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the 1970 RAZORBACK Published by The Associated Students University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Gary G. Larsen Editor CONTENTS The Year Administration Personalities Classes _ Beauties _ Miliitary_ Publications Residences Greeks Off Campus Athletics_ Arts_ Organizations Index _ 24 104 132 150 182 204 226 244 300 354 378 422 442 480 1 2 Pure as the Dawn v| 3 On the Brow of Thy Beauty 5 Watches Thy Soul from the 8 Over the Fates of Thy Children Departed 10 where Their Footsteps Have Trod n Beacon of Hope in the Ways Dreary Lighted Pride of Our Hearts that Are Loyal and True 14 15 From Those who Adore 17 18 Unto One who Adores Us 19 20 We Sing unto You 22 Dedication For more than 45 years, Mr. R. C. Walker , of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been the engraver of photographs and other illustrations for the Razorback. But he has been much more than an engraver, giving generously of his time and energy as an originator of ideas and designs, as both counselor and guide. His wisdom and good humor have kept many editors from giving up. His enthusiasm is contagious. Mr. Walker has been responsible for the continuing improvement of the Razorback for over four decades. In gratitude, and deep affection, we dedicate the 1970 RAZORBACK to him. 24 25 A future Kappa pledge shows the proper amount of astonishment. One rush party this year portrayed rush as it is ... a circus. Scrubbing and mopping floor and washing dishes will soon bring the new TKE pledge down to earth. 26 Greeks Cause Snow in September Red Rover, Red Rover . . . send anyone over. One word describes formal rush week — “dirty.” Like sheep being led to lions, naive rushees are pound¬ ed as soon as they move in the dorm by waves of facts “as they really are.” During parties, sororities’ rushees shed tears because they can’t decide between what their mommies or sisters told them to do and what their consciences urge. Meanwhile, fraternity rushees try to commit to as many hous es as time permits. Then it’s bid day. Only one fraternity pledge crack¬ ed his head jumping off the Student Union steps this year. Luckily no sorority pledge suffered a heart at¬ tack running from Reid Hall to her new home. It’s strange that a rushee can make up his mind and know r all about the place he is going to pledge after being there no more than three hours. Isn’t It Fine to Stand in Line? Here ' s one of the most familiar scenes from the famous classical comedy " Registration " starring a star studded cast of thousands. The first few days before classes start in the fall are always the worst ones. The veteran students put off coming back to Fayetteville until only hours before they register. Registration was just as big a jack around as before, except this year tuition went up. After registration, the freshmen begin arriving with their parents. A freshmen girl’s mother cries as she sees the fraternity pledges helping her daughter with her luggage. She hopes that her daughter won’t return next summer without something and with something else. When standing in line to buy books, older students remember what college is all about — time, money, and lots of work. 28 Coach Frank Broyles opened a long hard season by addressing the stu¬ dents at the first pep rally. othi es don ' t make the man, but help the man on the make. This is only the beginning of a constant and disheartening drain on the budget. 29 Although it is a long story it can be safely assumed that the tree was there first and is not the guilty party. 30 INew Se: If ester Begins With Changes Jo Martin at the first senate meeting. Is there a long road ahead for our heroine? Dr. Spoclc set the trend for Symposium by talk¬ ing about the war, the race riots and the youth. Students became aware of many changes on campus this fall. The student government was generally con¬ trolled by the independents, headed by an executive cabinet that theoretically should never work; a Kappa Sig treasurer, a Kappa secretary, a TKE vice-president, and an independent coed president. Two dorms changed their sex identification. More than one undressing female became rudely aware of her new surroundings when she noticed men peering at her through binoculars and telescopes from the dorm next door. And the administrative offices moved to a new building with a magnificent view of the pit. 31 Fall Is For Fights and Football A new twist was added to the old Greek-Independent rivalry for seating in Greek theater for pep rallies ... a Greek-Greek rivalry. 32 Being the leader of men doesn ' t al¬ ways make you a pied piper. I need one more coke. I ' ve already got a dog with me. 33 The Moratorium ething New 34 The Moratorium on Vietnam held October 15 was not only a new experience for the U of A, hut also for ihe nation. For most, the moratorium was just another reason for skipping classes. Songs, discussions of the war, and reading of the war dead in front of Vol Walker Library held meaning for others. A march to the city square by about one thousand diverse people climaxed the activities. The march served as a medium for carrying everyone’s problems, whether social, racial, or radical. Many marched in favor of im¬ mediate withdrawal; others just marched. Then there were those who marched in opposition to the march. What more need be said? Too bad the whole thing was just a short lived fad. 35 We shall overcome! Greek Week is one of the few times that fraternities and sororities get together on anything. Unfortunately, that one thing is partying, the main thing they do the entire year. Greek Week is almost the same, year after year. The only difference this year was the change from Spring to Fall so as not to compete w ith the independent’s greek week, Hallaballoo. Fraternities again proved they are better educated drinkers than sororities as evidenced at the Scholar’s howl and dance. The Greek joust was a nice gesture to keep a fraternity’s pledge class busy with games, while the members went off and drank all the beer in Fay¬ etteville. The week ended on its usual note, as no one could get together on their opinion of the Vanilla Fudge con¬ cert. At least the group was loud. A Fiji ' s dream is to eat that cream. 36 The Greeks Unite for Greek Week Passed out Passed av Passed over! One of the Inter-Fraternity Council ' s Model Pledges was talented enough to jam with the Vanilla Fudge during the Greek Week concert. Despite all, Greeks can get together when they are in the mood. Homecoming Is A Dying Tradition Whaf ' s the use of being the queen if the king is always at least two or three times your age and married besides? Homecoming just ain’t what it used to be many a year ago. One of the last remaining traces of the past, the parade, died this year. Homecoming now seems to be just another football game and just another good excuse to throw a big party or whatever. One thing hasn’t changed over the years though. Wilson Sharp still operates its own political machine in the homecoming court selection. The jocks always get what they want. Junior women who had been staying out past date call finally got to make it legal when the Board of Trus¬ tees approved the junior card key. A month later, few people realized that the change had been made. 38 The biggest rollers on this campus are valiantly led by groovy two shoes. Or don McNulty signs an autograph for a loyal and admiring fan. Typical College Joe uses the half time to meet people he ' s been pouring whisky on during the first half of the game. 39 The next day faculty members with offices in Old Main began taking their cherished and ir¬ replaceable possessions to safer places. Th: only thing missing is the Marching Razorbacks, the cheerleaders, and some Confederate flags. Indifferent studants watched while concerned students asked what they could do to help. 40 Hill Hall Burns; Is Texas Next? The pigs in the trough are waiting to be fed their ticket to the Texas game. Except for personal losses, the burning of Hill Hall on November 11 was one of the better things that has happened to the Journalism department in a long time. There isn ' t a better way to get a much needed remodel¬ ing or even a new building. The first TRAVELER after the fire, though it was a miracle one got out, was so sirruppy that it practically stuck to the reader’s hands. The RAZORBACK and TRAVELER soon found office space and things soon returned to normal. About the same time, things got too hot for Timothy Leary in New York and he had to cancel his scheduled symposium speech about drug usage. This was a blow to Symposium 70. 42 Black Students Force “Dixie” Issue Just because the moratorium on Vietnam attracted a large crowd doesn ' t mean that all moratoriums will. Where is the answer? Black students initiated much campus activity dur¬ ing the Fall to try to improve black-white relations. The net effect of these programs probably resulted in an even bigger black-white gap. The Moratorium on Racism was held November 7. It was a public meeting that gave whites a chance to better understand and communicate with blacks. At two pep rallies in November, black students pre¬ vented the band from marching onto the Greek theater stage. Before the Arkansas vs Texas football game, “Dixie” was suspended from being played at UofA functions. This isn ' t tho first time deans have been accused of dealing wi;h a stacked deck. 44 Social Life, A No Credit Course The agony of conformity; the smell of the feet. Twas the End of the World but she thought the end of the evening would never arrive. Parties are the oldest campus tradition and perhaps the last link between the Greeks, Independents, and those living off-campus. Greek parties are nearly all the same. Few members of the sponsoring house are seen. Most of them are in their rooms trying to make it. Independent parties are like Greek parties except that they are in a dorm, leading to very little drinking or bed play. Then there are apartments. Apartment jocks can have an open house party twenty-four hours a day. The only problem is that their Greek and dorm friends also like apartment parties. 45 The Eyes of Texas Look North This coed gave everything she had to beat Texas, but it just wasn ' t enough. With mid-term tests behind them, the students turn¬ ed their attention to December 6. Arkansas always thinks of the Texas game as the game of the year but this year the nation thought so too. Associated Press was even so bold as to predict it to be the game of the decade. Bunny Adcock ordered several thousand “Beat Tex¬ as” stickers and hoped that he could sell at least half of them. Bunny was more than happy to order more when the students bought out ABC’s entire stock. Stu¬ dent spirit was high and rising. 46 Students gave their hearts to the Razorbacks and their grades to the wind for the Texas game. " Fools names and fools faces will al¬ ways appear in public places. " Some worked for one thing and some worked for other things, but in the end, no one won anything. 47 As Texas Approaches, Spirit Builds The two things I despise are Texans and lies. The more I see Texans, the more I like lies. Somewhere in the offices of the American Broad¬ casting Company there is probably someone still count¬ ing the money ABC made by having Texas and Arkan¬ sas reschedule their regular season football game to December 6. The event became so publicized that the number one President of the nation came to watch the number one game of the year. Arkansas knew in September that this was going to be a one game season. As both Texas and Arkansas continued to win game after game, football fans realized that this game would decide the national championship. 49 The sky was thick and in flew Dick . . . and Rockefeller and just about everyone else and his dog. Almost everyone but President Nixon arrived in Fay¬ etteville hours before the game. A few adventurous fans brought campers and battled students for parking places in the pit the night before. Then the game. Arkansas scored first, but Texas scored last and it was over. It took a perfect pass and a perfect catch though to set the stage for the winning touchdown. The spirited (think about that) Razorback rooters showed their fourth quarter frustration by pelt¬ ing the Texas band with coke-filled cups, beer cans, liquor bottles, and cushions. In the dressing room after the game, President Nixon probably lost Arkansas’ electoral votes in 1972 by de¬ claring Texas the 1 team in the country. Billy Graham ' s presence at the game was strictly business; he gave the invocation before the game. Amen. 50 Regardless of The Game, they felt no pain, so the Ski Lodge was the same. score, we kept faith in the Hogs both before and after. Because of 1 Point Texas Is No. 1 The cheers from the fans, plus cups filled with cheer, didn ' t quite ease the pain of those damned old Steers. Christmas is a time for sharing and students helped each other get into the Christmas spirit. 52 And Then it Was Christmas • • • It s Christmas time! Time to buy presents for friends and parents. Time for teachers to give last minute tests so you’ll have nothing to do over break. Time to see the same underprivileged kid at more than one living group’s Christmas party. Time to get the hair and mous¬ taches cut before seeing the relatives. And time to smile at the state cop as he writes a ticket for speeding on Highway 71 while driving home. Christmas gifts in the form of Who’s Who selection were given to 28 Juniors and Seniors just before break. As usual, the only people satisfied with the decision w ere the people chosen. 53 Hogs Meet Archie In New Orleans 54 Somehow, the Sugar Howl game in New Orleans al¬ ways brings out the truly devoted Razorback fans. A person would have to be a fanatic in order to disregard the hotel rates and restaurant prices; not to mention multiple hangovers. New Years Eve on Bourbon Street you could tell the sentiment of every stumbling person according to the button they wore. They were either an “Archie’s Army”, “Archie Who? 1 ’ or in some cases “Who Gives a Damn.” Even though the Razorbacks lost the football game, the fans did return with two important facts. They found out who Archie Manning was and they dis¬ covered that “Dixie” is alive and well at the University of Mississippi. 55 The faster he drove the faster it fell; he gets paid regardless, so what the hell. Within two days after getting back from Christmas vacation, U of A students received an unexpected one day break from classes in the form of a ten inch snowfall. It was only the second time in about 100 years that school had been suspended because of snow. The few snowflakes falling in the late morning turn¬ ed into near blizzard proportions by nightfall. Dickson street, by the Greek theatre, turned into a giant ski slope. Men and coeds tried their best to kill or maim them¬ selves by sledding down the steep hill on old chairs, serving trays, signs and boards. Skill was necessary to dodge occasional cars that were sliding up and down, but mostly down, the street at the same time. All through the night cries rang out over campus from the traditional Greek Independent, and jock house snowball fights that occurred spontaneously. Du© to the weather, our campus was a landing strip for a stranded blimp. Ten Inches of Snow Falls on Ca II Students will do anything for a thrill, even if it does put them in the infirmary. Locks like a slick way to travel and it sure beats studying. Wh, t ' •n you toy about a girl throwing snow at night? Did spring come late or did practice start early? Five girls , , . snowing each other. 58 e To Play As Classes Canceled The unexpected snowfall meant many things to many people. To some students, the break was a wel¬ come relief. They hurried to the library to use the few e tra hours to cram for an exam or write the paper that they put off during Christmas vacation. To the infirmary staff the snowfall meant a rash broken noses, sprains, bruises, eye injuries and later, a multitude of flu cases. The carefully constructed Fayetteville streets were ° n ly mildly destroyed during the snowfall. What the modern street cleaning apparatus didn’t do, the tire chains and obstinate drivers did do. 59 Final Exa —A Pill and a Prayer For some reason all the subjects you knew so well in October are now only vague recollections as finals demand a very sharp memory. The true test of a student’s stamina, finals, suddenly appear. The finals schedule is published and some get blessed with a perfect schedule: three on the first day and one the last day last hour. Test files are rummaged through only to find that someone already has the tests you need. For the first time this year the library is filled to capacity. Freshmen go drink and raise hell during dead day, only to discover after their first final that they are no longer in high school. Finals are good for someone, though. Pill pushers thrive. Somebody happens to find a copy of a final and will let you see it . . . for $20. The electric company makes a fortune as thousands of lights burn far into the night for a solid week. Finals is a time for studying, drinking Cokes and coffee, and getting your project finished. 61 At least once in these people ' s lives they have found black to be very very beautiful indeed. 62 Graduation—The Final Jack-Around they say you can ' t judge a book by the cover. If you thnk that these lines are long, wait ' til you stand in an unemployment line. While most students hurried home to recuperate from finals, some students stayed in Fayetteville to re¬ ceive the end product of several thousand dollars and manv years of hard labor and boring classes. At this mid-year commencement held January 24, around 1300 graduates received degrees. Included among these were 400 persons receiving graduate de¬ grees and about 70 receiving either doctor of philosophy or doctor of education degrees. Soon after commencement, most of the graduates were seen heading for places unknown . . . anywhere but Arkansas. 63 Students Return For Spring Semester Registration is exasperatingly frustrationable for the instructors who have to sit for long hours as well as students who stand for long hours. Many problems face a student when he returns to register. He has to find all the nooks and crannies where his teacher supposedly posted grades, then hunt for the teacher who obviously made a mistake in computing the grade to see if he wouldn’t change it so one could stay in school, be initiated, or something else just as important. Then it’s trying not to get jacked around too badly during registration and sell the books that were used for the last time last semester. Anyway, the real hassle was just ahead — another semester of boring classes. But there just aren ' t any sections left unless you schedule Sunday classes. 65 With Spring approaching political candidates are planning their victories " with a little help from their friends. " 66 The Lull Before the First Tests Gregory gave Symposium ' 70 a much needed ' ft with his name and dynamic speech. Break and registration were fun, but already it’s time to drop classes, flunk those first tests, buy Cliff Notes, and get friends to write themes. One of the most vocal speakers of Symposium ’70, Dick Gregory, mixed humor with dead seriousness in his discussion of the government, the moral structure of the United States, and the Black movement. In the midst of the “Dixie” issue, Dr. Richard A. Worthington, director of the Marching Razorbacks, re¬ signed in favor of a more comfortable position in Loui¬ siana. Eldon Janzen of Irving, Texas, was chosen to fill the vacancy. 67 Basketball, A Fun Sport for Losers Sophomore Aimer Lee kept the crowd on their toes this season with his fast run and shoot basketball. The fans loved it and him. 68 The men of the gridiron took courage and decided to challenge the freshmen basketball squad to a game. They lost. After long hours of experimenting, the Razorback cheerleaders have at last come up with something useful to do with their mouths. 69 And Spring’s a Long Time Coming He couldn ' t understand the book, so he tried reading between the lines. Ever feel like you were brought along just to fix the flat tire? With a free spring afternoon and a couple of new pledges one can accomplish a lot of things like clean up Arkansas Avenue. HI bet Fonda never tried riding his chopper to class. Bill Russell didn ' t talk about basketball when he appeared for Symposium ' 70 . 71 Duke Ellington brought a sound to the campus that many students had only heard their parents talk about. With Greek Week, Residence Hall Week, Black Em¬ phasis Week, ad infinitum the arts took a month and proclaimed it Arts ’70. Arts ’70 was filled with visiting artists and pro¬ grams by students. Duke Ellington appearing through the Community Concert program opened Arts 70. Buckminster Fuller came on behalf of several depart¬ ments and stayed long enough to give several presen¬ tations. Students from Washington University came down to Fayetteville to hear one of the most prolific minds of the century. Concerts by our own band performing with Dr. Ellis and the moog synthesizer and four one act plays produced and directed by students rounded out Arts ’70. Ellington ' s drummer signed as many autographs as the Duke himself. 72 Ellington, Fuller Highlight Arts ’70 The audience was invited to imitate and create sounds just as the moog synthesizer did in a demonstration presented between concerts. An Oriental dance presentation rounded out Arts 70. Buckminster Fuller wasn ' t able to say everything that he wanted to but did hold the audience spellbound for almost four hours. 73 Short Plays Close Arts ’70 Program Tom Willis, Tal Davis and Laurel Whillock in An Experimental Piece written and directed by Ritchie Campbell opened ihe program. The closing event for the fine arts festival, Arts ’70, was a cross section of drama as presented by advanced students in Speech Dramatic Arts. The first production of the program was a contem¬ porary comment on people and the theater, written and directed by Ritchie Campbell and titled AN EXPERI¬ MENTAL PIECE. Mike McCauley’s direction of an early Tennessee Williams play, MOONEY’S KID DON’T CRY, was the next production. The third play was Tad Mosel’s IMPROMPTL . The student director was Joe Wilson. The last production of the evening was Carroll McKee’s direction of the Chekhov play called THE PROPOSAL. The offerings of the evening spanned almost one hundred years of theatrical history and seemed to re¬ inforce the idea that the playwright frequently sees people and events “as they are” and proceeds to “tell it like it is.” ® a yle Clark and Jerry Dellinger were the sole actors in Mooney ' s Kid Don ' t Cry by Tennessee Williams. 75 Black students’ grievances again became known this year in a sitdown confrontation with University Presi¬ dent David W. Mullins on March 6. At one time, as many as 30 Black students maintained the sitdown in the President ' s office from 11 AM to 3:20 PM. The action of the Black students was attributed to a lack of commitment from the University in regards to earlier grievances that the administration had prom¬ ised to “consider.” In addition, the Blacks were con¬ cerned about the alleged resignation of Joe Tave, an assistant dean of the Division of Student Affairs. When the sitdown was over, Black spokesman Eu¬ gene Hunt stated that they had received “a little more positive response” to their demands. 76 Blacks Bring Grievances to Mullins 77 What Happened to Engineers’ Week? Cheryl had all of the talent, but just not enough of those engineers ' precious votes. Thank you, boys, whispered Sandy. I hope this is the beginning of a winning streak. Like everything on this campus this year, Engi¬ neer’s Week and other traditional forms of amusement went down the drain. Engine Week came and went with hardly anyone knowing of it at all, except the engineers. Engine Rally was not the usual gross marathon, only a session of the same worn out jokes used last year. Luckily there wasn’t such a large audience to witness the disappointment. Next year the program directors should give away tickets instead of trying to sell them. Traditionally, though, St. Patricia went to the girl who did the best behind-the-scenes homework before the rally. As usual, the engineers were beaten by the Agri majors in the tug of war. 78 79 r With Spring break only days away, students were thrilled to see more snow falling. Student government ' s turtle race was one of the few big successes that ASG had this year. With this much snow in one year, skis looked like a good investment. 80 Whatever Happened to Spring? For the first time the students can read two biased papers instead of only one. All eyes, looked toward the skies during the last days before spring break. No one had bothered to in¬ form Mother Nature that it was supposed to be spring. Tuesday before break, school was closed for morning classes because of 10 inches of snow. School was open as usual that afternoon except for the obvious lack of faculty and students. Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity introduced something new to take students minds off mid-term tests in the form of a turtle race. Of course, the only official turtles were the ones they sold. Over half of these died before the race started. 81 A nice big pit of soggy sawdust makes every advanced cadet ' s morning complete. Physical Training in the Spring for advanced cadets makes that first week of camp a little more bearable. 82 “Dixie” Supported in Referendum Contrary to popular belief, Weddington does not have all the sun. Some people think that the Chi O ' s struck out a long long time ago. The referendum on the playing of “Dixie” at Uni¬ versity functions resulted as everyone expected it would; 2,010 for and 944 against. Blacks, probably realizing the futility of the referendum, tried to have the vote invalidated by “campaigning” too close to a polling place. Since their campaigning obviously did not have an effect on the results, the vote was allow ed. The issue isn’t dead. If Blacks don’t want “Dixie” played next year, they’ll probably make sure it won’t be no matter what the student wants. It’s so nice that politics were taken out of the cheer¬ leader selections this spring. How come the Fiji’s and the Theta’s got the most? Spring brought out cheerleader practice . . . and Bunny Adock. 83 llallaballoo—Semi-Greek for a Week This is the age of Aquarius when women are taking over men ' s jobs, clothing styles, other activities, and his damn masculinity. With a little help from the Falstaff Brewing Company, RHA gave the stu¬ dents the best concert of the year. Ths Happenings have many of the same songs but their style and appearance has changed since the last time they were here for a concert. 85 One Relay Is the Same as Another It ' s only a wives 7 tale that you can 7 t teach an old dog new tricks. An egg in the pan is much better than an egg in the hand. rx •r B r- A i ! jm JL yWS This proves that you can make mountains out of mole-hills. iffiipiitii 86 Life in a pig sty is not at all unfamiliar for some of these dormites, therefore once a year Hallaballoo has a mass bath. Hallabaloo — the Greek Week of the dorm system. Or is it just something for the freshmen to amuse them¬ selves with? Whatever it is, it was probably better than this year’s Greek Week. You’ll never see a sorority girl make an ass out of herself in a coed football game. The relays were about as successful as anything the Greeks ever put on. B. J. Thomas and The Happenings were a lot better than what Greek Week had to offer in the fall. The Greeks do have the independents beat in one re¬ spect, Greek Week dance at the Rink is a hell of a lot more fun than Hallaballoo We k dance at Pomfret. Everyone watched to see a hog feed a pig a pie, 87 Was Wine Sweeter Than the Snakes? Begging your pardon, sir. With all due respect to your position and rank, sir. That ' s a good way to get your head blown off, sir. Strange how the Sigma Nu relays were moved from fall to spring this year, in fact just before elections. As a sorority contest it was poor as it was rained out after just two events. But as a campaign function it was just fine. Black emphasis Week, three days devoted to black culture, was highlighted by Lance “Sweet Willy Wine” Watson who in his speech rapped the “system.” He seems to have a pretty good system going for himself, gaining notoriety and then hiring himself out for lectures. See page 132 in the 1969 RAZORBACK. Flour and rain mixed well and blended nicely with the falling Sigma Nu snow. Black Emphasis Week got off to a good start with a talk by Sweet Willie Wine Watson. 89 With the aid of her peanut gallery, Annette was able to get peanuts for votes. Everyone was pleased to see that Mr. Rucker had taken the time to learn a few good manners between the forums. 90 paigners Harass Students Again The Sigma Nus knew where the votes were and started out early (In the week?) to get them for their aspiring ASG presidential candidate. More presidential candidates filed for that office than ever before (6), but two were eventually dis¬ qualified. One, R. D. Rucker, filed for two other execu¬ tive offices, an off campus senate seat and a senior class office. Most of the meaningful campaigning this year was done in forums in various living groups. As a whole they were a bit wild with everyone accusing everyone else of something. Especially notable debates featured Russ Meeks vs. Phil Malcom, Annette Tippin vs. Meeks, and Paul Blume against all three. Paul Blum-i did not receive support from the residence halls, or the liberals, or ihe radicals, or the Greeks . . . but he ran anyway. 91 In observance of Earth Day the soror¬ ities and fraternities gathered up all the trash that had accumulated on campus over a period of one week. My, my, I think I feel a draft. Some people are so hung up on this ecology thing that they wouldn ' t think of polluting our water by bathing in it, 92 1, 2, 3, 4; Who Are You Voting For? In this year ' s Associated Student Government elections, apathy took a tremendous lead early in the race and then nothing could stop it. Even though the student government elections didn’t seem to generate as much excitement as in previous years, enough problems and political backstabbing oc¬ curred to keep it interesting. Most of the problems of this election centered around the new apportionment of senators among liv¬ ing groups. Each living group now elects its own sen¬ ators, one per each 200 people. Of course no one still expects the senator to fully represent the views of his constituency (especially off-campus), but it is a nice gesture. Indigents and their filing fees were also a source of problem. Six finally won their case not to pay in the student court. 93 Stand in line for forty-five minutes to vote for the lesser of two evils? You ' re absolutely crazyl This picture says everything that could possibly be said. Rain forced five hundred sweaty bodies into the union lobby to wait an hour for election returns. 94 Malcom Beats Meeks for President Phil Malcolm won the election with only a fifth of the campus voting for him. Will the non-voters be the complainers next year? The Presidential primary went much as expected with Meeks and Malcom winning a substantial part of the vote. Three races in the off campus senate primary were called back by the elections committee because of a 13 vote discrepancy. Nothing new. The general elections took some by surprise as Malcom won by about a 400 vote margin. Kris Hohne easily won her secretary race and Jim Davis eased out Steve Nipper in the Treasurer’s race. Jim Sloan ran unopposed for Vice-President. And the off campus voters showed their usual lack of interest by electing 17 Greeks to a possible 28 sen¬ ate seats; 6 of them were Sigma Chi’s. Meanwhile Back at the KX House • • • Carrying on a long long tradition of being all wet, the Kappa Sigs enjoyed their Island Orgy again this year. The Georgia Representative, Julian Bond, was Symposium ' s last speaker. 96 Success never develops over night. It takes years of hard work. The last month of school is always characterized by students having a last fling before finals. Highlighting the month were many fraternity parties and the last speaker of Symposium ’70, Julian Bond, US Represen¬ tative from Georgia. Nothing more can be said about the UofA Pageant than what has been said before. The talent was good to fair to mediocre, but as a whole better than usual. Pat Gideon, the wdnner, was by far the most talented and perhaps the most “political” candi date of them all. With one chance out of fifteen of winning, what do you think was the deciding factor. 97 98 Students, Faculty Initiate Protests Campus peace demonstrations were spawned late in the semester by Nixon’s involvement of US troops in Cambodia and the killing of four Kent State students during protests there. The protests started the day after the Kent State in¬ cident with a sit-down across Campus Drive by about fifty stdents. The next few day’s activities were mark¬ ed by clashes of rival peace groups in their methods of protest. Some of the demonstrations included rallies and speeches, wearing of black armbands, playing of a protest song over the Old Main chimes speaker sys¬ tem, and a relatively quiet viewing of Army ROTC awards day ceremonies. The week of protest culminated with a rally and march to the city square by an estimated 500 to 600 people. Fifty-seven, led by Joe Neal, a non-student, were arrested for blocking traffic in a sit-down in front of the local draft office. The others continued the march. Stop! Think about this my friend! There are definitely much easier ways to go about doing this. Some people were so turned on by the concert, that they even tried to get up and start twisting in the isles. The Four Tops were accompanied by a fifth, and so was the majority of the receptive audience. 100 Who Doesn’t Get Up for Gaebale? Although the soul sound is dying out, this year ' s Gaebale concert with the Four Tops brought back a few good old memories. It’s funny how students still get excited about Gae- bale for it has lost something in the translation from the past. Yet, year after year it is the wildest, drunken- est time of school. The Gaebale spirit got into several hundred dormites early as they staged a panty raid on several sorority houses and coed dorms. About the only thing they got were sweaty underwear — their own.- Somehow the Gaebale directors managed to have a concert and somehow the Four Tops happened to be good. For as late as the group was contracted it was lucky that Steppenwolf wasn’t asked to return. And So Much for Another Year • • • Some people danced Gaebale night away, some people passed out before Gaebale night arrived, and many people just passed Gaebale by. And the Gaebale Carnival was as usual — perhaps a few less booths, but still the large crowd and occasion¬ al drunks. The carnival itself was marked by all sorts of traditional fun games like throwing eggs at Kappa Sig and Sigma Nu pledges, splashing Tri-Delts with water, throwing things at Chi Os etc. Then Gaebale was over and it was time to start thinking about finals and other minor things, such as graduation or summer jobs or summer travel. No wonder sororities are having dif¬ ficulty in getting girls to pledge. If the crowd could have painted the Kappas, their booth might have made a small fortune. Why is he doing this to me, he knows that I ' ve already been hurt once 103 • 0 » « 1 • • » 1 « » 1 r i s » £t £S| « •U t . J » $ % 1 • »■ « a DC • •• on i»o« • on ««««««««« N WOO Cl Ml MI ooo» mm 100 mot cxtc ««««««« « PU I.G if MOICAIOOS □ 3 J 3 CNCCk Cournot % OtAOftOlTK cm mocm i 0« 41 C«T» ITOMU inistration It makes me very happy to once again have an opportunity to address you through your annual RAZORBACK yearbook. The University of A rkansas has had a great year and there are many firsts that will be reported in this volume, but a year¬ book is far more than just a record of your school’s accomplishments. Ten and twenty years from now, when you pick up this memento of your university life, you will see the outstanding citizens of Arkansas. In all probability, the leaders of our state . . . in government, industry, medicine and even in your own university . . . will look hack at success that some of you will find but then it will be especially interest¬ ing to note the “quiet ones” among you who will also have attained fame and recognition. There are many more firsts to be ac¬ complished and it will be your generation that will lead us into the 21st century. We still have a long way to go in establishing a true brotherhood of man, in eliminating the pollution of our natural resources and in solving a myriad of other difficulties now confronting our society. You have my vote of confidence and my assurance that my administration will continue its pledge to build the better Arkansas we must have. 106 Governor and Board of Trustees D. P. Raney, Chairman of the Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the University of Arkansas which sets the policies which it considers to be in the best interests of the University, though the Board must depend on the President and the central administration to carry out its policies. The Board members give generously of their time and efforts to the University. They are paid no salary, only per diem expenses for their meetings. Besides the regular board meetings, the members attend occasional committee meetings and answer questions and com¬ plaints about the University. In short, the University’s Board of Trustees does a great deal of important work, for no monetary reward, in working for the best possible University of Arkansas. The decision of the Board which was most strongly felt by the student this year was the extension of the card key system to junior women. ,; ir t .. r .yj Bl; .Ja Mr, 1 L -d Ik ' - M First Row: Roy Ritter, D. P. Raney, David W. Mullins, Leon B. Catlett. Second Row: Fred Pickens, Preston Hathcock, Howard H. Horst, John Wilson, R. E. L. Wilson III, George R. Shankle, G. Thomas Eisele, Fred Vorsanger. David W. Mullins, University President Dr. David Mullins has been serving as the University’s president for nine years. He received his bachelor’s degree, with honors, from the University, earned his MA at the University of Colorado, and his Ed.D. from Columbia University. President Mullins is responsible for the general administration of the University and, as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees, helps to set the policies that govern the University. Representing the students. Dr. Mullins presented the card key extension to the Board early this year. In the Fall, the new library, originally perceived as necessary by President Mullins, was dedicated. 108 The Officers of Administration John W. White Vice-President for Agriculture Palmer C. Pilcher Vice-President for Acad emic Affairs Storm Whaley Vice-President for Health Services The Office of the Registrar The Office of the Registrar handles admissions and registration. The Office also handles the dissemination of information about the University to interested stu¬ dents. The Office prepares class schedules, packets, class cards, and makes countless other preparations for registration. The Office has now decentralized registration. Stu¬ dents both pick up their registration packets and talk to their advisors in their colleges, while actual regis¬ tration is done, as always, in the Men’s Gym. The de¬ centralization separates the deliberative advising func¬ tion from the more mechanical registration. Carter A. Short Registrar J. B. Kellar Wallie Ingalls E. E. Lee Assistant Registrar Assistant Registrar Assistant Registrar no John A. Stefferud Dean of Men The Division of Student Affairs The Division was established for the purpose of co¬ ordinating campus agencies relating to the welfare, in¬ terests, and out-of-class education of students, and seeks to provide services and facilities to administer their re¬ spective programs, and to complement and enhance the central academic function of the University. The Office also has professional resources familiar with the admin¬ istration of student affairs necessary in institutional planning. Juana M. Burton Associate Dean, Dean of Women in Joe L. Tave Assistant Dean James C. Pequette Assistant Dean Thomas E. Richardson Associate Dean for Residence Programs Erin L. Schmidt Assistant Dean Coordinators of Ca] pus Activities The Office of Student Aid coordinates, consolidates, and makes available to students a large number of loans, scholarships, and grants from both private individuals and the Federal Government. In doing so, the office helps make it possible for students to attend the Uni¬ versity who would otherwise not be able to do so. The office offers National Defense Loans, guarantee bank loans, work-study programs (usually with the stu¬ dent working in the college of his major), scholarships from individuals and private companies around the state, and funds from the Federal grant program. The grants are always given in conjunction with one of the other programs, usually work-study. Over twenty per cent of the students of the Univer¬ sity are receiving assistance of some form this year, with more than 600 in the work-study program and well over 1500 students receiving loans. Robert M. Barnes Director of the Arkansas Union 112 The Division secretaries: Glenys Allen, Margaret Thompson, Joyce Fagala and Shirley Gibson. Mrs. Marguerite Pomfret Assistant Coordinator of Student Aid Vemile Matheson Coordinator of Student Aid 113 Modern agriculture begins in the laboratory. The theories and formulas are then put to work in the field. Students learn dress design as well as sewing. Faculty and graduate students are pioneering in the many fields of agriculture. 114 Glenn W. Hardy, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. Agriculture and Home Economics Although many research departments around the country and the world are turning to non-chemical pest control, the College of Agriculture’s research depart¬ ment has been a pioneer in this field. The College added a new major this year, Agricul¬ tural Journalism. The entire College is oriented toward technical, rather than production-type, courses, and be¬ cause the farmer is changing, the College is changing its image. The faculty members give talks all over the state, revealing the technical age in agriculture and in¬ troducing the new tools of the trade. 115 The fine arts cannot be taught in a classroom; the student must experience them in the laboratory. Computers are now being used as teaching aids. Robert Fairchild is the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. 116 Robbin C. Anderson, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts Sciences, covering majors from architecture to zoology, has consistently main¬ tained an enrollment of approximately one-third of the total University enrollment. In the Fall a new advisory system was set up with¬ in the College which gives all of the students access to a faculty member for help with course programs. The newest addition to the College is the Under¬ graduate Science Building which provides modern facil¬ ities for the teaching of chemistry and biology courses on the freshman and sophomore levels. 117 Robert M. Roelfs is the Assistant Dean of the College of Education. Students must know visual aids inside and out. For elementary ed majors, " Kiddie Lit " is a chance to read stories from an earlier age. 118 Henry H. Kronenberg, Dean of the College of Education. The College of Education The University’s College of Education has, beyond its basic objective of teaching how to teach, the realiza¬ tion that curricula have changed. The graduates of the College are better equipped to prepare their students for changing situations. The teachers themselves are prepared for changing situations, being trained to func¬ tion well in any environment from a small, rural school to a school in the urban slum. The college is at present conducting research through a Federally funded Special Facility for Child Develop¬ ment and Education in elementary schools in Little Rock, the results of which will be of use in teaching disadvantaged children on the elementary level. 119 Engineering laboratories are equipped with modern equipment which is used by undergraduate students. j I ' L Making grades isn ' t hard; making good ones is, Philip E. Bocquet is the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering. 120 George F. Branigan, Dean of the College of Engineering. The College of Engineering The University’s top-rated College of Engineering offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Sciences and is accredited by the Engineers Council for Professional Development. The program is designed to train professional en¬ gineers with a full technical background complemented with the humanities and social sciences. The number of hours required to graduate was re¬ duced this year, from 136 to 132, and the curriculum was upgraded and the departments expanded. Being only human themselves, graduate students study, eat, and sleep like anyone else . . . maybe even more. Graduate students in art or any other field are enrolled in the Graduate School. Grad students study . . . every waking hour. 122 Robert McDermott, Dean of the Graduate School. The Graduate School The Graduate School of the University, now under the leadership of Dr. Robert McDermott, sets standards, both for admissions and courses, handles all records for the school, and grants all graduate degrees. Graduate faculty and courses must be approved by the Graduate Council, a committee made up of one rep¬ resentative from each college, one from the Graduate Institute of Technology in Little Rock, and one from the Medical Center. The council is responsible for the high quality of graduate courses in the University. 123 Law students are generally hiding in the Law Library provided by the school for just that purpose. The Law School tempers nerves of steel. The elephant doesn ' t concern him in the least, Six cups of coffee and ten cokes later . , , 124 Ralph C. Barnhart, Dean of the School of Law at Fayetteville. The School of Law at Fayetteville The University of Arkansas has long been noted for its fine Law School. It is considered to be one of the finest in the country. The School offers a three-year course of study lead¬ ing to the Juris Doctor degree, J.D., which replaces the old Bachelor of Laws, Ll.B. All those entering the School of Law must have a baccalaureate degree or above, usually from a college of Arts and Sciences or Business Administration. At the beginning of the Fall semester, there were 360 students, with 15 full-time faculty members on the Fayetteville campus. Med students can relax in the modern on-campus facilities at the Little Rock Med Center. You do it for five hours straight. Students find that listening to hearts beat all day long improves their ping pong game. 126 Winton Shorey, Dean of the Medical School at Little Rock. The University Medical Center The University Medical Center, located in Little Rock, carries out the three major functions of a univer¬ sity — education, research and public service — pos¬ sibly better than any other college of the University. In serving its function, the Center offers courses in the various fields of medicine and in pharmacy. Re¬ search in new drugs and new surgical techniques is constantly being conducted. In the public service, the University Hospital annu¬ ally treats more than 70,000 patients. On November 9, a new million dollar Child Study Unit was dedicated. A component of the Greater Little Rock Mental Health Program, the new, 3-story build¬ ing contains in- and out-patient clinics and a day school. 127 The BA School has a number of laboratories in which students learn the skills first hand. The bigger the college the longer the lines. L. D. Belzung is the Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration. 128 John P. Owen, Dean of the College of Business Administration. College of Business Ad If The College of Business Administration, which is accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, reflects the increasing emphasis placed on computers and quantitative analysis by busi¬ ness. For example, a Computer Methods in Business course has been added to the core curriculum and the Quantitative Management Science major has replaced the old General Business. In 1970, the College will offer a two-year MBA pro¬ gram for students with nonbusiness undergraduate majors who are seeking an advanced program of profes¬ sional study in Business Administration. The Division offers short courses to acquaint people with the latest developments in their fields. llllll 1 1,1 • -■ -- PllljL IfpPl K m w ngcaf J 1 1 3 V 22m, The Division handles adult education courses. The University of Arkansas correspondence school is one of the largest in the natioin. 130 Hugh D. Mills, Dean of the Division of Continuing Education. Division of Continuing Education The Division of Continuing Education has, in ad¬ dition to acquiring a new name, acquired a new image apart from the old stereotype of just being the source of correspondence courses. While the Division still handles correspondence courses, there are four other departments which com¬ prise five-sixths of the totality of the Division’s respon¬ sibility. The Departments of Conferences and Institutes, Off- Campus Centers, Community Service, and Adult Edu¬ cation handle a wide range of responsibilities, from of¬ fering graduate courses to finding solutions to poverty. 132 Personalities 133 Who’s Who Razorback cheerleader BILL APPLETON has served as president, secretary and tri¬ bune of his fraternity Sigma Chi. He has also been active in the AFROTC program, was chosen outstanding junior cadet and was tapped for Arnold Air Society. A mem¬ ber of ODK, Bill has also been a member of Cardinal XX, ABC, IFC, Alpha Kappa Psi and Circle K. His sophomore year he served as an administrative aid to the student body president. A banking and finance major, he has been named to the Dean’s List six times. ED BARTON says his work in the residence hall system has helped him to become a “more aware individual.” Ed was president of Tau Alpha Upsilon, active in MIHC, a member of the Humphreys staff and was elected sec¬ ond vice president of RHA when it was formed in 1969. He has been a member of Blue Key and president of Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Mu Epsilon. Pre-Med student YULONDA BLACK has worked with the Black-White Organizing Committee, the Black Studies Committee and Black Americans for Democracy. A member of Mortar Board, Yulonda has also been an R.A. at Pomfret, on the Arts and Sciences Revision Com¬ mittee and worked with Hallaballoo activities. 134 While maintaining a 3.9 average in Chemistry, ANNE BROOKES has also been a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, the Faculty Senate Catalog Issuances Committee, the PEO and the American Chemical Society. She was the winner of several scholarships and was an R. A. in Humphreys Hall. A former Miss UofA, NAN CASTLEBERRY is a mem¬ ber of Mortar Board, Cardinal Key, Angel Flight and YDC. Nan has held several offices in her sorority Chi Omega and was Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. She served as chairman of the Student Union Public Relations Committee and was a sophomore counselor. Nan was first runner up to Miss Arkansas in 1968. A charter member of Tau Alpha Upsi- lon, DAVID DAVIES has been very active in both residence hall work and student government. David managed the successful presidential campaign of Jo Martin and vice-presidential cam¬ paign of George Lease. He served on various ASG committees and was the UofA’s representative at the SWC Idea Exchange and the Governor’s Youth Council, as well as serving as admin¬ istrative assistant to the 1968 student bcdy president. He was a member of Blue Key and Scabbard and Blade and the Army ROTC Brigade Staff. 135 MARTY DAVIS, an honor student in Political Science, was named to Pi Sigma Alpha and served as an intern to Congressman Ed Edmondson. He has served as pres¬ ident of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and was chairman of the Minority Group in the Student Senate. Marty was a student senator for two years and attended the Foreign Affairs Conclave as a UA delegate and was a member of the Recruitment Bureau. In addition to performing with the Uarkettes LIZ HAL- LIN has been a member of Mortar Board, Cardinal Key, Angel Flight and the National Collegiate Players, and has worked with Gaebale, AWS and Panhellenic. Liz was president of Zeta Tau Alpha. ANN HARTENSTEIN, the 1969 Homecoming Queen, is an elementary education student. She was also a 1968 Homecoming Maid and a 1969 Razor- back Beauty. Selected for Alpha Lamb¬ da Delta and Cardinal Key, Ann has been on the Dean’s list four semesters. A Chi Omega, Ann served as president of Chimes and won three scholarships in addition to serving on the Student Senate, AWS Programs Committee and as an R.A. at Fulbright Hall. 136 Who’s Who As a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and president of IFC, COLE JEFFRIES has worked actively with Greek affairs. He was the Greek Week National Workshop Chair¬ man, an advisor to IFPC and on the IFC Constitutional Revision Committee. A mem¬ ber of Alpha Kappa Psi and Gamma Beta Phi, Cole was also a student senator and was on several Senate committees. He has worked with Gaebale, the Student Union En¬ tertainment Committee and Campus Crusade for Christ. He is in banking and finance. Student Body vice-president TERRY JONES is a past Arkansas state debate champion. He has been president of his fraternity and was selected as TKE International !eld Representative. A member of ODK, he has also keen chairman of the Board of Publications. While maintaining a 3.9 grade point in Home Econom¬ ics, PATRICIA KEELING, has been a student senator, a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron and Gamma Sigma Delta. A member of Cardinal Key and Mortar Board and treasurer of AWS, she has served on several student government committees in addition to being active in Kappa Alpha Theta. 137 Who’s Who Secretary of Associated Students CHAR¬ LOTTE LEONARD was also Comptroller of Angel Flight, a Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, and a member of Cardinal Key and Chi Theta. Charlotte was an R.A. in Pomfret and a charter member of Tau Alpha Upsilon. A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, she was also a member of Civic Club, WIHC, YDC and the Arkansas Accounting Association. Charlotte is an accounting major and has won the Georgia-Pacific four-year scholarship. PHIL MALCOM has served as president of IFPC and treasurer of Cardinal XX. Phil lists membership in Blue Key, Alpha Kappa Psi, Circle K and Scabbard and Blade. He says his work as a student senator has been his most valuable activity at the UofA. He is a member of Sigma Nu and has served on the Equity and Griev¬ ance Committee. Student Body President JO MARTIN’S activities have been many. She has been president of Tau Alpha Upsi¬ lon, co-chairman of Hallaballoo ’68, an R.A. in Hotz, a member of Cardinal Key, Mortar Board and the SWC Sportsmanship Committee. 138 Sig Ep MIKE MASHBURN completes his study in marketing with a 3.9. Active in the B.A. school he was a member of the UofA team competing in the Michigan State University Marketing Game. Mike was a mem¬ ber of Cardinal XX, Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi and president of Beta Gamma Sigma. RUSS MEEKS, an active member of the UA Student Senate for two years, has also served as chairman of the Student Services Department. He was the IFPC model pledge in 1967, a member of Cardinal XX, Alpha Kappa Psi, Circle K and received the Army ROTC Su¬ perior Cadet Award. He is a member of Sigma Chi and has been a section editor of the 1970 RAZOR BACK and was on the Varsity Debate squad. Marketing major PAT MILLER lists membership in Cardinal XX, Blue Key, Alpha Kappa Psi and Circle K. A member of Arnold Air Society and Scabbard and Blade, Pat was chosen outstanding cadet and graduate of AFROTC. Pat was president of ABC his junior year, a student senator and an administrative aid to the student body president. A member of Sigma Chi fraternity, he served on I EC, IFPC and was co-chairman of the joint-unifi¬ cation committee. He has worked with Symposium and Greek week. 139 A journalism major, MARGARET ROSE PALMER NALLEY has worked on the TRAVELER staff in ca¬ pacities ranging from reporter to copy editor. She was named an outstanding sophomore and junior journalist. A member of Chi Omega, Cardinal Key and Mortar Board, she was also active in AWS. She has been an R.A. in Razorback Hall and worked with CONTACT. A transfer student, DENNIS RAINEY was named to Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges at Crowder where he was president of the student body. A Sigma Chi at the UofA, he has been in the Student Senate, Blue Key, IFPC and on Symposium Steering Committee. MIM1 RANEY, a junior accounting major, is a member of Chi Omega sorority. She was selected for Alpha Lambda Delta, Cardinal Key and was the IFPC model pledge. She served as vice-president and judicial board chair¬ man of Hotz Hall her freshman year. The president of sophomore Counse¬ lors, Mimi was very active in AWS serving as vice-president of the state AWS organization and the secretary of the UofA AWS. 140 Who’s Who The Operations Officer of Angel Flight, PAM SENEFF was also active in Mortar Board, Beta Gamma Sigma, and the Civic Club. She was tapped for Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes, Sophomore Counselors and Cardinal Key. She served as pledge class president, scholarship pledge and rush chair¬ man of Pi Beta Phi. Pam was co-chairman for Greek Week ’69. With a 3.8 cumulative average in marketing, Pam was a member of Chi Theta and the Arkansas Accounting Association. Phi Beta Kappa ALICE STALLCUP is a member of Mortar Board, Cardinal Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, YDC, Alpha Epsilon Delta and Alpha Chi Omega. A student in the Honors Program in Zoology, she is a member of the Honors Council and has served as a Fulbright R.A. ALICE JO TARK1NGT0N has crammed many activi¬ ties in her three years of college while completing her education requirements. She has been a member of Al¬ pha Delta Pi, Mortar Board, Angel Flight, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes and Sophomore Coun¬ selors. Active in AWS, she has also served as an R.A. in Fulbright Hall. 141 Who’s Who As chairman of the Card Key Board, KAY THOMAS led junior women in their fight for keys. She w as secretary of Mortar Board and Tau Alpha Upsilon and convention sec¬ retary to NACURH. A charter member of Cardinal Key, Kay has also received hon¬ orable mention on the Dean’s list and was the recipient of two scholarships. Kay was president of Pomfret A and an R.A. in both Futrall and Razorback. Kay was also chair¬ man of the Fulbright Judicial Board, active on AWS executive board, and a member of the WHIC board. MARTHA LYNN WILSON says Schola Cantorum has been her most valuable activity while at the UofA be¬ cause of “our extensive travel and association with the music faculty.” She has worked in Cardinal Key, Sopho¬ more Counselors, and AWS. She has been a section edi¬ tor for the 1970 RAZORBACK and on the Dean’s list twice. She was model pledge of Kappa Alpha Theta. Head cheerleader STEVE WINGFIELD, a member of Sigma Pi, has been a treasurer of IFPC and the PEM Club. In AFROTC, he was named outstanding freshman and sophomore cadet and tapped for Arnold Air So¬ ciety. A student senator, Steve was a member of ABC, Civic Club, Circle K and YRC. A fashion merchandising major DONNA WOLF keeps active in Mortar Board, Angel Flight, Cardinal Key and Tau Alpha Upsilon. Donna was a 1967 Razorback Beau¬ ty and a Razorback Cheerleader. She has been named to the Dean’s list twice and was beauty editor of the 1969 RAZORBACK. She was co-producer of the 1969 Gae- bale Pageant and an R.A. in Fulbright Hall. Once a sophomore counselor, Donna has also been a member of ABC and YRC. Who’s Who In 1923, Vincent Ripley, editor of the 1923 RAZOR- BACK, felt that there was “a need for some means of recognition for those students who stand out as leaders in their school activities.” Who’s Who, on this campus, thus began in the 1923 RAZORBACK. A committee of faculty and students selected forty-eight students deserving of the honor. Their pictures were published in the 1923 RAZOR- BACK and Ripley was quick to point out that the selec¬ tion was imperfect. Every year since 1923 a committee has been formed and students have been selected as members of Who’s Who at the University of Arkansas and every year the member¬ ship selected has been attacked as being imperfect and not representative. This past year was no exception. The 1970 RAZORBACK, however, did try to improve the selection procedure and met with partial success and much criticism. The most important change was in the nominating pro¬ cedure. In the past certain people on campus, deans and editors, were arbitrarily given the power of nomination. This past year nominations were accepted from the entire student body. The nominees filled out a questionnaire which was given to the selection committee to use in evalu¬ ation of the student. The selection committee, composed of students who de¬ clared themselves ineligible for selection and faculty from diverse areas of the University, was asked by the RAZOR- BACK to be as objective as possible and to select no more than thirtv-six students. The committee unanimously found twenty-eight students that they felt were truly deserving of recognition as Who’s Who in American Colleges and Uni¬ versities. The selection was imperfect just as it has been for almost half a century but hopefully it is improving. 143 144 Jo Wright Leads Student Government Led by its first elected woman president, Student Government this year took on a new dimension. Under Jo Martin Wright, radio stations and transit systems were discarded and people and their campus environ¬ ment became the new interest. Treasurer Wyck Nisbet, who was at first worried about trying to hold down the spending of a woman president, soon found he didn’t have that much to worry about. This year’s budget was cut and streamlined enough to pay off last year’s deficit. Secretary Charlotte Leonard kept the Senators’ mail¬ boxes crammed full of important notices and informa¬ tion whether they ever bothered to pick them up or not. And Vice President Terry Jones had his own special realm in the Board of Publications — an area which more than once got too “hot” for comfort. Terry Jones served as vice presi¬ dent of the student body and chair¬ man of the Board of Publications. Secretary Charlotte Leonard wrote organized minutes from unorganized meetings. As treasurer, Wyck Nisbet had to make sure the Senate operated on its limited budget. 145 STUDENT SENATE. First Row : John Beasley, Don Brad¬ shaw, Jerry Canfield, Bobby Casali, Joe Clay. Second Row: Robert Cupp, Susie David, Mike Durham, Danny Durning, Gary George. Third Row : Dennis Graham, Bill Granderson, Mary Ann Gunn, Carter Hardage, Dean Hughen, Cole Jeffries. Working with Jo Wright as her governmental aides were Gary McDonald, Marie Deacon and Mary Rogers. Senators, Blacks and other interested students take part in a " Black-White Dialogue ' 146 jr Senate Acts On Student Problems Senators gathered informally at the year ' s first meeting. Whether debating on sending a trainer to the Inter¬ national Turtle Race or on more serious matters such as the “Dixie” Issue, this year’s student senators, “com¬ ic” and “unprofessional” as they may or may not have been, showed an active interest in student affairs. Participating in a Black-White dialogue, the Senate stepped into one of the biggest controversies of the year and assumed its proper responsibility. Their solu¬ tion, though, apparently did not satisfy all students and a referendum on the issue was called in March. When Student Court ruled the Senate’s brand new, untried system of representation unconstitutional less than a month and a half before elections, the Senate hur¬ riedly had to adopt a plan that was acceptable to both the Court and the students. They were saved the trouble when students passed a campus referendum three weeks before the election. Under this year’s student government more repre¬ sentation was gained for students on Faculty-Administra¬ tion Committees, a leadership training program was established, and a Minorities Department was set up. STUDENT SENATE. First Row: Jon Keel, Tracy King, Frank Little, Phil Malcom, Wanette McKee, Russ Meeks. Sec¬ ond Row : Mary Jo Middlebrooks, Pat Miller, Steve Nickles, James Oldham, Dennis Rainey, Kathy Ritgerod. Third Row : Susie Robinson, Ginny Lynn Sain, Terry Vest, Ann Sly, Eddie Walker, Delta Willis. Appointed to fill vacancies occuring sec¬ ond semester were John Jones, Libby Brice, Jim Lynch, Larry Waits, Ed Ellis, Tom Rife and Jeff Bell. 147 Russ Ewing headed the Public Relations Department and Jim McKenzie worked with Governmental Affairs. Marty Davis headed the Minorities Department. The Student Services Committee was directed by Russ Meeks and Dorthy Allred was in charge of Academic Afiairs. Attorney Generals Ronnie Winningham and Thurman Ragar prosecuted cases before the Student Court. Student Court Justices were Elota Patton, Bill Etter, Chief Justice Jerry Canfield, Wally Nixon, Nancy Nelson, Jack McNulty and Lonnie Powers (not pictured). Defense Attorneys were Dave Potter and George Steel. Chief Justice second semester was John Everett. f Election committee officials were Bonnie Lynch, chairman Richard See and Karen Harmon. (Those not in the picture are Rick Ault and Floyd Thomas.) Senior class officers were President Gordon McNulty and Secretary Sherry Newman. Those who were responsible for making the arrangements for the Symposium 70 were Danny Durning, Kris Hohne, Bruce Munson, Dennis Rainey and Ed Barton. 149 151 Seniors Dennis Abell, Off Campus, Eng., Paragould, AIIE; Ann Aclin, Pomfret, Ed., Searcy; Stephen Adams, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, A H2; William Adams, Pomfret, Bus., England; Robert Adcock, 2X, Bus., McGehee, ABC Pres.; David Alexander, Off Campus, Bus., Stuttgart, KK ' P Pres. Toni Alford, AT, Ed., Fayetteville; Danny Allen, Off Cam¬ pus, AHE, Sheridan; J. Davis Allen, Off Campus, A S, Nashville, AEA Pres.; Dorothy Allred, ZTA, Bus., Spring- dale, Card. Key; Myron Almond, Off Campus, Eng., Mag¬ net Cove, Schola Cantorum; John Alter, K2, Bus., DeWitt. Judy Anderson, Off Campus, Ed., Mulberry, WIHC; M. Camille Anderson, Off Campus, Ed., Mulberry; Marita Anderson, AT, Ed., Fayetteville, KAII Pres; Charlotte Anthony, Off Campus, Ed., Hot Springs, Mortar Board; Thomas Anthony, Off Campus, A S, Hot Springs, 4 H2; Bobby Applegate, Off Campus, A S, Delight. Lcyce Ardemagni, Off Campus, A S, Toniitown, AXIS Vice Master Alchemist; Ricky Arnold, Futrall, Ed., Bates- ville, Cced Senate; Raymond Avery, Off Campus, AHE, Delight; William Ayers, AKA, Bus, Ft. Smith, YRC; Richard Lynn Ayers, Off Campus, Bus., Benton, Marketing Club; Ann Bachelor, AT, Ed., Bartlesville, Okla., AT V-Pres. Sharon Baguley, Reid, A S, Blytheville, 2AII sec.