Amsler, Little Rock Gayla Anderson, Harrison Maria Andreu, Bolivia Allyson Andrews, Houston, TX Sherry Armstrong, El Dorado Jana Arnold, Springdale Brian Ayers, Berryvilte David Backlin, Lakeview Debbie Bagley, Pine Bluff Brent Bailey, Ward Denisa Bakema, North Little Rock Annetta Baker, Springdale Jay Baker, Mountain Home Tracy Baltimore, Harrison Laurie Baltz, Pocahontas Rachelle Barnes, Hot Springs Stacy Barnes, Pine Bluff Ann Barron, Harrison Babett Barrows, Marshall Paul Bartlett, Ft. Smith Mary Bass, Lewisville Michael Bass, Crossett Steve, Bateman, Ft. Smith Anne Bates, Tulsa, OK Angela Baxter, Pine Bluff Theodore Beck, Solgohachia Archie Beggs, Little Rock Kristan Bell, Fayetteville Val Bellora, Harrison Hope Benedict, Fayetteville Marcy Benham, Fayetteville Renee Bernath, Little Rock 6 fl L Kasim Bhally, England James Bingaman, Ft Smith Scott Blair, Ft Smith Connie Blasingame, North Little Rock Craig Boiler, Houston, TX Robert Bolls. Blthyeville Melissa Bond, Jacksonville Thomas Booth, Little Rock Leslie Borgognoni, Lake Village Tamra Bowlin, Hot Springs Jane Boyd, Bentonville Jacqueline Bradley, Fayetteville Kathryn Brandt, Eureka Springs William Bray, Little Rock Kenneth Brazil. Little Rock Pamela Breitenberg. Hot Springs George Bridges, Jacksonville Stephany Bridges, Stuttgart Melinda Brody, Mountainburg Tracy Brokate. Little Rock Kimberly Brooks, Little Rock Gregory Brown, North Little Rock Karen Brown, Benton Norwood Brown. Pine Bluff Sanford Brown, Pine Bluff Theresa Brown, Ft. Smith Sheri Brownwell. Ft. Worth, TX Clinton Bryan, Fayetteville Tammy Buck, Paragould Janet Bulkley, Alma Kimber Bunge, Bartlesviiie. OK Mike Bunn, Searcy Lance Burchett, Bartlesviiie. OK Cynthia Burger, Alma William Burgess. Little Rock Eberle Burke, Marianna Uurie Burks, Pine Bluff Charity Burns, Ft. Smith Rick Burrow. Fayetteville William Bush. Viloria Chris Byler. Mountain Home David Byrd, Charleston Timothy Cairns, Springdale Cynthia Caldwell. Jonesboro Ronald Calhoun , Monticello Mary Callahan, Little Rock Michael Callahan, Bedford, TX Jeff Campbell North Little Rock John Campbell, Ft. Smith Karen Campbell, Harrison Theresa Campbell, Jasper Yvette Cardenas, Houston. TX James Cardwell. Ft. Smith Caren Cargill, Lewisville Randall Carney, Rudy Cindy Carr, Russellville Karen Carr, Fayetteville Jane Carrithers, El Dorado Janis Carter, Little Rock Kevin Carter, Overland Park, KS Roger Carter, Star City Lilly Cash, St. Joe Sharon Cates, Prairie Grove Soph om ores 513 Gary Catt, Floral Anthony Causey, El Dorado Terineal Cauthron, Ashdown Michael Cavitt, St. Louis, MO Ed Cearley, Little Rock Patty Chaffin, Benton Traci Chappell, Springfield, MO Amanda Cheatham, Hot Spring Larry Childress, Fayettevill Rosalie Chilton, Fayettevill Doris Chisom, Mariann Carla Chote, Hot Spring Debbie Christie, North Little Rock Doris Chu, Pine Bluff John Cidlik, Eureka, MO Constance Clark, Berryville Lorie Clark, Huntsville Mark Clark, Forissant, MO Kelvin Clay, East St. Louis, IL Scott Clement, North Little Rock Mark Clinton, North Little Rock Kirby Cluck, Hot Springs Teresa Clum, Haysville Jane Clymer, Parks Carla Cobb, Texarkana, TX Christian Cochran, Elm Spring David Coffield, Fayetteville Jeanne Coffman, Texarkana Mary Cogswell, Russellville Carol Colburn, Cane Hill Barry Coles, Van Buren Mike Collie, Mountain Home Richard Colton, Pea Ridge Mark Colvin, Bradley Wade Colwell, Fayetteville Mark Conley, Fayetteville John Connell, Kingsville, MO Carrie Coogan, Mena Lisa Cook, North Little Rock Deborah Cooksey, Vanburen Andrew Cooley, Ozark Jill Copeland, Springfield, MO Kimberlee Cornelius, North Little Rock Kyler Cornish, Hot Springs Keith Covert, Benton David Cowart, Mountain Home John Cox, Rogers William Cox, Watson David Cozart, Magnolia Dabney Crafton, Blytheville Cathi Cranston, North Little Rock Henry Cravens, Lockesburg Jeff Crittenden, North Little Rock Sonya Crose, Watson Bobbie Cross, Eureka Springs Allen Crouch, Fayetteville Rozetta Crowe, Springdale Shannon Curry, Little Rock Tony Curtis, Little Rock Kevin Curtis, Fayetteville Kevin Daily, Berryville Samuel Danehower, Forrest City Cynthia Daniel, Grady 51 4 Soph om ores Ginger Daniel, Ft- Smith Tammy Daniel. Rogers Ronald Danielak, Garden City, MI Douglas DanieU, Dewitt Dara Davenport, Texarkana Diana Davidson Ft. Smith Charlet Davis, Little Rock CUrk Davis, Hughes Tracy Davis. North Little Rock William Davis. Fayetteville Alan Daws, Crossett Angela Dawson, Russell ville Mark De Salvo, Little Rock James Dean, Osceola Julie Dean, Texarkana Maria Declerk. Pocahontas Steven Deere, Ben ton Brian Delung. Ft. Smith Patty Demoss, Sheridan Audit Dennis. Fayetteville Laura Dever. Dallas. TX Jose Diaz. Chicago, IL Douglas Dickinson, Indianapolis, IN Michael Dietzen, Fayrtteville Teresa Dillahunty Huntsville Eldon Dingier. North Little Rock Eddie Dixon. Benton Leon Dobbins, Camden Jill Doering. Muskogee, OK Kui Doh, Malaysia Ronald Dooms. Pine Bluff Bill Doshier. Harrison John Downie. Riverside. CA Roger Doyne, College Statnion Michael Draper, San Diego, CA Robert Dreher. Ill, Grady Barbara Drummy, Joplin, MO Wilson Dubois. Hughes Margaret Duffy. Mountain Home Karen Dugan. Broken Arrow, OK Kenneth Duncan. Bastrop, LA Julia Dunn, Russelville George Dyer, Topsfield. MA Elaine Easley North Little Rock Sheri Easter. Hot Springs Karri Ebbing, Ft. Smith Keith Ecklund, Salem Brad Edwards, Altamont, KS Dwayne Edwards, Morrilton Sandra Edwards. Huntsville Paul Eichenlaub, Bentonville Laura Eldhdge. Augusta Sara Eldhdge, Stuttgart Nita Elkins. Waldron James Ellis, Pine Bluff Lisa Ellis. Newport Nancy Ellis, West Memphis Nancy English. Prairie Grove Milena Erceg, Hot Springs Lisa Erwin, Broken Arrow, OK Alexander Ethridge. Bearden Julie Evans. Ruston. LA Mark Evans, Van Buren Sophomores 515 Robert Falcinelli, Kensett Bryan Fancher, Clinton Donald Farris, Ozark Melissa Ferguson, Waldron Deborah Fiegel, Vilonia Cheryl Fields, Tulsa, OK John Fikes, Benton Stella Fincher, Prescott Melissa Finds, Dallas, TX Rick Fine, Springdale Jay Fish, Arlington Hgts, 1L Lynne Fitzgerald, Fayetteville Sylvia Fitzgerald, Ft. Smith Ronald Flanagan, Van Buren James Flatte, Ft. Smith Terry Floyd, Heber Springs Mark Forbess, Little Rock La Donna Ford, Hot Springs Village Rodney Ford, Benton Mitchell Forrest, North Little Rock Keith Forster. Dallas TX Amy Fox, Dallas, TX Keith Francis, Arkadelphia Stuart Franklin, Clovemont, OK Gary Franks, Odessa, TX James Freeman, Pine Bluff Jan Freeman, Texarkana, TX Tracy French, Dumas Joseph Frey, Decatur, IL Carla Fruechting, Siloam Springs Martin Fulk, Little Rock Glynn Fulmer, Alma Julie Furlow, Ogden Debra Gadbury, Booneville Jeanenne Gaddy, Rogers Jefferey Gaines, Mustoe, VA Brenda Galyean, Grarette Christine Gandy, Germantown, TN Joseph Gardner, Little Rock Gregory Garland, New Orleans, LA Donald Garrett, Forrest City Justin Garrett, II, Nowata, OK Brett Garton, Fayetteville Diane Gatzke, Sheridan Marguerite Gerke, Little Rock Althea Gibson, McGehee Deanna Gibson, Lawton, OK Sally Gibson, Harrison Jennifer Gilbert, Fayetteville Brian Gilliam, Osceola Tandi Ginnett, Sheridan Nancy Glasscock, Springdale Glenda Glassey, Gastonia, NC Buddy Goldammer, Jefferson City, MO Scott Goodfellow, Little Rock Jon Goodwin, Florissant, MO Karen Gorham, Nashville, TN Bruce Gowen, Inola, OK John Graham, Fayetteville Teresa Grantham, Montara, CA Mary Graydon, Little Rock Reginia Green, Doodridge Yulonda Greenfield, Little Rock 516 Sophomores Wayne Gregory, Benton Lisa Griggs, Camden Tracy Grim. Berryville Michael Gross, Little Rock Christy Grubb. Houston, TX Teresa Habig. Little Rock Uura Grundl, Little Rock Gayla Hadaway. Fayetteville Denise Hair. Little Rock Deborah Hall, Lexa Lisa Hall, North Little Rock Ralph Hall. Hardy Mohamad Hamdan, Lebanon Terri Hamm, North Little Rock Jacqueline Hammond. Little Rock James Haney. Clarksville Laura Hankins, Cabot Karen Hansen. Tulsa, OK Richard Hansen. Overland Park, KS Fazal. Haq. Pakistan Karen Harder, Joplin. MO Bradley Harding, Joplin, MO Caren Harp. Burbank, CA Maxi Harp. Fayetteville Pamela Harper. West Memphis Gwendalyna Harris, Wynne Jennifer Harris, Ravenden Sandy Harris. Little Rock John Hart. Conway Marie Hartley, Palo Alto, CA David Hatiield, Glen Burnie, MO Karen Hatfield, Farmingten Drake Hawkins, Little Rock Lisa Hayden, Little Rock Julie Hayes. Siloam Springs William Haynes. Ft. Smith Cynthia Heard. Ozark, MO Kelley Hedgecock, Little Rock Richard Hedgtcock. Tulsa, OK Steve Hefley, Springfield, MO Leslie Henderson, Carlisle James Henry, Claredon Troy Heron, Whiteman, AFB. MO Kelley Hersey, Grenada. West Indies Gary Hess. Pine Bluff Marcia Hester, Mena Clay Hiatt. Charleston Joe Hickman, El Dorado Stacy Higginbotham. Newark Robert Hill. Little Rock Stanley Hill, Arkadelphia Robert Hinds, Ft. Smith Julia Hitson, Marked Tree Jo Hocott, Springdale Ellen Hodnett, Texarkana David Hoff. Riverside, 1L Kent Hoggard, Springdale Stacy Holcomb, Siloam Springs Vanessa Holiman, Sheridan Cynthia Holmerg, Mena Lynne Homan, Mountain Home Michael Homan, Akron, Pa John Hooper, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Sophomores 517 Ross Hope, Little Rock Rosemarie Horcher, Mountain Home Gene Home, Fayetteville James Horten, North Little Rock Ruth Horten, Brinktey Kelly Householder, Mountain Home Dennis Housley, Mansfield Karen Housley, Mansfield Larinda Howell, McGehee Lisa Huckabay, Marmaduke Lee Huckleberry, Harrison Anne Huey, Stuttgart Elizabeth Huey, Warren Alan Hughes. Benton John Hunt, Lafe James Inhofe, Tulsa, OK Martin Isaacs, Little Rock Laura Jacimore, Russelville Brinda Jackson, Montrose Cheryl Jackson, Dallas, TX Lester Jackion, Houston, TX Robert Jacobs, Helena Michael Jaggers, Marion Jan James, Little Rock Marietta James, Little Rock Leslie Jarrard, Paris Sonja Jarreh, Heber Springs James Jedlicka, Ft. Smith Stephanie Jeffus, Camden Tina Jewell, Texarkana Annmarie Johnson, Fayetteville Ghana Johnson, Pine Bluff Denise Johnson, North Little Rock Edward Johnson, Dumos Elizabeth Johnson, Branson, MS James Johnson, Forrest City Karla Johnson, Forrest City Kimberly Johnson, Hampton Robin Johnson, Springdale Vernoris Johnson, Pine Bluff Allison Johnston, Ft- Smith Janice Johnston, Ft. Smith Patricia Johnston, Little Rock Laura Johoske, Mountain Home Bobby Jones, Altheimer Carol Jones, Ft. Smith Leigh Jones, Little Rock Nina Jones, Warren Rebecca Jones, Fayetteville Susan Jones, Little Rock Tammy Jones, West Fork Catherine Jordan, Bentonville Natalia Karnes, Berryville Kristin Kaufman, Hot Springs Lane Keeter, Heber Springs Camille Kelly, Pine Bluff Robert Kendall, Fayetteville Lee Kendrick, Rogers Mark Kendrick, Rogers Terry Kent, Jacksonville Dwain Key, Van Buren James Key, Baxter Springs Pamela Key, Van Buren 518 Sophomores Paula Killian, FayetteviMe Warren Kindrick, Morrilton Ann King, Pocahontas Corwin King, Fayetteville Elsa King, Pineville, MO John King, Helena Paul Kingsvorough, Brentwood Anne Kinnaman, Little Rock Linda Kinney, Ozark Brenda Kirksay, Paragould Julie Kirsch, Tulsa, OK David Kolb. Little Rock Valerie Kordsmeier, Morrilton Elizabeth Kumpe. Casper, WY Terry Kuykendall, Ft. Smith Sharon Kyser, Camden, TX Linda Laird, Stuttgart Tommy Lamb, Star City Evelyn Lambert, Newport Kelly Landers, Benton Paul Langley, Mountain Home Amy Langston, Conway Harold Langston, Little Rock Ned Larson, Hinsdale, 1L Jennifer Larsson, Reamoke, VA Shelley Lashley, Fayetteville Robert Lassetter, Brookhaven, MS Curtis Lassiter, Russellville Karen Lau, Ft. Smith Donna Lederman, Dallas, TX Dennis Lee, Dermott Lisa Lehman, Dallas. TX Bonnie Leonard, Strong Lisa Lessley, Sallisaw, OK Meredith Level, Topeka, KS Barbie Lewis, Stuttgart Lisa Lilly, Fayetteville Lisa Lindsey, Camden Kelly Lipe, Pine Bluff Terry Lloyd, Russellville Jimmy Lollis, Ft. Smith Carol Long, Little Rock Mary Helen Long, Little Rock Sabrina Long, Heber Springs Steve Longinolti, Hot Springs Cindy Longnecker, Stuttgart Theresa Lookingbill, Springdale Lee Ann Looney, Springdale Debbie Lopez, Austin, TX Cynthia Lowe, Harrison John Lewry, Gravette Randell Loyd, Ft Smith Janna Luebkemann, Stuttgart Donna Lummus, Texarkana Jeff Lumpkin, Stuttgart David Lynch, Fayetteville James Lynch, Crown Point, IN Geoffrey Lyon, Altheimer Jack Lyon, Fordyce Cindy Magee, Little Rock Merna Mahan, Fayetteville Lisa Mahfouz, Monticello Rosemary Mahfouz, Little Rock Soph om ores 51 9 Stephen Mangan, Little Rock Bryce Mannen, Stuttgar t Kim Marble, Little Rock Robyn Markley, Fayetteville Mike Marlar, North Little Rock Melissa Marlow, North Little Rock Penelope Marlow, Ft. Smith Amy Marr, Blytheville Brian Marren, Naperville, IL Jan Martin, Rogers Kathryn Martin, Broken Arrow, OK Marian Martin, Fayetteville Mary Martin, Houston, TX Michel Martin, Fayetteville Nancy Martin, Camden Mary Mason, Stuttgart Russell Matchett, Little Rock Becky Matthews, Bartlesville, OK Eric Matzdorf, Fayetteville Kimmie Maxwell, Siloam Springs Jeffrey May, Jacksonville Curry Mayer, Huntington Beach, CA Melissa McCain, Mansfield Cheryl McClendon, Carthage, MO Jay McConnell, Conway Patrick McGinnis, Dallas, TX James Mcjunkins, Sanatosa Pamella McBryde, Fayetteville Julie McCain, Houston, TX David McClure, Pine Bluff Karen McClure, Bellevue, NE Becky McCoy, Little Rock Kevin McCoy, Hot Springs Janis McDermott, Little Rock Susan McElhaney, Hope Jamie McEnroe, Siloam Springs Carol McFadden. Carlisle Kellie McFarlin, Poyen Melissa Mcllroy, Arkadelphia Tina McKelvy, Springdale Douglas McLoud, Huntsville Cathy McMann, Huntsville Mark McMurtrey, Fayetteville John McReynolds, Gentry Marty Meadows, Manila Sheila Medsker, Fayetteville Bryan Meldrum, Fayetteville Elizabeth Melnick, Atlanta, GA Teddy Mersch, Tulsa, OK Juli Michel, Memphis, TN Christy Middleton, Dallas. TX Mary Miles, Albany, NY Audrey Miller, Dallas, TX Clifford Miller, DeQueen Deanna Miller, Berryville Gene Miller, Melbourne James Miller, El Cajon, CA Oteeka Miller, Huntsville Belinda Mills, West Memphis Suzanne Milton, Amarillo, TX Clay Minor, Newport John Minor, Newport Sherry Mohazab, Springdale - !M: M 520 Sophomores Lisa Moilanen, Jacksonville Ken Montez, Kansas City, KS Vauneida Mooney, Little Rock Kimberly Moore, Prescott Rebecca Moore, Gainesville, FL Relenda Moore, Batesville Rochelle Moore, Fayetteville Teresa Moore, Springdale Vance Moore, Rison Vancil Moore, Little Rock Terri Moorman, Little Rock Maureen Mor an, Dallas, TX Brian Moren, Sheridan Sara Morgan, El Dorado Felecia Morris, Fayetteville Terrie Morris, Keo Margaret Morton, El Paso, TX Stacy Moser, Overland Park, KS Margeanna Mosley, Hot Springs Mary Motes, Pine Bluff Shawn Mullane, Springfield. MO Rebecca Mulligan, Camden Mary Murphy, Fayetteville Matt Murphy, Dallas, TX Brian Mustacci, Palatine, IL Chris Narramore, YeUville John Naylor, Siloam Springs Tawnya Neal, Arkadelphia Eliot Nee I, Fayetteville Alyson Nelson, Little Rock James Nelson, West Memphis Stephen Nelson, Shreveport, LA Nancy Nesbit, Lee s Summit, MO Kelly Newman, Ft. Smith Susan Newman, Ft. Worth, TX Gary Newton, Lebanon, MO James Newton, Benton Ruby Nichols, Carlisle Kim Nickell, Fayetteville Lori Norton, Green Forest John Null, Benton Thomas Nutt, Camden Gary O ' Keefe, Camden Andrew O ' Mara, Lowell Morris O ' Quin, Forrest City Mitchell Ober, Springdale Jacquelin Oden, Little Rock Lisa Odom, Harrison Karen Ogawa, Lawrenceville, NJ James Oglesby, Falls Church, VA Cathy Otsen, N Little Rock Marda Olson, Malvern Arthur Olson III, Omaha, NE Kimberly Orlicek, Keo Joan Owen, Wynne Mark Ousnamer, WAFB, MO Daryl Pace, Gravette Sisie Page, Fayetteville Barbara Parker, El Dorado Belinda Parker, Springdale Steven Parker, Fayetteville Sharron Parkman, El Dorado Zebedee Parks, Gurdon Sophomores 521 Karen Patterson, Fayetteville Gary Patton, Mabelvale Holly Patton, Atlanta, GA Karen Payne, Ft. Smith Cheri Peden, Shirley Amy Pennington, Westville, OK Jennifer Perkins, Little Rock Lisa Perry, Ft. Smith Shannon Perry, Little Rock Laura Peters, Russellville Gary Petrus, Carlisle Alan Phillips, Harrison Catherine Phillips, Ft. Smith Joe Phillips, Texarkana Mary Phillips, Tulsa, OK Sara Jane Phillips, Ft. Smith Terry Pich, Hazen Ronnie Pinkerton, Fayetteville Suzanne Pippin, Russellville Eric Placke, Fayetteville Raetta Plaster, Springfield, MO Anne Plastiras, Little Rock Robert Poag, Ozceola Richard Poole, Hot Springs Elizabeth Post, Altus Samuel Pote, Pine Bluff David Powell, Ozark Ellen Powell, Little Rock Michael Powers, Cordova, TN Robert Powers, Rogers Jeffery Presley, Jacksonville Janet Price, Hazen Ricky Price, Searcy Tracee Price, Pine Bluff Kristi Probasco, Topeka, KS Tina Propps, Pine Bluff Kathryn Pryor, Little Rock Jerome Ptak, Jacksonville David Pugh, Spring, TX Laura Pyle, El Dorado Alan Quattlebaum, Searcy Christy Quinn, Blytheville James Quinn, Mena Kevin Quinn, Jonesboro Brian Ramoly, Little Rock Christinel Ramsey, Tuckerman Anne Randall, Ft. Smith Zanya Rapp, North Little Rock Cynthia Rayburn, Fayetteville Judy Reaves, Benton Kent Reber, Moss Bluff, LA Sherry Reed, Lincoln Judith Redding, Ft. Smith John Renard, Nashville Janet Revis, Paris Melissa Reynolds, Tulsa, OK Kim Rhodes, North Little Rock Lori Rhodes, Malvern Lisa Rice, Lonoke Deann Richard, Nashville Ann Richardson, Nashville Ann Richardson, Berryville David Richardson, Overland, Park, KS Gerald Richardson, Augusta 522 Soph om ores Kelley Richardson, Lepanto Randal Riddick, Pine Bluff Rebecca Riester, Bentonville Doyle Riggan, Hot Springs Deborah Riggs, Fatyetville Lucinda Rightnour, Pottstown, PA Danny Roberson, Pleasant Pines Suzanne Roberts. North Little Rock D ' Ann Robison. Ozark Clark Robinson, Tulsa, OK Karen Robinson, Owasso, OK Millie Robinson, Springdale Terrell Rodgers, Overland Park, KS Janet Rogers, Prairie View Melissa Rogers, Springdale Terry Rogers, Little Rock Joseph Roitz, Harrison Eva Roller, Seligman, MO Rhonda Rompmaier, Harrison Kimberly Rorex, Walnut Ridge Mike Ross, Bartlesville, OK Michael Rotewherry. Yellville Paul Roth, Florissant, MO Ronald Rounsaville, Little Rock Mark Rowe, Lake Village Michael Rowland. Paris Paul Rowland, Hot Springs Russell Ruble, Russellville Carl Rudelis. Harrison Archie Ryan, Houston, TX Kent Rylee, Rogers Libby Sanchez, Pine Bluff Locke Sandahl, Ft. Smith Mark Sanders. Bowie, MO Nancy Sanders. Alpena Susan Saracini. Newport Judith Sargent. Ft Smith Kimberly Sauer. Mena Parkin Saunders, Little Rock Mark Saxton. Russellville Angie Schaefer. Little Rock Mary Schemel, Ft. Smith Nedra Schilders, Crossett Carl Schleg, Eureka Springs Torie Schmidt, Ft Smith Robbi Schupp, Austin. TX Cynthia Scier. McMurry, PA Teresa K Scott. Rogers James Seratt, Clarendon Hills, IL Cynthia Severs, Floral Alan Shaddin, Monroe, LA Mark Shaver, Ft. Smith Robert Shelby, Greenwood Brent Sherman, Humphrey Brian Shollmier. Little Rock Anthony Siebenmorgen. Ft. Smith Doris Siebenmorgen, Scranton Bernardo Siles, Bolivia Scott Simmons. Ml Ida Dianne Simpson, Sheridan Gregory Simpson. Rohwer Mary Sims, Fayetteville Stephanie Sims, Republic, MO Sophomore Mona Sinclair, Lowell Michael Sinks, Pine Bluff Sammy Sitlington, Springdale Jeff Small, Glenwood Colleen Smith, Prairie Grove Danny Smith, Piggott Jacquelin Smith, Hot Springs Judy Smith, Ft. Smith Laura Smith, Ft. Smith Olliemae Smith, Mananna Robin Smith, Baton Rouge, LA Shelly Smith, Nevada, MO Sheri Smith, Leachville Stephaney Smith, El Paso Tracye Smith, Little Rock Teresa Smothers, BIytheville Venny Sneed, Green Forrest Caleb Snow, Tillar Bonnie Sokora, Stuttgart Adolfo Solorzano, Fayetteville Michael Spainhour, Hot Springs Donna Sparks, Cabot Kristi Sparks, Malvern Michael Sparks, Little Rock Kevin Spence, Ward Lisa Spohn, St. Clair Shores, MI Mark St. Onge, N. Little Rock Sandy Stancil, Ft. Smith Robert Stebbins, Little Rock Douglas Steele, Joplin, MO Mary Stephens, Fayetteville Linda Stewart, England Larry Stokenbury, Elkins Chris Story, Nevada, MO James Strother, Springdale Mike Stroud, Batesville Donna Sumrall, Berryville Garland Tackett, Eads, TN Lourell Tadlock, Sheridan Cheryl Talbert, Fayetteville James Talton, Crossett Leigh Ann Tate, Grubbs Jodie Taylor, Jonesboro Patricia Taylor, Pine Bluff Perry Taylor, Fayetteville Kevin Teeman, Ft. Smith Michael Tessaro, Tontitown Lisa Thomas, Pine Bluff Susan Thomas, Batesville Kyle Thomason, Red Oak, TX Larry Thompson, Springdale Mechelle Thompson, Russellville Redell Thompson, Holly Grove Susan Thompson, Sallisaw, OK Susan Thompson, Hot Springs T amara Thompson, Bakersfield, CA Karen Thomson, N. Little Rock Gary Thornton, Oxon Hill, MD Donna Thorton, Texarkana, TX Elizabeth Timmons, Fayetteville Ray Tipton, Stuttgart James Toler, Newport Tona Trammel t i 524 Soph om ores Darryl Treat, Marshall Catherine Treimann, Turnersville, NJ Jerre Trimue. Forrest City Greg Trulock, Pine Bluff Teresa Turk, Texarkana Tesa Turner, Fayetteville Jane Tusinger, Siloam Springs Vivian Tyler. McGehee Anthony L ' deli Nigeria Kathy Unerwood, Springdale Karla Upton. Siioam Springs Bob Van De Wiele, Ft Smith Janice Vaughn, Searcy Richard Vdouj, Ft Smith William Vestal, North Little Rock Naomi Vining, Fayetteville Raymond Wah, Turrell Craig Walker, Danville Tamara Walkingstick, Tulsa, OK John Wallis, Little Rock John Walsh, Kirkwood, MO Lee Walsh, Marshall Ceorgiana Walt. Altheimer Donny Walton, Memphis Mitchel Ward, Emerson Shyiel Ward, Banks Connie