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Razorback 1969 69 RAZORBACK Published by Associated Students University of Arkansas Fayetteville. Arkansas Co-Editors Tommie Jean Patterson Tommie Kay Ebbert CONTENTS Administration _ Personalities _ Seniors _ - 70 The Year _ -110 Military Beauties . Publications - -244 Greeks _. -266 Residence Halls _ - " ' 20 Off Campus _ __376 Athletics . -400 Arts . HI Organizations _ -_460 Index 498 . Ci 1 When the questions are fulfilled, It comes to pass Tradition, like society ' s cookie cutter, Stamps out the names Of fames, Alary, John in graduated cement . . . Four years breeds security In names being stepped upon, Education comes in sharing the journey. I And though my words Be dusted with a fine love, Or my lines float Like petals in her hair, The beauty of words Never was a girl. - pu -T- I I I LrUINNA Wnlr I no HOG! -. Wisdom knows few moments of respect, Especially when days of happy color Catch players and. fans alike in a cycle That, while lacking grace, cares not . . . But enough; my path traces deeper woods Warm and winding where subdued sunlight Nestles in spots of crystal haze, where The soft scent of stillness and the wind Rustle of sedge whisper midst the wilderness. 10 We exist in a chain of beholders, - Sensing mysteries, seeking understanding, Learning that the blind often snap the chain; And that a bad trip is only a state . . . 11 The deserving man has values, Not a price; And though praise sweetens any success, Personal rewards are taken, not given. 12 13 14 - We know life is more than self, For there is a swirl of love That enfolds all men . . . Faith ' s season of a Jesus reborn, For, Man, we can do better. 1 ' ' 15 16 Don ' t kick the machine, son, Someday they ' re gonna push a button Without getting any candy back. Everyone wants to belong, To be a people who likes people, Except for people who differ . . . The only initiation is ignorance. 18 19 20 :; We are persons because we learn, and share, Whether we learn of love, or of laws, Of the earth, or of Man . . . 21 Democracy ' s messiahs come giving their color Like the running of oildrops Through rain standing in the streets. We like a man who tells it like it is; Men who tell it like it isn ' t Don ' t live very long. 22 When there are only men to ask, Stones in walls have sufficient answers; Questions are like fragments of a fire Judged by not what is gained But by what has remained; And though what we ask is ashes, And what we hear all stone, Man is still Man, Of creations, all alone. DWAIN CROMWELL 23 24 ADMINISTRATION 25 Honorable Winthrop Rockefeller Governor of Arkansas 26 Seated: Mr. John L. Wilson, Mr. Roy Ritter, Mr. Leon B. Catlett, Dr. Preston L. Hathcock, President David Mullins, Mr. D. P. Raney, Chairman. Standing: Mr. Fred Pickens, Mr. R. A. Young, Mr. George R. Shankle, Mr. R. E. L. Wilson III, Mr. Howard M. Horst. Governor and Board of Trustees GREETINGS TO THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS STUDENTS: The University has always had my whole-hearted support. As Governor, I have made a strong plea for adequate financial assistance for higher education in Arkansas. If these funds are provided, the University of Arkansas will certainly strengthen its position of leadership in quality education in our great State. Please know that my abiding interest is in the pro- duct of the University and the relationship of that product to the better Arkansas we want to build. My program for progress is not aimed at today. My vision is for tomorrow, next year and ten years from now. Status quo is not for me, and I don ' t believe it is for you, either. I don ' t want to be run over by change; I want to have a part in directing it to the good of our State. I challenge you to join me. If we work together, our efforts will have a more significant impact, and we may see an early achievement of our mutual goals. With all good wishes, Winthrop Rockefeller Governor University President David Mullins speaks with Mr. D. P. Rainey, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 27 John W. White Vice-President for Agriculture Palmer C. Pilcher Vice-President for Academic Affairs Fred S. Vorsanger Vice-president for Business Storm Whaley Vice-President for Health Services Dr. Charles Oxford Vice-President for Administration 28 Officers of Administration Dr. David W, Mullins, University of Arkansas President. President David W. Mullins, educated in Arkansas, is a native Arkansan. He majored in mathematics, polit- ical science and history as a student of the University of Arkansas. President Mullins holds an MA from the University of Colorado and an PhD from Columbia University. Prior to his return to the University of Arkansas, Pres- ident Mullins served eleven years as Executive Vice President of Auburn University. He began his career in higher education in 1941 as an associate professor of school administration at Auburn. Five vice-presidents assist the President in execut- ing his administrative duties. They are Storm Whaley, Vice- President for Health Services; John W. White, Vice-President for Agriculture; Palmer C. Pilcher, Vice- President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Charles Oxford, Vice-President for Administration; and Fred S. Vor- sanger, Vice-President for Business. 29 The Office of the Registrar J. B. Kellar Assistant Registrar Wallie Ingalls Assistant Registrar The Registrar ' s Office is usually the first contact for the prospective student and has the responsibility of ordering a diploma for the graduating senior. In between, it is a focal point, crossroads and clearing house for academic records and materials. The high school relations program of the Registrar ' s Office attempts to build a bridge between the high schools in the state and die University through visitations, materials and confer- ences. This is followed by orientation and pre-registration for the incoming freshman. Another vital function of the office is the maintenance of academic records and registration. This is becoming increasingly complex with the constant growth of the University. Plans de- signed for updating of the present systems are under constant study. E. E. Lee Assistant Registrar 30 William F. Denman, Dean of Student Affairs. Juana Burton, Dean of Women. The Division of Student Affairs The Division of Student Affairs is an organization which provides a coordinated approach to University services which affect students and curricular extra-curricular coherence. The Arkansas Union, University health, student aid, Central Place- ment, counseling, food and housing services are all related to the Division of Student Affairs. During the 1968-69 school year the Division personnel along with many faculty and student officials were involved in re- vamping the behavior code and disciplinary processes, evaluat- ing and revising University policies dealing with student life, studying roles in institutional government, developing an academically -centered orientation program and emphasizing the educational potential of residence halls. New staff members in the Division include Mr. Robert M. Barnes, Mr. Lawrence G. Brown, Dr. Juana Burton, Dr. Thomas Richardson and Mrs. John Stefferud. John A. Stefferud, Dean of Men. 31 Miss Grace Vineyard Assistant Dean of Women Thomas E. Richardson Associate Dean for Residence Programs Miss Claire Abney Assistant Dean of Women 32 Coordinators of Campus Activities The Arkansas Union serves as the center of daily campus activity, providing the students with a snack bar, cafeteria, ban- quet service, meeting rooms, t. v. lounge, and information serv- ice. Another function of the Union is to expand the University community ' s recreational, social, academic and cultural experi- ences through diversified programming. These Union programs are planned by four student committees working in areas of films, special events, public relations and fine arts. The high- lights of this year ' s events were the Men ' s Fashion Show, the National Bridal Fair, the Johnny Rivers ' Concert and the intro- duction of the Union Film Series. The Union also serves as the coordinator for all campus ac- tivities. It maintains a campus activities calendar at the informa- tion desk for coordination purposes and publishes a monthly edition of this calendar which is distributed throughout the campus. Robert M. Barnes, Director of Student Union Erin L. Schmidt Assistant Dean of Men Sue Ann Trimble, Joyce Fagala, Mrs. Betty Jo Petefish The Division ' s secretaries Mrs. Marguerite Pomfret Assistant Coordinator of Student Aid Col. Ralph T. Simpson Coordinator of Student Aid 33 34 Dean Glenn W. Hardy College of Agriculture and Home Economics Agriculture and Home Economics The University of Arkansas College of Agriculture and Home Economics trains people for a wide variety of professions from agriculture to business. This fast growing department has increased 40% in the last 3 years. According to Dean Glenn W. Hardy, enrollment has reached the highest peak since 1950. Dr. C. L. Wilson of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics last year received the Alumni ' s out- standing faculty member award for research. Research in the College is being done in insect control. Study of diseases in plants and animals goes beyond treatment to basic research. Horticultural Food Science is a new department that has been added to the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. A new event taking place this spring will be the High School Visitation Day for 100 outstanding students in the high school level. 35 Dean Robbin C. Anderson College of Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences continues to have enrollment of about one third of the student body. Dean Robbin C. Anderson is head of the College, assisted by Dean Robert Fairchild. The faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences is continuing a study of degree requirements with a series of committees established in areas such as natural sci- ences, fine arts, literature and basic languages with authority to experiment with new developments. Study is being done by the College to develop a stronger advisory system and make increased use of advanced placement and standing. Study is also being done of credit by examination and the pass-fail system. Plans are being completed on the Communications Center which will partially house the English, speech, foreign languages and journalism departments. 36 Associate Dean Robert Fairchild 37 38 r - Dean H. H. Kronenberg College of Education The College of Education Dean H. H. Kronenberg has headed the College of Education since 1945. Robert M. Roelfs is the assistant dean. The College increased enrollment 8% this past fall over the previous fall. Dean Kronenberg attributes this growth to better salaries for teachers. Growth has been in the areas of English, social studies, art, journalism, elementary and physical education. Departments in the College of Education are Educa- cational Administration and Research, Counselor Edu- cation, Special Education, Vocational Education, Ele- mentary Education and Secondary Education. A Research Coordination Unit carries out research in the department of Vocational Education. This year the College of Education offices are hous- ed in the new Graduate Education building. Alilltint Dean Robert M. Reilfl 39 Dean George F. Branigan College of Engineering The College of Engineering The principal aim of the College of Engineering is to train young men and women in the basic and special- ized concepts of engineering. This College, however, recognizes that if its graduates are to gain and hold stature in their profession, they must have scholastic training in fields other than engineering. Under present conditions, the engineering graduate must have a back- ground of sound scientific and economic principles and must be acquainted with industrial practices in his chosen field before he can assume responsibility in the profession. The College of Engineering offered curriculums ac- credited by the Engineer ' s Council for Professional Development leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in seven fields. Degrees were available in Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Sci- ence, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Indus- trial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. In co- operation with the University ' s Graduate School, the College offered a program leading to Master of Science degree and Doctor of Philosophy degree in various de- partments. A student with a bachelor ' s degree in one of the fields may qualify for a second degree in another department in one academic year in the College of En- gineering. Assistant Dean Themis Jefferson 40 " 41 Dean Virgil W. Adkisson University ' s Graduate School The University ' s Graduate School The University of Arkansas Graduate School, estab- lished in 1927, awarded 64 doctorates at the January commencement. A Doctorate of Philosophy in mathe- matics was awarded for the first time in January. The Graduate School has offered doctorates in English and chemistry for 15 years. Headed by Dean Virgil W. Adkisson, the Graduate School is anticipating expansion of the computer sys- tem for research and educational purposes. The Gradu- ate Education Building, used for the first time this year, is one of the finest of its kind, according to Dean Adkisson. The new Administration Building will house the offices of the Graduate School and the Graduate Coor- dination of Research. The University also has a Graduate Center in Little Rock which was founded 21 years ago. 43 Dean Ralph Barnhart University ' s Law School The University ' s Law School In our modern world society depends more and more upon lawyers as our civilization ' s laws and regu- lations multiply. We appreciate more than ever before that the fulfillment of justice requires that everyone have the help of a lawyer when he is in serious trouble, be he rich or poor, young or old, black or white. If the changes in society are to be orderly and just, the help of the lawyer is indispensible. We must, therefore, educate more lawyers than we have in the past and those we educate must be knowl- edgeable about the problems of the modern world. The faculty of the School of Law is dedicated to providing our law students with the training that will prepare them to meet these greater responsibilities of the legal profession and to uphold the traditions of services to mankind. Increased opportunities for law study are provided by the evening division in Little Rock in addition to the full-time division in Fayetteville. 44 PROJECTMMU MECHANICAL . . ELECTRICAL PAGAN EtfCTOC CCMPv Storm W ha ley Vice President for Health Sciences Medical Center at Little Rock Storm Whaley, as Vice President for Health Sci- ences of the University of Arkansas, is responsible for administration of the University Medical Center in Little Rock. In addition to awarding 157 professional and bac- calaureate degrees, the Medical Center prepared to ad- mit 20 students in a new School of Dental Hygiene and six cytotechnology students in a new educational pro- gram in the Department of Pathology of the School of Medicine. Curricula changes were instituted in the Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy. A third-generation computer was installed at the Medical Center this summer which can monitor the vital signs of patients in intensive care and provide in- stant hospital management information. Construction was begun on a new Child Study Unit which will not only provide for the psychiatric evaluation and treat- ment of children but also will contain a school for Ar- kansas teachers of children with learning problems. 47 Dean John P. Owen College of Business Administration College of Business Administration Changes were made this fall in the requirements for three undergraduate degrees of the College of Busi- ness Administration. The degrees affected by the new program are the Bachelor of Science degrees in Indus- trial Management, Business Administration, and Public Administration. In addition to these the requirements for the remaining degrees remain unchanged. These in- clude Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy in Economics. A Business Advisory Committee was active during the year playing an active and constructive role in de- termining and attaining the long-run objectives of the College. This committee consisting primarily of Deans and faculty members has been largely responsible for suggesting important changes made this year. Interested in maintaining the highest standards within the Col- lege of Business Administration, the administration this year has placed emphasis on reorganization, and quali- tative improvement within the framework of existing programs. Associate Dean M. G. Bridenstein 48 49 50 PERSONALITIES 51 Who ' s Who John Michael Condit Pre-Med (Chemistry); DeRidder, Louisiana; Sigma Nu, Treasurer, Board of Governors, Scholarship Chairman, Alumni Contact Officer, Pledge Class Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Alpha Epsilon Delta, President, Historian; Cardinal XX; Phi Eta Sigma; Out- standing Army ROTC Bandsman; Sigma Nu Scholarship Award; Dean ' s List; U of A Representative to AED National Convention; Nine- Weeks Grades Committee; Student Science Council; Co-ordinator of IFC Lecture Series; IFC Scholarship Committee; Young Republicans; Freshman Pre-Med Club; Intramural Football; 1968 Merck Index Award to Outstanding Chemistry Major; Chemistry Honors Program; Photo- chemical Research Program in Or- ganic Chemistry. Diane E. McKinney Dietetics; Huntsville; Kappa Alpha Theta, Corresponding Secretary, So- cial Chairman, Scholarship Pledge Award; Alpha Lambda Delta, Instal- lation Chairman; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, President, Chaplain; Mortar Board; Tau Beta Sigma; Phi Upsi- lon Omicron Outstanding Freshman Award; Gamma Sigma Delta, Out- standing Sophomore Award; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board Tapping Award; Razorback Marching Band, Major- ette; U of A Concert Band; Sopho- more Counselors; Agri Students As- sociation, Executive Council; Young Democrats Club, Program Commit- tee; AWS, Hotz Academic Affairs Committee; US Army Summer Die- tetics Practicum. George Floyd Lease Business Administration; Fort Smith; U of A Scholarship; Honor Gradu- ate, AFROTC Basic Course; Out- standing Cadet, Officer Training Pro- gram; Blue Key, Executive Board, Alumni Secretary; Tau Alpha Upsi- son; Dean ' s List; Associated Student Government, President, Vice-Presi- dent; Men ' s Inter-Hall Council, Pres- ident; Men ' s Sophomore Council, President; Resident Assistant; Halla- balloo Co-director; National Associ- ation of College and University Resi- dent Halls, President; Senate Joint Unification Council; Senate Execu- tive Cabinet; Arkansas Boosters Club; Hallaballoo Steering Commit- tee. 52 Linda Jo Faulkner Economics; Fayetteville; Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Junior Ad- visor, Senior Advisor; Association of Women Students, President, IAWS Chairman, Academic Affairs Com- mittee, Legislative Board, Delegate to State and Regional Conventions; Honor Society Council; Tau Alpha Upsilon; Mortar Board; Kappa Alpha Theta Scholarship Award; Jewel Minnis Scholarship; John Rust Scholarship; Dean ' s List; Resi- dent Assistant; Board of Publica- tions; Sophomore Counselors; Kappa Alpha Theta, Co-Rush Chairman, Recommendations Chairman, Stand- ards Board Chairman; Senate Dis- count Committee, Secretary ; Japanese Exchange Program; Woodrow Wil- son Nominee; College Business Sym- posium; Greek Week Banquet Com- mittee, Chairman ; Off Campus Wom- en; Contact. Barrel Allan Rice Industrial Engineering; Bentonville; Blue Key, Secretary; Tau Alpha Up- silon, President Tau Beta Pi; Student Senate, Senior Engineering Senator, Chairman of Senate Reporting Dis- tricts, Chairman of Housing Depart- ment; Alpha Pi Mu; Dean ' s List; William House, Assistant Head Resident, Resident Assistant, Presi- dent: Phi Eta Sigma; Engineer- ing Council; RAZORBACK Sec- tion Co-Editor; TRAVELER, Cir- culation Manager; Collegiate Sing- ers; Engine Rally Committee; Men ' s Inter-Hall Council, Outstanding Man in Residence Halls, Scholarship, Exe- cutive Council, Co-Chairman of Resi- dence Hall Week, Chairman of Poli- tical Commission, National, Midwest, Southeast Delegate to NACURH Con- ventions; American Institute of In- dustrial Engineers, President. Anne Marie Bilh eimer English and Social Studies; Little Rock; AWS, Legislative Board, Ex- ecutive Board; AWS Judicial Board Chairman; Chimes; Chi Omega, As- sistant Vice-President, District Rush Chairman, Vice-President, Scholar- ship Chairman; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board; IFC Model Pledge Nominee; Student Senate, Junior Education Senator, Senate Employment Com- mittee, Chairman; Civic Club; Stu- dent National Education Association, Treasurer; Singfony; Cardinal Key Organization Committee ; Selection Committee; Lambda Chi Alpha Cres- cent Girl; Hotz Hall, Vice-President, House Council, Judicial Board Chair- man, AWS Judicial Board Represen- tative; Episcopal Council of Advice, Secretary; National Executive Coun- cil Committee of Episcopal Colleges and University Students, Arkansas ' representative. 53 Who ' s Who Charles Albert Hanby Electrical Engineering ; Berry ville ; Sigma Nu, Treasurer, Board of Gov- ernors; Blue Key, Vice-President; Cardinal XX, President; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; ARKANSAS ENGINEER, Feature Editor; Engineering Council, Rally Chairman, Ticket Committee Chair- man; Theta Tau, Secretary, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Pledge Class Presi- dent; Outstanding Sophomore Elec- trical Engineer; National Science Foundation Research Grant; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engi- neers, Vice-President, Engineering Council Representative; U of A IEEE Papers Contest, First Place. Tommie Jean (T. J.) Patterson Journalism; Clarksville; RAZOR- BACK, Co-Editor, Administrative As- sistant, Residence Hall Editor, Secre- tary to Editor; Tau Alpha Upsilon; Outstanding Junior Journalism; Ark- la Gas Company Scholarship; Resi- dence Hall Book, Editor; Coed Com- plex, Lieutenant Governor, Govern- ment Committee, Chairman, Consti- tution Committee; Board of Publica- tions, Member; Hallaballoo, Steering Committee, Poster Committee ; Guide- lines for Residence Halls Committee; Arkansas Booster Club; Representa- tive to Mid-Western Association of University and College Residence Halls. H. Nason K. Brookings, Jr. Industrial Engineering; Shreveport, Louisiana; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President, Secretary, Delegate to Leadership School, Homecoming Dec- orations, Chairman, Campus Elec- tions, Chairman, Board of Gover- nors; Blue Key, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi, Banquet Committee Chair- man; Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary; Dean ' s List; AFROTC Outstanding Graduate of Officers ' Training Pro- gram; Razorback Swim Team, Var- sity Letterman; Engineering Council, Treasurer, Professional Luncheon Committee, Chairman; Theta Tau, In- tramurals, Corresponding Secretary; Arkansas Booster Club, Treasurer; ARKANSAS ENGINEER, Feature Editor; US Naval Reserve, Officer Candidate: Young Republicans Club; International Club; AFROTC Ameri- can Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Award; American Institute of Indus- trial Engineers. 54 Sarah Margaret Watt Business Administration; Rust on Louisiana; Chi Omega, President, Pledge Class President, Honor Pledge Award; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Associated Student Govern- ment, Secretary; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-President ; Chi Theta, Projects Chairman; Inter- Fraternity Pledge Council; Account- ing Association, Secretary, Publicity Chairman; Panhellenic; IAWS Com- mittee; Student Union Special Pro- jects Committee; Sophomore Coun- selors; Resident Assistant; Com- merce Guild, Vice-President of Soph- omore Class, Secretary of Junior Class; Fulbright Hall, House Coun- cil, Section Manager. Stephen H. Freeman Industrial Engineering; North Little Rock; Phi Delta Theta, Inter-Frater- nity Council Representative, Scholar- ship Chairman; Tau Beta Pi, Presi- dent, Outstanding Freshman Engi- neer; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; Blue Key, President, Secretary; En- gineering Council, Convocation Com- mittee; Cardinal XX, Secretary; University Scholarship ; Advanced AFROTC, Group Commander; AFROTC Scholarship; Civic Club; Theta Tau, President, Vice-President, Board of Governors, Building Com- mittee Chairman; Society of Ameri- can Military Engineers, Gold Medal; Student Senate, Junior Engineering Senator, Senate Transit Committee Chairman; American Institute of In- dustrial Engineers. Margaret Kay Carson Journalism; Monticello; Futrall Hall, Judicial Board; Outstanding Sopho- more Journalist; Outstanding Junior Journalist; Memphis Press Club Award; Cabot Star-Herald Scholar- ship; TRAVELER, Editor, Associate Editor, Copy Editor, Reporter; Board of Publications; A-BOOK, Associate Editor; Homecoming Committee; New Student Orientation Committee; Public Information Committee; Southwestern Journalism Congress. 55 Who ' s Who Terry Thomas Stewart Chemical Engineering; Fort Smith; Phi Delta Theta; Cardinal XX; Var- sity Football Letterman; Wilson Sharp House, President; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Sigma; Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes; Senior Class President; Omicron Delta Kap- pa. Judy M. Hersey Dietetics; Farmington; Chi Omega, Treasurer, Standards Board; Mortar Board; Resident Assistant; Angel Flight, Comptroller, Commander, Chairman of Uniform Committee, Outstanding Angel Award; Sigma Pi Sweetheart; Debate Team; Phi Upsi- lon Omicron; Agriculture and Home Economics Honor Roll; Student Sen- ate, Junior Senator, Chairman of Nine Weeks Grades Committee; Sophomore Counselor; Danforth Award Finalist; John Rusk Founda- tion Scholarship; Oaklawn Jockey Club Scholarship; Washington Coun- ty Home Demonstrators Club Schol- arship; 4-H House, Recording Secre- tary; Women ' s Inter-Hall Council, Treasurer; Civic Club; Young Re- publicans; WIHC Elections Commit- tee, Chairman; American Home Eco- nomics Association; Agriculture Stu- dents ' Association; United Campus Christian Fellowship, Social Chair- man. James G. Burnett Political Science; Clinton; Blue Key; Tau Alpha Upsilon; Pi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List; Men ' s Inter-House Con- gress, President, Parliamentarian, Ex- ecutive Council, Constitutional Re- vision Committee, Academic Com- mittee, Academic Committee, Chair- man of Campus Affairs Commission; Student Relations Committee; Asso- ciated Students Executive Cabinet; Young Republicans, President, Vice- President, Parliamentarian; Young Republican League of Arkansas, Vice- Chairman; Distinguished Lectures Committee; Delegate to National As- sociation of College and University Residence Halls Conference; Midwest Association of NACURH Communi- cations Coordinator; Delegate to Na- tional Young Republican Leadership Training Conference. 56 Sally Payne Sedwick Chemistry; Kenilworth, Illinois; Al- pha Lambda Delta, Vice-President; Mortar Board, Scholarship Chair- man; Dean ' s List; Ad Hoc Commit- tee on Student Conduct; Kappa Al- pha Theta, Scholarship Award, Edi- tor, Recording S ecretary; Sophomore Counselor; RAZORBACK, Personali- ties Editor; Fulbright Hall, Secre- tary; Carnall Hall, Vice-President; Student Science Council; Sailing Club, Instructor; Chemistry Scholar; National Science Foundation Under- graduate Research Participant; Amer- ican Chemical Society Student Affili- ate Chapter, President, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary, Program Chairman; Panhellenic Rush Book, Cover De- sign; Photographer of Wesley Mem- bership Bulletin; Women ' s Recrea- tion Association, Tennis Champion; Associated Women Students, Com- munications Committee. Don Lee Gibson Management; Springdale; Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Vice-President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Master, Hon- or Pledge; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer; Cardinal XX, Secretary; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Dean ' s List ; Inter- fraternity Council, Treasurer, Execu- tive Council; Scabbard and Blade; Student Senator; Student Senate Dis- count Committee, Co-Chairman, Street Conditions Committee ; Advanced Army ROTC, Deputy Brigade Com- mander, Superior Cadet Award; Dis- tinguished Military Student; Ameri- can Legion Scholarship Award; Ar- kansas Booster Club; Circle K; Miss U of A Judge ' s Committee, Co-Chair- man. Julia Ann Kaps Music Education; Muskogee, Okla- homa; Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chairman ; Mortar Board, Secretary ; Angel Flight, Administrative Officer; Sophomore Counselor; Resident As- sistant; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President, Fraternity Education Chairman, Model Pledge, Membership Chair- man, Pledge Class Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Music Department Scholarship; Sigma Alpha Iota Schol- arship; Symphony Society Scholar- ship; University Scholarship; Pan- hellenic Council; Senate Elections Committee, Nine Weeks ' Grades Committee; German Club; U of A Symphony; Fort Smith Symphony; Honors Day Convocation Committee, Secretary; Associated Women Stu- dents, Queens Committee; Arkansas Booster Club; Music Educators Na- tional Conference. 57 Who ' s Who William Floyd Murphy Chemical Engineering; Stuttgart; Theta Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Tau Sigma, Treasurer; Blue Key, Alumni Secretary; Out- standing Sophomore Physics Stu- dent; Outstanding Sophomore Chem- ical Engineering Student; Outstand- ing Senior Chemical Engineering Student; General Motors Scholar- ship; Men ' s Sophomore Council; Humphrey ' s Hall Senate; ARKAN- SAS ENGINEER, Business Manager; Engineering Council, Printing Com- mittee Chairman; Chemical Engi- neering Open House, Chairman; American Institute for Chemical En- gineers, Treasurer. Brenda Jeanine Hemenway Spanish; Newport; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi, Vice-Presi- dent; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board, President; Tau Alpha Upsilon, Secretary; Sophomore Counselors, Vice-President; NDEA Summer Spanish Institute; Carnall Hall, President; Women ' s Inter-Hall Council; AWS Legislative Council; Resident Assistant, Selection Com- mittee; Public Information Commit- tee, Chairman; Senate Advisor Sys- tem Committee, Chairman; Student National Education Association; Ex- ecutive Secretary to President of As- sociated Students; Spanish Club; Laura Yeater Scholarship; C. M. Gooch Scholarship; Alcoa Scholar- ship. Steven Allen Slack Plant Pathology; Fayetteville; Sigma Pi, President, Alumni Secretary, Pledge Class Secretary, Judicial Board Chairman, Intramural Chair- man; Interfraternity Council, Vice- President, Rush Chairman; Blue Key, Secretary, Nominations Com- mittee Chairman; Alpha Zeta; Dean ' s List; Scabbard and Blade; DIREC- TORY Staff; Outstanding Sigma Pi; Joint Unification Council; Alpha Phi Omega; Operation Recon. - . .:-:- 58 btol Mural Chair- Council, Vice- airman; Blue nations Com- uZda: Don ' s M a i Sue Johnston Biological Science; Fayetteville ; Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Scholarship Chairman, Rush Recommendations Chairman, Pledge Scholarship Chair- man; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Sophomore Counselors; Panhellenic, Junior Rep- resentative; Scabbard and Blade Honorary Major; Association of Women Students, Academic Affairs Committee, Queens Committee; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents, Vice- President. Francis Eugene Debons Chemistry; Paragould; Blue Key; Phi Eta Sigma ; Dean ' s List ; Tau Al- pha Upsilon, Treasurer, Charter Member; Resident Assistant; Yocum Assistant Head Resident, Discipline Council; RA Council, Senate Ad- visor; MIHC Academic Committee, Chairman ; Intramural Board of Gov- ernors; Chemistry Scholar; Chemis- try Honors Program; National Sci- ence Foundation Undergraduate Re- search Program; American Chemi- cal Society; Newman Club, Outstand- ing Catholic Freshman; Men ' s Soph- omore Council; TRAVELER, Circu- lation Manager; Hallaballoo, Steer- ing Committee, Ticket Sales Commit- tee Chairman; Student Senate Radio Committee; President ' s Ad Hoc Com- mittee on University Calendar. Pamela Diane Norwood Elementary Education; Mineral Springs; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres- ident, Scholarship Chairman, Pledge Rush Chairman, Singfony Director; Panhellenic, Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, Historian; Mortar Board; Chimes; Razorback Beauty Finalist; Senator; Schola Cantorum; UArk- ettes ; Singfony ; Sophomore Counsel- ors; Association of Women Students, Queens Committee; Senate Advisory Committee; First Runnerup to Miss U of A, Miss Congeniality; WRA Basketball Team ; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma Dickinson Junior Achievement Award, Junior Scholarship Award. 59 Who ' s Who , Robert Clyde Patton Pre-Med; Lewisville; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Class President; Interfraterni- ty Council, President, Vice-President ; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Blue Key; Cardinal XX, Treasurer; Interfraternity Pledge Council, Presi- dent; Greek Week Committee Chair- man; Student Relations Committee. Rebecca Anderson Hartman Math, Piano; Fayetteville ; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board, Song leader; Off-Campus Women, WRA Represen- tative; Sophomore Counselors; Women ' s Recreational Association, Executive Board; AWS Legislative Board, Summer Freshman Orienta- tion; Student Court Justice; Sigma Alpha Iota Vice-President, Fraterni- ty Education Chairman, Patroness Chairman, Sword of Honor; Tau Beta Sigma, President, Vice-Presi- dent, Membership Chairman, Publici- ty Chairman, National and District Conventions; Campus Gold; U of A Marching Band, Concert Band, Or- chestra; National Intercollegiate Band; Sigma Alpha Iota Scholarship; National and District Tau Beta Sig- ma-Kappa Kappa Psi Conventions. lit Eiffel an to to Ud He . ' ' ' John Randolph Marshall Pre-Law; Lenexa, Kansas; Sigma Chi, President, Social Chairman; As- sociated Student Government, Vice- President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Cardinal XX; Dean ' s List; Young Republicans, Executive Committee; RAZORBACK, Section Editor; TRAVELER, Reporter; Student Sen- ate Committee; Gaebale Committee; Tau Kappa Alpha, Vice-President; Athletic Scholarship; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Varsity Baseball; Interfraternity Directive Council; Varsity Debate Squad; Rhodes Schol- arship Nominee. ir Benlco iff r .Iran to - bkltCi (to A-v. krdan. ( kt [1 60 Rebecca Jean Williams English and Speech; Fort Smith; Pi Beta Phi, President, Model Pledge, Model Member, Scholarship Pledge, Executive Council, Standards Board; Assistant Pledge Trainer, Pledge Class Vice- President; Dean ' s List; Sophomore Counselor; Mortar Board; Panhellenic; Kappa Delta Pi; Lambda Tau, Vice-President ; Doro- thy Benton Scholarship; Academic Affairs Committee; Young Demo- crats; Associated Women Students; Gaebale Carnival Committee; Inter- national Club; Student National Edu- cation Association; Hotz Hall Floor Secretary, Communications Commit- tee. Richard Whitt Hall Pre-Med; North Little Rock; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President, Pledge Train- er, Scholarship Chairman, Alumni Chairman, Chaplain; Theta Tau; Omicron Delta Kappa, Speaker Chairman; Cardinal XX; Dean ' s List; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Senator; Arkansas Booster Club, Pledge Trainer; Engi- neering Council, Publicity Chairman; Human Relations Council; Arkansas Society of Mechanical Engineers. Katherine Diane Starnes Psychology; Little Rock; Alpha Chi Omega, President, Pledge Class Pres- ident, Scholarship Pledge; Panhel- lenic; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Psychology Honors Program; Dean ' s List; Psi Chi, Secretary, Treasurer; Resident Assistant; Asso- ciated Women Students, Academic Affairs Committee Chairman, Legis- lative Council; Student-Faculty Rela- tions Committee; Sophomore Counse- lor; Inter-Fraternity Pledge Council; Senate Apartment Survey Commit- tee; AWS Elections Committee; Out- standing Co-ed in Social Sciences; Hotz Hall, House Council, Assistant House Manager; Jewel Minnis Schol- arship; University Scholarship; Lila Adkisson Scholarship. 61 Who ' s Who Carol Ada Meade Speech Therapy; Fayetteville ; Delta Delta Delta, President, District Rush Chairman, Activities Chairman; As- sociated Women Students, Vice-Pres- ident; Resident Assistant; Panhel- lenic; AWS Judicial Board; AWS Legislative Council, Chairman; Stu- dent Union Governing Board; Ar- kansas Booster Club; Student Serv- ices Senate Committee; I AWS Com- mittee; Cardinal Key Selection Com- mittee; Student Union Special Pro- jects Committee; Resident Assistant Selection Committee. Jean Nolan Woodell English; West Memphis; Kappa Kap- pa Gamma, Pledge Class President, Public Relations Chairman, News- letter Editor, Northwest Arkansas Rush Chairman, Vice-President, Scholarship Award Key, Activities Award Key; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chimes, Vice-President ; Lambda Tau, Treasurer; Angel Flight, Execu- tive Officer; Mortar Board; Dean ' s List; Freshman Senator; Sophomore Counselor; Interfraternity Pledge Council, Secretary, Model Sorority Pledge; Singfony; Arts and Science Senator; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweet- heart; Senior Class Secretary; Young Democrats ; Women ' s Recreational Association; Associated Women Stu- dents; AWS Academic Affairs Com- mittee; Artists and Concerts Commit- tee; Gaebale Publicity Committee; Senate Faculty Evaluations Commit- tee; Arts and Sciences, Number One Scholastically. 62 Connie May Wing Music; Fayetteville ; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board, Vice-President; Tau Beta Sigma, Secretary, Chronicles Chairman, Scholarship; Sigma Alpha Iota, Recording Secretary, Scholar- ship; Razorback Band; National In- tercollegiate Band; U of A Symphony Orchestra ; Sophomore Counselors ; AWS, Legislative Council; U of A Percussion Ensemble, Brass Choir; Baptist Student Union, Publicity Chairman; Off-Campus Women, President, Vice-President, Publicity Chairman; Music Educator ' s Nation- al Conference; Orville J. Hall Schol- arship. Margaret Theresa Marks Pre-Med; Port Arthur, Texas; Kappa Alpha Theta, President, Vice-Presi- dent, Pledge Class President, Stand- ards Board, Model Pledge Award, Scholarship Award, Outstanding Member Award, Delegate to National Convention; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board; Panhellenic Scholarship; Sig- ma Delta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Secretary ; Tau Kappa Alpha, Sopho- more Representative; Associated Women Students, Judicial Board, Academic Affairs Committee, Finance Committee, Judicial Board Advisor; Sophomore Counselor; Debate Team; Sailing Club; Panhellenic Council; Interfraternity Pledge Council; Gae- bale Committee; Student Union Spe- cial Projects Committee; Women ' s Recreational Association; Southern Speech Association. 63 ASG Becomes More Issue-Orientated After Walter Slaughter was elected to office in the spring of ' 68, he and a selection committee set up the framework for the 1968-69 year. During the summer, plans were made and speakers scheduled for the con- tinuance of the Symposium program. However when fall came, a controversy arose over the number of hours he had carried the previous semes- ter and consequently, he resigned, turning the reigns of government over to vice-pre sident George Lease. Lease chose to continue Slaughter ' s programs, although he did not hesitate to add those of his own or de-emphasize others. After Slaughter ' s resignation, it was up to the Stu- dent Senate to elect a new vice-president. When the final vote was cast, Randy Marshall emerged as the vice-president. This year ' s student government found itself more issue-oriented than those of the past. It passed a resolu- tion that was sent to the legislature favoring a state tax package to provide more revenue for higher education. In March, the state Senate passed a resolution con- demning the appearance of Muhammad Ali at Sym- posium ' 69. Three days after the Senate Resolution, the Arkansas House passed a resolution commending the Student Senate for their speaker program. The newest program this year was the establishment of a Recruitment Bureau. The Bureau began traveling to high schools around the state in February. Word seemed to spread about their programs, resulting in many requests for visits that the Bureau was not able to fill. Another accomplishment was the setting up of Senate reporting districts. Each Senator was responsible to report to a different district after each meeting. In some cases, this plan was excellent in informing the students and in enabling senators to take comments back to the Senate. However, the plan ' s success de- pended upon the attitude of the Senator himself and on the student response. In many instances neither was what it should have been. In conclusion, many people worked with officers Lease, Marshall, Sarah Watt, and Bill Williams to make the year the type of year it was. Serving as administra- tive assistants to Lease were David Davies and Jim Mc- Kenzie. They all combined their efforts toward making student government a more dynamic instrument of student voice on campus. George F. Lease Jr., President of Associated Students 64 Randy Marshall Vice-President of Associated Students Bill Williams Treasurer of Associated Students Sara Watt Secretary of Associated Students 65 STUDENT SENATE: First Row: Carolyn Bassett, Marty Bettis, Tim Boe, Jane Bonady, John Boyle, Linda Butler, Larry Davis, Wendy Dodge, Don Gibson, Jack (Jordan. Second Row: Bill Granderson, Ann Hartenstein, Jim Hawkins, Bill Henry, Laurie Hogan, Nelson Johnson, Gerald Jordan, John Keel, Pat Keeling, Frank Little. Third Row: David Majors, Phil Malcolm, Sue Ann McNulty, Russ Meeks, Mickey Miller, Sherry Newman, Steve Nickles, Pam Norwood, Ann Pride, Darrell Rice. Fourth Row: Hershel Rice, Steve Stephens, Jerre Stacker, Jeff Taylor Bob Tucker, Marc Watson, Bill Wellons, Jerry Williams, Stanley Wingert. SSOC gels in on the Senate action. 66 I. Senate Backs Reapportionment There were some bright flashes of honest interest and attempts at reform in the 1968-69 Senate. After several years of discussion this year ' s Senate took the lead in urging students to adopt a reapportionment amendment to the Student Senate Constitution. The amendment provides for one representative for each living group and one representative for every 200 off- campus students who voted in the previous general elec- tions. Living groups with over 200 people will be given two representatives. In an attempt to alleviate the carnival atmosphere and bribing of the past, the Senate also adopted a new, considerably more restrictive election code. Gone from the spring elections were the lemonade stands and honky-tonk pianos mounted on trucks. Finding itself more issue-oriented than in the past, the Senate passed resolutions supporting the Theta ' s successful attempt to rezone property for a hou:e, prais- ed President Mullins for standing behind the Symposium program while protests concerning Muhammad Ali ' s appearance were being received and pledged support to the State Legislature for a tax package which would provide more revenue for state-supported institutions. George Lease, ASG President Student Senator Mike Warr voices his opinion. 67 Department Heads: Garry Hargis, Don Gibson and Doug Fugate Recruitment Bureau: Marty Davis, Carole Nichols, George Myers, Cindy Johnson, Dale Hill and Vicki Stephens. 68 Jim McKenzie and David Davies Administrative Assistants Chuck Banks and Jane Adams Symposium Chairmen Pam Srneff and Dorothy Allred, Secretaries 70 SENIORS Seniors First Row: John D. ABSHIER: Lincoln; Zoology; Scabbard and Blade. Gary Charles ADAMS: Piggott; P. E. Melva Ann ADAMS: Fayetteville ; Elementary Ed. Suzanne ADAMS: Camden; Elem. Ed.; Coed-Complex. Ted Randy ADKINS: Longview, Tex.; Marketing. Second Row: Victor G. AEBY: Pleasant Hill, Missouri; P. E.. Sandra Kaye AIKMAN: Bluff ton; Home EC.; Reid. Wayne Henry AINSLIE: Cohasset, Mass.; Finance; Buchanan House. Tia Lynn AKINS: DeQueen; Home EC.; AXO; AHEA; Agri Students Ass., Publicity Ch.; French Club; Marketing Club; YRC. Lawrence Allen ALEXANDER: Platte City, Mo.; Math. Third Row: Barbara Jean ALLEN: Dardanelle; Elem. Ed. Con- nie Anne ALLEN: Rogers; Geology; A. S. Honors Program. Loren Barry ALLEN: Knobel; Pre-Med. Troy Ceasar ALLEY: Pine Bluff; Electrical Eng.; William House; HKN: IEEE. Nancy Catherine ALL- MENDINGER: Rogers; Elem. Ed.; YRC. Fourth Row: Samuel David ALPHIN: El Dorado; Business; K2, Rush Ch.; IFC, Rush Comm.; Campus Lover. Howell C. AMES: Ft. Smith; Industrial Eng.; A M, Pres.; AIIE, Engineering Council. James Redman ANDERSON: Ozark; Elect. Eng.; Holcombe. Pa- tricia A. ANDERSON: Pine Bluff; El. Ed. Susan ANDERTON: Shreveport, La.; El. Ed.; Reid. Fifth Row: Donald Charles ANGEL: Waldron; Elect. Eng. Connie G. ANTHONY: Mt. Ida; Education; KA6; Uarkettes; 2AI. Janet Lynn ANTHONY: El Dorado; Ed.; Xfi, Rush Ch.; ABC; Cheerleader; SNEA; TRAVELER Staff; Sweetheart of 2X. Bobby Joe APPLEGATE: Delight; Geology. Raymond Francis AQUILINA: Athens, Greece: Political Science; IIKA. Sixth Row: Michael Rue] ARCHER: DeQueen; Finance; Hol- combe. Julien Coty ARPIN: West Fork; Journalism. Larry Dean ASSELIN: Branson, Mo.; Marketing; Acacia. James Wesley AT- KINS: Mt. Home; Pre-Law; TKE, Treas., Chaplain; Student-Facul- ty Relations Comm.; National Organization Comm.; AKSF; SAM; YFC, V. Pres.; IFC Oracle, Bus. Mgr.; Dean ' s List; Pres. of TKE Pledge Class; AK Pledge Class Sec.; IFC. William Henry AU- MAN: Alpena; Gen. Bus. Seventh Row: Harold AVERY: Delight; Agri. Econ.; ASA Eng., Treas.; Agri. Econ Club, Reporter. Dennis W. AVLOS: Ft. Smith; Nat. Sc. A6. Susan Roane BADGETT: McGehee; Elem. Ed.; AXS7; SNEA; YDC; Soph. Counselor; Fulbright Judicial Board; Student-Faculty Relations Comm. Jerry Lynn BAILEY: Russellville; Chemistry; Holcomb. Sarah Elizabeth BAIRD: Shreveport, La.; Art; Xfi; AWS Communications Comm.; S.U. Entertainment Comm.; Homecoming Maid; Rush Book, Art Ed. Eighth Row: Claudia Lynne BAKER: Tulsa, Okla.; Speech; Reid, Sec. Terry L. BAKER: Kennett, Mo.; Business Ad.; Razorback Bas- ketball. Bernard John BAKKER: White Plains, N. Y.; P. E.; PEM Club; AAHER. Billy Charles BALDWIN: Hot Springs; Geology. Ford Louis BALDWIN: Des Arc; Agri.; AFP; AZ; Agronomy Club. Ninth Row: Phillip Lynn BALKE: Lee ' s Summit, Mo.; Transpor- tation; 211; SAM; YRC. LaCreta Jane BALKMAN: Magazine; Marketing; Futrall; X6; Marketing Club. Patricia Carolyn BALL: Ft. Smith; Accounting; IIB , Treas., Pledge Treas.; AAA. Sec.; Soph. Counselor; X6; BA , Sec.; Commerce Guild, Exec. Sec.; Jr. Class Treas. Robert L. BALL: Oden; Zoology; YRC. Kenneth L. BALLARD: Murfreesboro ; E. E.; Holcombe; TBII; HKN; Student Court; R.A. Tenth Row: Rebecca Ellen BANE: North Little Rock; Journalism and English; Co- Ed Complex; Mortar Board, Co-Ch. Scholarship Comm.; Resident Assist.; WIHC, V. Pres., Social Ch.; TAT; TRAV- ELER Staff; Razorback, Dorm Reporter; Hallaballoo Steering Comm.; AWS. Charles Alfred BANKS: Blytheville; Bus. Ad.; AXA; Blue Key; Student Senator; IFC; Civic Club; Marketing Club; Co- Ch. Symposium. Charolette Jaylon BANKS: Springdale; Home EC.; Reid, Communications Rep.; Social Ch.-Razorback Hall; Social Ch.- Futrall Hall. Mannon George BANKSON, JR.: Malvern; Ind. Mngmt.; AIIE. Howard John BARAGER, III: Texarkana; Chemis- try ; ACSSA. Eleventh Row: Nancy Susan BARKER: Hampton, Va. ; Ed.; Fu- trall. Hubert Lynn BARKSDALE: Pine Bluff; Real Est. Ins.; G. Frada Ann BARLOW: Ft. Worth, Tex.; English; HB , Sen. Exec. Comm., Assist. House Mgr., Exec. Council; AWS Legislative Board; Soph. Counselor; ABC; House Mgrs. Board; Arrow Board. Jerry Glen EARNER: North Little Rock; Architecture. Ronnie R. EARNER: Forrest City; Ben. Bus. 72 Ryan Chosen Agri Queen First Row: Billy Bruce BARNES: Bentonville; Elect. Eng.; Civic Club; IEEE; Holcombe Hall, Intramural Mgr., House Council. Janis F. BARNES: Berryville; Marketing; AF; X6; Student Senate Comm. Ralph Barnett BARNES: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; AXA. Merl Otjen BARNS: Enid, Okla.; Eoon.; FA, Pres., Pledge Trainer, Intramural Ch.; IFC, Directive Council. Jacklyn S. BARRETT: Houston, Tex.; P. E.; KK1 ' , Registrar; ROTC Sponsor Rifle Team Sponsor; Alt. Cheerleader; Chimes; Soph. Counselor; WRA, Pres.; ABC; Dean ' s List; PEM Club, Programs Ch. Second Row: Ben Thomas BARRY: Ft. Smith; Marketing; j Ae, V. Pres., Rush Ch.; AK , V. Pres., Pledge Trainer; Student Sena- tor; Who ' s Who in B.A. School; Captain of Tennis Team; OAK; Scabbard and Blade; Dean ' s List. Wade Cole BARTON: Paris; Chem. Eng.; A fi, Sec.; AIChE. Garold R. BASE: Rogers; Physics; NADT, Treas.; NATT, V. Pres. Dale Eugene BASHAM: Mansfield; Physics. Jerald F. BASHAM: Little Rock; Elect. Eng.; IEEE; TBII; HKN. Third Row: Mary Kathryn BASINGER: Van Buren; Gen. Bus.; Futrall, Queen ' s Comm. and Religion Comm. John Robert BASS: Little Rock; Elect. Eng.; 2X, Scholarship Ch.; 9T, Sec., Pledge Trainer; TBII; HKN; ARKANSAS ENGINEER, Circulation Mgr.; TIME; IEEE. Don Carlon BASSETT: Fayetteville; Accounting; BA ; Ark. Ace. Ass. Margaret Elizabeth BATEMAN: Delight; Home EC. Ed.;AHEA, Chapter V.P.; Agri Student Ass. James E. BAUGH: Pine Bluff; Business; 2X, Treas.; YDC; AAA; Finance Com. -Student Gov ' t. ; ABC, Treas. