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i have seen it all and yet i have seen only the beginning I have seen castles built from a single grain of sand yet the castles themselves are but a single grain of sand to what the future holds. 9 and through my clear kaleidoscopic eyes, the morning sun magnifies my imperfections 10 while evening rays transmit an eerie glow to my tiring lids . . . which themselves are made of darkness a through my window panes of sight i have seen the seasons , year after year 12 each a little fainter as the dust settles a little thicker the RAZORBACK Published by The Associated Students University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Gary C. Larsen, Editor-in-Chief Henry Woods, Production Manager 1 bummer Kudos The Fall Academia Military The Winter Sports Publications The Spring Living Groups index ©Copyright 1971 University of Arkansas 16 17 footsteps to my door become fewer as sunshine is more inviting 18 than musty classrooms and musty professors It seemed to be “share an umbrella” month as summer monsoons blew in. the serenity is appalling On a deserted cam¬ pus, and I find my¬ self with endless thoughts of futures, studying and play¬ ing . . . but mostly playing. I wonder . . . will August be the end of summer or the beginning of fall? And when classes are over, there is a whole afternoon left to spend at Lake Wedington soaking up sun and watching girls. The only thing that’s different in summer is the attire. 20 9°od scrub down and renovating job cleaned up the stadium 0r the new season. After the first game it was as good as old. Summer provides a chance for young and old to get together on campus. The relaxed atmosphere is a relief for students and professors. The rock festival had its ups and downs. 21 Next. Look at that face! We’ll rank her low and use her as a filler later. To make swift, sudden attack Rush (rush) vi. to repel, avert, orig., to mislead 1. a) to move or go swiftly or impetuously; dash, bj to dash recklessly or rashly 2. to make swift, sudden attack or assault. You’re really kidding me of course . . . you committed where first?? Work Week patience wore thin as the time ran out. 22 This sorority spent many hours preparing its musical extravaganza. Rushees have been known to walk a total of five miles a day, talk miles a minute, and sleep as little as three hours each night. The final stop ... a pledge ribbon; and the great feeling of relief. What am I doing here? I put them last! 23 Well, if a girl’s PE class is all that’s left . . . What frustration Registration is frustration. Stand in a line, a waste of time. What! No packet, it’s a rack¬ et. Closed my class, kiss whose ass? You won’t believe this guy in my PE class! 24 For that matter, you won’t believe my roomie either! Unpacking and un-racking is like a reluctant date ... it takes two minutes to get out of the car and two hours to get up to the room. Saying good-bye to parents is a traumatic occasion ... for freshmen. 25 Kuntsler kicked off the Symposium season. As far as most stu¬ dents were con¬ cerned, football sea¬ son started when classes did. Yet it took the familiar Symposium adver¬ tisements and a pep rally to convince the students that along with the good comes the evil . . . The biggest competition during rush was the addition of I Swepta Street fraternity. While Jim Guy Tucker returned the kick. The Union Coffeehouse circuit opened with Mary Smith. 26 !t s rea,| y a shame that the only time students can seem to get together on anything is when they converge for a pep rally or football game. Frank Broyles goes to the students for support, but do students get tickets for all the games? 27 Leather and macreme handiworks are symbols of the individual’s search for representative identity. r a Commitment It is becoming harder and harder for the in¬ dividual today to find his or her place in society because of the conflicting values that past generations have accumulated for us. Once faced with the problem of what to commit themselves to, the current individ¬ ualists ask if there is anything in today’s culture that is worth saving, worth com¬ mitting themselves to. Many feel that there is not until America can combine current technology with some moral consciousness. The benefits of grass outweigh the hazards. In the lyrics of rock music satisfaction is often found. 28 Books have always been sources of knowledge. Pe °Ple often get relief from the tensions of today by spending time at a dance listening to the vibrations of a generation that is troubled. 29 KUDOS [Gr. Kydos, glory, fame] noun- to pay attention to, hear, feel; credit or praise for an achievement; honor; recognize; acknowledge. 31 Margaret Akins Curt Bradbury Margaret Akins has proven herself an outstanding student in the Col¬ lege of Education. Margaret’s ma¬ jor, special education, has led to her interest in aiding underprivi- liged children through the “Big Sister-Little Sister” program. Her service has also been evidenced on this campus through her work on the AWS Legislative Board, Pan- hellenic Council, and her sorority. As president of the Interfraternity Council, Curt Bradbury has worked to improve fraternity recruitment, as well as an improved system of ori¬ entation for all students. Curt be¬ lieves that the Greek system must change with the times, and he has initiated action that has done much to bring fraternities on this campus up-to-date on the national trends in contemporary fraternity living. Marie Deacon Geri Dugan Marie Deacon was instrumental in attaining Card Keys for junior women. The parental survey which she conducted was an essential ele- me nt in aiding the Board of Trus¬ tees to make a decision. Marie’s eontributions have also been evi¬ denced in her role as a graduate ! esident, and in Student Government as an administrative assistant to the student government president. Geri Dugan has earned recogni¬ tion through her work in Associ¬ ated Women Students. Selected as its “Woman of the Year”, Geri has worked as chairman of the Pro¬ grams Committee and the Judicial Board. Geri has also served as sec¬ retary of Symposium 71, as well as representing her living group as a senator. Geri was a delegate to a women’s symposium in Dallas. Danny Durning has amassed honors both in academics and in extracur¬ ricular activities. In addition to his outstanding record as a graduate student in public administration, Danny has also served the student body in his two-year association with Symposium. His aim has been to bring the most appealing speakers to the University of Arkansas Jim Eads has done more to promote the aims of Blue Key than any oth¬ er individual in the history of the organization on this campus. Jim’s opinions in the areas of student rights and privileges have been val¬ ued highly by his peers. This past year Jim served on the Faculty-Senate Athletics Committee and investigated the “autonomous” ticket policies. 34 Bill Garner’s endeavors have en¬ compassed almost all elements of student life. His efforts in the area of recruitment for the University of Arkansas have been singularly out¬ standing. Reorganizing the old sys¬ tem of student recruitment, Bill has updated and expanded the program and almost doubled the area that recruitment had previously covered. f err y Glover has successfully engi¬ neered the production of a news- Pnper with the student in mind. ° Ur years of hard work paved the Way the editorship. But when I eir y left the TRAVELER office, it nsn t to go home, for he has been etive in Omicron Delta Kappa and r der of Omega as well as serving ° n the Union Governing Board. 35 Karen Harmon has been active in Associated Women Students at a time when it was in the process of transformation from a rule-making judicial body to a positive program¬ ming one. She served as chairman of the committee to amend the AWS constitution and proposed changes in women’s rules. Karen has also served on the Elections Committee. Kris Hohne has always been an active person. Her services to the students as Secretary of Associated Students and as a member of the Committee on Student Relations point out this fact. Kris has also contributed greatly to the Residence Hall Association on our campus. In this area she has served as president of TAU, co-chairman of Hallaballoo. 36 lHO’S ngela Lumpkin Angela Lumpkin has achieved a high academic standing throughout her college career. In addition, she has held executive positions in many campus organizations. Much of An- gela s time and energy has been con¬ centrated in the realm of women’s recreation. She has promoted worn- en s intramurals and has represented the UofA in extramural competition. Jim McKenzie has been a mainstay in campus politics and student gov¬ ernment. Having served as admin¬ istrative assistant for two Associated Student Government presidents, Jim has done much to promote a stu¬ dent voice in all phases of Univer¬ sity life. Jim feels that “student gov¬ ernment can be relevant if the stu¬ dents want it to be and are willing to work toward those ends.” 37 As president of Civic Club, Bryden Moon has sought to generate more interest in its activities. His energies have been concentrated specifically on the improvement of the annual Singfony program. Bryden has also attained prominence as chairman of the committee to set up the All- Student Judiciary. Through his own efforts, this has become a reality. As president of Associated Women Students, Nancy Nelson has sought to bring women’s rights to the fore¬ front. Although all of her efforts have not met with success, the ex¬ tension of card keys has been a great step for women on this campus. Nancy has also distinguished her¬ self as a justice on the Student Court, and as an active member of WRA. 38 Steve Nickles Steve Nickles has best served the ca mpus as a senator for three con¬ secutive years. Largely responsible f°r the reapportioned Senate which oives senators a more direct con¬ stituency, Steve has served every as- Pect of university life. Steve was also elected to represent the political science department at the National Congress for Political Process. I°anie Noller has been a pioneer n the development of programs for he Arkansas Union. As a freshman, she undertook the task of increasing he relevancy of the Union in stu- en t activities. Her four years of rv ice have resulted in the estab- shment of a Programs Council. Her ntributions are especially timely as new Student Union is in the making. 39 “First Lady of Hill Hall”, Ann Pride is known to anyone wishing to accomplish something on this campus. She has served the Uni¬ versity primarily in publications and residence halls. Ann was a mem¬ ber of the TRAVELER staff for five years and has served as a graduate resident for two years. Ann has served as a student senator and on the symposium Board of Directors. Mike Pritchard is founder and co¬ ordinator of the Free University, an effort to broaden and enrich the ed¬ ucational experience offered at the University of Arkansas. Mike hopes not only to supplement the Univer¬ sity’s curriculum in some unortho¬ dox fields of study, but to point out new methods and directions of study and instruction for the University to pursue in the near future. 40 Susie Robinson has served as a key member of numerous faculty-senate committees dealing with bettering Black-White relations, obtaining a radio station for the UofA campus and solving student petition prob¬ lems. Not only has Susie held all major offices in her living group, but in addition, she has been an active member of Panhellenic and Order of Omega, a Greek honorary. As editor of the Residence Hall Association newspaper Hallmarks, Janice Summerhill, has made the publication more relevant to the needs of the students living in the residence halls. A further contribu¬ tion to RHA has been her service as president of TAU, a resident hall honorary. Janice has served as Card Key chairman and worked to ob¬ tain card keys for all women. 41 Connie Summers as president of Cardinal Key has worked to obtain a National Charter for this junior women’s honorary. Connie has fur¬ ther contributed to the campus and community through her affili¬ ation with Angel Flight. She has also concentrated on continued im¬ provement of Honor’s Day Convo¬ cation, a program which fosters the highest respect for academic promise. A vital contributor in making the Black student an integral part of the University has been Eddie Walker. Through his experiences as a sen¬ ator, a member of the Committee on Student relations, and with nu¬ merous Black-White dialogues, Ed¬ die has sought to give Whites an opportunity to better understand Blacks, and make the campus “an easier place for us to get together.” 42 Marellen Watts deserves recognition for her meritorious service to her living group. She has been honored both locally and nationally by her sorority. Her efforts have not been restricted to her living group, how¬ ever. Marellen has contributed to Ihe entire University community through her diligent service on the Committee on Student Relations and Panhellenic Council. Since 1923 the Razorback has administered and published the Who’s Who selection. It was, in fact, the editor of the 1923 Razorback who originated Who’s Who on this campus. About ten years later, a student on another campus founded the national organization. Since then, University of Arkansas students selected by the Razorback have been accepted for membership in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Who’s Who is one of the top honors that can be awarded a student and this year it was an honor reserved for seniors and graduate students. The students were selected on the basis of their contri¬ butions to the University community and their academic achievement. The decision of who deserves to be awarded the honor and who doesn’t is a very difficult decision. The selection committee approached the problem very conscientiously and, after long deliberation, found twenty-three students who measured up to the criteria set by the Razorback and the Board of Publications. 43 Razorback Rooters Razorback Cheerleaders, Cathy Bleiweiss, George Tennery, Phyllis Killian, Bert Dickey, Nancy Roberson, Doug Marr, Susie Ritchie, Terry Box. Headed by Captain Doug Marr and Co- Captain Cathy Bleiweiss, this year’s Razor- back cheerleaders sought greater precision in their routines. At games and pep rallies, the cheerleaders could be seen performing more gymnastic stunts and partner routines than in previous years. Though cheering at all of the games leaves a big hole in their social life and utilizes a large amount of their personal time, the cheerleaders can be depended upon to help create an atmos¬ phere that is solely “Razorback spirit.” Alternates, Becky Johnston, Jim Justiss, Ann Van Hook, Dwight Bailey, Tommie Andrews, Barry Deacon. Cathy Bleiweiss Co-Captain Susie Ritchie Phyllis Killian Bert Dickey George Tennery Doug Marr Captain Terry Box I Nancy Roberson 45 Razorback Beauty Jan Rose 46 47 48 Kappa Kappa Gamma Agri Queen Chimes Alpha Lambda Delta stunning sophomore Razorback Treva Earhart Beauty 49 50 Razorback Beauty Karen Crawford 51 52 53 Razorback Beauty Chi Omega AWS Uarkettes petite Texas Women’s University radiant Waldron 54 55 Delta Delta Delta Razorback Beauty Linda Dahl TRAVELER irresistible ROTC sponsor secondary education innocent Dallas junior a beauty 56 57 Miss University of Arkansas Pat Gideon 58 National Homecoming Queen Ann Hartenstein Morrison 59 Homecoming Queen Jill Cromwell 60 Homecoming Court Sherry Kennedy Sherard Thompson Kathy Buckner Debbie Brasher Sharon Eckert Judy Hurley 61 St. Patricia Peggy Holmes 62 Agri Queen Mary Beth Mann 63 Miss Dogpatch Susan Gentle 64 Sorority Pledge Queen Jeri Lynn Donaldson 65 Student Senate First Row: Jesse Porter Jr., Ann Sly, Paul Ford, Stephen Leopard, Larry Crook, Kenneth Haggard, Jim McKenzie, Julie Schroeder, David Davies, John Stephens. Second Row: Wendell Griffen, Bruce Smith, Joel Cook, Mary Jo Middlebrooks, Bessie Hershberger, Carol Dickerson, Carolyn Curtis, Harriett Hudson, Mike Durham, Henry Woods, Oliver Coker. Third Row: Greg Simon, Dan Walz, Rob Porter, Carie Buekley, Anne Alvord, Larry Wilson, Sissy Con¬ ner, Geri Dugan, Michael O’Mara Jr., Sarah Harrison, Martha Hampton, Gary Goble. Terry Kingan compiled instructor evaluations. The 1970-1971 edition of the Student Senate took on a new look. Eliminating the outdated provision of its constitution which called for election of senators by college, the Senate was reapportioned and senators were elected by their respective living groups with off campus being represented by twenty-eight members. Senators now have a more direct constituency to whom they are responsible, thus making this year’s student legislative body the first to be really representative. First Row: Terry Files, Bryden Moon Jr., Anna Johnson, Lee Ann Torrons, Nita Fairley, Sarah Haller, Jennifer Jeter, Wendy Henry, Sherie Harding. Second Row: Robert Lewis, Jim Patridge, Bill Adams, Ted Porter, Heyden Hucke, Phil Shellabarger, Dick Down¬ ing, Mike Sykes, Elizabeth Sanders, Bill Dummitt. Third Row: Steve Area, Cliff Chitwood, Randy Butler, Jimmy Alessi, Dennis Duncan, Jim Eubanks, Jack Straight, Brant Croxdale, Dane George, Steven Knox, Jim Walton, David McClain. Senate revoked its outdated constitution, and offered a new one for approval. 67 On Student Government . . Attempting to recover from a crippling Gaebale loss, Associated Student Govern¬ ment President Phil Malcom and the Sen¬ ate sought to accomplish the objectives set out in Malcom’s campaign platform. And for the most part they did a pretty good job of it. In the midst of cries that student government is irrelevant, the Senate im¬ mediately set to work to dispel any fur¬ ther gripes, as students were provided with a job placement center, a President’s Cab¬ inet, a Student Consumer’s Guidebook, a photocopier, and other projects, though we wonder about the far-reaching effects of any of these. In addition, a Course Eval¬ uation Book was made available at spring registration, but met with disapproval. Early indications that administrative as¬ sistants would dictate policy to him proved unfounded as Malcom soon took control of his office. In addition to the tangible evidences (more than any recent Senate has given to the student body), the Senate be¬ gan to question earnestly the role of Com¬ mittee on Student Relations (CSR) in pol¬ icy making. It remains to be seen if the Senate will carry the ball in restoring it¬ self to a higher level in the decision¬ making process at the University. For the most part, this year’s Senate was a working one, thanks to the ingenuity and enthusiasm of four dedicated ASG officers. 68 These serve as tangible evidence of student government work. Jim Davis, Treasurer 69 Jim McKenzie, Administrative Assistant; Henry Woods, Parliamentarian; Carol Haney, Administrative Aide; Jan Rose, Administrative Aide; Skipper Rutherford, Press Secretary, Larry Yancey, Administrative Assistant. Radio Research Chairman, Joe Rich. Recruitment Bureau Heads, Bill Cromwell, Anne Ray, Sherry Harris, Bill Garner, Larry Yancey. 70 Class Evaluation Book Editor, Terry Kingan; Con¬ sumer Guidebook Editors, Henry Woods and Bill Adams. Symposium Heads, Bryden Moon, David Morrow, Ann Pride, Danny Durning, David Davies, Mr. Bob Barnes (Director of the Union), and Billy Warnock. 71 The Governing Board is a legislative body that constitutes and decides policy for the Union. Several committees are under the auspices of the board: the Art Committee, the Fashion Committee, the Public Relations Committee, and the Pro¬ gram Council. The Art Committee’s pur¬ pose is to expose students to various as¬ pects of art by presentation of several art displays on campus. The Fashion Com¬ mittee keeps the campus up-to-date on new styles and designs by hosting fashion shows for coeds. Relations Committee publicizes and promotes the Student Un¬ ion so that all students are aware of what Union Governing Board, Jack Rinnert, Dr. W. M. Voss, Mary Rod¬ gers, Bob Barnes, Peter Gordy, President; Joanie Noller, Vice- President; Jerry Glover, Secretary; Dr. R. R. Ryan, Phil Malcom, Joe Simon. it has to offer. The Program Council, composed of members from all of the committees, discusses and plans various programs that are in keeping with the needs of the university students. The Arkansas Union Union Programs Council, First Row: Randy Minniek, Rosie Fowler, Susan Stoia, Joan Green, Betty Coleman, Carolyn Curtis, Cheryl Marks, Andy Covington. Second Row: Peter Gordy, Bob Harrison, Joanie Noller, Jerry Glover. Fashion Committee, First Row: S. Higginbothom, L. Higman, S. Jackson, D. Hudson, M. Smith, M. Miles, J. Donaldson, B. Bowen, C. Bunker, S. Marks, R. Duty, L. McCampbell, C. Curtis, C. Smith, D. Plattner, A. Gray, G. Gaines, S. Gentle, J. McCain, P. Martin, C. Picker¬ ing, L. Roglis, J. Morris. Sec¬ ond Row: R. Cravens, D. Gar¬ rison, L. Dahl, J. Jones, D. Deaver. Art Committee, Rosie Fowler, Mike Hubbs, Sue Lester, Caro¬ lyn Cawthan, Nancy Patton. Public Relations Committee, First Row: B. Harrison, A. Wein- traub, P. Coates. Second Row: J. Albritton, D. Womack, B. Triffet, M. Lammel, D. Guy, D. Treece, P. Kirkpatrick, D. Dan¬ iel, R. McKnight, N. Brandon, K. Roberts, B. Vernon, B. Garrett. 73 The Film Committee sponsors a variety of films, both American and international, Film Committee, First Row: Richard Cannon, Susie Stoia, Davey Miles, Randy Minnick, Chairman; Jim Simmons, Jeff Wilson. Sec¬ ond Row: Mark Boyd, Bill Lavender, Roger Kocher, Harris Ross, Kathy Brule. and the Celebrity Showcase brings top- named entertainers to the University for concerts. The Social Activities Committee sponsors dances, concerts, and other forms of special entertainment for the students. W. C. Fields Night at the Union was coupled with a dance by Family Tree. Social Activities, First Row: Phillip Free, Gary Jefferson, Bill Walker, Phillip Raley, Phillip Coates, Marshall Moore. Sec¬ ond Row: Benson Cashion, Lee Murphy, Jim Tappan, Susan Dykman, Nancy Wagonner, Jim Jordan, Susan Stoia, Chairman; Alan Hickman, Bruce Rich. (Not Pic¬ tured: Ray West, Maynard Walton, Katy Monroe, Harold Betton). Celebrity Showcase, First Row: Debby Flowers, Carolyn Collar, Judy Dale, Jay Anna Haynes, Carolyn Curtis. Second Row: Owen Floyd, Lindy Law, Steve Kniseley. 74 Hostess Committee, Seated: Kathy Wood, Paula Pruitt, Barbara Howerton, Karen Otwell. Standing: Cheri Mar¬ tini, Mary Lou Ellis, Char¬ lotte Phillips, Debbie Dreher, Jill Cromwell, Nan Nelson. Coffeehouse Committee, Owen Floyd, Lyn McQueen, Phyllis Roberson, Ray Gil- brech, Terry Thompson, Ri¬ chard Moore, Donna Kay Steel, Tom Ryburn. Travel Committee, Madelaine Morton, D’Ann Downey, Preston per Mike Garner, Phillip Free, Michael Healey, Melissa Thiesing, Joan Green, Bill Bullouch, lla Sue Murphy, Randy Smith, Deanne Boas, Stephen DeNoon, Emily Halbrook, Hutton Noble. 75 Top to Bottom: L. Hender¬ son, K. Monroe, G. Hines, D. Martin, K. Storey, D. Wel- ence, B. Ford, W. McDonald, M. Hubbs, T. French, S. Les¬ ter, S. Stephens, J. Fitzger¬ ald, P. Gideon, N. Gregory, B. Behr, L. Hartman, R. Mc¬ Nair, K. Sain, D. Hardin, C. Cawthon, V. Whitlock, A. Clopton, J. Freund, B. Mai¬ den, B. Taxton. Second Row Top: T. Gordon, B. Moon, R. Oholendt, S. Rasscum, L. Todd. Civic Club Directs Campus Charity Projects Civic Club directs the activities of the University which are concerned with rais¬ ing money for charities. The membership is composed of two representatives from every living group on campus. Civic Club sponsors such fund raising projects as Singfony and the Campus Lover and Sweet¬ heart contest during the academic year. Janet Phillips, Secretary; Vicki Whitlock, Treasurer; Bryden Moon, President. (Not Pictured: Todd Gordon, Vice-President). 76 AWS Secures Sophomore Keys The Associated Women Students at the University of Arkansas is an organization changing from a rule-making body to a programming body. Programs spnsored by this group deal with problems and is¬ sues facing the citizen of today as well as topics of interest especially to women. AWS is also changing some of the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas women’s regulations. °ne of the aims of AWS is to see that nien and women are regulated equally. Pam Kirby, Treasurer; Janice Appelquist, Vice-President; Judy Lukas, Secretary; Nancy Nelson, President. Kirbv cT Cat e GWespie, Nancy Nelson, Janice Summerhill, Pam Hoda ' p U an rewer Connie Hendrix, Connie Luedicke, Nancy p Uss F Janice Appelquist, Linda Berney, Denise Deaver, Kathy ’ ran Cassidy, Mary Lynn Farmer, Susie Van Sickle, Martha Downing, Laurie Christison, Kay Polk. Second Row: Debbie Mc- Neal, Becky King, Karen Knox, Megan Smith, Cathy George, Beth Barnes, Mary Garrett, Judy Lukas, Martha Conner, Meredith Mc¬ Coy, Barbara Holzwarth. 77 First Row: C. Bleiweiss, L. Thiesing, J. Hardy, C. Thurlby, M. Hart¬ man, D. Deaver, T. Thurston, L. Roglis, S. Bridgforth, M. Guard, S. Williams. A. Bowers, K. Pribyl, C. Hammans, J. McMullin, B. Laird, S. Daniel. Second Row: S. Wood, B. Johnson, R. McNair, C. Strawn, R. Daniel, T. Chambers, J. Deacon, C. Fowler, A. Bulmer, C. Clay, R. Cravens, B. Tedder, L. Dahl, G. Thayer, D. Garrison, N. Patton, J. Morris, R. Fowler, M. Gates, J. McCain. Third Row: J. Hagemann, G. Lindquist, B. Bingham, D. Martin, M. Rodgers, C. Martini, N. Roberson, H. Simmons, B. Rich, G. Tenery, M. Smith, S. Baker, J. Robertson, K. DeBons, B. Vernon, D. Pointer, J. Smith, J. Noller, T. Classick, J. Bell, A. Woodard, S. Harris, D. Marr. Fourth Row: B. Bowen, P. Young, G. Melton, J. Glover, M. Osborne, B. Burroughs, G. Dugan, M. Bettis, J. Justiss, D. Lee, P. Lee, J. Gillespie, D. Bailey, T. Andrews, B. Grisham, L. Belline, L. Jeske, A. Ziser, S. Halbrook, F. Bane, B. Carlson, S. Carden, R. Bartley, J. Patridge. Fifth Row: P. Jeske, P. Marley, M. Kutait, V. Whitlock, D. Williams, S. Rutherford, C. Feild, E. Collier, S. Kramer, G. Dougherty, A. Neal, S. Davis, 0. Watson, M. Ellis, F. Monroe, L. Tanner, T. Box, J. Lennon, S. Hartman, G. Patton. Sixth Row: J. Walsh, E. Cato, E. Rudolph, B. Caudill, J. Mitchell, L. Warrick, K. Carter, P. Kirkpatrick, L. Lipe, N. Burge, P. Gillian, N. Nelson, M. Murphy, J. Sloan, S. Nipper, R. Shaw, F. Jacobi. ABC Creates Mayor of Porkerville Arkansas Booster Club is organized for the purpose of raising spirit for all University of Arkansas sports events. Apart from the traditional hous e decorations and torch parades, an added feature of this year’s homecoming festivities was the election of a Mayor of Porkerville. ABC spearheaded the campus drive for the Wichita Memorial Fund which resulted in a contribution of over seven hundred dollars. Leroy Jeske, Treasurer; Louis Belline, Projects Chairman; George Patton, Vice-President; Sherard Thompson, Secretary; Chris Fowler, President. 78 Karate Club Competes for Championships This is the first year of existence for the U of A Karate Club. Although the club successfully competed in several meets, its ultimate ambition is to establish an inter¬ collegiate competition with the karate clubs und teams of other universities at the re¬ gional and national levels. The Karate Club encourages a student of the martial arts to realize the integration of body and spirit t hrough stringent physical discipline and inward meditation. Q ,rS p RoW: L - Boccarossa, D. Black, Ft. Rodriguez, D. McGrew, K. Johnson. Second Row: J. Cisne, P. Davidson, L. Swindell, R. Neralich, ernandez, D. Kim, B. Hardy. Third Row: J. Menzies, M. Riley, J. Canada, L. Wilson Jr., J. Locke, A. Graham. 79 First Row: E. Head, J. Appelquist, M. Word, C. DeWitt, A. Lump¬ kin, Vice-President; A. Kittrell, President. Second Row: P. Eddy, Secretary; J. Eddy, E. Mullins, H. Crossett, Counselor; M. Grider, Treasurer; O. Paul, B. Whorley, K. Widder. Third Row: L. Price, G. Holcomb, J. Moore, A. Yancey, S. Bufford, P. Vanlandingham, L. Crannell, B. Brainard, A. Cockrill, K. Farrell, P. Snyder, C. Walker, Historian; A. Morrison, S. Epes, N. Horton, S. Robinson, N. Hill, M. Von Hatten, N. Rollow, W. Osbun. Fourth Row: J. Ledbetter, L. Taylor, S. Worthy, B. Maxwell, L. Owens, M. Akins. Kappa Delta Pi Honors Educators Cm pr ' JSt IK? : JH ML Pl iP f | ilyi r The Alpha Beta chapter was es¬ tablished here in 1924 with the purpose of recognizing outstanding contributions to education. Mem¬ bership are those of the junior, sen¬ ior and graduate classes that ex¬ hibit commendable personal qual¬ ities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholastic achievement. Institute of Electrical and i Xj yj f J m y 4 fl HPiB 1 4 JB KhwJ Electronics Engineers The world’s largest professional en¬ gineering society, IEEE provides stu¬ dents with an opportunity to associate with fellow engineering students both educationally and socially. Sponsor¬ ing lectures and participating in En¬ gineers’ Week makes the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers First Row: R. Heflin, D. Seaton, B. Beefer, T. Spencer, J. White, H. i . Stanley, T. DeMott, L. Waits. Second Row: M. Fogle, N. Joban- universal in SCOpe. putra, F. Woodall, R. Hawks, H. McNully, R. Vest, K. Wong, W. Lum, G. Myers, P. Sims, G. New, F. Crossett, R. Still, E. Springer. Third Row: R. Geraci, C. Turner, R. Childress, J. Bryant, D. Cham¬ berlain, W. Story, T. Carson, R. Cazzell, M. Sharp, R. Snider, R. Ribitzki, R. Reed. Fourth Row: J. Hotz, R. Rickett, E. Wells, D. Wetzier, R. Sharma, W. Betton, J. Myers, T. Hotz, J. Koonce, J. Lynch, J. Compton. 80 The Little Sisters of Minerva is an honorary service organization composed of twenty- four girls chosen by the chapter members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Their primary objective is to serve as house host¬ esses and sponsor activities which promote brotherhood among its members as well as the fraternity members. These activities include assistance in giving a Christmas party for some underprivileged children. Little Sisters Promote Brotherhood Bate 0W: Kathy Davis, Etta Irving, Lindy King, Linda Eudy, Brenda Ann am " ' J ° Barrett - Second Row: Peggy Taylor, Virginia Clement, Row n° n ’ Nan Nelson . Susan Gentle, Suzanne Shoffner. Third ■ Oracle Beaslez, Lynn Warrick, Cindy Coates, Sue McNulty, Patty Shelton, Nancy Nelson. Fourth Row: Martha Elliott, Susie Willis, Jessica Rauton, Ellen Morris, Betty Lon Cawvey (Not Pictured: Ann Gante). 81 First Row: T. Walker, L. Wil¬ son, J. Davis, R. See, J. Mc¬ Kenzie, S. Graves, G. Lease. Second Row: G. Tarpley, R. Sisk, J. Eads, B. Garner, J. Sloan. Third Row: P. Mal- com, D. Davies, D. Eilbott, B. Moon, C. Bradbury. Four¬ th Row: R. Rutledge, C. Met¬ calf, E. Walker, R. Meeks, W. Busby. Blue Key “Serving, I Live” Blue Key is a national men’s honor fraternity which recognizes leadership, scholarship, and outstanding contributions to the University. The Marble Arch chapter at the University of Ar¬ kansas, in addition to being an honorary, seeks to serve the University through its recruitment program for outstanding high school scholars. Blue Key also hosts forums for student leaders. Since its inception in 1928, Blue Key member¬ ship and service has become campus tradition. Left to right: T. Walker, Vice-President; J. Eads, President; B. Busby, Treasurer; R. Sisk, Secretary; B. Garner, Vice-President. 82 First Row: Mike Haley, Mike Flynn, Ronnie Morrow, Sharon Unruh, Mike Stitsworth. Second Row: Dr. L. B. Daniels, Faculty Advisor; Blaine Sanders, Doyle Morrow, Steve Featherston, Billy Moeller, Jo Finn, Robert Seay, F. D. Westfall, Jim Harp, Kenny Combs, Paul Roten. New Club for Animal Science Students The Animal Industry Club is a service or¬ ganization for anyone interested in animal science. It strives to improve faculty-student relations. The Club helps pay some of the expenses of the department’s judging team. The Club sponsors a scholarship for one of its outstanding members, and works with ASA in Agri Day Activities in the spring. Mike Haley, Treasurer; Fred Westfall, Secretary; Billy Moeller, President; Jim Harp, Vice-President. 83 Alice Alexander, Treasurer; Carolyn Bell, President; Ricky McMuy, Second Vice-President; Charlotte Phillips, Secretary; Rick Ayres, First Vice-President. Head Table: R. Bell, R. McMurry, G. Tharel, J. Longueville, C. Bell, A. Alexander, H. Ainsworth, C. Phillips, R. Ayres. First Row: J. Manuel, B. Rice, R. Crosland, J. West, C. Grimes, J. Sher, J. De- Vault. Second Row: J. Clark, V. Rokeby, B. Rokeby, J. McCaa, D. Ruth, R. Miller. Third Row: G. Cotton, G. Stewart, M. Pilkington, F. Finn, G. Stasick. Fourth Row: C. Chancellov, C. Consolvo, K. Hacht- meyer, T. Murphy, P. Greiner, R. Kelly. Fifth Row: M. Riley, S. Fine- berg, G. Mahaffey, P. Bain, J. DeJarnette. Sixth Row: A. Newton, H. Broyles, M. Watts, V. Watts, B. Barnes, L. Sipes. Seventh Row: B. Ryan, D. Woods, J. McClure, J. Evans, J. Adams. Eighth Row: J. Crudup, R. Crudup, V. Euton, J. O’Donnell, R. Nevils. Experience— Goal of Marketing Club The Marketing Club is the unifying or¬ ganization for students majoring in the field of marketing. It serves as a contact with business leaders, not only by bring¬ ing outstanding guest speakers to the cam¬ pus, but also by providing for field trips where students can observe business and industry in operation. The club encourages students to pursue careers in marketing and seeks to promote the participation of graduates in marketing industries. 84 Bottom to Top: Bart Gray, Paul Blume, Jim Aikin, Fred O. Ellis, Bill R. Coleman, Frank P. Bane Jr., James E. Gresham, Douglas W. Marr, Garry Brunson, Jim Jus- tiss, Jerry Glover, Alex Dillard, Phi! Boudreaux, Jesse E. Porter Jr., Ricky Higgin- bothom, Terry S. Vest, Bill Alley, Bill Swindell, Karl Lindquist, Stephan E. Deen, Leroy 0. Jeske, Forrest Jacobi. ODK Selects Leaders and Scholars Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary organization which selects its members from outstanding junior and senior men who have excelled in leadership and scholarship. Members are chosen from five areas: scholarship, publica¬ tions, athletics, applied arts, and leadership capacity. ODK has several dinner meetings and works in various service capac¬ ities with ASG. Jerry Glover, Vice-President; Frank Bane, Sec¬ retary; Leroy Jeske, President; Bill Alley, Historian. 85 Earl Blanks, President; Natalie Dyer, Vice-President; Norma Bryant, Assistant Secretary; Ray McKissic, Treasurer. Sweetheart, Gloria Carr Black Students Promote Racial Justice Black Americans for Democrary has worked continuously to pr omote racial justice at the University of Arkansas. Its primary objective is to make all phases of life at the University of Arkansas relevant to the black population. Some major activities that BAD sponsors each year are bringing additional black students and culturally deprived students to our campus and Black Emphasis Week, which is a cultural aware¬ ness program presented annually. First Row: J. Robinson, J. Hopkins, B. McBeth, 0. Young, A. Byrd, C. Moore, A. Johnson, B. Johnson. Second Row: E. Blanks, D. McIntosh, G. Smith, A. Clay, J. Profit, N. Dyer, N. Bryant, G. Lin¬ ton. Third Row: J. Banks Jr., W. Coleman, P. Hatchett, D. Nash, C. Rhodes, T. Davis, W. Hinton, M. Dickerson, L. Taylor, S. Hamilton, W. Nelson, G. Carr, Q. Lowery, E. Jones. Fourth Row: C. Wesley, 0. Duffy Jr., R. Ferguson Jr., R. McKissic, T. Patterson Jr., R. Haw¬ kins, R. Thrower, E. Richard, O. Whitmore Jr., G. Alley, E. Hunt, D. Brown, K. Patterson. 86 First Row: R. Hughes, P. Roberson, J. Har¬ well, R. Cabaniss, Second Vice-President; C. Springgate, B. Manning, J. Brooks, First Vice-President; F. Edwards, D. Newton, Treasurer. Second Row: D. Goldberg, B. Maiden, L. Henry, P. Murphy, President. Gamma Sigma Sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma is a women’s service organization formed in the spring of 1969 on the U of A campus. This national women’s sorority works with its brother service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, in aiding the University community. Top to Bottom: Bob Fielding, Publicity Chairman; Pat Kittrell, Grey Beaton, Forrest Jacobi, Bob Price, Gene E. McKissic, J. Earl Springer, Michael A. Henson, Historian; Bill Bradley, Secretary; Steve DuVall, Chaplain; Bill Graham, Vice-President; Travis San¬ ders, Treasurer; Joe Winston, President; Ka ren Crawford, Sweet¬ heart. APhiO’s Aid the Community With service and leadership as their by¬ words, the members of Beta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega are an asset to the University of Arkansas. Any undergraduate male who is willing to give his time for the betterment of the campus, community, and nation is eligible for membership. APhiO’s projects have included working in a service capacity at registration, the Red Cross Blood Drives, the Arts and Crafts Fair, and a Christmas tree collection. 87 Mortar Board Tapping ... A Big Honor Mortar Board, founded in 1915, has 125 chapters throughout the country, with a membership of over 50,000. Mortar Board members are senior women chosen from the junior class who have shown outstand¬ ing qualities of scholarship, leadership, and service. Mortar Board sponsors scholar¬ ships, assists in registration, and publishes a calendar for students in the fall. Mortar Board also sponsors a Graduate Education Day explaining graduate school. First Row: Dr. Thomas W. Scott, Jim Peebles, Secretary; Janet Moore. Second Row: Dr. Orland Maxfield, Bill Burnell, Treasurer; Larry Martin, Larry Handley, President; Ronald Carnes. Third Row: Carl Mangum, Vice-President; Lonnie C. Roach, Mike Dooley, Ranny Cullom. Professional Geography Fraternity Gamma Theta Upsilon is an international honorary geography fraternity for interested students. Its goal is furthering knowledge and concern in all phases of geography. The chapter presents guest speakers at many of its monthly meetings which are open to all interested persons in addition to planning a field trip each semester which is of social as well as professional in¬ terest. The Gamma Kappa chapter presents an award to the outstanding undergraduate member at the University’s Honors Day. WStm r Seated: Beth Hogan, Melinda Word, Gloria Mahaffy, Mimi Raney, Karen Harmon, Kathy Russell, Connie Summers, Linda Berney Harriet Burns, Spencer Epes. Standing: Susan Robinson, Kathy Nickels, Melissa Harrell, Peggy Franks, Ann Morrison, Barbara Peterson, Angela Lumpkin. 88 j(| IT Tap J yJlgr jgjsT 111® JBP- i THSjj 1 ' ' man It Pn|dM 1 iwsm HCf lH ri m tv ' First Row: J. Taylor, T. McKinney, L. Jones, J. Smith, P. Killian, S. Gilbert, M. Cobb. Second Row: L. Cox, Mrs. F. Wenger, Faculty Advisor; P. Savelle, C. Corbin, E. Lucy, V. Whitlock, G. Wing, S. Schoeffler, J. Brazil. Third Row: P. Hatley, S. Bailey, C. McAlister, M. Chapman, L. Hopson, K. Knox, T. Earhart, S. Stephens, K. Early. Fourth Row: P. Culpepper, C. Thompson, L. Featherston, V. Clement, A. Allison, B. Teeter, J. Furstenberg, J. Dyer, S. Meier, J. Briggs. (Not Pictured: L. Araiza, J. Beakley, S. Christman, C. Dic¬ kerson, A. Elkins, J. Gullick, S. Harris, D. Hart, D. Hudson, D. Hutchens, R. King, M. Landrum, T. Lewis, C. Lukas, C. Martin, M. Mayfield, J. McCabe, G. McConaghy, J. Oakes, T. Overton, D. Pearson, J. Reid, J. Scott, M. Stark, C. Strawn, S. Thomas, L. War¬ rick, E. Yates). AAA Stresses Scholarship for Freshmen Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honorary fraternity for freshmen women, although active membership is during the sophomore year. Members strive to set examples of academic achievement, as well as provide a tutoring service for freshmen. ' . 1 1 i-£ i I 1 v Jm First Row: Ann Allison, Vice-President; Karen Knox, Secretary; Patty Savelle, President; Charlene McAlister, Editor. Second Row: Virginia Clement, Historian; Sharon Bailey, Treasurer. 89 Members coached basketball at the Youth Center during the winter. President—Stanley Reed Vice-President—Randy McNair Secretary—Henry Woods Treasurer—Jim Fuller Cardinal XX Sophomore Men’s Honorary Cardinal XX is a sophomore men’s hon¬ orary organization dedicated to serve the University community. Twenty new mem¬ bers are selected from the freshman class on the basis of scholarship, personality, leadership, integrity, and campus activities. This year’s activities included conducting tours for underprivileged high school sen¬ iors, acting as coaches for junior high bas¬ ketball at the Youth Center, and helping underprivileged children in the community as well as assisting in various student government projects. B. Bradsher J. Beasley J. Bell D. Barnett M. Martin R. Wooley S. Reed R. McNair H. Woods J. Fuller C. Cooper F. Elcan J. Hagemann S. Snow B. Grimes T. Kingan 0. Coker B. Kennedy G. Simon 90 Cardinal Key Receives National Charter Cardinal Key is a junior women’s national honorary. Its thirty members are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and extracurricular activities. New members are tapped at the AWS Spring Festival. The U of A chapter of Cardinal Key re¬ ceived its national charter late in the spring of 1970, and has been active on campus for the past three years. Seated: Laurie Gilbert, Vice-President; Donna Shaw, Harriett Hud¬ son, Secretary; Cherie Martini, Historian; Vern Ann Williams, Ginger Roberts, Carolyn Curtis. Standing: Carolyn Bassett, Sherard Thompson, Carolyn Scribner, Treasurer; Judy Lukas, Bessie Hershberger, Rosie Fowler, Shannon Martin, Bev Sams, Presi¬ dent; Karen Crawford, Nancy Niles, Elizabeth Sanders, Denise Deaver, Trisha Chambers, Mary Louise Rodgers, Cindy Coats. Eta Kappa Nu, EE Honorary Eta Kappa Nu is the only national honor society for electrical engineers. Members are selected from the junior and senior classes and include only those students who have excelled scholastically, and have contributed to extracurricular activities. Eta Kappa Nu is one of the highest honors an electrical engineer can receive. First Row; E. Wells, R. Rickett, Pledge Trainer. Second Row: W. Stiles, D. Malone, J. Oskowis. Third Row: D. Coleman, D. Taylor, Treasurer; Dr. J. Yeargan, Faculty Advisor; R. Chedister. Fourth Row: C. Mayfield, J. Bryant, Vice-President; J. Parham, G. Bartsch, Corresponding Secretary; D. Chamberlain, Bridge Correspondent; T. Orrell, President. 91 ASAE Unites Agricultural Engineers Participation in Engineers’ Week is an im¬ portant part of the activities of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers this year. The ASAE is active in providing agricultural engineers with ideas about the profession and in giving to them a chance to meet and talk with members of the vocation. Top to Bottom: Richard B. Cravens, Ross Hussey, Terry Steuart, John R. Langston, Douglas Kratz, Charles R. Lee, Vice-President; Steve Brister, Alan Fortenberry, Larry Dearing, Charles M. Adams, Dan Edwards, John Horton, Nathan Bagley, Fred Schmidt, Tom F. Black, Glenn S. Nelson, T. R. C. Rokeby, Lewis Bell, Bob Tusing, Robert White, Secretary; Randy Young, President; George W. Baker, Danny Bartlett, Treasurer; Richard Estes. ; 7 ri I 1 A w ri - Mj V M JSTf W MS T ; i )f i Ki, j 1 • ' v A v t First Row: Jane Dunlap, Pat Murphy, Secretary; Linda Napper, Carol Sonnenfeld, Joanie McCain, Linda Dahl, Historian; Marsha Beck, Sandra Wells. Second Row: Cecilia Hearne, Suzie David, Judy Robertson, Gail Thayer, Jan Black, Linda Sharp, President; Cynthia Nance, Gail Hearne, Corresponding Secretary; Susan Hig- ginbothom, Mapra Alexander. (Not Pictured: Carol Hogsett). AKL Adopts Little Sisters The Alethians, a part of the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity, had its beginning on the University campus in 1969. The group con¬ sists of girls selected from the different living groups on campus. They serve as hostesses for the social functions of AKL and help acquaint the new pledges with fraternity life by acting as big sisters. 92 ASME Views Future of Careers The ASME’s purpose is advancing the knowl¬ edge of theory and practice of mechanical engineering. By holding technical meetings, showing films, sending representatives to regional conventions, and participating in field trips to industrial firms, ASME in¬ creases with the problems facing him in the future of his career. First Row: Jim Kemp, Sam Cummings, Bill Rogers, Randy Chap¬ man, Gerald Freeman, Gus Dobbs. Martin Dryden. Standing: Ernest Hagan, Alan Heffernan, Gary Reed, Jack Clemens, Wayne Garri¬ son, Carter Berry, Guy Irby, Barry Baker, Ronald White, Fred Brown, Tim Ryan, Rick Luce, George Eubanks, J. D. Smith, Larry Jarrett, H. K. Khattar, Eddie Leonard. Back Row: Alan Lashbrook, Ralph Watts, Don Bunch, V. K. Bhalla, Dan O’Roark. AIIE Explores Industrial Problems The American Institute of Industrial En¬ gineering’s activities include tours of various industrial plants throughout the state, month¬ ly speakers, and service projects. As a service organization, it helps with the Engineering Open House and it is sponsored by the Little Rock and Tulsa senior chapters of AIIE. First Row: C. Marlin, Secretary; J. Hazlewood, President; D. Alex¬ ander, Vice-President. Second Row: M. Meeks, K. Garner, L. Oliver, D. Abell, Treasurer. Third Row: M. Chhabra, G. Earls, Publicity Chairman; H. McCone, M. Lawless. Fourth Row: P. Singal. C. Huggins, G. Staggs, B. Cate, R. Hill, J. Stricklen. Fifth Row: R. Stanford, S. Kelly, B. Bingham, P. Stone, Faculty Advisor. 93 First Row: Bin Kang Cheng, Fernando Passos, Mahajan Prakash, Helga Schoerkl, Mona Acosta. Second Row: Adriel Cope, Robbie Kouri, Jenhsiung Tung, Adella Paul, Charles Daniels, Brij N. Sri- vastava, Muhiadin R. Tarabzune, Margaret Friedlein, M. J. Ravin- dranath, Zuhair A. Nafi. Third Row: Sohrab Holakouzadeh, Reno Schalm, Eckhard Langbehn, Thomas J. Bellows, Peter J. Rieck, Barbara Arnold, Ramarao Yellayi, M. H. Shanbhag, Nina Astrom, Prakash Jalihal, Rolf Bartholomay, Claus Sauer. Fourth Row: Mike Hill, Nabil Morcos, Wing Y. Wong, Chung-moon Chen, Loui- sette Blanchard, Wolfgang Schnitzler, Karin Brewer, Paul Lang¬ ston, Stewart Smith, Berneda Ella Stewart, Df. M. R. Wanjari. ui ■ J 1 t - v m i ■Ly 1 ' K .1 1 M L ; ii || 1 • • ( " y. f Sill ii ' S E fc ' ■ 1 International Club The purpose of the International Club is to provide an opportunity for students to meet students of other countries and cultures. With membership from twenty-five coun¬ tries, including the United States, the International Club offers Cof¬ feehouses, a United Nations Day, and many guest speakers. Society iinii " ■ mi Hr BBT " , iffe ' • First Row: Parvin Singal, Harsh Kumar Kmattar, James Kemp, Chairman; Dennis A. Barry, Wayne Garrison, Gary L. Reed, Tommy Frost. Second Row: Gil Weisberger, Gerald D. Freeman, Secre¬ tary; Sam Cummings, Barry T. Baker, Vice-Chairman; Alan Lash- brook, Rick Luce, Treasurer; Jimmy Allen, Ron Stracner, Gus Dobbs, James Singleton, Ben Thigpen, Vipan Bhalla, Professor Gleason, Faculty Advisor. of Automotive Engineers The Society of Automotive En¬ gineers promotes engineering prac¬ tices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of transportation vehicles. It is a na¬ tional association with student branches that maintain a bridge between college and professional work. This year’s activities in¬ cluded a gymkhana and the Mid- Continent meeting. 94 Foremost Chapter of First Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, founded in 1901, was the first professional business fraternity. Beta Zeta Chapter was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1924, and is one of the 125 collegiate chapters. Ranking high in na¬ tional standings, this chapter received the efficiency award for its region. First Row: Paul Cunningham, Secretary; Larry Alsip, Master of Rituals; Bryden Moon, Vice-President. Second Row: Bill Trinco, Treasurer; Forrest Jacobi, President; Jack Cahill, National Presi¬ dent; Bill Stovall, Chaplain. First Row: Rick Shaw, Don Ruth, Bill Trinco, Phil Boudreaux, Bill Ward, Bob Donaghe, Jack Cahill, Albert Newton, Bob Cooper, Browning Hull, George Patton, Gary Brian Jackson, Bryden Moon Jr., Carl Hicks. Second Row: Richard Ayres, Larry Alsip, John C. Gocio, Paul Cunningham, Pat Hurst, Allen Harrel, Jim McGee, Brian Griffith, Bill Stoval, Steve Ermert, Rodney McDaniel, Robert W. Bell, Forrest Jacobi. 95 First Row: Becky Mathias, Secretary; Robert Parker, President; Terry L. McCormack, Treasurer. Second Row: Jeffrey Banks, Stephen Fineberg. Third Row: Marshall Moore. Gary Cotton, Mike Scott. Fourth Row: William C. Tennison, Charles M. Robards. Fifth Row: Bill Ward, Lee Murphy, Michael Riley. SAM Serves Students with Bookstore The Society for the Advancement of Man¬ agement is a social organization of managers in industry, commerce, government, and education. Once a semester they sponsor banquet meetings. They also organize field trips for their members which include tours of plants. Their chief aim is service to stu¬ dents in the College of Business Administra¬ tion. First Row: Dennis Abell, Bill Bingham. Second Row: Rick Hill, Treasurer; Jim Stricklen. Third Row: John Ballard, President; Jim Bain, Vice-President. Fourth Row: Garry Earls, David Alexander, Secretary; Gene Staggs, Dr. Asfahl, Advisor. Alpha Pi Mu . . . Industrial Engineer Honorary Alpha Pi Mu is an honorary industrial en¬ gineering society composed of students whose academic record is high. The organi¬ zation takes an active interest in the pro¬ fessional aspects of industrial engineering by sponsoring guest speakers, performing course evaluations, and maintaining an employer file for industrial engineers. 96 Front Row: Tim Ryan, Johnnie Ballard, Dennis Abell, John Starr, Carl Lancaster, Gene Bartsch. Back Row: L. R. Kirby, Advisor; Robert Ric- kett, Richard Luce, Ralph Evans, Bob Sewell, Richard Hill, Gary Reed, Larry Hill, Joseph Sutton, Mike Capoot, Charles Stein, Ron Rhoades. Tau Beta Pi Selects Top Engineers Tau Beta Pi is a national engineering honor society founded in 1885. Tau Beta Pi selects its members from the top students in the field of engineering. The Arkansas chapter of Tau Beta Pi, founded in 1914, is one of 133 active chapters with a membership of over 153,000. The local chapter has initiated over one thousand men. T. Orrell, Treasurer; T. Ryan, Initiate Trainer; C. Lancaster, Cata¬ loged J. Starr, President; G. Bartsch, Recording Secretary. (Not Pictured: R. Rhodes, Vice-President). 97 First Row: T. McCutc- hen, B. Brewer. Second Row: B. King, T. Earhart, L. Harris. Third Row: D. Larsen, S. Shaddox, M. Cobb, M. Starks, C. Reed, P. Taylor, J. Pace. Fourth Row: C. Johan- son, J. Adams, M. At¬ kinson, S. Bollen, B. Hill, M. Graves, C. Hammans, C. Lukas. Barbie Brewer, Treasurer; Maureen Cobb, Sec¬ retary; Billi Hill, President; Martha Starks, Vice- President; Claudia Hammans, Historian. Chimes— Sophomore Women’s Honorary Chimes is an organization of sophomore women cho¬ sen to serve as official hostesses of the University. To become a Chime is an honor, but it also requires much work. The main duty of Chimes is to conduct tours of the University. They also assist in registra¬ tion and freshman orientation. Chimes may be an inspiration to freshmen to become that “better self.” 98 BSU Perspective 1970 What is the Baptist Student Union? “Perspective 1970” . . . touch football . . . growing individually . . . popcorn . . . knowing yourself . . . knowing others . . . knowing God . . . ping pong . . . prayer . . . float trips . . . guest speakers. LLUWILa First Row: P. Roach, D. Bullington, M. McDonald, T. Johnson, N. Harrison, A. Bradley, J. Berry- hill. Second Row: P. Philliber, S. Brewer. Third Row: E. Williamson, W. Brown, G. Merrick. Fourth Row: J. Criss, G. Pattison, G. Moon. Fifth Row: S. Tucker, A. Prier, B. Parker. Sixth Row: V. Drye, B. Wickersham, M. Sutton. Seventh Row: L. Lloyd, S. Sloat, M. Hill. Eighth Row: S. White, R. White, T. Dame. Ninth Row: M. Hill, S. Lilly, S. Harrison. Tenth Row: D. Jackson, R. Knight, N. Cook, I. Jenkins, P. Brady, T. Cassem, C. Powell, J. Holcomb. Eleventh Row: Dr. Offutt, Faculty Advisor; P. Shupe, A. Cullum, Rev. T. Gordon, Pastor Advisor; R. Sisk, D. Fore¬ man, J. Morse L. Beard. Sharon Sloat, Enlistment Chairman; Marty Mc¬ Donald, Associate Director; Diane Foreman, Study and Worship Chairman; Terrel Gordon, Pastor Advisor; M. S. Offutt, Faculty Advisor; Jamie L. Jones, BSU Director; Danny Bulling¬ ton, President; Shirley Snow White, Administra¬ tion Chairman; Shirley Tucker, Publicity Chair¬ man. 99 Bill Hatfield, Secretary; Mike Childers, President; John Hawes, Publicity Chairman; Charlie Stevens, Vice-President; Rick Wood, Junior Engineering Council Representative; (Not Pictured: Bill Rorie, Treasurer; Vernon Rowe, Senior Engineering Council Repre¬ sentative). AIChE Promotes Engineers’ Week The American Institute of Chemical En¬ gineers was organized for the purpose of acquainting students with the benefits and problems of a career in chemical engineering. AIChE promotes the activities of Engineers’ Week, sponsors technical speakers and field trips, and presents the chapter’s outstanding research paper at the regional convention. First Row: Bob Sewell, Harry Elrod, Bob Makin, Mike Harris, Bill Hatfield, Mike Childers, Mike Clary. Second Row: Tom Dillon, Steve Storms, Weldon Lybarger, Charlie Stevens, Rick Wood, John Hawes, William Lea, Ed Kirchoff, James McCollum, Dr. Charles Springer, Advisor. Third Row: Mike Livingston, Carrol Edwards, Tom Rehm, Jim Wheelington, Steve Cooper. 100 The main project of the Engineering Coun¬ cil is the planning and preparation of En¬ gineers’ Week which is highlighted by the selection of St. Pat and St. Patricia. The Council is composed of elected representa¬ tives from the professional societies repre¬ senting each of the specialized fields within the College of Engineering as well as the manager and editor of the Arkansas Engineer. Council Unites Engineering Groups David Alexander, Treasurer; Vernon Rowe, Vice-President; Dennis Perry, President; Jim Hazlewood, Secretary. First Row: V. D. Rowe, Vice-President; D. E. Perry, President. Second Row: J. B. Hazlewood, Secretary; D. C. Alexander, Trea¬ surer. Third Row: G. L. Gibson, J. L. Gattis II. Clockwise: C. L. Marlin, James Hudson, Tom Riggs, Rick Wood, Carl Lancaster, Charles Batson, Jeff Lynch, Mike Childers, John Ballard, Gene Staggs, Larry Waits, Glen McKuin, Kenneth Garner, Charles R. Lee, Thomas Black, Dan Edwards, Randy Young, Bob Tusing. 101 AED .... International Med Society First Row: Phil Harrison, Eric Goad, Randy Russell, Richard Wheeler, Julie-Ann Zucca, Kurt Doege, Ruth Polk. Second Row: Mike Smith, James A. Johnson, Jacob Sacks, Faculty Advisor; Vern Ann Williams, Bill Swindell, Tom Swafford, Ginger Roberts. Third Row: David S. Baker, David Wilkes, Tom Brillhart, James Dossey, Glen Tripp, President; Michael Briggs, Harley Harber, Pat Forten¬ berry, Treasurer; Linda Sidwell, Secretary; Al Addington, Vice- President. Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international medical society whose membership is based on excellence in leadership, character, and scholarship. AED presents guest speakers throughout the year who comment on basic medical issues and current develop¬ ments. Such seminars provide pre-med stu¬ dents with the opportunity to make direct contact with their chosen field. Left Row: Kenneth E. Rogers, Tom Shank, David L. Whelchel, Tom¬ my Pitts, Don E. Adamsii. Right Row: Robert May, Larry Buell, Larry Dosser, Gene Bangs, Stan Fruchey. Standing: Ronald Lee Rushing, Reporter; James L. Robertson, Treasurer; Kermit D. Rep- pond, Master of Ceremonies. (Not Pictured: Alan Cox, Vice-Master Alchemist; David Cox, Recorder). Alpha Chi Sigma Chem Engineers Honorary Alpha Chi Sigma is an honorary fraternity for chemical engineers and chemistry ma¬ jors. The aim of the club is to further the interest in the science of chemistry. Alpha Chi Sigma hosts speakers who in¬ form the students of current trends and problems facing the chemist. In all its endeavors, Alpha Chi Sigma stresses aca¬ demic achievement above all. 102 ASCE Stresses Professional Skills The American Society of Civil Engineers offers the student of civil engineering an opportunity for professional development during the years prior to his actual profes¬ sional career. Through its activities, ASCE brings the student in contact with the chal¬ lenges and opportunities of that profession. ASCE sponsors projects for open house dur¬ ing Engineers’ Week, and speakers from all phases of civil engineering. First Row: Dan McGrew, Carl Lancaster, David Lambert, Rick Greeson, John E. Watkins, Robert Walters, President. Second Row: Steve Stone, Darryl L. Laws, John P. Kelly, Robert L. Thurber, Ber¬ nard W. Mize. Third Row: Bobby Ray Johnson, David L. Teague, Alvin Prieur, Danny Stafford. Fourth Row: Marty Hall, Russ Walker, Gary Carnahan, Ronnie Hawkins, Fred Horn, Secretary; Charles Means. Fifth Row: John G. Hills, Doyle W. Jones, Mike Thompson, William C. Owens, Kit Carson, Ralph Fulton. Sixth Row: Randy Coleman, Mike Jetton, W. Henry Jones, Mark Bradley, Johnny Buf¬ fo rd. Seventh Row: Elvert Leon Brewer, Wayne C. Kuse, Charles S. Boyd, Raymond Thompson Jr. Eighth Row: Dennis Hill, O. C. Duffy Jr., Ralph B. Barnes Jr., Charles C. Stein, Walter H. Goin, Vice-President, Dr. E. W. LeFevre, Advisor. Chi Epsilon Lauds Civil Engineers Chi Epsilon is the national honorary for civil engineers. Members are chosen from the upper third of the junior and senior classes. It recognizes a nd acknowledges high standards of scholastic and social achievement among civil engineers. First Row: Wayne C. Kuse, William C. Owens, Marshall; Charles S. Boyd, Secretary; Robert Walters, Danny Stafford, President; Ralph B. Barnes Jr. Second Row: Elvert Leon Brewer, Walter Hugh Goin III, Charles C. Stein, Randy Coleman, Johnny Bufford, Raymond Thompson, Jr. 103 Sig Ep’s Select Girls of Golden Heart First Row: F. Jacobi. G. Brady Jr., Dr. Smith, C. Jeffries, B. Garner, C. Bradbury, R. Meeks, B. Moon, E. Rogers, J. Glover, P. Malcom, S. Nipper, C. Metcalf. Second Row: L. McCampbell, L. Berney, M. Guard, S. Robinson, K. Russell, B. Maxwell, C. Bassett, J. Noller, N. Bane, M. Akins. L. Darrow, M. Watts, G. Mahaffey. Order of Omega Receives Charter Founded in the spring of 1970, the Order of Omega was organized to recognize out¬ standing service to the University com¬ munity and especially to the Greek system. Membership is based on scholarship, cam¬ pus activities, and Greek activities. Girls of the Golden Heart is an honorary service organization affiliated with Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The group, com¬ posed of fifteen members, undertakes var¬ ious service projects and serves as hostess for Sigma Phi Epsilon functions. First Row: D. Creekmore, J. Morris. Second Row: S. Smith. S. Car¬ den, K. Boch. Third Row: D. House, J. Hearnsberger. Fourth Row: S. Ward, S. Freed, A. Mclllory. Fifth Row: D. Lane, G. Hobbs, L. Burnett. Sixth Row: T. McCutchin. C. Carlson. 104 Crescents Serve At Lambda Chi Functions Crescent Gi rls is a service organization of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. The mem¬ bership, consisting of three girls from each sorority, assists Lambda Chi members with projects such as the Sorority Pledge First Row: Trudy Rakes, Kathy Counts, Terry Rakes, Paulena Pas¬ chal, Harriet Burns. Second Row: Jo Lynn Jennings, Anne Hunt, Bethel Cunningham, Advisor; Jane Allen, Janie Paschal. Third Row: Sally Queen, Karen Bock, Patty Kirkpatrick, Beverly Burch, Nancy Bane, Diane Sanders, Peggy Dillahunty, Alice Burton. Queen Pageant, the Salvation Army Drive, and many other house functions. Phi Upsilon Honors Top Home Ec Freshman Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national pro¬ fessional home economics fraternity. Mem- First Row: Lydia Gist, Cay Mathers, Rosie Fowler, Martha Hampton, Linda Robinson, Mrs. Polly Bell, Carol Woolley. Second Row: Cheryl Martin, Melissa Brothers, Betsy Elliot, Cheri Kasper, Cathy Donaghe, Kara West, Kyla Crank. Third Row: Brenda Hodge, Carol Winn, Julie Simmons, Pam Roegels, Jerri Atkins, Emily Halbrook. Fourth Row: Martha Starks, Jane Scott, LaDonna Downum, Jeri Donald¬ son, Margo Hale, Peggy Holmes. bers must be at least second semester sophomores and are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. Phi Upsilon encourages scholastic achieve¬ ment by presenting an award to the fresh¬ man with the highest grade point. 105 P. E. Majors Host Tournaments The PEM Club sponsors tournaments and activities for students majoring in physical education. Some of the activities offered are badminton and volleyball tournaments and a picnic at the end of the year. Mem¬ bers have access to such demonstration and participation programs as karate, ten¬ nis, gymnastics, and swimming. First Row: A. Lumpkin, J. Latimer, S. Eckert, K. DeBons, C. Burleson, B. Pruitt, Z. Tisdale, K. Kimberling, N. Roberson, T. Graham. Second Row: R. Slusarek, PEM Spon¬ sor; R. Whorton, D. Treece, K. Carter, K. Hal- torn, D. Stout, K. Farrell, J. Williams, Secretary; H. Holt, A. Kittrell, J. Heider, D. Watts, Vice-President; R. Hall, C. Law. i u in BlWl rm jppk A ' ' ■ P i j Mr Jn vny Fj |) f 1 W Y% if M ■ ii ' . v i JUL nli r • V I Jfijr W f£ • V I w 1 ■ m ■! HL L : | w T.A iKfc Ma Seated: Ellon Rogers, Vice-President, Dianne Wilson, President. First Row: Mary Cotton, Advi¬ sor; Becky Meredith, La- juana Teague, Coleen Newby, Vicki Pelletier, Reporter; Connie Kerr, Peggy Hardgrave, Treas¬ urer; Carolynn Gray, Bar¬ bara Warnock, Secretary; Melinda Bays. Second Row: Mary Walker, Anne Hunt, Frances Morris, An¬ nette Hatfield, Linda Gardner, Melanie Mueller. American Home Economics Association is a part of the professional organization for home economists. Its members, taken from the College of Agriculture and Home Eco¬ nomics, stress the importance of profession¬ al home economics. AHEA seeks to expand the interest of student home economists. Home Economists Unite in AHEA TAU— Residence Hall Honorary Tau Alpha Upsilon is an honorary residence hall fraternity. Its purposes are to recognize outstanding leadership in residence halls and to provide assistance to the campus. Chartered in 1963, TAU selects twenty new members in the fall. Members must main¬ tain a 2.5 grade point average and possess qualities which deem them worthy of mem¬ bership in the organization. First Row: Linda Jeffus, Kris Hohne, Janice Summerhill. Second Row: David McClain, Dolores Villines, Lorraine Ellis. Third Row: Anne Kittrell, Carolyn Scribner, Nancy Perkins. Fourth Row: Bill Ruck, Nancy Nelson, Natalie Dyer. Fifth Row: Jamie Perkins, Bessie Hershberger, Tom Richardson, Advisor. Sixth Row: Kay Thomas, Gary McDonald, Ann Pride. Seventh Row: Karen Craw¬ ford, Cathy Preyer, Jim McKenzie. Eighth Row: Jim Hardwick, Steve Williams. Ninth Row: Mike McKenzie, Jim Burnett. Tenth Row: Eddie H. Walker Jr., Donald Bunch, Stephen Leopard. Seated: Bryan Banks, Gil Glover, Tom Rife, Glenn Tripp, Ron Sisk, Bill Rorie. First Row: Brenda McGowan, Jane Dunlap, June Freund, Pat Beard, Jay Anna Haynes, Peggy Franks, Lynn McCleary, Corinne Eldridge. Second Row: Cindy Yoe, LaJeana Young, Linda Trumble, Jackie Treadway, Janice Wilkerson, Susan Leeton, Lee Clemmons, Claudia Johanson, Becky Hull, Cathy Feild, Carolyn Bassett, Nan Cole. Third Row: Patsy Voightmann, Pam Fultz, Kathy Lovett, Patri¬ cia Garmon, Carolyn Bell, Beth Barnes, Alice Alexander, Marla Jones, Pam Gillean, Donna Newton, Hilda Turner. Chi Theta Business Women’s Honorary Chi Theta is an honorary organization which promotes the role of women in busi¬ ness. Chi Theta brings speakers to the campus to talk about job opportunities of¬ fered to women in today’s business world. Membership in Chi Theta is open to wom¬ en enrolled in the College of Business Ad¬ ministration at the sophomore level or above. 107 Arkansas Parachute Club Arkansas Parachute Club is an affiliated club of the United States Parachute Asso¬ ciation. The club offers a training course and provides equipment for students. All student instruction and jumping is conduct¬ ed by certified jumpmasters. Club members participate in competition and fun jumping throughout the academic year. 108 First Row: Tim Ryan, J D. Smith, Fred Brown. Standing: Steve Politte, Martin Dryden, Al Schneider, Carter Berry, Ernest Hagan, Sam Cum¬ mings, Tom Buschbaugh, Phil Koch, Wayne Garrison, Willie Rogers. National Honorary for Mechanical Engineers Pi Tau Sigma, founded at the Univer¬ sity of Illinois in 1915, was organized “to foster the ideals of the engineer¬ ing profession, to stimulate interest in co-ordinate departmental activi¬ ties, and to promote the welfare of its members.” The Arkansas chapter, in¬ stalled in 1959, has worked to im¬ prove the “image” of the mechanical engineering student on the campus. National Collegiate Players National Collegiate Players has as its purpose the recognition of individuals who have contributed significantly to theatre activities while in college and who have done well scholastically. The Arkansas chapter awards two to three scholarships in drama annually. Na¬ tional Collegiate Players is the only national dramatics organization recog¬ nized by the National Honors Council. First Row: Larry Sharp, Brenda Parks, Secretary; Kenneth Parks, Presi¬ dent; Barbara Bergren, Robert Hilliard. Second Row: Clifford Langford, Kenneth Austin, Peter Rose, Jerry Dellinger. Third Row: George Kern- odle, Preston Magruder, Advisor; Brice Harris. 110 Ill outings, football, and picturesque leaves of 112 113 The young and the old, the straight and the hip . . . all gathered together and were amused by each other’s presence. Herbs, spices, and bat-tails were order of the day. autumn . . . greek pleasures . . . seeking new concepts unique 114 interpretations . . . mischievous fun . . . September’s novelties There are four main reasons why I should be your President!! This meal may have been the epitome of mediocrity; Paulsen, however, proved to be par excellence. For me? Two tickets to the Texas-Arkansas game? Tell me, just who is Arkansas? 115 The atmosphere, which seemed so tense during the game, sud¬ denly became heavy with emotions and expressionless faces as the final seconds ticked away . . . . razorback fans recognized a Cl¬ one of the original captains, caught in a moment of remembrance. O C n The Wichita quarterbacks’ lack of experience on the playing field didn’t seem to hinder their determination to beat the Razorback Hogs. The spirit of Wichita remained high throughout the game. There were even cries of " Go Wheatshockers!” from ardent Hog fans. men from wichita state 116 for their fine exhibit of pride and strong determination Their faces, drenched in sweat and determination, showed a de- After the game, Coach Broyles and Coach Seamon met, not to sire to get out there and play . . . like they never played before. discuss the goods and bads, but congratulations for a fine game. 117 Some mornings you might as well not get out of the bed. autumn became a reality, No matter whether it is Greek or dorm, all the food is intolerable. Intramurals demand a balanced diet. 118 The previous night’s “wipe-out” left quite a job for some pledges. activities grew , and finals Ha Ha! This is one little bastard that I’m really going to really throw the book at! seemed a long way off . . . The tremendous parking problem of the U of A campus is bad enough without the help of some stupid agitator. A 7:30 Lit class in Old Main, lunch at Pomfret, tennis behind Fulbright, a big test tonight, and Fred really ex¬ pects me to check his mail and fix his dinner before six o’clock. 119 Fulbright’s best audience was in the classroom. “cat on a hot tin roof” . . costumes were donned . Frivolity Week’s checker game was a query for “kings. Otherwise labeled Hot Cat on a Tin Roof, the Univer¬ sity’s drama was a success. YDC-YRC membership drives were more excit¬ ing than the elections. hippies shouted frivol on . . The mock election was a mockery since few voted. november was win’s defeat Arkansas politics were evident as Dale Bumpers, Win Rockefeller, and Bob Riley discussed their pros and cons on many subjects. 121 She didn’t want to sell programs, and the bad weather made it worse. with all the spirits very high Due to bad weather, the torchlight parade and the bonfire were originally called off, but due to hundreds of spirited students, the torches were lit and the band played on. while the temperatures low Joanie Noller, Kappa, reigned as “Mayor of Porkerville,” a contest where the University raised almost $700 for the Wichita State fund. Many hours of hard work went into the house decorations . . . one tradition that hasn’t died out. 122 The 60-yard field goal that broke the NCAA rec¬ ord belonged solely to senior Bill McClard. The Porker People of Porkerville gathered heartily at the Un¬ ion booth to vote for Arkansas’ first Mayor of Porkerville who was to instill Porker Power at the pep rally and game. for the razorbacks again By popular vot© of th© Razorback squad, Jill Cromw6ll of Harrison, Arkansas, was s©l6ct6d to rsiqn as HomscominQ Qu©©n. 123 if it were not for boring classes, At times, even the soli¬ tude of a somber place doesn’t help much. intolerable pressures, other A typical Greek walk-out jack-around. Now ain’t that the sheets! 124 125 is there any better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in And you think it’s crowd¬ ed now — you should see The Pit later on. 126 fayetteville than to attend a razorback football game? Fans get a close-up view of Doc Severenson as he judges the U of A Band and rates them first. Pep rallies, a necessary part of any football sea¬ son, were always full of pep and spirits. 127 sometimes it ' s a £ People were so amazed at Jane Fonda’s Sym¬ posium that they just got up and left it. Sabicas, famous flaminco guitarist, was well received at the U of A despite his rousing introduction as a " famous flamingo” guitarist. the regular grind of classes. A typical Saturday night at the Rink . . . drinking quite a bit, danc¬ ing very little, and not giving a damn what happens tomorrow. The Lambda Chi’s awarded the coveted title of " Miss Sorority Pledge Queen 1970” to Jeri Donaldson for her talent and beauty. 128 Many students play college in the rain; these boys play football. with all the extra activities , r-h Zr o c 00 Sa Robin Williams, the second entertainer on the coffeehouse circuit, came to campus an unknown and left that way. § :r o CD CD S 3 CD CD CX c n Q ’-s CD OQ C Q 1 3 Q- O CD Q cn cn CD 03 U of A drama, The Front Page, should have starred the show- stealer Rhonda Bates, who did a superb job of acting a part. 129 Administration and Academia An academic institution composed of eight colleges and governed by a ten member board . . . profs imparting wisdom and knowledg to men and women seeking a degree . . . four or five years spent studying, living, learning . . . gaining wisdom? 131 The President What lies ahead for the University of Arkansas in the next ten years? This was the question posed to Dr. David Mul¬ lins, President of the U of A for the past ten years. Dr. Mullins finds today’s students more broadly prepared, more sensitive to social problems, and more concerned about the inner workings of the University. To meet the demands of today’s student, Mullins sees a curriculum “tailor-made” to each individual’s needs, with greater emphasis on the hu¬ manities and social sciences. He foresees a continuing growth in enrollments and buildings, accompanied by the renova¬ tion of old buildings, including Old Main. In some areas, new teaching techniques employing electronic media will re¬ place outmoded methods of instruction. All in all, Dr. Mul- ( lins feels that tomorrow’s student will find less pressure, but will be more committed to his studies. Recently, Dr. Mullins was named president-elect of the prestigious National Asso¬ ciation of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges. 132 Dr. Mullins works closely with the state to secure funds and help for the University. Newly-elected Governor Bumpers, who stressed in his cam¬ paign that education was top priority, spoke at January Commencement. 133 The Boar Trustees ' 5 Dr. David W. Mullins University President v« y ' rV r 1 s ' «v y@KS39 UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Dr. Charles E. Kemp Physician—Jonesboro Fred S. Vorsanger Vice-President for Business Secretary of the Board V £ Fred Pickens Lawyer—Newport D. P. Raney Municipal Bond Dealer—Little Rc Chairman of the Board Members of the Board serve a ten-year term with one new member appointed by the Governor each year. Leon Catlett re¬ tired last year and was replaced by Robert Shults. Thomas Eisele resigned upon be¬ ing appointed as a federal judge and was replaced by Dr. Charles E. Kemp. 134 Robert Shults LawyerwLittle Rock R. E. L. Wilson III Businessman==Wilson Howard H. Horst Lawyer—Stuttgart Dr. Preston L. Hathcock Physician—Fayetteville John L. Wilson Lawyer—Hope Roy Ritter Businessman—Springdale ♦ The Board approved the merger of the University with Arkansas A M at Mon- ticello with the legal control of A M passing to the Board. A day law school at Little Rock was approved provided ade¬ quate financing could be secured. Directly affecting the students, the Board extended card keys to sophomore women this fall. Last year the Board had granted the privilege to junior women. The Board also approved an increase in residence hall rates, but didn’t raise tuition. 135 Charles W. Oxford, Administrative Vice-President Fred Vorsanger, Vice-President for Business Palmer C. Pilcher, Vice-President for Academic Affairs 136 VICE PRESIDENTS When not planning, coordinating, and di¬ recting the activities of the University, these men take time out to enjoy their own hobbies and special interests which range from play¬ ing the organ to various outdoor activities such as golf, fishing, and landscaping. James L. Dennis, Vice-President for Health Services Vice-Presidents Oxford and Vor- sanger review agenda for an exec¬ utive meeting with Dr. Mullins. John W. White, Vice-President for Agriculture 137 Carter Short, Registrar Administrative Personnel These members of the administration handle all the financial, legal, and maintenance aspects of the University and all registration activities. Although not usually recognized by students, it is the efforts of these men that keep the University running smoothly. E. H. Donaubauer, Director of Development William W. Hughes, Director of Information 138 Carl Whillock, Assistant to the President Ray Trammell, Legal Counsel 139 0. J. Rinnert, Business Manager John R. Carney, Controller Jack Woody, Treasurer 140 Dennis L. Chappell, Purchasing Agent Joe Talley, Superintendent of Physical Plant Marvin Miller, Director of Libraries 141 Division Overall concern for the welfare, interests, and out-of-class education for students is vested in the Division. The Division seeks to administer its respective programs and to enhance the central academic purpose of the University while at the same time help¬ ing students achieve their educational goals. Barbara Arnold, Assistant Dean of Men James C. Pequette, Assistant Dean of Students of Student Affairs David Cooksey, Coordinator of Student Aid Nancy Sindon, Dean of Women; William F. Denman, Dean of Students; John A. Stefferud, Dean of Men, Robert M. Barnes, Director of Arkansas Union 143 College of Agriculture and Home Economics Substantial Increase in Graduates Coeds in home economics learn skills of dressmaking and design, as well as basics of sewing, cooking, and home management. Experiencing a fifty percent increase in enrollment, the College of Agriculture and Home Economics has had a 110 percent increase in number of students graduated in the same period. Careful advising and better educated entering freshmen all have contributed to increasing the percentage of entering freshmen who graduate. Glenn W. Hardy, Dean of the College Students get first hand information on the processing of beef and pork, and the visible results of their endeavors are sold to off campus students, faculty, and University housing units. 144 Jane Allen, Off Campus, Sheridan, 3 T0; Barbara Ashcraft, Eutrall, Pine Bluff; Vernoice Baldwin, Off Campus, Mount Ida, 4 T0; Nancy Bane, AT 1 , Lexington, Mass., Assoc. Editor ' 71 Razorback; Melinda Bays, Off Campus, Ham¬ burg, AHEA; Samuel Beasley, 2X, Heth, 2X Houseman- ager. Barbara Beck, ZTA, Siloam Springs, ZTA Rush Chair¬ man; Lloyd Bell, Off Campus, Cave Springs; Mary Bell, Off Campus, Prescott, T2A; Judy Bickham, KA0, Tillar, ROTC Cadette; Joan Biles, KKT, Salem; Karen Bock, ZTA, Clarksville, $T0. Freddie Bollinger, 2 I E, Hulbert; Bruce Bostian, Off Cam- Pus Hardy; Guy Brady, FarmHouse, Manilla; Stephen Brister, Off Campus, Blytheville, AZ; Elizabeth Browning, Off Campus, Decatur; Danny Bullington, Off Campus, Charleston, AZ. Beverly Burch, Futrall, Hot Springs; 4 T0; Harriet Burns, ZTA, North Little Rock, ZTA Treas; Donnie Campbell, Off Campus, Green Forest, Animal Industry Club; Barbara Carter, AXQ, Fayetteville, IFPC Sec.; Robert Chadwick, Off Campus, Warren; Jerry Clark, Off Campus, Hackett. Terrisue Cochran, Futrall, Salem; Martha Collins, Off Campus, Walnut Ridge; Donald Cureton, Off Campus, Cash, ASec.; Lou Daugherty, Off Campus, Siloam Springs, AHEA; Frances Dickinson, Off Campus, Fayette- v ' lle; Marcia Elizandro, Off Campus, Fort Worth, $T0. Joe Finn, Off Campus, Farmington, Animal Industry Club; Mike Flynn, ATP, Charleston, ASA Pres.; Gene Franco, Off Campus, Springdale; Robert Garrett, Off Campus, Hartford, ATA Pres.; Teddy Glaub, Holcombe, Rector; Vick Goodner, Off Campus, Pencil Bluff. Michael Grisham, Off Campus, Mesquite, Texas; Carolyn Hackworth, Off Campus, Pocahontas; Michael Haley, ATP, Pi ggott, ATP Historian; Edward Halk, i rA, Jonesboro; Dennis Harmon, Off Campus, Bentonville, AZ; Sandra Harmon, Futrall, Desha. J ni Harp, Off Campus, Dogpatch, AZ; Ricky Horton, ■ATP, Marshall, Agronomy Club; Donna Huffman, Off Campus, Paragould; Anne Hunt, Off Campus, Camden, T0 Pres.; Alice Hunter, Pomfret, Pine Bluff, BAD; Richard Imboden, ATP, Cherry Valley, ATP Chaplain. Sammy Johnson, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Pershing Rifles; Jerry Jones, Off Campus, Harrison; John Kjeld- 9aard, Off Campus, El Dorado; Beverly Kliner, Off Cam- Pus, Fort Smith; Kathleen Knowles, AAII, Little Rock, Ranhellenic Representative; Katy Koch, Off Campus, Paris. 145 Margaret LaPrade, AAIT, Dallas, Texas, AAII Philanthro¬ pic Chairman; Connie Lashley, Off Campus, Decatur; Eddie Lee, ArP, Ratcliff, ATP Housemanager; James Mc- Entire, ATP, Beebe, ATA; Ronald McGhee, Off Campus, Siloam Springs; Kent McGregor, ATP, Yellville, Scab¬ bard and Blade Pres. Stanley McKown, ArP, Van Buren; Linda Marple, Off Campus, Bentonville; Edwynn Martin, ArP, Alma, ATA Reporter; Joe Martin, FarmHouse, Texarkana, AZ Chancellor; Jane Matthews, Reid, Dumas, $T0; Sherry Morphis, Off Campus, Pine Bluff. Hubert Morrow, Off Campus, Prescott; Lynn Moss, Off Campus, Morrilton; Melanie Mueller, Reid, Hot Springs, T0; Betty Munn, Humphreys, DeQueen; Nancy Murray, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Ann Nailling, 4-H House, North Little Rock, 3 T0 Sec. Steve Noland, AXA, Fayetteville; Joanie Noller, KKT, Prairie Village, Kan., Chairman Arkansas Union Program Council; Gary Osborne, Pomfret, Alma; Clyde Page, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Deborah Parsons, AAIT, North Little Rock, AHEA; Janie Paschal, Off Campus, Fayetteville. Patricia Patrick, Off Campus, Decatur; Garry Peevy, ATP, Van Buren, AZ; Richard Penn, U of A Infirmary, Cave City; Don Penquite, Buchanan, Russellville; Carol Perry, Off Campus, North Little Rock, 3 T0; Sidney Pittman, Off Campus, Lonsdale, Animal Industry Club. Lawrence Ray, FarmHouse, Rogers, Arkansas Agriculturist Editor; Ray Rhoades, FarmHouse, Gravelly; Phillip Rice, Off Campus, Cotter, Animal Industry Club Pres.; James Richardson, ATP, Booneville, Agri Econ. Club V.P.; Tim Robbins, FarmHouse, Mena, AZ; Ellon Rogers, KA0, Hampton, AHEA V.P. Everett Rogers, ATP, Paragould, ATP V.P.; Rita Rus- sell. Off Campus, Jenks, Okla.; Beverly Sanders, Xfl, Crossett, l TO; Robert Seay, FarmHouse, Bentonville, ASA Pres.; Danny Segraves, ArP, Cabot, AZ; Paul Shaver, ArP, Batesville, ATT Pres. Marsha Shorts, Futrall, Ketchikan, Alaska; Clara Smith, Reid, Gentry; Thomas Smith, Off Campus, Green Forest; Mary Suchecki, Off Campus, Murfreesboro, AHEA; Danny Sudmeyer, Hotz, London, AZ; Donny Sudmeyer, Hotz, London, AZ. James Sutherland, Off Campus, Lavaca; Roy Sutton, Off Campus, Lowell; Fran Swilling, Off Campus, Booneville; Elizabeth Tabor, Futrall, North Little Rock, AHEA; Richard Tallman, Off Campus, Horatio; Lajuana Teague, Off Cam¬ pus, Green Forest. 146 When she signed up for this three-hour lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she didn’t know what was in store for her. Benny Thigpen, K2, DeWitt; James Thomas, Off Campus, delight; Howell Thompson, ATP, Cabot, ASAE; Carmen Trantham, 4-H House, Cabot, ASA; Doyle Treat, Off Cam¬ pus, Yellville; Willie Tucker, Off Campus, Winnsboro, La., $T0. Cecelia Turton, Off Campus, Siloam Springs, $T0; Omer Van Brunt, Off Campus, Prairie Grove; Terence Vest, ArP, Ozark, OAK; Joseph Waldrip, ATP, Batesville, AZ; David Walker, Off Campus, Van Buren; Cheryl Waller, Off Campus, Little Rock. Gregory Wallgreen, ATP, Wichita, Kan.; Trudy Walters, Off Campus, Hot Springs; Linda Weathers, Off Campus, Springdale; Jimmy Whiley, ATP, Mansfield, AZ; Betty White, KKT, DeQueen; Teresa Whiteley, Off Campus, Wesley, i TO. Kenneth Williams, Hotz, Clarkedale, AZ; Terry Williams, ATP, Huntington, AZ; Thomas Williams, Off Campus, Alpena, AZ; Thomas Wilson, Off Campus, Vernon, Tex.; Barbara Wolfe, Off Campus, Neosho, Mo.; Forrest Wood, IlKA, Cherry Valley. 147 College of Arts and Sciences Emphasis On the Individual With a new attitude based on student choice and emphasis on the individual, the College hopes to present more oppor-i tunity for advanced placement. The grow¬ ing curriculum also attempts to provide more courses on pass-fail basis, and to simplify details in enrollment. Robbin C. Anderson, Dean of the College Architecture students capture campus attention with their many wild projects. The diversity of these twenty departments is exemplified by con¬ trasting the free creativity of art with strict rules of mathematics. Chivalry is not yet dead in Arkansas. U of A coeds are taught the fine art of fencing in order that they may better protect the honor of their boyfriends. Michael Abbiatti, 211, Fayetteville, Track Captain; James Adams, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Alfred Addington, Off Campus, Houston, Texas, AEA V.P.; John Allison, Off Campus, Morrilton, 2AE; Martha Alphin, XQ, El Dorado, T22; Sandra Asselin, AAA, Branson, Mo., St. Patricia. Nina Astrom, AXQ, Enkoping, Sweden; Charles Baier, AIvA, Joplin, Mo., AKA Corres. Sec.; Fred Barbee, Off Campus, Springdale; Pat Barkley, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Becky Bayless, Futrall, Murfreesboro; Jack Beauchamp, Off Campus, Marianna. Calon Blackburn, Off Campus, Heber Springs; Kenny Blackwell, Off Campus, Harrison; Larry Boccarossa, Off Campus, Pine Bluff; Claire Bond, AAA, El Dorado, AAA; Robert Borengasser, Gregson, Fort Smith; Beverlyn Bowen, AAJI, Alvin, Texas, ABC. Robert Bowen, TKE, Fort Smith; Thomas Bowen, Pomfret, Fort Smith, Pomfret Social Chairman; Terry Box, 4 TA, Fayetteville, Cheerleader; Amy Bradley, Futrall, Little Rock, BSU; Thomas Bridges, Pomfret, Texarkana; David Bruns, Off Campus, Malvern, 3 H2. Ann Bulmer, AAA, Ozark, Mo., Angel Flight; Betsy Bur- roughs, Xfi, Fordyce, Majorette; Sonja Butler, Off Cam- Pus, Alma; Rosanne Cabaniss, Pomfret, Rockport, Texas, T22 V.P.; Tommy Cain, Off Campus, Hot Springs; Craig Campbell, Off Campus, El Paso, Texas. Antoinette Cappleman, Reid, Winter Garden, Florida; John Carruth, Off Campus, DeQueen; Allen Casey, 2N, Springfield, Mo.; Fran Cassidy, Humphreys, Fort Smith; Elizabeth Chadbourn, Reid, Monticello; Nan Chamberlain, Off Campus, Fayetteville. 149 James Cheshier, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Anne Child¬ ress, Off Campus, DeQueen, Mortar Board; Sallie Chrane, Futrall, Liberty, Mo., AAIT; William Clack, Off Campus, Fayetteville, AIA; Carolyn Clark, Futrall, Fayetteville; Peggy Clark, Xfl, Arkadelphia, Chimes Treas. Carolyn Collar, KKT, Bethany, Okla.; Alan Colvin, Off Campus, Bethel Park, Pa.; Sara Corti, Ar, Milano, Italy; Dan Cowling, Off Campus, Little Rock; Lezlee Cowling, Off Campus, Little Rock; Alan Cox, Off Campus, Piggott, AX2. Bonnie Cox, Off Campus, Piggott, SNEA; David Cox, Sedgewell, Houston, Texas, AX2 Recorder; Joe Crain, Off Campus, Springdale; Marjean Creekmore, Pomfret, Pea Ridge; Douglas Curran, Off Campus, Gentry, Men ' s Sophomore Council; Scott Daniel, 2X, Prescott, II2A. Frederick Dark, Off Campus, Hardy, AX2; Veronica Dark, Off Campus, Ash Flat, AAA; Joseph Dawson, Off Cam¬ pus, St. Louis, Mo.; Martha Dickey, Reid, Pine Bluff; Richard Downing, AKA, Dallas, Texas, Senate; Miriam Duefl, Off Campus, Fayetteville, TB2 Pres. Aniela Dyer, Reid, Fort Smith; Gladys Edwards, Hum¬ phreys, Lake Village, BAD; Richard Edwards, Off Cam¬ pus, Joneboro, AIA; Fred Ellis, 2X, Hope, OAK Treas.; James Eubanks, Off Campus, Van Buren, Senate; Byron Evans, Sedgewell, Pine Bluff, Pershing Rifles. Dale Evans, Off Campus, Van Buren; Kathy Finch, Pom¬ fret, North Little Rock; Donald Fitzgerald, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Christopher Fowler, 3 A9, Newport Beach, Calif., ABC Pres.; Albert Frankenberger, Off Campus, Pocahontas, AIA; Stephen Freiman, I A9, Dallas, Texas, J A9 Pres. Olan Fruchey, Off Campus, Paragould, AX2; William Garner, J rA, Boulder, Colo., 3 rA Pres.; Mary Gasaway, Off Campus, Paris; Mark Gentry, Off Campus, Van Buren; Linda Gilbert, Pomfret, North Little Rock; Jerry Glover, Acacia, Little Rock, Traveler Editor. Kenneth Goines, Off Campus, Fayetteville; William Good¬ year, Off Campus, Pine Bluff; Mary Grisham, Pomfret, Benton; Melinda Guard, IIB3 , Blytheville, Order of Omega; Scott Haltom, Pomfret, Huntington Beach, Calif., A f fi; Sherie Harding, AXft, Franklin, Mass., Miss YRC. James Hargraves, 2X, Forrest City, 2X Sec.; Karen Harmon, AXft, Fort Smith, AXQ, Pres.; Melissa Harrell, KKr, Houston, Texas, Mortar Board; Che Harrelson, Off Campus, Tucson, Arizona; Sarah Harrison, Razorback, Walnut Ridge, Senate; Albert Hartman, 3 rA, Dayton, Ohio, AIA. 150 Sylvia Hawley, Xft, Little Rock, Xfi Rush Chairman; Gail Hearne, ZTA, Fordyce, ROTC Cadette; Terry Hen¬ drickson, Off Campus, Tulsa, Okla., AFROTC; Linda Henry, Razorback, Astoria, N.Y., Spanish Club Pres.; Thomas Henry, Off Campus, Stuttgart, A Club; Janet Herget, AAA, Paragould. Lolly Herlocker, KKr, North Little Rock, KKX Rush Chairman; Catherine Hickman, Off Campus, San Fran¬ cisco, Calif.; William Higginbothom, 2X, Helena, 2X V.P.; Michael Hightower, Off Campus, Springdale, AEA; Beth Hildbold, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Mortar Board V.P.; Charles Hill, Acacia, Little Rock. Dale Hill, Hotz, Fort Sheridan, III., Arnold Air Society; Wilhelmenia Hinton, Futrall, Greenwood, Miss.; Robert Hodges, 2X, Newport, ABC; Martha Hoggard, Off Cam¬ pus, El Dorado; Kris Hohne, Reid, Oklahoma City, Okla., ASG Sec.; Patricia Holt, IIB £, Fort Worth, Texas, ABC. Don Horner, AXA, Fayetteville, Uarkettes; James Howard, Off Campus, Hot Springs, 2TE Corres. Sec.; Jimmy Hud¬ speth, Off Campus, DeWitt; Charles Huggs, Off Campus, Pine Bluff; Michael Hunt, Off Campus, Sedalia, Mo.; Sally Hunt, Off Campus, Ardmore, Okla. Elizabeth Irving, AXL2. Morrilton; Daniel Jackson, Off Campus, Russellville; Becky Jay, AXfi, Springfield, Mo., AXQ V.P.; Lee Jemison, Reid, Memphis, Tenn.; Henrietta Jenkins, Off Campus, Wabash; Maurice Jennings, Off Campus, Heber Springs. Gail Jernigan, AAA, Lepanto, YDC; Leroy Jeske, 2IT, Fayetteville, OAK Pres.; Patricia Jines, Off Campus, Cassville, Mo.; John Johnson, IIKA, Springdale; Suzanne Johnson, Reid, Brinkley, ROTC Cadette; Albert Johnston, Off Campus, Bentonville, II2A. Lab work seems to require one to two afternoons a week while students wait for such things as water to boil. 151 Mike Jones, AXA, Stuttgart; Stephen Keller, AXA, Van Buren, ROTC; Connie Kemp, AT, Dallas, Texas, AEA; Peter Kingan, Off Campus, Houston, Texas, Arnold Air Society; Pam Kirby, KA0, Baton Rouge, La., AWS Treas.; Charles Knight, 2N, Lincroft, N.J. Roger Kocher, Off Campus, Wauwatosa, Wis.; James Kooistra, Off Campus, Decatur; Karl Kunkel, Pomfret, Troy, Mich.; Janice LaFarra, Futrall, McGehee; Marcus Lamberth, 24 E, Stuttgart, 2 1 E Rush Chairman; Janice Lancaster, Off Campus, Springdale. Jeri Land, KA0, Avoca, KA0 Housemanager; Robert Larson, Yocum, Mountain Home, 3 H2; Jane Leiting, KA0, Forrest City, AAA; Karl Lindquist, TKE, Fort Smith, TKE Pres.; Donald Lingo, Off Campus, Texarkana, Steve Long, Off Campus, Cambridge, Md. Don Love, Off Campus, Pine Bluff; Constance Luedicke, ZTA, Hot Springs; Billy McClain, Off Campus, Newark; Linda McClelland, ZTA, Fayetteville, 2AI Social Chair¬ man; Meredith McCoy, XQ, Little Rock, Chimes; Elaine McCraney, ZTA, Fort Smith. Tonya McCuistion, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Nanette McDonald, Pomfret, Mena; James McGaugh, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Richard Magie, Buchanan, England; James McGinty, Off Campus, Neosho, Mo., AIA; Gregory McKenzie, Off Campus, Ozark, IIKA Pledge Trainer. James McKenzie, Pomfret, Fort Smith, Blue Key; James McNally, Off Campus, Springdale; Tim Mantooth, Yocum, Ratcliff, TIME; Paula Marks, AAA, El Dorado, French Club; Douglas Marr, TA, North Little Rock, Cheerleader Captain; Margaret Mentil, KKT, El Dorado, ROTC Cadette. Carl Menyhart, Off Campus, Little Rock, AIA; Henry Miller, ‘T’TA, McCrory; Victor Miron, Hotz, North Little Rock, A I ft; Mary Mitchell, Pomfret, Morrilton, TIME Treas.; Jerry Moody, Off Campus, Clarksville; Donna Morgan, AAIT, Mountain Home, RA. Robert Morris, 2AE, Fort Smith, Assistant Varsity Swim Coach; Jerry Morton, Off Campus, Ozark; Dennis Moses, Pomfret, Crossett; George Myers, l rA, Dardanelle; Nancy Nelson, Humphreys, Crossett, AWS Pres.; Nancy Nettles, Razorback, Fayetteville, RA. Charles Newland, TIKA, Bull Shoals; Steve Nickl es, Acacia, North Little Rock, Senate; Lynda Nilsen, Off Cam¬ pus, Broadalbin, N.Y.; Lyn Nixon, KKT, Pine Bluff, ASG Symposium Ticket Comm.; Becky Norris, AT, Prairie Village, Kan.; Deborah Noteware, IIB i , Dallas, Texas, Pledge Trainer. 152 Remmel Nunn, 2X, Lordsburg, N.M., Honors Candidate in Philosophy; James Nutt, IIKA, Mineral Springs, IIKA V.P.; Cindy O ' Connor, IIB3 , Little Rock, YRC; Roger Oldham, Yocum, Blytheville, KK ' P; Linda Orr, Reid, Little Rock; Edwin Outlaw, K2, Russellville. Gary Owens, $rA, Little Rock, Honors Architecture; Adella Paul, Razorback, Madras, India; Cindy Payne, Off Campus, Hope; Galen Pellham, 2N, Springfield, Mo., Senate; Beverly Perchan, Reid, Pine Bluff, Schola Can- torum; Nancy Perkins, Reid, Bartlesville, Okla. Ronald Perkins, Off Campus, Berryville; Tommy Peterman, Yocum, Alma, RHA; Douglas Peters, Off Campus, Dallas, Texas, Varsity Track; Barbara Peterson, KKT, Baytown, Texas, Mortar Board Historian; Rebekah Pickett, Razorback, Garfield, ITS Alumni Sec.; Larry Poindexter, Off Campus, San Diego, Calif. Ruth Polk, Reid, Fort Smith, AEA; LaDonna Porter, Off Campus, Artesia, N.M.; Patricia Porter, Reid, Tulsa, Okla.; Jimmy Priest, 211, Ashdown; William Pruden, Yocum, Alexander; Scott Puryear, 2 i E, Jonesboro, Cardinal XX. Terry Rasco, 2 I E, DeWitt; Jessica Rauton, KKX, Little Rock; Chase Reid, Off Campus, Hot Springs; Jennifer Reis, AXQ, Fort Smith, French Club; John Relyea, Off Campus, Stuttgart, 2112; Phillip Renfrow, Off Campus, Charleston, AIA Pres. Linda Reynolds, Reid, Pine Bluff; Guylene Rhoads, Futrall, Salem; Samuel Rial, £A9, McGehee; Jeffrey Richards, Off Campus, Benton; Carol Richardson, AAII, Fayetteville, AAII Housemanager; Faith Riley, Off Campus, Hot Springs, Hallaballoo Area Director. Jan Roberts, Futrall, Fort Smith, GE College Bowl Team; Lally Robinson, Reid, Little Rock, Election Comm.; Gerrie Robrahn, Off Campus, Siloam Springs; Michael Rodriguez, ATP, Wichita Falls, Texas; Joseph Rogers, IIKA, Mena; Robert Rogers, Off Campus, Warren. Gaylynn Romine, Futrall, Little Rock; Ronald Rushing, Buchanan, Pine Bluff; Lana Rutledge, Off Campus, Spring- dale; Suzanne Sayre, Off Campus, Rogers; Jeff Scherer, $I A, Fayetteville; Pamela Schmidt, Off Campus, Cather¬ ine, Kan. Stephen Schrimpf, Off Campus, Alton, III.; Gregory Scott, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Richard See, Off Cam¬ pus, Fort Smith, Blue Key; Grace Shafer, KA0, Tulsa, Okla.; Phillip Shellabarger, 2N, Little Rock, Senate; George Singleton, Off Campus, Fort Smith. 153 Stephen Sipes, ‘ITA, Little Rock, l rA Sec.; Ronald Sisk, Yocum, Pine Bluff, Blue Key Sec.; Rhonda Sledge, AAA, Morrilton, AAA; David Smith, Off Campus, North Little Rock, 2TE V.P.; Marvin Smith, Pomfret, Harrison; Michael Smith, Off Campus, Fort Smith. Ginger Snapp, Off Campus, Walnut Ridge; Raymond Snowden, Off Campus, Hot Springs; Sara Stone, Off Cam¬ pus, Carthage, Mo.; Jerry Surber, Off Campus, Heavener, Okla., 1 BK; David Swearingen, Off Campus, Rogers, AI A; Donna Sweat, Off Campus, Holland, Mo. David Sweet, Off Campus, Joplin, Mo.; Candis Tardy, Off Campus, Helena; Rebecca Taylor, Fulbright, Magnolia, RA; Mary Temple, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Nathaniel Thomas, Hotz, Stuttgart, RA; Ronnie Thompson, Off Campus, Trumann. Thomas Thompson, Pomfret, Pine Bluff, Razorback Band; James Thornberry, Off Campus, Booneville; Thomas Tollett, Off Campus, Little Rock; Shirley Tucker, Off Campus, Pyatt; Vicki Upchurch, Futrall, Dallas, Texas; Michael Vanderburg, Pomfret, Little Rock, RA. Edward Van Schaik, Off Campus, Mountain Home, 2TE; Dennis Varble, Pomfret, Lebanon, Mo.; Yolanda Vignes, Futrall, New Orleans, La.; Nancy Wade, AXfi, Little Rock; Eddie Walker, Pomfret, Gethsemane, Senate; Edith Walker, Off Campus, Lonoke. Ellen Walker, Off Campus, Minden, La.; Michael Walker, Off Campus, Hominy, Okla., AIA; Joseph Ward, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Suzanna Ward, KAO, Little Rock; Frederick Washington, IIKA, Little Rock; John Watson, FarmHouse, Plainview, FarmHouse V.P. Theatre productions involve behind the scene projects such as the designing and sewing of the costumes for the cast. 154 Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open the door, and see all the people. Philip Webb, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Leslie Weeks, Shreveport, La., K2 Little Sister; Clayton Wells, Off Campus, Little Rock; Kari West, AXfi, Dallas, Texas, Pre-Law Club; Shirley White, Off Campus, North Little Rock, BSU; Robert Whitehead, 2AE, Memphis, •enn. Marlene Wilcoxson, Off Campus, Walnut Ridge, Razor- hack Staff; James Willcockson, Off Campus, Pine Bluff; jj rr y Williams, Off Campus, West Memphis, AIA; Kit Williams, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Scabbard and Blade; Phyllis Williams, Off Campus, Malvern; Stephen Williams, ocum, Stuttgart, Senate. Thomas Wilson, Off Campus, Texarkana; Daria Wineland, Pine Bluff; Valerie Witherspoon, IIB t , Spring- Jj®ld, Mo., AAA; Patsy Wood, Futrall, Fort Smith; Ross Woodbury, Hotz, Little Rock; Jean Wyant, Reid, Tulsa, Okla. David Wyman, Off Campus, Coco Solo, Canal Zone; Michael Young, J?A0, Wynne, $H2; Rebecca Young, Off Campus, Harrison, 2AII; Lillie Younger, Off Campus, Mountain View, AAA; Andrew Ziser, TKE, Fayetteville, TKE Sec. Art students seldom go to class, but spend countless hours in the studio. College of Business Administration Greater Variety in Curriculum John P. Owen, Dean of the College of Business Administration A completed revision of the entire cur¬ riculum result ed in more variety of courses and requirements in the College of Busi¬ ness Administration. The College hopes to enhance the quality of the school by meet¬ ing individual student needs, state and business demands, and graduate school re¬ quirements both here and across the nation. Paperwork never ceases to pile up for the weary accounting major. The sign tells the tale as B.A. students panic. Mark Abernathy, 2X, Little Rock, Secretary B.A.; John Aclin, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Larry Adair, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Gary Adams, Off Campus, Fayette- v ' He, Varsity Track; John Adams, Off Campus, Fayetteville; B ”tch Alderson, Off Campus, Westville, Okla., Finance Club V.P. Alice Alexander, AAII, Dayton, Ohio, XO Sec.; James Alford, 3 A9, Pine Bluff; David Alphin, K2, E! Dorado; Larry Alsip, Off Campus, Bentonville, AKSP; John Alter, K2, DeWitt, Marketing Club; William Andress, Campus, Pine Bluff. Freddy Arnholt, Off Campus, Searcy; Stephen Arnold, Off Campus, Corning; Richard Ayrers, Off Campus, Ben- to n, AK ' I ' ; Dwight Bailey, 211, Texarkana, Cheerleader; Patricia Bain, Off Campus, Nevada, Mo., Marketing Club; R- Baker, ITKA, Paragould. Frank Bane, 211, Lexington, Mass., OAK V.P.; Michael Barham, TKE, Tulsa, Okla., TKE V.P.; Gary Beavers, Off Campus, Camden; Carolyn Bell, Off Campus, Fayette- X0 Pres.; Frank Bell, K2, Lepanto, AK ' P; B, Hy Bingham, Off Campus, Lonoke, AIIE Treas. John Bingham, Acacia, Lonoke, ABC; Paul Blume, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Grapevine Editor; Bill Bolding, Off Campus, El Dorado; James Bost, 2AE, Altheimer, TB ; Donna Bostic, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Phillip Boudreaux, 2X, Fayetteville, AK . Millie Bowden, Pomfret, Euerton; Willard Bratton, 2N, Dumas, 2N Housemanager; William Breeden, Yocum, West Plains, Mo., Varsity Baseball; Wayne Britt, Off Campus, Nashville, 3 H2; Rita Brown, Pomfret, Datto; Hank Broyles, 2 E, Fayetteville. Gary Brunson, 2$E, Fayetteville, OAK; William Bulloch, Off Campus, Dermott; Lewis Bunch, 2 E, Jonesboro, D°fA Sportsmanship Representative; Thomas Burkett, Off Campus, McCrory; Glenn Burns, Off Campus, Topeka, an -; Sharon Bynum, Pomfret, Killeen, Texas, X0. William Cameron, Off Campus, El Dorado; Thurman Cannon, Off Campus, Fayetteville; William Carethers, Off Campus, Derby, Kan., A t fi V.P.; Michael Carlson, AXA, S ' loam Springs; Janette Carney, Off Campus, Prairie Grove; Garry Carter, AXA, Fayetteville, Arkansas Para- ch “te Club Pres. Ws Cason, Pomfret, Dallas, Texas; Thomas Cassem, Holcombe, Springfield, III.; Betty Lou Cawvey, AT " , Little P°ck, Senate; Charles Chancellor, Off Campus, Mt. Pro- s Pect, III., Marketing Club; Darrell Chancellor, Off Cam- Pus, Hot Springs, KKSP; Randi Chr istison, Reid, Columbus, Ohio, Fulbright House Council. 157 Joseph Clark, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Marketing Club; Earl Clements, Off Campus, Springdale; Bill Cleveland, AKA, Fayetteville; James Collins, AXA, Little Rock, AXA Pres.; Donald Collyge, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Jake Commer, Yocum, Pine Bluff. Kenney Comstock, IIKA, Springdale; Charles Conditt, Off Campus, Helena, SAM; Don Cook, Off Campus, Conway; James Cook, Off Campus, Alma; Connie Coulter, ZTA, Kirkwood, Mo.; Richard Crawford, Off Campus, Benton. William Cromwell, 2X, Harrison, IFPC; Richard Crosland, Off Campus, Fort Smith, Marketing Club; James Crox- dale, IIKA, Rogers, £H2; Martha Crudup, Off Campus, Heber Springs, NCAS; John Cullum, Off Campus, Little Rock, A2II Treas.; Wallace Cunningham, Off Campus, Little Rock, AK ' I ' Sec. Elizabeth Darrow, AAA, Benton, Panhellenic Pres.; Budd- hadev Dash, Off Campus, Cuttack, India; James Daugher¬ ty, Off Campus, Camp Hill, Pa., Swim Team; Robert Daugherty, Off Campus, Lincoln, BA ' B; James Davis, AXA, Clarendon Hills, III., Blue Key; John Davis, 2AE, Magnolia, 2AE Sec. Donna Deane, Off Campus, North Little Rock, Marketing Club; John DeBons, Off Campus, Paragould, SAM; Stephan Deen, Yocum, Blytheville, BT2 V.P.; Robert Deere, Pomfret, Little Rock, Scabbard and Blade; Clifton DeJarnette, Off Campus, Pine Bluff, Marketing Club; Robert Dickey, Hotz, Paragould, Finance Club. Don Dimmitt, Off Campus, Pryor, Okla.; George Dittrich, Wilson Sharp, Little Rock; Alan Doan, TKE, Little Rock, SAM; Deborah Dobbs, Off Campus, Houston, Texas; David Dover, 2N, Paragould; William Dunaway, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Arnold Air Society. Gregory Dunkum, 2N, Pine Bluff; Don Eilbott, 2AE, Pine Bluff, Blue Key; Paul Eldridge, K2, Forrest City; Nelson Elliott, Holcombe, Little Rock, Civic Club; Floyd Estopy, Off Campus, Paragould, A2IT; David Evans, IIKA, Springdale, Circle K Pres. Valynda Ewton, Futrall, Shawnee, Okla., Marketing Club; Jim Farmer, 2AE, Saint Louis, Mo.; Keith Faulkner, IIKA, Fayetteville, AK ' B; Michael Fendley, Off Campus, Little Rock; Michael Fendya, Pomfret, Sunset Hills, Mo.; Billy Ferguson, Off Campus, Van Buren. Danny Ferguson, Off Campus, Forrest City, SAM; Linda Fine, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Stephen Fineberg, Off Campus, Fort Smith, SAM; Stanford Finney, AXA, Martins¬ ville, Va., AXA Treas.; Sammy Fiser, Holcombe, Little Rock; Janet Flick, AAII, Dallas, Texas. 158 Jeffrey Fournier, IIKA, Little Rock; Douglas Frank, Off Campus, Little Rock, Razorback Photographer; Peggy Pranks, XQ, Hope, Mortar Board; John Frazier, 2 i E, Havana, BA ' P ' ; James Friddle, Off Campus, Paris; Marthe- da Friddle, Humphreys, Paris. Ronny Galloway, Off Campus, Glenwood; John Gardner, AE, Wynne, AIESEC Pres.; John Geelan, Acacia, Marion, YDC Pres.; Dane George, IIKA, Richardson, Texas, Cardi- na l XX; David George, Off Campus, Berryville; Clinton Gilbert, Holcombe, Decatur, Holcombe Treas. John Glassell, 2N, Shreveport, La., Senate; Ronnie Glenn, Off Campus, El Dorado; James Glessner, Off Campus, Grand Rapids, Mich., A I fi; Anne Glover, Off Campus, North Little Rock, Chimes; James Glover, 2N, North Little Rock; John Gocio, IIKA, Bentonville, AK ' I ' . Richard Gollon, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Edward Good- year, Off Campus, Newport, Senate; Bill Graham, Off Campus, Rogers, A4 fi; Richard Graves, Off Campus, Waldron, Blue Key; Bartus Gray, 2 t E, Jacksonville, DAK; Noel Gregory, 2AE, Augusta, Arnold Air Society. J°e Griffin, 2N, Texarkana, ROTC Rangers; Charles Grimes, Off Campus, Fort Smith, Marketing Club; Katheryn Hachtmeyer, Pomfret, Fort Smith, Marketing Club; David Hall, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Larry Hall, Holcombe, Belleville; Stephen Haltom, Off Campus, Huntington Beach, Calif. Roland Hamilton, Yokum, McCrory, Pershing Rifles; franklin Hamlin, 2AE, Little Rock, Finance Club; Otis Harris, 211, Fayetteville, Scabbard and Blade; William Harris, Off Campus, Searcy; Michael Hazlewood, Off Campus, West Memphis; Al Heringer, 2X, Jonesboro. Karen Herndon, KA0, Falls Church, Va., RA; Darius Hill, Gff Campus, Little Rock; David Hill, Off Campus, Fayette- ville ; Gerald Hodapp, AKA, Little Rock, Circle K; Margaret Hogan, ZTA, Springfield, Mo., ZTA Pres.; Watson Holyfield, Off Campus, Rogers. Barton Hudspeth, Acacia, Harrison, A J 0; Jack Huff, 2X, Batesville, Finance Club; Robert Hulen, Off Campus, North Little Rock, Scabbard and Blade; James Hunt, Off Campus, El Dorado, Swim Team; Byrum Hurst, 2N, Hot Springs, 2N Pres.; Ben Hyneman, Off Campus, Trumann. James Ingram, Off Campus, El Dorado, BA ' B; Forrest Jacobi, TKE, Fort Smith, TKE Pres.; William Jenkins, Campus, North Little Rock; George Johnson, Off Campus Bellevue, Neb.; Kenneth Johnson, 2N, Crossett, e nnis Team; Kirk Johnson, Off Campus, Texarkana, SAM. 159 If you can’t find them in the class¬ room, chances are they’re standing outside watching all the “sights.” James Jones, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Larry Jones, Off Campus, Dierks; Marla Jones, AXft, Hope, AXft V.P.; Troy Jones, Off Campus, Mena; James Justiss, 2AE, Forrest City, OAK; Gary Karnes, IIKA, Huntsville, YDC. Ricky Keen, Off Campus, Little Rock, BA Pres.; Carolyn Kersten, Off Campus, Fayetteville, AKA Sweetheart; Don King, Off Campus, Hot Springs; Joseph King, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Patrick King, Off Campus, Clarks¬ ville; Thomas Kittrell, Off Campus, Fayetteville, A3 fi. William Knott, I rA, Sheridan; Gary Larsen, Off Campus, Bartlesville, Razorback Editor; Timothy Larson, AKA, El Dorado, Marketing Club; Brenda Lee, AAA, Little Rock; John Lee, Off Campus, Verona, AK ; William Lee, Off Campus, Neosho, Mo., Finance Club. William Lewis, K2, Shawnee, Okla., K2 Pres.; Gary Lindsey, 2AE, Magnolia, Finance Club Pres.; Newton Little, 2X, Magnolia, 2X Pledge Trainer; Taylor Little, AXA, Keiser; Thomas Little, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Billy Lively, Wilson Sharp, Palestine, Texas, Varsity Foot¬ ball. Benjamin Luck, Off Campus, Paragould, 2X; Rhonda Luper, Off Campus, Winslow; Alonzo McAllister, 2N, Fayetteville; James McCaa, AXA, West Memphis, AK ' P ' ; Lynn McCleary, X£2, Hot Springs; John McCure, Off Campus, Minden, La., Marketing Club. Paul McDonald, AXA, Kirkwood, Mo., Vernon McGaugley, Off Campus, Harrison; Roy McGraw, 211, Texarkana; Ronald Mcllveene, Off Campus, El Dorado; Morris Mc¬ Williams, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Gloria Mahaffey, AT, Hot Springs, Mortar Board Treas. 160 Margaret Majors, Off Campus, Belleville, Marketing Club; James Malcom, 2N, Hot Springs, ASG Pres.; Michael Mashburn, Off Campus, DeQueen, Marketing Club; Stephen Mashburn, 2 t E, Fayetteville; Rebecca Mathias, Off Campus, Fayetteville, SAM; William Meeks, 2X, Little Rock, 2X Pres. Bruce Menefee, Off Campus, El Dorado, AKSP; David Miles, AXA, Bly thevi lie; Mary Miller, Futrall, Joplin, Mo., TBS Sec.; Bryden Moon, 2X, Clarksville, 2X V.P.; James Moorman, Off Campus, Van Buren; Phyllis Morgan, Off Campus, Piggott. David Morrow, 2N, Houston, Texas, 2N Pres.; Danny Moudy, Off Campus, Benton, Finance Club; Phillip Moudy, $rA, Danville, AK ' B; Thomas Murphy, AKA, Bossier City, La., AKA Treas.; Vicki Neil, AAIT, Springdale; Albert Newton, Off Campus, Stuttgart, AK ' B. Carole Nichols, KKP, North Little Rock, Angel Flight; Steve Nipper, AKA, Magnolia, AKA Pres.; John Norris, Off Campus, Pine Bluff; Phillip Norwood, 2AE, Mineral Springs; Mary Nuseh, AAIT, Mountain Home, Marketing Club; Dennis Odom f Off Campus, Bentonville. David Ollard, Off Campus, Fort Smith; John Parker, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Marvin Parks, Off Campus, Garland, Texas, A2IT; David Parnell, Off Campus, Warren; Edward Paschal, Off Campus, Fayetteville; George Patton, $rA, Fayetteville, 3 rA Pres. Jerry Paul, Off Campus, Little Rock, 2AE; David Perkins, Off Campus, Little Rock; Charlotte Phillips, Reid, North Little Rock, Marketing Club Sec.; Ronald Plunkett, Off Campus, Fort Smith; James Pomfret, Off Campus, Fayette- v ille. Marketing Club; Ronald Porter, Off Campus, Dallas, Texas. Computer courses become very time consuming punching and repunching cards and rerunning programs. 161 Vicki Powers, Pomfret, Little Rock; James Pratt, 2X, El Dorado, Recruitment Bureau; William Preece, Off Campus, Springdale; Miriam Raney, XU, Little Rock, Xft Pres.; William Rankin, Off Campus, Hot Springs, BA ; Marvin Ray, Off Campus, Memphis, Tenn. Richard Reynolds, Acacia, Heber Springs; Diane Rhodes, Off Campus, Little Rock, AAII Treas.; William Rial, M0, McGehee; Bobby Rice, Off Campus, Van Buren, Marketing Club; Rondal Rippy, Off Campus, Charleston, 2IE; Dennis Ritchie, 2N, Nashville. Patsy Ritchie, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Riley Ritchie, Buchanan, Midland, Texas, Buchanan Pres.; Harry Rober¬ son, Off Campus, Hot Springs; Hugh Robertson, 2N, Birmingham, Ala.; Jon Robertson, Off Campus, Spring- dale; Robert Rokeby, Off Campus, Fayetteville, A$ft. Alan Roller, Holcombe, Decatur, RHA; Gary Roop, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Garry Rose, Off Campus, Cass- ville, Mo.; Don Ruth, Off Campus, Fort Smith, AK ; John Sanders, Pomfret, North Little Rock, Finance Club; Travis Sanders, Off Campus, Traskwood, A3 Q Treas. Christina Sandusky, Reid, Fort Smith, Marketing Club; Rod Schleifer, Off Campus, Sylvan Hills; John Schutte, Off Campus, Henderson; Steven Scott, 2N, Little Rock; Janie Segraves, AT, Fayetteville, X0; Rodger Seratt, Off Campus, Neelyville, Mo., SAM V.P. Peter Shaw, AXA, St. Louis, Mo.; Gloria Shepherd, Razor- back, Richmond, Calif.; Larry Sipes, IIKA, Little Rock, Marketing Club; Larry Skaggs, Pomfret, Gainesville, Ga., 2IE; Jim Sloan, 2 f E, Jonesboro, ASG V.P.; Douglas Smith, Off Campus, Fayetteville. William Smith, K2, Birdeye; William Spencer, Off Campus, Mena, A2II; Thomas Sprunger, Off Campus, Siloam Springs, SAM; Stephen Stafford, IIKA, Green Forest, IIKA Treas.; Thomas Starnes, 2N, Little Rock, Cardinal XX; George Stasick, Off Campus, Hot Springs, Varsity Basketball. Terry Stephens, Off Campus, Greenfield, Mo., BA ; John Stewart, 3TA, Fort Smith; Donal Stidham, 2X, Checotah, Okla., AK ; Steven Stone, 2$E, West Mem¬ phis, Circle K; W. Stowers, Off Campus, Albuquerque, N.M., A2II; John Suchecki, Off Campus, Houston, Texas, Swim Team. James Sugg, 2X, Helena, AK ; Samuel Sullivan, K2, Helena, Cardinal XX; Joe Summers, Off Campus, Mountain Home; William Taylor, AXA, Paragould, AXA Historian; William Tennison, 2AE, West Memphis, SAM V.P.; David Terrell, Off Campus, Murfreesboro, BA Treas. 