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O. J. RINNERT, BUSINESS MANAGER A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS i Summer ' 72 2 V flM CAMPlS STUDENT] RESTRICTED MRKIN 700 AM. 5 OOPM. MONDAY tkm FRIDA Y uA ' Mtna LOT 49 MOTORCYCLES PROHIBITED , 5 " It s fine for whoever wants to do it.” David McMillan " As long as you keep out of the system mentally and go into it physically just to meet people, it ' s OK.” Kitty Sloan ' ' Registration . .. or .. . the University ' s own three-ringed circus M v After 15 Years. . . 9 U of A TURNS ON Can Be Moving w Its a Beautiful Day; Redwing; Rusty, Layton, and John; Goose Creek Symphony Buffalo Bob— Birth of Nostalgia. . . Death of Symposium BEAT TEXAS WEEK 1972... 16 MAYBE WE SHOULD HAVE A " BEAT TULSA WEEK! " George McGovern COME HOME, AMERICA. President Nixon NOW MORE THAN EVER. TRASH OF THE THIRTIES " ... it was so bad that it was good, if that makes any sense!” Danae Columbus 21 ZZ Top Dorms Have Halloween and Casino n -$ 2 H— • nn I HOME¬ COMING.. . 28 and a Queen Is Crowned ft CHRISTMAS WAS MEANT FOR CHILDREN— Children like you and me! 34 Tom Massery— Ron Holmes— Legalize marijuana. Make ASG more credible to students. Jim Carver— Rid the U niversity of communists. “I ' m not involved in the campaign. I think it ' s fake. . . they aim to be good, but they can ' t. " Jerry Meadows Cj§P “It ' s like high school. " Britt Crews i Every candidate for the last four years has failed to meaningfully address himself. " Rick Booth 4T Henry Wood— I told you so. Rick Campbell— Get the students back into student government. 35 Debbie Wernet— Focusing On Fundamentals Campbell Takes It by Six! The election seemed to almost creep up on the students this year. Two weeks of campaigning flew past in what seemed only a few days. In the primary election, just over one thousand students both¬ ered to get out and vote. This wasn ' t the real election, was it? In the run-off, almost two thou¬ sand students took the trouble to select the ASG president for next year. Only six votes separated the winner, Rick Campbell from the loser, Debbie Wernet. Was this the comeback for the Greek System into campus politics? " I don ' t think so, ' ' said Rick, " I just got lucky.” 38 GREEK WEEK ' 73 39 Sigma Alpha Epsilon won the Ful- bright-McClellan Award. Delta Gam¬ ma won the award for being the most outstanding sorority. Scholar ' s Bowl saw an upset with SAE taking first. A poker tournament was held for fra¬ ternity men and a bridge tourna¬ ment was held for both sororities and housemothers. And, of course there was the annual " Greek Week Dance " at the Rink. And that was Greek Week ' 73. OPENING SOON—The Union i ii u V Women s Intramurals They didn ' t make it all the way to the top, but after looking up from the bottom for so many long seasons, second place isn ' t so bad. The Running Razorbacks made basketball a campus word again with a winning season and a newly revised record book. This year, Ar¬ kansas is NO. 2, tied with Texas A M. The Razorbacks showed everyone that they could and would play bas¬ ketball. Doctor, Lawyer, Merchant, Thief... THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS 51 St. Patricia Candidates tUWU rifigfPK, Ll ! ■ a i l i ,i. I ' HTl; B- 1 r-7 1 mA 11 vQ l Hallabaloo Hostesses are: Karen Kennedy, Carol Post, Janina Brown, Marci Millican, Becky Thompson, Priscilla Horton, and Carla Scaramucci. Not pictured: Brenda Brenner. CAMPUS TRIVIA It took 2,600,000 bricks to build Old Main. You are never supposed to step on the Senior Walk year 1900 because all the members of that class died a tragic death and you will too if you step on that year. The first University radio station was KUOA which was sold and moved to Siloam Springs. There are 101 steps leading to the University Museum. The chimes in Old Main were placed there in 1949 and are dedicated to the 210 former Uof A stu¬ dents who lost their lives during WWI and WWII. Until the mid 1930 ' s no freshman was allowed to walk on Senior Walk until after Thanksgiving unless Arkansas won the Homecoming Game. The rocks that were used to build the wall around the campus were obtained from in front of the Infirmary. Kappa Sigma was the first Greek Fraternity on campus. Five years later, Chi Omega founded itself on campus, becoming the first sorority. Tradition has it that if you get dropped, pinned, or engaged on Spoofer ' s Stone, that your love will last forever. Men ' s Intramurals Fayetteville at its finest— Spring Break 64 JUAN MERCADAL THE SIGN IN SIDNEY BRUSTEIN ' S WINDOW THOMAS LEABHART ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST n z 9 JUeg u ifcliaCte i jfb iiqkt Jm McCabe eta 0Tau MPpha Susie C iatg e(ia c Dedta QePta r’i ' -. t v |y QW ecfcy JUye ts ( T)e(ta Qamma 79 JUa it(ia Sta iks Chi ©mega QQmbetl QAioocfc C(ii ©meg a 83 Miss Uof A Carol Hendrickson Chi Omega 86 Miss Dogpatch Kathy Dye Pi Beta Phi Miss Sorority Pledge Queen Kerry Wylie Kappa Kappa Gamma 87 HOMECOMING OUEEN AND COURT Members of the Court are: Nancy Jacobi, Kathy Lyman, Janet Neal, Susan Gentle, Cindy Outlaw, and Treva Earhart. AGRI QUEEN HENRY WOODS " borne people dream things that will never be and say Why not while some people see things as they really are and say ' I told you so. " DAVID ALEXANDER " It is evident that much re¬ mains to be done. " WHO ' S WHO SHARON BAILEY " Life is a game, and each of us can be a winner. But first we must realize that the greatest of victories comes from within and includes so much more than merely ' crossing the finish line first " JEFF BELL " College is a people ' experi¬ ence: The true value of higher education lies not in the class¬ room, but in the observance of human character and aspiration. " i WENDELL GRIFFEN " ...So if my community is no better after my death than it was before my birth I may as well have never been born and I may as well have failed to fulfill the challenge made by my education... " 4b HEYDEN HUCKE " People tend to overrate their individual importance and contributions to a situation. No one person ever really matters. It ' s the sum of all the parts that counts. " 91 TERRY KINGAN No comment. JOHN SCOTT No comment. SUE STEPHENS ADAMS No comment. 92 STEVE SNOW " Four more years of observing people and writing about their actions in dealing with other people has led me to one over¬ powering conclusion: Dogs really are man ' s best friends. " ROBERT TREPP " L ' Etat C ' Est Mois. After all, winning four out of four isn ' t bad. ' ' WILLIAM RUCK No comment. DAVID HARGIS No comment. LARRY LIPE " Idle boasting of your accom¬ plishments only proves your ignorance. The greater honors are those received rather than gained. ' ' 94 RANDY McNAIR " A student, if so inclined, can easily adjust to the academic role. Likewise, depending on the respective level of motiva¬ tion, the realm of extracurricu¬ lar activities can be adequately explored. However, the para¬ doxical consequence of such a situation inevitably means the sacrifice of peace of mind by the individual. " JUDY ROBERTSON " ...It ' s rather sad to spend sixteen years of one ' s life get¬ ting an education to prepare one for his life work only to find that once prepared, there are no jobs available. " MARTHA STARKS No comment. NEWTON WHITE " Of the people I ' ve observed. I ' ve found that great people are only as great as their ability to influence others permits them to be. " 95 SHERRY HARRIS " ... It seems to me that those who spend their time here ab¬ sorbed in their own private worlds and who ignore the op¬ portunities available for par¬ ticipation insome type of extra¬ curricular activity are missing out on a lot of what college life is all about. " BILL ADAMS No comment. STEVE AREA " Throughout college we are educated with the fact that simple effective communi¬ cation is a beginning of un¬ derstanding. But yet one later realizes that it is ambiguity which promotes greatness; for to be great is to be mis¬ understood. " 96 JOHN BEASLEY To quote Thomas Carlyle: " Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do. " CHARLES DAVIDSON No comment. ROBERT BYRNE knowledge is the university ' s reason for being; however, a student ' s involvement while seeking this knowledge gives the university its meaning. ' SHEILA DANIEL " For once I don ' t want to say anything about anything. " 97 TREVA EARHART I joyfully remember the past, but I look with hopeful ex¬ pectation to the future. ' ' LINDA TAYLOR As Lee said, " soft: the way her eyes view her children. hard: her hands, a comment on her will. warm: just the way she is, jim! sure: as yesterday, she ' s tomorrow ' s tomorrow. " WILLIAM KENNEDY " Apathy is the world ' s big¬ gest problem—but then, who cares? " 98 ' i DANAE COLOMBUS " Life around here is a real trip. " MARJEAN CREEKMORE No comment. ROBERT GLOVER " Make more than you have. " ' opportunities STEPHEN SMITH No comment. 99 MARGIE CHAPMAN As Eleanor Roosevelt said, " Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have an obligation to be one. You can¬ not make any useful con¬ tribution in life unless you do this. " DOUG BUFORD No comment. GYMNASTICS coached by Deb Thompson W S O P M O E N T ' s s E X T R A M U TENNIS 1 . coached by Nancy Lowe Batson A L nissen ARCHERY SWIMMING GOLF BOWLING 101 Marching Razorback Band 102 Bill Irwin, Drum Major J ± -At A M A 11 ZM ■ J t 2 r. Kathy Rice, Head Majorette Debbie Cox Nancy Myer Judy Whitaker Terri Ward Jan Wallace, Feature Twirler Ann Teaford Sherri Pierce Janie Westbrook Razorback Cheerleaders 104 1972-73 Cheerleaders are: G.Stoner, A.VanHook, S.Haugan, P.Marinoni, D.Nassar, N.Miller, M.Tabb, S.Craig, K.O ' Banion, R.West, J.Deacon, S.Taylor. Freshman Cheerleaders are: C.Post, L.Bounds, T.Clayton, P.Cox, J.Diederich, P.Foster. 106 ARKANSAS UNION: Committees and Activities Programs Council members are (1 to r): J. Jordan B. Barnes K. Campbell M.A. Westphall J. Baker A. Kittrell R. McNair D. Columbus Governing Board members are: C. DeNoi R. O ' Brien S. Area M. Starks K. Campbell J. Waller D. Kirkpatrick L. Gibson J. McGoodwin P. Rosenberg R. Minnick T. Muse J. Borden R. McNair D. Columbus J. Baker P. Harris 4 Associated Student Government 108 Gene McKissic, President I Nikki Gahr, Clerk Chris Cobb, Treasurer 109 Jackie Carr, Executive Secretary Robert Trepp, Press Secretary no Directors are (1 to r): J.Lawson, L.Taylor, W.Cockrill, M.Stitsworth. Administrative Aide, W.Griffen t r Administrative Aide, C.Croft. 112 Student-Faculty Traffic Appeals Court members are: L.Lloyd, J.Havens, M.Westphal, G.Halpern, P.Carpenter, G.Bullard, A.Jumper, K.Berry, J.Johnson Not Pictured: R.Campbell. All-Student Judiciary members are: S.Hinman, Chairman; C.Lewis, V.Smith, Rec. Sec.; M.Mayton, T.Smyer, M.Douglas, B.Riggs, N.Sindon, Advisor; J.Kalamajka, Advisor. Senate and Committees Senators are: D.Russell, D.Threlkeld, J.Northcutt, J.Fotioo, K.Creekmore, J.Bell, J.Due, B.Arnold, J.Jackson, C.Martin, D.Ferrell, P.Neiser, L. Vandenberg, M.Walker, L.Traylor, B.Landford, D.Van Hook, B.Baker, C.Walker, M.Roberts, L.Mims, G.Oleson, M.Zimmerman, K.Guthrie, D. Chou, R.Porter, K.Lewis, B.Harrison, J.Farmer, R.Parrish, J.Carfagno, L.Wilson, M.Vanderburg, D.Wernet, B.Marshall, J.Bingham, G.Cottrell, H.Hucke, J.Holcomb, S.Hucke, R.Fulton, R.Bumpass, C.Yeargan, G.Wilkens, J.Van Syce, P.Rosenberg, M.McKenna, M.Vogler. Not Pictured: C.Burt, H.Brandom, J.Cogdell, G.Wallace, J.Whiteaker, P.Sewell, T.Chiles, J.Jeter, C.Dumeny, P.Bassett, S.Keck, J.St.Pierre, D.Chambers, C. Furcron, K.Michaels, J.Sanders, D.Roberts, M.Gruszka, G.Peck, D.Kemp, S.Spencer, G.Goble, M.Oberly, D.Bell, G.Alley, J.Bingham, L.Howard. 4S :--% ' Cfe v C V " i ■ • ' . • v c: .’■ ' kAT ' iv " • • ' 4 SPORTS... Naturally •-— 1 .g5r ; - .;; i, 7r ■ gjk U ,$ W f , ;Tt ' % use 31 ARKANSAS 10 116 “If they (USC) don ' t go undefeated, then something ' s wrong.” Joe Ferguson ARKANSAS 24 OSU 23 I feel like we won. It was a heck of a game, but I Can t believe we lost.” °SU Quarterback, Brent Blackman ,0 ARKANSAS 27 TCU 13 " Of course, the real hero is Fergu¬ son. He was just super in his execu¬ tion of the game plan. " Frank Broyles 119 120 ARKANSAS 31 BAYLOR 20 ARKANSAS 42 north Texas i6 STATE If the offensive perfection of Saturday s Same is any indication of the rest of the Seas on, then it ' s going to be a wild Novem- er for the Razorbacks. ' —Linda Franklin, Asst. Sports Editor, Arkansas Traveler 122 124 Texas A M 10 Arkansas 7 Rice 23 Arkansas 20 " I ve never played so hard and lost. I feel numb and sick to my stomach. Jim Irwin Cornerback SMU Arkansas “It ' s great to win! The momentum from this game will be a big step toward next year. " Scott Bull Quarterback Arkansas 24 Texas Tech 14 JACK DAVIS MERVIN JOHNSON BUDDY BENNETT KEN TURNER RAZORBACK COACHING STAFF SPORTS ADMINISTRATION GEORGE COLE, DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS C.A. BID WELL, PURCHASING AGENT WILSON MATTHEWS, DAVE CAWOOD, SPORTS ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT INFORMATION DIRECTOR r tom reed, offensive guard DICKEY MORTON, TAILBACK 131 ALL¬ SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE FOOTBALL DON WUNDERLY, DEFENSIVE TACKLE 132 MEMBERS ARE: Jerry Efurd, Manager Bruce Clark David Hearnes Mark Willingham Bill Brodie Tom Grisak Phil Landauer Joe Hickey Dave Stout Randy Jackson David Beauchamp Jeff Cook, Head Coach PHIL LANDAUER TENNIS DAVE STOUT CROSS-COUNTRY MEMBERS ARE: Terry Smith Ron Hendee Larry Bauldree Steve Houk Jim Smith Kim Wisner Desmond O ' Connor Scott Nykaza John McDonnell, coach 133 BASEBALL 134 MEMBERS ARE: Jim Andree, Steve Ballard, Joe Basore, David Beckham, Tim Brewer, Keith Cochran, Walter Coleman, Ray Cornelius, Jim Doolittle, Wally Erwin, Steve Haaser, Gerald Hannahs, John Jenkins, Randy E. Jones, Randy T. Jones, Richard Miller, Bruce Mitchell, Will Morris, John Nauman, Tommy Neal, Larry Paulsen, Kim Peterson, Mike Presson, Ed Pufall, Dennis Pugh, Junior Smith, Greg Snowden, Ritchie Sorrells, Billy Weckel, Mike Wil¬ liams, David Wood, Michael Kirkland, Norm DeBriyn, head coach, Ross Amundson, assistant coach. Bill Dorothy, assistant coach. AND GREGG SNOWDEN ROBERT OWENS TRACK 135 MEMBERS ARE: Larry Bauldree, Randy Dennis, Steve Hall, Ron Hendee, Steve Houk, Vernon Hune, Scott Kyle, Rick McWhorter, Skip Moon, Gale Munger, Scott Nykaza, Desmond O ' Connor, Robert Owens, Robert Palmer,Kirby Rowland,Chris Schweder, Alan Simpson, Jerry Smith, Jim Smith,Terry Smith, Todd Walker, Kim Wisner, Thomas Yarnell, Randy Norwood, Rex Guynn, Sam Stathakis, Reggie Craig,Kelvin O ' Brien, Jon Rhiddlehoover.Rollen Smith, David Spriggs, Ed Renfrow, head coach, John McDonnell, assistant coach, Ron Cope, assistant coach. r ‘A RICK MC WHORTER Members are: Mark Anderson, Steve Beckwith, Larry Brand, Dennis Cyr, Bart Cobb, Dick Ferris, Hugh Hoffman, Gary Isacksen, Bill Pisaruck, Terry Kingan, Vernon Smith, Rich Raybuck, Tom Tay¬ lor, Rick Wery, Doug Franklin, Manager; Ed Fedosky, swimming coach; John Phillips, diving coach. 136 ' Coach, What am I supposed to say? " Doug Franklin MEMBERS ARE: Bill Brodell, Bill Brown, Bo Beaumeister, David Hodges, Bev Hargraves, Wayne Smith, David Vandergriff, Mike De- hons. Don Miller, Richard Back, Bob Slusarek, coach. 1 37 BASKETBALL V It |i ' • s RKnn ONE LOUSY POINT. . . ' Student interest in basketball has increased tremendously and is much responsible for the Razorbacks ' success in Barnhill Fieldhouse. " David Cawood, Sports Information Director MEMBERS ARE: Martin Terry, Doug Campbell, Dean Tolson, Jody Bass, Rickey Medlock, Steve Stroud, Jack Schulte, Steve Price, Dennis White, Roger Spears, Curtis Drake, Joel Garland, John Wood, Eugene Logan, Gene Lambert, Rex Guynn, Jim Riner, Steve Caver, Steve Knight, Larry Cohea, manager; Henry Hawkins, manager; Lanny Van Eman, head coach; Pat Foster, assistant coach; Bobby Vint, junior varsity coach; Joel Heider, graduate assistant. FOULS AND THE FREE THROW LINE-THE MARGIN OF VICTORY (SOMETIMES) AIR FORCE ROTC CADRE, (ltor): TSGT Robert Williams, TSGT Ronald Reining, TSGT Cecil Simer, SSGT Jerry Bare, CAPT Raymond Yeatman, MAJ Gerald Mason, LTC Robert Johnston. COL William C. Davis, PAS Angel Flight ; V , t ' M K n|BH| f • I w wft w •» Kit ■ p t ' j 1 jR W WjH a i JvL B yl if Am w T W | If ; Ki ▼,,w ■Lf tMKi j .Jvj 1 MIbi J J Back Row, (1 to r): J.Jackson, D. Woods, N.Bradle y, P.Williams, E.Polk, J.Hudson, L.Vandenberg, S.Jones, S.Fulbright, K.Dye, D. K w 1 h ‘ te ' Fr ° nt Row: R-DesLauriers, R.Wilks, M.Gorum, D.Wood, P.Taylor, J.Bodie, T.Earhart, Commander; C.Hendrick¬ son, yli e K.Imhoff, T.Moore. Not Pictured: L.Cronin, J.Jones, C.Oxford, E.Stevens, P.Johnson, L.Araiza, A.Leggett. Angel Flight, an auxilliary of Arnold Air, is ery active in community betterment projects, ey work on the blood drive, donate a an sgiving basket to a needy family, hold an Easter Egg hunt for underprivileged chil¬ dren, and take children to Razorback basketball games. Angels and Arnold Air also co-sponsor a to V drive. 145 Back Row, (1 to r): C.Shelton, G.Mackey, B.Sumer, P.Freeman, S.Jackson, L.Sel, O.Coker, R.Petrik, T.Thomson, R.Jenkins, J.West, M.Mitchell, K. Reynolds, W.Quarles, S.Risner, G.Risner, D.Adcock. Front Row: R.deVaca, R.Kraynils. Not Pictured: M.Callahan, C.Conner, L.Helmich, T.Kin- gan, C.Maule, G.New, W.Story, J.White, B.Calcote, K.Curry, W.Jacks, G.Martin, R.Cholent, N.White, M.Anderson, D.Beaty, D.Kennemore, R. Pierce, R.Pressley. Arnold Air Society The Arnold Air Society was founded as an honorary military society for Air Force cadets who are outstanding both academically and in the AFROTC program. Founded in honor of General Hap Arnold, the Society works joint¬ ly with Angel Flight on projects helpful to AFROTC, the University, and the community. 147 GROUP STAFF, (1 to r): W.Story, L.Helmich, G.New, C.Conner, G.Barr, R.Byrne, J.White, M.Mitchell, O. °ker, J.Bonner, C.Maule, Commander. ASU Back Row, (I to r): G.Stewart, R. Thompson, S.Courtney, R.Bratton, B.Luther, A.Voisey, R.Lumpkin, W. Quarles. Middle Row: T.McCarol, L.Gates, S.Grubb, F.Mitchell, M. Christopher, D.Walker, E.McCall. Front Row: D.Kennemore, C. Thompson, R.Barnett, L.Kindle, L. Davis, C.Stevenson, D.Ragan, G. Mackey, R.Petrik, Commander. Flight Instruction Program r%, ■■ 148 Air Force ROTC cadets may receive free flight training through the Flight Instruc¬ tion Program. If qualified, cadets receive both ground and flight instruction for the FAA Private Pilots License at Drake Field. t w 4 ARMY ROTC COL Guy I. Tutwiler, PMS v vuRE (| SFC W U ° t- Bernard Contrella, MAJ Richard Rogers, SGM James Kelley, LTC Windle Kirk, SSG James Smith, CPT Henry Mil- Mbur Turley, MSG Eddie Howard. 149 Cadettes Back Row, I to r: J.Robertson, S.Peek, S.Young, 5.Smith, C.Barton, D.Flowers, T.Long, K.Downer, A.Faucett, 5- Wiggins, D.Richison, K.McDonald, G.Wiederkehr, C.Neal, J.McCabe, J.Jeter, J.Waller, P.Bell. Front Row: C- Jeck, S.Dunaway, M.McClain, J.Brockmann, A.Williamson, J.Morris, N.Nelson, W.Henry, C.McAlister, D.Mufl ' sey, D.Jacobi, J.Wallace, L.Lindall. Not Pictured: J.Brazil, C.Critz, E.Morris, W.Davis, K.Henry, S.Hammons, 0 - Roy. Members of the ROTC Cadette Corps are chosen on the basis of beauty, personality, and scholar¬ ship. The purpose of Cadettes is to take part in projects helpful to the ROTC department and general public, including the Red Cro§ s blood drive and the Christmas party for the Morrilton Children ' s Home. C HolT Back Row, (1 to r): A.Phillips, M.Hunt, C.Martin, J.Merryman. Middle Row: R.Walker, T.Melvin, L.Deeter, B.Holland ercx Front Row: P.Kincannon, K.Stauss, J.Beasley, Commander; B.Reed, G.Behnke. Scabbard and Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is a bi¬ service honorary military fraternity for advanced ca¬ dets. Its aims are to raise the standard of military education and to encour¬ age qualities of leadership, while instructing cadets in the customs and traditions of the services. Back Row, (1 to r): B.Barnes, P.Kincannon, L.Hamm, D.Smith. Middle Row: L.Deeter, C. Yarbrough ' q Breeden, G.Behnke, A.Phillips. First Row: K.Stauss, J.Merryman, M.Hunt, Commander; C.Holbero ' Martin. 154 Pershing Rifles I to r: M.Sylvester, B.Peters, S.Yerby, K.Sanford, R.Johnston, R.Crawford, J.Safren, P.Chapin, C.Yarbrough, R.Indorf, Commander. J.Henderson, M.Hardaway, G.Swink, B.Griffith, L.Davis, C.Bainbridge. Not pictured: D.Chambers. Pershing Rifles offers a wide variety of training programs for both Army and Air Force basic cadets, including staff procedures, rifle team, exhibition drill, and tactics. The tactics team has won three first place trophies in the past two years. 156 157 Member: W R are: T.Beane, J.Beasley, G.Behnke, L.Bell, W.Griffen, G.Hunt, R.Ledford. C.Martin, D.Martin, R.Mayes, M.Meis, L.Merryman, R.Moore, p ri ee J-Seibold, K.Stauss, C.Yarbrough, A.Marney, D.Hankins, M.Louton, J.Lewis, R.Cook, C.Summers, W.Hanson, D.Sumner, C.Stogsdill, P-Cha • K.btauss, C Yarbrough, A.Marney, .... a P n, M.Johnson, G.Mash, S.Yerbv, R.Pack, 1.Hardin, L.Tucker. A penny for YOUR THOUGHTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 60 Features... 1 Fine Arts. . .64 Beauties .. 72 Who ' s Who.. .90 Women ' s Sports... 100 Band and Majorettes... 102 Cheerleaders.. .104 Union.. .106 Associated Student Government.. .108 Men ' s Sports.. .114 Military. . . 