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Phot«i hv Paul Slranj Everette Lynn Harris editor Christy Kalder managing editor Chuck Cunningham chief photographer Butch Carroll business manager Jane Hopkins associate editor Sharon Morgan production supervisor Debbie Holland copy editor Cindy Carroll executive secretary Brooks W. Swink artist Jim Chaffin sports editor Debra Wilson office manager 1977M20RMO: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Volume 80 0[)ening 1 Student Life 32 Administration 158 Honors 188 Sports 228 Organizations 298 Classes 382 Living Groups 454 Index 540 • • • • • • • ■■■ .. Vt i What is the University of Arkansas? Photographs Unlimited m Rex Guynn 4 Opening It’s people located in a city called Fayetteville where . . . Photographs Unlimited Photographs Unlimited Opening 5 Opening 9 as calm as an Ozark Mountain stream C. Cunninghain 10 Opening Cunningham Cunningham Opening 11 12 Opening For many the first few hours at the University were uneasy, lonely hours. For others they were a welcome relief from home. Whatever the feeling it was short-lived. Friends, regis¬ tration, and drop-add came into the picture and the lines of the year began to form. The weather was calm. The class you wanted was full. Books and partying emptied pockets quickly. The last traces of summertime were grasped before the first test marked the beginning of school. Opening 13 photos by C. Cunninyjham 14 Opening Opening 15 16 Opening photos by C. Cunningham Opening 17 18 Opening Building friends create . . . photos by C. Hitt Opening 19 familiar faces C. Cunnmjihiim 20 Opening Openinjj 21 Snow fell and the spring semester started a day late. It was a day for staying in or throwing snowballs and cleaning up the slush. The days went faster as the first semester was suddenly over. Carter was elected president, Lily Tomlin entertained students and local townspeople; there were no concerts. The Razorbacks headed for Cotton won five and then lost five, no Cotton — no bowling. Rumors were born, grew, and were squelched within hours. Yes, Frank Broyles resigned and picked a successor in one day. A man came and tried to save souls on the Union Mall, no it wasn’t Jesus. Basketball season started and relieved the woes of football. Students gathered in long lines for tickets, only for them to run out every game. So instead they listened on the radio and Eddie Sutton and his Running Razor- backs won eight in a row, beating Big Eight powers Kansas and Kansas State within three days, they beat Tech at Lubbock, lost to Dexter Reed and Memphis State, were ranked in the top 20 in the country and for the first time in the school’s history. Basketball was king in Razorback country. Oh yea, the Bicentennial was over. 22 Opening C. Cunningham A. Moripol C. Cunningham Opening 23 24 Opening C. Cunningham Opening 25 Photographs Unlimited Fayetteville after dark C. Ciinniiiyham 26 Opening Photn raphs Unlimited Opening 27 And then the week was over — the school week that is — the exams, the 7:30’s, the meet¬ ings. Some students studied while others slept. Most students started in full speed or above full speed during weekends. Relaxing, taking a long awaited trip, getting involved, playing, and yes “partying.” With students doing these things so well, it’s a shame that weekends are only two days. Weekends!!! 28 Opening Opening 29 R. (iuynn As you walk through campus, you begin to look at the world around you — the one you’ve rented for four years. All of a sudden, you realize that you have a very nice campus for your investment. When you look back on that investment, what do you remember about the year 1976-1977? The campus-wide construction surge? Frank Broyles’ resignation? Jimmy Carter’s election? A slippery, snowy spring semester? Who did you get to know? Blacks? Whites? Enemies? Professors? Or did you step out of the campus crowd and get to know yourself? What was it that made the year special for you? The guy you met? The girl you met? The friends you made? The activities you were involved in? Was it your first year? Or was it the fact that if you stuck it out one more year you could receive sheep-skin proof of the four years of headaches you spent trying to graduate? What was your contribution to the U of A? Were you involved with athletics? Student government? Organizations? Publications? Arkansas Union? Or were you involved with the apathetic majority? How did you spend your spare time? Drink beer at the D-Lux? Cruise the town? Float the Buffalo? Attend Church? Explore Fayetteville? Work? Study? Or was all your time spare time? When you gather up your memories of the whole year, possibly you will realize that 1976-1977 was a pretty good year on the Hill after all. You learned a few things (not exclusively academic), you made some friends and you had some really good times . . . wasn’t that a fairly profitable investment? 30 Opening STUD6MT LIF€ Each year construction plays the all-important role of developing the University of Arkansas campus, and 1977 is no exception. Students are confronted every day with signs marked “Detour” and “Danger — Hard Hat Area.” Getting to class is probably the hardest thing about school. Students have even been known to return to their rooms and plot a path to their classes. Students, remarking how hard it is to get to some classes, realize construction is here to stay, at least for a while. According to Minor G. Wallace, Director of Facilities Planning and Gonstruction, there are six major project areas. These include the Fine Arts Addition; renovation of Memorial Hall; Botany Greenhouse; Business Administration Building; Plant Science Building, phase 1 and Barnhill Fieldhouse, phase I. 34 Construction Construction 35 Housing The Future Problem? Despite the housing scare experienced by UA adminis¬ trators before the opening of school, students were able to find a place to stay, either in the dorms or in their cars for a few days. According to Jim Gibson, UA housing director, the Uni¬ versity did not have to turn anyone away. As for apart¬ ment hunting, the task was more difficult as all of Fayette¬ ville’s apartments were filled to capacity two weeks before the start of school as the UA enrollment reached a record high. Minor housing problems arose, causing a few students to be temporarily located in the study rooms of Reid until regular dorm rooms were available. At no time were any dorm rooms occupied past the capacity for which they were built. “If enrollment goes up as figures have indicated, in the next few years, we won’t have the space for more stu¬ dents,’’ explained Gibson. “However, if tuition costs rise we probably won’t have to worry about lack of space.’’ 36 Housing [ lousing 37 RUSH: The Eternal Smile “Is this dress cut too low?” “Do they really make you have three dates a week?’’ “I hear all the frats like them the best.’’ “Wonder if I should tell them my aunt used to be an XXX?’’ “If I smoke, will they think I’m sophisticated?’’ “Really wish I had more jewelry on.’’ “Listen, don’t worry about it. All you have to do is smile and act like you’re really enjoying this circus.’’ “Hi! So nice to have you here!’’ “Yes, we’re one big happy family.’’ “Where are you from?’’ “Oh, you must know so-n-so.’’ “What’s your major?’’ “What did you say your father did?’’ “He does! Now what’s your name?’’ “It was so good to meet you! Be sure to come back and see us!’’ RUSH: Grin and bear it! 40 Parking ;(6) ' (g) T E.pT. or POBLtC 5AC6r i ' I ' liAtAi i i iic r NUifU iir Dt oil Tc y ' M ‘ V I ' t 4 1 r 1 Y ] , ( . 7 j : i ; L.J Dickson Street. . . 42 Dickson Street “It’s the only place you can go cruisin’ without a car and do it right t BUI Hippe Dickson Slnud 43 44 Junk Food Junk food — everybody knows what junk food is. It is the basic col¬ lege diet consisting of food that has been grilled or dipped in grease, packaged and served at supersonic speeds over a formica counter top. College students practically live off junk food. We all a re aware of the low nutritional value of junk food, and few of us will abandon it from our diets. CONSUMER REPORTS magazine I ' ecently tested some of the most common fast food restaurants to see lost how nutritional they are. Here are the results: McDonalds — Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun, french fries and a shake are the order of the day. This tasty meal contains 1,100 calories and is low in vitamin A and other essential nutrients. Pizza Hut — A 10 inch “Supreme” pizza with sauce, cheese, sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, onions, and green pepper, washed down with an ice cold cola totals to 1,200 sumptu¬ ous calories. This is the best food buy for the money, and two people can fill their protein needs with one pizza. But, it lacks vitamin C and contains too much salt for those on salt-free diets. Burger King — The typical “Have it your way” meal of a Whopper, fries, and a shake has more protein than the average burger meal and contains 1,200 calories. Kentucky Fried Chicken — The colonel’s “real goodness” meal con¬ sists of three pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and two buttered rolls. This meal has more protein than the burgers but just happens to have 1,400 “finger-lickin good” calories. The fact remains that junk food is very un-nutritious. As long as we can “have it our way” at Burger King and as long as McDonald’s keeps “doing it all for us,” we’ll just remain Colle¬ giate Junk Food Junkies. Junk Food 45 46 Children Children A look at our past, A glimpse of our future Children 47 GETAWAY It could be a few miles away from cam¬ pus or as far away as home. Sometimes the pressure of school overcomes us. For peace of mind we turn to solitude to con¬ quer the need to getaway. 48 Getaway Getaway 49 50 Soaps Soap Operas A Search for Another World Soap Operas — mass confusion for the person who has never watched them and just a quick review for the per¬ son who has missed out on them since the start of school. You see, it takes things longer to happen in the soap opera world than in real life. Robin Brown, a sophomore said, “We should feel for¬ tunate because our lives aren’t like the soap operas. Something tragic is always happening — an illegitimate child, a rape, a death or a love affair.” It tends to make your own life a little dull, doesn’t it? T " o some students, these daytime dramas are a big part of their lives. They cannot bear to miss them. Some students even go so far as to schedule their classes uround their favorite soap operas. Few instructors teaching two o’clock classes realize they are in competi¬ tion with “ANOTHER WORLD.” Just what are all the daytime serials we have to choose from? The chain of catastrophes begin in the niorning with RYAN’S HOPE and end with SOMER¬ SET in the late afternoon with the following thrown in between: LOVE OF LIFE, THE YOUNG AND THE restless, search for tomorrow, all my children, days of our lives, as the world turns, the doctors, the guiding light, one life to live, another world, general hos¬ pital and THE EDGE OF NIGHT. From talking to students, the campus consensus seems to rate RYAN’S HOPE, THE YOUNG AND THE restless and ALL MY CHILDREN as the three big- 8ies among daytime soap operas. And now for a quick rundown: RYAN ' S HOPE: The setting is in the basic small wn. It makes an easy outlet for scandal. The charac- include: The Ryan family, Frank Ryan and his wife, iu, and their son, John; Pat Ryan, Frank’s brother Mary Fenille, Frank’s sister and her husband. Jack; uger, Jill and Faith Coleridge; Dr. Synica Bolack and nephew, Bucky. So the story goes: Frank, a political undidate, and his wife, Delia, are getting a divorce. uk is involved with Jill Coleridge, a lawyer, who is pregnant by Synica. Synica is in love with Jill. Delia once involved in an affair with Roger, Jill’s brother, uger is trying to rekindle the flame. Bucky and Faith cre once in love. The problem is Frank and Delia. u should get custody of little John after their divorce. in ' CHILDREN: Three families are ved in this penetrating drama — the Martins, the y ers and the Canes. The Martin family consists of Dr. urtin, who married Ruth Brent. They have a daughter, R t h ' bas a brother, Paul. Brent was once married to Nick, and they have a son, Phil. Nick married Anne Tyler, they got a divorce and he married Kitty Shea. Again Nick got a divorce. He is still in love with Anne. The Cane family consists of Mona Cane, a widow who is seeing Dr. Tyler whom she works for, and her daughter Erica. Erica was married to Jeff, Dr. Martin’s son and then to Phil. Phil, Tara, Chuck, Jeff and Erica were all high school buddies. Phil and Tara were secretly married before Phil left for Viet¬ nam. Phil was believed to be dead, so Tara married Chuck. Now that Phil is alive, Tara cannot decide whether she should divorce Chuck and marry Phil, or spare Chuck’s feelings and hide her love for Phil. Also, Dr. and Mrs. Martin have separated because she has been seeing a younger man. The latest on Nick is he has been seeing Erica, which is strange because they never got along very well before. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: There has always been a rivalry between the four Brook sisters: Leslie, Laurie, Chris and Peggy. Chris went through a terrible time after she was raped. She fully recovered and is married to Snapper. Leslie, a concert pianist, is married to Brad, who has gone blind but does not want to tell Leslie because he is afraid it will hinder her career. Before Brad and Leslie were married, Leslie thought Brad loved Laurie. Laurie, who was jealous of Leslie, told Leslie that Brad was in love with her. This caused Leslie to have a nervous breakdown. Laurie is the hateful sister and is always causing trouble. She posed nude in a magazine to promote the book she wrote about herself and Leslie. Laurie is in love with Lance Printess, who does not really love Laurie at all but loves Leslie. Peggy is the baby of the family. She had an affair with one of her instructors. Jack. Another family involved is the Foster family. Mrs. Elizabeth Fos¬ ter has two sons, Greg and Snapper, and a daughter, Jill. Their father has returned after he left them several years ago. Greg is a lawyer and Chris, Snapper’s wife, works for him. Snapper a doctor. Jill worked for Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Chancellor, a very wealthy family. Jill and Phillip had an affair. He got a quick divorce and married Jill, but was killed in a car accident. Jill, who was pregnant with Phillip’s child, tried to get the Chan¬ cellor estate, but the court ruled that Phillip’s divorce and marriage to Jill were not legal. Mrs. Chancellor has a son. Brock, from a previous marriage. Jill and Brock were married for a short time. Oh, the excitement of the daytime serials! AS THE WORLD TURNS in THE EDGE OF NIGHT, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS SEARCH FOR TOMORROW by THE GUIDING LIGHT with ONE LIFE TO LIVE for ANOTHER WORLD. Soaps 51 V- » t i in ih the f ' JO B GHAP RTUNITIE • v ■ir’iiiitf t,i i»l , it)« fit r f rril; OiriK ' ifiKiri h r r,uh k((t niiitt lift ' rif,f Wr »lo try to provulf • inrnl to any and all any awl all rep»jt t,i . mnbjHl firms that want to, services,” Brown added Job opportunities 1976-1977 ing . ide seeking summer employees nd to s. n MONDAY, NOV. 8 DC Sign-ups Start Oct. 25 BSMS Ar HORT FOOD SCI, PLANT PA1 r TUESDAY, NOV. f d , Sign-ups start Oct. 26. BS EE, ME— DEC GRADS ONLY —Arkansas Power A Ucht Co. BS IM, BSMS IE—DEC GRADS ONLY—Kurt Salmon Associates. Ina I SDA Agri MarkeUng Sarvtca—SIgn-upm on Oct. 28, !•’» BS ACra, ChB, BE, MB—DEC, MAY ORAOS—GeorKia-Pad I BS ALL BUSINESS, ENG SCI, IE. MATH STATISTICS— DEC, ssA GRADS—AtBad Talaphona. y¥MCM NMeBM Jk YT V. J The Senior Panic “What am I going to do when I graduate? " “After careful consideration of your application, we regret that we are unable to offer you any encouragement regarding employment.” Many UA seniors were greeted with cheerful notes of this manner from prospective employers in their search for “the job” after graduation. On the other hand, some were more fortunate as they breezed through job interviews and spent their final semester deciding which job offer to accept. Finding success and achieving a career may sound easy when a student enters college as a freshman. The real slap in the face comes during the senior year as the college sen¬ ior realizes the books, papers and exams were a tea party as compared to the reality of finding a job after graduation. The panic button is pressed and the crucial job hunt begins. There is the race to the Placement Office signing up for interviews with every company from IT T to McDonalds. The resumes are carefully compiled, blowing up every activity and bit of job experience in order to pull the ultimate snow job on the employer. Typing skills get a real workout as countless letters of application are pre¬ pared and mailed to prospective employers. And if the job hunter is really on the ball, he ' ll hit those all important contacts: “Mr. Smith, remember me? How are things at the bank?” After the initial moves of applying and interviewing for jobs are accomplished, the waiting period arrives. Sometimes the responses are encouraging and you pat yourself on the back for having studied so diligently during the past four years. But when the rejection letters and “come back in ten years” letters start rolling in, you wonder, “Why in the hell did 1 go to college for four years?” For those jobless individuals and sad victims of rejection letters — cheer up! Every cloud has a silver lining. Just look at all the options of post graduation! Option 1 — Go back to school, change your major or get another degree. Option 2 — If you’re a girl, get married (but by all means make sure he’s landed a good job!). Options — Join the Army. Option 4 — Enter a convent. Option 5 — Live with Mom and Dad the rest of your life. Option 6 — Sell Fuller Brushes. Option 7 — Retreat to Alaska and work on the pipeline. Option 8 — Become a recluse and write a future best seller — Why I Spent $12,000 and Four Years of My Life to Obtain a College D egree to Write a Book on Why I Did It. Homecoming 76 Homecoming 76, as in previous years, was uneventful. A tradition started in the early 1920’s by Crip Hall, Home¬ coming has lost all of the color and excitement of parad- ers, pep rallies, and parties associated with the word homecoming. This year there were no parades; the pep rally was can¬ celled due to rain. A few floats did appear on campus on Saturday, but only after living groups were sure that the rain was gone. Saturday brought the game and cold Razorback football weather. The only way you could tell that it was home¬ coming was by a few mums here and there and the score- board flashing happy homecoming. The game was not typical. Fans saw Rice play the first half and Arkansas the second. The only good thing about the game was that the Razorbacks scored more points dur¬ ing “their” half, beating the Owls 41-16. Halftime brought another sign of homecoming as anti¬ que cars brought in the 1976 Queen, Diane Johnson of Springdale, and her court. The crowd was entertained by a special homecoming show by the Razorback Band and the UA Pom-Pon Squad. One interesting thing that occur¬ red on the field that many fans may not have noticed was that two UA Pom-Pon girls broke all records for dressing as they performed with the squad and then reappeared minutes later being introduced as members of the court. After the game, fans piled out of the stadium with wilted mums and a few balloons. Wind-torn floats were the only signs that homecoming had even happened. Maybe everybody was waiting on Texas Week. 54 Homecoming 76 C. Haylor C. Ha«lrr C. H.i«lrr Homeicominj’ 76 55 Thursday November 11 Students Caught Without Anti-Freeze R. Clnynn Snow 57 What Happened? Editors notv: For thv first time since ninny of us hnvi ' htu ' n lu ' ii ' . soiiK ' thiny n little hit out ol tlu ' ordinnry hnppened. Within n weeks period thret ' lh stiuhuits nttempti ' d suicith ' . Two suc¬ ceeded. one hy menus of n st ' lf-inflicted punshot. the other from tlu ' tenth floor ot Yocum hnll. Both wereprndunte students nnd one from n foreign country. Tlu ' se two (h ' nths mnd( ' mnny stu¬ dents stop to wonder whnt wns hnppeninp. Were the pn ' .ssur( s of school nsdly that hnd or were th( v compounded with personni prohhuns? The foiiowin i editorini nppenred in the Traveler wet ' ks inter, ju ' rhnps to hrinp the (piestion of whyn little closer to the studt ' iit body. A Lesson on Friendship Two friends committed suicide recently. While aware of each others existence, they were not aware of each others death. The cases were unre¬ lated. Suicides are strange lessons in friendship. The friends of the deceased suddenly realize their own inadequacy and “guilt.” Later they may become angry and confused: Why didn’t he let me help him? If only he had given me a second chance . . . Death, unfortunately, is the final deadline for friendships. Once past, no words can be taken back, no silence broken. The dead have “cheated” their friends out of the last word or “laugh?” Yet in another sense the survivors do have the last say. With the fatal move, the suicide victim loses his rights and privileges of friendship. The survivors have the opportunity to try again, hopefully learning from past mistakes. If a memorial is to be made to a person who commits suicide, it should be a living one. Perhaps the best memorial to the lost friend is friendship — a living friendship — with someone in need of a friend. KAY SPEED I- Brnwor “Sometimes I sits, an’ 60 Sitting sometimes I thinks an’ sometimes I just sits an’ thinks” Thinking 61 rt2 Sil(!fu.f nr . Silimcc Hope you’ve enjoyed our first features stay tuned for Part II 64 Part I Student Stereotypes . . . There’s one in every crowd! C. -- 12,600 students at the University and not one of us is exactly alike. Although everyone has their own individual style, students tend to fall into a certain group or get classified as a stereotype. Often stereotypes carry a bad connotation such as a “cocky black student” or a “snobby sorority chick.” The RAZORBACK feels that the best way to look at stereotypes is to sit back and laugh at them. In the following pages the RAZORBACK dis¬ plays some typical UA stereotypes that may just fit your particular college lifestyle. Which are you? Stereotypes 65 Freddie and Fran Freshman With a sparkling Walt Whitman High senior ring on one hand and a sack of mom’s homemade peanut butter cookies clutched in the other, Freddie and Fran encounter the freshman shock — that wonderful taste of freedom that going away to college brings. Innocent high school ideals are destroyed from that freedom of “I don’t have to go to class and I don’t have to come in at twelve o’clock.” There is the race to the bookstore to buy every Razorback- UA item in sight and proudly display them to the old high school crowd dur¬ ing their weekly hometown visits. 66 Stereolypes Betsy Blimp As a freshman away from home, Betsy discovers the thrills of dorm life such as the midnight smorgasbords of popcorn, pretzels, potato chips, choco¬ late chip cookies, cokes and those ever popular vending machines. Later in the year she becomes more familiar with the town and learns to take advan- tage of Baskin Robbins’ 39 flavors, Mr. Burger’s speedy service and Pizza Hut’s 521-3011 delivery. The result is Betsy Blimp’s chunky round figure. ” ' i When she realizes she’s spending too many weekends watching television ■Ullu and getting tired of wearing her overalls every day, she hurriedly signs up for three p.e. courses and chokes down meals of cottage cheese and carrots. Frank Frat Any aspiring young college man with a feather-cut hairstyle can qualify to be a Frank Frat providing he has a strong line of bull shit and an infinite love for beer drinking. Immediately following his pledgeship, the frat man drops down to ten hours, changes his major to business and collects his school year supply of khaki pants and tasseled loafers. Each day he joins his brothers for the campus cruise with beer in hand and scopes out the blossoming young freshman girls. 68 Stereotypes Patty Panhel In order to become a Patty Panhel at the UA the freshman girl must survive a grueling week of cookies, punch and smiling faces called rush. As a pledge, she learns to recite the Greek Alphabet three times before a match burns down, goes out with at least one fraternity man a week and masters the soror¬ ity stride holding her nose at a 45 degree angle. Upon her initiation she is given the glory of wearing a sparkling symbol of her sorority over her heart and has 75 girls to call her sisters. 70 Stereotypes A devout member of The Great Mandala, the campus freak is known most typically as a bearded blur whizzing past UA pedestrians on his ten-speed bicycle. He is often found lurking about Dixon Street and possesses only a backpack, two pair of patched jeans, a flannel shirt, and a $1,000 stereo sys¬ tem. Often an art or English major, Willie Weed is seen floating down the halls with his eyes half open and has a certain “air” about him. Lillian Loose A regular customer at Maxine’s, Lillian hits the college scene with a differ¬ ent date each night. She may be a greek, dormie, or from off-campus and usu¬ ally has some background experience from high school such as smoking in the bathrooms or going braless. Her phone number is found on every frater¬ nity ho use phone list, and she can be easily amused as long as a pint of Sea¬ gram’s 7 is close at hand. She is unmistakably spotted on campus wearing her two-sizes-too-small Levis, platform sandals and sleazy satin blouse unbut¬ toned freely to emphasize her feminine neckline. Stereotypes 71 — 1-iowara nog Many male students dream of living in the Wilson Sharp castle of King Broyles eating steaks weekly and being drooled over by countless curvey co¬ eds. Little do they realize the high standards demanded of an Arkansas Razorback. To begin with a UA football player must be male. Secondly, he must be able to pass X English and remedial math or weigh at least 235 pounds so that he can amiably persuade the instructor not to flunk him. F’inally, and most importantly, he must be strong emotionally in to accept “the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory.” 72 Stereotypes Inez Involved To be classified as an Inez Involved, a girl must put her schoolwork aside and devote her spare time to campus activities. Minimum requirements call for membership in ABC, Senate, AWS, the RAZORBACK staff. Union com¬ mittees, Chimes, Cardinal Key, Mortar Board, Angel Flight and Kadettes. She learns to broaden her horizons further by running for president of her living group, serving as editor of the TRAVELER, trying out for the Pom Pon Squad and joining the Tennis Team. Her ultimate goal is Who’s Who and she man¬ ages to graduate in no less than five years. I ‘ I I s Stereotypes 73 ■Wi Red A. Neck With the fifties nostalgia kick in full swing Red A. Neck finds himself in a HAPPY DAYS paradise. Into this category fall the students entering the UA their first semester from such booming metropolises as Winslow, Star City and Redeye, Arkansas. Many of them are found circling the Sonic in jacked- up cars with fur covered dash boards, white t-shirts and socks, hair oil and tooth picks with the dream of becoming “The Fonz” of Fayetteville. 74 Stereotypes Belinda Beauty Smiling her way to stardom, Belinda Beauty over-exercises her supply of makeup while seeking every beauty title on campus. Not satisfied with the single title of RAZORBACK Beauty, she continues her quest for glory by being named Homecoming Maid, Miss U of A, Daisy Mae, Derby Darling, Engine Week Queen, Agri Queen, Track Queen and Sorority Pledge Queen. Due to her fortunate female endowments and, of course, personality, Belinda has an offer from.every fraternity on campus to become a Little Sister of their group but has too much trouble deciding which one to accept. Although, in order to please them all she graciously accepts the title of Interfraternity Council Sweetheart. Stereotypes 75 Spending his first few days searching out the brothers and sisters in the dorms, Calvin quickly learns the ropes of the UA and wonders why he didn’t go to UAPB. Membership in BAD, a slight lean in his walk, a natural sense of rhythm and knowing the latest dance is a must. A love for soul food, T. J. Swann and Bacardi Rum and a chip on his shoulder help make his stay at the UA a little bit longer. Usually majoring in political science or sociology, Cal¬ vin drops out a semester or two, graduates with a 2.5 or lower and sometimes makes it big. 76 Stereotypes Carol Crusader Joining UBC, BSU and New Creations is an absolute must in order for the student to be classified a Carol Crusader. Carol must sacrifice free afternoons to knock on dormitory doors during everyone else’s nap hour or viewing of the soaps. A plastic smile must be practiced daily in order to prepare for the doorslamming when you try to explain that “Josh is coming!” For those decid¬ ing to become a crusader the following items are provided with no extra cost: a pocket-size GIDEON’S BIBLE, a book on spiritual laws, instructions on how to read in a condescending voice and short course on “Why you should wait for sex.” Stereotypes 77 N. O. Job With the realization that graduation is swiftly approaching, N, O. Job, the UA senior, experiences the panic of job hunting. He carefully reviews his col¬ lege career — a major in social welfare, a 2.1 grade average, parliamentarian of ABC and summer work as a lifeguard — then realizes his job opportunities tend to be limited. After thoughtful consideration of the doors closed to him, N. O, Job decides to extend his college education and plans to become a pro¬ fessional student. V V » Kawa Saki To fit into this category a freshman entering the UA must join the Interna¬ tional Club, enroll in speech class 339V, American Speech for Foreign Stu¬ dents and be born Indian, Chinese, or Japanese. The ambitious foreign stu¬ dent should spend a minimum of 40 hours per week in the library and commit himself as a biology or chemistry lab assistant, making certain that the aver¬ age student thoroughly misunderstands all his instructions given in his pseudo-American vocabulary. Stereotypes 79 OD3CDO9E®t3D® th0 Alex and Alice Alum Following the four year stretch of college life, each UA student, no matter what type, finds himself approaching graduation, a ceremony in which they are blessed with the end product of college, alumni status. They soon forget the misery of walking to 7:30 classes in the dusk of cold February mornings and the strain of staying awake during a discussion of medieval manorialism in western civilization. As alumni they replace the old blue jean attire with red and white jumpsuits and Razorback tietacks and earrings. When football season rolls around, they line up their Winnebagos at the foot of the stadium with a comfortable supply of beer and fried chicken. From their 50-yard alumni club seats, they sip their totties and chuckle at the college students sit¬ ting in the end zone straining their vision trying to follow the ballgame. 80 ( t Welcome to Part 2 82 Rex Guynn -I n nr Portfolio: Rex Guynn Rex Guynn 83 84 Portfolio Portfolio 85 nrfU 9() Lily I ' omlin On November 11, 1976, University students were entertained by Lily Tomlin in the Arkansas Union Ballroom. Tomlin incorporated humor, articulate character control and a special acting talent to make her characters work for her. Each has a unique personality; each makes some sort of social statement through actions or dialogue. It is easy for one to visualize the hours of research and practice Tomlin devotes to each character in order to make their part instru¬ mental as well as funny. As quickly as Tomlin could change from herself to Ernestine to the idolizer of Mildred, she changed again. She stood center stage and laughed an uncanny, chilling witch-laugh and suddenly stood up and said, “Guess who died.’’ The room was filled with nervous laughter as Tomlin went on to satirize funerals. Her following actions could seem crass and distasteful under certain circumstances, but she presented them with such a humorous twist that the audience couldn’t help but laugh. “Betty,’’ she said as she looked the imaginary dead man’s wife, “it’s a shame you couldn’t have Fred’s children. Everybody else did.’’ Tomlin does use cliche phrases and old anecdotes in her performances, but she uses them to make her characters more real-to-life, even when she used the “normal Lily’’ as a character. Such an instance was the interjection throughout her performance of an unseen reporter. “What do you think about life?’’ asked the reporter. Tomlin answered “I think life is perverse ... it could be beautiful, but it won’t be.’’ Each enco unter with the phan¬ tom reporter seemed instrumental in learning what Tomlin thinks about life. The performance topped any Laugh In show ever screened because it was purely Lily, going from one extreme opposite. The audience was kept attentive not only by the change in characters, but by the little “teaser shocks’’ the comedienne incorporated into each skit. “I worry a lot,’’ Tomlin said with a serious tone in her voice. “. . . I worry that Jimmy Carter talks to God . . . but I voted for him ... 1 worry that they heard me say that . . . but, most of all 1 worry about being a success in a mediocre world.’’ Tomlin also says some things simply because they are funny. “Edith Ann, do you have any brothers or sisters?’’ “Yes, 1 have a brother, but we’re trying to get rid of him ’cause he has a soft spot on his head,’’ the mischievous character replied. Tomlin commented on almost every segment of American society from commercials to bisexualism. She accomplishes her purpose not through fiery statements that leave resentment with those who hear her, but through forcing people to laugh at themselves. Copy by Kandy Powers reprinted with permission Arkansas Traveler o Lily Tomlin 91 speakers speakers speakers speakers speakers spe September 28 Keith Stroup “We can ' t change the laws for you. You ’re going to have to do it for yourself. ” speakers speakers speakers speakers speakers spe 92 KchlhSlroup akers speakers speakers speakers speakers speakers October 11 Leonard Nimoy “The Star Trek family, is tied together by its common interests and goals, living in an egalitarian environment where personal merit is the yardstick for measurement. ” kers speakers speakers speakers speakers speakers Leonard Nimoy 93 speakers speakers speakers speakers speakers spe C. Hagler C. Hauler January 25 R. Buckminster Fuller " The only real thing important about me is that I am a deliberate experiment. ” speakers speakers speakers speakers speakers spe 94 R. Buckminster Fuller speakers speakers speakers speakers speakers spe November 18 William Harrison “It all began when I went to a basketball game. . P a kers speakers speakers speakers speakers sp William Harrison 95 peakers speakers speakers speakers speakers spe February 15 Mary Kay Place “I’ve been doing Loretta Haggers since I was about in the second grade. ” speakers speakers speakers speakers speakers spe 96 Mary Kay Place leakers speakers speakers speakers speakers speaker March 21 Nikki Giovanni makers speakers speakers speakers speakers speaker 97 concerts concerts concerts concerts concerts con C. Ha«l0‘ concerts concerts concerts concerts concerts con 98 Commander Cody certs concerts concerts concerts concerts concerts C. Hagler certs concerts concerts concerts concerts concerts Commander Cody 99 concerts concerts concerts concerts concerts con concerts concerts concerts concerts concerts con C. 1(K) Paul VVintor Group certs concerts concerts concerts con certs concerts C. Hii ler certs concerts concerts concerts concerts concerts Paul Winter Group 101 102 Globetrotters March 31. . . The Harlem Globetrotters GLOBETROTTERS: (Kneeling from left) Mel Davis, Jimmy Blacklock, Marques Haynes, Cochise Brown, Geese Ausbie. (Standing from left) cent Humphrey, Ron Knight, Gerald Smith, Theodis Lee, John Smith. Globetrotters 103 Black Awareness 77: A Disappointment? Conveyed by most as a disappointment, Black Aware¬ ness Week ’77 was plagued early as many of the major attractions were cancelled days before the start of the week. The concert, which was to feature Parliament and Boot- sy’s Rubber Band, was cancelled due to Barnhill Arena not being able to supply enough power for the group’s equip¬ ment. Several efforts were made by members of Black Americans for Democracy to remedy this problem, but their efforts were in vain. Using the theme, “Blackness, Unity and Thoughts for the Future,’’ the week opened on Sunday with a religious service. President Charles Bishop and Debra Holliman, a senior from Ashdown, officially opened the week. A con¬ cert featuring “Souls-A-Fire” from Oral Roberts Univer¬ sity left many students speechless and with thoughts that the week would be just as moving. Led by director, Raphael Green, the group presented a moving concert of several self-composed religious songs. Students related with tears of joy as members of the group shared their life with God with the audience. The group involved the audi¬ ence throughout their performance and were presented a long standing ovation as the concert ended. A reception honoring the group was held directly after the concert. Sunday night brought the second cancellation. “The Leader,’’ a theatrical production was cancelled due to lack of participation. Monday night, presented a movie, “The Education of Sonny Carson,’’ probing the dilemmas of a ghetto black who learned that school was in the street gaining a real knowledge of life. A buffet dinner and Mrs. Florence Mattison highlighted Tuesday’s events. Mrs. Mattison, a former employee at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, was the featured speaker. Mrs. Mattison was presented the B.A.D. Award for Outstanding Contribution to Blacks in Southeast Arkansas by B.A.D. president, Terry Lee. A traditional event, the Fashion Show, capped off Wed¬ nesday’s events. Sepia Fashions including sportswear. African attire and evening wear were accepted enthusias¬ tically by the large crowd. Brenda Mitchell, a sophomore from Houston, Texas and Natalie Hill were coordinators of the show, which included several fashions of the mod¬ els themselves. Thursday brought the third cancellation. Dr. Mary Fran¬ cis Berry, Chancellor at the University of Colorado et Boulder was cancelled due to a call from President Carter. Dr. Berry was recently appointed to a sub-cabinet position in HEW. Instead, students observed Black Awareness Week at Barnhill Arena watching the HOGS dispose of Baylor. Billed as a Band Festival, students were treated to dance in Wilson Sharp Dormitory. A large crowd filled th dorm and danced to the sounds of Interpulse. A party sponsored by the Kappa Alpha Psi Scrollers Club followed the dance. Some in attendance commented that it did not end until 6 a.m. Saturday, several hundred high school students wer given a tour of the campus and attended workshops prO ' viding information about the University, student-aid and academic planning. A talent show and a dance ended Black Awareness Week ’77. The talent show, headed by Linda G. Johnson, provided music, dance, prose and poetry. Favorites included a local dance group, prose by Lloyd Myers and Paula Whitford and a stirring rendition of “No Regrets, by Jackie Morganfield, a freshman from Aubrey. A disco dance sponsored by Omega Psi Phi Fraternity follov od the talent show. 104 Black Awarenes s Week blackivess Unity and tticusi for the future HarexESS week FEB. 6-12, 1977 tniversity of Arkansas Fashion Show: Sepia Fas] 106 Black Awareness Week “Blackness, Unity and Thoughts” of the Future Black AwanMicss Wc(;k 107 September Student Health Services received Swine Flu vaccine. UA receives accreditation for 10 more years. First Pom Pon Squad performs at Utah State Pep Rally. Hogs beat OSU for first time in three years 20- 16 . UA coeds get first athletic scholarships. Martha Butler named first woman to serve as Dean of Students. After a protest by Black athletes four blacks are added to the cheerleading squad. Cars cram on campus, Public Safety warns. Women Rush was held. Governor Pryor cut funds for most state Uni¬ versities. 108 Events October Romeo and Juliet played at the University Theatre. Representative Ray Thronton speaks on the importance of voting. James Jones ate pounds in three minutes to win the jello eating contest held in Brough Commons. There were no concerts. RHA held Casino Carnival. Dianne Johnson, Kappa Kappa Gamma, was crowned Homecoming Queen. UA President, Charles Bishop, mentioned as candidate for Nebraska University head post. Arkansas nips Houston 14-7, Dennis Winston, Harvey Hampton and Ben Cowins awarded for performances. Six new Razorback Beauties. Sigma Nu and Sadie. Politics, Politics, Politics . . . Events 109 November Carter and Pryor claim victories. 28 students named to Who’s Who. Delta Gamma and Pabst capture intramural Super Bowls. Lily Tomlin entertained two packed houses. Commander Cody performed after a bomh threat. UA Cross Country team win 3rd Southwest Conference Championship. Razorbacks fail to win a game in November. Laura Rogers, Phi Beta Pi, crowned Miss Sorority Pledge Queen. Discos pop open around Fayetteville. 110 Events December After several rumors and 19 years, Frank Broyles resigns as head coach of the Razorbacks. Basketball seating becomes a problem in the newly named Barnhill Arena. Texas wins again on the tube 29-12. The, Running Razorbacks win eight in a row before losing to Memphis State. Lou Holtz, becomes new head coach, leaves high paying job as head coach of the New York Jets. Lady Razorbacks begin basketball season against Carl Cubbert Junior College. Finals, Finals, Finals, Finals. Snow, sleet and rain. Events 111 January Snow welcomed students back to town. Basketball team talk of campus, Hogs climb slowly in top 20 poll. Black Americans for Democracy start fund for former Razorback, Bruce Mitchell. UA Basketball attendance led Southwest Conference. R. Buckminister Fuller spoke as a part of sym¬ posium. University Theatre presented School for Scandal. IGF hosts State Conference. Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow. 112 Events February Niall O’Shaughnessy gains national attention for mile run. Black Awareness Week was held. Arkansas claims share of Southwest Conference Championship, beats Houston 82-80 at Houston. Kandy Power, new Traveler Editor. Mary Kay Place (Loretta Haggers) speaks at UA. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity starts colonization. % A star-studded Banquet honored Frank Broyles. Razorbacks make Elite Top Ten in Basketball. Spoon River Anthology was sponsored by Union Programs. ASG elections started. Spring Weather invaded Fayetteville. Events 113 March The Razorback basketball team won 18 in a row, a school record, were ranked as high as 6th in the nation by AP and UPI before bowing to Wake Forest in the NCCA tour¬ nament. The Hogs finished the season 26-2, the second best record in the country. David Smith was elected president of ASG. Sigma Chi and Derby Day Women’s Spring Festival Jane Hopkins was elected editor of the 1978 Razorback. Eddie Sutton was named National Coach of the Year. Moncrief, Delph and Brewer were all SWC Picks. Harlem Clobetrotters appeared at Barnhill. Spring Break Nikki Ciovanni spoke as a part of Women’s Week. A pep rally and a ticker tape parade honor¬ ing the basketball team appeared on national T.V. 114 Events April Peter Pan was produced by University The¬ atre. The Razorback Basketball team was still in the news representing the United States in an International Tournament in Brazil. % Spring Parties New cheerleaders and pom-pon girls were selected. Final 1977 Razorback copy delivered to publisher. New Miss U of A selected. Spring . . . Spring. . . Spring. . . Study for Finals . . . Cruising. . . Events 115 BACKGAMMON 11H Biick iinimon ice hit the board. Half a dozer ar watch as disks slide An fk twenty-four point board six shaker produces a pair oi rnlf ’ double six comeout ’ as the as Play continues as lon men used for markers SOP 1 board. Once again, the phenomenon known as back- has captured U of A stu- dentsatthegame. “tk Ps more familiar to some as chp the other side of the bg board,” long-neglected has emerged as a fore- reser game. Hours previously fierr K games now attend The backgammon tournaments. pastime enjoys as Pmki whenever students or rj,. • whether for a study break io Barnhrif hour wait, pre-game, historically, the game, or playing boards suitable for the game, date from 3000 B.C. Greeks and Romans played a game very similar fb today’s version. Popularity passed through Chaucer’s time up to the 1700’s when Edmund Hoyle recorded the game’s rules and objectives. In the mean¬ time, an intermediate form of back¬ gammon was tric-traCf which the French named for the noisy rattle of the dice used in play. Fayetteville now hosts this diver¬ sion. The play and strategy subscribe to the same rules, but the board itself boasts many descriptions. Backgani- mon enthusiasts may practice their hobby on sets ranging in price from $5 to $100. The more exclusive mod¬ els offer handsome leather cases dec¬ orated with corduroy, suede, or more leather. And if that is not enough for a U of A student to spend, lovers of the game can invest $700 in a back¬ gammon table, with a set always at hand. Literature on the subject is pres¬ ently at a surplus, if bookstores can keep their supplies available on shelves. Some merchants complain of lost sales simply because their orders for more backgammon sets cannot be filled quickly due to nationwide demand. As Fayette¬ ville’s streets closed from heavy Jan¬ uary snows, students flocked to those in the know for lessons. Inter¬ est multiplied after a Christmas gift¬ giving spree featuring backgammon sets. Revival of the game seems to be due to the challenge it offers to all players, beginners and champions (Yes, backgammon tournaments are big business.). A new convert can learn the basics of the game in thirty minutes, but may find a lifelong fas¬ cination in learning the secrets of backgammon’s strategy. Backgammon 117 Brotherhood of Vol Walker L Scharfenberg The contrast is ironic; the massive and impos¬ ing Vol Walker Library housing the College of Architecture. The average campus visitor would be amazed to learn that behind the carved doors and cool marble is the center of liberally creative thought. The same liberality that shows itself in lifestyles and fellowship as well as design. No other college, class, or club seems to have the same " style " as architecture students. In win¬ ter there are ski boots and lots of down-filled jackets as compared to the ultraconservatism of the business college. Then in the spring, frisbees and Minolta cameras are standard equipment for architecture students. But constant throughout the year is a laid-back, casual kind of loyalty to Vol Walker and its inhabitants. What is it that makes up a mind to spend at least five years on the same campus in classes like Environmental Technology plus inestimable hours in labs building foamboard and straight- pin models? One third-year student what inspired him is the idea of getting out and creat¬ ing real buildings and complete environmental programs. " Manipulating the environment, creating a microclimate, is challenging to me. " The Arts and Sciences department that grew into a college incorporates personalities with def¬ inite opinions. " To me. architecture is more disciplined than art. We have to be constantly aware of compos¬ ition. color, space, and texture. We have to be (aware); this is a profession.” As the years progress in the architecture pro¬ gram. the numbers dwindle and the classes grow smaller and closer. The idea of a common goal of successful creativity embodies itself in a type of brotherhood, but certainly not the type to be con¬ fused with " fraternity. " One student expressed a desire for the campus community to show more belief in the College of Architecture. He feels an image problem, lack of credibility, hampers the school being taken seri¬ ously; that sometimes it ' s passed over when its needs are justifiable. " We’re a profession — we shouldn’t have to scrape or fight. " Maybe this denial plus constant togetherness is what produces the comradeship shown by the College of Architecture. |. Brrvvrr 118 Architecture L. Scharfenberg R. Guynn R. Guynn Architecture 119 Pets, Nature and “the Man” As school, work, family and roommates get the best of us, it’s so nice to have that dog, cat or ' Ven plants to talk to. And if we don’t feel like can talk to them, there is always a quiet spot Somewhere in the woods where we can talk to the trees or the great “Man” in the sky. They are always there. For President — “I strongly believe in building on current programs but if necessary, 1 would strongly to change or abolish programs. There will be no emphasis placed on one group of students — we want people involved in all segments to get overall input.” DA VID SMITH “Involvement is the key issue. We have two types of students: one, the type who doesn’t want to get involved. You have to serve those people; and two, those wanting to get involved. You must keep them enthused.” STEPHANIE RILEY “If enough students get out and put up a fuss, I feel we could get things done. We’re as powerful as the people we get out to support us.” FRANK ADAMS ASG Elections — Despite Quiet Campaigns Election Turnout Big copy and photos by Chris Krueger Although somewhat lacking in th grandeur and frenzy which has typi ' fied some ASG elections in the past Campaign ’77 showed, by voter turn ' out, that the UA student body wasn’ uncaring by a long shot. About 20 per cent of the total stU ' dent body voted in the general eleC ' tion March 1, an increase of almost ten per cent last year’s election. Sure there were the same old cai ' paign promises, the same candid candidate forums where only hand ' fuls of people attended (and manV times they were supporters of certaijj candidates), campaign literature and candidate-sponsored automobile rides to the poll. But the significant factor was th students turned out to the polls greater force than in the last fe ' years, showing it is possible to raise the multitude from the depths of 1 don’t care” slumber to exercise th “Getting the student body involved is not going to be a one-year thing. I’m run¬ ning for the average guy out there who sits and writes letters to the Traveler, not knowing what to do or where to go with his complaints or suggestions.” LUTHER BRANHAM For Vice-President — “Let’s bring the executive branch closer to the legislative branch. I’d like to see tangible programs coming out of ASG to benefit the students.”DOf G WEAVER “The vice-presidency is a troubleshooting and efficiency position. We need to bring the vice-presidency to its full zenith.” CURT ROM “Let’s rid the student body of sectionalism . . . and get everybody fired up.” RANDY CAPES 122 ASG Elections sometimes flabby voting privilege niuscle. A total of 2,133 persons had voted by the time the polls closed the eve¬ ning of March 1. About 750 people had voted by noon. By 7:30 p.m., a handful of students had begun to form around the doors of the south end of the Union Ball¬ room, where ASG Election Commis¬ sion members began making prepa¬ rations to add the totals of the voting niachines. By 8 p.m., that handful of students had grown to a crowd of between 50 nd 60 persons. Some took a seat on the floor to ' nit out the results. Others sat in srnall, anxious groups, while still others wandered restlessly in and out of the room. Some students clus¬ tered in the halls, talking in hushed but excited tones. Meanwhile, election commission members checked the last minute points of order in Sturgis’ Rules. At 9:20 p.m., election commission chairman Jim Garrison read the elec¬ tion results, but first emphasizing that at that point the returns were “unofficial” pending any election protests filed before 5 p.m. the fol¬ lowing day. (There had been talk of alleged campaign violations commit¬ ted by two candidates, but that was all it turned out to be — talk. No vio¬ lations were filed by the deadline.) The room stood silent as the results of each race were called, but then erupting in resounding screams and shouts as the winners were con¬ gratulated. And the dust had cleared. David Smith had taken the presi¬ dent’s berth with a whopping 1,048 votes, well over half the total number of votes cast for president. Stephanie Riley, Smith’s closest competitor trailed by 289 votes, tallying 759. Doug Weaver won the vice-presi¬ dency with 950 votes; 209 over Curt Rom, who tallied 741. At press time, a runoff election had been scheduled March 3 to determine winners in the secretary’s and treasurer’s races. Beth Martin faced Barbara Womack in the secre¬ tarial race, and Mark Kinion and Currin Nichol squared off in the race for treasurer. Randy Capes Doug Weaver Curt Rom ASG Elections 123 Lights!! Cameras!! Action!! And action it was as about 3,000 students and local fans cheered at just about everything at a Basket¬ ball pep rally the Friday before the home finale w ith Texas. Yes, that’s right, a basket¬ ball pep rally. This rally was unlike any rally before. First, this was only the second time in recent decades that a rally was held during the bas¬ ketball season for the basketball team. An attempt was made during Coach Sutton’s first year, but drew only about fifty students and the cheerleaders. Second, this rally drew national attention. T.V. cameras were lined up everywhere as NBC Sports and NCCA films, filmed the rally for national telecasts. NBC aired the rally nationally on its popular Grandstand Sports show and the NCCA used it during the NCCA tournament. Thirdly, this time students, cheerleaders, pom-pon girls and yes the Razorback basketball team turned out in large numbers and called the Hogs, chanted “we’re 1’’ and recited poetry for about an hour for the cameramen and the Hogs. Fans gave standing ovations to just about everyone, but saved the longest and loudest for Coach Sutton and his Razorbacks. Sutton thanked the fans for their support and joined them in calling the Hogs before the rally’s end. Yes, the rally as was the basketball season was termed a tremendous success. With the recent rise of basketball at the U of A, pep rallies in Barnhill Arena (or Hog Heaven) will no longer be a rarity but just one of the UA’s expected pleasures. signs ranging from ' ' bring on San Francisco ' ' to " see you in Atlanta " popped up all over barnhill arena, a student presented an original poem " the year of the hog " and the pom-pon girls gave Sut¬ ton a big kiss. Sutton smiled 124 Pep Rally or the Hogs Thousands gather for Pep Rally! Pep Rally 125 erforming Arts P(!rfc)rminj4 Ar!s 130 Dr. Kernodle Dr. George Kernodle — A University Theatre Legend ' vilh fh “ an intellectual giant nror. of zest and rambunctiousness of a jj j ? ‘ous child — a complex man who has lal J [ ' ' ' ,. oovered the secret of perpetual men- Richard Rothrock. professor at Hum- Wrni College, was absolutely right when he od words describing Dr. George R. Ker- •ho I? . owever. there are many students here at like ' ' orsity who only know him as the cute elf- . 