-Treas.; Jamas Baker, Off Campus, Eng., Mt. Home, ASME; John Baker, Acacia, Bus., Big Springs, Tex.; Penny Baker, Pom¬ fret, Ed., Muskogee, Okla.; Susan Baker, Off Campus, A S, Kennett, Mo., AX12; Billy Baldwin, Off Campus, A S, Hot Springs, 2TE. Norman Ballenger, Off Campus, Bus., Van Buren; J. Chyrel Banks, Pomfret, A S, Springdale, R.A.; Howard Barager, Pomfret, A S, Texarkana, ACSSA; Paul Barber, Holcombe, Bus., Oskaloosa, Iowa, Holcombe Pres.; Jerry Barner, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock; Edwin Barton, Off Campus, A S, Leawood, Kan. John Bass, 2X, Eng., Little Rock, 0T; Gary Batchelor, Sedgewell, A S, Van Buren, 3 H2; William Bateman, ZAE, AHE, Clarendon, IFC; Gayel Baugus, Bus., Fayetteville; Wiliiam Baumgardner, Pomfret, A S, Hot Springs, 4 ME; Arthur Baakley, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock. Leroy Beard, Off Campus, A S, Clarendon; Charles Bear- dall, TKE, A S, Springdale, TKE Rush Ch.; Jack Bearden, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock; James Beaty, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith; John Beatty, 2AE, AHE, Lewisville, Agron¬ omy Club; Linda Beck, Fulbright, A S, Okla. City, Okla. Patricia Becker, Off Campus, Ed., Mt. Home, AAA; Susan Beecher, Reid, Ed., Ft. Smith; J. C. Bell, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith; Judy Bell, Off Campus, AHE, Bentonville, AHEA Vice Pres.; Kathy Ball, AT, Bus., Dallas, Tex., AT Assis. Rush Ch.; Sarah Bell, Off Campus, A S, Ft. Smith. Michael Benge, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith, BA ' P; Sue Benham, AAA, Ed., Mulberry, AAA Chaplain; William Ben¬ nett, Gregson, Eng., N. Little Rock, HKN; Lenny Benton, ATP, Bus., Yellville, ArP Treas.; Cindy Benward, ZTA, A S, Fayetteville, ZTA Scholarship Ch.; James Berkcwitz, ITKA, Bus., Clinton. 152 Free University Begins at UA tinda Berkowitz, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith, AAIT; Den- n ' s Berner, Wilson Sharp, A S, Little Rock, 2AE; Allan Berr Y Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock, A2IT; John Besse, Off Campus, A S, Cerritos, Calif., A fi; Heather Bevil, Off Campus, AHE, Hamburg, Parachute Club Sec.; Michael B ' bby, Off Campus, Eng., Little Rock, HKN. Martha Biggers, Pomfret, Bus., Hampton, X0; Billy Billins, Holcombe, Ed., Wichita, Kan.; Billy Bingham Pomfret, Eng., Lonoke; Samuel Bird, Off Campus, Lw., Monticello, Stu- cj e nt Bar Pres.; Harry Bischof, AXA, Bus., Hot Springs; D °nald Bishop, 211, Bus., Lowell, OAK. Douglas Bishop, Off Campus, Ed., Bella Vista; William B ' shop, 2$E, Bus., Cincinnati, Ohio, ABC; Larry Bittle, Campus, Eng., Little Rock, AlChE; Larry Black, Off ampus, A S, Benton, 4 BK; Yulonda Black, Pomfret, S, Little Rock, Mortar Board; Wilbur Blackmon, A S, ac ogdoches, Tex., College Bowl. J’Uce Blackwell, William House, Eng., El Dorado; Jerry ackwood, Off Campus, Bus., Richardson, Tex., Varsity aseball; Sandra Blackwood, ZTA, Bus., Richardson, Tex., ar keting Club; Marion Blalock, Off Campus, Bus., Para- 9ould, AK ' F; Sheila Blalock, KKT, Bus., Paragould, K Treas.; James Bland, Off Campus, Bus., Rogers SAM. Stephen Blythe, Off Campus, Bus., Gurdon, OCM; Timothy ° Ce . $A0, A S, Pine Bluff, OAK Sec.; Linda Boen, Off arnpus, £d., p t Smith, Reid Hall Pres.; William Boill, Of! am P us ' bus., Cinnaminson, N. J., A2IT; David Boles, ' Campus, Eng., Johnson, AlChE; Martha Boles, Off La tepus, Ed., Johnson, SNEA. Bonner, AXfi, Ed., Mt. Home; Marilyn Bonner, Futrall, Charleston, AHEA; Koni Boone, Off Campus, AHE, Pringdale, Animal Industry Club; Marc Borengasser, Off ar ripus, Eng., Ft. Smith; Garrett Bosley, Off Campus, Eng., Little Rock, ASCE; Robert Bosley, Off Campus, Bus., Uun can, Okla. M. You mean you ' re actually major¬ ing in civil aeronautics? 153 October Moratorium Supported Peggy Bosmyer, IIB I , A S, West Helena, Pres. AWS; Robert Bowen, TKE, A S, Ft. Smith, Pershing Rifles; Fred Bowman, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith; James Boyd, Off Campus, Eng., Little Rock, ASCE; Martha Boyd, Off Cam¬ pus, AHE, Forrest City, AHEA Social Ch.; Media Boyd, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock. Howard Bradley, t rA, Bus., El Dorado, Finance Club; Jim Bradley, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith, Finance Club; Michael Bradley, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock; Paul Brad¬ shaw, t rA, A S, Pine Bluff, i rA Social Ch.; Jerry Branch, Off Campus, Eng., Russellville; Mary Brand, Off Campus, Ed., Newport, AI Elvert Brewer, Off Campus, Eng., Mena, ASCE; Peter Bridge, K2, Bus., Muskogee, Okla., Cardinal XX; Philip Bridges, Off Campus, Eng., Memphis, Tenn., IIT2 Pres.; Jan Brinson, Pomfret, Ed., Fayetteville, ACE; Milton Broker, Hotz, Eng., Gideon, Mo.; John Brooks, K2, A S, Prairie Grove, ABC. Kelso Brooks, AKA, Eng., Hot Springs, AICE; Larry Brooks, William House, AHE, Berryville, ATA; Becky Brown, AT, A S, Hot Springs; Curtis Brown, 2X, Bus. Marvell, AK ' I ' ; Danny Brown, Off Campus, Bus., Fayette¬ ville, Finance Club; Jacky Brown, Off Campus, Eng., Con¬ way, ASCE. Richard Brown, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, Ento¬ mology Club; Sara Brown, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, Xfi; Sharon Brown, Pomfret, Ed., Little Rock; Charles Bryan, Off Campus, Bus., Terre Haute, Ind., A f fi; John Bryant, Off Campus, Eng., Batesville; Sharon Bryant, Off Campus, Ed., Springdale, PEM Club. William Buchanan, Off Campus, Eng., Searcy, AIIE; Johnny Bufford, Off Campus, Eng., Paragould, ASCE; Sherrill Buf- ford, Off Campus, Ed., Paragould, SNEA; Claude Buford, 2AE, Bus., Forrest City, BA ' K Pres.; David Bugh, Hol¬ combe, A S, Ft. Smith; Danny Bullington, Off Campus, AHE, Charleston, AZ. Razorback appointments are made early so that the staff can meet important deadlines. 154 Seniors Donald B unch, Holcombe, Eng., Little Rock, Student Sen¬ ate; Beverly Burch, Off Campus, Ed., Hot Springs, 4 TO; uddy Burkhart, Off Campus, A S, Mountainburg; Donald urks. Off Campus, Eng., Hot Springs, ASME; Pat Burks, jr lA, A S, Blytheville; Charles Burns, Off Campus, Eng., Dorado. Ka y Burns, AAII, A S, Ft. Smith, AAII Sec.; Charles Bur- f °n, Off Campus, Eng., Gurdon, TBII; Wilson Busby, Yo- cum, Bus., Shreveport, La., RA; Ben Butler, AXA, Bus., psceola, YRC; Linda Caldwell, Humphreys, A S, Texar- ana , RA; Susan Calhoon, KA0, Ed., El Dorado, KA0 Housemanager. Michael Calloway, Off Campus, Bus., Smackover, AKSP; William Cameron, Off Campus, Bus., El Dorado; Michael Capoot, riKA, Eng., Ft. Worth, Tex., Cardinal XX; Donna Carlson, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock, AWS Legis.; Gary Carnahan, Off Campus, Eng., Wilson, ASCE; Ronald Carnes, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville, SNEA. Carolyn Carney, Off Campus, Ed., Prairie Grove, OCW; “•ane Carpenter, Off Campus, Bus., Arkadelphia, Razor- back Beauty; James Carpenter, Off Campus, Bus., Elaine, Marketing Club; Chuck Carpino, TKE, Bus., Mamavoneck, JJ Y.; Bobby Carr, Off Campus, Ed., Pierce City, Mo.; Sharon Carr, Off Campus, A S, Harrison. avid Carroum, 2AE, Ed., Millington, Tenn., 2AE Rush Ch.; Rene Carson, Off Campus, Ed., Stamps, WIHC; Har- Ve Y Carter, Off Campus, Ed., Ft. Smith, OCM Sec.; Joe Carter, J TA, Eng., Paris; Richard Carter, Off Campus, Eng., Smith, IEEE; William Carwell, ITKA, Eng., Cherry VaHey, ITKA Pres. Allen Casey, 2N, A S, Springfield, Mo.; Andrew Cassi- " e| li, K2, Bus., N. Little Rock, K2 Social Ch.; Nan Castle- ® er y, X0, A S, Bald Knob, Angel Flight; Gerald Cates, _j}XA, Bus., Ft. Smith; Beth Catherall, AT, A S, Dallas, e v Mortar Board; James Cawood, TKE, Eng., Benton- ville, TKE Vice Pres. Marilyn Cearley, KA0, A S, North Little Rock; Vicky haleant, Futrall, AHE, Augusta, AHEA; Cynthia Chambers, Ed., Little Rock, French Club; Rebecca Chaney, Off a mpu S Ed., Cassville, Mo., PEM Club; Jack Chaosey, Off ampus. Bus., Malden, Mo., Marketing Club; Robin Chap¬ el ' X0, Ed., Forrest City, Pledge Class Pres. ©nry Chenault, Off Campus, A S, Hot Springs; Nadine henault, Off Campus, Bus., Hot Springs, BA ' I ' ; Kathryn herry, X0, A S, Jonesboro, Gaebale Sec.; Lawrence hisenhall, AXA, Bus., Osceola, IFPC Rep.; William Chris- JJ ' an, Pomfret, a S, Pine Bluff, Scabbard Blade; Gary hristanson, Sedgewell, Eng., Hot Springs, TBIT. . ar y Church, Off Campus, Bus., DeValls Bluff, Market- ' n 9 Club; William Clack, Off Campus, A S, Pryor, Okla.; -AlA; Franklin Clark, Sedgewell, AHE, Dover, Intr - I Ur al Manager; Carolyn Clark, Pomfret, Ed., Houston, PEM Treas.; Daniel Clark, Off Campus, Eng., Pine °ff; James Clark, AKA, Bus., Minden, La. obert Clarke, Eng., Rogers.; Robert Clark, Off Campus, n 9- , West Helena; John Clayton, Pomfret, Bus., Rogers, arketing Club; Sallie Cline, AXf2, Ed., N. Little Rock, e dge Class Warden; Harold Clinehens, Off Campus, Eng., ayetteville, YRC; Connie Cloe, Off Campus, Bus., Rogers. 155 Seniors Lyndol Cloe, Off Campus, Bus., Bentonville; Linda Cloyd, Razorback, Eng., Siloam Springs, Sec. IEEE; James Cobb, Off Campus, Bus., Nashville; Martha Cochran, Pomfret, A S, Greenwood; Joe Coffield, AXA, Bus., Stuttgart, Marketing Club; Thomas Cogburn, Off Campus, Eng., Fay¬ etteville, TBIT. Jimmy Colbert, Eng., Little Rock, FarmHouse Sec.; Dalton Coleman, Holcombe, Eng., El Dorado, IEEE; Randell Cole¬ man, Off Campus, Eng., Hot Springs; Richard Coleman, Wilson Sharp, Bus., Holly Grove; Lynn Collingsworth, AATI, Bus., Southwest City, Mo.; Carolyn Conde, AXfi, Ed., Little Rock, SNEA. William Connell, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville; Bill Con¬ ner, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville; Faune Conner, Off Campus, A S, El Dorado, RA; John Conner, 2X, Bus., Newport; Fred Conway, Hotz, A S, Little Rock; Diane Cook, Ar, Ed., Hot Springs, RA. Joe Cook, Off Campus, Bus., N. Little Rock, Dean ' s List; Leslie Cook, AXft, AHE, Dell, Cadette Corps Commander; Clifford Cooper, Off Campus, Bus., Razorback Staff; Reggie Corbitt, Off Campus, Eng., Little Rock, ASCE; Jean Core, Futrall, Bus., Charleston, X0; Bobby Cornish, Sedge- well, Eng., Pine Bluff, Sedgewell Vice Pres. Avis Cotton, Off Campus, Ed., Cabot, 4-H House Sec.; Dennis Cottrell, Off Campus, Ed., Pea Ridge; Carol Counts, Pomfret, Bus., Huntsville; Stephen Courtenay, 2N, Bus., Hot Springs; Christine Cox, Futrall, Ed., Verona, Mo., AHEA; David Cox, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith. Mario Cox, Xft, Ed., Muskogee, Okla.; Ronald Cox, Acacia, Bus., Little Rock, Acacia Vice Pres.; Steve Crow, 0T, Eng., Berryville, Editor Arkansas Engineer; James Crow, J A0, A S, Warren; Barbara Crawford, AXfi, Ed., Salli saw, Okla., YDC; John Crawford, AXA, Bus., Little Rock, Marketing Club. Richard Crawford, Off Campus, Bus., Fate, Tex.; Robert Crudup, Off Campus, A S, Springdale; Larry Crumby, 211, Ed., Helena, IFPC; Lena Cunningham, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville; Donald Cunnion, 211, A S, Middletown, N. J.; Robert Currie, Off Campus, Eng., DeWitt, AIIE. James Dale, Off Campus, Eng., Fayetteville, ITT2; William Dangers, Off Campus, Bus., Ozark, Finance Club; Julia Daniel, Off Campus, Ed., Ft. Smith; Jacqueline Daniels, Pomfret, Ed., Ft. Smith; John Darnall, Off Campus, Bus., Murfreesboro; Lou Daugherty, Off Campus, Ed., Siloam Springs. James Daugherty, Off Campus, Bus., Harrisburg, Pa.; Lynn David, 2 I E, Bus., Neosho, Mo., Finance Club; Suzie David, AXfi, A S, Tulsa, Okla., Student Senator; Charles Davidson, Acacia, Bus., Lake Village, OAK; Johnny David¬ son, Hotz, AHE, Siloam Springs, XA Vice Pres.; Robert Davidson, 0T, Eng., N. Little Rock, 0T Vice Pres. David Davies, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock, Blue Key; Ann Davis, Pomfret, Ed., DeWitt; Charla Davis, Pomfret, Ed., Harrison, TB2; Ellen Davis, AAA, Ed., Altheimer; James Davis, Off Campus, Bus., Kansas City, Mo., Market¬ ing Club; Martin Davis, 2AE, A S, Bartlesville, Okla. 156 November Fire Damages Hill Hall Raguel Davis, Sedgewell, Eng., Mena, TBIT; Tony Davis, OH Campus, Ed., Verona. Mo., KAII; Gary Dawson, Hol¬ combe, Bus., Tuckerman, IT2A; Marie Deacon, KKT, A S, Jonesboro, Civic Club; Terry Deal, Off Campus, A S, Liberal, Kan, AEA; Ronald Dean, Off Campus, Bus., Si- l°am Springs, BA F. Carol DeClue, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock; Walter Dees, Off Campus, Eng., Little Rock, XE; Steve Deeter, Off Campus, Bus., Perryville, George Dehan, SN, Bus., Shreve- P° r t, La., 2N President; Linda DeJarnatt, Off Campus, Houston, Tex., Orcheisis; Edmord Dempsey, Off Cam- Pos, Eng., Memphis, Tenn. Jerry Dennis, Off Campus, Eng., Paris, AIIE; Michael Dep- P e ler, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville, Marketing Club; James DeRossitt, 2AE, A S, Forrest City, Arnold Air So¬ ciety President; Cynthia Deskin, Off Campus, Ed., Fayette- vi j ' e; Shirley Deslauriers, KKT, A S, Eudora, Chimes; ' r ginia Dew, ZTA, A S, Warren, RA. ar y Dial, Pomfret, A S, Malvern, Judicial Board; Jeri ' brell, Off Campus, Ed., Ft. Smith; Martha Dickey, Reid hall, A S, Pine Bluff; Raymond Dickey, Sedgewell, A S, Russellville, A$ft; Don Dillard, 0T, Eng., Murfreesboro, AK; Gus Dobbs, Off Campus, Eng., McCrory. Randall Dodge, 2N, A S, Benton; William Dodgen, Farm¬ house, AHE, Alexander, Animal Industry Club President; Daria Dolan, KKF, A S, England, Mortar Board; Robert Doland, Pomfret, Bus., Little Rock, Anthropology Club; Janet Dominguez, Off Campus, Ed., Bartlesville, Okla.; Alfred Dougherty, Holcombe, A S, Forrest City. William Dougherty, I A0, Bus., St. Louis, Mo., Cardinal James Douglas, Acacia, Eng., Magnolia, OAK Presi- Oent; Margaret Douglas, Off Campus, Ed., Bentonville; j ' lliam Douglass, Off Campus, Bus., El Dorado, Kan.; achel Doyle, Futrall, Ed., Carlisle, X0 President; Charles r ake, Off Campus, Bus., Bradley, KK ' T President. Card Keys Given to Junior Women Mary Driggers, Humphreys, Bus., Little Roch X0; Douglas Drummond, 2 £E, Bus., Texarkana, Tex., Marketing Club; Lydia Duck, Humphreys, Ed., Little Rock, Schola Cantorum; Miriam Duell Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, Mortar Board Vice President; James Dunaway, AXA, Eng., Ft. Worth, Tex.; John Dunbar, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock, Market¬ ing Club. Robert Duncan, Off Campus, Bus., Hot Springs, BA ' I ' ; Ruth Duncan, Futrall, Hampton, t TO; Terry Dunlop, AT, Ed., Alamogordo, N. M., Student Senator; Dorthy Dwyer, Humphreys, A S, Dennard, AAA; James Eads, Hotz, Bus., Jacksonville, Blue Key Sec.; David Earle, 2TI, A S, Jack¬ sonville. Stephen Earp, Off Campus, Ed., Independence, Mo., A4 fl; William Eason, 2AE, A S, Hope; Mary Eaton, Off Campus Ed., New Galilee, Pa.; Becky Echols, ZTA, A S, Ft. Smith; William Eden, 0T, Eng., Ft. Smith, Humphreys Hall Pres.; Richard Edwards, Holcombe, A S, Jonesboro, Hol¬ combe Hall Vice Pres. William Edwards, Buchanan, Eng., Little Rock, AlChE; Charles Elias, Off Campus, A S, N. Little Rock, SAIA; Gregory Elkins, AKA, Bus., Fayetteville; Lovilla Elliott, Off Campus, Ed., Springdale, PEM; Nelson Elliott III, Holcombe, Bus., Little Rock; Gloria Ellis, Humphreys, Ed., Murfreesboro, AHEA. Larry Ellis, IIKA, A S, Springdale; Virgil Ellis, Off Cam¬ pus, Eng., Bakersfield, Calif., 0T; Elizabeth Ellison, KA0, Ed., Thayer, Mo., ABC; Patricia Elmore, Ed., Belleville; Donald Elrod, 0T, Eng., Benton, IEEE; Cheryl England, ZTA, Ed., Tulsa, Okla., X0. Paul Engskov, Acacia, Bus., Mt. Gaylor, AIESEC; Charles Epley, Off Campus, Bus., Springdale; Harriett Epperson, Pomfret, Ed., Dallas, Tex., RA; Thomas Ernst, Off Cam¬ pus, Eng., Fayetteville, IEEE; James Erstine, Off Campus, AHE, Stuttgart, Agronomy Club Vice Pres.; Lynne Erwin, JIB , A S, Little Rock. The October Moratorium attract¬ ed wide interest as students hope for peace. 158 Seniors Thomas Eschbaugh, Off Campus, Eng., Little Rock, Men ' s $°ph. Council; Roberta Etter, Reid, Bus., Little Rock, Mar¬ keting Club; George Eubanks, Off Campus, Eng., Benton; James Eubanks, Off Campus, A S, Walnut Ridge, AIA; Cathy Evans, Off Campus, Marketing, Springdale, ZTA; David Evans, Off Campus, Bus., Springdale, IIKA. Ralph Evans, Off Campus, Eng., Ft. Smith, TBII; Russell Ewing, 2X, Eng., Des Arc, 0T Pres.; Billie Fagala, Off Campus, Lowell, AZ; John Farrell, 2AE, Bus., Brinkley, Razorback Football Team; Paul Farrell, 2AE, Eng., Brink- ' e V; John Faucette, 2N, A S, Fayetteville. Edward Featherston, Off Campus, AHE, Lewisville; Renee Ferguson, AT, A S, Fayetteville; Daniel Fetherolf, Greg- s °n, A S, E. Brunswick, N. J.; Pershing Rifles; Linda Fields, Off Campus, Ed., Barling, SNEA; Robert Fisher, Off Campus, A S, Lakewood, Col.; Richard Fitts, TKE, V ' ce Pres. Donald Fitzgerald, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville; James Fitzpatrick, Sedgewell, Bus., Little Rock; Ricky Fleetwood, AXA, A S, Monette, IFC; Martin Fletcher, Off Campus, Eng., Fayetteville, Pres. Radio Club; Michael Fletcher, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, AIA; Sandra Flora, Off Cam- P s, Ed., Springdale. Annice Floyd, Humphreys, A S, Nashville, TB ; James Fly, Off Campus, Bus., DeWitt; Norman Flynn, Off Cam- Pus, AHE, Harrison, AZ; William Flynn, Off Campus, ® u s., Carlisle; Randell Forrest, FarmHouse, AHE, Plainview, FarmHouse Pres.; Samuel Forester, AKA, Bus., Texarkana, Gaebale Director. Gordon Foster, AXA, Bus., Magnolia, AK ' P; Marion Foster, Futrall, A S, Little Rock; Albert Frankenberger, Off Campus, A S, Pocahontas, AIA; John Franklin, Hol¬ combe, A S, Hyannis, Mass., Arnold Air Soc.; Toni Frede- IY1a n, KA0, Ed., Little Rock; Gwendolyn Freeman, Off Campus, A S, Highland Park, N. J., Reid Hall J-Board. Joanne Freeman, AT, Ed., St Louis, Mo., RA; Stephen Freeman, Off Campus, A S, Hot Springs, AEA; Gary Friday, Off Campus, Eng., Arkadelphia; Steven Fritts, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville; Jack Fortner, William House, A S, Ft. Smith, Track Team; John Fuller, William House, A HE, Little Rock, Entomology Club. Betty Funk, Pomfret, Bus., Hot Springs; Silvia Furgason, Pomfret, Ed., Mt. Vernon; Brady Gadberry, Yocum, Ed., Little Rock, Schola Cantorum; R. Kelly Gage, ATP, AHE, Horatio, ASA; Michael Galloway, Off Campus, Eng., Fine Bluff, TBIT; Rufus Garland Jr. f Off Campus, Lw., Eas Cruces, N. Mex. Carol Gardner, Razorback, A S, Russellville, AAA; Carol Garrison, KKI Bus., El Dorado, YDC; Brent Garner, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith; Francis Garofalo, Off Campus, Bus., Pittsburg, Pa.; Robert Garrett, Off Campus, AHE, Hartford, ATA; Ervan Garrison, Off Campus, A S, Ft. Smith. Winfred Garrison, Off Campus, Eng., Bald Knob, ASME; Cynthia Gaston, AXQ, AHE, Batesville, AHEA Pres.; Doris Gates, IIB £, Ed., Forrest City, SNEA; Phyllis Gathings, AAH, A S, Dallas, Tex., AAIT Pres.; John Gay, Off Campus, AHE, Springdale, AZ; Joseph Gazzola, Off Cam- Pus, A S, Ft. Smith. 159 Seniors Linda Geoghagan, Off Campus, Bus., Marshall, X9; Ter¬ rance George, Off Campus, Eng., Cove; Kathy Gibbons, ZTA, Ed., Centralia, Mo., Chimes; Alton Gibson, Off Campus, A S, Leachville; Carol Gibson, AAA, AHE, Springdale, Cardinal Key; Don Gibson, ITKA, Bus., Springdale, Student Senate. David Gideon, 2X, A S, Lamar, Mo., 2X Scholarship Chairman; Lucien Gillham, Off Campus, Eng., Dardanelle, Chi Epsilon; Julia Goff, AXI2, A S, Texarkana, Cardinal Key; G. Goforth, IIKA, A S, Mena; Roger Goodwin, AKA, Bus., Hoxie, AKA Corresponding Sec.; Edward Gordon, 2AE, Bus., Morrilton. Betty Greene, Off Campus, Ed., Pea Ridge; Marianne Griffe, Off Campus, A S, North Little Rock; Charles Grimes, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith, Marketing Club; Mary Grisham, Off Campus, A S, Benton; Teddy Glaub, Hotz, AHE, Rector, Resident Hall Staff; Walter Goin, AFP, Eng., Alexander, OAK. Richard Graham, Off Campus, Bus., Clarksville; Don Graham, Holcombe, Eng., Houston, Tex.; William Grander- son, Yocum, Eng., Pine Bluff, ASCE President; Charles Gray, Off Campus, Eng., Benton, TBIT; Gary Green, Off Campus, A S, Paris, ACS Student Affiliate President; Harry Green, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville. Rickey Green, Off Campus, Bus., Everton; Henry Gresham, Off Campus, Bus.; James Gresham, 211, Eng., Fordyce, 211 President; Edward Grober, 211, Eng., Ft. Smith, 211 Pledge Class Pres.; George Grutham, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock, II2A; Ruth Guynn, Off Campus, AHE, Harrison, Agri Queen. Gary Hudley, Off Campus, AHE, Gravette; Ann Hagmann, Reid, A S, Oklahoma City, Okla., Honor ' s Program; Danny Hale, Holcombe, Eng., Plainview; Gary Hael, Off Campus, Bus., Clinton, A$0; Richard Hall, Off Campus, Bus., Monette, Mo., Marketing Club; Ronald Hall, TKE, Bus., Ft. Smith. Elizabeth Hallin, ZTA, A S, Fayetteville, Mortar Board; Lawrence Handley, Off Campus, A S, Bentonville, F0T Vice President; Linda Handley, Futrall, Bus., Siloam Springs, WIHC Sec.; Regina Haney, Off Campus, Ed., El Dorado, F22; Ronald Haney, Off Campus, Eng., El Dorado, 0T; Donna Hanna, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock. Sara Hannah, AT, A S, Harrison, IFPC Model Pledge; Michael Hanry, Pomfret, Eng., North Little Rock, RA; Al¬ bert Hardage, 2X, A S, Little Rock, Student Senate; Thomas Harger, Off Campus, AHE, Havana, Agronomy Club; David Hargis, Off Campus, Bus., Warren, Razor- back Football; Garry Hargis, Yocum, A S, DeQueen, RA, Marilyn Harlan, Off Campus, A S, Trumann, AAA; Stan¬ ley Hargus, Off Campus, A S, Marshfield, Mo., AIA; Sandra Harmon, Futrall, AHE, Desha; Bonnie Hart, AAII, Bus., Pine Bluff, Marketing Club President; Patrick Harris, Off Campus, Bus., Rogers; Marshall Hatfield, Off Campus, Eng., Stuttgart. Russell Haver, Off Campus, Ed., Ft. Smith; Janet Hawken, Xfi, Ed., Helena, A4 17 Sweetheart; James Hawkins, A0, Bus., Ft. Smith, Student Senate; Robert Hawkins, Off Cam¬ pus, Lw., Fairfield, III. Gary Hayden, Off Campus, Eng., Batesville; Cynthia Hays, ZTA, Bus., North Little Rock, Marketing Club. 160 Student Senate Votes Dixie Ban atr ' c k Hays, 2X, A S, North Little Rock; William Hayes, 0 Campus, Eng., Fayetteville, YRC Pres.; John Heaston, Off Campus, Eng., Cotter; Shelby Heflin, Off Campus, A S, Russellville; Susan Heidinger, Futrall, Bus., Tulsa, Okla., Marketing Club; Paula Henbest, Off Campus, Ed., Cassville, Mo., KAIl. Henderson, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith; Sandra enderson, A AII, AHE, Wynne, l T0 Pres.; Judy Hend- Pomfret, A S, Des Arc, RA; Karol Hendricks, ZTA, o., Little Rock, YDC; Charles Henley, Acacia, Bus., Norph- e | ' Marketing Club; Christine Henry, ZTA, A S, Fayette- v ‘He, Mortar Board. Ronnie Henry, Off Campus, Bus., Bentonville; Thomas Henry, Off Campus, A S, Stuttgart; AIA; Elizabeth Hen- s °o, 4-H House, AHE, Mt. Holly; James Hester, Off Cam- P us A S, Pine Bluff, 2112; Barbara Hewitt, AAA, Ed., L,tt le Rock; David Hibler, Off Campus, Eng., Alma, AIIE. J u gene Hickman, Holcombe, A S, Ft. Smith, Drama |ub; Tom Hilburn, Off Campus, Lw., Walnut Ridge; Steve 1 debrand, Holcombe, A S, Prescott; Alice Hill, Pomfret, S, Hot Springs, RA; Deborah Hill, Off Campus, Ed., L,ttle Rock, BAD; Robert Hill, Hotz, Bus., Ft. Sheridan, III. •chard Hill, Off Campus, Eng., Clarksville, AIIE; Rollin nliard. Off Campus, Eng., Mentor, Ohio, AX2; Malcolm into n , off Campus, Bus., Hope, YRC; Marsha Hixon, Kr, Ed., Ft. Smith, ACE; Larry Hoaglan, Pomfret, Eng., alnut Ridge; Gerald Hodapp, AKA, Bus., Little Rock, Circle K. beryl Hodelka, Pomfret, A S, Mt. Home, F22; Hermon °dge, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville; Karen Hogaboom, ’■•trail. Bus., Hot Springs, Marketing Club; John Hogan, Campus, A S, Russellville; AX2; Laurie Hogan, KKF, Ardmore, Okla., Student Senator; Allen Holden, Off Cam Pus, Ed., Ft. Smith. A more progressive and liberal AWS sponsored a good old-fash¬ ioned ice cream social. 161 Nixon Witnesses Hogs’ Defeat Mary Hclloway, AT, A S, Ft. Smith, RA; Jans Hollis, AI A S, Little Rock, ' I ' X; Ronald Holmes, Off Campus, A S, Mena, Scabbard and Blade; Virginia Holmes, Xfi, A S, Newport; Ted Hood, l A0, A S, Little Rock; Nicholas Hopper, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville. Thomas Hopper, Wilson Sharp, Eng., Natchez, Miss., Razor- back Football Team; David Horn, Off Campus, Bus., Pryor, Okla., K2; Susan Horn, AAA, Ed., Dallas, Tex.; Nannice Hornor ,X£2, Ed., Helena, Albert Hartman, f rA, A S, Day- ton, Ohio, AIA; Deborah Horton, KKT, A S, Sheridan. Barry House, Off Campus, Eng., Hickory Ridge, ASME; Elaine House, Off Campus, A S, Wynne; Charles Howard, Off Campus, Bus., Lynn; Jerry Howard, 0T, Eng., Hot Springs, 0T; Alice Howell, IIB t , Bus., Little Rock, Mar¬ keting Club; Elise Howell, AXft, A S, Baytown, Tex., Mortar Board. Peggy Howerton, AI A S, Dallas, Tex., TRAVELER Staff; Lewis Huddle Jr., TKE, Bus., Portsmouth, Va., A £ST Pres.; Donna Hudson, Off Campus, Ed., Harrison; Nancy Hudson, KKT, Bus., Little Rock, Chimes; Charles Huggs, Off Cam¬ pus, A S, Pine Bluff; Herbert Hughes, 2N, Bus., Haynes. Steven Hughes, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock; Mary Hughey, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville, OCW; John Hunt, Off Campus, A S, Windsor, Mo., AIA; Michael Hunt, Off Campus, A S, Sedalia, Mo.; Nancy Hunter, Off Campus, Bus., Lee ' s Summit, Mo.; Richard Hunter, AXA, Bus. Republic, Mo. James Hutchesn, Off Campus, A S, Monett, Mo.; Anne Hyatt, AAA, AHE, Osceola, AXA Crescent; Fred Inman, f rA, A S, Carlisle; Dana Irby, Off Campus, Ed., Ft. Smith; Glenda Jacks, Pomfret, Ed., DeWitt; Elizabeth Jacks, KIvT, A S, Las Vegas, Nev. Seniors James Jackson, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, 2FE; Janis Jackson, Off Campus, Ed., Decatur, AAA; Mary Jackson, AAH, A S, North Little Rock, AWS; Alan Jaggers, Off Campus, Bus., Ozark; Leon Jamison, Off Campus, A S, Monticello; Rodney Jamison, 24 E, A S, Hot Springs. Larry Jarnagan, Off Campus, Bus., Winslow; Dennis Jar ra , 2AE, Bus., Forrest City; Judith Jarstad, Off Campus, Bus v Green Bay, Wis., Marketing Club; Thomas Jayne, Pomfret, Bus., Warren; Christina Jefferson, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, AEA; Thomas Jefferson, Off Campus, A S, Fayttteville, AEA. °hn Jenkins, 2 I E, AHE, Earle, 2 J E Vice President; r chie Jennings, Off Campus, Bus., Mt. Pleasant, Tex.; °nna Jennings, Futrall, AHE, Leslie, AHEA; Tommy Jen- Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock, Dean ' s List; Billy Jester, ff Campus, Bus., Booneville; Jeffrey Jeter, SAE, Bus., Altheirner, AK ' F. •ana Johnson, ZTA, A S, North Little Rock, AAA Re¬ porter; Donald Johnson, Off Campus, Ed., West Fork; °rdon Johnson, Off Campus, Bus., Texarkana, Student enate; Mary Johnson, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville, arkering Club; Jeffrey Johnson, 2X, A S, Springfield, ° ASG Press Sec.; Jon Johnson, Holcombe, A S, Green¬ wood. £® rr y Johnson, Off Campus, Ed., Lavaca; Thomas Johnson, P f Campus, Bus., Yellville, AK ' F; William Johnson, SAE, Ft. Smith, BT, David Jones, 2N, Bus., Bartlesville, a., OAK; Deborah Jones, Off Campus, Ed., Springdale; U V Jones, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, 4 MA Sinfonia. an ' s Jones, KAB, Ed., Batesville, AAA; Jean Jones, Xf2, n v Fayetteville, ACE; Larry Jones, Off Campus, Eng., actor; Lorri Jones, Off Campus, Ed., Bentonville, AWS; j ar ene Jones, Razorback, Ed., Hope, Razorback Hall Pres- c, eni; Mary j cnes off Campus, Bus., Prairie Grove, Mar- ket, " g Club. Jc° ert ones ' Off Campus, Eng., Pine Bluff, ASCE; Ronald p° nes , Yocum, Bus., Augusta; Donna Jordan, AXfi, AHE, Cardinal Key; Gerald Jordan, Off Campus, II ' Malvern, Student Senate; Susan Jordan, KKT, A S, ex., KKF Corresponding Secretary; William Jones, Campus, Eng., Camden, AlChE. drv ‘ n Joyce, Holcombe, A S, Ft. Smith, AX2; Eugene °Vce, Off Campus, Eng., Hot Springs, KK ' P; Benjamin eahey, off Campus. Eng., Dumas, IEEE; Florece Keahey, p Campus A S, Dumas, YRC; Glen Keaton, Off Campus, n 9 Jacksonville; Larry Keaton, Off Campus, AHE, Siloam springs, AZ. ? tr, cia Keeling, KAB, AHE, Harrison, Mortar Board; Ron- v? T keener, Off Campus Eng., Waldron, ASCE; Dan Keeter, jT ' Bus., Mountain Home, Razorback Basketball; Tommy ®ith. Off Campus, A S, Chowchilla, Calif.; William Keith, A ' Bus., Little Rock. K2 sec.; Kathleen Kelly, AAIT, Ed., u 9usta, Ga., ANEA. ar hara Kennedy, KKT, Ed., Pine Bluff; Katherine Kersting, °nifret, A S, Dallas, Tex., J Board; Johnny Kever, Off ar npus. Bus., Springdale; James Key, Off Campus, Bus., y9usta; Ronnie King, William, Eng., New Edinburg, ChE; Susan King, Pomfret, A S, Ft. Smith, YAF Sec. 163 Seniors William King, Off Campus, Bus., DeWitt; Peter Kinman, K2, A S, El Paso, Tex., William Kirkpatrick, Off Campus, Eng., Hot Springs, ASCE; Fred Kirchhoff, Gregson, Eng., Bonnerdale; Carroll Kissinger, Off Campus, Bus., Spring- dale; Michael Kleck, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith. Brenda Knee, Off Campus, AHE, Marshall, AHEA; William Knod II, AKA, Bus., DeQueen; William Knott, l rA, Bus., Sheridan, Marketing Club; Roger Kocher, Off Campus, A S, Wauwatosa, Wis., Cercle Francais; Steve Koenigseder, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith; George Kopp, Off Campus, Lw., Ocean Grove, N. J., Student Bar Treas. Robert Korich, 211, Eng., Decatur, III.; Marshall Kryger, Sedgewell, Ed., Olive Branch, Miss., Sedgewell Vice Pres.; Gay Lacy, Off Campus, AHE, Newport; Jack Ladyman, Off Campus. Eng., Corning, ASME; Michael Lamb, Off Campus, Eng., Leola; Stephen Lance, Off Campus, A S, Murfrees¬ boro. Michael Landers, 2X, Lw., El Dorado; Jerry Langley, Off Campus, Eng., Magnolia, ASME; Michael Larson. Off Cam¬ pus, Eng., Antoine, ASME; Morris Lassiter, Off Campus, Bus., Hazen; Alice Latimer, Pomfret, Ed., Nashville, PEM Club; Charlena Law, Off Campus, Ed., Ratcliff, AHEA State Pres. Robert Lay, William House, Bus., Ft. Smith; Raymond Lea, Holcombe, Bus., Rison; William Leatherbury, Acacia. Eng., Huntsvile, IEEE; Charles Lee, Off Campus, AHE. DeQueen; James Lee, Off Campus, AHE, DeQueen; Linda Lee, Off Campus, Ed., Little Rock. William Lee, Pomfret, Bus., Neosho, Mo., Finance Club; Susan Leeman, Off Campus, Ed., Decatur; Elizabeth Leeton, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville, 4 ME: Mary Nell Lehnhard, KKT, A S, McAlester, Okla., YRC; Chamotte Leonard, KKT, Bus., Crossett, Sec. Assoc. Students; Richard Leverltt, William House, A S, Taylor. Robert Lewis, Off Campus, A S, Ada, Okla., AIA; William Lewis, K2, Bus., Shawnee, Okla., A2IT; Missy Lieber, Xft, Ed., Ft. Smith, Civic Club; Michael Limbird. 0T, Eng., Paris, AI IE; Dwight Lincoln, Off Campus, AHE, Forrest City, AZ; Freda Lincoln, Off Campus, Ed., Forrest City. Mark Linder, Off Campus, Bus., N. Little Rock, ABC; Stephen Ling, I rA, Bus., Springfield, Mo., Dean ' s List; John Lipin, Off Campus Bus., Little Rock; Gustave Lipp- man. Off Campus, Lw., Brooklyn, N. Y., f AA, Judy Lips¬ comb, KA0, Ed., DeQueen, SNEA; Vicky Little, Pomfret, Ed., El Dorado. Philip Livingston, Off Campus, Bus., Lake Village, Mar¬ keting Club; Kathryn Logan, AT, Ed., Shreveport, La., Civic Club, John Lombard, Off Campus, Bus., Tulsa, Okla., HA ' I ' ; Bettye Long, Futrall, A S, Mena, BSU; Beverly Long, AX12, Ed., Kansas City, Mo., AHEA; Jacquelin Long, Off Campus, Bus., Springdale, BASP. Lee Long, Xfi, A S, Forrest City, Xft Treasurer; Norman Long, Off Campus, Bus., Springdale; Tommy Love, Pom¬ fret, A S, Washington, AEA; Carol Lovelady, AT, A S Hot Springs, f ME; Jimmy Lovell, FarmHouse, AHE, De¬ Queen, FarmHouse Pres.; Judith Lovell, Off Campus, Ed., Joiner, SNEA. 164 AXQ, SX Win First In Singfony Marsha Lowe, AX12, Ed., Joplin, Miss.,; Ronnie Lowe, Off Campus, Ed., Dallas, Tex., 2 I E; Donna Lucas, Off Campus, AHE, Damascus, 4 T0; Michael Luck, Off Cam¬ pus, A S, Nashville, Pershing Rifles; Mary Luck, Off Campus, A S, Warren, PX; Vernell Lumpkin, 4-H House, AHE, Marvell, 4-H House President. Deborah Luther, Pomfret, A S, Corsicana, Tex.; Dana Lyons, KKT, A S, Pryor, Okla., II2A; Lyn Lynch, Off Campus, Ed. Osceola, Orchesis; Sandra McAbee, Pomfret, Ed., Metairie, La., ACE; Alonzo McAllister, 2N, Bus., Fay¬ etteville; Joseph McBride, AFP, AHE, Branch, OAK. Victoria McBride, Off Campus, A S, Hot Springs, RAZOR- BACK Staff; Larry McCain, AFP, AHE, Mulberry. Arkansas Agriculturist Editor; Betty McCarty, KKT, Ed., Helena; Kathy McClanahan, KKF, A S, Pine Bluff, Hotz Hall Pres¬ ident; John McClure, Off Campus, Bus., Nashville; Richard McConnell, Off Campus, Eng., Greenwood, IEEE. Angela McCorkle, Xfi, A S, Brinkley, F22, Weldon Mc¬ Culloch, Off Campus, Eng., Beebe, ASME; Loren McCune, 0f f Campus, Eng., Heber Springs, A4 0; Craig McDonald, Off Campus, A S, Prairie Grove, 4 E2; James McEntire, A n , AHE, Beebe, ATA; Peggy McFerran, Off Campus, Ed., Havana, T0. Gannalyn McHughes, A AIT, Ed., El Dorado Civic Club Bee.; Ronald Mcllveene, Off Campus, Bus., El Dorado; Donnie McIntosh, Off Campus, Eng., Marmaduke, II 1 A; William Mclnvale, William, Eng., Hot Springs, I PIT; Wl, liam McKamey, 2H, Eng., Worland, Wyo., 2IT Vice President; Wanette McKee, ZTA, AHE, North Li:tle Rock, I A Recording Secretary. Linda McKellar, Off Campus, Ed., Lockesburg; Michael McKenna, Pomfret, A S, Joplin, Mo.; Rob-rt McKissick, Off Campus, Bus., McGehee; Charles McLaughlin. Off Cam- pus ' Enf., Alexander IEEE; Donna McMaster, Humphreys, Ed., Gravette, WRA Sportsmanager; Charles McMillian, Off Cam Pus, Eng., DeWitt, ASCE. Grievance Committee Hears Gripes Ricky McMurry, Off Campus, Bus., Benton; Charles Mc- Murtry, Off Campus, Bus., N. Little Rock, Marketing Club; Jack McNulty, Off Campus, Lw., Pine Bluff; William Mc- Vey Off Campus, Eng., N. Little Rock, IEEE; Anne Mc¬ Williams, Off Campus, Ed., N. Little Rock; Cheryl Mackin, AT, A S, Little Rock, Traveler Staff. James Maddox, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock, AIA; Farris Madison, Off Campus, Bus., Alicia; Carl Madson, Off Campus, Ed., Stuttgart; Janet Main, Razorback AHE. Har¬ rison, 4 T0; Donald Malone, Off Campus, Eng., West Helena, HKN; Renie Mallory, Off Campus, Ed., Hot Springs, TB t». Carl Maner, Off Campus, Eng., Hot Springs, XE; Donnie Mangrum, William House, Eng., Sheridan, ASME; Helen Mansur, Off Campus, A S, Ft. Smith, International Club; Ginger Marple, Off Campus, Ed., Bentonville; Edward Marrs, 2X, A S, Shreveport, La.; Barbara Marsac, Off Campus, A S Ozark, XA. Cheryl Marstellar, Razorback, A S, Kansas City, Mo., KAII; Jo Martin, Fulbright, A S, Paragould; Kenna Martin, Off Campus, Ed.. Rison; Stephen Martin, Off Campus, A S, Ash Flat; Steven Martin, TKE, Bus., San Leandro, Calif., TKE Pres.; Ollie Mason, Off Campus, AHE, Mc- Gehee, AZ. Sally Mathews, Off Campus, A S, Hazen; Gordon Matte- son, Off Campus, AHE, Foreman, YDC; Philip Matthews, 24 E, Bus., Pine Bluff; Bruce Mauldin, X E, Bus., Mar¬ ion, Marketing Club; Raymond Maus, 24 E, Bus., Atkins, Marketing Club; Phillip Mnxwell, Aff Campus, A S, Para¬ gould, 4 ME Vice Pres. Linda Maxey, ZTA. Ed., Little Rock, AWS Vice Pres.; James May, Off Campus, Ed., Dallas. Tex.; Peggy May, 4-H House, Ed.. Belleville, AHEA; Judith Meacham, KAO Ed., Monroe, ROTC Sponsor; Linda Meadows, Off Campus, Ed., Summers; William Meadows, IIKA, Eng., Crossett, AHE. A meaningful dialogue ... an ef¬ fort at mutual understanding. 166 Seniors Charles Means, Off Campus, Eng., N. Little Rock, ASCE; Robert Medley, Off Campus, Bus., Jonesboro; Luci Meim- erstorf, Pomfret, Ed., Ft. Smith; Presley Melton, Off Cam¬ pus, Bus., N. Little Rock. Marketing Club Treas.; Robert M e yer, Off Campus, Bus., Chamblee, Ga.; Robert Melton, Pomfret, Bus.. Claremore, Okla. Melinda Merrill, KA0. Ed., Ft. Worth, Tex., KA0; Stepen Meyer, AXA, Bus., Mt. Vernon, Mo., Blue Key; Danny Miller, Off Campus, A S, Mena; Diane Miller, Off Cam- P us , Ed., Muskogee, Okla.; Henry Miller, I rA, A S, Mc- Crory; John Miller, Off Campus, AHE, Fayetteville. Kent on Miller, ITKA, Bus., Tulsa, Okla.; Patrick Miller, -X, Bus., El Dorado, Student Senator; Charles Milton, Off Campus. Bus., Warren; Otis Mitchell, AXA, A S, Ken- JJaV Mo.; Johnny Mize, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock, bAAA ' ’ Phiilip Mcery, 2AE, AHE, Wynne, AZ. Shokrollah Mohammadi, Off Campus, Eng., Bojnurd, Iran, nternational Club; James Monk Jr., AXA, Eng., Hot prings, ASCE; Bob Moncrief, Holcombe, Eng., N. Little 0c k, IEEE; Charles Money, William House, AHE, Newark, nimal Scienie Club; Sharon Montee, Off Campus, A S, artlesville Okla., AAA; Andrew Moore, Off Campus, Bus . Springdale. Adeline Moore, Off Campus, Ed., El Dorado, NBEA; Carl °ore, Off Campus, Eng., Jacksonville IEEE; Carolyn oore, Humphreys, Ed., Osceola, AWS; Dewey Moore, f Campus Lw., Belleville; Lynn Moore, ITB , Ed., For- rest City; Patricia Moore, Reid, AHE, Black Rock. Aharon Morgan, ZTA, Bus., Little Rock; David Morris, Off Campus, Bus. Luxora, SAM; Dwight Morris, ATP, AHE, Siloam Springs, Agri. Econ. Club; Pam Morris, AX12, Ed., ®xarkana; Susan Morris, Off Campus. Ed., Texarkana; R ' chard Morrison, Off Campus, Eng., Carthage, Tex., AIIE. Carolyn Morse, Off Campus, Ed., Ft. Smith; Jeanette csey, Futrall, , Salem, Soph. Counselor;William Moss, ri . Bus., Star City, OAK; Phillip Moudy, 4 rA, Bus., anville, Arnold Air Society; Larry Mourer, Off Campus, Us v Enid, Okla., 4 rA Margaret Mourer, Off Campus, Ed., Er ' d, Okla. Marie Mowery, Reid, A S, N. Little Rock; Bruce Munson, Bus.. Tahlequah, Okla., Symposium ' 70 Ch.; Linda Murphy, Ar, AHE, N. Little Reck; Susan Murry, A AIT, Us v Fayetteville, X0; Danny Myers, Off Campus, AHE, ummers, AZr George Myers, Hotz, A S, Dardanelle, TAT. °hn Myers, Off Campus, Ed., Bentonville, Schola Can- t° r um; Margaret Rose Nalley. Off Campus, Ed., Little oc k, Mortar Board; Audrey Nash, Pomfret, AHE, Texar- a na, AK; Jo Ann Neely, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville; John Neely, Off Campus, Ed., Little Rock, SNEA; Murray ee, y» Off Campus, Bus., DeQueen. ohnnie Neill, Off Campus, Eng., Springdale; Jack Nelson, Campus, Ed., Miami, Fla., Concert Band; Carol Nevin, n, A S, Benton; Thomas New, 4 A0, Eng., Little Rock, I IE; Lu Ann Newman, Xfi, Ed., Hot Springs; Sherry New- fl1an r KA0, Ed., Little Rock, Mortar Board. 167 Seniors Donald Newson, IIKA, Bus., El Dorado; Daniel Nichols, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock, AAA; Rodney Nickel, Off Campus, Bus., Hot Springs, A2II President; Liz Nickle, AF, Hughes; Alexander Nisbet, K2, Bus., Little Rock, ASG Treas.; Nancy Nix, Off Campus, A S, El Dorado, Traveler Reporter. Glennis Nokes, Off Campus, Ed., Sharon Springs, Kan.; Olian Nugent, Pomfret, Bus., Ft. Smith; Terry Nugent, Off Campus, Bus., Amarillo, Tex., AWS Finance Committee; Frederick Nut.lsman Off Campus, Ed., Rogers, INED Vice President; Lynn Oates, f A0, Eng., Little Rock, ©T; John Oldner, Off Campus, Eng., Dumas, AX2 Treas. Martha Oliver, KKF, Ed., Little Rock; James O ' Neill, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville; Donna Orlando, Reid, Ed, Chicago, III., Hallaballo Hostess; Jack Orlicek, Off Cam¬ pus, Eng., Hazen, ASME; Carol Olson, Humphreys, A S, Monett, Mo., Sophomore Counselor; Pamela Osburn, ZTA, Ed., El Dorado. David Oswalt, Off Campus, A S, Helena; Katharine Oviatt, KKF. Ed.. Dallas, Tex.; James Owen, 24 E, A S, Conway; Jean Owen, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville; Re- becca Owen, Off Campus, Ed., Emerson, SAI Vice Presi¬ dent; William Owens, Off Campus, Eng., North Little Rock, TP,II. Timothy Pack, ATP, AHE, Cecil; Edwin Page, Off Cam¬ pus, A S, Ft. Smith, TAT President; Leatha Palculict, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville; Alex Papageorge, William A S, North Little Rock; Gwendolyn Parham, AXL2, A S, For- dyce, AACi Vice President; Carol Park, Pomfret, A S, Little Rock. Carl Parker, 2 J E, Bus., Camden; Georgia Parker, XQ, AHE, Bentonville, Panhellenic President; Charles Park- hurst, AXA, Bus., Mt. Vernon, Mo., AK ' P President; Ruth Ann Parvin, Razorback, A S, Hot Springs, RA; Linda Pasche, AAJT, Ed., Dallas, Tex., AAII Chaplain; Beverly Patton, ZTA, Bus., Dallas, Tex. Jerry Paul, William, Eng., North Little Rock, IEEE; Jane Pazderka, Futrall, A S, East St: Louis, III., r22; William Peek, KS, Bus., Little Rock, BA Jr. Class Representative; Galen Pehham, 2N, A S, Springfield, Mo., Student Sen¬ ate; George Penick, Off Campus Bus., Little Rock; Jim Psnn, Off Campus, Bus., Portia, SAM. Don Penquite, Buchanan, AHE, Russellville; Janik Perdue, Holcombe, Eng., Smackover, IEEE; Susan Petersen, AAA, Ed., Springdale Orchesis President; Patricia Peterson, Off Campus, Eng., Fayetteville, A11E Sec.; Priscilla Petty, AAA, Ed.. North Little Rock. ABC; Robbie Pettigrew. Off Campus, Ed., Horatio. Lester Pettus, Pomfret, AHE, Forrest City, A fi; Carol Petty, IIB l I ,Ed., St. Louis, Mo. AXA Crescent Girl; Her¬ bert Phillips, AKA, Bus., Gould, AK ' F; James Phillips, Off Campus, Bus., Berryville; John Phillips, ITKA, Bus., Helena; James Pilger, Holcombe Eng., Mt. Home. Franks Plafcan, Off Campus, AHE, Carlisle, Agri Econ Club; Richard Platt, Pomfret, A S, Springdale, Pershing R fles; William Plunkett, Acacia, Eng., North Little Rock, Acacia President; Danny Plummer, Off Campus, Ed., Ft. Smith, Susan Plunkett, Off Campus, Ed., Little Rock; Charles Pope, Off Campus, Ed. Fayetteville INED Club. 168 AWS Judicial Board Abolished Jesse Porter, 211, Bus., West Helena, OAK; Judy Porter AAA, Bus., Blytheville, Marketing Club; Mildred Porter Pomfret, A S, Shreveport, La.; Sheila Potter, Off Campus Ed., McGehee; John Powell, 2X, Bus., Magnolia, Scab bard and Blade; Joseph Powers, OH Campus, Eng., Quit man, ASME. William Pratt, AKA, Bus., Fayetteville, AK ' P; Sharon Presson, Al AHE, N. Little Rock, AHEA; Susan Pride- more, Futrall, Ed. Lincoln, SNEA; Ed Prince, AXA, Bus., Lincoln; Joseph Pritchett, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville; Sam Puyear, 2AE, Eng., Jonesboro, IEEE. David Pyle, Hotz, Bus., Benton; Shirley Qualls, Reid. AHE, Little Rock; Johnny Quinn, 1 A0, Eng., Little Rock, Pres. AO; Philip Quindry, Off Campus, Lw., Fairfield, III.; Marsha Ragsdell, Off Campus, Ed., Prairie Grove, SNEA; Barbara Railsback, Off Campus, Ed., Shreveport, La. Earl Raines, Off Campus, Eng., Little Rock, ASCE; Dennis Rainey, 2X, Bus., Ozark, Mo., Student Senate; Harold Rambo, Off Campus, AHE, Lavaca, Agronomy Club; Joy Ramsay, KKI A S, Pine Bluff, Civic Club Sec.; David Ranglack, Off Campus, A S, Fay, ASA I A; John Rankin, Off Campus, Eng., Murfreesboro, I EE. Linda Ransom, 4-H House, AHE, Pleasant Plains, AHEA; Beverly Rapps, Pomfret, Ed., Ft. Worth, Tex., Razorback Beauty; John Rash, Off Campus, A S, Waco, Tex.; Rodney Ratledge, Holcombe, Eng., Kingsland, IEEE; Richard Rat- lay, K2, Bus., Little Rock, SAM; John Reap, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock, Finance Club. Robin Reaves, XQ, A S, Conway, Cardinal Key; James Reddin, Off Campus, AHE, Tinsman, AZ; Jak Redfiarn, William House, Eng., Longview Tex., ASCE; Pamela Red- fern, Off Campus, A S, Winslow; Denis Redwine, OH Campus, Eng., Paragould, Parachuting Club; Gary Reed, Off Campus, Eng., Dierks, IIT2. Twenty-eight Selected Who’s Who Leonette Reed, AT, Lw., Heber Springs; Randal Reed, Off Campus, A S, Fayetteville; Nancy Reehm, Off Campus, Ed., Bentonville, Rifle Team; Alan Reefer, Off Campus, Eng., Lake City, III., YRC; Deborah Reeves, Off Campus, Ed., Harrison, Xf2 Model Pledge; Joseph Reisz, Sedgewell, Eng., Ft. Smith, Sedgewell Pres. Sharon Relyea, Off Campus, A S, Hot Springs, WIHC Pres.; Phillip Renfrow, Off Campus, A S, Charleston, AIA Pres.; Gilbert Retrey, Off Campus, A S, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Paul Rhew, Off Campus, Bus., Pleasant Plains, AK ' J ' ; Oma Rich, Off Campus, Ed., Springdale; Robert Rickett, Off Campus, Eng., Gurdon, IEEE. Sara Riddle, Off Campus, Bus., Searcy; Charles Ridgley, Off Campus, A S, Rector, Arnold Air Soc.; Maryland Riffel, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock; Thomas Rimmer, Off Campus, A S, Pine Bluff. 2112; Angelo Rinaldi, Off Campus, A S, Steubenville, Ohio; Robert Rinie, Off Cam¬ pus, A S, Belleville, 2TE. Gary Ritchie, Off Campus, Eng., Hampton; Ruth Rivers, AT, Bus., Elgin, Tex. AAA; Jeanne Roades, Off Campus, A S, Mt. Home, AAA; Elizabeth Robbins, Futrall, Ed., Hot Springs; James Robertson, Off Campus, Eng., Cam¬ den, AX2 Pres.; Leonard Rodgers, Pomfret, A S, West Memphis, Pershing Rifles. Michael Rodriguez, AAP, A S, Wichita Falls, Tex.; Brenda Rogers, Off Campus, Ed., Rogers; Hiluard Rogers, Off Campus, A S, Pine Bluff; Susan Rogers, ITH I , Ed., Mag¬ nolia, SNEA; Gaylynn Romine, Futrall Hall, A S, Little Rock; Donald Rose, Sedgewell, Bus., Hurst, Tex., A fi. Harvey Ross, Off Campus, Eng., Crossett; Patricia Ross, KKT, Bus., Ft. Smith, Chimes; Martha Rothrock, Off Cam¬ pus, Ed., Lincoln, OCW; Louis Rowland, 2IT, Bus., Forrest City, 211 Social Ch.; David Ruff, Off Campus, Eng., Morrilton, AI IE; Ronald Rupe, Off Campus, Bus., Augusta, A4 Q. Leading campus figure prepares to throw victory trophy to visiting Texas team. 170 Seniors William Russ, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock; Harold Rus¬ sell, Off Campus, A S, Ft. Smith, Pershing Rifles; James Russell, Off Campus, A S, N. Little Rock, AEA; Marvin Russell, Pomfret, A S, Grady, II2A; Rebecca Russell, KAO, Ed., Dallas, Tex., YRC; Bette Ryan, Futrall, AHE, Rogers, 1 T0. Marie Ryan Pomfret, AHE, Walnut Ridge, AWS Legisla¬ tive; Mary Ryan, Pomfret, A S, Walnut Ridge, Pomfret Vice Pres.; Damon Sadler, Off Campus, Ed., Greenwood; Ginny Lynn Sain, ZTA, Ed., McGehee, Student Senate; Henry Saine, K2, Bus., Jacksonville, Circle K; J. E. Sand- e ’s, Off Campus, Lw., Hot Springs. Diana Sandlin, Off Campus, Ed., Clinton, AAA, Chris¬ tina Sandusky, Reid, Bus., Ft. Smith, Dean ' s List; Carroll Schell, Off Campus, Eng., Rogers, ASME; Jeff Scherer, A S, Ft. Smith, AIA; Paul Scherrey, Holcombe, Eng., Ft. Smith; Josephine Schmand, AAIT, A S, Little Rock, II2A. Chris Schneider, Acacia, Bus., Little Rock, Acacia Pres.; Sandy Schneider, KKT, Ed., Little Rock, ACE; Richard Schrate, Hotz, A S, Newport, AEA; Terrye Schultz, AAA, Ed., Ft. Smith, AAA Pres.; David Scott, Off Campus, AHE, Texarkana, AZ; Richard Scott, Off Campus, Bus., N. Little Rock, Marketing Club. Grover Scrugs, K2, Bus., Pine Bluff, Finance Club; Ron¬ ald Sczerbak, Off Campus, Ed., Parma Hgts., Oh;o, PEM Club; Cynthia Seaton, AAA, Ed., West Memphis, SNEA; Laura Seay, Off Campus, A S, Springdale; James Seibert, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith, Marketing Club; James Sei¬ ran, t A0, McGehee, 4 A0 Sec. Pamela Seneff, TIB4 , Bus., Kirkwood, Mo., Mortar Board; Robert Serio, Off Campus, Lw., Eudora; Irwin Seward, Droke, Eng., Ulm, ALCHE; Bob Sewell, Off Campus, Eng., Ft. Smith, AlChE; Larry Shaffer, Off Campus, Bus., Green- land, Finance Club; Graham Shannon, AX, A S, Conway, Blue Key. Doyle Sharp, Off Campus, Bus., Goshen; Stephen Sharum, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith, Finance Club; Susan Shaw, ZTA, A S, Ft. Smith; Carl Sheid, SX, Bus., Mt. Home; Ronald Shelby, 4 A0, A S, N. Little Rock, Dean ' s List; Berry Shewmaker, Off Campus, Bus., Cincinnati, Market¬ ing Club. William Shirley, 24 E, A S, Fayetteville, Arnold Air So¬ ciety; Virginia Siler, AT, Bus., Dallas, Tex.; Sherrill Sim¬ mons, AAII, Ed., Arkadelphia, Mortar Board; William Simmons, K2, Bus., West Helena; Flora Simon Off Cam- Pus A S, Dermott, TBS; Charlotte Six, 4-H House, Home Be., Quitman, AHEC. Walter Skoog, 2AE, Eng., Hot Springs, 0T; Cynthia Sly AXft, Ed., Conway, Student Senate; Meredith Smart Humphreys, Ed., Pine Bluff; Antoinette Smith, Off C m Pus, Bus., McCrory; David Smith, Off Campus, A S, N Little Rock, 2TE; Dewitt Smith, Wilson Sharp, Eng., For rest City, 4 A0. Jeffrey Smith, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock; Jerry Smith, Off Campus, Eng., Sulphur Rock; Lora Smith, AX0, Fay¬ etteville; Martha Smith, Reid, A S, Springfield, Mo.; Michael Smith, Off Campus, Bus., Rogers; Neal Smith, Off Campus, Eng., Arbyrd, Mo. 171 Seniors Patricia Smith, AT, Ed., Hot Springs, RA; Robert Smith, Off Campus, Bus., Homewood, III. Marketing Club; Sharon Smith, Off Campus, A S, McGehee, AAA; Steven Smith, Off Campus, Eng., Benton; Thomas Smith, 2AE, A S, Birdeye; Thomas Smith, Holcombe, AHE, Green Forest. Phyllis Sockey, Reid, Ed., Riverside, Calif.; Joseph Som¬ mers, Acacia, Ed., Broken Bow, Okla., Razorback Cheer¬ leader; John Sooter, AXA, Bus., Bentonville, Finance Club Sec.; Marcel Soucy, Off Campus, A S, Ft. Smith; Murray Speer, Off Campus, Bus., Stamps; Robert Spencer, Off Campus, A S, Springdale, AIA. Ronald Spencer, Off Campus, Bus., Fairdealing, Mo.; Jonathan Spradley, Off Campus, Lw., Little Rock; Brian Spurlock, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville, Dean ' s List; Charlotte Spurlock, Off Campus, Home Ec., Huntsville, ! T0; Royce Staley, AXA, Bus., Little Rock; Alice Stall- cup, AXO, A S, Fayetteville, Mortar Board. Billy Standley, 24 E, Bus., Pasadena, Tex., Marketing Club; James Starks III, Off Campus, Eng., Malvern, AlChE; John Stevens III, Bus., TA, Dell, Coed-Complex Pres.; Michael Stiles, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville; Patricia Stiles, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville; Patricia Stiles, Fu- trall, Ed., Little Rock, SNEA. James Stinnett, Off Campus, Bus., Horatio; Larry Stone, Off Campus, Eng., Nashville, ASAE Pres.; Lois Strate- rreier, Razorback, A S, Fayetteville; Freddie Stringer, Off Campus, Eng., Waldron, ASAE; Sheri Stripling, AAII, Bus., El Dorado, Angel Flight; Jerre Stocker, ITB I , A S, Ft. Smith, TIB4 Pres. John Stone, 24 E, A S, Pine Bluff, 24 E Pres.; Steven Stone, Off Campus, Eng., Pine Bluff, A4 0; Becky Strong, AAIT, Ed., Bartlesville, Okla.; Sammy Strong, 2X„ A S, Hope; James Stroud, 2IT, A S, Morrilton, 211; Esther Storey, Pomfret, Ed., Odessa, Tex. Jack Straight, Off Campus, A S, Springdale, AIA; Sharon Stuart, AAA, A S, Newport, AAA; Larry Stubbs, Acacia, Bus., Little Rock, Marketing Club; Maxine Stubbs Off Campus, Ed., DeWitt; Br uce Sturdivant, Holcombe, Eng., Urbana, IEEE; Ronald Suber, William House, Bus., Long¬ view, Tex., Marketing Club. Terry Summitt, Off Campus, Eng., Sims, IEEE; Jerry Sur- ber. Off Campus, A S, Heavener Okla., 4 KT; Catherine Sutherlan, AT, Ed., Springdale, AT Housemanager; Diann Sutherlin, Off Campus, A S, El Dorado; Joseph Sutton, Off Campus, Eng., Harrison, AIIE; Lucy Swindell, Off Cam¬ pus, A S, Hickory Plains, TB4 . Letitia Tanner, Off Campus, AHE, N. Little Rock, ZTA; Ricky Tanneberger, Wilson Sharp, Bus., Little Rock, OAK; David Tanner, Buchanan, AHE, Morrilton Agri Club; Alice Tarkington, AAIT, Ed., N. Little Rock, Mortar Moard; Den¬ nis Tarkington, Acacia, Bus., Pine Bluff; Susan Tatum, IIB4 , Ed., Anderson, Mo. Cheryl Taylor, Off Campus, A S, Prairie Grove; Elza Tay¬ lor, Off Campus, A S, Mt. View, I72A; Harry Taylor, Off Campus, A S, Hot Springs; Richard Taylor, Off Campus, A S, Ft. Smith, AIA; James Taylor, Sedgewell, Eng., N. Little Rock, TBIT; Jeff Taylor, KKT, A S, Victoria, Mor¬ tar Board. 172 Seniors Lyla Taylor, Humphreys, Ed., North Little Rock, SNEA; Randy Taylor, Wilson Sharp, Bus., Little Rock, Varsity Track Captain 1969; Nancy Tays, KAO, Ed., Ft. Smith, X0; Milton Teeter, Off Campus, Eng., Russellville, A11E; Douglas Terry, William, A S, Foreman; Mary Teters, Off Campus, Bus., Bolivar, Mo., Marketing Club. Paul Thane, Off Campus, Bus., Texarkana; David Thomas, Bus., Bartlesville, Okla., Cardinal XX; Dyanna Thomas, Putrall, A S, Springfield, Mo., Mortar Board Sec.; Karl Thomas, Off Campus, Bus., Salem; Sandra Thomas, Pom- • r et, Ed., Blytheville, Senator; William Thomas, Yocum, A S, North Little Rock, Radio Committee. Betty Thompson, AXU, Ed., Luxora, T22 Corresponding Se c.; Raymond Thompson, Holcombe, Eng., Prescott ASCE; Tommy Thompson, ATP, AHE, Cabot, ASA; Vicki Thomp¬ son, AT 1 , A S, Springdale, AT Assistant Rush Chairman; Anita Tibbits, Off Campus, A S, Natural Dam, Spanish Club; William Timmerman, Off Campus, AHE, Ulm, Pres¬ ident of AE. Michael Tinsley, Off Campus, A S, Paragould, Arnold Air Society Comptroller; Thomas Tollett, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock; Stanley Townsend, 2AE, Eng., Altheimer, 0T; Sheila Trapani, AAII, Ed., Dallas; Stanley Trauth, William, A S, Mt. Home, RA; Donna Trusty, AAA, Ed., Pine Bluff, • A Vice President. Glynn Trusty, Off Campus, Eng., Paris, AFROTC; Jim Tucker, 211, Eng., Wynne; Charles Turney, Off Campus, n 9v McGehee, ASCE; Jane Tune, Off Campus, Ed., Barksdale, Miss., ABC; Ryall Tune, Off Campus, Eng., Slytheville, 2AE Sec.; Henry Turk, K2, Bus., Sherrill, AK ' P. °nald Turnage, Off Campus, Bus., Crossett, A2IT; James urner, Off Campus, Bus., Arlington, Va., AK ' P; Richard Turner, Pomfret, Eng., Blythsville IEEE; Allen Underwood, arrr House, AHE, Horatio, AZ; Pam Upton, AT, A S, u l $a, Okla.; Tammie Valley, Off Campus, Ed., Ft. Smith. ichael Vanderburg, Pomfret, A S, Little Rock; John au ghan, Yocum, Eng., Hot Springs, TBIT Vice President; iH Vest, 0T, Eng., North Little Rock, OAK; Bryant Vin- S ° n ' K2, Bus., Little Rock, AK ' I ' ; John Vinson, Off Cam- £ us ' Bus., Springfield Mo., Adv. ROTC; Dianne Wade Off Larr pus, A S, Yellville. a ncy Wade, AXQ, A S, Little Rock, AXU President; Eu- ane Wahl, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith, AK ' I ' ; James p 3 J en ' Off Campus, Eng., Benton, TBIT, Annie Walker, 0r mret, A S, Gethsemane; Linda Walker, XU, A S, New- £° rt ' Angel Flight Information Officer; Terry Walker, Off am Pus, AHE, Ozark, Agronomy Club Corresponding Sec. my Walker, Off Campus, AHE, Delight, AZ; Virginia a ker, Off Campus, A S, Henderson, Traveler Reporter; y r yl Waller, Futrall, Ed., Little Rock, Carnall Hall Sec.; OfT a er ' A0, Bus., North Little Rock; Jimmy Wallis, Campus, AHE, Bentonville; Robert Walters, Off Canv ° s ' Bng.. Hot Springs. to° Wa,te rs, Off Campus, AHE, Hot Springs; Jim Wal- p ' AXA, Bus., Bentonville, AK ' I ' ; James Ward, Off Cam- f r Bus., Ft. Smith, Marketing Club; Suzanne Ward, Pom- T e ° ' S, Rogers; Sharon Warren, AXU, A S, Waskom, Xas ' AED Sec.; Alan Warrick, 2AE, A S, McGehee. 173 GE Bowl Team Competes on T.V. Frederick Washington, IIKA, A S, Fayetteville; Pamela Wasson, ITB I , A S, Pine Bluff; Jack Watkins, Gregson, Ed., Hope; John Watkins, Pomfret, Eng., Prescott, ASCE; Neil Watkins, Off Campus, Bus., Van Buren; Dudley Wat¬ son, Off Campus, Eng., Dallas, ASCE Vice President. Gary Watson, Off Campus, Eng., Russellville; Helen Wat¬ son, Humphreys, Ed., Dallas, Texas; Richard Watson, Off Campus, Eng., Russellville; Alice Watts, Off Campus, Ed., Fayetteville, SNEA; Tilford Watts, Off Campus, AHE, Tal¬ lulah, La.; Deborah Weadock, Off Campus, Ed., Shreve¬ port, La. Larry Weathers, Off Campus, A S, Salem; Mary Webb, KKT, Ed., Helena; David West, Off Campus, Bus., St. Louis, Mo.; Jack West, K2, Bus., Little Rock, AK ' I ' ; Melvis West, William, AHE, Casa, William House Vice Pres¬ ident; Jim Westbrook, Off Campus, A S, Russellville. Owen Westbrook, Sedgewell, Bus., Pine Bluff; Tommy Whedbee, Holcombe, Ed., Ft. Smith, SNEA; Gary Whits, Gregson, Ed., Umpire; James White, Off Campus, A S, Hot Springs; Linda White, AIT, Ed., Denver, Colo., SNEA; Sylvia Whitahorn, Off Campus, Bus., Fayetteville. Paul Whitfield, Off Campus, A S, Little Rock, Film Art Society; Larry Whitt, Off Campus, Eng., Little Rock; John Whitten, Off Campus, Bus., Hope; Jerry Whittington, Off Campus, Bus., Camden, SAM; Guy Wilkerson, Off Cam¬ pus, Eng., Marvell, ASCE; Sam Wilkerson, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith. Anderson, Williams, TKE, Bus., Wilson; Carolyn Williams, KKT, Ed., Bearden, AWS; Catheryn Williams, Off Campus, Ed., Forrest City; Celeste Williams, Off Campus, Ed., Dal¬ las, Tex., ACE; James Williams, Off Campus, A S, Knox¬ ville, Traveler Staff. Jeffery Williams, Holcombe, Eng., Hartford, ASCE; John Williams, Off Campus, Bus., Sheridan, TAT; Rudolph Wil¬ liams, Off Campus, Eng., Manila, ASME; Suzanne Williams, nH4 , Ed., Baytown, Tex.; W. Williams, Off Campus, Ed. Fayetteville, IEC Pres. Ten-Inch Snow Halts Classes Warren Williams, Off Campus, Bus., Rogers; Robert Wil¬ liamson, Off Campus, Bus., Little Rock; Delta Willis, KKI A S, Watson, Commander Army ROTC Cadette Corps; Jean Willis, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Smith, Finance Club; Nancy Willis, Pomfret, Bus., Corpus Christi, Tex., Razor- back Beauty; Susie Wilson, KKT, Ed., Little Rock, ACE. Deborah Wilson, AT, A S, Perryville, Miss YRC; Larry Wilson, 2X, Bus., Jacksonville, Blue Key; Martha Wilson, KA0, A S, Danville, Cardinal Key; Rita Wilson, Off Cam- Pus, Bus., Jacksonville, Marketing Club; Robert Wilson, Wilson Sharp, Bus., W. Orange, N. J. Theresa Wilson, AAA, Ed., Russellville, SNEA. William Wilson, K2, Bus., N. Little Rock, Gaebale Direc- ton ' 69; Mary Windsor, KA0, A S, Little Rock; Steve Wingfield, 211, Ed., Wharton, Tex., OAK; Ray Winning- barn, Off Campus, AHE, Gentry, AZ; Donna Wolf, Off Campus, Bus., Ft. Worth, Tex., Mortar Board; Barbara W °od, Futrall, Ed., Ft. Smith, WIHC Treas. Joan Wood, Off Campus, Ed., Sheridan; Judith Wood, Pomfret, A S, San Antonio, Tex.; Linda Wood, Pomfret, Ed , Mena; Deborah Woodard, riH f , Ed., Little Rock, YDC; Dwight Weedy, Off Campus, Bus., Greenwood, Marketing Club; Bobby Wray, William House, Erg., Hot Springs, C- J. Wright, Off Campus, Bus., Vinita, Okla.; Carl Wright, Off Campus, Eng., Pile Bluff, ASME; Edward Wright, Off Campus, Eng., Rose Bud, AX2; Emrra Wright, Razorback, bus., Oys’er Bay, N. Y. BAD; Roger Wright, Hotz, Eng., Camden, RHA Pres.; William Wright, 2TI, A S, Weslaco, Blue Key Vice Pres. a ck Yates, Off Campus, A S, Ozark; Terry Yee, Pomfret, Eu s., Lake Village, YRC; Mary York, Off Campus, Bus., Et - Smilh, AAA; Cary Young, AKA, Bus., Malvern, AK ' I ' ; Gail Young, Off Campus, A S, Gentry; Jesse Young, Off Campus, Eng., Dover. •nda Young, KAO, Ed., Ft. Smith, X0; Michael Young, Off Campus, A S, Harrison, AEA; William Young, Off arripus, A S, Texarkana, Circle K; Danny Youngblood, ff Campus, Ed., Grannis, ATA; Janet Zachry, Off Cam- P Us , Ed., Austin, Tex.; Arthur Zoda, Off Campus, Eng., ' r enton, N. J., ASCE. Students in the Fine Arts Depart¬ ment prepare for a series of up¬ coming concerts. 175 Graduate Marinell Adair, Off Campus, Nutrition, Bentonville; Elmer Ahrens, Off Campus, Entomology, Fredericksburg, Tex.; Charlene Akers, Off Campus, History, Tahlequah, Okla.; Barbara Alexander, Off Campus, Mathematics, Little Rock, OAK; Lawrence Alexander, Off Campus, Bus. Adm., Fay¬ etteville; Pamela Arrington, Off Campus, Counselor Ed., Mineral Springs. Robert Ball, Off Campus, Zoology, Oden; Marcelline Banks, Off Campus, Spanish, Dumas; Robert Barnes, Off Campus, Fayetteville; Joe Barron, Off Campus, Bus., Adm., Jacksonville, AKM ' ; Ronald Barton, Off Campus, Ed. Adm., Joplin Mo.; Don Bassett, Off Campus, MBA, Fay¬ etteville, BA ' P. Rondolph Bayliss, Off Campus, Civ. Eng., Fayetteville; Melvin Beck, Droke House, Zoology, DeQueen; Ishmael Benton, Off Campus, Ed. Adm., Fayetteville; John Beyenka, off Campus. Finance, Santa Marie, Calif., Finance Club Pres.; Evelyn Bowen, Off Campus, Speech, Fayetteville, ZTA; Henry Brian, Droke House, Mathematics, Camden. Everlene Browder, Razorback, Spanish, Belzoni, Miss.; Boyce Brown, Off Campus, MSEE, Huntsville, Ala.; Stanley Brown, Off Campus, Horticulture, Fayetteville; Robert Browning, Off Campus, Plant Pathology, Chapaqua, N. Y ; Harry Budd, Buchanan, Spanish, Little Rock; Cathryn Bu¬ ford, KKT, English, Forrest City. William Butler, Droke, History, Eagle River, Alas.; George Carney, Off Campus, Geology, Bono; Robert Carter, Off Campus, MBA, Little Rock, ASME; Wiley Christal, 0T, Electrical Eng., Newport, EKN, Garry Church, Off Cam¬ pus, Ed. Adm., Chanute, Kan.; Leona Cleveland, Off Cam¬ pus, Counseling Ed., Magazine. Susan Cody, Off Campus, English, Russellville, GA; Diana Connelly, Off Campus, Sec. Ed., Hot Springs; Don Cook, Off Campus, Mang., Conway; Phillip Core, Off Campus, Civ. Eng., Ft. Smith, ASCE; Kenneth Cotterman, Off Cam¬ pus, MBA, Fayetteville, Ozark Econ. Assoc.; Charlotte Couch, Off Campus, Mathematics, Bruno, MBSF. Charmayne Cullom, Off Campus, BA, Hot Springs, BT2; Kenneth Cupples, Off Campus, Agri-Econ., Dierks, AAP; Susan Douglas, Off Campus, Sec. Ed., Gravette; Danny Durning, Off Campus, Pub. Adm., Fayetteville, Student Senate; Shirley Durning, Off Campus, Spanish, Fayetteville, SAIT; James Edson, Off Campus, Geology, Ft. Smith, 2FE Pres. Andrea Edwards, Off Campus, French, Moberly, Missouri; Judith Edwards, Off Campus, English, Pinetops, N. C.; Burton Elliott, Off Campus, Ed. Adm., Siloam Springs; Barbara Ersland, Off Campus, English, Sioux Fall, S. D.; Robert Ervin, William House, Journalism, Booneville, Head RA; F. Farmer, Off Campus, Music Ed., Cape Girardeau, Mo... 2AI. Phillip Feeney, Off Campus, Civ. Eng., Earle, ASCE Pres.; Georganne Fordyce, Off Campus, English, Gravette; Ron¬ ald Fowler, Off Campus, Computer Science, Blytheville IIME; Bobby Freeman, Mathematics, Independence, Mo.; Sharon Freeman, Off Campus, Counselor Ed., North Little Rock, KKT Sec.; Carl Gabbard, Off Campus, Civil Eng., Bentonville, XE. George Garner, Off Campus, Speech, Lakeland, Fla.; Jack Geurin, Off Campus, Bus. Ad., Ft. Smith; Esther Gill, Raz¬ orback, History, Perry, Fla.; Robert Glover, 4 A0, Account¬ ing, McGehee; James Gray, Off Campus, Ed. Adm., Shawnee Mission, Kan.; Betty Griffith, Razorback, Span¬ ish, Mobile, Ala. 176 Arkansas Union Films Outstanding J °n Hall, Off Campus, Psych., Heavener, Okla., X; Lyndell Harrington, Off Campus, Eng., Greenbrier; Rebecca Hartman, Off Campus, Computer Science, Fayetteville; OCW; Don Hawksley, ITKA, MBA, Rogers; Doyne Hayes, Off Campus, Finance, Rector, A2II; Carl Hill, Off Campus, Ph ys. Ed., Fayetteville, I AK. Edward Hill, Off Campus, Poly. Science, Monroe, La., IT2A Vice Pres.; Jerilyn Hill, Off Campus, Poly. Science, Mon- roe La., JTI2A; Linda Hill, Razorback, English, Vicksburg, Dan Hollingsworth, Off Campus, Bus., Camden; Waree Hongsaprug, Off Campus, Entomology, Bangkok, Thailand; Marikay Howard, Fulbright, English, Little Rock. Ching Hsieh, Off Campus, Agronomy, Nantou, Taiwan, Pe P- of China; Glenn Jent, Off Campus, English, Dutch Mills; Kenneth Jones, Off Campus, Computer Science, Mena; Tracy Jones, Off Campus, Management, Little Rock, Dean ' s List; Balram Karamchandani, Off Campus, Eng., Baroda Gujarat, India, AIIE; Mary Kelly, Off Campus, Bearden. Dorothy Khorramy, Off Campus, English, Magnolia; Este- p an Koosau, Off Campus, Agronomy, Lima Lima, Peru; Larry Lovell, Off Campus, Math, Earle; Gary Low, Engr., Havana, AIIE; Terrence Lynch, Off Campus, Pub. Admin.; an Buren; Cynthia Marks, Off Campus, English, Ft. Smith, Honors Program. ° n McCaskill, Off Campus, Agronomy, Dierks, OAK; ou ' se McCormick, Off Campus, Vocational Ed., Russell- Mary McCracken, Off Campus, French, Stuttgart, H2; Betty McHale, Off Campus, Phy. Ed., Harrisonburg, ce McKeown, Off Campus, Industrial Management, °nticello; Dayle McLean, Off Campus, English, Green- wood. 0r ys Malczycki, Ripley, Physical Ed., Little Rock; J. an giaracina, Off Campus, Clinical Psychology, Algiers, a ' ' kX; Martha Marshall, Off Campus, Business, Hot Prings; Charles Merriman, Off Campus, Horticulture, Clay- Okla.; Alex Miller, Off Campus, Marketing, Muskogee, kla. ; Lynnda Moore, Off Campus, Sociology, Little Rock; •cnolas Moore, Off Campus, Mechanical Engr., West Helena. . °nald Morrow, Off Campus, French, Marshall; Sonny 0ss , AXA, Civil Eng., Osceola; Margret Murphy, Off a mpus, English, Foreman; Eleanor Musick, Off Campus, e - Ed., Monticello; Joe Musick, Off Campus, Agri. Econ., °iner, T2A; Dawn Newton, Off Campus, English, Hot Pnngs; Ji m Nokes, Off Campus, Econ., Sharon Springs, Freezing rain and snow gave Fay¬ etteville a delightful environment —for Eskimos. 177 Coeds Compete for St. Patricia Stephen Nwaogwugwu, Off Campus, Marketing, Umuhu, Okuwato, Biafra; Dorothy Orahood, Off Campus, Mathe¬ matics, Scott, Mathematics Academic Year Inst. Participant; Nan Owens, Razorback, English, Junction City; Denise Pardun, Off Campus, French, Anaheim, Cal.; Klaus Phil¬ lips, Yocum, German, Little Rock; Ruby Pope, Off Cam¬ pus, Ele. Ed., Fayetteville. Eileen Popkoski, Razorback, French, Elmira, New York; Ouida Puryear, Off Campus, Phys. Ed., Jonesboro; Ann Rainey, IIB4 , Ele. Ed., Forrest City, Mortar Board, 1968; Asa Reeves, Off Campus, Management, San Antonio, Tex., OEA; Byron Rice, Off Campus, Counselor Ed., Hot Springs; Gene Rich, Off Campus, Sec. Ed., Stilwell, Okla. David Sandlin, Off Campus, MBA, Leslie; Carroll Self, Off Campus, Ed., Jacksonville; Anna Sewell, Off Campus, Business, Ferriday, La.; Virginia Shaw, Off Campus, Busi¬ ness Admin., Camden, BT2; Aubrey Shepherd, Off Cam¬ pus, English, Shreveport, La., GA in English; Charles Shupe, Off Campus, Business, Stuttgart, Sailing Club. Randall Skiff, Off Campus, Geology, El Dorado,2rE Vice President; Betty Smith, Off Campus, History, Johnsville; Dorothy Smith, Off Campus, Spanish, Crawfordsville; Joseph Smreker, Off Campus, MBA, Ft. Smith; Carol Snowden, Off Campus, Home Ec., Hot Springs, l TO; Buddy Spivey, TKE, Guidance Councili ng, Siloam Springs. Shela Stewart, Off Campus, Ele. Ed., Fayetteville; Larry Stoecker, Off Campus, Mathematics, Beloit, Kan., Mathe¬ matics Acad. Yr. Inst.; Robert Stringer, Off Campus, Bus. Adm., Joplin, Mo., OEA; Doug Summerville, AXA, Bus. Adm., Blytheville, AK ' I ' ; Gary Tarpley, Yocum, Personnel, Gurdon, AK ' J ' ; Paul Teal, Off Campus, English, Atkins. Ronald Thomas, Off Campus, English, Smackover, NA; C. Thornton, Off Campus, Coun. Ed., Hot Springs; Stephen Van Hauen, Off Campus, BA, Enid, Okla.; Nancy Waits, Off Campus, Theatre, Little Rock, Natl Collegiate Players; Charles Wallis Off Campus, Bus., Waldo; Chin Wang, Off Campus, Mathematics, Taipei, Taiwan; Hubert Ward, Off Campus, Recreation, Siloam Springs. John Watkins, Segdewell, Civil Eng., Eudora, ASCE; Stan¬ ley Webb, Off Campus, Entomology, Little Rock; Cecil Weir, Off Campus, Civil Eng., North Little Rock; Nancy Wilkes, Pomfret, Counseling in Higher Ed., Little Rock, GR in Hotz, 1968; Cora Williams, Off Campus, College Per¬ sonnel Work, Pine Bluff; James Williams, 2X, Econ., Parkdale; Dale Wilson, Off Campus, English, Ft. Smith. Students adapted quickly to the snow and the vacation from classes. 