162 When they run out of fingers and toes, BA students, even the brighter ones, find that a calculator can be very handy. Floyd Thomas, $ rA, El Dorado, Cardinal XX; Ray Thomas, -‘-N, Little Rock; Michael Thompson, Off Campus, New¬ port; Charles Thornton, Acacia, Dierks, A2FT Historian; Eugene Vester, 2N, Stuttgart, Commerce Guild; Charles Vickers, Off Campus, Newark, BASE. Michael Walker, Off Campus, Brinkley; Mary Wall, Reid, Fort Smith, BA ' P - ; Jim Walton, AXA, Bentonville; William Ward, Off Campus, Webster Groves, Mo., AKSE; Marcus Watson, 2N, Fayetteville, Marellen Watts, Ar, Hot Springs, Ar Pres. Vicki Watts, Reid, Little Rock, X0; David Webb, 2AE, Little Rock; Yvonne Webber, Off Campus, Salem; Fran Wells, Off Campus, Kansas City, Kans.; Chris Weiser, AXA, Magnolia; Jack West, K2, Little Rock. Linda White, Pomfret, Wynne; David Williams, 4 A0, Russellville, A2II; Ruth Williams, Off Campus, Warren, X0; Alan Willroth, Off Campus, Mountainburg; Ricky Wilson, Off Campus, DeQueen; Joel Winston, Off Cam- Pus, Lillington, N.C., A l f2 Pres. Richard Wolfe, 2N, Springfield, Mo., Marketing Club; Donnie Woods, Off Campus, Lincoln, YRC; Sharon Wood¬ ard, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Aubrey Wootton, Off Campus, Stamps, Finance Club; Tim Works, 2AE, Wal¬ dron, Uarkettes. Victor Wright, K2, Little Rock; William Yarbrough, Off Campus, England; Rogers Yarnell, Off Campus, Searcy, -IE; Jayne Young, Pomfret, Texarkana, Marketing Club; Lonnie Young, Off Campus, Edison, N.J., BASP V.P. 163 College of Education Identification With Classroom Atmosphere Fred J. Vescolani, Dean of the College of Education Under the leadership of a new dean, the College of Education is progressing toward providing undergraduates with experience working with school age youths resulting in identification into a classroom atmo¬ sphere before their junior year. It is also working with the use of educational tech¬ nology including educational television and video taping of student teaching. The kindergarten maintained by the College provides training for students by allowing them to work with pre-school children. Aspiring young teachers get a very thorough education from the books they read in the kiddie-lit library in the education building. Michael Adair, Off Campus, Pryor, Okla., Varsity Track; Margaret Akins, AAA, Hot Springs, Mortar Board; Linda Alderson, Off Campus, Jonesboro; Mary Allison, Xft, Little Rock; Anne Alvord, AAA, Shreveport, La., Senate; Janice Appelquist, ZTA, Springfield, Mo., Cardinal Key. Leanna Arnold, Off Campus, Corning, 2AI; Michael Ashmore, 2N, Dallas, Texas, Senate; Rita Atchley, Pom- fret, Waldron; Melissa Bachus, Off Campus, Camden, MENC; Jane Barden, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Connie Barnes, Ar, Jacksonville, Ar Sec. Jan Barnett, Xft, Pine Bluff; Catherine Bauer, Off Campus, Brinkley; Patricia Belue, AAIT, Earle, SNEA; Marty Bemis, AAA, Prescott, K2 Little Sister; Martha Bettis, Xft, Little Rock; Lena Blair, Off Campus, Barber. Stephen Blake, TKE, Canyon, Texas, Baseball; Edward Bowe, Off Campus, Altheimer, Pershing Rifles; Susan Bowe, Off Campus, El Dorado; Barbara Bowerman, Off Campus, Norphlet; Joyce Boyakin, Razorback, Rudy; Martha Boyd, Off Campus, Poughkeepsie. Beverly Brainard, Xfi, Pine Bluff, U of A Traveling Ambassador; Marilyn Brewer, KKT, Little Rock, Ful- bright Vice-President; Narcissus Brittnum, Reid, Little Rock; Edward Brown, Off Campus, Cassville, Mo.; Elizabeth Brown, AT, Fort Smith, AT Housemanager; Judy Brown, Off Campus, Shreveport, La. Sherrill Bufford, Off Campus, Paragould, Student Council for Exceptional Children; Shirley Burger, Off Campus, Port Smith; Harlan Butler, Off Campus, DeWitt, Traveler Managing Editor; Debi Canada, Futrall, Little Rock, WIHC; Mary Carnahan, Off Campus, Prairie Grove, PEM Club; Ronald Carnes, Off Campus, Fayetteville. 165 Sha Carson, ITB , Blytheville; Karen Carter, AAIT, Little Rock, WRA Pres.; Sandra Caughman, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Glynda Cazer, Futrall, Carlisle; Diane Clark, Off Campus, Richardson, Texas, SNEA; Joe Clay, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Pres. Marion Cockrill, Xf2, Little Rock, ACE; Leta Cole, Off Campus, Garfield, SNEA; Paula Cook, Off Campus, Ray¬ town, Mo.; R. J. Craig, TKE, Scott; Margaret Crank, Futrall, Foreman; Connie Cross, KKT, Newport. Kevin Danaher, Wilson Sharp, Atchison, Kan., Lettermen ' s Club; Deidre Davis, AAII, Vernon, Conn., AWS; Karen Delezen, Off Campus, Newport; Sandra Derson, Off Cam¬ pus, Wing; Sarah Deskin, Off Campus, Fayetteville, PEM Club Pres.; Connie DeWitt, Off Campus, Magazine, KA £. Bert Dickey, Off Campus, Earle, Cheerleader; Shirley Donovan, Razorback, Brinkley, RHA; Dianna Doss, Off Campus, Berryville; George Dowling, 2N, Little Rock, 2N Rush Chairman; Deborah Dreher, Reid, Waynesville, Mo., ROTC Cadette; Geri Dugan, Xfl, Little Rock, Senate. Jimi Duke, Off Campus, North Little Rock, TB2; Dennis Duncan, Buchanan, Haskell, Okla., Senate; Dorothy Dunn, Off Campus, Ashdown, Razorback Hall Sec.; Karen Durham, Humphreys, DeQueen; Julie Eckert, AAA, Magno¬ lia; Elizabeth Elliott, IIB , North Little Rock. Elizabeth Ellison, Off Campus, Thayer, Mo., KA9 Pres.; Marleen England, AXtt, Springdale, IFPC; Spencer Epes, XCl, Helena, Mortar Board; Sandra Epling, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Eberle Evans, Ar, Ardmore, Okla.; Suzanne Eversole, Razorback, Fort Smith. Mary Ewart, Reid, Tahlequah, Okla.; Heber Farmer, Off Campus, Conway, PEM Club Treas.; Kathryn Farrell, AAA, Brinkley, KAIT; Counts Felton, XQ, Marianna; Deborah Flottman, Off Campus, Hillcrest Heights, Md.; Dottie Fox, Off Campus, Huntsville. Janice Frank, Off Campus, Tulsa, Okla.; Julia Freeman, Pomfret, Eureka Springs; Judy Frisby, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Mary Frost, Off Campus, Springdale, OCW V.P.; Ellen Futrell, Pomfret, El Dorado, Traveler Staff; Jill Gabbert, Off Campus, Fort Smith, OCW. Ginny Garren, XQ, Little Rock, SCEC; Mary Garrett, Pom¬ fret, Corning, RA; Dixie Geren, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Beverly Gibson, Off Campus, Berryville; Pamela Gibson, AAA, Springdale, TB2; Dixie Gilbert, Off Campus, Cove. 166 David Gilbert, Off Campus, Hatfield; Wendy Gilbrech, Ar, Fayetteville, 2AI; Christie Gingerich, Off Campus, Gurdon, ACEI; Diane Guy, AAIT, Richardson, Texas; Jenny Gwyn, Futrall, Wilson; Louise Hack, Razorback, Gulfport, Miss., PEM Club Pres. Lance Haines, Off Campus, Monroe, La., A2$; Christy Haizlip, AAIT, Parkin, SNEA; Lola Hall, Off Campus, Snyder, Texas; Kathy Haltom, Off Campus, Mountain Home, WHIC; Ann Hamm, AXft, Fort Smith, AXft Rush Chairman; William Hancock, Off Campus, Decatur. Shelley Hanna, Off Campus, Berryville; Kenneth Hargis, Pomfret, Warren; Nina Harsh, IIB , Magnolia, IIA0; Vickie Harvey, Off Campus, Prairie Grove; Wordna Henley, Pomfret, Little Rock, YRC; Marvin Henningson, Off Campus, Fort Smith. Orville Henry, Off Campus, Little Rock, SNEA Pres.; faith Hickman, Futrall, Berryville; Bruce Hill, Off Campus, Nashville; Nancy Hill, Reid, West Helena, KAII; Carole Hoke, AAA, Blytheville; Anna Holt, Off Campus, Fayette¬ ville. Mary Hopkins, Off Campus, Bristow, Okla.; Janice Horton, Off Campus, Marshall; Nancy Horton, Reid, Ethel, KAII; Dianne House, AAII Batesville, Angel Flight; Charles Howell, Off Campus, Van Buren, YRC; Kathi Hudspeth, Off Campus, Brinkley. Mary Hunt, Pomfret, Fort Smith; Mimi Huppert, Off Cam- Pus, Fayetteville, WRA Pres.; Carolene Hurst, Xft, Little Pock; SNEA; Karen Jackson, Off Campus, Siloam Springs; Sissy Jennings, Off Campus, Heber Springs; Gary Johns, Hotz, Fort Smith, SNEA. Judith Johnston, Off Campus, Roland, SNEA; Sherry Kennedy, AAA, Dallas, Texas; Rick Kersey, Off Campus, Fayetteville, All SWC; Larry Kinder, Off Campus, Pierce City, Mo., MENC; Anne Kittrell, Reid, Fort Knox, Ky., KAII Pres.; Susan Krum, Off Campus, North Little Rock. Cecile Lady, Off Campus, Hoxie; Susie Landrum, Off Campus, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Lynn Larimore, Off Campus, Rogers; Peggy Lawson, Off Campus, Bentonville; Vicki Lee, AXU, Altheimer, Fulbright Social Chairman; Stephen Leopard, Pomfret, Vandenberg AFB, Calif., RA. Karen Lewis, Off Campus, Salem, SNEA; Thomas Lewis, TKE, England; Tommy Lonon, Off Campus, Fayetteville, IFC Pres.; Angela Lumpkin, 4-H House, Newport, KAII; Mina Luther, Off Campus, Fayetteville. 167 Laura McCampbell, KAO, Alexandria, La., Order of Omega; Melody McDaniel, AAIT, Monett, Mo., Collegiate Singers; Mary McHughes, KKr, El Dorado, Chimes; Vicki McKown, Off Campus, Springdale; Paula Madden, AAII, North Little Rock, AWS Legislature; Carol Maddox, Off Campus, Oden, SNEA. Robert Marquette, $rA, Fort Smith, $rA Pledge Trainer; Eula Martin, Off Campus, Sacramento, Calif.; Lavelle Mauldin, Off Campus, Springdale; Rebecca Maxwell, IIB3 , Osceola, Majorette; Rebecca Meyers, Off Campus, Fort Smith, IT2 V.P.; Helen Michael, 4-H House, Sheridan. Charlotte Miesner, Off Campus, Blythevi 1 le; Jennifer Mills, Off Campus, Berryville; Laura Mims, Humphreys, Little Rock, RA; Courtney Mize, KA9, Atchison, Kan.; Cathy Montgomery, Reid, Springdale; Linda Montgomery, Off Campus, Prairie Grove. Janet Moore, Reid, Osceola, RA; Lillie Mourton, Off Campus, Fort Smith; lla Murphy, KA9, Hamburg; Mar¬ garet Murphy, Off Campus, Little Rock, ABC; Leah Nash, Off Campus, Harrison; Jennifer Neill, AAA, Springfield, Mo., Mam ' selles. Susan Nelson, Pomfret, El Dorado; Kathryn Nickles, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Mortar Board; Jeanne Nolte, Reid, Little Rock, Senate; Mary Oates, Pomfret, Perry; MaryLou Osborne, Xft, Blytheville, ABC; William Osbun, Hotz, Fort Smith, KAII. Karen Otwell, Futrall, Hot Springs; Louise Owens, IIB I , Little Rock, KA4 ; Marsha Paul, Off Campus, Corning, AXft; Dorothy Pazdera, Futrall, Fort Smith; Phyllis Pen¬ ney, Futrall, North Little Rock; Vera Phillips, Off Campus, Springdale. Jayne Pierce, Off Campus, Kankakee, III.; Bruce Pilcher, Off Campus, Fayetteville, T9T; Martha Poynor, AAII, Berryville, YRC; Carol Preece, Off Campus, Springdale, SNEA; Catherine Preyer, AAII, Mountain Home, RA; Michael Price, Off Campus, Searcy. Bobby Pruitt, Ripley, Beebe; Mary Ramsauer, Xfi, Arka- delphia; Mary Reaves, KKT, Warren; Mary Reynolds, Off Campus, Van Alstyne, Texas; Trudy Richards, IIB , Fort Worth, Texas; Nancy Ridge, AXft, Naperville, III. Anna Roark, Futrall, Yellville, TB4 Sec.; Jeanette Robin¬ son, AAA, El Dorado; Linda Robinson, ZTA, Little Rock, KAII; Susan Robinson, IIB I , Blytheville, Mortar Board; Alden Roller, Holcombe, Decatur, SNEA. 168 Nancy Rollow, ZTA, Bentonville, ZTA Rec. Sec.; George Rose, Off Campus, Glenwocd; Judy Rosene, ZTA, Mal¬ vern; Mary Russell, KA0, Conway, Mortar Board; Cathy Ryan, Futrall, Fort Worth, Texas, YDC V.P.; John Seeman, Off Campus, West Helena. Ann Sheridan, ZTA, Tulsa, Okla.; Janie Simpson, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Teresa Smalley, Off Campus, Little Rock; Jo Smiley, Humphreys, North Little Rock; Ralph Smith, Off Campus, Rogers; Sandra Smith, Pomfret, Mc¬ Rae. Carol Sonnenfeld, AXO, Bartlesville, Okla., Alethians; Debora Sparkes, Humphreys, Bartlesville, Okla.; Marilyn Stanford, Futrall, Conway, AWS; Allison Stanwood, ITB$, Houston, Texas; William Stark, Off Campus, Rose Bud, ATA V.P.; Marsha Stroud, Off Campus, Bentonville. Connie Summers, ZTA, Summers, Mortar Board; Chry- santhy Taktikou, Reid, North Little Rock, International Club; Nancy Taylor, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Susan Thatcher, Off Campus, Marked Tree, ACE; Brynn Thayer, AAA, Dallas, Texas, XX Sweetheart; Belva Thomas, Off Campus, Springdale. Lynn Thomas, Off Campus, El Dorado, AAA; Rebekah Toon, KAO, Muskogee, Okla., RA; Marilyn Turner, Futrall, Little Rock; Mary Von Hatten, Off Campus, Fort Smith, KAII; Carolyn Van Hauen, Off Campus, Ponca City, Okla., KAII; Phyllis Vanlandingham, Off Campus, Combs, Traveler Staff. Carolyn Walker, X0, Newport, ROTC Sponsor; Paula Warner, Reid, Marianna; Brenda Webb, Off Campus, Blue Eye, Mo.; Tim Webster, Wilson Sharp, Grove, Okla.; Liz Wells, ZTA, Dumas, Majorette; Kenneth Westerside, Off Campus, Wilmington, Del., PEM Club. Sherry White, AXI2, Rudy; Karol Whitlock, Off Campus, Prairie Grove; Cindy Whitten, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Randall Whorton, Off Campus, Mena, PEM Club; Jan Williams, Off Campus, Fort Smith, PEM Club Sec.; Suzanne Williams, IIB4 , Baytown, Texas, Miss YRC. Delores Willis, Futrall, Paragould, ITX V.P.; Lizbeth Win¬ Word, Reid, Fort Smith; Carol Winn, IIB , Dallas, Texas, Crescent; Gail Wirick, ZTA, El Dorado; Linda Wood, Off Campus, Mena, OCW; Lynn Woodard, AAIT, New Or¬ leans, La., AAIT Pres. Melinda Work, Reid, Russellville, Mortar Board Sec.; Samuel Word, Off Campus, Bearden; Susan Worthy, AAIT, Bismarck, N.D., KAII; Judith Wright, Off Cam- Pus, Warren, SNEA; Mary Yee, Futrall, Lake Village, SNEA. 169 College of Engineering New Course in Environmental Changes To prepare graduates of highest profes¬ sional competence with character to deal creatively with the problems of our times is the major mission of the College of En¬ gineering. It hopes the students will play prominent roles in the betterment of hu¬ man welfare in the rapidly changing world. The College has established a new interdisciplinary course in environmental changes as one attempt to complete i ts goal. George F. Branigan Dean of the College of Engineering Engineering majors soon find that the best atmosphere for out-of-class study is in the classroom itself. Engineering students learn to solve complex problems in the classroom and then apply these solutions to problems in the lab. 170 Dennis Abell, Off Campus, Paragould, TBII; David Alexander, 0T, Springdale, TBIT; Jimmy Allen, Pomfret, Little Rock, ASME; Darrell Alverson, Holcombe, Fort Smith; Jaime Arbona-Fazzi, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, HKX; Robert Arthur, Off Campus, Magnet Cove. Allen Baker, Off Campus, Garfield, HKX; Barry Baker, °ff Campus, West Palm Beach, Fla., SAE Vice-Chairman; David Ballenger, 0T, Fayetteville, Uarkettes; James Banks, Gregson, Brickeys; Gene Bartsch, Off Campus, Paris, HKX Corres. Sec.; Dan Bell, Off Campus, Jones¬ boro. Gary Bennett, Pomfret, Little Rock; David Beth, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Christopher Bettis, Off Campus, Hot Springs, AI IE; David Birkett, Off Campus, Fort Smith, AIIE; Ricky Bittle, Gregson, Little Rock, IEEE; George Bollier, Off Campus, Pine Bluff, ASCE. George Brantingham, Off Campus, Fort Smith, HKX; El- vert Brewer, Off Campus, Mena, XE; Rommie Brewer, Off Campus, Sheridan; Kelso Brooks, Off Campus, Hot Springs, AKA; Fred Brown, Hotz, Harrison, ASME; Robert Brown, Off Campus, Hot Springs. William Bruce, OT, Alma, ASCE; John Bryant, Off Cam- P u s, Batesville, HKX V.P.; Johnny Bufford, Off Campus, Paragould, XE Pres.; Donald Bunch, Holcombe, Little Rock, ASME; Jerry Burnett, GT, Springdale, TBH; Robert Burris, Off Campus, Van Buren. Gary Carnahan, Off Campus, Waldron, ASCE; David Carpenter, Off Campus, Springdale, IEEE; James Carson, Pomfret, Harrison; Terry Carson, Off Campus, Harrison, Joe Carter, t rA, Paris, IFC V.P.; Richard Carter, Off Campus, Fort Smith. Engineering isn’t a snap as this stu¬ dent finds out when looking at grades. 171 Charles Cate, 2AE, Fayetteville, TIME; David Catlett, Holcombe, Little Rock, RA; William Cawthon, Off Campus, Pine Bluff; Michael Childers, 0T, Wynne, 0T Treas.; Richard Childress, Off Campus, Hot Springs, IEEE; Jack Clemens, Off Campus, Magnolia, ASME. Don Coffield, Off Campus, Fayetteville, A$M; Steven Cooper, Off Campus, Springdale, AlChE; Reggie Corbitt, Off Campus, Little Rock, ASCE; Samuel Cummings, Off Campus, North Little Rock, ASME Pres.; Michael Daily, Gregson, Fort Smith, IIME V.P.; Gregory Dalke, ©T, Decatur, ASME. Terry Daniel, Off Campus, Beebe, ASCE; John Davis, Pomfret, Scott; Gonzalo DeRomana, Pomfret, Lima, Peru, All M; John Dil lap la in, 211, Little Rock, AFROTC; Gus Dobbs, Off Campus, McCrory; Jennings Dobbs, Off Cam¬ pus, McCrory. Donald Donaldson, Pomfret, Dermott; Martin Dryden, Pomfret, Fort Smith; Donald Dunn, Off Campus, Bradford, ASCE; Joe Eckart, Off Campus, Subiaco; Daniel Edwards, Off Campus, Danville, ASAE; William Edwards, Buchanan, Little Rock, AlChE. Jack Ellis, Hotz, Jacksonville, AFROTC; George Eubanks, Off Campus, Benton, ASME; Ralph Evans, Off Campus, Fort Smith, TBIT; Edward Fain, Off Campus, Little Rock, ASCE; John Fox, 2AE, Pine Bluff; Williford Frazier, Off Campus, Hot Springs. Gerald Freeman, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Roy Frost, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Thomas Frost, Off Campus, Springdale, ASME; David Garcia, Off Campus, Pine Bluff IEEE; Kenneth Garner, Off Campus, Fayetteville, A11E; Winfred Garrison, Off Campus, Bald Knob, IIT2. Edward Gillow, Off Campus, Little Rock; Glenn Glover, Off Campus, Fayetteville, ASME; Jerry Godfrey, Off Campus, North Little Rock, IEEE; Walter Goin, ATP, Alexander, TBIT; William Granderson, Yocum, Pine Bluff; Howell Green, Off Campus, Lavaca, ASCE. Fredrick Greeson, Off Campus, Dermott; James Gresham, 211, Fordyce, 211 Pres.; Ralph Hall, 2T E, Pocahontas; Michael Hanry, Pomfret, North Little Rock, TBII; Robert Harp, 0T, Bauxite, 2X; Wayne Harrell, Off Campus, El Dorado, IEEE. Grady Harvell, Holcombe, Melbourne, XE; John Heaston, Off Campus, Cotter, IEEE; Ward Hesselbein, Off Campus, Morrilton, HKN; Billy Hill, Off Campus, Altus; John Hills, Off Campus, Harrison, ASCE; Richard Hill, Off Campus, Clarksville, TBII. 172 To be an engineer, it takes ded¬ ication, self-discipline, enthusi¬ asm, alertness, and a slide rule. Paul Hodnett, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Daniel Holland, William, England; Frederick Horn, Off Campus, Little Rock, ASCE; Floyd Hornaday, Pomfret, Fordyce, IEEE; Thorhas Hotx, Gregson, Fort Smith; Jerry Howard, 0T, H °t Springs, IEEE. Charles Huggins, Off Campus, Benton; Darrell Hutson, Hotz, Texarkana; Bobby Johnson, Off Campus, Bradford; Mary Johnson, Off Campus, Pea Ridge; Melvin Jones, P °tz, Moro; William Jones, Pomfret, Morrilton, ASCE. Eugene Joyce, Off Campus, Greenland, KKST; Phillip Kalcich, Off Campus, Lamar; John Kelly, Off Campus, Arkadelphia, ASCE; James Kemp, Off Campus, Harrison, ASME; Anthony Kendall, ZX, Harrison; Dean King, Off Campus, Hot Springs. Donald King, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Edward Kirchoff, Off Campus, Caddo Gap, AlChE; Fred Kirchoff, Off Campus, Caddo Gap; Philip Koch, Off Campus, Paris, fftlT; James Koonce, Pomfret, Camden; Wayne Kuse, Off Campus, Blen Ellyn, III., XE. Carl Lancaster, Off Campus, Little Rock, TBIT; Rodney Landes, ZAE, El Dorado, ZAE Pres.; Darryl Laws, Pomfret, Forrest City, ASCE; Charles Lee, Off Campus, DeQueen, ASAE, V.P.; Linwood Lewis, Gregson, Blythe- v ' He, A11E; Michael Livingston, Off Campus, Hot Springs. Kenneth Lloyd, Off Campus, Hot Springs, Coed Senate; Weldon Lybarger, Off Campus, North Little Rock, AlChE; Jeffrey Lynch, Off Campus, DeWitt, IEEE; Harvey McCone, -AE, Fulton, A ME; Loren McCune, Off Campus, Pine B ' “ff, TBIT; Dan McGrew, Off Campus, Carthage, Mo., ASCE. 173 Glen McKuin, 0T, Morrilton, SAE; Bobby Makin, Off Campus, Laredo, Texas, AlChE; Charles Marlin, 0T, Berryville, 0T V.P.; Richard Martin, Pomfret, Texarkana; Charles Metcalf, ZX, Crossett, 0T; Kinch Meyer, Off Campus, Sealy, Texas, AIIE. Joseph Miller, Off Campus, Dover, AIIE; Ronald More- head, Pomfret, Prescott; Morris Myers, Off Campus, Little Rock; Joseph Nash, Pomfret, Morrilton, ASCE; Johnnie Neill, Off Campus, Springdale, IEEE; George New, Off Campus, Benton, IEEE Treas. Luther Nunnelly, Sedgewell, Florence, Ala.; Lynn Oates, 01, Little Rock, ‘PAG; Daniel O ' Roark, Off Campus, West Memphis, T IIZ; James Orrell, Off Campus, Hot Springs, IIKX Pres.; William Owens, Off Campus, Little Rock, XE; Carl Pace, Off Ca mpus, Wilmar, ASCE. Harold Parker, l A0, Little Rock; Franklin Parsons, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Leslie Patterson, Pomfret, Stuttgart; Dennis Perry, 0T, Pittsburgh, Pa., Engine Council Pres.; Gary Reed, Off Campus, Dierks, TBIT; William Reed, AXA, Dallas, Texas. Joseph Reisz, Gregson, Fort Smith; James Rhodes, Off Campus, Pine Bluff, A M2, Ronald Rhodes, Off Campus, Cherry Valley, 0T; Paul Ribitzki, Yocum, Ozark; Robert Rickett, Off Campus, Gurdon, TBIT; Kenneth Rogers, Off Campus, Little Rock, AXZ. William Rogers, Off Campus, Gurdon, ASME; Frank Russenberger, Off Campus, Little Rock, ASCE; John Rutledge, ZX, Smackover, ZX V.P.; Timothy Ryan, Off Campus, Jonesboro, TBIT; Gary Ryker, ZIT, Camden, ASME; Orville Schell, Off Campus, Rogers, ASME. John Scott, Off Campus, Thornton; Michael Selig, 0T, Corning, ASCE; Radhe Sharma, Off Campus, Bhawani- mandi, India, International Club; Richard Smith, Off Cam¬ pus, Hot Springs, IEEE; John Smith, Holcombe, Dierks, ITTZ; Warren Smith, Off Campus, Benton, AIIE. William Smith, Off Campus, Hot Springs; James Sorrell, Off Campus, Crawfordsville, ASCE; Thomas Spencer, Off Campus, North Little Rock, IEEE; Jim Spicer, Holcombe, Scranton, ITTZ; George Staggs, Off Campus, North Little Rock, TBIT; Charles Stein, Yocum, Little Rock, TBIT. John Stokes, 0T, Batesville, ZX; Steven Storms, Off Campus, Prairie Grove, AlChE; Jim Stricklen, Off Campus, Harrison, ATTM; Donald Summerhill, Off Campus, El Dorado, IEEE; Terry Summitt, Off Campus, Sims, IEEE. 174 Engineers receive instruction in aspects of their field, even tech¬ nical aspects of gauge reading. Joseph Sutton, Off Campus, Harrison, TBIT; John Sy- m onds, Off Campus, Van Buren, ASME; Dennis Taylor, William, North Little Rock, HKN Treas.; Stephen Teague, Off Campus, Little Rock; Ed Thompson, Off Campus, Camden, XE; Robert Thurber, Off Campus, Malvern, ASCE. John Toland, XII, Fayetteville; Glynn Trusty, Off Campus, Paris, TBIT; James Tucker, XII, Wynne, XII Pres.; Alton Turner, Gregson, Houston, Texas; Richard Turner, Pomfret, Blytheville; David Urbon, Holcombe, Tahlequah, Okla. John Van Bebber, 4 A0, Nashville, Cardinal XX; John Varvil, Off Campus, Quitman; Louis Velez, Off Campus, Little Rock, AlChE; Thomas Walker, XAE, Camden, Blue Ke Y Pres.; George Walling, Off Campus, Salem, IEEE; Robert Walters, Off Campus, Hot Springs, ASCE Pres. John Watkins, Pomfret, Prescott, ASCE; Gary Watson, 0 I, Russellville; TBIT; Ralph Watts, Off Campus, Fayette- v ' He, ASME; Eddie Wells, Off Campus, Gurdon, HKN; Kenneth Wheatley, Off Campus, Hot Springs, TBn,- Robert White, Off Campus, Goshen, ASAE Sec. Sam Wilkerson, Pomfret, Morrilton, IEEE; Gary Williams, Off Campus, Malvern, A11E; James Williams, Pomfret, Clarksville; Carl Wilson, Pomfret, Jonesboro; Charles Wood, Off Campus, Little Rock, TBn, Daniel Wood, Tyronza, IEEE. Rick Wood, OT, Ola; Edward Wright, Off Campus, Rose AXX; Dan Wy, Yocum, Blytheville, IEEE; Randy Young, Hotz, Dover, ASAE Pres.; Richard Zelnick, Sedge- We ll, Heber Springs, HKN. 175 Division of Continuing Education The Division of Continuing Ed. maintains a rehabilitation center. Hugh Mills, Dean The rapidly growing Division of Con¬ tinuing Education fulfills the public serv¬ ice function of the University on a state¬ wide basis. It takes academic opportunity outside the campus by such programs as independent study, off campus centers in cities throughout Arkansas, and adult edu¬ cation courses. 176 Corrected lessons and finals are mailed daily to towns in every state. When taking a correspondence final—which is comprehensive over the complete course—solitude and quiet is an absolute necessity. 177 Graduate School Development Of Objective Thinking Graduate work is planned to meet a variety of needs but the main objective is the advancement and dissemination of knowl¬ edge. The University of Arkansas Graduate School offers twenty-one degrees and stress¬ es development of independent and objec¬ tive thinking. E. McDermott, Dean of the Graduate School This is the social life of a graduate stu¬ dent. A drastic change from the good old days of undergraduate school. 178 Ernest Achterberg, Droke, Hot Springs; Rosario Adler, Off Campus, Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Patricia Aikman, Off Campus, Black Rock; Barbara Alexander, Off Campus, Fayetteville, M5K; Lawrence Alexander, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Danny Allen, Off Campus, Sheridan. Robert Anderson, Droke, Ozark; Edwin Arnold, Off Cam- pus, Wheeling, III.; Gordon Bachus, Off Campus, North kittle Rock, I AK; Donna Balcom, Okmulgee, Okla., AAA; Ralph Barnes Jr., AXA, Little Rock, XE Sec.; Ronald Barton, Off Campus, Joplin, Mo., PAK. Thomas Boyd, Off Campus, Stuttgart; Veda Boyd, Off Campus, Neosha, Mo.; Jerry Branch, Off Campus, Rus¬ sellville, 2 PE; Karin Brewer, Off Campus, Sheridan; Curtis Brown, XX, Marvell, Arnold Air Society Com¬ mander; Edith Cary, Off Campus, Sulphur, La. M ahesh Chhabra, Off Campus, Banmore, India; Song Sik Choe, Off Campus, Seoul, Korea, XITX; Garry Church, Off Campus, Joplin, Mo., 4 AK Pres.; Franklin Clark, Off Campus, Dover; Randy Coleman, Off Campus, Hot Springs, XE V.P.; Margaret Collar, Off Campus, El Dorado. Barbara Cooper, Off Campus, Fayetteville, KAIT; Willis Cooper, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Morris Coston, Off Campus, Malvern; Kenneth Cotterman, Off Campus, Fayetteville, XIE; Jo Ann Cowgill, Off Campus, Dermott; Gerald Crawford, Droke, Memphis, Tenn., XIE V.P. Charmayne Cullom, Off Campus, Hot Springs, BT2; Joe Cullom, Off Campus, Wilson; Nell Cutts, Off Campus, Florence, S.C.; Patsy Daniel, Off Campus, North Little 0c k; Charles Daniels, Droke, Pittsburg, Pa., I ME; Marie Deacon, Pomfret, Jonesboro, GR. Kent Detmer, Off Campus, Broken Arrow, Okla., Who ' s Who; Billy Dooly, Off Campus, Fort Smith, Major U.S. Army; Rex Ebrite, Off Campus, Gainsville, Mo.; David Elizandro, Off Campus, Hamburg, OEA; Robert Farrow, C ff Campus, Jonesboro; Leon Ferguson, Off Campus, Fayetteville. Richard Fitts, Off Campus, Fort Smith, TKE V.P.; Steven ri tts, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Ben Fuqua, Off Campus, Farmington, Ky.; Ervan Garrison, Off Campus, Fort Smith; lise Glenn, Off Campus, Russellville, 2FE; John Glenn, 0f f Campus, Pottsville. Robert Glover, f A0, McGehee, OAK; Sherry Gordon, Off Campus, Sieper, La.; Artie Gregory, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Janice Grisham, Texarkana; Dev Gupta, Off Campus, Delhi, India; Ram Gupta, Off Campus, New De lhi, India. 179 Rebecca Hartman, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Who ' s Who; Judy Hendricks, Pomfret, Des Arc; Rebecca Henningson, Off Campus, Cassville, Mo.; Sohrab Holakouzadeh, Droke, Tehran, Iran; Edwin Holt, Droke, Shreveport, La., Droke, Pres.; Philip Hughes, AXA, Searcy, AXA Rush Chair¬ man. Gary Jackson, Off Campus, Houston, Texas, 2IE; James Jackson, Off Campus, Fayetteville, XTE Pres.; Roudabeh Jamasbi, Off Campus, Tehran, Iran, SST; Thomas Jenkins, Off Campus, Eldon, Mo.; Donald Jerry, Off Campus, El Dorado, ITT2 Pres.; Sharon Jones, Off Campus, Fort Worth, Texas, XTA Hist. Donald Kessler, Off Campus, Riverside, N.J., G.A.; Janis King, Off Campus, Reeds Spring, Mo., Who ' s Who; Robbie Kouri, Droke, Wichita Falls, Texas, Soc. of Physics Students; Marshall Kruger, Off Campus, Olive Branch, Miss.; Robert Lea, Off Campus, Little Rock; James Lee, Off Campus, DeQueen, Entomology Club V.P. Dayton Lierley, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Kathryn Logan, AT, Shreveport, La.; Mary Luck, Off Campus, Warren, ' BX; John Luzietti, Off Campus, Altheimer; Bruce McGill, Off Campus, Chidester; Wanette McKee, Off Campus, North Little Rock, Senate. Michael McKenna, Off Campus, Joplin, Mo., $BK; Joe McKeown, Off Campus, Monticello, AX; Charles Mc¬ Laughlin, Off Campus, Alexander; Borys Malczycki, Ripley, Little Rock; Donald Malone, Off Campus, West Helena, TBIT; Jack Meadows, ITKA, Crossett. Chester Meek, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Paul Meeks, Off Campus, Hot Springs; James Monk, AXA, Hot Springs, AXA Sec.; Marlene Montague, Razorback, Gann Valley, S.D.; Shela Moss, Fulbright, Fayetteville; Randall Nevils, Evansville, Ind. Sherry Newman, Off Campus, Little Rock, RA; David Nichols, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Richard Nilsen, Off Campus, Johnstown, N.Y.; Brenda Nobles, Off Campus, Benton; Howard Nobles, Off Campus, Benton, Larry Oliver, Off Campus, Springfield, Mo., AIIE. Jerry O ' Neal, Off Campus, Malvern; Cherry Owens, Razorback, Barbourville, Ky., G.A.; William Owens, Hotz, North Little Rock, TBIT; Sandra Parkerson, Off Campus, Batesville; Paulena Paschal, Off Campus, Rogers; Patricia Pennington, Off Campus, Cassville, Mo. Richard Phegley, Off Campus, Fort Smith; Larry Phillips, Off Campus, Paragould; Ted Ponder, Off Campus, Cros¬ sett; Peggy Pratt, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Ann Pride, Reid, Blytheville, Traveler Staff; Gary Ricketts, Off Cam¬ pus, Little Rock-, Scabbard and Blade. 180 Rhonda Ridinger, Off Campus, Paris; Robert Rinie, Off Campus, Belleville, 2TE Sec.; Linda Russell, Off Campus, Van Buren; Steven Rutledge, Off Campus, Newport; Juan Sanchez-Lassise, Off Campus, Mayaguez, Puerto R ' co, HKX ; Reno Schalm, Off Campus, Medstead, Can¬ ada. Josephine Schmand, Off Campus, Little Rock, £BK; Mark Seferovich, Off Campus, Kansas City, Mo.; Betty Selvey, Off Campus, Lamar, Mo.; Leland Selvey, Off Campus, Lamar, Mo.; Irwin Seward, Off Campus, Ulm; Ronald Sharrah, Off Campus, Fayetteville. William Shepard, Off Campus, Pine Bluff, £A0; Phillip Shupe, Off Campus, Stuttgart, BSU Pres.; Parvin Singal, Off Campus, New Delhi, India; Cynthia Sly, Off Campus, Conway, Senate; Stewart Smith, Buchanan, Camden; Mary Speer, Off Campus, Booneville. Buddy Spivey, TKE, Siloam Springs; Brian Spurlock, Off Campus, Fayetteville, 3 BIv; William Stark, Off Cam¬ pus, El Dorado; Chris Stephens, 2X Arkadelphia; Lucy Swindell, Off Campus, Hickory Plain, rB3 ; Robert Tardy, Off Campus, Helena. David Teague, Off Campus, Shingle Springs, Calif., ASCE; Dyanna Thomas, Futrall, Springfield, Mo., Who ' s Who; William Thomas, Off Campus, Ardmore, Okla.; Don Thurman, Off Campus, Rison, I AK; William Timmerman, Off Campus, Ulm, ASAE Pres.; Carol Tregle, Off Campus, Mountain Home. Allen Underwood, FarmHouse, Horatio, AZ; Stephen Van Hauen, Off Campus, Enid, Okla.; Carroll Waguespack, Off Campus, Lafayette, La.; Judith Wall, Razorback, Moncks Corner, S.C.; Ronald West, Off Campus, Boone- v ' lle; Nancy Wilkes, Pomfret, Little Rock, Head Resident. Stanley Williams, Off Campus, Hot Springs, f AK; Trancene Williamson, Razorback, Tulsa, Okla.; Donald Wilson, Off Campus, Pensacola, Fla., 2AE; Larry Wilson, Fayetteville, Blue Key Pres.; Marion Wright, Off Oampus, Las Vegas, Nev.; Johnnie Young, Off Campus, Forrest City; Sanfford Young, Off Campus, Pine Bluff. 181 School of Law Preparation for Law Practice The School of Law follows standards of the American Bar Association to provide a thorough preparation for the practice of law, and is designed to give the student a sense of ethical values and enable him to understand law in relation to other agen¬ cies of social control. Freshmen law students discover that they are just beginning a long romance with the old volumes in the modern law library. Ralph Barnhart, Dean 182 Stuart Adler, Off Campus, New York, N.Y.; Larry Allen, Off Campus, North Little Rock, A04 ; David Baldi, Off Campus, Marion, AO I ; Robert Banks, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Law Review; Paul Barber, Off Campus, Oskaloosa, Iowa, Blue Key; Gary Barket, Acacia, Fayette¬ ville, Dean ' s List. Harvey Bell, Off Campus, Little Rock, A0$; Donald Bennett, Off Campus, Little Rock, Student Bar Assoc.; Stephen Bennett, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Timothy Boe, J A0, Pine Bluff; Jim Boyd, Off Campus, Spring- dale; Charles Bryan, Off Campus, Terre Haute, Ind., A$o Claude Buford, 2AE, Forrest City, BASP; Danny Bufford, Off Campus, Paragould, Student Bar Assoc.; Wilson Bynum, Off Campus, Lake Village; Howard Cain, Off Campus, Huntsville, Debate Team; Steven Carlson, AXA, Siloam Springs, AKSk; David Carroum, EAE, Millington, Tenn., Student Bar Assoc. Richard Chapman, Eli, Fayetteville, ‘f ' AA; Herschel Cleveland, AKA, Magazine, AA; Michael Cogbill, Off Campus, Little Rock, A0 £; Jon Coleman, Off Campus, Jonesboro; Robert Crank, Off Campus, Foreman, Student Bar Assoc.; Don Curdie, Off Campus, Little Rock, Student Bar Assoc. James Darr, EX, Fayetteville, $AA, Charles Davidson, Acacia, Lake Village, f AA; Erwin Davis, Off Campus, Heber Springs, 4 AA; Fred Davis, Off Campus, Pine Bluff, Student Bar Assoc.; William Dixon, Off Campus, Little Rock; William Dougherty, 4 A0, Little Rock. James Eads, Hotz, Jacksonville, Blue Key; George Ellis, Off Campus, Little Rock, Student Bar Assoc.; James Epes, Off Campus, Helena; Ralph Faulkner, Off Campus, El Dorado; Daniel Felton, Off Campus, Marianna; Gibbs Ferguson, Off Campus, McGehee, $AA. Daniel Fetherolf, Off Campus, Fayetteville, Pershing Rifles; Byron Freeland, 3 A0, Little Rock, I AA; Robert Garner, Off Campus, Warren, A0 } ; Francis Garofald, Off Cam¬ pus, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Roger Giles, Acacia, Prairie Grove, Gil Glover, Holcombe, Little Rock, AA. Norman Gordon, Off Campus, Melder, La.; Dave Green- baum, Off Campus, Little Rock; Ronald Griggs, Off Campus, El Dorado; Roger Haney, Off Campus, Louisville, Ky.; Stuart Hankins, Off Campus, North Little Rock; Ed Hargis, Off Campus, Huntsville. James Hamilton, Off Campus, St. Louis, Mo., AA; Loyd Harper, Off Campus, Fort Smith, A0 £; Patrick Hays, EX, North Little Rock, 4 AA; William Hays, Off Campus, Amity; Ray Hodnett, Off Campus, Fort Smith; William Hough, AKA, North Little Rock, Law Review. 183 v f Douglas Houskeeper, Off Campus, Fairfield, N.J.; Gary Jefferson, 4 A9, Russellville; Cole Jeffries, K2, Helena, Who ' s Who; Daniel Johnson, Off Campus, Henderson, Student Bar Assoc.; John Johnson, Off Campus, Texar¬ kana, 4 AA; Dan Kennett, Off Campus, Leachville, Law Review Asso. Ed. James Kincheloe, Buchanan, Clifton, Va.; Durwood King, Off Campus, Helena, 4 K4 ; Terry Kirkpatrick, Off Cam¬ pus, Fort Smith, 4 AA; G eorge Kopp, Off Campus, Ocean Grove, N.J., Law Review; Michael Landers, Off Campus, El Dorado; Fletcher Lewis, Off Campus, McCrory. Jim Lorenz, K2, Little Rock; David Maddox, Off Campus, Oden, 4 AA; John Martensen, 24 E, Juarez, Mexico, 4 AA; Gerald Martin, Off Campus, North Little Rock; James Martin, Buchanan, Jefferson City, Mo.; Edgar Metcalf, Off Campus, Batesvilie, A94 . Delbert Mickel, 24 E, Conway; David Mikesic, Off Cam¬ pus, Kansas City, Kan., 4 AA; Alex Miller, Off Campus, Muskogee, Okla.; 4 A0; Danny Mills, TIKA, Harrisburg; Dominic Montileone, Holcombe, Philadelphia, Pa.; Bobby McDaniel, 24 E, Jonesboro, 4 AA. Alexander Nisbet, K2, Little Rock, ASG Treas.; Walter Nixon, Off Campus, Jacksonville, 4 AA; William Orr, Off Campus, Little Rock; John Parkerson, Off Campus, Hot Springs, Student Bar Assoc.; James Penix, 4 A(), Tucker- man; Jesse Porter, 2IT, West Helena, OAK. John Powell, 2X, Magnolia, Scabbard and Blade Treas.; Louis Raffaelli, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Kent Rubens, 2N, West Memphis, Blue Key Pres.; David Saxon, Hol¬ combe, Little Rock; Howard Stinkard, Off Campus, Trumann, 4 AA; Robert Stroud, Off Campus, Desha, Law Review. When a law student leaves home in the morning, you know that he won’t be back until sunset. 184 Most law school undergraduates get their degree in three years, and it takes some four or five. Charles Stubblefield, Acacia, Fayetteville, A0$; Larry Stubbs, Acacia, Little Rock, TAA; Kenneth Suggs, Off Campus, North Little Rock, 3 AA; Jack Taylor, Off Cam¬ pus, Fort Smith, K2; William Trice, Acacia, Fayetteville, A0$; Rush Turk, K2, Sherrill. Albert Vasser, Off Campus, Pine Bluff, BA ' T; Pamela Walker, Razorback, El Dorado; Charles Walls, K2, Lonoke; William Walters, Off Campus, Branch, Law Review; Wayne Webb, Off Campus, Little Rock; Donald West, Off Campus, Fayetteville, TA©. Ester White, Off Campus, Fayetteville, KBIT; Charles Williams, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Floyd Williams, K2, Alexandria, Va., A0 £; Janice Williams, Off Campus, Amity; Wayne Williams, Off Campus, Amity; Douglas Wood, Off Campus, Newport. Robert Wood, Off Campus, Little Rock; Stephen Wood, Off Campus, Jonesboro, A0$; Ronald Woodruff, Off Campus, Fayetteville; William Woodyard, Off Campus, Little Rock, Student Bar Assoc.; Tilden Wright, Off Cam¬ pus, Fayetteville, A0$; William Wright, Off Campus, Gurdon. 185 Army and Air Force ROTC Safeguarding democracy . . . building leadership . . . carrying on a tradition rooted deeply on our campus . . . giving young men a chance to serve their country as well as it has served them. 187 COL Eugene J. Holmes, Professor of Military Science Staff Officers, MAJ James Dutcher, MAJ Frank Weston, MAJ Joseph Heuman, CPT Lansing Hewitt, MAJ Richard Rogers, LTC Ralph Treat. Continuing A Rich Tradition This University has a rich tradition of service and leadership given to it by men with distinguished military backgrounds. Today’s cadets, voluntarily participating in the ROTC program, feel as strongly as those that have gone before them that “so long as our nation can call with confidence on her sons and daughters for the defense of her people, just so long will she remain one nation under God, indivisible, with justice and liberty for all.” These cadets exemplify the finest in American youth. The Nation, the State, and the University can well be proud of them and be assured of their capabilities and service in the many years to come. NCO, SFC Howard, MSG Contrella, SGM Kelly, SFC Jeffries, SSG Craft. 188 Under the guidance of cadre instructors, advanced ROTC cadets conduct their own classes through reports and panel discussions. MS Contrella serves as coach-advisor to the Rifle Team. Captain Hewitt insures that cadets are maintaining the standards set for them by cadre through inspections. 189 Becoming Experienced Leaders William Russell Meeks III, Cadet Brigade Commander Cadets in the advanced program learn the principles of leadership, tactics, and man¬ agement in the classroom and at summer camp. More important, however, the ca¬ dets applied these principles in actual leadership situations so that they are com¬ missioned as experienced leaders. Brigade Staff, First Row: R. Spicer, T. Ryan, L. Devereux, J. Orrell. Second Row: J. Buchan, C. Cate. Third Row: L. Skaggs, M. Frye. Battalion Commanders, First Row: G. Tripp, C. Russenburger. Second Row: D. Adams, C. Williams, L. Stone. 190 Senior Officers, First Row: W. Meeks, A. Yarnell, M . Daily, R. Penn, S. Jameson, S. Long, B. Evans, E. Martin, P. McGregor, J. Grif¬ fin, J. Gresham, O. Harris, W. Stowers, T. McCormack, B. John¬ son, D. Laws, C. Lee. Second Row: M. Fletcher, L. Skaggs, J. Nesbitt, J. Shankle, M. Childers, C. Berry, L. Patterson III, T. Ryan, L. Devereux, F. Brown, S. Daniel, G. Brady, T. Pope, W. Cunningham, R. Duncan, C. Russenburger, G. Walling, C. Van Asche, M. Price. Third Row: C. Dean, S. Deen, R. Crawford, B. Cate, J. Nash, I. Seward, L. Stone, J. Lee, S. Leopard, H. Morsch- heimer, N. Lindsey, R. Rinnie, M. Abbiatti, F. Bane, C. Williams, J. Sutton, J. Whiley, J. Mosley. Summer camp is one of the most important phases of ROTC. These cadets have just finished one of many rigorous field training exercises. Future cadet officers get tacti¬ cal instruction by Regular Army Officers during their summer training at Camp Eagle. 191 Rangers Develop Leadership Rappelling offers Rangers a true challenge, since self-confidence and good training are needed to make it down the 150-foot cliffs. Louie Devereux, Executive Officer; Cpt Hewitt, Advisor; Fred Brown, Ranger Platoon Commander. The Ranger Platoon was formed in 1967 with the dual mission of training selected cadets in counterinsurgency operations and developing the leadership qualities in¬ herent in the infantry officer. Frequent weekend field problems are held to pro¬ vide operational experience in these fields. Weekly classes gave members instructional ex¬ perience and candidates good tactical training. First Row: Scott Daniel, Dave Adams, Norman Lindsey, Ward Critz, Lewis Bell, Scott Howard, Joe Griffin, Ken Stauss, Henry Morschheimer, Steve Leopard, Mike Boaz. Second Row: Jim Merryman, Larry Croo k, Jerry Berry, Jack Leib, Tim Phillips, Russel Rogers, Gordon Griffin, Skip West, Earl Westfall, Ed Martin, Bard Phillips, John Gordon, Mike Johnston. 192 The Army ROTC Flight Program is designed to give interested senior cadets all the training necessary to earn a private pilot’s license in four months. This includes 35 hours of ground school and 36 hours of flight time. This training is given by instructors at Drake Field. The ROTC Rifle Team offers an opportunity to take part in competitive meets in several states. While all cadets receive tactical train¬ ing in summer camp, many get addi¬ tional experience in the Rangers. Army ROTC Offers Varied Training ROTC is concerned with providing spe¬ cialized training to fit each individual’s desires and aptitudes. Whether participat¬ ing in a long-range patrol with the Rangers or marching in a parade with the Pershing Rifles, the student is learn¬ ing many new and valuable skills. 193 Drill Team, Back Row: Robert Venable, Peter Chapin, Tim Melvin, Robert Crawford, Mickey Meis, Lester Dain, David Compton, Roger Indorf, Jack Leib, Kevin Sanford, Gary Rich, Oliver Coker. Staff, First Row: Lawrence Cline, David Gaines, Byron Evans, Tom Beane. Color Guard, Cliff Yarbrough, Doug Franklin, Ralph Ball, Fred Brockway, Bruce Barnes. Rifle Team, James Merryman, Terry Mason, Steve Yerby, Morton Hardaway, Steve Johnson. Steven A. Jameson, Commander D-7 Pershing Rifles “Set the example” is the motto of Com¬ pany D-7. Army and Air Force cadets re¬ ceive valuable training in tactics, marks¬ manship, and exhibition drill. This year cadets were taught rappelling, jump train¬ ing, and scuba diving. The drill team and color guard performed in parades and drill meets, and in February the company spent four days at the Mardi Gras. 194 Scabbard and Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary military fraternity for advanced ROTC cadets. Pledges are selected from both the Army and Air Force programs based on scholarship, campus leadership, and interest in the mil¬ itary program. The Society aims to in¬ struct the future officers of the Armed Forces in traditions and customs. In addi¬ tion, civic and community projects are performed by the members and pledges. First Row: James Winningham, Treasurer; Kent McGregor, Com¬ mander; Louis Devereaux, Executive Officer; Skip Harris, Program Chairman; Bruce Shollmier, Secretary; Henry Morshheimer, Pledge Trainer. V § % I ' j a First Row: S. Leopard, S Daniel, H. Morschhiemer, LTC R. Treat, Hudspeth, L. Devereux, K. McGregor, B. Shollmier, D. Marr. Third M. Stidham, R. Meeks. Second Row: J. Winningham, S. Deen, B. Row: T. Box, S. Harris, R. Yager, T. Deere, E. Martin, M. Daily. 195 First Row: Cheri Whitlock, Judy Brazil, Jeanie McKenzie, Gail Hearne, Janice Whiley, Barbie Cook, Annie Mahoney. Second Row: Jane Clark, Nancy Niles, Suzanne Johnson, Mary Jane Comstock, Bobbye Kelly, Judy Bickham, Virginia Clement, Karen Crawford. Third Row: Peggy Gregory, Kathy Brewer, Nancy Nelson, Linda Dahl, Gail Wiederkehr, Gwen Fudge, Laurie Gilbert, Maureen Cobb. 196 Cadettes Work With Brigade The Cadette Corps consists of twenty-five coeds selected by interview and chosen on the basis of their beauty, personality, moral Peggy Gregory, Commander character, and scholarship. An outgrowth of Army Sponsors, the Cadette Corps par¬ ticipates in a wide variety of activities in¬ cluding civic, patriotic, educational, and charitable functions. The unit also takes part in ROTC drill, classes, and social events. Other activities include working with the Red Cross during blood drives, hostessing Symposium, sponsoring turkey shoots, and representing the Cadet Brigade. Scabbard and Blade provides the “Arch of Sabers” for tapping. Officers, Karen Crawford, Comptroller; Kathy Brewer, Vice-Com¬ mander. Cadettes watch Pershing Rifles drill. 197 AFROTC Changes Curriculum The Air Force ROTC program is the oldest continuous source of officers for the United States Air Force. AFROTC is responsible for commissioning officers through academic programs in colleges and universities across the nation. To ac¬ complish this task, AFROTC has made a number of far-reaching changes in cur¬ riculum, to prepare young men for the challenge ahead. The result has been an officer corps that is better educated, more versatile, and higher in their degree of professionalism than ever before. Staff Officers, CAPT John Entwistle, MAJ Robert Johnston, COL William Davis, CAPT Jerry Baber, CAPT Thomas Goode, CAPT Gerald Mason. Colonel William C Davis, Professor of Aerospace Studies. Noncommissioned Officers, TSGT Earl Goff, SSGT Billy Strickland, TSGT Lewie Cooper, SSGT Walder Pankey, SSGT Cecil Simer. 198 The Officer Training Program gives leadership training to selected soph cadets who intend to enter the AFROTC advanced program. Cadets attend a four-week camp at Air Force bases across the United States to receive instruction unavailable at the University. In the basic program Air Force officers instruct the cadets on world military systems and try to instill in them initiative and leadership. 199 Besides commanding Air Force ROTC drill, senior staff officers plan cadet activities for the entire school year. Squadron Commanders, Ronald Rushing, Danny Wood, Chuck Alexander, Greg Goin, Noel Gregory. Group Staff, First Row: Phillip Koch, Dale Hill, Steve Bryant. Sec¬ ond Row: Wayne Kuse, Claud e Tirman, Phil Moudy, John Lee. Stephen R. Wingfield, Group Commander Seniors Learn Personnel Management The objective of Air Force ROTC is to generate officers who demonstrate dedica¬ tion to their assignments, who willingly accept responsibility, who think critically and creatively, and who have the ability to communicate with clarity and preci¬ sion. The two major phases of the cur¬ riculum consist of the general military course and the professional officer course. 200 First Row: C. Robards, R. Dober, T. Clarke, D. Shea, C. Maule, K. Goines, D. Spickes, J. Gaughan, L. Waits, J. Cook. Second Row: J. Hutchins, D. Bailey, C. Gaither, G. Ryker, T. Seale, J. Van Beb- ber, J. Murrell, J. Ellis, L. Hirschy. Third Row: C. Riggs, A. Kendall B. Tanneberger, R. Lowery, B. Roster, J. Kraynik. Seniors Prepare for Commissioning Juniors Get Command Experience First Row: J. Davis, D. Carson, S. Wingfield, D. Rakestraw, D. Wood, R. Rushing, R, See, N. Gregory, W. Garner, F. Dark, T. Cromer. Second Row: R. Hill, G. Goin, P. Koch, B. Shollmier, W. Kuse, S. Canyon, J. Lee, B. Queen, J. Dillaplain, W. Dunaway, T. Hendrickson, S. Bryant, J. Snow. Third Row: G. Trusty, T. Glaub, G. Muncrief, P. Kingan, G. Earls, G. Carter, B. Bingham, D. Mor¬ row, P. Heiss, P. Moudy, J. Jerrigan, J. Hendren. 201 Spencer Epes, Commander Angels Have Active Year The auxiliary of Arnold Air Society in¬ creased its ranks to include thirty coeds this year. Flight activities include selling football programs at home games, collect¬ ing toys for needy children, helping with the blood drives, visiting hospitals, do¬ nating food to needy families, visiting Boy Land of Arkansas, and many other charities. First Row: Claudia Hammans, Kris Hohne, Jan Rose, Tricia Cham¬ bers, Ann Bulmer, Susie Markell, Denise Deaver. Second Row: Carole Nichols, Sherry Harris, Lyn McQueen, Spencer Epes, Peggy Taylor, Kathy Davis, Janie Dowell, Billi Hill, Diane House, Rhonda Carney, Linda Araiza, Shirley Price, Emilie Bell, Beth Hogan, Sandra Morgan, Suzanne Meier, Donna Shaw. (Not Pictured: Pam Gillean, Connie Summers, Sherard Thompson, Janice Pace, Kath¬ leen Eldridge). i i i i .. i . First Row: C. Alexander, D. Rakestraw, R. Rushing, D. Hill, N. Gregory, B. Dunaway, D. Wood, K. Goines. Second Row: P. Koch, G. Goin, R. Dark, T. Carson, D. Lowery, R. Yates, D. Morrow, G. Muncrief, R. Maule, J. Snow, L. Hirschy, W. Jacks, D. Spickes. Third Row: J. Bonner, D. Bailey, C. Gaither, B. Bingham, W. Bright, W. Cathon, J. Kraynik, B. Koch. Staff, First Row: Dober, Seale, Dillaplain, Robards, Second Row: Bright, Murrell. Third Row: Riggs, Snow. Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight members gather toys for the Salvation Army during Operation Warmheart at Christmas time. Arnold Air Society The Arnold Air Society was founded as an honorary military society for Air Force ROTC cadets who have shown themselves to be outstanding both scholastically and in the AFROTC program. This past year the squadron has worked jointly with An¬ gel Flight on several community projects. 203 Air Force ROTC A Real Leadership Lab Air Force ROTC cadet officers must observe and evalu¬ ate the cadets under their command during weekly drill. AFROTC cadets are given many chances to exercise their leadership abilities on the drill field and in their classes. They end the year better prepared for command positions on the modern Air Force team. h Us V i ' 5 hr] w S m • t ' ' Flight Indoctrination Program, First Row: Phil Moudy, Dale Hill, Wingfield, Noel Gregory. Second Row: Claude Tirman, Greg Goin, Phil Koch, Charles Alexander, Daniel Wood, Bill Dunaway, Steve John Snow, Terry Hendrickson, Greg Muncrief, Rick Hill, John Lee. The Arnold Air Society cooperates with the Rogers Inspections are an important part of building a Civil Air Patrol by giving classes on flight principles. self-pride, discipline, and espirit de corps. 204 The Auxiliary Security Unit helps the University Campus Security Police in traffic control during home football games and pep rallies. Each cadet is given a chance to develop his instructional ability through experience in the classroom by conducting classes. The cadet officer learns the difficulties and rewards of leadership when he commands his flight on the drill field. 205 M0 206 207 208 6 • • , 11 spirits . . • • warming 209 . . But you better hurry ’cause it’s going damn fast.” few tickets , anxious Razorback fans never die . . . they just crawl under the Astro-Turf. many rallies , Record for the world’s longest pep rally goes to Kappa Sig who controlled the corner of Dixon and Arkansas for 72 hours. 210 The Texas pep rally was a once-in-a- life-time event; Broyles in his Hoggish attire, an uncommon smile on his face, and he actually bowed to the Alphs. The only time Razorbacks weren’t out¬ numbered was during their pre-game pep rally held in Austin, Texas. What was supposed to be revenge spectators, eager players, a turned into bitter defeat and Texas, those accursed Steers, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Tired and defeated, the Razorbacks re¬ turned to a crowd that was grateful for a winning season. took the Conference title again. Later, in Dallas, a group of Irish from up north abruptly ended the famed Texas winning streak on New Year’s Day. was loss number two. 211 the slump before Christmas was contagious. with thoughts Since quiet and secluded places are getting harder and harder to find, some people go to great extremes . . . others just go to latrines. 212 endless studying , students The University Theater presented Faustus for the student’s pre-holi¬ day entertainment. Superb acting and complex lighting helped to make the production a success. found it impossible to look forward to a worry-free vacation. 213 dgery As the cold weather moved in and Christmas drew near, students were once again faced with endless shopping, finding a ride home, and a way to get out of those Wednesday afternoon classes. The mood, however, seemed not to be in the Christmas spirit. Term papers, looming final exams, and perpetual typing seemed to de-spirit the holiday. of classes and sent most Stile . f mt s to everything there is It’s just another little in¬ significant number going to cram for his final. If you wait long enough, there’s always the chance that you’ll sit next to one crashing on a pill and oblivious to the cover sheet. a season and a purpose . . 216 The human mind can only absorb and retain so much knowledge. After a while, it merely goes in one beer and right out the other. And now I lay me down to rest, I pray I wake before my test. If I don’t, I’ll take my seat, by someone who will let me cheat. Chances are, the an¬ swers were on the tip of her tongue. time t Many students used Dead Monday to cram; others took it literally. 217 The “Brain Trust” strikes again at the site of the Uni¬ versity’s new Student Union. garland street caused confusion, although the closing of With the good comes the bad ... the closing of Garland wasn’t good. Both presidents finally found some constructive work to dig into on the University campus. 218 university life continued . . Wouldn’t you know that the villian of Opera Workshop’s The Deluded Bridegroom would be the Asso ciate Dean of Students for dorms. The opera The Conspirators pitted two factions against each other in an effort to avoid future wars—frustrated men and women. Pat Gideon and the girls and Harry Budd and boys prepare for a big stand-off. 219 As tradition is cast aside, President Mullins spoke to his last class of seniors graduating in the winter. for some it is the end long and difficult journey Graduates were privileged to hear Governor Dale Bumpers give his first graduation speech for the U of A’s commencement exercises. For most, graduation was a very choking experience. 220 for others, it is only the Checking to make sure he hasn’t been screwed, this student counts his change. beginning of the journey. Little do they know that this check is really a “bummer.” 221 the first snowfall wasn ' t Falling kids drift by my window . . . with seats colored black and blue. Sometimes, though, it was worth it. too bad . . . ' .for awhile Two strange visitors explored our campus during the snow and viewed our library the way most of our students do ... at a great distance. We all could have had more fun in the snow if it just hadn’t been so cold. There are only two ways of going down icy steps: up on your feet or down on your seat. Everyone knows how to make a snow¬ man. These guys are trying to “make” a snowwoman — and a proud one. nwms -tm ' 223 a new season began with A few words of wisdom and encouragement sent Aimer on his way to a most successful and very rewarding year. The enthusiasm never wavered . . . players’ enthusiasm, that is. coach a new the scores weren’t winning ones, but they were mighty close Coach Lanny Van Eman tries to reason with one of the University’s famous unhearing, unseeing, unbelieving, and uncaring referees. 225 the second snow A good snowfall is good for the cycle, but it’s better for the vocabulary. was the real bummer Why is it, that when he falls, it is really hilarious ... but when we fall, it’s not going to be one damn bit funny. It only costs two dollars to have chains put on any car; it will also buy a six pack and some cigs. 226 There are always more students on the campus after a big snow than at any other time. The only trouble is trying to get them to go to class. no one wanted it . . . yet for some reason , everyone got it It’s bad enough just getting out in this crap, but to have to go to class, too . . . what a burn! Many students have dreamed of a week in Colorado ... to some, this is as close as they’ll ever come to that great snowman’s dream. 227 Mr " „ familiar faces that have W _ orever 228 ing it it seems impossible that we can live with someone never knowing who they are ... yet we do it everyday. their jobs are a necessity to them and to us . . . which is exactly why they are so important. professors and scholars . . . no; but just as much a part of this university as you and i 229 to some it was just selling a paper; but others a o 3 c n Q- CD 0 Q- 230 231 be it known that the american and Vietnamese ' OLD WINKS ICE The peace movement had another reason to disagree with U.S. military policy after the announcement of Lt. Calley’s sentence by the court. 