143 THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS FAYETTEVILLE CAMPUS 1973 RAZORBACK VOLUME 76 • COPYRIGHT 1973, UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS ADMINISTRATION Governor Dale Bumpers President David W. Mullins Charles W. Oxford, Administrative Vice- President William F. Denman, Vice-President for Student Affairs Fred Vorsanger, Vice-President for Business Palmer C. Pilcher, Vice-President for Academic Affairs James L. Dennis, Vice-President for Health Services John W. White, Vice-President for Agriculture 3 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Members of the Board are: Fred Pickens, John L. Wilson, Preston L. Hathcock, Charles E. Kemp, Raymond P. Miller, Louis L. Ramsay, Roy Ritter, George R. Shankle, Robert Shults, H.B. Chalmers, and David W. Mullins. DEANS John P. Owen, Business Wiley Davis, Law Loren R. Heiple, Engineering James J. Hudson, Graduate School Hugh L. Mills, Continuing Education Robbin C. Anderson, Arts and Sciences Glenn W. Hardy, Ag and Home Economics 5 Fred J. Vescolani, Education FOUR-H Myra Bell Barbara Bocksnick Brenda Bradbury Deborah Brown Lida Chambers Elizabeth Childs Sara Couch Sarah Dawson Karen Dewey Cecelia Dumeny Marjorie Fontaine Glenda Garner Alicia Gattis Catherine Hershberger Virginia Humphreys Debra Jackson Julianne Johnson Kandy Keacher Mary Mann Penny Michaelis Karen Montgomery Donna Nash Monica Ritz Sharon Ross Connie St. John Linda Strickland Judy Tackett Karen Tackett Carolyn Tannehill Donna Thompson Judy Tucker Linda Via Rebecca War nock Kathleen Webb Wanda Whisnant Sue Wiedeman Ruth Wood 7 8 FULBRIGHT Mary Alverson Ruth Atkinson Karen Banks Marilyn Barlow Pamela Bassett Susan Bates Rebecca Bealle Deborah Beckman Jonna Belva Sue Belzung Susan Benton Jeannette Berlau Karen Black Laura Black Jo Ann Blankenship Rebecca Blumenthal Olivia Boas Janet Booker Denise Bourgeois Marcie Boyce Barbara Boyd Pamela Breckenridge Brenda Brenner Karen Breyman Mary Brooks Meredith Brooks Margaret Buford Margaret Burkhalter Marilyn Byrd Joy Campbell Mary Carey Jan Carter Lauralee Cecil Gay Chaney Patricia Chapman Diane Christian Marilyn Clay Terry Clayton Elizabeth Cochran Carren Collins Gloria Collins Virginia Conner Debbie Conrad Nancy Cook Charlotte Coopwood Rebecca Corley Cindy Cottier Carol Cowgur Mary Cox Marilyn Cox Pamela Cox Frances Craig FULBRIGHT Kim Crank Debi Cunningham Laurie Dale Hallis Davenport Mary Davis Deborah Deal Carolyn Dickinson M arsha Donathan Sheila Downen Terrie Drewry Katherine Drouet Peggy Elliott Trudy English Dona Evans Billie Fair Judith Feldman Julie Fellows Wanda Fisher Susan Fitch Martha Foster Rebecca Freeman Dena French Judy Furstenberg Judy Calyean Jeanne Gardner Nancy Garrett Marilyn Gill Dianne Gilliam Vickie Glover Martha Goss Kay G rammer Robin Greenwood Anna Grizzle Robin Hahs Rosa Maria Hale Karen Halinski Debora Hanna Lurene Harkness Beverly Hedgepeth Elizabeth Hemmingson Beth Hensley Becky Hogan Susan Hooks Susan Houchen Nancy Howland Theresa Hulsey Judith Huneycutt Jane Hunt Ginny Huxtable Mary Ella Impson Linda Jackson Lucy Jackson Mary Jacobs Shelley Jennings Karen Johanson Connie Johnson 9 FULBRIGHT 10 Evelyn Johnson Jo Anna Johnson Martha Johnson Sandra Johnson Judy Judd Christy Kalkbrenner Karen Kennedy Kimbra Killett Kay Killgore Kelly King Melissa Kinser J Kowart Frances Landrum Beverly Lanford Mary Lang Mary Large Angie Lenius M ary Lewis Peggy Linn Therese Lynch Cheryl Lyons Molly MacDonald Carolyn Mackay Sharon Maguire Laurin Mastm Anne Maxwell Abba McCann Paula McClellan Libby McCollum Rebecca McDaniel Janie McDonald Macy McElroy Brenda McGowan Bridget McKennzy Martha McMillan Lugene McNeill Vicki McNeill Estela Meneses Alicia Minden Angela Minden Ann Mitchell Vicki Mitchell FULBRIGHT Vicki Moll Mary Moore Mitzi Moore Susan Moore Trudy Moore Zelle Moore Deborah Morales Beverly Morgan Patti Morton Kelli Murphy Becky Neill Gail Oliver Cindy Pate Connie Patterson Jetty Pay Brenda Pharr Jaquita Phillips Sherri Pierce Rose Poff Kerry Pollard Jane Powell Cheryl Pruet Gena Puryear Teresa Pye Alison Reemes Sally Reid Robbi Ann Rice Judy Rogers Denise Roy Debbie Rusher Karen Seibold Debra Sellers Marilyn Short Pamela Simpson Melissa Sink Connie Skarda Debbie Skidmore Ava Smith Donna Smith Elaine Smith Gwenn Smith 11 FULBRIGHT 12 Janet Smith Ann Snowden Julie Solomon Dava Sparks Sharon Spruce Lindy Staats Susanne Sulcer Nora Talbot Jan Taylor Libbie Terry Jo Lynne Townley Teresa Traylor Jackie Treadway Bettye Tucker Carolyn Tucker Constance Tucker Carloss Tutor Robin Tutt Cynthia Tyler Deborah Uhlis Leslie Van Pelt Judith Vaught Carol Volk Cathie Walker Lene Ward Linda Warren Barbara Watts Susan Watts Beverly Webb Lisa Webb Terri Webb Alice Wells Martha Westbrook Karen White Betty Wilkins Bonnie Witley Donna Williams Dorris Williams Susan Wilson Allison Wood Ava Wood Cynthia Wood Gina Woodfield Tracy Wright Darlene Zeh Judy Zink FUTRALL Donna Adams Dana Antone Karla Bever Joy Bizzell Nancy Boss Amy Boyd Pamela Brady Susan Brewer Janina Brown Suzanne Brumbaugh Pamela Bullock Janice Bunch Ann Burns Sandra Chambers Patricia Cherry Jackie Church well Cheryl Claassen Linda Clanton Alice Clay Jane Collier Freda Cook Linda Cook Janice Cooper Linda Cox Karen Crain Kristie Crawford Janice Diven Melinda Edwards Ginger Eisner Susan Faulk Glenda Fritts Barbara Frost Catharine Fulton Jo Ann Fulton Jeannine Garrett Laura Gillogly Stephne Glaub Susan Glidewell Linda Green Linda Harding Karen Harris Gayla Hawkins Freida Heidenthal Nancy Hoben Olivia Hobson Rebecca Howell Rosemary Hughes Juanza Huie Ann Humphries Alice Hunt Barbara Hunt Lynne Huskins Connie Hutchens Rebecca Hutchens Darra Johnson Melinda Jones 13 FUTRALL 14 Sally Jordan Jeanne Keogh Sally Kirby Anita Kirkpatrick Jo Land Kathleen Lannon Sarah Ledford Kathleen Lowe Kay Marak Teresa Michaels Marci Millican Rebecca Milton Bettye Mims Deann Morgan Kathy Morledge Kathleen Musholt Beverly Myers Karen Nichols Sharon Osgatharp Deborah Owens Gwynda Owens Peggy Padgett Connie Parker Elizabeth Parker Susan Parker Beverly Perchan Cathy Plunkett Norma Poulsen Juliana Price Paula Probasco Deborah Puckett Marcia Puckett FUTRALL Debra Qualls Jeanne Rakestraw Shirley Renfro Donna Ring Patricia Roach Dorinda Scott Emma Shelton Kathy Skomski Ann Slaughter Sarah Sloan Marsha Smith Terri Smith Sheila Stacy Mary Stobaugh Karen Stone Elizabeth Sutton Amy Swanson Joyce Taylor Mary Jane Tietze Elizabeth Tull Janet Tull Debbie Webb Martha Webb Paula Wiggs Susan Willhauck 15 GREGSON 16 James Balliet Paul Bates Douglas Beineman David Berry Ed Bethell Dale Boatright Thomas Boyd Roy Bratton Melvin Brown Royce Bryant Roger Bullington James Bunn Martin Cole Roger Cook Clark Cotten Lawrence Crawford James Crow Victor Dreier Larry Fielder Van Gaines Ricky Gatlin Larry Green Stephen Green Robert Gunter Rodney Hester Michael Hill Donald Hillis Craig Hughes Gary Icenogle Robert Joyce Glen Justis Raymond Kincy Durwood King Joe Lane John Lewis Walter Lum GREGSON Glenn Mackey Stephen Mann Danny Martin David McCarver Keith Michaels John Mills Brad Mohr David Money Randy Morris John Morrow Michael O Mara Ralph Patton Robert Petrik Lanny Rice Tommy Riley Raymond Roberson Danny Roberts John Rogers James Sager John Sanders Jack Shanks James Singleton David Smith Simmons Smith Thomas Street Morris Sylvester William Taylor John Webber Barry Wells David West Obie Whitmore Wayne Williams Fred Wilson Harvey Woods Jerry Young Miles Zimmerman 17 HOLCOMBE Edward Bailey David Baker David Barnard Lee Bass John Beasley Randall Bost David Brewer Joe Brown John Carney Joel Clark Noel Clark Kenny Combs Joel Cook Michael Cooper Franklin Crownover Luis DeOrbegozo Stephen Eichler Richard Ellis Philip Erstine William Feland John Finley Jerry Fletcher Charles Foster David Geiger David Gieringer Frank Hartrick Lawrence Heisserer Keith Hendrickson James Hile David Howard John Irwin W ' illiam James Richard Jones HOLCOMBE R R. Knight Daniel Larson Rickey Leonard William Lowery Joe McDaniel William McKellar Michael Moore Josef Morton Fred Niblock Paul Nicholson John Parker Gregory Poulsen Joe Rice David Robbins David Russell Joe Schroeder Michael Senko Robert Smith Keith Spurlock Roy St.Clair David Thomas George Ulmer Stuart Varvil Randal Vest Lyndal Waits John Ward Mark Webb Leon Wittmer William Yarbrough 19 HOTZ 20 Gary Arrington Claude Badgett Brad Baker James Bastian Allen Bein John Bocksnick Rickey Bonds William Bourne Henry Bradford John Braswell Steve Brick James Brillhart Mark Brockmann John Bullington Ronnie Campbell William Campbell James Chambers Henry Clark Robert Clary David Coleman Larry Coleman Charles Cook William Cook David Covey Hartsell Crutchfield James Cupples Pat Dillaha Clarence Elkins Greg Farrell Robert Ferguson Marty Filogamo Scott Fisher Dale Frederick Robin Garrett Joe Geller John Genter John Gerety Michael Gibson Carl Gray William Greene Wendell Griffen Robert Griffin Charles Griffis Timothy Haley Charles Hammett Joan Hawkins Robert Hayes Arvil Hebert Jeff Helm Lee Hoffman Thomas Holt Richard Hudson Philip Hyatt Bill Jackson John Jefferies John Jennings Gary Johnson HOTZ Robert Johnson Francis Johnston Jeff Johnston Richie Johnston Alfred Jumper Thomas Jungkind Robert Kralicek Scott Kyle Harold Lady David Lewis Steve Lisko Richard Lumpkin Chris Magness Frank Maples Terry Martin Gean Mash William Mathews Sonny McClain James McDonald William Mertens Don M ille r Andrew Moll Pat Mullen Carl Nelson David Palmgren Bruce Peterson Arthur Pillow Bert Price Jerry Reid John Riley Chris Robertson Stephen Rowell Connell Sims Harry Sims Bruce Smith Mark Smith Robert Smith William Smith Gary Standridge Scott Staples Howard Steed James StTangways Charlie StTauser Danny Tacker John Tarbell William Thomblison Frederick Trickev Mitchell Van Horn Thomas Weed Warren Westlake A C. Williams Andrew Williams Kenneth Williams Durwin Windle Doug Wood M ark Zini 21 HUMPHREYS 22 Deana Adams Claire Akins Jane Armstrong Vickie Arnold Caralyn Atchley Julia Bailey Leigh Bailey Mary Bailey Reda Bailey Lee Ann Bair Barb Baker Julia Baker Bee Barger Rebecca Bautts Rebecca Beaton Rebecca Benton Rita Betnar Mary Ann Blackwell Cathey Blaylock Betti Blevins Dana Bone Brenda Boring Mary Ann Boyd Joyce Bradley Kathy Bradley Debra May Brewer Alice Brown Karen Browning Carole Bryant Gayle Bryant Deborah Burns Debbie Byars Judy Carter Lita Carver Kay Cary Becky Cathey Jacki Cawood Kathleen Chaffin Betty Chambers Marsha Choate Lisa Clark Elizabeth Cloninger Kathy Colburn Melissa Commer Ferris Cook Carol Cooper Martha Cornwell Cindy Courtney Deby Cruse Maribeth Culpepper Jerri Curless Kathryn Davis Sandra Davis Doris Dickey Donna Divine Doris Dixon HUMPHREYS Patty Doherty Rebecca Donovan Jackie Dorethy Vickey Drye Deborah Dunn Deborah Dunn Deborah DuVall Jo Edmiston Mary Engster Connie Evans Mary Ewing Rosie Fairhead Anitra Fields Vicki Firestone Trisha Fitzgerald Jennifer Fitzhugh Teresa Fletcher Lana Flynn Janice Fontaine Ann Foster Carol Foster Laurie Foster Cerelle Fowler Linda Freeman Brooke Frieden Judy Fringer Laura Garrels C.J. Gideon Susan Goforth JoanGraffy Teresa Graham Paula Green Cynthia Greer Reba Gregory Ruthann Grimsley Polly Gustafson Nancy Hall Rebecca Hall Julie-Kay Handlen Terry Harden Susan Harrel Marilyn Harris Sonya Harris Becky Hart Harriet Harty Sherri Hatfield Kathy Hawkins Mary Lou Herron Mary Hess Ellen Hicks Overtis Hicks Linda Hoelscher Elizabeth Hogue Carol Holder Marsha Houser Margaret Howard 23 HUMPHREYS 24 Martha Howard Jean Howell Jenny Hudson Paula Huenefeld Susan Huie Janet Hunt Judith Hutchison Brenda Irwin Gail Jeu Barbara Johnson Mary Johnson Stephannie Johnson Irma Jones Elizabeth Jordan Ruby Jordan Rhonda Kaufman Evelyn Kelley Judy Kelley Karen Kelley Brenda Kendrick Linda Kendrick Carol King Cheryl Kinsey Jo Ann Kissel Michele Konert Connie Kurrus Karla Kuykendall Paula Kytle Patricia Larrison Karen Latta Willa Lawson Catherine LeBlanc Terry LeFevre Lisa Leeman Elizabeth Lewis Virginia Looney Patricia Lynch Nancy Lyons Connie Magie Marcia Mahon Sharyn Manis Janet Marak Janet Marberry Barbara McBeth Sandra McBride Julie McCorkle Montine McDaniel Barbara McGhee Sheryl McGhee Annita McKnight Annabelle McNully Margaret Money HUMPHREYS Nancy Montgomery Rebecca Mooney Linda Moore Marsha Morgan Kay Morgan Carol Nichols Margo Nowak Mary O ' Quin Mary Orsburn Jean Osbun Debra Owen Carol Ownbev Carla Parson Jo Patrick Gloria Patti son Andrea Peer Laura Penix Emily Polk Catherine Pomeroy Carol Post Deborah Post Becky Powers Maribeth Rakes Barbara Ray Sherry Reeves Arleen Risley Connie Rogers Janeth Rogers Christina Rouby Kandy Ryan Sara Sanders Barbara Sanson Debbie Sanson Patty Sayers Carla Scaramucci Suzanne Schaffhauser Cindy Schwartz Mary Ann Sellick Becky Serrell Katherine Shelley Julie Shirley Leslie Simmons Susie Skinner Sammye Sloan Catherine Smith Clarissa Smith Meredith Smith Nancy Smith Suzanne Smith Nancy Sorrell Ginny Sparks Sally Stalnaker 25 HUMPHREYS 26 Debby Jo Stephens M. V. Stevens Terry Stroud Baylus Stuckey Lois Swafford Brenda Tanner Connie Taylor Linda Taylor Dee Ann Thalgott Jan Thomas Janet Thurgate Sharon Trauth Tricia Troxell Susan Tubb Teresa Turnbow Sue Turner Holly Tuttle Debbie Udouj Deborah Usery Karen Usery Kim Vaught Gail Walker Jeanie Waller Marlise Warren Tommi Watson Julie Webster Patricia Weis Kathryn Wells Kay Wheelis Gae Widdows Mary Ellen Williams Dinah Wilson Jwan Wilson Susie Winston Connie Wood Regina Woodard Debra Worley Missy Worley Robin Wren Cathy Yarbrough Sidney Yeider POMFRET Julian Abram Anthony Acklin Jo Lynn Adams Douglas Adcock Erma Alderson Byron Anderson Angela Andrepont Debbie Arnold Joan Bailey Diana Baker Luke Ballenger Bettie Banks Carolyn Banks Char Bankston Johnny Barnette Steve Barry Samuel Bartholomew David Becton Gary Bell Lisa Bercher Russell Berry Donald Beuke Christine Bevier Dan Blevins Myron Bogard Ross Boor hem David B oswell Gayle Botteron Randy Boyd Roberta Boyd William Brake Donald Branson Samuel Brazelton Robbie Brite Carrie Britt Brenda Britten Bill Browers Harold Brown Llewellyn Brown Cynthia Browne Janet Bursev Ronald Byrns Shirley Calloway Ronnie Campbell Carrie Capehart Janie Causey Donald Chou Doug Chowning Bruce Clark Barton Cobb Roger Cochran William Cochran Edward Colten Helen Cressel Susan Crom Carl Croom 27 28 POMFRET Kay Dardin John Davis Jan DeBats Jane Demanzuk Gary Dennison Kacey DeNoi Cathy Dickerson Rebecca Dickey Patricia Dickinson Daryl Dickinson Alice Dominy Jerald Driskell Janice Ehom Jean Elias Michael England Ricky Fletcher Debra Ford Max Frauenthal R.A. Frietsche Judy Frost Nikki Gahr Gregory Garland Rayford Gates Gary Gentry Randy Gillespie Sidney Gipson Marshall Gordon Roger Gravis Stan Green Tollie Green Buck Grimes Sally Grimes Larry Harvey Nancy Hilgeman James Hill Jacqulain Hill William Hill Sydney Hodges Kay Hogan Patricia Holland Juliana Hood Melissa Hooper Joyce Hopson Sam Hutto Olan Jackson Frank Jelen Mark Jennings Gilbert Johnson Janet Johnston Randall Jones Vicki Jurries Jane Keith Richard Kerr Jeffery King Carol Kirk Edward Kowalski POMFRET Robert Krohn David Lamb Felton Lamb Devon Langworthy Roger Lee Eula Leemay Terri Leonard Lindsey Leopard Susan Lewis Linda Lollar Sandra Lollis David Loris James Magers John Mallory Patricia Mankin Alvin Matlock Jody Maves Doyle McClain Virginia McClure Timothy McDowell Herbert McGill Barbara McIntosh Cheryl McKinney Patricia McNiel Deborah McNutt Kathy Meimerstorf Beverly Meyer Robert Middleton Katharine Miller Susan Miller Georgia Moore Rucker Murry William Myers Doris Nash Robin Norton Jan Nuckolls Larry Nugent Hugh Pack Robert Pack Robert Parker Kevin Parks Chuck Pharr Nancy Phillips Lanita Pike Riley Porter Felix Prieur Joan Prince Cheryl Ramsay James Rice Becky Rietzke Laura Rippey Gretchen Rom George Roscoe Norman Roscoe William Rowe Kirbv Rowland 29 POMFRET 30 Jane Rumbaugh Martha Sager Jacque Scaife Robin Scheufele Bruce Schulte Emily Shaw Hazel Shaw Terry Simmons Reece Simril Karen Skadden Anne Smith David Smith Joe Smith Martha Smith Philip Smith Rebecca Smith Theresa Snipes Phillip Snyder Virgil Solomon Gary Spencer Jill St. Pierre Catharine Stallard John States Dewain Stone Suzanne Sumner Patricia Suttle Susan Taaffe June Tallent Judy Tanner Joe Taylor Patty Theodore Terry Thomas Georgia Trotter Margaret Turner Jorge Verea Henry Wah Cindy Walker Priscilla Wallace Susie Warden Mari Watson John Wells Terry Westfall Dick White Kathy Wiley Anita Williams Glen Wilson Paul Wilson Andy Wood Raymond Woodruff Susan Young Robert Young Sylvia Zvonik RAZORBACK Elizabeth Cornwell Cynthia Craig Darcy Foster Janet Dyer Lyn Featherston Nora Harrison Debbie Helton Jonetta Lewis Kathleen Magruder Betty Manning Myra Merchant Sandra Reeves Lynne Warren Sara Weaver Ruth Marie White 31 REID 32 Judith Bagley Anne Balch Paula Bangs Katherine Barnes Kathryn Barrett Cindy Barrier Becky Beasley Merrie Bellmann Lisa Bell Mary Besett Peggy Blake Janie Bland Barbara Bockholt Sharon Bolliger Marla Bradford Ruth Bragg Debbie Brown Gwendolyn Bullard Nancy Bunch Betsy Burgin Jo Burke Melinda Butler Pamela Cagle Connie Campbell Linda Campbell Sarah Campbell Lydia Cannon Mellonee Carrigan Susan Carson Nena Carver Melissa Church Gina Cook Brenda Cooksey Lennie Crom Marilyn Davis Marsha Driver Cathy Eberly Sheri Edmund Shaun Elliott Phyllis Ergorich Patricia Estep Catherine Fair Lois Finch Patricia Flanigan Sandra Flanigan Mary Jane Flemming Patti Foster Ruthie Foster Victoria Frank Linda Franklin Marylyn Frazier Evelyn Gallup Gail Garner Greg Goins Johnese Gray Mary Jane Green Bennie Gr if fen REID Karen Hannahs Susan Harden Marlene Hatasaki Deborah Hayes Robin Heatherly Jeannette Heller Peggy Herring Kathy Herrington Vicki Herron Gene Hiatt Catherine Hickerson Anita Hill Susan Hillman Kathryn Hollingsworth Mary Hollis Tem Holm Lee Holt Pamela Houser Mary Hunter Carolyn Jackson Karen Jacobs Doris James Angela Johnson Karen Johnson Virginia Johnson Martha Jones Kerri Keen Kay Kingrea Pamela Kirchoff Kathleen Knight Karen Kuznoff Sandy Lamberth Barbara Lane Roberta Lentz Cindy Lester Diane Linn Donna Lively Virlean Lofton Janet Love Kathy Lyman Colette Maddox Sandra Manning Pamela Massenburg Judy Mathews Deborah Matthews Janet Maxwell Deborah McAllister Johnnie McCaleb Anna McFadden Terry McGee Joyce Melton Delisa Metcalf Stacy Meyer Eva Mims Linda Moore Patricia Mullen 33 REID 34 Janet Neal Patti Neal Glynda Ogden Cynthia Parker Jeanne Parker Jama Patterson Jaclyn Peevy Cheryl Petersen Ruby Pierce Diana Pounder Sally Price Karen Proctor Diane Rand Patti Rasberry Cynthia Ratcliff Sandra Rawlinson Janis Richey Vida Maria Sakevicius Deborah Satterfield Mary Sayre Carroll Shannon Shirley Skinner Peggy Sloan Donna Smith Sherri Smith Brenda Sory Linda Stanley Carol Stanley Kathryn Stephens Susan Stice Meredith Strahl Rita Stitt Judy Street Beverly Sullivan Pam Summers Sarah Swain Cynthia Swindle REID Julia Taylor Sharon Taylor Ann Teaford Lisa Thomason Deborah Thompson Anne Todd Laura Thompson Marsha Trammel M ary T rotter Jane Tyson Trudy Uland Teri Van DeWiele JU1 Van Ert Marla Vaughan Jane Vester Teresa Vinson Kathleen Voachum Michel Vollman Penny Wagner Ruth Ward Terry Ward Carol Warfield Dorothy Warner Judy Ann Watson Mary Webster Donna West Joy Wheeler Linda Wiedeman Mary Wilcoxson Anita Williams Anitra Williams Deborah Wilson Lisa Winchester Marjorie Winters Anita Word Debra York Tricia Yurich 35 YOCUM 36 Mark Alder Jerry Anderson John Anderson B.H. Ashmore Donald Atwood Vernon Austin Thomas Beane Zane Beaton David Bell Robert Bennett Dennis Berry Greg Blackburn Dennis Blackwell Charles Bostian Edward Boyd William Bradley Robert Branson Jerry Brown Lloyd Brown Udell Brown Joe Buford Thomas Bull Frederick Burnett Charles Burns Garry Burroughs Dennis Burrow Alexander Calder Gary Carter Kenneth Causey Gary Champion Larry Chipman Billy Clark Steven Clement Gary Cloyes David Cobb Bobby Coffee Marvin Cole Randall Cole Stephen Collins John Combs John Compton Carl Conner Barry Cook Richard Coonce Marvin Covey Denny Cowling Bill Cox James Cox David Crabtree Robert Crawford Jerry Criner Arthur Dalla Rosa C J Danna Bill Davis Terry Davis Michael DeBons Robert Dickerson YOCUM Thomas Dillon Ronald Doster Mark Douglas Jackie Doverspike Harold Dugger Barton Easterly Charles Eddy Jerry Elkins John Elkins Robert Ellis Joseph Erwin David Faucett Jack Fiscus David Fitzhugh Steve Frankenberger Jerry Freedle Burton Freeman Robert Gaston Bruce Gentry Rodnev Gertson John Gill Chris Godwin Bert Goins Dale Goins Fred Goodman John Graffy James Gravley Raymond Gray William Greeson Tommy Grisham Sam Haggard Joel Hamilton James Harmon Bruce Harris Robert Harris Steven Harris Henry Hawkins M ichael Hefner Pat Henry William Hickey David Hill Tom Hill Houston Hobbs William Homan William Horne Doyle Horton James Hunter Samuel Hutto Michael Icks Dwight Johnson Randall Johnson Tom Johnson James Johnston James Jones Jim Jones Mark Jones 37 38 YOCUM Charles Keene Michael Kennelley Kenneth Kidd Rich Kind Kevin King Dean Kirby James Langley Steven Lilly Thomas Logan Rickey Long Ray Mariar Ronny Marshall Marion Martin Timothy Martin William Martin Eric Mason James Mason Eugene Maxwell Richard McGuire Charles Miers Timothy Milar Thomas Miller John Mitchell Randv Moss Steven Nash Elmer Newton Ralph O Bryant Dwight Pattison Tom Peebles Alan Peer Clifford Phillips Ross Piazza William Pinegar Paul Pitts William Porter John Powers John Pownall Dennis Propps David Ragan Steve Rasburry Joseph Rhine George Rhoads Michael Rice Ricky Roberts Theron Roberts Timothy Robertson David Ross Charles Rowland William Ruck Jonathan Safren Bobby Sandage David Sanders Jimmy Sanders Charles Sangalli Edwin Sartain Karl Schubert YOCUM MM David Scott Tommy Scott John Scroggins Philip Scroggins Lewis See M ike Senko James Shope Russell Simpson Dave Shay Barry Smith Olin Smith Russell Smith Stephen Smith Russell Sparks Keith Spurlock Pat Stanton Michael Starks James Stedman Scott Steele Terry Sutterfield Ron Sylvan Michael Thomas Martin Thomason Davis Thompson Kenneth Thompson Kenny Thompson Ronnie Thompson Gary Tidwell