Warford, Little Rock Christopher Warner, Williamsburg, VA George Warner, Little Rock Andy Warren, El Dorado Rita Warren, Tilly Eric Wassell, North Little Rock Mary Wassell, Rich Hill, MO Randy Watkins, Harrison Garbo Watson, El Dorado Kay Watson. Wesley Lisa Watson, Alma Blake Weber. Little Rock Donna Weir, Searcy Elizebeth Wells, Little Rock Judy Wells, Hamburg Timothy Welty, Osceola Andrea Wenger, Tulsa, OK Melinda West, Carlisle Brian Westbrook, Hazen Sarah Weyer. Paragould Charla White, Rogers Cynthia White. Dallas, TX Joe Whiet. Little Rock Lorie White, Forrest City Scott White, Forrest City Tracy White, Duncanville, TX Carolyn Whitenton, Bolivar, TN Duane Whitsett, Huntington Debra Whitt, Wynn Randell Wideman, Ft Smith Allison Wilhite, Pine Bluff Mark Wilkerson, Little Rock James Wilinson, Greenwood Cynthia Williams, Burke, VA Deborah Williams, Little Rock Jackye Williams, Horseshoe Bend Jeffery Williams, Texarkana Sophomores 525 Mindy Williams. Ashdown Steve Willmon, Benton Gerald Wilmoth, Van Buren Leslie Wilson, St. Louis, MO Melinda Wilson, Stuttgart Valerie Wilson, Hot Springs Kathy Wingo, Mansfield, MO Janet Wise, Russellville Paula Wiswell, Joplin, MO Hallethia Wofford, Brinkley Nanci Wood, Dardanelle Teresa Wood, Siloam Springs Tami Wooden, Suisun, CA Amy Woodsmall, N. Little Rock Darcy Woody, Fayetteville William Wrape, Little Rock Bonnie Wright, Mountain Home Bryan Wright, Blytheville Larry Wright, Jacksonville James Wyatt, Ft. Collins, CO Debbie Yancey, St. Yoe Gary Yandsick, Ft. Smith Babette Yost. Harrison Brad Young. Waldo Forest Young, Waldo Forest Young, New Blaine Mark Young, Dallas, TX Rebecca Younger, Siloam Springs Gregory Zerman, Lexington, KY 526 Sophomores Opposite page: Sophomores Sherry Williams, Teresa Habig, and Jody Williams sing a " White Christmas " telegram to Lou Holtz. The telegram was sent by his wife. Left: Darryl Walker grabs a rebound against TCU. Below: Brian Ramoly gives his " guess what I ' m thinking " look. Sophomores 527 528 Freshmen Jonathan Ackerman, Little Rock Jan Adams, Little Rock Monica Adarve, Orlando, FL Penny Adetholt, England Mohammed Ahsan, Fabalabd, Pakistan Crystal Alberty, Ozark Mary Aldridge, Little Rock Tonya Aldridge, Siloam Springs Elizabeth Alex, Overland Park, Ks Casey Alexander, Noel, MO Essa Ali, North Little Rock David Allen, Siloam Springs Lisa Allen, North Little Rock Sarah Allen, Alicia Kenneth Allison, Little Rock Darin Anderson, Raton, NM Kerry Anderson, Glenwood Marti Anderson, Harrison Richard Anderson, Helena Pamela Andritsos, Camden Jeffery Argo, Little Rock Bruce Armstrong, Fayetteville Walter Arnold, Gould Robert Arrington, Flippin Tommy Atchley, Pine Bluff Deborah Atkinson, Houston, TX Denise Austin, Kansas City, MO Tracy Auston, Little Rock Leann Averett, Springdale Jim Avery, Prescott Madison Aydelott, III, Conway Amy Baker, Yelleville Karen Bailey, Camden Marlena Bailey, Alpena Brenda Bailey, McGehee Carol Baker, Ft. Smith Suzanne, Baker, West Memphis Meredy Baldridge, Wichita Falls, TX Anne Balest, Little Rock Barbara Ballard, Traskwood Rhonda Ballmger, Houston, TX Cleora Bankds, Forrest City Myra Barber, Newark Linda Barnds, Overland Parks, KS Lora Barthelemy, El Dorado Anthony Barton, Paris Melissa Basham. Huntsville Robert Bassham, Wynne Sharain Baugher. Mountain Home Willeiam Beadles, Brinkler William Beasley. Paragould Elizabeth Beatty, Arkadelphia William Beaty, Summers Joseph Beaver, Houston, TX Bret Beaverson, Oklahom City, OK Lowery Beck, Pine Bluff Keith Beckmann, Fayetteville Mary Belin, Bakns Bobby Bell, Pine Bluff Tracy Bell, Mineral Springs Tammy Bellas, Augusta Enrique Bellido, Lima, Peru John Bellora, Harrison Emmanuel Belt, Colt Dale Benedict, Fayetteville Trail Benedict, Fayetteville Mark Bennage. North Little Rock Barry Bennett, Jonesboro Darus Bennett. Springdale Virginia Benton, El Dorado Scott Bergen, Austin, TX Ronlad Beshears, Greenwood Romany Bickerton, Dogpatch Allyson Biggs, McOhee William Bishop, Little Rock Kevin Blaes, Little Rock David Blakmon, West Fork Philipe Blansett, Pocahontas Ellisa Blanton. Little Rock Kraig Bodge. St. Louis, MO Bruce Bogoslavsky, Ft. Smith Steven Boling, Hot Springs Michael Bonds, Little Rock Georgetta Booker, Pine Bluff Tracy Borgogononi, Lake Village Denver Boroughs, Camden Stephanie Boss, Fayetteville Dedra Bowen, Lauaca Cindy Bower, Texarkana, TX Mignon Bowers, Dallas, TX Sara Bowling, Beaumont, TX Tami Bowman, Little Rock Vatlerie Boyd, Cave City Lisa Bradford, West Memphis Rovbert Bradford, Crossett Terri Bradford, Clinton Susan Bradley, Fayetteville Phillip Branch. Pine Bluff Jeffery Brandt, Monett, MO Christian Brannan, Prarie Grove Ann Brasel, Jasper Rebecca Brasel, Jasper William Brasel, Stuttgart Freshmen 529 William Brasel, Stuttgart Linda Bray, Little Rock Joey Breckenridge, Paragould John Brewington, Osceola Gail Brewton, Dallas, TX Christie Bridges, Stamps Tina Bridges, Springdale Andrea Bright, Ft. Smith Mark Brightwell, Batesville Bob Brooks, Ft. Smith Robert Brooks, Hot Springs Shelly Brooks, Huntsville Brad Brown, Overland Park, KS Bruce Brown, Ft. Smith Ernest Brown, Camden James Brown, Ozark Kara Brown, Houston, TX Kevin Brown, Houston, TX Melissa Brown, Tulsa, OK Perry Brown, Bismarck Ricky Brown, Pea Ridge Vanessa Brown, Jonesboro Robby Bruce, Mulberry Susan Brusewiltz, Tulsa, OK David Bryan, Benton Carissa Bryant, Texarkana Dana Bryant, Mountain Home James Bryant, Cassville, MO Joe Bueker, Stuttgart Jana Bullock, Tulsa, OK Brad Burgess, Joplin, MO Coleen Burke, North Little Rock Jimmy Burns, Clarendon Robin Burns, Hot Springs Fred Burress, Overland Park, KS Kathy Burns, De Queen John Bushkuhl, Ft. Smith David Byers, Texarkana Guy Cable, Rogers Edward Caldwell, Dallas, TX Marcia Calva, Little Rock Bret Cameron, Carthage, MO Teri Canaday, Rock Falls Debra Cannon, Texarkana, TX Kal ' e Carlisle, Little Rock Nancy Carlson, Morion Steve Carlton, Marble Jerry Caroom, Hot Springs James Carpenter, Batesville Mark Carr, Midland, TX Dennis Carrell, West Plains, MO Cheryl Carrithers, Little Rock Elizabeth Carson, Ft. Smith Cathye Carter, Little Rock Niki Carter, Hazen Peggy Carter, Cherry Valley Susan Casavechia, Little Rock Debra Case, Pine Bluff Curtis Castleberry, Dallas, TX Nancy Caughlan, Lamar, MO Jana Cavness, Bentonville Paul Cayce, Thornton Charles Chadwick, Rector . ' ' TB IV 530 Freshmen Leslie Chalmers, Earle Anita Chambers, Forrest City Danny Chase, Pearcy Joe Chester, Pocahontas Luigi Chiechi, Little Rock Bradley Chilcote, Little Rock Bill Chiles, Shawnee Mission, KS Michael Chisholm, Crosett Betty Choate, Helena Mitzi Chrisman, Clarksville Eddie Christian, Ft. Smith Paul Chu, Helena Carleta Clardy. Springdale Brian Clark, North Little Rock David Clark, Little Rock Gary Clark. Buffalo Grove, IL Linda Clark, El Dorado Michael Clark, Fayetteville Scott Clark, Overland Park, KS Shirley Claypool, Berryville John Clement, Springfield, VA Lucinda Clements, Mountain Home Steve Clements, Nashville Curtis Clevenger, Alma Kenneth Clifton, Littl Rock Shea Closs, Houston, TX Chawn Cloud, Carlisle Adrienne Cobb, Hot Springs Steve Cochron, Russellville Holly Coffman, Hot Springs Kimberly Cofield, Augusto Jackie Coker, Stuttgart Laura Cole, Tulsa OK Mary Cole, Russellville Robert Cole, Fayetteville Angela Coleman, Eudora Anne Coleman, Little Rock Forrest Coleman, Hughes Terri Coleman, Siloam Springs Charles Comer, Early Dena Coney, Hamilton Tina Coney, Hamilton Laura Connor, Bartlesville, OK Grace Cook, Fayetteville Tommy Cook, Osceola Joe Cook, Pine Bluff Kelly Cooper, Little Rock Susan Cooper, Little Rock Ronda Copenhaver, Kansas City, MO Janet Cordes, Fayetteville Paige Cordill, Ft. Smith Kathryn Corroum, Jacksonville Michael Cotton, Benton Christine Courtney, Fayetteville Kim Courtney, Fayetteville Tammie Cox, Holly Grove Madeline Craft, Miami, FL Rodney Crafton, North little Rock Jeffrey Craig, Gould Natasha Cranford, Malvern Lyn Cravens, Little Rock Kevin Crawford, Mena Wayne Crawford, Danville I Freshmen 531 Virginia Creed, Pine Bluff Regina Cribbs, Fayetteville Lacreasia Cro ckett, Dermott Alex Crow, Harrison Joe Crow, Camden Alan Crutcher, Ft. Smith Melanie Cullins, Pine Bluff James Culp, De Queen James Cunningham, Odessa, TX Felicia Curry, Cabot Wesley Curry, Blytheville Jamie Cypert, Springdale Nancy Cyr, Benton Julie Dabbs, Little Rock Faith Daniel, Gentry Karla Daniel, Ft. Smith Kathy Darnell, Little Rock Kimberly Davie, Little Rock Dick Davis, Piano, TX Jerry Davis, Greensboro, NC Louis Davis, Ft. Smith Sandra Davis, Little Rock Tanya Davis, Ft. Smith Thomas Davis, Hot Springs Susan Dean, Osceola Roy Deary, Jacksonville, FL Richelle De Bin, Little Rock Cynthia Dedmon, Little Rock Karen Deen, Gentry Karen Deen, Gentry Martha Denison, Houston, TX Helen Denniston, North Little Rock Sandella DePonte, Ft. Smith Donna De Sieghardt, Cherry Hill, NJ Jenelle Derickson, North Little Rock Ann Diprima, Harrison Wayne Dixon, Gould Alan Dobbins, Little Rock Patty Dobbs, Kirkwoo d, MO Curtiss Doss, Parkin Laura Douglas, Fayetteville Judith Drummond, Little Rock Kelly Duke, Texarkana Shannon Dumas, Little Rock. Cathy Duncan, Arkadelphia Alison Dungan, Lowell Dave Dunston, West Memphis Laurie Dupre, Tulsa, OK Ruth Durnal, Tulsa, OK Otis Durrett, Memphis, TX Robert Dyer, Mountainburg Benton Dyke, Little Rock James Eads, Fayetteville Carol Eagle, Little Rock Jamie Early, Helena James Eaton, Jonesboro Carolyn Edom, Millstadt, IL Lois Edwards, Kinston James Edwards, Little Rock Steven Edwards, North Little Rock Clarence Elliot, Baton Rouge, LA Malleson Emmerling, Little Rock Lisa Engelmann, Benton Robert Engles, Ft. Smith 532 Freshmen James English, Forrest City Brenda Entler, Conway Kevin Eoff, Rogers Angeleta Epp, Tyler, TX Jeffrey Evans, Marmaduke Leann Evans, Diaz Susan Evans, Fayetteville Rosemary Farley, Houston, TX Angela Faulkner, Little Rock Steven Faulkner, North Little Rock Ron Faurot, Hurst, TX John Fazid, Little Rock Daryl Felkins, Lee ' s Summit, MO Jackie Fells, Litile Rock Jeana Felts, Elkins David Ferguson, Hermitage Bryan Ferrell, Ingalls Mark Ferrell, Hope Merritt Finch, Little Rock Charles Fiser, Little Rock Judy Fish, Little Rock Dayna Fisher, Van Buren Michael Fisher, Dyer Richard Fitzgerald, Sheridan Janet Flanders, Ft. Smith Keith Fletcher, Pine Bluff Kevin Flippo, Hot spSprings Dale Floyd, El Dorado Jessica Floyd, Marion Barton Foil, Higden Deborah Ford. Shawnee, KS Mark Ford, Jacksonville Sherry Ford, Bald Knob Jeffrey Fort, Pine Bluff Gregory Foti, Little Rock Renee Fowler, Little Rock Anna Fox, Fayetteville Wade Fox, Bull Shoals John Franchere, West Memphis Jaleta Frank, Bentonville Tony Franklin, Fayetteville Anna Frederick, Farmington Robert Freeman, Siloam Springs Richard French, Bull Shoals Teresa French, Bull Shoals Terry French, Bull Shoals David Frey, Tomball TX Laura Fritz, Dallas, TX Mark Fuhrman, Pine Bluff Carol Funderburk, Batesville Jay Gadberry, Little Rock Carrie Gallemore, Tulsa, OK Johnna Galloway, Paris Lindsey Galyen, Alma Gregory Gann, Noel, MO James Garner, Wynne Gibson Garrett, Beebe Paul Garrett, Memphis Peter Gatchell, Dallas, TX Paul Gateley, Fayetteville Rue Nee Gaunt, Los Vagas, NV Colleen Genty, Little Rock Julia Genz, Little Rock Freshmen 533 Margaret Gerard, Hampton, VA John Giannone, Fayetteville Greg Giles, Little Rock John Gillespie, Altheimer Rory Gillett, Lead Hill Frieda Gladney, W. Helena Kathleen Glover, Benton Nancy Goben, Rogers Leslie Goff, Little Rock Kenneth Golden, Little Rock Kelleigh Goldtrap, Ft. Smith Lisa Goller, Houston, TX Sandra Gomez, Little Rock Melinda Goodman, Jonesboro Cindy Gowen, Fayetteville Nanette Grabel, Tulsa, OK Kay Graham, Lowell Lenetta Grantham, Montara, CA Cynthia Gratz, Hot Springs Julie Grauer, Lea wood, KS George Graves, Sheridan Michele Graves, McCrory Courtney Gray, Fayetteville Kathryn Gray, Ft. Smith Michael Green, Huntsville Dede Greenway, Paragould Jon Gregory, Jacksonville, IL Todd Griffin, Little Rock Dee Ann Grigg, Springdale Kathy Grigg, Kingston Sallie Grimes, Rogers Cynthia Grissom, Camden Brian, Gurke, Medinahil Cindy Gurley, Luxora Jane Hacskaylor, Gravette Richard Hagan, Fayetteville Allen Hales, Ft. Smith Gary Halford, Little Rock Alan Hall, Damascus Iris Hall, Damascus Kelly Hamby, Calico Rock Bradley Hancock, Fayetteville Thomas Hansen, Pearcy Cathy Hargis, Nashville Sherry Harmon, Newport Bryon Harness, Carlisle Earl Harness, Fayetteville Carlos Haro, Fayetteville Ronald Harp, Ft. Worth, TX Holly Harper, Springdale Christy Harrell, Little Rock John Harrell, Russellville Chris Harris, Crossett Duane Harris, Carlisle Terri Harris, Wynne Robert Harrison, Fordyce Dan Hart, Blytheville Mitchell Hart, Conway Mark Hartman, Siloam Springs Michael Hartz, Hazen Brenda Harvell, Ft. Smith Jean Harvey, Fox Stan Hastings, Little Rock 534 Freshmen Karen Hathy, Norton Grove, IL Monte Hawes, Little Rock Michael Hawkins, Magnolia Kyle Hayden, North Little Rock Jayne Haydon, Little Rock Keith Hayes, Russellville Bryon Haynie, Hope Michael Hayward, Schaumburg, IL Sheryl Heathcott, Ft. Smith George Henderson, West Helena Tracy Henderson, Dallas, TX Andy Hendricks, Little Rock Carol Henley, Crossett Linda Henry, Benton Harold Henson, Ft. Smith Jilt Herlong, Columbia, MO Jennifer Herriman, Huntsville Donna Hess, Batesville Dawn Hickox, Bentonville Sherrie Hicks, Garland, TX Donna Highfill, Silaom Springs Jeff Hildebrand, Fayetteville Beverly Hill, Hot Springs Lamont Hill, Camden Mark Hill, Baxter Springs, KS Tammy Hill, Stuttgart Vernon Hill, Malvern James Hi 11 yard, Gamaliel Karen Hinds, Lowell Carolyn Hines, Batesville Lesia Hinkle, Ft. Smith John Hixon, Ft. Smith Pamela Hodge, Waldron Elaine Hodges, Little Rock Ronnie Hodges, Van Buren Melissa Hoffmann, Little Rock Dan Hogan, West Memphis Dale Holly, Malvern Hilary Holt, Fayetteville Lyndell Holt, Little Rock Thad Holt, Horatio Lauri Holton, Little Rock Robert Holzman, Texarkana, TX Joseph Hooper, Wynne James Hopkins, Paris Carol Hopson, Gladewater, TX Bennett Home, Harrison Greg Horton, Berryville Danny Hoskins, Paragould Jeffrey Houser, Springdale Michael Houser, Fremont, NB Kitten Houston, Rison Pamela Hout, Newport Scott Howard, Pine Bluff Rocky Howe, Lincoln Andy Hewlett, Ft. Sarr. Houston, TX Laura Hoyne, Midway Sandy Huckaba, Mountain Home Terry Huckabay, Marmaduke Richard Huddler, Fox Tracy Hudson, North Little Rock Ronnie Hufstedler, Memphis, TN Janet Hughes, Marked Tree Freshmen 535 Debra Hulet, Fayetteville Sonya Hunt, Wynne Tracy Hunt, Fayetteville Jina Hunter, Little Rock Steven Hurd, Mabelvale Mae Huskey, Gould chael Hutchinson, Little Rock Elizabeth Hyatt, Perryville Lisa Ingram, Little Rock Donald Ivy, Walnut Ridge Hanklin Jackson, Little Rock Margaret Jackson, Richardson, TX Robert Jackson, West Memphis Brigitte Jacob, Belgium Sharon Jansen, Springdale Laquitta Jech, Springdale Lee Jeffrey, North Little Rock Mary Jeffery, Batesville Jackie Jenkins, Columbus, TX Donald Jennings, Little Rock Clifton Johnson, Pine Bluff Cynthia Johnson, Fayetteville Donald Johnson, Clarksville Donald Johnson, Fayetteville Kent Johnson, Stuttgart Lori Johnson, Springdale Nancy Johnson, Fayetteville Stacy Johnson, Pine Bluff Thomas Johnson, Royal Todd Johnson, Hackett William Johnson, Hot Springs Andrew Jondahl, Ft. Smith Cat Jones, Chestorfield, MO David Jones, Little Rock Diane Jones, Claremore, OK Gary Jones, Aurora, CO Gregory Jones, Fayetteville John Jones, Thornton Kevin Jones, Fayetteville Margie Jones, Stephens Marvin Jones, Wayne, OK Matthew Jones, El Dorado Melissa Jones, Wideman Paul Jones, Pineville Scott Jones, Houston, TX Sheila Jones, Conway Kathleen Jordan, Hope Mark Jordan, Little Rock David Justice, West Helena Robert Kaczmarczyk, Pine Bluff Douglas Kallis, Siloam Spgs Keith Kapel, Cleveland, OH Lind Kasperowicz, Centereach, NY Thomas Kauffman, Pine Bluff Scott Kaufman, Ozark Janine Keck, Dallas, TX Gregory Keen, Cassville, MO Beverly Keenen, Rogers Janet Keesling, Camden Kathleen Keith, Fayetteville Bonnie Keller, Sylvania, OH Gregory Kelley, Rogers Laura Kelley, Lakeview 536 Freshmen Martha Kelly, Helena Michael Kelly, Rogers Joseph Kemp, Little Rock David Kenney, Fayetteville Kenny Kerr, Mountain Home Bob Kidd, Idabel, OK Jeffrey Kilbourn, Green Forest Tom Kimbrell, Coming Ronald Kimbrough, Clarksville Vivian Kincaid, Hot Springs Phyllis Kinder. Cabot Dale King, DeQueen Deanna King. Little Rock Gma King, Mulberry Randy King, Hot Springs Patrick Kinney, Jonesboro Kelly Kirby, Lillle Rock Gina Kirkpatrick, Little Rock Roy Kirksey, Blythville Michael Klyde, Yellville James Knetsch. Portland, TX Alicia Koone, Cleveland Alexis Kopituk, Slidell, LA Nancy Kraus, Pine Bluff James Krohn, Clarksville Lori Krumsick, Pittsburg KS Katherine Kullander, Little Rock Tresa Lack, Flippin Kimbra Lackey, Augusta, KS Andrew Lagrone, Hope Jennifer Lamar, Chidester Cynthia Lamb, Richardson, TX Walter Lambert, Heber Springs Martha Lambourn, Fremont, NE Kenneth Landgraf, Austin, TX Terry Landreth, Traskwood Delores Landureth, Rogers Tina Lane, Gamaliel Toni Lane. Gamaliel John Largent, Fayetteville Beth Laster. Tulsa, OK Mary Laughlin, Camp Hill, PA Nancy Lauler, West Memphis Doug Lawrence, Benton Laura Lawrence, North Little Rock Cheryl Lawson, Sheridan Kathryn Lawson, Paragould Kenneth Lazenby, Fayetteville Sandra Leclercq, Joliet, MO Lois Leder, Ulm Robin Lee, Ft. Smith Thomas Lee. Camden John Lefevre, Springdale John Lenderman, Carlisle Michele Lenhart, Little Rock Nancy Leuck, Bertlesvitle. OK Lesha Lewis. Huntsville Lisa Lewis, Shreveport, LA Mark Lewis, Ashdown Rebecca Ley, Maynard i eoecca Ley, iviaynard Anna Sue Lichti, Huntsville Michael Lillard, Lebanon. MO Kok Lim, Selangur Malaysia Freshmen 537 Kim Lindley, Springdale Kim Lindsey, Truman Chris Lizotte, Fayetteville Michael Llewellyn, West Fork Glenn Lickeby, Warren Jacquelin Lockhart, Springfield, MO Michele Logan, Texarkana, TX Patrick Logan, Hot Springs Tammy Long, Huntsville James Longinotti, Hot Springs Jennifer Looper, Fayetteville Jerry Lovelace, Rector Lorna Lovell, Gravette Pamela Lowe, Fayetteville Darrell Luckett, Bonner Springs, KS Jeanne Luddeni, Cabot William Luter, Corning Andrea Lyons, Nashville David Lyons, Jacksonville Beverly Mabry, Fayetteville David Macchiarolo, El Dorado Raymond Mackivitch, Mountain Home Tammy Mac Larty, Dallas, TX Terry Madden, Pine Bluff Bruce Maddox, Cabot Elizabeth Magnini, Little Rock Melissa Mahan, Little Rock Edythe Mahoney, Rogers Jeffrey Majors, Pine Bluff Mark Manglea, W. Helena Abraham Mansour, Greenville, MS Joseph Marconi, Crawfordsville Sara Marley, Elkins Melanie Marsh, Jacksonville Lena Marshall, Helena Eddie Martin, Little Rock Gina Martin, Murfreesboro Mikki Marugg, Oxen Hill, MD Kent Mason, Ft. Smith Clark Matheny, Maynard Craig Mathews, Ft. Smith Susan Mathews, Pine Bluff Jean Mathias, Rogers Stanley Mathis, Clinton Greg Matteri, Centerton Paula Mattis, Anderson, MO Tracy Maxson, Verona, MO David May, Little Rock Susan May, Little Rock Kevin Mayes, Mountain Home Erin McCarthy, Clarence Center, NY Almeth McConnell, Kennewick, WA Carol McCreight, Shreveport, LA Megan McCully, Prairie Village, Ks Lisa McCutchen, Ft. Smith Holly McDermott, Little Rock Donna McDonald, Malvern Peggy McDoniel, Batesville Duke Me Dougall, Rogers Mary McElduff, Helena John McEntire, Little Rock Susan McFerrin, Fayetteville Robin McGary, Heber Springs 538 Freshmen Janis McGhee, Little Rock Sheila McGiboney, Searcy Michael McGinnis, Crossett Brent McGruder, Cassville, MO Stacie McHan, Little Rock Mark McHenry, Hope James McKay, Harrison Sandra McKeller, Magnolia Natalie McKenzie, Arlington Hts, IL Paul McKim, Pine Bluff Gregory McKinney, Springfield, MO Theresa Mckinney, Berryville Donald McKnight, Parkin Craig McMahon, Ft. Smith Peter McManus, Jersey City, NJ Donna McMillin, Truman Mark McNabb, Pocahontas Mike McNait, Prairie Grove Karen McNeil, Little Rock Mark McNeil, Hot Springs Debbie McNeill, Carlisle Philip McRae. DeQueen Ginger McSherry, Dallas, TX David McWilliams, Salem Richard Mendenhall, Fayetteville Sara Merritt, North Little Rock Sandra Metheny, Etowah Ron Meyer, River Ridge, LA Susan Middlekauff, Conway Richard Milburn, Harrison Alan Miller, Little Rock Clinton Miller, Carlisle Melissa Miller, Prairie Grove Paul Miller, Hazen Valerie Miller, Mineral Springs Melissa Mills, Berryville Olivia Mills, West Memphis Richard Mills, Ward Ronnie Mills, Fouke Jeff Mincy, Trumann Robert Miner, Arlington Hts. IL Jeff Mitchell, DeQueen Michelle Mitchell, Pine Bluff Ruby Mize, Tulsa, OK Katherine Moncravie, Fayetteville Cynthis Montgomery, Roland Jennifer Moody, Springdale Howard Moore, Miami. FL John Moore, Batesville Sandra Moore, Batesville Tina Moore, Little Rock Katherine Moorman. Stevenson, WA Dorinda Moran, Little Rock Mary Morehouse, Eudora Lenna Moreland, Texarkana Alan Morgan, Siloam Rhonald Morris, Dallas, TX Russell Morris, Arkadelphia Suzanne Morris, Hughes Vicki Morris, Fayetteville Beulah Morrow, Turner Ferdinand Morrow, Marianna Richard Morrow, Hot Springs Freshmen 539 Christine Morton, Piano, IL Murry Morton, Texarkana Michael Moss, Hot Springs Velvia Mounce, West Fork Maureen Murphy, Conway Regina Murphy, Foreman Sabrina Murphy, Foreman Carris Murtha, Little Rock Tim Myatt, Mandiville, Jamaica Tonya Myatt, West Memphis Melinda Nabholz, Conway Sheila Nance, Green Forest Mark Necessary, Rogers