0 who wrote “that theatre book that we theatre lecture. Wrii T ornodle and his wife. Portia, did ooll(f to Theatre which is used in 200 only ' Lross the country. However, this book is has many accomplishments which ' ' rnodle national recognition in the schop theatre. " He is considered a notable tre. be ' ' ' ' tor. lecturer and historian of Ihea- f infinite study and application Tho iV 50 years of his life, tual oi ' , lucky to have this 5-foot intellec- Howov ? years in the Drama Department. monoTk r odle (better known as Dr. K. final 1 . ‘‘ tre students) directed his 39th and d id University stage this fall, Romeo Fc te brought excitement and diversity World Theatre and theatres around the Fay(»{|‘„ before he directed his first play ’ nlf in th » -V won a name for hi him- jpj, j ' •‘caim becausVh through his interest in music •he arf« a , -W’ theatre was the most sociable of fnl zosi f, y he still feels a youth- ‘ ies nspect of theatre. When the Ker- a trip around the world they saw 150 plays. " We never get tired of seeing plays, " Ker¬ nodle claims. Kernodle has proved that he is definitely a the¬ atre buff by the years he has spent studying its history. After receiving a master’s degree in drama from the University of Chicago. Dr. K. taught at Ball State Teacher’s College. Cleveland College and Tulsa University. At 22 Dr. K. began the research work which established him as an expert in theatre history. In 1929 he studied Euro¬ pean theatre and then in the late 1930’s he won Sterling and Rockefeller Fellowships to study in Italy. Austria, Germany. France and England. Dr. Kernodle published his findings in numerous articles and in his books. From Art to Theatre: Form and Convention in the Renaissance and Invitation to the Theatre. He was also coauthor of The Renaissance Stage: Documents of Serlio, Sabattini and Furttenback. Kernodle began his lecturing career in lf)43. when he spoke at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since then he has traveled to Columbia University, the Jewish Theological Institute. Cornell University and Brigham Young University. He also lectured in Holland. England and Canada and taught sum¬ mer sessions at the University of California, the University of Colorado and the University of Hawaii, Teaching for 25 years has given Dr. K. plenty time to try to bridge " the gap between knowledge and practice " of drama which he sometimes finds in theatre. In his classes. Kernodle combined the¬ ory and practice to " give students an intimate acquaintance with a few plays that they would never forget.” Kernodle raises his white eyebrows as if he forgot the best part of his teaching career. " I have students .scattered all across the country. " Kernodle boasts. Dr. K. is especially proud of Larry Luckinbill, a current Broadway star, whom Dr. K. called " one of my most promising stu¬ dents.” Kernodle remembers when Luckinbill first came here. " Larry was a gawky country boy when he came here, and now he is a sophisti¬ cated leading man in New York. " Besides these rewards in his teaching career. Dr. Kernodle has w ' on awards for his work. In 1972 he received the alumni award for Distin¬ guished Research here and in 1974 he was invested as a Fellow ' of the American Educational Theatre Association. Dr. K. was almost too mod¬ est to mention one lecture invitation that he will ahvays remember. He whispered that he once spoke at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford. England. What are Dr. K.’s plans for the future? His first priority is to finish the writing jobs he has started. For 25 years the Kernodles have been collaborat¬ ing on an extensive history of the theatre. They are also aw ' aiting the third edition of An Invita¬ tion to Theatre, and have plans to once again travel abroad. But no matter where the Kernodles travel. Arkansas will always be their home, " I like Arkansas’ landscape. " Kernodle says. " Arkansas provides pleasant everyday living, but w ' e have also managed to get to big cities to see plays. " Although this intellectual giant will still be liv¬ ing in Fayetteville under the title of professor emeritus, he will take with him those special sparks that he used to set off when he became a Shakespeare character. His colleagues already realize how ' they will miss him " terribly. " Dr. Kernodle 131 Summer Theatre Productions 132 Performing Arts Summer Theatre Productions Performing Arts 133 University Theatre Romeo and Juliet Directed by George R. Kernodle 134 Performing Arts University Theatre The Tragedy of ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakespeare Director.George Kernodle ' Costume Designer . Patricia Romanov Lighting Designer.Duane Brown Sound Designer . . Vernon McKimmey Choreographer.Kathy Treadway Fencing Master.Scott Campbell Makeup Designer.Jack Mahan Scene Designer.Charles Harrill DRAMATIS PERSONAE Chorus. .Bill Ballard Prince of Verona.Gregg Smith Lord Montague.Jim Tolar Lady Montague.Becky Riggs Romeo, son to Montague.Bob Mayfield Mercutio. kinsman to the Prince and friend to Romeo.Jack Mahan Benvolio. nephew to Montague and friend to Romeo.Rick Baser Balthasar, servant to Romeo .James Jones Lord Capulet.Kenneth Pollock L dy Capulet.Kelly King Juliet, daughter to Capulet .Cynthia Blevins Nurse to Juliet.Sarah Fuls Peter, servant to Juliet s Nurse .Warren Rosenaur Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet.Bill Engles Paris, a young Count, kinsman to the Prince.Bob Overton An old man, cousin to Capulet .j. Palmer Boggs Friar Lawrence, confessor to Romeo and Juliet.William F. Edmonds Friar John, a Franciscan .Tim Hollis Sampson, servant to Capulet.Warren Rosenaur Gregory, servant to Capulet .Bobby McCaughey Servant to Capulet.Tim Hollis Abraham, servant to Montague.John Jordan Servant to Montague .Bill Lucky Apothecary.Bill Baker Citizens of Verona.Scott Campbell Andy Mueller Kathy Treadway Michelle Weathers Performinjj Arts 13v5 University Theatre The Elixir of Love Directed by Maxwell Worthley 136 Performing Arts University Theatre The Opera Workshop and the University Theatre Present THE ELIXIR OF LOVE by Gaetano Donizetti October 18-23,1976 Director Conductor Choreographer Maxwell Worthley Campbell Johnson Frances Bruggers Costume Designer Scene Designer Lighting Designer Patricia Romanov Martha Sutherland Charles Harrill THE CHARACTERS Adina. a rich and capricious landowner.Holly Adams N morino, a young farmer in love with Adina.Ronald Gentry Frantz Battenfield Belcore, Sergeant to the village garrison .David Sackman Dr. Dulcamara, a travelling medicine man.Harry Budd Gianetta, a young country girl .Ann Peebles Terri Wilks Notary.Harry Ainsworth Boy. Dulcamara ' s assistant.Mary Williford Villagers.Rachel Barry. Joyce Bennett. Charity Fung. Elizabeth Howick. Gail Hutchinson. Martha Mozingo. Debra Rea. Mahlona Tolleson. Susan Watkins. Harry Ainsworth. Frantz Battenfield. Gordon Davis. Bruce McCutcheon Soldiers.David Adams. Charlie Brown. Kevin Kaufmann. Doyle Martin. Mike Merrifield. George Newtown Dancers.Pamela Atha. Sherrie Purvis. Pe88y Reagan. Mary Williford Performing Arts 137 University Theatre Mother Courage Directed by Thomas R. Jones 138 Performing Arts University Theatre Bertolt Brecht’s MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN A Chronicle of the Thirty Years’ War English Version by Music by Eric Bentley Paul Dessau November 15-20,1976 Directed by Thomas R. Jones Choreography by Costumes by Barbara Jo Bray Charles E. Harrill Lighting by Makeup by Duane Browns Patricia Romanova Musical Direction by Scenery by Kermit Medsker Richard Harmon CHARACTERS Mother Courage . . Patricia Romanov Kattrin. her dumb daughter Martha Williamson Eilif. her elder son. .jack Mahan Swiss Cheestt. her vounRer son. .: Larry Butler Kecruilin Officer Bill Lucky S(r|;Rtranl lames Lip.scomb Cook. William F. Edmonds Swtnlish ( ommandttr. Michael Bingham Chaplain Vernon McKimmey Ordnance Officcrr. Alfred Williams YvtMIe Pettier. Franctts BruRRers Man with the Bandage Bobby McCiauRhey Another ScTReant. lames Lipscomb Old Colonel. |oe Clerk . Alfred Williams Younj S »ldi !r. h!ss Lynn Older SolditT. .Bill Lucky Peasant Larry Butler Peasant Woman Cynthia Blevins Youn { Man |«!.ss Lynn Old Woman Cynthia Blevins Another Peasant William F. Edmonds Another Peasant Woman ( ynthia Bhtvins YounR Peasant lackMahiin Lieutenant BillLiu;ky Voict!. Bobby McCauRhey Voict?. Ken BruRRirrs Soldiers. KtMi BruRRers Michaid BinRh im. less Lynn. Bohhy McCauRhiLV Kermit MedskiT. |oe Ross. Alfred Williams Musicians. Frances BruRRers Ken BruRRers. K(?rmit Medsker. ) Lynn Pcrrl ' orniin Arls l. ' iU University Theatre School for Scandal Directed by Kent R. Brown 140 Performing Arts University Theatre Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The School for Scandal January 31-February 5,1977 Director Kent R. Brown Scenery Design Lighting Design Richard Harmon Esther Shimkus Costume Design Makeup Design Debbie Gnaedinger Warren Rosenaur DRAMATIS Personae Sir Peter Teazle. Lady Sneerwell. Snake . Maid. .Sondra Carson Servant. Joseph Surface. Phil Royce Maria . Mrs. Candour. .Cynthia Blevins CrdbtrCC! . Iagg I A nn Sir Benjamin Backbite. Rowley. Lady Teazle . Sir Oliver Surface . Moses . Trip. Charles Surface. Careless. Sir Harry . Sir Toby . Servant . Maid. Performing Arts 141 University Theatre Jesus Christ Superstar Directed by Thomas R. Jones 142 Performing Arts University Theatre Jesus Christ Superstar Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics by Tim Rice Originally produced on Broadway by Robert Stigwood and MCA Inc. by special arrangement with David Land Original Broadway production conceived by Tom O’Horgan February 28 — March 5,1977 Director Thomas R. Jones Vocal Directors Bill Brown Gail Hutchison Choreosrapher Penelope Hanstein Scenery-Lighting Designer Charles E. Harrill Sound Engineer Gary Kowalski Conductor Roy J. Nastasi Costume Designer Patricia Romanov CHARACTERS Jesus of Nazareth .Dave Barnes Mary Magdalene .Pt ggy Dodson Judas Iscariot.David Bailey Sim4 n.Mark France Peter .Bob Mayfield Pontius Pilate.Brad Barber King Herod.David Simmons First Priest.Scott Campbell Second Priest.David Oates Caiaphas .David Brewer Annas.Warren Rosenaur Maid by the fire.Melissa Perdue Apostles.Bob Brandt. Don Hall. Eric Holden. Gail Hutchison. Jess Lynn. Chuck Rowland. Curt Rom. Katherine Satterfield. B. J. Simons ROMAN SOLDIERS. MERCHANTS. TORMENTORS. LEPERS. CROWDS: Sherman Person. Ellen English. Debbie Stover. Susan Wise. Dana Scott. Cherie McGuire. Ted Wil¬ liams. Jack Mahan . Janelle Diffin. Carol Manning. Vivian Morrison. Nancy Allbright. Pam Atha. Kem Bowie. Debbie de Correvont. Kevin Coker. Phil Emerson. Laura Ford. Terri Hall. Tammy Harris. Emily Holcomb. Sherrie McAdow. Shelia McCown. Holly Phillips. Sherre Purvis. Peggy Regan. Sonny Tomlin.son. Mary Williford. Donna Kirkpa¬ trick. E. J. Lankheit. Sharon Kowalski. Gerry L. Donner. Beth Kelley PLACE: Bethany in and around Jerusalem and the Garden of Gethsemane TIME: The last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth Performing Arts 143 University Theatre Peter Pan Directed by Patricia Romanov 144 Performing Arts University Theatre Peter Pan Director Patricia Romanov Costume and Choreography Lighting Design Penelope Henstein Charles Harrill Music Director Richard Harmon Kermit Medsker CAST: Peter Pan. .Cynthia Blevins Captain Hook. . .Bill Edmonds Wendy Darling .Pam Jones John Darling . ., .Jeff Finn Michael Darling .David Market Mrs. Darling . . . .Mahlona Tolleson Mr. Darling .. . . .Bill Lucky Nana. .Warren Rosenaur Crocodile. .Jack Mahan Tiger Lily. .Phyllis Blumenfeld Liza . .Esther Shimkus Jane. .Martha Williams Uarkettes UARKETTES: Melinda Blair, Ellen English, Nancy Rosenbaum, Lisa Watkins, Margaret Spencer, Janet Holman, Pam Herriman. Pam Jones, Rene Moor Laurie Rich, Sharon Maguire, Debbie Wood, Mark Bane, Brad Barber, Rick Blackwood, David Brewer. Charlie Brown, Scott Doss, Mark Scobey, Robfif Sparkman. Professor Kenneth Ballenger, Director. 146 Uarkettes Uarkottos 147 Concert Choir 148 Concert Choir Catherine Basham Cynthia Bogard Deborah Bolt Mary Bowdon Candy Brown Peggy Dodson Samuel Donelson Debi Eaton Micheal Eckels John English Mark Fisher Charity Fung Kathryn Gaines Jerry Gaither Monty Gamble Melissa Gibson Luanne Graue Lisa Hempy Kimberly Holmes Luann January Cynthia Jones Alvin Kelly Rebecca Kenward Catherine Kilgore Anthony Logue Melissa Matlock Michael Merrifield Ben Moody Rene Moore Martha Mozingo Marjorie Neal Ellen Perkins Lisa Pontius Rebecca Riggs James koberson Timothy Sheible Beverly Smith Concert Choir Members Teddi Smith William Smith Robert Sparkman Paula Spurlock Thomas Stearns Katherine Stewart Jeff Thomas Christy Thompson Dorothy Tolleson Carol Walter Koenia Welty Julie Whiteley Debra Wilkinson Lisa Worst Cheryl Adams Patricia Anderson Rhonda Barbee F. R. Battenfield Elizabeth Beller Douglas Campbell Edwin Day Dean Dougherty Julie Fletcher Debra Green Mark Kinion Thomas McDade Richard Quinn Mary Reynolds Michael Rush Peggy Schkel Darel Snodgrass Robert Spicer Mary Stuckey Regina Wilks Margaret Snyder Terry Paul Concert Choir 149 Schola Cantorum SCHOLA CANTORUM Donald Bumgarner Roger Collier, Jr. Judy Compton Michael Eckels Ann Edwards Julie Gabel Montie Gamble Helen Hampton Nina Harrell Kevin Kauffman Rebecca Kenward Garol Manning Vivian Morrison Jo Moseley Thomas Pitts James Roberson Jeff Thomas Dorothy Tolleson Loenia Welty Julie Whiteley Alan Wilbourn Joe Wilhelm Dennis Branyan Jill Brewer Connie Kramer Gail Hutchison Garol Mitchel David Savage Richard Smith Stanley Staggs Mary Stuckey Victoria Busk Judy Garner James Pembworth Paul Terry DIRECTOR. Richard Brothers 150 Performing Arts 1S2 Danf:e Company 154 Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts 155 t One Last Look. 156 Student Life I DMIhl TRKrDh Honorable David Pryor Governor David Pryor was born in Camden, Arkansas. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1957 with a BA in Political Science, and later became a graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Law. During his years at the U of A, Pryor was active in student govern¬ ment. was a member of SAE frater¬ nity, and was elected “Campus Casa¬ nova.” In 1961, David Pryor was elected to the Arkansas House of Representa¬ tives and served three terms. He became a member of the U.S. Con¬ gress in 1966, where he again served three terms. In 1967, he was elected president of the “90th” Club, which is composed of freshman Congress¬ men. He was chosen as “Man of the Year” in 1971 by the National Coun¬ cil of Senior Citizens. David Pryor became the governor of Arkansas in 1974. He was the chairman of the Southern Regional Educational Board in 1975, and in 1976 was pre¬ sented a Citizenship Award by the University of Southern California. Governor David Pryor still loves and misses the University of ArkaH ' sas. He feels that the University has progressed considerably in the last twelve years, but that there is still 3 need for continuous growth withii the future. Pryor looks forward to working along with Dr. Bishop, the Board of Trustees, and the State Department of Higher Education to help improve areas such as; Agriculture, Forestry Business Administration, and the Liberal Arts. He feels these areas are ' vital and need further work. The Governor also looks forward to increased student participation regarding University legislation. “It their University, and the student should have a say about what goe l on,” says Pryor. Pryor said he would recommend university budgets be increased nO more than five per cent. So far, has received negative reactions froin the students regarding that proposal 160 Administration University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Mr. Hugh Burnett Chalmers Dr. Jaqueline Douglas Mr. Bradley D. Jesson Dr. Charles E. Kemp Dr. Raymond P. Miller, Sr. Mrs. Diane Nolan Mr. Robert D. Pugh Mr. Lewis L. Ramsey, Jr. Mr. George R. Shankle Mr. Robert L. Shults Boaril of ' IViKsliMts 161 1H2 Adminislnilion I serve as a liaison with the depart- ‘nt of higher education. 1 prepare quest documents and work with he legislature. “1 work with all cam- P is personnel in making policy and facility programming.” 1 also affirm he needs of programs before plans 80 to the architects. Executive Vice- esident, Charles W. Oxford “My position concerns itself with how well campus programs and ser¬ vices respond to student needs, indi¬ vidual and collective. Is the campus environment pro or anti student? Do out-of-class experiences enhances or detract from a student’s academic program? Are students biung encour¬ aged to value, que stion, and develop as individuals? Finally, are th( vari¬ ous student services really providing for students as they should? Vice- President for Educational and Stu¬ dent Services, W, F. Denman “1 hav(i always believed that the non-academic areas of the Univer¬ sity, which are my prime responsibil¬ ity, are here to serve the students and faculty. It is our job to make the cam¬ pus a better and more pleasant place to work and study. In my experience at th(i University 1 cannot remember a time when our students have not n acted rcuKsonably for the best inter¬ est of the University community. The friends I’ve madt» among our stu- dcMits and their r(M:ognition of this fricMidship aft(ir they leave the cam¬ pus is a very rc warding factor that givtjs me gr(?at pcusonal satisfaction in I his position.” Vice-President of Fiscal Affairs, Fred S. Vorsanger Adniinislralion “The Vice President-Provost is pri¬ marily concerned with the imple¬ mentation of the university’s aca¬ demic programs and its research and state service activities. My relation¬ ship to students is mostly through the academic support services provided by the Registrar’s office and the library. In matters of academic appeals by students, 1 work to assure that careful procedures are followed and just treatment is obtained.” Vice President-Provost, Charles A. Leone Some of the areas that the Associ¬ ate Provost has primary responsibili¬ ties are “support services provided by the library and computing ser¬ vices on the Fayetteville campus, and Director of Summer School.” The official interaction of the Associate Provost with the student body is of indirect nature and deals primarily with academic structure and sup¬ porting activities on the Fayetteville Campus. The office functions under an open-door policy relating to mat¬ ters of direct student concern in the academic environment and wel¬ comes students input regarding qual¬ ity and effectiveness of the teaching¬ learning process. Associate Provost, K. R. Cook “The office of academic planning and development is a university wide operation concerned primarily with academic progress. This office is sensitive to students demand for educational progress and to the potential job market for a university graduate. Outreach programs are planned to provide educational opportunity for students who cannot attend on campus. Through aca¬ demic planning, efficient delivery systems are established to meet these student needs.” Vice-President for Academic Planning, Arthur D. Browne 164 Administration “My job relates to the student as I Assist the President in creating an environment which is conducive to he academic, social and personal development of all students.” Execu¬ tive Assistant to the President, Fred • Taylor “I have perceived my role in the university as an advocate of student needs and concerns as an assistant to the President. 1 try very hard to place myself in the students’ position and advise the President from that per¬ spective.” Assistant to the President, Merlin . Augustine " We are the ‘nerve center, a cross- section where students’ requests are kept and determined. We keep the students’ records.” Registrar, Carter A, Short Admini.sinilion 1H5 “The work of any administrator and most assuredly the development officer cannot be separated from the needs of students. The needs of stu¬ dents must be foremost in the minds of administrative officers.” Execu- live Director of Development, Elton H. Donauhauer “The word ‘space’ symbolizes the internal pressures and external constraints that shape the growth of a comprehensive institution. Errors in campus planning, facilities plan¬ ning and construction impair educa¬ tional functions and destroy campus unity. It is by avoiding these errors and by looking toward improved uti¬ lization of existing resources that this office serves the UA.’’ Director of Facilities Planning and Construc¬ tion, Minor G, Wallace “We have an extensive program for publicizing students in their hometown newspapers. We also give information about the UA to stu¬ dents and parents. We make news available to the Traveler by sending news releases every day.” Director of Informati on, William Hughes 166 Admini.stration The responsibility of the depart- is to provide professional law I ' nforcement service to include areas involving traffic violations and crim- }nal investigations. Crime prevention our main funct ion.” Director of blic Safety, Larry Slamons " It is my philosophy that the direc¬ tor and personnel of physical plant are responsible to serve the students, faculty and other staff members of the University by providing service and facilities maintenance which creates an environment favorable to the University, teachers, research and administrative functions of the institution.” Director of Physical Plant, Joe Talley “This office is responsible for developing and monitoring the Uni¬ versity’s programs that relate to affirmative action, equal employ¬ ment opportunity and the elimina¬ tion of discrimination. Two areas which relate directly to students are the programs for implementing (1) Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin and (2) Title IX of 1972 which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex.” Director of Human Rela¬ tions, Barbara Taylor “It is my responsibility to furnish the Governor, members of the Legis¬ lature and other individuals informa¬ tion concerning the needs of the U of A to meet its obligations in serving the students on its various campuses. It is my responsibility to seek con¬ tributions for the President’s Club of the University and to promote and coordinate the development of new out-reach programs for the various campuses of the U of A.” Vice Presi¬ dent for Governmental Relations and Public Service, Carl S. Whillock “We are in cont act with a lot of student organizations and also stu¬ dents receiving financial aid.” Our “main service is to the academic department which in turn is respon¬ sible for the academic process.” Bus¬ iness Manager, O, . Rinnert “We have very little direct contact with the students, mainly with the independent student organizations procedure. We keep the general account records of the University of Arkansas. We do the reporting and budgetary control. 1 also prepare all the pay rolls including the student pay rolls.” Controller, John Carney IHH Acimini.siralion ‘I deal with problems outside the University. Our office gives legal J? vice and assistance to the Board of ' , ' ustees, President, and other offi- ds. We deal with the day to day Problems of the university.” General f uncil, Ray Trammell “Any administrative job in the purest sense plays a supportive role for a campus. We respond by giving the best value for the money we spend, and we let the people know about it.” Treasurer, Jack W. Woody “1 research student needs, set pri¬ orities and develop programs designed to meet the most pressing needs. I also work in those already existing programs in such manne r as to facilitate their effectiveness. Our current study skills and career ser¬ vices, for example, need to be more widely understood and utilized. 1 serve as an advocate for individual students and as an advocate for stu¬ dents within special interest groups, such as for women and minority groups. 1 am also involved in arbi¬ trating individual and group dis¬ putes.“ Dean of Students, Martha Butler Adminislnilitm (li partmenl is in charge of employment of non-academic staff such as the sports staff of the Univer¬ sity. The department does the recruiting, screening, and referral of applicants to the non-academic staff of the University. We handle? fhe monetary benefits received by the faculty and staff such as life insur¬ ance?, disability insurance, and retire- m(?nt. l’h(? d(?partment also main¬ tains (lc?aves) records for the non- acade?mic staff. Director of Person¬ nel Services, Karl R. Lefler “The computing service is in sup¬ port of academics and administra¬ tion of the University. It is in support of programs for students also. The students input their computer pro¬ grams in the computers in Hotz Hall. The results come out at the terminal or through a print out. Some students are also employed by computing ser¬ vices. Some members of the staff also teach some computer classes. Director of Computer Service, James Shankle “We basically try to keep the alumni informed about the Univer¬ sity, and to keep their interest in the school. We try to keep a ‘two way communication’ open, between the alumni and the University of Arkan¬ sas staff. The association also raises scholarship money and they give out 200 scholarships a year, which the UA appropriates. There are local alumni associations located all over the country. The UA association works with the local chapters.” Director of Alumni Association John Rosso 170 Aftmini.sirdlion ‘We are part of the academic ocess. No group of individuals or culty can carry huge amounts of knowledge at once. The library pro- ' des the knowledge for the student ? d faculty. It is a storehouse of owledge.” Director of Libraries, oyal V. Pope “I serve on the Budget Committee which prepares the operating budget for the Fayetteville campus. I specifi¬ cally take care of the technical mat¬ ters such as allocations of funds and getting printed documents for the committee. I am directly and indi¬ rectly concerned about the enroll¬ ment. 1 am responsible for the prepa¬ ration of the budget for the Fayette¬ ville campus to be given to the legis¬ lators.” Budget Officer, Thomas Dorre “I provide a service to manage¬ ment by reviewing the university operations. My objective is to assist all members of management with appraisal and recommendations of the activities being reviewed.” Inter¬ nal Auditor, Warren S. King Adminisiration 171 ‘ My job has two primary parts: First, I am responsible for the Judi¬ cial process. I feel comfortable in rel- atinj to the students this way. Sec¬ ond, I deal with minority needs and concerns. I am char ed with having effective awareness and sensitivities rc ardin minority ne eds and con¬ cerns so I can develop an operating program that will address itself to these needs and concerns before they manifest themselves into prob¬ lems.” Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Semon Thompson COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS “The dean’s office in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics relates to students in two important ways. First, in various ways we attempt to inform students of academic opportunities that will enable them to learn not only how to earn a living, but how to live a rich full life. Secondly, the dean’s office has a responsibility to pro¬ vide leadership which assures quality programs in the col¬ lege. This is accomplished through careful faculty hiring procedures and providing a climate in which excellent faculty members can maximize the use of their education, experience and creativity.’’ Dean Glenn W. Hardy Agriculture and Home Economics 173 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE “I feel that the Dean is the link between the student and the larger administration. 1 feel the dean’s office should serve the student, and be supportive and helpful so that the student will get the best possible education. The required studies in the School of Architecture concentrate on materials, design, and basic sciences. The students in the program spend more than half their days in the Vol Walker Library or in an annex on Maple street to complete their days in the five year program.” Dean C, Murray Smart 174 Architecture COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES The College of Arts and Sciences offers both unusual problems and unusual challenges and opportunities in our work with students. Much of that work is in preparation for the professions — but not a particular profession or even one type of profession. We help train future lawyers, doctors, anthropologists, artists, journalists, musicians, social welfare workers, speech pathologists, zoologists, and a variety of others. But in a broader sense we are not a school for any single professional field or group of these. Our responsibilities and work lie equally in the area of service to all other colleges and students, as well as our own. There are numerous problems and difficulties in try¬ ing to reach all the individual students involved, but that work is challenging in its breadth and diversity — and never monotonous.” Dean R, C, Anderson Arts and Sciences 175 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION “The College Dean must of necessity serve many consti¬ tuencies: faculty, central administration, Board of Trus¬ tees, Legislators, Governor, Department of Higher Educa¬ tion, general public, business community, students and parents. Although the time I may be able to devote to any single constituency is limited, I know of no dean ‘worth his salt’ who does not strongly feel that his primary com¬ mitment and responsibility lies in service to his students.” Dean John P. Owen 176 Business Administration DIVISION OF CONTINUING EDUCATION The School of Continuing Education through independ¬ ent studies offers correspondence courses for both high school and college subjects along with other courses taught outside of the regular classroom. The school, sup¬ ported largely by federal funds, has sponsored numerous community services such as workshops and training for women, teachers, and municipal government officials. “All activities of the Division of Education are directly rel¬ ated to the needs of the students. Academic progress is developed state-wide to meet specific student needs and this division is supportive of the various schools and col¬ leges of the University of Arkansas.’’ Dean Hugh Mills t Continiiing Education 177 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION I feel my job relates to the students very “closely.” 1 feel we “facilitate and provide for the needs of students.” There are 16 majors offered in the Bachelor of Science in Education. These prepare the students for the various fields in which they undertake. There is a placement office for graduates looking for a teaching position. Dean Fred J, Vescolani 178 Education COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING “Scarcely a decision is made without regard for its impact on our students. After all, the students are the life¬ blood of any academic program. The College of Engineer¬ ing has many schoolwide activities such as the sponsoring of Engine Week, Ice Cream Social, picnics and the annual Engine Rally held in the spring. There is staunch pride evi¬ dent in all phases of the college ’s programs and various fields selected by its students.’’ Dean Loren R. Heiple En inoerin ,’ 179 GRADUATE SCHOOL The main objective of the Graduate School is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. “Graduate Education, including research, is essential to the welfare of the states and the nation. It is a significant provider of intellectual and cultural leadership, research potential and the highly educated professional and techni¬ cal human resources necessary to translate research into social, industrial and economic action. It also provides and is the source of new knowledge both historically and currently. It provides the innovators, the planners and the teachers necessary to state and national well-being and survival in the complex interrelated and technological world of the last quarter of the 20th century.’’ Dean James . Hudson QRA.DUATE education building LAW SCHOOL “Since the Law School is not departmentalized, it has no department heads. Thus some of the functions of a department head in the other colleges are performed by the dean of the Law School, as well as the deaconal func¬ tions. This tends to bring the dean into more important, direct student relationships than might otherwise be the case. I relate to students in academic advisement, joint activities with the offices of the Student Bar Association, hearing of students’ complaints and establishing lines of communications with all student groups. I report to the t aw student body each semester on the state of the Law School. The deans of law also typically teach a regular course each semester, and I have followed this tradition.’’ Dean Wylie H. Davis Law IHl SCHOOL OF NURSING Dr. Lynn Murray is the new Fayetteville representative for the Associate Degree Nursing program on campus. The Fayetteville department offers a two year program for a degree in Associate of Science in Nursing. The School of Nursing was established in 1975 as a college. Students in nursing go to Dr. Murray for advisement while they are here on the Fayetteville campus preparing them for their future. “As far as the students are concerned, I am trying to do the best 1 can while they are on campus in their two- year study.” Lynn Murray. The ADN chairman is Betty Bantenfield. 182 Nursing Outstanding Faculty The professor is my shepherd, I shall not study. He maketh me to lie down in the wee hours; His homework leadeth me through the stacks. He restoreth my apathy; he leadeth me in the path of knowledge for my own sake. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of failure, I will fear plagiarism. The professor is with me, his assignments and his staff they exploit me. He preparest a test for me in the presence of my classmates. He annointest my head with trivia (meanwhile my mug runneth over.) Surely, after many scrolls are published while he is at the Hill, He will wear the cloak of Holy Tenure forever. Outstanding Faculty 183 — Outstanding Dr. Margaret Bolestri Dr. Charles Britton Prof. Ron Hurt Dr. John L. Imhoff Dr. Mitchell Johns Dr. Max Misch English Economics Journalism Industrial Engineering Education Entomology 184 Outstanding Faculty Faculty Accounting Home Economics Political Science Speech History Organic Chemistry Dr. James Modisette Ms. Eula Noyce Dr. Adolf Reed Dr. Jimmy Rogers Dr. David Sloan Dr. George Thyvelikakath Oulsiandinj Faculty 185 Department Heads AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS Agri Economics and Rural Sociology Agri Engineering Agri Publications Agronomy Animal Sciences Entomology Home Economics Horticultural Food Science Horticulture and Forestry Plant Pathology ARTS AND SCIENCE Anthropology Art Botany and Bacteriology Chemistry English Foreign Language Geography Geology History Journalism Mathematics Music Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Social Welfare Sociology Speech and Dramatic Art Zoology BUSINESS Accounting Business Law Henry Meenan Mr. Billy Ryan Ms. Marie Lavallard Dr. Wally Moline Dr. E. L. Stephenson Dr. Floyd Miner Dr. Dorothy Larry Dr. A. A. Kattan Dr. George Bradley Dr. Deraid Slack Mr. Michael Hoffman Mr. Thomas Turpin Dr. E. E. Dale Jr. Dr. Lester Howiek Dr. Ben Kinpel Dr. Daston Ferrandez Dr. Orland Maxfield Dr. Ronald Konig Mr. Timothy Dononan Dr. Harry Marsh Prof. Scroggs Mr. Roger Widder Mr. Phillip Bisher Mr. Charles Richardson Mr. Thomas Bellows Dr. Philiip Trapp Mr. John King Dr. Dan Ferritor Dr. Dennis Bailey Dr. P. M. Johnston Dr. James Modistette Mr. Gerard Halpern 186 Administration Dr. Sullenberger Data Processing and Quantitative Analysis Dr. Donald Market Economics Dr. William Hardin Finance Mr. Lloyd Seaton Graduate Goordinator Mr. Dale Level Management Dr. G. E. Kaiser Marketing Ms. Hilda Turner Office Administration EDUCATION Dr. Troy Hendrix Physical Ed and Recreation Ms. Barbara Brag Dance Education Dr. Guyton Health Education Mr. Ralph Phelps Intramural S ports Mr. Bill Vanzandt Gounselor Education Dr. Ken Farthing Educational Administration Dr. Van Patten Education Foundation Dr. Irvin Ramsey Elementary Education Dr. Jerry Ford Secondary Education Dr. Sadnavitch Special Education Dr. Warren Franzen Teacher Placement Dr. Denver Hutson Vocational Education Dr. James Hammons Higher Education Dr. Mildred Manwarren Reading Education Dr. Donnie Dutton Adult Education Dr. Donald Bumpers Instructional Resources ENGINEERING Mr. Billy Bryan Agriculture Engineering Prof. James Couper Ghemical Engineering Mr. E. W. LeFevre Givil Engineering Dr. Jerry Yeager Electrical Engineering Dr. Jim Akin Engineering Science Dr. John Imhoff Industrial Engineering Dr. Deaver Mechanical Engineering Administration 187 Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges After 43 years of serving higher education, Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni¬ versities exists as one of the most highly regarded and long-standing honors program in the nation, having earned overwhelming respect of college faculties and administrations. For these students, the outstanding campus leaders of the year, national recognition by Who’s Who marks a pinnacle of scholastic achieve¬ ment. Selections to Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities are made each fall by a student committee and an ex-officio chairman selected from various segments of campus life. The local committee are instructed by the national office on the number of students their school may nominate. The school’s nominees must then be approved by the national office. This year’s committee selected 28 stu¬ dents from over a list of 100 nominees. Although only a 2.00 grade point is required to be nominated, the 28 students grade points ranged from 2.70 to 3.98. Hall of Fame was reinstituted after several years absence in the 1976 Razorback. Students inducted into the Hall of Fame are taken from the list of nominees for Who’s Who. Students who were selected unani¬ mous choices for Who’s Who are inducted into the Hall of Fame, Jeanie Collgye, a political science major from Fort Smith and Everette Lynn Harris, a journalism-public-relations major from Little Rock were the two students named. Elaine Ashley Delta Delta Delta A home economics education senior from Harrison. Elaine parti( i ' pated in various honoraries. She worked with the ABC Board of Cover- nors, ODK. Cardinal Key. Chimes, Phi Upsilon Omicron and Alph ‘ Lambda Delta. Greek activities included Panhellenic Rush Counselor and an active member of Delta Delta Delta, where she was model junior initiate, recommendations chairman and chaplain. Other commitments were UA Swim Team Hostess and Sigma Phi Epsilon Girls of th|) Golden Heart. “1 feel very confident that 1 have contributed many beneficia things and ideas to the University during the three and one half years 1 have been here.” Ashley concluded, “and even though 1 am reaching nay last semester. 1 feel there are many more things to do.” Carney L. Carroll Alpha Phi Alpha A charter member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, “Butch” was a politi¬ cal science major from Malvern. Arkansas. “I feel my contributions are only significant in as much as they affect other students,” Carroll remarked. An active participant in all phases of campus life. Butch served as treasurer of ASG, business manager for the 1977 Ruzorhuck. social chairman and house manager for Alpha Phi Alpha and staffwriter for the Arkansas Traveler. Butch was also a member of ASj, Board of Publications. ABC, Allocation committee, IFC, Blue Key, BAD and a minority assistant. Jeanie Collyge Kappa Kappa Gamma An active participant in student government, jeanie served as research director for ASG during her junior year and vice president as a senior. A Political science major from Fort Smith, jeanie was a member of the Fac¬ ulty Senate Council. Union Governing Board, ASG. Committee on Stu¬ dent Relations, ASG Election Committees, ABC, Kappa Sigma Stardus- lors. Omicron Delta Kappa, and ASG Administrative Aide, jeanie feels lhat her main contributions have been in having a voice in helping to cre¬ ate student concerns in various aspe»cts of University life. " 1 feel that 1 oave contributed in a worthwhile respect if 1 have opened up even the Jightest door for the student voice on campus.” jeanie said. A delegate to Ihe Student Awareness Program on Southern Growth, jeanie also served prejsident of her Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge class. Joanne Dirden Delta Sigma Theta Active in minority affairs, joanne served as secretary and president of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. A speech pathology major from Camden, manne was awarded the Outstanding Delta Award in 1976. A Dean’s pudent, she also served as a minority assistant, member of BAD. Panhel- -Pic. President ' s Advisory Committee. Black Awareness Week, Student pPeech and Hearing Association and the Union Governing Board. " 1 a«JVe tricul to h( lp in making the minority student aware of the structure the University and the resources available to him. and at the same ' e. make administrators, faculty and staff more sensitive to minority ' Students and their needs and concerns.” Who’s Who PM Jim Fisher Reid An art history major from Virginia, Illinois. Jim has maintained a 3.74 grade average. Marching with the Razorback Band, lim has entertaincid Arkansas audiences as feature twirier for four years, “conveying the love I have for the talent and the God who gave it to me.” A member of Kappa Kappa Psi for two years. Jim w ' as elected chapter president, district presi¬ dent and .served as co-editor of the district newsletter. Active in RHA. Jim served as vice president of his living group and as a residcmt assist¬ ant. A recipient of the Blanche Elliot Art Scholarship, he was ahso tapped into Omicron Delta Kappa. He has also .served on several campus com¬ mittees including the ASG Student Allocations Committee and the Union Arts Committee. Ron Gardner Phi Delta Theta An accounting major from Hot Spring.s, Ron has maintain( d a 3.80 grade average. He was the recipient of the IFC Model Pledge Award. Phi Delta Theta Educational Scholarship. Accounting Dcjpartment Scholar¬ ship and the Alumni Scholarship. He was named to B(Ma Gamma Sigma. Order of Omega. Dean’s List and President’s List. Ron has served as ASG senator. Phi Delta Theta treasurer, .scholarship chairman. B(4a Alpha Psi vice president and Blue Key president and .secretary. He .sc‘rv(id on the ASG Con.stitutional Revisions Committee. ASG Textbook Exchange? Committee and Traffic Appeals Court. “I have strivcul in all ways to transmit to those who are younger than 1 the things that I have learneid from my experiences and mistakes in hopes that th(?y will be? motivated to become involved in the various activities on this campus, both in and out of the classroom.” Carl Gessler, Jr. Phi Delta Theta Active in fraternity and .service organi ation.s. Carl served as pn?sid(?nt of Cardinal XX. A zoology major from Hot Springs. Carl also .sc?rved as secretary of Phi Eta Sigma, president of his pledge? class. Phi D(?lta Th(?ta vice president. ASG Adminkstrative Affairs Director and ASG .senator. Selected as IFC Fraternity Model Pledge, he was a mc?mb ?r of Blue? K(?y. Alpha Epsilon Delta. IFC. Union Special Projejct Committc? !. Gre ?k Week Ceimmittee. Faculty Senate Committee and Interservice? Council. A w ' inner of se?veral scholastic aw ' ards. Carl maintain(?d a 3.H.‘ grade avt r- age during his four years at the? University. ”I think that on-campus living and community activities are all neces.sary com|)onent.s which should b(? combin ?d with a student’s academic (jxperience.” 192 Who’s Who Everett Lynn Harris Alpha Phi Alpha A journalism-public relations major from Little Rock, Lynn was the I’ icipient of the BAD service award. Sij ma Delta Chi and Arkansas Press Association Scholarships and was named to Cardinal XX, Mortar Board. Order of Omega, Phi Eta Sigma and the Dean’s List. Active in various activities. Lynn served as editor of the 1977Razorback becoming the first lack to head a publication at the UA, production supervisor of the 1976 f azorback, BAD vice president and treasurer, ASG press secretary, BAD T ' imes, editor, Razorback cheerleader, orientation counselor, minority assistant. Board of Publications, Sigma Delta Chi and the Committee on Student Relations. Lynn also vServed as president and rush chairman of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. " I’ve made it my goal to get as much out of college as I possibly can and encourage others to do the same. I think Ihere is more to these years than just making grades; organizations and personal inv olvement gives you a glimpse at the real world that no book j r classroom could even begin to touch on. I think the University has a ‘Cl to give to us, but I also believe that we as students have a lot to con¬ tribute to the University. " Tom Jacobs Delta Upsilon An agronomy major from Dewitt. Tom has maintained a 3.53 grade verage. and was a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Blue Key, Omicron Delta • ‘ Ppa. agronomy club, Alpha Zeta, ABC, Agri-Home Economics Stu- JJcnts Association, Order of Omega, IFC rush committee, ASG and ASG raffic Court. Tom was the recipient of the Romeo Short Scholarship Award and the Gaylon Hopson Scholarship Award. Within his frater- Pdy, Delta Upsilon. Tom was a charter member, treasurer, rush chair- associate trainer, judicial board, education committee, social com- ! htee, house committee and executive committee. He was also IFC pres¬ ident, IFC treasurer, a delegate to Delta Upsilon’s National Convention iPd a member of Royal Order of the Red Carnation. Tom feels, " college is more than going to school. It is an opportunity to meet new pemple, iJJ ke new friends, work with them and on occasions to serve and help hem as an officer of an organization. " Ron Johnson Gregson Active in campus publications, Ron is a journalism major from Paris, more transferring from College of the Ozarks, Ron was editor of the col- ‘8es newspaper, sports editor of the yearbook, editor of the alumni wspaper and sports information director. At the UA. he served as orback and Trave er sports (‘ditor and wrote for the Arkansas maga- iPe and Agape. " I feel many students don ' t take much stock in the Trav- ® and would as soon step on it as read it. Hopefully. I have provided a Pverage they can cmjoy reading. " Ron said. Involved in Army ROTC, served as Public Information Officer, received a three-year ROTC Q ' prship and was a member of the Ranger Platoon and color guard, mer activities include membership in Mortar Board. Sigma Delta Chi. dA and Baptist Student Union. Who’s Who 193 Christy Kald(M Z(!lii ' I’iiu Ali)ha A s| iM ' c:li (.(iininiinii: ilii iis iiiid jiiurnallsin major from W( sl Mi ' iiiP ' ( ’.lirisly cdilor tor the 77 R,i .(H ' fhi(:k. A cluirtrr ol I’l k.ipp.i t)clhi. (Ilirisly p.irli(;i|) it(Hi in iinmy spiMrch r(dnt(Hl iictA ' inmii« .mons .iw.irds it stale amt oiil-or-slat(! toui iiaimMits. ind P‘ . Ik. i|).lied in Keader’s I’liealre amt tliiiversily ' I’healn?. A inendx- ' s(‘ eral tionni aries. she was sele(;l(?d for imMnlxM’ship in (diinins. (-iirtH ‘ Key. Alltel l’Ii;»hl. ol wliieli sin was arcliivi s otficirr. and Morlar An active meinhei (d her sorority. (Ihrisly .sc ' rvcul as 2nd vicn ,I ,, acliv ilies cli.iirinan and on tiu standard ' s coininil tcMC In AVVS. worked on (anniniltees for (.ainpns .security. WoimMi’s S|)rinj» AWS vice incsidind. Panhellenic Kush Rules ConunilhM . i hiiun (iommillee and (irc i k Week (iominillcK . Hidievin that extracuii’H«‘ a(.li itM s aic iinporhini lo a well roundijd (jducalion. (dirisly ' ■ ' r( n years Iroin now. I ' ll lie liajijiy lo look hack and know I j»ained id Ironi four yi ' ais (d college than 124 crculitcnl academic hours. Chris Kruogtd ' Kappa Kappa (’lainiiia A looiiiiilism m.i|or fiom I ' iivi’llovilli ' , Chris imiiiiliiitKsI ii .ivci.i e hile p«irlicipalin in many phas( s of puhlicalions work. P’j nalism in ol es jniM.isc (.ommunication with p(!0|)hc (somelhinj I h‘ ‘ j l)e(.ominj4 .1 lost art), and I liope through my work on tin! 7 ’ v i c ‘ ’. . ha e helpi ' d m.ike students heller mrornn d. " sin? slali?d. I lonors memln ' iship m Kajipa I ' au Alpine Alpha Lamlnia Della. Mortar and Ihe lecipient of seveial scholarships, (. ' hris served as pn?sid nl ‘ Si ma Della Chi and wrote for the Aa ].sa.s-ma a .iin? and Ihe Acli e III her sororily. (iliris .ser ed as pr(?.sidenl and was a nn?mt)er ut ' P.inhelleiiK Presidenl ' s (ion mil Le sa Lackey Kappa Alpha 4 ' h(;la A psycholo s m.i|or trom Mounlam View. L(?sa was Miss (aingi niiil ' in Ihe Id7. Miss 11 of A Paj eanl, As a memh( r of Anj 4 (?l h’li hl. sin .s(?rv ' t as Area (iomman(h r. liaison offic( r. informations offici?r. ex(?eiil l)oard nn mh( r and was ctio.sen Lillie Maior. Little Ci(?m!ral and O ' , st.indinj ()lIicer of P)7I). Within ln r sororily. she serv(;d as assistant rU‘’ chairperson, alumni relations chair|)(?r.son. rush chairjxrrson and chosen Model Pledge Ih in .issocialed with AS( i. sin was Pulilic Rrh ' ' lions Direcloi ami 1 omniunily n hilion.s chairperson. “My involvi?iid’ ' w ith AS( i permilled me lo acl as a liaison h( lween tin? voice uf sliidcnls .Old llie tlni er.silv .iml SLih Adminislralors. " .said l.i?.sa. J’kJ was a memtiei ol ()rder of ()nn a. .A(iK Lillie Sish?!’. IIA Sailin 4 ( ' hi’ .ind .irious Panhellenic ,iml An el h’li hl commill( (?.s. 194 Who ' s Who Ed Lynch Sigma Nil of AS(]. K(1 dinichid activilios for all phasj s of sludfuil j ov- I ' ninK ni. Pniviously. Lynch s(;rvcd as AS(1 vice pnisidcnl. a m(?mb(;r of SliuJ(.ni Siirvicc Allocations Oimmission. Public Relations DircuMor •‘nd Administrative Affairs Director. His honors include membershi|) in liKr K(?y. Order of Ome a, President’s List. (Cardinal XX and tin r(?cipi- ‘d sevcTal scholarships. A Si ma Nu from Hot Spring’s. Kd worked ' ••h his fraternity ' s Board of Ooviirnors. ()th(?r activiti(;s w(M’(? with th(? [ kansas Union C ' iov(!rninj» Board. Win Rock(?f(dh!r L(M;tures ( )mmitt(M and the Knerj y (Conservation (Committee . In view of his interest and con “uied involvemient. Lynch maintains. “I have? trie?d te) preiviele? eainsist- ‘ anel feilleiw thremj’h ' freim ye;ar te) yeiar in my ye?ar.s herre?. " Mark McNair Sigma Alpha Epsilon an ae:tive meimbeir e)f AB(C. Mark se?rve?el e)n the Be)arel e)f (ie)ve;rne)rs ' .“hi as ' I ' eixas We e k (Chairman. Me;Nair. whe) was a Ra e)rbae;k e;he e r- ‘■ader. be!lie?ve?s. ‘ ' Hie; pejp rallieis in the past have? be e?n lae;kin« in spirit, ‘‘“d 1 he)j)(! that se)me? of my iele?as bre)u«ht some e)f the? siiiril bae;k.‘’ His “ ' ■‘‘k ae:tivitie?s ine;luele?el ()rele?r e)f ()me?j»a. Il‘ ' ( ediairman fe)r the fi(?sh- ' “an .se)re)rity te a anel ' ie;e pre?siele?nl e)f Si ma Alpha IC|)sile)n. An insur- ' “h-n anel finane;e? maje)r fre)m Eaye?tte ville?. Mark be le)n s te) Blue Ke?y. the “ane;e (Club anel was name?el te) the? I)e?an ' .s List. As a fre ' shman. he hnrk(?d with Ue)ffe?e?he)use? anel the ASO Se?nate?. William H. Overby 111 Uff Campus I ' anslerrinj to the IJA fre)m the I Jni eiisilv of Marylanel. Bill a his- “’V maie)r fiom l ’a. e?tte ' ille?. He was nameel to Phi Alpha ' Hu ' ta. Blue y‘.V. Ka|)pa l)e?lta Sijiina anel re (.e i e el a se;holarship te) atte nel Soulhwe st- ““ Life lusuranea Company’s Stuele nt Le aele rshi|) Preiyram. He has | nr ' e el as e;hairman of the Arkansas I Iniem (loi e’l nin Boarel. pre siele nl e)f _ B C.impus Stuele nt Assoe;ialion. ebre e.toi of Ye‘lle)W Brie;k Roael. AS( i “halor. Unie)n Proj r.ims se eae lar. . Blue Ke . ie;e pre?siele nl anel busine ss Jhanaj e?! ' fe)r the (ire at Manelahi. Bdl was also a me mbe r e)f the I Ini e?r.sit 0»nunilte?e e)n Stuele nt Re:latie)ns. I Jniv e rsit. I’itle IX (!e)mmitte e . l- ' aeadty ’•nate (Cemneal. Pre?siele?nl’s Aeb isoiy (iouneal anel .se? e ral AS( I e;ommil- " I be?lie? e ' stueh ' iit pai tiea|)atie)n ,inel in|)ut in the I lni e rsil. s hvernin anel ele?easion making pre)e:e sse?s is an e e le me nl in ‘hdiiervin a teital I Inive-rsity e;e)mmunity. ” Bill re inarke el. Paul Oxenreider Gregson Maiulaining a a.87 grada avorag( Paul is a nKJchanical ( ngin(M rin major. was on Iho Doan’s List. Prosidont ' s List and rocoivcid t8‘‘ A.S.M.E. Scholarship. Tau B(da Pi Scholarship. Anna Pow(dl Award. DuPont Scholarship and lh() A.S.H.R.A.E. Scholarship. P‘»ul hciJJ s(MV(jd as Tau BcMa Pi president and corrcisponding .secretary. ”1 h‘ y‘ worked to stimulate int(jrest not only in (mgincMjring courscis and ties, but other campus activiticis.” he .said. Paul is a imuTiber of Pi Sigma. American Society for Engineers. Mortar Board. Soci(dy of Anh’ motive Engin(M rs. RHA Legislative Council. RHA Resid(mc(? AdvisoD Committ(!(!. RHA Leadership Conbiremee and was pr( sident and pnjsideni of Grcig.son. DeAnn Pendry Off Campus A recipient of .several academic scholarships and namcul to the? D( 8i List for three consecutive years. D(? Ann has maintaimul a 8.98 grad ’ averages majoring in Spanish and Latin Amc rican Studicis. S(’rving ‘‘ study skills instructor at the Counseding Centtir. D(5 Ann feeds that " miiny peiople on this campus forged that thei primary purpe).se fe)r attemeling ' le gej she)uld bei ae;ademie: studies. " Aedive in campus e)rgani .atie)ns as as academiie:s. she .servexl as tre!asure?r e)f the? Inte?rnatie)nal Club. Signy Delta Pi vice pre?.sident and historian for Alpha Lambela Deilta. A menim r e)f Kappa De?lta Sigma and the; Washington Ce)unty Hi.ste)rie;al Se)e;iety. D‘’ Ann repre;se;nte;el the UA at the; Natie)nal Le;ade;rship Me;the)ds Ce)nM ' r ' e;nce;. Greg Satterfield Alpha Gamma Rho An agricultural e;e:one)mic.s major fre)m Cre;e;n Ee)re;.st. Gre;g has be;e;n th ’ re;e:ipie;nt of the; Re)me;e) Short Me;moriat Se;he)larship. Vale;die;te)ri«|d Se:he)lar.shii). Alpha Gamma Rhe) Se;holar.shi|) Award and the; Davjd Hardy Se:he)lar.ship. He; was alse) name;d te) the; De;an s List. Pre;side;nl List and Phi Eta Sigma. Gre;g has se;rved as Alpha Gamma Rhe) i)re;.sieleMit anel vie:e; pre;.side;nt. Al|)ha Ze;ta vie:e; pre;side;nt. Ce)une;il e)f He)ne)r Se)e:i ’ ' tie;s. IFC re;pre;se;ntative; and e)n the; AGR judiedal Be)ard. Gre;g is d me;mbe;r e)f the; All Stude;nl judiedal Board. Blue; Ke;y. Omie:re)n De;H‘‘ Kai)pa. Orde;r e)f Ome;ga. Ye)ung De;me)e:rats and Agrie:ultural Ee:e)ne)n)i‘ ' -‘’ Club. Gre;g fe;e;l.s ‘’whe;n one; se;rve;s the).se; in his imme;diate; .surre)unding‘ through le;ade;rship pe)sitie)n.s. the; influe;ne:e;s e)f sued) .se;rvie;e;.s are; me)n’ far-re;aediing than e)fte;n is re;ali .e;el.’ ' UM) Who ' s Wh(» Mark Saviers Phi Delta Theta h:(! prosidt’nl of both IF( and Order of Om( a. Mark vork( d for !! Pr()V(;ni(inl of Gnuik rcdalions. ‘‘My i)ersonal j oal.” Mark MTiphasi ,ed. has h(M n that h(MI(T cooperation and coordination lx achi( v( d thrt)uj»h- juit ih(; 0( (;k systcMTi and tlx? Univ(?rsity community. ' A s( nior with a «rade av(?ra”(? in mark(!tin«. Mark is from Fort Smith. II(? serv(?d in •u(? K(;y. Beta Ckimma Sij ma and ODK. In his maior. Savicirs was nam(?d Jlstandinj Male Mark(?tinj Stud(;nt. s(?rv( d as co-mana (’r of the R( b- jjamen Trust Fund in his Portfolio ManaH(?ment class and won the Mar- KiMino (]lub Scholarship. Rush chairman for Phi Della I ' hiita, he also was ‘|j;liv(; in his frat(;rnity r(;ceivinj a national fraternity foundation scholar¬ ship. Other involvements w(;re with the? Spcicial 01ymi)ics. IJA Human ‘ ' ‘Nations Commitl(!(? and Proj(!ct ' 75 I)iah(?t( s Drive. Vicki VanZandt Saviers Chi Ome«a political .science; major with a 5.55 .»rad(; avera (; from Fort Smith. . ‘ ' ki s(;rv(;d as rush chairman and vice; pre;siei(;nt e)f he;r .se)re)rily. Ae:live; jh many .se;rvie:e;-e)rie;nte‘el e)rj»ani atie)ns ine:IuelinH Anj»e;l Flij’ht. Cardinal and Me)rtar Be)ard. Vie;ki fe;e;l.s that, “by e:e)mbinin ’ aedive; partienpa- e)n and e)ff e:ampus. he)pe;fully I have; e;e)ntrihuted te) the; UA system ‘ind the; Faye;tteville; e:e)mmunity. " A me;mbe;r e)f Omie:re)n De;lta Kappa ‘ hd Orde;r e)f Ome;j a. she; was alse) name;d 1st runner up te) Panhelle;nie: h ode;! Ple;dj e;. .se)re)rity Me)ele;l Ple;el«e; anel Se:he)larship PIe;elj»t;. Vie:ki se;rve;d as assistant e:hairman te) the; All-Stuele;nt |udiciary anel was name;d b Panhe;lle;nie; Rush Ce)mmille;e;. l]nie)n Films Ce)mmitlee and Phi De;Ita ' he;la Little; Siste;r. James G. Short Sigma Chi An ae:e:e)unting maje)r fre)m Harrise)n. jim has maintaine;d a 3.72 rade ‘iverage;. During his se)phe)me)re; ye;ar he; we)rke;d e)n the; Student Servieieis llex:atie)ns Ce)mmitte;e and .se;rve;d as e:hairman e)f that e:e)mmilte;e his )Unie)r y(;ar ade)pting fe)r the; first time; written guide;line;s fe)r stude;nt binding. Ae;e:e)reling te) pm. “I fe;e;l that in the; future the alle)e:atie)ns pre)e:- will be; meire sme)e)th and le;ss e)pe;n te) e:ritie:ism. " in the Arkan- sas Unie)n. pm served as vie:e pr(;side;nt. e)n the; Preigrams (k)une:il and the Ge)verning Boarel. He was the; re;e:ipie;nt e)f several sche)larships and was 2ame;d te) the De;an’s list five; se;me;sle;rs anel the Preside;nt s List twie:e. Serving as treasurer e)f his living gre)ui). pm was alse) lre;asurer e)f Cardi¬ nal XX. Blue; Key. Sigma Ie)la Kpsile)n anel a me;mber of Be;ta Alpha Psi. bhi Eta Sigma anel Orele;r e)f Ome;ga. Who ' s Whe) 197 Greg Stidham Si«ma Chi A s(M:()n(l-y(Nir hiw sludcml from Fnyotlovilh?. (Ircj f(M;ls Ihiil. " A (Icml’s mosi imporinnt coniribulions nro m i(l( Ihrou h campus organr ' i ' lions in h adcTship capa(:iti(!s to furlhf r th(Mr j»oals for bfdlcr communil. ' lif(?. ’ S(?rvin th( University in this capacity. Cnij» was secretary of Student Bar A.ssocialion. vice prejsidemt of Phi Alpha Dedla law fralri ' nity. vice pr( sid(mt of Blue Key. ASG semator and vice preisidonl o Kappa Dedta Si ma. A je)urnalism maie)r as an undergraduate?. Greig was«j e:harte?r me ' mbe r e)f Sigma De;lta Chi. pre)fe!ssie)nal je)urnalists .se)e:ie?ty ‘Hy a fe)unde?r e)f KIJAF. se?rving e)n its administrative; be)ard. He; also serv ' as e:e)i)y e dilor e ' f the; Traveler. Ae:tive; in spe;e;e:h and debate;. fe)rme d in .se ve ral Re ade;r’s The;atre’ pre)ductie)ns and was awareh l ln Outstanding (.’ontributor Award fe)r Re;ade;r ' s The;atre;. Fie; was also « ' me;mbe;r of Union Film ' s Ce)mmitte;e;. Unie)n Programs and Ye)ung Donio- erats. Sara Stultz Pi Bela Phi ScMviiiH as national s(a:r(Mary for Cardinal Kiry honorary. Sara se;rve el as |)re;.side;nl of the; UA e;hapte r e)f Cardinal Ke;y. An e;le;me;nt 0 e elue;ation major from Dallas. Te;xas. Sara .se;rve;el as vice; pre;side;nt e)f Iho Union Programs Counedl and Pi f3e;ta Phi sore)rity. Sara alse) he;ld nioP ' be;rship in Kappa Delta Pi. Alpha I.ambda De’lta. AWS. Orde;r e)f Oniog ' UA Varsity Te;nni.s Team and the; Unie)n Arts Ce)mmilte;e;. While; main taining a ' FBI graele ave;rage;. Sara fe e;ls that se;r ’ie;e; is an impe)rlanl fach” in any unive;rsity e;e)mmunity. ”ln se;rvice; and le;ade;rship. 