232 people are not enemies Disgust is sometimes the only word that can truly express student reaction to many Nixon policies. the war is carried out . . . The number of students opposed to the war in Vietnam grows daily. Americans want the best in life for all their children, even though U.S. sol¬ diers slaughter foreign mothers’ babes. 233 The art of rolling big joints is being conquered quickly as students discover grass. . the mujpnsibility... a Within tfie last year ' f e drug culture at Arkansas has more than doubled. Once a practice reserved only for freaks and hip¬ pies, drugs have entet d the party scene and can be found floating freely in resi¬ dence halls and Greek houses. In addition to marijuana, pills of numerous strengths are available to the student interested in experimenting in the psychedelic world. “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” for round-the-clock professional help when the necessity for drugs begins to play a big role in life. 234 With proper light and moisture marijuana plants thrive anywhere. Once a thing used only by Dad, a good pipe is now one of the doper ' s best friends, causing its appearance to be commonplace on campus. 235 we tire of speakers “I do not like a hypocritical person, and I cannot stand a hypocritical na¬ tion, " spoke Ralph Abernathy at Symposium 71 appearance here. 236 The Coffeehouse saw its largest crowd when Stan and Dan appeared. They were very entertaining and displayed great talent. yet we never play out one-man bands with one-night stands Varsity Athletics The dreams all ended in Austin . . . While in basketball, the Shoats won it all ... Ed Fedosky was swimming’s “Coach of the Year” . . . And everyone thought we only played football . . 238 239 240 241 George Cole Athletic Director One of the mainstays in the Arkansas athletic program, George Cole as¬ sumed charge of the athletic director¬ ship following the resignation of John Barnhill. Among his many duties are the overall supervision of one of the largest athletic complexes in the na¬ tion and the direction of the world famous Razorback Club of Arkansas. 242 C. A. Bidwell Purchasing Agent A former track coach for the Razorbacks, C. A. Bidwell is in charge of the purchas¬ ing of equipment for the athletic depart¬ ment. Among his many duties is the direc¬ tion of the concessions for home games. Jim Bell Sports Publicity Director Entering his second year as Sports Infor¬ mation Director, Jim Bell is one of the most respected journalists in the South¬ west. Not only has he handled the many news items flowing from the athletic de¬ partment, but he has also been in charge of the press facilities for all home games. 243 Frank Broyles Head Football Coach One of the most acclaimed head foot¬ ball coaches in the nation, Frank Broyles has enjoyed unparalleled suc¬ cess at the helm of the Razorbacks. His reputation as a master of teaching was reinforced by the fact that two more assistants, Charley Coffey and Billy Kinard, moved to head coaching jobs at other major universities. 244 r Billy Kinard, Defensive Backfield Coach Wilson Matthews, Freshman Coach Raymond Berry, Offensive Receiver Coach Jack Davis, Head Recruiter Jim Bone, Head Trainer Don Breaux Offensive Backfield Coach Charley Coffey, Defensive Line Coach Harold Horton, Linebacker Coach 245 Hall of Fame Spotlights Standouts To recognize outstanding senior athletes, the Razorback wishes to announce its first annual “Sports Hall of Fame.” Not to be confused with the Arkansas Hall of Fame in Barnhill Fieldhouse, this group was selected on the basis of their three- year performances as a Razorback. Mike Pryor proved his worth to Porker baseball by leading the Hogs in hitting for two seasons. n Peter Kingan and Mike Barden pro¬ vided invaluable leadership to the University swimming team. Bill Burnett established himself as the most prolific scorer in Razorback football history during his three years. 246 Dennis Rizza accumulated more victories than any per¬ former in Arkansas tennis. Bobby Pruitt became the Razorback’s premier distance competitor. Chuck Brownfield became one of the most accurate golfers in the Southwest Conference as the number one Razorback linkster. Bobby Vint gave the Runnin’ Razorbacks the needed leadership during a very trying season. He was also named to the All-Ameri¬ can Academic Team for his endeavors in school while wearing the Razorback colors. 247 Stanford 34 Arkansas 28 Heisman Trophy winner Jim Plunkett led the Indians into War Memorial Stadium and for the first quarter had the Arkansas defense dazzled. But the aggressive Hogs fought back. Sophomore halfback Jon Richardson began his career as a Ra- zorback with an amazing performance against the Stanford Indians. Stanford Stops Final Minutes Jon Richardson, Bill Montgomery, and Joe Ferguson ht the crowd to its feet with dazzling plays. Perhaps Coach Broyles said it best, “I’d rather lose the first than the last.” Quarterback Bill Montgomery finally found the key to the Stanford defense, but he was stopped short of the goal line with seconds left. 248 Arkansas 2 With the crowd’s cheers ringing in his ears, Bill Montgomery’s passing returned to the form it showed in 1969 against OSU. Dicus showed Ok¬ lahoma State how he catches footballs. Oklahoma Razorbacks 1 with a revamped defense, the Porkers bounced back against a talented Oklahoma State team. Tailback Bill Burnett broke the Southwest Conference career record with his 39th and 40th scores. for First Win The turning point of the contest came in the third quarter when the Hogs used an Okla¬ homa State safety for a two-point lead. As fullback Russ Garber shows against OSU, fumbles hurt the Razorbacks through much of the first part of the 1970 season. Bruce James and Steve Benoit were two of the reasons that the defense contained the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Little Rock. 249 Arkansas 49 Tulsa 7 Injuries like this one virtually ended Bill Burnett’s college football career early. After two tough games at Little Rock, the Pork¬ ers returned to the Fayetteville campus to continue their dominance over Tulsa. Even the rainy weather could not dampen the second half offensive explosion when the Hogs accounted for five touchdowns. Bill Montgomery provided the passing game while Bill Burnett again led the ground attack. Ronnie Jones typified the hard-hitting Razorback defensive squad. Hogs Harass Hurricanes Bill Burnett was well on his way to establishing a national scoring record before he was halted by a shoulder injury later in the year. Arkansas 49 TCU 14 It was a big day for the Razorbacks as they won their twelfth in a row over the TCU Horned Frogs. How¬ ever, it was a sad day for the game of football as a plane carry¬ ing the Wichita State football team crashed in the Colorado mountains. The Hogs pr Collisions by the Arkansas and TCU lines could be heard all night. onsecutive Time fense could hit from anywhere on the field. Bill Bur¬ nett, who was not expected to play, scored four times, while sophomores Joe Ferguson and Walter Nelson led drives. Though just a sophomore, Jim Hodge showed the moves of a vet¬ eran as he caught this late touchdown pass against TCU. Linebacker Ronnie Jones shows aggressiveness of the Hog de¬ fense as he leaps over a blocker to get to the Frog ball carrier. 251 Arkansas 41 Baylor 7 Against Bears Against Baylor, Bill Montgomery had time to watch those who will carry on in 1971. McClard’s kick was good and it started the offensive exhibition for the 53,000 anxious spectators. Before the night was over, Bill Burnett had scored twice and Joe Ferguson had led the sophomores to three more touchdowns for t ce win. mn ball out of the stadium,” ery after the Hogs second straight time. said a dejec had b Jim Hodge discovers that being an Arkansas split end has its David Revais, Bruce James, and Dick Bumpas show Si Southall bad side as he received this type of treatment the entire season. why the Hog’s defensive team ranked first in the conference. 252 Arkansas 63 Wichita State 0 Sportsmanship like Dick Fuller’s won The three surviving seniors of the Wichita the admiration of the entire nation. State squad acted as team captains. Hogs Help Shockers After Tragedy In one of the most incredible comebacks in sports history, the Wichita State football team took the field against the ninth- ranked Hogs just three weeks after the plane crash that killed or disabled most of the team. The determination of the Wheatshockers cannot be denied for every one of them wanted to play, even if it meant sharing a shoulder pad. The visitors received standing ovations and the admiration of everyone present. With the emotion-filled audience pulling for them, the Wheatshocker offense played with the enthusiastic spirit of a championship eleven. 253 Defensive Effort Crushes Texas Aggies Despite injury to record-setting Bill Burnett, the Hogs left no doubt in the minds of the Aggies that the Porkers were on top again. • ' ' V Quarterback Bill Montgomery paced the offense, while Dick Bumpas and company left the Aggies helpless with their defensive play. YU I 7 Arkansas 45 Texas A M 6 Jerry Moore shows an Aggie receiver what happens if he catches a ball in the Hogs’ pass defense territory. Tackle Dick Bumpas proved his All-American form at Texas A M as he hit quarterback Lex James behind the line for sizable losses on three separate occasions. Though riddled by injuries and inexperience, the Arkansas offensive line was able to outmuscle nine of eleven opponents during the year. 254 Arkansas 38 Rice 14 llgiPlift RICE 1 1 DOWN OTR 3 I M ° D TO GO BALL OH 2D The Hogs went to the locker room at halftime with the ominous scoreboard reflecting their disgust over the terrible first half of play. looked as if V he season as scores over the as a Razorback, Mike Ronnie Jones helped turn the tide of the game with this intercep¬ tion against Rice. It took the Hogs two quarters to halt the Owls. After giving Rice two quick touchdowns, the Arkansas defense found key to Rice attack in the second half to shut out the Owls. Saint Stifles Owls in Second Ha For the first two periods it Owls would pull the upset of t took a startling 14-3 lead at gomery led the Hogs to five st the second half as Mike Saint era e rambling Rice they ever, Bill Mont¬ in goal line twice. 255 new well highlight The Porker defens ceptions to David Hogue was biggest thief in a game where the Porker sec¬ ondary set a conference record by intercepting nine Pony passes. eld Goal Helps Crush SMU Bill McClard’s record-setting field goal and the crowning of Miss Jill Crom- Homecoming clash. ed nine inter- record. The offense provided enough excite- j Hl iKthLl ment to warm a crowd chilled by cold winds. This reception by end Chuck Dicus opened the way for the Razorbacks’ Homecoming win over the SMU Ponies. 256 Arkansas had to come through with the clutch defensive play against Texas Tech Red Raiders. End Bruce James led way for Hogs. Razorbacks Roust Raiders in Arkansas found the going rough during the first half at Lubbock as the Red Raiders held the Porkers twice at the goal. The offense produced two second half scores to maintain supremacy over Tech, but five offensive linemen had to leave the game because of injuries. Arkansas’ defensive is known for the supreme effort like that shown on this point after attempt. Arkansas 24 Texas Tech 10 Defensive Battle 257 Arkansas 7 Texas halfback Jim Bertelson was one of the Longhorn runners who went rampant over the Hog defense during the showdown. Quarterback Bill Montgomery tried all tactics he had gathered in three years against Texas. 15-14 Revenge? Shootout II Turns into Scoring Parade f J M V Texas proved to be the better team as the two South- west Conference powers clashed in Austin for Shootout II. The Longhorns’ power was virtually unstoppable for the Porker defense. For sixteen j Razorback seniors, their college football careers ended in frustration. Sophomore Jon Richardson scored the Hogs’ only touchdown against the Longhorns. He will have two years to gain his revenge. 258 After being sidelined for five weeks, Bill Burnett failed in this goal line attempt against Texas, which later proved to be the turning point in Frank Broyles’ worst defeat. 259 B.M.O.G. Big Men on the Gridiron Team Captains, Bill Montgomery, Dick Bumpas, Mike Boschetti. Again, the Razorbacks racked up the post¬ season honors for their efforts on the grid¬ iron. Tackle Dick Bumpas led the way by being named to the Associated Press All- American team and the outstanding defen¬ sive player in the Southwest Conference. All Conference, Ronnie Hammers, Pat Morrison, Bill McClard, Dick Bumpas, Bruce James, Chuck Dicus, Bill Montgomery, Mike Boschetti. 260 Fort Smith’s Dick Bumpas received All-American honors for his outstanding play at defensive tackle for the 1970 Big Red squad. Although only a junior, kicker Bill McClard gained national promi¬ nence with this NCAA record-breaking 60-yarder against SMU. Drafted in the seventh round by the San Diego Chargers, Chuck Dicus was All-American for the second straight year at the University. 261 Close Losses Mar Razorbacks’ Record Lanny Van Eman came to Arkansas and initiated a new and exciting brand of basketball to the University of Arkansas. Put about thirty points in the right place and you would have been able to turn the Hog ’s season record completely around. Even though the Porkers finished in the conference cellar, the future looks bright with all but one senior returning to the 1971-72 version of the Running Razorbacks. Tommy Matthews Head Freshman Coach Jim Rodgers Assistant Coach 262 Despite an early season illness, Aimer Lee still captivated the crowds with his high and arching type of shooting. The ball just didn’t seem to go into the hoop for the Hogs as the Rice Owls won another close one from the spirited Porkers. Senior Bobby Vint earned recognition with a hook shot above his opponent’s head. 263 Solid defense was one of the strong points displayed by guard Fred Mooney, a junior. Sophomore Jody Bass proved to be a hustler and a fighter during the season as injuries forced this guard into a starting position. A top-notch transfer, Joel Heider played a number of roles for the Hogs. Vernon Murphy came off a year of suspension to become the Razorbacks leading scorer in 1970-71. Murphy will be a leader during future years with the improving Razorback hoopsters. As was the case against the Oklahoma Sooners, Joel Tabor was often forced to take the post position against taller opponents. Fans Become Involved in Basketball Action Even though the season record didn’t set any precedent, the team made a lot of friends with their exciting type of basket¬ ball. Scoring records fell by the wayside as paper cups fell from the stands, and Razorback rooters discovered there was an¬ other sport on campus besides football. Vernon Murphy faced a great number of re¬ bounding duels during the course of the season. Besides being one of the finest shooters in the Conference, Don¬ nie Watts proved to be an extremely accurate passer as well. 265 Tension invaded Barnhill Fieldhouse as the Razorbacks squared off against the Longhorns in a renewal of the Southwest’s oldest rivalry. 266 Players of Mike Brown’s caliber underscored the Razorback youth movement. The Porkers sported one senior on the entire team. Sophomore John Searles became the leading rebounder for the Porkers late in the year. Even though the season’s record was unenviable, the Hogs were greeted with loud cheers when they took the court for the opening tip. 267 Coach Kossover found an improved unit of netters in his second year. Fast moving doubles matches proved to be exciting to spectators. You can’t beat that forehand power. Tennis Team Enjoys Early Success The tennis team of coach David Kossover carried the winning tradition of 1970 into the 1971 season as they competed through¬ out the Southwest. Led by Dennis Rizza, David Beauchamp, Tom Boarders, David Stout, and Phil Landauer, the Porkers ex¬ celled in both singles and doubles action through the course of the tennis season. Stout’s backhand proved to be a constant irritation to conference rivals. 268 Chuck Brownfield paced the Razorback golfers to early victories. Golf Squad Chases SWC Title Again in pursuit of the elusive Southwest Conference crown, the Arkansas Razorback golf team enjoyed another successful year on the links. Senior Chuck Brownfield dis¬ tinguished himself as one of the outstand¬ ing individual performers in the league, while the squad earned the title of spoilers. Coach Slusarek fielded the largest squad to vie for the Porker golf team. Thirteen hopefuls proved to be a winning number for the Hogs as they made their presence known in Southwest Conference action. 269 Coach Ed Renfrow Track Team Looks Ahead to Future Armed with several new performers, the Ar¬ kansas Razorback track team sought recogni¬ tion in the tough Southwest Conference dur¬ ing 1971. Miler Bobby Pruitt and speedster Robert Palmer led Coach Ed Renfrow’s charges into the annual Arkansas Relays, held on March 27 in Razorback Stadium. Over twenty teams competed in the meet. Robert Palmer always managed to give the Porkers a short-lived lead in the mile relay with his opening leg of the final event. Freshman Ricky McWhorter managed to place in the pole vault competition during the quadrangular meet in Fayetteville. 270 As Arkansas’ young tracksters gained experience, the lead was a very rare sight for them against their seasoned and talented adversaries. Freshman Gale Munger established new records in shot and discus events. Excellent form and concentration are the keys to a good 440 intermediate hurdler. When two runners pair off, the individual battles begin with a new vigor, quite unlike that found in any other team competition. With fast openings like this, Robert Palmer showed promise of be¬ coming one of the premier sprinters in the SW Conference meet. 271 Ed Fedosky, Head Coach Hog Swimmers Improve Dual Meet Record The Razorback swimming squad took a big step toward gaining the Southwest Con¬ ference title with an improved 4-1 season mark. Seniors Peter Kingan and Mike Barden led the team to their biggest win of the season, 60-53 over Texas. Always a close-knit group of athletes, the swimmers urge their teammates on to victory against the stubborn Texas Longhorns. Body outstretched, an Arkansas sprinter begins the turbulent road to victory. Giving both encouragement and in¬ formation, the lap counter is important to Razorback distance ace Terry Kingan. 272 Divers like Richard Raybuck spend hours practicing alone for their per¬ formances at the University pool. The most grueling of all swimming strokes, the butterfly requires a great deal of strength and skill, as well as speed and stamina. 273 Coach Norm DeBryin During the entire season, Bruce Mitchell proved he could handle the shortstop position like a veteran. Mitchell will return for 1972. Porker Baseball Relies on Power Attack Coach Norm DeBryin again led the Razor- back baseball team to a winning season in the diamond sport. The Hogs were able to combine a dangerous hitting attack to go with their improving field game and young pitching staff. Several of the Porker Power sluggers, led by seniors Mike Pryor and H. A. Scott propelled the Hogs to success. Despite the cold weather of early springtime, the Hogs’ feelings were warm as they proved victorious over Buena Vista Pioneers. Although young, the Hogs’ pitchers proved tough as the season continued. Freshman Bruce Mitchell accounted for a great number of the Porker’s runs throughout 1971. Left Fielder Stan Ley played a big part in the Hogs’ run production. Greg Palka played an important role at first base during ’71 as the accent was on youth. ? Outfielder H. A. Scott displayed his aggressive style of playing against the Buena Vista Pioneers as the Hogs swept a doubleheader. 275 Freshmen Post 3-2 Season Record Freshman footballers have a very unique comradeship among themselves during their first season for the Hogs. By posting a 3-2 season mark, the Shoats of Coach Wilson Matthews kept the tradition of a winning freshman football team alive. Ex¬ celling for the Shoats was Danny Rhodes, All-Southwest Conference linebacker. Wearing the Razorback red in Fayetteville for the first time, the Shoats upheld a winning tradition against the Tulsa University freshmen. Returning a punt for a touchdown was the big highlight of the year for freshman defensive safety Clark Irwin of Springdale, Arkansas. Fully recovered from early season injuries, Terry McFarland stood out against Tulsa. 276 This trio of Dennis White, Bruce Mitchell, and Roger Spears proved to be an invaluable asset to the Shoats, the only unde¬ feated Arkansas freshman team. In his initial season as head coach of the Shoats, Tommy Matthews led the freshmen to their most productive year. Shootin’ Shoats Record Undefeated Season The Shoats became the winningest freshman team in Southwest Conference basketball history as they averaged well over 100 points a contest while in route to a 16-0 season. The nine returnees should be a solid nucleus for the Razorbacks of the future. Big Dean Tolson brought the crowd to its feet time after time with this type of jump shot. Tolson was the leading Shoat scorer. 277 Student Publications Communication is vital . . . recording history is necessary, the printed media is efficient . . . ink on paper, ideas on paper, graphic interpretation for all to see, evaluate . . . and maybe believe 278 279 The 1971 Razorback As a graphic presentation of the char¬ acter of the University, the Razorback captures the campus, the students, the thoughts, the ideas, the moods, the events, the color, and the texture of our University and preserves it for the future. The members of the staff have brought together their individual talents and ideas to create the 1971 Razorback. tR,Tfl( I f,H I i i ii v 7Ht VALIEV OF TH£ S ' -(A.D( u , f Oif. I :+lflLL Ft AR Mo FV ' -OR T AM Tilt iliulNt-.V Fc-M 01- A PITCH IN Tin VALlEV. Henry Woods, Production Manager Gary Larsen, Editor 280 281 The 1971 Razorback Staff » Nancy Bane, Associate Editor of Classes and Living Groups Karen Crawford, Associate Editor of Student Activities Cathy Bleiweiss, Associate Editor of Features Gary Larsen Editor Henry Woods Production Manager Marilyn Bright Proofreader Susan Larsen Staff Artist Doug Frank First Photographer Larry Logan Second Photographer Bob White Staff Photographer Nancy Bane First Associate Editor Karen Crawford Second Associate Editor Cathy Bleiweiss Third Associate Editor Debbie Henry Beauties Editor Laura Wilson Organizations Editor Imogene Alexander Publications Editor Jim Merryman Military Editor Trudy Maslonka Features Editor Dennis Kirkpatrick Sports Editor Frank Bane Fraternity Editor Lyndy Browning Sorority Editor Roy Campbell Residence Halls Co-Editor Rhonda Carroll Residence Halls Co-Editor Karen Zakes Off-Campus Co-Editor Cathy Feild Off-Campus Co-Editor Danae Columbus Contributing Editor Steve Snow Contributor Doris Keisler Business Manager Larry Logan, Second Photographer Doug Frank, First Photographer Bob White, Staff Photographer Susan Larsen, Staff Artist 283 Jim Merryman, Military Editor Cathy Feild, Administration Editor Dennis Kirkpatrick, Sports Editor Marilyn Bright, Proofreader Doris Keisler, Business Manager 284 Laura Wilson and Debby Henry, Beauties, Publications, and Organizations Editors Frank Bane, Sharon Taylor, Lyndy Browning, Karen Zakes, (Not pictured: Roy Campbell and Rhonda Carroll) Living Groups Editors. 285 The Arkansas Traveler Jerry Glover, Editor Harlan Butler, Managing Editor Randy Butler, Advertising Manager Ham Singleton, Business Manager ferry Glover Harlan Butler Skip Rutherford Steve Snow Bill Alley Linda Dahl Elizabeth Sanders Danae Columbus Sam Krebs Ann Pride Susan Leek Kate Dickson Suzanne Futrell Blan Heath Pat Ross Bev King Phillis Vanlandingha m Randy Butler Linda Dahl Sally Jackson Ben Henderson Steve Nickels Keith Hamilton Pat Hupka Ginny Lynn Sain Ann O’Donnell Ham Singleton Editor Managing Editor News Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Wire Editor Copy Editor Feature Assistant Senior Reporters Copy Readers Advertising Manager Advertising Salesmen Secretaries Business Manager 286 Ann O’Donnell, Secretary; Ginny Lynn Sain, Business Secretary; Suzanne Futrell, Associate Copy Editor; Pat Hupka, Secretary; Beverly King, Associate Copy Editor; Elizabeth Sanders, Chief Copy Editor; Phyllis Vanlandingham, Associate Copy Editor. Skipper Rutherford, News Editor 287 The Arkansas Traveler The ARKANSAS TRAVELER, the cam¬ pus student newspaper, is composed of kids who like to work and have fun, often at the same time. But despite this, the TRAVELER has accomplished its purpose—to keep the student body informed. This fact cannot be disputed. The TRAVELER does not rely on in- Photographers, Doug Frank, Bob White, Gary Larsen (Chief Pho- numerable columns or editorial opinion, tographer) and Larry Logan. for this is too easily done and will never make a paper good. This is why news coverage and feature angles are the main body of the TRAVELER. Steve Snow, Features Editor Bill Alley, Sports Editor 288 Linda Dahl, Wire Editor First Row: Sam Krebs, Senior Reporter; Susan Leek, Senior Second Row: Kate Dickson, Senior Reporter; Ann Pride, Senior Reporter; Linda Dahl, Ad Salesman; Keith Hamilton, Ad Salesman. Reporter 289 Seated: Dr. Covington, Chairman of the Department of Journalism; Annie Fairchild, Secretary of the Board; Jan Rose, Panhellenic Representative; Jerry Glover, TRAVELER Editor. Standing: Gary G. Larsen, Razorback Editor; Bill Hughes, Director of Information; Bob Barnes, Director of Arkansas Union; 0. J. Rinnert, University Business Manager; Jim Sloan, Chairman of the Board. Board of Publications The ARKANSAS TRAVELER and the Razorback are responsible to the Board of Publications. The Board, chaired by Asso¬ ciated Student Government vice-president Jim Sloan, reports its actions to the Student Senate. This year the Board took a more responsible approach to its duties. The most far-reaching action taken by the board involved the Who’s Who selection, tradi¬ tionally the sole responsibility of the Razor- back. Other action involved the selection of editors and distribution of the yearbook. The Board meets regularly in one of the conference rooms in the Administration Building to select editors and carry out business. 290 Ak. I Arkansas Jim Gattis, Editor Engineer The Arkansas Engineer, housed in the Engineering Building, is published quar¬ terly by the students in the College of Engineering. In addition to serving as the main communication among engineering students, the Engineer promotes curricu¬ lum and engineering as a profession, and helps to unify the engineers. Staff, Seated: Dennis Perry, Jim Gattis, Jim Hazelwood. Standing: Childers, Cave Alexander, Bill Rorie, Jerry Burnett. (Not Pictured: Tom Barber, Lewis Hirschy, Charles Lawrence, Larry Waits, Mike Tom Riggs, Bill Ruck). 291 Bob Banks, Editor-in-Chief for spring semester Editorial Board, Bob Banks, Vince Foster, Bill Etter, David Capes, George Kopp, Wally Nixon, Harvey Bell, Bill Smith, Chip Wright. 292 Law Review Staff, Standing: Bill Smith, Kent Rubens, Paul Petty, Jim Darr, Chip Wright, John Jennings. Sitting: Jay Tolley, Loyd Bob Banks, Harvey Bell, Bill Lavender, Dan Kennett, Vince Foster, Harper, Jo Linker, David Capes, John Jones. George Kopp, Bill Etter, Rick Beard, Paul Benham, Wally Nixon, The Arkansas Law Review and Bar Asso¬ ciation Journal is published quarterly by the School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association, acting through a non-profit corporation founded in 1947. A copy of the Law Review is sent to every member of the Arkansas Bar Association. In addi¬ tion, the Law Review has nationwide cir¬ culation, primarily to law schools and law libraries. Student members of the Law Re¬ view receive credit hours toward gradua¬ tion for their work on the Review. To become a staff member, a student must meet a minimum grade point requirement and submit an article of acceptable quality for publication. Student articles are classi¬ fied into three categories: Recent Cases, Notes, and Legislative Notes. The articles are under the supervision of the Student Editorial Board and the faculty advisor. In addition, lead articles are written by judges, lawyers, and law professors. 293 Cid Sutoris, Publisher and Business Manager The Students Hear It Through the Grapevine Paul Blume, Editor Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor News Editor Entertainment Co-Editors Society Editor Love Column Columnists Photographer Intramural Writers Writers Executive Secretary Business Secretary Composition Chief Girl Tuesday Advertising Representatives Asst. Business Manager Publisher and Business Mgr. Paul Blume Phil Boudreaux John Toney Harris Ross Randy Minnick Connie Leudicke Lou Ann Rockey Matt Horan Maynard Walton John Partipilo Mary Ann Causey Claude Hawkins Mike Morton, Jim Crow, Blake McKown, Marilyn Bright, Ann Parsons, Ann Montgomery, Mike Folker, Dan Kerlin, Ken Leighton, Rodney Glidewell Cindy Crook Joan Vaughn Marilyn Bright Lyn Partipilo Mel Bradford, John Glassell, Steve Scott, John Toney, Pat Sullivan Don Cronkhite Cid Sutoris John Tone y, News Editor; Phil Boudreaux, Managing Editor 294 Marilyn Bright, Composition Chief; James Brown, Reporter What is the Grapevine? Sometimes it’s news. Sometimes it’s not. Many folks enjoy the columns, the features, the photographs, and, of course, the editorials. Others like the fact that the Grapevine is not officially connected with the University. Unlike the TRAVELER, the Grapevine is totally stu¬ dent run and student controlled. Reporters, Donna Kinsey, Harris Ross, Rick O’Brien, Randy Min- nick, Rodney Glidewell, Diane Reid. Matt Horan, Columnist Seated: Joan Vaughn, Composition; Cindy Crook, Executive Secretary. Senior Reporters, Standing: Robert Richardson, Blake McKown. 295 297 -OLA new crisp air polluted with vibrations of love the rebirth of life. 298 299 concert for pop music c o £ a " 3 CD It was the audience at the Diamond concert that need¬ ed a drink or two to tolerate his non-stop assistant. spring brought something Barnhill Fieldhouse was “gym-packed” for concert. Top male singer Neil Diamond performing before a large crowd for a U of A concert helped make Greek Week a smashing success. 300 lovers and greeks . . . preservation hall for The Preservation Hall Jazz Band was Southern music at its finest. Artists and Concerts brought Erick Hawkins, noted dancer, and his company of seven dancers to the U of A for their fourth performance on our campus. Preservation Hall drew repeated standing ova¬ tions from an appreciative crowd in Barnhill. art and ballet buffs May the Bird of Paradise (you finish it). 301 spring is Okay, you guys, which one of you is using the greasy kid’s stuff? Spring is a catcher’s mitt, a protective helmet, a bat, and a ball. wedington, beer, intramurals, It might be, it could be, it is.a home run. 302 They wouldn’t dare put this picture in the Razorback .oh yeah? cutting classes, and grass . . The sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard, “Shut up, it’s quiet hours.” Ah, to get away from the pressures of books, lectures, papers, grades, early classes, late labs, pledge duties, and pinmates. If he had been driving on the street like everyone else, this proba¬ bly never would have happened, but then again this is Fayetteville. 303 The suds flowed freely dur¬ ing the Engineers’ Week. the engineers once again sported the famous engineers ' week Almost all the greats have a good stiff drink before they go on. And the people of Arkansas think we need stricter censorship laws, Mazeppa was there; unpre¬ pared, but he did show up. 304 Greg Dalke and Peggy Holmes reigned as “Saint” Pat and Patricia. Is there a can of air freshener in the house? Whoever gets there with the mostest the quickest wins the title. 305 In Eugene O’Neill’s play, a son is torn between love and disgust for his drug addicted mother. after one and a half University Theatre’s production of Long Day’s Journey into Night portrayed a family riddled by problems of personal weaknesses. semesters gone in another year, most people feel college The basketball court is one place on this campus that politics won ' t win for you. Nevertheless, a deal most likely can be arranged. 306 Although college degrees are getting harder to come by, they are at least teaching students how to stand in long unemployment lines. is indeed a very long day’s journey into night 307 Students made the annual spring trek home to get clean linens, the tux or formal, and money from dear old dad. spring break it comes late and ends soon It never fails .someone always leaves something behind. In most cases textbooks and notebooks will be left on the shelf. Happiness is leaving Fayetteville for awhile. 308 Students returned and re¬ ceived an unexpected greet¬ ing .. . snow. m Even the first signs of spring were confused by this rare sight. When is the sun going to shine on Fayetteville, or are we being punished? 309 1 « 1 hlMi ji I m Pi Phis brought Easter to the campus, since the U of A was in session; they sponsored an egg hunt for underprivileged Fayetteville youth. Public opinion was never more pro¬ nounced as it was following the controversial Calley conviction. 310 Resourceful Yocumites donned miner’s hats with carbide lamps during prolonged period of darkness. Avid spade players in Yocum were forced to relocate their game as a blackout plagued both Yocum and Humphreys for eight hours. trials , blackouts, easter . . . it’s all part of our country Even something as small as a blackout doesn ' t stop some people. These guys refused to be interrupted during their pool game. 311 Recent statistics show that a periodic breath of fresh air never hurt anyone. warm weather brings When in Rome, one should do as the Romans do . . . When in Greece, do as the Greeks do. party-fever ... a disease that hits the entire campus Quo Vadis had quite a few additional guests this spring, as campus politicos stood on soapboxes for their candidate in the elections. 312 White roses, pink champagne, bubbling fountains, stained formals, sweaty bodies, sagging corsages, and someone else’s date. the hours spent on decorating are nothing to the hours spent cleaning up Sometimes walking a straight line is easier said than done . . . especially if your date is drunker than you or more so. 313 Senator McClellan’s speech was well-received by very few. spring brings fun and frolic Women’s Lib views were well-expressed at the Women’s Symposium sponsored by Associated Women Students. Roger and Wendy began their Coffeehouse appearances at Sigma Alpha Epsilon and then found bigger crowds at the Union. Spring parties are interrupted by an occasional class. 314 serious things, too The first Miss Black Collegiate Arkansas con¬ test highlighted Black Emphasis Week. Black Emphasis Week officially got under way when the Gospel Choir performed. Talent throughout the week expressed inner feelings. 315 Whether shrew or lady, you can bet she’ll get who she goes for. Just getting “into” the character is quite an accomplishment for an actor. taming of the shrew gave The director is an im¬ portant part of a success¬ ful and organized play. an inside view of good talent The acting was professional; actors were pros. 316 Powderpuff football drew those high who were in spirit, but low in ability. Even ol’ Archie’s coaching didn’t help them. while the great weather brought more outside activities Flying high is a natural for some of these cheerleader “hopefuls”. Try-outs were open to every¬ one; well, almost everyone. 317 once again hallaballoo proved successful as ike and tina Ike and Tina Turner Revue could be heard all over the campus as students flocked to this rather “expensive” evening of entertainment. 318 All I asked for was a set of wheels. played on and on and on. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the hole had been a little bigger. The Hallaballoo dance was another " Independent” success. You meet the strangest people at Hallaballoo. 319 Contestants were quite a treat for the audience this year as well as for photographers—amateur and pro. Rod McKuen, today’s most popular poet, seemed to have two distinct personalities . . . one of seriousness and one of comedy. Contestants at this year’s Miss U of A pageant were well-varied in all aspects . . . looks, talent, and last, but not least, measurements. of the semester drew near , Personal feelings were transmitted to audience through prose. 320 Roses are usually surprises, especially for Mortar Board —they sneak from behind. were well-recognized the beautiful and notables Excitement ran high at the festival as coeds were tapped for Chimes and Mortar Board. It’s just an elite twenty, but it’s an honor for any freshman woman. Everyone was filled with mixed emotions, espe¬ cially the current Chimes. 321 greeks vs. independents The Quiet Revolution prevailed as Tri-De!ta campaigned against the innovative and different candidate, Try Matt. most students voted mainly out of habit in the spring student govern¬ ment elections. Seniors and grad students reminisced about how it used to be in the heyday of Slaughter and Fitzhugh, while undergrads were subjected to one rumor after another. and ad nauseum and . . . 322 The usual: all cam¬ paigners, no voters. A new look in campaigning, candidates working. everything “cliqued” Sometimes confidence and patience ran low, but loyal supporters and campaigners were the last to admit it. 323 Platforms and promises forgotten, the thought was one of victory. gory mcdonald the new leader of students A solid handshake, a big mug of cold beer, and a winning smile. Surrounded with hugs and kisses, Gary takes advantage of winnings. 324 McDonald takes time to teach his version of the independent grip. George supporters celebrated the same, for a different reason. It only remains how long it will be be¬ fore each candidate forgets the promises he or she made, and discards the platforms and embarks on another round of patron¬ age appointments; the victor’s supporters getting them, the loser’s, just joining the swelling ranks of the apathetic. 325 may brings war protests and sun worshippers before finals 326 327 The happiness of “free at last” was oversha¬ dowed by thought of long summer without her. The final packing of the car is a yearly ritual . . . sacred only for Dad. It’s all in the game; three finals on the very last day. -Nj t.- •• Jr it’s clear now ... we’ve only just begun It ends the same way it begins . . . yet no one notices we are a year older. The familiar buildings and faces would have us to believe we are living ten years ago; yet the be¬ liefs and ideals of today leave us no doubt as to our modern and fast- moving existence. Where are we now . . . the beginning, or the end? 328 329 Living Groups one must live someplace... with brotherhood or with 529 other souls, in a high rise, or maybe with a cat and a fish and dirty dishes . . but one must live ... someplace. 331 Whose alarm . . . seven o’clock already ... I can’t skip that 7:30 class again . . . Definition of break¬ fast: something I never get . . . Ten minutes to get ready, fifteen to find a parking place. Why didn’t I go to the laundromat Saturday . . . apartments should be built with laundry facilities . . . wish I owned a laundromat . . . then I could pay my rent (which is due] . . . thirty-five cents for a washer . . . there ought to be a law against exploiting students . . . here’s something I can wear. Pay high rent and get a place five miles from campus or pay high rent and get a dump a block and a half from campus. Are we supposed to feed the cockroaches too . . . hot water wasn’t in the lease? Improper scheduling results in: chaos . . . two roommates get¬ ting ready for class at the same time ... a crowded bathroom . . . combing your roommate’s hair while she brushes your teeth. The possible outcomes . . . miss¬ ing class . . . learning patience? . . . going to class without make¬ up .. . going to class without . . . a solution: rent an apart¬ ment with two bathrooms (if you’ve lived right, you may find one) . . . this also settles the question of whose turn it is to clean the bathroom, there’s plenty to go around at least once. After a hard day . . . the off campus student gladly returns home . . . “last one to the refrigerator gets hot beer!” . . . Whose turn is it to go get another case and some Fritos? . . . Not me, I went yesterday. Some have more important matters . . . What did you say your roommate has other than a nice personality? Does she drink? We don’t have to drink but what’s an apartment party without drinks? . . . I love my ice cream in the afternoon. 334 IpmuinivfiiifB I was going to study . . . but since you dropped in . . . study? . . . only in the proper atmosphere . . . let’s eat at Sandy’s tonight since I’m using the table for studying. 335 I told my Mom that living off cam¬ pus would domesticate me but . . . we don’t cook this much to have so many dirty dishes . . . the gar¬ bage is taking up more room than we are ... I refuse to eat that meat loaf again. What responsibilities? ... I paid that bill last week . . . I’ll call the repairman to¬ morrow . . . Who’s coming for dinner? . . . Our neighbor doesn’t like us . . . won’t quote what he said . . . when’s a guy sup¬ pose to study? 336 Night comes . . . even for the off campus student . . . study hall—do not disturb . . . Just calling about Western Civ . . . You’re having a party . . . No, I can’t come . . . The French Revolution began because . . . 337 “Free at last” is the rallying cry of the off campus student who escaped the campus syndrome to find herself. Off Campus In order to unite students who do not live in organized houses, to provide social events for members, and to keep students informed of all campus activities, the Off Campus Students Association got under¬ way this year. Membership in the Association is open to all students who live off campus. Gary Aaron, Dennis Abell, Jimmy Achard, Larry Adair, Michael A- dair, Gary Adams, James Adams. John Adams, Alfred Addington, Rosario Adlem, Stuart Adler, Pat¬ ricia Aikman, Robert Alcorn, Butch Alderson. Linda Alderson, Barbara Alexan¬ der, Lawrence Alexander, Andy Allen, Danny Allen, Jane Allen, Larry Allen. Robert Allen, Sheila Allen, John Allison, Mary Allison, Larry Alsip, Michael Anders, William Andress. Candy Anderson, Kenneth Ander¬ son, Lyndall Anderson, Mark An¬ derson, Jaime Arbona-Fazzi, Dale Armor, Susan Armstrong. 338 Freddy Arnholt, Dale Arnold, Ed¬ win Arnold, Leanna Arnold, Ste¬ phen Arnold, Robert Arthur, Virgil Ashley. Warren Atchley, Ross Atkinson, Emily Averett, Richard Ayres, Norma Austin, Gordon Bachus, Melissa Bachus. Patricia Bain, Allen Baker, Barry Baker, David Baker, Donna Bal- com, David Baldi, Bernoice Bald¬ win. Robert Banks, Fred Barbee, Paul Barber, Jane Barden, Pat Bark¬ ley, Billie Barnes, Leslie Barnett. Sherri Barron, Ronald Barton, Gene Bartsch, Catherine Bauer, Melinda Bays, Patricia Beard, Tommy Beard. Jack Beauchamp, Gary Beavers, Carol Beckworth, Carolyn Bell, Dan Bell, Donald Bell, Harvey Bell. Lloyd Bell, Mary Bell, Shirley Bell, Donald Bennett, Stephen Bennett, John Benson, James Benton. Thomas Benton, David Beth, Christopher Bettis, Billy Bing¬ ham, David Birkett, Edwin Black, Thomas Black. Calon Blackburn, Kenny Black- well, Lena Blair, John Blevins, Robert Blume, Paul Blume, Larry Boccarossa. Bill Bolding, George Bollier, John Bookout, Thomas Borengasser, Bruce Bostian, Donna Bostic. 339 Susan Bowe, James Bowles, Bar¬ bara Bowerman, Jim Boyd, Mar¬ tha Boyd, Thomas Boyd, R. V. Boyd, Jr. Veda Boyd, Jean Boyer, Mark Bradley, Jerry Branch, Robert Brandon, William Brandon, George Brantingham. Elvert Brewer, Girtha Brewer, Karin Brewer, Rommie Brewer, Stephen Brister, Wayne Britt, Frederick Britten. Mark Bronaugh, Burl Brooks, Jennifer Brooks, Kelso Brooks, Larry Brooks, Edward Brown, Judy Brown. Leroy Brown, Robert Brown, Elizabeth Browning, Lewis Brown, David Bruns, Keith Bruns, Char¬ les Bryan. John Bryant, Frank Buchanan, Dianne Buffalo, Richard Buffalo, Danny Bufford, Johnny Bufford, Sherrill Bufford. Danny Bullington, William Bull¬ och, Terry Bunch, Ross Burdette, Shirley Burger, Thomas Burkett, Ann Burns. Glenn Burns, Robert Burris, Terry Burruss, Alice Burton, Ronnie Busbea, Joye Bush, Harlan But¬ ler. Sonja Butler, Wilson Bynum, Diana Cain, Howard Cain, Tom¬ my Cain, William Cameron, Craig Campbell. Donnie Campbell, Kenneth Campbell, William Campbell, Thurman Cannon, William Care- thers, Robert Carlisle, Arthur Carlsten. Gary Carnahan, Mary Carnahan, Larry Carnes, Ronald Carnes, De¬ borah Carney, Janette Carney, Barbara Carpenter. David Carpenter, Linda Carpen¬ ter, Sarah Carr, John Carruth, Rebecca Carson, Terry Carson, Terry Carson. Richard Carter, James Carver, Randy Carver, Edith Cary, Marty Casteel, Sue Castleberry, Sandra Caughman. William Cawthon, Janet Cecil, Robert Chadwick, Nan Chamber- lain, Charles Chancellor, Darrell Chancellor, Glenn Charlesworth. James Cheshier, Frances Ches- nutt, Mahesh Chhabra, Anne Childress, Richard Childress, Song Choe, Garry Church. Stephen Clack, William Clack, Franklin Clark, Jerry Clark, Jo¬ seph Clark, Michelle Clark, Shar¬ on Clark. Joe Clay, Jack Clemens, Roger Clement, Earl Clements, Garry Clubb, Don Coffield, Michael Cogbill. Leta Cole, Nina Cole, Jon Cole¬ man, Randy Coleman, Margaret Collar, Martha Collins, Donald Collyge. Alan Colvin, Phillip Combs. Charles Conditt, Donald Conduff, Susan Conduff, Dan Cook, James Cook. Paula Cook, Barbara Cooper, Mary Cooper, Stephen Cooper, Steven Cooper, Willis Cooper, Peggie Corbitt. 341 Enthusiasm even reaches the off campuser during football season. Nancy Corley, Morris Coston, Kenneth Cotterman, Gary Cotton, Gerald Courtney, Ronald Court¬ ney, Linda Courtright. Robert Cowan, Jo Ann Cowgill, Dan Cowling III, Lezlee Cowling, Alan Cox, Bonnie Cox, David Cox. Rebecca Cox, Victor Cox, Joe Crain, Robert Crank, Ruth Cra¬ vens, Donna Crawford, Richard Crawford. James Crider, Cynthia Crook, Richard Crosland, Martha Crud- up, Charmayne Cullom, Joe Cul- lom, John Cullum. Beverly Culwell, Samuel Cum¬ mings, Wallace Cunningham, Don Curdie, Donald Cureton, Janice Cureton, Douglas Curran. Donald Curtis, Nell Cutts, Dennis Cyr, Gerald Daily, Paul Dalke, Diana Danforth, Louise Daniel. Patsy Daniel, Terry Daniel, David Daniels, Frederick Dark, Veronica Dark, Buddhadev Dash, James Daugherty. Lou Daugherty, Robert Daugherty, Brian Davis, Erwin Davis, Joe Davis, Nora Davis. Stephen Davis, Terry Davis, Thomas Davis, Joseph Dawson, Stephen Day, Donna Deane, John DeBons. Louis Deeter, Clifton DeJarnette, Karen Delezen, Robert Dennis, Sarah Deskin, Kent Detmer, Con¬ nie DeWitt. Bert Dickey, Frances Dickinson, Kate Dickson , Doie DiCosmo, Peggy Dillahunty, Don Dimmitt, William Dixon. Deborah Dobbs, Gus Dobbs, Jen¬ nings Dobbs, Melanie Donau- bauer, Billy Dooly, Conny Dorsey, Dianna Doss. Larry Dowell, Howard Downing, Willadeen Driskill, Miriam Duell, J imi Duke, William Dunaway, Dorothy Dunn. Gary Dunn, Donald Dunn, Henry Dunsworth, Mike Eaton, Rex Bbrite, Joe Eckart, Laura Edds. Beverly Edens, Ernest Edens, Linda Edsell, Daniel Edwards, Mary Beth Edwards, Richard Ed¬ wards, Ronnie Edwards. Should I put it with my whites, cottons, colored clothes or wash and wear, drip dry synthetics? 343 A long time ago I lived in a dorm but now live off campus, by look¬ ing at me, you can see that I have become a better person for it. Kenneth Efurd, Corinne Eld- ridge, David Elizandro, Marcia Elizandro, George Ellis, Len Ellis, Elizabeth Ellison. Susie Elmore, Leo Engeln, San¬ dra Epling, Floyd Estopy, George Eubanks, Victor Evans. Dale Evans, Ralph Evans, Roy Ewing, Edward Fain, Dan Fan¬ ning, Heber Farmer, Robert Far¬ row. Ralph Faulkner, Gary Feather- ston, Daniel Felton, Patricia Felts, Michael Fendley, Billy Ferguson, Danny Ferguson. Gibbs Ferguson, Leon Ferguson, Daniel Fetherolf, Gemma Fickle, Robert Fielding, James Fields, Linda Fine. Stephen Fineberg, Joe Finn, Ro¬ bert Fisher, David Fitts, Richard Fitts, Donald Fitzgerald, Douglas Fitzgerald. Deborah Flottman, Bill Fly, Cathy Ford, Alan Fortenberry Darrel Foster, James Foster, Judy Fos¬ ter. 344 Marion Foster, Dottie Fox, James Framel, Gene Franco, Douglas Frank, Janice Frank, Albert Frankenberger. Williford Frazier, Johnnie Freder¬ ick, Gerald Freeman, Martha Freeman, James Friddle, Judy Frisby, Steven Fritts. Mary Frost, Roy Frost, Thomas Frost, Olan Fruchey, Sally Fruc- hey, Ben Fuqua, Jill Gabbert. Ronny Galloway, Debbie Gam¬ mon, David Garcia, Kenneth Gar¬ ner, Steve Gardner, Larry Garner, Robert Garner. Francis Garofalo, Robert Garrett, Dale Garrison, Ervan Garrison, Winfred Garrison, Debby Gaskill, Mary Gasaway. Myga Gates, John Gay, Sherri Geiser, Gayle Gentry, Mark Gen¬ try, Dixie Geren, Beverly Gibson. Judith Gibson, Randall Gibson, Dixie Gilbert, David Gilbert, Ed¬ ward Gillow, Barbara Gillum, Wil¬ liam Ginger. Christie Gingerich, Elsie Glenn, John Glenn, Mike Glenn, Ronnie Glenn, James Glessner, Anne Glover. Glenn Glover, Eric Goad, Godfrey, Ronald Godfrey, Godfrey, William Godwin, neth Goines. Jerry Ruby Ken- ichard Gollon, Bobby Gomez, Vick Goodner, Edward Goodyear, William Goodyear, Norman Gor¬ don, Sherry Gordon. 345 David Gorlinsky, Bill Graham, Gary Granger, James Graue, Mary Graves, Richard Graves, Charles Green. Howell Green, Dave Greenbaum, Michael Greenwell, DeLene Greer, Fredrick Greeson, Artie Gregory, Larry Gregory. Rebecca Gresham, Charles Grif¬ fin, Marie Grigg, Gary Griggs, Ronald Griggs, Charles Grimes, Janice Grisham. Michael Grisham, William Groce, Carol Guinn, Aulois Guist, Mary Gunter, Dev Gupta, Ram Gupta. Ralph Guynn, Rita Guynn, Caro¬ lyn Hackworth, Kenneth Haggard, Lance Haines, David Hall, Judy Hall. Lola Hall, Kathy Haltom, Stephen Haltom, James Hamilton, William Hancock, David Hand, Roger Haney. Stuart Hankins, Shelley Hanna, Gayle Hanshew, Dennis Harber- son, Peggy Hardgrave, Ed Har¬ gis, Jerry Hargrove. Dennis Harmon, Jim Harp, David Harper, Janice Harper, Loyd Har¬ per, Wayne Harrell, Charles Har- relson. David Harret, James Harris, James Harris, Kathleen Harris, Susan Harris, William Harris, Re¬ becca Hartman. Vickie Harvey, Cheryl Hatfield, Kevin Hatfield, Ronald Hawkins, Karen Hayes, Pamela Hayes, Pa¬ trick Hays. 346 Off campus housing is noted for “unlimited” storage facilities. Off campus students dread a move. William Hays, Michael Hazlewood, J °hn Heaston, Carolyn Hedge- cock, Donald Hendricks, Kathee Hendricks, Terry Hendrickson. John Hendrix, Juliana Hendrix, Marvin Henningson, Rebecca Henningson, Norma Henry, Or¬ ville Henry, Thomas Henry. Brenda Hesselbein, Ward Hessel- bcin, Catherine Hickman, Donna Hightower, Michael Hightower, Beth Hildbold, Janet Hildbold. James Hile, Billy Hill, Bruce Hill, Darius Hill, David Hill, David Hill, Dennis Hill. Hichard Hill, Robert Hill, Walter Hill, David Hilliday, John Hills, Chris Hoberock, Paul Hodnett. Hay Hodnett, Dale Hoff, Wayne Hoff, Ethel Hogard, Martha Hog- Sard, Charles Holbert, John Hol¬ comb. 347 This has got to last us until Mom sends us “Cooking for Two Now.” Anna Holt, George Holt, Watson Holyfield, Barbara Holzwarth, James Hon, John Hon, Mary Hop¬ kins. Frederick Horn, Janice Horton, William Hough, Douglas Hous- keeper, James Howard, Lillian Howard, Charles Howell. James Hubbard, Heyden Hucke, Samuel Hucke, Jimmy Hudspeth, Kathi Hudspeth, Judi Huff, Don¬ na Huffman. Charles Huggs, Earl Hughes, Ro¬ bert Hulen, Anne Hunt, James Hunt, Michael Hunt, Sally Hunt. Mimi Huppert, Ross Hussey, Con¬ nie Hutson, Kaye Hutson, Ben Hyneman, James Ingram, Walter Irwin. Connie Ivey, Daniel Jackson, Gary Jackson, James Jackson, Karen Jackson, David Jacobi, Roudabeh Jamasbi. Arthur James, Rebecca James, Donna Jarbeau, Rick Jeffrey, Carol Jenkins, Henrietta Jenkins, Thomas Jenkins. William Jenkins, Maurice Jenn¬ ings, Sissy Jennings, Donald Jer¬ ry, Vivian Jerry, Patricia Jines, Bobby Johnson. Daniel Johnson, Elizabeth John¬ son, George Johnson, Brun John¬ son, John Johnson, Kirk John¬ son, Marsha Johnson. Mary Johnson, Sammy Johnson, Steve Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Albert Johnston, Jody Johnston, Judith Johnston. Doyle Jones, James Jones, Jerry Jones, Larry Jones, Margaret Jones, Philip Jones, Sharon Jones. Troy Jones, Wayne Jones, James Jordan, Martin Jordan, Eugene Joyce, Phillip Kalcich, Kathy Kar- stetter. Deborah Keaton, Ricky Keen, Kenneth Keller, John Kelly, Step¬ han Kelly, Jame Kemp, Dan Ken- nett. Bick Kersey, Donald Kessler, Phyllis Killian, Mari Kimura, Yumi Kimura, Edwin Kincaid, James Kicheloe. We’re hoping for a carpeted, °ne bedroom, air-conditioned, centrally located, reasonably Priced, furnished apartment!! All the glamour and prestige of luxurious off campus living goes down the drain after a week. Larry Kinder, Dean King, Don King, Durwood King, Gary King, Janis King, Joseph King. Linda King, Patrick King, Ronald King, Peter Kingan, Edward Kirchhoff, Faith Kirchhoff, Fred Kirchhoff. Anita Kirk, Ronald Kirker, Terry Kirkpatrick, Thomas Kittrell, John Kjeldgaard, Beverly Kliner, Floyd Knipe. Anita Knod, Steven Knox, Katy Koch, Philip Koch, Roger Koch- er, Jeffery Koenig, James Koois- tra. George Kopp, Eugene Kremers, Marshall Kruger, Susan Krum, Wayne Kuse, Pamela Lackie, Ce- cile Lady. Carl Lancaster, Janice Lancaster, Michael Landers, Susie Landrum, Jack Lands, Lynn Larimore, Gary Larsen. Connie Lashley, Richard Lath- rop, Timothy Lawrence, Peggy Lawson, Charles Layne, Robert Lea. William Leding, Charles Lee, James Lee, John Lee, Sandra Lee, William Lee, Frank Leeman. Douglas Leslie, Karen Lewis, Randall Lewis, Tom Lewis, Day- ton Lierley, David Lillich, Donald Lingo. Allen Linnen, Elwanda Little, Thomas Little, Michael Livingston, Kenneth Lloyd, Larry Lockeby, Gary Logan. Steve Long, Tommy Lonon, Susy Lott, Don Love, Steven Lowe, Jimmie Lowrey, Benjamin. Luck. Mary Luck, Rhonda Luper, Mina Luther, John Luzietti, Weldon Ly- barger, Jeffrey Lynch, Beverly McAlister. Theresa McCabe, Billy McClain, Sonny McClain, Nancy McCle- nathan, John McClure, Tonya Mc- Cuistion, Loren McCune. Margaret McDonald, David Mc¬ Dowell, James McDuff, Pam Mc- Duff, Vernon McGaughey, James McGaugh, Leonard McGee. One off campus life —studying, Sandy’s, sleeping, Burger Chef, partying, Colonel Sander’s, study¬ ing, Sandy’s, Sandy’s, Sandy’s. 351 Ronald McGhee, Bruce McGill, James McGinty, Maxey McGo- wen, Dan McGrew, Richard Mc- llveene, Ronald Mcllveene. Kenneth McIntyre, Wanette Mc¬ Kee, Michael McKenna, Gregory McKenzie, Joe McKeown, Jayne McKinzie, Vicki McKown. Dennis McKown, Charles Mc¬ Laughlin, Paul McLeod, James McNally, Deborah McNelly, Gary McVey, Morris McWilliams. Carol Maddox, David Maddox, William Magee, Paula Magness, William Magness, Gary Mahan, Margaret Majors. Michael Malloy, Sharron Malloy, Gail Mainard, Bobby Makin, Don¬ ald Malone, Helen Maloney, Su¬ san Marley. Linda Marple, Charles Martin, Eula Martin, Gerald Martin, Hel¬ ena Martin, Michael Mashburn, Michael Mason. Margarett Mat hen y, Rebecca Mathias, David Matthews, Dennis Matthews, Dougias Matthews, Frank Matthews, Lavelle Mauldin. Ronald Maxwell, Sandra May, Thomas May, Tommy May, Ches¬ ter Meek, Paul Meeks, Bruce Menefee. Carl Menyhart, Edgar Metcalf, Thomas Meurer, Kinch Meyer, Mark Meyer, Rebecca Meyers, Richard Meyers. Pat Mickle, Charlotte Miesner, David Mikesic, Peter Milburn, Alex Miller, Connell Miller, Jos¬ eph Miller. Nadine Miller, Don Mills, Jenni¬ fer Mills, Mark Milosevich, Lanny Mitchell, Billy Moeller, Jeffrey Montgomery. Linda Montgomery, Sarah Mont¬ gomery, Jerry Moody, Glenda Mooney, David Moore, Russell Moore, James Moorman. Hubert Morrow, Phyllis Morgan, Sherry Morphis, Carolyn Morri¬ son, Jerry Morton, John Moseley, Murray Moser. Lynn Moss, Danny Moudy, Larry Mount, Kenneth Mourton, Lillie Mourton, Mike Muller, Margaret Mullins. Paula Muncy, Margaret Murphy, Nancy Murray, Barbara Musholt, Tommy Musteen, Morris Myers, J oan Nance. Leah Nash, Johnnie Neill, Ran¬ dall Nevils, George New, Janice Newlin, Sherry Newman, James Newsom. Albert Newton, David Nichols, Richard Nichols, Kathryn Nickles, Lynda Nilsen, Richard Nilsen, Walter Nixon. Brenda Nobles, Howard Nobles, Ronald Noggle, Bonnie Nokes, Mary Nokes, Daniel Nolan, John Norris. Joe Norwood, Dennis Odom, Lar¬ ry Oliver, Stephen Oliver, David Ollard, Jerry O’Neal, Daniel O’Roark. William Orr, James Orrell. Carl Osborne, Roger Osburn, Leslie Owens, William Owens, Mary Ownbey. Carl Pace, Clyde Page, Steven Palmquist, Dennis Parker, John Parker, Joseph Parker, Katherine Parker. Mona Parker, Winona Parker, John Parkerson, Sandra Parker- son, Marvin Parks, David Par¬ nell, Gloria Parnell. Terry Parson, Franklin Parsons, Edward Paschal, Janie Paschal, Paulenan Paschal, Lemuel Pat¬ rick, Patricia Patrick. Denise Patterson, Karen Patter¬ son, Brenda Patton, James Pat¬ ton, Jerry Patton, Patrick Patton, Patricia Patton. Jerry Paul, Marshal Paul, Cindy Payne, Theresa Peak, Richard Penn, Phyl Pennartz, Theresia Pennartz. Patricia Pennington, David Per- kins, Ronald Perkins, Carol Per ' ry, Sandra Person, Douglas Peters, Richard Phegley. Connie Phelps, Danny Phillips- Larry Phillips, Michael Phillips- Orval Phillips, Vera Phillips, Jay ' ne Pierce. Bruce Pilcher, Sidney Pittman William Pittman, Tommy Pitts Harold Pledger, Ronald Plunkett Gail Poindexter. Larry Poindexter, James Pomfre 1 Ted Ponder, James Pool, FraF Porbeck, LaDonna Porter, RoF aid Porter. Peggy Pratt, Carol Preece, W ' 1 liam Preece, Deborah Presl - Arnold Pressgrove, Michael Pric Ken Proctor. Trudy Rakes, Louis Raffaelli, Mi¬ chael Ramsey, Norbert Ranalli, Cathy Raney, Donald Raney, Stanley Rankin. William Rankin, Edwin Rawls, Bobby Ray, Marvin Ray, Russell Ray, Michael Reagan, Victor Red- ditt. Gary Reed, Chase Reid, Joene Reid, John Relyea, Phillip Ren- frow, Mary Reynolds, Diane Rhodes. James Rhodes, Ronald Rhodes, Bobby Rice, Phillip Rice, Gary Rich, Janice Rich, Jeffrey Rich¬ ards. Kathy Richardson, Robert Rich¬ ardson, William Richardson, Steve Richmond, Robert Rickett, Gary Ricketts, Rhonda Ridinger. Deborah Riggs, Faith Riley, Mich¬ ael Riley, Donna Ring, Robert Rinie, Rondal Rippy, Debby Rit¬ chey. Patsy Ritchie, Lonnie Roach Mary Robbins, Harry Roberson, Wayde Robertson, Jon Robertson, Gerrie Robrahn. This is the calm wait for the par- tiss to begin, noise to be heard a nd the past week be forgotten. 