Robert Trigg David Triplett Richard Trobov Ronald Turnage Ralph Underwood Mike Waddell Christopher Waggoner David Walker Charles Weatherford Joseph Webb Gregory Weedman Brant Weeks Tom Wells Charles Whittington Mike Wilbanks Gary Wiley Gary Williams Lonnie Williams Gary Woolverton Mark Wuetig Cyrus Young 39 RIPLEY George Fisher Seung Bae Im David Werntz WILLIAM HOUSE WILSON SHARP Scott Binnion Larry Brown Dennis Dunkelgod Stephen King Michael Kirkland W W C o ACACIA 42 James Biggers John Bingham Douglas Blohm David Brown Charles Davidson Carl Fath David Fortenberry Michael Gilliam Roy Gray Jeffrey Hatcher Gary Howard Patrick Knowlton Oliver Lowery William Marak Billy Newton John O ' Meara Russell Patton James Richter David Russell Larry Sneed Larry Snodgrass Arthur Spooner Larry Stewart David Stubbs Henry Woods Dennis Yelvington ALPHA CHI OMEGA Riley Adenia Linda Ashcraft Susan Benegar Carol Boettcher Sharon Bolliger Cindy Bridgeman Patricia Carpenter Gayle Chesnutt Diane Clary Christine Cobb Cheryl Conde Debbie Cox Kathy Cox Carla Crawley Paula Curlee Carolyn Dewey Susan Dreier Mimi Fairhead Rosie Fairhead Ann Foster Nancy Futrell Kathleen Gibson Julie Gustafson Judy Hannon Toni Harmon Becky Harrington Christine Haw Joan Hoyeski Mary Krudener Mary Lum Janet Marberrv Susan Martin Nancy Meyer Frances Monroe Sandra Morgan Judy Neillv Lori Nielsen Yvonne Olson Peggy Paton Jan Pettigrew Dawn Powers Danusa Ribeiro Alice Rumph Theresa Sadnavitch Julie Simmons Sheila Smith Terry Smith Sue Stephens Susan Sturdivant Fenner Upchurch Carol Walsh Mary Ellen Walton Judy Whiteaker Judy Wilson 43 ALPHA DELTA PI Deborah Arend Billie Ayres Cordia Barton Mondella Beaty Gina Blake Patsy Bolin Jackie Boydston Gay Brandon Belinda Butler Paula Carter Mary Beth Chappell Paula Culpepper Donna Cunningham Lexia Denniston Melanie Donaubauer Treeca Dyer Dianne Farrell Mary Ann Gist Pamela Halinski Cherrye Hammans Leigh Ann Hanby Jamie Hargis Mary Lu Harmon Theresa Harris Morie Helmbrecht Mary Jo Hetherwick Debbie Hogwood Karen Howard Kathy Hughes Sara Hunter Carmen Jacks Cynthia James Tammy Johnson Nancy Kerns Kathy Kiley Debra Kitsmiller Kathy Knoll Connie Lewis Lee MacDonald Dian Martin Sharon McGee Marsha McKinney Jane McMullin Debbie McReynolds Nancy Meley Marcia Oliver Peggy O ' Neal Patti Pamplin Janet Parsons Cathy Sanderford Susan Snider Claudia Sparks Patricia Stone Donna Taylor Claudia Thornhill Debbie Treece Linda Velvin Patricia Wallis Patty Watson Rebecca Weis Denise Welence Mary White Janet Williams Kathy Wilson Amy Wood Elizabeth Wood Linda Wray Deborah Young ALPHA GAMMA RHO Rodney Baker Stephen Bostian Wess Bryan Rex Burcham Steve Caraway Elton Cleveland Terry Cole Ross Dinwiddie William Evans Maurice Gateley Paul Gramlich Joel Hagemann Jerry Harris Larry Hill Brent Howton Dennis Ingram Tim Jackson Jim Jones Craig Larkin Steve Larkin William McDonald Gary McElroy Larry Metz Curtis Milam James Mitchell Eugene Nelson Clarence Overbay Jerry Overton Jerry Person M ike Pope Curt Rankin Earl Rausch Lynn Sanderson Gregory Sharp Jack Skinner Micheal Smith Bill Sossamon Dennis Steuber Michael Stitsworth James Thompson Douglas Threlkeld Robert Valentine Michael Verser Joe Vestal Ewell Welch Robert Weston David Wildy Michael Williams Stephen Williams ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 46 George Armstrong Hunter Babin Marc Barker John Berry David Bogle David Bonner David Bowers Alan Briggs Chuck Burt James Campbell David Cox Jack Dennis William Dura Mark Feldman Robert Frear James Graham Robert Grigsby Edward Hart Bill Holmes John Johnson David Johnston Thomas LeBlanc Steve Losey Roy Manning James Marsh Philip McCarroll Mike McLaughlin Michael Miller Roy Morley Randy Nicholson Joe Parsley Charles Phillips Claude Phillips Kenneth Prince Steven Pugh Dennis Raney Mike Reasoner Leonard Robertson Mark Robirds Stewart Rogers James Russell Gary Sapp Michael Scott Tom Scott Jim Ward Joseph West Mark Wright Chuck Yarbrough CHI OMEGA Joan Adams Kristin Agar Dena Alter Lynn Baier Sharon Bailey Sheila Bailey Sarah Blakely Deborah Bowker Carolyn Caristianos Rhonda Carney Virginia Clement Lee Clemmons Mary Jane Comstock Debbie Curl Lillian Davenport Sheila Downen Cindy Ebel Deborah Flowers Dianne Flowers Susan Fox Debbie Fry Candy Fuller GayeGathright Carol Hendrickson Debby Henry Jackie Hughes Sally Jackson Jan Johnson Sally Johnson Judy Jones Sonya Jones Donna Larsen Nancy Lassetter Diane Lisman Penny McAdams Nancy McCormick Deborah Meek Suzanne Meier Lynda Munsey Jayne Myer Mary Myers Julie Newkirk Kay Osborne Catherine Oxford M ary Porter India Pressley Kathy Rice Debbie Ross Cindy St. John Paula Sewell Martha Starks Patti Stiles Nancy Stripling Becky Taylor Jean Terry Carolyn Thompson Rebecca Van Hook Carol Van Ness Jean Waller Lynn Warrick Hallie Webb Gingie Wenderoth Kathy Whaley Janie Whittaker Sylvia Wiener PatTicia Williams Elisabeth Woods 47 48 DELTA DELTA DELTA Carol Alvord Cathie Alvord Beverly Bassett Lonnie Beene Patti Bell Debbie Brenner Carolyn Brice Jane Brockmann Clare Burleson Lisa Calaway Jo Ann Carter Toni Chiles Cathy Cox Patricia Craig Robyn Cravens Patricia Curll Jodi Davis Donna Denty Kathy Downer Janet Estes Nancy Foster Cindy Gardner Becky Garlin Mary Ellen Gates Susan Gentle Becky Grantham Kathy Graves Anne Gray Gretchen Gray Melanie Harrison Sandra Haynie Kathy Hunsaker Joan Jackson Jan Jones Sue Lester Terry Long Paula Marinoni Debra Martin Beca Melhorn Terri Moore Rebecca Morgan Martha Mundy Cynthia Neal Nancy Nelson Tracey Nelson Jan Newton Kayla O ' Banion Roni Palmer Louise Parker Nancy Patton LaDonna Pearson Kathy Penn Rebecca Reynolds Lynn Riley Debbie Scott Susan Shaddox Paula Sipe Gina Stokes Gwendolyn Stoner Jan Stripling Gail Thaxton Nancy Thompson Debbie Vanderslice Jan Wallace Martha Washington Beckv Weiler Angela Williamson Laura Wilson Sheila Wirick Sherry Young DELTA GAMMA Linda Anderson Margaret Anderson Mary Jane Blythe Paula Boerner Shellie Bolian Nancy Brandon Judy Bredehoeft Mariruth Brooks Annette Brown Robin Cawvey Susie Chastain Laurie Christison Stephanie Columbus Laurie Cook Kyla Crank Jane Dunlap Donna Edmondson Pamela Elliott Donna Ewbank Sally Faulkner Shelley F ischer Jan Fox Patricia French Sandy Fulbright Mary Jane Hegglund Cathleen Hickey Gail Hines Loyce Hopkins Amy Howard Debbie Johnson Christy Jones Diana Jones Carol LaPrade Betty Lawson Elizabeth Manson CylviaMarkley Toby Martin Trudy Maslonka Jessica Moulding Meg Muirane Becky Myers Rebecca Naill Peggy Neiser Kathy Nichols Marianna Nooner Nancv Nunn V.E. Oliver Karen Otting Cynthia Outlaw Sue Phillips Linda Pledger Peggv Record Mary Reeves Tyra Reyes Kathy Roberts Judy Robertson Linda Schulte Dell Shay Bonnie Slack Janice Stanford Cindy Stephens Sandra Tamburo Toni Taylor Deborah Thompson Terry Wilson FARMHOUSE Steve Ellington William Luther John Northcutt Michel Ransom 50 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Martha Adams Trude Alley Jean Ann Bartlett Elizabeth Boas Joan Branham Carolyn Bunker Marilyn Burton Karen Bussell Jo Ellen Cochran Michelle Davis Jeri Donaldson Karen Easson Nancy Elliott Carol Ellis Rebecca Ellison Stephanie Frederick Lisa Garner Sandy Hall Patricia Hardy Cecelia Hartz Ellen Helmich Susan Henry Debra Hutchens Karen Imhoff Patricia Jones Karolee Kassab Elizabeth Kleuser Abbey Leggett Vicki Lyon Beverly May Charlene McAlister Carol McKinney Ann Mendenhall Ruth Mercer Lucy Miller Marsha Pounder Carla Prigmore Cristine Rom Cathy Scarbrough Diane Schrantz Pamela Spikes BarbaraTeeter Linda Vandenberg Susan Van Sickle Sarah Warner Elna Weatherbee Rebecca Welch Rebecca Wiggins Sarah Wiggins 51 52 KAPPA KAPPA Karyn Barnett Carol Beatty Charlene Berner Janie Bridges Jan Briggs Connie Clinehens Ray anna Cole Nancy Conley Jennifer Critz GAMMA Jill Davis Robin DesLauriers Martha Downing Cathy Eagle Treva Ear hart Kathy Early Pam Eden Lisa Fogleman Jeanie Fox Judy Grumbles Mary Haney Audrey Harper Susan Harris Janie Haugen Susan Haugen Ginger Henry Nancy Henry Wendy Henry Billie Hewitt Becky Hull Mary Jennings Jennifer Jeter Marsha Kelley Karen Knox Melinda Knox Mary Ann Malcom Mary McCombs Sarah McCormick Cindy McCoy Jana Morris Julie Morris Christine Nincehelser Pamela Olinghouse Ruth Ann Pace Debi Perchan Meredith Polk Patricia Powell Rebecca Price Debbie Richison Janet Roget Cheryl Schwartz Jennie Seals Pat Simmons Suzanne Smith Margaret Spencer Mary Spencer Debbie Stanley Becky Thaxton Alden Tucker Tommie Turner Lori Ulmer Kathy White Susan White Jean Williams Tracey Wilson Diane Wood Darlene Woods Sudie Workman Kerry Wylie Susan Young KAPPA SIGMA Gary Alexander Woodrow Anderson Frank Ashcroft Joseph Baker Lee Beasley Clinton Beene William Berner Gardner Bogle Hasting Bransford Larry Brick Barry Burch Franklin Bursk Douglas Callahan Robert Cassinelli John Cheatham Lawrence Clark Terry Clark Bill Cooper John Cottrell Alan Crawford James Davenport David Deaton Kit Dolan Freddie Douglas Larry Duke Ted Duncan Richard Fleenor Samuel Fullerton Allan Gocio Paul Gray William Hale Richard Hanna Clint Henderson Kim Hendricks Ronnie Hestir Robert Hixson Charles Jeffries Jim Johnson John Johnson William Kars ten William Lancaster Richard Limerick Raymond Mallory Ruben Martin Ross McCain Henry McFarlin Mickey McPhail Michael Miller Billy Mitcham John Moseley Kevin Newcomb M ichael Newton Alexander Nisbet Dudley Parker Terry Parker Marc Parnell George PetTin William Pickett John Pyle James Riley Lawrence Russell Belton Shock W.A. Simpson 53 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 54 Gary Adams Stewart Baguley Glen Banister William Banks Dennis Beard Larry Bell Steve Block Bill Brown Paul Cissell Gary Clark Terry Dabbs Mitchell Daggett William Denton John Dial David Ecklund Timothy Ford James Fotioo Gary Garland John Gilbert Randy Greeson Richard Gurley Daniel Hackathorn Bernard Hart Leslie Hart William Hassell Michael Hazlewood Jay Herrin Robert Hester Mike Howell Frank Humphreys Patrick James Steve Johnson Patrick Jolly Roland Julian Michael Kincaid John Kincaid Steve Kincaid Mike Latta Steven Lucas Timothy Luper Tom Mack Phillip Madison Sandy Major Joseph McCorkle Rodney McDaniel Emil Meis Patrick Metzker Jesse Miles Gary Miller David Moore Harvey Moore Stephen Moore Ben Morgan David Morris Robert Neei Steve Nelson Roy Nichols Stewart Noland Michael Pharr Mackie Pierce Robert Richards Jackie Rozelle Joe Rushton Micheal Sandlin Ben Schlegel Morgan Shay Jim Smalley Roger Smith James Spurlock Sam Stathakis Mike Tinker William Trinco David Vandergriff James Webb Gary White Joe Wilson Ralph Wilson Michael Wolfe Jerry Woods Chuck Wright PHI DELTA THETA Timothy Alexander Jim Allen Lawson Anderson Woody Bassett Tim Boe Richard Brand Billy Briggs Timothy Buckley Bobby Casali Joel Chandler Auten Chitwood Edward Collier Michael Conley Verner Couch Van Creekmore Jefferson Critz Carl Cross Mike Curl Allen Davenport Barry Davidson M ichael Dees David Dickerson Jerry Dillard David Dingier Richard Elledge Michael Estes Ralph Fikes Lee Francis Wayne Garrison Brad Gessler Randall Goins Larry Graham Richard Greenlee Alan Hale William Hale Martin Hammer William Heflin Robert Hess James High Elwin Hoover Jim Huff John Jacks Lonnie James Gary Jefferson Parker Johnson Robert Keenan Jimmy Kever Randy Kimbrough Walton Krisell Danny Layne Tim Lewis Charles Marsh John May Tom McClure Michael McGoogan James Moncrief Gwin Moore Gordon Mosley Steve Nkoll Randy Norwood John Peace James Phillips Spencer Robinson Sam Scott Robert Searcy M ichael Sheard William Shelton Christopher Sims Brian Smith Steve Smith William Starks Kenneth Stewart Michael Stobaugh Mike Thornton Robert Thornton David Timmons Steven Toler Michael Troilo Robert Walters Arthur West Randy Wilhite Donaid Wilkerson William Willis Douglas Wood Kenneth Wood Randall Wooley Steve Wright Elmo Zelmo 55 PHI GAMMA DELTA 56 Steven Area James Barnes William Barron James Basham Jeffrey Bell James Borden Larry Bray Richard Bryce John Copas Kenneth Curry Lewis Deen Paul Freeman Johnny Gabbard John Garner Dan Gladwin Todd Gordon John Hurlburt Bill Irwin Harper Jackson Charles McBurnett Gene Miller Nicholas Miller David Nicholson David Perry Richard Pierce Stephen Reagan Joe Robinson Rick Rogers Mike Ryburn Douglas Schrantz Richard Smith Wayne Smith Donald Snell Acey Swearingen William Tabb Zachary Taylor James Watkins Joel Wernick Max Wernick Ray West William Wiggins PI BETA PHI Julia Abbott Betty Anderson Malu Atkinson Susan Atwood Cindy Barker Brenda Bateman Neta Bradlev Deborah Brannon Judy Caudill Susan Cracraf t Ann Crigger Laurie Cronin Mallory Culpepper Kathy Cupples Debbie Davis Mary Decker Mary Anne Dunlap Kathy Dye Marie Erwin Carolyn Eutsler Jackie Francis Ginny Gaines Barbara Gary Paula Guerriero Scott Hammans Karen Henry Mary Hornor Ann Hurley Mary Hyatt Marian Isgrig Becky Jackson Gail Johnson Leslie Johnson Janet Johnston Becky King Mary Knowles Linda Macnab Wanda Macnab Cay Mathers Margaret McClain Suzanne McClain Nancy Newell Liz Rainwater Robin Ratley Carlena Reed Dixie Regenold Janna Riley Missye Roberts Carol Sample Bonne Shelby Ellen Stevens Ann Stinson Carolyn Strawn Peggy Taylor Margie Walker Gayle Wassell Jane Weems Regina Wilks Alice Williams Fran Willms Kay Willms Kathryn Wood 57 PI KAPPA ALPHA 58 Larry Adams Jack Bales Eugene Barry Robert Berry Kenneth Booth Michael Brown Lonnie Burden Terry Burruss Steven Champlin Roger Clark Gregory Daiker Clayton Dark Bob Deere James Due David Dwyer Robert Feagins Martin Fitton Kenneth Giddens William Grisham Steven Harms John Harper Benson Heater Tommy Helms James Helton W A. Hudspeth Wayne Hurt Daniel Ives Michael Jackson John Johnson James Johnston Dennis Kellam George Kennan Thomas Kinard Edward Leopard Gary Mantooth Kevin McClung John McGaughey John McKinney Tom McKinney James Morley Ronald Mullins J ames Nowlin David Owens William Powell John Ramzy Robert Reichard Joseph Ross Bob Scott Timothy Scott Rigney Shackelford Gary Skillern John Slocomb Billy Smith Richard Smith Vann Smith Paul Speer Billy Spence Robert Stringer Richard Watts James Webb John Wheeler Robert Whiteside Enrique Zuniga SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON • i Samuel Atkinson Scott Audrain Jerry Bassett William Baxter Douglas Beard David Beatty Billy Bichler Charles Black George Bloom Gerry Booe Sidney Bray Stanley Carter Don Chaney Richard Clifton JoeCogdell Thomas Cole Joe Davidson William Davidson Cary Efurd Craig Eldridge Joseph Euseppi Hanford Farrell James Farrell Craig Faubel Jimmy Faulkner Micky Fawcett James Frear Robert Gammill William Gerrard Don Giles David Glenn John Griffith David Hampton Lloyd Hartman Brad Hawks William Higginbotham Dave Hodges Kerry Hubbs David Hunton Richard Justiss William Kennedy Mark Kohler Louis Lambiotte Lanny Lancaster Brent Laughlin Ewan Lee John Lee Steve Lightle Ty Livingston Skipper Long John Love Mark Malloy Lambert Marshall Mark Mathisen Roger Mayo Larry McClendon Michael Morledge Mike Murphy Tim Nash Kyle Newton Mark Nunn John Patterson Walter Phelps Stanley Reed Keith Robertson Harry Simmons Richard Simmons Charles Tappan James Tappan Billy VanEaton William Warner Robert Watson Thomas W ' atts Dannv White Ron Wilks James Williams Scott Williams Joe Wilson Spann Wilson 59 SIGMA CHI Jim Anders Richard Appleton William Ayres Donald Bacon Kimball Barnard Gus Blass Kenny Bonds Larry Bowden James Boyd Bill Bracey Norman Bryant David Buckley William Buckner Robert Bufkin George Butler Nicholas Butler Ricky Calhoon Frederick Campbell William Caudill Joseph Coe John Cole William Craig Charles Crigger Steve Crow Thomas Curtner Steve Dalrymple Rush Deacon Bob Dunseath Michael Elliott James Enlow Robert Eubanks Barton Fogleman Frank Fogleman Scott Fogleman Ron Gisson Richard Gathright Eric Hart Mark Higginbothom Stephen Higginbothom Eugene Hosev 60 Joe Howe Ben Hubbard James Hyatt Bill Jackson Richard James Dan Kemp Gary Lewis Micky Ligon Arthur Lucky Cary Lucky Christopher Lyons Bill Marshall William Maxwell James May Dalt McCarty John McGraw Ricky McGraw William Meeks Matthew Mendenhall Lee Moore Richard Murphy Stephen Nance John Nixon Marty O ' Brien Rick O ' Brien Robert Owens Chris Raff John Reynolds Elmer Ritchie Reynie Rutledge John Sawatski Charles Schreiner Rickey Sewell Yan Sing John Sink Walter Stephens Gary Stidham Gregory Stidham William Stokes Michael Taylor William Taylor Greg Wallace Benjamin Walsh Joseph Weisberger Mark Welytok David Wilkerson James Williams Buck Young SIGMA NU Giry Anderson John Anthony Blair Arnold Carl Bachelor Latt Bachelor Thomas Bagby Chip Baker Steven Black Kim Brawner Stephen Burch Richard Calhoun Frank Carter Graham Catlett George Catsavis David Clark John Cook Russell Cooper Wayne Davis Milton Dodson Gregory Downs Martin Draper Nolon Duck Ronald Eastburn Doug Ellis David Feilke Ed French Michael Garner James Gillespie Patrick Hagge Charles Harrison Andrew Hawkins Claude Hawkins Lawrence Henderson James Hicks Noyl Houston Donnie Huff Charles Hughes James Ingels Richard Jones Ben Kaufman Craig Keaton 61 John Kemp Tom Kendrick Dennis Kirkpatrick John Langham I im Lashlee Gary Lax Phil Longtin John Mason Nate McDaniel Richard Meeks John Moore Richard Moore Stephen Morley Michael Morton Thomas Nelson James Nobles Jimmy Parker Neal Pendergraft J im Perry Andy Pickering Greg Post Phillip Ralev Tommy Reid John Reynolds Roger Reynolds Jere Seifrita Scott Seller Harvey Smith Robert Stacy John Stevens Steve Stevens F red Stone Jeffrey Teague William Thrash Loren Traeger Robert Tnffet Robert Tucker Thomas V r ickers Richard Wakefield William W ' alker Edward W ' ildv William Wilks Joel Wood Richard Wright Harry Vaneev SIGMA PHI EPSILON 62 Vince Angeletti Clinton Atchley Charles Ball Don Barnett Wayne Beisel Michael Bollinger James Bramlett M ike Brooks Robert Buck Ralph Carlson Eddie Carpenter Warren Carpenter Morris Cowan Curtis Craft Robert Crouch William Dickey William Dykes Steve Fender Daniel Fields Michael Fisher Joseph Folladori Fred Fullerton John Garrison Donnie Griggs James Hall Steve Hall Robert Hill Carl Hille Thomas Hoffman Jim Holland Richard Howard Robert Jenkins Robert Karr Lee Linzay Whit Lueken David Major David Matchet Louis McAlister Bill McAuley Keith McClung Robert McClure Charles McCreery William McCreery Bruce Mitchell Charles Morris Cecil Nance Clyde Nevill Jay Parker Jack Plating Randy Proctor Morris Puryear W. R iggs Steve Rinnert Gary Rollins Jerry Scanlan Clint Schoolfield Bruce Shapard Thomas Shapard William Skelley Stephen Smith T. Smyer Larry Sorrell Walter Stewart Tracy Swaim William Swann Charles Taylor Stephen Taylor Stuart Taylor Bill Thomas Scott Turkington David Turley Jack Turner Richard Twist John Walker Jim Waselues Jeff Welch John Wilkerson SIGMA PI John Garrison Jesse Porter William Riggs Patricia Smyer Theodore Smyer 63 THETA TAU 64 William Beal Don Bradshaw Gregory Carter Walter Coffman Robert Cross Robert Cummins Jon Dockins Gary Farr Brian Foster James Gattis John Hargis William Hatfield Nelton Henley William Kerr Charles Martin Loren Monroe Larry Oden Gerald Reed Wayde Robertson David Rowe Allen Stephens MikeTrickey David Walker Johnny West ZETA TAU ALPHA Janie Adams Marcia Aker Deborah Ault Linda Barnes Anna Beaslev Joanne Beatty M ary Bernev Gail Besett Susan Biggers Dianne Binz Debbie Boozman Barbara Brannan Mona Brownfiel Karolyn Bryant Martha Bryant Linda Burge Cynthia Critz Johnette Davidson Barbara Davis Suzanne Dunaway Sharon Eckert Kathleen Eldridge Nancy Fairchild Ann Fawcett Kathy Franklin Charlotte Gill Martha Gorum Nancy Gorum Kathy Graham Mary Gray Janet Guinn Marilyn Hall Virginia Harris Susan Higginbothom Susan Hines Jan Hudson Leanna Hutson Tamara Hutson Cynthia Isbell Diana Jacobv Cheryl Jech Penny Johnson Jacque Keith Karen Kitchens Virginia Kohler Mary Liber to Laura Lindall Linda Long Lynn Marquette Carol Mayo Theresa Me Cabe Joan McDonald Karen McDonald Diana Meredith Cathy Nobles Frances Oldham Nancy Orr Sharon Peek Tonia Peoples Carol Pickering Jana Powell Becky Probert Cynthia Rix Diana Roy Sallye Schoeffler Jane Scott Pam Shaw Chris Smith Linda Smith Elizabeth Travlor Beckv Vaughn Susan Walker Patricia Walsh 65 OFF-CAMPUS Valerie Achorn John Adametz Kathy Adams Stephen Adams Ellen Alexander Toni Alexander Andy Allen Melanie Allen Robert Allen Charles Allen Dave Allison Julanne Allison Robert Almond Melody Alsafar Ramona Amos Lawrence Anders George Armstrong Julie Armstrong Susan Armstrong Warren Atchley Delinda Atkins Amnuay Aungabsee Brenda Austin Norma Austin Richard Back Sharon Bacon Patricia Bailev David Baker Gayle Baker Janet Baker Larry Baker Pam Baker David Ballenger Brenda Barbee James Barnes Dennis Barry Elizabeth Batchelor Raymond Batie Susan Baum Charles Beardall Eric Beaver David Beckham Mary Beckham William Beckham Mark Beck worth Anita Beeks Neal Behimer Neva Belcher Donald Bell Ginger Bell Jackie Bell Kittena Bell Ronny Bell Steven Bell Judith Bellatti Garv Bennett 67 68 OFF CAMPUS John Benson Pat Berger Denise Beye Judith Biddinger Charles Biederman Thomas Black Ralph Blagg Charles Blevins Robert Blume David Boerner Stacey Bookout James Borengasser Jack Bottoms Thomas Bowen Paul Bowers J ames Bowles Cece Boyd Jim Boyd R.V. Boyd Merrill Bradley Thomas Bramlett Thomas Brandon William Brandon Sara Brashears Sam Bratton Don Breshears Gaye Brewster Kent Brewster Thomas Bridges Cheryl Brixey Janet Broam Ronald Brockwell William Brodell Billie Brooks Larry Brooks Brooke Brothers William Brothers Billy Brown C. Brown Craig Brown Leon Brown Shawna Brown Thomas Brown Brenda Bruce Lee Bruss Cynthia Bryan David Bryan Karen Buell Larry Buell Drennen Bulloch Ron Bumpass Marcia Bunch Timothy Bunch Dorothy Burch Harold Burch Alta