1 fe;e l that I forme el an im|)ortanl base; for e:e)ntributie)ns te) the; Unive;r.sity e;e)mnui ' nity. ■■ Susan Tieman Aljiha D(;lta Pi A nutrition major from Caty. Mi.sseniri. Su.san has t)e e;n e)n iIP ' De;an’.s List for lhre;e ye;ars anel holds a 3.57 grade; ave;rage;. As pre;side;nt ol h(;r sorority. Susan was a me;mbe;r e)f Panhe;lle;nie; and the Pre;.side;nl s Ca)une;il. Be lie’ving that ■we)rthwhile e)rgani atie)ns de;pe nd e)n ele vot(;d worke;rs le) accom|)lish the;ir goals.” Su.san was se;e;re;tary e)f the; Ame;rie;aiJ Home; Fe;onomie:.s A.s.sociatie)n. .se;e;re;tary of Ra orbae:ke;rs. a me;mbe;r o ()rel(;r of C)me;ga. Phi Upsile)n Omie;ron and Omie:re)n De;lta Kappa. F xe:e;l ' ling in a(;ade;mie;s. she was nam(;el the A.A.F. All-(a)lle;ge Se;he)lai ' ' re;ce;i e el the I.ippe;rl S. Fllis Sediolarship and was name;d in the ‘■Te)pTon Stiide;nt.s” in 197.3. 198 Whe)’s Who Valerie Tolman Off Campus journalisni and Knj’lish major IViim (Ir.iv olio. VaN’i n s r od a.s I nn j’”‘r niana in” odiliu and staff w l iN ' r. ”1 lldiik m major oonlrihnlioii has ’‘‘‘’n mad(‘ through my column. I loowash. ' w Inch 1 hav(’ rilh’u foi Iwo stahul Vahuio. She was als») staff writ(M’ and production manager the Ark,insus majia .ino. K( cipionl »»f Iho l‘)74 Sprin;»dalo Nows S«:hol ‘•rshjp and the 197() Arkansas Pioss Association Scholaiship. Valoiio placard 1st in tho Sij ma l)i lta (ihi Host Non hiclion Ma a ino Stor ((Ui Sh( has worked as a volunl(‘or probation offic( r for Washington Ouunty luvcmih (lourl and is a momhor of AS( i. Sonalo Ad isorv Conn ol. Off (Campus Sludmits Association. Si ma Doha (ihi. Ihihlicalions Hoard and SludcMit S( r ico Allocations ( ' ommittoi . Jean Turner Alpha Chi Omc ga A history major from (aosstMt. |( ani( maintaimHi a 11.61 «»radc avoraj»( . h( ' partjcipatc ' d in ASCI. Mortar Board. Omicron Dt ' lta Kappa. Ordc ' r of Oni(?j)a. Phi Alpha Th(4a. Kappa Didta Pi and Clamma (lamina Si ma. ' hhin hor sorority. Alpha Chi Omc a. sh( sorvi ' d as vic(‘ pri ' sidcmi. jicholarship chairman, phnl i? class socredary and Panhcdlonic r( pr( sonta- A litthi sisteu ' of D(dta Upsilon. |(uinio .si rvcMl on lh( ' Sonati ' Advisory Council and was nannul to tho Prosidemt’s List and tho Diuin ' s hist. A riMiipiont of tin? Al{)ha Chi Onn j’a Scholarship Ph ' d c ' Award and o.holarshij) Mi ' inhi?!’ Award, sho has r(’pr( ' sont(?d tho (n)ll(?‘»(‘ of Arts and as an Honors Candidate since tho fall of 1975. ‘1 have tri(;d in pi ' rsonal studic ' s to uphold tin acadimiic standards of tho IJniv(?rsity oirouj h participating in sov(?ral scholastic honorarios and tho Arts and ‘•h’nc(?.s I lonors Program. " h ' anic’ said. Mark Waldrip Alpha Gamma Rho An agricultural (‘conomics and husiin ss major. Mark (uirnod a M.dO prado avora »( in his four yciars at tho UA. Ho was elected to Blue K( y. J rch?r of Onn j’a and Cardinal XX. Vico prosidiml of Alpha Camma Rho. Waldrip |)r(?sicl( d ovi’r Alpha Z(?ta. tin Council of Honor Soci( ti(?s and Iho A ri.-Homo Kc. Slud( nt Association. Ho was also r(?co ni .(’d a.s tin ! ' ‘‘ dpionl of scjvoral .scholarships and named to tho Doan’s last. Th( s(?n- from Moro activi?l. participal( d in ASCI, si ' rviny as director of tho k ‘a(h?rship Training Program, as chairman of Iho ASCI Commission on hoad(!rship Training and as a senator from his fralornit. and IFC. ’Mx RiV()l (.ni( nt in a numlx ' i of campus oryani .alions brought mo to tho | ' ‘• dization that my efforts would «‘o laryoK unnoticed as next year’s oMch ' rs’ b(?‘»in ln ro wo l( ft off. Tln ' roforo. an j ood that 1 hax ' o accom- Pli.sln?d would ho through tin people that 1 have affected. “ Waldrip ' ‘ l)lain(‘d. Who’s Who m zsp.zsi.£ntCn 2£ia. au c:: £p. za 200 Beauty Finalists n a(jL± C. Cunninyhiim Beauty Finalists 201 202 Beauty Finalists X£.fiZ£i£.niin cz m£zCauni. fox n £mocxacy Beauty Finalists 203 204 Beauty Finalists C. Cunningham jCucitfs. CLC ' . son Beauty Finalists 205 C. Cunningham ze.p.Z£.i£.nHn 206 Beauty Finalists C. Cunninjiham sntCn Beauty Finalists 207 C. Cunningham Z£ %£±£.nHn Gff 2 y 2y6 i 208 Beauty Finalists C. CunninKhnm QVoffozJ X£p.t£6.sniin ci um zs-y 4 :::: a£f Beauty Finalists 209 Photo by Bob’s _ indy enjoys the activities available to her at the university, as she has delved into finding those that attract her the most. Her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and the Alpha Angels offer her sisterhood: her title of Miss Alpha Phi Alpha 1976 a cher¬ ished honor. Cindy also enjoys her work in Reid Hall, where she is a resident assist¬ ant. Chimes and the 1977Razorback bene¬ fit from her enthusiasm as a member of these organizations. This sparkling ebony beauty from Malvern studies zoology, with hopes of entering the medical profes¬ sion. C. Ciinninxhiim Cindy Carroll 211 Pholos by Bob’s onna, an elegant beauty, con¬ tributes to her sorority Chi Omega, in forming the close friendships that college provides. She has held several titles; 1976 Miss Sorority Pledge Queen, 1976 World’s Ideal Miss, and Crescent Girl for Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity exemplify the ways in which her looks, talent and poise are recognized. Donna appreciates the grace¬ ful and expressive art of dance, in all its many forms. As a dance major and mem¬ ber of the U of A Dance Company, much of her time is spent in performing for the campus and state high schools. Donna Kirkpatrick 213 Photos by Bob’s Studio ISP ' ' i . M 1 11 TT ' I 1 ; Photo by Bob’s o Anne brings fresh natural charm to the RAZORBACK with her delightful beauty. Along with these attributes, she combines intense interest in her studies on psychology and the mind. A senior, Jo Anne holds a 3.74 GPA and does research in the field of learning and motivation in children. Her academic honors include the receipt of a Winthrop Rockefeller scholarship, the Dean’s List, and membership in Psi-Chi. national psychology honorary. From Mena, Arkansas, this co-ed lives in Pom- fret Hall, enjoys painting, sewing, and drawing. C. Cunningham Jo Anne Mazur 215 Photos by Bob’s inda represents Delta Delta Delta very well in her house as an officer and out of the house in her various activi¬ ties. She enjoys the out of doors, and spends her free time camping, canoeing, and snow skiing whenever she has the chance. A striking brunette beauty from Fort Smith, Linda is a junior elementary education major. She decided on this field because of her interest in and observation of children, not to mention the travel opportunities of the summer vacations. C. Cunningham Linda Mosloy 217 .218 Ra orback B ?aulii s f holos by M()l)’s Sliidio indy is co-captain of the LJnivorsi- ty’s new pom-pon squad and is a member of the Razorhackers. P’rom P’ort Smith and an avid football fan, Cindy enjoys the serenity of skiing in Aspen as well as the traditions and crowds of Razorback Sta¬ dium. Her freshman year she was honored as a homecoming maid. Cindy, a versatile blonde beauty, also likes water skiing, playing tennis, and painting. Cindy loves animals, especially horses. As a sopho¬ more commercial art and public relations major, Cindy plans to work for a large agency after graduation. With such natural beauty and enthusi¬ asm, it’s no wonder the ABC television cameras focused on her several times dur¬ ing Razorback games. C. Cunnin ham Cindy Sagely 219 1 - % W bBi- Photos by Bob’s (y aren Anne Simmons is a sen¬ ior political science major, and most of her campus activities have centered around her career plans. She is a member of Dean of Arts and Sciences Committee on Inter¬ racial Relations and Black Americans for Democracy. After law school, Karen hopes to pursue a career in criminal jus¬ tice, working with the underprivileged and disadvantaged. In her spare time, Karen enjoys photography and traveling. She serves as vice president of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Karen, a classic brown-eyed beauty, is a former Miss Black Collegiate of Arkansas, Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart, and a runner-up for Miss BAD. Karen was also the recipient of a scholarship from Ebony magazine. C. CunninKhiim Karen Simmons 221 c: unn£.%- 2Xji Pam ons,±, czHumjD,fiX£,iji, Photos hy Bob’s Studio Beauties 223 224 Homecoming Court aL[!Szannon, ZTA i auties 225 fion ozsdI ji J L Uya ia Dooley Ann George ir Peggy Lally Xi2 Pam Meinecke IlB t Carolyn Reardon AllE Laura Sciuair KKr Mary N(;ll Triflel K.U-) B(-iiiili(!.s 227 9PORT9 Hogs Don ' t Want to Sha 0 ,cV- a ' 0 iV u i rtientii ' S vve Eddie 1 C VW ' ' " ClCeih“-f " Cs o team Long-awaited tssured, one more win titie.(S) Jn titie.(S) tie with SMU,(R) tie with Baylor, Rich.(l) tie with Baylor, Rice.(L) tie with Rice.(L) re vV O ' v UA mtVi Rice, tie with Rice.(R) utright.(R) utright.(R) utright.(R) with Rice, SMV.(R) utright.(B) 15th Crown Fo- 1977 — 13-0, right,(Sch ght(Sch) ight.(Sch) e Sutton; R — Glen Rose; . — Gene Lambert; B — Cl 1 Schmdt.) ie; Chuck svvc . cep " ' " C ie-O Season . " Sld..o-0.e.hoE Hogs de-cll II adds offe ' ® Wild ReeeP‘“ ' all adds w 230 Southwest Conference Champs Ave ‘ 6V o •v,. ° . e 9 o 2 4 J orJce down by 14 sketball pulls crowds 44 y in 76-73 5? Arkansas with TCU, Texas, A M to play. ™«r tabulous Fifteen " rankinec C „ Francisco Is still everyone ' s No I ' te th a 27.0 record. VMl a d DetrouZ other two major teams last week with ° LZ7,:,tt,7 " -‘ ' r • " - " ’« to 22-1 tlogP lay ket No. 1 ' BO of 5u ttoi ' 5ay pof the eta ble »v Cougars, 82-80 Hogs finish Historic Sweep JC Titl ee ng? t r ?e e Unbeaten Hogs: No Big Deal 36 Years Ago Soulhwosl Conforencn Champs 231 Arkansas 33-Utah State 16 Hogs Manhandle Aggies in Season Opener A sophomore laden offensive backfield provided the firepower the Razorbacks needed to win their opening game of the 1976 football season. Halfback Ben Cowins rushed for 126 yards to pace the Arkansas ground attack. Cowins and fullback Michael Forrest scored two touch¬ downs each and quarterback Ron Calcagni connected on a 55-yard touchdown pass to tight end Charles Clay to complete the Razorback scoring. guess we didn t play like some expected and they played good but a win is a win . " CHARLES CLAY Outstanding Players Ben Cowins offense William Hampton defense 232 Utah State at Arkansas Arkansas 16-Oklahoma State 10 Hogs Out “Dokes” Pokes Before Record Crowd The largest crowd ever to attend a football game in Arkansas (57,000) witnessed an epic defensive struggle as Arkansas rolled o ver arch-rival OSU for the first time in three years. Walk-on quarterback Mike Scott directed a strong running game as Ben Covens rushed for 163 yards. Scott did not attempt a single pass as the defense was complimented by a swarming defense. the greatest feeling since the Texas A Mgame, IVs been a long time coming, but well worth the wait " HARVEY HAMPTON Outstanding Players Steve Little offense Bruce Mitchell defense OSU at Arkansas 233 Tulsa 9-Arkansas 3 Guynn Cuynn Tulsa Blows Away Hopes for an Undefeated Season Tulsa’s tenacious defenders stymied Arkansas’ offen¬ sive attack and freshman Steve Cox kicked three field goals to secure the Hurricane win. A lethargic offensive showing and an inconsistent kicking game hurt the Razor- backs in their quest for their third victory. pretty bad when a team goes down the field and can t kick a field goal from the twenty. That ' s pretty demoralizing. " STEVE LITTLE Outstanding Players ' Leotis Harris offense Curtis Townsend defense 234 Tulsa at Arkansas Arkansas 46-TCU 14 Guynn Guynn Hogs Make It 18 in a Row Over TCU The Razorbacks rebounded from defeat with a convinc¬ ing win over the T.C.U. Horned Frogs. Coach Frank Broyles emptied the bench early in the second half with the Hogs rolling up the score. Arkansas fans got their first look at freshman quarterback Houston Nutt who looked quite impressive in relief of starter Ron Calcagni. ‘We had a good pass rush and everyone was picking their man up. We just read it good this week, CURTIS TOWNSEND Outstanding Players R. C. Thielmann offense Howard Sampson defense TCU at Arkansas 235 Arkansas 14 — Houston 7 C. Cunnin hiim Razorbacks claw Cougs with Cat- quick defense Dennis Winston recovered three Houston fumbles to thwart several Cougar drives and preserve the Porkers’ second conference victory. Ben Cowins shocked the Hous¬ ton defense with a brilliant 89-yard touchdown run in the second quarter that proved to be the winning margin for Arkansas. The entire defensive team played flawless foot¬ ball to halt the potent Cougar attack time and time again. ' We knew we would have to play almost perfect foot¬ ball to defeat Houston tonight. I think our defense did that. REGGIE FREEMAN Outstanding Players Ben Cowins offense Dennis Winston defense 236 Arkansas at Houston Arkansas 41-Rice 16 Offense Explodes for Record Homecoming Crowd Arkansas’s troubled offense broke out of a slump with 41 points in the second half to secure the third conference triumph for the Hogs. Sophomore sensation Ben Cowins slashed his way for 121 yards and Ron Calcagni showed poise at quarterback during the offensive assault. Curtis Townsend led the way for the powerful defensive crew. We got things straightened out at the half. The coaches did a great job making adjustments. RON CALCAGNI Outstanding Players Ron Calcagni ' offense Curtis Townsend defense Rice at Arkansas 237 Arkansas 7-Baylor 7 |. Mn ' wn |. Brrurr Bears Surprise Hogs With Ferocity in Defensive Play Baylor was well prepared for the visiting Hogs and proved it by nearly pulling out a victory late in the game. Baylor kicker, Lester Belrose, missed a 32-yard field goal attempt in the waning seconds to give the Razorbacks the tie. Players from both teams were knocked out of the game due to the intense hitting in the contest. ' They played some good ball We just didn t execute the way we were supposed to. Baylor had a good team. ' ' JERRYECKWOOD Outstanding Players Bruce Hay offense Harvey Hampton defense 238 Arkansas at Baylor Texas A M 31-Arkansas 10 R. Guynn R. Guynn Aggies Gain ‘Sweet Revenge’ in Cold Weather Texas A M scored 24 points in the second quarter to wrap up the victory that the Aggies wanted so badly. The cold weather didn’t seem to hamper the A M offense which boasted a strong running and passing game engi¬ neered by Aggie quarterback David Walker. Turnovers hurt Arkansas’ momentum and proved to be the Hogs’ downfall when A M captialized on the miscues. Ron Cla- cagni was injured and replaced by back-up Houston Nutt. Steve Little was a bright spot, averaging 52.4 per punt. A M played real good football. It was just a reverse of last year. ' GREG KOCH - Outstanding Players Steve Little offense Dan Hampton defense Texas A M at Arkansas 239 SMU 35-Arkansas 31 I. Bn WIT Bn‘ v«?r Wesson and Ponies Ride From Muddy Hogs SMU quarterback Ricky Wesson was a one man show as he led his Mustangs to an upset victory over the Razor- backs. Wesson engineered every Mustang touchdown drive and in the late minutes of the game, he thwarted the last hopes of the Razorbacks by intercepting a pass on defense. Ben Cowins became only the second Razorback to go over the 1,000-yard mark in a season. Cowins plowed his way for 147-yards on the muddy grass field. ' ' It was the strangest game Vve been involved in as player or a coach, Fve never been in one where the lead changed hands like that, ' ' COACH FRANK BROYLES Outstanding Players Ben Cowins offense Larry White defense 240 Arkansas at SMU Texas Tech 30-Arkansas 7 Guynn J. Brewer Raiders Rip Hogs With Potent Offense and Defense On a cold day in Little Rock, the Texas Tech Red Raid¬ ers dominated the Razorbacks throughout the game. Rod¬ ney Allison and Larry Isacc provided the spark Tech needed to secure their victory and help them to win their share of the conference championship. Arkansas was never really in the game though the offensive and defen¬ sive squads never gave up. ' rin tired of losing man, Fm just tired of losing, ” JERRY ECKWOOD Outstanding Players Jerry Eckwood offense Curtis Townsend defense Texas Tech at Arkansas 241 Texas 29-Arkansas 12 Two Legends End Coaching Careers in Season Finale The game was the national spotlight, as Frank Broyles and Darrell Royal ended spectacular coaching careers. Both teams suffered disappointing seasons and ended up with 5-5-1 records and were never in the Cotton Bowl pic¬ ture after injuries hampered both teams at mid season. The home crowd and the return of Earl Campbell boasted the ’Horns to a 29-12 although at one point in the third quarter the score was 10-6, Texas. Ben Cowins won the SWC rushing title with an 87 yard effort. ' We tried to go out and win the last game for Coach Broyles but Texas had the same thing on their minds and outplayed us. BEN CO WINS Outstanding Players Ben Cowins, Tom Rystrom (co) offense Johnnie Meadors defense 242 Arkansas at Texas 1. Bn ' v«M- Football Round-up Bright prospects and hopeful optimism grew for the Razorbacks following their impressive victory over Georgia in the 1976 Cotton Bowl. Many starters returned from that powerhouse team and the Hogs were picked with the Texas Longhorns as the pre-season favorites for the SWC title. The Razorbacks opened the season with a convincing victory over Utah State but the game proved that the Porkers had a long way to come before they could be considered a great team. With starting quarterback Ron Calcagni out with an injury sophomore walk-on Mike Scott led the Razorbacks to an emotional victory over arch-rival Oklahoma St., the eventual Big Eight Champs. The Hogs did not attempt a single pass during the game but an aggressive defense helped preserve the 16-10 win. It was the first victory over Oklahoma St. by an Arkansas team in three years. The bubble burst a week later when upstart Tulsa knocked the Razorbacks from the ranks of the undefeated with a shock¬ ing 9-3 victory. Arkansas nearly pulled the game out of the bag on the last play of the game but it was not to be. The Hogs bounced back the following week and crushed hapless Texas Christian at Fayetteville. It was the 18th year in a row that the Horned Frogs had gone down to defeat at the hands of a Frank Broyles-coached Arkansas team. Arkansas bounced back in Houston and defeated the eventual SWC champions by a score of 14-7. The Razorbacks were aided with an 89-yard touchdown run by sophomore halfback Ben Cowins. It was to be the only loss suffered by Houston to another SWC team. It was a pleasant homecoming for Arkansas as the Big Red slaughtered Rice 46-14 on a cold day in Fayetteville. Nearly everyone played in the mismatch and thoughts of a Cotton Bowl position were beginning to look true. The walls came tumbling down the following week when the Hogs were tied by Baylor in Waco. A lethargic offensive showing seemed to dampen the spirits of everyone in the locker room after the game. Arkansas’s only score came on a beautiful pass completion from quarterback Calcagni to flanker Bruce Hay. A national television audience watched the next week as Texas A M completely dominated the Hogs for a 31-10 Aggie win. Revenge was in the minds of all Texas A M fans as they remembered all too well the past Arkansas had given them the year before in knocking them out of a Cotton Bowl berth. SMU shocked everyone and ditched all hopes Arkansas had of any bowl game when the Mustangs rallied for a 35-31 triumph over the Hogs in Shreveport. It was a see-saw battle all night but the muddy field seemed to bother the Razorbacks more than SMU. Ricky Wesson of SMU had a fantastic game at quarterback for the Mustangs. Bowl bound Texas Tech invaded Little Rock and the Red Raiders gal¬ loped away with an astounding 30-7 romp. The Hogs couldn’t get untracked all day and the freezing temperatures caused numerous fumbles in the Hog backfield. Rodney Allison had another good day for Texas Tech as he passed and ran circles around the Arkansas defense. Another national television audience witnessed a game that meant nothing but pride for both Texas and Arkansas. Coach Frank Broyles and Darrell Royal had both announced their retirement at the conclusion of the game so it was an emotional high for both teams. Texas struck early but the Hogs countered with two Steve Little field goals before Earl Campbell led the Longhorns and prevailed 29-12 in Austin. The season did have its bright spots with Ben Cowins capturing the SWC rushing title and many of the younger players getting a lot of playing time. Lou Holtz has a good nucleus of players that will be on hand for the 1977 season in hopes that the Razorbacks can bring the SWC title and a Cotton Bowl victory back to Arkansas. Chaffin, Sports Editor Sports 243 iyiDiesrfMDGeitn£M€ri TH€ IRK lliS IS MZORftCKS I photos by C. Cunningham Sports 245 m Arkansas Sports RIGHT: Senior players lead the HOGS into War Memorial Stadium and a Little Rock weekend. LEFT: Moncrief tries to regain possession dur¬ ing the 71-60 defeat of OCU. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: ADPi’s winning homecoming float. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Stu Penn gets in shape for Arkansas’ Southwest Conference Championship Cross Country Team. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Johnnie Meadors (51) looks on as the HOG defense stops Texas Tech. C. Cunningham C. Cunningham 248 Sports Sports 249 R. Guynn C. Cunningham uaydfHOCS THE N NOTHINC GETS 250 Sports photos by C. “Did you hear the one about the Aggie who got in the way of the Hogs headed for Cotton?” Sports 251 FRANK BROYLES: The End of an Era Frank Broyles was a winner. The legendary coach of the Razorbacks resigned December 4, 1976 after a disappoint¬ ing loss to the Texas Longhorns. Coach Broyles brought Arkansas into national prominence during the sixties and seventies with two national championships and ten bowl game trips. With Broyles at the helm, Arkansas became a hotbed for other schools looking for a new head coach. He tutored numerous players who became standouts in pro¬ fessional football or went on to become successful head coaches at other schools. Broyles had a great relationship with the press and fans over the years and he was always available for comment on the prospects of his Razorback football teams. It has been said by many that Broyles practically built the Arkansas athletic department. Many students and friends of the University can’t remember Razorback football without Broyles. During his 19 years with the Hogs Broyles brought pride to both the University and the state. Arkan¬ sas will miss him in the coaching capacity but the memo¬ ries will always linger with the proud moments of Razor- back football that Broyles brought during his tenure as head coach. The 1977 Razorback is proud to salute a man who made the name Razorbacks, something to take great pride in. 252 Frank Broyles RAZORBACK CHEERLEADERS Virginia Shc ' phcu ' d Dionne Harold Patti Tiffin Bruce Johanson Lynn Harris Tommy Huey 254 Ch(MMl(?adtTs Largest Squad Call Hogs The 1977 UA Cheerleaders boasted the largest squad in school history. Attending the Universal Cheerleaders Asso¬ ciation Camp held at Memphis State University last summer, they placed second in the dis¬ trict comprised of 30 schools. Cheerleaders were in charge of all pep rallies, attend all games, home and away and post season basketball tourna¬ ments, and practice every day for two hours led by Sharon Vaughn, captain, from Searcy. The cheerleaders are operating for the first time under a spon¬ sor, Mary Jane Comstock and the jurisdiction of the UA Ath¬ letic Department. Squad mem¬ bers include: seniors: Buddy Porter, Augusta and Lynn Har¬ ris, Little Rock; juniors: Vir¬ ginia Shephard, Pine Bluff; Blair and Bruce Johanson, Fay¬ etteville; Rick Farris, Fayette¬ ville; Carolyn Falge, Devils Elbow, Mo;, and Michelle Rey¬ nolds, Little Rock; sopho¬ mores: Patti Tiffin, Dallas, TX; Billy Lewis, Atkins; and Tommy Huey, Warren; and freshmen: Dionne Harold, Brinkley and Kim Nichols, Jacksonville. Sharon Vaughn — CAPTAIN Blair Johanson Carolyn Falge Michelle Reynolds Kim Nichols Buddy Porter Rick Farris Billy Lewis Cheerleaders 255 Razorback Pom-Pon Squad FRfJN ' r KCjW 1, Id K: Shanin Norwood. Cass.indni Smith. .Man ia Uu}»«. iJiano Johnson, Cindy Saynly ((.o-c;ap- tain). KalJii Kllis. BA(JK ROW l lo R: Karon (ialloway. R(j|jin Woslphal. Pam fclvorotl. NOT J ICTl ’RED: justin ; Dudlify (oaptain). C. CunninRhiim 256 Pom-Pon Squad Eddie Sutton Coach of the Year Razorback Basketball ’77 Hogs Arrive a Year Early! The Arkansas Razorback basketball team arrived a year early and played championship ball all year. The 1977 edi¬ tion of Razorback roundballers broke numerous records on their way to an impressive 26-2 tally, the second best record in the country. The Hogs opened the schedule with easy victories over Air Force and California State-Hayward and won a squeaker over Southwest Missouri State. Razorback fol¬ lowers knew their team had the potential to win the Southwest Conference and possibly go undefeated, but there were those who had to be convinced. Brilliant offensive play by Sidney Moncrief, Ron Brewer, and Marvin Delph sparked the Hogs to more wins, including crucial victories over Big Eight teams like Kan¬ sas at Lawrence and Kansas State — the eventual Big Eight Champ. With an 8-0 record on the line, the Porkers hosted highly regarded Memphis State at Barton Coliseum in front of the largest crowd ever to watch a basketball game in the state of Arkansas. The Razorbacks played tough and held the lead until the waning moments of the contest when Mem¬ phis State put an effective full court press into use that proved to be the Razorback downfall in a 69-63 win for MSU. Coach Eddie Sutton called the loss “a blessing in dis¬ guise” because it brought out weaknesses in the Hog game plan. Arkansas’ poise proved to be a major factor in their opening win in conference play over Texas Tech when Brewer canned a 35-foot jump shot to boost the Hogs over the ever tough Red Raiders, the 42-39 win was the first ever for the Hogs at Lubbock. After a close game with the Houston Cougars (81-70), the Razorbacks reeled off eight more SWC victories before the second encounter with the Cougs. The offen¬ sive firepower of the three basketeers and the defensive play of Jim Counce and Steve Stroud helped the Hogs bury all their opponents by lengthy margins. The second Houston game proved to be all it was billed to be as sophomore center Steve Schall came off the bench to spark the Porkers to an 82-80 triumph. It was Houston’s first loss of the season at Hofhienz Pavilion before 10,000 screaming Cougar fans. A day later the Big Red again amazed everyone when they were down to Tulane by 14 points with only nine minutes remaining. Brewer led the team down the stretch and it was another Arkansas victory, 76-73. Baylor, Rice, TCU, Texas, and Texas A M all fell under the wrath of the Hogs after the Tulane game before the conference tournament. The Razorbacks earned a bye in the tournament by going 16-0 in conference play and 25-1 on the regular sea¬ son. Moncrief, Brewer, and Delph were named to the All- SWC team along with Houston’s Otis Birdsong and Tech’s Mike Russell. In addition to these awards. Coach Sutton was named the basketball writers’ Coach of the Year for guiding his team to their impressive record. As expected, Houston made it to the finals of the SWC tourney and in a game where Arkansas was down by as much as six points in the second half, the Hogs staged another patented comeback to trounce Houston for the third time in one year, 80-74. No other college basketball team had ever done that to the Cougars and probably no one ever will again. Delph led all scorers with 552 points on the year. He was followed by Brewer with 459 points and Moncrief with 431. Both Moncrief and Brewer finished high in field goal percentage among the major schools and the team’s defense was ranked as high as fourth late in the season. The 26 victories were the most ever recorded by an Arkansas team. The Hogs also broke attendance records wherever they played during the course of the year. It was an illustrious year for Arkansas basketball. Fan support reached an all time peak as the Hogs played to a sellout each home game. The renovation of Barnhill Arena is to continue and the program should only improve. With four of the starting five returning, the Razorbacks could be the next NCAA champions. The Razorback basketball team brought recognition not only to the University of Arkansas but to the state. The team was loved by all and Eddie Sutton’s name became a household word. The 16-0 record in SWC was a Confer¬ ence first and the Hogs fail to lose at Barnhill or on the road. The two losses were both on neutral sites. Arkansas basketball was also getting recognition from other sections of the country. The Razorbacks were cho¬ sen to represent the United States in an international tour¬ nament in Brazil in April and May. Competing there, were the Russian national team that won a gold medal in the 1972 Olympics at Munich. The Hogs were also ranked in both UPI and AP polls and were the subject of stories in magazines and newspapers across the country. If this was the year when the Hogs were supposed to be a year away then not only the SWC, but the nation should be aware that the Hogs have arrived, only a year early. 258 Basketball Post-Season Tournaments Hogs Down Cougars 80-74, Although the post season play ended before many Razorback fans would have liked for it to, the 1977 basketball season was a tremendous success. Post season play for the Hogs began after a 15 day layoff as the Hogs played Houston again for the right to the NCCA tournament. The six defeats had all come in the hands of the top-ranked teams. The finals of the tournament was completely new to the SWC, as over 15,000 fans piled into the Summit in Houston to witness an epic battle between the Cougars and the Hogs. Arkansas fans stole the hometown advantage right away from Hous¬ ton, as over 5,000 Hog-callers called the Hogs all night, at times drowning out the Cougar band. The game went along with the tempo of the crowd as the Hogs jumped out and left the Cougars, leading by as much as 12 points during the first half. But the Cougars and the Houston fans were not to be denied as the Cougs put on a show of their own and took a 36-35 halftime lead. The Cougars came back hot in the second half leading at times by as much as six points. But the Hogs rejected the Coug’s bid, as Ron Brewer and the Hogs came back to overshadow Otis Birdsong and the Houston fans to prove that the Hogs were the King of the SWC. The next week was not quite as happy for the Hog fans. The Hogs faced a powerful ACC team. Wake Forest, in the opening round of the NCCA tournament at Norman, Oklahoma. The Hogs were slight favorites riding on a 18 game winning streak and the Deacons were on a four game losing skid. More than 6,000 Hog fans invaded Norman with visions of Atlanta in their heads. The Hogs almost ran the Deacons back to North Carolina before the first half ended, lead¬ ing by 13 at halftime. But the Deacons failed to give up and after a few quick baskets and a few questionable calls, the lead was suddenly one point and then the roof caved in. With less than five minutes remaining, Sidney Moncrief, the heart of the team, fouled out and doubt suddenly appeared. Wake Forest then converted 18 straight free throws while the Hogs failed to hit the front end of important one and one. Tears filled the eyes of Hog fans and the Hogs came back home two weeks early losing 86-80. The Hogs left early, but many observers felt that they wouldn’t be gone for long and that next year post season play for Arkansas would never end. Besides, who could cry about a 27-2 record? RAZORBACK BASKETBALL Opponent Air Force U-Calif-Hayward SW Missouri State Southern Colorado Oklahoma City Kansas Kansas State Tulsa Memphis State Texas Tech •Houston •Texas Tech •Rice •TCU •Texas •Texas A M •SMU •Baylor •SMU; •Houston Tulane •Baylor •Rice •TCU •Texas •Texas A M Houston Wake Forest " j % UA Opp. 72 54 89 59 72 71 91 43 71 60 67 63 80 65 81 66 63 67 41 38 81 70 60 53 72 45 62 45 86 58 72 58 77 59 68 59 77 59 82 80 76 73 77 78 , 4 Jll IN 73 M 61 earn 2: ■ o 00 74 80 J 86 •SWC GAME POST SEASON TOURNAMENT SEASON RECORD: 26-2 260 Basketball Lose to Wake Forest 86-80 R. Cfuynn R. Guynn A C. Cunnin}»hani 262 Basketball Basketball 263 Razorback Basketball Hogs!!! Hogs!!! Hogs!!! Received National attention after wins over Houston, Tulane, Baylor, Kansas on the road and failed to lose at Barnhill. Slowly but surely the Hogs moved up in the Top Twenty ranking and were feared everytime they took to the court. It seems that the Hogs had arrived a year early. Look Out NCAA. 266 Basketball Basketball 267 Ranked In Top 20 Cross Country takes third straight SWC Crown 268 Cross Country Photos by R. Guynn Cross Country 269 Photo’s by R. Guynn Track The Razorback track team was much improved overall during the 1977 track season. With the aid of members from the Southwest Con¬ ference Champion Cross Country team, the Razorback Runners were heard from in every meet that they competed in during the indoor and outdoor track season. Cross Country star Niall O’Sh- aughnessy, who competed in the Montreal Olympics brought national attention to the Razorback track pro¬ gram, breaking record after record in meets across the country. Freshman sprinter, Kerwin Wash¬ ington and footballer Barnabus White helped out greatly in the sprints, which had always been a weak point in Razorback track pro¬ gram. Bob Williams gather points in the field events and Malcom East and Steve Baker anchored the Mile Relay. Other standouts included Clark Morman in the 440 yard relay and Duane Pickert. 270 Track Photos by R. Guynn Track 271 President: Phil Breazeal, Vice-President: John Brecht, Secretary: Mark Welytok, Scrum Co-Captains: Steve Mayes. John Brecht, Social Chairman: Fred O’Laughlin. Scrum Charles Price Roger Ferguson Loyld Collins Vic Butler James Benson Jim Mayes Steve Mayes Mike Gillum Alan Thompson Ray Coleman Dave Journey Hind locks Hiram McBeth Mark Wilyfok Fred O’Laughlin Clayton Hughes Phil Breazeal Kevin Slakavitch Steve Ritchie Doug Wehmeyer Albert Erickson Tom Prigmore C. Brickey Henry Antes Kim Knapp Hookers Tom Pevehouse Tim Smith Other Chuck Moore Gray Squires John Albertson Halinski Larry Brown Props John Brecht Backs E. Blakely Mike Hunt Jim Phillips Neil Covey Delmerr Duerr Mac Miller Steve Liddell Doug Phillips Wing Forwards Bobby Dix Steve Wilcox Don McFarland _ 272 Rugby Sports 77 “It was a very good year jCMgaSpsiaa K ?r - 1— ■- ' -4 1- Intramurals 274 Intramurals Intramurals Intramurals 275 John Boyd Ed Smithson Bobby Baker Mike Mathies -— While funds were being cut across the country for minor sports such as golf, the University of Arkansas was committed to upgrading the golf program during the year. Headed by Coach Thomas McNair, the golf team competed in the Bing Crosby World Tournament in Guadajara, Mexico and the Border Olympic Tournament in Laredo, Texas in search for their first NCCA bid. This year ' s team composed through extensive out of state recruiting finished as co-champs of the SWC in a fall tournament. Top players included Bobby Baker, Eddie Jones, Mike Mathis and Leland Chiles. J Eddie Jones Dennis Barnes Golf 277 C. Cunnin ihani 278 Swimming C. Cunnint ham Swimming 279 Tennis: 1977 L. Schafrnburx Hog Netters Face Top Teams Arkansas ' s tennis team started the year with a torrid start as Tom Pucci’s squad rolled up a 7-0 record. A tough road trip into Texas during mid-season cost the Hogs some matches but it ena¬ ble Pucci’s young team to gain valuable experience. The Razor- backs also competed in the Northwest Arkansas Professional Tournament where several players won their respective matches against the pros. Buddy Bowman led the Hogs to their victories throughout the season, aided by Mike Vogl, John Bailey, Ron High¬ tower and Peter Hawking. The Razorbacks have given Arkansas the much deserved attention in tennis that the team earned with their excellent play all year. 280 Tennis F’hotos by L. Schiifrnbrrj Tennis 281 ARKANSAS BASEBALL VSTR- 1—J 1 ! HOME 1 1 INN6 ••••• GEORGE COLE FIELD 282 Baseball Team faces tough SWC schedule Photographs Unlimited 284 Baseball Photographs Unlimited Baseball 285 Baseball Team Bids for NCCA Playoffs The Arkansas baseball team posted one of the best overall records in the school’s history vith milestone victories over Oral Rob¬ erts, Iowa State, Houston, and an early season eight game winning streak. Pitching proved to be a major strongpoint against the opposition. Pat Anderson, Mark McClain, Bill Bakewell and Rich Erwin continuously stifled oppos¬ ing batters producing shutouts and one-hitters at a constant rate. Ralph Bradbury, Marc Brumble, Jeff Spence, Hank Thompson and Arvis Harper provided the power¬ ful batting and the excellent field¬ ing that is a needed ingredient for a winning team. Tim Lollar and Teddy Asbill were noted for their excellent relief work in the late innings of close games. The Hogs hosted over 30 games on their home field (George Cole Field), in its second year of use and the Hogs played the Arkansas Travelers in an exhibition game in Little Rock. Baseball Coach, Norm DeBriyn 1977ARKANSAS BASEBALL ROSTER NO, PLA YER AND POSITION NO, PLA YER AND POSITION 27 Pat Anderson, p 4 Arvis Harper, of 12 Teddy Asbill, p 22 Jeff Hemm, c 17 Larry Atha, lb John Hennell, lb 13 Bill Bakewell, p 7 Rob Kauffman, ss-3b 20 Ed Blythe, 2b-of 30 Scott Kirk, p Kevin Bost, c 9 Shaun Lacey, 3b-of 12 Ralph Bradbury, 2b Ed Leding, p 26 Jini Bradford, p Terry Lee, 2b 17 Mike Brasher, 2b-ss 17 Clark Lewis, of 15 Dale Brown, ss 18 Tim Lollar, p 3 Mark Brumble, of 8 Tim Lundquist, lb-3b-c 5 Mark Bulgarelli, c 11 Mark McClain, p 25 Randy Cason, p 24 Ferg McNiel, if Ken Coats, p 16 Dave Rhodes, p 14 Crockett Dubose, lb 21 Jeff Spence, ss 10 Rich Erwin, p 19 Gerald Thompson, p 1 Willie Hargroves, if-of 28 Hank Thompson, of 6 Larry Wallace, 2b ‘Denotes number of varsity letters 286 Baseball Women’s Sports 287 WOMEN’S SPORTS Team Nannette Gosnell Annette Ivey Melanie Jones Jody Tyson Vickie Tyson Donna Williams Kenda Zwayer Track Team Linda Bedford Julie Brown Terry Brown Ruth Carey Ellen Connell Kelly Ann Elliott Martha Crimes Kim Croff Sara Hensley Pat Keck Janet Meyer Carol Ann Riggs Kathy Rowland Denise Wells Mgr. Sandy Sanders Gymnastics Debbie Adam Geri Andrews Marcella Buechley Exa Curtis Susan Gabbard Mary Hardcastle Betsy Jaicks Leah Krueger Lisa Lambert Cindy Martin Robin Meek Janet Meyer Barbara Murphy Dotty Neely Kathy Rowland Lorraine Sessions Nannette Simmons Margo Whiteside Kenda Zwayer Swimming Team Tennis Team Cathy Basham Stella Boustany Rosemary Caristianos Debbie Coogan jeanie Fetzer Ann Hays Bev Kreie Jan Radke Kim Sanders Susan Stephenson Katherine Terrell Beverley Tribble Janan Trimble Lesa Young 290 Women s Sports Female athletes were finally recognized in 1976-77 with the first ten women’s athletic scholarships ever awarded at the U. of A. Tuition and fee payments up to $500 per year were given to those women who had excelled in their respective areas. All of the scholar¬ ship winners feel encouragement for the women’s sports program as the new i help Arkansas become more competitive and attract quality athletes to Fayettev This year’s tennis team changed some of its competition by adding out-of-stai its schedule. Nineteen women participated in firmly establishing women’s tennis at Arkan¬ sas. The eight-member gymnastics team excelled in competition despite the few numbers involved and limited practice time. Facing many teams from Texas, Missouri, and Tennes¬ see, as well as Arkansas, the Razorback gymnasts showed great form and talent. Lady Razorback basketball audiences increased this year in number and enthusiasm as the long waits for the other games prompted Barnhill to fill early. Both the team and the crowds were pleased. Basketball at Arkansas is a sport for both men and women. Photo Courtesy of GRAPEVINE Women’s Athletics UA Tennis Team ( MEMBERS: Deanna Barnes, Deborah Cooper, Jeanette Cowhurd, Joy Dillard, Celeste Homan, Joy Dillard, Joanie Johnston, Pat Keck, Marsha Lackey, Carol Ann Riggs, Debbie Roe, Tami Thompson, Joyce Underdown, Camille Yancey and Mgr Gail Saulsbury. ’ WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY BASKETBALL Season Record: 10 Wins — 6 Losses Opponent UA No. Ark Community College 67 John Brown University 92 Bartlesville Wesleyan 68 John Brown University 76 Tulsa University 47 No. Eastern Oklahoma St. 62 Cottey College 73 So. Western Missouri St. Univ. 56 No. Ark. Community College 65 Carl Albert Jr. College 50 No. Eastern Oklahoma St. 54 Oral Roberts University 37 Arkansas Tech 43 Arkansas Tech 54 Bartlesville Wesleyan 108 Tulsa University 59 Opp. 70 87 19 57 55 61 44 46 67 41 63 63 49 51 29 48 Women’s Basketball Women’s Sports 291 Outstanding Athletes Despite a 5-5-1 record, the Arkansas Razorback football team had several outstanding players who were not only recognized locally but nationwide. Steve Little (left) was named All-Ameri¬ can by the Kodak Coaches poll. A junior from Overland Park, Kansas, Steve holds all kicking records at the UofA and Steve is only a junior. R. C. Thielmann (lower left) was a four year let- terman for the Porkers. A senior marketing major from Hous¬ ton, Texas, R. C. was named to the all SWC team and was con¬ sidered a prime pro prospect. Cited by SPORTS ILLUS¬ TRATED for his play against Houston, Dennis Winston (lower left) was named SWC player of the week and AP national player of the week twice during his career as a Porker. The sen¬ ior from Marianna, Arkansas was also selected for several post¬ season games. 292 Outstanding Athletes Outstanding Athletes Ben Cowins (left) proved to be the runningback he was billed as out of high school as the sophomore from St. Louis powered his way for 1,162 yards to win the Southwest Con¬ ference rushing title. Cowins averaged 105.6 yards a game and an almost unbelievable 6.3 yards every time he touched the ball. Cowins ran for 186 yards against Houston including an 89-yard touchdown romp. Cowins was a unaminous all- Southwest Conference player for the 76 season and was cho¬ sen most valuable offensive player. Harvey Hampton (bottom right) was the winner of both the Crip Hall Award and most valuable defensive player. His never-give-up attitude and his emotional outbursts became somewhat of a trademark for the four year starter from For¬ rest City. This past season, Harvey had 40 unassisted tackles and 30 assisted tackles. He had sacks for a total loss of 46 yards to the opposition and was named SWC player of the week for his play against Houston. Niall O ' Shaugnessy (bottom left) brought the Arkansas track program into the National spotlight this year with out¬ standing performances against world-class runners at presti¬ gious track meets. O’Shaugnessy, a former Montreal Olym¬ pian from Ireland, was clocked at 3.55.4, the second fastest indoor mile ever recorded, at a quadrangular meet at the University of Missouri. The talented Irishman also repre¬ sented Arkansas at an Olympic Invitational meet in New York’s Madison Square Garden and finished a strong third behind winner John Walker of New Zealand. O’Shaugnessy returned to New York to compete in the AAU Champion¬ ships and ran a 3.57.4 mile to finish a close second behind Tanzania’s Filbert Baye, Niall also anchored the SWC cham¬ pion cross country team for Arkansas. Outstanding Athletes 293 Outstanding Athletes Prime reasons for Arkansas’s sudden rise to basketball fame were three young men, all from Arkansas who became known all over the country as the three basketeers. A junior from Fort Smith Northside, Ron Brewer (left) was termed by many as one of the best guards in the country. An all SWC player, Ron (or Boo) brought fans to their feet several times during the season with his ball handling and shooting. Named SWC Freshman of the Year in 1976, Sidney Mo icrie (right) was named All SWC in 1977. A sophomore from Little Rock Hall, Sidney led the team in rebounds and was second in the nation in shooting per¬ centages. A three year (lower left) letterman from Conway, Marvin Delph was the leading scorer for the Hogs, popping in 30 points against SMU. Delph was also an all SWC selection and amazed the crowd with his shooting accuracy. 294 Outstanding Athletes Outstanding Athletes Mark McClain (lower left) was one of the most effective and consistent pitchers on the Razorback squad this past sea¬ son. The senior hurler, from Houston, Texas, chalked up several important victories for the Hogs early in the season. Mark transferred to Arkansas from San Jacinto Junior Col¬ lege. There he helped pitch his team to the semi-finals in the juco world series. Doug Wilnes (left) has probably done as much for Razor- back swimming as any former athlete at the University of Arkansas. Doug capped his successful career at Arkansas this year in the same fashion as he had in the past three years — a winner. The senior out of Lincoln, Nebraska was a main force in the shorter sprint races for the Hog swimmers. Wilnes competed in the NCAA swim tournament, which is quite an accomplishment since not many Razorback swim¬ mers have enjoyed that privilege. Buddy Bowman (bottom right), for the second year in a row, was the number one seeded player on the tennis team. The Little Rock native, only a sophomore, and the top player in the state. Several times during the schedule. Bowman was the only Razorback player to win his match or consistently look good. Bowman has two more years of competition fac¬ ing him and that is nothing but good news to Razorback ten¬ nis fans. Outstanding Athletes 295 Outstanding Athletes Barnabas White, already a noted runningback in football, uti¬ lized his blinding speed for the indoor and spring track seasons this year. White was clocked at :09.6 in the 100 yard dash and :21.5 in the 220. His most memorable feat was tying the meet record at the USTFF Championships at Champaign, Illinois. White, a junior from Marion ran a :06.1 60-yard dash to win the event and represent the University of Arkansas at the NCCA indoor national finals in Detroit. Honorable Mention — Football Johnnie Meadors, Gerald Skinner, Curtis Townsend Basketball Steve School, Ray Buckner, Steve Stroud, Jim Counce Baseball Hank Thompson, Mark Brumble, Pat Anderson Track Mark Scott, Mark Hoenig, Kerwin Washington _ Cross Country Stu Penn, Steve Baker, Malcom East Coif Leland Chiles Tennis Ron Hightower, Brain Sakey Women’s Track Linda Bedford, Kelly Elliot y 296 Outstanding Athletes With the growth of women’s athletics at the UA, three women were selected as outstanding athletes. A member of the Lady Razorbacks basketball team. Marsha Lackey cap¬ tured 28 points against John Brown University for her highest scoring game. Majoring in physical education, Marsha is a junior from Eufala, Oklahoma. Representing the women’s tennis team, Janan Trimble is ranked the number one woman tennis player in Arkansas. Janan is a junior business major from Little Rock. Donna Williams, a member of the gymnas¬ tics team, is a junior from Fayetteville majoring in physical education. Donna was selected this year to receive one of the ten scholarships given to women athletes for the first time on this campus. Outstanding Athletes 297 ORQ MIZKriOM9 Associated Student Government Ed Lynch, President Jeanie Collyge, Vice President 30() ASG Doug Weaver, Treasurer Damon Thompson, Pro-Temp Mark Allen, Administrative Aide Lesa Lackey, Public Relations Director ASC 301 ASG DEPARTMENT HEADS: Karen Snodgrass, Director of Student Services: Joanie Gardner. Research Direc¬ tor. SECOND ROW: Ken Harrell. Student Life; JoAnne Mazur. Administrative Aide; David Smith, Consumer Affairs. 302 ASG Associated Student Government PRESIDENT, Ed Lynch TREASURER, Doug Weaver V-PRES IDENT, Jeannie Collyge SECRETARY, Mary Melekian Senate Marc Allen Lonnie Green Arthur Oliver Mike Armstrong Rick Green Jim Pender John Bailey Marcus Greer Melissa Perdue Ray Beeler Robert Harty John Plant John Blair Ann Hayes Kathyrn Poole Byron Bordeaux Robert Hayes Arthur Pruitt Liz Bowdon Otis Howe Chuck Rice Randy Bridges Don Irby Rob Richardson Linda Calvin Tom Jackson Bob Ridgeway Phil Campbell Curtis Jeffries Lynn Ripley Bill Chevaillier Steve Joiner Ellen Ritchey Lisa Clemens Thad R. Kelly III Chuck Rogers Donald Coleman William Kimbrel Curt Rom Bobby Coleman Mark Kinyon Mark Rom Jane Connolly Bob Kolf Danny Schiefler Myra Cosgrove Melinda Lacy Cliff Scogins Ken Cox Bill Lonon Lorraine Sessions Everett Dale Lou Marinelli Vince Terril Fred Darville Denise May Marshal] Thompson Carol Jo Davis Randy Merchant Valerie Tolman Deanne Derrick Davie Merlins Necia Tomboulian Walt Dickinson Don Michener Jean Ann Trammell Skip Ebel Kathy Milmore John Tribulak Len Ellis Theresa McCormack Jeanie Turner John English Moses McGuire Bob Wahlman Bill Eubands Ron McMillan Barbara Womack Alvin Ferguson Stephen Nakdimen Becky Womack Kathy Gore Jean Norman Debbie Wood J SENATE COMMITTEES Chairmen RECREATION INTRAMURALS Bob Looney and Steve Haguewood. chairman INTERRACIAL RELATIONS Darlene Butler, chairman JUDICIAL REGULATIONS Jim Dickson, chairman TICKET Bob Hayes, chairman PARKING AND LIGHTING Bruce Barnett, chairman COUNSELING CENTER AND SPECIAL SERVICES Rich Cosgrove, chairman PLACEMENT Theresa Sprenger, chairman LEGISLATIVE RELATIONS LOBBY Stephanie Riley, chairman COMMUNITY RELATIONS Becky Cobb, chairman BOARD OF TRUSTEES Bob Ridgeway, chairman TEXTBOOK EXCHANGE Win Purifoy, chairman PRICE SURVEYS Jean Hopkins, chairman CONSUMER PROTECTION Bill Edwards, chairman J ASG 303 Residence Hall Association RHA OFFICERS PRESIDENT; Ken Carter 1st VICE PRESIDENT: Sherri Grimsiev 2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Jim Roomsburg SECRETARY: Terri Morris TREASURER: Betty Staples 304 RHA -N RHA Legislative Council Becky Malheson Janet Robbins Rose Mary Coleman Ted Lemser Susie Hayes Dan Mouritsen David Lukenbaugh Lloyd Meyers Courtney Swindler Gary Zielke Dewey Magar Joe Washington Matt Fleming Romona Bates Stuart Lee Jay Sperber John Blair Pat Green Scott Melton Janis Hamilton Diana Hawes Darlene Butler Robin Hatfield Craig Gaylor Tanya McConnell Lynn Hamilton Carol Kirby John Olson Gloria Johnson Jack Snell Gay Farmer Jeff Farmin Mike Hodshire V_ R. r.uynn R. (Juynn RHA 305 Black Americans for Democracy Terry Lee, president Earvin Aaron Jerry Flemons James Langston Jerry Saxton Larry Anders Tommie Flowers Terry Glenn Lee Roslyn Scott Beverly Angles Michael Forrest Martin Lemond Roslyn L. Scott Rebecca Applegate Gwedolyn Foster Billy Lew ' is Gorden Seawood Donald Baker Doris Franklin Grady Lofton Marilyn Shelley A. L. Beal Cathryn Gant Luretta Lofton Alvin Simmons Andrew Beavers D. G. Gant Virlean Lofton Karen Simmons Linda Bedford Jo Evelyn George William Long Lenora Smith Rhonda Bell Martin Gray Soloman Lusby Olustee Smith Phyllis Blackmon Orneita Gray Pat Mackey Teresa Spratt Johnnie Boathe Barbara Greathouse Crysta l Mann Lajuana Stewart Donny Boles Lonnie Green Wanda Marshall Sharon Stewart Joe Bradly Danny Griffin Janice McCall Rita Stitt Bobbie Jean Brown Maura Hall Bobbie McCoy Delois Taylor Brenetta Browning Dale Hamilton Rhonda McDaniel Gloria Thomas Darlene Butler Gene Hamilton Debra McElroy Ronnie Thompson Howard Butler Janice Marie Hamilton Blendean McGill William Thompson Reginald Campbell Adrian Hammonds Brenda Mitchell Fred Toilette Linda Calvin Harvey Hampton Bruce Mitchell Carolyn Torrence Phyllis Cannon Manuel Hardaway Kerry Mitchell Richard Torrence Butch Carroll Dionne Harold Chris Moore Georgia Trotter Charlotte Carroll Lynn Harris Willie Morris Barry Turner Henry Clark Ulysses Hegler Angela Mosley Earl Valley Charles Clay Darrell Hicks Betty Neal James Walker Evelyn Coleman Natalie Hill Elsie Neal Valencia Walker Lee Coleman Thelma Holeman Regina Newson Valerie Warren Rose Mary Coleman Debra Holliman Samuel Newsome Kerwin Washington Deborah Cooper Bennie Hopkins Kim Nichols Joe Washington Patricia Cooper Alta Hunnicutt Gary Noble Hugh Watson Andretta Cravens Linda Jiles Sharon Norwood Charlie Whirl Rowena Darton Lucille Jackson Mary Parker Paula Whitford Michele Davis Lynda Jackson Lawrence Patton Brennan White Sharon Davis O. C. Jackson Elfredia Phillips Charlie Wilburn Romona Days Earl Johnson Marcus Pickett Simu’el Wilburn II Joy Dillard Gloria Johnson Loretha Rainey Cleotis Wilder Joanne Dirden Linda Gail Johnson Denise Revere Dwayne Williams Evelyn Dismuke Ronald Johnson Frederica Rhodes Mary Williams Bennie Duckett Elizabeth Jordan Sharon Richardson Debra Wilson Lewis Eady Melvin Dale Jumper Thelma Robinson Judy Wilson Jerry Eckwood Willa Black Kennedy Kenneth Ross Cathy Winfrey Deanne Ellington Garol Ann Kirby Yvonne Rucker Isabella Wofford Annette Evans Bridgitti Knox Roland Sales Sara Wright Ardeain Ezell Debra Yvonne Lane Howard Sampson 306 B.A.D. (J. (ainnin hiiin black AMERICANS FOR DEMOCRACY OFFICERS: Natalie Hill (assistant secretary), Brenda Mitchell (secretary), Solo¬ mon Lusby (vice-president). Grit Cooksey (parliamentarian). NOT SHOWN: Jo Evelyn George (treasurer), Cassandra Smith (B.A.D. Times Editor) and Earl Johnson (social chairman). B.A.D. 307 a r k a n s a s C. CunninKhnn) U n 1 O n ARKANSAS UNION PROGRAMS COUNCIL Bill Farmer.President Jim Short.Vice President Bill Overby.Union Governing Board Janice Meggers .Arts Committee Ben Hill.Celebrity Showcase Committee Tom Jackson .Eclectic Films Committee Leigh Campbell.Foreign Films Committee Carl Imhoff.Outdoor Recreation Committee Jean Hopkins.Popular Films Committee Melissa Harwood.Publicity Committee Charles Muschany.Special Projects Committee Faith Russell .Symposium Committee Randall Oxford.Travel Committee JackBently.Video Tape Committee Don Burke.Programs Director Anne Kittrell.Programs Director Terry Muse.Programs Director union committees Arts Janice Meggers, Chair Billy Giese Candy Schuncke Don Edwards Christy Kalder Cindy Maas Kathy Vanzant Jim Fisher Don Hall Mary James Kathy Gray Jonna Hussy Celebrity Showcase Ben Hill, Chair Kandy Power Lisa Bounds Julia Weedman Bobby Coleman Steven Aulds David Godwin Sheri Towne Brad Beavers Bill Pisaruck Matt Lovelace Richard Oldham Kathy Smith Bruce Burton Ricky Chastain Dan McWilliams Outdoor Recreation Carl Imhoff, Chair James Hoelscher Sheila Griffith Larry Barber Martha Stark Lloyd Keck Kent Brown Kathryn Lueck Blair Buckley James Scroggs John Jaco Jim Brown Laura Clark Robert Boudra Tom McKinney Randy Chick Win Sutherland Mike Wright Popular Films Jean Hopkins, Chair Mark Hughes David Dickinson Lisa Cox Sara Stultz Karen Barnes John Anderson Richard Ellis George Wise Jo Ann Pratt James Chaffin Paige Partain Arvil Herbert Symposium Faith Russell, Chair Robin Meek David Gay Joey Gibbs Bee Catlett Nancy Hogue Richard Harmon Doug Vail Jim Williams David Smith Chuck Rice David Koch Travel Randall Oxford, Chair Mike Chambers Arvil Hebert Faith Russell Julia Loring Laura Cook Becky Robbins Madeline Dortch Eclectic Films Tom Jackson, Chair Kris Kirk Casey Jones Susan Huckleberry Ron Phelps Susan Fennell Pete Hale Foreign Films Leigh Campbell, Chair Harris Ross Kathy Duke Jean Reddick Jan Goodrich Pat Elliott Bill Brown Bill Baker Ramsey Walker Mark Bishop Steve Anderson Rebecca Yarbrough Publicity Melissa Harwood, Chair Special Projects Charles Muschany, Chair Debbie Bird John Brady Bill Cook Debbie Hager Bruce Hurtsfield Kathy Kuespert Darla Lawson Kathie Lincoln Michele Marks David Plugge Susan Presson Ann Schumacher Kathy Skomski George Williford David Young Video Tape Jack Bently, Chair Karen Barnes Raymond Buckley Tom Durham Mark Gartam Steve Gilliland Pete Mohler Ray Riley Michael Rush Steve Eabie Jim Borden Mike Kellog Shay Hryhiewicz Charlie Cash a r k a n s a s u n 1 o n 309 a r k a n s a s u n 1 o n ARKANSAS UNION STAFF Director Robert M. Barnes Assistant Director for Programs Donald J. Burke Assistant Director for Food Service Levelle “Bud” Wheeler Assistant Director for Operations Bessie M. Dorsey Program Advisors Anne Kittrell Terry Muse Terry Muse Donald J. Burke Anne Kittrell 310 Arkansas Union “The Union is really the hub of the cam¬ pus,” Bill Farmer explains. As President of the Arkansas Union Programs Council, Farmer serves the university community as no other student leader does. His organiza¬ tion offers recreation, space, symposium facilities, and a talent-rich staff that some¬ how stays ahead of U of A demands. “It’s where people go for their meetings, for enter¬ tainment; it’s where they go to eat; it’s where to go for financial aid . . .” Smooth operation for the complex results from a solid organization structure. Three executives oversee the workings of a dozen committees, the heads of which serve on the Council. Travel Committee organizes inex¬ pensive, quality trips for interested students. Acapulco hosted three dozen enthusiastic, tan U of A-ers on a more-glamorous-than- usual spring break. Pop Films schedules first-run films along with Hepburn classics in the Union Theatre, while turning a profit this year to subsidize other Union projects. Celebrity Showcase experiments with a talent field not often recruite d for campus lectures. Bill Farmer emphasizes: “Lily Tom¬ lin was a new experience for us. She was a comedian, not a show. We didn’t break even on the show; we didn’t make money. But we found people enjoy not only a concert but a comedian. It was different.” Behind the entertainment came special cooperation to put the show across. Lily Tomlin involved the co-sponsorship of another organization, AWS, and work from Celebrity Showcase, Special Projects, and Programs Council itself. “One of the things we did this year — it was more accidental than not — was to develop our programs to include not only entertainment but academics. We did plan on academics,” Bill continued, ‘‘but we didn’t realize how much we would overlap into academics.” The Union has been complimented by admin¬ istrators because of the aca¬ demic, cultural and educational content in Union Programs. Aside from the programs each committee offers, the Arkansas Union gives learning experience and training for the committee chairmen and mem¬ bers. Over 150 students are directly associated with the Council, most of whom partici¬ pate in other campus activities. “I think that this year we have created experts.” Farmer discusses the people he relies on with the ease that leaders who head successful organizations must feel. ‘‘It’s surprising — They don’t know they’re experts until they con¬ front someone else with their problems.” Along with the individuals involved, the Arkansas Union becomes more expert. Overall they do what they do well: A $180,000 annual budget serves 105,000 persons, according to Jim Short, AU Vice President. Governing Board, which Bill Overby chairs, acts as the board of directors for the Union. The staff has help, too, with guidance from three advisors: Anne Kittrell, Don Burke, and Terry Muse. Union workers often find a self-satisfac¬ tion in their jobs. A proud president asserts, “I’ve never seen people as dedicated . . Besides, it looks like fun. arkansas union programs Arkansas Union 311 association for women students Sandy Brown, AWS Coordinator Joey Gibbs, AWS Coordinator RIGHT: Sandy Brown and Joey Gibbs celebrate the beginning of Women’s Week ' ll — " Men And Women in a Changing World. " Women’s Week is an annual event sponsored by AWS along with The Women’s Center. Photd.s by C. Hill 312 AWS LEFT: Nikki Giovanni appeared in the ballroom March 21, to spark off Women’s Week. Women ' s Week Schedule Monday» March 21 1:30 " Women In a Changing World " (film) - AU M-412-414 2:30 " " ' 3:30 International Women ' s Panel - perspectives and reactions to the film, " Women In a Changing World " - AU M-412-414 8:00 Nikki Giovanni - AU Ballroom Tuesday, March 22 12:00 " Organic Blueberry Pie " (film) - concerns of women ' s music and involvement In the music Industry - presented by Jane Fishman - AU 311 N 2:00 Presentation and film on breast cancer by Health Educa¬ tion Dept. - AU 312 8:00 Dr. Ruth Dennis - " Problems, Strengths, and Prides of Black Women " - AU Theater Wednesday, March 23 12:00 Dr. Louise Kraemer - " The Professional Scientist: Why Can ' t You Be One, Woman? " - luncheon with Conmisslon on the Needs of Women and AWS - AU 311 N 12:00 " Time Has No Sympathy " (film on women prisoners) It will be shown once every hour until 4:00 p.m. - AU Theater 2:00 Abortion and Problem Pregnancy - presentation by the Women ' s Center - AU M410 8:00 Suzanne Dunlap - " Career Options for Women " - AU M-410 8:00 " Kirsa Nicholina " (film) - presentation and discussion on home birthing by Katie Palone - AU 311 N Thursday, March 24 2:00 Presentation and film on uterine cancer - presented by the Health Education Dept. - AU 312 8:00 Dr. Bev Gelwick, " The Unexpected Phenomena of Returning Women Students " - AU Theater Friday, March 25 10:00 Discussion group on the problems of returning women students - led by Dr. Bev. Gelwick - AU 311 N S 6:00 " Blow for Blow " - an excellent French foreign film about the struggle for better working conditions of women in a French factory - CC 102 8:00 Dr. Carson Bennett - " Men ' s Stake in Women ' s Liberation " AU M-410 AWS 313 , Sophomore Honor Society CHIMES: Diane Smith (vice-president), Leigh Ann Hesterly (corresponding Secretary), Debbie Roblee, Kathy Kingrey, Patti Tif- fen, Kathy VanZandt, Diane Weaver, Elizabeth Lucy, Melissa Moore, Emily Roberts (president). ROW 2: Becky Womack, Susan Price, Ellen English, Jane Horner, Cindy Henry, Besty Hines, Pam House (treasurer), Ann Saviers (reporting secretary), Kim Ran¬ dle, Cindy Carroll. CsrclillQl Koy, junior Honor society CARDINAL KEY MEMBERS: Connie Allred (secretary), Sharon Ashley, Cheryl Blackwood, Gail Brannon, Jeanette Cowherd (president), Charlene Dil¬ lon, Pam Everett, Carolyn Falge, Cherrie Flowers, Adrian Hammonds, Tena Harmon, Jane Hopkins, Jean Hopkins, Judy Kaufman, Melissa Kinnaird, Adele Kittrell (treasurer), Peggy Lally, Diane Letzig, Kathie Lincoln, Paige Partain, Karen Pottebaum, Leslie Smith, Karen Snodgrass, Sheri Walker (vice- president) and Libby Willman. 