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' as i960 ' as i960 lnteiA i Copyright 1980, University of Arkansas Board of Trustees. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission of the editor or the UA Board of Trustees. 2 1980 RAZORS ACK 1980 RA2ORBACK 3 4 1980 RAZORBACK Campus Details 5 r 6 1980 RAZORBACK Fall Scenes 7 8 1980 RAZORS ACK Weddington 9 10 1980 RAZORBACK Fayetteville Details 11 12 1980 RAZORS ACK Basketball 13 14 1980 Razorback Rest 15 16 1980 RAZORS ACK Football 17 18 1980 RAZORBACK Depot 19 20 1980 RAZORBACK Free Kitten + 21 22 1980 RAZORBACK Old Main Lawn 23 24 Buildings Buildings 25 26 Bloom Porch 27 28 Bird And Kids Ponies 29 30 Flowers Flowers 3 1 32 Fite Night Fite Night 33 34 Mural i Summer 35 Seven years of frustration ended when the Razorbacks beat Texas for the first time since 1971. The Horns scored first; but the Hogs matched them with a 28-yard touchdown romp by Gary Anderson. The Porkers took command of the game in the second half with a touchdown and a field goal. Late in the fourth quarter, Texas pulled within three on a fluke play. However, John Goodson ' s game-tying field goal was no good, and the Razorbacks ran out the clock. Coach Monte Kiffin exemplified the spirit of the fans when he tackled Jim Howard in a fit of joy. For the players and the fans, it seemed as though forever came today. Forever Came Today 36 Texas Game IP: or Texas Game 37 38 Oops! I Bike 39 L IT I 40 Sports Sports 41 I 42 Students Students 43 44 1980 RAZORBACK 1980 RAZORBACK 45 Magic is much more than rabbits pulled out of hats. It ' s wonder. It ' s optimism. It ' s a miracle. It ' s that essence in everyone ' s mind which advances clothes to right, food to exquisite, places to romantic, and people to beautiful. Magic is galvanizing attention when you walk into a room. surprising yourself with an extravagant emotion - like falling in love. spending money on flowers when you can ' t afford to. changing your mind when you know someone else is right, being naive about something, being idealistic about anything, wearing red on a rainy day. engineering a chance meeting, being rich and not looking it. being poor and looking rich, being confident and looking confident, giving away something you treasure, receiving something you really like, ignoring reality without being irresponsible, knowing when to say " Goodbye " , know ing when to say " Hello. " being becomingly modest, being both ambitious and tender, understanding that the fleeting moment is all. 48 Magic SUMMER l Gasoline hits 80C per gallon. The Razorbacks finish sec- ond in the SWC post-season baseball tournament. Gasoline hits 90C per gallon locally. The Razorbacks finish sec- ond in the College World Se- ries in Omaha, NE losing to Cal. State Fullerton in the finals, 2-1. Jack Haley, the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, died. John Wayne, who fought cancer as fiercely as the vil- lains he fought in the mov- ies, died on July 11 at age 72. Students arrive for another year of fun at The Universi- ty- Arthur Fiedler, the only con- ductor in the history of the Boston Pops, died of a heart attack. Vivian Vance, who played Ethel the wacky neighbor on " I Love Lucy, " died. The first hurricane designat- ed with a male name hit the gulf coast. The first Ford dealership, hand-picked by Henry Ford, folded. An off-shore Mexican oil well blew out and dumped oil on the Texas gulf coast. Rush SEPTEMBER George Meaney, president of the powerful AFL CIO, an- nounced his retirment effec- tive at the end of the year. Employees of bankrupt Rock Island Railroad struck for retroactive pay in- creases. Little River Band performed at Barnhill Arena. Six women were chosen 1980 RAZORBACK Beau- ties. The team picked to finish sixth in the SVC blasted Colorado State, Oklahoma State, and Tulsa in non-con- ference play. OCTOBER Pope John Paul II, who dis- played the charisma of a movie star, visited the U.S. ASG president Rick Reeves was impeached. Snow and the World Series hit the Northeast. Arkansas ' 20th straight vic- tory over TCCJ wasn ' t so ho hum. It took an interception and touchdown by Mike Massey in the final minutes and an Ordonez field goal with seven seconds remain- ing to squeak out a 16-13 win. Ish ' s three-pointer set an NCAA record for continu- ous field goals. Arkansas beats Texas for the first time since 1971. The nationally televised game ended seven years of frustration for the Razor- backs. Appearing on national televi- sion for the second week in a row, the Hogs fell to Hous- ton 13-10. Houston ' s win- ning field goal drive was highlighted by three non- fumbles. iv NOVEMBER ifer itai tar kins . ' 5 j " " Iranian terrorists took over the United States Embassy at Teheran holding 66 Americans hostage. It snowed. Following the Iranian propa- ganda that the G.S. was be hind the take-over of the Grand Masque at Mecca, Moslems attack the Ameri- can Embassy at Islamabad, Pakistan. One Marine and one diplomat died in the as- sault. Gas hit $1.00 per gallon. Kevin Scanlon, George Stewart, Greg Kolenda, Rob- ert Farrell, and Kevin Evans made AII-SWC, and Gary An- derson is voted offensive newcomer-of-the-year. George Meaney died. Eleven people were tram- pled to death when the crowd waiting to attend a ' Who ' concert at Cincinnatti, OH, panicked. Thirteen hostages in Iran blacks and women were released. DECEMBER Charles Bishop, president of the (J of A for 5V: years, re- signed for a similar position at Houston. The Rock Island Railroad was placed under the man- agement of the Kansas City Terminal, effectively ending the 128-year-old corporation. Gold hits the $500-plus mark. The Razorbacks began their non-conference season by narrowly defeating a slate of lesser foes before dropping to 6 LSU and 20 Mem- phis State. Oh, Boy! Finals! The Soviet Union invaded Afganistan. In response, President Carter announced a grain embargo and a pro- posed boycott of the Mos- cow Olympics. Arkansans toasted the New Year on Bourdon St. vi JANUARY Arkansas lost to Alabama in the Sugar Bowl at New Or- leans. America ' s hopes were raised and dashed many times over the release of the hostages in Iran. A major problem seemed to be the absence of a government. Vice President for Agricul- ture James Martin was named interim president of the University. Jimmy Durante died. A series of earthquakes hit California. Loan guarantees to keep Chrysler from folding were approved. vii FEBRUARY Six American diplomats un- dected in the Tehran embas- sy take-over were smuggled out by Canada. Comedian Steve Martin blasted Terre Haute, Indiana, by calling it the most no- where place in the country. " You can tell you ' re some- where when they show the newer commercials on TV. " Terre Haute ' s mayor re- sponded, " Well, excuuuse meeee! " Gold hits $870 per ounce. The Winter Olympics in Lake Placid opened. Before the closing ceremonies, G.S. ' s Eric Heiden had cap- tured all six men ' s speed skating golds, and the young American hockey team had handed the Soviet ' s top " amateur " team a crushing defeat en route to gold. The Razorbacks missed a chance to take the SWC four years in a row by dropping a late game to SMCI. The Hogs finished the SWC race one game behind A M. The Hunt brothers of Dallas were subpoenaed to appear before Congress concerning their involvement in silver rising from $8 an ounce in August to over $52 and then back to $20. re ke H viii MARCH Mt. St. Helens, a major vol- cano in Washington which last erupted one hundred years ago, stirred. Nearby areas, including Spirit Lake resort, were evacuated. The Hogs lost the SWC bas- ketball tournament final to ASM. Their performance was good enough for a bid to the NCAA ' s. U.S.S. Nautilus, the first American nuclear craft, was decommissioned. The prime interest rate hit an unprecidented 16%%. Olympian Jessie Owens and conductor Montovani died. The Mexican oil well which blew out in the gulf of Mexi- co last June was finally capped after spilling 3,000,000 barrels of oil. Rock Island Railroad ceased operations. APRIL The prime interest rate hit The prime interest rate hit 20%. Philosopher John Paul Sar- tre died. Snow! Eight servicemen died in an aborted rescue mission to free the hostages in Iran. A flow of Cuban refugees be- gan arriving in the Florida Keys. Slim Whitman, the most popular recording artist in England ' s history, became a big hit in America with a commercial of his All My Best album. MAY at - I Si i " -s The tennis team swept the Southwest Conference round-robin and tournament. The baseball team finished the SWC in third place but finished second in the SWC tournament. They proceed- ed to defeat ORCJ in the first round of the NCAA ' s. Mt. St. Helens exploded sending ash and 1,300 feet of its height over a five-state area. Eight were known dead and 98 were missing. Nearby Spirit Lake rose 600 feet primarily due to mud flows. Charlie Fiss graduated. Professional baseball play- ers almost struck. Jimmie Carter and Ronald Reagan wrapped-up their parties ' nominations. The Empire Strikes Back, a Star Wars sequel, opened to massive audiences. xi 1976-1977 Legionaire ' s disease caused mysterious deaths at a Penn- sylvania State American Le- gion Convention in Philadel- phia. Ohio Representative Wayne Hays resigned from the House under accusations of keeping his mistress, Eliza- beth Ray, on the House pay- roll. Swine Flu vaccination be- came available in Septem- ber. Former Georgia governor Jimmy Carter became the first Southerner to be elect- ed president since the War Between the States. The Hogs beat OSCJ the first time in three years. G of A coeds received athle- tic scholarships for the first time. After a protest by blacks, four blacks were added to the cheerleading squad and it was decreed that blacks would always be on the squad. The Tran-Alaska pipeline opened with the first 800- mile journey of oil to Valdez, Alaska. Razorbacks failed to win in November for the first time since 1958. St. Michael ' s Disco Alley, the first disco in Fayetteville opened to SRO crowds. Lightening bolts caused massive blackouts in the Big Apple. Extensive looting re- sulted. Frank Broyles and Darrell Royal resigned as head coaches at the UA-UT game. The announcement was the only action in the nationally- televised game. The Running Razorbacks won eight in a row before losing to Memphis State causing basketball seats to become precious in partially renovated Barnhill. Students no longer could flash at ID at the door to get in. The little guy from New York, Lou Holtz, resigned as Jets head coach to accept the top spot for the Hogs. U of A basketball hit the top 20 as Arkansas led SWC at- tendance. Sutton ' s Hogs took the SWC, won 18 in a row, and were ranked 6th before drop- ping to Wake Forest in the NCAA tournament. 26-2 sea- son. xli 1977-1978 V. Idas art stop Cfr the Btht 2 Arkansas initiated Houston into the SWC by trouncing the Cougs 34-0 in football. French became the official language of Quebec Prov- ince. Basketball seating in the Barn became " reserved " in- stead of " first come. " President Carter signed bills substantially increasing So- cial Security taxes and rais- ing the national minimum wage to $2.90 per hour. Elvis Presley died. The last German-made Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the line. First-year coach Lou Holtz suspended three starters just before the team flew to Miami to meet second- ranked Oklahoma. With All- America offensive guard Leotis Harris already out with an injury, bookies in Las Vegas refused to take bets on the game. 570 persons were killed when two Boeing 747 jet- liners collided on a fog- bound runway in the Canary Islands. It was the worst di- saster in air history. Arkansas rolled over OC1 in the Orange Bowl 31-6. (J of A finished the year 11-1 and 3. In comments about the game, Holtz said, " I ' m my mind, we ' re 1 .... Bring on the winner of the Dallas-Denver game (Super Bowl). " Many of America ' s favorite stars died: Bing Crosby, El- vis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, and Guy Lombardo. Sidney Moncrief graced the cover of SPORTS ILLUS- TRATED the same day the Hogs were named 1. A federal district court in Dayton, Ohio, ruled that high school girls must be al- lowed to compete with boys in all sports including foot- ball, wrestling, and other contact ' sports. Snow began January 10 and ended in March. The Orient Express ended 95 years of service between Paris and Istanbul. Over 900 bodies were found following a mass suicide- murder at Jonestown. 1978-1979 Gold opens the year at an incredible $225 an ounce. A major flood hit Little Rock leaving hundreds homeless and nineteen dead. Phi Mu, Phi Kappa Psi, and Kappa Alpha Psi were in- stalled at the U of A. Pope Paul VI, who served 15 years as the 262nd pope, died and was replaced by Pope John Paul who died one month later. Other deaths included Willie Messerschmidt (designer of the first production jet air- craft), Nelson Rockefeller (former New York Governor and U.S. vice president), and Victor Hasselblad (camera designer). The Razorbacks handed the ' Horns their first loss in the Super Drum. The ratification period for the proposed Equal Rights Amendment was extended. Pope John Paul II became the first non-Italian pope in 455 years. Diane Doucet became the first Cl of A woman All-Amer- ica with her mastery of the one-meter board. Evacuations and a state of panic occurred in the Harris- burg, Pennsylvania, area when radiation leaked into a containment building in a newly-opened Three-Mile Is- land nuclear power plant. A major history event took place when Isreal and Egypt signed a peace treaty. The Senate narrowly agreed to ratify treaties to eventual- ly turn control of the Pana- ma Canal to Panama. California residents over- whelmingly voted to cut tax- es by two-thirds despite warnings that needed ser- vices and 450,000 jobs would be lost. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the University of California Medical School discriminated against Allen Bakke because he was white. A crew of three Arizonans became the first men to cross the Atlantic in a bal- loon. The Shah of Iran was dis- posed and the Allaytolah Khomeini eventually took control of the country. Mass executions and a cut-off of oil resulted. Gasoline prices rose from March to May from around 60 to 119.9C per gallon in parts of Califor- nia. 1970-1976 When the decade opened, students were protesting the war, the draft, voting privi- leges, nuclear energy, and gun control among other things. The riots culminated in the shootings at Kent State. The Beatles broke up. Nixon visited the great Wall, signalling the first recogni- tion of mainland China since 1949. Inmates at Attica prison in New York rioted. A quasi-government corpo- ration, Amtrak, took over all U.S. intercity rail passen- ger service except trains run by Rock Island, Rio Grande, and Southern. Lt. William Galley was sen- tenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Vietnamise villagers at My Lai. Eighteen-year olds were granted the right to vote. The New York Times pub- lished the Pentagon Papers over objections of the White House. Terrorism struck the world most notably the Munich Olympics. Several Israeli athletes were killed by Arab terrorists. The OPEC nations decided to raise their prices for oil in the world market. Local gas- oline prices rose from 26.9C per gallon to over 50C per gallon in a matter of months. Year round daylight savings time and a drop in speed lim- its to 55mph were intro- duced. James McCord and four oth- ers were caught burglarizing the Democratic headquar- ' ters at the Watergate office building. Alabama Governor George Wallace was shot at Laurel, MD, while campaigning for president. WATERGATE. Lyndon Johnson died just days before the U.S. an- nounced a peace treaty with North Vietnam. Israeli forces drove into Egypt in an 18 -day war. Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned after pleading nolo contendere to income tax evasion charges. He was succeeded by Gerald Ford. President Nixon resigned. Streaking hit Fayetteville. Patty Hearst was kidnapped by Symbionese Liberation Army. New cars were produced with 5mph bumbers and uti- lizing lead-free gasoline. Gold sales to U.S. citizens became legal for the First time since 1933. Its price quickly jumped from the $35 an ounce mark. Vietnam fell to North Viet- nam. Fort Chaffee was opened to handle thousands of the refugees. Ships began moving in the Suez Canal for the first time since the Israeli Arab War of 1967. The ta da! Bicentenial. Personalities Farah Faw- cett-Majors, Arnold Schwar- zenegger, John Travolta, Mark Spitz, Cheryl Tiegs, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reyn- olds, Bjorn Borg, Pele, Olga Korbut, Peter Frampton, Bee Gees, Alex Haley, Secre- tariat, Woody Allen. Deaths Louis Armstrong, Maurice Chevalier, Nikita Khrushchev, Francisco Franco, Charles de Gaulle, Chaing Kai-Shek, J.C. Pen- ney, Charles Lindbergh, Agatha Christie, Jacki Rob- inson, J. Edgar Hoover, Pablo Picasso, Harry Tru- man. DKK5QN dik-sen n 1a: a distinctive strip offering diverse food, spirits, an entertainment b: an avenue frequented by pstudents, businessmen, profs, minors, i ' strays, field hippies, and their kids Dickson Street 49 DICKSON STREET r 50 Dickson Street DICK5ON STREET i Dickson Street 51 52 Bluegrass Bluegrass Bluegrass 53 Rush 54 Rush Rush 55 56 Special Olympics Special Olympics Special Olympics 57 58 New Orleans Sugar Town New Orleans 59 60 Stuff Same Ol ' Stuff Stuff 61 FQ3RUW1 OFM-CVWN 62 Red Eye Red Eye 63 64 Union Union In The Fail Union 65 66 Style _ Campus Styles Style 67 - 68 Style Styles 69 I ' d Rather Be Running - ' 1AL 1 70 Jogging jogging 71 EEVES INNOCENT! UN BLAND fT Writer nately 4: IS a.m. on fler nine hours and mtes of trial and Associated Student President James ;s was declared in- ges that he failed to nmer budget. the conviction was ist and two abstain- lirds majority was vict Reeves, ler, a law student, lief Justice over the ocialed Student ersus J.R. Reeves, h started shortly af- uesday, was held in II. nly to use evidence d tonight, " said ig statements of !hc i this, senators !iad ring their copies of ; Tr.iu-ler (o tin .ht in- d he (J.R K ipense n travel, small article-, rk study person, " he continued the nicnt. This is in e ASG code, gave rules for con- I. " To be eligible to debate or vote on a senator must be .imes, " said Slater, vants to question a .1 write it (the ques- ic prosecution and write down mo- iter. Advisory Commit- previously decided ansas Rules of d be applicable for witnesses will be ex- e proceedings until " Slater explained prevent a witness ' s icing influenced af- icrs. s then left the room inderzwaag made ements for the anderzwaag said the prosecution would first prove that Reeves adopted a summer budget, second that Reeves made over-expenditures and third Reeves was guilty of malfeasance, which is an impeachable offense. Vanderzwaag read the dic- tionary definition of malfeasance and explained it in a nutshell as wrong conduct interferring with official duties. Keith Watkins, also a law stu- dent, gave the opening remarks for the defense. " This isn ' t going to be a Perry Mason episode. As a result, (of this trial) Rick Reeves would live with damaging. ..(con- sequences), " said Watkins. " This problem did not begin when Rick Reeves took office or when former ASG president Mark Kinion took office hut with the constitution, " s.nd Welkins adding thai the constitution did no! set the months for the summer INNOCENT-Rick Reeves gets pat on the back after being found innocent. budget. Reeves thought July, August and September were the months included in the summer budget and others though! it was from May through August. " We ' ll show that the treasurer is responsible for the money " no reports were made all summer said Watkins, adding that Reeves had no way of knowing he over spent. " It boils down to what months are included in the summer budget, " concluded Watkins. The prosecution had as its first witness Senator Bobby Pryor. Pry or was asked to read a letter he had received from the UA Board of Trustees which stated that the board met June 15 and 29. Kinion, who was chairman of the Budget Review Committee (BRC) said he worked in a con- gressional office in Washington, D.C. during the summer. He said the BRC didn ' t approve anything over the summer. John Blair, chairman of the SAC, was the next witness. He said only the ASG president is re- quired to be here in the summer. Blair also said Reeves would not lose any privileges in a greek organi ation or honorary society if convicted. " We ' re not here to play games. Von Steen gave detailed infor- mation on Reeve ' s expenses for various summer trips. These trips included: a trip to Devil ' s Den on May 10-11 for a student govern- ment staff retreat; a trip to Lin- coln, Nebraska, June 1-4 for a workshop on university govern- ment (this was attended by Reeves and Mark Schlesinger); a trip to the Little Rock area June 20-26; a but to make a decision, " said Slater after a_nunian_ would allow arguments whether evid Steve V treasurer, w; appear and s on (he stand trip to meet with the UA Board of Duth shotgunned in JOHN WOLFE Bollon, 21, of Route I, Box s in " good " condition at :gional Medical Center after ie side with a shotgun on a r Agri Park about 10:45, rector of the Department of Tom Posey said Bolton, a js apparently s hot with a 16- gaugc shotgun using number-four shot, ai had wounds in his left arm and left upp chest. Posey said Bolton walked out to t highway where four Fayetteville Hi( School students picked him up and to him to the Washington Regional Medic Center emergency room. Posey said Bolton was shot about minutes before the students picked him u 57 " and it was not discovered that the wounds Von Steen said John B bought 240 binders for senatoi a cost of $449. The receipt fi this was presented as evidei The BRC was supposed to prove it, but no one knows did, said Von Steen. After Von Steen ' s testimon short recess was called. After recess the defense made a moi for acquittal. The defense said reason for this motion was prosecution had not preser enough evidence and " unless t have enough evidence, the deft does not have to def anything. " If aquiited, the defense wo not have to present its argurr and Reeves would be free from charges. Slater said for this motion majority vote was neec The motion failed to pass witr voting, for, 58 vol. one ahsiaining. Al ihis poini the trial. n of original O present in the bepi mg, were pi he roll vote, The defense then calk John Blair was the ( witness called and the defe said, for the record, that Blair considered a hostile viiness. Blair said il uas his perso opinion that parts of May, ; June, July, August and Septem were included in the sumn budet. Blair said SAC added I month of May to the budget. Scott Johnston, the m witness, and a member of S said he took no part in add May to the document. Reeves was the last witness take the stand. " In my opinii there wasn ' t a smooth transiti (from the last ASG president his administration), " said Reev Reeves said the fiscal bud) :30. Into the Sunset And so Rick Reeves is off to California and the presidential campaign of Senator Edward Kennedy. With the Chappaquidick tragedy, a law school cheating scandal, and less-than-perfect appearances before the television cameras, it seemed Kennedy had enough problems. Now he has Reeves. Reeves failure to make Associated Student Government (ASG) anything more than a Figurehead, seems to qualify him perfectly for the task of Kennedy ' s lifeless version of Camelot. As a parting remark, we want to point out the appropriateness of Reeves waltzing off into the sunset to revitalize the ailing Kennedy cam- paign. Reeves should be able to compliment Kennedy ' s losing with the ability he gained in dealing with his own humorous problems here at the university. But to Teddy, we just have one thing to say: " It pays to recruit your campaign staff carefully. " And as Rick Reeves will quickly tell him: " Things can always get worse. " rather than hayelteville Police or the Washington County Sheriffs office. fectk obl omits, oeclarM Kteres. Ht uU tic ou are staff meeting to get back In the uddl 74 News SG candidates debate, air views 1 PATRICIA MAY Stiff Writer sentation of minority in the Senate, the ticket md a clique in student :em were the major topics d by the audience to ed Student Government candidates during the londay night, candidate first addressed cnce with his platform. Douglas, candidate for :asurer, emphasized that the position isn ' t a " high ic, it is a job and an ef- .-rson is needed to fill the on Featherston. his op- iid she would like to see jnev given to A and B he said she supported a " oundation fund whereby ould donate money to be scholarships for middle- udents. Tom Demont, idential candidate, said ion involved the directing nitlees. The important e said, is to " distribute :nts fairly to the different factions. " He noted that nicalion has been a students don ' t know how or where to sign up for com- mittees or even that committees are open. It ' s ASG ' s responsibility to go to the students, he said. Beverly Matthis, also a can- didate for vice president, said the job is an administrative one. " Things are being run by a select few " she said, and should be opened up to the entire campus. Margie Young, the only can- didate for ASG secretary, said she believed apathy was a " very severe problem. " Young said she believed it ' s important for stu- dents to know how their money is being spent. More student imput is important. Paul Moore, one of the three Stete Douglas, candidate for ASG treasurer, presents his platform to the audience during a forum Monday night. Douglas is opposed by Shan- non Featherston (Photo h Jeff Price). reditation requires engineering facilities litalion requirements for Tollege of Engineering in- i estimated S26 million tion project instruction, cited in a l plan will probably begin ill of 1981. r acilities Planning and :tion Director Minor G. Jr. said an accreditation n the College had deter- ie need for new facilities c the needs of engineering by the Board of Trustees by March 12. " There are three or possibly four buildings involved, " Wallace explained. " The first step would be to renovate the existing Engineering Building. Second, we would construct an addition or a separate facility with the presnt building to form a complex in that area. " " An engineering research facility is also needed, which wouldn ' t have to be locatd on Research facility which could also be in that complex. " Wallace said money for the pro- ject would come from the state legislature, with partial funding from each legislative session. " We couldn ' t expect to get the entire sum at once, " Wallace ex- plained, " but we hope to get the first funds next January when the legislature meets. " Construction will begin when funds are available, according to candidates for ASG president, said he ' s " the best man for the stu- dents. " He said he ' s seen things from the student ' s point of view during his four years on campus. Moore, who ' s not involved with ASG, gave " one pervasive promise " to give his best for the students. Steve Von Steen, ASG presidential candidate, said he doesn ' t consider himself part of the " clique " now running ASG. The student government only has " so much power, " Von Stecn said, and added he has four main goals: to try to extend the transit system, to increase representation for minority students, to develop a better ticket policy, and to begin " organized " homecoming parades. Susan Hannah, also an ASG presidential candidate, said she knows the functions of ASG and has a " good rap-port with the ad- ministration " as a result of her work as ASG president since January. ASG " needs to be serving the students, " she added. Hannah also gave support to a student foundation fund. The groundwork has already been done and only needs to be in- stituted, she added. She believes the ASG budget needs to be cut. ASG doesn ' t need as much money as it was given this year, she ad- ded. During a question-answer period following the statements, the candidates for treasurer were questioned about cutting the budget. Featherston responded that she thought it would be good and noted that some organizations could be cut, Douglas said he would have to examine the budget first and said he didn ' t see any reason for a budget cut if the mor put to good use. Von Steen, who n. ASG treasurer, sai year ' s ASG budget and a S5.000 cut had mended. Questions from if pointed out that sevei groups on campus wit aren ' t represented in ASG presidential cant asked for their solut problem. Hannah said the stales that " living j represented and addei should stick with that Representation fron important, but man have complained that t already too large, she Von Steen compa more representatives l " Pandora ' s Box. " All Steen said he woulc mend it now. he sau look at the possibility re said he wou amending the constitut point, but added he did revamp the whole con The problem with I ball- ticket policy this lack of good public Hannah said. Stude know what the policy v was going on. she add Von Steen advocate- students " get out " of distribution of tickets, thai students should r in sealing policies. When queslioned " clique " in ASG, Von Moore agreed thai ma people will be " movin; lhal new people will b Hannah said she we know the senators sonally so they won ' t speak up. ted t! jght sti t rue an a St JAst nd d nneci are s. Click. Swish. Tappa, tappa, Uppa. Click. Swish. Tappa, tappa, tappa. ' What are you doing, Man? " ' Writing a guest editorial for the Traveler. " Really? What onr ASG. " ' Hoc, hoo. Ha, ha. Hee, hee. Snicker. " " What ' s so funny? " " Hoo. ha. Ha, ha, ASG, ho, ho. Hee, hee. " There is something unsettling about realizing what you ' re writing about is a laughing matter to some people. There ' s something even more unsettling about tearing the sheet of paper out of the typewriter and file-thirteen-ing it because you agree with them. Here ' s the dream: ASG. Associated Student Government, right? For the students, by the stu- dents, etc., etc. It sounds good. It should work; after all. we ' re young adults, right?. Here ' s the reality: would-be politicians following their cider ' s footsteps. Argueing. Squabbling. Petty games. Can anyone tell us what ASG has actually ac- complished this year? Or even last year? Did they stop bill 1064? No, the RHA did. Did they give us a nice ticket policy make sure we Chai Cit 20. .leased on their own ancc Mondu . Police said students weren ' t being given the shaft? No, as a mat- ter of fact, they even botched up selling the tickets. Did they, did they, did they. What have they done? Fight? Squabble? Oh yes, they did give us a new constitution. Where is it and when do we get read it? To vote on it? Hmmmmm. Do you remember the re-call petitions concerning Rick Reeves? I signed that petition not because I believed for or against Reeves, but because I didn ' t want ASG handling the matter anymore. I had lost total faith in their ability to do anything but fight among themselves. I just didn ' t trust them. And I still don ' t. Ut. Them. Chicago. Isn ' t that a hell of a way to feel about a government that ' s supposed to represent us? Stop and think for a minute. Do you want ASG to be responsible for something as important as voicing our views on the draft? I mean, really. Would you trust that responsibility to a junior politician? To a real politician? " Hoo, hoo. Hee, bee. Ha, ha. " you laugh. It seems to me that some pretty critical decisions having real effects on our lives are going to be made in the near future. And frankly, I don ' t think a lot of our ASG people are qualified to make them. We elect them because they ' re political science majors or pre-law students, practicing for the day they can become real politicians. But we never really thought they ' d do anything serious, did we? just thinking about their transcripts it ' ll help them out in tae future, right? Good for the good ol boys and good ol girts. But fun time is over. It ' s time to get serious and I want people in there who can do something, who are concerned and capable. And, buddy, when I say capable, I mean capable of organizing an opposition to the draft without getting hung on every fine point of parliamentary procedure. Do we want to hear " point of order, point of order " when the federates are measuring us for uniform sizes?. Hmmmmm. Why don ' t we hold new elections and do some hiring and Tiring with our ASG represen- tatives? " Recall elections, " you ask? You bet. " Revamp ASG?, " you ask? You bet. M a three-week period, said James Gibson, director of Housing. away students in the past who waited until June to apply for a As the wbHwr, she reed? ed a S300 cask award antf is eUgMe to in Ike Miss Arkansas and Miss Hack Arkansas Pageants this News 75 y is mis Dr. Charles E. Bishop announ- ced Dec. 17 his resignation as DA president to accept a position as president of the University of Houston. Bishop, who has been at the UA since 1974, will assume his new position around February 1. He rcpjaccsJDr,.. Phillip G , Hoffman, who resigned last Sep- lember after 19 years as president. By AMY GRAY Staff Writer and DEBBIE HUJSA U Government (ASG) Pres is missing from student had been originally in thi i for there were no records ley, chairman of the fund committee, could not oe ut. ficials were called by Dr. Charles Oxford, vice presi- ffairs, to investigate the matter last Thursday. Since lissing money has been recovered. Thomas Posey, " Public Safety and Public Information officer, said ie we aren ' t free to disclose where the money was vho said she gave Hailey her key to the locked loney was being kept, said as far as she knew there to the cabinet and that the other key was in Rick while he was ASG president. Hannah said Reeves elt the money wasn ' t safe in the office. : the investigation was underway he didn ' t feel he anything about the matter. When asked if he took i to the United Fund office, he said yes. When asked given the United Fund he said he didn ' t care to my further. jent of the United Fund ' s Board, said a goal was set iting the University in the latter part of October, but he records of the amount pledged. He said when the i in November, " We had expected more funds but ;ity hadn ' t met their pledge. " Martin went on to say dent was " too bad, because the missing money is imunity and because when people give to a charity :t that money to be give o the charity. " L Charles Bishop ' s Ust dy In tht office. He Is now ersity of Houston. AH that was left of Bishop or his y afternoon wu lib portrait (above). Photo by Jeff Price splits for California ed Student Government President Rick Reeves has University of Arkansas, the Traveler learned yester- of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. rora Little Rock, told the Traveler be would be leaving i. He said he will undergo training there to work for the residential campaign, i job be got through his resume Bis Hoffman, who resigned, ac- cording to the Arkansas Gazette, because he said the Board of Regents refused to accept his nominee for an interim chancellor at UH ' s downtown campus and thus, undermined his authority. In a statement to the Board of Trustees on Dec. 20, Bishop said critical needs on the Fayetteville campus include " the renovation of Old Main, the construction of a new engineering building, an addi- tion to Mullins library, comple- tion of the Plant Science Complex and the renovation of Memorial Hall and the Chemistry Building. " Enrollment in the five campus UA system grew from about 22,000 to nearly 33,000 during Bishop ' s administration, ac- cording to the Gazette story. During Bishop ' s tenure, new buildings were constructed on each campus, the largest private donation in the university ' s history was made and a statewide coordination of agriculture in- volvimg the merger of the research and extension programs at the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University was developed. 1 UA students cellent educatk Bishop. " My hope is t will feel that the to none.. .There (excellence), " h During the m highest accredit said, and is in r Bishop said he believed the vice president provost position approved last week for the Fayetteville campus by the Arkansas state legislature is a mistake. Designating the head of campus as a vice president will " place this campus at a severe disadvantage relative to other campuses in Arkansas, " he said. The executive administrator must represent his campus on many occasions that a vice president may not be eligible to attend, Bishop explained. The nine major presidential organizations throughout the country offer admission only to chancellors or presi- dents. " I ' ve neverseen a vice president at those meetings, " he noted. The applicant pool differs with the position, Bishop said. More interest evolves from a chan- cellorship that from a vice presidency, he added. The state legislature has voted down proposals creating a chancellorship for the Fayettevitle campus three times in the past, he said, adding, " I think that ' s unfortunate. " Bishop recently noted several key needs for the Fayetteville campus and reiterated his remarks. Of- ficials hope that $4.25 million will be released shortly to complete the renovation of Old Main. " Very much needed " office and classroom space will be available when the remodeling of the 100,000 square foot space (Old Main) is finished. Bishop said. A new engineering building is needed to replace the " very obsolete " old one, according to Bishop. The_ engineering building was built around the 1920 ' s and " won ' t lend itself to modern engineering. " A modern laboratory and classroomm building will be expen- sive (somewhere between $10 and $15 million), Bishop said, but renovation would be more costly and impractical. The administration ' s goal is to engage an architect by March to draw plans for a new building. Plans to remodel the chemistry building are being drawn, he added. Although Bishop admitted Mullins library is too small, he said he ' s also proud of the fact that 165,000 volumes were added to it during his tenure. He recen- tly approved an additional $400,000 to purchase books. Purchase orders will be processed as soon as Bishop ' s emphasis on research has helped the university gain research grants; grants have in- creased 75 percent in the two years. A resolution adopted by the UA Board of Trustees said Bishop had served " with great distinc- tion. " His presidency, it con- tinues, will be remembered for his " eloquent advocacy of quality. ..his humane cham- pionship of greater opportunities for minorities. ..his ability to bring diverse groups together in work- ing for common causes. ..his talen- ted and persuasive leadership in securing unprecedented increases in public and private financial support. ..and the spirit of cooperation and support he exem- plified. " Bishop, the 15th UA president, will receive $75,635 in his UH post. As the highest paid state em- ployee in Arkansas, he received $59,500 at the UA. Bishop, age 58, received a bachelor of science degree in agricultural education from Berea College in Berea, Ky.; a master of science in agricultural economics degree from the University of phase ot work on me riant sciences complex ana an administrative services building to house the com- puter now stored in Hotz Hall. Hotz should be retur- ned to the students. Bishop said. Bishop said he hoped the men ' s gym would be given to ROTC upon completion of the HPER building and that the women ' s gym would then be torn down " It isn ' t safe. " He restated the need for higher faculty and staff salaries. " I hope the university will be able to in- crease salaries 10 percent this year. " Raises of 15 to 20 percent are needed, Bishop said. The university isn ' t in a " good competitive level. ..above the assistant professor level. " he said. Bishop has no complaints about the Arkansas state legislature. " I think the legislature has been very good to us, " he said. " The university has fared very well. " Although the university doesn ' t always receive everything it asks for, " no one does. " " I have nothing but high marks for the general assembly. " Bishop said he hopes someonne will recognize the importance of the Fulbright Act (concerning scholarships), which, in his words, " probably promoted better understanding within the academic world worldwide " than any other act. The Fulbright Act has given hundreds of students a chance to study abroad, Bishop said. A center for international studies acknowledging that would be an asset to the campus, he said. Arkansas is somewhat isolated and such a center would " give us some visibility. " Key areas in the cen- ter would include international economics, law, politics and history, Bishop said. Bishop had no suggestions for student govern- ment, but expresses optimism in the students ' ability to work problems out. UA students are " among the best, " he said. Looking over the panoramic view from his office window, Bishop said he would miss the hills in his Houston office. He isn ' t planning to entirely forget his Arkansas years he ' s taking his Razorback briefcase with him. 76 News 11 i Ha for t ociat nstiti last sAS | e pr sin a his had fthe nate C) ol , ove 1 CO tting t wit uoen the Biomass Center puts UA on the energy map B MELISSA I PCHIRCH Usrstni New. Editor Th.irtkN t. it ri-ts ever ro-eived. the I mav :der m (he dcvelop- i -illcrnjiL- lorms ot fuel for the future. t itrpor.iuon extended ;hc m ,t umMdcrablc grjnt of let. h r convening c into iMhjnol. The development of ihe !echnolog , which h,is hcen researched for 16 ;L- $9 millron when it jx iMvirn 10 the L ' niver- UJIUM The -X Jnd B wings ot the Animal Science building hjve hcen dcMpruied as the Un- ivcrsii of Biomjss Research Center, where the study of ethanol fuels is continuing. Dr. George H Emcrt. director of I he center, s.iid the UA was chosen b Gulf ( " or ihe grant over TCVJ-. or other schools because, " r-irsi. Arkansas is primarilv an jgncullural slate and second because ihere is ample water for clectncii . We are using municipal solid wastes, forst products wastes and agricultural wastes in this technology We chose Arkansas because tl is easv to get these feedstocks here. " DEVELOPING Emert pointed out that although the University is running the Biomass Center, it will not be selling the products or using them for us own gain. " We ' re just in the business of developing the know- how and making that available for others to use. Other compamcs yn unregistered owding campus irector of Tran- said the bus extended 30 low be from 7 p.m. Monday ,lso, the stop on jrear Pom fret ninated because , however, the om Pomfret on 11 remain as is. the vehicle said, " We feel ers of registered cope with un- .ire VI.T much mtcrsted in our research " One da% we had .ibciit 44 cjMs he Biomass Ccnier Toda I am jioing to meet with several representatives of a Brj ihan engineering firm. We ' ve heard from Hoover Oil and Suhurst Mining in Idaho. Our research center is putting the Urmcrsiiv. r-avettcville and the state of Arkansas m ihe public c e on ihc map. " bmert said j Although the Biomass Center Je.iK wnh alcohol products, it docs not produce gasohoi. " What we base is the same chemical. ethanol, but we ' re developing the methods of getting the ethanol. " Emcrt explained. A UA press services release quoted Emcrt in a report given before the National Alcohol Fuels Commission as saying, " Alcohol fuels, especially ethanol, can con- tribute to the countrv ' s energv sources h using domestic. renewable resources to extend supplies of high quality liquid fuels or chemicals. It is the only alternative fuel commerciallf " available now. and the only onl likely to be available in quantit before about 1985. " he said PR {TREATMENT Emert explained to thi commission thai the curren emphasis in the Biomass Rescarc Center is to improve the pretreat men! of cellulose-coniainin materials to increase subsequent conversion to ethan ol, to improvq the enzyme activity of thrives students access to the cellulose system, to prove enzvmjbus route. The Stop is and cast reocie. and most im- portamlv. lo serve as a catalvst for those industries which arc willing lo become equity partners in a 50- ton per da Jcmomtation plant. The proposed feedstock blend is per cent air i rd js municipal solid wjstcv .;nd 25 per cent pulp mill wjstev ! :he design assumptions jrt confirmed in a demonstration plant, these cellulostic j- be converted into 3,700 U.S. cations per day of high puritv 190- proof industrial ethanol based on an assumed overall yield per cent of theoretical con- version to cellulose in ihe feed to produce alcohol. Emert told the commission that projections of potentia 1 economics, as compared lo future projections for s nthettc alcohol from ethylene and in- dustrial alcohol from corn, in- dicate cellulose alcohol can become competitive with alternate resources of industrial akohol while using renewable low-cost waste raw materials. BIOMASS Kevt Giddinfs operates ate COMUWMS emzyme production apparatus, a pan of the Biomus Research carried OB ia Che Animal Science Center. (Photo b Hertk Owen) full ( 1 pla; s wit Bobb nd tl I senk SAC. by t) fc umm guil duett etna mov for tJ callir to t herU am a ;oven signc I uses scheduled start catching drivers of un- across the street and up a short registered cars as they enter the distance and " buses come around lots, and discourage the practice about every six minutes, " Scott said. Lots 72 and 73, on Razorback further through tickets, " he said Scott noted that there are some empty parking lots available to Road across from the Stadium, all-permit parking, which are are also all-permit lots and are not within one block of a bus stop. heavily used. A Green-route bus Lot 47, located across from the stop is across from these lots too. varsity track and near Nettleship Students may park in the church parking lot behind the West Avenue Annex on West Street. It is served by the Brown route, which goes by about every 12 minutes. Scott said plans are in the works for routing to be extended to the Reid-Fulbright-Hotz area, but that he must arrange a meeting with representatives of those dorms first to decide on the best possible places for stops. " The reason why we have bet unable to extend our routing the is because buses which come L Razorback Road are usually tc full to pick up more passengers Scott explained. Around the fir of April the university plans to a quire two new buses and a span Students wishing to get a cof of routes may pick, one up at tl information desk in the Union. U S gives $1 million for Biomass y to add classes for nester has been set i. according to Joan the office of the will be the last day to drop a course ing a WP (withdraw or a WF (withdraw It will also be the ange from receiving vne to auditing the e drop deadline is ndr for Arpril 25. be May 5. The United States Departments of Energy and Agriculture will provide a grant of $1, 000,000 to construct a laboratory and office building for the new Biomass Research Center on the Fayet- teville campus, it was announced by Congressman Bill Alexander in Washington, D.C., and President Charles E. Bishop in Fayetteville. Ihe building will be used primarily to house more than J3,000,000 in equipment donated to the UA Foundation last sum- mer by Gulf Oil Corporation, which also turned over to the Foundation its entire technology for the production of ethanol in creating alternati ve sources of chemicals and liquid fuels. The company also donated $500,000 toward the first year ' s operation of the continuing research being conducted on the biomass conver- sion process by Dr. George H. Emert and a staff of eight other scientists, all of whom were transferred from Gulf to the Un- iversity ' s new Center. The Center now is functioning on a limited basis with some of the equipment housed in Division of Agriculture facilities on the campus. Bishop stressed the importance of the grant in helping the univer- sity realize the potential of the technology donated by Gulf. He pointed out that construction of the facility will fulfil! a commit- ment he made to Gulf at the time of the donation that such a building would be provided. Bishop expressed special ap- preciation to Alexander for the congressman ' s work as a member of the National Alcohol Fuels Commission in assisting the un- iversity in obtaining the grant for the Center. He added that the un- iversity also appreciated Alexan- der ' s continued support for the university ' s request for a $10,500,000 subsidy grant to operate a 50 ton-a-day demonstra- tion conversion plant for a period of two years. Last October, Alexander arranged a meeting between Bishop, Emert, Department of Energy Secretary Charles Duncan and Deputy Secretary John Sawhill to brief DOE officials on the conversion process and the state of development of the pro- ject at the university. The meeting also was attended by Frank Moore of the White House staff. " The funding for the project came out of that meeting, " Alex- ander said. Bids from architects are now being taken for the new building at the UA farm, which will have 16,000 square feet of floor space and will include laboratories, a classroom, and of- fices. News 77 Transit adding buses, maybe runs By LINDA PLEMONS Staff Writer Because the off campus transit system is so successful, two new buses will be added in either May or June, says Frank Scott, transit system coor- dinator. " We ' ve got the go ahead from (Fred) Vorsanger (vice president for fiscal af- fairs) and now it is up for bids, " said Scott. The specifications for the buses have been decided upon and now must be turned in to the purchasing office, he con- tinued. Although the cost for new buses can run as high as $100,000, Scott says they are trying to keep the cost down to around $40,000. The new 40 passenger buses will have two doors on the right side for entering and ex- iting and will be made ac- cording to specifications regarding such things as color, (Continued on page 4) Plaza, will be laid in front of Waterman le to ty ' sP sit n. rojec ting, ave t side he ni jlawr thos Hall. " JA transit proves success: only four days, the new pus transit system has proved succes ' sful. rding to Frank Scott coordinator, 2,000 stu- ode the buses during tion last Thursday and 2,740 n Monday and n Tuesday. use of the popularity of tem, some students are sassed by during peak : by full buses. most students are I with the bus system, j relieving them from the of parking their cars or I. in Integral part of univer- j. especially since ifs rank Chrristcfferson, UA tore, said. r Bill Speer says he is eased with the transit and plans to ride it fre- o beats fighting traffic sometimes futile search arking space near the m, Scott said. buses are scheduled to least every 15 minutes, traffic slows the buses, dded. iuggested students use king lots on Razorback 5 help alleviate the traffic n caused, he said, by Is still driving to campus, initial success is very encouraging, but some insist on showing their cars off and driv- ing, " Scott continued. And although there have been complaints, Scott said they " are trying to accomodate the majority, not the individual. We arranged the routes the best we could. " Three new stops have been added. They are at Center Street and West and Maple on the Brown route and Oak Plaza Shopping Center on the Blue route. Some of- the complaints made by students are that the buses need to be on a more ex- act schedule, they need to run past 5 p.m., some students are being passed by crowded buses and the bus does not stop near Reid Hall. " We need more buses. I ' d like to put three or four on the Blue route during peak periods, " Scott said. So far, he has determined that the peak period occurs bet- ween 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri- days. Although the off-campus transit system is new this year, it has proven Itself to be well worth the time and money spent. One rider was overheard to say that " the University should have done this years ago. " " I think it ' s going to work and law student, said. Freshman Seniors Virgie I think it ' s going to grow, " Scott Carol Echols said she rode it Gloria Johnson a concluded. Tuesday only because it was a " nice improverr raining. She got to class late venient and it b " It beats walking, " Dan Beam, because the bus was so full. Johnson said. See ' Grades, ' page 2 " IT ' S A MESSAGE FRM 1HE. SENATE THEY ' RE. RKOMMEN PRDWJTlOM TO O51NET RANKJ " 78 News Mrs. King to highlight SAW UY Force and eceived m- jiries since called for program, dcfinitedly of people according let of the ig people draft into ie think the Navy, t combat- ayetteville se in both s recently. UJS. Reed delivers the fatal blow to the Long horns :r ts g thre Rights movement alive, says King 8 L Cbt-er Coretu Scott King. n k of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.. spoke on the non-viotent move- ment of social change in America to come 325 people Friday Right id the L ' moo King was here in conjunction uh Black Awareness Week. Most of her speech was on the history of Ibe human rights move- was another aoo-vtotent move ment thai would make as great a contribution to this country as that had To the predominantly Mack crowd with a few whiles inter- mingled. King challenged each in- dividual to make an important comributkic to the advancement of the human race and oot Kmg quoted Horace Mann. ' mean the IB en Ml hat coded . -We vhould ail be concerned meat over the put 25 yean and " Be ashamed to d e unu] her UK husband ' s involvement. on tame victory for humanity " King said it was important to " To do toil, you have to know about the httion of the become involved :n struggle that black and loeir struggles, u a continuing one. " Ihe mid. Thefpaustinvoheaieixoftli.. Speaking of the demonstrations dcnu in Ike non-noleu roo e- in Ike lWs. ike laid everyone nan took place in I960. Hog renliand tkt knonne tken are no uid. She said she wished there bonun bang. " she said. That is the inter-rtiatednen of ovr tact. " After talking abow the Cm! Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. King said the not straggle was cconormc justice " If we have a right to survive. we have a right to have a job and to be free from poverty, " the satd. a stressed that people should IMC the leverage of the vote at the at . King dosed with the poem, " NfcMber to Son. " and a challenge far aB to -keep gotag and to keep cted for jury inder have drafted m would tional. ition is ex- ) million in id 1981. of lite yesterday morning. The trie) begin Monday with 70 prospeclire jurors called to Washington County Circuit Court for jury selection. V Rp charges were filed by Prosecuting Attorney Kin Smith the early morning Dec. 1978. incident at Wilaon Sharp mitory. ( " he prospective jurors were about their feelings on in- dating and sex. Other asked by the defense I and the prosecuter were: roes the prospective juror have a relationship with any witness or efendant that might affect his decisions on the case, and will the juror be influenced by the testirn- nony of a police officer because of the officer ' s position? Circuit Judge Paul Jameson stressed that the jurors should " retain an open mintf " and not be " nhjttttd to media expo-are. " The trial was postponed last year while defense lawyers sought a rehearing on a state Supreme Court ruling concerning the areas in which the alleged victim could be questioned. The request was denied. is beautification takes off at UA To give keynote address for Black Awareness Week Mrs. Coretta Scott King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., will give the keynote ad- dress during " Black Awareness Week " here Feb. 17-23. Her talk and the University ' s activities coincide with the national observance of Black History Month. She will speak Friday, Feb. 22, at 8 p.m. in the L ' nion Ballroom.Tickets are $5 for students, university faculty and staff. Other tickets are J7.50 each. More information may be obtained by contacting Pat Mackey at 575-5255. The week ' s activities are co- sponsored by Students Taking a New Dimension (STAND) and the Minority Programs Commit- tee of the Arkansas Union. King ' s appearance is also being spon- sored by the Resident Hall Association and the Associated Student Government. Other activities planned for the week include a talk by Dr. Robert Dickerson, Sr., a Pine Bluff minister. Music will be presented by the Christian Center ' s choral group, God ' s Creation, directed by Ronald Lee of Pine Bluff and the UA Inspirational Singers, directed by David Lawrence. During the week, students at- tending the University from Africa will present a drama en- titled " Africans in Motion. " Charles Pace, an Austin, Tex., ac- tor will portray the dramatic life of the young Frederick Douglass. The Spotlighters, a drama troupe from the University at Pine Bluff, will present a one-act play and John Barracuda, a performing ar- tist from New York, will present a special tribute to the life of singer, actor and dancer Bert Williams. Drive bet- i and Old plaza bet- id the Un- , | ot$ were fered for Tuesday s were the ng held to functional se of the Ss conduc- Some 100 persons, including administration officials, faculty and staff, and students met together in small groups to list campus eyesores and problems. Plans are, according to Keith Franklin co-ordinator of the proj- ject, to choose one of the top priority suggestions and work w ' tn university administrators to get necessary funding and solve tne problem within the year. ne problem areas discussed were many and varied. Besides the three mentioned previously, the suggestions included more park vic t et.iHv nf and bus shelters for the growing number of people riding the tran- sit buses on cold, windy and rainy days. More lighting, fewer cars and trucks driving and parking on university sidewalks and the debris left over from greek festivitiese were discussed. Joe Talley, director of Physical Plant, said he thought the biggest problem was the lack of respect students, faculty and the ad- ministration have for campus grounds. He offered as evidence the amount of litter and clutter on campus and the unnecessary worn trail thrnnoh oracc ?r oc campus beautification is a relatively new undertaking on this campus. Past beautification ef- forts include removal of tem- porary and old wooden buildings, straightening Maple Street and putting a park next to the greenhouse on Maple Street. The biggest problem the University faces and has faced in improving the campus is lack of money, Vor- sanger said. No money is given by the state legislature, or anyone else, specifically for campus beautification and as a result, the little money available has to be Registered nurses will be pre- sent in the Union for sickle cell anemia testing on Tuesday of the week. Thursday there will be a sale of arts, crafts and books. There will be a skating party at the Skate Place Thursday night. On Saturday (Feb. 23) at 7 p.m., the Miss Black University of Arkansas pageant will be held in the Ballroom. Karen Harris of Little Rpck, who currently holds the title is chairwoman. The theme of the week iu " Escellence Through Unity... Un- News 79 Iranian students agree with ends, not mea Embassy hostages probably in no danger say UA st By PENNY PIERCE Staff Writer Iranian students on the UA campus have a variety of reactions to the current control of the American embassy in Tehran Iranian students there. Most indicate that (he led no harm will coine to the Postages, hut have no idea how long the siege might continue. Early last week, a group of Iranian stu- dents gathered in the Union volunteered their ideas and opinions to the Traveler. Many voiced strong approval of the motive behind the takeover of the embassy while condemning the means used. They said that the main intent of the takeover was to draw attention to the intensity of the Iranian de- mand for " justice ' " foi the deposed Shah Mohammed Rcza Pahlavi, who is now be- ing treated for cancer in a New York hospital. AVENGE DEATH The strength of these emotions, stu- dents explained, is based on the Muslim belief in the need to avenge the deaths of the " thousandV ' reported killed by the As the crisis in Iran goes into its second week, Americans had better think long and hard about " buckling their belts. " This time, it ' s for real. President Carter has ordeied a hall to any further purchase of Iranian oil until the 62 Americans being held hostage at the American Embassy in Tehran are released. Carter and his aides in Washington have taken a stand of quiet diplomacy, but not without action. Carter has ordered all Iranians whose visas are not in order to be deported. Aside from this action and the oil boycott, there is really not much our government can do to secure the hostages ' release. We are dealing with a total anarchy, a state of no government. The Ayatollah Khomeini has no control over the mobs of people he claims as his supporters. He is nothing but a figurehead for the swarming rtiass of half-cra ed people who are virtually destroying their, country It ' s been said the Ayatollah has been backed into a corner by left wing stu- dents with Communist backing. He made no public comment until two days after the Embassy takeover. Do those terrorists realize what they ' re doing? It will take Iran years, even decades, to recover from the internal disorder its people have produced. Now the problem has become international. Must the United States always play nursemaid to every country in the throes of its development? What do the Iranian people think we will do it they proceed to shoot an American a day if the Shah is not turned over to them? It would be nothing for us to drop 20,000 troops on Tehran without declaring war. That ' s a mere technicality that can fae overlooked. With the present trend of sentiment, there ' s hardly an American who wouldn ' t love to see Iran simply taken over. Why, we could keep the oil and drive our cars all we wanted. All over the United States, Americans are waving banners portraying John Wayne and shouting " Nuke Iran. " Mohammed AM has publicly offered to exchange himself for the Americans being held hostage. He has said since he is a Muslim the Ira- nians will not harm him, and it appears Iranian spokesmen are consider- ing the offer. The Pope has dispatched an aide to Tehran to plead for the hostages safety. Even the Dalai Lama, the exiled Buddhist god-king of Tibet, sent word from India pleading for their safety, " as one religious man to another of his kind. " Which brings up the question of spirituality. There is a world of dif- ference between a religious leader and a spiritual leader. Do not mistake, the Khomeini for a spiritual leader. Mohammed was a spiritual leader; ' Jesus was a spiritual leader. History has shown that spiritual leaders are more often the persecuted, not the persecutor. (r-noto by Herbie Owen) Shah during his reign. Only when he is returned to Iran, to be tried and punished for crimes committed, can these people, who say they hate seen hundreds of their friends and countrymen shot down in the streets, be satisfied. These unofficial spokesmen said they felt certain that the hostages were safe within the embassy The takeover, they stated, is .more of a form of " loud objection " than a terroristic action by the students and will probably be resolved quickly. The rationale most often offered by these students for the justification of the takeover was that the U.S. had broken its promise to Iran by accepting the Shah after vowing not to. Acceptance of the Iranian " criminal " is in violation of international law under these circumstances and allows Iran an oppor- tunity to retaliate in a similar manner. The Arkansas Iranians didn ' t attempt to offer this as a complete excuse for the takeover but explained it as one reasonable argument on the militants ' side. The students carefully emphasi cd the clear distinction in the Persian eonsidera- lion ol " the American government and the American people. The two are separate en- tities within the minds of most Iranian peo- ple, they stated. Other Iranian students made this same distinction, indicating a fear and distrust of the American government while maintain- ing a great appreciation and belief in the American people. Some claimed the American intelligence and compassion as the attracting force behind the Iranian protests. They are counting on these characteristics to insure American support. Within the Iranian population itself, definite divisions are discernable. Some stu- dents vented loud pro-Khomeini support. calling for ihe Shah ' s red multiple deaths. Others. suggest the takeover may I by his government to delr; the complete failure of hh government. They agree Shah ' s regime was far loo attempt lo " wesierni e " Ir the religious leader Khom more disastrous. Both set? of countrymen dying at t leaders. BLAME U Some of the Arkansa suggested that the Aim was involved in the ; takeover. They claim th interests in Iran hav government obligated li Dr. Kenneth Baile professor in the political mem, denied any possih volvement of the sort dc Iranians. He said the " ri ihe gain " possible lo any ficial engaged in such in% Dr. Peter Vanneman, de political science, descrit- situation :ss ;i classic e ai He attributed the delay in fact that " no one is in cor " outrageous " break with has left American diplon situation. This lack of coi indicated, is the reason li- ter ' s slow, quiet diplomat " commendable course. Vanneman said the st took over the embass Khomeini support. " ( (Continued on pat It ' s official Fork out $70 mor for the spring seme The UA Board of Trustees voted Friday to approve a $70 semester t for state residents at all five UA campuses. This increase will be effeciiv. 1980 (next semester). UA President Charles Bishop said the increase was necessary to recov SI 1.3X0.000 lost in a five percent budget cut. University executive vice-president. Farris Womack said " a great de: went into the increase proposal and its effects on students Bishop said Basic Educational Opportunity Grants (BF.OG) would r half of the increase and the remaining $35 could be made up by the work on campus. He said one hour a week at about S3 per hour would pa Associated Student Government (ASG) President Rick Reeves said ev received work sludy aid, this income would be computed into the sludenl eligibility. " The last thinu the Board wants to do is put a hardship on the students the increase, " said Louis Ramsay of Pine Bluff, chairman of the Boar Bishop said the tuition increase would generate about $1.6 million. H I ' bnir needed $400,000 10 maintain accreditation and the College o needed about Sl. million lo keep its accreditation. Tuition ill be increased to S300 a semester for slate residents. Our c rales will be raised to S6I5 per semester. Part-time student fees will he in per semester hour. After the increase proposal was passed. Ramsay said the campus leade Iheir campuses well, but that a " iireal financial need arose and the 80 News Ar Vol. 80 mi To the Editor, I personally apologize for my positive vote for the present A.S.G. administration. If I had known their capacity of irrespon- sible action beforehand, they could not have pried my vote away from me. From the beginning of this semester, there has been a series of actions in our " student govern- ment " that have filled the newspapers, but not the needs of the students. This new complaint is made after a month of playing over an impeachment trial that seemed to be the work of petty jealousy. A.S.G. implemented a ticket polic that seemed to be about as fair as can be, in other words, first come, first served. However, numerous mistakes were made in the carrying out of the policy. The mistakes made were: (I) the leak- ing of the plan to distribute coupons on Saturday night; (2) the changing of the policy to allow the issue of tickets on Saturday morning; and (3) making people stand in line three times to receive their tickets. (One was the time for getting your name on the list for coupons, the second was for receiving the coupons, and the last was finally getting the long- awaited basketball tickets.) Mistakes are forgivable and un- derstandable to a degree, but these following in cidents are un- pardonable: I. Letting the line control peo- ple get tickets before the students in line, and (2) ASG officers receiving tickets ahead of the stu- dents that stood in line. The line control people knew as well as anyone else about the coupons being handed out in the manner that they were, yet they made no effort to secure the coupons. The line control people got Iheir tickets before the other students. True enough, the tickets were not all high priority seats, but those tickets that were hamled out prior to the distribution time deprived " regular " students that played the " waiting game " from receiving basketball tickets. The line control people could have (Continued on p ge 3) E citment and " spirits " abound among this float-building crew from Beta Phi. Sigma Chi and Phi Kappa Psi who are working in the Malczycki Distributing Co. warehouse. If you want to find out whether or not they had too much fun among all those suds or completed their work, tune in to the Homecoming Parade. ( Photo b Her- bie Owen i Season tickets sold out; many students irate Bj PENNY PIERCE -:udenl lickels for the 1979- 80 basketball season were com- plelcly sold oul by H:35 p.m. Sun- hours after they went on sale. Little Rock lickels are still available. The 3.700 student tickets were sold by the Athletic Department and Associated Student Govern- ment (ASG) Sunday afternoon in Bjrnhill Arena, in the same student-designed polio, as was used last ear. The tickets were distributed with priority seals go- ing first, on a " first-come, first- serve " r Parade schedule The 1979 Homecoming Parade ill begin Friday at 3 p.m. at the Ra orhack Stadium parking lot lot. All entrants are lo meet in the parking lot beteen 2 and 2:20 p.m. Attorney General Steve Clark. Li. Governor Joe Purcell. and Representative Paul Ham- merschmidl are some of the of- ficials cvpected to participate in the parade I he ROTC Color Guard, the rcc and Army ROTC drill team, .ind the Kadcltes arc some of the other groups participating m the escnt. her group planning their Homecoming acmitics for this weekend, is - Mmoritv Programs. -ding to Pat Mackey. com- mittee advisor, a hayride and a dance arc planned. The hayride is lo begin at about 6:15 Kriday nigh! and pick up nders alone the route. It will pass by Pomfrel Hall at 6:15. Reed and Fulbnght Halls ji 6:25 and the Union at 6:30. Riders will he served hot chocolate and doughnuts for a -mall charge at the Greek Theatre before the pep rally begins. After the pep rally, students will ride ' ihc campus for j while. l-.ilcr lhat nighl. a Little Rock group. Soul. Mind and Body will perform from 10 until 2 a.m. m the Union Ballroom. Admission is SI. 50 per per Students began lining up forlhe - early as Friday afternoon. Coupons resembling movie theater tickets were passed ASG to reserve Modems ' places in line, allowing the students lo go " !C back to Barnhill as their " turn " drew . The salts went well according lo Frank Broyles. UA athletic direc- tor " I think it ' s going fine, " he commented, as he aided in the dis- tribution Sunday afternoon. ' x: Harrison, head of the ticket distribution for the athletic department, quipped that (he kfikclbjll fans seemed " a little more frantic " than the earlier- season football followers, but credited the intensity with the priority system used in sales. However. LA student- seemed lo have j different opinion altogether One student said the crowd was " on the verge of a riot " at one point just before the doors were opened. Several students yelled back and forth with the line control students, at times making threats and charging them with unfairr V - SG worker. Lcs fcvits.who worked a 24-hour Mint with the vikrv denrribed one carlv of friction. According to him. three hundred coupons were dis- ng students Saturday morning and no: - day night, as was originally plan- ned. A " panicky " ASG member issued the tickets, without authorization, " as a favor " lo the crowds a eady assembled early Saturday morning Studer,- ing at midnight Saturday night found, to their apparent v! that they were alrejdy 300 " down the line. " A lack of pre-salc pc- anolher problem cited, was a direct attempt in avoiding such problems as just described, ac- cording lo Mark Schlesingcr. chairman of the athletic commil- lee within ASG Election effort fails : election for Associated Student Government I S( . dent won " ! he held. Mark Long, hejd of the ASG election commil- ice said tudcnts CJM IH1 c and _5? no oies in the November I election held to decide if a new presidential election ;IN wanted rn the students. A nruijorn) of es voie were needed, hut ont -1 1 . " ? percent %oted es, wh:le ?!O percent oied no. tons s;nd lhat the 4_U votes cast meant lhat levs than three percent of ihe student hodv voted Lone added that a lot of la students - . er 500 Mcnaiure of persons wanting a new presidential election was the reason for ihc special election last Tfionday. K tck Ree cv SG presiden I , vnd he didn ' t ihtnk the 4 34 oie was cr reflective of the whole student hodv " The good thine jhoul ti, (the election) was lhat it .fore ihc hiiskeihjM uckeis wtrrc handed oul. " said Ree ev People ill ha e lo hi a me somehod for the w;i the ikrket sales were handled. Reeve- sjid a mistake was made in distrihuting the nckcls. He added " doesn ' t do ,im cood. hut we ' re News 81 82 Beach Party Beach Party 83 84 Aggression Aggression 85 86 Hogeye Hogeye Marathon Hogeye 87 88 Commencement Commencement Commencement 89 90 Concerts nviissouRi rroTQ Concerts 91 ;ATE BROTHERS " " BOB HOPE LITTLE RIVER BAND 92 Concerts f HEAD EASI university theatre In their sixth summer, the Summer Theatre Company presented Carnival as their stock production, and three repertory productions titled Barefoot in the Park, Stop the World, and As You Like It. A summer production cast consists of dramatic Arts majors plus other students who wish to participate, and sometimes include community members. The theatre group finds sufficient talent in the Fayetteville area to hold a rating in the top five among Southern universities. Carnival consisted of a cast of 42. was directed by Pat Romanov. The choreography was done by Terri Brusstar and musical director was Roy Nastasi. A cast of 29 made up the production of As You Like It. The director was Thomas Jones, designer Rolf Carlson, and costume designe r Betty Blyholder. A play does not necessarily need a large cast to be a great success. The cast of Stop the World numbered 11. Thomas Jones directed, costume designer was Ellen Stubbs, and designer was Larry Buttler. Barefoot in the Park was directed by Kent Brown, scenic and lighting designer was Andrew Gibbs, and costume designer was Katherine Bonner. A majority of the summer productions were produced by arrangement with the music and dialogue material furnished by Tams- Witmarl Music of New York. An average university production takes from 1800 to 3000 man-hours exclusive of rehearsal time, which takes place every day for 5 weeks, from 3 to 4 hours of practice a day. With 3 to 5 productions per summer, rehearsal of one play may overlap with the r -n performance of another play. Llj 94 Summer Theatre Summer Theatre 95 university theatre As You Like It The Department of Speech and Dramatic Arts is the main producing arm of theatre for the U of A campus. With a balance of pure entertainment to classical productions, the Drama Department gives all a variety of performances. A renovation is in progress to insure quality productions for following years. The department has accumulated a full stock of costumes and properties after 30 years of operation, i, i i 96 Fall Theatre university theatre A Man For All Seasons Fall Theatre 97 university theatre Picnic 98 Fall Theatre university theatre Death Salesman Spring Theatre 99 university theatre Carmen 100 Spring Theatre i university theatre Pippin Spring Theatre 101 Front: Dr. Raymond Miller, Sr., C r. Jacqueline Douglas, Dr. Charles Bishop, Louis Ramsey, Jr., Diane Nolan. Back: Hugh Chalmers, Jr., Hall McAdams Jack Williams, Bradley Jesson, Robert Pugh, Dr. Charles Kemp. 104 Administration Administration 105 President Charles E. Bishop Upon his arrival in August 1974 when he assumed the presidency of the University of Arkansas system, Dr. Bishop spoke of a need to create a commitment to excellence. The creation of such spir it would be difficult in the state and the University. Before Bishop had left College Park, Maryland, a week, the UA faculty was already on the defensive. He had called them all incompetent or lazy. Many would be required to devote added time to research and writing. This meant added work to some and time away from students to others. Many students and faculty did not see this " excellence " come about in the five and one-half years Bishop was here. Many saw it just emerging as Dr. Bishop left for Houston. All agreed that he was sincere and did accomplish many things at the University - several new buildings, others renovated, some ready to rise, library expansion, increased salaries. Whatever people in this state thought of President Bishop, it will take years for his tenure to be fully felt. ; 106 Administration Clockwise from below: Charles Leone, Vice President for Research and Graduate studies; Fred V orsanger. Vice President for Fiscal Affairs; Farris Womack. Executive Vice President; Charles Oxford. Vice President for Aca- demic Affairs. Administration 107 Clockwise from above: Warren King, Internal Auditor; E.J. Donaubauer, Director of Development; William Hughes, Director of Information; Gordon Beasley, Vice President for Student Services. 108 Administration Clockwise from below. Merlin Augustine, Assistant to the Prsident; Ray Trammell. Legal Council; Julian Streett, Vice President for University Rela- tions; James Martin, Vice President for Agriculture. Administration 109 110 Administration Clockwise from above: Kenneth Cook, Assoc. Vice President; Jack Woody, Treasurer; Don Ousterhout, Director Research Sponsored Programs; John Carney, Controller; O.J. Rinnert, Business Manager; Paul Eddy, Registrar; Larry Matthews, Director Admissions; Eugene Buckley, Director Institutional Research; Thomas Dorre, Budget Officer: Frank Broyles, Direc- tor Athletics. Administration 1 1 1 A S i Is " Foundation College " No university can be significantly better than its College of Arts and Sciences, according to Dean John Guilds, who assumed the deanship this spring when Dr. Robbin C. Anderson left the post to resume teaching. Guilds is in the process of re-evaluating each department in the college and plans to target selected departments for national recognition. " Arts and Sciences has to take the leadership role in any university, " said Guilds. " It is Arts and Sciences that is responsible for setting the intellectual tone of the University. We are the foundation college, not a core as so often referred to, and must be built upon. " The College for Arts and Sciences is the largest college on campus, with approximately half the total curriculum in credit hour s, and teaches more than half of the total enrollemnt engendered. A main objective of this college is to instill leadership. Other goals include stimulating students to meet the challenges and demands that the professional world offers them. Arts and Sciences insures the quality of a liberal education and is the barometer of academic achievement. 112 Arts Sciences Arts Sciences 113 Diversity Highlights A HE The College of Agriculture and Home Economics offers basic courses in the physical, biological, and social sciences, mathematics, humanities, and communications, as well as in technical agriculture and home economics. The agricultural program offers courses in forestry, pre- veterinary medicine, agronomy, entomology, food sciences, and horticulture. Home Economics students may choose their major from six different curricula, which offer many options These include food and nutrition, clothing, textiles and merchandising, general home economics and education, interior design, and human development and family studies. Both departments cooperate with other colleges to allow students to expand their interests and specialize a business option is available, also a journalism option, and a degree program in environmental sciences that involves Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering. Research in Agri and Home EC is a continuing factor in Dean Glen Hardy ' s college. The first strawberry harvester was invested here; the original model is located at the UA agricultural farm. A chicken harvester has recently been developed. This machine moves through a chicken house and nudges sleeping chickens onto a conveyer belt, which transports them to a cage. Other developments include research to decrease pollution in area lakes, development of an efficient sprinkler system to grow rice, and a child development project, m 114 Agri Home EC Agr. Home EC. 115 Growth Marks BA The increase in enrollment the College of Business Administration has experienced in past years continues unabated. Since 1976, the undergraduate enrollment has risen 60 percent. Although the rate has diminished slightly, there is still a need for new faculty. Dean John Owen welcomes the opportunity to meet the challenge that this increased enrollment presents. " This is our second year in this new building and we will continue to utilize 100 percent of the building ' s physical capacity as we meet this challenge, " said Dean Owen. Two goals for this college include internationalizing the curricula for those students who wish to enter the international business world. Dean Owen said he also wanted to strengthen several areas of curricula. To achieve this, he has added seven new faculty members in Data Processing and Qualitative Analysis and in Finance and Management. The College of Business Administration has two outreach centers. The Biscoe Hindman Center for Economic Education performs an outreach function by offering continuing training to keep professionals abreast of the latest changes in successful management methods and techniques. The Industrial Research and Extension Center developed an economical model of Arkansas. Dr. William Darden conducted an Arkansas Household Research Panel that included 500 Arkansas families, and formulated economic trends from this survey. [3 116 Business Administration s Business Administration 117 Teaching Research Service Goals of the College of Education parallel the three main thrusts of the University: teaching, research, and service. Within these three categories, a student may specialize in programs such as counseling, rehabilitation, music education, agricultural education, and dance education. Curriculum is presented on the assumption that teacherd and other school personnel first should have a broad general education; second, that they should be master of the body of subject matter related to their chosen field; and third, that they should balance their previous education by taking professional courses to gain knowledge of the learning process, skill in modern educational techniques, and internship experience in realistic setting under qualified supervisors. The internship program in the College of Education is a vital part of the entire program. Area schools cooperate with the College to provide the proper student-teacher enviroment, and internships are offered in residence in Greece, Europe, the Near East, Asia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Bolivia. Dean Vescolani had this story from a foreign city participating in the intern program: In Athens, Greece there is an air conditioned bus, which picks up students and professors. Naturally, it had hogs painted on it. One day, a driver behind the bus honked and honked his horn until the bus stopped. This ' Okie ' got out of his car and said. " These damn Hogs are everywhere! " i, L 118 Education Education 119 Engine School Remains Research Oriented The College of Engineering is preparing to have facilities, faculty, and programming to accomodate 2500 undergraduates and 500 graduates. At a growth rate of eight percent a year, this goal should be realized in six years. The present enrollment is at 1664 undergraduates and 150 graduates. " If Arkansas is to participate in the Sunbelt movement, " said Dean James Halligan, " we must anticipate growth and make our students more aware of what is to come. " The Engineering Experimental Station provides access to new and novel technologies. Halligan said people frequently call the station with questions and the answers are always available. Priority is given to research that will be applicable to the needs of Arkansas. Research is an ongoing thing at the College of Engineering. Dr. Hamdy Taha is studying the infestations of the pine bee tle to determine the cost benefit analysis, and Dr. Donald Gilbrech is working on a solar rece- drying project. Dr. Arvid Myklebust is developing a solar still that will allow small farm operators to produce gasohol themselves. If need by, professors and students can even determine how well the Russians are doing their crops. Access to satelite photos is intended to track drainage and determine which trees are dead or alive in a given area. ,i i ' I 120 Engineering Engineering 121 School Strives For Innovation The UA School of Architecture offers a five year degree program under the standards set by the National Architecture Accrediting Board. Two programs of study are offered: Basic Architectural Design, and Landscape Architecture. A graduate program in Community Planning is also offered. " We are old and secure enough in ourselves to try innovative things, " said Dean C. Murray Smart. " We are turning out students with very good educations. It ' s time now to hold on to the good things we have and ' fine tune ' the school. In doing so, we can look for activities, courses and faculty to add something extra. " A research grant was recently awarded the school to study the possibilities of showing building presentations by film or vidio tape. Dean Smart said, " Still pictures just don ' t show building space properly. " Faculty within the school of Architecture are expected to devote 20 percent of their time to personal creative processes, [i] E ll 122 Architecture - ,- w . r ;, - - I ' - Architecture 123 All Schools In One The University of Arkansas Gra duate School is not following the national trend of dropping or holding the number of students enrolled. The UA Graduate School continues to grow and Dean James J. Hudson doesn ' t expect this growth to level off for another two to three years. " Regardless of enrollment, " said Dean Hudson, " quality will continue to be stressed. " The Graduate School office moved to Ozark Hall this year, and graduate registration will continue to be handled directly in the Graduate School office. Graduate assistantships are airs handled by Dean Hudson ' s office; they are included in his budget. Dean Hudson can boast he has 700 faculty members within the Graduate School. The secret lies in the fact that he borrows all of them from other colleges. " The Graduate School is the academic conscience of the UA, " said Dean Hudson. " Since I don ' t have any power I don ' t have to play the politics the other college dean do. " i, 124 Graduate Graduate 125 The University of Arkansas School of Law recently acquired a computer system that assists with legal re- search. First year students in the three- year Juris Doctor degree program are learning to operate the system, which will aid them greatly throughout the rest of their schooling. This years featured speaker for Law Week was Professor Dan Dobbs from the University of Arizona. Dobbs is a chaired professer at Tempe and an expert on torts in this country. Newly elected Dean David Epstein has just finished two books; one on debtor- creditor law and the other on business bankruptcy. Faculty members seldom need encour- agement to write. Dick Richards wrote a book on employment discrimination, and Steve Nickles already published a book on consumer protection. Other faculty have developed courses to teach basic lawyering skills that cannot be aquired in a regular classroom situa- tion. Office skills are taught and the dra- ma school participates in simulated court- room scenes that are videotaped. This enables the student and instructor to evaluate how the law student handles himself in court and how he works with an actual client. _! 126 Law Law 127 Newest School Most Selective 128 Nursing Cont. Ed. Awaits New Facilities Continuing Education 129 Air Force ROTC Col. F. D. Wood Commander 130 Military AFROTC NCO ' s ' C Air Force ROTC Non-Commissioned Officers: TSgt Larry Lames, MSgt Gene Gulley, SSgt Mike Dixon. AFROTC Officers Air Force ROTC Officers: Major Paul Wengert, Major Herman Cox, Capt. Gary Luebbers. Military 131 First Cadet Squadron Second Cadet Squadron 132 Military 30th Cadet Group Staff Air Force ROTC 30th Cadet Group Staff: Doug Acklin, Kathy Baley, Joe Abbott, Debbie Johnson, Brad Heithold. Arnold Air Society Military 133 Angel Flight: Row 1: Johnice Cross, Kathy Dobbs, Kim Danehower, Kitty King, Cathy Cravens, Pam Campbell, Elicia Sinor, Janet Lassetter, Suzanne Cooksey. Row 2: Blanche Lambert, Ann McKenzie, Leslie Basham, Kristen Seibert, Ethelyn Cosgrove, Mary Lynn Ederington, Honey Adams, Linda Joyce. Row 3: Raponia Graves, Dru Gammill, Becki Dinwiddie, Carolyn Davis, Beverly Reid, Billie Mayes, Laura Randall, Laura Hastings, Kathryn Norris, Vicki Hackler, Judy Rownd. Row 4: Mary Fox, Susan Talley, Denise Gordon, Valria Fells, Cathy Garrison, Liz Baxley, Coralie Watts, Leila Dodge, Rose Coleman, Pam Shapard, Anne Stallcup. Angel Flight Officers, Fall 1979: Front: Leslie Basham, Raponia Graves, Pam Campbell, Cathy Cravens, Mary Lynn Ederington. Back: Dru Gammill, Vicki Hackler, Denise Gordon, Kristen Seibert, Johnice Cross. Kim : . m,KK l 134 Military Angel Flight Angel Flight Officers, Spring 1980: Front: Raponia Graves, Kristen Seibert, Linda Joyce, Ethelyn Cosgrove, Suzanne Cooksey. Back: Dru Gammill, Vicki Hackler, Anne Staffcup, Johnice Cross, Leila Dodge, Coralie Watts. Angel Flight Initiates: Front: Blanche Lambert, Ann McKenize, Kim Danehower, Kathy Dobbs, Suzanne Cooksey, Linda Joyce, Elicia Sinor, Janet assetter, Ethelyn Cosgrove. Middle: Becki Dinwiddie, Beverly Reid, Carolyn Davis. Billie Mayes, Laura Randall, Laura Hastings, Kathetyn Morris, Parr Shapard. Back: Valaria Fells, Cathy Garrison, Liz Baxley, Coralie Watts, Anne Stallcup, Leila Dodge, Rose Coleman. Military 135 AFROTC Seniors Air Force ROTC Seniors: Joe Abbott, Lisa Haverkamp, Paul Scott, Tony Johnston, Pat Allen, Lionell Owens, Kathy Baley, Doug Acklin, Debby Johnson, Mike Tribble, Brad Heithold, Carl Nagel, Derence Fivehouse. Not Pictured: Mark Pozzi, Tom Simpson, Mike Rogers, George Holaway. AFROTC Juniors Air Force ROTC Juniors: Front: John Kidd, Jim Box, Ray Baker, Rick Hodson, Chris Tanner, Brian Morgan, Troy Caudle, Mike Murdock, Back: Roy Vestal, Rick Null, Bob Kirksey, Doug Muggins, Jeff Presley, Tom McGuire, Darrell Pratt, Bert Perkins, Don Kinsey, Demetrius Randall, Gene Tulberg, Howard Brandis. 136 Military Rangers Army ROTC Rangers: Brad Young, Karon Young, Gaye Scott, Cindy Young, John Chandler, James Smith, Daron Wilson, Barney Morris, Terriel Mclaughlin, Kirk liter, Doug Pulliam, Mark Scott, Dennis Stephens, Capt. Holt. Rifle Team Rifle Team: Front: Mark Benner, Mary Kelly, Debra Chauncey, Tim Jones. Middle: MSG McClendon. Back: Richard Hamby, Harry Perry, Nancy Rodgers, Kevin Lewis, Jeff Me Collum, Maureen Riley. Military 137 The Big Five army rote takes the classes out of the classroom r v L I marksmanship backpacking. $ j 138 Military Fall activities for the ROTC Department included a obstacle course at Fort Sill for the MSN ' s, Kadette tapping, Hog calling at the dining-in, a survival meal, the first fall meeting, and a helecopter ride the only way to fly. Military 139 Razorback Brigade " General Hog " Prof. Of Military Science LTC James L. Buckner Cadre Staff: Front: Capt. Mason, Maj. Glos- sup, LTC Buckner, SGM Reilley. Back: SSG Blackman, Capt. Janak, MSG McClendon, SFC Stamford, Capt. Holt, Capt. Fetteroff. 140 Military MSIII: Front: Doug Walker, James Smith, Tom Baker, Doug Pulliam, Kirk Iller, Mike Considine, Floyd Armstrong. Back: Karon Young, Gaye Scott, Terriel Mclaughlin, Dar- ryl Moody, Barney Morris, Cin- dy Young. MSIV: Front: Irene Attwood, Hugh McBride, Kent Judy, Zac Curtner, Don Walker, James Gordon. Back: Mark Gartman, Al Green, Sean Easter, Law- rence Grubb, Mark McGuire, Calvin Kinnard, John Bailey, Scott Cooper, Dennis Ste- pehsn. Military 141 Nancy Loyd, sophomore Chi Omega, is escorted through the military arch after having been tapped for Kadettes. Selected women are tapped in the fall each year at their residences. Kadettes: Lyn Jones (commander), Nancy Loyd, Leslie Bryles, Charlotte Taylor, Phyllis Jackson, Carol Cooper, Sue Linger, Sheila Burns, Ann Boden- hamer, Ollie Mcgowen, Susan Scott, Vickey Jackson, Delie Ivey, Genny Wrape, Sharon Shepard, Janet Wood, Donna Kading, Stephanie McConnell. Scabbard and Blade: Front: James Smith, Mike Considine, Mark McGuire, Sean Easter, Al Green. Back: Mark Gartman, Irene Attwood, James Gor- don, Darryl Moody, Don Walker. 142 Military BB Color Guard: Craig Bond (commander), Kim Dunham, John Howell. Rusty Heird, Gaye Scott Drill Team: Front: Barney Morris. Middle: Gary Schall, Bill Stocker, Cindy Young, Daron Wilson. Back: Tom Baker, Kirk Iller, Doug Pulliam. Military 143 Spring Activities Awards Day presentation of officer ' s saber ROTC ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado INSTALLATION DETENTION FACILITY FORT CAMPBELL. KEHTUCK MSIV ' s receive Military Justice training Commissioning of new lieutenants Spring float trip down the Buffalo 144 Military Uarkettes: Members: Sandra Canada, Jeanne Coffman, Mike collie, Don Griffin, Rebecca Griffin, Cheryl Gould, Regina Hopper, Jana Jordon, Phil Kirk, Merna Mahan, John Manning, Jennifer Morgan, Kathryn Murry, Becky Riggs, Kathleen Ronan, Stuart Santifer, Danny Stevens, Gary Thornton, Donna Weir, Brent Winborn, Daryl Wood. Uarkettes 145 f " _% Vr?-V V ' :- - ;- .3 (J 5 jl ' . ' {, .-AA ,. sSattffl A 2 4 4ft - - MS .. f 1 I W T O ffl ' l iffiSSXA5 A J Marching Razorback Band: Nick Adams, Caruth Alexander, Ricci Ayres, Denise Bakema, Kim Baker, Lyn Baker, Alice Bane, Rachelle Barnes, Barry Barnoski, Jon Beard, Alan Blankenship, Jeff Blanton, Rikki Boyer, David Brooks, Greg Brown, Karen Brown, Mike Brown, Steve Brown, Barry Bryan, Sheila Byrd, Irene Calcote, Brooks Calhoun, Diane Caneva, Tom Cannady, Steve Carney, Leon Carson, Steve Carter, Clay Cartwright, Donna Cater, Debbie Christie, Alan Clack, Lewis Clark, Randy Clevenger, Barry Coles, Anna Jo Connell, Jeff Couch, Greg Cox, Steve Cox, David Cozart, Dennis Cranford, Michelle Cranford, Cathi Cranston, Rozetta Crowe, Janice Crumpton, Clark Davis, Tracy Davis, Alan Daws, Joe Delpa, Rachel Delmonego, Jose Diaz, Mary Jane Douglas, Alex Dunlap, Brad Edwards, Jim Ensley, Joey Evans, Vicki Faith, Shannon Featherston, Allen Fields, Cheryl Fields, Nancy Fore, Henry Fortenberry, Cindy Foster, Craig Frazier, Laran Gambs, Tex Gipson, Glenn Gish, Perry Goines, David Gorham, Beverly Gray, Randy Green, Jackie Grimes, Michael Grimm, David Gusewelle, Valerie Hall, Vickie Harper, Eddie Harris, Andy Hart, Tim Hawkin, Kelley Hedgecock, Leslie Henderson, Martha Hendrix, Greg Hildreth, Lisa Hill, Jerry Hogan, Ken Hoggard, Tim Hogue, Cindy Holmberg, Willa Hubbard, Anne Huey, Ray Hughes, Doug Hume, Murray James, Jana Janzen, Kim Johnson, Barry Jones. Carol Jones, Jim Jones, Steve Jones, Trudell Jones, Cathey Jordan, Chris Jordan, Kathy Keaney, Kathy Kelly, David Kirkley, Michael Kirshberger, Robert Koonce, Lance Kordis, Lesa Kordis, Michael Kott, Lacy Largent, Liz Lester, Alan Littlepage, Stephanie Logue, Tony Logue, Laura Long, Boyce Lovett, Kathy Lucas, Benita Lyles, Larry MacTaggart, Mike McLarty, Chris McMasters, Jo McWaters, Don Mabry, Steve Malone, Ann Manning, John Manning, Nancy Martin, Cheryl Miller, Debbie Miller, Kelley Miller, Michael Miller, Ricky Miller, Belinda Mills, Kim Moors, Tim Moore, Gary Moss, Carol Mouton, Teresa Murphy, Jim Newton, Tom Newton, Karen Nicklas, Karen O ' Brien, Susan Oliver, Don Ottoson, Beverly Pennington, Diann Phillips, Ronnie Pinkerton, Jim Pitts, John Pitts, Tom Pitts, Victor Porter, Karen Powell, Rob Poynor, Loyd Price, Kevin Quinn, Christian Rabone, Bill Ratcliff, Cheryl Ratcliff, Randy Raugh, Rick Rauh, Steve Reeves, Denise Richards, Gerald Richardson, Joe Riefer, Debbie Riggs, Jeanie Rimmer, Otis Robinson, Russell Robinson, James Root, Gaylor Rosek, Steve Rossman, Mike Rottenberry, Laura Sager, Becky Shultz, Kathy Seaton, Mike Simpson, Judy Sims, Sara Skinner, Rhonda Smith, Marilu Snodgrass, Melissa Snow, Deborah Spears, Ro n Springer, Monica Squyres, Brad Staats, Meff Staggs, Tim Stone, James Strother, Karen Templeton, Gene Tharp, Bryan Thomas, Susan Thomas, Gary Thorn, Mark Tolleson, Sheri Towne, Kim Tribble, Rusty Turner, Nedra Twillie, Roy Vestal, Tammy Walkingstick, Judy Wells, Millie West, Todd White, Joe Wilhelm, Dennis Williamson, David Wilson, Darryl Wood, David Woodall, Todd Woodrull, Amy Woodsman, Rebecca Younger. Directors: Eldon Janzen, Chalon Ragsdale, Robert Bright, Jim Robken. Majorettes: Front: Ruth Ann Robinson, Nicki Netherton, Tina Jewell, Christy Grubb (feature twirler), Debbie Adams, Julie Roeder, Rita Pat- terson. Back: Kay McHenry, Melinda Rice (head majorette), Julie Dunn, Connie Graves, Susan Steinseik, Teri Neal Cauthron, Tammy Norwood, Blayne Burch. 146 Band fcT Band 147 Outstanding Faculty Clockwise from right: Stanley Stephenson, electrical engineering, nomi- nated by Tau Beta Pi; Richard Atkinson, law, nominated by Law Review; EM. Rutledge, agronomy, nominated by Alpha Zeta; Eula Noyce, home economics, nominated by Blue Key; Thomas Smith, education, nominated by Kappa Delta Pi; Daniel Davidson, accounting, nominated by Mortar Board; Martha Dellinger, architecture, nominated by Tau Sigma Delta. 148 Outstanding Faculty Outstanding Faculty 149 NAN ANDREWS Home Econ Education Marianna Panhellenic Council - President Chi Omega - Rush Secretary Phi Upsilon Omicron 1980 Razorback Beauty Maid of Cotton Finalist Blue Key Mortar Board CAROL BRENNECKE Law Kadena, Japan Seta Tau Alpha National Foundation Scholar Cardinal Key Freshman Sorority Council - President Association for Women Students - President . American Bar Association Delta Theta Phi PATRICK S. CARRIGAN Accounting Hot Springs Omicron Delta Kappa - President Blue Key - Treasurer Cardinal Key - Treasurer Cardinal XXX Order of Omega Phi Delta Theta 152 Who ' s Who JOSEPH W. CHILDERS English Bentonville ASG - Parliamentarian Debate Team Pi Kappa Delta Board of Publications DAVID WESTBROOK DOSS, JR. Finance Banking Beebe Blue Key Cardinal Key Order of Omega Campus Crusade for Christ ASG - Adminstrative Assistant Phi Delta Theta PAUL F. DUELL Architecture Fayetteville School Design Competition Grand Prize Winthrop Rockefeller Scholarship Mortar Board Tau Sigma Delta - Chapter Master North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra American Istitute of Architects Honors Program - Cinematography Who ' s Who 153 SKIP EBEL Accounting . . . Hot Springs Phi Delta Theta - Treasurer Order of Omega - President Beta Gamma Sigma - President Student Service Allocations Commission Blue Key Arthur R. Carter Scholarship Cardinal Key MARY E. GILLESPIE Civil Engineering . . . Fort Smith Mortar Board Tau Beta Pi Kappa Kappa Gamma - Rush Chairman Chi Epsilon - Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega - Secretary Cardinal Key SUZANNE HALL Special Education . . . North Little Rock Chi Omega - Vice President Mortar Board Kappa Delta Pi - Vice President Cardinal Key - Vice President Blue Key ASG Public Relations Director Union Performing Arts Committee 154 Who ' s Who LUCINDA ELLEN JESSON History English . . . Fort Smith Phi Beta Kappa Harry S. Truman Scholar Mortar Board - Editor Kappa Kappa Gamma Young Democrats - Vice President Razorback Band Omicron Delta Kappa 1 STEVE JOINER Mechanical Engineering . . . Little Rock ASG - Vice President Sigma Nu - President ASG Public Relations Director Order of Omega Blue Key Cardinal Key Cardinal XXX PATRICIA MACKEY Health Education . . . Marvell Orientation Counselor Union Programs Council Minority Programs Advisor Arkansas Science Association Natinal League of Nursing Omicron Delta Kappa Who ' s Who 155 JANA LIESE MICHEL Chemistry . . . Memphis, TN ' Alpha Chi Sigma - Reporter Alpha Lambda Delta - Vice President Futrall Resident Assistant Girls of the Golden Heart Mortar Board I ' DAVID PERRY NELSON Finance Banking . . . Crossett 1979 RAZORBACK staff Cardinal XXX Blue Key - Corresponding Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa - Vice President Order of Omega - Sigma Nu Raymond Rebsamen Portfolio Management Union Programs Travel Committee - Chairman SUE PATTON Accounting . . . Lewisville Chi Omega - Treasurer Mortar Board - Treasurer Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi - Vice President Blue Key Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega - Treasurer 156 Who ' s Who PATRICIA REZNICEK Industrial Engineering ... La Paz, Bolivia American Institute of Industrial Engineers Little Rock AIIE Outstanding Junior Tau Beta Pi Mortar Board International Students Club - Treasurer Alpha Pi Mu - Secretary Society for Women Engineers JOSEPH R. ROBBINS Chemistry . . . Fort Smith Phi Eta Sigma - President, Senior Advisor RHA " On Campus " - Editor Blue Key All-University Judiciary All-Student Judiciary RHA Judicial Board RICHARD D. ROBLEE Zoology Pre-Dental . . . Springdale Mortar Board - Vice President Blue Key - Vice President Cardinal Key - President, Outstanding Member Order of Omega - Vice President Alpha Lambda Delta - Phi Eta Sigma IFC Judicial Board Sigma Nu Gold Key Who ' s Who 157 MARK CARL ROM Political Science . . . Fayetteville National Explorer - Vice President Exchange Student to Japan Varsity Tennis Team Sierra Club Mortar Board SWC Sportsmanship Committee SUSAN MARGARET SEARCY Domestic Animal Biology . . . Hot Springs Chi Omega - Secretary ASG Faculty Review Board Blue Key Alpha Zeta - Sargeant at Arms Mortar Board Order of Omega Cardinal Key - Secretary OTWELL D. TIMMONS Chemistry . . . Fort Smith Mortar Board Alpha Epsilon Delta Tau Alpha Upsilon Union Symposium Committee - Chairman Celebrity Showcase - Vice Chairman Young Democrats 158 Who ' s Who GREG UEKMAN Architecture . . . North Little Rock Eichenbaum Architecture Award Tau Sigma Delta Mortar Board - Vice President Student Government of Architecture Rhodes Scholarship Program DRUSILLA WELCH Special Education . . . Camden Mortar Board Delta Sigma Theta - President Humphreys Resident Assistant JOHN W. WILSON Landscape Design . . . Woodlawn Farmhouse -President AHESA - Vice President Alpha Zeta Blue Key Order of Omega Horticulture Club Interfraternity Council Who ' s Who 159 pi beta phi Track Queen Karen Gentry Rita Patterson St. Patricia pi beta phi 160 Honors chi omega Sorority Pledge Queen Stacy Morschheimer Beverly Norwood Miss Black V Of A Honors 161 m m M - ' -.--. ' " ' ' :;. ' ' ' -- ' ' ' ' - ' ' . I -. " ' j I ' - - . ' p. - . , ' ' 1980 RAZORBACK Beauty Finalists M V 1 ' me EC. Education ;hi Omega Marianna NAN AND representing Blue Key 164 1980 RAZORBACK Beauties 1 ACK Beauties 165 4 IV s Junior Decatur, IL Delta Delta Delt; Business Administration CATHY m m representing Phi Delta Theta , v I ' lftH IIA OHH M 1980 HA ORBACK V .t S 8.V Razor back Beauties 169 Junior Shreveport, LA Delta Gamma Business Administration JENNIE HENRY Photographies representing Delta Gamma 170 1980 RAZORBACK Beauties k 1980 RAZORBACK Beauties 171 Photographies Junior Kennett, MO Pi Beta Phi Physical Education ANNA McDANIEL representing Pi Beta Phi 172 1980 RAZORBACK Beauties 1980 RAZORS ACK Beauties 172 mm BH H Senior DallasJX Phi Mu English Photographic HELEN KAY SPEARS representing Theta Tau 174 1980 RAZORS ACK Beauties 1980 RAZORBACK Beauties 175 Clockwise from above: Crown carriers Julie George and Clint Miller, Maid Debbie Sanders, Maid Cynda Scott, Queen Susan Hood. 176 Homecoming Court Queen Susan Hood escorted by Lewis Taylor, ABC president Maids Jo Cherski and Donna Tokarczyk 178 Miss U Of A Jodie Taylor Island Princess Pi Beta Phi Lynn Andres Daisy Mae Chi Omega Beauties 179 5 83 182 Athletics Athletics 183 184 Athletics Athletics 185 186 Athletics Athletics 187 Athletics 189 190 Football Rebuilding Yields 10-2 A young and inexperienced Razorback squad took to the field at War Memorial Stadium before a capacity crowd of 55,318 that was waiting for a glimpse of what the 1979 football season would hold in store. Although Arkansas was only picked seventh in the conference race, the spectators were not to be disappointed as the Hogs outscored the Colorado State Rams 36-3. As Coach Lou Holtz said, however, the score was not indicative of how close the game was as CSU rushed for 324 yards but were only able to score three points. Quarterback Kevin Scanlin ( 14) broke the ice for the Razorbacks by running-in the first touchdown of the season with 5:52 to go in the first quarter. The PAT kicked by Ish Ordonez ( 3) hit the crossbar, his first miss at Arkansas, and the Hogs led 6- 0. Sophomore running back Gary Woods ( 22) got a taste of scoring as he ran-in two touchdowns in the second quarter and Ordonez completed the extra-point kick to put the Razorbacks ahead at halftime 19-0. A refreshed CSU team returned to the game after the half and soon put three points on the Scoreboard to help close the gap. Although the field goal ended the Rams ' scoring for the game, their defense managed to keep the Razorbacks from adding points to their side of the board during the third quarter. The Rams could not keep the Hogs from scoring for long, and during the fourth quarter, Arkansas ' s offense exploded for two touchdowns, kicker Steve Cox ( 10) added three more points with his 34-yard field goal, and Ish kicked two PAT ' s to bring the Razorbacks ' scoring to an end. The Razorbacks gained 460 total yards and 23 first downs to start the ' 79 season off on a winning note. One low-point in the game, however, came when Kirk Woolfolk ( 16), the only senior in the defensive backfield suffered a severely sprained knee on the last play of the game. Woolfolk missed the rest of the season. Led by Kevin Scanlon ' s two touchdown runs in first-quarter play, the Porkers coasted to 2-0 by defeating the Oklahoma State Cowboys 27-7. Late in the first half sophomore running back Thomas Brown ( 33) was taken out for the rest of the season after re-injuring the shoulder that he injured in the Colorado State game. Before leaving the OSU game, Brown had accumulated 88 yards in four plays. At the half, the Hogs accumulated Football 191 336 total yards to the Cowboys ' 123. Aided by a touchdown pass from freshman Tom Jones ( 11) to Darryl Mason ( 82) plus a field goal from Ish Ordonez in the second quarter, Arkansas retired to the locker room with a 24-0 lead. The second half proved to be more of a battle of the defenses as the Cowboys held the Hog ' s offense to 100 yards and another Ordonez field goal. OSU finally managed to put seven points on the board in the fourth quarter, as the Pokes moved the ball 84 yards in 1 1 plays for their only touchdown. " Our team faced a challenge and accepted it. We beat a fine Oklahoma State team. Make no mistakes about it, OSU is a fine defensive team and is extremely well coached. " The Arkansas fans had to sweat it out as the Razorbacks faced the Tulsa Hurricane in the first Fayetteville game of the season. Although the Hog ' s win came with ease the team and spectators were forced to brave the high temperatures to watch Arkansas finish the pre-conference action with a clean slate. This was the Hogs third straight win over Tulsa, their last lost to the Hurricane was four years ago when freshman Steve Cox kicked three field goals to defeat the Hogs 3-9. 