Dennis Neer, New Carlisle, OH Margaret Nejame, Shreveport, LA Kristine Nelson, Little Rock Nam Nguyen, Vietnam Melissa Noel, Lamar, MO Michael Nunnelee, Tulsa, OK Joel Nunnely, Broken Arrow, OK Cathy Nutt, Benton Robert O ' Bar, Ozark Edith Obenchain, Wilmette, IL Bonnie O ' Conner, Richardson, TX Glen Odglen, Newport Richard Ogburn, Hope Gerald Oguinn, Strong Cheryl Orcholski Sean O ' Rourke, River Ridge, LA Sharon Overholt, Alexandria, VA Connie Overton, Malvern Alan Owens, Alma Carl Owens, Stuttgart John Owens, Lake Village Vanessa Owens, Scranton Deborah Owings, Greenland Pam Pangle, Flippin Debbie Pankey, Springdale Davis Parker, Dierks Edith Parker, Fayetteville Pam Parker, Kingston Vera Parrish, Van Buren De ' Anna Parson, Fayetteville Glenn Patten, Ontario, Canada Karen Patterson, Ft. Smith Mark Pauly, Little Rock Kenneth Peacock, Bald Knob Melissa Pearcy, Pine Bluff Steven Pearson, Prattsville Yvonne Pendergraft, Prairie Grove Gabriell Perry, Springdale Joe Perry, Forrest City John Peterson, Little Rock Renita Philley, Crossett Julie Phillips, Omaha, NE Steven Phillips, Little Rock Tanya Phillips, Jonesboro Cheri Pierce, West Fork Douglas Pinegar, Peel Tracy Pipkin, Blytheville Robin Pitts, Little Rock Harold Planchon, Miami, FL Leslie Plant, Camden 540 Freshmen Beth Plegge, Mabelvale Roger Polichronopoulos, Manchester, NH Annette Post, Ft. Smith Jacqueline Post, Altus Joseph Pott, Pine Bluff Linda Powell, Van Buren Charles Powers, Pine Bluff Jeffersonl Pratt, El Dorado Ann Prescott, Harrisburg Charles Prichard, Pocahontas Cris Provancha, Huntsville Miguel Purdy, Dewitt Luke Quinn, Pine Manor Paul Quinn, Sherwood William Rainwater, Walnut Ridge Barbara Rakestraw, Bentonville Rawleigh Rails, Hot Springs Melanie Ramage, Little Rock Paula Rampmaier, Harrison Becky Ramsey, Prairie Grove Lyle Randall, Hot Springs David Raney, Harrison Michael Ratliff, Ricom Laura Raub, Naples, FL John Ray, Malvern Shelly Ray, Hot Springs Denise Reading, Fayetteville Douglas Reed, Canehill Mary Reed, Heth Terry Reed, Huntsville Van Reeder, Ft. Smith Michael Reese, Wichita, KS Debra Reeves, St. Louis. MO Michael Reynolds, Harrison Vickie Reynolds, Springfield, MO Walter Reynolds, Little Rock Gary Rhodes, Pine Bluff Michael Rice, Nevada, MO Sheila Richardson, Little Rock Wendy Richardson, Maynard John Riddle, Little Rock Robert Riggs, Fayetteville Roger Ripley, Crossett Debra Robb, Springfield, MO Jo Ellen Robbins, Memphis, TN Nancy Roberson, Benton Jerry Roberts, Monett, MO Carol Robertson, Little Rock Susan Robertson, Mabelvale Lisa Robirds, St. Louis, MO Barry Rogers, Fayetteville Kimberly Rogers, Dierks Melinda Rogers. Glen Ellyn, IL Michael Rogers, Little Rock Sheri Rogers. Pine Bluff Victoria Rogers, Pine Bluff Diana Roper, Rogers Monte Rose, Little Rock Brian Rosenthal, Carthage. MO Roger Royal, Ft. Smith Jeffrey Rucker, Hot Springs William Rudasill. Fayetteville Tamara Rudd, West Memphis Freshmen 541 Gail Ruehle, Bella Vista Tim Rush, Evening Shade William Rush, Fayetteville Elliott Rutledge, Fayetteville Arthur Salazar, Pico Rivera, CA Carlos Salinas, Bolivia Elizabeth Samoore, Palatine, IL Donald Sanderlin, Collierville, TN Kenneth Sanders, Heber Springs Kemal Sanlicetins, Shreveport, LA Randall Sanner, Muscatine, IA Jerry Santifer, Camden Lori Sass, Ft. Smith Damkirng Sawamiphakd, Fayetteville Bobbe Scarbrough, Marvell Cari Schedler, Bauxite Gary Schimael, Little Rock Michele Schmidt, Hardy Judy Schneider, Ft. Smith Kim Schoborg, Tulsa, OK James Schoolcraft, Greensboro, NC John Schopp, Gravette Susan Schoppmeyer, Fayetteville Karen Schreiber, Conway Anna Schreit, Paragould Clinton Schudy, Norwood, MO Andrea Schuldt, Fayetteville Robert Schulz, Sedalia, MO Sandra Schwartz, Paris Margaret Schwindt, Sacramento, CA Bill Scoggins, Hot Springs Coy Scott, Malvern, Diana Scott, North Little Rock David Scruggs, Little Rock Thomas Seay, Altheimer Douglas Secor, West Memphis Jack See, Little Rock Lori Seeberger, Dallas, TX Matthew Seifert, Glen Ellyn, IL Melinda Sellers, Berryville Michael Sellers, Crosett Terri Selvidge, Mountain Home Clinton Shaddox, Jane, MO Richard Sharp, West Memphis Tony Shaw, Monticello Charles Shell, Salem LeeAnn Sheppard, Dallas, Tx Tim Shields, Ft. Smith Franklin Shirrell, Batesville Steffanie Short, Newport Stephen Shrum, Texarkana, TX Nancy Shudy, Green Forest Lisa Sievers, Warren Robert Silzer, Harrison Shanon Simmons, North Little Rock Michael Simpfenderfe, Searcy Albert Singleton, Newport Leslie Sinko, Recton Jerry Sites, Altheimar Mark Skelton, Newport Toby Stinkard, Trumann Michael Small, Heth Robert Smiley, Little Rock 542 Freshmen Anthony Smith, Yellville Carla Smith, Ft. Smith James Smith, Monticello Jeff Smith, Benton Kelly Smith, Paragould Mari Smith, West Fork Ronald Smith, Memphis, TN Sheila Smith, Risen Susan Smith, Ft. Smith Tiana Smith. Ft. Smith Tina Smith. Dallas, TX Todd Smith, Me Rae Shawna Snadon, Branson, MO Kris Snodgrass, Nashville David Snowden, Little Rock Janet Solomon, Bossier City, LA Karen Solomon, North Little Rock Gabriel Solorzano, Fayetteville Jennifer Sossamon, Conway Lori Spells, Camden Jim Spiers, Aurora, IL John Spies, Dallas, TX Lisa Spradling, Lockesburg Deborah Spriggs, Stuttgart Tish Springer, Hot Springs Don St.Denis, Jacksonville, FL Timothy Stachey, Little Rock Oscar Stadthagen, Costa Rica Dana Staggs, Waldron Greg Stanton, Ft. Worth, TX Pamela Stanton, Fayetteville John Stephens, Fayetteville Robin Stephens, Dallas, TX Debra Stepp, Clarksville Ronald Steward, Nevada, MO Norma Stewart, Alma Randy Stewart, Ft. Smith Steven Stinnett, Siloam Catherine Stone, Vernon, NJ Jeffrey Stout, Trumann John Stovall, Apalachin, NY Tim Strasters, Rogers Pamela Streetman, Houston, TX Kathryn Strode, Pine Bluff Ginger Strong, Sheridan Gary Stubenfall, Bull Shoals Angie Studer, Little Rock Lisa Sturdivant, Pine Bluff Linda Sullivan, Elaine Lillian Suskie, Little Rock Greg Sutherland, Dallas, TX Jeffrey Sutterfield, Siloam Springs Betty Swartzelder, Leslie Marc Sydow, Little Rock Bunyan Tadlock, Sheridan Tracy Talley, Ft. Smith Scott Tanner, West Fork Deborah Taylor, N Little Rock Joel Taylor, Blacksburg, VA James Taylor, North Little Rock Malinda Taylor, Pine Bluff Michael Taylor, Fayetteville Michael Teaster. Bentonville Freshmen 543 Mark Teeter, Russell Cynthia Thielemier, Pocahontas Amanda Thomas, Baden, PA Brooks Thomas, Heber Springs Jeff Thomas, Helena Kim Thomas, Fayetteville Mark Thomas, Houston, TX Maria Thomas, Prarie Grove Brenda Thompson, Camden Joy Thompson, Little Rock Lynn Threlkeld, Sherwood Absalom Tilley, Harrison Rosemary Timmerman, Ozark Brady Tinker, Kansas City, KS Stephen Tinkle, Mountain View Eugene Tittle, Jacksonville Richard Tolleson, Malvern Stephen Toon, Crossett David Torres, Little Rock Carmela Tortorich, Pine Bluff lona Towne, Fayetteville Paul Tracy, Siloam Springs Kim Treece, Ft. Smith Jay Trumbo, Fayetteville Travis Trumbo, Fayetteville Leonette Tucker, Pine Bluff Kelly Tudor, Marshall Lea Ann Tudor, Marshall Gina Turley, Little Rock Karen Turner, Osceola Ruth Turner, West Memphis Tommy Turner, Tichnor Ime Usukumah, Nigeria Don Van Cleave, Mt. Pleasant, NC Mary Vandament, Richardson, TX Julia Vandevender, Fayetteville Eric Vaught, Perryville Kathy Vaught, Hazen Jana Veit, Wilmette, IL Michele Venable, Springdale Pamela Venable, Grady Barney Villarreal, Tulsa, OK Jan Vinsant, Little Rock Timothy Vinsant, Little Rock Beverly Voekel, Dallas, TX Rene Voxx, Conway George Waldon, Corning Michael Waldron, North Little Rock Anita Walker, Heber Springs Jeff Walker, Mena Richard Walker, West Memphis Scott Wallace, Fayetteville Tamara Wallace, Marion Kimberly Waller, Little Rock Shari Wallis, Espanola, NM Jane Walton, Tulsa, OK Dianna Ward, Jacksonville Gina Ward, Park Forest, IL Todd Ware, Jacksonville, IL Otha Warren, Fordyce Lawrence Waschka, Little Rock Karen Waters, Waldron Larry Watson, Jasper ft I ; 544 Freshmen Peggy Watson, Camden Montgomery Watts, Ft- Smith Catherine Weaver, Edmondson Kathleen Webb, Ferndale William Webb. Washington Kelley Webster, Ft. Smith Betty Weeks, Bryn Maur, PA Stacia Welch, North Little Rock Robert Weldom, Tampa, FL Christopher Werner, Ft. Smith Janna West, Monticello Robert Westbrook, North Little Rock Phil Weslerfield, Jacksonville Ted Westerfield, Little Rock Anna Westfall, Nashville Kimberly Whatley, Benton Tim Whelan, Tulsa, OK Robert Whisnant, Little Rock Mamie White, Marvell Pamela White, Albany, GA Uchelle Whiteley, Baxter Springs, KS Daniel Whitesell. Little Rock Susan Whitfield, Mountain Home Gary Whitlock. Laporte, TX Joel Whitlock, Norfolk Steven Whitney, Pine Bluff Steve Wilcoxon, Hamburg Suzanne Wilcoxson, Walnut Ridge Barbara Wilkins, Springdale Shanti Wilkins, Fayetteville Norma Wilkinson, Forrest City Michele Willetl, North Little Rock Donna Williams, Little Rock Gregory Williams, Pine Bluff Ima Williams, Thornton Joseph Williams, Hot Springs Robert Williams, Clarendon Tyrone Williams, El Dorado Vince Williams, Fayetteville David Williamson, Hot Springs Joanna Williamson, El Dorado Lillie Williamson, Chicago. IL Betty Wilson, Benton Clinton Willis, Pindall Lisa Willis, Van Buren Kim Wilmoth, Decatur Kenny Wilson, Shirley Sharon Wilson, Sherwood Shawn Wilson, Glenwood Susan Winborn, Fayetteville Curtis Winstead, Biloxi, MS Sandra Winston, Conway David Wise, Ft Smith Leanne Wise, Blytheville William Wiseman, Moutain Home Robert Witte, Fayetteville Peter Wolf, Texarkana, TX Lawana Wolfe, Fordyce William Wong, Holly Grove David Wood, Greenfield, OH Lisa Wood, Milford, OH Timothy Wood, Pine Bluff Lee Woodard, Little Rock Freshmen 545 Barney Woods, Hamburg Kimberly Woods, North Little Rock Ronald Wooten, Mansfield Dane Workman, BIytheville Donna Worst, Ft. Smith Cassandra Wright, Nashville Jon Wright, Fayetteville Judy Wright, Pine Bluff Mary Wright, Carthage, MO Kathryn Wynn, Stockton, CA Debra Wynne, North Little Rock James Yeager, Cabot Kristi Ylvisaker, Manchester, MO Alfred Young, Springfield Susan Young, Pyatt Leslie Youngblood, Nederland, TX David Yowell, Prescott Christinee Zini, North Little Rock Lucinda Warren, Camden I M Right: The day doesn ' t begin for a college coed until she has spent time in front of the mirror. UA girls are known to be among the cutest. Below: Tim Campbell finds that one way to kill time between classes is to play pinball in the Union gameroom. 546 Freshmen Top: Taking a study break in the Mall is a common occurance among students. Left: Fed up with mailing 1980 yearbooks, Mike Redd and Tim Deaton throw a box of envelopes out the window to Rick Poole. Below: Martha Hendrix, associate yearbook editor, smiles while putting the final touches on the freshman album section. Freshmen 547 A A.B.S. 258 Abbasi, Farhat 470 Abbey, Jonathan 496 Abbot, Mandy 434 ABC 259 Abernathy, Wade 512 Abington, Mark 476 Abraham, Jim 94 Ackerman, Harry 476 Ackerman, John 254 Ackerman, Jonathan 528 Acree, Donnie 496 Adair, Cecelia 321 Adair, Randall 496 Adams, John 254 Adams, Andrea 476 Adams, Arnold 512 Adams, Ellen 496 Adams, Frank 341 Adams, Honey 275 Adams, Jan 418, 528 Adams, Lisa 512 Adams, Sally 304 Adams, Sue 434 Adarve, Monica 528 Aderholt, Penny 528 Ag. Econ Club 256 Ag. Mech. 259 Agee, Mignonne 294, 295, 512 Agee, Roberta 496 Agronomy 246 Anadiat, Dona 476 Ahadiat, Seiyed 470 AHEA 249 AHESA 247 Ahrent, Jean 318, 322, 512 Ahsan, Mohammed 528 AIIE 255 Ainsworth, Cynthia 470 Ainsworth, Mike 304 Air Force ROTC 306 Akinola, Comfort 470 Akinola, Samuel 470 Al Haydari, Saif 470 Alavi, Abdoulelahe 470 Alberson, David 281 Alberty, Crystal 528 Albright, Lisa 496 Albright, Melissa 251, 450 ALCHE 246 Aldridge, Mary 337, 528 Aldridge, Tonya 334, 528 Alessi, Carmen 476 Alex, Elizabeth 528 Alexander, Casey 528 Alexander, James 476 Alexander, Keith 308 Alexander, Monica 512 Alexander, Robert 512 Alford, Sherry 512 Alford, Terri 280, 496 Ali, Essa 528 Alison, Charlie 263, 295, 297, 476 Alka, Kelly 321 Alkhadra, Ayman 249 Allbright, M. Greg 476 Allen, Albert 512 Allen, Alice 496 Allen, Chip 341 Allen, David 335, 369, 528 Allen, Donnie 327 Allen, Eric 264 Allen, Ginger 318, 446, 512 .Alien, Joe 339 Allen, Kenneth 470 Allen, Lisa 528 Allen, Mary 496 Allen, Murray 264, 327, 512 Allen, Richard 286, 339, 512 Allen, Sarah 528 Allen, Terri 446, 496 Allen, Virginia 255 Allison, Kenneth 528 Allison, Vicki 286, 342 Allred, Rick Almeida, Francisco 470 Alnasery, Esam 476 Alpha Chi Sigma 261 Alpha Delta Pi 372 Alpha Gamma Rho 378 Alpha Kappa Alpha 376 Alpha Kappa Lambda 380 Alpha Kappa Psi 256 Alpha Phi Alpha 385 Alpha Zeta 247 ALSA 264 Alson, Art 251 Altemus, Jeff 496 Altenbaumer, Terry 496 Altmann, Richard 336 Amarakone, S. 470 Ambrose, Paula 343 Amirmoez, Laleh 512 Amsler, Chris 512 Andersen, Darin 528 Anderson, Bill 327, 496 Anderson, Bill 327, 496 Anderson, Gary 138, 142, 151, 210 Anderson, Gayla 442, 512 Anderson, Jeanne 496 Anderson, Kerry 528 Anderson, Mark 207 Anderson, Marti 528 Anderson, Richard 528 Anderson, Rodney 264 Andreu, Maria 476, 512 Andrews, Allyson 265, 286, 309, 512 Andrews, Keith 496 Andrews, Melissa 371, 476 Andritsas, Pam 331, 528 Angel Flight 309 Angles, Beverly 476 Animal Science 287 Annable, Jonathan 476 Apel, Barbara 264 Appelgate, David 119 Archer, Tracey 253, 341, 496 Argo, Jeffery 528 Ark. Engineers 248 Arkansas Traveler 295 Arkman, Scarlett 331 Armbrust, Vanessa 398, 476 Armstrong, Bruce 528 Armstrong, Floyd 385 Armstrong, Mike 475 Armstrong, Robert 496 Armstrong, Sherry 414, 512 Army ROTC 300 Arnold Air Society 262 Arnold, Jana 288, 290, 512 Arnold, Kim 286, 368, 450, 476 Arnold, Walter 528 Arrington, Dennis 258 Arrington, Richard 476 Arrington, Robert 327, 528 Arthur, Barry 288, 290, 496 Arthur, Nolan 247 Artz, Catherine 470 Asae 260 Asaland, Tim 334 Ascarrung, Lotty 344 ASG 266 Ash, Stephen 496 Ashby, Charles 496 Ashmore, Ace 255 Ashmore, Lance 476 Ashworth, Richard 280 ASID 277 Asl, Boyouk 476 Aston, Bruce 470 Atchely, Tommy 528 Atchley, Brian 476 Atchley, James 476 Atchley, Jo Nell 398 Atkinson, Deborah 528 Atkinson, Scott 214 Atto, Dennis 496 Auchterlonie, Steven 246, 476 Augustine, Merlin 114 Austin, Denise 528 Austin, Holly 450, 476 Austin, Tracy 369, 450, 528 Averett, Leann 528 Avery, Jim 528 AWS251 Aydelott III, Madison 528 Ayers, Brian 512 Azam, Ahmed 470 B Baber, Timothy 476 Bach, Johnna 331, 496 Back, Chris 256, 496 Backlin, David 512 Backstrom, Sandra 476 Bagley, Debbie 512 Bailey, Bill 275 Bailey, Brenda 335, 528 Bailey, Brent 512 Bailey, Clay 286 Bailey, John 476 Bailey, Karen 528 Bailey, Lynne 476 Bailey, Marlena 528 Bailey, Rebecca 442 Bailey, Sandy 371, 418, 476 Bailey, Scott 528 Bailey, Teresa 337 Bain, Jeff 334 Bainbridge, Mark 470 Bair, Melissa 528 Baird, Janet 276 Baird, Steve 496 Bakema, Denise 257, 286, 512 Baker, Amy 528 Baker, Annetta 512 Baker, Bob 323 Baker, Bruce 496 Baker, Candy 256 Baker, Carol 528 Baker, Carolyn 398, 496 Baker, Dianne 434, 496 Baker, Jane 251, 309 Baker, Jay 512 Baker, Jeannette 414 Baker, John 476 Baker, Julia 367, 450 Baker, Kim 275, 476 Baker, Mark 334 Baker, Raymond 476 Baker, Rebecca 476 Baker, Robert Jr. 470 Baker, Ronny 476 Baker, Sammy 396 Baker, Susan 438 Baker, Suzanne 528 Baldridge, Meredy 528 Baldwin, Pat 259, 431 Baldwin, William 528 Bale, Patti 253 Balest, Anne 528 Baley, Kathy 265, 304 Ball, Buddy 147 Ball, Charles 496 Ball, Edward Jr. 496 Ball, Wayne 254, 477 Ballard, Barbara 528 Ballard, Betsy 320 Ballard, Mark 496 Ballenger, Ken 285 Ballinger, Rhonda 529 Balsa, Debbie 320 Baltimore, Tracy 418, 512 Baltz, Kristie 331, 340 Baltz, Laurie 331, 340, 512 Baltz, Thomas 477 Bame, Charles 477 Bane, Alice 257, 325 Banik, Stephen 477 Banister, Bill 339 Banks, Cleora 529 Banks, Lynne 337 Barber, Myra 529 Barclay, Sandy 304, 477 Barcley, David 325 Barger, John 470 Barkley, Jon 496 Barksdale, Frank 496 Barnard, Roy 247, 340, 477 Barnes, Daniel 477 Barnes, Linda 418, 529 Barnes, Lowry 260, 280, 370, 429, 477 Barnes, Rachelle 257, 286, 512 Barnes, Richard 529 Barnes, Stacy 512 Barnes, Valeria 418 Barnett, Gaila 229 Barnett, JaWanda 247 Barnett, Rebekah 529 Barney, Becky 344, 496 Barney, David 496 Barre, Mark 340, 477 Barren, Ann 512 Barrows, J. Babette 512 Barta, Denise 477 Barthelemy, Lora 322, 529 Bartlett, Paul 359, 512 Bartley, Richard 496 Barton, Anthony 529 Barton, Dr. Lionel 287 Basel, Linda 333 548 1 ndex Basham, Melissa 331, 529 Baskin, Nancy 276 Bass, Helen 304 Bass, Mary 512 Bass, Michael 512 Bass, Sharon 263 Bassham, Robert 340, 529 Batchelor, Cheryl 344, 496 Bateman, Steve 512 Bates, Anne 304, 512 Bath, Laura 477 Baugher, Sharain 529 Baughman, Beverly 249, 477 Baughman, Mark 477 Baxley, Liz 280, 309, 430 Baxter, Angela 308, 512 Baxter, Angela 308, 512 Baxter, Lisa 334 Baxter, Samuel 477 Bayles, Janet 477 Bayley, Kathy 477 Bays, Catherine 442 Beadles, Wayne 339 Beadles, William 529 Beall, Brenda 496 Beard, Emmett 496 Beard, Jon 396, 496 Beard, Sheryl 369 Beasley, Gordon 115 Beasley, Michael 250, 253, 281, 477 Beasley, William 529 Beatty, Elizabeth 529 Beaty, Keith 127 Beaty, Marian 324, 496 Beaty, William 529 Beaver, Hardey 246 Beaver, Joseph 529 Beaver, William 477 Beaverson, Bret 529 Beck, Alton 247, 477 Beck, David 370 Beck, Janet 252, 470 Beck, Lowery 529 Beck, Theodore 512 Becker, Lisa 343 Beckmann, Keith 529 Bednar, Cynthia 496 Beene, Carol 496 Beene, Charles 477 Beggs, Archie 512 Behan, Judith 477 Beiser, Linda 496 Belden, Leslie 470 Belden, Ted 281, 477 Beline, Mary 335, 529 Bell, Bethy 470 Bell, Bobby 529 Bell, Jonell 337 Bell, Judith 510 Bell, Kristan 512 Bell, Sandre 434 Bell, Sondra 366 Bell, Tracy 529 Bellas, Tammy 529 Bellido, Enrique 529 Bellora, James 278, 497 Bellora, John 529 Bellora, Val 512 Bellows, Marilyn 477 Belt, Emmanuel 529 Belt, Judy 65, 497 Belzung, Wanda 311 Benedict, Dale 301, 529 Benedict, Hope 302, 308, 512 Benham, Marcy 512 Bennage, Mark 529 Bennedict, Hope 262 Bennett, Barry 276, 529 Bennett, Darus 529 Bennett, Gregory 477 Bennett, Hollis 497 Bennett, Jan 193 Bennett, Van 477 Benning, Carmes 322 Benson, Barton 497 Benson, Michael 281, 477 Benton, Virginia 529 Bequette, George 497 Beracietto, Alan 15 Bercher, Danny 370 Berg, Felicia 246, 247, 497 Bergen, Scott 529 Bernath, Renee 446, 512 Berry, James 477 Berry, Taun 477 Beshears, Ronald 529 Besonen, Julie 497 Beta Alpha Psi 305 Bethel, Claudette 497 Bethel, Reed 477 Bevill, Jimmy 21 Bhally, Kasim 513 Bickerton, Romany 529 Biddle, Jackie 322 Biddle, Joyce 318, 322 Bieser, Linda 430 Big Red Goodtimers 284 Bigbee, Kathy 324, 470 Biggs, Allyson 529 Bilbo, Anette 253 Billings, B. Welby 497 Billings, Dewayne 308 Bingaman, Donald 497 Bingaman, James 513 Birch, Blayne 442 Bishop, William 529 Bittick, Mary 497 Black, Ralph 497 Black, Tamyra 256 Blackburn, P. 301, 302 Blackman, Perry 321 Blackshare, Sammy 497 Blaes, Kevin 529 Blair, Barbara 277, 497 Blair, John 334, 470 Blair, Scott 320, 513 Blair, Susan 497 Blakely, Ann 477 Blakey, Kip 370 Blakmon, David 529 Bland, John 477 Blankenship, Melanie 477 Blansett, Philipe 529 Blanton, Lisa 331, 529 Blasingame, Connie 442, 513 Blasingame, Connie 442, 513 Blasingame, Pam 477 Bledsoe, Tammy 18, 430 Bledsoe, Wayne 337 Bloxom, David 477 Blunker, Jeannie 497 Blyth, Cindy 438, 497 Board Of Publications 263 Bobo, Eugenia 497 Bodge, Kraig 529 Boene, Joseph 470 Boggs, Kim 332, 477 Boggs, Rachelle 497 Bogle, Ann 450 Bogle, Brice 477 Bogle, Leslie 497 Bogoslavsky, Abe 497 Bogoslavsky, Bruce 529 Bohannan, Danny 497 Bohannan, Kim 331 Bohannon, Gary 247, 256 Bohannon, Randall 278 Bohannon, Randy 325 Bohrt, Humberto 477 Bojkovic, John 334 Boland, Dan 131 Boling, Steven 529 Bolinger, Natalie 343 Boiler, Craig 513 Bolls, Bob 396, 513 Bond, Craig 301, 302, 340, 497 Bond, Melissa 450, 513 Bonds, Michael 529 Bone, Kimberly 497 Bonebrake, Lisa 497 Bonifaz, Oscar 477 Bonyady, Mohamed 265, 477 Booher, Brooks 323 Booker, Georgetta 529 Boone, Michael 336 Boone, Randall 346 Booth, Johnnie 385 Booth, Thomas 341, 513 Booton, SG M. 300 Bordeaux, Byron 477 Borgognoni, Leslie 422, 513 Borgognoni, Tracy 529 Borland, Daniel 470 Borland, Shari 497 Bornitz, Marida 497 Boroughs, Denver 529 Boscowitz, Howie 341 Boss, Stephanie 529 Bostic, Kevin 276 Bounson, Paula 430 Bowden, Bill 37, 288, 292, 310, 477 Bowen, Dedra 334, 529 Bowen, Marty 337 Bower, Cindy 529 Bowers, Mignon 529 Bowles, Darryl 154, 157 Bowlin, Tamra 513 Bowlin, Toni 251 Bowling, Carl 253 Bowling, David 477 Bowling, Jimmie 497 Bowling, Sara 529 Bowman, Tami 529 Boyce, Ben 253, 477 Boyce, Welton 246, 385, 477 Boyd, Dianne 470 Boyd, Jane 513 Boyd, Vallerie 337, 529 Boyle, Blaise 497 Boyster, Sam 278, 497 Boze, Betsy 470 Bracken, John 497 Brackin, Beth 430, 497 Bradberry, Bill 339 Bradford, Caryle 497 Bradford, Lisa 529 Bradford, Michael 497 Bradford, Robert 529 Bradford, Terri 529 Bradley, Jackie 335, 497 Bradley, Jacqueline 513 Bradley, James 477 Bradley, Karla 251 Bradley, Steve 341, 497 Bradley, Susan 529 Bradshaw, Dana 275, 477 Bradshear, Dean 262, 308, 497 Bradsher, Pat 276 Brady, Mark 497 Braker, Dr. Clifton 259 Bramer, Shelly 248 Bramhall, Shari 497 Branch, Phillip 529 Brandon, Betty 321 Brandon, Elizabeth 477 Brandon, William 470 Brandt, Jeff 276, 529 Brandt, Kathryn 513 Brandt, Nancy 333, 497 Brannam, Larry 477 Brannan, Brenda 304, 478 Brannan, Christian 529 Brannan, Michael 478 Brannon, Rodney 256, 276, 385 Branscum, David 247, 254, 478 Brasel, Ann 529 Brasel, Billie 497 Brasel, Rebecca 529 Brasel, Ann 529 Brasel, Billie 497 Brasel, Rebecca 