314 Honoraries Mortar Board, Senior Honor Society MORTAR BOARD MEMBERS: Cheryl Harris (president), Joannie Gardener (vice-president), Ja-nice Meggers (2nd vice-president), Fliece Ripley (secre¬ tary), Cindy Ritch (treasurer), Jeanie Turner (scholarship chairman), Peggy Schakel (musician), Ron Johnson (editor), Judy Adams, Vicki Blomquist, Sara Bunyard, Leigh Campbell, Jo Ellen Chivers, Cathee Crain, Debbie Gilmore, Diana Gilmore, Patrice Gurley, Lynn Harris, Christy Kalder, Katie Kirk, Chris Krueger, Kim Nicholson, Paul Oxenrider, Julia Robinson, Vicki Saviers, Cindy Shaw, Nancy Shaw, Sara Stultz, Debbie Sullivan, Rhona Weaver, Connie Woodruff. Honoraries 315 Cardinal XX Frank Teed. Allan Buchanan. Vernie Williams. Tim Perry, Steve Wilson. John Allen. Steve Eason. Damon Thompson. Steve Bennett. Greg Fair. Johnny Brenner. Fred Darville. Ken Christian. Pat Mika, Roy Gaskill, Cliff Scoggins, Tim Osborn. Chuck Rogers, Walter Wilson. Mike Moore. Blue Key Pres. Bill Overby, Vice-Pres. Doug Vail, Sec. Carl Gessler, Jr.. Treas. Adele Kittrel, VP-Public Rel. Butch Carroll, Corresp. Sec. Mark Robens, Ronnie Gardner. David Tucker. Jim Short. Mark McNair. Joe Clement. Richard Peek. Allan Duncan. Tom Jacobs. Mark Saviers. Mark Mosely, Ed Lynch. John Cole, Boone Nance. Bob Searcy, Bill Skelley. Bob Deere. Kenneth Vickers. Stu Fleischner, Gregg Satterfield. Mark Waldrip, Rusty Watkins. Curt Nebben, Ken Dick. Steven Buckley. Bruce Vorsanger. Hank Kelley. Jr., Jeffrey Roblee, Gordon Lindsey. Brad Fields. Robert Coleman. Jerry Jones. Craig McDaniel. David Murchison. 316 Honoraries yj hAP‘ R. Guyn Order of Omega Greek Honorary ORDER OF OMEGA: ROW 1: Mark McNair — SAE, Mala Daggett — AAA, Candy Isbell — ZTA. Kim Nicholson — KKF, Katie Kirk — AAfl, Kathy McDonald — Xfi, Vicki Saviers — XS2, Nancy Robinson — AAII, Karen Watson — XS2, Ginger Moore — AAFI, Connie Woodruff — KKF, Susan Tiemann — AAFI. ROW 2: Scott Morgan — AKA. Carl Gessler — 1 A(-), Lynn Harris — A A, Mark Waldrip — AFP, Jerry Jones — AX A, Stuart Fleishner (president) — N, Leland Denard — AT, David Tucker — AT, Greg Satterfield — AFP, Bobby Coleman — AXA,, Hank Thomp¬ son — XN, Mark Mosley — XX, Mark Saviers — DA0. NOT SHOWN: Vicki Blomquist — AXS2, Jo Ellen Chiver — AAA, Becky Cobb — AXi2, Barb Cole — AF, Allyn Donaubauer-Figi, Ronnie Gardner — ( A(-), Tom Jacobs — AT, Lesa Lackey — KA0, Ed Lynch — XN, Jim Short — XX, Jeanie Turner — AX12, Rhona Weaver — ZTA. Honoraries 317 KflppS. Dolts. Pi, Education Honorary Kappa Delta Pi Michael Adams Marcia Derrick Rhonda Holm Susan McPhail Doris Steadman Judy Allen Charles Diener Norma Horner Jean McVay Teresa Steuber Rachel Antaki Melinda Douglas Sharon Hunt Martha Meadows Donna Stumbaugh John Archer Kimberly Duel Geri Huntley Melissa Milburn Nancy Tate Constance Austin Gail Duke Martha Hutcheson Lana Monger Nancy Trotter Lee Bair Elizabeth Edwards Diana Inman April Moore Phyllis Vanlandingham Karan Baker Cynthia Eoff Paula Irwin Vivian Munday Marla Vaughan Karen Barton Mary Fallin Tommie Isom Rebecca Naill Maxine Vaught Elizabeth Beaver Geraldine Farnsworth Lynda Jackson Sarah Northcross Janie Veste r Charles Beg js Margaret Farell Roy Jackson Anne Pattillo Catherines Flatten Irma Boudrey Mary Feltych Mary Jacobs Othtdia Paul Virginia Wald Bobbie Bowman Leslie Fifer Alice Jenkins Esther Peebles Beslly Wallace Linda Bradley Lana Flanagan Jo Jones Michelle P(?nce Elizabeth Wallis Sarah Brewer Nancy Franks Bonnie Kelly Ruth Pnmtice Susan Watkins Dona Borwn Nancy Frt eland Willa Kennedy Suzie Ptak Suzy Waymack Ivan Brown Junius Futrell Jaya Kilambi Irvin Ramsey Edwina Weslch James Bryan Betty Gardner Larry Kilgore lulia Reed Loretta Weslch Larry Buck Linda Garrison Jo Ellen King Muricd Rickard Ella Whitten Jane Byers Leo Gauthier Lucille Kinzel Pamela Robertson Richard Whittle Earnestine Camp Karen Gibbs Pearl Larmoyeux Nancy Rodriguez Dianne Williams Ruth Carey Linda Gracy Anita Lee Robert Roelfs Norma Williams Linda Carson Becky Grafe Beverly Lesley Gwtm Rogers Jack Williamson Gary Carter Lonita Graham Mary Littrell Dorothy Ryan Sandra Williamson Marsha Chambliss Ava Gray Joe Loeb Sara Sanders Frances Wilson Sheila Ciervo Marcella Grider Colette Maddox Ann Schaefer Jill Windle Karen Clements Timothy Gunter Brenda Magee Patricia Scherrey III Henry Wise Stephen Corder Lynda Hamilton Kay Marak Timothy Seratt M. J. Wolf Jerry Couch Carolyn Harris Raymond McCalment Cyndi Shaner Frances Wood Henry Covington Elsa Hart Evelyn McChristian Violet Shaver Judy Worsham Edith Crane Stephanie Heller Susan McConnell Susan Sipes Doris Wortham Anne Creekmore Paula Henbest Nancy McGee George Smith Carolyn Wyrick Kimberly Curry Troy Hendricks Marianne McKee Mary Smith Mary Yates W. R. Davenport George Holcomb 318 Honoraries Kappa Kappa Psi and Tan Beta Sigma, Band Honoraries MEMBERS John Baker Glenn Barnes Alan Clack Joel Clark Steve Corley Benny Davis Bobby Dodson Giff Douglas Ed Draughon David Dunagin Jim Fisher Bill Freeman Giles Gallaher David Gattinger Mike Glaze Ron Hudgens Ralph Johnson James Jones Jerry Krupka George Lawson David McKinney Tom Pittman Tom Pitts Val Price Russell Robinson Mark Rogers Warren Rosenaur Wade Schidlers Malcolm Teague Paul Teague Joanie Acton Kathy Barnes Lisa Bass Sharon Batson Jan Brockmole Carol Burnside Julia Cannon Betty Jo Champion Jeanette Cowherd Margaret Fahrner Tina Gray Susan Harrington Pam Herriman Shirlee Hubbard Kim Johnson Brenda Joyce Laura King Sheryl Laxson Donna Lee Tina Patterson Kay Pennington Susan Sipes Chantry Smith Lori Stroud Cherie Sullivan Sondra Sylvester Becky Teeter Nina Woods Honoraries 319 BstS AlpllQ Psi, Business Honorary C. ( ' tinnin} hain BETA ALPHA PSI: Scott Audrain. Robert Ayers, Ron Barber. Steve Bilheimer. Steve Blythe. Bob Boulden. Charles Bryant. Penelope. Camp¬ bell, Ron Clark. Shan Comiskey, James Cullen. John Daniel, Gregg Davis. Allan Duncan. David Ellison. Vickie Ferguson. Ron Gardner. Bill Garrison. Carol Godfrey. Mitchell Hamilton. Dee Wayne Henry. Robert Hudgins. Mark Huff, Kim Johnson. Brenda Keener. Erma Keton. John Kincannon. Ed Koritza. William McBee. Frank Miller. Kathy Murry. Curtis Nebben. Leonard Pickett. Karen Pottebaum. Mark Renner, Jim Short. Doris Smith. Betty Staples. Sharon Stephens, John Weber, Cliff Whisnant, Linda Wilkins. Alphs ZgIQ., Agri-Home Ec Honorary C. Cunnin} hani ALPHA ZETA: Mark Waldrip, Calvin Willis, Rusty Peoples. Rick Short. William Welch, Lee Earhart. Cerelle Fowler. Pete Hornsby. Jackie Davis. David Sanson. Dwight Rhodes. Keith Martin. Mike Martin. Gail Brannon, Dennis Ingram. Kathleen Horst. Gary Bryant. Kenneth Lambeth. Steven Morgan, Ste¬ ven Nelson, Cheryl Ramsey. Greg Satterfiled. Donald Dowdle. Dolf Marrs. Linda Via. Pat Reinhart, Dwight Williams. Terry Metcalf. John Pendergrass. Kenneth Young. Gus Lorenz. Cliff Snyder. Phil Tacker. Stan Baker. Gary Groce. James Benson. Nan Arnold. Paul Westfall. Jeff Tennant. Greg Brittain. Larry Olsen. Rickey Rorie, Peter Slagter. Harry Pranger. Mike Liles. Robert Bacon, Lynn Reese. Lynn Sanderson. Wes Ritter. David Moll. Tom Jacobs. 320 Honoraries Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics Honorary Elaine Ashley Linda Box Linda Brannon Susan Bryant Sara Bunyard Cindy Crocker Deana Falkner Kaye Fancher Renee Fowler Teresa Franklin Kim Jones Rebecca King Katie Kirk Mi-Kwan Kwok Cecilia Lawerence Juliet Lyons Greer Marshall Teresa Martin Cathy Parson Betsy Pepper Carol Relyea Sheila Rhodes Susan Rogers Susan Russell Rebecca Schnelle Pam Simpson Ruth Stephans Susan Tieman Julie Treadway Cara Triplett Mickey Vestal Julia Wesson Dee Dee Williamson Honorarios 321 Pi KflppB DgIIS, Speech Honorary PI KAPPA DELTA: Randall Oxford, Kelly King, Candy Clark, Rita Kirk, Roger Heflin, Mrs. Mary Ingalls, Dr. Richard Rea. Mrs. Pearl Galloway. Intercollegiate Forensics Team INTERCOLLEGIATE FORENSICS TEAM: Rick Baser. Mary Ann Bradley, Jo Carson, Jackie Churchvvell, Candy Clark, Steve Cronan. Roland Depew, Nancy Fuller, Becky Hays, Leslie Lane, Bill Lucky, Jess Lynn, Bob Mayfield, Karen McCaulley, Dennis Peterson, Bill Puttman. 322 Honoraries Omicron Delta Kappa, Leadership Honorary ■ ' y;v i Elaine? Ashle?y Sara Fhinyard Bruce? Clark Bobby Ce)le?inan [e ' annie? Cetlly e? Allyn Donabau(?r |ame?s Fishe?r Sle? vart Fl(?ishn( ' r jetan Gartlne?r Ronnie? Garclne?r De?bbie? Gi 11more ' Che?ryl Harris Tom la cobs Jerry jon(?s Lesa Lackey Linda Lum Gre?g Sallerfield Mark Saviers Cindy Shaw Kalhy Smith Susan Tieman [David Tucker jean Turner Vickie? Saviers Mark Waldrip Jerry Ware? Engine Council Engine council: Kyle FJarris, Debbie Stewart. Duane? Lewis, Becky Womack. Karen Stafford. Linda McDonald. Malcolm Cooper. Paul Oxenreider. John Harp. Mark Wilkins, Charles Wacaster, Thomas Clements, Carl Imhoff. Mark Weaver, David Cousins. H()n()rari(?s 323 Board of Publications BOARD MEMBERS Department of Journalism — Dr. Harry Marsh Business Manager’s Office — Dennis Chappell Division of Information — Bill Hughes Division of Student Affairs — Bob Barnes Student Senate — Charlene Dillon David Brewer Lloyd Myers Joyce Melton Juliet Lyons Steve Strickland Non-voting Members — Steve Kirk, Traveler Editor Ronnie Fair, Traveler Lynn Harris, Razorback Editor Butch Carroll, Razorback 324 Board of Publications ' , " 4 -V: ; I ri y ’•X. s ...M€Dll ...rieDlk.. MeDII ...MeDlh...M€Dlk.. ...M€DII ...M€Dlk.. M0|(! M€Dl ...M€Dlh...rieDlk.. ...M€Dll ...ri€Dlk..M€DI M€Dlt ...M€DII ...M€Dlk.. ...M€DI ...M€Dlk..M€DI 325 .. ‘’-1 V : ' " ' . K - ' .r- , I-. ’ , ' ■ ' i historv ' ' sibie . jO] iruii ? ' I . a ic. ‘d by Hxfi rt Srnuh Id jit WCH ' k lest in T)u- v idcs th.ii bv. uirri iJ oHf-f. ■ [gtr re i .. rv a . ' 326 Traveler ouri, Tennessee Mostly clear skies »ci the cold will ?rati iclud Mia abou r. itadii be " VOL. 71 . 0. 35 FRL. NOV. 12. 1976 F.WETTKVILLE. ARK. lutions discussed le on where the is,” Alguire said, ution Ls an internal 1 loo| said, “This campus does not have as much of a problem as other campuses ' such as Kansas, gouldhave not yet University. Efforts th . f r- directed at maximizin g 5t I pai s da a mci 7consic e Me will be use as additional fw existing Though he noted jften I Vorsanger said students m remove their cars from ' stadium parking lot for ho mes because artment controls IS said half t t Barnhill Fieldho d to student park i basketball gam ions and Vorsan installation of bet emergency phones Its on campus ! the transportat imons said DPS can to help studei of three DPS offic ach shift to serve = ossibly we can certainly will tr aed. are urged to s or suggestions c e campus park Fred Vorsanger, f fiscal affairs. loom 406 of the Uni out i proi hroug »tude went I th a t intei I _ one could see how devotes to each character in order lin became in the to make their part instrumental as well as funny. -Jeorporates humor, As the lights went out the Union racter control and a Ballroom became deathly quiet. lo; - season last higlir straight wins, the Is were defeated by ‘aves, 105-94. I| Football League urtains parted i ged on the stage lauded heartily a as she walked firsi e stage then the otl m the middle, giv n elaborate bow. i almly in center sti while the applause ended. “I suppose standing up hen look like any other talented tress...I didn ' t always want to b gifted actress,” she admitted w a rather sheepish smile. “As child I wanted to be a waitress. This left the crowd laughing a (continued on page Ice crearr pays off The Ice T5ream f arlour a Evelyn Hills shopping center i Traveler Frank Rowe, Ad Manager Elsa Benbke, Office Secretary 328 Traveler Arkansas Second class postage paid at Fayetteville, Ark. 72701 304 Hill Hall University of Arkansas Telephone: (501) 575-3406 The Arkansas Traveler is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the school year. Circulation: 10,000 STEVE KIRK, Editor KANDY POWER, Managing Editor DORIS WEST, Managing Editor CHRIS HAGLER, Chief Photographer JIM CHAFFIN, Sports Editor BRUCE PLANTE, Artist Staff Writers LINDA BEDFORD DANA BUTLER GLYNDA DUNCAN DWAIN LAIR CHARLIE HUGHES CHRIS KRUEGER DONNA LONCHAR MARC LYON ELENA B. ODIO DAN REED Ad Salesmen BUDDY BARGER CRAIG SMITH JACOB MATTHEW RONNIE FAIR, Business Manager FRANK ROWE, Advertising Manager KAREN JONES, Business Secretary FRED MEYERS, Circulation Manager Photographers CHUCK CUNNINGHAM REXGUYNN Production DEBBIE BARNES PATTY GUIDO C. Cunningham Traveler Staff 329 RAZORBACK — TRAVELER Photographers Chuck Cunningham, Chief Photographer. Rex Guyn 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 1977 Razorback 1977 Razorback Staff 333 334 Razorback Staff 1977 RAZORBACK Staff Brenda Allen Butch Carrol Cindy Carrol Jim Chaffin Bridgett Coleman Rose Mary Coleman Cathee Crain Chuck Cunningham Sue Flowers Rex Guynn Chris Haggler Lynn Harris Debbie Holland Bennie Hopkins Jane Hopkins Christy Kalder Jo Ann Mazur Sharon Morgan Elizabeth Puddephatt W. Brooks Swink Deborah Wilson Cathy Winfrey Razorback Staff 335 - KUAF Staff PAUL KEITH Student Manager LARRY SHORT Program Director PETE HOSEA Music Director JAMES SHIELDS News Director RICHARD OLDHAM Asst. News Director STEVE VOORHEES Public Affairs Director DAVID DAVIES Sports Director DOT HUSSEY Traffic Director ROBERT WOFFORD Chief Engineer DAVID GRAY Station Director S_ 336 KUAF KUAF 88.9 KUAF 337 The Majic Club MEMBERS Johnny Allen Mike Ilseman Phil Campbell Bill Mabrey Jasper Desperado Tom Pugh David Dexter Rick Reed Steve Fike John Skinner Blocksden Gruber Scott Tatman Bill Hutchison Vernie Williams 338 Organizations Great Mandala Off Campus Student’s Organization PARL ’ great MANDALA: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dallas Craig, Carol Jones. Bobbie McCoy. Valcenia Walker. Michael Armstrong. Curtis Rose. Special Interest 339 Crescent International Clubs MEMBERS: Syed Faroop, Muhammad Ibrahim, Abdel Amr, Ghulam-Tajeri, Ahmad Shahid, Ahmed Aboubaker, Al-Bula- haid Aziz, Abdelkarim Alghamedi, Ahmad Aman, Awad El-Ghannai, Ronda Abubakar, Hussein-Azarmnia, Mansoureh- Azarmnia, Orhan-Erdem, Nabil-Fahoum, Muhammad Gandhura, Muhammad Hamid, Firoza Hamid, Tayyaba Hasan, Rasoul Hoseini, Muhammad Hjahmad, Muhammad Karim, Aslam Khan, Razia Khan, Amer Kraim, Nur Miah, Mumtaz Miah, Abdul Muda, Shahin Motamedi, Muhammad Musa, Muftah Musbah, Laila Musbah, Haluk Ozemek, Ghulam Para- cha, Rahal Shamis, Haroon-ur-Rashid, Ali Shenasa, Abdel Taqui, Ghulam Zamanzadeh, Saad Hir. 340 Special Interest This page is dedicated to the apathetic majority of students . . . “Who cares about apathy, anyway?” Apathy 341 Brotherhood of Omega BROTHERHOOD OF OMEGA: David Behl, Mark Bomell. Mickey Box. Randy Box, Bob Caudle, Dave Cook, Brent Davenport. Bill Erwin, Mark Fisher. Tom Fulton, Barry Gillenwater, Clint Grimsly, Bill Guirl, Mike Haley, Tim Hall, Tom Hyink, Bob Hughes, Don Ivey. Barry Koritza, Jeff Marley, Mike Merrifield, Keith Moody, Scott Pilcher, Gary Robertson. Terry Ryan, Jimmy Stewart, Robin Walker, Burt Wilkinson, Mike Wilkinson. Jon Anlone, Joe Bruce, Chuck Coffelt, Mark Davidson, John Englke, Randy Farris, Sean Gibbons, Clay Gott, Carl Malloy, Gary McClelland, A1 McEwen, Greg Parker. Ray Powell. John Rolle, Terry Shank. Bob Tyhurst, Danny Wages. 342 Special Interest I Phi Delta Theta Little Sisters Cunningham PHI DELTA THETA LITTLE SISTERS: Beth Daniel, Cathee Crain, Patti Boyce, Druann Terry, Rhonda Cate s, Diane Johnson, Janet Holman, Michelle Skrabanek, Marilyn Weindorf Riley, Jane Hamilton, Cathy Gessler, Melissa Busby, Sue Sterling, Beth Price, Cindy Simms, Pam Houser, Lisa Young, Susan Scarbrough, Vicki Spencer, Linda Mosley, Amber Cheatwood, Debbie Vest, Pam House, Kathy McDonald, Mickey Vestal, Cindy Craig, Margie Fink, Lisa Skillman, Melissa Kinnard, Jean Hopkins, Ann Wright, Betsy Neath, Marilyn Heckel, Susan Jennings. OA0 Little Sisters 343 R. Guyu SIGMA CHI LITTLE SIGMAS: Harriet Bracy. Diana Brinkely, Judy Brinkly, Ann Dale, Mala Daggett. Donna Edwards. Cynthia Fan¬ ning, Carolyn Falgey. Cindy Hosely. Rhonda Holmes. Susan Hurley, Bonnie Kelly, Drew Myer, Patti Pearson, Karen Wilson. Nancy Albright, Susan Blagg. Susan Bonner, Ann Cogdell, Debbie Collier, Carla Esson, Cindy Featherston. Gail Felly, Jennifer Hart. Katie Kirk, Cindy Malone, Linda McDaniels, Ann McElroy, Vivian Morrison, Lunn Papizan, Ann Saviors, Missy Silzer, Pat Simmon, Lynn Stark, Sharon Vaughn, Cheryl Woodward. Lisa Woodson, Jan Wren. Laurie Webster, Virginia Shephard. Delta Upsilon Little Sisters G. ( iinninjjhiini DELTA UPSILON LITTLE SISTERS: Sharon Ashley, Jeannie Billington, Judy Combs. Jeanette Cowherd. Sheryl Denard, Janelle Diffin, Celia Durett, Cathy Estep, Sue Flowers. Sharon Graham. Kathy Gore. Vicki Hackler, Beth Hall. Tina Harmon, Michele Harvey. Marcia Holland, Nancy Hull, Jerry King, Robin Lyon. Maureen Mahoney, Vicki More. Joy Ortloff, Lisa Owens. Kathy Pool, Susan Schakel, Susan Sipes. Kathy Stewart. Jeanie TuriKU ' , Cindy Young. Sigma Chi Little Sigmas 344 Little Sister Groups Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters ( innin) h.iin PI KAPPA ALPHA LITTLE SISTERS: Kim Besadesky. Cidny Buris, Cindy Camp. Cathy Childers. Mary Jane Comstock. loni Currie. Susie Davis. Susan Ferguson. Janice Fuller. Gina Glover. Sheri Griffith. Amy Gray. Pam Harman. Robin Hubbard. Susan Inghdiart. jeanie lohnston. Lisa Lashley. Diane Letzig. Terry Marshall. Susan McCullom. Maggie McGee. Ginger Moore. Mitzie Moore. Suzanne Nance. Dottie Patton. Kim Randall. Debbie Recnl. Cynt¬ hia Ross. Susan Searcy. Vicki Sheets. Lynn Sitz. Vickie Sloan. Vicki Vadnaies. Karen Waite;. Carol Warn(;r. Kappa Sigma Stardusters K (luyn kappa sigma STARDUSTERS: Regina Bailey. Sara Basham. Pam Baumgardn(;r. Dawn Bibler. Patti Bilg(;r. Holly Blagg. Bullard. M(; Campbell. Leslie Carroll. Connie Carter. Joy ( ' h(;rry. Suzanna Clark. Cindy Cohen. J(;ani(; Collyge;. Joy Cousatte;. Molly Dool(;y. Cindy Gill. Sherry Clover. Becky Crizzh;. Jam;! Hah;. Pam Hend(;rson. Voni H(;nry. Jane;! Hine;s. Marilyn Horte)n. D(;b- bie; Kimbrell. Carol King. Lynn Kirkpatrie:k. Pam Tina Le;e. Suzanne; Litton. Je;nnif(;r Lue:k. Mie;h(;ile; Marrigan. Suzanne; Me;(bnni.s. Lori McMillan. Denise Phillips. J(;nnifer Phillii)s. Plumme;r. Lou Ann Rawls. Marla Re;elele;n. Marge) Re)elge;rs. D(;b- bie; Sa mra. Mary Se:e)tt. Phyllis Tayle)r. Debbie Turne;r. Kim Walker. Mellisa Wile:e)xse;n. Lisa Ye;lnich. Kim Armatis. Jane Duke. Kim Russe;ll. Little; Siste;r Ciroups . ' H. ' ) Omega Psi Phi Pearls 1 JW A A.1 J Cunningham OMEGA PSI PHI PEARLS: ROW 1: Luretta Lofton (President). Sharon Stewart (Parliamentarian), Cathy Winfrey. ROW 2: Brenda Mitchell (Secretary), Bennie Hopkins. Evelyn Coleman (Vice-President). Roslyn Scott, Teresa Spratt. Brenetta Browning. ROW 3: Gloria Johnson. Brenda Allen. Valerie War¬ ren. NOT SHOWN: Linda Williams (Treasurer). Crystal Mann. 346 Omega Pearls Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents JTT T. Carraway LAMBDA CHI ALPHA CRESCENTS: FRONT ROW (right to left): Peggy Schakel. Kathy Lueck, Brenda Phoebus. Sidney Hawley. Becky Thiel. Nancy Williams. Rosemary Caristianos. Rebecca West. Lucy Harbuck. Joyce Dorethy. Lisa Ward. Donna Kirkpatrick. Kathy Hasting. LuAnne Graue. SECOND ROW (right to left): Vicki Thane. Lisa Watkins. Susan Carter. Diane Bowman. Karla Johnson. Kelly Koenig. Renee Inman. Nancy Robinson. Lea Petillo. Lori Robinson, Peggy Lally. Terri Humbard. Janet Bates. Cindy Cargill. Becky Baldridge. THIRD ROW (right to left): Joy Faith Wineland. Connie Alfred. Carol Goodman. Michelle Marks. Andrea Penzo. Nancy King. Michelle Rizzuti, Jill Gowan. Sheryl Brewer. Kathy Davis, Lisa Caperton. Terri Broom. Leigh Ann Hesterly. Terri Ashford. Barb Cole. Beth Dougan. Georgia Perchan. Lisa Horne. NOT PICTURED: Tammy Norwood, Karen Deller. Therese Moore. Paula-Henry. Patti Burton. Leslie Smith. Linda Hogg. Mary Powell. Marsha Pharr. Stephanie Harris. AX A Crescents 347 Alpha Angels R. Guynn ALPHA ANGELS: FIRST ROW: Judy Wilson, Rhonda Bell (treasurer), Delois Taylor, Jocelyn Hooper. ROW 2: Debra Holliman (pledge trainer), Mary Parker, Eula LeMay, Tanya Casey, Cindy Carroll, Adrian Hammonds, Linda Calvin (president), Linda Johnson, Wanda Marshall, Valencia Walker (secre¬ tary). NOT PICTURED: Janice McCall, Karen Simmons, Sandra McCall, Michelle Davis, Cathy Owens, Rita Stitt and Debra Lewis. 348 Alpha Angels 2AE Little Sisters of Minerva , TTLE R. Guynn ROW ONE: Charlene Dillon, Paula Goode, Patti Tiffin, Leslie Tatman, Lori Lee, Dee Dee Williamson, Susan Chism, Melanie McClure, Nancy Allen, Lisa Laughlin. ROW TWO: Juliet Lyons, Becky Brewer, Carla McKnight, Michelle Adcock, Sherry Sam¬ ple, Cindy Smith, Cindy Gathright, Ann Van Eaton, Lisa Nieburg, Ellen English. ROW THREE: Kim Anderson, Karen Golloway, Susan Faulkner, Robin Pearce, Shanda Craven, Cheri Flowers, Raynelle Carrick, Linny Wood. :l E Little Sisters :149 Alpha Kappa Lambda Alethians R. Guynn ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ALETHIANS: MEMBERS ARE: Becky Acker, Diane Williamson. Kim Bowie, Kathy Deatherage, Vicki Owens. Sherry Hayes. Jenny Bischof, Meg Armstrong, Anne McGowan, Julie Frisbee, Kay Frazier, Diane Todd, Jane Bond, Amy Ogle, Candi Carroll, Nancy Hawther, Teresa Leis, Cheryl Evans. Jackie Spivey, Jackie Laha, Connie Frenz. 350 AKA Alethians Farmhouse Little Sisters farmhouse little SISTERS: Jolene Lesly, Glo Hill. Gail Hill, Cheryl Blackwood, Tina Shelby. Jan Bratton. Liz Jones. Wanda Gorl, Michelle Lauder- milk. Debbie Fowler, Carlita Reed. Vicki Strong. Sigma Phi Epsilon Girls of the Golden Heart SIGMA PHI EPSILON GIRLS OF THE GOLDEN HEART: Janet Allen, Kim Callico, Patty Conner, Marie Cook, Stephanie Daley, Susie Davis, Mary Den¬ ton, Barbie Fogg, Cindy Henry, Cindy Hill, Amelia Holmes. Georgia Jones, Jean Anne Killian, Becky Lesco, Jana Michelle. Pam Minchew, Karen Phillips. Cindy Smith, Sherri Stuart, Diane Wever, Linda Wommack. Little Sisters 351 Fiji Little Sisters FIJI LITTLE SISTERS: Gerri Inscho, Renee Fowler, Robin Jowers, Carol Brenneke, Ellen Babcock, Kris Anderson, Cathy Basham, Gail Brannon, Elsa Benneke, Vicki Blomquist, Karen Brockett, Patti Chastain, Kathy Davis, Paula Dee, Ann Dillard, Anj ela Eason, Carol Fair, Joyce Farris, Kathy Finkbeiner, Tammy Garrett, Dooley Ann George, Pam Hackney, Lisa Hempey, Nanci Hinds, Adele Kittrel, Mari Lee, Edi McLaughlin, Cathy Ratcliffe, Janet Rogers, Jennifer Shaw, Gretchen Scheurich, Cindy Seaton, Becky Swearingen, Vickie Talbert, Susan Thomas, Carol Wallace, Julie Wesson. Alpha Gamma Rhomates ALPHA GAMMA RHOMATES: Leigh Boyd, Sara Bunyard, Cathy Cannon. Pam Carmichael. Chris Carrol. Myra Cosgrove, Sarah Day- ringer. Ann Elliott, Tammy Flanigan. Cerrelle Fowler. Cindy George. Diane Grizzell, Denise Henderson. Cathy Henry. Debbie Holland. Candy Isbcdl, Pris Jefbirs. Dana Knoll, L M)sa Lackie, Kim Mason. Kathleen McMahan, Cindy Moore. Dana Mullins. Kyle Sibley, Susie Sink. Margee Snyder. Betsy Tapley. Cathy Thornally, Jennifer Tucker. Beverly Willey, Jean Young. Sally Young. . ' 152 IJtth? Sisl(M s Panhellenic Council PANHELLENIC REPRESENTATIVES Cathryn Cannon AF Barb Cole AF Mala Daggett AAA Susan Debusk IIBO D’Anne Dodd AAFI Jo Ann Dirden A20 Carolyn Falge AAA Barbie Fogg XS2 Doris Franklin AKA Adrian Hammonds AKA Tina Harmon AXil Stephanie Harris AF Leigh Ann Hesterly ZTA Jane Hopkins X12 Nancy Hull AX12 Linda Johnson AKA Candy Isbell ZTA Bonnie Kelly X l Jan Knight KA0 Dana Knoll A All Chris Krueger KKF Diane Letzig ZTA Kathy Lincoln KA0 Cindy Martin KA0 Kim Nicholson KKF Holly Simmons AXfl Sue Sterling IIB I Susan Tieman AAII Georgia Trotter AX0 Lisa Ward KKF Sandy Weaver AAA Paula Whitford AX0 Elizabeth Yarbrough LI BO y panhellenic OFFICERS: Vicki Bloomquist. AX12 Pros., Celia Durrett. 1 vice pres., Paige Partain, AAA sec.. Tonya Beane, KA0 treas., Karen Watson, Xil rush sec. (not pictured). Panhellenic 353 Inter-Fraternity Council IFC OFFICERS: Tom Jacobs, President; Gary Baumann, Advisor; Allen Buchanan, Sec.; Gary Wilson, Treasurer. IFC Keith Banks Curtis Lewis A0A Joe Bradley Larry McCool AT Bob Buddig Z(PE Randy Merchant EFI Fred Darville 0AS David Merritt FH Lee Earhart AFP Randy Parker AKA Tommie Hankins KI Tim Perry EAE Danny Johnson ZN Jerry Poff EX Jerry Jones AXA Matt Wilson PFA 354 IFC 1976-1977 Band Members Joanie Acton Sharon Ammons John Arnold Bill Arterbury Bob Arterbury John Baker Kathy Barnes Leslie Basham Lisa Bass Sharon Batson Randy Been Siegle Bell Karen Black Wes Bowlin John Bridgwater Jan Brockmole David Brooks Debbie Brooks Michael Brown James Bryan Lori Buchholzer Danece Burge Debby Burge Carol Burnside Carra Bussa Cindy Camp Doug Campbell Julie Cannon Kelley Cathey Betty Jo Champion Alan Clack Joel Clark Donna Cook Mark Cook Layne Cooke Kathy Cooper Grady Core Stephen Corley Barbara Couch George Covert Tom Cowan Jeanette Cowherd Steven Cox Dennis Cranford Rebecca Cubitt Benny Davis Lisa Detwiler Pamela Dickey Bobby Dodson Peggy Dodson Giff Douglas Mary Jane Douglas Ed Draughon David Dunagin Chuck Easterling Elizabeth Edwards Cindy Elliott Pegg y Engelhoven Margaret Fahrner Lane Fernald Betty Fields Jim Fisher Mark Fisher Bill Freeman Gil( s Gall a her James Gallaher Cindy Gathright David Gattinger Glenn Gish Stephne Slaub Mike Glaze Charles Goss Tina Gray Tim Gunter Dennis Gusewelle Doug Haase Barry Harper Susan Harrington Steve Hendricks Pam Herriman Stephanie Hines Lesli Hope Ron Gudgens Janet Hughey Shirlee Hubbard Philip Humbard Roy Jackson Jana Janzer Roger Jeffers Cindy Jesson Kim Johnson Ralph Johnson James Jones Jim Jones Vol Jones Brenda Joyce Laura King Wayne Kirby Kim Knighton Jerry Krupka Jerry Lane Terry Lanwermeyer George Lawson Lynn Lawson Dee Lawless Sheryl Laxson Donna Lee Fred Lipscomb Tony Logue Mike Lyman Wilmot McGregory David McKinney Mike McLarty Jo Anna McWaters Pam Mahaffey Rita Marr Eddie Martizez David Mayo Debbie Miller Keith Miller Cindy Mott Dan Mouritsen Shawna Neill Tammy Norwood Tinna Patterson Kay Pennington Sherman Person Thomas Pittman Tom Pitts Mike Porter Steve Powell Val Price Arthur Pruitt Bobby Pryor Rickie Rainwater Randy Rauh Vivian Reese Maureen Renard Denise Richards Bill Ricker Paul Rider Billy Riley Carla Rix Wade Robertson Cherie Robinson Jim Robinson Otis Robinson Russell Robinson Mark Rogers Jim Root Nancy Rosenbaum Warren Rosenaur Hector Sanchez Wade Schilders Gary Sharp Bill Shelden Karen Shelton Susan Sipes Lynn Sitz Doyle Skipper Chantry Smith Jim Sparks Tom Spicer Brad Staats Stephanie Standridge Lori Stroud John Stubbs Cherie Sullivan Sondra Sylvester Carol Tankersley Malcolm Teague Paul Teague Tim Teague Becky Teeter Anthony Theriault Cindy Thompson Mary Thompson Wade Van Arsdale Sheryl Vaughan Robert Waddell Porter Wafler Denise Wells J. D. Wheelis Joe Wilhelm Bticky Williams Dennis Williamson Libby Willman Karen Wiseman Winded Wood Nina Woods Sam Wyatt Left to right: Joel Clark, Assistant Drum Major; Jim Fisher. Feature Twirler; Grady Core, Drum Major 356 Band The Marching Razorback Band (Mint Hand 357 U of A Majorettes RAZORBACK BAND MAJORETTES: ROW 1: Jan Brockmole. Cindy Gathwright (Captain). Kelly Cathey. ROW 2: Tammy Norwood, Maureen Renard, Nancy Rosenbaum, Libby Willman, Cindy Camp and Lynn Sitz. dl sgfmM 358 Majorettes Alpha Kappa Psi V. Simpson alpha kappa PSI: Bub Bludworth, Tom Carter. Mike Cade, Ken Cox, David Craig. Greg Davis. John Davis, Dana Frazier, Joe Floriani. Bobby Gui- singer. Mitchell Hamilton. Buddy Hicks, Bruce Holdren, Blair Johanson, Bruce Johanson, Bobby Johnson. Jay Jones. John Langham, John Lines, Marc McCain, Ron McCraw, Chuck McDaniel. Danny Morris, Mac Murphy, Charles Mcjunkin. Adam Motherwell. Larry Newhart, Randy Putt, Dale Ramsey. Mark Rice, Rickey Rife, David Sanders, Greg Scott. James Stewart, Greg Swink, John Taylor, Stewart Whitiam. Matt Wilson, John Wilett, Allyn Donau- bauer. Paul Post, Betsy Fisher, Pam Harman. Ginger Moore. Hollis Jones. Lynn Hamilton. Doug Swink, James King, James Lazear, Adele Kittredl, Marilyn Petrus, Jo Anne Hammond, Barbara Bascom, Kim Aaron. Margo Smiley, Gail Brogdon, Scott Moody. Joe Itz, Ken Harrell, Jim Dunn, Brandon Huffman, Lonnie Burden, Chuck Rice, Jerre Biggs. Ronnie Collins, Steve Tennant. American Home Economics Association C. Cunnin ' ham AMERICAN HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION: Pam Larson, Diane Grizzell, Sharon Ashley, Renee Fowler. Becky King. Anne Snowden, Linda Brannon, Debbie Dixon. Patricia Roden. Kathy Parson. Ruth Stevens, Denise Henderson. Rebecca Schnelle, Gail Hill, June Griffith. Susan Bryant, Rachel Swan. Judy Hall, Dorothy Jeske, Sherri Griffith. Susan Bryant, Rachel Swan, Judy Hall. Dor- thy Jeske. Sherri Griffith, Irma Burda, Sheila Rhodes, Linda Box. Sandra Huenfeld, Jolene Lasley, Brenda Erke, Jeannie Jones, Mary Ann Locknar. Jean Young, Diana Hoke. Lila Hagemann. Professional Societit s 359 Agri Economics Club AGRI EGON CLUB: MEMBERS ARE: Stephen Bostian (president), Dan Clow, Ken Myers, Doug Rundle, Ken Young, Emily Roberts, Mike Woods, Garry Groce (vice-president), Daniel McCormick (secretary-treasurer), Steve Nelson, Hugh Jacks, Kevin Best, Scott Gillier, Charles Bostian, Don Johnson, Steve Metheny, Jackie Norris, Rusty Sloan, Niba Tafor Fidelis, Richard Gill- ham, Jackie Kinney, William Welch, Garry Tripp, Bobby Joe Mixon, Oliver Gharitos, Ted Glaub, Alan Beracierto, Sanladi Innwa, Randy McKinnis, Steve Graig, Steve Lancaster, Thor Capehart, James Euseppi and James Deaton. Agronomy Club AGRONOMY CLUB: ROW 1: Dr. Offutt, Chuck Dixon. Cliff Synder. Fransico Herandez, Kenneth Lambeth. Wayne Higman. Dhanda Craven. ROW 2: James Harrison. Jeff Houston. Richard Drevvry, Kay Elmore. Johnny Chism, Steve Metheny, Dr. Scott. ROW 3: Bruce Jacobs, Gary Bryant. Dr. Meline, Charles Plugge, Guri Bhangoo, Julian Johnson. Scott Rebsamen, Gus Graham and James Harrison. 360 Professional Societies Phi Beta Lambda C. Cunnin hiim PHI BETA LAMBDA: Becky Clement, Adele Kittrell, Debby Hess, Dana Seaton, David Potter, Russell Wilson, Lana Mon¬ ger, Anne Vogler, Maggie Teer, Leann Simmons, Jeanie Setzer, John Schuh- kencht, Paulette Pound, Yolanda Layne, Randell Oxford, Maria Hall, Ronald Belote, Bobby Johnson, Bill Mayo, Terry Geren, Don Marr, Cindy Christie, Teresa Cox, Carolyn Sackett, David Crissman, Phyllis Johnson, Nancy Waite, John Gorecki, Joyce Hopson, Tim Lundquist. Professional Organizations 361 Horticulture Club MEMBERS: Judy Allgeyer Martha Jennings Kathy Ball Lee Anne Kirby Andy Baugus Jane Krug Larry Boyd Lucy Magruder Ellen Brack Leslie McRobbie John Breunann Ernie Moix Lee Ann Butler Bruce Powers Kay Curry Candy Schuncke Ty Dabney Loretta Shelton Everett Dale David Stecher Becky Dunn Greg Thomas Richard Forbess Brenda Wiederkehr Nancy Hall Millissa Wilcoxson Barbara Heggle Don Wilkerson Susie Hillman Advisors: Dr. Gerald Klingaman Dr. Alfred Einert Randy Woodson 362 Horticulture Club Agri-Home Economics Association AHESA: Stanley Baker — President, Ann Snow¬ den — Vice President, Katie Kirk — Secretary, Lee Earhart — Treasurer, John Smith — Public¬ ity, Gail Brannon — Agri Queen, Steve Bostian, Gary Groce, Ronald Vaughn, Gary Bryant, Gliff Snyder, Becky King, Diane Grizzell, Rick Ken¬ ner, Mark Waldrip, Rick Short, Paul Westfall, Randy Hubbs, Wes Ritter, Nicky Strahan, Ken¬ neth Lambeth, Tim Mathias, John Livingston, John Smith, Garolyn Hardy, Shawn Lawrence, Mark Methvin, Larry Boyd, Linda Box, Susan Bryant, Linda Brannan. Professional Organizations 36v3 Marketing Club MARKETING CLUB: ROW ONE: Mark Saviers, Jim Watson, Pam Summers, Becki Robins. ROW TWO: Danny Johnson, Jan Roomsburg. ROW THREE: Ken Stroud, Mike Shelton, Cathy Basham, Sue Marion. ROW FOUR: Debra Lane, Patty Wright, Gail Brogdon. ROW FIVE: Nancy Hegdon, Jerry Carter, Dana Knoll, Teresa Arnold. ROW SIX: Jerri Southard, Lynn Hamilton, Nick Sikirica, Linda Box, Ron Burkert. ROW SEVEN: Doug Anderwon, Bruce Holdren, Margo Smiley, Edward Hart, Mike Roberts, Clifford Newkirk, Doug Swink. OTHER MEMBERS: Chris Deen, Jim Chandler, Joe Dangee, Kathy Davis, JoAnne Hammond, Joe Paulk, Jerre Biggs, Judy Combs, Ron Keller, Carol Hughes, Marc Smith, Jeff Brown, Ray George, Desmond H. Chenz, Susan Seigel, Dr. Kiser, Alayna Bue, John Willett, Lonnie Burden, George Hamilton, Mike Standrod, Barbara Bascom. 364 Professional Organizations Theta Tau Singers From left to right: John Hawkins, Mike Johnson, David Hawkins and Paul Strang. Special Interest 365 Students “On the Hill” Find Rewards The majority of students at a campus of several thou¬ sand disassociate themselves from school organizations. Others enjoy campus news and the many outlets for involvement. A few, however, find themselves at the apex of the syndrome, holding leadership positions others con¬ sider formidable. At Fayetteville, these are the students On the Hill. Often misunderstood, these student leaders and their actions reflect a multitude of motivations and incentives. Their dedication to activities traces to their high schools, where not a few earned statewide offices in similar organ¬ izations. Four schedule-weary years later, the presidents and editors find themselves with some goals met, accom¬ plishments compiled, and usually a place in Who’s Who. ASG President Ed Lynch puts a full work week into his office. Demands include appearances at conferences and attendance at meetings unfamiliar to most, who would probably not appreciate th em anyway. Lynch finds the job expectations high. “People expect you to be an adminis¬ trator.’’ The role-playing seems to plague him, as Lynch asserts, “Stjudent leaders are students first.’’ A good- natured senior from Hot Springs, Ed laughs at the impact time demands have had on his lifestyle. “I cannot plan my total week and then plan a social week with it, not like other students do. You can’t just leave that office at work . . . But if you didn’t like it you wouldn’t do it!’’ Others found themselves making a choice early in col¬ lege. Lynn Harris knew his options: either to be academic or be involved. A Razorback cheerleader and yearbook editor, Lynn confesses, “I wouldn’t be happy if I were a strictly academic person.’’ Rewards for his efforts seem to be as multi-faceted as are his interests. The publications experience is easily explained for a J-major. Cheerleading, however, is “a way to get out the ham I think is in every¬ body . . . It’s fun, and exercise.’’ Aside from the lighter aspects, Harris has found lasting advantages to his work. “Achieving goals helps to build more character and instills confidence in yourself.’’ Jeanie Collyge describes her devotion to extra-curricu- lars as an “addiction.’’ A senior from Fort Smith named to Hall of Fame, Jeanie directed her energy into the ASG office this year as Vice President. A tremendous sense of organization guides Collyge: “The more involved a person is the more conscious they are of their time.’’ With priori¬ ties, she explains, “Everything seems to fall in place.’’ On being involved: “It’s affected me positively. Through involvement I’ve seen other facets of the University . . . No regrets. 1 look back and see it’s done so much for me.’’ The academics seem a bit removed, however. As a result of whatever incentive triggers fear, Collyge insists, “I scare myself into studying every semester. I keep going and going and going . . .’’ Another prime spot for developing leaders rests in living groups and their respective organizations. RHA President Ken Carter began his work with dorms as a freshman con¬ cerned with a particular issue in his hall. As this interest led to his present position Ken says, “I wanted to be a part of student government and wanted to help students.’’ Soon after he realized somebody had to do the things to be done Carter saw the opportunity. Still a junior he finds himself more aware of things on campus. “I’ve been expo¬ sed to different attitudes and opinions that I wouldn’t have had I not been in this position.’’ :i6B On the Hill OPPOSITE PAGE: Ed Lynch. an honor student, attends one of his many nieetings as ASG president. ABOVE: Ken Carter was one of the ew jun¬ iors to hold high positions serving as president of RHA. UPPER RIGHT: leanie Colleyge was one of the “women " leaders on campus being named h) both Who’s Who and Hall of Fame. LOWER RIGHT: An honor gradu- in May. Lynn Harris was the first black to head a major campus pub¬ lication. On the Hill 367 who? wha+? where? 368 Resources GUIDE TO CRmPUS RESOURCES . ABSENCE NOTIFICATION - Dean s Office of each college ACADEMIC ADVISING • Department Chairpersons. APvising Center. Arts and Sciences (Genera) assistance. expeciaJiy for undeclared majors). Nancy Taipun (2509) ACADEMIC APPEAL - Dean s Office of each collage. ASG Office (5205) ACADEMIC DISHONESTY (Judicial Action) - Semoo Thompson (Student Services - 5(X)3) ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS • Frank Graham (School and College Relations - 5346) AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - Barpara Taylor (Office of Human Relations -2158) allocations of budgets for student groups allocations - ASG Office (5206) general information - Steve Bader (Educational and Student Ser¬ vices - 5003) athletic tickets • VERA MOODY (Athletic Office - 5151) BUCKLEY AMENDMENT (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) GENERAL INFORMATION - Bill Denman (Educational and Student INFORMATION LIMITATIONS - Bill Hughes (Division of Information - 55011 CAMPUS RADIO - KUAF - Paul Keith (2556) OMPUS TOURS - Graham (School and College Relations - 5346) CAR PERMITS - Traffic Office (3505) CAREER VOCATIONAL COUNSELING - DeOorah Thompson (Counseling Center -3553) CAREER VOCATIONAL TESTING - Deborah Thompson tCounselmg Center - 3553; COMMENCEMENT - Bill Denman (Educational and Student Services - 5007) COMMUNITY EDUCATION - Roy Smith (West Campus. Fayetteville H,S. -442- 7352) (XMPUTER SERVICES - Jim Shankle (201 Hotz -2901) CONDITIONAL ADMISSIONS - Deans Office of each college. See also Counseling—Study Skills CONFERENCES - Clara Manning (West Avenue Annex -3604) COOPERATIVE EDUCATION (FOR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING) - Stan Stephenson (Engineering -2863) CORRESPONDENCE COURSES - William Manning (West Avenue Annex - 36041 COUNSELING CAREER vocational - Deborah Thompson (Counseling Center -3563) DRUGS - Counseling Center (3553); Psychology Clinic (4285); Mental Health Clinic (4451) employment - Lav rerice Brown (Career Planning and Placement -2805) financial - (Financial Aids - 3806} health MEDICAL - Health Center (4451) personal-EMOTIONAL SOCIAL - Counseling . nter (3553); Psychology Clinic (4285). Mental Health Clinic (4451) PLACEMENT - l wrerx:e Brown (Career Planning and Placement - 2805) pregnancy - See Counseling - Personai Emotional Sociai. Women s Center (443-4998) PSYCHIATRIC - Judith Cowan (Mental Health Cnnic - 4451) RELIGIOUS - Peter Ray (United Campus Minister - 442-8041) STUDY SKILLS - Gima Strickland (Counseling Center - 3553) VETERANS - George Curme (Student Services -5306) CRISIS INTERVENTION - Judith Cowan. David Gould. Louise Greer (Mental Health Clinic - 4451 ); See also Counseling - Drugs. See also Rape Crisis DAY CARE - The Great Mandaia Office. Union (4746) DEGREE CHECK - Waiiie Ingalls (Registrar - 5056) DISCIPLINE - Semon Thompson (Student Services - 5003) DRUGS - See Crisis Intervention EMPLOYMENT FULL TIME - ON CAMPUS - Karl Leffier (Personnel Services -5351) PART TIME - IN TOWN - Career Planning and Placement (2806: AFTER GRADUATION - Lawrence Brown (Career Planning and Placement -2805) WORK-STUDY - Margie Pomfret (Financial Aid -3806) financial ASSISTANCE - (Financial Aid -3806) FOOL SERVICE management - John Robinson (Central Food Service- 3451) PERSONNEL AND MAINTENANCE - Monroe Harrison (Oentral Food Service -3451) SPECIFIC DiMiNG HALL - See Phone Directory . fraternity ADVISING - Gary Baumann (Student Services -5(X)2) FULBRIGHT PROGRAM - (International Student Advise’ -5001) GRADUATE SCHOOL FELLOWSHIPS. SCHOLARSHIPS. AND GRANTS - Carol Hartley Graduate School Office - 4401); (Financial Aid - 3806) INFORMATION - Graduate School Office -4401 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE - STUDENT - Semon Thompson (Student Services - 5003) handicapped STUDENTS - RESOURCES - Steve Bader (Educational and Student Services - 5003} health SERVICES - John Day. Director (Student Health Center-4451) HIGH SCHOOL VISITATION - Frank Graham (School and College Relations - 5346) honors program - INFORMATION (FOR ARTS AND SCIENCES) - David Hart (Honors Office -2 609) HOUSING INFORMATION fraternities - Gary Baumann (Student Services -5002) OFF CAMPUS - The Great Mandaia Office (4746); ASG Office (5205) residence halls general - Jim Gibson. Director (Housing Office -3951) management of facilities and services - Jerry Stewart (Housing Office - 3951) PROGRAMS COORDINATION - Linda Friedman (Housing Office - 3961) SPECIFIC HALL - Head Resident (See Phone Directory) SORORITIES - Gary Baumann (Student Services - 5002) ID CARDS photographer - Carl Hut (Hill Hall - 2706) SUPERVISOR - Jim Clark (News Service - 5555) IMMIGRATION INFORMATION - (Student Services - 5001) INFORMATION - GENERAL - Information Center. Arkansas Union (2304) INFORMATION SERVICES DIRECTOR - BILL HUGHES (Division of Information - 5501) BULLETINS. BROCHURES. CATALOGUES - Don Schaefer (Division of Information - 5556) PUBLICITY - OFF CAMPUS - Jim Clark (News Service • 5565) PUBLICITY - ON CAMPUS - Beth Solomon (Spectrum 5566) INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION PROGRAMS • (International Student Advisor - 5001 ; INTERNATIONAL STUDENT INFORMATION AND COUNSELING - iln- ternati(X al Student Advisor - 5001) intramurals • Ralph Phelps - (Barnhill Fieidhouse - 4950 ' JUDICIAL process - Semon Thompson (Student Senvees - 5003) LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT . Martha Butler (Student Services - 5003 ' legal assistance - GENERAL INFORMATION • Meredith Catlett. FH Martin (Legal Aid Cimic -3056) MINORITY ADVISING - Semon Thompson (Student Services -5003) NEW STUDENT ADMISSIONS INFORMATION • 800-332-8550. Frank Graham (School and College Relations • 5346 ' OFF CAMPUS STUDENT ADVISING - Steve Bader (Educational and Student Sen ices - 5003 ' (ORIENTATION - Steve Bader (Educational and Student Services -5003) PERSONAL ' EMOTIONAL. SOCIAL COUNSELING - Ccunseuna Center (3553) PRINTING - Charles Woife (Printing Services - 2404) PROFILE OF STUDENTS - Counseling Center RAPE CRISIS - Rape Hot Line ' 443-2000): See Counseling Pe ' - sonai Err lonal; Social: Women s Center (443-4998) READING IMPROVEMENT - Counseling Center i3653) REGULATIONS - INFORMATION AND INTERPRETATION ACADEMIC • Registrar (5451) STUDENT - Student Services (5(X33) RELIGIOUS CENTERS - See Phone Director RELIGIOUS CONCERNS - Ken Watkins (Baptist Student Union - 521 -4370i REMEDIAL DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAMS INFORMATION - Counseling Center (3553) RESEARCH COORDINATION OF PROPOSALS AND GRANTS - jane Treat (Coor¬ dinators Office - 2151 ) STUDENT CHARACTERISTICS AND NEEDS - Counseling Center i3563). Martha Butier (Student Services - 5003) RESIDENCY STATUS - INFORMATION AND CHANGE OF - Registrar s Office (5451) SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS - (Financial Aids - 3806): See a ' so Graduate School - Fellowships. Scholarships and Grants SOLICITATION REQUESTS - oteve Bader (Educational and Student Services - 5003) SORORITY ADVISING - Sandy Brown. Gary Baumann (Student Services - 5002 ' special services - Harry Budd (4356 ' SPEECH CLINIC - Donald Bersmger (Speech and Hearing Clmic -4509) STUDY SKILLS - Gima Strickland (Counseling Center -3553) STUDENT ADV(X:atE - Martha Butler. Steve Bader (Student Services -5003); ASG Office (5205) STUDENT health INSURANCE - ASG Office (5206 ' STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS. HONORARIES AND ACTIVITIES ADVISING - Martha Butler. Steve Bader (Student Services - 5003) REGISTRATION - Don Burke (Arkansas Union -5255) STUDENT SERVICES PUBLICATIONS - Steve Bader (Educational and Student Services - 5003) STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS - (International Student Advisor - 5001) SUMMER SESSIONS COORDINATION - Ken Cook (Office of the Provost - 2i5i) COURSES - Registrar (5451) testing ACT - SCORES AND INTERPRETATION - INFORMATION FOR ADVISORS - Counsenne Center (3553) APTITUDE. ACHIEVEMENT - Counseling Center (3553) COLLEGE GRADUATE PROFESSIONAL SChOOu ADMISSIONS EXAMS - e.g . GRE. GMAT. lSAT. MCAT, MAT. VAT. DAT. OCAT. Nursing School - Counseling Center (3553) CLEP (COLLEGE LEVEL EXAMINATION PROGRAM) - Counseling Center (3553) PERSONALITY - Psychology Ciimc (4285) T0EFL(TEST0F ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE) - Information - (International Student Advisor - 5001) VOCATIONAL INTEREST - Oborah Thompson (Counseling Center -3563) TRANSFER STUDENT - INFORMATION - Frank Graham (School and College Reiatioog - 5346) TUTOrCnJj - Harry Budd (Special Services - 4356) UNDECLARED MAJORS,- Dean s Office of each college. Academic Advising (Senter. Nancy Talburt (2509) UNION CALENDAR - Don Burke (Arkansas Union -5255) FOOD SERVICE - BANQUETS - Bud Wheeler. John Parkinson (Arkansas Union - 2146) OPERATION OF BUILDING - Bessie Dorsey (Arkansas Union -2i 46) POLICIES REGARDING USE - Bob Barnes (Arkansas Union - 21 46) PROGRAMS - REGISTERING AND ADVISING CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS - Don Burke (Arkansas Union - 5255) VETERANS BENEFITS - George Curme (Student Services -5306) CERTIFICATION - Bruce Kellar (Registrar - 5461) WITHDRAWAL CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION - Dean ' s Office of each college WOMEN S CENTER - Amy Edgington (207 Razorback Road - 443-4996) WOMEN S PROGRAMS - Sandy Brown. Martha Butler (Student Services - 5003) WORK-STUDY - Margie Pomfret (Financial Aids - 3806) WRITING - REMEDIAL - Leo Van Scyoc (English Department - 4301); Ginia Strickland (Counseling Center - 3553) istributed by the Office of Student Services. AU M406. 575-5003 Rhsourohs 369 370 Military Air Force ROTC C. Cunningham Col. William E. Chatfield Capt. Paul Wengert Maj. Jack E. Bailey Maj. Billy G. Geren AFROTC Staff Officers 372 AFROTC AFROTC Cadet Group Seniors SENIORS: (Sitting from left) Stan Perkins, Dave Murchinson, Dick O’Neal, Fred Nibloch. (Standing from left) Leland Denard, Nancy Dean, Bill Seaton, Don Seale, Harold Baugh, Richard Dockins. DEPARTMENT OF AEROSPACE STUDIES University of Arkansas AFROTC E etachment 30 Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 To All University of Arkansas Students: This year has been the most productive and successful for Air Force ROTC at " the University. " We have continued to expand our enroll¬ ment and increase the number of officers we commission. We have achieved the enviable position of being the strongest, most viable Air Force ROTC detachment among the 20 detachments in the 5 state area of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Note¬ worthy among the many achievements of our cadets and angel ' s was raising $16,000 for the American Cancer Society, the support given to the Richardson Clinic in Fayetteville, being selected as Area Headquarters for Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight; having one of our Angels compete for National office and having 65% of our Juniors and Seniors on Scholarship. This is my last year as Professor of Aerospace Studies at the Univer¬ sity; as I leave I would like to express rriy appreciation to the admin¬ istration, students and faculty of the University for your support and cooperation. Your efforts are helping provide a most valuable part our country ' s defense - the Air Force Officer. Sincerely, . WILLIAM E. CHATFIELD, CoUnel, USAF Professor of Aerospace Studies AFROTC 373 Arnold Air Society ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY MEMBERS Beverly Evans Matt Reed Robert Hartley Jaime Paries Leland Denard Bob Baker Harold Baugh Ed Ash James Helmich Dewey Magar Jim Long Steve Seller Ron Sharp Jim Steele Randy Williams David Gattinger Tom Tribble Bonnie Roy Jerry Rand Mark Wilson Wayne Grantham Randy Nelson Bill Seaton Emery Capt Don Cook Mike Arth George Holoway Vive Allen Pat Allen Charles Ezeike Robert Corrado Don Seale Danny Hall Pat Allen Bruce Reed 374 AFROTC Arnold Air Squadron Officers ARNOLD AIR SQUADRON OFFICERS Dewey Magar, Mike Arth, Randy Nelson, Harold Baugh. Jim Long, Robert Corrado. 2nd ROW: Steve Soller, James Helmich, Don Cook. Pat Vaughn. Bruce Reed. Area G-1 Arnold Air Officers area G-1 STAFF: Jamie Fanes, David Galtinger. Matt Reed, Leland Denard, Don Seale, Bill Seaton. For two years the UA chap¬ ter of Arnold Air Society has been selected as Area G-1 Headquarters representing AFROTC units from Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, East Texas State University, North Texas State University, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech University, New Mexico State University and the Uni¬ versity of New Mexico. The area headquarters is an admin¬ istrative junction between squadrons and the national headquarters. AFROTC ;)75 Angel Flight ANGEL FLIGHT MEMBERS Leslie Smith Debbie Collier Mary Ruth Howell Pam House Beth Daniels Lesa Lackey Susan Talley Angela Eason Vicky Mazzia Suzy Stone Lou Anne Ederington Melissa Moore Kathy Ducley Melissa Fontaine Susan Owens Peggy Lally Connie Frenz Cathy Parson Debbie Romontio Paula Goode Cindy Seaton Christie Hamilton Lisa Hayde Nancy Shaw Emily Roberts Bille Hess Debbi Swab Cheryl Blackwood Crystal Higgins Paula Toler :i7B AFROTC Army ROTC C. Hilt Col. James H. Davis Lt. Col. Paul H. Vinson Major Francis T. Demon! Major Robert S. Fairchild, Jr. Capt. Thomas M. Taber Army ROTC Cadre Army ROTC 377 Army ROTC Cadets CADETS: CPT Thomas Taber (Instructor), Wade Graham. Mark Hatfield, Lisa Davis. Mickey Box, Peggy Rackley, David Rackley, Eugene Woodland, James Stephens, Larry Smith, John Barnett. Joe Carpenter, Rhonda Rhynes. David Boddington, Jim Burk. Wade Graham, Cadet Commander 378 Army ROTC Scabbard and Blade SCABBARD AND BLADE: David Keller. James Stephens, ]oh Ladd, Peggy Rackley, Larry Smith, Richard Gebbard. SECOND ROW: LTC Paul Vinson (Advisor). Eugene Woodland. Mark Hatfield. Mickey Box, Joe Carpenter, Bill Doyel. Rangers RANGERS: Wade Graham, Jim Burk (Platoon Leader), Mark Hatfield, Joe Carpenter, Richard Gebhart, David Boddington, Jon Ladd, Sherry Curry, Char- lie Wilburn, Gary Robertson, Jim Carpenter, Kent Brown, Robert Boudra, Larry Burns, David Rackley, Dennis Stephens, Robert Fairchild, Ricky Rife, 3rgee Snyder (Kadette Sponsor). Army ROTC 379 Pershing Rifles PERSHING RIFLES Jim Stephens Cindy Ritch Bill Doyel Alina Fernandez Roger Schoessel Marc McGuire Frank Barrentine Robert Hartley Dan Sloan Thom Tribble Steve Soller Charles Wilson Sarah Morris Robert Baker Ron Sharp Thomas Simpson Charles Forbes Jon Ladd Hal Cochran DeAnn Pendry John Little Cecil Kildow Ricky Rife Brett Henderson Nancy Trotter Mike Curtis Captain Tom Taber — Sponsor 380 Army ROTC KADETTES KADETTES: LcMiora Smith, Sharon Ashley. Linda Lum, Cindy Riclch, Mar«(U! Synde r. Sherry Gliiv(‘r. I itty C:()nner. Micheh Marks. Becky Ack(M Cathy Estep. Tanya McConnell, Nancy Lum, Ellen Babcock. Gracia Douj an. Harriet |acki(? Laha, Tena Harman, I’aula Whitford. Dehhic ' Williams, Nanci Kin . Kimble Ward. Lt. Col. Paul Vinson — Sponsor. Army ROTC Kad(‘tt( s dtM ADAMS. FRANK. FaynHevillo Humanities ADAMS. VIRGIL. Fayetteville Accounting ALLEN. EARL. Gravotte Education BAILEY. JAMES. Fayetteville. Clarksville Health BENNETT. DAN. North Little Rock Philosophy BIBBINS. WILFRED. Montgomery. AL Finance BILO. BEESE. Hot Springs Law BINGHAM. LISA. Little Rock Speech Pathology BLACK. LAMONA. Ozark Bacteriology BLATTNER. FRANK. Fayetteville Industrial Engineer BROOKS. MARY ANN. Hot Springs Health Education CHANEY. DONALD. Paragould Law PROFESSIONALS CHEN. EDWARD. Cincinnati. OH Health Education CRINER. JERRY. Harrison Electrical Engineer DENNIS. DONNA. Fayetteville Graduate DENNIS. RANDY. Fayetteville Business Administration DERRICK. DANA. Eudora Spanish DORETHY. JACKIE. Lake View Physical Education DOWDEN. JAMES. Dumas Law DOWELL. DEBRA. Springfield. MO Health DUDLEY. CHUCK. Paragould Business Administration ELLIOTT. DON. Cabot Law FARRELL. GREGORY. Little Rock Law FLEMING. MATTHEW. Little Rock Law FULS. SARAH. Rogers Drama GIBBONS. JAMES. North Little Rock Speech and Drama GORE. JAMES. Bella Vista Graduate HAMILTON. GEORGE. Hot Springs Business Administration HARNESS. STEVEN. Harri.son Law HARRIS. MARILYN. Benton Speech Pathology HEBERT. ARVIL. North Little Rock Business HILGER. ANITA. Judsonia Elementary Counseling HILL. MICHAEL. West Helena Mathematics HOGGARD. EDWIN. Conway Graduate HOFF. INEKE VAN. Holland Arts and Sciences HOPKINS. BRECK. Jefferson City. MO Law HOPSON. JOYCE. Buckner Business Administration HORTON. DAVID. Fayetteville Physical Education HOUSTON. PATRICIA. Friend.ship Law HUNNICUTT. PAT. Benton Education HUNTER. JAMES III. Fayetteville Entomology JACKSON. LYNDA. Denver. CO School and College Relations 384 Professionals JOHNSON. DAVIJ). Si. l.ouj.s. MO A lminislriili )n jONKS. MICHAKL Hoi SpriiiKS l ilW KANC. KKUN BAl. Kiiycll»-vill«; Industriiil Knjjinoirr KARPOWICH. JAMKS. FayOlcvilU KARPOWICH. PATRICK A. FayHIrvillr Adult Education KINC;. KEVIN. Hardy Uw KNOWI.TON. KELLY. San An {rl«. TX Physics KRAIM. AMER. Faycllcvilli C«radual(‘ KVATERWIK. RIC. McCchcc Law LACKl. GREC. Canton. OH Zoology LANDERS. MARY ANNE. Riissrihillr English I.ANCFORD. KEVIN. Wrb.slor Grovers. MO PROFESSIONALS LAYTON. RUTH. Lillie Roe;k Nursing LEE. ANITA. Pine; Bluff Edue:alie)n LOFTON. VIRLEAN. He lh Child De ve Iopme!nl LOWE. KATHY. GraveMfei Animal Se;ie?nce? MACKEY. GLENN, leena. CA ReM:rnatie)n .MAKOVEC. PATTY. Slultyarl Ht allh Edue;atie n MARTIN. BRENT. Blylherville Law MARTIN. DON. Becssie-r City. LA Law Me;MULLIN. JANE. Baler.sville Re!e:reation MELEKIAN. MARY. Sprin«daler SpeM e;h Ceimmunieuitions MIRI. SEYED. Arlington. VA Civil En«ine?e rin » MIZELL. DIANNA. Fayerlle ' ville , AR Spere?e;h Pathe)le) »y MOON. STEVEN. Faye lle ville. . AR Law M{X)RE. MARIAN. Cre) tt. AR Translation MORRIS. DANA. Hot Sprin}i.s. AR Law NANCE Ill. CECIL. WersI Me‘mphis. AR Law NORWOOD. GREGORY. Fayerlle ' ville . AR Business Aelministration NUNTHIRAPAKORN. T1 lAKO. Ban ik(»k. Thailanel Ae:ce)untinK O ' NEAL. RICHARD. Kaye lle villeL AR SjreMrch Conimunie:atie ns OXFORD. RANDALL. Faye lle ' ville . AR Spe;eM:h Commeinie:alions PAITERSON. TERRY. Fe rl Smith. AR Gerrman PRICHARD. DOUGLAS. Flippin. AR Law REEDY. B. V. R . Hyde rahad. India A iremomy RHODES. BYRON. Norfolk. VA Uew RHODES. KEITH. Serair.y. AR Uiw RI lOADS. GEORGE. Para«e.uld. AR Law ROSEN III. WILLIAM. Noriistemn. PA Businerss Aelministration ROUTON. STEPHEN. . AR Law SAURMANN. TERRY-ANN. Chie.aHe). 