192 Football After Tulsa won the toss and elected to receive, the Razorback defense stopped them in four plays and got control of the football. Taking advantage of this quick start, Arkansas moved the ball 50 yards in four plays including a pass from freshman Tom Jones ( 11), making his first collegiate start due to Kevin Scanlon ' s bruised shoulder, to Bobby Duckworth ( 27) for six points. Ish ' s kick was good and the Razorbacks went ahead 7-0. i After Steve Cox ( 10) put the ball into the endzome against his former teammates, Tulsa ' s offense was stopped and the Razorback offense once again controlled the ball. This time senior running back Roland Sales ( 21) bowled into the endzone on a seven yard run. Ordonez increased the lead 14-0. By halftime, the Razorbacks dominating 24-0 edge assured the fans and coaches a look at more reserve players. The second half wasn ' t lacking in excitement, as the Hogs added a safety and a Tom Jones touchdown to make the score 33-0. Tulsa ' s offense came alive in the fourth quarter when Kenny Jackson ( 7) passed to Paul Robertson ( 27) for a touchdown, and after faking a kick the Hurricane was successful on the two point conversion making the final score 33-8. The Hogs defense was to be commended as Mike Massey ( 48), Alfred Mohammed ( 71), and Billy Ray Smith ( 87) made big defensive plays. Senior defensive end Jim Howard ( 54), also made an important play when he intercepted a pass from Tulsa quarterback Bill Blankenship ( 11) to give Arkansas key field position. " I ' m really pleased with the progress we ' ve made. We ' re 3-0 and right on schedule to open conference play, e ' re still not consistent, though. We haven ' t played four good quarters yet, " said Coach Lou Holtz. Arkansas entered Southwest Conference action against a surprisingly strong Texas Christian football team. In the Razorbacks ' first road game, as well as the 56th meeting between the two schools, Arkansas fough hard to bring home a 16-13 victory and to up their record to 21 straight wins over TCU. Football 193 194 Football f The Razorbacks first got on the board at the start of the second quarter when Ish was successful on a 26-yard field goal. TCU came back on their next posse- sion and running back Jimmy Allen (6) dove into the endzone for the Horned Frogs ' first SWC touchdown of the year. Greg Porter (23) came in to kick the extra point and TCU went ahead 7-3. At the start of the second half, TCU ' s Greg Porter kicked a field goal to up their lead to 10-3. However, on the Hogs ' next possession, they drove 53 yards in 10 plays to put Ordonez with- in field goal range. His field goal from the 24 proved to be successful and the Hogs moved closer to narrowing the Purple ' s lead. The full moon seemed to be affecting one of the teams, with 8:00 to go the Purples still controlled the game. On second and ten Holtz called a little blitz of his own as Mark Dewey (88) and Teddy Morris (57) broke into the backfield causing Kevin Haney to idump his pass off to Arkansas ' Mike Massey (48) who returned the ball 30 yards for an Arkansas touchdown. Or- donez kicked the extra point and the score was tied 13-13 with eight min- utes left in the game. As the clock ticked away, the Razor- backs regained possession of the ball, and with 10 seconds left, Ish was suc- cessful on a 44 yard field goal. The clock soon ran out as the Hogs squeaked by TCU 16-13 to put them 1-0 in SWC play. Arkansas traveled to Lubbock to begin its Murderer ' s Row of Texas Tech, Texas, and Houston. After Ar- kansas ' squeeker against cellar deweller TCU, Arkansas ' inexperi- enced defense and sluggish offense stood primed for a baptism of fire against a highly touted Tech. Although the Texas Tech Red Raiders managed to score first they were not able to score again. Arkansas ' defense jelled into a fighting unit as the Hogs ' offense gained momentum and the Razorbacks walked away with a victory over Tech 20-6. The Razorbacks kept excellent field possession most of the game and except for a fumbled punt, never let Tech start on their end of the field. Football 195 Freshman Gary Anderson (43) highlighted the Hogs scoring attack as he returned a punt 67 yards for a touchdown, after being hit early by three Tech players. " I ' ve been wondering when I ' d break one. I ' ve had several returns where one man tripped me up to stop a touchdown. " Kevin Scanlon (14) was 5 for 9 for 109 yards with no interceptions, and Roland Sales (21) led the Hogs in rushing with 107 yards. Arkansas had not beaten Texas since 1971; Texas had refused to play in Little Rock since then. Texas was the heavy favorite, Arkansas was the heavy underdog. The Longhorns lost; the Razorbacks won. On the first play of the game, Bobby Duckworth lined up at the tight end. Half of War Memorial Stadium knew the play was coming, and so did Texas, as Johnnie Johnson intercepted. Texas was unable to move the ball on its first two possessions, but kept the Hogs pinned in their territory. On their third possession, the Longhorns ' " Jam " Jones went around the right end untouched for a Texas TD. In the second quarter, the momentum switched to Arkansas. Kevin Evans intercepted a Donnie Little pass to give the Hogs good field position. On first and ten at the Texas 28, Kevin Scanlon pitched the ball to Gary Anderson at the last possible moment. Anderson hit the seam with one defender to beat. It was no contest as Anderson gave the defensive back one juke and high-stepped it into the end zone. The first half ended 7-7. The Hogs came out in second half and took it to the ' Horns. " Doughnut " Richardson stuck Little and Jeff Goff recovered the fumble. On third and six at the Texas 6, Scanlon hit Daryl Mason, who made a shoestring catch. The score was Arkansas 14, Texas 7. In the fourth quarter, the Razorbacks put on one of their most impressive drives of the season. On second and sixteen Scanlon threw a screen pass to Roland Sales. Sales brushed off the tackle of a Texas linebacker and picked up the first down. Four plays later, Ish Ordonez hit his 31 -yard game winning field goal. Late in the game, Texas scored a fluke touchdown on a pass that was deflected by two Razorbacks and ended up in the hands of Longhorn tight end Lawrence Sampleton. Texas had a chance to tie the game, but 196 Football John Goodson ' s 50-yard field goal attempt into the wind wasn ' t close. As time ran out, Monte Kiffin (then the Hog defensive coordinator) ran onto the field and tackled Mike Massey (ABC-TV player of the game) in a fit of joy. The fans who stayed long after the game was over hugged each other, and called the Hogs again and again. Arkansas and Houston entered their SWC showdown undefeated. Arkansas, on national television for the second week in a row, was 6-0 for the first time since 1969. With help from the Houston captains, Arkansas got the wind and the ball to open the game. On the first play, Gary Anderson bolted 48-yards, behind the block of George Stewart, before being tripped-up from behind. The Hog offense sputtered there and had to settle for an Ordanez field goal. Houston countered with a touchdown following an Anderson fumble. In the second quarter, the Razorbacks drove 80 yards for a touchdown to make the score 10- 7 Arkansas. On the drive, Scanlon completed passes to Steve Clyde (80) three times and rushed the ball in from 11 -yards out. At the beginning of the second half Scanlon and Anderson missed connections on a hand-off at the Houston 4-yard line and Football 197 the Cougars recovered. With new life given to them, Houston scored two field goals to take a 13-10 lead. On the field goal drive that put them in the lead, Houston fumbled three times, but each time the officials ruled the carrier down. Arkansas did have its chances. Bobby Duckworth (27) dropped a bomb from Scanlon conning off a fake reverse, and Ordonez had his field attempt to tie the game blocked. Houston, known for good sportsmanship, ethical recruiting, and devoted fans, remained undefeated. Arkansas, 6-1, found themselves in the unusual position of rooting for Texas to defeat the Cougars to put the Hogs back in the conference race. Beating Rice is about as exciting as watching a telethon. It was Rice ' s homecoming, and 17,000 people jammed into the Owls ' 70,000 seat stadium (about a third were Razorback fans). The Hogs won 34-7. The score was surprisingly close at halftime, 14-7. But Arkansas quickly extended that lead in the second half on their way to piling up 541 yards total offense. The Razorbacks could have scored again late in the fourth quarter, but Coach Holtz, who does not adhere to the Oklahoma philosophy of running up the score, let the clock run out. After being held scoreless in the first half by Baylor ' s strong defense the 198 Football Razorbacks took advantage of several second half scoring drives and emerged victorious over the Bears 29-20 in an exciting Homecoming game for Arkansas fans. Baylor jumped out in front with a minute and fifty-four seconds left in the first quarter as Walter Abercrombie ran the ball into the endzone. Robert Bledsoe ' s kick was good and the Bears led 7-0. Abercrombie added another touchdown to Baylor ' s side of the Scoreboard in the second quarter and it began to look like a runaway ball game. The Razorback fans were not to be disappointed, however, despite an early third quarter field goal by Bledsoe that put the Bears ahead by 17 points. The Hogs soon narrowed the gap as quarterback Scanlon threw a 32- yard pass into the endzone to Bobby Duckworth (27) for the first Arkansas touchdown of the game. Scanlon ' s two point conversion pass failed. On the Hog ' s next possession, Ish kicked a 28-yard field goal, but Arkansas still trailed 20-9. Danny Phillips (76) played an outstanding defensive game and helped the Hogs add another touchdown to the score when he recovered a Baylor fumble in the endzone. Scanlon ' s pass to Robert Farrell (83) tied the game 17-17. With the exception of another Baylor field goal, the Hogs continued dominating the Scoreboard. Ordonez added a 40-yard field goal, and Farrell caught a sixty yard pass from Scanlon to bring the score to 27-20. The Hogs final score came on a safety by Jeff Goff with 2:06 left in the game. Texas A M entered its game against Arkansas hoping to upset the Razorbacks ' plans for a championship. However, the Hogs prevailed 22-10 despite the rehearsed rah-rah of the aggies at Kyle Field. The game started slowly with neither team being able to score. Finally, the Hogs were able to put a drive together and converted a 45-yard Ordonez field goal. Just before the end of the first half, Arkansas scored again on Daryl Bowies ' incredible 22-yard touchdown run (avoiding five Aggies along the way). On the third play of the second half, Bowles reeled off a 57- yard run that proved meaningless when Ordonez hooked his field goal wide. On their possession, the Aggies were able to move the ball, but the Hog defense stiffened and A M had to settle for a field goal. At this point the Razorback defense began to take command of the game. The Hogs pressured Aggie quarterback David Mosely into running in circles and throwing an interception. The Hogs scored two Ordonez field goals and a second Daryl Bowles touchdown run (the PAT was blocked when the Aggies jumped on the back of the designated snapper Steve Clyde who had replaced injured Mike Burchfield- The Razorback offense was led by Daryl Bowies ' rushing, (169) yards on 16 carries) and Kevin Scanlon ' s pinpoint passing, (12-15, 127 yards, no interceptions). The Razorback defense was led by five freshmen, Kim Dameron, (89), Ron Matheney (23), Billy Ray Smith (87), Phillip Boren (75), and Steve Douglas (20), who started for injured upperclassmen. Interceptions were made by Teddy Morris (57), and Kevin Evans (15). Arkansas added another victory to their S W C record as the Hogs walked over 31-7, before a crowd of 54,718 at War Memorial Stadium. Razorback freshmen Ricky Richardson hit Mustang quarterback Jim Bob Tavlor who fumbled the ball. Jeff Goff (34) recovered the fumble to give Arkansas possession of the ball and to set up the Hog ' s first scoring drive. The Hog got the ballgame going right in the first three minutes of play, as Kevin Scanlon passed to Clyde for the first touchdown and Arkansas led 7-0. Arkansas scored 17 unanswered points against the Mustangs in the first quarter and kept the momentum going through the first half. In addition to Clyde ' s touchdown, Ordonez kicked a 32-yard field goal and Gary Anderson caught another Scanlons passes for a second Razorback touchdown. On Arkansas ' s first possession of the second quarter the Razorbacks moved 67 yards in six plays and Scanlon connected once again with Clyde for another Arkansas touchdown was a result of a pass interception thrown by Tom Jones (11) which Mustang Wes Hopkins picked off. The Mustangs were then able to move 45 yards in five plays. Scanlon scored the Hog ' s last touchdown of the game with 37 seconds left in the first half to bring the final score to 31-7 Arkansas. The second half was a battle of defenses as neither team gave up any more points. The Razorbacks important victory over the Mustangs assured them a share of the Southwest Conference title and a bowl bid in either the Cotton or Sugar Bowl. Football 199 Bearish Bowl In New Orleans 200 Football Arkansas entered the 1980 Sugar Bowl heavy underdogs to No. 1 Alabama. But being the underdog was nothing new for the Razorbacks. However the game belonged to the Crimson Tide; and Lou Holtz summed it up when asked who he thought was No. 1, " The same team I voted for going into this bowl, the same team I voted for all year Alabama. I said it before and I say it now, I don ' t think there is anybody in the country who can beat Alabama. " The game began well for the Hogs. A tough hit forced Alabama to fumble the opening kick-off, and the Razorbacks recovered at the Tide 25- yard line. However, Arkansas was unable to move the ball and had to settle for a field goal. The Razorback defense held Alabama on its first genuine possession. Once again the Hogs got the ball in Alabama territory, but again they were unable to move. Momentum now belonged to Alabama. The Tide moved the ball with ease and scored on a 22-yard Major Ogilvie run. On Arkansas ' next possession, Kevin Scanlon fumbled the snap, and Alabama recovered on the Razorback 22-yard line. ' Bama scored its second touchdown in the span of a minute and a half on four plays with Ogilvie going over from the 1-yard line. Alabama scored a field goal before the half ended and led 17- 3. The Hogs began the second half with an impressive drive that put fear back into the Tide. The Razorbacks scored on fourth and three, when Robert Farrell put a ' Bama defensive back in his butt with a quick move and Kevin Scanlon hit him with a pass. Surprisingly, Arkansas went for the two-point conversion, but was stopped. Alabama responded with an incredible 98-yard drive (all on the ground), that ended the dream of another Razorback upset. The final score was Alabama 24- Arkansas 9. Although the Tide dominated the Scoreboard, the Hogs had not been shut down.T LI Football 201 Spirit Groups t Cheerleaders: Bottom: Scott Atkinson, Todd Holt, Mark Cyrus, Doug Green, Mick Coleman, Larry Butler. Top: Becky Reginelli, June Morrow, Kathy Nance, Carolyn Scott, Liz Paddock, Cindy Burns. 202 Spirit Groups PS Pom-Pon Squad: Front: Jo Cherski, Lisa Holloway, Judy Yates, Holly Henry. Back: Janet Embry, Kelly Minton, Susan Hood. Susan WHkinson, Lee Ann Poiriez. Not Pictured: Helen Spears. Spirit Groups 203 ' Triplet-Less Team Makes NCAA ' s 204 Basketball The Razorbacks began the year with a young relatively inexperienced team. With Alan Zahn ( 20) the only returning senior, Coach Eddie Sutton had several players to choose his starting squad from. Certainly junior U.S. Reed ( 24) and sophomore Scott Hastings ( 44) had excellent chances of returning to their starting positions, but whether Hastings or Zahn would move to the center position or whether someone new would have that job remained a question. Arkansas began the season with the tentative starting five of Zahn and Reed at forward, Hastings at center and juniors Mike Young ( 34) and Keith Hilliard ( 21) at guard. Although the Razorbacks schedule began with what were expected to be relatively easy wins of their first six games, they only won two of those games by more than ten points. This was due in part to their rotating line-up. In their second Centenary game, Greg Skulman ( 34) started at forward with Reed replacing Hilliard at guard. The third game against Missouri-St. Louis saw yet another change with Carey Kelly ( 45) starting at center, Scott Hastings moving to forward and Keith Hilliard returning to his guard positi on. Other players who saw a considerable amount of action were Tony Brown ( 40), Brad Friess ( 12), and Keith Peterson ( 42). Perhaps one of the Hogs biggest disappointments came from James Crockett ( 50). Crockett, a junior was expected to be a top contender for the starting center position. Crockett ended his Razorback career with three minutes against Oklahoma City before transferring to the University of Arkansas at Monticello. On December 20 Arkansas was defeated by Louisiana State University in what became the first of a three game losing streak. The first 20 seconds told the story of how the game would go. LSU scored first with Arkansas tying the score ten seconds later, so it went throughout the game. LUS ' s largest lead was eight points early in the second half. Arkansas soon cut it back down and with four and a half minutes left on the clock led by five points, but two fouls committed by Zahn in quick succession allowed the Tigers to tie the score. Another blocking foul called on Mike Young gave LSU a two-point lead with two minutes left. Scott Hastings was then fouled and again the score was tied at 55-55, but a personal foul committed by Keith Hilliard gave Louisiana State the one point they needed to win the game 55-56. Arkansas couldn ' t seem to find the basket when they met Memphis State on the 28th. Although the Hogs shot 69 times they only connected on 32. MSU won the game at the free throw line, making 84% of their free throws compared to 37% by Arkansas. Although the score remained relatively close for the first ten minutes of the game, MSU showed from the outset that they were in control and by the end of the first half were leading 44-30. The final score of the game was 67-74 MSU. Though the Razorbacks were leading Kansas State until the last four minutes of the first half, the Wildcats took a 6- point advantage into the lockers at the half. In the second half of the game Kansas widened their lead to defeat Arkansas 66-57. With a three-game losing streak behind them, the Hogs soon made up for it by defeating their next three opponents soundly. The Hogs began conference play by crushing SMU 84-69. After that they went on to defeat Northeast Louisiana 74-51, and Texas Christian 70-58. In Arkansas ' fourth game of the year, however, the game was considerably closer. The Razorbacks met the Longhorns in the Superdrum for a match-up that the Hogs barely pulled out 55-50. The Razorbacks began by scoring the first two points of the game in less than a minute. They slowly built their lead and at the half led Texas 29- 19. The second half saw the ' Horns offense begin to gel while their defense kept Arkansas from scoring many points. In the last seven minutes of the game, Texas cut the Hogs ' lead to four but fouls by Brad Olson and John Danks allowed Arkansas to score three more before Texas scored its last two on free throws by Danks who was fouled by Scott Hastings with only five seconds before the buzzer. Although Arkansas defeated the Baylor Bears 71-57 on January 15 the game was closer than the score Basketball 205 indicated, Coach Sutton remarked after the game. Baylor let the Hogs know from the outset they were ready to play. Throughout the first half the biggest lead the Hogs could get was two points. Neither of the teams shot much in the first half, both attempted 21 shots apiece. After the half Baylor, soon managed to lead the Razorbacks by five points and maintained that lead for about 10 minutes. Arkansas finally regained the lead and then stretched it out to the fourteen-point lead they finished the game with. At the outset of the Houston game, it looked as though Arkansas would be chalking another game up on the losing side. The Cougars gained a 10-point lead 10 minutes into the first half and maintained it to end the half 33-22 in their favor. The second half of the game told a different story as the Hog defense slowed Houston ' s scoring while the offense began whittling away at their lead. The Razorbacks finally took the lead with 3:40 left when Keith Hilliard sank two free throws to make the score 53-51. The Hogs managed to keep that lead to win the game 60-57. Although Arkansas only led once against Texas A M and then only by two points, they never trailed by more than eight in a game that kept Arkansas fans on the edge of their seats. The game was close in all categories, the fact that A M was slightly higher in all of them made them the winners by a 6-point margin. The final score was 45-39. Throughout the first half of the Arkansas vs. Rice game, the Razorbacks had problems on both offense and defense. None of the Hogs seemed to be able to score while Rice made the most of Arkansas ' defensive errors to keep the score close. At the half Arkansas led the Owls by only two points. After the half, however, the Hogs played a different game entirely. They quickly began widening their lead and led by ten points after the first ten minutes. They ended the game with a score of 73 to Rice ' s 64. Arkansas ended its first half of Southwest Conference schedule by defeating Texas Tech 71-69 in Lubbock. Arkansas managed to keep a one- or two-point lead during most of the first half and at the half led Tech 33-31. During the second half the Raiders managed to turn the tables and the Razorbacks, as Coach Sutton said, " kept having to fight from behind. " With 1:30 left in the game Tech held a two-point advantage over the Hogs but Brad Friess managed a lay-up to tie the game. The Raiders had their chance to win the game when U.S. Reed fouled David Little with 37 seconds left. Little missed the shot and Arkansas called time-out to set up their last shot. The Razorbacks last play was one which Sutton remarked, " was designed for Mike Young or U.S. Reed to get the ball and scored the winning goal on a 12-foot jumper with one second on the clock. After the Tech game Arkansas trailed Texas A M by one game in league standings. Arkansas met Texas at Barnhill Arena on February 2 to start the second half of the conference season. The Razorbacks led through the first 15 minutes of the half but the Longhorns came back in the last five to make a quick ten points that gave them an eight point lead at the buzzer. The ' Horns continued to lead in the second half until a 19-foot jumper by U.S. Reed with 14:01 left on the clock gave 206 Basketball _ Basketball 207 the Hogs a one point advantage. For the rest of the game the two teams played " toss " with the score. It looked as though Texas might get to keep the game when with nine seconds left, guard Fred Carson scored on a 12-foot jumper to give Texas a 59-58 edge. U.S. Reed brought the ball back down the floor, however, and made a 20-foot jumper with one second left to give Arkansas the game 60-59. After their past two games being won in the last second both the team and fans were ready for the relief the TCU game gave. The Hogs jumped out to a quick lead in the opening minuutes of the game and at the half led the Horned Frogs 35-21. Arkansas continued to add points to their side of the board throughout the second half to end the exhibition 74-47. The Balor game started out looking like it would be another close one for the Razorbacks. Throughout the first half the Hogs had trouble not fouling the Bears and the Bears had a 70% free throw average for the half. Although Arkansas shot 57% from the field compared to Baylor ' s 29%, the Bear ' s free throw shooting made it a 26-26 half. When Arkansas came back out after the half, they managed to quit fouling and began to pull away from the Bears. By the time the clock had ticked off 10 minutes the Razorbacks were ahead by 16. By the end of the game they had scored 70 to Baylor ' s 51. 208 Basketball Basketball 209 The Razorbacks met the Houston Cougars in Hofheinz Pavilion on February 9 in what proved to be their longest game of the season. Arkansas played catch-up throughout most of the game, never getting more than seven points down and seldom leading by more than two. The Cougars led 44-40 at the half and kept that slight lead throughout the second half. It looked like the Hogs would lose by two when as the buzzer sounded Keith Hilliard hit from 12 feet to tie the game at 76-76. Arkansas scored four points in the first minute of the first overtime on a bomb from the corner by Mike Young and a dunk by Alan Zahn. Rolo Williams then sank a 22-footer for the Cougars which was followed by a lay-in by Kenneth Williams. Once again the score was tied. The two teams went into the second overtime 80-80. U.S. Reed scored two free throws after he was 210 Basketball Basketball 211 fouled by Marshall Sauls with four minutes on the clock. Victor Ewing then came back to score from 15 feet for the Cougs. Arkansas called a time-out with 2:52 left in the second overtime and when play resumed held the ball for a last second shot. Scott Hastings tried to score from the lane but time had run out. Houston won the tip in the third overtime and Victor Ewing scored on a 5-foot banker. Kenneth Williams was fouled by Mike Young with 2:51 left to go and sank both to give Houston a four point advantage. Greg Skulman scored two free throws after he was fouled by Williams to give Arkansas their final points. Larry Rogers scored four more for the Cougars after he was fouled by Keith Hilliard at 13 seconds and again by Scott Hastings with one second to go to give Houston the game 90-84. The Razorbacks met the Texas Aggies in their crucial game of the season on February 12 in Barnhill Arena. The Hogs needed to defeat A M to give them a shot at the league championship. If the Hogs won they would be tied for the lead with A M. Fate was with the Razorbacks one more time in this game that was labeled the " classic matchup. " A M led throughout the first half and the Hogs weren ' t able to tie up the score until U.S. Reed sank two free throws after he was fouled by David Butlor at 2:39. Reed then made two on a steal to give Arkansas the advantage. A foul by Scott Hastings allowed the Aggies to tie the score. A charging foul on Reed followed by a 25-footer by Tyrone Ladson at the last second made the score at the half 26-24. The second half mirrored the first with Arkansas again playing catch-up. The last minute of the game told a different story this time, however, when a foul was called on Rudy Woods. U.S. Reed shot the two-shot foul and made the second one to tie the game at 44-44. With four seconds left A M inbounded the ball to David Goff who attempted a desperation shot to win. Though the shot was off in time, it was short and Goff charged Reed in the process for A M seventh foul in the half. Reed hit the front end of the one-and-one and in the pandamonium that followed was unable to shoot again. The final score was 45-44. Arkansas met Rice in Houston on February 16. The Hogs led throughout most of the first half, but while it was a small lead for most of the half, by the time it was over they had a comfortable seven point lead. When Arkansas came 212 Basketball Basketball 213 out in the second half they were prepared to put the game away, but Rice had other ideas. With five minutes of the clock gone, the Razorbacks had a ten-point lead over the Owls, and they still had a 65-55 lead when 6:40 was left on the clock, that was when Rice made their bid for the game. By the time three more minutes had ticked off Rice had added six points to their side of the board, while the Hogs were still at 65. The Owls continued adding points and when three seconds were left they were only down by two. Rice called a time-out as Arkansas was about to inbound the ball. When play resumed Kenny Austin fouled Alan Zahn who made both ends of the 1 1 to give the Hogs the victory 77-73 over Rice. The Razorbacks faced a crucial test when they played Southern Methodist University. The Hogs needed to defeat both SMU and Texas Tech, their next opponent, to be assured of a first-place tie in the conference. Although SMU was only 6-8 going into the game, they were out to knock Arkansas from 1st place and they did it. The Mustangs controlled the first half allowing the Razorbacks to lead only three times and then only shortly. At the half SMU led Arkansas 34-27. After the half the dial Ho: Afk re as i re Ira W aft Tl Ffi P: te to a Ha lot n K 214 Basketball match-up between the Ponies and the Hogs began to look more like the Arkansas-TCU game with the Hogs in the opposite role. Arkansas trailed by as much as 1 1 points at one point in the game, but slowly they made a comeback. At 4:04 the Hogs had worked their way up to within three points of SMU. Scott Hastings sank a free throw at 3:14 to bring Arkansas two away from a tie. Billy Allen then added two more for SMU on a layup. The Razorbacks answered with a Brad Fries, 18-foot jumper. A series of missed foul shots with little action in between allowed the clock to tick down to ten seconds when Richard Harris sank two free throws after Scott Hastings was called for an intentional foul. U.S. Reed was then fouled by Dave Piehler at seven seconds and made both ends of the 1 1 to make the score 58-60. Gordon Welch made the last two points of the game after he was fouled by Greg Skulman to make the final score 58-62. Arkansas romped over Texas Tech 84-60 in their final regular season game. According to Coach Eddie Sutton, " It was a team victory. It was the kind of win we needed going into the tournament at San Antonio. " The Razorbacks began the game showing they wanted to win and by the half had already established a 20-point lead over the Raiders. During the second half the Hogs maintained their lead and finished the game with a 24-point lead. The Razorbacks ended the season with a 13-3 record in Southwest Conference play and 20-6 for the season. This was Sutton ' s fourth 20-victory season in a row. The Razorbacks met the Texas Longhorns in the first round of the Southwest Conference Tournament on February 29 in Hemisfair Arena, San Antonio, Texas. Arkansas dominated most of the match-up, allowing Texas to lead only once - in the first half. The Longhorns were unable to match the Hogs and although they stayed close throughout the game could never get the edge they needed to beat the Razorbacks. Arkansas defeated them 64-62 and advanced to the finals against Texas A M. The Razorbacks played the game the same way they had played many others during the season close. The Hogs matched almost every shot of the Aggies throughout the first half and when the buzzer blew were down only 20-19. After the half the Hogs seemed unable to score, while A M slowly built their lead. The Aggies hit their peak at 5:16 when they led the Razorbacks 41- 31. After that Arkansas made their comeback. In three minutes the Hogs were within five but that seemed to be as close as they could get. Finally, with 47 seconds left, Tony Brown hit to make the score 50-46 in favor of A M. The Aggies answered with a basket by David Britton. U.S. Reed then drove up the right side to score two more for the Hogs. Arkansas call their fifth time-out of the game. When play resumed Alan Zahn received his fifth personal foul and was replaced by Brad Friess, A M ' s Rynn Wright was unable to sink the free throws but the Aggies rebounded and called a time-out. The Aggies tried to hold the ball and with nine seconds left on the clock Friess fouled Wright who again missed the free throw. Arkansas rebounded the ball and with Basketball 215 216 Basketball two seconds left U.S. Reed attempted an 18-foot jumper. The shot was short and A M had won the tournament for the first time 52-50. Although Arkansas had finished in both the season and the Conference tournament they were given an at-large seeding in the NCAA tournament and met Kansas State on March 6. The tournament was played in the Bob Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kansas State showed from the first that they deserved their 1st place ranking. Within seven minutes of the opening tip they led the Razorbacks by ten. But the Razorbacks at the half had managed to get within six. During the second half, however, Arkansas couldn ' t seem to find the basket. Kansas State continued to add points and at the final buzzer led 71-53. The Razorbacks finished the year with 22 and 8. ., Basketball 217 w r% 218 Cross Country Runners Capture Conference Coach John McDonnell began his sixth season at Arkansas with high hopes. With several top runners returning the Razorbacks were expected to have an excellent season and to finish high in the nationals. The Razorbacks began their season in a dual meet against Oral Roberts University. The meet, held in Tulsa, was Arkansas ' first and only defeat of the season. After their initial setback against Oral Roberts, the Hogs came back in their next meet defeating Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Oral Roberts to claim a first-place finish at their first home meet. Arkansas went on to win the Oklahoma State Jamboree at Stillwater and the Arkansas Invitational in North Little Rock. The Razorbacks further stretched their streak by winning the Southwest Conference and the NCAA District Meets for the sixth year in a row. Tony Conroy and Pat Vaughn finished fourth and eighth respectively in the Conference Meet. Going into the National Meet the Razorbacks were rated fifth but were unable to live up to their expectations. Mark Muggleton and Mark Anderson, who were both expected to do well in the NCAA Meet, didn ' t place. Arkansas was only able to pull out a tenth-place finish with only David Taylor finishing a respectable 31st. Although McDonnell was disappointed with the National Meet, he was pleased with the overall performance of his runners. In the seasons he has been at Arkansas, the Razorbacks have won 47 of 48 meets excluding the Nationals. Cross Country 219 220 Swimming Swimming 221 Injured Fish Give Healthy Showing Numerous injuries kept the Swim Team from performing as well as perhaps was expected this year, said Assistant Coach Kent Kirsch. Two of the Aquahogs ' top swimmers, Sophomore diver Mike Mann and Junior Jerry Spencer, were redshirted this year to enable them to recover from injuries. Although Spencer wasn ' t allowed to swim during the regular season he did swim one leg of the freestyle relay team at the AAU meet held at Harvard University. Along with freshman Randy Ensminger, Junior Jay Merritt, and freshman Robert Lager, the relay finished 16th. Lager also finished 8th in the 100 meter breastroke. The Fish finished the season with a 6-3 dual record. They won the Rolla Relays and the Stanford Invitational and finished third in the SWC meet behind nationally-ranked Texas and SMU. Senior Craig Tapperson, Captain of the team, finished fifth in diving, in the Conference meet. [,] Swimming 223 224 Tennis Young Team Takes Crown Tennis 225 SWC Champs Designed By Pucci Five years ago, Arkansas tennis was nonexistent. In 1980, the Razorbacks under fifth-year head coach Tom Pucci won their first ever Southwest Conference championship and their second straight berth in the NCAA tournament. The Hogs accomplished this with an almost completely new team designed by Pucci. Only seniors Ron Hightower and Greg Fess returned from last year ' s collection, but they were joined by transfers Chip Hooper and Clark Diehl, and freshmen Pablo Arraya, Peter Doohan, and Jose Lambert. Arkansas opened its season with wins over four top-twenty ranked teams before losing to No. 1 ranked Stanford 6-3. In the match, the Hogs ' Chip Hooper was leading his opponent 7-6, 1-0 before having to default with a sprained ankle. Early the next morning, the Porkers fell to top-ten ranked Pepperdine, also by the score of 6-3. Returning home to Northwest Arkansas, the Razorbacks swept through Wichita St., Brigham Young, SlU-Edwardsville, and Clemson to win the Wal-Mart Tennis Classic at the Ichiban Tennis Center in Rogers. The Hogs then blitzed Louisiana Tech, NE Louisiana, and Oklahoma St. before going to Corpus Christi, Texas for the Corpus Christi Invitational. Arkansas beat Brigham Young, Mississippi St., and Clemson to reach the finals of the tournament against Houston. After losing five of the six singles, the Cougars packed their bags and went home. The Razorbacks then opened a series of West Coast matches by beating Cal St.- Fullerton 9-0. Three top ten-ranked teams awaited the Hogs. UCLA proved too tough in Los Angeles as the Bruins topped the Porkers 6-3. The Hogs then avenged an early season loss by beating Pepperdine 5-4. The next day, the Razorbacks defeated Southern Cal 5-4. It was the first time USC had lost a home duel in four years. Arkansas returned home to beat Tennessee and North Texas St. before opening conference play against Texas. In Austin, the Hogs whipped the Horns 7-2. Back home, the Aggies of Texas A M were the next 7-2 victims. The Razorbacks drubbed Oklahoma St. for a second time before resuming conference play against Texas Tech. The Hogs gunned down the hapless Red Raiders 9-0. They then beat TCU 6-3 and Rice 8-1. After losing a tough duel with No. 4 Trinity 6-3, the Razorbacks traveled to Houston for their SWC match with the Cougars. To generate fan support, the Houston athletic department provided free beer and over a thousand " people " showed up. After the singles, the score was 4-2 Houston. The crowd was drunk and nasty, but the Razorbacks refused to give up. Despite being spit on, cursed at, and doused with beer, they won the three doubles and the match 5-4. A week later, the Hogs stopped in Denton, Texas long enough to whip North Texas St. 9-0 before heading to Dallas for their SWC match with SMU. Again the Hogs trailed 4-2 after the singles, and again they won the three doubles and the match 5-4. Arkansas closed out the SWC round robin by blasting perenial dreg Baylor 9-0 to go undefeated in conference match play. At the conference tournament in Corpus Christi, the Razorbacks lenghtened the commanding lead they had built up in the round robin. In singles, Arkansas ' Chip Hooper, Ron Hightower, Pablo Arraya, and Jose Lambert won at No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and No. 6 respectively, and in doubles, Peter Doohan and Hightower won at No. 1. Before going to the NCAAs, Hooper and Hightower were invited to play in the prestigious Michelob Light Collegiate Championships. Hightower, seeded 8th, advanced to the finals and beat Blaine Willenborg of UCLA 6-7, 7- 6, 6-3. Hooper also represented Arkansas well before bowing out in the quarter finals. 226 Tennis Tennis 227 228 Tennis Tennis 229 New Coach, New Team We did pretty good this year considering we had mostly freshmen, " said golf coach L. C. Sykes. The golf team finished fifth in the Conference this year and placed third in the Pinehurst, North Carolina, intercollegiate tournament and sixth in Denton. Sykes praised freshmen Bruce Jenkins and Bob Sauerberg for qualifying for every tournament this year. Jenkins also placed eighth individually in the Conference tournament. Although the team only played in five tournaments this year, Sykes said they were planning to double that next year. He also reported his recruiting of several players for next year. Besides Jenkins and Sauerberg, eight golfers made the team: sophomore Dave Cowger, junior Brad Brooks, senior John Boyd, junior Donnie Davis, freshman Brian Thelan, freshman Mich Brathower, and freshman Matt Shetley. [,] 230 Golf Gott 231 232 Baseball Baseball 233 234 Baseball For most college baseball teams, Arkansas ' record of 44-22 and a trip to the NCAA Midwest Regional at Tulsa would have been a fine season (and indeed it was). But the Hogs had one problem in 1980 - trying to live up to their 1979 season when they went to the College World Series. The Razorbacks opened with a six- game series at Pan American. Hampered by inconsistent pitching (as they would be all season), Arkansas lost four of the six games. Back home in Fayetteville, the Hogs rebounded to blast Missouri Southern 15-0, 7-0 and Tulsa 10-0, 12-0. Arkansas then moved on to Dallas to open conference play against SMU. The Hogs won the Friday game but dropped both ends of the Saturday doubleheader. The two losses to the lowly Mustangs would later cost the Hogs of any chance to win their first conference championship. Back at Cole Field, the Razorbacks evened their conference record at 3-3 by winning two of three from Texas Tech. Arkansas then played consecutive doubleheaders against Southern Illinois, NW Missouri, Oral Roberts, SW Baptist, Baker, Kansas State, and Wisconsin winning 13 and losing only 3. The Hogs resumed conference play against Houston at Houston and won two of the three games. They then split their rain shortened two game series with Texas A M in Fayetteville. The Hogs took two from Centenary before beginning their crucial Southwest Conference series against Texas at Austin. In the Friday night game telecast live throughout the state, the Hogs ' Scott Tabor outdueled the Horns ' Keith Creel to hand him the first and only loss of his SWC career 2-1. In the Saturday doubleheader, the Razorbacks split with the Longhorns to win the series two games to three. Lack of a third starter prevented the Hogs from sweeping their series against the Rice Owls. The Porkers then took a pair from Tulsa before moving on to Waco, Texas to face the Baylor Bears. In three one-run games, Arkansas lost the Friday game, but came back to sweep the Saturday doubleheader. Before a crowd of 5,000 at Greenville, Mississippi, Arkansas lost an 11 -inning game 7-6 to nationally ranked Mississippi St. Back in Fayetteville, the Razorbacks finally swept their first and final SWC series against TCU, but it didn ' t come easy. In the third game, the Hogs came from behind three times with third baseman Kenny Rogers pitching the final inning to win 18-17. Before going to the SWC Tournament, Arkansas played four games against three nationally ranked teams. In Tulsa, Arkansas beat Oklahoma St. 7-6 and Oral Roberts 4- 2. Emotionally drained and short on pitching, the Hogs were blasted by heavy hitting Wichita St. 6-2, 14-0 to close out the regular season. In the SWC Tournament, Arkansas ace Steve Krueger surrendered 10 runs to Texas A M but still managed to win as the Hogs pounded out 19 runs of their own. The Porkers then dropped a 6-4 decision to Texas. Facing elimination from the tournament, Arkansas beat Texas Tech and Texas to assure themselves of an NCAA bid before losing to Texas in the finals. Hogs John Hennel (1b), Randall Carter (2b), Kevin McReynolds (of), Reggie Thomas (dh), and Ronn Reynolds (c) were voted onto the All-Tournament team. In addition, McReynolds, who had earlier won the SWC batting triple crown, was voted the tournaments ' MVP. With little time to rest, the Hogs entered the regional tired and injured. In the first game of the double- elimination tournament, Arkansas pulled out a win over Oral Roberts. With the score tied 1-1 in the ninth, McReynolds and Hennell hit back to back solo homeruns. ORU tried to stage a comeback, but Krueger (with help from a spectacular fielding play by shortstop Rob Kauffman) held on to win 3-2. So many important games in so short a time finally caught up with the Razorbacks. In their final two games of the season, the Hogs were eliminated by Missouri 6-0 and California 7-1. McReynolds and Krueger were named to the regional tournament team. As a final tribute to his brilliant Razorback career, Steve Krueger, who never lost a SWC game, was named first team All-American. On the season, he was 13-0 with an ERA of 1.59. Baseball 235 236 Baseball ' Baseball 237 238 Track i Contenders Again When the indoor track season began, head coach John McDonnell felt his team stood a good chance of winning the SWC indoor championship for the second year in a row. The Hogs, who won the league title the year before by 21 points, returned four of their five individual S WC indoor champions and were among the favored teams to win the meet. The Razorbacks made a strong bid for the title, with Randy Stephens and Mark Muggleton winning and setting SWC records in the 800 and 3 mile run, but building a huge lead in the field events. The Razorbacks had to settle for second. The Hogs qualified five individuals and two relay teams for the NCAA indoor championships and coach John McDonnell was named District Six indoor coach of the year. Any disappointments the Hogs felt from the indoor season were quickly forgotten when the Arkansas track team moved outdoors. The Hogs broke 1 1 school records and won a total of five titles at the Texas, Kansas, and Drake Relays. Sophomore Scott Lofquist led the way for the Razorbacks by breaking the school record in both the discus and shot. The Hogs 4 X 1600 meter relay team set a meet record in route to their third straight championship at the Drake Relays. The momentum the Hogs gained at the relays helped them to become contenders for the SWC outdoor championship. ,, Track 239 Karen Gorham national women ' s one-meter champion 240 Diving Tennis Tennis 241 242 Cross Coutry i . A: Lady Runners The Lady Razorbacks began the season with the Arkansas Invitational. They finished third with Jody Rittenhouse setting a new course record of 17:51. Arkansas finished fourth in the OSU Jamboree with Susan Ward and Karen Chance finishing 10th and 1 1th. Jody missed the Jamboree in order to recover from the Razorback Run. Rittenhouse came in first in the North Texas State Invitational to help the Lady Hogs in a fifth-pla ce finish. Mandy Renner, who had suffered a heat stroke at the first meet had her best showing of the season at Denton. Although Jody only finished sixth in the Southwest Missouri Invitational, Mandy Renner finished 11th, Karen Chance 19th, Karen Robinson 22nd and Linda Post 30th. At the Southwest AIAW Regionals in Denton, UA finished fourth with Rittenhouse being the only member to qualify for the nationals. Cross Country 243 Three Qualify Although none of the Lady Swimmers qualified for the AIAW National Swim Meet, Coach Patty Praxel said that overall she was pleased with the team ' s performance this year. " Our dual record (3-7) definitely indicates the caliber of competition we swam against, " she says. " Kansas Missouri and Oklahoma are very good teams and have individuals in the national rankiongs. We did as well as expected since our program is just beginning to grow. " Three divers from this year ' s team did qualif y for Nationals, however, Karen Gorham qualified on both the one and three meter boards and fourth and second respectively. Diane Doucet, who qualified on the one meter finished 24, and Kristel Kochner finished 20 on the three meter board. D A. W r v 244 Swimming WOMEN ' S SWIMMING TEAM: Front: Karen Hansen, Diane Doucet, Lindy An- drews. Middle: Coach Patty Praxel, Malu Hammans, Wynne Favorite, Paula Hemp, Dede Cravens. Back: Kristol Kochner, Shelley Kun- kel, Janet Moody, Amy Dun- ning, Robin Kearney. Swimming 245 Lita Leads Cagers With basically the same lineup as last year ' s 7-13 squad, second- year coach Joan Henn turned Arkansas ' women ' s basketball program around in just one year as the Lady Razorbacks recorded their winningest season in their four-year history. Arkansas, 15-10, dropped its final game of the season, 74-46, to Texas Tech in the first round of the Southwest Regional Women ' s Basketball Championship at Louisiana State. Arkansas has never competed in the regional tournament before despite receiving an automatic berth since it is the only Division I school in Arkansas. During the 1979-80 season, the LadyHogs practically re-wrote the young Razorback record book as forward Lita Stricklin became the all- time scoring and rebounding leader for Arkansas. For a single game, Stricklin owns records in scoring with 31 points; and steals with 10, along with her 19 rebounds she grabbed one game as a freshman. The Gurdon sophomore also owns season records in points: 442; most fields goals made, 179; most free throws attempted, 135; and most free throws made, 84. D 246 Basketball Basketball 247 1 ha: OK f Six Qualify For AIAW 248 Track The Lady Razorback track team ' s 1980 season was highlighted by qualifying six athletes for the AIAW National Track and Field Meet at Eugene, Oregon. Diann Ousley, a sophomore from Blytheville, competed in the 400-meters. Jody Rittenhouse, who qualified for the 1500-meters, had to withdraw because of injuries she received in a car accident. Wanda Harris, a freshman from Arkadel- phia, qualified in the 100-meters. The Hogs ' team of L ' Anna Howard, Linda Bedford, Lisa Sparks, and Ousley quali- fied in the mile relay. It was the second consecutive appearance for the women at the nationals. I Track 249 250 Intramurals Intramurals 251 Intramurals 252 Intramurals Intramurals 253 CO a (0 Delta Nu Alpha (Transportation Fraternity): Front: Douglas Graham, Philip M. Thompson, Cam McCaa, Jim Brooksher, Don Henry, Steve Gibbs, Greg Allbright, Harry Fink. Back: Bud Olinghouse, Steve Faubel, Tom Pevehouse, Don St. Martin, Georgia Meek, Katie Craig, Mark Williams, Paul Dunn, Bryan Blanton, Greg Hout, John Cravens, Cliff Cordes, Paul Parker, Wayne Wheelis, Bob Ubelhor, Chip Aycock, Andy Robertson, Robert Hartley, Rick Hogue, Paul Wengert. I O c o a CL Phi Upsilon Omicron (Home Economic Honorary): Front: Jody Wilmoth, Shirley Whittle, Kathy Micken, Ginger Rockenhaus, Diane McClure. Middle: Sandy Barclay (Candle reporter), Tonya Clark (historian), Karen Swink (secretary), Karen Jarvis (president), Mary Burton (advisor), Janis William s (corresponding secretary), Liz Jones (librarian), Reba McFadden (chaplain). Back: Susan Jackson, Linda Hall, Kay Keeling, Lila Hagemann, Cathy McDonald, Nan Andrews, Janan Jackson, Lou Ann Nicholson, Marge Rockenhaus, Kelly Marrs. Not Pictured: Gretchen Kaufman, Cindy Shaw, Janet Bates, Carla Eason, Libby Toone. 256 Organizations Organizations 257 Blue Key (National Honorary and Service Organization): Front: John Rosso Dion Coakley (president), Susan Scancy, Cathy Cravens, Joe Robbins (public relations), Rick Roblee (vice president), Doug Green, West Doss. Middle: Nan Andrews, David Nelson (secretary), Natalie Bert, Brianne Faulkner, Skip Ebel. Back: Denise Miller, Allison Level, Mark Kinion, Pat Carrigan (treasurer), Jimmie Barham, Kim Edwards. (0 Q. a (0 S 0) a O Omicron Delta Kappa (National Leadership Honorary): Row 1: Murray Smart (faculty secretary), Ann Hays (treasurer), Mary Gillespie, Liz Darelius, Judy Boles, Todd Holt, Pat Carrigan (president). Row 2: Mark Kinion, Judy Rownd, Natalie Bert, Layne Livingston, Gina Fotioo, Cindy Jesson. Row 3: John English, Lloyd A. Myers, Tony DeAngelo, Kathy Williams, Robin Lyon (secretary). Row 4: Dion Coakley, Skip Ebel, Mike Law, Charles Weir, Steve Joiner. 258 Organizations Tau Beta HonorarvV Row T Irene Calcote. Kim Baker, Cindy Foster, Gayle Roske, Teresa Murphy. Row 2: Cheryl Miller, Laura Fore Liz SS SSuB Miller, Monica Squyres. Row 3: Kelley Miller, Janice Crumpton, Nedra Twillie, Ann Manning. Cheryl Rimmer. Row 4: Kim Tribble, Karen Templeton, Shannon Featherston, Kathy Seaton, Sara Skinner. Kaooa Pi (Band Honorary): Row 1: Craig Frazier, Steve Malone, Greg Hildreth, Randy Clevenger, Joe Delap. Row 2: Lyn Baker Rob oa S l Carter Cnris McMasters, Roy Vestal. Alex Dunlap, Randy Green. Row 3: Todc I White Larry McTaggart, David Gusewelle, Mike McLarty. Don Ottoson, Allen Fields. Dennis Williamson. Lloyd Price. Row 4: Tim Stone. Randy Rauh, Rex Gipson, Alan ( Tom Cannady, Rick Rauh, David Gorham, Barry Jones. Organizations 259 ( o Officers: Kathy Terrell (his- torian), Sue Patton (trea- surer), Cindy Jesson (edi- tor), Rick Roblee (second vice president), Greg Uek- man (first vice president), Kelly Keisner (secretary), Kathy Williams (president). Mortar Board (National Senior Honorary): Row 1: Paul Duell, Kathy Williams, Debbie Adcock, Drusilla Welch. Row 2: Carl Johnson, Judy Rownd, Suzanne Hall, Kelley Keisner, Sue Patton, Nan Andrews, Kristen Seibert, Ann Hays, Robin Lyon, Cindy Jesson, Jana Michel, Patty Wilson. Row 3: Susan Searcy, Terri Scott, Paty Reznicek, Mary Gillespie, Katherine Terrell, Greg Uekman. Row 4: Gina Fotioo, Martha Sutherland (Advisor), Jim Henry, Mark Ron. Row 5: Skip Ebel, Rick Roblee. 