529 Brasel, William 529 Bratton, Lea 478 Braumik, Pradup 265 Brawley, Tom 340 Bray, Beth 446 Bray, Hollis 497 Bray, James 497 Bray, Linda 530 Bray, Lisa 398 Bray, William 513 Brazil, Ken 327, 513 Breaux, Kara 369 Breckenridge, Joey 530 Breckenridge, Nancy 497 Breedlove, Janey 275 Breen, Jim 308 Breitenberg, Pamela 513 Brennan, John 497 Brennan, Tom 265, 497 Brennecke, Carol 470 Brenner, Lori 478 Bretenberg, Pam 450 Brewer, Cassandra 478 Brewer, Fayte 470 Brewer, Tracie 210, 259, 260, 275, 286, 288, 293, 368, 430, 478 Brewington, John 530 Brewster, Bubba 280, 478 Brewton, Gail 343, 530 Breyman, Chelsea 497 Bricker, Bret 336 Bridges, Andrea 530 Bridges, Carl 340 Bridges, Christie 530 Bridges, George 513 Bridges, Stephany 513 Bridges, Tina 530 Bright, Amber 530 Brightwell, Mark 530 Broadway, Curtis 322 Brody, Melinda 321, 513 Brokate, Tracy 513 Brooks, Bob 530 Brooks, Deborah 478 Brooks, Doug 247, 478 Brooks, James 247, 478 Brooks, Kim 286, 422, 513 Index 549 Brooks, Michael 253, 478 Brooks, Robert 308, 530 Brooks, Shelly 530 Brooks, Tony 262, 325 Broom, Kenneth 497 Broome, Michael 478 Brotherton, David 341 Brough, Cafa 434 Brown, A.C. 325, 497 Brown, A.J. Ill 256, 385 Brown, Allan 281, 478 Brown, Brad 254, 530 Brown, Bruce 530 Brown, Bryan 301 Brown, Christy 430, 478 Brown, Cindy 247, 249, 305, 497 Brown, Craig 254 Brown, Cynthia 478 Brown, David 255 Brown, Donna 497 Brown, Dr. Bill 281 Brown, Ernest 530 Brown, Greg 257, 286, 327, 513 Brown, James 530 Brown, Jim 497 Brown, Kara 530 Brown, Karen 344, 513 Brown, Keith 278 Brown, Kerry 478 Brown, Kevin 530 Brown, L. 297 Brown, Lisa 246, 250 Brown, Melissa 530 Brown, Norwood 513 Brown, Pamela 478 Brown, Perry 369, 530 Brown, Prof. W.D. 253 Brown, Ricky 530 Brown, Robert 327 Brown, Sanford 513 Brown, Theresa 286, 513 Brown, Thomas 140 Brown, Tony 171, 172 Brown, Vanessa 530 Brown, Wayman 11 Brown, Wilburn 478 Browning, Ann 418 Browning, Bill 327 Brownwell, Sherri 446, 513 Bruce, Bridget 277, 325, 497 Bruce, Joe 129 Bruce, Nancy 478 Bruce, Robby 530 Bruck, Wally 262 Brunson, Paula 331, 497 Brusewitz, Susan 369, 530 Brust, Mary 418, 497 Bryan, Barry 257, 260, 275, 286, 478 Bryan, Clinton 513 Bryan, David 530 Bryant, Carissa 337, 530 Bryant, Dana 322, 530 Bryant, Gail 454, 478 Bryant, James 530 Bryant, Trent 162 Bryles, Leslie 434 Bryson, Andy 396 Buccella, Donna 478 Buchanan, John 301, 497 Buck, Tammy 340, 343, 513 Buckingham, Earl 145, 161 Buckley, Robert 286 Buckman, Beverly 478 Buckner, James L. LTC 300 Buda, Sgt. 300, 302 Bueker, Joe 530 Buie, Lin 336 Bulkley, Janet 513 Bull, Megan 344 Bullard, Bill 264, 497 Bullington, Leigh 497 Bullington, Roy 260, 281, 478 Bulloch, Angella 337 Bullock, Jane 530 Bumgarner, Bruce 281 Bumpers, Joe 478 Bunge, Kimber 513 Bunn, Mike 513 Burchett, Lance 286, 336, 513 Burchfield, Eddie 338 Burford, Becky 344, 478 Burger, Cindy 334, 513 Burgess, Brad 369, 530 Burgess, Gregg 341, 369 Burgess, William 513 Burk, Tammy 309 Burke, Coleen 530 Burke, Eberle 277, 513 Burke, Laurie 530 Burkett, Suzi 337 Burkhalter, Nancy 281, 478 Burks, David 497 Burks, Laurie 309, 513 Burnet, Andrew 478 Burnett, Debbie 258 Burnett, Michael 497 Burns, Charity 513 Burns, Cindy 214 Burns, Jimmy 530 Burns, Joe 334 Burns, Robin 530 Burress, Fred 530 Burris, Kathy 530 Burrough, Brian 497 Burrow, Rick 513 Burtlett, Jeff 258 Busby, Mary Ann 247, 498 Busch, Herb 249 Bush, Kenneth 297, 385 Bush, Robert 478 Bush, William 513 Bushkuhl, David 498 Bushkuhl, John 530 Bushkuhl, Steve 246 Busse, Linda 249, 498 Butler, Larry 165, 214, 272 Butler, Libby 498 Butler, Missy 414 Buttgen, David 478 Buzbee, John 478 Buzbee, Richard 498 Byers, David 530 Byler, Chris 513 Bynum, Randy 370 Byrd, Barbara 251, 276, 398, 478 Byrd, David 513 Byrd, Sheila 478 c Cable, Guy 530 Cable, W. 308 Caddell, Phil 478 Caffrey, Ann 250, 281 Caffrey, Martha 304 Cahan, Cathy 368, 450, 478 Cairns, Bella 247, 478 Cairns, Timothy 513 Calabro, Scott 478 Caldarera, Sharon 342 Caldwell, Cynthia 513 Caldwell, Edward 530 Caldwell, Judith 470 Calhoun, Brooks 257, 336 Calhoun, Mike 275, 286, 368 Calhoun, P.W. 370 Calhoun, Ronald 513 Callahan, Mary 513 Callahan, Michael 513 Callen, Kerry 498 Calva, Marcia 530 Calvert, William 498 Calvin, Todd 264 Cameron, Bret 530 Campbell, Brian 498 Campbell, Cathy 498 Campbell, Craig 363 Campbell, Debbie 426 Campbell, Jeff 301, 513 Campbell, John 513 Campbell, Karen 333, 513 Campbell, Kim 250 Campbell, Lori 251, 442 Campbell, Michael 385 Campbell, Theresa 254, 513 Canada, Sandra 285, 309 Canady, Teri 324, 530 Candevender, Julia 544 Caneva, Diane 498 Cannady, Tom 257 Cannon, Debra 530 Cantral, D. 301 Cantrell, Mary 470 Cantrell, Sheila 498 Capps, Dwight 478 Cardenas, Yvette 513 Cardinal Key 280 Cardwell, James 513 Carey, Jana 478 Carfagno, Jeff 478 Cargill, Caren 265, 438, 513 Cariapa, Vikram 470 Carithers, Clay 470 Carlisle, Kale 414, 530 Carlson, Jeff 396 Carlson, Melanie 450 Carlson, Nancy 530 Carlton, Steve t30 Carness, Jana 337 Carney, Randall 286, 513 Carney, Steve 336 Cardom, Carlon 248, 498 Cardom, Jerry 530 Carpenter, Ben 319, 321 Carpenter, Bernard 319 Carpenter, Carol 426, 478 Carpenter, James 530 Carpenter, Mike 339, 478 Carr, Cindy 513 Carr, Greg 498 Carr, Karen 513 Carr, Mark 530 Carr, Mike 311 Carrell, Dennis 530 Carrithers, Cheryl 530 Carrithers, Jane 513 Carroll, Jim 341 Carroll, Joe 334 Carroll, Tonnie 323 Carson, Elizabeth 530 Carson, Ricky 478 Carte, Louise 321 Carter, Cathye 530 Carter, Debra 434 Carter, Dru 450 Carter, Janis 442, 513 Carter, Jenny 498 Carter, Jerry 470 Carter, Jimmy 318, 336 Carter, Kelly 434 Carter, Kevin 396, 513 Carter, Melissa 426 Carter, Niki 530 Carter, Peggy 530 Carter, Randall 304 Carter, Renee 337 Carter, Rhonda 498 Carter, Rodney 337 Carter, Roger 513 Carter, Scott 341, 478 Carter, Steve 257 Carter, Teresa 251, 398, 478 Carver, Chris 478 Carwile, Grant 340 Casavechia, Susan 530 Case, Debbie 324 Case, Debra 530 Cash, Lilly 286, 331, 513 Cash, Patricia 479 Cash, Phyllis 450, 498 Cash, Tracy 454, 498 Cason, Randall 479 Cass, Doug 276 Cass, Mike 311 Cassady, Tony 255, 479 Castle, Curt 246, 479 Castleberry, Bruce 294, 296 Castleberry, Charles 479 Castleberry, Curtis 530 Castleberry, David 479 Casto, Debbie 275 Cates, Sharon 513 Cathey, Sharon 145, 214 Catt, Gary 514 Cattanec, Melissa 256, 276, 331, 498 Cauffman, Tom 336 Caughlan, Nancy 254, 530 Causey, Anthony 514 Causey, Dara 438, 498 Cauthron, Keri 471 Cauthron, Terineal 514 Cavitt, Michael 346, 514 Cavness, Jana 530 Cayce, Paul 530 Cearley, Ed 514 Center, David 281 Cha, Mihwa 479 Chadwick, Charles 530 Chaffin, Patty 318, 334, 514 Chiatanayuth, Pornsri 471 Chalmers, Hugh Jr. 106 Chalmers, Jan 272 Chalmers, Janis 498 Chalmers, Leslie 531 Chamberlain, Morrie 341 Chambers, Anita 531 Chambers, Jo Ellen 371, 442 550 lndex Chandler, Alcinda 479 Chandler, Cindy 252 Chandler, Jeff 249 Chandler, John 301, 479 Chandler, Nancy 426 Chancy, Hank 246 Chang, Kyung 479 Chapman, Alan 329 Chapman, Carolyn 479 Chapman, Jill 256, 371 Chapp, Robbie 430 Chappell, Traci 442, 514 Chase, Danny 531 Chastain, Bud 278, 334 Chastain, Raymond 498 Chatrathi, Mobini 246, 248 Cheatham, Amanda 514 Cheatum, Steven 471 Cheek, Deborah 479 Chenowith, Gary 479 Chesnut, Franklin 470, 471 Chesser, Beverly 479 Chester, Joe 531 Chester, Leah 247, 249, 294, 498 Chi Omega 462 Chiechi, Luigi 531 Chilcote, Bradley 531 Chilcote, David 498 Childress, Keith 258 Childress, Ken 258 Childress, Larry 258, 514 Chiles, Bill 531 Chilton, Rosalie 514 Chinowith, Gary 17 Chisholm, Michael 531 Chisom, Doris 276, 514 Chisom, Dorothy 498 Choate, Betty 450, 531 Choate, Martha 450, 498 Chod, Chok-Yew 471 Chooter, Susan 492 Chote, Carla 286, 343, 514 Chrenko, Diane 498 Chrisman, Mitzi 322, 531 Christenbury, Thomas 498 Christian, Eddie 531 Christian, Lisa 275, 286, 368, 450, 479 Christian, Wendy 344 Christiansen, Teri 334 Christie, Debbie 257, 514 Christopher, Sandra 471 Christy, Bonnie 255, 479 Church, Sharon 498 Chu, Doris 286, 514 Chu, Paul 531 Chu, Peter 247, 252, 479 Chu, Thomas 479 Chunn, Charles 479 Church, Michael 479 Chuwa, Gabriel 479 Ciasca, Tina 253, 479 Cidlick, John 341, 514 Civello, David 128 Clancy, Phyllis 471 Clardy, Carleta 531 Clark, Brian 531 Clark, Carla 498 Clark, Coni 330 Clark, Constance 309, 343, 514 Clark, Curtis 498 Clark, David 254, 531 Clark, Dr. Margaret 252 Clark, Elizabeth 479 Clark, Gary 531 Clark, Lewis 396 Clark, Linda 531 Clark, Lorie 286, 330, 514 Clark, Mark 514 Clark, Mary 276, 479 Clark, Michael 531 Clark, Norma 498 Clark, S. Lewis Jr. 479 Clark, Scott 531 Clark, Tami 426 Clark, Teresa 334 Claxton, Robert 498 Clay, Kelvin 514 Clay, Mary Jane 426 Claybaker, Carol 471 Claybaker, Paul 498 Claypool, Shirley 334, 531 Clayton, Becky 276, 498 Clem, Linda 334 Clement, John 531 Clement, Scott 514 Clements, Cindy 247, 253, 322 Clements, Gary 479 Clements, Lucinda 531 Clements, Steve 531 Cleming, Johnny 385 Clemons, Johnny 498 Cleveland, Cynthia 479 Clevenger, Curtis 531 Clifton, Ernie 256 Clifton, Kenneth 531 Clinkenbeard, Bob 321 Clinton, Elizabeth 479 Clinton, Marie 310, 368 Clinton, Mark 514 Clinton, Roy 498 Closs, Shea 531 Cloud, Shawn 531 Cluck, Kirby 318, 319, 322, 514 Clum, Teresa 514 Clymer, Janie 284, 514 Coates, Camilla 414 Coats, John 340 Cobb, Adrienne 531 Cobb, Carla 304, 434, 514 Cobb, Dana 498 Cobb, Jerry 246, 479 Cobb, Melinda 479 Cochran, Christian 514 Cochran, Deidra 426 Cochran, Hal 479 Cochran, Mike 246, 479 Cochran, Tamra 426 Cochron, Steve 531 Cockerell, Michelle 446 Cockerell, Myriam 479 Cockmon, Ronald 479 Coen, Mary 442, 479 Coffield, David 514 Coffman, Caroline 256, 498 Coffman, Holly 320, 531 Coffman, Jeanne 20, 265, 285, 434, 514 Cofield, Kimberly 531 Cogbill, Joni 248, 479 Cogbill, Randall 479 Cogswell, Mary Kay 446, 514 Cohea, Joe 479 Coker, Christy 279, 479 Coker, Jackie 531 Colbert, John 385 Colburn, Carol 426, 514 Cole, Dr. J.H. 265 Cole, Jeff 254 Cole, Lance 326 Cole, Laura 531 Cole, Mary 531 Cole, Rita 471 Cole, Robert 531 Cole, Susie 434 Coleman, Angela 431 Coleman, Anne 434, 531 Coleman, Forrest 531 Coleman, Rose 272, 471 Coleman, Scott 329 Coleman, Terri 344, 531 Coles, Anthony 479 Coles, Barry 514 Coll, Republicans 254 Collie, Mike 285, 514 Collins, Fred 247 Collins, Lloyd 479 Collins, Susan 331 Collison, William 498 Colton, Richard 514 Colvin, Mark 514 Colwell, Paul 498 Colwell, Wade 514 Combs, Brent 255, 28 Combs, Janet 260, 275, 286, 368, 479 Comer, Charles 531 Conatser, Chris 479 Conda, Ana 479 Coney, Beverly 252, 479 Coney, Dena 318, 320, 531 Coney, Tina 318, 337, 531 Conley, Mark 514 Conn, Mike 327 Connell, Anna Jo 247, 479 Connell, John 514 Connor, Laura 276, 531 Connors, Rick 341 Conoda, Sandra 418 Considine, M. 301 Coogan, Carrie 514 Cook, Don 276 Cook, Grace 331 Cook, Henry 262, 308 Cook, Joe Jr. 531 Cook, Keneth R. 112 Cook, Lisa 251, 359, 514 Cook, Lynn 251, 454 Cook, Sharon 340 Cook, Tommy 322, 531 Cooksey, Deborah 343, 514 Cooksey, Suzanne 252, 309, 479 Cooley, Andy 286, 514 Cooley, Randy 276 Coonce, Mark 480 Cooner, Leslie 498 Cooper, Bob 264 Cooper, Carol 434 Cooper, Debra 319 Cooper, John 369 Cooper, Kelley 531 Cooper, Sandra 471 Cooper, Scott 498 Cooper, Susan 531 Cooper, Tillman 471 Copeland, Jill 426, 514 Copenhaver, Ronda 531 Corcoran, Constance 248 Cordes, Janet 531 Cordill, Paige 349, 426, 531 Core, Pam 256, 498 Corley, Gayle 498 Cormack, Cathy 287, 498 Cornelius, Kim 450, 514 Cornish, Kyler 514 Cornwell, Lynnette 418, 4480 Corrigan, Ed 131 Corroum, Kathryn 308, 531 Cotten, Michael 531 Cotterma n, Dan 128 Cottey, Sharon 434 Couch, Barbara 480 Couch, David 480 Counce, Steven 498 Counts, Mark 498 Courtney, Christine 531 Courtney, Johnny 341 Courtney, Kim 531 Courtney, Theresa 498 Coutu, Ronald 480 Covert, Keith 339, 514 Cowan, Melody 254, 418, 498 Cowan, Thomas 480 Cowart, David 514 Cowden, Patrick 308 Cowgur, Tim 498 Cowling, Denny 480 Cowling, Lee 480 Cowsert, Stacy 331 Cox, Calvin 480 Cox, Charles 480 Cox, Diana 276, 498 Cox, John 514 Cox, Mike 249 Cox, Oliver 498 Cox, Steve 141, 480 Cox, Tammie 531 Cox, William 514 Cozart, David 334, 514 Crabill, James 498 Crabtree, Bruce 471 Crafford, Teresa 414 Craft, Cris 320 Craft, Madeline 531 Crafton, Dabney 514 Crafton, Rodney 531 Craig, Cary 339 Craig, Janie 280, 498 Craig, Jeffrey 531 Craig, Morse 278, 280, 480 Cramer, John 253 Crane, Carol 337 Cranford, Dennis 480 Cranford, Natasha 531 Cranston, Cathi 257, 514 Crats, John 326 Cravens, Cary 251, 371, 498 Cravens, Cathy 260, 275, 286, 368, 371, 450, 480 Cravens, Henry 514 Cravens, John 414 Cravens, Lyn 369, 531 Cravens, Mark 498 Crawford, Glynda 498 Crawford, Jody 498 Crawford, Kevin 531 Crawford, Monty 339 Crawford, Stewart 281 Crawford, Stuart 480 Crawford, Wayne 531 Crawley, Russell 480 Crawley, Tim 498 Creamer, Dave Capt. 304 Creed, Ginger 369 Creed, Virginia 532 Index 551 Cribbs, Regina 532 Crittenden, Jeff 514 Crockett, LaCreasia 532 Crockett, Mollie 265, 324, 480 Crone, John 264 Crose, Sonya 514 Croson, Andy 370 Cross, Bobbie 442, 514 Cross, Johnice 480 Cross, Meta 247, 480 Cross, Richard 480 Crossett, David 327 Crossland, Jane 430 Crossland, Lisa 434 Crouch, Allen 514 Crouch, Colin 329 Crouch, Ressel 322 Crow, Alex 532 Crow, Joe Jr. 532 Crowe, Rozetta 514 Crudup, Barry 256 Crump, Steve 498 Crumptom, Janice 257 Crutcher, Alan 532 Crutcher, David 498 Cruup, Barry 247 Cullen, Cathy 418, 480 Cullins, Melanie 319, 337, 532 Culp, James 532 Culp, John 498 Culver, Carl 286 Culver, Curtis 308 Culver, Vernon 336 Cummings, Grant 480 Cummings, Laura 294, 295, 498 Cuni, Sharon 398 Cunningham, B. 301 Cunningham, James 532 Cunningham, Jim 340 Cunningham, Karen 434 Cunningham, Miles 341 Cunningham, Nancy 418, 499 Curda, Steve 301, 321 Curlin, Tim 499 Currence, Jerry 499 Curry II, Wesley 532 Curry, Felicia 532 Curry, Rose 276, 480 Curry, Shannon 514 Curry, Teresa 499 Curtis, Elizabeth 480 Curtis, Kevin 278, 514 Curtis, Sally 371, 499 Curtis, Tony 514 Cusack, Liz 331 Cypert, Jamie 434, 532 Cypert, Julie 480 Cyr, Nancy 320, 532 D Da Costa, Paul 499 Dabbs, Paul 499 Dabbs, Julie 532 Dagley, Michelle 319 Daily, Bill 276, 499 Daily, Kevin 514 Daily, Stephen 480 Dalla Rose, Marvin 326, 340, 480 Damron, Tracy 480 Dandeneau, Denise 434, 499 Danehower, Kim 418, 499 Danehower, Samuel 514 Danforth, Steven 480 Daniel, Cindy 309, 514 Daniel, Deborah 499 Daniel, Faith 532 Daniel, Ginger 515 Daniel, John 265 Daniel, Karla 532 Daniel, Steve 499 Daniel, Tammy 515 Danielak, Ron 340, 515 Daniels, Douglas 515 Daniels, Kenneth 256, 385 Daniels, Tamera 214 Danlad, Inuwa 249 Darnall, Kathy 344 Darnell, Kathy 532 Darter, Dana 255 Daugherty, Jackie 480 Davenport, Cara 515 Davidsmeyer, Jim 264, 480 Davidson, Jim 334 Davidson, Diana 414, 515 Davidson, Flint 480 Davidson, Janet 297, 499 Davidson, Jeanny 315 Davidson, Michael 499 Davie, Kimberly 532 Davis, Arther 480 Davis, Barbara 337, 499 Davis, Brad 337, 499 Davis, Charles 323 Davis, Charlet 515 Davis, Charlotte 434 Davis, Chris 334, 499 Davis, Clark 515 Davis, D.R. 252 Davis, Daniel 321 Davis, Dick 356, 532 Davis, Dorethea 471 Davis, Gary 246 Davis, Greg 364 Davis, Janice 480 Davis, Jeff 276 Davis, Jerry 369, 532 Davis, Keith 253 Davis, Laura 329 Davis, Linda 324, 480 Davis, Louis 248, 499 Davis, Sam 341 Davis, Sandra 337, 532 Davis, Scott 396, 480 Davis, Susan 430 Davis, Tanya 532 Davis, Thomas 432 Davis, Tracey 286 Davis, Tracy 257, 515 Davis, Tucker 336 Davis, William 515 Daws, Alan 286, 326, 340, 515 Dawson, Angela 515 Dawson, Greg 308 Day, Regina 248, 499 De Bin, Renee 499 De Bin, Richelle 532 De Blase, Debbie 499 De Boer, Mark 499 De Masters, Arleta 480 De Salvo, Mark 515 De Sieghardt, Donna 532 Dean, Ann 499 Dean, Bob 278 Dean, Dana 320, 499 Dean, James 515 Dean, Julie 515 Dean, Rick 480 Dean, Susan 532 Dearie, Deborah 279, 302, 331 Dearing, Chip 308 Deary, Roy 532 Deaton, Earnie 321 Deaton, Tim 288, 289, 480 Deaver, Hardey 281 Deay, Janis 276 Decker, Susan 129 DeClark, Marie 418 DeClerk, Maria 515 DeClerk, Mark 480 Dedmon, Cynthia 532 Deen, Karen 258, 532 Deen, Thomas 396, 499 Deer, Diana 454 Deere, Steve 339, 515 Dees, Suzette 480 DeGeer, Scott 480 Deibner, Gus 262 Deitzig, Roxanne 418 Dejarnatt, Hal 370 DeLap, Joe 499 Delaporte, Sylvester 480 Delay, Zem 446 Delinger, Judy 279 Delk, Dennis 499 Dellinger, Judi 247, 277, 343, 499 Delta Delta Delta 392 Delta Gamma 388 Delta Sigman Theta 377 Delta Theta 448 Delta Upsilon 396 DeLung, Brian 515 DeMasters, Jeannie 320 DeMont, Tom 254, 368 DeMoss, Patty 515 Dempsey, Billy 499 DeMuth, Shannon 499 Denison, Martha 532 Dennis, Audie 286, 515 Dennis, Judy 418 Denniston, Helen 532 Denson, Charles 396 DePonte, Sandella 532 DeProma, Ann Marie 418 Deramus, Ric 275, 480 Derickson, Jenelle 398, 532 DeSalvo, Mark 255, 329 Desieghardt, Donna 249, 324 Dever, Laura 333, 515 Devers, Scott 499 DeVita, Chris 337 DeVolder, Mark 111 DeWald, John 499 Diaz, Jose 257, 286, 515 Dickenson, Jennifer 418 Dickerson, Dana 446 Dickinson, Douglas 515 Dickinson, Jenifer 499 Diebenmorgen, Diane 248 Diehl, Clark 199 Dietzen, Michael 515 Dillahunty, Teresa 256, 279, 515 Dillard, Carol 499 Dimock, Rich 334 Dimock, Tracy 320 Dingier, Eldon 515 Dininuco, Mark 327 Dinwiddie, David 480 Dinwiddie, Rebecca 499 DiPrima, Ann 532 Dismuke, Linda 334 Ditzig, Jim 480 Dixon, Eddie 515 Dixon, Mark 499 Dixon, Mike S. Sgt. 307 Dixon, Wayne 532 Dlugoborski, Douglas 481 Dobbins, Alan 369, 532 Dobbins, Alan 369, 532 Dobbins, Leon 515 Dobbs, Carl 281 Dobbs, Kathy 251, 309, 499 Dobbs, Patty 369, 398, 532 Dodge, Ben 360 Dodge, Leila 259, 260, 275, 286, 368, 450, 481 Dodson, Eric 499 Doering, Christina 481 Doering, Jill 515 Dogley, Michelle 323 Doh, Kui 515 Donaldson, Jennifer 117 Donaubauer, Elton 114 Donley, Jackie P. 252 Doohan, Peter 140, 197 Dooley, Ed 247, 481 Dooms, Ronald 256, 286, 515 Dopp, Patrick 327 Dorn, Ted 247, 499 Dorsey, Susan 371, 499 Doshier, Bill 341, 499 Doshier, Joe Dwayne 327 Doss, Capt. Gary 309 Doss, Curtiss 532 Doss, Jeff 281, 323 Doty, Greg 272 Doucet, Diane 481 Dougherty, Phillip 481 Douglas, Debbie 434 Douglas, Dr. Jacqueline 106 Douglas, Douglas, 165 Douglas, Steve 267 Douglass, Laura 331 Douglass, Phil 320 Douston, Debra 249 Dover, Doug 396, 481 Downer, Grant 254 Downey, Rod 258 Downie, John 515 Doyle, Joe 246 Doyne, Roger 515 Dramis, Jacke 481 Draper, Mike 341, 515 Dreher, Bobby 334, 515 Driver, Jacquelyn 471 Driver, Tony 471 Drummond, Judith 532 Drummy, Barbara 515 Dryer, Will 471 DuBois, Scott 481 DuBois, Wilson 341, 515 Ducker, Stephen 499 Duckworth, Bobby 155, 157 Duckworth, De Ann 309, 499 Dudley, Cynthia 499 Duell, Charles 254 Laura 532 Mark 148, 163, 552 Index Duerr, Bob 304, 338 Duffy, Margaret 515 Dugan, Karen 251, 515 Dugas, Warren 258 Duke, Kelly 532 Duke, Rhonda 481 Dull, Dennis 499 Dumas, Shannon 532 Dunagin, Sean 481 Duncan, Cathy 343, 418, 532 Duncan, Hattie 471 Duncan, Kenneth 515 Duncan, Susan 418, 499 Duncan, William 481 Dungan, Alison 532 Dunlap, Alex 499 Dunn, Greg 254 Dunn, Julia 515 Dunn, Kenneth 499 Dunn, Paul 499 Dunn, Tim 315 Dunston, Dave 532 Dupre, Laurie 532 Durean, Susan 252 Durnal, Ruth 343, 532 Durrett, Otis 532 Dussex, Joseph 481 Dutram, Paul 247, 499 Dutton, Mark 499 Duvall, Cynthia 481 Dyer, George 327, 515 Dyer, Robert 308, 532 Dyke, Benton 532 Dykes, Miriam 438 Dynan, Cheryl 471 Dyrhood, Martin 499 E Eads, James 532 Eady, Lewis 471 Eagle, Carol 532 Early, Jamie 532 Easley, Elaine 515 Easter, Sean 280 Easter, Sheri 333, 515 Eastin, Ken 264 Eaton, James 499 Ebbing, Cary 499 Ebbing, Karri 418, 515 Echols, Stephen 499 Eckart, Debora 499 Eckart, Edward 481 Eckenrode, Bill 481 Ecklund, Keith 515 Eddgers, Curtis 396 Eddins, Brad 396 Eddins, William 481 Eddy, David 471 Eddy, Paul 115 Edge, Dennis 499 Edmonson, Kathryn 481 Edom, Carolyn 324, 532 Edwards III, James 532 Edwards, Angela 499 Edwards, Bart 481 Edwards, Brad 256, 515 Edwards, Dwayne 515 Edwares, Lawrence 499 Edwards, Lois 532 Edwards, Richard 499 Edwards, Sandra 342, 515 Edwards, Steven 532 Ehrenfeld, Charlie 294, 296, 310, 334 Ehret, Wendy 481 Eichenlaub, Paul 262, 308, 515 El-Forgany, Mabrouk 471 Elam, Emmett 256 Elayyach, Fouad 471 Eldgree, Sarah 426 Eldred, Don 254, 288, 291, 481 Eldridge, Bruce 246 Eldridge, Laura 515 Eldridge, Sara 515 Elfordo, Rodrico 336 Elidge, Julie 255 Elkins, Nita 515 Elliot, Clarence 532 Elliott, Diane 335 Elliott, Scooter 341 Elliott, Wyley 471 Ellis, Chris 396 Ellis, James 515 Ellis, Jerry 262, 308 Ellis, Julia 481 Ellis, Lisa 515 Ellis, Nancy 515 Ellis, Suzy 309, 438, 499 Ellison, Lindell 499 Embry, Janet 64, 178, 214, 288, 296, 481 Emert, Leslie 334 Emmerling, Malleson 532 Engine Council 250 Englemann, Lisa 532 Engles, Robert 532 English, James 533 English, John 253 English, Nancy 309, 331, 515 Ennis, K. 308 Enpig, Douglas 308 Entler, Brenda 533 Eoff, Kevin 533 Eoff, Robert 499 Epp, Angeleta 533 Epstein, David G. 130 Erceg, Milena 515 Erwin, Lisa 286, 331, 515 Esch, Mary Beth 434 Estenssokro, Ramero 304 Eta Kappa Nu 253 Ethridge, Alexander 515 Etzdorn, Randy 304 Etzkorn, Randy 481 Eubanks, Biff 264 Eubanks, Mary Ellen 305, 481 Evans, David 334 Evans, Jeffery 262, 308 Evans, Jeffrey 533 Evans, John 334, 499 Evans, Julie 430, 515 Evans, Kelly 321 Evans, Kenneth 250, 278, 499 Evans, Leann 533 Evans, Mark 515 Evans, Michael 481 Evans, Robert 471 Evans, S. 308 Evans, Susan 533 Evert, Ben 281 Evitts, Les 272, 481 Ezell, James 263 F Pagan, Michael 499 Falcinelli, Robert 341, 516 Falke, Dr. Rita 252 Fallah-Moghad, Saeed 481 Falts, Jeana 533 Fancher, Bryan 516 Fancher, Cindy 364, 371, 