355 © James Rogers, Kenneth Rogers, Robert Rogers, Troy Rogers, Wil¬ liam Rogers, Robert Rokeby, Vicki Rokeby. Paul Rolniak, Gary Roop, Garry Rose, George Rose, Billy Ross, Bob Roten, Wayne Ruff. Mary Rush, Charles Russell, Lin¬ da Russell, Rita Russell, Vicki Russell, Frank Russenberger, Don Ruth. Lana Rutledge, Loys Rutledge, Steven Rutledge, Sherry Ryan, Timothy Ryan, Berris Samples, Juan Sanchez-Lassise. Elizabeth Sanders, Orville Sand¬ ers, Roy Sanders, Travis Sanders, Suzanne Sayre, Reno Schalm, Rod Scheifler. Jane Schmand, Josephine Sch- mand, Stephen Schrimpf, Lona Schluterman, Orville Schell, Fred¬ die Schmidt, Pamela Schmidt. Terry Schopfer, John Schutte, Gregory Scott, Jennifer Scott, John Scott, Richard See, John Seeman. This boy couldn’t get in the dorm, so he moved off campus. Gee, hi Mom and Dad. You’re coming to see me when? Tomor¬ row!! No! Please. Not tomorrow. Mark Seferoich, Betty Selvey, Le- land Selvey, Rodger Seratt, Irwin Seward, James Seward, Jerry Shannon. Radhe Sharma, Ronald Sharrah, Betty Sheofee, William Shepard, John Sher, Richard Sherrill, Con¬ nie Shipley. Allen Shumate, Phillip Shupe, Jackie Sides, James Simmons, Janie Simpson, Judy Sims, Parvin Singal. George Singleton, Julia Sisemore, Clifford Sistrunk, Cheryl Skillern, Howard Slinkard, Cynthia Sly, Teresa Smalley. Larry Smee, Richard Smith, Char¬ ts Smith, David Smith, Douglas Smith, Michael Smith, Linda Smith. Balph Smith, Robert Smith, San¬ dra Smith, Sheroll Smith, Sim¬ mons Smith, Sue Smith, Thomas Smith. Warren Smith, William Smith, Gin¬ ger Snapp, Stanley Snow, Ray¬ mond Snowden, Ronald Snyder, James Sorrell. 357 Whoever was trying to see what off campus life was, left no traces. Gyla Sparks, Mary Speer, Step¬ hen Spencer, Thomas Spencer, William Spencer, Frederic Spies, Vickie Spinks. Laura Springer, Thomas Sprun- ger, Brian Spurlock, Marcus Sta¬ cy, Billy Staggs, George Staggs, Tony Stahl. James Stallcup, Vicky Stamps, Timothy Stanford, William Stark, William Alvin Stark, Beverly Starns, George Stasick. Gregory Steinbeck, Geraldine Stephens, Peggy Stephens, Terry Stephens, Terry Steuart, Lou Ste¬ vens, Thomas Steward. Berneda Stewart, Darrell Stewart, Sallye Stewart, William Stifter, Pamela Stiles, Rickford Still, Glenda Stockton. Sara Stone, Steven Storms, Mark Stouffer, W. Stowers, Ronald Stracner, Terry Streeter, Jim Stricklen. Donald Stroessner, Marsha Stroud, Robert Stroud, Charles Stuart, Edward Stuart, James Stuart, John Suchecki. Mary Suchecki, Kenneth Suggs, Kenneth E. Suggs, Donald Sum- merhill, Anne Summers, Joe Sum¬ mers, Terry Summitt. Jerry Surber, James Sutherland, Joseph Sutton, Roy Sutton, David Swearingen, Kennon Swearingen, Donna Sweat. David Sweet, Fran Swilling, Lucy Swindell, Michael Sykes, John Symonds, Jerry Talley, Richard Tallman. Betty Tam, Billy Tanneberger, Candis Tardy, Robert Tardy, Nan¬ cy Taylor, Phillip Taylor, Roger Taylor. Thomas Taylor, David Teague, Lajuana Teague, Stephen Teague, David Temple, Mary Temple, Da¬ vid Terrell. Pam Terry, Charles Tevebaugh, Mickael Tevebaugh, Susan That¬ cher, Zealand Thigpen, Belva Thomas, Diane Thomas. James Thomas, Nathaniel Tho¬ mas, Lynn Thomas, Roy Thomas, William Thomas, Ed Thompson, Michael Thompson. Ronnie Thompson, Vickie Thomp¬ son, James Thornberry, Thomas Thornton, Zeldha Threet, Robert Thurber, Don Thurman. Tymotha Thurston, William Tim¬ merman, Zoe Tisdale, Thomas Tollett, Ronald Tomasich, Marvey Toms, Doyle Treat. Carol Tregle, Glynn Trusty, Cyn¬ thia Tuck, Shirley Tucker, Willie Tucker, Terry Turner, Cecelia Turton. 359 Charles Tynon, Beverely Van Brunt, Omer Van Brunt, Gerald Vance, Carolyn Van Hauen, Step¬ hen Van Hauen, Phyllis Vanland- ingham. Edward Van Schaik, John Varvil, Stuart Varvil, Albert Vasser, James Vaughan, Louis Velez, Charles Vickers. Mary Von Hatten, Michael Voss, William Voss, Carroll Wagues- pack, Candes Walker, Charles Walker, David Walker. Donald Walker, Edith Walker, El¬ len Walker, Martha Walker, Mary Walker, Michael Walker, Michael Lynn Walker. Patricia Walker, Richtor Walker, Cheryl Waller, George Walling, Robert Walters, Trudy Walters, William Walters. Carter Ward, Deanna Ward, Jos¬ eph Ward, William Ward, Darrell Warford, Norman Warnock, Billie Watson. Jimmy Watson, Doris Watt, Mich¬ ael Watts, Ralph Watts, Deborah Wayne, Linda Weathers, Brenda Webb. Danny Webb, Wayne Webb, Phil¬ ip Webb, Yvonne Webber, Mike Welborn, Clayton Wells, Eddie Wells. Fran Wells, Donald West, Ronald West, Kenneth Westerside, David Westlake, Kenneth Wheatley, Richard Wheeler. Jimmy Wheelington, Kenneth Whi- senhunt, Esther White, Robert White, Shirley White, Teresa Whiteley, Karol Wheeler. 360 Cindy Whitten, Randall Whorton, Marlene Wilcoxson, Karen Wil¬ kins, William Wilkins, James Will- cockson, Charles Williams. Gary Williams, Jan Williams, Ja¬ nice Williams, Jerry Williams, John Williams, Kit Williams, Nina Williams. Paul Williams, Phyllis Williams, Ruth Williams, Stanley Williams, Thomas Williams, Tim Williams, Wayne Williams. Shaller Williamson, Alan Willroth, Carolyn Wilson, Deborah Wilson, Luther Wilson, Ricky Wilson, Thomas Wilson. Thomas Wilson, Gary Wimberly, Jewell Windle, Jo Winningham, Joel Winston, Willis Winston, Henry Wise. Barbara Wolfe, Charles Wood, Douglas Wood, Kathy Wood, Ro¬ bert Wood, Stephen Wood, Wal ¬ lace Wood. Ronald Woodruff, Truman Wood¬ ruff, Donnie Woods, Sandra Woods, Sharon Woodward, Wil¬ liam Woodyard, Aubrey Wootton. Samuel Word, Curtis Wray, Bren¬ da Wright, Edward Wright, Judith Wright, Marion Wright, Tilden Wright. William Wright, David Wyman, William Yarbrough, Rogers Yar- nell, Charles Yeargen, Bob Yoes, Johnnie Young. LaJeana Young, Lonnie Young, Rebecca Young, Sanfford Young, Victoria Young, Lillie Younger, Randy Zink. 361 Residence Hall Living Appearing as a cold mass of steel and brick with innumera¬ ble windows, a dorm looks lonely and very impersonal. However, each of those life¬ less windows represents the lives of two people who differ in appearances, interests, and personalities. All of the rooms are identical units when they are empty, but each of them becomes a reflection of the per¬ sonality and activities of the variety of people within, not the building itself, and this where the uniqueness of resi¬ dence hall living exists. 362 One can never tell when a common ordinary fire drill will turn into an uncommon marsh- mellow roast between dorms. In the dorms there is always a party for this and a party for that. Dorms have a lot of strange parties and have a lot of fun. 364 Tears of love rejected. After a solemn candlelight all hell breaks loose. PDA . . . What’s that? 365 Want to study, wash your hair, or sleep? Forget it ... . there’s another floor meeting. Women’s lib election is more interesting and shorter than a floor meeting. 366 The solitude . . . loneliness . . . togetherness . . . helping each other through one of the most important and exciting four years of one’s life. 367 Residence Hall Association The Residence Hall Association, in its second year of existence, worked to more effectively act as the voice of residence hall students. The RHA Legislative Coun¬ cil worked with administrative officials to determine a process for the selection of resident assistants and continued to work closely with the Housing and Residence Programs Office in policy areas affecting residence hall students. Committee Chairmen, First Row: Buck Grimes, Jim Hardwick, Cindy Walker, Tom Rife. Second Row: Mike McKenzie, David Gaines, Debbie Hutchens, Newton White. Judicial Board, First Row: Bill Ruck, Chairman; Valerie Walker, Barbara Bockholt, Rick Maule. Second Row: Mike Hutcheon, Lee Jones, Reggie Fields, Kay Manis, Don Mitchell. Row One: Kathy Davis, Beverly Jennings, Debbie Wolf, Diana Pounder, Linda Hudson, Lyn Featherston, Teresa McKinney, Cheryl McKinney, Helen Michael, Bessie Hershberger. Row Two: Jim Hallaballo Committee, First Row: Diana Pounder, Lor¬ raine Ellis, Tommy Peterman. Second Row: Larry Skaggs, Anne Kittrell, Kathy DeBons, Mike McKenzie. Hallmarks Staff: David McClain, Melinda Word, Joel Emerson, Doyle McClain, Jerry Lawson, Newton White, Janice Summerhill. (Not Pic¬ tured: Linda Jeffus, Ralph Routon, Gary McDonald, Oliver Coker). Limbird, Joel Cook, Gloria Pattison, Bill Bradley, Jan Pine, Louise Evans, Jon Siegel, Mike McKenzie, Rusty Fawcett, Bruce Apple- Hack, Wendy Brown, Treda Leding, Jamie Fraser, Patti Pamplin, gate, Bernie Brooks, Bill Browning, Richard McKeehan, James Max Wernick, Mark Mobley. Row Three: Bill Rorie, John Hotz, Jon Hendren, C. W. St. John, Shane Woolbright, Tom Rife. 369 Pomfret Hall Coed living is the key phrase for Pomfret Hall. It was the scene of numerous “instant parties” and jam sessions. Through its size, casual atmosphere, and coed living, Pomfret has become known as one of the most socially active living groups on campus. Andy Adams, Glenda Adams, Howard Adams, Toni Alexander, Jimmy Allen, Gerald Amos Jr., Charlotte Atchley. Rita Atchley, Elizabeth Atkinson, James Atkinson, Buzzy Bailey, Kathy Bain, Rita Baker, Elizabeth Barnes. Jessica Barnes, Richard Bauer, Patsy Becker, Nancy Beecher, Gary Bennett, Patricia Besett, Eddy Beshears. Donald Bueke, Earl Blanks, Glenn Block, Sandy Bobbitt, Ken¬ ny Bonds Jr., Michael Bourns, Billie Bowden. Thomas Bowen, Ann Boyd, Randy Boyd, Suzanne Bragg, Linda Bramblett, Valerie Brand, Clyde Brannon Jr. 370 Pomfret Donald Branson, Cindy Bridge- man, Thomas Bridges, Warren Bright, Debby Brock, Rita Brown, Herman Bruce. David Bryan, Bonnie Buchanan, Cindy Burns, Sharon Bynum, Ro- sanne Cabaniss, Ricardo Cabeza De Vaca, Paul Calahan. John Campbell, Judith Carroll, James Carson, James Carson, James Cason, Mary Causey, Jeanne Cavaneau. Richard Cazzell, Carolyn Cham¬ bers, Steve Ann Chambers, Wil¬ liam Chambers, Lissa Churchill, Daniel Clanton, Jane Clark. Alice Clay, Walter Coffman, Wil- lora Coleman, Sarah Colvin, Karen Conatser, Claire Consolvo, Michael Copeland. Connie Corbin, Ginger Cowling, Richard Cravens, Ruth Crawford, Marjean Creekmore, Robert Crook, Carl Croom Jr. John Cunningham, Steve Dal- rymple, Thomas Dame, James Davis, James David, Carol David¬ son, John Davis. Marie Deacon, Robert Deere, Gonzalo De Romana, Laura Dil- day, Donald Donaldson, Martin Dryden, Jean Dumont. Jack Dunham, Betty Duvall, Julie Evers, Gary Farr, Michael Fen- dya, Kathy Finch, Linda Finley. Linda Fischer, Charles Fisher III, Rhonda Flack, Rhonda Fleming, Mark Fogle, David Ford, Lyn Forsgren. 371 Pomfret Lowry Foster, Clark Franklin, Max Frauenthal, Stephanie Frederick, Julia Freeman, Richard Frietsche, Ellen Futrell. Barbara Galbraith, Linda Gard¬ ner, Mary Garrett, Catherine George, Linda Gilbert, Pat Gin- der, Harvey Goo. Michele Gould, Debbie Graves, Russell Graves, Sheila Green, Beth Greer, Wanda Griffin, Tho¬ mas Grimes. Mary Grisham, Virginia Grogan, Michael Grounds, Katheryn Hachtmeyer, James Hale, Brent Haltom, Scott Haltom. Julia Hampton, Melinda Hamp¬ ton, Marie Hannebaum, Michael Hanry, Suellen Hare, Kenneth Hargis, Jerry Harkreader. Lynette Harris, Ben Harrison, Paula Hatley, William Hatfield, Susan Haugen, Johnny Hawes, Brenda Hawkins. Mike Hazlewood, Judy Hen¬ dricks, Patti Hennage, Jamie Herrin, Garland Hewlett, Wordna Henley, Michael Hill. Coeds’ spirit is hard to beat— their yells filled the street. 372 These dormies spar in prepara¬ tion for their next bout with the Greeks that live across the street. William Hill, Susie Hoffman. Kay Hogan, Stephanie Hogue, Mar¬ tha Hoisington, Tricia Holland, Louise Hong. May Hong, Floyd Hornaday, Jo- beth Humble, Mary Hunt, Alice Hunter, Tamara Hutson, Mary Irvan. Teresa Irwin, Harper Jackson Jr., David James, Jan Jeffcott. George Jennings, Mary Jennings, Richard Johnson. Carolyn Jones, Janice Jones, Ed Jones, William Jones, Donna Justiss, Jack Kearney, Wanda Keck. Jesse Kearney, Marsha Kelley, Stephen King, Mary Kinsey, Deb¬ orah Kleck, JoeAnn Knotts, Thurston Knox. Bobby Ko, James Koonce, Kath¬ leen Korte, Samuel Krebs, Mandy Kreulen, Steve Krueger, Karl Kunkel. Lynn Lacey, Ruth Land, Darryl Laws, Keith Ledbetter, Theresa Leding, Eddie Leonard, Lindsey Leopard. 373 Pomfret Stephen Leopard, Anthony Ler- aris, Diane Lewis, Ruth Linam, Andrew Lively, Evelyn Lones, Glenda Lovett. Debbi Lundy, Ricardo Martinelli, Nanette McDonald, Michael Mc- Googan, Kathleen McGuire, James McKenzie, Cheryl McKin¬ ney. Teresa McKinney, Maureen Mc¬ Lean, Annette McMullin, Jane McMullin, Linda Magers, John Mallory, Kathy Mandrell. Lambert Marshall, Charles Mar¬ tin, Richard Martin, Robert Mar¬ tin, Karen Matthews, Larry Mel¬ ton, James Merryman. Patrick Metzker, Gay Miller, John Miller, Nancy Millwee, Beverly Mitchell, Karen Mitchell, Mary Mitchell. William Montgomery, Benny Moore, Christine Moore, Lynda Moore, William Moore, Ronald Morehead, Jerry Morgan. Linda Morris, Dennis Moses, Christopher Moulder, Pat Muncy, Charles Murry, William Myers, Joseph Nash. The girls at Coed sure don’t look like the girls they had last year. 374 “I knew that the food would be awful bad and rooms small, but ■where the hell do I park my car?” Danny Nassar, Susan Nelson. Paul Nester, Paul New, Barbara Newman, Freddie Nicholson, Tucker Nunn. Mary Oates, Melinda Oldfield, Pamela Orlicek, Gary Osborne, Linda Owen, Robert Pack, Debi Paladino. Harry Palmer, Howard Parette, Janet Parham, Hayden Parr, Judy Patrick, Leslie Patterson, Susan Patterson. Gidget Payne, Kay Payne, Joseph Pekarek, Jim Pevehouse, Opie Pharr, Jan Phillips, Lillian Phillips. Sherry Phillips, Charlcie Pickell, Martha Pilkington, Riley Porter, Vicki Powers, Cindy Presson, Carlos Qualls. Edward Quillen, Levester Racy, Phyllis Ragge, Jack Rakes, Jo Ann Rayder, Christine Redmond, Graham Reid. Kim Reeve, Gary Reynolds, Fran¬ ces Rice, Elizabeth Richardson, Charles Riddick, Wendell Ride¬ nour, Betsy Robben. 375 Pomfret Phyllis Roberson, Hattie Robin¬ son, Kathryn Robinson, Linda Roffine, Norman Roscoe, Bay¬ less Rowe, Kathy Rubottom. Jane Rumbaugh, Bea Russell, Catherine Sanderford, John Sanders, Donna Sandridge, Mary Scales, Douglas Schrantz. Lynn Schuhkhlecht, Karl Schwarz II, John Scott, Thomas Scott, Douglas Shaddox, Rhonda Shan¬ non, Pam Shaw. Susan Shermer, Randy Shields, Marilyn Siegenthaler, Vicki Sim¬ mons, Reece Simril, Larry Skaggs, Stacy Sloat. Suzanne Stinkard, Alan Smith, David Smith, Diana Smith, Marvin Smith, Missy Smith, Sandra Smith. Virgil Solomon, Richard Spear¬ man, Wanda Staggs, Bonny Stal- naker, Pat Standiford, Marilyn Stark, Charles Statz II. Chuck Steger Jr., Georgia Stew¬ art, Lora Stewart, Joan Stiegler, Michael Stitsworth, Annetta Sto- kenbury, Diana Stone. Wayne Story, Susan Stroud, Ruth Styles, Lucinda Sullivan, Robert Sullivan, Iris Surratt, Donna Su- therlin. Ann Sutton, Linda Swaty, Pam Swick, Sharon Taylor, Randolph Tenicki, Nancy Thomason, Thom¬ as Thompson. Robert Trepp, Claude Turner, Richard Turner, Craig Valentine, Linda Vandenberg, Michael Van- derburg, Dennis Varble. 376 Pomfret Rebecca Vaughn, Barbara Wal¬ ker, Bobby Walker, Cindy Walker, Eddie Walker Jr., Suzanne Wal¬ ker, Douglas Wallace. Jan Walls, John Watkins, Jeanne Weatherford, Jane Weems, Debo¬ rah Welcome, John Wells, Theo¬ dore Whitaker. Deborah White, Dickie White, Lin¬ da White, Marilyn White, Sam Wilkerson, Nancy Wilkes, Rebec¬ ca Wilkes. Candace Williamson, Carolyn Wil¬ liams, Erma Williams, James Wil¬ liams, Mary Williams, Pamela Wil¬ lis, Carl Wilson, Steve Wiseman. Leon Wittmer, William Wood, Su¬ sie Woodson, Raymond Yates, Ted Yates, James Young, Jayne Young, Sylvia Zvonik. Pomfret’s informal lounge pro¬ vides an atmosphere for relaxing. 377 Humphreys Hall Co-educational activities are key words for Humphreys’ women. Having coordinated with Yocum’s senate to build an unequaled co-op residence, Humphreys’ women are proud of their new-found independence. Kay Abney, Sue Albright, Imo- gene Alexander, Ann Alison, Jul- anne Alison, Linda Anderson, Vic¬ ki Anderson. Cynthia Bacon, Julia Bailey, Mar¬ garet Baker, Anita Baldwin, Ellen Ball, Carolyn Barnett, Jeanne Bar¬ nett. Leslie Barrett, Dianna Bautts, Becky Beard, Kathy Bell, Gabri- elle Berry, Gail Berry, Ann Big- gers. Toni Black, Alice Blackshear, Ann Blair, Barbara Bockholt, Shanon Bolliger, Janne Boneau, Beverly Bonner. Debby Boycks, Becky Boyd, Deb¬ orah Brannon, Judy Bredehoeft, Wendy Brown, Karen Browning, Paula Browning. 3781 Humphreys Karolyn Bryant, Susan Burns, Ter¬ ry Burrow, Belinda Butler, Judi Campbell, Ellen Caplinger, Berta Carl. Judy Carr, Marcy Carter, Rebec¬ ca Carter, Carol Casey, Fran Cas¬ sidy, Becky Cathey, Mary Chaf¬ fin. Marguerite Chapman, Heide Christiansen, Victoria Clark, Suz¬ anne Coker, Pam Cole, Debi Col¬ lie, Cheryl Conde. Carol Cooper, Alison Correll, Jac¬ kie Cowger, Debra Crouse, Kay Dardin, Jane Darling, Debbie Da¬ vis. Jodi Davis, Jan Dennis, Lexia Denniston, Mary Dillard, Sharon Doan, Sue Douglas, Margaret Dye. Sharon Dunlop, Karen Durham, Treva Earhart, Kathy Early, Gaye Eaves, Gladys Edwards, Patricia Elliot. “Well here’s one more Friday with ping-pong and Tom Jones.” 379 “How was I to know you want¬ ed onion rings or pork skins?” Susan Henry, Lorraine Ellis, Ger¬ aldine Engstrom, Jane Etzkorn, Joyce Evans, Mary Evans, Teresa Fahr. Lyn Featherston, Patricia Fitzger¬ ald, Rebecca Ford, Connie Fos¬ ter, Laurie Foster, Mary Fowler, Terri Freedle. Linda Freeman, June Freund, Martheda Friddle, Judy Fringer, Donna Fritch, Pamela Fultz, Judy Furstenberg. Linda Gammill, Aileen Gardener, Lisa Garner, Barbara Gary, Susan Gilbert, Janelda Gill, Diane Gold¬ berg. Sandra Goodner, Frances Good¬ win, Ann Graffy, Teresa Graham, Cindy Gramlich, Janis Greene, Monta Grimes. Ruth Grimley, Paula Guerriero, Janet Guinn, Mary Guinn, Gena Gutensohn, Margie Halliburton, Kathryn Halk. Kathleen Harbin, Linda Harmon, Patricia Harrington, De Ann Har¬ ris, Patricia Heck, Jo Helmer, Candace Henry. Humphreys Wendy Henry, Ellen Hicks, Lora Hill, Jo Hinkle, Susan Hogue, Janice Holland, Lucinda Holt. Anna Hopson, Margaret Howard, Kathryn Hubble, Linda Hudson, Kathy Hughes, Becky Humphrey, Debbie Huneycutt. Kathy Hunsaker, Joan Jackson, Rebecca Jackson, June James, Mary Jennings, Gail Jeu, Lanita Jones. Jeanie Jones, Judy Jones, Pa¬ tricia Jones, Glenda Justis, Rhon¬ da Kaufman, Janet Keagy, Becky Kelley. Laura Kitchens, Terri Knox, Mi¬ chele Konert, Connie Kurrus, Ju- ,ia Kutait, Linda Kuykendall, Deb¬ orah LaFont. Carol LaPrade, Susan Latta, Beth Leffen, Kathy Lovett, Linda Lucas, Vicki Lyon, Pamela McBride. Sandra McBride, Debbie Mc¬ Clure, Virginia McClure, Peggy McCutcheon, Judy McEarl, Lu- anne McKinney, Renee McKnight. No residence hall is complete without scandalous but thought- Provoking campus gossip. Humphreys Simone McMahan, Jeanne Maes¬ tri, Janet Mahon, Bonnie Maiden, Kathy Martin, Kathleen Matthews, Cindy Mathewson. Janet May, Lynn Marquette, Jan¬ ice McBrayer, Myra Merchant, Connie Miller, Laura Mims, Ag¬ nes Mitchell. Terri Moore, Bren Moore, Pamela Morton, Ann Moser, Ellen Mow¬ bray, Betty Munn, Susan Munson. Gerri Musgrave, Mary Myers, Bev¬ erly Nantz, Adrienne Narramore, Nancy Nelson, Jan Newell, Lori Nielsen. Lisa Norwood, Judy Nusch, Karen O ' Donnell, Debra Owen, Carol Parker, Debbie Parson, Gloria Pattison. Andrea Peer, Jamie Perkins, Deb¬ ra Peterson, Amanda Phillips, Kathy Pitts, Susan Potts, Diana Pounder. Diana Price, Carla Prigmore, Deb¬ bie Prince, Carolyn Quinn, Alison Reemes, Jennie Reeves, Carolyn Reisz, Cathie Renard. Talking, studying, or playing, it’s really hard to tell them apart now. 382 Humphreys Margie Robinson, Ginger Rock, Marion Robertson, Kristy Row¬ land, Susan Rummel, Ramona Samsel, Christine Scott. Carolyn Scribner, Donna Seifert, Vicki Self, Brenda Sharp, Carolyn Sheffield, Donna Shuffield, Paula Sipe. Stephany Skaggs, Peggy Sloan, Kathleene Sloat Margie Sloat, Jo Smiley, Julia Smith, Debora Sparkes. Cheryl Springgate, Deborah Stan- cil, Patricia Steele, Sharon Stell, Anne Stewart, Linda Taylor, Pris¬ cilla Teague. Vicky Tedford, Teresa Thomas, Dianne Thompson, Nancy Thomp¬ son, Kim Timberlake, Sally Tip- pins, Pamela Townsend. Sherry Tucker, Karin Tunnel I, Debbie Usery, Marcia Vandergriff, Regena Vanzant, Darlene Varvil, Donna Vaughn. Dolores Villines, Betty Vint, Laura Wagner, Lee Wagner, Lynne War¬ ren, Kristine Webb. Nancy Weems, Martha Whetstone, Ruth White, Gail Wiederkehr, Mary Wiggins, Sarah Wiggins. Janice Wilkerson, Betty Williams, Debbie Wilson, Debi Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Lela Wilson. Sharon Wilson, Marylen Wray, Sidney Wren. Susan Younes, Su¬ san Young, Julie-Anne Zucca. 383 Gregson Hall Pride was the backbone for Gregson Hall this year. Pride in the dorm’s heritage, intramural achievements, and helping the needy were areas in which Gregson excelled. They have, through the years, compiled an impressive record of championships in their class in intramural sports, as well as maintaining an extremely high grade point average. Johnny Adkins, James Banks, As- berry Bealer, Douglas Beineman, David Berry, Ricky Bittle, Thomas Boling. Robert Borengasser , John Brady. Harold Brooks, Roger Bullington, Bill Burrows, Wayne Casteel, Lar¬ ry Clark. David Cox, Michael Daily, Roger Dake, Larry Dearing, Erasmo Dierich, Ronny Dixon, Joel Emer¬ son. Dwight Estes, Byron Evans, LaW- rence Fiedorowicz, David FilipeK, Michael Folker, Louis Grove, Rob¬ ert Gunter. Gregson Bill Handshy, John Hargis, Jerry Harris, Twant Harris, Lindell Her- riman, Rodney Hester, Lewis Hir- schy. Daniel Holland, John Hotz, Tho¬ mas Hotz, Gary Icenogle, Richard Jenkins, Randy Kriesel, Chuck Lam. Linwood Lewis, Randolph Lewis, David Longinotti, Steven Losey, Bill Lowrance, David McCarver, Don McDonald. Fred Mack, Donald Matthews, Charles Maule, Nick Miller, Da¬ vid Money, Gary Moon, John Mor¬ row. Raymond Neely, Mark Newman, Luther Nunnelly, Jack Ostendorf, Ray Parker, Robert Petrick, Wal¬ ter Reed. Joe Reisz, Edward Richard, Bill Sanders, John Sanders, Jimmy Sanson, Phil Seibold, David Shackelford. John Stephens, Walter Stafford, Dennis Taylor, Richard Thomas, Dale Turinetti, Alton Turner, Mich¬ ael Welch. Obie Whitmore, John Wilcher, Brady Williams, Gary Winkleman, Charles Young, Richard Zelnick. Watching the tube and studying is not always good for the GPA. 385 Razorback Hall Razorback Hall is the international dorm on campus. Razorback finds itself in the unique position of having both graduate and undergraduate women living together. Among the graduate students living in Razorback are several exchange students from Iran, Germany, India, and France. Liberace he’s not, but no one minds. Strategically located mirrors al¬ low a last check before a date. 386 Study is the key to success, but with interruptions it’s really hard. Joyce Boyakin, Shirley Donovan, Sarah Harrison, Kristy Dupras, Suzanne Eversole, Louise Hack. Nora Harrison, Linda Henry, Nan¬ cy Lofton, Marlene Montague, Nancy Nettles, Donna Newton. Cherry Owens, Joyce Patrick, Adella Paul, Rebekah Pickett, Gloria Shepherd. Sandy Stringer, Teresa Taylor, Pamela Walker, Judith Wall, Fran- cene Williamson. What do you expect for a Wed¬ nesday night—Three Dog Night, a nd a clean, white table cloth? Wilson Sharp The key word among all Arkansas athletes is brotherhood. The jocks hosted such events as home game receptions, banquets, spontaneous pep rallies, not to mention their weekly adventures on the playing field. It takes plenty of hard work to make an athlete, and weight lift¬ ing is just a part of the program. 388 Wilson Sharp Scott Agee, James Brawner, Kir¬ by Clements, Joseph Culp, Randy Dailey, Kevin Danaher. George Dittrich, James Dossey, Richard Halinski, James Hollings¬ worth, Robert Jacobs, Jerry Jen¬ nings. Jamie Jones, Stan Ley, Brian Li¬ moges, Hiram McBeth III, Terry McFarland, Borys Malczycki. Sammy Marchand, Bruce Mitch- e| l. Walter Nelson, Greg Palka, Robert Palmer, Phil Petrus. Bobby Pruitt, Richard Raybuck, Dennis Sadler, Fred Schroeder, James Smith, Junior Smith. Terry Smith, Vernon Smith, Eddie Villanueva, Tim Webster, Richard Wery. Razorback players take game to heart even in the small sand lot 9ames out in front of the dorm. Holcombe Hall Holcombe has once again established leadership and independence as its main traditions. It has proven itself to be a showcase example of self-government and residence hall pride. Co-sponsoring activities with Futrall has produced an unequaled association between halls. Stephen Adams, Walter Ahart, Darrell Alverson, James Ander¬ son, William Bahr, David Baker. Thomas Barber, Raymond Batie, William Beal, John Beasley, Car¬ ter Berry, William Bourne. Leonard Bowers, David Brewer, Ralph Brant, Donald Bunch, Wil¬ liam Calcote, Thomas Cassem. David Catlett, Patrick Ciervo, Kenny Combs, Joel Cook, Austin Dwyer, Nelson Elliott III. 390 Holcombe Rusty Elston, Reginald Fields, Sammy Fiser, James Flanigan, Charles Foster, Glenn Gay. Clinton Gilbert, Teddy Glaub, Gil Glover, Michael Hahn, Larry Hall, Billy Harp. David Hartz, Grady Harvell, Reg- inal Hawkins, Wayman Holland, David Howard, Randall Hughes. William James III, Paul Johnston, Richard Jones, Ernest Keith, Richard Knight, Dwain Lair. Jim Limbird, Orville Lowery, Wil¬ liam Lowery, Joe McDaniel, Gary McDonald, Ivan Miles. Michael Mohler, Dominic Monti- •aone, Harold Morse, Jim Myers, Gordon Okuley, Carey Owens. •t isn’t everyone who can boast of having mastered the art of study and cards at the same time. With finals just a few days away, these Holcombites decided that it was time to hit those damn books. Robert Price, Joe Rice, Alan Rol¬ ler, Alden Roller, Carlos Rowden, Ralph Sandage. Sammy Sanders, David Saxon, Larry Schmalz, Joe Schroeder, Edward Smith, John Smith. Jim Spicer, Michael Stephens, Wioux Taylor, Dennis Turner, Da¬ vid Urbon, Randal Vest. Lyndal Waits, John Ward, Mark Webb, Stephen Wiggins, Chuck Wright, Thomas Ziegenfelder. These boys look as if they’ll never move — unless the phone rings. 392 Buchanan and Droke Halls Seriousness and education are the main themes of Buchanan and Droke this year. Comprised mainly of graduates, hall activities were dispensed with and residents pursued studies that would lead to a higher degree. Dennis Duncan, William Edwards, Michael Henson, Richard Magie. Don Penquite, Riley Ritchie, Ron¬ ald Rushing, Stewart Smith. Ernest Achterberg, Amy Amoo- deh, Robert Anderson, Gerald Crawford. Charles Daniels, Sohrab Hola- kouzadeh, Edwin Holt, Robbie Kouri, James Martin. Uniqueness is a way of life at Futrall. By continuing a long-standing relationship with the men of Holcombe, Futrall engaged in such activities as drop-in dances, a Halloween party (crashed by Holcombites), pre¬ game hayrides, parties for underprivileged children, and the formal. Futrall Hall Gladys Abercrombie, Marcia Ad¬ ams, Nancy Alcorn, Cynthia Al¬ len, Tommie Andrews, Rosemary Appleton. Barbara Ashcraft, Christine Ayer, Barbara Barham, Krin Barker, Jeannette Bartlett, Becky Bayless. Julia Beakley, Brenda Bishop, Paula Boerner, Brenda Boss, Nancy Boss, Amy Boyd. Amy Bradley, Pamela Brady, Su¬ san Brewer, Patricia Bridges, Judy Brown, Nola Bull. Futrall Beverly Burch, Debi Canada, Carmeletta Cannon, Paula Carter, Kay Cason, Jaxine Cawood. Glynda Cazer, Sallie Chrane, Lin¬ da Clanton, Carolye Clark, Deb¬ orah Cloud, Terrisue Cochran. Donna Cole, Marta Collier, Nancy Gook, Helen Cox, Linda Cox, Lynnette Crannell. Kristie Crawford, Margaret Crank, Judith Crouse, Sandra Curry, Jo- etta Davis, Janis Deay. Dian Doak, Elizabeth Dolan, Kath¬ ryn Dougherty, Janice Dunn, Va- iynda Ewton, Nancy Fowler. Marcia Goos, Jenny Gwyn, Mar- 9 a ret Hammans, Sandre Harmon, Sharon Harvey, Diana Hass. Sydney Hayes, Linda Hefley, Lori Helms, Connie Hendrix, Faith Hickman, Kathy Hickman, Diane Hill. Small informal gatherings such as this one are common in Futrall after dinner and before date call. Futrall Wilhelmenia Hinton, Nancy Ho- ben, Carol Hosett, Constance Holyfield, Bonnie Howard, Allene Hubbard. Rosemary Hughes, Patricia Hup- ka, Irma Jenkins, Susan Jenkins, Janet Jewsbury, Carolyn Johnson. Kathie Johnson, Esther Jones, Sandra Justus, Dayna Kennedy, Donna Kinsey, Janice LaFarra. Jill Langston, Betty Lee, Jean Lee, Mary Lee, Diane Lisman, Su¬ san Lowe. Barbara McBeth, Belinda Mc¬ Crary, Camellia McCrary, Debrah McHaney, Karen McLemore, Dare Martin. Mary Middlebrooks, Mary Miller, Jennifer Nichols, Karen Otwell, Dorothy Pazdera, Vicki Pelletier. Phyllis Penney, Patricia Penning¬ ton, Kip Phillips, Cheryl Powell, Marcia Puckett, Kim Pyle. Gail Ragsdell, Jeanne Rakestraw, Patti Rankin, Deborah Revel, Guy- lene Rhoads, Adenia Riley. Anna Roark, Jan Roberts, Judy Robertson, Gaylynn Romine, Sharon Rowan, Debra Rurup, Cathy Ryan. 396 Futrall Sherry Sanders, Sandra San¬ dusky, Roberta Saxon, Patricia Schultz, Jo Shumate, Marsha Shorts. Elaine Sims, Linda Sloan, Mary Smith, Mary Smith, Susan Snider, Marilyn Stanford. Barb Starwalt, Linda Steele, Judy Stine, Elizabeth Tabor, Linda Tay¬ lor, Dyanna Thomas. Betty Thompson, Teri Thompson, Jackie Treadway, Marilyn Turner, Vicki Upchurch, Yolanda Vignes. Carol Walsh, Debbie Webb, Jean Welch, Janice Whiley, Jimmie White, Delores Willis. Judith Wilson, Po-Lin Wong, Pat¬ sy Wood, Mary Yee, Elizabeth Yates, Opal Young, Margaret Zahn. It’s no wonder Eve got the ap¬ ple, she had a bigger mouth. 397 4-H House The 4-H House has the distinction of being the smallest house on campus and still being a residence hall. Being independently owned by the Arkansas Extension Homemakers, 4-H actively participates in Uni¬ versity programs while its size allows residents to be a close-knit group. Along with their studies, 4-H girls also allow time for the work. Even after a hard day of school, some girls have energy to make plans for the upcoming weekend. 398 Frequent house meetings keep the complicated business of op¬ iating a residence hall in control. Velda Abernathy, Sherry Arnold, Melinda Biven, Cathy Bratton, Mary Brown, Johnnie Cathey. Elizabeth Childs, Marjorie Collins, Linda Crain, Josephine Criss, Donna Daniel, Gwendolyn Fudge. Bessie Hershberger, Angela Lumpkin, Sharon Maloney, Lolah Mann, Mary Mann, Helen Mich¬ ael. Karen Montgomery, Mary Moyers, Ann Nailling, Kathy Nichols, Cath¬ erine Overbey, Sue Richburg. Phyllis Schiefer, Linda Strickland, Rebekah Tackett, Judith Tilley, Carmen Trantham, Judy Tucker. Barbara Warnock, Wanda Whis- nant, Susie Wiedeman, Ruth Wood, Rebecca Wright. Leadership is a key word for Hotz this year. Along with their intramural activity, Hotz Hall stresses academic and social leadership. They also manage to continue their good neighbor policy toward Reid and Fulbright by hosting various films, L’Escargot, several outings, and beer busts. Hotz Hall Terry Adams, Arnold Ahrens Jr., Chahriar Alayeto, Karl Albert, Woodrow Anderson, Jimmy Arm¬ strong. William Aste, Donald Atkins, Ed¬ ward Bailey Jr., Larry Baker, Vince Bari, Bruce Barnes. Bob Bastian, David Bell, Lewis Bell, Steven Bell, Charles Ble¬ vins, Richard Boothe. Stephen Bounds, Clay Bradford, Merrill Bradley, Ray Branch, James Branson, Kohn Bray. Craig Brown, Fred Brown, Char¬ les Bryant, Douglas Byrd, Justin Caldwell, David Carnes. Hotz Phil Cato, Randy Chambliss, James Chapman, Charles Cle¬ ments, Larry Coleman, Charles Cooper. David Covey, Donald Curran, Ronald Curran, Albert Davis, Ar¬ thur De Cook, Robert Dickey. William Dickey, Dallas Dixon, Michael Dixon, John Durifuy, James Eads Jr., Patrick Egan. Billy Ellis, Jack Ellis Jr., David Elms, Thomas Everitt, Randall Ferguson, Monte Fout. Samuel Gates, Richard Geraci, Ron Gibson, William Greene, David Greenwood, Wendell Grif- fen. Stanley Grinder, Ronald Grippe, Steve Halbrook, Charles Ham¬ mett, Henry Harmon, Billy Har¬ din. The Hotz Hall Junior Astronomy Club was caught admiring mag¬ nificent celestial bodies of not-so- very-far-away Humphreys Hall. Hotz Robert Hardin, Michael Harris, Dale Hill, Gary Hipp, Gerald Honne, Terry Holt. Daniel Hooks, David House, David Hudson, Johnny Hunter, Darrell Hutson, Daniel Ives. Morris Jenkins, Gary Johns, James Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Wallace Johnson, Francis John¬ ston. Stan Johnston, Melvin Jones, Jo¬ seph Kemper. Lewis Koontz, Scott Kyle, Stephen Lachowsky. Dalton Lancaster, Richard Land, Rickey Lane, Timothy Larson, Mi¬ chael Lawless, David Lay. Ronald Ledford, Andrew Lepp, Louis Lindsey, Gene Linton, Le- land Long, Daniel Lynn Jr. Michael Matthews, Michael May- ton, Phillip McCrory, Donald Mc¬ Donald, Mike McKenzie, Bruce McRae. Larry Mika, Buddy Mills, George Monroe, Gwin Moore, Jerry Moore, Keith Motes. Randy Ochoa, William Osbun, William Owens, Derek Palmer, Charles Parker, David Parsons. 402 Hotz Jimmy Pennington, Mike Philpot, Craig Pollard, Tom Rehm, Rick Reid, Lonnie Reynolds, Glen Ross. William Routon III , William Row¬ land, John Scott, Rickard Sebby, Vince Senatore, Stephen Shaw, Gregory Simon. Frank Sipes, Bruce Smith, Duane Smith, Kenneth Smith, Thomas Smith, David Steele, Richard St. John Jr. Chris Stogsdill, Morris Street, Daniel Stuart, Jack Stubbs Jr., Danny Sudmeyer, Donny Sud- meyer, Rufus Thrower Jr. Ricki Trabert, Dennis Trublood, Charles Turner, Peter Ukena, Mi¬ chael Upshaw, Stevan Vowel I, William Waldrip. John Webb, Johnny West, A. C. Williams Jr., Kenneth Williams, James Williamson, Partick Wil¬ son, Fredrick Woodall. Ross Woodbury, Chuck Yar¬ brough, Clifford Yarbrough, Joe Yee, Randy Young, Michael Za- remba. The annual bed race came early for these Hotz men—only nobody knew where they were going to. 403 Participation is a symbol of Reid’s belief that a residence hall is an important part of college education. At Reid, a maximum amount of freedom and independence is important in the educational process, and it tries to offer this to its women through self-government. Debra Abbott, Belinda Acuff, El¬ len Adkins, Cheryl Akin, Ellen Alexander, Betty Anderson, Linda Anderson. Mary Armenia, Catherine Ary, Lisa Babcock, Elizabeth Batche¬ lor, Lynn Baumgartner, Michal Beaver, Dawne Benafield. Lynn Benedict, Dawn Bennett, Nancy Bischof, Pamela Blake, Peggy Blake, Debbie Bland, Janie Bland. Eserline Blanks, Diana Bledsoe, Elizabeth Boas, Deana Borum, Betsy Brewer, Becky Bridgeman, Sylvia Brittnum. Brenda Brown, Sharron Brown, Gwendolyn Bullard, Russ Butter¬ field, Esther Butz, Linda Camp¬ bell, Christy Cantwell. 404 Reid Antoinette Cappleman, Louann Carpenter, Gloria Carr, Rhonda Carroll, Delbra Carter, Elizabeth Chadbourn, Toni Chiles. Laurie Christison, Randi Christi- son, Ellen Clegg, Ann Clopton, Joan Council, Nita Cox, Cathy Creed. Judy Croom, Kathryn Davis, Mi¬ chelle Davis, Wanda Davis, Mar- kay Dearien, Martha Dickerson, Martha Dickey. Jacqueline Dillingham, Deborah Dreher, Donna Donnor, Martha Downing, Aniela Dyer, Janet Dyer, Karen Easson. Becca Ellison, Mary Ewart, Anita Fairley, Deborah Fennell, Ann Fortune, Donna Francisco, Betty Frankenberger. Linda Franklin, Marlene Gehring, Gail Gentry, Gail George, Kitty Gibson, Petra Gilley, Martha Goss. Lynett Gregory, Janet Griffith, Jane Gullick, Audrey Hackney, Marilyn Ha ll, Sylvia Hamilton, Rebecca Harrington. Patricia Hatchett, Gayla Hawkins, Margaret Hayes, Marian Hein¬ richs, Morie Helmbrecht, Brenda Helms, Nancy Hill. Norma Hill, Suki Hinman, Mar¬ garet Hite, Kris Hohne, Lee Holt, Jennifer Hopkins, Nancy Horton. Joan Hoyeski, Jean Hunt, Debra Hutchens, Ann Hutchison, Bever¬ ly Ingels, Myrna Ingram, Pamela Jackson. Reid Candace Jacobs, Linda Jeffus, Lee Jemison, Beverly Jennings, Angela Johnson, Barbara John¬ son, Suzanne Johnson. Loretta Jones, Judy Jordan, Alice Kelly, Yuh Ryun Kim, Patti King, Susan Kingdom, Deborah Kin¬ ney. Anne Kittrell, Lillian LaPorte, Linda Laube, Susan Leek, Lau¬ ren McAfee, Gail McConaghy, Cindy McCoy. Brenda McGowan, Jeanne Mc¬ Kenzie, Debra McReynolds, Co¬ lette Maddox, Debra Martin, Mar¬ garet Martin, Jane Matthews. Patricia May, Cynthia Medford, Merilynn Miller, Bettye Mims, Cindy Moi, Cathy Montgomery, Debra Moore. Janet Moore, Tracy Moore, Shir¬ ley Morse, Melanie Mueller, Doris Nash, Nancy Nichols, Tami Nol- ler. Jeanne Nolte, Glynda Ogden, Pamela Olinghouse, Linda Orr, Nancy Orr, Carolyn Ozment, Karen Patchin. Beverly Perchan, Deborah Per- chan, Nancy Perkins, Charlotte Phillips, Ruth Polk, Sandra Polk, Patricia Porter. Mary Posner, Manda Powell, Lana Price, Wanda Price, Sandra Priddy, Ann Pride, Rebecca Pro- bert. Chris Radcliff, Laura Rawlings, Jennifer Reed, Mary Reeves, Linda Reynolds, Betty Rhodes, Carolyn Rhodes. Reid Kathy Rice, Terah Riley, Patricia Roach, Debra Robertson, Lally Robinson, Winifred Ross, Robin Rowan. Johnette Rucker, Patsy Ryan, Theresa Sadnavitch, Patricia Sal¬ mons, Mary Sanders, Christina Sandusky, Nancy Sayre. Kathy Schluterman, Rita Sch¬ midt, Sallye Schoeffler, Eva Sch- reit, Linda Schulte, Jennie Seals, Wanda Searcy. Juliana Shepard, Shirley Skin¬ ner, Clara Smith, Debra Smith, Claudia Sparks, Brenda Spears, Pamela Spikes. Rebecca Stone, Susan Strickland, Karen Swilling, Chrysanthy Tak- tikou, Debra Talbot, Mauri Tho¬ mas, Leslie Thompson. Lee Torrans, Melissa Tuck, Charl- cie Turney, Jane Tyson, Sharon Unruh, Nancy Van Brauman, Marla Vaughan. Ginger Waddell, Mary Wall, Patti Warner, Paula Warner, Sheryl Watkins, Vicki Watts, Marsha Webster. Marilyn White, Mary White, Jamie Whitlatch, Vikki Whitlock, Lynne Williams, Deborah Wilson, Nikita Wilson. Tracey Wilson, Claudia Winfree, Lizbeth Winford, Brenda Wood, Elizabeth Woods, Melinda Word, Jean Wyant, Janet Zerr. Yocum combines leadership, strong spirit, active involvement, and hard work to produce a very active living group. Success in coed activities with Humphreys Hall was the result of efforts by residents of both halls. Yocum Hall David Adams, Raymond Alverson Jr., Lawrence Anders, Jerry An¬ derson, John Anderson, Robert Anderson Jr., Bruce Applegate. Gary Archer, Douglas Arnold, Daniel Aycock, Hunter Babin, Chip Baker, Terry Barnett, Glen Barr. Roy Barr, William Barron, Dennis Barry, Thomas Beane, Zare Bea¬ ton, Robert Beeler, Gerald Beh- nke. Billy Bell, Harold Bell, Jackie Bell, Berry Bishop, Raymond Bogard Jr., Larry Bomar, Jimmy Boren- gasser. Charles Bowles, Edward Boyd, William Bradley, William Breeden, Kent Brewster, Alan Briggs, Lloyd Brown. Yocum Robert Browning, Richard Buck, Thomas Bull, Brad Burns, Garry Burroughs, William Burroughs III, Dennis Burrow. Robert Byrne, Bryan Byrd, David Carpenter, Kenneth Carter, Louis Chalfant, Stuart Chaney, John Clark. Larry Clark, Thomas Clarke, An¬ drew Cobb, Charles Cockrell, Jake Commer Jr., David Comp¬ ton, Carl Conner. James Copeland, David Cosbill, Charles Costanzo, Gary Cottrell, Marvin Covey, David Crabtree, Charles Cravens. Robert Cross, Arthur Dalla Rosa, Bernard Danna, Delbert Davis III, Jimmy Davis, Phillip Deakins, William Dean. Stephan Deen, Gerald Delavan, Timothy De Mott, Stephen De Salvo, Thomas Dillon, Jonathan Dockins, Mark Douglas. Gordon Duckworth, James Ec¬ hols, Tom Edmiston, Jerry El¬ kins, Donald Engelberger, Ron¬ nie Engelberger, David Epps. Some men shave with it, but Yocum men found a new use!!! 409 Yocum Robert Erickson, Lawrence Er¬ vin, Michael Eubanks, Steven Evans, David Faucett, Rusty Faw¬ cett, William Feland. Michael Finnigan, Tommy Flocks, Don Flynn, Thomas Fore, Mich¬ ael Fowler, James Fox, Ken Frankenberger. Ronald Frantz, Paul Freeman, Edwin Fuller, Eric Gibbs, Thomas Gill, Gary Gillis, Ron Giudice. Allan Gocio, Richard Goddard, Bert Goins, John Gordon, John Graffy, William Granderson, Wil¬ liam Grantham. Larry Green, Ric.hard Green, Tommy Grisham, Patrick Hagge, James Hall, Roland Hamilton, Ro¬ bert Hammack. James Hammer, Gary Hansen, Larry Hardin, Phillip Harris, Ron¬ ald Harris, Frank Hawkins, Ro¬ bert Hawkins. James Hefley, Ray Heflin, Mich¬ ael Hefner, Harry Heiss, Larry Helmich, Nelton Henley, Art Hill. David Hill, Mike Hill, Thomas Hitt, Fred Holland, John Horton, Leslie Howard, Kent Hughes. Phillip Hyatt, Dennis Hyland, Don Irby, Terry Ivy, Dennis Jackson, Don Jackson, Michael Jackson. Patrick James, James Jeffries, Phillip Jenkins, Donald Johnson, Frank Johnson, Randall Johnson, Gary Joiner. 410 Yocum Nolan Justice, Dennis Kellam, Robert Kennedy, William Kimpel, Michael Knight, John Knox, Wil¬ liam Koontz. Robert Kraynik, Robert Larson, Jerry Lawson, Duane Lemke, Bill Lessenberry, John Levy, Ronald Lewis. Steven Lilly, Thomas Long, Wayne Looney, Rick Love, Tad Lowrey, James Lovell, Bobby Lynn. Frederick McCaulley, David Mc¬ Clain, Doyle McClain, Donald McClure, Gary McDonald, Randy McFarlin, Dwight McKee. Gene McKissic, Charles Mc¬ Laughlin, Robert McNeice, Billy McNeil, Hollis McNully, James Magers, John Mailer. Bob Main, Tim Mantooth, Lydle Marr, Carl Marshall, James Ma¬ son, Rex Mason, Eugene Max¬ well. Joseph May, Tommy Melton, George Merrick, Alan Mitchell, Gene Miller, Henry Moore. I guess it’s just concidence that Yocum and Humphreys had fire drills planned for the same time. Ronald Moore, William Morris, Columbus Moss Jr., Loyd Nall, Bobby Nichols, Patrick O’Kelley, Roger Oldham. Thomas Ormon, Leo Park, Jim Parnell, Thomas Penn, Robert Perry, Tommy Peterman, Larry Pickett. David Pipkins, Damon Plummer, Gregory Post, John Pownall, Alan Prather, Earl Presson, William Pruden. Neil Ragan, David Railey, Eddie Ransom, William Reed, Paul Ri- bitzki, Terry Richardson, Tom Rife. Jonathan Robbins, Michael Rol¬ ler, Clarence Rowe, David Rowe, William Ruck, David Russell, George Russell. Kenneth Russell, Jack Sallee, Karl Schubert, Lewis See Jr., Dennis Seymore, Jefferson Shad- den, Jerry Sharp. Lewis Shell, William Siddon, Paul Sims, James Singleton, Ronald Sisk, David Smith, Fredrick Smith II. About all you can say about the food around here is that you have to take it with a grain of salt. Jerry Smith, Lex Smith, Roland Smith, Russell Sparks, Jesse Springer, Dennis Spurlock, Ken¬ neth Stacks. Harold Stanley, David Starwalt, Edwin Stavely, Charles Stein, Al- len Stephens, Phil Stricklen, Dale Summa. Danny Tacker, Darryl Taylor, Wil¬ liam Taylor, Steve Tedder, Gary Tidwell, Bob Tusing, Guy Tut- wiler. Ed Valley, Don Verser, Mike Von Hatten, Richard Wacker, Mike Waggoner, Stephen Waldron, Mark Wallace. James Ward, Charles Weather¬ ford, John Webb, Douglas Web¬ ster, Michael Welch, Lynn Wells, Tommy Wells. Max Wernick, Lawrence West¬ brook, David White, John White, Charles Whittington, Wayne Wil¬ son, Gary Williams, Stephen Wil¬ liams. Wallace Williford, Ivan Wilson, Robert Wood, Danny Woodyard, Jerry Wooldridge, Rick Worley! Dan Wy, Jerry Young. These Yocumites concern themselves with cultural endea¬ vors during time between finals. Fulbright Hall Involvement is the basic belief of Fulbright residents. Primarily a fresh¬ man dorm, it starts each year with new enthusiasm and fresh ideas. This makes Fulbright one of the most exciting dorms on campus. Jan ADbott, Kristin Agar, Carol Sue Alvord, Cathie Lea Alvord, Cecelia Kay Anderson, Laura Dee Atwood. Susan Jean Atwood, Debbie Ann Badali, Stephanie K. Bailes, Kathy Ball, Beth Barlow, Nancy Sue Barnes. Brenda Bateman, Susan Bene- gar, Cherylon Benton, Charlene Jane Berner, Debbie Jane Bla¬ lock, Shellie Bolian. Patsy Jean Bolin, Patrice Jean- ine Bouyear, CeCe Boyd, Linda Brannan, Deborah Joyce Bren ner, Libby Brice. F ulbright Barbara Bridges, Jane Brock- mann, Billie Brooks, Camille Brown, Mary-Elise Brown, Lisa Brunck. Linda Burge, Jana Burgess, Clare Burleson, Susan Campbell, Jill Carroll, Linda Cato. Judy Caudill, Robin Cawvey, Su¬ sie Chastaw, Christine Cobb, Becky Conlee, Laurie Cook. Kathy Cox, Patty Cherry, Carolyn Clark, Rita Collis, Karen Craw¬ ford, Carla Crawley. Ann Crigger, Cecilia Croft, De¬ borah Cross, Mallory Culpepper, Sally Cunningham, Barbara Davis. Mary DeBons, Debby DeWeese, Diana DeWeese, Linda Donals, Gail Donath, Sharon Dowling. Debra Doyle, Jessie Dragoo, Di- Ann Dugan, Kathryn Dunaway, Barbara Dunn, Judy Earl. “No he’s not here now but I’d be glad to take a message for him.” 415 Let’s play a few more rounds. Besides, I don’t have another exam until tomorrow afternoon. Pamela Easley, Teri Ehrenberg, Nancy Elliott, Ceile Erwin, Mary Etheridge, Linda Eudy, Carolyn Eutsler. Dianne Farrell, Susan Fitch, De¬ borah Flowers, Dianne Flowers, Jamie Fraser, Vicki Foster, Mar¬ tha Fox. Debbie Fry, Waynette Gambill, Patricia Garmon, Bonny George, Deborah Giza, Allyn Goodlett, Karen Goodlett. Gail Graham, Kathy Graham, Jana Greenhaw, Helen Gremil- lion, Elizabeth Griffin, Mary Gump, Sarah Haller. Nancy Hamilton, Cherrye Ham- mans, Denise Harbin, Audrey Harper, Catherine Harville, An¬ nette Hatfield, Vicki Hay. Valeria Hedrick, Fran Henderson, Carol Hendrickson, Karen Henry, Susan Herget, Carol Herrmann, Mary Hetherwick. Pamela Hicks, Susan Hines, Su¬ zanne Hixson, Linda Hodge, Hel¬ ene Holstead, Julianna Hood. 416 Fulbright Ginger Holt, Elizabeth Hooks, Claudia Hotchkiss, Janet Hudson, Sara Hunter, Karen Imhoff, Mary Impson. Irene Ingels, Debra Irvin, Becky Jackson, Jennifer Jeter, Jan Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Ruth Johnston. Sharron Johnson, Christie Jones, Christy Jones, Diana Jones, Linda Jones, Jeanie Kattan, Lin- dy King. Jane Kinnaird, Dianne Kittler, Kathy Knoll, Christine Koetter, Mary Langford, Mary Lang, Nan¬ cy Latrecchia. Betty Lawson, Mana Lee, Carol Legan, Connie Lewis, Linda Lewis, Mary Lum, Alicia Mabry. Linda Macnab, Wanda Macnab, Catherine Manor, Paula Marinoni, Jean Martin, Tina Martin, Toby Martin. Cheryl Maslonka, Trudy Mas- lonka, Deborah Meek, Rhonda Meeks, Nancy Meley, Mary Mer¬ ritt. Some choose nature as their subjects for painting, and then there are some people who 417 Fulbright Barbara Miesner, Betty Miesner, Mary Miller, Melinda Moll, Deb¬ bie Moore, Margo Moore. Mary Moore, Sally Moore, Ellen Moran, Susan Morrison, Sheila Moss, Janet Mueller. Martha Mundy, Linda Napper, Carol Newton, Debbie Nicholas, Cathy Nobles, Frances Oldham. Marcia Oliver, Marijean Oliver, Deborah Osborne, Christina Pa- kis, Patricia Pamplin, Kathy Park. Dale Parker, Peggy Paton, La- Donna Pearson, Kathy Penn, Carole Petty, Janice Pine. Ann Pinson, Meredith Polk, Jana Powell, India Pressley, Susan Price, Pamela Pullen. Marie Reynolds, Laura Riddle, Patricia Ridley, Cindy Roach, Becky Robertson, Deborah Ro¬ bey. Debbie Ross, Millie Russell, Pat¬ ricia Savelle, Bebe Shackelford, Dell Shay. Just think! They’ll have this same enthusiasm for pledge meetings during rush next year. Fulbright Neena Shipman, Michele Shoff- ner, Sharon Simmons, Cathy Smith, Gail Smith, Joey Spencer. Sheila Stacy, Mary Stainton, El¬ len Stevens, Gina Stokes, Eliza¬ beth Storey, Jan Stripling. Brenda Sutton, Georgia Swain, Rebecca Taylor, Mary Teague, Libbie Terry, Martha Thaxton. Carla Thigpen, Jennifer Tolleson, Carolyn Tucker, Donna Tucker, Leslie Tutt, Judith Twist. Judith Vaught, Linda Velvin, Sharman Wainscott, Susan Wald- rip, Marjorie Walker, Susan Wal¬ ker. Valerie Walker, Martha Washing¬ ton, Becky Weiler, Regina Wells, Carol Wightman, Dianne Williams. Judy Williams, Angela William¬ son, Patricia Wills, Laura Wilson, Sheila Wirick, Debbie Wolf. Donna Wolfe, Amy Wood, Linda Wood, Sandra Woods, Sherry Young, Judy Zink. I’ve heard that they are keeping a close watch on the mail, but isn’t this going a little too far? The Greek Life is • it 420 ... going on a walkout and leaving a pledge sister behind. ... reciting the Greek alphabet twice before your match goes out. ...finishing mail duty before the members return from class. 421 ... popping for the pledge final and the thrill of being initiated. 422 ... finding your front yard toilet- papered. ... decorating for the big party with a big pre-party. 423 ...knowing and sharing the moments of pain as well as the moments of happiness and working together to unite the Greek system through bonds of friendship. 424 ...the feeling of emptiness after graduation knowing that you will no longer be a part of it. 425 Nina Astrom, Marsha Beck, Sally Brown, Pam Bryan, Patricia Carpenter, Barbara Carter, Diane Clary, Nan Cole, Barbie Cook, Sheila Daniel. Cathy Donaghe, Mary Lou Ellis, Marleen England, Pat Gideon, Carolyn Gray, Julie Gustafson, Marilyn Hamm, Sherie Harding, Karen Har¬ mon. Toni Harmon, Susan Harri¬ son, Elizabeth Irving, Beckie Jay, Marla Jones, Connie Kerr, Kay Kimberling, Bar¬ bara Laird, Vicki Lee. 426 Alpha Chi Omega From its beginnings in 1885 as a sorority for music students, Alpha Chi Omega has grown to include more than just the sister¬ hood of singing. The appearance of the Great Pumpkin at the Halloween party, the rendition of the traditional Christmas story by a senior skit, and the surprise {= . . 1 bridal showers at closing hours all high- M I ig{r I mL lighted the year. Special house projects, particularly dance and game decorations, helped everyone share the fun of working together for the good of the whole house. Karen Harmon, President; Becky Jay, Vice-President; Marla Jones, Pledge Trainer; Marilyn Hamm and Mary Lou Ellis, Rush Chairmen. Cindy McAllister, Debbie McNeal, Lyn McQueen, Re¬ becca Meredith, Frances Monroe, Patti Montgomery, Sandra Morgan, Frances Morris, Kathy Parker. Terry Rakes, Jennifer Reid, Nancy Ridge, Mary Roberts, Pam Roegels, Susan Smith, Carol Sonnenfeld, Suzan Steger, Sue Stephens. Susan Sturdivant, Lynne Tanner, Nancy Wade, Nancy Waggoner, Kari West, Sher¬ ry White, Joyce Wilcox, Joyce Wise, Mary Ann Zulpo. 427 Alice Alexander, Patricia Belue, Linda Blume, Bever- lyn Bowen, Jane Braswell, Connie Campbell, Mary Car¬ den, Karen Carter, Cathy Clement, Glenna Curl. Deidre Davis, La Donna Downum, Janet Flick, Kayla Fugitt, Susan Galyean, Helen Gordon, Diane Guy, Christy Haizlip, Martha Hampton, Elizabeth Hart. Margaret Holmes, Holly Holt, Dianne House, Marty How¬ ard, Susan Jones, Mary Kel¬ ley, Patty Kirkpatrick, Kath¬ leen Knowles, Margaret Lammel. 428 Alpha Delta Pi Thriving on sisterhood, the girls in the Rock Castle have combined fun-loving spirit and enthusiasm to make Delta Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. The Delta Delta’s annual project of filling sacks for the Salvation Army was undertaken and a new drive to collect donations for the American Legion was begun. Trimming the Christmas tree with dates and pre¬ senting them with gifts has become an annual event for the ADPi’s, along with collecting clothes for needy families. Lynn Woodard, President; Dianne House, Vice-President; Karen Zakes, Secretary; Cindy Yoe, Treasurer. Margaret LaPrade, Linda Lee, Melody McDaniel, Jean McFeeters, Paula Madden, Ginger Melton, Helen Mon¬ roe, Donna Morgan, Vicki Neil, Mary Nusch. Deborah Parsons, Barbara Potthast, Martha Poynor, Catherine Preyer, Carol Richardson, Phyllis Rodgers, Georgeanne Russell, Liz Schlegel, Cathy Tabbert, Debbie Treece. Patricia Wallis, Denise We- lence, Mary White, Anne Williams, Elizabeth Wood, Lynn Woodard, Barbara Wright, Susan Worthy, Pa¬ tricia Young, Karen Zakes. 429 Jeannette Abney, Joan Ad¬ ams, Anne Allison, Martha Alphin, Sharon Bailey, Jan Barnett, Emilie Bell, Martha Bettis, Barbie Bischof, Betsy Blodgett. Beverly Brainard, Betsy Bur¬ roughs, Toney Butler, Rhon¬ da Carney, Ellen Cato, Peg¬ gy Clark, Virginia Clement, Lee Clemmons, Alice Cock- rill. Mary Jane Comstock, Mar¬ tha Conner, Geri Dugan, Cindy Ebel, Lillian Epes, Cathy Field, Counts Felton, Peggy Franks, Ginny Garren. Pamela Gillean, Catherine Gillespie, Lydia Gist, Robin Glover, Barbara Hawkins, Sylvia Hawley, Jay Anna Haynes, Marilyn Hill, Caro- lene Hurst. 