260 Organizations Pi Delta Phi (French Honorary): Front: Sharon Fulks, Susan Duncan, Cindy Chandler. Suzanne Cooksey, Melissa Love (secreetary), Beverly Coney (president). Back: Andy Sulephen, Elena Odio, Sandra Christopher. Janet Roessler, Steve Storla, Melissa Thomas. Dr. Margaret Clark (sponsor). Russell Black. Not Pictured: Mike McLarty (treasurer), Francoise Musgrove, Beth Barham, Liz Bogy. Robin Lyon. 31 o o m 5 " u o Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Honorary): Front: Skipper Watkins. J. D. Wheelis (Bridge correspondent), Mark Burt (treasurer), George Asbury (recording secretary). Carl S. Dobbs (corresponding secretary). Joe Watson (vice president), John English (president). Middle: Ramin Moshiritatreshi, Tai-Chau Blase Kwok, Deborah Biddle. Marlon Biddle. San T. Ang, Stanley E. Holloway. Michael F. Brooks, Michael G. Beasley. Dan Matthews. Lance Romance. Back: Blake Watkins. Randy Matthews, Stephen Lorenze, John Hug, Joe Hill. John David Crockett, John David Leneham. Glen H. Rudelis. Jetfrey D. Skelton. William R. Green, David Pittman. Organizations 261 o o O) 0 0) LU Engine Council consists of technical societies, honorary associations, and professional organizations in the Col- lege of Engineering. The council ' s main responsibility is to coordinate the var- ious activities of the member organiza- tions. This year, Engine Council sponsored an open house during homecoming and Engine Week in the spring. The council also selected a new St. Patricia and co-sponsored the State Science Fair. In addition to these social and ser- vice functions, the council is also active in the development of programs to im- prove the academic quality of the Col- lege of Engineering. Officers: David Peavy (vice president), Neal Schmitt (faculty advisor), Kim Campbell (secre- tary), Skipper Watkins (president). Not Pictured: Al Summerford (treasurer). Engineering Council: Row 1: Bill Ford, Don Stuart, Keith Holman, Donnie Daws, David Pea- vey, Skipper Watkins, Kim Forrest, Zane Boatw- right. Row 2: Joe Hill, Randall M. Small, Deva Hupaylo, Terri Scott, Kim Campbell, Donna Mus- grave, Beverly Mathis, Murray Claassen. Row 3: Joe Watson, John English, Tim Baber, J. D. Wheelis, Joni Jennette, Keith Smith, Richard Hamrick, Neil Schmitt. Row 4: Randy Matthews, Jack Bates, Mike Woolfolk. 262 Organizations Agronomy Club (Agri-Technical Society):Frortf: Richard Drewry (president). Mary Ann Villines, Lynn Stanley, Ron Albritton (correspond- ing secretary), Duane C. Wolf (advisor).Middle: Debbie Rankin. Randol O ' Dougherty, Melinda Cobb, Felicia Berg. Brent Graves. Steve Malone, Mark Woolsey. Eddie Brown. Johnny Chism (vice president), Vernon Hill, Randall Smith. Back: Terri Tatum. Jerry Cobb (secretary). Gwen Watts (representative). Mark Bainbridge, Kay Elmore. Wayman Holt, Morris O ' Guin, Mark Manning (treasurer). Not Pictured: Dr. Offutt (advisor). c c O Animal Science Club: Front: Kathy Cormack. Susan McChristian, Kim Rhodes, Jean Ann Fulcher.M cW e: Homer Feathstone, Shannon Donnell, Tammy Lavey. Brit Elam. Randy Smith, Phil Chaney. Dr. Tazwincki, Randy Boyd Back: Tommy Waters, James Smith. Bob Stevens. Brian Ayers. Kevin Verkamp. Daryl Veazey. Perry Davis. Mike Hudlow. Mitch Harvel, Kevin Threkeld. O (D O U " Organizations 263 mn m Q 0 O (0 o o 3 (0 STAND (Student Taking A New Dimension): Officers: Front: Dionne Harold, Karen Harris. Back: Lloyd Myers, Anita Elliot, Bennie Duckett. j 264 Organizations Organizations 265 (0 5 o o o O o o cc O) Big Red Good-Timers: Becky Adam, Shelly Adams, Sheryl Anderson, Connie Clark, Tammy Daniel, Jan Dillard, Jerrie Dillard, Kathy Dobbs, Terri Fitzgibbon, Dana Foley, Mary Fox, Susan Kemp, Janet Larson, Gretchen Lasiter, Joanne Lohr, Becky Matthews, Christy Middleton, Shawn Mullane, Holly Patton, Alyson Perkovich, Teresa Prime, Nancy Ray, Susan Rebsamen, Serena Rounceville, Jackie Sabbe, Kim Sauer, Suzie Stroope, Kathy Sudduth, Charlotte Taylor, Gary Tracy, Terre Triume, Pamela Webster, Pollyanna Westbury, Patty Wicks, Beverly Wright. " Z 55 (0 Minority Assistants: Front: Brenda Courtney, Curtis M. Lewis, Brenette Hughes. Middle: Karia R. Banks, Deborah L. Cooper. Back: Anthony J. Lewis, Deborah Wilson, Randy Brown. Not Pictured: Eric Holden. 266 Organizations I i Marketing Club: Row 1: Serethia Swayze, Theresa Foger, Mary Martin, Karen Swink, Candy Treat, Sheryl White, Helen Messner, Lesa King, Claire Koffler, Pam Hardy. Row 2: Mary Jo Mc- Clellan, Terry Felts, Charles Rogers, Donnie Davis, Mike Hodges, Jeff Browne, Bill Cuningham, Steve Pitcairn, Linda Joyce. Row 3: Janet Hooks, Diane McClure, Ja- net Combs, Vicky Hall, Mary Ellen Brown, Martha Taylor, Lisa Hinspeter, Becky Jones, Lorrie McMil- lan, Mary Helen Sherman. Row 4: S. Todd Crawford, John Hogan, Eric Godfrey, Price Kreul, Richard Gerety, Janet Rogers, Frank Tur- man. Officers: Linda Joyce (sec- retary), Frank Turman (president), Janet Rogers (vice president), Mary He- len Sherman (treasurer). Organizations 267 Q) 0. Phi Beta Lambda (Business Honorary): State Officers: Daniel Williams (president), Michelle Moore (parliamentarian), Phyllis Hoyle (public relations director), David Martin (national president). Officers: Front: Barbara Byrd (historian), Michelle Moore (parliamentarian), Cindy Foster (secretary), Yvette Babb (treasurer). Back: Phyllis Hoyle (vice president), Teresa Fields (president). 268 Organizations Clouseau Inspectors: Front: Charismatic Grandekson. Professor Calico. Bimbo Young, Mrs. Brick Morse. Mrs. Bausee Porter. Skate McKinney. Middle. Chab Thompson. Junior Seals. Bausee Wilson. St. Lewis. Back: Brick Turner, Hank Bowers, Mongo Phillips. Nuthin Williams. Greedy McGreevy, Draw Landis. Not Pictured: Eglon Potter, Marlin Moody Hagan. Food Science Club: Front: Otto Oswald, Thad Hanna. Roger Horn. Peter Chu, Will Cone, Wanda Gore. Middle: Dr. Justin Morris, Martiyn Twogood. Dr. Harry Snyder. Tom Sweetser, Carol Throop. Dr. Robert Davis. Back: Sherry Turner, Becky Patrick, Bryan Hill Barry Crudup Keith Stiegler. Charlie Sims. Don Cawthon. o Organizations 269 s " 55 N CO 0. Alpha Zeta (Agriculture Honorary): Members: Roy Bernard, Gary Bohannon, David L. Branscum, Bella Jo Cairns, C.E. Caviness (advisor), Jerry Cobb, Jim Cobb, Richard Drewry, Kay Elmore, Mike Evans, Jean Ann Fulcher, Mark Kiny, Berni Kurz, Christine Lobsinger, Debra March, Steve Metheney, Cheryl Miller, Kathy Miller, Barney P. Morris, Noah Peek, Ricky W. Perry, Elizabeth Presher, James Scott, Susan earcy, Roy Sharp (Advisor), Jeff Smith, Rick Strain, David Swayne, William Tapp, Jr. Jim Vincent, Williams (advisor), Mark A. Woolsey. Q CO g 55 3 CO Tau Sigma Delta (Architecture Honorary): Row 1: Larry R. Troillet, Ted Belden, Paul Duell. Row 2: James G. Mangold, Lee Anne Kirby, Dick Kellogg. Row 3: Mark Wampler, Rodgers Critz, Hugh Painter, Jon Seiz, Keith Franklin, Murray Smart. Row 4: Tony DeAngelo, Robert Flowers, David C. Buergler, Charles McKinney. Row 5: Bob Acree, Dennis Wiehl, Charley Perrix, Dale Flynt. Row 6: Rick Kacenski, Greg Uekman. 270 Organizations , Alpha Chi Sigma (Professional Chemistry Fraternity): Fronf: Bruce Macke, Betty Champion, Abdul Taqui, John Meazle. Back: Ernie Lucas. Tom Pierson, Jim Neece. o o 0) (5 " a) Organizations 271 LJ- (0 Missionary Baptist Student Fel- lowship: Front: Bernie McWha, Lonnie Glover, Pam McArthur, Bil- ly Elmore, Michele Cranford, Gina Smith, Anita Riley, Karen Ogawa, Carrie McWha. Middle: Karen Ramer, Mary Jane Wilson, Jackie Grace, Beth Kumpe, Janet Smith, Lisa Clements, Julia Riley, David McClure, Brent Bailey. Back: James Smith, Ernie McWha, Dale Head, Kenny Irizarry, Greg Sadler, Ronald Deggs, Danny Neal, Den- nis Cranford. Officers: Front: Gina Smith, vice president; Julia Riley, second vice president. Back: Dennis Cranford president; Ronald Deggs, histori- an; Kenny Irizarry, secretary trea- surer. At Sa to 272 Organizations American Society of Agricultural Engineers: Front: guest, Orville Rogers, Roger Woolsey. Shashi Sinha. Carl Birkner, Rodney Wright. Jeffrey Baker. Donnie Daws. Middle Billy B Bryan, guest. Randy Wofford, Dwight. Holloway. Steve Danforth, Mike Winemiller. Dwayne Edwards. Ronnie Swayne Back: Charles Magee. Porter Wafler, Randy Smith, Ronald Ashcratt, Gregory Baltz, Calvin Henry, Joe Serio. Amanda Renner, Earl Vories. Fred Whistle. DarfeH Holmes. Association for Women Students: Front: Billy Holt, Anita Elliot (president), Barbara Byrd (vice president), Deniece Ridley, June McMahon, Sandy Skinner, Marcia McKinstry. Back: Jane Barker, Rebecca Moore, Brenda Mitchell, Beverly Harrison, Vickey Jackson, Mary Ann Higgs, Amanda Cheatham. Organization 273 (0 Q. LLJ O (0 o O Omega Chi Epsilon (Chemical Engineering Honorary): Front: Greg Thoma (treasurer), Bruce Eldridge (president), Dr. James R. Couper (faculty advisor). Middle: Terry Hedden (secretary), Deva Hupaylo, Lee Riley, Terri Scott, Charles Stewart. Back: Patty Christy, Wayne Bequette, Ken Linville, Karen Kuhn, Jimmy Parr. O m O O LU i O) Agriculture-Economics Club: Fron :Kim Howard, Mark Drake, Glen Ellis, Gary L. Safcsak, Janet Davis. Middle: Janna Luebkemann, Buddy Snow, John King, Hugh Monger, Mike Bradford, Mark King, Kevin Verkamp, Kellie McFarlin, Rod Walker, Jackie Carmichael, Steve Metheney. Back: James V. Smith, David Lovell, David Holt, Daryl Quinton, Dale Stevenson, Mark Mason, Lee Earhart, Gary Dabbs, Keith Mercer, Ned Larson. 274 Organizations Officer : Front: Gaylene Morton; Mary Brown, president; Pat Faust, vice president; Marie Clinton, secretary. Back: Mark Remes; Patrick Scroggins. treasurer; Wally Frieman, sergeant at arms. Sigma Delta Chi (Society fo Professional Journalists): Front: Richard Koch, Mark Remes, Gaylen Morton. Marie Clinton, William Pond. Middle: Kathy Koontz, Patrick Scorggins. Wally Frieman, Mary Brown, Patricia Faust, Susan Hood Back: Dr. Ingenthron, Dionne Harold, Jan Marsani, Manigeh Chitsaz. Julie Beekman, Kletha Harrington. 0) o O Organizations 275 o Arkansas Booster Club 276 Organizations Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honorary): Row 1: Susan Westfall. Honey Adams, Debbie Wilson, Susan Faulkner, Lisa Christian, Suzanne Hall, Becky Dillard Row 2 Maxine H. Vaught, Marilyn Dust, Tammy Barnes, Sheila Bauman, Lana D. Lufkin, Barbara Hendrix, Martha Wilson, Ruth Cohoon Linda Rogers. Rachel Wheeler. Row 3: Jerry Hunter, Frances Wood, Fred Vescolani, Karen Black, Betty Wallace, Teri Ann Jeffries, Ann Scurlock. June Maple. Mary Holcomb. Row 4: Othelia Paul, Joe Sarthory, Dennis E. Wohlford, R. M. Roelfs, Frances Roelfs, Sandra Christopher, Marci Henzi, Lois L. Morris. Mary Holcomb. George R. Holcomb, Larry Aaron, Tommie Balda. Physical Education Majors ' Club: Front: Lisa Turner, Honey Adams. Tracie Brewer (treasurer). Lisa Widner. Middle: Kristie Baltz, Peggy Price. Sheila Burns. Steve Ziegler. Jan Thurman, Candi Carroll (secretary). Back: Donna Buccella. Alice Maxwell, Courtney Goode, Suzanne Nance, Kay Kearney. Sara Hensley (president), Kristy Weathers (vice president), Janet Breedlove. Organizations 277 0) (5 O Cardinal Key: Row 1: Lisa Christian, Cathy Cravens (historian), Pam Campbell, Mary Morse, Tina Phillips, Ann Blakely. Row 2: Martha Morse (vice president), Mary Fox, Cathy Cahan, Kim Arnold, Brianne Faulkner (secretary), Mary Ellen Eubanks, Merry Lee Hewitt, Denise Little, Elizabeth Clark, Lesli Overbey. Row 3: Doug Green, Mark King, Mark Bentley, Allison Level, Theresa Reading, Susan Jackson, Richard McElrath, Steve Glaze, Randy Farliss. Row 4: Steve Von Steen, Steve McDaniel (president), Ken Lilly, Robert Newell (treasurer), Steve Turner, Bill Polk, Mark Schlesinger, Mike Calhoun. S 15 o (0 Q. UJ CO Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Health Professions Honorary): Clockwise: Steve McDaniel, Bryan Blackshare, Mark Murphy, Randy McComb, Dr. Arthur Hobson (faculty advisor), Len Bellingrath, Rolland Luplow, Steve Kenney. 278 Organizations Officer : Karen Harris, historian; Mike Verrucchi, president; Beverly Matthis, vice president; John James, treasurer. o 0) Q. 5 " SL X X X Cardinal XXX: Row 1: Laura Gaston, John James, Karen Powell. Mike Verrucchi, Leigh Randall, Will Cone, Joy Harris, Beverly Matthis. Row 2: Sherril Green. Karen Harris. Lynda Lee, Bill Gray, June Morrow, Randy Gates. Row 3: Liz Baxley, Mike Johnston. Jill Luecke. Vanessa Holmes, Rick Holmes. Row 4: Lowry Baines, Billie Mays, Al Alexander, David Stuart, Laura Randall, Mary Ann Tilley, Scott Schlesinger. Organizations 279 (0 0) CO " 3 Delmarrites: Fron row: Our of House: Jamie Hams; Jeff Browne, vice president; David Nelson, social chairman; Bill Higgs; Carol Cooper. Back row: Bill Pullen, treasurer; Susan Hartz; Out of House: Bobby Davis; Robin Jowers; Nan Webster. Not Pictured: Shelly Flesher; Mark Cyrus; Debbie Adcock; Marissa Wells; Jan Freeman; Sherry Whitecohen; Marci Kuppinger; Mike Johnston; John Boerner, president. Out of House: Not Pictured: Perry Whitemore; Phil Harrison; Kenny Clark; Madge Moyer; Mrs. Currin Nichol; Diane Scesniak. 280 Organizations Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honorary): Row 1: Mohini Chatrathi, Deborah E. Biddle, Ramin Moshiritafreshi, Rick Moore, Skipper Watkins, Chanda Parker. Row 2: Pam Moore, Barbara Murphy, Betty Champion, Martha Ann Caffrey, Bruce C. Macke, Terri Scott (president), Kirk Rhee, Patricia C. Reznicek, Scott Mundy (pledge trainer), Pat Brown, Jim Whitson. Row 3: Anthony Hicks, Hardey Beaver, Ken Linville, Dwight Holloway, Randy Wofford, Paul Frazier, Craig Tapperson, Brent Combs. Row 4: Greg Finley, Jimmy Maxey, Mark Burt, Terry Hedden, Keith Woodruff, Joe Hill, J. D. Wheelis, L. R. Kirby, W. D. Turner, C. W. Caldwell, W. D. Brown, Lyndon Smith, B. Wayne Bequette, Samuel Phillips. D 3 " o Agri-Home-Ec Association: Front row: Teresa Loudermilk, Chris Love, Kathy Bayley, Leah Chester, Michelle Smith (president), Karen Jarvis. Back row: Charlene Mooty (advisor), Liz James, Rebecca Hicks, Ellen Humphreys (secretary), Lila Hagemann (vice president), Meta Cross, Margaret Maddox. Organizations 281 CL (0 Beta Alpha Psi (Accounting Honorary): Front: Sherri Hayes, Kay Dillanunty, Pat Carrigan, Gary Duncan, Cindy Ainsworth, Dan Davidson, Sue Patton, Karen Boyles, Pam Sills, Kim Turner, Jill Brown. Middle: Gail Davis, Bill Pullen, Skip Ebel, John Foster, Roger Jeffers, Mike Blalock, Brian Findley, John Eckart, Marths Spivey, Ruth Elser, Drew Spead. Back: Bill Glezen, Brian Holt, Rick Turner, Andrew Phillips, Gerald L. Hughes, John Hairston, Phil Baldwin, John Boerner, Jim McFall, David Damron, Dorvin Lively, Robert L. Turley. American Society of Interior Designers: Front: Margie Young, Bridget Bruce, Janan Nackson, Eberle Burke, D ' Ann Robison, Marcia Wiederkehr, Jody Wilmo ' th. Back: Karen Rose (advisor), Teresa Merritt (treasurer), Natalie Sims (president), Toni Houston (vice president), Kimberly Peterson (secretary), Kim Cargile (publicity chairman), Lou Ann Nicholson. 282 Organizations Delta Upsilon Yacht Club: Thomas Deen, Keeper of the Holy Spinnaker; Tommy Shurley, Cocktail Director; Issac Bellinger, Racing Chairman; Gregory Heil, Commodore; Jerry Carter, Founding Father; Vance Mitchell, Commander of the Catamarans. Not Pictured: Ted Turner, America ' s Cup Representative (out sailing). 0) o O Organizations 283 o (0 Associated Student Government: Officers: Front: Susan Hannah, president; Beverly M. Matthis, secretary; Anita Elliot, vice president. Back: Clay Bailey, president pro temp; Steve Von Steen, treasurer; George Malczycki, sergeant at arms. 284 Organizations r. ' - Senate: Ray Garr, Barbara Blair. Mary Kay Cogswell. Donna Weir, Kristi Probasco, Teressa Loudermills. Mark Jostad. Hugh McBryde, Jeff Gaines. Steve Quillman, James Harris. John Blair, David Cowart, Shari Bramhall, Terressa Duffin, Angela Thieban, Amanda Cheatham, Rebecca Lancaster, Melissa Reynolds. Gary Mayo, Mike Spainhour, Scott Ramoly, Mark Long, Bobby Pryor, Lane Keeter, Ronnie Jennings, William Frye, Beth Henry, Marcia Roles, Debbie Lopez. Linda Zimmerman, Shannon Featherston, Amber Bright, Pam Shepard, Melinda Rutledge. Amy Boyd, Doug Brooks, Mike Porter, Victor Porter. Dewayne Edwards, Charles Wilson, Ron Williams, Bobby Taylor, Danny Hale, Tom Demont. Bill Whisnant, Mike Gross. Scott Johnston, Susan Muzoleski, Blake Murphy, John Nuwman, Harry Wilson, Richard Bailey, Jim Norgs, Ray Walsh, Tex Trumbo, Jane McKinnon, Mike Cole. Rusty Mullen, Mike Mendenhall, Mark Kinion, Hope Benedict, Mike Spades, Scott Carter, Steve McDaniel, Gail Gladden, Andy Birman, Pat Flynn, Tommy Van Zandt, Steve Spencer, Barbi Beard, Brent Thompson, George Malczycki, Jim Hoyt, Richard Lancaster. Clay Bailey, Susan Hannah, Anita Elliot, Beverly Matthis. Steve Von Steen. Organizations 285 o .Q 0) 0) o O O Chi Omega Houseboys: Front: Bert Newell, Skip Ebel, Mrs. Murray, Jay Bonds. Middle: Lewis Taylor, Thorn Huey, Berle Mott, Paul James. Back: Tommy Thrash, Chuck Roscopf, Charles Cooper. LLJ American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Row 1: P. Bhaumik, Phat Nguyen. Row 2: Dennis Boyd, Zane Boatright, Val Ballard, Craig Moore, Bobby Wright, Jim Whitson, Keith Woodruff, Richard Hamrick. Row 3: Steve Jenkins, Larry Dean, Mahmood Dabbaghipour, Randall Smith, Pat Brown, Don Stuart, Yorgos Papacostas. Row 4: Mellie Crockett, Ramiro Estenssoro, Paul Fisher, Ton! Cook. Row 5: David Weeks, Douglas Foster, Randy Etzkorn, Steve Joiner, Eddie Whitworth, John McQuary, Paul Bratton, Keith Blaschke, Abdel-Karim Siag, Jack Cole (faculty advisor). 286 Organizations Phi Eta Sigma (Freshman Honorary): Albert Alexander, Alice Allen, Theresa Aldridge, Anthony Armstrong, Lynley Arnett, Andrew Bain, Bruce Baker, Charles Ball, Frank Barksdale, Lowry Barnes, Rebecca Ann Barney, Judith Behan, Julie Besonen, Mary :ane Bittick, Sammy Blackshare, Lori Ann Bladow, Eugenia Bobo, Susan Bogy, Jimmie Bowling, Amelia Brazil, Amber Bright, Paula Brunson, Ronald Bruton, Jimmie Bush, Dwight Capps, Stephen Carney, Donna Cater, Terri Chambliss, Paul Claybaker, Cheryl Cobb, James Cobb, Willaim Cone, John Cornell, Victoria Cooper, Beverly Cope, David Cordes, Ethelyn Cosgrove, Karen Cottingham, Mark Counts, Ricky Curtis, Nancy Davis, Donnie Daws, Mark Deboer, Sylvester Delaporte, Debra Dodds, Howard Drazner, Julie Drewry, Rhonda Duke, Susan Duncan, Dianne Elliott, Mary Faulk, Melinda Frietsche, Pak Fung, Mark Gabbie, Brenda Garner, Dumas Garrett, Katherine Gibson, Pamela Golden, Stephanie Goode, Denise Gramlich, Sherril Green, Bryan Grimsley, Allison Haltom, Tim Hawkins, Jeff Hayes, John Hogue, Pam Hollandsworth, David Holt, Peggy Howard, Raymond Hughes, Kenneth Irizarry, Patty Jackson, Jana James, John James, Calvin Jarrett, Stephen Jenkins, Quinnette Johnson, Terri Kauble, Lenore Keeling, Hormoz Kevendian, Dan Kessler, Martha Kittrell, Elaine Klinge, Robert LaGrone, Tami Lancaster, Lacy Largent, Ruby Lee, Carolyn Lindsey, John Lindquist, Katherine Lochhead, Susan Loeschner, Deana Lohnes, Mark Long, Tim Luce, Jill Luecke, Theresa Luers, Stephen Malone, Dan Martin, Kathleen Martin, Robert Matheney, Melissa McCutcheon, Daivd McDonald, Shannon McGee, Katherine Micken, Michelle Moore, Phyllis Moore, Ronald Mullis, Paul Myer, Cornelia Myers, Jeff Necessary, Barbara Nielsen, Richard Oest, Kendall Olen, Otto Oswald, Scott Overbey, Cristy Owens, Charles Parette, Theresa Pope, Michael Post, Leigh Randall, Wade Reaves, Judy Reed, Mark Robbins, Ronald Robertson, Scott Schlesinger, Pamela Schmidt, Carol Seffense, Elicia Sinor, Billy Sitlington, Phillip Smith, Arthur Starr, James Stewart, Tim Stone, David Stubblefield, Tom Sulephen, Robert Taylor, Susan Temple, Sarah Terry, Ellen Theis, Wayne Thomas, Bari Turner, Don VanRheeden, Michelle Vernon, Martha Walton, Amy Ward, Greg Westbrook, Robin Westbrook, Greg Williams, Christine Wolf, Tim Woods, Rodney Wright, Ellen Wygal, Nina Yancy, Suzanne Yates, Elizabeth York, James Young, Wayne Zimmerman. o Organizations 287 0) 0) LU Arkansas Engineer: Charles Wood, Brent Combs, Joe Wurtz, Darlene Butler, Judith Dodds, Mohini Chatrathi, Max Frydman, Charlotte W. Johnson. . 0 u o o (0 tJf+ W L fc University of Arkansas Razorback Soccer Team (Mid-American Intercollegiate Soccer League Champion): Front: Danladi Inuwa, Henrik Jespersen, Doug Hamilton, Barry Robinson, Ali Bagheri, Ayman Alkhadra, Davar Khales, Stuart Moon, Michael Cox. Back: Dariush Shafizadeh, Doug Myatt, Carlos Selva, Randal Smith, Rik Dahl, Edvardo Solozano, Tim Newell, Steve Giddings. 288 Organizations American Institute of Industrial Engineer.: Row 1: Bijan Varimi. Sadhana Mishra, Mike Lawless, Jack Bates, Patricia Reznicek Bud ?has,a " Rol 1 Te ry S h ook. Kevin S. Miller. Alex Stanton, Frank Watson,. Row 3: Pat Plunkett, Philip Freyaldenhoven, Tony Cassady. Dana Sedgass, Kevin McManus. Row 4: David Hudman, Frazad Rouhani, Barry C. Turner, David Simers. Future Farmer, of America: Row 1: James Simpson. Annette Bilbo, Barry Robinson. Don Mason. Larry Roberts. Row 2. AKon Beck, James Petter Kevin Rice Ray Slaughter, Steve Payne. f?o 3:Bill Rudd. Mike Kiene.Ray Barnard. William Tapp, Alvin Huck, Jeff McRae Craig Smith, Dr. James Scanlon (advisor). Row 4: Clifton Braker (advisor), Steve Patton, Mark Simms, Ben Boyce, Steve Mudford, Susan McChnstian, Leon Bertschy II, Kim Sauer. Daniel Holt, Ted Burnett. Organizations 289 290 Organizations Union Programs: Front: Debbie Cowden (ORC), David Nelson (travel). Pat Mackey (minority programs). Middle: Andrew Berman (video tape). Blake Murphy (Celebrity Showcase). Michael Nelson (Symposium), Kenneth Edwards (Governing Board Chairman). Stephen Stair (popular films), Michael Rush (eclectic films), Julio Vasquez (advisor). Back: Bill Farmer (advisor), Darren McNeal (minority programs), Becky Thomas (special projects), Judy Boles (performing arts), Allison Level (Programs Council President), Greg Doty (foreign films), Janice Glenn (visual arts), Fran Hetrick (special projects), Anne Kittrell (program director). Organizations 291 (0 JU Q. _ " 5 o " 5 National Collegiate Player : Row 1: Mahlona Tolleson, Edd Bowdon, Mark France, Charlene Gaik, Michelle Weathers. Row 2: Tim Blythe. Row 3: Stan Dodd, Frank Nail, Kary Kidder, Brent Winbory, Gwen Ott. Row 4: Vivian Morrison, Lori Triplett. Lsc " S iy JZ T " ' i % tr " 5-j-r " S " 2 " Z " in (0 Society ol Women Engineer : Front: Terri Scott (president), Kim Forrest, Kay Watson. Middle: Kim Campbell (vice president), Janis Womack, Deva Hupaylo. Back: Barbara Murphy, Beverly Matthis. 292 Organizations Board of Publications: Front: Dr. Bill Ingenthron ( TRA VELER advisor), Jim Harris (chairman), Mary Kay Cogswell, Bob Barnes (director of the Union), Danny Hill, Paul Strang (1980 RAZORBACK editor). Back: Mike Lax (TRAVELER business manager), Bill Hughes (director of information), Harry Marsh (journalism department), Mike Spades, James Ezell (business managers office), Jeff Browne (1980 RAZORBACK business manager). Not pictured: Patricia Faust (TRA VELER editor), Carl Hitt (RAZORBACK advisor), Charla Knowles. Organizations 293 r 1980 RAZORBACK Staff: Fronf: Don Eldred, organizations editor; Denise Hair, sports; Kirk McDonald, chief photographer. Middle: Jeff Browne, business manager; Paul Strang, editor. Back: Denise Miller, staff; Barry Arthur, chief photographer; Barry Bryan, staff; Brian Ramoly, photographer. 294 Organizations Paul Strang Editor Jef f Browne Business Mgr. Organizations 295 1980 RAZORBACK Staff Barry Bryan Don Eldred organizations editor Denise Miller Don Eldred 296 Organizations Denise Hair sports Gary Newton greeks Organizations 297 Photographers Brian Ramoly Barry Arthur 298 Organizations ' 8 Paul Strang Kirk McDonald Sheri Walker Organizations 299 0) 0) CO 0) (0 0) c (0 300 Organizations News Staff: Cynthia Howell (news editor), Amy Gray, Melissa Upchurch (assistant news editor), Stephen Steed. Ste ve Jones. Business Staff: Drake Hawkins (circulation manager). Mike Lax (business manager), Kelly Keisner (administrative assistant), Bill Pullen (advertising manager). Pam Key (administrative assistant). Organizations 301 0) 0) (0 Editorial Staff: Front: Geneice Yates (features editor), Patricia Faust (editor), Features Staff: Rusty Turner, Leah Chester, David Yar- Unda Bedford ( spO rts editor). Back: Herbie Owen (photo editor), Cynthia Howell brough, Geneice Yates (feature editor), Laura Cummmgs. (news e(Jitor) _ Louis Ligh , (associat e editor). Sports Staff: Bruce Castleberry, Linda Bedford (sports editor), Kevin Keller, Production Staff: Front: Mary Wilson, Sarina Speilburg. Peter Brondos. Back: Roger Hill (production manager), Clint Griffith. 302 Organizations n Organizations 303 1 83 . 306 Greeks i Greeks 307 i - 308 Greeks Greeks 309 Alpha Delta Pi HI Sarah Albert Melissa Andrews Carolyn Baker Jane Baker Debbie Beam Ginger Braddy Nancy Breckenridge Ginger Brown Gina Butler Barbara Byrd Lisa Caperton Carlon Caroom Teresa Carter Tracy Cash Sheila Castleberry Cathy Cormack Collette Daley Susan Davidson Janet Davis Liz Dehls Julie Elledge Debbie Fiegel Julie Finch Vicki Fitzgibbon Kim Forrest Katy Garing Elizabeth Garner Debbie Godwin 310 AAI1 Pi Officers: Laure Moore, senior member @ large; Connie Works, recording secretary; Teresa Merritt, scholarship; Vicki Hackler, president; Kyle Sibley, standards; Lisa Caperton, vice president; Melissa Upchurch. pledge trainer; Alison Miller, treasurer; Mary McKiney, assistant pledge trainer. As the first secret society for college women, Alpha Delta Pi has undergone numerous transgressions and changes throughout its 129-year history. Founded at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, Alpha Delta Pi was originally a secret society called the Adelphean Society. However, despite the many changes and progressions, Alpha Delta Pi ' s qualifications for membership scholarship, high principles of behav- ior, and true friendships have main- tained the same high level of excel- lence throughout its history. Today the Delta Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi remains true to its high ideals. On March 9, the house earned many distinguished awards atjhe an- Janet Gorrell Vicki Hackler Cynthia Heard Angie Hegeman Jamie Hill Peggy Howard Elaine Ingram Linda Joyce Melissa Kerr Pam Key Martha Kittrell Susan Knoll Lisa Lambert Sharon Loveland Robin Lyon Beth Mann Jody Margrave Mary Martin Missy McCain Sheila McCowan Kay McHenry Mary McKinney Teresa Merritt Allison Miller Laure Moore Cristy Owens Shaune Parker Becki Patrick Gina Pike Kristi Probasco Melinda Rice Becky Riester Ruth Robinson Cindy Rushing Jackie Sabbe Renee Shofner Trtoia Sibley Melissa Snow Anne Stallcup Kathy Sudduth Laura Sullivan Becky Swearington Leann Tanner Charlotte Ann Taylor Tracy Thompson Jerre Trimva Pam Underwood Melissa Upchurch Kay Watson Lisa Watts Jeannie Weeks Lisa Weeks Pollyanne Westbury Levena Woodward Connie Works Order of Omega Banquet held to commemorate outstanding Greeks and Greek houses. The awards pre- sented to ADPi were: Philanthropic Award for outstanding contributions to service projects; Model Pledge for the outstanding campus pledge for enthu- siasm and involvement in her house; Scholarship Award for highest overall gradepoint on campus; and a member voted to {he honor of Order of Omega. These awards are awarded on a basis of year-round activities and are a great ; ourcerof inspiration and pride to the girts who worked diligently throughout the year. Delta Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi has worked and will continue to work to remain " the first and finest. " AATl 311 Alpha Gamma Rho , Brian Ayers Jeff Baker Kevin Barrows Frank Bedner Gary Bohannon Randy Boyd David Branscum Douglas Brooks Roy Bullington Jacki Carmichael Perry Davis Mark Drake Glen Ellis Lance Ellison 312 APP 10 Robert Hanna Mitchell Harvill Les Henderson Wayman Holt Michael Hudlow Mark King Ned Larson Mark Martin Keith Mercer Steve Metheny Charles Metz Barney Morris Charles Peacock Daryl Quinton AIT 313 Gary Safcsak James Smith Randall Smith Ricky Strain Greg Stiles Kevin Threlkeld Darrell Veazy Kevin Verkamp Tim Verkamp Jim Vincent Tommy Weeks Wade Whistle Mark Wilson Johnny Wooley W L l I 1 ' WftWW k. -f I B . B E fc 4 , 314 AFP Officers: Mark Drake, first vice president; Mark King, third vice president; Keith Mercer, president; Barney Morris, alumni secretary; Chuck Peacock, second vice president: Kevin Threlkeld, secretary; Wade Whistle, treasurer. The national fraternity of Alpha Gamma Rho became a reality on April 4, 1908 when Alpha Gamma Rho at Ohio State and Delta Rho Sigma at Illinois combined. The Alpha lota chapter here at Arkansas, received its charter on April 28, Obtaining it strength from member is field abili bacl rganizational that each agricultural ie nd pre Club. Barney Morris served on the Board of Governors of the Arkansas Booster Club, while Metheny became a member of the Order of Omega. The members also worked together on a fund raising project for diabetes. Through the " Bike-a-Pig " project, AGR raised $3,200 for the Diabetes Association and placed third in fraternity donations. ATP 315 Alpha Kappa Alpha Wanda Brown Charlotte Carroll Joy Dillard Anita Elliot Dionne Harold Audrey Holly 316 AKA Delta Sigma Theta 317 Alpha Phi Alpha Kenneth Daniels Shawn Hill Chris Jackson Curtis Lewis Dennis May Timothy Woods Samuel Turner 318 A$A Alpha Phi Alpha Angels: Front: Jessie Strong. Pamela Harper, Vanessa Gladney. Middle: Deborah Parham, Rora Greer, Cynthia Jones. Back: Deborah Cooper. Renita Lofton, Michelle Shavers, Ollie McGowan, Carylon Smith, Diane Butler. Cheri Malone, Benita Lyles. Stephoney Fogte. Officers: Rodney Brannon, treasurer; Shawn Hill, corresponding secretary; Timothy Woods secretary- Dennis May. president; Johnnie Booth, vice president; A.J. Brown, dean of pledges- John Colbert graduate advisor. A A 319 Alpha Kappa Lamda r Justin Capers Stephen Caspar! Tim Collins James Evans Michael Pagan Clenn Gish Craig Grosshueseh Mitchell Hicks John Jursich Larry Low David Mayo Mark McSweeny Frank Mitchell Kyle Moats Stephen Murchison James Ruf Terry Sapp Randall Schild Michael Sinks Stephen Thompson Steve Wright T ane Ryai ato pfe ticpf In cam| Tli Febn Eorel took musli Satu 320 AKA The fall semester brought a change to the house of Alpha Kappa Lambda in the hiring of a new house mother-Mrs. Gloria Ryan of St. Louis. Initiation for seven new members also took place in the Fall, with pledge pins going out to eight AKL hopefuls. In intramural competition, the bowling team captured second place, while the volleyball squad made it to the post-season tournament. On December 12, AKL celebrated its fifteenth year on the Fayetteville campus. The Yellow Rose formal took place February 23 at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Go to Hell with AKL took place April 25 and 26, with music being supplied by Magnum on Saturday night. AKA 321 Chi Omega Terri Alford Alice Allen Mary Allen Andrea Andres Nan Andrews Lynley Arnett Kim Arnold Holly Austin Rebecca Barclay Beverly Basham Anne Bates Janet Bates Leslie Bogle Cindy Caldwell Teri Cauthron Martha Choate Lisa Christian Carol Cooper Janie Craig Jan Cross Kim Danhower 1 ' 322 XB Renee Debin Judith Dennis Becki Dinwiddie Lisa Ellis Lisa Folkner Melissa Gibson Cindy Gwaltney Lisa Hall Suzanne Hall Carol Hammans Kim Haraway Rebecca Harrington Jennifer Hart Delie Ivey Vickey Jackson Karen Jasiulevicius Chris Johnson Karla Johnson Kristi Kellam Kitty King Katherine Kirby Xfl 323 Blanche Lambert Regina Lee Nancy Loyd Susan Lucky Julie McCain Robin McHaney Ann McKenzie Holly Metcalf Sandra Munnerlyn Susan Newton Rebecca 0 ' Bryant Sarah Oliver Holly Patton Sue Patton Tina Phillips Liz Pickering Mary Poole Laura Pouncey Margie Presley Anne Randall Leigh Randall 324 XJ) : I Lynne Randall Lisa Rice Marcia Roles Judy Rownd Kim Sanders Susan Saracini Susan Searcy Melissa Silzer Bonnie Sokora Cecily Storm Christy Sutherland Rhetta Taylor Martha Thornton Susan Wilkinson Mindy Williams Melinda Wilson Pattye Wilson Genny Wrape XQ 325 Delta Delta Delta I Debbie Adams Honey Adams Tracy Baltimore Dana Bradshaw Stephany Bridges Blayne Burch Jana Carey Dru Carter Michelle Cockerell Jessie Couch Melody Cowan Dara Davenport Gail Davis Julia Dunn Carla Eason Mary Beth Esch Julie Evans Carol Fuhrman Renee Griffin Terri Hamm Merry Lee Hewitt Jeannie Hohn Liz Huey Tina Jewell Ann Johnson Terry Kent Kathy Koontz Evelyn Lambert Martha Leach Lynda Lee Debbie Lopez Kathy Mallon Susan Manning Kim Marble Kimmie Maxwell I 326 AAA a Carmella Montez Lynn Mosesso Suzanne Nance Shelly Odom Kenny Padgett Lisa Perry Catherine Phillips Claire Roeder Julie Roeder Sally Ross Angie Schaefer Denise Seen Laura Smith Sarah Ann Terry Brenda Thiel Malinda Thompson Janice Vaughn Georgiana Walt Connie White Leslie Wilkins Betsye Wright Rita Wright AAA 327 Officers: Gail Davis, president; Jana Carey, vice president; Sally Ross, recreation secretary; Mary Ellen Eubanks, treasurer; Lynn Mosesso, chap- lain; Sharon Post, marshall; Renee Griftin, corresponding secretary; Roselyn Grubbs, social chairman. 328 AAA AAA 329 Delta Gamma Leslie Basham Cathy Boone Stephanie Bracy Cheslea Breyman Candace Bullington Carrie Burke Teresa Campbell Jill Chapman Caroline Coffman Kathy Dobbs Susan Duncan Mary Fox Sarah French Julie Gabel 330 AT a Julie Gardner Dru Gammill Patrice Gillenwater Kathy Gray Maxi Harp Kim Heller Pam Henderson Jennie Henry Lisa Hinspeter Diana Hunt Susan Karns Kirstine Kohles Donna Lederman Linda Marshall Susan Marshall Laura Moore Jennifer Morgan Susan Niss Allyn Overholt Joan Owen Lynda Pilgrim Maria Redden Beverly Reid Robin Riley Sharon Schaeffer Carol Seffense Kristen Seibert Sandy Sexton Jacquelin Smith Lisa Smith Virginia Stratton Marin Taylor Martha Taylor Susan Temple Phoebe Thompson Stacy Trimble Bari Turner AF 331 Delta Upsilon Brian Atchley Jon Beard Isaac Bellinger David Cain Jeff Carlson Scott Davis Charles Denson Phi! Dougherty Doug Dover Brad Eddins Stephen Faubel Don Griffin Jackie Hancock Gregory Heil Oscar Hernandez Russ Holland James Jackson Clifford Jacobs Michael Kirshberger Vance Mitchell Steve Pitcairn 332 AT n Officers: Doug Dover, Keith Satterfield, David Cain, David Pennington, Steve Pitcairn, David Robinson, Jackie Hancock. I AT 333 Farm House Bobby Apple Hank Chaney John Connell Ronnie Cunningham Carleton Elam William Goins Sam Green Mark Hobbs Tracy Kelley David Lovell Gary Main David Martin Roger Moren James McJunkins John McElhaney Orville Rogers Karl Wright John Wilson Don Young 334 FH Officer : Pat Davenport, Mark Hobbs, Linda Davenport, John Wilson, president; Tracy Kelley, David Lovell, David Martin, David White. FH 335 Kappa Alpha Theta 8 ' T I ir Vanessa Armbrust Sherry Armstrong Shannon Brooks Patti Burton Sandra Canada Carolin Carvill Moka Caudle Cynthia Cleveland Marie Clinton Janet Combs Carol Dillard Jan Dillard Jerrie Dillard Cathy Dowdy Becky Dunn Shannon Featherston Dee Fincher Nancy Fore Gail Gladden Lori Graham Shari Harrison Leanne Hartzler Ann Elizabeth Hays Bev Hicks Jan James Patti Johnson Joan Johnston Diane McClure Julie McGehee Laura McKinnon June McMahon Lisa Merryman Shannon Michael Christy Middleton Marilyn Milliken 336 KA0 la Julie Murphy Carlotta Newton Malinda Oakes Carolyn Oudin Jan Pope Linda Richardson Marilyn Rogers Jennifer Rutledge Shelly Smith Vicki Smith Nan Stark Cindy Stidham Cheri Taylor Julie Warmouth Stacee Whiteside Katie Wolfe Kathy Oliver KA6 337 Kappa Kappa Gamma Gwen Adkinson Diane Baker Leslie Bargongnoni Jimmie Barham Anne Baxley Catherine Bays Carol Beene Diana Bewley Judy Boles Melissa Bond Elizabeth Bracklin Susan Bradford Pamela Kay Breitenberg Amber Bright Gail Bryant Janelle Cange Caren Cargill Cindy Cargill Carol Clark Jeanne Coffman Beverly Cope Kelli Coulter Linda Cross Liz Darelius Susan Davis Dana Dickerson Julie Drewry Cynthia Dudley Cindy Fancher Kim Ferugson Sharon Flood Cindy Gaither Gale Gazette Kay Gibbs Kelly Graves Denise Hair Rhonda Hair Penny Hamilton Joy Harris Holly Henry Laura Jacimore Janan Jackson Janice Jackson Janna Jennings Cindy Jesson Jennifer Jesson Robin Johnson Celeste Jones - r : ' 338 KKT Kim Karnes Lee Kaufman Kelley Keisner Kimberly Kirby Lisa Lashley Susan Lochhead Leslie McChristian Leah McDaniel Kim McDonald Nancy McElrath Danna McKay Marge Anna Mosely Cindy Parks Ann Purifoy Laura Randall Allison Reid Lisa Reyolds Jill Schroeder Lynne Schlatterer Robbi Linn Schupp Sarah Selig Terry Allison Angela Thieben Mary Ann Tilley Holly Turner Nan Weaver Vanya Webb Constance White Dana Yeatman Robin Young President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rush Chairman Pledge Trainer Social Chairman Scholarship Chairman . . . Panhelenic Representatives . Jimmie Barham . Deana Lohnes Layne Livingston . . Kelly Keisner . Sally Fisher . Gina Fotioo . . Cathy Edens Lisa Lashley . Cindy Cargill Leslie Overby KKT 339 Kappa Sigma Ted Bailey Brad Bass Mark Brantley Steve Craig Jerry Currence John Gulp Sims Dildy Paul Dunn Jayme Fowler Benjamin Harris Andy Hendricks Don Henry Greg Hout Dean Kelly Cam McCaa Paul Mixon Bruce Roberts David Smith Jimmy Spencer Greg Temple Leonard Thompson Philip Thompson Greg Trulock Budder Wilson Pete Word Ted Warriner Wayne Williams 340 KZ K2 341 342 K2 Officers: Greg Allbright, G.M.C.; Tim Taylor, social chairman; Wayne Williams, treasurer; Philip Thomp- son, grand master; Richard Bodie, pledge trainer; Greg Nelsar, scribe. K2 343 Lambda Chi Alpha Bill Alexander Jay Baker Greg Bowers Ted Crane David Crutcher Bill Cunningham Chuck Danehower Chris Davis Clark Davis Jim Ditzig Gary Ebbing Kenneth Edwards Mark Ellison John Fletcher Kevin Forte Neal Frizzell Greg Frohnappel Allan fuller Ed Gaitley Brian Gehrki Buddy Goldammer Steve Grissom Noland Hagood Charles Halliburton Thad Hanna Terry Harper Jim Henry Robert Hinds Tim Hunt Larry Johnson John Krim Stephen Krim Stanley Lawrence Vince Mayer Derick McDonald 344 AXA a ft fcrflft t I Bradley McLaurin Michael Milum Dudley Moll Brian Noland Thomas Norsworthy Charlie Padgham Thomas Pazdera Buddy Philpot Walter Prewett Rick Reeves Mathew Rogers Paul Romontio Bryan Scoggins Richard Smith Greg Spears David Smith Gregory Stephens Tommy Stewmon Brian Sullivan Lance Terrell Phil Terrell Philip Ulmschneider James Varnell Timothy Vose Steve Watkins Frank Watson James Wilkinson Stanhope Wilkinson Brooks Williams Ronald Williams Robert Wilson Robert Wise Mark Woodyear AXA 345 346 XA Officers: Front: John Krim, vice president; Charlie Padgham, president; Thomas T. Norsworthy, education chairman; Middle: Bryan Scoggins, treasurer; Kenneth Edwards, alumni secretary: Larry Johnson, assistant treasurer; Mark Woodyear, social chairman; Kevin McClurkan, rush chairman. Back: Brian Noland, pledge trainer; Allen Gehrki, rush chairman; Phil Terrell, secretary. AXA 347 Phi Beta Sigma 348 B2 Omega Psi Phi Officers: Rayfield Walter, keeper of the records; Clinton Smith, president; Kevin Mosley, vice president; Richard Lynch, treasurer. Q 349 Phi Delta Theta Fletcher Bransford Patrick Carrigan Scott Carter Jeffrey Christian Mark Chudy Dion Coakley Donnie Davis Dennis Delk Tom Denniston Wendell Flemister Ned Garrett Richard Gerety Gary Grahm James Hearnsberger Paul Henson Charles James John James Tommy Lorince David McCain John McDaniel Scott Mendenhall Robert Newell John Newman Robert Norcross Randy Ort Mark Ramm Mark Roberts Thomas Russell Aiitftl 350 J A6 a Steve Savage David Simmons Richard Sokora Rich Springer Lewis Taylor Jim Toler Tommy Vanzandt Russell Wilkins Louis Wilson Mark Young 351 I We, 352TPeekeCT Officer : Front: Tommy Van Zandt, rush chairman; Robert Newell, pledge trainer; Dion Coakley. president. Back: Fletcher Bransford. alumni secretary; Scott Carter, secretary; Steve McDaniel. vice president. TPeek (T353 Phi Gamma Delta Terry Altenbaumer Douglas Baird Richard Bartley Byron Bordeaux Ken Breckenridge Mike Brooks Will Cone Thomas Cramer Ricky Deramus Doug Dickenson Mark Forbess David Gordon Michael Glass Doug Green Robert Grumieaux Dan Hale Mitchell Harper David Harrison Clay Hathorn Richard Hedgecock Tyron Hoskins Dean Klug Clifton Ladd David Lynch Cooper McCraney Daniel Meyers Carl Nagel William Overton ttftit 354 FIJI la ilfcfeta Douglas Pfeifler Don Phillips Charles Plugge David Price Kent Rylee Mark Saxton John Schmitz Ward Seibert John Shields Perry Smith John Stotts Ed Stout Kevin Teeman Steve Von Steen Steve Wagner Thomas Williams FIJI 355 We. =:: 356 FIJI Officers: Byron Bordeaux, treasurer; Tom Williams, corresponding secretary; Steve Von Steen, president Rick Deramus. recreation secretary; Tom Cramer, historian. The international fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta began at Jefferson College in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1848. Over the past 132 years, Phi Gamma Delta has spread to over 1 18 campuses across the natioruX The Phi Alpha chapter has been in existence for thirteen years at the University of Arkansas. Throughout its history, Fiji ' s have held positions in Cardinal XXX, Cardinal Key, Blue Key, Order of Omega, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, and A.S.G. Steve Von Steen added still another honor to the house by being elected president of A.S.G. Co-sponsoring the Fayetteville Haunted House, they raised over $12,000. The second annual " Run for Cancer, " held before the Texas football game, found the men running Lou Holtz ' s glasses to Little Rock from Fayetteville. Proceeds donated totaled over $5,000. In the Spring the chapter held its annual FIJI Island Party. The chapter won the I.F.C. Intramural Championship as well as being selected Intramural Team of the Decade. FIJI 357 Phi Kappa Psi Bruce Aston Michael Aud James Buckner Daniel Calva Michael Chastain Grant Downer Terence Emmons Gregg Fisher Lloyd Gardner Pat Harris Timothy Hogue Michael Huffman Rusty Jackman Tony Malczycki Brett Pharis Jeff Roussel Tim Scott Marty Seifert Robert Sherman Stephen Thompson Parker Tucker Tim Wallace Karl Wasson Bruce Watson TRT fflF X ' . N k. .N . i % " a; ' e-:= 358 Officer : Scott James, treasurer; Keith Jones, historian; Grant Downer, assistant treasurer; Jeff Roussel, chaplain; Greg Greeson, sargeant-at-arms; Gregg Fisher, recording secretary; Bob Sherman, messenger; Kendall Faulk, president; Ahmad Mohazab, corresponding secretary; Terry Emmons, vice president. f K 359 Phi Mu Lisa Adams Susan Aycock Laura Bath Janet Bayles Cindy Bednar Cindy Blyth Karen Boling Cathy Brokate Tracy Brokate Rebel Brown Patty L. Bueker Kelly Butler Joy Casey Daria Causey _ Jo Ellen Chambers Carla J. Clark Mary Coen Theresa J. Courtney Charlotte Davis Maria DeClark Darilyn Dodson Susan Dorsey Debbie Dunn Nancy Ellis Suzy E. Ellis Kay R. Elmore Ellen Fletcher Caroline Gann Shirley Gardner Tammy Gibson Tandi Ginnett Pam Golden Yulonda Greenfield Kathy Griffith Erin Halford 360 M I Malu Hammans Melinda Hart Cathy Hartzell Gina Heck Marilyn Hiatt Stacy Holcomb Larinda Howell Stephanie Jeffus Katherine Johnson Gretchem Lasiter Nancy Law Theresa Leis Barbie Lewis Phyliss Liner Joanne Lohr Gayle Lyon Rosemary Mahfouz Kathy Martin Vickie Mayse Helen McKinney Georgianna Meek Judy Miller Kathryn Morton Becky Payne Lee Ann Poiriez Melanie Presley Janet Price Virginia Rainwater Officer : Mary Coen. corresponding secretary; Suzanne Yates, panhellic; Virginia Rainwater, recording secretary; Kathy Martin, president; Theresa Leis, pledge trainer; Ellen Theis. treasurer; Cathy Brokate, rush chairman; Cathy Rogers, vice president. M 361 I The alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Mu was chartere b6 J3nuary 19, 1979. Even though thjs chapter is just a little over a year old, the members have started many traditions and are very active on campus. In the area ofsocial service, the Phi Mu ' s sponsore i5iSprub-a-dub-a-thon for Diabetes. FiSJ4rls sat in bath tubs at the Holiday Inn for 24 hours. Other fund-raising projects included co- sponsoring a pizza-eating marathon with the SAE ' s, and selling Pumpkin Pops for Project Hope, their national philanthropy. The chapter also sponsors a child overseas through the Children ' s Christian Fund. Members are active in many organizations including Mortar Board and Order of Omega (Kathy Martin) and Angel Flight (Elicia Sinor, Pam Shapard). They are also in Cardinal Key, Union Programs, and Little Sister organizations. Lee Ann Poirez and Helen Spears are members of the Pom Pon squad. In sports, Phi Mu took first place in intramural bowling, and they have members on the Arkansas track and swim teams. Phi Mu is very proud of its celebrity, Malu Hammans. As " Women ' s World Duck Calling Champion " , she appeared on the Mike Douglas Show. Other honors include 1980 RAZORBACK Beauty Helen Spears, and finalist Vicki Mayse. Piper Wilson was selected Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart, and Kathy Martin is the Phi Gamma Delta Sweetheart. 362 Becka Reed Cathy Rogers Leslie A. Roper Lisa Sass Tracy Sass Tami Scherm Pam Shapard Elizabeth Shingleur Diane Sesniak Brenda Sims Elicia A. Sinor Kym Smith Karen Sprouse Tammy Stafford Lisa Stecks Melinda Stephens Nancy Strauss Ellen Theis Anna Thiessen Susan Thomas Nancy Wagner Frances Wasson Kim Watkins Kim White Dianna Whitlow Charlotte Williams Piper Wilson Valerie Wilson Cynthia White Tina S. Winstead Margaret Woodsmall Carolyn Wren Beverly Wright Suzanne Yates Kelly Young M 363 Pi Beta Phi Mary Helen Bass Tammy Bledsoe Ann Bodenhamer Colette Bouffard Kim Brooks Maureen Buckingham Karen Campbell Pam Campbell Carla Cobb Dabney Crafton Cathy Cravens Leila Dodge Karen Dugan Mary Lynn Ederington Sara Eldridge Brianne Faulkner Sherrie Gaylor Karen Gentry Susan Gentry Pam Griffin Mary Ann Margraves Cathy Hastings Jacque Hill Mary Ann Hogg Gail Hunter Jan Johnson Cindy Jones Mary Jones I Denise Little Becky McCoy Anna McDaniel Cindy McGaughy Audrey Miller Patti Newell Kathryn Morris Kathryn Pryor Laura Pyle Zanya Rapp Linda Rogers Malinda Rutledge Molly Saxon Christy Snowden Sandy Stancil Margo Stockalper Jodie Taylor Donna Tokarczyk Gary Tracy Coralie Watt Gwyn Williams Marianne Woodyear FIB 365 366 HE Officers: Terry Miller, president; Cathy Hastings, v.p. of moral; Laura Rogers, v.p. of mental; Mary Ann Margraves, v.p. of social; Tanya Reed, treasurer; Carolyn Powell, corresponding secretary; Kristen Kemp, recording secretary; Cathy Gessler. social chairman. FIB 367 Pi Kappa Alpha James Berry Jimmy Bogle John Bracken Kirk Browning Robert Burnes Gary Burrows Tom DeMont Robert Drouet Evan Evans John George William Gilbert Brad Guy Rodney Gray Brad Hale Lowell Hays III John Hooper David Hooker Douglas Hooker Douglas Hooker Todd Jackson Michael Jones Brian Layman I I : li, it 1 368 HKA la Max Lough Jeff Mattox Douglas May Brian McLaughlin Randall Morton Jack Newsum William Patton Doug Phillips Lynden Polk Andrew Post Mark Prescott Robert Reece Kevin Smith Paul Smithey Michael Staton Ron Steen Ronny Stricklin Porter Wafler Eric White Ken Wiley Paul Williams OKA 369 I 370 HKA OKA 371 Sigma Alpha Epsilon ,- Al Alexander John Bailey Lem Bellingreth Roger Bransford Lowry Barnes Scott Carroll William Cartwright Chris Clark Ellis Collins Stephen Douglas Bart Edwards Richard Farr Darren Farrish Robert Ginnaven Baker Gross Frank Hall Thomas Heller Scott Hembree Rausch Hodges Jack Hollingsworth, Jr. Don Ivey Bruce Jeffrey David Jones Ben Kenney Cliff King Scott Knowles Steve Lincoln Rol Luplow John Manning Stephen McClanahan Greg Means Steve Miller Joseph Mills Jack Oliver Scot Overby B f ft IPP Dwight Plunket Dave Pulliam Michael Ramsey Gary Shephar Richard Simpson Mathew Spencer Philip Tappan Chip Turner Bart Virden, VI John Walker Vernie Williams Craig Willis Brian Winstead Walter Wright 2AE 373 374 2AE I Me I Officers: Larry Barnes, pledge trainer; Eddie Wilson, president; Chip Turner, secretary; Walter Wright, treasurer; Greg Langford, vice-president. ZAE 375 Sigma Chi I Chris Amsler B. Welby Billings Donald Bingaman John Bland Anthony Borgognoni Kenneth Broom Sandy Brown Robert Claxton Less Cooner Douglas Cox Steve Cox Machael Cross Jeff Davis Mark DeClerk Mike Hartje Clifford Henry Todd Hensley Phil Hinch Allen Hope John Jewell John King Jay McConnell Kirk McDonald H.G. McNabb Robert McNeill David McQueen Vance Moore Scott Morrison 376 2X ft. r FWWW p R A a 1 AftMti A A i_,v. i A I Steve Morrison Mark Murphy Lester Ni block Kevin Phillips Michael Powers J.W. Rayder Mike Redd Robert Richardson Jay Ritchie Jim Shaddox Greg Sink David Stubblefield Mark Tho mas Matt Vest Brian Westbrook David Workman Phil Zimmerman SX 377 I 378 2X 2X 379 Sigma Nu Doug Anderson Thomas Baker Gary Baugh Jeff Brewer Jeff Browne John Buchanan Bill Burgess Mike Calhoun Greg Carr Bard Cole Ernie Cook Scott Cyrus Steve Dubois Randy Farless David Frazier Kevin Gentry Roy Gentry Scott Gentry Charles Gilmore Brian Gilmore Todd Green 380 ZN hi I I Michael Gross Jay Haney David Harrison Phillip Harrison Drake Hawkins Guy Hickman Richard Holmes Barry Jewell Stephen Johnson Steve Joiner Scott Kingsborough- Mike Lax Mitchell Lyons Brian Mustacci David Nelson Stephen Nelson Raymond Osborn Thomas Paterson Danny Pelton Scott Pettit Bill Pullen N 381 ' ' Edgar Riccick Richard Roblee Mark Schlesinger Scott Schlesinger Jim Stark Kevin Staten Gary Thorn Craig Treece Mike Verucchi Tim Washington Blake Weber Charles Weir II Bryan Wright 382 ZN H _ Officers: Tim Washington, pledge marshall; Benji Gilmore, pledge marshall; Mike Lax, commander; Mike Ptak, recorder; Scott Cyrus, lieutenant commander; Rick Holmes house manager; Richard McElrath, treasurer; Scott Gentry house manager. 1979-80 marked seventy-five years on the University of Arkansas campus for the Gamma Upsilon chapter of Sigma Nu. Over five hundred collegiates, alumni, and their families celebrated the chapter ' s birthday during the Tulsa game weekend. For the second consecutive year, Sigma Nu held the highest gradepoint of any fraternity. The " snakes " also won the annual diabetes drive, by donatinfl_Qyr $6.fliO f UieJiSO.OOO Si ' to win th 1 second Sigma honor asso Cardinal X Omega, an several lected for Order of Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. After twelve years of service to the chapter, Mrs. Oran Yoes announced her retirement as housemother, effective at the end of the year. Upon her announcement one administration official commented, " I thought I would always have Old Main and Mom Yoes. " ZN 383 Sigma Phi Epsilon rrV i Y Bill Bailey Peter Beath Tim Buddig James Cadle Jerry Friend Rod Frizzell Damian Gerke Jeffery Hairston Charles Hamilton John Jordin William Larue Tim Marconi Ronald Meyers Richard Reynolds Robert Skinner Michael Spades Bryan Speed Tony Spicer Keith Stephens Kirk Van Sickle Jeffrey Watson Frank Wehr i -- 1S 4 1 384 385 386 . 387 Theta Tau x Keith Brown Cab Craig Donnie Daws Kenneth Evans Chris Freyaldenhoven John Groce Bob Irwi n John Jehlen Mike Marlow David Peavy Alberto Pineda David Pittman Marlow Small Chris Tanner Paul Strang Skipper Watkins 388 er Officers: Greg Estep, Murray Claasen, Skipper Watkins, Kenny Evans. OT 389 Zeta Tau Alpha Deborah Adcock Lisa Albright Brenda Alexander Tracy Alexander Shannon Ashcraft Judith Belt Pam Blasingame Betsy Box Amy Boyd Lori Brenner Tracie Brewer Donna Brown Mary Brust Allison Buercklin Jenny Carter Cindy Carr Sharon Church Suzanne Cooksey Jill Copeland Lynette Cornwell Jody Crawford Bobbie Cross Johnice Cross Julie Cypert Debbie Dillon Tracy Diemer Kathy Diemer Angela Edwards 390 ZTA a I Barbara Fay Susan Fore Karen Formby Laura Gaston Connie Graves Mary Graydon Jennie Griffith Kathleen Haley Debbie Hall Debbie Hall Dianne Hart Julie Hayes Pam Haynie Judi Herrin Judy Herd Keri Hibbard Regina Hopper Diane Jones Susan Jones Jana Jordon Joni Kane Anne Kissire Marcia Kirksey Kathy Knez Melissa Knight Valerie Kordsmeier Linda Laird Vicki Logan ZTA 391 Alice Maxwell Stephanie Mays Sherry McClendon Lisa McKinnon Denise Miller Patti Minto Madge Moye Nicki Netherton Tame Neukam Kelly Newman Karen Newman Shannon Perry Mary Peters Julee Probert Teresa Reading Kelly Richardson Susan Rinnert Donna Ruggles Dorothy Roberts Millie Robinson Brenda Rystrom Renee Stiles Janet Tate Kim Toler Robin Walker Marissa Wells Becky Werner Susie Werner Catherine Williams Kathy Williams Sheri L. Williams Shelley Wilcoxon Mona Winning ham Penny Yoakam 392 ZTA 1 Officers: Judi Herrin. ritual chairman; Debbie Adcock, president; Donna Buggies, recording secretary; Kathy Williams, treasurer; Tracie Brewer, pledge trainer; Judy Herd, first vide president; Kerri Hibbard, historian. ZTA 393 Zeta Phi Beta Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was organized at Howard University in Washington, DC in 1920. The sorority stresses finer womanhood, sisterly love, and scholarship. The UA chapter of Zeta Phi Beta, Phi Theta, was colonized by the University in 1979. Phi Theta chapter is helping to establish a Sickle Cell Anemia chapter in Fayetteville. The group also sponsored everal symposiums, forums, and entertainment functions throughout the year. The five charter members of Phi Theta are actively involved in Panhellenic Council, Greek President ' s Club, Sigma Delta Chi, New Dimensions in Agri Home EC, Executive Council, and Women ' s track. The chapter has donated to several charitable organizations. They also visited and distributed candy and toys to some children in the hospital during Halloween., in Linda Bedford Vanessa Taylor Vivian Tyler Carrie Washington K, I 394 Z B a Kappa Alpha Psi KA 395 396 Greeks Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Council: Front: Susan Schakel, Jeanie Weeks, Sharon Tger (advisor). Lisa Smith, Leslie Basham. Middle: Suzanne Yates, Kathy Diemer, Anita Elliot, Debbie Dillon, Denise Miller, Rose Coleman, Marie Clinton, Dionne Harold. Back: Susan Dorsey. Wrenetta Olson, Leslie Overby, Judy Herd, Jana Carey, Nan Andrews, Cindy Cargill, Terri Jones, Ginny Wrape. Kim Sanders, Vicki Smith, Charlotte Taylor. Officers: Front: Denise Miller, vice president; Nan Andrews, president; Rose Coleman, secretary. Back: Wrenetta Olson, asst. rush chairman; Debbie Dillon, treasurer; Marie Clinton, rush chairman. Greeks 397 Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Council Officers: Front: Steve Pitcarin, treasurer; Tommy Vanzandt, secretary. Back: Bill Baily, president; Jay Kincannon, vice president; Mark Schlesinger, rush chairman. 