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Ann BEALL: Helena; Architecture; IIB ; AIA. Betty Mae BEARD: Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; Spanish. Jerry R. BEARD: Fayetteville; El. Ed. John Berry BEARD: Augusta; El. Eng.; IEEE. Judy BEARD: Little Rock; Gen. Bus.; Futrall; XO. Fifth Row: Jack Dorsey BEARDEN: Little Rock; Pre-Med. John M. BEATTY: Lewisville; Agronomy; 2AE. Harold Dennis BEAVER: Pleasant Plains; Civil Eng.; ASCE; Men ' s Soph. Council. Steven Gregory BECK: Arkadelphia; Mech. Eng.; Sedgewell; 2AE; ASME; 42 ; Christian Science Org.; YRC; Sailing Club; Eng. Aviation Society. William H. BECKER: Ft. Smith; Elect. Eng.; Sedgewell; HKN; HME; IEEE; Resident Assist. Sixth Row: Barbara A. BELL: Parkin; English; AAII. Bonnie Margaret BELL: Dallas, Tex.; El. Ed.; ZTA, Soc. Ch.; ACE; AWS. David Lee BELL: Ft. Smith; Ind. Mgmt.; AKA, Pres.; AK ; Blue Key; SAM; Distinguished Military Student; Scabbard Blade; Pershing Rifles. Glenn E. BELL: Pine Bluff; El. Eng.; IEEE; NADT, V.P.; NATT. J. C. BELL: Alpena; Animal Science. Seventh Row: Mary Martha BELL: Fulton, Mo.; P. E.; Reid; Fulbright Hall, V. Pres., House Council; Reid Hall, Sec.; AWS Legis- lative Council; PEM Club; Civic Club; WRA. Wayne T. BELL: Rogers; Agri. Econ.; Farmhouse, V. Pres., Sec., Pledge Master; Animal Industry Club, Pres., V.P., Treas.; Agri. Econ. Club, V.P. William Howard BELL: Sparkman; Vo-Ag Animal Sc.; Animal Science Club; ATA. Stephanie Jeanine BELOTE: Little Rock; Mar- keting; ZTA, Corres. Sec.; YDC; AWS; Soph. Counselors. E. Michael BENDER: Strong; Speech. Eighth Row: Becky Ann BENNETT: Harrison; Spanish; AAH, Cor. Sec. Doris E. BENNETT: Carlisle; Marketing; Futrall; Mar- keting Club; X6. Janet Sue BENNETT: Ft. Smith; Art; Coed Com- plex. William A. BENNETT: North Little Rock; El. Eng.; William House; IEEE; Amateur Radio Club. Beverly Ann BENTON: Fay- etteville; History; KA9, Frat. Trends, Editor; YRC, Parl., V.P.; Nat. Collegiate Players; AAA; Sec. of Blackfriars; German Club; Dean ' s List. Ninth Row: Barbara Jo BERG: North Little Rock; El. Ed.; Coed- Complex. Kenneth Edward BERNER: Springdale; Mgmt. Steven Thomas BERNER: Little Rock; Gen. Bus.; 2AE, Recorder, House Mgr., Board of Governors; Cardinal XX; Scabbard Blade; ABC. John Gaylon BERRY: Dardanelles P. E.; HKA, Sec., Pledge Master; Civic Club; YDC; PEM Club. Judith Anne BERRY: Shawnee Mis- sion, Kan.; El. Ed.; Reid, House Mgr.; YRC; SNEA. Tenth Row: Marilyn E. BERRY: Harrisburg; Gen. Science; AAII, Sec., House Mgr.; SNEA; YRC. Farrish Earl BETTON: Little Rock; Elec. Eng.; IEEE. John Thomas BEYENKA: Santa Maria, Calif.; Finance. Dorothy Davis BIBBY: Texarkana; Elem. Ed. Ann Marie BILHEIMER: Little Rock; English; Xf2, V.P.; Hotz, V.P.; Judicial Board Ch.-Hotz; Soph. Counselor; Chimes; SNEA, Treas.; Student Senate; Chairman, AWS Judicial Board. 73 " Pornography, pornography Now, what does thsT word mean? " " Where is that book on child care? ' " Gat rid ef Dixie? Hell I I ' d rather be drafted. " ialr) - : : . i. 74 Senior Key System Adopted first Row: George BINGHAM: W. Helena; Mkt.; Mkt. Club; BAD. Edwin Williamson BIRD, Jr.: Monticello ; Mkt.; ZX; Mkt. Club; YDC. Patrick Kelly BISHOP: Green Forest; Management; SAM. Larry George BITTLE: Ft. Smith; Insurance; Mkt. Club; Finance Club; YRC. Elizabeth Ann BLACKSHIRE: Hartsville, S. C.; Eng. ; Coed Complex; R.A.; Dean ' s List. Second Row: James Edward BLACKWELL: Little Rock; Ac- counting; OCM; AAA; AK . James Ray BLANSCET: Lee ' s Sum- mit, Mo.; Bus.; AXA, Pledge Trainer; Mkt. Club. Robert Atherton BLANSHARD: Newport; Ind. Relations; SAE, Treas.; Finance Club; AK . George Werner BLOESCH, Jr.: W. Helena; Bus.; Coed Complex; R.A. Pamela A. BOCK: Ft. Smith; Elem. Ed.; Coed Complex; WIHC; YDC. Third Row: Thomas Hale BOGUN: Blytheville; Elect. Eng.; OCM; IEEE. Karel Eileen BOHLKEN: Little Rock; Elem. Ed.; Futrall. Katherine Louise BOLAND: El Dorado; Math.; IIB . Da- vid Bruce BOLES: Springdale; Chem. Eng.; Coed Complex. Jane Veronica BONADY: Wynne; Art; IIB ; Chimes; Soph. Counselor; Student Senate; R.A.; ABC; RAZORBACK Staff. Fourth Row: Donald O. BEOTH: Fayetteville; Elect. Eng.; IEEE. Mary Ann BORCHERT: Stuttg art; Math.; Reid; SNEA. Mandy BOREING: Magnolia; Elem. Ed.; IIB . Garrett Lee BOSLEY: North Little Rock; Civil Eng. Luther Harlan BOUDRA: Russell- ville; Civil Eng.; ASCE; XE; TBII; ROTC. Fifth Row: Curtis Russell BOURLAND: Camden; Trans.; Coed Complex. Susan Anthony BOWE: El Dorado; Journalism, Eng. Louis M. BOWEN: Forrest City; Econ.; SAE. Richard William BOWER: Ft. Smith; Hist. Patti A. BOWERS: Little Rock; Soc.; Reid. Sixth Row: James Earl BOYD: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; Hoi- combe; ASCE. Judy BOYER: Bartlesville, Okla.; Ed. Terrell Clark BOYER: North Little Rock; Mkt.; AKA. John Raymond BOYLE, Jr.: Leavenworth, Kansas; Psych.; Holcombe; Student Senate; X, V.P.; MIHC; Honors Program. William Harold BRADLEY: Fayette- ville; Elect. Eng.; KK ; TBH; HKN; IEEE; Band. The Snakes put the snow on some, but others were simply all wet. 75 Seniors First Row: Gary Ray BRATTON: Memphis, Tenn.; Mkt.; Mkt. Club; AM A. Linda Gene BRAY: Hampton; Speech; Razorback Hall. Joseph Black BREEN: Ft. Smith; Mkt.; Mkt. Club; Finance Club; YRC; SAM. Donald Scott BRIAN: Shreveport, La.; Math; Coed Complex. Larry Joe BRIDGES: Greenwood; Ed. Second Row. Philip Dean BRIDGES: Paragould; Mech. Eng.; ROTC; EAS; 2AE; Pershing Rifles. Susan Nancy BRIDGES: Fay- etteville; Botany; CAS; AAA; 4-H House, Scholar. Chair. Linda Jean BR1GANCE: Waldron; Botany. David L. BRIGHT: Manila; Mkt.; 2H; Mkt. Club, Pres. William George BRILL: Cinnaminson, N. J.; Finance; Ripley House. Third Row: Susan M. BRILLHART: Little Rock; Elem. Ed.; KKF, Panhell. Rep.; AWS; Chimes; Soph. Counselor; R.A. Milton Charles BROKER, Jr.: Gideon, Mo.; Humphreys; MIHC; ASME; Soph. Council; R.A. C. Winston BROWN: Little Rock; Pre-Med; 2X, Scholar. Chair.; OAK; AEA; Cardinal XX. Carol Ann BROWN; Fayetteville; Art. Darrell Fayne BROWN: Horatio; Psych., Soc.; Holcombe. Fourth Row: Fred Milton BROWN: Coffeyville, Kansas; Mkt.; Mkt. Club. Jacky S. BROWN: Conway; Civil Eng. James G. BROWN: Risco, Mo.; Mech. Eng.; Holcombe; ZAE, Chair.; ASME. John Junior BROWN: Benton; Elect. Eng.; Sedgewell House; IEEE; YRC. John W. BROWN: Lewisville; Management. Fifth Row: Rebecca June BROWN: Ft. Smith; Elem. Ed.; Raz- orback Hall, Hist., Sec.-Treas Samuel Fletcher BROWN: Morrilton; Finance; 2AE, Treas.; Golf; Circle K; YDC. Sara Slaven BROWN: Fayetteville; Math; X!7; Mortar Board. Shirley Guylene BROWN: West Fork; Bus.; SNEA. William David BROWN: Mt. View, Penn.; Elect. Eng.; IIH2; HKN; TBII, V.P.; IEEE. Sixth Row: Helen Darlene BROWNFIELD: Greenwood; Zoology. Howard L. BROWNFIELD: Hackett; Zoology. Carol BROYLES: Fayetteville; Elem. Ed. William Clark BRUCE: Alma; Civil Eng.; 8T; AFROTC; ASCE. William Allen BRUMETT: Lonoke; Elect. Eng.; IEEE. Seventh Row: Pamela Ann BRUNELLE: Ft. Worth, Texas; Span- ish, Eng.; KKI ' . Michele H. BRUNNER: Ft. Smith; Eng. Phillip Elton BRYAR: Little Rock; P. E.; Track. Barbara Bernice BRY- ANT: Centerton; Ed. Don Alan BRYANT: Camden; Mkt.; ret; SAM; Mkt. Club; MIHC. Eighth Row: Sharon Kaye BRYANT: Springdale; P. E.; SNEA; PEM Club; YRC. Mildred Corinn BUCHANAN: Prescott; Mkt.; AAA, House Manager; RAZORBACK Staff; AWS; Commerce Guild, Commerce Queen; YDC Mkt. Club; Soph. Counselor. Danny Lynn BULLARD: Mena; Elect. Eng.; IEEE. Danita Loye BURKHART: Mountainburg; Music; Futrall; Schola Cantorum; 2AI; BSU, Music Chair. Donald Howard BURKS: Hot Springs; Mech. Eng.; 2AE. Ninth Row: Kennett Norman BURKS, Jr.: Hot Springs; Elect. Eng.; IEEE. Jim BURNETT: Clinton; Pol. Sci.; Sedgewell House; MIHC, Pres.; YRC, Pres., V.P.; Exec. Cabinet, Assoc. Students; II2A. Susan Reeves BURNHAM: Camden; Spanish; Reid; Spanish Club. Charles William BURNS: El Dorado; Chem. Eng. Margaret Lorraine BURNS: Lamar; Ed.; SNEA; 4-H House; R.A. Tenth Row: Michael A. BURNS: Little Rock; Chem. Thomas Eu- gene BURNS: Little Rock; Ind. Eng.; AIIE; CEP. Connie Jo BUR- RIS: McGehee; Sec. Ed.; Coed Complex. Judy Wells BURTON: Longview, Texas; Home-Ec. ; Coed Complex; AHEA. Linda Kay BUTLER: Mt. Vernon, Mo.; P. E.; ZTA, Pledge Trainer; Cheer- leader, Capt.; Student Senate; ABC; PEM Club; Civic Club; YDC; AWS, Roles of Women. Eleventh Row: Minis Frederick BURLER: Switzerland; Mkt.; Cardinal XX; Blue Key; Mkt. Club. Patricia Ann BUTLER: Harris- burg; Speech; AAII; AWS; YDC. Tommie L. BUTLER: Morrilton; Bus.; NBEA; SNEA. Howard G. CAIN, Jr.: Huntsville; Finance; Finance Club; Humphreys Pres.; Dean ' s List; Debate Team. Janice E. CALLAHAN: Mulberry; Home-Ec.; Razorback Hall. McBryde Manages Gaebale Business First Row: Jane CAMPBELL: Van Buren; Eng.; KA6. Richard F CAMPBELL, III: Midwest City, Okla.; Finance; K2, House Mgr., Asst. Treas.; Fresh. B.A. V.P.; Soph. B.A., Rep.; ROTC. Stephen Edgar CANTRELL: Harrison; Agri.; AZ; An. Sci. Club. Charles David CAPPS: Midland, Texas; Physics; Sedgewell; J H2; 2112. Lois Ann CARLSON: Marion; Home-Ec.; KA6. Second Row: Steve N. CARLSON: Siloam Springs; Mgt.; AXA; AK . Glenn Mitchell CARNIOL: Morton Grove.Ill.; Sec. Ed.; YDC. Linda Kay CARPENTER: Texarkana; Ed.; Futrall. David Lynn CARROUM: Millington, Tenn.; Journalism and Soc. Studies; 2AE; Yocum Hall Senate; Razorback Track Team; ABC; Cheerleader; TRAVELER Staff. John Michael CARRUTH: DeQueen; Math. Third Row: Linda Noe CARSON: Li ttle Rock; El. Ed.; KKT; YDC. Margaret Kay CARSON: Monticello; Journalism; ARKANSAS TRAVELER Editor, Copy Ed.; A-BOOK, Assoc. Ed.; Board of Pub- lications; Public Info. Com. Harvey Brooks CARTER: Ft. Smith; Ed. Hilda Arnold CARTER: Beaumont, Tex.; Mkt.; Xf); Commerce Guild. Lane Swifton CARTER: Newport; Elect. Eng.; IEEE. Fourth Row: Paula Ann CARVER: Neosho, Mo.; Bus. Personnel Ad.; KA6; X6; R.A.-Reid; AWS Legislative Board; Co-ed Complex Judicial Board. Thomas Derwood CARVER: Neosho, Mo.; Ed.; 2N. William Burns CARWELL: Cherry Valley; Eng.; IIKA; YDC; ABC; Circle K. John Virgil CASBEER: Forrest City; Mkt.; 2AE; AK ; Student Union Entertainment Com.; TRAVELER Staff; Mkt. Club. Loy Roger CASSADY: Nashville; Poultry Sc.; Buchanan. Fifth Row: Herschel CAST, Jr.: Little Rock; Mech. Eng.; ASME; Sedgewell, Sec. Dwain Lee CASTLEBERRY: Ft. Smith; Gen. Bus. Michael D. GATE: Walnut Ridge; Psych. Larry Eugene CAUDLE: West Fork; Accounting. James Murlin CAWOOD, Jr.: Bentonville; Chem. Eng.; TKE, Sec., V.P.; IIK2; AICE; IFC. Sixth Row: Kaffy Womack CEARLEY: Murfreesboro ; Mkt.; Mkt. Club. Club. John Sturdivant CEARLEY: Nashville; Banking Fi- nance; 2N; Finance Club. Mario Patricio CELI: Quito, Ecuador; Elec. Eng. John James CENTRELLO: Union City, N. J.; P. E.; Sedgewell. Vicky Margaret CHALFANT: Augusta; Home EC.; Fu- trall Seventh Row: Cynthia Jane CHANDLER: Bradford; P. E.; X; Angel Flight. David Ray CHAPMAN: Tulsa, Okla.; Gen. Bus.; IIKA. Thomas J. CHAPO: Ft. Smith; Elec. Eng.; IEEE. Frank Raymond CHERRY: Texarkana; El. Eng.; Gregson; HKN; IEEE, Sec. JoAnne Loring CHILES: Valparaiso, Ind.; Music. Eighth Row: Ronald Mann CHILES: Osceola; Music; K2; IIMA, V.P. Hardy Dale CHISM: Cabot; Speech Jour. Cynthia Sue CHRISMAN: North Little Rock; Speech-Jour.; Coed Complex; TRAVELER Staff; Blackfriars. Wiley H. CHRISTAL: Newport; El. Eng.; 8T; IEEE, Pres.; HKN, Pledge Trainer; TBII; A ; ME; ARK. ENGINEER, Feature Ed.; Engineering Council. Richard Carl CHRISTY: Collinsville, 111.; Mgmt.; 211, Pres., V.P., Pledge Trainer; SAM; Scabbard Blade, Pledge Trainer; ABC. Ninth Row: William Gerald CLACK: Pryor, Okla.; Arch.; AIA. Judy Marie CLARK: Hindsville; Accounting; Razorback; BA , V.P.; AAA, Sec.; Razorback-Treas. Janis C. CLARK: Russellville ; Dietetics; AMI; TO; Dean ' s List; AHEA; YDC. Molly Ann CLARK: Waldo; Home EC. Ed.; 4-H House; AHEA; T. William Kent CLARK: Rogers; French; KK ; Band; Spanish Club. Tenth Row: Linda CLAY: El Dorado; El. Ed.; AAA, Chaplain, Corresponding Sec., Model Pledge; SNEA; AWS. Phil M. CLEM: Malvern; Gen. Bus. Leona Kate CLEVELAND: Magazine; El. Ed. Beverly Ann CLEVIDENCE: Little Rock; Home EC. Ed.; AXU; Civic Club; AHEA; ASA. Orville Christopher CLIFT: Fayetteville ; Pol. Sci. 77 " It ' s an ill wind that doesn ' t blow somebody " I have this problem some good! " A night at The Library does not help you with the books 78 Thetas Win Referendum First Row: Lowell Douglas CLIFTON: North Little Rock; Public Admin. Sandra Gene CLIFTON: West Fork; Sec. Ed.; AAA; KAII. 1 John Patrick CLINGAN: El Dorado; Bus.; Mark. Club; YDC. Mary Rulh CLOTFELTER: Monett, Mo.; Home-Ec., Journalism; 4-H House; R.A.; WIHC; AWS; AHEA; ASA; t TO. Linda Faye CLOYD: Siloam Springs; Elect. Eng. ; Razorback Hall. Second Row: James Edward COBB: Nashville; Insurance; Fi- nance Club. M. Kay COCO: Helena; Eng.; Coed Complex, R.A. Catherine Louise COFFIELD: Vandenburg AFB, Calif.: Sec. Ed.; Hist., Eng.; Reid; Soph. Counselors; SNEA. Joe Edward COFFIELD: ! Stuttgart; Marketing; AXA; Mark. Club; YDC; IFPC; Soph. B.A., V.P. Gene COGBILL: Texarkana; Accounting; 2AE, Treas., Board of Gov., Pledge Pres.: BA . Pres. Rec. Sec.; BF2, Pres.; CHS, I Pres., V.P.; Blue Key; SBEC Chair.; AAA. Third Row: Tom Harrison COGBURN: Fayetteville ; Mech. Eng.; 6T. J. David COGDELL: Fayetteville; Eng. Sci. William Foy COKER: Springdale; Math. Ray Eugene COLCLASURE: Altheimer; Pre-Dental; K2. Patricia COLE: Mt. Home; Art; Reid; JUC; House Council. Fourth Row: Randell C. COLEMAN: Hot Springs; Civil Eng.; TKE, Hist.; H2; ASCE; XE; TBII. Larry G. COLLIER: Darda- nelle; Elect. Eng.; IEEE. Kay Graham COLLINS: Hot Springs; Sociology; Coed Complex; Futrall House Manager; Reid R.A. Pa- tricia Leigh COLLINS: Kansas City, Kansas; Elem. Ed.; Coed Complex. Juanita COLTEN: Lewisville; Chemistry; A AIT, Treas.; AEA. Filth Row: John Michael CONDIT: DeRidder, La.; Pre-Med.; IZN, Treas.; AEA, Pres.; H2: Cardinal XX; OAK, V.P. Marilyn ICONNELL: Warren; Eng.: Razorback Hall. Bobby J. COOK: [Stamns: Agronomy; AFP; ASA; Agronomy Club, Pres.; AZ. Frances COOK: Wynne; Sec. Ed.; AAA, Song Leader; YRC; Soph. Coun- selor. Joe Dee COOK: North Little Rock; Finance. Sixth Row: Margaret COOK: Shreveport, La.; Social Welfare; [J, Pledge Social Chair., Activities Chair.; IFPC; SUSPC. Carol ue COOPER: Cooler, Mo.; Elem. Ed.; Razorback House Council; 3; SNEA; ACEI; Soph. Counselor. Dorothy Marie COOPER: Fayetteville; Elem. Ed. Edward H. COOPER, Jr.: Alma; Marketing; ' Mcombe, RAD; Mark. Club; YRC. Michael Larry COOPER: Har- on; Pre-Med. I " Moon, we know you ' re President, but Frank ' s already told us the plays to run. " 79 Seniors First Row: Reggie Arnold CORBITT: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; Coed Complex; ASCE, Pub. Chair. Robert Eugene CORDES: Ft. Smith; Bus.; 2X. Jack G. CORNETT: Fayetteville ; Marketing; AXA: Mark. Club; Pershing Rifles; ROTC. Bobby Joe CORNISH: Pine Bluff; Civil Eng.; Sedgewell. Geraldine Ann CORN WELL: Con- way; Speech; Futrall, Sec.; Civic Club; ABC; DLC, Sec.; Newman Club. Second Row: Stephen B. COUCH: Texarkana, Texas; Finance; e, Hist., Rush Chair.; AK , Pledge Trainer. Marilyn Ann COUR- DIN: Purdy, Mo.; Eng.; Futrall; Razorback Hall, V.P., Jud. Board Chair.; SNEA. Sara Margaret COWAN: Fayetteville; Home- EC.; AAH. David M. COX: Dallas, Texas; Marketing; Wilson Sharp; Foot- ball; A9; NODT. James Kent COXSEY: Berryville; Bus.; IIKA, Rush Chair.; ABC; YDC; Commerce Guild; Freshman Bus. Sec. Third Row: Jo Phillips COXSEY: Berryville; Special Ed. Barbara Jean CRAIG: Bentonville; Home-Ec.; Af, Rec. Sec., Rituals Chair., Rush Chair.; Hotz Hall, Sec.; RAZORBACK Staff. Joe Carl GRAIN: Springdale; Pre-Dental. David Ralph CRAVENS:: Paris; Pol. Sci. Harold Clark GRAYS: Hot Springs; Econ., Music. Fourth Row: Cynthia Ann CREEL: Tulsa, Okla.; His.; Xfi; YDC; Spanish Club. Marion Paul CRIDER: Greenland; Marketing; Mark. Club. Cheryl Elaine CRITES: El Dorado; Music Ed.; AXO; ZAI, Rec. Sec., Corr. Sec.; TBS; MENC: Orchestra; Band. Norma Sue CROSNOE: Ft. Smith; Bus.; Coed Complex. Michael A. CULLEN: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Mark. Club; MIHC; Buchanan House, Soc. Chair. Fifth Row: Joseph Ransom CULLOM, III: Wilson: Marketing. Peggy Jo CULLOM: Wilson; P. E. Shirlee Joyce CULPEPPER: Fayetteville; Soc. Studies, Eng. Byron Duane CUNNINGHAM: Hope; Marketing; Mark. Club; Bus. Club; AJ)H. Paul R. CUNNINGHAM: Fayetteville; Ind. Ed.; Ind. Ed. Club, Pres. Sixth Row: Kenneth Ray CUPPLES: Dierks; Agri-Bus.; AFP, Hist.; AZ; ASA; AEC, Sec.-Treas. Robert Stephen CURRIE: DeWitt; Ind. Eng. Patricia Palmer DAGGETT: Marianna; Ed. Robert A. DAHMS: Glendale, Calif.; Hist.; Sedgewell. James Lowell DALE: Fayetteville; Mech. Eng.; IIT2; 2AE. Seventh Row: Hardy Lamar DANIEL, Jr.: Fayetteville; Mech. Eng.; 2AE. Thomas William DANIEL, Jr.; Ft. Smith; Bus. Rosanne DANIELS: Valparaiso, Ind.; AAIT: Soph. Counselor; SUSP; YRC; Futrall, Hotz-R.A. Susan Carol DARNALL: Waldo; Ed.; AAII. Catherine Caldwell DARR: Pine Bluff; Elem. Ed.; IIB . Eighth Row: Stephen M. DAUGHERTY: Little Rock; Trans. Kim DAVEY: Dallas, Texas; Marketing; XO, Treas.; B.A. Sec.; Chimes, Soe. Chair.; Mark. Club; AHEA; Jud. Board, Hotz; SUSPC; YRC; AWS. Alice Marie DAVIS: Dermott; Social Work; Reid. Howard Lee DAVIS: Leslie; Accounting. Larry Michael DAVIS: Glenwood; Poultry Sci.; ATP, Pledge Trainer. Soc. Chair.; AA, V.P., Pledge Master, Soc. Chair.; Scabbard Blade; Dean ' s List; AAS; AZ; ASA. Ninth Row: Linda Lanette DAVIS: Magnolia; Ed.; KKF; AWS. Tony Max DAVIS: Verona, Mo.; Music; HS; IIMA; Schola Can- torum. Turley Dean DAVIS: Senatobia, Miss.; Elem. Ed.; Reid. Paul Edward DAWSON: W. Helena; Trans.; Francis Eugene DEBONS: Paragould; Chem.; Yocum, R.A.; Chem. Scholar; TAT, Treas.; Ad Hoc Comm.; Dean ' s List; HS; MIHC; ACSS; TRAVELER Staff; Men ' s Soph. Council; Humphrey, V.P. Tenth Row: Jane Collier DEES: Little Rock; Art; ZTA. Walter Dewey DEES, Jr.: North Little Rock; Civil Eng. Talmage Lansing DEETER. Perry ville; Marketing; Mark. Club; AAA. Floyd Phillip DELONEY: Houston, Texas; B.A.; Sailing Club. Marilyn Kay DE- LONEY: Pt. Arthur, Texas; Elem. Ed.; ACEI; NEA. Eleventh Row: Robert Dale DEMPSEY: Booneville; Elect. Eng. Susan K. DENNEHY: Muskogee, Okla.; Home-Ec.; Reid, Pres.; Scabbard Blade. Edward Joseph DENNIS: W. LaFayette, Ind.; Bus. James Prentice DEROSSITT: Forrest City; Pol. Sci.; 2AE.I Sec.; II2A; AAS; Scabbard Blade, Sec.; IFPC; Greek Week Comm. Mary Annette DESALVO: Hurst, Texas; Ed.; Reid; Student Senate; SNEA. [lid JoflfK ' Querbes Chosen Homecoming Queen first Koto: David DICKEY: Palestine, Texas; Bus.; Wilson Sharp; Football. Dwight Bennett DICKSON, Jr.: Fayetteville; Geog- raphy; 211, Sec., Herald; Civic Club, Pies., V.P.; Scabbard Blade; Co-Chairman, Symposium; T6T; IFC; Pershing Rifles. Gary Philip DICKSON: Brinkley; Pre-Dentistry ; William House. Brenda Kay DILL: Fayetteville; Speech; KA6; Angel Flight; Debate Team; UArkettes; Senate; Panhell.; AX A Crescents. Don W. DILLARD: Murfreesboro ; Ind. Eng. ; Holcombe; 6T; AIIE. Second Row: Michael Gregory DILLARD: Gentry; Accounting; BA ; Dean ' s List; AAA; KA . James KIRK DIXON: Ft. Smith; Marketing; AX A; YRC; Finance Club; Mkt. Club. Stephanie John- son DIXON: Marianna; Journalism, Eng.; TAT; WIHC, V.P.; Hotz V.P.; Traveler Staff; Soph. Counselor. Tom DIXON: Piggott; Bus. William P. DIXON: Little Rock; Psych.; Band; MIHC; 6K. Third Row: Linda Lou DODGE: Joplin, Mo.; Psych., Eng.; AMI; WRA; X. Randy Eugene DODGE: Benton; Math; 2N. Wendy Coven DODGE: Searcy; Math; Mortar Board; Student Senate; AAA, Pres., Marshal; Panhell. George Millard DODSON: Springdale; Elec. Eng.; IEEE. Barbara Kay DOHERTY: Batesville; Speech, Eng.; I Reid. Fourth Row: Joe Carroll DOUGHTY: Benton; Civil Eng. David E. DOUGLAS: Bentonville; Ind. Eng.; AIIE; TB4 ; AIIM. Paul DOUGLAS: Magnolia; Chem. Eng.; Acacia, Sec., Scholar Chair.; OAK. Pres.; TBII; T2; IIME; Dean ' s List; AIChE; ABC. Billy D. DOVER: Mena; Accounting; 211; Mkt. Club; AAA; Dean ' s List. Donna Letitia DOWNS: Little Rock; Elem. Ed.; Reid; SNEA. Fifth Row: Charles Edward DRAKE: Bradley; Accounting; Wil- liam House; KK , Pres.; MIHC, Treas.; R.A.; Band; SSFC; Dean ' s List; Hallaballoo, Bus. Manager. Janice Clare DRISKILL: Vinila, Okla.; Psych.; KA6; X; Sailing Club. Richard DRITTLER: Rus- sellville; Chem. Eng. John Allan DRYER: Springdale; Chem. Eng.; AIChE; TBII, Sec.; T2, Sec. Marguerite Ann DUBOIS: Ft. Smith; Math. Sixth Row: William Joseph DUBOIS, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Theatre; A J . Annetta Louise DUFFY: Pine Bluff; Ed., Art, Eng.; KKF. Jimi Hurene DUKE: No. Little Rock; Music; SAI; TB2; MENC. Kath- leen DULAN: Fayetteville; Bus.: A All, Rush Chair,; Angel Flight; Dean ' s Comm. James Byron DUNCAN: El Paso, Texas; Bacteriology; Holcombe. Seventh Row: Montie Wayne DUNCAN: Searcy; Bus.; SN. Robert Norvelle DUNCAN: Hot Springs; Accounting; AK ; Fi- nance Club; AAA. William David DUNN: Dardanelles Ed. John R. DUPREE: Fayetteville; Architecture; OCM;AIA. Danny Wayne DURNING: Fayetteville; Pol. Sci.; OCM; YRC, Pres., Treas.; 4 H2; Baseball; Dean ' s List. Eighth Row: Tommy A. EANES: Scott; Pre-Law; AKA, Rush Chair.. Board of Dir. ; SAC; Mkt. Club; Finance Club. Shirley Marie EANS: Fayetteville; Spanish; 2AII, Pres.. Sec. David Harold EARLE: Jacksonville; Psych.; 211. Joseph Clifford EASON: Ash- down; Elec. Eng. Linda Lou EASON: Little Rock; Dietetics. Ninth Row: William Alfred EASON: Hope; Agriculture; 2AE; AIA. Betty L. EASTER: Tulsa, Okla.; Bus.; KKF; Angel Flight; Student Senate, Exec. Sec.; YRC; Ombudsman Sec. James Winton EATON: Ft. Worth, Texas; Finance. Tommie Kay EBBERT: Jones- boro; Secondary Ed.; AAA; Razorback Co- Ed.; Directory Staff; Or- chestra, Band; YDC. William E. EBBERT: Jonesboro; Bus.; He had a damn good time. Tenth Row: Joe C. EBLEN: Paragould; Physics. Paula Lee ED- GIN: Hot Springs; Marketing. Larry Dean EDMONDSON: Gentry; Bus.; SNEA; YDC; A n, Pres., Rec. Sec., V.P.; SAM. Daniel G. EDWARDS, Jr.: Danville; Agri, Eng. Hugh R. EDWARDS: Searcy; Chem. 81 She ' s got a great rep with the boys, and besides, she can sing real well. " Welcome, I ' m Buster Cherry! " I ft iVULUii This is the only time the transit system has worked! 82 Mixed Drink Bill Passes First fioio: Richard Wayne EDWARDS: Jonesboro; Architecture; Holcombe; AIA; YRC. Robert Patrick EDWARDS: Hot Springs; Mkt 2 E, V.P., Recorder, Model Pledge, Scholar. Pledge; Mkt. Club- IFC; MIHC; Dean ' s List; ABC. Kathryn Marie EGGERS: Mt. View; Chem.; Futrall. Janet Lee EHRENBERG: St. Louis Park, Minn.; Eng.; AAA; AWS Queens Comm. Chair.; Panhellenic; Rush Chairman. John Calvin EICHLER: Stuttgart; Mkt.; Wilson Sharp; Football; Mkt. Club; AX A. Second Row: Michael David EIDSON: Mt. Home; Mech. Eng.; 211; Ark. Eng. Feature Ed.; Eng. Council; ASME; SAE. Augustine Udo EKPOUDOM: Abak, S. East Nigeria; Finance; Sedgewell. Charles Edward ELIAS: No. Little Rock; Architecture; OCM; SAIA, Program Chair. Herman Emery ELKINS: Ft. Smith; Bus. James Philip ELKINS: El Dorado; Pre-Med; HKA. Third Row: F. B. ELLIOT: Blytheville; Hist.; AXA, Pres, V.P.; Student Senate; IFC. Larry G. ELLIS: Springdale; Hist.; HKA. Virgil Edward ELLIS, Jr.: No. Little Rock; Chem. Eng.; 6T; Eng. Council; Soph. Council; Razorback Staff; Humphrey ' s V. P.; AIChE. John David ELMS, Jr.: Little Rock; Math. Larry Wayne ELMS: Little Rock; Elect. Eng.; 211, House Manager; IEEE. Fourth Row: Donald Joe ELROD: Benton; Elect. Eng.; 6T. Gloria ELROD: Texarkana; Elem. Ed.; Reid, House Council; Halla- balloo Hostess; WIHC; SNEA; ACE, Hist. Gerald Don EMMERT; Paragould; Ind. Eng.; AXA, Pres., Pledge Trainer; 9T; Student Senate; IFC; Eng. Council; Cardinal XX; Scabbard Blade; Persh- ing Rifles. Jeffrey Lynn EMORY: St. James, Mo.; Music; KK ; MA; MENC. Rickey D. England: Ft. Smith; Chem. TKE. Fifth Row: Shade Woolen EPES: Helena; Hist.; K2, CMC; Cardinal XX; IFC; ABC. Michael D. ERICKSON: Fayetteville ; Psych., Pre-Med.; Acacia. Robert Ferrell ERWIN: Booneville; Ed.; William House; KK , Treas.; MA; AAS; A-t n ; Traveler Staff; MRHC; AMA; Mkt. Club; MIHC; Razorback Staff; Bands. Jenelle ERWIN: McGehee; Eng.; ZTA. George Dennis ESTELLE: Van Buren; Elect. Eng.; IEEE; Gladson House, Treas.; Soph. Council; Dean ' s List. Sixth Row: Glenyce G. ESTES: Wichita, Kan.; Dietetics; Reid; AHEA. Helen Compton EUBANKS: Little Rock; Hist.; IIB ; ABC; IFPC, Corr. Sec.; Gaebale Comm.; SUEC. Linda Cheryl EUBANKS: Pensacola, Fla.; Speech, Eng.; ZTA; Chimes; UArkettes; R.A.; ABC. Peggie Jean EUBANKS: Springdale; Home-Ec.; AHEA. Eric Stanley EVANS: Little Rock; Elect. Eng.; IEEE; SAE. It it itches, scratch it! 83 Seniors First Row: Eddie Louis EVERETT: Altheimer; Mech. Eng. Sandra EVERETT: Clarendon; Mkt.; AAII; Mkt. Club. Alan Louis FABRYCKY: Mena; Ind. Eng.; William House, Pres.; AIIE; AIIM, Treas.; TBII; H2; SRC. Paul M. FERRELL, Jr.: Brinkley; Civil Eng.; ZAE. Sara Helen FARRELL: Brinkley; Elem. Ed.; AAA. Second Row: Linda Jo FAULKNER: Fayetteville ; Econ.; KA6, Rush Chair., Standards; Soph. Counselor; AAA; TAT; IAWS; AWS, Pres.; Mortar Board; R.A..; Dean ' s List. Phillip K. FEENEY: Earle; Civil Eng.; OCM; ASCE, Pres.; XE. Richard Alan FELKER: Mabelvale; Mkt.; AKA; Mkt. Club. John A. FELTNER: Prairie Grove; Poultry Sci. Robin Palmer FIGHTMASTER: Tulsa, Okla.; Eng.; Razorback Hall, House Manager; SFRC. Third Row: Howard Louis FIKES: Pine Bluff; Personnel Mgmt.; AK ; ABC; SAM. Floyd H. FINCHER, Jr.: Newport; Bus.; ZAE. Ronald Gene FINLEY: DeQueen; Biology; SNEA. Richard James FINN: Springdale; Mkt. Brad FIRESTONE: Kansas City, Mo.; Public Ad.; AK . Fourth Row: Thurston M. FISH: Gould; Ind. Mgt.; KZ. James William FISHER: Benton; Agri. Econ.; AFP; FZA; Econ. Club; ASA; ROTC. Robert Byron FISHER: Memphis, Tenn.; Mgt.; ZAE; Track; ROTC. Robert Clinton FISHER: Memphis, Tenn.; Bus.; AKA. Marrin Ruth FIHON: Harrison; Art; KA6, Hist., House Corp., Rush Comm., Sec.-Treas. Pledge Class; SAB. Fifth Row: Mike FITZHUGH: Fayetteville; Pre-Law, Speech; 2 J E, Chaplain, Pledge Trainer, Scholar. Chair., Rush Chair.; Soph. Senator; RCC; Blue Key; ABC; Circle K; Gaebale Comm. Suzanne Louise FLICK: Dallas, Texas; German; AAII. James David FOL- SOM: Murfreesboro ; His.; Coed Complex. Gail FORBES: Austin, Texas; Elem. Ed.; AF; SNEA; ACE. Pamela Jean FOSTER: Hot Springs; Pre-Med., Chem.; Ar, Pres., Rush Chair.; Scabbard Blade, Sponsor; Student Senate; IAWS; IFPC. Sixth Row: Margaret F. FOUKE: Texarkana; Eng.; AXfl. Steven Jay FOWLER: Brinkley; Bus.; AXA. Cheryl Ellis FOX: Pine Bluff; Home Ed. Clyde R. FOX: Harrison; Finance. Marilyn Edna FOX: Gentry; Soc. Studies, Eng.; Futrall; SNEA. Seventh Row: William Harris FOX, Jr.: Pine Bluff; Manage- ment ;AK ; SAM. Richard FRANKENBERGER: Pocahontas; Elect. Eng.. Carolyn Newman FRANKLIN: No. Little Rock; Elem. Ed. Edward Lee FRANKLIN: No. Little Rock; Psych. John Olyver Charles FRANKLIN: El Dorado; Accounting; Holcombe; BA ; ABC; AAC. Eighth Row: John Thomas FRANKLIN, III: Hyannisport, Mass.; Geo., Sociology; Holcombe. James Howard FRASHER: Houston, Texas; Mkt.; OCM; AK ; Finance Club; Mkt. Club; YRC; AMA. Paul Bernard FRAZIER: Little Rock; Architecture; AIA. Byron L. FREELAND: Little Rock; Mkt.; A6; Basketball; Gaebale Comm.; Mkt. Club. Burley James FREEMAN: Ft. Smith; Mkt. Ninth Row: Donnie Ray FREEMAN: Stuttgart; Art, Speech; Pershing Rifles; Schola Cantorum; Humphreys Hall Senate. Floyd Mickel FREEMAN: Dumas: Mkt.; Mkt. Club, Pres.; Sailing Club. Karen Erie FREEMAN: Texarkana; Elem. Ed.; OCW; SNEA; AAII; ACEI. Lynn B. FREEMAN: Vinita, Okla.; Bus.; Mgmt. Club. Mary Margaret FREEMAN: Hot Springs; Bus. Tenth Row: Robert Daniel FREEMAN: Sheridan; Mkt.; Mkt. Club; YRC. Robert Frederick FREEMAN: Ft. Smith; Accounting. Stephanie Pauline Taylor FREYALDENHOVEN : Mena; Zoology. Jo Karen FRISINGER: Enid, Okla.; Elem. Ed.; Futrall, Treas.; Carnall Hall, Soc. Chair.; WIHC. Douglas Lee FUG ATE: Carthage, Mo.; Mkt.; Coed Complex; BFZ; Scabbard Blade; SAM, V.P.; Soph. Counselor; R.A.; ROTC; HZ, Pres.; MIHC; Mkt. Club; Dean ' s List. Eleventh Row: Fred Lynn FUTCH: Camden; Elect. Eng.; HKN; TBIT. Benny W. FUTRELL: Brookland; Agri. Ed.; ATA. Jill GAB- BERT: Ft. Smith; Speech, Drama; WRA; BSU; Choir. James E. GALLOWAY: Muldrow, Okla.; Accounting; OCM. Michael H. GALLOWAY: Pine Bluff; Mech. Eng.; ASME; SAE; IITZ. 84 D G ' s Win Sigma Nu Relays First Row: Sally Ann GARDNER: Springdale; Marketing; Mar- keting Club; X6; YDC; AAA, Treas. Judy Ann GARRETT: Corn- ing; Math; Black Horse Society. Paul Mitcham GARRETT: No. Little Rock; Architecture; AIA. Elizabeth GARTRELL: Asheville, Ala- bama; Pre-Med; Soph. Counselor; Pre-Med Club; AWS, Programs; AXS7, Editor, Etiquette Chairman. Sandra Sue GASTON: Neosho, Mo.; English; Chimes; RAZORBACK Beauty; ROTC sponsor; R.A.; 2AI; AAA. Second Row: Michael John GEARING: Blytheville; Marketing; Marketing Club; Finance Club; ABC; AXA. David Carter GEELS: Subiaco; Electrical Engineering; TBII; HKN; IEEE. James Daniel GEOGHAGEN: Hattiesburg, Miss.; Pre-Law; Football; BSU; Wilson Sharp. Terrence Michael GEORGE: Cove; Electrical Engi- neering. David Lowell GIBSON: El Dorado; Commercial Art; IIKA, Sec. N.O.D.T. Third Row: Don Lee GIBSON: Springdale; Management; Stu- dent Senate; OAK; AK ; IFC, Treas.; Cardinal XX; Dean ' s List; IIKA, Pres., V. Pres., Pledge Master, Rush Chairman. Max A. GIL- BERT: Fort Smith; Commercial Art; Coed Complex, Men ' s Social Chairman. Raymond Carl GILBRECH: Holly Grove; English. Roger William GILCHRIST: Fayetteville ; Gen. Management. David L. GILCREASE: Beaumont, Texas j Electrical Eng. Fourth Row: Laura Jane GILCREASE: Beaumont, Texas; Edu- cation. Roger William GILES: Prairie Grove; Pre-Dental, History; YDC; Executive Council, Treas.; AFROTC, Informations Officer; RAZORBACK Staff; TRAVELER Staff; Acacia, Rush Chairman, Scholarship Chairman. Thomas Wilson GILLEYLEN: Murfreesboro ; Animal Science; Coed Complex. David Roy GILLIAM: Sand Springs, Oklahoma; Pre-Med, Chemistry; AEA. Patricia Nelle GILLIAM: El Dorado; Social Welfare; Fulbright House Manager; AWS Legis- lative Comm. ; Soph. Counselor; Xfi, House Manager, Personnel Board, V.Pres. of pledge class. Fifth Row: Mary Lea GINN: Bentonville; Business Ed.; SNEA; Razorback Hall, Sec. Gil GLOVER: Little Rock; History; Holcombe Hall. Robert Ivy GLOVER: McGehee; Accounting; BFZ, Sec.; Dean ' s List; AK ; BA ; AG, Alumni Sec. Richard Aday GOFF: Little Rock; Marketing; Commerce Guild; YDC; Marketing Club; Arnold Air Society; IIKA. Raymond Cole GOODMAN: Fort Smith; Pre-Med, English; Homecoming Chairman, Parade Chairman; Scab- bard Blade, Pledge Trainer; A fi; Gaebale, Publicity and Ticket committees; 2 E; ABC, V. Pres. Sixth Row: Travis 0. GOODNER: Oden; Animal Science; AZ; H2. Janet Lynne GOODRICH: Springfield, Mo.; English, French; Reid Hall; HB . Robert Richard GOODYEAR: Newport; Account- ing; 2X. Veda Maxine GOODYEAR: Amity; Education. Sarah Phil- lips GORDON: Claremore, Okla.; Speech; Reid Hall, Pres.; ABC; Student Entertainment Comm.; Razorback Debate Squad; Law Wives; AF. Seventh Row: James Harold GORHAM: Dallas, Texas; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; William House. Richard GOSSETT: Mansfield; Industrial Eng.; AIIE. Gary Frank GRANGER: Rogers; Elec. Eng.; Coed Complex. Charline Marie GRANT: Muskogee, Okla.; Music Ed.; 2AI, Chaplain, Treas., V. Pres,; Music Ed. Natl. Conference, V. Pres.; U of A Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra; AXJ), songleader. William E. GRAVES: Union City, Tenn.; Architecture. Eighth Row: Ernie Horton GRAY: Calico Rock; Marketing; Mark. Club; Holcombe Hall, Treas., Pres. Robert Van GRAYBILL: Little Rock; Pre-Dentistry ; AKA. Paul Joseph GRAZIANI: No. Little Rock; Civil Eng.; A J7, Pledge Trainer; ASCE; YRC. Albert Lynn GREENWELL: Wilson; Physical Ed. Wanda Lynn GREGORY: El Paso, Texas; Elementary Ed.; AF, Social Chairman. Ninth Row: Henrietta F. GRIFFITH: Clarendon; Political Sci- ence; KA6. Ronald Lynn GRIGGS: El Dorado; Political Science. David Hershell GRIMMETT: Hope; Pre- Pharmacy. Carolyn Boling GRIMSLEY: Bentonville; Business Ed.; X6; Jr. Scholarship Chair- man; AF, Pledge V. Pres. Glenn William GRIPPE: Fayetteville; In- dustrial Management; AK ; Management Club. Tenth Row: Richard Folden GRISWOLD: Malvern; Civic Eng.; ASCE. Ruth Ellen GUYNN: Harrison; Home-Ec.; TO; Agri Queen; 1966 Danforth Scholarship Award; Angel Flight; AWS, Queens Comm.; OCW, V. Pres. Vicki Gean GUNN: Sheridan; Business Ed.; X9; Marketing Club; AXJ), Pledge Trainer, 2nd V. Pres. Jusian Jay GUSTIN: Eureka Springs; Gen. Science. Mario Ojeda GUTIERREZ: Ft. Worth, Tex.; Entomology: AFP. 85 Snakes usually crawl, but Mark is running. " But I don ' t like brown helmets! " ; !- - : : :: nj,kk Win: -: ' : t. : :. : 5 Uk:I : -. S.S.U.C.K. - en ice 86 ft U of A-LRU Merger Approved First Row: Harold Max HACKWORTH: Dalton; Agronomy; Agro. Club; ASAE; ASA; TKE. Creed Michel HAIGH: Stuttgart; L Accounting; BA ; Circle K; 211, Treas., Sec. Donna Jane HAIR- STON: Little Rock; Psychology; KKF. John Bruce HALBERT: Mel- bourne, Florida; Personnel Management; Soc. for Advance of Man- i agement. Cheryl Sonin HALE: Memphis, Tenn.; Sociology, Social f Welfare; YRC; Resident Assis.-Reid Hall; KKr. Second Row: James Wallace HALL: Hamburg; Chem. Eng.; [ American Inst. of Chem. Eng.; Bapt. Student Union, Pres.; Grad. Students Fellowship; Sedgewell. Kersh Edward HALL: Dumas; j Journalism; Traveler, copy editor; YRC; Circle K; SNEA; A fi; AKA. Richard L. HALL: No. Little Rock; Mech. Eng.; IIT2; I Soph. Counselor; Amer. Soc. of Mech. Engineers, Pres.; Soc. of I Automotive Engineers; 6T, Treas. Richard Whit HALL: No. Little Rock; Pre-Med; AEA, OAK; 9T; Dean ' s List; Eng. Council; Cardinal XX; Student Senator; ABC; 24 E, Pres. Ronnie David HALL: Greenbrier; Civil Eng.; XE; ASCE. Third Row: Thomas Earl HALL: Texarkana; Gen. Business. Linda Lee HALLMARK: Little Rock; Psychology; Soph. Counselor; I X; AXO, Corr. Sec. Phillip T. HALTOM: Fayetteville; Mech. Eng. Hartford Ray HAMILTON, Jr.; Lonoke; Education; Droke I House. Mary Cathryn HAMMANS: Forrest City; Education; AT, Prrs.; Chairman of Guidance Counseling Study; Reid Hall, Treas.; KK1 ' , Corr. Sec. Fourth Row: Charles Albert HANBY: Berryville; Elect. Eng; 6T; 2N. Barbara J. HANCHEY: Shreveport, La.; Marketing; Reid Hall. Ronald Harvey HANEY: El Dorado; Chem. Eng; 6T; TBIT, Treas.; T2, V. Pres.; Engineering Council; AIChE, Pres. Sandra L. HANEY: Shreveport, La.; Elementary Ed.; ABC; YDC; NEA; SNEA; AF, Songleader. Loyd Douglas HARBESON: Fayetteville; Elec. Eng. Fifth Row: Robert Wilson HARDIN: Clarksville; History; A6. Thomas HARDING: Little Rock; Marketing; Mark. Club; YRC; 2N. Harold Wayne HARDWICK: Wheatley; Pre-Dental, Zoology; OCM. Eddie D. HARGIS: Huntsville; Acc ounting; Men ' s Inter- House Congress, Treas.; Dorm. Treas.; YRC; Ark. Accounting Assoc.; Soc. for Advance of Management; A4 fi; Dean ' s List; Dele- gate to Natl. Assoc. of College and Univ. Residence Halls Conven- tion and the Midwestern Assoc. of College and Univ. Residence Halls. Philip Jay HARGRAVE: Benton; Elec. Eng. Sixth Row: Kay Frances HARMON: Hope; Personnel Manage- ment; Reid Hall. Robert Arlan HARP: Siloam Springs; Animal Science. Stephen Lee HARPER: Pine Bluff; Public Admin.; Civic Club, Pres., V. Pres.; Student Senate; Circle K, Pres., V. Pres.; 2N, Social Chairman, Board of Governors. Jim L. HARRELSON: Mor- rilton; Industrial Eng. Glen Dale HARRIS: Holly Grove; Ind. Man- agement; SAM. Why are these girls smiling? 87 V T P g Seniors First Row: Raymond H. HARRIS: Ft. Smith; Pre-Med; Coed Complex. Russell Fields HARRIS, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Mar- keting Club; YDC; SSAC; A9, Rush Chair. Lilburn Crofford HARRISON, Jr.: No. Little Rock; Indus. Eng.; AIIE; Eng. Coun- cil; Circle K, Board of Gov.; Student Union Comm.; J A9. Myra Jane HARRY: Little Rock; Elementary Ed.; SNEA; CEA. George Eddie HART, Jr.: Little Rock; Architecture; AIA; Acacia. Second Row: Albert Sidney HARTMAN, III: Dayton, Ohio; Arch- itecture; rA. Rebecca Anderson HARTMAN: Fayetteville ; Math, Music; WRA; Soph. Counselor; Student Court; Mortar Board; 2AI, V.P.; Sword of Honor; U of A Bands; TB2, V.P., Pres. Gary Leamon HARVEY: Paragould; Elec. Eng.. Richard A. HARVEY: Green Forest; Ed., Math. Margaret Lee HAUER: Dallas, Texas- Art- Reid Hall. Third Row: David Charles HATJSAM: Huntsville; Gen. Man- agement; SAM. Carol Lynn HAY: Fayetteville; Speech, Dramatics; French Club, Treas.; Futrall Hall. Jewell Doyne HAYES: Rector; Bus. Fin.; Fin. Club. Larry Ben HAYES: Ft. Smith; Marketing. Steven L. HAYES: Ft. Smith; History. Fourth Row: Ivan D. HAZLEWOOD, Jr.: Hot Springs; Ind. Eng.; TBII; AIIE; AIIM, Treas.; Eng. Council; ABC; Newman Club; TIME; AKA, Sgt. at Arms, Exec. Co. Robert M. HEAD: Brookland; Agronomy. John E. HEARNSBERGER, Jr.: Fordyce; Pre-Med.; IFPC, Pres.; 2 E, Sen. Marshal, Dist. Rush Chairman. Susan HEARNSBERGER: Benton; Commercial Art. James Rexford HE- COX: Ben ton; Psychology; William House. Fifth Row: Sandra Stokes HEDGES: Batesville; Ele. Ed. Rex Albert HEFLEY: Fayetteville; Education. Richard Lee HEGEN- BERGER: Little Rock; Transportation; Razorback Letterman; Com- merce Guild; Marketing Club; FCA; Wilson Sharp. Steve Edward HELD: Bartlesville, Oklahoma; Hech. Eng. Nancy Elizabeth HELMS: Crawfordsville ; English; KKF. Sixth Row: Brenda Jeanine HEMENWAY: Newport; Spanish; Mortar Board, Pres.; R.A.; TAT, Sec.; 2 AH, V.P.; Soph. Counselors, V.P.; AAA; AWS; Carnall Hall, Pres.; SAC, Chairman; Eve. Sec. to PAS; KAH. Janis Lea HENCERSON: Stuttgart; Marketing; Futrall Hall. James Knox HENDREN: Hot Springs; Physics; 2IIS; AIP; 2A2; Sedgewell. Lester Joe HENLEY: McGehee; Gen. Bus. Beverly Gay HENRY: ACE, Treas.; SNEA; KKF. Seventh Row: Thomas Walter HENRY: Stuttgart; Architecture; AIA. Walter A. HENZE: Conway; Pre-Med.; 2 E. Kathleen Alice HERNDON: Ft. Smith; Art, Eng. David Eugene HERRINGTON: No. Little Rock; Psychology; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade, Treas.; Yocum Hall, V.P.; YRC, Sec.; IFC; Greek Week Comm.; X; AKA. Judy M. HERSEY: Farmington; Home EC.; Angel Flight, Comp., Commander; Student Senate; Mortar Board; Sweet- heart of 211; TO; AHEA; Xfl, Treas. Eighth Row: David Ellsworth HIBLER: Alma; Ind. Eng. H. Eugene HICKMAN, Jr.: F. Smith; Anthropology; Coed Complex. Larry Milton HICKS: Rogers; Accounting; BA 1 . Bobby Elman HIGHFILL: Hartman; Poultry; AIC; ASA; Dean ' s List; William House. Jolene Marshall HIGHFILL: Marshall; AHEA, State V.P., Natl. Nom. Comm. Ninth Row: Charles H. HIGHT: No. Little Rock; Marketing; Mark. Club; AKA, Soc. Chair. Jimmy Duane HILL: No. Litle Rock; Elec. Eng.; A6. Shirley Ann HILL: Fayetteville; Soc. Studies, Eng.; XA. Belinda Jane HILLHOUSE: Flippin; English; SNEA; XA, Pres., V.P.. Douglas Ronald HINES: Prescott; Agri. Eng.; OCM. Tenth Row: Madison L. HODGES: Pine Bluff; Soc. Studies. Carl Emil HOFFMAN: Fayetteville; Pre-Med. Phillip Myron HOFFMAN: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Mark. Club. James L. HOLDAR: Ozark; Civil Eng.; ASCE. Thelma Jean HOLLAND: Tahlequah, Okla.; Market- ing; Mark. Club, Sec.; Razorback Beauty; Reid Hall. Eleventh Row: Betty HOLLIS: Pine Bluff; Education; Futrall Hall. Gary John HOLMAN: Berryville; Gen. Bus.; HKA, Sec., Exec. Council, Judicial Comm. Chair. Paul Elgin HOLMES: Little Rock; Advertising. Halita Sue HOLT: Harrison; Special Ed.; BSU; SNEA; AEA; ACEI; KAII; Futrall Hall, Comm. Chair.; R.A.; Futrall Pres. Richard Lamar HOLT: Ft. Smith; English; ROTC; Buchanan Hall, Sec.- Treas. 88 Hog Call Wins Spirit Award first Row. Sara Sidney HOOKER: Pine Bluff; Elem. Ed.; Reid Hall, Sec. Robert E. HORNBERGER: Ft. Smith; Finance; AXA. Pamela Gail HORNE: Camden; English; YDC; Spanish Club; Coed Complex. Karen Lee HORTON: El Dorado; Accounting; AAA; Reid Hall, Treas. Lena Myrle HORTON: Fayetteville ; Home-Ec.; Razor- back Hall. Second Row: Vicki Ann HORTON: Mt. Home; Education; ACE; Futrall Hall. Judy Lee HOSIER: Shreveport, La.; Elem. Ed.; ACE; AI Panhell. Rep., Sec., Scholarship Board. William Arthur HOUGH : No. Little Rock; Management; AK , Sec.; SABM; Pershing Rifles; Dean ' s List; AKA. David Lee HOWARD: Kingston; Agri.; AZ; ATA, Treas. Robert G. HOWARD, Jr.: Huntsville; Gen. Agri. Third Row: Linda R. HODGINGS: Little Rock; Ed.; YRC; SNEA; AXO, Rush Chair. William Byrom HUDSON: Little Rock; Pre-Med.; IIKA, V.P. Diane HUDSPETH: Harrison; Elem. Ed.; YDC; SNEA; KAII; ACE; A6 Sweetheart; KKF, Assis. Pledge Trainer. Bette Lynn HUGHES: Texarkana, Texas; English; Queens Comm.; YRC; HB . Darrel Wayne HUGHES: Oden; Management. Fourth Row: Clinton Lee HULSEY: Ft. Smith; Accounting; BA ; AAA. O. T. HUNT: Hot Springs; English; 2X. Charles Philip HURST: Cotter; Gen. Bus.; AFROTC; AAS. Ralph Earl HURST: Royal; Animal Science; ASA; AIC; AZ. Steven Garland HURST: Nimmons; Management; TKE. Fifth Row: James Binion HUTCHENS: Monett, Missouri; Art; Holcombe Hall. Marvin Dale INGRAM: Rogers; Natural Science. V. Keith JAMESON: Little Rock; Bus. Admin.; Sedgewell House. Rich- ard Lee JAY, Jr.: Springfield, Mo.; Marketing; 2N. Hardie Hunter JEFFERIES: Berryville; Ind. Management; SAM, Sec., Pres. Sixth Row: Larry Joe JEFFERSON: Valley Springs; Finance. Jerry Allen JENKINS: Warren; Elec. Eng.; TBII; HKN; IIME; Soph. Counselor; R.A.; Coed Complex. Patricia Kay JENKINS: Fayetteville; Elem. Ed.; ACE; YDC; AAA, Librarian. Tappan Hornor JENNINGS: Helena; Marketing; Dean ' s List; AK ; Circle K; Mark. Club; SUTSC; 2AE, Board of Gov. Judy Kay JEWELL: Little Rock; Home-Ec.; TO, Treas.; ZTA, Treas. Seventh Row: Meredith Louise JOHN: Stuttgart; Elem. Ed.; YRC; SNEA. Byron Virl JOHNSON: Wesley; Mech. Eng. Charles L. JOHNSON: Russellville; Finance; AK ; Acacia. Donna Claire JOHNSON: Ft. Smith; Zoology; Soph. Counselor; AAX; Singfony; RWC; Communications, Newspaper Comm.; Chair. Campus Girl Scouts; Reid Hall. Jenifer JOHNSON: Ashdown; Eng., Journalism; Futrall Hall. Eighth Row: Jesse Lee JOHNSON, Jr.: Little Rock; Psychology. Jim A. JOHNSON: W. Memphis, Tenn.; Finance; Blue Key, Treas.; Card. XX, V.P.; Circle K, Board of Directors; Student Senate; JUC; Mark. Club; 24 E, Pres., Rush Chair. James Stephen JOHNSON: No. Little Rock; Marketing; AK ; Mark. Club. Merle E. JOHNSON: Benton; Marketing. Muriel Anne JOHNSON: Crossett; Elem. Ed.; ABC; YRC; XS), Social Chair. Ninth Row: Robert Howard JOHNSON, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Civil Eng.; MA, Hist.; Concert Band. Mary S. JOHNSTON: Fayetteville; Sec. Ed.; KAII; Mortar Board; AXA; AXA Crescent; Panhell.; Scabbard Blade Sponsor; AWS; Dean ' s List; ZTA, Pres., Scholar. Chair., Rec. Chair. Billy Doyle JONES: Huntsville; Animal Science. Carol June JONES: Siloam Springs; Eng.; Soph. Counselor; Black- friars; Sailing Club; Futrall. Guy Franklin JONES: Pella, Iowa; Architecture; MA, Singfony; Symphony Orchestra; AIA; KK ; Razorback Band. Tenth Row: Kathryn Faye JONES: Little Rock; Social Ed.; CEC; Coed Complex. Kenneth Allan JONES: Forrest City; Marketing; K2. Larry Houston JONES: Siloam Springs; Finance. Lawrence Gene JONES: No. Little Rock; Indus. Eng.; AIIM; AIIE; Dean ' s List; SSTEC; AKA, V.P., Pledge Trainer, Rush Chair. Lecia Fran- ceen JONES: Ft. Smith; Music Ed.; SAI; UArkettes; SNEA; Miss Congeniality; AX ' .;. Songleader. i " Blow in my ear and I ' ll follow you anywhere. " I hope this doesn ' t hurt her pride, but this was the only pie he wanted. Candys ' dandy, liquor quicker, out numbered 9:1, and she ' ll be a kicker. 90 J Watt, Patton Outstanding Greeks First Row: Jackson Murry JONES: Harrell; Pre-Med; H2; AEA; Outstanding Soph. Pre-Med Student- 1968; Men ' s Soph. Coun- cil; Humphrey ' s Senate; Coed Complex. James Kenneth JONES: Harrison; Marketing. Jimmy Leroy JONES: Neosho, Mo.; Architec- ture; AIA; 2 E. Marilyn Sue JONES: Magazine; Home-Ec.; 4H House. Patty JONES: Siloam Springs; Marketing; IIB , Rush Chair.; Razorback Beauty. Second Row: Linda Suzanne JOPP: Pittsburg, Kan.; Zoology, Eng.; Civic Club; Sailing Club; Razorback Hall. Donna Lanell JORDAN: i Fayetteville ; Dietetics; AHEA; FB , Sec.; ASA; Student Govt. Julia Ann KAPS: Muskogee, Okla.; Music Ed.; Angel Flight; Mortar " Board, Sec.; Panhell.; SAI, V.P.; KAII; Senate Comm.; ABC; YRC; Symphony Orchestra; AWS Queens Comm.; AAA; R.A. John Morgan KARBER: Ft. Smith; Pre-Med.; IFC; K2, Grand Master. Ronald Edward KAUFMAN: McGehee; Agri. Bus., Accounting. Third Row: Rebecca Ann KEADLE: Pensacola, Fla.; Elem. Ed.; Pershing Rifles; Cadette Corps; ZTA, Social Chairman. Bood KEATHLEY: Danville; Marketing; Marketing Club; Finance Club; K2, Sec. Joe L. KEATHLEY: Belleville; Gen. Agri.; ATA; Ent. Club; AFP, V.P., Pledge Trainer. Joe Neil KEETON: Mansfield; Architecture; AIA. Linda Lee KEENE: Fayetteville ; Fashion Merch- andising; Majorette; TO, Hist., Publicity; AHEA; TBS Pledge; AXfi, Rec. Sec. I I Fourth Row: Denise Erin KELLEY: Baton Rouge, La.; Eng.; Coed Complex. James Ronald KELLEY: Sheridan; Mech. Eng.; SAE; ASME. Robert E. KELLEY: Gravette; Distributive Ed. Wes- ley Barton KEMP: Danville; Management, Trans. Robert Thomas KEMPER: Little Rock; History; Holcombe Hall. Fifth Row: Susan Lynn KEMPER: Coleman, Texas; Speech, Eng.; Coed Complex. Dan Nicks KENDRICK: Signal Mt., Tenn.; Agri.; AFP. Barbara Gresham KENNEDY: Pine Bluff; Elem. Ed.; KKF. Donald T. KENNEY: Little Rock; Management; KK ; AK ; Band; Holcombe Hall. Jerry Stair KENNEDY: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; ASCE. Sixth Row: Mary Jo KEOGH: Marianna; Chemistry; ACSSA; I Futrall. Joyce Leslie KER: Kirkwood, Mo.; Textile Merchandising; Soph. Counselor; Civic Club; WRA Rep.; KA0, Act Chair. Robert Lee KERR: Fayetteville; Poultry Prod.; Band, William Thomas KETCHER: No. Little Rock; Speech; Razorback Letterman; 2N, I Rush Chair. Wayne Taylor KETON: Swifton; Marketing; Mark. l Club. J " If Walter had listened to me, he wouldn ' t have had any trouble. " Seniors First Row: Rex Wesley KIDDER: Kemmerer; Gen. Bus. James Lee KIDD: Little Rock; History. Jo C. KILLINGSWORTH : No. Little Rock; Accounting; Razorback Hall; BA -; AAA; X6; TB2. Hamilton Wright KILPATRICK: Baytown, Texas; History; Coed Complex. Don Kenneth KING: Clarksville; Elec. Eng.; Yocum; A 7; KK . Second Row: Kathryn Louise KING: Russellville; Sec. Ed. Helen Vance KIRBY: Harrison; Elem. Ed.; KKF; ABC; ACE; Fulbright, Sec. Manager, House Council, Gaebale Booth. Charlotte Anne KITCHENS: Springdale; Elem. Ed.; AXO; Schola Cantorum; SNEA. William Earl KIRKPATRICK: Monticello; Civil Eng.; ASCE; GET. Alfred H. KIRTON: Bedford, Mass.; Social Studies; TKE, Honor Pledge; YDC; ROTC Band. Third Row: Carla Temple KIRTOU: Little Rock; Eng. Bruce Allen KNOX: Ft. Smith; Physics. James William KOOISTRA: High- land, Ind.; Architecture; Holcombe Hall. Barbara Jean KOOS: Joplin, Mo.; Marketing; AAII, Standards Chair.; Panhell. Rep.; X6; R.A.; Student Govt.; ABC; Mark. Club. Martha Ann KORICH: Fayetteville; Sec. Ed.; AX, Scholarship Chair.; Soph. Counselor. Fourth Row: Robert Duane KORICH: Decatur, 111.; Mech. Eng.; 2IT, Scholarship Chair. Leslie Dee KRAICH: Memphis, Tenn.; Zoology; IIB . Alvin Eugene KREBS, Jr.: Tacoma, Wash.; Math; AFROTC; MBSF, Pres. Richard Henry KUONEN: No. Little Rock; B.A.; AKA, Sec.; Finance Club, Pres., Treas.; YDC. Benny L. LAMB: Muskogee, Okla.; Management; SAM; ISO. Fifth Row: Michael Dean LAMB: Leola; Elec. Erig. Larry Louis LAMBIOTTE: Ft. Smith; Finance; ZAE; Finance Club; YDC. George Thomas LANDERS: Little Rock; Management; AFROTC; AAS; AK ; SAM. Freddie J. LANE: Ft. Smith; Trans.; Sedgewell; KK ; MIHC. Loretta G. LANE: St. Louis, Mo.; History; Futrall; Soph. Counselor; Cercle Francais; CSCO; SRC; Sailing Club; Futrall Comm. Council. Sixth Row. Micholas Paul LANG: Monette; Pre-Med. Robert A. LANGE: Little Rock; Accounting; Acacia, Pledge Pres.; Exec. Council, House Manager, Kitchen Manager; AAA; YRC. Arthur Thomas LARSON: Antoine; Agri. Eng.; William House. Morris Clayton LASSITER, III: Copperas Cove, Texas; Eng. Hazel Louise LAWRENCE: Woodson; Eng., Speech; Futrall, R.A.; Ad Hoc Comm.; Futrall Judicial Board. Seventh Row: William D. LAWRENCE: Ft. Smith; Bus. Mgmt.; ; Band. Randy LAWSON: Corning; Marketing. Gary W. LAY: Clinton; Management; IIKA; ABC; YDC. Sam Clinton LAZENBY: Helena; Mech. Eng.; SAE; ASME. Raymond Earl LEA: Risen; Bus. Mgmt.; Holcombe Hall; Missions Comm. Eighth Row: William F. LEATHERBURY: Huntsville; Elec. Eng.; Acacia. George Floyd LEASE, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Gen. Bus., Pre- Law; Yocum; Pres. Assoc. Students. Eugene H. LEE, Jr.: Dumas; Marketing; Mark. Club. Thomas Michael LEE; Hot Springs; Ind. Eng.; AIIE; AIIM. Russell Ervin LEEMAN: Decatur; Geology; Yocum. Ninth Row: David Scott LERCH: Tulsa, Okla.; Mech. Eng.; SAE; ASME. Barbara Cavender LEWIS: Ruston, La.; Marketing; AAA; Soph. Counselor; AAA; Mark. Club; YRC; AWS. Fletcher LEWIS: McCrory; History; ZX. Rodney Shelton LEWIS: Clenton; Accounting. William J. LEWIS: Ruston, La.; Marketing; K2. Tenth Row: Charles Lee LIGGETT, Jr.: Baytown, Texas; Pre- Med.; AXA, Scholarship Chair.; Dean ' s List; Circle K. Michael Ross LILES: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Mark. Club. Michael A. LIMBIRD: Paris; Ind. Eng.; Holcombe Hall. Keith John LINDEMANN: Little Rock; Ind. Management; A9. Charles Lloyd LINEBARGER: Hindsville ; Journalism. Eleventh Rote: Linda Dianne LIPSCOMB: DeQueen; Eng., Soc. Studies; Razorback Hall; AAA; KAII; Henry Hotz Award; Lauray- eater Scholar. Margaret Anne LITTLE: St. Louis, Mo.; Education; IIB , Soc. Chair.; SNEA; YDC; Gaebale Comm. Blanche LOCKE: Ft. Smith; Music; Razorback Hall; Schola Cantorum; Opera Work- ship; SAL Mollilou LOCKE: Stuttgart; Bus. Ed.; Razorback Hall, House Manager. Norman C. LONG: Tulsa, Okla.; Chemistry; Coed Complex. 92 ' J Sedwick Chosen A-Book Editor First Row: Betsy Kim LOOMIS: Enid, Okla.; Sociology; AAA; iYRC; Homecoming Maid; Razorback Staff. Warren D. LOOPER: i Greenwood; Pol. Sci. Betty Jane LORANCE: Kennett, Mo.; Art; AXS); WRA; Soph. Counselor; AXfi, Activities Ch., Hist.; Colle- l giate Sing.; Singfony. Donald J. LOSER: Malvern; Management. J. Timothy LOVETT: JacksonviUe; Eng. Second Row: T. Timothy LOVETT: Jacksonville; Mech. Eng.; jASME; SAE. Gary Lambeth LOW: Havana; Ind. Eng.; Sedgewell House; AIIE. Steve LOWE: Joplin, Mo.; Ind. Eng.; TKE; TBII; iROTC; AIIM; DMS. Linda Biclkiewicz LOWERY: Pine Prairie, , LA.; Marketing; Mark. Club; X8. James Richard LOWERY: Hot (Springs; Psychology; Feature Twirler; Band; Third Row: John Allen LOWREY: Hot Springs; Architecture; IAIA. James Paul LUETTE: Dumas; Elec. Eng.; IIHZ; ITME; iTBII; HKN, Pres.; IEEE; Eng. Council. Patricia Jo LUPER: .Springdale; Gen. Bus.; X6; Mark. Club; YAR. Donna Gale LY- BRAND: Pine Bluff; Art; Reid Hall; Dean ' s List. William H. MA: ' Ottlc Rock; Elec. Eng.; Holcombe Hall; IEEE; IIME; HKN; TBII. Fourth Row: James Robert MADDOX: Little Rock; Architecture. L Jerry Lake MADDOX: Oden; Geology; AFROTC, Wing Staff; JAAS, Info. Off.; Soph. Council; Yocum RA; ACAS; ZFE. John [David MADDOX: Oden; Political Science; Men ' s Soph. Council; YDC. Linda Kay MAHAN: Ft. Smith; Gen. Bus.; Coed Complex. [Michael B. MAJOR: New London, Texas; Pre-Med.; 2 E; Sociology (Club; Sailing Club. Filth Row: Donald L. MALONE: W. Helena; Elec. Eng.; IEEE. Lola Jean MALONE: Gentry; Elem. Ed.. Tommy Fred MALONE: No. Little Rock; Eng.; ROTC; A AS; Scabbard Blade. Nicholas [H. MANENTE: Union City, N. J.; Architecture; K2, Pledge [Trainer; A-tSJ; Circle K, Treas. ; Pershing Rifles; Traveler Staff; |AIA; Italian Club; IFC. Calvin Ted MANTOOTH: Caulksville; [Animal Nutrition; William House; AZ; AAS. Sixth Row: Charles Richard MAPLES: Marianna; Gen. Bus. Theresa MARKS: Port Arthur, Texas; Pre-Med.; KA9, Pres.; [Panhell.; AEA, Sec. Richard Christian MARR: No. Little Rock; Soc. ; FA; AAS, Commander, Admin.; Scabbard Blade; SAM, V.P. David Bryan MARTIN: Warren; Marketing; A6; " " use Manager; Mark. Club. Elizabeth Mae MARTIN: Winslow; Ed., Soc. Studies. ; Mk. f If you think the snow ' s deep in here, you should see what ' s deep inside. 