178 Union Sponsors 2nd Bridal Fair Law Tom Allen, Off Campus, Juris Doctorate in Law, Jones¬ boro, Student Bor Treas; Arthur Anderson, Off Campus, Lw., Chicago, III., Vice Dean of A01I; David Baldi, Off Campus, Lw., Marion, Student Bar Assoc.; Johnny Baker, Off Campus, Lw., Magnolia; John Belford, Off Campus, Lw., Little Rock; Stephen Bennett, Off Campus, Lw., N. Little Rock, Student Bar Assoc. Sanford Beshear, Off Campus, Lw., Horatio, Student Bar Assoc.; Ronald Boyer, Off Campus, Law Degree, Rogers, Law Review; J. Scott Brown, Off Campus, Law, Siloam Springs, A0II; James Broyles, Off Campus, Lw., Fayette¬ ville; Danny Bufford, Off Campus, Lw., Paragould, Stu¬ dent Bar Assoc; Ronald Burton, AKA, Lw., Fayetteville, fcH2. Frank Bynum, Off Campus, Lw., Lake Village; Howard Cain, Off Campus, Lw., Huntsville; James Calloway, Off Campus, Lw., Smackover, A0TI; Clyde Calvin, Off Cam¬ pus, Lw., Rector; Jerry Canfield, Off Campus, Lw., Fay¬ etteville; Steven Carlson, AXA, Law, Siloam Springs, AK ' K David Chambers, Off Campus, Lw., Pleasantville, Iowa; Richard Chapman, 211, Lw., Fayetteville; Jerry Clayton, Off Campus, Lw., Greensboro, N. C. A0II; Herschel Cleve¬ land, Off Campus, Lw., Magazine, 4 AA; Orville Clift, Off Campus, Lw., Fayetteville; Robert Coates, Off Campus, Lw., Little Rock, Student Bar Assoc. Edward Cooper, Holcombe, Lw., Alma; Robert Cortinez, Off Campus, Lw., Shreveport, La., A0IT; Robert Crank, Off Campus, Lw., Foreman, Case Club; David Cravens, Off Campus, Lw., Paris; James Darr, Off Campus, Lw., Fayetteville; Winston Davis, Off Campus, Lw., Lebanan, Mo. William DeClerk, Off Campus, Lw., Pocahontas; George Ellis, Off Campus, Lw., Little Rock, YDC; Bill Etter, Off Campus, Lw., Jonesboro, Student Court; John Everett, Off Campus, Lw., McCrory, Law Review Editorial Board; Gibbs Ferguson, Off Campus, Lw., McGehee, Student Bar Assoc.; Vincent Foster, Off Campus, Lw., Hope, LSCRRC. Byron Freeland, l A0, Lw., Little Rock; Robert Gardner, Off Campus, Lw., Warren, A0IT; Stephen Geigle, Off Campus, Lw., A0IT; Sam Gibson, Acacia, Lw., Benton, OAK Sec.; Michael Gibson, Off Campus, Lw., Jackson¬ ville, £AA; Roger Giles, Acacia, Lw., Prairie Grove. Stephen Giles, Off Campus, Lw., Little Rock, 2X; Gil Glover, Holcombe, Lw., Little Rock; Ernie Gray, Holcombe, Lw., Calico Rock, Scabbard and Blade; Stuart Hankins, Off Campus, Lw., N. Little Rock; Jerry Harner, Off Cam¬ pus, Lw., Springdale; Robert Hart, Off Campus, Lw., Pine Bluff, 2AE. Nathaniel Henley, Off Campus, Lw., Jackson, Mich., A0 t ,; William Hough, AKA, Lw., N. Little Rock; Billy Jennings, Off Campus, Lw., Magnolia; John Jennings, Off Campus Lw., Rogers; John Johnson, Off Campus, Lw., Texarkana; William Lafferty, 2X, Lw., Fayetteville, 3 AA. George Lavender Off Campus, Lw., Texarkana, Student Bar Assoc., Fletcher Lewis, 2X, Lw., McCrory; Charles Lippard, Off Campus, Lw., Booneville, YDC Pres.; Ivan McAbee, Off Campus, Lw., Springdale; Charles McCall, Off Campus, Lw., Little Rock, $ AA; Julie McDonald, Off Campus, Lw., Sheridan, KA0. 180 Three Man Team Directs Gaebale Thomas McKissick, Off Campus, Lw., McGehee; David Maddox, Off Campus, Lw., Oden; Paul Mah, TKE, Lw., Dumas, Student Bar Assoc.; J. Conley Meredith, AKA, Lw., N. Little Rock, AK ' I ' ; Edgar Metcalf, Off Campus, Lw., Batesville, ABIT; William Mills, Off Campus, Lw., Kensett. William Orr, Off Campus, Lw., Little Rock; Fred Otis, Off Campus, Lw., Greeley, Colo., Law Review; Thomas Over¬ ly ' Off Campus, Lw., N. Little Rock; Peter Pagones, Off Campus, Lw., Aberdeen, S. Dakota; Ernest Patterson, Off Campus, Lw., Little Rock, AK ' I ' ; John Patterson, Off Cam- Pus, Lw., Clarksville, £AA. Wiliiam Perkins, Off Campus, Lw., Koshkonong, Mo., A04 ; David Potter, Off Campus, Lw., Texarkana, Law Review; Thurman Ragar Jr., Off Campus, Lw., Pine Bluff; William ea ' Off Campus, Lw., Benton, Dean ' s List; Bobby Sanders, °ff Campus, Lw., Arkadelphia; Law Review; David Saxon, Holcombe, Lw., Little Rock. J °seph Segers, Off Campus, Lw., Fayetteville, Pres., Stu- dent Bar Assoc.; Robert Smith, Off Campus, Lw., N. Little Rock, $AA; Jer ry Smotrycz, Hotz, Lw., New Brit- a ' n. Conn., Student Bar Assoc.; Lee Spratt III, Off Cam- Pus, Lw., Oden; George Steel, Off Campus, Lw., Nashville, Student Bar Assoc.; Robert Stroud, Off Campus, Lw., Desha. Kenneth Suggs, Off Campus, Lw., N. Little Rock; Allyn Tatum, Off Campus, Lw., Harrison, IIKA; William Trice, Acacia, Lw., Fayetteville, Law Review; Raymond Tyra 0ff Campus, Lw., Washington, D. C. SBA Executive; J °hn Watson, Off Campus, Lw., Arkadelphia; Ester White, Campus, Lw., Fayetteville, KBIT Pres. Lan Williams, AXA, Lw., Baytown, Tex., Student Court; Lanny Winberry, TKE, Lw., Piggott, TKE Pres.; Ronald Woodruff, Off Campus, Lw., Fayetteville; William Wood- V ar d, 2X, Lw., Little Rock; Tilden Wright, Off Campus, Lw - Blytheville. End of the year dilemma; " Do you think we should rent a U- Haul this time? " 181 iS%Eni 182 184 V " ! V« J Cumplu’eys jfj Historical places . . . bright lights . . . Venus . . . sailing and dancing . . . designing clothes . . . lobster . . . chocolate covered peanuts . . . Aquarius . . . beaches . . . Alexandria, Virginia . . . sophomore . . . Home Economics . . . sincere people . . . deep thoughts . . . city life . . . fire places ... a striking girl . . . 185 186 y fan M son tJutrJl JCJ! Yellow roses and peppermint ice cream . . . pink and puppies ... a sophomore . . . Speech Therapy . . . Pine Bluff . . . simple, sophisticated clothes . . . out¬ doors and walking . . . skiing, tennis, singing . . . listen¬ ing to the rain . . . campfires and horses . . . simple poetry . . . simply beautiful . . . 187 188 bright Summertime and early mornings . . . long pearls . . . hot fudge milkshake . . . Hot Springs . . . freshman . . . Business Administration . . . painting . . . sewing . . . wild daisies . . . Joan Anglund figures ... Jet Set . . . smiling faces . . . red roses . . . sunny days . . . peppermint stick . . . simply refreshing . . . 189 190 ctn Johnston C hi ( )mecja Strawberries . . . the tailored look and country life . . . baby animals . . . elementary education . . . golf, horseback riding, skiing ... El Dorado . . . junior . . . a Sunday drive . . . bridge and fixing hair . . . puppies . . . spring . . . long hair . . . magazines . . . Psychology . . . desert boots . . . sincerity ... a silent beauty . . . 191 192 y Vivacious . . . sophomore . . . Little Rock . . . Social Studies . . . Education . . . antiques . . . modeling, water sports, tennis . . . yellow daffodils . . . smell of baby powder . . . exotic places . . . tenderness . . . strawberry parfaits . . . Miss St. Patricia . . . the sound of rain on a lonely afternoon . . . exotic places . . . 193 194 Modeling . . . macaroni . . . Winnie the Pooh . . . trees . . . musical comedies with a touch of opera . . . purple ... a ring for every finger and a dress for every mood ... a jog here and there . . . freshman . . . Sociology . . . Mesquite, Texas . . . long hair and short dresses ... a turtle around her neck . . . “tough”! . . . 195 Jiiiss Aniversity of ctnsas an non yVlaytin dbe ta ‘Jbelta Jbdt a 196 ■p, S- « V!» 1st lQitnner-up bson 197 Ji oynecomingf Y weew Q« J-Ccirtenstein (JutUgU MJl 198 ‘K rLJ, J{ omecomingf ourt JKatliu ‘IMooJ " V Pomfret T a v j j„„, c omstoch Pomfret Sherard Lorn pson Chi Omega C indy Johnson Kappa Kappa Gamma X Isa £ dwards Pi Beta Phi _ A ally vn ( jarncr Reid 199 JUiss tJ ogfpatcli daurie Sturtivcmt V £« Tin 200 St. v. atncia anc j dsselin C)e fa d e t a e ta 201 202 J l u ISS ansas mvQYse J Lec nette 7 eet ‘JbJta CJa fam met 204 205 Army ROTC Goes Voluntary The association between the military services and higher education represented by ROTC is typically American, both in origin and subsequent evolution. ROTC is a pragmatic response to a well-defined need. Military training has been an active part of life on the University of Arkansas campus since the University’s founding in 1871. Its continuance is based upon its use¬ fulness to the nation, higher education, and, most im¬ portantly, its success in contributing to continued civil¬ ian-oriented military leadership for a civilian-oriented country. In this spirit, a true cohesiveness exists within the Cadet Corps this year. Motivation is high since only volunteers are now in the program. These cadets exem¬ plify the finest in American youth. The state of Arkansas and the University of Arkansas can well be proud of our present cadets and the job that they are doing. COL EUGENE J. HOLMES, Professor of Military Science i 8B y W Hr STAFF OFFICERS: MAJ Heuman, LTC Jones, NCO: SFC Jeffries, SSG McConnell, SFC Howard, SSG Acker, SPS MAJ Rogers, MAJ Dutcher, MAJ Malik, LTC Treat, Elkins, MSG Cramer, SGC Contrella, AMG Erwin, SSG Craft (not pic- CPT Hewitt, MAJ Weston, MAJ Kannady (not pic- tured). tured). 206 Senior Cadets Control Brigade In the same tradition as the young troop at Valley Forge, who told Gen. George Washington, “I’ll try sir . . Army ROTC continues on university campuses with a try. Despite criticism, Army ROTC will continue to turn out the highest caliber of officers that instruction allows. Increasing in popularity each day as the nation’s “pet peeve,” the military not only faces a challenge abroad, but an even greater one at home—acceptance by the American people. An unpopular war (more so than others, no war is popular), rising domestic discontent and campus apathy have only added to the challenge. With the spirit of “I’ll try sir . . .” the Army ROTC cadets will meet the challenge on campus, in the United States and on foreign soil. MONTE B. CABLE, Brigade Colonel BRIGADE STAFF: Gerald Jordan, John Vaughn, George BATTALION COMMANDERS AND EXECUTIVE OFFI- Lease, Binnie Jamerson, ' Russ Ewing, Barry Coplin, Harlan Bas- CERS: Bruce Smith, Phil Bridges, Steve Lowe, John Hogan, sett, Steve Freeman and Bill Morgan. Senior Officers Provide Leadership First Row: Granderson, Davidson, Vaughan, Wight, Keel, Powell, Bryan, Jefferson. Second Row: Matthew, Mourer, Horn, Rogers, Farnsworth, Wells, Joyce, Reap. Third Row: Cardin, Williams, Howell. Phillips, Masterson, Coplin, Eschbaugh, Clen- denny, Hardage. Fourth Row: Freeman, Bland, Wright, Barton, Thomas, Chrisman, Glover, Corbitt, Smith, Ewing, Carney. First Row: Bassett, Mason, Lowe, Platt, Shelby, Evans, Shaw, Bass. Second Row: Ardemagni, Williams, Cox, Selig, Kirchoff, Rhodes, Walters, Taylor, Clayton. Third Row: McNulty, Henley, Gregg, Dalmut, Kendrick, Sbanotto, Morgan, Aldstadt, Jamenson, Sparks. Fourth Row: Meshew, Tardy, Bullington, Turner, Tay¬ lor, Frost, Bowen, Patton, Moldenhawer, Powell, Howard, Wat- tam. 208 Juniors Prepare to Take Command First Row: Hulen, Griffith, Deen, Buchan, Williams, Gray, Seratt, Skaggs, Relyea, Nash, Whiley. Second Row: Meeks, Ryan, Cunningham, Jones, Patterson, McGregor, Webb, Sulli¬ van, Creighton, Frye, Russenberger, Yarnell, Walter. Third Row: Marr, Ziser, Grim, Nutt, Tucker, Rainey, Gresham, Spicer, Laws, Martin, Butler, Warner, Key, Dailey. Fourth Row: Price, Selig. Morschheimer, Rogers, Stidham, Ritchie, Coates, Boyd, Fiser, McEntire, Berry, Sutton. Juniors study leadership principles, tactics, communications, and teaching techniques during classroom instruction. 209 Cadette Corps Serves Brigade The Cadette Corps, now three years old, is an inte¬ gral part of the Army ROTC program. The Corps is composed of 23 girls who were selected on academic standing, appearance, moral character, personality, and willingness to promote the Army ROTC program. Some of the activities of the Cadette Corps for the year were working with the Red Cross and the Cadet Brigade during the blood drives, participating on the drill field throughout the year as unit sponsors, march¬ ing as a unit at the Homecoming game, sponsoring a Turkey shoot and Ham shoot, helping with Brigade car washes, and representing the University in Army ROTC activities at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. TOOTSIE COOK, Commander of Cadettes Cadettes collected toys for needy children as a project. JUDY MEACHAN, comptroller and BEV PATTON, vice-commander 210 MKJuSra First Row: Judy Meacham, B v Patton. Second Row: Judy Bickham, Cindy Johnson, Patty Stallcup, Carolyn Walker, Jerri Lynn Noble, Vieki Stephens. Third Row: Karen Crawford, Annie Mahoney, Rosalyn D’Anna, Peggy Greg¬ ory, Kathy Brewer. Fourth Row: Betty Thompson, Suzanne Johnson, Valerie Witherspoon, Donna Moore, Margaret Mentil, Becky Strong, (not pictured . . . Dianne Carpenter, Tootsie Cook). 211 New Program Promotes Morale The U of A Army ROTC department actively pro¬ motes its extracurricular activities with the intent of developing leadership abilities in the individual cadet while promoting cooperation among the future Army officers. The Pershing Rifles is a drill team organiza¬ tion functioning as the traveling representative of the cadet brigade. The Rifle Team represents the U of A in all Army ROTC rifle matches held across the nation. The Ranger Platoon, a relatively new program, consists of those cadets desiring to be instructed in tactical areas such as hand-to-hand combat, patrolling, repelling, etc. The Flight Program, also a new program, enables cadets to attend ground school and then to become licensed pilots following a prescribed series of lessons. Finally, Scabbard and Blade exists as the honorary military organization with the local chapter ranking high na¬ tionally. These programs work together as an integral addition to the ROTC department and stimulate the principles of leadership found in each cadet. One of the Brigade ' s first tasks each year is tapping new sponsors. Drill teaches cadets to take pride in themselves and their weapons and the Army while teaching the men to function together as a team. 212 The Army ROTC Rifle team practiced long and hard to represent the cadet Brigade in conference competition. Classes in the art of self-defense are only part of the training a member of the Ranger Platoon receives throughout the year. Both Army and Air Force ROTC Cadets participated in the Red Cross blood drives that were held once every semester. 213 Pershing Rifles The Pershing Rifles Company D-7 has been active on campus for 36 years and continues to turn out cadets with exceptional leadership qualities. The company has been very active this year with field training exercises, parades in Little Rock and Huntsville, and rifle matches against other companies. The Company has participated in the Regimental Drill Meet, the SCA Drill Meet and a high school drill meet sponsored by the company. Serv¬ ices performed by the company include: parking lot supervision, ushering at home football games, and furn¬ ishing the school color guard. Marching in the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans is the big event of the year. DWIGHT TAYLOR Commander of Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles became efficient in drill team tactics and received many honors and rewards for a year of strenuous training. First Row: Martin, McGregor, Kelson, Griffin. Second Row: Noland, Daniel, Base, Frye, Devereux, Morshheimer. Third Row: Howard, Hunt, Critz, Boaz, Evans, Lindsey, Townsend. Fourth Row: Stauss, Bell, Goldman, Treece, Spicer, Bell. Fifth Row: Shaw, Powell, CPT Hewitt, Adams, Brown. WILLIAM POWELL Commander of the Ranger Platoon Ranger Platoon Learns Tactics The Ranger is more than a man dressed in a military uniform carrying an M-16. He is a specialist. He is the ultimate soldier. After a punishing physical training test to see if he has the outstanding physical qualities needed to enter the program, he receives instruction in scuha diving, hand-to-hand combat, ambush tactics and survival. Many weekends are spent tackling field maneuver problems and Wednesday nights are devoted to special training sessions. These men are readily identified on campus. They wear the most coveted hat of the Armed Forces—the Black Beret. These men are the ultimate soldiers. They are the RANGERS. 215 McGinty, Vaughan, Heehm, SFC Contrella, Glover, Yocum, Burke. Army Ground School Trains Pilots Ron Holmes, Monte Cable, Philip Bridges, Paul Eddy, David Tanner, John Powell. Rifle Team Represents University 216 4 Scabbard And Blade Scabbard and Blade sponsors were VALERIE WITHERSPOON, KATHY BREWER, and SHERARD THOMPSON (not pic¬ tured). The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary military fraternity for advanced ROTC cadets. Thirty-five pledges were selected this year from the Army and Air Force advanced programs. Selection is based on scholarship, campus leadership and interest in ihe military program. The Society, which provides a common meeting ground for the Air Force and Army, aims to instruct the future officers of the Armed Forces in the traditions and customs of the services. First Row: Chrisman, Platt, Jefferson, Ewing, Keel, Powell, Hardage. Second Row: Horn, Phillips, Shelby, Cox, Bassett, Taylor, Evans. Third Row : Jamenson, McNulty, Davidson, Pat¬ ton, Coplin, Powell, Dalmut, Freeman. 217 New AFROTC Unites Cadets As this nation’s primary source of deterrent strength, the United States Air Force has a greater responsibility than at any other time in the history of aerospace power. Its officer corps is better educated, more versatile, and has a higher degree of professionalism than ever before. To develop highly qualified officers, the Air Force ROTC has the responsibility for commissioning career- oriented officers through academic programs in col¬ leges and universities. The objective of the Air Force ROTC is to place on active duty lieutenants who will demonstrate dedication to their assignments; who wil¬ lingly accept responsibility; who think critically and creatively; and who have the ability to communicate with clarity and precision. COLONEL WILLIAM C. DAVIS Professor of Aerospace Studies STAFF OFFICERS: CAPT Shelley, MAJ Bailey, CAPT Baber, CAPT Entwistle, CAPT Mason, CAPT Goode, COL Davis. NCO: SSGT Simer, TSGT Cooper, SSGT Hoppens, SSGT Strickland, TSGT Goff, SSGT Pankey. 218 Seniors Run Cadet Wing Activities First Row: Bill Appleton, Joe Cook, Randy Woody, Larry Brians, Doug Baker, Tom Baber, Gary Ricketts. Second Row : Bruce Mun¬ son, Mike Tinsley, Brady Gadberry, Dennis Nelson, Chris Schneider, Joe Carter. Officer Corps Increases in Size Bottom Panel. First Row: Brooks, Appleton, Cook, Broker, Brown, Baber, Ricketts. Second Row: Butcher, Ridgely, Nelson, Moore, Ellis, Shirley, Roofe, Tinsley. Third Row: Cawood, Brians, Mize, Woody, Gadberry, Schneider, Carter. Top Panel. First Row: Hill, Koch, Glaub, Shollmier, Bet¬ terton, Bingham, Jernigan, Morrow, Snow. Second Row: Cure- ton, Dillaplain, Hill, Wood, Carter, Dunaway, Rushing, Crumer, Kuse, Alexander, See, Davis. Third Row: Heiss, Lee, Hend¬ rickson Dark, Garner, Carson, Muncrief, Carlock, Bryant, Rake- straw, Larson. l iT giSL I " H “ Hr ' ' 1 • W 1 f, 9 ■ i im 219 ASU Practices Drill Techniques The Air Force Security Unit helps UofA security officers by directing traffic at pep rallies, home football games, and drill. The Flight Indoctrination Program Left to Right : Curtis Brown. Randy Woody, William Shirley, Ed Ellis, Alan Reeter, Charles Broker, Brady Gadberry, Chris Schneider, Johnny Mize, Bruce Munson, Kelso Brooks, and Pat Miller. 220 Cadets develop leadership qualities under the guid¬ ance of commissioned and non-commissioned officers. 221 Angels Receive Many Awards Angel Flight, the Air Force answer to coeducational ROTC, is a national organization of selected coeds whose purpose is to promote Air Force ROTC on campus. Silver Wing squadron, commanded by Chrissy Henry, maintained a grade average of 3.3, was chosen by area G-l as the Outstanding Flight in the area and was nominated for three national awards: Purdue Cup Award, Outstanding Angel Award and the Scholarship Award. Angel service projects included an annual trip lo Boys Land of Arkansas, conducting the Washington County March of Dimes, collecting Christmas toys for needy children, helping with the Washington County blood drive and working with the Fayetteville Day School for mentally retarded children. The high point of the Spring Semester was a five day trip to New Or¬ leans for National Conclave. CHRISSY HENRY Commander of Angel Flight CHARLOTTE LEONARD, comptroller; DONNA WOLF, information officer; SANDY ANGUS, executive officer. BARBARA PETERSON, archives officer; LIZ HALLIN, administrative officer; PAM SENIFF, operations officer. 222 First Row: Lynn McQueen, Connie Summers, Carole Nichols, Ruth Ellen Guynn, Nan Castleberry, Judy Hurley, Trisha Chambers, Sherard Thompson, Olivia Stansell. Second Row : Cindy Nevius, Linda Walker, Sally Hagerman, Pam Gillean, Beth Hogan, Denise Rodriguez, Donna Shaw, Shirley Price, Spen¬ cer Epes, Nancy Mills, Sheri Stripling. Third Row: Barbara Peterson, Alice Jo Tarkington, Charlotte Leonard, Chrissy Henry, Donna Wolf, Sandy Angus, Liz Hallin. 223 Arnold Air The Arnold Air Society was founded as an honorary military society for Air Force ROTC cadets who have outstanding records both scholastically and in the AF- ROTC program. Members are selected by the AFROTC squadron and must achieve scholastic requirements in¬ cluding a 2.0 overall grade average and a 3.0 average in Aerospace Studies. Last year the squadron sent representatives to New Orleans, Louisiana, for the Annual National Conclave. During the school year Arnold Air Society sponsors the sale of programs at Razorback football games in Fayet¬ teville, the showing of Air Force films to local Boy Scout Troops, training and instruction for the regional Civil Air Patrol, the sale of American Flags, a field trip and work day at Boysland of Arkansas, and Operation Warm Heart. First Row: Baber, Baker, Brown, Appleton. Second Row: Wingfield, Brians, Mize, Schneider. First Roiv: Ridgley, Woody, Broker, Schneider, Tirman, Mil¬ ler, Baber, Appleton, Baker, Ricketts, Tinsley, Brown, Canyon. Second Row: See, Hill, Brians, Mize, Gloab, Cook, Wingfield. Cawood, Franklin, Third Row: Kuse, Rushing, Bryant, Dilla- plain, Rakestraw, Rhodes, Bingham, Wood, Capoot, Kingan, Car- lock, Snow. Fourth Row: Hill, Davis, Morrow, Gregory, Better- ton, Garner, Carter, Moridy, Lee, Dunaway, Heiss, Yates. 224 Project Warmheart brought out the best in cadet officers and helped needy children too. Senior officers, tempered by summer camp, carefully supervise drill. Freshmen and Sophomores with vis¬ ions of jet fighters soon discover that all training begins on the ground. " Left, two three four. Left Two . . . " 225 226 227 1970 RAZORBACK With this volume, the RAZORBACK loses a man who has served the book and our University for forty- five years. Mr. R. C. Walker, president of Southwestern Engraving Company, has assured the University one of the best designed yearbooks in the country and has made the finest copper engravings to print the book with. After this year, Mr. Walker will no longer have a yearbook department in his company. Never again will the RAZORBACK receive the attention and tender lov¬ ing care that Mr. Walker has given over the years. R. C. Walker has done more than design and en¬ grave the book so that it could rank as one of the best in the nation. He has worked with the editors to assure the proper production of the book. When an editor faces the task of producing a five hundred page book, it is good to know that there is someone who cares. Mr. Walker has been friend, counselor, co-worker, and sometimes even slavedriver to many editors. Mr. Walker’s enthusiasm is contagious and has brought many an editor out of a slump to get out a prize-win¬ ning book. Since we decided in May of ’69 to dedicate this volume to the man who has dedicated so much of him¬ self to the RAZORBACK, we knew from the beginning this would have to be the best yet. GARY G. LARSEN, Editor CHIP COOPER, Associate Editor and Business Manager STEVE CROW, Business Manager First Semester 228 PAUL BLUME LISA EDWARDS RUSS MEEKS Administration Editor Beauties Editor Military Editor Build a Book Worthy of Dedication MARTHA LYNN WILSON, Publications Editor To build a yearbook worthy of being dedicated to such a great man we had to have the best pictures from which to make the engravings. Doug Frank and the editor, with occasional help from temporary staff mem¬ bers, produced from an outdated darkroom the highest quality photographs this book has ever had. Our cam¬ eras have recorded over ten thousand exposures in an effort to capture the University in pictures. Without accurate pictures, the efforts of the rest of the staff would be in vain. One of the most important and tedious jobs on the staff is making sure that every student who wants his picture in the hook gets it in where it belongs and prop¬ erly identified. Working long hours from the time registration begins until Christmas, Ruth Ann, Nancy, Jerry, Mar¬ lene and Jim gave every student in the residences the special attention he deserved. The only students de¬ serving more attention are the seniors. Jeff worked very hard to make the Senior section as complete and accurate as possible, taking into consideration how inaccurately and incompletely seniors fill out a simple information card. Connie tackled the Organizations section with en¬ thusiasm ( ?) and was the first to complete her section. Ann Pride attacked her section with the same vigor that she has attacked things in the past and came up with an extremely interesting and enlightening section. 229 JERRY GLOVER and NANCY BANE Greek Editors Lisa found the material on campus for her section lacking and tried to help out her section with her own beauty on several occasions. The feature section is without a doubt the most popular and also the most difficult. To everyone’s surprise, Bill and Ed got to¬ gether often enough to do an accurate and clean job without ever making a deadline. Their section tells it like it was. Chip did a little of everything and was re¬ sponsible for the sports section and was the business manager second semester after Steve finally got tired of going to class and graduated. With regard to the other sections in the book, some section editors started their sections with something short of enthusiasm or vigor and eventually let somebody else finish the job for them. A yearbook staff must have both patience and dis¬ cipline to meet deadlines and give the printer and en¬ graver the necessary copy that makes a good book. This year ' s staff was superior to most because they met deadlines with high quality copy and pictures in spite of a fire that destroyed their office, but not their de¬ sire to do a job. With eight thousand student informa¬ tion cards soaked in water and a state of utter confu¬ sion, the staff met deadlines that haven’t been met in many years and smiled most of the time. BECKY BROWN, Secretary; SUSAN LARSEN, Executive Secretary 230 PEGGY HOWERTON; BILL GARNER, Features Editor, and ED KINNEY RAZORBACK Staff Gary G. Larsen Chip Cooper Steve Crow Susan Larsen Becky Brown Doug Frank Bill Garner Ed Kinney Ann Pride Martha Lynn Wilson Jim Aikin Marlene Wilcoxson Jerry Glover Nancy Bane Ruth Ann Duncan Jeff Taylor Dennis Ritchie Lisa Edwards Russ Meeks Paul Blume Connie Kemp Chip Cooper Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Business Manager Executive Secretary Secretary Staff Photographer Features Editor Features Staff Personalities Editor Publications Editor Mens Residence Halls Women’s Residence Halls Fraternities Editor Sororities Editor Off Campus Editor Seniors Editor Seniors Staff Beauties Editor Military Editor Administration Editor Organizations Editor Sports Editor JIM AIKEN and MARLENE WILCOXSON Residence Halls Editors 231 CHIP COOPER, Sports Editor KAY KIMBERUNG, Assistant CONNIE KEMP Organizations Editor 232 Off Campus Editor RUTH ANN DUNCAN Typists were CAROL OLSON, ANN SHAFER, BECKY BROWN, and LINDA MAXEY 233 Traveler Reflects Staff Personalities With each year of its publication, the Traveler takes on the characteristics of her staff and manifests them in print. The 1969-70 paper has been the product of the most varied assemblage of people the campus could muster. We believe the result has been a daily with something for everyone. The contents of any paper are dependent on the activities of the community it serves. This year pro¬ vided unparalleled opportunities for coverage. Of course, the date most vivid in our memories is Novem¬ ber 11, 1969. As fire claimed our offices in Hill Hall, many individuals offered help. We again express our deepest appreciation to the SPRINGDALE NEWS who made publication possible during the period immedi¬ ately after the fire. The Traveler sought to bring to the campus an im¬ proved newspaper. Major changes included the con¬ version to offset lithography and the institution of a regular eight-page issue on Wednesdays. Experience and what someone once termed “a warped sense of dedication” have resulted in a news¬ paper in which all associated with it can take pride. BRENDA BLAGG Editor RON KEISLER, Business Manager; HAM SINGLETON, Advertising Manager; GINNY LYNN SAIN, Secretary for the TRAVELER busi¬ ness office Traveler Staff Editor Brenda Blagg Managing Editor Bill Wright News Editor Jerry Glover Co-Feature Editors Harlan Butler, Peter Gordy Sports Editor Blan Heath Wire Editor Peggy Howerton Copy Editors Cindy Reese Payne, Elizabeth Sanders, Jim Williams Senior Reporters Gerald Jordan, Ann Pride, Skipper Rutherford Reporting Corps Kate Dickson, Richard Hester, Susan Leek, Angela Lumpkin, Albert Rosendale, Pat Ross, Steve Snow, Bill Thomas John Toney, and Phyllis Vanlandingham Photographers Gary Larsen, Doug Frank Secretaries Vicky Chalfant, Missy McDonald, Ginny Lynn Sain Circulation Dennis Ritchie, Frank Sisneros Advertising Manage er Hamilton H. Singleton Business Manager Ron Keisler 234 BILL WRIGHT, Managing Editor (left to right) JIM WILLIAMS, copy editor; GINNY LYNN SAIN, secretary; VICKY CHALFANT, secretary; CINDY REESE PAYNE, copy editor; ELIZABETH SANDERS, copy editor and MISS McDONALD (not pictured), secretary; receive little credit hut are necessary to keep a paper going. Responsible for many of the major articles and col¬ umns that appeared in the Traveler were the senior reporting corps. Denied her old title of editorial as¬ sistant, Ann Pride maintained notoriety on the campus for her “Reflections . . . From A Blackened Eye.” The junior member of the senior reporting corps, Skipper Rutherford, obviously had some difficulty discerning politics from sports hut continued to improve under Pride’s watchful eye. Gerald Jordan, banged out “It’s All In How You Look At It,” sometimes at the conster¬ nation of various groups on campus. Ron Keisler and Ham Singleton with the help of Ginny Lynn Sain ran an efficient Business Office which enabled the Traveler to realize a sizeable profit at the end of the academic year. Bill Wright was instrumental in day to day publi¬ cation while Jerry Glover had to dig out the news and keep reporters on their assignments. Peggy Howerton waged war daily with the Associated Press wire ma¬ chine and sometimes lost the battle. The sports page was done by Blan Heath, who was apparently allergic to the office. Forced to man the front offices were the secretaries and copy editors who had to deal with both the public and the printers. Secretaries were given the tasks of dealing with the correspondence and billing. Copy edi¬ tors handled the copy transmitted from the editorial staff to the printing plant in the basement of Hill Hall. PEGGY HOWERTON, Wire Editor DOUG FRANK Oeft), staff photographer, and GARY LARSEN (right), chief photographer, fought constantly with students and staff to provide the campus with the most complete and most accurate photographic coverage of the campus possible. 236 HARLAN BUTLER and PETER GORDY Feature Co-Editors BLAN HEATH, Sports Editor 1 ANN PRIDE, SKIPPER RUTH¬ ERFORD and GERALD JORDAN; the senior reporting corps. 237 Board Attacks Many Problem Areas Terry Jones, chairman of the Board of Publications, outlined early in the year a number of areas in which the board would attempt to make progress. Among these were: censorship of the RAZORBACK, distribution of the Directory, distribution of the RAZORBACK, solici¬ tation for ads to the point of saturation, limited staff for publications, restructuring of the Board of Publica¬ tions, financial responsibility, and the old problem of a publications advisor. With this outlook, the Board first rid itself of the responsibility of publishing the University Directory and then it placed the A Book in the hands of the Di¬ vision of Student Affairs. Our Board of Publications now r handles half the publications that it did at the be¬ ginning of the year. The Board’s biggest decision and most important decision this year was the awarding of a $40,000 con¬ tract for the printing of the 1971 RAZORBACK. Smaller decisions of the Board were the selection of the new editors of the two publications still under the Board of Publications. The only real improvement over previous Boards was the choice of a meeting room in the new T Admin¬ istration building. TERRY JONES, Chairman LIZ DARROW, Secretary THE BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS. Bill Hughes, Director of Information; Elizabeth Sanders, OCW representative; Jerry Glover, IFC representative; Brenda Blagg, TRAVELER Editor; Terry Jones, chairman; Liz Darrow, secretary; A. M. White, faculty representa¬ tive; Gary Larsen, RAZORBACK Editor; J. B. Covington, Department of Journalism; 0. J. Rinnert, University Business Manager. 238 Directory is Delivered on Time Fighting a reputation of late deliveries, Bill Ebbert made sure that this year ' s Directory was delivered on time. The Directory was financially sound as well as very accurate this year. The work of gathering ads and hilling advertisers was handled by Ron Keisler during the long hot sum¬ mer months. Ron worked many hours and traveled many miles meeting and working with advertisers who realize that the Directory is one of the most effective means of reaching ten thousand students on the hill. The rest of the Directory was completed during registration when students filled out the IBM cards used to compile the listings. The Directory as a result is only as accurate as the information students put on their cards. Although the Directory was out on schedule, many cases of the publication were stored in a closet in the Student Union to never be opened. RON KEISLER DIRECTORY Advertising Manager A-Book ’69 Has A New Appearance This year’s A Book was an experiment. The book had a new look and was published in two parts. One part was all the rules and was distributed to all stu¬ dents, the other part was just for the freshman and new students and contained information that would be used for the new students only. The freshmen were given their A Book 69 during summer orientation. The book was designed in two parts so that the first part for new students could be reprinted year after year with little or no revision while the other part that listed the rules, regulations and student government workings could be inexpensively updated each year. The 1969-70 A Book was the last to be published under the supervision of the Board of Publications and future editions will come out of the division of Student Affairs. SALLY SEDWICK A-BOOK Editor 239 Law Review Published Quarterly Fall Staff Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Business Manager Note Editor Case Editor Tom W. Cardin Jack A. McNulty Thomas E. Allen John C. Everett Jerry Lee Canfield Spring Staff Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Business Manager Note Editor Case Editor Citations Editor John C. Everett John C. Gregg Thomas E. Allen Lonnie Powers Gerald Clendenny Douglas Wilson JOHN C. EVERETT Spring Editor-in-Chief Standing: Gerald Clendenny, Derrell Davis, Raymond Galloway, Loyd Harper, C. Richard Lippard, Tom Lovett, Thomas A. Dailey, Paul Benham, Rick Beard, Robert Banks, Danny Petty, Jay Tolley, David Capes. Seated : Jack McNulty, Vincent Foster, John C. Ever¬ ett, Lonnie Powers, Jim Darr, George Kopp, John C. Gregg, Jack Murphy, Tom W. Cardin, Gus Lippman. 240 EDITORIAL BOARD: Bottom Row : Lonnie Powers, John C. Gregg, Jack McNulty, Tom W. Cardin, John C. Everett. Top Row : Thomas A. Dailey, C. Richard Lippard, Gerald Clendenny, Tom Lovett. The Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association Journal is published quarterly by tbe School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association, acting through a non-profit corporation founded in 1947. A copy of the Law Review is sent to every member of the Arkansas Bar Association. In addition, the Law Review has nationwide circulation, primarily to law schools and law libraries. Student members of the Law Review receive credit hours toward graduation for their work on the Review. To become a staff member, a student must meet a min¬ imum grade point requirement and submit an article of acceptable quality for publication. Student articles are classified into three categories: Recent Cases, Notes, and Legislative Notes. The ar¬ ticles are under the supervision of the Student Editorial Board and the faculty advisor. In addition, lead articles are written for the Review by prominent judges, law¬ yers, and law professors. TOM W. CARDIN Fall Editor-in-Chief 211 Arkansas Engineer Presents Ideas The ARKANSAS ENGINEER is one of the smarter of the student publications since they were smart enough to move out of Hill Hall before it burned. Now officed in the engineering building, the ENGINEER still comes out quarterly and is published by the students in the College of Engineering. Serving as the main communication among engi¬ neering students, the ENGINEER helps to unify the engineers and promotes the curriculum and engineering as a profession. The ENGINEER is supported by national advertis¬ ing and the Engine Council. Being a member of Engi¬ neering College Magazines Associated, the office receives copies of similar publications from other colleges which provides a communication among the different schools offering degrees in engineering. March brings the most popular issue published dur¬ ing the year. Just before Engine Week, the ENGINEER devotes several pages to a pictorial preview of the coeds competing for the title of Saint Patricia. Students of the other colleges scurry to avail themselves of this issue before the engineers get them. The May issue is devoted to the seniors but also finds room to recap the many events that occurred during Engine Week. GEORGE SMITH Editor Engineer Staff Editor George Smith Associate Editor Bob Davidson Business Manager John Robert Bass Circulation Manager Bill Rorie Copy Editor Alan Smith Feature Editors Tim Coplin Lynn Oates David Ballenger Artist Larry Bender Photographer Gary Larsen BOB DAVIDSON Associate Editor This year ' s features editors were (left to right) Tim Coplin, Lynn Oates and Don Dillard. The circulation manager for the ARKANSAS ENGINEER was Bill Rorie, and Alan Smith served in the position of copy editor. 244 Residence Halls 215 RHA—From a Plan to a Reality RHA Officers: Ginger Jones, First Vice-President; Roger Wright, President; Steve Graves, Second Vice-President; John¬ nie Holcombe, Secretary; Buzz Busby, Treasurer; Carolyn Scrib¬ ner, Social Chrmn. Initiating new programs and ideas for on-campus living, the Residence Hall Association has grown from a plan into a reality. In its first year as an organization, headed by Roger Wright, the RHA Council has spon¬ sored a free tutoring program, Casino Carnival, and Hallabaloo as annual projects. In addition to these annual projects, the several committees of the RHA Council have functioned to bring a more complete understanding and communica¬ tion among residents and administrators. Residents in the halls, through the efforts of the RHA, can and do have a voice in living policy and conditions. RHA sent 30 delegates to the NACURH this year. These delegates were involved in an exchanging of ideas which were brought back and incorporated into the University’s residence program for the betterment of residence hall living. First Row: Ed Barham, Steve Graves, Greg Simon, Rick Boothe, Tommie McCutcheon, Jill Cromwell. Second Row: Allan Roller, Bill Rorie, Buzz Busby, Bill Ruck, Joe Stone, Jo Shu¬ mate, Kathy Debons. Third Row: Suzanne Sayre, Barbara Stev¬ ens, Becky Nelson, Janice Summerhill, Trecia Roberts, Sheila Daniel, Tom Helms. Fourth Row: Patty Heffernan, Tommy Pet¬ erman, Steve Erickson, Margie Graves, Jim Rudolph, Buck Grimes, Christy Taylor. Standing: Roger Wright, Carolyn Scribner, Dolores Villines, Bryan Banks, Randy Cox, Dean Stefferud. 246 This year ' s Casino Carnival Director was Carolyn Scribner. HALL ' MARKS, the Residence Hall publication, was edited by Patty Hefferman. Responsible for this year ' s Hallabaloo were Kris Hohne, David Davis, Murl Meredith, Mary Garrett, Patty Davidson, Barbara Stevens, Janice Summerhill, and Jim McKenzie. Kris Hohne and Murl Meredith were co-chairmen for the event. Fulbright Hall Fulbright Takes The ladies of Fulbright Hall had a rewarding year filled with many honors and activities. Mrs. Lois Ture- ski was the new head resident. Karen Crawford started off the year by being selected ROTC sponsor. Beth Hogan was tapped for Angel Flight. Margo Hale was chosen Razorback Beauty. Ann Hartenstein was elected Homecoming Queen. First In Singfony Fulbright placed first in the single Women’s compe¬ tition at the annual Singfony. Second place was captured in the War of the Halls talent contest. Officers for the year were: Billi Hill, president; Jill Cromwell, vice-pres¬ ident; Sammye Taylor, secretary; Susan Conley, treas¬ urer; Susan Campbell, house manager; Judy Brazil, served as social chairman. Fortunately, for the girl ' s dates PDA ' s weren ' t strictly enforced; otherwise, they would have had to hock their pledge pins. Ellen Alexander, Susan M. Alex¬ ander, Ann Allison, Sharon F. An¬ derson, Rita Atchley, Betty M. At¬ kinson, Stephanie K. Bailes. Lucy J. Ball, Sandra E. Bane, Sus¬ an K. Baum, Helen C. Beatty, Lin¬ da F. Beck, Barbara N. Beene, Lonnie L. Beene. Mary L. Berney, Judith A. Bid- dinger, Wendy S. Biedermann, Di¬ anne E. Binz, Joy A. Bizzell, Janice J. Black, Janet Boedeker. Paula J. Boerner, Nina S. Bollen, Carolyn L. Brack, Barbara A. Bran- nan, Nancy S. Brandon, Deborah J. Brasher, Judy M. Brazil. Barbara D. Brewer, Mary K. Bry¬ an, Sheri L. Burgin, Debbie D. Burton, Patricia L. Campbell, Sus¬ an D. Campbell, Marsha A. Car¬ lisle. Rhonda S. Carney, Dianna Car¬ penter, Donna M, Carter, Paula D. Carter, Rebecca S. Carter, Sue E. Castleberry, Jeanne M. Cava- neau. Carol M. Cay wood, Judy Clardy, Linda J. Clark, Kathie A. Coatney, Susan I). Conley, Jan E. Coulter, Joan Council. Pat Cowsert, Linda A. Cox, Retlia A. Cox, Patricia S. Craig, Lynette A Crmnell, Karen E. Crawford, Carla D. Crawley. Margaret J. Cromwell, Patsy R. Curll, Sheila J. Daniel, Vera J. Darling, Cindy A. Davis, Sharron K. Deane, Janis S. Deay. Cynthia A. Denniston, Elizabeth M. E. Dolan, Cathy L. Donaghe, L nda C. Donals, Viekey, L. Drye, Rebecca A. Dunn, Treva J. Ear- hart. Sharon E. Eckert, Sharon L. Ed¬ wards, Terry E. Ehrenberg, Kath¬ leen E. Eldridge, Ellen M. Eriek- son, Janice K. Evans, Vonda A. Everett. 249 E. Denise Felton, Susan C. Fitch, Jill Flanagan. Mary K. Flippo, Elizabeth E. Flowers, Gwyne E. Flucht, Margaret E. Fogleman. Vicki A. Foster, Betty J. Franken- berger, Deborah A. Franks, Cathy Frans, Mary S. Frazier, Sherri L. Fry, Anna K. Fussell. Ginny L. Gaines, Kathleen M. Gal- lavan, Virginia 0. Gardner, Jo A. Garner, Barbara A. Garrett, Debra A. Garrison, Martha B. Gaughan. Petra E. Gilley, Barbara A. Good- lett, Karen L. Goodlett, Helen A. Gordon, Nancy G. Gorum, Gail L. Graham, Phyllis K. Green. Midge E. Haggard, Emily L. Hal- brook, Margo Hale, Claudia L. Hammans, Nancy Y. Hamilton, Sharlotte Y. Hardin, Toni M. Har¬ mon. Melissa A. Harrell, Jo E. Harris, Kathleen L. Harris, Susan T. Hat- tis, Melissa J. Hartman, Pam S. Hayes, Sydney A. Hayes. Janet A. Haynes, Janet S. Helms, Jamie L. Herrin, Jan Herring, Lin¬ da G. Hodge, Johnnie Holcombe, Mary E. Holder. And what do I mark if I don ' t want my daughter to leave her room? 250 Marikay Howard, Deborah L. Hud¬ son, Rebecca J. Hull, Cordelia M. Hurt, Debra L. Hutchens, Rhonda K. Inlow, Connie A. Jackson. Sarah C. Jackson, Janet E. Jews- bury, Marsha L. Jinks, Pamela F. Johnson, Sandra L. Johnson, Linda S. Jones, Janet L. Keagy. Gale Kelley, Margaret L. Kierig, Phyllis Killian, Yuhryun Kim, Becky K. King, Cynthia A. Kirby, Mary C. Knight. Karen R. Knox, Susan K. Koppa, Linda A. Kuykendall, Melanie A. Lacy, Donna A. Larsen, Mary B. Lea, Karen S. Leake. Sue E. Lester, Leslie L. Lewis, Tina Lewis, Linda D. Long, Mago Long, Kathy E. Lovett, Ann Lubker. Linda G. Macnab, Wanda Macnab, Colette E. Maddox, Mary E. Ma¬ gee, Kathy L. Mandrell, Cynthia K. Martin, Jo K. Martin. Vicki A. Mashburn, Cheryl A. Maslonka, Margaret E. Mayfield, Cindy L. McAllister, Sandra E. McBride, Susan McCain, Tommie J. McCuthen. Debbie G. McDermott, Joan Mc¬ Donald, Karen McDonald, Charlene McElroy, Brenda J. McGowan, Mary E. McHughes, Teresa A. Mc¬ Kinney. Karen McLemore, Deborah D. Mc- Nelly, Diane Meadors, Suzanne Meier, Victoria Menefee, Kathryn C. Merry-Ship, Sharon L. Middle- ton. Barbara J. Miesner, Connie M. Miller, Sally E. Miller, Deborah L. Moore, Sandra K. Morgan, Debbie A. Neal, Virginia R. Newman. Deborah A. Nolan, Nancy C. Nunn, Janis A. Pace, Becky Parramore, Margaret A. Paton, Nancy Patton, Vicki L. Pelletier. 251 Connie E. Phelps, Mary F. Phil¬ lips, Patricia L. Pickard, Carol A. Pickering, E. Rebecca Price, Pam¬ ela L. Pullen, Ann M. Ray. Sue Rhodes, Susan R. Riggan, An¬ na L. Roberts, Janice L. Robert¬ son, Kathy L. Roberts, Judy F. Robertson, Linda C. Rotchild. Diana S. Roy, Johnette C. Rucker, Patsy J. Ryan, Candace A. Sanders, Jane A. Scott, Jean E. Seaton, Jo K. Smiley. Carol A. Smith, Cynthia L. Smith, Gail Smith, H. Susanne Smith, Lin¬ da K. Smith, Megan W. Smith, Sandra J. Smith. Shelley J. Smith, Susan R. V. Sni¬ der, Joette A. Spencer, Mary S. Stainton, Janice L. Stanford, Sue Stephens, Sandra A. Stevens. Pam S. Stiles, Elizabeth A. Storey, Kathryn N. Storey, Carolyn A. Strawn, Jamey L. Taylor, Mary D. Teague, Barbara L. Teeter. Pamela S. Templeton, Libbie D. Terry, Gail Thayer, Carla J. Thig¬ pen, Madeline C. Thomann, Sheila A. Trapani, Jackie S. Treadway. Debbie A. Trecce, Donna P. Tuck¬ er, Marcia A. Vandergriff, Judith A. Vaught, Linda L. Vclvin, Eliza¬ beth L. Vernon, Judy N. Vinson. Carolyne L. Walker, Valerie Walk¬ er, Elizabeth A. Walter, Patti L. Warner, Lynne M. Warren, Lynn Warrick, Sarah C. Weatherly. Cassandra D. Weiser, Sandra J. Wells, Sara R. White, Vikki Whit¬ lock, Alfretta Williams, Anne K. Williams, Deborah D. Williams, Susan E. Williams. Nancy C. Wilson, Gayle D. Wing, Mary D. Wolf, Elizabeth E. Wood, Kathryn Wood, Virginia A. Wood¬ ard, Susan K. Workman, Leatha T. Wright. 252 I ' li trail Hall Futrall Initiates WRA Pep Rallies Spirit and activity were foremost in Futrall this year with Futrall being the first hall to hold pep rallies before every major WRA activity. Futrall was well rep¬ resented in many University activities and honors. The year started with Nan Nelson being selected as a Razorback Beauty. Tau Alpha Upsilon members were Brenda Blagg, Nancy Nelson, Kay Thomas and Barbara Wood. Mary Jo Middlebrooks was a student senator. Kay Thomas was Campus Card-Key chairman and was selected to Who’s Who. First semester officers were: Barbara Wood, presi¬ dent; Linda Trussed, vice-president; Mary Jo Middle- brooks, secretary; Nancy Timmons, treasurer. The women of Futrall, aided by the men and Santa Claus of Holcombe, made Christmas merrier for a number of young children, Cynthia A. Allen, Tommie L. An¬ drews, Ricky F. Arnold, Barbara L. Ashcraft, Karen L. Baxter, Becky Bayless. Marilyn J. Bonner, Brenda L. Boss, Amy L. Bradley, Marvia Branch, Deborah L. Bray, Susan A. Brewer. Ann Bulmer, Sonja A. Butler, Ros- anne Cabaniss, Glynda R. Cazer, Vicky M. Chalfant, Penny S. Chambers. Carolyn R. Clark, Diane C. Clary, Deborah A. Cloud, Donna L. Cole, Carolyn M. Coleman, Jean A. Core. Dian M. Cornwell, Christine Cox, Margaret H. Crank, Mary J. Creel, Sandra K. Curry, Kate B. Dickson. Dianna M. Doss, Kathryn H. Dougherty, Rachel J. Doyle, Ruth A. Duncan, Dolores A. Edwards, Linda L. Edwards. 254 T x 1 ■ ' ' i % m Playing pool may sharpen the eyes, but it won ' t sharpen the Futrall GPA. Sarah L. Fontaine, Marion J. Fos¬ ter, Kathryn J. Fowler, Putricia A. French, June M. Freund, Patricia A. Garmon, Mary F. Garrett. Beverly K. Gibson, Judith A. Gib¬ son, Christine A. Grandstaff, Peggy W. Hackler, Elizabeth S. Haines, Linda 1). Handley, Sandra H. Harmon. Jollyene Hanry, Dana C. Hart, De- maris A. Hart, Diana L. Hass, Bar¬ bara A. Hawkins, K. Elaine Hef¬ ner, Susan L. Heidinger. Darlene W. Herndon, Faith M. Hickman, Nancy A. Hoben, Karen J. Hogaboom, Rebecca K. James, Debbie L. Jay, Donna G. Jennings. Joyce E. Jernigan, Carolyn A. Johnson, Margaret S. Johnson, Ju¬ dith A. Johnston, Susan Kane, Deb¬ orah L. Keel, Karen R. Lewis. Charla A. Lightfoot, Bettye A. Long, Linda L. Lovell, Jan Mar¬ shall, Theresa J. McCabe, Sarah M. McCoy, Camellia A. McCrary. Deborah A. McDonald, Debra J. McHaney, Maureen D. McLean, Mary E. Meeks, Mary J. Middle- brooks, Mary L. Miller, Jeanette G. Mosey. Leah A. Nash, Nan R. Nelson, Nancy L. Nelson. Janet A. Newell, Patricia M. Norris, Karen E. Ot- well, Jane L. Pazderka. Susan D. Pridemore, Betty F. Ra- beneck, Patti J. Rankin, Audrey M. Raybourn, Patricia I. Reed, Frances A. Rice, Judy E. Riley. Anna L. Roark, Elizabeth L. Rob¬ bins, Gaylynn Romine, Rita M. Russell, Bette M. Ryan, Cathy A. Ryan, Barbara J. Sabatini. 255 Mary M. Schicker, Judith A. Sharp, Marsha E. Shorts. Jo Shu¬ mate, Kay C. Simpson, Marilyn A. Stanford. Barbara A. Starwalt, Patricia J. Stiles, Janice B. Stone, Susan A. Summers, Patricia K. Swanson, Re¬ becca S. Taylor. Susan J. Thatcher, Dyanna K. Thomas, Marilyn J. Turner, Pa¬ tricia L. Turner, Vicki A. Up¬ church, Mary L. Von Hatten. Cheryl A. Waller, Glenda L. Wat¬ kins, Yvonne 0. Weathers, Jean Welch, Betty A. Wheeler, Debbie L. Williams. Renee M. Williams, Delores A. Willis, Connie Wilmoth, Judith A. Wilson, Glenda L. Wolcott. Barbara A. Wood, Patsy E. Wood, Elizabeth H. Yates, Rebecca S. Young, Margaret A. Zahn. The Futrall dining hall was the scene of several good dances. They wished the meals had been as good. 256 Holcombe Hall Holcombe Leads Collegiate Activity A vanguard in modern university living, Holcombe Hall has established a practice of imaginative leader¬ ship and a solid reliance on fierce independence. Con¬ tinually, she has asserted herself as a showcase example of student self-government and residence hall pride. Progressive thought and athletic prowess make Hol¬ combe men leaders in collegiate activities. Holcombe currently enjoys with the women of f utrall a mutually rewarding association which is not to he equalled elsewhere on campus. In a further ad¬ vancement toward contemporary dorm life, Holcombe has welcomed the visits of U of A co-eds through a liberal and extensive open house program. Not me, you idiot! It ' s the rats we ' re after. Dean G. Adams, William T. Balir, Paul L. Barber, Thomas F. Barber, Stephen D. Beacham, Thomas H. Benton, Jerry C. Berry. Billy J. Billins, George H. Bob lier, Leonard L. Bowers, James F. Brown, David G. Bugh, Donald W. Bunch, James H. Burress. Jack G. Clemens, Dalton M. Cole¬ man Jr., Joel P. Cook, Edward H. Cooper, Gary M. Dawson, Alfred C. Dougherty, Austin Dwyer. Richard W. Edwards, William F. Egbert Jr., Nelson P. Elliott III, Gary A. Featherston, James E. Flanigan, Charles D. Foster, John T. Franklin III. Clinton Gilbert, Gil L. Glover, Don A. Graham, Ernie H. Gray, Danny L. Hale, Larry E. Hall, Da¬ vid E. Hartz. Grady E. Harvell, Reginal Haw¬ kins, H. Eugene Hickman Jr., Steve T. Hildebrand, James M. Hile, Billy W. Hill, Wayman Hol¬ land. James E. Horvath, Jon R. Johnson, Richard W. Jones, Marvin L. Joyce, Ernest A. Keith, Raymond E. Lea, Frank W. Leeman. In the true Christmas spirit Holcombe and Futrall join together for Singfony. 258 Jim G. Limbird, Orville W. Low- cry, William R. Lowery, Joe N. McDaniel, Michael P. Mohler, Bob W. Moncrief, Steven I). Myrick. Gordon W. Okuley, Joseph L. Parker, Janik R. Perdue, James C. Pilger, Rodney L. Ratledge, Stan¬ ley E. Rhodes, Gerald 1). Robert¬ son. Robert R. Rogers, Alan L. Roller. Alden R. Roller, C. Frank Russen- berger, Ralph W. Sandage, David P. Saxon, Paul E. Scherrey. John C. Schoolfield, John R. Scott, Arthur M. Simpson Jr., Edward T. Smith, John I). Smith, Ronald 0. Smith, Thomas R. Smith. Win. Mitchell Smith, Jim F. Spic¬ er, Terry L. Steuart, Joe C. Stone, Bruce A. Sturdivant, Roy C. Teague, Raymond Thompson Jr. Tommy B. Tillman, Dennis C. Turner, Randal P. Vest, Russell I). Walker, John J. Ward, Tommy L. Whedbee, Jeffery H. Williams. He ' s not really such a bad girl once you 9©t to know him better. 259 Hotz Hall sUSSsii Hotz Opens Doors To Both Sexes Hotz Hall once again opened its doors to the ladies, but this year they were the guests and the men of Hotz were the hosts. 336 males made the move to Hotz in its first year as a men’s residence hall. Behind the leadership of the Hotz staff and the hall government fa motley crew), the residents soon gained a reputation for being among the most active on cam¬ pus. They were known by each other for activities in their own hall — pulling fire alarms, setting fire to the trash chute, playing football, and challenging “the sys¬ tem” through hall government. As part of its good-neighbor policy toward Reid and Fulbright, Hotz hosted listening parties, exchanges, outings, and beer busts. Sweetheart, Linda Clark, Fulbright Hall After our last clash with the administration, who the hell should we welcome? 260 Jon K. Abele, Leslie J. Adams, Ar¬ nold M. Ahrens Jr., Jim Aikin, Andy E. Alim, Richard W. Alim, Michael T. Anders. Dan E. Aquilina, Edward E. Bailey Jr., David S. Raker, James E. Bar¬ ham, Bruce I). Barnes, Leslie R. Barnett, Glen R. Barr. David E. Bell, Lewis F. Bell, James R. Bingham, Tommy G. Black, Earl J. Blanks, Gary W. Blazer, George C. Bolton Ill. Richard L. Boothe, Henry C. Brad¬ ford III, Merrill E. Bradley, James J. Branch, Ray C. Branch, Milton C. Broker Jr., Fred E. Brown. Thomas P. Brown, Stanley K. Browning, Wallace D. Bruce, Char¬ les M. Butler, Donnie R. Camp¬ bell, Bill R. Caviness, Robert M. Clary. Charles D. Clements, Fred D. Con¬ way, John H. Cottrell, David Cow¬ an, Robert V. Cupp, Donald R. Curran, Ronald J. Curran. Donald D. Curtis, Johnny L. Dav¬ idson, David I). Davis, Bob Dickey, Charles N. Dodds, Will iam M. Dura, Ric J. Durst. James R. Eads Jr., Bob J. Elliott, Jack C. Ellis, David M. Elms, Jef¬ frey A. Fanniner, Steve A. Fernan¬ dez IV, Jerold K. Fetzer. Monte J. Fout, Mark J. Franklin. James W. Friddle, Stephm D. Fuhrmann, Charles E. Fullrr, James L. Garner, Randy W. George. Richard W. Geraci, Gary D. Gil¬ bert, Teddy L. Glaub, Dwight 1). Goldman, Joseph T. Goodrich, Bobby Gordon, Raymond D. Gor¬ don. 261 Michael L. Gory, Ben J. Green, Gary R. Green, William 0. Greene, Wendell L. Griffen, Bruce T. Haj- ny, Richard C. Handlen. Kevin L. Hatfield, Dale C. Hill, Robert L. Hill, Terry 1). Hill, Jim Hollis, Gerald E. Hohne, Larry W. Horton. Craig F. Hull, Rodney L. P. Hunt, Johnny L. Hunter, Darrell E. Hut¬ son, Richard F. Jeffrey, Charles H. Johnson III, William A. Jones. Mitchell D. Kelley, John M. Kil¬ lian, James N. Knudtson, Jimmie D. Ladd Jr., Rickey I). Lane, Da¬ vid L. Lay, Ronald E. Ledford. David H. Lee, Andrew W. Lepp, James D. Leslie, Gene A. Linton, Thomas G. Malone, Joe E. Man¬ ning Jr., David L. Mantooth. Jimmy L. McCain, Michael F. Mc¬ Kenzie, Daniel L. McNutt, Grady A. McRae, Donald R. Mitchell, Jef¬ frey A. Montgomery, David R. Moore. Roger L. Morris, Mike E. Muller, George T. Newberry, Ronald M. Noggle, Joseph P. O’Donnell, Rog¬ er A. Oldham, Gary G. Osborne. His porno is the last thing he thinks about. It helps him go to sleep. 262 William H. Osbun, Roger I). Os- burn, James E. Overstreet, Terry L. Parson, Ronnie I). Patterson, Steven B. Patterson, Randall L. Pierce. Danny F. Phillips, Marshall C. Pollard, Arnold P. Pressgrove, Kenneth B. Proctor, David E. Pyle, Lloyd E. Qualls Jr., Nathan B. Ray. Terry R. Redden, James F. Reed, Joe E. Rice, William J. Richard¬ son, R. D. Rucker, Jeffrey J. Ryan, Richard P. Schratz. Richard T. Sherrill, Jonathan H. Siegel, Gregory C. Simon, James S. Simpson, Alan L. Smith, Bruce A. Smith, Frederick H. Smith II. Terry J. Smith, Jerry J. Smotrycz, Robert S. Spencer, Harold K. Sprinkle, John P. Starr, William H. Stiles, Chris C. Stogsdill. Morris L. Street, Charles C. Stuart III, Danny F. Sudmeyer, Donny R. Sudmeyer. William H. Sumner Jr., David M. Sweet, Jerry L. Tal¬ ley. Bruce T. Tedder, David R. Temple, David M. Terrell, Michael W. Tet- rick, Gilbert Thomas Jr., James L. rhomas, Nathaniel Thomas II, Steven E. Thomas. James B. Thompson, James B. Thornberry, Rufus Thrower Jr., Ronald 1). Tomasich, Tom D. Trout, Stevan E. Vowell, Harry J. Wakefield, Richard Waldrip. Edward D. Walker, William K. Warnoek, Jim l). Waselves, James W. Watkins, John M. White, James C. Willcoekson, A. C. Williams Jr., Kenneth R. Williams. Jim Williamson, Thomas A. Wil¬ son, Gus C. Wolf, I). Frederick Woodall, Roger L. Wright, Clif¬ ford Yarbrough, Michael R. Yar¬ borough, Charles A. Yeargan. 263 Reid Liberalizes Hall Regulations As an organization, Reid concentrated on providing services for its residents. Coke parties were held both semesters to introduce the new students to campus life. Much progress was made in liberalizing the hall regu¬ lations. A bookstore was set up during registration and work began on a test file and an Emergency Tutor system. Our Homecoming decorations won first place for the third year and Kathy Brown was in the Home¬ coming Court. Many other residents worked on all types of committees on campus. Officers were Storm Freeman, Barbara Stevens, Veronica Copeland, Ann O’Donnell, and Ann Kittrell. The stormy president of Reid tries desperately to talk bridge players into becoming jocks. Patricia L. Abele, C. Belinda Acuff, Patricia A. Adams, Rose¬ mary Appleton, Debbi K. Atclii- son, Lisa W. Babcock, Sharon 1). Baguley. Anne M. Bailey, Mary S. Baker, Pam Barkley, Terri P. Barkley, Betty C. Barnes, Nancy J. Beecher, Susan L. Beecher. Pat Berger, Pameal A. Blake, Elizabeth J. Brice, Jan A. Briggs, Mary M. Brutton, Gwendolyn E. Bullard, Teresa S. Burks. Carol E. Burton, Esther L. Butz, Sheryl A. Carmichael, Jacquelyn F. Carr, Janet K. Cecil, Randi Christison, Ann M. Clopton. Sarah M. Cobb, Marion A. Cock- rill, Veronica J. Copeland, Jenni¬ fer S. Critz, Retha S. Davis, Mar¬ tha J. Dickey, Naomi Dover. Lynette R. Dunton, Aniela M. Dyer, Janet B. Dyer, Natalie C. Dyer, Roberta B. Etter, Mary J. Ewart, Carol B. Fish. Duh . . . Here ' s my Roller Derby trophy. 265 Laura Force, Linda Franklin, Storm Freeman, Mary Gates, Mar¬ lene Gehring, Susan Gilbert, Chris¬ tie Gingerich. Suzanne Goodell, Pamela Griffith, Jane Gullick, Mary Gunn, Audrey Hackney, Ann Hagmann. Gayle Hanneman. Debra Hardin, Jane Hardin, Alicia Hart, Maurine Heard, Nancy Hill, Kris Hohne, Anna Hopson. Jean Hunt, Beverly Ingles, Myrnia Ingram, Karen Jackson, Donna Jar- beau, Angela Johnson, Suzanne Johnson. Donna Johnson, Martha Jones, Re¬ becca Kelley, Connie Kerr, Anne Kittrell, JayLynn Koerner, Linda Koons. Susan Kritter, Pamela Lackie, Elaine Lacy, Linda Laube, Linda Lee, Nancy Leggett, Mary Malone. Catherine Martin, Anna Mathers, Jane Matthews, Judy McClusky, Gail McConaghy, Carol McCourt, Shelia McDonald. Jeanne McKenzie, Vicki McKim- mey. Kelley Miller, Lucy Miller, Linda Montgomery, Patricia Moore, Marie Mowery. Mae Murphy, Margaret Murphy, Beverly Nantz, Rebecca Nelson, Donna Orlando, Linda Orr, Gloria Pattison. Beverly Perchan, Nancy Perkins, Allison Phillippe, Charlotte Phil¬ lips, Ruth Polk, Patricia Porter, Mary Posner. 266 Manda D. Powell, Shirley A. Qualls, Bridget A. Reilly, Linda L. Reynolds, Carolyn F. Rhodes, Denise A. Roberts, Lully I. Robin¬ son. Marny L. Rosene, Mary K. Sain, Mary K. Sanders, Christina M. Sandusky, Patricia K. Savelle, Suz¬ anne I). Sayre, Sallye Schoeffler. Wanda M. Searcy, Bonnie J. Smith, Janet P. Smith, Martha A. Smith, Virginia S. Smith, Phyllis G. Sockey, Cheryl A. Springgate. Martha C. Starks, Linda Stites, Re¬ becca A. Stone, Janice L. Sum- merhill, Teresa Y. Thompson, Mar¬ sha A. Turner, Rebecca V. Van- hook. Susan E. VanSic.kle, Mary N. Wall, Sheryl L. Watkins, Vicki L. Watts, Sharon Webster, Denise J. Wel- ence, Mary P. White. Janet B. Wilson, Jowana K. Wil¬ son, Sherry L. Wilson, Lizabeth A. Winford, Melinda G. Word, Jean D. Wyant, Annette A. Yarborough, Loralee G. Youmans. She ' s got the freshest mouth in town! 267 Yocum Hall Yocum Hall Features “Play II ates” Yocum Hall had a highly successful second year as a four-year hall. There were several notable people and events in Yocum Hall this year. Among the people were Stephan E. Deen who was the recipient of the Ar¬ kansas Junior Bankers’ Scholarship, Scott Dobbs who was vice president of the U of A Young Republicans, Gary McDonald, David McClain, and Bill Ruck who are members of Cardinal XX. Important events conducted by the hall included a campus-wide dance featuring the Playmates, a top band from Chicago. Also, the dorm sponsored a Christmas party for 60 children of the Springdale Headstart Day Care Center. This Yocumite is conducting an interesting experiment in the field of self discipline. ZMtlk Johnny P. Adkins, Jimmy J. Al¬ len, Ned H. Alston, John A. An¬ derson, Robert E. Anderson Jr., J. Bruce Applegate, Steven E. Area. Donald E. Armstrong, Douglas A. Arnold, Milton J. Artley, William H. Aste, Philip M. Ball, Bryan H. Banks, Gary C. Barger. K. Michael Batie, Dennis D. Bauer, Thomas F. Beane, Dennis G. Beard, Charles E. Beason, Kelly L. Beav¬ er, Mark S. Beckworth. Gerald L. Behnke, Charles R. Bishop, David C. Black, Edson L. Blakey, Craig L. Boilla, Jerry L. Bolen, Charles W. Bowles. Edward P. Boyd, William R. Brad¬ ley, Don M. Bradshaw, James A. Branch, Robert E. Breeden, Robert J. Browning Jr., James L. Bur- bridge. Carlisle Burnette, William L. Bur¬ roughs III, Ricky N. Burrow, Wil¬ son H. Busby, Richard D. Bush, Robert L. Byrne, Stephen R. Car- son. Kenneth W. Carter, Randy L. Car¬ ver, Jack S. Catlett, Robert G. Chenowith, James G. Cheyne III, Paul D. Cissell, Jerry R. Clark. Larry W. Clark, Thomas A. Clarke, Elton R. Cleveland, Andrew B. Cobb, Jake B. Commer Jr., John D. Compton, Michael K. Compton. Carl W. Conner, James W. Cooper Jr., James H. Copeland, Charles R. Costanzo, Mark S. Cotner, Gary R. Cottrell, Victor R. Cox. John P. Cullum, Larry D. Cun¬ ningham, Wallace P. Cunningham, Kenneth R. Curry, Michael B. Dab¬ ney, Gary R. Damm, Bernard L. Danna. 269 Alec L. Darnall, James 0. Davis, David A. Dawson, Stephen W. Day, Stephan E. Deen, Louis P. Deeter, Jerry W. Dendy. Thomas J. Dillon, Scott E. Dobbs, Gary L. Dunn, Michael J. Eaton, Gary W. Eichhorst, Harmon L. Ellis Jr., Joel W. Emerson. Donald M. Engelberger, Ronald P. Engelberger, David G. Evans, Steven W. Evans. Charles H. Farr, Bradley A. Farrell, David W. Fau- cett. Gary R. Faulkner, Michael L. Fen- dya, Robert M. Ferguson, James E. Fewell, Robert C. Fitzhugh, Earnest C. Flint, William T. Flocks. Don B. Flynn, John K. Foster Jr., Olan S. Fruchey, Doyne R. Fryer, Brady L. Gadberry Jr., Gary B. Gillis, Ron W. Giudice. Eric W. Goad, Richard L. God¬ dard, Ronald G. Godfrey, William J. Goodyear, John S. Gordon, Wil¬ liam M. Graham, William S. Gran- derson. Gary L. Gray, Larry W. Green, Richard S. Green, Alex K. Green- haw, Michael L. Greenwell, Rob¬ ert S. Grigsby, William D. Gris¬ ham. James R. Hall, Z. Roland Hamil¬ ton Jr., Robert J. Hammack, Gary L. Hansen, L. Larry Hardin, Garry L. Hargis, William T. Harp. Thomas L. Harrell, Phillip M. Harris, Alan C. Harrison, William T. Harrison, Tom W. Hecox, B. Ray Heflin, Larry E. Helmich. D. Thomas Helms, Stan Hender¬ son, Donald R. Hendricks, Nelton L. Henley, James E. Herndon, Bar¬ ry G. Hester, Richard J. Hester. 270 Arthur F. Mill, David A. Hill, Da¬ vid L. Hill, David R. Hill, Lewis W. Hirschy, Arthur R. Hoback, Christopher Hoberock. James F. Hodges, Donald VV. Hog- gard, Roy S. Holden, Jack G. Hor¬ ton, John B. Horton, Marvin E. Houston, Leslie 0. Howard. Michael Huhhs, James A. Hudson, G ary G. Hunnicutt, Thomas 1). Hunt, Dennis G. Hyland, Walter F. Irwin, John W. Jacks Jr. Donald C. Jackson, Lawrence M. Jackson, Thomas L. Jackson, Gary L. James, John F. Jenkins. Morris J. Jenkins, Gary W. Johns. Charles M. Johnson, Frank S. Johnson, James A. Johnson Jr., Parker E. Johnson, Timothy W. Johnson, Robert R. Jolly, “Lee” L. Jones. Melvin D. Jones, Ronald P. Jones, William L. Keener, Kenneth L. Kelly, William W. Kimpel, Gavon K. Kierksey, Michael E. Knight. Steven C. Knox, James E. Koonce, Karl F. Kunkel, Wayne C. Kuse, Robert D. Larson, Charles M. Law¬ rence, Richard A. Lee. During finals, Yocumites spent many hours in group study such as this. 271 Duane E. Lemke, William F. Ligon III, David E. Logue, David L. Longinotti, Ernest W. Looney, S tephen T. Loris, Richard D. Love. Jimmie N. Lowrey, John W. Low¬ ery, Jeffrey M. Lynch, Gail E. Mainard, Sammy R. Marchand, Lyale F. Marr Jr., Carl S. Marsh¬ all. Charles E. Martin, David R. Mat¬ thews, Eugene S. Maxwell, Joseph A. May, Thomas L. May, James R. Mayfield, Hiram T. McBeth III. Danny L. McCarroll, David L. Mc¬ Clain, Enness R. McClelland, Don R. McDonald, Gary J. McDonald, Gary M. McDonald, David T. Mc¬ Dowell. Robert G. McElyea, Randy D. Mc- Farlin, Richard L. McKeehan, Gene E. McKissic, Ray 0. McKis- sic, Paul J. McLeod, Hollis M. Mc- Nully. Tommy J. Melton, Lee J. Merry- man, Richard Milczarski, Alan R. Mitchell, John T. Mitchell, C. A. Morales, Russell D. Morris. Columbus W. Moss Jr., Henry B. Mostyn, Larry D. Mount, Dan K. Nall Jr., Barry D. Neal, David B. Offutt, Tom W. Ott. James K. Pennington, Mark T. Perkins, Tommy D. Peterman, Klaus P. Phillips, Ross K. Phillips, Donald C. Pils, Harold O. Pled¬ ger. Damon Plummer, Frank A. Por- beck, John R. Pownall, Earl W. Presson, Talmon A. Preyer, Mich¬ ael G. Pritchard, Levester Racy. Michael J. Reagan, Victor E. Red- ditt, Stanley E. Reed, Paul W. Ribitzki, Earl W. Roberts, Mike 0. Roberts, Jerry E. Rogers. Lee K. Rorie, Bob F. Roten, Wil¬ liam A. Rowland, William E. Ruck, Philip R. Runyan, Ronald L. Rushing, David B. Russell. 