430 a Chi Omega Psi, the mother chapter of Chi Omega, was honored to have a former member of Psi, Mrs. LaRue “Winnie” Bowker, elected tSTiii ijW National President of Chi Omega, while PM kM Ann Hartenstein Morrison was selected Miss Homecoming Queen U. S. A. Chi || nJn jjg jl Omega also received the Phi Beta Kappa and Panhellenic trophy for scholarship achievement. The ChiO’s got in the Hal¬ ts to the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. The “owl hoot,” a midnight skit, and snack time for the par¬ ents highlighted Homecoming weekend. Mimi Raney, President; Meredith Mc¬ Coy, Vice-President; Spencer Epes, Secretary; Lynn McCleary, Treasurer; Paula Pruet, Pledge Trainer. Carolyn Jenkins, Claudia Johanson, Betsy Johnson, Donna Larsen, Nancy Las- setter, Judy Lukas, Lynn Mc¬ Cleary, Meredith McCoy, Sue McNulty. Marilyn Maier, Susan Mar- kell, Suzanne Meier, Marcia Miller, Nan Nelson, Mary Lou Osborne, Janis Pace, Paula Pruet, Mary Ramsauer. Miriam Raney, Mary Rodg¬ ers, Linda Rotchild, Kaki Sain, Beverly Sanders, Mar¬ tha Starks, Stella Stathakis, Mary Tait, Carolyn Thomp¬ son. Sherard Thompson, Laura Todd, Patti Turner, Rebecca Van Hook, Carolyn Walker, Nancy Walton, Lynn Warrick, Olivia Watson, Carolyn Whit¬ taker. Margaret Akins, Anne Al- vord, Sandy Asselin, Lonnie Beene, Marty Bemis, Claire Bond, Ann Bowers, Ann Bul- mer, Sharon Carden. Christie Carlson, Carolyn Cawthon, Cecile Clay, Joy Clements, Susie Craig, Robyn Cravens, Donna Creekmore, Linda Dahl, Liz Darrow. Julie Eckert, Kathy Farrell, Rosie Fowler, Debbie Garri¬ son, Mary Ellen Gates, Su¬ san Gentle, Pam Gibson, Anne Gray, Margo Hale. Janet Hergot, Barbara Hin- nes, Carol Hinkle, Marsha Hohman, Carole Hoke, Sara Hoke, Michal Hosman, Deb¬ bie Hudson, Byretta Hurst. 432 Delta Delta Delta National traditions bring to Tri-Delt a per¬ sonality of her own, and at the same time strengthen the closeness of her member¬ ship through mutual enjoyment and shared participation by all her members. This year members of Delta Iota chapter held a mock rush party in honor of their alumnae and Delta’s Mothers’ Club for their willingness to support the collegiate chapter. The year also brought the scholarship dinner. Margaret Akins, President; Jeanette Robinson, Vice-President; Sandy Re- nard, Secretary; Donna Creekmore and Rosie Fowler, Treasurers. Sally Jackson, Gail Jernigan, Jana Jones, Cheryl Kasper, Janie Kellett, Sherry Ken¬ nedy, Brenda Lee, Sue Les¬ ter, Joan McCain. Tommie McCutchen, Paula Marks, Pam Martin, Shannon Martin, Margaret Mayfield, Victoria Menefee, Sheila Miller, Jenniffer Morris, Jen¬ nifer Neill. Nancy Nelson, Mary Lou Pa- bian, Kathy Pribyl, Sandy Renard, Anna Leigh Roberts, Jeannette Robinson, Jean Seaton, Susan Shaddox, Su¬ zanne Shoffner. Rhonda Sledge, Megan Smith, Vicky Smith, Donna Steel, Brynn Thayer, Gail Thayer, Michele Tirman, Viv¬ ian Wilkinson, Sally Wright. Kris Anderson, Jerri Atkins, Sally Baker, Nancy Bane, Connie Barnes, Debbie Black, Nancy Boswell, Nancy Brandon, Libby Brown, Kay Brown. Lyndy Browning, Debbie Burton, Betty Lou Cawvey, Judy Clardy, Sara Corti, Kyla Crank, Carol Dickerson, Jane Dunlap, Judy Englehart. Eberle Evans, Jane Foster, Jan Fox, Tricia French, Bar¬ bara Garrett, Wendy Gil- brech, Patsy Granger, Bren¬ da Hackley, Mary Jane Hegglund. 434 Delta Gamma DG’s inaugurated another year by wel¬ coming their new foreign exchange stu¬ dent, Sara Cort i, from Italy. Alpha Ome¬ ga chapter has been very active working with its foundation, Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind. In the fall, a din¬ ner was he students on Also, DG’s n exchange the faculty. Lion’s Club selling Christmas trees and collecting eye ” lK m a . ir glasses for the blind. At Christmas time, a joint party was held with Sigma Nu. Marellen Watts, President; Nancy Bane and Jane Rivers, Vice-Presi¬ dents; Betty Lou Cawvey and Con¬ nie Barnes, Secretaries; Patsy Voight- mann, Treasurer. Trudy Hegwood, Gail Hines, Loyce Hopkins, Judy Jen¬ sen, Paula Keith, Connie Kemp, Kathy Logan, Gloria Mahaffey, Melinda Moody, Jan Mussett. Cynthia Nance, Peggy Neis- er, Marianna Nooner, Becky Norris, Nancy Nunn, Julie Perez, Debby Pointer, Alice Pollard, Jane Rivers, Kathy Roberts. Judy Robertson, Janie Se- graves, Linda Sharp, Bonnie Slack, Jan ice Stanford, Diane Swofford, Betty Ver¬ non, Patsy Voigtmann, Deb¬ by Watkins, Marellen Watts. 435 Martha Barnes, Judy Bick- ham, Janice Black, Cathy Bleiweiss, Carole Boas, Carolyn Bunker, Jody Coch¬ ran, Kathy Counts, Jeri Donaldson. D’Ann Downey, Renee Duty, Mary Farmer, Jane Fitz¬ gerald, Susan Freed, Joan Green, Emily Halbrook, Pat¬ ricia Hardy, Melissa Hart¬ man. Karen Herndon, Linda Hig- man, Harriett Hudson, Deb¬ orah Keel, Pam Kirby, Jeri Land, Jane Leiting, Nancy McAlister, Laura McCamp- bell. 436 Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta, the most recent soror¬ ity to settle on this campus, welcomed a new housemother, Mrs. Lucille Smith, this year. The popular saying of Delta Nu chap- li¬ ter “Unalike in id arts, but alike within their hearts” truly applies to the Theta’s. Jeri Donaldson was selected Miss Sorority Pledge Queen this fall to get things going for the Theta’s second hundred years, while Bev Sams became President of Car- dinal Key. Christmas time brought carol¬ ing by the fireside, and at Easter the Theta’s cb participated in the March of Dimes and Easter Seal Drives in Fayetteville. Judy Bickham, President; Kathy Rus¬ sell, Vice-President; Ann Shafer, Sec¬ retary; Shari Temple, Treasurer. Cheryl Martini, Carolyn Mill¬ er, Lucy Miller, Courtney Mize, Madelaine Morton, lla Murphy, Joyce Nelson, Deb¬ bie Plattner, Nancy Rober¬ son. Ellon Rogers, Christine Rom, Mary Russell, Beverly Sams, Brenda Scisson, Linda Scis- son, Grace Shafer, Joan Smith, Shirley Steere. Barbara Teeter, Shari Tem¬ ple, Melissa Thiesing, Caro¬ lyn Thurlby, Rebekah Toon, Debbie Turner, Sharon Udouj, Susie Van Sickle, Su- zanna Ward. 437 r v ;JDKd Hy ' IHJ r t mm ' u A ill It «- Kmf¥ . i v l W i m y mm n 1 —B 1 I —H II ; ; ; ■ 1 ' ♦k 42 . - A Grace Beasley, Carol Beatty, Jane Biles, Joan Biles, Nina Bollen, Judy Brazil, Barbara Brewer, Marilyn Brewer, Jan Briggs. Pam Carpenter, Cindy Car- son, Crata Castleberry, Trisha Chambers, Mary Che- nault, Teri Classick, Mau¬ reen Cobb, Betty Coleman, Carolyn Collar. Susan Conley, Jennifer Critz, Connie Cross, Julia Dale, Deb Dixon, Janie Dowell, Cathy Eagle, Pam Eden, Margaret Fogleman. Carol Haney, Melissa Har¬ rell, Sherry Harris, Lolly Her- locker, Sarah Herring, Billi Hill, Deborah Holliday, Becky Hull. 438 Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa celebrated her 100th anniversary on October 13th of this year. Activities of the week for Centennial Celebration included birthday parties, a banquet, and reviews of the past summer’s national convention. 5B if■ J Kappa was especially privileged in being u7 able to donate overdone million dollars to various phases of rehabilitation work and research. Also at that convention, U of A’s Gamma Ni the honor of having th program in the nation chapter received best pledge class Margaret Mentil, President; Barbara Peterson and Joanie Noller, Vice- Presidents; Cindy Carson, Treasurer; Pat Ross and Carolyn Collar, Secre¬ taries. Rebecca Johnston, Martha Jones, Bobbye Kelly, Karen Knox, Cheryl Martin, Mary McHughes, Kathryn McKillip, Margaret Mentil, Melissa Miles. Ellen Morris, Jana Morris, Dana Murphy, Carole Ni¬ chols, Nancy Niles, Lyn Nixon, Joannie Noller, Bar¬ bara Peterson, Becky Price. Jessica Rauton, Mary Rea¬ ves, Robin Ritger, Pat Ross, Julie Schroeder, Cheryl Schwartz, Julia Simmons, Susanne Smith, Jamey Tay¬ lor. Becky Thaxton, Sherry Tho- masson, Betty White, Vern Williams, Susie Wills, Daria Wineland, Annelle Woodard, Caroline Woolley, Susie Workman. 439 ii 2 : ' ■ gjL Jj| Lucy Anderson, Malu Atkin¬ son, Lucy Jane Ball, Sandy Bane, Barbara Bedwell, Deb¬ bie Brasher, Sallie Bridg- forth, Fay Bunch, Patricia Butler. Sha Carson, Cindy Coates, Mary Conner, Jan Coulter, Susan Cracraft, Beverly Curtis, Mary Decker, Melissa Dillahunty, Anita Edrington. Elizabeth Elliott, Mary Flip- po, Jackie Francis, Ginny Gaines, Julia Gantt, Melin¬ da Guard, Elizabeth Haines, Donna Hall, Claudia Ham- mans. Nina Harsh, Lindsley Harris, Genny Hobbs, Patricia Holt, Mary Hyatt, Marietta Irving, Marian Isgrig, Becky King. 440 Pi Beta Phi WmsZMX m. £ •H. a LW WPTpWm ' ® The oldest national fraternity has begun a new tradition by serenading all the fraterni¬ ties and presenting them with pumpkins at M gjjiV Halloween time inscribed with their Greek letters. This along with their ChiO Wake- up and breakfast each year have proven to be great successes. Not a year can go by without the Dad’s Day skit for those Pi Phi .m pops. Another tradition is the annual Christ- % Wilf mas party with Santa Claus and gifts for % 3 . the needy children in Northwest Arkansas. Susie Robinson, President; Betsy El¬ liott, Vice-President; Becky Maxwell, Secretary; Melinda Guard, Treasurer. Lynn Kreps, Jan Maedgen, Cay Mathers, Beth Mathews, Becky Maxwell, Jeanne Mc¬ Namara, Deborah Noteware, Lana Nowell, Cindy O’Con¬ nor. Louise Owens, Deborah Phelps, Shirley Price, Anne Ray, Carlena Reed, Trudy Richards, Susan Robinson, Carolyn Rogers, Jan Rose. Susan Satterfield, Patricia Shelton, Allison Stanwood, Carolyn Strawn, Susan Ta- gue, Peggy Taylor, Sue Thomas, Annette Vaccaro, Leslie Weeks. Rebecca Wells, June West, Pam Wildy, Suzanne Wil¬ liams, Fran Willms, Kathy Wood, Carol Winn, Valerie Witherspoon, Rachel Yancey. 441 M. Alexander, J. Appelquist, B. Beck, D. Binz, K. Bock, E. Bonewitz, L. Borrett, B. Brannan. M. Brothers, M. Bryant, M. Burbage, N. Burge, H. Burns, S. Busby, B. Carter, C. Coulter. C. Critz, C. Curtis, J. David¬ son, S. Eckert, K. Eldridge, T. Gaskill, L. Gilbert, N. Gorem. M. Graves, H. Hartsfield, G. Hearne, S. Higginbothom, N. Hodges, M. Hogan, P. John¬ son, M. Kutait. 442 Zeta Tau Alpha Epsilon chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha devoted a good deal of their year to helping others in the community. They helped the mentally retarded children with their music program by teaching them music on instruments f D-. IHPSfiv which they built for th children. They also contributed to the school’s building fund by donating the profits made on a spring J am ri C stationery sale. At Christmas time the Zetas brought cheer to the Veterans’ Hospital with skits and songs. Zetas also united to win the homecoming decoration contest. Beth Hogan, President; Linda Berney, Vice-President; Nancy Rollow, Secre¬ tary; Harriet Burns, Treasurer; Con¬ nie Summers, Pledge Trainer. M. Lacy, D. Lane, L. Long, C. Luedicke, L. McClelland, E. McCraney, J. McDonald, N. McKewon. C. Marley, P. Marley, V. Mar¬ tin, P. Melvin, J. Phillips, C. Pickering, P. Pruitt, L. Rob¬ inson. L. Roglis, N. Rollow, J. Ro- sene, D. Roy, C. Shaw, D. Shaw, A. Sheridan, L. Smith. M. Smith, C. Summers, P. Talbot, M. Thomann, A. Tho¬ mas, L. Wells, G. Wirick, K. Woodard. First Row: Gloria Mahaffey, Marilyn Brewer, Judy Lucas, Julie Eckert, Kathy Parker. Second Row: Pat Ross, Liz Darrow, Marellen Watts, Susie Robinson, Molly Harsh, Jan Rose, Suzanne Shoffner, Nancy Wade, Judy Bickham, Spencer Epes, Lynn Woodard. Stand- Promotion of intersorority relations is the chief aim of Panhellenic Council. This council, which represents active members of all sorority chapters, is composed of the president and two representatives from each sorority. Officers are determined by a system of rotation among the nine so¬ rorities on campus. This year’s council has initiated changes in rush and eligibil¬ ity rules, the fall rush schedule, and the rush book, as well as providing orienta¬ tion sessions. Panhellenic Council also works with IFC to promote Greek Week activities, and honors three deserving wom¬ en with academic scholarships. ing: Mimi Raney, Carol Haney, Karen Harmon, Linda Sharp, Bar¬ bara Beck, Ann Thomas, Susan Jones, Melissa Thiesing, Barbara Laird. Panhellenic Changes Eligibility Rules Officers: Pat Ross, Secre¬ tary; Kathy Parker, Treas¬ urer; Liz Darrow, President. 444 Curt Bradbury, Reynie Rutledge, Tony Kendall, Frank Bane, Alex Restum, Joe Smith, Noble Dallison, Johnny Stevens, Bart Gray, Paul Shaver, Guy Brady, Gary Brunson, Steve Nipper, Mel Dairs, Karl Lindquist, John Geelan. IFC Seeks Recruitment Revision Interfraternity Council embarked on a program of revision—revision of current recruitment procedures by seeking the addition of summer pledging, and revi¬ sion of pledge programs with greater em¬ phasis being placed on meeting the de¬ mands of the freshman entering the Uni¬ versity. Both have produced unparallelled changes in fraternities on this campus. Sweeping changes in some houses saw the abandonment of a housemother for house- parents and initiation of pledges before semester’s end. Some say the Greek system is dying. IFC and its member fraternities seem to have other ideas. Officers: Bartus Gray, Treas¬ urer; Curtis Bradbury, Presi¬ dent; Joe Smith, Secretary; Bill Garner, Rush Chairman. 445 David Aker, Gary Barket, John Bingham, Ronnie Clay¬ ton, Charles Davidson, Dan¬ ny Finch, David Fortenberry, Ray Freeman. John Geelan, Roger Giles, Michael Gilliam, Jerry Glo¬ ver, Randall Hawks, Charles Hill, Barton Hudspeth. Brenda Jones, Kenneth Jones, John Kellar, Kenneth Keller, Carl Kienast, Frank Leach, Dale Leatherbury. 446 ACACIA As the University changes, so must the Greek system. For this reason, Acacia has seen fit to improve and enhance its var- d j ji Ira ious house programs. Acacia has been the i vT J $T first fraternity to change to houseparents instead of a housemother. Ken and Brenda Jones have added a youthful touch to this position, along with a willingness to help the fraternity in any way they can. Other changes include no organized study hall for the pledges and a continuation of the no-hazing pledge program. In the social tradition, Acacia sponsored its great End of the World Party, the Sack Dance, and the Spring Black and Gold Formal. John Geelan, President; Jerry Glover, Vice-President; Bill Newton, Secre¬ tary; Dudley Lowery, Treasurer. Dudley Lowery, Bill McClard, Doug Martin, Billy Newton, Steve Nickles, Russell Pat¬ ton, Alvin Prieur, Richard Reynolds. David Russell, Wayne Sell¬ ars, Donald Shearin, William Sheofee, James Smith, Larry Stewart, Craig Stoker, Char¬ les Stubblefield. Larry Stubbs, Steve Tegeth- off, Charles Thornton, Wil¬ liam Trice, Charlie Wallace, Alan Wood. Henry Woods, Charles Wuest. 447 K. Adams, N. Bagley, S. Bostian, K. Cagle, E. Cleve¬ land, T. Cole J. Crowley, T Files. J. Flanagan, M. Flynn, A. Fortenberry, D. Freeman, M. Gateley, W. Goin, M. Good- art, P. Gramlich. J. Hagemann, M. Haley, R. Horton, R. Huck, R. Imbo- den, J. Ladd, S. Larkin, M. Law, E. Lee. 448 Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho remains the only so¬ cial-professional fraternity on campus. De¬ riving its main organizational strength from the fact that each member is study¬ ing in a related field of agriculture, Alpha Gamma Rho fosters in its members a deeper, stronger basis of brotherhood. Ac- tivities for the year included a Christmas party for underprivileged children, parties after each home football game, the Pink Party truly a very well-rounded fraternity program. Rose in the the Outer Limit rtf HI U Gamma Rho has Paul Shaver, President; Everett Rog¬ ers, Vice-President; Jerry Peevy, Sec¬ retary; Jim Ladd, Treasurer; Joe Wal- drip, Alumni Secretary; Mike Rod¬ riquez, Reporter; Gary Lindquist, Chaplain. G. Lindquist, W. McDonald, J. McEntire, K. McGregor, S. McKown, E. Martin, P. Max¬ well, G. Peevy, J. Richard¬ son. M. Rodriguez, E. Rogers, D. Segraves, P. Shaver, C. Sis- trunk, H. Thompson, J. Thompson, D. Threlkeld, T. Trace. J. Trowbridge, T. Vest, R. Vest, J. Waldrip, G. Wallgren, J. Whiley, S. Williams, T. Williams, J. Wood. 449 John Aclin, George Arm¬ strong, Charles Baier, Marc Barker, Frank Book, Edward Bowe, David Bowers, Jamie Boyer. John Bryant, Charles Burt, Cal Campbell, Bill Cleveland, Herschel Cleveland, Cooper Collins, Dick Downing, Bill Dura, Mark Feldman. Dennis Graham, Richard Greiner, Robert Grigsby, Gordon Griffin, James Hark- er, Morril Harriman, Gerald Hodapp, Jerry Hodges, Mat¬ thew Horan. 450 Alpha Kappa Lambda The men of AKL are diversified in their interests and way of life because of the atmosphere they live in. They are from all parts of the state and nation, and cannot be classified as stereotyped individuals. On the social side of life, AKL’ s are unique. They enjoy such functions as the annual Pajama Party and the Go To Hell Party in the later part of the year. To round out the fraternity, they help to promote leadership through many campus activities. Steve Nipper, President; Bill Swindell, Vice-President; Bill Morley and Gor¬ don Griffin, Secretaries. Thomas James, David John¬ ston, Randy Kelly, Tim Lar¬ son, Charles Logan, Michael Lynch, Robert Kersten, Ed¬ ward Meeks, Roy Morley. Thomas Murphy, Steve Nap- per, James New, Steve Nip¬ per, John Norcross, Joe Parsley, Charles Phillips, Ken Prince, Mike Reasoner. John Riddle, Steve Risher, Leonard Robertson, Mark Robirds, James Russell, Bill Swindell, James Thompson, Randal Tyson, Jim Ward. JsrAJrkL 451 4v w v James Boyd, Guy Brady, Scott Callaway, James Car¬ lyle, Bill Coleman, David Daniel, Larry Deeds, Bill Dummitt, Kenneth Dunk. Steve Ellington, Sam Feath- erston, Marion Harris, Robert Hill, Larry Johnson, Randy Loper, Joe Martin, John Northcutt, Trudy Rakes, Sweetheart. 452 FarmHouse FarmHouse is a fraternity dedicated to the building of men. Its atmosphere enables a pledge to easily make the transition to ac¬ tive membership through their pledging program. It builds the pledge to learn to respect the fraternity and the brotherhood that it exemplifies. lKhS. vSsBmtWrf FarmHouse also helps to build its mem¬ bers through teaching them good scholar¬ ship. This can be seen through the record that FarmHouse has upheld for the past few years. They have been rated tops in fraternity scholarship for many past se¬ mesters at the University of Arkansas. Guy Brady, President; John Watson, Vice-President; Larry Ray, Secretary; Paul Thompson, Treasurer. Robert O’Bryant, Mike Ran¬ som, Ricky Ranson, Larry Ray, Ray Rhoades, Tim Rob¬ bins, Ronald Rone, Robert Seay. Charles Taylor, Jerry Thomp¬ son, Paul Thompson, Allen Underwood, Mike Vaught, John Waston, Fred Westfall, Larry Young. 453 ? i sJn. J2 M - T fci Wmu pif Mri SBpjfc M m - k m 9 , HI » ; 1 O I H : • lJ 1 ’9 3 ijjgr David Alphin, James Alter, John Alter, Frank Ashcroft, David Barrow, Frank Bell, Robert Blasingame, Gardner Bogle, James Brown, Gary Burbank, Byron Burch. Barry Burch, Robert Cassin- elli, John Cheatham, John Cottrell, Alan Crawford, James Critz, James Daven¬ port, Bruce Davis, Tommy Donoho, Paul Eldridge, James Epes. Richard Fleenor, Rick Freel- ing, James Halsell, Daniel Hankins, Gary Hankins, Richard Hanna, Clint Hen¬ derson, Randall Hestir, Ron¬ ald Hestir, Robert Holliday, Jeffrey Hosford. Stephen Humphries, Michael Ibsen, Cole Jeffries, Jim Johnson, Delbert Jones, Greg Karber, Hodge Kirby, Todd Larson, William Lewis, Richard Limerick, Jim Lor¬ enz. 454 Kappa Sigma The Xi chapter of Kappa Sigma started the year off by adding a large pledge class to their ever-growing number of men. They had a very active social schedule with out¬ ings, beer busts, and their annual party —The Island Party—in the spring. In De¬ cember, they had a Christmas party with the Kappa Sig Little Sisters for the or¬ phaned children of the Fayetteville area. Sam Lewis, President; Todd Larson, Vice-President; Joe Phillips, Treas¬ urer; Mike Sutton, Secretary. Avery Lubin, David McNair, Chick Martin, Harry Melhorn, Johnson Melhorn, Gary Moore, Michael Newton, Alexander Nisbet, Pat Nors- worthy, Edwin Outlaw, Terry Parker. J. D. Peters, Joseph Phillips, Joel Price, Michael Price, John Pyle, Benny Rush, Larry Russell, Martin Schaf¬ fer, George Scruggs, Stan Shock, Wilburn Simpson. Bill Smith, Harold Smith, Joe Smith, William Smith, Lee Spencer, Steve Sullenberger, Samuel Sullivan, Michael Sulton, Tommy Suttle, Ben¬ ny Thigpen, Ronald Thomp¬ son. Robert Tucker, Rush Turk, Phil Turner, Dan Van Horn, Charles Walls, Mark Wann, Jack West, Floyd Williams, James Woodard, Victor Wright, Lewis Yarborough. 455 Gary Adams, Brett Banks, Ralph Barnes, Mark Bates, Larry Bell, John Blue, Ken¬ neth Carle, Michael Carlson, Steven Carlson, Garry Cart¬ er. Paul Cissell, Gary Clark, Jim Collins, David Compton, Robert Cooper, Terry Dabbs, Jim Davis, Jeff Davis, Billy Denton, ' John Dial. Mark Edwards, Mike Ellison, Jim Erwin, Stan Finney, Larry Ford, Timothy Ford, Bobby Forrester, James Fotioo, James Gammon. Bubba Geisler, Gary Goble, William Grisham, Richard Gurley, John Harrel, James Hart, Leslie Hart, Phil Hero- man, David Hill. Robert Holmes, Don Horner, Robert Howell, Phil Hughes, Ronald Hunkapiller, James Hurst, John Jenkins, Steve Johnson, Mike Jones. 456 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha this year celebrated the second year of having a new addition to their house. To help fill this new addition, they obtained the largest pledge class on campus. On the social side, Lambda Chi held the second annual Sorority Pledge Queen Contest. This event was very suc¬ cessful, and Miss Teri McDonald, KA0, was crowned queen. They also had many informal dances after the home football games, beer busts during the spring, and Qmsqu§ ended with the annual Playboy Party. Jim Collins, President; Bob Cooper, Vice-President; Bill Trinco, Treasurer. Roland Julian, Steve Keller, Stephen Kincaid, Michael Kincaid, David Knotts, John Kubala, Mike Latta, Taylor Little, Billy Lively. John Lynch, James McCaa, Rodney McDaniel, Paul Mc¬ Donald, Warren McDonald, Rickey McWhorter, Tom Mack, Thomas Malone, Mic¬ key Meis. David Miles, James Monk, William Morris, Richard Murphy, Robert Neel, Steve Noland, Stewart Noland, Fer¬ nando Passos, Bill Reed. John Rose, Peter Shaw, Jim Spurlock, Tom Stuart, Wil¬ liam Taylor, John Thorn, William Trinco, Bruce Trus- sell, Jim Walton. Chris Weiser, Jim Williams, Ralph Wilson, Michael Wolfe, Daniel Wood, Jerry Woods. Gary Wright, Andy Wright, Richard Zimmerman. Rick Abbott, Tim Alexander, James Alford, James Allen, James Autry, Edmund Bar- tholmey, Woody Bassett, Ti¬ mothy Boe, Billy Briggs, John Brown, David Buergler, Bobby Casali. Clif Chitwood, Walter Cole¬ man, Edward Collier, Rick Collins, Thomas Crow, James Cujberson, Barry Davidson, Stephen Davis, Stephen Dew, Garrick Dougherty, William Dough¬ erty. Steven Elledge, Ralph Fikes, Wayne Flora, David Ford, Byron Freeland, Paul Free¬ man, Stephen Freiman, Christopher Fowler, James Fuller, Jim Fuller, Thomas Garrett. Robert Glover, David Grace, Larry Graham, Stephen Gershner, Bill Henry, John Hudson, Clark Irwin, James Irwin, John Jacks, Gary Jef¬ ferson, John Johnson. 458 Phi Delta Theta We, the membe rs of Phi Delta Theta frater¬ nity, dedicate these two pages in memory of Michael Lewis, who died on December 23, 1970, in a tragic automobile accident. At Phi Delta Theta, the goal of every member is a common bond to strive for the very best. And thus, individuality goes hand in hand with brotherhood. Our mot¬ to “All for onS and one for all” is best exemplified by the virtues of all Phis: an everlasting friendship, the cultivation of sound learning, and the beauty of rectitude. Within this lies our fraternity. . . Curt Bradbury, President; Steve Frie- man, Vice-President; Steve Davis, Sec¬ retary; John Van Bebber, Treasurer. Parker Johnson, Robert Keenan, Daniel Kerlin, Jim¬ my Kever, Steven Kramer, Jeff Kretzer, Walter Lambert, John Lawrence, Michael Lewis, Michael McFerran, John May. Gordon Mosley, Jack Murrell, Grey Neal, Harold Parker, John Pay, John Peace, James Penix, James Phillips, John Pollard, Rickie Porter, William Powell. Harold Rhodes, Samuel Rial, William Rial, James Ruther¬ ford, John Savage, Chris¬ topher Sims, Scott Smith, Dudley Taylor, Michael Thornton, John Toney, Fred Treffinger. Allan Tucker, John Van Beb¬ ber, Richard Van Bebber, Skippy West, Donald Wilker- son, David Williams, Darrell Wilson, John Womack, Carl Wood, Randall Wooley, Mike Young. 459 Lewis Deen, Stephen De- mott, Joe Evans, Bill Garner, David Goodwin, Todd Gor¬ don, Edward Halk, Sid Hart¬ man. Don Hoggard, Mike Hubbs, Robert Jackson, Bill Knott, James Lennon, Stuart Mc- Burnett, Robert Marquette. 460 .4ft» ¥ Phi Gamma Delta With one-third of the members of the house from out-of-state, there is more diversifi¬ cation of attitudes than is found in most larger fraternities. The Fijis take pride in fr ' t ' tl doing things differently—things like plant¬ ing tulips in the front of the library, out- uring state ilms in the ings at the cave, campai elections, or screening house. Plans for a new house have been will leave ?t the lini¬ ng white castle. nearly finalized. Soon the Fij their home of versify take ov Bill Garner, President; Joe Evans, Treasurer; Todd Gordon, Correspond¬ ing Secretary; Steve Sipes, Recording Secretary; Doug Marr, Historian. Doug Marr, Henry Miller, George Myers, Phil Moudy, David Nicholson, Gary Owens, Charles Parker, George Patton. James Pierce, Bruce Rich, Ricky Rogers, Jim Ryburn, Jeff Scherer, Steve Sipes, Rick Smith, Wayne Smith. Don Snell, John Stewart, Frank Tenery, Floyd Thomas, Keith Wade, Jim Watkins, Ray West, Bob Young. if W Larry Adams, J. R. Baker, Byron Bollinger, Paul Brown, John Clark, Dave Collins, Gary Comsto ' ck, Ken Com¬ stock, John Cowgur. Brant Croxdale, Clayton Dark, David Evans, Keith Faulkner, Jeff Fournier, Dane George, John Gocio, William Grisham. Neil Haley, Pat Harris, Tho¬ mas Helms, Larry Horton, Bill Hudspeth, Wayne Hurt, John Johnson, John Jumper. 462 Pi Kappa Alpha ri - ' v w 2 $Ay J X -- v Q T - Inspired by the new ideas gathered at the fraternity’s national convention, Alpha Zeta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha begins Iff its 67th year at the University of Arkan¬ sas with a new approach to pledging, with emphasis on education toward mem¬ bership. Pikes are changing with the sev- enties through the areas of chapter op- erations, al d to meet the challenge of a more liberal college environment. With these goals in mind, the men of Pi Kappa Alpha are helping the Greek system to progress in the decade to come. Gary George, President; Jim Nutt, Vice-President; Bill Stovall, Treasur¬ er; Dennis Curtis, Secretary. Gary Karnes, John Kenning, Dave Lee, David McGehee, Gene May, Jack Meadows, Danny Mills, Matthew Mus- ial, Charles Newland. Thomas Nickels, Jim Nutt, Tim Reed, Steve Reinhard, Alex Restum, Joe Rogers, Glen Ross, Danny Scott, Tim Scott. Joe Sharp, Larry Sipes, Hob¬ son Smith, Mike Stafford, Steve Stafford, Bill Stovall, Fred Washington, Chris Wil¬ liams, Forrest Wood. 463 Bill Adams, Bill Alley, Ralph Armstrong, James Barnhill, Bruce Basham, Jerry Bas¬ sett, Doug Beard, Billy Bich- ler, Frank Bloom, James Bost, Bob Bradsher. Sidney Bray, Doug Buford, Charles Butler, Randy But¬ ler, Ken Carpenter, David Carroum, Charles Cate, Mike Catlett, Joe Clifton, Carleton Cooper, Preston Cooper. Charles Cravens, Steve Creekmore, Joe Davidson, Randy Davidson, Mel Davis, Rickey Day, Don Eilbott, Charles Eldridge, John El- dridge, Ned Euseppi. Jim Farmer, James Farrell, Mike Farrell, Steve Farris, Jim Faulkner, Trent Felton, John Fox, Randy Gardner, Marshall Garrett, Don Giles. David Glenn, Charles Gre¬ gory, Noel Gregory, Griff Griffin, Frank Hamlin, David Hampton, Jim Hardin, John Harris, Lloyd Hartman, John Haven. 464 Sigma Alpha Epsilon The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon have pride in their members’ leadership abilities. A group helping to make SAE a more Jr 1 closely knit group is the Little Sisters of Minerva. These girls were tremendous with rush, and helped with a party for orphaned children. The SAE’s also took out time from their campus activities to hold the annual Red Davis Orphan Party. Later on in the year the Alphs held their formal and the Catfish Row Party. Rodney Landes, President; Bill Alley, Vice-President; Tim Works, Secre¬ tary; Jim Justiss, Treasurer. Michael Healy, Jim Justiss, Richard Justiss, Bill Ken¬ nedy, Frank King, Mike King, Joe Lambiotte, Rodney Lan¬ des, Ken Laughlin, Ewan Lee. John Lee, Gary Lindsey, Harvey McCone, Jim McLel- land, Tom Machen, Joe Manning, Randy Millerd, Jim Mitchell, John More, Mar¬ shall Moore. John Morgan, Robert Mor¬ ris, Roy Murphy, John Naill, Phil Norwood, Gerald Old¬ ham, James Oldham, Gary Payne, Ben Rand, Breck Ray. Stan Reed, Charles Robards, Paul Rust, Mike Scott, John Simmons, Harry Simmons, David Stanley, Kirk Stone, Jim Tappan, Craig Tennison. John Ulmer, Tom Walker, Bill Ward, Thomas Watts, David Webb, Jim Webb, Ro¬ bert Whitehead, Don Wilson, Tim Works, Bill Wright. M. Abernathy, H. Alford, G. Arnold, D. Baldwin, B. Bal¬ lard, S. Beasley, L. Belline, J. Benham, G. Blass, P. Boudreaux, J. Bracy, A. Brillhart. C. Brown, C. Buckley, D. Buckley, D. Bullard, B. Burn¬ side, G. Butler, F. Campbell, D. Canada, W. Carter, P. Cashion, W s Castleberry, W. Caudill. D. Cheairs, K. Cochran, R. Conner, S. Claborn, W. Craig, W. Cromwell, R. Da¬ niel, S. Daniel, R. Davies, F. Davis, J. Davis, W. Day. J. Deacon, J. B. Deacon, G. Dick, J. East, G. Eisele, F. Elcan, F. Ellis, J. Enlow, R- Featherston, F. Fogleman, D. Freeman, G. Hall. J. Hargraves, M. Hays, A- Heringer, S. Higginbothom, W. Higginbothom, R. Hod¬ ges, J. Holden, M. Holiman, R. Hook, B. Hubbard, G. Hubbard, J. Huff. 466 Sigma Chi Sigma Chi was named to top fraternity of the year by IFC, becoming the first re¬ cipient of the McClellan-Fulbright Award in recognition of this honor. The Skis have consistently had a fine record of aca- demic excellence since their founding in 1905. The pledge program stresses schol¬ )ns ibil of the arship as the first resj pledge. Sigma Chi sponsored a basketball tournament for the elementary school age boys from the four-state area. Russ Meeks, President; Reynie Rut¬ ledge, Vice-President; Jim Hargraves, Secretary; Rob Porter, Treasurer. T. Hunt, R. James, W. James, D. Johnson, D. Jones, S. Kavanaugh, A. Kendall, A. Kornegay, F. Lewis, N. Little, W. Ligon. L. Lipe, C. Long, C. Lyons, D. McCarty, P. McCarty, C. McNair, B. Marshall, J. Mar¬ shall, P. Marshall, W. Meeks, J. Mitchell. B. Moon, J. Nixon, R. Nunn, R. O ' Brien, R. Owens, R. Porter, J. Powell, J. Pratt, C. Raff, E. Rudolph, J. Rut¬ ledge. D. Sanders, J. Sawatski, J. Sink, S. Simpson, K. Skokos, T. Staley, K. Stauss, C. Ste¬ phen, D. Stidham, G. Stid¬ ham, J. Sugg. J. Thomas, E. Vinson, J. Walker, J. Walsh, J. Weis- berger, D. Widner, T. Wilkes, I. Williams, L. Wilson, S. Wood, S. Wood. 467 atraSS t a , 1 , a ?njjc ' , s r r . J. Allbritton, M. Ashmore, B. Bankston, J. Barham, M. Barnes, B. Barnett, R. Beau¬ champ, W. Bratton, S. Browning, S. Burch, R. Car¬ ter, A. Casey. B. Cashion, G. Catlett, J. Chilcott, P. Coates, J. Darr, M. Davis, S. DeNoon, R. Douglass, D. Dover, G. Dowling, M. Draper, L. Duck. G. Dunkum, L. Endsley, A- Estes, D. Feilke, J. Free, D. Fulmer, R. Gammill, M. Garner, J. Gill, J. Gillespie. J. Glassell, J. Glover. G. Graves, J. Graves, J- Griffin, R. Halinski, C. Haw- kins, J. Headstream, W- Flenderson, H. Hink, L. How¬ ard, D. Hughen, B. Hurst, R- Irwin. G. Jean, K. Johnson, D Kemp, S. Kinzler, D. Kirk¬ patrick, C. Knight, J. Knise- ley, F. Langham, J. Lewis, L. Logan, A. McAllister, R. Mc- Creight. 468 1 Sigma Nu The Sigma Nus started with their annual Sadie Hawkins Party. Susan Gentle was selected as the 1970-71 Miss Daisy Mae. She goes on ' to further competition at Dogpatch U. S. A. later on in the year. In other aspects of college life, Nu’s have been instrumental in seeing that needy children are taken care of for the holiday season. This past year, they held a benefit dance with the “Cates Gang,” and gave the proceeds to the Fayetteville Boys’ Club. Phil Shellabarger, President; Ken Johnson, Vice-President; Marc Wat¬ son, Treasurer; Tom Nelson, Secre¬ tary. T. McFarland, P. Malcom, J. Mason, J. Maxey, M. Me- nees, C. Metcalf, M. Mitchell, D. Morrow, R. Moore, M. Morton, T. Muse. T. Nelson, J. Nobles, E. Nor- dling, J. Parker, T. Parker, G. Pellham, C. Pesnell, P. Raley, D. Ritchie, H. Robert¬ son. K. Rubens, C. Scott, S. Scott, J. Shafer, S. Shafer, R. Shankle, P. Shellabarger, F. Sisneros, L. Smith, R. Smith, T. Smith. T. Starnes, W. Steeves, J. Stevens, R. Stocker, B. Ted¬ der, R. Thomas, J. Thrash, R. Triffet, E. Vester, S. Vick¬ ers, R. Wakefield. R. Waldren, W. Walker, M. Watson, W. Wellons, G. Wes- terman, R. Wolfe, D. Wo¬ mack, C. Wilbert, J. Wood, H. Yancey, Mrs. O. Yoes. 469 i i m AMf h • iri [ f ‘ SrWlr flpPVt ’ ir. jM ' ;2 1 Clinton Atchley, David Bar¬ nett, Don Barnett, Rick Bart¬ ley, Tom Black, Robert Boaz, Doon Bohannon, Freddie Bollinger, Robert Bonnell, Roy Brown, Hank Broyles. Garry Brunsom, Jim Buchan, Dick Buck, Robert Buck, Lewis Bupch, Ralph Carlson, Jim Carpenter, David Cathey, Robert Crouch, Steve De- Laney. William Dykes, Jeff Fanning, Steve Fender, John Frazier, Fred Fullerton, Michael Gott, Bartus Gray, Thad Gray, Donnie Griggs, John Gwat- ney. Jim Hall, Ralph Hall, Steve Hall, John Hennage, Richard Howard, Jack Jacobs, Ro¬ bert Jenkins, Ken Jones, Ed¬ die Koon, Marcus Lamberth. 470 Sigma Phi Epsilon Back of the Sig Ep house there is a hole in the ground that is always filled with ice cold water. It remains as a reminder to any brother who is considering getting dropped, pinned, or worse. For those who make the fatal mistake, it means the “big splash.” After realizing the near fatalness of this move, many a man has been saved by this tradition. Every Sig Ep, sometime in his stay, has gotten a long distance phone call in the middle of the night, only to be drowned in the ice water. Gary Brunson, President; Bart Gray, Vice-President; Steve Stone, Control¬ ler; Rick Bartley, Secretary; Mike Smith, Recorder. Lindell Law, Jim McCarty, Keith McClung, Charles Mc- Creery, Bobby McDaniel, David Major, John Marten- sen, Steve Mashburn, Del¬ bert Mickel, Bruce Mitchell. Ralph Moore, Chris Nielsen, Reece Parham, Jim Patridge, Larry Paulsen, David Peter¬ sen, Robert Price, Scott Pur- year, Terry Rasco, Ron Ring- ler. Steve Rinnert, Arthur Roy- ston, Jon Schisler, Peter Schrimpf, Paul Seckso, Bruce Shapard, Jim Sloan, Mike Smith, Steve Smith, Walter Stewart. John Stocker, Steve Stone, Stuart Taylor, Steve Taylor, Bill Thomas, Brent Turking- ton, Richard Twist, Jim Waselues, Jeff Welch, John Wilkerson. Michael Abbiatti, John Ar¬ nold, Dwight Bailey, Frank Bane, Steve Barron, John Bartoski, Bill Behr, Joe Burk, Richard Chapman, Charley Chu. Ronald Cleveland, John Cook, Noble Dallison, John Dillaplain, Otis Embree, Wal¬ ter Fey, Robert Fitzhugh, Ronald Flowers, Richard Grayson. James Gresham, James Hanna, Bev Hargraves, Otis Harris, Robert Harrison, Tommy Head, Scott Holden, Bobby Jenkins, Leroy Jeske. 472 Sigma Pi It has long been the aim of Sigma Pi to provide the best possible atmosphere for pursuit of academic goals. Besides its em- phasis on scholarship, the Alpha Sigma » lCr o u 2 f r Chapter is active in civic affairs and com- v l Wlf munity projects. Pi’s aided the Salvation fttvl I 11| (v Army in its drive for contributions during the holiday season. The social agenda at the Pi house includes numerous beer busts, ,. ' , . 1 , the spring rormaly and the annual theme party, the Singap Jim Tucker, President; Steve Bright, Vice-President; Dwight Bailey, Secre¬ tary; Ronnie Flowers, Treasurer; Tom Riggs, Herald. Sam Johnson, Fred Jordan, Thad Kelly, Jim Ledbetter, Roy McGraw, Randy Mano, Dennis Meenen, Clement Mesavage, Victor Miron, Stephen Pakis. Jesse Porter, Jimmy Priest, Ray Reid, Paul Reynolds, Tom Riggs, William Ritchie, Gary Ryker, Joseph Saia, Samuel Smart, Martin Smith. George Snipan, Joseph Snowden, Robert Stanford, John Thomas, John Toland, Jim Tucker, Dennis Turner Harry Wadsworth, Alvin Weintraub, Daniel York. 473 Wt i 1 i Michael Barham, Alan Barn¬ es, Paul Blake, Stephen Blake, Robert Bowen, Thom¬ as Brown, Wayne Brown, John Buffi, David Cheek. Clifford Cole, David Cowan, R. J. Craig, John Deyoe, Alan Doan, Bob Donaghe, Ron Duncan, Frank Easby- Smith. William Eoff, Daniel Ford, Lane Ford, Bevley Foster, David George, Michael Hac¬ ker, George Huber, Fred In¬ man. 474 Tau Kappa Epsilon TKE has been helping to lead the Greek system to progress with contemporary thought on human dignity. In the house, the word “pledge” has been demoted to a purely perfunctory term. Teke pledges , . , fxvgzS are treated as men m ever ct of the a period of word, merely passing th uPl vL v7i i yj y learning about the fraternity and the mean¬ ing of its brotherhood. On the social side, Teke has the Nis Islands Party, and dances after the football games. They also held a Sunday dinner for the under¬ privileged children of Fayetteville. Karl Lindquist, President; Mike Bar¬ ham, Vice-President; Bill Eoff, Sec¬ retary; Bob Donaghe, Treasurer. Forrest Jacobi, Rick Jones, Vernon Lee, Thomas Lewis, Karl Lindquist, Dennis Luter, Mark Martin, Phillip Morris¬ on. Mark Nicholls, John Parti- pilo, Gregory Peck, Dale Peterson, Kenneth Pollock, Richard Rogers, David Seat¬ on, Lawrence Seaton. Johnny Sharp, Chris Smith, Buddy Spivey, Gary Teague, Thomas Toth, Daniel Walz, Bob White, Andrew Ziser. 475 4 irnmw ' David Alexander, Phillip Ball, David Ballenger, Char¬ les Batson, Don Bradshaw, William Bruce, Jerry Burnett, Michael Childers. Gregory Dalke, James Gat- tis, Gary Gibson, Robert Harp, James Hazlewood, Jerry Howard, James Hud¬ son. 476 Theta Tau Theta Tau is the only professional engineer¬ ing fraternity on campus that enjoys a real social life. Its members are more brotherly in a true fraternal sense than the other engineering societies. Their choice of mem¬ bership is also different than most frater¬ nities. They not only look at the rushee, but they take i Took eff what he has done on the Hill. The pledges, while learning of the brotherhood, are expected to maintain good scholarsl p, while affiliated with the fraternity. The Taus mo headquarters on Cleveland Street. The new accommo¬ dations are much larger and nicer than the house they had lived in for years. Harry Elrod, President; Charles Mar¬ lin, Vice-President; Ron Rhodes, Re¬ cording Secretary; Larry Waits, Cor¬ responding Secretary; Mike Childers, Treasurer. Charles Huggins, John Jen¬ kins, Charles Lawrence, Glen McKuin, Charles Marlin, Lynn Oates, Marc Paulson, Dennis Perry. Thomas Riggs, John Ro¬ berts, David Scherer, Mi¬ chael Selig, Michael Sharp, John Stoes, Gary Watson, Rick Wood. 477 4fc £ , wr A sMxJf - . ' Y V|y VT iMfe ' • ' fe lY 3 ’ U RNvaBi£ Sp y j t ’ A V r 7 t V | ?- 1 1 i -T j7 i » " iVsJft I W- r x’ . - , ? « _( rf-i jp : j ' ?X.r •_■.••: ■ " iFijwwpB ■ „ . JwS£ 1,1 ' , • jjr BmnHl flu- II y r- T - »7 v |»fU 1 p IW %1 1 • r 1 a i K It s- . 4 ill J Js SL ME 478 four seasons . . . year after year, i, Old Main , have seen it all, and yet, i have seen only the beginning. 479 University Hall. That’s what the Ad¬ ministration’s calling her. They stuck “U Hall” on their racing forms. U Hall! Like the trailer company. Fresh¬ man asks, “Where’s U Hall?” Senior says, “They mean Old Main.” Frosh must go to language lab, or so he thinks. Actually there’s no lab the first day, but he doesn’t know that. Senior saun¬ ters toward the Library—for a cold one. The freshman is late for his non-class. He walks toward Old Main. Walks up senior walk. Treads on his father’s name. He’s suddenly at the back door, which is really the front door. Stares a minute and talks to himself (some frosh do that). “Giant doors and faded plaques. What a hell of a relic.” He climbs up granite steps, bevelled by the footsteps of students here and those long dead. Frosh doesn’t understand why they don’t fix the entrance. Inside, the newcomer heads for the elevator. Elevator lumbers up. He goes to language lab and is told to go away. Frosh takes the stairs this time and scrutinizes Old Main closer. “Ceilings ridiculously high. And it stinks, smells. And it’s full of cubbyholes. English office 202XZ?” The cynic goes to the basement and continues his pratter. “Machine accounting, computer center, all empty offices. Vacant. Zero.” Frosh reddens. “So this is Old Main, this ancient smelly relic is the core of this campus.” Right, frosh. Though you wouldn’t understand. Old Main is more than mortar and must. It’s a hundred years of teachers and lawyers and chemists and journalists and engineers and physicists and geologists and bot¬ anists. It’s war and war and depres¬ sion and more war and more. Chimes ring in honor of graduates who served in all wars. Yet peace is the message of the moment, scribbled high and red in the corridor. Paradoxes. That she is. Trilobites and mastodon tusks repose on floor four (museum), while man’s latest tech¬ nology, a “Controlled Environment In¬ cubator Shaker,” nestles in the base¬ ment’s catacombs. She’s stately and formal, like the front page of the New York Times, but her towers don’t match the original plans (Was her foreman really drunk when he read the blue¬ prints? Or did the ex-Yankee builders merely make the North Tower higher to show who won the war?). One thing’s for sure, though. She was built of Northwest Arkansas, her red brick fired from Fayetteville clay. Her brown foundation sandstone was cut near where she stands, and all her hidden boards and beams were once Benton County trees. From the day she was finished, in 1875, she was the University. There was always a dynamic Old Main inside those stately walls. Oil chandeliers gave way to Edison’s wonder (the dynamo reposed in the basement and not down¬ town). Radiators replaced wood-burn¬ ing fireplaces. Steel and concrete stair¬ ways, overlaid with tile, superseded hardwood—of oak and ash and black walnut. A giant half-ton bell (bought at one dollar a pound) gave way to an electronic class tone. The work within her rooms also changed with time. In her first years, she was a home—with living quarters for faculty, janitors, and some stu¬ dents. Then, of course, she was an office and classroom building, but also a chapel, library, museum, gymnasium, bookstore, band room, engineering lab, and armory. Over the years, a dozen departments moved in or out. Even¬ tually, she became an administration building—an ivy-covered “ivory tower.” Then the establishment left. Some peo¬ ple came and pulled the ivy off her walls (they said it was weakening her brick). Her big rooms were segmented into tiny cubicles for English and the languages. Bacteriology moved rats in for experiments and everyone asked, “What’s the smell?” Still, in spirit she’s the core of this campus, the symbol of the University. Still she has meaning that grads, thrust into life’s pressure cooker, try to re¬ capture. To the freshman she may be a decrepit relic. And even the senior may stagger by and curse her crooked towers. For loving Old Main is a slow- timed thing. Fondness for her grows with years like the pages of an annual. Frosh stomps away from Old Main, trips down senior walk, treads on his father’s name. But he will be a wiser man someday. The Illustrated Index A name . . . usually associated with a face, is here listed with a page number, oh how absolutely impersonal! 482 483 A Aaron, Gary Allen, 338 Abbiatti Michael, 149, 472 Abbott, Debra Gay, 404 Abbott. Jan, 414 Abbott, Rick C., 458 ABC, 78 Abell, Dennis, 171, 338 Abercrombie, Gladys, 394 Abernathy, Mark, 157, 466 Abernathy, Velda Lou, 399 Abney, Jeanette, 430 Abney, T. Kay, 378 Acacia, 446 Achard, Jimmy, 338 Achterberg, Ernest, 179, 393 Aclin, John Dale, 157, 450 Acuff, C. Belinda, 404 Adair, Larry M., 157, 338 Adair, Michael, 165, 338 Adams, Andy Edward, 370 Adams, Bill David, 464 Adams, David Alan, 408 Adams, Gary Elvin, 157, 338 Adams, Gary Kramer, 456 Adams, Glenda Fay, 370 Adams, Howard O., 370 Adams, James C., 149, 338 Adams, Joan E., 430 Adams, John W., 157, 338 Adams, Kenneth Wayne, 448 Adams, Larry Wayne, 482 Adams, Marcia Irene, 394 Adams, Stephen M., 390 Adams, Terry Lawrence, 400 Addington, Alfred, 149, 338 Adkins, Ellen Elizabeth, 404 Adkins, Johnny Pink, 384 Adlem, Rosario C., 179, 338 Adler, Stuart J., 183, 338 Agar, Kristin, 414 Agee, J. Scott, 389 Ahart, Walter Gregory, 390 AHEA, 106 Ahrens, Arnold M., 400 AlChE, 100 A11E, 93 Aikman, Patricia Ann, 179, 338 Aker, W. David, 446 Akin, Cheryl Lyn, 404 Akins, Margaret M., 165, 432 Alayeto, Chahriar, 400 Albert, Karl R., 400 Albright, Sue, 378 Alcorn, Nancy Kay, 394 Alcorn, Robert S., 338 Alderson, Butch, 157, 338 Alderson, Linda Parke, 165, 338 Alethians, 92 Alexander, Alice S., 157, 428 Alexander, Barbara Toll, 179, 338 Alexander, David C. 171, 338 Alexander, Ellen, 404 Alexander, Imogene, 378 Alexander, Lawrence, 179, 338 Alexander, Mapra K., 432 Alexander, Tim R., 458 Alexander, Toni Kay, 370 Alford, James Nash, 157, 458 Alford, Jim, 466 Allbritton, Jim R., 468 Allen, Andy E., 338 Allen, Cynthia Anne, 394 Allen, Danny Ray, 179, 338 Allen, James Foster, 458 Allen, Jane P., 145, 338 Allen, Jimmy Joe, 171, 370 Allen, Larry, 183, 338 Allen, Robert W., 338 Allen, Sheila Faye, 338 Allen, William Karl, 464 Allison, Ann, 430 Allison, Ann E., 378 Allison, John H., 149, 338 Allison, Julanne S., 378 Allison, Mary W., 165, 338 Alpha Chi Omega, 426 Alpha Chi Sigma, 102 Alpha Delta Pi, 428 Alpha Epsilon Delta, 102 Alpha Gamma Rho, 448 Alpha Kappa Lambda, 450 Alpha Kappa Psi, 95 Alpha Lambda Delta, 89 Alpha Phi Omega, 87 Alpha Pi Mu, 96 Alphin, David, 157, 454 Alphin, Martha A., 149, 430 Alsip, Larry E. t 157, 338 Alter, James 454 Alter, John B., 157, 454 Alverson, Darrell, 171, 390 Alverson, Raymond, 408 Alvord, Anne, 165, 432 Alvord, Carol Sue, 414 Alvord, Cathie Lea, 414 Amoodeh, Amy H., 393 Amos, Gerald L., 370 Anders, Lawrence P., 408 Anders, Michael T., 338 Anderson, Betty, 404 Anderson, Candy Vee, 338 Anderson, Cecelia K., 414 Anderson, James R., 390 Anderson, Jerry A., 408 Anderson, John A., 408 Anderson, Kenneth R., 338 Anderson, Kris, 434 Anderson, Linda M., 378 Anderson, Linda Sue, 404 Anderson, Lucy, 440 Anderson, Lynda 11 E., 338 Anderson, Mark S., 338 Anderson, Robert Coe, 179, 393 Anderson, Robert E., 408 Anderson, Vicki L., 378 Anderson, Woodrow, 400 Andress, William S., 157, 338 Andrews, Tommie L., 394 Animal Industry, 83 Appelquist, Janice, 165, 432 Applegate, Bruce, 408 Appleton, Rosemary, 394 Arbona-Fazzi, Jaime, 171, 338 Archer, Gary, 408 Area, Steven E., 460 Armenia, Mary S., 404 Armor, Dale, 338 Armstrong, George A., 450 Armstrong, Jimmy J., 400 Armstrong, Ralph L., 464 Armstrong, Susan Kay, 338 Arnholt, Freddy E., 157, 339 Arnold, Dale R., 339 Arnold, Douglas Alan, 408 Arnold, Edwin, 179, 339 Arnold, Gerald A., 466 Arnold, Johnny, 472 Arnold, Leanna C., 165, 339 Arnold, Sherry G., 399 Arnold, Stephen M., 157, 339 Arthur, Robert D., 171, 339 Ary, Catherine A., 404 ASAE, 93 ASCE, 103 Ashcraft, Barbara, 145, 394 Ashcroft, Frank, 454 Ashley, Virgil J., 339 Ashmore, Michael G., 165, 468 ASME, 92 Asselin, Sandra Kay, 149, 432 Aste, William H., 400 Astrom, Nina A., 149, 426 Atchley, Charlotte, 370 Atchley, Clinton, 470 Atchley, Rita C., 165, 370 Atchley, Warren T., 339 Atkins, Donald C., 400 Atkins, Jerri Ann, 434 Atkinson, Elizabeth, 370 Atkinson, James, 370 Atkinson, Malu, 440 Atkinson, Ross, 339 Atwood, Laura, 414 Atwood, Susan, 414 Austin, Norma Gay, 339 Autry, James R., 458 Averett, Emily, 339 AWS, 77 Aycock, Daniel, 408 Ayer, Christine, 394 Ayres, Richard L., 157, 339 B Babcock, Lisa, 404 Babin, Hunter, 408 Bachus, Gordon, 179, 339 Bachus, Melissa W., 165, 339 Bacon, Cynthia A., 378 BAD, 86 Badali, Debbie, 414 Bagley, Nathan, 448 Bahr, William T., 390 Baier, Charles E., 149, 450 Bailes, Stephanie K., 414 Bailey, Buzzy, 370 Bailey, Dwight W., 157, 472 Bailey, Edward E., 400 Bailey, Julia A., 378 Bailey, Sharon Lee, 430 Bain, Kathy, 370 Bain, Patricia Ann, 157, 339 Baker, Allen W., 171, 339 Baker, Barry T., 171, 339 Baker, Darryl, 408 Baker, David E., 390 Baker, David S., 339 Baker, J. R., 157, 462 Baker, Larry D., 400 Baker, Margaret Ann, 378 Baker, Rita J., 370 Baker, Sally Beth, 434 Balcom, Donna J., 179, 339 Baldi, David, 183, 339 Baldwin, Anita F., 378 Baldwin, Dan S., 466 Baldwin, Vernoice, 145, 339 Ball, Ellen L., 378 Ball, Kathy, 414 Ball, Lucy Jane, 440 Ball, Philip, 476 Ballard, Barry H., 466 Ballenger, David, 171, 476 Bane, Frank P., 157, 472 Bane, Nancy Lynn, 145, 434 Bane, Sandra E., 440 Banks, James W., 171, 384 Banks, Robert C., 183, 339 Banks, William B., 456 Bankston, Bill D., 468 Barbee, Fred, 149, 339 Barber, Paul L., 183, 339 Barber, Thomas F., 390 Barden, Jane H., 165, 339 Barger, Gary C., 460 Barham, Barbara J., 394 Barham, James E., 468 Barham, Michael A., 157, 474 Bari, Vince A., 400 Barker, Krin E., 394 Barker, Marc W., 450 Barket, Gary P., 183, 446 Barkley, Pat, 149, 339 Barlow, Beth, 414 Barnes, Alan Lee, 474 Barnes, Billie D., 339 Barnes, Bruce D., 400 Barnes, Connie B., 165, 434 Barnes, Elizabeth, 370 Barnes, James C., 460 Barnes, Jessica, 370 Barnes, Martha Sue, 436 Barnes, Michael L., 468 Barnes, Nancy Sue, 414 Barnes, Ralph, 179 , 456 Barnett, Brad, 468 Barnett, Carolyn, 378 Barnett, David C., 470 Barnett, Don A., 470 Barnett, Jan, 165, 430 Barnett, Jeanne, 378 Barnett, Leslie, 339 Barnett, Terry, 408 Barnhill, James B., 464 Barr, Glen R., 408 Barr, Roy V., 408 Barrett, Leslie, 378 Barron, Sherri L., 339 Barron, William G., 408 Barrow, David, 454 Barrow, Stephen T., 472 Barry, Dennis A., 408 Bartholmey, Edmund, 458 Barton, Ronald, 179, 339 Bartlett, Jeannette, 394 Bartley, Rick Paul, 470 Bartoski, John Paul, 472 Bartsch, Gene Joseph, 171, 339 Basham, Bruce Michael, 464 Bassett, Jerry Dudley, 464 Bassett, Woody, 458 Bastian, Bob, 400 Batchelor, Elizabeth, 404 Bateman, Brenda, 414 Bates, Mark Allen, 456 Batie, Raymond Michael, 390 Batson, Charles D., 476 Bauer, Catherine, 165, 339 Bauer, Richard A., 370 Baumgartner, Lynn, 404 Bautts, Dianna Lynn, 378 Bayless, Becky, 149, 394 Bays, Melinda, 145, 339 Beakley, Julia M., 394 Beal, William Dillon, 390 Bealey, Asberry Herman, 384 Beane, Thomas F., 408 Beard, Becky Elise, 378 Beard, Douglas, 464 Beard, Patricia Lou, 339 Beard, Tommy Lynn, 339 Beasley, Grace Ellen, 438 Beasley, John Romaine, 390 Beasley, Samuel, 145, 466 Beaton, Zane Grey, 408 Beatty, Carol, 438 Beauchamp, Jack, 149, 339 Beauchamp, Richard B., 468 Beaver, Michal, 404 Beavers, Gary, 157, 339 Beck, Barbara, 145, 432 Beck, Marsha Suzanne, 426 Becker, Patsy Jo, 370 Beckworth, Carol, 339 Bedwell, Barbara Heath, 440 Beecher, Nancy Jean, 370 Beeler, Robert Wayne, 408 Beene, Lonnie Lyynn, 432 Behnke, Gerald L., 408 Behr, William Robert, 472 Beineman, Douglas, 384 Bell, Billy Dwayne, 408 Bell, Carolyn, 157, 339 Bell, Dan Beau, 171, 339 Bell, David E., 400 Bell, Donald Robert, 339 Bell, Emilie E., 430 Bell, Frank Adams, 157, 454 Bell, Harold R., 408 Bell, Harvey L., 183, 339 Bell, Jackie D., 408 Bell, Jeffery A., 460 Bell, Kathy M., 378 Bell, Larry Joe, 456 Bell, Lewis F., 400 Bell, Lloyd Ray, 145, 339 Bell, Mary Gale, 145, 339 Bell, Shirley Mae, 339 Bell, Steven L., 400 Bel line, Louis A., 466 Belue, Patricia Ann, 165, 428 Bemis, Marty, 165, 432 Benafield, Dawne, 404 Benedict, Lynn D., 404 Benegar, Susan, 414 Benham, James T., 466 Bennett, Dawn D., 404 Bennett, Donald R., 183, 339 Bennett, Gary E., 171, 370 Bennett, Stephen B., 183, 339 Benson, John M., 339 Benton, CheryLon, 414 Benton, James D., 339 Benton, Thomas Henry, 339 Berner, Charlene Jane, 414 Berney, Mary L., 432 Berry, Carter, 390 Berry, David H., 384 Berry, Gabrielle, 378 Berry, Gail Lynn, 378 Besett, Patricia Gail, 370 Beshears, Eddy Alan, 370 Bettis, Christopher, 171, 339 Bettis, Martha, 165, 430 Beuke, Donald Theodore, 370 Bilcher, Billy T., 464 Bickham, Judy D., 145, 436 Biggers, Ann M., 378 Biles, Jane Kathryn, 438 Biles, Joan, 145, 438 Bingham, Billy, 157, 339 Bingham, John, 157, 446 Binz, Dianne Elizabeth, 432 Birkett, David, 171, 339 Bischof, Barbara J., 430 B ' schof, Nancy Jo., 404 Bishop, Berry R., 408 Bishop, Brenda D., 394 Bittle, Ricky, 171, 384 Biven, Melinda Kay, 399 Black, Debbie, 434 Black, Edwin Jason, 339 Black, Janice J., 436 B ( ack, Thomas F., 339 Black, Tommy Glenn, 470 Black, Toni Lee, 378 Blackburn, Calon E., 149, 339 Blackshear, Alice L., 378 Blackwell, Kenny D., 149, 339 Blair, Ann, 378 Blair, Lena Sue, 165, 339 484 Blake, Pamela Anne, 404 Blake, Paul D., 474 Blake, Peggy Leigh, 404 Blake, Stephen W., 165, 474 Bialock, Debbie Jane, 414 Bland, Debbie, 404 Bland, Janie Sue, 404 Blanks, Earl J., 370 Blanks, Erserline, 404 Blasingame, Robert M., 454 Blass, Gus John, 466 Bledsoe, Diana Lynne, 404 Bleiweiss, Cathy Lee, 436 Blevins, Charles H., 400 Blevins, John T., 339 Block, Glenn Alan, 370 Blodgett, Betty430 Bloom, Frank Rickey, 464 Blue, John Richard, 456 Blue Key, 82 Blume, Linda Suzanne, 428 Blume, Robert Hugh, 339 Blume, Walter, 157, 339 Boas, Carole DeAnne, 436 Boas, Elizabeth Susan, 404 Boaz, Robert, 470 Bobbitt, Sandy L., 370 Boccarossa, Larry, 149, 339 Bock, Karen, 145, 432 Bockholt, Barbara Marie, 378 Boe, M. Timothy, 183, 458 Boerner, Paula J., 394 Bogard, Raymond David, 408 Bogle, Gardner P., 454 Bohannon, Don C., 470 Bolding, Bill W., 157, 339 Bolian, Shellie, 414 Bolin, Patsy Jean, 414 Boling, Thomas R., 384 Bollen, Nina Suzette, 438 Bollier, George, 171, 339 Bolliger, Sharon, 378 Bollinger, Byron Lee, 462 Bollinger, Freddie, 145, 470 Bomar, Larry A., 408 Bond, Clarie, 149, 432 Bonds, Kenny Mitchell, 370 Boneau, Janne Marie, 378 Bonewitz, Eleanor E., 432 Bonnell, Robert Dow, 470 Bonner, Beverly Mae, 378 Book, Frank Palms, 450 Bookout, John Wayne, 339 Boothe, Richard L., 400 Borengasser, Jimmy, 408 Borengasser, Robert, 149, 348 Borengasser, Thomas, 339 Borum, Deana Ann, 404 Boss, Brenda Lee, 394 Boss, Nancy Elizabeth, 394 Bost, James, 157, 464 Bostian, Bruce, 145, 339 Bostian, Stephen Fred, 448 Bostic, Donna, 157, 339 Boswell, Nancy Carol, 434 Boudreaux, Phillip, 157, 466 Bounds, Stephen Lawrence, 400 Bourne, William Allen, 390 Bourns, Michael O., 370 Bouyear, Patrice Jeanine, 414 Bowden, Billie, 157, 370 Bowe, Edward, 165, 450 Bowe, Susan, 165, 340 Bowen, Beverlyn, 149, 428 Bowen, Robert, 149, 474 Bowen, Thomas, 149, 370 Bowerman, Barbara, 165, 340 Bowers, Ann T., 432 Bowers, Dave Louis, 450 Bowers, Leonard Lee, 390 Bowles, Charles Walter, 408 Bowles, James Lewis, 340 Box, Terry, 149, 460 Boyakin, Joyce, 165, 387 Boycks, Debby, 378 Boyd, Amy Jean, 394 Boyd, Ann Marie, 370 Boyd, Becky L., 378 Boyd, CeCe, 414 Boyd, Edward P., 408 Boyd, James A., 452 Boyd, Jim, 183, 340 Boyd, Martha, 165, 340 Boyd, R. V., 340 Boyd, Randy, 370 Boyd, Thomas, 179, 340 Boyd, Veda Rae, 179, 340 Boyer, Jamie A., 450 Boyer, Jean, 340 Bracy, Michael, 466 Bradford, Clay, 400 Bradley, Amy L., 149, 394 Bradley, Mark Kent, 340 Bradley, Merrill E., 400 Bradley, William L., 408 Bradshaw, Don M., 476 Bradsher, Bobby, 464 Brady, Guy, 452 Brady, John R., 384 Brady, Pamela L., 394 Bragg, Suzanne, 370 Brainard, Beverly Ann, 165, 430 Bramblett, Linda K., 370 Branch, Jerry D., 179, 340 Branch, Ray Charles, 400 Brand, Valerie Ann, 370 Brandon, Nancy S., 434 Brandon, Robert D., 340 Brandon, William E., 340 Brannan, Barbara A., 432 Brannan, Linda, 414 Brannon, Clyde T., 370 Brannon, Deborah R., 378 Branson, Donald L., 371 Branson, James S., 400 Brantingham, George, 171, 340 Brasher, Deborah Jean, 440 Braswell, Jane Deborah, 428 Bratton, Cathy Marie, 399 Bratton, Willard, 157, 468 Brawner, James Olice, 389 Bray, Kohn Park, 400 Bray, Larry Steven, 460 Bray, Sidney, 464 Brazil, Judy, 438 Bredenhoeft, Judy Ann, 378 Brenner, Deborah Joyce, 414 Brewer, Barbara Dianne, 438 Brewer, Betsy, 404 Brewer, David Lee, 390 Brewer, Elvert Leon, 171, 340 Brewer, Girtha Mae, 340 Brewer, Karin Julia, 179, 340 Brewer, Marilyn, 165, 438 Brewer, Rommie, 171, 340 Brewer, Susan Alice, 394 Brewster, Kent H., 408 Brice, Libby, 414 Bridgeman, Becky, 404 Bridgeman, Cindy, 371 Bridges, Barbara Jane, 415 Bridges, Patricia Kay, 394 Bridges, Thomas L., 149, 371 Bridgforth, Sallie, 440 Briggs, Alan Thomas, 408 Briggs, Billy Ray, 458 Briggs, Jan Alison, 438 Bright, Warren E., 371 Brill ha rt, Allen T., 466 Brister, Stephen, 145, 340 Britt, Wayne, 157, 340 Britten, Frederick, 340 Brittnum, Narcissus, 165, 404 Brock, Debby, 371 Brockmann, Jane, 415 Bronaugh, Mark, 340 Brooks, Billie, 415 Brooks, Burl I., 340 Brooks, Harold B., 384 Brooks, Jennifer, 340 Brooks, Kelso, 171, 340 Brooks, Larry James, 340 Brothers, Melissa, 432 Brown, Brenda Kay, 404 Brown, Camille, 415 Brown, Craig Jay, 400 Brown, Curtis, 179, 466 Brown, Edward, 165, 340 Brown, Elizabeth, 165, 434 Brown, Fred, 171, 400 Brown, James, 454 Brown, John Martin, 458 Brown, Judy Diann, 394 Brown, Judy M., 165, 340 Brown, Kay, 434 Brown, Leroy, 340 Brown, Lewis L., 340 Brown, Lloyd D., 408 Brown, Mary Elaine, 399 Brown, Mary-Elise, 415 Brown, Paul Weyman, 462 Brown, Rita Latane, 157, 371 Brown, Robert, 171, 340 Brown, Roy Nelson, 470 Brown, Sally Ann, 426 Brown, Sharron, 404 Brown, Thomas L., 474 Brown, Wayne, 474 Brown, Wendy Sue, 378 Browning, Elizabeth, 145, 340 Browning, Karen Michele, 378 Browning, Lyndy, 434 Browning, Paula Diane, 378 Browning, Robert Jackson, 409 Browning, Stan, 468 Broyles, Hank, 157, 470 Bruce, Herman Noel, 371 Bruce, William, 171, 476 Brunck, Lisa, 415 Bruns, David, 149, 340 Bruns, Keith Gregory, 340 Brunson, Garry, 157, 470 Bryan, Charles, 183, 340 Bryan, David C., 371 Bryan, Pamela Jo, 426 Bryant, Charles, 400 Bryant, John, 171, 340 Bryant, John L., 450 Bryant, Karolyn Sue, 379 Bryant, Martha Lou, 432 Bryant, Ralph Wayne, 390 BSU, 99 Buchan, James A., 470 Buchanan Hall, 393 Buchanan, Bonnie M., 371 Buchanan, Frank, 340 Buck, Dick, 470 Buck, Richard, 409 Buck, Robert O., 470 Buckley, Carie Dan, 466 Buckley, David Arnold, 466 Buergler, David, 458 Buffalo, Dianne P., 340 Buffalo, Richard F., 340 Buffalo, William Lee, 460 Buffi, John Fredrick, 474 Bufford, Danny, 183, 340 Bufford, Johnny, 171, 340 Bufford, Sherrill, 165, 340 Buford, Claude, 183, 464 Bull, Nola Leigh, 394 Bull, Thomas Cheatham, 409 Bullard, Dinny Louis, 466 Bullard, Gwendolyn, 404 Bullington, Danny, 145, 340 Bullington, Roger Hugh, 384 Bulloch, William, 157, 340 Bulmer, Ann, 149, 432 Bunch, Donald, 171, 390 Bunch, Fay, 440 Bunch, Lewis, 157, 470 Bunch, Terry W., 340 Bunker, Carolyn, 436 Burbage, Mary, 432 Burbank, Gary Ray, 454 Burch, Barry Thomas, 454 Burch, Beverly, 145, 395 Burch, Byron, 454 Burch, Stephen Glenn, 468 Burdette, Ross C., 340 Burge, Linda Crete, 415 Burge, Nina, 432 Burger, Shirley, 165, 340 Burgess, Jana R f., 415 Burk, Joseph L., 472 Burkett, Thomas, 157, 340 Burleson, Clare, 415 Burnett, Jerry, 171, 476 Burnett, Linda Lee, 432 Burns, Ann, 340 Burns, Brad B., 409 Burns, Cindy Joyce, 371 Burns, Glenn, 157, 340 Burns, Harriet, 145, 432 Burns, Susan, 379 Burnside, Bruce Hays, 466 Burris, Robert, 171, 340 Burroughs, Betsy, 149, 430 Burroughs, Garry, 409 Burroughs, William, 409 Burrow, Dennis Ray, 409 Burrow, Terry Lynn, 379 Burrows, Bill, 384 Burruss, Terry Gene, 340 Burt, Charles L., 450 Burton, Alice Joy, 340 Burton, Debbie Doris, 434 Busbea, Ronnie A., 340 Busby, Susan _K., 432 Bush, Joye Elizabeth, 340 Butler, Belinda Jo., 379 Butler, Charles Michael, 464 Butler, George Eugene, 466 Butler, Harlan, 165, 340 Butler, Patricia Ann, 440 Butler, Randall Howell, 464 Butler, Sonja, 149, 340 Butler, Toney I., 430 Butterfield, Russ Ann, 404 Butz, Esther Lenor, 404 Bynum, F. Wilson, 183, 340 Bynum, Sharon, 157, 371 Byrd, Bryan E., 409 Byrd, R. Douglas, 400 Byrne, Robert Leo, 409 c Cabaniss, Rosanne, 149, 371 Cabeza de Vaca, Richardo, 371 Cagle, Kimzey H., 448 Cain, Diana Beth, 340 Cain, Howard, 183, 340 Cain, Tommy, 149, 340 Calcote, William Royal, 390 Caldwell, Justin E., 400 Callahan, Paul M., 371 Callaway, Scott E., 452 Cameron, William 157, 340 Campbell, Connie, 428 Campbell, Craig, 149, 340 Campbell, Donnie 145, 340 Campbell, Frederick, 466 Campbell, James C., 450 Campbell, John Roy, 371 Campell, Judi F., 379 Campbell, Kenneth Lee, 340 Campbell, Linda K., 404 Campbell, Susan D., 415 Campbell, William G., 340 Canada, David S., 466 Canada, Debi, 165, 395 Cannon, Carmeletta, 395 Cannon, Thurman 157, 340 Cantwell, Christy J., 404 Caplinger, Ellen K., 379 485 ' ir Cappleman, Antoinette, 149, 405 Carden, Mary M., 428 Carden, Sharon R., 432 Cardinal Key, 91 Cardinal Twenty, 90 Carethers, William, 157, 340 Carl, Berta Jo, 379 Carle, Kenneth E., 456 Carlisle, Robert L. t 340 Carlson, Christie, 432 Carlson, Michael B., 157, 456 Carlson, Ralph J., 470 Carlson, Steve N., 183, 456 Carlsten, Arthur W., 340 Carlyle, Dale James, 452 Carnahan, Gary L., 171, 341 Carnahan, Mary F., 165, 341 Carnes, David L., 400 Carnes, Larry W., 341 Carnes, Ronald M., 165, 341 Carney, Deborah L., 341 Carney, Janette, 157, 341 Carney, Rhonda Sue, 430 Carpenter, Barbara A., 341 Carpenter, David, 171, 341 Carpenter, David R., 409 Carpenter, James W., 470 Carpenter, Kenneth L., 464 Carpenter, Linda Sue, 341 Carpenter, Louann G., 405 Carpenter, Pam, 438 Carpenter, Patricia E., 426 Carr, Gloria Dean, 405 Carr, Judy, 379 Carr, Sarah F., 341 Carroll, Jill Anne, 415 Carroll, Judith A., 371 Carroll, Rhonda S., 405 Carroum, David, 183, 464 Carruth, John, 149, 341 Carson, Cindy, 438 Carson, James, 171, 371 Carson, James S., 371 Carson, Rebecca S., 341 Carson, Sha, 166, 440 Carson, Terry Q., 341 Carson, Terry W., 171, 341 Carter, Barbara, 145, 426 Carter, Becky S., 432 Carter, Delbra R., 405 Carter, Garry, 157, 456 Carter, Joe, 171, 460 Carter, Karen, 166, 428 Carter, Kenneth W., 409 Carter, Marcy Lynn, 379 Carter, Paula Dawn, 395 Carter, Rebecca M., 379 Carter, Richard, 171, 341 Carter, Robert H., 468 Carter, Walter Lee, 466 Carver, James A., 341 Carver, Randy Lynn, 341 Cary, Edith. 