93 Seniors 1 ' 1 First Row: Jerrel Dean MARTIN: Ft. Smith; Mech. Eng.; Sedgewell House. Jerry Robert MARTIN: Pine Bluff; Marketing. Larry William MARTIN: Ft. Smith; Chemistry; Coed Complex. Sandra Jean MARTIN: Phoenix, Arizona; Speech Pathology, Audio- logy; Razorback Hall. Walter D. MARTIN: Newport; Pol. Science; Coed Complex; Soph. Council; R.A.; Pershing Rifles; TAT; Liaison Board; Housing Comm. Second Row: Gerald MARTINDILL, Jr.: Jacksonville; Market- ing; Mark. Club; YDC. Candace Kennedy MASCHMEYER: Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan; Music Ed.; Coed Complex; Orchestra. Ollie Charles MASON: McGehee; Agri-Econ.; AFP; Agri-Econ Club; AZ; Rifle Team; ASA. Raymon Earl MASSEY: Hot Springs; Elec. Eng.; Coed Complex. Gordon Crossett MATTESON: Foreman; Agronomy. Third Row: Raymond Michael MAUS: Atkins; Marketing; 2 E. Kenneth Joe MAY: Rose Bud; Agronomy; AFP. Michael Judson MAY: Newport; Marketing, Management; SAM; Mark. Club; Acacia Pledge; Sailing Club; ABC; YDC. Johnny D. MAUD: Greenwood; Marketing. Sandra Elizabeth MAZZANTI: Lake Village; Bus. Ed.; AF. Fourth Row: Mary Ellen McALISTER: Crossett; Eng., Speech; SNEA. Willie Lee McBRIDE: Pine Bluff; Civil Eng.; V.P. of ASCE. Larry Glenn McCAIN: Mulberry; Agri. Bus.; AFP; AA, Editor; Senior Senator; AZ; ASA. Russell McCARROLL: Anderson, Ind.; Management; 4 A6. Don Ray McCASKILL: Dierks; Agronomy; AFP, Pledge Trainer, Alumni Sec.; OAK; AZ; ASA, Pres., Treas. Fifth Row: Merle Edward McCLAIN: Piggott; Chemistry; Wil- liam House; ACSSA; AX2, Mas. of Ceremonies. Karalee Estelle Mc- CLURE: Tulsa, Okla.; Marketing; KA6; X6; Soph. Counselor; KA0, House Manager; AUEC. Linda Kaye McCONNELL: Green Forest; Elem. Ed. Phillip Lee McCONNELL: Huntsville; Civil Eng. Richard McCONNELL: Greenwood; Elec. Eng.; IEEE. Sixth Row: Marilyn Kay McCREARY: Neosho, Mo.; Elem. Ed.; Opera Workship; Contact; Schola Cantorum. Weldon Leon Mc- CULLOCH, Jr.: Beebe; Mech. Eng.; ASME; IIT2. Tommy Regan McDANIEL: Fayetteville ; Gen. Bus. Jeral Van McDONALD: Fay- etteville; Art Ed. Julie Watson McDONALD: Sheridan; Pol. Science; KA9. Seventh Row: James C. McDOWELL: Blytheville; Bus.; AXA; ROTC. Thomas C. McELROY: Ozark; Animal Sci.; AIC. Glenda F. McFARLAND: W. Memphis, Tenn.; Elem. Ed.; Reid Hall. Rebecca Rhodes McGEE: Arlington, Va. ; Bus. Ed.; Coed Complex. Gary Thomas McGHEE: Star City; Agri.; ATA. Eighth Row: George Billy McGILL: Ft. Smith; Ed. John D. McGLYNN: Willow Springs, Mo.; Marketing; AK ; Mark. Club. Nancy Jeanne McGRAW: Tulsa, Okla.; Eng. Lib. Sc.; AF, Parlia- mentarian. William Ross McKAMEY: Worland, Wyoming; Ind. Eng.; ZII, V.P. Herald, House Mgr.; AIIE. James M. McKEMLEY: Ft. Smith; Public Admin.; Holcombe Hall, Head Res.; University Om- bdusman; TAT, V.P.; R.A.; Soph. Council. Ninth Row: Diane Elaine McKINNEY: Huntsville; Dietetics; KA6, Corres. Sec., Chaplain, Social Chair.; AAA; TBS; Majorette; Concert Band; TO, Pres; Soph. Counselor; Mortar Board. Jean Elizabeth McMILLAN: Malvernj Journalism; ZTA. Michael Edward McMULLEN: Hazen; Gen. Bus. Stephen Floyd McNEILL: Eudora, Kansas; Finance; AK4 ' ; Finance Club; Mkt. Club; Management Club; Rockefeller Scholarship. Jan McNERNEY: Carthage, Mo.; Sociology; AAII. Tenth Row: Ralph Lee McQueen, Jr.; Dermott; Accounting; Holcombe Hall, Pres.; MIHC; A fi; AAA; Band; YDC; AFROTC; Dance Band. Carol Ada MEADE: Fayetteville; Speech Therapy; AAA, Pres.; AWS, V.P.; R.A.; Student Senate; ABC. Jane Lamb MEANS: Little Rock; Speech; Reid Hall. Deanna Lee MEASELES: Ft. Smith; Home- EC. ; Futrall; AHEA; Soph. Counselor. Ellen Eliza- beth MEEK: Camden; Elem. Ed.; IIB , Sec.; YDC. Eleventh Row: Janice Harber MELTON: Wiseman; Home-Ec. Tony Randal MERRIWEATHER: Richards- Aebaur AFB, Mo.; Trans.; Sedgewell. Christine D. MERTENS: Paragould; German, Eng.; Futrall. Beverly Sherlan METCALF: Springdale; Eng., Ed.; Razorback, Sec.; WIHC. Carl Joseph MEURER, Jr.: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; Coed Complex; ASCE. 1+ 94 Ebbert-McAdams to Edit Directory First Row: Harold Gene MEYER: Noel, Mo.; Bus. John Robert MEYERS: Ft. Smith; Accounting; Coed Complex; AAA; R.A. Cheryl Morgan MILLER: Pine Bluff; Art, Ed.; AXO; Soph. Coun- selor; Blackfriars; X9; YDC. Danny Aaron MILLER: Mena; His- tory. Elton Eugene MILLER: Foreman; Mech. Eng.; IITS; TBII. Second Row: Janis D. MILLER: Springdale; Elem. Ed.; SNEA. John Norman MILLER: Springdale; Agri-Bus. Kenton C. MILLER: Tulsa, Okla.; Management; IIKA. Martha Sue MILLER: Shreveport, La.; Eng.; Reid. Sherry Baker MILLER: Helena; Eng. Third Row: Sue J. MILLER: Hot Springs; Art; AAII; NODT, Pres. Wesley John MILLION: Ravenden; Pol. Sci. Alva Dale MILLS: Benton; Mech. Eng. Charles Douglas MILTON: Warren; Accounting. Sharon France MINDEN: Ft. Smith; Music; AGO; ZAI, Treas. Fourth Row: Richard Norman MISENHIMER: Paragould; Fi- nance. Franklin E. MITCHELL: Glenwood; Geology. Rebecca Dee MITCHELL: Waldo; Home-Ec.; Futrall; TO; AHEA. Robbie Jeanette MITCHELL: Morrilton; Marketing; Reid; Mtg. Club; YRC. Sandra Caron MITCHELL: Walnut Ridge; Ed.; Futrall. Fifth Row: Johnny B. MITCHUM: Batesville; Accounting; TKE; BA ; AAA. Dustin Lee MOFFETT: Charleston; Comm. Art; Buch- anan, Intramural Mang. David F. MOHLER: Batesville; Sec. Ed. Tamara Gaskill MOLtS: Harrison; Elem. Ed.; SNEA. James W. MONK, Jr.: Hot Springs; Civil Eng.; AXA, Sec.; YDC; AICE. SnrtA Row: Susan MONK: Harlingen, Texas; Zoology; Futrall. Charles Dennis MONTGOMERY: Newport; Elect. Eng.; 6T. Kaye Wilkinson MONTGOMERY: Rogers; Accounting; AX, Treas.; BA , Treas.; X9, Treas.; Dean ' s List. Athaline MOORE: El Do- rado; Bus. Ed., Library Sci.; Razorback; Collegiate Singers; SNEA; YRC; HRC. Carol Dennis MOORE: No. Little Rock; Speech. Seventh Row: Elizabeth Jane MOORE: Fayetteville; Math. Karen Louise MOORE: Rogers; Journalism, Speech; AMI. Patty MORAN: Dallas, Texas; Marketing; AF. Jackie N. MORELAND: Ft. Smith; Trans. Erode D. MORGAN: Dermott; Elect. Eng.; William House. Eighth Row. Mary Kathryn MORGAN: Osceola; Marketing; AAA, Rush Chair.; Soph. Counselor. Noel Edmond MORGAN, Jr.: Piggott; Elect. Eng.; William House; IEEE; HKN, Treas.; R.A.; Gladson, V.P.; Student Senate. Roberta M. MORGAN: Fayetteville; Elem. Ed. Linda Carol MORRIS: Parkin; Accounting; Razorback. Mary Emilia MORRIS: Siloam Springs; Natural Sciences. AXO. Ninth Row: Donald Gene MORROW: Marshall; Foreign Lang. Linda Rae MORROW: Ozark; Sec. Ed., Soc. Studies. John B. MOSELEY: Hot Springs; Bus.; Finance Club. William Don MOSES, Jr.: McGehee; Agri. Econ.; AFP; BSU; Agri. Econ. Club. Larry H. MOUGEOT: Yellville; Journalism. Tenth Row: William H. MOYE: W. Helena; Mech. Eng. Phyllis Nan MULLENIX: Mt. Ida; Home-Ec.; Reid; 4 TO. Jo Kathleen MULLINS: Fayetteville; Elem. Ed. Margret Helen MURPHY: Fore- man; Engl., Phil.; Razorback. Walter Allen MURRAY: Jacksonville; Bus.; 2 E; SAM. 95 Seniors flow: John Paul MEYERS: Bentonville; Speech; Schola Cantorum; UArkettes; Un. Theatre. Alice Elaine NAGEL: Tucker- man; Home-Ec.; Razorback. Jane Ann NEELY: DeQueen; Eng.; ZTA, Pledge Treas., Scholarship Chair.; AAA; A n Sweetheart; Soph. Counselor; YDC; Finance; Mortar Board; R.A.; Ad Hoc Comm.; KAII. Eric William NELSON: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Coed Complex; A ; FA. Junie Elizabeth NELSON: Texarkana; Elem. Ed.; KKT; AWS; ACE. Second Row: Larry Gene NELSON: Mt. Home; Finance; TKE William Andrew NELSON: Chicago, 111.; Pre-Med.; Soph. Coucil Edwin E. NEWBITT: Little Rock; Management; Holcombe, Leg. Council, Pres. Advisory Comm.; Pershing Rifles. Jean E. NEU- BERGER, III: El Dorado; Chem. Eng.; TKE; AFROTC; AIChE. Carol Jane NEVIN: Benton; Math; AAII. Third Row: Kenneth Brian NEWKIRK: Mt. Pine; Math; Hoi- combe; H2. William Larry NEWMAN: Magazine; Accounting. Edwin George NEWSOM: Little Rock; Mech. Eng.; 6T. George Allyn NEWTOWN: Fayetteville ; French, Eng., Philosophy; BK; OAK; H2; Schola Cantorum; Cercle Francais, Pres.; Traveler Staff. Glenford Andrew NEWTOWN, Jr.: Fayetteville; Agri Eng ASAE; AE; TBH; Eng. Council; A fi; YRC; FA; Scabbard Blade. Fourth Row: Thomas 0. NEWTON: Hampton; Mech. Eng ASME; SAE; Sailing Club; EAS. Van H. NICHOLS: Star City- Finance. William T. NICHOLS: Fayetteville; Elem. Ed.; TKE. Paula Kay NICKELL: Ozark; French; 2AI; AI Elizabeth A NICKLE: Hughes; P.E.; AF. Fifth Row: William Manford NIELSEN: Little Rock; Ind. Eng.; Sedgewell, R.A.; ROTC; Scabbard Blade. James Glen NORMAN: Searcy; Finance; UK A; AK ; Finance Club. Joseph Leonard NORRELL: Eudora; Mech. Eng.; ASME. John David NORRIS: El Dorado; Chem. Eng.; Holcombe; H2; AIChE, Sec.; TBII; T2; ACS. Mary Lou NORRIS: Fayetteville; Bacteriology. Sixth Row: Jackie L. NORTH: Batesville; Ed. David Allen NORWOOD: Fayetteville; Elect. Eng.; OCM; IEEE. Gordon W. NORWOOD: Pine Bluff; P.E.; Wilson Sharp. Pamela Diane NOR- WOOD: Mineral Springs; KKF, Pres., Scholarship Chair.; Mortar Board; KAII, Hist.; Student Senate; Panhell., Treas.; Chimes; AAA; Miss Congeniality. Betty Jane NUTT: Fayetteville; Anthro- pology. Seventh Row: Shirley East O ' BRIEN: Pineville; Ed. David Burton OFFUTT: El Dorado; His., Eng.; Yocum, R.A. Jane Puryear OLDNER: Dumas; Ed.; Reid, Pres.; Band; AWS Queens Comm.; Hallaballoo Hostess, Steering Comm.; SNEA. Phil OLINGHOUSE: Little Rock; Marketing. Eva Sue OMOHUNDRO: Fayetteville; Sec. Ed. Eighth Row: Manaleta Jones O ' NEILL: Fayetteville; Ed. Jack L. ORLICEK: Hazen; Mech. Eng. Janice V. ORRICK: DeWitt; Elem. Ed.; Coed Complex; WIHC; Roles of Women Comm.; ABC; YDC. David Lynn OSWALT: Helena; Architecture. Myra Madelyn OTT: Flippin; Bus. Ninth Row: Cynthia Louise OWENS: Waldron; Speech; Coed Comp.; SNEA. Robert Wayne OWEN: Pine Bluff; Chem. Eng.; T; T2, Pres.; AIChE, Treas.; Dean ' s List; Eng. Council. Johnnie Re- becca PACE: Carthage, Texas; Marketing. Alan Dee PACK: Cecil; Animal Sci.; AFP; AZ; OAK. Edwin Steven PAGE: Ft. Smith; Comm. Art; Buchanan House, Pres.; Pres. Men ' s Senate; TAT. Tenth Row: Patsy M. PALADINO: No. Little Rock; Marketing- Advertising; AAA; YDC; Mkt. Club; AWS; Gaebale Comm. Richard Alan PALADINO: Conway; Mech. Eng.; ASME; IIT2. Robert PALAZZI: Little Rock; Psychology; Coed Complex. Thomas Staf- ford PALMER: Memphis, Tenn.; Marketing; 2AE, Pledge Trainer, Board of Gov.; Traveler Staff; Mkt. Club. Carl Edward PARKER, Jr.: Camden; Bus.; 2 E. Eleventh Row: Van Orlie PARKER: Blytheville; Elec. Eng.; 2X; 6T; TBH; HKN; IIME; H2; Varsity Track; Blue Key; IEEE; Cardinal XX.Edgar Glenn PARR: Ft. Smith; Hist.. Catherine Ann PATTERSON: Texarkana; Eng.; Xfi, Sec. Pledge Class, Assis. Corr. Sec.; Soph. Counselor; AWS Queens Comm.; X9. Tommie Jean PATTERSON: Clarksville; Journalism; RAZORBACK Editor. Diane Louise PATTON: Tt. Worth, Texas; Hist.; Futrall, Treas., Chair- man J-Board; AWS Communications Comm.; WRA. 96 Four- Year Dorms Established First flou : Robert Clyde PATTON: Lewisville; Pre-Med; SAE, Pres; Cardinal XX, Treas; IFC, V.P., Pres.; IFPC, Pres.; Blue Key; AEA; H2. Jerry Wayne PAUL: No. Little Rock; Elec. Eng.; Wil- liam House. Rodger Alan PAYNE: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; ASCE. Jim Edwin PEARCE: DeQueen; Ac-counting. Judy Pettus PEAR- SON: Rose Bud; Home- EC.; ASA, Sec.; AHEA; 4-H House. Second Row. Waymon PEARSON: Rose Bud; Agronomy: AFP; Agronomy Club; AAS; AZ; ASA. Richard Connor PECK: Am- bridge, Pa.; Accounting; BA . Galen B. PELLHAM: Springfield, Mo.; Architecture; 2N, Intramural Chair.; Yocum, Floor Pres.; Sen- ate Comm.; AIA; YRC. Elizabeth Ann PELTON: Benton; Social Welfare; AAA. Marshall L. PENDERGRASS: Ft. Smith; Elec. Eng.; IEEE; HKN; TBII. Third Row: William Frank PENDERGRASS: Little Rock; Archi- tecture; AXA; AIA. Jim M. PENN: Portia; Management; SAM. Patricia Jane PENN: Black Rock; Home-Ec.; Reid. Patrick Twitty PENNELL: Elaine; Accounting. Mary Adelaide PERSON: Wing; Home-Ec.; 4-H House; TO. Fourth Row: Patricia Jane PETERSON: Alexandria, Va.; Ind. Eng.; Razorback; AIIE, Sec.; Ad Hoc Comm. William Lee PHARIS: Ft. Smith; Journalism; SNEA. Edward Lynn PHELPS: Waldron; P.E. Kathleen PHELPS: Grand Forks AFB, No. Dakota; Manage- ment; KA6, Activities Chair., Corres. Sec.; Soph. Counselor; Student Senate; AXA Crescent Girl; YRC. Herbert David PHILLIPS: Gould; Marketing; AKA; AK ; YDC; Dean ' s List. Fifth Row: Janie PHILLIPS: Harrison; Elem. Ed.; AF; R.A.; Panhell.; ABC. Klaus Peter PHILLIPS: Little Rock; German, Eng.; Yocum, MSC, Res. Adviser; German Club; ROTC; Preview Staff; Honors Council; MIHC, Coordinator. Mary Helen PHILLIPPY: Fay- etteville; Psychology. Sidney Jensen PHILLIPPY: Fayetteville; In- surance; Mark. Club. Toni PIERCE: El Dorado; Psychology; AXQ, Rush Chair., Social Chair.; ABC; AXA Crescent Girl; SUEC; X; IAWS; Dean ' s List; Honors Program. Sixth Row: Mary PIPER: Marianna; Soc. Studies, Library Sci. ; AX1}, Publ icity Chair.;AAA; KAII; IAWS, Soph. Sec. Carolyn Sue PLUNKETT: Ft. Smith; Marketing; AAH; Mark. Club; ABC; YRC; X6; AWS, Finance. Michael Anthony PLUNKETT: Ft. Smith; Elec. Eng.; Coed Complex; TIME; HKN. William M. PLUNKETT, Jr.; No. Little Rock; Elect. Eng.; Acacia; 6T; IEEE; YDC: ABC; AES; Pershing Rifles. Floyd G. POHLE: Rogers; Pre-Med., Psych. Seventh Row. William A. POLK: Harrison; Architecture; AIA; Scabbard Blade; Ranger Platoon; NODT. Nancy Elizabeth POL- LARD: Little Rock: Eng., Spanish; IIB , House Manager; Soph. Counselor; HMB, V. Chair.; Spanish Club, Pub. Chair. Candyce Logan POND: Stuttgart; Marketing; AAA; YDC. Ronna Gay PORTER: Russellville ; Eng.; Ar, V. Pres. Robert William POTTER, Jr.: Augusta; Geology; 2FE. Sec. Eighth Row: Ronald Eugene POWELL: Ft. Smith; Accounting; BA . Ann Lehman PRIDE: Blytheville; Spanish; Futrall; Student Senate; Editor A-BOOK; TRAVELER Staff; Mortar Board, Rep.; TAT- ZAH, Rep., Hist.; ABC; Board of Pub.: SUGC: R.A. Claudia Davis PRUETT: Fayetteville; Elem. Ed. Carl D. PURNELL: Pine Bluff; An. Sci.; OCM. Johnnie QUALLS, Jr.: Evening Shade; Fi- Ninth Row: Peggy June QUALLS: Fayetteville; Advertising. Johnette Gravelle QUERBES: Shreveport, La.; Elem. Ed.; AAA; Homecoming, Queen, Maid; RAZARBACK Beauty. Johnny C. QUINN: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; 4 A6, Pres. Pledge Class, Hist.; Pres. Humphreys Hall; YDC. Carol Jean RAINES: Dallas, Texas; Journalism, Eng.: AF, Public Relations Chair.. Scholarship Chair.; AWS Commun. Chair., Academic Affairs; RAZORBACK. F.A. Edi- tor; Off Campus Edit.; AAA, Public Relations; Mortar Board, Hist. Earl Cleveland RAINES: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; MBSF; ASCE. Tenth Row: Ann Beane RAINEY: Forrest City; Ed.; IIB , Jr. Scholarship; Mortar Board; AWS, Sec.; ACE. William Pal RAINEY: Tyronza: Bus.: K. Jerry McCov RAINS: No. Little Rock: M a th: KK ; Band; Orchestra. Paul W. RAINWATER: Ft. Smith; Distri- butive Ed.: Rinlev House. Pres.: AVA. H. Terry RASCO: DeWitt; Architecture; 2 E, Sec.; Dean ' s List. 97 Seniors First Row: John Carl RASH: Fayetteville ; Pol. Sci.; OCM. James Edward RAUSER: Ft. Smith; Elec. Eng.; IEEE. Ben F. REAGOR: Shreveport, La.; Social Welfare; 2AE, Board of Gov., Sec. Stephen Earl REAGAN: Claremore, Okla.; Ed. William Randall REAGAN: Waldo; Finance; AK ; Finance Club. Second Row: James David REED: Flippin; Agri. Ed.; ATA; ASA. Leonette A. REED: Heber Springs; Pre-Law; AF. Susan REED: Shreveport, La.; Elem. Ed.; Futrall; Liason Board. Terry Glenn REED: Pine Bluff; Journalism; Sedgewell House, Sec.; YRC; ARK. TRAVELER. Mickey John REESE: Mtn. View, Mo.; Civil Eng.; ASCE. Third Row: Ronald Ray REESE: Texarkana; Pre-Med. Kenneth Ron REEVES: Harrison; Finance; OCM; ZX, Sec. John F. REL- YEA: Stuttgart; Physics; Holcombe; AX2; ACSSA; SPS; MIHC, Rep. Janr s Bucknall REMMELL: Favetteville; Mech. Eng.; IIT2; SAE; ASME; EAS. David John REW: Rogers; Marketing; Mark. Club; SAM. Fourth Row: Dennis A. REYNOLDS: El Dorado; Elect. Eng.; HKN: TBIT; IF.EE Gerald Jopeph RF.YFNGA: Hope; Chem. Eng.; T2, Treas.; AIChE. Kenneth W. RIAL: McGehee; Gen. Bus. Darrel Alan RICE: Bentonville; Ind. Eng.; William House, Pres.; Student Senate; TAT, Pres.; Blue Key, Sec.; AIIE, Pres.; Assis. Head Res.; R.A.; AIIM; TBII; Eng. Council; RAZORBACK Staff; TRAVELER Staff; Collegiate Singers; Dean ' s List; H2; MIHC Exe. Council. Herschel F. RICE: No. Little Rock: Civil Eng.; Yocum, R.A.; Soph. Council, Treas.; ASCE, Treas.; EEC; Chair. Assoc. Students; MIHC. Fifth Row: Jennifer Lynn RICHARDSON: Warren; Elem. Ed.; KKF; 2AI. John William RICHARDSON: Fayetteville; Math; Band, Drum Major; KK . Jon David RICHARDSON: Reyno; Elect. Eng.; IEEE; ARCUA. Ross Phillips RICHARDSON: Malvern; Elect. Eng.; IEEE; MIHC. Patricia 0. RICHMOND: Fayetteville; Ed. Sixth Row: Larry Dean RICKETTS: Little Rock; Math; Yocum; R.A.; KK ; AF Cadet. Bobby Barham RIDGELL: Little Rock; Elect. Eng. Susan Jo RIDLEY: Newport; His.; Reid. Malcolm E. RITCHIE, Jr.; No. Little Rock; Ind. Eng.; AKA, Sec., Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Chair. OT, House Manager; AIIM; Dean ' s List; AIIE; AFROTC. Carolyn Ruth ROBB: Siloam Springs; Ed.; SNEA; ACE. ! ,t|f| Seventh Row: Charles W. ROBERTS: McGehee; Mech. Eng.; SAE; ASME. David Alan ROBERTS: Lake Village; Trans. Don Baron ROBERTS: Paragould; Math; Holcombe, Sec, R.A. Helen ) Louise ROBERTS: Fayetteville; Social Welfare; BSU Council; Homecoming Comm. Mark Owen ROBERTS, Jr.: Springfield, Mo.; Insurance; 2N; YRC; Finance Club; YRR. Eighth Row: Sarah Jane ROBERTS: Fayetteville; Spanish; 2AII, Sec.; Internal!. Club; SNEA. Connie Sue ROBERTSON: No. Little Rock; Home-Ec.; Reid; T, Corr. Sec. E. Renee Sorrell ROBERT- SON: No. Little Rock; Math; A A , Treas.; Soph. Counselor; R.A.; ABC. John Layton ROBERTSON: Dumas; Botany; A O, Hist.; ABC. Mary Kay ROBINSON: Dell; Home-Ec. Ninth Row: William Bigelow ROBINSON: Little Rock; Pol. Sci. William David RODDEY: Warren; Finance; A6. Plede- Trainer, Dist. Ru.h Chair.; Finance Club, V.P. Carole Ann RODGERS: Mena; Marketing. Elton Leroy ROE: Little Rock; Architecture; AIA. Judith Marie ROGERS: Magazine; P.E.; Futrall, Sports Mgr.; PEM Club; SNEA; AAHPER. Tenth Row: Nina Myrl ROGERS: Mena; Psych.; ZTA, Sec., Hist.; YDC, Sec. Rep.; X; AAA; ABC; Soph. Counselor; AWS, Academic Affairs. Michael Edward ROLLINS: W. Memphis; Ind. Mgmt.; 211; Circle K; IFC; ABC; A KJ; SAM. Wallace Anthony ROLNIAK: Fayetteville; Pre-Med.; AEA. Harriet Elizabeth ROOT: Greene, N. Y. ; Ind. Eng.; Futrall, House Council, Comm. Council; TBS, Sec., Social Chair.; HME; TAT; AIIM; Sec., V.P.; SAE; AIIE, Sec.; Band: Mortar Board; Dean ' s List; Soph. Counselor. Deneice Raejean ROSE: Cassville, Mo.; Elem. Ed.; Futrall. Eleventh Row: Paula Ann ROSENAU: Hammond, Ind.; Elem. Ed.; Reid; WIHC; AWS, House Board; House Council: Futrall House Manager. Becky ROSS: No. Little Rock; Elem. Ed.; A All, Scholarship Chair.: Panhell. Pres.; Student Senate; Soph. Counselor. William Bailev ROTFRT: Ft. Smith; Urban Studies. Louis Neal ROWLAND: Forrest City: Accounting; 211, Soc. Chair., Jud. Chair.; AAA; ABC. Donald R. ROWLETT: Quitman; Voc. Agri. 98 Barnes Selected All-American First Row: Albert Holly RUSHER, Jr.: Brinkley; Pre-Med; 2X, Scholarship Chair.; OAK; Civic Club, Pres.; UBCC; Intramural Sports. William Leon RUSSELL, Jr.: Fayetteville; Ed., Speech; ROTC. David L. SAFFORD: Rocky Mt., N. C.; Accounting; AXA, Treas.; AAA. Ernest Allen SALLEE, Jr.: Arkadelphia; Elect. Eng. ; KK ; IEEE; MSA. Jeanette Carpenter SANDERLIN: Hamburg; Home-Ec.; KKF; TO; AHEA. Second Row: Jeffery Charles SANDERS: Springdale; Elect. Eng.; TBII; HKN; IEEE; Radio Club. Jimmy Dale SANDERS: Flippin; P.E.; PEM Club. Darry Gene SANDS: Little Rock; Ed.; AKA, Rec. Sec.; SNEA: KAII, V.P.; H2. Linda Ann SANGER: Fayetteville; Elem. Ed.; AAII; ACE. Larry Dale SAPP: Bentonville; Manage- ment; SAM. Third Row: Thomas Ramsey SAUNDERS, Jr.: San Augustine, Texas; Ind. Management; SAM, Treas. David Parke SAXON: Little Rock; Finance; Holcombe, V.P.; AK , A ; YRC; Finance Club. Harriel F. SCARSDALE: Monette; Mech. Eng.; ASME. Archie R. SCHAFFER: Charleston; Pre-Med. Betty Ruth SCHENCK: Hope; German; Futrall. Fourth Row: Patricia Ann SCHICK: Cherry Hill, N. J.; Home- Ec.; Reid Hall. Robert L. SCHOFIELD: Uah-lla. Mo.; Ed. Robert Charles SCHRAPLAU: White Plains, N. Y.; Architecture. James E. SCOTT: Ft. Smith; Accounting; ABC. Robert A. SCOTT: Little Rock; Pre-Med; 2N; YRC; Sailing Club; Dean ' s List. Fifth Row; Joe B. SCRUGGS: Little Rock; His.; H2; Dean ' s List. David R. SEATON: Hot Springs; Personnel Man.; AR . Sally Dayne SEDWICK: Kenilworth, 111.; Chemistry; KA9, Rec. Sec.; Fulbright, Sec.; AAA, V.P.; ACS, Pres.; Mortar Board, Scholarship Chair.; RAZORBACK Staff: Dean ' s List. Roman Joseph SELIG, III: Corning; Civil Eng.; GT, House Manager: Track; ASCE; St. Pat. Runner-up. James Dennis SELMAN: McGehee; Marketing; $A6; Mark. Club; YDC; Football. Sixth Row: Irwin John SEWARD, Jr.: Ulm; Chem. Sng.; Droke House, R.A.; Track; Soph. Counselor; AIChE. Dennis Ray SHAVER: Leachville; Elec. Eng.; IEEE. Dennis D. SHAW: Springdale; Trans., Management; ITKA, Pres., Exec. Council, Pledge Trainer. Honor Pledee; AK : ABC; IFC: ROTC: Pre-Law Club. Carol S -hwarzlose SHELLARD: Conway; Zoology; AXfi, Chaplain; Soph. Counselor; Hotz, R.A. Gregory Laurence SHELLARD: Hardy; Finance; A J 6. Seventh Row. Brenda Ruth SHELTON: Harrison; Accounting; Futrall, Treas., V.P., X6. Larry Jerome SHELTON: W. Memphis; Law: 2 E. Soc. Chair., Athletic Chair., Sec.-Treas.; Sec. B.A.; Tal- ent Comm. Charles Ervin SHERWOOD: DeWitt; Civil Eng.; William House; ASCE. Basil Dee SHOPTAW: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; XE, Pres.; A SCE, Sec.; TBIT. Nancy Louise SHORT: Salem; Bus. Ed.; Razorback Hall; TB2; Band; Hall Sec. Eighth Row: Marilyn K. SHULTZ: O ' Fallon, 111.; Anthropology, Sociology; Coed Complex. Ann Lorene SHUMATE: Springdale; Ed.; KAIT. Ralph Robert SICUER: Ark. City; Mech. Eng.; SAE; ASME; Student Senate. Miles Darwin SIMPSON: Mena; Poultry Genetics. Randall Harry SKIFF: El Dorado; Geology; 2FE. Ninth Row: Laura Lee SKILLERN: Fayetteville; Psyc. loannis Paul SKI.AUOS: Salohiki, Greece: Mech. Erg., Elect. En . Stevn Allen SLACK: Fayetteville; Plant Path.; 2IT, Pres., Alum. Sec.: IFC Rush Chair.; Blue Key, Sec., Chair. Norn.; A fi; Scabbard Blade; AZ: Student Senate: Directory Staff: Dean ' s List. Ra -hl Anne SLUSHER: Fayetteville; Ed.; Pub. Chair.; Campus Girl Scouts. James Carl SMALLEY: Little Rock; Ed. Tenth Row: Cecelia Marie SMITH: St. Louis, Mo.; P.E.; PEM Club: WRA. Charles Allen SMITH: Springdale: Ed. Charles Stephen SMITH: W. Memphis; Aeri. Fng.; Holcombe. Christopher Lee SMITH: Oklahoma City. Okla.: Pol. Sci.: ZIT. Earl Travis SMITH, Jr.: McGehee; Civil Eng.; Holcombe; ASCE; ASAE. 99 s Seniors First Row: Gary Lynn SMITH: Little Rock; Mgmt. John C. SMITH: Paris; Pre-Med; 211; Scabbard Blade. Pamela SMITH: Little Rock; Banking, Fin.; KKT; R.A.; AWS, Treas.; X9, Pres; Fin. Club Sec.; House Mgrs. Bd. Robert LeRoy SMITH: Hot Springs Elec. Eng.; IEEE; HKN. Robert Lynn SMITH: Elm Springs; Finance. Second Row: Shirley Katherine SMITH: Dallas, Tex.; Eng.; KA6; Soph. Coun.; Community Rel. Comm.: House Mgr.; AWS Legislative Coun.; AWS Executive Comm.; AWS House Mprs. Bd , Chair.; AWS Jud. Bd.; ABC; AWS Roles of Wow. Comm. Stephen Wallas SMITH: Huntsville; Ind. Mgmt.; AO. Mary E. SNIDER: Jenkins, Mo.; Phys. Ed.; AAIT. John Edward SNODERLY: Garfield; Plant Path.; Farmhouse, Pres.: Agri. Stu. Pres.; AT,. Tr-as.: Agr. Club, Photographer; AI Club, Bd. Dir.; Farmhouse Hist., Natl Con. Del.; Dean ' s List. Larry Lawson SNODGRASS: Lincoln; Mark.; Acacia; YDC; Mark. Club; SAM. Third Row: Carolyn Ann SNOW: Oden; Eng.; Futrall. Judy Gail SNOW: Oden; Home- EC. Edu.; Razorback; AHEA; ASA; Soph. Coun. Phillip Eugene SNOW: Fayetteville ; Elect. Eng; IEEE. Dusty Lea SOSEBEE: Borger, Texas; Elem. Ed.; AXfl; Pledge Class Soc. Chair., Gifts, Greetings; YDC: SNFA. Rebecca M. SPAIN: Camden; Eng.; AXO, Act. Chair; YRC; SNEA; Pledge Class Pres. Fourth Row: James Donald SPANN: Little Rock; Arch.; Off Campus; Stu. Chap. Americans; Inst. Arch. Cheryl SPARKS: Little Rock; Elem. Ed.; AAA; ACE; SNEA; YRC. David Moore SPATZ: Conway; Geology; Gladsen. David Charles SPEAKER: Ft. Smith; Pre-Dental; 211; ABC. Charlotta Ann SPENCER: Harrison; Elem. Ed.; Razorback Hall; Hotz Coun.; Soph. Coun.; Razorback, Officer. Fifth Row: Dennis Charles SPENCER: Little Rock; Chem. Eng.; AIChE; A J2. Robert Glenn SPENCER: Springdale; Arch. Richard Allen SPILMAN: Germantown, Tenn.; Pers. Mgmt. Arthur Elmon SPOONER. Jr.: Fayetteville: Pre-Law; Acacia: Persh. Rifles : Civic Club, Treas; Adv. ROTC. Jay Rolens SPRIGG: Ft. Smith; Chem.; AXE, Treas.; ACSSA; Coll. Acad. of Sci.; International Club. Sixth Row: Carolyn Jene SPRINGFIELD: Crawfordsville ; Geog.; KA0, Treas; AAA. Stephen Ernest SPURLOCK: Huntsville; Phys. Ed. Jerry Charles STAMPS: Van Buren; Mark. Billy Glenn STAND- LFY- Pasadena. Tex.; Mark.; 2 E, V.P., Soc. Chair. Ruth Alvre STANDFIELD: Dardanelle; Art; Reid; AAIT; William Jewell Col- lege; Homecoming Comm. Seventh Row: James Smith STARKS, III: Malvern; Chem. Eng.; Coed Complex, Gov., Sec-Treas; Westminister Coun.; AICE. K. Diane STARNES: Little Rock; Psych.; AXf), Pres., Pledge Pres.; AAA; X, Sec.; Panhell., Acad. Comm, Chair.; R.A.; Stu.-Fac. Rela. Comm.; AWS, Leg. Coun., Gov. Comm.; Mortar Board; Xf) Award. Kathleen STELL: Hobbs, N. M.: Math; Band; U of A Concert Band. Bobby Wayne STEPHENS: Ft. Smith; Bus.; Mark. Club; Fin. Club; YRC; SAM. Franklin Stanley STEPHENS: Hot Springs; Elec. Eng.; IEEE. Eighth Row: Jack Thomas STEPHENS, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Bus. A6; Stu. Sen.; Dean ' s List; A9, V.P., Pledge Trainer; BA, Pres., Fin. Comm Co-Chair. R. Chris STEPHENS: Arkadelphia; Advertising; 2X, Kitchen Mgr., Pledge Sec.; ABC, Homecoming Comm.; Mark. Club; Civic Club; YDC. Ralph Arden STEPHENS: Ft. Smith; Banking. Fin.; Coed; Razorback Band; KK , Sec., Out- standing Pledge; YRC. Raymond Wesley STEPHENSON: Benton- ville; Educ.; SNEA. Nicholas Rodgers STEVENS, III: Little Rock; Bus.; IIKA; YDC; Circle K; Civic Club; Stu. Sen. Ath. Comm. Ninth Row: Lana Kay STEWART: Ft. Smith; Elem. Ed.; Coed. Terry Thomas STEWART: Ft. Smith; Chem. Eng.; Wilson Sharp, Pres.; A8; THII; OAK: Cardinal XX: HE; Varsity Football; Sr. Class Pres.; AICE; T2. Louis Joseph STIFTER: Jacksonville; Elec. Eng. Carolyn Sue STINCHCOMB: Fayetteville; Bus. Ed., Lib. Sci. Carolyn Kay STOKES: Batesville; Home-Ec.; AAA; AHEA. Tenth Row: Fred Wyatt STONE: Cullendale; Bus.; 2AE; Sax Man, Grandmother ' s Cookies. John Edward STONE: Pine Bluff; Arch.; 2 E, V.P.; AIA. Ronald Joe STONE: Forrest City; Pre- Optometry; 2IT, Alum. Sec., Exec. Coun.; STUDENT DIRECTORY, Bus. Mgr.; ABC; ARK. TRAVELER, Staff; Stu. Sen. Comm. Marlys Ann STORCK: Purdy; Educ.; Futrall; SNEA; ACEI; YDC. Joseph Arlin STRODE: Gillett; Elec. Eng.; TBII; HKN; IEEE. Eleventh Row: Michael D. STROUD: Little Rock; Elec. Eng.; Coed Complex. Gary Lee STUBBS: Mt. View: Trans. Alan Lee STUMBAUGH: Clarksville; Civil Eng.; ASCE; XE, Sec. Sunny Lee STURDIVANT: Springdale; Elem. Ed.; AAA, V.P.; RAZORBACK Beauty. Thomas Neal SULLINS: Crossett; Finance; 2N, Comdr., Pledge Trainer, Bd. Gov.; Blue Key; AK ; Comm. Guild, Pres.; IFC. 100 Dicus - Outstanding In Sugar Bowl First Row: John Gregg SULLIVAN: Dallas, Tex.; Speech Ed.; THE; IFC; Greek Week Chair., Treas.; SAM. James Warren SUM- NER: Huntsville; Hist., Speech; Razorback Band; KK . Earl L. SWAFFORD: Ft. Smith; Accounting; BA . John Charles SWAZE: Moscow; Math. Sue SWEARINGEIN : Shrtveport, La,; h-lem. Ed.; ZTA, Hist., Rep.; Sec. ACE; YRC; SNEA. Second Row: Larry Ray TABOR: Ft. Smith; Accounting; AAA; YRC Da id H. TALLEY: Little Rock; Educ.; Humphreys; Men ' s Soph. Coun., R.A. ; Arnold Air Soc. ; Scabbard Blade. James Jerald TANNER, Jr.: Batesville; Civil Eng.; 6T, Pres., Bd. Uirec.; Pres. Eng. Coun.; V.P. Blue Key; Engine Rally Chair. Gary Edwin TARP- LEY: Gurdon; Ind. Rela. ; Yocum, R.A. ; Res. Adv.; Men ' s Soph. Coun.; AK : Intramural Bd. Co-Chair.; ABC. Sue M. TARPLtt: Dallas, Tex.; Elem. Ed.; ZTA, Rush Chair.; ACE. Third Row: John Richard TAYLOR: Ft. Smith; Architecture; AIA. Margaret Kay TAYLOR: Shreveport, La.; Art; rteid iiall. Uon- ald Stuart TAYLOR: No. Little Rock; Pre-Med; A6; Cardinal XX; HZ; AEA. Thomas Mills TAYLOR: Clarksville; Ind. Eng.; AIIE. W. Randy TAYLOR: Little Rock; Mark.; Wilson Sharp; Varsity Track; Varsity Cross Country. Fourth Row: Milton Price TEETER: Russellville; Ind. Eng.; AIIE. Becky TEMPLE: Little Rock; Elem. Ed.; Coed; YRC; Chair. Queens Comm.; NEA. Elizabeth Kilbury TERRY: Little Rock; Elem. Ld.; KAO. Janice Kynn THAREL: tayetteville; Home- EC. George L. THOMAS: Camp; Accounting; A fi; AAA. Fifth Row: Harold Lindell THOMAS: Springdale; Trans.; Linda Louise THOMAS: Fayetteville ; Art. Mary THOMAS: Danville; Sociology; Futrall. Dale Edward THOMPSON: Lead Hill; Animal Sci.; Sedgewell; Animal Sci. Club; YDC. Edward C. THOMPSON, Jr.: Augusta; Pre-Pharmacy ; Coed; ABC. Sixth Row: Glenn Albert THOMPSON: Lead Hill; Dairy Sci.; William House, Bd. Dir., Animal Sci. Club; AZ. James Christopher THOMPSON: Hermitage; Bus.; Mark. Club. John Clifford THOMP- SON: Kansas City, Mo.; Bus.; AX A. George Thomas THOMSON: DeWitt; Marketing; Arnold Air Soc. Jeremy D. THORNTON: Mena; Pre-Law- KS. Seventh Row: Gary L. THRAILKILL: Southwest City, Mo.; Psy- chology, Sociology. Rebecca Ann THRASHER: Fayetteville: Bus. Ed. Steven F. TILEY: Ft. Smith; Accounting. Terry Juan TODD: Fayetteville; Banking, Finance; Off Campus. Barbara Joyce TOLL: Little Rock; Math; AXO, Asst. Schol. Chair; IAWS; Soph. Coun.; Chair. AWS Prog. Comm.; R.A.; AAA; AWS Leg., Exec. Councils. lU Row: Paul Otie THOMPKINS, II: No. Little Rock; Chem. Eng.; AIChE; BSU. George Robert TOOMBS, II: Mablevale; Civil Eng.; Holcomhe. Bobby G. TREAT: Flippin; Animal Sci.; AIC. Phillip R. TRIMBLE: Springdale; Management; SAM.; Fin. Club; YDC. Dianne G. TRINCO: Hindsdale, 111.; Elem. Ed.; Futrall Hall. Ninth Row: John L. TRIPPLEHORN: Pampa, Tex.; Marketing; Mark. Club. Stephen Minard TULLGREN: Mtn. Home; Finance. Lois Ruch TURESKI: Camden; Home-Ec.; Reid. Susan Jane TURNER: Ft. Smith; English; Coed; Dean ' s List; Reid, Comm. Chair.; RAZORBACK, Section Ed.; AWS Acad. Aff.; JoBelle Hoi- combe Award. Gary Paul UPTON: Clarksville; P.E.; PEM Club. . Tenth Row: Kelly Kenneth VANCE: Tulsa, Okla.; Soc. Studies. Helen D. VANCUREN: Harrison; Home-Ec.; Razorback, House Mgr.. Fin. Comm.; AWS Prog. Comm.: WIHC. Treas.: NACURH Sec.-Treas.; R.A.; Stud. Sen. Adv. Comm. Thomas Peter VAN SCHAIK: Mtn. Home; History. Albert Glenn VASSER: Pine Bluff; Accounting; Sedgewell; BA ; AK ; SAM; AAA; Dean ' s List. John Allen VINCENT: Ft. Smith; Physics; Yocum, Stud. Court; Men ' s Soph. Coun.; R.A.; Res. Adv.; Chair. MIHC Judiciary; MIHC, Foods Comm; Dean ' s List; Univ. Drama Wing; SPS; Co-Chair. Stu- Senate, Res. Hall Bds; State Res. Hall Con., Co-Chair. ci a _ - gr 101 Seniors First Row: Joe Anthony VINSON: Mt. Holly; Elec. Eng.; William House; IEEE. R. David WAGNER: Rector; Mech. Eng.; TBII; IIT2; KK ; SAM; SAE. Pres. James Earl WALDEN: Benton; Elec. Eng. Carol Ann WALKER: Little Rock; Psyc., ZTA, Rush Chair., Corres. Sec.; Soph. Sec.; Roles Of Women; YDC; Soph. Counselor. Charles Maxfield WALKER: Hope; Zoology; SX; YDC; Civic Club. Second Row: William Andrew WALKER: Springdale; Ind. Ed. Cheryl Ann WALLER: Little Rock; Home-Ec.; Futrall; Carnall Hall, Sec.; Judicial Board. Marlin Larry WALLER: Texarkana; Elect. Eng.; IEEE. Jerry Wayne WALROD: Ft. Smith; Manage- ment. Margaret Fay WARD: Siloam Springs; Math; Futrall. Third Row: Susan Kay WARD: BIytheville; Ed.; HE , Rush Capt.; ABC; ACE, Pres.; Fulbright, House Officer. William Fisse WARD: St. Louis, Mo.; Ind. Mgmt.; AXZ; SAM; AIChE. Leonard G. WARDEN, III: W. Memphis; Management; 2H, Pres., Treas.; SAM; Mark. Club; Finance Club; IFC; Soph. Council. Martha Gail WARDLAW: Texarkana; Eng.; AXfi, Pub. Chair.; Student Senate; SNEA. Brenda L. WARNOCK: Camden; Bus. Ed. Fourth Row: Gerald W. WARNOCK: Camden; Ind. Manage- ment. Michael V. WARR: Hot Springs; Bus.; AX A, Model Pledge, Pledge Trainer, Alum. Sec., Exec. Comm.; AK ; Trans Dept.; Dean ' s List; Gaebale Comm. Frederick Lee WASHINGTON: Little Rock; Arch.; IIKA. Jeanine Cecil WASHINGTON: Texarkana; Sec. Ed.; A An, Asst. Rush Chair.; ABC; YRC. Gary Donovan WAT- KINS: Harrison; Marketing. Fifth Row: John William WATKINS: Eudora; Civil Eng.; Sedge- well. Neil Wayne WATKINS: Van Buren; Ind. Management. Dudley H. WATSON: Dallas, Texas; Civil Eng. John Michael WATSON: BIytheville; Advertising; AXA, Soc. Chair.; Dean ' s List; Mark. Club; Civic Club; TRAVELER Staff. Linda Carol WATSON: Little Rock; Home-Ec.; Futrall; AHEA. Sixth Row: Robert William WATSON: Springdale; Accounting; I! A . Sarah Margaret WATT: Ruston, La.; Accounting; XI), Pres.; Assoc. Students Sec.; BA ; Moitar Board; BFZ;, V.P.; V.P., Soph Class; Sec. Jr. Class; Commerce Guild: AAA. Sec.. Pub. Chair.; AAA; SUSPC; IFPC; X0. Programs Chair.; Soph. Coun- selor. John Robert WATTS: Fayetteville; Bus., K2; SAM. Konnie M. WEATHERS: Salem; Elem. Ed.; AAIT. Rec. Sec.; YDC. Wini- fred WELBORN: Dell; Food, Nutrition; Reid Hall. Seventh Row: Joseph Melvin WELCH: Pine Bluff; Journalism. Linda Jean WELLHAUSEN: No. Little Rock; Ed.; KKr, Scholar- ship Chair.; Soph. Counselor; ZAI. Larry John WEST: Syracuse, N. Y.; Chem., Marketing; ACS; Mark. Club; German Club; Finance Club. Robert Nelson WESTMORELAND: Ft. Smith; Pre-Law; Fi- nance Club. Jacob Lee WESTON: Hot Springs; Civil Eng. Eighth Row: Alan Dale WHATLEY: Hot Springs; Elect. Eng.; YRC; IEEE; ABC. Kenneth George WHILLOCK: Clinton; Insur- ance. Becky Jayne WHITE: Augusta; Elem. Ed.; KKF; R.A. Joseph David WHITE: Little Rock; Ed. Mark Steven WHITE: Springdale; Marketing; AK ; Mark. Club, V.P. Ninth Row: Ronald Henry WHITE: Cotter; Ed.; ZII; AAS. Sammy Charles WHITE: Hot Springs; Ind. Eng.; 9T. Samuel Scott WHITE, Jr.: Mabelvale; Elec. Eng.; HKN; TBII; IEEE; AAS. Vickie Sue WHITE: Joplin, Mo.; Music Ed.; Razorback, Pres.; AAA; ZAI, Pres.; MENC, Sec., Treas. John W. WHITEHEAD: Favetteville ; Sociology; Pershing Rifles; Soph. Council; ROTC; IFPC; Scabbard Blade. Tenth Row: Paula Helen WHITING: Forrest City; Ed.; IIB J , Rush Chair.: Soph. Counselor; Civic Club; Chimes; R.A.. Hotz. Paul R. WHITNAH: Little Rock: Management; Holcombe. Horace Vernon WHITTEN : Fayetteville ; Management. Jerry D. WHITTING- TON: Camden: Ind. Mgmt. Susan Virginia WIDMER: Van Buren; Eng., Psych.; Reid. Eleventh Row: Sam L. WIGLEY: Monticello; Chem. Eng.; AIChE. Michael Clark WTLKINS: Dallas, Texas; Architecture, Piano. Howard Leon WILKINSON: Stamps: Pol. Sci.; Coed Com- plex: R.A., Yocum; Pershing Rifles; MIHC, V.P. Rhonda Lee WILKINSON: Summit, N. J.; Psychology; AXO, V.P.. House Man- ager; Honors Program: Soph. Counselor; X; AEA. Kenneth Mae WILL: Little Rock; Civil Eng.; HZ; TBII; XE, V.P.; ASCE, :il 102 Forester Wilson Direct Gaebale First Row: Cindy Lou WILLIAMS: Minden, La.; Elem. Ed.; AXJ); Student Senate; SNEA; YRC; WRA. James Harold WIL- LIAMS: Knoxville; Journalism. Jane WILLIAMS: Russellville ; Ed.; Xfi; Co-Chair. Greek Week; Civic Club, Sec.; Panhellenic. Jeffery H. WILLIAMS: Hartford; Civil Eng.; Holcombe. Jerry Carl WIL- LIAMS: W. Memphis; Architecture; Humphreys, Sec.; ROTC Cho- rus; AIA; Jr. Class Treas. Second Row: Jon Lan WILLIAMS: Baytown, Texas; Marketing; AX A, V.P.; ABC; AK ; Student Court; Senate Advisory Comm. Judith Ann WILLIAMS: Memphis, Tenn.; Elem. Ed.; ZTA, Chap- lain; Soph. Counselor, Pres.; SNEA; YRC; AEC. Linda Kay WIL- LIAMS: Tulsa, Okla.; Eng.; nB4 , Soc. Chair.; Exec. Council; SNEA; YRC; AXA Crescents, Pres. Rebecca Jean WILLIAMS: Ft. Smith; Eng., Speech; IIB J , Pres.; Mortar Board; AT, V.P.; KAII; Panhellenic; AAC; Soph. Counselor; SNEA; Gaebale Comm. Robert Burney WILLIAMS: Ft. Smith; Trans.; ABC. Third Row: Roger Dale WILLIAMS: Ozark; Finance. Stan WIL- LIAMS: Warren; Management; IIKA. William Benjamin WIL- LIAMS: Mt. Vernon, Mo.; Finance; AXA, Scholar. Chair.; Blue Key; AK ; Finance Club, V.P.; Dean ' s List; Treas. Assoc. Students. Sara Beth WILLIAMSON: Falls Church, Va.; Spanish; Xfi, Pledge Trainer; Chimes, Pres.; Soph. Counselor; Sec. Panhell. Rush Book; Spanish Club, Sec.-Treas.; ABC. Dick Ellis WILLIS: Hope; Animal Sci.; AFP; ASA, V.P.; Animal Sci. Club. Fourth Row: Thomas L. WILLOUGHBY: Tulsa, Okla.; Architec- ture; AIA. Gerald Timothy WILSON: Roland, Okla.; Management. James lillman WILSON: Little Rock; Elect. Eng.; IEEE. John J. WILSON, Jr.: Columbus; Management; AK ; Soph. Council; R.A., Humphreys; ASAE; Housing Comm. Margaret W. WILSON: Fay- etteville; j ' ec. Ed.; AI Treas., Activities Chair. Fifth Row: Rob Kelly WILSON: Malvern; Mgmt. Ronald Joe WILSON: Ashdown; Insurance. Sharon R. WILSON: Malvern; P.E.; PEM Club, Pres.; WRA, V.P.; Cheerleader. Susan Clare WILSON: Longview, Texas; Latin, Eng.; ZTA, V.P., Soc. Chair., Standards Chair.; 211 Sweetheart; SUSPC; Dean ' s List. Connie May WING: Fayettetville; Music; Mortar Board, V.P.; TBS, Sec.; 2AI, Sec.; Band; Orchestra; Soph. Counselor. Sixth Row: Jim WINN: Ft. Smith; Accounting; AAA; Mark. Club; SAM. Truman Clark Thomas WINSOR: Gainesville, Florida; Philosophy. Dr. David " Moon " MULLINS: Fayetteville ; University Administration; U. of A., Pres. Patricia Ann WOJCIK: New Orleans, La.; Psychology; Reid. Ai-Ping WONG: Taipei, Taiwan, China; Architecture; Razorback Hall. Seventh Row: Sandra Lou WOOD: Pine Bluff; Zoology. Susan Permelia WOOD: Blytheville; Elem. Ed.; IIB , Pledge Trainer; Soph. Counselor; ACE. Terry Dean WOODCOCK: Sapulpa, Okla.; Music; MA; MENC. Jean N. WOODELL: W. Memphis; Eng.; KK1 ' , Pledge Pres., P.R. Chair., V.P., Sec., IFPC Model Pledge; Senator; Chimes, V.P.; Soph. Counselor; AAA; SSTEC Comm.; AT, Treas.; 24 E Sweetheart; Angel Flight, Exec. Officer; Mortar Board. Arlon Luther WOODRUFF: Grubbs; Agronomy; Agron. Club; AZ; ROTC. Eighh Row: Casandra Sh -ridan Nell WORMINGTON: Monett, Mo.; Math, Soc. Studies. Bobby William WRAY: Hot Springs; Elec. Eng.; William House. Emma L. WRIGHT: Oyster Bay, N. Y.; Ac- counting; Razorback Hall; AKA; YDC; YRP. Richard Bailey WRIGHT: DeQueen; Chem. Eng.; 6T; T2, Pres.; EHNE. Editor; ME; Eng. Council; MIHC; Soph. Council; AIChE. Roger Lamar WRIGHT: Camden; Chem. Eng.; Humphreys, R.A.; Soph. Council; Co-Chair. Hallaballoo; JUC Chair.; AIChE. Ninth Row: David Krnnedy YANCEY: Springfield, Mo.; Market- ing; A6, Exec. Council; Mark. Club. Lana Guynne YATES: Spring- dale; Ed., Eng.; SNEA. Ronald Ell YEAGER: Fordyce; Chem. Eng.; 2IT, Alumni Sec.; AIChE; A D. Charles E. YERTON: Fay- etteville; Ed. Gary Cleveland YOUNG: Little Rock; Architecture; AKA; AIA, Pres.; ROTC Rifle Team, Sec.-Treas. Albert M. ZAWI- SCAK: Little Rock; Architecture. IW W 103 " Mom, if you think I ' m having fun, look at Dad! " Darrel Rice at work! ! I " Box, box, box, doesn ' t anybody want a regular girl anymore? " 104 Yocum, XQ, OCM OCW Won Singfony First Row: Charles David ADAIR: Harrison; AK. James Wil- liam ADDINGTON: Houston, Texas; 2FE. Marilyn Bay BABCOCK: Redfield. Gordon T. BEASLEY: Hope; AK. J. Gayle BENDER: Strong. Second Row: Donald Ray BIRMINGHAM: Tuckerman. Scott BOAZ: Magnolia; K2; President, A. B.C.; Ozark Economic Society. Charmayne B. BONDURANT: Hot Springs; BFZ; X6. Brenda Eliza- beth BOUDREAU: Montrose. Peggy Cecile BOUOREAUX: Race- land, La.; Graduate Assistant. Third Row: Larry L. BOWMAN: Fayetteville. George Ray BROOKER: Pittsburg, Kansas; AK. Micron David BROWiN : Hot Springs. Rex Bennett BROWN: Fayetteville; AK; AAHPER. Heide krika BROWNE: Plettenberg, Germany. Fourth Row: Robert Eugene BROWNING: Chappaqua, New York. Elizabeth Clinton BURKS: Hot Springs. James Emery BURNS: Bentonville. Kathryn Jean CALDWELL: Bernice, La. George R. CARNEY: Bono. Fifth Row: Gary Ronald CHEATHAM: Little Rock. Leo Rondia CHEATHAM: Shreveport, La. Don E. CLEEK: No. Little Rock. Jonathan David COLLIER: Stout Spur; Tri Beta Biological Society. Robert L. COX: Cape Girardeau, Mo. Sixth Row: John Paul DEAN: Ft. Smith. James E. EDSON: Ft. Smith; Sec.-Treas., 2FE. James Howard FORD: Des Arc; 4 AK. Donald Lamar GARY: Arkadelphia. Jack Weber GEURIN: Ft. Smith. Most of the spirits at a pep rally are usually consumed before it is over. 105 AiAf Seniors First Row: James F. GOODWIN: Little Rock. Russell H. GOOD- YEAR: Fayetteville. Ovita L. GOOLSBY: Bismarck. Patricia A. GRAHAM: Bentonville. Martin O. HACKEL: Abbotsford, Wis. Second Row: Bobbie J. HARPER: Little Rock. Judy G. Hicks: Little Rock. Carl A. HILL: Fayetteville. Thomas P. HOLTON: Kansas City, Mo. Mira A. INGRAM: Clarksville. Third Row: John R. JACKSON: Pocahontas. Judith S. JACK- SON: Lewisville; KKF; Mortar Boarrl. K Yl, Who ' s Who, KKT. President. Rush Ch. Jane C. JARNAGAN: Fayetteville. Cheryl JENKINS: Hazen. John H. JOHNSON: Chicago, 111. Fourth Row. Judy L. JONES: Magnolia. Kenneth F. JONES: Mena. Tommie C. JONES: Searcy. Gene F. JUNO: La Crosse, Kan. Chob KANAREUGSSA: Monthaburi, Thailand. Fifth Row: Mary B. KELLT: Bearden. Thomas E. LESLIE: Ash- down. Bill R. LEWIS: Harrison: AK, Editor, Ark. School Boards. John R. LITTLE: Raleigh, Miss. Neal D. LITTLE: Fort Smith. Sixth Row: Jerry A. LIVELY: Sallisaw, Okla. James E. LONG: Little Rock. Lonnie W. LUTHER: Fayetteville. James R. LYNCH: Little Rock. John A. MANGIARACINA: Algiers, La. Seventh Row: Edward P. HASON: Hot Springs. Ralph D. MAY: Danville. Curtis H. MERRELL: Forrest City. Dallas D. HILES: Warren; AO, Who ' s Who, OAK V. Pres., Cardinal XX. Student Sen- ate, A6, A6 Pres., Pledge Trainer. Michael B. MILLER: Hot Springs; 2N, OAK Social Ch., Cheerleader-62, RAZORBACK Associ- ate Editor, Student Senate. Eighth Row: James M. MOORE: El Dorado. Sandra L. MOORE: Jacksonville. Elvie E. MOOTY : El Dorado. David L. NICHOLS: Fayetteville Jack D. NICHOLS: Ringling. Okla. Ninth Row: Mitchell D. NORMAN: Paragould. Michael J. NOR- TON- San Antonio, Texas; f HZ, TKE. Pledge Trainer. Manu OMA- KUPT: Bangkok, Thailand. James OWEN: El Dorado. Karen A. PASHMAN: Jackson, Miss. Tenth Row: Forrest E. PAYNE: Little Rock. Joe N. PEACOCK: McCrory. Bobby R. PERRY: Little Rock. Eileen J. PITTMAN: Hen- dersonville, N. Carolina. James H. POE: McGehee. 106 Wright, Morrison Direct Hallabaloo ' 69 First Row: Auburn Linda PONDER: Monticello. George T. QUIER: Pittsburg. Philip E. REECER: Norman. Hollis Theodore REED: Monticello; AZ; KK ; Razorback Band. Second Row. Tony RIHS: Safnern, Berne, Switzerland. William RUSH: West Helena; AK; Droke House. Joyce Elaine RUT- LEDGE: Smackover; KA6; Outstanding Senior Woman; Dean ' s List. Cecil Rodney SCOTT: Gurdon. Third Row: Margaret Annis SCOTT: Murfreesboro. Cassandra Anne SEYMOUR: Camden; KKF; Graduate Resident. Michael Bruce SHEARIN: Brinkley. David R. SIMMONS: Shreveport, La. 1 O Fourth Row: Carol Erich SNOWDEN: Hot Springs; t TO; II A9. Mary Louise SPENCER: Mena. Barbara E. STRICKLIN: Gurdon; Graduate Assistant, Counselor Education. Doug SUMMERVILLE: Blytheville; AXA; AK . Fifth Row: Preecha SURIN: Bangkok, Thailand. Gerald Winfred TACKER: Miami, Fla. Larry Wayne TRIMBLE: Joplin, Mo. Feme S. TURNER: Shreveport, La. Sixth Row: James Earl TURNER: Shreveport, La.; 4 AK; KN. James Klyne UNDERWOOD: Horatio. E. C. WALKER: Springdale; A6; OAK. Linda Kathryn WALKER: Camden; KKF; BK; KTA. Seventh Row: Walton Robert WARFORD: North Little Rock; Blue Key; AEA. Robert Bruce WILLEY: Wilmar. Charles M. WIL- SON: Prairie Grove. Ralph WILSON: Magnolia. Eighth Row: Gary WINION: Little Rock; AK ; Varsity Swim Team; Accounting Association. David Earl WRIGHT: Little Rock; Professional Civil Engineer; Associate Member American Society Civil Engineers. Orville E. WRIGHT: Amity. Thomas Joe WRIGHT: Little R u-k; AXA; 6T; Student Senate. 107 iftt f Jf Law First Row: Bennie Richard ALLEN: Kirkwood, Mo. David BALDI: Marion; Student Bar Association. Samuel N. BIRD: Monti- cello. Jack Eugene BROWNE: Jonesboro; Student Bar Association. J. Scott BROWN: Siloam Springs; Student Bar Association. Second Row: Lloyd R. BUEHNER: Joplin, Mo.; Student Bar Association; 4 AA; President, Married Students ' Association; Law Honor Council; Deputy Attorney-General, Student Senate. Charles Craig BURNS: Smackover; Student Bar Association, AA. Lloyd Clete BURROW, Jr.: Pine Bluff; Student Bar Association. Jerry Lee CANFIELD: Fayetteville. Tom W. CARDIN: Fayetteville; Associate Justice, Student Court; Law Review; AA. Third Row: David F. CHAMBERS: Pleasantville, Iowa. Jerry B. CLAYTON: Greensboro, North Carolina; Student Bar Association. Winston G. DAVIS: Lebanon, Mo. Warren E. DUPWc ' : ,on " sboro. Chadd Lanier DURRETT, Jr.: Strong; AX A; Student Bar Associa- tion; Young Democrats. Fourth Row: David Glenn EFURD: Malvern. Alan David EPLEY: Springdale; Razorback Band; KK ; Student Bar Association. A. Douglas FAIRLEY: Osceola. Horace James FIKES: Pine Bluff; BFZ; President, j AA; Dean ' s List; Commerce Guild. Robert M. FORD: Wynne. Fijth Row: John Frederick FORSTER, Jr.: Dallas, Texas; KS; Student Bar Association; AA. Robert Eugene GARNER: Warren; Student Bar Association. Stephen Alexander GEIGLE: Erie, Pa. Michael Lee GIBSON: Jacksonville; Student Bar Association. David McGee GLOVER: Malvern; Blue Key; Who ' s Who; A9; AA. Sixth Row: Jack Elliott GORDON, Jr.: Claremore, Okla.; Law Review; AA; Student Senate. Albert Rowell HANNA: El Dorado. Frederick Gene HARRELSON: Arkadelphia; Student Bar Associa- tion; AA. Robert Littlejohn HART: Pine Bluff. Larry James HARTSFIELD: Pine Bluff; Who ' s Who. Seventh Row: Robert J. HAWKINS: Fairfield, 111. Lloyd A. HENRY: Searcy. Harold Ronnie HICKS: Ft. Smith. Perlesta Arthur HOLLINGSWORTH: Little Rock; AA. James Frank HUZL: Mason City, Iowa; Student Bar Association. Eighth Row: John H. JACKSON: Gurdon; Student Bar Associa- tion; Young Democrats. Robert Lee JONES, III: Fort Smith; 2 E; Dean ' s List; AA; Associate Editor, Law Review. George Stewart KAPP: Ocean Grove, N. J.; Student Bar Association. Lemuel Harriss KERR, III: El Dorado; 2N; Canterbury Club; Student Bar Associ- ation. Robert Lynn LOWERY: Junction City; AA. Ninth Row: Patrick McCLOSKEY: Hughesville, Penn. Jack A. McNULTY: Pine Bluff; 2AE; H2; 4 AA; Blue Key; Scabbard Blade. Paul MAH: Dumas; Student Bar Association. Scott MAN- ATT: Corning; Young Democrats; Resident Assistant; Student Bar Association. J. Conley MEREDITH: North Little Rock; AK ; 4 AA; AKA. 108 Hogs Sweep New Orleans Fnnk Ron;: Edgar Hassell METCALF, Jr.: Batesville; Student Bar Association. Dewey MOORE, Jr.: Belleville. W. Rudy MOORE: Springdale. George Bowie MILLER: Helena; Student Bar Associa- tion; A S A. Sharon Elaine MILL ER: Helena; Student Bar Associa- tion; BKIT. Second Row: Walter Watson NIXON, III: Jacksonville. J. Eugene O ' DANIEL, Jr.; Waldo. Joan Eugene ORR: Vienna, 111. John Wayne PARKERSON: Hot Springs. Ernest Eudox PATTERSON: Little Rock; 2N; AK ; Student Bar Association. Third Row: David J. POTTER: Texarkana; Student Bar Associ- ation, Robert A. Leflar Scholar. Timothy Nicholas PRICE: Ft. Smith; AK ' I ' ; Student Bar Association; Newman Club. Thurman A. RAGAR, Jr.: Pine Bluff; Young Democrats; Student Bar Associa- tion. Kent J. RUBENS: West Memphis; President, Blue Key; Stu- dent Bar Association. Bobby Wayne SANDERS: Arkadelphia; Stu- dent Bar Association. Fourth Row: Robert Glenn SERIO: Eudora. Kirby SMITH: Little Rock; Student Bar Association; 4 AA. Robert Mahlon SMITH: Little Rock; Honor Council Justice; $AA; Student Bar Association. Willard Crane SMITH, Jr.: Ft. Smith; A O; Who ' s Who; Student Bar Association. Jonathan Mark SPRADLEY: Little Rock; AA. Fifth Row: Kenneth F. STOLL: Farmington, Mo. Otis Henry STOREY: Little Rock; J9; Blue Key; Student Bar Association. Charles Roland STUBBLEFIELD: Fayetteville; Acacia; Cardinal XX; Who ' s Who. Christy Sven TULLGREN: Mountain Home. Wil- liam P. WALTERS: Branch. Sixth Row: Timothy Fagan WATSON: Newport; Waterman Case Club; Student Bar Association. John Dewey WATSON: Arkadelphia; Student Bar Association. Warren Arthur WILTSHIRE: Wynne; Kappa Alpha Order. Howard L. YEAGER: Paint Pleasant, W. Va. r- j ' She put salt " what " in my pie?! ' 109 110 E YEAR in I fhink I have a dragon in my mouthl Tri-Delts show off their new symbol for piece. Rushees set Sig Eps on rail and hoped rhey would fall off. New Ski pledge copies traditional house image and makes an ass of himself. Rush Is Week of Eternal Smile While the rushees were still home counting their postcards and weighing their chances, sorority and fra- ternity members converged in Fayetteville for Work Week to try to make their houses look respectable enough to convince the rushees that they could stand to live there. Sporting their newest clothes and best Ultrabrite smiles, the rushees turned their personalities to the channel that best suited the image of their desired house and dragged out all the charm and cool they usually reserved for the opposite sex in an attempt to succeed at the " I ' m so neat you can ' t live without me " game. The members also played this game, and although the weatherman would say that the temperatures were in the 70 ' s, this was really the " snowiest " season. The fraternities showed a little more honesty than the sororities by revealing more about their true char- acter when they entertained the rushees with gross skits. The girls thought a guided tour of the house with special emphasis on the trophy case was very enter- taining. Although the rush books said to keep an open mind, the rushees quickly calculated exactly how high they could climb on the Greek ladder and the members schemed to capture the rushees with the most status. By the end of the week, everyone had decided just whom he couldn ' t live without. 113 451 Pledges Get New Greek Home Bid day was either heaven or hell depending on the individual ' s fate. There was a lot of excited screaming and a little hysterical crying. The boys flew out of the Student Union to accept their bids, and as usual it was a miracle the fraternities didn ' t kill more than they pledged. After casting their Greek spells that turned newly pledged frogs into princes and scullery maids into Cin- derellas, most houses held dances and drop-ins to form- ally introduce the pledges to " campus society " and cele- brate the new additions to their ranks. After the last bid was given, the Greeks reached the end of their Odyssey with a score of 451 new converts. Next! ChiO ' s check out pledges ' vital assets .... 114 If there ain ' t no Pie like an A Di Pi, why did we pledge Pi Phi? Are you serious? You already know the grip! K.A.T. isn ' t the cat that made this house popular. 115 What lime do the jocks come? 116 The first fall days offered students a good opportunity to catch up with all the summer scandal. Registration A Private Hell As 11,844 students from 44 states and 33 countries made their pilgrimage to " the hill " , a sluggish Fayette- ville awoke from her summer slumber to witness the return of the masses. Filled with new resolutio ns about four-points, loads of sleep, and diligent study, students optimistically faced the new semester. Equipped with his packet, a list of guaranteed " A " courses, and a dream schedule of gracious living, each student sum- moned all his courage to face the ordeal of registra- tion. Confronted by endless lines, closed classes, hag- gard faces, and the sadistic voice that eternally repeats " registration is fun " over the public address system, each student knew he was home again. Site of the biggest jack-around on campus. P.. I forgot to wear my what? Books aren ' t the only things stacked in the Union. 