272 David W. Russell, Kenneth F. Russell, James T. Ryburn, Jack A. Sallee, William C. Schoonover, Robert M. Scott, John L. Scrog¬ gins, Richard M. See. Michael E. S-rehold, James E. Sew¬ ard, Dennis N. Seymore, Tom C. Shank, J rry I). Sharp, Michael J. Sharp, John R. Sher, Stephen A. Shiell. Patrick G. Shirley, David A. Short, William H. Siddon, Charles R. Smith, Darrell H. Smith, David F. Smith, David W. Smith, Jerry M. Smith. Fannie W. Smith, Richard F. Smith, Robert M. Smith, Terry A. Smith, Donald A. Snell, Chester J. Snider, Stanley S. Snow, Byron W. Southerland. Jesse E. Springer, Kenneth D. Stacks, Donald G. Stafford, Mitch¬ ell A. Starkey, Charles C. Stein, Dale P. Summa, David M. Swaty, Gary E. Tarpley. Robert S. Terry, Charles F. Thatcher, William M. Thomas, Timothy J. Thomson, Jimmy C. Thornton, William J. Thrash, Jer¬ ry A. Tilton. Tom J. Toth, Herbert Townsend, Robert F. Trigg, Mike Van Vran- ken, John C. Vaughan, Garry I). Vaught, Charles D. Walbert. Stephen K. Waldron, Charles N. Watson, Michael R. Watts, Alvin A. Weintraub, Tommy R. Wells, David M. Wetzler, Jimmy I). Wheelington. Kenneth I). Whisenhunt, David N. White, John P. White, Charles I). Whittington, David F. Williams, Robert G. Williams Ill, Stephen D. Williams. Ricky G. Wilson, W. Kim Wisner, Clark E. Womhle, Danny F. Wood- yard, William A. Wright, Victor P. Yee, Fonnie E. Young Jr. 2 Humphreys Hall Humphreys Hall Houses Co-eds Humphreys began its history as a four year women’s residence hall this year housing 415 women, one being a foreign exchange student, Charlotte Lyngman. Numerous honors fell upon Humphreys’ co-eds. Patricia Rose was selected as Alpha Gamma Rho Sweet¬ heart. Tau Alpha Upsilon tapped Diane Starnes and Carolyn Scribner. Paula Pate was chosen Razorback beauty. Jan Roberts was a member of the G.E. College Bowl team. To guide Humphreys through its first semester were: Carolyn Scribner, president; Diana Pounder, vice-pres¬ ident; Virginia Clement, parliamentarian; and Jamie Perkins, house manager. The backside of smiling faces at Humphreys ' Christmas party. There would have been more backsides if there had been more smiling faces. Joan E. Adams, Bokie Alpe. Linda M. Anderson, Cynthia A. Bacon, Sharon L. Bailey, Marsha Bain, El¬ len L. Ball. Mary Bandeen, Justine Barnes, Marina Barros, Emilie E. Bell, Tan¬ ya Beverly, Jane K. Biles, Deborah L. Black. Barbara M. Bockholt, Sharon Bol- liger, Beverly M. Bonner, Gloria P. Botner, Linda I). Bowman, Paula M. Boyd, Donna J. Brede- hoeft. Judy A. Bredehoeft, Kathy J. Brewer, Anne E. Brookes, Gloria I). Brown, Nancy K. Brown, Eliza¬ beth A. Browning, Paula D. I3rown- ing. Adelia J. Buckley, Katherine A. Buffalo, Marilyn Burleson, Ann Burns, Susan Burns, Terry L. Bur¬ row, Patricia A. Butler. Linda L. Caldwell, Glenda F. Cal¬ laway, Janet E. Calliotte, Carmel- etta K. Cannon, Sissy Cannon, El¬ len K. Caplinger, Sharon R. Car¬ den. Judy Carr, Carol E. Casey, Fran Cassidy, Carolyn Cawthon, Mar¬ guerite A. Chapman, Vicki J. Chiles, Teresa Clark. Vicki K. Clark, Teri L. Classick, Virginia A. Clement, Jo E. Coch¬ ran, Nan E. Cole, Candy Coots, Elizabeth Cornwell. Connie L. Coulter, Kathryn M. Counts, Rhonda L. Crews, Judith E. Crouse, S. Kay Cullins, Kath¬ leen E. Currie, Beverly K. Curtis. Joanne 0. Dean, Donna 1). Deane, Mary K. DeBons, Mary E. Decker, Jane E. DeSalvo, Carol S. Dicker- son, D eborah L. Dixon. 275 Deborah L. Dodson, Sue L. Doug¬ las, Mary J. Driggers, Lydia C. Duck, Jane E. Dunlap, Connie S. Dunivent, Karen E. Durham. Dorothy Dwyer, Kathy L. Early, Deborah Eberle, Pamela J. Eden, Anita Edrington, Gladys F. Ed¬ wards, Linda A. Edwards. Ann K. Elkins, Anna L. Ellington, Eva L. Ellis, Gloria A. Ellis, Celia S. Fahr, Teresa L. Fahr, Lyn Featherston. Jane A. Fitzgerald, Patricia Fitz¬ gerald, Annice Floyd, Becky A. Foster, Jane Fester, Harrietta M. Fowler, Nancy L. Fowler. Jan S. Fox, Carolyn R. Franken- berger, Sylvia K. Frazier, Pam K. Fultz, Judy E. Furstenberg, Aileen I. Gardner, Penny Gee. Gail George, Isabel Gilliam, De¬ borah L. Giza, Diane Goldberg, Sandra K. Goodner, Marilyn Gor¬ don, Sheila C. Graham. Janis A. Greene, 0. Marie Grigg, Mary J. Guinn, Julie A. Gustaf¬ son, Kathryn A. Halk, Anne L. Hammes, Patricia J. Hardy. Boy, dog, dummy . . . it ' s up to you to figure out which is which. Karen R. Harmon, Linda S. Har¬ mon, Patricia C. Harrington, Linds- ley Harris, Sherry Harris, Susan R. Harrison, Harriet B. Hartsfield, Annette A. Hatfield. Linda A. Haynie, Linda E. Hefley, Mary J. Hegglund, Jo E. Helmer, Rose M. Hendrickson, Caroline A. Hepner, Shirley A. Highfill, Pamela K. Hill. Deborah K. Holliday, Linda M. Honderich, Loyce A. Hopkins, Jen¬ nifer L. Horton, Barbara K. How¬ erton, Steva A. Howerton, Celeste A. Hudson, Linda J. Hudson. Judy F. Hughes, Viokey L. Hum, Mary E. Hyatt, Marian E. Isgrig, Rebecca M. Jackson, Kathleen A. Jacuzzi, Mary D. Jennings, Margie S. Jewell. Claudia J. Johanson, Jency A. Johnson, Deborah L. Jones, Lanita G. Jones, Patricia L. Jones, P. Teresa Jones, Glenda A. Justis, Karen R. Keener. Janice L. Kelley, Hope L. King, Donna M. Kinsey, Elizabeth Kirk- natrick, Susan E. Krum, Pilar T. Kueber, Katherine M. Kuepker. Connie E. Kurrus, C eile L. Lady, Deborah K. LaFont, Mary J. La- Forge, Nancy L. Lassetter, Susan M. Latta, Sue Lehman. Ginger L. Lewis, Patricia B. Limb, Elwanda M. Little, Sharon K. Lof- tis, Helen L. Long, Ellen I). Lucy, Cindy K. Lukas. Missy Lummus, Mary J. Maedgen, Elizabeth J. Maestri, Janet L. Ma¬ hon, Bonnie L. Maiden, Sharyn K. Manis, Susie M. Marked. Peggy L. McCutcheon, Judy A. McEarl, Karen L. McLendon, Si¬ mone McMahan, Donna E. Mc- Master, Anne McMillan, Mary A. McNair. 277 Patsy E. Meador, Myra G. Mer¬ chant, Lawra A. Mims, Agnes K. Mitchell, Frances Monroe, Donna A. Montgomery, Carolyn C. Moore. Patty A. Moreman, Ellen E. Mor¬ ris, Paula J. Muncy, Vickie L. Munday, Betty L. Munn, Mary A. Murphy, Peggy Neiser. Nancy L. Nelson, Donna M. New¬ ton, Ruby L. Nichols, Carol J. Ol¬ son, Debra J. Owen, Mary C. Par¬ sons, Caroline A. Pasierb. Joyce A. Patrick, Patricia J. Pat¬ rick, Debbie K. Pearson, Jameslyn S. Perkins, Rebecca Perkins, Debra K. Peterson, Kathy E. Pitts. LaDonna K. Porter, Diana G. Pounder, Kathy J. Pribyl, Mary L. Radcliffe, Lisa D. Rakes, Mari- beth E. Rakes, Trudy J. Rakes. Grace P. Ralls, Nancy C. Reed, Carolyn E. Reisz, Debbie L. Ren¬ fro w, Janet L. Reveley, Guylene Rhoads, Vicki M. Richardson. Faith Riley, Lynn Roglis, Patricia A. Rose, Carol A. Runnels, Debra A. Rurup, Sandra G. Sample, Mar¬ ilyn R. Schluterman. Table tennis, anyone? It beats studying. 278 Vicki L. Schmieding, Cheryl 1). Schwartz, Carolyn R. Scribner, Zelda M. Selph, Mary S. Shaddox, Brenda J. Sharp, Cheryl T. Shaw, Carolyn A. Shuffield. Linda J. Sid well, Barbara B. Si¬ mons, Marjorie J. Sloat, Meredith L. Smart, Cassandra L, Smith, Jim- sye E. Smith, Joan E. Smith, Linda Smith. Mary C. Smith, Mecedes B. Smith, Cinger Snapp, Barbara J. Snow, Mary G. Sowders, Debora C. Sparkes, Deborah K. Speck, De¬ borah K. Stanley. Nancy K. Starks, Donna K. Steel, Patricia A. Steele, Cathy Steven¬ son, Anne Stewart, Jewerlene Stew¬ art, Cathy L. Swenson, Doris J. Taylor. Linda S. Taylor, Lyla A. Taylor, Peggy L. Taylor, Melva A. Thomas, Nancy A. Thomason, Betty A. Thompson, Carolyn A. Thompson, Nancy B. Thompson. Laura L. Todd, Pamela A. Town¬ send, Barbara L. Underwood, Vir¬ ginia L. Vancuren, Regna C. Vaughan, Sharia J. Vaughn, Can¬ dace D. Vestal. Dolores P. Villines, Cathy Walker, Patricia G. Wallis, Nancy K. Walt¬ ers, Helen R. Watson, Gwendolyn Weedman, Jane A. Weems. Shannon M. Werley, Mary L. White, Shirley A. White, Gail M. Wiederkehr, Marlene Wilcoxson, Pam K. Wildy, Janice S. Wilker- son. Karen R. Williams, Rita S. Wil¬ liamson, Barbara J. Wilson, Mary- len Wray, Sidney 1). Wren, Bar¬ bara L. Wright. Judy Wright. Allison A. Wuetig, LaJeana F. Young, Patricia A. Young, Peggy J. Young, Victoria E. Young, Kathy J. Younkin, JulieAnne Zucca. 279 Sedgewell House Sedgewell Adopts Navajo Indian Freshmen invaded Sedgewell for the first time this year as Sedgewell became a four year dorm. Perhaps the best thing Sedgewell did was work with William House to adopt a child. The adoption and the Christ¬ mas party brought the men of Sedgewell and William House into a closer relationship. Many of the Sedgewell men were active in the band, various clubs, honorary fraternities, and student government organizations. Intramurals and Hallaballo continued to be stressed as important activities, but there was a big push for intramurals, open houses and outings. There was also a great push by many fifth year seniors to graduate. Adopted child, Lorenzo Beyale. The men of Sedgewell deliver secret and carefully guarded brotherhood rites. 280 Alan D. Anderson, Gary L. Batch¬ elor, William E. Brandon, Leroy Brown, Robert F. Calhoun, Robert L. Carlisle, Gary L. Christenson. William E. Cisne, Franklin J. Clark, Oliver 1). Coker III, Bobby J. Cornish, David F. Cox, Michael 1. Daily, Jimmy J. 1). Davis. Raguel L. Davis, Larry E. Dear- ing, Raymond P. Dickey, Richard I). Eifling, Daniel S. Fetherolf, David Z. Filipek, James F. Fitz¬ patrick. Marvin P. Henningson Jr., James H. Ingram, Larry P. Kinder, Grov¬ er M. King, Marshall A. Kruger, Carl W. Lancaster, Ben A. Leap. Steve W. Long, Walter L. Lum, James E. Maestri, James A. Met- railer, Gerald W. Muncy, Jay T. Nichols, Douglass L. Parish. Joseph L. Reisz, Larry W. Roe, Paul J. Roetto, Donald E. Rose, David G. Shackelford, Simmons S. Smith, James D. Taylor. Jimmy M. Trusty, Jack R. Wat¬ kins, John W. Watkins, Owen E. Westbrook, Stephen S. White, Da¬ vid A. Woolly. Go ' way, son, ya bother me! 281 Razorback Hall Razorback Sponsors Needy Children Razorback Hall, the first women’s graduate and un¬ dergraduate dorm, participated in the intramural pro¬ gram where we placed second in the badminton tourn¬ ament as well as second in the swimming meet. At Christmas time we sponsored five needy children with the help of the Salvation Army. Razorback residents participated in campus activi¬ ties ranging from IEEE and Phi Upsilon Omicron to ABC and “Hall ’Marks”. The hall officers elected for the first semester were: President — Marlene Jones, Vice-President — Deborah Dreher, Secretary — Jeanne Lumert, and Treasurer — Bekky Pickett. The women of Razorback Hall sing like birds. Sometimes they even attempt to fly like birds. Susan E. Bensberg, Joyce L. Boya- kin, Everlene W. Browder, Eliza¬ beth Buchanan, Linda F. Cloyd, Shirley A. Donovan, Deborah S. D re her. Suzanne Eversole, Carol J. Gard¬ ner, Esther M. Gill, Betty R. Grif¬ fith, Sarah L. Harrison, Linda M. Hill, Lillie B. Hunton. Marlene R. Jones, Janet M. Main, Cheryl L. Marstellar, Nan B. Owens, Ruth Ann Parvin, Rebekah L. Pickett, Eileen F. Popkoski. Sheila D. Rollow, Jane R. Sch- mard, Gloria D. Shepherd, Lois M. Stratemeier, Sandy Stringer, Ina Rae Walker, Lula Walker, Emma L. Wright. Looks like Sarah found something more interesting than T.V. 283 William House William Takes Intramural Honors Scholarship is a prime interest of the men of Wil¬ liam as they again led the grade-point average for resi¬ dence halls. Sports played a more important role as William took intramural honors in football. William House, along with Sedgewell House, adopt¬ ed an 8 year old underprivileged Indian boy and ar¬ ranged for his special education at a school in Arizona. Dorm officers were: A1 Mclnvale, President; Ron¬ nie King, Vice-President: Rick Wilderson, RHA Repre¬ sentative: Delton Jeter, Secretary-Treasurer; and Bobby Wray, Social Chairman. The men of William House are always working hard to maintain their image and high grade point average. Harry I). Barber, Janies C. Baskin, Asberry H. Bealer, William A. Bennett, Bruce W. Blackwell, Bud¬ dy Bokony, John E. Bonner. Larry G. Brooks, Cary M. Brown, Pat Callahan, Daniel J. Conklin, Larry I). Cox, Robert F. Ervin, Lewis L. Fitzgerald Jr. Jack R. Fortner, John J. Fuller, Robert E. Gunter, Rodney L. Hes¬ ter, Daniel P. Holland, John W. Hotz, Thomas A. Hotz II. Robert E. Hunter, Del ton C. Jeter, Ronnie I). King, Fred Kirchoff Jr., Chuck L. Lam, Robert F. Lay. Richard E. Leveritt. Randolph H. Lewis, Larry J. Lof- tis, Donnie L. Mangrum, Donald L. Matthews, Chari s R. Maule, David B. MeCarver, William A. Mclnvale. Gary A. Meek, Charles E. Money, David E. Money, John S. Morrow, Denton G. Munerief, Dale Murr. Charles I). Oldham, Alex G. Papa- george, Ray A. Parker, Patrick L. Patton, Jerry W. Paul, Terry M. Potterton. Jack M. Redfearn, Jimmy H. San¬ son, John P. Seibold, Ronald D. Sisk, Ronald G. Suber, Marvin 0. Sutterfield. Douglas L. Terry, David A. Toller, Stanley E. Trauth, Robert J. War¬ ren, Mike A. Welch, Melvis C. West Jr. Gary W. White, John A. Wilcher, Rickard B. Wilkerson, Gary L. Winkleman, Kin H. Wong, Bobby W. Wray. 285 4-H House 4-H Wins Basketball Tourna] II ent The 4-H House offers its members and associates a unique experience of cooperative group living. The majority of the girls living in the house are Home Eco¬ nomics majors, the majority of which belong to AHEA, the professional Home Economics Organization. Peggy Hardgrave served as state secretary. The House captured the basketball tournament in WRA for the third straight year. Several drop-ins and parties were held including an outing to Devil’s Den State Park, a tree-trimming party at Christmas, and a Pollyanna Banquet. The Yule sea¬ son was shared with elderly people through a caroling party which led the girls to nursing homes in the area. Diana just can ' t seem to get very interested in the 4-H scropbook, but then who possibly could? Melinda J. Bays, Cathy M. Brat¬ ton, Johnnie M. Cathey, Marjorie M. Collins, Diana M. Danforth, Donna L. Daniel, Janice I.. Daniel. Jennette T. Dawson, Charlotte Em¬ berton, Beverly S. Eppinette, Mary R. Gooch, Peggy S. Hardgrave, Elizabeth A. Henson, Bessie L. Hershberger. Cyrill I). Houck, Angela Lumpkin, Vernell Lumpkin, Sharon L. Ma¬ loney, Ivolali M. Mann, Peggy L. May, Helen Michael. C. Ann Nailling, Katherine Nich¬ ols, Faith I). Overton, Phyllis A. Pennartz, Sandra L. Person, G. Jane Plunkett, Linda R. Ransom. Sue A. Richburg, Phyllis A. Schie- fer, Charolette K. Six, Linda R. Strickland, Rebekah R. Tackett, Lajuana B. Teague. Judith A. Tilley, Carmen S. Trant- ham, Judy E. Tucker, Deborah D. Vanglider, Barbara S. Warnock, Carolyn S. Wiedenian. A typical Saturday night at 4-H House. 287 Wilson Sharp House Athletic Family Leads Active Life Arkansas’ athletic family engaged in a whirlwind of activities throughout the school year. Functions are held in Wilson Sharp House with athletes from Ripley House and Gladson House taking part. Included in the social calendar were receptions following home football games, a Christmas party, weekend functions with high school athletes as guests at buffet dinners and dances, and spring outings. Officers for the athletic family for 1970 are Bobby Field, president; Jerry Moore, vice-president; and Mike Boschetti, social chairman. Darby Hall, the dining room serving all athletes, is also used for dinners for the athletes and their dates and nightly study halls. Enthusiastic fans gather before the temple to pay homage to the hogs. In return, the hogs bring honor and glory to the realm. Michael Adair, Archie A. Bennett, Dennis W. Berner, Tom P. Bird, James S. Bird well, Robert W. Bradsher Jr., James Olice Braw- ner. William L. Carter, Richard W. Coleman, Robert Dew, Dewey E. Freeman, Keith 1). French, James M. Hollingsworth, Thomas E. Hop¬ per. James S. Irwin, Stephen J. King, Walter M. Nelson, Tom E. Reed, Michael D. Riley, Michael C. Schaufele. Fred B. Schroeder, Dewitt H. Smith III, Ricky J. Tanneberger, W. Randy Taylor, Robert L. Vint, Robert J. Wilson. Razorback Bruce James thought that the Wilson Sharp formal would be an excellent opportunity to show his date how a hog dines. 289 Pomfret Housing Center fret Hosts Casino Carnival Again this year Pomfret residents have taken an active part in student government and campus affairs. Among the hall projects this year were the adoption of an underprivileged American child, and a Christ¬ mas party for local underprivileged children. Pomfret has been the scene for many and varied social activities. This year the Casino Carnival, spon¬ sored by the RHA, and the President’s reception given by Dr. Mullins to welcome new faculty and staff mem¬ bers were held in Pomfret. Several major social func¬ tions plus numerous “instant parties” and jam sessions were held intermittently throughout the school term. These functions have made Pomfret one of the most socially active living groups on campus, The Coed Christmas dance attracted so many people that Pomfret residents were crowded out. Jane E. Ableson, Ann D. Aclin, William E. Adams III, Bonnie K. Agnew, Bonnie S. Alexander, Jan Alexander, Susan G. Alford. James R. Anderson, Linda C. Arai- za, Donald C. Atkins, Penny S. Baker, Cheryl Banks, Howard J. Barager, Brenda J. Barbee. Beth Barnes, Jessica A. Barnes, Jo A. Barrett, Catherine R. Bauer, Virginia D. Bauer, William B. Baumgardner, Martha L. Biggers. Billy Bingham Jr., Mary D. Black, Steven W. Black, Yulonda K. Black, Elizabeth G. Blackwell, James E. Blanchette, Glenn A. Block. Carole D. Boas, Sally E. Booth, Thomas N. Bowen, James W. Boyd, Warren E. Bright, Thomas B. Bright, Thomas B. Brightwell, Jan C. Brinson. Brenda K. B rown, Rita L. Brown, Sharon L. Brown, David C. Bryan, Bonner M. Buchanan, William R. Bulloch Jr., Carolyn Bunker. Mark H. Byers, Sharon M. Bynum, Diana R. Cagle, Tommy D. Cain, John V. Call, Paul M. Callahan, Judi Campbell. Marty L. Campbell, Debi Canada, Judith A. Carroll, Patricia E. Car- roll, James L. Carson, James C. Cason, Mary A. Causey. Richard J. Cazzell, Gary G. Cham¬ pion, William M. Chrisman, Caro¬ lyn M. Clark, Jane A. Clark, Da¬ vid E. Classen, John H. Clayton. Laura A. Clinkenbeard, Leanna Cochran, Martha K. Cochran, Di¬ ana B. Collie, Mary J. Comstock, Glenna D. Conder, Sarah R. Cone. 291 Cheryl L. Cook, James M. Cook, Paula J. Cook, Connie S. Corbin, Carol A. Counts, David R. Cox, Sherry L. Crandell. Marijean Creekmore, Richard P. Crosland, Nancy E. Curley, Paula L. Culpepper, Jacqueline K. Dan¬ iels, Barbara M. Daugherty, Cindy J. Daves. James S. David, Carol C. Davidson, Johnette Davidson, Patty David¬ son, Ann M. Davis, Charla R. Da¬ vis, John C. Davis. Robert T. Deere, Mary J. Dial, Laura E. Dilday, David R. Dillard, Timothy C. Dingboom, Danny R. Dixon, Robert W. Doland. Donald W. Donaldson, Garrick B. Dougherty, Willadeen Driskell, Martin G. Dryden, David S. Dust, Roger L. Earnest, Paula A. Earn- hart. George W. Easley, Michael R. Ed¬ wards, Eve A. Eldridge, Frank M. Elliott Jr., Kenneth W. Efurd, Phil¬ lip R. Embry, Marleen England. Harriett E. Epperson, Thomas J. Erman, Michael T. Eubanks, Vic¬ kie R. Evans, Danny W. Ferguson, Terri Fields, Ralph V. Fikes. He always falls asleep after . . . after studying that is. 292 Kathy L. Finch, Linda S. Fine, Debs Fisher, Rhonda J. Fleming, Ronald M. Fogle, Lowry E. Foster, Michael L. Fournier. Julia F. Freeman, Richard A. Friet- sche, Judy 1). Frisby, Betty A. Funk, Silvia M. Furgason, Ellen S. Futrell, Sheila G. Galbraith. Jan S. Garrett, Rebecca A. Gar¬ rett, Natalie Gaskill, Catherine R. George, Dixie E. Geren, Linda C. Gilbert, J. Wayne Gillespie. Marguerite L. Graves, Russell 1). Graves, Susan L. Greene, Fred¬ rick M. Greeson, Linda G. Griffis, Thomas Grimes, Kathi Grizzle. Michael D. Grounds, Katheryn A. Hachtmeyer, Lola B. Hall, Michael R. Hanry, Michael N. Harbour, Larry T. Harcourt, Alannette Hare. Charles W. Harms, Keith D. Har¬ ris, Lynette Harris, Phil W. Har¬ rison, Donella R. Hart, Paula E. Hatley, Johnny R. Hawes. Brenda F. Hawkins, Alan L. Hef- fernan, Marian E. Heinrichs, Judy L. Hendricks, Wordna S. Henley, Mary J. Hennig, Beth A. Hervey. Alice M. Hill, Norma J. Hill, Wil¬ liam E. Hill, Carol J. Hinkle, Larry W. Hoaglan, Cheryl S. Hodelka, David P. Holder. Cheryl L. Hong, Daniel J. Hooks, Sam N. Horn, Paul A. Horton, Randall E. Hough, Dean Howard, Charles E. Huggins. Donald M. Hughes, Kathryn Humphreys, Mary E. Hunt, Alice F. Hunter, Ann T. Hutchison, Mary V. Irvan, Glenda K. Jacks. 293 Robert M. Jackson, Sharron F. Jacobs, Janet L. Jagitsch, Thomas C. Jayne, George M. Jennings, Evelyn J. Jeu, Dana J. Jones. William H. Jones, Donna K. Jus- tiss, Caroline L. Kanakis, Kenneth A. Kaufman, Jesse L. Kearney, Suzanne Keifer, Karen R. Kelton. John D. Kemp, Katherine A. Kerst- ing, Beverly King, Susan C. King, Cathy A. Kitts, Janet M. Kleuser, Bobby C. Ko. Gloria J. Ko, Jeffery L. Koenig, Kathleen A. Korte, James A. Kropp, Mary E. Kutait, Jacqueline R. Lamb, Harold M. Lambert. Margaret A. Lammel, Ruth A. Land, Cindi Landrum, Vicki L. Lanier, Suzanne Laster, Alice J. Latimer, Darryl L. Laws. Jean Lee, Mary Lee, Nanita Lee, William C. Lee, Eddie Leonard, Anthony S. Leraris, Vicky L. Little. Harold D. Lock, Paul Long, Mar¬ garet M. Lopez, Tommy L. Love, Glenda J. Lovett, Nancy J. Lowe, Henry G. Ludeke. RHA managed to commandeer the Coed lounge for its big fall project, the an¬ nual Casino Carnival. 294 Deborah A. Luther, James L. Machen, Annie Mahoney, Cathy L. Marley, Kathy J. Martin, Richard R. Martin, Ricardo A. Martinelli. Robert D. Martin, Margaret S. Matheny, Michael R. Mayton, San¬ dra L. McAbee, Robert L. McFar- lin Jr., Michal C. McKenna, James R. McKenzie. Arthur B. McKown, Vicki R. Mc- Kown, Michael G. McLendon, An¬ nette McMullin, Linda J. McMul- lin, Luci C. Meimerstorf, Larry G. Melton. Robert L. Melton, Kenneth W. Merrill, Thomas R. Meurer, Linda J. Meuser, Richard J. Meyers, Wil¬ liam P. Miles, Mary E. Millar. Pamela K. Miller, Karen A. Mitch¬ ell, Mary J. Mitchell, Steve Mitch¬ ell, Patti L. Montgomery, Ronald D. Morehead, V. William Moritz. Robert W. Morris, Christopher C. Moulder, Susan Mount, Lillie L. Mourton, Pat Muncy, Rod F. Nad- jaei, Audrey L. Nash. Joseph F. Nash, Delvin J. Nation, Richard H. Neill, Susan R. Nelson, Thomas C. Nelson, Barbara J. Newman, Jan C. Nixon. Ralph W. Norwood, Alejandro Noyola, Olan A. Nugent, David V. Nutt, Janet E. Oates, Stephen R. Oliver, Diana H. Olson. Daire K. O’Neal, Pamela J. Orli- cek, Harry C. Palmer III, Paula R. Panned, Carol J. Park, Jan Parker, Sharon A. Parnell. Lesie R. Patterson, Susan F. Pat¬ terson, Judy K. Patrick, Vesta A. Patrick, Gary D. Person, Lester G. Pettus, James E. Pevehouse. 295 James C. Pfeiffer, Ronald J. Piaz¬ za, Martha J. Pilkington, Richard G. Platt, Debbie A. Plattner, Mild¬ red A. Porter, Joel Wm. Price. Lydia A. Pugh, Malinda A. Rade- baugh, Michael D. Ramsey, Bev¬ erly L. Rapps, Christine Redmond, Kaye Reinhard, Gary C. Reynolds. Bobby G. Rice, Joseph A. Rich, Wendell G. Ridenour, John H. Roberts, Shelley B. Robinson, L onard A. Rodgers, Charlene D. Rogers. James N. Rogers, Dave A. Rohl- man, Marie J. Ryan, Mary L. Ryan, Kathy A. Rubottom, James A. Rudolph Jr., Jane R. Rum- baugh. Ann M. Rupert, Sara A. Ruppert, Marvin F. Russell, Wilorena B. Russell, Travis J. Sanders, Gene Saugey, Mary J. Scheirman. Carl P. Schneider Jr., Lynn B. Schuhknecht, John T. Schutte, Karl W. Schwarz II, John W. Scott, Mary-Sheba Shelton, Larry G. Sipes. Larry A. Skaggs, Bernard K. Skoch, Linda B. Sloan, Sharon S. Sloat, Stacey S. Sloat, Jerry L. Smith, Marilyn L. Smith. Remember the gcod old days when you could tell the men from the women at Coed because only the men shaved! 296 Sandra S. Smith, Susan M. Smith, Randy T. Snider, Virgil Solomon III, Carol J. Sonncnfeld, Patricia A. Standiford, Charles E. Statz II. James M. Stauss, Carmen S. Ste- ger, Robert C. Stetel Jr., Lou E. Stevens, Ronald E. Stevens, Wil¬ liam C. Coker, Paul M. Stone. Esther L. Storey, Wayne G. Story, Anne Summers, Ann Sutton, Pam¬ ela L. Swick, Christy Taylor, Shar¬ on A. Taylor. Priscilla K. Teague, Sandra L. Thomas, Charles M. Traner, Rich¬ ard L. Turner, Gail Tyer, Peter W. Ukena, Beverly C. Van Brunt. Michael R. Vanderburg, Karen M. Van Meter. Patty Va n Patten, Den¬ nis H. Varble, Yolanda G. Vignes, Michael I). Voss, Annie L. Walker. Dana Walker, T. Jack Walsh, Step¬ hen L. Walter, Michael L. Walters, Suzanne M. Ward, John E. Wat¬ kins, James D. Watson. Jeanne R. Weatherford, Frank C. Weis, John A. Wells, Deborah J. Whit“, Marilyn F. White, Cheri L. Whitlock, Patricia A. Whitman. Sam C. Wilkerson, Nancy J. Wilkes, Erma J. Williams, Jan L. Williams, Nancy C. Willis, Carol J. Wilson. Michael W. Wilson, Joyce L. Wise. Joel G. Wood, Judith S. Wood, Linda W. Wood, Rick 0. Wood, Wallace W. Wood, R. Susie Wood- son, Sharon A. Woodward, Ralph R. Wooley II. Barbara A. Wright, Dan Wy, Jonah T. Yates, Mary A. Yee, Terry A. Yee, Jayne E. Young, Richard D. Zimmerman, Robert E. Zimmer¬ man. 297 Buchanan And Broke Grads Add Serious Atmosphere Broke House continued to serve as a graduate resi¬ dence hall. Hall officers and hall activities were dis¬ pensed with as the residents pursued their studies. Since the graduate programs at the U of A are grow¬ ing, Droke House was not able to house all graduate students wanting to live in dorms. For this reason Buchanan House had the dual role this year of housing both graduates and undergraduates. Led by its un¬ dergraduate contingent Buchanan elected hall officers, entered intramurals with a basketball team, and at¬ tempted to overcome the serious atmosphere brought to the hall by the graduate students. Melvin L. Beck, Henry B. Brian, Harry L. Budd, William D. Butler, William C. Edwards, Don S. Pen- quite. Robert E. Price, Rodney Z. Price, Riley B. Ritchie, Rahman Saifi, Irwin J. Seward Jr., David G. Tanner. The men of Sleepy Hollow pause before the boob tube. If you ' ve seen one you ' ve seen ' em all. 293 Ripley House Ripley Searches For Its Identity The residency of Ripley House, composed of under¬ graduate athletes, engaged in numerous activities of both a social and athletic nature. Functions included receptions following home football games, a Christmas party, weekend functions with high school athletes as guests at buffet dinners and dances, and several outings. In addition, the Ripleyites played an active role in many campus organizations. The athletes were also ac¬ tively involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The U of A athletic family provides well for its members in Ripley and next year, many hope to make the move up to Wilson Sharp House. Alfred R. Addington, John S. Agee, Richard I). Back, Joe W. Davis, Donald C. Giles, Robert F. Jacobs, Jamie L. Jones III. Phil R. Jones, Brian H. Limoges, Borys Malczycki, Patrick W. Ma¬ ple, Douglas M. Matthews, Vernon S. Smith, Robert B. White. Brotherly love, Vitalis, and white socks pollute the air at Ripley House. When you ' re number two, you have to try harder. 299 300 Alpha Chi Omegas took their Christmas spirit to the Veterans Day Care Center to share wilh several small children. Marsha S. Beck, Jan Bonner, Sally A. Brown, Pamela J. Bryan, Kathy A. Burch, Sal- lie F. Cline. Carolyn L. Conde, Barbara G. Cook, Cheryl J. Cook, Leslie A. Cook, Jacqueline M. Cramer, Barbara A. Crawford. Suzie David, Pamela R. Ed¬ wards, Mary Lou Ellis, Deb¬ bie A. Ervin, Cynthia A. Gaston, Martha P. Gideon. Julia A. Goff, Marilyn Hamm, Sherie C. Harding, Elise Howell, Elizabeth M. Irving, Beckie L. Jay. Marla D. Jones. Donna L. Jordan, Kay L. Kimberling, Barbara J. Laird, Donna K. Law, Beverly J. Long. 303 Alpha Chi Sorority Pledge Queen Since 1885 Alpha Chi has thrived on sisterhood. We have learned how to combine spirit with fun and hard work to make a winning combination every year. The month of December brought the first place trophy in Singfony to Alpha Chi and Sigma Chi. We also entertained children at the Day Care Center — com¬ plete with Santa! This Christmas spirit even found its way to servicemen in Vietnam via personalized cards. Alpha Chi’s have also collected many honors on campus. These include: Who’s Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, student senators, Angel Flight, ROTC sponsors, Mortar Board, Cardinal Key, and Phi Beta Kappa. Pat Gideon won the Sorority Pledge Queen Title and was also invited to join the National Collegiate Players. Officers for the year were: Nancy Wade, President; Betty Thompson and Cynthia Gaston, Rush Chairmen; and Vicky Vicry, Pledge Trainer. Marsha K. Lowe, Diane Martin, Evelyn A. McQueen, Rebecca L. Meredith, Fran¬ ces G. Morris, Pam Morris. Gwendolyn H. Parham, Ka¬ thy Parker, Jennifer J. Reis, Nancy S. Ridge, Ginger Roberts, Pamela I). Roegels. Debbie Schulte, Cynthia A. Sly, Lora J. Smith, Susan E. Smith, Alice K. Stallcup, Nancy Stines. Susan K. Stoia, Lynne E. Tanner, Starr Telfer, Betty B. Thompson, Sylvia E. Von Seggern, Nancy V. Wade. Nancy L. Waggoner, Sharon D. Warren, Kari M. West, Sherry I). White, Joyce E. Wilcox, Marsha J. Young, Mary Ann Zulpo, 303 Alpha Delta Pis discover that study hall is more readily adapted to play than study. Alice S. Alexander, Becky M. Baker, Tina Barron, Pa¬ tricia A. Belue, Linda S. Blume, Beverlyn Bowen, Jane D. Braswell. Deborah Brockman, Kay Burns, Connie Campbell, Karen Carter, Cynthia L. Chambers, Cathy H. Cle¬ ment, Lynn D. Collings¬ worth. Genie Daugherty. Deidre L. Davis, LaDonna S. Downum, Sharon L. Farrell, Diane Feimster, Janet L. Flick, Martha N. Free. Kayla Fugitt, Phyllis A. Gathings, Diane M. Guy, Christy A. Haizlip. Kathryn A. Hall, Martha J. Hamp¬ ton, Bonnie J. Hart. Elizabeth K. Hart, Sandra L. Henderson, Holly J. Holt, Dianne L. House, Martha J. Howard. Mary M. Jackson, Susan G. Jones. 304 ADPis Have A Fun-Filled Year The ADPis have had a fun filled year. Our calen¬ dar’s first big date was the Big Sis-Little Sis picnic which is held each year at the city park. December was also a busy time of the year with the Arkansas- Texas game and Christmas. Our Fayetteville alums en¬ tertained us with a Christmas dinner program. Our big affair of the season was our Christmas date party where the girls’ dates received a gag gift and a humorous poem from Santa. We also collected clothes and necessities so that a needy family might have a happier Christmas. Honors that came our way are: the selection of Alice Jo Tarkington for Who’s Who; Becky Jo Strong was tapped for Little Sisters of Minerva and was an Army R.O.T.C. Cadette. Phyllis Jeffery was a Uarkette. Officers for the past year were: Phyllis Gathings, President; Bonnie Hart, Vice President; Dianne House, Rush Chairman; and Kay Burns, Recording Secretary. Kathleen J. Kelly, Patricia K. Kirkpatrick, Kathleen A. Knowles, Jean La Prade, Pamela A. McEwen, Jean McFeeters. Gannalyn S. McHughes, Donna G. Morgan, Susan L. Murry, Vicki L. Neil, Carol J. Nevin, Deborah S. Par¬ sons. Linda Y. Pasche, Barbara A. Pott hast, Martha S. Poynor, Catherine J. Preyer, Carol Richardson, Phyllis J. Rodg¬ ers. Mary E. Schlegel, Josephine A. Schmand, Sherrill L. Simmons, Sheri L. Stripling, Becky J. Strong, Alice J. Tarkington. Suzanne Thurman, Lynn Woodard, Lornea A. Wor¬ thy, Susan A. Worthy, Cindy L. Yoe, Karen E. Zakes. 305 Chi Omegas engage in singing after their rush skit, one of the important aspects of formal rush. Jane M. Adams, Martha A. Alphin, Sandra L. Angus, Jan Barnett, Martha H. Bet¬ tis, Barbara J. Bischof, Anne E. Blakely. Betsy Blodgett, Beverly A. Brainard, Anne Brinkley, Betsy Burroughs, Toney 1. Butler, Nan E. Castleberrv, Judy C. Cato. Martha E. Cato, Robin W. Chappell, Kathryn J. Cher¬ ry, Peggy J. Clark, Mario L. Cox, Geri L. Dugan, Mar¬ guerite Ellis. Spencer Epes, Cathy Feild, Peggy N. Franks, Ginny Garren, Pam Gillean, Robin Glover, Ann L. Hartenstein. Janet S. Hawken, Sylvia L. Hawley, Marilyn E. Hill, Virginia L. Holmes, Nannice T. Hornor, Patricia A. Hud¬ son, Carolene M. Hurst. 306 Chi O Chosen Homecoming Queen Chi Omega celebrated her 75th anniversary this year, and Psi, the mother chapter, was proud to hold the statewide convention. Chi Omega has received the largest sorority membership nationally, and again up¬ held a tradition of high scholarship and participation in campus activities. Chi Omegas got in the Christmas spirit with a tree decorating party. Their dates were invited to help get the house decorations up. The highlight in the spring was the Spring Formal. Ann Hartenstein was elected Homecoming Queen and Sherard Thompson served as Maid. Chi O’s had three selected for Who’s Who, along with seven who served as Angel Flight members. They also had ROTC sponsors, two Razorback cheerleaders, and two major¬ ettes. Jan Johnston was named Razorback Beauty. Psi’s officers for 69-70 were: Cynthia Agar, Presi¬ dent; Nan Castleberry, Vice President; Nannice Hor- nor, Secretary; Peggy Franks, Treasurer; Gary Lynn King, the Pledge Trainer. Mary E. Johnson, Jean C. Jones, Missy Lieber, Lee Long, Judy A. Lukas, Mari¬ lyn Maier. Lynn E. McCleary, Angela K. McCorkle, Meredith Mc¬ Coy, Sue A. McNulty, Nan¬ cy Mills, Lu Anne Newman. Mary L. Osborne, Constance S. Oxford, Georgia R. Par¬ ker, Pamela Payne, Mary Ramsauer, Mimi Raney. Robin L. Reaves, Mary L. Rodgers, Diane Sanders, Sue Splawn, Patricia M. Stallcup, Shelley Tait. Sherard E. Thompson, Caro¬ lyn B. Walker, Linda L. Walker, Sydney J. West, Carolyn Whittaker, Mary Wilson, Madolyn Z. Womel- dorff. 307 The Delta Delta Deltas took time out from the drudgery of study hall and classes to en|oy the snow. Jean A. Abernathy, Myril M. Akins, Anne Alvord, Sandra K. Asselin, Marty Bemis, A. Sue Benham, Claire Bond. Barry J. Brooks, Martha K. Brown, Ann Burleson, Sissy L. Cheairs, Cecile Clay, Carol A. Craig, Donna L. Creekmore. Linda M. Dahl, Elizabeth A. Darrow, Ellen M. Davis, Frances M. Eaves, Julie C. Eckert, Anna M. Fairchild, Janice L. Fairchild. Kathryn T. Farrell, Julie Farrow, Janie Fine, Rose M. Fowler, Dee Dee A. Gaston, Carol L. Gibson, Pamela S. Gibson. Durinda M. Gordon, Sara H. Hagerman, Janet Herget, Barbara L. Hewitt, Barbara F. Himes, Carole N. Hoke, Susan J. Horn, Michal Hos- man. 308 Tri Belts Pledge 1969 Miss UofA After a tremendous fall rush, Tri Delta welcomed thirty new pledges into the Delta Shelta. They brought with them a string of individual honors which included membership in campus organizations such as Chimes, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, and Arkansas Booster Club. During Homecoming, pledges and members were filmed for state-wide television as they decorated for that annual event. In November the Tri Delta Founder’s Day dinner brought alumnae and collegiate members together to share in Tri Delta past and present. The Christmas season saw Tri Deltas participate in Sing- fony, give a Santa Clause party for underprivileged children, and arrange for toys to be provided for a party at the 64 ellow Brick House” for underprivileged children in Springdale. Tri Delts wholeheartedly backed Sandy Asselin, their 1970 St. Patricia candidate. Officers for the fall semester were: Terrye Schultz, President; Donna Trusty, Vice President; Tish Wil¬ son, Secretary; Sara Hagerman, Treasurer. Linda J. Huckelbury, Anne W. Hyatt, Sally A. Jackson, Cail Jernigan, Deborah A. Johnson, Jana L. Jones, Sherry L. Kennedy. Brenda J. Lee, Deborah A. Lewis, Paula S. Marks, Shannon C. Martin, Kaye W. Massey, Cindy J. Mays, Joan M. McCain. Caroline E. Meyer, Jennifer Morris, Jennifer Neill, Mary L. Pabian, Susan Peterson, Priscilla J. Petty, Judy L. Porter. Ann W. Querbes, Sandra J. Renard, Mary H. Riley, Jeanette Robinson, Terrye L. Schultz, Cynthia L. Sea¬ ton, Suzanne L. Shoffner, Rhonda L. Sledge. Gayle E. Storms, Sharon S. Stuart, Brynn Thayer, Mi¬ chele S. Tirman, Donna Trusty, Nancy E . Wende- roth, Vivian Wilkinson, Theresa L. Wilson. 309 Delta Gammas are once again in the spotlight for rush. At return parties they presented their skit. Toni R. Alford, Marita J. Anderson, Jerri A. Atkins, Ann E. Bachelor, Sally B. Baker, Nancy L. Bane, Con¬ nie B. Barnes. Janice F. Barr, Kathy E. Bell, Barbara A. Bergren, Nancy C. Boswell, Shelley L. Brandon, Becky S. Brown, Lyndy Browning. Beth Catherall, Betty Lou Cawvey, Diane L. Cook, Terry A. Dunlop, Judith L. Englehart, Eberle Evans, Renee K. Ferguson. Joanne Freeman, Wendy D. Gilbrech, Sara Beth Hannah, Trudy J. Hegwood, Gail L. Hines, Lena E. Hjelte, Jane C. Hollis. Mary A. Holloway, Peggy A. Howerton, Paula G. Keith, Connie S. Kemp, Karen D. Koch, Kathryn H. Logan, Carol A. Lovelady. 310 DG Is Chosen Razorback Beauty Delta Gamma began the year by welcoming Lena Hjelte, our foreign exchange student, to America. The DGs completed many projects for the blind in working with their foundation. These included: selling Christmas trees with the Lions Club, and holding a Spaghetti Supper to benefit the blind. We also took time out to read to a blind student throughout the year. We had a needy children’s Christmas party with Sigma Nus. Our parties during the year were the An¬ chor Ball and the Pinafore Party. The honors that we received were: Paula Keith chosen Razorback Beauty; three fraternity sweethearts; and three resident assistants. Connie Kemp and Nancy Bane were on the Razorback Staff. Officers for the fall semester were: Beth Catherall, President; Ann Bachelor and Nancy Bane, Vice Presi¬ dents; Linda White and Jane Hollis, Secretaries; and Gloria Mahaffey, the Treasurer. Cheryl C. Markin, Gloria J. Mahaffey, Melissa A. Mc¬ Donald, Patricia L. Mitchell, Melinda M. Moody, Linda R. Murphy. Cynthia J. Nance, Liz Nickle, Becky A. Norris, Sharon S. Presson, Kathleen E. Rahtz, Leonette A. Reed. Judi Reynolds, Janet A. Richardson, Jane Rivers, Ruth Rivers, Janie L. Se- graves, Linda M. Sharp. Virginia L. Siler, Linda J. Simmons, Patricia A. Smith, Catherine A. Sutherlan, Marlene A. Thompson, Vic¬ ki A. Thompson. Pam Upton, Patsy A. Voigt- mann, Patricia A Walker, Marellen Watts, Linda R. White, Deborah A. Wilson, Sandy Winn. 311 Kappa Alpha Thetas talked very seriously during their preferential parties. Kay S. Blakeley, Cathy L. Bleiweiss, Susan B. Calhoon, Sandra K. Carter, Marilyn L. Cearley, Margi Clements, Kaye L. Cronk. Rosalyn A. D’Anna, lVAnn Downey, Elizabeth E. Elli¬ son, Mary L. Farmer, Toni D. Fredeman, Susan Freed, Gilda Gray. Joan S. Green, Susan A. Hamilton, Karen L. Hern¬ don, Linda A. Higman, Har¬ riett Hudson, Caroline S. Jericho, Janis G. Jones. Patricia S. Keeling, Melin¬ da W. Kincannon, Pam Kir¬ by, Jeri Land, Jane Leiting, Judy L. Lipscomb, Cherie Martini. 312 Theta Celebrates Centennial Year Kappa Alpha Theta celebrates its 100th year anni¬ versary in Jan. 1970, as the first Greek-letter fraternity known among women. In this Centennial year, Theta repeated another year of achievement on campus. Be¬ sides pulling in $30,000 dollars worth of scholarships, Sherry Newman and Trisha Keeling were tapped for Mortar Board. Sherry served as Secretary of the Senior class, while Trish was tapped for Who’s Who, along with Anne Brooks and Martha Lynn Wilson. Theta showed its versatility by having Cardinal Key members, resident assistants, ROTC Sponsors, Pershing Rifles Sponsor, Razorback cheerleader, and Rushbook Editor, all living under the same roof. And Theta is the smallest and the newest sorority on campus. Officers for the fall semester were: Liz Ellison, Pres¬ ident; Melinda Kincannon, and Trisha Keeling, and Courtney Mize, Vice Presidents; Martha Lynn Wilson and Janis Jones, Secretaries; Karen Herndon, Treasurer. Laura L. McCampbell, Ter ry G. McDonald, Judith A Meacham, Melinda S. Mer rill, Courtney E. Mize, Me lissa A. Moore, Madelaine E Morton. Ha S. Murphy, Sherry M. Newman, Nancy K. Rober¬ son, Ellon E. Rogers, Mary K. Russell, Rebecca A. Rus¬ sell, Beverly J. Sams. Grace A. Shafer, Shirley D. Steere, Nancy L. Tays, Shari L. Temple, Melissa J. Thie- sing, Carolyn S. Thurlby. Rebekah J. Toon, Debbie Turner, Karen S. Williams, Martha L. Wilson, Mary E. Windsor, Linda I. Young. 313 Karen K. Armstrong, Grace E. Beasley, Joan M. Biles Sheila A. Blalock, Marilyn J. Brewer, Cathryn H. Bu¬ ford. Pamela R. Carpenter, Cym thia Carson, Patricia D. Chambers, R. Lynn Cofer, Betty Coleman, Carolyn Col¬ lar. Nancy P. Colquitt, Connie Cross, Judy L. Dale, Marie Deacon, Shirley K. DesLaur- iers, M. Daria Dolan. Jane R. Dowell, Martha M. Elliott, Carol A. Garison, Laurel L. Herlocker, Sarah Herring, Marsha Hixson. Laurie L. Hogan, Deborah S. Horton, Nancy L. Hudson, Elizabeth J. Jacks, Cindy E. Johnson, Rebecca E. Johnston, Susan R. Jordan. Roberta V. Kelly, Barbara G. Kennedy, Joan Lafferty, Mary N. Lehnhard. Char¬ lotte A. Leonard, Dana L. Lyons, Mary L. Machen. Betty McCarty, Kathy L. McClanahan, Katie Mc-Kil- lip, Margaret Mentil, Melis¬ sa J. Miles, Marian H. Moore, Cynthia D. Nevius. Kappas join hands to do the Kappa spirit. 314 a. Two Kappas Are Elected Senators Kappa has had a busy year preparing for its Cen¬ tennial Celebration this summer. The primary project of this celebration is to raise funds for rehabilitation. One of the big events is the awarding of a $2000 schol¬ arship to a University of Arkansas student majoring in some form of rehabilitation. In Singfony I960, the Kappas and the Fijis together received the Second Place trophy. The Kappas also won the Beat Texas house decoration contest. At Christmas time the Kappas and the PiKAs en¬ tertained a group of underprivileged children. Christ¬ mas was also the scene of a party at the Kappa House. Dates and friends were invited to help with the decora¬ tion of the Christmas Tree. Kappas were active on Campus as Chimes, members of Cardinal Key, Mortar Board, Angel Flight, and Al¬ pha Lambda Delta. Kappa participated in Student Gov¬ ernment by supplying the Secretary of Associated Stu¬ dents, Administrative Aide to the President, as well as Student senators and Government members. Carole J. Nichols, Nancy A. Niles, Joanie Noller, Martha A. Oliver, Katherine E. Ovi- att, Barbara A. Peterson. Joy Ramsay, Jessica F. Rau- ton, Mary Jo Reaves, Pat Reeves, Kathy Ritgerod, Pa¬ tricia A. Ross. Patricia A. Ross, Sandy Sch¬ neider, Jeffrey L. Taylor, Sherry S. Thomasson, Susan A. Ward, Mary C. Webb. Betty White, Carolyn F. Wil¬ liams, Delta L. Willis, A. Susie Wilson, Daria A. Wineland, Annelle C. Wood¬ ard. 315 xrjbn amicpA Sit jb orMrfffl Tt»T | t ' K j 0 o my ■ vnC Pi Beta Phis gave a Christmas party with the Sigma Chis for some children in the Fayetteville area. Candis R. Angst, Carolyn V. Bassett, Barbara H. Bed- well, Peggy S. Bosmyer, Fay Bunch, Brenda B. Burney, Sha J. Carson. Cynthia M. Coates, Pamela J. Collier, Sissy Conner, Mary E. Day, Patricia C. DeBusk, Melissa Dillahun- ty, Lisa M. Edwards. Elizabeth A. Elliott, Lynne E. Erwin, Julia A. Gantt, Doris L. Gates, Melinda T. Guard, Molly Harsh, Genny A. Hobbs. Patricia D. Holt, Alice W. Howell, Judy Hurley, Paula K. Johnson, Carol S. King, Lynn C. Kreps, Jennifer M. Lewis. Elizabeth I. Mathews, Re¬ becca, L. Maxwell, Lynn Moore, Jerri L. Noble, Lana J. Nowell, Cindy O’Connor, Louise L. Owens. 316 Pi Phi Greek Week Co-Chairman Pi Beta Phi has spent a busy year in campus ac¬ tivities and has gained many honors of which we are quite proud. Peggy Bosmeyer served as President of AWS; Becky Maxwell and Melinda Guard were Committee chairmen. Becky was also a vivacious majorette. Suzie Williams was chosen Young Republicans Queen. Suzie Robinson was a senator and was on the Student Peti¬ tions Committee. Pi Phis were also active in Cardinal Key. Pam Seneff was chosen Who’s Who, Mortar Board, Co-Chairman of Greek Week, and on Angel Flight, along with three other Pi Phis. Jerri Lynn Noble and Valerie Witherspoon served as our ROTC sponsors. Lisa Edwards was chosen to the Homecoming Court and was also Razorback Beauty Editor. Laurie Sturtevant was chosen Miss Daisy Mae in the Sigma Nu’s annual Sadie Hawkins Contest. Officers for the year were: Jerre Stocker, President; Alice Howell, Vice President; Lynn Moore, Treasurer; and Candi Angst, the Secretary. Patricia J. Pappas, Karen L. Peterson, N. Carol Petty, Debbie J. Phelps, Shirly A. Price, Ann B. Rainey. Terry G. Riley, Dorothy M. Ritts, Susie E. Robinson, Carolyn J. Rogers, Susan M. Rogers, Susan M. Satter¬ field. Madge H. Seay, Susan E. Sellers, Pamela Jo Seneff, Patricia E. Shelton, Judith L. Smyth, Allison Stanwood. Jerre A. Stocker, Lauire C. Sturtevant, Susan L. Tatum, Catherine H. Turner, Pam¬ ela Wasson, Leslie Jo Weeks. June West, Suzanne Wil¬ liams. Carol A. Winn, Val¬ erie Witherspoon, Deborah S. Woodard, Rachel A. Yan¬ cey. 317 Zeta Tau Alphas and their dates get in the Christmas spirit by decorating their tree. Dorothy J. Allred, Joyce E. Andrew, Janice A. Appel- quist, Barbara A. Beck, Cin¬ dy Benward, Linda L. Bvr- ney, Sandra K. Blackwood. Karen K. Bock, Paula S. Bunyard, Mary R. Burbage, Nina Burge, Pat L. Burks, Harriet Bums, Patricia Bums. Susan K. Busby, Linda Carswell, Carolyn R. Cazort, Connie J. Coulter, Kay D. Curry, Carolyn Curtis, Suz¬ anne D. Deaver. Virginia L. Dew, Becky Echols, Cheryl K. England, Trudy L. Caskill, Kathy Gibbons, Laurie E. Gilbert, Steffany G. Gilliland. Elizabeth A. Hallin, Cynthia J. Hays, Karol A. Hendricks, Christine L. Henry, Nancy N. Hodges, Carol A. Hog- sett, Sally Jennings. 318 Zeta Is Angel Flight Commander Epsilon chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha had an outstand¬ ing 1969-1970 year. Liz Hallin and Chrissy Henry were tapped for Mortar Board, and Liz was selected for Who’s Who. Linda Berney, Janice Appelquist, Beth Hogan, and Connie Summers were in Cardinal Key, Connie serving as president. Chimes members were Debby Lane and Donna Shaw. Ginny Lynn Sain. Susie Ritchie, and Jane Lynch were Razorback cheerleaders. Liz Wells was line captain for the majorettes, Melody Schwalm was feature twirler. Fraternity sweethearts were: Carolyn Cazort, Alpha Kappa Lambda; Becky Echols, Sigma Pi; Kathy Gib¬ bons, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Paula Pruitt, Phi Gamma Delta; and Jane Lynch, Phi Delta Theta. Ginny Lynn Sain and Wanette McKee were Sena¬ tors, and Wanette was also vice president of ASA. Zetas were also very active in Angel Flight and ROTC, and had many members in Alpha Lambda Delta. Diana L. Johnson, Debbie J. Kastel, Cheri L. Kohler, Debby Lane, Connie A. Lue- dicke, Jane E. Lynch, Van Martin. Linda Maxey, Linda M. Mc¬ Clelland, Elaine R. Me Crancy, Elizabeth A. Mc- Elroy, B. Wanette McKee, Nancy C. McKewon, Donna J. Moore. Sharon A. Morgan, Pamela G. Osburn, Beverly A. Pat¬ ton, Janet L. Phillips, Paula C. Pruitt, Nancy B. Hollow. Judy M. Rosene, Ginny L. Sain, Melody 1). Schwalm, Donna M. Shaw, Susan A. Shaw, Ann M. Sheridan. Connie L. Summers, Ann Thomas, Elizabeth A. Wells, Linda Wilson, Gail A. Wi- rick, Karen L. Woodard. 319 Panhellenic Gives Out Scholarships OFFICERS: Georgia Parker, President; Ann Shafer, Secre¬ tary; and Harriet Burns, Treasurer. The Panhellenic Council aids in promoting inter¬ sorority relations and is the governing board for all campus sororities. This council is composed of the pres¬ ident and two representatives from each sorority. The system of rotation among all of the nine sorori¬ ties on campus determines the officers of Panhellenic. In the fall, Panhellenic held a general orientation program for the freshmen. This program was designed to answer any questions they had about the new rules concerning sorority rush. Panhellenic also held an open house in the spring so that freshmen could visit the nine houses before the regular fall rush. Two scholarship trophies are awarded every year for the pledge class with the highest grade point and also to the sorority rating highest in grades. Three scholarships are awarded annually by Panhellenic to deserving University women. MEMBERS: Nancy Wade, Nancy Ridge, Pam Morris, Phyl¬ lis Gathings, Susan Murry, Lynn Woodard, Georgia Parker, Cynthia Agar, Kitty Cherry, Spencer Epes, Terrye Schultz, Mar¬ garet Akins, Sue Benham, Beth Catherall, Kathy Bell, Nancy Bane, Liz Ellison, Pam Kirby, Melinda Merrill, Ann Shafer, Lynn McNabb, Laurie Hogan, Joan Lafferty, Jerre Stocker, Zoe Durilla. Madge Seay, Liz Hallin, Linda Maxey, Janice Appel- quist, Harriet Burns. 320 The IFC Directive Council meet three times a month to discuss fraternity interests and activities. Those shown are Steve DeMott, Cary Young, Randell Forrest, Cole Jeffries (president), Curt Bradbury, Jim Sloan, Joe Stainton, Bill Garner, Bob Tucker and Donnie Bishop. A meeting of all fraternity advisors was also held once a month to coordinate the organizations’ activities. IFC Coordinates Greek Interests The Interfraternity Council serves as a governing body over the actions of all UofA fraternities as well as a policy making body. The IFC Directive Council is composed of all fraternity presidents which meets three times a month to discuss and coordinate fraternity in¬ terests to further aims of the Greek system as a whole. The IFC sponsors several events during the year. These include Greek Week and Fall Closed Rush eek. Workshops and seminars and a concert by the Vanilla Fudge were part of this year’s Greek Week. Through rush IFC provides an organized system of pledging for fraternity members and rushees. In this manner the values of Greek life are exposed to potential pledges. This year an Order of Omega, a society for out¬ standing Greek men and women, was formulated by the Interfraternity Council. Representatives of IfC also at¬ tended the national IFC conference in Chicago. This year’s IFC officers were Donnie Bishop, secretary; Cole Jeffries, president and Bill Garner, rush chairman. 321 W. Rick Aker Jr., W. David Aker, Doug Baker, J. Biscoe Bingham, William L. Brown Jr., James R. Coon, A. Wayne Cox. Ron C. Cox, John L. Cray¬ ton Jr., Charles D. David¬ son, Robert E. Dennis, James P. Douglas, Paul K. Engskov, Harold R. Free¬ man. John H. Geelan, Sam E. Gib¬ son, Roger W. Giles, Jerry W. Glover, Randy Hawks, Charles W. Henley, W. Eu¬ gene Housley. Gary L. Howard, J. Barton Hudspeth, Robert A. Lange, Jr., Dale E. Leatherbury, William F. Leatherbury, Robert D. Lowery, Charles L. Marlin Jr. Doug E. Martin, Bill W. Mc- Clard, Billy R. Newton, Steve H. Nickles, David 0. Peacher, Thomas 0. Pitts, William M. Plunkett II. Phillip Pond, John B. San¬ ders, Richard D. Sanders, Chris G. Schneider, Donald W. Shearin, William F. Sheofee Jr., Larry D. Sneed. Joseph C. Sommers, Larry D. Stubbs, Dennis W. Tark- ington, Steve F. Tegethoff, Charles T. Thornton, Wil¬ liam H. Trice III, Henry L. Woods Jr., Charles S. Wuest. Acacia—A Unique Uof A Fraternity Acacia Fraternity is unique among UofA fraterni¬ ties in that it uses a Greek word instead of a combina¬ tion of Greek letters. The men of Acacia have again proven this distinctiveness with their leadership in scholarship and campus honors. Steve Nickles represented Acacia by serving for his third straight year as a Student Senator. Jerry Glover was chosen as news editor of the TRAVELER, Greek co-editor of the RAZORBACK and editor of the Gaebale book. Chris Schneider was also chosen as assistant editor of the IFC Greek Way. Bill McClard was the kicking specialist for the Raz- orbacks this year while Larry Kilgore played defensive tackle for the freshman team. Larry was also selected for Phi Eta Sigma. Other representative Acacians were Bill Plunkett, Bob James and Charles Marlin, Theta Tau; Chris Schneider, Biscoe Bingham and Doug Baker, officers in Arnold Air Society; Skip Davidson, Scabbard and Blade; Mike Russ, Cardinal XX and Campus Lover. The fall Acacia pledge class also received the high¬ est GPA of all fraternity pledge classes. Pledge Henry Woods was selected for the Leadership Conference. 323 Nathan Bagley, Lenny L. Benton, Johnny M. Botsford, James W. Boyd, Frederick A. Carter, Peter R. Darling, Terry A. Files, Joseph E. Flanagan. Dennis E. Flynn, Mike F. Flynn, Alan D. Fortenberrv, Donald W. Freeman, R. Kelly Gage, Maurice N. Gateley, Walter H. Goin, Merle A. Goodart Jr. Joel A. Hagemann, Michael S. Haley, Jerry K. Hardin, Michael G. Hopkins, Rich¬ ard J. Huck, Richard K. Im- hoden, Stanley W. Joyner, Eddie R. Lee. Gary A. Lindquist, James E. Lovell, Joseph B. McBride, Larry G. McCain, Don R. McCaskill, William R. Mc¬ Donald, James G. McEntire, Larry D. Metz. Dwight V. Morris, William E. Moss, Timothy M. Pack, Garry E. Peevy, Michael L. Price, James W. Richard¬ son, Michael R. Rodriguez, Everett I. Rogers. Mike L. Rotenberry, Paul H. Shaver, Gary D. Stubble¬ field, Tommy Thompson, Ronald F. Vest, Terry S. Vest, Joe H. Waldrip Jr. Dale A. Walgren, Gregory P. Walgren, Jimmy C. Whi- ley, Stephen E. Williams, Terry L. Williams, James A. Wood, Mark 0. Wright. The AGRs entertained alumni and faculty at a formal Christ¬ mas dinner. 324 AGR Excels In Agri Leadership Alpha Gamma Rho is the only fraternity on the University campus which is professionally based on agriculture. Offering more than simply a place to live and the brotherhood of a fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho has the unique ability to offer a common background to all of its brothers and thereby strengthen itself. Membership in organizations were numerous with ten members in Alpha Zeta, a national honorary fra¬ ternity for Agri majors; Jim McEntire, Terry Williams and Jim Richardson as Alpha Tau Alpha members; Mark Wright in Phi Eta Sigma; and Mike Rotenberry as a member of Circle K, Schola Cantorum and ABC. Terry Vest, Everett Rogers and Mike Flynn were initiated into ODK. Terry Vest was also elected Student Senator from the College of Agriculture, while Mike Flynn was elected as president of all agricultural stu¬ dents, and Everett Rogers as treasurer. Joe McBride was editor of the Arkansas Agriculturist and Nathan Bagley was business manager of the magazine. 325 AKL laughs after slapping coed on back, making Her lose a contact lens. George A. Armstrong, Wil¬ liam H. Ayers, Charles E. Baier, Frank P. Book, Da¬ vid L. Bowers, Jamie A. Boyer, Kelso C. Brooks Jr. Ronald L. Burton, James W. Clark, Jack V. Dennis Jr., Richard C. Downing, Hal S. Edwards Jr., Gregory M. Elkins, Phillip D. Eng¬ land. Samuel J. Forester Jr., Carl R. Friddle, Van A. Gear¬ hart, Roger D. Goodwin, Dennis E. Graham, Richard P. Greiner, Gordon D. Grif¬ fin. James M. Harker, Morril H. Harriman, Gerald F. Ho- dapp Jr.. William A. Hough, Thomas R. James, David C. Johnston, Robert N. Jones. 326 posiu] ’70 Chair II an Is AKL Viewing the past year as one of outstanding growth and progress at the 1 niversity, Alpha Kappa Lambda enjoyed success in all phases of Greek life. Outstanding members representing AKL in campus activities included Bruce Munson, chairman of Sym¬ posium, Sam Forrester, co-chairman of Gaebale, David Bell and Randy Riddle in Blue Key, Dennis Graham in Student Senate, Steve Nipper and Bill Swindell serving as officers in YDC, Tim Larson as vice president of Del¬ ta Sigma Pi; Bill Hough as Alpha Kappa Psi treasurer. AKL was well-represented on the Razorback football team by Ronnie Hammers and Lynn Garner. Scott Billion and Jim Benton were on the Hog freshman team. Tommy James plays on the Hog tennis team. AKL initiated their Alethiams program this year. Eleven girls were chosen to help serve the fraternity as a girls auxiliary organization. Robert C. Kersten, William F. Knod II, Dennis C. Krue¬ ger, Robert T. Lacy III, Wil¬ liam S. Lair, Jack Lands III, Timothy A. Larson. Charles L. Logan, Karl S. McMinn, J. Coley Meredith, Roy W. Morley Jr., Bruce E. Munson, Thomas W. Murphy, George S. Napper. Steve L. Nipper, Leslie A. Owens, Joe I). Phelps, Her¬ bert D. Phillips III, Robert A. Pomeroy, William R. Pratt, Stanley L. Rankin. John F. Riddle, Leonard C. Robertson, Bill Swindell, John M. Tenney, Larry W. Weathers, Cary E. Young. 327 After years of study and research, FarmHouse members found out that snow is much easier to plow than dirt. Guy Brady Jr., Marty D. Casteel, Jimmy L. Volbert, Billy R. Coleman, David E. Daniel, William H. Dodgen. William E. Dummitt, Sam Featherston, Randell For¬ rest, Darrell W. Foster, Ran¬ dall L. Lockhart, Jimmy S. Lovell. Joe B. Martin, John C. Northcutt, Michel D. Ran¬ som, Lawrence D. Ray, Phil¬ lip L. Rice, Robert L. Seay. Paul D. Thompson, Allen K. Underwood. Michael D. Vaught, John W. Watson, Freddie D. Westfall, Larry Young. 328 House Superior In Scholarship FarmHouse fraternity is a builder of men. It is a brotherhood of students . . .it is a home ... it is a fra¬ ternity ... it is the center of campus activities for its members in agriculture as well as many other fields. In keeping with its motto “Builder of Men,’ Farm- House stresses faith in God, loyalty among its members and superior scholarship. With almost 50 percent of its members and pledges on the Dean’s list or honorable mention, FarmHouse continues to reaffirm its academic superiority on the University of Arkansas campus. The men of FarmHouse fraternity are active in campus activities and organizations. FarmHouse sup¬ plied the president, secretary, treasurer and reporter of the Animal Industry Club; president of the Ento¬ mology Club; first and second vice presidents of Alpha Tau Alpha; assistant editor of the Arkansas Agricul¬ turist; and president of the Arkansas Association of Baptist Students. Both Bill Dodgen and Steve Lovell were elected to Who’s Who in the College of Agricul¬ ture and Home Economics. No matter how you looked at it this year FarmHouse fraternity came out on top again with the highest grades of all Greek men. 329 . . . and Wyck was found under the piano. James A. Alfssi, James K. Alter, John B. Alter, Frank Ashcroft, John T. Baber, Clyde L. Baker, David C. Barrow, Dennis C. Bearden. Frank A. Bell Jr., Bascom Bogle, Peter F. Bridge. John C. Brooks. Byron L. Burch, William E. Burns Jr., An¬ drew B. Cassinelli Jr., Rob¬ ert D. Cassinelli. Glenn C. Click, Donald D. Cobb Jr., Mike W. Coleman, James W. Critz, Tony F. Daugherty, James R. Dav¬ enport, Craig S. Douglass, Guy F. Gardner. Larry A. Golden, John P. Haddad, James W. Halsell, Gary A. Hankins, Randall S. Hestir, Stephen B. Humphries, Mike D. Ibsen, Charles C. Jeffries. Delbert L. Jones, William T. Keith, Peter K. Kinman, Hodge, Korby, Todd D. Lar¬ son, William S. Lewis, Rich¬ ard C. Limerick III, John F. Long. 330 Kappa Sig Has ASG Treasurer Kappa Sigma, the oldest continually active fraternity on the UofA campus, enjoyed another year of success¬ ful and progressive leadership. Wyck Nisbet was elected treasurer of the Student Body as well as being tapped for Blue Key and ODK. Cole Jeffries was president of 1FC and selected to Who’s Who. Xi of Kappa Sigma was represented on the gridiron by defensive end Bruce James who won honorable mention All-American honors. Bill Wilson served as executive director of Gaebale ’70 and as co-chairman of Greek Week. Kappa Sigs in the Student Senate were Cole Jeffries and Bob Tucker. Members in Alpha Kappa Psi were Frank Bell, Bob Vinson, Cole Jeffries, Wyck Nisbet, Hank Gray, Dennis Peters, Rush Tark and Joe Phillips. Delta Sigma Pi members were Sam Lewis, Pete Bridge, Bill Peek, Frank Shackelford, Ward Critys, Rick Freeling and Dabbs Sullivan. Highlights of the social season included the Christ¬ mas Formal and the Island Orgy. C. R. Magness, Ruben S. Martin, Johnny P. McCaa, Robert T. McDade, David M. McNair, Alexander VV. Nisbet Jr., Edward P. Nors- worthy, Burney H. Oling- house. Edwin R. Outlaw II, James H. Pearsall, William P. Peek, J. Dennis Peters, Joseph C. Phillips, Michael W. Price, Richard H. Ratley, Benny L. Rush. Henry P. Saine, Martin C. Shaffer, George S. Scruggs, Grover C. Scruggs, Frank T. Shackelford, Stan Shock, William L. Simmons, Joseph A. Smith. William M. Smith, Stephen L. Spencer, Michael S. Sul- ton, Ben Talbot Jr., Benny L. Thigpen, Robert L. Thompson, R o n a 1 d W. Thompson, Henry R. Turk. Phil M. Turner Jr., Bryant F. Vinson Jr., G. Mark Wann, James R. Watts, Jack D. West, William H. Wil¬ son, James W. Woodard Jr., Victor D. Wright. 331 Gary K. Adams, James A. Atkins, Harry P. Bischof, John K. Blue, Joe O. Bon- nette, Ben F. Butler III, Kenneth E. Carle. Michael B. Carlson, Steven N. Carlson, Gerald L. Cates, Lawrence E. Chisenhall, Joe E. Coffield, Kent P. Cole- man, James M. Collins. David N. Compton, Robert P. Cooper, John W. Craw¬ ford, John E. Dial, James B. Davis, Mac Dodson, James R. Dunaway Jr. Stanford C. Finney, Ricky G. Fleetwood, Gordon S. Foster Jr., James A. Gam¬ mon, Darrell L. Geisler, Richard E. Greene, Charles D. Griffin. William R. Grisham, Jack F. Gwin, Terry L. Hardison, James G. Hart, Robert S. Holmes, Don Horner, David H. House. Ron R. Hunkapiller, Rich¬ ard G. Hunter, Mike Jones, Steve Keller, Carl S. Kin¬ caid III, Mike J. Latta, W. Frank Little. William E. Ludwig, J. Paul McDonald, Warren J. Mc¬ Donald, David W. McKee, Mickey Meis, Steven K. Meyer, David N. Miles Jr. 332 Carol Petty, Pi Beta Phi With the addition of a new wing. Lambda Chis found electricity bills hard to pay. bda Chi Sponsors Pledge Queen This fall Lambda Chi Alpha initiated the first an¬ nual 4 Miss Sorority Pledge Queen Contest.” Each soror¬ ity entered a contestant for the title. Before a capacity crowd Pat Gideon, Alpha Chi Omega, received the honor. Memorable events at Lambda Chi began this year with a successful rush week and continued with: the Playboy party, Christmas party for children, the Purple Id party, Founder’s Day in Little Rock, housemother’s kidnap, sponsorship of a Little League team, sponsoring a foreign exchange student from Denmark and sponsor¬ ing the “Crescents” (A Big Sister program). Among the many offices and honors achieved were: president of Alpha Kappa Psi, Student Senator, Blue Key, ODK, president of the Pre-Law Club, memberships in the Commerce Guild, Civic Club, ABC, Finance Club, Senate Committees, Marketing Club and Pershing Rifles. Lambda Chi’s in Razorback sports were John Eich- ler, Russ Garber, Billy Lively, Larry Eddy, Nick Avolos, Charles Watkins and John Crawford. Otis T. Mitchell Jr., James W. Monk Jr., Sonny Moss, Richard G. Murphy, Robert T. Neel Jr., Steve P. Noland, Charles W. Parkhurst. Donald D. Petersen, Samuel E. Prince, William J. Reed, Ronald Q. Reynolds, Ron¬ nie A. Rhouse, Richard T. Rose, Peter M. Shaw. Richard C. Shaw, John W. Sooter, Royce E. Staley Jr., Mark J. Stouffer, Marty Stouffer, Thomas R. Stuart, Doug Summerville. William D. Taylor, John R. Thorn, William J. Trinco, Jim C. Walton, Charles T. Watkins, Chris W. Weiser, James P. Williams III. Lan Williams, Ralph E. Wil¬ son, Daniel H. Wood, Jerry S. Woods, Doug L. Wulff, Bob Yoes. 333 Rick C. Abbott, Timothy R. Alexander, William R. Ap¬ pleton, Edmund C. Barth- olmey, M. Timothy Boe, Curtis F. Bradbury. David C. Buergler, Robert I. Campbell, Bobby Casali, Edward L. Collier, Richard D. Collins, Tim L. Coplin. James T. Crow, James S. Culberson, Stephen L. Davis, David B. Dew, Stephen H. Dew, William P. Dougherty. Steven W. Elledge, Danny L. Flick, Luther W. Flora, Shristopher F. Fowler, By¬ ron L. Freeland, Paul E. Freeman. Stephen A. Freiman, Jim Fuller, Thomas H. Garrett, Robert I. Glover, James F. Hawkins Jr., Ted Hood. Dennis R. James, John L. Johnson Jr., James F. Kan- ally, Robert Keenan Jr., Steven F. Kramer, Raymond J. Lackie Jr. 334 Phi Delts display good sportsmanship after a friendly game of risk. Jane Lynch, Zeta Tau Alpha Phis Have Four In Texas Game The Arkansas Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta had four members who started in the Arkansas-Texas game — Terry Stewart, Bill Burnett, Pat Morrison and Tom¬ my Dew. Other athletes representing Phi Delt were De¬ witt Smith, Dennis James and Jim Irwin on the football team, Rick Tanneberger in basketball, Tim Clark and Phil Landauer on the tennis team and Bill Powell on the golf team. Terry Stewart, Bill Burnett and Pat Morrison were also Academic All-SWC and Brother Stewart was an Academic All-American. Phi’s representing the fraternity on campus were Jim Alford, vice president of Circle K; Bob Glover, Beta Gamma Sigma; Mike Young, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Curt Bradbury, secretary of Delta Sigma Pi colony; Lynn Oates, vice president of A.I.Ch.E.; Barry Coplin and Ronnie Shelby in Scabbard and Blade; Student Senator Bobby Casali, George Smith, editor of the Arkansas Engineer; Skipper Rutherford and John Toney on the TRAVELER; Dennis James and Cliff Chitwood in Cardinal XX. Michael K. Lewis, John C. May, Harry W. Mays, George L. McClure, James P. McDuff, James T. Mc- Gehee. Grey A. Neal, Thomas A. New, Lynn F. Oates, John¬ ny C. Qmnn, Frank R. Rhoades, Wayne J. Ross. James L. Rutherford, John C. Savage, Jim C. Scar¬ brough, James D. Selman, Ronald F. Shelby, Scott H. Smith. Steve A. Smith. John G. Van Bebber Jr., Tom W. Wal¬ ler, Arthur E. West Jr., Da¬ vid H. Williams, Michael L. Young. 335 A conservative attitude is shown by these Fijis at Paul Bradshaw ' s apartment. Jeffrey A. Bell, Terry G. Box, Howard A. Bradley, Paul R. Bradshaw Jr., Larry S. Bray, Joe B. Carter. Wrayphord O. Dortch Jr., Joe J. Evans, Bernard Fouke, Stephen C. Gardner, William S. Garner Jr., Todd C. Gordon. Albert S. Hartman III, Fred C. Inman, William 0. Knott, Larry W. Koehler, James H. Lennon. 336 Fiji—Only Fraternity On Campus One year ago Phi Gamma Delta was a colony. To¬ day, it is a fraternity in the fullest sense. Although one of the smallest fraternities on campus, there is just as much diversification in its membership as is found in any large house. There are the cam¬ pus activity fanatics and the goofoffs, the Dean’s List brains and the classic underachievers, the drunks and Christian Temperance Union members, the super liber¬ als and the racists, and even a guy from Peru. Somehow they manage to make a common thing of their doings. When the Fijis vacate their big, white, rented house on one corner of the old campus, a lot of memories will be left behind. Twenty years from now the doctors, law¬ yers, businessmen and farmers will recall the Mud and Snow Bowl games, parties at Bradshaw’s, Saturday afternoon skin flicks, Whiskey Chute, Purple Garter, Fiji Islander . . . The list is endless. The Fijis don’t claim to be the most socially active, or have the most campus political pull; but they’re working at it extremely hard. Stephen D. Ling, Robert C. Marquette, William R. Meredith, Henry N. Miller, Phillip W. Moudy, George E. Myers. Gary A. Owens, Janies R. Pierce III, Jeff A. Scherer, Stephen C. Sipes, Wayne A. Smith, John M. Steven III. Robert I). Stevens, John M. Stewart, Frank G. Tenery Jr., Floyd M. Thomas, Rob¬ ert Young. 337 Edmond W. Ashcraft. John R. Baker, James W. Berko- witz, Paul W. Brown Jr., Craig A. Campbell, Mich ael G. Capoot. William B. Carwell, George K. Clements, George K. Coffman, David H. Collins, Gary L. Comstock, Kenney M. Comstock. John 0. Cowgur Jr., Den¬ nis R. Curtis, Larry G. Ellis, Keith E. Faulkner, Jeffrey E. Fournier, Dane E. George. Gary C. George, Don L. Gibson, John C. Gocio, G. Wesley Goforth, James S. Griffith, Dee R. Hambright. Don B. Hawksley, Wayne A. Hurt, John C. Johnson, Wil¬ liam A. Johnson III, Ronald E. Jones, John G. Kenning. David L. McGehee, Gregory P. McKenzie, William N. Meadows, Kenton C. Miller, Danny G. Mills, Charles W. Newland. Betty McCarty, Kappa Kappa Gamma Pikes and Kappas get together with kids at Christmas to discuss their problems. 338 Pike Marks Return of Quo Vadis Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha began its 66th year at the University of Arkansas with a host of social activities. The highlight of the social fall semester was the Quo Vadis feast and dance. The Quo Vadis par¬ ty, a former PiKA tradition, gives the toga-wearer a glimpse into the age of the Roman Empire. The fall social slate ended with the annual Christmas Brunch. Among the Pikes active in campus activities were David Evans and Jim Berkowitz in Scabbard and Blake; Gary Comstock and Bill Carwell in ABC; and Gary George in the Student Senate and Cardinal XX. Pikes active in Razorback sports were Preston Ham¬ ilton, Steve Walters, Roy Fears, Louis Campbell, Tom Reed, and Kirby Clements on the varsity and freshmen football teams. John Kenning was a member of the University of Arkansas swimming team. Donald W. Newsom, Joe W. Nowlin, James N. Nutt, Wil¬ liam B. Osteen, Thomas Pate, John R. Peterson. John G. Phillips, Joseph D. Powell, Donnie L. Redd- mann, Ronald G. Redd- mann, Alexander J. Res¬ tum, Danny K. Scott. Thomas A. Seale, Joe W. Sharp, Chris Skrivanos, Stephen E. Stafford, Wil¬ liam H. Stovall, Frederick L. Washington. 339 William K. Alley, James D. Banks, James B. Barnhill, Bruce Michael Basham, Jer¬ ry D. Bassett, William W. Bateman Jr., Douglas L. Beard, John R. Beasley. John M. Beatty Jr., Jimmy Bichler, William T. Bichler, Frank R. Bloom, James E. Bost, A. Sidney Bray Jr., Claude D. Buford Jr., Ran¬ dall H. Butler. David L. Carroum, Paul M. Catlett, Joseph F. Clifton, Carleton E. Cooper, Steve W. Creekmore III, John M. Davis, Martin C. Davis, Rickey Day. James P. DeRossitt, William A. Eason, Don A. Eilbott, John R. Eldridge, Jim G. Farmer, James P. Farrell. John F. Farrell, Paul M. Farrell Jr. John R. Gardner Jr., John M. Gatling, Edward C. Gil¬ lespie, Edward A. Gordon, Noel K. Gregory, David M. Hampton, James E. Hardin, John C. Harris. Lloyd G. Hartman. John L. Haven, Richard M. Henry Jr., Dennis Jarratt, Jeffrey H. Jeter, William 0. John¬ son, Manvel 0. Juarez, James E. Justiss. William H. Kennlay, Frank L. King III, Benjamin M. Koontz, Joe Lambiotte, Rod¬ ney R. Landes, Kendall A. Laughlin, Charles S. Laws, Ewan D. Lee. The SAEs have been famous for this for a long time — eating. r i _ " ' ' V m- afli ■ B Bil % I I . 