179, 341 Casali, Bobby, 458 Casey, Allen, 149, 468 Casey, Carol E., 379 Cashion, Benson A., 468 Cashion, Paul T., 466 Cason, James, 157, 371 Cason, Kay, 395 Cassem, Thomas, 157, 390 Cassidy, Fran, 149, 379 Cassinelli, Robert, 454 Casteel, Marty Dale, 341 Casteel, Wayne, 384 Castleberry, Crata, 438 Castleberry, Sue E., 341 Castleberry, Woody, 466 Cate, Charles, 172, 464 Cathey, Becky Lynn, 379 Cathey, David Mark, 470 Cathey, Johnnie M., 399 Catlett, David, 172, 390 Catlett, Graham, 468 Catlett,. Mike, 464 Cato, Linda Jane, 415 Cato, Marthe E., 430 Cato, Phil L., 401 Caudill, Judy E., 415 Caudill, ' William H., 466 Caughman, Sandra, 166, 341 Causey, Mary Ann, 371 Cavaneau, Jeanne M., 371 Cawood, Jaxine, 395 Cawthon, Carolyn S., 432 Cawthon, William, 172, 341 Cawvey, Betty, 157, 434 Cawvey, Robin L., 415 Cazer, Glynda, 166, 395 Cazzell, Richard J., 371 Cecil, Janet K., 341 Chadbourn, Elizabeth, 149, 405 Chadwick, Robert, 145, 341 Chaffin, Mary K., 379 Chalfant, Louis P., 409 Chamberlain, Nan, 149, 341 Chambers, Carolyn E., 371 Chambers, Steve Ann, 371 Chambers, Trisha, 438 Chambers, William G., 371 Chambliss, Randy M., 401 Chancellor, Charles, 157, 341 Chancellor, Darrell, 157, 341 Chaney, Stuart L., 409 Chapman, James W., 401 Chapman, Marguerite, 379 Chapman, Richard, 183, 472 Chastaw, Susie L., 415 Cheairs, David T., 466 Cneatham, John C., 454 Cheek, David Lee, 474 Chenault, Mary Starr, 438 Cherry, Patty, 415 Cheshier, James, 150, 341 Chesnutt, Frances, 341 Chhabra, Mahesh, 179, 341 Chi Epsilon, 103 Chi cott, Jack L., 468 Childers, Michael, 172, 476 Childress, Anne, 150, 341 Childress, Richard, 172, 341 Childs, Elizabeth, 399 Chiles, Toni Ann, 405 Chimes, 98 Chi Omega, 430 Chi Theta, 107 Chitwood, Cliff M., 458 Cnoe, Songsik, 179, 341 Chrane, SaHie, 150, 395 Christiansen, Heide, 379 Christison, Laurie, 405 Christison, Randi, 157, 405 Chu, Charley M., 472 Church, Garry, 179, 341 Churchill, Lissa L., 371 Ciervo, Patrick J., 390 Cissell, Paul D., 456 Civic Club, 76 Claborn, Steve R., 466 Clack, Stephen B., 341 Clack, William, 150, 341 Clanton, Daniel W., 371 Clanton, Linda S., 395 Clardy, Judy A., 434 Clark, Carolyn, 415 Clark, Carolyn R., 150,395 Clark, Diane, 166, 341 Clark, Franklin, 179, 341 Clark, Gary L., 456 Clark, Jane Ann, 371 Clark, Jerry, 145, 341 Clark, John H., 409 Clark, John R., 462 Clark, Joseph M., 158, 341 Clark, Larry G., 384 Clark, Larry W., 409 Clark, Michelle J., 341 Clark, Peggy, 150, 430 Clark, Sharon K., 341 Clark, Victoria Kay, 379 Clarke, Thomas A., 409 Charlesworth, Glenn, 341 Clary ; Diane, 405, 426 Classick, Teri Lynn, 438 Clay, Alice Faye, 371 Clay, Cecile, 432 Clay, Joe, 166, 341 Clayton, Ronnie, 446 Clegg, Ellen, 405 Clemens, Jack, 172, 341 Clemant, Cathy, 428 Clement, Roger E., 341 Clement, Virginia Ann, 430 Clements, Charles D., 401 Clements, Earl, 158, 341 Clements, Joy C., 432 Clements, Kirby, 389 Clemmons, Lee, 430 Cleveland, Bill, 158, 450 Cleveland, Elton R., 448 Cleveland, Herschel, 183, 450 Cleveland, Ronald, 472 Clifton, Joseph F., 464 Clopton, Ann M., 405 Cloud, Deborah Ann, 395 Clubb, Garry B., 341 Coates, Cindy, 440 Coates, Phillip R., 468 Cobb, Andrew B., 409 Cobb, Christine M., 415 Cobb, Maureen, 438 Cochran, Jody, 436 Cochran, Keith M., 466 Cochran, Terrisue, 145, 395 Cockrell, Charles, 409 Cockrill, Marion, 166, 430 Coffield, Don, 172 , 341 Coffman, Walter Lee, 371 Cog bill, David, 409 Cog bill, Michael, 183, 341 Coker, Suzanne, 379 Cole, Clifford M., 474 Cole, Donna Lynn, 395 Cole Leta, 166, 341 Cole, Nan E., 426 Cole, Nina Jane, 341 Cole, Pam, 379 Cole, Terry C., 448 Coleman, Betty, 438 Coleman, Bill R., 452 Coleman, Jon, 183. 341 Coleman, Larry, 401 Coleman, Randy C., 179 341 Coleman, Walter C., 458 Coleman, Willora J., 371 Collar, Carolyn, 150, 438 Collar, Margaret, 179, 341 Collie, Debi Jane, 379 Collier, Edward L., 458 Collier, Marta J., 395 Collins, Cooper O., 450 Collins, Dave, 462 Collins, James, 158, 456 Collins, Marjorie M., 399 Collins, Martha, 145, 341 Collins, Rick D., 458 Coll is, Rita, 415 Collyge, Donald, 158, 341 Colvin, Alan, 150, 341 Colvin, Sarah Lee, 371 Combs, Kenny Joe, 390 Combs, Phillip, 341 Commer, Jake, 158, 409 Compton, David, 409 Compton, David Neil, 456 Comstock, Gary Lee, 462 Comstock, Kenney, 158, 462 Comstock, Mary Jane, 430 Conatser, Karen, 371 Conde, Cheryl Dee, 379 Conditt, Charles, 158, 341 Conduff, Donald, 341 Conduff, Susan, 341 Conlee, Becky, 415 Conley, Susan, 438 Conner, Carl, 409 Conner, Martha, 430 Conner, Mary, 440 Conner, Robert, 466 Consalvo, Clarie, 371 Cook, Barbie, 426 Cook, Don, 158, 341 Cook, James, 158, 341 Cook, Joel, 390 Cook, John, 472 Cook, Kim, 468 Cook, Laurie, 415 Cook, Nancy, 395 Cook, Paula, 166, 341 Copeland, Michael, 371 Cooper, Barbara, 179, 341 Cooper, Carleton, 464 Cooper, Carol, 379 Cooper, Charles, 401 Cooper, Mary, 341 Cooper, Preston, 464 Cooper, Robert, 456 Cooper, Stephen, 341 Cooper, Steven, 172, 341 Cooper, Willis, 179, 341 Copeland, James, 409 Corbin, Connie, 371 Corbitt, Reggie, 172, 341 Corley, Nancy, 342 Correll, Alison, 379 Corti, Sara, 150, 434 Costanzo, Charles, 409 Coston, Morris, 179, 342 Cotterman, Kenneth, 179, 342 Cotton, Gary, 342 Cottrell, Gary, 409 Cottrell, John, 454 Coulter, Connie, 158, 432 Coulter, Jan, 440 Council, Joan, 405 Counts, Kathy, 436 Courtney, Gerald, 342 Courtney, Ronald, 342 Courtright, Linda, 342 Covey, David, 401 Covey, Marvin, 409 Cowan, David, 474 Cowan, Robert, 342 Cowger, Jackie, 379 Cowgill, JoAnn, 179, 342 Cowgur, John, 462 Cowling, Dan, 150, 342 Cowling, Ginger, 371 Cowling, Lezlee, 150, 342 Cox, Alan, 150, 342 Cox, Bonnie, 150, 342 Cox, David, 150, 384 Cox, David R., 342 Cox, Helen, 395 Cox, Kathy, 415 Cox, Linda, 395 Cox, Nita, 405 Cox, Rebecca, 342 Cox, Victor, 342 Crabtree, David, 409 Cracraft, Susan, 440 Craig, Patricia, 432 Craig, R. J., 166, 474 Craig, William, 466 Crain, Joe, 150, 342 Crain, Linda, 399 Crank, Kyla, 434 Crank, Margaret, 166, 395 Crank, Robert, 183, 342 Crannell, Lynnette, 395 Cravens, Charles E., 409 Cravens, Charles E., 409 Cravens, Richard, 371 Cravens, Robyn, 432 Cravens, Ruth E., 342 Crawford, Alan W., 454 Crawford, Donna C., 342 Crawford, Gerald, 179, 393 Crawford, Karen E., 415 Crawford, Kristie, 395 Crawford, Richard, 158, 342 Crawford, Ruth Ann, 371 Crawley, Carla Day, 415 Creed, Cathy Jo, 405 Creekmore, Donna, 432 Creekmore, Marjean, 150, 371 Creekmore, Steve, 464 Crescent Girls, 104 Crider, James C., 342 Crigger, Ann B., 415 Criss, Josephine I., 399 Critz, Cynthia Ann, 432 Critz, James Ward, 454 Critz, Jennifer S., 438 Croft, Cecilia N., 415 Cromwell, William, 158, 466 Crook, Cynthia C., 342 Crook, Robert L., 371 Croom, Carl W., 371 Croom, Judy H., 405 Crosland, Richard, 158, 342 Cross, Connie, 166, 438 Cross, Deborah L., 415 Cross, Robert L., 409 Crouch, Robert W., 470 Crouse, Debra L., 379 Crouse, Judith E., 395 Crow, Thomas J., 458 Crowley, Jimmy L., 448 Croxdale, James, 158, 462 Crudup, Martha, 158, 342 Culberson, James S., 458 Cullom, Charmayne, 179, 342 Cullom, Joe, 179, 342 Cullom, John, 158, 342 Culp, Joseph M., 389 Culpepper, Mallory A., 415 Culwell, Beverly Ann, 342 Cummings, Samuel, 172, 342 Cunningham, John M., 371 Cunningham, Sally, 415 Cunningham, Wallace, 158, 342 Curdie, Don, 183, 342 Cureton, Donald, 145, 342 Cureton, Janice D., 342 Curl, Glenna R., 428 Curran, Donald R., 401 Curran, Douglas, 150, 342 Curran, Ronald Jay, 401 Curry, Sandra Kay, 395 Curtis, Beverly Kaye, 440 Curtis, Carolyn, 442 Curtis, Donald Dean, 342 Cutts, Nell, 179, 342 Cyr, Dennis David, 342 D Dabbs, Terry Glenn, 456 Dahl, Linda Marie, 342 Dailey, Randy Wayne, 389 Daily, Gerald Glenn, 342 Daily, Michael, 172, 384 Dake, Roger L., 384 Dale, Julia Lee, 438 Dalke, Gregory, 172, 476 Dalke, Paul Wayne, 342 Da 11 a Rosa, Arthur J., 409 Dallison, Noble S., 472 Dalrymple, Steve B., 371 Dame, Thomas H., 371 Darnel, Donna L., 399 Danaher, Kevin, 166, 389 Danforth, Diana Marie, 342 Daniel, David E., 452 Daniel, Louise E., 342 Daniel, Patsy, 179, 342 Daniel, Randy D., 466 Daniel, Scott, 150, 466 Daniel, Sheila Jo, 426 Daniel, Terry, 172, 342 Daniels, Charles, 179, 393 Daniels, David Allan, 342 Danna, Bernard Louis, 409 Dardin, Kay, 379 Dark, Clayton H., 462 Dark, Frederick, 150, 342 Dark, Veronica, 150, 342 Darling, V. Jane, 379 Darr, James, 183, 468 Darrow, Elizabeth, 158, 432 Dash, Buddhaden, 158, 342 Daugherty, James R., 158, 342 Daugherty, Lou, 145, 342 Daugherty, Robert, 158, 342 Davenport, James R., 454 David, James Scott, 371 Davidson, Barry D., 458 Davidson, Carol Connelly, 371 Davidson, Charles, 183, 446 Davidson, Johnette, 432 Davidson, Joe S. t 464 Davidson, Randall McCall, 464 Davies, Richard Walter, 466 Davis, Albert Wayne, 401 Davis, Barbara Jane, 415 Davis, Brian Lee, 342 Davis, Bruce Carlton, 454 Davis, Debbie, 379 Davis, Deidre, 166, 428 Davis, Delbert B., 409 Davis, Erwin, 183, 342 Davis, Fred, 183, 406 Davis, James, 158, 456 Davis, James Michael, 371 Davis, James O., 466 Davis, Jeff A., 456 Davis, Jimmy J., 409 Davis, Jodi, 379 Davis, Joe Wayne, 342 Davis, Joetta V., 395 Davis, John, 172, 371 Davis, John M. 158, 464 Davis, Kathryn Diann, 405 Davis, Michelle, 405 Davis, Mike, 468 Davis, Nora Mae, 342 Davis, Stephen K., 343 Davis, Stephen L., 458 Davis, Terry Lynn, 343 Davis, Thomas Michael, 343 Davis, Wanda Joyce, 405 Dawson, Joseph, 150, 343 Day, Rickey J., 464 Day, Stephen W., 343 Day, Walter Marcus, 466 Deacon, John Campbell, 466 Deacon, Joseph Barrett, 466 Deacon, Marie, 179, 371 Deakins, Phillip C., 409 Dean, William Dennis, 409 Deane, Donna, 158, 343 Dearien, C. Markay, 405 Dearing, Larry Edward, 384 Deaver, Suzanne D., 432 Deay, Janis Sue, 395 DeBons, John, 158, 343 DeBons, Mary Kathryn, 415 Decker, Mary Elizabeth, 440 DeCook, Arthur Francis, 401 Deeds, Larry Wayne, 452 Deen, Lewis S., 460 Deen, Stephen, 158, 409 Deere, Robert, 158, 371 Deeter, Louis P., 343 DeJarnette, Clifton, 158, 343 DeLaney, Steve Nixon, 470 Delavan, Gerald L., 409 Delezen, Karen, 166, 343 Delta Delta Delta, 432 Delta Gamma, 434 Demott, Stephen L., 460 DeMott, Timothy, 409 Dennis, Jan, 379 Dennis, Robert Earl, 343 Denniston, Lexia Gay, 379 DeNoon, Stephen Elliott, 468 Denton, Billy Joe, 456 De Romana, Gonzalo, 172, 371 De Salvo, Stephen Henry, 409 Deskin, Sarah, 166, 343 Detmer, Kent, 179, 343 Dew, Stephen H., 458 DeWeese, Debby Dee, 415 DeWeese, Diana Dallus, 415 DeWitt, Connie, 166, 343 Deyoe, John C., 474 Dial, John E., 456 Dick, George Theodore, 466 Dickerson, Carol S., 434 Dickerson, Martha Louise, 405 Dickey, Bert, 166, 343 Dickey, Martha, 150, 405 Dickey, Robert, 158, 401 Dickey, William B., 401 Dickinson, Frances, 145, 343 Dickson, Kate Beaver, 343 DiCosmo, Dole, 343 Dierich, Erasmo, 384 Dilday, Laura Ellen, 371 Dillahunty, Melissa, 440 Dillahunty, Peggy Ruedean, 343 Dillaplain, John, 172, 472 Dilliard, Mary, 379 Dillingham, Jacqueline Y., 405 Dillon, Thomas J.,409 Dimmitt, Don, 158, 343 Dittrich, George, 158, 389 Dixon, Dallas, 401 Dixon, Deb, 438 Dixon, Michael David, 401 Dixon, Ronny F., 384 Dixon, William, 183, 343 Doak, Dian E., 395 Doan, Alan, 158, 474 Doan, Sharon M., 379 Dobbs, Deborah, 158, 343 Dobbs, Gus, 172, 343 Dobbs, Jennings, 172, 343 Dockins, Jonathan D., 409 Dolan, Elizabeth M., 395 Donaghe, Bob A., 474 Donaghe, Cathy Lynn, 426 Donaldson, Donald, 172, 371 Donaldson, Jeri Lynn, 436 Donals, Linda Camille, 415 Donath, Gail, 415 Donaubauer, Melanie D., 343 Donnor, Donna Kay, 405 Donoho, Tommy Gerald, 454 Donovan, Shirley, 166, 387 Dooly, Billy, 179, 343 Dorsey, Conny Hill, 343 Doss, Dianna, 166, 343 Dossey, James Donald, 389 Dougherty, Garrick B., 458 Dougherty, Kathryn H., 395 Dougherty, William, 183, 458 Douglas, Mark S., 409 Douglas, Sue L., 379 Douglass, Robert T., 468 Dover, David, 158, 468 Dowell, Janie, 438 Dowell, Larry Joe, 343 Dowling, George, 160, 468 Dowling, Sharon, 415 Downey, D ' Ann, 436 Downing, Howard Doyle, 343 Downing, Martha, 405 Downing, Richard, 150, 450 Downum, LaDonna Sue, 428 Doyle, Debra, 415 Dragoo, Jessie L., 415 Draper, Martin A., 468 Dreher, Deborah, 166, 405 Driskell, Willadeen, 343 Dryden, Martin, 172, 371 Duck, Lloyd Nolan, 468 Duckworth, Gordon Lee, 409 Due 11, Miriam, 150, 343 Dugan, DiAnn, 415 Dugan, Geri, 166, 430 Duke, Jimi, 166, 343 Dummitt, William E., 452 Dumont, Jean Renee, 371 Dunaway, Kathryn S., 415 Dunaway, William, 158, 343 Duncan, Dennis, 166, 398 Duncan, Ronald D., 474 Dunham, Jack D., 371 Dunk, Kenneth Wayne, 452 Dunkum, Gregory, 158, 468 Dunlap, Jane Elizabeth, 434 Dunlop, Sharon Lynn, 379 Dunn, Barbara Glenn, 415 Dunn, Donald, 172, 343 Dunn, Dorothy, 166, 343 Dunn, Gary L., 343 Dunn, Janice, 395 Dunsworth, Henry Alan, 343 Dupras, Kristy J., 387 Dura, William Mitchell, 450 Durham, Karen, 166, 379 Duty, Renee D., 436 Duvall, Betty, 371 Dwyer, Austin, 390 Dye, Margaret Ann, 379 Dver, Aniela, 150, 405 Dyer, Janet Beatrice, 405 Dykes, William Howard, 470 E Eads, James, 183, 401 Eagle, Cathy, 438 Earhart, Treva Jo, 379 Earl, Judy C., 415 Early, Kathy L., 379 Easby-Smith, Frank B., 474 Easley, Pamela Jane, 416 Easson, Karen K., 405 East, Jack, 466 Eaton, Mike J., 343 Eaves, Gaye Lynnette, 379 Ebel, Cindy, 430 Ebrite, Rex, 179, 343 Echols, James Michael, 409 Eckart, Joe, 172, 343 Eckert, Julie, 166. 432 Eckert, Sharon E., 442 Edds, Laura Ellen, 343 Eden, Pam, 438 Edens, Beverly Ann, 343 Edens, Ernest Eugene, 343 Edmiston, Tom McAllister, 409 Edrington, Anita, 440 Edsell, Linda Faye, 343 Edwards, Daniel, 172, 343 Edwards, Gladys, 150, 379 Edwards, Mark Harland, 456 Edwards, Mary Beth, 343 Edwards, Richard, 150, 343 Edwards, Ronnie Lynn, 343 Edwards, William, 172, 393 Efrud, Kenneth W., 344 Egan, Patrick, 401 Ehrenberg, Teri E., 416 Eilbott, Don, 158, 464 Eisele, Gar, 466 Elcan, Frank C., 466 Eldridge, Charles P., 464 Eldridge, Corinne J., 344 Eldridge, John R., 464 Eldridge, Kathleen, 432 Eldridge, Paul, 158, 454 Elizandro, David, 179, 344 Elizandro, Marcia, 145, 344 Elkins, Jerry L., 409 Elledge, Steven W., 458 Ellington, Steve, 452 Elliott, Elizabeth, 166, 440 Elliott, Nancy. 416 Elliott, Nelson, 158, 390 Elliott, Patricia, 379 Ellis, Billy D., 401 Ellis, Fred, 150, 466 Ellis, George, 183, 344 Ellis, Jack, 172, 401 Ellis, Len, 344 Ellis, Lorraine, 380 Ellis, Mary Lou, 426 Ellison, Becca, 405 Ellison, Elizabeth, 166, 344 Ellison, Michael C., 456 Elmore, Susie, 344 Elms, David M., 401 Elston, Rusty S., 391 Embree, Otis G., 472 Emerson, Joel W., 384 Endsley, Lyman J., 468 Engelberger, Donald M., 409 Engelberger, Ronnie P., 409 Engeln, Leo Al, 344 Engineering Council, 101 England, Marleen, 166, 426 Englehart, Judith, 434 Engstrom, Geraldine, 380 Enlow, James Lee, 466 Eoff, William W., 474 Epes, James, 183, 454 Epes, Lillian, 166, 430 Epling, Sandra, 166, 344 Epps, David C., 409 Erickson, Robert D., 410 Ervin, Lawrence G., 410 Erwin, Cecile, 416 Erwin, James C., 456 Estes, Ambrose F., 468 Estes, Dwight H., 384 Estopy, Floyd, 158, 344 Eta Kappa Nu, 91 Etheridge, Mary E., 416 Etzhorn, Janet A., 380 Eubanks, George, 172, 344 Eubanks, James, 150, 344 Eubanks, Michael T., 410 Eudy, Linda Kay, 416 Euseppi, Ned Paul, 464 Eutsler, Carolyn, 416 Evans, Byron, 150, 384 Evans, Dale, 150, 344 Evans, David, 158, 462 Evans, Eberle, 166, 434 Evans, Joe J., 460 Evans, Joyce L., 380 Evans, Mary T., 380 Evans, Ralph, 172, 344 Evans, Steven W., 410 Evans, Victor, 344 Everitt, Thomas M., 401 Evers, Julie, 371 Eversole, Suzanne, 166, 387 Ewart, Mary, 166, 405 Ewing, Roy R., 344 Ewton, Valynda, 158,395 F Fahr, Teresa Lynn, 380 Fain, Edward, 172,344 Fairley, Anita Jean, 405 Fanning, Dan R., 344 Fanning, Jeffrey A., 470 Farmer, Heber, 166, 344 Farmer, Jim, 158, 464 Farmer, Mary Lynn, 436 FarmHouse, 452 Farr, Gary Russell, 371 Farrell, Dianne K., 416 Farrell, James P., 464 Farrell, Kathryn, 166, 432 Farrell, Mike H., 464 Farris, Stephen C., 464 Farrow, Robert, 179, 344 Faucett, David W., 410 Faulkner, James W., 464 Faulkner, Keith, 158, 462 Faulkner, Ralph, 183, 344 Fawcett, Rusty, 410 Featherston, Gary A., 344 Featherston, Lyn, 380 Featherston, Robert O., 466 Featherston, Sam R., 452 Feild, Cathy, 430 Feilke, David Lee, 468 Feland, William P., 410 Feldman, Mark J., 450 Felton, Counts, 166, 430 Felton, Daniel, 183, 344 Felton, Richard T., 464 Felts, Patricia I., 344 Fender, Steve K., 470 Fendley, Michael, 158, 344 Fendya, Michael, 158, 371 Fennell, Deborah J., 405 Ferguson, Billy, 158, 344 Ferguson, Danny, 158, 344 Ferguson, Gibbs, 183, 344 Ferguson, Leon, 179, 344 Ferguson, Randall C., 401 Fetherolf, Daniel. 183, 344 Fey, Walter Roger, 472 Fickle, Gemma D., 344 Fiedorowicz, Lawrence, 384 Fielding, Robert R., 344 Fields, James E., 344 Fields, Reginald J., 391 Fikes, Ralph V., 458 Files, Terry Allen, 448 Filipek, David Z., 384 Finch, Danny Ray, 446 Finch, Kathy, 150, 371 Fine, Linda, 158, 344 Fineberg, Stephen, 158, 344 Finley, Linda L., 371 Finn, Joe, 145, 344 Finney, Stanford, 158, 456 Finnigan, Michael, 410 Fischer, Linda Sue, 371 Fiser, Sammy, 158, 391 Fisher, Charles, 371 Fisher, Robert G., 344 Fitch, Susan Carol, 416 Fitts, David J., 344 Fitts, Richard, 179, 344 Fitzgerald, Donald, 150, 344 Fitzgerald, Douglas, 344 Fitzgerald, Jane A., 436 Fitzgerald, Patricia, 380 Fitzhugh, Robert C., 472 Flack, Rhonda K., 371 Flanagan, Joseph E., 448 Flanigan, James E., 391 Fleenor, Richard M., 454 Fleming, Rhonda, 371 Flick. Janet, 158, 428 Flippo, Mary K., 440 Flocks, Tommy, 410 Flora, Wayne, 458 Flottman, Deborah, 166, 344 Flowers, Deborah, 416 Flowers, Dianne M., 416 Flowers, Ronald E., 472 Fly, Bill Wayne, 344 Flynn, Don B., 410 Flynn, Mike, 145, 448 Fogle, R. Mark, 371 Fogleman, Frank A., 466 Fogleman, Margaret E., 438 Folker, Michael Thomas, 384 Ford, Cathy W„ 344 Ford, Daniel E., 474 Ford, David George, 371 Ford, David P., 458 Ford, Lane L., 474 Ford, Lawrence M., 456 Ford, Rebecca Sue, 380 Ford, Timothy W., 456 Fore, Thomas Michael, 410 Forrester, Bobby Joe, 456 Forsgren, Lyn, 371 Fortenberry, Alan, 344, 448 Fortenberry, J. David, 446 Fortune, Ann, 405 Foster, Bevly E., 474 Foster, Charles D., 391 Foster, Connie Faye, 380 Foster, Darrel Wayne, 344 Foster, James B., 344 Foster, Jane, 434 Foster, Judy Ann, 344 Foster, Laurie Helen, 380 Foster, Lowry Edwards, 372 Foster, Marion C., 345 Foster, Vicki Ann, 416 Fotioo, James George, 456 4-H House, 398 Fournier, Jeffrey, 159, 462 Fout, Monte J., 401 Fowler, Christopher, 150, 458 Fowler, Mary Lynn, 380 Fowler, Michael Eugene, 410 Fowler, Nancy Lynn, 395 Fowler, Rose Marie, 432 Fox, Dottie, 166, 345 Fox, James Anthony, 410 Fox, Jan Sue, 434 Fox, John, 172, 464 Fox, Martha Jean, 416 Framel, James Michael, 345 Francis, Jackie Ruth, 440 Francisco, Donna Sue, 405 Franco, Gene, 145, 345 Frank, Douglas, 159, 345 Frank, Janice, 166, 345 Frankenberger, Albert, 150, 345 Frankenberger, Betty, 405 Frankenberger, Ken, 410 Franklin, Clark, 372 Franklin, Linda L., 405 Franks, Peggy, 159, 430 Frantz, Ronald Craig, 410 Fraser, Jamie Ann, 416 Frauenthal, Max Don, 372 Frazier, John, 159, 470 Frazier, Williford, 172, 345 Frederick, Johnnie.Paul, 345 Frederick, Stephanie Lynn, 372 Free, John Phillip, 468 Freed, Susan,. 436 Freedle, Terri Alice, 380 Freeland, Byron, 183, 458 Freeling, Rick N., 454 Freeman, Dewey E., 466 Freeman, Don, 448 Freeman, Gerald, 172, 345 Freeman, H. Ray, 446 Freeman, Julia, 166, 372 Freeman, Linda Lee, 380 Freeman, Martha K., 345 Freeman, Paul, 458 Freeman, Paul Loyd, 410 Freiman, Stephen, 150, 458 French, Patricia Ann, 434 488 Freund, June Marie, 380 Friddle, James, 159, 345 Friddle, Martheda, 159, 380 Frietsche, Richard, 372 Fringer, Judy L., 380 Frisby, Judy, 166, 345 Fri+ch, Donna E., 380 Fritts, Steven, 179, 345 Frost, Mary, 166, 345 Frost, Roy, 172, 345 Frost, Thomas, 172, 345 Fruchey, Olan, 150, 345 Fruchey, Sally L., 345 Fry, Debbie, 416 Fudge, Gwendolyn, 399 Fugitt. Kayla, 428 Fullbrlght Hall, 414 Fuller, Edwin M., 410 Fuller, James S., 458 Fuller, Jim, 458 Fullerton, Fred J., 470 Fulmer, Dane D., 468 Fultz, Pamela K., 380 Fuqua, Ben, 179, 345 Furstenberg, Judy, 380 Futrall Hall, 395 Futrell, Ellen, 166, 372 G Gabbert, Jill, 166, 345 Gaines, Ginny Lynn, 440 Galbraith, Barbara J., 372 Galloway, Ronny, 159, 345 Galyean, Susan B., 428 Gambill, Waynette, 416 Gamma Sigma Sigma, 87 Gamma Theta Upsilon, 88 Gammill, Linda Kaye, 380 Gammill, Randall Lee, 468 Gammon, Debbie, 345 Gammon, James A., 456 Gantt, Julia Ann, 440 Garcia, David, 172, 345 Gardner, Aileen, 380 Gardner, John, 159, 464 Gardner, Linda Mae, 372 Gardner, Steve C., 345 Garmon, Patricia Ann, 416 Gardner, Steve C., 345 Garmon, Patricia Ann, 416 Garner, Kenneth, 172, 345 Garner, Larry J., 345 Garner, Lisa A., 380 Garner, Michael C., 468 Garner, Robert, 183, 345 Garner William, 150, 460 Garofalo, Francis, 183, 345 Garren, Ginny, 166, 430 Garrett, Barbara Ann, 434 Garrett, Marshall C., 464 Garrett, Mary, 166, 372 Garrett, Robert, 145, 345 Garrett, Thomas Henry, 458 Garrison, Dale C., 345 Garrison, Debra A., 432 Garrison, Ervan, 179, 345 Garrison, Winfred, 172, 345 Gary, Barbara E., 380 Gasaway, Mary, 150, 345 Gaskill, Debby Jo., 345 Gaskill, Trudy, 432 Gateley, Maurice N., 448 Gates, Mary Ellen, 432 Gates, Myra Sanet, 345 Gates, Samuel Joe, 401 Gattis, James L., 476 Gay, Glenn T., 391 Gay, John Lynn, 345 Geelan, John, 159, 446 Gehring, Marlene A., 405 Geiser, Sherri Lynn, 345 Geisler, Bubba, 456 Gentle, Susan E., 432 Gentry, Gail F., 405 Gentry, Gayle, 345 Gentry, Mark, 150, 345 George, Bonny, 416 George, Catherine, 372 George, Dane, 159, 462 George, David, 159, 474 George, Gail, 405 George, Gary, 462 Geraci, Richard, 401 Geren, Dixie, 166, 345 Gershner, Stephen, 458 Gibbs, Eric, 4l0 Gibson, Beverly, 166, 345 Gibson, Gary, 476 Gibson, Judith, 345 Gibson, Kitty, 405 Gibson, Pamela, 166, 432 Gibson, Randall, 345 Gibson, Ron, 401 Gideon, Martha, 426 Gilbert, Clinton, 159, 391 Gilbert, David, 167, 345 Gilbert. Dixie, 166, 345 Gilbert, Laurie, 432 Gilbert, Linda, 150, 372 Gilbert, Susan, 380 Gilbrech, Wendy, 167, 434 Giles, Donald, 464 Giles, Roger, 183, 446 Gill, James. 468 Gill, Janelda, 380 Gill, Thomas, 410 Gillean, Pamela, 430 Gillespie, Catherine, 430 Gillespie, Jamie, 468 Gilley, Petra, 405 Gilliam, Michael, 446 Gillis, Gary, 410 Gillow, Edward, 172, 345 Gillum, Barbara 345 Ginder, Pat, 372 Ginger. William, 345 Gingerich, Christie, 167, 345 Girls of the Golden Heart, 105 Gist, Lydia, 430 Giudice, Ron, 410 Giza, Deborah, 416 Glassell, John, 159, 468 Glaub, Teddy, 145, 391 Glenn, David, 464 Glenn, Elsie, 179, 345 Glenn, John, 179, 345 Glenn, Mike, 345 Glenn, Ronnie, 159, 345 Glessner, James, 159, 345 Glover, Anne, 159, 345 Glover, Gil, 183, 391 Glover, Glenn, 172, 345 Glover, James, 159, 468 Glover, Jerry, 150, 446 Glover, Robert, 179, 458 Glover, Robin, 430 Goad, Eric, 345 Goodwin, David Andrew, 460 Goodwin, Frances Maye, 380 Goodyear, Edward, 159, 345 Goodyear, William, 150, 345 Goos, Marcia Louise, 395 Gordon, Helen, 428 Gordon, John S., 410 Gordon, Norman, 183, 345 Gordon, Sherry, 179, 345 Gordon, Todd Carter, 460 Gorlinsky, David W., 346 Gorum, Nancy Gay, 442 Goss, Martha Elizabeth, 405 Gott, Michael Ray, 470 Gould, Michele Leilani, 372 Grace, David Lee, 458 Graffy, Ann Elizabeth, 380 Graffy, John Joseph, 410 Graham, Bill, 159, 346 Graham, Dennis E., 450 Graham, Gail L., 416 Graham, Kathy A., 416 Graham, Larry L., 458 Graham, Teresa Anita, 380 Gramlich, Cindy L., 380 Gramlich, Paul David, 448 Granderson, William, 172, 410 Granger, Gary Frank, 346 Granger, Patsy Ann, 434 Grantham, W. Michael, 410 Graule, James M., 346 Graves, Debbie A., 372 Graves, Gerald Robert, 468 Graves, John Richard, 468 Graves, Margie Louise, 432 Graves, Mary Sheba, 346 Goble, Gary, 456 Gocio, Allan, 410 Gocio, John, 159, 462 Goddard, Richard, 410 Godfrey, Jerry, 172, 345 Godfrey, Ronald, 345 Godfrey, Ruby, 345 Godwin, William, 345 Goin, Walter, 172, 448 Goines, Kenneth, 150, 345 Goins, Bert, 410 Goldberg, Diane, 380 Gollon, Richard, 159, 345 Gomez, Bobby, 345 Goo, Harvey, 372 Goodart, Merle, 448 Goodlett, Allyn, 416 Goodlett, Karen, 416 Goodner, Sandra, 380 Goodner, Vick, 145, 345 Graves, Richard, 159, 346 Graves, Russell Dwayne, 377 Gray, Ann, 432 Gray, Bartus, 159, 470 Gray, Carolynn V., 426 Gray, Winfred Thaddeus, 470 Grayson, Richard Herman, 472 Green, Charles Edwin, 346 Green, Howell, 172, 346 Green, Joan Shearer, 436 Green, Larry W., 410 Green, Richard S., 410 Green, Sheila Elaine, 372 Greenbaum, Dave, 183, 346 Greene, Janis Ann, 380 Greene, William O.. 40I Greenhaw, Jana Louise, 416 Greenwell, Michael Louis, 346 Greenwood, David Franklin, 401 Greer, Beth Ann, 372 Greer, DeLene, 346 Greeson, Fredrick, 172, 346 Gregory, Artie, 179, 346 Gregory, Charles Nathan, 464 Gregory, Larry Burl, 346 Gregory, Lynett, 405 Gregory, Noel, 159, 464 Gregson Hall, 384 Greiner, Richard Pete, 450 Gremillion, Helen Jeanne, 416 Gresham, James, 172, 472 Gresham, Rebecca J., 346 Griffen, Wendell Lee, 401 Griffin, Charles Daniel, 346 Griffin, Elizabeth Joan, 416 Griffin, Gordon Downey, 450 Griffin, Griff, 464 Griffin, Joe, 159. 468 Griffin, Wanda Jean, 372 Griffith, Janet L., 405 Grigg, O. Marie, 346 Griggs, Donnie Lynn, 470 Griggs, Gary Lynn, 346 Griggs, Ronald, 183, 346 Grigsby, Robert, 450 Grimes, Charles, 159, 346 Grimes, Monta, 380 Grimes, Thomas, 372 Grimsley, Ruth, 380 Grinder, Stanley, 401 Grippe, Ronald, 40 Grisham, Janice, 179, 346 Grisham, Mary, 150, 372 Grisham, Michael, 145, 346 Grisham, Tommy, 410 Grisham, William, 462 Grisham, William R., 456 Groce, William, 346 Grogan, Virginia, 372 Grounds. Michael, 372 Grove, Louis, 384 Guard, Melinda, 150, 440 Guerriero, Paula, 380 Guinn, Carol, 346 Guinn, Janet, 380 Guinn, Mary, 380 Guist, Aulois, 346 Gullick, Jane, 405 Gump, Mary, 416 Gunter, Mary, 346 Gunter, Robert, 384 Gupta, Dev Raj, 179, 346 Gupta, Ram Gopal, 179, 346 Gurley, Richard, 456 Gustafson, Julie, 426 Gutensohn, Gena, 380 Guy, Diane, 167, 428 Guynn, Ralph, 346 Guynn, Rita, 346 Gwatney, Russell, 470 Gwyn, Jenny, 167, 395 H Hachtmeyer, Katheryn, 159, 372 Hack, Louise, 167, 387 Hacker, Michael, 474 Hackley, Brenda, 434 Hackney, Audrey, 405 Hackworth, Carolyn, 145, 346 Hagemann, Joel, 448 Haggard, Kenneth, 346 Hagge, Patrick, 410 Hahn, Michael, 391 Haines, Elizabeth, 440 Haines, Lance, 167, 346 Haizlip, Christy, 167, 428 Halbrook, Emily, 436 Halbrook, Steve, 401 Hale, James, 372 Hale, Margo, 432 Haley, Michael, 145, 448 Haley, R. Neil, 462 Halinski, Richard, 389, 468 Halk, Edward, 145, 460 Halk, Kathryn, 380 Hall, David, 159, 346 Hall, Donna, 440 Hall, Gordon, 466 Hall, James, 470 Hall, James R., 410 Hall, Judy, 346 Hall, Larry, 159, 391 Hall, Lola, 167, 346 Hall, Marilyn, 405 Hall, Ralph, 172, 470 Hall, Steve, 470 Haller, Sarah, 416 Halliburton, Margie, 380 Halsell, James, 454 Haltom, Brent, 372 Haltom, Kathy, 167, 346 Haltom, Scott, 150, 372 Haltom, Stephen, 159, 346 Hamilton, James, 183, 346 Hamilton, Nancy, 416 Hamilton, Roland, 159, 410 Hamilton, Sylvia, 405 Hamlin, Franklin, 159, 464 Hamm, Ann, 167, 426 Hammack, Robert J., 410 Hammans, Cherrye Lea, 416 Hammans, Claudia Lynn,. 440 Hammans, Margaret Claire, 395 Hammer, James Ronald, 410 Hammett, Charles Dwain, 401 Hampton, David Marcus, 464 Hampton, Julia Beth, 372 Hampton, Martha Bozo, 428 Hampton, N. Melinda, 372 Hancock, William, 167, 346 Hand, David Wayne, 346 Handshy, Bill, 385 Haney, Carol J., 438 Haney, Roger, 183, 346 Hankins, Daniel C., 454 Hankins, Gary Alan, 454 Hankins, Stuart, 183, 346 Hanna, James Lawrence, 472 Hanna, Richard E., 454 Hanna, Shelley, 167, 346 Hannebaum, Marie Kaye, 372 Hanry, Michael, 172, 372 Hansen, Gary Lee, 410 Hanshew, Gayle Janet, 346 Harberson, Dennis Dean, 346 Harbin, Denise, 416 Harbin, Kathleen E., 380 Hardgrave, Peggy Sue, 346 Hardin, Billy C., 401 Hardin, Jim, 464 Hardin, Larry, 410 Hardin, Robert, 402 Harding, Sherie, 150, 426 Hardy, Patricia Joyce, 436 Hare, Suellen, 372 Hargis, Ed, 183, 346 Hargis, John Lee, 385 Hargis, Kenneth, 167, 372 Hargraves, Beverly Thompson, 472 Hargraves, James, 150, 466 Hargrove, Jerry E., 346 Harker, James Michael, 450 Harkreader, Jerry Clifford, 372 Harmon, Dennis, 145, 346 Harmon, Henry Lawson, 401 Harmon. Karen, 150, 426 Harmon, Linda S., 380 Harmon, Sandra, 145, 395 Harmon, Toni M., 426 Harp, Billy E., 391 Harp, Jim, 145, 346 Harp, Robert, 172, 476 Harper, Audrey F., 416 Harper, David Wayne, 346 Harper, Janice Elaine, 346 Harper, Loyd, 183, 346 Harrel, John Allen, 456 489 Harrell, Melissa, 150, 438 Harrell, Wayne, 172, 346 Harrelson, Charles, 150, 346 Harret, David W., 346 Harriman, Morril hi., 450 Harrington, Patricia C., 380 Harrington, Rebecca Lynn, 405 Harris, De Ann, 380 Harris, J. Michael, 402 Harris, James Edgar, 346 Harris, James Wesley, 346 Harris, Jerry Levy, 385 Harris, John Chester, 464 Harris, Kathleen L., 346 Harris, Lindsley, 440 Harris, Lynette, 372 Harris, Marion Lee, 452 Harris, Otis, 159, 472 Harris, Pat, 462 Harris, Phillip Michael, 410 Harris, Ronald George, 410 Harris, Sherry, 438 Harris, Susan Catherine, 346 Harris, Twant M., 385 Harris, William, 159, 346 Harrison, Ben T., 372 Harrison, Nora E., 387 Harrison, Robert S., 472 Harrison, Sarah, 150, 387 Harrison, Susan R., 426 Harsh, Nina, 167, 440 Hart, Elizabeth Kay, 428 Hart, James Gary, 456 Hart, Leslie Wade, 456 Hartman, Albert, 150, 460 Hartman, Lloyd G., 464 Hartman, Melissa J., 436 Hartman, Rebecca, 180, 346 Hartsfield, Harriet, 432 Hartz, David E., 391 Harvell, Grady, 172, 391 Harvey, Sharon R., 395 Harvey, Vickie, 167, 346 Harville, Catherine, 416 Hass, Diana Lynn, 395 Hatchett, Patricia A., 405 Hatfield, Annette A., 416 Hatfield, Cheryl, 346 Hatfield, Kevin L., 346 Hatfield, William C., 372 Hatley, Paula E., 372 Haugen, Susan, 372 Haven, John Lynn, 464 Hawes, Johnny Reid, 372 Hawkins, Barbara A., 430 Hawkins, Brenda Fay, 372 Hawkins, Claude S., 468 Hawkins, Frank H., 410 Hawkins, Gayla D., 405 Hawkins, Reginal, 391 Hawkins, Robert M., 410 Hawkins, Ronald R., 346 Hawks, Randall, 446 Hawley, Sylvia, 151, 430 Hay, Vicki V., 416 Hayes, Karen M., 346 Hayes, Margaret M., 405 Hayes, Pamela Sue, 346 Hayes, Sydney, 395 Haynes, Jay Anna, 430 Hays, Mike S., 466 Hays, Patrick, 183, 346 Hays, William, 183, 347 Hazlewood, James B., 476 Hazlewood, Michael, 159, 347 Hazlewood, Mike G., 372 Head, Tommy G., 472 Headstream, James W., 468 Healy, Michael J., 465 Hearne, Gail, 151, 432 Heaston, John, 172, 347 Heck, Patricia R., 380 Hedgecock, Carolyn M., 347 Hedrick, Valeria Jean, 416 Hefley, James M., 410 Hefley, Linda E., 395 Heflin, Ray, 410 Hefner, Michael P., 410 Hegglund, Mary Jane, 434 Hegwood, Trudy J., 435 Heinrichs. Marian E., 405 Heiss, Harry G., 410 Helmbrecht, Morie, 405 Helmer, Jo Ellyn, 380 Helmich, Larry E., 410 Helms, Brenda K., 405 Helms, Lori Lyn, 395 Helms, Thomas, 462 Henderson, Clint, 454 Henderson, Fran, 416 Henderson, Walter E.. 468 Hendricks, Donald Ray, 347 Hendricks, Judy, 180, 372 Hendricks, Kathee, 347 Hendrickson, Carol S., 416 Hendrickson, Terry, 151, 347 Hendrix, Connie, 395 Hendrix, John V., 347 Hendrix, Juliana 347 Henley, Nelton Lee, 410 Henley, Wordna, 167, 372 Hennage, John A., 470 Hennage, Patti A., 372 Henningson, Marvin, 167, 347 Henningson, Rebecca C., 180, 347 Henry, Bill, 458 Henry, Candace, 380 Henry, Karen L., 416 Henry, Linda, 151, 387 Henry, Norma P., 347 Henry, Orville, 167, 347 Henry, Susan C., 380 Henry, Thomas W., 157, 347 Henry, Wendy, 381 Henson, Michael A., 393 Herget, Janet, 151, 432 Herget, Susan, 416 Heringer, Al., 159, 466 Herlocker, Lolly, 151, 438 Herndon, Karen, 159, 436 Heroman, Philip D., 456 Herriman, Lindell J., 385 Herrin, Jamie L., 372 Herring, Sarah, 438 Herrmann, Carol S., 416 Hershberger, Bessie L., 399 Hesselbein, Brenda G., 347 Hesselbein, Ward, 172, 347 Hester, Rodney L., 385 Hestir, Randall S., 454 Hestir, Ronald W., 454 Hetherwick, Mary Jo., 416 Hewlett, Garland G., 372 Hickman, Catherine E., 151, 347 Hickman, Faith M., 167, 395 Hickman, Kathy, 395 Hicks, Ellen G., 381 Hicks, Pamela J., 416 Higginbothom, Stephen W., 466 Higginbothom, Susan E., 432 Higginbothom, William, 151, 466 Hightower, Donna S., 347 Hightower, Michael, 151, 347 Higman, Linda Ann, 436 Hildbold, Beth Ann, 151, 347 Hildbold, Janet Lee, 347 Hile, James M., 347 Hill, Art, 410 Hill, Billi, 438 Hill, Billy, 172, 347 Hill, Bruce, 167, 347 Hill, Charles, 151, 446 Hill, Dale, 151, 402 Hill, Diane, 395 Hill, Daruis, 159, 347 Hill, David Alan, 410 Hill, David B., 159, 347 Hill, David Logan, 456 Hill, David Rickey, 347 Hill, Dennis Ray, 347 Hill, Lora, 381 Hill, Marilyn Elizabeth, 430 Hill, Michael Eugene, 372 Hill, Mike A., 410 Hill, Nancy, 167, 405 Hill, Norma Jean, 405 Hill, Richard A., 172, 347 Hill, Robert, 347, 452 Hill, Walter Allen, 347 Hill, William Robert, 373 Hilliday, David Ray, 347 Hills, John, 172, 347 Hines, Gail Lea, 435 Hines, Susan Carol, 416 Hink, Henry Clay, 468 Hinkle, Carol J., 432 Hinkle, Jo Phyllis, 381 Hinman, Suki, 405 Hinnes, Barbara Frances, 432 Hinton, Wilhelmenia, 151, 396 Hipp, Gary L., 402 Hjrschy, Lewis Wayne, 385 Hite, Margaret Eleanor, 405 Hitt, Thomas William, 410 Hixon, Suzanne, 416 Hobbs, Genny Anne, 440 Hoben, Nancy Ann, 396 Hoberock, Chris, 347 Hodapp, Gerald, 159, 450 Hodge, Linda Gayle, 416 Hodges, Jerry Franklin, 450 Hodges, Nancy Noel, 432 Hodges, Robert H., 151,466 Hodnett, Paul S., 173, 347 Hodnett, Ray, 183, 347 Hoff, Dale Clyde, 347 Hoff. Wayne Daryl, 347 Hoffman, Susie, 373 Hogan, Beth, 159, 432 Hogan, Kay. 373 Hogard, Ethel Francine, 347 Hoggard, Donald V ., 460 Hoggard, Martha, 151, 347 Hogsett, Carol Ann, 396 Hogue, Stephanie, 373 Hogue, Susan Linn, 381 Hohman, Marsha L., 432 Hohne, Gerald E., 402 Hohne. Kris, 151, 405 Hoisington, Martha L., 373 Hoke, Carole, 167, 432 Hoke, Sara Lou, 432 Holakouzadeh, Sohrab, 180, 393 Holbert, Charles Edwin. 347 Holcomb, John G., 347 Holcombe Hall, 390 Holden, Jim Reid, 466 Holden, Roy Scott, 472 Holiman, Michael R., 466 Holland, Daniel, 173, 385 Holland, Fred R., 410 Holland, Janice Darlene, 381 Holland, Tricia, 373 Holland, Wayman, 391 Holliday, Deborah Kay, 438 Holliday, Robert Lee, 454 Hollingsworth, James Mark, 389 Holmes, Margaret Leota, 428 Holmes, Robert S., 456 Holstead, Helene L., 416 Holt, Anna, 167, 348 Holt, Edwin, 180, 393 Holt, George P., 348 Holt, Ginger, 417 Holt, Holly J., 428 Holt, Lee, 405 Holt, Lucinda Ann, 381 Holt, Patricia, 151, 440 Holt, Terry E., 402 Holyfield, Constance, 396 Holyfield, Watson, 159, 348 Holzwarth, Barbara, 348 Hon, James T., 348 Hon, John David, 348 Hong, Louise, 373 Hong, May, 373 Hood, Juliana, 416 Hook, Ronnie D., 466 Hooks, Daniel J., 402 Hooks, Elizabeth R., 417 Hopkins, Jennifer J., 405 Hopkins, Loyce A., 435 Hopkins, Mary ,167, 348 Hopson, Anna L., 381 Horan, Matthew T., 450 Horn, Frederick, 173, 348 Hornaday, Floyd, 173, 373 Horner, Don, 151, 456 Horton, Janice, 167, 348 Horton, John B., 410 Horton, Larry W., 462 Horton, Nancy, 167, 405 Horton, Ricky, 145, 448 Hosford, Jeffrey E., 454 Hosman, Michael L., 432 Hotchkiss, Claudia, 417 Hot Hall, 400 Hotz, John W., 385 Hotz, Thomas, 173, 385 Hough, William, 183, 348 House, David D., 402 House, Dianne, 167, 428 Houskeeper, Douglas, 184, 348 Howard, Bonni, 396 Howard, David A., 391 Howard, James, 151, 348 Howard, Jerry, 173, 476 Howard, Lamar, 468 Howard, Leslie O., 410 Howard, Lillian E., 348 Howard, Margaret J., 381 Howard, Marty, 428 Howard, Richard B., 470 Howell, Charles, 167, 348 Howell, Robert M., 456 490 Hoyeski, Joan F., 405 Hubbard, Allene L., 396 Hubbard, Bil l S., 466 Hubbard, George G., 466 Hubbard, James L., 348 Hubble, Kathryn L., 381 Hubbs, Michael, 460 Huber, George M., 474 Huck, Richard, 448 Hucke, Heyden M., 348 Hucke, Samuel T., 348 Hudson, David O., 402 Hudson, Debbie L., 432 Hudson, Harriett, 436 Hudson, James A., 476 Hudson, Janet R., 417 Hudson, John M., 458 Hudson, Linda Jo, 381 Hudspeth, Barton, 159, 446 Hudspeth, Jimmy, 151, 348 Hudspeth, Kathi, 167, 348 Hudspeth, William A., 462 Huff, Jack H., 159, 466 Huff, Judi K., 348 Huffman, Donna, 145, 348 Huggins, Charles, 173, 477 Huggs, Charles, 151,348 Hughen, Dean P., 468 Hughes, Earl R., 348 Hughes, Kathy, 381 Hughes, Kent, 410 Hughes, Philip, 180, 456 Hughes, Randall, 391 Hughes, Rosemary, 396 Hulen, Robert, 159, 348 Hull, Becky, 438 Humble, Jobeth, 373 Humphrey, Becky, 381 Humphreys Hall, 378 Humphries, Stephen B., 454 Huneycutt, Debbie, 381 Hunkapiller, Ronald R., 456 Hunsaker, Kathy D., 381 Hunt, Anne, 145, 348 Hunt, James, 159, 348 Hunt, Jean R., 405 Hunt, Mary, 167, 373 Hunt, Michael, 151, 348 Hunt, Sally, 151, 348 Hunt, Thomas David, 466 Hunter, Alice, 145, 373 Hunter, Johnny L., 402 Hunter, Sara Elizabeth, 417 Hupka, Patricia Anne, 396 Huppert, Mimi, 167, 348 Hurst, Byrum, 159, 468 Hurst, Carolene M., 167, 430 Hurst, H. Byretta, 432 Hurst, James Patrick, 456 Hurt, Wayne Allen, 462 Hussey, Ross McKinley, 348 Hutchens, Debra Lynn, 405 Hutchinson, Ann Taliaferro, 405 Hutson, Connie Ruth, 348 Hutson, Darrell, 173, 402 Hutson, J. Kaye, 348 Hutson, Tamara Shayne, 373 Hyatt, Mary Elizabeth, 440 Hyatt, Phillip, 410 Hyland, Dennis Glenn, 410 Hyneman, Ben, 159, 348 I Ibsen, Michael Dane, 454 Icenogle, Gary Dean, 385 IEEE., 80 Imboden, Richard, 145, 448 Imhoff, Karen E., 417 Impson, Mary E., 417 Ingels, Beverly A., 405 Ingels, Irene, 417 Ingram, James, 159, 348 Ingram, Myrna J., 405 Inman, Fred B., 474 Interfraternity Council, 444 International Club, 94 Irby, Don Lee, 410 Irvan, Mary V., 373 Irvin, Debra L., 417 Irving, Elizabeth, 151, 426 Irving, Marietta, 440 Irwin, Clark C., 458 Irwin, James S., 458 Irwin, Randy, 468 Irwin, Teresa J., 373 Irwin, Walter F., 348 Isgrig, Marian, 440 Ives, Daniel D., 402 Ivey, Connie S., 348 Ivy, Terry Lee, 410 J Jacks, John W., 458 Jackson, Becky J., 417 Jackson, Daniel, 151, 348 Jackson, Dennis C., 410 Jackson, Don C., 410 Jackson, Gary, 180, 348 Jackson, Harper S., 373 Jackson, James, 182, 348 Jackson, Joan R., 381 Jackson, Karen, 167, 348 Jackson, Michael E., 410 Jackson, Pamela A., 405 Jackson, Rebecca M., 381 Jackson, Robert M., 460 Jackson, Sally A., 433 Jacobi, David W., 348 Jacobi, Forrest, 159, 475 Jacobs, Candace A., 406 Jacobs, Jack R., 470 Jacobs, Robert F., 389 Jamasbi, Roudabeh, 180, 348 James, Arthur R., 348 James, David L., 373 James, June K., 381 James, Patrick A., 410 James, Rebecca K., 348 James, Richard K., 467 James, Thomas R., 451 James, William M., 391 James, William R., 467 Jansen, Judy K., 435 Jarbeau, Donna L., 348 Jay, Beckie, 151, 426 Jean, Grady, 468 Jeffcott, Jan, 373 Jefferson, Gary, 184, 458 Jeffrey, Rick F., 348 Jeffries, Cole, 184, 454 Jeffries, James P., 410 Jeffus, Linda, 406 Jemison, Lee, 151,406 Jenkins, Bobby J., 472 Jenkins, Carol M. ( 348 Jenkins, Carolyn C., 431 Jenkins, Henrietta, 151, 348 Jenkins, Irma Nell, 396 Jenkins, John, 456, 477 Jenkins, Morris J., 402 Jenkins, Phillip M., 410 Jenkins, Richard G., 385 Jenkjns, Robert M. ( 470 Jenkins, Susan E., 396 Jenkins, Thomas, 180, 348 Jenkins, William, 159, 349 Jennings, Beverly, 406 Jennings, George M., 373 Jennings, Jerry L., 389 Jennings, Mary D., 381 Jennings, Mary Lynn, 373 Jennings, Maurice, 151, 349 Jennings, Sissy, 167. 349 Jernigan, Gail, 151, 433 Jerry, Donald, 180, 349 Jerry, Vivian J., 349 Jeske, Leroy, 151, 472 Jeter, Jennifer, 417 Jeu, Gall Joyce, 381 Jewsbury, Janet E.. 396 Jines, Patricia, 151, 349 Johanson, Claudia J., 431 Johns, Gary, 167, 402 Johnson, Angela, 406 Johnson, Barbara Ann, 406 Johnson, Betsy, 431 Johnson, Bobby, 173, 349 Johnson, Brun, 349 Johnson, Carolyn A., 396 Johnson, Daniel, 184, 349 Johnson, David W., 467 Johnson, Donald C., 410 Johnson, Elizabeth, 349 Johnson, Frank S., 410 Johnson, George, 159, 349 Johnson, James A., 402 Johnson, Jan A., 417 Johnson, Jim P., 454 Johnson, John, 151, 462 Johnson, John, 184, 349 491 Johnson, John L., 458 Johnson, Kathie A., 396 Johnson, Kenneth F., 159, 468 Johnson, Kirk, 159, 349 Johnson, Larry D., 452 Johnson, Marsha E., 349 Johnson, Mary, 173, 349 Johnson, Parker E., 459 Johnson, Penny, 432 Johnson, Randall E., 410 Johnson, Richard L., 373 Johnson, Ronald L., 402 Johnson, Sam, 473 Johnson, Sammy, 145, 349 Johnson, Sandra L., 417 Johnson, Sharron R., 417 Johnson, Steve, 456 Johnson, Steve M., 349 Johnson, Suzanne, 151, 406 Johnson, Timothy W., 349 Jones, Evelyn, 374 Jones, James, 160, 349 Jones, Jamie L., 389 Jones, Jana L., 433 Jones, Janice L., 373 Jones, Jeanie L., 381 Jones, Jerry, 145, 349 Jones, Judy, 381 Jones, Karl R., 475 Jones, Kenneth E., 470 Jones, Kenneth R., 447 Jones, Lanita G., 381 Jones, Larry, 160, 349 Jones, Linda S., 417 Jones, Loretta Sue, 406 Jones, Margaret E., 349 Jones, Marla, 160, 426 Jones, Martha Lynn, 439 Jones, Melvin, 173, 402 Jones, Mike, 152, 456 Justiss, Richard D., 465 Justus, Sandra L, 396 K Kalcich, Phillip, 173, 349 Kappa Alpha Theta, 436 Kappa Delta Pi, 80 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 438 Kappa Sigma, 454 Karate Club, 79 Karber, Gregory T., 454 Karnes, Gary, 160, 463 Karstetter, Kathy Jan, 349 Kasper, Cheryl S., 433 Kattan, Jeanie, 417 Kaufman, Rhonda K., 381 1 % Sc I Johnson, Wallace L., 402 Johnston, Albert, 151, 349 Johnston, David C., 451 Johnston, Francis E., 402 Johnston, Jody, 349 Johnston, Judith, 167, 349 Johnston, Paul K., 391 Johnston, Rebecca E., 439 Johnston, Ruth E., 417 Johnston, Stan R., 402 Joiner, Gary L., 410 Jones, Brenda B., 447 Jones, Carolyn, 373 Jones, Christie S., 417 Jones, Christy D., 417 Jones, Delbert L., 454 Jones, Diana S., 417 Jones, Douglas H., 467 Jones, Doyle W., 349 Jones, Ed, 373 Jones, Esther F., 396 Jones, Patricia Len, 381 Jones, Philip S., 349 Jones, Richard W., 391 Jones, Sharon, 180, 349 Jones, Susan, 428 Jones, Troy, 160, 349 Jones, Wayne A., 349 Jones, William, 173, 373 Jordan, James B., 349 Jordan, James F., 473 Jordan, Judy Carol, 406 Jordan, Martin O., 349 Journagan, James A., 468 Joyce, Eugene, 173, 349 Julian, Roland W., 456 Jumper, John M., 463 Justice, Nolan Jay, 411 Justis, Glenda Ann, 381 Justiss, Donna Kaye, 373 Justiss, James, 160, 465 Kavanaugh, Steven A., 467 Keagy, Janet, 381 Kearney, Jack R., 373 Kearney, Jesse Lee, 373 Keaton, Deborah June, 349 Keck, Wanda J., 373 Keel, Deborah L., 436 Keen, Ricky, 160, 349 Keenan, Robert, 459 Keith, Ernest A., 391 Keith, Paula Gene, 435 Kellam, Dennis H., 411 Kellar, John, 447 Keller, Kenneth Ray, 349 Keller, Kenneth W., 447 Keller, Stephen, 152, 457 Kellett, Janie, 433 Kelley, Becky L., 381 Kelley, Marsha E., 373 Kelley, Mary Carol, 428 Kelly, Alice J., 406 Kelly, Bobbye V., 439 Kelly, John, 173. 349 Kelly, Randy Wayne, 451 Kelly, Stephen B., 349 Kelly, Thaddeus R., 473 Kemp, Connie, 152, 435 Kemp, Danny, 468 Kemp, Jame, 173, 349 Kemper, Joseph S., 402 Kendall, Anthony, 173, 467 Kennedy, Dayna L., 396 Kennedy, Robert L., 411 Kennedy, Sherry, 167, 433 Kennedy, William H., 465 Kennett, Dan, 184, 349 Kenning, John G., 463 Kerlin, Daniel R., 459 Kerr, Connie, 426 Kersey, Rick, 167, 349 Kersten, Carolyn, 160, 442 Kersten, Robert C.. 451 Kessler, Donald, 180, 349 Kever, Jimmy Dale, 459 Kienast, Carl C., 447 Killian, Phyllis, 349 Kim, Yuh Ryun, 406 Kimberling, Kay Lynn, 426 Kimpel, William W., 411 Kimura, Mari, 349 Kimura, Yumi, 349 Kincaid, Edwin W., 349 Kincaid, Michael L., 45 7 Kincaid, Stevenson, 457 Kincheloe, James, 184, 349 Kinder, Larry, 167, 350 King, Becky, 440 King, Dean, 173, 350 King, Don, 160, 350 King, Durwood, 184, 350 King, Frank Leo, 465 King, Gary L., 350 King, Janis, 180, 350 King, Joseph, 160, 350 King, Linda L., 350 King, Lindy M., 4i7 King, Patrick, 160, 3 r 0 King, Patti A., 406 King, Ronald, 173, 350 King, Stephen Lee, 373 King, Thomas M., 465 Kingan, Peter, 152, 350 Kingdom, Susan E., 406 Kinnaird, Jane Ann, 417 Kinney, Deborah Sue, 406 Kinsey, Donna M., 396 Kinsey, Mary K., 373 Kinzler, Steve L., 468 Kirby, Hodge H., 454 Kirby, Pam, 152, 436 Kirchhoff, Edward, 173, 350 Kirchhoff, Faith D., 350 Kirchhoff, Fred, 173, 350 Kirk, Anita Marie, 350 Kirker, Ronald K., 350 Kirkpatrick, Dennis A., 468 Kirkpatrick, Patty, 428 Kirkpatrick, Terry, 184, 350 Kitchens, Laura F., 381 Kittler, Dianne, 417 Kittrell, Anne, 167, 406 Kittrell, Thomas, 160, 350 Kfeldgaard, John, 145, 350 Kleck, Deborah Jane, 373 Kliner, Beverly, 145, 350 Knight, Charles, 152, 468 Knight, Michael E., 411 Knight, Richard R., 391 Knipe, Floyd Paul, 350 Kniseley, James Steven, 468 Knod, Anita Lynne, 350 Knoll, Kathy R., 417 Knott, William, 160, 460 Knotts, David A., 457 Knotts, Joe Ann, 373 Knowles, Kathleen, 145, 428 Knox, John Frank, 411 Knox, Karen, 439 Knox, Steven C., 350 Knox, Terri S., 381 Knox, Thurston, 373 Ko, Bobby Chu, 373 Koch, Katy, 145, 350 Koch, Philip, 173, 350 Kocher, Roger, 152, 350 Koenig, Jeffery L., 350 Koetter, Christine, 417 Kohler, Cheri 432 Konert, Michele, 381 Kooistra, James, 152, 350 Koon, Eddie Wayne, 470 Koonce, James, 173, 373 Koontz, Lewis, 402 Koontz, William R., 411 Kopp, George, 184, 350 Kornegay, Alan John, 476 Korte, Kathleen Ann, 373 Kouri, Robbie, 180, 393 Kramer, Steven F., 459 Kraynik, Robert James, 411 Krebs, Samuel E., 373 Kremers, Eugene E., 350 Kreps, Lynn C., 441 Kretzer, Jeff A., 459 Kreulen, Mandy G., 373 Kriesel, Randy J., 385 Krueger, Dennis C., 350 Krueger, Steve, 373 Kruger, Marshall, 180, 350 Krum, Susan, 167, 350 Kubala, John H„ 457 Kunkel, Karl, 152, 373 Kurrus, Connie E., 381 Kuse, Wayne, 173, 350 Kutait, Julia S., 381 Kutait, Mary Ellen, 443 Kuykendall, L : nda Ann, 381 Kyle, Scott A., 402 L Lacey, Lynn, 373 Lachowsky, Stephen, 402 Lackie, Pamela K., 350 Lacy, Melanie Anne, 443 Ladd, Jimmie D., 448 Lady, Cecile, 167, 350 LaFarra, Janice. 152, 396 LaFont, Deborah Kay, 381 Lair, Dwain A., 391 Laird, Barbara Joan, 426 Lam, Chuck Lin, 385 Lambda Chi Alpha 465 Lambert. Walter L., 459 Lamberth, Marcus, 152, 470 Lambiotte, Joe, 465 Lancaster, Carl, 173, 350 Lammel, Margaret Anne, 428 Lancaster, Carl, 173, 350 Lancaster, Dalton H., 402 Lancaster, Janice, 152, 350 Land, Jeri, 152, 436 Land, Richard E., 402 Land, Ruth Adele, 373 Landers, Michael, 184, 350 Landes, Rodney, 173, 465 Landrum, Susie, 167, 350 Lands, Jack, 350 Lane, Debby, 441 Lane, Rickey Dale, 402 Lanford, Mary J., 417 Lang, Mary D., 417 Langham, Frank G., 468 Langston, Jill Ann, 396 LaPorte, Lillian, 406 LaPrade, Carol Sue, 381 LaPrade, Margaret, 146, 429 Larimore, Lynn, 167, 350 Larkin, Steve D., 449 Larsen, Donna Ann, 431 Larsen, Gary, 160, 350 Larson, Robert, 152, 411 Larson, Timothy, 160, 451 Larson, Timothy W., 402 Larson, Todd Douglas, 454 Lashley, Connie, 146, 350 Lassetter, Nancy Lee, 431 Lathrop,. Richard, 350 Latrecchia, Nancy Elizabeth, 417 Latta, Mike Jay, 475 Latta, Susan Marie, 381 Laube, Linda K., 406 Laughlin, Kendall Adams, 465 Law, Lindell James, 471 Law, Michael Dwain, 449 Lawless, Michael Anthony, 402 Lawrence, Charles M., 477 Lawrence, John H., 459 Lawrence, Timothy C., 350 Laws, Darryl, 173, 373 Lawson, Betty Ruth, 417 Lawson, Jerry W., 411 Lawson, Peggy, 167, 350 Lay, David L., 402 Layne, Charles Terry, 350 Lea, Robert, 180, 350 Leach, Frank Sewell, 447 Leatherbury, Dale E., 447 Ledbetter, James H., 473 Ledbetter, Keith David, 373 Ledford, Ronald Edwards, 402 Ledjng, Theresa Marie, 373 Leding, William Joseph, 351 Lee, Betty, 396 Lee, Brenda, 160, 433 Lee, Charles, 173, 351 Lee, David H., 463 Lee, Eddie, 146, 449 Lee, Ewan Davidson, 465 Lee, James, 180, 351 Lee, Jean, 396 Lee, John, 160, 351 Lee, John Perry, 465 Lee, Linda, 429 Lee, Mary, 396 Lee, Mona, 417 Lee, Sandra L., 351 Lee, Vernon Eugene, 475 Lee, Vicki, 167, 426 Lee, William, 160, 351 Leek, A. Susan, 406 Leeman, Frank William, 351 Leffen, Beth, 381 Legan, Carol Ann, 417 Leighton, Susan, 443 Leiting, Jane, 152, 436 Lemke, Duane Edward, 411 Lennon, James Howard, 460 Leonard, Eddie, 373 492 Leopard, Lindsey, 373 Leopard, Stephen, 167, 374 Lepp, Andrew W., 402 Leraris, Anthony S., 374 Leslie, Douglas Kent, 351 Lessenberry, Bill, 411 Lester, Sue Ellen, 433 Levy, John Edward, 411 Lewis, Connie, 417 Lewis, Diane, 374 Lewis, Fletcher, 184, 467 Lewis, James Michael, 468 Lewis, Karen, 167, 351 Lewis, Linda, 417 Lewis, Linwood, 173, 385 Lewis, Michael Kent, 45? Lewis, Randall Joe, 351 Lewis, Randolph H., 385 Lewis, Ronald Keith, 411 Lewis, Thomas, 167, 475 Lewis, Tom H., 351 Lewis, William, 160, 454 Ley, Stan, 389 Lierley, Dayton, 180, 351 Ligon, William Frederick, 467 Lillich, David E., 351 Lilly, Steven Jay, 411 Limbird, Jim George, 391 Limerick, Richard Conner, 454 Limoges, Brian Harold, 389 Linam, Ruth, 374 Lindquist, Gary A., 449 Lindquist, Karl, 152, 475 Lindsey, Gary, 160, 465 Lindsey, Louis, 402 Lingo, Donald, 152, 351 Linnen, Allen W., 351 Linton, Gene Autry, 402 Lipe, Larry, 467 Lisman, Diane, 396 Little, Elwanda Marie, 351 Little, Newton, 160, 467 Little Sisters of Minerva, 81 Little, Taylor, 160, 457 Little, Thomas, 160, 351 Lively, Andrew, 374 Lively, Billy 160, 457 Livingston, Michael, 173, 351 Lloyd, Kenneth, 173, 351 Lockeby, Larry T., 351 Lofton, Nancy Louise, 387 Logan, Charles, 451 Logan, Gary W., 351 Logan, Kathryn, 180, 435 Logan, Larry L., 468 Long, Clark, 467 Long, Leland Joe, 402 Long, Linda Diane, 443 Long, Steve, 152. 