11. S|)eM e:h Professionals 385 SCOTT. ROBERT. Fl. Smith. AR Law SHAHIM. ABBAS. Fayetteville. AR Chemical Engineering SMITH. JUNI. Fayetteville. AR Counselinfi SOSEBEE. DAVID. Ozark. AR Geography STAPPUNG. MIRTHA. Traiguen. Chile English STITT. RITA. Newport. AR Home Economics STRANG. LYNN. Ft. Smith. AR Business Administration SUZUKI. TAIZO M.. Honmachi. Japan Speech TATE. NANCY. Fayetteville. AR Speech Communication TATE. WILLIAM. Fayetteville. AR Law TAYLOR. DAVID. Hickory Ridge. AR Chemistry TAYLOR. MICHAEL. Bald Knob. AR Agronomy PROFESSIONALS THOMAS. JAMES. Texarkana. AR Natural Science TIDWELL. GARY. Fayetteville. AR Law VAUGHAN. KEITH. Kensett. AR Law VIA. LINDA. East Ola. AR Zoology WEBB. MARK. El Dorado. AR Law WHETSTONE. BETTYE. Little Rock. AR Speech Communication WINDLE. JILL. Fayetteville. AR Speech Pathology WOODYARD. DANNY. Little Rock. AR Law YARBOROUGH. TIM. Malvern. AR Finance 386 Professionals class of 1977 ADAMS. CHERYL. Faycttijville. AR Psycholojjy ALLCEYER. JUDY. Conway. AR Horliculluro ALLISON. WALTER. Toxarkana. AR Civil EnKinoorins ANDERSON. LARRY. Ro«ors. AR Physics ANDREASEN. RUSSELL. Roxors. AR Philosophy-Psychology ASHLEY. ELAINE. Harrison. AR Homo Economics Education ASPEL. THOMAS. Fayollovillo. AR Physical Education AUSTIN. CONNIE JO. Maysvillo. AR Music AYERS. ROBERT. Rockwall. TX Accounlinji BABBIT. REBECCA. Kimborlin« City. MO Civil Engineering BAILEY. NANCY. Little Rock. AR Education BAKER. STANLEY. Moro. AR Agriculture SENIORS BALTZ. BERNARD. Pocahontas. AR Industrial Engineering BABBER. RON. Poteau. OK Accounting BARGE. JANET. Magnolia. AR Elementary Education BARHAM. SARAH. Ft. Smith. AR Psychology BARNES. KATHERINE. Junction City. AR Music Education BASCOM. BARBARA. Springdale. AR Finance-Banking BASHAM. CATHERINE. Ft. Smith. AR Marketing BASHAM. SARAH. Ft. Smith. AR Fashion Merchandising BASS. DAVID. Little Rock. AR Zoology BATSON. SHARON. Springdale. AR Music BAUER. MIKE. Little Rock. AR Zoology BAXTER. C. KIM. Little Rock. AR Political Science BAYS. DAVID. Hamburg. AR Agriculture BEAIRD. BRIAN. Fayetteville. AR Architecture BEANE. TONYA. Little Rock. AR Radio TV BELL JR.. HILTON. Springdale. AR Education BELL. PAMELA. Mineral Springs. AR Elementary Education BENDER. KURT. Little Rock. AR Management BERRY. KANNY. Charleston. AR Physics BETHELL. ANDY. Brinkley. AR Finance BEVIER. KATHRYN. Russellville. AR Spanish BEYENKA. ANN. Rogers. AR Marketing BIGGS. JERRE. Springdale. AR Marketing BLACKWOOD. RICHARD. Star City. AR Education BLAKELY. KIMBERLY. Searcy. AR History BLEDSOE. JEFFERY. Pine Bluff. AR Business BLEDSOE. LANE. Pine Bluff. AR French-German BOEVER. JAMES. Little Roc.k. AR Personnel Management BOLLINGER. BYRON. Machacha. FL Biology BONNER. DAVID. Fayetteville. AR Archi» » »» ' »» Seniors 387 graduating seniors BOSTIAN. STEPHEN. Yollvillo. AR Aj ricullural Economics BOX. BRENDA, jonesboro. AR Psychology-Social Welfare BOYD. LYNN. Berryville. AR Political Science BRADBERRY. ROBERT. Searcy. AR Entomology BRADFORD. SHARON. Hot Springs. AR Banking and Finance BRANDON. FRANCES. Shreveport. LA Secondary Education BRIDEWELL. ROBERT. Montrose. AR Political Science BROWN. JOCELYN. Fayetteville. AR German BROWN. MARK. Fayetteville. AR Chemistry BRYANT. CHARLES. Fayetteville. AR Accounting BRYANT. ROYCE. Nashville. AR Plant Pathology BUNYARD. SARA. Perryville. AR Home Economics SENIORS BURK. DIANE. Fayetteville. AR Industrial Engineering BURKERT. ROGER. Fayetteville. AR Marketing BURKERT. RONALD. Ft. Smith. AR Marketing BURNS. BARBARA. Little Rock. AR Speech Pathology BURTON. PAUL. Little Rock. AR Pre-Dental CALHOUN. RAYMOND. Des Arc. AR Agronomy CALLAWAY. NANCY. Donaldson. AR Math CAMPBELL. LEIGH. Fayetteville. AR History CAMPBELL PEGGY. Dover. AR Animal Science CAMPBELL. REGINALD. Pine Bluff. AR Zoology CAMPBELL. TEENIE. Earle. AR Elementary Education CAMPBELL. WILLIAM. Jonesboro. AR History CARLISLE. KIMBERLEY. Fayetteville. AR Journalism CARNEY. DEBBIE. Ft. Smith. AR Social Welfare CARPENTER. GENEVA. Elkins. AR Special Education CARPENTER. KENNETH. Fayetteville. AR Civil Engineering CARROLL. CARNEY L. Malvern. AR Political Science CARROLL. THOMAS. Lamar. MO Accounting CARSON. LINDA. Ft. Smith. AR Music Education CARTER. JAMES. Pine Bluff. AR Electrical Engineering CATLETT. REBECCA. Little Rock, AR English CHEATHAM. JODY. Fayetteville. AR Zoology CHEATWOOD. AMBER. Pine Bluff. AR Social Welfare CHISM. LAURA. Fayetteville. AR Child Development CHUNG. KIM-HUNG. Philadelphia. PA DPQA CHURCHWELL. JACQUELYN. Joplin. MO Speech-Drama CLARK. RONALD. Fayetteville. AR Chemistry CLEMENT. THOMAS. Little Rock. AR Civil Engineering COBB. BARTON. Fayetteville. AR Finance and Banking COBB. REBECCA. Benton. AR Secretarial Studies 388 Seniors class of 1977 COFFKM BOIiBY. R(»«t?rs. AR Physical Kducalion C:dKKR. THOMAS. Faycllcvillc. AR Psychology COI.BFRT. lOHN. Lcxa. AR Special Education COLE. BARBARA. Olen Ellyn. IL Marketing COLEMAN. BOBBY. Forrest (.ity. AR Political Scienia? COLEMAN. CHARLES. Little Rock. AR Cen«!ral COLEMAN. LEE. Lake VillaBe. AR Busin(?ss COLEMAN. VIRGIL. Texarkana. TX Public A(iminislration CONNER. PATI ' Y. Hu«hes. AR Secondary Science Education COOPER. lANICE. West Memphis. AR Zoology CORE. GRADY. Ft. Smith. AR ZooloKV COUSINS. LEE ANN. Pine Bluff. AR MarkfdinK SENIORS CRABTREE. ROBERT. Para«ouId. AR Zoology CRAINE. CATHEE. Ft. Smith. AR Journalism CRANK. ROBIN. Ft. Smith. AR Account ins CRESWELL. CURTIS. New EdinburK. AR Administrative Manafiement CROSS, WILLIAM. McNeil. AR Electrical Enj ineerins CULLEN. JAMES. FI. Smith. AR Accounting CYRUS. MIKE. Ashdown. AR Pre-Med DeBUSK. SUSAN. Ft. Worth. TX Account i nR-Data Processi nR DAGGETT. MALA. Oscella. AR EuRlish-French DALE. CAROL. Joplin. MO Political Sciimce DALE. EDWARD. Fayetteville. AR Horticulture DAUGHERTY. ANN. Oklahoma City. OK Special Education DAVES. JAY. Fayetteville. AR Deaf Education DAVIDSON. MITCHAEU Orion. IL DPQA DAVIS. KATHY. Foreman. AR Market inR DAVIS. LISA. Waldron. AR PsycholoRy DAVIS. MICHAEL. Texarkana. AR ManaRement DAVIS. RHONDA. Fayetteville. AR BioloRy DEAN. ROBIN. Quanlico. VA Elementary Education DEMPSEY. DORIS. Russellville. AR Social Welfare DENARD. LELAND. Decatur. AR Physics DENHAM. DEBORAH. Joplin. MO AccounlinR DERRICK. D ' ANNE. Searcy. AR Social Studies DEWITT. GARY. Charle.ston. AR Administrative ManaRement DILLARD. LUANNE. Nashville. AR Interior DesiRn DIRDEN. JOANNE. Camden. AR Speech PatholoRy DONALDSON. GAIL, Gnum AR BacterioloRv DONAUBAUER. ALLYN. Fayetteville. AR Finance-BankinR DRODDY. JOHN. El Dorado. AR Environimmtal Sciimce DRYE. BETTY. Mena. AR Home Economics Education Seniors 389 graduating seniors DUCKWORTH. BROCK. Spring.s. AR P’inanco and Insurance; DUKE. GAIL. Hoi Sprinss. AR Special Education DUNCAN. ALLAN. Faycitevilh;. AR Busin«;.s.s DUNCAN. KENNETH. Faycllevillc. AR Business DUNN. )AMES. Ru.s.sellville. AR Finance and Insurance; DURHAM. MARILYN. Prairie Grern;. AR Fre;ne;h and Ze)e)Ie)Ry DYE. PHILLIP. Pine Bluff. AR Are.hiteu’.lure EAGLE. GENE. Lonoke. AR Busine;ss EASLEY. DAVID. N. Little Re)ck. AR P.sve:hole)HV and English EASTENNES. RUSSELL. N. Little Re)e:k. AR Chemical Engine;ering EATON. WILLIAM. Russellville. AR Architecture EDDY. CHARLES. Me)rrilte)n. AR Acce unling SENIORS EDELHUBER. lAMES. Paris. AR Advertising EDRINGTON. BETTY. Osceola. AR Elementary Education ELKINS. DOUGLAS. Camden. AR Electrical Engineering ELLIOTT. STEVEN. Talequah. OK Political Science ELLISON. DAVID. Sherwood. AR Ace:ounting ERMAN. SUSAN. Fort Smith. AR Management ERVIN. MICHAEL. Harrison. AR Finance EVANS. CHERYL. Ye;llville. AR Nursing FAHRNER. MARGARET. Fort Smith. AR Social Welfare FAIR. CAROL. Dallas. TX Education FAIR. RONNIE. West Memphis. AR Accounting FARMER. SANDRA. Crossett. AR Health Education FARR. FLOTILLE. Forrest City. AR Social Welfare FARRELL. MARGARET. Brinkley. AR Physical Education FEAtHERSTON. CINDY. Ri.son. AR Elementary Education FERGUSON. THOMAS. Dallas. TX Finance and Banking FERRANTI. NANCY. Pine Bluff. AR Elementary Education FILOGAMO. MARTY. Texarkana. AR Physical Education FINDLEY. CHARLES. Stuttgart. AR Industrial Engineering FISHER. lAMES. Virginia. IL Art History FLEISCHNER. STUART. Hot Springs. AR Physics FLVnN. CHARLES. Little Rock. AR Political Science FLYNN. TERESA. Fayetteville, AR Political Science FOGG. BARBARA. Forrest City. AR Health and Biology FORD. MARGO. Mena. AR Health Education FORT. NENA. Warren. AR Social Welfare FOSTER. RUTHIE. Harrison. AR Physical Education FOWLER. GERELLE. Eudora. AR Agriculture FRANKS. NANCY. Fayetteville. AR Special Education FREAR. LINDA. Fayetteville. AR Marketing 390 Seniors class of 1977 FRKAR. ROBKRT. FayfUovillc. AR Architodun FRKAR. STKVKN. Faydlovilh;. AR ArchiliM ' .lun FRKKMAN. WILLIAM. Sapulpa. OK Mu.sic Education FRENCH. CHERYL. Fayetteville. AR History FRENCH. JEFFERY. Turrell. AR Medical Technology FRENZ. CONNIE. Bull Shoals. AR Psychology GAMMILL. WILLIAM. Fort Smith. AR Political Science GANT. CATHRYN. Fayetteville. AR SocioIoKV GANT. DIANH. Waldron. AR Civil En intierinK GARDNER. JOAN. Bartlesville. AR Hi.story GARDNER. RONALD. Hot SprinKS. AR Accountinjj GARISON. SUZANNE. Fayetteville. AR Physical Education SENIORS GARRISON. LINDA. N. Little Rock. AR English GASKILL. DATHAN Spjiech GASTON. SUSAN. Joplin. MO Social Welfare GERACl. DORIS. Fayetteville. AR Education GESSLER. CARL. Hot Springs. AR Zoology GIBBS. KAREN. Wynne. AR Music GILMORE. JULIE. Omaha. NEB. Zoology GILLMORE. DEBORAH. Little Rock. AR Zoology GILLMORE. DIANA. Little Rock. AR Zoology GILSTRAP. COLLEEN. Alma. AR Elementary Education GLOVER. SHERRY. Pine Bluff. AR Speech Pathology GODFREY. CAROL. Valley Springs. AR Accounting GOOCH. DAVID. N. Little Rock. AR Journalism GOOCH. MEG. Dumas. AR Zoology and Art GOODSON. MIKE. Texarkana. AR Civil Engineering GRAVES. DENISE. Little Rock. AR Domestic Animal Biology GRAVES. HOLLY. Alpena. AR Health Education GRAVIS. ROGER. Stuttgart. AR Accounting GRAY. PAUL. Fordyce. AR Business Administration GREER. GERALD. Camden. AR Zoology GRIMSLEY. SHERRI. Springdale. AR Accounting GRIZZELL. DIANE. Brinkly. AR Home Economics Education GROCE. GARY. Benton. AR Agriculture GURLEY. PATRICE. Blytheville. AR Zoology HACKNEY. PAM. Dallas. TX Deaf Education HAGUEWOOD. STEVE. Ozark. MO Physical Education HAIGH.JANE. Stuttgart. AR Elementary Education HALL. BETTY. Mansfield. AR Home Economics Education HAMBLEN. RODNEY. Monticello. AR Electrical Engineering HAMMOND. KEVIN. Bryant. AR Accounting Seniors 391 graduating seniors HAMPTON. HARVEY. Forrest City. AR Political Science HANNA. STEPHANIE. Fayetteville. AR Physical Education HARNOCK. lAMES S.. Fayetteville. AR Business HARREL. NANCY ).. Kingsville. TX Deaf Education HARRELL. KEN. Pine Bluff. AR Personnel Management HARRINGTON. SCOTT N.. Sheridan. AR Physics-Math HARRIS. CHERYL L. Clarksville Political Science HARRIS. EVERETTE LYNN. Little Rock. AR lournalism-Public Relations HARRIS. KAREN L. Fayetteville. AR English HARRIS. STEPHANIE A.. Van Buren. AR Art Education HARRISON. LEANN. Roland Psychology HARRISON. NANCY L., Blytheville Art SENIORS HART. ROBERT M.. Little Rock. AR Civil Engineering HARVELL. MICHAEL J.. Melbourne Accounting HATTABAUGH. jlMM D.. Orardo. WA Historv HAWKINS. DAVID B.. Texarkana. AR Civil Engineering HAYES. ROBERT. Hot Springs. AR Finance and Banking HAYS. BECKY L. Ft. Smith. AR Speech and Drama HEMMERT. LISA A.. Cotter German-English HENRY. CASSANDRA S.. Walnut Ridge. AR Elem. Education HENRY. MICHAEL W.. Little Rock. AR Business HENRY WALT. Oklahoma City. OK Architecture HICKS. LUTHER. Russellville. AR Finance and In.surance HIGHFILL. CINDY. Siloam Spring.s. AR English HILL. BARRY. Texarkana. AR Finance and Banking HILL. CYNTHIA. Hot Springs. AR Elementary Education HILL. MARY. Houston. TX Special Education HILL. THOMAS. Clarksville. AR Marketing HINTON. THOMAS. Dallas. TX Marketing HOAG. CHARLES. Mena. AR Business HOBBS. WILLIAM. Fayetteville. AR Commercial Art HOELSCHER. lAMES. Nashville. AR Environmental Science HOISINGTON. NANCY. Fayetteville. AR Management HOLDREN. BRUCE. Springfield. MO Management HOLLAND. DEBRA. Greenwood. AR Business and Journalism HOLLIMAN. DEBRA. Ashdown. AR Social Welfare HOLT. MARY. Huntsville. AR Elementary Education HOLYFIELD. RHONDA. Morrilton. AR Math HONG. GINGER. Marianna. AR Zoology HORST. KATHLEEN. Joplin. MO Fundamental Science HOUSER. MARSHA. Springdale. AR Elementary Education HOWARD. RICHARD. Rogers. AR Geology 392 Seniors class of 1977 HOWKLL. MARY RUTH. RiissHlvillr. AR Miirk(rlin« 1 lUBHKLL NANCY. Brlla Visla. AR Art Kducalion HUKK. DANIFl- Mechanical KnKin(MTinj4 1 lUGGLKR. MIGHAKL Russellvillr. AR Bacleriolo«y I lURLKY. PHILIP. Camden. AR Physics HUNEMAN. HAL Truman. AR INGRAM. ELLEN. Pine Bluff. AR English and Hislory INMAN. KATHERINE. Slull«arl. AR Nursinji IRWIN. PAULA. Springdale. AR Music Fulucalion ISBPU.L. CANDACE. Ha en. AR Merchandisinti lACKSON. ROY. Pryor. AR Music lACOBS. TOM. DewiM. AR Agronomy SENIORS lAMES. THERESA. Mounlainview. AR Elemenlary Education JEFFERS. PRISCILLA. Joplin. MO Home Economics JENKINS. MARK. Pine Bluff. AR Physical Education JENNINGS. CHERYL. Lepanto. AR Housing and Interior Dttsign JENSEN. THOMAS. Fort Smith. AR Psychology JOHNSON. LINDA. Little Rock. AR Psychology JOHNSON. ROBERT. Dallas. TX Public Administration JOHNSON. RONALD. Paris AR Journalism JOHNSON. STEPHAN. Overland Park. KS Industrial Management JOLLY. KATHY. N. Little Rock. AR Math JONES. JAMES. El Dorado. AR Business JONES. JERRY. Fayetteville. AR Public Administration JONES. JO. Lake Village. AR English JONES. NANCY. Bluffton. AR Food and Nutrition JONES. PAMELA. Tulsa. OK Broadcast Journalism JONES. RANDY. Pine Bluff. AR P(!rsonnel Management JONES. STEVE. DeQueen. AR Personnel Management JORDAN. RONALD. N. Little Rock. AR Management KALDER. CHRISTY. West Memphis. AR Speech Communications and Journalism KARNES. MICHAEL. Little Rock. AR and Journalism KASTINGS. WAYNE. Yellville. AR Architecture KEENER. LARRY. Harri.son. AR Harrison KEENER. MARION. Parks. AR Civil Engineering KELLER. KAREN. Weiner. AR Social Welfare KELLEY. HENRY. JR.. Heber S|)ring.s. AR Real Estate KELLY. BOB. Helena. AR Architecture KELLY. THAD Ill. Helena. AR Architecture KEMP. DANIEL. Little Rock. AR Marketing and Business Finance KENNEDY. WILLA. Fayetteville. AR French KENNINGTON. WILLIAM. Malvern. AR Civil Rngine( ring Seniors 393 graduating seniors KETON. ERMA. Swiflon. AR Arxounlins KILGORE. LARRY. Fayolloville. AR Health Education KILGORE. SYLVIA. Harrison. AR Foods and Nutrition KIMBALL. RICHARD. Richardson. TX Business Marketing KIMES. STEVE. Helena. AR Finance and Banking KINCANNON. lOHN. Bel Air. AR Accounting KING. EDDIE. Calico Rock. AR Personnel Management KING. JAMES. Pine Bluff. AR Marketing KING. JERRY. Fontana. CA Special Education KING. LARRY. Fort Smith. AR Social Welfare KING. LAURA. Fort Smith. AR Psychology KIRK. KATIE. Batesville. AR Home Economics Education SENIORS KIRK. STEVE. Norrilton. AR Physics and Journalism KitTRELL. GAROL. Augusta. AR Secondary Education KNAPP. KIM. Little Rock. AR Accounting KNIGHT. JAN. Pine Bluff. AR Physical Education KNIGHT. STEVE. Fayetteville. AR Industrial Education KOLF. ROBERT. Milwaukee. WIS. Civil Engineering KREBS. GREGORY. Fayetteville. AR Architecture KRUEGER. CHRIS. Fayetteville. AR Journalism KUCA. LARRY. Elburn. ILL Political Science LACKEY. LESA. Mountain View. AR Psychology LAFARGUE. RICHARD. DeWitt. AR Zoology LACY. MELINDA. Batesville. AR Architecture LAMB. ALAN. Siloam Springs. AR Zoology LAMB. TERRY. Paragould. AR Marketing LANE. DEBRA. Gould. AR Marketing LANGSTON. RICHARD. St. Charles. MO Journalism LANWERMEYER. TERRY. Fayetteville. AR Music Education LARSON. DANIEL. Conway. AR Bacteriology LARSON. PAMELA. Chalmetta. LA Home Economics LAWSON. DARLA. Pine Bluff. AR English LAYES. HENRY. Scranton. AR Agricultural Education LAYMON. PAULA. Heber Springs. AR Social Studies LAZENBY. ELTHA. Helena. AR Elementary Education LEE. BETTY. Fayetteville. AR Architecture LEGGET. JAMES. Batesville. AR Civil Engineering LEIS. GARY. Rogers. AR Management LEWIS. DUANE. Fayetteville. AR Chemical Engineering LIETZ. ALBERT. Homelood. IL Finance Banking LING. KIM-YEUNG. Kowloon. Hong Kong DPQA LINZAY. KATHY. Jonesboro. AR Education 394 Seniors class of 1977 LOCHHAAS. PHILIP A.. Fayrllovillr. AR Archilocturo LOONEY. Cl lARLES R.. Canulrn. AR ANSC LOONEY. ROBERT C.. Hcinlonville. AR Phvsiciil Education LOUDERMILK. KENNETH IrvinH.TX Mtrchanical Enxin(!crinx LYONS. STEVE. R()«« rs. AR PsycholoKy MA. WAI ON. Modesto. CA Account in){ MABERRY. MATT G.. Dallas. TX Finance and Banking MAEDA. YOTARO. Tokyo. Japan Business Administration MAGNUS. SUZANNE. Punta Gorda. FL French and German MANNING. MIKE. Rogers. AR Architecture MARSHALL. GREER. Malvern. AR Home Ec. Foundations MARTIN. CYNTHIA G.. Lancawster. SC Elementary Education SENIORS MARTIN. TERRY W.. Fayetteville. AR Business Administration MAXWELL. NANCY ].. Para«ould. AR Spanish MAY. JUNE E.. Fayetteville. AR Elementary Education MAZUR. JOANNE E.. Mena. AR Psychology MAZZIA. VICKY. Hot Springs. AR Fashion Design McCarthy. KEVIN J.. Little Rock. AR Civil Engineering McCHRISTIAN. TERESA E.. Beedeville. AR Administrative Management McCRAW. RONALD L. Fayetteville. AR Real Estate McCUTHCHEN. LEX A.. Parkin. AR Zoology McDaniel. LINDA a.. Pocahontas. AR Speech Pathology McDonald. KATHY. Newport. AR Political Science McDONIEL. NOEL G.. Newark. AR Social Welfare McDowell. SAMMIE K.. Russellville. AR Civil Engineer McEWEN JR.. LEE R.. Texarkana. AR Electrical Engineering McGEE. NANCY G.. North Little Rock. AR Education McGRAW. JOHN. Star City. AR Marketing McKINNEY. JOHN R.. Fayetteville. AR Insurance and Real Estate McKINNON. DANIEL L. Junction City. AR Finance and Banking McNAIR. MARK R.. Fayetteville. AR Insurance and Finance McNlEL. DONALD F.. Fayetteville. AR Finance MeVEY. ROBIN A.. Fayetteville. AR Home Economics MEADOR. CAROL A.. Joplin. MO Executive Secretary MEADOWS. MARTHA J.. Indian Head Park. IL Elementary Education MEARS. BILL F.. Marshall. AR Zoology MEDLOCK. MICHAEL J.. Mulberry. AR Political Science MEEK. ROBIN A.. Noel. MO Health MEGEE. JON W.. Branson. MO Architecture MELTON. JOYCE M.. Springdale. AR Early Childhood Education MILLER. STEVEN L. Pine Bluff. AR Accounting MOLL. DAVID. Morrilton. AR Animal Nutrition Seniors 395 graduating seniors MONTGOMERY. BILLY W.. Fayetteville. AR Law MOORE. GINGER. Fayetteville. AR Marketing MORGAN. STEVEN K.. Glarksville. AR Agriculture MORRIS. DANNY L. Rogers. AR Management MORRISON. JOHN T.. Earle. AR Finance MORTON. JOSEF O.. Pine Bluff Finance and Banking MOSER. JIM A.. Galico Rock. AR Business MOTT. DEBBIE J.. Little Rock. AR Marketing MURGHISON. DAVID F.. Albuquerque. NM Zoology MUREN. JULIE L., Little Rock. AR Physical Education MURPHY. RICHARD K.. Fayetteville. AR Marketing NAKDIMEN. HIRAM S.. Ft. Smith. AR Psychology SENIORS NEAL. ELSIE M.. Augusta. AR Social Studies NEBBEN. CURTIS L.. Mountain Home. AR Business NEELEY. LIZ. Fort Worth. TX Social Welfare NEISER. KATHY R.. Fort Smith Special Education NELSON. ANDRE G.. Berry ville. AR Elementary Education NELSEN. STEVEN L. Little Rock. AR Animal Biology NEMETH. AGNES M.. Holiday Island. AR Health Education NEUHART. LARRY E.. Plainview. AR Accounting NEWTON. JOHN E.. Russellville. AR Finance NIBLOCK. FRED W.. Fayetteville. AR Accounting NICHOLSON. KIMBERLY D.. Blytheville. AR Journalism OLAUGHLIN. FREDERICK J.. Rogers. AR Business OVERBY. WILLIAM H.. Little Rock. AR History OWENS. CATHERINE E.. Widener. AR Personnel Management OWENS. LISA G.. Waldron. AR Health Education OWENS. SUSAN B.. Bull Shoals. AR Psychology OXENREIDER. PAUL S.. Fayetteville. AR Mechanical Engineering PARKER. MARY K.. Russellville. AR Management PARKER. ROBERT E.. Fayetteville. AR Finance and Banking PATTILLO. ANNE F.. Little Rock. AR Elementary Education PEACHEY. DOUGLAS W.. Houston. TX Finance and Banking PENDERGRASS. JOHN. Charleston. AR Agriculture Business PENDRY. DEANN. Prairie Grove. AR Spanish-Latin American Studies PERRIN. GEORGE S.. Fayetteville. AR Business Administration PERRY. GREGG K.. Hot Springs. AR Personnel Management PETERSON. BRUCE A.. Little Rock. AR Architecture PETRUS. MARILYN R.. Carlisle. AR Management PEULAUSK. THOMAS C.. Morton. IL Agronomy PHILLIPS. jlM. Forrest City. AR Political Science PHILLIPS. KELLI M.. Little Rock. AR Art and History 396 Seniors class of 1977 PHII.LIPS. RONALD W.. Lilllo Rock. AR Prc-Vj?l POOL. KATHRYN A.. North LiliU? Rock. AR Sociology POOL. ROBERT K.. Denison. TX Marketing; POST. DEBORAH A.. Alius. AR Phvsics POWELL. CURTIS R.. Mena. AR Electrical EnjjineerinK PRUETT. LAURA L. Monlicello. AR Food and Nutrition PRYOR. LAUREN. Victoria. TX Social Welfare PUTT. PAULA B.. North Little Rock. AR PsycholoRy RAMEY. CAROLYN E.. Fort Smith. AR Special Education RASH. DANIEL W.. Fayetteville. AR Architecture RATCLIFFE. KATHRYN A.. Sweet llonu . AR Botany REED. lULIA A.. Springdale. AR Elementary Education SENIORS REEVES. LYNDA K.. Moss Point. MS Special Education REVEL. PATTI E.. Augusta. AR Art and Sciences RHOADS. GINGER D.. Prairie Grove. AR Nursing RHOADS. SHEILA G.. Delight. AR Home Economics RICE. CHARLES G.. Silver Springs. MD Economics and Accounting RICE. MARK E.. Carlisle. AR Management RICE. PAMELA L.. Fayetteville. AR Physical Education and Health RIDGEWAY. ROBERT D.. Hot Springs. AR Political Science RIEKE. DAN Ha en. AR Business Administration RIGHTMIRE. lAMES W.. Austin. TX Business Administration RIPLEY. FLIECE. El Dorado. AR Bacteriologv RITCH. CINDY S.. Paris. AR Mathematics Education ROBBINS. THOMAS W.. Searcy. AR Zoology ROBENS. MARK. Phoenix. AZ Political Science ROBERTS. GREGORY D.. Fort Smith. AR Speech Communication ROBERTS. PATTI L. North Little Rock. AR Accounting ROBINSON. LORI L. Little Rock. AR Fashion Design ROBINSON. NANCY A.. Shawnee Missi«)n. KS Elementary Education ROCCONI. CEWN. Lake Village. AR Elementary Education ROCKENHAUS. CLARE. Paris. AR Pre-Pharmacy ROEDER.JIM. Earle. AR Business ROGERS. DEBRA K.. Fayetteville. AR Accounting ROGERS. EDWARD A.. Fayetteville. AR Finance and Banking ROGERS. VALORIE L. Bartlesville. OK Fashion Merchandising ROLLINS. SUSAN K.. Springdale. AR English ROSENBAUM. NANCY L. Ashdown. AR Music ROSS. RONALD E.. Pine Bluff. AR Architecture ROSSON. ROXANNE. Fort Smith. AR Health Education ROTH. DANNY R.. Harrison. AR Personnel Management RUSSELL. DAVID A.. Fayetteville. AR Finance and Banking Seniors 397 graduating seniors RUSSELL. LINDA F.. Fayetteville. AR History and Psychology SACKETT. CAROLYN I.. Texarkana. AR Business Education SAMPOLESl. SHELIA A.. Lake Village. AR Finance and Insurance SANDAGE. RALPH W.. Fayetteville. AR Engineering SARGENT. ROY G.. West Fork. AR Secondary Education SATTERFIELD. GREG. Green Forest. AR Agriculture SAYERS. DEBBIE M.. Nashville. AR Elementary Education SCARBROUGH. SUSAN L.. Fayetteville. AR Accounting SCHAKEL. PEGGY A.. Albuquerque. NM Music SCHERER. BILLY. Fort Smith. AR Civil Engineering SCHRETT. SARA G.. Paragould. AR Spanish SCHUMACHER. DANIEL R.. Rogers. AR Electrical Engineering SENIORS SCOBEY. MARK A.. Warren. AR Music SEATON. DANA R.. Fort Smith. AR Education SELIG. ANNA L.. Corning. AR Marketing SELIG. PAULT.. Corning. AR Civil Engineering SHADDOX IR., WILLIAM R.. Harrison. AR Business SH ADR ACH. STEVE. Houston. TX Management SHAW. CYNTHIA E.. Fort Smith. AR Psychology SHAW. NANCY L. Fort Smith. AR Speech Pathology SHENEP. IlM H.. Pine Bluff. AR Management SHIPMAN. BOBBY D.. Pea Ridge. AR Sociology and Urban Studies SHIVER. JOHN D.. Pine Bluff. AR Bacteriology SHORT. JIM G.. Harrison. AR Accounting SIEBENMORGEN. R. J.. Fayetteville. AR Management SIMMONS. ELIZABETH K.. Fort Smith. AR Accounting SIMMONS. KAREN A.. Fountain Hill. AR Political Science SIMMONS. REX T.. Texarkana. AR Finance SIMPSON. PAMELA S.. Bentonville. AR Fashion Merchandising SIPES. SUSAN J.. Little Rock. AR Music SKELLEY. WILLIAM B.. West Memphis. AR Architecture SLAUGHTER. BRADLEY J.. Batesville. AR Business SLAGTER. PETER J.. Rogers. AR Animal Science and Business SMITH. GREGORY C.. Abbeville. LA History and Sociology SMITH. |OHN P.. Fort Smith. AR Entomology SMITH. KATHY L. North Little Rock. AR Zoology SMITH. ROBERT. Tulsa. OK Marketing SMITH. ROBERT E.. Tulsa. OK Business SNARR. lAMES W.. Lincoln. AR Natural Sciences SOUTHARD. JERRI A.. Hot Springs. AR Marketing SPEER. LINDA B.. Stamps. AR Elementary Education SUMMERFORD. JAMES A.. Gould. AR Civil Engineering 398 Seniors SPKER. PAUL. FayelHivilh . AR DPQA SPRENGER. THERESA. LillU; Rock. AR BactcriuloKV STANDARD. MICHAEL. Fort Smith. AR Markotin}{ BETTY. Bloomfield. lA AccountinK STATHAKIS. SAM. Hot Sprin«.s. AR Marketing STEEN. KATHY. Fayetteville. AR Marketing STEINSIEK. lAMES III. Blytheville. AR A tronomy STELLMON. MICHAEL. Decatur. AR Management STOBAUGl I. CHRISTIE. Morrilton. AR English STOPHLET. ROBERT. Rogers. AR Geology STOUT. ROBBIE. Winslow. AR Business Education STRANG. PAUL. Fort Smith. AR Industrial EnsineerinK STUCKEY. BETH. Little Rock. AR Speech Pathology STUDARDS. SHERRY. Siloam Sprin«s. AR Special Education STULTZ. SARA. Dallas. TX Elementary Education SULLIVAN. DEBORAH. Crossett. AR ZooloRy SWAIN. MIKE. Prairie Grove. AR Poultry Science SWIM. JANET. Stilwell. OK Physical Education SENIORS SWINK. WILLIAM. Imboden. AR Marketing TAJERI. GHOLAM. Fayetteville. AR Electrical Engineering TATMAN. LESLIE. Arkadclphia. AR Fashion Merchandising TAYLOR. ALISON. Clarksville. AR Marketing TEAFORD. ANN. Osceola. AR Math TEED. RALPH. Little Rock. AR Zoology TEER. MAGGIE. Texarkana. AR Business TERRY. STEVEN. Fayetteville. AR Geology THANE. VICTRY. Texarkana. AR Art THOMAS. ALFRED. Sherrill. AR Personnel Management THOMAS. HERBERT. Little Rock. AR Finance and Insurance THOMASON. MARTIN. Kansas City. MO Architecture THOMPSON. ELIZABETH. Lepanto. AR Finance and Banking THOMPSON. THEODIS. Pine Bluff. AR Math TIEMAN. SUSAN. Kansas City. MO Nutrition TOWNLEY. JUDY. Fort Smith. AR Elementary Education TOWNS. MISSY. Monroe. LA Bacteriology TRABAND. JOHN. Pro.spect Park. PA Special Education TRAMMELL. JEAN ANN. Ashdown. AR Political Science TREADWAY. JULIA. Little Rock. AR Foods and Nutrition TROTH. MARK. Houston. TX Political Science TUCKER. DAVID. Pine Bluff. AR History TURNER. JEAN. Crossett. AR History TURNER. MICHAEL. Tuckerman. AR Accounting TWIST. RANDY. Earle. AR Finance VEST. DEBBIE. Siloam Spring.s. AR Public Administration VINES. NITA. Fort Smith. AR CDFR WACASTER. CHARLES. Fayetteville. AR Industrial Engineering WAGES. JANET. Rogers. AR Psychology WALD. VIRGINIA. Fort Smith. AR Elementary Education Seniors 399 WALDRIP. MARK. Moro. AR Agri-Business WALKER. TERESA. Berryville. AR Elementary Education WALLACE. ROY. Fort Harrison. IN Accounting WALTON. SARA. Clarksville. AR Housing and Interior Design WANN. KAREN. Springdale. AR Physical Education WARD. BRYAN. Shreveport. LA Bank and Finance WARD. THOMAS. Fayetteville. AR Education WARE. JERRY. Oak Grove. AR Zoology WARNER. SIDNEY. Houston. TX Nutrition WARREN. DAVID. Rogers. AR Physics WARREN. WILLIAM. North Little Rock. AR APAS WATKINS. JOHN. Lufkin. TX Accounting WATSON. PATRICIA, Paragould. AR Special Education WEAVER. RHONA. Salado. AR Political Science WEBB. LINDA. Fayetteville. AR Public Administration WEBB. LYNN. Texarkana. AR Psychology WELBORN. TAVA. Houston. TX Social Welfare WELCH. JIMMY. Ashdown. AR Finance SENIORS WELCH. ROGER. El Dorado. AR Finance WESSON. JULIE. Lake Village. AR Clothing and Textiles WESTFALL. PAUL. Nashville. AR Animal Science WILKERSON. DAN. Rogers. AR Chemistr ' WILLIAMS. GINGER. Lake Charles. TX Deaf Education WILLIAMS. GRANT. Batesville. AR Pre-Dental WILSON. DEBORAH. Star City. AR Political Science and Social Welfare WILSON. GARY. Memphis. TN Anthropologv WILSON. RUSSELL. Calico Rock. AR Business Education WILSON. S. C. Little Rock. AR Business Education WINGFIELD. WILLIAM. Dallas. TX Public Relations WISE. DAVID. Falls Church. VA Marketing WISE. SUSAN. Des Moines. lA Nursing WOOD. CYNTHIA. Bald Knob. AR Nursing and Sociology WOODRUFF. CONNIE. Carville. AR Math WRIGHT. DALLAS. Fayetteville. AR Marketing WRIGHT. PATRICIA. Denison. TX Management WUETIG. MARK. Hot Springs. AR Marketing YARBERRY. ROBERT. Fayetteville. AR Education YARBROUGH. ELIZABETH. Arlington. TX Art Education YATES. DOUGLAS. Fayetteville. AR Chemistry YATES. REGGIE. Fort Smith. AR Finance YEE. JOE. Lake Village. AR Marketing YOUNG. GRACE. Clarksville. AR Architecture YOUNG. JEAN. Van Buren. AR Foods and Nutrition YOUNG. SUSAN. Searcy. AR Child Development ZELL. RITA. Little Rock. AR Bacteriology ZENOR. BECKY. Amarillo. TX Education ZWWEIFLER. MICHAEL. Hope. AR Bacteriology 400 Seniors Graduating seniors . . . stepping into the puddle of life Senior Closing 401 Paul Acre. Graonbrier. AR Michael Adams, Fnyettevillc. AR Christie Allen. Dnihis. TX Cynthia Allen. Memphis. TN John Allen. Russellville. AR Nancy Allen. Memphis. TN Connie Allred. Mniintuin Home. AR Brian Altheimer. Pine Bluff. AR Larry Anders. Newport. AR Mary Anderson. Viburnum. MO Barry Andnnvs. North Little Rock. AR Theresa Appleyard. Fort Smith. AR JUNIORS Robert Archer, E Do redo. AR Edward Arnold, Mountain Home. AR Teresa Arnold. Corning. AR Michael Arth. Ofallon. IL Charles Ashford. Dallas. TX Sharon Ashley. Osceola. AR Brian Atchley. Green Forest. AR Robert Bacon. Searcy. AR Lloyd Bailey. Gahot. AR Barbara Bain. Nevada. MO Bruce Baird, Fayetteville. AR Metah Baker. Dallas. TX Warren Baldwin. Little Rock. AR William Ballard, Little Rock. AR Valerie Ballentine. Hot Springs. AR Rhonda Barbee. Fayetteville. AR Bruce Barnett, Grossed. AR Gary Barnett. Jacksonville. AR Tom Barsamian. El Grove. WI Mark Basecke, Stockton. MO David Basham, Little Rock. AR Lisa Bass, Pine Bluff AR William Bassett, Walnut Ridge. AR Frankie Batchelor, Van Buren. AR Pam Baumj’ardner, El Dorado. AR lana Beard, Little Rock. AR Anna Beasley, Hot Springs. AR Barbara Beasley, Houston. TX Kenneth Beaty, Benton. AR Brad Beavers, Forrest Gity. AR Bennett Becker, Fayetteville. AR Beverly Bell, Springdale. AR Charles Berlau. Fort Smith. AR Deborah Bird, Springfield. VA Melinda Blair, Sallisa. OK Terry Blasdel, Yellville. AR Robin Bledsoe, Little Rock. AR Dan Boone, Little Rock. AR Patricia Bowman, Fayetteville. AR Jim Box. Rogers. AR Patti Boyce. Pocahontas. AR Brace Boyden, Fonke. AR 402 juniors Burk( Brackotl, Pocahontas, AR Harriett Bracey, Blythcvillc, AR Gail Brannan, Fayetteville, AR Sharon Brawner, Wynne, AR Becky Brew(?r. Russellville. AR Randy Bridj’es, Benton, AR Randall Brooks, Nevada, MO Svvayze Browning , Louann, AR T(irry Brown. Bate.sville, AR |o(d Bnimley, Benton, AR Vickie Brunson. Fayetteville, AR St( v(jn Buckley, Fayetteville, AR JUNIORS Marjorie Buras, Texarkana, AR john Burkhalter. North Little Rock, AR Morrison Burns, Keokuk, IA Keith Burroughs. Benton. AR Mario Bush. Benton. AR Dana Butler, Benton, AR Terri Bynum. Dermott, AR jody Callaway. Russellville, AR Robert Calliotte. Stuttgart, AR Anita Calva. North Little Rock, AR Fred Calvert. Huntsville, AR Cathryn Cannon, Monroe, LA Cathy Carpenter. Lepanto, AR Carol Carr, Benton, AR Tommy Carraway, Warren, AR Douglas Carson, Lamar, AR Richard Caywood, Pineville, MO Markley Chaffin. Hushes, AR Steven Champlin, North Little Rock, AR Michael Chastain. Little Rock, AR Darlene Cheatham. Little Rock, AR William Chevaillier. Russellville, AR Debbie Church. North Little Rock, AR Debra Clark. Clarksville. AR Pamela Clark, Springdale, AR Rabecca Clement, Little Rock, AR Renae Clifton, Little Rock, AR Debra Collier. Russellville, AR Shelley Collins, Springfield, MO Timothy Collins. Biloxi, MS Judith Combs. Houston, TX Michael Conner, Corning, AR Julie Cook. Little Rock, AR Laurie Cook, Little Rock, AR Scott Copeland. Little Rock, AR Myra Cosgrove. Oklahoma City, OK James Counce, Memphis, TN George Covert, Benton, AR Lisa Cox. Texarkana, AR Karen Coyle. Rogers, AR David Craig, Fort Smith, AR Charles Crain. Camden. AR Juniors 403 Elizabeth Crank. Foreman, AR Shanda Craven, Lepanto, AR Nancy Crawford, Germantown. TN Dennis Creech. Rogers, AR Peggy Crews, Little Rock. AR Sherry Crowly, Harrison, AR Richard Cude, Walnut Ridge. AR Stephanie Dailey. Little Rock. AR Eddie Daniel. Rogers, AR Beverly Davis. Gentry. AR Gregg Davis. Russellville. AR Wayne Davis. Hot Springs, AR JUNIORS Janet Dean. Little Rock. AR Phyllis Debons, Paragould, AR Paula Dee. Houston. TX Ralph Dejarnatte, Marvell. AR Susan Denty, Fort Smith. AR Charlene Dillon. Little Rock, AR Michael Ditzig. Benton. AR Joyce Dorethy, Lakeview, AR Scott Doss, Warren. AR Beth Dougan, Little Rock. AR Gracia Dougan, Fort Smith. AR Dean Dougherty, Russellville. AR Chandler Downs, Pine Bluff. AR William Doyel, Springdale. AR Mary Doyle, El Dorado. AR Ruth Drake. Germantown, TN Jim Duffield. Tulsa. OK Nina Duke, Texarkana. TX David Dunagin, Gravette. AR Glynda Duncan, Searcy. AR Robert Dunn, Ozark. AR Celia Durrett, Tahlequah. OK Larry Dymott. Joplin. MO Carla Eddy. Springdale. AR David Eddy, Morrilton. AR Steve Elliott. Fayetteville. AR Christie Ellison, Paragould. AR Linda Emerson. Jacksonville. AR Cecily England. Fayetteville. AR Jon Mark Erstine, Stuttgart. AR Kathy Estep. New York. NY John Eubanks. Rogers. AR Ralph Eubanks. Pensacola. FL Pam Everett, Houston, TX Richard Faires, Fayetteville. AR Carolyn Falge, Waynesville, MO Robert Fearn, Little Rock, AR Lyle Fellows, Rison. AR Wendy Ferguson, Dallas, TX Jeanette Fetzer. Pine Bluff. AR Brad Fields, Memphis. TN Margie Fink. Stuttgart. AR 404 Juniors Carol Flanery. Pittsburf h. PA Tamara Flanigan, Little Rock, AR Mike Fleeman. West Memphis. AR Cheryl Flowers, Texarkana. AR Frank Foster, Noel. MO Renee Fowler, Benton. AR Doris Franklin, West Helena. AR Darrell Freeman, Cleveland, AR David Freeze, Texarkana. AR Ken Fugilt, Barring field. MO James Gage, Horatio. AR Jim Gaines, Rogers. AR JUNIORS Karen Galloway, Fort Smith. AR Geoffrey Gammon, Mulberry. AR Lisa Garner, Rison. AR James Garrison, Fort Smith. AR Carol Anne Caspar, Philadelphia. PA Cindy Gathright, Ashdown, AR Francis Gay, Newport, AR Robert Geisinger, Fayetteville, AR Joevelyn George, Chicago, IL John George, Sjpringdale, AR Kay Gibbs, Tulsa. OK Sherri Gilliland, Siloam Springs. AR Nancy Gilmer, Ozark. AR Terry Ging, Gravette, AR James Gist, Fort Smith, AR Robert Gladwin, Fort Smith, AR Jay Gleason, Texarkana. AR Allen Glenn, Fort Smith. AR Anne Glenn, Batesville. AR Mark Gleringer, Pine Bluff. AR Paula Glidewell, Fort Smith. AR Tracy Gober, Fordyce. AR Michael Godfrey, Harrison. AR William Goehren, Gardiner. NY Timothy Gorman, Forrest City. AR Becky Grafe, Harrison. AR Judy Graper, Fort Smith. AR Julia Gray, Jacksonville. AR William Gray, Stuttgart. AR Rick Green, Alma. AR Marcus Greer, Texarkana. AR Jan Griffin, Searcy. AR Charles Griffith, Winslow. AR Anne Haehnel, Fayetteville, AR Larry Hall, Little Rock. AR Maura Hall, Pine Bluff AR Robert Hall, Little Rock, AR Dale Hamilton, Nashville. AR Lynda Hamilton, Kerrville. TX Lynn Hamilton, Hamburg, AR Adrian Hammonds, West Helena. AR Joe Hardin, North Little Rock, AR Juniors 405 L(is Harding, Broken Arrow. OK Tena Harmon. Hughes Sprinf s. TX Stephen Harris, Ashdown, AR Vickie tlarris, Yellvilh, AR Joe Harlness, Fori Smith, AR James Helmich. Alexander, AR Scott Hensley, Cnhol. AR P(idro Herrera, Esciwln A ricoln. Hondurus D(d:)ra Hess, Greenwood. AR Teresa Hevvett, Fort Smith. AR James Hiatt, S n Zgar . AR Donald Hill, Fayetteville. AR JUNIORS Diana Hoke, Gruvette. AR Kenneth Holland, Berryville. AR Richard Holland, Benton. AR Rick Hood, Bentonville. AR Jane Hopkins, Van Buren. AR Jean Hopkins, Van Buren. AR West Hornor, Helena. AR Marilyn Horton, Berryville. AR Stephen Hotz, Fort Smith. AR Lize Howell, Little Rock. AR Robert Hudgins, Lincoln. AR Walter Hudson, Russellville. AR William Hudspeth, Ozark, AR Martha Huey, Warren. AR Brandon Huffman, Dover. AR Randy Hugen, Pine Bluff. AR Marci Hugg, Little Rock. AR Sarah Hughes, Mena. AR James Hunt, Benton. AR Susan Hurley, El Dorado. AR Thomas Hunton, Little Rock, AR Diana Inman. Huntsville. AR Gerri Inscho. Houston. TX David Jenkins. Warrem. AR Marty Jennings, Edmond. OK Blair Johanson, Fayetteville. AR Bruce Johan.son, Fayetteville. AR Kimberly John, Fayetteville. AR Danny John.son, Texarkana. TX Kim Johnson, Fayetteville AR Larry Johnson, Fort Smith. AR Michael Johnson, Dardanelle. Ah Ruben Johnson, Little Rock. AR Jeanie Jones, Jonesboro. AR John Jones, West Memphis. AR Judy Kaufman, McGehee. AR Gerry Keen, Milwaukee. WI Brenda Keener, Waldron. AR Harlene Keith. Rogers. AR Kim Keller. Fayetteville. AR Thomas Kellogg. Fayetteville. AR Bonnie Kelly. Helena, AR 406 Juniors jori Koyos. Newton, KS Bobby Kiolh. N. Little Rock, AR Mlaino Kllj oro, Ilnrrison, AR loan Ann Killian. Fayetteville, AR Molissa Kinnaircl, Hot Sprinf s, AR Adolo Kit I roll, Sherwood, AR Dana R. Knoll, Stuttf art, AR Loan no Knowlos, Tulsa. OK Barry Koritza, Englewood, CA Richard C. Kroul, Nashville, AR Mi-Kwan Kwok. Honf Kon L. Lally, McCehee, AR JUNIORS William E. Langford. Pine Bluff, AR Charles S. Laster. N. Li ttle Rock, AR Lisa Laughlin, Ft. Smith, AR Goorgo Lavonder, Texarkana, AR Larry Lavondor, Hope, AR Pamela Lee, Rogers, AR Stephanie A. Lee. Ozark, AR Diane E. Letzig. Little Rock, AR Gigi C. Leung, Kowloon, Hong Kong Deborah L. Lewis. West Helena, AR Tommy Lewis, Fayetteville, AR Mike A. Liles, Searcy, AR Mary K. Lincoln, Richardson, TX lohn Lohmann, Neosho, MO jeff L. Lorenzo, Benton, AR Melody A. Lybrand, Pine Bluff AR luliet M. Lyons. Little Rock, AR Marc B. Lyon, N. Little Rock, AR lohn O. Lytle. Batesville, AR Mark L. Magie, Cabot, AR Maureen Mahoney. Kansas City, KS Kevin T. Mallon, Ft. Smith, AR Kathy I. Malone, Mena, AR loseph A. March. Blytheville, AR Rita F. Marr, Blytheville, AR Dolf Marrs, Wesley. AR Becky Matheson, Rover, AR Alicia S. May, Warren, AR Sandra A. McCall. Marianna, AR Carolyn D. McCauley, DeQueen, AR Elizabeth McAvoy, Monett, MO Larry McCool, Noel, MO Bobbie McCoy. Monticello, AR William McCoy, Little Rock, AR Charles D. McDaniel, W. Memphis, AR Craig C. McDaniel, Blytheville, AR Ann McElroy, El Dorado, AR Gale L. McEwen, Texarkana, AR Maggie McGee, Texarkana, TX Tom McGilvery, Dallas, TX lames McGowan, Cotton Plant, AR Timothy McKenzie. Little Rock, AR luniors 407 David McKinney, Fort Smith, AR Jeanie McKinney, Fayetteville, AR Rick McKinney, Fayetteville, AR Ronald McMillan, Pine Bluff, AR Karen Melton, Lonoke, AR Randall Merchant, Texarkana, AR Cindy Middleton, Benton, AR Joan Miller, Helena, AR Pam Minshew, Stuttgart, AR Kathy Mitchell, Harrison, AR Freshteh Moghtaderi, Fayetteville, AR Lana Monger, Mountain Home, AR JUNIORS Karen Moon, Van Buren, AR Therese Moore, Fayetteville, AR Sharon Morgan, Clarksville, AR Floyd Morris, Gillham, AR Sarah Morris, Lincoln, AR Stephen Morrison, Aurora, AR Paul Mortensen, Racine, WI Linda Mosley, Fort Smith, AR Dana Mullins, Wilson, AR David Mullins, Winslow, AR Michael Munson, Austin, AR Judith Murphree, North Little Rock, AR James Nabors, Little Rock, AR Mark Narisi, Fort Smith, AR Betsy Neath, Huntington Beach, CA Jo Neighbours, Bryant, AR Lelie Nelson, Little Rock, AR Ann Niblock, Fayetteville, AR Steven Niemeyer, Prescott, AR Ruth Nixon, Jonesboro, AR Sharon Norwood, Little Rock, AR David Oates, Texarkana, AR Richard Oldham, Blytheville, AR Nancy Ourand, Fayetteville, AR Carl Ownby, Farmington, AR Nancy Pack, Lonoke, AR Jacques Parker, Carlisle, AR Paul Parker, Searcy, AR Randall Parker, Benton, AR Paige Partain, Van Buren, AR Marlin Partney, Mountain Home, AR Lee Peden, Montgomery, AL Janet Pendergrass, Little Rock, AR Lydia Penick, Little Rock, AR Lea Petillo, Lake Village, AR Blake Phillips, Lonoke, AR Mildred Phillips, Bentonville, AR Brenda Phoebus, Jacksonville, AR Charles Pickle, Van Buren, AR David Plugge, Fort Smith, AR Charles Plummer, Sulphur Springs, AR Wade Plunkett, Fort Smith, AR 408 Juniors Karon Potlobaum, Cussvillo, AR Pamela Powoll, Ft. Smith. AR Val Price, Jonesboro, AR Stephen R. Priest. Bntcsvillc, AR David Proctor, Fnyottevillo, AR Phillip Pryor. Crossatt. AR Charles Pullen, DeQuoon, AR Winston Purifoy, Crossett, AR Randy Putt. N. Little Rock, AR Warren Qualls, W. Memphis, AR Elizabeth Ralls, Little Rock. AR Paul Rasmussen. Upper Saddle Rvi , Nf JUNIORS Niagle Ratchford, Marshall, AR Pat Reddeii, Harrison. AR Dayna Reed, Jacksonville, AR Jeffrey Reed, Pine Bluff. AR Richmond Reed. Batesville, AR Mary Reeder. Eureka Springs. AR Randal Reeves, Tyler, TX William R. Reeves. Texarkana. AR Wendy Reid, Bentonville, AR Maureen Renard, Nashville. AR Michele Reynolds. Little Rock. AR Stephanie Riley. Fayetteville. AR Ellen Ritchie. N. Little Rock. AR David Ritter. Springdale. AR Kenneth Robbins, Searcy, AR Steven Roberts, Little Rock. AR Patricia Roden. Truman. AR Jennifer Rodgers, Overland Park. KS Susan Roeger, Shreveport. LA David Rogers, Bartlesville, OK Debra Rogers, El Dorado. AR Nancy E. Roles, Hot Springs, AR James Roomsburg, Harrison, AR Richard Rorex, Imhoden, AR Steven Ross, Hot Springs, AR Benson Row, Baton Rouge, LA Frank Rowe, N. Little Rock, AR Ken Rowe, Hot Springs, AR Richard Ruble. Yellville, AR Susan Russell. Springdale, AR Ljioria c anoers, t ' oruana, t Deborah Sauer, Calico Rock, AR George Sayre. Rogers, AR Gretchen Scheurich, Tulsa. OK Mark Schuterman. Ft. Smith. A R Eric Schmand, Little Rock. AR Aileen Schubel. Houston, TX Joey Scribner. Harriet. AR Richard Scruggs, Pine Bluff, AR Mark Seifert, Glen Ellyn, IL Julie Sessions. Houston, TX Gary Sharp, Little Rock. AR Juniors 4()f) Viki ShfMits. Litlla Rock. AR Virginia Shephord, Pino Bluff. AR Gary Shorwood. DoWitt. AR James Short. Sprin cinlo. AR Belinda Simmons, Memphis. TN Lee Simmons. Fayottovillo. AR Thomas Simon. DoQuoon. AR Gahm Sizemore, Springdnlo. AR Bruce Smith. Dulhis. TX Michelle Skrabanek. Pino Bluff AR Cindy Smith. We.s7 Moinphis. AR Davie Smith. Conway. AR Dennis Smith, Fayottovillo. AR Dvvij ht Smith. Nashvillo. AR Lenora Smith. El Dorado. AR Leslie Smith. Paragon Id. AR Marc Smith, Springfield. MO Mary Smith. Fayetteville. AR Karen Snodgrass. Nashville. AR Cliff Snyder, Greenbrier. AR Margaret Snyder. Mountain Home. AR Sharon Sparrow. Stuttgart, AR James Spurlin. Mount Ida. AR Karen Stafford. Paragould. AR Terri Stapleton, Dallas. TX Tom Steele. Siloam Springs, AR Ruth Stephens, Fayetteville, AR Sue Sterling. North Little Rock, AR David Stoltz. Conway. AR Janelle Storall, Imhoden. AR Nickey Strahan, Malvern. AR Ginger Stratton. Fayetteville. AR Wayne Strickland. El Dorado. AR Jeffrey Stroud. Huntsville. AR Ken Stroud. N. Little Rock. AR Amy Stuckey, Little Rock. AR Leslie Sturtevant, Springfield, MO Khaled Suliman. Fayetteville, AR Janet Swann. Somers Point, NJ Tim Swicegood. N. Little Rock, AR Douglas Swink. Imhoden, AR Richard Sykes, Hot Springs, AR Tom Tabler, Booneville, AR Andy Tarkington, Fort Smith, AR Debra Tate. Prairie Grove, AR Peter Taylor, Los Angeles, CA Rebecca Teeter. Fayetteville. AR Reed Teitler. Jacksonville, AR Joe Templeton,, OK Mark Thicksten. Searcy, AR Glen Thomas. N. Little Rock, AR Bke Thompson. Little Rock, AR De bbie Thomp.son. Jacksonville, AR Frtxlrick W. Toilette. Little Rock, AR JUNIORS 410 Juniors M(ilissia I ' oinlinson, Fnyattcvillo, AR Carolyn T()rronc( AR lohn Trihiilak, Alma. AR Mary Triffol, flat Sprinf s, AR OcMma Triz ' a, Dulhis, TX Janan Trimble, lAHlv Rock, AR Nancy Troltor, Harrison, AR Vicki Turman. Hot Sprinf s. AR Vickie Tyson, Fayoltvvillo, AR Sammy Usher, Bontonvillc, AR I larlan Vail, Stullf art, AR Lcnvis Van Ness. FI Dorado. AR JUNIORS Joe Vandiver, St. Jon, AR Mickey Vestal. North Little Rock. AR Debbie Vollmer, Van Buren, AR Bruce Vorsanger, Fayetteville, AR Julie Wakefield, Fort Smith. AR Sheri Walker. Van Buren. AR Charles Wallace. Hot Sprinf s, AR Timothy Walsh. Fayetteville. AR Caroline Walters, Fayetteville, AR Lesa Ward, Hanover, PA Lisa Ward, Texarkana. TX Janet Washington, Jonesboro, AR Uu h Watson. El Dorado. AR Randy Webb, England, AR Bill Weber. Cherry Hill, NJ Marilyn Weindorf, North Little Rock. AR Edwina Welch. Dewitt. AR Mark Wellborn. Little Rock. AR Steven Wells, Ozark, AR Kathryn West, Fort Smith, AR Randall West, Fayetteville, AR Rebecca West. Pocahontas, AR Phyllis Whayne, Lepanto, AR Charles White, Pocahontas, AR Paula Whitford, Chicago. IL Charlie Wilborn, Helena. AR Beth Wilder. Fayetteville, AR Regina Wilks, Fayetteville, AR Mary Ann Willett. N. Little Rock. AR Beverly Willey, Clarksville, AR Bobbi Willhite, Fayetteville. AR Gayle Williams, Siloam Springs, AR Mark Williams. Little Rock, AR Nancy Williams. Jacksonville, AR Thomas Williams, Morrilton, AR Wayne Williams. Mulberry, AR Mary Williamson. Little Rock, AR Elizabeth Will man. Lonoke. AR Pamela Wilson, Texarkana. AR Mathis Wilson, Shreveport, LA Cathy Winfrey, Forrest City. AR Nina Woods, Gravette, AR Juniors 411 Jan Wren, Platte City, MO jacque Wright. Pine Bluff. AR Marjorie Wright, Calico Park, AR Mark L. Wright. Joplin. MO Susan Wynne, Fordyce, AR Yubin Yankinoff, N. Little Rock. AR Stacy Yoder. Ft. Smith, AR John York, Waldron. AR JUNIORS 412 Juniors Juniors getting ready for the final crossing junior Closing 413 Jalal Abdelkarim, Fayettcvillo. AR Rebeca Acker, Kansas City, MO Donna Adams. Little Rock, AR Michelle Adcock, Little Rock. AR Charles Akin. Blytheville, AR Gordon Akin. Blytheville. AR Jeri Alexander. Fort Smith, AR David Allen, Fort Meade, MD John Allen. Memphis, TN Karen Allen. Louisville, KY Kenneth Allen, Joplin. MO Nancy Allen, Jenks, OK Samuel Allen. Alicia, AR Frank Allison, DeQueen, AR Patricia Amason, Magnolia. AR Ann Anderson, Dallas. TX Bill Andre, Philadelphia. PA Terry Ashford, Dallas, TX SOPHOMORES Ace Ashmore, Rogers, AR Sheree Atkins. Little Rock. AR Steven Aulds, Pine Bluff, AR Rhonda Austin, Gravette, AR Ellen Babcock, Foreman. AR John Bailey. Greenwood. AR Angela Bain. Little Rock. AR Mark Bainbridge, Kansas City. MO Mark Blair, Fayetteville. AR Dwight Balch, Lavaca. AR Becky Baldridge, Btmton. AR Ben Ballenger. Fort Smith, AR Gregory Baltz, Pocahontas. AR Margaret Banks, Fort Smith. AR Ali Barband, Meshe, Iran Curtis Banes, Junction City. AR Greg Barnes. Mansfield. AR Reginald Barnes. Benton. AR William Barnes. Crossett. AR Jerry Barnett, Little Rock. AR William Barse, Geneva, IL Ramona Bates. Conway. AR Connie Batson, Springdale. AR David Battisto, N. Little Rock. AR Robert Baxter, Batesville. AR Janet Beadle. Little Rock. AR Craig B(iam. Mulberry. AR Dan Beam, Fort Smith. AR Marcia Bean, Clarksville. AR Elaine Bearden. Hot Springs. AR 414 Sophomores Cissy B(Msl()y, Bcnvilla, TX Kliso Bodwrll, Fort Smith, AR Ramon Boeder. Fnycttcvillc, AR Hollice Belk, Littlo Rock. AR Rebecca BedI, Little Rock, AR Rhonda Bell. IJttIo Rock. AR Terri BtdI. Malvern. AR Savalore Bellomo. Manville, NJ Fdsa Beneke. Win.slovv, AR Chris Bemnelt. IJttle Rock. AR Steven Bemnelt, Luxora. AR Bill Bequette. Fayetteville. AR Brenda Beth. Rof ers AR D()iij las Bethea. Pine Bluff. AR Dawn Bihler. Fayetteville, AR Jennifer Bischof. Texarkana. AR Chrysi Black. Fayetteville. AR Hollis Bla gs. El Dorado. AR SOPHOMORES Susan Blagg. Dumas, AR John Blair. Fayetteville. AR Kay Blair, Springfield, MO Daniel Bock. Forrest City. AR Timothy Bock, Park Ridge, IL Jane Bockholt. Rogers. AR Kathy Bogart. Fayetteville. AR Isaac Bollinger, Charleston, AR Deborah Bolt, Spiro. OK Jane Bond. Danbury, CT John Bonds, Little Rock. AR Steven J. Bonner. Russellville, AR Byron Bordeaux. Wilmot, AR Julie Borgognoni, Lake Village, AR Mary Bowden, Fayetteville. AR Susy Bowden, Wesley. AR Bill Bowers, Fayetteville. AR Buddy Bowman, Little Rock, AR Maryann Bradley, Taylors. SC Nancy Bradley. Forrest City. AR Jan Bratton, Sheridah, AR John Brenner. Parkin. AR Robert Brewer. Cabot. AR Sheryl Brewer. Pine Bluff AR Judy Brinkley. N. Little Rock. AR Nancy Brizendnie, Little Rock. AR Karen Brocket!. N. Little Rock, AR Beth Brockmann, Little Rock, AR Jan Brockmole, Evansville, IN Gail Brogdon. Springdale, AR Sophomores 415 Robin Brown, Little Rock, AR Carol Bryan, Rogers. AR Lisa Bryan, Springdale. AR Robert Bryant, Hot Springs, AR Susan Bryant, Nashville, AR Allen Buchanan, Texarkana. AR Robert Buddig, Palos Peak, IL Jerry Burkett, Stuttgart. AR Danny Burnett, Des Arc, AR Jerry Burns, Austin, AR Larry Burns, Austin. AR Cindy Burris, Russellville, AR Kara Bushkuhi, Fort Smith. AR Caren Cagle, Yellville. AR Mark Cahoon, Marianna, AR David Cain, Blytheville, AR Kim Callico, Fayetteville. AR Belinda Campbell, Prescott. AR SOPHOMORES Mary Campbell, Fort Smith. AR Melissa Campbell, Little Rock. AR Julia Cannon, Huntsville, AR Phyllis Cannon, Gould. AR Randy Capes, Forrest City, AR Jim Cargill. Lewisville. AR Rosemary Caristiands, Hot Springs, AR James Carpenter, Baton Rouge. LA Raynelle Carrick, Benton. AR Charlotte Carroll, Malvern. AR Jerry Carter, Little Rock. AR Paula Carter. Paris, AR Kevin Carver, Blytheville. AR Billy Case, Texarkana. TX Jon Cash. Crossett. AR Walter Cash. Pine Bluff. AR Nancy Cassady, Fort Smith. AR Judith Castor. Rogers. AR Kelley Cathey. Rison. AR Chuck Caya, West Memphis, AR Douglas Cearley. Fayetteville. AR Jerry Center. Winslow. AR Betty Chapimon, N. Little Rock. AR Emily Chapen, Alma, AR Frederick Chilcote, Little Rock. AR Ken Christian, West Helena, AR David Chu, Helena, AR Henry Chu. Joiner. AR Alan Clack, Fayetteville. AR Thomas Clark, York, NB 416 Sophomores Troy Clark, Jasper. AR Roxanne Clarke, Helena. AR Thomas Clifford, Little Rock. AR John Cloud, Little Rock. AR Hal Cochran, Little Rock. AR Charles Coffelt, Bentonville. AR Cindy Cohen, N. Little Rock. AR Kelly Coiner, Joplin. MO Evelyn Coleman, Maf nolia. AR Michael Coleman, Tulsa. OK Roger Collier, Harrison. AR Linda Collins, Sprinf dale. AR Kent Columber, Little Rock. AR Daniel Conatser, Fort Smith. AR Donna Cook, El Dorado. AR William Cook, El Dorado. AR James Cooper, Benton. AR Mark Cooper, Mountain Home. AR SOPHOMORES Rich Cosgrove, West Memphis. AR Joy Cousatte, Noel. MO Mary Cowan, Rogers. AR Joseph Cowling, Hugo. OK Eugene Cox, Scranton. AR Dan Craig, Bella Vista. AR Janet Craig, Little Rock. AR Mary Jo Craig, Dardanelle. AR Barbara Cram, Columbia. MO Nancy Cramer, Fayetteville. AR Steven Crawford, Little Rock. AR Ted Crowly, Fayetteville. AR Cynthia Culdice, Gassville. AR Thomas Cusack, Joplin. MO Melony Czarnikow, Van Buren. AR Elizabeth Daniel, Hot Springs. AR William Daniel, Montrose. AR Fred Darville, N. Little Rock. AR Nancy Davenport, Malvern. AR Alexander Davie, Little Rock. AR Brett Davis, Monticello. AR Debra Davis, Russellville. AR Johnetta Davis, Little Rock. AR Kathryn Davis, Russellville. AR Leslie Davis, Dallas. TX Michele Davis, Little Rock. AR Robert Davis, Fayetteville. AR Sara Dayringer, Rogers. AR Ramona Days, N. Little Rock. AR Terry Dean, Pea Ridge. AR Sophomores 417 James Deaton. Arkaclolphia. AR Janet Deaton, Little Rock. AR Ricl Dericl son, N. Little Rock, AR Lisa Devault. Farmington. AR John Dexter. Magnolia. AR Rickey Dickey, Pine Bluff, AR Janelle Diffin, Farmington. AR Avis Dillard. Hope. AR Vicki Dillard, Fayetteville, AR Ann Dillard, Hot Springs. AR Robert Dodson, Harrison, AR Mic heal Drennan. Charleston. AR Bruce Driver. Little Rock. AR Daniel Dubose. Camden. AR Katherine Dudley, Pocahontas, AR Beverly Duke, Paragould, AR Gerald Duncan, Elkins, AR Rebecca Dunn, Waldron. AR SOPHOMORES _J Tommy Durham. Prairie Grove. AR Charles Durland, Beaver. AR Angela Eason. Moro. AR Stephen Eason, Fayetteville. AR Jeff Easterling, Huntsville, AR Lou A. Ederington, Warren, AR John Edwards. N. Little Rock, AR Donna Edwards, Pine Bluff. AR Ronald Edwards, Jacksonville. AR Melody Egleston, Mount Ida. AR Deborah Elkins. El Paso. TX Deanna Ellington. N. Little Rock. AR Cindy Elliott, Little Rock. AR Kathi Ellis, Irving. TX Mary Elmore, Hot Springs. AR Tom Elser, Fort Smith. AR Gail Elty, West Memphis. AR Randy Endsley, N. Little Rock. AR John Engelke, Fairfield Bay. AR Susan Englehart, Fayetteville, AR Ellen English. N. Little Rock, AR Charles Engstrom, N. Little Rock, AR Brenda Erke, Fort Smith. AR Lawrence Ezell, Corning, AR Gregory Fair, West Memphis. AR Dale Fallis, Wynne, AR Alice Farmer, Green Forest, AR Joyce Farris. Rogers. AR Sheryl Ferguson. Hot Springs. AR Robert Fike, Little Rock. AR 418 Sophomores |am( s Finlon, I.nka Quivini. KS Danny Fishor, Pino Hluff, AR Julio Flotchor, Mnlvorn, AR Robt rl Flowors. Fnyvttnvillo, AR Slophanio Flovvors, CInrondon, AR Fun Fon , I lu hos, AR Molissa Fonlaino, Clnrksvillo. AR David Ford, Raytown, MO Jeff Fortune, Newport. AR Newton Foster, Harrison. AR Jolin Francisco, Ballwin. MO Randall Franklin, Collinsville. AR Scott Franks, Little Rock. AR Michael Frazier, Mena. AR Del)ra Freeman, Bartlesville. OK Barbara French, Fort Smith, AR David French, Hot Springs. AR Alberto Galindo, Araf ua, Venezuela SOPHOMORES Eduardo Gamarra, LaPaz. Bolivia Scott Gardner, McGuire AFB, NJ Gary Garner, Searcy. AR Kathy Garner, West Memphis, AR Margaret Garrison, N. Little Rock. AR Lenny Gartenberg, Hot Springs. AR Eddie Gatlin, Van Buren, AR Craig Gaylor, Little Rock, AR Doug Gearhart, Fayetteville, AR William Gelfand, Denver, CO William Gentry, Little Rock. AR Dooley George, Platte City. MO Sam Gibson, Palos Verdes. CA Lee Godley, Fayetteville, AR Elbert Godwin, El Dorado. AR Mark Goings, West Helena. AR William Gooch, Danville. AR Kathleen Good, Pine Bluff. AR Paula Goode, Fayetteville. AR Robert Goodfellow, Ft. Smith. AR Carol Goodman, Camden. AR Jan Goodson, Texarkana. AR Kathy Gore, Webster Croves. MO John Gorton, Vestal. NY Janet Goss, N. Little Rock, AR Clay Gott, Jonesboro. AR Gustave Graham, Tuckermann, AR Martin Gray, Forrest City, AR Anne Gregory, Scottsdale. AZ Sheila Griffith, Fayetteville. AR Sophomores 419 Sherri Griffiths. Bantonville, AR Clint Grimsley, Springdale, AR Kim Groff. Little Rock, AR Ronnie Guyton, Fayetteville, AR James Haaser. Barling, AR Merlin Hagan, Little Rock, AR William Hairston. Springdale, AR Lori Lee Hale. Waldron, AR Beth Hall, Tulsa, OK Donald Hall, Little Rock, AR Gene Hamilton, Foreman, AR James Hamilton. Wheaton, IL Erie Hammans, Stuttgart, AR Sandra Hammond, Fayetteville, AR Helen Hampton, Little Rock, AR Richard Hamrick. Little Rock, AR Darrell P. Hanks, West Helena, AR Mary Hanle, N. Little Rock, AR SOPHOMORES Pamela Harman, Fort Smith, AR Dan Harned, Olathe, KS Larry Harness, Siloam Springs, AR Joniece Harold, Corning, AR Keith Harper. Gentry, AR Mark Harper. Fort Smith, AR Gregg Harris, Cabot, AR Frank Hart, Little Rock, AR Debra Harvey, Fayetteville, AR Luara Hatfield, Fort Smith, AR Diana Hawes, Harrison, AR Sydney Hawley. Bentonville, AR Vicki Haynes, Ozark, AR Barbara Hays, Pine Bluff, AR Marilyn Heckel, Hot Springs, AR Dennis Hedge. Wickes, AR Sharon Heldt, Batesville, AR Rita Hemphill, N. Little Rock, AR Lisa Hempy, Alameda, CA Denise Henderson, Hot Springs, AR Pamela Henderson, England, AR Felix Hendrickson, N. Little