1 1 340 SAE Has Six in Varsity Sports Following traditions of past years, Arkansas Alpha Upsilon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon profited from a year of responsible leadership on the University of Arkansas campus. Brothers Jimmy Oldham and Tracy King were elect¬ ed Student Senators and Marty Davis was appointed to head a Senate committee. Brother Davis was also se¬ lected to Who’s Who. Benny Koonce was elected presi¬ dent of the Interfraternity Pledge Council. Brother Johnny Eldridge was elected vice president of Cardinal XX. Other brothers of Cardinal XX were Bill Adams and Bill Alley. Brothers in Blue Key were Tommy Walker, Marty Davis, Terry Brandt and Bill Johnson. Brothers in ODK were Jim Justiss, Alex Dillard and Dennis Berner. In addition, Brothers Gordon McNulty, Dennis Berner, Mike Hendren, Robert Lewis, Mike Boschetti and Bobby Nichols participated in Razorback varsity athletics this year. John P. Lee, Gary V. Lind- sey, Glen L. McKuin, James K. Mitchell Jr., Phillip W. Moery, John R. Morgan. John D. Naill III, Phillip E. Norwood, Gerald L. Old¬ ham, James W. Oldham, Alan B. Pruitt, Benjamin A. Rand II. Charles M. Robards, Paul W. Rust, Harry D. Sim¬ mons III, John Simmons, Walter E. Skoog, Thomas B. Smith. Charles D. Steigler Jr., krank K. Stone, William C. Tennison, Stanley A. Town¬ send, John M. Walker, Thomas B. Walker Jr. William W. Ward, Alan F. Warrick, David L. Webb, James V. Webb, Robert E. Whitehead, Virgil W. Young. 341 Mark E. Abernathy, Robert H. Adcock, William S. Ap¬ pleton, Barry H. Ballard, John R. Bass, Louis A. Bel- line, Stephen D. Benoit, Bruce H. Bethell. Phillip B. Boudreaux, Jack M. Bracy, Curtis S. Brown, Carie D. Buckley, Bruce H. Brunside, Thomas M. Byrd, David S. Canada, Paul T. Cashion. William H. Caudill, Keith M. Cochran, John L. Conner Jr., Robert H. Conner, Ran¬ dy D. Daniel, Scott N. Dan¬ iel, Richard W. Davies, John C. Deacon. Joseph B. Deacon, George T. Dick III, Frank C. El- can II, Russell H. Ewing, Robert 0. Featherston, Frank A. Fogleman, David E. Gide on, Jimmy O. God- sey. Albert C. Hardage, James H. Hargraves, Patrick H. Hays, Blan S. Heath, Tim A. Heiple, William E. Hig- ginbothom, Robert H. Hod¬ ges, Michael R. Holiman. Bill S. Hubbard, George G. Hubbard, William R. James, David W. Johnson, Jeffrey R. Johnson, Anthony W. Kendall, John A. Kornegay, William A. Lafferty. Michael R. Landers, Fletch¬ er Lewis, Larry B. Lipe, M. Newton Little, Arlis C. Long, L. Edward Marrs Jr., Bill T. Marshall, Jack E. Marshall. Spencer Epes, Chi Omega Coed tries in vain to escape snow job from Sigma Chi at annual Ski Lodge party. 342 a Chi Has Four in Who’s Who Sigma Chi is proud to have four members selected to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities this year: Bill Appleton, Dennis Raney, Pat Miller and Russ Meeks. Omega Omega Chapter also had five Student Sen¬ ators: Pat Miller, Carter Hardage, Dennis Raney, Steve Garrett and Russ Meeks. Our chapter also had 13 mem¬ bers to serve on student-faculty committees. Sigma Chis in ODK were Bill Appleton, Jeff John¬ son, Blan Heath, Ricky Higginhothom and Fred 0. Ellis. In Blue Key were Russ Ewing, Pat Miller, Larry Wilson, Carter Hardage, Russ Meeks, Bryden Moon and Dennis Rainey. Cardinal XX honors were bestowed on Tom Brillhart, Tom Staley, David Wilkes, Rob Porter and Scott Wood. Sigma Chis served as president of several campus organizations including the Arkansas Booster Club, Scabbard and Blade, Blue Key, and Cardinal XX. Phillip McCarty, Benjamin McGraw, Charles McNair, William Meeks, Patrick Mil¬ ler, Bryden Moon, Remmel Nunn. Robert Porter, John Powell. Jamie Pratt, Christopher Raff, Dennis Rainey, Earle Rudolph, John Rutledge. Dean Sanders, Donald Sand¬ ers, John Sawatski, Graham Shannon, Carl Sheid, Camp¬ bell Skokos, Thomas Staley. Jimmy Stokes, John Stokes, Sammy Strong, James Tho¬ mas, John Walker, Taylor Wilkes, Ivan Williams. James Williams, Charles Williamson, Larry Wilson, Scott Wood, Stephen Wood, William Woodyard. 343 Carol Lovelady Delta Gamma Snakes (and other unidentifiables) crawled out of the grass for Sadie Hawkins. M. Sheppard Akins, Joseph M. Anderson, Michael G. Ashmore, Michael L. Barnes, Clay B. Barnett, C. Patrick Bodisbaugh, Willard L. Brat¬ ton Jr. Russell Brown, Robert H. Carter, Allen R. Casey, Stephen G. Clinkenbeard, Jerry L. Coates, Stephen M. Courtenay, George S. De- han. Randall E. Dodge, Robert T. Douglass Jr., David M. Dover, Michael E. Durham, John A. Faucette, Dane Ful¬ mer, Gary S. Gammill. Randall L. Gammill, James E. Gill Jr., James H. Glover, Gerald R. Graves, Walter E. Henderson, Henry C. Hink, Lamar Howard. Dean P. Hughen, Herbert B. Hughes, Stephen C. Hurley, Grady B. Jean Jr., Charles T. Jones, David L. Jones. 344 a Nu Has Largest Membership Boasting the largest active membership of campus fraternities, Gamma Upsilon of Sigma Nu proved that in some cases quantity does mean quality. Phil Malcolm was chosen for Who’s Who in Amer¬ ican Colleges and Universities, Craig Metcalf was chosen outstanding Industrial Engineering Student for the sec¬ ond year in a row and Dean Hughen was selected for Cardinal XX. Sigma Nu was also represented in Blue Key, ODK, Phi Eta Sigma and Theta Tau. Brother Bill Montgomery’s passing to another Sigma Nu, All-American Chuck Dicus, led the Razorbacks to a successful season and Sigma Nu also won the AAA intramural football championship for the fifth time in the past seven years. The treasurer of 1FC, the chairman of the Gaebale entertainment committee and the circulation and assist¬ ant circulation managers for the TRAVELER were all Sigma Nu’s. Mike Durham, Phil Malcom and Dean Hughen also served as Student Senators. Dan R. Keeter, Steve L. Kinzler, James S. Kniseley, I rank G. Langham, Law¬ rence L. Logan, John D. Maxey. Alonzo D. McAllister, Rob¬ ert G. McCreight III, Charles C. Metcalf, David G. Morrow, Terry M. Muse, James M. Parker. Tim Parker, Galen B. Pell- ham, Phillip P. Pettit, Den¬ nis E. Ritchie, Charles R. Scott, John L. Shafer III. Phillip A. Shellabarger, Roger B. Smith, N. Jerald Sparks, Thomas K. Starnes Jr., John C. Stevens, David C. Thomas. Ray C. Thomas, William E. Wellons, Gary M. Wester- man, Charles P. Wilbert, Richard H. Wolfe, Harry L. Yancey. 345 Clinton P. Atchley, David C. Barnett, Rick P. Bartley, William E. Bishop, Freddie N. Bollinger, Robert D. Bon- nell. Garry H. Brunson, Keith L. Brunson, Jim Buchan, Rob¬ ert 0. Buck III, Lewis A. Bunch, Ralph J. Carlson. James W. Carpenter, Kelly C. Carter, David M. Cathey, Morris R. Cowan, Robert W. Crouch, James A. Dare. Lynn A. David, Stephen N. DeLaney, Douglas E. Drum¬ mond, William H. Dykes, John B. Frazier, Fred J. Fullerton. Michael R. Gott, Bartus M. Gray, Winfred T. Gray, Ralph J. Hall, William B. Hearnsberger, Rodney K. Jamison. John P. Jenkins Jr., David W. Jones, Marcus H. Lam- berth, Duane Lanier, Wil¬ liam F. Little, Stephen J. Mashburn. Philip C. Matthews, Bruce E. Mauldin, Raymond M. Maus, Charles S. McCreery, William Y. McCreery, Jos¬ eph E. Moore. Jim Sloan found out that being Greek has advantages, like going to the Chicago Playboy Club. Kathy Gibbons, Zeta Tau Alpha 346 Men of Sig Ep Uphold Traditions Once again, at the close of another academic year, the men of Arkansas Alpha of Sigma Phi Epsilon can look with pride on a year of success in practically every aspect of campus activity. The “Brothers of the Golden Heart” more than upheld the high traditions which they have established since their founding here in 1907. Selected for membership in Cardinal XX were Brent Turkington and Bob Buck. Mike Mashburn was honor¬ ed with selection for Who’s Who in American Colleges. Brother Mashburn along with Mike Fitzhugh and Jim Johnson were members of Blue Key. Mike Mashburn and Garry Brunson were members of Alpha Kappa Psi. Sig Eps showed leadership in Arn¬ old Air Society, Pershing Rifles and Scabbard and Blade. Brother John Rees represented Sig Ep by starting at flanker for the Razorback football team. Fred Mooney was an outstanding basketball player and Bill Bishop, H. A. Scott and Bill Standley were baseball standouts. Ralph M. Moore, Tom C. Neace, James C. Owen, Reece A. Parham, Carl E. Parker, James C. Patridge, David E. Petersen. Michael L. Purifoy, Sam S. Puryear, Scott Puryear, H. Terry Rasco, Peter A. Schrimpf, H. A. Scott, Wil¬ liam W. Shirley. Jim E. Sloan, Michael G. Smith, Billy G. Standley, John E. Stone, Steve R. Stone, Randy L. Teague. Brent S. Turkington, Rich¬ ard C. Twist Jr., Jeff B. Welch, Charles C. Williams, Ronald B. Workman, Jack H. Young. 517 Some Sigma Pis were happy about the draft lottery; others sold their books. Michael D. Abbiatti, Dwight Bailey, Frank P. Bane Jr., Donald E. Bishope, Charles S. Bright. Terry Q. Carson, Richard W. Chapman. Charley M. Chu, Larry E. Crumby, Donald O. Cun- nion, Kevin H. Danaher, John C. Dillaplain, Thomas M. Dover, Sammy C. Dun¬ dee. David H. Earle, Walter R. Fey Jr., Ronald E. Flowers, Conrad R. Garner, Danny R. Gray, John R. Green, James E. Gresham. Edward A. Grober, James L. Hanna, Bev T. Hargraves, Otis O. Harris, Robert S. Harrison, James H. Jackson, Bobby J. Jenkins. 348 Cheerleader Captain Is Sigma A brother selected to Who’s Who and as president of ODK highlighted Alpha Sigma chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity’s 22nd year on the University campus. Selected for Who’s Who was Steve Wingfield who also captained the Razorback cheerleaders. Dwight Bailey, Steve Neely and Ronnie Pearrow also served as cheerleaders. Sigma Pi had six men in Omicron Delta Kappa. Frank Bane served as vice president of Alpha Phi Omega and Donnie Bishop was secretary of IFC and editor of The Guild Ticker. Three brothers were selected for Blue Key. Bill Wright was managing editor of the TRAVELER and president of the Southwest Journalism Congress. Jon Keel served a second term as graduate editor. Six Sigma Pis were also representative of the fra¬ ternity in Scabbard and Blade during 1969-1970. The Arnold Air Society also tapped two Sigma Pis for membership this year. Leroy Jeske, Charles S. Johnson, Robert D. Korich, David A. Lemons, Roy C. McGraw, William R. Mc- Kamey, James G. Meiser. Harold J. Morse, Stephen G. Parkis, Jesse E. Porter Jr., Jimmy E. Priest, Thomas M. Riggs, William D. Ritchie, Carle A. Rob¬ bins III. Phil E. Roetzel, Louis N. Rowland, Gary E. Ryker, Joseph L. Saia Jr., Joseph H. Snowden, James D. Stroud, John H. Thomas. John I). Toland, Jim Tuck¬ er, Harry Wadsworth Jr., Roland E. Williams, Robert A. Wingfield, Steve R. Wingfield, William W. Wright. 349 Michael A. Barham, Mike G. Baugher, Charles W. Beardall, Donald R. Bell, Stephen W. Blake, Robert W. Bowen. Melvin D. Bradford, Chuck Carpino, James M. Cawood Jr., Ronald J. Classen, R. J. Craig, Buster R. Colbert. Don B. Cronkhite. Alan L. Doan, Bobby A. Donaghe, William W. Eoff, Richard N. Fitts, Daniel E. Ford. Lane L. Ford, Bevley E. Foster, Robert G. Glover, Ricky L. Halbert, Ronald R. Hall, George M. Huber, Lewis A. Huddle Jr. Kathy Dailey Off Campus Tekes welcome new pledges on th3 steps cf the Union after fall rush. 350 Teke Has ASG Vice President The conclusion of the academic year for the Theta- Xi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon marks the end of Teke’s ninth year on the UofA campus. Along with cam¬ pus officers in Alpha Phi Omega, SAM and three chair¬ men in Student Senate committees, Tekes captured the vice-presidency of the Student Body. Tekes also had members in ODK, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pre-Law Club, ABC, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society and Tau Beta Pi. Terry Jones, ASG vice presi¬ dent, was also selected for Who’s Who. The highlight of the fall social scene was the success¬ ful Teke Homecoming Party and March of Dimes Bene¬ fit Dance. With winter gone the entire chapter became involved in spring activities which were sparked off by the annual Red Carnation Ball and the “Night in the Islands” party. As part of the world’s largest social fraternity, the Tekes of Theta-Xi always hold before them the precepts of their international organization, “Not for wealth, rank or honor, but for personal worth and character.” David W. Jacobi, Forrest L. Jacobi, Clinton C. Jones, Robert P. Jones, Thomas R. Lewis, Karl J. Lindquist. Paul N. Matt, Mark L. Mar¬ tin, Steven K. Martin, Rich¬ ard A. McKinstry, Phillip L. Morrison, John R. Neal. Mark E. Nicholls, Richard I). Norton, Kenneth E. Pol¬ lock, Joe C. Rice, Richard D. Rogers Jr., David D. Sea¬ ton. Buddy B. Spivey, Brian P. Sullivan, Robert L. White, Ronald N. Whitley, Ander¬ son H. Williams III, Lanny T. Winberry, Andrew J. Ziser. 351 Theta Tau ' s take time out from their slide rules and other necessities of life to enjoy the commonplace things in life. David C. Alexander, David L. Ballenger, Michael R. Childers, Wiley H. Christal, Frank S. Crow, Robert A. Davidson. Don Dillard, William S. Eden, Donald J. Elrod, James L. Gattis II, Gary L. Gibson, Robert S. Harp. Jerry E. Howard, Michael A. Limbird, Marc G. Paul¬ son, Michael D. Selig, Bill M. Vest, Larry K. Waits. 352 Theta Tau’s Move To New House Theta Tau is a national professional engineering fra¬ ternity open only to students in the College of Engineer¬ ing. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote profes¬ sionalism, scholastic achievement and brotherhood, with the common goal of pursuance of engineering in its various branches. Theta Taus were active in both the College of En¬ gineering and in the other phases of college life. Theta Taus served as leaders for the technical societies and the engineering council. Tapped for Blue Key were Bill Johnson, Tommy Walker and Craig Metcalf. Tapped for Omicron Delta Kappa were Bill Plunkett, Don Dillard and Bill Vest. Theta Tau’s social calendar was filled with numer¬ ous parties, as well as the Founder’s Day Banquet, St. Patricia Banquet and the local Founding Banquet. To christen their new house. Theta Tau ' s gathered together and decided to set the curve on their next five tests — they did. 353 4 « % " 354 355 Gary A. Aaron, Marinell C. Adair, Charles M. Adams, Stephen E. Adams, Elmer H. Ahrens, Charlene Akers, Robert S. Alcorn. Hugh V. Alderson, Barbara T. Alexander, David E. Alexander, Lawrence A. Alexander, Walter E. Allbright Jr., Danny R. Allen, J. Davis Allen. Robert W. Allen, Tom Allen, Wil¬ liam 0. Allen, Myron D. Almond, Vickie L. Almond, Becky Alsip, Larry E. Alsip. Donna G. Alter, Arthur J. Ander¬ son, Judy A. Anderson, Lyndall E. Anderson, Camille M. Anderson, Charlotte D. Anthony, Thomas M. Anthony. Bobby J. Applegate, Enrica J. Ardemagni, Loyce A. Ardemagni, Freddy E. Armholt, Pamela N. Ar¬ rington, Tracy C. Atchison, Eliza¬ beth S. Atkinson. Norma G. Austin, Raymond M. Avery, David L. Ayres, Richard L. Ayres, Kennv W. Bailey, Patricia K. Bailey, Allen W. Baker. James H. Baker, Johnny B. Baker, Karen L. Baker. Susan L. Baker, David Baldi. Billy C. Baldwin, Michael T. Baldwin. Vernoice G. Baldwin, Robert L. Ball, Norman E. Ballenger, Marcel¬ line L. Banks, Vicki J. Banks, C. Fred Barbee, Jerry G. Barner. Billie D. Barnes, James C. Barnes Jr., Robert A. Barnes, Mary E. Barnett, Joe T. Barron, David L. Bartholomew, Edwin S. Barton. Ronald R. Barton, Gene J. Bartsch, David M. Bassett, Don C. Bassett, Charles D. Batson. Gavel A. Bau- gus, Randolph B. Bayliss. Arthur D. Beakley, Ronnie E. Beal, Leroy V. Beard. Jack D. Bearden, James L. Beaty, Patricia K. Becker, John Belford. 356 Carolyn M. Bell, Dan B. Bell, J. C. Bell, Judy A. Bell, Sarah N. Bell, Shirley M. Bell, Michael S. Benge. Stephen B. Bennett, Ishmael C. Benton, Linda A. Berkowitz, Allan I). Berry Jr., Sanford L. Beshear, John C. Besse, Donald R. Better- ton. Heather A. Bevil, John T. Beyenka, Michael B. Bibby, Judy J. Bill¬ ingsley, Brad O. Binkley, Samuel N. Bird, David O. Birkett. Douglas G. Bishop, Nancy L. Bishop, Larry M. Bittle, Theresa G. Bittle, Larry A. Black, Calon E. Blackburn, Wilbur D. Blackmon Jr. Jerry D. Blackwood, Marion G. Blalock, James A. Bland Jr., Step¬ hen R. Blood, Stephen E. Blythe, Larry J. Boccarossa, Linda L. Boen. Bill W. Bolding, David B. Boles, Martha L. Boles, Koni J. Boone, Sandye L. Boone, Eddie V. Booth, Marc Borengasser. Garrett L. Bosley, Johnita S. Bos¬ ley, Robert S. Bosley, David B. Bostian, Evelyn G. Bowen, Barton C. Bowers, Fred R. Bowman. James E. Boyd, Martha D. Boyd, Media A. Boyd, R. V. Boyd jr., Ronald L. Boyer, Nina A. Brad¬ bury, Elizabeth L. Bradley. Jim D. Bradley, Mark K. Bradley, Michael R. Bradley, Jerry D. Branch, Mary R. Brand, Felix S. Brashears II, Elvert L. Brewer. Girtha M. Brewer, Rommie G. Brewer, Wendy B. Brewer, Philip I). Bridges, William G. Brill, Stephen M. Brister, Frederick C. Britten. Larry J. Brooks, Martha S. Brooks, Boyce C. Brown, Craig J. Brown, Danny C. Brown, Irwin H. Brown, J. Scott Brown. 357 Jacky S. Brown, Lewis L. Brown, Richard L. Brown, Robert E. Brown, Robert R. Brown, Sara M. Brown, Stanley A. Brown. Robert E. Browning, James H. Broyles Jr., David A. Bruns, Char¬ les L. Bryan, John D. Bryant, Sharon K. Bryant, Timothy J. Bryniarski. William H. Buchanan, Danny F. Bufford, Johnny M. Bufford, Sher¬ rill A. Bufford, Danny M. Bulling- ton, Beverly H. Burch, Shirley J. Burger. Thomas C. Burger, Thomas V. Burkett, Mary L. Burkhardt, Bud¬ dy W. Burkhart, Donald H. Burks, Herbert T. Burnett, Jerry W. Bu- nett. Ronald S. Burnett, Charles W. Burns, Robert E. Burris, Terry G. Burruss, Charles L. Burt, Alice J. Burton, Charles R. Burton. Harlan R. Butler, William C. By¬ ers, Frank W. Bynum Jr., David F. Byrd, Howard G. Cain Jr., James J. Calloway, Michael L. Calloway. Clyde J. Calvin, William R. Cam¬ eron, Kenneth L. Campbell, Jerry L. Canfield, Robert L. Cannon, W r illiam D. Carethers, Donna Carl¬ son. Arthur W. Carlsten, Bill P. Carn¬ ahan, Gary L. Carnahan, Mary F. Carnahan, David W. Carnes, Ron¬ ald M. Carnes, Carolyn K. Carney. Gail L. Carney, George R. Carney, Janette S. Carney, A1 C. Carpenter, Barbara A. Carpenter, David J. Carpenter, Diane Carpenter. James R. Carpenter, Bobby R. Carr, Sharon V. Carr. Mike E. Car- roll, Rene T. Carson, Garry Carter, Harvey B. Carter. Richard N. Carter, Robert D. Car¬ ter, Thomas H. Carter, Cathy Cas- to, Donald L. Cawthon, William M. Cawthon, Jack B. Chadsey Jr. 358 Louis P. Chalfant, David F. Chambers, Darrell E. Chancellor, Grady Chancey Jr., Rebecca A. Chaney, Leland R. Chapman, Glenn M. Charlesworth. John C. Cheatham, Henry C. Che nault Jr., Nadine R. Chenault, James L. Cheshier, Kathryn S. Cheshier, Richard M. Childress, Susan Christman. Gary A. Church, Garry L. Church, William G. Clack, Daniel R. Clark, Diane T. Clark, Ernest G. Clark, Janice S. Clark. Robert E. Clark, Trice C. Clark, Robert A. Clarke, Jerry B. Clay¬ ton, Herschel W. Cleveland, Leona K. Cleveland, Orville C. Clift. Scott K. Clifton, Harold O. Cline- hens, Connie J. Cloe, Lyndol E. Cloe, Wilfred P. Cluse, Robert E. Coates, James E. Cobb. Susan F. Cody, Thomas H. Cog- burn, Leta K. Cole, Randell C. Coleman, Cooper O. Collins, Mar¬ tha J. Collins, William P. Combs. Frederick L. Condray, William J. Connell, Diana Connelly, Bill Conner,, Faune C. Conner, Mich¬ ael E. Coogan, Don L. Cook. Intimate dinner parties off campus. 359 Joe D. Cook, Lewis E. Cook, Clif¬ ford H. Cooper, Stephen W. Coop¬ er, Steven W. Cooper, Reggie A. Corbitt, Phillip S. Core. Barry M. Corkern, Robert R. Cort- iner, Kenneth L. Cotterman, Avis B. Cotton, Dennis Cottrell, Char¬ lotte F. Couch, Alan Dale Cox. David M. Cox, Nancy C. Cox, Rob¬ ert H. Crank, Carol Cravens, David R. Cravens, Linda H. Crawford, Richard Crawford. Richard W. Crawford, Sharon B. Crider, Patricia D. Crigger, Mar¬ tha J. Crudup, Robert F. Crudup, David S. Culberson, Charmayne B. Cullom. Curtis N. Culver, Lena B. Cunning¬ ham, Kenneth R. Cupples, Donald A. Cureton, Douglas W. Curran, Sandra K. Curran, Robert S. Cur¬ rie. Gerald G. Dailey, Kathleen S. Dai¬ ley, James L. Dale, Gregory A. Dalke, Paul W. Dalke, William H. Dangers, Julia C. Daniel. Ellen G. Darby, Frederick H. Dark, John D. Darnall, James E. Darr Jr., James R. Daugherty, Lou A. Daugherty, Robert R. Daugherty. Kenneth P. Davenport, David G. Davies, Brian L. Davis, Jacqueline L. Davis, James E. Davis, James F. Davis, Larry G. Davis. Tony M. Davis, Winston G. Davis, Terry D. Deal, Ronald R. Dean, William J. DeClerk, Carol A. De- Clue, Walter D. Dees Jr. Steve W. Deeter, Linda T. Dejar- natt, Edmond N. Dempsey, Jerry L. Dennis, Ronald E. Dennis, Michael W. Deppeler, Cynthia M. Deskin. Sarah J. Deskin, Larry S. Devin- ney, Connie R. DeWitt, Lewis E. Dewitt, Jeri A. Dibrell, Peggy R. Dillahunty, Donald J. Dillingham. 360 Betty L. Dixon, Gus A. Dobbs, Jen¬ nings G. Dobbs, Thomas A. Dober, Cecelia M. Dodson, Ralph D. Dol¬ lar, Janet A. Dominguez. Ronald I). Dorsey, Kent A. Doss, Margaret J. Douglas, Susan K. Douglas. William J. Douglass, Charles E. Drake, Elizabeth M. Duell. Michael D. Duell, Miriam H. Duell, Octavrius C. Duffy Jr., Ann M. Duggar, Nan C. Duggar, William A. Dunaway, John R. Dunbar. Bruce C. Duncan, Robert N. Dun¬ can, Joe W. Durley, Danny W. Durning, Shirley M. Durning, Lin¬ da K. Earp, Stephen J. Earp. Douglas G. Easley, Larry W. Ea¬ ton, Mary W. Eaton,William A. Eaton, Ernest E. Edens, Steve Ed¬ mondson, Linda F. Edsell. James E. Edson, Andrea Edwards, Judith A. Edwards, Ronnie L. Ed¬ wards, Charles E. Elias, Marcia H. Elizandro, Burton L. Elliott. Lovella S. Elliott, George D. Ellis, Rebecca M. Ellis, Virgil E. Ellis, Patricia A. Elmore, William G. El¬ more, Clinton B. Elms. Charles P. Epley, Thomas H. Ernst, Barbara J. Ersland, James M. Erstine Jr., Thomas A. Esch- baugh, Richard D. Estes, Floyd G. Estopy. Bill D. Etter, Cathy G. Evans, L. Victor Evans, Marshall D. Evans, George G. Eubanks, James L. Eu¬ banks, David R. Evans. Ralph M. Evans, John C. Everett, Roy R. Ewing, Billie L. Fagala, Ed¬ ward T. Fain, Carolyn S. Farmer, Elaine F. Farmer. Edward S. Featherston, Phillip K. Feeney, John A. Feltner, Phyliss J. Fennell, Billy E. Ferguson, Gibbs Ferguson, Jerrel N. Fielder. 361 Robert R. Fielding, David M. Fields, Linda F. Fields, William R. Fields, Thelma D. Fifer, Philip A. Fine, Joe D. Finn. Nick R. Finn, Robert F. Fisher, Donald K. Fitzgerald, Martin E. Fletcher, Michael D. Fletcher, San¬ dra G. Flora, Judy R. Florence. James D. Flowers, Cynthia S. Fly, James L. Fly Jr., Jerry C. Fly, Norman W. Flynn, William N. Flynn, Dalmer R. Ford. Georganne J. Fordyce, Larry G. Forsgren, Vincent W. Foster Jr., Michael A. Fouke. Ronald O. Fowler, William E. Fowler, Dottie L. Fox. James M. Framel, Albert M. Frankenberger, Bobby L. Freeman, Carell T. Freeman, Gwendolyn R. Freeman, Sharon R. Freeman, Step¬ hen R. Freeman. Gary G. Friday, Steven H. Fritts, Roy E. Frost Jr., Harold David Fulfer, Carl L. Garbbard, Michael H. Galloway, Ronny G. Galloway. David J. Garcia, Rufus C. Garland Jr., Brent S. Garner, George G. Garner, Kenneth L. Garner, Re- gena L. Garner, Robert E. Garner. Francis A. Garofalo, Robert W. Garrett, Dale C. Garrison, Ervan G. Garrison, Winfred W. Garrison, Roger Gasaway, Kenneth W. Gates. Myra J. Gates, John L. Gay, Jos¬ eph P. Gazzola, Leonard E. Geh- ring, Stephen A. Geigle, Cynthia A. Gentry, Mark Z. Gentry. Linda S. Geoghagan, David C. George, Terrence M. George, Jack W r . Geurin, Alton D. Gibson, Michael L. Gibson, Stephen R. Giles. Lucien R. Gillham, Edward C. Gil- low, Glenn A. Glover, Doc God¬ win, Kenneth R. Goines, Richard A. Gollow, Patricia A. Gooding. 362 Eddie C. Gordon, John J. Graffy, George G. Graham, Richard D. Graham, Rodney G. Graham, Tim¬ othy G. Graham, Charles C. Gray Jr. James M. Gray, John D. Gray, Troy A. Gray, Betty A. Greene, Gary L. Green, Gwendolyn Green, Harry S. Green. Judi J. Green, Rickey H. Green, Robert F. Green, John C. Gregg, Henry W. Gresham, Marianne Grif- fe, Gary G. Griffin. Gary L. Griggs, Ronald L. Griggs, Carl E. Grimes, Charles A. Grimes, Margaret J. Grippe, Ronald J. Grippe, Mary A. Grisham. David F. Grober, William N. Groce, Dolores B. Guido, Carol A. Guinn, Eddie L. Guinn, Kenneth M. Guthrie, Rita M. Guynn. Ruth E. Guynn, Gary L. Hadley, D. Lance Haines, Steve A. Ha l- brook, Robert G. Haley Jr., Gary C. Hall, Jon A. Hall. Richard D. Hall, Lawrence R. Handley, Regina F. Haney, Ron¬ ald H. Haney, Stuart W. Hankins, Donna L. Hanna, Robert E. Han¬ son. Now, let me see! Did Mom say right over left, or left over right? vj 30 M V25t 363 Harley J. Harber, Dennis D. Harb- erson. Bo Hardy, David M. Hargis, Robert G. Harkness, Marilyn F. Harlan, Jerry W. Hamer. Jim D. Harp, Wayne B. Harrell, Lyndell L. Harrington, Linda M. Harris, Meza G. Harris, Patrick A. Harris, Randy Hart. Robert L. Hart Jr., Rebecca A. Hartman, Marshall Hatfield, Diana F. Hausmann, Russell W. Haver, Robert J. Hawkins, Ronald R. Hawkins. Gary L. Hayden, J. Doyne Hayes, Paul S. Hayes, William J. Hayes, James R. Haymon, John B. Heas- ton, Shelby A. Heflin. Marshia S. Henbest, Paula K. Hen- best, Nelson V. Hency, Clyde H. Henderson Jr., Eric T. Henderson, John V. Hendrix, Nathaniel T. Henley. Linda S. Henry, Ronnie D. Henry, Thomas W. Henry, Catherine A. Henze, James M. Hester, David E. Hibler, Glenn A. Higginbotham Jr. Toni E. Higgins, Mike D. High¬ tower, Steve A. Hightower, Tom L. Hilburn, Beth A. Hildbold, Carl A. Hill, Darius B. Hill III. David B. Hill, Deborah L. Hill, Edward Hill, Jerilyn B. Hill, Rich¬ ard A. Hill, Rollin T. Hilliard, Bar¬ bara J. Hinton. Malcolm C. Hinton, Herman F. Hodge, Joe H. Hodges, Paul S. Hodnett, Dale C. Hoff, John C. Hogati, Allen B. Holden. David R. Holliday, Dan L. Hol¬ lingsworth, Margaret L. Holmes, Ronald D. Holmes, Howard L. Holt, Terry E. Holt, Watson Holy- field V. Barbara L. Holzwarth, James T. Hon, Waree Hongsaprug, Mary J. Hopkins, Nichols L. Hopper, Da¬ vid R. Horn, Frederick R. Horn. 364 Judy G. Horton, Barry Lee House, Elaine A. House, Charles N. How¬ ard, Stephen B. Howard, Charles L. Howell, Deri G. Howerton.. Ching F. Hsieh, Heyden M. Hucke, Samuel T. Hucke, Donna F. Hud¬ son, John L. Huens, Donna C. Huffman, Ronnie D. Hughes. Steve J. Hughes, Charles N. Huggs, Mary E. Hughey, Anne Hunt, James L. Hunt, John R. Hunt, Michael E. Hunt. James D. Hunter, Nancy C. Hunter, Mimi Huppert, Ross M. Hussey, Judith C. Husted, James B. Hutch¬ ens, Connie R. Hutson. Deborah C. Hyde, Dana G. Irby, Pamela Kay Iverson, Connie S. Ivey, Daniel Edward Jackson, James B. Jackson, Janis J. Jack- son. Jimmy C. Jackson, Alan K. Jag- gers„ Alan R. James, Danny R. James, Steven A. Jameson, Leon N. Jamison, Randall C. Jarman. Larry P. Jarnagan, Linda J. Jarn- agan, James L. Jarrett, Judith A. Jarstad, Christina M. Jefferson, Thomas C. Jefferson, Henrietta Jenkins. William G. Jenkins, Archie W. Jennings, Billy F. Jennings, Ellen L. Jennings, John E. Jennings, De- loras J. Jensen, Tommy R. Jensen. Glenn A. Jent, Mary J. Jent, Paul E. Jeske, Billy F. Jester, Anna M. Johnson, Betty J. Johnson, Bobby R. Johnson. Dick S. Johnson, Donald G. John¬ son, Gordon N. Johnson, John C. Johnson Jr., Judy Johnson, Larry D. Johnson, Mary G. Johnson. Perry W. Johnson, Thomas R. Johnson, Albert D. Johnston, Linda D. Johnston, Norris N. Johnston, Carol A. Jones, Deborah E. Jones. 365 Guy F. Jones, Jerry M. Jones, Kenneth F. Jones, Larry D. Jones, Larry V. Jones, Lorri Jones, Mary L. Jones. Robert W. Jones, Tracy D. Jones, Troy G. Jones, William R. Jones, Bobbye J. Jordan, Gerald B. Jor¬ dan, James B. Jordan. Eugene G. Joyce, Phillip F. Kal- cich, Balram C. Karamchandani, Benjamin F. Keahey II, Florece K. Keahey, Glen P. Keaton, Larry W. Keaton. Ricky H. Keen, Vicki L. Keen, Ronnie L. Keener, Tommy J. Keith, Reginald D. Kelley, Russell D. Kelley, Bill E. Kelly. John P. Kelly, Mary B. Kelly, Stephen B. Kelly, Janice E. Kempf, Johnny E. Kever, C. Jane Key, Francis S. Key Jr. James L. Key, Dorothy D. Khor- ramy. Dean H. King, Deborah A. King, Don G. King, Gary C. King, Linda L. King. Ronald W. King, Terry R. King, William D. King, Edward A. Kin¬ ney, Frank L. Kinney, Karen L. Kinney, John J. Kirby. Edward 0. Kirchhoff, Anita. M. Kirk, William E. Kirkpatrick, Car- roll D. Kissinger, Phyllis A. Kis- sire, Thomas P. Kittrell, Michael L. Kleck. Charles E. Kluttz, Brenda S. Knee, Floyd P. Knipe, Janice M. Knipe, Anit$ Lynne Knod, G. Thurston Knox, Katy S. Koch. PhiliD C. Koch, Roger L. Kocher, T. Steve Koenigseder, Esteban Koosau, Anna K. Kopp, George S. Kopp, Joseph E. Kraynik. Georgianna Kurtz, John E. Lach- owsky, Gay Lacy HI, Jack R. Ladyman, Michael D. Lamb, Janice Ann Lancaster, Stephen A. Lance. 366 Jerry L. Langley, Michael V. Lar¬ son, Morris C. Lassiter, George W. Lavender, Charlena M. Law, James L. Lawrence, Timothy C. Lawrence. Peggy L. Lawson, William G. Lea, Charles H. Lee, James T. Lee, Lin¬ da C. Lee, Susan J. Leeman, Eliza heth A. Lecton. Anita J. Leflett, Fredric Roth Lehle, Jack R. Leib, Ronald L. Lemke, Carolyn R. Leonard, Doug¬ las K. Leslie, Marie G. Leslie. Robert A. Lewis, George W. Lid¬ dell, Dwight Lincoln, Frieda H. Lincoln, Mark A. Linder, Allen W. Linnen, Maria D. Linnen. John M. Lipin, Charles R. Lip- pard, Gustave L. Lippman, Clyde L. Little Jr., Terry W. Little, Mich¬ ael C. Livingston, Philip W. Liv¬ ingston. Gary W. Logan, John L. Lombard, Jacquelin S. Long, Norman C. Long, Tommy L. Lonon, Kathleen I). Lordan, Don W. Love. Judith R. Lovell, Larry G. Lovell, Gary L. Low, Ronnie W. Lowe, Donna K. Lucas, Richard H. Luce, Steven R. Luce. Anybody can cook. All it takes is a cook¬ book and a lot of imagination. 367 F. Michael Luck, Mary G. Luck, Rhonda L. Luper, Weldon H. Ly- barger, Lyn M. Lynch, Lynn G. Lynch, P. Terrence Lynch. Ivan L. McAbee, Beverly J. Mc¬ Alister, Victoria M. McBride, Charles J. McCall, Colleen D. Mc¬ Carthy, Linda J. McCaskill, Billy S. McClain. Carol J. McClelland, John M. Mc¬ Clure, William H. McClure, Rich¬ ard D. McConnell, Louise W. Mc¬ Cormick, Mary S. McCracken, Tonya I. McCuistion. Weldon L. McCulloch Jr., Loren T. McCune, Craig E. McDonald, Gary K. McDonald. Julie W. Mc¬ Donald, Peggy D. McFerran, Sam¬ uel L. McFerran. Ronald W. McGhee, Dale P. Mc- Ginty, James C. McGinty, Jr., Maxey B. McGowen, Dan L. Mc- Grew, Betty B. McHale, Richard L. Mcllveene. Ronald W. Mcllveene, Donnie R. McIntosh, Linda P. McKellar, Charles M. McKenzie, Joe L. Mc- Keown, Jerry R. McKinney, Rob¬ ert B. McKissick. W. Thomas McKissick, Dennis E. McKown, Charles C. McLane, Charles H. McLaughlin, Doyle L. McLean, Charles W. McMillian, Ricky C. McMurry. Charles W. McMurtry, Deborah A. McNeal, Jack A. McNulty, William A. McVey Jr., Anne L. McWil¬ liams, John T. Mack, Margaret N. Mack. J. David Maddox, James R. Mad¬ dox, Farris E. Madison Jr., Carl J. Madsen, Larry E. Maggard, Wil¬ liam W. Magness, Harold W. Ma¬ jors. Renie R. Mallory, Michael A. Malloy, Donald L. Malone, Carl M. Maner, J. Alfred Mangiara- cina, Helen R. Mansur, Cynthia L. Marks. Ginger E. Marple, Barbara L. Mar- sac, Charles W. Marsac, Martha J. Marshall, Jerry D. Martens, Carol A. Martin, Edwynn J. Martin. Kenna J. Martin, Stephen C. Mar¬ tin, Mike L. Mashburn, Ollie C. Mason, Carol A. Massie, Sally 0. Mathews, Rebecca G. Mathias. Gordon C. Matteson, Dennis M. Matthews, Donna M. Matthews, Phillip L. Maxwell, James P. May, Robert C. May, Eldon R. Mayfield. Linda J. Meadows, Charles E. Means Jr., Robert W. Medley, Robert W. Meinecke, Alan S. Meins, Presley M. Melton, Bruce T. Menefee. Charles O. Merriman, Edgar H. Metcalf Jr., Joseph Meurer, Kinch E. Meyer Jr., Robert E. Meyer, Sheryl A. Michels, Pat Mickle. Thomas M. Milburn, Richard D. Miles, Alex F. Miller, Danny A. Miller, Diane C. Miller, Gayla K. Miller, John N. Miller. Joseph S. Miller, Don G. Mills, William P. Mills, Charles D. Mil- ton, Randy L. Minnick, David G. Minton, John T. Mitchell. Margo Mitchell, Johnny C. Mize, Shokrollah Mohammadi, Sharon K. Montee, Andrew N. Moore, Atha- line Moore, Carl F. Moore. Dewey Moore Jr., Dwight W. Moore, Gail F. Moore, Lynnda L. Moore, Nicholas R. Moore Jr., Sherry I. Morphis, David E. Mor¬ ris. Susan R. Morris, Richard D. Mor¬ rison, Donald G. Morrow, Hubert D. Morrow, Henry Morschheimer, Carolyn S. Morse, Crockett D. Morse. John R. Moseley Jr., Murray C. Moser, Danny E. Moudy, Larry Z. Mourer, Margaret C. Mourer, Ken¬ neth R. Mourton, Gary E. Mullins. Margret H. Murphy, Nancy R. Murray, Eleanor S. Musick, Joe A. Musick, Danny L. Myers, John P. Myers, Margaret R. Nalley. 369 Joann M. Neely, John E. Neely, Murray M. Neely, Karen S. Neff, Johnnie L. Neill, Jack G. Nelson, Joyce C. Nelson. Lonnie J. Nelson, Nancy A. Net¬ tles, John R. New, Janice L. New- 1 in, Michael D. Newman, Albert C. Newton, Dawn K. Newton. Keith L. Newton. Daniel E. Nich¬ ols, Rodney G. Nickel, Nancy A. Nix, Steve F. Nix, Glennis C. Nokes, Jim W. Nokes. Robert S. Norris, Virginia R. Nor¬ ris, Paul E. NottenkamDer, Terry Nugent, Frederick A. Nuttleman, Stephen A. Nwaogwugkiu, Dennis C. Odom. Evertt L. O’Donnell, John H. Og¬ den, John W. Oldner, Steven R. Oliver, Peter J. O’Malley, James R. O’Neill, Wesley F. Opela. Dorothy D. Orahood, Jack L. Orli- cek, Daniel B. O ' Roark, William S. Orr, James T. Orrell Jr., J. Jack Ostendorf, Fredrick M. Oswald. David L. Oswalt, Fred L. Otis, Da¬ vid E. Otwell, Thomas L. Overbey, Joan P. Owen, Rebecca Owen, Wil¬ liam E. Owens. Hernan P. Paez, Edwin S. Page, Peter J. Pagones, Leatha A. Pal- culict, Steven C. Palmquist, Denise J. Pardun, Marvin W. Park. Robert M. Parker, Stephen M. Parker, Patricia Parks, Charles E. Parsons, Lemuel F. Patrick Jr., Ernest E. Patterson, John K. Pat¬ terson. John S. Patterson, Karen L. Pat¬ terson, Patricia A. Patton, Charles R. Pearce, William D. Pebsworth, Anne V. Pemberton, George W. Penick. Jim M. Penn, Richard L. Penn, Donna K. Pennington, Linda J. Pennington, David F. Perkins, Ron¬ ald B. Perkins, William S. Per¬ kins. 370 Christopher I). Pesnell, Patricia J. Peterson, Robbie 1). Pettigrew, James L. Phillips, L. Bruce Pierce, Pamela A. Pinkley, Franke T. Plaf- can. Danny R. Plummer, Ronald W. Plunkett, Susan R. Plunkett, Gail M. Poindexter, Larry E. Poindex¬ ter, James E. Pomfret, Charles H. Pope. Linda L. Pope, Ruby L. Pope, Da¬ vid J. Potter, Shelia S. Potter, Jos¬ eph M. Powers, William R. Preece, Michael F. Price. Ernie Pritchett, Joseph E. Prit¬ chett, Bobby G. Pruitt, Carolyn A. Pudlas, Ouida J. Puryear, Robert D. Puryear, Philip C. Quindry. Thurman A. Ragar Jr., Marsha L. Ragsdell, Barbara L. Railsback, Earl C. Raines, Terry J. Rakes, Harold A. Rambo, Larry E. Ram- thun. Norbcrt G. Ranalli, David Rang- lack, John W. Rankin, John C. Rash, Edwin S. Rawls, David A. Ray, Keith D. Rhy. Russ W. Ray, William C. Rea, John C. Reap, Janet S. Reddell, James D. Reddin, Pamela A. Redfern, Denis A. Redwine. Behind the scenes of off campus living. A 371 Cary L. Reed, Randal P. Reed, William C. Reed, Nancy A. Reehm, Alan K. Reeter, Asa L. Reeves, De¬ borah L. Reeves. Sylvia K. Reddin, Tommy L. Red- din, Joene M. Reid, Sharon W. Relyea, Phillip W. Renfrow, James P. Repass, Gilbert L. Retrey. Paul D. Rhew, James L. Rhodes, Bryon D. Rice, Gene Rich, Janice L. Rich, Oma J. Rich, James L. Richards. Kathy L. Richardson, Charles R. Rickels Jr., Robert P. Rickett, Eric W. Riddle, Sara E. Riddle, Charles D. Ridgley Jr., Maryland M. Rif- fel. Thomas W. Rimmer, Angelo Rin¬ aldi, Robert J. Rinie, Rondal D. Rippy, Gary D. Risner, Gary P. Ritchie, Patsy A. Ritchie. Martin Rittenhouse, Jeanne A. Roades, James L. Robertson, Val P. Robison, Mary E. Robrahn, Deboraha A. Rochier, Brenda E. Rogers. Hiluard G. Rogers, Kenneth E. Rogers, Robert L. Rogers, William E. Rogers, Linda L. Rohrer, Robert D. Rokeby, Paul D. Rolniak. Larry E. Romine, Gary C. Roop, Garry E. Rose, George M. Rose, Mary J. Rose, Harvey L. Ross, Martha M. Rothrock. David E. Ruff. Martha E. Ruge, Douglas L. Ruhl, Ronald W. Rupe, William G. Russ, Harold R. Rus¬ sell, James T. Russell. Vicki L. Russell, Connie S. Rus- sow, Sherry K. Ryan, Timothy J. Ryan, Damon D. Sadler, Berris D. Samples, William W. Sampson. Bobby W. Sanders, Elizabeth K. Sanders, J. E. Sanders, Richard M. Sanders, Roy G. Sanders, David R. Sandlin, Diana G. Sandlin. 372 Janis K. Savage, Billy W. Schader, Janis L. Schader, 0. Carroll Schell, Ginger L. Schlegel, Walter H. Schmeckenbecher, Freddie R. Sch¬ midt. Stephen P. Schoimpf, David D. Scott, Jack R. Scott, John F. Scott, Richard A. Scott, Terrence F. Scul- ley, Ronald P. Sczerbak. Judith A. Sealander, Laura L. Seay, A. Glen Sebourn, Joseph W. Segers Jr., James C. Seibert, Mar¬ sha R. Seidenschwarz, Carroll L. Self. Stephen L. Selig, Robert G. Serio, Anna M. Sewell, Bob R. Sewell, Larry I). Shaffer, Jerry W. Shan¬ non, Doyle L. Sharp. Stephen M. Sharum, James L. Shaver, Virginia T. Shaw, Larry H. Shelly, Wesley A. Shelly, Ruth- ann Shelton, Aubrey J. Shepherd. Berry Thomas Shewmaker, Larry W. Shipley, Claude A. Shope, Bon¬ nie J. Short, Charles M. Shupe, Jackie W. Sides, Flora G. Simon. Victor K. Siroonian, Julia A. Sise- more, Randall D. Skelton, Randall H. Skiff, Teresa J. Smalley, Alan L. Smith, Antoinette E. Smith. Betty J. Smith, David A. Smith, Dorothy E. Smith, J. Michael Smith, Jeffrey S. Smith, Jerry M. Smith, Kathy E. Smith. Linda C. Smith, Michael L. Smith, Neal D. Smith, Ralph W. Smith, Robert B. Smith, Robert M. Smith, Sharon L. Smith. Sheroll J. Smith, Steven L. Smith, Tony R. Smith, Walter B. Smith, Joseph Y. Smreker, John H. Snow, Carol E. Snowden. Raymond D. Snowden, James D. Sorrell Jr., Marcel L. Soucy, Mary A. Speer, Murray Speer, Robert G. Spencer, Ronald L. Spencer. 373 William G. Spencer, Jonathan M. Spradley, Lee Spratt, Mark S. Sprouse, F. Thomas Sprunger, Brian D. Spurlock, Charlotte C. Spurlock. James C. Spurlock, Tony M. Stahl, Thomas E. Stalcup, James 0. Stall- cup, Vicky M. Stamps, Timothy L. Stanford, Deborah A. Stanton. James S. Starks, Janice A. Starks, Beverly R. Star ns, George E. Steel Jr., Cynthia L. Stephens , Geraldine A. Stephens, Sam H. Stephens. Terry L. Stephens, Berneda E. Stewart, Margaret A. Stewart, Shela M. Stewart, William C. Stif- ter, Michael B. Stiles, Patricia H. Stiles. Rickford B. Still, James R. Stin¬ nett, Larry D. Stoecker, Nancy J. Stolzer, Larry J. Stone, Larry Z. Stone, Steve J. Stone. Alan L. Storm, Edwin H. Stout, W. L. Stowers Jr., Linda J. Strachan, Ronald J. Stracner, Jack R. Straight, William R. Stramm. Freddie C. Stringer, Robert C. Stringer, Larry D. Stromberg, De¬ borah L. Stroud, Marsha J. Stroud, Robert D. Stroud, Bobby D. Strout. Edward L. Stuart, Maxine Stubbs, Charles E. Stuttle II, Kenneth E. Suggs, Patsy G. Suggs, Lucinda K. Sullivan, Donald R. Summer- hill. Paul D. Summers, Teka D. Sum¬ mers, Terry L. Summitt, Jerry L. Surber, James W. Sutherland, Di- ann Sutherlin, Carol J. Sutton. Joseph H. Sutton, Donna J. Sweat, Lucy F. Swindell, Michael A. Sykes, John E. Symonds, Mike Tannehill, Letitia L. Tanner. Allyn C. Tatum, Michael L. Tatum, Cheryl C. Taylor, Eddie M. Taylor, Dwight Taylor, Harry K. Taylor, J. Richard Taylor. 374 Paul L. Teal, Virginia M. Tedford, Milton P. Teeter, Mary K. Temple, IV ggy A. Test, Mary N. Teters, Paul H. Thane. Karl T. Thomas, Ronald L. Tho¬ mas, Dianna S. Thompson, Mich¬ ael A. Thompson, Thomas T. Thompson, Suzanne Thorn, C. Leon Thornton. Thomas R. Thornton, David L. Thrasher, Robert L. Thurber, Judy A. Thurman, Tymotha T. Thurston, Anita M. Tibbits, William W. Tim¬ merman. Michael F. Tinsley, Thomas L. Tol- lett, Virginia L. Tolliver, Rufus J. 1 orrence Jr., Daniel C. Townley, Norman L. Traxler, Carol L. Tregle. Glynn L. Trusty, Frederic C. Tuck¬ er, Charles H. Turney, Deborah L. 1 une, Jane M. Tune, Ryall S. Tune, Donald A. Turnage. James B. Turner, Raymond E. Tyra, Tammie J. Valley, Omer G. VanBront, Carolyn S. VanHauen, Stephen H. VanHauen Jr., Phyllis A. Vanlandingham. John A. Varvil, James R. Vaughan, Peggy L. Vaughan, Louis D. Velez, Charles E. Vickers, John F. Vin¬ son, Robert E. Vinson. Many off campus students survive on a liquid diet. 375 Dianne A. Wade, Darrell L. Wag¬ oner, Debbie D. Wagoner, Nancy R. Waits, James E. Walden, Wil¬ liam W. Walden, Barbara A. Walk¬ er. Charles S. Walker, Darre l Walker, Donald E. Walker, Jackie A. Walk¬ er, Martha L. Walker, Patricia A. Walker, Robert E. Walker. Robert L. Walker, Terry K. Walk¬ er, Tommy Walker, Virginia L. Walker, William D. Walker, Char¬ les P. Wallis, Jimmy D. Wallis. Robert L. Walters, Trudy L. Walt¬ ers, Chin-san Wang, Garry S. Wann, Bobby D. Ward, Hubert L. Ward, James A. Ward. James W. Ward, Joseph S. Ward, Howard L. Warner, Neil W. Wat¬ kins, Billie R. Watson, Dudley H. Watson, Gary F. Watson. John D. Watson, Otis S. Watson, Richard M. Watson, Sandra J. Watson, A. Thomas Watt, Alice V. Watts, Tilford M. Watts. Deborah A. Weadock, James V. Weathers, Ricky 0. Weaver, Bren¬ da K. Webb, James H. Webb, Philip D. Webb, Stanley R. Webb. Cecil L. Weir, Loyd G. Welbern, Mike L. Welborn, David L. West, Jim B. Westbrook, Kenneth R. Wheatl ey III, Richard P. Wheeler. Ester M. White, James M. White, Jerry W. White, Robert W. White, Ronald W. White, Sylvia L. White- horn, Paul D. Whitfield. Larry O. Whitt, Cindy M. Whit¬ ten, Jimmy L. Whitten, John T. Whitten, Jerry D. Whittington, James L. Wiedeman, Karen E. Wil¬ ber. Norman C. Wilber, Guy A. Wilker- son, Sam M. Wilkerson, Mary L. Wilkins, Cathryn L. Williams, Ce¬ leste J. Williams, Christopher B. Williams. 376 Cora H. Williams, Gary E. Wil¬ liams, James H. Williams, Jon J. Williams, Joy L. Williams, Phyllis J. Williams. Randall 0. Williams, Rudolph L. Williams, Ruth A. Williams, Sadie M. Williams, Thomas L. Williams, Tim 1). Williams. W. C. Williams, Warren C. Wil¬ liams 11, Martin J. Willems, Robert E. Williamson, Jean P. Willis Jr., Alan C. Willroth. Dale H. Wilson, Naomi N. Wilson, Rita S. Wilson, Thomas W. Wil¬ son, Gary D. Wimberly, Jo A. Win- ningham. Ray M. Winningham, Joel L. Win¬ ston, Evelyn L. Winters, Gary P. Winters, Donna L. Wolf, Charles W. Wood. Joan 13. Wood, Ronald G. Wood¬ ruff, Donnie S. Woods, Sandra K. Woods, Dwight R. Woody, Aubrey W. Wooten. Randal 0. Wootton, John E. Wrag Jr., Brenda K. Wright, C. J. Wright III, Carl 0. Wright, Edward W. Wright. Tilden P. Wright, William S. Wright A. Rogers Yarnell, Jack B. Yates, Frank D. York, Mary P. York. Gail M. Young, Jess? R. Young, Michael C. Young, William R. Young, Carol F. Youngblood, Dan¬ ny S. Youngblood. A1 E. Zaccanti, Janet K. Zachry, George R. Zink, Arthur A. Zoda, Mary J. Zullo. 377 378 379 Barnhill Builds U of A Athletics John H. Barnhill Athletic Director After the completion of this school year, John Barnhill will retire from his position as Athletic Director. Since becoming head football coach in 1946 and then assuming the position of Athletic Director, he has built the Athletic program up from something less than desirable to one of the top programs in the nation. While he has been the head of the Athletic section, the football team has risen in the ranks of college teams to become one of the top teams in the nation. For this Arkansas shall always be thankful. George Cole Assistant Athletic Director 380 Jim Beli Sports Publicity Director Bell Is Appointed Publicity Director Coach Frank Broyles inaugurated his 13th year at Arkansas by being elected president of the American Football Coaches Association in January. Under Broyles the Razorbacks have accounted for 95 wins against 31 losses and 1 tie. On Thanksgiving Day Broyles won his 100th game of his coaching career by defeating Texas Tech at Little Rock. Assisting John Barnhill this year and stepping into the position of Athletic Director next year was George Cole. He is a 1927 graduate of the University and until this year held the all time scoring record at Arkansas. Filling the vacated position of Sports Publicity Di¬ rector was Jim Bell, a 1955 graduate of Arkansas. Mr. Bell stepped into a job new to him and did an outstand¬ ing job handling the chores of his office. 381 Defense Coached To Nation’s Top Arkansas has always had a reputation of having one of the top coaching staffs in the nation and this year’s staff was no exception. A key factor in the Hogs regular season mark of 9 wins and 1 loss was the defense directed by Charley Coffey. Under him the Hogs led the nation in defense against scoring allowing an aver¬ age of only 7.6 points per game. Our offense, which scored an average of over 35 points a game and produced All American Rodney Brand, was coached by Mervin Johnson, Don Breaux, and Richard Williamson. Under the coaching of these men Bill Burnett broke the all-time scoring record here, and Bill Montgomery climbed to a career mark of 3,113 yards. Once again it was team work and a balanced at¬ tack on the field that spelled success. Frank Broyles Head Football Coach Wilson Mathews Administrative Assistant for Football Mervin Johnson Offensive Line Coach Don Breaux Offensive Line Coach Richard Williamson Lon Ferrell Offensive Ends Coach B Team Coach Charley Coffey Defensive Line Coach Cecil " Hootie " Ingram Defensive Back Coach Harold Horton Linebacker Coach Jack Davis Recruiting 382 Unlucky OSU runner is hemmed in by the eager Razorback defense as they stop an early Cowboy drive before it starts. OSU Cut Down By Hog’s Attack On a warm fall afternoon a near capacity crowd of Razorback fans flowed into War Memorial Stadium for the first glimpse of the most talked about Hog team in recent history. With star passer Montgomery hack, team¬ ed up with his favorite receiver Chuck Dicus, the fans looked for a wide open passing game. After holding the Cowboys on the first four downs, the Hogs took the hall across the goal line in four run¬ ning plays, with the passing attack everyone expected never materializing. Instead, the Hogs displayed a steady running attack rewarding Broyles with a win, but disap¬ pointing many of the fans. The final score of 39 to 0 reflected the results of the defense holding OSU to minus 15 yards rushing and their ability to cause the big play consistently. Mike Hendren rips away from an OSU player on the way to picking up the needed yardage. Razorbacks Calm Golden Hurricane The second game of the season found the Razorbacks hosting long-time rival Tulsa on the new Astroturf at Razorback Stadium. Tulsa games have always been open and with the addition of a new coach at Tulsa, the fans expected quite an afternoon. The Hogs received the kick-off and in nine plays Burnett carried the ball over to give Arkansas a 7-0 lead with 10:31 left in the first quarter. From then on it was the Hog’s game. They stuck to their game plan of mainly a running game with some passes thrown to keep the defense honest. The offense was never forced to mount a long drive as Tulsa’s mistakes gave the Razorbacks good field posi¬ tion at every turn and an easy victory. Chuck Dicus pulls in a long bomb late in the third quarter in the Hogs rout over Tulsa. e Bruce Maxwell bowls over two Tulsans and a Razorback as he picks up the needed yardage during the Hogs first drive early in the first quarter. 384 Tough Hog defense zeroes in on hapless TCU player who wandered on to the playing field by mistake, Frogs Fall In League Opener % The third game opened at Little Rock with the Hogs hosting TCU for the conference opener. With TCU’s 62 to 0 loss to Ohio State the week before, it was difficult for the team to be up for the game. The first quarter went scoreless, with Judy and friends picking apart our defense while our offense was finding it hard to get started. In the second quarter TCU drew first blood with a field goal. Less than a minute later Montgomery passed to Dicus on a play put in especially for the game and the Razorbacks were ahead to stay. While the Hogs went on to win 24 to 6, the offense was bogged down most of the afternoon, leaving it up to the defense to provide the breaks with fumble re¬ coveries and pass interceptions. Bill Montgomery elects to run the ball himself and picks up the vital yards he needs. Bill Burnett bulls over the leveled out Bear defensive line for the Razorbacks first score in Waco. Hogs Triumph In Bear Land The Razorbacks made their first out of state appear¬ ance at Waco against the Baylor Bears. Once again the Hogs were facing a fired up team who had been defeated soundly the week before. Fumbles and pass interceptions dominated the first half until Montgomery sent Burnett over left tackle and the Hogs were on the scoreboard. But early in the third quarter Baylor tied the game and it looked like the Hogs were stymied. But on a spectacular pass play to Dicus the Hogs gained the needed yardage to score and the Hogs then led 14 to 7. The defense was able to then gain the momentum to hold the Bears while the offense was able to put together another touchdown and make the final score 21 to 7 and put down a fired up Bear team for good. " Bullet " Bill Burnett pulls away from a Bear defender on his way to adding another touchdown to his count. 386 Hogs Harvest Wheat in Little Rock The traditional breather game with WSU was even more of one with the moving of the Texas game to De¬ cember. To give injured Bill Montgomery a rest, John Eichler was slated to be the starting quarterback. The first quarter started off slowly with Eichler com¬ pleting his passes and throwing in a running play to keep WSU off balance. Then, with five minutes gone in the first quarter, Bill Burnett ran it over for the score and there was no stopping the Hogs. With everyone playing except the team physician, the Razorbacks ran the Wheat Shockers ragged. When the dust had finally settled, the Hogs had topped our visitors from Kansas to the tune of 52 to 14. Arkansas ' mystery quarterback, Steve Walters, came in late in the game to lead the Hogs on a scoring drive. Russ Garber is pulled down by the furious Wheatshockers who finally realized he had the ball and was not running just for exercise. Aggie quarterback attempts to kneel down to pray for deliverance from the oncoming Razorback horde. A M Chewed Up By Hog Defense Homecoming found Arkansas hosting the Aggies. As u ual the Hogs were the pregame favorites and with all the alums up for the game, spirit was especially high. A M took the ball on the kick off and drove the distance for a touchdown. Not to be outdone, Mont¬ gomery and company took the return kickoff and drove for their first touchdown. The Hogs held off a deter¬ mined A M team for the first half to carve out a 28 to 7 lead which the Razorbacks stretched to 35 to 13 for the final score. The Razorbacks had combined a well balanced of¬ fense with a tough defense to defeat the fired up Aggies and give them momentum to carry on the November campaign. Burnett literally backs over the Aggies defense as once again he goes over for the score. 388 Rice Fog Fails To Halt Hogs Th Bentonville Bomber, Bill Burnett, pulls away from a flock of Owl defenders on his way to another big gain. Braving the heat and the thick chemical air of Hous¬ ton the Razorbacks ventured into Rice Stadium for a game with the whipping post of the Conference. It must have surprised the Hogs when the Owls came out playing as if they were going to win because while the Hogs loosened up the Owls ran all over them. McLard finally put us on the scoreboard with a field goal but Rice came back with the same play and the score was tied. Burnett went over from the one to make it 10 to 3 but the Owls kicked another field goal to make it 10 to 6 at the half. However, in the third quarter Montgomery finally found the mark and the score was 16 to 6. This was only the beginning, with the final score being 30 to 6 and the Hogs finally able to breathe. Rice end can ' t seem to find the handle as Terry Stewart rearranges his body for him. 389 Razorbacks Rally To Stop Ponies It was time for the Razorbacks to make their appear¬ ance in Dallas against SMU and the Ponies promised to be tough. In the first half SMU capitalized on a fumbled punt return and an 80 yard drive to lead the Hogs by scores of 3-0 and 9-7. Instead of the steady running game of the past the Hogs had to fall back on passing to stay in the game. When the half rolled around the Hogs were lead¬ ing 14 to 12. In the second half, the Hogs capped a 65 yard scor¬ ing drive with Burnett going over from the four. Hixon led the Ponies toward the goal but had to settle for a field goal. A Stockdale punt put the Ponies in a hole and on a passing gamble Bobby Field interceoted and Burnett scored on the next play to make the final score 28 to 15. Cliff Powell puts the stop on an unlucky Pony who thought he was fortunate in making it through the line. As usual, Burnett plays havoc with the other team ' s defense while he continues on his path toward the goal line. It ' s You-Know-Who going over for the first score against the Raiders to break the game open before a national television audience. Defense Shines In Tech Shutout On a cold, wel Thanksgiving Day, the Razorbacks squared off against the Raiders from Tech who hoped to spoil the Hogs perfect record before a national TV audience. It took the Hogs most of the first quarter to find a weak spot in the Tech defense, but Montgomery put the Hogs in range with his passing and sent Burnett in for the score. Burnett and McClard accounted for the rest of the scoring that quarter to m ake it 17 to 0 for the first half. McClard started the scoring in the next half with a field goal. Then Burnett scored again in the third quarter to make it 27 to 0. John Eichler came into lead the Hogs to the final score of 33 to 0 and preserve their perfect record for Texas. Bobby Field (49) has the position for the interception as Dennis Berner shoulders the Raider out of the play. 391 Bill Burnett hurdles over the top of the Texas defense as he scores the first touchdown in the Big Shootout. r | I ▼ I m • Hogs Win Game, Horns Win Score The day of the Big Shootout arrived and all eyes, in¬ cluding those of the President, focused on Fayetteville to watch the Game of the Year. Texas took the kickoff, and on the first play fumbled back to Arkansas. Montgomery took the Hogs in for the score and till the beginning of the 4th quarter, the game belonged to the Razorbacks. Dicus scored in the third quarter to make it 14 to 0. But in the 4th quarter Street broke for a 42 yard scoring play and it was 14-8. The Hogs drove on the Longhorns, but were stopped short. Then in the closing minutes Street threw a desperation 4th down pass to Peschel to put the Horns in scoring position, which is what they did to make the final score 15 to 14 and leave the Razorback fans wondering how Texas could have come back to win. Lynn Garner and Company put the crush on Texas runner who tried to make it out of the backfield. 392 Lettermen Ronnie Bennett, Dennis Berner, Steve Bird well, Paul Blevins, Mike Boschetti, Rodney Brand. Dick Bumpas, Bill Burnett, Bill Carter, Russell Cody, Richard Cole¬ man, David Cox. Robert Dew, Tommy Dew, Chuck Dicus, Jerry Dossey, Fred Edwards, John Eichler. Bobby Field, Russ Garber, Lynn Garner, Ronnie Hammers, Roger Harnish, Mike Hendren. David Hogue, Terry Hopkins, Bruce James, Ronnie Jones, Mike Kelson, Rick Kersey. Robert Lewis, Tom Mabry, Bruce Maxwell, Bill McClard, Gordon McNulty, Bill Montgomery. Jerry Moore, Pat Morrison, Jim Mullins, Bobby Nichols, Gary Par¬ son, Terry Don Phillips. Cliff Powell, William Powell, John Rees, Gus Rusher, Dewitt Smith. Bob Stankovich, Terry Stewart, Cary Stockdell, Steve Walters, Tim Webster. 393 In the first half, this was a familiar scene, as Rebel runners rattled their way through the strung out Hog defense. 394 Bruce James (85) grabs for anything he can hold onto on Archie in one of his rare appearances in the Ole Miss backfield. Archie Co. Bewilder Hogs Once again the Hogs were making a New Years visit to New Orleans, this time to face the Ole Miss Rebels and Archie Who. The Hogs were favored, but that changed as soon as the game started. Ole Miss took the kickoff and the Hogs held. The Hogs then took the ball down the field and missed a field goal. While our defense was settling down, Ole Miss ran around the settled down players for 69 yards and a touchdown. For the rest of the game, the Razorbacks found out who Archie Manning was and what it was like to get run off the field for the majority of the game. With the final score at 28 for Ole Miss and 22 for Ar¬ kansas, the Hogs decided that it might be better to avoid their old rival for some time to come and to never under¬ estimate an opponent in any game. Montgomary talks to the Ole Miss quarterback after the ill fated Sugar Bowl in an attempt to find out who Archie really is. RODNEY BRAND Concensus All-American ALL SWC: Rick KERSEY, Cliff POWELL, Bill BURNETT, Chuck DICUS, and Jerry DOSSEY, (not pic¬ tured is Rodney Brand). 396 Razorback Cheerleaders Making sure that the Razorbacks always had some¬ one cheering for them no matter where they played was this year’s crew of Razorback cheerleaders. Led by Steve Wingfield, the Hog Callers were always overcoming large obstacles, whether it be a dishonest cabbie in Houston or a hostile Ole Miss crowd in the Sugar Bowl, to give the team their best support. Once again it was the Razorback Cheerleaders boosting the Hog spirit to new heights as even more people heard ‘Whoo Pig Sooie.’ Steve Wingfield Head Cheerleader Steve Wingfield, Pam Payne, Doug Marr, Cathy Bleiweiss, Dwight Bailey, Susie Robinson, Bill Appleton, Ginny Lynn Sain. 397 Waller Suffers 4th Losing Year Coach Waller had expected a better year than what had appeared for him. In his fourth season he had 8 returning lettermen plus top transfer, Aimer Lee. With all this top talent he was seeking his first winning sea¬ son plus trying to be somewhat of a threat in the con¬ ference. Instead what he got was a 5-19 season and the loss of his job. During what was suppose to be his good year, he had an appendectomy, the team experienced travel problems that were unbelievable, and the team lost some one point games that just should not have hap¬ pened. This totaled up to make the year more of a disaster than anyone could have imagined. The blame for the season could not be placed on anv one person or event. But in the process the Hogs lost Coach Waller. P. T. “Duddy” Waller Head Basketball Coach James Eldridge brings down the rebound as a horde of Horns battle him for it. 398 Rick Tannenberger drives for the basket in hard fought game with the Aggies. 399 McKenzie (10) and Lee (22) battle a lone Aggie for the rebound. McKenzie lays it in as the Aggies watch in amaze¬ ment or amusement, whatever the case may be. 400 James Eldridge trips and dribbles his way around the Texas defenders as he heads for the goal. Porkers Falter As Spirit Sags For the basketball team it was a year of disappoint¬ ment. You could almost sense a feeling of their being ill at ease on the court as if they were new at the game, which it sometimes appeared. For a group of players who had played run, shoot, and holler in high school, playing control ball must have seemed an imposition. They were inconsistent in their playing. Against the number one small college team in the nation, Kentucky Wesleyan, they played against the best and finally went down to defeat by one point. While at other games they would play hard during the first half only to slow down during the second half. One can only look back and wonder what happened to the team spirit that it takes to win. 401 Lee Chosen Top S W C Sophomore There were some bright spots in the stormy four month cage season. Senior forward Robert McKenzie provided a post game (regulation time) thriller in Ar¬ kansas’ second meeting with the title-contending Baylor Bears. A shot in the closing seconds helped the Porkers tie the visitors and a stolen ball gave Arkansas posses¬ sion with less than five seconds remaining. McKenzie went up for the shot, but was fouled and made the free throw after the regular time had expired. Fans flooded the floor as though it was the NCAA finals. Sophomore transfer Aimer Lee proved his ability as a ball magician and a basketball player and earned the honor of being chosen Sophomore of the Year in the conference. Senior James Eldridge earned a position on the All-SWC and Tannenberger was All Academic SWC. A long arm and a sharp elbow enable Robert Mc¬ Kenzie to gain the advantage for this shot. 402 James Eldridge (25) ignores the other team as he goes up for two points late in a home game rally. r wm jp m m | w .1 Mm Basketball Lettermen Top Row: Alton Barnes, James Eldridge, Danny Kecter, Aimer Lee, Mack McAlister. Bottom Row : Robert McKenzie, Fred Mooney, Ricky Tannenberger, Bobby Vint. 404 John Searles brings down the rebound in an early season game. Shoats The Freshmen teams of the University had a very successful year on the gridiron and on the basketball court this past season. The Football Shoats, led by Joe Ferguson had a 4-1 season losing only to Tulsa in the last game of the sea¬ son to give the Freshmen one of their best records in recent years. In Basketball, Lynwood Cathey led the Freshmen to another winning season on the courts. Wilh such talent as John Searles and the rest of the talented Freshmen, the varsity will have some good material to choose from in the future. This foul seems to have been committed by both players. Even the referee wasn ' t sure about it till he saw the instant replay. 405 Young Swimmers Improve Yearly In his second year as Swimming coach at the Uni¬ versity, Ed Fedosky is building a swimming program that will be a conference power in the near future. His 1969-70 splash team placed third in the Southwest Con¬ ference behind such powerhouses as Texas and Southern Methodist. Once again it was a team effort as the Swim team broke records at the University pool against some stiff outside competition. This teamwork resulted in the awarding of 15 letters to the men on the team for their hard work. The team can look back on the successful building year and plan for the future when they will have to be reckoned with in the conference. Ed Fedosky _ _ Swimming Coach a A The divers are one part of a swim team that receive little recognition but who must work as long and as hard as the rest of the team. 406 For the first time the University fielded a varsity women ' s swim team and a intercollegiate swim meet was held in the University pool. r i Mr a Coach Fedosky yells encouragement to a Razorback swimmer as he turns it on for the last lap of butterfly. 407 Track This year’s Track team was led by a new coach who used to be a Razorback thinclad himself, Ed Renfrow. Coming from the high school ranks, he is faced with a large rebuilding program here. He had distance running ace Bobby Pruitt plus some other returning lettermen with which to build on for the year. Although Arkansas did not rank very high in the meets that they took part in this year, the team learned how to work together and they got accustomed to their new coach. Coach Renfrow faces a long program of building up the team strength, but he also hopes to build up more outside interest in the program so that he can increase the number of his scholarships and have a bigger team to work with. Our Razorback broad jumper appears to be surprised that he made it as far as he did and landed in what he did. 408 Two Hog thinclads are leading the pack as they round the turn in one of the long distance runs of the meet. Arkansas tied for the lead in this particular heat over an endless number of hurdles. 400 Razorback H. A. Scott hits the dirt to score as another Razorback player second guesses the ump and calls him safe. Hog Hurler gives it that extra ef¬ fort to get the ball past the hitter. 410 This Hog batter chose to bunt and was called out for his effort. Baseball As with pther teams at the University this year the Baseball team was taking the field with a new coach. His name was Norm DeBriyn and he came by way of Colo¬ rado State College. However, DeBriyn had many return¬ ing starters from the winning team of the year before and he appeared to have everything under control. With pitching aces Jerry Blackwood and Terry Ver- hage and slugging stars like Mike Pryor and H. A. Scott leading the way, the Hogs once again posted a winning season, battling through many intersectional games. Al¬ though the Razorbacks are not in the Southwest Confer¬ ence because of the lack of an adequate field and other similar factors, the team is readying itself for the day that it will once again join the conference. 411 Bob Slusarek Golf Coach Silence prevails over the green while a Razor- back golfer lines up a crucial putt. Golf The new coach of the Golf team this year was Bob Slusarek. He also had a young but talented group of men to work with this year and his prospects were good. Although they did not win as many matches as they had won the previous years the team was still going all out to do their best to chalk up a winning year. Chuck Brownfield once again represented the Univer¬ sity at the SWC Individ ual Championship Tournament in Houston. Looking forward to next year, Coach Slusa¬ rek said that he would need two golfers next year and hoped to he able to get them in the state. From this base he would build for a championship-type team. Hog golfer, Tom McNair zeroes in on the cup as he attempts to link the putt end win the hole. 412 Tennis Rounding out this year’s varsity sports was the Ten¬ nis team led by Coach Dennis Kossover. As with many of the school’s teams, the Tennis squad was mostly in¬ experienced Freshmen hut was bolstered by Sophomore lettermen Bill Borders, Tim Clark, Tommy James and Dennis Rizza. As usual the Hogs played many of the smaller college teams with some of the Southwest Conference teams on the schedule but not go for league play. As with many of the lesser varsity sports Kossover was faced with a rebuilding year of trying to find the players to fill the experienced shoes of his recent graduation losses. A little body english and a high lob shot helps this Razorback netter make the point. Playing inside did not hamper the Hogs 7 playing effort as they went on to win the match. 413 The defensive man plays hands off as his opponent shoots for the basket in this intramural game. No one seems to want the elusive ball in another tough intramural game. Volleyball attracted such a large crowd this year in intramurals that some of the teams went good. 414 New Teams Dominate Intramurals Intramural sports provide the men of the campus with an outlet for their pent up hostilities fostered by the long hours put in on studying. With the action rang¬ ing from handball, to snooker, to football there seems to be a sport to suit everyone. The competition is always tough in the leagues and this year was no exception. However, instead of the power being concentrated in one dorm or house this year as it has been the case in the past, no one team dominated the sports scene. Everyone had a chance to win something this year and even the small groups took advantage of this. Another big attraction getter in intramur¬ al sports was the manly game of softball played to perfection. 