117 Campus Sports New Look for ' 69 As the freshmen struggled to adjust to their new sur- roundings, upperclassmen found that the campus had a new look as a result of an $8,600,000 expansion program. The completion of the new library added a new dimension to the old problem of where to look for someone who said they were going to " The Library " . Freshmen get wet behind the ears while moving in and will probably stay that way all year. This boy found that eating candy got a little sticky. Freshman smiles joyfully as she drops her clothes for first time on campus. I know a way to save you $2.50 and double your pleasure. Good friends sometimes enjoy sharing a rod After the toilets overflowed at Futrall these girls decided to clean up their act. I 119 A lot of people wished that this group had followed the tradition and not showed up. This Theta can fly, but then so can all the girls in that house. Despite luxurious new surroundings this still isn ' t the most popular library in Fayetteville. 120 Johnny Cash Thrills Rednecks Stick with me, baby, and we ' ll go places Vietnam, South Korea . . . With the beginning of classes some students settled back into the study ritual while for others the only change from summer was that they felt a little guilty as they continued to play. Both Johnny Cash ' s perform- ance at a Rockefeller Rally and the Harper ' s Bizzare concert offered students a good excuse to abandon their books. Pat Miller emceed the first pep rally and put in an early bid for political power. With the addition of a noonday concert of the chimes in the towers of Old Main, students found them- selves whistling to tunes such as " Rock of Ages " and wondering whether the hunchback of Notre Dame had transferred. Some of the old material still won ' t fit in the new library. 121 Panhellenic Threatens Walk-Out Sometimes the Razorbacks needed a faith healer. You mean the draft won ' t take me because I ' m a harelip? This is the only time this girl will ever light anybody ' s fire. 122 One problem of open visitation was the sudden increase in dirty laundry. SSOC Offers Draft Counseling President Walter Slaughter continued his battle with the administration in an attempt to remain in office despite having failed to meet the academic require- ments of the post. Walter was granted a stay of execu- tion of one week to bring up new evidence. SSOC offered draft counseling in a booth at the Student Union and attracted much heated discussion. During one of the most intense arguments, a bystander slipped a sign saying " Be a Marine Officer " into the booth. Angel Flight braved the fates and picked the un- lucky number of 13 as their tapping quota, but the Army played it safe and tapped only 12 sponsors. Many students thought that either LSD had finally found its way into the hills or that AWS was sponsoring a love-in, when they first spotted a parade of people covered by psychedelically painted boxes led by a wizard strolling around campus. The freak-out was really a project of the Public School Art Lab class in an attempt to demonstrate form through color. Vagabond poet Edward English, who gave up meat and became a vegetarian at the same time he quit pot and alcohol, visited the University and read his original poetry at the Deep End discussion group. Mr. English had visited approximately one third of the colleges of America. 125 Hogs Beat Bears To Please Pops Walter Slaughter found that, unlike the student body, the administration wasn ' t snowed by his silver tongue and verbal acrobatics. He resigned as president after his petition was denied and George Lease, vice-president, as- sumed the office. The six new Razorback Beauties were presented at the Dad ' s Day pep rally. Due to the addition of a per- sonal interview to the selection process, this year there is a 50-50 chance of recognizing a beauty from her yearbook picture. The Hogs celebrated Dad ' s Day by beating Baylor 35-19. Outside the stadium the SSOC demonstrated against racial prejudice in U. S. Athletics and tried not to hear when the band played Dixie. These girls are two of the cutest pigs on campus. Even the alums enjoy a box lunch in the pit. 126 They ' re trying to abolish pornography but we got away with this picture. I This mother brought her son to hear roll call at the pep rally so she wouldn ' t have to tell him about the birds and the bees. The greatest coach in the nation just ask him. 127 t And the steers did fall straight into the Cotton Bowl. He may be short and fat, but he ' s not another Mack. 128 Win Proclaims " Beat Texas " Week Gubernatorial candidate Marion Crank held a politi- cal rally at the Lambda Chi house and sharply criticized the policies of Rockefeller. Despite Crank ' s oratory, the majority of students registered a preference for Win in the mock elections. His victory could be attri- buted to either an increased liberalism on the campus or the greater appeal of the Rockefeller rally which fea- tured more Cash than oratory. As the cry of " Beat Texas " rang through the hills, 600 piggies went to Austin and cried Wee, Wee, Wee, all the way home. After the steers showed the hogs that " Hook-Em " is a very painful cheer, all the sad piggies took up the chant " wait till next year " . This couple enjoys petting on campus. Bali Hai is the only way to fly, but this boy looks like he has already crashed and burned. " I ' m sorry, sir, but spring break was the deadline for purchasing homecoming tickets. 129 Campus Blood Drive Is Success George Lease took his first baby steps in his new role as president and didn ' t even say " mother may I " as he appointed two Independents to the two posts of administrative aids and picked a Greek as secretary after broadmindedly deciding that one didn ' t have to be an independent to be a capable typist. Three girls walking across campus 11 Even though he spent $1 0,000 too much, Ebbert couldn ' t find a happy home for all his books. All of the University personnel are photogenic. 130 :ss IB ten to may I " 1 h ' posts Tetarv ! W to L This boy doesn ' t realize that they re- sell this blood for $20 a pint. rir-,s. This sign was found posted in front of the pit. She always likes it better on top. 131 Here ' s mud in your ass. Your choice: $5.00. Despite the fact that raincoats are no longer required, many girls feel the added coverage is an asset. 132 Snakes Steal Hay and Outhouse ABC sponsored their annual gross Aggie poster contest and the TKE ' s finally won something. RACK Tk A new event was added to the Sigma Nu ' s annual celebration of Sadie Hawkin ' s Day when local police arrested three members for stealing 50 bales of hay and an outhouse. The campus ' s oldest tradition was revitalized with the announcements that names of the graduates from the last two classes would be added to Senior Walk. The fact that after the centennial year of 1972 the walk will not be continued made many freshman seriously consider attending summer school so that they might graduate in time to have their name immortalized in concrete on the " hill " . ' First prize for a Halloween costume went to this coed dressed in wolf ' s clothing. 133 Sororities Absent at Parade Only the Rose Bowl parade drew more spectators than this year ' s extravaganza Homecoming parade. Thase boys weren ' t bad for a local bar.d. " I promise I ' ll never go out with him again if you ' ll just let me out. " 134 Notice where boy ' s hand is. Notice expression on man ' s face. While most of the student body worried about the outcome of the approaching homecoming game, the na- tion chose it ' s new leaders. After the votes were tallied it appeared that the university students could have saved Arkansas the trouble of having an election since our mock elections had predicted the four big winners. Fulbright, Rockefeller and Hammerscmidt all retained their positions of king on the mountain, while Nixon proved that even the biggest looser can win if he can just find a worse opponent. The Board of Publications, which during the pre- vious week had been subjected to listening to Bill Eb- bert, Directory Publisher, explain and re-explain the causes of the delay in the delivery of his publication, were treated by Ebbert to a further tirade of rationaliza- tion when he was asked about the $16,500 deficit in last year ' s Razorback budget. The board ended up knowing the same thing about both publications nothing. Even youngsters know that Homecoming is a good time to fire-up your rod. 135 Of course the boys played well, but let ' s not underestimate the genius of the coaching. Was it sort words of a soft tongue? Substitute cheerleader waits anxiously for chance to show crowd how cool she is. 136 This couple was too young to cut Hog Heaven Means Hell For Owls Homecoming always ranks as one of the top rally times of the year. Since a Razorback football game is always the perfect justification to " let it all hang out " , all you have to do is add a meaningless word like ' ' homecoming " and there are no limits on hell-raising. The festivities began with the traditional pep rally, followed by a torchlight parade which culminated in a bonfire at the old fair grounds. For those who didn ' t mind missing three hours of " spirit " raising time, the Happenings performed at a concert sponsored by the Student Union. The Homecoming parade was much smaller in size this year due to the sororities refusal to participate in either the parade or the house decoration contest. Pan- hellenic had previously announced their intentions of non-participation stating that they had more worth- while ways of spending their time and money. Even at the end of the year, however, no one had found any visible signs of what they had constructively done with either of these precious commodities they had so feroci- ously felt should be saved for " better " purposes. As a fitting climax to an exciting weekend the title- hungry porkers clipped the owl ' s wings to the delight of onlooking homecoming court royalty and the sub- jects in the stands. After the game the ecstatic fans showed the effects of their game-time " spirits " . Razorbacks Tromp SMU Ponies 35-19 The mystic faith that Hog fans put in Broyles fourth quarter myth was almost shattered by SMU ' s roaring attack in the final period that netted them 29 points and threatened the 35 point lead the Hogs spent all afternoon building. The game was followed by a com- bination Sam and Dave concert, which consisted mostly of music played by unknown groups that had the mak- ing of real anonymity, and a dance that was a sock- hoppers heaven. The student directories finally arrived and caused a lot of needless excitement since there is only a 65% chance of ever locating anyone from the information they contain. The directory is a truly classic example of an anthology of misinformation. " I don ' t understand why the only nude models we ever have are girls. " " I know Daddy said we could have a box (eat but I didn ' t think he meant it wai for our heads. ' 138 f we are glrli " l|9 Typical intelligent, keen-witted reporter on right interviews typical brain-injured jock. " Tell me Moon, are all hill-men as handsome and debonair as you? " When you ' re dropped you ' re getting it, and when pinned you ' re admitting it. 139 Coed girls have always been to hot to handle. 140 She doesn ' t know that they never call back after elections. WIHC Sponsors Casino Carnival WIHC and MIHC co-sponsored their annual Casino Carnival which included " gambling " and dancing to the sound of the Dynamic Soul. Since Hot Springs is now about as wild as a revival, this affair made Coed the hottest spot east of Las Vegas. A few days Coed was even hotter when an electrical fire destroyed one of the resident ' s room. The Razorbacks were in the limelight once again when Jim Barnes made the AP ' s All-America first team and Broyles was named SWC ' s Coach of the year. The Who ' s Who Selection Committee named the 34 students selected for this honor. As usual the only people satisfied with the selection were the winners. Everyone is hoping this girl will loose her shirt. If you can pick out the boy you win the $64,000,000 question. Due to the sudden increase of SSOC members and other forms of spooky people on campus, the arch- itects had to build a new fruit-bowl. 141 Hogs Prepare For Sugar Bowl After narrowly missing a trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, the Razorbacks found themselves the recipients of an invitation to meet a group of Bulldogs in New Orleans. Students who only a few weeks ago were heartbroken over missing the Cotton Bowl, quickly lined up for tickets and made plans to meet at Pat O ' Briens. It may have been a second choice but Dallas doesn ' t have a French Quarter and that was plenty of compensation. By terrorizing students this man vents some of frustrations caused by the fact that he never got to join the Gestapo. This man enjoys leaking outside The counselors at the camp for spastic boys decided that basketball would be very therapeutic. 142 This is the only kind of " rough night " an architect ever spends. This girl has always been fascinated by moving balls. This couple wa spotted at a new pri- vate club for social retards called Wimp ' s Hide-Away. 143 The SAE ' s had the only Santa Claus on campus who said NOW, NOW, NOW, instead of HO, HO, HO. Pike shows off date, while his date just plain shows off. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 144 Holiday " Spirit " Flows Freely The parties for underprivileged children gave these students a chance to regress back to their childhood, which really isn ' t very far. I I Students found many opportunities to show their seasonal spirit as the campus social calendar was in- fested with a multitude of Christmas formals and other assorted forms of revelry. The holiday season was also a time for thinking of others. The annual Singfony was held with the proceeds going to the United Fund and the trophies found new homes with the Chi O ' s, Off Campus Men and the men of Yocum Hall. Virtually every living group also sponsored a party for under- privileged children. Due to the shortage of slums in Fayetteville, well-behaved urchins were in short supply. The senate staged a Community Christmas Tree lighting in front of Old Main and made the Kappa Sigs jealous. There were many fine parties at the con- valescent home this year. 145 1969 Named " Year Of The Hogs " For many students the Sugar Bowl Game was not New Orleans prime attraction. Just because you ' re the queen doesn ' t mean you ' ll rate a royal escort. 146 For many spectators this was a very " refreshing " afternoon. " This team believed it could do anything, " remarked Broyles, and after the Hogs upset the Georgia Bulldogs 16-2 in the 35th annual Sugar Bowl Classic everyone else believed it too. The Hog ' s win saved 1969 from going to the dogs as Arkansans quickly proclaimed it the ' ' year of the Hogs. " Hazorback fans had begun migrating down from the hills the weekend before the game and arrived in the New Orleans sporting the dubious honor of having been picked as the under-dog by a majority of the sportscasters. De- spite these prophesies the call of Whoo-Pig-Sooie echoed through the streets of the French Quarter where fans were busily refreshing their spirit. On a New Years Day that dawned damp and cold fans watched delightedly as the Razorbacks showed the nation just exactly who was the real under-dog. The Hogs outstanding performance netted Arkansas its first Sugar Bowl victory in history and a berth in the top ten polls. Duh, when the big hand is on four . . . mmmm 147 " You ' d think that with all theie books I could find it least en lusty chapter. " These boys are pursuing one of the many pleasures of higher learning. Some people who had been allergic to books all year had to dust off the cob- webs from their desk and try to succeed at finals. 148 These children are about the only things that swing at Carlson Terrace. Finals Threaten Campus Morale After their revelries in New Orleans, many students found that it took great moral fortitude to force them- selves to return to the hill. A mild depression swept the campus as everyone was suddenly struck with the realization that finals were lurking around the corner, and they were a semester behind in their courses. With the strong motivational factor of finals in its favor, the campus library suddenly became the action spot on campus. Meanwhile its namesake on Dixon Street suf- fered from a severe lack of people partly induced by the ABC ' s recently adopted habit of arriving unexpect- edly and inviting patrons on a guided tour of the Fay- etteville jail. Charles H. Murphy, president of Murphy Oil Corpo- ration, was the guest speaker at commencement exer- cises which conferred degrees on 1,150 University stu- dents. In an attempt to make residence hall living more appealing, the administration announced that as of the 1969-70 academic year all dorms would be operating under four year programs thereby abolishing freshman dorms. The Housing Office also intends to play a form of musical beds and establish two co-educational dorm complexes by switching girls to previously male domi- nated Humphrey ' s Hall and assigning boys to the feminine domain of Hotz Hall. 149 Napalm Triggers SSOC Protestors SSOC lived up to its responsibility of keeping the campus interesting by staging a sit-down in protest of Dow Chemical ' s participation in the manufacturing of Napalm for use in the Vietnam war. Many students who sought to see the Dow representative thought that the really neat place to stage a sitdown would be on top of the protesters. The Arkansas legislative bodies passed a bill to auth- orize the merger of the University and Little Rock Uni- versity. The Merge will be official if the general assembly will pass a sufficient appropriation of funds. Panic swept the campus with this announcement as students worried that all the games might be played in L. R. Portrait of the Liberal faculty. II Min These SSOC protesters held their positions despite rumors that the ROTC Department planned to Napalm the Student Union. 150 T L Hey there, boy, I ' ve got the time. y - Z o o otnmM " See the ball? Does the Aggie see the ball? " 151 This boy was NOT nominated for Campus Lover. This is the only time anyone tried to snow these girls all year. Open House Program Outlined Holcombe Hall opened Pandora ' s box by proposing the adoption of an open house policy that would allow residence hall members the privilege of entertaining members of the opposite sex in their rooms during regulated times. If the policy is adopted it will really be " lust or bust " on the hill. Mack McLarty once again showed that as a presi- dent he could accomplish what no one else can when he managed to make it to Washington to attend the 17th annual Presidential Prayer Breakfast. Our hero George Lease only made it as far as Nashville where his plane was grounded because of fog. " I hope my roommate doesn ' t catch me reading thii. " These boys were a little confused and thought that an Infra-Mural basketball game was the place to practice their dance routine. At last it is revealed how Farmhouse men really get their kicks. 153 Rivers Is Financial Success " I ' ve never attended college, but I ' m doing it now - one a night, " laughed Johnny Rivers after completing the first successful concert since last September. Rivers played before an audience of 3,100 in Barnhill fieldhouse netting a profit for the University of $1,400. Incense was burned during his performance to create atmosphere. This was going to be another picture of Ann Pride, but she ' s already well covered. This boy is enjoying his monthly . . . Oh damn! It ' s jellol 154 This is one night the Library should have been raided. H jf _, -g mm " " X ' " B - 1 " And then he said . . . . " Rivers runneth over. ,155 This boy was caught practicing for Laugh-In ... ... So was this one. Some Freshmen ttill like to play dress-up. 156 Bridal Fair Delights Coeds At the Bridal Fair everyone got married in white. A Bridal Fair, sponsored jointly by AWS and the Arkansas Union, gave coeds a chance to view the latest in wedding fashions, china and all the other things that girls come to college to obtain. Many girls who have their hearts set on a Mrs. degree but lacked any real prospects found the whole fair a very frustrating experience. The Psychology department received accreditation for its doctoral program in Clinical Psychology from the American Psychological Association. The University thus becomes one of only about 65 institutions in the nation to be accredited. Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity received their national charter and plan to initiate 30 men. Now all she needs is a man. 157 ROTC Sponsors Annual Ball This coed gets along with horses beautifully because they don ' t talk back. 1 " I promise if they ever try to draft you I ' ll personally take care of your physical. " This girl wanted to go to the ROTC Ball so badly she settled for a midget for an escort. Cafeteria food is delicious despite the fact that most of it is left over from the civil war. Coed Complex will be renamed in honor of James E. Pomfret, former Vice-President of Business at the University. Many students felt that Pomfret Complex sounded like a freudian term for a severe mental hang- up ol some type. The student senate heard a report of the reasons that the proposed trial transit run scheduled for this spring should be discarded. Most students met this an- nouncement with undisguised disgust since there is virtually no rationale that really makes them forget their aching feet. Twenty UofA students traveled to California State College to attend the annual National Association of College and University Residence Halls convention. They returned to the hill with many new ideas and fond memories of California sun and surf. The UofA branch of Angel Flight, the Silver Wing Squadron, was selected as the outstanding flight in Area G-l. This covers Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas and is the first time the University has re- ceived this honor. There are other things she ' d rather smoke. 159 Nobody ever gets very fired-up over a Man ' s Fashion show and these legs explain why m Some boys are so desperate for a little feminine contact they ' ll even enroll in a course to get near a girl. For some strange reason Playmates never look as good with their clothes on. 160 These architects are getting ready to fly . . . airplanes. ROTC ' s Fate Causes Controversy Compulsory ROTC once again found itself the target of a vigorous attack that sought to abolish it as a re- quirement for graduation for all males. President Mul- lins appointed a Faculty Senate committee to examine the proposed voluntary ROTC program. While Mullin ' s committee was busy pondering the question, the Stu- dents for Voluntary ROTC were busy collecting the signatures of 2,000 students who sympathized with their position, and convinced the student senate to pass a bill calling for a student referendum on the issue. Many students held grave doubts as to the interest the com- mittee might have in student opinion since it has never proved itself as a powerful motivational factor upon the workings of the university. The SSOC, as usual, took a more militant stand, and decided that rather than try to influence the committee they would deny its legitimacy. Despite the raging controversy, one group found that ROTC can be fun. Without needing to call a referendum or circulate a petition, one could accurately assume that it was the unanimous sentiment of the Ex- hibition platoon of the Pershing Rifles to consider their impending trip to the Mardi Gras a " voluntary " act. 161 Engineers Claim ' Erin Go Braugh ' Having proclaimed both St. Patrick the first engi- neer since he " engineered " the driving of the snakes from Ireland, and the week of his birth as their domain, a strange form of Irish madness affected the engineering students. Clean-cut, " Establishment " students were sud- denly spotted with shaggy growths on their face. Engi- neers who had previously only spoken English and Pro- fanity were obsessed with painting " Erin Go Braugh " on any available surface. Extremely alien behavior was exhibited by the Dean by dismissing classes. Casting aside the books that had previously been divine, the men gave girls and their structural " engineering " first priority as they sought a new St. Patricia. Engineers spent hours gazing at the brochure that featured pictures of the bikini-clad candidates. It seems as though this boy hasn ' t ever felt anything quite like it before. Violence marks the rational man. 162 If appears to be a " gay " time, but by the looks of the other scenery it ' s hard to tell. It seems as though the Lt. doesn ' t like sweaty pits. That could give someone a hardattack. 163 Freshmen charmed their way into the winner ' s circle this year. 164 Captain Terrific was the honored guest at the Engineer ' s Ball. Engin Royalty Crowned at Ball Unfortunately the week did have a serious side necessitated to justify the dismissal of classes. The Engineering Hall of Fame inducted two alumni. Two banquets featured informative speakers and the Engi- neering Open House included displays and projects. St. Patricia finalists were chosen by interviews dur- ing which the Engineering Council asked lecherous questions like, " What do Virgins dream about? " and the candidate smiled coyly, recrossed her legs, and replied, " I can ' t remember. " At the Engine Rally each coed sought to project the sexiest image and the men tried to win St. Patrick votes with gross skits. Upon the two most risque can- didates fell the ironic title " saint " . Plowing the south 40 daily paid off for the farmers. ttJ , v - Daddy trying to play Paxton Quigley. It ' s obvious why this coed is hiding his face. 165 AWS Sponsors " Gripe Session " " A girl is going to do what she is going to do anyway, between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., so why should we have datecall? " This comment was typical of a gen- eralized feeling held by many girls that they deserved more time to do " their own thing " . They found an excellent avenue of expression at the first " gripe ses- sion " ever held by AWS. A majority of the participants favored a liberalization of the existing rules, but con- troversy arose as to whether freshman should be in- cluded in any new rules. This controversy was a natural outgrowth of the upperclass woman ' s survival instinct which advises her that a freshman who is well " pro- tected " presents a much smaller temptation to her man. Trees were really " in " this year. Wilitu Theta Tau ' s worked with Abilities Unlimited for their community For his own sake I hope he knows how to saw. service project. 166 icon- be in. " Should I go ahead and put Rufus ' motel room down? " r-VU. m Q Strange, freshman girls love to have jam sessions with each other. One of the University ' s most famous sup- porters receives advice for his next com- paign. MR 167 . M A sly way to get a shot. This Theta looks as though she may be creamy. Our Beloved Editor exercises the customary charm and tact she utilized to influence her staff to work. 168 Spring Lifts Students ' Morale It is a well established fact that Fayetteville suffers from a severe shortage of things to do. Despite this realization, the announcement that two UA students were arrested for creating a disturbance at Henderson State College was a shocking reaffirmation of the criti- cal " dulls " that are rampant on the Hill. If our SSOC members, who are notorious for their ability to create something out of nothing, are forced to travel half-way across the state to create a disturbance because of a lack of local campus action, the rest of the student body may soon show the ill effects of stimulus deprivation. Despite the able help of the Civil Liberties Union, each SSOC member was fined $500. Tl e first public bathroom on campus seemed to be a success. 169 Mixed Drinks Proclaimed Legal Nobody knew Hawaiians had soul. Bill was assigned to cover Greek Week and had to spend several days searching for its ac- tivities. 170 ll Soul brothers jo:n in entertainment, but not in " Brotherhood. " As most extremely observant students noticed the Greeks had their traditional Week. Things got off to a roaring start with a breath-taking display of Greek brains during their Scholars Bowl. This cerebral circus seemed very much like a re-run when the Acacia ' s won for the second consecutive year. A dance at the rink highlighted the week and featured untold volumes of hot, humid, smoke-filled air which served as an excellent backdrop for the wall-to-wall bodies. It offered every- one an inside view of life in a sardine can. Kappa Sigma served what was undoubtedly one of the shortest social probation sentences in UA history. With split-second timing the disciplinary committee sus- pended the fraternities sentence immediately after it was issued. The sentence was the result of charges filed by three black students concerning acts of verbal and physical harassment by fraternity members. The legislature passed the mixed drink law and the Gaslight started advertising in the Traveler again. This boy ' s face perfectly expressed the excitement that characterized Greek Week. 171 Hero 1. Symposium ' 69 provoked much thought mainly on how to pay for it. " No, I don ' t have a date until 10:30. " State Senate Condemns Muhammad Symposium, Mac ' s beloved brain-child, celebrated its first birthday and attracted a star-studded cast. Scheduled speakers included Sen. Dan Inouye; Sen. George McGovern, one of the original doves; Edwin Newman, news-broadcaster-and journalist; Sen. Charles Percy, the Republican ' s " Golden Boy " ; Sen. Mark Hat- field, a strong supporter of a Volunteer Army ; Sen. Ed Muske, who ran and fell with Humphrey in ' 68; Dr. William Mrazek, NASA director; and Floyd McKissack, National CORE Director. Muhammad Ali, former heavyweight champion and now a Black Muslim minister was also a scheduled speaker. Ali, who is currently under indictment for re- fusing to serve in the Army, had a unique talent for throwing the natives into panic and quickly became the center of heated controversy. Following the announcement of Ali ' s impending visit, a letter written by Little Rock Businessmen to Mullins asking him to prevent Clay ' s appearance touch- ed off many sparks in the State Legislature. Milt Earn- hart introduced a resolution to the Senate condemning the scheduled appearance which passed by a close voice vote. Lease and other student officers journeyed to Little Rock, and spoke to many legislators. 173 " I Had A Dream . . " Echoes On Campus UA Black students, united under the leadership of the Black Americans for Democracy, conducted a short memorial ceremony for the late Dr. Martin Luther King, who was felled by an assassin ' s bullet a year ago. The ceremony began with a period of silent meditation in front of the old library. A recording of one of Dr. King ' s speeches was played and an address system resounded with his memorable words, " I had a dream . . . " The ceremony was a moving tribute to one of America ' s finest men. The first two recipients of the Martin Luther King Memorial Scholarships were announced. These scholar- ships are the result of a continuing fund d rive begun by concerned UA faculty and students after the assassina- tion of Dr. King. The family that protests together stays together. Some marched while others watched with open eyes and closed minds. 174 " It was about this long, and weighed about 50 pounds. " Both faculty and church leaders joined in the march. v UA students expressed their memories and feel- ings of Dr. King. 175 Broyles forgot to tell him how to take it off. Regardless of the controversy, Mo- hammed delivered a good speech. 176 Hogs Launch " Fourth Quarter " Despite the controversy that had swelled around him, and the resolutions and counter-resolutions, Mu- hammad ' s actual visit was very amiable. When Ali spoke none were incited to loot or burn as some of the pro- tectors of the faith had feared. In a soft voice he ad- vocated nonviolence and a separate nation for blacks, and gave students a clearer conception of black power. Foreign students attending the UA are now the proud owners of their own club designed to help them adjust to their new life. The students painted the In- ternational Club themselves and Civic clubs donated the furniture. Operating money is supplied by their TV show, " Razorback International " . " Ah, come on; it ' s Saturday night. " " . Boy literally snows girl. Dreaming of the day when those white jerseys will be theirs. 177 Residence Hall Week Proclaimed Governor Rockefeller having officially proclaimed it Residence Hall Week, the staging of the first powder puff football game launched Hallaballoo ' 69. Although the football may have been a shade below Razorback qualify, the girls had better looking legs and an abun- dance of spirit. The games also featured cheerleaders who resembled the Green Bay Packers ' linemen and a rag-a-muffin band. " The Thing " - an amorphous hootenanny was held Wednesday night in front of Hotz. Featuring local groups such as The New Creation and The Concern, the program offered a welcome middle of the week diver- sion. Even some of the Head Residents were caught by the spirit and tried to perform. Coeds were shocked to find out that balls were so big. Black is beautiful! 178 -.-, Our faculty: ridiculous and at times intellectual. SSOC or tha Stumbling One-Hundred? Tiny Tim ' s brother visits campus. 179 This girl had the wrong idea about a bed race The Lettermen were one of Hallaballoo ' s high- lights. - " Hey, baby, that ' s my job. " 180 Lettermen Captivate Audience If this girl ' s parents only knew. Friday night The Lettermen delighted their concert audience so well they quickly earned two standing ova- tions. At intermission the Hallaballoo Hostesses were presented to the audience. Saturday dawned sunny and hall members eagerly made their way to the intramural field to partake of the picnic lunch and participate in the eleven different re- lay events. These rough, tough, and muddy events of- fered a wide assortment of torture forms. The Bed Race required speed, stamina, and men with psyche ' s that can resist the teasing produced when they arrive in a negligee. " The 5 by 5 " played for the Hallaballoo Dance at which the Sweepstakes winners were announced. With longer hair he would pass for a typical U of A girl. 181 Blagg Named " Traveler " Editor " What ' s wronq with eating in the arass? 182 " What do you mean my wig is slipping? " The ad hoc committee appointed by President Mul- lins voted 10-3 to recommend a change of compulsory ROTC to a voluntary program to the University Senate. The vote was taken after the committee petitions signed by students favoring a voluntary program. If the Faculty Senate approves the proposal, Voluntary ROTC will oc- cupy a position very similar to being on the fifty yard line with goal to go since the Board of Trustees must also give their stamp of approval. Women ' s Organizing Committee, a group of women interested in revising and clarifying AWS rules met and drew up a proposal for rule changes. One major proposed change would allow women to sign out by placing a sealed envelope on the door in case of emerg- ency and the extension of Senior keys to all women was also proposed. Sigma Nu fraternity has been granted the first local franchise to sponsor an entrant in the National Miss Dogpatch USA pageant which will be held at the Dog- patch park June 18. That white bit never fooled anyone. 183 It must have been a long, hard night. Nineteen scholarships were awarded at the J-Day banquet. Next to last try at getting a date. - f 184 " You ' ll get no arguments from me, mister; I ' ve always wanted to visit Havana. " Season Of The Sun Worshipers The Board of Trustees announced that if the legis- lature fails to raise taxes, the University will face a severe financial crisis which could possibly endanger the UA accredidation. This revelation caused many stu- dents to have panic provoked delusions of graduation with a degree that would be about as valuable as the Confederate dollar. Dr. Robert A. Leflar, professor of law, was named 1968 ' s Arkansas Man of the Year. He was awarded this honor by the ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT ' S 21st annual poll. WIHC and MIHC voted to merge into a new or- ganization, Residence Hall Association. This move- ment is intended to prevent the men and women from working at cross purposes. As the weather continued to bless the campus with its warm, wonderful sunshine a tan suddenly emerged as the most desired campus commodity. Every living group sprouted its share barely clad lilly white bodies who were prepared to suffer for their " coppertone " tan. Motorcycles which had been cruelly shunned all winter suddenly found themselves the object of a great deal of loving care since they were now rated as a most superior means of transportation. The words Weddington and Beaver were synonymous for fun. Every day seemed a perfect day - - perfect that was for anything except class. 185 Coeds Vote For Proposed Rules The UofA chapter of the Civil Rights Research Council formed an advisory committee on selective service. Both the council and the committee are headed by UofA law students. The committee was formed be- cause the Council felt there was a need for intelligent explanation of the draft laws. Unfortunately this com- mittee will not be able to help the really desperate students who are frantically looking for advice about how to develop an ulcer before next week ' s induction physical. A croquet match was staged on the mall in front of Old Main. The players, however, were far more in- teresting to watch than the game. Coeds overwhelmingly voted to adopt the proposed revised AWS rules which included extension of the card key system to all women and no sign-out. Yep, he ' s from Arkansas. W. D. will do Itl 186 Following revision of the election code, apathy was displayed by a Voluntary ROTC in action. Some people never grow up. 187 This is the only Greek tap she ' ll ever get. AWS Sponsors Spring Festival AWS sponsored its annual Spring Festival at which time new Chimes, Cardinal Key and Mortar Board mem- bers were tapped. As usual the Chimes cried and hugged, the Cardinal Keys struggled to keep their up- perclass cool, and the Mortar Board members sadistical- ly whipped their new tapees with roses. For the first time in the last few years freshmen were allowed to visit sorority houses. 500 freshmen women participated in the open houses of the nine so- rorities. This program will enable those girls who flunk out this spring and never return to rest contented having had the experience of walking in those hallowed halls. " I beseech you fulfill my sexual desires. " I " I ' ve never seen such dandruff! " Look! That guy carries a purse) 189 Protester Arrested By Police Stephen Pollard felt that the Vietnam war was wrong so he took the only logical step he could to cure this evil - he climbed a large tree in front of the Union and pro- ceeded to take up residence. Stephen ' s perching protest attracted a lot of attention, some of which was malicious. Pollard soon found himself the target of vocal threats, bottles, eggs and other objects. The campus cops decided this was too tense. They evicted him from his tree and gave him a home in the jail. After Pollard left the pro- test turned into a game of musical trees. Only one day after his arrest four different groups had occupied the tree. " And the 43rd plank in my platform is Tim was the best " man " for the job 190 191 Secretarial candidates display good sportsman- ship. 1970 ' s First Lady. With Terry Jones ' win, TKE ' s forced Ski ' s into the woodwork. 192 Martin Wins ASG Presidency With Wyck ' s win and four kegs, what more could the Kappa Sig ' s want? Due to the limitations imposed by new campaign rules that severely reduced the amount of money each candidate could spend and prohibited any campaigning from cars, elections ' 69 lacked much of the enthusiasm that usually typifies this week. W. D. Blackman added a certain spark to the campaign when he announced that he wanted to make verbal love to the student body and called himself a super-laxative who would unclog the campus and student government. The student body rejected his bid for the presidency and chose Jo Martin to be the first girl to win the post. Jo captured the presidency from Tim Boe by a surprisingly wide margin of 534 votes. And laying a finger beside her nose, up the political chimney she rose. 193 BAD Sponsors Black Emphasis Week Butter butt. 194 Aren ' t you glad she used Dial? Don ' t you wish all girls did? " What can one say about a farmer ' s ass? vfi " I thought they said this was gonna be soul music. " A new dimension was added to campus activities with the instigation of Black Emphasis Week. Exhibits of Black art, history and literature were displayed in the Union. A style show featuring clothes that showed the influence of African design and a talent show were also held by black students. These activities were designed to reflect the Black image and culture through art. Demonstrations were staged in front of Old Main protesting mandatory ROTC at the University. The pro- test came during the annual Army ROTC federal inspec- tion. The demonstrators carried signs such as, " War is unhealthy for children and other living things. " Despite their attempts to distract the cadets, the famous Army organization held firm and drill ran according to schedule. The referendum issue on last Thursday ' s ballot was passed by the student body. This reapportionment bill will make student government more effective since sena- tors will be chosen from their living group areas and will be a great aid to the independent power search. Black Emphasis Week featured exhibits of Negro art, history, literature, music and leaders. 195 Freshman Shannon Martin walked away as the new Miss UofA. The only feminine thing missing here is Walter Slaughter. 196 I " At that price YOU should come with the Coke. " Shannon Martin Named Miss Uof A Following a pre-meditated plan. Crowds of 75 to 100 panty raiders swarmed Hotz, Fulbright and Reid. The boys were thrown underwear, eggs, water balloons and toilet tissue. Outnumbered, the campus police could only watch and later disperse their frustration by in- creasing their parking ticket activity. Alpha Phi Omega announced that they would spon- sor an Ugly Man On Campus Contest at the Gaebale carnival. Most Coeds had at least one special date they felt truly deserved this honor. Astro-Turf, a new all-weather, moisture-proof, syn- thetic surface playing field will be installed in Razor- back Stadium. Arkansas will be the first Southwest Conference school to go to this new artificial grass. Gaebale ' 69 Kick-Off was held in the Greek Theatre. Emceed by Randy Marshall and Steve Millin, the pro- gram featured the best of campus talent and an abun- dance of gross jokes. Nan Castleberry, current Miss UofA, introduced the coeds who were seeking to be her successor. W. D. Blackman took this opportunity to announce his intentions of retiring from politics per- manently. After listening to his rousing oratory many students felt that they may have miscast their votes. W. D. also was successful in grossing out several par- ents who had mistakenly wondered into this affair. 197 Steppenwolf Heads Gaebale Concert Gaebale ' 69 featured the traditional Miss UofA pageant. The freshmen came out top dogs for once as one of their rank garnered the top honors and the crown to the dismay of the upperclassmen. Gaebale went into full swing with the Swinging ' 69 party. The Merging Traffic played for this costume dance held at the fair grounds. Saturday ' s activities featured a concert by Steppen- wolf, who showed a noticeable lack of interest in enter- taining anyone. The Carnival gave everyone something to complain about as usual, and was combined with a dance featuring the Soul Society. Many of the Carnival booths showed imagination, while others stretched the credibility gap, such as the Kappa ' s as Playboy Bunnies. _ L - He thinks he ' s doing his own thing, but it ' s been done before. The Steppenwolf concert was great if you could read lips 198 Hey thweetie, you ' re with me. " We stood in line two hours, and now you won ' t give me any. ' L The Spirits of Gaebale kept the carnival alive. 199 " Stand back, hot-shot, I ' m the hog in this one. " We reserved this space for one of the Gaebale directors; he didnt care, but the D-Lux did. Carnival Offers Year E nd Revelry As usual most students found their greatest Gaebale pleasure doing " their own thing " . In reality Gaebale is really a state of mind that offers the students an ex- cuse to enjoy themselves totally one last time before the terror of finals arrives. Sunday found most students nursing throbbing heads and comparing tales of the night before. Only four weeks and our bustlines increased three inches. Wonder what turned her on? It couldn ' t have happened to a NICER person. 201 202 MILITARY 203 Army ROTC Imparts Leadership University of Arkansas ROTC Cadets wear the uni- form proudly. They know the security and well-being of the country are forever interwoven with their own. Military training has been an active part of life on the University of Arkansas campus since the University was founded in 1871. The ROTC program, typically American, is an expression of the historic concepts of the citizen-soldier and civilian control over our mili- tary forces. The ability to organize, motivate, and lead men, taught in ROTC, is a prized asset which contributes to success in any field, a fact recognized by employers to- day. Mr. C. B. McCoy, President of E. 1. duPont de Nemours and Co. (Inc.) has the following to say con- cerning the ROTC graduate: " In our efforts to employ individuals qualified to pursue successful careers in DuPont, we have developed a high regard for ROTC graduates. " The entire University community can be proud of the record of its graduates. Five Medal of Honor win- ners are graduates of the University. Army branch schools ' records show that University of Arkansas grad- uates rank well above the national average. COL Eugene Holmes Professor of Military Science CBD Doul STAFF OFFICERS Front Row: LTC Clinton D. Jones, LTC George L. Kelley, MAJ Donald R. Kannady, MAJ Donald F. McPeek. Back Row: MAJ James A. Dutcher, MAJ Joseph A. Heuman, CPT James J. Malik, CPT Walter A. Mallet, MAJ Jon R. Morgan. NCO First Row: MSG James H. Cramer, SGM William D. Erwin. Second Row: SFG Joseph L. Gingras, SSG Kenneth H. Clausers, SSG George K. Acker. Third Row: SP5 Gene T. Lockett, SSG Floyd E. McConnell, SFC Mack M. Graves. At TOT. ; 204 BRIGADE STAFF - - First Row: C MAJ Bill Russell, C BDE COL Sam Bryan, C LTC Dwight Dickson, C LTC Donald Gibson, C MAJ Kenneth Dugan, C MAJ Doug Fugate. Second Row: C MAJ Richard Campbell, C MAJ Woody Free- man, C MAJ Gary Jeffries. MS III, CO, and TAC OFFICERS C MAJ David Her- man, C CPT Jerry Martin, C CPT Carlos Treat, C CPT Nelson Johnson, C CPT Bill Neilsen. Senior Cadets Control Brigade In the past the Army ROTC Cadet Brigade has been controlled by the Cadre and only partially run by the Senior Cadet Officers. A new concept, initiated this year, gives the Senior Cadets control of the Cadet Bri- gade. Drill instruction is presented by Senior Cadets, resulting in a closer relationship between instructor and student. The overall program for Army ROTC centers around the Basic Cadet. The Advanced Program in Army ROTC is devoted to turning out the highest caliber of leaders possible. The Junior Cadets are instructed in leadership tech- niques and prepared for summer camp by their Senior Tactical Officers. The Senior Cadets are responsible for the functioning of the Brigade and its related ac- tivities. This year the Brigade sponsored a Christmas party for the orphanage in Morrilton in conjunction with the Cadette Corps. C BDE COL Samuel W. Bryan Cadet Brigade Commander 205 Senior Cadet Officers First Row: Russell, Abshier, Freeman, Gibson, Bryan, Dick- son, Jeffreys, Fugate, Campbell. Second Row: Warden, Nielsen, Dahms, May, Fikes, Rowland, Treat. Third Row: Cook, Vasser, Harger, Holt, Slack, Johnson, Fairchild, Hays, Martin. Fourth Row: Baker, Cronkhite, Alexander, Fisher, Pettus, Dawson, Clark, DuBois, Schrantz, Goodman. First Row : Mitchell, Saxon, Carlson, Christy, Hodges, Cooper. Second Row. Anderson, Duncan, Spooner, Fain, Glover, Mc- Millin, Shupe. Third Row: Lawrence, Maddox, Lewis, Brandt, Archer, Watson, Grain, Townsend. 206 Junior Cadet Officers First Row: Glover, Granderson, Wattam, Hardage, Farns- worth, Morgan, Powell, Miles. Second Row. Beck, Alstadt, Hodapp, Williams, Jamerson, Bryan, Bassett, Sbamotto, Evans. Third Row: Wright, Dalmut, Mason, Masterson, Platt, Shelby, Wight, Powell, Wright, Holmes. Fourth Row: Rogers, Bland, Luck, Davidson, Rhodes, Coplin, Jordan, Clayton, Ewing, Hargis. Fifth Row. Turner, Henley, Stramm, Barton, Ardemagni, Chris- man, Bo wan, Howard, Taylor, Tanner, Carney. First Row. Beacham, Phillips, Matthews, Chappell, Bishop, Cox, Brown, Smith, Dew. Second Row. Thomas, Eddy, Jefferson, Hogan, Vinson, Williams, Ramsey, Jamison, Smith. Third Row. Vanghan, Clardy, Kendrick, Winningham, Porter, Fletcher, Cable, Reap, Freeman, Walters, Jamison. Fourth Row: Taylor, Harris, Eschbaugh, Corbitt, Moldenhauer, Selig, Patton, Mc- Nulty, Clendenny, Bass, Steel. 207 Cadettes Stress Functional Role The Cadettes Corps, founded two years ago as an outgrowth of Army ROTC Sponsors, is a service organi- zation of the Army ROTC program. Its functional role is emphasized. Selection is based on scholarship, appear- ance, character, personality and interest in the military. Members are selected each fall. The major projects for the year were " Cookies for Combat " during the fall and " We Care " packages in the spring. Items gathered were sent to soldiers in Vietnam. The Cadette Corps also collected toys for the Morril- ton Orphanage Christmas party, worked during the blood drives and participated on th e drill field throughout the year as unit sponsors. Delta Willis, Commander, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Si . ' ' feJfc LLkXfc . Diane Chowning, Comptroller, Kappa Alpha Theta Diane Carpenter, Vice-Commander, Reid Hall 208 Arkansas ROTC Cadets had six more reasons to attend drills this year with the expansion of the Cadette Corps to a 19-member group 209 Summer Camp Gives Field Training " The student will pursue the course in camp train- ing prescribed by the Secretary of the Army. " This sentence in Army Regulations ultimately leads all stu- dents enrolled in the ROTC advanced program to six weeks of intense field training at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. The camp is specifically designed to provide the ROTC student with practical experience and instruction in tactical, technical, and administrative subjects. Camp training provides students with applicatory type train- ing which cannot be presented adequately at the insti- tution. Normally, the student attends summer camp between his junior and senior years. He is paid at the same rate as a student at the military academics, plus his traveling expenses. Any cadet who has attended summer camp will not forget his training in marksmanship, compass reading, overnight field exercises, the barbwire course, fire- power demonstrations, communications, first aid, patrol- ling, and equipment orientations. While others looked for a way to start the engine, Musketeers waited for their horses to be brought up. the Three Sam Bryan had the best drilled squad in his platoon at summer camp. Later it increased in size and became a brigade. 