481 Fant, SG T. 300, 301, 302 Farley, Rosemary 533 Farmer, Bill 272 Farmhouse 460 Farr, Richard 499 Farris, Don 334, 516 Farthing, Shawna 276 Faulk, Kurt 481 Faulk, Mary 500 Faulkner, Angie 251, 434, 533 Faulkner, Brianne 368, 434, 481 Faulkner, Dee 309, 430 Faulkner, Rusty 256, 340 Faulkner, Steven 533 Faurot, Ron 144, 533 Faust, Ed 322 Faust, Patricia 272, 310 Faust, Susan 252 Favre, Roy 500 Fazio, John 327, 533 Featherston, Shannon 500 Feldman, Joe 319, 337 Felkins, Daryl 333, 533 Fells, Jackie 533 Ferguson, Be be 256 Ferguson, David 340, 533 Ferguson, M. 301 Ferguson, Melissa 516 Ferguson, Richard 321 Ferm, Diane 333 Fernandez, Carlos 481 Ferrell, Bryan 533 Ferrell, Mark 533 Ferrell, Valerie 276; 481 Ferstl, Martin 276 Fetterolf, Cpt. C. 300 FFA 253 Fiegel, Debbie 247, 516 Fields, Allen 257 Fields, Casey 325 Fields, Cheryl 325, 516 Fikes, John 286, 516 Finch, Bernie 259 Finch, Julie 398, 500 Finch, Merr itt 533 Fincher, Dee 414, 516 Finds, Melissa 516 Fine, Karen 481 Fine, Rick 359, 516 Finley, Craig 481 Finley, Dean 302 Finley, Phillip 500 Fischer, Sharon 481 Fiser, Charles 533 Fish, Jay 516 Fish, Judy 331, 533 Fisher, Dayna 533 Fisher, Gregg 370, 500 Fisher, Marianne 500 Fisher, Mike 329, 533 Fitzgerald, Connie 183 Fitzgerald, Lynne 256, 279, 516 Fitzgerald, Ricky 278, 533 Fitzgerald, Sylvia 516 Fitzgerald, Terri 500 Fitzgibbon, Terri 284 Fivenouse, Derence 471 Flanagan, Ronald 516 Flanders, Janet 533 Flatte, James 516 Fletcher, Keith 533 Flippo, Kevin 302, 533 Flowers, Mike 341 Floyd, Christopher 249, 369, 396 Floyd, Dale 533 Floyd, Jessica 533 Floyd, Larry 481 Floyd, Terry 516 Flynn, Lisa 500 Flynt, Dale 281 Fogleman, Jennifer 481 Fogleman, John 471 Foley, Dana 331, 500 Folkner, Lisa 500 Foil, Barton 533 Fonseca, Francia 471 Food Science 252 Forbess, Mark 516 Forbess, Richard 252, 471 Ford, Deborah 533 Ford, La Donna 286, 516 Ford, Mark 533 Ford, Paul 481 Ford, Rodney 516 Ford, Sherry 533 Ford, T. 301 Fore, Nancy 481 Formby, Karen 500 Forrest, Mitch 286, 341, 516 Forst, Rick 265, 481 Forster, Keith 516 Forsythe, Vicki 280 Fort, Jeffrey 533 Fortner, Emily 500 Foster, Cindy 257, 500 Foster, Douglas 250 Foster, Lenya 276 Foster, Leonard T. 246 Foster, Linda 500 Foster, Tim 338 Foti, Gregory 533 Fowler, Charles 281, 481 Fowler, Jayme 481 Fowler, Mark 481 Fowler, Renee 331, 516 Fox, Amy 426, 516 Fox, Anna 533 Fox, Mary 256, 309, 368, 481 Fox, Susan 319, 320 Fox, Wade 327, 533 Foy, David 471 Franchere, Jeff 321 Franchere, John 533 Francis, Cherylann 481 Francis, Debra 471 Francis, Keith 516 Frank, Jaleta 533 Frankenfield, John 369 Franklin, Brian 369, 396, 500 Franklin, Dee 471 Franklin, Keith 264, 281, 286, 481 Franklin, Steven 482 Franklin, Stuart 516 Franklin, Tony 533 Index 553 Franks, Gary 338, 516 Franks, Janice 398 Frazier, Charles 500 Frazier, Craig 339 Frazier, David 363 Frazier, Laura 343, 418 Frazier, Wm. Bruce 264 Frederick, Anna 533 Frederick, Cathy 324, 482 Free, Bill 369 Freeman, Carol 434 Freeman, Eric 262 Freeman, James 516 Freeman, Jan 309, 516 Freeman, Robert 533 Freemyer, John 246, 482 Freemyer, Patti 248, 286, 368, 371, 482 French, Harry 471 French, John 482 French, Kelly 296 French, Richard 327, 533 French, Teresa 533 French, Terry 533 French, Tracy 516 Freshman Fraternity Council 369 Frey, David 533 Frey, Joseph 516 Frey, Thomas 482 Freyandenhove, Michael 482 Freyaldenhove, Philip 482 Friedly, William 471 Friend, Gerald 500 Friend, Jerry 370 Friend, Sandra 323 Friess, Brad 168, 171, 178 Fritz, Laura 343, 446, 533 Frizzell, Charles 500 Frizzell, William 482 Frohnappel, Greg 482 Fruechting, Carla 516 Fry, Lance 264 Fry, Leah 500 Fugedy, Connie 500 Fuhrman, Benny 500 Fuhrman, Carol 500 Fuhrman, Mark 254, 533 Fulk, Martin 516 Fulks, Sharon 252 Fulmer, Glynn 340, 516 Fulton, Alline 276 Funderburk, Carol 533 Fung, Ken 297 Fung, Pak 500 Funiga, Enrique 249 Furlow, Julie 516 G Gabble, Mark 500 Gadberry, Jay 533 Gadbury, Debra 516 Gaddy, Jeanenne 516 Gailey, Jennifer 500 Gailey, Lynn 332 Gaines, Jeff 338, 339, 516 Gaines, Kathryn 482 Gaitley, Ed 262, 308 Gallemore, Cari 442, 533 Galloway, Johnna 533 Galloway, Will 262, 308 Galyean, Brenda 333, 516 Galyen, Lindsey 533 Gammill, Dru 309, 482 Gandy, Christine 516 Ganky, Chris 418 Gann, Caroline 248, 482 Gann, Craig 500 Gann, Gregory 533 Gannon, Patricia 500 Ganter, Steve 369 Gardner, Joseph 516 Gardner, Shirley 482 Garland, Gregory 516 Garner, Brenda 324, 500 Garner, James 533 Garratt, Earlene 248 Garrett, II, Justin 516 Garrett, Annie 251 Garrett, Bruce 482 Garrett, Donald 516 Garrett, Dumas 280 Garrett, Gibson 533 Garrett, Paul 533 Garrison, Linda 344, 414 Garrison, Pat 341 Gartenberg, Lenny 482 Gartman, Bryan 281 Carton, Brett 516 Carton, Russell 482 Gary, Steve 500 Gaston, Anthony 338, 339 Gaston, Laura 280 Gatchell, Peter 533 Gately, Lynn 482 Gateley, Paul 533 Gateley, Scott 369 Gates, James 335, 516 Gatzke, Diane 335, 516 Gau, Yowlih 471 Gauldin, Jane 482 Gauldin, Mike 263, 295, 482 Gaunt, Rue Nee 533 Gay, Mark 334 Geans, Quinton 331 Gee, Scott 482 Geels, Jerome 482 Geiger, Erma 500 Geisler, Brenda 482 Cells, Steve 500 Gentry, Colleen 322, 533 Gentry, Roy 482 Genz, Julia 533 George, Dooley Ann 256, 482 George, Eddie 321 George, Jacque 500 Gerard, Gretchen 323 Gerard, Margaret 534 Gerety, Richard 482 Gerke, Damian 214, 500 Gerke, Margerite 286, 518 Germany, Rex 482 Geurin, Gay 471 Giannone, John 534 Gibbons, B.F. 482 Gibbons, Rebecca 482 Gibbs, Jerry 482 Gibbs, Robert 500 Giberson, Terri 482 Gibson, Althea 309, 516 Gibson, Bob Jr. 482 Gibson, Carolyn 482 Gibson, Deanna 516 Gibson, Katherine 500 Gibson, Paige 264 Gibson, Sally 516 Gibson, Tami 442, 500 Giddings, Steve 249 Gieringer, Robert 326 Gilbert, Debra 325 Gilbert, Jennifer 516 Gilbreth, Jimmy 246, 482 Giles, Greg 534 Giles, Laura 331 Gilker, Joe 254, 256, 500 Gill, Gregory 482 Gillespie, John 534 Gillespie, Mary 280 Gillespie, Timothy 500 Gillett, Rory 534 Gilliam, Brian 516 Gilliam, Richard Jr. 500 Gilmore, Charles 482 Gimenez, Tammie 482 Ginn, Tammy 342 Ginnaven, Robert 500 Ginnett, Tandi 446, 516 Gipson, Rex 257, 500 Gish, Glenn 482 Gist, Charles 261 Gladden, Gail 263 Gladney, Frieda 534 Gladney, Vanessa 280 Glasgow, Greg 337 Glass, Charles 482 Glass, Donald 482 Glass, Michael 482 Glass, Shelley 500 Glasscock, Nancy 516 Glassey, Glenda 454, 516 Gleason, Prof. J.G. 265 Glossup, Maj. L. 300 Glover, Kathleen 534 Glover, Lonny 534 Glover, Natalie 418 Glover, Stan 418 Glover, Stan 500 Glynn, Karen 534 Godfrey, Eric 482 Godfrey, Kim 254 Goodkin, Joylnn 482 Godwin, Debra 500 Goff, Jeffery 500 Goff, Leslie 324, 534 Coins, Andy 247 Gokdin, Jo Lynn 305 Gold, Debbie 430 Goldammer, Buddy 516 Golden, Kenneth 534 Golden, Pam 446, 500 Goldman, Jo-Ann 500 Goldtrap, Kelly 442, 534 Goller, Lisa 534 Gollon, Jeff 500 Gomez, Sandra 534 Gooch, Mary 471 Goode, Stephanie 500 Goodfellow, Scott 516 Goodloe, Bob 281 Goodloe, David 500 Goodloe, John 370 Goodman, Babette 246 Goodman, Melinda 369, 418, 534 Goodman, Ron 471 Goodman, Sharla 500 Goodwin, Cathy 344 Goodwin, Jon 327, 516 Goodwin, William 482 Gordon, Denise 471 Gordon, Leah 348 Gorham, David 257 Gorham, Karen 184, 516 Gosack, Raymond 325, 471 Goto, Kazufumi 471 Goucarzi, Ghassem 482 Gould, Cheryl 17, 285 Gowen, Bruce 516 Gowen, Cindy 534 Grabel, Nanette 534 Grace, Jackie 344 Graddy, John 500 Graham, Cecilia 414 Graham, Danna 308 Graham, David 482 Graham, Gary 500 Graham, John 516 Graham, Kay 534 Grantham, Lenetta 534 Grantham, Teresa 516 Gratz, Cynthia 534 Grauer, Julie 534 Graves, Chris 337 Graves, Connie 446 Graves, George 534 Graves, Jennifer 311, 482 Graves, Kelly 442, 500 Graves, Michelle 344, 534 Graves, Tanya 333, 500 Crawford, Glynda 500 Gray, Cathy 538 Gray, Courtney 534 Gray, Kathryn 534 Gray, Kathy 343, 446, 500 Gray, Keith 142 Gray, Therasa 483 Gray, William 500 Graydon, Mary 516 Green, Alford Jr. 483 Green, Annette 254 Green, Doug 214,275, 286 Green, Glenn 265 Green, James 483 Green, Joel 273 Green, Larry 483 Green, Michael 341, 483, 534 Green, Randy 257 Green, Reginia 310, 516 Green, Sam 247 Green, Sherrill 280, 418, 500 Green, Thomas 334 Green, William 483 Green, Yvette 254 Greene, Cynthia 471 Greenfield, Ylonda 446, 516 Greenway, Dede 534 Greer, Mark 246, 369 Gregg, Lou Ann 483 Gregory, Claude 500 Gregory, Jon 534 Gregory, Patricia 248, 483 Gregory, Wayne 340, 517 Gretzmier, Dianne 311, 500 Grey, Courtney 434 Griffin, Don 396 Griffin, Julie 483 Griffin, Pam 434, 483 Griffin, Rebecca 500 Griffin, Todd 534 Griffith, Bobbie 483 Griffith, Lynn 319, 321 Griffith, Dee Ann 534 Grigg, Kathy 534 Griggs, Lisa 517 Grim, Laura 500 Grim, Tracy 517 Grimes, Sally 418, 534 Grimsley, Bryan 255, 258, 554 Index 326, 501 Grimsley, Scott 281 Grissom, Cynthia 534 Grissom, Elaine 321 Grissom, Steve 501 Groce, John 501 Groce, Tom 250, 278 Groom, Tom 250, 255, 483 Gross, Baker 501 Gross, Debbie 344, 501 Gross, Michael 517 Grover, Kevin 323 Groves, Mary 501 Grubb, Christy 517 Grubb, Deborah 483 Grundl, Laura 517 Guilds, John C. 120 Gulick, Jay 339, 501 Gulley, M. Sgt. Gene 307 Gunnels, Jay 471 Gunter, Gregory 483 Gurke, Brian 534 Gurley, Cindy 534 Gusewelle, David 257, 501 Gusewelle, Tommy 264, 329 Guthrie, Dave 128 Guthrie, Patrick 261 Gwaltney, Tracy 434, 501 H Habenicht, Mark 501 Habig, Teresa 288, 292, 517 Hacker, Jim 501 Hackler, Kelly 256 Hacskaylo, Jane 534 Hadaway, Gayla 517 Hadaddigan, Michael 263, 294, 295 Hagan, Melba 251 Hagan, Richard 534 Haggard, Stacy 251 Hagood, Noland 501 Hailey, Paul 260 Hain, Dianna 438 Hain, Lisa 311 Haingaertner, Andrew 501 Hair, Denise 454, 517 Halcum, Buddy 336 Hale, Dan 254, 2288, 291, 501 Haler, Randy 396 Hales, Allen 534 Haley, Jean 318 Haley, Kathy 275, 398, 501 Halford, Erin 275, 398, 501 Halford, Gary 320, 534 Halim, Ahmad 501 Halinski, Liz 360 Hall, Alan 534 Hall, Debbie 501 Hall, Deborah 517 Hall, George 262, 501 Hall, Iris 258, 534 Hall, Lisa 517 Hall, Ralph 517 Hall, Robin 276 Hall, Terri 483 Halligan, Dean 278 Halligan, James 126 Halper, Fred 255 Hamberger, Kevin 471 Hamblin, Laura 501 Hamby, Kelly 341, 534 Hamby, Richard 337 Hamdan, Mohamad 517 Hamilton, Dale 385 Hamilton, Doug 249, 334 Hamilton, Gene 385 Hamilton, Penny 214 Hamm, Terri 450, 517 Hammack, C. 308 Hammans, Carol 501 Hammans, Howard Jr. 483 Hammans, Malu 483 Hammilton, Doug 260 Hammock, Charles 334 Hammond, Jacqueline 517 Hammons, Malu 442 Hamp, Paula 195, 501 Hampton, Marjorie 343, 501 Hamrick, Rick 265, 304 Hancock, Bradley 534 Hancock, Jackie 370 Hancock, Michael 471 Haney, James 517 Hankins, Laura 517 Hankins, Russell 277, 396, 501 Hankins, Steven 471 Hankins, Tom 483 Hanlon, Thomas 483 Hanna, Thad 256, 483 Hannah, Kyle 501 Hannah, Sharon 501 Hannah, Susan 325, 483 Hansen, Chris 256 Hansen, Karen 398, 517 Hansen, Richard 483, 517 Hansen, Rick 396 Hansen, Thomas 534 Hapler, Alan 275 Haq, Fazal 517 Haraway, Kim 501 Hardegree, Alison 501 Harder, Karen 369, 446, 517 Hardin, Gorden 256 Hardin, Terry 246, 483 Harding, Bradley 341, 517 Hardy, Brian 483 Hardy, Glenn 116 Hardy, Kathleen 305 Hardy, Pamela 324, 483 Hargis, Cathy 418, 534 Harmon, Sherry 14, 534 Harness III, Earl 534 Harness, Bryon 534 Haro, Carlos 534 Harp, Caren 517 Harp, Jeffery 510 Harp, Maxi 517 Harp, Ronald 534 Harp, Valerie 483 Harper, Bert 276 Harper, Holly 534 Harper, Ken 370, 501 Harper, Pamela 517 Harper, Ray 171 Harper, Vickie 483 Harpole, Ed 341 Harraway, Kim 418 Harrell, Christy 534 Harrell, John 261, 534 Harrell, Steven 276 Harris, Charles 472 Harris, Brock 471 Harris, Carolyn 483 Harris, Charles 501 Harris, Chris 534 Harris, Deborah 343 Harris, Duane 534 Harris, Gwendalyn 517 Harris, Jennifer 517 Harris, John 472 Harris, Joy 501 Harris, Julie 501 Harris, Karen 501 Harris, Kimberly 501 Harris, Melody 501 Harris, Sandy 517 Harris, Terri 534 Harris, Wanda 193 Harris, William 385 Harrison, Cindy 446 Harrison, David 483 Harrison, Lonnie 483 Harrison, Rhonda 283 Harrison, Robert 534 Harrison, Sandi 446 Hart, Dan 534 Hart, Karon 501 Hart, Mitchell 534 Hartie, Melinda 442 Hartley, Marie 335, 517 Hartman, Mark 534 Hartman, Scott 246, 483 Hartz, Mark 501 Hartz, Michael 327, 534 Hartzell, Cathy 501 Harvell, Brenda 534 Harvey, Jean 332, 534 Harvey, John 483 Harvill, Brenda 331 Hasbun, Heddy 483 Hashemi, Masoud 472 Hasstedt, Linda 483 Hastings, Laura 501 Hastings, Scott 172 Hastings, Stan 534 Hatfield, David 517 Hatfield, Karen 517 Hathon, Clay 370 Hathy, Karen 535 Hawes, Monte 534 Hawkins, Drake 296, 517 Hawkins, Janelle 501 Hawkins, Michael 308, 337, 535 Hawkins, Tim 265, 304, 501 Hawlett, Linda 502 Hay Ha, Thai 304 Hayden, Greg 483 Hayden, Kyle 535 Hayden, Lisa 517 Hayden, Paul 501 Haydon, Jayne 535 Hayes, Jeff 501 Hayes, Joey 364 Hayes, Julie 123, 286, 517 Hayes, Keith 535 Hayes, Michael 483 Hayes, Peri 277 Hayes, R. 301 Hayes, Robin 442 Hayley, Jim 338 Haynes, David 154 Haynes, Mike 319, 337 Haynes, William 517 Haynie, Bryon 323, 535 Haynie, Pam 310, 501 Hays, Lowell 370 Hayward, Mike 254, 535 Head, Dale 340 Heard, Cynthia 286, 517 Heathcott, Mike 327, 501 Heathcott, Sheryl 331, 535 Heck, Ginna 418 Hector, .Johnnie 145 Hedden, Terry 246, 250, 281, 483 Heden, Pia 251 Hedgecock, Kelley 257, 517 Hedgecock, Richard 517 Hedges, Walter 325 Heer, Becky 284 Hefley, Steve 517 Heil, Greg 396, 501 Heiman, Michael 483 Helberg, Stephen 483 Heller, Kemble 483 Helton, Richard 501 Hembree, Lawson 483 Henderson, George 535 Henderson, Leslie 517 Henderson, Pete 278 Henderson, Robert 501 Henderson, Tracy 254, 426, 535 Hendren, Scott 255 Hendricks, Andy 414, 501, 535 Hendrix, Martha 288, 291, 483 Henley, Alan 327 Henley, Carol 535 Hennell, John 203, 483 Henry, Beth 418 Henry, Calvin 260, 483 Henry, Clifford 501 Henry, Elizabeth 342, 438 Henry, James 517 Henry, Jane 331 Henry, Linda 535 Henry, Regina 484 Henry, Tim 280 Henson, Anne 501 Henson, Cesleste 320 Henson, Doreen 246, 250, 484 Henson, Harold 535 Henson, Tom 334 Henthorne, Tony 472 Henwood, Drew 472 Herbut, Holly 426 Herd, Judy 368, 484 Herlong, Jill 535 Hermann, Dennis 484 Hernandez, Oscar 396 Herndon, David 338 Heron, Troy 325, 517 Herriman, Jennifer 535 Hersey, Kelley 517 Hess, Donna 337, 535 Hess, Gary 517 Hess, Jeff 341 Hess, Terry 484 Hesselberth, Mark 484 Hester, Marcia 517 Hetrick, Fran 272 Hewitt, Merry Lee 231, 368, 371, 484 Hiatt, Clay 517 Hibbard, Keri 484 Hickman, Joe 517 Hickox, Dawn 535 Hicks, Bev 484 Hicks, Dr. H.H. 265 Hicks, Rebecca 249 Index 555 Hicks, Sherrie 535 Higginbotham, C. 308 Higginbotham, Stacy 294, 322, 517 Higgs, Mary Ann 304, 430, 501 Hughes, Alan 319 Highfill, Donna 334, 535 Hildebrand, Jeff 535 Hildebrand, Sandi 430, 501 Hildreth, Greg 340 Hill, Beverly 434, 535 Hill, Bruce 281, 484 Hill, Bryan 252 Hill, Dea Ann 343 Hill, Jacque 484 Hill, Jamie 484 Hill, Lament 535 Hill, Lisa 310 Hill, Marianne 276 Hill, Mark 535 Hill, Mary A. 252 Hill, Nila 330, 343 Hill, Robert 517 Hill, Shawn 256, 336, 385, 501 Hill, Stanley 256, 517 Hill, Tammy 535 Hill, Vernon 535 Hillis, Nancy 261 Hillman, Hal 247, 370, 484 Hillyard, James 535 Hinchey, Kristi 318, 322 Hinds, Janet 426 Hinds, Karen 535 Hinds, Robert 517 Hines, Carolyn 344, 535 Hines, Larry 286 Hines, Susan 344, 484 Hinkle, Lesia 535 Hinrichs, Gerald 501 Hinze, Clifton 501 Hipp, Michael 501 Hirsch, Greg 250, 255, 278, 279, 484 Hirsch, Marilyn 442 Hirshey, Kenneth 280, 484 Hitson, Julia 517 Hixon, John 535 Hobbs, Amy 501 Hobbs, Mark 247, 501 Hobbs, Tracy 256 Hobson, James 340, 501 Hocott, Jo 517 Hodge, Pam 331, 535 Hodges, Elaine 535 Hodges, Jolyne 484 Hodges, Joseph 501 Hodges, Kaneaster Jr. 106 Hodges, Ronnie 535 Hodnett, Ellen 337, 517 Hoff, David 396, 398, 517 Hoffhaus, Susie 398 Hoffman, Melissa 535 Hogan, B. 308 Hogan, Dan 535 Hoggard, Kent 517 Hogue, Pat 117 Hogue, Susan 344 Hogue, Timothy 502 Holcomb, Stacy 517 Holiman, Vanessa 517 Holland, Melissa 484 Holland, Russ 396 Hollandsworth, Pam 247, 305, 502 Hollis, Allen 340, 484 Holloway, Derek 157 Holloway, Stanley 253, 484 Holly, Dale 341, 535 Holly, Dale 341, 535 Holman, Mike 340 Holmberg, Cindy 257, 343, 517 Holmes, Darrell 260 Holmes, Douglas 502 Holmes, Lee 484 Holmes, Price 276 Holmes, Richard 502 Holt, Bill 484 Holt, David 274, 502 Holt, Hilary 369, 535 Holt, Joyce 472 Holt, Lyndell 535 Holt, Maj. R. 300 Holt, Mary 502 Holt, Mindy 251, 342 Holt, Thad 535 Holt, Wayman 246, 370 Holton, Laurie 344, 535 Holtz, Lou 10, 38, 148, 158 Holzman, Robert 535 Homan, Lynne 517 Homan, Mike 323, 517 Hon, William 484 Honea, John 484 Hong, Young 472 Hood, Susan 434 Hood, Teresa 502 Hooker, David 484 Hooker, Doug 426 Hooks, Janet 304, 484 Hooper, Chip 138, 197, 199 Hooper, Joe 308, 535 Hooper, John 517 Hooten, Christy 285 Hope, Ross 518 Hopkins, Alan 247, 253 Hopkins, James 535 Hopper, Regina 30, 233, 260 Hopson, Carol 535 Horcher, Rosemarie 518 Home, Bennett 535 Home, Gene 518 Home, Laura 502 Horton, Greg 535 Horton, James 518 Horton, Ruth 518 Horton, Stephen 280, 484 Hoskins, Danny 535 Hossini, Goodarz 484 Hotz, Joe 341 Hough, Keith 121 House, Bryan 484 Householder, Kelly 518 Houser, Jeffrey 535 Houser, Michael 535 Housley, Dennis 518 Housley, Karen 518 Housley, Kathleen 502 Houston, Kitten 535 Houston, Marisa 247, 331, 484 Hout, Greg 414 Hout, Pamela 535 Howard, Durrell 502 Howard, Eddy 247 Howard, L ' Anne 275, 502 Howard, Scott 535 Howe, Jim 502 Howe, Rocky 262, 308, 535 Howell, Larenda 426, 518 Howick, Dr. Lester 121 Hewlett, Andy 535 Hoyle, Phyllis 502 Hoyne, Laura 535 Hoyt, James 484 Hubbell, Donald 502 Hubbs, Craig 258 Huck, Alvin 247, 253, 259, 340 Huck, Janice 286, 343 Huckaba, Sandy 535 Huckabay, Lisa 518 Huckabay, Terry 535 Huckelbury, Robert 484 Huckleberry, Lee Ann 247, 252, 343, 518 Huddler, Richard 535 Hudgens, Stephen 484 Hudlow, Mike 247, 286 Hudman, David 255 Hudman, John 484 Hudson, Cpt. L. 300 Hudson, James J. 128 Hudson, Tracy 535 Huey, Anne 257, 332, 518 Huey, Elizabeth 518 Huey, Jane 286 Huff, David 484 Hufstedler, Ronnie 535 Hug, John 253, 281, 484 Huggins, Douglas 484 Hughes, Alan 336, 518 Hughes, Henry 280 Hughes, Janet 535 Hughes, Michael 253 Hughes, Raymond 502 Hughes, Robert 502 Hulet, Debra 536 Hull, John 127 Hultquist, Rick 338, 339, 502 Hume, Douglas 286 Humphrey, Robert 484 Humphreys, David 255, 502 Humphreys, Ellen 249 Humphreys, Ruth 484 Hunnicutt, Hollie 343 Hunt, Diana 502 Hunt, John 338, 518 Hunt, Sonya 320, 536 Hunt, Tim 338 Hunt, Tommy 264 Hunt, Tracy 536 Hunter, Jina 536 Hunter, Robert 250, 255 Hupaylo, Deva 246, 250 Hurban, Randall 502 Hurd, Steven 536 Hurler, Shelley 342, 344, 502 Hurley, Larry 472 Hurst, Ronda 258 Huskey, Mae 320, 536 Hutchens, Lisa 502 Hutchens, Stephen 472 Hutchins, Chuck 276 Hutchins, Stephen 472 Hutchinson, David 341 Hutchinson, Harry 484 Hutchinson, Michael 536 Hutson, Mark 502 Hwang, Joongsun 472 Hyatt, Elizabeth 536 Hyndman, Linda 321, 502 I Im, Sang 484 Ince, Robert 247, 259, 484 Ingenthron, Bill 263, 310 Ingram, Kay 484 Ingram, Lisa 331, 536 Ingram, Pam 414 Inhofe, James 518 Inman, Mary Key 246 Irizarry, Kenneth t02 Irwin, Bob 279 Irwin, William 278, 502 Issacs, Martin 518 Issinghoff, Wendy 484 Ivekson, M. 301 Ivey, Delie 304 Ivey, Don 21, 472 Ivy, Donald 536 J Jacimore, Laura 518 Jackman, Russell 502 Jacks, Connie 502 Jacks, Hugh 246 Jackson, Aline 322, 484 Jackson, Brad 340 Jackson, Brenda 322, 518 Jackson, Cheryl 446, 518 Jackson, Chris 256 Jackson, George 472 Jackson, Hanklin 396, 536 Jackson, Janan 247, 305, 484 Jackson, Lester 518 Jackson, Margaret 426, 536 Jackson, Prentice 323 Jackson, Robert 536 Jackson, Roy 256 Jackson, Susan 305, 484 Jackson, Suzanne 446 Jackson, Terry 296 Jacob, Brigitte 536 Jacobs, Bruce 396 Jacobs, Clifford 484 Jacobs, Robert 518 Jaffar, Abod 485 Jaffery, Qaiser 472 Jaggers, Michael 518 James, Jan 518 James, Jana 502 James, John 280, 288, 291, 502 James, Marietta 518 Janak, Cpt. R. 300 Janonis, Ed 502 Jansen, Sharon 536 Janzen, Eldon 257 Janzen, Jana 485 Jarrard, Leslie 518 Jarreh, Sonja 518 Jarrett, Calvin Jr. 502 Jasper, Mark 341 Jasper, Tim 340, 485 Jech, LaQuitta 536 556 Index Jedlicka, James 518 Jefferson, Daniel 485 Jeffery, Mary 536 Jeffrey, Ginger 315 Jeffrey, Lee Jr. 536 Jeffries, James 502 Jeffries, Paul 253 Jeffus, Stephanie 518 Jehlen, John 250, 278, 485 Jenison, Julie 264 Jenkins, Jackie 536 Jenkins, Keith 385, 502 Jenkins, Lisa 333, 502 Jenkins, Loyd 502 Jenkins, Steve 281, 502 Jennette, Joni 250 Jennigan, Ellen 430 Jennings, Donald 246, 536 Jennings, Jana 430, 502 Jennings, Joy 277, 398, 502 Jennings, Ronald 502 Jernigan, Cleve 276 Jernigan, Ellen 502 Jesson, Bradley 106 Jesson, Deana 414 Jewell, Barry 485 Jewell, John 485 Jewell, Keith 319 Jewell, Tina 518 Jhak, Kmule 502 Jines, David 340 Johns, Tommy 502 Johnson, Ann 311 Johnson, Ann Marie 333, 518 Johnson, Annmarie Johnson, Bradley 502 Johnson, Bunny 426 Johnson, Ghana 335, 518 Johnson, Clifton 334, 536 Johnson, Cynthia 536 Johnson, Danny 321 Johnson, Denise 438, 518 Johnson, Donald 536 Johnson, Edward 518 Johnson, Elizabeth 518 Johnson, Gary 285 Johnson, Hannibal 275, 319, 336 Johnson, James 322, 518 Johnson, Karla 518 Johnson, Katherine 485 Johnson, Kent 485 Johnson, Kim 257, 518 Johnson, Larry 485 Johnson, Linda 502 Johnson, Lori 536 Johnson, Mark 472 Johnson, Marsha 5 02 Johnson, Nancy 536 Johnson, Phillip 265, 285 Johnson, Rita 485 Johnson, Robin 265, 518 Johnson, Stacy 434, 536 Johnson, Thomas 536 Johnson, Todd 536 Johnson, Vernoris 336, 385, 518 Johnson, William 536 Johnston, Allison 309, 518 Johnston, Jan 430 Johnston, Janice 518 Johnston, P.M. 133 Johnston, Patricia 518 Johoske, Laura 518 Joiner, Teresa 485 Jondahl, Andrew 536 