415 The classical sport of fencing, though new to women, can teach them poise and develop their figures. This coed steadies her aim as she participates in a WRA archery meet, a favorite of many University coeds. Doing a forward somersalt in the pike position, this coed makes a good impres¬ sion on the judges during the WRA swim meet. 416 An excellent way to keep the dorm In shape is volleyball. It provides a good work-out regardless of the proficiency In the sport. The tiring thing about bowling is the long walk back from the off campus lanes. WRA Sponsors Coeds’ Sports In the “stately days of yore,” ladies weren’t expected to engage in such vulgar activities as fencing or other forms of athletics with masculine trappings. However, this is the ‘‘Age of Aquarius,” and the girls do what they damn well please. The Women’s Recreation Association has assumed the position as mediator for the various living groups, who (for some reason) can’t get along; so they seek their revenge in sports competition. Anyway, this may be a little far fetched, hut that’s closer to the truth than any other theory. WRA sponsors a variety of sports events for campus coeds, with trophies awarded for excellence. 417 Marching Razorback Majorettes LLL u 2« L u First Row : Becky Maxwell, Vern Ann Williams, Malu At¬ kinson, Kathy Woods, Mary Lou Osborne (Co-Captain), Debbie Smith. Second Row : Peggy Holmes, Betty Coleman, Liz Ann Wells (Co-Captain), Pam Gibson, Janet Jordan, Mary Jane Com¬ stock. 418 Betsy Burroughs Feature Twirler In addition to excellent leadership by Dr. Worthing¬ ton, the Marching Razorbacks were boosted by the tal¬ ents of Betsy Burroughs and Melody Schwalm as feature twirlers. Drum majors Gary Ricketts and Tommy Thompson completed the talented triumverate. The Marching Razorbacks lost their death defying machete-throwing act this year hut, when the wind per¬ mitted, the feature twirlers captured audiences at pep rallies in the Greek Theater, performing twirling feats with flaming batons. Drum Majors Gary Ricketts and Tommy Thompson 419 Marching Band Appears on TV In his last year as director of bands for the Univer¬ sity of Arkansas, Dr. Richard Worthington proudly led his precision drilled Marching Razorbacks in two nation¬ al television appearances and two showings on regional¬ ly televised games. Early in the spring semester, Dr. Worthington announced that he would resign to accept a position as head of the Music Department at Northeast Louisiana State College. Eldon Janzen, of Irving, Texas, has been named to replace Dr. Worthington. Perhaps one of the most noticeable events accom¬ plished by the Marching Razorbacks during last year’s wild football season, was the fact that they finally man¬ aged to choose uniforms that were representative of the school’s colors — red and white! Dr. Richard Worthington Director of Bands 420 Most of the spirit at pep rallies is generated on stage by the band. The Arkansas and Mississippi Bands played with Al Hirt at the Sugar Bowl. As football season progressed, the weather got colder and colder. The Marching Razorbacks leave the Greek Theater with as much spirit as they had when they started the pep rally. 421 422 ‘ V ' Small intricate design models often lead to bigger and better things. 424 Architecture Moves to Walker Library What was once fragile balsa wood is now sturdy pine. A new curriculum for Architecture was initiated with the current freshman class. The new program recognizes the vastly expanded informational context necessary for the architect to function effectively in today’s world. Courses dealing with environmental and urban pro blems have been expanded; landscape design, ecology, and computer applications to architecture will he added. The department moved into the Walker Library Building at the beginning of the year. Remodeling of the building is in progress and will continue throughout the summer of 1970. During Spring Vacation, 40 architecture students chartered a bus for a field trip to Mexico City. The Student Chapter of the American Institute of Architects regularly sponsors these spring trips selecting a city to visit which offers a variety of architectural experiences. Learning by analyzing the works of others in the field. Art Depart II ent Gets More Room Sculpturing The Art Department gained more room this year as a result of the Architecture Department’s moving to the Walker Library. The new space, however, will not offset the eminent loss of the Junior Art Building. Be¬ sides the seventeen graduate art students and the 175 undergraduate art majors, the Art Department must handle over a thousand students from other depart¬ ments every semester. During the 1969-70 year the Art Department had four visiting artists. The first was Dr. R. F. Thompson, an art historian from Yale. The second was Mr. Byron Burford, painter and professor of art at the University of Iowa. Mr. James Hendricks came from Massachusetts, and Dale Elrod from the Kansas City Art Institute. Printing by silk screen 426 427 fV Art Department Has Visiting Artists 428 429 Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” Presented The extravagant costuming added to the success of the Opera Workshop ' s last production. Christina McSpadden as the Queen of Night. As the final production of the year, the Opera Work¬ shop combines the forces of the University Theater and the Symphony Orchestra to present an outstanding even¬ ing of entertainment. The opera ran for six nights with an alternating cast directed by Professor Maxwell Worth- ley. Dr. Marx Pales directed the orchestra. The costum¬ ing for this production, by Sally Burton, was the most colorful and most numerous this season. The MAGIC FLUTE closed the season boasting ex¬ cellent attendance and a successful run. 430 Schola Cantorum Gives Concerts Schola Cantorum, the internationally known singing group of the University, once again showed its perform¬ ing excellence this year. Under the proud direction of Mr. Richard Brothers, this 38-member group has ex¬ hibited the sensitivity needed to interpret its vast musical repertoire. Activities for Schola’s 1969-70 season included its annual tour of the state, giving concerts to various high schools, plus a number of concerts at the University. 431 The Concert Band And Wind Ensemble The symphonic Wind Ensemble was a new group or¬ ganize this fall whose primary purpose was to provide concert experience of the finest in contemporary litera¬ ture. Under the direction of Dr. Richard A. Worthington and Mr. David G. Pittman, the group presented a con¬ cert at the 1969 Convention of the American School Band Director’s Association in Hot Springs December 3. “Divergents, a Short Symphony for Band” By W. Fran¬ cis McBeth was premiered at the performance with Mr. McBeth as guest conductor. The UofA Chapters of Kap¬ pa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma commissioned the work. Mr. Kenneth Ballenger, professor of voice, joined the group as a baritone soloist in “Songs of Abelard.” The Ensemble repeated this program December 7 on campus. Dr. Worthington conducted his final concert as Di¬ rector of Bands at the May 3 concert. 432 Uarkettes Record “Sound 70” Album Once more, the University’s singing ambassadors of good will have completed a successful year. The Uark¬ ettes, under the direction of Kenneth L. Ballenger fea¬ ture twenty-seven uniquely talented performers who average one concert a week throughout the school year. Performances this year included the Kiwanis Inter¬ national Convention in Miami Beach. Florida, the Ar¬ kansas Farm Bureau Association in Hot Springs, Com¬ munity Concerts in Carmi, Illinois, the Municipal Audi¬ torium in El Dorado, Mena, Berryville and Rogers, Ar¬ kansas, the Shrine Temple in Memphis, Tennessee, plus many University functions. “Sound ’70” is the latest Uarkette album recorded in April, and to be released in the near future by Mark Records in Hollywood, California. This album presents the first known choral recording of the University of Arkansas Alma Mater. The Uarkettes have achieved national professional recognition in their recent listing with the Community Concert Association, New York City, New York. 434 Symphony Orchestra Has SRO Year Now in its 21st year under the baton of its founder and present conductor Dr. Marx Pales, the Symphony Orchestra drew capacity crowds even when the pro¬ grams were given in pairs. Several times hundreds of people were turned away from the Concert Hall because all the standing room was gone. Composer Merril Ellis playing an electronic synthe¬ sizer and light projections was a highlight of the sea¬ son. Several guest artists joined with the orchestra for performances during the year. The orchestra is now planning an all Beethoven concert for July to com¬ memorate the composer’s two hundredth birthday. A chamber orchestra was formed this year and will soon take its place along side the larger orchestra. 435 W ■ » ft ■C r mm THE TEMPEST opened with a dramatic shipwreck and ended in love. Male versus female in Shaw ' s MAN AND SUPERMAN. University Theater Has Exciting Season THE BIRTHDAY PARTY was the Theater ' s first multi-media production. The 1969-70 University Theater season ran the ga¬ mut from light frivolity and fantasy to the more re¬ nowned works of Shakespeare and Shaw. The lighthearted comedy THE ABSENCE OF A CELLO got the theater season off to a contemporary Broadway start. THE LION IN WINTER, the second play of the season, could have suffered badly by com¬ parison with the Award winning movie but the cast brought the plot to dynamic heights. Shakespeare’s last play, THE TEMPEST, ended the year 1969 and the first semester’s productions. A large cast of actors and dancers performed the fanciful and literate masterpiece with competence and a full house. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY was the University Thea¬ ter’s first effort at a multi-media presentation. The pro¬ duction was a very interesting and extremely exciting experience for the February theater patrons. 437 Light Comedy to Drama The stage became an enchanted isle where shipwrecked men and island creatures performed THE TEMPEST. The stage manager must coordi¬ nate the efforts of many people to assure a flawless production. 438 Controlled acting and a " disturbing script " made THE BIRTHDAY PARTY both exciting and enjoyable. Age forty years in ten greasy steps. THE ABSENCE OF A CELLO depicted man ' s efforts not to be just a number, but rather a human being. Early April found Shaw’s male versus female com¬ edy, MAN AND SUPERMAN, playing to near capacity crowds during its six night run on campus. The educational theater on this or any campus has a responsibility to student actors, the audiences and to those who work backstage on productions. Only through the presentation of a varied program of the classical best, and the contemporary best does the theater suc¬ ceed in its aims. 439 Talented and seasoned actors carried the exciting plot of Henry II and his family to dynamic heights in THE LION IN WINTER. Many weeks of designing, sewing and fit¬ ting costumes precede each production. 410 In the silence between acts, stage crews dismantle houses and build forests without ever creating a single sound. George Bernard Shaw ' s MAN AND SUPERMAN brought out the best in costumes, scenery and acting. 442 Organizations First Row: Freddie Stringer, Ron Murray, Douglas Hines, Paul Walker, Bill Timmerman. Second Row: Robert White, Rick Valliant, John Langston, Larry Stone, Billy Bryan. Third Row: Russell Benedict, Larry Dearing, Charles Lee, Larry Bottoms, Glenn Nelson. IE Honorary Participation in Engineer’s Week was an important part of the activities of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers this year. The Society is open for membership to all engineer¬ ing students who are interested in the advance¬ ment of agriculture. The ASAE was active in providing Agricultural Engineers with ideas about the profession and in giving to them a chance to meet and talk with prominent mem¬ bers of the vocation. First Row: John Ballard, Mike Limbird, Charles Burton. Second Row: James Bain, Steve Lowe, Don Dillard. Third Row: C. Ray Asfahl, Advisor; Bill Meadows. ASAE Progress Alpha Pi Mu is an honorary industrial en¬ gineering society composed of students whose academic record places them in either the up¬ per one-fifth of their junior class or the upper one-third of their senior class. The organization takes an active interest in the professional as¬ pects of industrial engineering, sponsoring guest speakers, performing course evaluations, maintaining an employer file for industrial en¬ gineers. 444 First Row : Mike Flynn, Wanette McKee, Ann Henson, Cyn¬ thia Gaston, Kathy Early, Richard Huck. Second Row : Larry Stone, Everett Rogers, Joe McBride, Allen Underwood, Larry Ray, Phillip Rice, Terry Vest. ASA Participates in Agri Day Members of the Agricultural Students Association are from students in the College of Agri and Home Eco¬ nomics. The many purposes of ASA include providing fellowship among the students and faculty of the col¬ lege, emphasizing the fields of agri and home economics, and coordinating the activities of organizations within the college. In the spring, members participate in the annual Talent Contest and Agri Day. Agri Day includes an Awards Banquet and the presentation of the Agri Queen. Wanette McKee, Vice President; Ann Henson, Secretary; Ever¬ ett Rogers, Treasurer; Mike Flynn, President. First Row: A. Stallcup, C. Jefferson, S. Warren, Y. Black, J. Sacks, M. Young, T. Love, D. Stroud. Second Row: W. Alexander III, R. Polk, G. Tripp, Linda Haynie, B. Higginbothom, J. Johnson, C. Kemp, J. Bell. Third Row: B. Smith, J. Scruggs, T. Jefferson, W. Meredith, T. Deal, J. Arnold, R Henry. Fourth Row : A. Addington, R. Schratz, J. Russell, S. Freeman, R. Wilson Jr., Davy Allen, D. Berner. Medicine’s Leaders Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international medical society whose membership is based on excellence in leadership, character, and scholar¬ ship. AED presents guest speakers throughout the year who comment on basic medical issues and current developments. Such seminars pro¬ vide pre-med students with the opportunity to make direct contact with their chosen field. First Row: Howard Barager, Ronald Rushing, Loyce Ardemagni, Buford Jones, Ralph Evans, John Oldner. Second Row: John Hogan, Ken Rogers, Kermit Reppond, Robert May, James L. Robertson, John Kendrick, Larry Shipley. Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma is an honorary fraternity for chemistry majors and chemical engineers. The club is interested in academic achievement and strives to further interest in the science of chemistry. Alpha Chi Sigma holds technical meetings at which speakers are able to acquaint the students with current and future problems and developments in chemistry. 446 First Row : Roger Osburn, Paul Cunningham, George Hub¬ bard, Rob Porter, Gerald Cates, James Davis, Joe Phillips, Bob Donagbe. Second Row: Charles Parkhurst, William Pratt, Larry Alsip, Bill Trinco, Buddy Olinghouse, Forrest Jacobi, Steve Kincaid, Joe Rosenberg. Third Row: Lewis Huddle Jr., Robert Wilson, Brian Griffith, George Bolton, Douglas Westerland, Bry- den Moon Jr., Michael Paddock. Fourth Row: Jim Collins, Robert Bell, Wilson Busby, George Stasick, Jim Turner, Wil¬ liam Hardin. Beta Zeta Chapter Ranks High Alpha Kappa Psi, the first professional business fra¬ ternity, was founded in 1901. The fraternity has over 125 collegiate chapters and 25 active alumni chapters. Beta Zeta Chapter was founded at the University of Ar¬ kansas in 1924. It has consistently ranked high in na¬ tional chapter standings receiving the efficiency award in the Southcentral region in recent years. J. Collins, Treasurer; L. Huddle, Vice President; C. Parkhurst, President; L. J. Rosenberg, Advisor; M. B. Paddock, Master of Rituals; R. J. Wilson, Secretary; W. Hardin, Co-Advisor. 447 First Roy: Mary Louise Rodgers, Judith Anne Sealander, Gale Kelley, Pam Fultz, Shannon Martin, Sandy Renard, Rosie Fowler. Second Row : Mrs. Faith Wenger, B. Holzwarth, D. Dan- forth, S. Winn, L. Haynie, C. Bassett, L. Dahl, J. Morris, R. Sledge, Jean Lee, E. Jeu. Third Row: P. Davidson, S. Johnson, P. Roegels, J. Schmand, V. Williams, C. Nevius, Shirley Price, S. Stoia, M. Hosman, S. Jackson, A. Lumpkin, L. Gilbert. Fourth Row: J. Perkins, G. Justis, J. Tilley, H. Hudson, G. Roberts, E. Sanders, B. Hershberger, L. Schlegel, L. Dunton, K. Counts, Alice Burton. Filth Row: L. Taylor. J. Hughes, D. Dodson, A. Hat¬ field, B. Sams, F. Morris, A. Thomas, M. Posner, J. Oates, A. Yancey, C. Rogers, D. Kastel. ALD Promotes Scholarship M. L. Rodgers, President; A. Lumpkin, Secretary; Laurie Gil¬ bert, Vice President; B. Sams, Treasurer; S. Renard, Historian; J. A. Sealander, Reporter. In order to become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, a freshman woman must have attained a 3.5 grade average for either her first semester or as a cumu¬ lative average for both freshman semesters. Although Alpha Lambda Delta is primarily a national honorary fraternity for freshman women, its members do provide a tutoring service for freshmen during their sophomore year. They strive to set examples of academic achieve¬ ment for the freshmen. In the spring, following initia¬ tion, they have a banquet with their brother fraternity Phi Eta Sigma. 448 Alpha Phi Omega Serves With service and leadership as their byword, the members of Beta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega are an asset to the University of Arkansas. Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity with former Boy Scouts and Explorers making up its membership. Being a service organization, Alpha Phi Omega takes ad¬ vantage of numerous opportunities to participate in such campus activities as registration, blood drives, and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart, Janet Hawken. First Roiv: J. E. Springer, M. Jenkins, M. Stone, R. Gasa- way, L. Courtney, Bill Bradley, M. Stiles, J. Feland, L. Rhodes, S. Hucke, J. Winston, D. Moore, J. Nauman, S. Holden. Second Row : L. Edmondson, R. C. Branch, J. Stevens, T. Hecox, B. Wray, R. Mayes, D. Christie, A. Cureton, J. Burgess, T. Sand¬ ers, S. Duvackl. Third Row : D. Horner, B. Price, R. Vowell, B. Pebsworth, G. Liddell, R. Dorsey, R. Spencer, P. Kittrell, B. Carethers, G. Linton, D. Rose, F. Jacobi, L. Treece. Fourth Row : R. Dickey, J. Blanks, Rama Yellayi, C. Wesley, J. Smith- erman, C. Bolton, K. Campbell, J. Clay, F. Bane, D. Ferguson, K. Lindquist, S. Earp, D. Bunten. 449 ABC Sponsors Texas Week The members of the Arkansas Booster Club are or¬ ganized for the purpose of raising spirit at the Univer¬ sity of Arkansas for sports events. This year an extra emphasis was placed on the clean-up of roll calls at the pep rallies which are sponsored by ABC. The traditional Dad’s Day and Homecoming Day games were high¬ lighted by torch parades after the pep rally. ABC made an all over effort for “Texas Week”. Chris F. Fowler, Vice President; Bunny Adcock, President; George L. Patton, Treasurer. First Row: L. Thiesing, C. Martini, M. Clements, C. Blei- weiss, R. D’Anna, L. Dahl, S. Baker, P. Mitchell, M. Thompson. Second Row: S. Kennedy, L. Ellison, C. King, S. Thompson, B. Maxwell, M. L. Rodgers, R. Fowler, T. Dunlop, G. Young, M. Bettis, G. Dugan, A. Woodard, P. Kirkpatrick. Third Row: C. Clay, D. Deaver, B. Bowen, L. Belline, B. Johnson, E. Rudolph, T. Byrd, B. Heath, B. Appleton, C. Lyons, L. Downum, S. Asse- lin. Fourth Row: B. Adcock, B. Abernathy, C. Williamson, B. Moon, J. Aikin, G. Griffin, B. Turkington, J. Sloan, J. Glover. Fifth Row: M. Kruger, G. Comstock, C. Fowler, L. Jeske, J. Sommers, S. Nipper, D. Marr, T. Box, S. Hartman, G. Patton. 450 AHEA Progresses The student section of AHEA at the U of A is a part of the American Home Economics Association, which is a professional organiza¬ tion for home economists. AHEA has as its theme “the importance of professional home economics”, and its members are taken from the College of Home Economics. AHEA tries to further the knowledge and interest of stu¬ dent home economists through monthly meet¬ ings with stimulating speakers. First Row : Dr. Chesser—Advisor, C. McDonald, D. Vangilder, M. Boyd, L. Ransom, D. Lucas. Second Row: C. Houck, C. Gaston, V. Pelletier, V. Lump¬ kin, S. Wiedeman, C. Law. Third Row: M. Bonner, P. Hardgrave, A. Henson, C. Cox, M. Gooch, Sister Jo Ann Senko. Fourth Row: L. Mann, K. Nichols, A. Hunt, P. May, F. Morris. Home Economists Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national profes¬ sional home economics fraternity whose mem¬ bers must be at least second semester sopho¬ mores and are chosen on the basis of scholar¬ ship, leadership, and character. Phi U members help the college in various ways, such as assist¬ ing at the home economics table during regis¬ tration. Phi U encourages high scholastic achievement by presenting an award to the freshman with the highest grade point each year. { w. 1 M JrSrj i i 1 4 i Krtfl’l m4 ] r t ' « ; 5;il F u MXm mfQ [ NKf [ j M A |i ; j % cm K i] i ' i L v|| 111 • j | First Row: Ruth Guynn, Bette Ryan, Sandra Henderson, Bethel Cunning¬ ham, Cynthia Gaston, Charolette Six, Janet Main. Second Row: Georgia Parker, Beverly Burch, Gayle Jennings, Harriet Burns, Vernell Lumpkin, Janet Haw- ken. Third Row: Donna Lucus, Marilyn Bonner, Ann Henson, Nancy Bane, Anne Hunt. 451 First Row : Nancy Nelson, Melinda Merrill. Karen Harmon, Peggy Bosmyer, Linda Maxey, Tricia Keeling, Becky Maxwell. Second Row: Cathe Gillespie, Patti Turner, Carolyn Moore, Pam Kirby, Ellen Morris, Sissy Conner, Mary Hyatt. Geri Dugan. Third Row: Beth Hogan, Cay Mathers, Ann Henson, Kay Thomas, Mary Ann Gunn, Connie Summers, Denise Deaver, Barbara Holzwarth, Cindy Kirby. Fourth Row : Becky Mathias, Marilyn Harlan, Madeline Jobst, Mimi Raney, Sylvia Hawley, Anita Ederington, Melinda Guard, Terry Nugent, Annelle Cleo Woodard. AWS Secures Junior Keys T. Keeling, Treasurer; P. Bosmyer, President; M. Raney, Secretary; L. Maxey, Vice President. Of great importance to junior women at the Uni¬ versity this year was the acquisition of junior key privileges, largely due to the efforts of the Associated Women Students. Representatives of each women’s liv¬ ing group on the campus are elected to the AWS Legis¬ lative Board which directs the policies concerning women students at the U of A, enabling them to have a voice in student government. 452 SAE NASA The Society of Automotive Engineers pro¬ motes the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construc¬ tion, and utilization of transportation vehicles. This year activities included regional meetings with the parent society, Open House activities, the sponsoring of a gymkhana, and the presen¬ tation of a speaker from NASA. The SAE is a national association with student branches all over the nation. Thus, it maintains a bridge be¬ tween college and professional work. First Row: Michael Capoot, Michael Larson, Michael Galloway, David Thompson, Don McIntosh. Second Row: Dr. H. Wolf -Advisor, Philip Bridges, James Dale, Gary Reed, J. D. Smith. Engineering Ideals Pi Tau Sigma is a National Honorary Me¬ chanical Engineering Fraternity. Founded in 1915 at the University of Illinois, Pi Tau Sig¬ ma was organized “to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in co-ordinate departmental activities, and to promote the welfare of its members.’ I he Ar¬ kansas Tau Upsilon Chapter of Pi lau Sigma was installed May 8, 1959, and has continually worked to improve the Profession of Mechani¬ cal Engineering. First Row: J. Gleason, James Dale, Ryall Tune, Carl 0. Wright, Michael H. Galloway. Second Row: Philip C. Koch, Jack Ladyman, Gary Reed, Wayne Garrison. Third Row: Larry V. Jones, James W. Kemp, William W. Timmer¬ man, Donnie R. McIntosh. 453 BSU Offers Varied Activities Students gather at the BSU. “Perspective 1969” . . . drama . . . ping pong . . . international students . . . pop corn . . . summer mis¬ sions . . . Freshman Week . . . retreats . . . prayer . . . float trips . . . questioning . . . finding answers . . . hayrides . . . guest speakers . . . living. These activities highlight the year for students at the Baptist Student Center. All students on campus are invited to become a part of the Christian fellowship of the BSU. First Row: Joan Council, Judy Tilley, Vickey Drye, Jay Mitzi Koerner, Ann Browning, Patty Patrick, Ann Willis. Sec¬ ond Row: Bettye Long, Jay Jutice, Shirley Snow White, Diana Foreman, Lena Horton, Elizabeth Cureton, Phil Seibold, Larry Lloyd, Phil Shupe. Third Row: Sharon Skinner, Michael Price, Ronnie Sisk, Barbara Beeve, Barbara Starwatt, Gary Batchelor, Jay Courson, Jack Redfearn. Fourth Row: Danny Jackson, Sandra McBride, R. L. Davis, Marilyn Harlan, David McCarver, Anna Roark, Mary Person, Jamie Jones—Director. 454 First Row : Bill Johnson, Doug Buford, Larry Wilson, George Steve Meyer, Bill Wright. Third Row: David Davies, Ed Barton, Lease, Jim Eads. Second Row : Mike Mashburn, Dan Durning, Russ Ewing, Carter Hardage. Blue Key Conducts Career Of vital interest, especially to upper classmen is “Arkansas Career Day” which is primarily sponsored by the members of Blue Key. Outstanding junior and senior men are asked to join this national honorary organization. Members participate in campus activities such as registration and programs encouraging aca¬ demic achievement. Blue Key distributes teacher and course evaluation sheets and helps maintain good rela¬ tions with the faculty by having a banquet in the spring where awards are given to outstanding faculty members. B. Johnson, Treasurer; R. Ewing, President; J. Eads, Sec¬ retary; D. Davies, Vice President; B. Wright, Vice President for Public Relations; D. Durning, Alumni Secretary. 455 First Row: M. Guard, J. Keel, L. McCampbell, A. Hartenstein, S. Angus, B. Hogan, M. Akins, A. Lumpkin. Second Row: J. Adams, P. DeBusk. K. Harmon, K. Ritgerod, B. Maxwell, S. Robinson, K. Russell, C. Summers. Third Row: J. Noller, L. Berney, N. Nelson, N. Mills, M. Raney, C. Angst, J. Appel- quist. Outstanding Juniors Cardinal Key is a national honorary or¬ ganization for the top thirty junior girls. Mem¬ bers are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and extra-curricular activities. They are tapped for membership at the AWS Spring Festival. Officers for 1969-70 were: Connie Summers, president; Pat De Busk, vice-presi¬ dent; Laura McCampbell, secretary; and Nancy Nelson, treasurer. The club is two years old. First Row: B. Toon, R. D’Anna, W. McKee, N. Holt, P. Bell, C. Petty, P. Hudson, C. Cook, L. Robinson. Second Row: D. Dolan, C. Leonard, S. Harding, P. Walker, C. Turner, L. McCampbell, S. Angus, B. Baker, V. Neil. Third Row: R. Rivers, S. VonSeggern, M. Harrell, R. Saxon, P. Gideon, C. Winn, J. Adams, L. Downum, J. Smyth, J. Eckert, S. Asselin. Crescents Assist Crescents is a service organization affiliated with Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. The group is composed of three girls from each sorority. It undertakes such projects as collecting items for the Salvation Army and aiding other chari¬ table causes. Crescents also serve as hostesses for Lambda Chi Alpha functions. 456 Active Cardinal XX Cardinal XX is an honorary organization which provides many services to the Univer¬ sity. Twenty new members are chosen from their freshman class to serve during their soph¬ omore year. Their selection is made from inter¬ views on the basis of leadership, scholarship, integrity, personality, and campus activities. As usual Cardinal XX assisted in registration and helped with fall freshman orientation. First Row: Tom Brillhart, Brent Turgington, David McClain, Bill Ruck, Joe Phillips, Steve Fuhrmann, Bill Adams. Second Row: John Eldridge, Gary McDonald, Scott Wood, Jon Russ, Bill Alley, Clif Chitwood. Third Row: Gary George, Dennis James, Robert Buck, Thomas Staley, Taylor David Wilkes, Rob Porter. Chimes as Hostesses Chimes is an honorary organization with a membership of twenty freshman girls whose selection is based on outstanding personality, poise, scholarship, high school and college ac¬ tivities. A faculty board of interviewers chooses the girls during the second semester of their freshman year to serve throughout their sopho¬ more years. By serving at the U of A functions during the year, Chimes act as official hostesses for the University and promote public relations. First Row: Sherard Thompson, Cindy Coats, Cindy Carson, Judy Lukas, S. West. Second Row: T. Butler, Anna Johnson, Mary Ellen Day, Carolyn Scribner, Debby Lane, Janie Kellett. Third Row: Trisha Chambers. Janie Dowell, Sandy McNamara, Michele Tirman, Donna Shaw. Fourth Row: Caro¬ lyn Whittaker, Betsy Johnson, Shannon Martin, Cindy Johnson. 467 AIChE is Active First Row: Larry Bittle, John Starr, Ralph Evans, Buford Jones, H. G. Elrod, Bob Makin, Virgil Ellis. Second Row: Johnny Shipman, Charles Stevens, John Kendrick, Robert May, V. D. Rowe, Bill Owens, James Robertson, Jim Starks. The American Institute of Chemical Engi¬ neers is for membership of all chemical en¬ gineering students. The purpose of the organi¬ zation is to acquaint the student with the re¬ wards and problems of a career in chemical engineering. AIChE sponsors technical speak¬ ers and field trips. Other activities include pro¬ jects for Engineer’s Week open house, student- faculty basketball games, and the presentation of the chapter’s outstanding research paper at the AIChE regional convention. First Row: John H. Kendrick, Buford D. Jones, Ralph Evans. Second Row: Ronald H. Haney, Roger L. Wright, Robert C. May, James M. Cawood. Group Seeks Skill Tau Sigma Fraternity is an honorary so¬ ciety for students and faculty in Chemical Engineering. Tau Sigma recognizes the scholas¬ tic achievement, the qualities of leadership, and the excellence of character of outstanding stu¬ dents in the Department of Chemical Engineer¬ ing. Speakers present programs at meetings. 458 Opportunities Offered The American Society of Civil Engineers offers the student in Civil Engineering the op¬ portunity for professional development during the years before his actual professional career. By sponsoring field trips, projects for open house during Engineer’s Week and speakers from all phases of civil engineering, ASCE brings the student in contact with the challenges and opportunities of the profession. First Row: B. Granderson, R. Barnes, R. Walters, E. Meurer, A. Zoda, W. Kuse, J. Brown, L. Hutchinson. Second Row: D. Stafford, J. Bufford, F. Horn, D. Byrd, C. Turney, D. McGrew, B. Ginger, M. Hatfield. Third Row: E. Brewer, E. Raines, W. Goin, J. Nash, R. Hawkins, R. Coleman, J. Kelly, J. Hills. Fourth Row: G. Carnahan, S. Stone, R. Corbitt, L. Gaddy, H. Jones, W. Dees, K. Carson, J. Barnett. Group Honors CE’s The national honorary fraternity for civil engineers is Chi Epsilon. Members are chosen from the upper third of the junior and senior classes. Chi Epsilon recognizes and acknowl¬ edges high standards of scholastic and social achievement among civil engineering students. First Row: Walter Dees, Randell Coleman, Jacky Brown, Danny Stafford. Second Row: Walter Goin, Ralph Barnes, Larry Hutchinson, Robert Walters. 459 First Row: Shirley Donovan, Vikki Whitlock. Joy Ramsay, Debbie Kastel, Pam Edwards, Mago Long, Gail Jernigan, Dede Davis, Charlene McElroy. Second Row: Marlene Jones, Lissa Thiesing, Janet Phillips, Jane Pazderka, Mary Lou Ellis. Re- bekah Tackett, Kay Blakeley, Betty White, Marie Deacon. Third Row: Nancy Colquitt, Todd Gordon, Dennis Krueger, Warren Carpenter, William Garner, Wayne Cox, Jim Aikin, Rosanne Cabaniss. Fourth Row: Sue Lester, John Stevens, Bryden Moon, Pat Elliott, Dennis Harper, Robert Dennis, Michael Clary, Christy Haizlip. Civic Club Aids Charities Betty White, Secretary; Marie Deacon, President; Nancy Colquitt, Treasurer; William Garner, Vice President. Each living group on campus elects two represen¬ tatives to be members of Civic Club. The object of this organization is to direct activities of the U of A which are concerned with raising money for charitable groups. In this manner it is possible to direct all such activities through one channel. Charitable donations are made through the Civic Club which sponsors such fund rais¬ ing projects as Singfony and the Campus Sweetheart and Campus Lover Contest. 460 BA’s Chi Theta Chi Theta is a professional fraternity for women in the College of Business Administra¬ tion. Membership in Chi Theta is open to the women enrolled in the BA college at the soph¬ omore level or above who have established a minimum accumulative grade point of 2.5. Chi Theta decorates the BA building for the Christ¬ mas season. The group publishes a booklet describing the organizations in the college. First Row: Sylvia Reddin, Cindy Jae, Jane Braswell, Carolyn Bassett, Linda Handley, Carolyn Bell, Rachel Doyle, Sherry Bynum. Second Row: Elizabeth Darrow, Vivian Wilkinson, Cindy Nevius, Peggy Franks, Alice Alexander, Lynn McCleary, Donna Johnston, Judy Hughes. Third Row: Mary Ann Mc¬ Nair, Donna Newton, Patricia Ann Garmon, Beth Barnes, Jean Core, Margaret Mack, Mary Teters, Marty Biggers. International Unity The International Club is composed of both foreign and native students and is sponsored by the international students themselves. In¬ students and faculty are invited to the weekly meetings. Most of the meetings are primarily programs rather than business affairs. The club provides students with an opportunity to in¬ crease their knowledge about differing cultures. AJJ 1 First Row: R. Gupta, .1. Cramer, V. Valdez, M. Omakupt, M. Juarez, R. DcMelo, A. Arif, D. Sharma. Second Row: B. Catherall, B. Sundelius, L. Hjelte, B. Karamchandani, B. Moritz, J. Price, K. Chaiyakul, H. Pudd, W. Chang. Third Row: K. Basin, R. Yellayi, J. Snow, W. Schnitzler, P. Surin, R. Martinelli, Y. Tsai, J. Schmidt, E. Schmidt. Fourth Row: 0. Hjelmar, T. Hergt, J. Sprigg, S. Johnson, R. Brewer, R. Magnusson, A. Noyola, T. Ribs. 461 Fraternity Continues Legal Education A. M. Whitte, Faculty Advisor; P. Petty, Pledge Trainer; R. E. Garner, Treasurer; I. L. McAbee, Master of Ritual; J. H. Jackson, Vice Dean; B. Cortinez, Dean; J. Patterson, Baliff; J. C. Martin, Clerk of the Rolls. Robinson Senate of Delta Theta Pi law fraternity seeks to promote the profession of law through a pro¬ gram of continuing legal education. In conjunction with this program, Robinson Senate sponsored a speech by a distinguished patent attorney, a jury forum which focused on the attitudes and emotions of a jury, and a reception for 2 eminent penologists. The senate has also initiated several improvement projects, one of them being a new sidewalk on the Law School premises. First Row: Tom Hilburn, Allyn C. Tatum, Charles R. Stub¬ blefield, Jerry B. Clayton , J. C. Martin, Ned Metcalf, Bob Odom, David Baldi, J. J. Calloway, Steve Snyder, Bob Cortinez, Claude E. Lynch. Second Row : Bobby Sanders, Jerry Patterson, Albert Witte, Harry Cools, Jr., Gary Barket, Nathaniel T. Henley, J. W. Segers, J. S. Brown, Pete Bidwell, Jim Harris. Third Row: I. L. McAbee, C. J. Calvin, Bob Stroud, R. C. Garland Jr., Fred Otis, Doug Wilson, C. N. Williams, J. A. Jones, Bob Hart, J. D. Watson, R. T. Douglas. Fourth Row: J. L. Allen, J. I. Martin, R. L. Burton, Bill Lavender, J. R. Pate, Gene O’Daniel, P. Petty, R. Garner, R. Tyra, Bill Perkins, A. Anderson, J. H. Jackson. 462 First Row: Kim Wong, Dwight Chamberlain, Jerry Paul, William Bennett, Linda Cloyd, George Henry III, John Hotz, Chuck Lam. Second Row : Charles Lawrence, David Ballenger, Ron Rhodes, Richard Zelnick, Richard Sherrill, Dennis Taylor, Bill Hayes, Michael Harkey, Larry Waits. Third Row: F. J. Crossett, Bob McCollum, Robert Rickett, Randy Perdue, Donald Malone, Charles Maule, Kenneth McAlister, Thomas Hotz II. Fourth Row: Charles Gray Jr., R. L. Davis, James Walden, Dalton Coleman, Jerry Howard, Bill Vest, Rodney Ratledge, Jef¬ frey Lynch, Paul Ribitzki. Electrical Engineers Aid Students The largest professional engineering society in the world, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engi¬ neers, Inc., provides students with an unusual oppor¬ tunity to associate educationally and socially with fel¬ low engineering students through discussions and pro¬ jects. The organization sponsors technical lectures and takes an active part in the presentation of projects and events during Engineer’s Week. R. Rhodes, Jr. Engine Council Delegate; L. Cloyd, Secretarv; B. Hayes, Sr. Engine Council Delegate; H. Jerry, Vice Presi¬ dent; B. Vest, President. 463 Third Row : Fred Brown, William W. Timmerman, John Lang¬ ston, Larry Stone, Freddie Stringer, Bill Meadows, David Alex¬ ander. Fourth Row: Larry Waits, Mike Larson, Paul Graziani, Bill Bingham, V. D. Rowe, Kit Carson. Engineers’ Week First Row: James Cawood, Ronald Haney, Dennis Perry, Bill Plunkett, Gary Watson, Lynn Oates, Stan Eden, Bob Davidson. Second Row: James Dale, Ralph Evans, Bill Johnson, Ron Rhodes, Carlos Arrosimino, Jim Hazelwood, Don McIntosh. Council Plans Dennis Perry, Treasurer; Bill Johnson, President; Bob David¬ son, Vice President. The biggest project undertaken by the Engineering Council is the annual planning and presentation of En¬ gineer’s Week. Members of the Council (elected repre¬ sentatives from each field in the School of Engineering) and the manager and editor of the Arkansas Engineer, draw the varied fields into a week of programs of in¬ terest to the Engineering School. Beginning with a ban¬ quet and skits about the professors, the week is high¬ lighted with the election of St. Patricia. Eta Kappa Nu Honors EE’s Eta Kappa Nu is the only national honor society for electrical engineers and is one of the highest honors an electrical engineer can receive. Eta Kappa Nu selects its members from the junior and senior classes and includes only those students who have attained high scholastic achievement, contributed to extra-curricular activities, and showed an unimpeachable character. W. A. Bennett, Corresponding Secretary; C. L. Fesler, Vice President; G. E. Henry III. Pledge Trainer; C. C. Gray, Jr., Bridge Correspondent; M. P. Harkey, Treasurer, Bill Hayes, President. First Row: Charles L. Fesler, William A. Bennett, Bill Hayes, Larry Hill. Second Row: Dennis Taylor, Donald L. Malone, Michael P. Harkey, Bill Vest. Third Row: James Walden, R. L. Davis, Charles C. Gray Jr., George E. Henry III. First Row : Pam Bryan, D’Ann Downey, Donna Jordan, Angela Lumpkin, Kay Kimberling. Second Row : Everett Rogers, Anna Roark, Joanie Noller, Jimmy Whiley. Third Row: Michel Ranson, James Jackson, Larry Eusyoung. {Not Pictured: Trudy Hegwood, Dennis Harper, Kathy Korte). Club Aids Academics The Gamma Beta Phi Society is an educa¬ tional-service organization for students in col¬ leges and universities. Members are chosen from former members of high school Beta Clubs or those persons who measure up to the national standards of worthy character, good mentality, creditable achievement, and com¬ mendable attitude. The purpose of the Society is the advancement of educational ideals and the encouragement of scholastic effort. First Row: Forrest Jacobi, Bonnie Stevenson, Earnest Montgomery, Larry Martin. Second Row: Dr. Thomas W. Scott, Larry Handley, Allen D. Lindsey, Charles Collins, Dr. 0. Orland Maxfield. Geography Stressed Gamma Theta Upsilon is a professional geography fraternity for students interested in the field. It is a national organization with the goal of furthering knowledge and interest in all phases of geography. Gamma Kappa chapter was established at the University of Arkansas in 1964. A spring outing is held each year. In addition to out-of-doors activities, the fraternity has many guest speakers at its meetings. 466 First Row: Mitzi Koerner, Pam Iverson, Cher Hodelka, Linda Henry, Carol Sutton, Brenda Brown, Diane Goldberg. Second Row: Pat Crigger, Barbara Holzwarth, Linda Taylor, Leanna Cochran, Pat Murphy, Rebekah Pickett. Third Row: Kay Mc- Corkle, Sherry Crandell, Ann Henson, Angela Lumpkin, Jane Pazderka, Marsha Henbest, Debs Fisher. Fourth Row: Ann Willis, Shirley White, Cheryl Springgate, Rosanne Cabaniss, Ann Duggar, Nan Duggar, Pam Blakeslee, Marlene Gehring. Girls’ Service Organization Grows A new girls’ service organization formed in Febru¬ ary of 1969 on the U of A compus. The following November ihis group received its formal notification of acceptance as a colony of Gamma Sigma Sigma, Na¬ tional Girls Service Sorority. This colony will be eligible for chapter status next November or the following year. Working with its brother service fraturnity, Alpha Phi Omega, the Gamma Sigma Sigma Colony helped this year with the Red Cross Blood Drive. P. Crigger, Second Vice President; M. Koerner, Recording Secretary; P. Iverson, Corresponding Secretary; A. sistant Second Vice President; S. White, Historian; P. Bla ' ts- lee, Parliamentarian; A. Willis, First Vice President; C. Spring- gate, Treasurer; A. Lumpkin, President. 467 ASME Still Active p ts First Row: F. K. Deaver, D. McIntosh, M. Capoot, M. Larson, T. Ryan, C. Wright, M. Galloway. Second Row : B. Rogers, D. Sexton, G. Dalke, J. Baker, W. L. McCulloch, M. Dryden. Third Row: E. Leonard, D. Mangrum, R. White, G. Reed, W. Garrison, J. Dale. The ASME has the purpose of advancing the knowledge of theory and practice of me¬ chanical engineering. By holding technical meetings, showing films, sending representa¬ tives to regional and national conventions, and participating in field trips to industrial firms, ASME increases the knowledge of the mechani¬ cal engineer with the problems facing him in the future of his career. First Row: J. Carroll, P. Peterson, D. Cunningham, C. Marlin Jr., J. Hazel¬ wood, L. Sneed, S. Eden. Second Row: J. Ballard, B. Karamchandani, G. Williams, M. Limbird, G. Watson, I). Dillard. Third Row: B. Bonds, C. Bur¬ ton, C. Huggins, H. Pudd, C. McLane, B. Bingham, D. Hibler. Fourth Row: M. Teeter, C. Huber, D. Alexander, B. Meadows, S. Lowe, G. McKuin. Industry Studied The American Insitute of Industrial Engi¬ neering is an organization for all industrial en¬ gineers. Its primary aim is the correlation of industrial problems and processes with aca¬ demic studies. Activities include tours of vari¬ ous industrial plants throughout the state, monthly speakers, and service projects. It is a service organization that helps with the Engi¬ neering Open House and it is sponsored by the Little Rock and Tulsa senior chapters of AIIE. 468 Club Serves Marketing Majors The Marketing Club serves marketing majors in the College of Business as a contact between the stu¬ dents and leading businessmen. Professionals are in¬ vited to speak at several dinner meetings. In an effort to provide on-the-spot observation, the Marketing Club participates in an annual field trip to watch the mechanics of marketing in action. The problems of the practical business world are discussed at meetings. B. Hart, President; J. Porter Jr., Vice President; L. Collings¬ worth, Secretary; P. Melton, Treasurer; J. W. Berkowitz, Vice President. First Row: Terry Yee, Nanita Lee, Bonnie Hart, Alice Alex¬ ander, Carolyn Bell, Marty Biggers, Lynn Collingsworth, Linda Blume, Gary Church. Second Row: Johnnie Holcomb, Jo Drig¬ gers, Margaret Mack, Susan Heidinger, Linda Handley, Mary Teters, Linda Berkowitz, James Berkowitz, Larry Shaffer. Third Row: Ronald Rupe, Wilson Bushy, Tommy Cupples, C. J. Wright, Doug Drummond, Charles McMurty, Richard Hall. Jesse Rusty Porter Jr. Fourth Row: Jim Carpenter, Presley Melton, Larry Key, Ricky McMurry, Richard Ayres, Bruce Marked, Johnny Crawford. 469 Mortar Board Backs Education Day Founded in 1915 Mortar Board has chapters on 125 campuses throughout the country and its membership numbers over 47,000. In the spring Mortar Board taps for membership outstanding senior women possessing qualities of high scholarship, leadership, and service. These women combine their talents through such pro¬ jects as help at registration and the donation of schol¬ arships. In the fall Mortar Board sponsored a Graduate Education Day explaining graduate school. M. Duell, V.P.; J. Johnson Hill, Pres.; K. Thomas, Sec.; S. Simmons, Treas.; J. Taylor, Hist.; B. Alverson, Song Leader; A. J. Tarkington, Calendar Sales Chairman; D. Wolf, Reporter; B. Catherall, Scholarship Chairman. First Row : Cynthia Agar, Kay Thomas, Sherry Simmons, Sherry Newman, Gary Lynn King, Tricia Keeling, Miriam Duell, Yulonda Black. Second Row : Charlotte Anthony, Alice Stallcup, Liz Hallin, Nan Castleberry, Jeanie Johnson Hill, Chrissy Henry, Daria Dolan, Beverly Alverson. Third Row : Margaret Rose Palmer Nalley, Donna Wolf, Jo Martin, Louise Meinecke Ryan, Alice Jo Tarkington, Elise Howell, Beth Catherall, Jeff Taylor. 470 First Row: Jesse Porter Jr., Donald Bishop, Len Warden, Cawood, Joseph McBride, Walter Goin, George B. Smith, Boh Don Dillard. Second Row: Bill Plunkett, Kenneth May, Bill Davidson. Moss, Ronald Haney, Brad Carter. Third Row: Bill Vest, James ODK Selects Outstanding Men Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary or¬ ganization which selects its members from outstanding junior and senior men who have excelled in leadership and scholarship. Membership is awarded on the basis of five major phases of campus life, namely: scholar¬ ship; athletics; student government, social, and reli¬ gious affairs; publications; and applied arts. Tim Boe, Secretary; Len Warden, President; George Smith, Vice President. 471 First Row: Susan Murry, Lynn Woodard, Liz Ellison, Nancy Wade, Margaret Akins, Pam Morris, Nancy Ridge, Second Row: Liz Hallin, Linda Maxey, Melinda Merrill, Pam Kirby, Georgia Parker, Gaynor Beesley. Third Row: Phyllis Gathings, Janice Appelquist, Joan Lafferty, Joanne Freeman, Terrye Schultz, Nancy Bane, Harriet Burns. Fourth Row: Spencer Epes, Kitty Cherry, Cynthia Agar, Sue Benham, Beth Catherall, Laurie Hogan. Panhellenic Promotes Unity Georgia Parker, President; Gaynor Beesley, Secretary; Har¬ riet Burns, Treasurer. Panhellenic Council is the governing board for ail campus sororities and aids in the promotion of inter¬ sorority relations. This council is composed of the pres¬ ident and two representatives from each sorority on campus. The Panhellenic officers are determined by a system of rotation among all of the nine sororities on campus. Panhellenic’s new policy, the Code of Ethics, instead of a list of rules, seems to be very successful. 472 Honorary Recognizes Achievements Freshman men who receive a 3.5 or better either the first semester of their freshman year or as a cumula¬ tive grade average for the entire freshman year are asked to join Phi Eta Sigma. The organization is a national honorary fraternity which seeks to recognize the scholastic achievement of freshmen. Like its sister organization, Alpha Lambda Delta, members of Phi Eta Sigma set examples during their sophomore year by stressing the importance of academic affairs. R. Osburn, Treasurer; L. Lloyd, President; T. D. Wilkes, Historian; Ed Barton, Senior Advisor. First Row: Bill Ruck, Gary McDonald, Tom Jackson, Larry Lloyd, Tom Staley, Don Cunningham, Joe Phillips. Second Row: Stan Rankin, Jim Hazlewood, Joe Ward, Charles Maule, Roger Osburn, Forrest Jacobi, Eric Goad, Jim Gattis. Third Row: Lewis Hirschy, David Taylor Wilkes, Tom Brillhart, Rob Porter, David Bruns, Ed Barton, John Hotz. 473 Pi Mu Epsilon Advances Math Pi Mu Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity for those who excel in mathematics. It is not restricted to math majors. The major aim has been to offer free- tutoring in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. The organization sponsors speakers from the University who come to promote an interest in math and to acquaint the student with different phases of math. Gary Lynn King, Secretary; Ritchie Saxon, Publicity Chair¬ man; Phillip Maxwell, Vice President; Ed Barton, President. First Row: Carol Lovelady, Diana Johnson, Cathy Martin, lock, Phillip Maxwell, William Baumgardner, John Watson, Carol Olson, Ritchie Saxon, Susan Jordan, Elizabeth Anne Lee- Ed Barton, ton. Second Row: Craig McDonald, Garry Holloway, A1 Step- 474 Pre-Law Joins In Newly organized this year was the U of A Pre-Law Club. The club was established to as¬ sist its members in preparing for a legal edu¬ cation and to increase the status of the legal profession. Future goals call for the club to be formed into a Pre-Law Fraternity. Plans to participate in the Law School’s annual Law Day Activities are being made. Officers are: Pres., Don Horner; 1st Vice Pres., Danny Flick; 2nd Vice Pres., Bill Bishop; Sec., Kari West; Treas., Sammy Lewis. First Row: C. Raff, R. McNair, Pam Bryan, K. West, J. Stevens, D. Evans. Second Row: T. Casey, D. Canada, M. Lemaster, J. Trusheim, P. Shellabarger, K. Cochran, H. Yancey, S. Cyphers. Third Row: T. Carson, J. Jackson, A. Kornegay, W. Castleberry, J. Deacon, D. Downing, D. Ford. Fourth Row: R. Featherston, R. Daniel, T. Boe, L. Ford, D. Sanders, D. Krueger, D. Horner, Dr. George Smith, Advisor. Spanish Culturalists The University of Arkansas’ Spanish Club was officially recognized as a student organi¬ zation on campus 18 months ago. The organi¬ zation has as its goal to promote better student relations, as well as to promote interest in be¬ coming acquainted with and aware of the vari¬ ous aspects of the Hispanic culture. Since the Club’s beginning, it has held such activities as dances, panel discussions, picnics, free tutoring services, and from time to time, the club invited guest speakers to attend its meetings. First Row: Diane Goldberg, Linda Reynolds, Linda Henry, Cher Hodelka. Second Row: Pam Kirby, Claire Bond, Dwight Banks. Third Roiv: Sharon Baguley, Leroy Pittman. Fourth Row: Edward Stuart. 475 First Row: Randall Skiff, Dave Smith, Robert Tehan, Jim Edson, Bud Burkhart, Hal Ewald. Second Row: Ed Van Schaik, Ron Keisler, Robert Rinie, Robert Potter II, James Morrison, Dale Martin. Third Row: George Carney, Charles Baldwin, Orville Wright, Philip Lucus, James Jackson, John Hughes. Geology Enthusiasts The Alpha Psi chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a honorary geology fraternity who has as its objectives the scholastic and scientific advancement of its members in the earth sciences. The members of Sigma Gamma have spon¬ sored several guest lecturers and films. Activi¬ ties for the year include: field trips to North¬ ern Mexico, Arbuckle Mtn. in Southern Okla¬ homa, Rush Creek Zinc Mines in North Cen¬ tral Arkansas and the gas coal fields in the Arkansas River Valley. A picnic and the presentation of an award to the outstanding geology student conclude the year’s activities. First Row: Michael Pritchard, Kay Thomas, Kris Holme, Charlotte Leon¬ ard, Barbara Wood, Donna Wolf. Second Row: Tom Richardson, advisor, Johnnie Holcomb, G. Floyd Lease, Brenda Blagg, Jim McKenzie, Jim Eads, George Myers. Third Row: Roger Wright, Jo Martin, Ed Barton, Ann Pride, Don Bunch, Jim Burnett, David Davies. TAU Boosts Dorms Tau Alpha Upsilon is an honorary residence hall fraternity. It has as its dual purpose recog¬ nizing outstanding leadership in residence halls and service to the University. Tau Alpha Upsi¬ lon was chartered in 1963 and takes twenty new members each fall. Prospective members must have a grade average of 2.25 or above and have shown the qualities which deem them worthy of membership in such an honorary so¬ ciety. The group promotes unity on campus. 476 SAM Operates Bookstore The Society for the Advancement of Management is a social organization of managers in industry, com¬ merce, government, and education. Once a semester they sponsor banquet meetings. They also organize field trips for their members which include lours of plants. During registration for the first and second semesters, the members of SAM operate a bookstore exchange in the BA building for the buying and selling of hooks for the students in the College of Business Administration. D. E. Douglas, Vice President of Publicity; Paul K. Engskov, President; D. M. Brambl, V.P. Programming; B. Parker, Sec¬ retary; M. Irwin, Treasurer. First Row: Laura Phyllis Scrimager, Jeffrey Banks, Darrell Douglas, William Tennison, Andrew Moore. Second Row: Rod¬ ney Nickel, Ron Sewell, Dan Brambl, Bob Parker, Terry Mc¬ Cormack. Third Row: Len Warden, Ronnie Stokes, J. T. Bow¬ man, Harlon Earp, Paul Engskov. Fourth Row: Michael Barry, Becky Mathias, Johnny Mise, Worley Barry, Michael Irwin. 477 Tau Beta Pi Selects Top Engineers Tau Beta Pi is a national engineering honor society which was nationally founded in 1885. Tau Beta Pi selects its members from the top students in the field of engineering. There are 133 active chapters, and Tau Beta Pi now has a membership of over 152,000. The local chapter (Arkansas Alpha) was established in 1914 and has initiated 1,097 men. R. L. Davis, Electee Manager; R. Haney, President; J. Vaughan, Vice President; B. Hayes, Rec. Secretary; D. Taylor, Cataloger; L. Hill, Corresponding Secretary. First Row: Walter Dees Jr., Dennis Taylor, Ronald Haney, R. L. Davis, Bill Hayes, Larry Hill. Second Row: Charles Fesler, Ralph Evans, John Vaughan, Charles Gray Jr. Third Row: James Cawood Jr., Charles Burton, W. L. McCulloch Jr. First Row: June West, Beth Mathews, Terry Dunlop, Suzi Williams, Jana Jones, Frances Eaves, Shari Stuart, Laura Todd, Betsy Elliott, Vikki Whitlock, Sharon Warren, Ann Querbes. Second Row : Steve Kniseley, G. Simon, B. Brooks, Debbie Pointer, J. Farrow, L. Browning, N. Nunn, Jim Scarbrough, L. Logan, Dan Durning. Third Row : D. Canada, D. Fulmer, G. Graves, J. Parker, K. Cochran, R. Brown, M. Barnes, C. Wilbert, T. Muse, S. Dew, L. Buckley. Fourth Row: R. Taylor, R. Feath- erston, J. Walker, L. Belline, I. Williams, R. McNair, F. Lang- ham, R. Abbott, B. Hayes, D. Downi ng. Fifth Row: R. Daniel, G. Westerman, J. Smotrycz, C. Gray, M. McKenzie, B. Mc- Creight, D. Sanders, R. Gammill, J. Jackson, J. Snowden, F. Rhoades, D. Flick, 0. McKuin, H. Hobart. YRC in Politics The Young Republican Club enjoyed another active year. The purpose of YRC is to provide University stu¬ dents with an understanding of government and politics and to give everyone the opportunity to get involved in politics. Interesting speakers and programs were pre¬ sented, including receptions for Lt. Gov. Britt and Sen. Strom Thurmond. The YRC also actively prepared for the coming elections with a campaign school in the spring. The club stresses current affairs. S. Warren, Parliamentarian; T. Dunlop, Treasurer; S. Wil¬ liams, Miss Young Republican; B. Hayes, President. 479 480 481 A Aaron, Gary Allen, 356 Abbiatti, Michael Dean, 348 Abbott, Rick C., 334 Abele, Jon R., 261 Abele, Patricia Lou, 265 Abell, Dennis Allen, 152 Abernathy, Jean Ann, 308 Abernathy, Mark Edwin, 342 Ableson, Jane E., 291 ACACIA, 322—322 Aclin, Ann Davidson, 152, 291 Acuff, C. Belinda, 265 Adair, Marinell, C., 176, 356 Adair, Michael, 289 Adams, Charles Micheal, 356 Adams, Dean G., 258 Adams, Gary Kramer, 332 Adams, Jane M., 306 Adams, Joan Elizabeth, 275 Adams, Leslie Jay, 261 Adams, Patricia Ann, 265 Adams, Stephen Eschol, 152, 356 Adams, William Ernest III, 152, 291 Adcock, Robert H., 152, 342 Addington, Alfred Robert, 299 Adkins, Johnny P., 269 Agee, John Scott, 299 Agnew, Bonnie Kay, 291 Ahrens, Arnold Milton Jr., 261 Ahrens, Elmer H., 176, 356 Aikin, Jim, 231, 261 Aker, Warren Richard Jr., 322 Aker, William David, 322 Akers, Charlene, 176, 356 Akins, M. Sheppard, 344 Akins, Myril Margaret, 308 Alcorn, Robert Stanley, 356 Alderson, Hugh V., 356 Alessi, James Anthony, 330 Alexander, Alice Susan, 304 Alexander, Barbara Toll, 176, 356 Alexander, Bonnie Sue, 291 Alexander, David Charles, 352 Alexander, David Earl, 152, 356 Alexander, Ellen, 249 Alexander, Jan, 291 Alexander, Lawrence Allen, 176, 356 Alexander, Susan Marie, 249 Alexander, Timothy Ross, 334 Alford, Susan Gail, 291 Alford, Toni Rae, 152, 310 Allbright, Walter Edward Jr., 356 Allen, Andy Elmore, 261 Allen, Cynthia Anne, 254 Allen, Danny Ray, 152, 356 Allen, J. Davis, 152, 356 Allen, Jimmie Joe, 269 Allen, Richard Waters, 261 Allen, Robert Walter, 356 Allen, Tom, 180, 356 Allen, William O., 356 Alley, William Karl, 340 Allison, Ann, 249 Allred, Dorothy J., 152,318 Almond, Myron David, 152, 356 Almond, Vickie Louise, 356 Alpe, Bokie, 275 ALPHA CHI OMEGA, 302—303 ALPHA DELTA PI, 304-305 ALPHA GAMMA RHO, 324-325 ALPHA KAKKA LAMBDA, 326— 327 Alphin, Martha Armstrong, 306 Alsip, Becky, 356 Alsip, Larry Eugene, 356 Alston, Ned Houston, 269 Alter, Donna Geneva. 356 Alter, James Keith, 330 Alter, John Browning, 152, 330 Alvord, Anne, 308 Anders, Michael Thomas, 261 Anderson, Alan Dale, 281 Anderson, Arthur John, 180, 356 Anderson, James Ronald, 291 Anderson, John Arthur, 269 Anderson, Joseph Michael, 344 Anderson, Judy Ann, 152, 356 Anderson, Linda Marilyn, 275 Anderson, Lyndall Eileen. 356 Anderson, M. Camile, 152,356 Anderson, Marita Jane, 152, 310 Anderson, Robert Eugene Jr., 269 Anderson, Sharon Frances, 249 Andrew, Joyce Evelyn, 318 Andrews, Tommie L., 254 Angst, Candis Rha, 316 Angus, Sandra Lynn, 306 Anthony, Charlotte Dale Cooley, 152, 356 Anthony, Thomas Mark, 152, 356 Appelquist, Janice Ann. 318 Applegate, Bobby Joe, 152, 356 Applegate. J. Bruce, 269 Appleton , Rosemary, 265 Appleton, William Roberts, 334 Appleton, William Stradley, 342 Aquilina, Dan E., 261 Araiza, Linda Celia, 291 Ardemagni, Enrica Julia, 356 Ardemagni, Loyce A., 152, 356 Area, Steven E., 269 Armstrong, Donald Elton, 269 Armstrong, George Alan, 326 Armstrong, Karen Kay, 314 Arnholt, Freddy Elliott, 356 Arnold. Douglas Alan, 269 Arnold, Ricky Fay, 152, 254 Arrington, Pamela Norwood, 176, 356 Artley, Milton John, 269 Ashcraft, Barbara Lynn, 254 Ashcraft, Edmond Wayne, 338 Ashcroft, Frank, 330 Ashmore, Michael Garner, 344 Asselin, Sandra Kay, 308 Aste, William Henry, 269 Atchison, Debbi K., 265 Atchison, Tracy C., 356 Atchley, Clinton Parham Edwin, 346 Atchley, Rita, 249 Atkins, Donald Craig. 291 Atkins, James Alan. 332 Atkins, Jerri Ann, 310 Atkinson, Betty Malu, 249 Atkinson, Elizabeth S, 356 Austin, Norma Gay, 356 Avery, Raymond Martin, 152, 356 Ayers, William Herbert, 152, 326 Ayres, David L., 356 Ayres, Richard Lynn, 152, 356 B Babcock, Lisa Wood, 265 Baber, John Tyler, 330 Bachelor, Ann Elizabeth, 152, 310 Back, Richard Dean, 299 Bacon, Cynthia Anne, 275 Bagley, Nathan, 324 Baguley, Sharon Dianne, 152, 265 Bahr, William Thomas, 258 Baier, Charles Edward, 326 Bailes, Stephanie Kathryn, 249 Bailey, Anne Margaret, 265 Bailey, Dwight Willis, 348 Bailey, Edward E. Jr., 261 Bailey, Kenny W., 356 Bailey, Patricia Kay, 356 Bailey, Sharon Lee, 275 Bain, Marsha, 275 Baker, Allen Wayne, 356 Baker, Becky M., 304 Baker, Clyde L., 330 Baker, David Stanford, 261 Baker, James Howard, 152, 356 Baker, John Douglas, 152, 322 Baker, John R., 338 Baker, Johnny Barn, 180, 356 Baker, Karen Lee, 356 Baker, Mary Suzanne, 265 Baker, Penny Sue, 152, 291 Baker, Sally Beth, 310 Baker, Susan Lynn, 152, 356 Baldi, David, 180, 356 Baldwin, Billy Charles, 152, 356 Baldwin, Michael T., 356 Baldwin, Vernoice Guinett, 356 Ball. Ellen L., 275 Ball, Lucy Jane, 249 Ball, Philip Murry, 269 Ball, Robert Lee, 176, 356 Ballaro, Barry H., 342 Ballenger, David Leigh, 352 Ballenger, Norman Edward, 152, 356 Bandeen, Mary, 275 Bane, Frank Pershing Jr., 348 Bane, Nancy Lynn, 230, 310 Bane, Sandra Elizabeth, 249 Banks, Bryan Harold, 269 Banks, J. Chyrel, 152, 291 Banks, James Dwight, 340 Banks, Marcelline Lide. 176, 356 Banks, Vicki Jeanne, 356 Barager, Howard John, 152, 291 Barbee, Brenda Jane, 291 Barbee, C. Fred, 356 Barber, Barry Dale, 285 Barber, Paul Leonard, 152, 258 Barber, Thomas Fred, 258 Barger, Gary C., 269 Barham, James Edward. 261 Barham, Michael Allen, 350 Barkley, Pam, 265 Barkley. Terri Patrice, 265 Bamer, Jerry Glen, 152, 356 Barnes, Beth, 291 Barnes, Betty Celeste, 265 Barnes, Billie Doyle, 356 Barnes, Bruce David, 261 Barnes, Connie Belinda, 310 Bar nes, James Clyde Jr., 356 Barnes, Jessica Anne, 291 Barnes, Justine, 275 Barnes, Michael Lee, 344 Barnes, Robert Allen, 356 Barnes, Robert M., 176 Barnett, Clay Bradford, 344 Barnett, David Clyde, 346 Barnett, Jan, 306 Barnett, Leslie Randall, 261 Barnett, Mary E., 356 Barnhill, James Bernard, 340 Barr, Glen Russel, 261 Barr, Janice F., 310 Barrett, Jo Ann, 291 Barron, Joe Thomas, 176, 356 Barron, Tina, 304 Barros, Marina, 275 Barrow, David Chris, 330 Bartholmey, Edmund Conrad, 334 Bartholomew, David Leon, 356 Bartley, Rick Paul, 346 Barton, Edwin Stanley, 152, 356 Barton, Ronald Rex, 176, 356 Bartsch, Gene Joseph, 356 Basham, Bruce Michael, 340 Baskin, James Caruth, 285 Bass, John Robert, 152, 342 Bassett, Carolyn Virginia, 316 Bassett, David M., 356 Bassett, Don Carlon, 176, 356 Bassett, Jerry Dudley, 340 Batchelor, Gary Lee, 152, 281 Bateman, William W, Jr., 152, 340 Batie, R. Michael, 269 Batson, Charles D., 356 Bauer, Catherine Regina, 291 Bauer, Dennis Dale, 269 Bauer, Virginia Dianne, 291 Baugher, Mike Gene, 350 Baugus, Gayel A., 152, 356 Baum, Susan Kay, 249 Baumgardner, William B., 152, 291 Baxter, Karen Lavonne, 254 Bayless, Becky, 254 Bayliss, Randolph Blake, 176, 356 Bays, Melinda J.. 287 Beacham, Stephen D., 258 Beakley, Arthur Duayne, 152, 356 Beal ,Ronnie Eugene, 356 Bealer, Asberry Herman, 285 Beane, Thomas Frederick, 269 Beard, Dennis Gordon, 269 Beard, Douglas Lare, 340 Beard, Leroy Vern, 152, 356 Beardall. Charles Walter, 152, 350 Bearden, Dennis Craig. 330 Bearden, Jack Dorsey, 152, 356 Beasley, Grace Ellen, 314 Beasley, John, 146, 340 Beason, Charles Edwin, 269 Beatty, Helen Carol, 249 Beatty, John M. Jr., 152, 340 Beaty, James L., 152, 356 Beaver, Kelley Lee, 269 Beck, Barbara Ann, 318 Beck, Linda, 152, 249 Beck, Marsha Suzanne, 301 Beck, Melvin Loyd, 176, 298 Becker, Patricia Karen, 152, 356 Beekworth, Mark Stephen, 269 Bedwell, Barbara Heath, 316 Beecher, Nancy Jean, 265 Beecher, Susan Lind, 152, 265 Beene, Barbara Neal, 249 Beene, Lonnie Lywn, 249 Behnke, Gerald Lorenz, 269 Belford, John, 180, 356 Bell, Carolyn M., 357 Bell, Dan Beau, 357 Bell, David E., 261 Bell, Donald Robert, 350 Bell, Emilie Elizabeth, 275 Bell, Frank Adams Jr., 330 Bell, J. C., 152, 357 Bell, Jeffrey Alan, 336 Bell, Judy Ann, 152, 357 Bell. Kathy Ellen. 152, 310 Bell, Lewis Franklin, 261 Bell, Sarah Nadean Rilev, 152, 357 Bell, Shirley Mae, 357 Belline. Louis A., 342 Belue, Patricia Ann, 304 Bemis, Marty, 308 Benge, Michael Scott, 152, 357 Benham, Anita Sue, 152, 308 Bennett, Archie Alfred, 289 Bennett, Stephen Bruce. 180, 357 Bennett, William A.. 152, 285 Benoit, Stephen D„ 342 Bensberg, Susan Edrington, 283 Benton, Ishmael Claud, 176, 35 7 Benton, Lenny Leon, 152, 324 Benton. Thomas Henry, 258 Benward, Cindy, 152, 318 Berger, Pat, 265 Bergren, Barbara Ann. 310 Berkowitz, James William. 152, 338 Berkowitz, Linda Ann, 153, 357 Berner, Dennis Wayne, 153, 289 Berney, Linda Louise, 318 Berney, Mary L., 249 Berry, Allan Douglas Jr., 153, 357 Berry, Jerry Carter, 258 Beshear, Sanford L., 180, 357 Besse, John C., 153, 357 Bethell, Bruce Hollis, 342 Betterton, Donald R., 357 Bettis, Martha Helen, 306 Beverly, Tanya, 275 Bevil, Heather Ann, 153, 357 Beyenka, John Thomas, 176,357 Bibby, Michael Bullard, 153, 357 Bichler, Jimmy, 340 Bichler, William Thomas, 340 Biddinger, Judith Ann, 249 Biedermann. Wendy Sue, 249 Biggers, Martha Lynn, 153, 291 Biles, Jane Kathryn, 275 Biles, Joan Margaret, 314 Billingsley, Judy Jane, 357 Billins, Billy Joe, 153, 258 Bingham, Billy Jr., 153, 291 Bingham, James Roy, 261 Bingham, John Biscoe, 322 Binkley, Brad O., 357 Binz, Dianne Elizabeth, 249 Bird, Samuel N., 153, 357 Bird, Tom Paul, 289 Birdwell, James Stephen, 289 Birkett, David O., 357 Bischof, Barbara Jane, 306 Bischof, Harry Patrick, 153, 332 Bishop, Charles Rick, 269 Bishop, Donald Eugene, 153, 348 Bishop, Douglas Gene, 153, 357 Bishop, Nancy L., 357 Bishop, William Ernest, 153, 346 Bittle, Larry M., 153, 357 Bittle, Theresa Gail, 357 Bizzell, Joy A., 249 Black, David Clarke, 269 Black, Deborah Luanne, 275 Black, Janice Jane, 249 Black, Larry A., 153, 357 Black, Mary Dell, 291 Black. Steven W., 291 Black, Tommy Glenn, 261 Black, Yulonda Kay, 153, 291 Blackburn, Calon E., 357 Blackmon, Wilbur Dee Jr., 153,357 Blackwell. Bruce Wayne, 153, 285 Blackwell, Elizabeth Gail, 291 Blackwood, Jerry Don, 153, 357 Blackwood, Sandra Kay, 153, 318 Blake, Pamela Anne. 265 Blake, Stephen Walter, 350 Blakely, Kay S., 312 Blakely, Anne Elizabeth, 306 Blakey, Edson L., 269 Blalock, Marion Gale, 153, 357 Blalock, Sheila Anne, 153, 314 Blanchette, James Edward, 291 Bland, James A. Jr., 153, 357 Blanks, Earl J., 261 Blazer, Gary W., 261 Bleiweiss, Cathy Lee, 312 Block, Glenn Alan, 291 Blodgett, Betsy, 306 Blood, Stephen R., 357 Bloom, Frank Rickey, 340 Blue, John Richard, 332 Blume, Linda Suzanne, 304 Blume, Walter Paul, 229 Blythe, Stephen Errol. 153, 357 Boas, Carole DeAnne, 291 Boccarossa, Larry Joe, 357 Bock. Karen Kay, 318 Boekholt, Barbara Marie, 275 Bodishbaugh, C. Patrick, 344 Boe, M. Timothy, 153, 334 Boedeker, Janet, 249 Boen, Linda Lou, 153, 357 Boerner, Paula Jean. 249 Bogle, Bascom Esq., 330 Boil la, Craig Lee, 269 Bokony, Buddy, 285 Bolding, Bill W, 357 Bolen, Jerry Lynn, 269 Bolding, Bill W.. 357 Bolen, Jerry Lynn, 269 Boles, David Bruce, 153, 357 Boles, Martha Lou, 153. 357 Bollen, Nina Suzette, 249 Bollier, George H.. 258 Bolligen, Sharon, 275 Bollinger, Freddie Norman. 