398 Greeks Order Of Omega Order of Omega (Greek Honorary): Officers: Steve Morrison, special projects chairman; Mary Gillespie. secretary; Sue Patton, treasurer: Skip Ebet, president: Rick Roblee. vice president. Alpha Gamma Rho Little Sisters Alpha Gamma Rhomates: Members: Reyna Black, Cathy Boone, Marcy Bowen, Leigh Ann Brantley, Donna Sue Brown, Candy Bullington, Brigitte Burks, Theresa Campbell. Lisa Cook, Cathy Cormack, Kim Crawford, Carolyn Davis, Janet Davis, Julie Dean, Danette Duncan, Cindy Fancher, Debbie Fegil, Karen Fisher. Vicki Fitzgibbon, Keli Folkerts, Dru Gammill, Rhonda Hair, Joy Harris. Melody Harris, Marjorie Head, Andrea Hendricks, Gail Hewgley. Jana Hight, Pam Howell, Cindy Jarvis. Lisa King. Penny Kingery, Sherry Lander, Mary Langley. Lisa Mason, Kim McDaniel, Kathleen cMahon, Ladona Moore, Cindy Modisette, Allyn Overholt, Mary Parkerson, Lethlyn Pumphrey. Alice Rabeneck, Chea Redditt, Beverly Reid, Kathy Rothrock, Lee Ann Rothrock, Kim Sawyer, Donna Sumrall, Vivian Surratt, Cynthia Tarantino, Cheri Taylor, Teri Walker, Judy Weeks, Stacee Whiteside. Holly Womack, Patricia Young, Linda Zimmerman. Greeks 399 Alpha Kappa Lambda Little Sisters Alpha Kappa Lambda Althians: Flow 1: Sarah Neely, Nancy Breckenridge, Mickie Bumpass, Carlo Dillard, Rita Middleton, Delie (very, Julie Kirsch, Pam Haynie. Flow 2: Gayla Hadaway, Teena Tischer, Rebel Brown, Janie Williams, Kathie Johnson, Marie Nichol. Row 3: LeAnn Tanner, Melissa Jarret, Tina Winstead, Kim Heller, Malinda Oakes, Theresa Leis. Row 4: Nancy Ray, Leanne Finks, Phyliss Liner, Laura Cummings, Mike Pagan. Delta Upsilon Little Sisters Delta Upsilon Sisters of the Seven Stars: Row 1: Becky Troillt, Peggy Sims, Susan Strickland, David Stoner, Lisa Watts, Terry Trumbull, Dana Foley. Row 2: Malinda Newton, Becki Patrick, Teresa Carter, Sandy Sexton, Lynda Pilgrim, Leslie Parks, Jana Lindeman, Cheslea Breyman, Phyllis Hoyle, Julie Finch, Cindi Cleveland, Janice Franks. Row 3: Julie Jones, Ann Hays, Diane Zawacki, Lori Foster, Karen Formby, Sally Curtis, Hazel Ewell, Julie Gabel, Jan Pope, Curry Mayer, Joy Jennings, Karen Mullins. 400 T peek r Farm House Little Sisters Farm Hous Littto SisUra: Row 1: Brenda Galyean, Kelly McFarlin. Connie Mobley, Teresa Scott. Teresa Loudermilk, Christy Wardlaw. Row 2: Connie Russell (president), Wanda Gore. Ellen Humphreys (secretary), Gwen Watts (intramural Manager). Terri Watson, Liz Jones (vice president), Nancy Smith (historian), Michelle Smith (pledge trainer), Row 3: Jean Ann Fulcher, Lisa Laird, Karen Reves, Janet McGhee. Row 4: Libby Northcross, Sherry Turner, Ellen Wardlaw, Terri Tatum. Kappa Sigma Little Sisters Greeks 401 Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sisters I Lambda Chi Alpha Cresent Girls: Row 1: Patty Johnson, Karla Johnson, ReneS Wessels, Lisa Hinspeter, Beth Henry. Row 2: Sandy Bailey, Anne McKinsey, Debbie Lopez, Jill Schrader, Nancy Cunningham, Brenda Theil, Mary Brust, Rozanne Ditzig, Serena Rounceville, Celeste Jones, Jennie Henry, Marilyn Millikan. Row 3: Shell! Owen, Leslie Roper, Rebecca Bone, Kay Ingram, Sharon McDonald, Cathy Cullen, Lisa Merryman, Nancy Wagner, Mom Kelly. Row 4: Merri Krim, Debbie Beam, Beth Mann, Debbie Clark, Gina Heck, Kim Heck. Phi Gamma Delta Little Sisters Phi Gamma Delta Little Sisters of the White Star: Row 1: Leslie McRobbie, Susan Thomas, Sally Ross, Sheri Brownwell. Row 2: Kristen Seibert, Kay McHenry, Helen Unerferth, Johnice Cross, Michelle Cockrell, Kathy Martin, Kim Watkins. Row 3: Jana Carey, Cindy Bednar, Beverly Wright, Dana Dickerson, Martha Monroe, Lee Ann Cissell, Kim Forrest, Tracy Cash, Tami Schrem. Row 4: Connie Graves, Marisa Houston, Jennifer Morgan, Virginia Stratton, Jennifer Jesson, Barbara Nagel, Zem DeLay. 402 Greeks Phi Delta Theta Little Sisters Greeks 403 ' Phi Kappa Psi Little Sisters Phi Kappa Psi Little Sisters of the Red Rose: Row 1: Lisa Widner, Pat Erving, Mary Faulk, Becky Martin, Joni Johnston, Malinda Thompson, Julie Moore. Row 2: Gail Bryant, Anne Lynch, Jamie Hill, Carlon Caroom, Liz Dehls, Lisa Parks. Row 3: Jennifer Gilbert, Kim Oxenreider, Glenda Glassey, Suzanne Cooksey, Judy Byrd, Cathy Otto, Betsy Horner. Row 4: Tami Neukam, Cathy Hartzell, Judy Herd, Donna Thornton, Debbie Rotan, Lynn Cook. Row 5: Kathy Kirby, Nan Stark. 404 Greeks si Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters Greeks 405 Sigma Chi Little Sisters Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sisters Sigma Phi Epsilon girls of the Golden Heart: Front: Suzie Davis, Mandy Angeletti, Dottie Williams, Holly Henry, Constance White, Mrs. Leo M. Dykes Jr., Jill Thompson, Mary Helen Long. Back: David Stuart, Patti Brown, Renee deBin, Jean Haley, Nan Weaver, Carolyn Lindsey, Susan Bishop, Sandy Skinner, Marianne Terlep, Brenda Kelley, Jimmie Barham, Kelley Watson. 406 Greeks rs Sigma Nu Little Sisters rs Sigma Nu Little Sitters: First: Chris Johnson, Tracy Gwaltney, Laura Randall, Layne Livingston, Susan Hood. Patti Newell, Laura Pyle, Debbie Douglas. Second: Chris Williams, Connie Zmarzly, Jennie Coffman, Suzzette Dees, Jan Schroepfer, Mary Beth Esch, Kathy Mallon, Jan Cross, June Morrow. Third: Mellisa Shotfner, Terri Norman. Carmella Montez, Nancy McElrath, Leslie Overby, Billie Mayes, Susan Lockhead, Patti Minton, Carol Fuhrman, Carla Cobb, Pam Griffin, Cindy Gwaltney, Debbie Ford, Sue Adams. Fourth: Joyce Terminella, Sarah Lewing. Susan Willet. Ann Johnson, Mary Norman, Mel Wilson, Liz Darelius, Sally Fisher, Martha Taylor, Margie Presley, Julie Murphy, Susan Peebles, Carol Cooper, Holly Metcalf. Not pictured: Allison Terry. Greeks 407 Jll 408 Greeks -- - Greeks 409 410 Greeks Greeks 411 fi 63 U)Cn Qftcuf6 RHA 414 Dorms Residence Hall Association Executive Officers: Clockwise from right: Linda Friedman, RHA advisor; John Blair, RHA president; Bob- by Pryor, RHA vice president. RHA Residence Hall Association Committee Chairmen: Clockwise from below: Ronnie Jennings, ASG senator-at- large; Jay Caulik. publicity chairman; Robert Davis, social chairman. Dorms 4 1 5 RHA Legislative Council Legislature Council: Robert Davis, Ray Garr, Benny Gilbert, Barbara Blair, Melissa Reynolds, Bobby Pryor, Robyn Osgatharp, John Blair, Ronnie Jennings, Bill Frye, Benny Lambert, Linda Friedman, Steve Quillman, Jana Luebkeman. 416 Dorms ? Casino Carnival Dorms 417 TAU i Tau Alpha Upsilon (Residence Hall Honorary): Front: John Blair, Bill Frye, Benny Gilbert, Robyn Osgatharp. Middle: Lance Kordis, John Fikes, Robert Davis, Alan Daws, Susan Hannah, Joyce Litchi, Bobby Pryor. Back: Terry House, Jan Smith, Lori Foster, Pam Schmidt, Rick Ruble, Steve phreys. 4 1 8 Dorms Leadership Conference Dorms 419 420 Dorms Dorms 421 Buch. - Droke Glad. - Ripley 422 Dorms Futrall Futrall Senate Beverly Matthis Lisa Widner Teresa Keegan Kristi Probasco Terry House Janna Luebkemann Karen Campbell Teresa Loudermilk Lisa Worst Theresa Courtney Lenore Keeling Peggy Cagle Teri Hamma Chrissy Doering Dorms 423 Fulbright 424 Dorms Fulbright Dorms 425 Sedgewell Sedgewell: Ray Baker, Tim Baker, Jeff Barnard, Andy Boersma, John Connell, Mark Coonce, George Covert, Robert Defreitas, Darryl Duff, Jay Fish, James Gray, Steve Green, John Hug, Matt Jones, George Kobe, Robert Matthews, Tom McGee, Mike Ogle, Mark Palmer, Jeff Presley, Demetrius Randall, Trey Rogers, James Root, Richard Ruble, Tom Simpson, Mark Taylor, Doug Weatherford. Lodgeretts: Celester Brooks, Susan Herring, Janene Bryant, Ginny Robertson, Nancy Robertson. Officers: Front: Rick Ruble, vice president; Ray Baker, president; Jay Fish, 3rd floor; Steve Green, ASG. Back: James Root, social chairman; John Connell, 2nd floor; George Kobe, treasurer; Tom Megee, secretary; Mark Coonce, intramural chair. 426 Dorms William L I Dorms 427 Hotz 7 Chris Back Greg Burgess Sean Connor Tim Cowgur Mike Cox Will Cox Tim Crawley Alan Cross Bill Doshier Martin Fiscus Ken Henry Bobby James Scott Kendrick Mike Magness Mitch Magness Mike Murphy Charles Parette Tommy Payne Bob Poag Scott Porter Pel Ross Mark Rowe Scott Schreiber Bob Sliva Larry Sweet Jake Tabler Franklin Tucker David Usery Gordon Wilbourn 428 Dorms House Council Humphrey Hall Council: Becky Dunn, intramural chairman; Jane Boyd, social chairman; Martha Vaught, secretary; Phyllis McKenzie, treasurer; Nancy Shaw, vice president; Joyce Lichti, president; Terri Kauble, 7th floor president; Lisa Owen, RHA representative; Jacque Petray, 3rd floor president; Kim Broyles, 8th floor president; Teresa Habig, 2nd floor president; Carole Powell, RHA representative. Humphreys Staff: Keigh White, Shelley Hurler, Ruthanne Robinette, Sue Linger, Drusilla Welch, Lacy Largent, Lisa McKinney, Alfrita Snowden, Jackie Treadway, Heidi Milter. 1 1 Dorms 429 Vicki Allison, Michele Bearden, Raney Burrow, Kelle Chastain, Lorie Clark, Glynda Crawford, Jennifer Day, Sandy Edwards, Karen Fine, Mary Graydon, Tammy Gutzman, Janice Huck, Martha Huck, Abby Inkles, Susan Jones, Lacy Largent, Stephanie Mays, Kelley Miller, Judie Montelepre, Terrie Morris, Marjorie Munger, Lisa Munson, Kim Orlicek, Holly Park, Anne Plastiras, Kay Pool, Amy Scherm, Monica Squyers, Lisa Thomas, Karen Thomson, Sherry Turner, Martha Vaught, Lisa Walker, Jody Williams. Alice Allen, Laurie Balfz, Shari Bramhall, Collette Daley, Cindy Hill, Shelley Hurler, Becky Jones, Elizabeth Leeman, Joyce Lichti, Nancy Martin, Phyllis McKenzie, Susan McLemore, Judy Montgomery, Lisa Owen, Jacque Petray, Beth Riley, Cameo Routon, Mo Jam Sims, Sheri Smith, Beth Wells. Ml Saw 430 Dorms Humphreys 4 u__ ___ i _i _i Annie Garrett, Debra Godwin, Lisa Godwin, Angela Gooch, Angela Gray, Melanie Griffin, Sarah Griggs, Mary Groves, Janis Hardin, Deborah Harris, Cheryl Jackson, Jana James, Patricia Johnston, Laura Johoske, Carol Jones, Kim Jones, Leslie Krebs, Najla Kutait, Mary Long, Amy Marr, Rebecca McAfee, Patty Mclntosh, Sandra McKay, Vicki Miles, Susan Morris, Susan Morrow, Robyn Osgathorp, Janet Reed, Andrea Richardson, Becky Rognrud, Charla Roper, Mary Sawyer, Helen Schaffer, Lynne Schlatterer, Deborah Shields, Pat Skinner, Teresa Smothes, Al Snowden, Vanessa Taylor, Cynthia White. Amy Browning, Tammy Buck, Cathy Callahan, Janis Davis, Benita Day, Pam Golden, Deborah Harris, Karen Heard, Kristi Herd, Toni Lewis, Carol Long, Kathy Luca, Becky Matthews, Deanna Miller, Cathy Otto, Wendy Owens, Janice Patton, Ann Richardson, Debbie Rotan, DeAnn Scott, Susan Scott, Mary Beth Sims, Kathleen Simpson, Sue Unger, Sarah Weyer. Dorms 431 Debbie Bagley, Kristie Blatz, Mary Bockholt, Melissa Cattaneo, Laurie Commer, Ruth Elser, Nancy English, Gayla Hadaway, Nina Suzanne Jones, Elizabeth S. Kumpe. Mary Kay Lazenby, Jan Moser, Gail Robinson, Teena Tisher, Janet Wald, Keigh White Denise Bakema, Becky Barney, Mary Jane Bittick, Paula Bruton, Becky Burford, Doris Chu, Janice Clary, Cathi Cranston, Janice Crumpton, Paulan Daniel, Debbie Eckart, Ann Edwards, Jane Ellis, Milena Erceg, Melissa Ferguson, Lori Frost, Marguerite Gerke, Cynthia Harris, Kelley Hedgecock, Judy Howell, Teri Joiner, Teri Kauble, Diane Kruse, Lisa Little, Sheherazade Mohazab, Karen McCraw, Betty McCubbin, Margaret McGlauflin, Martha Newton, Mary Beth Pomrenke, Jeanie Rimmer, Ruthanne Robinette, Gina Ross, Luanne Rowton, Nancy Shaw, Leslie Stout, Shala Tabatabai, Terri Watson, Melinda West, Linda Williams Humphreys 432 Dorms Humphreys 8 Humphreys 8: Diane Bintliff, Natalie Bolinger, Kimberly Browning. Kim Broyles, Laura Burg, Janis Carter, Carol Colburn, Regina Dempsey, Teresa Dillahunty, Danette Duncan, Mary Faulk, Tandi Ginnett, Sandy Harris, Vanessa Hrtiman, Marietta James, Sherry Lander, Gretchen Lasiter, Vickie Lienhart, Cindy Lowe, Vicki Morehead, Libby Northcross, Cheryl Peterson. Mary Phillips. Sherry Reed, Joyce Richardson, Myra Sager, Rita Stacy, Donna Sumrall. Vivian Surratt, Donna Tate, Susan Underwood, Kay Watson, Drusilla Welch. Humphrey 9: Marcy Bowen, Tracy Brokate, Karen Bromstad, Kim Brooks. Lilly Cash, Susan Collins, Kim Crawford, Becky Dunn, Sara Ford, Annette Frazier. Julie Gardner, Liz Ginnaven. Cindy Glidewell. Liz Hester, Mildred Johnson, Tommi Jones, Christi McLaughlin, Barb Meyer, Heidi Miller, Oteeka Miller, Mary Morgan, Lisa Parr. Carole Powell. Sara Skair, Nancy Smith. Shelli Tillman, Gary Tracy, Betsey Tursky, Marcia Wiedekehr, Dana Woods, Debbie Yancy. Humphreys 9 Dorms 433 Razorback Janet Davidson Jennifer Womack Cathy Frederick Jacque George Audrey Holly Jo Dawn Smith Mary Ann Schemel Kim Rhodes Pam Schmidt Kathi Martin Theresa Foger Brenda Garner Pamela Hardy Marian Beaty Tamara Thopmson Teresa Williams Heidi Kolls Debbie Gadbury Debbie Lopez Jacquelyn Womack Shio Koh Rosalind Wilson Serena Rounceville Marsha Diggs Tammy Walkingstick Kristi Sparks 434 Dorms Reid Senate Rid Hll Senate Front: Bridget Bruce, Lisa Lehman, Jan Fox, Melissa Reynolds, Ernie Cecil, Patricia Gregory. Back: Morgan McManus. Pete Higgins, Mark Bailey, Garry Mayo, Becca Lancaster, Lori Tetchman. Officers: Paul Mortensen, advisor Ed Janoris, vice president; Sandy Backstrom, secretary; Raymond Gosack, president; John Jordan, treasurer. Dorms 435 Reid 3 I James Adams, Lewis Adams, Jon Allen, Val Bellora, Randall Boone, Richard Bucher, Richard Billard, Michael Cavitt, Ernest Cecil, David Cherry, Cliff Clemmons, Michael Collie, David Fernandez, Jeffery Gallon, Barry Garland, Bruce Gowen, Alford Green, James Guerra, Charles Harris, Steve Harrell, Jeffery Hayes, Michael Haley, Robert Henderson, Troy Heron, Lindsey Holloway, Brad Johnson, Steven Jones, John Jordan, Norman Kildow, Mark Kollman, James Lee, Ronald Lee, Steven Libby, Timothy Luce, David Lynch, Janes Lynch, Pat MeGinnis, Robert Merriott, Kevin Miller, Joshep Moore, Todd Olson, Robert Peebles, Chris Perkins, Dennis Steed, Kevin Sullivan, Albert Swaty, Earl Thomas, Leon Thomas, Brian Thompson, John Towsend, Barry Turner, John Udouj, Kenneth Voise, Mark Wilkins, Lannie Wright, Duanne Wyatt, Kuan-Hsiung Yang. 436 Dorms Reid 4 -S: Barry Barnoski Mark Bailey Jon Bischof Abe Bogoslavsky Michael Broome David Bushkihl Roger Carter Ward Clemmonds Pak Fung Raymond Gosack Craig Grossheusch Ed Janonis John Ligon Anthony Litton Gary Mayo Morgan McManus Gary Meyers Billy Miller Jeft Penson Carl Peratt Tim Plunkett John Ray Lloyd Ridenhour Ron Robertson Michael Sharp Mike Shellito Paul Sims Danny Talbert John Townsend Barry Turner Gary Yanosick Stan Yerton Dorms 437 Reid 6 Pat Bleeker Becky Borecky Kathy Chelf Dianne Duerr Margaret Duffy Susan Hannah Carrie Harris Rebecca Lancaster Lisa Lehman Robyn Markley Matilda Mess Wendy Overturf Karen Piles Kim Sauer Marilu Snodgrass Libby Stuart Tammy Summers Judy Weeks 438 Dorms Reid? Mary Buckner Anita Brown Julie Cunningham Debbie Davis Debbie DeBlase Marsha Diggs Tina Fountain Jan Fox Marian Hockaday Shalah Kendall Diane Lenihan Dixie May Kathy Mayo Alice McGiboney Lou Ann Nicholson Tammy Ollie Melissa Reynolds Wendy Rothwell Karen Sisk Lorri Teichman Melinda Terry Rita Warren Elizabeth Whittington Dorms 439 Reid 8 Marida Borritz Kim Bunge Ruth Maria Carroll Terri Chamblis Debbie " Dobbie " Christie Meta Cross Phyllis Darden Carolyn J. Davis Laura Dykman Cindy Donica Del " Doc " Eckart Quinton Geans Patrice Gillenwater Leah Gordan Tarja-Lisa Hamalainen Diana Hinton Janet Johns Belinda Jordahl Michele Leithleiter Laura McMurtrey Stacy Moser Debbie Mott Kimala Nichols Vada Post Susan Reiter Martha Rounsaiville Cindy Severs Tammy Siefkes Sherri Sommers Colette Soucy Jeannette Talbert Marien Walker 440 Dorms Yocum Senate Yocum Senate: Front: Larry Schwartz, Ronald Dooms, Charles Davis, Liz Hester, Ben Evert, Alan Daws, Dwayne Doshier, John Pitts. Back: Walter Hedges, Brian Grimsley, John Coats, Gerry Gollinger, Brian Wauer. Richard Scott, Phillip Wyatt. Officers: Charles Davis, president; Larry Schwartz, treasurer; Liz Hester, 1980 RAZORBACK Beauty Candidate; John Coats, secretary; Brian Grimsley, social chairman. Dorms 441 Yocum Senate Yocum Senate: Marvin Dalla Rosa, Richard Scott, Steve Kennedy, Terry Wallace, Anthony Lewis, Larry Burns, Bob Gieringer, Gary Hutchinson, Jeff Richardson, Bennie Duckett, Bryan Larson, Craig Tapperson, Gary Longley. Mu Alpha Nu: Larry Burns, Marvin Dalla Rosa, Bennie Duckett, Ben Evert, Bob Gieringer, Gary Hutchinson, Steve Kennedy, Lewis Kreps, Bryan Larson, Anthony Lewis, Scott Ramoly, Jeff Richardson, Rel Ross, Richard Scott, Larry Swartz, Terry Wallace, Richard Widdows. Yocui Mv Cuts, Price 442 Dorms Yocum 1 2 Yocum 1: Maher Air. Mark Barton, Larry Burns, John Coats, Alan Dawes. Dale DeLaPorte, Dale Head, Paul Mines, Chip Jolly. Steve Kennedy, Joe Robbins, Richard Scott, Stephen Stair, Michael Stone, James Talton, Darryl Treat, Lee Walsh. Yocum 2: David Albritton, Roy Barnard, Jimmie Bush, Les Cane, Scott Curtis, Bob Dean, Benny Duckett. Bill Eckenrode, Rick Hague. Walter Hedges, Michael Huffman, Steven Kell. Mike Kiene, Harry Marshall, Dan Martian, L oyd Price, Ray Smith, Steve Walthour, Tim Welty, Greg Westbrook, Todd Woodruff. Dorms 443 Yocum 3 444 Dorms Yocum 4 7 Yocum 4: Kevin Allen, Robert Arguello, Keith Brown, Shawn Burrow, Mark Burt, Tommy Culpepper, Kevin Darbe, Ricky Dempsey, Bob Gieringer, John Groce. Kelly Hackler, Phil Hobby, Steve Hollowell, Steve Jones, Ronald Kew, Anthony Lewis, Ronnie Marple, Gerald McCollum, Daryl Mitchell. Brian Moren, Brett Mosley, Bruce Nunnally, Pat O ' Dwyer, Brian Ramoly, Steve Richards, Jim Roles, J.C. Standlee, Trey Sutton, Monte Venhuas, Brian Waner. Yocum 7: B.W. Cheyne, Mark Christie, Scott Clement, Bob Cooper, Tim Epperson, Terry Floyd, William Frye, Dennis Gullett, Todd Harrison, John Howard, Rick Lee, Mark Martindale, Eddie Milan, Brian Miller, Mark Moslent, Mike Neihouse, John Null, Rick Null, Monty Parsons, John Sanders, Ken Sanders, Mark Stonge, James Thomson, Don Wallace. Paul Williams, Steve Willmon. Dorms 445 Yocum 5 Tom Bath, Bron Bell, Lance Bogoslavsky, John Bransford, Ed Calcote, Stuart Cavcey, Renato Clavija, Keith Cook, Colin Crouch, Mark DeSalvo, Ronnie Dooms, William Dunn, Rocky Evans, Ronnie Frizzell, Lonny Glover, Ronnie Gray, Reed Green, Steve Humphrey, Eugene Jenkins, Tim Jones, Tom Kiernan, Randy King, Bill Long, Gary Longley, Robin McDonald, Richard Oest, Scott Peterson, Bill Presher, Dale Remersheid, Andy Sulephen, Louis Vogele, Clinton Willis, David Woods. George Dyer, John Evans, Pat Garrison, Jon Goodwin, Mark Greenway, John Heilman, Greg Henson, Kevin Keisner, David Kelley, Thomas Kirkham, Saint Martin, Robert McLemore, Tom Monaco, John Plummer, Terrell Price, Howie Rutledge, Philip Savage, Steve Sawyer, Terry Wallace, Gig Warner, Joe White, Jeff Williams, Jeff Winton. 446 Dorms Yocum 9 Greg Atkinson, Leeland Barclay, Gail Barnett, Mark Barre, Bobby Campbell, Richard Connors, Bob Covert, Steven Crump, Tom Dingier, Ricky Eastwold, Mitch Forrest, David Gaskill, Bruce Grubb, Bradley Harding, Paul Jahnke, Mark Jasper, Douglas Livingston, Doug McAllister, Gregory Mills, David Pemberton, Jerry Poague, Randy Prince, Scott Ramoly, Joe Roach, Robert Robertson, Terry Robertson, Craig Tapperson, Alan Trimble, Tommy Wall, Christopher Wells, Phillip Wyatt. Off-Campus Students Association: Front: Mike Mendenhall, Richard Bailey, Madeline Da Costa (vice president), Andy Berman (sect ' y-treas.). Susan Muzoleski (president), Pat Rynn (exec, sect ' y). Back: Jim Hoyt, Steve Spencer, Brian Shollmier, Mike Cole, Rusty Mullen, Jane McKinnon, Harry Wilson, Hope Benedict, Richard Lancaster, Harry Perry. OCSA Dorms OCSA 447 UBC Hall Tina Pool Diane Doucet Rachelle Bihn Becky Anthony Patsy Vallejo Hope Benedict Kim Callich M.C. Fulenwider Gayle Botteron Karen Robinson Kathy Surratt Donna Smith Jean Montgomery Kim Cooney Terri Norris Kim Hanna Amy Sallee Mike Compton Danny Shelby Craig Campbell Ed Jaynes James Potter Lewis Clark John Lilly Joe Wilhelm Matthew Reed Tom Flescher Scott Williams John English Tom Wilson Clark Lewis William Stoll Doug Latimer Brad Evans Chris Krodell Hank Matthews Fred Miller Doug Sullivan John Matheny Leslie Jarrard Andreas Enganno Tim Ellison Pat Core 448 UBC Hall Campus On Campus Vol.1, No. 4 University of Arkansas February 29J98OJ Resolution 04 Authors: S. Humphrey, R. Clark Whereat, no adequate solution has been bound to the parking problem for on campus students, Whereas, certain living groups have ad- opted the Idea to reserve spaces for their residents and threaten te tow away vehicles fro other living groups that park In the " reserved " spaces, Whereas, these certain living groups are composed of students of no better cali- ber than any other living group on campus, Whereas, the parking lots reserved by these certain living groups are often those that have been paved and guttered by the University, Whereas, when their lots are full, the ambers of these living groups as listed be low park in areas behind resi- dence halls that cannot be reserved for anyone, Whereas, the said living groups have no right t claim domain over the parking lots in their backyards since Resi- dence halls do not have domain over parking lots in their " backyards " , Whereas, continued allowance by the University of the reserval of Univer- sity property far certain students while denying the same right to stu- dents in Residence Halls constitutes DISCRIMINATION, Be It therefore reselved, that RHA Legislative Council request the fol- lowing: That the following parking lots be changed from their conditional re- served status for on campus fraterni- ty or sorority students to that of availability to any on cm-put student. Following lots: Sigma Phi Epsilon, SigSia Alpha Epsi- lon, Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Kappa Lavbda, Alpha Gam- ma Rho, Delta Gamma, Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Chi, Framhouse, Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, PI Beta PM, visitation hours are residence halls (8 AM Whereas, maximum set up in mea ' s to 1 AM) , Whereas, the residents of the men ' s halls rely upon these hours and dress accordingly outside their rooms, Whereas, no women are allowed in the living areas of these halls during closed house hours, Whereas, maids should not be allowed in the living areas of these halls during closed house hours, Whereas, some maids are starting their work as early as 7 AM in the living areas of these halls, Be it therefore resolved, that RHA re- quests that maids abide by the open house policy in the men ' s residence halls. Authors i B. Pry or Whereas, the Draft was not dissolved when the Viet Nam war ended. It was imply put In " Deep Standby " , whereas, there Is a chance that both young men and young woman will be sub- jected to the registration requirement in the future, Whereas, a standby draft system will ex- pand our mobilization capability, which could encourage Irresponsible and Il- legal military ventures, and endangers rather than enhances national securi- ty, Whereas, this is a gross discrimination against the youth of our country, Whereas, we believe the two million men and women presently in our volunteer army adequately meet our country ' s On Campus Staff: Jeannette Taberl, staff writer; Keith Lyons, artist; Joe Robbins, editor; Debbie Moot, staff writer. Dorms 449 Razorback Relays 450 Dorms Dorms 45 1 452 Dorms Dorms 453 454 Dorms - Dorms 455 456 Off Campus , M , Off Campus 457 Mark Bainbridge. Kansas City, KS Agronomy Harris Bernard, Sierra Leone Agriculture John T. Brady, Rogers Economics William E. Brandon, Lonoke Mechanical Engineering Carol Brennecke, Japan Law Bill Brothers. Helena Law Geneva Carpenter, Fayetteville Special Education Want-Tat Chan. Singapore Industrial Engineering Pornsri Chairatanayuth. Thailand Animal Science Robert Coleman, Forrest City Law Patrick Davenport, St. Joe Clinical Psychology Gary Duncan, Wesley Accounting David L. Eddy, Morrilton Law Ronald Feldt, Juda. Wl Psychology James Ferguson, Searcy Law Marvin Galloway. Little Rock Zoology Harry J. Hamner. Little Rock Ploitical Science Angela Harshaw. Atkins Counselor Education Judith Hart. Morrilton Law Stephen R. Helberg, Fayetteville Law Shirley L. Holton. Barling Education Recreation Connie Hodges, Russellville Advertising Sheila Hoelscher, Fayetteville Entomology Calvin B. Johnston. Batesville Chemistry 460 Graduates U . J Robin Jowers. Fayettevrtte Special Education WEoiii Keeter. Union Town Physical Education Donna S. Mborn. Harrison Business Administration Anne Kittrel. Cfossett Animal Science Curtis Lewis. Little Rock Public Administration Lisa L. Lovett, FayettevWe Bacteriology Sheree Martin. FayettevJte Business Administration Ferguson McNiel. Stepnenvite. TX Law Scott Merlon. Hot Springs Law James O ' Hern. Fayettevile Law Edward R. Parham. Camden Law Jim Phillips. Forrest City Law Corrok) Ray. Mariana Law Ennry Ritier. Springoate Agriculture Economics Linda Rohrer. Fayettevile Enghsh Michael E. RuNman. Topeka. KS Accounting Damkimg Sawaminhakdi. FayetteviHe Economics Date Schimmel. Little Rock Marketing Oariush Shafizadeh. kan General Agriculture Al Shenasa. Iran Engineering Robert Skinner. Fort Smith Zoology Oelmer Ray Smith. Conway Public Administration Philip Smith. Marshal Animal Science Anongnart Srivisok. Thailand Paul L. Strang. FayenevMe Industrial Engineering James O. Strother. Springdale Law Sontachai Suwanakut. FayetteviHe Economics Becky Swearingen, Brinkley Housing Steven Terry. Fayettevile Geology Tommy P. Thrash. Ashdown Law W am Tiley. Edgemont Domestic Biology Edwin Tucker. Sierra Leone Agriculture Obie Whitmore. Ashdown Law Norman Wilkinson. Greenwood Law Vernie WNkams. Monroe Natural Science W e Mw VWoms. Fayettevile Dana L. Woods. Little Rock Fashion Merchandising David L. Woods. Rogers Finance Banking Kuan-hsmng Yang. Taiwan Mechanical Engineering Graduates 461 Samir Abjuldhani, Kuwuait Industrial Engineering Berry Adams, El Dorado Zoology Mustafa Adamu, Nigeria Business Management Deborah G. Adcock. Fort Smith Speech Pathology Coveta Addington, Decatur Sociology Juli Allen, Fayetteville Art Education Patrick Allen, A.P.O. N.Y. Journalism William A. Allen. Fayetteville Computer Science Thrsie Anderson, Fayetteville Zoology Saralee Andrerson, Springdale Elementary Education Nan A. Andrews. Marianna Home Economics Ruth Arnold, Fayetteville Landscape Architecture Terri Ashlord, Dallas. TX Elementary Education Bruce A. Aston, Little Rock Finance Banking Brian K. Atchley, Greenforest Plant Protection Pest Management Greg Atkinson, Forrest Hill, LA Marketing Michale E. Aud, Arkedelphia Finance Banking Yvette N. Babb. Barling Business Administration Janet M. Back, Richardson, TX Bacteriology Phillip Bagby, Fort Smith Political Science Mohammad K. Bahmani. Iran Electrical Engineering Bill Bailey, Springdale Finance John Bailey. Little Rock Finance Banking Mark R. Bailey, Fort Smith Zoology Robert L. Baker, Jr., Mountain Home Chemistry Sandy Bailey. Pine Bluff Business Kathleen A. Baley, Clarksville Mechanical Engineering Gregory L. Baltz, Pocahontas Agricultural Engineering Sheila G. Barbee, Fayetteville Business Education Tahereh Barbod, Iran Mechanical Engineering I 462 Seniors Rebecca Barclay. Little Rock Elementary Education Jtmmte Barham. Earte Elementary Education Jim W Barnes. Littte Rock Finance Banking Monica Barnes. Pearcy Special Education Mark Barton. Russeftvtfe Civ) Engineering Leslie Basham, North Littte Rock Marketing Management David Batchekx. Tutea. OK Marketing Management Janet Bates. Little Rock Fashion Design Tom Bath. Hot Springs Geology Alan Bearden. Spnngdate Accounting Kent Beaucnamp. Little Rock Geology Linda Bedford. North Little Rock Journalism Lem BeKngreth. Little Rock Chemistry Bin Bequette, Farmington Chemical Engineering Janet Biermann. Little Rock Horticulture Karen Black. Burden. KS Deaf Education John Bland. Walnut Ridge Print Journalise 11 Judy Boles. Fort Smith Commercial Art Isaac W BoMnger. Charleston History Jay BoHoweD. West Helena Finance Insurance Cathy Boone. Fort Smith Data Processing Byron Bordeaux. WHmot Finance Kevin Bost. Murphyboro. IL Agricultural Economics Greg Bowers. ParagouM Finance Banking David Bowling. FayettevBe Horticulture Lisa Boyce. Earte Physical Education Tom Boydston. Rogers Transportation Karen B Boyles. Alexander Accounting David L Boyster. Osceola Chemical Engineering Roger S Bransford. Lonoke Agricultural Economics Mark Brantley. West Helena Agronomy Pau l Bratton. Little Rock Mechanical Engineering Vicki L. Bray. Magnolia Architecture Hal Brewer. Prairie Village. KS Accounting Laura Brewer. Charleston Special Education Randy Bridges. Hot Springs Electrical Engineering Candy Brown. Harrison Music Education Carol Brown. Fort Smith Fashion Design Hunter Brown. Lewisvffle Animal Science JHI S. Brown. Fort Smith Accounting Kerry Brown. Mountainburg Electrical Engineering Mary Ellen Brown. Fayettevfle Marketing Jeff Browne. Little Rock Marketing Management Ron Bryan. Fort Smith Distributive Education Donna K Buccella. Huntingdon Physical Education Tom Buknanski. North Little Rock Engineering Tom J Bulmanski J. R. Burckart. Bentonvilte Finance Carrie Burke, Houston. TX Advertising Public Relations Seniors 463 Gary Burrow, Harrisburg Public Administration Patti Burton. Fort Smith Speech Pathology Andrew Berman, Worcester, MA Business Law David Cain, Blytheville Administrative Management Bella J. Cairns. Springdale Horticulture Edward Calcote. Hot Springs Chemistry Math Daniel J. Calva. North Little Rock Data Processing Lisa Caperton. Fort Smith Special Education Kim Cargile. Little Rock Interior Design Cindy Cargill, Lewisville Education Robin Carlin, Fayetteville Elementary Education Paul Carlton, Little Rock Transportation Linda Carr. Tulsa. OK Secretarial Patrick Carrigan. Hot Springs Accounting Candace Carroll. Lamar. MO Physical Education Charlotte Carroll. Malvern Zoology Bill Cartwright. North Little Rock Psychology Carolin Carvill. Little Rock English Nancy Cassady. Fort Smith Accounting Sami Hassan Chaddar. Lebanon Horticulture Stephen Chaftin, Little Rock Banking Finance Kyung J. Chang. Fayetteville Electrical Engineering Craig Chastain. West Covina, CA Electrical Engineering Michael Chastain. 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Benton Education Debbie Cowden. Lo Altos Hills. CA Earth Science i 464 Seniors Funded by donations, the new 10,000 square- foot Alumni Center will be located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Maple and Razorback Road. Construction is due to begin this summer. Denny Cowing. Mineral Springs Electrical Engineering Dan Craig. Bella Vista Accounting Steve Craig. North Little Rock Transportation Thomas Cramer. El Paso. TX Finance Banking Dennis Cranford. Monticeto Music Donald Cristwel. Kansas City. KS Psychology Rodgers Critz, FayettevWe Architecture Jan Crow. Pine Bluff Marketing Michael Cross. DeWitt Zoology Rebecca Cubitt. Pryor. OK Bacteriology BM Cunningham, Jonestxxo General Business Dana Darnel. Finance f flanfcino Kathy Daniel. DeOueen Speech Pathology LizDereius. Dates. TX Finance Karl Davenport. Fort Smith Geology Susan Davidson. Marvel Special Education Donne Davis, Stuttgart Marketing Gal Davis. Fayettev Accounting Deborah Daason. Rogers Nursing Stephen Deteney. 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Fayetteville Business Tony Johnston, Houston. TX Geology Steve Joiner, Little Rock Mechanical Engineering Debra Jones, Murgreesboro Home Economics Michael Jones. Hot Springs Accounting John E. Jordan. Houstan, TX Linda B. Joyce, Tulsa. OK Marketing Management Wanjiku Kahende, East Africa Economics Javad Karimi, Iran Electrical Engineering Kay Keeling, Morrilton Food Nutrition Kelley B. Keisner. Joplin, MO Accounting DPOA Steven Kenney. Fayetteville Zoology Julia Kiley. Hamburg Business Catherine Kilgore, Fayetteville Music David Kilgore, Fayetteville Public Administration 468 Seniors ft fs f -lf T p i life Kay Killahunly. Fort Smith Accounting Fran King, Calico Rock English Education Lesa B King. Charleston Administrative Management Mark Kinion. Prairie Grove Horticulture Andrew Kinslow, Russellville Architecture Haldun Kiran. Fayetteville Electrical Engineering Mary G Kirby. Fayette ville Industrial Engineering Pat Knight. Springdale Animal Science Ted Knight. Springdale Finance Banking Lewis W. Kreps, Little Rock Civil Engineering Robert P. Kreul. Nashville Marketing Management Leisa J. Langston. Harrison Speech Brian A- Lachowsky. Altus Agricultural Economics Lisa A. Lambert. Muskogee. OK Physical Therapy Linda G. Langham, Fayetteville Accounting Brenda J Lasater. Pea Ridge Social Welfare Lisa L. Lashley. Fayetteville Accounting Lynn Lawson. Marked Tree Zoology Mike Lax. Hot Springs Accounting Ronald Lee. Pine Bluff Electrical Engineering Joyce D. Lichti. Huntsville Natural Science Louis Light. Little Rock Journalism John Little. Rogers Electrical Engineering Dorvin D Lively. Everston Accounting L. Layne Livingston, Pine Bluff History English Susan Lochhead. Harrison Bacteriology Amy Logan. Olathe, KS Chemical Engineering Stephen Lorenzo. Morrilton Electrical Engineering Melissa Love. Van Buren French English David Loveli, Lavaca Agriculture Roi E Luplo. Nashville. TN Chemistry Robin A. Lyon. Little Rock Political Science Russell Lyons. 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Little Rock Marketing Management Teddy D. McMurray. Van Buren Secondary Education Toney McMurray, Van Buren Marketing Management Leslie McRobbie. Westlield. NJ Horticulture Matthew Meadows, Black Rock Zoology Georgia A. Meek. Fort Smith Transportation Melody E. Merrick, Satellite, Beach, FL Math Teresa L. Merrill. Dardanelle Housing Helen Messner, Fayetteville Marketing Management Steve A. Metheny, Etowah Agriculture Business Daniel P. Meyers. Fort Smith Accounting d I Jana L. Michel. Memphis, TN Chemistry Ronnie L. Miller, Fort Smith Geology Steve D. Miller, Fayetteville Electrical Engineering Kenneth Mills. West Memphis Electrical Engineering Cynthia Mitchell. Jonesboro Zoology Dwight F. Mix II. Fayetteville Psychology Freshteh Moghtaderi. Fayetteville Education Gordon D. Moight II. Marshall. TX Marketing Management Jacoby Monique. Little Rock Finance Craig Moore. Stuttgart Mechanical Engineering Laure A. Moore. Houston, TX Psychology Timothy W. Moore, Charleston Data Processing Mark Morris. Cordoda. TX Health Education Steve Morrison. Rison Chemistry Paul M. Mortenson, Racine Wl Architecture Janice C.Moser. North Little Rock Accounting Lynn A Mosesso, Searcy Psychology Siamak Mosharraf. Fayetteville Architecture David Mosley, Overland Park. KS Accounting Madge Moye, Clarendon Fashion Merchandising Sammy Mullis. Monticello Insurance Donna Musgrave, Fayetteville Industrial Engineering Carl Nagel, Dunnlorring. VA Mechanical Engineering Suzanne Nance. Jasper Physical Education Mohammed Nazarian. Iran Electrical Engineering Michael J. Necessary. -Fayettevilte Industrial Management Patricia A. Necessary. Fayetteville Banking Shawna H. Neill. Piano. TX Deaf Education David P. Nelson. Crossett Business Jack Newsum. Little Rock Marketing Management 470 Seniors Opened in the fall of 1973, Arkansas Union boasted much greater floor space, more meeting rooms, and a bookstore you didn ' t have to wait in line for just to get in. It also boasted of unfinished rooms and a leaky roof. By 1980, most of the rooms had been completed, but some administration offices had moved in, the waiting list for certain rooms was several weeks, the Razorback and Traveler still didn ' t occupy their fifth floor space, and the roof still leaked. Though the Union had become a major asset to the University community, it was still a far cry from the Union a brewery had offered to build and donate to the campus. I WSSi Phat Nguyen, Fayettev e Mechanical Engineering Susan Noc. Fort Smith Secondardy Mathematics Brian Notand. Fayettevfc Industrial Engineering Randy Northcutt. Manama Zoology fcechi Nwankwo. Nigeria Architecture Marcus O ' Brien. Batesvilte Chemistry Lewis Taylor. Hughes Personnel Management Michael Okwata. Nigeria Marketing Kathy Oliver. Little Rock Transportation Robi n Osgatharp. Fort Smith Human Development Mark Pace. Wimar Horticulture CharSe Padgham. Mountain Home Political Science Mary Parker. Atkins Engfeh Netia Parker. Fayettewte Plant Production Stephen Parker. Fayettevfle History Mefcnda Panel. Little Rock Industrial Engineering Sue Patton. Lewtevrtte Accounting Tom Peirson, Fordyce Chemical Engineering Kimberty Peterson. Little Rock Interior Design Andrew Philips. FayettevfJe Accounting Hugh PhMps. CtarksvOe Mechanical Engineering Doug Philips. Fordyce Marketing Buddy Phipot. Watdron Finance Liz Pickering. Springfield. MO Special Education Steve Prtcairn. Harrison Administrative Management Charles Plugge. Hartman Agronomy Patrick Plunken. Fort Smith Industrial Engneenng Teresa Pod. Rogers Social Welfare Brian Poote. Springdate Personnel Management Bay Porter. JacksorMfe Accounting Seniors 47 1 David Prichard, Flippin Journalism Julee Probert, Golden City, MO Elementary Education Ron Proctor, Bull Shoals, Broadcasting Journalism Bobby Pryor, Fort Smith Political Science Bill Pullen, Little Rock Accounting Lynne Randall, Fort Smith Fashion Design Maria Jo Redden, North Little Rock Special Education Nancy A. Reed, Fort Smith Industrial Education Carlos Reznicek, Bolivia Chemical Engineering Patricia C. Reznicek, Bolivia Industrial Engineering John Rhea, Little Rock Zoology Jimmy Rietzke, Springdale Civil Engineering Rebecca Riggs, Fayetteville Music Education Fred W. Ritter. Little Rock Engineering Joseph Robbins, Fort Smith Chemistry Harrisha Robertson, Van Buren Social Welfare Richard Roblee, Springdale Zoology Janet Rogers, Stuttgart Personnal Management m t Marilyn Rogers, El Dorado Finance Real Estate Steve Rogers, El Dorado Industrial Art Tim W. Rogers, Bearden. Architecture William D. Rogers. Hope Secondary Education Curt Rom, Fayetteville Horticulture Karen Roper, Van Buren Data Processing Rel Ross, Garland, TX Physical Education Judy G. Round. Little Rock Finance Luanne Rowton, Levittown, PA Environmental Science Richard Clark Ruble III, Harrison Bacteriology Sociology Mark Rupert. Lowell Computer Science Ann Russell. Jasper Accounting Ricky Russell. North Little Rock Architecture Pat Ryan. North Little Rock Bacteriology Hamidreza Sahebkar, Fayetteville Civil Engineering Roland Sales, Fort Worth, TX Art Mary D. Sampson, Helena Deaf Education Robert Santifer, Texarkana Marketing Management Lisa Sass, Fort Smith Business Eduation Diane Scesniak, North Little Rock Speech Pathology Bryan Scoggins, Pine Bluff Finance Banking Eric Schmand, Little Rock Civil Engineering Joseph Schoolcraft, Van Buren Accounting Greg Scott, Camden Industrial Engineering Paul Scott. Galena. KS Electrical Engineering Richard Scott. North Little Rock Finance Real Estate Teri Scott, Mobile, AL Chemical Engineering Tim Scott. Benton Civil Engineering Susan M. Searcy, Hot Springs Domestic Animal Science Kristin Seibert. Tulsa, OK Business Administration I AM ' I 472 Seniors i Sarah C. Selig. Kent. WA Nursing Psychology Alan Sepler, Fayetteville Horticulture David Shackteford. Salyefsvilte. KY Accounting D. Shaffer. Dallas. TX An Ching-Shing Shaw. Fayetteville Architecture Nancy Shaw. Hot Springs Secondary Education Tim K. Sheibte. North Little Bock Chemical Engineering Peggy Shields. Benonville Graphic Art Joseph A. Sheridan. Benton Computer Science Aydim Siami. Iran Civil Engineering Tricia K Sibley. Pryor. OK Bacteriology Steven E. Siceluff. Springfield. MO Business Management Pamela Sills. Fayetteville Accounting Melissa Silzer, Harrison Elementary Education David Simmons. West Helena Accounting Charles A Sims. Keiser Horticulture Food Science Paul Sims. Fayetteville Electrical Engineering Coteman D. Sisson. Des Arc Data Processing 31 A " % I r ' . !, I 4 Dan Smith. Little Rock Architecture David Smith. Pine Bluff Finance Banking David Smith. Fayetteville Agriculture Jan Smith. Little Rock Nursing Lisa Smith. Clarendon Journalism Lyndon F. Smith. Hickory Ridge Computer Science Randy Smith. Calico Rock Animal Science Regina A. Smith. Pine Bluff Elementary Education Robin Smith. Houstan. TX Physical Education William Smith. Fort Smith Brad Staats. Valparaiso. IN Administrative Management John Stanley. Little Rock Civil Engineering Rondal Stanley. Marked Tree Agricultural Business Steve Stearns. Little Rock Computer Science Lisa K Sleeks. Little Rock Fashion Merchandising George Stevens. Emerson Animal Science Richard Stocker. Rogers Education William Stoll. North Little Rock Electrical Engineering Cindy Stringer. Memphis. TN Elementary Education Migel Stroud. St. Louis. MO Architecture Don Stuart. Nashville Mechanical Engineering Mark Swaty, Jonestxxo Broadcast Journalism David E. Swayne. Ward Domestic Animal Biology Serethia A. Swayze. Pine Bluff DPQA Karen Swink. Imboden Fashion Design Abdul K. Taqui. Kuwait Chemical Engineering Larry Tate. Fort Smith Data Processing Charlotte Taylor. Shreveport. LA Graphic Design Ken W Taylor. Fort Smith Architecture Vanessa D. Taylor. Marvell Clothing Textiles Seniors 473 Patricia L. Terry. Fayetteville Elementary Education Anthony Theriault. Waxahachie. TX Physical Education Bruce Thomas, Benton Mechanical Engineering Donna Thomas. Harrison Business Education Jerry Thomas. Fayetteville Agricultural Business Melissa Thomas. El Dorado English Susan G. Thomas. Farmington Zoology Wanda Thomas. Sherrill Deaf Education Philip Thompson. Fort Smith Transportation Stephen Thompson, Erie PA Finance Banking Tami L. Thompson. Pine Bluff Secretarial Tracy P. Thompson, Lepanto Fashion Merchandising Carol Throop. Fairfield Bay Horticulture Lyle R. Titterington. Russellvtlle Civil Engineering Mike Tougaw, Harrison Industrial Management Danny Trotter. Harrison Agricultural Economics Dione Trumpp, Russellville Chemical Engineering Debbie Turner. Fort Smith Art Rick Turner. Fayetteville Accounting Melissa A. Upchurch, Fayetteville Journalism Kirk Van Sickle, Dallas, TX Geology Michael Vernon, Fort Smith Psychology Sherri Vervack. Fort Smith Math Mary Ann Villines. Harrison Agronomy John Vincent. McGehee Finance Insurance Christopher Volkamer, Little Rock Architecture Porter Wafler. Blytheville Agricultural Engineering Roger Wainwnght. Batesville Zoology Janet Wald. Fort Smith Accounting Anita J. Walker. Harrisburg Commercial Art Mark Walker. Normal. IL Business Economics Tim Wallace. Marion Political Science Mark J. Wampter, Bloomington. IN Architecture Pam Ward. Fayetteville Broadcast Journalism Steven P. Ware. Shreveport. LA Deaf Education Jim Warren, West Memphis, Industrial Engineering Willis Watkins. Conway Electrical Engineering Bruce W Watson. Foreman Civil Engineering Joe Watson. Pine Bluff. Electrical Engineering Mary Watson, Hamburg Art Terry Weatherford. Beebe Agricultural Economics Kristy K. Weathers. Berryville Physical Education CHin M. Weaver Jr.. Farmington Psychology Dana L. Weber. West Memphis Marketing Management Laurie Webster. Helena Elementary. Education Charles B. Weir II. Walnut Ridge Chemical Engineering Drusilla Welch. Camden Special Education Marissa A Wells. Conway Fashion Merchandising 474 Seniors Cricket West. Carrolton. TX Deaf Education John D. Whee s. Hoi Springs Electrical Engineering Chartes I White. Fayettewte Personnel Administration Keigti While. Harrison Distributive Education Robert White. El Dorado Architecture James E Whrtson. FayetteviHe Mechanical Engmeenng Kurt Wiese. Springdate Food Science Joe C Wilhelm. Tutea. OK Music Stanhope Wilkinson. Greenwood Banking Finance Anthodense W ams. Crossett Data Processing Catherine W ams. Fayettevae Architecture Dottie A WMiams. Little Flock Special Education Elizabeth R Wttams. Hot Sprngs Landscape Architecture Jams M WHams. Fort Smith Fashion Merchandising John S W ams III. Brinkley Industrial Education Sherry A. Wiliams. Dallas. TX Marketing Management Wayne Wiliams. Mulberry Transportation Jody Wimoth. Dallas. TX Interior Design H " Thomas Wilmolh. Dalas TX Marketing Management John Wilson. Rson Landscape Architecture Dorothy C. Wittorutf. Ava. MO English Dennis Wohlford. Johnson Education Keith N Woodruff. Carlisle Engineering Katie P Wolfe. Springfield. MO Elementary Education David Woods. Carlisle Electrical Engineering Johnny R Wooley. Vitonia Plant Science Connie S Works. Texarkana Elementary Education Jerry Wrape. Little Rock Transportation Walter G Wright. Hot Springs Administrative Management Stephen Yetenich. North Little Rock Civil Engmeenng Walter Yerton. Fort Smith Oril Engineering Kim Sanders. Dalas. TX Marketing Management Kathy Wiliams. Monroe Human Development f Seniors 475 Randy J. Adair, Lockport, IL Honey Adams, Newport Shelley Adams, Fort Sill, OK Kim Agee, Fayetteville Ali Ahadifar, Iran Sarah Albert, Jasper Carmen A. Alessi, Forrest City Tracy Alexander, Heber Springs Greg Allbright, Florissant, MO Mary Allen, Alicia Rhonda K. Allen, Lincoln Terry Altenbaumer, Winthrop, VA Melissa L. Andrews, Prescott Vanessa Armbrust, Benton Robert K. Armstrong, Lake City Kim Arnold, Arkadelphia Robert Armstrong, Lake City Kim Arnold, Arkadelphia Pat Arthur, Helena Holly E. Austin, Little Rock Tim Baber, Hot Springs Sandra Backstrom, Valparaiso, IN Janet D. Baird, Rogers Kim Baker, Charleston Raymond Baker, Bald Knob Rebecca Baker, Charlotte, NC Sammy D. Baker, Little Rock Thomas Baker, Radcliff, KY Helen Balch, Little Rock Tom Baltz, Pocahontas Mark D. Barre, Little Rock Beverly Basham, Little Rock Laura Bath, Hot Springs Janet Bayles, Little Rock Kathy Bayley, Fayetteville Debbie L. Beam, Carthage, MO John W. Beard, Abilene, TX 476 Juniors f V V i ,1 Michael Beasley, Jonesboro Hardy Beaver. Houston, TX Becky Jones, Warren Cynthia Bednar, Pine Bluff Frank M. Bedner, Stuttgart Judy Behan, Hampton, VA Gregory E. Bennett, Ratcliff James Berry, North Little Rock Diana Bewley. Fayetteville Brett Biddle. Little Rock Donald D. Bingaman, Fort Smith Jon Birmingham, Russellville Ann Blakley, Searcy Melanie H. Blankenship, West Memphis Pam Blasingame, North Little Rock William H. Blocker, Hot Springs Susan Bogy, Jacksonville Gary D. Bohannon, Marshall Karen Boling, Pine Bluff Oscar Bonifaz. Bolivia Anthony Borgognoni, Lake Village Susan Borwn, Texarkana Bill Bowden, Atkins Karen Bowen, Wesley Amy E. Boyd, Lake Village Rikki Boyer, Benton Mike Bradford, OsceolaJa James Bradley, German Town, TN f I Dana D. Bradshaw. Pine Bluff Brenda Brannon, Fayetteville David L. Branscum. Marshall Fletcher N. Bransford. Little Rock Ken G. Breckenridge, Hot Springs Lori Brenner, Hot Springs Tracie Brewer, Little Rock Milburn Brewster, Booneville Michael B. Brome, Van Buren Douglas J. Brooks, Springdale Janet Brown, Marianna Randy D. Brown, Lake Village Rebel Brown, Havana Robinette Brown, Magnolia Wilburn Brown, Harrison Blayne A. Burch, Hughes Barry Bryan, Gurdon Gail L. Bryant, Little Rock John Buchanan, Texarkana Maureen Buckingham, Forrest City James L. Buckner, Fayetteville Allison Budleis. Jacksonville Patty L Beuker, Stuttgart Candace Bullington, Bentonville Roy L. Bullington, McCrory Becky Burford, Hot Springs Valorie Burton, Smackover Joseph M. Busby. Fayetteville Kirk L. Busby, Houston, TX John D. Buzbee, Little Rock Barbara J. Byrd, Gassville Judy L. Byrd. Hope Phillip Caddell. Paris Peggy Cagle, Prairie Grove Mike Calhoun, Texarkana Juniors 477 Cathy Campbell, Barling Pam Campbell, Little Rock Sandra Canada. Benton Janelle Cange, Forest City Richard Cardwell, Fort Smith Jana Carey, Shreveport, La. Sandy Carlisle, Fayetteville Scott Carter, Marion Teresa J. Carter, Little Rock Christopher Carver, Blytheville Patricia Cash, Hot Springs Stephen Caspari, Little Rock Bruce Castleberry, Dallas, Tx. Moka Caudle, ine Bluff Troy Caudle, Mt. Ida Jeff Chander, Springdale Carolyn Chapman, Ventura, Ca. Jill Chapman, Griffithville Gary Chenowith, Russellville Candice Chick, Fayetteville David S. Chiles, Oscelola Lisa Christian, Overland Park, Ks. Elizabeth A. Clark, Arkadelphia Cynthia E. Cleveland, Houston, Tx. Marie Clinton, Fayetteville Nancy E. Glower, Fayetteville Jerry L. Cobb, Lake City Melinda Cobb, Lake City 1 i I i Michelle Cockerell, Texarkana Mary Coen, Little Rock Janet L. Combs, Juston, Tx. Beverly Coney, Hamilton, III. Anna J. Connell, Arkadelphia Suzanne Cooksey, Ft. Smith Lynette Cornwall, Stephens Meta Corss, Coffeyville Barbara N. Couch, Des Moines, la. David Couch, Newport Steven Counce, Camden Steve Cox, Pocahontas Cab Craig Bentonville Ted Crane, Bella Vista Cathy Cravens, Little Rock Clynda N. Crawford, Ft. Smith Russell D. Crawley, Gravett Carla Crosby, Stuttgart Johnice Cross, Eureka Springs Richard Cross, Mountain Home Cathy Cullen, Ft. Smith Jerry Currence, Little Rock Julie Cypert, Springdale Scott Cyrus, Bartlesville, Ok. Gary Dabbs, Humphrey Monte Daily, Rudy Paula Daniel, Ft. Smith Phyllis Darden, Titusville, Fla. Flint Davidson, Russellville Charles L. Davis, Chicago, III. Diane Davis, Fayetteville Janice Davis, Hot Springs Jeff Davis, Tulsa Linda Davis, Ft. Harrison, In. Randall Davis, Ft. Smith 478 Juniors l.,Vf- - I Scott Davis, Paragould Susan M. Davis, Little Rock Rick Dean, Mayflower Craig Deane, North Little Rock Mark Declerk, Pocahontas Scott Degeer, Tulsa, Ok. Marvin Delia Rosa, Gentry Charles Denson, Little Rock Kathy Diemer, Lake Village Jan Dillard, Texarkana Jim A. Ditzig, Benton Richard Dixon, Tulsa, Ok. Douglas Dlugoborski, Bridgewater, NJ Leila Dodge, West Memphis Christine Doering, Muskogee, Ok. Sammy Dorrough, Paris Susan Dorsey, Siloam Springs Phil A. Dougherty, Magnolia Mark Drake, Camden Mark D. Drake, Camden Robert Drouet, Fayetteville Rhonda Duke. Glenwood Debbie Dunn, Pine Bluff Marilyn S. Dust. Mountain Home Carla J. Eason. Lepanto Gary D. Ebbing, Ft. Smith Brad W. Edding, Fayetteville Cathy C. Edens, Ft. Smith Mary Lynn Efderington, Warren Bill Edkenrode. West Plains. Mo. Bart W. Edwards, Fayetteville Kenneth L. Edwards, Greenwood Sandra Edwards, Huntsville Don F. Eldred, Windsor, Mo. Jeff Elliott, Texarkana, Tx. Julia Ellis, Springfield. Mo. Janet Embry, Atkins Scott Estes, Dewitt Brad Evans, Carthage, Mo. James Evans, Yellville Michael Fagan, Helena Cindy Fancher, Berryville Guido Fantanazzi, Rome, Italy Tony Fantanazzi, Rome Italy Randy Farless, Aurora, Mo. Richard Farr, North Little Rock Brianne Faulkner, Pine Bluff Duaine Fears, Van Buren Bebe Ferguson. Jonesboro Kim E. Ferguson. North Little Rock Darne Fine, Ft. Smith Vicki A. Fitzgibbon. Little Rock Ellen Fletcher, Apo Miami, Fla. Larry W. Floyd, Ft. Smith Theresa J. Foger, Liberal, Mo. Dana L. Foley, Ft. Smith Charles Fore, Russellville Nancy Fore, Russellville Susan K. Fore, Prescott Kim J. Forrest, Rogers Jayne Fowler, Tulsa, Ok. Mary Fox, Tulsa, Ok. Cheryl Ann Francis, Dallas, Tx. Juniors 479 Ralph A. Franklin Cathy L. Fredrick Rod D. Frizzell Greg A. Frohnappel Jean Fulcher Pak C. Fung Carol A. Fuhrman Dru Gammill Caroline Gann Shirley Gardner Katy Garing Elizabeth J. Garner Donnie L. Garrison Lynn Gateley Scott Gee Brenda Geisler Karen Gentry Scott Gentry Richard Gerety Terri L. Giberson Carolyn Gibson Melissa K. Gibson Charles Gilmore Glenn R. Gish Michael Glass Timothy Golman William C. Goodwin John A. Graham ( " r ' 4ft 1 Denise Gordan Brad Gray Kathy Gray Stephen Gray Doug Green Michael Green Todd C. Green William Green William Green Patricia Gregory Pam Griffin Kathy Griffith Gregory Grill Andrew O. Haingaertner Rhonda Hair Jeffery P. Hairston Glenda Hall Thomas Hall Vicky Hall Charles T. Halliburton David P. Hamilton Penny L. Hamilton Malu Hammons Thad B. Hanna Susan L. Hannah Manuel Hardaway Brian L. Hardy Pamela Hardy Pamela G. Hardy Bert B. Harper Kim Harris Lisa Harris Samuel Harris David Harrison Phillip Harrison 480 Juniors Built in 1949 at a cost of $1,150,000, this 81,351 square foot complex was the first new building on an American campus devoted entirely to the fine arts. Designed by noted architect Edward D. Stone, who also designed Carlson Terraces and the Kennedy Center, has proven to be a valuable asset to the University. A r " B f Q Mike Hartje, Con way Robin K. Hays, Little Rock Gina Heck, Little Rock Kern Heller, Kansas City, MO Thomas Heller, Kansas City.MO Lynn Henderson, Fayetteville Martha Hendrix, Harrison Andrea Hendricks, Fort Smith Clifford Henry. Conway Regina B. Henry, Dermott Jennie Henry, Shreveport, LA Todd Hensley, Fayetteville Todd Hensley, Fayetteville Paul Henson, Fayetteville Judy Herd, North Little Rock Frank Hernandez, San Antonio, TX Oscar Hernandez, Costa Rica Susan Herring, Shreveport, LA Fran Hetrick, Whitefish, MT Merry Lee Hewitt, Springdale Keri Hibbard, North Little Rock Guy Hickman, El Dorado Bev Hicks, Russellville Mark Hicks, Nowata, OK Cynthia Hill, Harrison Jacque Hill, Russellville Jamie Hill, Colleyville. TX Phil Hinch, Tulsa, OK Marcia Hinds, Fort Smith Lisa Hinspeter. North Little Rock Michael Hobson, Van Buren Jolyne Hodges, Fayetteville Mary Ann Hogg. Camden Richard Hogue, Hope Jeannie M. Hohn, Diaz Juniors 48 1 Melissa L. Holland, Sheridan Russ B. Holland, Little Rock Jack J. Hollingsworth, Pine Bluff Allen W. Hollis, Hope David S. Hooker, Jonesboro Regina D. Hopper, Springdale Stephen C. Horton, Marshall Terry House, East Camden Judy Howell, Pine Bluff Lisa Hewlett, Ft. Sam Houston, TX David Humphrey, Texarkana Ruth Ellen Humphreys, Royal Jerry Hunter, Ft. Smith Elaine