Burnett OFF CAMPUS Patty Burnett William Burroughs B.Burrows Mark Byers Douglas Bryd Ricardo Cabeza De Vaca MilburnCain Maurice Caldwell Doug Calloway Donnie Campbell Kenneth Campbell Michael Cannon Arthur Carlsten Barbara Carpenter David Carpenter Linda Carpenter Mary Carter Mary Caselman James Cason Sue Castleberry Richard Caughron Lisa Causey Jeanne Cavaneau Richard Cazzell Thomas Cease Steve Ann Chambers Marguerite Chapman Pat Chase Yong Chung Patrick Ciervo Andrew Clark Edwin Clark Larry Clark Linda Clark Robert Clark Charles Clements Linda Cleveland Lawrence Cline Deborah Cloud Ellon Cockrill Rogers Cockrill Donna Cole Teresa Cole Joan Collier Larry Collier Tommy Collier Tabitha Combs Laura Connell Michael Coogan Rebecca Cooke Lanita Cooper James Copeland Connie Corbin Diana Counts Robert Cowan Reginald Cowling 69 OFF-CAMPUS 70 John Craft Michael Creswell Marla Crider Harold Criswell Cecilia Croft Donald Crowder Linda Crowder David Culberson John Cullen John Cunningham Steven Curlee Alywin Currie Dixie Curtis Donald Curtis William Curtis Roger Dake Paul Dalke Pete Dalmut Carol Dana David Daniel Lolah Daniel Sheila Daniel Terry Daniel Terry Dasher William Davenport James David Ronnie Davis Ruth Davis Sandra Davis Sharon Davis Stephen Davis Walker Deakins John Dearborn Larry Dearing Randy Dedmon Stephan Deen Danny Dehart Jeannie Dennis Mary Dennis Paula Dennis Randy Dennis Mary Ann Dickinson Dana Dickinson Lynda Dockery Danny Dorman Danny Doss Larry Dowell Bobbie Downum Jeanette Duell John Duke William Dummitt Ron Duncan Stephen Duniuin Frederick Dunn Henry Dunsworth Melissa Dunsworth OFF-CAMPUS Austin Dwyer Ronald Dyer Kenneth Earnest Sharon East Michael Eaton Beverlv Edens Martha Edman Tom Edmiston Willard Edmondson Jim Edwards Jimmie Edwards Judy Edwards Steve Edwards Harry Ehrenberg John Eldridge Lewis Ellington Dwight Engler Mona Erickson John Ervin Harold Erwin Michael Eubanks David Evans Debra Evans John Evans Victor Evans Phillip Ezell Michael Falkner Nan Falkner John Faucette Walter Fey Espero Fifer David Filipek David Fincher Linda F inlev M. Finn Nicholas Finn Charles Finsel Tamara Finsel Curtis Fish Mary Fitting Sharon Fitzgerald Lana Flanagan James Flanigan Phyllis Flanigan Betty Fletcher Debra Flynn Mike Flynn Janet Ford Rebecca Ford Lowry Foster Mary Lvnn Fowler Claude Fox Carell Freeman Jamie Freeman Karen Fudge 71 OFF-CAMPUS 72 John Furness Ronald Gabbard Richard Galbraith Linda Gammill Gail Gentry Donald Gibson Frankla Gibson Robert Gibson Susan Gilbert Emilie Giles Joe Giles Timothy Gillette Donald Gleason John Gocio Richard Goddard Ronald Godfrey Ruby Godfrey Michael Goodlett Richard Goodlett Eddie Gordon Danny Goyne James Graue Jacquelyn Graves Margie Graves Peggy Gravning Carolynn Gray James Gray John Green Richard Green Dave Greenbaum Suzanne Greene Walter Greene Jana Greenhaw Donald Gresh Sharon Gresh Gwen Gresham James Gresham Carolyn Griffin Wanda Griffin David Griffith Ron Grippe Michael Grounds Karen Gudgell Susan Guinn Aulois Guist John Gunter David Guthrie Rex Guynn Steve Haaser Kathryn Halk James Hall Melinda Hampton Daniel Hankins Marie Hannebaum Bernadine Hardin Robert Hardin OFF-CAMPUS John Hargraves Larry Harp Thomas Harrell Michael Harris Kathleen Harris Thomas Harris Lynn Harrison David Hartz Aubrey Harvey Michael Harvey Steven Harwood Diana Hass Paula Hatley Bobby Hawkins Frank Hawkins Michael Hawkins Robert Hawkins Robert Hayden Patricia Heck Roy Heigle Larry Helmich Jack Helms Kennard Helton Johnny Henderson Connie Hendrix Janey Hendrix Molly Henry Glenda Henson Lyman Henson Joe Herriman Glenn Higginbotham David Hill Dennis Hill Fred Hill Michael Hill Norma Hill William Hillery Leroy Hillman Marjorie Hillman Sheila Hirnesisen Christopher Hoberock Dewain Hodge Judy Hodge James Hodnett Dale Hoff Leonard Hoffman Rebecca Hogan John Holcomb Margaret Holcomb David Holder Janice Holland Raymond Holland David Holliday John Holt Kay Hon Don Hook 73 OFF-CAMPUS 74 Dale Hopkins Janice Horine Leslie Howard Evelyn Howard Pamela Howard Jim Hubbard Mary Huber Richard Huck Heyden Hucke Samuel Hucke Kent Hughes Craig Hull Al Hunt Susie Hunt Roger Hunter Judy Hunton Donald Hurlbut Jack Husted Judith Husted Linda Hutchens Gary Hutcheson Connie Hutson Robin Hyso Roger Indorf Michael Irwin David Jackson Debra Jackson Dennis Jackson Donald Jackson David Jacobi William Jacoby Thomas Jacoway Trecia Jamerson Danny James Emily James Rebecca James John Jenkins Morris Jenkins Phillip Jenkins Richard Jenkins Deborah Jennings George Jennings Charlotte Johnson Johnny Johnson Kathie Johnson Marsha Johnson Randal Johnson Albert Johnston Ruth Johnston Thelma Johnston Robert Jolly C Jones Larry Jones Rick Jones Terry Jones Donita Jordan Connie Karnes OFF-CAMPUS Kandy Keacher Jack Kearney John Kearney Robert Keller Robert Kennedy Buddy Key Cherry Key Janis Kientz W.A Kientz John Killings worth Choong Kim Karen Kimbrough William Kimpel David Kimzey Edwin Kincaid James Kincheloe Melanee King Weslev King Faith Kirchhoff Fred Kirchhoff Anita Kirk Vickie Kitchen Eddie Kleck Steve Knight Fred Knod Jeffery Koenig Jo Kokko Lewis Koontz Joseph Kraynik David Kreider James Kubicek Fred Kuykendall Franklin Lambert Jack Lands Lillian LaPorte Timothy Larson Darryl Laws David Lay Brenda Leatherburv Betty Lee Frank Leeman Elizabeth Leffen Anthony Leraris John Lewis Randall Lewis Billy Lindsev Allen Ltnnen Bill Lipe Larry Lloyd Judy Lockhart Billy Lofton Steve Long David Longinotti Moe Love I ames Lovell Terry Lovell Jeffrey Lowrev 75 76 OFF CAMPUS Ellen Lucy L. Lulpo Debbie Lundy Jonathan Lusk Robert Lusk Arnold Luttrell Linda Magers Janet Main Bobby Makin Michael Malloy Sharron Malloy Kathy Markham Susan Marley Carl Marshall Marilyn Martens William Martin Ricardo Martinelli Michael Marts William Massey Don Matthews Jeanne Matthews Michael Matthews Charles Maule Janet May Trisha May Michael May ton Martha McBride Donna McCall Robert McCart James McClain Belinda McCrary Deborah McCrory Phillip McCrory Deborah McDonald Amelia McDowell David McDowell Paula McGhee Charles McGimsey Debbie McGinnis James McGinty Michael McKenna Joe McKeown Maureen McLean Karen McLemore James McMenis Patricia McMenis Hollis McNulIy Gary McVey Michael Meador Paul Meier Alan Meins Mary Melekian David Melville James Meredith James Merryman Kathryn Merry-Ship OFF-CAMPUS Don Meyer Bob M ichael Nina Michael Pat Mickle Connie Miller Jay Miller Mary Miller Richard Miller Richard Miller Dan Mills Elizabeth Moeller Ed Molitor Janie Moore Mac Moore Marian Moore Russell Moore William Moore Clifford Moriarty James Morris Johnnie Morris Peggy Morris Katrina Morrow Shirley Morse Howard Morton Henry Mostyn Louise Mostyn Christopher Moulder Mike Muller Susan Muncy Michael Murders Gary Murphy Teresa Murray J. Myers Patti Myers Steven Myrick Rebecca Naucke James Neeley Joann Neely John Neely Connie Nelson Paul Nester Ange Newby Vivian Newland Vivian Newton Glen Nichols Thurrel Nichols William Nigh Mary Nokes Tami Noller Jimmy Norris Bonner Oates David Oates Theodore O Brien Darrel Odom Karen O ' Donnell Gail Oku lev 77 OFF-CAMPUS Gordon Okuley Franklin Oler Lee Olsen Sakchai Onkvisit Roger Osburn Richard Ourand Deborah Page Christina Pakis Debi Paladino Harry Palmer Nancy Park David Parker Linda Parker Michael Parker Winona Parker Jim Parnell Kristy Parnell Alaric Parrish Lemuel Patrick James Patterson Leslie Patterson Marjorie Patterson John Patton Marcia Patton Vernon Patton James Paul Sammie Peace Ernie Penn Louise Percer Mark Perkins Luther Perkinson Roger Perry Basil Peters Jeanine Petersen James Pharis Amanda Phillips Daniel Phillips Don Phillips Marcia Phillips Nancy Pickens James Pilkinton Richard Pils David Pipkins Thomas Pitts Vikki Pitts Barbara Pool James Pool Jesse Porter Otto Potter Shirley Potter Terry Potterton Ben Prator Earl Presson Alvin Prieur William Pruden Nancy Pruitt OFF-CAMPUS Beverly Purser Carlos Qualls Edward Quillen Carol Quin A Quist Joseph Ragan Jean Rahtz Jack Rakes James Rakes Paul Raley Larry Ramthun Norbert Ranalli Catherine Raney Donald Raney Angela Ransom Henry Ransom Charles Rateliff Gregory Reed Patricia Reed Sandra Reed Tam mi Reed Tyrus Reed Kim Reeve Graham Reid Thomas Reynolds David Richard Laura Riddle Phyllis Riggan LynnetteRimmer Lonnie Roach Mary Robbins Victor Robbins Larry Robertson Janice Robinson Marvin Rochier Carol Roddy Marilyn Roglis Thomas Rolniak Janis Ross Timothy Ross Bob Roten Sheila Rowden Clarence Rowe Rick Rowin Linda Ruble Floyd Ruff Millie Russell Phyllis Russell William Russell Terrance Ryan David Sadnavitch Patricia Salmons S. Sample Richard Sanders Mary Scales Caryn Scharlan 79 OFF-CAMPUS 80 David Schenk Kathy Schluterman Sandra Schluterman Larry Schmalz Nan Schoonover William Schoonover Fred Schroeder Michael Scott Sara Sealander David Seaton Paula Seay Donald Segraves Michael Sessions Sara Sessions Dennis Seymore A.S. Shannon Joseph Shannon Jerry Sharp Stephen Sharum Jennie Sheets Bette Shepard Doyle Sherry Jackie Sides Lorita Simmons Vicki Simmons Debby Simpson Paul Sims Sandra Sizemore Theodore Skeen Glenda Sloat Alan Smith Anna Smith Carolyn Smith Denise Smith Earl Smith Jan Smith Lex Smith Linda Smith Paul Smith Sandra Smith Sharon Smith Sherman Smith Thomas Smith Patricia Smyer Patricia Snelson Steve Snow Jerry Sonderegger Toy Soo Hoo Deborah Spearman Richard Spearman Ricky Spears Donna Speeker James Speeker Stephen Spencer Sally Spetman OFF-CAMPUS Regena Springston David Sprouse Dennis Spurlock Robert Squire James Stallcup Bonny Stalnaker Patricia Stanford Robert Stanford Timothy Stanford Harold Stanley T B. Stanton Marilyn Stark Pam Stark James Stauss Martin Steele Charles Steger Sandy Stevens Thomas Stevens Sally Steward Darrell Stewart Laura Stewart Maria Stewart Michael Stewart Gary Stidham Joan Stiegler Gwendolyn Stockemer Christopher Stogsdill Debrah Stogsdill Ruby Stokenburv Junius Stone Charles StTauch Phil Stricklen Donald Stroessner Glen Stromberg Oman StToud Susan Stroud Terri Struebing Charles Stuart Willie Stubblefield Gary Styles Pat Sullivan Robert Sullivan Karen Summers William Sumner Jaems Sutherland Amy Swanson David Sweet Su Swift Terry Swift Judy Tackett Karen Tackett Bettv Tam Billy Tanneberger Bonnie Taylor David Taylor Deborah Tavlor 81 OFF-CAMPUS 82 Stephen Tedder Barbara Temple Steven Terry S.L. Terry Carla Thigpen James Thomas Sandra Thomas Sherry Thomas Beverly Thompson Leslie Thompson Ruth Ann Thompson Wayne Thompson Timothy Thomson William Thornton C R Tillery T.H. Tillman William Tippin Raymond Titsworth Terry Todd Harry Tolliver Bill Tomlinson James Tomlinson Alena Treat Jimmie Treat William Treece Carol Tregle D. Triplett Kenneth Trout Carol Turner Claude Turner David Turner Jean Turner Judith Twist Michael Vanderburg Carol Van Scyoc Joyce Van Scyoc Michael Van Vranken James Vaughan Ronald Vogts Laura Wagner Candes Walker Dennis Walker Donald Walker Doug Wallace Carter Ward Dale Ward James Ward Sue Ward Withoon Wardhanabhuti Rebecca Warnoch Dora Warren Danny Watson OFF-CAMPUS Donna Watson Mary Watson O Watson Doris W att Sara Weaver Tommy Webb Loyd Welbern Phillip Wells Fred Westfall Steven Wheeler Billy Wherry Bonnie Whitbeck Gordon W ; hitbeck Robert White Carolyn Whitefield Paul Whitwell Susie Wiedeman Gail W ' iederkehr Bill Wiedower John Wilcher William Wilcoxson Hazel Wilev Erma Williams Janice Williams Judy Williams Karen Williams Wavne Williams Debbie Wilson James W ilson Jerry Wilson Lowell Wilson Wavne Wilson Wayne Wilson Dawn Winter Rolaine Winter James Wist Deborah Wolfe Meredith W ' ootton David Wright Thomas W’right W ' illiam W r right Allison Wuetig Clifford Yarbrough Charles Yeargan Robert Yoes Garrv Young James Young Larrv Young Ronald Young Alfred Zaccanti Charles Ziehr Linda Zulpo 83 84 Q P Pi W Q MJ 2 o PC D tn zy u AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS Trude Alley George Armstrong Norma Austin Sharon Bacon Brenda Barbee David Berry Dianne Binz Sharon Bolliger Henry Bradford Susan Brewer L.S. Carpenter Lisa Causey Laurie Christison Virginia Clement Elton Cleveland Donna Cole Teresa Cole Kathy Cox Donald Crowder David Daniel Lolah Daniel Daniel Dehart Danny Dorman Victor Dreier John Duke Cathy Eagle Treva Earhart Kathy Early Michael Eaton David Evans David Feilke Nicholas Finn James Flanigan Phyllis Flanigan Debra Flynn Gail Gentry Susan Gilbert Eddie Gordon Joel Hagemann James Hall Bernadine Hardin Frank Hartrick Diana Hass Gayla Hawkins Patricia Heck Glenda Henson Glenn Higginbotham Marjorie Hillman 85 AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS 86 Rebecca Hogan David Holliday Richard Huck Debra Jackson Irma Jones Faith Kirchhoff Anita Kirk Jo Kokko David Kreider Steve Larkin Ewan Lee Frank Leeman Sandra McBride Deborah McDonald William McDonald Larry Metz James Mitchell Russell Moore Sandra Morgan Peggy Padgett Roger Perry Vicki Pitts Larry Ramthum Norbert Ranalli Michel Ransom Victor Robbins Janis Ross Timothy Ross Sallye Schoeffler Jane Scott Dennis Seymore W.A Simpson Timothy Stanford Debbie Stanley Christopher Stogsdill Debrah Stogsdill Linda Strickland Becky Thaxton James Thomas Carolyn Tucker Stuart Varvil Candes Walker Sue Ward Mary Watson Bonnie Whitbeck Susie Wiedeman Gail Wiederkehr Erma Williams 87 ARTS AND SCIENCES 88 Ellen Alexander Timothy Alexander Robert Allen John Anderson Steven Area Susan Armstrong Clinton Atchely Malu Atkinson Richard Back Patricia Bailey Larry Baker Susan Baum Jeffrey Bell Ronny Bell Steven Bell Robert Berry Charles Biederman Dale Boatright Nancy Brandon William Brandon Deborah Brannon Jan Briggs Ronald Brockwell Craig Brown Charles Brown Melvin Brown Shawna Brown Larry Buell Gwendolyn Bullard Janice Bunch Marcia Bunch Carolyn Bunker Terry Burruss Chuck Burt Belinda Butler Kenneth Campbell Ralph Carlson Barbara Carpenter Patricia Carpenter Jeanne Cavaneau Mary Chaffin Marguerite Chapman Linda Clark Diane Clary Lawrence Cline Larry Coleman Carl Conner Joel Cook Lauren Cook Rebecca Cooke Brenda Cooksey Marilyn Cox Cynthia Craig Kyla Crank Robyn Cravens Carla Crawley ARTS AND SCIENCES Paula Culpepper Steven Curlee William Curtis Roger Dake Sheila Daniel James David Johnette Davidson Barbara Davis John Davis John Dial Jeri Donaldson Martha Downing Vickey Drye William Dummitt Kathryn Dunaway Henry Dunsworth Janet Dyer Treeca Dyer Lyndell Evans Lyn Featherston David Fillipek Linda Finley Betty Fletcher Janet Ford Timothy Ford Charles Foster Lowery Foster Jackie Francis Linda Franklin Richard Frietsche Fred Fullerton Johnny Furness Judy Furstenberg Joe Giles Donald Gleason Richard Goddard Michael Goodlett Todd Gordon Margie Graves Peggy Gravning Sharon Gresh Wendell Griffen Donnie Griggs Buck Grimes Ron Grippe William Grisham Michael Grounds Karen Gudgell Roben Gunter Kathryn Halk Kathleen Harris Nora Harrison Paula Hatley Mary Jane Hegglund Johnny Henderson Kathy Herrington 89 90 ARTS AND SCIENCES James Hile David Hill William Hill Gail Hines Nancy Hoben James Hodnett Dale Hoff Margaret Holcomb Lee Holt Loyce Hopkins Janice Horine Heyden Hucke Craig Hull Al Hunt Debra Hutchens Roger Idorf David Jackson Donald Jackson Morris Jenkins George Jennings Mary Jennings Angela Johnson Randall Johnson Thelma Johnston Robert Jolly Robert Keller John Kemp Robert Kennedy Buddy Key Becky King Raymond King Karen Knox Connie Kurrus Nancy Lassetter David Lay Sue Lester Sandra Lollis Steve Long Terry Lovell Ellen Lucy Debbi Lundy David Major Sharron Malloy Sharyn Manis Carl Marshall Cay Mathers Judy Mathews Joe McDaniel Timothy McDowell James McGinty Cheryl McKinney Debbie McReynolds Michael Meador Alan Meins Myra Merchant James Merryman ARTS AND SCIENCES Connie Miller Lucy Miller Billy Mitcham Frances Monroe Christopher Moulder Mike Muller Ronald Mullins Teresa Murray Mary Jane Myers Patti Mvers Steven Myrick Peggy Neiser Nancy Nelson John Nixon Nancy Nunn Michael O Mara Peggy O Neal James Parker Marjorie Patterson Gloria Pattison Nancy Patton Mark Perkins James Pharis Don Phillips Thomas Pitts Barbara Pool Rebecca Price William Pruden Joseph Ragan Thomas Reynolds Danusa Ribeiro Laura Rippey Missye Roberts Judy Robertson Marilyn Roglis Gary Rollins Ricky Rowin Jane Rumbaugh Sandra Sample Cathy Sanderford Mary Scales Dorinda Scott David Seaton Joseph Shannon Harry Sims Bonnie Slack Alan Smith David Smith Linda Smith Richard Smith Sandra Smith Vann Smith Steve Snow Virgil Solomon Russel Sparks Donna Speeker 91 ARTS AND SCIENCES 92 Stephen Spencer James Spurlock Bonny Stalnaker Janice Stanford Robert Stanford Marilyn Stark Martin Steele Sandy Stevens Anne Stinson Charles Strauch Donald Stroessner Terri Struebing Susan Sturdivant Karen Summers Billy Tanneberger David Taylor William Thomblison William Thrash Jimmie Treat Teresa Turnbow Susan Van Sickle Lynne Warren Jeff Welch Phillip Wells Gingie Wenderoth Gordon Whitbeck Obie Whitmore Charles Whittington Bill Wiedower John Wilcher A C Williams Angela Williamson Jerry Woods Henry Woods Randall Wooley Linda Wray Harry Yancey Clifford Yarbrough Buck Young Elmo Zelmo Charles Ziehr z an C P Z z w w (J w D w H U o x) an ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING Rayanna Cole Mary Fitting Ruth Grimsley Sarah Ledford 94 Marilyn Martens Deborah Young Susan Young 2 O H H on Z s Q on on w g un P co BUSINESS Andy Allen Jim Allen Benjamin Ahcroft Warren Atchley Jack Bales James Barnes Jerry Bassett Douglas Beard John Beasley Mark Beckworth Neal Behimer Donald Bell Larry Bell Billy Bichler Steven Black Charles Blevins Jack Bottoms David Bowers Edward Boyd Larry Bray Don Breshears Kent Brewster Thomas Bridges Larry Brooks William Brothers Brenda Bruce Ricardo Cabeza DeVaca Milburn Cin James Campbell James Cason Robert Cassinelli William Caudill Richard Cazzell John Cheatham Diane Christian Paul Cissell Linda Clanton Lee Clemmons Thomas Cole Edward Collier Cheryl Conde John Cottrell Linda Cox Robert Cowan Robert Crouch David Culberson Paul Dalke James Davenport Wayne Davis Randy Dedmon Jack Dennis William Dickey Kit Dolan Jane Dunlap Frederick Dunn William Dykes BUSINESS Michael Eubanks Richard Ellis James Farrell David Faucett Ralph Fikes Charles Finsel Michael Fisher Richard Fleenor Jan Fox Linda Freeman Maurice Gateley Don Giles James Gillespie Timothy Gillette Ruby Godfrey James Graue William Greene Donald Gresh Robert Grigsby Daniel Hackathorn David Hampton Lynn Harrison Lloyd Hartman Michael Hefner Larry Helmich Tommy Helms Christopher Hoberock David Holder Nancy Hon Gary Howard Wayne Hurt Harper Jackson David Jacobi John Johnson Randal Johnson Sandra Johnson Charles Jones Richard Jones Robert Keenan William Kennedy Lewis Koontz Joseph Kraynik Fred Kuykendall Jack Lands Mike Latta John Lee Walter Lum William Marak Bill Marshall Ruben Martin Ricardo Martmelli John Mason Don Matthews Eugene Maxwell Michael May ton 97 BUSINESS Maureen McClean Charles McCreery Emil Meis David Moore Howard Morton Henry Mostyn Robert Neel 1 homas Nelson Vivian Newton Thurrel Nichols Nancy Orr Basil Peters v_ha rles Phillips Daniel Phillips James Pierce Richard Pils Cathy Plunkett James Pool John Pyle Chris Raff Phillip Raley Donald Raney Danny Roberts Leonard Robertson Stewart Rogers Robert Roten Floyd Ruff Gary Sapp Roberta Saxon John Sawatski Nan Schoonover William Schoonover Bob Scott David Scott Lewis See Michael Sessions Jackie Sides David Smith J .S. Smith Joseph Smith BUSINESS Donald Snell Stephen Spencer Sue Stephens John Stevens James Strauss Terry Streeter Oman Stroud Gary Styles William Sumner Timothy Thomson William Thornton William Tippin Terry Todd Bill Tomlinson Jackie Treadway William Treece Phil Turner Richard Twist Michael Van Vranken Judith Vaught Ronald Vogts Susan Walker Mark Wann John W ' ard James Watkins Danny Watson Loyd Welbern Max Wernick Dickie W ' hite Paul Whitwell John Wilkerson Stephen W ' illiams Fran Willms Kathy Wilson James Wist Deborah Wolfe Joel Wood Elisabeth Woods Thomas Wright Charles Yeargan Robert Yoes 99 z o H u D D w EDUCATION Joan Adams Kristin Agar Marcia Aker Melanie Allen Lynn Baier Sharon Bailey Janet Baker Carol Beatty David Beckham Mary Beckham Lonnie Beene Jackie Bell Pat Berger Mary Berney Judith Biddinger Joy Bizzell Barbara Bockholt Paula Boerner Merrill Bradley Barbara Brannan Sidney Bray Judy Bredehoeft Gaye Brewster Cheryl Brixey William Brodell Cynthia Bryan Martha Bryant Karen Buell Dorothy Burch Sarah Campbell Rhonda Carney Paula Carter Sue Castleberry Gary Champion Patrick Ciervo Jo Cochran Tabitha Combs M ary Jane Comstock Lanita Cooper Connie Corbin Elizabeth Cornwell Susan Cracraft Patricia Craig Jennifer Critz Patricia Curll Ronnie Davis Sandra Davis Mary Decker Jane Demanzuk Daryl Dickson Lynda Dockery Cindy Ebel Sharon Eckert Pam Eden Martha Edman Jim Edwards 101 EDUCATION 102 Kathleen Eldridge Mona Erickson Debra Evans John Faucette Lisa Fogleman Patricia French Ginny Gaines Mary Gates Susan Gentle Emily Giles Nancy Gorum Anne Gray Richard Green Suzanne Greene Susan Guinn Julie Gustafson Steven Haaser Patricia Hardy Thomas Harris David Hartz Steven Harwood Susan Higginbothom Norma Hill Sheila Hirnesisen Judy Hdge Kay Hogan Jim Holland Melissa Hooper Pamela Hward Becky Hull Connie Hutson Tamara Hutson Mary Hyatt Marian Isgrig John Jenkins Penny Johnson Tammy Johnson Patricia Jones Donita Jordon Cherry Key Janis Kientz Stephen King Mary Lang Donna Larsen Betty Lawson Terri Leonard Linda Long Arnold Luttrell Kathleen Lyman Linda Macnab Wanda Macnab Colette Maddox Susan Marley John May Patricia May Charlene McAlister EDUCATION Theresa McCabe Sarah McCormick Joan McDonald Paula McGhee Brenda McGowan Karen McLemore Patricia McMeni Jane McMullin Suzanne Meier Kathryn Merry-Ship Nina Michael Richard Miller Alicia M inden Angela M inden Janie Moore Clifford Moriarty