346 Bolton, George Claybrook III, 261 Bond, Claire, 308 Bonnell. Robert Dow, 346 Bonner, Beverly Mae, 275 Bonner. Jan. 153, 302 Bonner, John E., 285 Bonner. Marilyn Jane. 153, 254 Bonnette, Joe D., 332 Book, Frank Palms, 326 Boone. Koni Jo, 153, 357 Boone. Sandye Lea. 357 Booth, Eddie Van, 357 Booth. Sally E.. 291 Boothe, Richard Lee. 261 Borengasser, Marc, 153, 357 Bosley, Garrett Lee, 153, 357 Bosley, Johnita Sue, 357 Bosley, Robert Sterling, 153, 357 Bosmyer, Peggy S., 154, 316 Boss, Brenda Lee, 254 Bost, James E., 340 Bostian, David Bruce, 357 Boswell, Nancy Carol, 310 Botner, Gloria Pamela, 275 Botsford, Johnny Mac, 324 Boudreaux, Phillip Bratton, 342 Bowen, Beverlyn, 304 Bowen, Evelyn Gail, 176, 357 Bowen, Robert Whitman, 154, 350 Bowen, Thomas Neil, 291 Bowers, Barton Charles, 357 Bowe rs, David Louis, 326 Bowers, Leonard Lee, 258 Bowles, Charles Walter, 269 Bowman, Fred R., 154, 357 Bowman, Linda Diane, 275 Box, Terry Gene, 336 Boyakin, Joyce Lorene, 283 Boyd, Edward P., 269 Boyd, James Earl, 154, 357 Boyd, James W., 324 Boyd, James Wesley, 291 Boyd, Martha Danehower, 154, 357 Boyd, Media Ann, 154, 357 Boyd, Paula Meigs, 275 Boyd, R.V. Jr., 357 Boyer, Jamie A., 326 Boyer, Ronald Lloyd, 180, 357 Brack, Carolyn Louise, 249 Bracy, Jack Michael, 342 Bradbury, Curtis F., 334 Bradbury, Nina Arlene, 357 Bradford, Henry Clay III, 261 Bradford, Melvin D., 350 Bradley, Amy Lorraine, 254 Bradley, Elizabeth Lynn, 357 Bradley, Howard Andrew, 154, 336 Bradley, Jim D., 154, 357 Bradley, Mark Kent, 357 Bradley, Merrill Emory, 261 Bradley, Michael Russell, 154, 357 Bradley, William Robert, 269 Bradshaw, Don Martin, 146, 269 Bradshaw, Paul R. Jr., 154, 336 Bradsher, R obert W. Jr., 289 Brady, Guy Jr., 328 Brainard, Beverly Ann, 306 Branch, James Avery, 269 Branch, James J., 261 Branch, Jerry Douglas, 154, 357 Branch, Marvia, 254 Branch, Ray Charles, 261 Brand, Mary Rachel, 154, 357 Brandon, Nancy S., 249 Brandon, Shelley Lee, 310 Brandon, William E., 281 Brannan, Barbara A., 249 Brashears, Felix Sumner II, 357 Brasher, Deborah Jean, 249 Braswell, Jane Deborah, 304 Bratton, Cathy Marie, 287 Bratton, Willard Landers Jr., 344 Brawner, James Olice, 289 Bray, A. Sidney Jr., 340 Bray, Deborah Lynn, 254 Bray, Larry Steven, 336 Brazil, Judy Marie, 249 Bredehoeft, Donna Jean, 275 Bredehoeft, Judy Ann, 275 Breeden, Robert E., 269 Brewer, Barbara Dianne, 249 Brewer, Elvert Leon, 154, 357 Brewer, Girtha Mae, 357 Brewer, Kathy Jo, 275 Brewer, Marilyn Jean, 314 Brewer, Rommie Gean, 357 Brewer, Susan Alice, 254 Brewer, Wendy Blanche, 357 Brian, Henry B., 176, 298 Brice, Elizabeth Jo, 265 Bridge, Peter Fowler, 154, 330 Bridges, Philip Dean, 154, 357 Bright, Warren Edward, 291 Brightwell, Thomas Randel, 291 Briggs, Jan Alison, 265 Bright, Charles Steven, 348 Brill. William George, 153, 357 Brinkley, Anne, 306 Brinson, Jan Carol, 154, 291 Brister, Stephen M., 357 Britten, C. Frederick, 357 Brockman, Deborah, 304 Broker, Milton Charles Jr., 154, 261 Brookes. Anne Elizabeth, 275 Brooks. Barry Jane, 308 Brooks, John Charles, 154, 330 Brooks. Kelso Clinton Jr., 154, 326 Brooks, Larry Galan, 154, 285 Brooks, Larry James, 357 Brooks, Martha SueAnn, 357 Browder, Everlene W„ 176, 283 Brown, Becky S„ 154, 230, 233, 310 Brown, Boyce Cain, 176, 357 Brown, Brenda Kaay, 291 Brown, Cary Michael, 285 Brown, Craig J., 357 482 Brown, Curtis Erwin, 154, 342 Brown, Danny Carl, 154, 357 Brown, Fred E., 261 Brown, Gloria D., 275 Brown, Irwin Hal, 357 Brown, J. Scott, 18Q, 357 Brown, Jacky Speaks, 154, 358 Brown, James Franjjdin, 258 Brown, Leroy, 281 Brown, Lewis L., 358 Brown, Martha Kay, 308 Brown, Nancy Kay,’ 275 Brown, Paul Weyman Jr., 338 Brown, Richard Lee, 154, 358 Brown, Rita Latane, 291 Brown, Robert E., 358 Brown, Robert R., 358 Brown, Russell, 344 Brown, Sally Ann, 302 Brown, Sara Margaret, 154, 358 Brown, Sharon Lynp, 154, 291 Brown, Stanley All$n, 176, 358 Brown, Thomas Paul, 261 Brown, William Louis Jr., 322 Browning, Elizabeth Ann, 275 Browning, Lyndy, 310 Browning, Paula Diane, 275 Browning, Robert Eugene, 176, 358 Browning, Robert J’ackson Jr., 269 Browning, Stanley Keith, 261 Broyles, James Hunter Jr., 180, 358 Bruce, Wallace D., 261 Bruns, David Allen, 358 Brunson, Garry H., 346 Brunson, Keith Lynn, 346 Brutton, Mary M., 265 Bryan, Charle Luncjy, 154, 358 Bryan, David Clark, 291 Bryan, Mary Kay, 249 Bryan, Pamela Jo, $02 Bryant, John Duffie, 154, 358 Bryant, Sharon Kaye, 154, 358 Bryniarski, Timothy J., 358 Buchan, Jim, 346 BUCHANAN and DROKE, 298 Buchanan, Bonner May, 291 Buchanan, Elizabeth, 283 Buchanan, William Haynie, 154, 358 Buck, Robert 0. IH, 346 Buckley, Adelia Je n, 275 Buckley, Carie Dai , 342 Budd, Harry L., 17$, 298 Buergler, David C., 334 Buffalo, Katherine Ann, 275 Bufford, Danny F., 180, 358 Bufford, Johnny Michael, 154, 358 Bufford, Sherrill Ann, 154, 358 Buford, Cathryn Hammons, 176, 314 Buford, Claude Douglas Jr., 154, 340 Bugh, David Goodwin, 154, 258 Bullard, Gwendolyn Eugenia, 265 Bullington, Danny Mack, 154, 358 Bulloch, William Robert Jr., 291 Bulmer, Ann, 254 Bunch, Donald Wiljiam, 155, 258 Bunch, Fay, 316 Bunch, Lewis A., 3£6 Bunker, Carolyn, 291 Bunyard, Paula Sue, 318 Burbage, Mary R., 318 Burbridge, James ly., 269 Burch, Beverly Harris, 155, 358 Burch, Byron Lee, S30 Burch, Kathy Ann, 302 Burge, Nina, 318 Burger, Shirley Jean, 358 Burger, Thomas Charles, 358 Burgin, Sheri Lynn, 249 Burkett, Thomas V., 358 Burkhardt, Mary Lou, 358 Burkhart, Buddy Wayne, 155, 358 Burks, Donald Howard, 155, 358 Burks, Pat Lynn, 155, 318 Burks, Teresa Susan, 265 Burleson, Ann, 308 Burleson, Marilyn, 275 Burnett, Herbert Ted, 358 Burnett, Jerry William, 358 Burnett, Ronald Stephen, 358 Burnette. Carlisle, 269 Burney, Brenda Blanche, 316 Burns, Ann, 275 Burns. Charles William, 155, 358 Burns, Harriet, 318 Burns, Kay, 155, 304 Burns, Patricia, 318 Burns, Susan, 275 Burns, William Edward Jr., 330 Burnside, Bruce Hays, 342 Burress, James. H., 258 Burris, Robert Edwin, 358 Burroughs, Betsy, 306 Burroughs, William Lee III, 269 Burrow, Ricky Neal, 269 Burrow, Terry Lynn, 275 Burruss, Terry Gene, 358 Burt, Charles L., 358 Burton, Alice Joy, 358 Burton, Carol Elizabeth, 265 Burton, Charles R., 155, 358 Burton, Debbie Doris, 249 Burton, Ronald Lewis, 180, 326 Busby, Susan Kay, 318 Busby, Wilson Howard, 155, 269 Bush, Richard Dan, 269 Butler, Ben F. Ill, 155, 332 Butler, Charles Michael, 261 Butler, Harlan Ray, 358 Butler, Patricia Ann, 275 Butler, Randall Howell, 340 Butler, Sonja Ann, 254 Butler, Toney Irene, 306 Butler, William Daniel, 176, 298 Butz, Esther Lenor, 265 Byers, Mark Howard, 291 Byers, William C.. 358 Bynum, Frank Wilson Jr., 180, 358 Bynum, Sharon Marie, 291 Byrd, David Forrest, 358 Byrd, Thomas Morgan, 342 Byrne, Robert Leo, 269 C Cabaniss, Rosanne, 254 Cagle, Dianna Ruth, 291 Caine, Howard Guess Jr., 358 Cain, Tommy Darrell, 291 Caldwell, Linda Lajean, 155, 275 Calhoun, Robert Franklin, 281 Calhoon, Susan Beth, 155, 312 Call, John V., 291 Callahan, Pat, 285 Callahan, Paul Michael, 291 Callaway, Glenda Faye, 275 Calliotte, Janet Eileen, 275 Calloway, James J., 180, 358 Calloway, Michael Lee, 155, 358 Calvin, Clyde Joseph, 180, 358 Cameron, William R., 155, 358 Campbell, Connie, 304 Campbell, Craig Alan, 338 Campbell, Donnie Ray, 261 Campbell, Judi, 291 Campbell, Kenneth Lee, 358 Campbell, Marty Lee, 291 Campbell, Patricia L., 249 Campbell, Robert Ian, 334 Campbell, Susan Diane, 249 Canada, David S., 342 Canada, Debi, 291 Canfield, Jerry Lee, 146, 180, 358 Cannon, Carmeletta K., 275 Cannon, Robert L., 358 Cannon, Sissy, 275 Caplinger, Ellen Kay, 275 Capoot, Michael George, 155, 358 Carden, Sharon Ruth, 275 Carethers, William Dewitt, 358 Carle, Kenneth E., 332 Carlisle, Marsha Alene, 249 Carlisle, Robert Leon, 281 Carlson, Donna, 155, 358 Carlson, Michael B., 332 Carlson, Ralph J., 346 Carlson, Steven Nelse, 180, 332 Carlsten, Arthur William, 358 Carmichael, Sheryl Ann, 265 Carnahan, Bill Pyeatt, 358 Carnahan, Gary L., 155, 358 Carnahan, Mary Frances, 358 Carnes, David Wayne, 358 Carnes, Ronald Morton, 155, 358 Carney, Carolyn Kay, 155, 358 Carney, Gail Louise, 358 Carney, George R., 176, 358 Carney, Janette Sue, 358 Carney, Rhonda Sue, 249 1 Carpenter, A1 C., 358 Carpenter, Barbara Ann, 358 Carpenter, David J.. 358 Carpenter, Diane, 155, 358 Carpenter, Dianna, 249 Carpenter, James Robert, 155, 358 Carpenter, James Waner, 346 Carpenter, Pamela R., 314 Carpino, Chuck, 155, 350 Carr, Bobby Ray, 155, 358 Carr, Jacquelyn Faye, 265 Carr, Judy, 275 Carr, Sharon V., 155, 358 Carroll, Judith Ann, 291 Carroll, Mike E., 358 Carroll, Patricia Ellen, 291 Carroum, David Lynn, 155, 340 Carson, Cynthia, 314 Carson, James L., 291 Carson, Rene Tipton, 155, 358 Carson, Sha Jane, 316 Carson, Stephen Ray, 269 Carson, Terry Quiney, 348 Carswell, Linda, 318 Carter, Donna M., 249 Carter, Frederick Allen, 324 Carter, Garry, 358 Carter, Harvey Brooks, 155, 358 Carter, Joe Brad, 155, 336 Carter, Karen, 304 Carter, Kelly C., 346 Carter, Kenneth Wesley, 269 Carter, Paula Dawn, 249 Carter, Rebecca Susan, 249 Carter, Richard N., 155, 358 Carter, Robert David, 176, 358 Carter, Robert Harris, 344 Carter, Sandra K., 312 Carter, Thomas Henry, 358 Carter, William Louis, 289 Carver, Randy Lynn, 269 Carwell, William Burns, 155, 338 Casali, Bobby, 146, 334 Casey, Allen Richard, 155, 344 Casey, Carol Elain, 275 Cashion, Paul Thomas, 342 Cason, James Charles, 291 Cassidy, Fran, 275 Cassinelli, Andrew B, Jr., 155, 330 Cassinelli, Robert Damian, 330 Casteel, Marty Dale, 328 Castleberry, Nan Elizabeth, 155, 306 Castleberry, Sue Ellen, 249 Casto, Cathy, 358 Cates, Gerald Lee, 155, 332 Catherall, Beth, 155, 310 Cathey, David Mark, 346 Cathey, Johnnie Marie, 287 Catlett, Jack S., 269 Catlett, Paul Michael, 340 Cato, Judy Carol, 306 Cato, Martha Ellen, 306 Caudill, William Howard, 342 Causey, Mary Ann, 291 Cavaneau, Jeanne Marie, 249 Caviness, Bill Ray, 261 Cawood, James Murlin Jr., 155, 350 Cawthon, Carolyn, 275 Cawthon, Donald Loyd, 358 Cawthon, William Michael, 358 Cawvey, Betty Lou, 310 Caywood, Carol M., 249 Cazer, Glynda Ray, 254 Cazort, Carolyn Rachel, 318 Cazzell, Richard James, 291 Cearley, Marilyn Louise, 155, 312 Cecil, Janet Kay, 265 Chadsey, Jack Brown Jr., 358 Chalfant, Louis Paul, 359 Chalfant, Vicky Margaret, 155, 254 Chambers, Cynthia Louise, 155,304 Chambers, David Frank, 180, 359 Chambers, Patricia Dianne, 314 Chambers, Penny S., 254 Chancellor, Darrell E., 359 Chancey, Grady Jr., 359 Chaney, Rebecca Ann, 155, 359 Chaosey, Jack Brown Sr., 155 Chapman, Leland Randell, 359 Chapman, Marguerite Ann, 275 Chapman, Richard Williams, 180, 348 Chappell, Robin Lu, 155, 306 Charlesworth, Glenn M., 359 Cheairs, Sissy L., 308 Cheatham, John Cabell, 359 Chenault, Henry Clay Jr., 155, 359 Chenault, Nadine R., 155, 359 Chenowith, Robert Gene, 269 Cherry, Kathryn Jane, 155, 306 Cheshier, James Leon, 359 Cheshier, Kathryn Sue, 359 Cheyne, James Garrick III, 269 CHI OMEGA, 306—307 Childers, Michael Ray, 352 Childress, Richard M., 359 Chiles, Vicki Joy, 275 Chin, Howard Guess Jr., 180 Christman, Susan, 359 Chisenhall, Lawrence Edwin, 155, 332 Chompion, Gary G., 291 Chrisman, William Marshall, 155, 291 Christal, Wiley H., 176, 352 Christenson, Gary Lester, 155, 281 Christison, Randi, 265 Chu, Charley Mark, 348 Church, Gary Allen, 155, 359 Church. Garry L., 176, 359 Cisne, William E.. 281 Cissell, Paul David, 269 Clack, William Gerald, 155, 359 Clardy, Judy, 249 Clark, Carolyn Marie, 155, 291 Clark, Carolyn Ruth, 254 Clark, Daniel R., 155, 359 Clark. Diane T., 359 Clark, Ernest Gordon, 359 Clark, Franklin J., 155, 281 Clark. James W., 155, 326 Clark, Jane A nn, 291 Clark, Janice Sue, 359 Clark, Jerry Roger, 269 Clark, Larry Wayne, 269 Clark, Linda Jo, 249 Clark, Peggy Jean, 306 Clark, Robert Eddie, 155, 359 Clark, Teresa, 275 Clark, Trice Cole, 359 Clark, Vicki Kay, 275 Clarke, Robert Arthur, 155 Clarke, Robert Arthur, 359 Clarke, Thomas Andrew, 269 Clary, Diane C., 254 Clary, Robert Michael, 261 Classen, David Eugene, 291 Classen, Ronald James, 350 Classick, Teri Lynn, 275 Clay, Cecile, 308 Clay, Joe, 146 Clayton, Jerry Bruce, 180, 359 Clayton, John Harold, 155,291 Clemens, Jack Gammill, 258 Clement, Cathy Hart, 304 Clement, Virginia Ann, 275 Clements, Charles David, 261 Clements, George Kirby, 338 Clements, Margi, 312 Cleveland, Pulton Ray, 269 Cleveland, Herschel Wayne, 180, 359 Cleveland, Leona Kate, 176, 359 Click, Glenn C., 330 Clift, Orville Christopher, 180, 359 Clifton, Joseph Farrell, 340 Clifton, Scott Kirby, 359 Cline, Sallie F , 155, 302 Clinehens, Harold O., 155, 359 Clinkenbeard, Laura Anne, 291 Clinkenbeard, Stephen George, 344 Cloe, Connie Jean, 155, 359 Cloe. Lyndol Edwin, 156, 359 Clopton, Ann Morgan, 265 Cloud, Deborah Ann, 254 Cloyd, Linda Faye, 156, 283 Cluse, Wilfred Paul, 359 Coates, Cynthia M., 316 Coates, Jerry Lynn, 344 Coates, Robert Earl, 180, 359 Coatney, Kathie Anne, 249 Cobb, Andrew B., 269 Cobb, Donald Dean Jr., 330 Cobb, James Edward, 156, 359 Cobb, Sarah Maureen, 265 Cochran, Jo Ellen, 275 Cochran, Keith Michael, 342 Cochran, Leanna, 291 Cochran, Martha Karen, 156, 291 Cockrill, Marion Alice, 265 Cody, Susan Fiser, 176, 359 Cofer, R. Lynn, 314 Coffield, Joe Edward, 156, 332 Coffman, George Kirby, 338 Cogburn, Thomas Harrison, 156, 359 Coker, Oliver Dayton III, 281 Colbert, Buster R., 350 Colbert, Jimmy Lee, 156, 328 Cole, Donna Lynn, 254 Cole, Leta Kay, 359 Cole, Nan Elizabeth, 275 Coleman, Betty, 314 Coleman, Billy Ray, 328 Coleman, Carolyn Marie, 254 Coleman, Dalton Miles Jr., 156, 258 Coleman, Kent P., 332 Coleman, Mike W.. 330 Coleman, Randell Clinton, 156, 359 Coleman, Richard W.. 156, 289 Collar, Carolyn, 314 Collie, Diana Beth, 291 Collier, Edward L., 334 Collier, Pamela Jean, 316 Vlollinsworth, Lynn D., 156, 304 Collins, Cooper O., 359 Collins, David Henley, 338 Collins, James Marion, 332 Collins, Marjorie Marie, 287 Collins, Martha Jackson, 359 Collins, Richard Dwight, 334 Colquitt, Nancy Pearl, 314 Combs, William Phillip, 359 Commer, Jack Baggarly Jr., 269 Compton, David Neil, 332 Compton, John David, 269 MORE MORE MORE JOB NO 102 INDE Roll No. 3 Compton, Michael Knox, 269 Comstock, Gary Lee, 338 Comstock, Kenney M., 338 Comstock, Mary Jane. 291 Conde, Carolyn Lee, 302 Conder, Glenna Diane, 291 Condray, Frederick L., 359 Cone, Sarah R., 291 Conklin, Daniel John, 285 Conley, Susan Diane, 249 Connell, William Joseph, 156, 359 Connelly, Diana, 176, 359 Conner, Bill, 156, 359 Conner, Carl Watson, 269 Conner, Faune Cook, 156, 359 Conner, John Louise Jr., 156, 342 Conner, Robert Holden, 342 Conner, Sissy, 316 Conway, Fred David, 156, 261 Coogan, Michael Edward, 359 Cook, Barbara Glen, 302 Cook, Cheryl June, 302 Cook, Cheryl Lynn, 292 Cook, Diane hr, 156, 310 Cook, Don L., 176, 359 Cook, James Monroe, 292 Cook, Joe Dec, 156, 360 Cook, Joel Patrick, 258 Cook, Leslie Ann, 156, 302 Cook, Lewis Edward, 360 Cook, Paula Jean, 292 Coon, James Russell, 322 Cooper, Carleton Edward, 340 Cooper, Clifford H., 156, 228,232, 360 Cooper, Edward H., 180, 258 Cooper, James Weldon Jr., 269 Cooper, Robert Patrick, 332 Cooper, Stephen W., 360 Cooper, Steven W., 360 Coots, Candy, 275 Copeland, James Hugh, 269 Copeland, Veronica Joy, 265 Coplin, Tim L., 334 Corbin, Connie Sue, 292 Corbitt, Reggie Arnold, 156, 360 Core, Jean Ann, 156, 254 Core, Phillip Steven, 176, 360 Corkern, Barry Michael, 360 Cornish, Bobby Joe, 156, 281 Cornwell, Dian Mary, 254 Cornwell, Elizabeth, 275 Cortinez, Robert Ray, 180, 360 Costanzo, Charles Richard, 269 Cotner, Mark Stephen, 269 Cotterman, Kenneth Lee, 176, 360 Cotton, Avis Bryant, 156, 360 Cottrell, Dennis, 156, 360 Cottrell, Gary R.. 269 Cottrell, John Hall, 261 Couch, Charlotte Frances, 176, 360 Coulter, Connie Jean, 318 Coulter, Connie Lee, 275 Coulter, Jan E., 249 Council, Joan, 249 Counts, Carol Anita, 156, 292 Counts, Kathryn May, 275 Courtenay, Stephen M., 156, 344 Cowan, David, 261 Cowan, Morris Randolph, 346 Cowgar, John O. Jr., 338 Cowsert, Pat, 249 Cox, Alan Dale, 360 Cox, Alan Wayne, 332 Cox, Christine, 156, 254 Cox, David Fielding, 281 Cox, David Monroe, 156, 360 Cox, David Ray, 292 Cox, Larry Don, 285 Cox, Linda Ann, 249 Cox, Mario L., 156, 306 Cox, Nancy Cheryll, 360 Cox, Retha Ann, 249 Cox, Ronald Chaney, 156, 322 Cox, Victor Randall, 269 Craig, Carol Ann, 308 Craig. Patricia Sue, 249 Craig, R. J., 350 Cramer, Jacqueline Marian, 302 Crandell, Sherry Lynn, 292 Crank, Margaret H., 254 Crank, Robert Hughes, 180, 360 Crannell, Lynnette Adele, 249 Cravens, Carol, 360 Cravens, David Ralph, 180, 360 Crawford, Barbara Ann, 156, 302 Crawford, John Wayne, 156, 332 Crawford, Karen Elaine, 249 Crawford, Linda Hays, 360 Crawford, Richard Lee, 156, 360 Crawley, Carla Day, 249 Crawford, Richard Wyatt, 360 Crayton, Johnny L. Jr., 322 Creekmore, Donna Lynn, 308 Creekmore, Marjean, 292 Creekmore, Steve Wheeler III, 340 Creel, Mary Jane, 254 Crews, Rhonda L., 275 Crider, Sharon Bruce, 360 Crigger, Patricia Dianne, 360 Critz, James Ward, 330 Critz, Jennifer Sue, 265 Cromwell, Margaret Jill, 249 Cronk, Kaye Laura, 312 Cronkhite, Don B., 350 Crosland, Richard Parker, 292 Cross, Connie, 314 Crouch, Robert Walter, 346 Crouse, Judith Elaine, 275 Crow, Frank Steven, 156, 228, 352 Crow, James Thacker, 156, 334 Crudup, Martha Jane, 360 Crudup, Robert F., 156, 360 Crumby, Larry Eugene, 156, 348 Culberson, David Scott, 360 Culberson, James Sherwood, 334 Cullins, J. Kay, 275 Cullom, Charmayne B., 176, 360 Cullum, John Patrick, 269 Culpepper. Paula L., 292 Culver, Curtis N.. 360 Cunningham, Larry Don. 269 Cunningham. Lena B., 156, 360 Cunningham, Wallace Paul, 269 Cunnion, Donald Owen. 156, 348 Cupp. Robert V., 146, 261 Cuppies. Kenneth Ray. 176, 360 Cureton, Donald Alan, 360 Curley, Nancy Elizabeth, 292 Curll, Patsy Rave, 249 Curran, Donald Ray, 261 Curran, Douglas Warren, 360 Curran, Ronald Jay, 261 Curran, Sandra Kay, 360 Currie, Kathleen Elaine, 275 Currie, Robert Stephen, 156, 360 Curry, Kay D., 318 Curry, Kenneth R., 269 Curry. Sandra Kay, 254 Curtis, Beverly Kaye, 275 Curtis, Carolyn, 318 Curtis, Dennis Ray, 338 Curtis, Donald D., 261 D Dabney, Michael B., 269 Dahl, Linda Marie, 308 Daley, Kathleen Sue, 360 Daily, Gerald Glenn, 360 Daily, Michael Irvin, 281 Dale, James Lowell, 156, 360 Dale, Judy Lee, 314 Dalke, Gregory Allen, 360 Dalke, Paul Wayne, 360 Damm, Gary Richard, 269 Danaher. Kevin Hayes. 348 Danforth, Diana Marie, 287 Dangers, William Hendricks, 156, 360 Daniel, David E., 328 Daniel, Donna Lynn, 287 Daniel, Janice Louise, 287 Daniel, Julia Clare, 156, 360 Daniel. Randy Dale, 342 Daniel, Scott Neal, 342 Daniel, Sheila Jo, 249 Daniels, Jacqueline Kaye, 156, 292 Danna, Bernard Louis, 269 D’Anna. Rosalyn Antoinette, 312 Darby, Ellen Gail, 360 Dare, James Arnold, 346 Dark, Frederick H., 360 Darling, Peter Russell, 324 Darling, Vera Jane, 249 Darnall, Alec L., 270 Darr, James E. Jr., 180, 360 Darrow, Elizabeth Ann, 308 Daugherty, Barbara Marie, 292 Daugherty, Genie, 304 Daugherty, James Raymond, 156, 360 Daugherty. Lou Ann, 156, 360 Daugherty. Robert R., 360 Daugherty, Tony F., 330 Davenport. James R.. 330 Davenport, Kenneth Paul, 360 Daves, Cindy Jane, 292 David, James Scott, 292 David, Lynn Allen, 156, 346 David, Suzie, 146, 156, 302 Davidson, Carol Connelly, 292 Davidson, Charles Darwin, 156, 322 Davidson, Johnette, 292 Davidson. Johnny Lee, 156, 261 Davidson, Patty, 292 Davidson, Robert Allan, 156, 352 Davies, David Goodbar, 156, 360 Davies, Richard Walter, 342 Davis, Ann M., 156. 292 Davis, Brian Lee, 360 Davis, Charla Ruth, 156, 292 Davis, Cindy Anne, 249 Davis, David D., 261 Davis, Deidre Lyn, 304 Davis, Ellen Marie, 156, 308 Davis, Jacqueline L., 360 Davis, James B.. 332 Davis, James Edward, 360 Davis, James Fletcher, 156, 360 Davis. James 0., 270 Davis, Jimmy John Dee, 281 Davis, Joe Wayne, 299 Davis, John Charles, 292 Davis, John Melville, 340 Davis, Larry G., 360 Davis, Martin Clay, 156, 340 Davis. Raguel Lee. 157, 281 Davis. Retha Sue, 265 Davis, Stephen Lewis, 334 Davis. Tony Max, 157, 360 Davis, Winston G., 180, 360 Dawson, David Allan, 270 Dawson, Gary Malcolm, 157, 258 Dawson, Jennette T., 287 Day, Mary Ellen, 316 Day, Rickey, 340 Day, Stephen William, 270 Deacon, John Campbell, 342 Deacon, Joseph Barrett, 342 Deacon, Marie, 157, 314 Deal. Terry Duane, 157, 360 Dean, Joanne O., 275 Dean, Ronald Ralph, 157, 360 Deane, Donna D., 275 Deane, Sharron Kathleen, 249 Dearing, Larry Edward, 281 Deaver, Suzanne Denise, 318 Deay, Jan is Sue, 249 DeBons, Mary Kathryn, 275 DeBusk, Patricia Carol, 316 Decker, Mary Elizabeth, 275 DeClerk, William J., 180, 380 DeClue, Carol Ann, 157, 360 Deere, Robert Thomas, 292 Deen, Stephan Elwood, 270 Dees, Walter D. Jr., 157, 360 Deeter, Lovis P., 270 Deeter, Steve Walker, 157, 360 Delian, George John, 157, 344 DeJamatt, Linda T., 157, 360 DeLaney, Stephen Nixon, 346 DELTA DELTA DELTA, 308—309 DELTA GAMMA, 310—311 Dempsey, Edmond Noel, 157, 360 Dendy, Jerry Wayne, 270 Dennis, Jack V. Jr., 326 Dennis, Jerry L., 157, 360 Dennis, Robert Earl, 322 Dennis, Ronald E., 360 Denniston, Cynthia Ann, 249 Deppeler, Michael Wesslin, 157, 360 DeRossitt, James Prentice, 157, 340 DeSalvo, Jane Elizabeth, 275 Deskin, Cynthia Marie, 157, 360 Deskin, Sarah Julina, 360 DesLauriers, Shirley Killeen, 157, 314 DeVinney, Larry S., 360 DeWitt, Connie Ruth, 360 DeWitt, Lewis Edward, 360 Dew, David Burns, 334 Dew, Robert, 289 Dew, Stephen Herman, 334 Dew, Virginia Lee, 157, 318 Dial, John E., 332 Dial, Mary Jane, 157, 292 Dibrell, Jeri Anne, 157, 360 Dick, George Theadore III, 342 Dickerson, Carol Sue, 275 Dickey, Bob, 261 Dickey, Martha Jane, 157, 265 Dickey, Raymond Paul, 157, 281 Dickson, Kate Beaver, 254 Dilday, Laura Ellen, 292 Dillahunty, Melissa. 316 Dillahunty, Peggy Ruedean, 360 Dillaplain, John Craig, 348 Dillard, David R., 292 Dillard, Don. 157, 352 Dillingham, Donald Jerome, 360 Dillon, Thomas Jackson, 270 Dingboom. Timothy Charles, 292 Dixon, Betty L., 361 Dixon, Danny Ray, 292 Dixon, Deborah Lois, 275 Doan, Alan Lemont, 350 Dobbs, Gus A., 157, 361 Dobbs, Jennings Glenn, 361 Dobbs, Scott Edward, 270 Dober, Thomas Alan, 361 Dodds, Charles Nathan, 261 Dodge, Randall E.. 157, 344 Dodgen. William H., 157, 328 Dodson, Cecelia Mae, 361 Dodson, Deborah Lynn, 276 Dodson, Mac, 332 Dolan, Elizabeth Mary Ellen, 249 Dolan. Monica Daria, 157, 314 Doland. Robert Woodrow. 157, 292 Dollar. Ralph Dwain, 361 Dominguez, Janet Ann, 157, 361 Donaghe. Bobby A., 350 Donaghe, Cathy Lynn, 249 Donaldson, Donald William. 292 Donals, Linda Camille. 249 Donovan. Shirley Ann. 283 Dorsey. Ronald D., 361 Dortch. Wravphord Orville Jr., 336 Doss. Dianna M.. 254 Doss. Kent Alfred, 361 Dougherty. Alfred C., 157. 258 Dougherty, Garrick Bouck. 292 Dougherty. Kathryn Harris. 254 Dougherty, William Penn. 157, 334 Douglas. James Paul, 157. 322 Douglas, Margaret Jane, 157,361 Douglas, Sue L., 276 Douglas, Susan Kay, 176, 361 Douglass. Craig Scott, 330 Douglass, Robert Thomas Jr., 344 Douglass, William Joseph, 157, 361 Dover, David Mack, 344 Dover, Naomi, 265 Dover, Thomas Michael, 348 Dowell, Jane Roberts, 314 Downey, D’Ann, 312 Downing, Richard Craig, 326 Downum, LaDonna Sue, 304 Doyle, Rachel Jane, 157, 254 Drake, Charles Edward, 157, 361 Dreher, Deborah Sue, 283 Driskell, Willadeen, 292 Driggers, Mary Jo, 158, 276 Drummond, Douglus E., 158, 346 Dryden, Martin Glen, 292 Drye, Vickey Lou, 249 Duck, Lydia Carol, 276 Duell, Elisabeth Martha, 361 Duell, Michael David, 361 Duell, Miriam Helene, 158, 361 Duffy, Octavris Ceasus Jr., 361 Dugan, Geri L., 306 Duggar, Ann Melinda, 361 Duggar, Nan Claire, 361 Dummitt, William E., 328 Dunaway, James Reed Jr., 158, 332 Dunaway, William A., 361 Dunbar, John R., 158, 361 Duncan, Bruce C., 361 Duncan, Robert N., 158, 361 Duncan, Ruth Ann, 158, 233, 254 Dundee, Sammy Charles, 348 Dunivent, Connie Sue, 276 Dunlap, Jane Elizbeth, 276 Dunlop, Terry Anne, 158, 310 Dunn, Gary Lynn, 270 Dunn, Rebecca Ann, 249 Dunton, Lynette Robin, 265 Dura, William Mitchell, 261 Durham, Karen Elizabeth, 276 Durham, Michael Edward, 146, 344 Durley, Joe W., 361 Durning, Danny Wayne, 146, 176, 361 Durning, Shirley Marie, 176,361 Durst, Ric Julian, 261 Dust, David Scott, 292 Dwyer, Austin, 258 Dwyer, Dorthy, 158, 276 Dyer, Aniela Maria, 265 Dyer, Janet Beatrice, 265 Dyer, Natalie Carlene, 265 Dykes, William H., 346 E Eads, James Richard Jr., 158, 261 Earhart, Treva Jo, 249 Earle, David Harold, 158 Early, Kathy Lee, 276 Earnest, Roger Lee, 292 Earnhart, Paula Ann, 292 Earp, Linda Kay, 361 Earp, Stephen John, 158, 361 Easley, Douglas Gene, 361 Easley, George William, 292 Eason, William Alfred, 158, 340 Eaton, Larry W., 361 Eaton, Mary W., 158, 361 Eaton, Michael Joseph, 270 Eaton, William A., 361 Eaves, Frances M., 308 Eberle, Debora, 276 Echols, Becky, 158, 318 Eckert, Julie Claire, 308 Eckert, Sharon Elizabeth, 249 Eden, Pamela Jean, 276 Eden, William Standley, 158, 352 Edens, Ernest Eugene, 361 Edmondson, Steve, 361 Edrington, Anita, 276 Edsell, Linda Faye, 361 Edson, James E., 176, 361 Edwards, Andrea, 176, 361 Edwards, Dolores Ann, 254 Edwards, Gladys Faye, 276 Edwards, Hal Sherman Jr., 326 Edwards, Judith Ann, 176, 361 Edwards, Linda Ann, 276 Edwards, Linda Lee, 254 Edwards, Lisa Melinda, 316, 229 Edwards, Michael Ray, 292 Edwards, Pamela R., 302 Edwards. Richard Wayne, 258, 158 Edwards, Ronnie Lynn, 361 Edwards, Sharon Lee, 249 Edwards, William Carroll, 158 Efrud, Kenneth Wayne, 292 Egbert, William Francis Jr., 258 Ehrenberg, Terry Ellen, 249 Eichhorst, Gary Wayne, 270 Eifling, Richard Dale, 281 Eilbott, Don A., 340 Elcan. Frank Clinton II, 342 Eldridge, Eve A., 292 Eldridge, John R., 340 Eldridge, Kathleen Elizabeth. 249 Elias, Charles Edward, 158, 361 Elizandro, Marcia Huckabay, 361 Elkins, Ann K., 276 Elkins, Gregory M., 158, 326 Elledge, Steven William, 334 Ellington, Anna Louise, 276 Elliott, Bob Jack, 261 Elliott, Burton Lamar, 176, 361 Elliott, Elizabeth Ann, 316 Elliott, Frank Miller Jr., 292 Elliott, Lovilla S., 158, 361 Elliott, Martha M., 314 Elliott, Nelson P. 111,258, 158 Ellis, Eva Lorraine, 276 Ellis, George D., 180, 361 Ellis, Gloria Ann, 158, 276 Ellis, Harmon Leneol Jr., 270 Ellis, Jack Collie, 261 Ellis, Larry Grove, 158, 338 Ellis, Marguerite, 306 Ellis. Mary Lou, 302 Ellis, Rebecca Maude, 361 Ellis, Virgil E., 158,361 Ellison, Elizabeth Eugenia, 158, 312 Elmore, Patricia Ann, 158, 361 Elmore, William Gregory, 361 Elms, Clinton Benjamin, 361 Elms, David Michael, 261 Elrod, Donald J., 158, 352 Emberton, Charlotte, 287 Embry, Phillip Ray, 292 Emerson, Joel Wyatt, 270 Engelberger, Donald Michael, 270 Engelberger, Ronald Patrick, 270 England, Cheryl Kay, 158, 318 England, Marleen, 292 England, Phillip Dean, 326 Englehart, Judith Lynn, 310 Engskov, Paul K., 158, 322 Eoff, William W., 350 Epes, Lillian Spencer, 306 Epley, Charles Paul, 158, 361 Epperson, Harriett Elizabeth, 158, 292 Eppinette, Bevraly Sue, 287 Erickson, Ellen M., 249 Erman, Thomas Joseph, 292 Ernst, Thomas Henry, 158, 361 Ersland, Barbara Jane, 176, 361 Erstine, James Michael Jr., 158, 361 Ervin, Debbie Ann, 302 Ervin, Robert Ferrell, 176, 285 Erwin, Lynne Elizabeth, 158, 316 Eschbaugh, Thomas A., 159, 361 Estes, Richard Dale, 361 Estopy, Floyd Gaylon, 361 Etter, Bill D., 180, 361 Etter, Roberta Bromley, 159, 265 Eubanks, George Grady, 159, 361 Eubanks, James Lee, 159, 361 Eubanks, Michael Thomas, 292 Evans, Cathy G., 159, 361 Evans, David Glen, 270 Evans, David Ray, 159, 361 Evans, Eberle, 310 Evans, Janice Kaye, 249 Evans, Joe J., 336 Evans, L. Victor, 361 Evans, Marshall Dale, 361 Evans, Ralph M., 361 Evans, Steven Wendell, 270 Evans, Vickie Rae, 292 Everett, John C., 361 Everett, Vonda A., 249 Eversole, Suzanne, 283 Ewart, Mary Jane, 265 Ewing, Roy R., 361 Ewing, Russell Hardy, 159, 342 F Fagala, Billie Lee, 159, 361 Fahr, Celia S., 276 Fahr, Teresa Lynn, 276 Fain, Edward T., 361 Fairchild, Anna M., 308 Fairchild, Janice Louise, 308 Fanning, Jeffrey Abe, 261 Farmer, Carolyn Suzanne, 361 Farmer, F. Elaine, 176, 361 Farmer, Jim G., 340 Farmer, Mary Lynn, 312 FARMHOUSE, 328—329 Farr, Charles H., 270 Farrell, Bradley Alvin, 270 Farrell, James P., 340 Farrell, John Fredric, 159, 340 Farrell, Kathryn Theresa, 308 Farrell, Paul Marion Jr., 159, 340 Farrell, Sharon Lee, 304 Farrow, Julie, 308 Faucett, David Wayne, 270 Faucette, John Alan, 159, 344 Faulkner, Gary Richard, 270 Faulkner, Keith Edward, 338 Featherston, Edward Steve, 159, 361 Featherston, Gary Alfred, 258 Featherston, Lyn, 276 Featherston, Robert O’Neal, 342 Featherston, Sam, 328 Feeney, Phillip Kent, 176, 361 Feild, Cathy, 306 Feimster, Diane, 304 Feltner, John A., 361 Felton, E. Denise, 250 Fendya, Michael Louis, 270 Fennell, Phyllis Jean, 361 Ferguson, Billy Earl, 361 Ferguson, Danny Wayne, 292 Ferguson, Gibbs, 180, 361 Ferguson, Renee Karen, 159, 310 Ferguson, Robert Michael, 270 Fernandez, Steve Anthony IV, 261 Fetherolf, Daniel Clayton, 159, 281 Fetzer, Jerold Kenneth, 261 Fewell, James E., 270 Fey, Walter Roger Jr., 348 Fielder, Jerrel N., 361 Fielding, Robert R., 362 Fields, David M., 362 Fields, Linda Faye, 159, 362 Fields, Terri, 292 Fields, William Robert, 362 Fifer, Thelma Dorhoris, 362 Fikes, Ralph V., 292 Filipek, David Zacharia, 281 Files, Terry Allen, 324 Finch, Kathy L., 293 Fine, Janie, 308 Fine, Linda S., 293 Fine, Philip Alan, 362 Finn, Joe Douglas, 362 Finn, Nick R., 362 Finney, Stanford C., 332 Fish, Carol Beth, 265 Fisher, Debs, 293 Fisher, Robert Frederick, 159 Fitch, Susan Carol, 250 Fitts, Richard Neal, 159 Fitzgerald, Donald Killough, 159 Fitzpatrick, James Frederick, 159 Fitzgerald, Jane Anne, 276 Fitzgerald, Lewis Lee Jr., 285 Fitzgerald, Patricia, 276 Fitzhugh, Robert Charles, 270 Flanagan, Joseph Edward, 324 Flanagan, Jill, 250 Flanigan, James Edward, 258 Fleetwood, Ricky G„ 159, 332 Fleming, Rhonda J., 293 Fletcher, Martin Edward, 159, 362 Fletcher, Michael D., 159, 362 Flick, Danny Linn, 334 Flick, Janet Lee, 304 Flint, Earnest Charles, 270 Flippo, Mary Katheryn, 250 Flocks, William Thomas, 270 Flora, Luther Wayne, 334 Flora, Sandra Gene, 159, 362 Florence, Judy Rae, 362 Flowers, Elizabeth Ellen, 250 Flowers, James Dale, 362 Flowers, Ronald E., 348 Floyd, Annice, 159, 276 Flucht, Gwyne Emily, 250 Fly, Cynthia Sue, 362 Fly, James Lawson Jr., 159, 362 Fly, Jerry Cordell, 362 Flynn, Dennis Earl, 324 Flynn, Don Bryan, 270 Flynn, Mike F., 324 Flynn, Norman Wayne, 159, 362 Flynn, William A., 159, 362 Fogle, Ronald Mark, 293 Fogleman, Frank A., 342 Fogleman, Margaret Elisabeth, 250 Fontaine, Sarah L., 255 Force, Laura Jane, 266 Force, Laura, 266 Ford, Dalmer Roy, 362 Ford, Daniel E., 350 Ford, Lane L., 350 Fordyce, Georganne J., 176, 362 Forester, Samuel J. Jr., 159, 326 Forrest, Randell Nmn., 159, 328 Forsgren, Larry G., 362 Fortenberry, Alan Douglas, 324 Fortner. Jack R., 159, 285 Foster, Becky Ann, 276 Foster, Bevley Elishia, 350 Foster, Charles D., 258 Foster, Darrel Wayne, 328 Foster, Gordon S. Jr., 159, 332 Foster, Jane, 276 Foster, John Kilby Jr., 270 Foster, Lowry Edwards, 293 Foster, Marion Jeanette, 255 Foster, Vicki Ann, 250 Foster, Vincent Walker Jr., 180, 362 Fouke, Bernard, 336 Fouke, Michael Albert. 362 FOUR-H HOUSE. 286 -287 Fournier, Jeffrey E„ 338 Fournier, Michael Len, 293 Foot, Monte J., 261 Fowler, Christopher F.. 334 Fowler. Harrietta Maye, 276 Fowler. Kathryn Jeanette. 255 Fowler, Nancy Lynn, 276 Fowler, Ronald Oscar, 176.362 Fowler, Rose Marie. 308 Fowler, William E., 362 484 Fox, Dottie Lea, 362 Fox, Jan Sue, 276 Framel, James Michael, 362 Frankenberger, Albert M., 159, 362 Frankenberger, Betty Jane, 250 Frankenberger, Carolyn Regina, 276 Franklin, John Thomas III, 258 Franklin, Linda Louise, 266 Franklin, Mark Jay, 261 Franks, Deborah Ann, 250 Frank, Doug, 230 Franks, Peggy Nell, 306 Frans, Cathy, 250 Frazier, John Bob, 346 Frazier, Mary Sue, 250 Frazier, Sylvia Kay, 276 Fredeman, Toni Denise, 159, 312 Free, Martha Neal, 304 Freed, Susan, 312 Freeland, Byron L., 180, 334 Freeman, Bobby Lee, 176, 362 Freeman, Carell Thomas, 362 Freeman, Dewey Edward, 289 Freeman, Donald W., 324 Freeman, Gwendolyn R., 159, 362 Freeman, Harold Ray, 322 Freeman, Joanne, 159, 310 Freeman, Julia Frances, 293 Freeman, Paul E., 334 Freeman, Sharon Reeves, 176, 362 Freeman, Stephen Russell, 159, 362 Freeman, Storm, 266 Freiman, Stephen A., 334 French, Keith David, 289 French, Patricia Ann, 255 Freund, June Marie, 255 F riday, Gary G., 159, 362 Friddle, Carl Ray, 326 Friddle, James Walton, 261 Frietsche, Richard Alan, 293 Frisby, Judy D., 293 Fritts, Steven Hugh, 159, 362 Frost, Roy E. Jr., 362 Fruchey, Olan Stanley, 270 Fry, Sherri L., 250 Fryer, Doyne Ross, 270 Fugitt, Kayla, 304 Fuhrmann, Stephen Dale, 261 FULBRIGHT HALL, 248—252 Fulfer, Harold David, 362 Fuller, Charles E., 261 Fuller, Jim, 334 Fuller, John Julian, 159, 285 Fullerton, Fred James, 346 Fulmer, Dane D., 344 Fultz, Pam K., 276 Funk, Betty Ann, 159, 293 Furgason, Silvia Mae, 159, 293 Furstenberg, Judy Elizabeth, 276 Fussell. Anna Kay, 250 FUTRALL HALL, 253-256 Futrell, Ellen Suzanne, 293 G Gabbard, Carl Lee, 176, 362 Gadberry, Brady L. Jr., 159, 270 Gage, R. Kelly, 159, 324 Gaines, Ginny Lynn, 250 Galbraith, Sheila Gaye, 293 Gallauan, Kathleen Margaret, 250 Galloway, Michael Henry, 159, 362 Galloway, Ronny G., 362 Gammill, Gary S., 344 Gammill, Randall Lee, 344 Gammore, James Anthony, 332 Gantt, Julia Ann, 316 Garcia, David Joseph, 362 Gardner, Aileen Imogene, 276 Gardner, Carol Jean, 159, 283 Gardner, Gay Forrest, 330 Gardner, John Randolph Jr., 340 Gardner, Stephen C., 336 Gardner, Virginia O’Neal, 250 Garison, Carol Ann, 159, 314 Garland, Rufus Cummins Jr., 159, 362 Garmon. Patricia Ann, 255 Garner, Brent Stainton, 159, 362 Garner, Conrad Rex, 348 Garner, George Glendon, 176, 362 Garner, James Larry, 261 Garner, Jo Ann. 250 Garner. Kenneth Laz, 362 Garner. Regena Lynn, 362 Garner, Robert Eugene, 180, 362 Garner, William Stuart Jr., 231, 336 Garofalo, Francis Anthony, 159, 362 362 Garren, Ginny, 306 Garrett, Barbara Ann, 250 Garrett, Jan Sue, 293 Garrett, Mary F., 255 Garrett, Rebecca Ann, 293 Garrett, Robert Wayne, 159, 362 Garrett, Thomas Henry, 334 Garrison, Dale C., 362 Garrison, Debra Ann, 250 Garrison, Ervan George, 159, 362 Garrison, Winfred W., 159, 362 Gasaway, Roger, 362 Gaskill, Natalie, 293 Gaskill, Trudy Laura, 318 Gaston, Cynthia Ann, 159, 302 Gaston, DeeDee Ann, 308 Gateley, Maurice N., 324 Gates, Doris Lynette, 159, 316 Gates, Kenneth Wayne, 362 Gates, Mary Ellen, 266 Gates, Myra Janet, 362 Gathings, Phyllis Anne, 159, 304 Gatling, John Mark, 340 Gattis, James Loyd II, 352 Gaughan, Martha Bragg, 250 Gay, John Lynn, 159, 362 Gazzola, Joseph Patrick, 159, 362 Gearhart, Van Anthony, 326 Gee, Penny, 276 Geelan, John Harold, 322 Gehring, Leonard E., 362 Gehring, Marlene Ann, 266 Geigle, Stephen Alexander, 180, 362 Geisler, Darrell Lynn, 332 Gentry, Cynthia Alice, 362 Gentry, Mark Zane, 362 Geoghagan, Linda Sue B., 160, 362 George, Catherine Ruth. 293 George, Dane Eugene, 338 George, David Crittenden, 362 George, Gail, 276 George, Gary C., 146, 338 George, Randy Walker, 261 George, Terrence Michael, 160, 362 Geraci, Richard William, 261 Geren, Dixie Elaine, 293 Geurin, Jack Weber, 176, 362 Gibbons, Kathy, 160, 318 Gibson, Alton Dewayne, 160, 362 Gibson, Beverly K., 255 Gibson, Carol Lynn, 160, 308 Gibson, Don Lee, 160, 338 Gibson, Gary Lynn, 352 Gibson, Judith Ann, 255 Gibson, Michael Lee, 180, 362 Gibson, Pamela Sue, 308 Gibson, Sam Edward, 180, 322 Gideon, David E., 160, 342 Gideon, Martha Patricia, 302 Gilbert, Gary Dean, 261 Gilbert, Laurie Flyse, 318 Gilbert, Linda Carol, 293 Gilbert, Susan Adele, 266 Gilbrech, Wendy Diane, 310 Giles, Donald Charles, 299 Giles, Roger William, 180, 322 Giles, Stephen Richmond, 180, 362 Gill, Esther Mays, 176, 283 Gill, James E. Jr., 344 Gilbert, H. Clinton, 258 Gillean, Pam, 306 Gillespie, Edwar Clark, 340 Gillespie, J. Wayne, 293 Gillham, Lucien Ramseuk, 160, 362 Gilliam, Isabel, 276 Gilley, Petra Ellen, 250 Gilliland, Steffany G., 318 Gillis, Gary Brown, 270 Gillow, Edward Charles, 362 Gingerich, Christie Anna, 266 Giudice, Ron W., 270 Giza, Deborah Lorraine, 276 Glaub, Teddy L., 160, 261 Glover, Gil Louis, 180, 258 Glover, Glenn Allen, 362 Glover, James H., 344 Glover, Jerry Wayne, 230, 322 Glover, Robert Gail, 350 Glover, Robert Ivy, 176, 334 Glover, Robin, 306 Goad, Eric Warren, 270 Gocio, John Coleman, 338 Goddard, Richard Lawrence, 270 Godfrey, Ronald Gary, 270 Godsey, Jimmy O., 342 Godwin, Doc, 362 Goff, Julia Anne, 160, 302 Goforth, G. Wesley, 160, 338 Coin, Walter Hugh, 160, 324 Goines, Kenneth Randle, 362 Crddberg, Diane, 276 Golden, Larry Allen, 330 Goldmar, Dwight Douglas, 261 Gollon, Richard Allen, 362 Gooch, Mary Ruth, 287 Goodart, Merle A. Jr., 324 Goodell, Suzanne, 266 Gooding, Patricia Ann, 362 Goodlett, Barbara Allyn, 250 Goodlctt, Karen Layne, 250 Goodner, Sandra K., 276 Goodrich, Joseph Timothy, 261 Goodwin, Roger Dale. 160, 326 Goodyear, William John, 270 Gordon, Bobby, 261 Gordon, Durinda Marie, 308 Gordon, Eddie Charles, 363 Gordon, Edward Allen, 160, 340 Gordon, Helen Ann, 250 Gordon, John Stanford, 270 Gordon, Marilyn, 276 Gordon, Raymond David, 261 Gordon, Todd Carter, 336 Gorum, Nancy Gay, 250 Cory, Michael Lynn, 262 Gott, Michael Ray, 346 GRADUATE, 176-178 Graffy, John Joseph, 363 Graham, Dennis Edward, 146, 326 Graham, Don Allen, 160, 258 Graham, Gail Leslie, 250 Graham, George Gordusley, 363 Graham, Richard Douglas, 160, 363 Graham, Rodney Gene, 363 Graham, Sheila Colleen, 276 Graham, Timothy George, 363 Graham, William M., 270 Granderson, William Sidney, 146, 160, 270 Grandstaff, Christine Ann, 255 Graves, Gerald Robert, 344 Graves, Marguerite Louise, 293 Graves, Russell Dwayne, 293 Gray, Bartus Monroe, 346 Gray, Charles C. Jr., 160, 363 Gray, Danny Ray, 348 Gray, Ernie Horton, 180, 258 Gray, Gary Lee, 270 Gray, Gilda, 312 Gray, James M., 176, 363 Gray, John Dudley, 363 Gray, Troy A., 363 Gray, Winfred Thaddeus, 346 Green, Ben James, 262 Green, Gary Lane, 160, 363 Green, Gary Ralph, 262 Green, Gwendolyn, 363 Green, Harry Starr, 160, 363 Green, Joan Shearer, 312 Green, John Reid, 348 Green, Judi Johns, 363 Green, Larry William, 270 Green, Phyllis Kay, 250 Green, Richard Stewart, 270 Green, Rickey Hudson, 363 Green, Robert F., 363 Greene, Betty Avis, 160, 363 Greene, Janis Ann, 276 Greene, Richard Elliott, 332 Greene, Susan Lynn, 293 Greenhaw, Alex K., 270 Greenwell, Michael Louis, 270 Greeson, Fredrick Miller, 293 Greene, William O’Neal, 262 Gregg, John Charles, 363 Gregory, Noel Kennady, 340 Greiner, Richard Pete, 326 Gresham, Henry W., 160, 363 Gresham, James Evans, 160, 348 Griffe, Marianne, 160, 363 Griffen, Wendell Lee, 262 Griffin, Charles D., 332 Griffin, Gary Glen, 363 Griffin, Gordon Downey, 326 Griffis, Linda Gail, 293 Griffith, Betty Roselyn, 176, 283 Griffith, James Samuel, 338 Griffith, Pamela Deyanne, 266 Grigg, O. Marie, 276 Griggs, Gary Lynn, 363 Griggs, Ronald L., 363 Grigsby, Robert Scott, 270 Grimes, Carl Eugene, 363 Grimes, Charles Atkinson, 160, 363 Grimes, Thomas, 293 Grippe, Margaret Josephine, 363 Grippe, Ronald James, 363 Grisham, Mary Annette, 160, 363 Grisham, William Duane, 270 Grisham, William Ray, 332 Grizzle, Kathi, 293 Grober, David Franklin, 363 Grober, Edward Artnie, 160, 348 Groce, William Noland, 363 Grounds, Michael Dan, 293 Grutham, George Grimsley, 160 Guard, Melinda Tate, 316 Guido, Dolores Belle, 363 Gullick, Jane Ellen, 266 Guinn, Carol Ann, 363 Guinn, Eddie Lynn, 363 Guinn, Mary Jo, 276 Gunn, Mary Ann, 146, 266 Gunter, Robert Ernest, 285 Gustafson, Julie Ann, 276 Guthrie, Kenneth M., 363 Guy, Diane Marie, 304 Gwin, Jack Franklin, 332 Guynn, Rita Marie, 363 Guynn, Ruth Ellen, 160, 363 H Hachtmeyer, Katheryn Ann, 293 Hackler, Peggy W., 255 Hackney, Audrey Ruth, 266 Haddad, John Phillip, 330 Hudley, Gary Lee, 160, 363 Hagemann, Joel Alan, 324 Hagerman, Sara Helene, 308 Haggard, Midge Elaine, 250 llagmann, Ann Audrey, 160, 266 Haines, D. Lance, 363 Haines, Elizabeth Shuford, 255 Haizlip, Christy Ann, 304 Halbrook, Emily Lynne, 250 Halbrook, Steve A., 363 Hale, Danny Lee, 160 Haley, Michael Stephen, 324 Haley, Robert Glenn Jr., 363 Halk, Kathryn Ann, 276 Hall, Ralph Joey, 346 Halsell, James W., 330 Hajny, Bruce Thomas, 262 Halbert, Ricky Leon, 350 Hale, Danny Lee, 258 Hale, Margo, 250 Hall, Gary C., 160, 363 Hall, James Robert, 270 Hall, Jon A., 177, 363 Hall, Kathryn Anne, 304 Hall, Larry Eugene, 258 Hall, Lola Beneta, 293 Hall, Richard David, 160, 363 Hall, Ronald Ray, 160, 350 Hallin, Elizabeth Ann, 160, 318 Hambright, Dee Randall, 338 Hamilton, Nancy Yvonne, 250 Hamilton, Susan Ann, 312 Hamilton, Z. Roland Jr., 270 Hamm, A. Marilyn, 302 Hammack, Robert Joe, 270 Hammans, Claudia Lynn, 250 Hammes, Anne Lynn, 276 Hampton, David Marcus, 340 Hampton, Martha Jean, 304 Handlen, Richard C., 262 Handley, Lawrence Robert, 160, 363 Handley, Linda Diane, 160, 250 Haney, Regina Fay, 160, 363 Haney, Ronald Harvey, 160, 363 Hankins, Gary Alan, 330 Hankins, Stuart Winston, 180, 363 Hanna, Donna Lee, 160, 363 Hanna, James Lawrence, 348 Hannah, Sara Beth, 160, 310 Hanneman, Gayle Janet, 266 Hanry, Jollyene, 255 Hanry, Michael Ray, 160, 293 Hansen, Gary Lee, 270 Hanson, Robert Eugene, 363 Harber, Harley Joe, 364 Harberson, Dennis Dean, 364 Harbour, Michael Neal, 293 Harcourt, Larry J., 293 Hardage, Albert Carter, 146, 160, 342 Hardgrave, Peggy Sue, 287 Hardin, Debra Marie, 266 Hardin, James Edward, 340 Hardin, Jerry K., 324 Hardin, L. Larry, 270 Hardin, Phyllis Jane, 266 Hardin, Sharlotte Yvonne, 250 Harding, Sherie Cerise, 302 Hardison, Terry Lee, 332 Hardy, Bo, 364 Hardy, Patricia Joyce, 276 Hare, Alannete, 293 Harger, Thomas Ray, 160, 364 Hargis, David Michael, 160 Hargis, Garry L.. 160, 270 Hargraves, Bev. Thompson, 348 Hargraves, James Hall, 342 Hargus, Stanley Wade, 160 Harker, James Michael. 326 Harkness, Robert Gault, 364 Harlan, Marilyn F., 160. 364 Harmon, Karen Ruth. 277 Harmon, Linda Sue, 277 Harmon, Sandra Helen. 160, 255 Harmon. Toni Maria. 250 Harms, Charles William. 293 Hamer. Jerry M., 180, 364 Harp. Jim Doyle, 364 Harp. Robert Stewart. 352 Harp. William Tindell. 270 Harrell. Melissa Adrian. 250 Harrell. Thomas Lynn. 270 Harrell, Wavne B., 364 Harriman, Morril H., 326 Harrington, Lyndell C., 177, 364 Harrington, Patricia Catherine, 277 Harris, Jo Ellen, 250 Harris, John Chester, 340 Harris, Kathleen Lorraine, 250 Harris, Keith D., 293 Harris, Linda M., 364 Harris, Lindsley, 277 Harris, Lynette, 293 Harris, Meza G., 364 Harris, Otis Othello, 348 Harris, Patrick A., 160, 364 Harris, Phillip Michael, 270 Harris, Sherry, 277 Harrison, Robert Stanley, 348 Harrison, Susun Rebecca, 277 Harris, Susan Treece, 250 Harrison, Alan Clark, 270 Harrison, Phil W., 293 Harrison, Sarah L., 283 Harrison, William Thomas, 270 Harsh, Molly, 316 Hart, Alicia Ann, 266 Ilart, Bonnie Jane, 160, 304 Hart, Dana Christine, 255 Hart, Demaria Abigail, 255 Hart, Donella Roshean, 293 Hart, Elizabeth Kay, 304 Hart, James Gary, 332 Hart, Randy, 364 Hart, Robert L. Jr., 180, 364 Hartcnstein, Ann Louise, 306 Hartman, Albert Sidney III, 162, 336 Hartman, Lloyd G., 340 Hartman, Melissa Jayne, 250 Hartman, Rebecca A., 177, 364 Hartsfield, Harriet B., 277 Hartz, David E., 258 Harvell, Grady Edwin, 258 Hass, Diana Lynn, 255 Hatfield, Annette Arlene, 277 Hatfield, Kevin Louis, 262 Hatfield, Marshall, 160, 364 Hatley, Paula Elizabeth, 293 Hausmann, Diana F., 364 Haver, Russell Wayne, 160, 364 Hawes, Johnny Reid, 293 Hawken, Janet S., 160, 306 Hawkins, Robert J„ 160, 364 Hawkins, Ronald Ray, 364 Hawkins, Barbara Allison, 255 Hawkins, Brenda Fay, 293 Hawkins, James Franklin Jr., 160, 334 Hawkins, Reginal, 258 Hawks, Irby Randall, 322 Hawksley, Don Brian, 177, 338 Haven, John Lynn, 340 Hawley, Sylvia Ligon, 306 Hayden, Gary Lynn, 160, 364 Hayes, J. Doyne, 177, 364 Hayes, Pamela Sue, 250 Hays, Patrick Henry, 342 Hayes, Paul Stanley, 364 Hayes, Sydney Ann, 250 Hayes, William John, 161, 364 Haymon, James Ronald, 364 Haynes, Jay Ann, 250 Haynie, Linda Ann, 277 Hays, Cynthia Jane, 160, 318 Hays, Patrick Henry, 161 Heard, Maurine Branson, 266 Ilearnsberger, William Burton, 346 Heaston, John Buzz, 161, 364 Heath, Blan S., 342 Hecox, Tom William, 270 Heffernan, Alan Lee, 293 Hefley, Linda E., 277 Heflin, B. Ray, 270 Heflin, Shelby Alan, 161, 364 Hefner, K. Elaine, 255 Hegglund, Mary Jane, 277 Hegwood, Trudy J., 310 Heidinger, Susan Lynn, 161, 255 Heinrichs, Marian Elizabeth, 293 IJeiple, Tim A., 342 Ilelmer. Jo Ellyn, 277 Helms, D. Thomas, 270 Helms, Janet Sue, 250 Helmich, Larry Edward, 270 Henbest, Paula Kay, 161, 364 Henbest. Marshia Sue. 364 Heney, Nelson Verl. 364 Henderson, Clyde H. Jr., 161, 364 Henderson, Eric Thomas, 364 Henderson, Sandra Lynn, 161, 304 Henderson, Stan, 270 Henderson. Walter Edward, 344 Hendricks, Donald R., 270 Hendricks, Judy Lynn, 161.293 Hendricks, Karol Anne, 161. 318 Hendrickson, Rose Mary ' , 277 Hendrix, John Valen, 364 Henley, Charles W.. 161, 322 Henley, Nathaniel Thomas, 180, 364 Henley. Nelton L„ 270 Henley. Wordna Sharon. 293 Hennig. Mary Jane. 293 Henningson, Marvin P. Jr.. 281 Henry. Christine Lee, 161, 318 Henry, Linda S., 364 Henry, Richard M. Jr„ 340 Henry, Ronnie D., 161, 364 Henry, Thomas Walter, 161, 364 Henson, Elizabeth Ann, 161, 287 Henze, Catherine Ann, 364 485 Hepner, Caroline Alexandra, 277 Herget, Janet, 308 Herlocker, Laurel Lea, 314 Herndon, Darlene Wyona, 255 Hearndon, James Edward, 270 Herndon, Karen Lea, 312 Herrin, Jamie Lee, 250 Herring, Jan, 250 Herring, Sarah, 314 Hershberger, Bessie Lou, 287 Hervey, Beth Anne, 293 Hester, Barry G., 270 Hester, James Michael, 161, 364 Hester, Richard Joseph, 270 Hester, Rodney Lee, 285 Hestir, Randall Spook, 330 Hewitt, Barbara Lee, 161, 308 Hibler, David Ellsworth, 161, 364 Hickman, Faith M., 255 Hickman, H. Eugene, Jr., 258, 161 Higginbotham, Glenn Alan, Jr., 364 Higginbothom, William E., 342 Higgins, Joni E., 364 Highfill, Shirley A., 277 Hightower, Mike D., 364 Hightower, Steve A., 364 Higman, Linda Ann, 312 Hilbum, Tom L., 161, 364 Hildbold, Beth Ann, 364 Hildebrand, Steve Thomas, 161, 258 Hile, James Michael, 258 Hill, Alice Marian, 161, 293 Hill, Arthur Franklin, 271 Hill, Billy W., 258 Hill, Carl Allen, 177, 364 Hill, Dale Calvin, 262 Hill, Darius B. Ill, 364 Hill, David Alan, 271 Hill, David Barry’, 364 Hill, David Logan, 271 Hill, David Rickey, 271 Hill, Deborah Lucille, 161, 364 Hill, Edward, 177, 364 Hill, Jerilyn Bowie, 177, 364 Hill, Linda Marie, 177, 283 Hill, Marilyn Elizabeth, 306 Hill, Nancy Ann, 266 Hill, Norma Jean, 293 Hill, Pamela Klee, 277 Hill, Richard Andrew, 161, 364 Hill, Robert Lowe, 161, 262 Hill, Terry D., 262 Hill, William Ethridge, 293 Hilliard, Rollin Trevor, 161, 364 Himes, Barbara Frances, 308 Hines, Gail Lea, 310 Hink, Henry Clay, 344 Hinkle, Carol Jane, 293 Hinton, Barbara Jean, 364 Hinton, Malcolm C., 161, 364 Hirschy, Lewis Wayne, 271 Hixson, Marsha Lynn, 161, 314 Iljelte, Lena Elisabeth, 310 Hoaglan, Larry W., 161, 293 Hoback, Arthur Ray, 271 Hobbs, Genny Anne, 316 Hoben, Nancy Ann, 255 Hoberock, Christopher, 271 Hodapp, Gerald Frank Jr., 161, 326 Hodelka, Cheryl Susan, 161, 293 Hodge, Herman F., 161, 364 Hodge, Linda Gayle, 250 Hodges, James E.. 271 Hodges, Joe H., 364 Hodges, Nancy Noel, 318 Hodges, Robert Henry, 342 Hodnett, Paul S., 364 Hoff, Dale Clyde, 364 Hogaboom, Karen Jeanette, 161, 255 Hogan, John Craig. 161, 364 Hogan, Laurie Louise. 161, 314 Hoggard. Donald Wade, 271 Hogsett, Carol Ann, 318 Hohne, Gerald Ellis, 262 Hohne, Kris, 266 Hoke, Carole Nixon, 308 Holcomb, Johnnie. 250 HOLCOMBE HALL, 257—259 Holden, Allen B., 161, 364 Holden, Roy Scott, 271 Holder, David Phillip, 293 Holder, Mary Ellen, 250 Holiman, Michael Reid, 342 Holland, Daniel Paul, 285 Holland, Wayman, 258 Holliday, David Ray, 364 Holliday, Deborah Kay. 277 Hollingsworth, Dan Lee, 177, 364 Hollingsworth, James Mark, 289 Hollis, Jane Carolyn, 162, 310 Hollis, Jim. 262 Holloway, Mary Ann, 162, 310 Holmes. Margaret Leota, 364 Holmes, Robert Steele, 332 Holmes, Ronald Deloss, 162, 306 Holmes, Virginia Lee, 162, 306 Holt, Holly Jacque, 304 Holt, Howard L., 364 Holt, Patricia Doney, 316 Holt, Howard L, 364 Holt, Patricia Doney, 316 Holt, Terry Eugene, 364 Holyfield, Watson V., 364 Holzwarth, Barbara Lynn, 364 Hon, James T., 364 Honderich, Linda Maureen, 277 Hong, Cheryl Louise, 293 Hongsaprug, Waree, 177, 364 Hood, Ted, 162, 334 Hooks, Daniel Joseph, 293 Hopkins, Loyce Anne, 277 Hopkins, Mary Jeannette, 364 Hopkins, Michael G., 324 Hopper, Nichols Lewis, 162, 364 Hopper, Thomas Eugene, 162, 289 Hopson, Anna Lisa, 266 Horn, David Ralph, 162, 364 Horn, Frederick Ray, 364 Horn, Sam N., 293 Horn, Susan Janie, 162, 308 Horner, Don, 332 Hornor, Nannice Tappan, 162, 306 Horton, Deborah Sue, 162, 314 Horton, Jack Gene, 271 Horton, Jennifer Lynne, 277 Horton, John Baxter, 271 Horton, Judy Gail, 365 Horton, Larry Wayne, 262 Horton, Paul Archie, 293 Horvath, James Edward. 258 Hosman, Michael, 308 HOTZ HALL, 260—263 Hotz, John William, 285 Hotz, Thomas Anthony II, 285 Houck, Cyrill Diane, 287 Hough, Randall E., 293 Hough, William A., 180, 326 House, Barry Lee, 162, 365 House, David H., 332 House, Dianne L., 304 House, Elaine Ann, 162, 365 Housley, William Eugene, 322 Houston, Marv in Eugene, 271 Howard, Charles Watham, 162, 365 Howard, Dean Q., 293 Howard, Gary Lyndel, 322 Howard, Jerry Edward, 162, 352 Howard, Lamar, 344 Howard, Leslie O., 271 Howard, Marikay, 177, 251 Howard, Martha Jane, 304 Howard, Stephen Bruce, 365 Howell, Alice Woodford, 162, 316 Howell, Charles Leslie, 365 Howell, Elise, 162, 302 Howerton, Barbara Kay, 277 Howerton, Deri G., 365 Howerton, Peggy Ann, 162, 310 Howerton, Steva Ann, 277 Hsieh, Ching Fang, 177, 365 Hubbard, Bill Sheddan, 342 Hubbard, George Gaines, 342 Hubbs, Michael, 271 Huber, George Milton, 350 Huck, Richard Joseph, 324 Hucke, Heyden Marie, 365 Hucke, Samuel Theodore, 365 Huckelbury, Linda Jane, 309 Huddle, Lewis Alfred Jr., 162, 350 Hudson, Celeste Annette, 277 Hudson, Deborah L., 251 Hudson, Donna Faye, 162, 365 Hudson, James Alton, 271 Hudson, Harriett, 312 Hudson, Linda Jo, 277 Hudson, Nancy L., 162, 314 Hudson, Patricia Adele, 306 Hudspeth, J. Barton. 322 Huens, John Lester, 365 Huffman, Donna Celia, 365 Huggins, Charles E., 293 Huggs, Charles Norman, 162, 365 Hughen, Dean Paul, 146, 344 Hughes, Donald Mirandus, 293 Hughes, Herbert Briley, 162, 344 Hughes. Judy Faye, 277 Hughes, Ronnie Dallas, 365 Hughes, Steven Jay, 162, 365 Hughey, Mary Ellen, 162, 365 Hull, Craig F., 262 Hull, Rebecca Jane, 251 Hum, Vickey L.. 277 HUMPHREYS HALL, 274—279 Humphreys, Kathryn. 293 Humphries, Stephen Boyd, 330 Hunkapiller, Ron R., 332 Hunnicutt, Gary G., 271 Hunt, Anne, 365 Hunt, James Lee, 365 Hunt, Jean Raye, 266 Hunt, John Robert, 162, 365 Hunt, Mary Elizabeth, 293 Hunt, Michael Edward, 162 Hunt, Rodney Lee Patrick, 262 Hunt, Thomas David, 271 Hunter, Alice F., 293 Hunter, James David, 365 Hunter, Johnny Lyndell, 262 Hunt, Michael Edward, 365 Hunter, Nancy Carolyn, 162, 365 Hunter, Richard Gene, 162, 332 Hunter, Robert E., 285 Hunton, Lillie Belle, 283 Huppert, Mimi, 365 Hurley, Judy, 316 Hurley, Stephen Craig, 344 Hurst, Carolene Marie, 306 Hurt, Cordelia Marie, 251 Hurt, Wayne A., 338 Hussey, Ross M., 365 Husted, Judith Carol, 365 Hutchens, Debra Lynn, 251 Hutchens, James Binion, 162, 365 Hutchison, Ann Taliaferro, 293 Hutson, Connie Ruth, 365 Hutson, Darrell Eugene, 262 Hyatt, Anne Weatherford, 162, 309 Hyatt, Mary E., 277 Hyde, Deborah Carla, 365 Hyland, Dennis Glenn, 271 I Ibsen, Mike Dane, 330 Imboden, Richard Kenley, 324 Ingels, Beverly Ann, 266 Ingram, James Henry, 281 Ingram, Myrna Joel, 266 Inlow, Rhonda Karen, 251 Inman, Fred C., 162, 336 Irby, Dana G., 162, 365 Irvan, Mary Veolia, 293 Irving, Elizabeth Maude, 302 Irwin, James Stirman, 289 Irwin, Walter Frank, 271 Isgrig, Marian Elizabeth, 277 Iverson, Pamela Kay, 365 Ivey, Connie Sue, 365 J Jacks, Elizabeth Jean, 162, 314 Jacks, Glenda Kay, 162, 293 Jacks, John W. Jr., 271 Jackson, Connie Ann, 251 Jackson, Daniel Edward, 365 Jackson, Donald Calvert, 271 Jackson, James B., 163, 365 Jackson, James Howard, 348 Jackson, Janis Jayne, 163, 365 Jackson, Jimmy C., 365 Jackson, Karen Gayle, 266 Jackson, Lawrence M., 271 Jackson, Mary Melanie, 163, 304 Jackson, Rebecca Marie, 277 Jackson, Robert Marion, 294 Jackson, Sally Anne, 309 Jackson, Sarah Corrine, 251 Jackson, Thomas Lee, 271 Jacobi, David Warren, 351 Jacobi, Forrest Lee, 351 Jacobs, Robert Fred, 299 Jacobs, Sharron Kaye, 294 Jacuzzi, Kathleen Ann, 277 Jaggers, Alan Keith, 163, 365 Jagitsch, Janet Louise, 294 James, Alan R., 365 James, Danny Ray, 365 James, Dennis Russell, 334 James, Gary Lee, 271 James, Rebecca Kay, 255 James, Thomas Robert, 326 James, William Randolph, 342 Jameson, Steven Alan, 365 Jamison, Leon Nolen, 365 Jamison, Rodney Keith, 163,346 Jarbeau, Donna Louise, 266 Jarman, Randall Carl, 365 Jamagan, Larry P., 163, 365 Jarnagan, Linda Louise. 365 Jarratt, Dennis, 163, 340 Jarrett, James Larry, 365 Jarstad, Judith Ann. 163, 365 Jay, Beckie Lynn, 302 Jay, Debbie Lou, 255 Jayne, Thomas Charles, 163, 294 Jean, Grady Binford Jr., 344 Jefferson, Christina M., 163. 265 Jefferson. Thomas C.. 163, 365 Jeffrey, Richard Fredrick, 262 Jeffries, Charles Cole, 146. 330 Jenkins. Bobby Joe, 348 Jenkins, Henrietta. 365 Jenkins, John Fletcher, 271 Jenkins, John Powell Jr., 163, 346 Jenkins, Morris J., 271 Jenkins, William Gerald, 365 Jennings, Archie W., 163, 365 Jennings, Billy F., 180, 365 Jennings, Donna Gayle. 163, 255 Jennings, Ellen Loeb, 365 Jennings, George Michael, 294 Jennings, John Earl, 180, 365 Jennings, Mary Dritt, 277 Jennings, Sally Merle, 318 Jensen, Tommy R., 163, 365 Jensen, Deloras Jean, 365 Jent, Glenn A., 177, 365 Jent, Mary Jane, 365 Jericho, Caroline Sloan, 312 Jernigan, Gail, 309 Jernigan, Joyce E., 255 Jeske, Leroy, 349 Jeske, Paul E., 365 Jester, Billy F., 163, 365 Jeter, Delton C., 285 Jeter, Jeffrey Hudgens, 163, 340 Jeu, Evelyn Joyce, 294 Jewell, Margie Sue, 277 Jewsbury, Janet E., 251 Jinks, Marsha Lynne, 251 Johanson, Claudia Jeanne, 277 Johns, Gary W., 271 Johnson, Angela Rochelle, 266 Johnson, Anna Maurine, 365 Johnson, Betty Jean, 365 Johnson, Bobby Ray, 365 Johnson, Carolyn Allie, 255 Johnson, Charles Hooker III, 262 Johnson, Charles Michael, 271 Johnson, Charles Sam, 349 Johnson, Cindy E., 314 Johnson, David William, 342 Johnson, Deborah Ann, 309 Johnson, Diana Lynn, 163, 319 Johnson, Dick S., 365 Johnson, Donald G., 163, 365 Johnson, Frank Steven, 271 Johnson, Gordon Nelson, 163, 365 Johnson, James Albert Jr., 271 Johnson, Jeffrey Robert, 163, 342 Johnson, Jency Ann, 277 Johnson, John Charles Jr., 180, 365 Johnson, John Charles, 338 Johnson, John Lloyd Jr., 334 Johnson, Jon Randy, 163, 258 Johnson, Judy, 365 Johnson, Larry Dale, 365 Johnson, Margaret Susan, 255 Johnson, Mary Elizabeth, 307 Johnson, Mary Glenda, 163, 365 Johnson, Pamela Florence, 251 Johnson, Parker Ewan, 271 Johnson, Paula Karen, 316 Johnson, Perry Wayne, 163 Johnson, Sandra Lee, 251 Johnson, Suzanne E., 266 Johnson, Thomas R., 163, 365 Johnson, Timothy William, 271 Johnson, William Andrew III, 338 Johnson, William 0., 163, 348 Johnston, Albert Dane, 365 Johnston, David Cairns, 326 Johnston, Donna Charisse, 266 Johnston, Judith Ann, 255 Johnston, Linda D., 365 Johnston, Norris Neil, 365 Johnston, Rebecca Elaine, 314 Jolly, Robert Randall, 271 Jones, Carol Ann, 365 Jones, Charles Tracy, 344 Jones, Clinton Carl, 351 Jones, Dana Joey, 294 Jones, David Lynn. 163, 344 Jones, David W., 346 Jones, Deborah Ellen, 163, 365 Jones, Deborah Lynne, 277 Jones, Delbert Louis, 330 Jones, Guy Franklin, 163, 366 Jones, Jamie Luther III, 299 Jones, Jana Lee, 309 Jones, Janis Gaye, 163, 312 Jones, Jean Cameron, 163, 307 Jones, Jerry Marvin, 366 Jones, Kenneth Franklin, 366, 177 Jones, Lanita Gaye, 277 Jones, Larry Dewayne, 366 Jones, Larry Vivan, 163, 366 Jones, Lee Lawrence, 271 Jones, Linda Sue, 251 Jones, Lorri, 163, 366 Jones, Marla Dianne, 302 Jones, Marlene Rose, 163, 283 Jones, Martha Lynn, 266 Jones, Mary Lee, 163, 366 Jones, Melvin D., 271 Jones, Mike, 332 Jones, Patricia Len, 277 Jones, Phil Rodney, 299 Jones, P. Teresa, 277 Jones, Richard White, 258 Jones, Robert N., 326 Jones, Robert P., 351 Jones, Robert Wayne, 163, 366 Jones, Ronald Edward, 338 Jones, Ronald Phillip, 163, 271 Jones, Susan G., 304 Jones, Tracy Duncan, 177, 366 Jones, Troy Gene, 366 Jones, William A., 262 Jones, William Henry, 294 Jones, William Raymond, 163, 366 Jordan, Bobbye Jo, 366 Jordan, Donna Lanell, 3Q2, 163 Jordan, Gerald Bernard,-163, 366 Jordan, James Burton, 366 Jordan, Susan Ray, 163, 314 Joyce, Eugene G., 163, 366 Joyce, Marvin Leon, 163, 258 Joyner, Stanley Wayne, 324 Jvarez, Manvel O., 340 Justis, Glenda Ann, 277 Justiss, Donna Kaye, 294 Justiss, James Edward, 340 K Kalcich, Phillip F., 366 Kanakis, Caroline Lee, 294 Kanally, James F., 334 Kane, Susan, 255 KAPPA ALPHA THETA, 312—313 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, 314—315 KAPPA SIGMA, 330—331 Karamchandani, Balram Chetandas, 177, 366 Kastel, Debbie Janice, 319 Kaufman, Kenneth Adam, 294 Keagy, Janet Lee, 251 Keahey, Benjamin Franklin II, 163, 366 Keahey, Florece Kitchens, 163, 366 Kearney, Jesse Lee, 294 Keaton, Glen P., 163, 366 Keaton, Larry William, 163, 366 Keel, Deborah Leigh, 255 Keel, Jon, 147 Keeling, Patricia Sue, 163, 312 Keen, Ricky Harold, 366 Keen, Vicki LeAnn, 366 Keenan, Robert Jr., 334 Keener, Karen R., 277 Keener, Ronnie Lee, 163, 366 Keener, William Lynn, 271 Keeter, Dan Richard, 163, 345 Keifer, Suzanne, 294 Keith, Er nest A., 258 Keith, Paula Gene, 310 Keith, Tommy J., 163, 366 Keith, William Troy, 163, 330 Keller, Steve, 332 Kelley, Gale, 251 Kelley, Janice L., 277 Kelley, Mitchell Dwayne, 262 Kelley, Rebecca Lynne, 266 Kelley, Reginald Dean, 366 Kelley, Russell Don, 366 Kelly, Bill Earl, 366 Kelly, John Pickney, 366 Kelly, Kathleen Jean, 163, 305 Kelly, Kenneth Lynn, 271 Kelly, Mary Belle, 177, 366 Kelly, Roberta Vickers, 314 Kelly, Stephen B., 366 Kelton. Karen Raye, 294 Kemp, Connie Susan, 232, 310 Kemp, John Dan, 294 Kempf, Janice E., 366 Kendall, Anthony W., 342 Kennedy, Barbara Gresham, 163, 314 Kennedy, Sherry Lynn, 309 Kenning, John Gregory, 338 Kennlay, William H„ 340 Kerr, Connie Lyn, 266 Kersten, Robert Charles, 327 Kersting, Katherine Austill, 163, 294 Kever, Johnny Earl, 163, 366 Key, C. Jane, 366 Key, Francis Scott Jr.. 366 Key, James Larry, 163, 366 Khorramy, Dorothy Delk, 177, 366 Kierig. Margaret Lindsay, 251 Killian. John M., 262 Killian, Phyllis. 251 Kim. Yuhryun, 251 Kimberling. Kay Lynn. 302 Kimpel. William W., 271 Kincaid, Carl Stevenson III, 332 Kincannon, Melinda W., 312 Kinder, Larry Paul, 281 King, Becky Kathryn, 251 King, Beverly, 294 King, Carol Stuart, 316 King, Dean H., 366 King, Deborah Ann, 366 King, Don G., 366 King, Frank Leo in, 340 King, Gary C., 366 King. Grover Martin, 281 King, Hope LaBarriteau, 277 King, Linda Lou, 366 King. Ronald W„ 366 King, Ronnie Dewayne, 163, 285 King, Stephan Joseph, 289 King, Susan Catherine, 163, 294 King, Terry Rowden, 366 King, William Douglas, 164, 366 Kinman, Peter Knight, 164, 330 Kinney, Edward Ashley, 231, 366 486 Kinney, Frank Lee, 147, 366 Kinney, Karen Louise, 366 Kinsey, Donna Marie, 277 Kirby, Cynthia Ann, 25 Kinsey, Donna Marie, 277 Kinzler, Steve L., 345 Kirby, Cynthia Ann, 251 Kirby, Hodge, 330 Kirby, John J., 366 Kirby, Pam, 312 Kirchhoff, Edward Orlyn, 366 Kirchhoff, Fred Jr., 164, 285 Kirk, Anita Marie, 366 Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth, 277 Kirkpatrick, Patricia Kay, 305 Kirkpatrick, William Earl, 164,366 Kirksey, Gavon Keith, 271 Kissinger, Carroll D., 164, 366 Kissire, Phyllis Ann, 366 Kittrell, Anne Elizabeth, 266 Kittrell, Thomas Patrick, 366 Kitts, Cathy Ann, 294 Kleck, Michael L., 164, 366 Kleuser, Janet Marie, 294 Kluttz, Charles Edward, 366 Knee, Brenda Sue, 164, 366 Knod, William Frederick II, 164, 327 Knott, William 0., 164, 366 Knight, Mary Catherine, 251 Knight, Michael E., 271 Knipe, Floyd Paul, 366 Knipe, Janice Marilyn, 366 Kniseley, James Steven, 345 Knod, Anita Lynne, 366 Knowles, Kathleen Ann, 305 Knox, G. Thurston, 366 Knox, Karen Ruby, 251 Knox, Steven C., 271 Knudtson, James N., 262 Ko, Gloria Jean, 294 Ko, Bobby C., 294 Koch, Karen Diane, 310 Koch, Philip Carl, 366 Kocher, Roger Louis, 164, 366 Koch, Katy Susan, 366 Koehler, Larry Wayne, 336 Koenig, Jeffery Lynn, 294 Koenigseder, T. Steve, 164, 366 Koerner, Jay Lynn Mitzi, 266 Koosau, Esteban, 177, 366 Kopp, George Stewart, 366, 164 Korich, Robert Duane, 164, 349 Kohler, Cheri Leta, 319 Koonce, James Edward, 271 Koons, Linda Ann, 266 Koontz, Benjamin Marion, 340 Kopp, Anna Kay, 366 Koppa, Susan K., 251 Kornegay, John Alan, 342 Korte, Kathleen Ann, 294 Kramer, Steven Frank, 334 Kraynik, Joseph Edward, 366 Krips, Lynn Carol, 316 Kritter, Susan S., 266 Kropp, James Allen, 294 Krueger, Dennis Charles, 327 Kruger, Marshall A., 164, 281 Krum, Susan Ellen, 277 Kuebcr, Pilar Teresa, 277 Kuepker, Katherine Marie, 277 Kunkel, Karl F., 271 Kurrus, Connie Ellen, 277 Kurtz, Georgianna, 366 Kuse, Wayne Carl, 271 Kutait, Mary Ellen, 294 Kuykendall, Linda Ann, 251 L Lachowsky, John Edward, 366 Lackie, Pamela K., 266 Lackie, Raymond Jackson Jr., 334 Lacy, Gay III, 164, 366 Lacy, I. Elaine, 266 Lacy, Melanie Anne, 251 Lacy, Robert Thomas III, 327 Ladd, Jimmie Doyle Jr., 262 Lady, Cecile Lucette, 277 Ladyman, Jack R., 164, 366 Lafferty, Joan, 314 Lafferty, William Arnold, 180, 342 LaForge, Mary Jane, 277 LaFont, Deborah Kay, 277 Lair, William Stephen, 327 Laird, Barbara J., 302 Lam, Chuck Lin, 285 Lamb, Jacqueline Rae, 294 Lamb, Michael Dean, 164, 366 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, 332—333 Lambert, Harold Murray, 294 Lamberth, Marcus H., 346 Lambiotte, Joe, 340 Lammel, Margaret Anne, 294 Lancaster, Carl Wayne, 281 Lancaster, Janice Ann, 366 Lance, Stephen Alvin, 164, 366 Land, Jeri, 312 Land, Ruth Adele, 294 Landers, Michael Richard, 164, 342 Landes, Rodney Routt, 340 Landrum, Cindi, 294 Lands, Jack III, 327 Lane, Debby, 319 Lane, Rickey Dale, 262 Lange, Robert A. Jr., 322 Langham, Frank G., 345 Langley, Jerry Lee, 164, 367 Lanier, Duane, 346 Lanier, Vicki Lea, 294 LaPrade, Margaret Jean, 305 Larsen, Donna Ann, 251 Larsen, Gary G., 228 Larson, Michael Vincent, 164, 367 Larson, Robert Duane, 271 Larsen, Susan Marie, 230 Larson, Timothy Alan, 327 Larson, Todd Douglas, 330 Lassetter, Nancy Lee, 277 Lassiter, Morris Clayton, 164, 367 Laster, Suzanne, 294 Latimer, Alice Jan, 164, 294 Latta, Mike Jay, 332 Latta, Susan Marie, 277 Laube, Linda Kay, 266 Laughlin, Kendall Adams, 340 Lavender, George William, 180, 367 LAW, 180—181 Law, Charlena Mae, 164, 367 Law, Donna Katliryn, 302 Lawrence, Charles Michael, 271 Lawrence, James Lavoy, 367 Lawrence, Timothy Charles, 367 Laws, Charles Stuart, 340 Laws, Darryl Lincoln, 294 Lawson, Peggy L., 367 Lay, David Leonard, 262 Lay, Robert Francis, 164, 285 Lea, Mary Barton, 251 Lea, Raymond Earl, 164, 258 Lea, William Gary, 367 Leake, Karen Sue, 251 Leap, Ben A., 281 Leatherbury, Dale Everett, 322 Ledford, Ronald Edwards, 262 Lee, Charles Raleigh, 164, 367 Lee, David H., 262 Lee, Eddie R., 324 Lee, Ewan O., 340 Lee, James Thomas, 164, 367 Lee, Jean, 294 Lee, Jo Brenda, 309 Lee, John Perry, 341 Lee, Linda Carol, 164, 367 Lee, Linda Joyce, 266 Lee, Nanita, 294 Lee, Mary, 294 Lee, Richard Allen, 271 Leeman, Frank William, 258 Lee, William Coombs, 164, 294 Leeman, Frank William, 258 Leeman, Susan Jeanne, 164, 367 Leeton, Elizabeth Anne, 164, 367 Leflett, Anita Jo, 367 Leggett, Nancy Joan, 266 Lehle, Fredric Roth, 367 Lehman, Sue, 277 Lehnhard, Mary Nell, 164, 314 Leib, Jack Randall, 367 Leiting, Jane Ellen, 312 Lemke, Duane Edward, 272 Lemke, Ronald L., 367 Lemons, David A., 349 Lennon, James Howard, 336 Leonard, Carolyn R., 367 Leonard, Charlotte Anne, 164, 314 Leonard, Eddie, 294 Lepp, Andrew William, 262 Leraris, Anthony Stephen, 294 Leslie, Douglas Kent. 367 Leslie, James David, 262 Leslie, Marie G., 367 Lester, Sue Ellen, 251 Leveritt, Richard E., 164, 285 Lewis, Deborah A., 309 Lewis. Fletcher. 180, 342 Lewis. Ginger Lvnn. 277 Lewis, Jennifer M., 316 Lewis, Karen Rhna. 255 Lewis. Leslie Lee, 251 Lewis, Michael Kent. 335 Lewis, Randolph Harmon, 285 Lewis, Robert A., 164, 367 Lewis, Thomas Robert, 351 Lewis, Tina, 251 Lewis. William Samuel, 164, 330 Liddell, George W., 367 Lieber. Missy, 164, 307 Liffhtfoot. Charla Ann. 255 Ligon, William Fred TIT. 272 Limb, Patricia Belinda. 277 Limbird. Jim George, 259 Limbird. Michael A.. 164. 352 Limerick. Richard Conner ITT, 330 Limoges. Brian Harold. 299 Lincoln. Dwight, 164. 367 Lincoln, Frieda H., 164, 367 Linder, Mark Allen, 164, 367 Lindquist, Gary Alan, 324 Lindquist, Karl James, 351 Lindsey, Gary Vaughn, 341 Ling, Stephen D., 164, 337 Linnen, Allen Willard, 367 Linnen, Maria Dolores, 367 Linton, Gene Autry, 262 Lipe, Larry Bailey, 342 Lipin, John Michael, 164, 367 Lippard, Charles Richard, 180,367 Lippman, Gustave Leon, 164, 367 Lipscomb, Judy LaDon, 164, 312 Little, Clyde Lester Jr., 367 Little, Elwanda Marie, 277 Little, M. Newton, 342 Little, Terry Wallace, 367 Little, Vicky Lynn, 164, 294 Little, W. Frank, 141, 332 Little, William Franklin, 346 Livingston, Michael Charles, 367 Livingston, Philip Wayne, 164, 367 Lock, Harold Dean, 294 Lockhart, Randall Lee, 328 Loftis, Larry James, 285 Loftis, Sharon Kay, 277 Logan, Charles Lynn, 327 Logan, Gary W., 367 Logan, Kathryn Havard, 164, 310 Logan, Lawrence Lyons, 345 Logue, David Earl, 272 Lombard, John Larr Long, Arlis Clark, 342 Long, Bettye Ann, 164, 255 Long, Beverly June, 164, 302 Long, Helen Louise, 277 Long, Jacquelin Skelton, 164, 367 Long, John Forrest, 330 Long, Lee, 164, 307 Long, Linda Diane, 251 Long, Mago, 251 Long, Norman C., 164, 367 Long, Paul, 294 Long, Steve Warren, 281 Longinotti, David Lee, 272 Lonon, Tommy Lynn, 367 Looney, Ernest Wayne, 272 Lopez, Margaret Mary 294 Lordan, Kathleen, Diane, 367 Loris, Stephen Thomas, 272 Love, Don Walker, 367 Love, Richard Damon, 272 Love, Tommy L., 164, 294 Lovelady, Carol Ann, 164, 310 Lovell, James Earl, 324 Lovell, Jimmy Steve, 164, 328 Lovell, Judith Rushing, 164, 367 Lovell, Larry Glen, 177, 367 Lovell, Linda L., 255 Lovett, Glenda Jean, 294 Lovett, Kathy Ellis, 251 Low, Gary Lambeth, 177, 367 Lowe, Marsha Kay, 165, 303 Lowe, Nancy Jane, 294 Lowe, Ronnie W., 165, 367 Lowery, John William, 272 Lowery, Orville Wesley, 259 Lowery, Robert Dudley, 322 Lowery, William Ray, 259 Lowery, Jimmie Neal, 272 Lubker, Ann, 251 Lucas, Donna Katherine, 165, 367 Luce, Richard Howard, 367 Luce, Steven Robert, 367 Luck, F. Michael, 165, 368 Luck, Mary Gail Rogers, 165, 368 Lucy, Ellen Diane, 277 Ludeke, Henry G., 294 Ludwig, William Edward, 332 Luedicke, Connie A., 319 Lukas, Cindy Kay, 277 Lukas, Judy Ann, 307 Lum, Walter Lee, 281 Lummus, Missy, 277 Lumpkin, Angela, 287 Lumpkin, Vernell , 287,165 Luper, Rhonda Lee, 368 Luther, Deborah Ann, 165, 295 Lybarger, Weldon H., 368 Lynch, Jane Elizabeth, 319 Lynch, Jeffrey Michael, 272 Lynch, Lyn Mann, 165, 368 Lynch, Lynn G., 368 Lynch, P. Terrence, 177, 368 Lyons, Dana Leigh, 165, 314 M McAbee, Ivan L., 180, 368 McAbee, Sandra Lynne, 165, 295 McAlister, Beverly Jean, 368 McAlister, Alonzo Dallas, 165, 345 McAllister, Cindy L., 251 McBeth, Hiram T. Ill, 272 McBride, Joseph B., 165, 324 McBride, Sandra Elaine, 251 McBride, Victoria Morgan, 165, 368 McCaa, Johnny Perkins, 331 McCabe, Theresa Jan, 255 McCain, Jimmy L., 262 McCain, Joan Marie, 309 McCain, Larry Glenn, 165, 324 McCain, Susan, 251 McCall, Charles Jefferson, 180, 368 McCampbell, Laura Lynn, 313 McCarroll, Danny Lawrence, 272 McCarthy, Colleen Dee, 368 McCarty, Betty, 165, 314 McCarty, Phillip Walter, 343 McCarver, David Byron, 285 McCaskill, Don Ray, 177, 324 McCaskill, Linda Jane, 368 McClain, Billy Stephen, 368 McClain, David L., 272 McClanahan, Kathy Lynn, 165, 314 McClard, Bill W., 322 McCleary, Lynn Ellen, 307 McClelland, Carol Jeanine, 368 McClelland, Enness Roy, 272 McClelland, Linda Maurice, 319 McClure, George L., 335 McClure, John Michael, 165, 368 McClure, William H., 368 McClusky, Judy L., 266 McConaghy, Gail Ann, 266 McConnell, Richard Douglas, 165, 368 McCorkle, Angela Kay, 165, 307 McCormick, Louise, W., 177, 368 McCourt, Carol Jo, 266 McCoy, Meredith, 307 McCoy, Sarah Martha, 255 McCracken, Mary Sue, 177, 368 McCraney, Elaine Raye, 319 McCrary, Camellia Ann, 255 McCreery, Charles Stuart, 346 McCreery, William Young, 346 McCreight, Robert Gilman III, 345 McCuistion, Tonya Irene, 368 McCulloch, Weldon Leon Jr., 165, 368 McCune, Loren Talmadge, 165, 368 McCutchen, Tommie Jennean, 251 McCutcheon, Peggy Layne, 277 McDade, Robert Thomas, 331 McDaniel, Joe N., 259 ' McNelly, Deborah Diane, 251 McDermott, Debbie Gayle, 251 McDonald, Craig Erval, 165, 368 McDonald, Deborah Ann, 255 McDonald, Don Randell, 272 McDonald, Gary Joseph, 272 McDonald, Gary Keith, 368 McDonald, Gary Michael, 272 McDonald, J. Paul, 332 McDonald, Joan, 251 McDonald, Julie Watson, 180, 368 McDonald, Karen, 251 McDonald, Melissa Ann, 311 McDonald, Shelia Carol, 266 McDonald, Terry Gean, 313 McDonald, Warren J., 332 McDonald, William Ray, 324 McDowell, David Thomas, 272 McDuff, James Patrick, 335 McEarl, Judy Ann, 277 Me Elroy, Charlene, 251 McElroy, Elizabeth Ann, 319 McElyea, Robert Glenn, 272 McEntire, James G., 165, 324 McEwen, Pamela A., 305 McFarlin, Randy Douglas, 272 McFarlin, Robert Lee Jr., 295 McFeeters, Jean, 305 McFerran, Peggy D., 165, 368 McFerran, Samuel Lewis, 368 McGowan, Brenda Jo, 251 McGehee, David Lynn, 338 McGehee, James Thomas, 335 McGhee, Ronald Wayne, 368 McGinty, Dale P., 368 McGinty, James Clark Jr., 368 McGowan, Maxey Burney, 368 McGraw, Benjamin Franklin, 343 McGraw, Roy Gifford, 349 McGrein, Dan L., 368 McHale, Betty Burdette, 177, 368 McHaney, Deborah Jean, 255 McHughes, Gannalyn Sue, 165, 305 McHughes, Mary Elizabeth, 251 Mcllveene, Richard Lynn, 368 Mcllveene, Ronald Wayne, 165, 368 McIntosh, Donnie Rav, 165. 