K. Ingram, Osceola Joe Ingram, Belton, MS Scott S. Ironside, Springdale Karim Itum, Fayetteville Delie Ivey, Denton, TX Janan L. Jackson, Clinton Susan Janice Jackson, Clinton Todd Jackson, Siloam Springs Clifford B. Jacobs, Dewitt Matthew S. James, Hot Springs Melissa Jarrett, Newport Cindy A. Jarvis, Camden Daniel E. Jefferson, Fayetteville Janet Jeffords, Ft. Smith John E. Jehlen, Pine Bluff Loyd J. Jenkins, Mountain View Tammie J. Jenkins, Lead Hill Joy Jennings, Katy, TX Barry J. Jewell, Little Rock John Jewell, Little Rock Hannibal Johnson, Ft. Smith Katherine Johnson, Little Rock Larry D. Johnson, Little Rock Rita L. Johnson, Little Rock Jan Johnson, Dallas, TX Joan Johnston, Little Rock Chip Jolly, N. Little Rock Cindy Jones, Friendswood, TX David Jones, West Memphis Margaret Jones, Wideman Mary Jones, Minturn Lenora A. Jordan, Fayetteville John W. Jordin, Little Rock Donna Kading, Batesville Gretchen Kaufman, Hot Springs Robert Keeling, Batesville Sharrell Ke ith, Charleston James Keller, Rogers Paula Kerr, Little Rock Mike Kiene, Charleston Claire A. Kiffler, Springdale Pam D. Killian, Norfork Kitty King, Helena Mark A. King, Charleston Katherine Kirby, Fayetteville Robert Kirksey, Blytheville Michael Kirshberger, Fayetteville Nancy Knight, Springdale Michael Knittig, Ft. Smith Charla Knowles, Prairie Grove 482 Juniors S l j O Kristine A. Kohles, Sprlngdale Lisa Kresse, N. Little Rock John Krim, Burke, VA Angela Krohn, Clarksville John L. Krohn, Clarksville Louis A. Lachowsky, Altus Clifton Ladd. Ft. Smith Bob Laird. Stuttgart Thomas Langford, Fay Mary Langley, Searcy Eddie Langston, Norfork Nancy Law, Ft. Smith James Lawson, Bentonville Karen Ledbetter, Conway Richard Ledbetter, Russelville Richard Lee, Texarkana Thomas Lefevre, Woodland Hills, CA Theresa L. Leis. Rogers Guy Leopard, N. Little Rock Allison Level, Fayetteville Ronnie Lewis, Ft. Smith Ramey Ligon, Helena Stuart Lindsey, Ashdown Gloria Linzay, Jonesboro Denise Little, Hot Springs Joanne Lohr, Dallas, TX Gary Longley, Magazine Lynne Looney, N. Little Rock Dan Lorenzo, Morrilton Sharon Loveland, Everton Larry D. Low, Munster, IN Timothy Lum, Blytheville Gayle Lyon, Fordyce Mitchell Lyons. March AFB, CA Sharon Macdonald. Fayetteville Carey Madding, Fayetteville Mike B. Madding. Fayetteville Kathy Mallon, Garland, TX Lisa Malone, Jordan Beth Mann. Sherry Valley Jody Margrave, Little Rock Mike Marlow, Little Rock Kathy Martin. Dallas. TX Robert Martin. Texarkana Lisa C. Mason, Bald Knob Norman Matthews, Stuttgart Robert Matthews, Santa Clara, CA Jeff Mattox. Little Rock Dennis May. N. Little Rock Steve Mayes, Fayetteville David Mayo, Springfield, MO Diane McClure. Bellevue, NE Cotisa McCright, Little Rock Sandra McCullough, Batesville Laura McCurtrey, Russellvilte Anna McDaniel, Kennett, MO John McDaniel, West Memphis Leah McDaniel, Ft. Smith Julie McGhee, Little Rock Margaret McGlauflin. Little Rock Thomas McGuire, Little Rock Ann McKenzie. Paragould Phyllis McKeenzie, Jacksonville Juniors 483 Mary McKinney, Springdale Jane McKinnon, Rover Laura McKinnon, Rover Mike McLarty, El Dorado Christi Mclaughlin, Gravette Jeffery McLoud, Huntsville David McMaster, Dewitt Barbara McMenis, Eudora Lorrie McMillan, Pine Bluff H.G. McNabb, Pocahontas Robert McNeill, Pine Bluff Craig McSpadden, Blytheville Donna McSpadden, Blytheville Mark Meador, Ft. Smith Mary J. Meadows, Black Rock Brenda Melin, Reeds, MO Keith Mercer, Rose Bud Lisa Merryman, Benton Clovis Metcalf, Fayetteville Charles L. Metz, London Wade P. Meyer, Hot Springs Allison L. Miller, Newport Cheryl Miller, Reston, VA Debbie Miller, Fayetteville Denise Miller, Springfield, MO Michael Miller, Hot Springs Amrilyn Milliken, Coweta, OK Ken Milly, Ft. Smith Lynne Minor, Newport Frank Mitchell, Flippin Thomas Mitchell, Jonesboro Cindy Modisette, Pine Bluff Dudley M oll, Stuttgart Judy Montgomery, Warren Laura Moore, Luxora Willima Moore, Ft. Smith William Moore, West Memphis Jennifer Morgan, Tahlequah, OK Barney Morris, Marshall Mark Morris, Sherwood Marth Morse, Crossett Susan Morris, Gentry Randall Morton, Ozark Terry Morton, Piano, IL Michael, Mott, Booneville Edward Moulthrop, Pine Bluff Meliss Mullins, Little Rock Stephen Murchison, Albuquerque, NM Guy Murphy, Conway Mark Murphy, Gould Rhea Neal, Arkadelphia Chris Nelson, Dallas, TX Tami Neukam, Almyra Robert Newell, Newport John Newman, Hot Springs Karen Newman, Bella Vista Carlotta Newton, Deerfield, IL Jim T. Newton, Hot Springs Tom Newton, Little Rock Lester Niblock, Fayetteville Kimala, Nichols, Jacksonville Lou Ann Nicholson, Conway Gwendolyn Norman, El Dorado 484 Juniors University of Arkansas Cardinals pose during their 3- 4-1 season of 1907. Coach Longman directed this team to victories over Dairy twice and Missouri at Roll, losses to St. Louis, Texas, LSU and Tennessee, and a Haskell College tie(O-O). Some of these players may have played on the undefeated team of 1909 that coach Bezdek refered to as " a wild bunch of razorback hogs! " ' Kevin F. Norton, Pine Bluff Robert Nunnally, Camden Tina Nunnley, Little Rock Ronny Ocker, Van Buren Jerra Odum, Cabot Buddy Ogletree, Hamburg Julie Oliver. North Little Rock Mack Oliver, Proctor Melanie Oliver, El Dorado Raymond Osborn. Little Rock Caroly ' Oudin, Pine Bluff Lesli Overbey, Little Rock Allen Overholt, Stillwater, OK Herbert Owen, Pine Bluff Mary Oxford. Fayetteville Mark Parker, Little Rock Lisa Parks El Dorado Jeanne Parrish, Van Buren Becky Payne, Fort Smith Charles Peacock, Ball Knob David Peavy, Texarkana Tony Pennella, Dover, DL Albert Perkins, Atus. OH Gayle Peters, Rison Jacqueline Petray. Russellville Allen Pettit, Little Rock Douglas Pfeifler, Ozark Brett Pharis, Berryville Gregory Pharr, Gumming, GA Kevin Phillips. Fort Smith Tina Phillips, Arkadelphia Patricia Pickett, Glendale, AZ David Pittman, Amity Cheryl Pitts, Tulsa, OK Margaret Poff, Hot Springs Juniors 485 Lynden P. Polk, Rogers Lisa Pontius, Tulsa, OK Victor Porter, Clarksville Mark Prescott, Harrisburg Melanie Presley, Ft. Smith Walter, Prewitt, Forrest City Blake Price, Ft. Smith David Price, Fayetteville Merry Tom Price, Pine Bluff Peggy Price, Rogers Tanya Price, Wickes William Price, Jonesboro Laura Proctor, Mountain Home Dave Pulliam, Ft. Smith Ann Purifoy, Crossett Virginia Rainwater, Walnut Ridge Scott Ramoley, Little Rock Demetrius Randall, Hot Springs Russ Rasnic, Pittsburg, KS Assadolah Rastegarpour, Fayetteville Teresa Reading, Fayetteville Mike Redd, Ft. Smith Chea L. Redditt, Little Rock Becka Reed, N. Little Rock Rick Reeves, Fayetteville Carol Regan, Hope Beverly Reid, Dover David Rethbun, H Hackett Richard Reynolds, McCrory Kirk Rhee, Fay Mike Rhodes, Huntington Melinda Rice, Dardanelle Steve Richards, West Minster, CO Anita Riley, Buckner Jay Ritchie, Little Rock Julia Riley, Hamburg Robin Riley, Clarksville Nancy Robertson, Shreveport, La David Robinson, Little Rock Richard Robinson, Siloam Springs Melissa Robirds, Fayetteville Ginger Rockenhaus, Paris Marge Rockenhaus, Paris Romana Roeder, Earle Cathy Rogers, Hazen Marcia Roles, Hot Springs David Roman, Chicago, IL Kathy Ronan, Berryville James Root, Greene, NY Leslie Roper, Sugar Creek, MO Gina Ross, Oxon Hill, MD Sally Ross, Lake Jackson, TX Donna Ruggles, Texarkana William Rowlett, Danville Mark Rom, Fayetteville Shahla Riahi, Tehran, Iran Billy M. Richmond, Van Buren Julie Rutherford, Hot Springs Malinda Rutledge, Fayetteville Gary Safcsak, Ft. Worth Terry Sapp, Springdale Tracy Sass, Ft. Smith Cindy Satterfield, Green Forrest 486 Juniors By 1934, the university ' s 50-year plan was in full swing. Six of the structures which would be standing in 1979 were completed Engineering Hall, Chi Omega Greek Theatre, Chemistry, Vol Walker, Agriculture, and Men ' s Gym. All other buildings standing at the time Commerce, Hill Hall, Peabody, University Hall, et. al. were slated for demolition. I i I Richard Savage, Fayetteville Marion Scarbobough, Clarksville Lee Scarbrough, Marvell Tami Scherm, Carlisle Mark Schlesinger, Hot Springs Lisa Schratz, Little Rock Maureen Scott, Fort Smith Susan Scott, North Little Rock Mike Scurlock, Greers Ferry Floyd Sessions, Tulsa, OK Michael Sharp, Woodbridge, VA Robert Sherman, Bella Vista Mike Sheppard, Fayetteville Elizabeth Shingleur, Pine Bluff Natalie Sims, Republic, MO Peggy Sims, Blytheville Sarah Smiley, Hot Springs James Smith, Rose Bud Kym Smith, North Little Rock Sharon Smith, Savannah, GA Alfrita Snowd en, Delight Tony Spicer. Pine Bluff Bryan Speed, Earle Samuel Spencer, Newport Monica Squyres, Collinsville, OK Stephen Stair, Heber Springs Carolyn Stanfill, El Dorado Nan Stark. El Dorado Susie Stephens, Fayetteville Steve Stone, Broken Arrow, OK Ricky Strain, Rose Bud Nancy Strauss, Fort Smith Susan Strickland, Blytheville Joe Sullivan, Little Roclk Danny Talbert, Benton Juniors 487 Marin E. Taylor, Fayetteville Holly S. Terrell, Hunts ville Phil A. Terrell, Murfreesbro Becky Thomas, Fayetteville David Thompson, Lead Hill Martha Thornton, Texarkana Candy Treat, Fayetteville Len Turner, Texarkana Lisa A. Turner, Barber Fredlesha Tyson, Little Rock Pam D. Underwood, Searcy Steven linger, Springdale Tommy VanZandt, Ft. Smith Tim Verkamp, Charleston Jim Vincent, Pangburn Steve Von Steen, Little Rock Earl Vories, Boonesville Janine Walker, Ft. Smith Terry Wallace, Pine Bluff Trent Walton, Forrest City Julie Warmouth, Little Rock Ted Warriner, Pine Bluff Carrie Washington, Marianna Frances Wasson, Arkadelphia Thomas Waters, Waldron Kim Watkins, San Antonio, TX Frank E. Watson, Pine Bluff Jeffrey Watson, Huntsville Gwen Watts, Van Buren Lisa Watts, Little Rock Anthony Wean, Tulsa, OK Jeannie Weeks, Harrisburg Frank Wehr, Olympia Fields, IL Elizabeth Wellborn, Little Rock Susie Werner, Ft. Smith Ernie Wha, Fayetteville Robert Wheeler, Little Rock William Whipple, Hot Springs Constance White, Roswell, NM Connie White, El Dorado Karen White, Pocahontas Eddie Whitworth, Mabelbale Russell Wilkins, Pine Bluff Susan Wilkinson, Greenwood Brooks Williams, Pocahontas David Williams, Alma Jeffrey Williams, Dardanelle Seth Williams, Texarkana Steven Williams, Little Rock Deborah Wilson, Little Rock Mark Wilson, Stuttgart Michael Wilson, Clarksville Patti Wilson, Little Rock Piper Wilson, Carthage, MO Kerry Winborn, Fayetteville Tina Winstead, Biloxi, MS Walter Wittorff, Ava, MO Daniel Wolf, Scranton Shirley J. Wolf, Texarkana Jacquelyn Womack, Dallas, TX Mark Woodyear, N. Little Rock Benjamin Woolsey, Little Rock Pete Word, N. Little Rock 488 Juniors mm xv + fi fl O U fftm I i This old view taken in the 1930 ' s shows part of the campgrounds of the University ' s annual county agricultural days. Signs on the back of the autos say POPE COUNTY and contain agricultural references. Buchanan Hall and, to the north of it, Hill Hall appear in the background. [ ' Hope Youngblood, Little Rock Donald Zimmerman, Atkins Theresa A. Worley, Eureka Springs Genny Wrape, Little Rock Ricky D. Wright. Judsonia Dana L. Yeatman, Little Rock Carey Young, North Little Rock Jeryl Young, North Little Rock Timothy C. Young, Marshall Juniors 489 James Abraham, Little Rock Corine Ackerson, Marvell Debbie Adams, Ashdown Nicholas Adams, Heber Springs Roberta Agee, Waldron Lisa Albright, Harrison Susan Alderson, Heber Springs Brenda Alexander, Heber Springs Terri L. Alford, Hope Alice Allen, Elicia Terry Allen Little Rock Al Alexander, Little Rock Doug Anderson, Siloam Springs Jeanne Anderson, Lokesburg Anderea Andres, Texarkana William Andrews, Manila Bobby Apple, Dardanelle Lynley Arnett, Texarkana Barry Arthur, Little Rock Gholam Asghari, Tehran, Iran Charles Ashcraft, West Memphis Doris Ashton, West Fork Susan Aysock, Carlisle Christopher Back, Springfield, MO Barbara Bair, Richardson, TX Douglas Baird, Fayetteville Brenda Baker, Mountain Home Bruce Baker, Mountain Home Carolyn Baker, Springdale Diane Baker, West Memphis Charles Ball, Monticello Betsy Ballard, Van Buren Debbie Baltz, Sherwood Robert Barclay, Van Buren Connie Bargeil, N. Little Rock 490 Sophomores Frank Barksdale, Pine Bluff Cheryl Barnes, Kodiak. AL Lowry Barnes, Pine Bluff Lisa Barnett. Ft. Smith Rebecca Barney, Magnolia Brenda Barrett, Huntsville Kevin Barrows, Berryville Paul Bartlett, Ft. Smith Richard Bartley, Pittsburgh, PA Rhonda Baskin, McNeil James Bass, Dallas, TX Anne Baxley, Ft. Smith Peter Beath, Carrollton, TX Marian Beaty. Ft. Smith Carol Beene, Little Rock Judith Belt, Leawood, KS Hollis Bennett, Springdale Kym Bequette, Farmington, AR Felicia Berg, Jonesboro Amy Berry, Corning Claudett Bethel. Benton Welby Billings, Osceola Laura Bintlift, Houston, TX Mary Bittick, Clarksville Albert Black, Dewitt Linda Black, Conway Sammy Blackshare, Piggott Barbara Blair, Richardson, TX John Blair, Richardson, TX Cindy Blyth, Little Rock Eugina Bobo, Osceola Ann Bodenhamer, Little Rock Tachelle Boggs. Waldron Rachelle Boggs, Waldron Jimmy Bogle, West Helena Leslie Bogle, Bentonville Lance Bogoslavski, Ft. Smith Abe Bogoslavsky, Ft. Smith Jimmie Boling. Fayetteville James Borwn, N. Little Rock Colette Bouffard, Fayetteville Leslie Boyce. Fayetteville Leslie Boyce, Fayetteville Blaise Boyle, Whitehouse Sta.. NJ Sam Boyster, Osceola John Bracken, Seattle, WA Elizabeth Brackin. Marion Stephanie Bracy. Little Rock Susan Bradford, Augusta, GA Steve Bradley, Fayetteville Dean Bradsher, Dallas, TX Dave Brady, West Memphis Shari Bramhall, Little Rock Shari Bramhall, Little Rock Nancy Brandt, Springfield, MO Leigh Ann Brantley, Marianna Hollis Bray, Hampton James Bray, Houston, TX Nance, Breckenridge. Joplin, MO Thomas Brennan, West Fork Cheslea Breyman, Clarksville Lindell Bridges. Springdale Amber Bright, Little Rock Sophomores 49 1 Mary Bringle, St. Joseph, MO Karin Brody, Mountainburg Cathy Brokate, Little Rock Mike Brooks, Huntsville, TX Wayne Brooks, Little Rock Kenneth Broom, Texarkana Bryan Brown, N. Little Rock Cynthia Brown, Tuckerman Donna Sue Brown, Hot Springs Keith Brown, N. Little Rock Lisa Brown, Texarkana Wanda Brown, Bermott Anne Browning, Houston, TX Bridget Bruce, Carrollton, TX Paula Brunson, Conway Mary Brust, Rogers Mary Ann Buckner, Charleston Timothy Buddig, Lockport, IL Allison Buerklin, Greers Ferry Bill Burgess, Hot Springs Robert Burnes, Bentonville Donna Burnett, West Memphis Jimmie Bush, Clarksville David Bushkuhl, Ft. Smith Linda Busse, Maysville Jim Butzlaff, Little Rock Ricky Buzbee, Dierks David Byrd, Charleston Iff - V n i i James Cadle, New Canaan, CT Jerry Cagle, Atkins Susan Camp, Tipton, IA Brian Campbell, Tichith Falls, TX Justin Capers, Dallas, TX Pammy Capps, N. Little Rock Steve Careey, Newport Jeff Carlson, Tulsa, OK Jacki Marmichael, Berryville Carlon Caroom, Fayetteville Greg Carr, El Dorado Cathy Garrison, N. Little Rock Jenny Carter, Jonesboro Tracy Cash, Hot Springs Sheila Castleberry, West Memphis Terri Cato, Fayetteville Daria Causey, N. Little Rock Ala Chadi, Meched, Iran Jo Ellen Chambers, Carlisle Hank Chaney, Bonnerdale Raymond Chastain, Charleston Jamie Chatham, Star City Leah Chester, Pocahontas Dorothy Chisom, Marianna Martha Choate, Helena Sharon Church, N. Little Rock Janis Churchill, Hector Carla Clark, West Memphis Chris Clark, Memphis, TN Robert Claxton, Little Rock Lisa Clements, Malvern Clifton Clemmons, Ft. Smith Ward Clemmons, Ft. Smith Johnny demons, West Memphis Joy Cleveland, Lonoke 1 I I 492 Sophomores Dana Cobb, Mabelvale Caroline Coffman, Hot Springs N. Coginto, Memphis, TN Christy C. Coker. Pine Bluff Brad Cole, Fayetteville Audrey Coleman, Little Rock Ellis Collins, Forrest City Tim Collins, Springfield, MO William Collison, Ball Knob Less Cooner, Little Rock Kim Cooney, Richardson, TX Scott Cooper, Little Rock Beverly Cope, Pine Bluff Cathy Cormack, Greenwood Sam Cross, Little Rock Brenda Courtney. Watson Theresa Courtney, Mountain Grove, MO Melody Cowan, Rogers Tim Cowgur, Bentonville Chuck Cowling, Texarkana Lee Anne Cowling, Fayetteville Altra Cox, Piggott Diana Cox, Evansville Oliver Cox, Corning Ronny Cox, Manila Janie Craig, North Little Rock Cheryl Cranford, Little Rock Jody Crawford, Texarkana Tim Crawley, Gravette Charles Crisp, Forrest City Linda Cross, Pine Bluff Colin Crouch, Fox Charles Crowder, Huntsville Steve Crump, Kirby David Crutcher, Fort Smith John Culp, Prescott Nancy Cunningham, Jonesboro Ronnie Cunningham, Sheridan Paul Da Costa, Fayetteville Paul Dacosta, Fayetteville Rik Dahl, Denmark Collette Daily, Little Rock Kim Danhower, Forrest City Kenneth Daniels. Chicago, IL Janet Davidson, Gravette Chris Davis, Monticello Clark Davis, Hughes Janet Davis, Osceola Nancy Davis, Hot Springs Scott Davis, Little Rock Sherrie Davis, Antioch, CA Donnie Daws, Camden Benita Day, Springdale Dana Dean, Fort Smith Renee Debin, Little Rock Renee Debin, Little Rock Mark Deboer, Siloam Springs Thomas Deen, Arkansas City Gus Deibner, Mountain Home Dennis Delk, West Helena Joni Dellinger. Morrilton Judi Dellinger, Morrilton Tom Demont, Siloam Springs Sophomores 493 Tom Denniston, North Little Rock Dana Dickerson, Clarksville Mark Dickson, Searcy Sims Didly, Springfield, MO Tracy Diemer, Lake Village Carol Dillard, Hope Becki Dinwiddie, Winslow Kathy Dobbs, St. Louis, MO Barilyn Dodson, North Little Rock Debbie Doster, Springdale Mark Douglas, Van Buren Stephen Douglas, Texarkana Doug Dover, Little Rock Cathy Dowdy, Little Rock Grant Downer, Springfield, MO Julie Drewry, Dallas, TX Steve Dubois, Pocahontas Stephen Ducker, Pineville Cynthia Dudly, Pocahontas Susan Duncan, Arkadelphia Alex Dunlap, West Memphis Kenny Dunn, Fordyce Paul Dunn, Camden Vicky Easley, Osceola Debora Eckart, Paris Dennis Edge, Little Rock Angela Edwards, Camden Lawrence Edwards, Sherwood Curtis Egger, El Dorado Julie Elledge, North Little Rock Suzy Ellis, West Memphis Mark Ellison, Paragould Lindell Ellison, Hartford Patricia Ervin, Harrison Mary Beth Esch, Rogers Janet Etheridge, Little Rock Kenneth Evans, Benton Augusta Farver, Pine Bluff Mary Faulk, Little Rock Shannon Featherston, Altus Phillip Finley, Rogers Julie Finch, Fayetteville Gregg Fisher, Beebe Terri Fitzgerald, West Memphis John Fletcher, Forrest City Sharon Flood, Valrico, FL Frances Fogleman, Marion Lise Folkner, Warrensburge, MO Karen Formby, Siloam Springs Cynthia Forney, Pine Bluff Kevin Forte, Lake Village Emily Fortner, Dallas, TX Cindy Foster, Jonesboro Cathy Fouts, Fayetteville Jan Fox, Daingerfield, TX Brian Franklin, Claremore, OK Charles Frazier, Checotah, OK Patti Freemyer, Helena Jerry Friend, Little Rock Neal Frizzell, West Helena Wayne Frobieter, Cleveland, OH Pak Fun, Mariana Pak Fung, Mariana 494 Sophomores Over twenty years in the planning, HPER Health, Physical Education, Recreation has at last received partial funding. Minor details such as whether or not ASG wants an Olympic-sized pool located inside are yet to be decided, but the huge facility may soon be constructed. The structure will be the largest on campus and sit just south of Barnhill. Jennifer Galley, Fayettevflte Jennifer L. Galley, Fayetteville Cindy D. Gaither, Hot Springs Ed G. Gaitley. North Little Rock Thomas Galyen, Eureka Springs Brenda L. Garner, Fort Smith Ned D. Garrett, Beebe Laura L. Gaston, Joplin, MO Kathy J. Gattis, Ozark Allen Gauldin, Foreman Steve E. Geels, Springdale Erma E. Geiger, Lockesburg Jacquelyn George. Cabot Damian Gerke, Little Rock Kay Gibbs, Hot Springs Tammy Gibson, Lavac William Gilbert, Rogers Kenny Gilchrist, Mountain Home Robert Ginnaven, Little Rock Fannie Gladney, West Helena Lonny Glover, Lonoke Jamie Gobell, London Debbie Godwin, Hot Springs Sherry Godwin, Fort Smith William Goins, Redfield Charles Golden, Hot Springs Pam Golden, Little Rock Gary Graham, Tuckerman Rita Graham, Springdale Peggy Grant, Tulsa, OK Connie Graves, Longview, TX Kelly Graves, Fort Smith Tanya Graves, Bentonville William H. Gray, Yellville B. A. Greek, Helena Sophomores 495 Paul Gregory, Little Rock Dianne Gretzimer, Osceola Don Griffin, Little Rock Richard Griffin, Crossett Bobbie Griffith, Texarkana Jennie Griffith, Forrest City Sarah Griggs, Fort Smith Chris Grimes, Little Rock Bryan Grimsley, Springdale Steve Grissom, Pocahontas John Groce, Benton Baker Gross, Forest City Mary Groves, Blytheville Jay Gulick, Muscatine, IA David Gunnell, Stuttgart David Gusewelle, Irving, TX Tracy Gwaltney, Los Cruces, NM Mark Habenicht, Little Rock Kelly Hackler, Tulsa, OK Noland Hagood, Strong Dan Hale, Ashdown Kathleen Haley, North Little Rock Debbie Hall, Clinton Robin Hall, Fayetteville Steve Hall, Green Forrest Laura Hamblin, Eureka Springs Charles Hamilton, Dallas, TX Terri Hamma, Clarksville Carol Hammans, Humphrey Carol Hammans, Humphrey Jackie Hancock, Blythsville Lisa Haney, Little Rock Marty Haney, Elkins Russel Hankins, Houston, TX Sharon Hannah, Little Rock Kim Haraway, Helena Janis Hardin, North Little Rock Jeffrey Harp, Fort Worth, TX Vickie Harper, Norphlet Vickie Harper, Norphlet Joy Harris, Crossett Cathy Hartzell, Beebe Joyce Murphy, Beebe Karen Harris, Little Rock Randa Hathaway, North Little Rock Tim Hawkins, Parks Jeff Hays, Siloam Springs Pam Haynie, Prescott Dale Head, West Des Moines, IA Karen Heard, Jacksonville James Hearnsberger, El Dorado Michael Heathcott, Fort Smith Angie Hegeman, Atkins Gregory Heil, Little Rock Bill Hemingway, Woodward, OK Andy Hendricks, Fort Smith Cal Henry, North Little Rock Calvin Henry, Fayetteville Stephanie Hewgley, Fayetteville Marilyn Hiatt, Stuttgart Shawn Hill, Arkadelphia Mark Hobbs, Rudy James Hobson, North Little Rock 496 Sophomores ' Aife TV m ' I H Joseph Hodges, Salem Maurie Hoge, Spingdale Timothy Hogue, Piggott John Hogue. Bryant Pam Hollandsworth, Springdale Ron Hollingshead. Fayetteville Audrey Holly, Malvers Richard Holmes, Pine Bluff David Holt. Fayetteville Lisa Holzhauer, Little Rock Carl Honeysuckle, Little Rock Michelle Hoover, Wheaton. IL Laure Home, Harricon Tyron Hoskins, Fayetteville Greg Hout, Camden Durell Howard, Flippin Peggy Howard, Hindsville Jon Howell, Little Rock Linda Howlett. Fort Sam Houston, TX Kay Hoyt, Perryville Lisa Huskabay, Marmaduke Ramond Huges. Pine Bluff Rick Hultquist. Muscatine. IA Diana Hunt, Hot Springs Patricia Hunt, Fayetteville Allawayne Hunter. Lead Hill Shelley Hurler, West Plains, MO Lisa Hutchens. Springdale Kenny Irizarry, Benton Bob Irwin, Hot Springs Connie Jacks, Hot Springs Chris Jackson, West Memphis Michael Jackson, Taylor Phyllis Jackson, West Memphis Vickey Jackson, Marvel! Janet James, Mulberry John James. West Memphis Ed Janonis, Hot Springs Calvin Jarrett, Keiser Karen Jasiulevicius, Little Rock Bruce Jeffrey, Little Rock Lisa Jenkins. Lead Hill Stephen Jenkins, Fort Smith Janna Jennings. North Little Rock Ronnie Jennings. Clinton Jennifer Jesson, Fort Smith Brad Johnson, Jacksonville, IL Charles Johnson, Aurora, MO Chris Johnson, Little Rock Julie Johnson, Fayetteville Scarlett Johnson, England Alesa Jones, Noel, MO Barry Jones, North Little Rock Celeste Jones, Pine Bluff Jace Jones, Conway Jana Jones, Siloam Springs Kimberly Jones. Huntiogton Mary Jones, Wynne Thomas Jones. Beebe Trudell Jones. Stephens Christine Jordan, Hope Janice Jordan, Fayetteville Curt Judd, Fort Worth, TX Sophomore 497 John M. Jursich, Deerfield, IL Brenda Kankey, Calico Rock Brenda Kankey, Calico Rock Glenda Kankey, Calico Rock Kim Karnes, Sherwood Terri Kauble, Hope Scott Kaye, Benton Robin Kearney, Fay Teresa A. Keegan, Springdale Lenore Keelong, Richardson, TX Lorris Kegley, Brinkley Steven Kell, Ft. Smith Tracy Kelley, Alma Tracy Kelley, Alma Lisa Kenefick, Blytheville Ben Kenney, Texarkana, TX Melissa Kerr, Dallas, TX John Kimbrough, Memphis, TN Cliff King, Texarkana Randy King, Charleston Reginald King, Pine Bluff Penny Kingery, Camden Kimberly Kirby, Ft. Smith Marcia Kirksey, Mulberry Martha Kittrell, Augusta Becky Klaser, McGehee Becky Klaser, McGehee James Kleinschmidt, N. Little Rock : Elaine Klinge, N. Little Rock Kathy Knez, Springfield, MO Melissa Knight, Little Rock Melissa Knight, Little Rock Teri Knight, Springdale Susan Knoll, Richardson, TX Kristol Kochner, Houston, TX Kathy Koontz, Morrilton Philip Kropp, Ft. Smith Nanette Lacey, Ft. Smith George Ladyman, Poplar Bluff, MO Dean Lagrone, Hope Grady Lamb, Siloam Springs Blanche Lambert, Helena Rebecca Lancaster, Sheridan Amry Laney, Fayetteville Jill Langley, Fordyce Patrice Lanha, West Memphis William Larue, Bassett Rebecca Layman, Prairie Grove Linda Lee, N. Little Rock Regina Lee. Dallas, TX Gary D. Lensing, N. Little Rock Suzanne Lewis, Alexandria, VA Kevin Linch, Crown Point, IN Steve Lincoln, Little Rock Vicki Logan, Texarkana Teresa Lowdermilk, Greenwood Nancy Loyd, Lake Village Ernest Lucas, Fayetteville Therese Luers, Bald Knob Melinda Mackey, El Dorado Stephen Malone, Harrison Kathy Mandenhall, Pea Ridge John Manning, West Memphis i II ffi 498 Sophomores s SKKSi M " v University Hall, completed in 1875, the first permanent building constructed on campus. I t was built from material acquired on campus. The stone was quarried near the present infirmary. The souther tower was built to contain a clock while the north tower housed chimes. The University library, state, administration, classrooms, and some professors ' housing were all originally contained in Old Main. Other major building on campus in this 1888 view from left to right are: Buchanan Hall (men ' s housing), the two original University buildings, and agriculture. A greenhouse sat in Campus Drive at Maple. Susan Manning, Newport Steven Marchese, North Lake, IL Time Marconi, Crawfordsville Kevin Marquis, Tulsa, OK Gina Marshall, Wynne Harry Marshall, Cabot Linda Marshall, Hobbs, NM Daniel Martin, Camden Lady Jo Martin, Texarkana Beverly Matthis, Little Rock Billie Mayes, Hot Springs Vickie Mayse, Springdale Missy McCain, Mansfield Leslie McChristian, Fountain Valley, CA Cheryl McCormac, Clinton Kim McDaniel, Charleston Kirk McDonald, Stattgart Kim McDonald, Ft. Leavenworth, KS John McElhaney, Charleston Tom McGee, Harrison Yasmin McGinley, Tulsa, OK James McGinnis, Fort Smith Ollie McGowan, Little Rock Holly McGuire, Harrison Vickie McGuire, Rosebud Robin McHaney. Blytheville Bradley McLaurin, Lake Village Brian McLaughlin, North Little Rock Helen McKinney, Dallas TX Tina McKelvy, Springdale Kay McHenry, Hope John Meazle, Charleston Greg Means, Little Rock Mark McSweeny, Prescott David McQueen, Jonesboro Sophomores 499 Michael McNulty, Blythville Mike McNulty, Blythville Melanie McNeil, Council Bluff, IA Archie Moore, Little Rock Susan McLemore, N. Little Rock Kirk Melson, Rogers Linda Melton, Fayetteville John Merritt, Heber Springs Holly Metcalf, Little Rock Melinda Newton, N. Little Rock Kathy Micken, Springdale David Miller, Little Rock Jeff Miller, San Antonio, TX John Miller, Fayetteville Michael Milum, Nashville Patti Minton, Benton Kelly Mitchell, Russelville Vance Mitchell, Lajolla CA Paul Mixon, Marianna John Monaweck, N. Little Rock Judie Montelpre, Shreveport, LA Brenda Mooman, Sulpher Springs Matthew Moore, Houston, TX Michelle Moore, Bentonville Phyllis Moore, Hot Springs Teresa Moore, Springdale Vicki Moorehead, Many, LA Kelli Morgan, England Susan Morrow, Morrilton Susan Morry, Jacksonville Kathryn Morton, Texarkana Mary Ann Morton, Ozark George Moschner, Fort Smith Roshamak Mosharraf, Fayetteville Mark Mosley, Hot Springs Mary Jo Mosley, Hot Springs Joe Mott, Little Rock Ronald Mullis, Monticello Nicki Netherton, Morrilton Patti Newell, El Dorado Amry Nemton, Pine Bluff Martha Newton, N. Little Rock Susan Newton, Batesville Ronald Nichols, Carlisle Glen Nicholson, Hot Springs Barbara Nielson, Star City Allyson Noel, Lamar, MO James Nolle, Fort Smith Brenda Norman, El Dorado Kathryn Morris, Pine Bluff Thomas Norsworthy, Widener Ken Nowlin, Salina, KS Dan Nunley, Clinton Bruce Nunnally, Camden Randy O ' Dougherty, Corning, I A Malinda Oakes, Leawood, KS Sidney Okolo, Fayetteville Sarah Oliver, N. Little Rock Corine Oordt, Enschede, Netherland Randy Ort, N. Little Rock Scot Overby, Little Rock Lisa Owen, Little Rock Christy Owens, Fayetteville iJ il 500 Sophomores TTW Wendell A. Owens, Jacksonville Kenny Padgett, Marion Darral W. Paradis, North Little Rock Charles Parette, Fayetteville Kathy Parker, Harrison Shaune G. Parker, Lead Hill Cindy Parks, Smackover Lisa A. Parr, Wheatley Nick A. Parsons, Mena Thomas Paterson, Leawood, KS Becki Patrick, Harrison Donald Paul, Bella Vista Thomas L. Pazdera, Pine Bluff Danny Pelton, Pine Bluff Jeff C. Penon, Fort Smith Connie Perreira, Jacksonville Thomas Person, Hamburg Mary P. Peters, Pocahontas Scott Pettit, Aurora, MO Danny G. Petty, Pine Bluff Susan Petty, Prairie Grove Don R. Phillips, Fort Smith Steve Pike, Van Buren Lynda K. Pilgrim, Barling Steve Pilote, Prairie Grove Alberto Pineda, Monroe Dennis J. Pirani, Marion Sam Pittman, Benton Maria Plafcan, Stuttgart Dwight Plunkett, Fort Smith Tim A. Plunkett, Mena Lee Ann Poiriez, Tulsa, OK Joel A. Polichronopoulos, Exeter, NH Mary Carol Poole, McGehee Ric Poole, Hot Springs Jan Pope. Tulsa, OK Andrew Post, Altus Laura Pouncey, Hughes Margie Presley, Dallas, TX Kendall O. Price, Barling Randy Prince, Huntsville Michael Ptak, Fayetteville Anne E. Pulliam, Fort Smith Alice J. Rabeneck, Stuttgart Steven Raglin, Hinsdale, IL Mark Ramm, North Little Rock Johnny Ramsey, North Little Rock Michale J. Ramsey. Fredrick, MD Laura A. Randall, Not Springs Leigh Randall, Fort Smith J. W. Rayder, Blytheville Wade Reaves, Benton Janet Reed, Texarkana Pat Reilly, Jacksonville Jeanne Reiter, Tolone, IL Lisa G. Reynolds, Little Rock Steve Richards, Tulsa, OK Linda Richardson, Little Rock Robert Richardson, Little Rock Edgar Riddick, Little Rock Lloyd Ridenour III, Fort Smith Deniece Ridley, Tuckerman Joe Rieger, Fayetteville Sophomores 501 Jeanie Rimmer, Van Buren Susan E. Rinnert, Fayetteville Joe Roach, Yellville Bruce Roberts, Pine Bluff Larry Roberts, N. Little Rock Mark Roberts, Little Rock Ronald Robertson, Bella Vista Terry Robertson, Hartman Barbara Robinson, West Memphis Jeffrey Roe, Desarc Julie Roeder, Piggott Linda Rogers, Rogers Mathew Rogers, St. Croix, USVI Orville Rogers, Sheridan Orville Rogers, Sheridan Jeff Roussel, Little Rock Paul Rowland, HotSprings James Ruf, Munster, IN Ramond Ruiz, Dumfres, VA Mark Ruple, Ft. Smith Cindy Rushing, Patterson Jennifer Ruthledge, Dayton, OH Sheila Rutledge, Little Rock Mark Ryan, Walnut Ridge Maurice Ryan, Walnut Ridge Mary Sanchez, Springdale Cal Sanders, Camden Lori Sanders, Searcy Keith Satterfield, Little Rock Marty Satterfield, Perryville Shirley Savage, Stuttgart Mary Ellen Sawyer, McGehee Molly Saxon, Camden Joe Scarsdale, Searcy Sharon Schaefer, Shalimar, FL Scott Schlesinger, Hot Springs Pamela Schmidt, Hardy John Schmitz, Clinton Jill Schroeder, Jonesboro David Scott, Warren Jeffrey Scott, Camden Denise Seen, Ellsworth AFB, SD Carol Seffense, N. Little Rock Ward Seibert, Tulsa, OK Marty Seifert, Glen Ellyn, IL Glenda Self, Vendor Deborah Seward, Ft. Smith Lance Sexton, Clarksville Sandy Sexton, Tulsa, OK Jim Shaddox, Harrison Pam Shapard, Lepanto Michael Shaver, Neosho, MO Michael Shell, Searcy Gary A. Sheppard, Dallas, TX John Shirey, Camden Robert Shirley, Hot Springs Bob Short, Kimberling, MO Tommy Shurley, Lonoke Mark Sills, Fayetteville Billy Siltlington, Springdale Greg Simpson, Rohwer Kathleen Simpsom, Eudora Richard B. Simpson, Russellville 502 Sophomores r, In August of 1977 reconstruction of the John Barnhill Field House was officially started. The work on the home of the basketball Razorbacks increased its seating capacity from about 7,800 to 9,800. It took almost a year and a half before the enlargement was completed. During this time the Hogs had to practice in local high school gyms. Though they did get to play their games in Barnhill fans corfiing to see them were treated to climbing over construction equipment. One other event that was missed by students was that no concerts could be held while the construction was in process. The reconstruction was completed on March 14, 1979. i Sally Simpson. Camden Brenda Sims, Hot Springs Greg Sink, Newport Elicia Sinor, Harrison Judi Sistrunk, Fayetteville Samuel Sitlington, Springdale Joyce Skinner, West Memphis Randall Small, Conway Becky Smith. El Dorado Billy Smith, Fayetteville Boyd Smith, Rosebud Janet Smith, Malvern Janet Smith, Searcy Jo Dawn Smith, Fort Smith Keith Smith, Little Rock Kevin Smith, Hope Nancy Smith, Greenwood Patricia Smith, Tuckerman Perry Smith, Foreman Sandra Smith, Mountain Home Sherry Smith, Huntsville Trey Smith, Shreveport, LA Richard Smith, Lake Village Vicki Smith, El Dorado Debbie Sanders, Fayetteville Donna Sneed, Fort Smith James Snow, Fort Smith Melissa Snow, Mountain Home Chrisy Snowden, Little Rock Richard Sokora, Stuttgart Michael Spades, Clinton Bill Spaulding, Pocatello, ID Jimmy Spencer, Newport Mathew Spencer, Pine Bluff Sophomores 503 Karen Sprouse, Sallisaw, OK Donald St. Martin, Jacksonville Mercedes Stadthagen, Fayetteville Tammy D. Stafford, Bryant Dave Stahr, North Little Rock Anne Stallcup, Tulsa, OK Jerry Stamps, Springdale Brent Standridge, Mt. Ida Jim Stark, El Dorado Kevin Staten, Pine Bluff Michael Staton, Cordove, TN Stephen Steed, Leachville Ron K. Steen, Tulsa, OK Keith A. Stephens, North Little Rock Melinda Stephens, Van Buren Debbie S. Steward, Texarkana Mike Stewart, Muskogee, OK Thomas R. Stewar t, Fayetteville Tommy Stewmon, Forrest City Cindy Stidham, Checotah, OK Greg B. Stiles, Berryville Renee Stiles, Little Rock Margo Stockalper, Elkins Sandra L. Stone, Leawood, KS David K. Stoner, Matawan, NJ Cecily A. Storm, North Little Rock John C. Stotts, Little Rock Doris Stout, Fayetteville Ed Stout, Piano, TX Rozanne Straight, Lowell Virginia Stratton, Rogers Lita Stricklin, Gurdon John Stroh, Fort Smith Henry Stroope, North Little Rock Bruce S. Stroud, Fort Smith Mike Stroud, Batesville Terri Stroud, Mena David P. Stuart, Little Rock David Stubblefield, Fort Smith Kathy Sudduth, Conway Thomas Sulephen, El Dorado Brian G. Sullivan, Aurora, IL Christy Sutherland, Dallas, TX William Sutton, Little Rock Larry G. Sweet, Miami Lakes, FL Scott Tabor, Little Rock Chin Choo Tan, Malaysia Christopher Tanner, Ft. Sam Houstan, TX Leann Tanner, West Fork Janet L. Tate, Fort Smith Cheri A. Taylor, Nevada, MO Martha E. Taylor, Hamburg Rhetta Taylor, Hughes Douglas Temple, Little Rock Susan B. Temple, Morrilton Karne Templeton, Jonesboro James Temmyson, Smackover Allison Terry, Hot Springs Candace Terry, Fayetteville Sarah Ann Terry, Greenwood Jann D. Thayer, Fayetteville Ellen Theis, Pine Bluff Brenda M. Thiel, Rogers 504 Sophomores 41 A i IB 5 i I Since before the towers of Old Main started taking shape in 1875, their heights probably stirred controversy. The fact that the north tower is some six feet taller than the south tower is usually attributed to the fact that University Hall was designed by a Northern architect during Reconstruction. The Chicagoan reportedly wanted to remind all viewers that the North was superior to the South. Few admirers know that a duplicate of this building was the Old Main of the University of Illinois until its roof fell in in the early 1930 ' s. The design bears a striking resemblance to Rock Island ' s old Chicago depot which opened in 1867 only to be destroyed by the Great Fire of 1871. Over the years, the towers have changed somewhat. Hands no longer are painted on the clockfaces of the south tower, the more elaborate arnamentation has been removed, and the bell in the north tower is silent, as is the carillion. Perhaps when renovation is completed, the towers ' details will be restored. Anne Thiessen, Wichita, KS Mark Thomas, Royal Mark Thomey, Morrilton Elizabeth Thompson, Bates Malinda Thompson, Alma Phoebe Thompson, Hot Springs Roy Thompson, North Little Rock Tommie Thompson, Springdale Gary Thorn, North Little Rock Kevin Threlkeld, Paragould Mary Ann Tilley, Harrison Alen Todd, Judsonia Donna Tokarczyk, Piano, TX Kim Toler, Morrilton Soctt Towery, Oklahoma City, OK John Townsend, Fort Smith Craig Treece. Little Rock Stacy Trimble, Black Rock Connie Tucker, Waldron Parker Tucker, Shoreweed, IL Barbara Turner, Bentonville Bari Turner, Wynne Chip Turner, Pine Bluff Kathy Turner, Gravette Holly Turner, Pine Bluff Samuel Turner, West Memphis Mark Tyler, Pine Bluff Pamela Underwood. Little Rock Sue linger, Springdale Lisa Utley, Friendswood, TX Bob Van DeWiele, Fort Smith Stuart Vann, Magnolia James Varnell, Pine Bluff Philip Vaughn, Lepanto Anner Vaughns, Denver, CO Sophomores 505 Martha M. Vaught, Altus Mike Verucchi, Hot Springs Matt Vest, Houston, TX Cheryl Vines, Wake Village, TX Bart F. Virden VI, Morrilton Ken L. Voise, Fort Smith Timothy B. Vose, Stuttgart Nancy Wagner, Little Rock Lisa G. Walker, Cotter Robin H. Walker, Quitman Timothy Walker, Marion M. Walton, Crossett Linda M. Wampler, Fayetteville Christi Wardlaw, Gravette Tim Washington, Texarkana Karl Wasson, Siloam Springs John E. Waters, Tulsa, OK Matthew A. Waters, Little Rock Terri R. Watson, Hoxie Coralie Watt, Fort Smith Brian D. Wauer, Conway Kelley Weaver, Little Rock Nan J. Weaver, Springdale Vanya Webb, Little Rock Jeanene Weeks, Pine Bluff Lisa A. Weeks, Cabot Tommy A. Weeks, Rose Bud Teresa Weir, Fort Smith - Kevin Wells, Kansas City, MO Sharon Wells, Edmondson Kathryn Wenzel, Wayne, IL Renee Wessels, Stuttgart Millie West, North Little Rock Gregory L. Westbrook, Camden Pollyanne Westbury, St. Louis, MO Wade A. Whistle, Osceola Eric White, Fayetteville Kim White, Monticello Stacee Whiteside, Prairie Village, KS Elizabeth Whittington, Charleston Kenneth Wiburg, Prairie Grove Patty Wicks, Fort Smith Lisa C. Widner, Alpena Sherri Wilborn, West Helena Sherrye Wilburn, West Helena Shelley Wilcoxon, Hamburg Leslin Wilkins, Jasper Al Willard, North Little Rock Charlotte A. Williams, Dumas Chris Williams, Dover Cindy Williams, Des Peres Elizabeth Williams, Little Rock Fred Williams, Lavaca Gwyn Williams, Tulsa, OK Kathy L. Williams, Stephens Linda Williams, Mountain Home Ronald W. Williams, Pine Bluff Rosaline Wilson, St. Louis, MO Thomas Williams, Hot Springs Timothy Williams, Hazen Rob Wilmoth, Etowah Cheryl Wilson, Harrison Dudder Wilson, Little Rock i t t 506 Sophomores In the summer of 1979 Gulf Oil Corporation donated more than $3,000,000 in equipment to the UA Foundation and for the new Biomass Research Center. The Center, which took over all of the research concerning the production of ethanol and the creating of alternative sources of chemicals and liquid fuels, was also donated $500,000 toward the first year ' s operation of the Center. In January 1980 the United States Departments of Energy and Agriculture said that they would provide a grant of $1,000,000 to construct a laboratory and office building for the Center. The Center building will be located at the UA farm and will have 16,000 square feet of floor space along with laboratories, a classroom, and offices. I I i Karen Wilson, Pine Bluff Richard Wilson, Siloam Springs Thomas Wilson, Shreveport, LA Mona Winningham, Morrilton Brian Winstead, Little Rock Robert Wise, Marvell Rick Witcherd, Gentry James Woker, Russelville Janis Womack, Little Rock Jennifer Womack, Barling Timothy Woods, El Dorado Margaret Woodsmall, Batesville Gil H. Wotten, Hot Springs Carolyn Wren, Pocahontas Betsye Wright, El Dorado Beverly Wright, Little Rock Lannie Wright, Harrison Rita Wright, Searcy Steve Wright, Muskogee. OK Rodney Wright, Tyronza, Susan Wright, Pine Bluff Suzanne Yates, Rogers Penny Yoakam, Mountain Grove, MO Elizabeth York, Fayetteville Kelly Young, Little Rock Mark Young, Dallas, TX Patricia Young, Movile, AL Robin Young, Russellville Steve Young, Sherwood Gretchen Zerr, Rogers Phil Zimmerman, Crossett Frank Zinke, Fayetteville Connie Zmarzley, APO San Francisco, CA Sophomores 507 Lisa Adams, Trumann Gwen Adkinson, Pine Bluff Mignonne Agee, Fayetteville William Albright, Pine Bluff Bill Alexander, Paragould Monica D. Alexander, McGehee Sheryl Alford, Mountain Home Sheryl L. Alford, Russellville Richard S. Allen, Batesville Chris Amsler, Little Rock Sheryl Anderson, Springdale Gayla Anderson, Harrison Sherry Armstrong, El Dorado Desieree L. Arnold, Ankeny, IA Shannon K. Ashcraft, Morrilton Amanda P. Ausbie, Little Rock Brian K. Ayers, Berryville Mark C. Bodgett, North Little Rock Debbie M. Bagley, Pine Bluff Ted Bailey, North Little Rock Denise Bakema, North Little Rock Jane Baker, Springdale Jay E. Baker III, Mountain Home Jeff Baker, West Ford Tim Baker, Huntsville Richard Baldsiefen, Arkadelphia Tracy Baltimore, Harrison Laurie Baltz, Pocahontas Leslie Borgognoni, Lake Village Joan Barker, Osceola Rachelle Barnes, Hot Springs Babette Barrows, Marshall Kenneth Barton, Little Rock Do Barwell, Little Rock Brad Bass, Crossett 508 Freshman Mary Helen Bass. Lewisville Anne Bates, Tulsa, OK Gary Baugh, West Memphis Susan Bayringer, Rogers Catherine Bays, Little Rock Theodore Beck, Solgohachia Allen Beggs, Little Rock Janet Belzung, Fayetteville Renee Bernath, Little Rock Leon Bertschy, Gravette Terry Bintlitf, Houston. TX Scott Blair, Greenwood Suzanne Blair, Ft. Smith Mark Blakely, Nashville Jeff Blanton, Little Rock William Blasdel, Yellville Tammy Bledsoe. Tulsa, OK David Bloxom. West Memphis Robert Bolls, Blytheville Robert T. Bomar, Little Rock Melissa Bond, Jacksonville Paul Bond, Fayetteville Tamra Bowlin, Hot Springs Betsy Box, Birmingham, AL Randy Boyd, Paragould Virginia Boyd, Jacksonville Ginger Braddy, Danville Kathy Brandt, Eureka Springs Jerry Bratcher, Springdale Jerry Bratcher. Springdale Pamela Breitenberg, Hot Springs Jeff Brewer, Pocahontas Jeffrey Brewer, Pocahontas Stephany Bridges, Little Rock Stephany Bridges. Little Rock Tracy Brokate, Little Rock Kim Brooks, Little Rock Shannon Brooks, Mountain Home Shannon Brooks, Mountain Home Ginger Brown, West Des Moines. IA James Brown, N. Little Rock Karen Brown, Benton Karol Brown, Oklahoma City. OK Nancy Brown. West Memphis Sandy Brown, Pine Bluff Teri Brown, Osawatomie, KS Terri Brown, Ft. Smith Sheri Brownell. Ft. Worth Kimberly Browning, Decatur Kirk Browning, Arlington, TX Kim Broyles, Fayetteville Clint Bryan, Magazine Tammy Buck, Paragould Mark Butter, Green Forest Suzanne Bumpass, Searcy Kim Bunge, Bartlesvilte. OK Lance Burchett, Bartlesville. OK Gregg Burgess. Little Rock Eberle Burke. Marianna Dennis Burt, Texarkana. TX Greg Burton, Newport Gina Butler, Osceola Kelly Butler, Dallas, TX Freshmen 509 Cindy Caldwell, Jonesboro Thomas Calhoun, Benton Cathy Callahan, Little Rock Todd Calvin, Rector Karen Campbell, Harrison Kendyll Campbell, Hindsville Kendyll Campbell, Hindsville Teresa Campbell, Little Rock Theresa Campbell, Jasper Caren Cargill, Lewisville Randall Carney, Rudy Cindy Carr, Russellville Tracy Carolan, Russellville Constance Carroll, Humboldt, TN Carroll Scott, Dallas, TX Dru Carter, Hot Springs Janis Carter, Little Rock Kevin Carter, Overland Park, KS Roger Carter, Star City Tomona Carter, Diaz Joy Casey, Bentonville Lilly Cash, St. Joe Sharon Gates, Prairie Grove Gary Catt, Floral Teri Cauthron, Ashdown Ronald Chapman, Ft. Smith Traci Chappell, Springfield, MO Traci Chappell, Springfield, MO on Amanda Cheatham, Hot Springs David Cherry, Nevada, MO Larry Childress, Fayetteville Doris Chisom, Marianna Carla Chote, Hot Springs Jeffrey Christian, Overland, Park, KS Mark Chudy, N. Little Rock John Cidlik, Eureka, MO Teri Cisneros, Los Angeles, CA Carol Clark, N. Little Rock Constance Clark, Costa Mesa, CA Melissa Clark, Fordyce Melissa Clark, Fordyce Mark Clinton, N. Little Rock Teresa Clum, Haysville, KS Carla Cobb, Texarkana, TX Leigh Cockrum, Pine Bluff Jeanne Coffman, Texarkana John Coggins, Truman Mary Cogswell, Russellville Mary Kay Cogswell, Russellville Carol Colburn, Cane Hill Mycheal Cole, Ft. Smith Walter Coleman, Huntsville Rick Colton, Pea Ridge Wade Colwell, Fayetteville Laurie Commer, Pine Bluff Will C. Cone, Chesterfield, MO John Connell, Kingsville, MO Lisa Conner, Corning Suzanne Coogan, Mena Brad Cook, Little Rock Ernie Cook, Hot Springs Deborah Cooksey, Van Buren Jill Copeland, Springfield, MO 510 Freshmen Kelli Coultar, Little Rock Keith Covert, Benton David Cowart, Mountain Home Douglas Cox, Pocahontas Gregory Cox, Pine Bluff William Cox, Watson David G. Cozart, Magnolia Teresa Crafford, Springdale Dabney Crafton, Blytheville Cathy Cranston, North Little Rock Kim A. Crawford, Mena Bobbie Cross, Eureka Springs Russell Grouse, Sheridan Rozetta M. Crowe, Springdale Bernice Gulp, Brinkley Carl V. Culver, Benton Michelle Dagley, Cave Springs Kevin Daily. Berryville Chuck Danehower, Forrest City Douglas Daniels, DeWitt William Daugherty, Austin, TX Dara J. Davenport, Texarkana Bill Davis, Fayetteville Charlet Davis, Little Rock Chris D. Davis, Monett, MO Perry D. Davis, Fort Smith Tracy R. Davis, North Little Rock Tucker Davis. Manila Allen R. Daws, Crossett Angela A. Dawson, Russellville Robert G. Dawson, Sherwood Jennifer Day, Houston, TX James R. Dean, Osceola Julie A. Dean, Texarkana Robert W. Debin, Little Rock Maria Declark, Pocahontas Steven J. Deere, Benton Liz A. Dehls, Piggott Hal Dejarnatt, Stillwell, OK Marc Delametter, Bartlesville, OK Patty Demoss, Sheridan Patty Demoss, Sheridan Audie L. Dennis, Fayetteville Judith Dennis, Independence, KS Mark DeSalvo, Little Rock Doug Dickinson, Indianapolis, IN Teresa Dillahunty, Huntsville Jerrie Dillard, Hope Tom Dingier, North Little Rock Dianna J. Dividson, Fort Smith Jan Dollins, Little Rock Ronald Dooms, Pine Bluff Bill Doshier, Harrison Yolanda L. Dreher, Bryant Helen Drewington, Osceola Theresa V. Duffin, Weir, KS Margaret Duffy, Mountain Home Karen Dugan, Broken Arrow Danette D. Duncan, Bald Knob Kenneth Duncan, Bastrop, LA Becky Dunn, El Dorado Julia E. Dunn, Russellville George Dyer, Topsfield, MA Freshmen 511 Sherri Easter, Hot Springs Laura Eldridge, Augusta Laura Eldridge, Augusta Sara Eldridge, Stuttgart Nita Elkins, Fayetteville Elizabeth J. Ellis, Camden Glen T. Ellis, Concord, MA Lisa Ellis, Newport Nancy Ellis, West Memphis Lance Ellison, Oden Lisa Elrod, West Memphis Nancy English, Prairie Grove Jim Ensley, Springdale Milena Erceg, Hot Springs Lisa Erwin, Broken Arrow, OK Kip Eubanks, Carrollton, TX Evan Evans, Metairie, LA Joseph Evans, Pine Bluff Julie Evans, Ruston, LA James D. Everett, Little Rock April Farrar, Memphis, TN Donal G. Farris, Ozark Darren B. Farrish, Fayetteville Randy Faulkner, Little Rock Susan Faust, Fayetteville Virginia Favorite, Canal Zone Barbara Fay, Joplin Melissa Ferguson, Waldron Debbie Fiegel, Conway John Fikes, Benton John Fikes, Benton Stella Fincher, Prescott Joe Finger, Little Rock Jay Fish, Arlington Hights, IL Lynne Fitzgerald, Fayetteville Wendell Flemister, North Little Rock Robert D. Fletcher, Newport Mark Forbess, Little Rock La Donna Ford, Hot Springs Village Rodney A. Ford, Benton Mitch Forrest, North Little Rock Henry W. Fortenberry, North Little Rock Randy Fortner, Benton Lori Foster, Morrilton Tina D. Fountain, Tilly Todd Fowler, Conway Susan Frankenberger, Pocahontas Stuart Franklin, Claremore V. Wynne Fravorite, Canal Zone Edwin Freeman, Osceola Sarah French, Little Rock Tracy French, Dumas Joe Frey, Decatur, IL Glynn A. Fulmer, Alma Debbie K. Gadbury, Booneville Jeffrey Gaines, Hot Springs, VA Glenda Galssey, Springdale Brenda Galyean, Gravette James Gant, Dallas, TX Phyllis A. Gant, Weldon Julie Gardner, Dierks Lloyd Gardner, North Little Rock Donald A. Garett, Forrest City f 1 I i I i 512 Freshmen The week after Spring Break saw the 76th Engineering Week at the U of A. The week, begun by Prof. W.B. Stelzner, orginated as a chance for engineering students to take a break from their studies. Traditionally held the week of St. Patrick ' s Day, Engine Week was moved back because of Spring Break. Activities this year, were Basketball Tournament, Ice Cream Social, Engine Rally, Banquet, Super Saturday, and Engine Ball. Greg Garland, New Orleans, LA Linda Garrison, Camden Diane Gatzke, Sheridan Sherrie Gaylor, Little Rock Gale Gazette, Little Rock David Gean, Sallisaw, OK Brian Gehrki, North Little Rock Kevin Gentry, North Little Rock Susan Gentry, Lonoke Althea Gibson, McGehee Melissa Gill, Cabot Patrice Gillenwater, Little Rock Scott Gillham, Hot Springs Brian Gilliam, Osceola Brian Gilmore, El Dorado Elizabeth Ginnaven, Little Rock Tandi Ginnett, Sheridan William Gipson, Little Rock Teri Gisneros, Los Angeles, CA Kim Godfrey, Little Rock Thomas Godron, Gillett Buddy Goldammer, Jefferson City, MO Jon Goodwin, Florissant, MO David Gordon, Ashdown Dennis Goulet, Payatt Jackie Grace, Benton Danna Graham, Jenks, OK Lori Graham, Helena Chris Graves, Blytheville Christopher Graves, Sheridan Angela Gray, Fort Smith Brian Gray, Bentonville Joel Gray, Bearden Skip Ebel, Hot Springs Patti Presson, Van Buren Freshmen 513 Joel C. Gray, Bearden Rodney Gray, Siloam Springs Mary Graydon, Little Rock Phyllis Green, Mountain Home Regina Green, Dodridge Sam Green, Sheridan Yulonda Greenfield, Little Rock Wayne Gregory, Benton Lisa Griggs, Camden Sonya Grose, Watson Michael Gross, Little Rock Craig Grosshueseh, Naperville, IL Robert Grumieaux, Texarkana Laura Grundl, Little Rock Teresa Habig, Little Rock Kim Hack, Little Rock Gayla Hadaway, Mena Denise D. Hair, Stuttgart Brad Hale, Western Springs, IL Bret Hale, Chacotah, OK Garland Haley, Pine Bluff Debbie Hall, Lexa Frank Hall, Jonesboro Lisa Hall, N. Little Rock Valerie Hall, Alexander Tarja Hamalainen, Finland Kim Hamilton, Dallas, TX Terri Hamm, N. Little Rock 1 t Jay Haney, Angleton, TX Karen Hansen, Tulsa, OK Richard Hansen, Overland Park, KS Ricky Hardaway, Shreveport, LA Karen Harder, Joplin, MO Karen Harder, Joplin, MO Brad Harding, Webb City, MO Vicki Harman, Kansas City, KS Maxi Harp, Fayetteville Mindy Harper, Sheridan Terry Harper, Fayetteville Steven Harrell, Camden Benjamin Harris, El Dorado Chris Harris, East Ridge, TN Cynthia Harris, Yellville Deborah Harris, Chidester Sandra Harris, Little Rock David Harrison, Fayetteville Shari Harrison, Pine Bluff Melinda Harte, Conway Marie Hartley, Palo Alto, CA Mitchell Harvill, Paragould Karen Hatfield, Farmington Clay Hathorn, Little Rock Drake Hawkins, Little Rock Julie Hayes, Siloam Springs Lowell Hays, Memphis, TN William Haynes, Ft. Smith Cynthia Heard, Ozark, MO Kelley Hedgecock, N. Little Rock Richard Hedgecock, Tulsa, OK Scott Hembree, Ft. Smith Les Henderson, Carlisle Don Henry, Pine Bluff James Henry, Clarendon j I ,i! I 514 Freshmen m I or? Wanda Hensley, Mountain Home Liz Hester, Mena Clay Hiatt, Charleston Pamela Hicks, Little Rock Stanley L. Hill, Arkadelphia Vernon Hill, Malvern Douglas Hillman, Houstan, TX Robert W. Hinds, Fort Smith Diana Hinton, North Little Rock Phil H. Hobby. Benton Rausch F. Hodges, Forrest City David F. Hoff, Riverside Susan R. Hogue, Hope Stacy Holcomb, Siloam Springs Vanessa Holiman, Sheridan Virgil Holloway, Pine Bluff Cindy Holmberg, Mena Wayman L. Holt, Fulton Marc Honey, Prescott Douglas Hooker, Albuquerque, NM John Hooper, Fort Lauderdale, FL Allen R. Hope, Little Rock James D. Horton, North Little Rock Ruth Horton, Brinkley Joe R. Hotz, Fort Smith Karen L. Housley, Mansfield Kathleen Housley, Russellville Larinda Howell, Me Gehee Willa Hubbard, Aurora, MO Michael Hudlow, Fort Smith Anne Huey, Stuttgart Liz R. Huey, Warren Laura Huffman, Kemmerer, WY Alen W. Hughes, Benton Tim E. Hunt, Paragould Terry L. Hussey, Berryville David Hutchinson, Batesville Ross Hutchinson, Farmington Laura L. Jacimore, Russellville Rusty Jackman, Fayetteville Brad Jackson, Camden Brad Jackson, Camden Brinda J. Jackson, Montrrose Cheryl Jackson, Dallas, TX Terry Jackson, Tulsa, OK Wade Jackson, Taylor Robert L. Jacobs, Helena Charles James, West Memphis Terry Jamison, Foreman Leslie Jarrard, Paris Stephanie Jeffus, Camden Eugene Jenkins, Eudora Tina R. Jewell, Texarkana Allison Johnson, Fort Smith Ann Johnson, Fayetteville Elizabeth A. Johnson, Brandon, MS James Johnson, Forrest City Jan Johnson, Eldorado Jan Johnson, El Dorado Karla Johnson, Forrest City Karla Johnson, Forrest City Max Johnson, Texarkana Robin Johnson, Springdale Freshmen 515 Vernoris Johnson, Pine Bluff Patti Johnston, Little Rock Carol A. Jones, Ft. Smith Diane E. Jones, Claremore, OK Jacki Jones, Prairie Grove Julie B. Jones, Lowell Matthew L. Jonew, Bearden Rebeca Jones, Fayetteville Shelia Jones, Osceola Steven M. Jones, Gillham Susan E. Jones, Little Rock Susie Jones, Warren Tim Jones, Mineral Springs Tommi Jones, Lanleyl Cathey Jordan, Bella Vista Jana D. Jordan, Springdale Michael Jordan, Armorel Joni M. Kane, Forrest City Susan Karns, West Des Moines, IA Steven Keaton, North Little Rock Lane Keeter, Heber Springs Kristi Kellam, Hope Kevin Keller, Carthage David Kelley, Bald Knob Camille Kelly, Pine Bluff Joseph Kelly, Hazen Robert Kendall, Fayetteville Shalah Kendall, Little Rock Lee Kendrock, Rogers Terry M. Kent, Jacksonville Pam Key, Van Buren Scott Kindrick, Norrilton Franklin King, West Memphis Gory King, Catoosa, OK John C. King, III, Helena Scott Kingsborough, Palatina, IL Janet D. Kirkpatrick, Benton Anne Kissire, Morrilton Dean A. Klug, Foreman Scott A. Knowles, Tulsa, OK Robert M. Koenig, Ft. Smith Valerie K. Kordsmeir, Morrilton Leslie Krebs, North Little Rock Stephen G. Krim, Burke, VA Elizabeth Kumpe, Casper, WY Shelly A. Kunkel, Edmund, OK Linda Laird, Stuttgart Evelyn M. Lambert, Newport James C. Lambert, Neber Springs Sherry Lander, Berryville Karen Laney, Grandview Bill Langley, Mountain Home Amy Langston, Conway Ned A. Larson, Hinsdale, IL Benny Lasiter, Jr., Wilmar Gretchen, Lasiter, Tulsa, OK Karen A. Lau, Ft. Smith Peggy M. Lawrence, Gravette Stanley Lawrence, Nashville Brian F. Layman, Ft. Smith Mary Lazenby, Little Rock Martha S. Leach, Morrilton Donna Lederman, Dallas, TX 516 Freshman I 1 I . ' I " I For the first time in many years, Arkansas Booster Club sponsored a Homecoming Parade this year. Floats, the Fayetteville High School Band, and other groups participated in the parade the day before the Baylor game. The route took