Jana Morris Shirley Morse Doris Nash Rebecca Naucke Judy Neilly Connie Nelson Glen Nichols Marianna Nooner Gordon Oku ley Sharon Osgatharp Debra Owen Deborah Page David Parker Winona Parker Peggy Paton Andrea Peer Debi Perchan Jeannine Peterson Sue Phillips Carol Pickering Jean Rahtz Maribeth Rakes Carlena Reed PatTicia Reed Kathy Rice Lonnie Roach Kathy Roberts Diana Roy Patricia Salmons Barbara Sanson Kathy Schluterman Cheryl Schwartz Susan Shaddox Bette Shepard Lorita Simmons Theodore Skeen Chris Smith Linda Smith Sheila Smith Suzanne Smith 103 EDUCATION 104 Wayne Smith Susan Snider Martha Starks Larry Stewart Gary Stidham Joan Stiegler Carolyn Strawn Susan Stroud Willie Stubblefield Betty Tam Peggy Taylor Barbara Teeter Carla Thigpen Sandra Thomas ' arolyn Thompson Nancy Thompson Debbie Treece Judy Tucker Rebecca Van Hook James Vaughan Linda Velvin Cindy Walker Patricia Wallis Lynn Warrick James Waseleus Jane Weems Denise Welence Karen White Mary White Wayne Wilson Elizabeth Wood Kathryn Wood Sandra Woods Sudie Workman Miriam Worley 105 ENGINEERING 106 Edward Bailey Dennis Barry Raymond Batie Thomas Beane Bary Bennett Scott Binnion Thomas Black R V. Boyd Don Bradshaw Thomas Brandon David Bryan William Burroughs Arthur Carlsten Thomas Cease Larry Clark Robert Clary Charles Clements Roger Cochran David Compton Michael Coogan James Copeland Jerry Criner Terry Daniel Larry Dearing Thomas Dillon Danny Doss William Dura Austin Dwyer Michael Falkner Gary Farr Walter Fey David Fincher Curtis Fish Trisha Fitzgerald Max Frauenthal James Gattis John Graffy John Hargis John Hargraves Tommy Harrell William Hatfield Jack Helms Nelton Henley Rodney Hester Dennis Hill Fred Hill Leslie Howard Jim Hubbard Steve Johnson David Johnston William Kimpel David Kimzey Fred Kirchhoff Jeffrey Koenig kmMti irf i mMm ENGINEERING 3 n Timothy Larsons Allen Linnen Larry Lloyd James Lovell William Lowery William Luther Charles Martin Charles Maule Phillip McCrory Hollis McNully Pat Mickle John Mills David Money James Myers Otto Potter John Pownall Alvin Prieur Stanley Reed Larry Robertson Wayde Robertson Wiliiam Ruck Richard Sanders Larry Schmalz Fred Schroeder Jerry Sharp Harry Simmons James Singleton Bruce Smith Larry Sneed Jerry Sonderegger Rex Spurlock Robert Squire James Stallcup Harold Stanley Allen Stephens Darrell Stewart Patrick Sullivan Steven Terry Cecil Tillery Thomas Tillman Raymond Titsworth J ames T omlinson Robert Trigg Randal Vest Christopher Waggoner John Wells Tom Wells Arthur West David West Fred Wilson Cyrus Young Garry Young Larry Young 107 I-J o o as u C 5 W H p D C O GRADUATE John Adametz Amnuay Aungabsee David Ballenger Paul Bates Kittena Bell Thomas Bowen Paul Bowers Karen Breyman Leon Brown Maurice Caldwell Donnie Campbell Vong Moon Chung Edwin Clark Deborah Cloud Ellon Cockrill Joan Collier Larry Collier William Davenport Kenneth Earnest David Ecklund Jimmie Edwards Steve Edwards Tamara Finsel George F isher Mike Flynn Frank Fogleman Karen Fudge Richard Galbraith Donald Gibson Carolynn Gray John Green Stephen Green Toni Harmon Aubrey Harvey Kennard Helton William Hillery Samuel Hucke Roger Hunter Jack Husted Seung Im Michael Irwin William Jacoby Rebecca James William Kientz Choong Kim Steve Kincaid Darryl Laws Janet Main 109 GRADUATE no Bobby Makin Michael Malloy Betty Manning Robert McCart James McClain William McCreery Joe McKeown JoAnn Neely John Neely jimmy Norris Franklin Oler Sakchai Onkvisit Leslie Patterson Beverly Perchan Diana Pounder Gregory Reed Sandra Reed David Richard William Russell Reynie Rutledge Sara Sessions Carolyn Smith Earl Smith Paul Smith Simmons Smith Steve Smith Ja mes Speeker T.B. Stanton W ' alter Stephens Thomas Stevens Maria Stewart Gwendolyn Stockemer Junius Stone Harry Tolliver Carol Tregle W ' illiam Trinco ClaudeTurner Withoon W ' ardhanabhuti Olivia Watson Doris W ' att Sara Weaver Fred Westfall Bill Wherry James Williams Kenneth Williams Larry Wilson Meredith Wooton LAW SCHOOL Charles Beardall John Bingham Ralph Blagg Tim Boe Jim Boyd Sam Bratton Ronald Bumpass Andrew Clark Rogers Cockrill John Cullen Paul Dalmut Charles Davidson Stephan Deen Harold Erwin John Eldridge John Evans John Finley Robert Gibson John Gocio Dave Greenbaum Walter Greene James Gresham David Guthrie Dewain Hodge Leonard Hoffman Thomas J acoway Gary Jefferson Cole Jeffries Albert Johnston John Kearney James Kincheloe Durwood King James Kubicek James May William Massey Rodney McDaniel Michael McKenna James McMenis William Meeks Mac Moore Paul Nicholson Alexander Nisbet John Northcutt Roger Osburn Harry Palmer Michael Parker James Patterson James Pilkinson Jessie Porter Stephen Sharum Thomas Smith Larry Snodgrass Arthur Spooner David Stubbs Michael Yanderburg Carolyn Whitefield Janice Williams Wayne Williams Wayne Williams Jerry Wilson Ralph Wilson William W ' right Ronald Young Miles Zimmerman 113 w p O nJ E w OR YOUR THOUGH " I think the new Communi¬ cations Building is the b iggest architectural mistake Moon Mullins ever made. " Connie Lewis " I wouldn ' t trade places with Gene for anything. " Terry Kingan 116 " Do you know what I hate— Being forced to pay for food I wasn ' t eating in the residence Jill St. Piere — " Right now, I ' m just existing. " Lee Hawkins f " The new Student Union is finally an improvement. " Mick Tricky " Don ' t take a picture, John. " Dell Shay 119 " School is fine—rough some¬ times, but it ' s the best way to prepare for a career. " KayAyres " I think there should be more emphasis on campus elec¬ tions like four or five years a S° " Randy Stratton 120 I think campus sucks. " Dick Van Horn politics " Can you come back a little later? " Carl Croom, Jr. " After five wondering here. " Larry Cline years. I ' m still what I ' m doing " Woof, woof. " Sergie 123 " School spirit has progressed. " Jack Suit really " Marriage is an institution for learning. . that you shouldn ' t get married. " John Partipilo Mt " Some said it couldn ' t be done. " Bruce Applegate I felt really disappointed this year about campus politics. It ' s a farce because the people who laugh about it make it a farce. " Sally Price 124 " Sometimes I wonder whether it ' s worth it all. " Robert Hill " Who ' s going to be our quarterback next year? " Rodney Glidewell " It distresses me that my life seems so short and insignifi¬ cant. " Dwight Seagraves 4b " Campus that? " Security? What ' s Robert Payne 4b 127 " I voted for Nixon, but now no more prisoners are coming home. " Kathy Williamson 4b I think the fraternity system is still strong. The only asset to a fraternity is to be able to socialize. " L.G. Graham 4b ' The basic problem is traffic congestion. " Dennis Krebs 5? " I love the new UofA radio station. " Wade Kreie 128 " I can ' t really see any point in the Greek System. " Bob Hogan " College life is a period of rapid social developments that will permit individual ex¬ pression and other incon¬ ceivable innovations of ap¬ preciation. " Sweet " C " William Levertis Cook ' The parking problem is atro¬ cious and something has to be done to help off-campus students. ' ' Bernie Skoch " I think this school should have more things for the stu¬ dent to do on campus. " Dick Fuller 131 T think campus security is adequate, but for the type of campus we have I don ' t feel they need to be armed. " Tom Fore to get some good lere. " ' We need more recreation courses aimed at using the natural environment as a playground. " Don Gehrman " I ' ve been here for fourteen years, I don ' t have anything to say. " Henry Griffith 132 " After reviewing the parking conditions on our campus, the only way it can go from here is up. " Larry Slamons My biggest gripe at the UofA is that teachers should care more. " Sherman Eoff " The student potential here is overwhelming. " Noble Dallison It ' s a good life if we don ' t weaken. " Joe Bruce 135 " I think everyone should have smokeless car incinerators. " Ed Van Schaik " I think that the administra¬ tion conveniences itself at the expense of the student with regard to the new methods of registration. " Don Bell. " Jesus. " Larry Bomar " It ' s not how long you wear it, it ' s how you wear it long. ' " Bob Cherry 136 " I would like to see more stu¬ dent involvement in . their specialty—like applying their specialty. " Lynn Benedict " Try finding something real. " Craig Donaubauer " The world revolves like an old woman gathering sticks in a vacant lot. " Sonny Morris BLAH " Gary Woolverton 138 " The rent in Fayetteville is too high for the accomodations. The landlords are taking ad¬ vantage of the fact that this is a college town. " Rick Parrish " I think the caliber of the stu¬ dents has improved in the seven years I have been here, and I ' m optimistic for the future. Father McGuire 1973 RAZORBACK 140 Trudy Maslonka, Editor J J.p te . Executive Secretary and Business Manager Angel Tatum, Staff Secretary 141 Henry Woods, Sports tditor Kitty Sanders, Residence Editor in. Sports Editor Susan Hooks, Residence Editor 144 Razorback and Traveler Photographers Carl Croom Rick Bailey, Chief Photographer John Partipilo THE ARKANSAS TRAVELER 146 Steve Snow, Editor 1 Henry Woods, Business Manager. David Russell, News Director, John Toney, Jerry Lawson, News Editors. Danae Columbus, John Toney, Entertainment Editors; Trudy Maslonka, Humor Editor. Sheila Daniel, Chief Copy Editor. Traveler Staff 150 Members are D.Smith, C.Hendrix, D.Kirkpatrick, L.Franklin, T.Wilson, B.Cooke, H.Ross, J.Mitchell, L.Bramblett, G.Hansen, J.Brockmann, L.Ham- mersly, J.Hendrix, P.Suttle, M.Moseley, T.Muse, D.Wood, S.West, B.Rutherford, M.Starks, R.Wooley, B.DeLille, B.Bufkin, J.Tyson, P.Flanigan, VV. Griffen, A.Fair, J.Riley, J.Wood, J.Henderson, K.Dickson. Board of Publications Members are: Dr. J. Covington, O.J. Rinnert, B.Barnes, A.C.Cochran, B.Hughes, D.Chappell, S.Area, D.Shay, J.Treadway, B.Barger, D.Wernet, T Maslonka, S.Snow, D.Russell, C.Hendrix. X W D 2 A Arrington, Gary 20 Banks, Karen 8 A Ashcraft, Linda 43 Banks, William 54 Ashcroft Frank 53,9o Bankstons, Char 27 Ashmore, B.H 36 Barbee. Brenda 67,85 Atchley, Caralyn 22 Barger, Bee 22 Atchley, Clinton 62,88 Barker, Cindy 57 Abbott, Julie 57 Atchley, Warren 67.9o Barker, Marc 4o Abram, Julian 27 Atkins, Delinda 67 Barlow, Marilyn 8 Achorn, Valerie 67 Atkinson, Malu 57,88 Barnard, David 18 Acklin, Anthony 27 Atkinson, Ruth 8 Barnard, Kimball 60 Adametz, John 67,106 Atkinson, Samuel 59 Barnes, James C. 56,9o Adams, Deana 22 Atwood. Donald 36 Barnes. James M 67 Adams, Donna 13 Atwood. Susan 57 Barnes, Katherine 32 Adams, Gary 54 Audrain, Scott 59 Barnes. Linda 65 Adams, Janie 65 Ault, Deborah 65 Barnett, Don 62 Adams, Jo Lynn 27 Aungabsee, Amnuay 67,109 Barnette. Johnny 27 Adams, Joan 47,101 Austin, Brenda 67 Barnett. Karyn 52 Adams, Kathy 67 Austin, Norma 67,85 Barrett. Kathryn 32 Adams, Larry 58 Austin, Vernon 36 Barrier. Cindy 32 Adams, Martha 51 Ayr ' s, Billie 44 Barron. William 56 Adams, Stephen 67 Ayres, William 60 Barry. Dennis o7,10o Adcock, Douglas 27 Barry, Eugene 58 Adenia. Riley 43 Barry, Steve 27 Agar, Kristin 47,101 Bartholomew, Samuel 27 Aker, Marcia 65,101 Bartlett Jean 51 Akins, Claire 22 K Barton, Cordia 44 Alder, Mark 36 D Basham. James 5© Alderson, Erma 27 Bass, Lee 18 Alexander, H. 88 Bassett. Beverly 48 Alexander, Timothy 55,88 Babitt, Hunter 4o Bassett lerry 59.9o Alexander, Ellen 67 Bachelor, Carl 61 Bassett. Pamela 8 Alexander, Gary 53 Bachelor, Latt 61 Bassett, Woody 55 Alexander, Toni 67 Back, Richard 67,88 Bastian. James 20 Allen, Andy 67,9© Bacon, Donald 60 Batchelor, Elizabeth 67 Allen, Charles 67 Bacon, Sharon 67,85 Bateman. Brenda 57 Allen, Tim 55,9o Badgett. Claude 20 Bates, Paul 16.109 Allen, Melanie 67,101 Bagby, Thomas 61 Bates, Susan 8 Allen, Robert 67,88 Bagiev. Judith 32 Batie, Raymond 67.100 Alley. Trude 51,85 Bagulev. Stewart 54 Baum, Susan 67,88 Allison, Dave 67 Baier, Lynn 47,101 Bautts. Rebecca 22 Allison, Julanne 67 Bailey, Edward 18,10o Baxter, William 59 Almond, Robert 67 Bailey. Joan 27 Beal. W’illiam 64 Alsafai, Melody 67 Bailey Julia 22 Bealle. Rebecca 8 Alter, Dena 47 Bailey. Leigh Ann 22 Beane, Thomas 3©.10o A Iverson, Mary 8 Bailey. Mary 22 Beard, Dennis 54 Alvord. Carol 48 Bailey Patrit. ia 67,88 Beard, Douglas S9.9t Alvord, Cathie 48 Bailey. Reda 22 Beardall. Charles 67.113 Amos, Ramona 67 Bailey. Sharon 47,101 Beasley. Anna 65 Anders, Jim 60 Bailey. Sheila 47 Beasley Becky 32 Anders, Lawrence 67 Bair, Lee Ann 22 Beasley. Lee 53 Anderson, Betty 57 Baker, Barb 22 Beasley. John 18.9© Anderson, Byron 27 Baker, Brad 20 Beaton, Rebecca 22 Anderson, Gary ©1 Baker, Chip 61 Beaton, Grey 3© Anderson, Jerry 3o Baker, David 67 Beatty. Carol 52.101 Anderson, John 3o,88 Baker, David 18 Beatty, David 59 Anderson, Linda 49 Baker. Diana 27 Beatty. Joanne ©5 Anderson, Lawson 55 Baker, Gayle 67 Beaty Mondella 44 Anderson, Margaret 49 Baker. Janet o7,101 Beaver, Eric 67 Anderson, Woodrow 53 Baker. Joseph 53 Beckham, David 07.101 Andrepont, Angela 27 Baker, Julia 22 Beckham Mary 67.101 An geletti, Vince 62 Baker, Larry 67,88 Beckham, William 67 Anthony, John 61 Baker. Pam 67 Beckman, Deborah 8 Antone, Dana 13 Baker Rodnev 45 Beck worth Mark ©7.9© Appleton, Richard 60 Balch, Anne 32 Bee ton, David 27 Area, Steven 5o,88 Bales, Jack 58.9o Beeks. Anita 67 Arend, Deborah 44 Ball, Charles 62 Beene, Clinton 53 Armstrong, George 4o,o7,85 Ballenger, David 67.109 Beene. Lonnie 48 101 Armstrong, Jane 22 Ballenger, Luke 27 Behimer Neal ©7.9c Armstrong, Julie 67 Balliet. lames lo Bein. Allen 20 Armstrong, Susan o7,88 Bangs Paula 32 Beineman. Douglas 1© Ar " old. Blair ol Banister. Glen 54 Beisel. Wayne 62 Arnold, Debbie 27 Banks Bettie 27 Belcher Neva ©7 Arnold, Vickie 22 Banks, Carolyn 27 Bell, David 3© 154 Bell, Donald 67,96 Blume, Robert 68 Brake, Jo 27 Bell, Gary 27 Blumenthal, Rebecca 8 Bramlett, James 62 Bell, Ginger 67 Blythe, Mary Jane 49 Bramlett, Thomas 68 Bell, Jackie 67,101 Boas, Elizabeth 51 Brand, Richard 55 Bell. Jeffrey 50,88 Boas, Olivia 8 Brandon, Gay 44 Bell, Kittena 67,109 Boatright, Dale 16,88 Brandon, Nancy 49,88 Bell, Larry 54,96 Bockholt, Barbara 32,101 Brandon, Thomas 68,106 Bell, Lisa 32 Bocksnick, Barbara 7 Brandon, William 68,88 Bell, Myra 7 Bocksnick, John 20 Branham, Joan 51 Bell, Patti 48 Boe, Tim 55,113 Brannan, Barbara 65,101 Bell, Ronny 67,88 Boerner, David 68,101 Branner, Kim 61 Bell, Steven 67,88 Boerner, Paula 49 Brannon, Deborah 57,88 Bellatti. Judith 67 Boettcher, Carol 43 Bransford, William 53 Bellmann, Merrie 32 Bogard, Myron 27 Branson, Donald 27 Belva, Jonna 8 Bogle, David 46 Branson, Robert 36 Belzung, Sue 8 Bogle, Gardner 53 Brashears, Sara 68 Benegar, Susan 43 Bolian, Shellie 49 Braswell, John 20 Bennett, Gary 67,106 Bolin, Patsy 44 Bratton, Lee 16 Bennett, Ro bert 36 Bolliger, Sharon 32,43,85 Bratton, Sam 68,113 Benson, John 68 Bollinger, Michael 62 Bray, Larry 56,96 Benton, Rebecca 22 Bonds, Kenny 60 Bray, Sidney 59,101 Benton, Susan 8 Bonds, Rickey 20 Brazelton, Samuel 27 Bercher, Lisa 27 Bone, Dana 22 Breckenridge, Pamela 8 Berger, Pat 68,101 Bonner, David 46 Bredehoeft, Judy 49,101 Berlau, Jeannette 8 Booe, Gerry 59 Brenner, Brenda 8 Berner, Charlene 52 Booker, Janet 8 Brenner, Debbie 48 Berner, William 53 Bookout, Stacey 68 Breshears, Don 68,96 Berney . Mary 101 Boor hem, Ross 27 Brewer, David 18 Berry, David 16,85 Booth, Kenneth 58 Brewer, Debra 22 Berry, Dennis 36 Boozman, Debbie 65 Brewer, Susan 13,85 Berry, John 46 Borden, James 56 Brewster, Gaye 68,101 Berry, Robert 58,88 Borengasser, James 68 Brewster, Kent 68,96 Berry, Rusell 27 Boring, Brenda 22 Breyman, Karen 8,109 Besett, Gail 65 Boss, Nancy 13 Brice, Carolyn 48 Besett, Mary 32 Bost, Randall 18 Brick, Larry 53 Bethell, Ed 16 Bostian, Charles 36 Brick, Steve 20 Betnar, Rita 22 Bostian. Stephen 45 Bridgeman, Cindy 43 Beuke, Donald 27 Boswell, David 27 Bridges, Ja nie 52 Bever, Karla 13 Botteron, Gayle 27 bridges, Thomas 68,96 Bevier, Christine 27 Bottoms, Jack 68,96 Briggs, Alan 46 Bevney. Mary 65 Bourgeois, Denise 8 Briggs, Billy 55 Beye, Denise 68 Bourne, William 20 Briggs, Jan 52,88 Bichler, Billy 59,96 Bowden, Larry 60 Brillhart, James 20 Biddinger, Judith 68,101 Bowen, Thomas 68,109 Brite, Robbie 27 Biederman, Charles 68,88 Bowers, David 46,96 Britt, Carrie 27 Biggers, James 42 Bowers, Paul 68,109 Britten, Brenda 27 Biggers, Susan 65 Bowker, Deborah 47 Brixey, Cheryl 68,101 Bingham, John 42,113 Bowles, James 68 Broam, Janet 68 Binnion, Scott 40,106 Boyce, Marcie 8 Brockmann, Jane 48 Biriz, Dianne 65,85 Boyd, Amy 13 Brockmann, Mark 20 Bizzell. Joy 13,101 Boyd, Barbara 8 Brockwell, Ronald 68,88 Black, Charles 59 Boyd, Cece 68 Brodell, William 68,101 Black, Karen 8 Boyd, Edward 36,96 Brooks, Billie 68 Black, Laura 8 Boyd, James 60 Brooks, Larry 68,96 Black, Steven 61,96 Boyd,Jim 68,113 Brooks, Mari ruth 49 Black, Thomas 68,106 Boyd, Mary Ann 22 Brooks, Mary Ann 8 Blackburn, Greg 36 Boyd, Randy 27 Brooks, Meredith 8 Blackwell, Dennis 36 Boyd.R.V. 68,106 Brooks, Mike 62 Blackwell, Mary 22 Boyd, Roberta 27 Brothers, Brooke 68 Blagg, Ralph 68,113 Bovd, Thomas 16 Brothers, William 68,96 Blake, Gina 44 Boydston, Jackie 44 Browers, Bill 27 Blake, Peggy 32 Bracey, Bill 60 Brown, Alice 22 Blakely, Sarah 47 Bradbury, Brenda 7 Brown, Bill 54 Bland, Janie 32 Bradford, Henry 20,85 Brown, Billy 68 Blankenship, Jo 8 Bradford. Marla 32 Brown, Charles 68,88 Blass. Gus 60 Bradley, Joyce 22 Brown, Craig 68,88 Blaylock. Cathey 22 Bradlev. Kathy 22 Brown, David 42 Blevins, Betti 22 Bradley. Merrill 68,101 Brown, Debbie 32 Blevins, Charles 68,96 Bradley, Neta 57 Brown. Deborah 7 Blevins, Dan 27 Bradlev. William 36 Brown, Harold 27 Block, Steve 54 Bradshaw, Don 64,106 Brown, Janina 13 Blohm, Douglas 42 Brady, Pamela 13 Brown, Jerry 36 Bloom. George 59 Bragg, Ruth 32 Brown, Joe 18 Brown. Leon Brown. Llewellyn Brown, Lloyd Brown, Annette Brown, Larry Brown, Melvin Brown. Michael Brown. Shawna Brown, Thomas Brown, Udell Browne Cynthia Brownfiel, Mona Browning, Karen Bruce, Brenda Brumbaugh, Suzanne Bruss, Lee Bryan, Cynthia Bryan, David Bryan. Wess Bryant, Carole Bryant, Gayle Bryant, Karolyn Bryant. Martha Bryant, Norman Bryant, Royce Bryce, Richard Buck, Robert Buckley. David Buckley. Timothy Buckner. William Buell, Karen Buell, Larry Bufkin, Robert Buford,Joe Buford, Margaret Bull, Thomas Bullard, Gwendolyn Bullington, John Bullington, Roger Bulloch, Drennen Bullock. Pamela Bumpass.Ron Bunch, Janice Bunch. Marcia Bunch. Nancy Bunch, Timothy Bunker, Carolyn Bunn, James Burc h, Barry Burch, Dorothy Bur ch, Harold Burch, Step), en Burcham.Rex Bu rden, Lonnie Burge, Linda Burgin, Betsy Burke, Jo Burkhalter, Margaret Burleson. Clare Burnett. Alta Burnett. Frederick Burnett, Patty Burns, Ann Burns, Charles Burns. Deborah Burroughs. Gariy Burroughs. William Burrow, Dennis Burrows, B Burruss. Terry Bursey. Janet Bursk. Franklin Burt. Chuck 68,109 Burton, Marilyn 51 Casali. Bobbv 55 27 Bussell, Karen 51 Caselman Mary 69 36 Butler, Belinda 44,88 Cason. James o9.9o 49 Butler, George 60 Cassinelli, Robert 53,9o 40 Butler. Melinda 32 Castleberry, Sue ©0 101 lo,88 Butler, Nicholas 60 Cathey Becky 22 58 Bvars, Debbie 22 Catlett. Graham ol 08,88 Bvers, Mark 69 Catsavis. George ol 68 Byrd, Douglas 69 Caudill Judy 57 36 Byrd, Marilyn 8 Caudill. William 60.Oo 27 Byrns, Ronald 27 Caughron, Richard 69 65 Causey lanie 27 22 Causes ' Kenneth 3© o8,9o Causes- Lisa o9.S 5 13 Cavaneau.Jeanne 0 ,88 68 f Cawood Jacki 22 68,101 Cawvev Robin 49 08,lOo Cazzell. Richard 69.9o 45 Cease. Thomas 09 10c 22 Cecil Lauralee 8 22 Cabeza de Vaca, Ricardo 69,9o Chaffin Kathleen 22,88 65 Cagle. Pamela 32 Chambers. Betty 22 65.101 Cain, M ilburn 9o Chambers. James 20 60 Calawav, Lisa 48 Chambers. Lida 7 16 Calder . Alexander 3o Chambers, Sandra 13 56 Caldwell, Maurice 09,109 Chambers. Steve Ann o9 62 Calhoon, Rickv 60 Champion. Gary 3o 101 60 Calhoun. Richard 61 Champlin, Steven 58 55 Cain, M ilburn 69 Chandler, Joel 55 60 Callahan, Douglas 53 Chaney Don 59 68,101 Calloway, Doug 69 Chanev Gay 8 68,88 Calloway, Shirley 27 Champman. Marguerite ©Q.88 60 Campbell, Connie 32 Chapman, Patricia 8 36 Campbell, Donnie 69.109 Chappell. Mary Beth 44 8 Campbell, Frederick eO Chase. Pat 69 36 Campbell, James 4o ,9o Chastain. Susie 49 32,88 Campbell, Joy 8 Cheatham. John 53.9c 20 Campbell, Kenneth 09.88 Cherry, Patricia 13 le Campbell, Linda 32 Chesnutt, Gayle 43 68 Campbell, Ronnie D 20 Childs Elizabeth 7 13 Campbell, RonnieG 27 Chiles. Tom 48 68,113 Campbell, Sarah 32,101 Chipman. Larry 36 13.88 Campbell, William 20 Chitwood, Auten 55 08,88 Cannon, Lydia 32 Choate. Marsha 22 32 Cannon. Michael 69 Chou, Donald 27 08 Capehart, Carrie 27 Chowning. Doug 27 51,88 Caraway. Steve 45 Christian. Diane 8.9o 16 Carev Mary 8 Christison, Laurie 49.85 53 Caristianos, Carolyn 47 Chung. YongMoon 69 1C» 68,101 Carlson. Ralph 62,88 Church, Melissa 32 68 Carlsten Arthur 69,10o Churchwell. Jackie 13 61 Carney, John 18 Ciers’o, Patrick 69 101 45 Carney. Rhonda 47,101 Cissell. Paul 54.9© 58 Carpenter. Barbara 69.88 Claassen Cheryl 13 65 Carpenter, David 69 Clanton , Linda 13.9© 32 Carpenter, Eddie 62 Clark, Andrew ©9 113 32 Carpenter, Linda 69,85 Clark Billy 3© 8 Carpenter. Patricia 43,88 Clark. Bruce 27 48 Carpenter, Warren 62 Clark. David 61 68 Carrigan, Mellonee 32 Clark. Edwin 69 109 3o Carson. Susan 32 Clark Gary 54 69 Carter, Frank 61 Clark. Henry 20 13 Carter, Gary 3o Clark, Joel 18 3o Carter. Gregory 64 Clark. Larry ©o 10© 22 Carter. Jan 8 Clark. Lawrence 53 3o Carter, Jo Ann 48 Clark Linda ©9.88 69.106 Carter. Judy 22 Clark Lisa 22 36 Carter Marcy 69 Clark. Noel 18 69 Carter. Paula 44.101 Clark. Robert 69 58,88 Carter. Stanley 59 Clark. Roger 58 27 Carver Lita 22 Clark. Teny 53 53 Carver. Nena 32 Clary Diane 43.88 4o,88 Cary. Kay 22 Clary. Robert 20 10© 156 Clay. Alice 13 Clay, Marilyn 8 Clayton, Terry 8 Clement, Steven 36 Clement, Virginia 47,85 Clements, Charles 69,106 Clemmons, Lee 47,96 Cleveland, Elton 45,85 Cleveland, Linda 69 Clifton, Richard 59 Cline, Lawrence 69,88 Clinehens, Connie 52 Cloninger, Elizabeth 22 Cloud, Deborah 69,109 Clcryes, Gary 36 Cobb, BartonG. 