210 - Ranger Platoon Leader Mike Burns calls a halt during a patrolling exercise while he plans the objective. Activities Broaden Program The Army ROTC instructional program is divided into two distinct, but mutually supporting, phases - the basic and advanced programs. The purpose of the two year basic course is to instruct the student in basic military subjects such as Army organization, military history, and the Army ' s role in national securi- ty. The advanced program is designed to prepare select- ed, qualified cadets for a commission in the United States Army. Instruction is in such fields as world af- fairs, communication, administration, and principles of leadership. The ROTC department actively promotes extracur- ricular activities with the intent of broadening the practical aspect of the leadership program while pro- moting cooperation among future leaders in the Army. In addition to the Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team, and the Army Band, a Ranger Platoon has recently been added to the list of activities open to the interested cadet. The Ranger Platoon offers training in demolitions, rappel- ling, land navigation, and hand-to-hand combat. Close coordination between coa ch and pupil plus long hours of practice produce high scores on the rifle range. 211 Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles National Honorary Society has units on university and college campuses throughout the United States. It was founded by the late General-of-the- Armies, John J. Pershing, at the University of Nebraska in 1894. The National Headquarters is located at the University of Nebraska, and operates through its four- teen Regimental Headquarters. The society still maintains its principal functions as outlined by General Pershing. They are service to the Corps, and honor to the individual, while fulfilling other functions as a social-professional type fraternity. C Maj. Walter D. Martin Company Commander The year ' s activities of the Exhibition Drill Platoon are pointed toward winning the Drill Competition at Regimental. 212 The Company Commander and Pershing Rifles Sponsor watch C 2LT Leon Jamison commanding the Standard Platoon in drill. Company D, Seventh Regiment The Pershing Rifles Company at the University of Arkansas is Company D of the Seventh Regiment. Com- pany D-7 is an active unit with high esprit de corps and is one of the elite organizations of the Army ROTC. One of the best known activities of the Pershing Rifles is pledge week when Pershing Rifle pledges carry their white wooden rifles and escort young ladies to class. Pledge Week is culminated with a weekend biv- ouac and the initiation of the new members. The high- light of the fall semester is the annual Pershing Rifles banquet when the new members receive their member- ship ribbons and citation cords. The main event of the year is the annual participa- tion in one of the Mardi Gras parades held in New Orleans. Other events of the year include the annual Regimental Assembly which consists of competitive events in drill and military skills. Last year ' s Assembly was held here at the University of Arkansas, with Com- pany D as host. This year the Pershing Rifles will travel to Fort Riley, Kansas for the Regimental Assembly. Tootsie Cook Alpha Chi Omega Pershing Rifles Sponsor 213 Army ROTC Band The ROTC Band is a volunteer company which practices at drill and plays for ceremonies and the Annual Federal Inspection. Rifle Team Seated: Jackie Barrett, Sponsor; SFC Gingras, Coach. First Row: Glean Glover, Buddy Mason, John Allen, Gary Young, Ken May. Second Row: Buddy Bratton, David Yocum, John Vaughn. Ranger Platoon First Row: Cable, Bridges, Freeman, Rowland. Second Row. Abshier, Keel, May, Shaw. Third Row: Dickson, Wattam, Jamison, Wright. Fourth Row: Polk, Platoon eader Burns, Pettus. 214 i:Mtt, First Row: Ricketts, Davidson, Abshier, Maj. Morgan, Ad- visor; Bryan, Hays, Nielsen, Taylor, Evans. Second Row: Dahms, Thomson, Fugate, Jamerson, Bassett, Goodman, Shelby, Camp- bell, Christy, Platt. Third Row. Cook, May, Munson, Stewart, Jefferson, Jeffreys, Powell, Dickson, Washington, Dawson. Fourth Row: Miles, Winningham, Talley, Malone, Copin, Porter, Keel, Ricketts, Wright, Smith. Fifth Row: Bass, Hargis, Polk, Ewing, Russell, Hardage, Carney, McNulty, Pettus, Patton, Chrisman. Scabbard Blade Honors Cadets The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary military fraternity for advanced ROTC cadets of all services. Forty pledges were selected this fall from the Army and Air Force advanced programs. Selection is based on scholarship, campus leadership and interest in the military program. The Society, which provides a common meeting ground for the Air Force and Army organizations, aims to instruct the future officers of the Armed Forces in the traditions and customs of the services. Jan Whitmore, Pam Foster, Susie Johnston, Susan Dennehy were this year ' s sponsors. 215 AFROTC Seeks Dedicated Men The Air Force ROTC has the responsibility for com- missioning career-oriented officers through academic programs in colleges and universities across the nation. The objective of the AFROTC is to place on active duty lieutenants who will demonstrate dedication to their as- signments; who willingly accept responsibility; who think critically and creatively ; and who have the ability to communicate with clarity and precision. The two major phases of the curriculum consist of the general military course and the professional officer course. The first forms a single unit entitled " World Military Systems. " Both years of this unit deal with world military power and its present and future impli- cations. The Professional Officer Course is offered in the junior and senior years. The qualified college stu- dent may apply for enrollment in the professional of- ficer course after completing the general military course or its equivalent. He must pass an aptitude examina- tion, the Air Force medical evaluation, and be selected by an interview board of Air Force officers. Col. Francis W. Nelson Professor of Aerospace Studies STAFF - - Front Row: Col. Francis Nelson, Capt. Jack Bailey, Maj. William Bailey, Jr., Capt. V. V. Semrad. Second Row. Capt. Zack Shelley, Capt. L. H. Allen, Capt. Thomas Goode, Capt. John Entwistle, Jr. NCO Front Row: Sgt. Billy Strickland, Tech. Sgt. Alvin Gaston, S Sgt. Joe Wingo. Back Row: SS gt. Wayne Hoppens, Tech. Sgt. Lewie Cooper, S Sgt. Robert Tweed. TO ' 216 Wing Staff Officers WING STAFF Malone, Pate, Thompson, Richburg, Gutierrez, Talley, Franklin, Crist, Thompson, O ' Neill, Shoptaw. Senior Junior Cadet Officers SENIORS First Row: Crist, Franklin, Pate, Shoptaw, Richburg, Thompson, Malone, Thompson, Talley. Second Row. Williams, DeRossitt, Gutierrez, Miller, White, White, Ricketts, Stewart, Coker. Third Row. Fox, Copeland, Bailey, Mantooth, Giles, Conner, Davis, Pearson. Fourth Row: Landers, Smith, Hurst, Freeman. JUNIORS First Row. Brooks, Glasseu, Ricketts, Tinsley, Shirley, Broker, Baker, Cook, Roofe. Second Row: Brians, Carter, Cawood, Gaoberry, Reeter, Schneider, Woody, Edwards, Appleton. Third Row. Butcher, Munson, Cope, Moore, Ellis, Bruce, Ridgley, Brown. i . I 217 AFROTC Security Unit f I, ' The Security Unit patrols the drill field during Wing drill and aids in traffic control at the home football games. AFROTC Marching Band The Air Force Marching Band practices during drill to be sharp for ceremonies and pass-in-reviews. 218 AFROTC Varies Program " . . . and I had better not hear any of you people whistling the " Marine ' s Hymn " during drill againl Air Force Cadet Officers get command experience at dri Parachute orientation on the tour of Carswell AFB I This Cadet is glad he didn ' t cut drill today. 219 Angel Flight Officers Jean Woodell Executive Officer Kappa Kappa Gamma Chrissy Henry Comptroller Zeta Tau Alpha Judy Hersey Commander Chi Omega Julia Kaps Administrative Officer Alpha Chi Omega v - Linda Walker Information Officer Chi Omega Donna Wolf Archives Officer Fulbright Hall Kathy Dulan Operations Officer Alpha Delta Pi 220 Besides attending drills, the Angel Flight spends off duty time in charitable activities. Angel Flight Has Successful Year Angel Flight consists of 25 highly select coeds who must maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average. This year ' s flight, commanded by Judy Hersey, had a suc- cessful year. The flight as a whole maintained a 3.5 grade point average and one of its members, Letty Castleberry, was chosen as the Area G-l " Little Col- onel " , representing the area in national competition in New York. Angel Flight participates in a variety of ac- tivities including civic, patriotic, educational, and chari- table undertakings. Angel Flight is an auxiliary to Arnold Air Society. During the fall, Angel Flight sells football programs for all home football games and visits Boys Land of Arkansas. The main Christmas activity is " Operation Warmheart " , a project done jointly with Arnold Air Society, in which unused toys are collected from people in Fayetteville, repaired and given to needy children. The Angels conduct the Washington County March of Dimes, work at the Washington County Blood Drive on campus, and work with the Fayetteville Day School for mentally retarded children. As sponsors for the Air Force ROTC program and the Arnold Air Society, the girls take an active part in all AFROTC drills, classes, and social functions. 221 Arnold Air Society The Arnold Air Society was founded as an honorary military society for Air Force ROTC cadets who are tops scholastically and in the ROTC program. Members are selected by the squadron. Scholastic requirements include a 2.0 overall grade average and a 3.0 in Aero- space Studies. Last year the squadron sent representatives to New York City for the Annual National Conclave. Other ac- tivities the Society sponsors through the year are the sale of programs before the home football games, the Air Force Ball, Operation Warmheart, and field trips to Boys Land of Arkansas for various projects. Last year the squadron was selected as the Outstanding Squadron in the Southwest area. STAFF Pate, Shoptaw, Stewart, Coker, Talley, DeRossitt, Crist. Arnold Air Society promotes high standards in and out of uniform. 222 Arnold Air Taps Cadets Cadets are tapped for Arnold Air Society in an impressive drill field ceremony. Flight Indoctrination Flight Training teaches Senior Air Force Cadets to pilot fixed wing aircraft. 223 224 I BEAUTIES 225 . IT ' ' - " . l .-fi AF 4i 4 Iff " ' , ' III, " U mm. 226 LI Qit son Pi Beta Phi A junior transfer from Arkansas Tech, Margo is majoring in elementary education. Selected to serve in Angel Flight and chosen a Maid of Cotton finalist, Margo is from Russellville. A former Arkansas Junior Miss, she en- joys dancing in her spare time. J I a 227 v 228 Chi Omega A sophomore from Little Rock, Ann is majoring in education. She served as president of Chimes and was select- ed a maid for the 1968 Razorback Homecoming Court. A member of Al- pha Lambda Delta, she enjoys reading in her spare time. 229 J Kappa Kappa Gamma A senior from Crawfordsville, Nancy is majoring in English. She was se- lected U of A ' s Best-Dressed Coed and served on Levy ' s College Board is Memphis. Serving as social chairman and marshal of her sorority, she en- joys horseback riding in he spare time. 232 Delta Delta Delta A senior from Springdale, Sunny is majoring in elementary education. She has served as vice-president and pledge trainer of her sorority. Sunny enjoys antiquing and decoupaging as hobbies. 233 234 JVancy IJUilll. Coed-Complex A junior in the college of Business Administration, Nancy is from Corpus Christi, Texas. She is a marketing ma- jor and is on the Dean ' s List. Her favorite pastime is designing and mak- ing her own clothes. I 236 Reid Hall A junior in the college of Arts Sciences, Pat is from New Orleans. She transferred to U of A from Loui- siana State University where she was a member of Delta Zeta. She is major- ing in psychology and particularly en- joys sailing. 237 Miss University of Arkansas v 238 Alternates j a n e Coed-Complex 1st Runner-up o Vawcy Aja er Kappa Alpha Theta 2nd Runner-up 239 Razorback Homecoming Queen es v Mero Delta Delta Delta Razorback Homecoming Court .-t_ K ii (A it son Zeta Tau Alpha i J i,artenstetn Vicki J latnpton Chi Omega Reid 241 Commerce Queen JLjoaie r itts vns Kappa Kappa Gamma 1 Agri Queen rtuan Futrall St. Patricia ' Fulbright 244 PUBLICATIONS 245 1969 RAZORBACK T. J. Patterson Co-Editor About the Damn Staff . . . With only a few hundred changes from the ' 68 RAZORBACK, it ' s difficult to decide where to begin. When a Greek and an Independent team up to co- edit a book, a certain amount of change is inevitable especially when both are female. Last spring when we announced our staff, there were many dropped jaws when Mack McLarty, past ASG president, headed the business staff. Mack selected Randy Riddle as his assistant. Then early in the fall, Random House extended Mack a more star-studded opportunity and Jane caught Randy. They departed, thus giving us our first opportunity for promotion on the staff. Steve Crow, former associate editor, ade- quately filled both vacancies. Using the most modern equipment available (in 1910), our photography staff was able to produce over 1,000 pictures, thus achieving miracles. Gary Lar?en, our chief photographer, sacrificed many interesting BA classes and much of the beauty rest which he 30 enjoys. Although Rick, John and Danny fell by the wayside, Doug Frank showed both stamina and courage in staying with us as Gary ' s assistant. Tommie Kay Ebbert Co-Editor : ; 1 | - Steve Crow Buiinen Manager 246 Since Linda Irene Young served the previous year as associate editor, we appointed her to the same posi- tion with confidence - - or maybe it was over-con- fidence. Photo editor Martha Lynn Wilson aided Linda on deadline days and brought sunshine into the gray- ness of Hill Hall. Debbie Wilson, our executive secretary, came to us in her innocence as a typist. Recently she was appointed the book ' s co-editor for the coming year. Working with Debbie was Judy Garrett, also a secretary, Our Grand ' Ole Lady. After searching many months for an Introduction writer, we found one in a UA graduate student, Dwain Cromwell. Dwain did a tremendous job and we cannot thank him enough for an excellent beginning and for meeting his deadline. JNext in line for praise is Monte Cable, our Military section editor. Monte was sent to us through the Military Department, proving that the Army does have something going for it. Chip Cooper, our Man About the Office, headed the Organization section. In spite of communication problems with the local photographer and staff deser- tion, Chip was able to go home every weekend and finish the section. Gail Boyd wrote the copy for this section. Linda Young Associate Editor Debbie Wilson, Judy Garrett Secretaries .-v- Gary Larsen, Chief Photographer Doug Frank, Assistant 247 Monte Cable, Military Editor . . and friends One of the most improved areas was this year ' s Beauties section. Donna Wolf and Delta Willis did an excellent job, no matter how difficult the subject. Our athletic section was written by the White Knight, Gerald Jordan. His major accomplishment for the year was finishing the football copy before the last of April. You " done good " , Gerald. Carol Lamoreux headed the Feature section. She drafted her roommate, Nancy Willis, to solve her typing problems. If Carol is able to overcome spring fever, this book will become a reality. T. J. T.K. FEATURES STAFF: Carol Lamoreux, Nancy Willis, Patty Blake, Ed Kinney, Lynne Erwin. 248 L s, CLASSES STAFF: Durinda Gordon, Mil Buchanan, Margaret Akins, Susan Tatum (not pictured.) Executive Secretary Business Manager Business Secretary Associate Editor Chief Photographer Photographer Photo Editor Introduction Personalities Seniors Law and Graduate The Year RAZORBACK STAFF Co-Editors T. J. Patterson Tommie Kay Ebbert Debbie Wilson Steve Crow Judy Garrett Linda Young Gary Larsen Doug Frank Martha Lynn Wilson Dwain Cromwell Marilyn Turner Randy Gardner Mil Buchanan Margaret Akins Durinda Gordon Susan Tatum Carol Lamoreux Ed Kinney Patty Blake Nancy Willis Lynne Erwin Monte Cable Donna Wolj Delta Willis Nancy Helms Tim Boe Donna Trusty Brenda Blagg Darrel Rice Carol Raines Gerald Jordan Nancy Turner Jane Bonady Chip Cooper Gail Boyd Military Beauties Publications Greeks Residence Halls Off Campus Athletics Arts Organizations Index Typist Chip Cooper, Organizations Editor Gail Boyd, Assistant Rachel Doyle Bill Ebbert, Jr. 249 Nancy Helms Publications Randy Gardner Personalities Marilyn Turner Personalities BEAUTIES EDITORS: Delta Willis and Donna Wolf Martha Lynn Wilson Photo Editor 250 Nancy Turner, Jane Bonady Arts Editors Gerald Jordan Sports Editor LIVING GROUP EDITORS: Darrel Rice, Carol Raines, Donna Trusty, Brenda Blagg, Tim Boe 251 " Traveler " Fights Apathy . . . Loses Kay Carson Editor TRAVELER STAFF Editor Kay Carson Managing Editor Brenda Blagg Editorial Assistant Ann Pride News Editor Bill Wright Copy Editor Kersh Hall Associate Copy Editors Margaret Rose Palmer Faune Cook Bill Conner Sports Editor Gerald Jordan Assistant Sports Editor Buddy Gregory Feature Editor Assistant Feature Editor Chief Photographer Photographers Secretaries Wire Editor Reporters Weather Reviews Circulation Advertising Manager Business Manager Jean McMillan Harlan Butler Gary Larsen Doug Frank Paul Lampion Pam Kirsch Ginny Sain Jerry Glover Cindy Reese Peter Gordy Karen Harmon Skip Rutherford Virginia Walker Dale Murr George Newtown Barrel Rice Gene DeBons Ron Keisler Tom Palmer With last spring ' s Hill Hall blockade fresh on our minds, the 1968-69 TRAVELER staff faced this year apprehensively. Fears proved unfounded, however, as the staffers plunged into their job of producing a daily newspaper for the campus. The fall semester began with news of the petition and subsequent resignation of ASG President Walter Slaughter and moved into coverage of the successful football season. Problems arose when readers oc- casionally forgot the basic tenets of freedom of the press and protested the use of a weekly editorial page through which both the staff and readers could voice opinions on issues relevent to the campus today. Persistence has paid off and we have been able to provide a well-read and often controversial editorial page of columns, editorials, letters to the editor and cartoons. Publishing a daily newspaper is definitely a joint effort and my special recognition goes to the following staff members who made this year ' s TRAVELER pos- sible: BRENDA BLAGG, our hard-working Managing Editor was responsible for news placement on pages one and four. She delighted in deviating from the normal layout pattern occasionally and provided some unusual and interesting pages. BILL WRIGHT, News Editor, was responsible for gathering news and he set up a system through which Tom Palmer, Business Manager; Ron Keisler, Ad Manager. 252 Brenda Blagg, Managing Editor; Ann Pride, Editorial Assistant; Gerald Jordan, Sports Editor; Bill Wright, News Editor. Brenda Blagg Managing Editor Bill Wright, News Editor; Blan Heath, Assistant News Editor; Ann Pride, Editorial Assistant. 253 Paul Lampton, Photographer; Gary Larsen, Chief Photographer; Doug Frank, Photographer Jerry Glover Wire Editor Bill Conner, Associate Copy Editor; Faune Cook, Associate Copy Editor; Pam Kirsch, Secretary; Mar- garet Rose Palmer, Proof Reader. 254 both staff writers and Journalism students were assigned to cover the campus. KERSH HALL headed the copy desk and assisted by Margaret Rose Palmer, Faune Cook and Bill Con- nor, read and edited all copy before sending it to the printers. ANN PRIDE, all-around good gal, dependable worker and true friend held the position of editorial assistant and did a more than adequate job. GERALD JORDAN, assisted by Buddy Gregory and Skip Rutherford, manned the sports desk and pro- duced excellent sports copy as well as columns. JEAN McMILLAN, assisted by Harlan Butler and Peter Gordy, produced a daily feature page worthy of praise, covering the unusual angle of the campus. JERRY GLOVER, Wire Editor, frequently doubled as one of our most dependable news reporters. GARY LARSEN headed the most dependable and capable photography staff in recent TRAVELER his- tory. He was assisted by Doug Frank throughout the year and by Paul Lampton during the second semester. PAM KIRSCH and GINNY LYNN SAIN, secre- taries, did a commendable job of handling the details of correspondence, messages and statement-typing. Our special word of thanks goes to the business de- partment headed by TOM PALMER and assisted by RON KEISLER who have brought order out of chaos on the financial section of the newspaper. Kay Carson Buddy Gregory, Assistant Sports Editor; Gerald Jordan, Sports Editor. Harlan Butler, Assistant Feature Editor; Jean McMillan, Feature Editor; Peter Gordy, Feature Writer. 255 Row. Randy Marshall, Chairman; Jerre Stocker, secre- tary. Second Row: Diane Hudgins, Tommie Kay Ebbert, T. J. Patterson. Third Row. Ann Pride, Kay Carson, Bill Ebbert Jr. Fourth Row. Dr. Rudolph, Mr. 0. J. Rinnert. Board of Publications Once again faced with a shortage of funds, the Board of Publications made worthwhile attempts to stem the tide of deficit spending which had plagued publications in recent years. Under the leadership of George Lease and Randy Marshall, the Board attempted to analyze several alternatives in an effort to cut spend- ing and raise allocations. Most efforts were channeled in trying to get an Advisor to Publications. In choosing the editors of all major University pub- lications, the Board ruled on the controversial selection, with legal advice coming from the Legal Council and the Attorney General, of the Directory Publisher. Con- flicts in interpretation of job roles were handled by the Board, thus helping to set precedents for next year ' s ruling body. Accuracy in publications was questioned as well as journalistic ethics, by certain students outside of the Board. After consideration by the Board the issue was resolved. The quality of publications made marked improve- ment over the year, and strides were made to see that this same progress will be made in the future. Jerre Stocker, Secretary Randy Marshall, Chairman 256 Bill Ebbert, Jr. Publisher DIRECTORY STAFF Prissy Petty Sue Benham Nancy Baney Rusty McCarroll Letiy C. McAdams Hall McAdams ' 69 Directory Was Late, but Accurate This year ' s Directory is the most complete and ac- curate edition to date. Although this is alleged every year, I believe we ' ve outdone all prior editions due specifically to the effort and cooperation of the Fay- etleville Telephone Company, which was kind enough to give us access to the newly listed phone numbers of the off-campus students. To my knowledge this incorpo- ration of newly listed numbers into the Directory has never been done. Also, all living group phone numbers were corrected for the first time in at least two years. Of course the 68-69 Directory came out late, but this shortcoming is shared with all previous editions and thus, the anathama associated with such heresy is, I feel, mitigated. The delay in the release of the Directory is again attributed (and I believe rightfully) to the Ad- ministration, which misplaced several hundred pre- registered freshman IBM cards. The Board of Publica- tions has discussed the necessity of a synthesization of effort between the editor and Administration in order to avoid such late releases in the future. Hall Me Adams, Editor; Staff: Letty C. McAdams, Nancy Baney, Sue Benham, Prissy Petty 257 Arkansas Agriculturalist The ARKANSAS AGRICULTURIST is a bi-yearly publication of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. A tradition in itself, the AGRICULTURIST includes articles from all departments in the College Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Ani- mal Science. Home Economics, Plant Pathology, Agron- omy, Entomology, Horticulture and Vocational Agri- culture. The AGRICULTURIST hopes to create an aware- ness of the present work and plans for each of the departments which are of interest to the students as well as alumni, and prospective students in Arkansas high schools. A large part of the success of the AGRICULTURIST is due to dependable staff member who donate their free time to produce the non-profit magazine. Feature editors come up with interesting articles directed toward the students in the College. The business manager keeps the creditors from the door while Dean Glenn Hardy offers articles and advice. Ruth Clotfelter Editor Staff writers: Geneva Russell, Gary Linquist, Donna Jordon, Carmen Tranthan, Don MrCaskill. 258 Feature editors: Avis Bryant, Liz Cureton AGRI STAFF Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Feature Editors Staff Ruth Clolfelter Joe McBride Mike Flynn Avis Bryant Liz Cureton Donna Jordan Larry McCain Carmen Trantham Gary Lindquist Geneva Russell Don McCaskill Mark Wright Business Manager, Mike Flynn Assistant Editor, Joe McBryde 259 Jess Porter, Business Manager Paul Blume Associate Editor Don Bishop, Editor Bryden Moon, Jr., Assistant Business Manager; Jessie E. Porter, Business Manager. The Guild Ticker The GUILD TICKER made another appearance on the U. of A. campus this year. Having struggled with financial troubles in the past, this year ' s Commerce Day issue was the first in several years. Lack of student interest in working on the TICKER led to a slow start. How- ever, due to the determined efforts of Rusty Porter and Paul Blume, the TICKER did come out and was a financial, if not literary, success. The GUILD TICKER was sponsored by the Commerce Guild from which the name of the publication is derived. Articles on Ted Boswell, who spoke at the Commerce Day Banquet, and on James Jones, an- other alumnus, highlighted the magazine. There were also features on the Commerce Queen, Commerce Day, organizations in business admin- istration, semester grades, and faculty department chairmen. The TICKER was printed at the University Printing Plant and was distri- buted to B.A. students free of charge during the week of March 6, Commerce Day. Financed solely by advertising and compiled by students in Busi- ness Administration, The GUILD TICKER was an effort to instill pride in the College of Business Administration by presenting material of interest to students. It is hoped that the Ticker will become a means of communication which will be of use to the students and a credit to the College. GUILD TICKER STAFF Editor Business Manager Don Bishop Jessie E. Porter Assistant Business Manager Bryden Moon, Jr. Associate Editor Cover Paul Blume Don Cunnion 261 Arkansas Engineer The Arkansas Engineer is a quarterly magazine published by students of the College of Engineering. The goals of the magazine include: serving as a means of communication for the Engineering school, unify- ing the engineering students, and promoting engineer- ing as a curriculum and as a profession. A member of Engineering College Magazines As- sociated. The Arkansas Engineer is supported through national advertising and by the Engineering Council. The highlights of the year are the March issue, which presents the candidates for Saint Patricia, and the May issue, which reviews the activities of Engineer ' s Week. Bob Davidson Editor ENGINEER STAFF Editor Associate Editors Business Manager Circulation Manager Copy Editor Feautre Writers Bob Davidson Russel Ewing BUI Johnson Steve Crow John Robert Bass Richard Hall Nason Brookings Harry Elrod Mike Edison George Smith Bill Vest Garry Wann Sam White Don Dillard Associate Editors: Bill Johnson, Russel Ewing 262 Feature Editors: Bill Vest, Nason Brookings Steve Crow, Business Manager Copy Editors: John Robert Ban, Richard Hall 263 Arkansas Law Review In 1947 a non-profit corporation was founded to sponsor the Arkansas Law Review and Bar Association Journal. Since that time the publication has been ap- pearing quarterly through the efforts of the Arkansas School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association. Faculty advisors Raymond I. Parnas and Ralph C. Barnhart have supervised articles written by the stu- dents this year. Additional articles are prepared for the Review by prominent judges, lawyers, and law pro- fessors. Each article a student publishes is awarded a frac- tional credit hour. Therefore, student members of the Review staff receive credit hours to use toward gradua- tion for their work on the Review. Membership require- ments are that a student must meet the grade point re- quirements and submit one or more articles of ac- ceptable presentation. The student articles are classified into the categories of Notes, Recent Cases, and Anno- tations according to length. Joe Thomson, Editor STAFF Standing: Charles Crowell, Jim Cooper, Bobby Sanders, Jack Gordon, Steve Reasoner, Tom Cardin, David Kirk, Sam Bird, Art Anderson. Seated: Leonard Johnson, Jim Clark, Bob Cearly, Doug Wilson, Jack McNulty, David Orsini, Tom Allen, Jerry Canfield, Jerry Clendenny, Randy Coleman. 264 110 Tom Lovett, Ronald Boyer, John Gregg, Eric Bishop. Steven Reasoner, Editor-in-Chief. FALL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Billy Joe Thompson Managing Editor Jeff Starling Note Editor Richard Slagle Case Editor Maynard Perry Johnson Business Editor F. H. Martin SPRING STAFF Editor-in-Chief Stephen M. Reasoner Managing Editor Jack E. Gordon, Jr. Note Editor Case Editor Business Manager David Kirk James C. Clark, Jr. James R. Cooper EDITORIAL BOARD Standing: Maynard Johnson, Jim Clark, David Kirk, Charles Crowell, Art Anderson. Seated: Jack Gordon, Steven Reasoner, Jim Cooper. 265 266 GREEKS 267 First Row. Tia Lynn Akin?, Regina Fay Alford, Beverly Lynn Alverson, Susan Roane Badgett, Jan Bonner, Mary E. Carrington, Barbara June Carter. Second Row: Beverly Ann Clevi- dence, Sallie F. Cline, Nancy Con- dry, Leslie Ann Cook, Margaret Cook, Nancy L. Grain, Barbara Ann Crawford. Third Row: Julia Anne Goff, Charline Marie Grant, Vicki Gean Gunn, Linda Lee Hallmark, Ann Marilyn Hamm, Ruth Edna Hand- ley, Sherie Cerise Harding. Fourth Row: Karen Ruth Har- mon, Marjatta Tuula Heinonen, Linda R. Hudgings, Beckie Lynn Jay, Lecia Franceen Jones, Maria Diane Jones, Julia Ann Kaps. Fifth Row: Linda Lee Keene, Charlotte Anne Kitchens, Vivian Vicki Lee, Celeste Laura Lockhart, Beverly June Long, Betty Jane Lorance, Diane Martin. Sixth Row: Mary Emilia Morris, Pam Morris, Linda Susan Orr, Gwendolyn Holloway Parham, Paula Kay Fender, Ton! Pierce, Mary Piper. Seventh Row: Cynthia Ann Sly, Lora Smith, Dusty Lea Sosebee, Rebecca M. Spain, Alice Stallcup, K. Diane Starnes, Betty Bowen Thompson. Eighth Row: Annette Irene Tip- pin, Barbara Joyce Toll, Virginia Ann Vicry, Pamela Rene Vincent, Slyvia Eustacia Von Seggern, Nan- cy " V. Wade. Ninth Row: Martha Gail Ward- law, Kari Michele West, Sherry Darlene White, Rhonda Lee Wilk- inson, Cindy Lou Williams, Marsha J. Young. A If! : Cd w an mi - 1 ak ' Mu Kaps 268 Alpha Chi Omega A Chi O is Cardinal Key President Alpha Chi Omega showed another year of continu- ing excellence as its members proved themselves active in every phase of campus life. Diane Starnes and Julia Kaps were selected for Who ' s Who and Mortar Board. Alpha Chi ' s chosen for Cardinal Key were Alice Stallcup, Elise Howell, Nancy Wade, Julia Goff and Donna Jordan. Nancy Wade served as secretary of AWS. Among the AWS com- mittee heads were Barbara Toll, Programs, and Alice Stallcup, Academic Affairs. The Pershing Rifles sponsor was Tootsie Cook, who also was commander of the ROTC sponsors, Phi Gamma Delta sweetheart and Arkansas ' Princess Soya. Julia Kaps acted as an administrative officer in Angel Flight. Betty Thompson and Donna Jordan, as charter mem- Alpha Chi ' s perform impressive ceremony during preferentials. bers and officers, helped to establish Gamma Sigma Sigma, the new service fraternity. Alpha Lambda Delta members were Karen Harmon, Annette Tippin and Sharon Warren. Julia Eddins sang with the Uarkettes, and Barbara Crawford acted as a resident assistant. Elizabeth Gartrell, Rhonda Wilkin- son, Alice Stallcup and Sharon Warren participated in Alpha Epsilon Delta. Karen worked on the Traveler staff and Beverly Alverson was editor of Sigma Alpha lota ' s publication. Cynthia Gaston was elected president of AHEA, and Paula Fender played main roles in two University productions. Officers for the fall semester included: Diane Starnes, president; Cindy Williams and Pam Vincent, rush chairmen; and Vicki Gunn, pledge trainer. 269 First Row: Alice Susan Alexan- der, Barbara Ann Bell, Marilyn E. Berry, Beverlyn Bowen, Deborah D. Brockman, Terry Lynn Burkes, Kay Burns. Second Row. Patricia Ann But- ler, Karen Lea Carter, Synde Chambers, Janis C. Clark, Lynn D. Collingsworth, Juanita Colten, Sara Margaret Cowan. Third Row: Rhonda Lee Cul- bertson, Myra Jane Curtis, Ros- anne Daniels, Susan Carol Darnall, Roseanne Deal, Linda Lou Dodge, Kathleen Dulan. Fourth Row: Sandra Everett, Sharon Lee Farrell, Diane Feim- ster, Suzanne Louise Flick, Phyllis Anne Gathings, Diane Marie Guy, Sherry Hamilton. Fifth Row. Bonnie Jane Hart, Sandra Lynn Henderson, Anne Louise Hoss, Dianne Lee House, Mary Melanie Jackson, Kathleen Jean Kelly, Kathy Ann Knowles. Sixth Row: Barbara Jean Koos, Margaret Jean La Prade, Paula Lynn Madden, Mickie J. Marble, Gannalyn Sue McHughes, Jan Mc- Nerney, Sue J. Miller. Seventh Row: Karen Louise Moore, Donna Gayle Morgan, Sus- an Lee Murry, Toni Jane Neff, Vicki Louise Neil, Carol Jane Nevin, Leslie Maria Nicholls. Eighth Row. Paula Annette Par- nell, Carolyn Sue Plunkett, Cath- erine Preyer, Carol Richardson, Gaylynn Romine, Becky Ross, Lin- da Ann Sanger. Ninth Row: Josephine Anne Schmand, Sherrill Lou Simmons, Mary E. Snider, Vickie L. Step- hens, Sheri Stripling, Rebecca Jo Strong, Alice Jo Tarkington. Tenth Row. Cindy Lee Timmons, Sheila Ann Trapani, Konnie M. Weathers, Donnealia Wilson, Lynn Woodard, Susan A. Worthy. AI conuni Slum main Qi of Ae Chain Hart. Kortk ersot. rellC awe M C 270 Alpha Delta Pi A D Pi ' s Active On Campus ADPi ' s took an active part in campus clubs and committees. Fifteen ADPi ' s were on student committees. Sherry Simmons was AWS Finance Committee Chair- man with Diane Feimster as secretary. Club officers were: Gannalyn McHughes, secretary of the Civic Club; Karen Moore, YRC Membership Chairman; Yvonne Pasche, YRC Historian; Bonnie Hart, treasurer of the Marketing Club; Lynn Collings- worth, secretary of the Marketing Club; Sandra Hend- erson, president of Phi Upsilon Omicron; Sharon Far- rell, Civic Club chairman of Trophies and Judges; Di- anne House, Co-chairman of AWS Political Forum 69-70 and AMS Symposium chairman. Cathy Dulan, Operations Officer, and Sheri Stripling were members of Angel Flight to which Alice Jo Tark- ADPi ' s stand ready and waiting to greet rushees at the final rush party. ington was tapped; Vickie Stephens was selected as a ROTC sponsor, and also a St. Patricia finalist and an alternate Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent. Resident Assistants were Sherry Simmons, Sheila Trapani, and Roseanne Daniels. Six ADPi ' s were soph- omore counselors; Elaine Guy, Vickie Stephens, Susan Worthy, and Alice Jo Tarkington were tapped for Alpha Lambda Delta membership. Carol Hampton was a mem- ber of Mortar Board and Sherry Simmons was selected for Cardinal Key. Rhonda Culbertson, Pat Butler and Vicki Neil repre- sented ADPi as Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents. Officers for the fall semester are Phyllis Gathings, president; Bonnie Hart, vice-president; Connie Weath- ers and Becky Bennett, secretaries. 271 First Row. Jane M. Adams, San- dra Lynn Angus, Janet Lynn An- thony, Annie Askew, Sarah Eliza- beth Baird, Jan A. Barnett. Martha Helen Bettis. Second Row: Anne Elizabeth Blakely, Carolee Bonnette, Anne Brinkley, B. Gwyn Brinkley, Hilda Arnold Carter, Nan Elizabeth Castk-berry, Cynthia Jane Chand- ler. Third Row: Kitty Cherry, Peggy Jean Clark, Marlowe L. Cox, Cyn- thia Ann Creel, Kim Davey, Teresa Lee Driggers, Geri L. Dugan. Fourth Row: Marguerite Ellis, L. Spencer Epes, Peggy N. Franks, Ginny Garren, Patricia Nelle Gil- liam, Ann Louise Hartenstein, Ja- net S. Hawken. Fifth Row: Sylvia Ligon Haw- ley, Judy M. Hersey, Virginia Lee Holmes, Nannice Tappan Homer, Patricia Adele Hudson, Elizabeth E. Johnson, Muriel Anne Johnson. Sixth Row: Janet Catherine Johnston, Rhonda Anne Lawson, Mary Camille Ledet, Missy Lieber, Lee Long, Lynn Ellen McCleary, Nancy Lee Mills. Seventh Row: Linda Beth Mor- gan, Colleen Anne O ' Brien, Mary- Lou Osborne, Lu Anne Newman, Margaret Rose Palmer, Georgia Rae Parker, Catherine Ann Patter- Eighth Row: Pamela Ann Payne, Paula K. Pruet, Mary MeDora Ramsauer, Mimi Raney, Robin Lee Reaves, Cindy Lou Reese, Parrie Jane Rushton. Ninth Row: Susan F. Schwarz, Norma Lee Sims, Cindy L. Smith, Susan Splawn, Patricia Marie Stallcup, Randalyn Elizabeth Teague, Merry Hardin Vickers. Tenth Row: Carolyn Be net Walker, Linda Lou Walker, Sarah Margaret Watt, Jane Williams, Sara Beth Williamson, Mary E. Wilson. c I Jib ' ' - i fcnih Sra Her ' t 0 0i 272 Chi Omega Chi O Claims Largest Pledge Class Psi, the Mother Chapter of Chi Omega began the fall term with the largest pledge class on campus. Nan Castleberry is the reigning Miss University of Arkansas, and was runner-up to Miss Arkansas 1968, representing the University. Mimi Raney was president of Sophomore Counselors and State vice-president of AWS. Ann Hartenstein was a Razorback Beauty and a member of the Homecoming Court. Nan, Judy Hersey, and Janet Hawken were fra- ternity sweethearts. Linda Walker was Miss YDC. Seven Chi Omegas served in Angel Flight, with Judy Hersey as Commander. Four Chi Omegas were ROTC sponsors. Cindy Smith and Mary Lou Osborne were majorettes line captains. Sarah Watt was Secretary of Associated Students. Sarah, Judy, Sarah Slaven, and Ann Bilheimer were members of Mortar Board, and Sarah, Judy, and Ann were named for Who ' s Who. Ann also served as chair- man for AWS Judicial Board. Seven Chi O ' s were tapped for Cardinal Key as charter members. Serving as resident assistants were Kitty Cherry, Judy Hersey, Georgia Parker, and Margaret Rose Palmer. Kitty was also GAEBALE secretary. Ann Hart- enstein and Jane Adams served as senators, Jane was a Co-chairman of Symposium ' 69. Chi Omega took first place honors in Singfony and also the Dad ' s Day decorations. Pam Payne and Janet Anthony were cheerleaders. Officers were Sarah Watt, president; Ann Bilheimer, vice-president; Camille Ledet, secretary; Gary Lynn King and Janet Anthony, rush chairmen. Chi Omega ' s did a lot of serious talking during the skit parties. 273 First Row: Myril Margaret Akins, Anne Alvord, Sandra Kay Asselin, Elizabeth DeWese Bed- well, Anita Sue Benham. Mary Kay Bevill, Claire Bond. Second Row: Gail Boyd, Martha Kay Brown, Mildred Corinn Buch- anan, Ann Burleson, Carol Lynn Camiield, Lana Sue Games, Paula Ann Cheairs. Third Row: Teresa Lee Cheairs, Linda Clay, Frances Cook, Eliza- beth Ann Darrow, Ellen Marie Da- vis, Tommie Kay Ebbert, Julie Claire Eckert. Fourth Row: Janet Lee Ehren- berg, Annie M. Fairchild, Sara Helen Farrell, Janie Fine, Sally Ann Gardner, DeeDee Ann Gas- ton, Sandra Sue Gaston. Fifth Row: Pam S. Gibson, Du- rinda Marie Gordon, Elizabeth Ann Hartz, Virginia Lynette Heard, M. Stacy Heringer, Barbara Lee He- witt, Carole Nixon Hoke. Sixth Row: Nana Ross Holt, Susan Jane Horn, Linda Jane Huckelbury, Anne Weatherford Hyatt, Patricia Kay Jenkins, Bar- bara Cavender Lewis, Deborah A. Lewis. Seventh Row: Anna Idella Long, Bstsy Kim Loomis. Betty Jane Marble, Kaye W. Massey, Cindy Mays, Carol Ada Meade, Mary Kathryn Morgan. Eighth Row: Jennifer Neill, Pat- sy M. Paladino, Elizabeth Ann Pelton, Susan Petersen, Priscilla Jane Petty, Candyce Logan Pond, Judy Lyn Porter. Ninth Row: Johnette Gravelle Querbes, Barbara Lynn Rawls, Jeanette Robinson, Terrye Lynn Schultz, Cynthia Loring Seaton, Dana Sharp, Deborah Yvonne Sharp, Vicki Louise Sims. Tenth Row: Cheryl Sparks, Carolyn Kay Stokes, Sharon Susan stuart, Sunny Lee Sturdivant. Don- na J. Trusty, Cheryl Ann Vann, Tish Wilson, Madeline Wolfe. 274 Delta Delta Delta Tri Belt Chosen Homecoming Queen Delta Iota Chapter of Delta Delta Delta repeated another year of achievement on campus in 1968-69. For the fifth consecutive year two Deltas were chosen for the Homecoming Court. This year Johnette Querbes reigned as the Homecoming Queen and Sandy Asselin was a maid. Sandy was also selected as the Sigma Nu Miss Sadie Hawkins. Sue Benham was a resident assistant this year. Carol Meade served as vice-president of AWS as well as pres- ident of the chapter and was chosen for recognition in Who ' s Who. Wendy Coven Dodge was a member of Mortar Board. Gail Boyd and Carol Lynn Camfield were se- lected as charter members of Cardinal Key. Five Tri Deltas were members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Tommie Kay Ebbert served as Co-editor of the 1969 RAZORBACK. Among the members of her staff were six Tri Delts. Sandy Gaston was a ROTC sponsor. Pam Gibson represented Delta Delta Delta as a majorette with the Marching Razorbacks. Sunny Sturdivant was selected as a Razorback Beau- ty. Carol Lynn Camfield was chosen Dream Girl of Pike. Mil Buchanan served this year as Commerce Queen. Margaret Akins was chosen as an IFPC Model Pledge. Ann Burleson sang with the UArkettes. Susan Petersen danced her way to first place in the WRA Dance Contest. Officers elected to serve in the fall of 1969 are: Terry Schultz, president; Donna Trusty, vice-presi- dent; and Bab Hewitt, rush chairman. These Tri Delts are doing their part to win the scholarship trophy for their house. 1 275 First Row: Toni Rae Alford, Marita Jane Anderson, Ann Eliza- beth Bachelor, Nancy Lynn Bane, Connie Belinda Barnes, Janis F. Barnes, Janice F. Barr. Second Row: Kathy Ellen Bell, Barbara Ann Berg r en, Mary Rachel Brand. Elizibeth Anne Brown, Rebecca Sue Brown, Caro- line J. Bulloch, Beth Catherall. Third Row: Diane Lee Cook, Barbara Jean Craig, Terry Ann Dunlop, Judy Englehart, Renee Karen Ferguson, Gail Forbes, Pam- ela Jean Foster. Fourth Row: Joanne Freeman, Sarah Phillips Gordon, Wanda Lynn Gregory, Sandra L. Haney, Sara Beth Hannah, Linda Sue Hill, Jane Carolyn Hollis. Fifth Row: Mary Ann Holloway, Judy Lee Hosier, Peggy Ann How- erton, Connie Susan Kemp, Kathy Havard Logan, Carol Ann Love- lady, Cheryl Christine Mackin. Sixth Row: Gloria Jean Mahaf- fey, Sandra Elizabeth Mazzanti, Melissa A. McDonald, Lynda Lynch McDowell, Nancy Jeanne McGraw, Patricia Lou Mitchell, Patty Moran. Seventh Row: Linda R. Murphy, Margie Nancarrow, Elizabeth A. Nickle, Brenda Jane Parsons, Janie Phillips, Ronna Gay Porter, Sharon Sue Presson. Eighth Row: Carol Jean Raines, Kathleen Ellen Rahtz, Leonette A. Reed, Ruth Rivers, Janie Segraves, Ann Sharum, Virginia Lee Siler. Ninth Row: Patricia Ann Smith, Karen Jo Snakes, Catherine Ann Sutherlan, VVki Ann Thompson, Gudborg, Thcrdardottir, Carole Anne Ty -r, Pam Upton. Tenth Row: Patricia Ann War- rn, Marellen Watts, Linda R. White, De ' -orah Anne Wilson, Margaret W. Wilson, Susan Kay Yaple. 276 I ? !!! II LJ Delta Gamma DG ' s Break Relay Record Delta Gamma began the year by welcoming Gud- borg Thordadottir of Iceland to America. Gudborg is the foreign exchange student sponsored by the DG ' s this year. The Sigma Nu Relays trophy came to rest at the DG house after the big event last fall. Ruth Rivers was a Razorback majorette. Caroline Bulloch served Panhellenic as secretary. Debbie Wilson was secretary of YRC and the 1969 RAZORBACK, and Miss YRC. Commander of Scabbard and Blade was Pam Foster. Kathy Logan was vice-president of WRA. DG resident assistants were Patty Smith, Diane Cook, Missy McDonald and Joanne Freeman. Christmas service activities for the Delta Gammas included: selling Christmas trees with the Lions Club in their annual Christmas tree sale to aid the blind; giving a Christmas party for underprivileged children with the Sigma Nu ' s; and holding a spaghetti supper to benefit Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind. At the AKL Yellow Rose Christmas formal, Marita Anderson was chosen the fraternity ' s sweetheart. Marita was also chosen for Kappa Delta Pi. Carol Raines was promoted to president of Mortar Board. Barbara Bergren was selected one of the six final- ists for St. Patricia during Engineer ' s Week. Officers for the year were Pam Foster, president; Sandy Mazzanti and Ann Bachelor, vice-presidents; Judy Hosier and Marita Anderson, secretaries. After the Sigma Nu Relays the Delta Gamma ' s were anxious to pose for their victory picture. t 277 First Row. Mary Gaynor Bees- ley, Beverly Ann Benton, Judy Diane Bickham, Susan Beth Cal- houn, Lois Ann Carlson, Paula Ann Carver. Second Row: Dana C. Daniels, Brenda Kay Dill, Janice Claire Driskill, Cynthia Edwards Ed- wards, Elizabeth Eugenia Ellison, Elaine Elslco. Third Row: Linda Jo Faulkner, Marrin Ruth Fitton, Toni Denise Fredeman, Henrietta F. Griffith, Karen Lea Herndon, Michael Jan Hisey. Fourth Row: Pattie James, Caro- line Sloan Jericho, Janis Gaye Jones, S. Jeanne Keel, Patricia Sue Keeling, Joyce Leslie Ker. Fifth Row: Melinda W. Kincan- non, Pam Kirby, Jeri Land, Bon- nie Lynne Laws, Jane Ellen Leit- ing, M. Theresa Marks. Sixth Row: Karalee Estelle Mc- Clure, Julie Watson McDonald, Martha Jean McGinnis, Diane Elaine McKinney, Judith Ann Meacham, Melinda Su? Merrill. Seventh Row: Courtney Eliza beth Mize, Melissa Anne Moore, Sherry Marie Newman, Kathleen Phelps, Mary Katherine Russell, Rebecca Anne Russell. Eighth Row: Sally Payne Sed- wick, Grace Ann Shafer, Shirley Katherine Smith, Carolyn Jene Springfield, Jan Louise Sweet, Brenda Swink. Ninth Row: Nancy Lee Tays, Elizabeth Kilhury Terry, Rebekah Jane Toon, Kiren Sue Williams, Martha Lynn Wilson, Linda Irene Young. ' - - b 278 I Kappa Alpha Theta Theta To Begin New House In June Kappa Alpha Theta will begin construction on their $500,000 home in June. It will be located across the street from Fulbright Hall. Theta began 1968 with the election of four mem- bers to Mortar Board. Linda Faulkner, Theresa Marks, Diane McKinney and Sally Sedwick were selected for this and also for listing in Who ' s Who. Linda was also AWS president. Martha Lynn Wil- son served as IAWS Chairman and Shirley Smith was chairman of the House Manager ' s Committee. ROTC sponsors were Judy Bickham, Diane Chown- ing, and Judy Meacham. Brenda Dill and Bonnie Laws were Angel Flight members. Student senators were Sherry Newman and Tricia Keeling. They were also tapped for membership in Around initiation time you can always find the Theta ' s with their kites. Cardinal Key as were Martha Lynn Wilson and Melinda Kincannon. Linda Young was associate editor of the RAZOR- BACK and Schola member Martha Lynn Wilson was copy editor. Sally Sedwick was elected A BOOK editor. Julie MacDonald was Arkansas ' member to the Ex- ecutive Committee of the state Young Democrats. Linda Faulkner was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Scholar- ship honorable mention. Alpha Lambda members were Jeannie Keel, Jane Leiting, Jan Sweet, and Anne Brookes. Lois Ann Carl- son was named Outstanding Senior in Home EC. Officers for the year were: Theresa Marks, presi- dent; Lois Ann Carlson, and Jan Driskill, vice-presi- dents; Sally Sedwick and Kathy Phelps, secretaries; and Carolyn Springfield, treasurer. First Row: Penny Marie Bar- field, Jacklyn S. Barrett, Marilyn Jean Brewer, Susan M. Brillhart, Pamela Ann Brunelle. Donna Jane Burnett, Linda Noe Carson. Second Row. Alice Gertrude Cathey, Connie Cross, Linda La- nette Davis, Marie Deacon, Shirley Killeen DesLauriers, Monica Daria Dolan, Annetta Louise Duffy. Third Row: Betty L. Easter, Carol Ann Garison, Pamela Frances Graham, Donna Jane Hairston, Cheryl Sonin Hale, Mary Cathryn Hammons, Melissa Adrian Harrell. Fourth Row : Penny Harris, Nan- cy Elizabeth Helms, Beverly Gay Henry, Laurie L. Hogan, Mary Barbara Holloway, Deborah Sue Horton, Nancy Lee Hudson. Fifth Row: Diane Hudspeth, Elizabeth Jean Jacks, Susan Ray Jordan, Barbara Gresham Ken- nedy, Helen Vance Kirby, Mary Elizabeth Kisamore, Joan Lafferty. Sixth Row: Charlotte Anne Leon- ard, Mary Leckie Machen, Betty McCarty, Kathy Lynn McClana- han, Liz McHughes, Lynne Mc- Nabb, Junie Elizabeth Nelson. Seventh Row: Carole Jean Nich- ols, Joanie Noller, Pamela Diane Norwood, Martha Ann Oliver, Katherine Elizabeth Oviatt, Bar- bara Ann Peterson. Eighth Row: Frances Ellen Pur- ifoy, Joy Ramsay, Jennifer Lynn Richardson, Kathryn Jane Ritge- rod, Pat Ross, Sandy Schneider. Ninth Row: Pamela Smith, Iris Olivia Stansell, Jeffrey Lynn Tay- lor, MaryBeth Twiehaus, Susan Anice Ward, Mary Carolyn Webb. Tenth Row: Linda Jean Well- hausen, Becky Jayne White, Mary Jan Whitmore, Gayle Williams, Delta Lynne Willis, Susie Wilson. L Mo fa ii-ff r .. p A fa fi : 280 Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Selected Best Dressed Kappa Kappa Gamma had a very productive year full of honors and activities. Jean Woodell and Pam Norwood were named to Who ' s Who. Jean also served as secretary of the Senior Class. Four were tapped for Mortar Board, with Carolyn Cross as secretary and Ruth Ann Mask, song leader. Pam Norwood, Jeff Taylor, and Laurie Hogan were elected senators. Laurie was also chosen for Cardinal Key with Charlotte Leonard and Susan Brillhart. Five Kappas were members of Angel Flight. Jean Woodell served as Executive Officer and was named Outstanding Angel for the G-l Area. Delta Willis, Jackie Barrett, and Mary Beth Twihaus were Army ROTC sponsors. Delta served as Commander and Jackie was Rifle Team Sponsor. Jan Whitmore was a sponsor for Scabbard and Blade. Lynne McNabb, Becky White, Charlotte Leonard, and Susan Brillhart were resident assistants. Jackie Barrett was a Razorback cheerleader. Nancy Helms was named Razorback Beauty and Best Dressed Coed. Diane Hudspeth was sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta and Jean Woodell was sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Nancy Hudson was chosen Derby Darling. Six were members of Alpha Lambda Delta with Penny Barfield, President. Penny Harris was secretary of IFPC. Officers for the fall semester were: Pam Norwood, president; Carolyn Cross, vice-president; and Junie Nelson, secretary. Kappa ' s and their dates proved that one of the most important parts of any sorority formal is the refreshment table. 