the group from the Pit down Maple to the Square and return. Dennis Lee, Dermott Lauren Lee, Tulsa, OK Lisa Lehman, Dallas, TX Lisa Lessley, Sallisaw, OK Meredith Level, Fayetteville Barbie Lewis, Conway Randy Lewis, Mabelvale Jana Lindemann, Russellville Phyliss Liner, Dallas, TX Anthony Litton, Jacksonville Sunyun Lohne, Waynesville, MO Carol Long, Little Rock Laura Long, West Memphis Lori Anne Long, Magnolia Cindy Longnecker, Stuttgart Theresa Lookingbill, Springdale Debbie Lopez, Austin, TX Tommy Lorince, Stuttgart Max Lough, Rogers Marvin Love, Osceola William Low, Houston, TX John Lucas, Fayetteville Susan Lucky, McGehee Jeff Lumpkin, Stuttgart David Lynch, Fayetteville Keith Lyons, Fort Smith Kelly Mackiewich, Darien, !L Cindy Magee, Little Rock Mike Magness, Harrison Rosemary Mahfouz, Little Rock Gary Main, Harrison Kim Marble, Little Rock Jan Market, Fayetteville Robyn Markley, Maynard Melissa Marlow, North Little Rock Freshmen 517 Robert Marlow, Pea Ridge Ami Marr, Blytheville Celia Marr, Tulsa, OK Gwendolyn Marshall, Pine Bluff Susan Marshall, Hobbs, NM Mark Martin, Morrilton Mary Martin, Houston, TX Nancy Martin, Camden Steven Martin, Brockwell Willima Martin, Fayetteville Russell Matchett, Little Rock Willie Matlock, Osceola Becky Matthews, Bartlesville, OK Becky Matthews, Bartlesville, OK Kimmie Maxwell, Siloam Springs Dixie May, Camden Douglas May, Rogers Vince Mayer, Little Rock Stephanie Mays, Little Rock Pam McBryde, Fayetteville Cam McCaa, Memphis, TN David McCain, Fayetteville Julie McCain, Houston, TX Gina McCalbe, Harrison Stephen McClanahan, Pine Bluff Sherry McClendon, Carthage, MO David McClure, Pine Bluff Karen McClure, Bellevue, MB June McMahon, Omaha Sherry McCollough, Huntsville Jay McConnell, Conway Becky McCoy, Little Rock Cooper McCraney, Ft. Smith Susan McCrary, El Dorado Susan McCrary, El Dorado Derick McDonald, Fayetteville Nancy McElrath, Hot Springs Kellie McFarlin, Poyen Cindy McGaughy, Pine Bluff Lesa McGee, Cocoa, FL Pat McGinnis, Dallas, TX Mary Mclntire, Rich Hill, MO James McJunkins, Saratoga Danna McKay, Houston, TX Lisa McKinnon, Fayetteville Doug McLoud, Huntsville Robin McDonald, Osceola Marty Meadows, Manila Scott Mendenahll, Pea Ridge Barbara Meyer, Fayetteville Dan Meyer, Sherwood Shannon Michael, Joplin, MO Juli Michel, Memphis, TN Tom Mickel, Conway Christy Middleton, Dallas, TX Heather Miles, Little Rock Audrey Miller, Dallas, TX Cliff Miller, Dequeen Deanna Miller, Berryville Gene Miller, Melbourne Judy Miller, Scott Oteeka Miller, Huntsville Belinda Mills, West Memphis 518 Freshmen Vrft Joseph Mills, Forrest City Kyle M. Moats, Dallas, TX Carmella J. Montez, Fayetteville Janet E. Moody, Bentonville Cathy Moore, Helena Rebecca K. Moore, Fayetteville Rhonda G. Moore, Russellville Rochell K. Moore, Fayetteville Vance D. Moore, Rison Maureen, Moran, Dallas, TX Brian, Moren, Mabelvale Roger Moren, Bentonville Gerogia Morgan, Ft. Smith Missy Morris, Ft. Smith Terrie Morris, Keo Scott R. Morrison, Rison Apples, Marianna Chris A. Morton, Fayetteville Marge Anna Mosley, Hot Springs Karl B. Mounger, Siloam Springs Shawn M. Mullane, Springfield Becky N. Mulligan, Camden Sandra Munnerlyn, Lonoke Brian, Mustacci, Palatine, IL Chris Narramore, Yellville, AR Paul Neal, Russellville John R. Neidecker, Dardanelle Stephen Nelson, Shreveport, LA Wanda Nelson, Little Rock Kelly L. Newman, Ft. Smith Susan L. Newman, Ft. Worth, TX Jim M. Newson, Longview, TX James A. Newton, Benton Ruby M. Nichols, Carlisle Billy Nicholson, Moro Jerry Noble, Little Rock Robert Norcross, Tyronza Frederick Morris, Marianna Libby Northcross, Huntsville Lori A. Norton, Green Forest Penita Nuckles, Crossett Karen O ' Brien, Marion Rebecca O ' Bryant, Hot Springs Jeff W. O ' Dell, Mountain Pine Andrew P. O ' Mara, Lowell Jacqueline Oden, Little Rock Shelly Odom, Harrison Karen L. Ogawa, Larenceville, NJ Janet L. Ogden, Mena Mike Ogle, Russellville Art Olson, Little Rock Todd Olson, Dallas, TX Kim Orlicek, Keo Holly Ost, North Little Rock William J. Otis, 11, Hope Mark Ousnamer, Whiteman William J. Overton, Hope Dana Owen, Alma Joan Owen, Wynne Kim L. Oxenreider, Everton Daryle A. Pace, Gravette Cynthia Page, Fayetteville Shelia Palmer, Moro Freshmen 519 Steve Parker, Fayetteville Leslie Parks, Morrilton Karen Patterson, Fayetteville Holly Patton, Atlanta, GA Willima Patton, Texarkana Timothy Paulson, Rogers Robert Peebles, Jackson, TN Mark Pendleton, Murfeesboro Mark Pendleton, Murfeesboro Amy Pennington, Westville, OK Jennifer Perkins, Little Rock Cleo Perry, Forrest City Lisa Perry, Ft. Smith Shannon Perry, Little Rock Andrea Person, Earle Jerry Petak, Jacksonville Laura Peters, Russellville Scott Peterson, Little Rock Gary Petrus, Carlisle Catherine Phillips, Ft. Smith Gina Pike, Ft. Smith Raetta Plaster, Springfield, MO Anne Plastiras, Little Rock Robert Poag, Osceola Laurie Pollack, Osceola Kay Pool, N. Little Rock Michael Powers, Cornova, TN Jeff Presley, Jacksonville Jeff Presley, Jacksonville Janet Price, Hazen John Price, Tulsa, OK Terrell Price, Kansas City, MO Kristi Probasco, Topeka, KS Kathryn Pryor, Little Rock David Pugh, Spring, TX Laura Pyle, El Dorado Christy Quinn, Blytheville Kevin Quinn, Jonesboro Daryl Quinton, West Fork Stephanie Ramick, Pine Bluff Brian Ramoly, Little Rock Christine Ramsey, Tuckerman Steve Ramsey, N. Little Rock Anne Randall, Ft. Smith Zanya Rapp, N. Little Rock Jane Ray, Memphis, TN Judy Reaves, Benton Jeff Rector, Westville, OK Judith Redding, Ft. Smith Robert Reece, Rogers Allison Reid, Tulsa, OK Becky Riester, Rogers Susan Reiter, Tolono, IL John Renard, Nashville Brenda Replogle, Prairie Grove Belinda Reyes, Springdale Melissa Reynolds, Tulsa, OK Lisa Rice, Lonoke Dea Ann Richard, Nashville Alan Richardson, Ft. Smith Ann Richardson, Berryville Doris Richardson, Richardson, TX Gerald Richardson, Augusta 520 Freshmen GI0 A piece of Ozark limestone left over from the construction of Old Main, the Spoof er ' s Stone was, until the 1940 ' s, the romantic focus of campus. After the turn of the century, with autos and open house unheard of in Fayetteville. couples found the Spoofer ' s Stone a convenient meeting place. With Shuler Town within easy walking distance, dances becoming common, students moving off campus, cars, and visiting hours, the Spoofer ' s Stone has been relegated to a curiousity. Kelly Richardson, Lepanto Debbie Riggs, Fayetteville Stephen Rigsby, North Little Rock Dorothy Roberts, Clairmore, OK Suzanne Roberts, North Little Rock Millie Robinson, Springdale Ruth Robinson, Springdale D ' Ann Robison, Ozark Adele Rockenhaus, Paris Terrell Rodgers, Overland Park, KS Claire Roeder. Piggott Bill Rogers, Little Rock Terry Rogers, Little Rock Joe Roitz, Harrison Paul Romontio. Jacksonville Mike Ross, Bartlesville Michael Rotenberry. Yeltvilte Wendy Rothwell, Little Rock Mark Rowe, Lake Village Michael Rwoland, Harrison Terry Rowland, Fair Grove, MO John Russell, Haztehurst, GA Mima Russell, Bentonvilte Thomas Russell, Littte Rock Archie Ryan, Houston, TX Dorothy Ryan, Decatur Mark Ryan, Euless, TX Kent Rylee, Rogers Brenda Rystrom, Covington, LA Jackie Sabbe, Fayetteville Nancy Santifer, Texarkana Susan Saracini, Newport Judy Sargent, Fort Smith Kim Sauer, Springfield, MO Steve Savage, Nashville Freshmen 521 Mark Saxton, Russellville Angle Schaffer, Little Rock Steve M. Schexnayder, Dumas Randall W. Schild, Little Rock Nedra Schilders, Crossett Lynne Schlatterer, North Little Rock Robbi Linn Schupp, Austin Jennie Scott, Shawnee, KS Michael T. Scott, Rogers Teresa, Scott, Rogers James Seratt, Clarendon Hills, IL Justus Sessman, St. Petersburg, FL Cindy Severs, Floral Torie Y. Sewier, West Memphis David C. Sexton, Harrison Bradford, Shapiro, Memphis, TN Robert D. Shelby, Greenwood Brent Sherman, Humphrey John Shields, Ft. Smith Marie Shields, Fayetteville Renee R. Shofner, Fayetteville Brian B. Shollmire, Little Rock Mary Beth Sims, Jacksonville Michael J. Sinks, Pine Bluff Thomas R. Sissom, Benton Ara K. Skaer, Little Rock David Smallwood, Lowell Annie Smith, Markedkree 1 Dava Smith, Clairemore, OK Jacquelin Smith, Hot Springs Jeffrey Smith, Mena John D. Smith, Ft. Smith Judy Smith, Ft. Smith Laura Smith, Ft. Smith Randall W. Star City Rhonda Smith, Pine Bluff Robin Smith, Baton Rouge, LA Shannon Smith, Richardson, TX Shelly L. Smith, Nevada, MO Stephaney L. Smith, El Paso Paul Smithey, Batesville Venny H. Sneed Marilu Snodgrass, Pochontas Caleb Snow, Tillar Bonnie Sokora, Stuttgart Kristi Sparks, Malvern Michael B. Sparks, Little Rock Greg E. Spears, Forrest City Kevin Spence, Ward Lori A. Spencer, Fayetteville Scott Spencer, Mt. Vernon, MO Jim W. Spurlin, Mt. Ida Rita Stacy, Decatur Sandy Stancil, Ft. Smith Robert Stebbins, Little Rock Dennis Steed, Gurdon Susan F. Steinsiek, Blytheville Gregory L. Stephens, Crossett Mary Ann Stephens, Fayetteville Deanne Stevens, Little Rock Regina Stevenson, Springdale Kyle Stewart, Mountain Hone Chris B. Stort, Nevada, MO I 522 Freshmen Michael R.Strickland, North Little Rock Ronny M. Stricklin, Arlington, TX Jessie M. Strong, St. Louis, MO James P. Strother, Springdale Laura Sullivan, Dallas, TX Tammy Summers. Siloam Springs Donna Sumrall. Berryville Vivian M. Surratt, Bald Knob Liz Swenhold, Dallas, TX Garland Tackett, Eads, TN Gary Tackett, Jacksonville Jeanett Talbert, Benton James E. Talton, Crossett Philip A. Tappan, Helena Bob Tarver, El Dorado Lourell Tatlock, Sheridan Jodie Taylor, Jonesboro John Taylor, Little Rock Patricia Taylor, Pine Bluff Perry Taylor, Farmington Kevin Teeman, Ft. Smith Greg Temple, Pine Bluff Patrick Tenney, Little Rock Lance A. Terrell, Murfeesboro John F. Terry, Arkadelphia Ken Teutsch, Taylor Kyle Thomason, Red Oak, TX Angela Thieben, Springfield, IL Lisa Thomas, Pine Bluff Greg Thomasson, Pine Bluff Larry J. Thompson, Springdale Leonard Thompson, Little Rock Mechelle Thompson, Russellville Susan Thompson, Sallisaw, OK Susan Leigh Thompson, Hot Springs Tamara Thompson, Bakersfield, CA Tami Thompson, Pine Bluff Karen A. Thomson, North Little Rock Gary Thornton, Rogers Sherralyn T. Thower, Strong Shelli L. Tillman, Hot Springs Ray Tipton, Stuttgart Teena L. Tisher, Mena Karla K. Todd, Fayetteville Jim Toler, Newport Kimperly Toms. Little Rock Gary Tracy, Little Rock Tona Trammel, Thornton Catherine Treimann, Tunersville, NJ Allen C. Tribble. Little Rock Amy Trigg, Russellville Jerre Trimva, Forrest City Greg Trulock, Pine Bluff Beth Tuggle. Shreveport, LA Teresa Turk, Texarkana Patrick A. Turner, Cedar Rapids, IA Russell L. Turner, Tulsa, OK Vivian R. Tyler, McGehee Philip L. Ulmschneider, Ft. Smith Craig Van Horn, Hot Springs Debbie L. Vaughn, Fayetteville Gret T. Vaughn, Osceola Janice Vaughn, Searcy Freshmen 523 Darrell Veazey, Ashdown Carrie Venable, Bixby, OK Kevin Verkamp, Charleston Alan Vinson, Magnolia Erik Voss, Conway Gloria Voysest, Callao 4, Peru Steve Wagner, Mena Craig Walker, Danville John Walker, Little Rock Tammy Walkingstick, Tulsa, OK John Wallis, Little Rock John Walsh, Kirkwood, MO Patrick Walsh, Brookfield, Wl Georgiana Walt, Altheimer Alfreda Ward, Augusta Elizabeth Ward, Russellville Loyd Ward, DeQueen Mitchell Ward, Emerson Sharon Ward, Little Rock Shyrel Ward, Banks Ellen Wardlaw, Gravette Connie Warford, Little Rock Chris Warner, Williamsburg, VA George Warner, Little Rock Rita Warren, Tilly Chris Watkins, Fayetteville Steve Watkins, Fayetteville Lisa Watson, Alma 4 _ I I Garbo Watson, El Dorado Kay W atson, Wesley Lesa Weaver, Farmington Blake Weber, Little Rock Varoyne Weeb, McGehee Guy Weeks, Harrisburg Donna Weir, Searcy Elizabeth Wells, Little Rock Judy Wells, Hamburg Timothy Welty, Osceola Andrea Wenger, Tulsa, OK Becky Werner, Ft. Smith Suzanne Wesson, Little Rock Melinda West, Carlisle Brian Westbrook, Hazen Sharon Weydemeyer, Mountain Pine Sarah Weyer, Paragould Lorie White, Forrest City Cynthia White, Dallas, TX Carol Whitenton, Bolivar, TN Dianna Whitlow, Alma Ken Wiley, Mena Allison Wilhite, Pine Bluff James Wilkinson, Greenwood Deniece Williams, Moro Jeff Williams, Texarkana Jody Williams, N. Little Rock John Williams, Helena Lisa Williams, Fayetteville Mindy Williams, Ashdown Paul Williams, Fayetteville Sherri Williams, Pearcy Teresa Williams, Mountainburg Craig Willis, Tulsa, OK Leslie Wilson, St. Louis, MO I 524 Freshmen mmff The North End Zone Athletic Facility, sometimes known as the Complex, established two records for Arkansas. The UofA had the first indoor football practice area and the longest continuous length of artificial turf in the world 186 yards. The North End Zone, completed in 1975, provides dressing rooms, tennis, football, track, and baseball practice space, sports information offices, ticket office, Razorback Club, Hall of Fame, Athletic Director ' s office, and football and baseball coaches ' offices and film rooms. Louis Wilson, Little Rock Melinda Wilson, Stuttgart Robert Wilson, Forrest City Sandra Wilson, El Paso, TX Teresa Wilson, Hot Springs Valerie Wilson, Hot Springs Dennis Walker, Harrisburg Lavena Woodard, Little Rock Todd Woodruff, Dallas, TX Amy Woodsmall, North Little Rock Julie Woodson, Conway Darcy Woody, Fayetteville Marianne Woodyear, North Little Rock David Workman, Blytheville Willima Wrape, Little Rock Brad Wright, Hope Bryan Wright, Blytheville Karl Wright, Siloam Springs Phillip Wyatt , North Little Rock Debbie Yancey, St. Joe Gary Yanosick, Fort Smith James Yauch, Batesville Brad Young, Waldo Darla Young, Camden Don Young, Harrison Rebecca Younger, Siloam Springs Diane Zawacki, Pine Bluff Donna Zeiger, Marianna Greg Zerman, Lexington, KY Mike Zinser, Morrilton Sara Ford, Savannah, MO Rich Springer, Hot Springs Charles Rogers, Bartlesville, OK Freshmen 525 A Aaron, Larry Abjuldhani, Samir Abraham, James ACADEMICS Ackerson, Corine Acree, Bob Adair, Randy Adam, Becky Adams, Berry Adams, Debbie Adams, Honey 134, 277 462 490 102 490 270 476 266 462 146, 490 277, 476 Alessi, Carmen Alexander, Al Alexander, Bill Alexander, Brenda Alexander, Monica Alexander, Tracy Alford, Sheryl Alford, Terri Allbright, Greg Allen, Alice Allen, Jon Allen, Juli Allen, Juli Allen, Kevin Allen, Mary Allen, Patrick 476 279, 490 508 490 508 476 508 490 256, 476 430, 490 436 462 462 445 476 462 Andrews, Lindy Andrews, Melissa Andrews, Nan 152, 260, Andrews, William Ang, San T. Angel Flight Anthony, Becky Animal Science Club Arguello, Robert Armbrust, Vanessa Armstrong, Floyd Armstrong, Robert Armstrong, Sherry Arnett, Lynley Arnold, Desieree 245 310, 476 256, 258 395, 462 490 261 135 448 263 445 336, 476 141 476 336, 508 490 508 B Babb, Yvette 268, 462 Baber, Tim 262, 476 Back, Christopher 428, 490 Back, Janet 462 Backstrom, Sandra 435, 476 Bagby, Phillip 462 Bagley, Debbie 508 Bahmani, Mohammad 462 Bagley, Debbie 508 Bahmani, Mohammad 462 Bailey, Bill 462 Ea " Bate, I Bate, I Bate ' Banks, Barbee ir. - Bate Bate Barket Bato " ' Bamai Bare Bam Bare Bare Bare Bare Bare Bare Bare Bame Barno Bam, Bare Barro Barro Bartlf Bam Adams, James 436 Adams, Lisa 360, 508 Adams, Lewis 436 Adams, Nicholas 490 Adams, Shelly 266, 476 Adams, Sue 407 Adamu, Mustagfa 462 Adcock, Debbie 260, 280, 462 Addington, Coveta 462 Adkinson, Gwen 338, 508 Adminstration 104 AFROTC 130 Agee, Kim 476 Agee, Mingnonne 508 Agee, Roberta 490 Aggression 84 Agronomy Club 263 Ahadifar, AN 476 Ainsworth, Cindy 282 Albert, Sarah 310, 476 Albright, Lisa 490 Albright, William 508 Albritton, David 443 Albritton, Ron 263 ALBUM 458 Alderson, Susan 490 Allen, Rhonda 476 Allen, Richard 508 Allen, Terry 490 Allen, William 462 Allison, Vicki 430 Allred, Mike 444 Alpha Delia Pi 310 Alpha Gamma Rho 312 APp Little Sisters 399 Alpha Kappa Alpha 316 Alpha Phi Alpha 318 Alpha Kappa Lambda 320 AKALittle Sisters 318 Alpha Zeta 270 Air, Maher 443 Altenbaumer, Terry 476 ASAE 273 Amsler, Chris 376, 508 Anderson, Doug 380, 490 Anderson, Gayla 508 Anderson, Howell 444 Anderson, Jeanne 490 Anderson, Sara Lee 462 Anderson, Sheryl 266, 508 Anderson, Thrsie 462 Andres, Anderea 490 Arnold, Kim Arnold, Ruth Arthur, Barry Arthur, Pat Asbury, George ASG Asghari, Gholam Ashcraft, Charles Ashcraft, Ronald Ashcraft, Shannon Ashford, Terri Ashton, Doris Aston, Bruce Atchley, Brian Atkinson, Greg Atkinson, Richard Attwood, Irene Aud, Michale Augustine, Merlin Ausbie, Amanda Austin, Holly AWS Aycock, Chip Aycock, Susan Ayers, Brian 278, 476 Bailey, Brent 272 462 Bailey, Bill 462 490 Bailey, Brent 272 476 Bailey, John 141, 462 261 Bailey, Mark 435, 437, 462 75 Bailey, Richard 447 490 Bailey, Sandy 462 490 Bailey, Scott 444 273 Bailey, Ted 508 508 Bainbridge 263, 460 462 Baines, Lowry 279 490 Bair, Barbara 490 462 Baird, Douglas 490 462 Baird, Janet 476 447, 462 Bakema, Denise 508 148 Baker, Brenda 490 141, 142 Baker, Bruce 490 462 Baker, Carolyn 310, 490 109 Baker, Diane 338, 490 508 Baker, Jane 310, 508 476 Baker, Jay 508 273 Baker, Jeff 273, 508 256 Baker, Kim 259, 476 360, 490 Baker, Lyn 259 263, 508 Baker, Ray 426 Baker, Raymond 476 BB 526 Aar Bak Baker, Rebecca 476 Beasley, Gordon 108 Blocker, William H. 509 Branolt, Kathy 509 Baker, Robert 462 Beasley, Michael 261, 477 Bloom, David 509 Brandt, Nancy 491 Baker, Sammy 476 Beath, Peter 491 Blue Key 258 Brannon, Brenda 477 Baker, Thomas 141, 143, 380. Beaty, Marian 434, 491 Bluegrass 52 Brannon, Rodney 319 476 Beauchamp, Kent 463 Blyth, Cindy 360, 491 Branscum, David L. 270, 477 Baker, Tim 426. 508 Beaver. Hardy 281, 477 Blythe, Tim 292 Bransford, Fletcher N. 477 Balch, Helen 476 Beck, Alton 289 Boatwright, Zane 262, 286 Bransford, John 446 Balda, Tommie 277 Beck, Theodore 509 Bob. Eugina 491 Bransford, Roger S. 463 Baldsiefen, Richard 508 Bedford, Linda 302, 463 Bodenhamer, Ann 141, 491 Branrtey, Leigh Ann 399. 491 Baldinw, Phil 282 Bednar, Cynthia 360, 477 Bodgett, Mark C. 508 Brantley. Mark 463 Baley. Kathleen 462 Bedner. Frank 477 Boering, Chrissy 423 Bratcher, Jerry 509 Ball, Charles 490 Beene, Carol 338, 491 Boerner, John 280, 282 Bratton, Paul 286, 463 Ballard, Betsy 490 Beggs, Allen 509 Boersma, Andy 426 Brawley, Mike 444 Ballard, Val 286 Behan, Judy 477 Boggs, Rachelle 491 Bray, Hollis 491 Baltimore. Tracy 508 Belden. Ted 270 Bogle, Jimmy 491 Bray, James 491 Baltz, Debbie 490 Bell, Bron 446 Bogle, Leslie 491 Bray, Vicki L. 463 Baltz, Gregory 273 Bellora, Val 436 Bogoslavsky, Abe 437. 491 Breckenridge, Ken G. 477 Baltz, Kristie 277 Bellingrath, Len 278 Bogoslavxky. Lance 446, 491 Breckenridge, Nance 310. 491 Baltz, Laurie 430 Belt, Judith 491 Bogy, Susan 270 Breedlove, Janet 277 Baltz. Tom 476 Belzung, Janet 509 Bohannon, Gary D. 270, 477 Breitenberg, Pamela 338. 509 Banks, Karia 266 Benedict. Hope 447. 448 Boles, Judy 258, 291, 338, 463 Brennen, Thomas 491 Barbee, Sheila 462 Benner, Mark 137 Boling, Jimmie 491 Brennecke. Carol 152. 460 Barbod. Tehereh 462 Bennett, Gregory 477 Boling, Karen 360. 477 Brenner, Lori 477 Barclay, Leeland 447 Bennett, Hollis 491 Bolinger, Natalie 433 Brewer, Hal 463 Barclay, Rebecca 463 Bentley, Mark 278 Bellinger, Isaac W. 463 Brewer, Jeff 509 Barclay, Robert 490 Benquette. Bill 274, 281, 463 Bellinger, Isaac W. 463 Brewer, Laura 463 Barclay, Sandy 256 Bequette. Kym 491 Bollowell. Jay 463 Brewer, Tracie 277. 477 Bargeil, Connie 490 Berg. Felicia 263, 491 Bolls, Robert 509 Brewster, Milburn 477 Bargongnoni, Leslie 338 Berman, Andrew 291, 447, 464 Bomar, Robert T. 509 Breyman, Cheslea 330, 491 Barham, Jimmie 258, 338, 463 Bernard, Harris 460 Bond, Craig 143 Bridges, Lindell 491 Barker, Jane 273 Bernard, Roy 270 Bond, Melissa 338, 509 Bridges, Randy 463 Barker, Joan 508 Bernath, Renee 509 Bond, Paul 509 Bridges, Stephany 509 Barksdale, Frank 491 Berry, Amy 491 Bonds, Jay 286 Bright, Amber 338, 491 Barnard, Jeff 426 Berry, James 477 Bonifaz, Oscar 477 Bringle. Mary 492 Barnard, Roy 229, 443 Bert, Natalie 258 Bonne, Cathy 330, 399, 463 Brody, Karin 492 Barnes, Bob 293 Bertschy. Leon 289 Bonne, Randall 436 Brokate, Cathy 360, 361. 492 Barnes, Cheryl 491 Bethel, Claudett 491 Booth, Johnnie 319 Brokate, Tracy 360, 443. 509 Barnes. Jim 463 Beuker, Patty 477 Bordeaux, Byron 463 Brome, Michael B. 477 Barnes. Lowry 491 Bewley, Diana 338. 477 Borecky, Becky 438 Bromstad, Karen 433 Barnes, Monica 463 Bhaunik, P. 286 Borgognoni, Anthony 376, 477 Broome, Michael 437 Barnes, Rachelle 508 Biddle, Brett 477 Borgognoni, Leslie 508 .Brondos, Peter 302 Barnes. Tammy 277 Biddle, Deborah 261, 281 Borritz. Marida 440 Brooks, Celeste 426 Barnett, Gail 447 Biddle. Marlon 261 Bost, Kevin 463 Brooks, Douglas J. 477 Barnett, Lisa 491 Biermann, Janet 464 Botteron, Gayle 448 Brown, Janet 477 Barney, Rebecca 491 Bihn, Rachelle 448 Bouffard, Collette 491 Brooks, Kim 433, 509 Barnoski, Barry 437 Bilbo, Annette 289 Bowden. Bill 477 Brooks, Mike 492 Barre, Mark 447, 476, 477 Billings, Welby 376, 491 Bowden. Ed 292 Brooks, Michael F. 261 Barrett. Brenda 491 Bingaman, Donald 376, 477 Bowen, Karen 477 Brooks, Shannon 336, 509 Barrows. Babette 508 Bintliff, Diane 433 Bowen, Marcy 399. 433 Brooks, Wayne 492 Barrows. Kevin 491 Bintliff, Laura 491 Bowers, Greg 463 Brooksher, Jim 256 Bartlett, Paul 491 Bintliff, Terry 509 Bowlin, Tamra 509 Broom, Kenneth 376, 492 Bartley, Richard 491 Blomass 77 Bowling, David 463 Brothers, Bill 460 Barton, Kenneth 508 Birkner, Carl 273 Box, Betsy 509 Brown, A. J. 319 Barton, Mark 443, 463 Birmingham. Jon 477 Boyce, Ben 289 Brown, Anita 439 Barwell. Do 508 Bischof, Jon 437 Boyce. Leslie 491 Brown, Candy 463 Baseball 232 Bishop 76 Boyce, Lisa 463 Brown, Carol 463 Basham. Beverly 476 Bishop, Charles 104 Boyd, Amy E. 477 Brown, Cynthia 492 Basham, Leslie 134, 330, 395, Biltick. Mary 491 Boyd, Dennis 286 Brown, Donna Sue 399, 492 463 Black, Albert 491 Boyd, Jane 429 Brown, Eddie 263 Basketball 204 Black, Linda 491 Boyd, Randy 263, 509 Brown, Ginger 310, 509 Baskin, Rhonda 491 Black. Reyna 399 Boyd, Virginia 509 Brown, Hunter 463 Bass, Brad 508 Black, Russall 477 Boydston, Tom 463 Brown, James 491 Bass, James 491 Blackman, SSG 140 Boyer, Rikki 477 Brown, James 509 Bass, Mary Helen 509 Blackshare, Bryan 278 Boyle. Blaise 491 Brown, Jill S. 282, ,463 Batchelor, David 463 Blackshare, Sammy 491 Boyles, Karen B. 282, 463 Brown, Karen 509 Bates, Anne 509 Blair, Barbara 416, 491 Boyster, David L. 463 Brown, Karol 509 Bates. Jack 262, 289 Blair. John 491, 418, 416, 414 Boyster, Sam 491 Brown, Keith 445. 492 Bates. Janet 256. 463 Blair. Scott 509 Bracken, John 491 Brown, Kerry 463 Bath. Laura 360, 476 Blair, Suzanne 509 Brackin, Elizabeth 338, 491 Brown, Lisa 492 Bath, Tom 446. 463 Blakley, Ann 278, 477 Bracy. Stephanie 330, 491 Brown, Mary Ellen 267, 463 Baugh, Gary 380, 509 Blakely, Mark 509 Braddy, Giner 310. 509 Brown, Nancy 509 Bauman. Sheila 277 Blalock, Mike 282 Bradford, Mike 274, 477 Brown, Pat 281, 286 Baxley. Ann 338, 491 Bland, John 376, 563 Bradford, Susan 338. 491 Brown, Randy D. 266. 477 Baxley. Liz 135, 279 Blankenship, Melanie H 477 Bradley, James 477 Brown, Rebel 360, 477 Bayles, Janet 360, 476 Blanton, Bryan 256 Bradley. Steve 491 Brown, Robinette 477 Bayley. Kathy 281, 476 Blanton, Jeff 509 Bradley, Tom 444 Brown, Ryan 492 Bayringer, Susan 509 Blascke. Keith 286 Bradshaw, Dana D. 477 Brown, Sandy 376, 509 Bays, Catherine 338, 509 Blasdel, William 509 Bradsher, Dean 491 Brown, Susan 477 Beach Party 82 Blasingame. Pam 477 Brady, Dave 491 Brown, Teri 509 Beam, Debbie 310, 476 Blatz, Gergory L. 462 Brady, John T. 460 Brown, Wanda 492 Beard, John 476 Blatz. Laurie 508 Braker, Clifton 289 Brown, W. D. 281 Bearden, Alan 463 Btedsoe, Tammy 509 Bramhall, Shari 430, 491 Brown. Wilburn 477 Bearden, Michete 430 Bteeker. Pat 438 Brandon, William E. 460 Browne, Jeff 267, 280, 293. 380, Bak Bak Bro 527 463 Brownell, Sheri 509 Browning, Amy 431 Browning, Anne 492 Browning, Kimberly 433, 509 Browning, Krik 509 Broyles, Kim 429, 433, 509 Broyles, Frank 110 Bruce, Bridget! 282, 435, 492 Brunson, Paula 492 Brust, Mary 492 Bryan, Barry 477 Bryan, Billy 273 Bryan, Clint 509 Bryan, Ron 463 Bryant, Gail 338, 404, 477 Bryant, Janene 426 Bryles, Leslie 142 Buccella, Donna K. 277, 463 Buchanan, John 380, 477 Bucher, Richard 436 Buck, Tammy 431, 509 Buckley, Eugene 110 Buckner, James L. 477 Buckner, LTC. 140 Buckner, Mary 439, 492 Buckingham, Maureen 477 Buddig, Timothy 492 Budleis, Allison 477 Bueker. Patty L. 360 Buergler, David C. 270 Buerklin, Allison 492 Bullard, Richard 436 Bullington, Candace 330, 399, 477 Bullington, Roy L. 477 Bulmanski, Tom 463 Bumpass, Suzanne 509 Bunge, Kim 440, 509 Burch, Blayne A. 146, 477 Burchett, Lance 509 Burckart, J. R. 463 Burford, Becky 477 Burg, Laura 433 Burgess, Bill 380, 492 Burgess, Gregg 428, 509 Burke, Carrie 330, 463 Burke, Eberle 282, 509 Burks, Brigitte 399 Burnett, Donna 492 Burnett, Ted 289 Burns, Larry 442, 443 Burns, Robert 492 Burns, Sheila 142, 277 Burrow, Gary 464 Burrow, Raney 430 Burrow, Shawn 445 Burt, Dennis 509 Burt, Mark 261, 281, 445 Burton, Greg 509 Burton, Mary 256 Burton, Patti 336, 464 Burton, Valorie 477 Busby, Joseph M. 477 Busby, Kirk L. 477 Bush, Jimmie 443, 492 Bushkuhl, David 437, 492 Busse, Linda 492 Butler, Diane 319 Butler, Gina 310, 509 Butler, Kelly 360, 509 Butler, Mark 509 Butzlaff, Jim 492 Buzbee, John D. 477 Busbee, Ricky 492 Byrd, Barbara 268, 273, 310, 477 Byrd, David 492 Byrd, Judy L. 404, 477 C Caddell, Phillip 477 Cadle, James 492 Caffrey, Martha Ann 281 Cagle, Jerry 492 Cagle, Peggy 423, 477 Cahan, Cathy 278 Cain, David 464 Cairns, Bella Jo 270, 464 Calcote, Edward 446, 464 Calcote, Irene 259 Caldwell, Cindy 510 Caldwell, C. W. 281 Cange, Janelle Cannady, Tom Capers, Justin Caperton, Lisa Capps, Pammy Cardwell, Rcihard Careey, Steve Carey, Jana Cargile, Cindy Cargile, Kim Cargill, Caren Cargill, Cindy 338, 478 259 492 310, 464 492 478 492 395, 478 395, 464 282, 464 338, 510 338 Carroll, Ruth Maria Carroll, Scott Carter, Dru Carter, Janis Carter, Jenny Carter, Kevin Carter, Roger Carter, Scott Carter, Steve Carter, Teresa Carter, Tomona Cartwight, Bill 440 v 510 510 433, 510 492 510 437, 510 478 259 310, 478 510 464 Calhoun, Mike Calhoun, Thomas Callahan, Cathy Callich, Kim Calva, Daniel J. Calvin, Todd Camp, Susan Campbell, Bobby Campbell, Brian Campbell, Cathy Campbell, Craig Campbell, Karen Campbell, Kendyll Campbell, Kim Campbell, Pam Campbell, Teresa Canada, Sandra Cane, Les 278, 380, 477 Carlin, Robin 464 510 Carlisle, Sandy 478 431, 510 Carlson, Jeff 492 448 Carlton, Paul 464 464 Carmichael, Jackie 274, 492 510 Carney, John 110 492 Carney, Randall 510 447 Carolan, Tracy 510 492 Caroom, Carlon 404, 492, 310 478 Carpenter, Geneoa 460 448 Carr, Cindy 510 423, 510 Carr, Greg 380 510 Carr, Linda 464 262 Carrigan, Pat 152,258,282,464 134, 278, 478 Garrison, Cathy 492 330, 399, 510 Carroll, Candance 277, 464 145, 336, 478 Carroll, Charlotte 464 443 Carroll, Constance 510 Carver, Christopher Carvill, Carolin Casey, Joy Cash, Lilly Cash, Patricia Cash, Tracy Caspari, Stephen Cassady, Nancy Cassady, Tony Castleberry, Bruce Castleberry, Sheila Gates, Randy Cates, Sharon Cato, Terri Catt, Gary Caudle, Moka Caudle, Troy Causey, Daria 510 464 510 433, 510 478 492, 310 478 464 289 302, 478 310, 492 279 510 492 510 478 478 360. 492 528 Bro Cau Cham Cham Chan, Cham Cham Cham Cham Cham Cham " ' =:: Chapi Chap, Chap, Ctop, Chast Chast Chast Chast Cauthron, Teri 146, 510 Caucey, Stuart 446 Caviness. C. E. 270 Cavitt, Michael 436 Cawthon, Don 269 Cecil. Ernest 435. 436 Chaddar, Sami Hassan 464 Chadi. Ala 492 Chaffin. Stephen 464 Chairatanayuth, Pornari 460 Chalmers. Hugh 104 Chambers. Joe Ellen 360. 492 Chastain. Raymond 492 Chatham. Jamie 492 Chat rat hi, Mohini 281 Chauncey, Debra 137 Cheatham, Amanda 510 Chelf. Kathy 438 Chenowith, Gary 478 Cherry. David 436, 510 Cherski, Jo 177, 203 Chester, Leah 281, 302, 492 Cheyne. B. W. 445 Chi Omega 322 Chudy, Mark Church, Sharon Churchill, Janis Cidlik. John Cisneros, Teri Claassen, Murray Clack, Alan Clampett, Jed Clerk, Carla Clark, Carol Clark, Chris Clark, Connie 510 492 492 510 510 262 259 464 360. 492 338 492 266 Ctevenger, Randy Clinton, Billy Clinton, Mark Clinton, Marie Glower, Nancy Clum, Teresa Coakley. Dion Coats, John Cobb, Carta Cobb, Dana Cobb, Jerry Cobb. Jim 259 464 510 336, 395, 478 478 510 258, 464 441, 443 407, 510 431, 493 263, 270, 478 270 Chamblis. Terri Champion. Betty Chan, Want-tat Chander. Jeff Chandler. Cindy Chandler. John Chaney. Hank Chaney. Phil Chang, Kyung Chaote, Martha Chapman. Carolyn Chapman, Jill Chapman, Ronald Chappell. Traci Chastain, Bud Chastain. Craig Chastain. Kelle Chastain, Michael 400 Chick, Candice 478 271, 281 Chilcote, Frederick 464 460 Childers, Joe 153 478 ChiMress, Larry 510 261 Chiles. David 478 203 Chisholm. Frank 464 492 Chism, Dorothy 492 263 Chism, Doris 510 464 Chism, Jonny 263 492 Christian, Jeffrey 510 478 Christian, Lisa 277, 278. 478 478 Christie. Debbie 440 510 Christie, Mark 445 510 Christopher, Sandra 261. 277. 289 464 464 Christy, Patti 274 430 Chote, Carla 510 464 Chu. Peter 269 Clark, Constance Clark, Elizabeth Clark, Kenny Clark, Lewis Clark, Lorie Clark, Margaret Clark, Milissa Clark, Tonya Clavija. Renato Claxton, Robert Clement, Scott Clements, Gary Clements, Lisa Clemmons, Clifton Clemmons. Ward Clemons, Jonny Cleveland, Cynthia Cleveland, Joy 510 Cobb, Mdinda 263, 478 278, 478 Cochran, Hal 464 280 Cockerell, Michelle 478 448 Cockrum Leigh 510 430 Cockrum, Leigh 510 261 Coen, Mary 360, 361, 478 510 Coffman, Caroline 330, 493 256, 464 Coffman. Jeanne 145, 338. 407, 446 510 376 Coggins, John 510 446 Coginto. N. 493 464 Cogswell. Mark 293. 510 272. 492 Cohoon. Mark 464 436. 492 Cohoon, Ruth 277 437, 492 Coker, Christy 493 492 Colbert. John 319 478 Colburn, Carol 510 492 Cote, Brad 380. 493 Cau Col 529 Cole, Jack Cole, Mike Coleman, Audrey Coleman, Robert Coleman, Rose Coleman, Walter Coles, Anthony Colburn, Carol Collie, Michael Collier, Roger Collins, Ellis Collins, Susan Collins, Tim Collison, William Colton, Rick Colwell, Wade 286 447 493 460 135, 395, 464 510 464 433 145, 436 464 493 433 493 493 510 510 Considine, Mike Coogan, Suzanne Cook, Brad Cook, Ernie Cook, Keith Cook, Kenneth Cook, Lisa Cook, Lynn Cook, Toni Cook, William Cooksey, Deborah Cooksey, Suzanne Coonce, Mark Cooner, Les Cooper, Bob 141 510 510 380, 510 446 110 399 404 284 464 510 135,261,404, 478 426 376, 493 445 Cosgrove, Ethelyn Cosidine, Mike Cotton, Teresa Couch, Barbara Couch, David Couch, Jessie Coultar, Kelli Couper, James Courtney, Brenda Courtney, Teresa Covert, Bob Covert, George Covert, Keith Cowart, David Cowden, Debbie Cowen, Melody 360, 135 2 464 478 478 464 338, 511 274 226, 493 432, 493 447 426, 464 511 511 291, 464 493 m Crafford, Teresa 511 Cross, Crafton, Dabney 511 " Craig, Cab 478 Craig, Dan 465 Craig, Janie 493 Craig, Katie 256 Craig, Steve 465 Crane, Ted 478 Cramer, Thomas 465 doss. Cranford, Cheryl 493 Cranford, Dennis 272, 465 Cranford, Michele 272 Crowdf Cranston, Cathy 511 Cravens, Cathy 134, 258, 278, Cro 478 ( : ' - Cravens, Dede 245 r :. . Combs, Brent 281 Cooper, Carol 2, 280, 407, 464 Combs, Janet 267, 336, 478 Cooper, Charles 386, 464 Commencement 88-ub Cooper, Deborah 266, 319 Commer, Laurie 510 Cooper, Patricia 464 Compton. Mike 448 Cooper, Scott 141, 493 Concert 90 Cope, Beverly 338, 493 Conde, Herman 464 Copeland, Jill 510 Cone, Will 269, 279, 510 Corckett, John 464 Coney, Beverly 261, 478 Cordes, Cliff 256 Connell, Ann 478 Core, Pat 448 Connell, John 426, 510 Cormack, Cathy 263, 310, 399, Conner, Lisa 510 393 Connor, Sean 428 Cornwell, Lynette 478 Connors, Richard 447 Corss, Meta 478 Cowgur, Tim Cowling, Chuck Cowling, Lee Ann Cox, Altra Cox, Diana Cox, Douglas Cox, Gregory Cox, Mike Cox, Oliver Cox, Ronny Cox, Steve Cox, William Cox, Will Cozart, David 428, 493 Cravens, John 256 465, 493 Crawford, Clynda 478 493 Crawford, Glynda 430 493 Crawford, Jody 493 493 Crawford, Kim 399, 433, 511 376, 511 Crawford, Todd 267 511 Crawley, Russell 478 428 Crawley, Tim 328, 493 493 Crisp, Charles 493 493 Cristwell, Donald 465 376, 478 Critz, Rodgers 270, 465 511 Crockett, John David 261 428 Crockett, Mellie 286 511 Crosby, Carla 478 Crumj Crumj Crutcf Cubitt Cufen Gulp, Gulp, Culpe, Culver Cumm Cunini Cunnit Cunnir 530 Col Cro Cross, Alan Cross, Bobbie Cross, Jan Cross, Johnice Cross, Linda Cross, Meta Cross. Michael Cross, Richard Cross, Sam Crouch, Colin Grouse. Russell Crowder, Charles Crowe, Rozetta Crowder, Charles Crowe, Rozetta Crudup, Barry 428 511 407. 465 135, 478 338, 478 281, 440 376, 465 478 493 446, 493 511 493 511 493 511 269 Cunningham, Ronnie Currence, Jerry Curtner, Zac Curtis. Scott Cypert, Julie Cyrus, Mark Cyrus, Scott 493 478 141 443 478 280 383. 380 D Dabbaghipour, Mahmood 286 Daniel. Dana 465 Daniel. Kathy 465 Daniel, Paula 478 Daniel. Tammy 266 Daniels, Douglas 511 Daniels, Kenneth 318, 493 Darbe. Kevin 445 Darden, Phyllis 440, 478 Darelius, Liz 258, 338, 407. 465 Daugherty, William 511 Davenport, Dara 511 Davenport, Karl 465 Davenport, Patrick 460 Davidson. Daniel 148 Davidson, Janet 434 Davidson, Susan 310, 465 Crump, Steve 493 Crump, Steven 447 Crumpton, Janice 259 Crutcher, David 493 Cubitt. Rebecca 465 Cullen, Cathy 478 Gulp, Bernice 511 Culp, John 493 Culpepper, Tommy 445 Culver. Carl 511 Cummings. Laura 302 Cuningham, Bill 267, 465 Cunningham. Julie 439 Cunningham, Nancy 493 Dabbs, Gary DaCosta. Madeline DaCosta, Paul Dagley, Michelle Dahl, Rik Daily. Collette Daily. Kevin Daily. Monte Daley. Collette Dalla Rosa, Marvin Damron, David Danehower, Chuck Danehower. Kim Danforth, Steve 274, 478 447 493 511 493 493 444, 511 478 310. 430 444 282 511 135, 493 273 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis. Davis. Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis. Davis. Davis. Bill Bobby Carolyn Charles Charlotte Chris Clark Debbie Diane Donnie Gail Janet 274. Janice Janis 511 280 135, 399, 440 441, 478 360, 511 493, 511 493 493 478 267, 465 282, 465 310, 399, 493 478 431 Davis. Jeff 376, 478 Davis, Linda 478 Davis, Nancy 493 Davis, Perry 263, 511 Davis. Randall 478 Davis. Robert Dr. 269 Davis, Robert 416, 418 Davis, Scott 479, 493 Davis, Sherrie 493 Davis, Susan 338. 465, 479 Davis, Tracy 511 Davis. Tucker 511 Davidson, Dan 282 Davidson, Dianna 511 Davidson, Flint 478 Davidson, Janet 493 Daws. Alan 511,418,441.443 Daws, Donnie 262, 273, 493 Dawson, Angela 511 Dawson, Robert 511 Day, Benita 431, 493 Day. Jennifer 430, 51 1 Dean, Bob 443 Dean, Dana 493 Dean, James 511 Dean, Julie 399.511 Dean, Larry 286 Dean, Rick 479 Deane, Craig 479 DeAngelo, Tony 258, 270 Deason, Deborah 465 DeBlase, Debbie 439 Debin, Renee 493 Debin, Robert 511 Deboer, Mark 493 Declark. Maria 360, 511 Declerk, Mark 376, 479 Deen, Thomas 493 Deere, Steven 511 Dees. Suzzette 407 Defreitas, Robert 426 Degeer, Scott 479 Deggs. Ronald 272 Denis, Liz 310,404,511 Deibner, Gus 493 Dejarnatt, Hal 511 Delametter, Marc 511 Delaney, Stephen 465 Delap, Joe 259 DeLa Porte. Dale 443 Dalla Rosa, Marvin 442, 479 Delta Delta Delta 326 Delta Gamma 300 Delta Sigma Theta 317 Delta Upsilon 332 AA Little Sisters 4OO Delk, Dennis 493 Dellinger, Judi 493 Dellinger, Joni 493 Dellinger, Martha 148 Demont, Tom 493 Demoss, Patty 511 Dempsey, Regina 433 Dempsey, Ricky 445 Dennis, Audie 511 Denniston, Tom 494 Denson, Charles 479 Deramus, Ricky 465 DeSalvo, Mark 446, 511 Detwiler, Lisa 465 Dickerson, Dana 3.38, 494 Dickinson, Doug 511 Dickson, Mark 494 Dickson Street 49 Didly, Sims 494 Diemer, Kathy 395, 479 Diemer, Tracy 494 Diggs. Marsha 434. 439 Dillahunry, Kay 282 Dillahunty. Teresa 433, 511 Dillard. Becky 277 Dillard, Carol 336. 494 Dillard. Jan 266, 336, 479 Cro Oil 531 532 Din Ditzig, Dixon. Dlugot Dobbs, Dobbs, Dodge. Dodsoi Doerini Dollins, Donaul Donica Dooms Done, Dorrou Dofsey Doshe Doshie Doss, ' Doslef, Oowne Drake, Dreher Drewm Drewry Drewr; Drewry Drouet Duckei Dubois Duckei Duckei Dudly, Duel, I Duerr. Dillard. Jerrie 266, 336. 511 Dillard, Joy 465 Dillon. Debbie 395. 465 Dingier. Tom 447, 511 Dinwiddie, Becki 135. 494 Ditzig. Jim 479 Dixon. Richard 479 Dlugoborski, Douglas 479 Dobbs, Carol 261 Dobbs, Kathy 135.266.330,494 Dodge. Leila 135, 479 Dodson, Darilyn 360, 494 Doering, Christine 479 Dollins. Jan 511 Donaubauer, E.H. 108 Donica. Cindy 440 Donnell, Shannon 263 Dooms. Ronnie 441, 446. 511 Dorre. Thomas 110 Dorrough, Sammy 479 Dorsey. Susan 360. 395, 479 Doshier, Bill 428, 511 Doshier, Dwayne 441 Doss, West 153. 258 Doster. Debbie 494 Dunn. Debbie 479 Duncan, Dannette 433.511 Duell, Paul 270 Duncan, Gary 282, 460 Duncan, Kenneth 511 Duncan, Susan 261, 333, 494 Dunham, Kim 143 Dunalp. Alex 259. 494 Dunn, Becky 336, 429, 433, 51 1 Dunn, Debbie 360 Dunn, Julia 146. 511 Dunn, Kenny 494 Dunn, Paul 256, 494 Dunn, William 446 Dunning, Amy Durland. Charles 465 Dust, Marilyn 277, 479 Dyer, George 446. 511 Dykman, Laura 440 E Ehrlich, Richard 466 Elam. Brit 263 Bam, Carleton 466 Eldred, Don 479 Eldridge, Bruce 274 Eldridge. Laura 512 Eldridge. Sara 512 Elkins, Nila 512 Elledge. Julie 310, 494 Elliott. Anita 264, 273, 395, 466 Elliott, Jeff 479 Ellis, Elizabeth 512 Ellis, Glen 274, 512 Ellis, Julia 479 Ellis, Lisa 512 Ellis, Nancy 360. 512 Ellis, Suzy 360, 494 Ellison, Lance 512 Ellison. Lindell 494 Ellison. Mark 494 Ellison. Tim 448, 466 Elmore. Billy 272 Elmore, Kay 263, 270, 466, 360 Elrod, Lisa 512 Elser, Ruth 282 Evans. Joseph Evans, Julie Evans, Kenneth Evans, Mike Evans, Patti Evans, Rocky Evarts, Ed EVENTS Evert, Ben Everett. James Ezell, James 512 512 494 270 466 446 44 46 441, 442 512 293 F Pagan, Michael 479 Faldon, Teresa 466 Fall 6 Fancher, Cidy 338, 399, 479 Fantanazzi, Guide 479 Fantannazzi, Tony 479 Doty, Greg 291 Doucet, Diane 245, 448 Dongherty, Phil 479 Douglas, Debbie 407 Douglas, Jacqueline 104 Douglas, Mark 494 Douglas, Steven 494 Dover, Doug 494 Dowdy, Cathy 336, 494 Downer, Grant 494 Drake, Mark 274. 479 Dreher, Yolanda 511 Drewington, Helen Drewry. James 465 Drewry, Julie 338, 494 Drewry, Richard 263. 270 Drouet, Robert 479 Duckett. Benny 264, 443 Dubois. Steve 380, 494 Ducker, Stephen 494 Duckett, Bennie 442 Dudly, Cynthia 338, 494 Duell. Paul 153. 260. 270. 465 Duerr, Dianne 438 Duff. Darryl 426 Duffin, Teresa Duffy, Margaret 438, 511 Dugan, Karen Duke, Rhonda 479 Dulliam, Ann 501 Eady, Lewis 465 Earhart, Lee 274 Easley, Vicky 494 Eason, Carla 256, 479 Easter, Sean 1, 143 Easter, Sherri 512 Eastwoold, Ricky 447 Eaton. Julie 465 Ebbing, Gary 479 Ebel, Skip 154, 258, 260, 282, 286, 399, 513 Eckart, Debora 494 Eckart, Del 440 Eckart, John 282, 466 Eckenrode, Bill 443 Edding, Brad 479 Eddy, David 460 Eddy, Paul 110 Edens, Cathy 479 Ederington, Mary Lynn 134, 479 Edge. Dennis 494 Edwards, Angela 494 Edwards, Ann 466 Edwards, Bart 479 Edwards. Dwayne 273 Edwards, Kenneth 291, 479 Edwards, Kim 258 Edwards, Lawrence 494 Edwards. Sandra 430, 479 Egger, Curtis 494 Embry, Janet 203, 479 Emmons, Terence 466 Enganno, Andreas 448 Engineering Council 262 English, John 258. 261, 262, 8, 466 English, Nancy Ensley, Jim Epperson, Tim Erceg, Melena Erickson, Neil Ervin, Patricia Erving, Pat 512 512 445 512 466 494 404 Erwin, Lisa 512 Esch, Mary Beth 407. 494 Eskandari, Farhang 466 Esmailidoki, Ali Asghar 466 Estenssoro, Ramior Ramiro 286 Estes. Monte Estes, Scott Eta Kappa Nu Etheridge, Janet Etzkorn, Randy Eubanks, Kip Eubanks, Mary Ellen Eubanks, William Evans, Brad Evans. Evan Evans, James Evans, John 466 479 261 494 286 512 278 466 448, 479 512 479 446 Farless, Randy 278, 380, 470 Farm House 334 FH Little Sisters 401 Farmer, Bill 291 Farr, Richard 479 Farrar, April 512 Farris, Donal 512 Farrish, Darren 512 Farver, Augusta 494 Faubel, Stephen 256, 466 Faulk, Mary 404. 433, 494 Faulkner, Brianne 258, 278, 479 Faulkner, Randy 512 Faulkner, Susan 277 Faust. Patricia 302 Faust, Susan 512 Favorite, Virginia 512 Favorite, Wynne 245, 512 Fay, Barbara 512 Fayetteville Details 10 Fears. Duaine 479 Featherston, Shannon 259, 336, 494 Feathstone, Homer 263 Fegil. Debbie 399 Feik, Britt 466 Feik, Elizabeth 466 Feldt, Ronald 460 Fells, Valaria 135 Felts, Terry 267 Dil Pel 533 Ferguson, Bebe 479 Ferguson, James 460 Ferguson, Kim 338, 479 Ferguson, Melissa 512 Fernandez, David 436 Fetteroff, Capt. 140 Fiegel, Debbie 310, 512 Fields, Allen 259 Fields, Teresa 268 Fikes, John 418, 512 Finch, Julie 310, 494 Fincher, Dee 336 Fincher, Stella 512 Findley, Barry 466 Findley, Brian 282 Fine, Bill 466 Fine, Darne 479 Fine, Karen 430 Finger, Joe 512 Fink, Harry 256 Finley, Greg 281 Finley, Phillip 494 Fiscus, Martin 428 Fish, James 466 Fish, Jay 426, 512 Fisher, Danny 466 Fisher, Gregg 494 Fisher, Karen 399, 466 Fisher, Paul 286 Fisher, Sally 407 Fisher, Sarah 466 Fitzgerald, Lynne 512 Fitzgerald, Terri 494 Fitzgibbon, Terri 266 Flemister, Wendell 512 Flescher, Tom 448 Flesher, Shelly 280 Fletcher, Ellen 360, 479 Fletcher, John 494 Fletcher, Robert 512 Flood, Sharon 338, 494 Flowers, Robert 270, 466 Floyd, Larry 479 Floyd, Terry 445 Figer, Theresa 267, 479 Flynn, Pat 447 Flynt, Dale 270 Fogle, Steohoney 319 Fogleman, Frances 494 Foley, Dana 266, 479 Folkerts, Keli 399 Folkner, Lisa 494 Food Science Club 269 Football 190 Forbess, Mark 512 Ford, Bill 262 Ford, Debbie 407 Ford, LaDonna 512 Ford, Laura 466 Ford, Rodney 512 Ford, Sara 433 Ford, William 466 Fore, Charles 479 Fore, Nancy 259, 336, 479 Fore, Susan 479 Form by, Karen 494 Forney, Cynthia 494 Forrest, Kim 262, 310, 479 Forrest, Mitch 447, 512 Forte, Kevin 494 Fortenberry, Henry 512 Fortner, Emily 494 Fortner, Randy 512 Fosburgh, Gregory 466 Foster, Cindy 259, 268, 494 Foster, Douglas 286 Foster, Lori 418, 512 Foster, John 282 Fotioo, Gina 258, 260 Fountain, Tina 439, 512 Fouts, Cathy 494 Fowler, Jaume 479 Fowler, Todd 512 Fufch Fulefi Fulks Fufer FulflK futta Gatx Gadi Gate Gain Fox, Jan Fox, Mary 435, 134, France, Mark Frank, Danile Frankenberger, Susan Franklin, Brian Franklin, Cameron Franklin, Keith Franklin, Ralph Franklin, Stuart Fravorite, Wynn Frazier, Annette Frazier, David 439, 494 266, 278, 330, 479 292 466 512 494 466 270 480 512 512 433 380 Frazier, Chalres Frazier, Craig Frazier, David Frazier, Paul Francis, Cheryl Ann Frederick, Cathy Freeman, Edwin Freeman, Jan Freemyer, Patti French, David French, Sarah French, Tracy Freshmen Frey, Joe 494 Freyaldenhoven, Chris 466 259 Freyaldenhoven, Philip 289, 466 466 Friend, Jerry 494 281, 466 Friedman, Linda 416, 414 479 Frizzell, Lindy 466 480, 434 Frizzell, Neal 494 512 Frizzell, Rod 480 280 Frizzell, Ronnie 446 494 Frizzell, William 466 466 Frobieter, Wayne 494 330, 512 Frohnappel, Greg 480 512 Frye, William 416, 418, 445 508 Fuhrman, Carol 407, 480 512 Fu bright 424 Gaithf Gaitle Gate Gallon Salon Gate Galye; Galyer Gamm Gann, Gant , Gant, 534 Fer Ful Fulcher, Jean Ann Fulenwider, M.C. Fulks, Sharon Fuller, Allan Fulmer, Glynn Futrall 263, 270, 480 448 261 466 512 423 G Gabel, Julie Gadbury, Debbie Galley, Jennifer Gaines, Jeffrey 360, 466 434, 512 495 512 Garett, Donald Garing, Katy Gardner. Lloyd Gardner, Julie Garland, Barry Garland. Greg Garner, Brenda Garner, Elizabeth Garr, Ray Garrett, Annie Garrett. Ned Garrison, Cathy Garrison, Donnie Garrison, Linda Garrison, Pat Gartman, Mark Gaskill, David Gaston, Laura Gateley, Lynn 512 480 512 433. 512 436 513 434, 495 310, 480 416 431 495 135 480 513 446 142 447 495 480 141. Gentry, Karen Gentry, Kevin Gentry, Roy Gentry, Scott Gentry. Susan George, Jacquelyn George, John George, Julie Gerety, Richard Gerke. Damian Gibbs, Kay Gibbs, Steve Giberson, Terri Gibson. Althea Bison, Carolyn Gibson. Charles Gibson, Melissa Gibson. Tammy Gieringer, Bob 380, 480 380, 513 380, 466 383, 480 513 434. 495 466 176 267, 480 495 338, 495 256 480 513 480 480 480 360. 495 442, 445 Ginnaven. Robert Ginnett, Tandi Gipson, Rex Gipson, William Gisack, Raymond Gish. Glenn Gisneros, Ten Gladden, Gail Gladney. Fannie Gladney, Vanessa Glass. Michael Glassey, Glenda Glaze, Steve Glenn. Janice Glezen. Bill Glidewell, Cindy Glossman. Maj. Glover, Lonny Gobell, Jamie 495 360, 433. 513 259 513 467 480 513 336 495 319 480 404 278 291 282 433 272, 446, 495 495 Gaither, Cindy 338, 495 Gattis, Kathy 495 Gilbert, Beny 416. 418 Gaitley, Ed 495 Gatzke, Diane 513 Gilbert, Jennifer 404 Galden, Gail 466 Gauldin, Allan 495 Gilchrist, Kenny 495 Gallon, Jeffery 436 Gaylor, Sherrie 513 Gilbert, William 495 Galloway, Marvin 460 Gaylean, Brenda 512 Gill, Melissa 513 Galssey. Glenda 512 Gazette, Gale 338, 513 Gillenwater. Patrice 440. 513 Galyean, Brenda 512 Gean. David 513 Gillespie. Mary 154, 258, 260. Galyen, Thomas 495 Geans, Quinton 440 399, 466 Gammill, Dru 135, 399, 480 Geci. Pam 466 Gillha, Scott 513 Gann, Caroline 360, 480 Gee, Scott 480 Gilliam, Brian 513 Gant, James 512 Geels, Steve 495 Gilmore, Brian 380. 513 Gant. Phyllis 512 Gehrki, Brian 513 Gilmore, Charles 380 Gardner, Julie 512 Geiger, Erma 493 Gimenez, Greg 466 Gardner, Shirley 360. 480 Geisler, Brenda 480 Ginnaven, Liz 433, 513 Godfrey, Eric 267 Godfrey. Kim 513 Godron, Thomas 513 Godwin, Debbie 310, 495 Godwin, Debra 431 Godwin, Elbert 466 Godwin, Lisa 431 Godwin, Sherry 495 Goldammer. Buddy 513 Golden, Charles 495 Golden, Pam 431, 495, 360 Golf 230 Gollinger, Gerry 441 Golman, Timothy 480 Ful Gol 535 Goins, William 495 Gooch, Angela 431 Goode, Courtney 277 Goodwin, JON 446, 513 Goodwin, William 480 Gordan, Leah 440 Gordon, David 573 Gordon, Denise 134, 480 Gordon, James 141, 142 Gore, Wanda 269, 466 Gorham, David 259 Gorrell, Janet 311, 467 Gosack, Raymond 435, 437 Gould, Cheryl 145 Goulet, Dennis 513 Gowen, Bruce 436 Grace, Jackie 272, 513 Graduate School 124 Graduates 460 Graffitti 72 Graham, Danna 513 Graham, Douglas 256 Graham, Gary 495 Graham, John 480 Graham, Lori 513, 336 Graham, Rita 495 Grant, Peggy 495 Graves, Brent 263 Graves, Chris 513 Graves, Christopher 513 Graves, Connie 146, 495 Graves, Kelly 338, 495 Graves, Raponia 135 Graves, Tonya 495 Gray, Amy 301 Gray, Angela 431, 513 Gray, Bill 279 Gray, Brad 480 Gray, Brian 513 Gray, James 426 Gray, Joel 513, 514 Gray, Kathy 480 Gray, Rodney 514 Gray, Ronnie 446 Gray, Stephen 480 Gray, William 495 Graydon, Mary 430, 514 Greek, B.A. 495 GREEKS 304 Green, Al 141, 142, 436 Green, Cindy 467 Green, Doug 258, 278, 480 Green, Michael 480 Green, Phyllis 514 Green, Randy 259 Green, Reed 446 Green, Regina 514 Green, Sam 514 Green, Sherril 279 Green, Steve 426 Green, Todd 380, 480 Green, William 261, 480 Greenfield, Yulonda 360, 514 Greenway, Mark 446 Greer, Flora 319 Gregory, Lisa 467 Gregory, Patricia 435, 480 Gregory, Paul 496 Gregory, Wayne 514 Gretzimer, Dianne 496 Griffin, Connie 467 Griffin, Don 145, 496 Griffin, Mark 467 Griffin, Melanie 431 Griffin, Pam 407, 480 Griffin, Rebecca 5 Griffin, Renee 467 Griffin, Richard 496 Griffith, Bobbie 496 Griffith, Clint 302 Griffith, Jennie 496 Griffith, Kathy 360, 480 Griggs, Lisa 514 Griggs, Sarah Grill, Gregory Grimes, Chris Grimsley, Brian Grissom, Steve Groce, John Gross. Baker Grose, Sonya 431, 496 480 496 441, 496 496 445, 496 496 514 Gross, Michael Grosshueseh, Craig Groves, Mary Grubb, Bruce Grubb, Christy Grubb, Lawrence Gulick, Jay Grumieaux, Robert 381, 514 437, 514 496 447 146 141 496 514 Grundl, Laura Guerra, James Gunnell, David Gullett, Dennis Gusewelle, David Gutzman, Tammy Gwaltney, Cindy Gwaltney, Tracy 514 436 496 445 259, 496 430 407, 467 407, 496 536 Goi Gwa H Habenicht, Mark Habig, Teresa 496 429. 514 Hack, Kim Hackler. Kelly Hackler, Vicki Hadaway, Gayla Hadfield, Charles Hagemann, Lila Hagood. Noland Hague, Rick 514 Haingaertner, Andrew 480 445, 496 Hair, denise 338, 514 135,311.467 Hair. Rhonda 338.399.480 514 Hairston, Jeffery 480 467 Hairston, John 282, 467 256. 281. 467 Hate, Brad 5 496 Hale. Bret 514 443 Hate, Dan 496 Haley, Kathleen Haley, Garland Haley, Michael Halford, Erin Halk, Patricia 496 514 436 360. 467 467 Hall, Debbie 496, 514Hall, Frank Hall. Glenda Hall. Linda Hall, Lisa Hall, Maura Hall, Robin Hall, Steve Hall, Suzanne Hall. Thomas Hall, Valerie Hall. Vicky Hall. William Halliburton, Charles Hamalainen, Tarja Hamblin, Laura Hamby, Richard Hamilton, Charles Hamilton. David Hamilton, Kim Hamilton, Penny Hamm, Terri Hamma, Teri Hammans, Carol Hammans, Chip Hammans, Malu Hammond, Sandra Hamner, Harry Hamrick, Richard Hams, Jamie Hancock, Jackie Haney, Jay Haney, Lisa Haney, Marty Hankins, Russel Hanna, Kim Hanna, Robert Hanna, Thad Hannah, Sharon Hannah, Susan Hansen, Karen Hansen, Richard Haraway, Kim Hardaway, Ricky Hardaway, Manuel Harder, Karen Hardin, Janis Harding, Brad Hardy, Pamela 480 256 514 467 496 496 154,260,277,467 480 514 48, 267 467 480 440, 514 496 137 496 480 514 338, 480 514 423, 496 496 467 48. 245, 361 467 460 262, 286 280 496 318. 514 496 496 496 448 467 269. 480 496 418, 438, 480 245. 514 514 496 514 480 514 431, 496 447. 514 267, 434, 480 Hargraves, Mary Ann Harman, Vicki Harold, Dionne Harp, Jeffrey Harper. Bert Harper, Maxi Harper, Mindy Harper, Mitchell Harper. Pamela Harper, Terry Harper, Vickie Harrell, Steve Harrington, Rebecca Harris, Benjamin Harris, Carrie Harris. Charles Harris, Chris Harris, Cynthia Harris, Deborah Harris, James Harris, Jamie Harris, Jim 467 514 264, 395, 467 496 480 514 514 467 319 514 496 436, 514 467 514 438 436 514 514 431, 514 467 467 293 Harris, Joy 279. 338, 399. 496 Harris, Karen 264. 279, 496 Harris, Kim 480 Harris. Lisa 480 Harris, Melody 480 Harris, Pat 467 Harris, Samuel 480 Harris. Sandra 514 Hab Har 537 Harris, Sandy 433 Harrison, Beverly 273 Harrison, David 381, 480, 514 Harrison, Phillip 280, 381, 480 Harrison, Shari 336, 514 Harrison, Todd 445 Harshaw, Angela 460 Hart, Dianne 467 Hart, Jennifer 467 Hart, Judith 460 Hart, Melinda 361 Harte, Linda 514 Hartje, Mike 376, 481 Hartley, Marie 481 Hartley, Robert 256 Hartz, Susan 280 Hartzell, Cathy 361, 404, 496 Hargzler, Leanne 467 Harvel, Mitch 263 Harvill, Mitchell 514 Hastings, Cathy 467 Hastings, Laura 135 Hathaway, Ronda 496 Hatfield, Karen 514 Hathorn, Clay 514 Hawkins, Drake 301, 381, 514 Hawkins, Tim 496 Hayden, Greg 467 Haynes, William 514 Hays, Ann 258, 260, 336, 467 Hayes, Jeffery 436 Hayes, Julie 514 Hayes, Sherri 282, 467 Haynie, Pam 496 Hays, Jeff 496 Hays, Lowell 514 Hays, Robin 481 Head, Dale 272, 443, 496 Head, Majorie 399 Healey, Frank 467 Heard, Cynthia 311, 514 Heard, Karen 431, 496 Hearnsberger, James 496 Heathcott, Michael 496 Heck, Gina 361, 481 Hedden, Terry 274, 281, 467 Hedgecock, Kelley 5 Hedgecock, Richard 514 Hedges, Walter 441, 443 Hegeman, Angie 311, 496 Hegler, Ulysses 467 Heil, Gregory 496 Heilman, John 446 Heird, Rusty 143 Helberg, Stephen 460 Heller, Kem 481 Heller, Thomas 481 Helton, Shirley 460 Hembree, Scott 514 Hemingway, Bill 496 Hemp, Paula 245 Henderson, Les 514 Henderson, Lynn 481 Henderson, Pamela 467 Henderson, Robert 436 Hendricks, Andrea 399, 481 Hendricks, Andy 496 Hendrix, Barbara 277 Hendrix, Martha 481 Henry, Cal 496 Henry, Calvin 274, 496 Henry, Clifford, 376, 481 Henry, Don 256, 514 Henry, Glenda 467 Henry, Holly 204, 338, 467 Henry, James 514 Henry, Jim 260, 467 Henry, Jennie 481 Henry, Ken 428 Henry, Regina 481 Hensley, Sara 277 Hensley, Todd 376, 481 Hensley, Wanda 515 Henson, Greg 446 Henson, Paul 481 Henzi, Marci 277 Herd, Judy 394, 404, 481 Herd, Kristin 431 Hernandez, Frank 481 Hernandaz, Oscar 481 Heron, Troy 436 Herrin, Judi 467 Herring, Susan 426, 481 Hester, Liz 433, 441, 515 Hestir, Mary 467 Hetrick, Fran 291, 481 Hewgley, Gail 481 Hewgley, Stephanie 496 Hewitt, Merry Lee 278, 481 Hiatt, Clay 515 Hiatt, Marily 361, 496 Hibbard, Keri 481 Hickman, Guy 381, 481 Hicks, Anthony 281, 467 Hicks, Bev 331, 481 Higgs, Bill 280 Hicks, Mark 481 Hill Hill Hill Hicks, Mitchell Hicks, Pamela Hicks, Rebecca Higgins, Peter Higgs, Mary Ann Hight, Jana Hill, Bryan Hill, Cindy Hill, Cynthia Danny Diane Jacque Hill, Jamie Hill, Joe Hill, Roger Hill, Shawn Hill, Stanley Hill, Vernon Hillman, Douglas Hildreth, Greg Hinch, Phil Hinds, Marcia Hinds, Nanci Hinda, Robert 261, 467 515 281, 467 435 273 481 269 430 481 293 467 481 311, 404, 481 262, 281, 467 302 318, 319, 496 515 263, 515 515 259 376, 481 481 468 515 Hines, Paul Hinspeter, Lisa Hinton, Diana Hobbs, Mark Hobby, Phil Hobson, Arthur Hobson, James Hobson, Jimbo Hobson, Michael Hockaday, Marian Hodges, Connie Hodges, Jolyne Hodges, Joseph Hodges, Mike Hodges, Rausch Hoelscher, Sheila Hoff, David Hogan, John Hoge, Maurie Hogg, Mary Ann Hogue, John Hogue, Richard Hogue, Susan Hogue, Timothy 443 267, 481 440, 515 496 445, 515 278 496 444 481 481 460 481 496 267 515 460 515 267 467 481 497 256, 481 515 497 H HoW Holc Hoi H Holla Holla H H H H Hollo Hollo Hollo Hollo Holly Holir Holir Holtr H Holir I I H Holrr Hoto Holt, Holt, Holt, Holt, Holt, Unit Hoi, Holt, Holzt Hone Hone HON. Hood Hook Hook. Hook: 538 Har Hog Hohn, Jeannig 481 Holcomb, George Holcomb, Mary 277 Holcomb, Stacy 361, 515 Holden, Eric 468 Holiman. Vanessa 433. 515 Holland, Melissa 482 Holland, Russ 482 Hollandsworth, Pam 497 Hollingshesd, Ron 497 Hollingsworth, Jack 482 Hollis. Allen 482 Holloway, Dwight 273. 281 Holloway. Lindaey 436 Holloway. Lisa 203 Holloway, Stanley 261 Holloway, Virgil 515 Hollowell. Steve 445 Holly, Audrey 434, 497 Holman. Keith 363 Holmberg, Cindy 515 Holman, Keith 468 Holmes, Darrell 273 Holmes. Richard 381. 383, 497 Hooper. John Hoover, Michelle Hope, Allen Hopkins, Johnny Hooper, Regina Home, Laure Horn, Roger Homer, Betsy Horton, James Horton, Ruth Horton, Stephen Hoskins, Tyron Hosseinzadeh, Bahman Hotz. Joe HotzF House, Terry 418, Housley, Kathleen Housley, Karen Houston, Toni Hout, Gay Hout, Greg Howard, Durell Howard, Kimberly Howard, John 515 Huey. Anne 515 497 Huey, Liz 515 376, 515 Huey. Thorn 286 468 Huffman. Kimberly 468 145, 482 Huffman, Laura 515 497 Huffman, Michael 443, 468 269 Hug, John 261, 426 404 Huges, Ramond 497 515 Hughes, Alen 515 515 Hughes, Bill 293 482 Hughes, Brenette 266 497 Hughes, Gerald 282. 468 468 Hughes. William 108 515 Hultquist. Rick 497 428 Hupaylo, Deva 274 423, 482 Humphrey, Steve 446 515 Humphreys 429 515 Humphreys, David 482 282 Humphreys, Ruth Ellen 482 468 Humphreys, Elton 281 256, 497 Humphreys, Steve 418 497 Hunt. Diana 433 274, 468 Hunt. Douglas 468 445 Hunt, Patficia 497 i Iller, Kirk Ingenthron, Bill Ingram. Elaine Ingram Joe Inkles, Abby Intramurals Inwua, Danladi Iran Irizarry, Kenny Ironside, Scott Itum. Karim Ivey, Delie Ivey, Don Irwin, Bob 143 293 311, 482 482 430 250 468 80 272. 