Rock, AR Jim Henderson, New Orleans, LA Cindy Henry. N. Little Rock, AR Nancy Henry, Pine Bluff, AR William Henry, Little Rock, AR Sara Hensley. Charleston, AR Thomas Hervey, Pine Bluff, AR Billie Hess, Van Buren, AR Lynne Hester, Corning, AR 420 Sophomores Leigh Hesterly, Little Rock. AR John FLcks, DuIUis, TX Nancy Higdon. N. Little Rock. AR Phil Higdon, Hot Spriiif s. AR Crystal Higgins. Fayetteville, AR John Higgins, FI Dorado. AR Leslie Hilburn, Walnut Ridge, AR Gail Hill, Morrilton, AR Betsy Hines, Stuttgart. AR Denny Hoag, Texarkana, AR George Holaway, N. Little Rock. AR Julie Holland, Greenwood. AR Marcia Holland, Springdale, AR Linda Holley, Fort Smith, AR Janet Holman, N. Little Rock. AR Ann Holmes, Pine Bluff. AR Tracy Holmes. Little Rock, AR Amanda Honeycutt, Nashville, AR SOPHOMORES Joynny Hopkins, Cabot, AR Tracie Hopkins, Benton, AR Lisa Horne, Gurdon, AR Jane Horner, Blytheville, AR Steve Horton, Forrest City, AR Cindy Hosey, Marvell. AR Pamela House, Batesville, AR Cathy Howard. Pine Bluff, AR Harvey Howington, Lepanto, AR Robin Hubbard, Harrisburg. AR Kyle Hudson, Hot Springs, AR Patrick Hudson, El Dorado, AR Sandra Huenefeld, Heber Springs, AR Tommy Huey, Warren, AR Kimberly Huffman. Bellevue. WA Cecilia Hughes, Blytheville, AR Terri Humbard, Bentonville, AR Alta Hunnicut, Emerson. AR Charles Hunt, Keiser. AR Robert Hunter, Fayetteville. AR Shonah Hunter, Bella Vista, AR Carol Hurley, Little Rock, AR Richard Hutchins, Bryant, AR Bill Hutchison, Dallas, TX Jeanine Hutchison, Little Rock, AR Mary Hyatt. Little Rock. AR Joseph Jackson, Little Rock, AR Larry Jackson. Ft. Smith. AR Lucille Jackson, Dermott, AR David Jamell, Ft. Smith, AR Sophomores 421 Curtis Jeffries, West Helena, AR Walter Jeffus, Camden, AR Susan Jenning, Sherwood, AR Dorothea Jeske, Fayetteville, AR Joe Jewell, Little Rock, AR Mark Johns, N. Little Rock, AR Catherine Johnson, Fayetteville, AR Diane Johnson, Springdale, AR Gloria Johnson, Little Rock, AR Max Johnson, Fayetteville, AR Richard Johnson, Newport, AR Stephen Johnson, Little Rock, AR Tracy Johnson, Malvern, AR Walter Johnson, Fort Smith, AR Carrie Jones, Iowa City, lA Geogria Jones, Springdale, AR Jay Jones, Fort Smith, AR Jerry Jones, Calico Rock, AR SOPHOMORES Phil Jones, Benton, AR Robert Jordin, Little Rock, AR Robin Jowers, Fayetteville, AR Raymond Jurcik, Russellville, AR Lyle Justus, Bedford, IN David Kahanamoku, Kula Maui, HI James Kay, Wynne, AR Willie C. Keener Jr., Ogden, AR Charles Kellam, Fayetteville, AR Marie Kelly, Little Rock, AR Lauren Kennedy, Fayetteville, AR James Kincannon, N. Little Rock, AR Rodney Kilbourn, Green Forest, AR William Kimbriel, Paris, AR Carol Ann King, Hot Springs, AR Nancy King, Joplin, MO Sarah King, Fayetteville, AR Kathy Kingrey, Strong, AR Mark Kinion, Prairie Grove, AR John Kinsey, Fayetteville, AR Andy Kinslow, Russellville, AR Le Anne Kirby, Fort Smith, AR Kris Kirk, Westville, OK Donna Kirkpatrick, Little Rock, AR Maxie Kizer, Pine Bluff, AR Edwin Klugh, Little Rock, AR Karla Knight, Malvern, AR Leann Knight, Mena, AR Kenneth Kramer, Fort Smith, AR Clair Kumpe, Gravette, AR 422 Sophomores Slov(Mi Kiiykc ntlall. Littia Rock. AR Konny Kvaternik. McCchcc. AR Slovon Ladika, Barrington, IL Lisa Laird. Paragon Id. AR Calhorinc? Laloar. Pine Bluff. AR loo Lamhorl, Sinackover. AR Dana Lamhorth, Stullf art, AR lacquolino I.ana, Little Rock. AR Paul Lanior. Marianna. AR Suzanno Lantz, Boonville. MO Charlos Larrison, Little Rock, AR Laura Lalimor, Lockeshurf . AR janico L(jo. Portland. AR Mari Lee, Dallas. TX Richard Loo. Ft. Smith. AR Thomas Loflor. Columbia, SC Robin Loftwich. Dallas. TX Laura L cdiman. Camaliel, AR SOPHOMORES Curtis Lowis. Little Rock, AR Eliza both Lowis. Mena. AR Stophon Lionhart. N. Little Rock. AR Shaw Lioon. Marianna. AR William Lindsoy, Calico Rock. AR Roba Lindvall. Malvern, AR John Littlo. Rofiers, AR Pamola Loft is. Fayetteville. AR Evolyn Loopor. N. Little Rock. AR Michaol Lovo. Sprinf field. MO Harriot Lovoloss. Little Rock. AR Lisa Lovott. Fort Smith. AR Edward Lowry. McLean. VA Randall Loyd. Van Buren, AR Looann Ludlam. Hamhurp. AR Jan Lupo. Pine Bluff AR Barbara Lynch. Pine Bluff AR Patricia Lynn. W. Helena, AR Glonn Lyons. Montgomery. AR Cindy Maas. Ft. Smith, AR Bernard Mabich. Morrilton. AR William Mabroy. Little Rock. AR Torry Mabry. West Fork. AR Linda MacDonald. Fayetteville. AR Dovvoy Magar. Little Rock. AR Joanno Mailos. Seneca. MO Marc Manuol. Van Buren. AR John Marconi. Crawfordsville, AR Micholo Marks. Elaine. AR Amy Marinoni. Fayetteville. AR Sophomonis 423 Wanda Marshall. TurroII. AR Kimberly Mason. Fayetteville. AR Donna Massey. Pine Bluff, AR Kalhy Mathes, Little Rock. AR Janet Mathews. N. Little Rock. AR Sylvester Matteson. Foreman, AR Mark May, Little Rock. AR Cathy Mayerohak. Denton. TX Carlton McBryde, Gravette, AR Mike McCarter. Norman, AR Larry McCarthy, Heher Sprinf s. AR Tanya McConnell. Cabot, AR Teresa McCormack, Little Rock, AR Helen McCoy, Leachville, AR Cathy McCraw, Hot Springs. AR Wiley McDonald. Pasadena, TX Laura McElroy, Birmingham, AL Sam McGee. Alma. AR SOPHOMORES Donita McGraw, Little Rock. AR Melissa McKay, Joplin. MO Marcia McKinney, Omaha, NB Nancy McKinney. Springdale, AR Garla McKnight, Little Rock. AR Mike McMillan. Little Rock. AR Lucy McNair, Fayetteville, AR Micheal McTavish. Olathe. KS Bobby Medlin, Crossett. AR Robert Meeks, El Dorado. AR Thomas Meeks. Hot Springs, AR Vicki Melde, Texarkana. TX James Melton, Hot Springs, AR A1 Metzer, Hot Springs. AR Scott Miller. Pine Bluff. AR Roxane Millican, Blytheville, AR Kenneth Mills. West Memphis, AR Paul Mills, Hot Springs, AR Carol Mitchell, Pine Bluff, AR Karen Mitchell. Harrison, AR Dwight Mix, Fayetteville. AR Robin Mize. Benton. AR Ahmad Mohazab, Fayetteville. AR Lyle Monger, Mountain Home. AR Alex Montez, Fayetteville. AR Geogre Mooney. Benton. AR Cynthia Moore, Des Arc. AR Micheal Moore. Little Rock, AR Melissa Moore, Benton. AR Brenda Morgan, Mountain Home. AR 424 Sophomores jay Morgan. Para ould, AR Mary Morgan. Dnllas. TX Terrie Morris. Stillwutor, OK Larry Morse. Uincnstor, CA Robert Morton. Fuyvttovillc. AR lo Moseley, Cmssott. AR Suzanne Moss, McCchc( AR Charles Mott. Little Rock. AR Scott Mueller. Joplin, MO Patti Mullins, New Port. AR Scott Mundy, Fayetteville. AR Joseph Mustion, Yellville. AR Mimi Myer. El Dorado. AR Ralph Myers, McCrory. AR Williams Myers. Little Rock, AR Rodney Nance, West Memphis, AR Chester Naramore. El Dorado. AR Gary Neal. Rogers. AR SOPHOMORES Kenneth Neece, Walnut Ridge, AR Alvin Neff. Rogers. AR Stan Nelke, Fort Smith. AR Kristy Nelson. Berryville, AR Rhonda Nelson, El Dorado. AR Jackson Newsum, Little Rock, AR Cindy Newton. Harrison. AR Currin Nichol, Pine Bluff. AR Anita Nichols, Beaumont. TX Earl Nicholson. Newport. AR Nicki Nicholson, Little Rock. AR Lisa Nieburg. Little Rock, AR Donna Noble, Charleston. AR Terry Norman, El Dorado, AR Ellen North. Little Rock, AR Charles Norvell, N. Little Rock. AR Kent Noyes, Ft. Smith. AR Ikechi Nwankwo, Odoakpu, NG Sharon Orourke, Little Rock, AR Joy Ortloff, Neosho. MO Carl Osborn, Fayetteville, AR Teddy Overturff, Shirley. AR Kim Paladino, Malvern. AR Randall Palmquist, Ft. Wayne, IN Lougina Pannell, Yellville. AR Lynne Papizan, Fayetteville. AR Keith Parette, Little Rock. AR Debbie Parker. Fayetteville. AR Kathy Parker, Prairie Grove. AR Mary Parker, Atkins, AR Sophomores 425 Russ Parker. Marianna, AR Helen Pascale. Fayetteville, AR Ray Paschall, Fayetteville, AR Tina Patterson, Fort Smith, AR Wayne Patterson, Fayetteville, AR Ellen Patteson, Jonesboro, AR D(il)orah Patton, Decatur, AR Dottie Patton. Jonesboro, AR Chuck Pearce, Fayetteville, AR Jim Pender, Foreman, AR Sue Pendergraft. Flope, AR Kay Pennington, N. Little Rock, AR Andrea Penzo, Springdale, AR Georgia Perchan, Pine Bluff, AR Jan Percy, Dallas, TX Melissa Perdue, Pine Bluff, AR Lindsey Perkovich. Little Rock, AR Keith Perry. Dewitt, AR SOPHOMORES Stephanie Perry. Springdale, AR Timothy Perry, Overland Park, KS Cheryl Phillips, England, AR Mitchell Phillips, Wheaton, IL Tammie Phillips, Ballwin, MO Teresa Pierce, Fort Smith, AR Timothy Pinkston, Tulsa, OK Brian Poole, Springdale, AR Janie Poole, Springdale, AR Billy Porter, Jacksonville, AR Rex Porter, Harrison, AR Chris Post, Fort Smith, AR Moosa Pourali, Gorgan, Iran Karen Powell. Mena, AR Mary Powell, Springfield, MO Angela Pratt, Eudora, AR Susan Price, Smackover, AR Vicki Price, Fort Smith, AR Arthur Pruitt, Little Rock, AR Elizabeth Puddephatt, Pine Bluff, AR Tom Pugh, Portland, AR Chris Qualls, El Dorado, AR Fadelle Quattlebaum, Pine Bluff, AR Janice Radke, Olat he, KS Judy Rand, Dolph, AR Kimberly Randle, Fayetteville, AR Vicki Ratcliff, Jacksonville, AR Cathy Reed, Cane Hill, AR Matthew Reed, Austin, AR Pamela Reich, Little Rock, AR 426 Sophomores v- Roiula Roinold. Fayctlrvilh, AR D(d)hio Riodo. N. Liltlo Rock. AR Elton Riovos, W. Memphis, AR Rickey Rife, Scott AFB. IL Kathleen Rij «s. Fine Bluff. AR lanet Riley, Mountuin Homo. AR Simmie Ripley, Cros.Hott. AR janet Robhins, Sonrey. AR Emily Roberts, Mona. AR Gilbert Roberts, Furminf ton, AR Paula Roberts, Mt. Ida. AR Anj ela Robinette, Jonesboro. AR Samuel Robinson, Little Rock. AR Charles Roj»ers, Shreveport. LA Janet Roj»ers, Rof ers. AR Kenneth Roj ers, Eurekn Sprinf s. AR Margaret Rogers, Little Rock. AR Mark Rogers, N. Little Rock. AR SOPHOMORES William Rogers, Hope. AR Curt Rom, Fayetteville. AR Mark Rom, Fayetteville. AR Debbie Romontio, Jacksonville. AR James Root, Greene. NY Charles Roscopf, Helena. AR Rel Ross, Booneville. AR Karen Rosso, Fayetteville. AR Karen Rowland, Fulton. AR Kathy Rowland, Mountain Home, AR Bonnie Roy, Hope, AR Michael Rush. Prairie Grove, AR Robert Russell. Bentonville. AR Timothy Ryan, Walnut Ridge, AR Melinda Sain. McGehee. AR Sherri Sample, W. Memphis, AR Hector Sanchez, Pine Bluff, AR Sandra Sanders, Alma. AR Jamie Sandlin. Oklahoma City, OK Gregory Satterfield. Brinkley, AR Ann Saviers, Ft. Smith, AR John Scales. Van Buren, AR Michael Schafer, Little Rock, AR Kim Schmidt, Fayetteville, AR Ried Schultz. Ft. Smith. AR Tom Schultz, Fayetteville. AR Cliff Scogin, Little Rock. AR Richard Scott, N. Little Rock, AR Roslyn Scott, Holly Grove. AR Joe Searcy, Cherry Valley. AR Sophomores 427 Cindy J. Seaton, Overland Park, KS Brian Seba, Hot Springs, AR Richard Seibold, Texarkana, TX Kevin Sellers. Tulsa, OK Lorraine A. Sessions, Tulsa, OK Bill Shafer, Nevada, MO De Shaffer, Dallas, TX Lisa Shauer, Midway, AR Jennifer K. Shaw, Ft. Smith, AR Gregory Sheard, Brinkley, AR Abbas Shirazi, Iran Mary Shirley. N. Little Rock, AR Norman Shively. Knoxville, TN Stephen Siceloff. Springfield, MO Suzanne Siebenmorgen. Fayetteville, AR Terry Siebenmorgen. Scranton, AR Nanette E. Simmons. Ft. Smith, AR Pat Simmons. W. Helena, AR SOPHOMORES Cindy Simms, Benton, AR Sue Sink, Hamburg, AR Rebecca Sinyard, Hope, AR Micki Skaggs, Rogers, AR Robert Skinner, Ft. Smith, AR Caron Smets, Ft. Smith, AR Beverly Smith, Pine Bluff. AR Cassandra Smith, Little Rock, AR Cindy Smith, Fayetteville, AR Diane Smith. Ft. Smith. AR Don Smith, McGehee, AR Ed Smith. Pine Bluff. AR Greer Smith. Daingerfield, TX James Smith. Pine Bluff AR Jill Smith, Little Rock, AR Michael Smith. Jacksonville, AR Neal Smith. N. Little Rock, AR Virginia Smith, Fayetteville, AR Jim Solomon, Arkadelphia, AR James B. Sokora, Stuttgart, AR Robert Sparkman. Van Buren, AR Robert Stafford, Pine Bluff AR Tammy Staggs, Prairie Grove, AR Scott Stanberry, Fayetteville. AR Carla Stark, Heher Springs. AR Arthur Stein, Proctor. AR Milton Stephens, Stuttgart, AR Steven Stephenson, Lawton, OK Charles Stewart, Fayetteville, AR Debora Stewart, Prescott. AR 428 Sophomores Kiilhy Sl( warl. Tulsn, OK Randy Stovvart. LawisvUIt}. AR Suzy Stone. Stuttf nrt. AR Laura Stovall. Corninf . AR Karl Strickland. IJttIa Rock, AR Randy Strickland. Rlythvvillv, AR Judith Stroopc. N. IJtllc Rock. AR Pam Studyvin, Gruvcttc, AR Mary Suj’h. Rnycltovillc, AR Robert Summerford. Monticclln. AR Phillip Summers. Oznrk. AR D(iborah Swab. Prescott. AR Linda Swacina. Spriiif clnlc. AR Albert Swaiy, Jonesboro. AR B(K:ky Swerij (m. Brinkley. AR Courtney Swindler. Little Rock. AR Terry Sykes. Hot Sprin .s. AR Phil Tacker. Conwny. AR SOPHOMORES Susan Talley. Fayetteville. AR Betsy Tapley. Dallas. TX Carmen Tate. Farmington. AR Scott Tatman. Arkadelphia. AR Chula Taylor. Fayetteville. AR John Taylor. England. AR Karen Taylor. Fayetteville, AR Kathy Taylor. Batesville. AR Rick Taylor, Fayetteville. AR JaneTebo, Tulsa, OK Frank Teed. Little Rock. AR Vince Terril, Coffeyville. KS Druann Terry, Hot Sprinf s. AR Patti Terry. Fayetteville. AR Scott Terry, Van Buren. AR Anthony Theriault. Waxahachie, TX Becky Thiel, Rof ers, AR Christy Thompson. Pine Bluff. AR Damon Thompson. Saratoga. AR Patti Tiffin. Dallas. TX Diane Todd, Tulsa, OK David Toft, Aurora, MO Paula Toler. Newport. AR Barbara Tollett, Nashville. AR Richard Torrence. Jr.. Little Rock. AR Steven Traylor, Ft. Smith. AR Larry Troillett, Little Rock. AR Steven Trusty. Paris. AR GrejJory Tucker, Ozark. AR James Tucker. Hot Sprinf s. AR Soi)hom()r( s 429 lennifor Tucker, Hoi Springs. AR jo Tucker. Wnldron, AR Robert Turley, Pine Bluff. AR Debbie Turner. Ft. Smith. AR Gene Vanderborn, Fayetteville. AR Kathy Vanzant, Lowell. AR Charles Vest. Little Rock. AR john Vincent. McGehee. AR Poter Wafler. Blytheville. AR Debra Wald. Paris. AR Valencia Walker. Little Rock. AR Carol Wallace. Van Buren. AR Kimball Ward. Oklahoma City. OK Vicki Ward. Hanover. PA leffrey Warrcm. Rogers. AR joe Washington. McGehee. AR Lisa Watkins. Warren. AR Micheal Watson. Mabelvale, AR SOPHOMORES 1 J Jeffrey Watson. Dallas. TX james Wayne, N. Little Rock. AR Dusty Weauer. Ft. Smith. AR Diane Weaver. Springdale. AR Mary Webb, Little Rock. AR Laura Webster. Helena. AR Joel Welch. New ' port. AR Kimberly Welch. New ' port. AR Sarah Westbrook. Blytheville. AR James Whillock. Springdale, AR Barbara White. Blytheville. AR Brennan White, Little Rock. AR Micheal White. Camden. AR Robert White, El Dorado. AR Thomas White, Mena. AR Joe Whittington. Mount Ida. AR Douglas Wilcox. Malvern. AR Cleotis Wilder, Wilmot. AR Dana Wilkerson, West Memphis. AR Howard Wilkins. Pine Bluff. AR Catherine Williams, Fayetteville. AR Karin Williams, Jonesboro. AR Elizabeth Williams, Hot Springs. AR Howard Williams. Malvern. AR Linda Williams. Little Rock. AR Milton Williams. Cabot. AR Roger Williams, Fayetteville. AR Steve Williams. Lincoln. AR Susan Williams. McGehee. AR Thomas Williams. Hope. AR 430 Sophomores Torri Wills. Fiiycttnvilla. AR Bruce Wilson. Hobbs. NM DcMiuer Wilson. Fnyvttcvillc. AR James Wilson. Stuttf nrt. AR Judy Wilson. Soarcy, AR Royce Wilson. Rison. AR Nila Winchell. N. Littio Rock. AR Julia Winchester. Sherwood. AR Joy Wineland. Pani ould. AR Judy Wolfe. Fayettevilia, AR Barbara Womack. Little Rock. AR Becky Womack. Little Rock. AR Jams Womack. Stephens. AR Linny Wood. Dallas. TX Tanya Wood. Texarkana. AR David Woods. Carlisle. AR Lisa Woods. Tulsa. OK Cheryl Woodward. Richardson. TX SOPHOMORES Cheryl Wright, Jersey. AR Debra Wright. N. Little Rock. AR Douglas Wright. Camden. AR Luann Wulz. N. Little Rock. AR Alan Wyatt. Jonesboro. AR Camille Yancey. Marvell. AR Sandy Yates, Fayetteville. AR Janet Yauch, Batesville. AR Sally Young, Van Buren. AR Deborah Young, Texarkana. AR Gregory Young, Carlisle. AR David Young, Carlisle. AR Mary Young, Tulsa. OK Sophomores 431 Deborah Adam, Fayetteville, AR loe Adams, Hazen, AR Deborah Adcock, Ft. Smith, AR Cathy Agan, Texarkana, AR Joseph Agu. Enugu, Nigeria Neal Ainley, Paragould, AR Ronald Albritton, Hope, AR James Alexander, Atkins, AR Cythyia Allen, Yellville, AR Patrick Allen, Fort Mede, AR Steve Allen, Reydel. AR Doug Anderson, Springfield, MO FRESHMEN Janice Anderson, Little Rock, AR Nan Andrews, Marianna, AR Jonathan Annable, Wilson, AR Laura Arbuckle, Barling, AR Walter Arce, Santa Cruz, Bolivia Brian Arens, Mountain Home, AR Judy Arey, Dallas, TX James Armour, Springfield, MO Margaret Armstrong, Yellville, AR Tony Arnold, Texarkana, TX Robert Asher, Rogers, AR Lance Ashmore, Rogers, AR Bruce Aston, Little Rock, AR Drew Athetis, Hot Springs, AR Jacki Audrain, Fayetteville, AR Timothy Baber, Hot Springs, AR Sandra Backstrom, Valparaiso, IN Cinthia Bagg, Wilmette, IL Clay Bailey, Ferndale, AR Bill Bailey, Springdale, AR John Bailey, Little Rock, AR Barry Baker, Searcy, AR Jon Baker, Stuttgart, AR Margaret Baker, Glenwood, AR Robert Baker, Mountain Home, AR Thomas Baltz, Pocahontas, AR Keith Banks, Fayetteville, AR Shelia Barbee, Fayetteville, AR Rebecca Barclay, Little Rock, AR Steve Bardwell, Stuttgart, AR Jimmie Barham, Earle, AR Daniel Barnes, Mountain Home, AR Brett Barnett, Little Rock, AR Teresa Bartlett, Altus, AR Karen Bartley, Little Rock, AR Leslie Barham, N. Little Rock, AR Toni Bassett, Lake Ozark, MO Janet Bates, Hot Springs, AR Elizabeth Battle, Little Rock, AR Karen Battley, Little Rock, AR Audwin Beal, West Helena, AR Barbie Beard, Little Rock, AR 432 Freshmen Lynn Board. Pine Bluff. AR Patricia J. Boardon, Hot Sprinf s. AR Linda Boavor. Funnersville, TX Janot B M:k. Richardson, TX Harold Beckwith. Pine Bluff AR Linda Bedford. Little Rock, AR Brent M. Bell. Batesville, AR Jeri Bell. Mineral Sprin is, AR Mike B(dl. Harri,son, AR Len Bellinj’rath. Little Rock. AR William Benson. El Dorado, AR janet Besadesky. Dallas. TX FRESHMEN James Best. Garland. TX Jerry Betnar. Heher Springs. AR Janet Biermann. Little Rock. AR Jeannie Billington. Little Rock. AR Karen Black. Pine Bluff AR Melanie Blankenship, W. Memphis, AR David Blindman. Jonesboro. AR Eric Blumenthal. Gravette, AR Cindy Bogard. Stuttgart. AR Mark Bogard. Alexander. AR Gregory Bonds. Fayetteville, AR Douglas Bonner. El Dorado. AR Stella Boustany. Lafayette. AR Greg Bowers. Paragould, AR Kevin Bowman. N. Little Rock. AR Lee Bowman II. W. Memphis. AR Lawrence Box. Rogers. AR Edward Boyce, Newport. AR Lisa Boyce, Eurle, AR Eugene Boyd. Jacksonville. AR Leigh Boyd. Berryville, AR Nolan Boyd. Dallas. TX Karen Boyles, Little Rock. AR Roger Bransford, Lonoke, AR Jeffery Breeding, Oklahoma City. OK Ralph Buckley. Fayetteville. AR Pete Buford. Marianna, AR Barry Bunch. Blytheville, AR Bob Burckart, Bentonville, AR Mendy Burkett. Little Rock, AR Shelia Burns. Cave City. AR Mark Burt. Crossett, AR Patti Burton. Ft. Smith. AR Melissa Busby. Monticello. AR William Busby. Monticello. AR Suzanne Bushkuhl. Ft. Smith. AR Carra Bussa. Little Rock. AR Lee Ann Butler. Ozark. AR Lisa Bracy. Little Rock. AR William Bradberry. Winslow. AR Pamela Brainerd. Bull Shoals. AR Rusty Brainerd. Bull Shoals, AR Freshmen 4:L ' 1 Philip Brandon, Springdale. AR Linda Brannon, Jacksonville. AR Roj’or Brooding, Palestine, AR Carol Bronnocko, Little Rock, AR Laurio Brevvor, Charleston. AR Torri Brockinton, North Little Rock. AR Deborah Brooks, Cabot, AR Robert Brooks, Elizabeth City, NC Susan Brooks, San Antonio. TX Torri Broom, Texarkana. AR Elizabeth Browers, Ann Arbor, MI Bruce Brown, Monticello, AR Gordon Brown, Hot Springs, AR Jill Brown, Fort Smith, AR Kent Brown, Lawton. OK Kim Brown, Ashdown, AR Patti Brown, Augusta, AR William Brown, Alexander, AR Jeffrey Browne, Little Rock, AR Karen Bruton, Little Rock. AR Patricia Bryan, Fayetteville, AR Harry Bryant, West Helena, AR Peggy Cagle, Yellville, AR Edward Calcote, Hot Springs, AR Cindy Camp, Piggott, AR Ricky Camp, Lincoln, AR Gregory Campbell, Little Rock. AR Ossie Campbell, Forrest City. AR Paula Campbell, Mena, AR Lori Cannon, Broken Arrow, OK Nedra Cannon, Heber Springs, AR Larry Cantrell, Pine Bluff, AR Thor Capehart, Holland. MO Lisa Caperton, Fort Smith. AR Cindy Cargill, Lewisville. AR Robin Carlin, Anderson, MO Monty Carlow, Marianna, AR Cynthia Carpenter, Lepanto, AR Linda Carr, Tulsa, OK Pat Carrigan, Hot Springs, AR Timothy Carrithers, El Dorado. AR Candi Carroll, Lamar, MO Christiana Carroll, Houston, TX Patricia Carson, Pine Bluff, AR Connie Carter, West Helena, AR James Carter, DeWitt, AR Susan Carter, Vinita, OK William Cartwright, North Little Rock, AR Caroline Carvill, Little Rock, AR Tanya Casey, Marianna. AR Laura Cassaday, Little Rock. AR Tony Cassady, Nashville. AR Rhonda Cates, Fort Smith, AR Jerry Caudle, Harrison. AR 434 Freshmen Torosa Caudle. Ihirrison, AR Stephen Chaffin, Lit lie Rock. AR Kathy Chambers. Dnnvilla. AR Micheal Chambers. Monticallo. AR Jo Ellen Chambliss, Pina Bluff, AR James Chandler. Pina Bluff, AR John Chandler, N. Littia Rock. AR Thomas Chandler, Pina Bluff. AR Frank Chapley, Frnnkly, NH Stephen Cheatwood. Pine Bluff AR Jo Chc rski, Danver, CO Cathy Childers. Harrison, AR FRESHMEN Johnny Chism. Ward. AR Susan Chism, Fayetteville, AR Frank Chisholm. Ft. Smith, AR Robert Chrisman, Ozark. AR Dominic Chrisos, Hot Springs, AR Herbert Christensen, GarfiM, AR Donald Christian. Little Rock. AR Sandra Christopher. Ashdown. AR Barry Chu, Joiner. AR Micheal Chruch, N. Little Rock, AR Jackie Clark, Rogers, AR Kenneth Clark, N. Little Rock. AR Cheryl Clinehens, Fayetteville. AR Billy Clinton, Calico Rock, AR Brooks Clower, Fayetteville, AR Teresa Cluck, Summers, AR Dioa Coakley. Hot Springs, AR Micheal Cobb, Hope, AR Suzanne Cole. Fayetteville, AR Brigette Coleman, Little Rock, AR Rosemary Coleman. Forrest City, AR Lloyd Collins, Little Rock, AR Andy Combs. Tuckerman, AR Darla Cook, Pine Bluff AR Mark Cook. Little Rock, AR Barbara Cooksey, Magazine. AR Debbie Cooley, Dallas. TX Carol Cooper, Malvern, AR Deborah Cooper, Emerson, AR Patricia Cooper, Little Rock, AR Scott Cooper, Little Rock, AR Lloyd Cossey, Sergeant Bluff lA Becky Council, Charleston. AR Randall Covington, N. Little Rock. AR Thomas Cown, Ft. Smith, AR Loy Coxsey, Alpena. AR Stephen Craig, N. Little Rock. AR Thomas Cramer. El Paso, TX Dennis Cranford, Monticello, AR Tom Crites. Burleson. TX Jeanette Crock, Cave City. AR John Crockett, Little Rock. AR Freshmen 435 Carla Crosby. Stuttf urt. AR Jan Pino Bluff. AR Diane Crouse, Hnrrison. AR Steven Cruce, Fayotiovillo, AR Rebecca Cubitt, Pryor, OK David Culp. Pino Bluff, AR Joseph Cummings, N. Little Rock. AR William Cunningham, Jonesboro. AR Cheryl Curry, N. Little Rock. AR Michael Curtis, Little Rock. AR Mark Cyrus. Ashdown. AR Thomas Curtner. Newport. AR FRESHMEN Gary Dabbs. Fayetteville, AR Laurie Daley. Little Rock, AR Dana Daniel. Ft. Smith. AR Julie Daniel, Dumas. AR Lathaire Dansby, Texarkana. AR Liz Darelius. Dallas, TX Shirin Dastghieb, Sheraz, Iran Susan Davidson. Monell, AR Donnie Davis, Stuttgart. AR Susan Davis, Fayetteville. AR Suzie Davis, Arlington. TX Margaret Davison, Little Rock. AR Edwin Day. Little Rock. AR Kathy Deatherage, Mountain Home. AR Susan De Clerk. Pocahontas. AR Chris Deen, Blytheville, AR Sheryl Denard, Decatur. AR Mary Denton. Newport, AR Donna Denzer, West Fork. AR Ricky Deramus. Mena. AR Lisa Detwiler. Dallas. TX Deann Dickerson, Clarksville. AR Norma Dickerson, Fayetteville. AR Mike Dietzen. Fayetteville. AR Jan Dillard, Hope. AR Deborah Dillon. Little Rock. AR David Dinwiddle, Ft. Smith, AR James Ditzig, Benton. AR Dennis Dodd, Garfield. AR Jan Dodd, Batesville. AR Nancy Dodson. Fayetteville, AR Charles Dorchester, Little Rock, AR West Doss, Beebe. AR Steve Douglas, Fayetteville, AR Shell Downen, Dumas. AR Joseph Doyle, El Dorado. AR Mardean Dubbs, Ft. Smith, AR Ricky Duke, Brinkley. AR Steven Dwiggins. Stuttgart. AR Lewis Eady. Marvell. AR Beth Eakin, Dallas. TX Carla Eason. Lepanta. AR 436 Freshmen Curtis East, Hope, AR Walter Ebel, Hot Springs, AR Cathy Edens. Fort Worth, TX Rich Edle, Fort Smith, AR Greg Edmundson. Bolla VLstti, AR Ann Edwards, N. Little Rock. AR Davis Edwards, Dtircianelle. AR Barbara Ellingson, Omaha. NB Anita Elliott, Little Rock. AR Ann Elliott. Tulsa, OK Kelly Ann Elliott. Olathe. KS Marjorie Elliott. Tulsa, OK FRESHMEN Deborah Ellis. Little Rock. AR Kay Elmore, Carlisle, AR Scott Emerson, Jonesboro, AR Linda Endres, Garfield. AR John English. Prairie Grove, AR Norma English, Dallas, TX John Ercolano, Alexandria, VA Tim Erstine, Stuttgart. AR Bob Ervin, Charleston, AR Hugh Erwin. Stuttgart. AR James Eusepp, Altheimer, AR Mura Evans, Cone Hill. AR Sondra Evans, N. Little Rock, AR Terrence Evans, Ozark, AR Elizabeth Fairbank, Germany Stephen Faubel, Little Rock. AR Marty Faulkner, Helena. AR Susan Faulkner, Little Rock, AR Richard Featherston, Murfreesboro. AR Sam Featherston, Rison, AR Terry Felts, Hazen, AR Jeannette Ferguson. Camden. AR Susan Ferguson, Dumas, AR Lane Fernald, El Dorado, AR Brian Findley, N. Little Rock. AR Jerry Finocchiaro, Omaha, NB James Fish. Dewitt, AR Sarah Fisher, Hot Springs, AR William Ford, Crossett, AR Thomas Fort. Wilmington, DE Leonard Foster, Morrilton, AR Eugenia Fotioo, Hot Springs, AR Deborah Fowler, Morrilton. AR Pamela Fowler, Tuckerman, AR Tammie Frachiseur, Grannis, AR Dee Franklin. Leavenworth, KS Daniel Franks. Michigan City. IN Pierre Friedrichs, Covington. LA Julie Frisby, El Dorado. AR Max Frydman, Bolivia William Frye. Fort Smith. AR Steve Fulenwider. Hot Springs, AR Freshmen 437 Janice Fuller. Fayetteville, AR Karen Fuller, Manhattan, KS Kathryn Gaines. North Little Rock, AR Phil Cardial, Pine Bluff, AR Annette Garrett. El Dorado, AR Tammie Garrett. Fayetteville, AR Victor Gelsen, Bentonville, AR Roy Gentry III. Warner Robins, GA Tena Gentry. Smackover, AR Cindy George, Berryville, AR Richard Gerety, Hazen, AR Catherine Gessler, Flot Springs, AR FRESHMEN 0 Douglas Gibson, Marianna, AR Melissa Gibson, Jackson. MS Barry Gilbow, Fayetteville. AR Michelle Gill, Da as. TX Mary Gillespie. Ft. Smith, AR Glenn Gish, Sapulpa. OK Leslie Gladfelter, Tulsa. OK Carolyn Glasper, McNeil, AR Ferrell Goins, Sclofield Bks, HI Becky Goodwin, El Dorado, AR Wanda Gore, DeQueen, AR Janet Gorrell, Tulsa, OK David Grace. Clarksville, AR Melanie Grace, Mena, AR John Graddy, Stuttgart. AR Sharon Graham, Blytheville, AR Phillip Granderson, Pine Bluff. AR Luanne Graue, Springdale, AR Amy Gray, Little Rock, AR Dianne Gray, Ft. Smith. AR Gregory Gray, Little Rock, AR Karen Grayson, N. Little Rock, AR Cynthia Greene, Little Rock, AR David Greenway, Paragould, AR Greg Greeson, Mt. Ida, AR Renee Griffin, Hot Springs, AR Larry Griggs, Mountain Home, AR Sherri Grim, Berryville, AR William Grimes, Star City, AR Lawrence Grubb. Hamburg, AR Roselyn Grubbs, Monticello, AR Kalman Gruberg, Bolivia Kyle Guinn, Ft. Smith. AR Kathrum Gunter, Hope. AR Cindy Gwaltney, Las Cruces. NM Vicki Hackler, Tulsa. OK Charles Hadfield, Little Rock. AR Susan Hafenstein, Centerton, AR Lila Hagemann. Berryville. AR Cindy Haley. N. Little Rock. AR Michael Haley, Piggott. AR Danny Hall, N. Little Rock. AR 438 Freshmen Darron Hall, Alaxnndriu, VA Suzanne I fall. Little Rock. AR Tt rri Hall. Pino Bluff, AR Gl(Min Halsload. Little Rock, AR loe Haller, DeQueen. AR Cheryl 1 lamlin, Malvern, AR Ivan Hampton. N. Little Rock. AR Robert Hanna. Luxora, AR Wade Hannah, Marked Tree. AR Manuel Hardaway, Heth, AR Lori Harman, Kansas City. KS Dionne Harold, Brinkley. AR FRESHMEN Robert Harper. Star City. AR Rebecca Harrinj’ton, El Paso. TX Cheryl Harris. Clarksville, AR Deborah Harris. Brickeys, AR Doris Harris. Siloam Springs. AR lamie Harris. Pine Bluff, AR Pat Harris, Clarksville. AR James Harrison, McCrory, AR James Harrison. Dallas, TX Tedford Harrod, Dallas, TX John Harshman, Blytheville, AR Dianne Hart. Crossett, AR Jennifer Hart, Walnut Ridge. AR Susan Hartz, Stuttgart. AR Janice Hartzler, Little Rock, AR Michele Harvey, Beebe. AR Sheri Harvey, Mena, AR Catherine Hasl ell, Winnetka. IL Dawn Haskin, Paris, AR Cathy Hastings. Little Rock. AR Nancy Haugen, Hobbs, NM Rayanne Hawkins, Hot Springs. AR Gregory Hayden. Melbourne. AR Robby Haynes, Hot Springs, AR Ann Hays, Little Rock. AR Barbara Haywood, Pine Bluff. AR Danny Healy, Paragould. AR Terry Hedden, Batesville. AR Ulysses Hegler. Warren, AR Michael Heiman, Little Rock. AR Allen Henderson, Bonnerdale. AR Samuel Hendricks, Little Rock, AR Terry Hendrickson, Conway, AR Kevin Henn, Elizabeth. NJ Carla Henry, N. Little Rock, AR Glenda Henry, Vanndale, AR James Henry. Greenwood, AR Paula Henry. Pine Bluff, AR Paul Henson, Fort Smith, AR Jolyn Herndon, Hope. AR Judith Herrin, Hot Springs, AR Barbara Herrington, Little Rock, AR Freshmen 4,39 Mary Kay Hestir, Blytheville, AR Martha Hickerson, North Little Rock, AR Gwen Hickman, Pea Ridge, AR Michael Hicks, Dallas, TX Mitchell Hicks, Eudora, AR David Higman, Pine Bluff, AR Cynthia Hill, Dumas, AR Gloria Hill, Morriiton, AR Natalie Hill, Little Rock, AR Russell Hill, Pine Bluff, AR Nanci Hinds, Fort Smith, AR Gail Hines, North Little Rock, AR FRESHMEN Alan Hirsch, Marvell, AR Connie Hirscheider, Little Rock, AR William Hocott, Greenwood, AR Mark Hoenig, Naperville, IL Eric Holden, El Dorado, AR Melissa Holland, Benton, AR Elizabeth Hollimon, Fort Smith, AR Bill Hollingsworth, Pine Bluff, AR Byron Holmes, North Little Rock, AR Jay Holmes. Fortnee, AR Todd Holt, Fairfax, VA Patrick Honeycutt, Nashville, AR Randy Honeycutt, Harrison, AR Lisa Horne, Enid, OK Clayton Houston, Fayetteville, AR Gina Houston, Rison, AR Gay Hout, Camden, AR Sandy Howe, Lincoln, AR Cynthia Howell, Little Rock, AR Sheila Hewlett, Overland Park, KS Robert Hudgens, Little Rock, AR Imogene Hudson, Bentonville, AR Robert Hudson, Pine Bluff, AR Elizabeth Huff, McCrory, AR Paula Hughes, Blytheville, AR William Hughes, Batesville, AR Philip Humbard, Bentonville, AR Deva Hupaylo, Glencoe, AR Howard Hurst. Little Rock, AR Jo Claire Hutchison, Morriiton, AR Philip Huynh, Van Buren, AR Emeka Ifeanacho, Enugu, Nigeria Bobby Inman, Carlisle, AR Mariko Inoue, Japan Michael Irby, Mountain Home, AR Hugh Jacks, Marianna, AR Harmon Jackson, Shreveport, AR James Jackson, Springfield, MO Jodi Jackson, Jonesboro, AR Lonnie Jackson, Eureka Springs, AR Betsy Jaicks, Blytheville, AR Clifford Jacobs, DeWitt, AR 440 Freshmen ; Alan jamison. Lonoke. AR Jana Janzon, Fnyettoville, AR Karon Jarvis, Bella Vista. AR MicJioal Jaynos, Searcy. AR Ro or Jt ffors, Ozark. AR KonnotJi Joffory, Huntsville. AR Cecily Jenkins. Ft. Smith. AR lAicincla Jesson, Ft. Smith. AR Keith Jewell, Little Rock. AR Linda Jihjs, Russellville. AR Amanda Johnson. Phoenix. AZ Helen Johnson. Lewisville. AR FRESHMEN Howard Johnson. Hot Springs. AR Julian Johnson. Holly Grove, AR Karla Johnson. Pine Bluff. AR Linda M. Johnson. Harrison. AR Ronald Johnson. West Memphis. AR Van John.son, Athens. Greece Donald Johnston. Pocahontas. AR Joan Johnston. Little Rock. AR Tony Johnston. Houston. TX Steve Joiner, Little Rock. AR Susie Joiner. Dallas, TX Debra Jones, Murfreesboro. AR Jill Jones. Tulsa. OK Karen Jones, Fayetteville. AR William Jones. Fayetteville. AR John Jordon, Houston. TX Melvin Jumper, Tulsa. OK Sandy Kane, Little Rock. AR Kevin Kauffman, Stuttgart. AR Kay Kearney, Oklahoma City. OK Harry Keck. Hot Springs. AR Brenda Kelly, Jacksonville. AR Cecil Kellum. El Dorado. AR Alvin Kelly, Hazen. AR Dean Kelly. El Dorado. AR Mylynda Kendrick. Rogers. AR Amelia Kennan, Rogers. AR Steven Kenney, Hot Springs. AR Tami Kenward. Jonesboro. AR Tommy Kerr, BatesviUe. AR Chris Kerson, Dallas. TX Sarah Killebrew. N. Little Rock. AR Virginia Kimbrell, Corning. AR Anita Kimbrouj’h, Springdale. AR Judith Kin . N. Little Rock. AR Julia King, Clarksville. AR Tommy Kinnaird. Hamburg. AR Cheryl Kinney. Ozark. AR Carol Kirby. Fort Worth. TX Paul Kirek. Akron. OH William Kitchens. West Memphis. AR Karen Knighten. Morrilton. AR Fresh num 441 Kelly Koenig, Pine Bluff. AR Terri Kohles, Springdale. AR Robert Kreul, Nashville. AR Phillip Kropp, Fort Smith. AR Louis Lachowsky, Altus. AR Robert Laird, Stuttgart. AR Polly Lambert, Smackover. AR Robert Lambert, Newport. AR Nancy Lamoreux, Fort Smith. AR Steve Lancaster, Little Rock. AR Cynthia Landers, Little Rock. AR Jerry Landers, Bentonville. AR FRESHMEN Tim Landers, Van Buren. AR Marshall Laney, Forrest City. AR Robert Langford, Gentry. AR Patrick Larsen, Benton. AR Connie Larson, Las Vegas, NV Brenda Lasater, Pea Ridge. AR Lisa Lashley, Fayetteville, AR Carl Lawrence, Norman. AR Shaun Lawrence. Warren. AR Bobby Lawson, Pine Bluff. AR Michael Lax, Hot Springs, AR James Lee, Ozark. AR Lori Lee, Fort Smith. AR Timmy Lee, Swifton. AR Shari Leech, Benton. AR Rory Leelman, Crossed. AR Curlie Legette, Madison. AR Anna Leichner, Fayetteville. AR Theresa Leis, Rogers, AR Billy Levere, Evanston, IL Kathy Lewis, Mountain Home, AR Joyce Lichti, Huntsville. AR Louis Light, Little Rock, AR Robert Linch, Harrison, AR Barbara Linville, Leawood. KS Jan Littleton, Little Rock, AR Suzanne Litton, North Little Rock, AR David Loden, Little Rock, AR Larry Loewer, Brinkley, AR Grady Lofton, Buffalo. NY Amy Logan, Olathe. KS John Logan, Shelbyville. KY George Long, Pine Bluff. AR Lizabeth Lookadoo, Arkadelphia. AR Dennia Looney, Camden. AR Lori Lorince, Stuttgart, AR Michelle Loudermilk, Greenwood, AR Becky Loyd, Pine Bluff, AR David Lum, Blytheville, AR Don Lunney, Rogers, AR Roi Luplow, Nashville, TN Charles Lutes, Blytheville. AR 442 Freshmen Jorry Lynn. Fordyco, AR Robin Lyon. N. Little Rock, AR Bruco Macko. Iona, CA F cjI Maj rudor. West Memphis, AR Pam Mahaffoy. Little Rock, AR Goorj e Malczycki. Little Rock, AR Mary Malone. Mena, AR Lois Maloney. Lincoln, AR Crystal Mann. Brinkley, AR Michael Mann. Brinkley, AR Denise Maples. Batesville, AR Mary Margrace, Little Rock, AR FRESHMEN Wilks Marshall. Wynne, AR Reggie Marshall. Sheridan, AR Beth Martin. Fayetteville, AR John Martin. Mena, AR Tamra Martin. Pine Bluff, AR Francie Mathes, Little Rock, AR Michael Mathisen, Fort Worth, TX Robert Matthews. Santa Clara, CA Michael Maulden. Little Rock, AR Patricia May, Harrison, AR Richard May. Hope, AR Teresa Mayes, APC, NY Debra Mayfield, Springdale, AR David Mayo, Springfield. MO Carol McAlister, Granite City, IL Jacqueline McBeth, Camden, AR Hugh McBride, Gravette, AR Melanie McClure, Little Rock, AR Jeffrey McCollum, Stuttgart, AR Randy McComb, Piggot, AR Susan McCoullum, Newport, AR Shela McCown, Little Rock, AR John McCoy. Sheridan, AR Melanie McCoy, Dallas, TX Richard McCuistion, El Dorado, AR John McCutcheon, Fayetteville, AR Pamela McCutcheon, Waldron, AR Rhonda McDaniel. Madison, AR James McDonald. Searcy, AR Lori McCaugh, El Dorado, AR Bobby McCaughey. McCehee, AR Stephen McGinnis. Fayetteville, AR Susanne McGinnis. Marianna, AR Nancy McGuffey, Batesville, AR Rodney McGuire, Forrest City, AR Mike McKee, Malvern, AR Laura McKinnon. Fayetteville, AR Marcia Mckinstry, Little Rock, AR James McLarry. El Dorado, AR William McLeod. Little Rock, AR Kathleen McMahon. Fort Smith, AR Kevin McMands, El Reno, OK Freshmen 443 David McMaster, DeWitt, AR Teddy McMurray, Van Buren, AR Toney McMurray, Van Buren, AR Pamela McNair, Prairie Grove, AR Patti McNeill, Little Rock, AR Leslie McRobbie, Westfield, NJ Jo McWaters, McAlester, OK Matthew Meadows, Black Rock, AR Pamela Meinecke, Farmington, AR Ellen Mendes, Wilmette, IL Robert Mercer, Rosebud, AR Melody Merrick, Melbourne Beach, FL FRESHMEN Helen Messner, Fayetteville, AR Steve Metheny, Etowah, AR Mark Methvin, Harrison, AR Janet Meyer, Fayetteville, AR Jana Michel, Memphis, TN Cynthia Mitchell, Jonesboro, AR Dale Miller, N. Little Rock, AR James Miller, Melbourne, AR John Miller, Hot Springs, AR Keith Miller, Holly Grove, AR Terry Miller, Fayetteville, AR Brenda Mitchell, Houston, TX John Mitchell, Sheridan, AR Micheal Mitchell, Ramsey, NJ Jerald Molleston, Newport, AR Judy Montgomery, Warren, AR Stephen Montgomery, McGehee, AR Cherie Moore, Weiner, AR Craig Moore, Stuttgart, AR Horold Moore, Pine Bluff, AR James Moore, Magazine, AR Kelsey Moore, DeQueen, AR Laure Moore, Houston, TX David Moran, Jacksonville, AR Paula Moran, Little Rock, AR Laura Morgan, Blytheville, AR Ray Morgan, El Dorado, AR Vicki More, Ft. Smith, AR Walter Morris, West Helena, AR Steve Morrison, Rison, AR Lynn Mosesso, Searcy, AR Angela Mosley, N. Little Rock, AR David Mosley, Little Rock, AR Cynthia Mott, Benton, AR Dan Mourtisen, Eureka Springs, AR Madge Moye, Glarendon, AR Sammy Mullis, Monticello, AR Loye Muncy, Batesville, AR William Munday, Knoxville, AR Robert Munger, Little Rock, AR Stephen Murchison, Albuquerque, NM Barbara Murphy, Little Rock, AR 444 Freshmen Mark Murphy. Little Rock, AR Lloyd Myers. Little Rock. AR Carl Naj’el. Jucksonville, AR Frank Nall. Eureka Sprinfis, AR Paul Nance. Beecieville, AR Su anne Nance. Jasper, AR Mitchell Nawoje yk. Hot Sprinfi.s. AR Carl Nelson. Tulsa. OK David Nelson. Crossett, AR Ginj»er Nelson. El Dorado. AR Steven Nelson. Murfree.shoro, AR Ronda Nesbitt. Mahelvala. AR FRESHMEN George Niblock. Fayetteville. AR Melanie Nicholson. Blytheville. AR Susan Niss. Van Buren. AR Lyle Niven. Little Rock. AR Anson Nix. Little Rock. AR Gary Noble. Little Rock, AR Brian Noland. Fayetteville, AR Cherie Nordengren. Little Rock, AR Gary Nordin. London, AR Jackie Norris. Green Forest, AR Billy Northeutt. Marianna. AR James Nunn. Little Rock, AR Tina Nunnley. Little Rock, AR Marleen Oberste. Little Rock, AR Marcus Obrien. Batesville, AR Mike Ocker. Van Buren, AR Scott Odell. Thornton, AR James Oelke. Charleston, AR Amy Ogle. Litchfield, IL Cheryl Oliver. Little Rock, AR Jeffrey Oliver. Fordyce, AR Kathy Oliver. Little Rock, AR Carolyn Oudin. Pine Bluff, AR Randy Overman. Fayetteville, AR Vicki Owens. Mountain Home, AR Patricia Paas. Mena. AR Liz Pace. Wichita Falls. TX Paula Painter. Springdale, AR Karla Parker. Hot Springs. AR Mike Parnell. Lonoke, AR James Parr. Wheatley. AR Kelly Parsons. Denison. TX Dana Parker. Little Rock. AR Joseph Pascual. Hot Springs. AR Michael Patrick. Fayetteville. AR Blake Patterson. Watson. AR Danny Pay. Victoria. AR Grover Pay. Blytheville. AR Donald Pearson. Clarksville. AR John Pearson. Fayetteville. AR Kathy Peele. Fayetteville. AR David Pell. Lakeview ' . AR Cythia Porry, Benton, AR Steven Perryman, Cnlico Rock, AR Gayle Peters, Rison, AR Kevin Peterson, Little Rock, AR Melin da Pettet, Little Rock, AR Steven Perry, Darien, IL Debbie Pfaffenberger, Gillett, AR Leisa Phillips, Harrison, AR Buddy Philpot, Murfreesboro. AR Tami Picked, Siloain Springs, AR Mary Pickering. Springfield, MO Marcus Pickett. West Helena, AR FRESHMEN Deborah Piker, Harrisburg, AR Alison Plummer, El Dorado, AR Judi Plunkett, Mena, AR Paul Poe, Little Rock, AR Romona Pompetzki, Bull Shoals. AR Lisa Pontius, Tulsa, OK William Pope. Mineral Springs, AR Charlotte Porter, Clarksville. AR Mary Porter. Dallas, TX Sharon Post, Ft. Smith, AR Frank Post, Ft. Smith, AR David Potter, N. Little Rock. AR Debra Pough, Blytheville, AR Dianne Powell, Dallas, TX Mark Pozzi, Rockford, IL Brenda Presson, Greenw ' ay, AR David Prichard, Flippin, AR Sandra Prince, Lincoln, AR Ron Proctor, Bull Shoals, AR Bobby Pryor. Ft. Smith, AR Brett Pulley, Moorestown, AR Vicki Purvis. Harrison, AR Mark Raines, Jacksonville, AR Loretha Rainey, Hattieville, AR Marilyn Ramsey, Bauxite, AR Lynne Randall, Ff. Smith, AR Lisa Raney, Pine Bluff, AR Mark Ratcliff, Springfield, MO Loann Rawls, N. Little Rock, AR Marla Redden, N. Little Rock, AR Gary Redifer, Ft. Smith, AR Carlita Reed, Lincoln. AR Nancy Reed, Ft. Smith. AR Tanya Reed, Batesville, AR Valerie Reed, Carlisle, AR Vivian Reese, Hope. AR Doug Regan, Stuttgart. AR Dean Ried, Harrison. AR Sandra Reinold, Fayetteville. AR Julie Relph, Gentry. AR Howard Rescot, Roseville. IL Denise Revere. Little Rock, AR 446 Freshmen Charles Reynolds. Cumdon. AR fane Ann Richards. Las Cm cos. NM Ann Richardson. Houston. TX F3arhi Richardson. IJttIo Rock. AR fen Richardson. Crossett. AR I ranees Richison. Dnnvillo, AR Reb( cca Fayoltavilh. AR Tony Rij s. Blythcvillc. AR James Rimmer. Clnrksvillo, AR Paul Riltelmeyer. Pina Bluff. AR Joseph Robbins. Fort Smith. AR I.arry Rob(‘rts. Fuyattavilla. AR FRESHMEN Marj»aret Roberts. Fayattavilla, AR Wade Rob(M ' tson. Snpulpa. OK Margaret Rockvvnhaus, Paris, AR Judy Rogers. Texarkana. AR Laura Rogers. Russel I villa. AR Marilyn I ogers. El Dorado. AR Steve Rogers. El Dorado. AR Terry Rorex, Imboden. AR Felicia Rose. Bull Shoals, AR David Roth. Harrison, AR Judy Rownd. Little Rock. AR Luanne Rowton. Levitton. PA Leslie Rozzell. Little Rock. AR Kelly Runnion. Fort Worth, TX Ann Russell. Jasper. AR Richey Russell. Ashdown, AR Craig Ruston. Parkin, AR Jane Sagarese. Bettendorf. lA Steve Sample. West Memphis. AR Edwin Sanders. Pine Bluff. AR Kim Sanders. Dallas. TX Kathy Sangren. Harrison. AR Kenneth Sangren. Harrison, AR Susan Schakel. Albuquerque, NM Tena Schmidt. Combs. AR Carol Schubert. El Dorado, AR Mary Scott. Danville, AR Michael Scott. Newport, AR Shirley Scott. Malvern. AR Terri Scott. Pine Bluff, AR Tim Scott. Benton. AR Michael Scribner. Harriet, AR Thomas Scribner. Tulsa. OK Mona Scrimager. Fayetteville, AR Leisa Seabourn. Fayetteville. AR Susan Searcy. Hot Springs. AR Jody Sears, Hot Springs. AR Gordon Seawood, Pine Bluff. AR Kristen Seibert. Tulsa. OK Jon Seiz, Hot Springs. AR Floyd Sessions. Tulsa. OK Rhonda Shannon. Benton. AR Freshmen 447 William Sharp, Brinkley, AR Marvin Shavers, Rome, NY Karen Shelton, Benton, AR Bruce Shopfner, Fort Smith, AR Charles Sibley, Helena, AR Tricia Sibley, Pryor, AR Pamela Sills, Fayetteville, AR Melissa Silzer, Harrison, AR David Simmons, West Helena, AR Russell Simmons, Orange, NJ Alvin Simmons, Little Rock, AR Teresa Simon, Blytheville, AR FRESHMEN Manon Simone, Dallas, TX Charles Sims, Keiser, AR Cynthia Skinner, Batesville, AR Vicki Sloan, Little Rock, AR Russell Sloan, Pocahontas, AR Jim Smart, Blytheville, AR Buc Smith, Rogers, AR Chris Smith, Arkinda, AR Dale Smith, Blytheville, AR Danny Smith, Warren, AR David A. Smith, McGehee, AR David H. Smith, Pine Bluff, AR David J. Smith, Marianna, AR David L. Smith, Rogers, AR David M. Smith, Fort Smith, AR Gary K. Smith, Greenwood, AR James E. Smith, Pine Bluff, AR James V. Smith, Rose Bud, AR Jimmy Smith, North Little Rock, AR Leslie J. Smith, Hot Springs, AR Lyndon F. Smith, Hickory Ridge, AR Randy K. Smith, Calico Rock, AR Sam Smith, Hot Springs, AR Susan Smith, Blytheville, AR William E. Smith, Rogers, AR Julie Smothers, Benton, AR Jackson Snell, Little Rock, AR Darel Snodgrass, Pocahontas, AR Benny Spears, Fort Smith, AR Johnny Spurlin, Mount Ida, AR Paula Spurlock, Parkdale, AR Laura Squair, Dallas, TX Helen St. Martin, Jacksonville, AR Bradford Staats, Valparaiso, IN Lynn Stanley, Rogers, AR Ronald Stanley, Marked Tree. AR Martha Stark, Troy, AL Sheila Statler, Atkins, AR Marjorie Stepherson, McGehee, AR Ann Stewart, Newport, AR Elizabeth Stewart, Fayetteville, AR Scott Stewart, Fayetteville. AR 448 Freshmen Shari Stowarl, Enrlo. AR Stephen Stone. Crocnlund. AR Lisa Stoner. Newport, AR Debbie Stover. El Donnio. AR Reb(M:ea Stowers. McAIesler. OK Cynthia Stringer. Memphis, TN Susan St roman. Rof ers, AR Glenn Stronj . Sheridan, AR Pamela Stroud. Huu.ston, TX Terri Stroud. Mena, AR Robin Stuart. Pine Bluff, AR Terri Stumbau h. Lamar, AR FRESHMEN Jack Sugg, Ozark, AR Lisa Sullivan, Little Rock, AR Robert Sutton. Little Rock, AR Bill Swab, Prescott, AR David Swayne, Ward, AR Serethia Swayze, Pine Bluff, AR Mike Sweetser, Fayetteville, AR Karen Swink. Imboden, AR Charles Sykes, Heber Springs, AR Vickie Talbert, Fayetteville, AR Leora Tanner. Little Rock. AR Adrienne Taylor, Ft. Smith, AR Charlotte Taylor, Shreveport, LA Debra Taylor, N. Little Rock, AR Lewis Taylor, Hughes, AR Phyllis Taylor, El Dorado, AR Rickey Taylor, Sparkman, AR Vanessa Taylor, Marvell, AR Larry Teague, Little Rock. AR Timothy Teague, Little Rock, AR Eleanor Terrell, Batesville, AR Holly Terrell, Huntsville. AR Anne Theis, Pine Bluff. AR Craig Thomas, Fayetteville. AR Harold Thomas, Ozark, AR Jane Thomas, El Dorado, AR Melissa Thomas, El Dorado, AR Steve Thomas, Tuckerman, AR Susan Thomas, Farmington, AR Charlotte Thompson, Fayetteville. AR Joyce Thompson, N. Little Rock, AR Mary Thompson, N. Little Rock, AR Nino Thompson, Little Rock. AR Patricia Thompson, Austin. AR Cathy Thornally, Little Rock. AR Carol Throop, Fairfield Bay. AR James Thweatt, Little Rock. AR Bryan Tillman, Little Rock. AR Otwell Timmons, Ft. Smith. AR Ted Tolleson, Hope, AR Consvela Tortorich, Pine Bluff. AR Mike Tougaw, Harrison. AR Freshmen 449 Steven Townsend, Fairfax, VA Jeff Treece, Little Rock, AR Lauri Trinca, El Dorado. AR William Tripp, Mahelvale, AR Cludia Trotter, Harrison, AR Roger Trotter, Blytheville. AR Mark Troutt, Harrisonville, MO DioneTrumpp, Mahelvale, AR Cynthia Turbyfill, N. Little Rock. AR Carl Tyler, Chicago, IL Melissa Upchurch, Fayetteville. AR Richard Urbani, Port Hueneme, CA FRESHMEN Renee Usher, Bentonville, AR Patricia Vallejo. Arlington Heigj ts, IL Earl Valley. West Helena. AR Bruce Van Camp. N. Little Rock, AR Melody Van Dyke, Decatur, AR Kirk Van Sickle, Dallas. TX Helen Vangilder, Mt. Ida, AR Sheryl Vaughan, McAIester, OK Daniel Vaught, Altus, AR Dean Vizzer, Gillett, AR Anne Vogler, Little Rock, AR Gordon Voight, Marshall, TX Wendy Waaland, Findlay. OH Robert Waddell, Bentonville, AR Karen Waite, Fayetteville, AR Diane Wake, West Helena, AR Kelly Waldrup. Heber Springs, AR Maria Walker. Gould, AR Robert Walker, Damascus. AR Tommy Wall, Ft. Smith, AR Rachel Walters, Fayetteville, AR Don Ward. Springdale. AR Carol Warner. Little Rock. AR Tammy Warren, Hazen, AR William Warren. N. Little Rock, AR Kerwin Washington, La Plata, MD Willis Watkins, Gonway, AR Daniel Watson. Little Rock, AR Janette Watson, Mahelvale, AR Kenneth Watson. DeWitt, AR Mary Watson, Hamburg. AR Tommy Watts, DeWitt. AR Dana Weber. West Memphis, AR Winifred Weich, Camden, AR Mark Weisberger. Marvell, AR Robert Weldon, Fayetteville, AR John Wells, Hot Springs. AR Marissa Wells. Heber Springs, AR Buck Wheat. Lonoke. AR John Wheelis, Hot Springs, AR Fred Whistle. Searcy, AR Bolton White. N. Little Rock. AR 450 Freshmen Constance Whilo, Roswvll. NM losse While. Benton, AR Sheryl White. Prescott. AR Steven White. Blytheville, AR Marj’aret Whiteside. Fayetteville. AR Perry Whitmore. North Little Rock. AR Flippen Whitner. Little Rock. AR Lisa Whitson. Little Rock, AR Richard Widdows. Austin. TX Alan Wilbourn. Searcy. AR Leo Wilcox. Conway, AR Don Wildy. Osceola. AR FRESHMEN Kendall Wiley. Mena, AR Joe Wilhelm. Tulsa. OK Gregory Wilkin. Fayetteville. AR Stanhope Wilkinson. Greenwood, AR Alan Williams. Mena. AR Bobby Williams. Brinkley. AR David Williams. Cabot, AR Debbie Williams. Cabot. AR Dottie Williams. North Little Rock, AR George Williams. Fayetteville, AR Mary Williams. Charleston. AR Michael Williams, Little Rock, AR Sarah Williams. Monroe. AR Thomas Williams, Pine Bluff, AR Zeke Williams, Fort Smith. AR Dianne Williamson, Mountain Home, AR Charles Wilson, Jacksonville, AR Donna Wilson. Prairie Grove. AR Patrick Wilson, North Little Rock. AR Pattye Wilson, Little Rock. AR Veronica Wilson, Memphis, TN Steven Winchester, North Little Rock, AR Paul Winder, Shreveport. LA Dorothy Wittorff. Ava. MO Wayne Wixon, Blytheville. AR Isabella Wofford, Casscor, AR Katie Wolfe, Springfield, MO Gary Woodson. Imboden, AR Monte Woody. Greenwood. AR Theresa Worley. Eureka Springs. AR James Wright. Pine Bluff, AR Kenneth Wright, North Little Rock, AR Mark Wright. El Dorado, AR Mary Wright, Harrison. AR Walter Wright, Hot Springs. AR Johnny Yarbrough, Pine Bluff. AR Mark Young, Fayetteville. AR Michael Young, Fayetteville. AR Thomas Young, Shreveport. LA Elton Youngblood. Green Forest. AR Kenda Zwayer. Tulsa, OK Freshmen 451 452 Krirshiuiin (’.Insinj KroshnifUi Closing 4.SM UMIHG GROUPS 456 Buchanon-Droke OFFICERS BUCHANON-DROKE STAFF Head Resident: Earvin Aaron Assistant Head Resident: Randy Dennis Receptionist: Chris Lower Resident Assistants: Steve Morgan Rote Debhavalya Minority Assistant: Cleotis Wilder President: Gary Dreman Vice-President: Cody McNeil Secretary: Kenny Green B U c H A N A N D R O K E H A L L Buchanon-Droke 457 F O U R H H O U S E FOUR-HOUSE MEMBERS Cindy Allen Gail Hill Cherie Barker Glo Hill Janie Bartlett Liz Jones Jane Bratton Nancy Jones Anita Calva Janelle Latimer Sue Cantrell Jolene Lasley Debbie Clemons Michelle Loudermilk Donna Denzer Marie Maloney Debbie Fowler Becky Matheson Wanda Gore Judy Montgomery Sherrie Grim Darlene Prince Susie Hafenstein Carlita Reed Lila Hagemann Sheila Rhodes Linda Harris Susan Russell Betty Hall Debbie Humphries Becky Schnelle House Mother Irmalee Brown 458 4-H Allen, Cynthia Bratton, Jan Clava, Anita Denzer, Donna Fowler, Deborah Gpre, Wanda Grim, Sherri Hafenstein, Susan Hagemann, Lila Hall, Betty Harris, Deborah Hill, Gail Hill, Gloria Jones, Debra Jones, Nancy Latimer, Laura Loudermilk, Michelle Maloney, Lois Matheson, Becky Montgomery, Judy Prince, Sandra Reed, Carlita Rhodes, Sheila Russell, Susan 4-H 459 460 Fulbright FULBRIGHT STAFF Head Resident: Berta Seitz Assistant Head Resident: Carol Cradton Receptionist: Steve Eichler Resident Assistants: Freda Bell Pam Gromachey Nancy Davenport Maureen Hart Maureen Finnigan Beverly Barnette Debbie Sayers Paula Williams Pam Lee Gayla Buck Pris Jeffers Denise Wells F U L B R I Fulbrii ht 461 r r a H IS O 462 Futrall FUTRALL STAFF OFFICERS Head Resident: Molly Lindell Graduate Resident: Doug Prichard Receptionist: Johnetta Davis Resident Assistants: Erma Keton Janet Matthews Karen Powell Cynthia Wood Sidney Warner Minority Assistant: Lenora Smith President: Anita Elliott Vice-President: Susie Hayes Secretary: Karen Jarvis Treasurer: Cathy McCarw F u T R A L L Futrall 463 4M GrejJS(3n GREGSON STAFF Head Resident: Earvin Aaron Assistant Head Resident: Randy Kennis Receptionist: Chris Lower Resident Assistants: Dan McWilliams (Sd) Tom Jensen (Sd) Grit Cooksey (Sd) Mark Gieringer (Wm) Ikechi Nwankwo (Wm) Dana Mor ris (Wm) John Andersen (Gr) Minority Assistant: Cleotis Wilder OFFICERS President: Larry Anderson Vice-President: James Rightmire Secretary: Tim Walsh Treasurer: Henry Layes Social Chairman: James Root G R E G S O N H A L L Groj’son 465 466 Holcombe HOLCOMBE STAFF Head Resident: Molly Lindell Graduate Resident: Doug Prichard Receptionist: Johnetta Davis Resident Assistants: Jim Hillis Mike Corkran Charles Findley Richard Perry Mark Webb Minority Assistant: Lenora Smith OFFICERS President: A1 Lietz Vice-President: Matt Flemings Secretary: Earnie Moix Treasurer: Gary Neal Social Chairman: Greg Matthews H O L C O M B E H A L L Holcombe 467 hf 468 Hotz HOTZ STAFF OFFICERS Head Resident: Don Jackson Staff Assistant: Jim Tilley Receptionist: Leslie Conway Resident Assistants: Judkins Hunter Martin Thomas Dan Lynch Curtis Powell Minority Assistant: Leonard Tims President: Mike Curtis Vice President: Stewart Lee Secretary; Bill Stocker Holtz 4H9 rr- 3; NHOffi 470 Humphrey’s OFFICERS HUMPHREYS STAFF Head Resident: Alice Hill Graduate Resident: Ann Lee Receptionist: Debbie Beard Resident Assistants: Sharon Reber Betsy Lane Paula Putt Cari Jones Betty Drye Laura Lee Pruett Lisa Bass Mary Lou Phillips Minority Assistant: Deborah Wilson President: Cheryl Lorenson Vice-President: Diana Howes Treasurer: Liz McAvoy Secretary: Carolyn Reardon Social Chairman: Lou Ann Rowton H U M P H R E Y S H A L L Humphreys 471 L. Scharf»?nb »r}? 472 Pomfret —- POMFRET STAFF Head Resident: Dale Doty Assistant Head Residents: Cindy Highfill Harry Heiss Receptionist: Glenda Dettebaug Resident Assistants: Larry Roberts Mike Sweeney Stephanie Riley Lauren Pryor Jereline Dillard Lee Ann Simmons Beth Borne Greg Field Les Nelson Mark Rice Larry Reed John Broomfield Terry Lee Pat Keogh Minority Assistant: Delois Taylor P O M F R E T Ponifn?! 473 474 Razorback RAZORBACK STAFF Assistant Head Resident: Connie Austin Receptionist: Cheri Sisson Resident Assistants: Johnetta Davis Diana Boyles Pam Powell Minority Assistant: Lucille Jackson OFFICERS President: Kay Blair Vice-President: Ramona Bates Secretary: Debbie Cooper Social Chairman: Kathleen Blacklin R A Z O R B A C K H A L L Razorback 475 476 Ried REID STAFF Head Resident: Jackie Treadway Assistant Head Resident: Frank Adams Receptionist: Jodie Wilmoth Resident Assistants: James McDonald Rob Richardson Gary Tidwell Jim Fisher Mary Gober Annette Taylor Ann Beyenka Cindy Carroll Minority Assistant: Adrian Hammonds OFFICERS President: Sandra Kidler Vice-President: Jay Sperber Secretary: Penny Haelms Treasurer: James Jones Reid 477 rr a; a-nw Cuynn 478 Wilson Sharp WILSON SHARP RESIDENTS Tim Adams Marvin Delph Larry Jackson Bill Skipper Tim Alexander Anthony Edwards O. C. Jackson Ken Smith Clint Allen Steve Elliott Les King Robin Smith Ken Almond Dave Efron Greg Kolenda Jerry Sullivan Mike Arthur Dave England James Langston John Taylor Mike Armstrong Kevin Evans Martin Lemond Doyle Thomas Mark Bane Michael Forrest Steve Little Robert Tillman Doug Barwegen Robert Farrell Birt Locke Cotton Tolnay Steve Belongia Bill Fisher Randy Locke Curtis Townsend Chris Bennett Reginald Freeman Vaughn Lusby John Traband Donny Bobo Stan Freeman Mike Massey Trey Trumbo Ron Brewer Jim Fryrear Marty Mitchum Wendell Vanes Charles Brown Don Fulcher Sidney Moncrief Jim Walker Jim Brown Richard Fulcher Houston Nutt Larry White Ray Buckner Bob Galloway Lawson Pilgrim Baranbas White Mike Burlingame Ken Gehring Mike Reining Randy White Ron Calcagni Tom Ginn J. R. Ross Craig Wilson David Chuoke Dan Hampton Rickey Russell Dale White Charles Clay Harvey Hampton Tom Rystrom Rusty Wilber Corky Corzine William Hampton Roland Sales Kirk Woolfolk Jim Counce Ken Harris Howard Sampson Roger Wynn Marshal Cowley Leotis Harris Jerry Saxton Dennis Winston Ron Collins Bruce Hay Steve Schall Darrell Yates Ben Cowins Charles Herman Joe Shantz Alan Zahn Donnie Davis Jim Howard Brad Shoup Steve Ziegler Elijah Davis Mike Huffman Mike Scott Wilson Sharp 479 480 Yocum YOCUM STAFF Hoad Rosidenl: Dennis Obiirn Assistant Head Resident: George Roads Receptionist: Carla Eddy Resident Assistants: Steve Kennedy Roy Jackson David Cawthon Mark Smith Tim McKenzie Raymond Higgins Bill Weber Kenny Green Phil Pryor David McKinney Minority Assistant: Tracy Holmes OFFICERS President: Ted Overturff Vice-President: Craig Gaylor Secretary: John Olson Treasurer: Thomas Krone Social Chairman: Rod Nance Y O G U M H A L L Yocum 481 ABrAEH0IKAMNHOnP2T OX 482 Greeks 12ABrAEZH©IKAMN2:OnP2T Crooks 4H3 T$X 12ABrAEZH0IKAMNS:On 484 Greeks PETTOX fiABTAEZHeiKAMNS: Greeks 485 Alpha Chi Omega Officers A President. Vice-President . Secretary. Treasurer .... Pledge Trainer Rush Chairman Holly Simmons . . Jeanie Turner . .Tena Harmon . . Sharon Heldt . . . Sue Flowers . . . . Nancy Hull y alpha chi- alpha chi alpha chi alpha chi alpha chi alpha chi alpha chi alpha C. Cunningham 486 AXS2 Bird, Deborah Brown, Jocelyn Brand, Frances Cobb, Rebecca Diffin, Janelle Flowers, Stephanie Foster, Ruthie Harmon, Tena Heldt, Sharon Lawson, Darla Marks, Michele Patterson, Terry Pool, Kathryn Turner, Jean Walters, Caroline Walters, Rachel AX12 487 Alpha Delta Pi Officers President. 1st Vice President. 2nd Vice President Secretary . Treasurer. Rush Chairman . . .. . Susan Tieman .Lynn Boyd Jeanette Cowherd . .. Sharon Ashley . Melody Lybrand .... Cheryl Evans Nancy Williams y a d pi a d pi a d pi a d pi a d pi a d pi a d pi a d pi a d pi a d pi a d pi C. Cunninsham 488 AAn Acker, Rebekah Allen, Karen Arnold, Teresa Ashley, Sharon Babbit, Rebecca Bond, Jane Blasdel, Terry Boyd, Lynn Cohen, Cindy Cosgrove, Myra Cram, Barbara Daugherty, Ann Dean, Janet Dorethy, Joyce Englehart, Susan Estep, Kathy Evans, Cheryl French, Barbara Frenz, Connie Glover, Sherry Goodman, Carol Gore, Kathy Griffiths, Sherri Grizzell, Diane Hall, Beth Harman, Pamela Hemmert, Lisa Henderson, Denise Hester, Lynne Horton, Marilyn Inman, Katherine King, Jerry Kirk, Katie Knoll, Dana Larson, Pamela Lybrand, Melody Mahoney, Maureen Margrace, Mary Moore, Cynthia Moore, Ginger Mullins, Dana Neeley, Liz Owens, Susan Patton, Dottie Reid, Wendy Riede, Debbie Robinson, Lori Robison, Nancy Rosenbaum, Nancy Seaton, Cindy Sheets, Viki Sink, Sue Sturtevant, Leslie Swab, Deborah Tapley, Betsy Tiemann, Susan Todd, Diane Williams, Nancy Young, Jean Young, Sally Zenor, Becky AAIl 489 Alpha Kappa Alpha Officers aka ' s aka ' s aka ' s aka ' s aka ' s aka ' s " N President .... Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary. Treasurer .... .Sandra McCall Andrian Hammonds .Cindy Carroll .Elsie Neal ... .Valencia Walker V aka ' s aka ' s aka ' s aka ' s aka ' s a Photos Unlimited 490 AKA Bell, Rhonda Carroll, Charlotte Franklin, Doris Hammonds, Adrian Hampton, Helen Hopson, Joyce Johnson, Linda Kennedy, Willa Lee, Janice Lewis, Deborah Marshall, Wanda McCall, Sandra Neal, Elsie Parker, Mary Sanders, Gloria Simmons, Karen Walker, Valencia Wilson, Deborah AKA 491 Chi Omega Officers President . Vice President . Pledge Trainer Secretary. Treasurer. Rush Chairman .Barbie Fogg Kathy McDonald .. .LeslieTatman .... Pam Papizan .Kim Blakely .. Diana Brinkley Mickey Vestal chi o chi o chi o chi o chi o chi o chi o chi o chi o chi o chi o chi c C. Cunningham 492 xa Allen, Cindy Allen, Nancy Anderson, Ann Baumgardner, Pam Blagg, Holly Blakely, Kim Bradley, Nancy Sue Brinkley, Judy Cook, Julie Cook, Laurie Cox, Lisa Dougan, Beth Ellison, Christie Fink, Margie Fogg, Barbara Garison, Suzanne Haigh, Jane Hill, Cynthia Holmes, Ann Hopkins, Jane Hopkins, Jean Hosey, Cindy House, Pam Irwin, Paula Kaufman, Judy Kelly, Bonnie Kinnaird, Melissa Kirkpatrick, Donna Lally, Peggy Laughlin, Lisa Marshall, Greer McDonald, Kathy McElroy, Ann McNair, Lucy Moore, Melissa Mott, Debbie Mullins, Patti Neath, Betsy Papizan, Lynne Penick, Lydia Powell, Mary Puddephatt, Elizabeth Ralls, Elizabeth Roles, Nancy Sain, Melinda Saviers, Ann Schreit, Sara Shepherd, Virginia Shirley, Lynn Smith, Cindy Sparrow, Sharon Tatman, Leslie Tiffin, Patti Trammell, Jean Ann Vestal, Mickey Ward, Lesa Ward, Vicki Watson, Karen Webb, Patti Webster, Laurie Welch, Kim Williamson, DeeDee Wynne, Susan XQ 493 Delta Delta Delta Officers N President.Mala Daggett Executive Vice President .. .Cherie Flowers Pledge Trainer.Doris Dempsey Secretary .Meg Gooch Treasurer .Patrice Gurley Rush Chairman.Linda Mosley tri delt fri delt tri delt tri delt tri delt trl delt tri delt tri delt tri delt tri c 494 AAA Allred, Connie Ashley, Elaine Basham, Sarah Bibler, Dawn Blagg, Susan Brockmann, Beth Brunson, Vickie Carpenter, Cathy Cathey, Kelley Cousins, Lee Ann Cowan, Mary Craven, Shanda Daggett, Mala Dempsey, Doris Denty, Susan Dillard, Luanne Dillard, Vicki Duke, Gail Eason, Angela Falge, Carolyn Featherston, Cindy Felty, Gail Flowers, Cheryl Fort, Nena Garner, Lisa Gathright, Cindy Gilliland, Sherri Gooch, Meg Goodson, Jan Gurley, Patrice Harrison, Nancy Holt, Mary Horne, Lisa Huey, Martha Hurley, Susan Jones, Georgia King, Carol Ann King, Nanci Kingrey, Kathy Loveless, Harriet Marinoni, Amy Melde, Vicki Mosley, Linda Newton, Cindy Partain, Paige Penzo, Andrea Renard, Maureen Sample, Sherri Sandlin, Jamie Scarbrough, Susan Smith, Beverly Smith, Cindy Smith, Diane Stark, Carla Thiel, Becky Toler, Paula West, Rebecca Willhite, Bobbi Woods, Lisa AAA 495 N Delta Gamma Officers President.Barb Cole Vice President.Debbie Holland Pledge Trainer .Kathy Neiser Secretary.D’anne Derrick Treasurer.Karen Pottebaum Rush Chairman.Diane Burk dg dg dg dg dg dg dg dg dg dg dg dg dg dg dg C. Cunningham 4% Ar Beasley, Anna Brewer, Sheryl Brocket!, Karen Burk, Diane Bunyard, Sara Burris, Cindy Bynum, Terri Cannon, Cathryn Carney, Debbie Coiner, Kelly Cole, Barbara Collins, Shelley Cousatte, Joy Dale, Carol Davis, Kathryn Dee, Paula Derrick, D’anne Dilliard, Ann Dudley, Katherine Durrett, Celia Flanigan, Tamara George, Dooley Gibbs, Kay Harris, Stephanie Harrison, Leann Hawley, Sydney Henderson, Pamela Hensley, Sara Holland, Debra Holland, Julie Hubbell, Nancy Humbard, Terri Lee, Mari Lupo, Jan McKay, Melissa Mason, Kim Mazzia, Vicky Millican, Roxane Neiser, Kathy Pottebaum, Karen Rodgers, Jennifer Simmons, Nanette Swann, Janet Tucker, Jennifer Tyson, Vickie Wallace, Carol Wesson, Julie Willey, Beverly Williams, Elizabeth Wulz, Luann AF 497 N Delta Sigma Theta Officers President. Vice-President Secretary. Treasurer . . . . Pledge Trainer .. . Joanne Dirden .. . Cathryn Gant .. Paula Whitford Jo Evelyn George . . . Cathryn Gant deltas deltas deltas deltas deltas deltas deltas deltas deltas deltas de I holo rfiphs UnlimiloJ 498 Cooper, Janice Dirden, Joanne Gant, Cathryn Gant, Dinah George, Joevelyn Hall, Maura Jackson, Lynda Lofton, Virlean McCoy, Bobie Owens, Catherine Smith, Lenora Stitt, Rita Whitford, Paula A20 499 Kappa Alpha Theta Officers President . Vice President , Pledge Trainer. Secretary. Treasurer. Rush Chairman _ .Jan Knight .Kim Baxter .Karen Keller .... Beverly Davis .Judy Combs Cheryl Blackwood " Hneta theta theta theta theta theta theta theta theta theta theta tH ----- ------ C. Cunningham 500 KA0 Barham, Sarah Basham, Cathy Batchelor, Frankie Baxter, Kim Beane, Tanya Belk, Hollice Combs, Judith Davis, Beverly Dayringer, Sara Emerson, Linda Farrell, Margaret Hackney, Pam Hamilton, Lynda Harris, Cheryl Henry, Cassandra Ingram, Ellen Jeffers, Pris Keller, Karen Knight, Jan Lackey, Lisa Lana, Jacqueline Lincoln, Mary Martin, Cynthia Middleton, Cindy Moore, Therese McGee, Maggie Pascale, Helene Quattlebaum, Fadelle Riggs, Kathleen Schakel, Peggy Schakel, Susan Schurich, Gretchen Snyder, Margaret Thane, Victry Turner, Debbie Ward, Kimball Yoder, Stacy KA0 501 Kappa Kappa Gamma Officers President . 1st V. President. 2nd V. President Treasurer. Pledge Trainer . Rush Chairman . ... .Chris Krueger Connie Woodruff ... Kathy Lindzay .Karla Keifer ... .Marcia Hugg .Brenda Box kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa kappa C. Cunningham 502 Adcock, Michelle Atkins, Shree Baldridge, Becky Bell, Rebecca Biggs, Jerre Blair, Melinda Box, Brenda Boyce, Patti Brawner, Sharon Caristiands, Rosemary Catlett, Rebecca Clark, Pamela Crain, Cathee Crews, Peggy Duke, Beverly English, Ellen Farmer, Sandra Ferguson, Wendy Galloway, Karen Gardner, Joanie Gibbs, Karen Gilmore, Julie Harold, Joniece Harrel, Nancy Hempy, Lisa Henry, Cindy Hugg, Marci Jenning, Marty Johnson, Diane Killian, Jean Ann Knowles, Leanne Krueger, Chris Lamberth, Dana Lou Linzay, Kathy McKnight, Carla McVey, Robin Massey, Donna Nichols, Anita Nicholson, Kim Nixon, Ruth Patteson, Ellen Perdue, Melissa Phoebus, Brenda Price, Susan Radke, Janice Randle, Kimberly Ritchie, Ellen Robinetta, Angela Skrabanek, Michelle Snodgrass, Karen Stewart, Kathy Stobaugh, Christie Sullivan, Deborah Trizza, Deena VanZant, Kathy Walker, Sheri Wann, Karen Ward, Lisa Watkins, Lisa Weaver, Diane Willman, Elizabeth Wineland, Joy Woodruff, Connie Wren, Jan KKF 503 N “ Pi Beta Phi Officers President. Vice President . Pledge Trainer Secretary. Treasurer . Rush Chairman .Susan Debusk .. . .Linda McDaniel .Sara Stultz .Fliece Ripley ,. Marilyn Weindorf .Jane Hamilton Harriett Bracy _ pi phi pi phi pi phi pi phi pi phi pi phi pi phi pi phi pi phi pi phi pi C. Cunningham 504 nB I Bedwell, Elise Bracey, Harriett Busby, Melissa Chism, Laura Debusk, Susan Denton, Janet Ederington, Lou Edwards, Donna Ellis, Kathi Fair, Carol Farris, Joyce Gillmore, Deborah Gillmore, Diana Glidewell, Paula Griffin, Jan Henry, Nancy Hilburn, Leslie Hoag, Denny Horner, Jane Howell, Lize Hurley, Carol Isgrig, Dana John, Kimberly Kennedy, Lauren Lynn, Patricia Magnus, Suzanne Manon, Simone McDaniel, Linda Myer, Mimi Nieburg, Lisa Perchan, Georgia Percy, Jan Perkovich, Lindsey Ripley, Fliece Ripley, Summie Simms, Cindy Smith, Jill Smith, Kathy Sterling, Sue Stone, Suzy Stuckey, Amy Stuckey, Beth Stultz, Sara Taylor, Alison Thompson, Bke Townley, Judy Trimble, Janan Weindorf, Marilyn Westbrook, Sarah Willett, Maryann Wood, Linny Wood, Tanya Yancey, Camille Yarbrough, Elizabeth nm 505 Zeta Tau Alpha Officers N President.Candy Isbell 1st Vice President.Rhona Weaver 2nd Vice President .Christy Kalder Secretary.Kathy Davis Treasurer.Mary Ruth Howell Rush Chairman.DKaty Parker Debbie Collier zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta zeta 506 ZTA Alexander, Jeri Ashford, Terry Babcock, Ellen Baker, Metah Bledsoe, Robin Borgognoni, Julie Brannan, Gail Brewer, Becky Brizendine, Nancy Callico, Kim Cheatwood, Amber Chruch, Debbie Collier, Debbie Collins, Linda Crank, Elizabeth Davis, Kathy Davis, Susie Dillon, Charlene Dougan, Gracia Everette, Pam Fontaine, Melissa Fowler, Renee Gatson, Susan Glenn, Anne Goode, Paula Goss, Janet Hanle, Mary Hanna, Stephanie Hesterly, Leigh Howell, Mary Ruth Hyatt, Mary Inscho, Gerri Isbell, Candace Jowers, Robin Kalder, Christy Letzig, Diane Lyons, Juliet Maas, Cindy Melton, Karen Minshew, Pamela Morgan, Mary North, Ellen Owens, Lisa Parker, Debbie Parker, Mary Petillo, Lea Rogers, Valorie Romontio, Debbie Shaw, Cynthia Shaw, Nancy Smets, Caron Smith, Leslie Stapleton, Terri Stovall, Laura Sugg, Mary Talley, Susan Taylor, Karen Taylor, Kathy Vest, Debbie Weaver, Rhona Winchell, Nita Wright, Debra Young, Deborah ZTA 507 Alpha Gamma Rho Officers N President. Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary. Treasurer . Rush Chairman Greg Satterfield .. Mark Waldrip .Doug Vail ... .John Smith .. . .Tom Sharp . .Mark Waldrip C. Cunninghani Allen, Samuel Baker, Stanley Bennett, Steven Breeding, Roger Burkett, jerry Camp, Ricky Conatser, Daniel Dabbs, Gary Daniel, William Gage, James Gray, William Groce, Gary Hanna, Robert Jackson, Lonnie Kilbourn, Rodney Looney, Charles Looney, Dennis Mercer, Robert Metheny, Steve Norris, Jackie Pendergrass. John Phillips, Blake Phillips, Ronald Satterfield, Greg Sloan, Russell Smith, Greer Smith, James Smith, John Taylor, John Taylor, Rickey Vail. Doug Waldrip, Mark Ware, Jerry Watson, Kenneth Williams, Steve Womack, Jim Yates, Reggie Youngblood, Elton AFP 509 N — Alpha Kappa Lambda Officers President.Lenland Sykes Vice-President.Randy Parker Secretary.Rick Rown Treasurer .Tom Carroll Rush Chairman.Ronnie Guyton Pledge Trainer.Randall Cason aki aki aki akl aki aki aki aki aki akl akl aki aki aki aki aki aki R. Guynii 510 AKA Baxter, Robert Bays, David Breeding, Jeffery Carroll, Thomas Dale, Edward Davidson, Mitchael Ezell, Lawrence Guyton, Ronnie Hannah, Wade Hebert, Arvil Johnson, Richard Kerr, Tommy Leis, Gary Mitchell, Michael Parker, Randall Parker, Robert Murchison, David Pope, William Porter, Billy Raines, Mark Slaughter, Bradley Smith, Marc Vandiver, Joe Williams, Roger AKA 511 Alpha Phi Alpha Officers President. Vice president Secretary .. .. Treasurer . Rush Chairman Pledge Trainer Reginald Campbell ... .Cleotis Wilder .Willie Keener Curtis Lewis .Tracy Holmes .Lynn Harris .. Harvey Hampton alphas • alphas alphas alphas alphas alphas alphas alphas alphas alphas R. Guynn 512 AOA Budd, Harry Campbell, Reginald Carroll, Carney Colbert, John Farr, Flotille French, Jeffrey Gray, Martin Hamilton, Dale Hampton, Harvey Hanks, Darrell Harris, Lynn Holmes, Tracy Jordan, Ronald Keener Jr., Willie Lewis, Curtis Robinson, Samuel Toilette, Frederick Wilder, Cleotis A I A 513 " Della Upsilon Officers President.David Tucker Vice President.Mike Huggler Pledge Trainer.Tom Jacobs Secretary.Larry McCool Treasurer .David Cain Rush Chairman.Craig McDaniel du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du C. Cunningham 514 AT Allen, Patrick Allison, Walter Armour, James Bailey, Bill Bailey, Clay Beaird, Brian Bollinger, Isaac Bunch, Barry Cain, David Calvert, Fred Campbell, William Carter, Jerry Carver, Kevin Cowan, Thomas Creswell, Curtis Denard, Leland Edelhuber, James Faubel, Stephen Finocchiaro, Jerry Fish, James Foster, Frank Freeman, William Hamilton, George Hattabaugh, Jim Henderson, Jim Huggler, Michael Jackson, James Jacobs, Clifford Jacobs, Thomas Jones, James Kolf, Robert Lanwermeyer, Terry Logan, John Lyon, Marc McBryde, Bryan McDaniel, Craig Magie, Mark Mallon, Kevin Mueller, Scott Overman, Randy Perry, Keith Ratcliff, Mark Rogers, Charles Sherwood, Gary Siceloff, Stephen Staats, Bradford Stewart, Scott Strickland, Randy Theriault, Anthony Thomas, G len Toft, David Tucker, David Wells, Steven Wright, Kenneth AT 515 N " - Farmhouse Officers President. Vice President . Pledge Trainer. Secretary. Treasurer . Rush Chairman .. Cliff Snyder . David Merritt .... Rick Short Royce Bryant Charles Pickle ■ Paul Westfall .... Paul Acre J farmhouse farmhouse farmhouse farmhouse farmhouse farmhouse farmhou R. Guyn 516 Farmhouse Acre, Paul Balch, Dwight Bryant, Royce Drennan, Michael Lutes, Charles Methvin, Mark Mitchell, John Pickle, Charles Ritter, David Smith, Gary Snyder, Cliff Tacker, Phil Tribulak, John Westfall, Paul FH 517 kappa sig kappa sig kappa sig kappa sig kappa sig kappa sig kappa sig k ' C. Cunningham Bethell, Andy Bonner, Douglas Bonner. Steven Bowman, Kevin Buford, Pete Gaya, Chuck Carlow, Monty Carrithers, Tim Carter. James Cearley, Douglas Craig, Stephen Cummings, Joseph Douglas, Steve Eubanks, Ralph Gray, Paul Harper, Mark Hill, Russell Holmes, Byron Honeycutt, Pat Hudson, Pat Hunter, Robert Jamell, David Johns, Mark Johnson, Walter Kelly, Dean Lafargue, Richard Langford. William Lanier, Paul Laster, Charles Loewer, Larry Lowry, Edward McCuiston, Richard McMaster, David Molleston, Jerald McMillan, Ron Morgan, Ray Parker, Paul Parr, James Paschall, Ray Patterson, Blake Perrin, George Reynolds, Charles Robbins, Thomas Ruston, Craig Satterfield, Greg Schmand, Eric Scruggs, Richard Sheard, Greg Smith, Jimmy Smith. Sam Strickland. Wayne Van Camp, Bruce Watts. Tommy Williams, Bobby Williams. Michael Wilson, Denuer Yarbrough, Johnny Yankinoff, Ubin Engelke, John K2 519 - Lambda Chi Alpha Officers President .JoeFloriani Vice President .Brad Beavers Pete Warren Pledge Trainer.Greg Harris Secretary.Chuck White Treasurer.Vince Terril _ lambda chi lambda chi 1 lambda chi 1 lambda chi lambda chi 1 lambda chi lambd Photos Unlimited 520 AXA Adams, Joe Ainley, Neal Ashford, Charles Bell, Mike Berlau, Charles Bowers, Greg Box, Lawrence Brackett, Burke Burckart, Bob Burnett, Danny Gaboon, Mark Calhoun, Raymond Cargill, Jim Carraway, Tommy Clark, Jackie Coleman, Bobby Cooper, Mark Culp, David Cunningham, Bill Eagle, Gene Greenway, David Haguewood, Steve Hardin, Joe Harrell, Ken Harris, Gregg Henry, James Hervey, Thomas Hinton, Thomas Itz, Joe Johnston, Donald Jones, Jerry Landers, Jerry Keller, Kim King, James Kimball, Richard Lamb, Terry Lambert, Joe Looney, Robert Lunney, Don March, Joseph McGee, Sam Munger, Robert Naramore, Chester Noland, Brian Palmquist, Randall Parker, Russ Peachy, Doug Perry, Gregg Reid, Dean Sayre, George Scott, Michael Smith, David Stathakis, Sam Suzuki, Taizo Swab, Bill Terril, Vince Troth, Mark Warren, David Warren, Jeffrey Wayne, James White, Charles Wilkinson, Stan Williams, Zeke Wingfield, William Wright, Dallas Young, Greg AXA 521 Phi Delta Theta Officers President. Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary . Treasurer . Rush Chairman ... .Jim Shenep .... Carl Gessler . .Tommy Lewis Greg Fair . . Dwight Smith Ronnie Gardner . .Bart Newman Craig Smith phi delt phi delt phi delt phi delt phi delt phi delt phi delt phi delt phi C. Cunningham 522 I A0 Battisto, David Bell, Bront Boyce, Edward Brenner, John Busby, Bill Campbell, Greg Carrigan, Pat Chandler, John Christian, Ken Clark, Kenneth Coakley, Dion Cosgrove, Rich Coleman, Charles Darville, Fred Davis, Brett Doss, West Duncan, Allan Ebel, Walter Edwards, John Fair, Greg French, David Gardner, Ronald Gerety, Richard Gessler, Garl Gladwin, Robert Goings, Mark Graham, Gustave Haaser, James Henson, Paul Higdon, Phil Higman, David Hollingsworth, Bill Howington, Harvey Hudson, Kyle Huey, Tommy Hughes, William Jacks, Hugh Johnson, Julian Jones, Randy Kincannon, Jim Lewis, Tommy McGuire, Rodney Miller, Scott Morgan, Jay Muncy, Loye Niven, Lyle Norvell, Gharles Priest, Stephen Rice, Chuck Ridgeway, Robert Roeder, Jim Roth, Danny Roth, David Sanders, Edwin Seibold, Richard Seiz, Jon Shenep, Jim Simmons, David Smith, Dwight Sokora, James Taylor, Lewis Thompson, Damon Turley, Robert Wells, John White, Bolton Wilkins, Howard Winchester, Steven Young, Mark Young, Michael OA© 523 N Phi Gamma Delta Officers President. Treasurer . Pledge Trainers Secretary . Rush Chairman . Alyn Donaubauer .Dean Ayers .Matt Wilson Byron Bordeaux .Danny Morris . .Richard Howard fiji fiji " fiii • fij " fiji ' f ' ii ' 1’ ’1’ ' 1 ' ' 1’ ' 1 ' ’1 ' C. Cunningham Ayers, Robert Baird, Bruce Bonds, John Bordeaux, Byron Brooks, Randall Chisholm, Frank Cooper, James Cramer, Thomas Daniel, Eddie Deramus, Rickey Donaubauer, Allyn Ferguson, Thomas Franks, Scott Howard, Richard Jackson, Larry Jones, Jay Kellogg, Thomas Kramer, Kenneth Matteson, Sylvester McGilvery, Tom Miller, Keith Mott, Charles Nagel, Carl Peulausk, Thomas Proctor, Davis Roberts, Gilbert Sample, Steve Shadrach, Steve Sibley, Charles Smith, David Smith, William Steinsiek, James Stophlet, Robert Sykes, Terry Sykes, Richard Wallace, Roy White, Jesse Wilson, Mathis 525 Pi Kappa Alpha Officers President. Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary . Treasurer. Rush Chairman .. Buddy Hicks Robert Russell . Jim Duffield . Randy Webb ... Greg Davis . Jim Duffield pike pike pike pike pike pike pike pike pike pike pike pike P ' C. Cunninfiham 526 HKA Banks, Keith Barnett, Bruce Bolinger, Byron Bowman II, Lee Brwwer, Robert Davis, Gregg Duffeild, Jim Dunn, James Caudle, Jerry Fair, Ronnie Fisher, Danny Gardner, Scott Gaskill, Dathan Hayes, Robert Hicks, Luther Hudson, Walter Huffman, Brandon Hugen, Randy Johnson, Robert Kellam, Charles Kirk, Steve Kizer, Maxie Kvaternik, Kenny Mabich, Bernard McCarter, Mike McComb, Randy McDaniel, Charles McKinney, John McKinney, Rick McKinnon, Daniel Montgomery, Stephen Newsum, Jackson Patrick, Michael Parette, Keith Pinkston, Timothy Qualls, Warren Roberts, Steven Russell, Robert Schafer, Michael Smith, Buc Speer, Paul Summers, Phillip Swicegood, Tim Vincent, John Wafler, Porter Webb, Randy Whittington, Joe Williams, Thomas OKA 527 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Officers President.Bryan Ward Vice-president.Phil Halton Secretary .Wade Plunkett Treasurer.Bud Baldwin Social Chairman.Jim Phillips Rush Chairman.Bill Mabrey J sae sae sae sae sae sae sae sae sae sae sae sae sae sae C. Cunningham 528 SAE Akin, Charles Akin, Gordon Allen, John Allison, Frank Baldwin, Warren Ballard, William Barsamian, Tom Bellingrath, Len Boone, Dan Bransford, Roger Brown, Kent Capehart, Thor Cartwright, William Chevaillier, William Clifford, Thomas Davis, Robert Deaton, James Dexter, John Duke, Ricky Eason, Stephen East, Curtis Eusep, James Fike, Robert Findley, Brian Frear, Robert Frear, Steven Hornor, West Horton, Steve Hurst, Howard Hutchison, Bill llseman, Micheal Jackson, Harmon Jones, John Jones, William Kenney, Steven Kitchens, William Klugh, Edwin Kuca, Larry Lancaster, Steve Larrison, Charles Luplow, Roi Maberry, Matt Mabrey, William Magruder, Pat Mathisen, Micheal McMillan, Mike McNair, Mark Newton, John Oliver, Arthur Pearce, Chuck Perry, Timothy Phillips, Jim Plunkett, Wade Pugh, Tom Reed, Richmond Rittelmeyer, Paul Rieves, Elton Smith, Davie Smith, Ed Solomon, Jim Spurlin, Johnny Tatman, Scott Teed, Frank Wilson, Royce Ward, Bryan Watkins, John Wildy, Don Wright, Walter Young, David SAE 529 Sigma Chi Officers President. Vice President . Pledge Trainer Secretary. Treasurer . Rush Chairman ,.. .Curt Nebben .Bart Cobb Bobby Giesinger • Chuck Roscopf .Mike Smith .. .Johnny Miller Ralph Waters sigma chi sigma chi sigma chi sigma chi sigma chi sigma chi sigma chi sign R. Guyn 530 SX Bacon, Robert Barnett, Brett Barnett, Jerry Bassett, William Bridewell, Robert Bryant, Harry Cobb, Barton Curtner, Thomas Elliott, Steven Emerson, Scott Faulkner, Marty Fortune, Jeff Gay, Fra ncis Gibson, Douglas Giesinger, Robert Grimes, William Hall, Robert Harper, Robert Hudgins, Robert Jeffries, Curtis Kemp, Daniel Lambert, Robert Lieon, Shaw Liles, Mike Johanson, Blair Johanson, Bruce McGraw, John Miller, John Morris, Walter Morrison, Stephep Morrison, Steve Murphy, Richard Nebben, Curtis Nicholson, Earl Pearson, John Reddeii, Pat Reed, Jeffrey Roscopf, Charles Short, Jim Smith, David J. Smith, David A. Smith, Don Thicksten, Mark Thomas, Herbert Thomas, Steve Vorsanger, Bruce Weisberger, Mark Whistle, Fred Wilbourn, Alan Winder, Paul Young, Thomas 2X 531 Sigma Nu Officers — Commander Lt. Commander Pledge Trainer Secretary. Treasurer. Rush Chairmen _ Mike Bauer ... John Ersteine .... Drew Basham Mike Moore .. .Terry Norman .Mark Kellum John McCutcheon Scott Irwin _ J sigma nu sigma nu sigma nu sigma nu sigma nu sigma nu sigma nu sigma nu 2N 532 Anderson, Doug Arnold, Tony Barnes, Greg Basham, Drew Bauer, Mike Bender, Kurt Benson, William Bilo, Beese Browne, Jeff Buchanan, Allen Case, Billy Chandler, James Chandler, Thomas Glower, Brooks Covington, Randall Cyrus, Mark Cyrus, Mike Deen, Chris Duckworth, Brock Estine, Jon Mark Erstine, Tim Faires, Richard Fallis, Dale Fellows, Lyle Fleischner, Stuart Fulenwider, Steve Cardial, Phil Garrison, James Gatlin, Eddie Gearhart, Doug Godley, Lee Harness, Larry Hendrickson, Felix Hill, Barry Hudson, Robert Johnson, Danny Johnson, Howard Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Tracy Jones, Steve Keck, Harry Kelly, Henry Jr. Kellum, Cecil Lax, Micheal Love, Micheal McKee, Mike Meeks, Robert Moore, Kelsey Moore, Micheal Montez, Alex Morton, Robert Murphy, Mark Neuhart, Larry Niblock, Geogre Nichol, Currin Norman, Terry Pender, Jim Pullen, Charles Ross, Steven Searcy, Joe Seba, Brian Sellers, Kevin Smart, Jim Stafford, Robert Stanberry, Scott Stroud, Ken Taylor, Rick Treece, Jeff Van Ness, Lewis Welch, Jimmy Whitmore, Perry Wilson, Steve Wright, Mark Wright, Mark W. 2N 533 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Officers President.Mark Robens Vice-President.Cliff Cordes Secretary .John Marconi John Morrison Rush Chairman.Bill Harrison sig ep sig ep sig ep sig ep sig ep sig ep sig ep sig ep sig ep sig ep R. Guynn 534 SOE Allen, David Barber, Ron Blindman, David Brandon, Philip Buddig, Robert Coleman, Michael Counce, James Davie, Alexander Fields, Brad Fleeman, Carl Gilbow, Barry Goodfellow, Robert Hairston, William Harding, Les Harrison, James Harrod Jr., Tedford Hart, Frank Hicks, John Hicks, Michael Jordin, Robert Kahanamoku, David Kay, James Kimbriel, William Knapp, Kim Linch, Robert Lorenzo, Jeff Marconi, John Marshall, Reggie McCoy, William McCuthchen, Lex Morrison, John Myers, William Myers III, Ralph Noyes, Kent Robens, Mark Row, Benson Rowe, Ken Sizemore, Galen Skelley, William Skinner, Robert Sweetser, Mike Twist, Randy Van Sickle, Kirk Watsonn, Jeffrey Welch, Joel Welch, Roger Whillock, James Wilkerson, Dana SOE 535 Theta Tau Officers N President . Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary. Treasurer. Rush Chairman .Paul Strang .David Hawkins .Stan Nelke .. .Mike Johnson .... Gay Barnett .Kirk Place theta tau theta tau theta tau theta tau theta tau theta tau theta tau C. Cunningham Barse, William Bowers, Bill Buckley, Ralph Capes, Randy Endsley, Randy Finlen, James Freeze, David Gleason, Jay Lavender, George Merchant, Randall Nabors, James Niblock, Fred Niemeyer, Steven Oates, David Oxford, Randall Traylor, Steven Troillett, Larry sn 537 ABrAEH0IKAMNHOnP2T $ 538 Greeks X fiABrAEZH©IKAMNH0nP2 “A Greek Classic . . . Now, Then, and Always” 2! v M Greciks 539 m mo iMDe A Abdelkarim, Jalal A.414 Acker, Rebekah J.414 Acre, Paul E.402 Adam, Deborah L.432 Adams, Cheryl L.387 Adams, Donna C.414 Adams, Frank A.384 Adams, Joe E.432 Adams, Michael S.402 Adams, Virgil E.384 Adcock, Michele S.414 Adock, Deborah G.432 Agan, Cathy L.432 AGRI ECONOMIC CLUB . 360 AGRUHOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION . 363 AGRONOMY CLUB . 360 Agu, Joseph.432 Ainley, Neal T.432 AIR FORCE . 372-376 AIR FORCE ROTC . 372 Akin, Charles R.414 Akin, Gordon C.414 Albritton, Ronald L.432 Alexander, James L.432 Alexander, Jeri L.414-507 Allen, Brenda.346 Allen. Christie L.402 Allen, Cindy A.402, 493 Allen, Cynthia L.432, 459 Allen. David.414,535 Allen, Earl J.384 Allen, John E.414,529 Allen. John W.402 Allen. Karen D.414, 489 Allen, Kenneth R.414 Allen. Mark.301 Allen, Nancy E.402, 493 Allen. Nancy E.414 Allen, Patrick H.432 Allen. Samuel E.414, 509 Allen, Steve A.432 Allgeyer, Judy L.387 Allison. Frank M.414, 529 Allison. Walter E.387 Allred, Connie J.402, 495 ALPHA ANGELS . 348 ALPHA CHI OMEGA . 486,487 ALPHA DELTA PI . 488,489 ALPHA GAMMA RHO . . .508,509 ALPHA GAMMA RHOMATES .352 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA . . .490, 491 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA .510,511 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ALETHIANS . 350 ALPHA KAPPA PSI . 359 ALPHA PHI ALPHA . 512, 513 Altheimer, Brian P.402 ALUM, ALEX AND ALICE . 80 Amason, Patricia R.414 AMERICAN HOME ECON- ASSOCIATION . 359 Anders, Larry D.402 Anderson, Ann.414, 493 Anderson. Doug B.432, 533 Anderson. Janice L.432 Anderson, Larry J.387 Anderson, Mary A.402 Anderson, R. C.175 Anderson, Russell G.387 Andre, Bill S.414 Andrews, Barry.402 Andrews, Nancy A.432 Angles. Beverly .106 Annable, Jonathan A.432 Appleyard, Theresa A.402 Arbuckle, Laura L.432 Arce, Walter.432 Archer, Robert L.402 Arens, Brian R.432 Arey, Judy E.432 ARKANSAS UNION PROGRAMS COUNCIL . 308 Armour, James M.432 Armstrong, Margaret .432 Armstrong, Michael .339 ARMY ROTC . 377,381 ARMY ROTC KADETTES . 381 Arnold, Edward A.402 Arnold, Teresa J.402, 489 Arnold. Tony.432,533 Arth, Michael L.402 Asher. Robert B.432 Ashford, Charles T.402, 521 Ashford. Terry E.414, 507 Ashley. Elaine L.387. 495 Ashley, Sharon K.402, 489 Ashmore, Ace M.414 Ashmore, Lance E.432 Aspel, Thomas F.387 ASSOCIATED STUDENT GOVERNMENT 300, 301, 302, 303, 304 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS . 312,313 Aston, Bruce A.432 Atchley, Brian K.402 Athefis, Drew J.432 Atkins, Sheree L.414, 503 Audrian, Jacki R.432 Augustine, Merlin.165 Aulds, Steven D.414 Austin, Connie Jo.387 Austin, Rhonda M.414 Ayers, Robert D.387, 525 B Babitt, Rebecca L.387, 489 Babcock. Ellen.414.507 Baber, Timothy A.104, 432 BACKGAMMON . 115,117 Backstrom, Sandra J.432 Bacon. Robert K.54, 402, 531 Bagg, Cinthia L.432 Bailey. Bill H.432 Bailey, Clay.54, 432 Bailey, James L.384 Bailey, John S.432 Bailey, John W.414 Bailey, Lloyd E.402 Bailey, Nancy 1.387 Bain, Angela M.414 Bain. Barbara K.402 Bainbridge, Mark R.414 Bair, Mark W.414 Baird, Bruce E.402, 525 Baker. Barry L.432 Baker, Jon L.432 Baker. Margaret E.432 Baker. MetahL.202,507 Baker. Robert L.432 Baker. Stanley W.387, 509 Baker, Steve . . . ..271 Balch, Dwight.414 Baldridge, Becky L.414, 503 Baldwin, Warren T.402, 529 Ballard. William G.402 Ballenger, Ben D.414 Ballenger, Kenneth .146 Ballentine, Valerie D.402 Baltz, Bernard A.387 Baltz, Gergory L.414 Baltz, Thomas H.432 BAND . 356, 537 Banks, Keith R.432 Banks, Margaret K.414 Barband, Ali.414 Barbee. Rhonda D.402 Barbee, Sheila G.432 Barber. Ron B.387,535 Barclay. Rebecca J.432 Bardwell, Steve R.432 Barge, Janet E.387 Barham. Jimmie C.432 Barham. Sarah R.37, 387, 501 Barnes, Curtis G.414 Barnes, Daniel .432 Barnes, Greg P.414, 533 Barnes. Katherine D.387 Barnes. Reginald W.414 Barnes, William L.414 Barnett, Brett G.432, 531 Barnett, Bruce.402 Barnett, Garry D.402 Barnett. Jerry M.414, 531 Barsamian, Tom A.402 Barse, William P.414, 537 Bartlett, Teresa K.432 Bartley, Karen S.432 Bascom, Barbara.387 Basecke, Mark T.402 Bass, Lisa C.402 Basham. Drew .402,533 Basham, Leslie P.432 Bass, David W.387 Bassett, Toni J.432 Basham, Catherine L.387, 501 Basham, Sarah L.387, 495 Bassett. William M.402, 531 Batchelor, Frankie A.402 Bates, Janet L.432 Bates, Romona L.414 Batson. Connie D.414 Batson, Sharon K.387 Battenfield, Betty.182 Battle, Elizabeth R.432 Battley, Karen S.432 Battisto, David G.414 Bauer, Mike.387, 533 Baumgardner. Pam.402, 493 Baxter, Kim C.387 Baxter, Robert W.414 Bays, David R.387 Beadle, Janet L.414 Beaird, Brain P.387 Beane, Tonya K.387 Beal. Audwin L.432 Beam, Craig E.414 Beam, Dan.414 Bean, Marcia L.414 Beard. Barbie J. 432 Beard, Jana S.402 Beard, Lynn .433 Bearden, Elaine.414 Bearden, Patricia J.433 Beasley. Anna J.50, 402, 497 Beasley. Barbara L.402 Beasley, Cissy S.415 Beaty. Kenneth H.402 BEAUTY, BELINDA .75 Beaver, Linda 1.433 Beavers. Brad J.402 Beck. Janet M.433 Becker, Bennett E.402 Beckwith. Harold.433 Bedford. Linda Y.433 Bedwell, Elise.415, 505 Beeler, Lamon N.415 Bell, Hilton L.387 Belk, Hollice A.415 Bell, Beverly A.402 Bell. Brent M.433 Bell. Jeri G.433 Bell. Mike D.433,521 Bell. Pamela J.387 Bell. Rebecca S.415, 503 Bell. Rhonda.348,415,491 Bell. Terri L.415 Bellingrath, Len.433 Bellomo, Savatore J.415 Bender. Kurt W.387, 533 Beneke, Elsa R.415 Bennett, Chris N.415 Bennett. Dan D.384 Bennett, Steven .415,509 Benson. William.433, 533 Bequette, Bill W.415 Berlau, Charles E.402, 521 Berry, Danny T.387 Besadesdy, Janet K.. . .433 Best, James.433 BETA ALPHA PSI . 320 Beth, Brenda K.415 Bethea, Douglas A.415 Bethell, Andy.387 Betnar, Jerry.433 Bevier, Kathryn A.387 Beyenka, Ann.387 Bibbins, Wilfred J.384 Bibler, Dawn.415, 495 Biermann, Janet L.433 Biggs. Jerre L.224, 387, 503 Billington, Jeannie R.483 Bilo, Beege.384, 533 Bingham, Lisa.384 Bird. Deborah L.402, 487 Bischof, Jennifer G.415 Bishop, Charles .162,163 BLACK AMERICANS FOR DEMOCRACY . 306,307 BLACK AWARENESS WEEK. .104- 107 Black. Chrysi L.415 Black, Karen L. .433 Black, Lamona K.384 Blackwood, Richard W.387 Blagg, Holly A.415,493 Blagg, Susan R.415,495 Blair, John M.415 Blair, Melinda L.402, 503 Blair, Kay.415 Blakely. Kim J.387, 493 Blankenship, Melanie H.433 Blasdel, Terry D.402, 489 Blattner Jr.. Frank J.384 Bledsoe, Jeffry H.387 Bledsoe. Lane.387 Bledsoe, Robin.402,507 BLIMP, BETSY . 67 Blindman, David M.433, 535 BLUE KEY . 316 Blumenthal, Eric E.433 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS . 324, 542 Index 325 BOARD OF TRUSTEES . 161 Bock. Daniel W.415 Bock, Timothy J.415 Bockholt, Jane F.415 Boever, James R.387 Bogard. Cindy L.433 Bogard, Mark D.433 Bogart. Kathy C.415 Bollinger. Byron L.387 Bollinger. Isacc E.415 Bolt. Deborah E.415 Bond. Jane D.415, 489 Bonds. Gregory .433 Bonds, John Y.415, 525 Bonner. David W.387 Bonner, Douglas W.433 Bonner. Steven J.415 Boone. Dan M.402 Bordeauz, Byron M.415, 525 Borgognoni, Julie A.415, 507 Bostian, Stephen E.388 Boustany. Stella M.433 Bovd. Leigh A.433 Bowdon. Mary E.415 Bowen, Susy.415 Bowers, Bill C.415, 537 Bowers, Greg .433.521 Bowman, Buddy L.415 Bowman. Kevin R.433 Bowman. Patricia D.402 Bowman II. Lee A.433 Box. Brenda J.388, 503 Box. Jim F.402 Box, LawTence W.433, 521 Boyce, Edward W.433 Boyce. Lisa S.433 Boyce. Patti L.402, 503 Boyd. Eugene E.433 Boyd. Lynn.388.589 Boyd, Nolan L.433 Boyden, Brace H.202 Boyles, Karen R.433 Bracey, Harriett L.403, 505 Bracy, Lisa S.433 Brackett, Burke J.403, 521 Bradberry. Robert L.388 Bradberry, William B.433 Bradford. Sharon J.388 Bradley. Maryann.415 Bradley, Nancy Sue.415, 593 Brainerd. Pamela J.433 Brainerd, Rusty R.433 Branddon. Frances A.388, 487 Brandon, Philip F.434, 535 Brannan. Gail M.225, 403, 507 Brannen. Linda D.434 Bransford, Roger S.433 Bratton, Jan.415, 459 Brawner, Sharon W.403, 503 Breeding. Jeffery E.433 Breeding. Roger F.434, 509 Brennecke, Carol L.434 Brenner. John A.415 Brewer. Becky .403, 507 Brewer. Laurie L.434 Brewer, Robert M.415 Brewer. Ron.294 Brewer, Sheryl L.415, 497 Bridewell, Robert G.388, 531 Bridges. Randy T.403 Brinkley. Judy.415, 493 Brizendine. Nancy L.415, 507 Brockett. Karen A.415 Brockinton. Terri L.434 Brockmann, Beth.415. 495 Brockmole, Jan P. 415 Brogdon, Gail M.415 Broks, Deborah L. 434 Brooks, Mary Ann.384 Brooks, Randall R.403, 525 Brooks, Robert B. 434 Brooks, Susan M. 434 Broom. Terri. 434 Browers, Elizabeth H. 4,34 Brown. Bruce. 434 Brown. Gordon D. 434 Brown, Jill. 434 Brown. Jocelyn E.388. 487 Brown. Kent 0 . 434 Brown, Kim. 434 Brown, Mark A.388 Brown. Patti A. 434 Brown, Robin L... 416 Brown, Terry L.403 Brown. William G. 434 Browne, Arthur D.164 Browne, Jeffrey W. 434 , 533 Browning, Brenetta.346 Browning, Swayze A.403 Brumley, Joel M.403 Brunson, Vickie.403.495 Bruton, Karen K. 434 Bryan, Carol L.416 Bryan, Lisa D. 416 Bryan, Patricia A. 434 Bryant. Charles L.388 Bryant. Harry W. 434 . 531 Bryant. Robert M.416 Bryant. Royce S.388, 517 Bryant, Susan E.416 Buchanan. Allen C.416, 533 BUCHANON, BROKE . 456, 457 Buckley. Ralph N.433, 537 Buckley, Steven L.403 Budd, Harry L.18, 513 Buddig. Robert J.416, 535 Buford. Pete. 433 Bunch, Barry A. 433 Bunyard. Sara J.388, 497 Buras, Marjorie A.403 Burchart. Bob.433, 521 Burk, Diane J. 388, 497 Burkert, Roger U.388 Burkert, Ronald D.388 Burkett. Jerry .416,509 Burkett, Mendy D. 433 Burkhalter, John C.403 Burnett. Danny W.416, 521 Burns. Barbara N.388 Burns. Jerry.416 Burns, Larry C.416 Burns, Sheila Y.433 Burns, Morrision R.403 Burris. Cindy J.416, 497 Burroughs, Keith L.403 Burt. Mark A.433 Burton. Patti A.433 Burton, Paul J.388 Busby, Melissa L.433, 505 Busby. William D.433 Bush, Mario M.403 Bushkuhi, Kara A.416 Bushkuhl, Suzanne.433 Bussa, Carra M. 433 Butler, Dana S.403 Butler, Lee Ann .433 Butler. Martha .169 Bynum. Terri L.403, 497 C Cagle. Caren N.68, 416 Cagle, Peggy S.98,434 Cahoon, Mark.416, 521 Cain. David. 416 Calcote, Edward A.434 Calhun, Raymond G.388, 521 Callaway. Jody C.42, 403 Callaway, Nancy C.388 Callico, KimJ.2(K). 416, 507 Calliotte. Robert A.403 Calva, Anita J.403, 459 Calvert, Fred R. 403 Calvin. Linda . 348 Camp, Cindy A. 434 Camp. Ricky.509 Campbell. Belinda G.416 Campbell. Gregory E. 434 Campbell. Leigh.388 Campbell, Mary E. 416 Campbell. Melissa L.416 Campbell. Ossie. 434 Campbell, Paula R. 434 Campbell, Peggy .388 Campbell, Reginald W.388, 513 Campbell, Teenie.388 Campbell. William S.388 Cannon. Cathryn H.403. 497 Cannon, Julia E. 4 I 6 Cannon, Lori D. 434 Cannon. Nedra L. 434 Cannon, Phyllis A.416 Cantrell. Larry R. 434 Capehart, Thor. 434 Caperton, Lisa C. 434 Capes. Randy E.416. 537 CARDINAL XX . 3 I 6 CARDINAL KEY . 314 Cargill. Cindy. 434 Cargill. Jim E.416. 521 Caristianos, Rosemary.416, 503 Carlin. Robin H. 434 Carlisle, Kimberly A.388 Carlow, Monty 1 . 434 Carney. Debbie C.388, 497 Carney. John. 168 Carpenter. Cathy.403,495 Carpenter. Cynthia A. 434 Carpenter, Geneva P.388 Carpenter, James T.416 Carpenter, Kenneth J.388 Carr. Carol A.403 Carr. Linda S. 434 Carraway, Tommy J.521 Garrick, Raynelle.416 Carrigan, Pat S. 434 Carrithers, Timothy T. 434 Carroll, Candi S. 434 Carroll. Carney L. 333 . 388, 513 Carroll. Charlotte . 210 , 211 , 334 , 348, 491 Carroll. Christiana. 434 Carroll, Thomas.388 Carson, Douglas M.403 Carson. Linda D.388 Carson. Patricia L. 434 Carter, Connie 1 . 434 Carter. James E. 434 Carter. James R.388 Carter. Jerry L.416 Carter. Ken.304 Carter. Paula G. 416 Carter, Susan E. 434 Cartwright, William T.434 Carver. Kevin.416 Carvill. Caroline.434 Case. Billy S.416,533 Casey. Tanya R..348, 434 Cash. Jon. 416 Cash. Walter K. 416 Cassady, Laura B. 434 Cassady, Nancy G.416 Cassady. Tony L. 434 Castor. Judith K.416 Cates, Rhonda L. 434 Cathey. Kelley J. ..416. 495 Catlett. Rebecca J.388. .503 Caudle, Jerry R. 434 Caudle, Teresa J. 435 Caya, Chuck B.416 Caywood, Richard C.403 Cearley, Douglas C.416 Center, Jerry D.416 Chaffin, Jim. 334 Chaffin. Markley.403 Chaffin, Stephen W. 435 Chambers, Kathy S. 435 Chambers. Michael J. 435 Chambliss. JoEllen . 435 Champion, Betty.416 Champlin, Steven G.403 Chandler, James W. 435 , 533 Chandler. John K. 435 Chandler. Thomas A. 435 , 533 Chaney, Donald P.384 Chapen, Emily J.416 Chapley. Frank B. 435 Chastain, Michael E.403 Cheatham. Darlene.403 Cheatham, Jody C.388 Cheat wood. Amber B.388. 507 Cheat wood, Stephen G. 435 CHEERLEADERS . 254, 255 Chen. Edward T.384 Cherski, Jo A. 435 Chevillier, William C.403 Chilcote. Frederick M.416 Childers. Cathy C. 435 CHILDREN . 46,47 CHIMES . 314 CHI OMEGA . 492, 493 Chisholm, Frank .435,525 Chism. Johnny D. 435 Chism. Laura L.388, 505 Chism, Susan F. 435 Chrisman. Robert M. 435 Chrisos, Dominic J. 435 Christensen. Herbert E. 435 Christian, Donald D. 435 Christian, Ken.416 Christopher, Sandra J. 435 Chu, Barry. 435 Chu. David .416 Chu. Henry.416 Chung. Kim-Hung.388 Church. Debbie.403,507 Church, Michael C.435 Church well. Jacquelyn A.388 Clack. Alan R.416 Clark. Debra V.403 Clark. Jackie L.435.521 Clark. Kenneth D. 435 Clark, Pamela S.403. 503 Clark, Ronald L.388 Clark, Thomas R.416 Clark. Troy L.417 Clarke. Roxanne .417 Index .543 Clement. Rebecca A.403 Clement, Thomas R.388 Clifford. Thomas M.417 Clifton, Renae.403 Clinehens, Cheryl J.435 Clinton, Billy V.435 Cloud. John |.417 Clower, Brooks B.435, 533 Cluck, Ter6?sa D.435 Coakley, Dion F.435 Cobb. Barton G.388, 531 Cobb. Michael L.435 Cobb. Rebecca A.388, 487 Cochran. Hal C.417 Coffee. Bobby M.389 Coffelt. Charles .417 Cohen. Cindy 1.417. 489 Coiner, Kelly N.417,497 Coker. Thomas K.389 Colbert. John L.389, 513 Cole. Barbara L.389, 497 Cole, Suzanne E.435 Coleman. Bobby.389, 521 Coleman. Brigette R.435 Coleman, Charles T.389 Coleman. Evelyn L.346, 417 Coleman. Lee M.389 Coleman. Michael C.417, 535 Coleman. Rosemary .435 Coleman. Jr., Virgil F.389 COLLEGE OFAGRI AND HOME ECONOMICS . 173 COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE... 174 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES . 175 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . 176 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION . . .178 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING .179 COLLEGE OF NURSING . 182 Collier. Debra L.403, 507 Collier. Roger E.417 Colli ns. Linda K.417, 507 Collins. Lloyd D.435 Collins. Shelley K.403, 497 Collins. Timothy V.403 Collyge, Jeanie.191,300 Columber, Kent S.417 Combs, Andy B.435 Combs. Judith L.403 Commander Cody . 98,99 Conatser, Daniel J.417, 509 CONCERT CHOIR . 148, 149 Conner. Michael A.403 Conner. Patty J.389 CONTINUING EDUCATION. . . 177 Cook. Darla J.435 Cook. Donna G.417 Cook. Julie A.403,493 Cook, K. R.164 Cook, Laurie L.403, 493 Cook. Mark K.435 Cook, II, William L.417 Cooksey, Barbara J.435 Cooksey. Crit .307 Cooley. Debbie K.435 COOLIDGE, CALVINB . 76 Cooper. Carol L.435 Cooper. Deborah L.435 Cooper. Jamcjs B.417, 525 Cooper. Janice L.389, 499 Cooper. Mark F.417, 521 Cooper. Patricia A.435 Cooper. Scott A.435 Copeland. Scott.403 Core. Grady B.389 Cosgrove, Myra M.403, 489 Cosgrove, Rich R.417 Cossey. Lloyd S.435 Counce, James S.403, 535 Council. Becky L.435 Cousatte, Joy.417, 497 Cousins.389,495 Covert. George W.403 Covington. Randal R.435, 533 Cowan. Mary J.417, 495 Cowan. Thomas L.435 Cowins. Ben.293 Cowling, Joseph M.417 Cox. Eugene J.417 Cox. Lisa A.403, 493 Coxsey, Loy F.435 Coyle. Karen K.403 Crabtree, Robert M.389 Craig, Dallas.339 Craig, Dan R.417 Craig. David C.403 Craig, Janet M.417 Craig, Mary J.417 Craig, Stephen W.435 Crain, Charles D.403 Craine, Cathee.389,503 Cram. Barbara K.417, 489 Cramer, Nancy J.417 Cramer, Thomas E.435, 525 Cranford. Dennis R.435 Crank. Elisabeth J.404, 507 Crank. Robin R.389 Craven, Shanda.404,495 Crawford. Nancy D.404 CrawTord, Steven T.417 Creech, Dennis R.404 Creswell, Curtis E.389 Crews. Peggy A.404, 503 Criner, Jerry L.384 Crites, Tom A.435 Crock. Jeanette K.435 Crockett. John D.435 Crosby. Carla M.436 Cross, Jan C.436 Cross, William R.389 Crouse, Diane M.436 Crowly, Sherry A.404 Crowly. Ted R.417 Cruce, Steven R.436 CRUSADER, CAROL .77 Cubitt, Rebecca L.436 Cude, Richard W.404 Culdice, Cynthia A.417 Cullen, James F.389 Culp. David M.436, 521 Cummings, Joseph C.436 Cunningham. Bill R.521 Cunningham. Chuck.86. 87 Cunningham, William R. . . .436, 521 Curry. Cheryl.436 Curtis. Michael D.436 Curtner, Thomas Z.436, 531 Cusack, Thomas P.417 Cyrus. Mark R.436,533 Cyrus. Mike J.389, 533 Czarnikow, Melony N.417 D Dabbs. Gary L.40. 436, 509 Daggett. Mala J.317, 389, 495 Dailey. Stephanie A.28, 404 Dale, Carol A.389, 497 Dale, Edward E.389 Daley. Laurie M.436 DANCE COMPANY . 152, 153 Daniel, Dana E.436 Daniel, Eddie W.404, 525 Daniel. Elizabeth J.35, 417 Daniel. Julie A.436 Daniel, William S.417, 509 Dansby, Lathaire.436 Darelius, Liz G.436 Darville, Fred J.417 Dastghieb, Shirin.436 Daugherty. Ann.389, 489 Davenport. Nancy E.417 Daves, Jay E.389 Davidson. Michael M.389 Davidson. Susan H.436 Davie. Alexander S.417, 535 Davis. Beverly A.404 Davis, Brett C.417 Davis, Donnie J.436 Davis, Gregg A.404 Davis. Johnetta R.417 Davis, Kathryn A.417 Davis, Kathy M.389, 507 Davis. Leslie S.417 Davis. Lisa A.389 Davis. Michael F.389 Davis. Michele P.201, 417 Davis, Rhonda W.389 Davis, Robert M.417 Davis, Susan G.436 Davis, Susie S.417, 507 Davis, Suzie .436 Davis, Wayne.404 Davis, Willie H.181 Davison, Margaret J.436 Day, Edwin P.436 Dayringer, Sara L.418 Days. Ramona L.417 Dean. Janet E.404, 489 Dean. Robin L.389 Dean, Terry L.417 Deatherage, Katy A.436 Deaton. James W.418 Debons, Phyllis A.404 Debusk, Susan M.389, 505 DeClerk, Susan R.436 Dee. Paula J.404, 497 Deen, Chris F.436, 533 Dejarnatte, Ralph F. Jr.404 Delph, Marvin .294 DELTA DELTA DELTA . . .494, 495 DELTA GAMMA . 496, 497 DELTA SIGMA THETA . . 498, 499 DELTA UPSILON . 514 DELTA UPSILON LITTLE SISTERS . 344 Dempsey, Doris A.389, 495 Denard, Leland D.317.389 Denard, Sheryl E.436 Denham. Deborah A.389 Dennis. Donna.384 Dennis. Randy D.384 Denton. Janet A.418 Denton. Mary G.436 Denty, Susan A.404, 495 Denzer, Donna Y.436. 459 Deramus. Ricky T.436. 525 Derickson, Rick.418 Derrick. Dana L.384 Derrick, D’Anne.389, 497 Detwiler, Lisa R.436 Devault. Lisa D.418 Dewitt, Gary W.389 Dexter. John D.418 Dickerson, Deann .436 Dickerson, Norma L.436 Dickey, Rickey.418 Dietzen, Mike R.436 Diffin, Janelle E.418 Dillard, Avis N.418 Dillard, Jan E.436 Dillard, Joy.107 Dillard, Luanne .389,495 Dillard. Vicki L.• 418, 495 Dilliard, Ann.418, 497 Dillon. Charlene F.404, 507 Dillon, Deborah D.436 Dinwiddle. David R.436 Dirden, Joanne.191,389,499 Ditzig, James A.436 Ditzig, Michael C.404 Dodd, Dennis S.436 Dodd. Jan.436 Dodson, Nancy L.436 Dodson. Robert G.418 Donaldson, Gail.389 Donaubauer, Allyn L.389, 525 Donaubauer, Elton H.166 Dorchester, Charles L.436 Dorethy, Jackie C.384 Dorethy, Joyce 1.404 Dorre, Thomas.171 Doss. Scott .404 Doss. West... . .436 Dougan, Beth E.404, 493 Dougan, Gracia L.404, 507 Dougherty, Dean D.404 Douglas, Steve K.436 Dowden, James F.384 Dowell. Debra A.384 Downen, Shell R.436 Downs, Chandler.404 Doyel, William G.404 Doyle, Joseph D.436 Doyle. Mary B.404 Drake, Ruth E.404 Drennan, Michael .418,517 Driver, Bruce A.418 Droddy, John D. 389 Drye, Betty M.389 Dubbs, Mardean E.436 Dubose. Daniel W.418 Duckworth, Brock D.390, 533 Dudley. Chuck R.384 Dudley. Justine.247, 256 Dudley. Katherine L.418, 497 Duke, Beverly A.418, 503 Duke. Gail A.390,495 Duke. Nina K.404 Duke, Ricky D.436 Dunagin, David L.404 Duncan, Allan H.390, 525 Duncan, Gerald W.418 Duncan, Glynda J.404 Duncan. Kenneth W.390 Dunn, James E.390 Dunn, Rebecca D.418 Dunn. Robert M.404 Durham. Marilyn S.390 Durham. Tommy D.418 Durland, Charles M.418 Durrett, Celia J.404, 497 Dwiggins. Steven W.436 Dye. Phillip D.390 Dymott, Larry D.404 544 Index Eady. Lewis W.436 Eaj le, Gone A.396 Eakin. Beth A.436 Easley. David E.390 Eason, Angela.418, 495 Eason. Carla.224,225,436 Eason. Stephen A. . . East, Curtis. East, Malcom. Eastenes, Russell . . . Easterling. Jeff. Eaton, William. Ebel, Walter M. Eddy, Carla. Eddy, Charles. Eddy. David L. Edelhuber, James . . . Eden , Cathy. Ederington, Lou A. . Edle, Rich A. Edmundson, Greg . . Edgington, Betty. . . . Edwards. Ann . Edwards, Davis . . . . Edwards. Donna K. . Edwards, John. Edwards. Ronald . . . Egleston, Melody . . . Elkins. Deborah . . . . Elkins. Douglas . . . . Ellingson, Barbara . . Ellington. Deanna . . Elliott, Anita. Elliott, Ann. Elliott, Condy. Elliott, Don. Elliott, Steven. Elliott, Kelly Ann . . . Elliott. Marjorie . . . . Elliott, Steve J. Ellis. Deborah A. . . . Ellis, Kathi L. Ellison. Christie . . . . Ellison. David N. . . . Elmore. Kay R. Elmore. Mary E. Elser, Tom. Emerson, Linda M. . Emerson, Scott A. . . Endres, Linda D. . . . Endsley, Randy C. . . Engelke, John H. ENGINE COUNCIL England, Cecily A.. . Englehart, Susan M. English, Ellen. English. John R. English. Norma J. . . . Engstrom, Charles D. Ercoland. John F. . . . Erke, Brenda M. Erman. Susan K. . . . Ersine, Jon Mark ... Erstine, Tim . Ervin. Bob A. Ervin, Michael J. . . . Erw ' in. Hugh R. Estep, Kathy A. Evans. Cheryl L. Evans, Debbie. Evans. Mura G. .418 .437 .271 .390 .418 .390 .437 .404 .390 .404 .390 .437 .48, 505 .437 .437 .390 .437 .437 . ...418, 505 .418 .418 .418 .418 .390 .437 .418 .437 .437 .418 .384 .390 . . . .202,437 .437 .404 .437 256, 418, 505 .404 .390 .437 .418 .418 .404 .437 .437 . . . .418. 537 ....418,537 . 323 .404 .418 ....418,503 .437 .437 .418 .437 .418 .390 ....404, 533 ....437, 533 .438 .390 .437 . . . .404,489 . . . .v390. 489 .206 .437 Evans, Sondra D.437 Evans, Terrence W.437 Eubanks, John D.404 Eubanks, Ralph C.404 Euseppi, James.437 Everett, Pam.256, 404, 507 Ezell, Lawrence W.418 F Fahrner. Margaret M.390 Fair, Carol.390. 505 Fair. Gregori M.418 Fair, Ronnie .326,390 Fairbank, Elizabeth. 437 Faires, Richard.255, 404, 533 Falge, Carolyn .255, 404, 495 Fallis, Dale .418 Farmer. Alice.418 Farmer, Sandra .390,503 Farr, Flotille .390,513 Farrell, Gregory.384 Farrell. Margaret.390 Farris. Joyce.48,505 Faubel, Stephen. 437 Faulkner, Marty. 437 , 531 Faulkner. Susan.438 Fearn, Robert.404 Featherston, Cindy .390, 495 Featherston, Richard. 437 Featherston, Sam. 437 Fellows, Lyle.404, 533 Felts, Terry. 437 Felty, Gail.418,495 Ferguson, Jeannette. 437 Ferguson, Sheryl.418 Ferguson, Susan.437 Ferguson Thomas.39i0, 525 Ferguson. Wendy.404, 503 Fernald, Lane. 437 Ferranti, Nancy.390 Fetzer, Jeanette.404 Fields. Brad.404, 535 FIJI LITTLE SISTERS . 352 Fike, Robert S.418 Filogamo. Marty.390 Findley. Charles.390 Findley, Brian. 437 Fink. Margie.404, 493 Finlen, James .419,537 Finocchiaro, Jerry. 437 Fish, James. 437 Fisher. Danny.419 Fisher, James.390 Fisher. Sarah. 437 Flanigan. Tamara.405, 497 Fleeman, Mike.405,535 Fleischner. Stuart.390, 533 Fleming. Matthew.384 Fletcher, Julie.419 Flanery, Carol.405 Flowers, Cheryl.405, 495 Flowers. Robert.419 Flowers. Stephanie.419,487 Flynn. Charles .390 Flynn, Teresa.390 Fogg. Barbara.390, 493 Fong. Fun H. 419 Fontaine, Melissa.419, 507 Ford. David. 419 Ford, Margo K.390 Ford. William. 437 Fort, Nena.390. 495 Fort. Thomas .437 Fortune, Jeff.419,531 Foster, Frank.405 Foster. Leonard .437 Foster, Newton.419 Foster, Ruthie.390, 487 Fotioo, Eugenia .437 4-H HOUSE . 458,459 Fowler. Cerelle.390 Fowler. Deborah .437, 459 Fowler, Pamela .437 Fowler. Renee.405, 507 Frachiseur, Tammie.437 Francisco. John .419 Franklin, Dee.437 Franklin. Doris.405, 491 Franklin, Randall.419 Franks. Daniel .437 Franks. Nancy .390 Franks. Scott.419, 525 FRAT, FRANK .68 Frazier. Michael.419 Frear, Linda .390 Frear, Robert.391 Frear. Steven .391 Freeman. Darrell.405 Freeman. Debra.419 Freeman, William.391 Freeze, David.405.537 French, Barbara.419,489 French, Cheryl.391 French, David.419 French. Jeffrey.391,513 Frenz, Connie.391, 489 FRESHMEN, FREDDIE AND FRAN . 64 Friedrichs. Pierre.437 Frisby, Julie.437 Frydman, Max.437 Frye, William.437 Fugitt, William K.405 FULBRIGHT . 460,461 Fulenwider. Steve.437, 533 Fuller. R. Buckminster.94 Fuller, Janice.438 Fuller. Karen.438 Fuls. Sarah .384 FUTRALL . 462, 463 G Gage, James S.405, 509 Gaines. Jim E.405 Gaines, Kathryn 1.438 Galindo. Alberto D.419 Galloway, Karen K.256, 405, 503 Gamarra, Eduardo A.419 Gammill, William.391 Gammon, Geoffrey D.405 Gant, Cathryn S.391, 499 Gant. Dinah G.391, 499 Gardial, Phil J.438, 533 Gardner, Joan M.391, 503 Gardner, Paul.192 Gardner, Ronald J.391 Gardner, Scott R.419 Garison, Suzanne H.391, 493 Garner, Gary F.419 Garner, Kathy L.419 Garner. Lisa G.405, 495 Garrett, Annette.438 Garrett, Tammie M.438 Garrison, James D.405. 533 Garrison. Linda R.391 Garrison, Margaret A.419 Gartenberg, Lenny.419 Gaskill, Dathan A.391 Gaspar, Carol Anne A.405 Gaston. Susan A.391, 507 Gathright. Cindy L.405. 495 Gatlin. Eddie R.419, 533 Gay. Francis H.405, 531 Gaylor, Craig R.419 Gearhart. Doug J.419, 533 Gelfano. William M.419 Gelsen, Victor V.438 Gentry, 111, Roy L.438 Gentry. Tena A.438 Gentry. William T.419 George, Cindy L.438 George, Dooley A.419, 497 George. JoEvelyn.307, 405, 499 George, John L.405 Geraci, Doris M.391 Gerety, Richard F.438 Gessler, Carl J.192, 317, 391 Gessler, Catherine E.438 GETAWAY . 48,49 Gibbons, James W.384 Gibbs. Karen A.391, 503 Gibbs. Kay.405, 497 Gi bson. Douglas L.438, 531 Gibson. Melissa K.438 Gibson. Sam F.419 Gilbow, Barry R.438, 535 Gill. Michelle S.438 Gillespie, Mary E.438 Gilliland, Sherri B.405, 495 Gillmore, Deborah L.391, 505 Gillmore, Diana L.391, 505 Gilmer, Nancy L.405 Gilmore, Julie A.391, 503 Gilstrap, Colleen E.391 Ging, Terry L.405 Gish. Glenn R.438 Gist, James S.405 Gladfelter, Leslie A.438 GLADSON-RIPLEY HOUSE .. .456, 457 Gladwin, Robert .405 Glasper, Carolyn S.438 Gleason, Jay.405,537 Glenn, Allen.405 Glenn, Anne.405,507 Gleringer, Mark.405 Glidewell, Paula.405, 505 Glover. Sherry.391, 489 Gober, Tracy .405 Godfrey, Carol.391 Godfrey. Micheal.405 Godley, Lee.533 Godwin, Elbert.419 Goehren, William .405 Going, Mark.419 Goins. Ferrell.438 Goodfellow, Robert.419, 535 Gooch. David.391 Gooch. Meg.391, 495 Gooch, William.419 Good, Kathleen .419 Goode, Paula .419,507 Goodman. Carol.419, 589 Goodson, Jan .419,495 Goodson, Mike.391 Goodwin, Becky.438 Gore. James.384 Gore, Kathy.419, 489 Gore. Wanda .438,459 Index 545 Gorman. Timothy.405 Gorrell, Janet .438 Gorton. John.419 Goss. Janet.419, 507 Gott. Clay .419 Grace. David.438 Grace. Melanie.438 Graddy, John Ed .438 GRADUATE SCHOOL . 180 Grafe, Becky.405 Graham. Gustave.419 Graham, Sharon .438 Granderson, Phillip.438 Graper, Judy.405 Graue, Luanne.438 Graves, Denise.391 Graves, Holly.204, 391 Gravis, Roger.391 Gray. Amy.438 Gray. Dianne .438 Gray. Gregory.438 Gray, Julia.405 Gray. Martin.419, 513 Gray. Paul.391 Gray. William.405, 509 Grayson, Karen .438 Green. Rick.405 Greene, Cynthia.438 Greenway. David.438, 521 Greer. Gerald.397 Greer. Marcus.405 Geeson, Greg .438 Gregory, Anne.419 GREG SON . 464-465 Griffin, Jan .405,505 Griffin. Renne.438 Griffith, Charles.405 Grittith. Shelia.419 Griffiths, Sherri.420 Griggs. Larry.438 Grim. Sherri.438,459 Grimes, William.438, 531 Grimsley, Clint.420 Grimsley. Sherri.391 Grizzell, Diane.391,489 Groce, Gary.391. 509 Groff, Kim.420 Grubb, Lavverence.438 Grubbs. Roselyn .438 Gruberg, Kalman.438 Guinn. Kyle.438 Guisinger, Robert U.405, 531 Gunter, Kathrum.438 Gurley. Patrice.391. 495 Guyton. Ronnie.420 Gwaltney, Cindy.438 H Haaser, James C.420 Hackler. Vicki .438 Hackney. Pam .391, 501 Hadfield, Charles.438 Haehnel, Anne.405 Hafenstein, Susan.438,459 Hagan. Merlin .420 Hagemann, Lila.438,459 Hagler, Chris.88. 89 Haguewood, Steve.391, 521 Haigh, Jane.391, 493 Hairston. William .420,535 Hale. Lori Lee.420 Haley. Cindy.438 Haley. Micheal.438 Hall, Beth.420. 489 Hall, Betty.391,459 Hall, Danny.438 Hall, Darren .439 Hall, Donald.420 Hall, Larry.405 Hall. Maura.405.499 Hall. Robert.405,531 Hall, Suzanne.439 Hall. Terri.439 Halter. Joe.439 Halstead. Glenn.439 Hamblen, Rodney.391 Hamilton. Dale.405, 513 Hamilton. Gene.420 Hamilton. George .384 Hamilton, James.420 Hamilton. Lynda.405 Hamilton. Lynn .405 Hamlin. Cheryl.439 Hammans, Erie.420 Hammond, Kevin.391 Hammond, Sandra .420 Hammonds. Adrian . . . .348, 405, 491 Hampton, Ivan.439 Hampton. Harvey.292,393,513 Hampton, Helen.420, 491 Hamrick, Richard .420 Hank, Darrell.420,513 Hanle, Mary.420,587 Hanna, Robert .439, 509 Hanna. Stephanie .392,507 Hannah. Wade.439 Hardaway, Manuel.439 Harding. Les.406, 535 Hardin, Joe.405,521 Hardy. Glenn W.173 Harman. Lori .439 Harman, Pamela .420 Harmon. Tena .406.487 Harned. Dan.420 Harness. Larry.420,533 Harness. Steven.384 Harnock, James.392 Harold. Dionne.254, 439 Harold. Joniece.420, 503 Harper. Keith.420 Harper. Mark.420 Harper. Robert.439. 531 Harrel. Nancy.392, 503 Harrell. Ken .392,521 Harrington. Rebecca.439 Harrington, Scott.392 Harris. Cheryl.439 Harris. Cheryl 1.315. 392, 501 Harris. Deborah.439,459 Harris. Doris.439 Harris. Gregg .420, 521 Harris. Jamie.429 Harris. Karen.392 Harris. Lynn . . 193, 254, 317. 332, 392, 513 Harris. Marilyn .384 Harris. Pat.439 Harris, Stephanie.392, 497 Harris, Stephen .406 Harris, Vicki.406 Harrison. William.95 Harrison. James.439 Harrison. Leann.497 Harrison. James.439, 535 Harrison. Nacy.392. 495 Harrod. Tedford.439, 535 Harshman, John.439 Hart. Dianne.439 Hart, Frank.420,535 Hart. Jennifer.439 Hart. Robert.392 Hartness, Joe.406 Hartz, Susan.439 Hartzler, Janice .439 Harvell. Micheal .392 Harvey, Debra .420 Harvey. Michele.439 Harvey, Sheri.439 Haskell. Catherine.439 Haskin, Dawn.439 Hasting. Cathy.439 Hatfield. Laura.420 Hattabaugh, Jim.392 Haugen, Nancy.439 Hawes. Diana.420 Hawkins. David.392 Hawkins, Rayanne .439 Hawley. Sydney.420, 497 Hayden. Gregory.439 Hayes, Robert.392 Haynes. Robby.439 Haynes, Vicki.420 Hays. Ann.439 Hays. Barbara.420 Hays. Becky .392 Haywood, Barbara .439 Healy, Danny.439 Hebert. Arvil.384 Heckel, Marilyn.420 Hedden, Terry.439 Hedge. Dennis .420 Hegler, Ulysses.439 Heiman, Michael.439 Heiple, Fred J.179 Heldt, Sharon.420, 487 Helmich, James .406 Hemmert. Lisa.392 Hemphill. Rita .420 Hempy, Lisa.420, 503 Henderson, Allen.439 Henderson, Denise .420 Henderson. Pamela.420 Hendricks. Samuel .439 Hendrickson, Felix .420,533 Hendrickson, Terry.439 Hendrson.Jim .420 Henn, Kevin.439 Henry. Carla.439 Henry. Cassandra .392 Henry. Cindy .420,503 Henry. Glenda.439 Henry. James .439,521 Henry. Michael .392 Henry. Nancy.420, 505 Henry. Paula.439 Henry. Walt .392 Henry. William .420 Hensley. Sara.420 Hensley. Scott .406 Henson. Paul .439 Herndon. Jolyn.439 Herrera. Pedro.406 Herrin. Judith.439 Herrington. Barbara.439 Hervey. Thomas.420, 521 Hess, Billie .420 Hess. Debra.466 Hester. Lynne.420 Hesterly. Leigh...421 Hestir. Mary Kay.440 Hewett. Teresa.406 Hiatt. James.406 Hickerson, Martha.440 Hickman, Gwen.440 Hicks, John.421, 535 Hicks. Luther.392 Hicks, Michael.440, 535 Hicks, Mitchell.440 Higdon. Nancy.421 Higdon. Phil.523 Higgins, Crystal.421 Higgins, John .421 Highfill, Cindy.392 Higman, David.440 Hilburn, Leslie.421,505 Hilger, Anita.384 Hill, Barry.392, 533 Hill. Cynthia.392,493 Hill. Cynthia K.440 Hill, Donald .406 Hill, Gail .421,459 Hill, Gloria .440,459 Hill. Mary.208,392 Hill. Michael.384 Hill, Natalie.307, 440 Hill. Russell.440 Hill. Thomas.392 Hind, Nanci .440 Hines, Betsy.421 Hines, Gail .440 Hinton, Thomas.392, 521 Hirscheider, Connie.440 Hirsch, Alan.440 Hoag, Charles.292 Hoag, Denny.421, 505 Hobbs, William.392 Hocott, William.440 Hoelscher, James.392 Hoenig, Mark.440 Hoggard, Edwin.384 Hoisington, Nancy.392 Hoke, Diana.406 Holaway, George.421 HOLCOMBE . 466,467 Holden. Eric.440 Holdren, Bruce.392 Holland. Debra.333, 392. 497 Holland. Julie.421.497 Holland, Kenneth.406 Holland, Marcia.421 Holland, Melissa .440 Holland. Richard.406 Holley, Linda .421 Holliman, Debra .348,392 Hollimon. Elizabeth .440 Hollingsworth. Bill .440 Holman. Janet.421 Holmes. Ann.421, 493 Holmes. Byron.440 Holmes, Jay.440 Holmes. Tracy.421,513 Holt. Mary.392, 495 Holt. Todd.440 Holyfield, Rhonda.392 HOMECOMING 76 . 54,55 Honeycutt, Amanda.421 Honeycutt. Patrick .440 Honeycutt. Randy.440 Hong. Ginger .392 Hood, Rick .406 Hooff, Ineke Van.384 Hooper. Jocelyn.348 Hopkins, Bennie.346 Hopkins. Breck.384 Hopkins. Jane.333, 406. 493 Hopkins, Jean.406.493 546 Index Hopkins, Johnny .421 Hopkins, Tracie.421 Hopson, Joyce.384, 491 Horne. Lisa.440 Horne, Lisa L.421, 495 Horner. Jane.421,505 Hornor, West.406 Horst, KathJeen .392 Horton. David.384 Horton, Marilyn.406, 489 Horton, Steve.421 Hosey, Cindy .421,493 HOTZ . 468,469 Hotz, Stephen.406 House. Pamela.421,493 Houser, Marsha.392 Houston, Clayton.440 Houston. Gina .440 Houston. Patricia.384 Hout, Gay.440 Howard. Kathy.421 Howard. Richard.392, 525 Howe, Sandy .440 Howell, Cynthia.440 Howell. Lize.406, 505 Howell. Mary Ruth.393,507 Howington, Harvey.421 Hewlett, Shelia .440 HOWARD, HOG . 72 Hubbard. Robin.421 Hubbell, Nancy.393,497 Hudgens, Robert .440 Hudgins. Robert W.406, 531 Hudson. Imogene.440 Hudson, James J.180 Hudson. Kyle.421 Hudson, Patrick.421 Hudson. Robert .440,533 Hudson, Walter.406 Hudspeth. William .406 Huenefeld, Sandra .421 Huey. Martha.406,495 Huey. Tommy.254, 421 Huff. Daniel .393 Huff, Elizabeth.440 Huffman. Brandon .406 Huffman, Kimberly.421 Hugen, Randy.406 Hugg, Marci . 406, 503 Huggler, Michael.393 Hughes. Cecilia .421 Hughes. Paula.440 Hughes. Sarah .406 Hughes. William .440 Hugg. Marcia .256 Humbard, Philip .440 Humbard. Terri.421,497 HUMPHREYS . 470,471 Humphrey’s Patti.224 Hunnicutt, Alta .421 Hunnicutt, Pat .384 Hunt. Charles.421 Hunt. James .406 Hunter, James.384 Hunter, Robert.421 Hunter. Shonah.421 Hunton, Thomas.406 Hupaylo, Deva.440 Hurley. Carol.421 Hurley. Philip.393 Hurley. Susan.406, 495 Hurst, Howard.440 Hutchins. Richard.421 Hutchison. Bill.421 Hutchison, Jeanine .421 Hutchison, Jo Claire .440 Huynh, Philip.440 Hyatt, Mary.421, 507 Hyneman, Hal .393 I Ifeanacho, Emeka.440 Ingram. Ellen .393, 501 Ilseman, Micheal.529 Inman, Bobby.440 Inman, Diana.406 Inman. Katherine.393, 489 Inque, Mariko.440 Inscho, Gerri.406, 507 INTER-COLLEGIA TE FORENSICS TEAM . 322 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL . . 354 INVOLVED, INEZ . 73 Irby, Micheal .440 Irwin, Paula .393, 493 Isbell, Candace.317, 393, 507 Isgrig, Dana.505 Itz, Joe .521 j Jacks, Hugh C.440 Jackson, Harmon.440 Jackson, James E.440 Jackson. Jodi G.440 Jackson. Joseph D.421 Jackson, Larry.421, 525 Jackson, Lonnie R.440, 509 Jackson, Lucille.205,421 Jackson. Lynda J.384, 499 Jackson, Roy L.393 Jacobs, Clifford B.440 Jacobs, Thomas R.193, 393 Jaicks, Betsy L.440 Jamell, David F.421 James. Theresa L.393 Jamison. Alan L.441 Janzen, Jana K.441 Jarvis. Karen L.441 Jaynes. Michael P.441 Jeffers. Pricilla F..393 Jeffers, Roger C.441 Jeffery. Kenneth D.441 Jeffries. Curtis.422, 521 Jeffus. Walter D.422 Jenkins, Cecily A.441 Jenkins, David M.406 Jenkins, Mark R.393 Jennings, Cheryl J.393 Jennings. Marty.406, 503 Jennings. Susan K.422 Jensen, Thomas D.393 Jeske, Dorothea C.422 Jesson, Lucinda E.441 JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR . . 142, 143 Jewell, Joe W.422 Jewell. Keith R.441 Jiles, Linda M.441 JOBHUNT . 52,53 JOB, NO . 78 Johanson, Blair R.255, 406, 531 Johanson, Bruce E.254, 406, 531 John. Kimberly A.406. 505 Johns, Mark R.422 Johnson. Amanda E.441 Johnson. Catherine E.422 Johnson. Danny B.406, 533 Johnson. David R.385 Johnson. Diane . . . .224, 256, 422, 503 Johnson, Earl ....307 Johnson, Gloria E.346, 422 Johnson. Helen M.441 Johnson. Howard.441, 533 Johnson, Julian.441 Johnson, Karla A.441 Johnson. Kim B.406 Johnson. Larry R.406 Johnson, Linda G.348, 393, 491 Johnson. Linda M.441 Johnson Jr., Max N.422 Johnson, Michael L.406 Johnson, Richard A.422 Johnson, Robert H.393 Johnson, Ronald K.441 Johnson. Ronald W.193, 393 Johnson, Ruben.406 Johnson. Stephan H.393 Johnson. Stephen A.422 Johnson. Tracy T.422, 533 Johnson. Van P.441 Johnson, Walter R.422 Johnston, Donald R.441, 521 Johnston, Joan M.441 Johnston, Tony V.441 Joiner. Steve N.441 Joiner, Susie.441 Jolly, Kathy.393 Jones, Carol.339 Jones, Carrie A.422 Jones, Debra E.441, 459 Jones. Georgia L.422, 495 Jones, James M.393 Jones, Jay F.422, 525 Jones. Jeannie L.406 Jones. Jerry C.317, 393, 521 Jones, Jerry L.422 Jones, Jill L.441 Jones, Jo L.393 Jones, John H.406 Jones, Karen A.326, 441 Jones, Michael R.385 Jones. Nancy S.393, 459 Jones. Pamela C.223. 