Jones, Barry 257, 502 Jones, Becky 344 Jones, Bobby 286, 518 Jones, Bradley 472 Jones, Carol 343, 518 Jones, Cat 277, 536 Jones, Cindy 64 Jones, David 536 Jones, Diane 536 Jones, Elizabeth 472 Jones, Gary 536 Jones, Ginger 252 Jones, Gregory 536 Jones, Jace 502 Jones, Jana 502 Jones, John 247, 256, 338, 536 Jones, Julie 398 Jones, Kevin 536 Jones, Leigh 518 Jones, Liz 249 Jones, Lynette 472 Jones, Lynn 286, 304, 319, 230, 485 Jones, Margie 536 Jones, Marvin 536 Jones, Mary 485 Jones, Matthew 502, 536 Jones, Melissa 536 Jones, Nina 286, 518 Jones, Paul 341, 536 Jones, Rebecca 485, 518 Jones, Ronald 485 Jones, Scott 502, 536 Jones, Sheila 536 Jones, Susan 518 Jones, Susie 344 Jones, Tammy 518 Jones, Tina 426 Jones, Tom 10, 148, 152, 155, 162, 165, 502 Jones, Wanda 502 Jordan, Bruce 265 Jordan, Cathey 257, 518 Jordan, Jana 20, 285, 286 Jordan, Kathleen 536 Jordan, Mark 536 Jordon, Mark 396 Jostad, Mark 485 Jowell, Keith 334 Jucuzzi, Gina 360 Jump, Terri 454 Justice, David 536 K Kaczmarczyk, Robert 536 Kadettes 304 Kalkbrunner, David 370 Kalian, Kay 502 Kallis, Douglas 536 Kamali, Reza 472 Kankey, Brenda 502 Kankey, Glenda 502 Kapel, Keith 536 Kappa Alpha Psi 386 Kappa Alpha Theta 404 Kappa Kappa Gamma 408 Kappa Kappa Psi 257 Kappa Sigma 412 Karnes, Kim 502 Karnes, Natalia 518 Kasperowicz, Linda 342, 536 Kauble, Terri 502 Kauffman, Thomas 318, 536 Kaufman, Gretchen 272, 485 Kaufman, Kristin 518 Kaufman, Richard 249 Kaufman, Scott 536 Kearney, G ayle 502 Keck, Janine 343, 536 Keck, Sheliah 15 Keegan, Teresa 275, 333, 502 Keeling, Jim 259, 327 Keeling, Kay 485 Keen, Gregory 536 Keene, Phyllis 502 Keenen, Beverly 536 Keesling, Janet 536 Keeter, G. Lane 518 Kegley, Lorrie 503 Keith, Kathleen 536 Keith, Sharrell 161, 485 Kell, Doodie 340 Kellams, Kevin 485 Keller, Bonnie 536 Keller, James 485 Kelley, Gregory 536 Kelley, Laura 536 Kelley, Tracy 247, 370 Kellog, Richard 281 Kellog, Scooter 264 Kellog, Tom 119, 264 Kelly, Camille 518 Kelly, Carey 174 Kelly, DeLane 254, 503 Kelly, John 246 Kelly, Lucy 320 Kelly, Martha 537 Kelly, Michael 537 Kelly, Nancy 472 Kelly, Stephen 503 Kemp, Joseph 537 Kemp, Susan 503 Kempa, Dina 503 Kempa, Tony 336 Kendall, Robert 518 Kendrick, Lee 518 Kendrick, Mark 518 Kenner, Terri 503 Kenney, David 537 Kent, Terry 442, 518 Kerendian, Hormoz 265 Kerr, Kathy 503 Kerr, Kenny 537 Kerr, Paula 485 Kersey, Lisa 503 Kersh, Kenneth 485 Kever, Londa 503 Kew, Barry 254 Key, Dwain 518 Key, James 518 Key, Pam 294, 518 Khales, Davar 341, 485 Khaneghani, Mohammad 472 Kidd, Bob 537 Kiene, Mike 247, 253, 259, 340 Kiernan, Tom 485 Kilbourn, Jeffrey 537 Kilchens, Debbie 309 Kiley, Mindy 371 Kilgore, Catherine 485 Killian, Paula 519 Kimbrell, Tom 537 Kimbrough, Ronald 537 Kimbrough, William 254 Kimpson, Kathleen 304 Kimsey, Jim Dr. 304 Kinard, Kelly 334, 485 Kincaid, Kay 337 Kincaid, Vivian 537 Kinder, Phyllis 537 Kindrick, Warren 519 King, Ann 519 King, Betsy 485 King, Clifton 503 King, Corwin 519 King, Dale 537 King, David 485 King, Deanna 121, 337, 537 King, Elsa 519 King, Gina 321, 537 King, John 519 King, Judith 485 King, Katherine 485 King, Mark 275 King, Randy 503, 537 King, Tracey 503 Kingsborough, Paul 519 Kinion, Mark 263, 275 Kinkel, Marianne 485 Kinneman, Ann 446, 519 Kinney, Linda 519 Kinney, Patrick 537 Kinsey, Don 485 Kinslow, Eddy 259 Kiran, Fusun 485 Kirby, Jeff 254, 503 Kirby, Kelly 537 Kirby, Kim 418 Kirby, Kimalisa 485 Kirby, Kimberly 503 Kirby, Lee Anne 275, 485 Kirek, Paul 285 Kirk, Phil 285 Kirkendall, Carrie 485 Kirkpatrick, Gina 367, 537 Kirksey, Brenda 519 Kirksey, Marcia 276, 503 Kirksey, Robert 485 Kirksey, Roy Jr. 537 Kirkwood, Gloria 503 Kirkwood, Virgie 485 Kirsch, Julie 519 Kirshberger, William 485 Kittrell, Anne 272 Klett, Kim 33, 284 Klug, Dean 286 Klugh, Bubba 430 Klyde, Michael 537 Knauts, Kevin 503 Knetsch, James 537 Knies, Ken 485 Knight, Nancy 485 Knittig, Michael 503 Knoll, Susan 503 Knowles, Charla 485 Knowles, Scott 259 Knowlton, Robert 134 Ko, Ching 329 Koch, Mark 127 Koffler, Claire 414, 485 Kohles, Kristine 485 Kolb, David 519 Koon, Phyllis 503 Koone, Alicia 337, 537 Kopituk, Alexis 321, 537 Koppe, Richard 302 Kordis, Lance 339 Kordsmeier, Valerie 519 Korkame, Teresa 414 Index 557 Koschmann, Marty 255 Kozel, Craig 337 Kozup, Joe 252 Kramer, John 503 Kraus, Nancy 537 Krebs, Leslie 503 Kretzmann, Carol 485 Krohn, Angela 486 Krohn, James537 Krohn, John 281, 304, 486 Krumsick, Lori 537 Krupka, Janice 472 Kruse, Diane 486 KUAF Radio 298 Kullander, Katherine 537 Kulsey, Robert 308 Kummick, Barry 308 Kumpe, Elizabeth 519 Kurz, Berni 247, 275 Kutait, Najla 251, 343, 503 Kuykendall, Terry 359, 519 Kyser, Shari 332, 519 L Lacefield, Don 264, 340 Lacefield, Janet 503 Lachowsky, Brian 319 Lack, Tresa 247, 249, 537 Lackey, Kimbra 426, 537 Ladd, Clifton 503 Ladyman, George 503 Lafayette, Donna 320, 503 LaGrone, Andrew 537 Laird II, Robert 486 Laird, Linda 442, 519 Lamar, Jennifer 537 Lamb, Andy 426 Lamb, Cynthia 537 Lamb, Randall 472 Lamb, Tommy 519 Lambda Chi Alpha 416 Lambert, Evelyn 519 Lambert, James 286 Lambert, Jordan 486 Lambert, Walter 537 Lambourn, Martha 537 Lambourne, Marti 426 Lambreth, Terry 323 Lames, Larry T. Sgt. 307 Lancaster, Rebecca 503 Lancaster, Steve 318 Lande, Mansur 472 Landeolt, Rudi 341 Landers, Kelly 318, 334, 519 Landgraf, Kenneth 537 Landreth, Terry 276, 537 Landruth, Dee Dee 321, 537 Lane, Tina 537 Lane, Toni 537 Langent, Lacy 331 Langford, Thomas 486 Langley, Mary 486 Langley, Paul 519 Langston, Amy 519 Langston, Harold 519 Langston, Marcus 301, 503 Langston, Paul 472 Langston, Terri 275, 503 Lannence, Frank 317 Largent, John 537 Largent, Lacy 342, 503 Lark, Brian 249 Larsen, Bryan 326 Larson, Ne 256, 519 Larsson, Jennifer 519 Lashley, Shelley 519 Lasiter, Wendy L. 256 Lassetter, Janet 442, 486 Lassetter, Robert 519 Lassial, Leon 323 Lassiter, Curtis 519 Laster, Beth 446, 537 Laster, Melody 503 Laster, Russell 486 Lathrop, Francis 486 Lau, Karen 519 Laudermilk, Teresa 249 Laughlin, Mary 537 Lauler, Nancy 537 Lawrence, Doug 537 Lawrence, Julie 253 Lawrence, Laura 398, 537 Laws, Allen 254 Lawson, Cheryl 334, 537 Lawson, Kathryn 537 Lax, Jack 472 Layman, Brian 256 Layman, Rebecca 503 Lazenby, Kenneth 537 Leach, Lori 342 Leadbetter, Margo 340 LeClercq, Sandy 344, 537 Ledbetter, Anita 311, 398 Ledbetter, Karen 472 Leder, Lois 537 Lederman, Donna 519 Ledyard, Katherine 486 Lee, Chor Mi 260 Lee, Dennis 519 Lee, Hyung 472 Lee, James 385 Lee, Joseph262 Lee, Kian 486 Lee, Linda 280, 371 Lee, Norman 503 Lee, Regina 503 Lee, Robin 537 Lee, Ruby 418, 503 Lee, Thomas 486, 537 LeFevre, John 537 Leger, Jean 503 Lehman, Lisa 325, 519 Leis, Theresa 486 Lenamon, Margene 318 Lenderman, John 537 Lenehan, John 486 Lenhart, Michelle 537 Lennon, John 340 Lensing, Gary 123, 503 Leonard, Bonnie 519 Leonard, William 503 Leone, Charles 113 Leone, Dennis 472 Leopard, Guy 486 Lessley, Lisa 398, 519 Lester, Keith 337 Lester, Liz 257, 503 Lester, Paige 426 Leuck, Nancy 334, 537 Level, Allison 275, 286, 342, 486 Level, Meredith 276, 519 Lewing, Sarah 434 Lewis, Anthony 286, 341 Lewis, Barbie 519 Lewis, Curtis 319 Lewis, David 294, 297, 339, 503 Lewis, Evelyn 133 Lewis, Jerald 341, 503 Lewis, Lesha 331, 537 Lewis, Lisa 537 Lewis, Mark 537 Lewis, Ronnie 486 Lewis, Suzanne 310, 333, 503 Lewis, Toni 503 Lewison, Helen Ann 371 Ley, Becky 249, 537 Lichte, Eric 319, 323 Lichti, Anna 537 Lichti, Joyce 325 Light, Betty 262 Lillard, Michael 537 Lilly, Ken 368 Lilly, Lisa 519 Lim, Kok 537 Lin, Shaw-Tao 472 Lincoln, Steve 503 Lindley, Gay 214 Lindley, Kim 538 Lindquist, John 503 Lindsey, Kim 538 Lindsey, Lisa 519 Lindsey, Stuart 486 Line, Keith 320 Ling, Peter 341, 486 Lipe, George 486 Lipe, Kelly 519 Little, Denise 275, 368, 486 Little, Janice 503 Little, John 486 Lizotte, Chris 538 Llewellyn, Michael 538 Lloyd, Terry 438, 519 Lockeby, Glenn 538 Lockhart, Jacqueline 538 Lockwood, Franklin 486 Loden, Gregory 486 Loeschner, Susan 304 Logan, Michele 538 Logan, Patrick 538 Logan, Vicki 426 Lohmeyer, Kari 418 Lohr, Joanne 486 Lolley, Susan 277 Lollis, Jimmy 519 Lones, Gregory 254 Long, Audra 503 Long, Carol 309, 519 Long, Doug 321 Long, George 486 Long, Laura 369 Long, Mark 503 Long, MaryHelen 519 Long, Paul 302, 327 Long, Sabrina 519 Long, Tammy 538 Longer, Dave 246 Longinotti, James 538 Longinotti, Steve 519 Longley, Gary 326, 329 Longnecker, Cindy 142, 148, 519 Lookingbill, Theresa 519 Looney II, Stacy 503 Looney, Lee Ann 519 Looper, Jennifer 538 Lopez, Bobbie 418 Lopez, Debbie 38, 168, 178, 214, 519 Lorenzo, Lewis D. 253 Love, Chris 249 Love, Felisha 331 Love, Glenda 486 Love, Lance 308 Love, Marvin 326, 385 Lovelace, Jerry 538 Lovelady, Cindy 503 Loveland, Sharon 247, 277, 305, 486 Lovell, Jewelene 247 Lovell, Lorina 538 Lowe, Cynthia 519 Lowe, Frank 503 Lowe, Pamela 538 Lowrie, Christopher 486 Lowry, John 519 Loyd, Nancy 304, 430, 503 Loyd, Randell 519 Loydermilk, Teresa 503 Loyne, Laura 320 Lubeck, Peter 320 Lubers, K. 308 Lucas, Ernie 261, 503 Lucas, John 262, 278, 308 Luckett, Darrell 538 Luddeni, Jean 255, 318, 322, 538 Ludwig, Lori 324 Luebkemann, Janna 333, 519 Luers, Terri 418, 503 Lum, Timothy 486 Lummus, Donna 519 Lumpkin, Jeff 519 Luplow, Britt 503 Luplow, Kathleen 442 Luter, William 538 Lynch, David 519 Lynch, James 519 Lynch, Kevin 325 Lynch, Michael 486 Lyndsy, Kim 418 Lynn, Kathryn 546 Lyon, Gayle 486 Lyon, Geoffrey 519 Lyon, Jack 265, 286, 519 Lyons, Andrea 151, 418, 538 Lyons, David 538 Lyons, Mitchell 486 M Mabry, Beverly 538 Mac Larty, Tammy 538 Macchiarolo, David 341, 538 Mace, Delinda 503 Mackey, Melinda 503 Mackiewich, Kelly 254, 286 Mackivitch, Raymond 538 Mackivitch, Scott 327 Mactaggart, Larry 486 Madden, Terry 327, 538 Maddon, Margaret 305 Maddox, Bruce 341, 538 Maddox, Kent 281 Maddox, Margaret 249 Madey, John 250, 278, 304, 503 Magee, Cindy 519 Magnini, Libby 342, 538 558 Index Magruder, Pat 118, 472 Mahan, Lori 450, 486 Mahan, Melissa 538 Mahan, Merna 285, 519 Mahfouz, Lisa 320, 519 Mahfouz, Rosemary 519 Mahoney, Edythe 538 Mahoney, Sallie 324 Main, Gary 247, 252 Majors, Jeffrey 538 Male, Dennis 472 Malaby, David 486 Malone, Cheri 503 Malone, Judy 276 Malone, Lisa 486 Malone, Steve 246, 257, 503 Maner, Brian 337 Maner, Daniel 503 Mangan, Stephen 520 Manglea, Mark 538 Mangold, Jim 281, 486 Manley, Ritchie 308, 344 Mann, Michael 504 Mann, Richie 323 Mannen, Bryce 520 Mannen, Mary Ann 486 Manning, Ann 257 Manning, Elizabeth 504 Manning, Susan 442, 504 Mansour, Abraham 538 Marble, Kim 442, 520 Marcantel, Carson 253 Marconi, Joseph 538 Mardian, Tim 318 Marino, Mark 486 Marketing Club 277 Markley, Robyn 520 Marlar, Dorothy 486 Marlar, Mike 520 Marley, Sara 253, 538 Marlow, Melissa 520 Marlow, Michael 278 Marlow, Penelope 520 Marr, Amy 259, 343, 520 Marr, Brian 520 Marrs, Kelly 249 Marse, Harriette 442 Marsh, Melanie 426, 538 Marshall, Gina 335, 504 Marshall, Gwendolyn 322 Marshall, Lena 538 Marshall, Linda 309 Martin, Becky 287 Martin, Dan 340 Martin, Daniel 472 Martin, Dr. James E. 10, 106, 108, 109, 110, 111, 161 Martin, Eddie 538 Martin, Gina 538 Martin, Jan 520 Martin, John 341 Martin, Kathryn 520 Martin, Kathy 286, 368, 446, 486 Martin, Lady 331, 504 Martin, Marian 520 Martin, Mark 246 Martin, Mary 284, 520 Martin, Mary 284, 520 Martin, Michel 520 Martin, Nancy 344, 520 Martin, Sarah 504 Martinez, Mellie 321 Martis, Bernard 341 Marugg, Marjorie 472 Marugg, Mikki 538 Mason, Daryl 151, 158, 165 Mason, Kent 538 Mason, Lisa 486 Mason, Mark 256 Mason, Mary 520 Massanelli, J. 308 Massey, Rebecca 486 Matchett, Russell 520 Matheny, Clark 255, 538 Mathewey, Ronald 369 Mathews, Becky 286, 331 Mathews, Craig 538 Mathews, Susan 538 Mathias, Jean 538 Mathis, Beverly 267, 504 Mathis, Stanley 340, 538 Mathisen, Michael 486 Matlock, Willie 385 Matter, Greg 369, 538 Matthew, Leonard 486 Matthews, Becky 520 Matthews, Boyd 334 Matthews, George 486 Matthews, Larry 114 Matthews, Norman 487 Matthews, Randy 250 Mattice, John 117 Mattingly, Scott 339 Mattis, Paula 325, 538 Matzdorf, Eric 520 Maxson, Tracy 8, 255, 538 Maxwell, Jeffrey 487 Maxwell, Kimmie 520 Maxwell, Stephanie 343 May, David 538 May, Dennis 487 May, Jeff 127, 520 May, M. 302 May, Susan 538 Mayer, Curry 520 Mayes, Billie 371, 434, 504 Mayes, Kevin 538 Mayo, David 363, 380 Mayo, Gary 254, 325 Mazzanti, Gayelynne 304, 504 Me Adams, Hall B. Ill 106 McBryde, Pamella 520 McCain, Jayne 442, 487 McCain, Julie 520 McCain, Melissa 520 McCainey, Robin 442 McCall, Marc 327 McCarthy, Erin 193, 538 McCarthy, Michael 319, 321 McCartney, Paul 340 McChristian, Becky 287 McChristian, Carla 434 McChristian, Leslie 504 McChristian, Susan 247 McClarty, Magaret 442 McClendon, Cneryl 520 McClure, Dave 144, 203, 204, 520 McClure, Karen 520 McClure, Mike 329 McClurkan, Kevin 281 McCollum, Mark 20 McConnell, Almeth 539 McConnell, Jay 520 McConnell, Kelly 414 McConnell, Mary 487 McConnell, Stephanie 304, 487 McCool, W. Charlie 260 McCorkle, Karen 322 McCoy, Becky 251, 520 McCoy, Kevin 276, 520 McCrary, James 504 McCreight, Carol 539 McCreight, Cooky 434 McCully, Megan 538 McCurty, Marilyn 248 McCutchen, Lisa 539 McDaniel, Anna 487 McDaniel, Kim 504 McDaniel, Leah 487 McDaniel, Peggy 325 McDaniel, Steve 275, 368 McDermott, Holly 539 McDermott, Janis 520 McDermott, Pat 264 McDonald, Becca 320 McDonald, Brian 323 McDonald, D. Kirk 504 McDonald, Donna 539 McDonald, Kym 280, 430, 504 McDonald, Mike 320 McDonald, Robin 294 McDonald, Sharon 418 McDoniel, Peggy 538 McDougall, Duke 538 McDowell, Kathy 308 McElduff, Kathy 318 McElduff, Mary 539 McElhaney, John 504 McElhaney, Susan 520 McElrath, Nancy 434 McElrath, Richard 368, 487 McEnroe, Jamie 520 McEntire, John 539 McEuen, Rick 472 McFadden, Carol 520 McFall, Deborah 487 McFall, Terrell 487 McFarlin, Kellie 520 McFerrin, Susan 539 McGary, Robin 331, 538 McGaughey, Cindy 359, 450 McGaughy, Ginger 251, 359 McGee, Cynthia 334 McGee, Lisa 344 McGehee, Julie 371, 487 McGehee, Neil 504 McGhee, Janis 539 McGiboney, Alice 260 McGiboney, Sheila 539 McGimsie, Brian 264 McGinnis, Michael 539 McGinnis, Patrick 520 McGlaughlin, Margaret 286 McGruder, K. Brent 539 McGuire, Jim 117 McGuire, Thomas 504 McHan, Stacie 251, 539 McHaney, Robin 504 McHenry, Mark 539 Mcllroy, Melissa 520 Mclntosh, Patty 487 Mcjunkins, James 247, 256, 520 McKay, James 539 McKee, David 281 McKeller, Sandra 539 McKelvy, Tina 276, 520 McKenzie, Ann 418, 487 McKenzie, Chris 472 McKenzie, Natalie 539 McKenzie, Teedie 320 McKim, Paul 539 McKimmon, Lisa 418 McKinney, Andrea 325 McKinney, Gregory 539 McKinney, Mary 487 McKinney, Rusty 119, 281 McKinney, Theresa 539 McKinnon, Jane 251, 254 McKinnon, Leah 487 McKisick, Shirley 131 McKnight, Charlotte 442 McKnight, Don 369, 539 McKnight, John 487 McLarty, Margaret 504 McLarty, Mike 257, 487 McLaughlin, Christi 487 McLaughlin, Terriel 487 McLoud, Douglas 520 McMahan, S. 301 McMahon, Craig 539 McMahon, June 504 McMann, Cathy 520 McManus, Kevin 487 McManus, Pete 323, 539 McMasters, Chris 257, 504 McMenis, Barbara 324, 504 McMillan, Ron 472 McMillon, Donna 418, 539 McMurray, Teddy 161 McMurtrey, Mark 520 McNabb, Hank 487 McNabb, Mark 539 McNair, Mike 396, 539 McNeal, Gail 487 McNeal, William 487 McNeil, Karen 539 McNeil, Mark 539 McNeilance, John 487 McNeill, Bobby 368 McNeill, Debbie 344, 539 McNulty, Mike 341, 504 McPherson, Kevin 248, 487 McPherson, Pam 487 McQuarrie, Marie 251 McQuary, John 265 McRae, Philip 539 McReynolds, John 520 McReynolds, Kevin 204 McSherry, Ginger 539 McSpadden, Donna 277 McVey, Pierce 487 McWilliams, David 539 McZuary, John 304 Meachum, James 487 Meachum, Karen 487 Meadows, Marty 520 Meadows, Mary 288, 290, 310, 311, 487 Meadows, Matt 272, 487 Meads, Denise 504 Meares, R. 308 Mears, Rebecca 262 Meazle, James 504 Meazle, John 261, 329, 504 Meazle, Rusty 329 Mecke, Stan 253 Medsker, Sheila 520 Meeker, John 280, 487 Meeker, John 280, 487 MeGee, Tom 504 Meldrum, Bryan 520 Index 559 Melnick, Elizabeth 520 Melson, Kirklyn 253, 504 Melton, Linda 504 Mendelowitz, Amy 487 Mendenhall, Richard 539 Mermoud, Dale 259 Merritt, Gerald 487 Merritt, Jay 186 Merritt, Sara 321, 539 Mersch, Teddy 520 Metcalf, Holly 434 Metheney, Steve 368, 487 Metheny, Sandra 539 Metz, Charles 247, 287, 487 Metzger, Joseph 253 Meyer, Dan 308, 336 Meyer, Greg 336 Meyer, Jane 487 Meyer, Ron 184, 186, 539 Meyer, Wade Meyers, Daniel 487 Meyers, Dena 504 Meyers, Ed 321 Meyers, Karen 504 Meyers, Sharon 322 Mgonja, Andrew 472 Michel, Juli 333, 520 Micken, Katherine 487 Micker, Kathy 333 Middlekauff, Susan 539 Middleton, Bruce 487 Middleton, Christy 254, 286, 418, 520 Miker, Kathy 333 Milburn, Richard 539 Miles, Heather 251, 343 Miles, Mary 520 Milick, Betsy 418 Milks, Jamie 341 Miller, Alan 539 Miller, Alison 487 Miller, Audrey 442, 520 Miller, Carla 487 Miller, Cheryl 247, 257, 487 Miller, Clifford 520 Miller, Clinton 539 Miller, Deanna 309, 331, 520 Miller, Denise 260, 263, 275, 286, 288, 368, 371, 487 Miller, Dr. Raymond P. 106, 107, 110 Miller, Fay 281 Miller, Gene 520 Miller, James 520 Miller, Jeff 504 Miller, John 504 Miller, Kathy 247 Miller, Kelley 504 Miller, Kevin 255 Miller, Melissa 539 Miller, Merrill 504 Miller, Michael 487 Miller, Nancy 246 Miller, Oteeka 331, 520 Miller, Paul 396, 539 Miller, Terry 426 Miller, Toni 450 Miller, Valerie 539 Mills, Belinda 257, 520 Mills, Hugh 125 Mills, Melissa 539 Mills, Olivia 539 Mills, Richard 308, 539 Mills, Ronnie 539 Milton, Suzanne 520 Mincy, Jeff 539 Miner, Robert 539 Mingolla, Jacalyn 504 Minor, Clay 520 Minor, John 276, 520 Minor, Lynn 442, 487 Minstim, Lyn 322 Minton, Kelly 172, 214, 504 Minton, Patti 434, 504 Mires, Ann Marie 472 Mires, Peter 472 Mitchell, Brenda 488 Mitchell, Darryl 12 Mitchell, Gregory 488 Mitchell, Jeff 539 Mitchell, Michelle 504, 539 Mitchell, Vance 370, 396, 504 Mixon, Lambert 19, 414 Miyashiro, Ted 119 Mize, Ruby 539 Mohazab, Sherry 344, 520 Mohler, Peter 488 Moilanen, Lisa 521 Moll, Dudley 488 Moloney, Tom 188, 323 Mommsen, Sandy 504 Monaweck, John 396, 398, 504 Moncravie, Kathy 510, 539 Moncrief, Sidney 95 Monholland, Allen 504 Monney, Vee 256 Montez, Alex 264 Montez, Carmella 434 Montez, Ken 521 Montgomery, Cynthia 539 Montgomery, David 488 Montgomery, Judy 310, 488 Montgomery, Tony 262 Moody, Betty 331 Moody, Jennifer 539 Moody, Marc 504 Moon, Phillip 157 Mooney, Jacquie 321, 504 Mooney, Vee 454, 521 Moore, Carola 276 Moore, Ellen 252, 488 Moore, Harold 488 Moore, Howard 539 Moore, Jane 322 Moore, Jeff 248, 488 Moore, John 9, 539 Moore, Kimberly 286, 333, 521 Moore, Laura 488 Moore, Michelle 276, 504 Moore, Paul 329 Moore, Philip 472 Moore, Phyllis 247, 504 Moore, Randy 396, 504 Moore, Rebecca 521 Moore, Relanda 333, 521 Moore, Rick 246 Moore, Rochelle 521 Moore, Sandra 539 Moore, Teresa 521 Moore, Timothy 488 Moore, Tina 539 Moore, Tommy 472 Moore, Vance 521 Moore, Vancil 521 Moore, Wesley 488 Moorman, Brenda 504 Moorman, Katherine 539 Moorman, Terri 521 Moory, John 504 Mooty, Dr. Charlene 247, 249 Moran, Dorinda 539 Moran, Lisa 426 Moran, Maureen 369, 521 Morehouse, Mary 325, 539 Moreland, Lenna 539 Moren, Brian 521 Morgan, Alan 539 Morgan, Brian 488 Morgan, Diane 255 Morgan, Jennifer 256, 285, 488 Morgan, Mary 504 Morgan, Sara 521 Morris, Barney 247 Morris, Felecia 521 Morris, Gray 253 Morris, Harriet 251 Morris, Karen 366, 504 Morris, Mark 488 Morris, Melissa 342 Morris, Michelle 276 Morris, Neil 247 Morris, Rhonald 539 Morris, Russell 339, 539 Morris, Susan 488 Morris, Suzanne 539 Morris, Terrie 521 Morris, Vicki 539 Morrison, Paul 35 Morrow, Beulah 539 Morrow, Chris 370 Morrow, Ferdinand 325, 539 Morrow, June 168, 214, 434, 504 Morrow, Richard 539 Morsani, Jan 310 Morschheimer, Stacy 504 Morse, Mary 488 Mortar Board 286 Morton, Christine 540 Morton, Kathryn 264, 414, 504 Morton, Margaret 521 Morton, Murry 540 Morton, Terry 488 Moschner, George 504 Moser, Stacy 286, 521 Moshiritafreshi, Ramin 253, 488 Mosley, Margeanna 442, 521 Mosley, Mark 264 Moss, Gary 257 Moss, Michael 540 Motes, Mary 521 Mott, Joe 504 Mott, Michael 488 Moulthrop, Edward 488 Mounce, Velvia 540 Mouritsen, Dan 294, 297, 488 Moyano, Jackie 344 Mudford, Stephen 253 Mueller, Pam ela 249 Mullane, Shawn 521 Mulligan, Becky 344, 414, 521 Mullin, Anne 488 Mullin, Ronald 488 Mullins, Charles 488 Mullins, Karen 398, 488 Mullins, Wayne 246 Munger, Robert 488 Munnerlyn, Sandi Munoz, Jorge 488 Murchison, Stephen 488 Murdock, Mike 262, 488 Murphy, Blake 260, 275 Murphy, Mary 521 Murphy, Matt 521 Murphy, Maureen 540 Murphy, Regina 540 Murphy, Sabrina 540 Murphy, Sally 504 Murphy, Teresa 504 Murphy, Vickie 504 Murray, Debbie 284 Murray, Lucy 488 Murray, Monica 434 Murray, Nanci 472 Murry, John 340 Murry, William 472 Murtha, Carrie 540 Mustacci, Brian 521 Mutts, Brenda 478 Myatt, Doug 249 Myatt, Tim 540 Myatt, Tonya 540 Myers, Cornelia 504 Myers, Edwards 504 Myers, Nancy 286, 333 Myers, Steve 280 Nabholz, Melinda 540 Nalley, Doyle 488 Nance, Paul 505 Nance, Sheila 540 Narramore, Chris 521 Nash, Eugene 145 Nasre, Esfahani 472 Nassaney, Michael 472 Nations, Denise 505 Navin, J. L. 277 Naylor, John 521 Neal, Lisa 310 Neal, Paul 310 Neal, Rhea 488 Neal, Tawnya 521 Necessary, Jeff 488 Necessary, Jeffrey 505 Necessary, Mark 540 Necessary, Patricia 488 Neel, Eliot 521 Neely, Deena 450 Neely, Dorothy 488 Neer, Dennis 540 Neisler, Greg 540 Neiame, Margaret 540 Nelke, Lynn 324, 332, 505 Nelke, Stan 278, 488 Nelson, Alyson 521 Nelson, Billy 488 Nelson, James 302, 505, 521 Nelson, John 254 Nelson, Kristine 540 Nelson, Mark 340 Nelson, Michael 488, 505 Nelson, Stephen 