351 Long, Thomas Wayne, 411 Longinotti, David L., 385 Lonon, Tommy, 167, 351 Looney, Wayne, 411 Loper, Randy Lin, 452 Lorenz, Jim, 184, 454 Losey, Steven Andrew, 385 Lott, Susy L., 351 Love, Don, 152, 351 Love, Rick, 411 Lovell, James E., 411 Lovett, Glenda Jean, 374 Lovett, Kathy Ellis, 381 Lowe, Steven A., 351 Lowe, Susan C., 396 Lowery, Dudley, 449 Lowery, Orville W., 391 Lowery, William Ray, 391 Lowrance, Bill, 385 Low.rey, Tad, 411 Lubin, Avery, 455 Lucas, Linda G., 381 Luck, Benjamin, 160, 357 Luck, Mary, 180, 351 Luedicke, Constance, 152, 443 Lukas, Judy, 431 Lum, Mary Lynn, 417 Lumpkin, Angela, 167, 399 Lundy, Debbi Hartley, 374 Luper, Rhonda, 160, 351 Luter, Dennis Wayne, 475 Luther, Mina, 167, 351 Luzietti, John, 180, 351 Lybarger, Weldon, 173, 351 Lynch, Jeffrey, 173, 351 Lynch, John Ralph, 457 Lynch, Michael Milton, 451 Lynn, Bobby Dean, 411 Lynn, Daniel L., 402 Lyon, Vicki, 381 Lyons, Christopher, 467 M McAfee, Lauren Kay. 406 McAlister, Beverly, 168, 351 McAlister, Nancy, 436 McAllister, Alonzo, 160, 469 McAllister, Cindy, 427 McBeth, Barbara J., 396 McBeth, Hiram T., 389 McBrayer, Janice, 382 McBride, Pamela, 381 McBride, Sandra E., 381 McBurnett, Charles, 460 McCaa, James, 160, 457 McCabe, Theresa, 351 McCain, Joan, 433 McCampbell, Laura, 168, 436 McCarty, Dalt P., 467 McCarty, James M., 471 McCarty, Phillip W., 467 McCarver, David B., 385 McCaulley, Frederick, 411 McClain, Billy, 152, 351 McClain, David L., 411 McClain, Doyle W., 411 McClain, Sonny, 351 McClard, Bill, 447 McCleary, Lynn, 160, 431 McClelland, Linda, 152, 443 McClenathan, Nancy, 351 McClung, Keith, 471 McClure, Debbie, 381 McClure, Donald, 411 McClure, John, 160, 351 McClure, Virginia, 381 McConaghy, Gail, 406 McCone, Harvey, 173, 465 McCoy, Cindy, 406 McCoy, Meredith, 152,431 McCraney. Elaine. 152 443 McCrary, Belinda. F., 396 McCrary, Camellia A., 396 McCreery, Charles, 471 McCreight, Robert, 469 McCrory, Phillip D., 402 McCuistion, Tonya, 152, 351 McCune, Loren, 173, 351 McCutchen, Tommie, 433 McCutcheon, Peggy L., 381 McDaniel, Bobby, 184, 471 McDaniel, Joe N., 391 McDaniel, Melody, 168, 429 McDaniel, Rodney Dale, 457 McDonald, Don R., 385 McDonald, Gary J., 391 McDonald, Gary M., 411 McDonald, Joan, 443 McDonald, Margaret L., 351 McDonald, Nanette, 152, 374 McDonald, Paul, 160, 457 McDonald, Warren J., 457 McDonald, William R., 449 McDowell, David T., 351 McDowell, Donald, 402 McDuff, James P., 351 McDuff, Pam C., 351 McEarl, Judy Ann, 381 McElroy, Elizabeth, 443 McEntire, James, 146, 449 McFarland, Terry, 389, 469 McFarlin, Randy D., 411 McFerran, Michael J., 459 McFeeters, Jean, 429 McGaugh, James, 152, 351 McGaugley, Vernon, 160, 351 McGee, Leonard W., 351 McGehee, David L., 463 McGhee, Ronald W., 146, 352 McGill, Bruce, 180, 352 McGinty, James, 152, 352 McGoogan, Michael, 374 McGowan, Brenda Jo, 406 McGowen, Maxey B., 352 McGraw, Roy, 160, 473 McGregor, Kent, 146, 449 McGrew, Dan, 173, 352 McGuire, Kathleen, 374 McHaney, Deborah, 396 McHughes, Mary, 168, 439 Mcllveene, Richard, 352 Mcllveene, Ronald, 160, 352 Mclntrye, Kenneth, 352 McKee, Dwight, 411 McKee, Wanette, 180, 352 McKenna, Michael, 180, 352 McKenzie, Gregory, 152, 352 McKenzie, James, 152, 374 McKenzie, Jeanne, 406 McKenzie, Mike, 402 McKeown, Joe, 180, 352 McKewon, Nancy, 443 McKillip, Kathryn, 439 McKinney, Cheryl, 374 McKinney, Luanne, 381 McKinney, Teresa Ann, 374 McKinzie, Jayne Dee, 352 McKissic, Gene E., 411 McKnight, Renee, 381 McKown, Dennis, 352 McKown, Stanley, 146, 449 McKown, Vicki, 168, 352 McKuin, Glen, 174, 477 McLaughlin, Charles, 180, 352 McLaughlin, Charles M., 411 McLean, Maureen, 374 McLelland, James R., 465 McLemore, Karen, 396 McLeod, Paul Jean, 352 McMahan, Simone, 382 McMullin, Annette, 374 McMullin, Jane, 374 McNair, Charles R., 467 McNair, David M., 455 McNally, James, 152, 352 McNamara, Jeanne, 441 McNeal, Debbie, 427 McNeice, Robert D., 411 McNeil, Billy, 411 McNelly, Deborah D., 352 McNully, Hollis M., 411 McNulty, Sue Ann, 431 McQueen, Lyn, 427 McRae, Bruce B., 402 McReynolds, Debra C., 406 McVey, Gary N., 352 McWhorter, Rickey D., 457 McWilliams, Morris, 160, 352 Mabry, Alicia D., 417 Machen, Thomas L., 465 Mack, Fred D., 385 Mack, Tom M., 457 Macnab, Linda Gail, 417 Macnab, Wanda Dale, 417 Madden, Paula, 168, 429 Maddox, Carol, 168, 352 Maddox, Colette E., 406 Maddox, David, 184, 352 Maedgen, Jan, 441 Maestri, Jeanne, 382 Magee, William Ford, 352 Magers, James B., 411 Magers, Linda, 374 Magie, Richard, 152, 393 Magness, Paula S., 352 Magness, William, 352 Mahaffey, Gloria, 160, 435 Mahan, Gary J., 352 Mahon, Janet L., 382 Maiden, Bonnie Lee, 382 Maier, Marilyn, 431 Mailer, John B., 411 Main, Bob, 411 Mainard, Gail E., 352 Major, David O., 471 Majors, Margaret, 161, 352 Makin, Bobby, 174, 352 Malcom, James, 161, 469 Malczycki, Borys, 180, 389 Mallory, John A., 374 Malloy, Michael A., 352 Malloy, Sharron D., 352 Malone, Donald, 180, 352 Malone, Thomas G., 457 Maloney, Helen A., 352 Maloney, Sharon L., 399 Mandrell, Kathy Lynn, 374 Mann, Lolah, M., 399 Mann, Mary Beth, 399 Manning, Joe Earl, 465 Mano, Leonard R., 473 Manor, Catherine, 417 Mantooth, Tim, 152, 411 Marchand, Sammy, 389 Marinoni, Paula, 417 Markell, Susan M., 431 Marketing Club, 84 Marks, Paula, 152, 433 Marley, Cathy L., 443 Marley, Phyllis A., 443 Marley, Susan J., 352 Marlin, Charles, 174, 477 Marple, Linda, 146, 352 Marquette, Lynn, 382 Marquette, Robert, 168, 460 Marr, Douglas, 152, 461 Marr, Lyale F., 411 Marshall, Bill T., 467 Marshall, Carl S., 411 Marshall, Jack E., 467 Marshall, Lambert Lynn, 374 Marshall, Pat R., 467 Martensen, John, 184, 471 Martin, Charles E., 352 Martin, Charles I., 374 Martin, Cheryl, 439 Martin, Chick, 455 Martin, Dare, 396 Martin, Debra Ruth, 406 Martin, Doug E., 447 Martin, Edwynn, 146, 449 Martin, Eula, 168, 352 Martin, Gerald, 184, 352 Martin, Helena C., 352 Martin, James C., 184, 393 Martin, Jean E., 417 Martin, Joe, 146, 452 Martin, Kathy Jane, 382 Martin, Margaret, 406 Martin, Mark L., 475 Martin, Pamela, 433 Martin, Richard, 174, 374 Martin, Robert D., 374 Martin, Shannon, 433 Martin, Tina, 417 Martin, Toby, 417 Martin, Van, 443 Martinelli, Richardo, 374 Martini, Cheryl, 153, 437 Mashburn, Michael, 161, 352 Mashburn, Stephen, 161, 471 Maslonka, Cheryl, 417 Maslonka, Trudy, 417 Mason, James Z., 411 Mason, John W., 469 Mason, Michael, 352 Mason, Rex Dale, 411 Matheny, Margarett, 352 Mathers, Cay, 441 Mathews, Beth, 441 Mathewson, Cindy, 382 Mathias, Rebecca, 161, 352 Matthews, David, 352 Matthews, Dennis Mark, 352 Matthews, Donald L., 385 Matthews, Douglas, 352 Matthews, Frank Ivan, 352 Matthews, Jane, 146, 406 Matthews, Karen, 374 Matthews, Kathleen Ramsey, 382 Matthews, Michael, 402 Mauldin, Lavelle, 168, 352 Maule, Charles Richard, 385 Maxey, John Dowell, 469 Maxwell, Eugene Sidney, 411 Maxwell, Paul Edward, 449 Maxwell, Rebecca, 168, 441 Maxwell, Ronald, 352 May, Gene, 463 May, Janet Ann, 382 May, John, 459 May, Joseph Allen, 411 May, Patricia Jean, 406 May, Sandra K., 352 May, Thomas Lee, 352 May, Tommy, 352 Mayfield, Margaret, 433 Mayton, Michael Ray, 402 Meadows, Jack, 180, 463 Medford, Cynthia Louise, 406 Meek, Chester, 180, 352 Meek, Deborah Lee, 417 Meeks, Edward, 451 Meeks, Paul, 180, 352 Meeks, Rhonda, 417 Meeks, William, 161, 467 Meenen, Dennis, 473 Meier, Suzanne, 431 Meis, Mickey, 457 Meley, Nancy Elizabeth, 417 Melhorn, Harry, 455 Melhorn, Johnson, 455 Melton, Ginger, 429 Melton, Larry Gene, 374 Melton, Tommy Joe, 411 Melvin, Paula Jane, 443 Menees, Martin, 469 Menefee, Bruce, 161, 352 Menefee, Victoria, 433 Mentil, Margaret, 152, 439 Menyhart, Carl, 152, 352 Merchant, Myra Gail, 382 Meredith, Rebecca Lea, 427 Merrick, George William, 411 Merrit, Mary Occo, 417 Merryman, James, 374 Mesavage, Clement, 473 Metcalf, Charles, 174, 469 Metcalf, Edgar, 184, 352 Metzker, Patrick, 374 Meurer, Thomas, 352 Meyer, Kinch, 174, 352 Meyer, Mark Albert, 352 Meyers, Rebecca, 168, 352 Meyers, Richard, 352 Michael, Helen, 168, 399 Mickel, Delbert, 471 Mickle, Pat, 352 Middlebrooks, Mary Jo, 396 Miesner, Barbara Joan, 418 Miesner, Betty Lou, 418 Miesner, Charlotte, 168, 352 Mika, Larry, 402 Mikesic, David, 184, 352 Milburn, Peter Andrew, 352 Miles, David, 161, 457 Miles, Ivan Joe, 391 Miles, Melissa Jane, 439 Miller, Alex, 184, 352 Miller, Carolyn Lee, 437 Miller, Connell, 352 Miller, Connie, 382 Miller, Gay, 374 Miller, Gene Warren, 411 Miller, Henry, 152, 461 Miller, John Emil, 374 Miller, Joseph, 174, 352 Miller, Lucy Ann, 437 Miller, Marcia, 431 Miller, Mary, 418 Miller, Mary Lee, 161, 396 Miller, Merilynn Zoe, 406 Miller, Nadine Howard, 353 Miller, Nick, 385 Miller, Sheila Joyce, 433 Millerd, Randy Gregg, 465 Mills, Buddy, 402 Mills, Danny, 184, 463 Mills, Don, 353 Mills, Jennifer, 168, 353 Mjllwee, Nancy, 374 Milosevich, Mark Edward, 353 Mims, Bettye Yvonne, 406 Mims, Laura, 168, 382 Miron, Victor, 152, 473 Mitchell, Agnes Kay, 382 Mitchell, Alan Ray, 411 Mitchell, Beverly Jean, 374 Mitchell, Bruce, 398, 471 Mitchell, Jett, 467 Mitchell, Jim, 465 Mitchell, Karen Ann, 374 Mitchell, Lanny, 353 Mitchell, Mary, 152, 374 Mitchell, Myles, 469 Mize, Courtney, 168, 437 Moeller, Billy Carl, 353 Mohler, Michael, 391 Moi, Cindy Carol, 406 Moll, Melinda Ann, 418 Money, David Eugene, 385 Monk, James, 180, 457 Monroe, Frances, 427 Monroe, George Thomas, 402 Monroe, Helen Kay, 429 Montague, Marlene, 180, 387 Montgomery, Cathy, 168, 406 Montgomery, Jeffrey Alan, 353 Montgomery, Karen Sue, 399 Montgomery, Linda, 168, 353 Montgomery, Patti, 427 Montgomery, Sarah, 353 Montgomery, Wiljiam F., 374 Montileone, Dominic, 184, 391 Moody, Jerry, 152, 353 Moody, Melinda Marie, 435 Moon, Bryden, 161, 467 Moon, Gary Walter, 385 Mooney, Glenda Diane, 353 Moore, Benny, 374 Moore, Bren Rae, 382 Moore, Christine, 374 Moore, David, 353 Moore, Debbie Lynn, 418 Moore, Debra Ann, 406 Moore, Gary, 455 Moore, Gwin, 402 Moore, Henry Russell, 411 Moore, Janet, 168, 406 Moore, Jerry, 402 Moore, John, 465 Moore, Lynda Jay, 374 Moore, Margo, 418 Moore, Marshall Holman, 465 Moore, Mary Lynn, 418 Moore, Ralph Morrison, 471 Moore, Richard, 469 Moore, Ronald Charles, 412 Moore, Russell, 353 Moore, Sally Meier, 418 Moore, Terri, 382 Moore, Tracy Leigh, 406 Moore, William F., 374 Moorman, James, 161, 353 Moran, Ellen B., 418 Morehead, Ronald, 174, 374 Morgan, Donna, 152, 429 Morgan, Jerry L., 374 Morgan, John W., 465 Morgan, Phyllis, 161, 353 Morgan, Sandra K., 427 Morley, Roy W., 451 Morphis, Sherry, 146, 353 Morris, Ellen E., 439 Morris, Frances G., 427 Morris, Jana K., 439 Morris, Jenniffer, 433 Morris, Linda M., 374 Morris, Robert, 152, 465 Morris, William J., 457 Morris, William T., 412 Morrison, Carolyn S., 353 Morrison, Phillip L., 475 Morrison, Susan K., 418 Morrow, David, 161, 469 Morrow, Hubert, 146, 353 Morrow, John S., 385 Morse, Harold J., 391 Morse, Shirley D., 406 Mortar Board, 89 Morton, Jerry, 152, 353 Morton, Madeleine E., 437 Morton, Michael W., 469 Morton, Pamela A., 382 Moseley, John R., 353 Moser, Ann, 382 Moser, Murray C., 353 Moses, Dennis, 152, 374 Mosley, Gordon, 459 Moss, Columbus W., 412 Moss, Lynn, 146, 353 Moss, Shela, 180, 418 Motes, Keith A., 402 Moudy, Danny, 161, 353 Moudy, Phillip, 161, 461 Moulder, Christopher, 374 Mount, Larry D., 353 Mourton, Kenneth R., 353 Mourton, Lillie, 168, 353 Mowbray, Ellen L., 382 Moyers, Mary, 399 Mueller, Janet M., 418 Mueller, Melanie, 146, 406 Muller, Mike E., 353 Mullins, Margaret A., 353 Muncy, Pat, 374 Muncy, Paula J., 353 Mundy, Martha R., 418 Munn, Betty, 146, 382 Munson, Susan M., 382 Murphy, Dana G., 439 Murphy, I la, 168, 437 Murphy, Margaret, 168, 353 Murphy, Richard G., 457 Murphy, Roy L., 465 Murphy, Thomas, 161, 451 Murray, Nancy, 146, 353 Murrell, Jack C., 459 Murry, Charles F., 374 Muse, Terry M., 469 Musgrave, Gerri, 382 Musholt, Barbara J., 353 Musial, Matthew J., 463 Mussett, Jan, 435 Musteen, Tommy Ray, 353 Myers, George, 152, 461 Myers, Jim, 391 Myers, Mary Jane, 382 Myers, Morris, 174, 353 Myers, William H., 374 N Nail I, John D., 465 Nailling, Ann, 146, 399 Nall, Loyd A., 412 Nance, Cynthia Jean, 435 Nance, Joan Marie, 353 Nantz, Beverly Ann, 382 Napper, Linda Louise, 418 Napper, Steve, 451 Narramore, Adrienne, 382 Nash, Doris LaJune, 406 Nash, Joseph, 174, 374 Nash, Leah, 168, 353 Nassar, Danny Charles, 375 Neal, Grey Andrew, 459 Neel, Robert, 457 Neely, Raymond, 385 Neil, Vicki, 161, 429 Neill, Jennifer, 168, 433 Neill, Johnnie, 174, 353 Neiser, Peggy, 435 Nelson, Joyce Camille, 437 Nelson, Nan, 431 Nelson, Nancy Len, 433 Nelson, Nancy Lou, 152, 382 Nelson, Susan, 168, 375 Nelson, Thomas, 469 Nelson, Walter Montgomery, 389 Nester, Paul Ruel, 375 Nettles, Nancy, 152, 387 Nevils, Randall, 180, 353 New, George, 174, 353 New, James Rowland, 451 New, Paul Sherrod, 375 Newell, Jan, 382 Newland, Charles, 152, 463 Newlin, Janice Lee, 353 Newman, Barbara Joan, 375 Newman, Mark, 385 Newman, Sherry, 180, 353 Newson, James William, 353 Newton, Albert, 161, 353 Newton, Billy Ray, 447 Newton, Carol Jan, 418 Newton, Donna Marie, 387 Newton, Michael Dewitte, 455 Nicholas, Debbie, 418 NicholIs, Mark, 475 Nichols, Bobby Joe, 412 Nichols, Carole, 161, 439 Nichols, David, 180, 353 Nichols, Jennifer Lynn, 396 Nichols, Kathy, 399 Nichols, Nancy Kathryn, 406 Nichols, Richard, 353 Nicholson, David, 461 Nicholson, Freddie E., 375 Nickels, Thomas Worthington, 463 Nickles, Kathryn, 168, 353 Nickles, SteVe, 152, 447 Nielsen, Chris, 471 Nielsen, Lori, 382 Niles, Nancy Ann, 439 Nilsen, Lynda, 152, 353 Nilsen, Richard, 180, 353 Nipper, Steve, 161, 451 Nisbet, Alexander, 184, 455 Nixon, John, 467 Nixon, Lyn, 152, 439 Nixon, Walter, 184. 353 Nobles, Brenda, 180, 353 Nobles, Cathy Ann, 418 Nobles, Howard, 180, 353 Nobles, James Hutton, 469 Noqgle. Ronald, 353 Nokes, Bonnie Sue, 353 Nokes, Mary Catherine, 353 Nolan, Daniel Patrick, 353 Noland, Steve, 146, 457 Noland, Stewart, 457 Noller, Joanie, 146, 439 Noller, Tami, 406 Nolte, Jeanne, 168, 406 Nooner, Marianna, 435 Norcross, John William, 451 Nordling, Erik, 469 494 Norris, Becky, 152, 435 Norris, John, 161, 353 Norsworthy, Edward Patton, 455 Northcutt, John Chris, 452 Norwood, Joe Howard, 353 Norwood, Lisa, 382 Norwood, Phillip, 161, 456 Noteware, Deborah Jean, 152, 441 Nowell, Lana, 441 Nunn, Nancy, 435 Nunn, Remmel, 153, 467 Nunn, Tucker, 375 Nunnelly, Luther, 174, 385 Nusch, Judy Ann, 382 Nusch, MaryKay, 161, 429 Nutt, James, 153, 463 o Oates, Lynn, 174 , 477 Oates, Mary, 168, 375 O ' Brien, Rick, 467 O ' Bryant, Robert Warren, 453 Ochoa, Randy Glass, 402 O ' Conner, Cindy, 153, 441 Odom, Dennis, 161, 353 O’Donnell, Karen, 382 Off Campus, 338 Ogden, Glynda Jean, 406 O ' Kelley, Patrick Wayne, 412 Okuley, Gordon William, 391 Oldfield, Melinda, 375 Osborne, Deborah Kay, 418 Osborne, Gary, 146, 375 Osborne, Mary, 168, 431 Osbun, William, 168, 402 Osburn, Roger D., 353 Ostendorf, Jack, 385 Otwell, Karen, 168, 396 Outlaw, Edwin, 153, 455 Overbey, Catherine, 399 Owen, Debra J., 382 Owen, Linda S., 375 Owens, Carey Lewis, 391 Owens, Cherry, 180, 387 Owens, Gary, 153, 461 Owens, Leslie, 353 Owens, Louise, 168, 441 Owens, Robert, 468 Owens, William, 174, 353 Owens, William E., 180, 402 Ownbey, Mary C., 353 Ozment, Carolyn, 406 p Pabian, Mary Lu, 433 Pace, Car], 174, 354 Pace, Janis, 431 Pack, Robert, 375 Page, Clyde, 146, 354 Pakis, Christina M., 418 Pakis, Stephen, 473 Paladino, Debi, 375 Parker, Katherine, 354 Parker, Kathy, 427 Parker, Mona C., 354 Parker, Ray A., 385 Parker, Terry W., 455 Parker, Tim E., 469 Parker, Winona Kaye, 354 Parkerson, John, 184, 354 Parkerson, Sandra, 180, 354 Parks, Marvin, 161, 354 Parnell, David, 161, 354 Parnell, Gloria, 354 Parnell, Jim D., 412 Parr. Hayden K., 375 Parsley, Joe E., 451 Parson, Debbie, 382 Parson, Terry L., 354 Parsons, David B., 402 Parsons, Deborah, 146, 429 Parsons, Franklin, 174, 354 Partipilo, John, 475 Paschal, Edward, 161, 354 Paschal, Janie, 146, 354 Paschal, Paulena, 180, 354 Passos, Fernando, 457 Patchin, Karen, 406 Paton, Peggy, 418 Patrick, Joyce, 387 Patrick, Judy, 375 Patrick, Lemuel, 354 Patrick, Patricia, 146, 354 Patridge, Jim C., 471 Patterson, Denise, 354 Patterson, Karen L., 354 Patterson, Leslie, 174, 375 Patterson, Susan F., 375 Peak, Theresa S., 354 Pearson, LaDonna, 418 Peck, Gregory B., 475 Peer, Andrea, 382 Peevy, Garry, 146, 449 Pekarek, Joseph N,. 375 Pelletier, Vicki L., 396 Pellham, Galen, 153, 469 PEM, 106 Penix, James, 184, 459 Penn, Kathy Sue, 418 Penn, Richard, 146, 354 Penn, Thomas J., 412 Pennartz, Phyl A., 354 Pennartz, Theresia, 354 Penny, Phyllis, 168, 396 Pennington, Jimmy L., 403 Pennington, Patricia, 180, 354 Pennington, Patricia A., 396 Penquite, Don, 146, 393 Perchan, Beverly, 153, 406 Perchan, Deborah, 406 Perez, Julie, 435 Perkins, David, 161, 354 Perkins, Jamie Sue, 382 Perkins, Nancy, 153, 406 Perkins, Ronald, 153, 354 Perry, Carol, 146, 354 Perry, Dennis E., 174, 477 Perry, Robert B., 412 Person, Sandra, 166, 354 Pesnell, Christopher, 469 Peterman, Tommy, 153, 412 Peters, Dennis, 455 Peters, Douglas, 153, 354 Peterson, David E., 471 Phillips, Joseph C., 455 Phillips, Kip A., 396 Phillips, Larry, 180, 354 Phillips, Lillian G., 375 Phillips, Michael Ray, 354 Phillips, Orval B., 354 Phillips, Sherry Ann, 375 Phillips, Vera, 168, 354 Philpot, Mike Owen, 403 Phi Upsilon Omicron, 105 Pi Beta Phi, 448 Pickell, Charlcie, 375 Pickering, Carol, 443 Pickett, Larry R., 412 Pickett, Rebekah, 153, 387 Pierce, James R., 461 Pierce, Jayne, 168, 354 Pi Kappa Alpha, 462 Pilcher, Bruce, 168, 354 Pilkington, Martha, 375 Pine, Janice, M., 418 Pinson, Ann, 418 Pipkins, David Lane, 412 Pi Tau Sigma, 109 Pittman, Sidney, 146, 354 Pittman, William R., 354 Pitts, Kathy E., 382 Pitts, Tommy O., 354 Plattner, Debbie Ann, 437 Pledger, Harold O., 354 Plummer, Damon, 412 Plunkett, Ronald, 161, 354 Poindexter, Gail, 354 Poindexter, Larry, 153, 354 Pointer, Deborah L., 435 Polk, Meredith Gail, 418 Oldham, Frances Ann, 418 Oldham, Gerald Lorn, 465 Oldham, James, 465 Oldham, Roger, 153, 412 Olinghouse, Pamela Maree, 406 Oliver, Larry, 180, 353 Oliver, Marcia Catherine, 418 Oliver, Marijean, 418 Oliver, Stephen Ray, 353 Ollard, David, 161, 353 Omicron Delta Kappa, 85 O ' Neal, Jerry, 180, 353 Order of Omega, 104 Orlicek, Pamela Jane, 375 Ormon, Thomas, 412 O ' Roark, Daniel, 174, 353 Orr, Linda, 153, 406 Orr, Nancy Elizabeth, 406 Orr, William, 184, 353 Orrell, James, 174, 353 Osborne, Carl, 353 Palka, Greg, 389 Palmer, Devek D., 402 Palmer, Harry C., 375 Palmer, Robert L., 389 Palmquist, Steven, 354 Pamplin, Patricia, 418 Panhellenic, 445 Parachute Club, 108 Parette, Howard, 375 Parham, Janet, 375 Parham, Reece A., 471 Park, Kathy, 418 Park, Leo Steven, 412 Parker, Carol Ann, 382 Parker, Charles, 402, 461 Parker, Dale Anne, 418 Parker, Dennis O., 354 Parker, Harold, 174, 459 Parker, James M., 469 Parker, John, 161, 354 Parker, Joseph, 354 Pattison, Gloria J., 382 Patton, Brenda J., 354 Patton, George, 161, 461 Patton, James M., 354 Patton, Jerry Wayne, 354 Patton, Nancy, 433 Patton, Patricia, 354 Patton, Patrick L., 354 Patton, Russell H., 447 Paul, Adella, 153, 387 Paul, Jerry, 161, 354 Paul, Marsha, 168, 354 Paulsen, Larry N., 471 Paulson, Marc G., 477 Pay, Thomas, 459 Payne, Cindy, 153, 354 Payne, Gary E., 465 Payne, Gidget V., 375 Payne, Kay, 375 Pazdera, Dorothy, 168, 396 Peace, John B., 459 Peterson, Barbara, 153, 439 Peterson, Dale Alan, 475 Peterson, Debra Kay, 382 Petrik, Robert D., 385 Petrus, Phil J., 389 Pettit, Phillip P., 469 Petty, Carole Nan, 418 Pevehouse, Jim, 375 Pharr, Opie C., 375 Phegley, Richard, 180, 354 Phelps, Connie E., 354 Phelps, Deborah J., 441 Phi Delta Theta, 458 Phi Gamma Delta, 460 Phillips, Amanda J., 382 Phillips, Charles T., 451 Phillips, Charlotte, 161, 406 Phillips, Danny F., 354 Phillips, James H., 459 Phillips, Jan E., 375 Phillips, Janet Lynn, 443 Polk, Ruth, 153, 406 Polk, Sandra Kay, 406 Pollard, Alice, 435 Pollard, Craig, 403 Pollard, John N., 459 Pollock, Kenny, 475 Pomfret Housing Center, 370 Pomfret, James, 161, 354 Ponder, Ted, 180, 354 Pool, James K., 354 Porbeck, Frank A., 354 Porter, Jesse, 184, 473 Porter, LaDonna, 153, 354 Porter, Patricia, 153, 406 Porter, Rickie L., 459 Porter, Riley P., 375 Porter, Robert A., 468 Porter, Ronald, 161, 354 Posner, Mary Louise, 406 Post, Gregory W., 412 Potthast, Barbara Ann, 429 495 Potts, Susan, 382 Pounder, Diana G., 382 Powell, Cheryl Ann, 396 Powell, Jana Sue, 418 Powell, John, 184, 468 Powell, Manda Dean, 406 Powell, William R., 459 Powers, Vicki, 162, 375 Pownall, John R., 412 Poyner, Martha, 168, 429 Prather, Alan, 412 Pratt, James, 162, 468 Pratt, Peggy, 180, 354 Preece, Carol, 168, 354 Preece, William, 162, 354 Presley, Deborah A., 354 Pressgrove, Arnold P., 354 Pressley, India Ann, 418 Presson, Cindy, 375 Presson, Earl W., 412 Preyer, Catherine, 168, 429 Pribyl, Kathy Jo, 433 Price, Becky, 439 Price, Diana S., 382 Price, Joel W., 455 Price, Lana, 406 Price, Michael, 168, 354 Price, Michael W., 455 Price, Robert B., 392 Price, Robert J., 471 Price, Shirley A., 441 Price, Susan, 418 Price, Wanda A., 406 Priddy, Sandra J., 406 Q Qualls, Carlos Lynn, 375 Quillen, Edward, 375 Quinn, Carolyn, 382 R Racy, Levester, 375 Radcliff, Chris B., 406 Raff, Christopher, 468 Raffaelli, Louis, 184, 355 Ragan, Neil, 412 Ragge, Phyllis M., 375 Ragsdell, Gail Lynn, 396 Railey, David P., 412 Rakes, Jack D., 375 Rakes, Terry Jean, 427 Rakes, Trudy J., 355 Rakestraw, Jeanne D., 396 Raley, Phillip A., 469 Ramsauer, Mary, 168, 431 Ramsey, Michael D., 355 Ranalli, Norbert, 355 Rand, Benjamin A., 465 Raney, Cathy C., 355 Raney, Donald Paul, 355 Raney, Miriam, 162, 431 Rankin, Patti J., 396 Reaves, Mary, 168, 439 Redditt, Victor E., 355 Redmond, Christine, 375 Reed, Carlena, 441 Reed, Gary, 174, 355 Reed. Jennifer Gail, 406 Reed, Stanley E., 465 Reed, Tim D., 463 Reed, Walter E., 385 Reed, William, 174, 457 Reed, William P., 412 Reemes, Alison, 382 Reeve, Kim D., 375 Reeves, Jennie, 382 Reeves, Mary L., 406 Rehm, Tom E., 403 Reid, Chase, 153, 358 Reid, Graham M., 375 Reid Hall, 404 Reid, Joene M., 355 Reid, Ray, 473 Reid, Rick Lee, 403 Reinhard, Stephen, 463 Reis, Jennifer, 153, 427 Reisz, Carolyn, 382 Reisz, Joseph, 174, 385 Relyea, John, 153, 355 Renard, Cathie, 382 Renard, Sandy J., 433 Renfrow, Phillip, 153, 355 Residence Hall Association, 368 Restum, Alex J., 463 Revel, Deborah J., 396 Reynolds, Gary C., 375 Reynolds, Linda, 153, 406 Reynolds, Lonnie Joe, 403 Rich, Bruce C., 461 Rich, Gary Don, 355 Rich, Janice Lynn, 355 Richard, Edward P., 385 Richards, Jeffrey, 153, 355 Richards, Trudy, 168, 441 Richardson, Carol, 153, 429 Richardson, Elizabeth Ann, 375 Richardson, James, 146, 449 Richardson, Kathy Lee, 355 Richardson, Robert F., 355 Richardson, Terry L., 412 Richardson, William J., 355 Richburg, Sue Anne, 399 Richmond, Steve H., 355 Rickett, Robert, 174, 355 Ricketts, Gary, 180, 355 Riddick, Charles D., 375 Riddle, John F., 451 Riddle, Laura Sue, 418 Ridenour, Wendell G., 375 Ridge, Nancy, 168, 427 Ridinger, Rhonda, 181, 355 Ridley, Patricia Kay, 418 Rife, Tom, 412 Riggs, Deborah Sue, 355 Riggs, Thomas M., 473, 477 Riley, Adenia Anne, 396 Riley, Faith, 153, 355 Riley, Michael D., 355 Riley, Terah C., 407 Ring, Donna M., 355 Ringler, Don Al, 471 Rinie, Robert, 181, 355 Rinnert, Steve J., 471 Rippy, Rondal, 162, 355 Roberts, Anna L., 433 Roberts, Jan, 153, 396 Roberts, John H., 477 Roberts, Kathy L., 435 Roberts, Mary, 427 Robertson, Beckie, 418 Robertson, Debra A., 407 Robertson, Hugh, 162, 469 Robertson, Jon, 162, 355 Robertson, Judy E., 396 Robertson, Judy F., 435 Robertson, Leonard C., 451 Robertson, Marion L., 383 Robertson, Wayde, 355 Robey, Deborah Ann, 418 Robinson, Hattie M., 376 Robinson, Jeanette, 168, 433 Robinson, Kathryn D., 376 Robinson, Lally, 153, 407 Robinson, Linda, 168, 443 Robertson, Margie L., 383 Robinson, Susan, 168, 441 Robirds, Mark, 451 Robrahn, Gerrie, 153, 355 Rock, Ginger, 383 Rodgers, Mary L., 431 Rodgers, Phyllis J, 429 Rodriguez, Michael, 153, 449 Roegels, Pamela D., 427 Roffine, Linda Ruth, 376 Rogers, Carolyn J.. 441 Rogers, Elln, 146,437 Rogers, Everett, 146, 449 Rogers, James N., 356 Rogers, Joseph, 153, 463 Rogers, Kenneth, 174, 356 Pride, Ann, 180, 406 Priest, Jimmy, 153, 473 Prieur, Alvin L., 447 Prigmore, Carla Dean, 382 Prince, Debbie G., 382 Prince, Kenneth D., 451 Probert, Rebecca K., 406 Proctor, Ken B., 354 Pruden, William, 153, 412 Pruet, Paula K., 431 Pruitt, Bobby, 168, 389 Pruitt, Paula C., 443 Puckett, Marcia A., 396 Pullen, Pamela Lee, 418 Purifoy, John David, 401 Puryear, Scott, 153, 471 Pyle, John D., 455 Pyle, Kim, 396 Rankin, Stanley Loyd, 355 Rankin, William, 162, 355 Ransom, Eddie, 412 Ransom, Michel, 453 Ransom, Ricky Lynn, 453 Rasco, Terry, 153, 471 Rauton, Jessica, 153, 439 Rawlings, Laura Lea, 406 Rawls, Edwin S., 355 Ray, Anne M., 441 Ray, Bobby Lee, 355 Ray, Lawrence, 146, 453 Ray, Marvin, 162, 355 Ray, Russell W., 355 Ray, Thomas, 465 Raybuck, Richard, 389 Rayder, Jo Ann, 375 Razorback Hall, 386 Reagan, Michael J., 355 Reasoner, Mike R., 451 Reynolds, Marie, 418 Reynolds, Mary, 168, 355 Reynolds, Paul M., 473 Reynolds, Richard, 162, 447 Rhoades, Ray, 146, 453 Rhoads, Guylene, 153, 396 Rhodes, Betty Sue, 406 Rhodes, Carolyn F., 406 Rhodes, Diane, 162, 355 Rhodes, Harold, 459 Rhodes, James, 174, 355 Rhodes, Ronald, 174, 355 Rial, Samuel, 153, 459 Rial, William, 162, 459 Ribitzki, Paul, 174, 412 Rice, Bobby, 162, 355 Rice, Frances A., 375 Rice, Joe David, 392 Rice, Kathy, 407 Rice, Phillip, 146, 355 Risher, Steve C., 451 Ritchey, Debby J., 355 Ritchie, Dennis, 162, 469 Ritchie, Patsy, 162, 356 Ritchie, Riley, 162, 393 Ritchie, William D., 473 Ritger, Robin, 439 Rivers, Jane, 435 Roach, Cindy L., 418 Roach, Lonnie C., 355 Roach, Patricia L., 407 Roark, Anna, 168, 396 Robards, Charles M., 465 Robben, Betsy, 375 Robbins, Jonathan B., 412 Robbins, Mary F., 355 Robbins, Tim, 146, 453 Roberson, Harry, 162, 355 Roberson, Nancy Kay, 437 Roberson, Phyllis W., 376 Rogers, Richard O., 475 Rogers, Ricky L., 461 Rogers, Robert, 153, 356 Rogers, Troy L., 356 Rogers, William, 174, 356 Roglis, Lynn, 443 Rokeby, Robert, 162, 356 Rokeby, Vicki L., 356 Roller, Alan, 162, 392 Roller, Alden, 168, 392 Roller, Michael J., 412 Rollow, Nancy, 169, 443 Rolniak, Paul D., 356 Rom, Cristine, 437 Rom, Ronald W., 453 Romine, Gaylynn, 153, 396 Roop, Gary, 162, 356 Roscoe, Norman, 376 Rose, Garry, 162, 356 Rose, George, 169, 356 496 Rose, Jan R., 441 Rose, John C., 457 Rosene, Judy, 169, 443 Ross, Billy C., 356 Ross, Debbie Jean, 418 Ross, Glen, 403, 463 Ross, Pat, 439 Ross, Winifred Noel, 407 Rotchild, Linda, 431 Roten, Bob, 356 Routon, William, 403 Rowan, Robin, 407 Rowan, Sharon W., 396 Rowden, Carlos G., 392 Rowe, Bayless, 376 Rowe, Clarence H., 412 Rowe, David W., 412 Rowland, Kristy, 383 Rowland, William A., 403 Roy, Diana S., 443 Royston, Arthur L., 471 Rubens, Kent, 184, 469 Rubottom, Kathy Ann, 376 Ruck, William E., 412 Rucker, Johnette, 407 Rudolph, Earle L., 468 Ruff, Wayne, 356 Rumbaugh, Jane, 376 Rummel, Susan Gail, 383 Rurup, Debra A., 396 Rush, Benny Loyd, 455 Rush, Mary E., 356 Rushing, Ronald, 153, 393 Russell, Bea, 376 Russell, Charles, 356 Russell, David Owen, 447 Ryan, Patsy J., 407 Ryan, Sherry Kay, 356 Ryan, Timothy, 174, 356 Ryburn, James T., 461 Ryker, Gary, 174, 473 s Sadler, Dennis B., 389 Sadnavitch, Theresa, 407 Saia, Joseph L., 473 Sain, Mary K., 431 Sallee, Jack Allen, 412 Salmons, Patricia Lee, 407 SAM, 96 Samples, Berris D., 356 Sams, Beverly J., 437 Samsel, Ramona A., 383 Sanchez-Lassise, Juan, 181, 356 Sandage, Ralph W., 392 Sanderford, Catherine, 376 Sanders, Beverly, 146, 431 Sanders, Bill Lee, 385 Sanders, Donald C., 468 Sanders, Elizabeth K., 356 Sanders, John G., 385 Sanders, John T., 162, 376 Sanders, Mary K., 407 Sanders. Orville B., 356 Sanders, Roy G., 356 Sanders. Sammy, 392 Sanders. Sherry Ann, 397 Schisler, Jon R., 471 Schlegel, Liz, 429 Schleifer, Rod, 162, 356 Schluterman, Kathy, 407 Schulterman, Lona, 356 Schmalz, Larry, 392 Schmand, Jane R., 356 Schmand, Josephine, 181, 356 Schmidt, Freddie Ray, 356 Schmidt, Pamela. 153, 356 Schmidt, Rita L., 407 Schoeffler, Sa I lye, 407 Schopfer, Terry J., 356 Schrantz, Douglas R., 376 Schreit, Eva, 407 Schrimpf, Peter A., 471 Schrimpf, Stephen, 153, 356 Schroeder, Fred, 389 Schroeder, Joe R., 392 Schroeder, Julie, 439 Schubert, Karl D., 412 Schuhknecht, Lynn B., 376 Schulte, Linda Y., 407 Schultz, Patricia M., 397 Schutte, John, 162, 356 Schwartz, Cheryl D., 439 Schwarz, Karl W., 376 Scisson, Brenda, 437 Scisson, Linda L., 437 Scott, Charles R., 469 Scott, Christine D., 383 Scott, Danny K., 463 Scott, Gregory K., 153, 356 Scott, Jane, 443 Scott, Jennifer Len, 356 Scott, John, 174, 356 Segraves, Danny, 146, 449 Segraves, Janie, 162, 435 Seibold, Phil, 385 Seifert, Donna Sue, 383 Self, Vicki L., 383 Selig, Michael, 174, 477 Sellars, Wayne R., 447 Selvey, Betty, 181, 357 Selvey, Leland, 181, 357 Senatore, Vince L., 403 Seratt, Rodger, 162, 357 Seward, Irwin, 181, 357 Seward, James E., 357 Seymore, Dennis N., 412 Shackelford, B ebe, 418 Shackelford, David G., 385 Shadden, Jefferson F., 412 Shaddox, Douglas B., 376 Shaddox, Susan, 433 Shafer, Grace. 153, 437 Shafer, John L.. 469 Shafer, Steven G., 469 Shankle, Randy, 469 Shannon, Jerry S., 357 Shannon, Rhonda K., 376 Shapard, Bruce M., 471 Sharma, Radhe, 174, 357 Sharp, Brenda J., 383 Sharp, Jerry D., 412 Sharp, Joe W., 463 Sharp, Johnny Bob, 475 Sharp, Linda M., 435 Sharp, Michael James, 477 Sharrah, Ronald, 181, 357 Shaver, Paul, 146, 449 Shaw, Cheryl, 443 Shipman, Neena, 419 Shock, Stan, 455 Shoffner, Michele, 419 Shoffner. Suzanne, 433 Shorts, Marsha, 146, 397 Shuffield, Carolyn, 383 Shuffield, Donna J., 383 Shumate, Allen, 357 Shumate, Jo, 397 Shupe, Phillip, 181, 357 Siddon, William H., 412 Sides, Jackie W., 357 Siegenthaler, Marilyn, 376 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 464 Sigma Chi, 466 Sigma Nu, 468 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 470 Sigma Pi, 472 Simmons, Harry D., 465 Simmons, James H., 357 Simmons, John C., 465 Simmons, Julia Ann, 439 Simmons, Sharon K., 419 Simmons, Vicki E., 376 Simon, Gregory C., 403 Simpson, Janie, 169, 357 Simpson, Scott, 468 Simpson, Wilburn A., 455 Simril, Reece S., 376 Sims, Christopher K., 459 Sims, Elaine K., 397 Sims, Judy G., 357 Sims, Paul, 412 Singal, Parvin, 181, 357 Singleton, George, 153, 357 Singleton, James H., 412 Russell, David W., 412 Russell, Georgeanne, 429 Russell, George S., 412 Russell, James T., 451 Russell, Kenneth F., 412 Russell, Larry K., 455 Russell, Linda, 181, 356 Russell, Mary, 169, 437 Russell, Millie Dean, 418 Russell, Rita, 146, 356 Russell, Vicki Lynn, 356 Russenberger, Frank, 174, 356 Rust, Paul W., 465 Ruth, Don, 162, 356 Rutherford, James, 459 Rutledge, John, 174, 468 Rutledge, Lana, 153, 356 Rutledge, Loys Lelia, 356 Rutledge, Steven, 181, 356 Ryan, Cathy, 169, 396 Sanders, Travis, 162, 356 Sandridge, Donna, 376 Sandusky, Christina, 162, 407 Sandusky, Sandra, 397 Sanson, Jimmy H., 385 Satterfield, Susan, 441 Saxon, David, 184, 392 Saxon, Roberta A., 397 Savage, John C., 459 Savelle, Patricia K., 418 Sawatski, John, 468 Sayre, Nancy W., 407 Sayre, Suzanne, 153, 356 Scales. Mary Ellen, 376 Schaffer, Martin, 455 Schalm, Reno, 181, 356 Schell, Orville, 174, 356 Scherer, David Lee, 477 Scherer, Jeff,, 153, 461 Schiefer, Phyllis Ann, 399 Scott, John R., 37 Scott, John W., 403 Scott, Michael L., 465 Scott, Steven, 162, 469 Scott, Thomas Earl. 376 Scott, Timothy V., 463 Scribner, Carolyn R., 383 Scruggs, George S., 455 Seals, Jennie, 407 Searcy, Wanda M., 407 Seaton, David D., 475 Seaton, Jean E., 433 Seaton, Lawrence P., 475 Seay, Robert, 146, 453 Sebby, Rickard A., 403 Seckso. Paul N., 471 See, Lewis T., 412 See, Richard, 153, 356 Seeman, John, 169, 356 Seferovich, Mark, 181, 357 Shaw, Donna M., 443 Shaw, Pam, 376 Shaw, Peter, 162, 457 Shaw, Stephan. 403 Shay, Dell, 418 Shearin, Donald, 447 Shell, Lewis, 412 Shellabarger, Phillip, 153, 469 Shelton, Patricia, 441 Sheofee, Betty Lou, 357 Sheofee, William, 447 Shepard, Juliana, 407 Shepard, William, 181, 357 Shepherd, Gloria, 162, 387 Sher, John B., 357 Sheridan, Ann, 169, 443 Shermer, Susan E., 376 Sherrill, Richard, 357 Shields, Randy Lee, 376 Shipley, Connie, 357 Sink, John R., 468 Sipe, Paula, 383 Sipes, Frank M., 403 Sipes, Larry, 162, 463 Sipes, Stephen, 154, 461 Sisemore, Julia Ann, 357 Sisk, Ronald, 154, 412 Sisneros, Frank L., 469 Sistrunk, Clifford. 357, 449 Skaggs, Larry, 162, 376 Skaggs, Stephany L., 383 Skillern, Cheryl L., 357 Skinner, Shirley Ann, 407 Skokos, Campbell, 468 Slack, Bonnie Lue, 435 Sledge, Rhonda, 154, 433 Slinkard, Howard, 184, 357 Slinkard, Suzanne, 376 Sloan, Jim, 162, 471 Sloan, Linda B., 397 Sloan, Peggy Jean, 383 Sloat, Kathleene J., 383 Sloat, Margie J., 383 Sioat, Stacey Stephen, 376 Sly, Cynthia, 181, 357 Smalley, Teresa, 169 ,357 Smart, Samuel B., 473 Smee, Larry P., 357 Smiley, Jo, 169, 383 Smith, Alan Lee, 376 Smith, Bili A., 455 Smith, Bruce Aubrey, 403 Smith, Cathy Ellen, 419 Smith, Charles Ronnie, 357 Smith, Chris D., 475 Smith, Clara, 146, 407 Smith, David A., 376 Smith, David Arthur, 154, 357 Smith, David William, 412 Smith, Debra Ann, 407 Smith, Diana Lynn, 376 Smith, Douglas, 162, 357 Smjth, Duane H., 403 Smith, Edward Thurman, 392 Smith, Fredrick Harry, 412 Smith, Gail, 419 Smith, Harold Edward, 455 Smith, Harold Martin, 473 Smith, Hobson Vann, 463 Smith, James Keith, 447 Smith, James Lewis, 389 Smjth, Jerry Michael, 413 Smith, Joan Elaine, 437 Smith, John, 174, 392 Smith, Joseph Allan, 455 Smith, Julia Jeanay, 383 Smith, Junior, 389 Smith, Kenneth Ray, 403 Smith, Lansing G., 469 Smith, Lex Travis, 413 Smith, Linda Kay, 443 Smith, Linda Lee, 357 Smith, Marvin, 154, 376 Smith, Mary Chris, 443 Smith, Mary Elizabeth, 397 Smith, Mary Gail, 397 Smith, Megan Wesley, 433 Smith, Michael, 154, 357 Smith, Michael Gene, 471 Smith, Missy, 376 Smith, Ralph, 169, 357 Smith, Richard, 174, 357 Smith, Richard Lee, 461 Smith, Robert M., 357 Smith, Roger Bruce, 469 Smith, Roland, 413 Smith, Sandra Jo, 357 Smith, Sandra S., 169, 376 Smith, Scott H., 459 Smith, Sheroll Joenne, 357 Smith, Simmons S., 357 Smith, Stephen D., 471 Smith, Stewart, 181, 393 Smith, Sue Ann, 357 Smith, Susan E., 427 Smith, Susanne, 439 Smith, Terry A., 389 Smith, Thomas Randolph, 469 Smith, Thomas Ray, 146, 357 Smith, Thomas William, 403 Smith, Vernon S., 389 Smith, Vicky A., 433 Smith, Warren, 174, 357 Smith, Wayne A., 461 Smith, William, 162, 455 Smith, William Mitchell, 174, 357 Snapp, Ginger, 154, 357 Snell, Donald Alan, 461 Snider, Susan Rose, 397 Snipan, George F., 473 Snow, Stanley Steve, 357 Snowden, Joseph H., 473 Snowden, Raymond, 154, 357 Snyder, Ronald W., 357 Solomon, Virgil, 376 Sonnenfeld, Carol, 169, 427 Sorrell, James, 174, 357 Sparkes, Debora, 169, 383 Sparks, Claudia Lucille, 407 Sparks, Gyla E., 358 Sparks, Russell Owen, 413 Spearman, Richard L.. 376 Spears, Brenda Lamar, 407 Speer, Mary, 181, 358 Spencer, Joey, 419 Spencer, Lee, 455 Spencer, Stephen, 358 Spencer, Thomas, 174, 358 Spencer, William, 162, 358 Spicer, Jim, 174, 392 Spies, Frederic, 358 Spikes, Pamela Ann, 407 Spinks, Vickie Lynn, 358 Spivey, Buddy, 181, 475 Springer, Jesse Earl, 413 Springer, Laura Ruth, 358 Springgate, Cheryl Anne. 383 Sprunger, Thomas, 162, 358 Spurlock, Brian, 181, 358 Spurlock, Dennis Camp, 413 Spurlock, James Clinton, 457 Stacks, Kenneth Duane, 413 Stacy, Marcus B., 358 Stacy, Sheila Arleen, 419 Stafford, Michael Allen, 463 Stafford, Stephen, 162, 463 Stafford, Walter Richard, 385 Staggs, Billy R., 358 Staggs, George, 174, 358 Staggs, Wanda Sue, 376 Stahl, Tony Michael, 358 Stainton, Mary Suzanne, 419 Staley, Thomas B., 468 Stallcup, James Odie, 358 Stalnaker, Bonny, 376 Stamps, Vicky M., 358 Stancil, Deborah Kay, 383 Standiford, Pat, 376 Stanford, Janice Lynn, 435 Stanford, Marilyn, 169, 397 Stanford, Robert Lionel, 473 Stanford, Timothy Leroy, 358 Stanley, David L., 465 Stanley, Harold Eugene, 413 Stanwood, Allison, 169, 441 Stark, Marilyn J., 376 Stark, William, 169, 358 Stark, William, 181, 358 Starks, Martha Carolyn, 431 Starnes, Beverly Rievley, 358 Starwalt, Barb Ann, 397 Starwalt, David Carl, 413 Stasick, George, 162, 358 Stathakis, Stella, 431 Statz, Charles E., 376 Stauss, Ken Wayne, 468 Stavely, Edwin L., 413 Steel, Donna Kay, 433 Steele, David Randle, 403 Steele, Linda Beth, 397 Steele, Patricia Ann, 383 Steere, Shirley Duffield, 437 Steeves, William H., 469 Steger, Chuck Stanley, 376 Steger, Suzan, 427 Stein, Charles, 174, 413 Steinbeck, Gregory D., 358 Stell, Sharon, 383 Stephens, Allen Doyle, 413 Stephens, Chris, 181, 468 Stephens, Geraldine A., 358 Stephens, John William, 385 Stephens, Michael L., 392 Stephens, Peggy Gayle, 358 Stephens, Sue, 427 Stephens, Terry, 162, 358 Steuart, Terry Lynn, 358 Stevens, Ellen Frances, 419 Stevens, John C., 469 Stevens, Lou Ellen, 358 Steward, Thomas Noel, 358 Stewart, Anne, 383 Stewart, Berneda Ella, 358 Stewart, Darrell G., 358 Stewart, Georgia Beth, 376 Stewart, John, 162, 461 Stewart, Lanny Dale, 447 Stewart, Lora, 376 Stewart, Sallye J., 358 Stewart, Walter Donald, 471 Stidham, Donal, 162, 468 Stidham, Gary Lee, 468 Stiegler, Joan E., 376 Stifter, William L., 358 Stiles, Pamela Sheraine, 358 Still, Rickford B., 358 Stine. Judy, 397 Stitsworth, Michael Henry, 376 St. John, Richard W., 403 Stocker, John K., 471 Stocker, Roger W., 469 Stockton, Glenda Joyce, 358 Stogsdill, Chris C., 403 Stokenbury, Annetta Gail, 376 Stoker, Craig, 447 Stokes, Gina, 419 Stokes, John, 174, 477 Stone, Diana Lynne, 376 Stone, Kirk, 465 Stone, Rebecca Ann, 407 Stone, Sara, 154, 358 Stone, Steven, 162, 471 Storey, Elizabeth Dale, 419 Storms, Steven, 174, 358 Story, Wayne Garrett, 376 Stouffer, Mark Jeff, 358 Stovall, William Henry, 463 Stowers, W. L„ 162, 358 Stracner, Ronald, 174, 358 Strawn, Carolyn, 441 Street, Morris Lann, 403 Streeter, Terry Hugh, 358 Strickland, Linda R., 399 Strickland, Susan Mae, 407 Stricklen, Jim, 174, 358 Stricklen, Phil Marvin, 413 Strinqer, Sandy, 387 Stripling, Jan M., 419 Stroessner, Donald, 358 Stroud, Marsha, 169, 358 Stroud, Robert, 184, 358 Stroud, Susan Elizabeth, 376 Stuart, Charles C., 358 Stuart, Daniel Joseph, 403 Stuart, Edward, 358 Stuart, James Wallace, 358 Stuart, Thomas Richard, 457 Stubblefield, Charles, 185, 447 Stubbs, Jack Dalton, 403 Stubbs, Larry, 185, 447 Sturdivant, Susan Mary, 427 Styles, Ruth Marie, 376 498 Doug Frank Suchecki, John, 162, 358 Suchecki, Mary, 146, 359 Sudmeyer, Danny, 1-46, 403 Sudmeyer, Donny, 146, 403 Sugg, James, 162, 468 Suggs, Kenneth D., 359 Suggs, Kenneth E., 185, 359 Sullenberger, Steve A., 455 Sullivan, Lucinda K., 376 Sullivan, Robert Lee, 376 Sullivan, Samuel, 162, 455 Sulton, Michael S., 455 Summa, Dale Paul, 413 Summerhill, Donald, 174, 359 Summers, Anne, 359 Summers, Connie, 169, 443 Summers, Joe, 162, 359 Summitt, Terry, 174, 359 Surber, Jerry, 154, 359 Surratt, Iris Lynn, 376 Sutherland, James, 146, 359 Sutherlin, Donna Kay, 376 Suttle, William Thomas, 455 Sutton, Ann C., 376 Sutton, Brenda Kay, 419 Sutton, Joseph, 175, 359 Sutton, Roy, 146, 359 Swain, Georgia Bates, 419 Swaty, Linda G., 376 Swearingen, David, 154, 359 Swearingen, Kennon Lee, 359 Sweat, Donna, 154, 359 Sweet, David, 154, 359 Swick, Pam L., 376 Swilling, Fran, 146, 359 Swilling, Karen Lynn, 407 Swindell, Bill, 451 Swindell, Lucy, 181, 359 Swofford, Karol Diane, 435 Sykes, Michael A., 359 Symonds, John, 175, 359 T Tabbert, Cathy Gail, 429 Tabor, Elizabeth, 146, 397 Tacker, Danny, 413 Tackett, Rebekah Ruth, 399 Tague, Susan Lynn, 441 Tait, Mary Michele, 431 Taktikou. Chrysanthy, 169, 407 Talbot, Debra Kay, 407 Talbot, Pamela A., 443 Talley, Jerry L., 359 Tallman, Richard, 146, 359 Tam, Betty, 359 Tanneberger, Billy Frank, 359 Tanner, Lynne Ellen, 427 Tappan, James A., 465 Tardy, Candis, 154, 359 Tardy, Robert, 181, 359 Tau Alpha Upsilon, 107 Tau Beta Pi, 97 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 474 Taylor, Charles P., 453 Taylor, Darryl E., 413 Taylor, Dennis, 175, 385 Taylor, Dudley, 459 Taylor, Jame L., 439 Taylor, Linda F., 397 Taylor, Linda Sue, 383 Taylor, Nancy, 169, 359 Taylor, Peggy, 441 Taylor, Phillip, 185. 359 Taylor, Rebecca, 154, 419 Taylor, Roger Dale, 359 Taylor, Sharon Ann, 376 Taylor, Stephen Vincent, 471 Taylor, Stuart McGehee, 471 Taylor, Teresa Ann, 387 Taylor, Thomas Glenn, 359 Taylor, William, 162, 457 Taylor, William Jonathan, 413 Taylor, Wioux, 392 Teague, David. 181, 359 Teague, Gary Lynn, 475 Teague, Lajuana, 146, 359 Teague, Mary Deborah, 419 Teague, Priscilla K., 383 Teaaue, Stephen, 175, 359 Tedder, Bruce Talbott, 469 Tedder, Steve H., 413 Tedford. Vicky Lynn, 383 Teeter. Barbara Lynn, 437 Tegethoff, Steve F., 447 Temple, David Ronald, 359 Temple, Mary, 154, 359 Temple, Shari Lou, 437 Tenery, Frank George, 461 Tenicki. Randolph C., 376 Tennison, William. 162, 465 Terrell, David, 162. 359 Terry, Libbie D., 419 Terry, Pam, 359 Tevebaugh, Charles W. 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Keith, 461 Wade, Nancy, 154, 427 Wadsworth, Harry, 473 Waggoner, Mike, 413 Waggoner, Nancy Louise, 427 Wagner, Laura C., 383 Wagner, Lee S., 383 Waguespack, Carroll, 181, 360 Wainscott, Sharman Lynne, 419 Waits, Lyndal Martin, 392 Wakefield, Richard Charles, 469 Walden, Richard Michael, 469 Waldrip, Joseph, 147, 449 Waldrip, Susan Shane, 419 Waldrip, William Gary, 403 Waldron, Stephen K., 413 Walker, Barbara Anne, 377 Walker, Bobby J., 377 Walker, Candes Ann, 360 Walker, Carolyn, 169, 431 Walker, Charles Steven, 360 Walker, Cindy L., 377 Walker, David, 147, 360 Walker, Donald Eugene, 360 Walker, Eddie, 154, 377 Walker, Edith, 154, 360 Walker, Ellen, 154, 360 Walker, John Milton, 468 Walker, Marjorie E., 419 Walker, Martha L., 360 Walker, Mary Ruth, 360 Walker, Michael, 154, 360 Walker, Michael Lynn, 163, 360 Walker, Pamela Dean, 185, 387 Walker, Patricia Ann, 360 Wacker, Richard Paul, 413 Walker, Richtor Bryan, 360 Walker, Susan Diane, 419 Walker, Suzanne, 377 Walker, Thomas, 175, 465 Walker, Valerie, 419 Walker, William S., 469 Wall, Judith, 181, 387 Wall, Mary, 163, 407 Wallace, Charlie Lynn, 447 Wallace, Douglas B., 377 Wallace, Mark Clayte, 413 Waller, Cheryl, 147, 360 Wallgren, Gregory, 147, 449 Walling, George, 175, 360 Wallis, Patricia Gayle, 429 Walls, Charles, 185, 455 Walls, Jan, 377 Walsh, Carol Kristen, 397 Walsh, T. Jack, 468 Walters, Robert, 175, 360 Walters, Trudy, 147, 360 Walters, William, 185, 360 Walton, Jim, 163, 457 Walton, Mary Ellen, 383 Walton, Nancy, 431 Walz, Daniel Thomas, 475 Wann, G. Mark, 455 Ward, Billy W., 465 Ward, Carter Eugene, 360 Ward, Deanna Marie, 360 Ward, James Larry, 413 Ward, Jimmy Joe, 451 Ward, John James, 392 Ward, Joseph, 154, 360 Ward, Suzanna, 154, 437 Ward, William, 163, 360 Warford, Darrell Lee, 360 Warner, Patti L., 407 Warner, Paula, 160, 407 Warnock, Barbara Sue, 399 Warnock, Norman Pride, 360 Warren, Lynne Michele, 383 Warrick, Lynn, 431 Waselues, Jim D., 471 Washington, Frederick, 154, 463 Washington, Martha, 419 Watkins, Deborah Jo, 435 Watkins, James William, 461 Watkins, John, 175, 377 Watkins, Sheryl Lee, 407 Watson, Billie Ruth, 360 Watson, Gary F., 175, 477 Watson, Jimmy Ellis, 360 Watson, John, 154, 453 Watson, Marcus, 163, 469 Watson, Olivia, 431 Watt, Doris J., 360 Watts, Marellen, 163, 435 Watts, Michael R., 360 Watts, Ralph, 175, 360 Watts, Thomas Evans, 465 Watts, Vicki Lynn, 163, 407 Wayne, Deborah Carla, 360 Weatherford, Charles Wayne, 413 Weatherford, Jeanne Rebecca, 377 Weathers, Linda, 147, 360 Webb, Brenda, 169, 360 Webb, Danny Blaine, 360 Webb, David, 163, 465 Webb, Debbie K., 397 Webb, James V., 465 Webb, John A., 403 Webb, John Edmond 413 Webb, Kristine Kay, 383 Webb, Mark, 392 Webb, Philip, 155, 360 Webb, Wayne, 185, 360 Webber, Yvonne, 163, 360 Webster, Douglas Alan, 413 Webster, Marsha Colleen, 407 Webster, Tim, 169, 389 Weeks, Leslie, 155, 441 Weems, Jane Ann, 377 Weems, Nancy, 383 Weiler, Becky Lynn, 419 Weintraub, Alvin Allen, 473 Weisberger, Joseph Gilbert, 468 Weiser, Chris, 163, 457 Welborn, Mike Lloyd, 360 Welch, Jean K., 397 Welch, Jeff Butler, 471 Welch, Michael Eugene, 413 Welcome, Deborah Anne, 377 Welch, Michael Alan, 385 Welence, Denise Jane, 429 Wellons, William E., 469 Wells, Clayton, 155, 360 Wells, Eddie R., 175, 360 Wells, Fran 163, 360 Wells, John A., 377 Wells, Liz, 169, 443 Wells, Lynn Michael, 413 Wells, Rebecca Jane, 441 Wells, Regina Ann, 419 Wells, Tommy R., 413 Wernick, Max Arthur, 413 Wery, Richard Edwar, 389 West, Donald, 185, 300 West, Jack, 163, 455 West, Johnny C., 403 West, June, 441 West, Kari, 155, 427 West, Ray, 461 West, Ronald, 181, 360 West, Skippy, 459 Westbrook, Lawrence Paul, 413 Westerman, Gary Morris, 469 Westerside, Kenneth, 169, 360 Westfall, Fred D., 453 Westlake, David Lynn, 360 Wetzler, David M., 360 Wheatley, Kenneth, 175, 360 Wheeler, Richard Paul, 360 Wheelington, Jimmy Dale, 360 Whetstone, Martha Zoe, 383 Whiley, Janice, 397 Whiley, Jimmv, 147, 449 Whisenhunt, Kenneth Daryl, 360 Whisnant, Wanda J., 399 Whitaker, Theodore Owen, 377 White, Betty, 439 White, Bob Quail, 475 White, David Newton, 413 White, Deborah Jane, 377 White. Dickie Joe, 377 White. Esther. 185. 360 White, Jimmie C., 397 White. John Paul. 413 White, Linda, 163, 377 White, Marilyn Delores, 407 White. Marilyn Frances, 377 White. Mary Louise, 429 White, Mary Patricia, 407 White. Robert, 175. 360 White, Ruth Marie, 383 White, Sherry, 169. 427 White, Shirley, 155, 360 Whitehead. Robert, 155, 465 Whiteley, Teresa, 147, 360 Whitlatch, Jamie Leora, 407 500 Whitlock, Karol, 169, 360 Whitlock, Vikki, 407 Whitmore, Obie, 385 Whittaker, Carolyn, 431 Whitten, Cindy, 169, 361 Whittington, Charles, 413 Whorton, Randall, 169, 361 Widner, David Michael, 468 Wiedeman, Susie, 399 Wiederkehr, Gail M., 383 Wiggins, Mary Ann, 383 Wiggins, Sarah, 383 Wiggins, Stephen R., 392 Wightman, Carol Carr, 419 Wilbert, Charles Philip, 469 Wilcher, John Albert, 385 Wilcox, Joyce E., 427 Wilcoxson, Marlene, 155, 361 Wildy, Pam, 441 Wilkerson, Donald H., 459 Wilkerson, Janice, 383 Wilkerson, John, 471 Wilkerson, Sam, 175, 377 Wilkes, Nancy, 181, 377 Wilkes, Rebecca Collin, 377 Wilkes, Taylor David, 468 Wilk Wilk Wilk ns, Karen Denise, 361 ns, William Robert, 361 nson, Vivian, 433 Willcockson, James, 155, 361 Williams, A. C., 403 Williams, Anne, 429 Williams, Betty Jon, 383 Williams, Brady Michael, 385 Williams, Carolyn G., 377 Williams, Charles, 185, 361 Williams. David, 163, 459 Williams, Dianne, 419 Williams, Erma Jean, 377 Williams, Floyd, 185, 455 Williams, Gary, 175, 361 Williams, Gary Leroy, 413 Williams, James, 175, 377 Williams, Jan L., 169, 361 Williams, Janice, 185, 361 Williams, Jerry C., 155. 361 Williams, Jim, 457 Williams, John Roger, 361 Williams, Judy Susan, 419 Williams, Ivan B., 468 Williams, Kenneth, 147, 403 Williams, Kit, 155, 361 Williams, Lynne, 407 Williams, Marc Christopher, 463 Williams, Mary Jon, 377 Williams, Nina Gale, 361 Williams, Paul Ray, 361 Williams, Phyllis, 155, 361 Williams, Ruth Ann, 163, 361 Williams, Stanley, 181, 361 Williams, Stephen, 155, 413 Williams, Stephen E., 449 Williams, Suzanne, 169, 441 Williams, Terry, 147, 449 Williams, Thomas, 147, 361 Williams, Tim D., 361 Williams, Vern Ann, 439 Williams, Wayne, 185, 361 Williamson, Angela Gayle. 419 Williamson, Candace E., 377 Williamson, Francene, 181, 387 Williamson, James T., 403 Williamson, Shaller M., 361 Williford, Wallace D., 413 Willis, Delores, 169, 397 Willis, Pamela J., 377 Wiilms, Fran, 441 Willroth, Alan, 163. 361 Wills, Patricia C., 419 Wills, Susie, 439 Wilson, Carl, 175, 377 Wilson, Carolyn Jane, 361 Wilson, Darrell Edward, 459 Wilson, Debbie, 383 Wilson, Debi, 383 Wilson, Deborah Dianne, 361 Wilson, Deborah Guylene, 407 Wilson, Donald, 181, 465 Wilson, Ivan Robert, 413 Wilson. Judith Ann. 397 Wilson, Kathy, 383 Wilson, Larry, 181, 468 Wilson, Laura Lynn, 419 Wilson, Lela Dean, 383 Wilson, Luther Bradford, 361 Wilson, Nikita, 407 Wilson, Patrick Thomas, 403 Wilson, Ralph Edwin, 457 Wilson, Ricky, 163, 361 Wilson, Sharon Hope, 383 Wilson Sharp, 388 Wilson, Thomas, 155, 361 Wilson, Thomas W., 147, 361 Wilson, Tracey Lee, 407 Wilson, Wayne D., 413 Wimberly, Gary D., 361 Windle, Jewell Ernest, 361 Wineland, Daria, 155, 439 Winford, Lizbeth A., 169, 407 Winfree, Claudia, 407 Winkleman, Gary Lee, 385 Winn, Carol, 169, 441 Winningham, Jo Ann, 361 Winningham, Julia, 361 Winston, Joel, 163, 361 Winston, Willis Bryan, 361 Wirick, Gail, 169, 443 Wirick, Sheila, 419 Wise, Henry, 361 Wise, Joyce Louise, 427 Wiseman, Steve, 377 Witherspoon, Valerie, 155, 441 Wittmer, Leon Lester, 377 Wolf, Debbie Jean, 419 Wolfe, Barbara, 147, 361 Wolfe, Donna Jean, 419 Wolfe, Michael Samuel, 457 Wolfe, Richard, 163, 469 Womack, Duke Wayne, 469 Womack, John, 459 Wong, Po-Ling, 397 Wood, Alan Aubrey, 447 Wood, Amy Sue, 419 Wood, Brenda, 407 Wood, Carl Patrick, 459 Wood, Charles, 175, 361 Wood, Daniel, 175, 457 Wood, Douglas, 185, 361 Wood, Elizabeth Ellen, 429 Wood, Forrest, 147, 463 Wood, James, 449 Wood, Joel, 469 Wood, Kathy, 441 Wood, Kathy Ann, 361 Wood, Linda Diane, 419 Wood, Linda Teresa, 169, 361 Wood, Patsy, 155, 397 Wood, Rick, 175, 477 Wood, Robert Colin, 413 Wood, Robert Harlin, 185, 361 Wood, Ruth Ellen, 399 Wood, Scott Hodgson, 468 Wood, Stephen, 185, 361 Wood, Stephen Thomas, 468 Wood, Wallace Winston, 361 Wood, William Ar thur, 377 Woodall, Fredrick, 403 Woodard, Annelle Cleo, 439 Woodard, James, 455 Woodard, Lynn, 169, 429 Woodbury, Ross, 155, 403 Woodruff, Ronald, 185, 361 Woodruff, Truman Victor, 361 Woods, Donnie, 163, 361 Woods, Elizabeth Ann, 407 Woods, Henry, 447 Woods, Jerry, 457 Woods, Sandra Darlene, 419 Woods, Sandra Kay, 361 Woodson, Susie, 377 Woodward, Kay, 443 Woodward, Sharon, 163, 361 Woodyard, Danny, 413 Woodyard, William, 185, 361 Woolridge, Jerry Don, 413 Wooley, Randall, 459 Wolley, Caroline, 439 Wootton, Aubrey, 163, 361 Word, Melinda, 169, 407 Word, Samuel, 169, 361 Workman, Sudie, 439 Works, Tim, 163, 465 Worley, Rick, 413 Worthy, Susan, 169, 429 Wray, Curtis, 361 Wray, Marylen, 383 Wren, Sidney Denise, 383 Wright, Barbara Louise, 429 Wright, Brenda, 361 Wright, Chuck, 392 Wright, Edward, 175, 361 Wright, Gary Mills, 457 Wright, Judith, 169, 361 Wright, Marion, 181, 361 Wright, Rebecca Louise, 399 Wright, Sally, 433 Wright, Tilden, 185, 361 Wright, Victor, 163, 455 Wright, William Andrew, 457 Wright, William David, 465 Wright, William G. ( 185, 361 Wuest, Charles S., 447 Wy, Dan, 175, 413 Wyant, Jean D., 155, 407 Wyman, David Lee, 155, 361 Y Yancey, Harry Lawrence, 469 Yancey, Rachel A., 441 Yarborough, Lewis, 455 Yarbrough, Chuck D., 403 Yarbrough, Clifford, 403 Yarbrough, William, 163, 361 Yarnell, Rogers, 163, 361 Yates, Elizabeth H., 397 Yates, Raymond Jennings, 377 Yates, Ted, 377 Yeargan, Charles A., 361 Yee, Joe Hon, 403 Yee, Mary, 169, 397 Yocum Hall, 408 Yoes, Bob, 361 Yoes, Mrs. Oran, 469 York, William Daniel, 475 Younes, Susan Elaine, 383 Young, Bob, 461 Young, Charles D., 385 Young, James Robert, 377 Young, Jayne, 163, 377 Young, Jerry Allen, 413 Young, Johnnie, 181, 361 Young, LaJeana Faye, 361 Young, Larry Gus, 453 Young, Lonnie, 163, 361 Young, Michael, 155, 459 Young, Opal W., 397 Young, Patricia Ann, 429 Young, Randy, 175, 403 Young, Rebecca, 155, 361 Young, Santford, 181, 361 Young, Sherry M., 419 Young, Susan, 383 Young, Victoria E., 361 Younger, Lillie, 155, 361 z Zahn, Margaret A., 397 Zakes, Karen Elizabeth, 429 Zaremba, Michael John, 403 Zelnick, Richard, 175, 385 Zerr, Janet D., 407 Zeta Tau Alpha, 442 Ziegenfelder, Thomas V., 392 Zimmerman, Richard, 457 Zink, Judy, 419 Zink, Randy, 361 Ziser, Andrew, 155, 475 Zucca, Julie-Anne, 383 Zulpo, Mary Ann, 427 Zvonik, Sylvia, 377 501 a toast to the longest, These last two pages are always the most difficult to write because I don’t know what I really want to say. Perhaps it would be best to begin by thanking all the people to whom I am especially indebted to for their help and moral support during the year. Mr. R. C. Walker of Tulsa is the one per¬ son I am most indebted to. Even though his company no longer does any work for the Razorback, Mr. Walker still calls to see how I am doing and asks if I need any help. To him I am eternally grateful. Larry Pirnie contributed to the success of this book without really trying. In the twenty- four hours that I visited with him last spring, I learned more about yearbooks than I had learned before or since. Nowmen Glenn and Chuck Lowe were also very helpful when I needed some advice. On my own staff, Henry Woods was the driving force behind everyone else on the staff. I only needed to mention .that some¬ thing needed to be done and he made sure that it was done soon. I relied heavily upon the three associate editors throughout the year and they almost always came through when we had a deadline to meet. Cathy ChiO was one of the few who could be depended upon to come by the office everyday. After she completed her section, hardest year of them all, and she helped everyone else with their section. I must mention the terror of Razorback Hall, Marilyn Bright, who kept me amused throughout the year. I wish I had room to mention everyone on the staff who w orked the long hours for small compensation. Several people in the Administration helped out and deserve special thanks. Everybody in the business office went out of their way to help us. Mr. Rinnert and Mr. Chappell gave us more attention than we deserved and it was appreciated. Mr. Talley of the Physical Plant put up with our special re¬ quests for tours through the rafters of Old Main and all he asked for was a cup of coffee, which I still owe him. Bob Barnes of the Arkansas Union was always coop¬ erative and ready to do anything he could to help us out. I only wish that he had a vote on the Board of Publications. Fortunately we were not burned out of the building this year, but other disasters struck. I won’t go into detail since I would prob- bly be sued for libel. To those of you who opposed the Razorback or worked against us this year, you don’t deserve the copy you are reading. Give it to someone who will appreciate it and enjoy it. to the staff that helped me. The illustrated index was a way for Doug and myself to publish some of the good pictures we have taken over the years that haven’t been published before. The index is usually dull and uncreative; this year it is different. Gaebale is not included in this book; in¬ stead of being the first weekend in May as is tradition, this year it was scheduled for the third weekend in May which is five days before the book was supposed to be delivered to the campus. Hopefully, future Gaebale directors will take this into consideration when selecting a date. After four and a half years, it is going to be difficult to quit doing a job that has be¬ come a habit. I shall enjoy the afternoons drinking with the other has-beens like Ann Pride, Jerry Glover, and Doug Frank. We have all made student publications a part of our life and tried to make student publications a little better. It’s time for them “youngsters” to take over now. EDITOR 503 The 1971 RAZORBACK was printed by offset lithography and bound by The Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. Printing plates were made from negatives utilizing a 150-line gray contact screen. The four color process negatives were made by Peerless Engravers, Inc. of Little Rock, Arkansas. The cover was manufac¬ tured by Universal Bookbindery, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas. The individual studio portraits were made by Rappoport Studios, New York, New York. The endsheets were printed on Simpson Lee 65 Lb. Ivory Telemark cover paper. The opening gatefold section was printed on Simpson Lee 70 Lb. Ivory Telemark text paper. The rest of the book is printed on Warren’s 80 Lb. Lustro Dull. Body copy was set in 12 point Melior, the cutlines were set in 8 point Helvetica, and the heads were set in 24 point Melior. Type was set by Fastypesetters of Little Rock, Arkansas. The introduction and division pages were designed and photographed by Gary G. Larsen. Opening sketch of Old Main and all other art by Susan Larsen. Opening section prose by Cathy Bleiweiss. Cover design by Susan Larsen. All photography by the Razorback photography staff. 504 CAWOIN ARKANSAS

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