393 Jones. Phil W.422 Jones. Randy W.393 Jones. Steve.393, 533 Jones. William S.441 Jordan, John E.441 Jordan, Ronald N.393. 513 Jordin, Robert C. . . . .422, 535 lowers, Robin E.422 Jumper. Melvin D.441 JUNIORS . 402-412 Jurcik, Raymond A.422 Justus, Lyle.422 K Kahahamoku, David P.422. 535 Kalder, Christy B.. . 192, 332, 393, 507 Kane. Sandy L.441 Kang. Keun Bai.385 KAPPA ALPHA THETA . . 500, 501 KAPPA DELTA PI . 318 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA . 502, 503 KAPPA KAPPA PSI . 319 KAPPA SIGMA STARDUSTERS .. 345 Karnes, Michael C.393 Karpowich, James B.385 Karpowich, Patricia A.385 Kastning, Wayne L.393 Kaufman. Judy M.406, 493 Kaufman. Kevin T.441 Kay, James S.422, 535 Kearney. Kay E.441 Keck, Harry L.441,533 Keen, Gerry A.406 Keener, Brenda K.406 Keener, Larry D.393 Keener. Marion B.393 Keener. Jr., Willie C.422,513 Keith. Harlene D.406 Kellam, Charles D.422 Keller, Karen S.393 Keller. Kim D.406. 521 Kelley. Brenda A.441 Kelley. Jr.. Henry C.393. 533 Kellogg, Thomas N.406. 525 Kellum.441,533 Kelly, Alvin.441 Kelly. BobH.393 Kelly, Bonnie L.406, 493 Kelly, Dean S.441 Kelly, Marie P.422 Kelly. Ill, Thad R.393 Kemp, Daniel B.393, 531 Kendrick, Mylynda R.441 Kennan, Amelia S.441 Kennedy. Lauren.422,505 Kennedy. Willa B.393,491 Kenney, Steven L.441 Kennington, William R.393 Kenward, Tami L.441 Kerr. Tommy L.441 Kerson, Chris H.441 Keton, Erma L.394 Keyes, Jeri D.407 Kiehl, Bobby G.407 Kiincannon, Jim T.422 Kilbourn, Rodney E.422, 509 Kilgore, Elaine.407 Kilgore. Larry C.394 Kilgore, Sylvia M.394 Killebrew, Sarah E.441 Killian. Jean Ann.407,503 Kimball. Richard F.394, 521 Kimbrell, Virginia L.441 Kimbriel, William L.422, 535 Kimbrough, Anita L.441 Kimes, Steve.394 Kincannon, John A.394 King. Carol Ann.422,495 King. Eddie E.394 King. James M.394, 521 King, Jerry L.394, 489 King. Judith A.441 King. Julia R.441 King. Kevin N.385 King, Larry D.394 King, Laura M.394 King, Nanci A.422, 495 King, Sarah F.422 Kingrey, Kathy.422,495 Kinion, Mark A.422 Kinnaird, Melissa.407, 493 Kinnaird, Tommy C.441 Kinney, Cheryl L.441 Kinsey. John G.. ..422 Kinslow, Andy A.422 Kirby. Carol A.441 Index 547 Kirby, Lee Anne.422 Kirek, Paul B.441 Kirk, Katie P.317, 394, 489 Kirk, Kris D.422 Kirk, Steve.326, 394 Kirkpatrick, Donna G. . 212, 213, 422, 493 Kitchens Jr., William R.441 Kittrell, Adele J.407 Kittrell, Carol A.394 Kizer, Maxie G.422 Klugh, Edwin G.422 Knapp. Kim V.394, 535 Knight. Jan.394 Knight, Karla K.422 Knight, Leaann.422 Knight, Steve G.394, 521 Knighten, Karen K.441 Knoll, DanaR.407, 489 Knowles, Leanne L.407, 503 Knowlton, Kelly B.385 Koenig, Kelly K.442 Kohles, Terri S.442 Kolf, Robert G.394 Koritza, Barry E.407 Kraim, Amer M.385 Kramer, Kenneth P.422, 525 Krebs. Gregory A.394 Kreul, Richard C.407 Kreul, Robert P.442 Kropp, Phillip L.442 Krueger, Chris A.194, 394, 503 KUAF . 336,337 Kuca, Larry E.394 Kumpe, Clair E.422 Kuykendall, Steven M.423 Kvaternik, Kenny D.423 Kvaterwik, Ric J.385 Kwok, Mi-Kwan.407 Lackowsky, Louis A.52, 442 Lackey. Lesa.194,394 Lacki, Gregory P.385 Lacy, Melinda K.394 Ladkia, Steven C.35, 423 Lafargue, Richard D.394 Laird, Lisa G.423 Laird, Robert D.442 Lalear, Catherine A.423 Lally, Peggy L.407, 493 Lamb, Alan L.394 Lamb, Terry W.394, 521 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA . 520-521 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA CRESCENTS . 347 Lambert, Joe M.423, 521 Lambert, Polly L.442 Lambert. Robert J.442, 531 Lamberth, Dana Lou.423, 503 Lamoreux, Nancy C.442 Lana, Jacqueline A.423 Lancaster, Steve J.442 Landers, Cynthia L.442 Landers, Jerry D.442, 521 Landers. Mary Anne.385 Landers, Timothy L.442 Lane, Debra Y.394 Laney, Marshall N.442 Lanier, Paul R.423 Lanfgord, Kevin M.385 Langford. Robert T.442 Langford, William E.407 Langston, Richard L.394 Lantz, Suzanne E.423 Lanwermeyer, Terry R.394 Larrison, Charles A.423 Larsen, Patrick B.442 Larson, Connie L.442 Larson, Daniel M.394 Larson, Pamela A.394, 489 Lasater, Brenda J.442 Lashley, Lisa L.442 Laster, Charles S.407 Latimer, Laura J.423 Laughlin, Lisa R.407, 493 Lavender, George E.407 Lavender, Larry S.407 LAW SCHOOL . 181 Lawrence, Carl B.442 Lawrence, Shaun.442 Lawson, Bobby J.442 Lawson, Darla G.394, 487 Lax, Michael F.442, 533 Layes, Henry J.394 Laymon, Paula G.394 Layton, Ruth H.385 Lazenby, Eltha K.394 Lee, Anita A.385 Lee, Betty.394 Lee. James.442 Lee, Janice M.423 Lee. Lori.442 Lee. Mari J.423,497 Lee. Pamela D.407 Lee, Richard A.423 Lee, Stephanie A.407 Lee, Terry Glenn.306 Lee, Timmy W.442 Leech, Shari L.442 Leelman, Rory S.442 Lefler, Karl R.170 Lefler, Thomas B.423 Legette, Curlee.442 Leftwich. Robin.423 Leggett, James R.394 Lehman. Laura A.423 Leichner, Anna M.442 Leis, Gary W.394 Leis, Theresa L.442 Lemay, Eula .348 Lenonard, Nimoy.93 Leone, Charles A.164 Letzig, Diane E.407, 507 Lewis, Billy.255 Lewis, Curtis M.423, 513 Lewis, Deborah L.407 Lewis, Duane J.394 Lewis. Elizabeth D.423 Lewis. Kathy L.442 Lewis, Tommy H.407 Leung. Gigi C.407 Lichti, Joyce D.442 Liehart, Stephen A.423 Lieon, Shaw .423,531 Lietz, Albert W.394 Light. Louis W.442 Liles, Mike A.407, 531 Linch, Robert.442, 535 Lincoln, Mary K.407 Lindsey, William C.423 Lindvall, Reba J.423 Ling. Kim-Yeung.394 Linville, Barbara A.442 Linzay, Kathy A.394, 503 Little. John T.423 Little. Steve.242, 292 Littleton, Jan.442 Litton. Suzanne C.442 LIVING GROUP . 454-455 Lochhaas, Philip A.395 Loden, David G.442 Loewer, Larry W.442 Loftis, Pamela F.423 Lofton, Luretta.346 Lofton, Virlean G.385, 499 Lagan. Amy K.442 Logan. John C.442 Lohmann, John F.407 Long. George A.442 Lookadoo, Elizabeth.442 Looney. Charles R.395, 509 Looney, Dennis R.442 Looney. Robert G.395, 521 Looper, Evelyn 1.423 Loose. Lillian .71 Lorenzo. JeffL.407, 535 Lorince, Lori A.442 Loudermilk, Kenneth J.395 Loudermilk. Michelle.442,459 Love. Michael R.423, 533 Loveless, Harriet A.423, 495 Lovett. Lisa L.423 Lowe. Kathy B.385 Lowry. Edward W.423 Loyd. Becky M.442 Loyd. Randall M.423 Ludiam. Leeann P.423 Lum. David M.442 Lups. Jan L.423, 497 Luplow, Roi P.442 Lusby, Solomon.307 Lutes. Charles R.442. 517 Lybrand, Melody A.407 Lynch. Barbara L.423 Lynch. Ed .195.300 Lynn. Jerry W.443 Lynn. Patricia J.423, 505 Lyon, Marc B.407 Lyon, Robin A.443 Lyons, Gelnn S.423 Lyons, Juliet M.407 Lyons. Steve P.395 Lytle, John 0.407 M Ma. Wai-On .395 Maas. Cindy S.74, 423, 507 Maberry. Matt G.395 Mabich, Bernard P.423 Mabry. Terry A.423 Mabrey, William T.423 MacDonald, Linda 1.423 Macke. Bruce C.443 Mackey, Glenn A.385 Maeda. Yotaro.395 Magar. Dewy E.423 Magie, Mark L.407 Magnus, Suzanne.395, 505 Magruder, Pat K. Jr.443 Mahaffey, Pam K.443 Mahoney, Maureen M.407, 489 Mailes. Jeannie S.423 Makovec, Patty D.385 Malczycki, George A.443 Mallon, Kevin T.407 Malone. Kathy J.407 Malone. Mary C.443 Maloney, Lois M.443, 459 Mann, Crystal M.104, 346, 443 Mann, Michael K.443 Manning, Mike.396 Manuel, Marc E.423 Maples, Denise.443 March, Joseph A.407, 521 Marconi, John E.423, 535 Margrace, Mary J.443, 489 Marks, Michele L.423, 487 Marnoni, Amy J.423, 495 Marr, Rita F.407 Marrs, Dolf C.407 Marshall, Greer-.395,493 Marshall, Reggie D.443, 535 Marshall. Wanda F.348. 424, 491 Marshall. H. Wilks Jr.443 Martin, Beth.443 Martin. Brent W.385 Martin. Cynthia G.395 Martin. Don K.385 Martin, John C.443 Martin. Tamara D.443 Martin. Terry W.395 Mason. Kimberly P.424, 495 Massey, Donna D.424, 503 Mathes, Francie L.443 Mathes, Kathy A.424 Matheson, Becky A.407, 459 Mathews, Janet S.424 Mathisen, Michael A.443 Matteson, Sylvester D.424. 525 Matthews. Robert N.443 Maulden, Michael L.443 Maxwell, Nancy J.395 May. Alicia S.407 May, June E.395 May. Mark D.424 May, Patricia A.443 May, Richard T.443 Mayerchak. Cathy J.424 Mayes, Teresa Y.443 Mayfield, Debra D.443 Mayo. David G.443 Mazur, Joanne E.214-215, 395 Mazzia, Vicky P.395. 497 McAlister. Carol A.443 McAvoy, Elizabeth A.407 McBeth. Jacqueline D.443 McBridge, Hugh.443 McBryde, Carlton B.424 McCall. Sandra A.407,491 McCarter. Mike.424 McCarthy. Kevin J.345 McCarty, Larry M.424 McCauley, Carolyn D.407 McChrisitain, Teresa E.395 McClure, Melanie A.443 McCollum, Jeffrey A.443 McComb, Randy G.443 McConnell, Tanya M.424 McCool, Larry D.407 McCormick, Teresa A.424 McCoullum, Susan E.443 McCown, Sheila K.443 McCoy. Bobbie D.339, 407, 499 McCoy, Helen J.424 McCoy. John R.443 McCoy. Melanie A.443 McCoy, William M.407, 535 McCraw, Cathy A.424 McCraw, Ronald L.395 McCuistion, Richard J.443 McCutcheon, John W.443 McCutcheon, Pamela R.443 McCutchen, Lex A.395. 535 548 Index McDaniel, Charles D.407 McDaniel, Craig C.407 McDaniel, Linda A.395, 505 McDaniel, Rhonda Y.443 McDonald, lames D.443 McDonald, Kathy A. . . .317, 395, 493 McDonald, Wiley G.424 McDoniel, Noel G.395 McDowell, Sammie K.395 McElroy, Ann M.407, 493 McElroy, Laura M.424 McEwen, Gale L.407 McEwen, Jr., Lee R.395 McGaugh, Lori A.443 McGaughey, Bobby D.443 McGee, Maggie A.407 McGee. Nancy G.395 McGee. Sam G.424, 521 McGilvery, Tom A.407, 525 McGinnis, Stephen E.443 McGinnis. Susanne L.443 McGowan, James B.407 McGraw, Donita R.424 McGraw, John .395, 531 McGuffey, Nancy D.443 McGuire, Rodney .443 McKay. Melissa M.424, 497 McKee, Mike W. ' .443 McKenzie, Timothy E.407 McKinney, David G.408 McKinney, Jeanie.408 McKinney. John R.395 McKinney, Marcia R.424 McKinney, Nancy S.424 McKinney, Rick P.408 McKinnon, Daniel L.395 McKinnon. Laura.443 McKinstry, Marcia A.443 McKnight, Carla A.424, 503 McLarry, James M.443 McLeod, William W.443 McMahon, Kathleen C.443 McMands, Kevin R.443 McMaster, David E.444 McMillan. Mike M.424 McMillan. Ron.408 McMullin, Jane.385 McMurray, Teddy D.444 McMurray, Toney R.444 McNair, Lucy.424,493 McNair. Mark R.195, 317, 395 McNair. Pamela.444 McNeill, Patti A.444 McNiel, Donald F.395 McRobbie, Leslie L.444 McTavish, Michael J.424 McVey, Robin A.395, 503 McWaters, Jo A.444 Meador, Carol A.395 Meadors, Johnny.234,248 Meadows, Martha J.395 Meadows, Matthew M.444 Mears , Bill F.395 Medlin, Bobby.424 Meek, Robin A.395 Meeks. Robert A.424 Meeks, Thomas M.424 MeGee, Jon W.395 Meinecke, Pamela A.444 Melde, Vicki M.424,495 Melekian, Mary B.385 Melton. James S.424 Melton, Joyce M.324. 395 Melton. Karen J.408, 507 Mendes, Ellen J.444 Mercer. Robert K.444 Merchant, Randall L.408, 537 Merrick, Melody E.444 Messner, Helen L.444 Metheny, Steve A.444, 509 Methvin, Mark B.444, 517 Metzer, A1 W.424 Meyer, Janet.444 Michel. Jana L.444 Middleton, Cindy.408 MILITARY . 371‘381 Miller, Dale O.444 Miller. James 0.444 Miller. Joan D.408, 531 Miller, John P.444 Miller. Keith D.444, 525 Miller. Scott .424 Miller,. Steven L.395 Miller, Terry L.444 Millican, Roxanne.424, 497 Mills, Hugh.177 Mills, Kenneth D.424 Mills, Paul J.424 Minshew, Pamela D.408, 507 Miri, Seyed J.385 Mitchell. Brenda G.307, 346, 444 Mitchell. Carol A.424 Mitchell, Cynthia M.444 Mitchell. John W.444 Mitchell, Karen E.424 Mitchell, Kathy.408 Mitchell. Michael T.444 Mix, Dwight.424 Mize. Robin C.424 Mizell, Diana .385 Moghtaderi, Freshteh.408 Mohazab, Ahmad.424 Moll. David.395 Molleston, Jerald G.444 Moncrief, Sidney.259, 294 Monger, Lana.408 Monger, Lyle D.424 Montez, Alex F.424 Montgomery, Billy W.396 Montgomery, Judy G.444, 459 Montgomery, Stephen N.444 Moon, Karen L.408 Moon. Steven G.385 Mooney, George R.424 Moore. Cherie E.444 Moore, Craig N.444 Moore. Cynthia A.424, 489 Moore. Ginger .317, 396, 489 Moore. Harold E.444 Moore. James P.444 Moore. Kelsey M.444 Moore, Laure A.444 Moore, Marian.385 Moore, Melissa 1.424, 493 Moore. Michael S.424 Moore. Therese M.408, 500, 501 Moran. David W.444 Moran, Paula A.444 More, Vicki D.444 Morgan, Brenda M.424 Morgan, Jay.425 Morgan. Laura M.444 Morgan. Mary F.425. 507 Morgan. Ray.444 Morgan. Scott.317 Morgan, Sharon K.333, 408 Morgan, Steven K.396 Morman, Clark.272 Morris. Dana E.385 Morris. Danny L.396 Morris, Floyd A.408 Morris, Sarah C.408 Morris, Terrie L.304, 425 Morris, Jr.. Walter L.444, 531 Morrison. John T.396, 535 Morrison, Stephen K.408, 531 Morrison, Steve S.444, 531 Morse, Larry D.425 MORTARBOARD . 315 Mortensen, Paul M.408 Morton. Josef 0.396 Morton. Robert C.425 Moseley. Jo M.425 Moser. Jim A.396 Mosesso, Lynn A.444 Mosley, Angela L.444 Mosley, David L.444 Mosley, Linda L.408, 495 Moss, Suzanne.425 MOTHER COURAGE . 138, 139 Mott. Ill, Charles B.425. 525 Mott, Cynthia A.444 Mott. Debbie J.396, 493 Mourtisen, Dan B.444 Moye, Madge T.444 Mueller. Scott A.425 Mullins, Dana L.408, 489 Mullins. David F.408 Mullins, Patti J.425, 493 Mullis, Sammy J.444 Muncy, Loye R.444 Munday, William M.444 Mundy, Scott A.425 Munger, Robert T.444, 521 Munson. Michael R.408 Murchison, David F.396 Murchison, Stephen 0.444 Muren, Julie L.396 Murphree, Judith A.408 Murphy, Barbara E.444 Murphy. Mark S.445 Murphy, Richard K.396, 531 Mustion, Joseph T.425 Myers. Lloyd A.104. 445 N Nabors, James G.408. 537 Nagel. Carl M.445, 525 Nakdimen, Hiram S.396 Nall. Frank D.445 Nance. Ill, Cecil B.385 Nance, Paul N.445 Nance. Rodney D.425 Nance, Suzanne B.445 Naramore, Chester E.425. 521 Narisi, Mark T.408 Nawojczyk, Mitchell.445 Neal. Elsie M.396 Neal, Gary S.425 Neath. Betsy A.408. 493 Nebben, Curtis L.396, 531 NECK, RED A .74 Neece, Kenneth R.425 Neeley. Liz.396, 489 Neff. Alvin .425 Neighbours. Jo E.408 Neiser, Kathy R.396, 497 Nelke. Stan B.425 Nelson. Steven L.396 Nelson. Andre G.396 Nelson, Carl B.445 Nelson. David P.445 Nelson. Ginger.445 Nelson, Kristy K.425 Nelson. Leslie E.408 Nelson. Rhoda G.425 Nelson, Steven K.445 Nemeth. Agnes M.396 Nesbitt. Ronda L.445 Neuhart. Larry E.396 Newsum, lackson R.425 Newton, Cindy S.425, 495 Newton, John E.396 Niblock.Ann .408 Niblock. Fred W.396. 537 Niblock, George H.445 Nichol, Currin M.425 Nichols, Anita H.425, 503 Nichols, Kim.255 Nicholson. Earl L.425. 531 Nicholson. Kimberly D. 317, 396, 503 Nicholson. Melanie A.445 Nicholson. Nicki A.425 Nieburg, Lisa A.425, 505 Niemeyer, Steven W.408. 537 Nimoy, Leonard.93 Niss, Susan.445 Niven. Lyle.445 Nix. Anson.445 Nixon, Ruth V.408. 503 Noble. Donna K.426 Noble, Gary.445 Noland, Brian D.445, 521 Nordengren, Cherie L.445 Nordin, Gary F.445 Norman, Terry L.425 Norris. Jackie L.445, 509 North, Ellen E.425. 507 Northcutt, Billy R.445 Norvell, Gharles R.425 Norwood, Gregory J.385 Norwood, Sharon R. . . .203, 256, 408 Noyes, Kent D.425, 535 Nunn. James E.445 Nunnley, Tina J.445 Nunthriapakorn. Thako L.385 Nwankwo, Ikechi C.425 O Oates, David M.408, 537 Oberste, Marleen J.445 O ' Brien. Marcus D.445 Ocker, William M.445 Odell. Scott W.445 Oelke, James L.445 Ogle. Amy E.445 Olaughlin. Frederick J.396 Oldham, Richard W.408 Oliver, Arthur.428 Oliver. Cheryl A.445 Oliver. Jeffrey W.445 Oliver, Kathy L.445 OMEGA PSI PHI PEARLS . 346 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA . . .323 O’Neal. Richard A.385 ORDER OF OMEGA . 317 ORGANIZA TIONS . 338 Orourke, Sharon A.425 Ortloff, Joy L.425 Osborn. Carl T.425 Oudin, Carolyn A.445 Ourand. Nancy J.408 Overby. William H.195, 396 Overman. Randy M.445 Index 549 Overturff, Teddy R.425 Owens, Catherine E.396, 499 Owens, John.176 Owens, Lisa G. v396, 507 Owens, Susan B.396, 489 Owens, Vicki L.445 Ownby, Carl A.408 Oxenreider, Paul S.196, 396 Oxford, Randall G.385, 537 P Paas, Patricia H.445 Pace, Liz .445 Pack, Nancy C.408 Painter, Paula J.445 Paladino, Kim A.425 Palmquist, Randall .425,521 PANHEL, PATTY . 69 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL . 353 Pannell, Lougina S.425 Papizan, Lynne D.425, 493 Parette, Keith T.425 Parker, Debbie K.425, 507 Parker, Jacques L.408 Parker, Karla J.445 Parker, Kathy A.425 Parker, Mary E.425, 491 Parker, Mary K.348, 396, 507 Parker, Paul D.408 Parker, Randall H.408 Parker, Robert E.396 Parker, Russ E.426, 521 Parnell, Mike .445 Parr, James P.445 Parsons, Kelly A.445 Partain, Paige E.408, 495 Partker, Dand L.445 Partney, Marlin H.408 Pascale, Helene.426 Paschall, Ray L.426 Pascual, Jr., Joseph J.445 Patrick, Michael D.445 Patterson, Blake.445 Patterson, Terry L.385, 487 Patterson, Tina L.426 Patterson, Wayne R.426 Patteson, Ellen C.426, 503 Pattillo, Anne F.396 Patton, Deborah K.426 Patton, Dottie.426,489 Pay, Danny E.445 Pay, Grover A.445 Peachey, Douglas W.396, 521 Pearce, Chuck E.426 Pearson, Donald W.445 Pearson, John P.445, 531 Peden, Lee E.408 Peele, Kathy L.445 Pell, David C.445 Pender, Jim B.426 Pendergraft, Sue C.426 Pendergrass, Janet R.408 Pendergrass, John .396, 509 Pendry, De Ann.196, 396 Penick, Lydia W.408, 493 Penn, Stu.249 Pennington, Kay R.426 Petillo, Lea .408, 507 Penzo, Andrea.426, 495 Perchan, Georgia.426,505 Percy, Jan L.426, 505 Perdue, Melissa D.426, 503 PERFORMING ARTS . 127-157 Perkovich, Lindsey C.426, 505 Perrin, George S.396 Perry, Cynthia L.446 Perry, Gregg K.396, 521 Perry, Keith R.426 Perry. Stephanie A.426 Perry. Timothy E.426 Perryman, Steven R.446 PERSHING RIFLES . 380 PETER PAN . 144, 145 Peters. Gayle A.446 Peterson, Bruce A.396 Peterson. Kevin L.446 Petrus, Marilyn R.396 Pettet, Melinda S.446 Petty. Steven D.446 Peulausk, Thomas C.396, 525 Pfaffenberger, Debbie L.446 PHI DELTA THETA . 522 PHI DELTA THETA LITTLE SISTERS . 351 PHI GAMMA DELTA . 524 PHI UPSILON OMICRON . 321 Phillips. Blake N.408.509 Phillips. Cheryl D.426 Phillips. Jim.442 Phillips. Jim.396 Phillips. Kelli M.396 Phillips. Leisa J.446 Phillips. Mildred E.408 Phillips. Mitchell L.426 Phillips. Ronald W.397,509 Phillips. Tammie S.426 Philpot, Buddy D.446 Phoebus. Brenda L.408, 503 PI BETA LAMBDA . 361 PI BETA PHI . 504,505 Pickell, Tami R.446 Pickering. Mary E.446 Pickert, Duane.272 Pickett. Marcus C.446 Pickle, Charles E.408 Pierce. Teresa G.426 PI KAPPA ALPHA . 526 PI KAPPA ALPHA LITTLE SISTERS . 345 PI KAPPA DELTA . 322 Piker. Deborah K.446 Pinkston. Timothy A.426 Plugge, David H.408 Plummer. Alison.446 Plummer. Charles.408 Plunkett, Judi M.446 Plunkett. Wade.408 Poe, Paul J.446 POMFRETHALL . 472,473 Pompetzki, Ramona 0.446 Pontius, Lisa D.446 Pool, Kathryn A.397, 487 Pool. Robert K.397 Poole. Brain D.426 Poole, Janie E.426 Pope. Royal V.171 Pope, William P.446 Porter. Billy M.426 Porter. Buddy.255 Porter. Charlotte A.446 Porter. Mary K.446 Porter. Rex G.426 Post. Chris A1.426 Post. Deborah A.397 Post. Frank M.446 Post. Sharon P.446 Pottebaum. Karen S.409, 497 Potter, David E.446 Pough, Debra L.446 Pourali, Moosa.426 Powell. Curtis R.397 Powell. Dianne V.446 Powell. Karen A.426 Powell, Mary M.426, 493 Powell, Pamela J.409 Pozzi, Mark L.446 Pratt, Angela M.426 Presson, Brenda L.446 Price, Susan A.426, 503 Price. Val P.409 Price, Vicki L.426 Prichard, David M.446 Prichard, Douglas J.385 Priest, Stephen R.409 Prince. Sandra D.446, 459 Proctor, David P.409, 525 Proctor, Ron A.446 Pruett, Laura L.397 Pruitt. Arthur.426 Pryor, Bobby G.446 Pryor, Lauren.397 Pryor. Phillip L.409 Puddephatt, Elizabeth P. . . .426, 493 Pugh, Tom R.426 Pullen, Charles S.,409 Pulley, Brett R.446 Purifoy, Winston R.409 Purvis, Vicki L.446 Putt. Paula B.397 Putt. Randy R.409 Q Qualls, Chris O.426 Qualls. Warren B.409 Quattlebaum, Fadelle W.426 R Radke, Janice R.426, 503 Raines, Mark A.446 Rainey, Loretha.446 Ralls, Elizabeth A.409, 493 Ramey. Carolyn E.397 Ramsey, Marilyn K.446 Rand. Judy A.426 Randall, Lynne.446 Randle, Kimberly J.426, 503 Raney. Lisa A.446 Rash, Daniel W.397 Rasmussen. Paul R.409 Ratchford, Niagle D.409 Ratcliff. Mark R.446 Ratcliff, Vicki A.426 Ratcliffe, Kathryn A.397 Rawls, Louann.446 RAZORBACK HALL 474, 475 RAZORBACK MARCHING BAND . 355-358 RAZORBACK POM-POM SQUAD . 256 RAZORBACK STAFF . 332-335 Redell, Pate.409,531 Redden. Marla J.446 Redifer, Gary B.446 Reed. Carlita K.446. 459 Reed, Cathy L.426 Reed. Dayna A.409 Reed. Jeffry W.409, 531 Reed, Julia A.397 Reed. Matthew C.426 Reed. Nancy A.446 Reed. Richmond L.409 Reed. Tanya S.446 Reed, Valerie L.446 Reeder. Mary J.409 Reedy. B.V.R.385 Reese. Vivian K.446 Reeves. Lynda K.390 Reeves, Randal L.409 Reeves. William R.409 Regan. Doug L.446 Reich. Pamela J.426 Reid. Dean S.446,521 REID HALL . 476,477 Reid. Wendy R.409,489 Reinold, Ronda M.427 Reinold, Sandra E.446 Relph, Julie A.446 Renard, Maureen T.409, 495 Rescot, Howard R.446 RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION . 304, 305 Revel. Patti E.397 Revere. Denise.446 Reynolds. Charles L.447 Reynolds, Michelle A.255, 409 Rhoads, George R.385 Rhoads, Ginger D.397 Rhodes. Byron C.385 Rhodes, Keith G.. 385 Rhodes. Sheila G.397.459 Rice. Charles G.397 Rice, Mark E.397 Rice. Pamela L.397 Richards, Jane Ann.447 Richardson. Ann M.447 Richardson. Barbi L.447 Richardson. Jeff M.447 Richison, Frances .447 Ridgeway, Robert D.397 Riede, Debbie L.427, 489 Rieke, Dan J.397 Rieves, Elton A.427 Rife. Rickey L.427 Riggs, Kathleen E.427 Riggs, Rebecca D.447 Riggs, Tony C.447 Rightmire, James W.397 Riley, Janet K.427 Riley. Stephanie.409 Rimmer, James T.447 Rinnert, O. J.168 Ripley. Fliece .397,505 Ripley, Summei L.427, 505 Ritch, Cindy S.397 Ritchie, Ellen G. .409, 503 Rittelmeyer, Paul S.447 Ritter. David W.409 Robbins, Janet L.427 Robbins. Joselph R.447 Robbins, Kenneth V.409 Robbins, Thomas M.397 Robens, Mark.397, 535 Roberts. Emilt E.427 Roberts, Gilbert J.427, 525 Roberts. Gregory D.397 Roberts, Larry J.447 Roberts, Margaret K.447 Roberts. Patti L.397 Roberts, Paula D.427 Roberts. Steven .409 Robertson. Wade D.447 550 Index Robinette, Angela M.427, 503 Robinson, Lori L. 397 , 521 Robinson, Nancy.317 Robinson, Samuel K.427, 513 Robison, Nancy A. 397 , 489 Rocconi, Gwen. 397 Rockenhaus, Clare. 397 Rockwhaus, Margaret M.447 Roden, Patricia A.409 Rodgers, Jennifer M.409, 497 Roeder, Jim. 397 Roeger, Susan E.409 Rogers, Charles C.427 Rogers, David M.409 Rogers, Debra J.409 Rogers, Debra K. 397 Rogers, Edward A. 397 Rogers, Janet L.427 Rogers, Judy L. 447 Rogers, Kenneth M.427 Rogers, Laura M.226, 447 Rogers, Margaret E.427 Rogers, Marilyn L. 447 Rogers, Mark L.427 Rogers, Steve W. 447 Rogers, Valorie L. 397 , 507 Rogers, William D.427 Roles, Nancy E.409, 493 Rollins, Susan K. 397 Rom, Curt R.427 Rom, Mark C.427 ROMEO AND JULIET . 134, 135 Romontio, Debbie A.427, 507 Roomsburg, James L.409 Roomsburg, Jim.304 Root, James D.427 Rorex, Richard M.409 Rorex, Terry D.447 Roscopf, Charles D.427, 531 Rose, Curtis.339 Rose, Felicia L.447 Rosen, William P.385 Rosenbaum, Nancy L.397, 489 Ross, Rel M.427 Ross, Ronald E.397 Ross, Steven D.409 Rosso, John.170 Rosso. Karen K.427 Rosson, Roxanne.397 Roth, Danny R.397 Roth. David M.447 Routon, Stephen A.385 Row. Benson B.409, 535 Rowe, Frank.409 Rowe, Ken L.409, 535 Rowland. Karen S.427 Rowland. Kathy L.427 Rownd, Judy G.447 Rowton, Luanne.447 Roy, Bonnie 1.427 Rozzell, Leslie. 447 Ruble, Richard C.409 Runnion. Kelly. 447 Rush, Michael B.427 Russell. Ann B. 447 Russell, David A. 397 Russell, Linda F.398 Russell, Richey W. 447 Russell. Robert C.427 Russell. Susan J.409 Ruston, Craig C. 447 Ryan. Timothy J.427 S Sackett, Carolyn J.398 Sagarese, Jane L. 447 Sagely, Cindy.218.219.256 Sain. Melinda A.427, 493 SAKLKAWA . 79 Sample. Sherri A.427, 495 Sample, Steve D. 447 , 525 Sampolesi, Shelia A.398 Sanchez, Hector R.427 Sandage. Ralph W.398 Sanders, Edwin D. 447 Sanders, Gloria A. .409 Sanders, Kim A. 447 Sanders, Sandra K.427 Sandlin. Jamie F.427, 495 Sangren, Kathy N. 447 Sangren, Kenneth D. 447 Sargen. Roy G.398 Satterfield. Greg . . . 196, 317, 398, 509 Satterfield, Gregory D.427 Sauer. Deborah D.409 Saurmann, Terry-Ann M.385 Saviers, Ann M.427, 493 Saviers. Mark.197,317 Saviers, Vicki Vanzandt . . . .197, 317 Sayers, Debbie M.398 Sayre. George A.409. 521 Scales. John M.427 Scarbrough, Susan L.398, 495 Schafer, Michael R.427 Schakel, Peggy A.398, 500, 501 Schakel, Susan R.447, 500, 501 Scherer, Billy.398 Scherich, Gretchen J.409 Schluterman, Mark T.409 Schmand, Eric R.409 Schmidt, Kim.427 Schmidt, Tena P. 447 SCHOLA . 150, 151 SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL. . 140, 141 Schreit, Sara G.398, 493 Schubel, Aileen M.409 Schubert. Carol A. 447 Schultz, Ried M.427 Schultz. Tom R.427 Schumacher, Daniel R.398 Schobey, Mark A.398 Scogin, Cliff C.427 Scott, Mary A. 447 Scott, Michael D. 447 , 521 Scott, Richard M.427 Scott, Robert C.386 Scott, Roslyn L.346, 427 Scott, Shirley S. 447 Scott, Terri J. 447 Scott, Tim W. 447 Scribner, Joey E.409 Scribner. Michael 0. 447 Scribner, Thomas E. 447 Scrimager, Mona L. 447 Scruggs, Richard B.409 Seabourn, Leisa J. 447 Searcy. Joe .427 Searcy, Susan M. 447 Sears, Jody . 447 Seaton, Cindy J.428, 489 Seaton, Dana R.398 Seawood, Gordon R. 447 Seba, Brian. 428 Seibert, Kristen .447 Seibold, Richard F.428 Seifert, Mark C.409 Seiz. Jon T.447 Selig, Anna L.398 Selig, Paul T.398 Sellers. Kevin L.428 SENIORS . 366-40C Sessions, Jr., Floyd B.447 Sessions, Julie C.409 Sessions, Lorraine A.428 Shaddox, Jr.. William R.398 Shadrach. Steve.398, 525 Shafer, Bill R.428 Shaffer, De.428 Shahim, Abbas.386 Shankle, James.170 Shannon, Rhonda K.447 Sharp, Gary L.409 Sharp, William W.448 Shauer, Lisa M.428 Shavers. Marvin 0.448 Shaw. Cynthia E.398, 507 Shaw, Jennifer K.428 Shaw, Nancy L.398, 507 Sheard, Gregory A.428 Sheets, Viki L .410, 489 Shelton. Karen L.448 Shenep, Jim.398 Shepherd. Virginia L. . . 254, 410, 493 Sherwood, Gary.410 Shipman, Bobby D.398 Shirazi. Abbas M.428 Shirley, Lynn L.428, 493 Shiver, John D.398 Shivley, Norman R.428‘ Shopfner, Bruce A.448 Short, Carter A.165 Short, James R.410 Short, Jim G.197, 398, 531 Sibley. Charles E.448, 525 Sibley. Tricia K.448 Siceloff, Stephen E.428 Siebenmorgen. R. J.398 Seibenmorgen, Suzanne.428 Siebenmorgen, Terry J.428 SIGMA CHI . 530, 531 SIGMA CHI LITTLE SIGMAS .. 344 SIGMA PHI EPSILON . 534 , 535 SIGMA PHI EPSILON LITTLE SISTERS . 351 Sills, Pamela S. 443 Silzer, Melissa A.448 Simmons, Jr., Alvin.448 Simmons, Belinda A.410 Simmons, David E.448 Simmons, Elizabeth K.398 Simmons, Daren A. 200, 201, 398, 491 Simmons, Lee A.410 Simmons, Nanette E.428, 497 Simmons. Pat. 428 Simmons, Rex T. 393 Simmons, Russell 0. 443 Simms. Cindy M.428, 505 Simon, Teresa A. 443 Simon, Thomas J. 410 Simpson, Pamela LS. 393 Sims. Charles A. 443 Sims. Cindy.224 Sink. Sue E.428, 489 Sinyard, Rebecca 1.428 Sipes. Susan J. 393 Sizemore, Galen J.410. 535 Skaggs, Micki L.428 Skelley. William B.398, 535 Skinner. Cynthia A.448 Skinner. Robert L.428, 535 Skrabanek. Michelle.410, 503 Slagter, Peter J.398 Slamous, Larry.167 Slaughter, Bradley J.398 Sloan, Russell N.448. 509 Sloan, Vicki L.448 Smart, Jim. 448 Smart. Murray C. 174 Smets, Caron A.428, 507 Smith, Beverly G.428, 495 Smith. Bruce. 410 Smith, Bux B. 448 Smith. Cassandra E. . . .224, 256, 307, 428 Smith, Chris R.448 Smith, Cindy E.428. 493 Smith, Cindy L.410, 495 Smith. Dale F.448 Smith. Danny.448 Smith, Davie C.410 Smith. David A.448, 531 Smith. David H.448. 531 Smith, David J.448. 531 Smith. David L.448, 525 Smith, David M.448 Smith. Dennie D.410 Smith, Diane R.428. 495 Smith, Don M.428, 531 Smith. Dwight D.410 Smith. Ed H.428 Smith. Gary K.448, 517 Smith, Greer A.428, 509 Smith, Gregory C.398 Smith, James E.448 Smith, James M.428 Smith, James V.448 Smith. Jill.428, 505 Smith, Jimmy. 443 Smith. John P.398, 509 Smith, June. 333 Smith. Kathy L.398. 505 Smith, Lenora.410, 499 Smith, Leslie.410, 507 Smith, Leslie P.448 Smith, Lyndon F. 448 Smith, Marc J.410 Smith. Mary C.410 Smith, Michael D.428 Smith, Neal W.428 Smith, Randy K.448 Smith, Robert.398 Smith. Robert E.398 Smith. Sam G.448 Smith, Susan C.448 Smith. Virginia G.428 Smith, William E.448, 525 Smothers, Julie.448 Snarr, James W.398 Snell, Jackson R.448 Snodgrass, Darel R.448 Snodgrass. Karen A.410, 503 SNOW . 56,57 Snyder, Clipp S.410, 517 Snyder, Margaret J.410 SOAPS .. 50,51 Sokora, James B.428 Soleman, Valerie.199 Solomon. Jim .428 SOPHOMORES . 413-430 Sosebee, David H.386 Southard, Jerri A.398 Sparkman. Robert E.428 Sparrow, Sharon K.410, 493 Spears, Benny.448 SPECIAL INTEREST-GREAT Index 551 MANDALA . 339 Speer. Linda B.398 Speer, Paul W.399 Spratt, Teresa.346 Sprenger. Theresa F.399 Spurlin, James C.410 Spurlin. Johnny F.448 Spurlock, Paula S.448 Squair, Laura A.448 Staats, Bradford V.448 Stafford. Karen G.410 Stafford, Robert G.428 Staggs. Tammy R.428 Stanberry, Scott.428 Standard. Michael L.399 Stanley. Lynn.448 Stanley, Ronald E.448 Staples, Betty F.304, 399 Stapleton, Terri L.410, 507 Stappung, Mirtha 1.386 Stark, Carla A.428, 495 Stark, Martha J.448 Stathakis, Jr., Sam P.399, 521 Statler, Sheila J.448 Steele. Tom M.420 Steen, Kathy S.399 Steinsiek II, James W.399, 525 Stellmon, Michael G.399 Stephens, Milton J.428 Stephens, Ruth A.410 Stepherson, Marjorie R.448 Stephenson. Steven D.428 Sterling. Sue.410,505 Stewart, Ann M.448 Stewart, Charles W.428 Stewart, Debora A.428 Stewart, Elizabeth A.448 Stew art, Kathy T.429, 503 Stewart, Randy R.429 Stewart, Scott E.448 Stewart. Shari J.449 Stewart, Sharon.346 Stidham. Greg .198 Stitt. Rita J.386,499 St. Martin, Helen E.448 Stobaugh, Christie A.399 Stoltz, David.410 Stone, Stephen R.449 Stone. Suzy.429, 505 Stoner. Lisa S.449 Stophlet, Robert M.399, 525 Storall, Janelle N.410 Stout. Robbie L.399 Stovall. Laura L.429, 507 Stover, Debbie D.449 Stowers. Rebecca M.449 Strahan, Nickey L.410 Strang. Lynn D.386 Strang, Paul L.399 Stratton, Ginger L.410 Strickland, Karl S.429 Strickland. Randy J.429 Strickland, Wayne.410 Stringer. Cynthia.449 Stroman, Susan K.449 Strong. Gleenn E.449 Stroope, Judith L.429 Stroud. Jeffrey D.410 Stroud. Ken E.410 Stroud. Pamela J.449 Stroud. Terri L.449 Stroup. Keith .92 Stuart. Robin L.449 Stuckey, Amy L.410 Stuckey. Beth H.505 Studards, Sherry.399 Studyvin. Pam A.429 Stultz, Sara A.198, 399, 505 Stumbaugh. Terri L.449 Sturtevant, Leslie H.410. 489 Sugg. Jack B.449 Sugg. Mary H.429, 507 SUICIDE . 58,59 Suliman, Khaled .410 Sullivan, Deborah K.399, 503 Sullivan, Lisa A.449 Summerford, James A.398 Summerford, Robert W.429 SUMMER PRODUCTIONS . 132,133 Summers. Phillip D.429 Sutton, Eddie.257 Sutton, Robert B.449 Suzuki, Taizo.386,521 Swab. Bill E.449,521 Swab, Deborah A.429, 489 Swacina, Linda M.429 Swain, Mike.399 Swann, Janet M.410, 497 Swaty, Albert M.429 Swayne, David E.449 Swayze, Serethia A.449 Swearigen, Becky S.429 Sweetser. Mike A.449, 535 Swicegood, Tim.410 Swim, Janet L.399 Swindler. Courtney.429 Swink, Brooks .334 Swink, Douglas A.410 Swink. Karen L.449 Swink, William G.399 Sykes. Charles M.449 Sykes. Richard L.410, 525 Sykes. Terry.429, 525 T Tabler, Tom G.410 Tacker, PhilL.429,517 Tajeri, Gholam R.399 Talbert. Vickie L.449 Talley. Joe.165 Talley. Susan J.429, 507 Tanner. Leora L.449 Tapley, Betsy A.429, 489 Tarkington, Andy K.410 Tate. Carmen.429 Tate. Debra K.410 Tate. Nancy J.386 Tate, William E.386 Tatman, Leslie K.399, 493 Tatman, Scott.429 Taylor, Adrienne E.449 Taylor. Alison A.399, 222, 505 Taylor. Barbara.167 Taylor. Charlotte A.449 Taylor. Chula C.429 Taylor, David H.386 Taylor. Debra K.449 Taylor, Delois.348 Taylor. Fred J.165 Taylor. John L.429, 509 Taylor. Karen L.429. 507 Taylor, Kathy L.429, 507 Taylor. Lewis F.449 Taylor, Michael D.386 Taylor. Peter G.410 Taylor. Phyllis A.449 Taylor. Rick S.429 Taylor, Rickey R.449 Taylor, Vanessa D.449 Teaford, Ann E.399 Teague, Larry R.449 Teague, Timothy G.449 Tebo, Jane E.429 Teed. Frank S.429 Teed. Ralph A.399 Teer, Maggie R.399 Teeter, Rebecca G.410 Teitler, Reed D.410 Templeton. Joe.410 Terrell, Eleanor K.449 Terrell. Holly S.449 Terril, Vince L.429,521 Terry, Druann .429 Terry. Patti L.429 Terry, Scott C.429 Terry, Steven.399 Thane, Victry E.399 Theis, Anne M.449 Theriault. Anthony D.429 Thicksten. Mark E.410, 531 Thiel. Becky L.429,495 Thielmann, R. C.292 Thomas. Alfred M.399 Thomas, Craig.449 Thomas. Glen R.410 Thomas, Harold L.449 Thomas, Herbert L.399, 531 Thomas, James H.386 Thomas, Jane D.449 Thomas, Melissa 1.449 Thomas, Steve G.449 Thomas, Susan.449 Thomason, Martin G.399 Thompson, Bke .410, 505 Thompson, Gharlotte M.449 Thompson, Christy J.429 Thompson. Damon.301, 429 Thompson. Debbie K.410 Thompson, Elizabeth B.399 Thompson, Hank.317 Thompson. Joyce E.449 Thompson. Mary C.449 Thompson, Nino R.449 Thompson, Patricia A.449 Thompson. Semon .172 Thompson. Theodis .399 Thornally, Catherine J.449 Throop, Carol L.449 Thweatt, James T.449 Tidwell. Gary L.386 Tiemann. Susan K.399, 489 Tiffin, Patti A.254, 429, 493 Tillman, Bryan B.449 Timmons. Otwell D.449 Tinman, Susan.317 Todd. Diane.429,489 Toft, David 0.429 Toler. Paula G.429. 495 Tolleson, Ted A.449 Tollett, Barbara G.429 Toilette, Frederick W. . .410, 512, 513 Tomlin, Lily.90-91 Tomlinson, Melissia A.411 Torrence, Carolyn S.411 Torrence, Richard Jr.427 Tortorich, Consvela .449 Tougaw. Mike T.449 Townley, Judy K.399, 505 Towns, Missy.399 Townsend, Steven L.450 Traband, John P.399 TRACK . 270-271 Trammell, Jean Ann.399,493 Trammell, Ray.169 TRAVELER . 326-329 Traylor, Steven J.429. 537 Treadway. Julia M.399 Treece, Jeff B.450 Tribulak, John W.411, 517 Triffet, Mary N.411 Trimble, Janan E.411, 505 Trinca, Lauri A.451 Tripp. William R.451 Trizza.Deena.411,503 Troillett, Larry R.. .429, 537 Troth. Mark D.399,521 Trotter. Claudia D.451 Trotter. Nancy A.411 Trotter, Roger W.451 Troutt, Mark.451 Trumpp, Dione T.451 Trusty, Steven W.429 Tucker, David L.399 Tucker. Gregory K.429 Tucker, James R.429 Tucker, Jennifer L.430, 497 Tucker, Jo A.430 Turbyfill, Gynthia J.451 Turley, Robert R.430 Turman, Vicki G.411 Turner, Debbie K.430 Turner. Jean M.199, 399, 487 Turner. Michael N.399 Twist. Randy S.399, 535 Tyler. Carl W.451 Tyson. Vickie L.411, 497 U UARKETTES . 146,147 Upchurch, Melissa A.450 Urbani, Richard E.450 Usher, Renee.450 Usher. Sammy A.411 V Vail. Harlan D.411, 509 Vallejo. Patricia R.450 Valley. Earl A.450 Van Camp. Bruce D.450 Van Dyke. Melody L.450 Van Ness, Lewis W.411 Van Sickle. Kirk H.450 Vanderborn. Gene.430 Vandiver, Joe.411 Vangilder, Helen B.450 Vanzant, Kathy.430. 503 Vaughan, Keith .386 Vaughan. Sheryl D.450 Vaughn, Sharon.245, 255 Vaught. Daniel A.450 Vesconlani, Fred J.178 Vest. Charles.430 Vest. Debbie M.399, 50 7 Vestal. Mickey A.411, 493 Via. Linda 1.386 Vincent. John B.430 Vines. Nita K.399 Vizzier, Dean .450 Vogler, Anne L.450 Voight. Gordon D.450 Vollmer, Debbie D.411 552 Index Vorsangor, Bruce F.411, 531 Waaland. Wendy S.450 Wacaster, Charles W.399 Waddell. Robert C.450 Wafler, Porter D.430 Wages. Janet E.399 Waite. Karen K.450 Wake. Diane C.450 Wakefield, Julie.411 Wald, Debra L.430 Wald, Virginia L.399 Waldrip, Mark M. .199,317,400,509 Waldrup, Kelly.450 Walker, Maria P.450 Walker. Robert A.450 Walker, Sheri L.410. 503 Walker, Teresa L.400 Walker. Valencia K. . . .348, 339, 430, 491 Wall. Tommy D.450 Wallace, Carol A.430, 497 Wallace. Charles E.411 Wallace. Minor .166 Wallace, Roy A.400. 525 Walsh. Timothy A.411 Walters. Caroline M.411, 487 Walters, Rachel P.450 Walton, Sara B.400 Wann, Karen S.400, 503 Ward, Bryan A.400 Ward, Don K.450 Ward. Kimball A.430 Ward. Lesa A.411, 493 Ward. Lisa A.411,503 Ward. Thomas H.400 Ward. Vicki R.430, 493 Ware. Jerry L.400, 509 Warner. Carol E.450 Warner, Sidney C.400 Warren. David D.400, 521 Warren, Tammy R.450 Warren, Valerie.346 Warren. Jr.. William C.400 Warren. William T.450 Washington. Joe E.430 Washington. Kerwin B.. 106, 271, 450 Watkins, John R.400 Watkins. Lisa.430,503 Watkins. Willis M.450 Watson, Daniel W.450 Watson. Hugh P.411 Watson. Janette F.450 Watson, Jeffrey H.430, 535 Watson. Karen.317,400,493 Watson. Kenneth E.450, 509 Watson, Mary A.450 Watson. Michael.430 Watts. Tommy C.450 Wayne IV, James R.430, 521 Weauer, Dusty L.430 Weaver, Diane D.430, 503 Weaver, Rhona J.400, 507 Webb, Linda S.400 Webb. Lynn .400 Webb, Mark W.386 Webb, Patti.430 Webb. Randy N.411 Weber, Bill P.411 Weber, Dana L.450 Webster. Laurie S.430, 493 WEED, WILLIE.70 Weich, Winifred D.4v50 Weindorf, Marilyn A.411 Weisberger, Mark J.450, 531 Welborn, Tava J.400 Welch, Edwina E.411 Welch, Jimmy H.400 Welch, Joel R.430, 535 Welch, Kim A.430,493 Welch, Roger E.400, 535 Weldon, Robert.4v50 Wellborn. Mark J.411 Well, John J.4v50 Wells, Marissa A.450 Well. Steven C.411 Wesson, Julie L.400, 497 West, Kathryn L.411 West, Randall A.411 West. Rebecca L.411, 495 Westbrook, Sarah B.430, 505 Westfall. Paul W.400 Westphal, Robin .2v56 Whayne, Phyllis.411 Wheat. Buck.450 Wheelis, John D.450 Whetstone. Bettye K.386 Whillock, Carl S.168 Whillock, James K.430,535 Whistle, Fred S.450. 531 White, Barnabus.272 White, Barbara S.430 White. Bolton T.450 White. Charles A.411,521 White. Constance A.451 White, Jesse M.451, 525 White, Michael E.430 White Jr., Robert D.430 White, Sheryl A.451 White. Steven.451 White, Thomas C.430 Whitford, Paula V.411 Whitmore. Jr., Perry Y.451, 533 Whitner, Flippen W.451 Whiteside. Margaret E.451 Whitson. Lisa D.451 Whittington, Joe D.430 Widdows, Richard M.451 Wilbourn, Alan T.451, 531 Wilcox, Douglas D.430 Wilcox, Leo W.451 Wilder. Beth L.411 Wilder, Cleotis L.430, 513 Wildy, Don.451 Wiley, Kendall L.451 Wilhelm. Joe C.451 Wilerson, Dan L.400 Wilerson, Dana E.430. 535 Wilkin, Greogory T.451 Wilkins. Howard C.430 Wilkinson, Stanhope M.451, 521 Wilks. Regina A.411 Willett, Maryann.411,505 Willey. Beverly J.411,497 Willhite, Bobbi J.411, 495 Wills, Terri L.431 Wilson. Bruce R.431 ' Wilson, Charles B.451 Wilson. Deborah R.400, 491 Wilson. Denuer J.431 Wilson, Donna E.451 Wilson, Gary L.400 Wilson. Judy K.207. 348, 431 Wilson, Mathis.411,525 Wilson. Pamela D.411 Wilson. Pattye L.451 Wilson, Patrick W.451 Wilson. Royce E.431 Wilson. Russell A.400 Wilson. S.C.400 Wilson, Steve.431,533 Wilson, Veronica A.451 Williams. Alan D.451 Williams. Bob.271 Williams. Bobby D.451 Williams, Catherine A.430 Williams, David R.451 Williams. Debbie J.451 Williams. Dottie A.451 Williams, Elizabeth R.430, 497 Williams. Gayle A.411 Williams. George M.451 Williams. Ginger A.400 Williams. Grant P.400 Williams, Howard L.4,30 Williams, Karin D.430 Williams. Linda.346 Williams. Mark S.411 Williams. Mary M.451 Williams. Michael F.451 Williams, Milton L.430 Williams, Nancy E.411, 451 Williams, Roger C.430 Williams. Sarah K.451 Williams, Steve M.430, 509 Williams. Susan V.430 Williams, Thomas F.411 Williams, Thomas L.451 Williams. Thomas P.430 Williams Jr.. Wayne D.411 Williams. ZekeD.451,521 Williamson. Dee Dee.411, 493 Williamson, Dianne M.451 Willman, Elizabeth E.411, 503 WILSON SHARP . 478,479 Winchell.NitaS.431,507 Winchester. Julia.431 Winchester, Steven R.451 Winder. Paul P.451, 531 Windle.Jill V.316 Wineland, Joy F.431, 503 Winfrey. Cathy R.334, 346 Winfield. William F.400, 521 Winter, Paul.100,101 Winston. Dennis .293 Wise. David L.400 Wise. Susan C.400 Wittorff, Dorothy.451 Wixon, Wayne A.451 Wofford, Isabella.209, 451 Wolfe, Judy E.431 Wolfe. 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John M.412 Young, David.431 Young, Deborah A.431, 507 Young. Grace Y.400 Young. Gregory.431,521 Young. Jean.400, 489 Young. Mark D.451 Young, Mary E.431 Young. Micheal J.451 Young. Sally A.431,489 Young. Susan 1.400 Young, Thomas E.451. 531 Youngblood, Elton R.451, 509 Z Zell. Rita F.400 Zenor, Becky.400. 489 ZETA TAU ALPHA . 506, 507 Zwayer, Kenda L.451 Zwweifler, Michael D.400 Natural Gas the energy saver with virtually no energy loss as it moves direct from the well to your home, performs its appointed tasks most efficiently ancJ always at the lowest possible cost. Arkansas Western Gas rg McimoY bank trust ▼ UNIVERSIPr BRANCH " YOUR CONVENIENT CAMPUS BANK MEMBER FDIC 554 Ads Trees are Arkansas’ renewable natural resource. We’re growing new trees today to provide the useful wood products you’ll need tomorrow. 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Sincerely yours, BOB ' S OF FAYETTEVILLE Bob Huff 557 MrTwmI CiwpaT, he 7 Quality The Endangered Spedes 349 N. 443— S77D Exclusive Hair Design for Women PHen 443 —361S Open Monday Through Saturday WORLD-WIDE TRAVEL SERVICE INCORPORATED 623 W. Dickson Fayetteville 521-7460 Off to see the world? Arkansas’ largest travel agency handles it all—airplane, ship, rental car, hotel, motel—At no cost to you! here s a lot of world to see And whether the world you re thinking of exploring is 10 miles away )r 10.000 miles away, we can help. CotSlin, DRUG STORE 100 W. Dickson Hiway 16 East 442-6262 521-9111 Fayetteville, Arkansas Specializing In Correct Hair Shaping OPEN MONDAY ' S edKen 31 N. BLOCK 442-2742 rutituk Dedicated To Training The Finest Hair Stylists ' edKen 1680 N. COLLEGE ( Across From 1 McDonald ' s 442-5181 THE UN COM _ PLICATORS... RrstNatkxiaO OOWfVTOWN -ON»VERSITY«iOICKSON -EVELYN MEJ.S SPRINGS.BLOCK WEST FORK of Fayetteville 560 Ads 562 Closing Closinjj 563 CREDITS MANY THANKS . . . Dennis Chappell., O. J. Rinnert, Board of Publica¬ tions. Betty Tucker, Connie Tucker, Joyce Melton. Connie Karnes, Art Meripol, Joanne Mazur, Little Rock Chapter Sigma Delta Chi, Arkansas Press Association. Steve Kirk, AKA, Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Pearls, Delta Sigma Theta. Arkansas Traveler, Jeanie Collyge, Chris Kruger, 1977 Razorback Beauties, Beauty Judges, Joyce McCormack (Miss Arkansas 77), Michael Saint, IBM, Harry Marsh, A. W. Blake, Sports Information, Jim Borden, Art Meripol. Razorback Basketball Team, Razorback Report, B.A.D. Times, Bob’s Studio, Photographs Unlimited, Rapport Studio’s, Margie Fontaine, Arkie Byrd, Terry Lee, Solo Lusby, Dave Cooksey, Mar¬ gie Pomfret, Arkansas Union. Bridgitt Coleman, Anita Elliot, Cassandra Smith Martin, Ed Lynch, Justine Dudley. University Theatre, Hum¬ phrey’s Honey’s (Izzy, Angie. Dee, Freda and the gang), Judy (Ms. Cow) Wilson, Wanda Marshall, Wanda Smith, Linda Jackson, Mary Jane Com¬ stock. Valarie Eckwood, Gail Gant and the many others whose names escape me now but did so much in helping the 1977 Razorback in becom¬ ing a reality. IDEAS: 75 Cactus, 1976 Corolla (University of Alabama), 1974 Razor- ba ck, Texas University, 1974 Blueprint (Georgia Tech.), 1974 ' " " Yacket y y c k (North Carolina), 1975 Debris, (Purdue Univer¬ sity), WSSVandora, (University of Georgia). LAYOUTS: done by Lynn Harris, Christy Kalder, Sharon Morgan, and Jane 9| kins. •• • ADMINISTRATION: done by Sharon Morgan and Debbie Holland; Photographs by Chuck Cunningham and Rex Guynn. HONORS SECTION: Christy Kalder and Lynn Harris. Beauties Photo¬ graphs provided by Bob’s Studio and Chuck Cun¬ ningham, Beauty copy by Becky Brewer, Lynn Harris, and Jane Hopkins. SPORTS SECTION: Layouts done by Lynn Harris and Sharon Morgan. Copy by Jim Chaffin and Lynn Harris. ORGANIZATIONS: done by Sharon Morgan, Becky Brewer, Christy Kalder, Debra Wilson, and Cathy Winfrey. STEREOTYPES: Copy by Lynn Harris and Christy Kalder. Artwork by Brooks Swink. CLASS SECTION: done by Sharon Morgan, Debra Wilson, and Cindy Carroll. MILITARY: done by Christy Kalder. LIVING GROUPS: done by Christy Kalder, Lynn Harris, and Sharon Morgan. AD SECTION: Carl Gessler Jr., Butch Carroll. INDEX: Brenda Allen, Cathy Winfrey, and Bennie Hopkins. OPENING SECTION: Copy and Layouts by Lynn Harris and Christy Kalder. Photographs by Chuck Cunningham, Rex, Guynn, Carl Hitt, Paul Strang. STUDENT LIFE: done by Lynn Harris, Christy Kalder, Sharon Morgan, Jane Hopkins, and Becky Brewer. COPY: Debbie Holland — pp. 34, 35,190,199. Sharon Morgan — Administration section Vicki Harris — pp. 44,45, 51 Christy Kalder — pp. 38, 39, 53, 65, 75, 78, 80,190,199, 297. Mi chelle Adcock — pp. 36 Becky Brewer — pp. 118,119 Joanne Mazur — pp. 160 Kay Speed — pp. 59 Lynn Harris — pp. 54, 59, 76, 77,124,125,190,199, 292, 294. Jane Hopkins — pp. 116,117,190,199, 36 367. Chris Krueger — pjL 122,123 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Rex Guynn — pp. 36,42, 43,46, 47,48,49, 52, 54, 56, 57, 64, 127, 257, 292, 324, 562, 563. Chris Hagler — pp. 34, 35, 55. Chuck Cunningham — pp. 38, 39, 50, 65,116,117,127,128, 129,138,139,141,154,155,160, 200-209, 210-221, 226, 366, 367, 564. Art Meripol — pp. 35, 61,120,121, 257. Tommy Carraway — pp. 226. Jim Brewer — pp. 60, 62, 63. Bob Huff — pp. 210-221. Carl Hitt — pp. 132,133-135,140,141,152,153, 367. Paul Strang — pp. 1, 227. Chris Krueger — pp. 122,123. Leroy Scharfenberg — pp. 287, 292, 351, 374, 375, 457,458, 462, 464, 467, 471, 474, 477. Andy Lucas — pp. 124,125. Sports Information — pp. 294, 295. 564 Credits Specifications Volume 80 of the Arkansas Razorback offset lithography by Taylor Publishing, Dallas, Texas press run: 3,500 568 pages size: 9 " X 12 " stock: 80lb enamel cover: designed by W. Brooks Swink and Christy B. Kalder. Embossed Levant Gray end sheets: 65 lb cover weight: silver ink: Standard black printers ink body copy and display: Melior, Monterey Script in beauty section for special effects. Body copy 10 point Melior, Heads in 30 point and 36 point. Busorma used for divi¬ sion pages. Division pages designed by Christy B. Kalder portraits taken by Rapport Studios Inc. New York, NY four color photo printing was done by Photographs Unlimited, Fayetteville, Arkan¬ sas and Meisel Photochrome, Inc., Da llas, Texas Sale price: $8.00 per copy. Other funds derived from student service allocations, page sales, advertising and portrait rebate. The Razorback is published annually by the Razorback staff with no expressed relationship with the UA journalism department. The views expressed herein are solely those of the 1977 Razorback staff and in no way necessarily reflect the opinion or attitude of the U of A administration, faculty, staff. Department of Journalism or student body. All rights reserved. J It s early Monday morning, the first day of spring. What a more fitting time than now to sit down and jot down my thoughts on the year and the 1977 Razorback, This is a moment Tve waited for since my first week at the University. For it was then that I realized that the Razorback was the tradition at the Uni¬ versity that I wanted to be a part of, to improve on and make it a lasting tradition. In less than a month the 1977Razorback will no longer be a dream but a reality. The year began vith several goals. Right now the staff and I have a good feeling about what we’ve done this year because so many of our goals were accomplished. We wanted to be the first staff in a long time to meet every deadline and insure that the book would be back before finals. We’ve had several close calls and at times even the most optimis¬ tic staff members looked worried, but somehow we always pulled the coals out of the fire. We wanted to produce a book that every person at the University of Arkansas could find some¬ thing in the book that related to them. We wanted you to be able to say “Yeah I can dig that.” Yearbooks are special books, so it’s important that the readers are able to find that something special in “their’’ book. We wanted to produce a book that would be considered the best Razorback ever, one that students, alumni, staff and administra¬ tors could be proud of and that journalistically the book could compete as one of the best in the country. We as students and those directly involved with the University have a lot to be proud of, a yearbook such as this can reflect this. Sure some may say that it’s a rah-rah, joe college, yea hogs, type of book, but we invite you to take a closer look, there is a bit of you here. We also hope that the ' 77 Razorback will encourage future staffs to each year try and produce a book better 4han the year before. That they won’t settle for second best and will work to make this tra¬ dition not only get older but better. Although the staff was relatively small, we were all from dif¬ ferent walks of campus life. We actively sought the advice of stu¬ dents and staff outside the confines of hill hall. As a staff and as individuals we made ourselves open for comments and ideals and were of the opinion that each individual at the U of A had something to offer in helping us to keep a tradition going and in producing the near-perfect book. As a staff we realized that no matter how hard we tried that mistakes would be made and critics would appear. Critics are good in that they help you to realize some of your weak points, but this criticism must be constructive to have any type of mean¬ ing and value. It’s so much that can be said and said again about yearbooks, especially the ' 77 Razorback, but with the fear of sounding over dramatic I will go on with the purpose of parting thoughts to thank all the people involved in helping to make this the best ff zorback ever. So on with the show. First I’d like to thank you, the students, staff, administrators, and alumni of the University of Arkansas. You gave us smiles, comments, ideals, frankness and a special appeal that leads all the rest. Most of all you gave yourself as a part of the tradition rich University of Arkansas. Without you, these pages would be blank and a tradition would have died. Then there was the staff. The people who spent endless hours working because they believe in the institution that the Razor- back is and the tradition that it holds. Without the staff, this moment and this book would never exist. I feel guilty in being able to sit here and write down my thoughts in the book when everyone on the staff worked just as hard as myself. Cindy Carrol! started the year as secretary of the staff and we really missed her the second semester. Cindy did a fantastic job in keeping the office going and brought with her a special inner beauty that spread throughout the office. Cathy IViii rey, Brenda Allen and Bennie Hopkins did all the busy work, the jobs nobody else would do and they didn’t seem to mind a bit. They joked about it, made it enjoyable and kept me laughing the whole afternoon. I looked forward to each after- r)Mi Patiin ' I ' houj»hl PMIMG Th+OUG noon when the trio would come to work, leaving me with never a dull moment. I must also thank some friends who helped with the book, but due to other commitments (namely school) limited the amount of time they were able to spend in the office. Joanne Mazur, Mic¬ helle Adcock, Cathee Crain, Elizabeth Puddefath and Vicki Har¬ ris all added so much into making the year go so good and really added a lot to the book. Our sports section is one of the strongest sections in the book. Jim Chaffin did a great job with the copy and combined with both of our loves for sports, I made a lasting friend. Jane Hop¬ kins, Debbie Holland, Becky Brewer, and Debra Wilson handled the job of associate editor, copy editor and production manager with a professional approach. They were never too busy to give a helping hand to someone else on the staff even when they had tons of work to do themselves. They proved to be remarkable young ladies with special talent to do nothing but great work and I wish them love, luck, and thanks in their future endeavors. Photography makes or breaks a yearbook. As you can see, the photography in the 77 Razorback is outstanding. With the addi¬ tional use of color, the photography became even more import tant. Chuck Cunningham headed the staff of photographers. Although we didn’t see eye to eye on some issues. Chuck did a great job with the photography and had earned my respect as a photographer and as an individual. Rex Guynn turned in top quality work all year and I knew that I could always count on Rex when a deadline arose and that the work would be super. Although Chris Hagler was the head photographer for the Trav¬ eler he was around to help us whenever we needed him. 1 have really enjoyed getting to know and work with Chris in student publications over the last couple of years. Leroy Schafenberg came on late in the year but he couldn’t have come at a better time. He too turned in top quality work and future student publi¬ cations at the University will benefit from Leroy’s talent and knowledge of photography. I must also thank Tim Ernest and Phil Ezell of Photographs Unlimited. They helped us so much during the year and did a fantastic job with producing the color in the book. They always gave us fast service and never turned us down when we asked some almost impossible favors. I can’t thank them enough for helping us to reach our goal of top quality in color photography. Brooks Swink was a photographer too, but in a completely dif¬ ferent sense. The artwork throughout the book is Brook’s photog¬ raphy and as you can see he did a superb job. Brooks combined his super personality and his artistic talents to help make the art¬ work appear as a special type photography. He also kept us laughing on the trips to Dallas. While I’m on photographers 1 couldn’t write my final thoughts without making mention of Carl Hitt, The University photogra¬ pher. Carl became a good friend to all the members of the staff and became our unofficial advisor and would work overtime without compensation to help us make our deadlines. Added with the fact that ho was an outstanding photographer his great sense of humor and personality cheered us up during even our dullest moment in Hill Hall. I know the staff feels the same way I do when 1 say that we’ve made a lifetime friend in Carl. One of my best friends proves to me that you can always count on friends. Carl Gessler came to us during the spring semester to see if he could just help out. We gave him a job that nobody else wanted, selling ads. Of course Gessler being Gessler did a great job. I can feel lucky in having friends like Carl. On every staff there are always people who you think that somebody knew you would need so they sent them to you. Well, somebody sent me three. Sharon Morgan served as production supervisor and spent every afternoon in the office doing what¬ ever she could to make sure that the book was the best. She brought with her a special warmth that made everyone on the staff respect her ability as a leader. She was an expert when it came to busy work and never complainc d. Her creative mind helped to make the? layouts in the book the best in years. The HTS... mWG THOUGHTS... P- RTIMG TH- O year never would have gone so smoothly without the help of Sharon. Butch Carroll served as business manager and all around good person. Sometimes we didn’t know what was going on in the business office but Butch did. He brought his knowledge of being able to organize and his personality and helped this book in more ways than he will ever know. Butch denounce the ideal that good friends make bad employers. This next person will always have a special place in my heart. 1 must admit that her good looks had a lot to do with me hiring her, but it’s a move that I’ve never regretted. Christy Kalder was the editor. I never had to fear what would happen to the book if something happened to me. Christy provided the leadership, tal¬ ent and personality to make her the favorite of everyone on the staff. If it was one person on the staff that I could not have made it without, then Christy is the one. I searched deep into my vocabulary to find the words to thank Christy for her wisdom, friendship and love. I only end up at my heart with the words “Thanks a million” and 1 love you madly. There were also other people who were indirectly involved with the book that I must thank. Dennis Chappell in the business manager’s office and Dr. Harry Marsh in journalism. They were always available to help in matters that I knew nothing about. This was the second year with Taylor Publishing Company. The first year I’d like to forget, but this year will always linger in my mind. Jud Thurman and Nancy Jones helped us so much in making our dream come through. They were always there w ' hen we needed them, and made us feel as though we were the only book they were doing. I also must also thank another Christy, who helped us so much during our visits at Taylor with our mixed up ideas. And then there were friends. The ones who always asked how the book was going or was there anything that they could do to help. They were always there to help with a problem or just to let me cry on their shoulders with my many problems. These people during my years at the university have taught me the true mean¬ ing of friendship and I will never be able to find the words to tell them what an important part they have played in my life. So I must mention them in something that will always be very special to me, the book. Thanks a million Harvey, O.V., Hugh P., Cindy, Bridgitt, Kerwin, San, Butch, and the brothers of A Phi A. I could have never enjoyed the University as much without you and at least not be sane at the end. 1 could not close without mentioning my family. They have given me the encouragement, love and guidance throughout my life and the confidence for me to believe that I could do anything. Moma, Aunt Gee, Grandma, Uncle Charles, Jackie, Kennie, Uncle James and Aunt Hattie, I can’t tell you all how much you have helped me in going through this trip called life. 1 am only where I am today because of you, and 1 can’t thank you enough for always standing behind me. There are also other unofficial members of my family 1 have to mention. Chris Hinton and Ran¬ dall C. P ' ergerson weni always there to give me the inspiration of a big brother and sister and their wisdom and love have made such an impact on me. So there you have it. The year has ended and the Razorback is now history. So many times ,the job has been quite lonely and Hill Hall quiet but 1 never felt alone. God gave me an inner strength to go on and he gave me all the people I’ve mentioned. People who made the job an experience that I’ll never forget and will always cherish. God also gave us “You.” Thank you all for making this dream a reality. Iwi rett Lvnn Harris Editor 1977 Razorback R. Kownack Closing

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