521 Nesbit, Nancy 521 Neukam, Tami 454, 488 Neukranz, Jennifer 505 Neve, Tony 321 Newell, Robert 488 Newell, Tim 249 Newman, Kelly 521 Newman, Marcus 246, 505 Newman, Susan 442, 521 560 Index Jewsome, Abbie Gail 334 Jewstrom, Jeff 396 Jewton, Buddy 319 Jewton, Gary 265, 288, 290, 521 Jewton, Jim 265, 286, 488, 327, 521 Jewton, Melinda 398, 505 Jewton, Susan 280, 44, 505 Jewton, Tom 304, 488 Jgoi, Nguyn 246 Nguyen, Hien 488 Jguyen, Hung 488 Nguyen, Luat 488 Nguyen, Nam 540 Jguyen, Thu Van 488 Jiblock, Lester 488 ' Nichols, Kimala 276 Nichols, Robert 489 Nlichols, Rochone 315 Iichols, Ronald 505 slichols, Ruby 521 vJicholson, Billy 286 vJickell, Kim 521 Mickey, Sarah 489 vliedringhaus, Bill 264, 302 Nielsen, Barbara 505 Nielsen, Paul 334 Mipper, Scott 473 Mippoldt, Mark 473 Noble, Mark 473 Noel, Allyson 505 Noel, Melissa 540 Molte, James 505 Morcross, Helene 450 Nordin, Lisa 505 Norman, Dee 414 Norman, Eddie 473 Norman, Gwen 256, 276, 489 Norman, Mary 434, 489 Norman, Terri 277, 434, 489 Norris, Kathryn 450 Norsworthy, Thomas 505 Northcross, Libby 279, 343 Norton, Lisa 442 Norton, Lori 331, 521 Norton, Ricky 147 Norwood, Beverly 272 Norys, James 505 Nsonwu, Emmanuel 473 MSSHA 248 Null, John 521 Null, Richard 308, 489 Numley, Daniel 262 Nunley, Dan 505 Nunnally, Mary 473 Nunnally, Robert 489 Nunnelee, Michael 540 Nunneley, Joel 540 Nunthirapakor, Thakol 473 Nutt, Cathy 540 Nutt, Thomas 521 Nwankwo, Charles 473 Nwaykwu, Chukwyemeka 505 Nyaribo, Fanny 473 Nzeocha, Anthony 473 o O ' Bar, Robert 340, 540 O ' Brien, TJ. 341 O ' Conner, Bonnie 540 O ' Keefe, Gary 521 O ' Mara, Andrew 521 O ' Mara, Frank 188, 190 O ' Neal, Phil 505 O ' Quin, Morris 521 O ' Rourke, Catherine 505 O ' Rourke, Sean 308, 540 Oakes, Malinda 505 Obenchain, Edith 540 Ober, Mitchell 276, 521 Ocker, Ronald 489 Oden, Jacquelin 521 Oden, Johnette 304 Odglen, Glen 540 Odglen, Randy 256 ODK 521 Odom, Lisa 521 Odom, Shelly 214 Odum, Jerra 489 Offut, Marion 132, 246 Ogawa, Karen 521 Ogburn, Richard 540 Oglesby, Darrel Jr. 505 Oglesby, James 521 OGuinn, Gerald 540 Ohl, Matthew 505 Okonkwo, Raymond 489 Okwu, William 505 Olge, Mike 338 Olienyk, Ronald 334 Oliver, Juliann 489 Oliver, Melanie 489 Olivia, Sarah 450 Olmstead, Laura 505 Olsen, Cathy 521 Olson III, Arthur 521 Olson, Marda 521 Olsen, Wrenetta 251, 368, 454, 489 Omega Psi Phi 386 Oordt, Corine 505 Orcholski, Cheryl 183, 540 Order Of Omega 368 Ordonez, Ish 152 Orlicek, Kimberly 521 Orr, Anita 505 Orr, Randy 505 Osborn, Raymond 247, 254, 489 OSCA 254 Osing, Jerry 261 Oskouie, Reza 489 Osnamer, Mark 264 Ostberg, Gregory 505 Oswald, Otto 505 Ousnamer, Mark 341, 521 Overbey, Leslie 248, 368 Overbey, Scott 280 Overholt, Allyn 489 Overholt, Mark 264 Overholt, Sharon 264, 540 Overton, Connie 337, 540 Ovsnamer, Mark 521 Owen, Herbie 261, 489 Owen, Joan 521 Owen, John P. 122 Owen, Milanie 309 Owens, Alan 540 Owens, Beth 276 Owens, Carl 540 Owens, Cristy 505 Owens, John 540 Owens, Mary 505 Owens, Shelly 418 Owens, Vanessa 540 Owens, Wendell 505 Owens, Wendy 255, 343 Owings, Deborah 540 Oxenreider, Kim 454 Oxford, Brad 253 Oxford, Charles 115 P P.E. Majors 275 Pace, Daryl 521 Paddock, Liz 214 Padgett, Alice 505 Padgham, Charlie 473 Page, Diane 330 Page, Sisie 521 Painter, Hugh 281 Palmer, Sheilah 322 Palnick, Lazar 473 Panas, Mike 256, 505 Pangle, Pam 540 Panhellenic 371 Pankey, Debbie 540 Paracha, Ghulam 489 Parachute Club 264 Parapis, Darral 505 Parette, Charles 256, 505 Parham, Joni 434 Park, Cindy 247 Park, D. 276 Park, J. 302 Parker, Barbie 320, 521 Parker, Belinda 521 Parker, Charlotte 505 Parker, Davis 540 Parker, ' Edith 540 Parker, Lisa 505 Parker, Lynn 331 Parker, Pam 540 Parker, Ronald 473 Parker, Steven 521 Parkerson, Reed 264 Parkman, Sharron 521 Parks, Lisa 489 Parks, Zebedee 521 Parr, Ulysses 340 Parrish, Vera 540 Parson, De ' Anna 540 Parson, John 308 Partain, Cheryl 426 Parton, Laurie 414 Patel, Prafulchandra 489 Paterson, Tom 254, 505 Patrick, Becki 398, 505 Patrick, Gary 489 Patrick, Keith 278 Patten, Glenn 540 Patterson, Karen 418, 446, 522, 540 Patton, Gary 522 Patton, Holly 304, 430, 522 Paulissen, Jerome 489 Pauly, Mark 540 Payne, Becky 442, 489 Payne, Karen 522 Payne, Steve 253, 301 Paz, Judith 489 Peacock, Charles 254 Peacock, Ken 256, 369, 504 Pearce, Susan 414 Pearcy, Melissa 540 Pearson, Donald 489 Pearson, John 505 Pearson, Steven 540 Pearson, W. 489 Peavy, David 250, 278, 489 Peck, Kelly 318, 319 Peden, Cheri 297, 522 Peden, Lee 489 Pederson, Ronald 279 Peek, Noah S. Ill 247 Pelton, James 505 Pemberton, David 341, 489 Penabaker, Mary 434 Pendergraft, Yvonne 540 Penn, Richard 260 Pennings, Parker 256, 426, 505 Pennington, Amy 522 Pennington, David 396 Penson, Jeff 505 People, Susie 434 Perkins, Albert 489 Perkins, Jennifer 522 Perkins, Willie 489 Perreira, Connie 505 Perron, Kenneth 385, 489 Perry, Denise 489 Perry, Gabriell 337, 540 Perry, Joe 540 Perry, Lisa 522 Perry, Shannon 442, 522 Ferryman, Steven 505 Person, Thomas 505 Persson, Sara 284 Fertile, Jerry 323 Peters, Laura 522 Peters, Mary 418, 505 Peterson, John 540 Peterson, Keith 171, 172, 212 Petray, Jacque 344, 489 Petrus, Gary 522 Pettigrew, Nancy 324 Pettit, Allen 489 Pettit, Scott 505 Pevehouse, Christina 489 Pflantz, Viola 473 Phan, Chau 489 Pharr, G. Todd 261, 505 Phi Beta Lambda 276 Phi Delta Theta 450 Phi Eta Sigma 286 Phi Gamma Delta 444 Phi Upsilon Omicron 305 Philley, Renita 540 Phillips, Alan 522 Phillips, Bradley D. 256 Phillips, Catherine 522 Phillips, Charlie 264 Phillips, Danny 212 Phillips, Don 272, 505 Phillips, Douglas 489 Phillips, Jack 341 Phillips, Joe 522 Phillips, Julie 540 Phillips, Kevin 368, 489 Phillips, Mary 426, 522 Phillips, Sara Jane 309, 442, 522 Phillips, Steven 540 Phillips, Tanya 251, 540 Pi Beta Phi 420 Pi Delta Phi 252 Pi Kappa Alpha 424 Index 561 Pianalto, Chris 489 Pianalto, Rodney 505 Pich, Terry 522 Pickens, Ron 254 Pickett, Patti 256, 489 Pierce, Bill 157 Pierce, Carolyn 489 Pierce, Cheri 540 Pierce, Holly 310 Pierce, James 505 Pierce, John 505 Pike, Michael 246, 505 Pilcher, D. 301 Pilcher, Keith 278 Pineda, Alberto 278 Pineda, Luis 505 Pinegar, Douglas 540 Pinegar, Joe 254 Pinegar, Michelle 254 Pinkerton, Ronnie 338, 522 Pipkin, Tracy 540 Pippin, Suzanne 522 Pirani, Dennis 505 Pisaruck, William 489 Pitman, David 250 Pittman, David 218, 278, 489 Pittman, Sam 280, 370, 505 Pitts, Cheryl 254, 489 Pitts, John 505 Pitts, Robin 540 Placke, Eric 262, 286, 522 Plafcan, Maria 333, 505 Planchon, Harold 540 Plant, Leslie 414, 540 Plaster, Raetta 522 Plastiras, Anne 522 Plegge, M. Beth 541 Plemons, Linda 489 Plumlee, Karen 506 Plummer, Tanra 254 Plunkett, Tim 275, 506 Plyer, Teddy 326 Plyler, Phillip 506 Poag, Bob 246, 522 Poague, Jerry 341 Poiriez, Leeann 506 Polichronopolis, Joel 396 Polichronopolis, Roger 396, 541 Polk, Billy 275, 286, 489 Polk, Martha 489 Pomrenke, Mary 490 Pond, William 310, 490 Poole, Richard 522 Poorman, Lynn 506 Pope, Greg 123 Porez, Ann 442 Porter, Paula 506 Porter, Victor 490 Portwood, Joel 490 Post, Andrew 256, 506 Post, Annette 446, 541 Post, Elizabeth 522 Post, Eugene 473 Post, Jacqueline 284, 541 Post, Michael 506 Post, Thomas 506 Post, Tina 284, 426 Post, Vada 506 Pote, Joseph 541 Pote, Samuel 522 Potter, James 506 Powell, David 522 Powell, Ellen 522 Powell, Karen 342 Powell, Ken 123 Powell, Linda 308, 541 Powell, Maude 371, 490 Powell, Rachel 506 Powell, Rick 506 Power, Mike 247, 490 Powers, Charles 541 Powers, Michael 522 Powers, Robert 522 Powlick, George 473 Pownall, Terry 301, 506 Pratt, Darrell 490 Pratt, Jefferson 541 Premeaux, Shane 473 Prescott, Ann 426, 541 Prescott, Mark 490 Fresher, Elizabeth 490 Presley, Jeff 261, 308, 522 Presley, Margie 272, 434, 506 Price, Blake 396 Price, David 247, 259, 506 Price, Janet 426, 522 Price, Kendall 506 Price, Loyd 257 Price, Merry Tom 275, 490 Price, Ricky 522 Price, Tracee 522 Prichard, Charles 541 Prichard, David 490 Probasco, Kristi 522 Proctor, Laura 490 Proctor, Ron 473 Propps, Tina 286, 522 Prothro, Jill 490 Provancha, Cris 541 Pryor, Beverly 342, 343, 506 Pryor, Kathryn 309, 522 Ptak, Jerome 522 Puckett, Kevin 341 Pugh, Becky 430 Pugh, David 323, 522 Pugh, Susie 442 Putnam, Anne 506 Pulliam, Douglas 506 Pultz, Brett 264, 506 Purdy, Miguel 337, 541 Pyeatt, Gene 506 Pyle, Laura 434, 522 Q Quattlebaum, Alan 522 Quillen, Janis 506 Quilman, S. 308 Quinn, Cristy 522 Quinn, James 522 Quinn, Kelli 350, 490 Quinn, Kevin 257, 340, 522 Quinn, Luke 541 Quinn, Mary 506 Quinn, Paul 54q Quintana, Carlos 473 R Rabeneck, Alice 333, 506 Rabone, Chris 257 Rader, Bill 255 Raines, Maria 506 Rainwater, Virginia 506 Rainwater, William 541 Rajogopal, S 473 Rakestraw, Barbara 541 Rails, Rawleigh 541 Ralph, Nancy 490 Ralston, Linda 506 Ralston, Phillip 506 Ramage, Chuck 262,308 Ramage, Melan ie 541 Ramm, Mark 506 Ramoly, Brian 288, 522 Ramoly, Scott 490 Rampmaier, Paula 541 Ramsay, Louis Jr. 106, 110 Ramsey, Becky 541 Ramsey, Christine 522 Randall, Anne 309, 442, 522 Randall, Laura 434, 506 Randall, Leigh 280, 450, 506 Randall, Lyle 541 Randels, Dale 248, 506 Raney, David 541 Ranken, Kandy 418 Ranson, Allan 506 Rapp, Zanya 522 Rashid, Prof. Haroon 253 Raslan, Maher 473 Rasmussen, Fred 341 Rasnic, Russ 265, 304, 490 Ratcliff, Cheryl 257 Rateliff, John 473 Rathburn, David 490 Ratliff, Michael 541 Ratton, Joan 490 Raub, Laura 541 Rauh, Rick 257, 490 Rawn, Lisa 359 Ray III, William 506 Ray, John 541 Ray, Lynn 264, 506 Ray, Sharon 490 Ray, Shelly 541 Rayburn, Cynthia 522 Rayder, J.W. 370 Rayder, Julie 442 Razorback 288 Reading, Denise 541 Reading, Teresa 490 Reams, Billy 11 Reaves, Judy 276, 522 Reber, Kent 522 Rebsamen, Carole 490 Rebsamen, Susan 304, 398, 506 Recton, Jeff 396 Redd, Mike 263, 288, 289, 490 Reddin, Tom 490 Redding, Judy 323 Redditt, Chea 490 Reddy, Vasantha 343 Redus, Rodney 262, 308 Redwine, Stanley 190 Reed, Douglas 541 Reed, Elroy 506 Reed, Janet 506 Reed, Mary 541 Reed, Roy 263 Reed, Sherry 522 Reed, Suzi 276 Reed, Terry 541 Reed, U.S. 166. 171.. 174, 176, 177 Reeder, Van 541 Reeding, Judith 522 Reese, Lynn 490 Reese, Michael 541 Reeves, Debbie 255, 541 Reeves, James 280, 490 Reeves, Lori 344 Regains, Jennifer 418 Regan, Carol 490 Reid, Beverly 309, 506 Reilly, Kathy 255 Reinke, Stephan 490 Reiter, Jeanne 319, 323 Remerscheid, David 490 Renard, John 522 Renfro, Randell 312 Residence Halls 312 Revis, Janet 522 Reyes, Carlos 473 Reynolds, Daniel 473 Reynolds, Darren 302, 308 Reynolds, Glynda 506 Reynolds, Lisa 434 Reynolds, Melissa 522 Reynolds, Michael 329, 541 Reynolds, Richard 490 Reynolds, Vickie 541 Reynolds, Walter 341, 541 Reznicek, Mark 336 Rhee, Kirk 246, 281, 490 Rhoades, Johnnie 251 Rhodes, Gary 254, 541 Rhodes, Kim 332, 522 Rhodes, Lori 522 Rice, Lisa 522 Rice, Melinda 276, 490 Rice, Mike 336, 541 Richards, Deann 418, 522 Richards, Steve 256 Richardson, Ann 522 Richardson, David 522 Richardson, Gerald 336, 385, 522 Richardson, Kelley 523 Richardson, Linda 264, 454 Richardson, Sheila 541 Richardson, Wendy 541 Richesin, Chuck 327 Richmond, Billy 327 Ricks, Jeff 340 Ricks, Melody 442 Riddick, Edgar 304, 506 Riddick, Randal 523 Riddle, John 254, 541 Ridenour, Lloyd 506 Ridley, Deniece 334 Riester, Becky 246, 523 Riffey, Mark 294 Riggan, Doyle 523 Rigg, Debbie 257, 523 Riggs, Rebecca 490 Riggs, Robert 541 Rightnour, Lucinda 8, 324, 523 Rigsby, Stephen 340 Riley, Anita 490 Riley, Billy 506 Riley, Julia 490 Riley, Maureen 337 Rimmer, Jeanie 257, 344, 506 Rinnert, O.J. 114 Ripley, Roger 541 Rippey, Will 339 Ritchie, J. 506 Rittenhouse, Jody 193, 562 Index 506 Roach, Joe 341, 506 Roark, Kim 434 Robb, Debra 541 Robb, Tom 490 Robbins, Jo Ellen 541 Robbins, Mark 506 Roberson, Danny 523 Roberson, Nancy 276, 343, 541 Roberts, Bruce 506 Roberts, Dave 341 Roberts, James 253 Roberts, Jerry 541 Roberts, Pee Wee 340 Roberts, Randy 302 Roberts, Steve 123 Roberts, Suzanne 434, 523 Robertson, Carol 541 Robertson, Nancy 490 Robertson, Ronald 506 Robertson, Susan 541 Robinson, B. 301 Robinson, Barbara 332 Robinson, Barry 253 Robinson, Clark 523 Robinson, David 396, 490 Robinson, Dennis 490 Robinson, Karen 490, 523 Robinson, Mike 276 Robinson, Millie 523 Robinson, Otis 490 Robinson, Richard 490 Robinson, Russell 257 Robirds, Lisa 541 Robirds, Melissa 490 Robison, D ' Ann 523 Robken, Jim 45 Roblee, Julie 434 Rockenhaug, Jim 327 Rockenhaus, Adele 335, 506 Rockenhaus, Ginger 305 Rockenhaus, Marge 305, 490 Rockenhaus, Virginia 506 Rodgers, Bryan 491 Rodgers, Debbie 286, 506 Rodgers, Terrell 523 Rodgers, Tori 442 Roe, Jeffery 506 Roeder, Julie 506 Rogers, Barry 541 Rogers, Bob 305 Rogers, Cathy 442, 491 Rogers, Chuck 396 Rogers, J.C. 491 Rogers, Jan 333 Rogers, Janet 523 Rogers, Kenny 203, 204 Rogers, Kimberly 541 Rogers, Mark 321, 491 Rogers, Matthew 506 Rogers, Melinda 418, 541 Rogers, Michael 541 Rogers, Missy 333 Rogers, Robert 491, 523 Rogers, Rolsin 334 Rogers, Sheri 541 Rogers, Terry 523 Rogers, Tim 491 Rogers, Tom 256 Rogers, Trey 341 Rogers, Victoria 541 Roitz, Joe 322, 523 Roles, Marcia 286, 368, 491 Roller, Eva 523 Romine, Robert 506 Rompmaier, Rhonda 523 Ronan, Kathleen 491 Rooney, John 340 Roper, Diana 541 Roper, Leslie 418, 491 Roper, Paul 491 Rorex, Kim 256, 523 Rorex, Richard 473 Rorex, Terry 253, 491 Roscopf, Ann 473 Rose, Jo 129 Rose, Monte 541 Rosenthal, Brian 256, 325, 541 Roske, Gayle 257, 506 Ross, Mike 327, 336, 523 Ross, Sally 491 Rotenberry, Mike 257, 523 Roth, Paul 327, 523 Rothrock, Lois 491 Rothwell, Wendy 454 Rounsaville, Martha 491 Rounsaville, Ronald 523 Roussel, Jeffrey 506 Rouville, Marti 285 Rowe, Mark 523 Rowe, Regina 49q Rowen, Douglas 506 Rowland, Michael 319, 322, 523 Rowland, Paul 523 Rowland, Timothy 258 Rowland, William 491 Rowlett, William 491 Royal, Roger 541 Ruble, Russell 523 Rucker, Jeffrey 541 Rucker, Marilyn 506 Rudasill, William 541 Rudd, Tamara 541 Rudelis, Carl 523 Ruder, Russ 321 Rudh, Lotta 491 Ruehle, Gail 542 Ruette, Fernando 473 Ruff, Mark 506 Ruff, Rat 321 Ruggles, Donna 201 Ruiz, Raymond 334, 506 Rush, Carolyn 507 Rush, Mike 119, 264 Rush, Tim 339, 542 Rushing, Cindy 438, 507 Russell, Alicia 446 Russell, Charles 276 Russell, Charles 276 Russell, Connie 507 Russell, Eric 308 Russell, George 260 Russell, Keith 473 Rutledge, Eddie 246, 250, 278 Rutledge, Elliott 542 Rutledge, Jennifer 264 Rutledge, John 507 Rutledge, Karen 319, 335 Rutledge, Malinda 450, 491 Ryan, Archie 523 Ryan, Mark 507 Ryan, Maurice 507 Ryder, John 264 Rylee, Kent 523 s S.T.A.N.D. 270 Sadler, Greg 507 Sadnavitch, David 473 Sadnavitch, Susan 507 5AE 265 Saig, William 507 Salazar, Arthur 542 Salinas, Carlos 542 Salinas, Luis 491 Salinas, Miguel 247 Sallis, Lance 337 Salofano, Edwardo 249 Sammons, Gary 265 Sammore, Elizabeth 542 Sams, Mitchell 507 Sanchez, Libby 523 Sandahl, Locke 317, 523 Sanderlin, Donald 542 Sanders, David 256 Sanders, Debbie 138, 214 Sanders, James 259 Sanders, Jayne 277, 414, 491 Sanders, John 507 Sanders, Kenneth 491, 542 Sanders, Lori 305, 507 Sanders, Mark 253, 322, 523 Sanders, Nancy 523 Sanders, Ronald 491 Sanghani, Kantilal 491 Sanghani, Praful 280, 491 Sanghani, Premwati 491 Sanlicetinsav, Kemal 542 Sanner, Randall 542 Santifer, Jerry 542 Sapp, Terry 491 Sappington, Carol 491 Saracini, Susan 523 Sargent, Judith 523 Sass, Lori 446, 542 Satterfield, Buford 507 Satterfield, Cynthia 491 Satterfield, David 246 Satterfield, Keith 396 Satterlee, Vanessa 248 Sauer, Kim 247, 253, 265, 284, 286, 309, 523 Saunders, Debbie 507 Saunders, Parkin 523 Savage, Richard 491 Sawampihakdi, Damkirng 542 Sawyer, Deidre 414 Saxton, Mark 523 Scalet, Stacy 320 Scarborough, Marion 491 Scarbrougn, Bobbe 542 Scarsale, Joe 507 Schaefer, Angie 214, 523 Schaefer, Sharon 309, 507 Schaffer, Kevin 321 Schardt, Bob Qoey) 320 Scharfenberg, Leroy 491 Scharp, Jeff 337 Schedler, Cari 331, 542 Schemel, Mary Ann 286, 324, 523 Scherm, Tami 491 Schexnayder, Steve 286, 339 Schilders, Nedra 523 Schilling, Albert 337 Schimmel, Dale 320, 473 Schimmel, Gary 320, 542 Schlatterer, Lynne 265 Schleg, Carl 523 Schlesinger, Scott 280, 507 Schlessinger, Mark 260, 286, 368 Schmidt, Michele 324, 542 Schmidt, Pam 324, 507 Schmidt, Torie 523 Schmitt, Dr. Neil 250 Schmitz, John 507 Schneider, Judy 414, 542 Schneider, Sally 414, 542 Schneider, Sally 248 Schoborg, Kim 542 Schoolcraft, Celia 507 Schoolcraft, James 542 Schoolcraft, Joseph 491 Schoolcraft, Judy 256, 491 Schopp, John 542 Schoppmeyer, Susan 542 Schram, Mark 4785 Schrantz, Jeff 321, 507 Schratz, Lisa 491 Schreiber, Karen 542 Schreit, Anna 542 Schriver, Lynn 507 Schroeder, Geneva 507 Schroeder, Vicki 473 Schudy, Clinton 542 Schuldt, Andrea 542 Schuler, Harry 326 Schulz, Robert 542 Schupp, Robbi 523 Schutz, Keith 491 Schwartz, Larry 326, 340 Schwartz, Sandy 320, 542 Schweitzer, Ed 264 Schwindt, Magie 195, 542 Scier, Cynthia 523 Scoggins, Bill 542 Scott, Carolyn 214 Scott, Coy 339, 542 Scott, David 507 Scott, Diana 251, 542 Scott, Doug 323, 491 Scott, G. 301 Scott, Gaye 320 Scott, John 329, 507 Scott, Maureen 254, 491 Scott, Susan 304 Scott, Teresa 523 Scott, Tim 491 Scott, Trendle 491 Scroggins, Larry 340 Scroggins, Patrick 294, 296, 310 Scroggs, Kathy 491 Scruggs, David 542 Scudder, Julie 414 Scurlock, Michael 491 Seabolt, Emma 491 Seabolt, Katrinka 323 Seaton, Kathy 257, 507 Seay, Thomas 542 Secor, Douglas 542 Sedgass, Dana 255, 281, 507 See, Jack 542 See, Terry 326 Seeberger, Lori 542 Seidenstricker, Karen 426 Seifert, Marty 322, 507 Seifert, Matt 323, 542 Seiz, Denise 491 Seiz, Jon 275, 281, 286, 491 Selby, Frances 507 Sellers, Melinda 542 Selva, Mario 255 Selvidge, Terri 337, 542 Seratt, James 523 Seria, Rose Ann 334 Serret, Pat 199, 210 Index 563 Sessions, F. 491 Severs, Cynthia 523 Seward, Debby 331, 507 Seward, Tim 321 Sewell, Lesley 491 Sexton, Jeff 341 Sexton, Lance 507 Sexton, Stephen Allen 264 Seyyed, Fazal 473 Shackwens, Joe 323 Shaddox, Clinton 542 Shadoin, Alan 523 Shafezadeh, Darlush 249 Shaffer, Deena 343 Shambarger, Louis 265 Shannon, Jeff 132 Sharp, John 341 Sharp, Michael 492 Sharp, Richard 542 Sharp, Roy 247 Sharrell, Keith 284 Shaufner, Melissa 434 Shaver, Mark 523 Shaw, David 473 Shaw, Melissa 507 Shaw, Nancy 319, 337 Shaw, Tony 542 Shaw, Trisha 197, 201 Shelby, Robert 523 Shell, Charles 542 Shelton, Danny 325 Shen, Anthony 473 Shen, Patrick 473 Shepard, Sharon 492 Sheppard, Lee Ann 430, 542 Sheppard, Shelia 507 Sheridan, Joyce 492 Sherif, Abdurrazag 473 Sherm, Tammi 446 Sherman, Brent 341, 523 Sherman, Robert 492 Shields, Tim 542 Shingleur, Elizabeth 492 Shipley, Kerry 277 Shirey, David 492 Shirley, Robert 492 Shirrell, Franklin 542 Shitney, Steven 545 Shoemaker, David 308 Shoffner, Melissa 492 Shollmier, Brian 523 Shook, Michael 247, 260 Shooter, Lovana 507 Short, Bob 262, 322 Short, Steffanie 542 Short, William 507 Shreit, Anna 418 Shrepford, Jan 434 Shrum, Stephen 542 Shudy, Nancy 542 Shurum, Leo 123 Siebenmorgan, Diane 333, 492 Siebenmorgan, Doris 333, 523 Siebenmorgan, Tony 396, 523 Siebenmorgen, Michael 507 Siegel, Samuel 261 Siegismund, Charles 492 Sieglinger, Amy 276 Sievers, Lisa 344, 542 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 428 Sigma Chi 440 Sigma Delta Chi 310 Sigma Nu 432 Sigma Phi Epsilon 436 Silaski, Grayson 320, 507 Siles, Bernardo 523 Silzer, Robert 542 Simmons, Judy 442, 473 Simmons, Scott 523 Simmons, Shannon 542 Simpfenderfer, Mike 254, 542 Simpson, Dianne 334, 523 Simpson, Gregory 523 Simpson, Kathleen 343, 507 Simpson, Sally 492 Sims, Brenda 507 Sims, Judy 257 Sims, Mary Beth 286, 304, 343, 523 Sims, Natalie 492 Sims, Peggy 398, 492 Sims, Stepnanie 523 Sinclair, Mona 524 Singleton, Albert 542 Sinha, Shashi 473 Sinks, Leslie 321, 542 Sinks, Michael 524 Sinor, Elicia 235, 280, 309, 446, 507 Sites, Jerry 542 Sitlington, Billy 507 Sitlington, Sammy 524 Sitton, David 321 Skelton, Mark 542 Skinner, Patricia 342, 492 Skinner, Sara 492 Skinner, Vaughn 246 Skoney, Rachel 492 Skulman, Greg 166, 210 Sladden, Dr. Barbara 248 Slayden, Marshall 252 Slater, Douglas 492 Slesinger, Bobbie 434 Slimpickens, Sally 340 Slinkard, Toby 322, 542 Sloan, Sally 430, 507 Small, Diana 492 Small, Jeff 341, 524 Small, Marlowe 250 Small, Michael 542 Small, Randall 250, 278, 279, 507 Smallwood, Karen 492 Smart, C. Murray 118, 275 Smiht, Tracye 524 Smiley, Robert 315, 542 Smiley, Sarah 492 Smith, Ann 261 Smith, Anthony 543 Smith, Barbara 129 Smith, Brian 507 Smith, Carla 543 Smith, Carol 248 Smith, Carylon 507 Smith, Charles 260, 492 Smith, Colleen 524 Smith, Craig 253 Smith, Dan 337, 492 Smith, Danny 524 Smith, David B. 256 Smith, Debbie 201, 335 Smith, Donald 507 Smith, Gordon 473 Smith, Gregory 385 Smith, J. 301 Smith, Jacquelin 309, 524 Smith, James 355, 543 Smith, James 507 Smith, Jean 492 Smith, Jeff 543 Smith, Jo Dawn 324 Smith, Judy 524 Smith, Kathy 507 Smith, Keith 255 Smith, Kelly 247, 360, 543 Smith, Kevin 507 Smith, Kym 248, 492 Smith, Laura 442, 524 Smith, Lisa 309, 492 Smith, Mari 543 Smith, Martin 186 Smith, Nancy 473, 507 Smith, Olliemae 524 Smith, Pattie 343, 492 Smith, Perry 214, 507 Smith, Phil 264, 473 Smith, Randy 246, 249, 264 Smith, Rick 308 Smith, Robin 524 Smith, Ronald 543 Smith, Sandy 254, 280, 507 Smith, Scott 492 Smith, Shannon 369 Smith, Sharon 492 Smith, Sheila 543 Smith, Shelly 524 Smith, Sheri 524 Smith, Stanley 253, 492 Smith, Stephaney 524 Smith, Steven 492 Smith, Susan 446, 543 Smith, Terry 492 Smith, Tiana 543 Smith, Tina 543 Smith, Todd 543 Smith, William 492 Smothers, Teresa 524 Smow, Paige 507 Snadon, Shawna 322, 543 Sneed, Venny 524 Snodgrass, Kris 543 Snow, Blaine 331 Snow, Caleb 256, 524 