27 Cobb, Christine 43 Cobb, David 36 Cochran, Elizabeth 8 Cochran, Jo Ellen 51,101 Cochran, Roger 106 Cochran William 27 Cochran, Roger 27 Cockrill Ellon 69,109 Cochrill, Roger 61,113 Coe, Joseph 60 Coffee, Bobby 36 Coffman, Walter 64 Cogdell, Joe 59 Colburn, Kathy 22 Cole, Donna 69,85 Cole, John 60 Cole, Martin 16 Cole, Marvin 36 Cole, Randall 36 Cole, Ray anna 52,94 Cole, Teresa 69,85 Cole, Terry 45 Cole, Thomas 59,96 Coleman, David 20 Coleman, Larry 20,88 Collier, Edward 55,96 Collier, Jane 13 Collier, Joan 69,109 Collier, Larry 69,109 Collier, Tommy 69 Collins, Carren 8 Collins, Gloria 8 Collins, Stephen 36 Colten, Edward 27 Columbus, Stephanie 49 Combs, John 36 Combs. Kenny 18 Combs, Tabitha 69,101 Commer, Melissa 22 Compton, John 36.106 Comstock, Mary Jane 47,101 Conde, Cheryl 43,96 Conley, Michael 55 Conley. Nancy 52 Connell, Laura 69 Conner, Carl 36,88 Conner, Virginia 8 Conrad. Debbie 8 Coogan. Michael 69,106 Cook, Barry 36 Cook, Charles 20 Cook, Ferris 22 Cook, Freda 13 Cook, Gina 32 Cook, Joel 18,88 Cook, John 61 Cook, Laurie 49,88 Cook. Linda 13 Cook, Nancy 8 Cook, Roger 16 Cook, William 20 Cooke, Rebecca 69,88 Cooksey, Brenda 32,88 Coonce, Richard 36 Cooper, Bill 53 Cooper, Carol 22 Cooper, Janice 13 Cooper, Lanita 69,101 Cooper, Michael 18 Cooper, Russell 61 Coopwood, Charlotte 8 Copas, John 56 Copeland, James 69.106 Corbin, Connie 69,101 Corley, Rebecca 8 Cornwell, Elizabeth 31,101 Cornwell. Martha 22 Cotten, Clark 16 Cottier, Cindy 8 Cottrell, John 53,96 Couch, Sara 7 Couch, Verner 55 Counts. Diana 69 Courtney, Cindy 22 Covey, David 20 Covey. Marvin 36 Cowan, Morris 62 Cowan. Robert 69,96 Cowling, Denny 36 Cowgur, Carol 8 Cowling, Reginald 69 Cox, Bill 36 Cox, Cathy 48 Cox, David 46 Cox, Debbie 43 Cox, Kathy 43,85 Cox, James 36 Cox, Linda 13,96 Cox, Marilyn 8,88 Cox, Mary 8 Cox, Pamela 8 Crabtree, David 36 Cracraft, Susan 57,101 Craft, Curtis 62 Craft, John 70 Craig, Cynthia 31,88 Craig, Frances 8 Craig, Patricia 48.101 Craig, William 60 Crain, Karen 13 Crank,Kim 9 Crank, Kyla 49,88 Cravens, Robyn 48,88 Crawford, Alan 53 Crawford, Kristie 13 Crawford, Lawrence 16 Crawford. Robert 36 Crawley, Carla 43,88 Creekmore, Van 55 Cressel, Helen 27 Creswell, Michael 70 Crider, Marla 70 Crigger, Ann 57 Crigger, Charles 60 Criner, Jerry 36,10b Criswell, Harold 70 Critz, Cynthia 65 Critz, Jefferson 55 Critz, Jennifer 52,101 Croft, Cecilia 70 Crom, Lennie 32 Crom, Susan 27 Cronin, Laurie 57 Croom, Carl 27 Cross, Carl 55 Cross, Robert 64 Crouch, Robert 62,90 Crow, James 16 Crow, Steve 60 Crowder, Donald 70,85 Crowder, Linda 70 Crownover, Franklin 18 Cruse, Deby 22 Crutchfield, Hartsell 20 Culberson, David 70,9b Cullen, John 70,113 Culpepper, Mallory 57 Culpepper, Maribeth 22 Culpepper, Paula 44,89 Cummins, Robert 64 Cunningham, Debi 9 Cunningham, Donna 44 Cunningham, John 70 Cupples, James 20 Cupples, Kathy 57 Curl, Debbie 47 Curl, Mike 55 Curlee, Paula 43 Curlee, Steven 70,89 Curless, Jerri 22 Curll, Patricia 48,101 Currie, Alywin 70 Curry, Kenneth 56 Curtis, Dixie 70 Curtis, Donald 70 Curtis, William 70,89 Curtner, Thomas 60 D Dabbs, Terry 54 DaFoster, Darcy 31 Daggett, Mitchell 54 Daiker, Gregory 58 Dairymple, Steve 60 Dake, Roger 70,89 Dale, Laurie 9 Dalke, Paul 70,96 Dalla Rosa, Arthur 36 Dalmut, Pete 70,113 Dana, Carol 70 Daniel, David 85 Daniel, Lolah 70,85 Daniel, Sheila 70,89 Daniel, Terry 70,106 Danna, C.J 36 Dardin, Leatha Kay 28 Dark, Clayton 58 Dasher, Terry 70 Davenport, Allen 55 Davenport, Hallis 9 Davenport, James 53,96 Davenport, Lillian 47 Davenport, William 70,109 David, James 70,89 Davidson, Barry 55 Davidson, Charles 42,113 Davidson, Joe 59 Davidson, Johnette 65,89 Davidson, William 59 Davis, Barbara 65,89 Davis, Bill Davis, Debbie Davis, Jill Davis, Jodi Davis, John Davis, Kathryn Davis, Marilyn Davis, Mary Davis, Michelle Davis, Ronnie Davis, Ruth Ann Davis, Sandra K. Davis, Sandra L. Davis, Sharon Davis, Stephen Davis, Terry Davis, Wayne Dawson, Sarah Deacon, Rush Deakins, Walker Deal, Deborah Dearborn, John Dearing, Larry Deaton, David DeBats, Jan DeBons, Michael Decker, Mary Dedmon, Randy Deen, Lewis D en, Stephan Deere, Robert Dees, Michael Dehart, Danny DeManzuk, Jane Dennis, Jack Dennis, Jeannie Dennis, Mary Dennis, Paula Den nis, Randy Dennison, Gary Denniston, Lexia DeNoi, Kacey Denton, William Denty, Donna De Orbegozo, Luis DesLauriers, Robin Dewey, Carolyn Dewey, Karen Dial, John Dickerson, Cathy Dickerson, David Dickerson, Robert Dickey, Doris Dickey, Rebecca Dickey, William Dickinson, Carolyn Dickinson, Dana Dickinson, Mary Ann Dickinson, Patricia Dickson, Darvl Dillaha, Pat Dillard, Jerry Dillon, Thomas Dingier. David Dinwiddie, Ross Diven. Janice Divine, Donna Dixon, Doris Dockery, Lynda Dockins, Jon Dodson. Thomas Doherty, Patty Dolen, Kit 36 Dominy, Alice 28 Eaton, Michael 71,85 57 Donaldson, Jeri 51,89 Ebel, Cindy 47,101 52 Donathan, Marsha 9 Edens, Beverly 71 48 Donaubauer, Melanie 44 Eberly, Cathy 32 28,89 Donovan, Rebecca 23 Eckert, Sharon O5.101 22 Dorethy, Jackie 23 Ecklund, David 54,109 32 Dorman, Danny 70,85 Eddy, Charles 37 9 Doss, Danny 70,106 Eden, Pam 52,101 51 Doster, Ronald 37 Edman, Martha 71.101 70,101 Douglas, Freddie 53 Edmiston, Jo Anna 23 70 Douglas, Mark 37 Edmiston, Tom 71 22 Doverspike, Jackie 37 Edmondson, Donna 49 70,101 Dowell, Larry 70 Edmondson, Willard 71 70 Downen, Sheila 9 Edmund, Sheri 32 70 Downen, Sheila D. 47 Edwards. Jim 71.101 36 Downer, Kathy 48 Edwards. Jimmie 71.109 61,96 Downing, Martha 52,89 Edwards, Judy 71 7 Downs, Gregory 61 Edwards, Melinda 13 oO Downum, Bobbie 70 Edwards, Steve 71,109 70 Draper, Martin 61 Efurd, Cary 59 9 Dreier, Susan 43 Ehorn, Janice 28 70 Dreier, Victor 16,85 Ehrenberg, Harry 71 70,106 Drewry, Terrie 9 Eichler, Stephen 18 53 Driskell, Jerald 28 Eldridge, Craig 59 28 Driver, Marsha 32 Eldridge, John 71.113 36 Drouet, Katherine 9 Eldridge, Kathleen 05.102 57,101 Drye, Vickey 23,89 Elias, Jean 28 70,96 Duck, Nolan 61 Elkins, Clarence 20 56 Due, James 58 Elkins, Jerry 37 70,113 Duell, Jeanette 70 Elkins, John 37 58 Dugger, Harold 37 Elledge, Richard 55 55 Duke, John 70,85 Ellington, Lewis 50.71 70,85 Duke, Larry 53 Elliott, Michael oO 28,101 Dumeny, Cecelia 7 Elliott, Nancy 51 46,96 Dummitt, William 89 Elliott, Pamela 49 70 Dunaway, Suzanne 65,89 Elliott. Peggy 9 70 Duncan, Ron 70 Elliott. Shaun 32 70 Duncan, Ted 53 Ellis, Carol 51 70 Dunivin, Stephen 70 Ellis, Doug 61 28 Dunkelgod, Dennis 40 Ellis, Richard 18.97 44 Dunlap, Jane 49,96 Ellis, Robert 37 28 Dunlap, Mary Anne 57 Ellison, Rebecca 51 54 Dunn, Deborah A. 23 Eisner, Ginger 13 48 Dunn, Deborah E. 23 England, Michael 28 18 Dunn, F rederick 70,9o Engler, Dwight 71 52 Dunseath, Bob 60 English, Trudy 9 43 Dunsworth, Henry 70,89 Engster, Mary 23 7 Dunsworth, Melissa 70 Enlow, James oO 54,89 Dura, William 46,106 Ergorich. Phyllis 32 28 DuVall, Deborah 23 Erickson, Mona 71.102 55 Dwyer, Austin 71,106 Erstine, Philip 18 36 Dwyer, David 58 Ervin, John 71 22 Dye, Kathy 57 Erwin, Harold 71,113 28 Dyer, Janet 31,89 Erwin, Joseph 37 o2,96 Dyer, Ronald 71 Erwin, Marie 57 9 Dyer, Treeca 44,89 Estep, Patricia 32 70 Dykes, William 02,96 Estes, Janet 48 70 28 28,101 20 55 37,100 55 45 13 E Eagle, Cathy 52,85 Estes. Michael Eubanks Michael Eubanks, Robert Euseppi, Joseph Eutsler, Carolyn Evans, Connie Evans, David Evans, Debra 55 71.97 oO 59 57 23 71.85 71.102 22 Earhart, Treva 52,85 Evans, Dona 9 22 Early, Kathy 52,85 Evans, John 71.113 70,101 Earnest. Kenneth 71,109 Evans, Victor 71.89 64 Easson, Karen 51 Evans, William 45 61 East, Sharon 71 Ewbank. Donna 49 23 Eastburn, Ronald 61 Ewing, Mary 23 53,9o Easterly, Barton 37 Ezell, Phillip 71 T • Fletcher, Betty 71,89 Fullerton, Fred 62,89 L Fletcher, Jerry 18 Fullerton, Samuel 53 r Fletcher, Ricky 28 Fulton, Jo Ann 13 Fletcher, Teresa 23 Furness, John 72,89 Flowers, Deborah 47 Furstenberg, Judy 9,89 Fair, Billie 9 Flowers, Dianne 47 Futrell, Nancy 43 Fair, Catherine 32 Flynn, Debra 71,85 Fairchild, Nancy 65 Flynn, Lana 23 Fairhead. Mimi 43 Flynn, Mike 71,109 Fairhead, Rosie 23.43 Fogleman, Barton 60 Falkner, Michael 71,106 Fogleman, Frank 60,109 | Falkner, Nan 71 Fogleman, Lisa 52,102 Vj Farr, Gary 64,106 Fogleman, Scott 60 Farrell, Dianne 44 Folladori, Joseph o2 Farrell, Greg 20 Fontaine, Janice 23 Farrell, Hanford 59 Fontaine Marjorie 7 Gabbard, Johnny 56 Farrell, James 59,97 Ford, Debra 28 Gabbard, Ronald 72 Fath. Carl 42 Ford, Janet 71,89 Gahr, Nikki 28 Faubel, Craig 59 Ford, Rebecca 71 Gaines, Ginny 57 Faucett, David 37,97 Ford, Timothy 54,89 Gaines, Van 16,102 Faucette, John 71,102 Fortenberry, David 42 Gallup, Evelyn 32 Faulk, Susan 13 Foster, Ann 23 Galyean, Judy 9 Faulkner, Jimmy 59 Foster, Ann 43 Gammill, Linda 72 Faulkner, Sally 49 Foster, Brian o4 Gammill. Robert 59 Fawcett, Ann 65 Foster, Carol 23 Galbraith, Richard 22,109 Fawcett, Micky 59 Foster, Charles 18,89 Gardner, Cindy 48 Feagins, Robert 58 Foster, Laurie 23 Gardner, Jeanne 9 Featherston, Lyn 31.89 Foster. Lowry 71,89 Garland, Gary 54 Feilke, David ol,85 Foster. Martha 9 Garland, Gregory 28 Feland, William 18 Foster, Nancy 48 Garlin, Becky 48 Feldman, Judith 9 Foster, Patti 32 Garner, Gail 32 Feldman, Mark 46 Foster, Ruthie 32 Garner, Glenda 7 Fellows, Julie 9 Fotioo, James 54 Garner, John 56 Fender, Steve o2 Fouke, Michael 71 Garner, Lisa 51 Ferguson, Robert 20 Fowler, Cerelle 23 Garner, Michael 6 l Fey, Walter 71,106 Fowler, Mary Lynn 71 Garrels, Laura 23 Fielder Larry 16 Fox, Claude 71 Garrett, Jeannine 13 Fields, Anitra 23 Fox, Jan 49,97 Garrett, Nancy 9 Fields, Daniel o2 Fox,Susan 47 Garrett. Robin 20 Fifer, Espero 71 Fox, Jeanie 52 Garrison, John 62,63 Fikes, Ralph 55,97 Francis, Jackie 57,89 Garrison. Wayne 55 Filipek. David 71,89 Francis, Lee 55 Gary, Barbara 57 Filogamo, Marty 20 Frank, Victoria 32 Gaston, Robert 37 Finch, Lois 32 Frankenberger, Steve 37 Gateley, Maurice 45,97 Fincher, David 71,lOo Franklin, Kathy 65 Gates, Mary Ellen 48,102 Finley, John 18.1 13 Franklin. Linda 32,89 Gates, Rayford 28 Finley, Linda 71.89 Frauenthal. Max 28.100 Gathright, Gaye 47 Finn. M 71 Frazier, Marylyn 32 Gatlin, Ricky 16 Finn, Nicholas 71,85 Frear, James 59 Gattis, Alicia 7 Finsel, Charles 71.97 Frear. Robert 46 Gattis, James o4,106 Finsel, Tamara 71.109 Frederiuk. Dale 20 Geiger, David 18 Firestone, Vicki 23 Frederick, Stephanie 51 Geller, Joe 20 Fischer. Shelley 49 Freedle, Jerry 37 Genter, John 20 Fish, Curtis 71, lOo Freeman Burton 37 Gentle, Susan 48,102 Fisher, George 40,109 Freeman, Carell 71 Gentry, Bruce 37 Fisher. Michael e2,97 Freeman, Jamie 71 Gentry, Gail 72,85 Fisher, Scott 20 Freeman. Linda 23,97 Gentry, Gary 28 Fisher, Wanda 9 Freeman. Paul 56 Gerety, John 20 Fiscus, Jack 37 Freeman. Rebecca 9 Gerrard, W ' illiam 59 Fitch, Susan 9 French, Dena 9 Gertson, Rodney 37 Fitting, Mary 71.94 French, Ed el Gessler, Brad 55 Fitton, Martin 58 French, Patricia 49.102 Gibson, Donald 72,109 Fitzgerald, Sharon 71 Frieden, Brooke 23 Gibson, Frankla 72 Fitzgerald, Trisha 23,106 Frietsche, Richard 28,89 Gibson, Kathleen 43 Fitzhugh David 37 Fringer, Judy 23 Gibson, Michael 20 Fitzhugh, Jennifer 23 Fritts, Glenda 13 Gibson, Robert 72,113 Flanagan, Lana 71 Frost, Barbara 13 Giddens, Kenneth 58 Flanigan, James 71,85 Fulton, Catharine 13 Gideon, C.J. 23 Flanigan. Patricia 32 Frost, Judy 28 Gieringer. David 18 Flanigan Phyllis 71,85 Fry, Debbie 47 Gilbert. John 54 Flanigan, Sandra 32 Fudge, Karen 71,109 Gilbert, Susan 72,85 Fleenor, Richard 53,97 Fulbright, Sandy 49 Giles, Don 59,97 Flemming, Mary Jane 32 Fuller. Martha 74 Giles. Emilie 72,102 Giles, Joe 72,89 Green, Stan 28 Hall, Marilyn 65 Gill, Charlotte 65 Green, Stephen 16,109 Hall, Nancy 23 Gill, John 37 Green, Tollie 28 Hall, Rebecca 23 Gill, Marilyn 9 Greenbaum, Dave 72,113 Hall, Sandy 51 Gillespie, James 61,97 Greene, Suzanne 72,102 Hall, Steve 62 Gillespie, Randy 28 Greene, Walter 72,113 Hamilton, Joel 37 Gillette, Timothy 72,97 Greene, William 20,97 Hammans, Cherrye 44 Gilliam, Dianne 9 Greenhaw, Jana 72 Hammans, Scott 57 Gilliam, Michael 42 Greenlee, Richard 55 Hammer, Martin 55 Gillogly, Laura 13 Greenwood, Robin 9 Hammett, Charles 20 Gipson, Sidney 28 Greer, Cynthia 23 Hamon, Robert 40 Gibson, Ron 60 Greeson, Randy 54 Hampton, David 59,97 Gist, Mary Ann 44 Greeson, William 37 Hampton, Melinda 72 Gladwin, Dan 56 Gregory, Reba 23 Hanbv, Leigh Ann 44 Glaub, Stephne 13 Gresh, Donald 72,97 Handlen, Julie-Kay 23 Gleason,Donald 72,89 Gresh, Sharon 72,89 Haney, Mary 52 Glenn, David 59 Gresham, Gwen 72 Hankins, Daniel 72 Glidewell, Susan 13 Gresham, James 72,113 Hanna, Debora 9 Glover, Vickie 9 Griffen, Bennie 32 Hanna, Richard 53 Gocio, Allan 53 Griffen, Wendell 20,89 Hannahs, Karen 33 Gocio, John 72,113 Griffin, Carolyn 72 Hannebaum, Marie 72 Goddard, Richard 72,89 Griffin, Robert 20 Harden, Susan 33 Godfrey, Ronald 72 Griffin, Wanda 72 Harden, Terry 23 Godfrey, Ruby 72,97 Griffis, Charles 20 Hardin, Bernadine 72,85 Godwin, Chris 37 Griffith, David 72 Hardin, Robert 72 Goforth, Susan 23 Griffith, John 59 Harding, Linda 13 Goins, Bert 37 Griggs, Donnie 62,89 Hardy, Patricia 51,102 Goins, Dale 37 Grigsby, Robert 46,97 Hargis, Jamie 44 Goins, Greg Ann 32 Grimes, Buck 28,89 Hargis, John 64.10o Goins, Randall 55 Grimes, Sally 28 Hargraves, John 73,10o Goodlett, Michael 72,89 Grimsley, Ruthann 23,94 Harkness, Lurene 9 Coodlett, Richard 72 Grippe, Ron 72,89 Harmon, James 37 Goodman, Fred 37 Grisham, Tommy 37 Harmon, Judy 43 Gordon, Eddie 72,85 Grisham, William 58,89 Harmon Mary Lu 44 Gordon, Marshall 28 Grizzle, Anna 9 Harmon, Toni 43.109 Gordon, Todd 56,89 Grounds, Michael 72,89 Harp, Larry 73 Corum, Martha 65 Grumbles, Judv 52 Harper. Audrey 52 Gorum. Nancy 65,102 Gudgell, Karen 72,89 Harper, John 58 Goss, Martha 9 Guerriero, Paula 57 Harrel, Susan 23 Go thright, Richard 60 Guinn, Janet 65 Harrell, Thomas 73.100 Goyne, Danny 72 Guinn, Susan 72,102 Harrington, Beckv 43 Graffy, Joan 23 Guist, Aulois 72 Harris. Bruce 37 Graffy, John 37,10o Gunter, John 72 Harris. Jerry 45 Graham, James 46 Gunter, Robert 16,89 Harris, Karen 13 Graham, Kathy 65 Gurley, Richard 54 Harris, Kathleen 73,89 Graham, Larry 55 Gustafson, Julie 43,102 Harris, Mar ilvn 23 Graham, Teresa 23 Gustafson, Polly 23 Harris, Michael 73 Gramlich, Paul 45 Guthrie, David 72,113 Harris, Robert 37 Grammer, Kay 9 Guynn, Rex 72 Harris. Sonya 23 Grantham, Becky 48 Harris, Steven E 58 Graue, James 72,97 Harris, Steven H 37 Graves, Jacquelyn 72 Harris, Susan 52 Graves, Kathy 48 x T Harris, Theresa 44 Graves, Margie 72,89 i—i Harris, Thomas 73.102 Gravis, Roger 28 11 Harris, Virginia 65 Gravley, James 37 Harrison, Charles 61 Gravning, Peggy 72,89 Harrison, Lynn 73,97 Gray, Anne 48,102 Haaser, Steve 72,102 Harrison, Melanie 48 Gray, Carl 20 Hackathorn, Daniel 54,97 Harrison, Nora 31,89 Gray, C ' arolynn 72,109 Hagemann, Joel 45,85 Hart, Becky 23 Gray, Gretchen 48 Haggard, Sam 37 Hart, Bernard 54 Gray, James 72 Hagge, Patrick 61 Hart. Edward 40 Gray, Johnese 32 Hahs, Robin 9 Hart. Eric 60 Gray. Mary 65 Hale, Alan 55 Hart, Leslie 54 Gray, Paul 53 Hale, Rosa 9 Hartman. Lloyd 59,97 Gray, Raymond 37 Hale, William H 55 Hartrick, Frank 18.85 Gray, Roy 42 Hale, William R 53 Harty, Harriet 23 Green, John 72,109 Haley, Timothy 20 Hartz. Cecelia 51 Green, Larry 16 Halinski Karen 9 Hartz. David 73.102 Green, Linda 13 Halinski. Pamela 44 Harvev Aubrey 73.109 Green, Mary Jane 32 Halk, Kathryn 72,89 Harvev Larrv 28 Green, Paula 23 Hall, JamesM 62 Harvev Michael 73 Green, Richard 72,102 Hall, James R 72,85 Harwood, Steven 73.102 159 160 Hass, Diana 73,85 Herron, Vicki 33 Holland. Jim 62,102 Hassell, William 54 Hetshberger, Catherine 7 Holland. Patricia 28 Hatasaki, Marlene 33 Hess, Mary 23 Holland, Raymond 73 Hatcher, Jeffrey 42 Hess. Robert 55 Holliday David 73,86 Hatfield, Sherri 23 Hester. Robert 54 Hollingswroth. Kathryn 33 Hatfield, William 64,106 Hester. Rodney 16,100 Hollis, Mary 33 Hatlev, Paula 73,89 Hestir. Ronnie 53 Holm, Terri 33 Haugen, Janie 52 Hetherwick,Mary Jo 44 Holmes, Bill 46 Haugen, Susan 52 Hewitt, Billie 52 Holt. John 73 Haw, Christine 43 Hiatt, Gene 33 Holt. Lee 33,90 Hawkins, Andrew 61 Hickerson, Catherine 33 Holt, Thomas 20 Hawkins, Bobby 73 Hickey, Cathleen 49 Homan. William 37 Hawkins, Claude 61 Hickey, William 37 Hon, Kay 73,97 Hawkins, Frank 73 Hicks, Ellen 23 Hood. Juliana 28 Hawkins, Gayla 13,85 Hicks, James 61 Hook, Don 73 Hawkins, Henry 37 Hicks, Overtis 23 Hooks. Susan 9 Hawkins, John 20 Higginbotham, Glenn 73,85 Hooper. Melissa 28.102 Hawkins, Kathy 23 Higginbotham. William 59 Hoover, Elwin 55 Hawkins. Michael 73 Higginbothom, Mark 60 Hopkins, Dale 74 Hawkins, Robert 73 Higginbothom, Stephen 60 Hopkins, Loyce 49,90 Hawks, Brad 59 Higginbothom, Susan 65,102 Hopson, Joyce 28 Hayden, Robert 73 High, James 55 Horine, Janice 74,90 Hayes, Deborah 33 Hile, James 18,90 Horne. William 37 Hayes. Robert 20 Hilgeman. Nancy 28 Hornor, Mary 57 Haynie. Sandra 48 Hill, Anita 33 Horton, Doyle 37 Hazlewood. M ichael 54 Hill. David 37,90 Hosey, Eugene 60 Heater, Benson 58 Hill. David 73 Houchen, Susan 9 Heatherly, Robin 33 Hill, Dennis 73,106 Houser, Marsha 23 Hebert, Arvil 20 Hill, Fred 73.106 Houser, Pamela 33 Heck, Patricia 73,85 Hill. Michael 73 Houston, Noyl 61 Hedgepeth, Beverlv 9 Hill, Michael 16 Howard, Amy 49 Heflin. William 55 Hill, James 28 Howard. David 18 Hefner, Michael 37.97 Hill. Jacqulain 28 Howard. Evelyn 74 Hegglund, Mary Jane 49,89 Hill. Larry 45 Howard, Gary 42,97 Heidenthal, Frieda 13 Hill, Norma 73,102 Howard, Karen 44 Heigle, Rox 73 Hill. Robert 62 Howard, Leslie 74.106 Heisserer, Lawrence 18 Hill, Tom 37 Howard Margaret 23 Heller Jeannette 33 Hill. William 28,90 Howard, Martha 24 Helm, Jeff 20 Hille, Carl 62 Howard, Pamela 74,102 Helmbrecht. Morie 44 Hillerv, William 73,109 Howard. Richard 62 Helmich. Ellen Kay 51 Hillis. Donald 16 Howe, Joe 60 Helmich Larrv 73,97 Hillman LeRoy 73 Howell. Jean 24 Helms, Jack 73,10o Hillman, Marjorie 73.85 Howell Rebecc a 13 Helms. Tommy 58,97 Hillman. Susan 33 Howell, Mike 54 Helton, Debbie 31 Hines, Gail 49,90 Howland. Nancy 9 Helton, James 58 Hines, Susan 65 Howton. Brent 45 Helton, Kennard 73 109 Hirnesisen. Sheila 73,102 Hubbard, Ben 60 Hemmingson. Elizabeth 9 Hixson, Robert 53 Hubbard, Jim 74 Henderson, Clint 53 Hobbs. Houston 37 Hubbs. Kerry 59 Henderson, Johnny 73,89 Hoben, Nancy 13,90 Huber. Mary 74 Henderson. Lawrence 61 Hoberock, Christopher 73.97 Huck. Richard 74,8o Hendricks, Kim 53 Hobson. Olivia 13 Hucke. Heyden 74,90 Hendrickson. Carol 47 Hodge, Dewain 73,113 Hucke. Samuel 74,109 Hendrickson, Keith 18 Hodge. Judy 73.102 Hudson. Jan 65 HendrK. Connie 73 Hodges. Dave 59 Hudson. Jenny 24 Hendrix. Janev 73 Hodges. Sydney 28 Hudson. Richard 20 Henley Nelton 64 10© Hodnett James 73.90 Hudspeth. W A 58 Henry. Debby 47 Hoff Dale 73.90 Huenefeld. Paula 24 Henry. Ginger 52 Hotfman. Lee 20 Huff, Donnie 6 l Henry, Karen 57 Hoffman, Leonard 73.113 Huff. Jim 55 Henry Molly 73 Hoffman, Thomas 62 Hughes Charles ol Henry, Candace 52 Hogan Kay 28.102 Hughes Craig 16 Henry, Pat 37 Hogan Rebeci a 73,8© Hughes Jackie 47 Henry, Susan 51 Hogeski Joan 43 Hughes Kathy 44 Henry, Wendy 52 Hogwood. Debbie 44 Hughes Kent 74 11 Hensley. Beth 9 Hoelscher, Linda 23 Hughes Rtjsemary 14 Henson. Glenda 73,85 Hogan Beckv 9 Huie. Juanza 13 Henson. Lyman 73 Hogue. Elizabeth 23 Huie, Susan 24 Herriman. Joe 73 Holcomb. John 73 Hull Beckv 52.102 Herrin. Jay 54 Holcomb, Margaret 73.90 Hull. Craig 74,90 Herring. Peggy 33 Holder. Carol 23 Hulsey Theresa Herrington, Kathy 33,89 Holder. David 73.97 Humphreys. Frank 5 Herron, Mary Lou 23 Holland Janice 73 Humphreys. Virginia Humphries, Ann 13 Huneycutt, Judith 9 Hunsaker, Kathy 48 Hunt, Al 74,90 Hunt, Alice 13 Hunt, Barbara 13 Hunt, Jane 9 Hunt, Janet 24 Hunt, Susie 74 Hunter, James 37 Hunter, Mary 33 Hunter, Roger 74,109 Hunter, Sara 44 Hunton, David 59 Hunton, Judy 74 Husted, Jack 74,109 Husted, Judith 74 Hutchens, Connie 13 Hutchens, Debra 51,90 Hutchens, Linda 74 Hurlburt, John 5© Hurlbut, Donald 74 Hurley. Ann 57 Hurt, Wayne 58,97 Huskins, Lynne 13 Hutchens, Rebecca 13 Hutcheson, Gary 74 Hutchison, Judith 24 Hutson, Connie 74,102 Hutson, Leanna 65 Hutson, Tamara 65,102 Hutto, Sam 28,37 Huxtable, Ginny 9 Hyatt, James 60 Hyatt, Mary 57,102 Hyatt, Philip 20 Hyso, Robin 74 I Icenogle. Gary 1 © Icks, Michael 37 lm, Seung Bae 40.109 Imhoff, Karen 51 Impson, Marv Ella 9 Indorf. Roger 74,90 Ingels, James 61 Ingram. Dennis 45 Irwin. Bill 56 Irwin, Brenda 24 Irwin, John 18 Irwin. Michael 74.109 Isbell, Cynthia 65 Isgrig, Marian 57.102 Ives Daniel 58 J Jacks, Carmen 44 Jacks, John 55 Jackson. Becky 57 Jackson, Bill 20 Jackson. Bill D ©0 Jackson, Carolyn 33 Jackson, David 74,90 Jackson, Debra 7,74,80 Jackson, Dennis 74 Jackson, Donald 74,90 Jackson, Harper 56,97 Jackson, Joan 48 Jackson, Linda 9 Jackson, Lucy 9 Jackson, Michael 58 Jackson, Olan 28 Jackson, Sally 47 Jackson, Tim 45 Jacobi, David 74,97 Jacobs, Karen 33 Jacobs, Marv 9 Jacoby, Diana 65 Jacoby, William 74,109 Jacoway, Thomas 74.113 Jamerson, Trecia 74 James, Cynthia 44 James. Danny 74 J ames. Doris 33 James, Emily 74 James, Lonnie 55 James, Patrick 54 James. Rebecca 74,109 James. Richard 60 James, William 18 Jech, Cheryl 65 Jeffries. Charles 53,113 Jefferies, John 20 J ef f erson, Gary 55,113 Jelen. Frank 28 Jenkins, John 74.102 Jenkins, Morris 74,90 Jenkins, Phillip 74 Jenkins, Richard 74 Jenkins, Robert 62 Jennings, Deborah 74 Jennings. George 74,90 Jennings, John 20 Jennings Mark 28 Jennings Mary 52,90 Jennings, Shelley 9 Jeter, Jennifer 52 Jeu, Gail 24 Johanson. Karen 9 Johnson. Angela 33,90 Johnson, Barbara 