1 281 First Row: Candis Rha Angst, Patricia Carolyn Ball, Frada Ann Barlow, Elizabeth Ann Beall, Peg- gy Sue Bosmyer, Patty Blake, Katherine Louise Boland. Second Row : Jane Veronica Bon- ady, Mandy Boreing, Mary Eliza- beth Brown, Brenda Blanche Bur- ney, Patricia Carol DeBusk, Di- anne Leigh DeShazo, Elizabeth Ann Elliott. Third Row. Lynne Elizabeth Erwin, Helen Compton Eubanks, Doris Lynette Gates, Marge Gib- son, Melinda Tate Guard, Ginger Harpole, Molly Harsh. Fourth Row: Patricia Doney Holt, Alice Woodford Howell, Bette Lynn Hughes, Michele M. Johnston, Patty Jones, Leslie Dee Kraich, Cindy Lemley. Fifth Row: Margaret Anne Lit- tle, Rebecca Lynn Maxwell. Ellen Elizabeth Meek, Kimberly Melton, Lollie Anastasia Meyer, Nora Lynn Moore, Mary Cook Nabors. Sixth Row: Debbie Noteware, Amelia Ann Nugent, Lucinda Gol- den O ' Connor, Louise Lane Owens, Nancy Carol Petty, Nancy Eliza- beth Pollard, Elizabeth Anne Quessenberry. Seventh Row: Ann Beane Rain- ey, Trudy Richards, Dodie Ritts, Susan Eloise Robinson, Susan Marie Rogers, Patricia Diane Rose. Eighth Row: Madge Horton Seay, Pamela Jo Seneff, Judith Louise Smyth, Allison Stanwood, Jerre Stocker, Susan Louise Ta- tum. Ninth Row: Mary Lynn Thomas, Catherine H. Turner, Susan Kay Ward, Pamela Wasson, Leslie Jo Weeks, Paula Helen Wh iting. Tenth Row: Linda Kay Williams, Rebecca Jean Williams, Suzi Wil- liams, Valerie Gay Witherspoon, Susan Permelia Wood, Deborah Woodard. I . :- . I .,-.. I I . : ' 282 Pi Beta Phi i Phi Elected AWS President Arkansas Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi completed another busy year filled with many honors and activi- ties. Margo Gibson was selected as a Razorback Beauty and was tapped for membership in Angel Flight along with Pam Seneff and Mandy Boering. Jerri Lynn Noble served as our ROTC sponsor. Becky Williams and Anne Beane were members of Mortar Board, and Becky was also chosen Who ' s Who. Our Cardinal Key members were Pam Seneff, Jerre Stocker, and Mary Elizabeth Brown. Valerie Wither- spoon, Becky Maxwell and Ginger Harpole were active members of Alpha Lambda Delta, while Jane Bonady and Jerre Stocker served as senators. Diane DeShazo was a finalist for Sweetheart of Alpha Phi Omega, which entitled her to help bring a chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma to our campus. Mary Elizabeth Brown was a Razorback Cheerleader as well as the Lambda Chi Crescent Girl, and Linda Williams, Jane Bonady, and Cathy Turner were se- lected as Lambda Chi Crescents. Susan Rogers was a St. Patricia finalist. Becky Maxwell was our majorette. Amy Nugent and Cindy O ' Connor were YRC of- ficers. The historian of SNEA was Judy Smyth. Peggy Bosmeyer was chairman of the AWS Communications committee with Candy Angst as secretary. Patty Ball served as secretary of the BA school. Peggy also worked on the TRAVELER Staff. Officers for the fall semester were Becky Williams, president; Ellen Meek, vice-president; Patty Ball, treas- urer; and Susan Ward, secretary. Open house parties bring many new friendships for Pi Phi ' s and rushees. First Row: Dorothy Jean Allred. Joyce Evelyn Andrew, Janice Ann Appelquist, Barbara A. Beck, Bon- nie Margaret Bell, Stephanie Jeanine Belote, Cindy Benward. Second Row. Linda Louise Ber- ney, Barbara Jeanne Berry, Karen Kay Bock, Becky Burch, Pat Lynn Burks, Harriet Burns, Patricia Burns. Third Row: Linda Kay Butler, Sara Jane Byers, Connie Jean Coulter, Jane Collier Dees, Vir- ginia Lee Dew, Becky Echols, Cheryl Kay England. Fourth Row. Janelle Erwin, Lin- da Cheryl Euanks, Cathy Lu George, Kathryn Ann Gibbons, Peggy Ellen Gregory, Elizabeth Hallin, Cindy Hays. Fifth Row. Karol Anne Hend- ricks, Christine Lee Henry, Saun- dra Jean Hogins, Sally Merle Jen- nings, Judy Kay Jewell, Diana Lynn Johnson, Susie Johnston. Sixth Row. Rebecca Ann Keadle, Cheri Leta Kohler, Letitia Faye Leopard, Connie A. Luedicke, Judy Massery, Linda Maxey, Linda Maurice McClelland. Seventh Row. Wanette McKee, Jean Elizabeth McMillan, Sandra Kay Miller, Sharon Ann Morgan, Jane Ann Neely, Pamela Gay Os- burn, Beverly Ann Patton, Kenyon Lacy Provert. Eighth Row: Susie Ritchie, Lin- da Diane Robinson, Christy Lea Rodman, Denise Rodriguez, Nina Myrl Rogers, Nancy Beth Rollow, Judy Marie Rosene, Ginny Lynn Sain. Ninth Row: Polly Lou Scarlett, Susan Ann Shaw, Ann Marie Sher- idan, Nancy Kay Starks, Connie Lynn Summers, Sue Swearingen, M. Sue Tarpley, Phyllis Ann Tucker. Tenth Row: Sandra Kay Wade, Carol Ann Walker, Bette White, Karen L. White, Judith Ann Wil- liams, Linda Wilson, Susan Clare Wilson, Gail Ann Wirick. i forE id! i.Al I Pallo Hnr me L lode KM nu 284 Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Leads Cheerleaders The 1968-69 year proved to be another active one for Epsilon chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. Jane Ann Neeley and Susie Johnston were members of Mortar Board and Susie was chosen as Who ' s Who. Dorothy Allred and Liz Hallin were tapped as charter members of Card- inal Key, and Nancy Rollow and Connie Summers were in Alpha Lambda Delta. Zeta ROTC sponsors were Peggy Gregory and Bev Patton, and members of Angel Flight were Chrissy Henry, Sally Jennings and Liz Hallin. Susie Johnston served as Scabbard and Blade sponsor. Linda Butler was captain of the Razorback Cheer- leaders, and also served as a student senator. Juli Ellis was a Feature Twirler. Liz Hallin and Linda Eubanks were in UArkettes. One of tha favorite pasttimes for the Zeta ' s is demonstrating their spirit. Serving as resident assistants this year were Linda Maxey, Chrissy Henry, Gingy Dew, and Ginny Lynn Sain. Ginny Lynn, Becky Burch and Jean McMillan were on the Traveler Staff. Jane Ann Neeley and Susie Johnston were members of Kappa Delta Pi. Myrl Rogers was a member of Psi Chi, and Karen White was a member of Gamma Beta Phi. Zeta ' s were active in AWS Committees with Ginny Lynn Sain as chairman of the Roles of Women Com- mittee and Linda Maxey was elected as vice-president of AWS for next year. Officers of Zeta this fall were: Susie Johnston, pres- ident; Linda Butler, pledge trainer; Stephanie Belote and Myrl Rogers, secretaries ; and Judy Jewell, treasurer. Panhellenic Makes Big Changes The Panhellenic Council aids in promoting inter- sorority relations and is the governing board for all campus sororities. This council is composed of the president and two representatives from each sorority on campus. The officers of Panhellenic are determined by a system of rotation among all of the nine sororities on campus. This year Panhellenic made some very drastic re- visions in its rules concerning sorority rush by abolish- ing all regulations except those concerning summer rush. In place of the old rules a strict code of ethics was adopted. Instead of holding the traditional coke party for freshmen in the spring, Panhellenic is spon- soring a rush orientation program to give those inter- ested an opportunity to visit the nine houses before the regular fall rush. Two scholarship trophies are awarded every year for the pledge class with the highest grade point and also to the sorority rating highest in grades. Three scholarships are awarded annually by Panhellenic to deserving University women. OFFICERS: Caroline Bulloch, Secretary; Becky Ross, Pres- ident; Lynn Moore, Treasurer. PANHELLENIC: First Row: Carol Lynn Camfield, Carol Meade, Bonnie Taylor, Caroline Bulloch, Julia Kaps, Janie Phillips, Diane Johnson, Becky Ross. Second Row. Diane Starnes, Becky Williams, Diane Hudgens, Pam Foster, Theresa Marks, Jane Williams, Susan Brillhart, Lynn Moore. Third Row. Pam Norwood, Susie Johnston, Theta Griffith, Jenell Erwin, Cynthia Agar, Sarah Watt, Janet Hawken. 286 IFC Sets Standards of Excellence The Interfraternity Council is a policy making and regulatory body governing the actions of its embodi- ment of member fraternities. The fraternity presidents meet weekly to discuss how the interests and activities of its members can be directed to further this end. The IFC tries to accomplish its purpose through its various programs. The regulation of rush activities is one of its most important functions. The Greek system perpetuates itself through the pledging of new brothers. The IFC, by providing an organized system of rush for its members, is able to expose the values of Greek life to potential pledges while drawing the system together on a common basis. The IFC does not stop with rush; it provides speakers to broaden the Greeks knowledge on current issues, and sponsors a Greek Week with the Panhellenic Council to honor outstanding members and to promote Greek spirit. Thus, the purpose of IFC extends further than be- ing merely a legislative body. The IFC tries to mirror the Greek system and promote standards for others to follow. IFC OFFICERS: Larry Wilson, treasurer; Mike Capoot, secretary; Steve Slack, vice-president; Robert Patton, president. IFC: First Row: John Karber, Alexander W. Nisbet, Jr., Cole Jeffries, Jr., Michael Capoot, Larry Wilson, Jerry Glover, Dennis Rainey, Dennis Robertson. Second Row. Jack McHaney, Russ Harris, Whit Hall, Barry Coplin, Charles D. Davidson, Rishard C. Christy, Donald Biship. Third Row. John Snoderly, Bill Moss, Michael H. Orr, Joseph B. McBride, R. E. B. Bumpass, VI, Don L. Gibson, Robert C. East, Bruce R. Engstrom. 287 First Row: Robert Stanley Al- corn, Charles William Alexander, Larry Deon Asselin, Brian Kent Biggers, John Biscoe Bingham, Mark Howard Byers, James Mitch- ell Byrd. Second Row: Mark Wcyhe Cor- ley, Jeffrey Morris Cotton, Ronald Chaney Cox, Charles Darwin Da- vidson, Mark Allan Davis, Paul Douglas, Paul K. Engskov. Third Row: Michael A. Erick- son, Terry Nolan Fancher, Michael Wayne Franks, Harold Ray Free- man, Sam E. Gibson, Roger Wil- liam Giles, Jack Wayne Glover. Fourth Row: Jerry Wayne Gl ov- er, John Edward Harrison, George Eddie Hart, Jr., Irby Randall Hawks, Charles W. Henley, Wil- liam Eugene Housley, Gary Lyndel Howard. Fifth Row: J. Barton Hudspeth, William Ernest Hunsley, Robert Allen James, Charles L. Johnson, John M. Ketcher, Robert A. Lange, Dale Everett Leatherbury. Sixth Row: William F. Leather- bury, Robert Dudley Lowery, Charles Leland Marlin, Jr., Mich- ael Reece McQueen, Norman W. Mooney, Steve H. Nickles, H. Da- vid Paris. Seventh Row: David Oran Peacher, William Montgomery Plunkett. Jr., M. Louis Poole, John Blair Sanders, Chris Gordon Schneider, Patrick Warren Se- graves, Donald Wayne Shearin. Eighth Row: William F. Sheo- fee, Jr., Larry Lawson Snodgrass, Joseph C. Sommers, Arthur Elmon Spooner, Jr., Charles Crittenden Stuart, Charles Roland Stubble- field, Larry David Stubbs. Ninth Row : Dennis Wayne Tark- ington, Charles Thomas Thornton, Joe M. Trusheim, John E. Trus- heim, John Larkin Wilson, Charles Stewart Wuest. i - 101 : F te sod Q pntk - oft Bra ' . 288 Acacia Acacia is President of ODK Acacia celebrated its twentieth birthday on the Uni- versity campus this year with another very successful year in all phases of Greek life. The traditional End of the World party was held in the fall complete with a war-games room and a mattress room for defense purposes. The annual Black and Gold Formal and the Sack dance were in the spring. Ex- change dinners, drop-ins, and outings rounded out the social year. On the hill Acacia has long been noted for its active participation in student activities. Steve Nickles was sophomore senator in Arts and Sciences and a member of the traveling committee of the Senate Recruitment Bureau; Paul Douglas was president of ODK and Sam Gibson serves as secretary. Skip Davidson was also tapped for ODK. Jerry Glover was UPI editor for the TRAVELER, co-editor of the Gaebale book, and a member of the Recruitment Bureau. Bart Hudspeth was historian of Alpha Phi Omega and Joe Sommers was a cheerleader and also a member of Schola Cantorum. John Wilson and Biscoe Bingham represented the Acacias in Phi Eta Sigma and Doug Baker was in- formation officer for Arnold Air Society. Rick Lippard was president of Young Democrats Club. John Geelan was chairman of the Senate Student Services committee; David Rakestraw, Bill Plunkett and Bobby James were members of Theta Tau. Charles Sparks, Art Spooner and Chuck Henley were members of Pershing Rifles. Skip Davidson was a member of Scabbard anol Blade. Chrissy Henry, Zeta Tau Alpha Acacias perform their bi-weekly " bro herhocd " riles. Row: Larry Robert Atwell. Ford Louis Baldwin, Lenny Lenn Benton, Johnny Mac Botsford. Richard Lee Brown, Bobby J. Cook, Peter Russell Darling. Second Row: Larry Michael Da- vis, Dwayne Lee Decken, Terry Allen Files, Mike F. Flynn, Wal- ter Hugh Coin, Mario Ojeda Guti- errez, Ricky D. Horton. Third Row: Richard Kenley Im- boden, Joe L. Keathley, Dan Nicks Kendrick, Dan P. Knnett, Eddie Ray Lee, Gary Alan Lindquist, 01- lie Charles Mason. Fourth Row: Kenneth Joe May, Larry Wayne May, Joseph Boyd McBride, Larry Glenn McCain, Don Ray McCaskill, James G. Mc- Entire, Guy Stanley McKown. Fifth Row: Michal Lee Me- shew, Dwight Vincent Morris, Wil- liam Don Moses. Jr., William E. Moss, Alan Dee Pack, Timothy M. Pack, Waymon Pearson. Sixth Row: Garry Edward Peevy, James Wesley Richardson, Everett Irving Rogers, Mike L. Rotenberry, Paul H. Shaver. Ronnie Joe Skin- ney, Tommy Thompson. Seventh Row. Terry S. Vest, Gregory Paul Wallgren, Terry Lee Williams, Dick Ellis Willis, Stan- ley Joe Wingert, Mark D. Wright, J. Randy Young. a. m Parly time at the AGR house. Alpha Gamma Rho AGR Leads in ODK Initiates Alpha Gamma Rho, being the only house on cam- pus which is a social fraternity with a professional backing, has taken great strides toward improvement. Alpha Iota has increased it ' s campus power along with scholarship. Intramurals rank high at AGR as they competed for their third straight championship. Extracurricular ac- tivities are another concern of the men of AGR. Walter Coin, Joe McBride, and Bill Moss were initiated into ODK and joined Don McCaskill who was tapped last year. There were 17 members in Alpha Zeta, which is a national honorary fraternity for agri majors. Larry Davis served as an agri Senator and was a member of Blue Key. Ken May, Jim McEntire, and Joe Keathley were members of Tau Alpha Alpha; while Don Mc- Caskill was elected vice-president, Dick Willis elected president, and Ken May was elected treasurer of the Agriculture Students Association. Joe McBride was co- editor of the Agriculturist, while others served as staff members. Bill Moss is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi and IFC Directive Council. Everett Rogers, Joe McBride, Jim Richardson and Mark Wright served as members of Gamma Beta Phi. Lenny Benton was elected president of the Agri Economics Club and Aron Tallent was elected treasurer of Phi Eta Sigma. Social life at AGR was also active during the year. Various functions included a dance after all of the football games, Pink Rose Formal, several outings, and the OL Party. Saundra Aikmon, Reid Hall AGR ' s enjoy their annual Pink Rose Formal. First Row: Mark Ray Allen, Bill Ayers, Charles Edward Baier, Al- len Lewis Beck, David Lee Bell, Douglas Gene Bishop, Frank Palms Book. Second Row: Edward Lee Bowe, Jamie A. Boyer, Terrell Clark Boy- er, Kelso Clinton Brooks, Jr., Ron- ald E. Bumpass, Ronald Lewis Burton, Kurt Butcher. Third Row: William Blake Cam- eron, Bill David Cleveland, Her- schel Wayne Cleveland, Robert Keith Cochran, Jim Cotton, Rich- ard Parker Crosland, Richard Craig Downing. Fourth Row: Tommy A. Eanes, Gregory M. Elkins, Chuck Ellis. Robert Clinton Fisher, Samuel Johnson Forester, Jr., Brent Stain- ton Garner, Gary Fulbright Gil- bert. Fifth Row: Robert Van Gray hill, Richard Pete Greiner, Charles Stephen Gurisco, Kersh Edward Hall, Ivan D. Hazlewood, Jr., Da- vid Eugene Herrington, Harold Ronnie Hicks. Sixth Row: Charles H. Hight, Gerald Frank Hodapp, Jr., William Arthur Hough, Lawrence Gene Jones, Robert N. Jones. Fred Wal- ter Kersten, Robert Charles Ker- sten. Seventh Row: William F. Knod, II, David Stanley Krueaer, Rich- ard Henry Kuonen, William Step- h " n Lain, Timothy Alan Larson, Chris L. Macioce, Danny Lynne Marshall. Eighth Row: Howard L. Martin, Karl Stuart McMinn. J. Conley Meredith, Bruce E. Munson, Cur- tis Ahmet Munson, Gporge Steven Napper, Steve Lindall Nipper. Ninth Row: Leslie A. Owens, Randy Wyatt Owens, Joe Dolen Phelps, Herbert David Phillips, James M. Post, William R. Pratt. Tenth Row: Malcom E. Ritchie, Jr., Darrv Gene Sands, Randall Eugene Shireman. Bubba Wagner, Gary E. Young, Gary Cleveland Young. I i- fc: IB I IJdri dl 292 Alpha Kappa Lambda AKL Has Fifth Successful Year Alpha Kappa Lambda viewed the past year as one of its progressive years on the University of Arkansas campus, as it enjoyed success in all phases of Greek life. Outstanding members representing AKL in campus activities were: Randy Riddel, and David Bell, Blue Key; Corky Copland, Student Senate; Conley Merideth was the vice-president of the Young Democrats; Bill Hough was the vice-president of Alpha Kappa Psi; Bruice Munson co-chairman of GAEBALE. The chair- man of Homecoming was Sam Forrester. Alpha Kappa Lambda had four men on the UofA debate team, they were: Steven Millin, Kenith Cochran, and Phil Love. Brother Millin has the distinction of be- ing one of the top three debaters in the country. Alpha Mu Chapter also excelled academically this past year. They took second place in the annual Greek Week Scholarship Bowl, and Brother Corky Ritchie had one of the few 4.00 grade point averages in the En- gineering school. AKL was well represented on the Razorback football team by Ronnie Hammers, and Lynn Garner. Brother Garner got an honorable mention from the Southwest Conference. Gary Stephens served on the Hog basket- ball team. On the years social calendar AKL had the annual Dad ' s Day Dance, the Homecoming party, the festive Yellow Rose Formal, the interesting Pajama Party, and, Go to Hell with AKL. Jo Harris, Kappa Kappa Gamma AKL ' s greet group of rushees during rush week First Row: Wayne T. Bell. Fred- die Marshall Bourland. Brady, Jr., Jimmy Lee Colbert. Second Row. Billy Ray Cole- man, Jim T. Daniel, Larry Wayne Deeds, Randell Forrest. Third Row: Clifton G. Hunni- cutt, Bruce E. Lockhart, Jimmy Steve Lovell, Joe B. Martin. Fourth Row: Lawrence Dean Ray, John Edward Snoderly, Paul Dennis Thompson, Freddie Dean Westfall, Dwight Leo Witcher. I - In memory of John Edward Snoderly, a brother we will always remember, who was fatally injured in an automobile accident December 27, 1968, we hereby dedicate these two pages. 294 Farmhouse Farmhouse Builds Men " He best builds lives of other men who starts from within, so that when the job ' s all done the judge will say ' A Master Builder passed this way ' . " These words best exemplify the manner in which Farmhouse fraternity builds men through faith in God, loyalty among its members, and superior scholarship. Reaffirming its academic superiority, the men of Farmhouse again had the highest G.P.A. of any fra- ternity on campus with over half of its members on the Dean ' s List or honorable mention. Farmhouse is active in campus activities and or- fanizations. Some of the campus organizations to which armhouse supplied leaders are Animal Industry Club president, Entomology Club president and treasurer, Agronomy Club vice-president, Association of Baptist Students State president, Alpha Zeta treasurer, Blue Key secretary, and membership in Phi Eta Sigma. Ever in the minds of Farmhouse men is the idea of " Building the whole man. " To do this the proper balance of scholarship, leadership, social and moral development, also athletic competition must be achieved. The officers for the fall semester were president, John Snoderly; vice-president, Steve Lovell; secretary, Freddie Bourland; and treasurer, Randell Forrest. Those who served as officers for the spring semester were: president, Randell Forrest; vice-president, Guy Brady; secretary, Joe Martin; and treasurer, John Watson. Judy Bell, 4-H House Brothers relax at evening meal after a hard day on the north forty Row: Samuel David Al- phin, John Browning Alter, Frank Adams Ball, Jr., Bascom Esq. Bogle, Peter F. Bridge, John Charles Brooks, Charles Patric Brosh. Second Row: Byron Lee Burch, Richard F. Campbell. Ill, Robert Damian Cassinelli, Ronald Mann Chiles, Ray Eugene Colclasure, James Ward Critz, Danny Harl Crouthers. Third Row: William Michael Dooley, Paul R. Eldridge. Shade Woolen Epes, Thurston M. Fish, William Thomas Fletcher, Rick Norman Freeling, Guy Forrest Gardner. Fourth Row: James William Halsell, Gary A. Hankins, Randall Steven Hestir, Stephen Boyd Humphries, Charles Richard Hund- ley, Dante P. Jacuzzi, Charles Cole Jeffries. Fifth Row: E. Ralph Johnson, Delbert Louis Jones, Kenneth Al- lan Jones, John Morgan Karber, Bood Keathley, William Troy Keith, Peter Knight Kinman. Sixth Row: Todd Douglas Lar- son, William J. Lewis, C. R. Mag- ness, Nicholas H. Manente, Robert Rogers McCann, Charles H. Moore, Alexander W. Nisbet, Jr. Seventh Row: Edwin R. Outlaw, II, James Randall Parker, William Partlow Peek, J. Dennis Peters, Joseph Cole Phillips, William Pal Rainey, Charles Thomas Roberts. Eighth Row: Benny Loyd Rush, George Scott Scruggs, William L. Simmons, Dabbs Sullivan, III, Samuel Tardy Sullivan, John Law- rence Tennant, Benny Lee Thig- pen. Ninth Row: Lewis E. Thompson, Robert Leake Thompson, Jeremy D. Thornton, Robert Lewis Tucker, III, Henry Rush Turk, Bryant Fin- ley Vinson, Jr. Tenth Row: Robert August Vo- gel, John Robert Watts, Floyd Lee Williams, III, John Roger Wil- liams, Bill Hal Wilson, Tom Chandler Young. fa ft K 11 liie ' : bait " lerinl d: din H data ---. (feW tbl 296 Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Observes 100 Year The oldest continuously active fraternity on the University campus experienced another successful year. In campus activities, Bill Wilson was director of Gae- bale " 69 " ; Cole Jeffries was vice-president of the In- terfraternity Council; and Wyck Nisbet was Interfra- ternity Council rush chairman for 1969. Ward Critz and Scott Scruggs served on the Interfraternity Coun- cil rush committee. The men of the star and crescent accorded many in- dividual honors. Bill Peek was Commerce Guild Junior Representative. Dennis Peters and Byron Burch was elected to the Commerce Guild, B. A. freshman class treasurer and secretary respectively. Bob Tucker was elected to the Senate from engineering. The pledge class won third in the Homecoming float competition. In other activities, Bob Tucker and Sam Sullivan served in Cardinal XX. Joe Phillips and Bob Tucker were members of Circle K. Tapped for Alpha Kappa Psi were Joe Phillips, Ward Critz, Gary Hankins, Den- nis Peters, Rush Turk, and Stan Shock. Cole Jeffries and Frank Bell served as Alpha Kappa Psi pledge trainer, and assistant pledge trainer. Bob Tucker was selected for Theta Tau. Ed Outlaw and Jim Halsell were chosen for ABC. Members selected for Gamma Beta Phi were Chris Hardman, Bob Tucker and Lewis Thompson. Kappa Sig ' s social season was filled with such parties as the South Sea Island Party, parties after each football game, the annual Christmas formal, and num- erous drop-ins. Kappa Sigs get a big dose of soul at their Christmas Formal. T 1 297 First Row: Virgil James Ashley. Ill, Charles Alfred Banks. Ralph Barnett Barnes, Jr., Bob Brent Berry, James Ray Blansret. Milton David Brown, Joe Clem Browning, Frank Butler. Second Row: Michael B. Carl- son, Steve N. Carlson, Gerald Lee Gates, Lawrence Edwin Chisenhall, Lance W. Cline, Joe Edward Cof- field, Kent P. Coleman, James M. Collins. Third Row: Jack G. Cornell, John Wayne Crawford, James B. Davis, James Kirk Dixon, Floyd Mac Dodson, Jim Dunaway, F. B. Elliotl, Gerald Don Emmerl. Fourth Row: Stanford C. Fin- ney, Ricky Gene Fleelwood, Gor- don S. Fosler, Sleven Jay Fowler, Michael John Gearing, William Lee Godfrey, Richard E. Greene, Charles D. Griffin. Fifth Row: George W. Harrison, Robert E. Hornberger, Ronald Rensley Hunckapiller, Philip Ed- win Hughes, Richard W. Johnson, James Edward Jones, Mike Jones, Stephen Keller. Sixth Row: Stroud Carter Kelly, Carl Stevenson Kincaid, III, Charles Lee Liggetl, Jr., Taylor Little, William Franklin Little, William E. Ludwig, James Cureton McCaa, J. Paul McDonald. Seventh Row: James C. Mc- Dowell, Steven Kirk Meyer, Mich- ael James Middleton, Olis Tenny Mitchell, Jr.. James W. Monk, Jr., William E. Nicholson, Steve No- land. Eighth Row: Charles Wright Parkhursl, Donald Dale Pelersen, Samuel Edwin Prince, Roberl Da- vid Rawn, William Jennings Reed, Gary Robertson, Larry Eugene Rook. Ninth Row: Richard T. Rose, David L. Safford, Peter M. Shaw, Joe Carter Short, John Wayne Sooler, Royce Edward Slaley, Jr., Marty Stouffer. Tenth Row. Doug Summerville, William David Taylor, John Clif- ford Thompson, William J. Trinco, Jim Ward, Michael V. Warr, James N. Walson. Eleventh Row: John Michael Walson, Chris W. Weiser, Thomas L. Wiggins, James Paul Williams, III, John Lan Williams, William Benjamin Williams, Daniel Hugh Wood. LJ4 } ft or-.J Partr, tkeP I 298 Lambda Chi Alpha $160,000 A A Expansion Completed In early spring, the $160,000 house expansion was completed, thus adding another landmark to the rapid growth of Lambda Chi Alpha since its founding on the campus in 1925. After having a successful rush week, the Lambda Chis continues with their tradition of leadership, hon- ors, and activities. Homecoming activities, the Playboy Party, a Christmas Party for underprivileged children, the Purple Id Party, Founder ' s Day in Little Rock, Housemother ' s Kidnap, spring elections, and numerous outings, drop-ins, and exchange dinners all contributed to an enjoyable year. The Lambda Chis held many offices and honors this year. Bill Williams was treasurer of Associated Stu- dents and Charles Parkhurst was treasurer of Alpha Kappa Psi. Chuck Banks was chairman of Symposium; Mike Warr was chairman of Transportation Depart- ment; and Mike Watson was chairman of Annotated Constitution. Lan Williams was on the Student Court, and Frank Little, was in the Student Senate. Lambda Chis were also active in Commerce Guild, Arkansas Booster Club, Civic Club, Theta Tau, Finance Club, Marketing Club, Blue Key, Young Democrats Club, and Young Republicans Club. Lambda Chis playing Razorback football are Max Peacock, John Eichler, Gary Adams, and Rick Kersey. The Lambda Chi Alpha officers elected for the spring semester were: president, Mike Warr; vice-pres- ident, Rick Fleetwood; secretary, Jim Monk; and treas- urer, Jim Walton. Mary Elizabeth Brown, Pi Beta Phi Finally, after long months of delay, the Lambda Chis begin work on their new wing. " rs Row. Marshal Brian Alex- ander, James Nash Alford. Jim Foster Allen, Michael Thomas An- ders, William Roberts Appleton, Dennis W. Avlos, Jay Milton Baker, Hubert Lynn Bark dale. Second Row: Larry David Barnes, Ben Thomas Barry, Charles Roland Billings, M. Tim- othy Boe. Curtis F. Bradbury, John Martin Brown, Robert Ian Camp- bell, Clifton McKinley Chitwood. Third Row: Richard Michael Colclasure, Edward Lafayette Col- lier, Barry E. Coplin, Timmothy L. Coplin, David M. Cox, Jamts Thacker Crow, Thomas Jordan Crow, Stephen Herman Dew. Fourth Row: Christopher Finch Fowler, Byron L. Freeland, Paul Freeman, James Samuel Fuller, Thomas Henry Garrett, David Mc- Gee Glover, Robert Ivy Glover, Robert Wilson Hardin. Fijth Row: Russell Fields Har- ris, Jr., James Franklin Hawkins, Jr., William Taylor Henry, Jimmy Duane Hill, Ted Hood, Frederick Andrew James, William Clifford Jennings, Daniel Robert Kerlin. Sixth Row: Steven Frank Kra- mer, Jeff Alan Kretzer, Raymond Jackson Lackie, Jr., Keith John Lindemann, Milton Raymond Lue- ken, David W. Lundquist, Bruce Harris Markell, David Bryan Mar- tin. Seventh Row: Russell McCar- roll, Michael Thornton McClen- don, George Leonard McClure, Michael James McFerran, Michael Lee McNew, Dave Michael Mon- roe, Patrick John Morrison, Jack Clary Murrell. Eighth Row: Fred Mark Oswald, John Samuel Patterson, Michael Fred Price, Johnny C. Quinn, Wil- liam Edward Rial, William David Roddey, Terrence F. Sculley, James Dennis Selnian. Ninth Row: Ronald Fred Shel- by, David E. Smith. Dewitt Hen- derson Smith, III, George Benja- min Smith, Stephen Wallace Smith, Steve A. Smith, Joseph Charles Stainton, Jack Thomas Stephens, Jr. Tenth Row: Terry Thomas Stew- art, Ronald Stuart Taylor. John Gregory Van Bebber, Tom Whit Waller, Clayton Craig Wells, John Calvin Womack, David Kennedy Yancey. ? n -, Steve DM Sk Fm i ' 300 II Phi Delta Theta I Phi is President of Senior Class The Arkansas Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta celebrated its twentieth year on campus in November, and December marked the one hundred twentieth anni- versary of the fraternity nationally. Outstanding Phis representing the fraternity on cam- pus were: Jim Hawkins, Tim Boe, Bill Henry, and Steve Stevens in the Senate; John Van Bebber and Dave Lundquist Cardinal XX: Barry Coplin and Ronny Shelpy, Scabbard and Blade; DeWitt Smith and Steve Freeman in Blue Key. George Smith was tapped for membership in ODK. Bob Glover was initiated into Beta Gamma Sigma. Representing Phi Delta Theta in Theta Tau are Tip Jennings, and George Smith, with David Smith serving as pledge trainer. Serving in administrative positions in campus ac- tivities were: Chris Fowler, president of Civic Club; Jim Alford, vice-president of Circle K; Lynn Gates, vice-president of A.I.Ch.E.; Buddy Fuller was the treasurer of the IFPC; and for the second year in a row, this year Terry Stewart, a Phi served as president of the senior class. Phis on the Razorback football team were: Bill Bur- nett outstanding sophomore back, David Lundquist, Tommy Dew, Jim Jordan, and Dewitt Smith and Terry Stewart who are also Academic American. Ricky Tan- neberger served on the Hog basketball team. Topping off the social calendar were Homecoming, the annual Christmas Formal and the Viking Party. These in addition to parties after the football games and several outings with the various sororities, made for a full year socially. Diane Hudspeth, Kappa Kappa Gamma __- Eric the Grape is lucky in love, but how are his grades? nn First Row: Terry Gene Box, Howard Andrews Bradley, Paul R. Bradshaw, Jr., Joe Brad Carter, Joe J. Evans. Second Row: Robert Walter Farmer, William S. Garner, Jr., Edward L. Halk, Albert Sidney Hartman, III, Fred Clarence In- man, III. Third Row: Wm. 0. Knott, James Howard Lennon, Jr., Step- hen D. Ling, Robert Charles Mar- quette, Douglas William Marr. Fourth Row: Richard Christian Marr, Michael Lee McCauley, Wil- liam R. Meredith, Jr., Henry Na- than Miller, Phillip Wayne Moudy. Fifth Row: Jeff Allen Scherer. Stephen Craig Sipes, Wallace Michael Steffey, John Madison Stevens. III. John Michael Stewart, Floyd Mattison Thomas, Jr. r Fiji: groove out! Phi Gamma Delta Fiji Receives National Charter Phi Gamma Delta, the oldest national fraternity of those represented on this campus, received its national charter this spring after only a year and a half of colon- ization. The Phi Alpha chapter continued its national reputation of excellence in community relations, schol- arship, campus activities and social functions. A variety of honors were achieved this year as Floyd Thomas was chosen to Cardinal XX, and Joe Evans was one of the few freshmen ever to be accepted in the Schola Cantorum. Doug Marr was the youngest cheer- leader in University ' s history; Bill Garner, besides be- ing treasurer of Phi Eta Sigma, represented the Uni- versity of Arkansas at a national collegiate foreign af- fairs conclave; and Steve Stevens was vice-president of Arkansas Booster Club and also a B.A. school repre- sentative. Phi Gamma Delta also played an important role in student government. Doak Sullivan was an administra- tive aid under Walter Slaughter. Floyd Thomas was co- chairman of the Student Recruitment Bureau. Seven had student government committee appointments. Representing Phi Gamm in sports were Phil Moudy, Gary Hickman and Del Basinger in track and Greg Fisk and Bob F ' armer in baseball. Although currently one of the smaller fraternities on campus, Phi Gamma Delta has the largest fraternity house, capable of holding 105 men. The Fiji ' s had a very active social life, which cen- tered around the fall Nazz Party and the pre-installa- tion and installation parties. Tootsie Cook, Alpha Chi Omega " You can lean on me Jane, I hope! " First Row: J. R. Baker, Jark L. Bales, Robert Alton Balknum, James William Berkowitz. John Gaylon Berry, Michael George Ca- poot, David Mark Carver, William Burns Carwell. Second Row: David Ray Chap- man, Philip Holland Clark, Tracy Peter Clinton, George Kirby Coff- man, Gary Lee Comstock, Kenney M. Comstock, James Kent Coxsey, James Brant Croxdale. Third Row: Dennis Ray Curtis, Joe Don Dickhut, Gary John Dill, James Philip Elkins, Larry G. El- lis, David Ray Evans, Keith Ed- ward Faulkner, Jack Raymond Foster. Fourth Row. Jeffrey Edmund Fournier, Dane E. George, Gary Charles George, David Lowell Gib- son, Don Lee Gibson, John Cole- man Gocid, Richard Aday Goff, G. Wesley Goforth. Fifth Row: Dee R. Hambright, Preston McClary Hamilton, Gary John Holman, Steven Darrell Horn, William Byrom Hudson, Wayne Allen Hurt, Randy Jefferson, John Charles Johnson. Sixth Row: John Gregory Ken- ning, David Wayne Kirk, Gary W. Lay, Richard Thomas Lowler, Ben Mays, David Bruce McCall, Greg- ory P. McKenzie, G. Leigh Mc- laughlin. Seventh Row: William Noel Mea- dows, Kenton C. Miller, Danny Gale Mills, Donald Newsom, Thomas Worthington Nickels, James Glen Norman, Joe Wilson Nowlin, James Neal Nutt. Eighth Row: Ernest J. Oakleaf, Jr., Dennis Edward Parsons, Wil- liam H. Patterson, Gary Lynn Per- ritt, John Gibson Phillips, Pat B. Pultz, William Chase Rankin. Ninth Row: Stephen C. Rat- cliffe, Alexander James Restum, Joseph Stockton, Rogers, Gary L. Russell, Dennis D. Shaw, Terry W. Shoffner, Chris Skrivanos. Tenth Row: Richard Franklin Smith, Stephen Eugene Stafford, Nicholas Rodgers Stevens, III, James W. Stuart, Michael Sam Taylor, Billie Joe Thompson, Allen Dale Turney. Eleventh Row: William Ray Wade, Howard Leslie Warner, Frederick Lee Washington, Stan Williams, Fred E. Wilson. Divid Earl Wood, Forrest Michael Wood. 304 Pi Kappa Alpha Pikes began 65th year at Uof A Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha began its 65th year at the University with many different social activities. Among these were the annual Homecoming dance, Roaring 20 ' s Party and Christmas Brunch. The Dream Girl Formal, Founders Day and Spring Outing were the big social events in the spring along with numerous other parties. Pi Kappa Alpha again this year had many leaders in all phases of campus life. Don Gibson was selected for Who ' s Who, and also elected treasurer of ODK. He was Deputy Brigade Commander, and he also made the Dean ' s List. Mike Capoot was elected secretary of IFC, and Bill Meadows was the president of Alpha Pi Mu. David Evans was past president of Circle K and Carol Lynn Camfield, Delta Delta Delta " Your body or your life! " Bill Rankin was the treasurer. Gary George was se- lected for Cardinal XX and Bill Carwell served as treas- urer of the Arkansas Booster Club. Pikes were also active on the Razorback athletic teams. Brother Jerry Petty holds the SWC discus rec- ord, Steve Walters, Roy Fears, Lewis Campbell, and Ray Palmer represented Pike on the varsity and fresh- man football teams. Fall officers were: president, Don Gibson; vice- president, Stan Williams; secretary, Jeff Fournier; treasurer, Gary Russell; spring officers were president, Bill Hudson; vice-president, Campbell Walton; secre- tary, Bill Rankin. - " - ' Firs Row;: William Karl Alley, Jr., James A. Arnold, II, Bruce Michael Basham, Robert Atherton Blanshard, Louis M. Bowen, Jay Owen Brainard. Second Row. Samuel Fletcher Brown, Kenneth E. Buckner, Claud Douglas Buford, Jr.. Randall Howell Butler, John Virgil Cas- beer, Charles Benton Gate. Third Row. Paul Michael Cat- lett, Joe Farrell Clifton, Gene Cog- bill, Thomas Glen Cole, Steve Wheeler Creekmore, Martin Clay Davis. Fourth Row. Mel Davis, James Prentice DeRossitt, William Cross Dudney, III, William Alfred Ea- son, Don A. Eilbett, John Rolfe Eldridge, III. Fifth Row: Jim G. Farmer, Floyd H. Fincher, Jr., Robert By- ron Fisher, John Mark Catling, Noel Kennady Gregory, Jr., Griff Griffin. Sixth Row: Robert Benjamin Henderson. Michael C. Hendren, Tappan Horror Jennings, Jeffrey H. Jeter, William 0. Johnson, James E. Justiss. Seventh Row: Larry Louis Lamb- iotte, Rodney Routt Landes, Jr., Kendall Adams Laughlin, Gary Vaughn Lindsey, Mac McBryde, Harvey L. McCone. Eighth Row: Glen L. McKuin, John Burton Moore, III, Gerald Lorn Oldham, James Warren Old- ham, Thomas Stafford Palmer, Robert Clyde Patton, Thomas Charles Proctor. Ninth Row. Ben F. Reagor, Thomas Benton Smith, Fred Wyatt Stone, William Crais Tennison, William Wilson Ward, Jr., Alan Warrick, Robert Ellis Whitehead. - ft I: It 306 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pattern is President of IFC This year marked another year of leadership in SAE ' s seventy-fourth on the University of Arkansas campus. Past Chapter president, Robert Patton, was elected Interfraternity Council president, and was selected for Who ' s Who on American college campuses. Brother Patton was also named outstanding Greek man. Brother Doug Burford was chosen Greek Week chairman. Brother Gene Cogbill received the gavel of the Account- ing Association and was honored for his outstanding achievement in the field with a 4.00 grade point aver- age. Razorback Brother Jim Barnes was elected Ail- American guard. Other " jocks " participating in varsity athletics were Mike Boschetti, Gordon McNulty, Dennis Berner, Joe Mullins, and Jim Farmer. In other activities on the campus Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon had five men in Theta Tau, a position on the En- gine Council, members in Blue Key, Cardinal XX, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, and several men in Alpha Kappa Psi. SAE was also represented in campus publications with Brother Tom Palmer serving on the TRAVELER as advertising manager. The numerous social events of the year included the traditional home game dances, exchange dinners with the various sororities, the annual underprivileged chil- drens Christmas party, and the spring Jungle Party. Alph pledges take brief respite from the hum-drum life of toil and crack-filling. I l 307 Row: Mark Edwin Aher- nathy, Robert H. Adeock, William Stradley Appleton, Jerry Vcrnon Barrett, James E. Baugh, Barry Alan Billingsley. Second Row: Edwin Williamson Bird, Phillip Bratton Boudreaux, Allen T. Brillhart. Ill, Curtis Er- win Brown. C. Winston Brown, Carie Dan Bucklly, III. Third Row: Bruce Hays Burn- side, Jim W. Byrd, Thomas Morgan Byrd, John L. Conner, Jr., Robert Eugene Cordes, Jimmy D. Creed. Fourth Row: George Theodore Dick, III, Fred O. Ellis, Jr., Frank- lin A. Fogleman, James Odean Godsey, Robert Richard Goodyear, Albert Carter Hardage. Fifth Row: James Hall Har- graves, Michael Preston Harkey, Robert Stewart Harp, Blan S. Heath, George Gaines Hubbard, William R. James. Sixth Row. Thomas Samuel Jameson, G. Grant Johnson, Scott Phelan Jones, Steven Andrew Kavanaugh, Anthony Wilson Ken- dall, Michael Richard Landers. Seventh Row: Fletcher Lewis, M. Newton Little, Phillip Walter McCarty, Benjamin Franklin Mc- Graw. William Russell Meeks, Pat- rick D. Miller, Joseph Jett Mitch- ell. Eighth Row: Bryden Earl Moon, Jr., Robert A. Porter, John Roeer Powell, Dennis Lee Rainey, Billy Ross Reeves, Earle Leighton Ru- dolph, Jr., Albert Holly Rusher, Jr. Ninth Row. John Reynolds Rut- ledj e. Dean L. Sanders, C. Peyton Speck, Thomas B. Staley, R. Chris Stephens, John Ray Stokes, Sam Meeks Strong. Tenth Row: James Rogert Sugg, Charles Maxfield Walker, Taylor David Wilkes, Ivan B. Williams, Charles Edwin Williamson, Larry Wilson, Stephen Thomas Wood. n ok ' V. Val WC 308 Sigma Chi Senate V.P. is Sigma Chi The Omega Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi continued to be outstanding in scholarship and leadership. Sigma Chi was proud to have Randy Marshall elected to the vacated position of Vice President of Associated Students. Randy was also selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Representing Sigma Chi in ODK were Buck Rusher, Bill Appleton, Randy Marshall, Howard Sanderlin, Win- ston Brown, and Jeff Johnson. Blue Key membership included Sigma Chis: John Robert Bass, Russ Ewing, Van Parker, Mike Conner, Jeff Shannon, Pat Miller, and Carter Hardage. Sigma Chis served as presidents of several campus organizations; Alpha Kappa Psi, Gary Jeffries; Arkan- sas Booster Club, Pat Miller; Cardinal XX, Fred 0. Ellis; Theta Tau and Engineering Council, Russ Ewing; Nan Castleberry, Chi Omega Skis enjoy themselves. American Institute of Architects, Jeff Shannon; and 1FPC, Dennis Raney. Cardinal XX honors were bestowed on Bryden Moon, Fred 0. Ellis, Russ Meeks, and Blan Heath. Russ Meeks was also elected a Senator for B.A. School and Blan Heath also serves as the assistant News Editor of the TRAVELER. Sigma Chis selected for Scabbard and Blade were: Russ Ewing, John Robert Bass, David Harges, John Powell, and Carter Hardage; while those received into the Arnold Air Society were, Pat Miller, Curtis Brown and Bill Appleton. Bill Appleton also served as a Raz- orback cheerleader. Among the outstanding social events are Ski Lodge, the Sweetheart Ball, and Derby Day. First Row. Morris S. Akins, Norman Monroe Beaton, Larry J. Bindley, Robert Lee Bradbury. Jr., Robert Harris Carter, Thomas Derwood Carver. Second Row. Allen Richard Casey, Stephen George Clinken- beard, John Michael Condit, Step- hen M. Courtenay, John Atkins Grain, James E. Darr, George John Dehan. Third Row. Randy Eugene Dodge, David Mack Dover, George Michael Dowling, Montic Wayne Duncan, Michael Edward Durham, Lyman John Endsley, John Alan Faucette. Fourth Row: Joe L. Finley, Gary S. Gammill, John Emmet Gaug- han, John Ashton Glassell, James Henry Glover, James Frank Good- win, Frederick James Gray. Fifth Row. Joe Edward Griffin, Thomas Harding, Walter Edward Henderson, Dean Paul Hughen, Herbert Briley Hughes, Stephen Craig Hurley, Q. Byrum Hurst, Jr. Sixth Row: Richard Lee Jay, Jr., Charles T. Jones, David Lynn Jones, Charles Mark Jordan, Wil- liam Thomas Ketcher, Charles Ed- win Knight, Clyde Lester Little, James Phillip Malcom. Seventh Row: John Dowell Maxey, Alonzo Dallas McAllister, Charles Craig Metcalf, Michael Bradley Miller, Peter Lewis Mory, Mark Myers, Burnus Loyd Payne, Jr., Galen B. Pellham. Eighth Row. Dennis Eugene Perry, William Conway Rea, Den- nis Edward Ritchie, James W. Robbins, Mark Owen Roberts, Jr.. Reid Robertson, Jeffrey Alan Scott, Robert A. Scott. Ninth Row: Steven H. Scott, Jan Wright Scruggs, William Dennis Sheppard, Frank L. Sisneros, Thomas Knighten Starnes, Jr., George Edwin Steel, Jr., James Robert Steel, Neal Sullins. Tenth Row: John Gregory Temple, David Conway Thomas, Ray C. Thomas, Eugene William Vester, Jr., John C. Wolf, Richard Hampton Wolfe, William Daniel Wright, John Stephen Zaccardi. as anil ; : V- 310 Sigma Nu Snakes Boast Razorbacks Although Sigma Nu boasts of great athletes such as Southwest Conference Sophomore Back of the Year Bill Montgomery and the Sugar Bowl ' s most valuable player, Chuck Dicus, and social ev ents such as Sadie Hawkins Day, Sigma Nu Relays, the Christmas party and the White Rose Formal, other things make the Gamma Upsilon chapter a top fraternity. Sigma Nu excelled in every possible field during the 1968- ' 69 school year. They proved their leadership abilities in scholarship and student affairs. Last year, Brother Kent Rubens was named outstanding Greek Man at the UofA. Six Sigma Nu ' s were honored with memberships in Blue Key and Brother Rubens served as president of this organization. Three Sigma Nu ' s were tapped for ODK; Brother Mike Condit was chosen vice-president and Brother Mickey Miller served as secretary. Brothers Neal Sullins and Bobbo Thompson served as president and treasurer of Commerce Guild and Sig- ma Nu ' s hold eleven offices in the representative body of B.A. school. Sigma Nu had four members in Cardinal XX, and five men were members of Phi Eta Sigma. Brother Craig Metcalf was the outstanding student in the School of Engineering; five are in Theta Tau. Four Sigma Nu ' s served as student senators and the vice-president of IFPC is a Sigma Nu. The associate editor of the RAZORBACK is Steve Crow and brothers Shep Akins and Mike Dowling serve as president and secretary of Circle K, and three were elected to the board of governors. Judy Miller, Delta Delta Delta This snake managed to seduce Eve, but Pappy had other ideas. First Row: Joseph Henry Bass, Freddie Norman Bellinger. Jr., Robert Dow Bonnell, Robert Allen Bourgoin, Hank Broyles, Garry H. Brunson. Second Row: James A. Buchan, Robert O ' Hara Buck, Dan Cooper, Morris Randolph Cowan, Lynn Allen David, Mike Fitzhugh. Third Row: John Bob Frazier, Raymond Cole Goodman, Michael Ray Gott, Wade Franklin Graham, Bartus Monroe Gray, Richard Whit Hall. Fourth Row: John E. Hearns- berger, II, William Burton Herns- berger, Walter A. Henze, LaRue P. Horton, William M. Hull, Rod- ney Keith Jamison. Fifth Row: John Powell Jenkins, Jr., Jim A. Johnson, Jimmie Le- roy Jones, Marcus H. Lamberth, Ronald Wayne Lowe, William Woodrow Magness. Sixth Row: David Oliver Major, Michael B. Major, Daniel Martin, Jr., Si ' .phen James Ma-hburn, Ray- mond M. Maus. Jim McCord. Seventh Row: William Y. Mc- Creery, Walter Allen Murray, Thomas Cecil Neace, Reece As- bury Parham, Carl Edward Parker, Jr., James Clay Patridge, Terry Melton Pollan. Eighth Row: G. Scott Puryear, Sam S. Puryear, H. Terry Rasco, Joseph Grainger Rath, Don Al Ringler, Arthur L. Royston, Larry Jerome Shelton. Ninth Row: William Wright Shirley, Jim E. Sloan, Billy Glenn Standley, John Edward Stone, Steven Ray Stone, Brent Stuart Turkington, Jack Herbert Young. - - -. 312 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sig Ep ' s Display Diversity Once again, Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon displayed its many talents by participatin g in nearly every aspect of campus activity. The men of the golden heart more than upheld the high traditions which they have established on this campus since 1907. Tapped for Cardinal XX were Scott Puryear and Bill McCreery. Omicron Delta Kappa members were Whit Hall, Bob White, and Jim Johnson who served as vice-president. Johnson and Whit were also members of Blue Key, along with Mike Fitzhugh. Whit Hall was tapped for Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Bill Bishop was selected for Pi Sigma Alpha. Mike Mashburn served in Alpha Kappa Psi, and Cole Goodman was vice-president of ABC. Sig-Ep pledge, David Major, was elected as freshman senator in the fall. Sig-Ep ' s were well represented on the football team by David Spatz, John Rees, Glen Lowe, Ronnie Carrol, and Bob White who was also selected to the SWC all academic team. In basketball, Sig-Ep ' s were Fred Mooney and Arthur Royston. Bill Standley, Bill Bishop, and H. A. Scott started for the Razorback baseball team. Whit H all was chosen for Who ' s Who. Sig-Ep ' s were also active in Alpha Phi Omega, Circle K, Phi Eta Sigma, and ABC. The Sig-Ep Homecoming float entry won first place again this year. Officers for Sigma Phi Epsilon this year were: Whit Hall, president; John Stone, vice-president; John Powel Jenkins, comptroller; Terry Rasco, secretary; Bill Mc- Creery, recorder. Jean Woodell, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sig Eps take first place with their float entry. A M - ' First Row: Michael Dean Ab- biatti, Johnny Paul Arnold, Phillip Lynn Balke, Frank Pershing Bane, Jr., Donald Ray Barber, Eu- gene Bishop, Charles Steven Bright. Second Row: David L. Bright, Moe C. Brown, Kirk A. Chandler, Donald Owen Cunnion, Tod Dalby Noble S. Dallison, Dwight Ben- nett Dickson, Jr. Third Row: John Craig Dilla- plain, Billy D. Dover, Thomas Michael Dover, David Harold Earle, Michael David Eidson, Roy Anderson Eidson, Larry Wayne Elms. Fourth Row : Ronald E. Flowers, Paul R. Forn, John B. Gardner, III, John Reid Green, James Evans Gresham, Creed Michel Haigh, Otis Othello Harris. Fifth Row: Bennie B. Jamerson, Leroy O. Jeske, Charles Sam John- son, Johnny M. Johnson, James St. John Keel, Robert Duane Ko- rich, David A. Lemons. Sixth Row: David Earl Logue, Eddie Lee Loyd, Robert Dale Lu- per, William Ross McKamey, Den- nis John Meehen, James Gordon Meiser, Perry Randall Metheny. Seventh Row. Joseph Michael Miles, Steven Nelson Neely, Jesse Edwin Porter, Jr., Stanley Douglas Rauls, Tom Riggs, Carle Alton Robbins, Michael Edward Rollins. Eighth Row: Louis Neal Row- land, David Patrick Ruff, Gary Edward Ryker, Joe P. Sing, Jr., Steven Allen Slack, Christopher Lee Smith. Ninth Row: John C. Smith, Da- vid Charles Speaker, Ronald Joe Stone, James Douglas Stroud, John David Toland, Jim Tucker. Tenth Row: Terry L. Vaughn, Leonard G. Warden, III, Ronald Henry White, John Charles Wil- son, Stev; Rolla Wingfield, Ronald Ell Yeager. l - , -: 314 Sigma Pi Sigma Pi is Active on Campus Another successful year has elapsed at Alpha Sigma Chapter of Sigma Pi with the accumulation of many honors and activities. Members of Blue Key this year were Steve Slack, Dwight Dickson, and John Keel, while Steve Wingfield, Joe Sing, and Len Warden served in ODK. Scabbard and Blade members were Rick Christy, Dwight Dickson, John Smith, Steve Slack, Rusty Porter, and John Keel. Steve Slack also served as president, vice-president, and rush chairman for IFC and was selected for Who ' s Who; Dwight Dickson was Civic Club president and served as chief of staff in ROTC; John Keel was a stu- dent Senator, member of Theta Tau, and on the En- gineering Council. Other individual honors included: Steve Wingfield, cheerleader; David Bright, president of the Marketing Club; Donnie Bishop, editor of the reorganized GUILD TICKER; Mike Edison, St. Pat, Engineering Council, and feature editor for the ARKANSAS ENGINEER; Len Warden, SAM vice-president; Ron Stone was co- chairman of Gaebale publicity committee; Bob Wilson, most outstanding member and pledge trainer of Alpha Kappa Psi; Bill Wright was the news editor for the TRAVELER, and was also RAZORBACK sports editor; and Mike Miles was Theta Tau pledge class president. Social activities included the fabulous Singapore Sling, the Orchid Sweetheart Ball, the White and Gold Formal, the Founders Day Banquet and Dance. Judy Hersey, Chi Omega Pi men enjoy Christmas Formal. V First Row. James Wesley At- kins, Michael Allen Barham, Chris- topher Scf,ll Basore, Michael Gene Baugher, Charles W. Beurdall, Charles William Bishop. Second Row: Rohert W. Bowen, Melvin D. Bradford, James Mur- lin Cawood, Jr., Ronald James Classen, Don Baldwin Cronkhite, Alan Lemont Doan. Third Row: Ricky D. England, William Weldon Eoff, Richaid Neal Fitts, Lane L. Ford, Bevley Elighia Foster, Jr., Ronald Ray Hall. Fourth Row: Jerry Wayne Hedges, Lewis A. Huddle, Jr., Steven Garland Hurst, Rick Lee Isaminger. Forrest Lee Jacobi, Ter- ry Dee Jones. Fifth Row: Alfred H. Kirton, Bert William Lewis, Karl James Lindquist, Steve Lowe, Steven King Martin, Johnny B. Mitchum. Sixth Row: Larry Gene Nelson. Jean E. Neuherger, III, Michael John Norton, John William Parti- pilo, Joe C. Rice, Mark C. Rolle, Gary Gene Shannon. Seventh Row: Brian Patrick Sul- livan, John Gregg Sullivan, Gary Lynn Teaque, Charles Wayne Ty- non, Michael Ben Whitson, Larry Don Whittington, Andrew J. Ziser. Tekes entry in the Scholarships Bowl. 316 ( ft Tau Kappa Epsilon Tekes Have Continued Success The conclusion of the academic year for Theta Xi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon marks the end of Teke ' s eighth year on the UofA campus. This year began and ended with an unprecedented rate of growth and ac- tivity. Tekes were elected to various campus offices in- cluding president, vice-president, historian, and record- ing secretary of Alpha Phi Omega, vice-president of SAM, secretary of the College Red Cross, and chair- man of three student senate committees. Tekes were active in other campus honorary and service organizations, such as ODK, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Civic Club, ABC, Tau Beta Pi, Scab- bard and Blade and the Arnold Air Society. Tekes were also active in YDC and YRC. Teke social activities were anxiously awaited by many students at the University. The high point of the fall social scene was the especially successful Teke Peace Party. With winter gone, the entire chapter became in- volved in spring-time activities highlighted by the an- nual Red Carnation Ball, and the famous " Night in the Islands " party. As part of the world ' s largest social fraternity, the Tekes of Theta-Xi always hold before them the precepts of their inter-national organization, " Not for Wealth, Rank, or Honor, but for Personal Worth and Char- acter. " We have completed the most successful year of our eight, and are awaiting an even better year in 1969-70 with the leadership of Terry Jones, Steve Martin, Jerry Delezen, and Andy Ziser. Kathy Daily, Co-Ed Complex " I ' m taking advantage of it while it lasts. " m First Row: John Robert I5ass, Nason Kinney Brookings, William Clark Bruce, Wiley H. Christal, Tom Harrison Cogburn. Second Row: Frank Steve Crow, Robert Allan Davidson, William Standley Eden, Virgil Edward El- lis, Jr., Donald Joe Elrod. Third Row: Russell Hardy Ewing, Charles Albert Hanby, Ronald Harvey Haney, Charles Russell Jackson, Edwin George Newsom. Fourth Row: Robert Wayne Owen, Van Orlie Parker, Roman Joseph Selig, III, James Jerrel Tanner, Jr. Fifth Row: Bill M. Vest, Sammy Charles White, Richard Bailey Wright, Thomas Joe Wright. 