Snow, Jami 276, 507 Snow, Melissa 507 Snowden, Alfrita 342, 343 Snowden, Christy 450 Snowden, David 543 Snowden, John 473 Snyder, Sandra 507 Sobbe, Jackie 418 Soccer Club 249 Sokora, Bonnie 119, 524 Solomon, Janet 543 Solomon, Karen 543 Solorzano, Adolfo 524 Solorzano, Gabriel 543 Somerville, Mason 265 Sorensen, Roger 492 Sossamon, Jennifer 543 South, Joyce 507 Spades, Mike 263, 492 Spahr, S. 301 Spainhour, Michael 524 Sparks, Amy 446 Sparks, Donna 524 Sparks, Kristi 524 Sparks, Mary 492 Sparks, Michael 524 Speck, Thomas 492 Speck, Tom 507 Speed, Drew 492 Speer, William 492 Speirs, Jim 334 Spells, Lori 543 Spence, Kevin 369, 524 Spencer, Cynthia 507 Spencer, Jerry 186, 492 Spencer, Samuel 492 Spencer, Steve 368 Spicer, Tom 246, 250, 492 Spicher, Forrest 507 Spickes, Donald 302 Spiers, Jim 543 Spies, John 254, 543 Spinks, Lou Ann 398 Spohn, Lisa 524 Spradling, Lisa 543 Sprick, Wallie 507 Spriggs, Debbie 442, 543 Springer, Mark 246, 492 Springer, Tish 450, 543 Springston, Marcia 492 Spurlin, James 262, 507 Spurlock, Bruce 264 Squyres, Monica 492 Srivihok, Anangnart 333, 473 St Denis, Don 543 St. Martin, Donald 492 St. Onge, Mark 254, 286, 524 Stachey, Timothy 543 Stacie, Sandy 430 Stadthagen, Mercedes 507 Stadthagen, Oscar 543 Stafford, Tammy 508 Staggs, Dana 543 Stahr, David 492 Stair, Stephen 274, 492 Stallard, Cecilia 337 Stallcup, Anne 309, 508 Stallings, Kirby 119 Stamford, Sgt. 300 Stamps, Jerry 508 Stancil, Sandy 524 Standridge, Brent 508 Standridge, Phillip 325 Stanfield, Carmen 473 Stanfill, Carolyn 493 Stanimirobic, Wally 249 Stanley, James 473 Stanley, John 280, 473 Stanley, Lynn 117, 246 Stanton, Greg 543 Stanton, Pam 343, 543 Staples, Stephen 508 Stark, Carla 473 Stark, James 508 Stark, Nan 493 Starker, Susan 474 Staten, Kevin 280, 508 Staudt, Michael 493 Stebbins, Robert 493 Stecks, Lisa 493 Steed, Stephen 294, 296, 507 Steele, Douglas 524 Steele, Frank 262 Steen, Ron 272, 508 Steinburg, Carla 438 Steinsiek, Doug 265, 396 Stephens, John 543 Stephens, Mary 524 Stephens, Melinda 508 Stephens, Mongo 323 Stephens, Randy 275 Stephens, Robin 426, 543 Stephenson, Prof. Stanley E. 253 Stepp, Debbie 322 Stepp, Debra 543 564 Index Stern, Stacey 398 Steward, Ron 336, 543 Stewart, Charles 474 Stewart, Larry 264 Stewart, Linda 524 Stewart, Norma 321, 543 Stewart, Randy 277 Stewart, Shari 277 Stewart, Thomas 493 Stidham, William 474 Stiggers, Gary 163 Stinnett, Steven 543 Stockalper, Margo 508 Stocks, Randy 281 Stoey, Chris 524 Stokenbury, Larry t24 Stokker, Bill 249 Stone, Cathy 188, 193, 543 Stone, Michael 493 Stone, Stephen 493 Stone, Timothy 493 Storm, Cecily 450, 492 Stout, Doris 508 Stout, Edward 508 Stout, Jeffrey 543 Stout, R. 301 Stovall, John 543 Stovall, Mike 340 Stovall, Robert 369 Strain, Ricky 247, 493 Strassle, Tina 246, 508 Strasters, Tim 543 Stratum, Virginia 508 Street, Julian 115 Streetman, Pam 321, 543 Stremel, Katrina 305 Strickland, Elizabeth 479 Strickland, James 493 Strickland, Kelly 474 Strickland, Mark 340 Strickland, Susan 493 Striegler, Carol 252 Striegler, Keith 252 Strode, Kathryn 543 Stroh, John 396 Strong, Ginger 543 Strong, Jacqueline 508 Stroop, Suzie 284 Strother, James 524 Stroud, Mike 524 Stuart, B. 302 Stuart, Libby 279, 325, 508 Stubenfall, Gary 327, 543 Stuckey, Fred 493 Studebaker, Susan 39-20 Studer, Angie 434, 543 Sturdivant, Lisa 324, 543 Sturdy, James 493 Sturkey, Cecila 450 Sturtevant, John 508 Sudduth, Kathy 508 Sulephen, Thomas 508 Sullenberger, Gale 113 Sullivan, Brian 256 Sullivan, Gregory 508 Sullivan, Kevin 349 Sullivan, Linda 543 Sullivan, Mike 246, 508 Sumrall, Donna 524 Suratt, Kathy 254, 277 Suskie, Lillian 543 Sutherland, Christy 508 Sutherland, Greg 543 Sutterfield, Jeffrey 543 Suwanakul, Sontachai 474 Swanson, Charles 474 Swartzwelder, Betty 543 Swearingen, Becky 474 Sweeney, Karen 337 Sweetin, Lee 246 Sweetin, Randy 359 Swofford, Cheryl 333, 508 Sydow, Marc 327, 543 Sylvester, Susie 337 T Tackett, Andrew 524 Tackett, Garland 327 Tackett, Geefus 327 Tackett, Lee 508 Tadlock, Bunyan 543 Tadlock, Lourell 524 Tadlock, Missy 321 Taft, Lon 508 Talbert, Cheryl 524 Talburt, Nancy 113 Talley, Coy 264 Talley, Tracy 543 Talton, James 286, 340, 524 Tannenbaum, Peter 508 Tanner, Christopher 278 Tanner, Scott 543 Tanny, John 508 Tapp, William 253 Tapperson, Craig 281, 326 Tate, Donna 343 Tate, Leigh Ann 524 Tatum, Terry 246 Tau Beta Pi 281 Tau Beta Sigma 257 Tau Sigma Delta 281 Taylor, Bobby 280 Taylor, Claud 508 Taylor, Cynthia 450, 508 Taylor, Dave 190 Taylor, David 323 Taylor, Deborah 543 Taylor, H. Cpt. 300 Taylor, James 543 Taylor, Jodie 524 Taylor, Joel 543 Taylor, Kent 218 Taylor, Lavader 508 Taylor, Lewis 21 Taylor, Malinda 331, 543 Taylor, Marin 286 Taylor, Martha 434 Taylor, Michael 543 Taylor, Patricia 524 Taylor, Perry 524 Taylor, Robert 474 Taylor, Robin 322 Taylor, Ronald 474 Teaster, Michael 543 Teeman, Kevin 524 Teeter, Mark 544 Teitler, Daryl 321 Tennison, Marvin 323 Terry, Candace 508 Terry, J. 301 Tesdall, Allen 508 Tessard, Michael 524 Thayer, Damon 264 Thayer, Janette 330, 344, 508 Theil, Brenda 360 Theriault, Martin 278, 508 Theta Tau 278 Thiel, Brenda 508 Thielemier, Cynthia 544 Thiessen, Anne 508 Thomas, Amanda 544 Thomas, Becky 272, 286 Thomas, Brooks 544 Thomas, Christine 249 Thomas, Dennis 474 Thomas, Elaine 280, 281 Thomas, Jeff 301, 544 Thomas, Kim 350, 544 Thomas, Laura 343 Thomas, Lisa 524 Thomas, Mandy 319, 337 Thomas, Mark 544 Thomas, Maria 544 Thomas, Phillip 508 Thomas, Reggie 203 Thomas, Susan 524 Thomason, Kyle 524 Thomey, Mark 278, 508 Thompson, Brenda 544 Thompson, Chanda 280 Thompson, Darren 286 Thompson, Joy 544 Thompson, Larry 286, 524 Thompson, LaSalle 171 Thompson, Mechelle 524 Thompson, Redell 524 Thompson, Robert 508 Thompson, Sally 508 Thompson, Susan 524 Thompson, Tammy 344, 524 Thompson, Thomas 280 Thompson, Tim 396 Thomson, Karen 524 Thorn, Gary 508 Thornton, Gary 524 Thorton, Donna 524 Thrailkill, Danny 474 Threlkeld, Kevin 247 Threlkeld, Lynn 544 Thrower, Sherry 319 Tilley, Absalom 544 Tilley, Mary 508 Tillman, Maria 193 Timmerman, Rosemary 544 Timmons, Elizabeth 524 Timmons, Max 508 Tindall, Sandra 474 Tinker, Brady 254, 544 Tinker, Stephen 544 Tinnerillo, Mario 330 Tipton, Ray 524 Titterington, Lyle 508 Tittle, Eugene 544 Todd, Karla 318, 322 Tolbert, James 138, 163 Toler, James 308, 524 Toler, Kimberly 508 Tolleson, Richard 144 Tomblison, William 474 Tomlinson, Gary 474 Tong, Kelly 322 Toon, Stephen 544 Torres, David 544 Tortorich, Carmela 544 Tougaw, Marc 508 Towne, lona 544 Townsend, John 317, 508 Tracy, Paul 544 Trammel, Tona 524 Treadway, Jackie 318, 319 Treat, Darryl 308, 525 Treece, Kim 544 Treimann, Cathy 323, 525 Treimann, Wally 310 Tribble, Alan 302 Tribble, Kim 257 Trimue, Jerre 525 Trotter, Sandra 309 Troy, Joan 251 Truelove, Larry 337 Trulock, Greg 525 Trumbo, Jay 544 Trumbo, Travis 544 Tucker, Connie 333, 508 Tucker, Leonette 331, 544 Tucker, Parker 508 Tucker, Ray 275 Tucker, Scott 39-69 Tudor, Kelly 544 Tudor, Lea Ann 544 Turk, Teresa 525 Turley, Gina 434, 544 Turner, Ann 369 Turner, Barbara 508 Turner, Bari 508 Turner, Beth 275 Turner, Chip 280 Tu rner, Karen 418, 544 Turner, Kathy 508 Turner, Kim 305 Turner, Laura 426 Turner, Len 508 Turner, Pat 257, 310 Turner, Ruth 544 Turner, Samuel 385, 508 Turner, Tesa 525 Turner, Tommy 369, 544 Turner, Vincent 508 Turnipseed, Clint 508 Tusinger, Jane 525 Twogood, Marilyn 252 Tyler, Mark 276, 508 Tyler, Renee 318, 335 Tyler, Vivian 525 u Uarkettes 285 Udeli, Anthony 525 Udoye, Henry 474 Underwood, Kathy 525 Underwood, Pamela 493 Underwood, Randy 304 Unger, Steven 493 Unger, Sue 279, 304, 342, 343 Union Program 272 Upton, Karla 493 Ursic, Barbara 493 Usukumah, Ime 544 Utley, Lisa 508 Utley, Roger 508 V Va De Wiele, Bob 525 Van Cleave, Don 544 Van Parys, Monica 508 Van Rheeden, Don 508 Van Zandt, Thomas 493 Vanable, Michele 544 Vance, Ed 305 Index 565 VanCleave, Don 308 VanCuren, Arlin 264 VanDament, Mary 544 VanderGriff, Ted 254 VandeVender, Julia 277 Vann, Rusty 310 Vann, Stuart 509 VanVeckhoven, Mollie 474 Vaughn, Janice 525 Vaughn Johnice 442 Vaught, Eric 544 Vaught, Kathy 544 Vdouj, Richard 525 Veite, Jana 426, 544 Venable, Pam 337, 544 Venable, Willi 321 Venema, Chris 494 Vernack, Sherri 474 Verucci, Mike 263, 296, 509 Vescolani, Fred 124 Vestal, Becky 442 Vestal, Roy 257, 494 Vestal, William 525 Vestul, John 308 Vick, Brady 254 Villarreal, Barney 544 Villines, Mary Ann 247, 333, 494 Vimzey, James 304 Vincent, James 494 Vincil, Roger 339 Vines, Cheryl 319, 322, 494 Vines, Linda 251 Vining, Naomi 525 Vinsant, Jan 544 Vinsant, Tim 321, 544 Vinson, Paul 253 Virden, Bart 509 Vitez, Michael 322, 509 Voekel, Beverly 544 Voight, Gordon D. II 256, 259 Voise, Ken 370, 509 Von Steen, Steve 122, 260, 266, 286, 368, 494 Vories, Earl 260, 281, 494 Vorsanger, Fred S. 112 Vose, Timothy 509 Vowell, Vicki 311 Voxx, Rene 544 Vu, Liem 474 w Wachter, Scott 494 Wadkins, Jesse 323, 509 Wagner, Beth 197, 201 Wan, Raymond 525 Wahlquist, Robin 509 Wai-Choong, Lee 276 Wainwright, Laurin 494 Wainwright, Roger 494 Walch, Glenn 396 Waldon, George 544 Waldren, Mike 255, 544 Walker, Anita 343, 544 Walker, Catherine 509 Walker, Craig 320, 525 Walker, Darrell 142, 144, 168, 171, 172, 174, 178 Walker, Darryl 527 Walker, Don 301, 494 Walker, Doug 332 Walker, Douglas 494 Walker, Jeff 544 Walker, Lisa 342, 509 Walker, Lucinda 509 Walker, Lynn 310, 494 Walker, Richard 544 Walker, Robin 446, 509 Walker, Timothy 509 Walker, Valencia 474 Walkingstick, Tamara 525 Wallace, Lewie 280, 494 Wallace, Phillip 509 Wallace, Scott 544 Wallace, Tamera 414, 544 Wallace, Terry 326, 340, 494 Wallace, Timothy 474 Waller, Kimberly 544 Wallis, Jamie 434 Wallis, John 525 Wallis, Liz 434 Wallis, Shari 544 Walsh, Charles 246 Walsh, John 525 Walsh, Lee 340, 525 Walsh, Pat 327 Walt, Georgiana 525 Walters, Danny 158 Walters, Johnie 337 Walton, Donny 525 Walton, Jane 544 Walton, Sheila 319, 334, 509 Walton, Trent 281, 322, 494 Wampler, Sally 294, 474 Ward, Dianna 544 Ward, Gina 544 Ward, Julie 319, 320 Ward, Mitchel 338, 525 Ward, Shyrel 525 Ward, Susan 509 Ware, Todd 544 Warford, Connie 320, 525 Wariboko, Clinton 474 Warlick, David 340 Warner, Christopher 525 Warner, George 525 Warnock, Dr. William 260, 278 Warnok, Mary 305 Warren, Andy 525 Warren, Edwin 509 Warren, Les 214 Warren, Lucinda 544 Warren, Otha 544 Warren, Rita 525 Warren, Robert 127 Warringer, Ted 255, 494 Waschka, Larry 396, 544 Washington, Booker 262, 308 Washington, Carrie 494 Wasseh, Carol 248 Wassell, Eric 525 Wassell, Mary 525 Wasson, Frances 494 Wasson, Karl 509 Waters, Alan 509 Waters, John 265, 509 Waters, Karen 331, 544 Waters, Tommy 247 Watkins, Chris 418 Watkins, Kim 494 Watkins, .Randy 525 Watson, Alan 340 Watson, Bruce 494 Watson, Frank 494 Watson, Garbo 286, 525 Watson, Jeffrey 494 Watson, Kay 525 Watson, Kelly 438 Watson, Larry 544 Watson, Lisa 286, 525 Watson, Marty 434 Watson, Nancy 474 Watson, Peggy 414, 545 Watson, Richard 494 Watson, Sheila 509 Watson, Terri 494 Watts, Alisa 430 Watts, Coralie 280, 430, 509 Watts, Gwenn 246, 247, 494 Watts, Montgomery 545 Wauer, Brian 509 Wean, Anthony 494 Weathersby, Steve 276 Weaver, Catherine 369, 545 Weaver, Mark 494 Webb, Kathleen 545 Webb, Linda 494 Webb, Vanya 430, 509 Webb, William 545 Webber, Demetra 494 Weber, Blake 525 Webster, Bryan Jr. 494 Webster, Kelley 341, 545 Weeks, Betty 545 Weeks, Claudia 494 Weeks, David 304, 494 Weeks, Jeanene 509 Weeks, Jeannie 368 Weeks, Lisa 251, 509 Wehr, Frank 368 Weidner, Lisa 454 Weigand, Glenda 342, 494 Weinstein, Steve 494 Weir, Don 285 Weir, Donna 525 Weir, Teresa 320, 509 Weisberger, Camille 494 Wei, Ho-Ching 474 Welch, Robert 509 Welch, Stacy 438, 545 Weldom, Robert 545 Weldon, Robert 494 Wellborn, Elizabeth 275, 288, 291, 368, 494 Wells, Beth 344 Wells, Elizabeth 525 Wells, Judy 525 Wells, Kendal 509 Wells, Kevin 340, 509 Wells, Sharon 295, 509 Welty, Liza 279 Welty, Timothy 278, 525 Wenger, Andrea 335, 525 Wengert, Major Paul 307 Wenzel, Dana 494 Werner, Christopher 545 Werner, Susie 442, 494 Wesley, Charles 494 Wesson, Neal 339 West, Janna 253, 322, 545 West, Melinda 525 West, Millie 257, 509 Westbrook, Brian 525 Westbrook, Greg 326, 340, 509 Westbrook, Lisa 494 Westbrook, Robert 545 Westbrook, Robin 418, 509 Westburry, Pollyanna 284, 509 Westerfield, Phil 545 Westerfield, Ted 545 Westfall, Anna 249, 333, 545 Westfall, Sharon 249 Weyer, Sarah 343, 525 Wham, Bob 334 Whatley, Kim 331, 545 Wheeler, Liz 344 Wheeler, Randy 494 Wheel is, J.D. 253, 281, 494 Whelan, Tim 545 Whisenhunt, C. 308 Whisnant, Robert 545 Whistle, Wade 247, 370 White, Amber 430 White, Andy 494 White, Brad 339 White, Carolyn 334 White, Charla 525 White, Cindy 13, 254, 309, 356, 446 White, Connie 247, 494 White, Cynthia 525 White, Diane 509 White, Eric 509 White, Greg 363 White, James 509 White, Joe 525 White, Karen 494 White, Lorie 334, 525 White, Magigor 304, 332, 509 White, Mamie 545 White, Ollie 304, 332, 495 White, Pam 418, 545 White, Scott 525 White, Shari 495 White, Teddy 396 White, Tracy 525 Whitehead, James 509 Whiteley, Lachelle 545 Whitenton, Carol 334, 525 Whitesell, Daniel 545 Whiteside, Stacee 254 Whitfield, Patrice 320 Whitfield, Susan 545 Whiting, Kelly 335 Whitlock, Gary 545 Whitlock, Joel 545 Whitman, Tracy 418 Whitmire, Jeanne 264 Whitsett, Duane 525 Whitt, Debra 525 Whittenton, Mary 474 Whittington, Elizabeth 495 Whitworth, Eddie 304, 495 Wideman, Randell 525 Widmann, Roy 474 Widner, Lisa 275, 333, 509 Wiesberger, Mark 495 Wiese, Kurt 252 Wilborn, Sherry 509 Wilborn, Y. 308 Wilbourn, James 509 Wilcoxon, Shelley 442, 509 Wilcoxon, Steve 545 Wilcoxson, Suzanne 334, 545 566 Index Wilder, Teresa 309 Wiley, F.C. 323 Wilhite, Allison 335, 525 Wilichowski, Sharon 371 Wilkerson, Cecil 495 Wilkerson, Dwayne 264 Wilkerson, Mark 525 Wilkins, Barbara 333, 545 Wilkins, Russell 509 Wilkins, Shanti 334, 545 Wilkinson, James 525 Wilkinson, Norma 333, Wilkinson, Susan 214, 495 Willard, James 495 Willet, Joe 94, 341 Willet, Susan 11, 296 Willett, Michele 545 Willett, Timothy 509 Williams, Anita 495 Williams, Chris 334, 434, 509 Williams, Cynthia 525 Williams, Deborah 525 Williams, Debra 426 Williams, Donna 367, 545 Williams, Elizabeth 495, 509 Williams, Frank 134, 509 Williams, Greg 509 Williams, Gregory 545 Williams, Gwyn 237, 495 Williams, Ima 545 Williams, J. Sgt. 300 Williams, Jack 106 Williams, Jackye 277, 525 Williams, Jay 474 Williams, Jeff 37, 55, 127, 295, 297, 495 Williams, Jeffery 525 Williams, Jody 527 Williams, John 329, 495 Williams, Joseph 545 Williams, Kathy 308, 509 Williams, M. Diane 509 Williams, Mark 260 Williams, Mindy 366, 526 Williams, Morgan 495 Williams, Robert 301, 545 Williams, Seth 495 Williams, Sherry 527 Williams, Steven 253, 495 Williams, Suzanne 414 Williams, Terry 294 Williams, Tom 119, 281, 495 Williams, Tyrone 545 Williams, Vince 545 Williamsom, Augusta 253 Williamson, David 545 Williamson, Joanna 321, 545 Williamson, Lillie 545 Willis, Betty 342, 545 Willis, Clinton 545 Willis, Lisa 545 Willis, Sheryl 495 Willis, Wayne 329 Willmon, Steve 526 Wilmoth, Gerald 526 Wilmoth, Kim 545 Wilson, Daron 338 Wilson, Diane 254 Wilson, Dr. Joe 256 Wilson, Dwane 301, 329 Wilson, Kay 434 Wilson, Kenny 340, 545 Wilson, Leslie 526 Wilson, Margaret 495 Wilson, Melinda 526 Wilson, Michael 474, 495 Wilson, Pattye 450, 474 Wilson, Piper 418 Wilson, Rebecca 320, 495 Wilson, Richard 341 Wilson, Robin 426 Wilson, Rosalind 495 Wilson, Sharon 545 Wilson, Shawn 545 Wilson, Tom 21, 495 Wilson, Valerie 526 Wilson, Victor 325 Wimberly, Gary 264 Winberry, Brian 262, 308 Winberry, Lisa 309 Winborn, Brent 285 Winborn, Susan 324, 545 Winemiller, Michael 250, 260, 278, 509 Wingert, Cheryl 256 Wingo, Cindy 509 Wingo, Kathy 320, 526 Winstead, Brian 509 Winstead, Christina 495 Winstead, Curtis 545 Winston, Sandra 545 Wise, David 545 Wise, Janet 526 Wise, Leanne 545 Wise, Rick 509 Wisely, William 474 Wiseman, T. 302 Wiseman, William 545 Wisner, Todd 253 Wiswell, Paula 324, 526 Witherspoon, Barry 119, 264 Witte, Robert 370, 545 Wodden, Tami 323 Wofford, Hallethia 526 Wolf, Christine 304 Wolf, Daniel 247 Wolf, Dwane 246 Wolf, Lowana 434, 545 Wolf, Peter 334, 545 Wolf, Shirley 247, 253, 324, 495 Wolfe, Christine 279 Wolfe, Timothy 262 Womack, Farris W. 112 Womack, Jacquelyn 495 Womack, Janis 250, 509 Womack, Jennifer 342, 344, 509 Wong, Suan-Onn 495 Wong, Voon 280 Wong, William 545 Wood, Charles 248, 255 Wood, Col. Douglas 306 Wood, David 545 Wood, Janet 247, 495 Wood, Lisa 322, 545 Wood, Nanci 286, 526 Wood, Teresa 286, 526 Wood, Timothy 545 Woodard, Lee 545 Wooden, Dirk 321 Wooden, Tami 526 Woods, Barney 262, 546 Woods, Dana 474 Woods, David 495 Woods, James 495 Woods, Kim 276, 546 Woods, Lola 495 Woodsmall, Amy 257, 526 Woodson, Laura 335 Woodward, Kendall 310 Woody, Darcy 426, 526 Woody, David 322 Woody, Jack 113 Woodyear, Marianne 450 Wooford, Boyce 340 Wooford, Hallethia 310 Woolsey, Benjamin 495 Woosen, Mark 320 Wooten, Ronald 546 Worden, Diane 509 Workman, Dane 546 Workman, David 509 Wormington, Rachel 474 Worst, Donna 414, 546 Worst, Lisa 495 Wrape, Ginny 430 Wrape, Mary 495 Wrape, William 526 Wren, Carolyn 442, 509 Wren, Sharon 495 Wright, Betsye 509 Wright, Beverly 510 Wright, Bonnie 526 Wright, Bryan 526 Wright, Cassandra 254, 546 Wright, Jon 254, 546 Wright, Judy 546 Wright, Larry 276, 510, 526 Wright, Mary 546 Wright, Orville 474 Wright, Ray 15 Wright, Rodney 260, 510 Wright, Susie 442, 510 Wright, Walter 474 Wurtz, Joe 255 Wush, William 542 Wyatt, Alan 495 Wyatt, Jim 246, 526 Wylie, Deborah 510 Wynn, Kathryn 317 Wynne, Debra 546 Y Yancey, Debbie 249, 331, 526 Yancy, Nina 510 Yandsick, Gary 526 Yar, Ahmad 474 Yates, Suzanne 371, 510 Yeager, Daniel 495 Yeager, James 546 Yeargan, Prof. Jerry 253 Yeatman, Dana 495 Yee, Joe 495 Yeunes, Elizabeth 510 Yluisaker, Kristi 320, 546 Yoakam, Penny 426, 510 Yongskulrote, Suree 474 York, Elizabeth 304, 333, 495 Yost, Babette 320, 526 Young, Alfred 255, 546 Young, Brad 302, 526 Young, Carey 301, 495 Young, Cynthia 495 Young, Darla 340 Young, Don 247 Young, Ellen 475 Young, Forrest 327, 526 Young, Gregory 495 Young, James 495 Young, Jeryl 495 Young, Joe 495 Young, K. 301 Young, Kelly 426 Young, Leslie 343 Young, Linda 495 Young, Margie 267, 277, 495 Young, Mark 121, 526 Young, Mike 13, 121, 166, 178 Young, Ms. Jane 307 Young, Steve 327 Young, Timothy 260 Youngblood, Leslie 304, 546 Younger, Rebecca 257, 526 Yowell, Rusty 327 Yufh, Jyh-Hua 510 z Zacher, Todd 204 Zadra, Michael 336 Zerman, Greg 370, 526 Zeta Tau Alpha 400 Zeuppe, Ed 321 Zimmerman, Donald 495 Zini, Christine 546 Zupanic, Susan 335 Index 567 Specs Volume 84 of the RAZORBACK was pre- pared by students of the University of Ar- kansas. Offset lithography by Josten ' s American Yearbook Company. Topeka plant. Copy and headlines are generally Palatino, Palatine Italic, Palatino Bold, and Palatino Italic Bold. Beauty pages are Lydian Cur- sive. Paper stock is 80 enamel. Trim size is 9 " xl2 " . Portraits are by Keen ' s Photography of Lubbock, TX. Press run is 3250 copies. Funding was provided through book sales, page sales, student services allocation, portrait rebate, and other fees. The RAZORBACK is published annually by the RAZORBACK staff with no ex- pressed relationship with the UA Journal- ism Department. The views expressed herein are solely those of the 1981 RA- ZORBACK staff and in no way necessar- ily reflect the opinion or attitude of the U A administration, faculty, staff, Depart- ment of Journalism, or student body. Credits Photography Barry Arthur 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 28, 34, 35, 40, 52, 54, 65, 66, 67, 68, 70, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 186, 187, 193, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239, 240, 241, 259, 260, 263, 264, 265, 266, 275, 278, 279, 280, 281, 285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 290, 291, 292, 293, 308, 345, 364, 369, 371, 394. Bill Bowden 11, 18, 19, 33, 34, 35 50, 51, 55, 64, 65, 98, 99, 100, 226, 258, 264, 268, 270, 271, 275, 280, 330, 336, 383, 384, 402, 403, 422, 423, 425, 431. Brian Ramoly 27, 184, 185, 189, 260, 264, 270, 280, 284, 298, 299, 305, 311, 314, 315, 317, 346, 348, 349, 350, 356, 370, 376, 378, 386, 397. JoAnn Goldman 36, 99, 101, 244, 245, 260, 261, 264, 267, 269, 276, 277, 278, 281, 284, 309, 324, 325, 342, 343, 368, 385, 412, 413, 414, 432. Carl Hitt 42, 43, 82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 272, 310. Charlie Fiss 182, 183, 190, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 201, 285. John James 132, 133, 134, 244, 245. Richard Widdows 51, 102, 275, 286. Melissa Brewer 277, 287, 344. Don Phillips 92, 93. Susan Willet 103, 365. Holly Pierce 55 Judy Montgomery 37 Elizabeth Wellborn 431 Rick Poole 102, 359. Paul Strang 176 Denise Miller 65 Photographs Unlimited 354-467 Thanks Susie Werner Cathy Cravens Judy Belt Dick Simpson Carl Hitt Debbi Miller Beth Jasper Mr. James Ezell Patty Clayton Sharon Bass Dennis Miller " cheer up lil fella " er The Mays Mom and Dad Proverbs 3:5 Copy Gary Newton 26, 29, 40, 42, 47, 51, 53, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 64, 67, 68, 74, 76, 78, 81, 83. John James 106, 108, 109, 116, 118, 123, 126, 130. Mary Meadows 48, 54, 70. Bill Bowden 33, 34, 91. Jeff Williams 37, 62, 63. Don Eldred 138-214. Tim Deaton 94- 103. Art Jerry Cooper Division pages Tom Kellogg Table Of Contents 568 Credits

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