24 Johnson, Charlotte 74 Johnson. Connie 9 Johnson. Darra 13 Johnson. Debbie 49 Johnson, Dwight 37 Johnson. Evelyn 10 Johnson Gail 57 Johnson. Gary 20 Johnson, Gilbert 28 Johnson. Jan 47 Johnson. Jim 53 Johnson. Jo Anna 10 Johnson. John C 58,97 Johnson JohnG 4© Johnson. John H 53 Johnson. Johnny 74 Johnson. Julianne 7 Johnson. Karen 33 Johnson. Kathie 74 Johnson Leslie 57 Johnson Marsha 74 Johnson Marv 24 Johnson Martha 10 Johnson. Parker 55 Johnson, Penny ©5,102 Johnson. Randall 37,97 Johnson, Randal 74.90 Johnson. Robert 21 Johnson. Sally 47 Johnson. Sandra 10,97 Johnson. Stephannie 24 Johnson, Steve 54 10© Johnson, Tammy 44 102 Johnson, Tom 37 Johnson. Virginia 33 Johnston, Albert 74 113 Johnston, David 4© 10© Johnston, Francs 21 Johnston, James A 37 Johnston, James C 58 Johnston, Janet H 57 Johnston, Janet H 28 Johnston, Jeff 21 Johnston, Richie 21 Johnston, Ruth 74 Johnston, Thelma 74.90 Jolly. Patrick 54 Jolly, Robert 74.90 Jones, C 74,97 Jones, Christy 49 Jones. Diana 49 Jones, Irma 24.8© Jones, James 37 Jones. Jan 48 Jones. JimK 45 Jones. JimS 37 Jones. Judy 47 Jones. Larry 74 Jo nes. Mark 37 Jones. Martha 33 Jones Melinda 13 Jones. Patricia 51 102 Jones, Randall 28 Jones. Richard 61 Jones. Richard 18,97 Jones, Rick 74 Jones. Sonya 47 Jones. Terry 74 Jordan, Donita 74.102 Jordan. Elizabeth 24 Jordan. Ruby 24 Jordan. Sally 14 Joyce. Robert 1 © Judd. Judy 10 Julian. Roland 54 Jumper. Alfred 21 Jungktnd, Thomas 21 Jurries. Vicki 28 Justis.Glen 16.40 Justiss. Richard 59 K Kalkbrenner. Christy 10 Karnes. Connie 74 Karr. Robert ©2 Karsten, William 53 Kassab Karolee 51 Kaufman. Ben ©1 Kaufman Rhonda 24 Kay Kingrea 33 Keacher Kandy 7.75 Kearney Jack 75 Kearney. John 75,113 Kitchen, Vickie 75 Latta, Karen 24 Keaton, Craig 61 Kitsmiller, Debra 44 Latta, Mike 54,97 Keen, Kerri 33 Kleck. Eddie 75 Laughlin, Brent 59 Keenan. Robert 55,97 Kleuser, Elizabeth 51 Laws, Darryl 75,109 Keene, Charles 38 Knight, Kathleen 33 Lawson, Betty 49,102 Keith, Jacque 65 Knight, R.R 19 Lawson, Willa 24 Keith, Jane 28 Knight, Steve 75 Lax, Gary 61 Kellam, Dennis 58 Knod, Fred 75 Lay, David 75,90 Keller, Robert 75,90 Knoll, Kathy 44 Layne, Danny 55 Kelley, Evelyn 24 Knowles, Mary 57 Leatherbury, Brenda 75 Kelley. Judy 24 Knowlton, Patrick 42 LeBlanc, Catherine 24 Kelley, Karen 24 Knox, Karen 52,90 LeBlanc, Thomas 46 Kellev. Marsha 52 Knox, Melinda 52 Ledford, Sarah 14,94 Kemp, Dan 60 Koenig, Jeffery 75,106 Lee, Betty 75 Kemp, John 61,90 Kohler, Mark 59 Lee, Ewan 59,86 Kendrick, Brenda 24 Kohler, Virginia 65 Lee, John 59,97 Kendrick, Jan 24 Kokko, Jo 75,86 Lee, Roger 29 Kendrick, Tom 61 Konert, Michele 24 Leeman, Frank 75,86 Kennan, George 58 Koontz, Lewis 75,97 Leeman, Lisa 24 Kennedy, Karen 10 Kowalski, Edward 28 Leemay, Eula 29 Kennedy, Robert 75,90 Kowart, J. 10 LeFevre, Terry 24 Kennedy, William 59,91 Kralicek, Robert 21 Leffen, Elizabeth 75 Kennelley, Michael 38 Krynik, Joseph 75,97 Leggett, Abbey 51 Keogh, Jeanne 14 Kreider, David 75,86 Lenius, Angie 10 Kearns, Nancy 44 Kirsell, Walton 55 Lentz. Roberta 33 Kerr, Richard 28 Krohn, Robert 29 Leonard, Rickey 19 Kerr. William 64 Krudener.Mary 43 Leonard, Terri 29,102 Kever, Jimmy 55 Kubicek, James 75,113 Leopard, Edward 58 Key, Buddy 75,90 Kurrus, Connie 24,90 Leopard, Lindsey 29 Key, Cherry 75,102 Kuykendall, Fred 75,97 Leraris, Anthony 75 Kidd. Kenneth 38 Kuykendall, Karla 24 Lester, Cindy 33 Kientz, Janis 75,102 Kuznoff, Karen 33 Lester, Sue 48,90 Kientz, William 75 Kyle, Scott 21 Lewis, Connie 44 Kiley, Kathy 44 Kytle, Paula 24 Lewis, David 21 Killett, Kimbra 10 Lewis, Elizabeth 24 Killgore Kay 10 Lewis, Gary 60 Killingsworth, John 75 Lewis, John E. 16 Kim, Choong 75,109 T Lewis, John L. 75 Kimbrough, Karen 75 Lewis, Jonetta 31 Kimbrough, Randy 55 Lewis. Mary Jane 10 Kimpel, William 75,10o Lewis, Randall 75 Kimzey. David 75,106 Lewis, Susan 29 Kinard, Thomas 58 Lewis, Tim 55 Kincaid. Edwin 75 Lady, Harold 21 Liberto.Mary 65 Kincaid, John 54 Lamb, David 29 Lightle, Steve 59 Kincaid, Michael 54 Lamb, Felton 29 Ligon, Micky 60 Kincaid, Steve 54,109 Lambert, Franklin 75 Lilly, Steven 38 Kincheloe, James 75,113 Lamberth, Sandy 33 Limerick, Richard 53 Kind, Rich 38 Lambiotte, Louis 59 Lindall. Laura 65 Kincy, Raymond 16 Lancaster, Lanny 59 Lindsey. Billy 75 King, Becky 57,90 Lancaster, William 53 Linn, Diane 33 King, Carol 24 Land, Jo 14 Linn, Peggy 10 King, Durwood 16,113 Landrum, Frances 10 Linnen, Allen 75,107 King, Jeffery 28 Lands, Jack 75,97 Linzay, Lee 62 King, Kelly 10 Lane, Barbara 33 Lipe, Bill 75 King, Kevin 38 Lane, Joe 16 Lisko,Steve 21 King, Melanee 75 Lanford, Beverly 10 Lisman, Diane 47 King, Stephen 40,102 Lang, Mary 10,102 Lively, Donna 33 King, Weslev 75,90 Langham, John 61 Livingston, Ty 59 Kinser, Melissa 10 Langley, James 38 Lloyd, Larry 75,107 Kinsey Cheryl 24 Langworthy, Devon 29 Lockhart, Judy 75 Kirby. Dean 38 Lannon, Kathleen 14 Lofton, Billy 75 Kirby, Sally 14 La Porte. Lillian 75 Lofton, Virlean 33 Kirchhoff, Faith 75,86 La Prade, Carol 49 Logan, Thomas 38 Kirchhoff, Fred 75,106 Large, Mary 10 Lollar, Linda 29 Kirchoff. Pamela 33 Larkin, Craig 45 Loll is, Sandra 29,90 Kirk, Anita 75,86 Larkin, Steve 45,86 Long, Linda 65,102 Kirk, Carol 28 Larrison, Patricia 24 Long, Richard 59 Kirkland, Michael 40 Larsen, Donna 47,102 Long, Rickey 38 Kirkpatrick, Dennis 61 Larson, Daniel 19 Long, Steve 75,90 Kirkpatrick, Anita 14 Larson, Timothy 75,107 Long, Terry 48 Kissel, Joy 24 Lashlee, Kim 61 Longinotti, David 75 Kitchens, Karen 65 Lassetter, Nancy 47,90 Longtin, Phil 61 Looney. Virginia Loris, David Losey, Steve Love, Janet Love, John Love, Moe Lovell, James Lovell. Terry Lowe, Kathleen Lowrey, Jeffrey Lowery, Oliver Lowerv, William Lucas, Steven Lucky, Arthur Lucky, Carl Lucy, Ellen Lueken.Whit Lulpo, L. Lum, Mary Lum, Walter Lumpkin, Richard Lundy, Debbi Luper, Timothy Lusk, Jonathan Lusk, Robert Luther, William Luttrell. Arnold Lyman, Kathv Lynch, Patricia Lynch, Therse Lyon, Vicki Lyons. Cheryl Lyons, Christopher Lyons, Nancy MacDonald. Lee MacDonald, Molly Mack, Tom |Mackay, Carolyn Mackey Glenn Macnab. Linda Macnab, Wanda Maddox, Colette Madison. Phillip M a J?ers, James Magers. Linda Connie M a gness. Chris Magruder, Kathleen Maguire, Sharon Mahon. Marcia Main, Janet Major. David Major. Sandy M akin, Bobby Malcom, Mary Ann Mallory, John Mallory, Raymond Malloy, Mark Malloy. Michael Malloy, Sharron ManivSharyn Mankin Patricia Mann. Mary Beth Mann. Stephen Manning, Betty 24 Manning, Roy 46 McBeth. Barbara 24 29 Manning, Sandra 33 McBride. Martha 76 4© Manson. Elizabeth 49 McBride. Sandra 24.8© 33 Mantooth, Gary 58 McBurnett, Charles 56 59 Maples. Frank 21 McCabe. Theresa 65,103 75 Marak, Janet 24 McCain Ross 53 75,107 Marak, Kay 14 McCaleb. Johnnie 33 75,90 Marak, William 42,97 McCall, Donna 76 14 Marberry, Janet 24,43 McCann. Abba Gayle 10 75 Mariar, Ray 38 McCarroll. Philip 4© 42 Marinoni, Paula 48 McCart. Robert 7©. no 19,107 Markham, Kathy 76 McCarty, Dalt 60 54 Marklev. Cylvia 49 McCarver, David 17 60 Marlev. Susan 7o,102 McClain. Dovle 29 60 Marquette, Lynn 65 McClain. James 7o 110 76,90 Marsh, Charles 55 McClain Margaret 57 62 Marsh. James 46 McClain, Sonny 21 76 Marshall. B.ll 60,97 McClain, Suzanne 57 43 Marshall, Carl 76,90 McClean. Maureen 98 16,97 Marshall, Lambert 59 McClellan, Paula 10 21 Marshall, Ronny 38 McClendon. Larrv 59 76,90 Martens, Marilyn 76,94 McClung, Keith 62 54 Martin, Charles 64,107 McClung, Kevin 58 76 Martin, Danny 17 McClure. Robert 62 76 Martin, Dian 44 McClure, Tom 55 50,107 Martin, Debra 48 McClure, Virginia 29 76,102 Martin, Marion 38 McCollum, Libby 10 33,102 Martin, Ruben 53,97 McCombs. Mary 52 24 Martin, Susan 43 McCorkle, Joseph 54 10 Martin, Terry 21 McCorkle. Julia 24 51 Martin, Timothy 38 McCormick. Nancy 47 10 Martin. Toby 49 McCormick, Sarah 52.103 60 Martin, William B 76 McCoy. Cindy 52 24 Martin, William J. 38 McCrary, Belinda 7© Martinelli, Ricardo 76,97 McCreery. Charles 62,98 Marts. Michael 76 McCreery, William ©2 110 Mash. Gean 21 McCrory, Deborah 76 Maslonka, Trudy 49 McCrory. Phillip 70.107 Mason, Eric 38 McDaniel. Joe 19.90 Mason, James 38 McDaniel. Montine 24 Mason, John 61,97 McDaniel. Nate 61 Massenburg, Pamela 33 McDaniel, Rebecca 10 44 Massey. William 76,113 McDaniel. Rodney 54.113 10 Mastin. Laurin 10 McDonald. Deborah 76,8© 54 Matchet David 62 McDonald. James 21 10 Mathers. Cay 57.90 McDonald. Janie 10 17 Mathews, Judy 33.90 McDonald. Joan 65.103 57,102 Mathews, William 21 McDonald, Karen 65 57,102 Mathisen, Mark 59 McDonald. William 45.8© 33.102 Matlock. Alvin 29 McDowell, Amelia 76 54 Matthews, Deborah 33 McDowell. David 76 29 Matthews, Don 76.97 McDowell. Timothy 29.90 76 Matthews, Jeanne 76 McElrov Gary 45 24 Matthews, Michael 76 McElrov. Macv 10 21 Maule, Charles 76,107 McFadden, Anna 33 31 Maves. Jody 29 McFarlin. Henry 53 10 Maxwell Anne 10 McGaughev. John 58 24 Maxwell. Eugene 38.97 McGee. Sharon 44 76,109 Maxwell. Janet 33 McGee Terry 33 62,90 Maxwell. William 60 McGhee Barbara 24 54 May. Beverly 51 McGhee Paula 76.103 76,110 May, James 60.113 McGhee. Sheryl 24 52 Mav, Janet 76 McGill. Herbert 29 29 Mav. John 55,102 McGimsey Charles 76 53 May Trisha 76,102 McGinnis. Debbie 76 59 Mayo. Carol 65 McGintv. James 76.90 76,110 Mayo. Roger 59 McGoogan, M ichael 55 76,90 Mav ton. Michael 7e.97 McGow-an. Brenda 10 103 24,90 McAdams. Penny 47 McGraw. John 60 29 McAlister, Charlene 51,102 McGraw Rickv 60 7 McAlister. Louis 62 McGuire. Richard 38 17 McAllister. Deborah 33 McIntosh. Barbara 29 31,110 McAulev. Bill 62 McKellar. W ' illiam 19 164 McKenna, Michael 76,113 Miller, Lucy 51,91 Morris, David 54 McKennzy, Bridget 10 Miller, Mary 77 Morris, James 77 McKeown, Joe 76,110 Miller, Michael D. 46 Morris, Jana 52,103 McKinney, Carol 51 Miller, Michael S 53 Morris, Johnnie 77 McKinney, Cheryl 29,90 Miller, Nicholas 56 Morris, Julie 52 McKinney, John 58 Miller, Richard Alan 77 Morris, Peggy 77 McKinney, Marsha 44 Miller, Richard 77,103 Morris, Randy 17 McKinney, Tom 58 Miller, Susan 29 Morrow, John 17 McKnight. Annita 24 Miller, Thomas 38 Morrow, Katrina 77 McLaughlin, Mike 46 Millican, Marci 14 Morse, Shirley 77,103 McLean, Maureen 76 Mills, Dan 77 Morton, Howard 77,98 McLemore, Karen 76,103 Mills, John 17,107 Morton, Josef 19 McMenis, James 76,113 Milton, Rebecca 14 Morton, Michael 61 McMenis, PatTicia 76,103 Mims, Bettye 14 Morton, Patti 11 McMillan, Martha 10 Mims, Eva 33 Moseley, John 53 McMullin, Jane 44,103 Minden, Alicia 10,103 Mosley, Gordon 55 McNeill. Lugene 10 Minden, Angela 10,103 Moss, Randy 38 McNeill, Vicki 10 Mitcham, Billy 53,91 Mostyn, Henry 77,98 McNiel. Patricia 29 Mitchell, Ann 10 Mostyn, Louise 77 McNully, Annabelle 24 Mitchell, Bruce 62 Moulder, Christopher 77,91 McNully, Hollis 76,107 Mitchell, James 45,86 Moulding, Jessica 49 McNutt, Deborah 29 Mitchell, John 38 Mullen, Pat 21 McPhail. Mickey 53 Mitchell, Vicki 10 Mullen, Patricia 33 McReynolds, Debbie 44,90 Moeller, Elizabeth 77 Muller, Mike 77,91 McVey.Gary 76 Mohr, Brad 17 Mullins, Ronald 58,91 Meador, Michael 76,90 Molitor, Ed 77 Muncy, Susan 72 Meek, Deborah 47 Moll, Andrew 21 Mundy, Martha 48 Meeks, Richard 61 Moll. Vicki 11 Munsey, Lynda 47 Meeks, William 60,113 Moncrief, James 55 Murders, Michael 77 Meier, Paul 76 Money, David 17,107 Murphy, Gary 77 Meier, Suzanne 47,103 Money, Margaret 24 Murphy, Kelli 11 Meimerstorf, Kathy 29 Monroe, Frances 43,91 Murphy, Mike 59 Meins, Alan 76,90 Monroe, Loren 64 Murphy, Richard 60 Meis, Emil 54,98 Montgomrey, Karen 7 Murrane, Meg 49 Melekian, Mary 76 Montgomery, Nancy 25 Murray, Teresa 77,91 Meley, Nancy 44 Mooney, Rebecca 25 Murry, Rucker 29 Melhorn, Beta 48 Moore, David 54,98 Musholt, Kathleen 14 Melton, Joyce 33 Moore. Georgia 29 Myer, Jayne 47 Melville David 76 Moore, Gwin 55 Myers, Becky 49 Mendenhall, Ann 51 Moore, Harvev 54 Myers, Beverly 14 Mendenhall, Matthew 60 Moore, Janie 77,103 Myers, J 77 Meneses, Estela 10 Moore, John 61 Myers, James 107 Mercer. Ruth 51 Moore. Lee 60 Myers, Mary Jane 47,91 Merchant, Myra 31,90 Moore, Linda 33 Myers, Patti 77,91 M - redith,Diana 65 Moore, Linda 25 Myers, William 29 Meredith, James 76 Moore, Mac 77,113 Myrick, Steven 77,91 Merryman, James 76,90 Moore, Marian 77 Merry-Ship, Kathryn 76,103 Moore, Mary 11 Metcalf. Delisa 33 Moore, Michael 19 Mertens, William 21 Moore. Mitzi 11 Metz, Larry 45,86 Moore, Richard 61 TV T Metzker. Patrick 54 Moore, Russell 77,86 XI Meyer, Beverly 29 Moore, Stephen 54 I Meyer, Don 77 Moore, Susan 11 Meyer, Nancy 43 Moore, Terri 48 Meyer. Stacey 33 Moore, Trudy 11 Naill, Rebecca 49 Michael Bob 77 Moore, William 77 Nance, Cecil 62 Michael, Nina 77,103 Moore, Zelle 11 Nance, Stephen 60 Michael is. Penny 7 Morales, Deborah 11 Nash, Donna 7 Michaels, Keith 17 Morgan, Benn 54 Nash, Doris 29,103 Michaels, Teresa 14 Morgan, Beverly 11 Nash, Steven 38 Mickle. Pat 77,107 Morgan, Deann 14 Nash, Tim 59 Middleton, Robert 29 Morgan, Kay 25 Naucke, Rebecca 77.103 Miers, Charles 38 Morgan, Marsha 25 Neal, Janet 34 Milam, Curtis 45 Morgan, Rebecca 48 Neal, Patti 34 Milar, Timothy 38 Morgan, Sandra 43,86 Neal, Cynthia 48 Miles, Jesse 54 Moriarty, Clifford 77,103 Neel, Robert 54,98 Miller, Connie 77,91 Morledge, Kathy 14 Neeley, James 77 Miller, Don 21 Morledge, Michael 59 Neely, JuAnn 77,110 Miller, Gary 54 Morley. James 58 Neely, John 77,110 Miller, Gene 56 Morley Roy 46 Neill. Becky 11 Miller. Jay 77 Morley, Stephen 61 Neilly. Judy 43.103 Miller, Katharine 29 Morris, Charles 62 Neiser, Peggy 49,91 Nelson, Carl Nelson, Connie Nelson, Eugene Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Steve Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Tracey Nester, Paul Nevill, Clyde Newby, Ange Newcomb, Kevin Newell, Nancy Newkirk, Julie Newland, Vivian Newton, Billy Newton, Elmer Newton, Jan Newton, Kyle Newton, Michael Newton, Vivian Niblock, Fred Nichols, Carol Nichols, Glen Nichols, Karen Nichols, Kathy Nichols, Roy Nichols, Thurrel Nicholson, Paul Nicholson, Randy Nicoll, Ste ve Nicholson, David Nicholson, Paul Nielsen, Lori Nigh, William Nincehelser, Christine Nisbet. Alexander Nixon, John Nobles, Cathy Nobles, James Nokes, Mary Noland, Stewart Noller, Tami Nooner. Marianna Norris, Jim m y Northcutt, John Norton, Robin Norwood, Randy Nowak, Margo Nowlin, James Nuckolls, Jan Nugent, Larry Nunn, Mark Nunn, Nancy Uates, Bonner Oates, David O Banion, Kayla O Brien, Martv ° Brien.Rick O’Bryant, Ralph Oden, Larry O ' Brien, Theodor. Odom. Darrel O ' Donnell. Karen ° a den, Glynda ° k uley. Gail 21 Okuley, Gordon 78,103 Parrish, Alaric 78 77,103 Oldham, Frances 65 Parsley, Joe 46 45 Oler, Franklin 78,110 Parson, Carla 25 48,91 Olinghouse, Pamela 52 Parsons. Janet 44 54 Oliver, Gail 11 Pate, Cindy 11 61,98 Oliver, Marcia 44 Paton. Peggy 43.103 48 Oliver, V. E. 49 Patrick, Jo 25 77 Olsen, Lee 78 Patrick, Lemuel 78 62 Olson, Yvonne 43 Patterson, Connie 11 77 O ' Mar a. Michael 17,91 Patterson, Jama 34 53 OMeara, John 42 Patterson, James 78.113 57 O Neal, Peggy 44,91 Patterson, John 59 47 Onkvisit, Sakchai 78,110 Patterson, Leslie 78.110 77 O Quin. Mary 25 Patterson, Marjorie 78,91 42 Orr, Nancy 65,98 Pattison, Dwight 38 38 Orsburn, Mary 25 Pattison. Gloria 25,91 48 Osborne, Kay 47 Patton. John 78 59 Osbun, Jean 25 Patton, Marcia 78 53 Osburn, Roger 78,113 Patton. Nancy 48.91 77,98 Osgatharp, Sharon 14,103 Patton, Ralph 17 19 Otting, Karen 49 Patton, Russell 42 25 Ourand, Richard 78 Patton, Vernon 78 77,103 Outlaw, Cynthia 49 Paul. James 78 14 Overbay, Clarence 45 Pay. Jetty 11 49 Overton, Jerry 45 Peace, John 55 54 Owen, Debra 25,103 Peace, Sammie 78 77,98 Owens, David 58 Pearson, LaDonna 48 113 Owens, Deborah 14 Peebles Tom 38 46 Owens, Gwynda 14 Peek, Sharon 65 55 Owens, Robert 60 Peer, Alan 38 56 Ownbey, Carol 25 Peer, Andrea 25 103 19 Oxford, Catherine 47 Peery, Jaclyn 34 43 Pendergraft. Neal 61 77 Penix, Laura 25 52 Penn, Ernie 78 53,113 Penn, Kathy 4S 60,91 P Peoples. Tonia 65 65 1 Percer, Louise 78 61 JL Perchan, Beverly 14.110 77 Perchan, Debi 52.103 54 Perkins. Mark 78.91 77 Pace, Ruth Ann 52 Perkinson, Luther 78 49,103 Pack, Hugh 29 Perrin, George 53 77,110 Pack, Robert 29 Perry, David 56 50,113 Padgett, Peggy 14,86 Perry, Jim 61 29 Page, Deborah 78,103 Perry, Roger 78.8o 55 Pakis, Christina 78 Person, Jerry 45 25 Paladino. Debi 78 Peters. Basil 78.98 58 Palmer, Harry 78,113 Petersen. Cheryl 34 29 Palmer, Roni 48 Petersen. Jeannine 78 103 29 Palmgren, David 21 Peterson. Bruce 21 59 Pamplin, Patti 44 PetTik. Robert 17 49,91 Park, Nancy 78 Pettigrew, Jan 43 Parker, Connie 14 Pharis. James 78,91 Parker, Cynthia 34 Pharr, Brenda 11 Parker, David 78,103 Pharr, Chuck 29 Parker. Dudley 53 Pharr, Michael 54 Parker, Elizabeth 14 Phelps. Walter 59 Parker, Jay 62 Phillips, Amanda 78 Parker. Jeanne 34 Phillips. Charles 4o,98 Parker, Jimmy 61,91 Phillips. Claude 4o 77 Parker, John 19 Phillips. Clifford 38 77 Parker, Linda 78 Phillips. Daniel 78.98 48 Parker. Louise 48 Phillips. Don 78.91 60 Parker. Michael 78,113 Phillips. James 55 60 Parker, Robert 29 Phillips. Jaquita 11 38 Parker, Susan 14 Phillips. Marcia 78 64 Parker, Terry 53 Phillips Nancy 29 77 Parker, Winona 78,103 Phillips. Sue 49 103 77 Parks, Kevin 29 Piazza. Ross 38 77 Parnell. Jim 78 Pickens, Nancv 78 34 Parnell. Kristy 78 Pickering, Andy 61 77 Parnell Marc 53 Pickering, Carol 65 103 166 Pickett. William 53 Purvear Morris 62 Regenold, Dixie 57 Pierce, James 98 Pye, Teresa 11 Reichard, Robert 58 Pierce. Mackie 54 Pyle, John 53,98 Reid, Graham 79 Pierce. Richard 56 Reid. Jerry 21 Pierce. Rubv 34 Reid, Sally 11 Pierce. Sherri 11 Reid, Tommy 61 Pike, Lanitta 29 Renfro, Shirlev 15 Pilkinton, James 78,113 I I Reyes, Tyra 49 Pillow, Arthur 21 Reynolds, John D 60 Pils, Richard 78.98 Reynolds, John R 61 Pinegar. William 38 Reynolds, Rebecca 48 Pipkins, David 78 Reynolds, Roger 61 Pitts, Paul 38 Qualls, Carlos 79 Reynolds, Thomas 79,91 Pitts, Thomas 78,91 Qualls. Debra 15 Rhine. Joseph 38 Pitts, Vikki 78,8o Quillen Edward 79 Rhoads, George 38 Plating. Jack 62 Quin, Carol 79 Ribeiro. Danusa 43,91 Pledger Linda 49 Quist, A 79 Rice, James 29 Plunkett. Cathy 14,98 Rice, Joe 19 Poff, Rose 11 Rice, Kathv 47,103 Polk, Emily 25 Rice, Lanny 17 Polk, Meredith 52 r Rice, Michael 38 Pollard. Kerry 11 l Rice, Robbie 11 Pomeroy, Catherine 25 lv Richard, David 79,110 Pool, Barbara 78,91 Richards, Robert 54 Pool, James 78,98 Richev. Jams 34 Pope, Mike 45 Richison, Debbie 52 Porter Jesse 63,78.113 Raff, Chris 60,98 Richter, James 42 Porter Marv Anne 47 Ragan, David 38 Riddle, Laura 79 Porter, Riley 29 Ragan Joseph 79,91 Rietzke, Beckv 29 Porter. William 38 Rantz, Jean 79,103 Riggan, Phyllis 79 Post, Carol 25 Rainwater, Liz 57 Riggs, William 63 Post, Deborah 25 Rakes, Jack 79 Riley, James 53 Post, Greg 61 Rakes. James 79 Riley, Janna 57 Potter. Otto 78,107 Rakes. Maribeth 25.103 Riley. John 21 Potter, Shir lev 78 Rakestraw, Jeanne 15 Riley, Lvnn 48 Potterton, Terry 78 Raley, Paul 79 Riley, Tommy 17 Poulsen Gregory 19 Raley. Phillip 61,98 Rimmer, Lynnette 79 Poulsen. Norma 14 Ramsav Chervi 29 Ring, Donna 15 Pounder, Diana 34,110 Ramthun, Larry 79,86 Rinnert, Steve 62 Pounder Marsha 51 Ramzv John 58 Rippey. Laura 29,91 Powell. David 58 Ranalli. Norbert 79,86 Risley, Arleen 25 Powell, Jana 65 Rand. Diane 34 Ritchie, Elmer 60 Powers Dawn 43 Raney. Catherine 79 Ritz, Monica 7 Powell. Jane 11 Raney, Dennis 46 Rix, Cynthia 67 Powell. Patricia 52 Raney, Donald 79,98 Roach, Lonnie 79,103 Powers. Beckv 25 Rankin, Curt 45 Roach, Patricia 15 Powers. John 38 Ransom, Angela 79 Robbins. David 19 Pownall. John 38.107 Ransom Henry 79 Robbins. Marv 79 Prator Ben 78 Ransom Michel 50,86 Robbins. Victor 79,86 Presslev. India 47 Rasberrv. Patti 34 Roberson, Raymond 17 Presson, Earl 78 Rasburrv. Steve 38 Roberts, Dannv 17,98 Price. Bert 21 Ratcliff. Cynthia 34 Roberts, Kathv 49.103 Price, Juliana 14 Rateliff. Charles 79 Roberts. Missye 57,91 Price. Rebecca 52,91 Ratlev. Robin 57 Roberts. Rickv 38 Price, Sally 34 Rausch. Earl 45 Roberts Theron 38 Prieur. Alvin 78.107 Rawlinson, Sandra 34 Robertson, Chris 21 Prieur. Felix 29 Ray. Barbara 25 Robertson, Judy 49,91 Prigmore, Carla 51 Reagan. Stephen 56 Robertson, Keith 59 Prince. Joan 29 Reasoner, Mike 4c Robertson, Larry 79,107 Prince, Kenneth 4c Record, Peggy 49 Robertson, Leonard 46,98 Probasco, Paula 14 Reed, Carlena 57.103 Robertson, Timothy 38 Prober t. Beckv 65 Reed, Gerald 64 Robertson, Wavde 64,107 Proctor Karen 34 Reed, Gregory 79.110 Robinson, Janice 79 Proctor, Randv 62 Reed, Patricia 79.103 Robinson, Joe 56 Propps Dennis 38 Reed, Sandra 79.110 Robinson, Spencer 55 Pruden. William 78,91 Reed, Stanley 59.107 Robirds Mark 46 Pruet, Chervi 11 Reed, Tami 79 Rochier Marvin 79 Pruitt, Nancy 78 Reed, Tyrus 79 Roddy. Carol 79 Puckett, Deborah 14 Reemes. Alison 11 Rogers, Connie 25 Puckett Marcia 14 Reeve, Kim 79 Rogers, Janeth 25 Pugh. Steven 4o Reeves Marv 40 Rogers, John 17 Purser Beverlv 79 Reeves Sandra 31 Rogers, Judy 11 Purvear. Gena 11 Reeves. Sherry 25 Rogers. Rick 56 Rogers, Stewart Rogers, Susan Roget, Janet Roglis, Marilyn Rollins, Gary Rolniak, Thomas Rom, Christine Rom, Gretchen Roscoe, George Roscoe, Norman Ross, David Ross, Debbie Ross, J anis Ross, Joseph Ross, Sharon Ross, Timothy Roten, Bob Rouby, Christina Rowden, Sheila Rowe, Clarence Rowe, David Rowe, Bayless Rowell, Stephen Rowin, Rick Rowland, Charles Rowland, Kirby Roy, Denise Roy, Diana Rozelle, Jackie Ruble, Linda Ruck, William Ruff, Floyd Rumbaugh, Jane Rumph, Alice Rusher, Debbie Rushton, Joe Russell, David A Russell, David O R ussell, James Russell, Lawrence Russell, Millie Russell, Phyllis Russell, William Rutledge, Revnie Ryan, Kandy Ryan, Terrance Ryburn, Mike Sadnavitch, David Sadnavitch, Theresa jafren, Jonathan Sa ger, James Sager. Martha St- Clair, R oy St. John, Cindy St. John, Connie St. Pierre, Jill Sakevicius, Vida Maria almons, Patricia Sample, Carol