1 dr acki Ike! olfr ioiu T Con. ho. life. I StCTt cron Engineers one and all. Theta Tau Theta Tau excels in leadership Theta Tau is a national professional fraternity open only to engineering students. Although scholastic achievement is an important phase of Theta Tau ' s life, the Taus pride themselves in maintaining a strong bond of fraternal fellowship and a high standard of profes- sional interest. Theta Taus were very active in the organizations of engineering school, including numerous offices in tech- nical societies, honor societies, and the Engineering Council. Members of Theta Tau have also continued to show leadership ability in many other phases of campus life. Theta Taus tapped for Blue Key were Russell Ewing, Steve Crow, John Robert Bass. Those tapped for Omi- cron Delta Kappa were Bob Davidson, George Smith, and Ron Haney. Theta Tau was especially honored with the selection of Steve Freeman, Floyd Murphy, Nason Brookings, Al Hanby, and Whit Hall in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Theta Tau ' s social calendar was filled with numer- ous infamous apartment parties, as well as the Founder ' s Day Banquet, St. Patricia Banquet, and the local Found- ing Banquet. Theta Tau draws its membership from students in the college of engineering. The Theta Tau ' s have among their members many leaders in other campus organiza- tions and publications. Those who served as officers during the spring semester were Russell Ewing serving as regent, Richard Hall as vice-regent, Russell Jackson as scribe and Bill Vest as treasurer. Engineers " soak op " the atmosphere in the Library. 319 RESIDENCE HALLS 321 Fulbright Hall Fulbright Gains Senate Positions Fulbright Hall enjoyed a successful year filled with many activities and honors. Mrs. W. G. Spencer was the new head resident. Carolyn Bassett and Sue Ann McNulty started the year off by capturing both freshman women ' s senate positions. Shannon Martin was a finalist in the Best- Dressed Coed Contest and Brooke Stanley was selected an an ROTC sponsor. Rhonda Sledge represented the University as its candidate for Football Centennial Queen. Donna Wolf was a finalist for AGRI Queen, and Paula Keith was This wasn ' t the first time that Fulbright girls encountered " snow selected as St. Patricia. Michele Tirman was elected treasurer of the newly formed service sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma. Cathy Bleiweiss, Carolyn Curtis and Denise Deaver were selected as Hallaballoo Hostesses. Officers for the fall semester were: Cindy Coates, president; Sherry Thomasson, vice-president; Kathy Davis, secretary; De nise Deaver, treasurer; Rosalyn D ' Anna, housemanager; Di Olson, social chairman. Fulbright sponsored a party for underprivileged children and a Hippie Party in the spring. First Row: Sally Lane Abbott, Jean Ann Abernathy, Jeannette Abney, Kay Charlem- Adkins, Jan Alexander, Christine Louise Alle- gretti, Betty Louise Anderson. Second Row: Barbara Jean Baker, Ann Marie Barber, Carolyn Virginia Bassett, Anita Sue Ben- ham, Jacquelyn Elaine Bennett, Linda F. Bizzell, Elizabeth Gail Blackwell. Thirn Row: Patty Blake, Cathy Lee Bleiweiss, Carole DeAnne Boas, Carolyn Louise Brack, Shel- ley Lee Brandon, Jane Deborah Braswell, Barbara Lucile Brown. Fourth Row: Phyllis A. Bryant, Pamela Jo Bryan, Kathy Ann Burch, Nina Lynn Burge, Esther Lenor Butz, Constance Jane Camp- bell, Sheila Dianna Campbell. Fifth Row: Linda Lou Car- michael, Dianna F. Carnenter, Pamela Ruth Carpenter, Cynthia Carson, Frances Ann Carver, Mar- tha Ellen Cato, Carol Caywood. Sixth Row: Janet Kay Cecil, Patricia Dianne Chambers, Mary Susan Charon, Katherine Marie Clarke, Cecile Clay, Cathy Cle- ment, Joy Carolyn Clements. Seventh Row: Marjorie Ann Cle- ments, Deborah Ann Cloud, Cyn- thia Coates, R. Lynn Cofer, Celia Denise Costas, Nancy Faye Couts, Carol Ann Craig. Eighth Row: Donna Lynn Creek- more, Kaye Laura Cronk, Carolyn A. Curtis, Judy Lee Dale, Rosalyn Antoinette D ' Anna, Genie Daugh- erty, Patty Sue Davidson. Ninth Row. Kathryn Lynn Da- vis, Mary Ellen Day, Suzanne De- nise Deaver, Kate Beaver Dickson, Deborah Lynn Dodson, Janie R. Dowell, D ' Ann Downey. Tenth Row: LaDonna Sue Dow- num, Willadeen Driskill, Frances Merriman Eaves, Sharon Lee Ed- wards, Mary Lou Ellis, Julie Ann Farrow, Cathy Feild, Debby Jan Ferguson. Eleventh Row: Geannie G. Flow- ers, Susan Forster, Vicki Ann Foster, Dixie Lee Flower, Rose Marie Fowler, Carolyn Regina Frankenberger, Deborah Ann Freund, Juni Marie Freund. 323 First Row: Pamela Fultz, Patri- cia Ann Garmon, Wendy Gilhrech, Gee Gee Gilbreath, Lydia Anne Gist, Deborah Lorraine Giza, Don- na Annette Glass. Second Row: Sandra Sue Goff, Barbara Allyn Goodlett, Pamela Ann Gordon, Linda Gail Griffis, Linda Ann Greenhaw, Mary Jo Guinn, Kathryn Anne Hall. Third Row: Martha Jean Hamp- ton, Jacqueline Susanne Harris, Jan Harter, Gail Yvonne Hearne, Judy Carol Heavener, Susan Mary Heflin, Trudy June Hegwood. Fourth Row. Holly Jacque Holt, Barbara Lynn Holzwarth, Jennifer Lynne Hortor, Michael Lana Hos- man, Cheryl Ann Hovey, Catherine Ann Huckabay, Judy Faye Hughes. Fijth Row: Rosemarie Hughes, Sally Anne Jackson, Rebecca Marie Jackson, Rebecca Kay James, Carol Michele Jenkins, Anna Maurine Johnson, Eleanor Jean Johnson. Sixth Row: Margaret Susan Johnson, Donna Charisse Johnston, Donna Kaye Justiss, Deborah M - lissa Karnes, Paula Gene Keith, Marlene Jane Kellett, Eleanor Jane Kenkel. Seventh Row: Kay Lynn Kim- berling, Carol Stuart King, Susan Ellen Kirby, Gloria Jean Ko, Kath- leen Ann Korte, Beigita Daina Krats, D2l)by Lane. " Whether I ' m right or whether I ' m wrong, I ' ve got to be me. . . " 324 s Row. Vicki Lea Lanier, Donna Kathryn Law, Linda Louise Long, Nancy Jane Lowe, Cindy Dale Lowry, Bonnie Lee Maiden, Marilyn Maier. Second Row: Betty Frances Manning, Kathy Jane Martin, Shannon Christine Martin, Bar- bara Lynn Mason, Janice Kath- erine Mason, Joan Mari-- McCain, Sharon Lee McCallister. Third Row. Peggy Lynn Me- Cord, Shannon McCorkle, Charlene McEIroy, Elizabeth Ann McElroy, Linda Diane McElvania, Annette McMullin, Mary Ann McNair. Fourth Row. Luwana Sue Mc- Pheeters, Evelyn Ann McQueen, Caroline Edith Meyer, Melissa Jane Miles, Elizabeth Lillian Mis- enhimer, Karen Ann Mitchell, Cathy Jean Moore. Fifth Row: Gail Frances Moore, Marian Hunt Moore, Frances G. Morris, Joyce Camille Nelson, Cynthia Diane Nevius, Diana Hires Olson, Daire Kathleen Oneal. Sixth Row. Mary Charline Own- bey, Constance Susan Oxford, Laney Pamplin, Jan Parker, Becky Parramore, Meriam Elaine Patter- son, Kathy Loy Peace. Seventh Row. Karen Lee Peter- son, Scarlett, Lynn Peterson, Deb- orah Jane Phelps, Janet Lynn Phil- lips, Martha Jane Pilkington, Era Louise Pinson, Alice L. Pollard. Eighth Row. Barbara Ann Pott- hast, Linda Lee Powell, Kathy Ma- rie Prendergost, Paula Catherine Pruitt, Ann Walden Qu-rbes , Bet- ty Faye Rabeneck, Emma Jo Read. Ninth Row. Rayma Lea Reed, Jennifer Jean Reis, Sandra J. Ren- ard, Cynthia Dianne Reynolds, Jerre Sue Rhodes, Vicki Marie Richardson, Judy Elaine Riley. Tenth Row. Terry Gay Riley, Anna Leigh Roberts, Barbara Joyce Roberts, Shelley Bernice Robinson, Pamela Diane Roegels, JoAnn Ross, Patricia Ann Ross, Billie Jean Rowland. Eleventh Row: Georgeanne Rus- sell, Mary Kathryn Sain, Susan Marie Satterfield, Mary Elizabeth Schlegel, Marilyn R. Schluterman, Janis Olivia Seals, Cassandra Anne Syemour, Susan E. Sellers. 325 First Row. Suzanne L. Shoffner, Linda Jean Sidwell, Peggy Lee Silliman, Christine Kay Simpson, Glenna Sue Skelton, Rhonda Lee Sledge, Linda Beatrice Sloan, Robin Colleen Smith. Second Row. Susan Marie Smith, Brenda Lamar Spears, Cheryl Ann Springgate, Darla Spurlock, Mary Suzanne Stainton, Patricia Ann Steele, Gayle Eliza- beth Storms, Sondra Sue Stosberg. Third Row: Teka Dianne Sum- mers, Ann Clay Sutton, Cathy Lee Swenson, Deborah Kathryn Swingle, Mary Michele Tail, Linda Ann Tatman, Linda Sue Taylor, Becky Taylor. Fourth Row. Karen Ann Teague, Shari Lou Temple, Peggy Ann Test, Melissa Jane Thiesing, Suz- anne Thron, Christine B. Tirman, Michele Sari Tirman, Ann Thomas. Fifth Row. Nancy Ann Thoma- son, Sherry Suzanne Thomasson, Sherard Ellen Thompson, Judy Ann Thurman, Sheila Ann Tra- pani, Linda F. Treat, Virginia Lou Vancuren, Suzanne Van Meter. Sixth Row. Judith Ann Vaught, Carol Claire Vester, Dolores Perme Villines, Rebecca Sue Vines, Gloria Deane Voss, C. Dana Walker, Pa- tricia Anne Walker, Valerie Walker. Seventh Row. Elizabeth Ann Walter, Gwen Weedman, Brenda Elaine Weir, Judy C. West, Sydney Jean West, Betty Anne Wheeler, Amanda Lea Whiting, Carolyn Whittaker. Eighth Row. Judi Ann Willems, Judy Wilson, Donna Lynne Wolf, Carolyn Wood, Lornea Annette Worthy, Kathy Jane Younkin, Julie-Anne Zucca. F db I m sew Pr pn P 1 V MM 326 Fulrall Hall mil Futrall Holds Slave Day Futrall Hall, housing 196 upperclass women, enter- ed into all phases of University activity this year. Futrall women worked on the TRAVELER and RAZORBACK staffs and edited the ' ' A " -Book. They served on the Student Senate and Student Government committees, worked with Hallaballoo, were members of ABC, Mortar Board, the Razorback Band, and Tau Alpha Upsilon. Cardinal Key tapped Sharon Wilson, Miriam Duell, and Sherry Simmons. Bette Ryan was elected to reign as Agri Queen. Two WIHC officers came from Futrall; President Sharon Wilson and Treasurer Barbara Wood. Futrall ' s social activities ranged from its Christmas formal to a party for underprivileged children to a slave sale where girls were auctioned off for the day in order to raise funds to support the dorm ' s activities. After several semesters of scrimping and saving, the House Council made full payment on a new color television. First semester officers were President, Halita Holt; Vice-President, Loretta Lane; Secretary, Susie Mason; and Treasurer, Diane Patton. Second semester, Futrall was under the leadership of President, Ann Pride, Vice- President, Jean Moss; Secretary, Linda Trussell, and Treasurer, Nancy Timmons. Plastic apples have no hippies!! 327 First Row: Helen Ann All, Emi- ly McUade Averett, Patricia Ann Bain, LaCreta Jane Balkman, Jacqulyn Chyrel Banks, Nancy Susan Barker, Mary Kathryn Basinger. Second Row: Becky Bayless, Barbara June Baylies, Juilv Beam, Doris E. Bennett, Joan Margaret Biles, Karen Elaine Blevins, Bar- bara Len Blume. Third Row: Karel Eileen Bohl- ken, Marilyn Jane Bonner, Eliza- beth Ann Browning, Danita Loye Burkhart, Betty Sue Burnette, Kathryne Ann Bushkuhl, Sonja Ann Butler. Fourth Row: M. Camille Gala- way, Linda Ann Callaway, Linda Kay Carpenter, Peggy Ann Gary, Glynda Ray Gazer, Vicky Margaret Chalfant, Carol Ann Chaney. Fifth Row: Carolyn Ruth Clark, Terrisue Cochran, Frances Anne Cooper, Jean Ann Core, Geraldine Ann Cornwell, Marilyn Ann Cour- din, Christine Cox. Sixth Row: Deborah Rhea Cun- ningham, Martha Lou Danehower, Rachel Jane Doyle, Miriam Helene Duell, Kathryn Marie Eggers, Heber Jean Farmer, Counts Fel- ton. Seventh Row: Sue Ellen Field, Marion Jeanette Foster, Billie Fowler, Marilyn Edna Fox, Jo Karen Frisinger, Mary Lea Ginn, Mary Jane Glide well. Eighth Row: Carolyn Jane Haley, Linda Diane Handley, Linde Louise Harned, Carol Lynn Hay, Susan Lynn Heidinger, Paula Kay Henbest, Janis Lea Henderson. Ninth Row: Karen Jeanette Hogaboom, Betty Hollis, Halita Sue Holt, Vicki Ann Horton, Pa- tricia Anne Hupka, Janis Jayne Jackson, Jenifer Johnson. Tenth Row: Suzanne Elizabeth Johnson, Judith Ann Johnston, Carol June Jones, Esther Faye Jones, Jean Cameron Jones, Jenni- fer Carol Jones, Janice L. Kelley. Eleventh Row: Linda Kay Kel- ley, Mary Jo Keogh, Ruth Ellen Kessler, Jayhynn Mitzi Koerner, Loretta G. Lane. Hazel Louise Lawrence, Linda Lee. 328 First Row. Susan Jeanne Lee- man, Mary Jean-it Li?Gate, Karen Rhna Lewis, Rebecca Jane Libby, Suzetta Janr Masun. Cindy Lou McCord, Pamela A. MoEwen. Second Row: Deanna Lee Measeles, Gwendolyn Ann Meek- ins, Christine D. Mertens, Mary Luz Miller, Laura Ann Mims, Re- becca Dee Mitchell, Sandra Caron Mitchell. Third Row: Susan Monk, Juli- anne Nelson, Patricia June Pat- rick, Diane Louise Patton, Vir- ginia Ann Petcrsen, Martha S. Poynor, Ann Lehman Pride. Fourth Row: Susan Deanna Pridemore, Susan Marie Quigg, Marsha Lucille Ragsdell, Susan Reed, Judith Ann Reynolds, Susan E. Reynolds, Sara E. Riddle. Fifth Row: Anna Lee Roark, Ju- dith Marie Rogers, Harriet Eliza- beth Root, Deneice Rae-Jean Rose, Bette Mae Ryan, Cathy Anne Ryan, Betty Ruth Schenck. Sixth Row: Victoria Lynn Schmieding, C and ace Paticia Schultz, Brenda Ruth Shelton, Pa- tricia Diane Smith, Sharon Lou Smith, Sheila Sue Smith, Ginger Snapp. Seventh Row: Carolyn Ann Snow, Sandra Kay Stacey, Anne Dougherty StaVy, Marilyn Ann Stanford, Patricia J. Stiles, Marlys Ann Storck, Sylvia Kathleen Stringfellow. Eighth Row: Vicki Ann Sturgis, Patricia Kathryn Swanson, Ke- becca Carol Taylor, Susan Jane Thatcher, Mary Thomas, Suzanne Thurman, Wanda Susan Tippins. Ninth Row: Dianne G. Trinco, Linda S. Trussell, Marilyn Jean Turner. Sharon Ann Villinef. Mary Lynn Von Hatten, Cheryl Ann Waller, Margaret Fay Ward. Tenth Row: Sue- Ann Warner, Sharon Diane Warren, Linda Carol Watson, Yvonne O. Weather . Shir- ley Ann White, Marlene Wilcox- Eleventh Row. Delores Ann Willis, Connie Wilmoth, Sharon Louise Wilon, Barbara Ann Wood, Patsy Elaine Wood, Re- becca Sue Young. 329 4-H House 4-H Leads Scholastically The 4-H House is unique among residence halls on the University campus. Owned by the Extension Home- makers ' Council of Arkansas, it offers to its members the satisfying experience of small group living. Under the leadership of Barbara Hankins, presi- dent; Vernell Lumpkin, vice-president; and Joan Brat- ton, social chairman, the 4-H House experienced a successful year. Several drop-ins and listening parties were held during the fall, and a group of underprivileged children were entertained at the House on Halloween night. The Christmas season was observed with the annual faculty tea and Pollyanna Banquet. Founders ' Day and the an- nual 1 ,111111 celebration highlighted the spring semester. The 4-H House was active in WRA, captured the basketball title, among others. They won the AWS Penny Night trophy and Red Cross Blood Drive trophy in the fall semester, as well as leading women ' s resi- dence halls scholastically for the fourth consecutive year. Angela Lumpkin, Judy Tilley, and Bessie Hersh- berger were awarded AWS Scholar trophies for making 4.00 during the fall semester. They, along with Diana Danforth, were named to Alpha Lambda Delta. Bar- bara Hankins was tapped for Cardinal Key. A small dorm has many points, including small entertainment wy. A - - sto, iftaed fc the .WS rmtrojto ma ' s resi- v- fob- ' I JJK Mil Bar- First Row: Barbara L. Ashcraft, Melinda J. Bays, Joan Claudette Bratton, Thelma Avis Rryant, Carolyn Sue Buckncr, Molly Ann Clark. Second Row. Mary Ruth Clot- felter, Nancy Maurine Coler, Mar- jorie M. Collins, Elizabeth Ann Cureton, Diana Marie Danforth, Janice L. Daniel. Third Row. Peggy Janette Dick- son, Mary Ruth Gooch, Barbara K. Hankins, Janet Sue Hecox, Elizabeth Ann Henson, Bessie Lou Hershberger. Fourth Row. Donna Cella Hyde, Marilyn Sue Jones, Angela Lump- kin, Vernell Lumpkin, Peggy Louise May, Mary Adelaide Per- Fifth Row. Sandra Louise Per- son, Linda Raye Ransom, Sue Anne Richburg, Geneva Russell, Shirley Jean Shepherd. Sixth Row: Yevonne Starling, Lajuana Beth Teague, Judith Ann Tilley, Carmen Sue Trantham, Deborah Dianne Vanglider. Peyton Place must have started this way. 331 Hotz Hall 30 Hotz Coeds Selected for AAA Hotz concluded its history as a girl ' s dorm by housing 380 co-eds -- one being a foreign exchange student. Next fall it will become a four-year dorm. Starting the year off was a tea honoring Dean and Mrs. Hotz. Thanksgiving brought many of the occu- pants of Sunrise Manor to dine with the Hotz girls. Ending the year was a reunion for all the Hotz girls from past years. Honors fell upon Hotz all year. In Singfony the dorm won second place. Cindy Johnson was voted ROTC representative. Patsy Wilkerson was selected as Alpha Gamma Rho Sweetheart. Lisa Edwards served as a Hallaballoo Hostess. Chimes filled its ranks with sev- eral Hotz girls and thirty co-eds made Alpha Lambda Delta with four making a 4.00. To guide Hotz through its last year were first semes- ter officers: Judy Lukas, president; Carolyn Scribner, vice-president; Debbie Wright, secretary; and Cheri Martini, treasurer. Second semester officers were: Nancy Niles, president; Nancy McGee, vice-president; Marcia Miller, secretary; and Carol Hoggsett, treasurer. During a tea held in their honor, Dean and Mrs. Hotz were greeted by Hotz coeds. i First Row. Su -in Jane Allen, Elaine Butler Adams. Sarah Jane Alt, Vicki Lynn Andrrsnn, Rose- mary Appleton, Su.-an DKHIIIC Arn, Linda Louise Ashby. Second Row: Leigh Atkinson, Lisa Wood Babcock, Cynthia Anne Bacon, Pamela Lou Bailey, Melin- da Sue Bain, Sally B. Baker, Eliza- beth Barnes. Third Row. Mary Esther Bar- nclt, Jo Ann Barrett, Tina Jane Barren, Karla Elaine Barrow, Lin- da Marie Basinger, Lynn Baum- gartncr, Karen LaVonne Baxter. Fourth Row: Annetta Talbot Beauchamp, Catherine Lennox Bechtel, Marsha Suzanne Beck, Nancy Jean Beecher, Gayle Marie Beneke, Margaret Ann Birch, Pat- ti Blakemore. Fifth Row. Kay S. Blakeley, Linda Suzanne Blume, Eleanor Elizabeth Bonewitz, Beverly Mae Bonner, Nancy Carol Boswell, Joye Elizabeth Bowe, Paula Meigs Boyd. Sixth Row: Judy Kaye Breth- erick, Marvia Branch, Brenda Kay Brown, Helen Holmes Brown, Sally Ann Brown. Priscilla Lynn Browning, Paula Sue Bunyard. Seventh Row: Mary Ruth Bur- bage, Susan Kay Busby, Toney Irene Butler, Janet Eileen Calli- otte, Louise J. Campbell, Carmel- etta K. Cannon, Christie N. Carl- Eighth Row: Judy Carr, Georga Ann Carroll, Linda Ann Carswell, Daphne M. Carter, Cynthia Sue Center, Carolyn Jerrenne Cerrato, Penny Shawn Chambers. Ninth Row. Gay Susan Chand- ler, Nancy Fay Chatmas, Vicki Joy Chiles, Judy Ann Clark, Renee Clevenger, Ann Morgan Clopton, Betty Coleman. Tenth Row: Carolyn Marie Coleman, Susan Boyd Coleman, Barbara Glen Cook, Nancy Eliza- beth Croley, Barbara Costantino, Jacquelyn Sue Cowg r. Eleventh Row: Brenda Charlene Cox, Sherry Lynn Crandell, Sharon Kay Cullins, Kay D. Curry, Sandra Kay Curry, Leanne Curtis, Linda Marie Dahl. 333 First Row: Ellen Gail Darby, Jacqueline L. Davis, Nancy Gail Davis, Patricia L. Davis, Virginia Gayle Donald, Sue Douglas, Shir- ley Ann Downs. Second Row: Deborah Sue Dre- her, Dianne Duncan, Renee Denyse Duty, Debora Eberle, Gladys Faye Edwars, Linda Lee Edwards, Lisa Melinda Edwards. Third Row: Alesia Eldridge, Anna Louise Ellington, Lorraine Ellis, Martha Jane Emmott, Kathy England, Marleen England, Donna Louise Evans. Fourth Row: Teresa Lynn Fahr, Janice Louise Fairchild, Carolyn Suzanne Fanner, Debs Fisher, Becky Ann Foster, Susan Elizabeth Foster, Kathryn Jeanette Fowler. Fifth Row: Sylvia Kay Frazier, Martha Neal Free, Mary Beth Fricks, LaRhondda Lynn Ful- bright, Claudia Louise Fuller, Rosemary Futrell, Beverly Ann Galyean. Sixth Row: Trudy Laura Gas- kill, Marlene Ann Gehring, Cath- erine Ruth George, Laurie Elyse Gilbert, Pamela Slay Gillean, Di- ane Goldberg, Sandra Kay Good- Seventh Row: Carolyn Lavern Goodwin, Frances Maye Goodwin, Kitty Rycroft Gordon, Lou Ann Gragg, Susan Diane Gray, Judy Diane Green, Janis Ann Greene. Eighth Row: Beth Ann Greer, A. Jan Gregory, Patricia Ann Hal- sey, Claire Hammons, Ann Lynn Hammes, Patricia Catherine Har- rington, Lynette Harris. Ninth Row: Donella Roshean Hart, Elizabeth Kay Hart, Melissa Jayne Hartman, Cheryl Hatfield, Annette Arlene Hatfield, Janice Jane Haught, Karen M. Haynes. Tenth Row: Linda Ann Haynie, P. Tandy Hebert, Linda Elizabeth Hefley, Brenda Jeanine Hemen- way, Catherine Ann Henze, Pa- tricia Jean Herod, Marilyn Eliza- beth Hill. Eleveth Row: Pamela Klee Hill, Barbara Frances Himes, Genny Anne Hobbs, Nancy Noel Hodges, Carol Ann Hogsett, Linda Mau- reen Honderich, Deborah Sue Home. 334 _ s V Q S First Row. Margie West Hor- nor, Debbie House, Martha Jane Howard, Harriett Hudson, Patricia Lou Hunt, Carol Jean Inlow, Su- san Elizabeth Jaber. Second Row. Deborah Lou Jay, Linda Jeffus, Sandra Lee Jerni- gan, Evelyn Joyce Jeu, Cindy El- len Johnson, Kathy L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson. Third Row. Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Diana Jones, Jana Lee Jones, Janice Anne Jones, Janice Lynn Jones, Susan G. Jones, Glen- da Ann Justis. Fourth Row: Debbie Janice Kas- tel, Boneta Keck, Karen Gale Kel- ley, Roberta Vickers Kelly, Pam- ela A. Kennedy, Beverly J. King, Hope La Barritcau King. Fifth Row: Joan Carol King, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Patricia Kay Kirkpatrick, Karen Diane Koch, Lynn Carol Kreps, Kathy L. Kudlaty, Mary Ellen Kutait. Sixth Row. Barbara Joan Laird, Ruth Virginia Lane, Kathryn De- nise Lankford, Susan Marie Latta, Jean Lee, Nancy Joan Leggett, Sue Lehman. Seventh Row: Charla Ann Light- foot, Elwanda Marie Little, Judy Ann Lukas, Melinda Mackay, Martha Jane Matkle, Janet Leigh Mahon, Annie Mahoney. The Hotz cafeteria never had a workout like this. 335 First Row: Patricia Eloise Mann, Jo Karen Martin, Nancy Carol Martin, Cheryl J. Martini, Donna Marie Matthews, Elaine Raye McCraney, Terry G. McDon- ald. Second Row: Nancy Anne Mc- Gee, Rebecca Ann McGee, Nancy Claire McKewon, Simore McMa- han, Sandy K. McNamara, Patsy Ellen Meador, Rebecca Lea Mere- dith. Third Row: Marcia Gregory Miller, Melinda Lee Mixon, Patti Lo Montgomery, Patricia Gail Monthie, Melinda Marie Moody, Donna Jean Moore, Lynda Jay Moore. Fourth Row: Mary Elizabeth Morgan, Frances Gabron Morris, Madelaine Ellen Morton, Pat Mur- phy, Stella Maria Narisi, Mary Cynthia Neale, Marda Nicholson. Fifth Row: Nancy Ann Niles, Sandra Lee Nimmons, Janet Eme- lia Gates, Ann Orto, Dama Jean- ette Osburn, Mary Lu Pabian, Pa- tricia Parks. Sixth Row: Marketta H. Pietso, Jameslyn Sue Perkins, Deborah Louise Pointer, Diana Gail Poun- der, Shirley Ann Price, Terry Jean Rakes, Trudy Jane Rakes. Seventh Row. Patricia Imogene Reed, Melinda A. Rehnquist, Carolyn Elizabeth Reisz, Sandra Jeanne Renard, Betty Sue Rhodes, Janet Ann Richardson, Rebecca R. Riggins. Black eyes, bruised shins, and aching muscles the price one pays for carry- ing the ball. 336 First Row: Camel la Rivers, Jane Rivers, Nancy Kay Rohcrson, Mary Louise Rodgcrs, Maivia Lynne Rogers, Patricia Ann Hose, Can- dace Janelle Rouw. Second Row. Lynda Jane Rowr. Vella Jo Russell, Patricia Lee Sal- mons, Beverly Joan Sams, Melinda Jane Saul, Jane Rossner Schmand, Debbie Ann Schulte. Third Row: Melody Diane Schwalm, Carolyn Rose Scribner, Donna Marie Shaw, Connie Sue Shipley, Sherry Short, Carolyn Ann Shuffield, Linda Jean Sim- Fourth Row: Barbie Deggs Si- mons, Emma Jean Simpson, Lou Ann Sims, Sharon Lee Skinner, Karen Elaine Smith, Barbara Jean Snow, Anne Spencer. Fifth Row: Shelley Joan Stan- field, Jewerlene Stewart, Stacie Lee Stewart, Nancy Lou Stines, Susan Kay Stoia, Laurie Cordelia Sturtevant, Lana Dianne Surry. Sixth Row: Candace Jean Tal- bott, Becky Taylor, Doris Jane Taylor, Doris Jane Taylor, Starr Telfer, Melva Ann Thomas, Tonne Leigh. Seventh Row: Debbie J. True, Deborah Louise Turner, Barbara Lane Underwood, Patty Jo Van Patten, Madalyn Sue Varvil, Lin- da Lou Vaughan, Anne Elizabeth Vaught, Candace D. Vestal. Eighth Row: Patsy Ann Voigt- mann, Nancy J. Walker, Pam Ann Ward, Glenda Lee Watkins, Mar- sha Colleen Webster, Brenda Kay Weise, Brenda Joyce Whiteakcr, Mary Ann Wiggins. Ninth Row: Patsy June Wilker- son, Nancy Jane Wilkes, Vivian Wilkinson, Diana Sue Williams, Linda Jean Williams. Millie Jean Williams, Vern Ann Williams, Bar- bara Jean Wilson. Tenth Row: Judith Ann Wilson, Sandra Kay Winn, Jo Ann Win- ningham, Rox Ann Wisdom, Glen- da L. Wolcott, Kathy Wood, An- nelle Cleo Woodard, Gale Cameron Woodard. Eleventh Row: Marylen Frances Wray, Carlotta Marie Wright, Mary Leta Wright, Lajeana Faye Young, Sally Ann Wright. Marga- ret Lee Young, Victoria Elizabeth Young, Karen Elizabeth Zakes. 337 4 " Razorback Hall Razorback Played Santa Highlighting Razorback Hall activities this year was a Christmas party for needy children. However, many of the residents i ndividually participated in campus ac- tivities. Kay Thomas, Johnnie Holcomb, and Susie Case represented the University in Longbeach, California, at the NACURH Convention. Johnnie served as NACURH Vice-President this year. Kay and Margaret Rose Palmer were selected as charter members of Cardinal Key. Margaret Rose was also Associate Editor of the TRAVELER. Sigma Alpha Iota President was Frances Smith. Kathy Stell and Martha McCoy won first chair posi- tions in the all Arkansas Intercollegiate Band. Kathy was also tapped for Mortar Board. Marilyn Connell was named recipient of the Yader Scholarship, and Henrietta Jenkins received the Arkan- sas Medical Health Award. Kathy Corruthers was hon- ored by the Herbert Lehman Education Fund. Tau Alpha Upsilon members were Helen Young, Kay Thomas, and Johnnie Holcomb. Sara Harrison was BSU Visitation Chairman. Winning first place in WRA badminton was Donna McMaster and Linda Morris. Razorback Hall feted underprivileged children with a Christmas party. fceArkan. KB boa- n mi lison as MDffRA ilorris. First Row. Margaret Josephine Adelman, Jeanine Barrett, Joyce Lorene Boyakin, Linda G -ne Bray, Rebecca June Brown, Donna J. Buck, Katherine June Bush. Second Row. Janice E. Calla- han, Judy Marie Clark, Linda Faye Cloyd, Marilyn Connell, Carol Sue Cooper, Kathryn Corro- thers, Shirley Ann Donovan. Third Row. Robin Palmer Fightmaster, Carol Jean Gardner, Mary Annette Grisham, Donna Lee Hanna, Sarah L. Harrison, Patricia Kate Heffernan, Patsy Henderson. Fourth Row. Deborah Lucille Hill, Johnnie R. Holcomb, Lena Myrle Horton, Patricia E. Hughes, Henrietta Jenkins, Marlene Rose Jones, Linda Suzanne Jopp. Fijth Row. Kathy Keefe, Jo C. Killingsworth, Charlena Mae Law, Linda Diane Lipscomb, Blanche Lillian Locke, Mollilou Locke, Velma Darlene Long. Sixth Row: Janet Marie Main, Sandra Jean Martin, Sarah Martha McCoy, Linda Paulette McKellar, Sharon Joy McKellar, Anne L. Mc- Williams, Beverly Sherlan Metcalf. Seventh Row. Athaline Moore, Linda Carol Morris, Lynn Moss, Margaret Helen Murphy, Alice Elaine Nagel, Rebecca Owen, Pa- tricia Jane Peterson. Eighth Row. Winifred C. Phay- er, Jeanne Anne Roades, Gerrie Ann Robrahn, Rita Mae Russell, Mary Elizabeth Schneider, Gloria Dean Shepherd, Shiela Ann Shoe- maker. Ninth Row. Nancy Louise Short, Carlotta Ann Spencer, Kathleen Stell, Dyanna Kay Thomas, Celia Kay Turton, Helen D. Vancuren, Kathlyn Watson. Tenth Row: Elizabeth Ann Vass, Vicki Sue White, Donna Sue Wil- lis, Ai-Ping Wong, Emma L. Wright, Lillie Kathryn Younger. 339 Reid Hall First in Homecoming Decorations This has been a successful year for the residents of Reid Hall, who brought recognition to their dorm in almost every phase of University life. Susan Dennehy was selected as a Scabbard and Blade sponsor, and Diane Carpenter and Kathy Brewer were selected as ROTC sponsors. Pat Wojcik was chosen as a RAZORBACK Beauty, and Georgia Parker was one of the first members of the newly organized Card- inal Key. Ginger Roberts was selected as a Hallaballoo hostess. Taking pride in their Homecoming decorations, Reid again won first place for the second year in a row. Other activities Reid was involved in included a Christmas party for underprivileged children, an annual tea for Student Government candidates, a spring dance, a Dad ' s Day tea and an art show. Dorm officers were: Susan Dennehy, President; Mitzie Me Williams, Vice-President ; Lynn Baker, Secre- tary (fall) ; Donna Orlando, Secretary (spring) ; and Karen Horton, Treasurer. " Owl be Damned " if took first! First Row. Patricia I.ciu Abele, Patricia Ann Adams, Saundra Kaye Aikman, Susan Andciton. Marina Jane Arnaud, Sharon Dianne Bagulcy, Claudia Lynn.- Bak.-r. Second Row: Betty Ann I! inks. Pam Barkley, Pat Barkley, Mary Martha Bell, Susan Yvonne Ben- son, Judith Anne Berry, Mary Ann Borchert. Third Row: Patti A. Bowers, Amy Lorraine Bradley, Mary Mar- garet Brutton, Mary Lou Burk- hardt, Susan Reeves Burnham, Ann Burns, Betsy Burroughs. Fourth Row: Carol Elizabeth Burton, Oneida Ellen Carey, Kris- tin Deeanne Cardin, Diane Carpen- ter, Sandra Kay Carter, Rebecca Jean Casteel, Rosario Castedo. Fifth Row: Robin Walker Chap- pell, Catherine Louise Coffield, Patricia Cole, Carolyn Collar, Faune Suzanne Cook, Judy Carol Cooper, Veronica Joy Copeland. Sixth Row: Marvise Cox, Caro- lyn Sue Crigger, Alice Marie Da- vis, Henriette De Jong, Susan Kay Dennehy, Mary Annette DeSalvo, D. Ann Dixon. Seventh Row: Barbara Kay Do- herty, Naomi Dover, Melissa Do- ville. Donna Letitia Downs, Lydia Duck, Lynette Robin Dunton, Ani- ela Maria Dyer. Eighth Row: Natalie Carlene Dyer, Linda Sue Eads, Katherine C. Edwards, Sandra Lynn Elliott, Gloria Ann Ellis, Gloria Elrod, Glenyce G. Estes. Ninth Row: Roberta Bromley Etter, Susan Rachel Fox, Susan Freed, Gwendolyn R. Freeman, Marthelda Carolyn Friddle, Betsy Ann Frisinger, Cynthia Marie Ful- ler. Tenth Row: Carolyn Suzanne Garrett, Julie Ann Goff, Janet Lynne Goodrich, Kaye Lynn Gore, Gwendolyn Green. Sandra Kay Gregory, Muriel Elaine Grove. Eleventh Row: Marilyn Sue Hackney, Deborah Sue Ha-nbright, Barbara J. Hanchey, Kay Frances Harmon, Anne Marie Hayes, Mar- garet Lee Hauer. Rose Mary Hend- rickson. 341 First Row: Kris Day Honne, Thelma Jean Holland, Sara Sidney Hooker, Karen Lee Horton, Jean Raye Hunt, Sally Kendall Hunt, Nancy Lonsdale Hutton. Second Row: Phyllis Jo Jeffery, Cheryl Jenkins, Gloria Carol Jen- nings, Chariot Ann Jett, Donna Claire Johnson, Jennifer Karon Jones, Mary Lee Jones. Third Row: Susie Kane, Janice E. Kempf, R. Gail Kirkley, Sheila Dian Lawhon, Judith Lee, Judy Ellen Lewis, Myra Helen Lingle. Fourth. Row. Susan Elizabeth Loggans, Kathleen Diane Lordan, Christine N. Lovas, Donna Jf ale Lybrand, Ginger Elaine Marple, Nanci Marshall, Sally O. Mathews. Fifth Row: Colleen Dee Mc- Carthy, Judy Lynn McClusky, Catherine Lee McCoy, Esther June McFarland, Glenda F. McFarland, Suzanne McSwain, JoAnn Mitzi McWilliams. Sixth Row: Jane Lamb Means, Frances I. Medley, Martha Sue Miller, Robbie Jeannette Mitchell, Gayle F. Moats, Patricia Moore, Jeanette Gail Mosey. Seventh Row: Phyllis Nan Mul- lenix, Ila Sue Murphy, Jan Mus- sett, Cynthia Jean Nance, Leah Ann Nash, Donna Marie Newton, Deborah Sue Parsons. Eighth Row: Alecia Sue Pasch- all, Karen Amelia Pashman, Sue K. Patton, Kathy Ann Patton, Carol L. Payne, Patricia Jane Penn, Beverly Ann Perchan. Ninth Row: Nancy Ann Perkins, Pamela Jane Perkins, Carol Perry, Charlotte Marie Phillips, Rebekah Lynn Pickett, Sherry Marie Pierce, Ruth Key Polk. Tenth Row: Cassandra Pollard, Kathy Pollard, Martha Gail Pol- lard, LaDonna Kaye Porter, Mary Louise Posner, Paula Margaret Pruett, Shirley Anne Quails. Eleventh Row: Nancy Ann Reehm, Guylene Rhoads, Kathy Lee Richardson, Nancy Sue Ridge, Susan Jo Ridley, Mary Hunter Riley, Marilyn Louise Roark. 342 First Row. Mary Roberts, Kathy Jo Roberts, Connie Sin- Robert- son, Phyllis Jean Roclgers, Paula Ann Rosenau, Beverly Diane Sand- ers, Tina Maria Sanducky, Julia Ann Satterwhite. Second Row: Judy Scarbrough, Berta Lena Seitz, Bonnie Jane Short, Beth Louise Simonson, Lin- da L. Sinclair, Leslie Ann Smith, Martha A. Smith, Mecedes Burg- crine Smith. Third Row. Helen Kathleen Sprague, Ruth Alyne Stanfield, Deborah Ann Stanton, Connie Ruth Staton, Susan Mae Strick- land, Janice Louise Summerhill, Chrysanthy K. Taktikou, Betty Wood Tatum. Fourth Row: Margaret Kay Tay- lor, Mary N. Teters, Apryl Thomp- son, Lois Ruch Tureski, Virginia Lee Walker, Mary Nell Wall, Lin- da Sue Ward, Vicki Lynn Watts. Fifth Row: Theta Jean Webb, Winifred Welborn, Betty White, Mary Anne White, Mary Sue Wid- dowfield, Susan Virginia Widmer, Carolyn Frances Williams. Sixth Row: Cathryn Lucille Wil- liams, Elizabeth Ruth Williams, Karen Robell Williams, C. Marie Williams, Lavona Marie Wilson, Rita Suzanne Wilson, Mary Eliza- beth Windsor. Seventh Row: Patricia Ann Wojcik, Nikki Lee Woolever, Me- linda Gale WorrI, Charlene Renee Workman, Jean Doris Wyant, Rachel A. Yancey, Loralee Gail You mans. " Five will gel you ten that she makes it. " 343 Pomfret Housing Center Coed Dedicated in April The Coed Complex, since its completion in the fall of 1968, has provided a new dimension in residence hall living. On April 20, 1969, Coed Complex was of- ficially designated as James E. Pomfret Housing Cen- ter. The Housing Center was named for the late James E. Pomfret, Vice-President of Business for the Uni- versity. Several hall and service projects were completed during the year. A general reserve library was estab- lished as was an art room, providing space for work on arts and crafts projects. At Thanksgiving, residents filled a " Thanksgiving Basket " of food for needy fami- lies in Fayetteville. Christmas brought the annual party for underprivileged children. Of course, numerous social activities were also held during the year. Besides a Christmas Formal, Halloween Party, and Spring Formal, the Presidents Reception was held at the Housing Center this year. During Sym- posium a reception was held for Senator Edmund Muskie. The Housing Center also provided the setting for the Casino Carnival sponsored each year by WIHC and MIHC. Hall officers were: Governor, Jim Starks; Lt. Gov- ernor, Beth Mason; Treasurer, Chip Cooper; and Sec- retary, Faith Riley. Tro Casino Carnival, which was held in Coed this year, is a joint project of MIHC and WIHC. , 1 First Row. Carla I,ou Adams, Suzanne Adams. Alfml Rol ert8 Addington, Dennis Kay Adkins, Bonnie Kay Agnew, Bonnie Sue Alexander, Sarah .Iran Allison. Second Row: Bokie AIpe, Joseph Michael Anderson, Judy Ann An- derson, Donna Kay Arnold, Karen Lea Ashlock, John Barton Atkin- son, Sandra Kaye Aureli. Third Row: Cynthia Lynn Bag- gett, Sheila Lynne Baguley, Justine Barnes, Don Brian Baker, Becky Baldwin, Rebecca Ellen Bane, Leslie Anne Barton. Fourth Row: Catherine Regina Bauer, William B. Baumgardner, Janet Sue Bennett, Susan Edring- ton Bensberg, Sandra Lynn Ben- ton, Barbara Jo Berg, Bettina Bickerton. Fifth Row: Martha Lynn Big- gers, Judy J. Billingsley, Bill Bing- ham, Yulonda Kay Black, Eliza- beth Ann Blackshire, George Werner Bloesch Jr., Walter Paul Blume. Sixth Row: Pamela Ann Bock, Marilyn Louise Bohnen, Ruth El- len Bond, Jana Elaine Bonds, Cur- tis Russell Bourland, Media Ann Boyd, Cindy Brackeen. Seventh Row: JoAnne Brandon, Linda Sue Branscum, Donna Jean Bredehoeft, Donald Scott Brian, Antoinette Elizabeth Brogdon, Katherine Anne Brooks, Janet Ruth Brown. Eighth Row: Rita Latane Brown, Charles Lundy Bryan, Nancy Ann Bucy, Bonnie Jo Buell, Johnny Michael Bufford, Beverly Harris Burch. Ninth Row: Barbara Ann Bur- kett, Glenn Stephen Burns, Wil- liam Stephen Burns. Connie Jo Burris, Toby Lee Butler, Sherry Marie Bynum, Linda Lajean Cald- well. Tenth Row: William R. Cam- eron, Debi Canada, Veronice Guin- ett Cannon, Chris E. Carlson, James L. Carson, Jan M. Caugh- ron, Eileen Anne Cauley. Eleventh Row: Carolyn Rachel Cazort, Charles Chapman Chancel- lor, Joe Frank Chappell, Vicki Chausteur, Peggy Dean Choate, Cvnthia Sue Chrisman, Carolyn Marie Clark. 345 First Row: John Harold Clay- ton, Lola Leanna Cochran, Mar- tha Karen Cochran, M. Kay Coco, Kay Graham Collins, i ' atricia Leigh Collins, Alan Sinclair Col- vig. Second Row: Wesley Allen Combs, Carolyn Lee Conde, Sarah R. Cone, Paula Jean Cook, James Russell Coon, Clifford H. Cooper, Faye Elizabeth Cooper. Third Row. Debbie Elaine Cope- land, Reggie Arnold Corbitt, Carol Anita Counts, Charlotte Ann Counts, Catherine Anne Cowan, Alan Dale Cox, Nancy Cheryll Cox. Fourth Row: Mary Jane Creel, Norma Sue Crosnoe, Kathleen Sue Dailey, Tanna P. Dailey, Pete M. Dalmut, William Hendricks Dan- gers, Julia Clare Daniel. Fifth Row: Jacqueline Kaye Daniels, John David Darnall, Kathy Jean Darnell, Lou Ann Daugherty, Cindy Jane Daves, Ann M. Davis, Deidre Lyn Davis. Sixth Row: John Charles Davis, Carol Ann DeClue, H. Keith de Noble, Edmond Noel Dempsey, Randall Lee Deveny, Mary Jane Dial, Robert Woodrow Doland. Seventh Row: Donald William Donaldson, Mary Jo Driggers, Ruth Ann Duncan, Cathey Durham, Kar- en Elizabeth Durham, M. H. Earp Jr., John Christian Edwards. Eighth Row: Martha M. Elliott, Susan Ellis, William Gregory El- more, Eberle Evans, Marva L. Evans, Edward T. Fain, Diana Sue Farley. Ninth Row: Michael Stephen Fears, Deanna S. Feldman, Terri Fields, Janet Lee Flick, Annice Floyd, Perry Dean Floyd, James David Folsom. Tenth Row: Sarah Louise Fon- taine, Larry Gilbert Forsgren, Douglas Lee Fugate, E. Suzanne Futrell, Billy Powell Garlington, Gail Marie Gentry, Marsha Sue Gibbs. Eleventh Row: Gary D. Gilbert, Linda Carol Gilbert, Max A. Gil- bert, Thomas Wilson Gilleylen, Steffany G. Gilliland, Sharon Kaye Gilmore, Christie Anne Gingerich. 346 A 5 ca It isn ' t cheek to cheek, but no one seem to care. ?oio: Danny Wayne Glov- er, Christine Ann Orandstaff, Gary Frank Granger, Gildj I). Gray, Maxine Gray, Anita Carol Gray- son, Gary Glen Griffin. Second Row: Kathy Lee Gisliam, Jacqueline Sarah Groulx. Christy Ann Haizlip, Lola Beneta Hall, Thorn E. Hall, Haltom Scott Fowler, Stephen Lee Hampton. Third Row. Shelley Jane Han- na, Ruth Michele Hannebaum, Michael Ray Hanry, Raymond M. Harris, Rosemary Hartoon, Linda Louise Hastings, James Bruce Hazlewood. Fourth Row: Daniel Glenn Head- ley Ronald Lynn Headley, Judy Lynn Hendricks, Jane Karen Hen- ley, Wordna Sharon Henley, Linda S. Henry, Orville M. Henry III. Fifth Row: Michael Ray Hen- son, H. Eugene Hickman Jr., Wil- liam R. Higgins, Steve Thomas Hildebrand, Alice Marian Hill, Larry James Hill, Malcolm C. Hin- ton. Sixth Row: Dianne J. Hite, Marsha Lynn Hixson, Cheryl Susan Hodelka, John Craig Hogan, Karen Holbrook, Debbie Ann Holden, Robert S. Holmes. Seventh Row: Sandi L. Holt, Floyd Ronald Hornaday, Pamela Gail Home, Jerold Alan Horton, Judith Marie Hubble, James Lee Hunt, Michael Edward Hunt. 347 First Row: Alice Faye Hunter, Karen Gayle Jackson, Sliurron Faye Jacobs, Robert Wesley James, Richard Clyde J airman, Jerry Allen Jenkins, C. Dudley Johnson. Second Row: Johnny W. John- son, Buford Dale Jones, Jackson Murry Jones, Kathryn Faye Jones, Gerald Bernard Jordan, Denise Erin Kelley, .Susan Lynn Keniper. Third Row: Regina Sheryl Kent, Richard C. Keough, Hamilton Wright Kilpatrick, Don G. King, Phyllis Ann Kissire, Janet Marie Kleuser, Charles Edward Kluttz. Fourth Row: Brenda Sue Knee, Anita Lynne Knod, Barbara Jean Ko, William Stephan Koehler, Jon Michael Krannichfeld, Susan El- len Krum, Stephen Alvin Lance. Fifth Row: Gary Lynn Langston, Alice Jan Latimer, John Allen Lee, John Jay Lee, Jack Randall Leib, John M. Lipin, Judy LaDon Lipscomb. Sixth Row: Vicky L. Little, Ruth Suzanne Lloyd, Bettye Ann Long, Norman C. Long, Jonathan Dring Lough, Tommy L. Love, Deborah Ann Luther. Seventh Row: F. Michael Luck, Stephen Watson Lutterlol, Marcia Ann Lyon, Linda Kay Mahan, Bob- by Lynn Makin, Catherine Martin, Edwynn J. Martin. The little fire that started the BIG inves- tigation . . . 348 , First Row. Larry William Mar- tin, Richard Ray Martin, Walter D. Martin, Candace Kennedy Maschmeyer, Elizabeth Ann Ma- son, Darrcll William Masoner, Raymon Earl Massey. Second Row: Carolyn Mathews, Larry Emil Mathys, Sandra Lynn McAbee, Sandra Marie McCall, Gordon Frederick McCammon, An- gela Kay McCorkle, Nanette Mc- Donald. Third Row. Rebecca Rhodes Mc- Gee, Rebrcca Annette McGlothin, Dan L. McGrew, Richard Lynn Mcllveene, Ronald Wayne Mcll- veene, Vicki McKown, Michael G. McLendon. Fourth Row. Luci Meimerstorf, Ada Louise Meinecke, Alan Scott Meins, Robert Lloyd Melton, Carl Joseph Meurer Jr., Robert Eugene Meyer, John Robert Meyers. Fifth Row. Patrick James Mickle, Sandy Mickle, David Neale Miles Jr.. William Phillip Miles, Mary E. Millar, Rebecca Lee Mi- lum, Leslie Lowell Mizell. Sixth Row. Donna Ann Mont- gomery, Dotty L. Montgomery, Carolyn Carlyle Moore, Charlotte Moore, Michael H. Moore, Victoria Morgan, Jerry R. L. Mulkey. Seventh Row. Petty Lynn Mynn, C. Ann Nailling, Audrey L. Nash, Eric William Nelson, Nancy Lou Nelson, Tanai M. Newcomb, Mary Kathryn Newton. Eighth Row. Luch Ann Nilen, Nancy Ann Nix, Phillip Earl Nor- wood, Olan Andrew Nugent, Mary Lee Gates, Phillip E. Oholendt, Mirkie Lou Oliver. Ninth Row. Carol Jeanne Olson, Daniel Brooks O ' Roark, Janice V. Orrick, Cynthia Louise Owens, Me- linda Jean Owens, Robert Palazzi, Harry Cushman Palmer III. Tenth Row. Patricia JoAnne Pappas, Elsie E. Parkinson, Ruth Ann Parvin. Marc George Paulson, Jane L-e Pazderka, David Lynn Pcarre, Linda Pegelow. Eleventh Row. David Franklin Perkins, Lester Glenn Pettus, Lin- da Kaye Pierce, Michael Anthony Plunkett, Peggy Potter, Carl Grant Pouland, Vicki Lynne Powers. 349 First Row: Brenda S. Prince, Lynn Adair Prout, Lydia Ann Pugh, Claudia Ann Ranes, Bi-vcrly Louise Rapps, Jessica Francis Rau- ton, Susan Reed. Second Row: Faith Riley, Gary Philip Ritchie, Elizabeth Lynn Robbing, Dana Felix Roberts, Jerry E. Rogers, Mary Gail Rogers, Robert Lyle Rogers. Third Row: Judi Elaine Rosa- mond, Susan Rose, James Augus- tus Rudolph Jr., Candyce M. Rus- sell, Marie Jeanne tte Ryan, Mary Lynnette Ryan, Travis Joe Sanders. Fourth Row: Patricia Ann Scott, Jim Seibert, Zelda Marie Selph, Marilyn K. Shultz, Judy Zoe Sid- ler, Anne Silliman, Kenny Jerel Simmons. Fifth Row: Janice Simpson, Vic- tor K. Siroonian, Larry Allen Skaggs, Philip Larry Skoch, Mari- lyn Lea Smith, Perry Gene Smith, Warren Dale Smith. Sixth Row: William Mitchell Smith, Carol J. Sonnenfeld, Mur- ray Speer, L. Douglas Spickes Jr., Cheryl Ann Sproles, James Smith Starks III, Patricia Glee Stephens. Seventh Row: Ralph Arden Stephens, Cathy Stevenson, Lana Kay Stewart, Nancy Joann Stolzer, W. ' L. Stowers Jr., William Robert Stramm, Michael D. Stroud. The underprivileged Christmas party brought both shy smiles and wide grins to the children ' s faces. 350 first Rou : Diann Sutherlin, Thomas Robert Tauer. Hubert Ed- ward Tehan, Becky Temple. Da- vid Michael Terrell, Patriria Ann Thielemier. Second Row. Sandra La Verne Thomas, Edward Thompson Jr., Linda L. Thompson, Raymond Thompson Jr., Thomas Tell Thompson, Mary Stuart Tolleson. Third Row: Cynthia Ann Tread- way, Diana Lynn Treptow, Shir- ley Jane Tucker, Donald Alton Turnage, James Burr Turner, Rich- ard Leigh Turner. Fourth Row. Susan Jane Tur- ner, Michael Robert Vanderburg, Karen VanMeter, Yolanda Gail Vignes, John Francis Vinson, Pa- tricia Gail Walton. Fifth Row: James B. Waits, Annie Lou Walker, William Dan Walker, John Edward Watkins, Martha Lou Watson, Philip Da- vid Webb. Sixth Row: David Mark Wells, Cindy M. Whitten, James Larry Wiedeman, John R. Wilbanks, Robert Lee Wilder, Sam M. Wilk- erson. Seventh Row: Howard Leon Wilkinson, Judy Ann Williamson, Nancy Carol Willis, Carol Anne Winn, Judith Sample Wood, Lloyd Joseph Woodell II. Eighth Row. Sharon Allen Woodward, Aubrey Wayne Wool- ton, Bobby E. Wright, David Lee Wyman, Mary Martha Wynne. Ninth Row. Mary Alice Yee, James C. Youdan, Johnnie Nell Young, Michael C. Young, Suen Y. Yum. 351 Women ' s Inter-Hall Council The representatives from seven women ' s living groups which compose WIHC were busy this year with many projects. In continuing old traditions and adding new services, WIHC proved that it is not limited to residence hall activity. Casino Carnival was sponsored jointly by WIHC and MIHC early in the fall, and Hallaballoo Week, begun two years ago, was successfully repeated this year. A Christmas party for children of faculty mem- bers, a spring fashion show, awards to outstanding hall and senior woman, and sponsorship of foreign stu- dents was continued. Officers for the first semester were Sharon Wilson, president; Becky Bane, vice-president; Linda Handley, secretary; Barbara Wood, treasurer; and Chris Hohne, social chairman. Becky Bane took over the office of president in January. The highlight of the spring semester was the effort of WIHC and HIMC to combine to form the Residence Hall Association. If passed by the students, this will go into effect next year. OFFICERS: First Row: Becky Bane, President. Second Row. Linda Handley, Secretary; Barbara Wood, Treasurer; Chris Hohne, Social Chairman. WIHC: First Row. Mary Rodgers, Shirley Price, Linda Handley, June Freund, Janet Hecox, Kris Hohne, Kathy Darnell, Sharon Wilson. Second Row. Ai-Ping Wong, Becky James, Dolores Villines, Patsy Wood, Storm Freeman, Carol Chaney, Anne Hayes. Third Row. Lisa Babcock, Cathy Bechtel, Ginger Jones, Becky Bane, Judy Anderson, Ruth Parvin, Melinda Word. 352 First Row: Philip Skoch, Winston Winston, Jim Rudolph, Larry Waits, Dale Thompson, Steve Kinzler, James L. Cannon, Ron Woggle, Bill Adams. Second Row. James Gregory, Eric Goad, Bill Martin, Michael Haley, James Carson, Robert Cupp, Jim Burnett, Allen Wayen Best. Third Row: Wayen Kuse, Ralph Wilspm, Tobe Butler, Terry Hendrickson, Alan Storm, John McCormack, Ritchie Barlow. Fourth Row: Harry Wadsworth, Jr., Daniel Johnson, John Relyea, Wendell L. Griffen, David Gaines. Men ' s Inter-House Congress The Legislative Council of Men ' s Inter House Con- gress is composed of elected representatives from all men ' s residence areas who plan activities for the bene- fit of all men in the halls. MIHC and WIHC jointly sponsored Residence Hall Week, HALLABALLOO ' 69. Other MIHC projects and social activities included the annual Casino Carnival and awards to the Outstanding Man in Residence Halls and to the Outstanding Athlete. George Lease, past president of the MIHC was elected president of NACURH at the convention held at Long Beach, California last year. The MIHC and the WIHC decided to merge to ac- commodate the change to coed living areas. The result- ing organization will be known as Residence Hall Asso- ciation, or RHA. Officers for the year were Jim Burnett, President; Jim Carson, Vice-President; Terry Hendrickson, Secre- tary; Robert Cupp, Treasurer; and Alan Storm, Social Chairman. OFFICERS: Robert Cupp. Treasurer; Terry Hendrickson, Secretary; Ji m Burnett. President; Jim Carson, Vice President; Alan Storm, Social Chairman. 353 Buchanan Hall The Beer House Ballad Into the mouth of death, Into the jaws of Hell, Strode the Buchanan. Fierce and mean as people tell. In their eyes, a gleam they had And roundball in hand they came, Charging down the court Glory their aim - Winning their game Their enemies fled Before the mighty yell - " Raise Hell! " Though disappearing as they came, The Buchanans a legend remains. First Row. Wayne Henry Ains- lie, John C. Besse, Larry K. Bot- toms, Gary L. Carnahan. Second Row: Loy Roger Cassa- dy, Richard Francis Detweiler, William Carroll Edwards, Earl J. Euler. Third Row: Richard Lamar Holt, Ronnie Waymon Howerton, Dustin Lee Moffett, Edwin Steven Page. Fourth Row: Robert Edward Price, Riley Burton Ritchie, Da- vid Gerald Tanner, John C. War- 354 Broke House Droke House quietly completed its second year as a graduate residence hall this year. After serving for several years as an undergraduate residence hall, Droke has completed the transition to an atmosphere adapted to allowing its residents to pursue the serious study and extensive research necessary in the graduate program. No officers were elected, but John Seward, the Resi- dent Assistant for Droke House, served well as the spokesman for the men of Droke whenever the need arose. Activities on an organized basis were kept to a bare minimum to allow the men to pursue their own studies and interest to the fullest as individuals. First Row. James William Ad- dington Jr., Robert Eugene Brown- ing, Glenn David Garrison, Martin Otto Hackel, Hartford Ray Hamil- ton Jr. Second Row: John Harold John- son, James Craig Martin, William Rush, Irwin John Seward Jr. U of A graduate adds excitement and in- tellectual stimulation to life at Droke House. 