497 482 482 152. 482 468 497 J Holmes, Rick Holmes. Vanessa Holoway, George Holt. Billy Holt, Brian Holt, Capt. Holt. Daniel Holt, David Holt, Wayman Holt, Todd Holzhauer. Lisa Honey. Marc Honeysuckle. Carl HONORS Hood, Susan 176, Hooker, David Hooker. Douglas Hooks, Janet 279 Howard, Peggy 311,497 Hunt. Tim 515 279 Howell, Cynthia 301, 302, 468 Hunter, Allawayne 497 468 Howell, Jon 143. 497 Hunter. Gail 468 273 Howell. Judy 482 Hunter. Jerry 277 282 Howell, Larinda 361. 515 Hupaylo. Deva 262, 274 137. 140 Howell, Pam 399 Hurter. Shelley 430 289 Hewlett, Linda 497 Hurley, Gerald 468 274, 497 Hewlett, Lisa 482 Hurtey, Jane 468 263. 515 Hoyt, Jim 447 Huskabay, Lisa 497 258 Hoyl, Kay 497 Hussey. Terry 515 497 Hoyle, Phyllis 268 Hutchens, Lisa 497 515 Hubbard. Willa 515 Hutchinson, David 515 497 Huck. Alvin 289 Hutchinson, Gary 442, 468 150 Huck, Janice 430 Hutchinson, Jo Claire 468 177.203,407 Huck, Martha 430 Hutchinson, Ross 515 482 Hudgins, Dalana 468 Hutchins, Scott 486 515 Hudlow. Mike 263, 515 267 Hudman. David 289 Jacimore. Laura 338. 515 Jackman, Rusty 515 Jacks, Connie 497 Jackson, Brad 515 Jackson, Brinda 515 Jackson, Cheyl 431, 515 Jackson, Chris 318, 497 Jackson, Dennis 468 Jackson, James 468 Jackson. Janan 256. 338. 482 Jackson. Janice 338 Jackson. Michael 497 Jackson, Phyllis 142, 497 Jackson, Susan 256, 287, 482 Jackson, Terry 515 Jackson, Todd 482 Jackson, Vickey 142. 273. 497 Jackson, Wade 515 Jackson, Clifford 482 Jacobs, Robert 515 Jahnke, Paul 447 James. Bobby 428 James, Charles 515 James, Jan 336 Janes, Jana 431 James, Janet 497 James, John 279. 497 James, Liz 281 James, Marietta 433 James, Matthew 482 James, Paul 286 Jamison, Terry 515 Janak. Capt. 140 Janonis, Ed 435. 497 Jarrard, Leslie 448. 515 Jarrett, Calvin 497 Jarvis. Cindy 399. 482 Jarvis. Karen 256. 281. 468 Jasiulevicus, Karen 497 Jasper, Mark 447 Jaynes. Ed 448 Jeannette. Joni 262 Jeffers, flogef 282, 468 Jefferson, Daniel 482 Jeffords, Janet 482 Jeffrey, Bruce 497 Jeffries. Teri Arm 277 Jeffus. Stephanie 361, 515 Jehten, John 482 Jenkins, Eugene 446, 515 Jenkins, Lisa 497 Jenkins, Lloyd 482 Jenkins, Stephen 286, 497 Jenkins, Tammie 482 Jennings, Janna 338, 497 Hoh Jen 539 Jennings, Joy Jennings, Ronnie Jerrett, Melissa Jesson, Bradley Jesson, Cindy 258, Jesson, Jennifer Jesson, Lucind Jewell, Barry Jewell, John Jewell, Tina Jogging 482 416, 497 482 104 260, 338, 468 338, 497 155 381, 482 376, 482 146, 515 70 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnston, Larry Max Mildred Patti Rita Robert Robin Scarlett Stephen Vernoris Calvin 482 468, 515 433 336 482 468 338, 515 497 381, 468 516 460 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Celeste Cindy David Debra Diane Jace Jackie Jana Julie Kimberly Kim 338, 497 319, 482 482 468 516 497 516 497 311, 516 497 431 Jones, Tommi Jones, Trudell Jordan, Cathey Jordan, Christine Jordan, Jana Jordan, Janice Jordan, John Jordan, Lenora Jordan, Michael Jordahl, Belinda Jordin, John 435, 433, 516 497 516 497 145, 516 497 436, 468 482 516 440 482 Kapi KM Kapi Kapi 01 Kanf Kanl Kfflii Karn Karn Kau! FAYETIEVILLE - f " : ' . - - ' : ' ' : ; UNIVERSITY OF Johns, Janet Johnson, Allison Johnson, Ann Johnson, Brad Johnson, Carl Johnson, Charles Johnson, Chris Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Hannibal Johnson, James Johnson, Jan Johnson, Julie Johnson, Julian Johnson, Karla Johnson, Katherine 440 Johnston, Jan 482 Jones, Liz 256 515 Johnston, Joan 482 Jones, Lyn 142 407, 515 Johnston, Joni 404 Jones, Margaret 482 436, 497 Johnston, Mike 279, 280 Jones, Mary 482, 497 260 Johnston, Patti 516 Jones, Matt 426 497 Johnston, Patricia 431 Jones, Matthew 516 407, 497 Johnston, Thomas 468 Jones, Michael 468 468 Johnston, Tony 468 Jones, Neal 444 515 Johoske, Laura 431 Jones, Rebeca 516 483 Joiner, Steve 155, 258, 286, Jones, Shelia 516 515 38 1 , 468 Jones, Steve 30 1 , 436, 445, 5 1 6 515 Jolly, Chip 443, 482 Jones, Susan 430, 516 497 Jones, Alesa 497 Jones, Susie 516 468 Jones, Barry 259, 497 Jones, Terri 395 515 Jones, Becky 267, 430 Jones, Thomas 497 361, 482 Jones, Carol 431, 516 Jones, Tim 137, 446, 516 Jowers, Robin 280, 461 Joyce, Linda 1 35, 267, 3 1 1 , 468 Judd, Curt 497 Judy, Kent 141 Jursich, John 498 K Kacenski, Rick Kading, Donna Kahende, Wanjiku 270 142, 482 468 Kaufi Kaye Kearr Kearr Keatt Keeg; Keatc Keegi Ke Keeiir Keelin Keelcn Keete Keeta Kegle) Keisne 540 Jen Kah Kappa Alpha Theta 336 Keisner, Kevin 302, 446 Kappa Kappa Gamma 338 Keith, Sharrell 482 Kappa Kappa Psi 259 Kell, Steven 443, 498 Kappa Sigma 340 Kellam, Kristi 516 KI Little Sister 401 Keller. James 482 Kane, Joni 516 Keller, Kevin 302, 516 Kankey, Brenda Glenda 498 Kelley, David 446, 516 Karimi. Javad 468 Kelley. Tracy 498 Karnes, Kim 498 Keeling, Kay 468 Karns, Susan 516 Kellogg, Dick 270 Kauble, Terri 429, 498 Kelly, Camille 516 Kew, Ronald Key, Pam Kiene, Mike Kiermnan, Tom Kiffler. Claire Kilburn, Donna Kildow, Norman Kiley, Julia Kilgore, Catherine Kilgore, David Killahunty, Kay 301. 289, 445 311, 516 443, 482 446 482 461 436 468 468 468 469 Kinion, Mark Kinnard, Calvin Kinslow, Andrew Kiny, Mark Kiran, Haldun Kirby, Katy Kirby, Katherine Kirby, Kimberly Kirby, Lee Ann Kirby. L.R. Kirby, Mary 258, 469 141 469 270 469 404 482 498 280 281 469 Kaufman, Gretchen 256, 482 Kelly. Joseph 516 Kaye, Scott 498 Kelly, Mary 137 Kearney, Kay 277 Kemp. Charles 104 Kearney. Robin 245. 498 Kemp, Susan 266 Keaton, Steve 516 Kendall, Robert 516 Keegan. Teresa 423. 498 Kendall, Shalah 439, 516 Keaton. Steve 516 Kendrick, Soctt 428 Keegan, Teresa 423, 498 Kendrock, Lee 516 Keeling, Kay 256, 468 Kenefick, Lisa 498 Keeling, Lenora 423 Kennedy, Steve 278. 442, 443, Keeling, Robert 482 468 Keelong, Lenore 498 Kerr, Melissa 311, 498 Keeter, Lane 516 Kent, Terry 516 Keeter, William 461 Kenney, Steve 278. 468 Kegley, Lorris 498 Kenney. Ben 498 Keisner, Kelley 260, 301. 468 Kerr, ' Paula 482 Killian, Pam 482 Kimbrough, John 498 Kindrick, Scott 516 King, Cliff 498 King, Fran 469 King, Franklin 516 King, Gory 516 King, John 274, 376, 516 King, Kitty 134, 482 King, Lisa 267. 399, 469 King, Mark 274. 278, 482 King, Randy 446, 498 King, Reginald 498 King, Warren 108 Kingery, Penny 399. 498 Kingsborough, Scott 381, 516 Kirk, Phil 145 Kirkham. Thomas 446 Kirkpatrick, Janet 516 Kirksey, Marica 498 Kirksey. Robert 482 Kirshberger, Michael 482 Kissire, Anne 516 Kittrell, Anne 291, 461 Kittrell, Martha 311, 498 Klaser, Becky 498 Kleinschmidt, James 498 Klinge, Elaine 498 Klug, Dean 516 Knez, Kathy 498 Knight, Melissa 498 Knight, Nancy 482 Kap Kni 541 Knight, Pat Knight, Ted Knight, Teri Knitting, Michael Knoll, Susan Knowles, Charla Knowles, Scott Kobe, George Kochner, Kristol Koening, Robert Koffler, Claire Koh, Shio Kohles, Kristine Kollman, Mark Kolls, Heidi Koontz, Kathy Kordis, Lance Kordsmeir, Valerie Krebs, Leslie Kreps, Lewis Kresse, Lisa Kreul, Price Kreul, Robert Krim, John Krim, Stephen Krodell, Chris Krohn, Angela Krohn, John I. Kropp, Philip Kuhn, Karen Kumpe, Beth Kumpe, Elizabeth Kunkel, Shelly Kuppinger, Marci Kurz, Berni Kutait, Najla Kwok, Tai-Chau Blase 469 469 498 482 311, 498 482 516 426 498, 245 516 267 434 483 436 434 498 418 516 431, 516 442, 469 483 267 469 483 516 448 483 483 498 274 272 272, 516 245, 516 280 270 431 261 L Lacey, Nanette 498 Lachowsky, Brian A. 469 Lachowsky, Louis A. 493 Ladd, Clifton 483 Ladyman, George 498 Laird, Bob 483 Laird, Linda 516 Lagrone, Dean 498 Laman, John 444 Lamb, Grady 498 Lambert, Benny 416 Lambert, Blanche 135, 498 Lambert, Evelyn 516 Lambert, James 516 Lambert, Lisa A. 311, 469 Lancaster, Rebecca 435, 438, 498 Lancaster, Richard 447 Lander, Sherry 399, 433, 516 Laney, Amry 498 Laney, Karen 516 Langford, Thomas 483 Langham, Linda G. 469 Langley, Bill 516 Langley, Jill 498 Langley, Mary 399, 483 Langston, Amy 516 Langston, Eddie 483 Langston, Leisa J. 469 Lanha, Patrice 498 Largent, Lacy 429, 430 Larson, Bryan 442 Larson, Janet 266 Larson, Ned 274, 516 Larue, William 498 Lasiter, Benny 516 Lasiter, Gretchen 361 Lasater, Brenda J. Lasiter, Gretchen 266, Lashely, Lisa L. Lassetter, Janet Latimer, Doug Lau, Karen Lavey, Tammy Law, James Law, Mike Law, Nancy Law School Lawless, Mike Lawrence, Peggy Lawrence, Stanley Lawson, Lynn Lax, Mike Layman, Brian Layman, Rebecca Lax, Mike 293, 301, Lazenby, Mary Leach, Martha Ledbetter, Karen Ledbetter, Richard Lederman, Donna Lee, James Lee, Lynda Lee, Linda Lee, Regina Lee, Richard Lee, Rick Lee, Ronald Leeman, Elizabeth Lefevre, Thomas Lehman, Lisa Leis, Theresa L. Leitheiter, Michele Lenehan, John David Lenihan, Diane Lensing, Gary D. Leone, Charles Leopard, Guy Level, Allison Lester, Liz Level, Allison Lewing, Sarah Lewis, Anthony 266, Lewis, Barbie Lewis, Clark Lewis, Curtis 266, Lewis, Kevin Lewis, Ronnie Lewis, Suzanne Lewis, Toni Libby, Steven Lichti, Joyce 429, Lienhart, Vickie Lilly, John Lilly, Ken Linen, Kevin Lincoln, Steve Lindsey, Stuart Liner, Phyliss Linville, Ken Linville, Ken Light, Louis Light, Louis Ligon, John Ligon, Ramey Linzay, Gloria Litchi, Joyce Little, Denise Little, Denise Little, John Litton, Anothony Lively, Dorvin Lively, Dorvin D. LIVING GROUPS Livingston, Douglas Livingston, L. Layne Lobsinger, Christine Lochhead, Susan Lofton, Renita 469 , 433, 516 469 135 448 576 263 483 258 361 126 289 516 516 46 301, 469 516 498 381, 383 516 516 483 483 516 436 279 498 498 483 445 436, 469 430 483 435, 438 361, 483 483 261 439 498 107 493 291, 483 259 258, 278 407 442, 445 361 448 318. 461 137 483 498 431 436 430, 469 433 448 278 498 498 483 361 281 274 302 469 437 483 483 418 278 483 469 437 282 469 412 447 258, 407, 469 270 407, 469 319 Logan, Amy Logan, Vicki Lohr, Joanne 266, Long, Bill Long, Carol Long, Mary Longley, Gary 442, Lonney, Lynne Lopez, Debbie Lorenzo, Dan Lorenzo, Stephen Love, Chris Love, Melissa Loveland, Sharon Lovell, David Lovett, Lisa Low, Larry Low, Nancy Lowdermilk, Teresa 281 Lowe, Cindy Loyd, Nancy Lucas, Ernest Luca, Kathy Luce, Timothy Luebkeman, Jana 274 Luecke, Jill Luers, Theresa Lufkin, Lana Lum, Timothy Luplow, Rolland Luplow, Rol Lyles, Benita Lynch, Anne Lynch, David Lynch, James Lyon, Gayle Lyons, Mitchell Lyon, Robin 258, Lyon, Jack Lyons, Keith Lyon, Robyn Lyons, Russell MacDonald, Linda MacDonald, Sharon Macke, Bruce 271, Mackey, Melinda Mackey, Pat Madding, Carey Madding, Mike Maddox, Margaret Magar, Dewey Magee, Charles Magness, Mike Magness, Mitch Mahan, Merna Mahfouz, Rosrmary Malczycki, Tony Mallon, Kathy Malone, Cheri Malone, Stephen 295, Mallon, Kathy Malone, Lisa Mandenhall, Kathy Mangold, James Mann, Beth Manning, Ann Manning, John Manni, Mark Manuel, Cynthia Maple, June March, Debra Margrave, Jody Marketing Club Markley, Robyn Marlow, Mike 469 Marlow, Robert 518 498 Marple, Ronnie 445 483, 361 Marr, Amy 431, 518 446 Marr, Celia 518 431 Marrs, Kelly 256 431 Marsh, Harry 293 446, 483 Marshall, Gwendolyn 518 483 Marshll, Harry 443 434 Marshall, Susan 518 483 Marshall, Wilks 469 261, 469 Martin, Becky 404 281 Martian, Dan 443 261, 469 Martin, David 268, 469 311, 483 Martin, James 109 274, 469 Martin, Jim 469 461 Martin, John 469 483 Martin, Kathy 361, 434, 483 483 Martin, Mark 518 , 423, 498 Martin, Mary 267, 311, 518 433 Martin, Nancy 430, 518 142, 498 Martin, Robert 483 271, 498 Martin, Saint 446 431 Martin, Sheree 461 436 Martin, Steven 518 ,416,423 Martin, Tammy 469 279 Martin, Willima 518 498 Martindale, Mark 445 277 Mason, Capt. 140 483 Mason, Don 289 278 Mason, Lisa 399, 483 469 Mason, Mark 274 319 Matchett, Russell 518 404 Matheny, John 448 436 Mathews, Becky 431, 518 436 Mathis, Beverly 262, 279, 423 361, 483 Matlock, Willie 518 381, 483 Matthews, Becky 266 260, 469 Matthews, Dan 261 444 Matthews, Hank 448 449 Matthews, Larry 110 311, 469 Matthews, Norman 483 469 Matthews, Randy 261, 262, 469 Matthews, Robert 426, 483 Mattox, James 469 Mattox, Jeff 483 Maulden, Michael 469 Maxey, Jimmy 281 Maxwell, Alice 277, 469 Maxwell, Kimmie 518 May, Dennis 318, 319, 483 469 May, Dixie 439, 518 483 May, Douglas 518 281, 469 Mayer, Vince 518 498 Mayes, Billie 135, 407 145, 291 Mayes, Steve 483 483 Mayfield, Mary Ann 470 483 Mays, Billie 279 281 Mays, Stephanie 430, 518 469 Mayse, Vickie 361 273 Mayo, David 483 428 Mayo, Gary 435, 437 428 Mayo, Kathy 439 145 McAdams, Hall 104 361 McAfee, Rebecca 431 469 McAllister, Doug 447 407 McArthur, Pam 272 319 McBride, Hugh 141 263, 498 McCaa, Cam 256, 518 483 McCain, Julie 518 483 McCain, Missy 311 498 McChristian, Susan 263, 289 270 McCalbe, Gina 518 311, 483 McClanahan, Stephen 518 259 McClellan, Mary Jo 267 145, 498 McClendon, MSG 137, 140 263 McClure, David 272, 518 469 McClure, Diane 256, 267, 336, 277 483 270, 469 McClure, Karen 518 311, 483 McCollough, Sherry 518 267 McCollum, Gerald 445 438 McCollum, Jeff 137 483 McComb, Randy 278 McHaiy 542 Kni McC McConnell, Jay 376. 518 McConnell, Stephanie 142 McCowan. Shelia 311, 470 McCoy, Becky 518 McCraney. Cooper 518 McCrary. Susan 518 McCright, Colisa 483 McCullough, Sandra 483 McCartney, Laura 483 McCutchen, Glen 470 McDaniel, Anna 483 McDaniel, John 483 McDaniel, Kim 399 McDaniel, Leah 483 McDaniel, Steve .278 McDonald. Cathy 256 McDonald, Derick 518 McDonald. Kirk 376 McDonald, Robin 446. 518 McElrath. Nancy 407, 518 McElrath. Richard 278, 383 McFadden, Reba 256 McHenry, Kay Mclntire, Mary Mclntosh, Patty McJunkins. James McKay. Dana McKay, Sandra McKelvy, Tina McKenzie, Ann McKenzie, Phyllis McKinney, Charles McKinney, Helen McKinney, Lisa McKinney, Mary McKinnon, Jane McKinnon. Laura McKinnon, Lisa McKinstry, Marcia McLarty. Mike McLaughlin, Brian McLaughlin, Christi McLauglin, Terriel McLaurin, Bradley 146.311.499 McMurtrey, Laura 440 Metcalf. Clovis 484 518 McNabb. H. G. 376. 484 Metcalf, Holly 407, 500 431 McNeal, Darren 291 Metheney, Steve 270. 274. 470 518 McNeil. Ferguson 461 Mess. Matilda 438 518 McNeil, Melante 500 Metz, Charles 484 431, 470 McNeill. Robert 376, 484 Meyer, Barbara 433, 518 499 McNulty, Mike 500 Meyer, Dan 135. 483 McQuary. John 286 Meyers, Gary 437 429, 430, 483 McQueen, David 499 Meyer, Wade 484 270 McRae. Jeff 289 Meyers, Daniel 470 361. 499 McRobbie. Leslie 470 Meyers, Ronald 470 429 McSpadden, Craig 484 Michael, Shannon 336, 518 311.484 McSpadden, Donna 484 Michel. Jana 260,470 447, 484 McSweeny, Mark 499 Michel. Juli 336, 484 McTaggart, Larry 259 Michel, Tom 518 McWha, Bernie 272 Micken, Kathy 500 273,470 McWha, Carrie 272 Middelton. Christy 266,336,518 259, 484 McWha. Ernie 272 Milan, Eddie 445 499 Meador, Mark 484 Miles, Heather 518 433, 484 Meadows, Marty 518 Mites, Vicki 431 137,141 Meadows, Mary 484 Miller, Allison 311,484 499 Meadows, Matthew 470 Miller, Audrey 518 McFall, Jim 282 McFarlin, Kellie 274, 518 McGaughy, Cindy 518 McGee. Kesa 518 McGee, Tom 426 McGehee. Julie 336 McGhee, Julie 483 McGiboney, Alice 439 McGinnis. Michael 470 McGinnins, Pat 436, 518 McGlauflin, Margaret 483 McGowan, Ollie 142 McGuffey. Nancy 470 McGuire, Mark 141. 142 McGuire, Thomas 483 McHaney, Robin 499 McLean. John 444 McLemore, Robert 446 McLenore. Susan 430. 500 McLendon, Sherry 518 McLoud. Jeffery 484 McLoud. Doug 518 McMahon, June 273, 336, 518 McMahon, Kathleen 399 McManus, Kevin 289 McManus. Morgan 435, 437 McMasters. Chris 259 McMaster, David 484 McMenis, Barbara 484 McMillan, Lorrie 267, 484 McMurray, Teddy 470 McMurray, Toney 470 Means, Greg Meazle, John Meek, Georgianna Melin, Brenda Melson, Kirk Melton, Linda Melton, Scott Mendenhall, Mike Mendenhall, Scott Mercer, Keith Merrick, Melody Merriott, Robert Merritt, John Merritt. Teresa Merryman, Lisa Messner, Helen 499 271, 499 361.470,256 484 500 500 461 447 518 274, 484 470 436 444, 500 282, 311. 470 336, 484 267, 470 Millor, Billy 437 Miller, Brian 445 Miller, Cheryl 259, 270, 484 Miller, Cliff 518 Miller, Clint 176 Miller. David 500 Miller, Deanna 431, 518 Miller. Debbie 259, 484 Miller, Denise 258, 395, 484 Miller, Fred 448 Miller, Gene 518 Miller. Heidi 429, 433 Miller. Jeff 500 Miller, John 500 Miller, Judy 518, 361 Miller, Kathy 270 McC Mil 543 Miller, Kelley 259, 430 Miller, Kevin S. 289, 436 Miller, Michael 484 Miller, Oteeka 433, 518 Miller, Raymond 104 Miller, Ronnie 470 Miller, Steve 470 Milligan, Becky N. 519 Milliken, Amrilyn 484 Milliken, Marilyn 336 Mills, Belinda 518 Mills, Gregory 447 Mills, Joesph 519 Mills, Kenneth 470 Milly, Ken 484 Milum, Mcihael 500 Minor, Lynne 484 Minton, Kelly 203 Minton, Patti 407, 500 Mishra, Sadhana 289 Mitchell, Brenda 273 Mitchell, Cynthia 470 Mitchell, Daryl 445 Mitchell, Frank 484 Mitchell, Kelly 500 Mitchell, Thomas 484 Mitchell, Vance 500 Mix, Dwight 470 Mixon, Paul 500 Moats, Kyle M. 519 Modisette, Cindy 399, 484 Moight, Gordon 470 Moghtaderi, Freshleh 470 Moll, Dudley 484 Monaco, Tom 446 Monaweck, John 500 Monique, Jocoby 470 Monger, Hugh 274 Montelepre, Judie 430, 500 Montez, Carmella J. 407, 519 Montgomery, Jean 448 Montgomery, Judy 430, 484 Moody, Darryl 141, 142 Moody, Janet E. 245, 519 Mooman, Brend 500 Moore, Cathy 519 Moore, Craig 286, 470 Moore, Julie 404 Moore, Joseph 436 Moore, Ladona 399 Moore, Laure 311,470,484 Moore, Matthew 500 Moore, Michelle 268, 400 Moore, Pam 281 Moore, Phyllis 500 Moore, Rebecca K. 519 Moore, Rhonda G. 519 Moore, Rick 281 Moore, Rochell R. 519 Moore, Teresa 500 Moore, Timothy 470 Moore, Vance D. 376, 519 Moore, William 484 Moot, Debbie 449 Mooty, Charlene 281 Moran, Maureen 519 More, Rebecca 273 Morehead, Vicki 433, 500 Moren, Brian 445, 519 Morgan, Georgia 519 Morgan, Jennifer 145, 484 Morgan, Kelli 500 Morgan, Mary 433 Morris, Barney P. 137, 141, 143, 270, 484 Morris, Frederick 519 Morris, Lois L. 277 Morris, Mark 470, 484 Morris, Missy 519 Morris, Susan 431, 484 Morris, Terrie 430, 519 Morrison, Scott R. 376, 519 Morrison, Steve 399, 470 Nelson Neteor NeW Neuka Newel Newel Newei Newrr Newn- Newff Newn News I n Morrow, June 279, 407 Morrow, Susan 431, 500 Morry, Susan 500 Morse, Martha 278, 484 Morse, Mary 278 Mortar Board 260 Mortensen, Paul 435 Morton, Chris 519 Morton, Kathryn 361, 500 Morton, Mary Ann 500 Morton, Randall 484 Morton, Terry 484 Morris, Justin 269 Mortenson, Paul 470 Moschner, George 500 Mosesso, Lynn 470 Moser, Janice 470 Moser, Stacy 440 Mosharraf, Rashamak 500 Mosharraf, Siamak 470 Moshiritafreshi, Ramin 261, 281 Moslent, Mark 445 Mosley, Brett 445 Mosley, David 470 Mosley, Marge Anna 519 Mosley, Mark 500 Mosley, Mary Jo 500 Mott, Berle Mott, Debbie Mott, Joe Mott, Michael Moulthrop, Edward Mounger, Karl B. Moye, Madge Mudford, Steve Mullane, Shawn Mullemn, Rusty Mullins, Meliss Mullis, Ronald Mullis, Sammy Mundy, Scott Munger, Marjorie Munnerlyn, Sandra Munson, Lisa Mwankwo, Ikechi Murchison, Stephen Murphy, Barbara Murphy, Blake Murphy, Guy Murphy, Joyce Murphy, Julie Murphy, Mark Murphy, Mike Murphy, Teresa 286 400 500 484 484 519 280, 470 289 266, 519 447 484 500 470 281 430 519 430 471 484 281 291 484 496 407 278, 484 428 428 Murry, Kathryn Musgrave, Donna Mustacci, Brian Muzoleski, Susan Myers, Lloyd A. N 145 262, 470 381, 519 447 258, 264 1 .I U il-l Nackson, Janan Nagel, Carl Nance, Suzanne Narramore, Chris Nazarian, Mohammed Neal, Paul Neal, Rhea Necessary, Michael Necessary, Patricia Neece, Jim Neidecker, John R. Neihouse, Mike Neill, Shawna Nelson, Chris I I 282 1 470 277, 470I 5191 4701 519| 484 1 47Q, 470| 27 M 519 445 470 484 544 Mil Nel New Mewl Nw New New Jew New Nich Nich Nich Mich Miss lob Nola Mola Note %r tor ' tan Norn Norri Nortl Nortl Nelson, David 258, 280, 291, 381, 470 Nelson, Michael 291 Nelson, Stephen 381. 519 Nelson, Wanda 519 Netherton, Nicki 6, 500 Neukam, Tami 404, 484 Newell. Bert 286 Newell, Patti 407. 500 Newell, Robert 278, 484 Newman, John 484 Newman, Kelly L. 519 Newman, Karen 484 Newman, Susan L. 591 Newson, Jim M. 519 Norton, Kevin F. Norton, Lori A. Norwood, Tammy Noyce, Eula Nuckles, Penita Null, John Null, Rick Nunnally, Bruce Nunally, Robert Nunnley, Tina Nursing O 485 Olson. Marda 438 519 Olson, Todd 436, 519 146 Olson, Wrenetta 395 148 O ' Mara, Andrew P. 519 519 Order Of Omego 399 445 ORGANIZATIONS 254 445 Omicron Delta Kappa 258 445 Orlicek. Kim 430, 519 485 Osborn, Raymond 381, 485 485 Osgatharp, Robyn 416,418431 128 471 Ost, Holly 519 Oswakd, Otto 269 Otis, William J. 519 Otto, Cathy 404, 431 Newsum, Jack Newton, Amry Newton, Carlotta Newton, James Newton, Martha Newton, Melinda Newton, Tom juyen, Phat Vblock, Lester Nichol, Currin Nichols, Kimala Nichols, Ruby M. Nicholson, Billy Nicholson, Lou Ann Niss, Susan Joble, Jerry Nolan, Diane Moland, Brian Norcross, Robert Morman, Gwendolyn Norman, Mary Norman, Terri Norris, Katheryn Norris, Terry Northcross, Libby Northcutt, Randy 470 500 484 484, 519 500 500 484 286, 471 484 280 440, 484 519 519 256, 282, 439, 484 471 519 104 471 519 484 407 407 135 448 433, 519 471 O ' Brien, Karen O ' Brien, Marcus O ' Bryant, Rebecca Ocker, Ronny OCSA O ' Dell, Jeff Oden, Jacqueline Odio, Elena O ' Dougherty, Radol Odu, Jerra Odum, Shelly O ' Dwyer, Pat Oest, Richard Ogawa, Karen Ogden, Janet L. Ogle, Mike Ogletree, Buddy O ' Guin, Morris O ' Hern, James Okwata, Michael Olinghouse, Bud Oliver, Julie Oliver, Kathy Oliver, Mack Oliver, Melanie Ollie, Tammy Olson, Art 519 471 519 485 448 519 519 261 263 485 519 445 446 272, 519 519 426, 519 485 263 461 471 256 485 471 485 485 439 519 Ottoson, Don 259 Oudin, Carolyn 485 Ousnamer, mark 519 Ousterhout, Don 110 Outstanding Faculty 148 Overbey, Leslie 278, 395, 407. 485 Overholt, Allyn 399, 485 Overton, William 519 Overturf, Wendy 438 Owen, Dana 519 Owen, Herbert 302, 485 Owen, Joan 519 Owen, Lisa 429, 430 Owens, Cristy 311 Owens, Wendell 501 Owens, Wendy 431 Oxenreider, Kim L. 404, 519 Oxford, Charles 107 Oxford, Mary 485 p Pace, Daryle A. 519 Pace, Mark 471 Padgett, Kenny 501 Padgham, Charlie 471 Page, Cynthia 519 Patiner, Hugh 270 Palmer, Mark 426 Palmer, Shelia 519 Panhellenic Council 395 Papcostas. Yorgos 286 Paradis, Darral W. 501 Paratt. Carl 437 Parette. Charles 428, 501 Parham, Deborah 319 Parham, Edward R. 461 Park, Holly 430 Parker, Chanda 281 Parker, Kathy 501 Parker, Mark 485 Parker, Mary 471 Parker, Necia 471 Parker, Paul 256 Parker, Shaune 311, 501 Parker, Steve 471, 520 Parkerso, Mary 399 Parks, Cindy 501 Parks, Lisa 401, 485 Parks, Leslie 530 Parr, Jimmy 274 Parr, Lisa 433, 501 Parrish, Jeanne 485 Parsons, Monty 445 Parsons, Nick A. 501 Paterson, Thomas 381, 501 Patrick, Becky 269,311,501 Patterson, Karen 520 Patterson, Rita 146 Pallet, Melinda 471 Patton, Holly 266, 520 Patton, Janice 431 Patton, Sue 260, 282, 399, 471 Patton, Steve 289 Patton, Willima 520 Paul, Donald 501 Paul, Othelia 277 Paulson, Timothy 520 Payne, Becky 361, 485 Payne, Steve 289 Payne, Tommy 428 Pazdera, Thomas L. 501 Peacock, Charles 485 Peavey, David 262, 485 Peebles. Robert 436, 520 Peebles, Susan 407 Peek, Noah 270 Peirson, Tom 471 Pelton, Danny 381, 501 Pemberton, David 447 Pendleton, Mark 520 Pennels, Tony 485 Pennington, Amy 520 Penson, Jeff 437, 501 Perkins, Albert 485 Perkins, Chris 436 Perkins, Jennifer 520 Perkovich, Alyson 266 Perreira, Connie 501 Perrix, Charley 270 Perry, Cleo 520 Perry, Harry 137, 447 Perry, Lisa 520 Perry, Ricky W. 270 Perry, Shannon 520 Person, Andrea 520 Person, Thomas 501 Petak, Jerry 520 Peters, Gayle 485 Peters, Laura 520 Peters, Mary P. 501 Peterson, Cheryl 433 Peterson, Kimberly 282, 471 Peterson, Scott 446, 520 Petray, Jacqueline 428, 430, 485 Nel Pet 545 Petrus, Gary Fetter, James Pettit, Allen Pettit, Scott Petty, Danny G. Petty, Susan Pevehouse, Tom Pfeifler, Douglas Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Sigma Phi Delta Theta GAB Little Sisters Phi Gamma Delta rj Little Sisters ORO Little Sisters Phi Kappa Psi Phi Mu Phillips, Andrew Phillips, Catherine Phillips, Don R. Phillips, Doug Phillips, Hugh Phillips, Jim Phillips, Kevin Phillips, Mary Phillips, Samuel Phillips, Tina Philpot, Buddy Pickering, Liz Pickett, Patricia Phi Beta Phi Pi Delta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha TKA Little Sisters Pierson, Tom Pike, Gina Pike, Steve Piles, Karen Pilgram, Lynda K. Pilote, Steve Pineda, Alberto Pirani, Dennis J. Pitcairn, Steve Pittman, David Pittman, David Pittman, Sam Pitts, Cherly Pitts, John Plafcan, Maria Plaster, Raetta Plastiras, Anne Plugge, Charles Pharis, Brett Pharr, Gregory Plummer, John Plunkett, Dwight Plunkett, Pat Plunkett, Tim Poag, Robert Poague, Jerry Poff, Margaret Poiriez, Lee Ann 203 Polichronopoulos, Joel Polk, Bill Polk, Lynden Polk, Teresa Pollack, Laurie Pontius, Lisa Pool, Kay Pool, Tina Poole, Brian Poole, Mary Carol Poole, Ric Pope, Jan Porter, Billy Porter, Scott Porter, Victor Post, Andrew Post, Vada Potter, James Pouncey, Laura Powell, Carole Powell, Karen 520 Powers, Michael 520 Rauh, Randy 259 289 Praxel, Patty 245 Rauh, Rick 259 485 Presher, Bill 446 Ray, Carrold 461 381, 501 Presher, Elizabeth 270 Ray, Jane 520 501 Presley, Jeff 426, 520 Ray, John 437 501 Presley, Margie 407, 501 Ray, Nancy 266 256 Presley, Melanie 361, 486 Rayder, J.W. 501 485 Presson, Patti 531 Razorback 434 268 Prescott, Mark 486 Reading, Teresa 278, 486 348 Prewitt, Walker 486 Real, Danny 272 350 Price, Blake 486 Reaves, Judy 520 403 Price, David 486 Reaves, Wade 501 354 Price, Janet 361, 520 Rebsamen, Susan 266 404 Price, Jone 520 Rector, Jeff 520 402 Price, Kendall G. 501 Red Eye 62 358 Price, Loyd 259, 443 Redd, Mike 486 360 Price, Merry Tom 486 Redden, Maria Jo 472 282, 471 Price, Peggy 277, 486 Redding, Judith 520 520 Price, Tanya 486 Redditt, Chea L. 399, 486 501 Price, Terrell 446, 520 Reece, Robert 520 471 Price, William 486 Reed, Becka 363, 486 471 Prichard, David 472 Reed, Janet 431, 501 461 Prime, Teresa 266 Reed, Mathew 448 485 Prince, Randy 447, 501 Reed, Nancy 472 433 Probasco, Kristi 331, 423, 520 Reed, Sheery 433 281 Probert, Julee 472 Reeves 74 278, 485 Proctor, Laura 486 Reeves, Rick 486 471 Proctor, Ron 472 Regan, Carol 486 471 Pryor, Bobby 414,416, 418,472 Reid 435 485 Pryor, Kathryn 520 Reid 3 436 364 Ptak, Michael 383, 501 Reid 4 437 261 Pugh, David 520 Reid 6 438 363 Pugh, Robert 104 Reid 7 439 405 Pullen, Bill 282, 301, 381, 472 Reid 8 440 271 Pulliam, Dave 486 Reid, Allison 520 311, 520 Pulliam, Doug 137, 141, 143 Reid, Beverly 135, 399, 486 501 Pumphrey, Letylyn 399 Reilly, Pat 501 438 Purifoy, Ann 486 Reilly, SGM 501 501 Pyle, Laura 407, 520 Reiter, Jeanne 501 501 Reiter, Susan 440, 520 501 Remersheid, Dale 446 501 267, 471 261 485 Q Renard, John Renner, Amanda Replogle, Brenda Rethbun, David 520 273 520 486 501 Reyes, Belinda 520 485 Reynolds, Lisa G. 501 441 Quillman, Steve 416 Reynolds, Mellisa 435, 439, 520 501 Quinn, Christy 520 Reynolds, Richard 486 520 Quinn, Kevin 520 Reznicek, Carlos 472 430, 520 Quinton, Darly 274 Reznicek, Patricia 281, 472 471 Quinton, Daryl 520 RHA 414 485 Reed, Sheery 433 485 Reeves 74 446 501 289, 471 R Reeves, Rick Regan, Carol Reid 486 486 435 437, 501 Reid 3 436 428, 520 Reid 4 437 447 Reid 6 438 485 Rabeneck, Alice S. 399, 501 Reid 7 439 :, 361, 501 Raglin, Steven 501 Reid 8 440 A. 501 Rainwater, Virigina 361, 486 Reid, Allison 520 278 Ramer, Karen 272 Reid, Beverly 135, 399, 486 486 Ramn, Mark 501 Reilly, Pat 501 471 Ramick, Stephanie 520 Reilly, SGM 501 520 Ramoly, Brian 445, 520 Reiter, Jeanne 501 486 Ramoly, Scott 442, 447, 486 Reiter, Susan 440, 520 430, 520 Ramsey, Christine 501 Remersheid, Dale 446 448 Ramsey, Johnny 501 Renard, John 520 471 Ramsey, Louis 104 Renner, Amanda 273 501 Ramsey, Michael J. 501 Replogle, Brenda 520 501 Ramsey, Steve 520 Rethbun, David 486 501 Randall, Anne 520 Reyes, Belinda 520 471 Randall, Demetrius 426, 486 Reynolds, Lisa G. 501 428 Randall, Laura 135, 279 ,407,501 Reynolds, Mellisa 435, 439, 520 486 Randall, Leigh 279, 501 Reynolds, Richard 486 501 Randall, Lynne 472 Reznicek, Carlos 472 440 Rankin, Debbie 263 Reznicek, Patricia 281, 472 448 Rapp, Zanya 520 RHA 414 501 Rasnic, Russ 486 Rhea, John 472 429, 433 Rastegarpour, Assadolah 486 Rhee, Kirk 281, 486 279 Ratcliff, Cherly 259 Rhodes, Kim 263, 434 Rhodes, Mike 486 Riahi, Shahla 486 Rice, Kevin 289 Rice, Lisa 520 Rice, Melinda 146,311,486 Richard, Dea Ann 520 Richards, Steve 445, 486, 501 Richardson, Alan 520 Richardson, Andrea 431 Richardson, Ann 431, 520 Richardson, Doris 520 Richardson, Gerald 520 Richardson, Jeff 442 Richardson, Joyce 433 Richardson, Kelly 521 Richardson, Linda 501 Richardson, Robert 501 Richmond, Billy M. 486 Riddick, Edgar 501 Ridenour, Lloyd III 437, 501 Ridley, Deniece 501 Rieger, Joe 501 Riester, Beckey 311, 570 Rietzke, Jimmy 472 Riggs, Debbie 521 Riggs, Rebecca 145, 472 Rigsby, Steve 444, 521 Riley, Anita 272, 486 Riley, Beth 430 Riley, Julia 272, 486 Riley, Lee 274 Riley, Maureem 137 Riley, Robin 486 Rimmer, Jeanie 259, 502 Rinnert, O.J. 110 Rinnert, Susan E. 502 Ritchie, Jay 486 Ritter, Emily 461 Ritter, Fred 472 Roach, Joe 447, 502 Robbins, Joe 258, 443, 449, 472 Roberts, Bruce, 502 Roberts, Dorothy 521 Roberts, Larry 289, 502 Roberts, Mark 502 Roberts, Suzanne 521 Robertson, Andy 256 Robertson, Ginny 426 Robertson, Harrisha 472 Robertson, Nancy 426, 486 Robertson, Ron 437, 502 Robertson, Robert 447 Robertson, Terry 447, 502 Robinette, Ruthanne 429 Robinson, Barbara 502 Robinson, Barry 289 Robinson, David 486 Robinson, Jerome 444 Robinson, Karen 448 Robinson, Millie 521 Robinson, Richard 486 Robinson, Russell 259 Robinson, Ruth 146, 311, 521 Robirds, Melissa 486 Robinson, D ' ann 282, 521 Roblee, Rick 258, 260, 399, 472 Rockenhaus, Adele 521 Rockenhaus, Ginger 256, 486 Rockenhaus, Marge 256, 486 Rodgers, Nancy 137 Rodgers, Terrell 521 Roe, Jeffrey 501 Roeder, Claire 521 Roeder, Julie 146, 502 Roeder, Romana 486 Roelfs, Frances 277 Roelfs, R.M. Roessler, Janet 261 Rogarud, Becky 431 Rodgers, Bill 521 Rodgers, Cathy 361, 363, 486 Rogers, Charles 267, 525 Rogers, Janet 267, 472 546 Pet Rog Rogers, Linda Rogers, Marilyn Rogers, Mathew Rogers, Orville Rogers, Steve Rogers, Terry Rogers, Tim Rogers, Trey Rogers, William Rohrer, Linda Roitz, Joe Roles, Jim Roles, Marcia Rom, Curt Rom. Mark 158, Roman, David Romance, Lance Romontio, Paul Ronan, Kathy Root, James Roper, Charla Roper. Karen Roper, Leslie Roscopf, Chuck Rose. Karen Roske, Gayle Ross, Gina Ross. Mike Ross, Rel 428. Ross, Sally Rosso, John Rotan, Debbie Rotenberry, Michael Rothrock, Kathy RothRock, Lee Ann Rothwell. Wendy Rouhani, Farzad Rounceville, Serena Rounsaiville, Martha Roussel, Jeff Routon, Cameo Rowe, Mark Rowland, Michael Rowland, Paul Rowland, Terry Rowlett, William Rownd, Jdy 134, 258, Rowton, Luanne Ruble. Richard 418, Rudd, Bill Rudelis, Glen Ruf, James Ruggles, Donna Ruiz, Ramond Ruhlman, Michael Rupert, Mark Ruple, Mark Rush, Michael Rushing, Cindy Russell, Ann Russell, Mima Russell, John Russell. Ricky Russell, Thomas Rutherford, Julie Rutledge. E.M. Rutledge, Howie Ruthledge, Jennifer Ruthledge. John Rutledge. Malinda Rutledge, Shelia Ryan, Archie Ryan, Dorothy Ryan, Mark Ryan, Maurice Ryan, Pat Rylee, Kent 277, 502 472 502 502 472 521 472 426 472 461 521 445 486 472 260. 486 486 261 521 145. 486 426, 486 431 472 363. 486 286 282 259 486 521 442. 472 486 258 404, 431 521 399 399 439, 521 289 266, 434 440 502 430 428, 521 521 502 521 486 260, 472 472 426, 472 289 261 502 486 502 461 472 502 291 311. 502 472 521 521 472 521 486 148 446 502 436 486 502 521 521 502, 521 502 472 521 Sabee, Jackie 266. Sadler, Greg Safcsak, Gary Sager, Laura Sager, Myra Sahebkar, Hamidreza Sales, Roland Sallee, Amy Sampson, Mary Sanchez, Mary Sanders. Cal Sanders, Debbie Sanders, John Sanders, Ken Sanders, Kim Sanders, Lori Eantifer, Nancy Santifer, Robert Santifer, Stuart Sapp, Terry Sarcini, Susan Sargent, Judy Sarthory, Joe 311, 521 Scarbobough, Marian 487 272 Scancy, Susan 258 274, 486 Scanlon, James 289 259 Scarsdale, Joe 502 433 Scesniak, Diane 280, 472 472 Schaefer, Sharon 502 472 Schaffer, Angie 522 448 Schaffer, Helen 431 472 Schakel, Susan 395 502 Schall, Gary 134 502 Schemel, Mary Ann 434 176, 503 Scherm, Amy 430 445 Scherm, Tami 363, 487 445 Schexnayder, Steve 522 395, 475 Schild, Randall 522 502 Schild, Randall 522 521 Schilders, Nedra 522 472 Shimmell, Dale 461 145 Schlatterer, Lynne 431, 522 486 Schlesinger, Mark 278, 487 521 Schlesinger, Scott 279, 502 521 Schmand, Eric 472 277 Schmidt, John 502 Scott, Jennie Scott, Mark Scott, Maureen Scott, Michael Scott. Paul 522 137 487 522 472 Scott, Richard 441,443.442,472 Scott, Susan 142, 431, 487 Scott, Teresa 522 Scott, Terri 260, 262, 274, 182, 472 Scott, Tim 472 Scurlock, Ann 277 Scurlock, Mike 487 Searcy, Susan 158.360,270,472 Seaton, Kathy 259 Sedgass, Dana 289 Sedgewell 426 Seen, Denise 502 Seffense, Carol 502 Seibert, Kristen 135, 260, 472 Seibert. Ward 502 Seifert, Marty 502 Seiz, Jon 270 s Sass, Lisa 363, 472 Sass, Tracy 486 Satterfield, Cindy 486 Satterfield, Keith 502 Satterfield, Marty 502 Sauer, Kim 266, 289, 438, 521 Savage, Phlip 446 Savage, Richard 487 Savage, Shirley 502 Savage, Steve 521 Sawaminkakdi, Damieng 461 Sawyer, Kim 399 Sawyer, Mary Ellen 431, 502 Sawyer, Steve 446 Saxon, Molly 502 Saxton, Mark 522 Scarbrough, Lee 487 Schmidt, Pamela 418, 434, 502 Schmitt, Neil 262 Schoolcraft, Joseph 472 Schratz, Lisa 487 Schreiber, Scott 428 Schroeder, Jill 502 Schroepfer, Jan 407 Schupp, Robbi 522 Schwartz, Larry 441, 442 Scoggins, Bryan 472 Scott, Cynda 176 Scott, David 502 Scott, DeAnn 431 Scott, Gaye 137, 141 Scott, Greg 472 Scott, James 270 Scott, Jeffrey 502 Self, Glenda Selig, Sarah Seniors Sepler, Alan Seratt, James Serio, Joe Sesniak, Diane Sessions, Floyd Sessman, Justus Severs, Cindy Seward, Deborah Sewier, Torie Sexton, David Sexton, Lance Sexton, Sandy Shackleford, David Shaddox, Jim 502 473 462 473 522 273 363 487 522 440, 522 502 522 522 502 502 473 502 Rog Sha 547 Shaffer, D. Shafizadeh, Dariush Sharp, Michael Sharp, Roy Shapard, Pam 135, Shapiro, Bradford Sharp, Michael Shaver, Michael Shavers, Michelle Shaw, Chig-Shing Shaw, Cindy Shaw, Nancy Shelby, Danny Shelby, Robert Shell, Michael Shellito, Mike Shenasa, All Shepard, Sharon Sheppard, Gary Sheppard, Mike Sheridan, Joseph Sherman, Brent Sherman, Mary Ellen Sherman, Robert Sheible, Tim Shields, Deborah Shields, John Shields, Marie Shields, Peggy Shingleur, Elizabeth Shirey, John Shirley, Robert Shoffner, Mellisa Shofner, Renee Shollmire, Brian Shook, Terry Short, Bob Shurley, Tommy Siag, Abdel-Karim Siami, Aydim Sibley, Tricia Siceluff, Steve Siefkes, Tammy Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2AE Little Sisters Sigma Chi XX Little Sisters Sigma Nu 2W Little Sisters Sigma Phi Epsilon Z4 E Little Sisters Sills, Mark Sills, Pamela Siltlington, Billy Silzer, Melissa Simmons, David Simms, Mark Simpson, James Simpson, Kathleen Simpson, Greg Simpson, Richard Simpson, Sally Simpson, Tom Sims, Brenda Sims, Charles Simers, David Sims, Mary Beth Sims, Mo Jam Sims, Natalie Sims, Paul Sims, Peggy Sinha, Shashi Sink, Greg Sinks, Michael Sinor, Elicia 135, Sisk, Karen Sisson, Thomas Sisson, Coleman Sistrunk, Judi Sitlington, Samuel Skaer, Ara Skair, Sara Skelton, Jeffrey 473 Skinner, Joyce 503 461 Skinner, Pat 431 487 Skinner, Robert 461 270 Skinner, Sandy 273 363, 502 Skinner, Sara 259 522 Slaughter, Ray 289 437 Sliva, Bob 428 502 Small, Randall 262, 503 319 Smallwood, David 522 473 Smart, Murray 258, 270 256 Smith, Annie 522 429, 473 Smith, Becky 503 448 Smith, Billy 503 522 Smith, Boyd 503 502 Smith, Carolyn 319 437 Smith, Craig 289 461 Smith, Dan 473 142 Smith, Dave 436, 522 502 Smith, David 473 487 Smith, David 473 473 Smith, Delmer 461 522 Smith, Donna 448 267 Smith, Gina 272 487 Smith, Jacquelin 522 473 Smith, James 137,141, 142, 263, 431 272, 274, 487 522 Smith, Jan 418, 473, 503 522 Smith, Janet 272, 503 473 Smith, Jeffrey 270, 522 363, 487 Smith, Jo Dawn 434, 503 502 Smith, John 522 502 Smith, Judy 522 407 Smith, Keith 262, 503 311, 522 Smith, Kevin 503 447, 522 Smith, Kym 363, 487 289 Smith, Laura 522 502 Smith, Lisa 395, 473 502 Smith, Lyndon 281, 473 286 Smith, Michelle 281 473 Smith, Nancy 433, 503 311, 473 Smith, Patricia 503 473 Smith, Perry 503 440 Smith, Phillip 461 372 Smith, Randall 263, 286, 522 402 Smith, Randy 263, 273, 473 376 Smith, Ray 443 406 Smith, Regina 473 380 Smith, Rhonda 522 407 Smith, Richard 503 384 Smith, Robin 473, 522 406 Smith, Sandra 503 502 Smiley, Sarah 487 282, 473 Smith, Shannon 522 502 Smith, Sharon 487 473 Smith, Shelly 522 473 Smith, Sheri 430, 503 289 Smith, Stephaney 522 289 Smith, Thomas 148 431, 502 Smith, Trey 503 502 Smith, Vicki 395, 503 502 Smith, William 473 503 Smithey, Paul 522 426 Smithey, Paul 522 363, 503 Smothers, Teresa 431 269, 473 Sneed, Donna 503 289 Sneed, Venny 522 431, 522 Snozgrass, Marilu 438, 522 430 Snow, Buddy 274 282, 487 Snow, Caleb 522 437, 473 Snow, James 503 487 Snow, Melissa 311, 503 273 Snowden, Al 431 503 Snowden, Alfrita 429, 487 522 Snowden, Chrisy 503 363, 503 Snyder, Harry 269 439 Sokora, Bonnie 522 522 Sokora, Richard 503 473 Sommers, Sherri 440 503 Soucy, Colette 440 503 Spades, Mike 293, 503 522 Sparks, Kristi 434, 522 433 Sparks, Michael 522 261 Spaulding, Bill 503 Spead, Drew Spears, Gerg Spears, Helen Special Olympics Speed, Byran Speilburg, Sarina Spence, Kevin Spencer, Jimmy Spencer, Lori Spencer, Mathew Spencer, Samuel Spencer, Scott Spencer, Steve Spicer, Tony Spirit Groups Spivey, Marsha SPORTS Springer, Rich Sprouse, Karen Spurlin, Jim Squyres, Monica Srivisok, Anongnart Staats, Brad Stacy, Rita Stadthagen, Mercedes Stafford, Tammy Stahr, Dave Stair, Stephen Stallcup, Anne Stamford, SFC Stamps, Jerry Stancil, Sandy STAND Standlee, J.C. Standridge, Brent Stanfill, Carolyn Stanley, John Stanley, Lynn Stanley, Rondal Stanton, Alex Stark, Jim Stark, Nan Staten, Kevin Staton, Michael Stebbins, Robert Stearns, Steve Stecks, Lisa Stecks, Liza Steed, Dennis Steed, Stephen Steedy, Dennis Steen, Ron Stensiek, Susan Stephens, Dennis Stephens, Gregory L. Stephens, Keith A. Stephens, Mary Ann Stephens, Melinda Stephens, Susie Stephenson, Stanley Stevens, Bob Stevens, Danny Stevens, Deanne Stevens, George Stevenson, Dale Stevenson, Regina Steward, Debbie S. Stewart, Charles Stewart, Kyle Stewart, Mike Stewart, Thomas R. Stewman, Tommy Stidham, Cindy Stiegler, Keith Stiles, Greg B. Stiles, Renee St. Martin, Donald Stockalper, Margo Stocker, Bill Stocker, Richard Stoll, William Stone. Michael Stone, Sandra L. 282 Stone, Steve 478 522 Stone, Tim 259 203 Stoner, David K. 504 56 Stoila, Steve 261 487 Storm, Cecily A. 504 302 Stort, Chris B. 522 522 Stotts, John C. 504 503 Stout, Doris 504 522 Stout, Ed 504 503 Straight, Rozanne 504 487 Strain, Rick 270, 487 522 Strang, Paul L. 293, 461 447 Stratton, Virginia 504 487 Strauss, Nancy 363, 487 202 Street, Julian 109 282 Strickland, Michael 523 180 Strickland, Susan 487 525 Stricklin, Lita 504 363, 504 Stricklin, Ronny 523 522 Stringer, Cindy 473 259, 430, 487 Stroh, John 504 1 461 Strong, Jessie 319, 523 473 Stronge, Mark 445 433, 522 Strope, Henry 504 ides 504 Stroope, Suzie 266 363, 504 Strother, James 461, 523 504 Stroud, Bruce S. 504 291, 443, 487 Stroud, Migel 473 135, 311, 504 Stroud, Mike 504 140 Stroud, Terri 504 504 Stuart, Don 262, 286, 473 522 Stuart, Libby 438 264 Stubblefield, David 504 445 Stuff 60 504 Styles 66 487 Sudduth, Kathy 266, 311, 504 473 Sugar Town 58 263 Sulephen, Andy 261, 446 473 Sulephen, Thomas 504 289 Sullivan, Brian G. 504 504 Sullivan, Doug 448 404, 487 Sullivan, Joe 487 504 Sullivan, Kevin 436 504 Sullivan, Laura 311, 523 522 Summers, Tammy 438. 523 473 Sumrall, Donna 399, 433, 523 473 Surratt, Kathy 448 363 Suratt, Vivian 399, 433, 523 436 Sutherland, Christy 504 301, 504 Sutherland, Martha 260 522 Sutton, Trey 445 504 Sutton, William 504 146, 522 Suwanakul, Sontachai 461 137, 141 Swaty, Albert 436 L. 522 Swaty, Mark 473 504 Swayne, David 270, 473 in 522 Swayne, Ronnie 273 363, 504 Swayze, Serethia 267, 423 487 Swearingen, Becky W. 311, 461 sy 148 Sweet, Larry G. 428, 504 263 Swectser, Tom 269 145 Swenhold, Liz 523 522 Swimming 220 473 Swink, Karen 256, 267, 473 274 522 504 274 522 504 T i. 504 504 504 Tabor, Scott 504 269 Tackett, Garland 523 504 Tackett, Gary 523 504 Talbert, Danny 437 256, 504 Talber, Jake 437 504 Talbert, Jeanette 440, 449, 523 154 Talley, Susan 134 473 Talton, James 443, 523 448, 473 Tan, Chin Choo 504 443 Tanner, Christopher 504 504 Tanner, Leann 504 548 Sha Tan Tapp, William Jr. 270, 289 Thomson, Karen 523 UBC Hall 449 Walker, Lisa 430, 506 Tappan, Philip 523 Thornton, Donna 404 Ubelhor, Bob 256 Walker, Marien 440 Tapperson. Craig 281, 447 Thornton. Gary 145, 523 Udouj, John 436 Walker, Mark 474 Taqui, Abdul 271. 473 Thornton, Martha 488 Uekman. Greg 159, 260 Walker, Robin 506 Tarver, Bob 523 Thower, Sherralyn 523 Ulmschneider. Philip 523 Walker, Rod 274 Tarantino, Cynthia 399 Thrash, Tommy 286 Underwood, Pam 488, 505 Walker, Teri 399 Tate. Donna 433 Threkeld, Kevin 263 Underwood, Susan 433 Walker, Timothy 506 Tate, Janet L. 504 Throop, Carol 269. 474 Unger, Steve 488 Walkingstick, Tammy 434, 524 Tate, Larry 473 Thurman, Jan 277 Unger, Sue 142. 429, 431, 505 Wall, Tommy 447 Tatlock, Lourell 523 Tickets 81 Upchurch, Melissa 301, 474 Wallace, Betty 277 Tatum, Terri 263 Tiger, Sharon 395 Usery, David 428 Wallace, Don 445 Tau Beta Sigma 259 Tilley, Mary Ann 279 Utley, Lisa 505 Wallace, Terry 442, 446, 488 Taylor, Charlotte 266, 395, 478 Tilley, William 461 Wallace, Tim 474 Taylor, Cheri A. 399, 504 Tillman, Shell! 433, 523 Wallis, John 524 Taylor, Jodie Taylor, John Taylor, Kent 523 523 473 Timmons, Otwenn Tipton, Ray Titterington, Lyle 158 523 474 V Walsh, John Walsh, Lee Walsh, Patrick 524 443 524 Taylor, Lewis 177, 286 Todd, Karla 573 Walt. Georgiana 524 Taylor, Marin 488 Tokarczyk, Donna 177 Walthour, Steve 443 Taylor, Mark 426 Toler, Jim 523 Walton, M. 506 Taylor, Martha E. 267, 407, 504 Tolleson, Mahlona 292 Vallejo, Patsy 448 Walton, Trent 488 Taylor, Patricia 523 Toms, Kimberly 523 Van Dewiele, Bob 505 Wampler, Linda 506 Taylor, Perry 523 Toone, Libby 256 Van Horn, Craig 523 Wampler, Mark 270, 474 Taylor, Rhetta 504 Tougaw, Mike 474 VanSickle, Kirk 474 Waner, Brian 445 Taylor, Vanessa 431. 473 Townsend, John 436, 437 Vann, Stuart 505 Ward, Alfreda 524 Teeman, Kevin 523 Track 238 Vanzant, Tommy 488 Ward, Elizabeth 524 Teichman, Lorri 435. 439 Tracy, Gary 266, 433, 523 Varimi, Bijan 289 Ward, Loyd 524 Temple, Douglas 504 Trammell, Ray 109 Varnell. James 505 Ward, Mitchell 524 Temple, Greg 523 Trammel, Tona 523 Vasguez, Julio 291 Ward, Pam 474 Temple, Susan B. 504 Transit 78 Vaughn, Debbie 523 Ward, Sharon 524 Templeton, Karen 259, 504 Treadway, Jackie 429 Vaughn, Gret 523 Ward, Shyrel 524 Tenney, Patrick 523 Treat, Candy 267, 488 Vaughn, Janice 523 Wardlaw, Christ! 506 Tennis 224 Treat, Darryl 433 Vaughn, Phillip 505 Wardlaw, Ellen 524 Terminella, Joyce 407 Treece, Craig 505 Vaughns, Anner 505 Ware, Steven 474 Terrell, Holly 488 Treimann, Catherine 523 Vaught, Martha 429, 430, 506 Warlord, Connie 524 Terrell, Katherine 260 Tribble, Allen 523 Vaught, Maxine 277 Warmputh, Julie 488 Terrell. Lance 523 Tribble, Kim 259 Veacey, Daryl 263 Warner, Chris 524 Terrell, Phil 488 Trigg, Amy 523 Veazey, Darrell 524 Warner, George 524 Terry, Allison 504 Trimble, Alan 447 Vekman, Greg 270 Warner, Gig 446 Terry, Candace 504 Trimble, Stacy 505 Venable, Carrie 524 Warren, Jim 474 Terry, John 523 Trimva, Jerre 523 Venhaus, Monte 445 Warren, Rita 439, 524 Terry, Melinda 504 Triume, Terre 266 Verkamp, Kevin 263, 274, 524 Warriner, Ted 488 Terry, Patricia L. 474 Troillet, Larry 270 Verkamp, Tim 488 Wshington, Carrie 488 Terry, Sarah Ann 504 Trotter, Danny 474 Vernon, Michael 474 Washington, Tim 383, 506 Terry, Steven 461 Trulock, Greg 523 Verucchi, Mike 279, 506 Wasson, Frances 363. 488 Terryson, James 504 Trumpp, Dione 474 Vervack, Sherri 474 Wasson, Karl 506 Teutsch, Ken 523 Tucker, Connie 505 Vescolani, Fred 277 Waters, John 506 Thayer, John D. 504 Tucker, Edwin 461 Vestal, Roy 259 Waters, Matthew 506 Theatre 94 Tucker, Franklin 428 Villines, Mary Ann 263, 474 Waters, Thomas 263, 270. 488 Theriault, Anthony 474 Tucker, Parker 505 Vincent, Jim 270, 488 Watkins, Blake 261 Theiben, Angela 523 Tuggle, Beth 523 Vincent, John 474 Watkins, Chris 524 Theta Tau 388 Turk, Teresa 523 Vines, Cheryl 506 Watkins, Kim 363, 488 Thiel, Brenda M. 504 Turley, Robert 282 Vinson, Alan 524 Watkins, Skipper 261, 262. 281, Theis, Ellen 361, 363, 504 Turman, Frank 267 Virden, Bart 506 474 Theissen, Anna 363 Turner, Barbara 505 Vogele, Louis 446 Watkins, Steve 524 Thoma, Greg 274 Turner, Bari 505 Voise, Ken 436, 506 Watson, Bruce 474 Thomas, Becky 291, 488 Turner, Barry 289 , 437, 346 Volkamer, Christopher 474 Watson, Frank 488 Thomas, Bruce 474 Turner, Chip 505 Von Steen, Steve 278. 488 Watson, Garbo 524 Thomas, Donna 474 Turner, Debbie 474 Vories, Earl 273, 488 Watson, Jeffrey 488 Thomas, Earl 436 Turner, Holly 505 Vorsanger, Fred 107 Watson, Frank 289 Thomas, Jerry 474 Turner, Kathy 505 Vose, Timothy 506 Watson, Joe 261, 262, 474 Thomson, Karen 430 Turner, Kim 282 Voss, Erik 524 Watson, Kay 433, 524 Thomas, Leon 436 Turner. Len 488 Voysest, Gloria 524 Watson, Lisa 524 Thomas, Lisa 430, 523 Turner, Lisa 277, 488 Watson, Mary 474 Thomas, Melissa 474. 261 Turner, Patrick 523 Watson, Terri 506 Thomas, Susan G. 363, 474 Turner, Rick 282, 474 Watt, Coralie 506 Thomas, Wanda Thomason, Kyle 474 523 Turner, Russell Turner, Rusty 523 302 Watts, Cora Watts, Gwen 263, 135 488, 270 Thomasson, Greg 523 Turner, Samuel 318, 505 Watts, Lisa 488 Thompson, Brian 436 Turner, Sherry 269, 430 Wauer, Brian 441, 506 Thompson, David 488 Turner, Steve 278 Wean, Anthony 488 Thompson, Larry 523 Turner, W.D. 281 Wafler, Porter 273, 474 Weatherford, Doug 426 Thompson, Leonard 523 Tursky, Betsey 433 Wagner, Nancy 363. 506 Weatherford, Terry 474 Thompson, Malinda 404 Twillre, Nedra 259 Wagner, Steve 524 Weathers, Kirsty 277, 474 Thompson, Mechelle 523 Twogood, Marilyn 269 Wainwright, Roger 474 Weaver, Kelley 506 Thompson. Philip 474, 256 Tyler, Mark 505 Wald, Janet 474 Weaver, Lesa 524 Thompson, Susan 523 Tyler, Vivian 523 Walker, Anita 474 Weaver, Nan 506 Thompson, Susan Leigh Tyson, Fredlesha 488 Walker, Craig 524 Weaver, Olin 474 Thompson, Stephen 474 Walker, Dennis 525 Webb, Vanya 506 Thompson, Tamara 434, 523 Walker. Don 141, 142 Webb, Varoyne 524 Thompson, Tami L. Thompson, Tracy P. Thomson, James 474, 523 474 445 u Walker, Doug Walker, Janine Walker. John 141 488 524 Weber, Blake Weber, Dana Webster, Laurie 524 474 474 Tap - Webster, Nan Webster, Pamela Weddington Weeks, David Weeks, Guy Weeks, Jeannie Weeks, Judy Weeks, Lisa Weeks, Tommy Wehr, Frank Weir, Charles Weir, Danna Weir, Teresa Welch, Drusilla Wellborn, Elizabeth Wells, Beth Wells, Christopher Wells, Elizabeth Wells, Judy ' Veils, Kevin ells, Marissa Veils, Sharon Welty, Timothey Wenger, Andrea Wengert, Paul Wenzel, Kathryn Werner, Becky Werner, Susie Wesson, Susanne Wessels, Renee West, Crickett West, Matt West, Melinda West, Millie Westbrook, Brian Westbrook, Greg Westbury, Pollyanna Westfall, Susan Weydemeyer, Sharon Wha, Ernie Wheeler, Rachel Wheeler, Robert Wheelis, J.D. 261,262,281,475 Wheelis, Wayne Whipple, William Whistle, Fred Whistle, Wade White, Charles White, Connie White, Constance White, Cynthia White, Eric Whiet, Joe White, Karen White, Keigh White, Kim White, Lorie White, Robert White, Todd White, Sheryl Whitecohen, Sherry Whitemore, Perry Whitenton, Carol Whiteside, Stacee Whitson, Jim Whitlow, Dianna Whitmore, Obie Whitson, Jim Whittington, Elizabeth Whittle, Shirley Whitworth, Eddie Wilburg, Kenneth Wicks, Patty Widdows, Richard Widner, Lisa C. Wiedeker, Marcia Wiehl, Dennis Wiese, Kurt Wilborn, Gordon Wilborn, Sherri Wilcoxon, Shelley 550 Web Wil IM IM m m w IM M w UN M m ' Si ' ; Mi M m m vV w m m Wt m m tm W:.; KH Wil! Wiis W: Wii; Wiley. Ken Wilhelm. Joe C. Wilhite, Allison Wilkinson, James Wilkins, Leslin Wilkins, Mark Wilkins, Russell Wilkinson. James Wilkinson, Norman Wikinson, Stanhope Wilkinson, Susan Willard, Al Willet, Susan William Williams, Anthodenise Williams, Brooks Williams, Catherine Williams, Charlotte Williams. Chris Williams, Cindy Williams. Deniece Williams, Daniel Williams. David Williams. Dottie A. Williams, Elizabeth Williams. Fred Williams, Gwyn Williams, Jack Williams. Janis Williams, Jeffrey 446 Williams, Jody Williams, John Williams. Kathy 258. Williams. Linda Williams. Lisa Williams, Mar Williams, Mindy Williams, Paul Williams. Ralph Williams, Ronald Williams, Scott Williams. Seth Williams, Sherry Williams, Steven Williams. Teresa Williams. Thomas Williams. Timothy Williams, Vernie Williams, Wayne Williams, Willie Mae Williamson, Dennis Willis. Clinton Willis. Craig Willmon, Steve Wilmoth. Jody 282, Wilmoth, Rob Wilmoth, Thomas Wilson, Cheryl Wilson. Daron Wilson. Deborah 266, Wilson. Dudder Wilson. Harry Wilson, John Wilson, Karen Wilson. Leslie Wilson, Louis Wilson, Mark Wilson. Martha Wilson, Mary Wilson, Mel Wilson. Melinda Wilson. Michael Wilson, Patty Wilson, Piper Wilson, Richard Wilson. Robert Wilson, Rosalind Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Teresa Wilson. Tom Wilson. Valerie Winborn, Brent 524 Winborn. Kerry 488 448, 475 Winemiller. Mike 273 524 Winningham, Mona 507 524 Wise. Robert 507 506 Winstead. Brian 506 436 Winstead. Tina 363, 488 488 Winton, Jeff 507 524 Witcherd. Rick 507 461 Wittorff, Walter 488 475 Wittoruff. Dorothy C. 475 204, 488 Wofford, Randy 281 270. 506 Wohlford, Dennis 277, 475 407 Woker. James 507 427 Wolf, Daniel 488 475 Wolf. Duane C. 263 488 Wolfe, Katie P. 475 475 Wolf, Shirley 488 363. 506 Womack, Farris 107 407. 506 Womack, Holly 399 506 Womack, Jacquelyn 434, 488 524 Womack, Janis 507 268 Womack, Jennifer 434 488 Women ' s Sports 240 475 Wood, Daryl 145 475, 506 Wood, Frances 277 506 Wood, Janet 142 506 Woodard, Lavena 525 104 Woodruff. Keith N. 28 1 . 286. 475 256, 475 Woodruff. Todd 443, 525 488. 524 Woods, Dana 433 430, 524 Woods, David 446 475, 524 Woods, Timothy 319, 507 260. 475. Woods, Dana L. 461 506 Woods. David L. 461, 275 506 Woods. Timothy 319 524 Woodsman, Amy 525 256 Woodsmall, Margaret 363, 507 524 Woodson, Julie 525 445, 524 Woody, Darcy 525 270 Woody. Jack 110 506 Woodyear, Marianne 525 448 Woodyear, Mark 488 488 Wooley, Johnny R. 475 475. 524 Woolfolk, Mike 262 488 Woolsey, Benjamin 488 434, 524 Woolsey. Mark 263. 270 506 Woolsey, Roger 273 506 Wotten, Gil H. 507 461 Word. Pete 488 475 Workman, David 525 461 Works, Connie S. 475 259 Worley. Theresa A. 489 446 Worst, Lisa 423 524 Wrape, Genny 142, 395, 489 445 Wrape. Jerry 475 256, 475 Wrape, William 525 506 Wren, Carolyn 363. 507 475 Wright, Betsy 507 506 Wright, Beverly 266, 363, 507 137. 143 Wright. Bobby 286 277, 488 Wright, Brad 525 506 Wright, Bryan 525 447 Wright, Karl 525 159, 475 Wright, Lannie 436, 507 507 Wright, Ricky D. 489 524 Wright. Rodney 273, 507 525 Wright, Steve 507 488 Wright, Susan 507 277 Wright, Waltr G. 475 272. 302 Wyatt, Duann 436 407 Wyatt. Phillip 441, 447, 525 525 488 260. 488 363 507 Y 524 434. 506 525 525 Yancy. Debbie 443. 525 448. 507 Yang. Kuan-hsiung 436. 461 363. 525 Yanosick, Gary 437, 525 145 Yarbrough, David 302 Yates, Judy 203 Yates, Geneice 302 Yates. Suzanne 361, 363. 395. 507 Yauch, James 525 Yeatman, Dana L. 489 Yelenich, Stephen 475 Yerton, Stan 437 Yerton. Walter 475 Yoakam, Penny 507 Yocum 1 443 Yocum 2 443 Yocum 4 445 Yocum 5 446 Yocum 7 445 Yocum 8 446 Yocum Senate 44 1 York, Elizabeth 507 Young. Brad 525 Young, Carey 489 Young, Brad 137 Young, cindy 137, 141, 143 Young, Darta 525 Young, Don 525 Young, Jerty 494 Young, Karen 137, 141 Young, Kelly 363. 507 Young, Margie 282 Young. Mark 507 Young, Patricia 399, 507 Young, Robin 507 Young, Steve 502 Young, Timothy C. 489 Yungblood, Hope 489 Younger. Rebecca 525 z Zawacki, Diane Zerman. Greg Zerr, Gretchen Zeiger, Donna Zeta Phi Beta Zeta Tau Alpha Ziegler, Steve Zimmerman, Donald Zimmerman. Linda Zimmerman, Phil Zinke, Frank Zmarzly, Connie 525 525 507 525 394 390 277 489 399 507 507 407. 507 llj Wil Zma 551 552 Arkansas Union Arkansas Union 553 554 Sheri Carl 556 1980 RAZORBACK 1980 RAZORBACK 557 558 1980 RAZORS ACK 1980 RAZORS ACK 559 Specs Volume 83 of the RAZORBACK was prepared by students of the University of Arkansas. Offset lithography by Josten ' s American Yearbook Company, Topeka plant. Copy and headlines are generally Helvetica and Helvetica Bold. Beauty pages are Optima. Lettering on Cover, pages 2-3, and Division pages is Jane Medium exclusive to the RAZORBACK. Paper stock is 80 enamel with a special signature of Blueweave Gainesborough Text. Trim size is 9 " x12 " . Portraits are by Yearbook Associates of Bangor, ME. Press run is 3600 copies. Funding was provided through book sales, page sales, student services allocation, portrait rebate, and other fees. The RAZORBACK s pu blished annually by the RAZORBACK staff with no expressed relationship with the UA Journalism Department The views expressed herein are solely those of the 1980 RAZORBACK staff and in no way necessarily reflect the opinion or attitude of the UA administration, faculty, staff Department of Journalism, or student body, ra Credits photography Barry Arthur 5, 42, 52, 92, 93 112, 114-117, 120, 122-132, 136, 154, 155, 167, 202, 206, 220 221 225, 227, 228, 230, 231, 252, 256 ' 257, 259, 261, 263-265, 270, 272 273, 278, 279, 284-288, 290-292 295-297, 303, 318, 319,332, 369- 371, 382, 385, 387-393, 399, 423 426, 428-433, 438, 440, 443, 445 451, 531. Bill Bowden 374, 410, 411. Dennis Boyd 513. Don ' s Studio 345, 346, 351-353 528, 541. Bill Doshier 202, 428. Don Eldred ix. Greg Fisher 238-239. Charlie Fiss 226, 227. Denise Hair 424, 425. Jane Hopkins xiii. 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Sheri Walker Cover, 47, 49 103 151, 181, 255, 305, 413, 459. ra 36, 193-200, 205- 102, 104, 106, 114, 116, 118, 120, 239. 190-194, 219, 222 246, 503, 517. 48, 100, 465, 471, 499, 505, 521, 525. 560 Q.E.D. 273,274,277 :;: ;- r Q ;: ;: to ::; a ; " ' :;. : : ::;: . U aisi W JHI B{ 165,170-17 112-217,222 237,2,2 4- 257,258,262 SMj :::;:: M (75. ,20, 21, 21 25 .tt51.5MJ 1207,211, 229,232,231 a 9 .11R106. 1 16, 1H 121 :; ::: 03,517. : - ' ( 521, 525 9.53S : ' .f:-- 7,101151, 159 r,47,4!lOa 113. ai

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