Sample, Sandra Sandage. Bobby Sanderford, Cathy Zanders, David Sanders, Jimmy Sanders, John 4t ,98 Sanders, Richard 79,107 Sessions. Sara 80.110 15 Sanders, Sara 25 Sewell. Paula 47 52 Sanderson, Lynn 45 Sewell, Rickey 60 79,91 Sandlin. Micheal 54 Seymore. Dennis 80,86 62,91 Sangalli, Charles 38 Shackelford, Rigney 58 79 Sanson, Barbara 25,103 Shaddox, Susan 48 103 51 Sanson, Debbie 25 Shanks. Jack 17 29 S app, Gary 46,98 Shannon, A.S. 80 29 Sartain, Edwin 38 Shannon, Carroll 34 29 Satterfield, Deborah 34 Shannon, Joseph 80.91 38 Satterfield, Katherine 15 Shapard, Bruce 62 47 Sawatski, John 60,98 Shapard, Thomas 62 79,86 Saxon, Roberta 15,98 Sharp, Gregory 45 58 Sayers, Patty 25 Sharp, Jerry 80.107 7 Sayre, Mary 34 Sharum, Stephen 80.113 79,86 Scaife, Jacque 30 Shaw. Emily 30 79,98 Scales, Mary Ellen 79,91 Shaw, Hazel 30 25 Scanlan, Jerry 62 Shaw.Pam 65 79 Scaramucci, Charla 25 Shay, Dave 39 79 Scarbrough, Cathy 51 Shay, Dell 49 64 Schaffhauser, Suzanne 25 Shay. Morgan 54 29 Scharlau, Caryn 79 Sheard. Michael 55 21 Schenk, David 80 Sheets, Jennie 80 79,91 Scheufele, Robin 30 Shelby, Bonne 57 38 Schlegel, Ben 54 Shelley. Katherine 25 29 Schluterman, Kathy 80,103 Shelton. Emma 15 11 Schluterman, Sandra 80 Shelton. William 55 65,103 Schmalz, Larrv 80,107 Shepard. Bette 80.103 54 Schoeffler, Sallye 65,86 Sherry. Doyle 80 79 Schoolfield, Clint 62 Shirley. Julie 25 38,107 Schoonover, Nan 80.98 Shock. Belton 53 79,98 Schoonover, William 80,98 Shope. James 39 30,91 Schrantz, Diane 51 Short, Marilyn 11 43 Schrantz, Douglas 56 Sides, Jackie 80.98 11 Schreiner, Charles 60 Simmons, Harry 59.107 54 Schroeder, Fred 80,107 Simmons, Julie 43 19 Schroeder, Joe 19 Simmons, Leslie 25 42 Schubert, Karl 38 Simmons, Lorita 80.103 46 Schulte, Linda 49 Simmons, Pat 52 53 Schulte Bruce 30 Simmons, Richard 59 79 Schultz Debra 15 Simmons, Terry 30 79 Schumacher, Ann 15 Simmons, Vicki 80 79,110 Schwartz, Cheryl 52,103 Simpson, Debby 80 60,110 Schwartz, Cindy 25 Simpson. Pamela 11 25 Scott, Bob 58,98 Simpson. Russell 39 79 Scott, David 39,98 Simpson. W.A 53,8o 56 Scott, Debbie 48 Simril. Reece 30 Scott, Dorinda 15,91 Sims, Christopher 55 Scott, Jane Ann 65,86 Sims, Connell 21 Scott,Michael R 46 Sims. Harry 21.91 Scott. Michael W 80 Sims. Paul 80 Scott, Sam 55 Sing, Van Lee 60 Scott. Timothy 58 Singleton, James 17.107 Scott, Tom 46 Sink, John 60 Scott. Tommy 39 Sink, Melissa 11 79 Scroggins, John 39 Sipe, Paula 48 43 Scroggins, Philip 39 Sizemore, Sandra 80 38 Sealander, Sara 80 Skadden. Karen 30 17 Seals, Jennie 52 Skarda, Connie 11 30 Searcy, Robert 55 Skeen, Theodore 80,103 19 Seaton, David 80,91 Skelley William 62 47 Seay, Paula 80 Skidmore, Debbie 11 7 See. Lewis 39.98 Skillern.Gary 58 30 Segraves, Donald 80 Skinner. Jack 45 34 Seibold. Karen 11 Skinner, Shirley 34 79,103 Seifritz, Jere 61 Skinner, Susie 25 57 Seller, Scott 61 Skomski. Kathy 15 79,91 Sellers, Debra 11 Slack, Bonnie 49.91 38 Sellick, Mary Ann 25 Slaughter, Ann 15 44,91 Senko, Michael 1 9 Sloan. Peggy 34 38 Senko, Mike 39 Sloan. Sammve 25 38 Serrell. Beckv 25 Sloan. Sarah 15 17 Sessions. Michael 80,98 Sloat. Glenda 80 167 Slocomb, John 58 Snowden, Ann 12 Stephens, Kathryn 34 Smalley Jim 54 Snyder, Phillip 30 Stephens, Sue 43,99 Smith. Alan 80.91 Solomon, Julie 12 Stephens, Walter 60,110 Smith, Anna 80 Solomon, Virgil 30,91 Steuber, Dennis 45 Smith, Anne 30 Sonderegger, Jerry 80,107 Stevens, Ellen 57 Smith, Ava 11 Soo Hoo, Toy 80 Stevens. John 61,99 Smith, Barry 39 Sorrell, Larrv 62 Stevens, Gini 26 Smith. Billy 58 Sorrell, Nancv 25 Stevens, Sandv 81,92 Smith, Brian 55 Sory, Brenda 34 Stevens, Steve 61 Smith. Bruce 21,107 Sossamon, Bill 45 Stevens, Thomas 81,110 Smith, Carolyn 80,110 Sparks, Claudia 44 Steward, Sallv 81 Smith, Catherine 25 Sparks, Dava 12 Stewart, Darrell 81,107 Smith, Chris 65,103 Sparks, Ginny 25 Stewart, Kenneth 55 Smith, Clarissa 25 Sparks, Russell 39,91 Stewart. Larrv 42,104 Smith, David A 30,91 Spearman, Deborah 80 Stewart. Laura 81 Smith, David L 17,98 Spearman, Richard 80 Stewart, Maria 81,110 Smith, Denise 80 Spears. Ricky 80 Stewart, Michael 81 Smith, Donna J 34 Speeker. Donna 80,91 Stewart, Walter 62 Smith, Donna K 11 Speeker, James 80,110 Stice, Susan 34 Smith, Earl 80,110 Speer. Paul 58 Stidham, Gary 60,21,104 Smith, Elaine 11 Spence, Bill 58 Stidham, Gregory 60 Smith, Gwenn 11 Spencer, Gary 30 Stiegler; Joan 81.104 Smith, Harvey 61 Spencer. Margaret 52 Stiles. Patti 47 Smith, James 53 Spencer. Mary 52 Stinson, Anne 57,92 Smith, Jan 80 Spencer, Stephen 80,92 Stitsworth. Michael 45 Smith, Janet 12,98 Spencer, Stephen L 53,99 Stitt, Rita 34 Smith, Joe 30 Spetman, Sallv 80 Stobaugh, Mary 15 Smith, Joseph 53,98 Spikes, Pamela 51 Stobaugh, Michael 55 Smith, Lex 80 Spooner, Arthur 42,113 Stockemer, Gwendolyn 81,110 Smith, Linda K 65,103 Springston, Regena 81 Stogsdill, Christopher 81,86 Smith, Linda L 80,91 Sprouse, David 81 Stogsdill. Debrah 81,86 Smith, Mark 21 Spruce, Sharon 12 Stokenbury, Ruby 81 Smith, Marsha 15 Spurlock, Dennis 81 Stokes, Gina 48 Smith, Martha 30 Spurlock, James 54,92 Stokes, William 60 Smith, Meredith 25 Spurlock, Keith 19 Stone, Dewain 30 Smith, Micheal 45 Spurlock. Rex 53,107 S tone, Fred 61 Smith, Nancv 25 Squire, Robert 81,107 Stone. Junius 81,110 Smith, Olin 39 Staats. Lindy 12 Stone. Karen 15 Smith, Paul 80,110 Stacy. Robert 61 Stone, Patricia 44 Smith. Philip 30 Stacy, Sheila 15 Stoner, Gwendolyn 48 Smith, Rebecca 30 Stainton, Dan 53 Strahl, Meredith 34 Smith, Richard H 58 Stallard. Catherine 30 Strangways, James 21 Smith. Richard L 5o,9l Stallcup. James 81,107 Strauch. Charles 81,92 Smith, Robert E 19 Stalnaker. Bonny 81,92 Strauser, Charlie 21 Smith, Robert F 21 Stalnaker, Sallv 25 Strauss. James 99 Smith, Roger 54 Standridge. Gary 21 Strawn, Carolyn 57,104 Smith, Russell 39 Stanford. Janice 49,92 Street, Judy 34 Smith, Sandra 80,91 Stanford, Patricia 81 Street, Thomas 17 Smith, Sharon 80 Stanford, Robert 81,92 Streeter, Terry 53,99 Smith, Sheila 43,103 Stanford Timothy 81,8o Strickland, Linda 7,8t Smith, Sherman 80 Stanley, Debbie 52,86 Stricklen, Phil 81 Smith, Sherri 34 Stanley. Harold 81,107 Stringer. Robert 58 Smith. Simmons 17,110 Stanley, Linda 34 Stapling. Jan 47 Smith, Stephen D 62 Stanley, Carol 34 Stripling, Nancy 47 Smith, Stephen L 39 Stanton, Pat 39 Stroessner, Donald 81,92 Smith, Steve 55,110 Stanton, T. B 81,110 Stromberg, Glen 81 Smith, Susanne 52.103 Staples Scott 21 Stroud, Oman 81,99 Smith, Suzanne 25 Stark, Marilyn 81,92 Stroud, Susan 81,104 Smith, Terri 15 Stark, Pam 81 Stroud, Terry 26 Smith, Terry 43 Starks. Martha 47,104 Struebing, Terri 81,92 Smith, Thomas 80.113 Starks, Michael 39 Stuart, Charles 81 Smith, Vann 58,91 Starks, William 55 Stubblefield, Willie 81,104 Smith, Wayne 56,104 States. John 30 Stubbs. David 42,113 Smith, William 21 Stathakis, Sam 54 Stuckey Baylus 26 Smyer, Patricia 63,80 Stauss, James 81 Sturdivant, Susan 43,92 Smyer. Theodore 63 Stedman, James 39 Styles. Gary 81,99 Sneed, Larrv 42,107 Steed, Howard 21 Sulcer, Susanne 12 Snell. Donald 5o,99 Steele Martin 81,92 Sullivan Beverly 34 Snelson. Patricia 80 Steele. Scott 39 Sullivan, Pat 81,107 Snider. Susan 44,104 Steger. Charles 81 Sullivan. Rober t 81 Snipes. Theresa 30 Stephens, Allen 64.107 Sulton, Michael 53 Snodgrass. Larrv 42,113 Stephens, Cindv 49 Summers, Karen 81,92 Snow, Stanley 80,91 Stephens, Debbv 26 Summers, Pam 34 Sumner. Suzanne Sumner. William Sutherland, James Sutterfield, Terry Suttle. Patricia Sutton, Elizabeth Swafford. Lois Swaim, Tracy Swain, Sarah Swann, William Swanson, Amy Swearingen, Acey Sweet, David Swift, Terry Swift, Su Swindle, Cynthia Sylvan, Ron Sylvester, Morris Taaffe, Susan Tabb, Murray Tackett, Judy Tackett, Karen Tacker, Danny Talbot, Nora Tallent, June Tam, Betty Tamburo. Sandra Tanneberger, Billy Tannehill. Carolyn Tanner. Brenda Tanner, Fred Tanner, Judy Tappan. Charles Tappan, Jame Tarbell, John Taylor. Becky Taylor, Bonnie Taylor. Charles Taylor, Connie Taylor. David Taylor, Deborah Taylor, Donna Taylor, Jan Taylor, Joe Taylor.Joyce Taylor, Julia Taylor, Linda Taylor, Michael Taylor, Peggy Taylor, Sharon Taylor. Stephen Taylor, Stuart Taylor, Toni Taylor, William J Taylor. William M Taylor. Zachary Teaford, Ann Teague, Jeffrey Tedder, Stephen J. ee ter, Barbara Temple, Barbara Terr y. Jean Terry. Libbie Terry. Steven 30 Terry, S. L. 81,00 Thalgott. DeeAnn 81 Thaxton, Becky 30 Thaxton, Gail 30 Theodore, Patty 15 Thigpen, Carla 26 Thomas, Bill 62 Thomas. David 34 Thomas, James 62 Thomas, Jan 15,81 Thomas, Michael 56 Thomas Sandra 81 Thomas, Sherry 81 Thomas, Terry 81 Thomason, Lisa 34 Thomason, Martin 30 Thomblison, William 17 Thompson. Beverly Thompson. Carolyn Thompson, Davis Thompson, Deborah A Thompson. Deborah G Thompson. Donna Thompson. James Thompson, Kenneth Thompson, Kenny Thompson, Laura 30 Thompson, Leslie 56 Thompson. Nancy 7,81 Thompson. Ronnie 7,81 Thompson, Ruth 21 Thompson. Wayne 12 Thomson, Timothy 30 Thornhill, Claudia 81,104 Thornton. Mike 40 Thornton, Robert 81,02 Thornton, William 7 Thrash, William 26 Threlkeld, Douglas 53 Thurgate, Janet 30 Tidwell, Gary 50 Tietze Mary lane 50 Tillery. C.R 21 Tillman. T H 47 Timmons, David 81 Tinker, Mike 62 Tippin, William 2 o Titsworth. Raymond 81,02 Todd. Anne 81 Todd. Terry 44 Toler, Steven 12 Tolliver. Harry 30 Tomlinson. Bill 15 Tomlinson. James 35 Town lev, Jo 26 Traeger,Loren 60 Trammel. Marsha 57,104 Trauth. Sharon 35 Traylor. Elizabeth 62 Traylor, Teresa 62 Treadway. Jackie 40 Treat, Alena 17 Treat. Jimmie 60 Treece. Debbie 56 Treece, William 35 Tregle, Carol 61 Trickey, Frederick 82 Trickey, Mike 51.104 Triffet, Robert 82 Trigg, Robert 47 Trinco, William 12 Triplett David 82,107 Trobov Richard 82 Troilo, Michael 55 2 o Trotter, Georgia 30 52,86 Trotter Mary 35 48 Trout. Kenneth 82 30 Traxell Tricia 26 82.104 Tubb, Susan 2o 62 Tucker. Alden 52 19 Tucker, Bettve 12 82,86 Tucker, Carolyn 12.8o 26 Tucker, Constance 12 39 Tucker, Judy 7.104 82.104 Tucker Robert 61 82 Tull, Elizabeth 15 30 Tull. Janet 15 35 Turkington, Scott 62 39 Turley. David 62 21,92 Turnage Ronald 39 82 Turnbow, Teresa 26.92 47.104 Turner, Carol 82 39 Turner. Claude 82.110 35 Turner. David 82 40 Turner Jack 62 7 Turner, Jean 82 45 Turner, Margaret 30 39 Turner, Phil 53.90 39 Turner, Sue 26 35 Turner, Tommie 52 82 Tutor, Carloss 12 48.104 Tutt. Robin 12 39 Tuttle. Holly 2 o 82 Twist, Judith 82 82 Twist Richard 02.90 82,90 Tyler, Cynthia 12 44 Tyson, Jane 35 55 55 82.00 61,02 45 26 39 15 82,107 82,107 u Udouj, Debbie 2 o 55 Uhlis, Deborah 12 54 Uland. Trudy 35 82,99 Ulmer, George 19 82,107 Ulmer, Lori 52 35 Underwood. Ralph 39 82,99 Upchurch. Fenner 43 55 Usery. Deborah 2 o 82.110 Usery. Karen 26 82.99 82,107 12 61 35 2 o 65 12 12.99 V Valentine. Robert 45 82 Vandenberg, Linda 51 82,92 Vanderburg. M ichael 82 113 44.104 Vandergriff David 54 82,90 Vanderslice Debbie 48 82.110 VanDeWiele Ten 35 21 Van Eaton. Billy 59 64 Van Ert. Jill 35 61 Van Hook Rebecca 47 104 39,107 Van Horn. John 53 54,110 Van Horn. Mitchell 21 39.82 Van Ness, Carol 47 39 Van Pelt Leslie 12 169 170 Van Scyoc, Carol 82 Ward, Sue Van Scyoc, Joyce 82 Ward, Terry Van Sickle, Susan 51,92 Warden, Susie Van Vranken, Michael 82,99 Wardhanabhuti, Withoon Varvill, Stuart 19,86 Warfield, Carol Vaughn, Becky 65 Warner, Dorothy Vaughan, James 82.104 Warner, Sarah Vaughan, Marla 35 Warner, William Vaught, Judith 12,99 Warnoch, Rebecc. Vaught, Kim 26 Warren, Dora Velvin, Linda 44,104 Warren, Linda Verea, Jorge 30 Warren, Lynne Verser, Michael 45 Warren, Marlise Vest, Randal 19,107 Warrick, Lynn Vestal, Joe 45 Waselues, Jim Vester, Jane 35 W ashington, M artha Via, Linda 7 Wassell. Gayle Vickers, Thomas 61 Watkins. James Vinson, Teresa 35 Watson, Danny Voachum, Kathleen 35 Watson, Donna Vogts. Ronald 82.99 Watson, Judy Volk, Carol 12 Watson, Mari Vollmar Michel w 35 Watson, Mary Watson, Olivia Watson, Patty Watson, Robert Watson, Tommi Watt, Doris Watts, Barbara Watts, Richard Watts, Susan Watts, Thomas Waddell, Mike 39 Weatherbee, Elna Waggoner, Christopher 39.107 Weatherford, Charles Wagner, Laura 82 Weaver, Sara Wagner, Penny 35 Webb, Beverly Wah, Henry 30 Webb, Debbie Waits, Lyndal 19 Webb, Hallie Wakefield, Richard 61 Webb, James D. Walker, Candes 82,86 Webb, James J. Walker, Cathie 12 Webb. Joseph Walker, Cindy 30.104 Webb, Kathleen Walker, David 39 Webb. Lisa Walker, David 64 Webb, Mark Walker, Dennis 82 Webb, Martha Walker, Donald 82 Webb, Terri Walker, Gail 26 Webb, Tommy Walker, John 62 Webber. John Walker, Margie 57 Webster. Julie Walker, Susan 65,99 Webster, Mary Walker, Thomas 53 Weed, Thomas Walker, William 61 Weedman. Gregor Wall, David 53 Weeks, Brant Wallace. D B 82 Weems. Jane Ann Wallace, Greg 60 Weiler, Becky Wallace, Jan 48 Weis, Patricia Wallace, Priscilla 30 Weis, Rebecca Waller, Jean 47 Weisberger, Joseph Waller. Jeanie 26 Welbern, Loyd Wallis, Patricia 44,104 Welch, Ewell Walsh, Benjamin 60 Welch, Jeff Walsh. Carol 43 Welch, Rebecca Walsh, PatTicia 65 Welence Denise Walters, Robert 55 Wellman, Steve Walton, Mary Ellen 43 Wells, Alice Wann, Mark 53,99 Ward, Carter 82 Wells, Barry Ward, Dale 82 Wells, John Ward, James 82 Wells, Kathryn Ward, Jim 46 Wells, Phillip Ward, John 19,99 Wells, Tom Ward, Lenel 12 Welytok, Mark Ward, Ruth 35 Wenderoth, Gingie 82,86 Wernick, Joel 56 35 Wernick, Max 56,99 30 Werntz, David 40 82,110 West, Arthur 55,107 35 West, David 17,107 35 West, Donna 35 51 West, Johnny 64 59 West, Joseph 4t 7,82 West, Ray 56 82 Westbrook, Martha 12 12 Westfall. Fred 83,110 31.92 Westfall, Terry 30 26 Westlake, Warren 21 47,104 Weston, Robert 45 62,104 Whaley, Kathy 47 48 Wheeler, John 58 57 Wheeler, Joy 35 56,99 Wheeler, Steven 83 82,99 Wheelis. Kay 26 83 Wherry, Billy 83,110 35 Whisnant, Wanda 7 30 Whitbeck, Bonnie 83,86 83,86 Whitbeck, Gordon 83,92 83,110 White, Danny 59 44 White, Dick 30.99 59 White, Gary 54 26 White, Karen 12,104 83,110 White, Kathy 52 12 White.Mary Louise 44,104 58 White, Robert 83 12 White, Ruth Marie 31 59 White, Susan 52 51 Whitefield, Carolyn 83,113 39 Whiteside, Robert 58 31,83,110 Whiteaker, Judy 43 12 Whitmore, Obie 17,92 15 Whittaker, Janie 47 47 Whittington, Charles 39,92 54 Whitwell, Paul 83,99 58 Widcersham, Barbara 31 39 Widdows, Gae 26 7 Wiedeman, Linda 35 12 Wiedeman, Susie 7,83,86 19 Wiederkehr, Gail 83,86 15 Wiedower, Bill 83,92 12 Wiener, Sylvia 47 83 Wiggins, Rebecca 51 17 Wiggins. Sarah 51 26 Wiggins, William 56 35 Wiggs, Paula 15 21 Wilbanks, Mike 39 39 Wilcher, John 83,92 39 Wilcootson, M ary 35 57,104 Wilcoxson, William 83 48 Wildy, David 45 26 Wildy, Edward 61 44 Wiley, Gary 39 60 Wiley, Hazel 83 83,99 Wiley, Kathy 30 45 Wilhite. Randv 55 62,92 Wilkerson, David 60 51 Wilkerson, Donald 55 44.104 Wilkerson, John 62,99 53 Wilkins, Betty 12 12 Wilks, Regina 57 17 Wilks, Ron 59 30,107 Wilks, William 61 26 Willhauck, Susan 15 83,92 Williams, Alice 57 39.107 Williams. AC. 21,92 60 Williams, Andrew 21 47,92 Williams, Anita F 35 Williams, Anita S. Williams, Anitra Williams, Donna Williams, Dorris Williams, Erma Williams, Garv Williams, James Williams, James Williams, Janet Will iams, Janice Williams. Jean Anr Williams, Judy Williams, Karen Williams. Kenneth Williams, Lonnie Williams, Marci Williams, Mars- Ell Williams, Michael Williams, Patricia Williams, Scott Williams, Stephen Williams, Wayne E Williams, WavneR Williamson, Angel Willis, William Willms, Fran Willms, Kay Wilson, Debbie Wilson. Deborah Wilson, Dinah Wilson, Fred W ilson, Glen Wilson, James Wilson, Jerry Wilson, Joe A Wilson. Joe E Wilson, Judy Wilson, Jvvan W ' Ison, Kathy Wilson. Kennet h Wilson. Larry Wilson, Laura Wilson, Lowell Wilson, Paul Wilson, Ralph Wilson. Spann Wilson, Susan W ilson. Terry Wilson, Tracey Wilson, WavneD Wilson, Wayne R. Wiltey. Bonnie Winchester, L,s a Windham. Shirley Windle, Durwin Wingfield, Richard Winston. Susie Winter. Dawn Winter, Rolame Winters, Marjorie Wirick, Sheila Wist, James Wittmer. Leon Wolfe. Deborah Wolfe. Michael Wood, Allison Wood. Amy Wood, Andy Wood, Ava Wood, Connie Wood. Cynthia Wood, Diane Wood, Douk 30 Wood, Douglas 55 7 35 Wood, Elizabeth 44.104 12 Wood. Joel 61,99 12 Wood, Kathryn 57.104 83,8o Wood, Kenneth 55 39 Wood, Ruth Ellen 7 60,110 Woodard, Regina 2 o 59 Woodfield, Gina 12 Zaccanti. Alfred 83 44 Woodruff, Raymond 30 Zeh. Darlene 12 83,113 Woods. Darlene 52 Zelmo. Elmo 55,92 52 Woods. Elisabeth 47,99 Ziehr, Charles 83.92 83 Woods, Harvey 17 Zimmerman Miles 17.113 83 Woods Henry 42,92 Zini Mark 21 21,110 Woods Jerry 54,92 Zink Judy 12 39 Woods Sandra 31,104 Zulpo Linda 83 15 Woolev. Randall 55,92 Zuniga. Enrique 58 2 o Woolverton, Gary 39 Zvonik. Sylvia 30 45 Wootton. Meredith 83.110 47 Word. Anita 35 59 Workman, Sudie 52,104 45,99 Worley. Debra 2 o 17,113 Worley. Missy 26,104 83,113 Wray, Linda 44,92 48,92 Wren, Robin 2 o 55 Wright, Chuck 54 57,90 Wright, David 83 57 Wright. Mark 4o 83 Wright Richard 61 35 Wright. Steve 55 2 o Wright, Thomas 83.99 17,107 Wright Tracy 12 30 Wright. William 83.113 83 Wuetig, Allison 83 83.113 Wuetig Mark 39 54 Wylie, Kerry 52 59 43 2o 44,99 53 110 48 83 30 54,113 59 12 40 52 83 83.104 Yancey Harry 61,92 12 Yarbrough, Cathy 26 35 Yarbrough. Chuck 46 15 Yarbrough. Clifford 83,92 21 Yarbrough. William 19 53 Yeargan Charles 83.90 2o Yeider, Sidney 26 83 Yelvington. Dennis 42 83 Yoes, Robert 83.90 35 York. Debra 35 48 Young. Buck 60.92 83,99 Young. Cyrus 30.107 19 Young. Deborah 44,94 83,90 Young. Garry 83.107 54 Young, lames 83 12 Young, lerrv 17 44 Young. Larrv 83.107 30 Young, Robert 30 12 Young. Ronald 83.113 26 Young. Sherry 48 12 Young. Susan 52 52 Young. Susan 30.94 21 Yurieh, Tricia 35 172 " When I started out my year as editor, I knew it would be a long haul as I started with three strikes against me: I ' m a Greek, a Girl, and a Polack. Now it wasn ' t an easy year, nor was it a safe and sane year. It was a hell of a year filled with many memories, both good and bad. If I had it to do all over again, like with everything else, I ' d do a lot of things differently. We wanted to give you a unique book—one that has never been done before, and we did. Special thanks go to Jay Walderich, Steve Maxwell, Eldon Tanner, Dennis Scott, and the entire American Yearbook Company for risk¬ ing their very necks to get us the book we wanted. It isn ' t easy to capture the campus in one book, for it means something different to each of us. We ' ve tried to highlight the year and hope you have your own memories of col¬ lege to add to ours. The first thanks should go to my family. They have been my crying towel and my ego booster this year. I couldn ' t have kept what little sanity I DID keep without them. The staff this year has been excellent. I thank them all, not only for the time and ef¬ fort they put in to make this book, but also for putting up with me and my strange ways of doing things. J.J. Price was hired as executive secretary, but she ended up doing about everything. She always came up with the right answer and I owe her much more than a " thanks ' can ever say. Angel Tatum, staff secretary, also did her share of " non-secretarial " jobs arou nd the of¬ fice. She, too, put a great deal into this book Thanks. What can I say about Larry Cline? He did everything I asked him to do and kept fairly close to schedule. He kept the staff going with his trivia and puns. Larry, Little Mary Sun¬ shine promises to sing at your wedding. Jim Merryman again did an excellent job on the military section. He even camped out a few nights in the office just to meet his deadlines. The residence section, always the most frus¬ trating, was done by Susan Hooks and Kitty Sanders. It ' s not easy to sort 5,000 cards and over twice that many pictures, but they did. And they did a fine job of it. To an old RAZORBACKER, Henry Woods, it all came easily. He took care of the football section and I never worried about him once. Linda Franklin handled the " other " sports even down to taking some of her own pictures. Joel Henderson, a late newcomer, was handed two deadlines to lay out and he did. I didn ' t explain things very well, but he did a good job. The photographers, Rick Bailey, Chief; Ric Reed, John Partipilo, Carl Croom, and Jim Bor¬ den, lived in a world I didn ' t always under¬ stand. I griped a lot at them and wrote a lot of unprintable notes, but the book would be pic¬ tureless without them. I said a strike against me was the fact that I ' m female. So whenever a man was needed, Larry Logan, Features Photographer, stepped in. He pleaded my case many times and 1 am truly grateful. 1 wish him much luck next year as the ' 74 editor. This book is not me or my ideas. It is a book by the staff and we ' ve tried to reach everyone. If we didn ' t reach you, I ' m sorry, but maybe you can use this book to prop open your win¬ dow. I must also thank all the people who were so quick to offer " helpful” advice. Sorry I didn ' t use it. When you ' re in this business, you tend to live yearbook. It ' s worse being the editor. I resolved to keep as much of my sanity as pos¬ sible. It ' s not easy and I couldn ' t have done it without my " escape. " Thanks. I love you. And to all those people who said I couldn ' t do it, I did. And here it is. A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS .. . TRUDY MASLONKA Editor, 1973 RAZOR BACK The 1973 RAZORBACK was printed by offset lithography and bound by THE AMERICAN YEARBOOK COM¬ PANY. Printing plates were made utilizing a 150-line gray contact screen. The paper stock is 80 dull coat enamel. 174 The paper cover stock is Kromekoat done in Pantone 206 Red ink. The hardbound cover is craftline embossed done in Basin Blue material with a shoe grain. The type used is Palatino and News Gothic. The individual studio por¬ traits were made by Stevens Studios, Bangor, Maine. 175

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