368 Mrlnvale, William Alfred. 165. 285 McKamev. William Ross. 165, 349 McKee. B. Wanette, 147, 165, 319 McKee, David W ' illiam, 332 McKeehan, Richard Lee, 272 McKellar. Linda Paulette, 165. 368 McKenna, Michael Clayton, 165, 295 McKenzie, Charles M., 368 McKenzie, Gregory P., 338 McKenzie, James Ray, 295 McKenzie, L. Jeanne, 266 McKenzie, Michael F.. 262 McKeown, Joe Loye, 177, 368 McKewon, Nancy Claire, 319 McKillip, Katie, 314 McKimmey, Vicki Jayne, 266 McKinney, Jerry Raymond, 368 McKinney, Teresa Ann, 251 McKinstry, Richard A., 351 McKissic, Gene Ellis, 272 McKissic, Ray Owana, 272 McKissick, Robert Bruce, 165, 368 McKissick, W. Thomas, 181, 368 McKown, Arthur Blake, 295 McKown, Dennis E., 368 McKown, Vicki R., 295 McKuin, Glen L., 341 Me Lane, Charles Chase, 368 McLaughlin, Charles H., 165, 368 McLean, Doyle Leon, 177, 368 McLean, Maureen Donna, 255 McLemore, Karen, 251 McLendon, Karen Lynn, 277 McLendon, Michael Gregory, 295 McLeod, Paul Jean, 272 McMahan, Simone, 277 McMaster, Donna Eileen, 165, 277 McMillan, Anne, 277 McMillian, Charles Woodrow, 165, 368 McMinn, Karl Stuart, 327 McMullin, Annette, 295 McMullin, Linda Jane, 295 McMurry, Ricky Carter, 166, 368 McMurtry, Charles William, 166, 368 McNair, Charles R. Ill, 343 McNair, David Malcolm, 331 McNair, Mary Ann, 277 McNeal, Deborah Ann, 368 xNlcN ully, Hollis Mast, 272 McNulty, Jack A., 166, 368 McNulty, Sue Ann, 307 McNutt, Daniel Lee, 262 McQueen, Evelyn Ann, 303 McRae, Grady Alan, 262 McVey, William Arthur Jr., 166, 368 McWilliams, Anne L., 166, 368 Alachen, James Leslie, 295 Machen, Mary Leckie, 314 Mack, John Thomas, 368 Mack, Margaret Nora, 368 Mackin, Cheryl Christine, 166, 311 Macnah, Linda Gail, 251 Mac nab, Wanda, 251 Maddox, Colette Euble, 251 Maddox, J. David, 181,368 Maddox, James Robert, 166, 368 Madison, Farris Edward Jr., 166, 368 Madson, Carol John, 166, 368 Maedgen, Mary Jan, 277 Maestri, Elizabeth Jean, 277 Maestri, James Ernest, 281 Magee, Mary Elizabeth, 251 Maggard, Larry Everett, 368 Magness, C. R., 331 Magness, William Woodrow, 368 Mah, Paul N, 181, 251 Mah, Paul N., 181, 251 Mahaffey, Gloria Jean, 311 Mahon, Janet Leigh, 277 Mahoney, Annie, 295 Maiden, Bonnie Lee, 277 Maier, Marilyn, 307 Main, Janet Marie, 166, 283 Mainard, Gail Edward, 272 Majors, Harold W., 368 Malcom, James Phil, 147 Malczycki, Borys, 177, 299 Mallory, Renie Reid, 166, 368 Malloy, Michael Alvin, 368 Malone, Donald L., 166, 368 Malone, Mary Elizabeth, 266 Malone, Thomas Gleen, 262 Maloney, Sharon Lucille, 287 Mandrell, Kathy Lynn, 251 Maner, Carol Martin, 166, 368 Mangiaracina, J. Alfred, 177, 368 Mangrum, Donnie Lee, 166, 285 Manis, Sharyn Kay, 277 Mann, Lolah Marjorie, 287 Manning, Joe Earl Jr., 262 Mansur, Helen Ruth, 166, 368 Mantooth, David Lee, 262 Maple, Patrick W., 299 Marchand, Sammy R., 272 Markell, Susie Marie, 277 Marks, Cynthia Lara, 177, 368 Marks, Paula Sherrill, 309 Marley, Cathy L., 295 Marlin, Charles Leland Jr., 322 Marple, Ginger Elaine, 166, 368 Marquette. Robert Charles, 337 Marr, Lyale Fredric Jr., 272 Marrs, L. Edward Jr., 166, 342 Marsac, Barbara Louise, 166, 368 Marsac, Charles Wayne, 368 Marshall, Bill Taylor, 342 Marshall. Carl Steven, 272 Marshall, Jack Edward, 342 Marshall, Jan, 255 Marshall, Martha Jo, 177, 368 Marstellar, Cheryl Lee, 166, 283 Martens, Jerry Dee Wayne, 368 Martin, Carol Ann, 368 Martin, Catherine, 266 Martin, Charles Eugene, 272 Martin, Cynthia Kaye, 251 Martin, Diane, 303 Martin, Douglas E., 322 Martin, Edwynn J., 368 Martin, Jo Karen, 166, 251 Martin, Joe Biggs, 328 Martin, Kathy Jane, 295 Martin, Kenna Jean, 166, 369 Martin, Mark Louis, 351 Martin, Richard Ray, 295 Martin, Robert Dean, 295 Martin, Ruben S., 331 Martin, Shannon Christine, 309 Martin, Stephen C., 166, 369 Martin, Steven King, 166, 351 Martin, Van, 319 Martinelli, Ricardo Alberto, 295 Martini, Cherie, 312 Mashburn, Mike L., 369 Mashburn, Stephen James, 346 Mashburn, Vicki Ann, 251 Maslonka, Cheryl Ann, 251 Mason, Ollie Charles, 166, 369 Massey, Kaye Williams, 309 Massie, Carol Ann, 369 Matheny, Margarett Sue, 295 Mathers, Anna Catherine, 266 Mathews, Elizabeth Inex, 316 Mathews, Sally 0., 166, 369 Mathias, Rebecca Grace, 369 Matthews, David R., 272 Matthews, Dennis Mark, 369 Matthews, Donald L., 285 Matthews, Donna Marie, 369 Matthews, Douglas Menard, 299 Matthews, Jane A., 266 Matthews, Philip Crutcher, 166, 346 Matteson, Gordon Crossett, 166, 369 Mauldin, Bruce E., 166, 346 Maule, Charles R., 285 Maus, Raymond Michael, 166, 346 Maxey, John Dowell, 345 Maxey, Linda, 166, 319 Maxwell, Eugene Sidney, 272 Maxwell, Phillip L., 166, 369 Maxwell, Rebecca Lynn, 316 May, James Pat, 166, 369 May, John C., 335 May, Joseph Allen, 272 May, Peggy L., 166, 287 May, Robert Clay, 369 May, Thomas Lee, 272 Mayfield, Eldon Ray, 369 Mayfield, James Robert, 272 Mayfield, Margaret Elizabeth, 251 Mays, Cindy J., 309 Mays, Harry Wilson, 335 May ton, Michael Ray, 295 Meacham, Judith Ann, 166, 313 Meadors, Diane, 251 Meador, Patsy Ellen, 278 Meadows, Linda Joyce, 166, 369 Meadows, William Noel, 166, 338 iMeans, Charles Edward Jr., 167, 369 369 Medley, Robert W., 369 Meek, Gary Aaron, 285 Meeks, Mary Elizabeth, 255 Meeks, William Russell, 343 Meier, Suzanne, 251 Meimerstorf, Luci C., 167 Meinecke, Robert W., 369 Meins, Alan Scott, 369 Meis, Mickey, 332 Meiser, James Gordon, 349 Melton, Larry Gene, 295 Melton, Presley M., 167, 369 Melton, Robert Lloyd, 167, 295 Melton, Tommy Joe, 272 Menefee, Bruce Tandy, 369 Menefee, Victoria, 251 Mentil, Margaret, 314 Merchant, Myra Gail, 278 Meredith J. Conley, 181. 327 Meredith, Rebecca Lea, 303 Meredith, William R., 337 Merrill, Kenneth Wayne, 295 Merrill, Melinda Sue, 167, 313 Merriman, Charles O., 177, 369 Merryman, Lee James, 272 Merry-Ship, Kathryn Coreen, 251 Metcalf, Charles Craig, 345 Metcalf, Edgar Hassell Jr., 181. 369 Metrailer, James Anthony, 281 Metz. Larry Don, 324 Meurer, Carl Joseph Jr., 369 Meurer, Thomas Ray. 295 Meuser, Linda J., 295 Meyer, Caroline Edith, 309 M V 9 Meyer, Robert Eugene. 167, 369 Meyer, Steven Kirk, 167, 332 Meyers, Richard Joseph, 295 Michael, Helen, 287 Michels, Sheryl Ann, 369 Mickle, Pat, 369 Middlcbrooks, Mary Jo, 147, 255 Middleton, Sharon Lee, 251 Miesner, Barbara Joan, 251 Milburn, Thomas Michael, 369 Milczarski, Richard, 272 Miles, David Neale Jr., 332 Miles, Melissa Jane, 314 Miles, Richard David, 369 Miles, William Phillip, 295 Millar, Mary E., 295 Miller, Alex F„ 177, 369 Miller, Connie Marie, 251 Miller, Danny Aaron, 167, 369 Miller, Diane Cook, 167, 369 Miller, Henry Nathan, 167,337 Miller, Gayla Kay, 369 Miller, John Norman, 167, 369 Miller, Joseph S., 369 Miller, Kelley Kaigler, 266 Miller, Kenton C., 167, 338 Miller, Lucy Ann, 266 Miller, Mary Luz, 255 Miller, Pamela Kay, 295 Miller, Patrick D., 147, 167, 343 Miller, Sally Elizabeth, 251 Mills, Danny Gale, 338 Mills, Don G., 369 Mills, Nancy, 307 Mills, William P„ 181, 369 Milton, Charles Douglas, 167, 369 Mims, Laura Ann, 278 Minnick, Randy Laverll, 369 Minton, David Glenn, 369 Mitchell, Agnes Kay, 278 Mitchell, Alan Ray, 272 Mitchell, Donald Rex, 262 Mitchell, James Robert Jr., 341 Mitchell, John Tate, 369 Mitchell, John Thomas, 272 Mitchell, Karen Ann, 295 Mitchell, Margo, 369 Mitchell, Mary Jane, 295 Mitchell, Otis T. Jr., 167, 333 Mitchell, Patricia L., 311 Mitchell, Steve, 295 Mize, Courtney Elizabeth, 313 Mize, Johnny Carl, 369, 167 Moery, Phillip W., 167, 341 Mohammadi, Shokrollah, 167, 369 Mohler, Michael P., 259 Moncrief, Bob Wayne, 167, 259 Money, Charles E., 167, 285 Money, David Eugene, 285 Monk, James William Jr., 167, 333 Monroe, Frances, 278 Montee, Sharon Kaye, 167, 369 Montgomery, Donna Ann, 278 Montgomery, Jeffrey Alan, 262 Montgomery, Linda Lou, 266 Montgomery, Patti L., 295 Moody, Melinda Marie, 311 Moon, Bryden, Earl Jr., 343 Moore, Andrew Noble, 167, 369 Moore, Athaline, 167, 369 Moore, Carl F., 167, 369 Moore, Carolyn Carlyle, 167, 278 Moore, David R., 262 Moore, Deborah Lynn, 251 Moore, Dewey Jr., 167, 369 Moore, Donna Jean, 319 Moore, Dwight William. 369 Moore, Gail Frances, 369 Moore, Joseph Edward, 346 Moore, Lynnda Louise, 177, 369 Moore, Lynn, 167, 316 Moore, Marian H., 314 Moore, Melissa Anne, 313 Moore, Nicholas Randel Jr., 177, 369 Moore, Patricia Ann, 167, 266 Moore, Ralph Morrison, 347 Morales, C. A., 272 Morehead, Ronald David, 295 Moreman, Patty Ann, 278 Morgan, Donna Gayle, 305 Morgan, John Riggins. 341 Morgan, Sandra Kay, 251 Morgan, Sharon Ann, 167, 319 Moritz, V. William, 295 Morley, Roy William Jr., 327 Morphis. Sherry Inez, 369 Morris, David E., 167, 369 Morris, Ellen Elizabeth, 278 Morris, Frances Gabron, 303 Morris, Jenniffer Lynn, 309 Morris, Pam, 167, 303 Morris, Robert Wayne, 295 Morris, Roger Len, 262 Morris, Russell Dean, 272 Morris, Susan Rose, 167, 369 Morrison, Phillip L., 351 Morrison, Richard D., 167, 369 Morrow, David Glenn, 345 Morrow, Donald Gene, 177, 369 Morrow, Hubert Doyle, 369 Morrow, John S., 285 Morschheimer, Henry, 369 Morse, Carolyn Sue, 167, 369 Morse, Crockett Dwight, 369 Morse, Harold Jeter, 349 Morton, Madelaine Ellen, 313 Moseley, John R. Jr., 369 Moser, Murray Clifford, 369 Mosey, Jeanette Gail, 167, 255 Moss, Columbus Williams Jr., 272 Moss, Sonny, 177, 333 Moss, William E., 167, 324 Mostyn, Henry ' Barrington, 272 Moudy, Danny E., 369 Moudy, Phillip W ' ayne, 167,337 Moulder, Christopher Charles, 295 Mount, Larry Dale, 272 Mount, Susan, 295 Mullins, Gary Eugene, 369 Mourer, Larry Zan, 167, 369 Mourer, Margaret Curtis, 167, 369 Mourton, Kenneth R., 369 Mourton, Lillie L., 295 Mowery, Marie Anne, 167, 266 Muller, Mike Eugene, 262 Madjaei, Rad Farokh, 295 Muncrief, Denton Gregory, 285 Muncy, Gerald Wayne, 281 Muncy, Pat, 295 Muncy, Paula Jean, 278 Munday, Vickie Lynn, 278 Munn, Betty Lynn, 278 Munson, Bruce Emil, 167, 327 Murphy, Ila Sue, 313 Murphy, Linda R., 167, 311 Murphy, Mae Frances, 266 Murphy, Margret Helen, 177, 369 Murphy, Margaret Helen, 266 Murphy, Mary Alice, 278 Murphy, Richard Grey, 333 Murphy, Thomas William, 327 Murr, Dale, 285 Murray, Nancy Rose, 369 Murry, Susan L., 167, 305 Muse, Terry Michael, 345 Musick, Eleanor Stearns, 177, 369 Musick, Joe A., 1 7 7, 369 Myers, Danny Lee, 167, 369 Myers, George Ernest, 167, 337 Myers, John Paul, 167, .369 Myrick, Steven Dale, 259 Nadjaei, Rad Farokh, 295 N Naill, John DuBose III, 341 Nailling, C. Ann, 287 Nall, Dan Kemp Jr., 272 Nalley, Margaret Rose Palmer, 167, 369 Nance, Cynthia Jean, 311 Nantz, Beverly Ann, 266 Napper, George Steven, 327 Nash, Audrey L., 167,295 Nash, Joseph Francis, 295 Nash, Leah Ann, 255 Nation, Delvin Jackson, 295 Neace, Tom Cecil, 347 Neal, Barry Dale, 272 Neal, Debbie Ann, 251 Neal, Grey Andrew, 335 Neal, John Robert, 351 Neel, Robert Tudor Jr., 333 Neely, JoAnn Marie, 167, 370 Neely, John Ed., 167, 370 Neely, Murray L, 167, 370 Neff, Karen Sue, 370 Neil, Vicki Louise, 305 Neill, Jennifer, 309 Neill, Johnnie Lee, 167, 370 Neill, Richard H., 295 Neiser, Peggy L., 278 Nelson, Jack G., 167, 370 Nelson, Joyce Camille, 370 Nelson, Lonnie J., 370 Nelson, Nan R., 255 Nelson, Nancy Len, 278 Nelson, Nancy Lou, 255 Nelson, Rebecca Lynn, 266 Nelson, Susan Rebecca, 295 Nelson, Thomas Charles, 295 Nelson, Walter Montgomery, 289 Nettles, Nancy Ann, 370 Nevin, Carol Jane, 167, 305 Nevius, Cynthia Diane, 314 New, John R., 370 New, Thomas Allen, 167, 335 Newberry, George T., 262 Newell, Janet Ann, 255 Newland, Charles Warren, 338 Newlin, Janice Lee, 370 Newman, Barbara Joan, 295 Newman, Lu Anne, 167, 307 Newman, Michael David, 370 Newman, Sherry Marie, 167, 313 Newman, Virginia Ruth, 251 Newsom, Donald W., 168, 339 Newton, Albert Charles, 370 Newton, Billy Ray, 322 Newton, Dawn Kizzia, 177, 370 Newton, Donna M., 278 Newton, Keith Laron, 370 Nicholls, Mark Edward, 351 Nichols, Carole Jean, 315 Nichols, Daniel Elmer, 168, 370 Nichols, Jay Thomas, 281 Nichols, Katherine, 287 Nichols, Ruby Lee, 278 Nickel, Rodney Gene, 168, 370 Nickle, Liz, 168, 311 Nickles, Steve Harlen, 147, 322 Niles, Nancy Ann, 315 Nipper, Steve L., 327 Nisbet, Alexander Wyckliff Jr., 168, 331 Nix, Nancy Ann, 168, 370 Nix, Steve F., 370 Nixon, Jane Carolyn, 295 Noble, Jerri Lynn, 316 Noggle, Ronald M., 262 Nokes, Glennis Chisum, 168, 370 Nokes, Jim W., 177, 370 Nolan, Deborah Ann, 251 Noland, Steve Paul, 333 Noiler, Joanie, 315 Norris, Becky A., 311 Norris, Patricia Marie, 255 Norris, Robert Stephen, 370 Norris, Virginia R., 370 Norsworthy, Edward Patton, 331 Northcutt, John Chris, 328 Norton, Richard Dale, 351 Norwood, Phillip Earl, 341 Norwood, Ralph W’illiam, 295 Nottenkamper, Paul Eugene, 370 Nowell. Lana Joyce, 316 Nowlin, Joe W., 339 Noyola, Alejandro, 295 Nugent, Olan Andrew, 168, 295 Nugent, Terry, 168, 370 Nunn, Nancy Carol, 251 Nunn. Remmel T., 343 Nutt, David Vincent, 295 Nutt, James Neal, 339 Nuttleman, Frederick A., 168, 370 Nwadgwgwu, Stephen Anele, 178 O Oates, Janet Emelia, 295 Oates, Lynn Ferguson, 168, 335 O ' Connor, Cindy, 316 Odom, Dennis C., 370 O’Donnell, Evertt Lee, 370 O’Donnell, Joseph Patrick, 262 OFF CAMPUS, 354-377 Offutt, David Burton, 272 Ogden, John Henry, 370 Okuley, Gordon William, 259 Oldham, Charles David, 285 Oldham, Gerald L., 341 Oldham, James Warren, 147, 341 Oldham. Roger Adams, 262 Oldner, John William, 168, 370 Olinghouse, Burney Harold, 331 Oliver, Martha Ann, 168, 315 Oliver, Stephen Ray, 295 Oliver, Steven Robert, 370 Olson, Carol Jeanne, 168, 238, 278 Olson, Diana H„ 295 O’Malley, Peter J., 370 O’Neal, Daire Kathleen, 295 O ' Neill, James Robert, 168, 370 Opela, Wesley F., 370 Orahood, Dorothy Dortch, 178, 370 Orlando, Donna Lynne, 168, 266 Orlicek, Jack L., 168, 370 Orlicek, Pamela Jane, 295 O’Roark, Daniel Brooks, 370 Orr, Linda Susan, 266 Orr, W ’illiam Samuel, 181, 370 Orrell, James Ted Jr., 370 Osborne, Gary Gene, 262 Osborne, Mary Lou, 307 Osbun, William Howard, 263 Osburn, Pamela Gay, 168. 319 Oshurn, Roger Dwayne, 263 Osteen, William Belmont, 339 Ostendorf, J. Jack, 370 Oswald, Fredrick Slark, 370 Oswalt. David L., 168. 370 Otis, Fred Lee, 181, 370 Ott, Tom W., 272 Otwell, David Earl, 370 Otwell, Karen Elaine, 255 Outlaw ' , Edwin Ray n, 331 Overbey, Thomas Lee, 181, 370 Overstreet, James Evan, 263 Overton, Faith Dallas, 287 Oviatt, Katherine Elizabeth, 168, 315 Owen, Debra Jean, 278 Owen, James Carney, 168, 347 Owen, Joan Patricia, 168, 370 Owen, Rebecca, 168, 370 Owens, Gary Allen, 337 Owens, Leslie A., 327 Owens, Louise Lane, 316 Owens, Nan B., 178, 283 Owens, William Eugene, 168, 370 Oxford, Constance Susan, 307 P Pabian, Mary Lu, 309 Pace, Janis Ann, 251 Pack, Timothy M., 168, 324 Paez, Hernan Patricio, 370 Page, Edwin Steven, 168, 370 Pagones, Peter John, 181,370 Pakis, Stephen George, 349 Palculict, Leatha Ann, 168, 370 Palmer, Harry Cushman III, 295 Palmquist, Steven Clark, 370 Pannell, Paula Ruth, 295 Papageorge, Alex G., 168, 285 Pappas, Patricia Joann, 317 Pardun, Denise Joyce, 178, 370 Parham, Gwendolyn Holloway, 168, 303 Parham, Reece A., 347 Parish, Douglass L., 281 Park, Carol Jane, 168, 295 Park, Marvin W., 370 Parker, Carl Edward, 168, 347 Parker, Georgia Rae, 168, 307 Parker, James McCollum, 345 Parker, Jan, 295 Parker, Joseph L., 259 Parker, Kathy, 303 Parker, Ray A., 285 Parker, Robert M., 370 Parker, Stephen Mark, 370 Parker, Tim, 345 Parkhurst, Charles Wright, 168, 333 Parks, Patricia, 370 Parnell, Sharon Ann, 295 Parra more, Becky, 251 Parson, Terry L., 263 Parsons, Charles E., 370 Parsons, Deborah Sue, 305 Parsons, Mary C., 278 Parvin, Ruth Ann, 168, 283 Pasche, Linda Yvonne, 168, 305 Pasierb, Caroline Ann, 278 Pate, Thomas, 339 Paton, Margaret Ann, 251 Patrick, Joyce Anita, 278 Patrick, Judy Kay, 295 Patrick, Lemuel Fred Jr., 370 Patrick, Patricia June, 278 Patrick, Vesta Anne, 295 Patridge, James Clay, 347 Patterson, Ernest Eudox, 181, 370 Patterson, John Kennedy, 370 Patterson, John S., 181, 370 Patterson, Karen L., 370 Patterson, Leslie Ray, 295 Patterson, Ronnie Dale, 263 Patterson, Steven Burke, 263 Patterson, Susan Faye, 295 Pattison, Gloria Joyce, 266 Patton, Beverly Ann, 168,319 Patton, Nancy M., 251 Patton, Patricia Ann, 370 Patton, Patrick L., 285 Paul, Jerry Wayne, 168, 285 Paulson, Marc George, 352 Payne, Pamela, 307 Pazderka. Jane Lee, 168, 255 Peacher. David Oran, 322 Pearsall, James Howard, 331 Pearce, Charles Randall, 370 Pearson, Debbie K.. 278 Pebsworth, William D., 370 Peek, W’illiam Partlow, 168, 331 Peevy, Garry Edward, 324 Pelletier, Vicki Lynn, 251 Pellham, Galen B., 168, 345 Pemberton, Anne Vaught, 370 Penick, George Whitmore, 168, 370 Penn, Jim M., 168, 370 Penn, Richard Lewis, 370 Pennartz. Phyllis Ann, 287 Pennington, Donna Kay, 370 Pennington, James K., 272 Pennington, Linda Jean, 370 Penquite, Don Steven, 168, 298 Perchan. Beverly Ann, 266 Perdue, Janik Randall, 168, 259 Perkins, David Franklin, 370 Perkins. Jameslyn S., 278 Perkins. Sfark Tidwell. 272 Perkins, Nancy Ann, 266 Perkins. Rebecca. 278 Perkins. Ronald Burton. 370 Perkins. William S., 181, 370 Person, Gan Don. 295 Person, Sandra Louise. 289 Pesnell. Christopher D.. 371 Peterman. Tommy David, 272 Peters. J. Dennis. 331 Petersen. David Eugene, 347 Petersen, Donald Dale, 333 Petersen, Susan, 168, 309 Peterson, Barbara Ann, 315 Peterson, Debra Kay, 278 Peterson, John Robert, 339 Peterson, Karen Lee, 317 Peterson, Patricia Jane, 168, 371 488 Pettigrew, Robbie Dean, 168, 371 Pettit, Phillip P., 345 Pettus, Lester G., 168, 295 Petty N. Carol, 168, 317 Petty, Priscilla Jane, 168, 309 Pevehouse, James E., 295 Pfeiffer, James Carl, 296 Phelps, Connie Elaine, 252 Phelps, Debbie J., 317 Phelps, Joe Dolen, 327 PHI DELTA THETA, 334-335 PHI GAMMA DELTA, 336-337 Phillippe, Allison Claire, 266 Phillips, Charlotte Marie, 266 Phillips, Danny F., 263 Phillips, Herbert David Ill, 168, 327 Phillips, James Levi, 168, 371 Phillips, Janet Lynn, 319 Phillips, John G., 168, 339 Phillips, Joseph Cole, 331 Phillips, Klaus Peter, 178, 272 Phillips, Mary F., 252 Phillips, Ross Kerry, 272 Piazza, Ronald John, 296 PI BETA PHI, 316-317 Pickard, Patricia Louise, 252 Pickering, Carol Ann, 252 Pickett, Rebekah Lynn, 283 Pierce, James Richard III, 337 Pierce, L. Bruce, 371 Pierce, Randall Lee, 263 PI KAPPA ALPHA, 338-339 Pilger, James Cecil, 168, 259 Pilkington, Martha Jane, 2 % Pils, Donald Christopher, 272 Pinkley, Pamela A., 371 Pitts, Kathy Ellen, 278 Pitts, Thomas 0., 322 Plafcan, Franke Tresvant, 168, 371 Platt, Richard Gordon, 168, 296 Plattner, Debbie Ann, 296 Pledger, Harold Odell, 272 Plummer, Damon, 272 Plummer, Danny Ray, 168, 371 Plunkett, G. Jane, 287 Plunkett, Ronald Wayne, 371 Plunkett, Susan Reynolds, 168, 371 Plunkett, William M. II., 168, 322 Poindexter, Gail Mary, 371 Poindexter, Larry Edward, 371 Polk, Ruth Key, 266 Pollard, Marshall Craig, 263 Pollock, Kenneth Edward, 351 Pomeroy, Robert Alger, 327 POMFRET, HOUSING CENTER, 290-297 Pomfret, James Edward, 371 Pond, C. Philip, 322 Pope, Charles Herbert, 168, 371 Pope, Linda Lovella, 371 Pope, Ruby Lou, 178, 371 Popkoski, Eileen Frances, 178, 283 Porbeck, Frank August, 272 Porter, Jesse Edwin Jr., 169, 349 Porter, Judy Lyn, 169, 309 Porter, LaDonna Kaye, 278 Porter, Mildred Anne, 169, 2% Porter, Patricia Sharon, 266 Porter, Robert A., 343 Posner, Mary Louise, 266 Potter, David J., 181, 371 Potter, Sheila Sue, 169, 371 Potterton, Terry M., 285 Potthast, Barbara Ann, 305 Pounder, Diana Gail, 278 Powell, John R., 169, 343 Powell, Joseph Douglas, 339 Powell, Manda Dean, 267 Powers, Joseph Michael, 169, 371 Pownall, John Raymond, 272 Poynor, Martha Sue, 305 Pratt, Jamie, 343 Pratt, William R., 169, 327 Preece, William Roy, 371 Pressgrove, Arnold Paul, 263 Presson, Earl Wayne, 272 Presson, Sharon Sue, 169, 311 Preyer, Catherine J., 305 Preyer, Talmon Austin, 272 Pribyl, Kathy Jo, 278 Price, E. Rebecca, 252 Price, Joel William, 296 Price, Michael Fred, 371 Price, Michael Lynn, 324 Price, Michael William, 331 Price, Robert E., 298 Price, Rodney Zane, 298 Price, Shriley Ann, 317 Pride, Ann, 232 Pridemore, Susan Deanna, 169, 255 Priest, Jimmy E., 349 Prince, Samuel E., 169, 333 Pritchard, Michael Gregg, 272 Pritchett, Ernie, 371 Pritchett, Joseph J. E., 169, 371 Proctor, Kenneth Best, 263 Pruitt, Alan B., 341 Pruitt, Bobby Glen, 371 Pruitt, Paula Catherine, 319 Pudlas, Carolyn Andrea, 371 Pugh, Lydia Ann, 296 Pullen, Pamela Lee, 252 Purifoy, Michael Lawrence, 347 Puryear, Ouida Jackson, 178, 371 Puryear, Robert David, 371 Puryear, Sam Scott, 169, 347 Puryear, Scott, 347 Pyle, David Eugene, 169, 263 Q Qualls, Lloyd Eldridge Jr., 263 Qualls, Shirley Anne, 169, 267 Querbes, Ann Walden M., 309 Quindry, Philip C., 169, 371 Quinn, Johnny C., 169, 335 R Rabeneck, Betty F., 255 Racy, Levester, 272 Radcliffe, Mary Lynne, 278 Radebaugh, Malinda Ann, 296 Raff, Christopher Charles, 343 Ragar, Thurman A. Jr., 181, 371 Ragsdell, Marsha Lucille, 169, 371 Rahtz, Kathleen Ellen, 311 Railsback, Barbara L., 169, 371 Raines, Earl Cleveland, 169, 371 Rainey, Ann Beane, 178, 317 Rainey, Dennis Lee, 147,169, 343 Rakes, Lisa Dale, 278 Rakes, Maribeth Elizabeth, 278 Rakes, Terry Jean, 371 Rakes, Trudy Jane, 278 Ralls, Grace Paulette, 278 Rambo, Harold Allen, 167, 371 Ramsauer, Mary, 307 Ramsay, Joy, 169,315 Ramsey, Michael Dale, 296 Ramthun, Larry Eugene, 371 Ranalli, Norbert Gene, 371 Rand, Benjamin Arthur II, 341 Raney, Mimi, 307 Ranglack, David, 169, 371 Rankin, John William, 169, 371 Rankin, Patti Jaylene, 255 Rankin, Stanley Loyd, 327 Ransom, Linda Raye, 169, 287 Ransom, Michel Doyle, 328 Rapps, Beverly Louise, 169, 296 Rasco, H. Terry’, 347 Rash, John Carl, 169, 371 Ratledge, Rodney Lyn, 169, 259 Ratley, Richard H., 169, 331 Rauton, Jessica Francis, 315 Rawls, Edwin S., 371 Ray, Anne Martha, 252 Ray, David Alan, 371 Ray, Keith Douglas, 371 Ray, Lawrence D., 328 Ray, Nathan Bruce, 263 Ray ,Russ Wayne, 371 Ray bourn, Audrey Marthella, 255 RAZORBACK HALL, 282-283 Rea, William Conway, 181, 371 Reagan, Michael Joseph, 272 Reap, John C., 169, 371 Reaves, Mary Jo, 315 Reaves, Robin Lea, 169, 307 Reddell, Janet Sue, 371 Redden, Terry Ray, 263 Reddin, James David, 169, 371 Reddin, Sylvia Kathleen, 372 Reddin, Tommy L., 372 Redditt, Victor Edward, 272 Reddmann, Donnie Lynn, 339 Reddmann, Ronald G., 339 Redfearn, Jack Moore, 169, 285 Redfern, Pamela Alleene, 169, 371 Redmond, Christine, 296 Redwine, Denis Alan, 169, 371 Reed, Gary L., 169, 372 Reed, James Fred, 263 Reed, Leonette A., 170, 311 Reed, Nancy Carlena, 278 Reed, Patricia Imogene, 255 Reed, Randal Penn, 170, 372 Reed, Stanley Eldon, 272 Reed, Tom Edwin, 289 Reed, William C., 372 Reed, William Jennings, 333 Reehm, Nancy Ann, 170, 372 Reeter, Alan Karol, 170, 372 Reeves, Asa Louis, 178, 372 Reeves, Deborah Lee, 170, 372 Reeves, Pat, 315 REID HALL, 264-267 Reid, Joene Maxine, 372 Reilly, Bridget Ann, 267 Reinhard, Kaye, 296 Reis, Jennifer Jean, 303 Reisz, Carolyn Elizabeth, 278 Reisz, Joseph Leo, 170, 281 Relyea, Sharon Wilson, 170, 372 Renard, Sandra Jeanne, 309 Renfrow, Debbie Lynn, 278 Renfrow, Phillip Wayne, 170, 372 Repass, James Phillip, 372 Restum, Alexander J., 339 Retrey, Gilbert Lee, 170, 372 Reveley, Janet Lee, 278 Reynolds, Gary Cole, 296 Reynolds, Judi, 311 Reynolds, Linda L., 267 Reynolds, Ronald Quentin, 333 Rhew, Paul D., 170, 372 Rhoades, Frank Riviere, 335 Rhoads, Guylene, 278 Rhodes, Carolyn Francis, 267 Rhodes, James Larry, 372 Rhodes, Stanley Earl, 259 Rhodes, Sue, 252 R house, Ronnie Allen, 333 Ribitzki, Paul Wayne, 272 Rice, Bobby Gene, 296 Rice, Byron Douglas, 178, 372 Rice, Frances Ann, 255 Rice, Joe C., 351 Rice, Joe E., 263 Rice, Phillip Lee, 328 Rich, Gene, 178, 372 Rich, Janice Lynn, 372 Rich, Joseph Andrew, 296 Rich, Oma Jean, 170, 372 Richards, James Lee, 372 Richardson, Carol, 305 Richardson, James Wesley, 324 Richardson, Janet Ann, 311 Richardson, Kathy Lee, 372 Richardson, Vicki Marie, 278 Richardson, William Joseph, 263 Richburg, Sue Anne, 287 Rickels, Charles Raymond Jr., 372 Rickett, Robert Paul, 170, 372 Riddle, Eric Wayne, 372 Riddle, John Fred, 327 Riddle, Sara E., 170, 372 Ridenour, Wendell Gene, 296 Ridge, Nancy Sue, 303 Ridgley, Charles David Jr., 170, 372 Riffel, Maryland M., 170, 372 Riggan, Susan Ruth, 252 Riggs, Thomas McKay, 349 Riley, Faith, 278 Riley, Judy Elaine, 255 Riley, Mary Hunter, 309 Riley, Michael David, 289 Riley, Terry Gaye, 317 Rimmer, Thomas W., 170, 372 Rinaldi, Angelo, 170, 372 Rinie, Robert James, 170, 372 RIPLEY HOUSE, 299 Rippy, Rondal Dale, 372 Risner, Gary D., 372 Ritchie, Dennis Edward, 345 Ritchie, Gary Philip, 170, 372 Ritchie, Patsy Ann, 372 Ritchie, Riley Burton, 298 Ritchie , William David, 349 Ritgerod, Kathy. 147, 315 Rittenhouse, Martin, 372 Ritts, Dorothy M., 317 Rivers, Jane, 311 Rivers, Ruth, 170, 311 Roades, Jeanne Anne, 170, 372 Roark, Anna Lee, 255 Robards, Charles Michael, 341 Robbins, Carle Alton III., 349 Robbins, Elizabeth Lynn, 170, 255 Roberson, Nancy Kay, 313 Roberts, Anna Leigh, 252 Roberts, Denise Aileene, 267 Roberts, Earl Wilson, 272 Roberts, Ginger, 303 Roberts, John Hugh, 2% Roberts, Kathy Lynn, 252 Roberts, Mike O., 272 Robertson, Gerald Dewayne, 259 Robertson, James L., 170, 372 Robertson, Janice Lynn, 252 Robertson, Judy F., 252 Robertson, Leonard Clayton, 327 Robinson, Jeanette, 309 Robinson, Lally Irene, 267 Robinson, Shelley Bernice, 2% Robinson, Susie, 147 Robinson. Susie Eloise, 317 Robison, Val Patrick, 372 Robrahn, Mary Ellen, 372 Rochier, Deboraha Anne, 372 Rodgers, Leonard Austin. 170, 296 Rodgers, Mary Louise, 307 Rodgers, Phyllis Jean, 305 Rodriguez, Michael Reynoldo, 170, 324 Roe, Larry Wayne, 281 Roegels, Pamela Diane, 303 Roetto, Paul John, 281 Roetzel, Phil Edward, 349 Rogers. Brenda Eden, 170, 372 Rogers, Carolyn Jean, 317 Rogers, Charlene Donna, 296 Rogers. Ellon E, 313 Rogers, Everett I., 324 Rogers, Hilard G., 170, 372 Rogers, James Norman, 296 Rogers, Jerry E., 272 Rogers, Kenneth E., 372 Rogers, Richard Duncan Jr., 351 Rogers, Robert Lyle, 372 Rogers, Robert Russell, 259 Rogers, Susan Marie, 170, 317 Rogers, William Earl, 372 Roglis, Lynn, 278 Rohlman, Dave Arthur, 2% Rohrcr, Linda Louise, 372 Rokeby, Robert Denys, 372 Roller, Alan Lewis, 259 Roller, Alden Ray, 259 Rollow, Nancy Beth, 319 Rollow, Sheila Denise, 283 Rolniak, Paul Douglas, 372 Romine, Gaylynn, 170, 255 Romine, Larry Earl, 372 Roop, Gary Carl, 372 Rorie, Lee Kent, 272 Rose, Donald Edward, 170, 281 Rose, Garry Eddie, 372 Rose, George Michael, 372 Rose, Mary Jane, 372 Rose, Patricia Ann, 278 Rose, Richard T„ 333 Rosene, J udy Marie, 319 Rosene, Marny Louise, 267 Ross, Harvey Linwood, 170, 372 Ross, Patricia Ann, 315 Ross, Patricia Ann, 170, 315 Ross, Wayne Jackson, 335 Rotcliild, Linda Carol, 252 Roten, Bob F., 272 Rotenberry, Mike L., 324 Rothrock, Martha Margaret, 170, 372 Rowland, Louis Neal, 170, 349 Rowland, William A., 272 Roy, Diana S., 252 Rubottom, Kathy Ann, 296 Ruck, William Earl, 272 Rucker, Johnette Carleen, 252 Rucker, R. D., 263 Rudolph, Earle Leightor Jr., 343 Rudolph, James Augustus Jr., 296 Ruff, David Edward, 170, 372 Ruge, Martha Emma, 372 Ruhl, Douglas Linn, 372 Rumbaugh, Jane Rachel, 296 Runnels, Carol A., 278 Runyan, Philip Richard, 272 Rupe, Ronald Wayne, 170, 372 Rupert, Ann M., 296 Ruppert, Sara Ann, 296 Rurup, Debra Annette, 278 Rush, Benny Loyd, 331 Rushing, Ronald Lee, 272 Russ, William Gary, 171, 372 Russell, David Baker, 272 Russell, David William, 273 Russell, Harold Ray, 171, 372 Russell, James Tedford, 171, 372 Russell, Kenneth F., 273 Russell, Marvin Frank, 171, 296 Russell, Mary Katherine, 313 Russell, Rebecca Anne, 171, 313 Russell, Rita Mae, 255 Russell, Vicki Lynn, 372 Russell. Wilorena Bea, 296 Russenberger, C. Frank, 259 Russow, Connie Sue, 372 Rust, Paul Wesley, 341 Rutherford, James L., 335 Rutledge, John R.. 343 Ryan, Bette Mae, 171, 255 Ryan, Cathy Anne, 255 % Ryan, Jeffrey Joseph, 263 Ryan, Marie J., 171, 296 Ryan, Mary Lynnette, 171, 2% Ryan, Patsy Jo, 252 Ryan, Sherry Kay, 372 Ryan, Timothy J., 372 Ryburn, James Thomas, 273 Ryker, Gary Edward, 349 S Sabatini, Barbara Jean, 255 Sadler, Damon Dale, 171, 372 Saia, Joseph L. Jr., 349 Saifi, Rahman. 298 Saine, Henry Preston, 171, 331 Sain, Ginny Lynn, 147, 171, 319 Sain, Mary K., 267 Sallee, Jack Allen, 273 Sample, Sandra Gail, 278 Samples, Berris Deuane, 372 Sampson, William Wayne, 372 Sams, Bevery Joan, 313 Sandage, Ralph W., 259 Sanders, Bobby Wayne, 181, 372 Sanders, Candace Ann, 252 Sanders, Dean L., 343 Sanders, Diane, 307 Sanders, Donald Carew, 343 Sanders, Elizabeth Kay, 372 Sanders, J. E., 171, 372 Sanders, John Blair, 322 Sanders, Mary Katharine, 267 Sanders, Richard Dunn, 322 Sanders, Richard Marshall, 372 Sanders, Roy Gene, 372 Sanders, Travis Joe, 2% Sundlin, David R., 178, 372 Sandlin, Diana Gay, 171, 372 Sandusky, Christina Maria, 171, 267 Sanson, Jinuuy Harold, 285 Satterfield, Susan Marie, 317 Saugey, Gene, 296 Savage, Janis Kay, 373 Savage, John Crisp, 335 Savelle, Patricia Kathleen, 267 Sawatski, John Paul, 343 Saxon, David Parke, 181, 259 Sayre, Suzanne Dailey, 267 Scarbrough, Jim Cole, 335 Schader, Billy Wayne, 373 Schader, Janis Lyim,373 Schaffer, Martin Christopher, 331 Schaufele, Michael C., 289 Scheirman, Mary Jane, 296 Schell, O. Carroll, 171, 373 Scherer, Jeff A., 171, 337 Scherrey, Paul Edward III, 171, 259 Schicker, Mary Margaret, 256 Schiefer, Phyllis Aim, 287 Schlegel, Giner L., 373 Schlegel, Mary Elizabeth, 305 Schulterman, Marilyn Rose, 278 Sclunand, Jane Rossner, 283 Schmand, Josephine Anne, 171, 305 Schmeckenbecher, Walter Harold, 373 Schmidt, Freddie Ray, 373 Sclunieding, Vicki Lynn, 279 Schneider, Carl Phillip Jr., 296 Schneider, Chris Gordon, 171,322 Schneider, Sandy, 171 Schoeffler, Sallye, 267 Schoolfield, John Charles, 259 Schoonover, William Charles, 273 Schratz, Richard Patrick, 171, 263 Schrimpf, Peter Allen, 347 Schrimpf, Stephen P., 373 Scliroeder, Fred B., 289 Schuhknecht, Lynn Beth, 2yo Schulte, Debbie, 303 Schultz, Terrye Lynn, 171, 3u9 Schutte, John Thomas, 296 Schwalm, Melody Diane, 319 Schwartz, Cheryl Denise, 279 Schwarz, Karl Wilhelm II, 2i 0 Scott, Charles Robert, 345 Scott, Danny Kimberly, 339 Scott, David Dale, 171, 373 Scott, H. A., 347 Scott, Jack Robert, 373 Scott, Jane Ann, 252 Scott, John Frank, 373 Scott, John Russell, 259 Scott, John William, 296 Scott, Richard Alan, 171, 373 Scott, Robert Michael, 273 Scribner, Carolyn Rose, 279 Scroggins, John Lee, 273 Scruggs, George Scott, 331 Scruggs, Grover C., 171, 331 Sculley, Terrence F., 373 Sczerbak, Ronald Paul, 171,373 Sealander, Judith Anne, 373 Seale, Thomas Alan, 339 Searcy, Wanda Maria, 267 Seaton, Cynthia Loring, 171, 309 Seaton, David Dean, 351 Seaton, Jean Elizabeth, 252 Seay, Laura Lynn, 171, 373 Seay, Madge Horton, 317 Seay, Robert L., 328 Sebourn, A. Glen, 373 SEDGEWELL HOUSE, 280-281 See, Richard Melvin, 273 Segers, Joseph William Jr., 181, 373 Segraves, Janie L., 311 Seibert, James Clyde, 171, 373 Seibold, John Phillip, 285 Seibold, Michael Ernest, 273 Seidenschwarz, Marsha Rost?, 373 Self, Carroll L., 178, 373 Selig, Michael Daniel, 352 Selig, Stephen L., 373 Sellers, Susan E., 317 Selman, James Dennis, 171, 335 Selph, Zelda Marie, 279 Seneff, Pamela Jo, 171, 317 SENIORS, 152-175 Serio, Robert G., 171, 373 Seward, Irwin John Jr., 171, 298 Seward, James Earl, 273 Sewell, Anna Maxine, 178, 373 Sewell, Bob R., 171, 373 Seymore, Dennis Nelson, 273 Shackelford, David G., 281 Shackelford, Frank Tillman, 331 Shaddox, Mary Susan, 279 Shafer, Grace Ann, 233, 313 489 Shafer, John Lionel III, 345 Shaffer, Larry Donald, 171, 373 Shank, Tom C„ 273 Shannon, Graham Fountain, 171, 343 Shannon, Jerry Wayne, 373 Sharp, Brenda Joyce, 279 Sharp, Doyle Lee, 171, 373 Sharp, Jerry Dale, 273 Sharp, Joe Wayne, 339 Sharp, Judith Ann, 256 Sharp, Linda Marie, 311 Sharp, Michael James, 273 Sharum, Stephen M., 171, 373 Shaver, James L., 373 Shaw, Cheryl Theresa, 279 Shaw, Donna Marie, 319 Shaw, Peter M., 333 Shaw, Richard C., 333 Shaw, Susan Ann, 171, 319 Shaw, Virginia T., 178, 373 Shaver, Paul H., 324 Shearin, Donald Wayne, 322 Sheid, Carl Richard, 171, 343 Shelby, Ronald Fred, 171, 335 Shellabarger, Phillip Allen, 345 Shelly, Larry H., 373 Shelly, Wesley Alan, 373 Shelton, Mary-Sheba, 296 Shelton, Patricia Elaine, 317 Shelton, Ruthann, 373 Sheofee, William Farris Jr., 322 Shepherd, Aubrey James, 178, 373 Shepler, Gloria Dean, 283 Sher, John B., 273 Sheridan, Ann Marie, 319 Sherrill, Richard Taylor, 263 Miewmaker, Berry Thomas, 171, 373 Shiell, Stephen Allan, 273 Shipley, Larry Walter, 373 Shirley, Patrick George, 273 Shirley, William Wright, 171, 347 Shock, Stan, 331 Shoffner, Suzanne L., 309 Shope, Claude Arnold, 373 Short, Bonnie Jane, 373 Short, David Allen, 273 Shorts, Marsha Ellen, 256 Shuffield, Carolyn Ann, 279 Shumate, Jo, 256 Shupe, Charles Michael, 178, 373 Siddon, William H., 273 Sides, Jackie W., 373 Sidwell, Linda Jean, 279 Siegel, Jonathan Howard, 263 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, 340— 341 SIGMA CHI, 342—343 SIGMA NU, 344—345 SIGMA PHI EPSILON, 346—347 SIGMA PI, 348-349 Siler, Virginia Lee, 171, 311 Simmons, Harry Duboise III, 341 Simmons, John, 341 Simmons, Linda Jean, 311 Simmons, Sherrill Lou, 171, 305 Simmons, William Louis, 171,331 Simon, Flora G., 171, 373 Simon, Gregory C., 263 Simons, Barbara Beggs, 279 Simpson, Arthur M. Jr., 259 Simpson, James Scott, 263 Simpson, Kay Christine, 256 Sipes, Larry Gene, 2% Sipes, Stephen C., 337 Siroonian, Victor K., 373 Sisemore, Julia Ann, 373 Sisk, Ronald Douglas. 285 Six, Charolette Kay, 171, 287 Skaggs, Larry Allen, 296 Skelton, Randall Dean, 373 Skiff, Randal] Harry, 178, 373 Skoch, Bernard Kurt, 2% Skokos. Campbell Kemp, 343 Skoog, Walter E., 171, 341 Skrivanos, Chris. 339 Sledge. Rhonda Lee. 309 Sloan. Jim Eugene, 347 Sloan. Linda Beatrice, 296 Sloat. Marjorie Jean, 279 Sloat, Sharon Sue. 296 Sloat. Stacey Stephen. 296 Sly, Cynthia Ann, 147, 171, 303 Smallev. Teresa Jo, 373 Smart. Meredith Lynne, 171, 279 Smiley. Jo Karen. 252 Smith. Alan Lee. 373 Smith. Alan Lee, 263 Smith. Antoinette E., 171. 373 Smith. Betty Jean, 178, 373 Smith. Bonnie Jean, 267 Smith. Bruce Aubrey, 263 Smith, Carol Ann, 252 Smith, Cassandra Lynn, 279 Smith, Charles Ronnie, 273 Smith. Cynthia Louise, 252 Smith, Darrell Hall, 273 Smith, David Arthur, 171, 373 Smith, David Lee, 273 Smith, David William, 273 Smith, Dewitt Henderson III, 171, 289 Smith, Dorothy E., 178, 373 Smith, Edward Thurman, 259 Smith, Fredrick Harry, 263 Smith, Gail, 352 Smith, H. Susanne, 252 Smith, J. Michael, 373 Smith, Janet Patrice, 267 Smith, Jeffrey Scott, 171, 373 Smith, Jerry Lynn, 296 Smith, Jerry Mack, 171, 373 S mith, Jerry Michael, 273 Smith, Jimsye E., 279 Smith, Joan Elaine, 279 Smith, John Douglas, 259 Smith, Joseph Allan, 331 Smith, Kathy E., 373 Smith, Lannie Wilson, 273 Smith, Linda, 279 Smith, Linda Colleen, 373 Smith, Linda Kay, 252 Smith, Lora Jeanne, 171, 303 Smith, Marilyn Lea, 296 Smith, Martha Alice, 171, 267 Smith, Mary Christine, 279 Smith, Mecedes Burgerine, 279 Smith, Megan Wesley, 252 Smith, Michael Gene, 347 Smith, Michael L., 171, 373 Smith, Neal Dewayne, 171, 373 Smith, Patricia Ann, 172, 311 Smith, Ralph William, 373 Smith, Richard Lee, 273 Smith, Robert Bruce, 172, 373 Smith, Robert Mahlon, 181, 373 Smith, Robert Michael, 273 Smith, Roger Bruce, 345 Smith, Ronald Orbom, 259 Smith, Sandra Jo, 252 Smith, Sandra Sue, 297 Smith, Scott H., 335 Smith, Sharon Lou, 172, 373 Smith, Shelley Jan, 252 Smith, Sheroll Joenne, 373 Smith, Simmons S., 281 Smith, Steve A., 335 Smith, Steven Lee, 172, 373 Smith, Susan Elizabeth, 303 Smith, Susan Marie, 297 Smith, Terry A., 273 Smith, Terry Judson, 263 Smith, Thomas Benton, 172, 341 Smith, Thomas Ray, 172, 259 Smith, Tony Ray, 373 Smith, Vernon Scott, 299 Smith, Virginia Sue, 267 Smith, Walter Bruce, 373 Smith, Wayne Affleck, 337 Smith, W ' illiam Maurice, 331 Smith. Wm. Mitchell, 259 Smotrycz, Jerry Jay, 181, 263 Smreker, Joseph oung, 178, 373 Smyth. Judith L.. 317 Snapp, Ginger, 279 Sneed, Lawrence Douglas, 322 Snell. Donald Alan, 273 Snider, Chester John. 273 Snider, Randy Thomas. 297 Snider, Susan R. V., 252 Snow, Barbara Jean, 279 Snow, John H., 373 Snow, Stanley Steve, 273 Snowden, Carol Erich, 178, 373 Snowden. Joseph Harold. 349 Snowden, Raymond D.. 373 Sockey, Phillis Gayle. 172, 267 Solomon, Virgil IN, 297 Sommers, Joseph C., 172. 322 Sonnenfeld, Carol Jane, 297 Sooter, John Wayne, 172, 333 Sorrell, James Dennis Jr.. 373 Soucv, Marcel Lenard. 172. 373 Southerland. Byron Wynne, 273 Sowders, Mary Gene, 279 Sparkes. Debora C.. 279 Sparks, N. Jrrald. 345 Speck. Deborah Kaye, 279 Speer. Mary Alice. 373 Speer, Murray, 172, 273 Spencer, Joette Alane, 252 Spencer, Robert Glenn. 172. 373 Spencer. Robert Samuel. 263 Spencer. Ronald Leon. 172. 373 Spencer. Stephen Lee. 331 Spencer. William Gregory, 374 Spicer. Tim Frank. 259 Spivey. Buddy Brown, 178. 351 Splawn, Sue. 307 Spradlev. Jonathan Mark. 172.374 Spratt. Lee m. 181. 374 Springer. Jesse Earl. 273 Springgate. Cheryl Anne. 267 Sprinkle. Harold Kenneth. 263 Sprouse. Mark Steven, 374 Sprunger, F. Thomas, 374 Spurlock, Brian Douglas, 172, 374 Spurlock, Charlotte Counts, 172, 374 Spurlock, James Clinton, 374 Stacks, Kenneth Duane, 273 Stafford, Donald Gene, 273 Stafford, Stephen Eugene, 339 Stahl, Tony Michael, 374 Stainton, Mary Suzanne, 252 Stalcup, Thomas Eugene, 374 Staley, Royce Edward Jr., 172, 333 Staley, Thomas B., 343 Stallcup, Alice Kay, 172, 303 Stallcup, James Odie, 374 Stallcup, Patricia Marie, 307 Stamps, Vicky Mae, 374 Standiford, Patricia A., 297 Standley, Billy Glenn, 172, 347 Standford, Janice Lynn, 252 Stanford, Marilyn Ann, 256 Stanford, Timothy Leroy, 374 Stanley, Deborah Kay, 279 Stanton, Deborah Ann, 374 Stanwood, Allison, 317 Starkey, Mitchell A., 273 Starks, James Smith III, 172, 374 Starks, Janice Anne, 374 Starks, Martha Carolyn, 267 Starks, Nancy Kay, 279 Starnes, Thomas Knighten Jr., 345 Starns, Beverly Rievley, 374 Starr, John Phillip, 263 Starwalt, Barbara Ann, 256 Statz, Charles E., 297 Stauss, James Monroe, 297 Steel, Donna Kay, 279 Steel, George Edwin Jr., 181, 374 Steele, Patricia Ann, 279 Steere, Shirley Duffield, 313 Steger, Carmen Suzan, 297 Steigler, Charles Dudley Jr., 341 Stein, Charles Conrad, 273 Stephens, Cynthia Lee, 374 Stephens, Geraldine Ann, 374 Stephens, Sam H., 374 Stephens, Sue, 252 Stephens, Terry Lee, 374 Stetel, Robert Carroll Jr., 297 Steuart, Terry Lynn, 259 Stevens, John Calvin, 345 Stevens, John Madison III, 172, 337 Stevens, Lou Ellen, 297 Stevens, Robert David, 337 Stevens, Ronald Edward, 297 Stevens, Sandra Ann, 252 Stevenson, Cathy, 279 Stewart, Anne, 279 Stewart, Berneda Ella, 374 Stewart, Jewerlene, 279 Stewart, John Michael, 337 Stewart, Margaret Ann, 374 Stewart, Shela Moss, 178, 374 Stifter, William Logan, 374 Stiles, Michael B., 172, 374 Stiles, Pam Sheraine, 252 Stiles, Patricia H., 172, 374 Stiles, Patricia Jean, 172, 256 Stiles, William Herschel, 263 Still, Rickford B., 374 Stines, Nancy L., 303 Stinnett, James Richard, 172, 374 Stites, Linda, 267 Stocker, Jerre Ann, 172, 317 Stoecker, Larry D., 178, 374 Stogsdill, Chris Curtis, 263 Stoia, Susan K., 303 Stoker, William Craig, 297 Stokes, Jimmy, 343 Stokes, John Ray, 343 Stolzer, Nancy Joann, 374 Stone, Frank Kirkwood, 341 Stone, Janice Brooks, 256 Stone, Joe Carroll, 259 Stone, John Edward, 172, 347 Stone. Larry Jay, 172, 374 Stone. Larry ' Zane. 374 Stone, Paul Michael, 297 Stone. Rebecca Ann, 267 Stone, Steven Joe, 172, 374 Stone, Steve R., 347 Storey, Elizabeth Ann, 252 Storey, Esther Lee, 172, 297 Storey, Kathryn Neal, 252 Storm, Alan Le, 374 Storms, Gayle E.. 309 Story. Wayne Garrett, 297 Stouffer, Mark J., 333 Stouffer. Marty. 333 Stout, Edwin Haskell. 374 Stovall, William Henry, 339 Stowers. W. L. Jr., 374 Strachan. Linda Joan, 374 Stracner. Ronald J., 374 Straight, Jack Ray. 172, 374 Stramm, William R., 374 Stratemeier, Lois M.. 172, 283 Strawn, Carolyn Ann. 252 Street, Morris Jann, 263 Strickland, Linda Rose, 287 Stringer, Freddie C., 172, 374 Stringer, Robert Carlyle, 178, 374 Stringer, Sandy, 283 Stripling, Sheri Lynn, 172, 305 Stromberg, Larry ' Dean, 374 Strong, Becky Jo, 172, 305 Strong, Sammy Meeks, 172, 343 Stroud, Deborah Lytle, 374 Stroud, James Douglas, 172, 349 Stroud, Marsha Jo, 374 Stroud, Robert Desha, 181, 374 Strout, Bobby Darrel, 374 Stuart, Charles Crittenden III, 263 Stuart, Edward Lee, 374 Stuart, Sharon Susan, 172, 309 Stuart, Thomas Richard, 333 Stubblefield, Gary Don, 324 Stubbs, Larry David, 172, 322 Stubbs, Maxine, 172, 374 Sturdivant, Bruce Allen, 172, 259 Sturtevant, Laurie C., 317 Stuttle, Charles Edward II, 374 Suber, Ronald Gene, 172, 285 Sudmeyer, Danny F., 263 Suggs, Kenneth Edward, 181, 374 Suggs, Patsy G., 374 Sullivan, Brian Patrick, 351 Sullivan, Lucinda Kay, 374 Sulton, Michael Stewart, 331 Summa, Dale Paul, 273 Summerhill, Donald Ray, 374 Summerhill, Janice Louise, 267 Summers, Anne, 297 Summers, Connie Lynn, 319 Summers, Paul Dean, 374 Summers, Susan A., 256 Summers, Teka Dianne, 374 Summerville, Doug, 178, 333 Summitt, Terry L., 172, 374 Sumner, William H. Jr., 263 Surber, Jerry Lee, 172, 374 Sutherlan, Catherine Ann, 172, 311 Sutherland, James W., 374 Sutherlin, Diann, 172, 374 Sutterfield, Marvin Orbin, 285 Sutton, Ann, 297 Sutton, Carol Jo, 374 Sutton, Joseph H., 172, 374 Swanson, Patricia Kathryn, 256 Swaty, David Michael, 273 Sweat, Donna J., 374 Sweet, David Melvin, 263 Swenson, Cathy Lee, 279 Swick, Pamela L., 297 Swindell, Bill, 327 Swindell, Lucy Florence, 172, 374 Sykes, Michael Alvis, 374 Symonds, John Edward, 374 T Tackett, Rebekah Ruth, 287 Tail, Shelley, 307 Talbot, Ben P. Jr., 331 Talley, Jerry Lee, 263 Tanneberger, Ricky Joe, 172, 289 Tannehill, Mike, 374 Tanner, David Gerald, 172, 298 Tanner, Letitia Leopard, 172, 374 Tanner, Lynne Ellen, 303 Tarkington, Alice Jo, 172, 305 Tarkington, Dennis Wayne, 172, 322 Tarpley, Gary Edwin, 178, 273 Tatum, Allyn Carr, 181, 374 Tatum, Michael Lee, 374 Tatum, Susan Louise, 172, 317 TAU KAPPA EPSILON, 350-351 Taylor, Cheryl C., 172, 374 Taylor, Christy, 297 Taylor, Doris Jane, 279 Taylor, Eddie Monnis, 374 Taylor, Elza Dwight, 172, 374 Taylor, J. Richard, 172, 374 Taylor, James Dennis, 172, 281 Taylor, Jamey Lou, 252 Taylor, Jeffrey Lyon, 172, 233, 315 Taylor, Larry Kelly, 172, 374 Taylor, Linda Sue, 279 Taylor. Lylia A.. 173, 279 Taylor, Peggy Lou, 279 Taylor, Rebecca Sue, 256 Taylor, Sharon Ann, 297 Taylor, W. Randy, 173, 289 Taylor, William D., 333 Tays, Nancy Lee, 173, 313 Teague, Lajuana Beth, 287 Teague, Mary ' Deborah, 252 Teague, Priscilla Kaye, 297 Teague, Randy L., 347 Teague, Roy Calvin, 259 Teal. Paul L., 178, 375 Tedder. Bruce Talbott, 263 Tedford. Virginia M.. 375 Teeter, Barbara Lvnn, 252 Teeter. Milton P.. 173, 375 Tegethoff. Steve Franklin, 322 Telfer, Starr, 303 Temple, David Ronald. 263 Temple, Mary Kay, 375 Temple, Shari Lou, 313 Templeton, Pamala Sue, 252 Tenery, Frank George Jr., 337 Tenney, John Miller, 327 Tennison, William Craig, 341 Terrell, David Michael, 263 Terry, Douglas Loyd, 173, 285 Terry, Libbie D., 252 Terry, Robert Steven, 273 Test, Peggy Ann, 375 Teters, Mary Norryn, 173, 375 Tetrick, Michael Wayne, 263 Thane, Paul Henry, 173, 375 Thatcher, Charles Louis, 273 Thatcher, Susan Jane, 256 Thayer, Bryan, 309 Thayer, Gail, 252 THul A TAU, 352-353 Thiesing, Melissa Jane, 313 Thigpen, Benny Lee, 331 Thigpen, Carla Jane, 252 Thomann, Madeline Carol, 252 Thomas, Ann, 319 Thomas, David Conway, 173, 345 Thomas, Dyanna Kay, 173, 256 Thomas, Floyd Mattison, 337 Thomas, Gilbert Jr., 263 Thomas, James Loyd, 263 Thomas, James M., 343 Thomas, John Harding, 349 Thomas, Karl T., 173, 375 Thomas, Meiva Ann, 279 Thom as, Nathaniel II, 263 Thomas, Ray C., 345 Thomas, Ronald L., 178, 375 Thomas, Sandra Laverne, 173, 297 Thomas, Steven Eugene, 263 Thomas, William Miles, 173, 273 Thomason, Nancy Ann, 279 Thomasson, Sherry Suzanne, 315 Thompson, Betty Ann, 279 Thompson, Betty Bowen, 173, 303 Thompson, Carolyn Ann, 279 Thompson, Dianna Sue, 375 Thompson, James Barrett, 263 Thompson, Marlene Allie, 311 Thompson, Michael Andrew, 375 Thompson, Nancy Beth, 279 Thompson, Paul Dennis, 328 Thompson, Raymond Jr., 173, 259 Thompson, Robert Leake, 331 Thompson, Ronald W., 331 Thompson, Shenard Ellen, 307 Thompson, Teresa Yvette, 267 Thompson, Thomas Tell, 375 Thompson, Tommy, 173, 324 Thompson, Vicki Ann, 173, 311 Thomson, Timothy Joseph, 273 Thorn, John Raymond, 333 Thorn, Suzanne, 375 Thornberry, James Bruce, 263 Thornton, C. Leon, 375, 178 Thornton, Charles Thomas, 322 Thornton, Jimmy Carroll, 273 Thronton, Thomas Ray, 375 Thrash, William James, 273 Thrasher, David L., 375 Thrower, Rufus Jr., 263 Thurber, Robert L., 375 Thurlby, Carolyn Sue, 313 Thurman, Judy Ann, 287 Thurman, Suzanne, 305 Thurston, Tymotha Teresa, 375 Tibbits, Anita Marx, 173, 375 Tilley, Judith Ann, 287 Tillman, Tommy Brian, 259 Tilton, Jerry Alan, 273 Timmerman, William Wayne, 173, 375 Tinsley, Michael Flack, 173, 375 Tirman, Michele Sari, 309 Todd, Laura Lee, 279 Toland, John David, 349 Toller, David A., 285 Tollett, Thomas Lee, 173, 375 Tolliver, Virginia L., 375 Tomasich, Ronald D., 263 Toon, Rebekah Jane, 313 Torrence, Rufus, Joseph Jr., 375 Toth, Tom Joseph, 273 Townley, Daniel Charles, 375 Townsend, Herbert, 273 Townsend, Pamela Ann, 279 Townsend, Stanley Allen, 173, 341 Traner, Charles Mike, 297 Trantham, Carmen Sue, 287 Trapani, Sheila Ann, 173, 252 Trauth, Stanley Elwood, 173, 285 Traxler, Norman Lynn, 375 Treadway, Jackie S., 252 Treece, Debbie Ann, 252 Tregle, Carol Lynn, 375 Trice, William Henry IN, 181, 322 Trigg, Robert Frank, 273 Trinco, William J., 333 Trout, Tom D., 263 Trusty, Donna, 173, 309 Trusty, Glynn L., 173, 375 Trusty, Jimmy Mack, 281 Tucker, Donna Patrice, 252 490 Tucker, Frederic C., 375 Tucker, Jim, 173,349 Tucker, Judy Elwanda, 287 Tumey, Charles Harris, 173, 375 Tune, Deborah Lynn, 375 Tune, June Marble, 173, 375 Tune, Ryall Smith, 173, 375 Turk, Henry Rush, 173, 331 Turkington, Brent Stuart, 347 Turnage, Donald Alton, 173, 375 Turner, Catherine H., 317 Turner, Debbie, 313 Turner, Dennis C., 259 Turner, James Burr, 173, 375 Turner, Marilyn Jean, 256 Turner, Marsha Ann, 267 Turner, Patricia Lynn, 256 Turner, Phil M. Jr., 331 Turner, Richard Leigh, 173, 297 Twist, Richard C. Jr., 347 Tyer, Gail, 297 Tyra, Raymond E., 181, 375 U Ukena, Peter W., 297 Upchurch, Vicki Ann, 256 Upton, Pam, 173, 311 Underwood, Allen Keith, 173, 328 Underwood, Barbara Lane, 279 V Valley, Tammie J., 173, 375 Van Bebber, John Gregory Jr., 335 Van Bront, Omer Gerald, 375 Van Brunt, Beverely Carol, 297 Vancuren, Virginia Lou, 279 Vanderburg, Michael R., 173, 297 Vandergriff, Marcia Anne, 252 Vangilder, Deborah Dianne, 287 Van Hauen, Carolyn S., 375 Van Hauen, Stephen H. Jr., 178, 375 Vanhook, Rebecca Ann, 267 Vanlandingham, Phyllis Ann, 375 Van Meter, Karen M., 297 Van Patten, Patty, 297 Van Sickle, Susan Elaine, 267 Van Vranken, Mike, 273 Varble, Dennis H., 297 Varvil, John Allen, 375 Vaughan, James R., 375 Vaughan, John C., 173, 273 Vaughan, Peggy Lee, 375 Vaughan, Regna Carol, 279 Vaughn, Sharia June, 279 Vaught, Garry Dee, 273 Vaught, Judith Ann, 252 Vaught, Michael David, 308 Velez, Louis Duane, 375 Velvin, Linda Lee, 252 Vernon, Elizabeth L., 252 Vest, Bill Mack, 173, 352 Vest, Randal Price, 259 Vest, Ronald Frank, 324 Vest, Terry S., 147, 324 Vestal, Candace Darlene, 279 Vickers, Charles Ervin, 375 Vignes, Yolanda Gail, 297 Villines, Dolores Perme, 279 Vinson, Bryant Finlen Jr., 173, 331 Vinson, John Francis, 173. 375 Vinson, Judy Nanette, 252 Vinson, Robert E., 375 Vint, Robert Lee, 289 Voigtmann, Patsy Ann, 311 Von Hatten, Mary Lynn, 256 Von Seggern, Sylvia Eustacia, 303 Voss. Michael David, 297 Vowell, Stevan Earl, 263 W Wade, Dianne A. Macumber, 173, 376 Wade, Nancy Van, 173, 303 Wadsworth, Harry Jr., 349 Waggoner, Nancy L., 303 Wagoner, Darrell Lee, 376 Wagoner, Debbie Dianne, 376 Wahl, Eugene Albert Jr., 173 Waits, Larry Kea, 352 Waits, Nancy Rozan, 178, 376 Wakefield, Harry John, 263 Walbert, Charles Dale, 273 Walden, James Earl, 173, 376 Walden, William Webster, 376 Waldrip, Joe H. Jr., 324 Waldrip. Richard, 263 Waldron, Stephen K., 273 Walker, Annie L., 173, 297 Walker, Barbara Anne, 376 Walker, Carolyn Benet, 307 Walker, Carolyne Lorainne, 252 Walker, Cathy, 279 Walker, Charles Steven, 376 Walker, Dana, 297 Walker, Darrel, 376 Walker, Donald Eugene, 376 Walker, Edward Delane, 147, 263 Walker, Ina Rae, 283 Walker, Jackie Ann, 376 Walker, John McCarty, 341 Walker, John Milton, 343 Walker, Linda L., 173, 307 Walker, Lula, 283 Walker, Martha Lee, 376 Walker, Patricia Ann, 376 Walker, Patricia Anne, 311 Walker, Robert Eugene, 376 Walker, Robert Louie, 376 Walker, Russell Dwight, 259 Walker, Terry K., 173, 376 Walker, Thomas Benton Jr., 341 Walker, Tommy, 173, 376 Walker, Valerie, 252 Walker, Virginia Lee, 173, 376 Walker, William Dan, 376 Wall, Mary Nell, 267 Waller, Cheryl Ann, 173, 256 Waller, Tom Whit, 173, 335 Wallgren, Dale Allen, 324 Wallgren, Gregory Paul, 324 Wallis, Charles Philip, 178, 376 Wallis, Jimmy D., 173, 376 Wallis, Patricia Gayle, 279 Wal sh, T. Jack, 297 Walter, Elizabeth Ann, 252 Walter, Stephen Lewis, 297 Walters, Michael L., 297 Walters, Nancy Katharine, 279 Walters, Robert Lee, 173, 376 Walters, Trudy Lynne, 173, 376 Walton, Jim Carr, 173, 333 Wang, Chin-San, 178, 376 Wann, G. Mark, 331 Wann, Garry Sullivan, 376 Ward, Bobby D., 376 Ward, Hubert Lee, 178, 376 Ward, James A., 376 Ward, James W., 173, 376 Ward, John James, 259 Ward, Joseph S., 376 Ward, Susan Anice, 315 Ward, Suzanne Marie, 173, 297 Ward, William Wilson, 341 Warner, Howard Leslie, 376 Warner, Patti L., 252 Warnock, Barbara Sue, 287 Wamock, William K., 263 Warren, Lynne Michele, 252 Warren, Robert James, 285 Warren, Sharon Diane, 173, 303 Warrick, Alan Futrell, 173, 341 Warrick, Lynn, 252 Waselves, Jim Donald, 263 Washington, Frederick L., 174, 339 Wasson, Pamela, 174, 317 Watkins, Charles Troy, 333 Watkins, Glenda Lee, 256 Watkins, Jack R., 174, 281 Watkins, James William, 263 Watkins, John Edward, 174, 297 Watkins, John William, 178, 281 Watkins, Neil Wayne, 174, 376 Watkins, Sheryl Lee, 267 Watson, Billie Ruth, 376 Watson, Charles Nolen, 273 Watson, Dudley Howell, 174, 376 Watson, Gary Fletcher, 17, 376 Watson, Helen Ruth, 174, 279 Watson, James David, 297 Watson, John Dewey, 181, 376 Watson, John William, 328 Watson, Otis Selby, 376 Watson, Richard Melvern, 174, 376 Watson, Sandra J., 376 Watt, A. Thomas, 376 Watts, Alice Victoria, 174, 376 Watts, James Reed, 331 Adams, William Ernest III, 152, 291 Watts, Marellen, 311 Watts, Michael Ray, 273 Watts, Tilford Marion, 174, 376 Watts, Vicki Lynn, 267 Weadock, Deborah Ann, 174, 376 Weatherby, Sarah Christine, 252 Weatherford, Jeanne Rebecca, 297 Weathers, James V„ 376 Weathers, Larry ' Wayne, 174, 327 Weathers, Yvonne Othell, 256 Weaver, Ricky D., 376 Webb, Brenda K., 376 Webb, David Lee, 341 Webb, James Henry, 376 Webb, James V., 341 Webb, Mary’ Carolyn, 174, 315 Webb, Philip David, 376 Webb, Stanley R., 178, 376 Webster, Sharon, 267 Weedman, Gwendolyn, 279 Weeks, Leslie Jo, 317 Weems, Jane Ann, 279 Weintraub, Alvin Allen, 273 Weir, Cecil Larry, 178, 376 Wejs, Frank C., 297 Weiser, Cassandra Dale, 252 Weiser, Chris Wesley, 333 Welbern, Mike Lloyd, 376 Welch, Jean, 256 Welch, Jeff Butler, 347 Welch, Mike A., 285 Welence, Denise Jane, 267 Wells, Elizabeth A, 319 Wells, John A., 297 Wells, Sandra Jean, 252 Wells, Tommy Ray, 273 Well son, William E., 345 Wenderoth, Nancy Eugenia, 309 Werley, Shannon Marie, 279 West, Arthur Eugene Jr., 335 West, David L., 174, 376 West, Jack David, 174, 331 West, June, 317 West, Kari Michele, 303 West, Melvis Clyde Jr., 174, 285 West, Sydney Jean, 307 Westbrook, Jim Boyd, 174, 376 Westbrook, Owen Edward, 174, 281 Westerman, Gary Morris, 345 Westfall, Freddie Dean, 328 Wetzler, David M., 273 Wheatley, Kenneth Roy III, 376 Whedbee, Tommy Lynn, 174, 259 Wheeler, Betty Anne, 256 Wheeler, Richard Paul, 376 Wheelington, Jimmy D., 273 Wliiley, Jimmy C., 324 Whisenhunt, Kenneth Daryl, 273 White, Betty, 315 White, David Newton, 273 White, Deborah Jane, 297 White, Esther Marie, 181, 376 White, Gary W., 174, 285 White, James Michael, 174, 376 White, Jerry W., 376 White, John Michael, 263 White, John Paul, 273 White, Linda R., 174, 311 White, Marilyn Frances, 297 White, Mary Louise, 279 White, Mary Patricia, 267 White, Robert Bentley, 299 White, Robert Lowell, 351 White, Robert Wayne, 376 White, Ronald Wayne, 376 White, Sara Ruth, 252 White, Sherry D., 303 White, Shirley Ann, 279 White, Stephen Samuel, 281 Whitehead, Robert Ellis, 341 Whitehorn, Sylvia Lea, 174, 376 Whitfield, Paul Douglas, 174, 376 Whitley, Ronald N.. 351 Whitlock, Cheri Lee, 297 Whitlock, Vikki, 252 Whitman, Patricia Ann, 297 Whitt, Larry Odell, 174, 376 Whittaker, Carolyn, 307 Whitten, Cindy, 376 Whitten, Jimmy LeRoy, 376 W hitten, John T., 174, 376 W hittington, Charles David, 273 W hittington, Jerry Doys, 174, 376 Wiedeman, Carolyn Sue, 287 Wiedeman, James Larry, 376 Wiederkehr, Gail Marie, 279 Wilber, Karen Elaine, 376 Wilber, Norman Carl, 376 Wilbert, Charles Philip, 345 Wilcher, John A., 285 Wilcox, Joyce Evelyn, 303 Wilcoxson, Marlene, 231, 279 Wildy, Pam Kent, 279 Wilkerson, Guy Alan, 174, 376 Wilkerson, Janice S., 279 Wilkerson, Rickard Brush, 285 Wilkerson, Sam C., 297 Wilkerson, Sam Marion, 174, 376 Wilkes, Nancy Jane, 178, 297 Wilkes, Taylor David Isgrig, 343 Wilkins, Mary Lou, 376 Wilkinson, Vivian, 309 Willcockson, James Clifford, 263 Willems, Martin John, 377 Williams, A. C. Jr., 263 Williams, Alfretta, 252 Williams, Anderson H. Ill, 174, 351 WILLIAM-HOUSE, 284-285 Williams, Anne Kay, 252 Williams, Carolyn Frances, 174, 315 Williams, Cathryn L., 174, 376 Williams, Celeste Juett, 174, 376 Williams, Charles Craig, 347 Williams, Christopher, B. T., 376 Williams, Cora Harriett, 178, 377 Williams, David Hanson, 335 Williams, David Lee, 273 Williams, Debbie L., 256 Williams, Deborah Dawn, 252 Williams, Erma Jean, 297 Williams, Gary Eugene, 377 Williams, Ivan B., 343 Williams, James Andrew Jr., 178, 343 Williams, James Harold, 174, 377 Williams, James Paul III, 333 Williams, Jan Lysbeth, 297 Williams, Jeffery Hollis, 174, 259 Williams, Jon Juan, 174, 377 Williams, Joy Lynn, 377 Williams, Karen Robell, 279 Williams, Karen Sue, 313 Williams, Kenneth Ray, 263 Williams, Lan, 181, 333 Williams, Phyllis Jane, 377 Williams, Randall 0., 377 Williams, Renee Marie, 256 Williams, Robert Gordon III, 273 Williams, Ronald E., 349 Williams, Rudolph Layfette, 174, 377 Williams, Ruth Ann, 377 Williams, Sadie M., 377 Williams, Stephen D., 273 Williams, Stephen Earl, 324 Williams, Susan E., 252 Williams, Suzanne, 174, 317 Williams, Terry L., 324 Williams, Thomas L„ 377 Williams, Tim D„ 377 Williams, W. C„ 174, 377 Williams, Warren Charles II 175, 377 Williams, Warren Charles II, 175, Williamson, Jim T., 263 Williamson, Rita S., 279 Williamson, Robert Edward, 175, 377 Willis, Delores Ann, 256 Willis, Delta Lynne, 147, 175, 315 Willis, Jean P. Jr., 175, 377 Willis, Nancy Carol, 297 Willroth, Alan C., 377 Wilmoth, Connie, 256 Wilson, Anita Sue, 175, 315 Wilson, Barbara Jean, 279 Wilson, Carol Jean, 297 Wilson, Dale H.. 178, 377 Wilson, Deborah Anne, 175, 311 Wilson, Janet Beth, 267 Wilson, Jowanna Kay, 267 Wilson, Judith Ann, 256 Wilson, Larry, 175, 343 Wilson, Linda, 319 Wilson, Martha L., 175, 229, 313 Wilson, Mary, 307 Wilson, Michael Wayne, 297 Wilson, Nancy Carolyn, 252 Wilson, Naomi N., 377 Wilson, Ralph Edwin, 333 Wilson, Ricky Glen, 273 Wilson, Rita Suzanne, 175, 377 Wilson, Robert John, 175, 289 WILSON SHARP HOUSE, 288-289 Wilson, Sherry Lynn, 267 Wilson, Theresa Ladonne, 175, 309 Wilson, Thomas Anthony, 263 Wilson, Thomas Warren, 377 Wilson, William Hal, 175, 331 Wimberly, Gary Douglas, 377 Winberry, Lanny T., 181, 351 Windsor, Mary Elizabeth, 175, 313 Wineland, Daria Anne, 315 Winford, Lizbeth Ann, 267 Wing, Gayle Dianne, 252 Winnfield, Robert Allen, 349 Winnfield, Steve R., 175, 349 Winng, Carol Anne, 317 Winn, Sandy, 311 Winningham, Jo Ann, 377 , Winningham, Ray M., 175, 377 Winklenian, Gary Lee, 285 Winston, Joel L., 377 Winters, Evelyn Louise, 377 Winters, Gary Paul, 377 Wirick, Gail Ann, 319 Wise, Joyce Louise, 297 Wisner, W. Kim, 273 Witherspoon, Valerie, 317 Wolcott, Glenda L., 256 Wolf, Donna Lynne, 175, 377 Wolf Gus C., 263 Wolf, Mary Darlene, 252 Wolfe, Richard Hampton, 345 Womble, Clark E., 273 Womeldorff, Madolyn Zook, 307 Wong, Kin H., 285 Wood, Barbara Ann, 175, 256 Wood, Charles Wade, 377 Wood, Daniel Hugh, 333 Wood, Elizabeth Ellen, 252 Wood, James Arthur, 324 Wood, Joan Bratton, 175, 377 Wood, Joel Greene, 297 Wood, Judith Sample, 175, 297 Wood, Kathryn, 252 Wood, Linda Teresa, 175, 297 Wood, Patsy Elaine, 256 Wood, Rick O., 297 Wood, Scott Hodgson, 343 Wood, Stephen Thomas, 343 Wood, Wallace Winston, 297 Woodall, D. Fredrick, 263 Woodard, Annelle Cleo, 315 Woodard, Deborah Sue, 175, 317 Woodard, James Wallace Jr., 331 Woodard, Lynn, 305 Woodard, Virginia Alice, 252 Woodruff, Ronald Garner, 181, 377 Woods, Donnie S., 377 Woods, Henry Lee Jr., 322 Woods, Jerry Seawel, 333 Woods, Sandra Kay, 377 Woodson, R. Susie, 297 Woodward, Karan L., 319 Woodward, Sharon Allen, 297 Woody, Dwight Randall, 175, 377 Woodyard, Danny Lynn, 273 Woodyard, William H. L., 181, 343 Wooley, Ralph Randall II, 297 Woolly, David Allen, 281 Wootton, Aubrey Wayne, 377 Wootton, Randal Owen, 377 Word, Melinda Gale, 267 Workman, Ronald B., 347 Workman, Susan Kay, 252 Worthy, Lornea Annette, 305 Worthy, Susan A., 305 Wray, Bobby William, 175, 285 Wray, John Edward Jr., 377 Wray, Marylen, 279 Wren, Sidney D., 279 Wright, Barbara Ann, 297 Wright, Barbara Louise, 279 Wright, Brenda Kay, 377 Wright, C.J. Ill, 175, 377 Wright, Carl O, 175, 377 Wright, Edward Wayne, 175, 377 Wright, Emma L., 175, 383 Wright, Judy, 279 Wright, Latha Tolese, 252 Wright, Mark D., 324 Wright, Roger Lamara, 175, 263 Wright, Victor D., 331 Wright, William Andrew, 273 Wright, William S., 377 Wright, William Walter, 175, 349 Wuest, Charles Stewart, 322 Wuetig, Allison Ann, 279 Wulff, Doug, 333 Wy, Dan, 297 Wyant, Jean Doris, 267 Y Yancey, Harry Lawrence, 345 Yancey, Rachel Ann, 317 Yarborough, Annette Alice, 267 Yarbrough, Clifford, 263 Yarborough, Clifford, 263 Yarborough, Michael Roy, 263 Yarnell, A. Rogers, 377 Yates, Elizabeth Helen, 256 Yates, Jack B., 175, 377 Yates, Jonah T., 297 Yeargan, Charles A., 263 Yee, Mary Alice, 297 Yee, Terry Ann, 175, 297 Yee, Victor Park, 273 YOCUM HALL, 268-273 Y oe, Cindy Lou, 305 Yoes, Bob, 333 York, Frank D., 377 York, Mary Pearce, 175, 377 Youmans, Loralee Gail, 267 Young, Gary E., 175, 327 Young, Gail Marie, 175, 377 Young, Jack Herbert, 347 Young, Jayne Evelyn, 297 Young, Jesse Randal, 175, 377 Y oung, Lajeana Faye, 279 Y ' oung, Larry Gus, 328 Young, Linda Irene, 175, 313 Y r oung, Lonnie Eugene Jr., 273 Y ' oung, Marsha J., 303 Young, Michael C., 175, 377 Young, Michael Lewis, 335 Y r oung, Patricia Ann, 279 Y ' oung, Peggy Jean, 279 Y ' oung, Rebecca Sue, 256 Y r oung, Robert, 337 r oung, Victoria Elizabeth, 279 Y ' oung, Virgil Woodrow, 341 Y oung, William Ronald, 175, 377 Y ' oungblood. Carol Faye, 377 Youngblood, Danny Steve, 175, 377 Younkin, Kathy Jane, 279 Z Zaccanti, A1 Edward, 377 Zachry, Janet K., 175, 377 Zahn, Margaret Ann, 256 Zakes, Karen Elizabeth, 305 ZETA TAU ALPHA, 318-319 Zimmerman, Richard David, 297 Zimmerman, Robert Eugene, 297 Zink, George Randal, 377 Ziser, Andrew J., 351 Zoda, Arthur A., 175, 377 Zucca, Julie Anne, 279 Zullo, Mary Jo, 377 Zulpo Mary Ann, 303 491 Jk End of an Era In the Spring early in the 1920’s, a tall young man with a hint of Texas in his voice appeared before the ad¬ visors and staff of the RAZORBACK. His card announced that he was the representative of a photo-engraving com¬ pany, but in his verbal presentation he affirmed repeatedly that what he was offering was “more than pieces of metal tacked on blocks of wood.” His manner was persuasive; the artists ' layouts he pre¬ sented were appealing to the eye and the imagination. There was a vigor and sincerity about this man that could not be denied. He was awarded the contract, and that was the beginning of the romance between the RAZORBACK and R. C. WALKER, President of Southwestern Engraving Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Like all romances it has had smooth paths and stormy ones, but it has lasted for forty- five years. In the production of all these RAZORBACKS there has been a singularity stemming from the guidance of a man whose standards of perfection prevailed when an editor dared to submit a photograph that was less than perfect. Mr. Walker was not timid. “That won’t do!” he would shout, and a shoddy photograph would fly back in the edi¬ tor’s direction. “Don’t you realize you’re building a monu¬ ment to your university . . . and yourself!” Lights burned late in the RAZORBACK office when “R.C.” was on the campus. Usually he was side by side % with the staff, counting pictures, selecting and rejecting, scanning proportions with a true-eye which has square measure built in by nature. More than once, when the yearbook was in financial straits, he produced a plan which solved the problem. The same qualities which have produced outstanding yearbooks for universities have distinguished him in his own business circles. He has served as president and long¬ time member of the board of his national trade association and in many high positions in Rotary International. The 1970 RAZORBACK is the last book to be published under Mr. Walker’s vigilant eye and with the invaluable inspiration, advice, and guidance which comes out of the special love he holds for the yearbook of the University of Arkansas. As the RAZORBACK enters a new era, it has a responsibility to a tradition of excellence established by a tall young man who offered “more than pieces of metal tacked on blocks of wood.” Looking Back Over My Shoulder... THIS IS AN EDITORIAL. For five years I’ve been watching TRAVELER editors leaking weekly (and weakly) under the shelter of the editorial. At long last it is rqy turn. Past editors have used this space to damn their staff and curse the University. Others have used it to thank the people who have helped and to praise the staff members. I choose the later route. This book is not put together by an editor and it is not the editor’s thoughts and ideas that are expressed between the covers of this book. The 1970 RAZOR- BACK was put together by the 1970 RAZORBACK staff. This staff was exceptional. Struck by fire in November, the men and women responsible for the residences and classes sections broke records and had their sections done by the December 15 deadline which has not been done in many years. Imagine ten thou¬ sand personal data cards drying out on the unoccu¬ pied top floor of Hotz Hall. The space in the publications section w r as not suf¬ ficient to credit the two people who devoted the most time and effort and care to the book. First, my wife Susan did more than act as my executive secretary. During the first critical weeks following the fire Susan took on the task of reorganizing and continuing the production of the book. Without her help the book would have never made it out on time. The other staff member contributing more than his share of the work to produce a top quality book was the darkroom terror and walking camera shop Doug Frank. Tackling the job of editor and photographer was a bit more than I expected but Doug was always around to help me out. Without Doug’s unselfish de¬ votion to his job and profession the picture quality in this edition would have suffered tremendously. While on the subject of photography I must thank John Page of Collier’s Drugs and Matt Matthews of Honeywell Photographic Products Division for loan¬ ing us special equipment that neither the RAZORBACK nor its photographers could afford to buy. David Pat¬ ton, University photographer, was also a great help giving technical advice and boosting morale. Our University Physical Plant deserves a great deal of praise for going out of their way to help the RAZ¬ ORBACK after the fire destroyed our offices. Do not be deceived by the Physical Plant’s image on campus as trash haulers and grass cutters. There are a lot of top quality skilled craftsmen on the staff as is evidenc¬ ed by the superior construction of Hill Hall. I invite you to compare the interior of Hill Hall with the in¬ terior of Old Main to see the before and after. All the work done on Hill Hall was done by the Physical Plant. 494 The Loyal Opposition, better known as the Board of Publications, deserves a few words but I couldn’t print them so I’ll just make a few observations. The board is suffering from a case of chronic apathy. The faculty and administration don’t care or don’t have time to care about student publications like they should. The student representation is either non-exist- ant, uninterested or unknowledgable. Student publica¬ tions are for and by the students but cannot serve the students if the students don’t express their discontent or their praises. So take action and say something. I’m eager to hear from you so I will know what you think about the 1970 RAZORBACK and what you want in the 1971 RAZORBACK. Help me design the kind of book that you want. This yearbook that you now hold in your hands is the work of many people striving to provide the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas and its students with the kind of yearbook they deserve. To do this we have taken over 15,000 pictures during the academic year. On oc¬ casions we have had to work against you to do our job and occasionally you have given us invaluable assist¬ ance. We have asked you to tell us about yourselves and your living groups so that we could represent you accurately. Some of you we had to plead with because you did not want to cooperate. Some have gone out of their way to help us. To those who have helped and cooperated we are. extremely grateful. To those who re¬ fused to help and even hindered us, I hope we don ' t have to ask you for help again. The 1970 RAZORBACK is your yearbook. It is a story about you. It is a record of your friends and companions and the things that you have done this year. We have tried to make it a yearbook that you can be proud of wherever you go whether it be this summer or twenty years from now. If we have done our task well, your yearbook will become more preci¬ ous and meaningful as the years pass. The 1970 RAZ¬ ORBACK will outlive all of us and, together with the RAZORBACKS that have gone before and the RAZOR- BACKS about to follow, will tell the story of this in¬ stitution and its students. It is to this end that we have labored. 495 Department of Political Science The 1970 RAZORBACK was printed and bound by The Hurley Company of Cam¬ den, Arkansas. The engravings are 133-line copper engravings made by the South¬ western Engraving Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manufactured by S. K. Smith Company of Chicago, Illinois. The individual portraits were by Colonna Studios, Carle Place, New York. The color pictures were printed by off-set lithog¬ raphy by The Hurley Company from four-color process plates made by South¬ western Engraving Company. The rest of the book was printed by letterpress. The paper is 80 lb. Warren Lustro Gloss. Body copy was set in 10 point Bodoni Book and the cutlines were set in 8 point Spartan. Heads were set in 36 point Bodoni Bold. Portraits of Razorback beauties were made by Bob ' s of Fayetteville. Pictures of the Hill Hall fire were compliments of Charles Bickford of the Springdale News. All other pictures including color were made by the RAZORBACK photography staff. 496

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