355 llulcombe Hall - 6 jT i 8 sil 4 1 1 ,3 , -:.! A ' Holcombe Was First In I iitram u ru Is Trying to break away from traditional dorm life this year, the men of Holcombe were willing to explore new avenues in residence hall living. A friendly atmos- phere, which Holcombe takes pride in, existed all year and a warm fire was always burning in the winter months. The " Super Dorm " lived up to its reputation in in- tramural sports by finishing on top for the third straight year and by having undefeated football and basketball teams for the third year also. It was a good year. It was a year in which freshmen lived in Hol- combe for the first time, and they got into the swing of university life quickly with the dorm ' s varied social life. The year was filled with drop-ins, exchange dinners, and openhouse for Dad ' s Day and Homecoming. There was Slave Day, the Holcombe-Futrall Christmas Dance, the Holcombe-Futrall Luau. The big event was the " Super Dorm Formal " , with the theme of Odyssey 60. Holcombe Hall kept up tradition of Super Dorm with Super Dance first Row: Dean (iialiain Ad- ams, John A. Alien. Jaino, Red- man Anderson, Mirhai-l Ruel Archer, Richard Wyull Asher, Richard Joseph Ault, Jrrry Lynn Bailey. Second Row: Kenneth L. Bal- lard, Paul Leonard Barber, Roy Edward Black, George H. Bollier, John Raymond Boyle Jr., Darrell Fayne Brown, James G. Brown. Third Row: David Goodwin Bugh, Edwin Snooky Clark, Jack Gammill Clemens, Edward H. Cooper Jr., Johnny Lee Davidson, Gary Malcolm Dawson, Don W. Dillard. Fourth Row: Donald R. Dim- mitt, Alfred C. Dougherty, James Byron Duncan, Stephen John Earp, Richard Wayne Edwards, James Michael Erstine Jr., Walter Roger Fey. Fifth Row: John Olyver Charles Franklin, John Thomas Franklin III, Howard Clinton Gilbert, Gil Glover, Alfred Todd Gray Jr., Ernie Horton Gray, James M. Gregory. Sixth Row: Lloyd Randall Hughes, John Robert Hunt, James Binion Hutchens, Guy Braden Irby III, Marvin Leon Joyce, Robert Thomas Kemper, Donald T. Kenney. Seventh Row: James William Kooistra, Raymond Earl Lea, Michael L. Lee, Michael A. Lim- bird, William H-L Ma, James M. McKinley, Ralph Lee McQueen. Holcombe Jocks rack up in intramurals. 357 First Row. Bernard Wayne Mize, Bobby Wayne Moncrief, Steven Dale Myrick, Edwin E. Nosbitt, Kenneth Brian Newkirk, Lewis A. Nipp, John David Norris. Second Row: James John Osko- wis, William Eugene Owens, Joseph L. Parker, Robert Houston Parker, Harold Louis Payne, James Cecil Pilger, Rodney Lyn Ratledge. Third Row: John F. Relyea, Charles Raymond Rickles Jr., Don Baron Roberts, Alan Lewis Roller, James Tedford Russell, David Parke Saxon. Fourth Row: Paul Edward Scherrey, Harold R. Seifert, Thomas Lee Sharp, Ronald Doug- las Sisk, William F. Smiley, Charles Stephen Smith, Earl Travis Smith Jr. Fifth Row: Edward Thurman Smith, J. D. Smith, George Eugene Staggs, Ervin Ray Starwalt, James Richard Stinnett, Eddie Morris Taylor. Sixth Row: Jack D. Tidball, George Robert Toombs II, Jim Dale Treat, Wallace F. Waits Jr., Joe H. Waldrip, Eddie Haywood Walker Jr. Seventh Row. Tommy Lynn Whedbee, George Lonnie White, Paul R. Whitnah, Robert Keith Widding, Jeffery H. Williams, Stanley F. Wooldridge. All work and no play would make Jack a dull boy. 358 Jl, " 7 Humphreys Hall Humphreys Finishes In Style The end of this school year marks the death of a tradition in residence halls. After this year, Humph- reys Hall, the only remaining men ' s residence hall, will be changed to a four-year women ' s residence hall. The final year of male occupancy was very good. Under the guidance of a well-qualified staff and the leadership of the hall officers, Humphreys achieved many goals. The first big success of the year was the second- place award for homecoming house decorations. Humphreys spirit was also conveyed to the pep rallies, where the men of the hall loudly supported the ever famous HOGS. Concerned about the many changes taking place within the residence hall system, the men of Humphreys showed an extreme interest in residence hall programs by actively supporting Hallaballoo ' 69 and MIHC. This wide range of campus activity was accompanied by much activity within the residence hall. Although there were many parties, dances and outings to attend, the scholastic side of life was not neglected, as proven by the many MIHC scholastic awards distributed to many of the Humphreys residents. The residents of Humphreys also found time to actively participate in the intramural programs. Typical room in Humphreys shows creativity and sophistication. 359 First Row. Garry Alan Abbott. Wayne Allen Ackerman, James Franklin Alkin, James Douglas Alexander II, Richard Waters Al- len, Michael Kevin Anderson. Lar- ry Lane Applen. Second Row: Jerry Walter Ash- burn, Nathan Bagley, John Mich- ael Baker, Michael Theodore Bald- win, Harry Dean Barrett, Edwin Stanley Barton. Thomas William Barton. Third Row: Gordon T. Beasley, Eric Lynn Beaver, Jimmy Ray Bee- man, Thomas Henry Benton, Allen Wayne Best, David Clarke Black, Earl J. Blanks. Fourth Row: John Thomas Blev- ins, Jerry Thomas Blount, Millard Fillmore Bowen, James W. Boyd, James Allen Bradley, John Hend- erson Bradley, James J. Branch. Fifth Row: Milton Charles Brok- er Jr., Fred E. Brown, Patrick Emory Brown, Donald William Bunch, Aubrey Franklin Burnett, John W. Butler, Randy Butler. Sixth Row: William C. Byers, Canley F. Byrd, Joseph Troy Campbell, James Landis Cannon, Leland Randell Chapman, Robert Gene Chenowith, Robert Michael Clary. Seventh Row: Gerry Dan Clift, Gary Ray Cottrell, Victor Randall Cox, James Sherwood Culberson, Scott Neal Daniel, David D. Davis, Joseph B. Deacon. - . Humphreys men find extracurricular ac- tivities enjoyable. First Run-: Lurry C. Denton, Bobby A. Donaphe. James Richard Eads Jr., John (Jerry Edge, L. Victor Evans, John Morgan Fe- land, Jerold Kenneth l-Vt er. Second Row: Terry Lee Fleming, Stephen Dale Fuhrmann, James A. Funderhurgl, Charles Alan Fur- low, James Ronald Fuser, Ermic Kenneth Gaston Jr., James Harvey Gates. Third Row: Richard William Geraci, Gary Lynn Gibson, Teddy Lynn Glaub, Eric Warren Goad, Ronald Gary Godfrey, Gerald Rob- ert Graves, Gary Lee Gray. Fourth Row: Windred Thaddeus Gray, Jeff Greenberg, Michael Louis Greenwell, Wendell Lee Griffen, Gordon Downey Griffin, John H. Griffin, Kenneth Allen Haggard. Fifth Row: Richard C. Handlen, Dennis Dean Harberson, Jimmy Thomas Harrell, Morril Hilton Harriman Jr., Steve Harrison, Ter- ry Guy Hendrickson, Rodney Lee Hester. Sixth Row: Robert Dean Hidde, Dale Calvin Hill, Jimmy Louis Hillman, Billy Douglas Hines, Lewis Wayne Hirschy, Richard Joseph Hodelka, Glen E. Hopkins. Seventh Row: Michael Gordon Hopkins, Stephen Douglas Hop- kins, Dale Edwin Hubble, William Harold Hughes, James David Hun- ter, Johnny Lyndell Hunter, Carl Fred Jaggers. Eighth Row: Dennis Dean Jami- son, Gene Jines, James Neil John- ston, Rickey E. Jones, James Bur- ton Jordan, Nolan Jay Justice, Mitchell Dwayne Kelley. Ninth Row: William Lynn Keen- er, Louis Aubrey Lam-aster, Rickey Dale Lane, Richard L. Lane, Fred- dy Dean Langston, Vernon Eugene Lee, Andrew William Lepp. Tenth Row: Larry Samuel Lloyd, Gary W. Logan, Rex Bradford Lynn, Theodore Edward Mackall, Richard Denton Magoun, David Lee Mantooth, William H. Martin. Eleventh Row: Michael Mason, Rex Dale Mason. Charles Richard Maule, Ronald F. Maxwell, Scott McAllister, Hiram T. McBeth III, John M. McCormack. 361 flow: Jimmy Leon McKee, James Ray McKenzie, Michael Frank McKenzie, Jerry Raymond McKinney, Grady Alan McRae, Mark Steven Medford, James An- thony Metrailer. Second Row: David Glenn Min- ton, Donald Rex Mitchell, William Lang Money, Carl Thomas Moody, George Ernest Myers, George Tom- Newberry, Fred Ed Northcross my III. Third Row. Joseph Patrick O ' Donnell, Danny G. Oldham, Steven Clark Palmquist, Douglass Lamar Parish, Robert Earl Patter- son, Steven Burke Patterson, Charles R. Pearce. Fourth Row: Ronald Charles Pederson, James K. Pennington, Randall P. Pierce, Johnny Lee Preston, Jeffrey Austin Rawlings, Terry S. Ray, William Joseph Richardson. Fifth Row. Thomas Gregory Rife, Gerald Dewayne Robertson, Ron- ald Keith Rogers, John Randall Russell, Paul Wesley Rust, Tim- othy J. Ryan, Jerry Allen Scheer. Sixth Row. James Joseph Se- ward, Jerry Wayne Shannon, Step- han B. Shaw, Claude Arnold Shope, Charles William Sloan, Curtis Dewayne Smith, Scott H. Smith. Seventh Row. Chester John Sni- der, Ronald Wayne Snyder, Larry Don Sparks, Marcus Bickham Stacy, Albert Louis Steplock, Wil- liam Logan Stifter, Robert M. Sullivan. Eighth Row: Billy G. Swindell, Michael A. Sykes, E. Shelley Tack- ett, David H. Talley, David Ron- ald Temple, Rondolph Christopher Tenicki, Robert Steven Terry. Ninth Row. Gilbert Thomas Jr., Nathaniel Thomas II, Rick How- ard Toole, Herbert Townsend, Dennis Claude Turner, David W. Vest, Rex Edwin Vowell, Steven E. Vowell. Tenth Row: Charles Steven Walker, Richard Allen Ward, Wil- liam K. Warnock, A. Thomas Watt Jr., James Randy Webb, Gary Eu- gene Weeks, Jimmy Dale Wheel- ington, Randall Dennis Whorton. Eleventh Row: Jerry Wallace Williams, John Glynn Williams, Kenneth R. Williams, Jewell Ern- est Windle, Cloyd Stephen Wise- man, Gustave Charles Wolf, Wal- lace Winston Wood, Roger Wright. 362 I ft - Humphreys man and date dance for peace. Moving in has got to be the best part of going to college. Amidst all the activity, both on and off campus, students still find the solitude and time to study. 363 Sedgewell 3 House Sedgewell Wins In Basketball Sedgewell House remained an upperclass residence hall this year, and enjoyed continued success as a leader in campus dormitory life. Officers were: Ken Helton, President; Mark Kruger, Vice-President; Terry Reed, Secretary; Tony Merriweather, Treasurer; and Bobby Cornish, Social Chairman. Sedgewell sponsored drop-ins, openhouses, spring outings and the annual Christmas party for underpriv- ileged children. Sedgewell men were also active in M1HC and all-dorm social activities. Sedgewell House was active in Intramurals. In intramural sports, Sedgewell won the division title in basketball. Residents of Sedgewell were active in many campus activities. Jim Burnett served as President of MIHC and was tapped for membership in Blue Key and was elected to Who ' s Who. Matt Wakugawa was publicity chairman of the International Club; Jerry Martin was president of Pi Tau Sigma and secretary of ASME. Mark Kruger was president of PEM Club, and Bill Nielsen was 2nd Lt. of Scabbard and Blade. ra T and re wllidlv Jartin as I HL | . and Bill ' First R ow: Chester l. Anders, Donald W. Baker, (.an I, , lialch- elor, Steven Gregory l(n k. William H. Becker, Larry Si. I ' .illl.. li,h- ael Roy Black, Stephen Kirol BIythe. Second Row: John Brown Jr., Jim Burnett, Charles David Capps, Gary Ronald Casteel, John James Centrello, Franklin James Clark, Don Edwin Cook, Bobby Joe Cornish. Third Row: David Fielding Cox, Robert A. Dahms, Raguel Lee Da- vis, James Frederick Fitzpatrick, Glenn Allen Glover, Larry Wayne Glover, James Wallace Hall, Thomas L. Harnian. Fourth Row: James Knox Hen- dren, Marvin P. Henningson Jr., Ronald Deloss Holmes, V. Keith Jameson, Guy Franklin Jones, Lar- ry Paul Kinder, Ronnie Dewayne King, Freddie Joe Lane. Fifth Row: Robert A. Lewis, Steve Warren Long, Gary Lambeth Low, Jerrel Dean Martin, William H. McClure, Robert Stephen Mc- Kinnev Ray Emory McKissic, Tony Randal Merriweather. Sixth Row: William Manford Mielsen, Terry Gleen Reed, Joseph Leo Reisz, Robert Slawson Root, James Burnard Shelby, Rodger Keith Shelman. Seventh Row: George E. Sim- mons, John Edward Symonds, James Dennis Taylor, Dale Edward Thompson, Glynn Trusty, Albert Glenn Yasser, John Charles Wai- den. Sedgewell men ring their chimes. 365 Wffliam House William House Kept High GPA With the introduction of freshmen into William House this year, the dorm life was far from common- place. In keeping with a traditional accent on scholar- ship, William House maintained a high grade point average despite rather " spirited " tendencies of some of the residents. William House ' s social activities included a chil- dren ' s Christmas party, a Christmas dance, drop-ins, participation in Homecoming activities, and a Dad ' s Day reception and open house. The men were also ac- tive in intramural activities. Various organizations represented by the residents included Civic Club, Blue Key, Alpha Pi Mu, Tau Beta Pi, Tau Alpha Upsilon, Alpha Zeta, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kap- pa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, the Senate of Associated Stu- dents and Sigma Alpha William. The officers of the dorm for the first semester were: Alan Fabrycky, President; Clyde West, Vice-President; David Raymond, Secretary -Treasurer ; and Stan Trauth, Social Chairman. When Clyde returned to Congress (MIHC), John Fuller swept into the vice-presidency. Darrel Rice, Eddie Morgan and Ferrell Ervin were counselors and Tom Wyrick was Head Resident. Men of William House spent many long hours of study at the " Library. " First Row: Troy Cra ar Alley Jr., Ritchie Davis Barlow, William A. Bennett, Wilbur A. Biggs, Bruce Wayne Blackwcll, Carlisle Burnette, Frank Raymond Cherry. Second Row. Kenneth H. Clark, Keith D. Crabtree, Charles Ed- ward Drake, Robert Ferrell Ervin, Alan Louis Fabrycky, Stephen Steele Ford, Loyd Bayless Foults. Third Row. John Julian Fuller, Gary Gardner, James Michael Grimes, Michael Stephen Haley, James Rexford Hecox, Bobby El- man Highfill, John William Hotz. Fourth Row. Thomas Anthony Hotz II, Larry Dale Hunter, Ron- nie Dewayne King, Arthur Thomas Larson, Robert Francis Lay, Cal- vin Ted Mantooth, Merle Edward McClain. Fifth Row: Stanley G. McFcr- ran, Randy Laverll Mi n nick, Charles Evans Money, Erode D. Morgan, Noel Edmond Morgan Jr., Stanley Earl Morris, John Chris Northcutt, Daniel Ivan Overr. Sixth Row: Allex G. Papageorge, Jerry Wayne Paul, Robert Louis Quandt, Raymond Monree Ray Jr., Charles David Raymond, Jack Moore Redfearn, Darrel Alan Rice, Charles Ervin Sherwood. Seventh Row: Glenn Lyle Short, Ronald Gene Suber, Marvin Orbin Sutterfield, Douglas Loyd Terry, Glenn Albert Thompson, Stanley Elwood Trauth, Joe Anthony Vin- son, Bobby William Wray. William House Homecoming decoration should have substituted sugar for cotton. FALLS Reach Neu POIN15 QUARTER SALES OF ARKANSAS COTTON FUTURES 367 Wilson Sharp House Wilson Sharp Had Full Calendar Although Arkansas ' Sugar Bowl victory and SWC football championship were highlights of the athletic year, residents of Wilson Sharp continued their full schedule of activities. The carefully planned schedule is worked out by house mother Mrs. Karle Smith, in close cooperation with the elected officers of Wilson Sharp. Officers for 1969 included Gordon McNulty, president; Dennis Berner, vice-president; and Dewitt Smith, social chairman. It is a compliment to Wilson Sharp that its officers were all A-B students, two of them majoring in engineering. The year included the traditional Christmas Party, two outings during the winter and spring (with promis- Razorbacks chow down. ing high school athletes as guests), and a series of post-game buffets. A special highlight of this past year was the Championship Football banquet in the ball- room of the Student Union. Residents of Wilson Sharp have an active chapter in the Fellowship of Chri stian Athletes (Dewitt Smith, president) ; and are guests each year of Rogers, Ark., in an annual Razorback Golf Tournament. Bob White was the 1968 winner. Wilson Sharp is joined by Darby Hall, the dining- recreation wing. Coach Lon Farrell is the resident counselor. r ..? " " F first Kuir: Wayne Austin, Jerry Don Bailey, Ronald Wayne Ben- nett, Jerry Don Blackwood, Dennis Berner, Paul Stuarl Blevins, Thomas William Borders. Second Row: Michael Steven Briggs, Bruin Louis Campbell, Jr., William Louis Carter, Timothy Jay Clark, Kevin Hayes Danaher, Joe Wayne Davis, Robert Dew. Third Row: Wayne E. Dipper, John Calvin Eichler, Judson Land- ers Erwin, Marshall Lamar Fel- lows, Jack Ronald Fortner, David Vincent Gross, James Daniel Geog- hagen. Fourth Row: James Kenny Har- ris, Michael Stevens Hazlewood, Richard Lee Hegenberger, Mich- ael Conley Hendren, Thomas A. Johnson, Michael Edward Kelson, Brian Harold Limogeg. Fifth Row: Billy Clyde Lively, Borys Malczycki, David Glenn Morrow, Robert Allen Nichols, Gordon W. Norwood, Michael Buckley Paddock, James Norman Rabeneck. Sixth Row: Dennis R. Rizza, Charles Michael Robards, Douglas Linn Ruhl, Harry Duboise Sim- mons III, David Anderson Sions, David Moore Spatz, Michael Paul Strickland. Seventh Row: Clay E. Stricklin, W. Randy Taylor, Stephen Mark Tedder, Kenneth Bloss Ward, Da- vid Lee Webb, Robert John Wil- son. Yocum Hall Yocum Installed KASS Yocum Hall, in its first year as a four-year hall, showed spirit and leadership in campus activities. Yocum won first place in the men ' s division in Singfony, placed second in the Homecoming Float Con- test, and retained the Spirit Trophy given by ABC for the second consecutive year. Two firsts were initiated in Yocum this year. Se- lected as the first annual sweetheart was Paula Clark. Radio Station KASS was organized, providing music enjoyment within the dorm. A reception was held for Senators " Mutt " Jones, Eirnhart, Rep. Herb Rule and Jim Caldwell after they were invited to speak at Symposium in rebuttal to Cassius Clay. Among the outstanding students in Yocum was George Lease, Associated Students President and Na- tional President of College and University Residence Halls. Two delegates sent to the NACURH Convention were Put Wilkes and Alan Storm. Bill Granderson was selected as St. Pat. Providing leadership in the hall were President Norman " Put " Wilkes, Vice-President Paul Cunning- ham, Secretary Bill Ruch, Treasurer Ted Legatski, and Social Chairman Jim Hardwich. The new Head Resi- dent this year was Dale Smith. After years of being second best, Yocum finally broke into the winner ' s circle in Singfony. ocun as t and Na- Rffiiiience bon as lead Resi- First Row: William I.rwis Ab- bott, Bill David A lam , Jimmy Joe Allen, Nianzer Earl Anderson, J. Bruce Applegate, Milton John Art- ley Jr., John Tyler Baber. Second Row: Dwight W. Bailey. Bryan Harold Banks, Thomas Fred Barber, Richard Allen Barnes, Rick Bartley, Jerry Dudley Bas- sett. R. Michael Batie. Third Row: Dennis Dale Bauer, Mark Stephen Beckworth, Richard N. Bennett, Rick Lee Bennett, Thomas Lee Benton, Terrence West Beverly, Charles Rick Bis- hop. Fourth Row: Eddie Lee Blakey, Lloyd Dean Blancett Jr., Jerry Lynn Bolen, R. V. Boyd, Henry Jackson Bradley, Don Martin Bradshaw, Burl Iralee Brooks. Fifth Row: Craig Allen Brown, Robert Jackson Browning Jr., Da- vid Allen Bruns, Adam B. Bull, Ira Eugene Burgan, William Ma- rion Burnell, Thomas Victor Bur- kett. Sixth Row: William Lee Bur- roughs III, Terry Gene Burruss, Harlan Ray Butler, Tommy Dar- rell Cain, Michael John Callahan, Kenneth E. Carle, Bradford Eu- gene Carroll II. Seventh Row: Frederick Allen Carter, Kenn eth Wesley Carter, David Wayne Catlett. Louis Paul Chalfant. Darrell Edward Chan- cellor. John Cabell Cheathan, Tony Joe Checca. Sadistic Yocumifes took out their f lustra- tions on float building during Home- coming. 371 First Row: Michael Ray Child- ers, Richard M. Childress, Jerry Roger Clark, Thomas Andrew Clarke, Jake Baggarly Commer Jr., Carl Watson Conner, Larry R. Cooper. Second Row: Allen Rutherford Crouch, John Patrick Cullum, Lar- ry Don Cunningham, Wallace Paul Cunningham, Donald Alan Cureton, Sammy H. Custer, Robert W. Cuzzort. Third Row: Alec L. Darnall, Thomas Michael Davis, Stephen William Day, Stephen Aldeen Dea- ton, Francis Eugene DeBons. John Martin DeBons, Stephan Elwood Deen. Fourth Row: Robert Thomas Deere, Danny Joe Dees, Don Ber- ber DeFreece, Richard Dee De- Maine. Scott E. Dobbs, Danny Eu- gene Doss, James P. Douglass. Fifth Row: Alfred Harry Dun- ham, Gary Lynn Dunn. Alvin Hill Easterwood, Jimmy Don Eaton, William Anthony Eaton, James Michael Echols, Larry Gene Eck- hardt. Sixth Row: Dwight Herman Estes, Roy R. Ewing, Gary Rus- sell Farr, Gary Alfred Featherston, Daniel Clayton Fetherolf, Earnest Charles Flint, Adren H. Finch. Seventh Row: Michael Allen Forney, Alan Douglas Fortenberry, James Walton Friddle, Olan Stan- ley Fruchey, David Eugene Fultz, Brady L. Gadberry Jr., David Brian Gaines. Quoth the fat, little independent, " Ah, yes, W. C.! I knew him well . . . " 372 ft ? L- ' + " ' $ fe yc. Z- . First Row: Damn I luges Gen- rett, James Loyd Gaili- II, Joseph William Glenn, William John Goodyear, Larry Jark (.ran. Wil- liam Mansill Graham. William S. Granderson. Second Row: James Ellis Graves, Troy Anderson Gray, Kenneth Wayne Grayson, William Nolan Groce, Ronald Lee Grubbs, Joseph Conrad Guziewicz, Gary N. Hair- ston. Third Row: Gary C. Hall, Z. Roland Hamilton Jr., Jim C. Hard- wick, Garry L. Hargis, Russell James Harnish, Aubrey Lee Har- ris, Twant Montgomery Harris III. Fourth Row: Randy Hart, George Raymond Harvey Jr., James Ronald Haymon, Thomas William Hecox, James Andrews Heldt, Eric Thomas Henderson, Ronnie Lee Henderson. _ Fifth Row: Donald Ray Hend- ricks, George Wayne Herren, Dar- ius B. Hill III, A. Wayne Holcomb, David W. Holm, Jimmy Todd Ho- lub, Marvin Eugene Houston. Sixth Row: J. Michael Hubbs, Ronnie Dallas Hughes, David Tay- lor Hyatt, Dennis Glenn Hyland, Randy Dale Irwin, Walter Frank Irwin, Kent Valentine Jackson. Seventh Row: Richard Clark Jackson, Thomas Lee Jackson, Charles Roy Johnson, George Steven Johnson, James Albert Johnson Jr., John L. Johnson, Steve Michael Johnson. Eighth Row: Melvin D. Jones, Bek E. Kaiser, David S. Kelly, Daniel H. Key, John Marvin Kil- lian, Kyle Randolph Kimel, Wil- liam Wert Kimpel. Ninth Row: Don Kenneth King, Patrick Thompson King, Charles William Kinslow III, Steve Lee Kinzler, John Joseph Kirby, Joseph Edward Kraynik, Karl F. Kunkel. Tenth Row: Wayne Carl Kuse, Chuck Lin Lam. Robert Duane Larson, Warren Emerson Law, Michael Anthony Lawless, Charles Michael Lawrence, George Floyd Lease, Jr. Eleventh Row: Russell Ervin Leeman, Ted W. Legatski, Duane Edward Lemke, Victor Eugene Lindsay, Rickey Davis Lilley, Michael Charles Livingston, Jim- mie Neal Lowrey. 373 Urst Row: Jeffrey Michael Lynch, Gail Edward Mainard, Michael Alvin Malloy, Kenneth Neal Malone, Lyale Fredrir Marr Jr., Bruce Warren Martin, Michael Eugene Mason. Second Row: Douglas Menard Matthews, David Lawrence Mc- Clain, James W. McDaniel, Gary Michael McDonald, David Bruce McFarland, Thomas Henry Mc- Lain, Larry Joe McLeod. Third Row: Hollis Mast Mc- Nully, J. Randy Milam, John Emil Miller II, David Cragar Minor, Larry Dane Mitcham, Alan Kay Mitchell, Billy Carl Moeller. Fourth Row: Loyd Eugene Mooney, Joe Moore, Russell Dean Morris, Jerry Wayne Morton, Bert Lee Myers, Michael Porter Mul- lenix, Ronald Lynn Mullins. Fifth Row: Barry Dale Neal, Grey Andrew Neal, Michael David Newman, John Terry Nichols, Da- vid Burton Offutt, Roger Adams Oldham, Richard Little Oliver. Sixth Row: Walter L. O ' Neal, Tom W. Ott, Stephen M. Parker, Michael Bruce Paszkewicz, John Kennedy Patterson, Janik Randall Perdue, Tommy David Peterman. Seventh Row: Klaus Peter Phil- lips, Larry Bryce Pickett, Donald Christopher Pils, Billy Lem Pool, John Michael Powers, Daniel Les- lie Prier, Michael Gregg Pritch- ard. Eighth Row: Kenneth Best Proctor, Philip Arthur Quandt, Lawrence Henry Quattlegaum, Har- old A. Ramho, Stanley Loyd Ran- kin, Larry Everett Ratcliff, John Franklin Raymer. Ninth Row: Paul Wayne Ri- bitzki, Herschel F. Rice, Larry Dean Ricketts, John Fred Riddle, Ronal Dale Rippy, Kurt Gerard Ristig, William David Ritchie. Tenth Row: Charles D. Robert- son, Richard Clay Robinson, Jim- mie Maurice Robison, William Everett Rorie, William Earl Ruck, Philip Richard Runyan, Ronald Lee Rushing. Eleventh Row: Leslie Franklin Russell Jr., Skipper Rutherford, Jack Allen Sallee, Freddie Ray Schmidt, Stephen Perry Schrimpf, Stan Sellers, Wayne C. Sexton. 374 First foio: John Lionel Shafer III, Thomas C. Shank. Joe Wayne Sharp, James Levraquc Shaucr III, John B. Sher, Putrirk Cforge Shirley, Stanley K. Slio.-k. Second Row. Russell Ellsworth Short, Mike C. Simmons, Gregory L. Singer, Michiel Paul Skoog, Danny Glen Sloan, William Lea Smiley Jr., David Arthur Smith. Third Row: Frederick Harry Smith II, Robert Michael Smith, Byron Wynne Southerland, Jesse Earl Springer, Frederick Thomas Sprunger, Mitchell Alvin Starkey, Charles Conrad Stein. Fourth Row: Terry Lynn Steu- art, William Herschel Stiles, Rick- ford B. Still, Alan Le Storm, Wil- liam Henry Stovall, Edward Lee Stuart, Terry Leon Summitt. Fifth Row: Glenn Edwin Sut- ton, Billy F. Tanneberger, Gary Edw in Tarpley, Zealand Benjamin Thigpen III, Roger E. Thomas, William Miles Thomas, Thomas Ray Thornton. Sixth Row: William Paul Thorn- ton, James David Tomlinson, Wil- liam Arthur Treat, Robert Frank Trigg, James Ben Turpin, Wayne Lafayette Vandergriff, John C. Vaughan. Seventh Row: John Allen Vin- cent, Harry Wadsworth Jr., John Charles Walden, Stephen K. Wal- dron. Robert Lee Walters, Bobby D. Ward, Allen Frederick Warn-n. Eighth Row: Ted Harlan f-b- ber. Chip Welch, Jeff Butler Welch, William Edward Welch, Kenneth Roy Wheatley, Denaiis Lee Whittaker, Gary Herman Wiederkehr. Ninth Row: Norman Carl Wil- ber, Bobby Owen Williams, Step- hen Douglas Williams. Thomas L. Williams, Ricky Glen Wilson. Phil- lip Dwane Wiltfong, Winston Roy Winston. Tenth Row: Jerry Seawel Woods, Scott Hodgson Wood, Eddie M. Wright, Ralph D. Wright. William S. Wright, Robert Louis Yates, Don Ray Young. 375 Off Campus Living t 376 first Row: Gary Allen Aaron, Dennis Allen Abell, John Dale Ao lin, Larry M. Adair, Michael Adair, Charles Michael Adams, John W. Adams. Second Row: Joseph H. Adams, Neil Adams, Stephen Eschol Ad- ams, Ted Randy Adkins, Victor G. Aeby Jr., Jerry L. Ainsworth, David Charles Alexander. Third Row: Lawrence Allen Alexander, Barbara Jean Allen, Connie Anne Allen, Danny Ray Allen, Loren Barry Allen, Robert Walter Allen, James Burton Allin- der. Fourth Row: Nancy Catherine Allmendinger, Billy Junior Allred, Myron David Almond, Becky Ann Alsip, Larry Eugene Alsip, Donna G. Alter, Lonnie Fred Ammens. Fifth Row. Howell C. Amos, Ar- thur John Anderson, Ricky A. Anderson, Donald Charles Angel, Charlotte Cooley Anthony, Connie G. Anthony, Thomas Mark An- thony. Sixth Row: Bobby Joe Apple- gate, Anwar Arif, Billy Bob Ar- nold, Elliott Orman Arnold, Julien Coty Arpin, Elizabeth Sue Atkin- son, William Henry Aurnan. Seventh Row: Lynda Lee Aus- tin, Harold Avery, Raymond M. Avery, David L. Ayres, Marilyn Kay Babcock, Bruce Duane Bag- well, Becky M. Baker. Eighth Row: James H. Baker, Karen Lee Baker, Bernard John Bakker, David Baldi, Billy Charles Baldwin, Robert L. Ball, David Leigh Ballenger. Ninth Row: Norman Edward Ballenger, Charolette Jaylon Banks, Jeffrey B. Banks, Vicki Jeanne Banks, Mannon George Bankson Jr., Howard John Barager III, C. Fred Barbee. Tenth Row: Jerry Glen Earner, Billie Doyle Barnes, Helen M. Barnes, Billy Joe Barnett, Wade Cole Barton, Eugene Joseph Bartsch, Linda Darlene Bascom. Eleventh Row: Garold Robert Base, Dale Eugene Basham, Jerald F. Basham, David Bassett, Marga- ret Elizabeth Bateman, Charles Dee Batson, Judy Kaye Baucom. 378 , ' ft ' vy First Row: Gayl A. Itaugus, Arthur D. Beakli- , Jrrry K. Beard, Hallie S. Beard, Jolin Brrry Beard, Leroy Vern Beard, Jack Horsey Bearden. Second Row: Larry Fred Bear- den, Jack Thomas Beauchump, Harold Dennis Beaver, Ben E. Becker, Larry Robert Begoon, Carolyn Marie Bell, Charles Nel- son Bell. Third Row: Donald R. Bell, Glenn E. Bell, J. C. Bell, James Patrick Bell, Johnnie C. Bell, Judy Ann Bell, Sarah Nadean Bell. Fourth Row: Shirley Mae Bell, William Howard Bell, E. Michael Bender, J. Gayle Bender, Michael S. Benge, Glenn Harris Bennett, Kenneth Edward Berner. Fifth Row: Chris Allen Bettis, Farrish Earl Betton, John Thomas Beyenka, David H. Bibb, Dorothy Davis Bibby, Michael Bullard Bib- by, George Bingham. Sixth Row: Sherlean Bingham, David O. Birkett, Eric Weir Bis- hop, Patrick Kelly Bishop, Larry George Bittle, Galon E. Blackburn, Wilbur Dee Blackmon Jr. Seventh Row: James Edwards Blackwell, Pamela Sue Blakeslee, M. Gale Blalock, Scott Boaz, Larry Joe Boccarossa, Paul Bolain, Clell Lee Bond. Eighth Row: Bobby Lynn Bonds, Wilma Bonds, Charmayne B. Bondurant, Nancy J. Bookout, Donald O. Booth, Eddie Van Booth, John Roger Booth. Ninth Row: Marc Borengasser, Thomas Timothy Borengasser, Gar- rett Lee Bosley, Robert Sterling Bosley, David Bruce Bostain, Luther Harlan Boudra, Brenda Elizabeth Boudreau. Tenth Row: Peggy Cecile Boud- reaux, Susan Anthony Bowe, Rich- ard William Bower, Barton Charles Bowers, Barbara Louise Bowman, Larry L. Bowman, Julia W. Boyer. Eleventh Row: Gary Bryan Brackin, Elizabeth Lynn Bradley, Jim D. Bradley, Mark Kent Brad- ley, Reginald Dewain Bradley, Joseph Scott Brakefield, George Lawrence Brantingham. 379 First Row: Gary Ray Bratton, Joseph Black Breen, Elvert Leon Brewer, Girtha Mae Brewer. Larry Wayne Brians, Connie Lee Briden- thal, Larry Joe Bridges. Second Row. Philip Dean Bridges, Susan Nancy Bridges, Gary Lynn Brinson , Jan Carol Brinson, Stephen Mayes Bristen, L. Wayne Britt, C. Frederick Brit- ten. Third Row : Winfield Scott Bron- son Jr., Gayla Louise Brooks, Larry Galan Brooks, Carol Ann Brown, Danny Carl Brown, Fred Milton Brown, Irwin Hal Brown. Fourth Row: J. Scott Brown, Jacky S. Brown, James Leslie Brown, John W. Brown, Rex Ben- nett Brown, Robert Earl Brown, Ronald W. Brown. Fifth Row: Sara Slaven Brown, Shirley Guylene Brown, William David Brown, Frank A. Browne, Jack Eugene Browne, Helen Darlene Brownfield, Howard L. Brownfield. Sixth Row. Carol Broyles, Nan- cy Hogue Brumett, William Allen Brumett, Michele H. Brunner, Phillip Elton Bryan, Don Alan Bryant, John D. Bryant. Seventh Row. Sharon Kaye Bry- ant, Jack J. Bucher, Lloyd R. Buehner III, Danny Lynn Bullard, Danny Mack Bullington, Charles Glyndon Bunton, Saner Buranapa- wang. Eighth Row: Donald Howard Burks, Elizabeth Clinton Burks, Kenneth Norman Burks Jr., Her- bert Ted Burnett Jr., Charles Craig Burns, Charles William Burns, Dianne K. Burns. Ninth Row: James Emery Burns, Margaret Lorraine Burns, Michael A. Burns, Thomas Eugene Burns, Robert Edwin Burris, Lloyd Clete Burrow Jr., Alice J. Burton. Tenth Row: Charles Richard Burton, William Landon Bush, Da- vid McAuliffe Butcher, June Michelle Burcher, Mims Frederick Butler, Tommie L. Butler, Gordon Wayne Cagle. Eleventh Row: Dorothy Jane Caldwell, Kathryn Jean Caldwell, Jackie O. Callaway, Michael Wayne Callaway, Klein R. Calvert, Jerry Lee Canfield, Stephen Edgar Cantrell. 380 b J first Row. WalLiri- Caradine Jr., Donna Carlson, Mary Frances Carnahan, Wayne [.. Tarnahan, David W. Carnes, RonnM Morton Games, Carolyn Kay Cdrnry. Second Row: George R. Carney, Janette Sue Carney, Glenn Mitchell Carniol, David J. Carpen- ter, James Robert Carpenter, Kayc Carson, Margaret Kay Carson. Third Row: Rene Tipton Car- son, Garry Carter, Lane Swifton Carter, Richard Nelson Carter, Donald W. Cash, Herschel Cast Jr., Dwain Lee Castleberry. Fourth. Row: Judy Beth Gate, Michael D. Gate, Larry Eugene Caudle, John Sturdivant Cearley, Kaffy Womack Cearley, Robe rt Marshall Cearley Jr., Sarah Teague Cearley. Filth Row: Mario Patricio Celi, David F. Chambers, Grady Chan- cey, Rebecca Ann Chaney, Nadine R. Chenault, JoAnne Loring Chiles, Hardy Dale Chism. Sixth Row: Stephen Choate, Gary Lester Christenson, Gary A. Church, William Gerald Clack, Floyd Clardy, Donnie George Clark, Joseph Murphy Clark. Seventh Row: William Kent Clark, David E. Classen, Jerry Bruce Clayton, Don E. Cleek, Phil M. Clem, Leona Kate Cleveland, Orville Christopher Clift. Eighth Row: Ralph M. Clift, Lowell Douglass Clifton, Sandra Gene Clifton, Scott Kirby Clifton, David Everett Clinchens, John Pat- rick Clingan, Lyndol E. Cloe. Ninth Row: John R. Clyma, James Edward Cobb, Rebecca Lin- nea Coe, Don Richard Coffield, J. David Cogdell, William Foy Coker, Leta Kay Cole. Tenth Row: Dalton Miles Cole- man, Deborah Marilyn Collier, Joe Lynn Collier, Jonathan David Collier, Larry G. Collier, Jeff Col- lins. Eleventh Rote: William Phillip Combs, Mary Carol Compton, Wil- liam H. Connell, Bill Conner, Michael Edward Coogan, Clyde L. Cook Jr., Joe Dee Cook. 381 First fioic: Lynette Melvina Cook, Lynell Melvina Cook, Charles Marc Cooper, Dorothy Marie Cooper, James Quinton Cooper, James Ricks Cooper, Steven W. Cooper. Second Row: William Chris- topher Cooper, Kathryn Nell Cope- land, Steven Edward Copeland, Steve William Copeland, William Dixon Corbin, Wanda Gay Cordell, Barry Michael Corkern. Third Row: Susan Fiser Cory, Mary Lois Cottle, Dennis Cottrell, William Ray Couch, Kathy Counts, Gerald Duane Courtney, David Munroe Cox. Fourth Row: Linda Jo Cox, John Charles Cox, Jo Phillips Coxsey, Jerry Wayne Craddock, Joe Carl Grain, Carol Ann Craun, Carol Cravens. Fifth Row: David Ralph Cra- vens, Richard Wyatt Crawford, Harold Clark Grays, Lee Clarence Creemer, Marion Paul Crider, Thomas Walter Cromer, Robert Walter Crouch. Sixth Row: David Scott Culber- son, Michael A. Cullen, Joseph Ranson Collum III, Peggy Jo Col- lorn, Shirlee Joyce Culpepper, Cur- tis N. Colver, Byron Duane Cun- ningham. Seventh Row: Marsha Martin Cunningham, Paul R. Cunning- ham, Phyllis Louise Cunningham, Robert Stephen Currie, Patricia Palmer Daggett, Karen Maija Dahlstrom, Gerald Glenn Daily. Eighth Row: Sheryl Lynn Daily, James Lowell Dale, Gregory Allen Dalke, Raymond Paul DallaRosa, Hardy Lamar Daniel Jr., Thomas William Daniel Jr., Frederick H. Dark. Ninth Row: Catherine Caldwell Darr, Robert R. Daugherty, Step- hen M. Daugherty, Brian Lee Da- vis, Calvin Sharpe Davis, Howard Lee Davis, James Fletcher Davis. Tenth Row. Melinda Davis, Stephen Lewis Davis, Tony May Davis, Winston G. Davis, Paul Ed- ward Dawson, Terry Duane Deal, Jackie Ann Dean. Eleventh Row: Phyllis Ann Dean, Ronald Ralph Dean, Walter Dewey Dees Jr., Steve W. Deeter, Talmage Lansing Deeter, Clifton Gerald Dejarnette, Lawson Gray Dellinger. 382 ,A,r First Row: Floyd Phillip De- loney, Marilyn Kay I Money, Rob- ert Dale Dempsey, Edward Joseph Dennis, Jerry L. DiMini , .Michael E. Denniston, Jeri Anne Dilm-ll. Second Row: John D. Dighy, Peggy Ruedean Dillahunty, Micli- ael Gregory Dillard, Stephanii ' Johnson Dixon, Tom Dixon, Wil- liam P. Dixon, Jennings Glenn Dobbs. Third Row: Thomas Alan Dober, Wendy Coven Dodge, George Mil- lard Dodson, Joe Carroll Doughty, Darrell E. Douglas, David E. Douglas, Margaret Jane Douglas. Fourth Row: Millie L. Dowell, Bobbie Virginia Drennan, Richard Drittler, John Allan Dryer, Mar- guerite Ann DuBois, William Joseph DeBois Jr., Michael David Duell. Fifth Row. Ann Melinda Dug- gar, Nan Claire Duggar, Bruce C. Duncan, Hubert Lloyd Duncan, Robert Norvelle Duncan, Deborah Dianne Dunn, William David Dunn. Sixth Row: John B. Dupree, Joe W. Durley, Danny Wayne Durn- ing, Shirley Marie Eans, Garry W. Earls, Linda Lou Eason, Joseph Clifford Eason. Seventh Row: Gary E. Easter- ling, James Winton Eaton, Ron- ald Glen Eaton, William E. Ebbert Jr., Joe L. Eblen, M. Gareth Eck, John Louis Eddleman. Eighth Row: Ernest Eugene Edens, Larry Dean Edmondson, James E. Edson, Daniel G. Ed- wards Jr., Hugh R. Edwards, Da- vid Glen Efurd, Augustine Udo Ekpoudom. Ninth Row. Charles Edward Elias, Herman Emery Elkins, Re- becca Maude Ellis, John David Elms Jr., Charles Harald Elvers, Charles Paul Epley, Thomas H. Ernst. Tenth Row. George Dennis Estelle, James Lee Eubanks, Peg- gie Jean Eubanks, Byron Creasy Evans, Eric Stanley Evans. Ralph M. Evans, Eddie Louis Everett. Eleventh Row: Cheryl Elaine Ezell, Richard Dale Ezell, Billie Lee Fagala, A. Douglas Fairley, Thomas Mark Fariss, John Fred- ric Farrell, Ralph Edward Faulk- 383 First Row: Louis Patrick Fede- rico, Phillip K. Feeney, John A. Feltner, Michael Louis Fendya, Dennis Michael Ferguson. James Edward Fields, Linda Faye Fields. Second Row: Horace James Fikes Jr., Howard Louis Fikes, Ro nald Gene Finley, Brad Fire- stone, Dennis R. File, Martin Ed- ward Fletcher. M i c h a el Don Fletcher. Third Row: Sandra Gene Flora, James Lawson Fly, Dalmer R. Ford, Farrell Vance Ford, Robert M. Ford, John Fredrick Forster Jr., Charles L. Foster. Fourth Row: Bernard I. Fouke, Cheryl Ellis Fox, Clyde R. Fox, Ralph E. Fox, William Harris Fox Jr., Albert Martin Frankenberger, Richard E. Frankenberger. Fifth Row: Carolyn Newman Franklin, Edward Lee Franklin, James Howard Frasher, Paul Ber- nard Frazier, Burley James Free- man, Donnie Ray Freeman, Floyd Mickel Freeman. Sixth Row: Karen E. Freeman, Lynn B. Freeman, Mary Margaret Freeman, Robert Daniel Freeman, Robert Frederick Freeman, Step- hen Russell Freeman, Stephanie Taylor Freyaldenhoven. Seventh Row: Steven Hugh Fritts, Roy E. Frost Jr., Thomas W. Frost. Michael F. Fuller, Nor man Arthur Fuls Jr., Fred I.. Futch, Benny William Futrell. Eighth Row: Jill Gabbert, James E. Galloway. Michael H. Galloway, Ronny G. Galloway, James Allen Gardner, Rufus Cummins Garland Jr., James T. Garner. Ninth Row: Kenneth Laz Gar- ner, Robert Eugene Garner, Judy Ann Garrett, Paul Mitcham Gar- rett, Gary Blaylock Garrison, Myra Janet Gates, John Lynn Gay. Tenth Row: Brenda Jean Gayer, John Harold Geelan, David Carter Geels, Stephen Alexander Geigle, Terrence Michael George, Jack Weber Geurin, Michael Lee Gib- Eleventh Row: Martha Patricia Gideon. Raymond Carl Gilbrech, Roger William Gilchrist, David L. Gilcrease, Laura Jane Gilcrease, Dana Sue Gillespie, Charlene Jean Gilliam. 384 fioic: David Koy Cilliam, William Lee Ginger. Dmise Ann Goines, Kenneth Handle Goines, Travis O. Goodner, Knscll How- ard Goodyear, Veda Muxinc Good- year. Second Row. Ovita Lynn Gools- by, Betty Jo Gordon, Eddie Charles Gordon, Jack Elliott Gor- don Jr., Richard Eugene Gossett, James W. Graham, Patricia Ann Graham. Third Row: Rodney Gene Gra- ham, William Sidney Granderson, George Grinsley Graham Jr., James Michael Graue, Louis F. Graves III, William E. Graves, Charles C. Gray Jr. Fourth Row: James M. Gray, John Dudley Gray, Paul Joseph Grazini, Gary Lane Green, Joe L. Green, Judi Johns Green, Judith Ann Green. Filth Row: Rickey Hudson Green, Steve Charles Green, Betty Avis, Greene, Albert Lynn Green- well, John Charles Gregg, Gary Lynn Griggs, Ronald Lynn Griggs. Sixth Row: Glen C. Grim, Carl Eugene Grimes, David Hershell Grimmett, Michael Austin Grim- mett, Carolyn Boling Grimsley, Glenn William Grippe, Richard Folden Griswold. Seventh Row: Carol Ann Guinn, Eddie L. Guinn, Susan Gay Guinn, Julian Jay Gustin, Rita Marie Guynn, Ruth Ellen Guynn, Ernest P. Hagan Jr. Eighth Row: John Bruce Hal- bert, David Monroe Hall, Gary Bruce Hall, Glenda Dear Hall, Grant Wesley Hall, Ronnie David Hall, Thomas Earl Hall. Ninth Row: Phillip T. Haltom, Virginia M. Haltom, W. Steve Hal- tom, Leroy B. Hamblen, Roger L. Hammond, James N. Hamric Jr., Loyd Douglas Harberson. Tenth Row: Harold Wayne Hardwick, Eddie D. Hargis, Philip Jay Hargrave, Sheron Sue Harkey, Don Ray Harness, Robert Arlan Harp, Vickie Jodean Harp. Eleventh Row: Bobbie Jean Harper, Frederick Gene Harrelson, Jim L. Harrelseon, Glen Dale Har- ris, Meza G. Harris, Patrick A. Harris, Leo Andrew Harrison. 385 First Row. Myra Jane Harry, Robert Littlejohn Hart, Rebecca Anderson Hartman, Larry James Hartsfield, Gary Leamon Harvey, Richard A. Harvey, David Charles Hausam. Second Row. Robert J. Hawkins, Ronald Ray Hawkins, John Dale Hawley, Jewell Doyne Hayes, Lar- ry Ben Hayes, Steven L. Hayes, William John Hayes. Third Row. Robert M. Head, John Buzz Heaston, Joe Medford Hedgecock, Sandra Stokes Hedges, John Clyde Hedrick, Jerry Wayne Heffel, Rex Albert Hefley. Fourth Row. Shelby Alan Hef- lin, David Wesley Henderson, Les- ter Joe Henley, Thomas Walter Henry, Kathleen Alice Herndon, Norman N. Herren, Karen Jill Herriman. Fifth Row. David Ellsworth Hib- ler, Sharon Kaye Hickman, Judy Graves Hicks, Jolene Marshall Highfill, Beth Ann Hildbold, Carl Allen Hill, David Barry Hill. Sixth Row. Janet Lynne Hill, Richard Andrew Hill, Robert Lowe Hill, Shirley Ann Hill, Belinda Jane Hillhouse, Marjorie Ellen Hillman, Douglas Ronald Hines. Seventh Row. Gordon R. Hite, Herman F. Hodge, Joe H. Hodges, Madison L. Hodges, Paul S. Hod- nett, Jeri Anderson Hoenshel, Jerry G. Hoenshel. Eighth Row: Phillip Myron Hoffman, William Don Hoffman, Beverly J. Holcomb, James L. Hol- dar, Allen B. Holden, Carman Vir- ginia Holder, Perlesta Arthur Hol- lingsworth. Ninth Row. Paul Elgin Holmes, Harry R. Holstead, Larry L. Holt, Thomas Phillip Holton, Marsha Linn Homyk, Margie Nell Hood, Janice Marie Horton. Tenth Row. Judy Gail Horton, Barry Lee House, Elaine Ann House, James William House, Da- vid Lee Howard, Jerry Edward Howard, Robert G. Howard Jr. Eleventh Row: Lana Kay Howell, Donna Faye Hudson, John Lester Huens, Charles Norman Huggs, Darrell Wayne Hughes, Steven Jay Hughes, Mary Ellen Hughey. 386 Q i SI ,hA.-k tft ' Hall was president; Rat served as vice president, and that was the total mem bership of OCM. First Row. Charles Wayne Huitt, Browning C. Hull, Clinton Lee Hulsey, Gail W. Hunt, Jerry F. Hunton, Charles I ' hilip Hiirst, Ralph Earl Hurst. Second Row: William A. Hutch- ison Jr., James Frank Huzl, Mar- vin Dale Ingram, Mira Ann In- gram, S. M. Nazabat Islam, Con- nie Sue Ivey, John H. Jackson. Third Row : Alan R. James, Jane Carol Jarnagan, Larry Paul Jarna- gan, Dennis Ray Jarrett, Bardie Hunter Jefferies, Larry Joe Jef- ferson, Johnny Irvin Jenkins. Fourth Row: Johnny Lee Jen- kins, William Gerald Jenkins, Tommy Ray Jensen, Billy F. Jes- ter, Meredith Louise John, Byron Virl Johnson, Donald G. Johnson. Fifth Row: James Stephen John- son, Jesse Lee Johnson Jr., Kirk Douglas Johnson, Mary Glenda Johnson, Maynard Perry Johnson, Merla E. Johnson, Perry Wayne Johnson. Sixth Row: Robert Howard Johnson Jr., Samuel Patterson Johnson, Thomas Riley Johnson, Albert Dane Johnston, Bill L. Johston, Billy Doyle Jones, Carol Ann Jones. Seventh Row: Jack Ray Jones, James Kenneth Jones, Jerry Mar- vin Jones, Joseph Walter Jones, Judy Lou Jones, Kenneth Franklin Jones, Larry Houston Jones. 387 First Row. Larry Vivan Jones, Pamela Sue Jones, Robert Lee Jones III, Ronald Phillip Jones, Tommie Cottrell Jones, Troy Gene Jones, Donna Lanell Jordan. Second Row. Eugene Gerald Joyce, Gene Francis Juno, Phillip F. Kalcich, Gary M. Karnes, Ron- ald Edward Kaufman, Ben F. Keahey, Ricky Harold Keen. Third Row: Ronnie Lee Keener, Joe Neil Keeton, Connie Jean Kel- ler, Bill Earl Kelly, James Ronald Kelley, Reginald Dean Kelly, Rob- ert E. Kelley. Fourth Row: John Pinckney Kelley, Stephen Bruce Kelly, Wes- ley Barton Kemp, Jim Edward Kerr, Lemuel Harriss Kerr III, Robert Lee Kerr, Wayne Taylor Keton. Fifth Row: James Larry Key, James Lee Kidd, Rex Wesley Kid- der, Jimmie Wilson Kildow, Joseph Edward King, Kathryn Louise King, Linda Lou King. Sixth Row: Ronald W. King, William Douglas King, Karen Louise Kinney, Thomas Edward Kinney, Don Edgar Kirby, William Earl Kirkpatrick, Carla Temple Kirton. Seventh Row. Michael Lawrence Kleck, Thomas Leonard Kleck, Floyd Paula Knipe, Bruce Allen Knox, Katy Susan Koch, Philip Carl Koch, John R. Koepke. " You ' ve got your bowl; I ' ve got mine. " 388 ?ou;: James Edward Koonce, Martha Ann Korich, Al- vin Eugene Krebs, Gregory S. Kiiilin. Georgianna Kurtz, John Edward Lachowsky, Jack R. Lady- Second Row. Benny L. Lamb, Michael Dean Lamb, Charles J. Lamoreaux, George Thomas Land- ers, Nicholas Paul Lang, David Al- fred Langley, Jerry Lee Langley. Third Row: John Milton La ng- ' ton, Michael Vincent Larson, Morris Clayton Lassiter III, Linda Gail Laster, Timothy Charles Law- rence, William D. Lawrence, Ran- dy Lawson. Fourth Row: Judith Carol Led- better, Charles Raleigh Lee, Eu- gene H. Lee Jr., James Thomas Lee, Thomas Michael Lee, Richard G. LeFrancis, James R. Leggett. Filth Row: Fredric Roth Lehle, David Scott Lerch, Dorothy Nell Leslie, Douglas Kent Leslie, James Waller Leslie, Robert Bruce Les- lie, Thomas Edwin Leslie. Sixth Row: Bill Ray Lewis, Karen Jane Lewis, Lana J. Lewis, Rodney Shelton Lewis, George Woodrow Liddell, Michael Ross Liles, Dwight Lincoln. Seventh Row: Frieda H. Lin- coln, Mark Allen Linder, Leta F. Lindsey, Charles Lloyd Linebar- ger, Donald W. Lingo, Terry Wal- lace Little, Jerry Allen Lively. Eighth Row: Kenneth Alan Lloyd, James E. Long, Warren D. Looper, Donald J. Loser, Bobby E. Love, James Richard Lowrey, Lin- da Bielkiewicz Lowery. Ninth Row: Robert Lynn Low- ery, Donna Katherine Lucas, Rich- ard Howard Luce, James Paul Luette, William B. Lundy, Patricia Jo Luper, Rhonda Lee Luper. Tenth Row: Lonnie West Luther, William Alfred Lux, John Thomas Mack, Carol Ann Maddox, Jerry Lake Maddox, John David Mad- dox, Will Maertens. Eleventh Row: Gary Joseph Mahan, Donald L. Malone, Lola Jean Malone, Tommy Fred Ma- lone, John Alfred Mangiaracina, Charles Richard Maples, Maria Anne Marinoni. 389 first ftoio: Charles Wayne Mar- sac, Elizabeth Mae Martin, Gerald Martindill Jr., Michael L. Mash- burn, Michael Fuller Mathews, Re- becca Grace Mathias, Gordon Crossett Matteson. Second Row. James Porter May, Michael Judson May, Peggy Jean May, Robert Clay May, Phil- lip Lynn Maxwell, Johnny L). Mayo, Beverly Jean McAlister. Third Rout: Mary Ellen McAlis- ter, Willie Lee McBride, Shirley R. McClaine, Beverly Ann Mc- Clelland, Patrick McCloskey, John Michael McClure, Phillip Lee Mc- Connell. Fourth Row: Richard D. Mc- Connell, Michelle Lyn McCor- mack,, James E. McCormick Jr., Sharon Mozelle McCoy, Charles E. McCracken, Tonya Irene Mc- Cuistion, Weldon Leon McCul- loch Jr. Fifth Row. Loren Talmadge Mc- Cone, Tommy Regan McDaniel, Craig Erval McDonald, Jeral Van McDonald, Michael David McDon- ald, Thomas C. McElroy, Mary R. McGaugh. Sixth Row. Frank E. McGehee, George Billy McGill, John D. Mc- Glynn, Henry N. McGowen, Pa- tricia Lorean McGrew, Earl James McGuire Jr., Don Ray Mclntosh. Seventh Row: Robert Bruce Mc- Kissick, Dennis Elmo McKown, Charles H. McLaughlin, Michael Edward McMullen, Stephen Floyd McNeill, Jack A. McNulty, Jerry Wayne McWilliams. Eighth Row: Linda Joyce Mea- down, Janice Harber Melton, Pres- ley M. Melton, Terry L. Mercing, Curtis Harlan Merrell, Harold Gene Meyer, Kinch Edward Meyer Jr. Ninth Row: Richard David Miles, Jr., Cheryl Morgan Miller, Danny Aaron Miller, Elton Eugene Miller, Gayle Kay Miller, George Bowie Miller, Janis D. Miller. Tenth Row. John Norman Mil- ler, Sharon Elaine Miller, Sherry Baker Miller, Wesley Joh n Mil- lion, Alva Dale Mills, Gary Wayne Mills, Charles Douglas Milton. Eleventh Row. Sharon Frances Minden, Richard Norman Mis-n- himer, Franklin E. Mitchell, Jim R. Mitchell, Steven Craig Mitch- ell, Carol Lee Mitchum, Johnny Carl Mize. 390 First Row. David F. Mohler, Tamara Caskill Moles Cathy Ann Montgomery, Charles Dennis Mont- gomery, Kaye Wilkinson Mont- gomery, Jerry L. M d . Bobby Monre. Second Row: Carl Dennis Moore, Elizabeth Jane Moore, Dwight William Moore, James M. Moore Jr., Sandra Lea Moore, Elvie Eli Mooty Jr., Jackie Neil Moreland. Third Row. Roberta M. Morgan, Donald Gene Morrow, Linda Kae Morrow, Henry Morschheimer, Crockett Dwight Morse, Harold Jettr Morse, John B. Moseley. Fourth Row: Beverly Kay Moss, Danny E. Moudy, Larry H. Mou- geot, William H. Moye, Gary Eu- gene Mullins, Jo Kathleen Mullins, Nancy Rose Murray. Filth Row. George Nathan My- ers Jr., John Paul Myers, Larry Bruce Myers, Judy Marie Neal, Sharrol Lynne Neal, Terry Wayne Neal, JoAnn Marie Neely. Sixth Row: John Ed Neely, Murray Marvin Neely, Johnnie Lee Neill, Dan Kennedy Nelson, Wil- liam Andrew Nelson, Gerald Ernst Nestel, Nancy Ann Nettles. Seventh Row. Janice Lee New- lin, William Larry Newman, Thomas O. Newton, George Allyn Newtown, Glenford Andrew New- town Jr., David Lloyd Nichols, Jack Donald Nichols. 391 First Row: Van H. Nichols, Wil- liam Thomas Nichols, Brenda Gail Nicholson, Rodney G. Nickel, Paula Kay Nickell, Beverly Penny Nickels, Joseph Leonard Norrell. Second Row. May Gene Norrell, Mary Lou Norris, Jackie L. North, David Allen Norwood, Terry Hope Nugent, Alan J. Nussbaum, Betty Jane Nutt. Third Row: Shirley East O ' Brien, J. Eugene O ' Daniel Jr., Event Lee O ' Donnell, John Wil- liam Oldner, Phil Olinghouse, Da- vid P. Ollard, Manu Omakupt. Fourth Row: Eva Sue Omohun- dro, Keith Brent O ' Neal, James Robert O ' Neill, M analeta Kaa Jones O ' Neill, Jack L. Orlicek, John Eugene Orr, David Armstrong Orsini. Fifth Row: David L. Oswalt, Mira Madelyn Ott, James Bradley Ousterhout, Gary Allen Owens, Johnnie Rebecca Pace, Richard Alan Paladino, Patrick Twitty Pannell. Sixth Row. Paula Ruth Pannell, Denise J. Pardun, Hoon Park, Phillip Doyle Parker, John Wayne Parkerson, Marvin W. Parks, Charles E. Parsons. Seventh Row. Ernest Eudox Patterson, T. J. Patterson, Patrick L. Patton, Roy Chilson Patton Jr., Rodger Alan Payne, Jim Edwin Pearce, Judy Pettus Pearson. Eighth Row: Riclnrd Connor Peck, Marshall Lee Pendergrass, Sherry Lynn Pendergrass, Giles Albert Penick III, Jim M. Penn, Richard Lewis Penn, Ronald Bur- ton Perkins. Ninth Row: Betty Jean Perry, Bobby R. Perry, Robbie Dean Pet- tigrew, Edward Lynn Phelps, Mary Helen Phillippy, Sidney Jensen Phillippy, Emily A. Phillips. Tenth Row. Larry Lee Phipps, Leon Bruce Pierce, Michael Wil- liam Jacob Pierson, Daniel L. Pil- kinton, Donald C. Pils, Judy Eileen Pittman, Franke T. Plafcan. Eleventh Row. Danny Ray Plummer, James Houston Poe, Floyd G. Pohle, Larry Edward Poindexter, William A. Polk, Au- burn Linda Ponder, Ted Lamax Ponder. 392 I A Joto: James K. Pool, Linda Jean Potts, Patricia Ann Powell, Ronald Eugene Powell. William Walter Powell, Danit-l Joseph Pren- ger, Timothy Nicholas Prior. Second Row. George W. Proctor, Claudia Davis Pruett, Bobby Glen Pruitt, Carl D. Purnell Jr., John- nie Quails Jr., Peggy June Quails, Randall Stephen Quindry. Third Row. Thurman A. Ragar Jr., Gretchen Ruth Rahtz, Earl Cleveland Raines, Jerry McCoy Rains, Paul W. Rainwater, H. Brad Ramsey Jr., James Donald Ramsey. Fourth Row: John William Ran- kin, John Carl Rash, James Ed- ward Rauser, David Alan Ray, Keith Douglas Ray, Jack Allen Raymond, Stephen Earl Reagan. Fifth Row. William Randall Reagan, John C. Reap, Stephen M. Reasoner, Rick W. Redden, Pam- ela Alleene Redfern, Philip E. Reecer, Gary Lee Reed. Sixth Row. Hollis Theodore Reed, James David Reed, Nancy Razan Reed, Richard H. Reed, Ronald Ray Reese, Deborah Lee Reeves, Kenneth Ron Reeves. Seventh Row: James Bucknall Remmel, Gilbert Lee Retrey, Da- vid John Rew, Gerald Joseph Rey- enga, Dennia A. Reynolds, James Larry Rhodes, Kenneth W. Rial. Things go better with coke, after coke, after coke .... 393 first fiou;: Bruce Wayne Rice, Jerry M. Rice, Joe Ed Rice, James Lee Richards, John William Rich- ardson, Jon David Richardson, Marcus Gayle Richardson. Second Row. Ross Phillips Rich- ardson, Patricia (). Richmond, Robert Paul Rickett, Bobby Bar- ham Ridgell, Lynn L. Riebow, Tony Rihs, Martha Ann Ring. Third Row: Don Michael Risher, Carolyn Ruth Robb, Nancy Ellen Robb, Charles W. Roberts, David Alan Roberts, Helen Louise Rob- erts. Fourth Row: Richard Lynn Rob- erts, Sarah Jane Roberts, E. Renee Sorrell Robertso n, John Layton Robertson, Diana Lee Robinson, Mary Kay Robinson, Val Patrick Robison. Fifth Row: Deboraha Ann Ro- chier, Marvin G. Rochier, Carole Ann Rodgers, Michael R. Rod- riguez, Elton Leroy Roe, William Gary Wayne Roe, Brenda Gail Rogers. Sixth Row: Hiluard G. Roger?, Kenneth E. Rogers, William Earl Rogers, Robert Denys Rokeby, Wallace Anthony Rolniak, Donald Edward Rose, George Michael Rose. Seventh Row: Lee Marvin Ros- ser, William Bailey Rotert, Martha M. Rothrock, Donald R. Rowlett, R. D. Rucker, Martha Emma Ruge, Ronald Wayne Rupe. Susan printed most of the pictures for this book, but she didn ' t know about this one. 394 , of ih P s ' " .diitfta tJ First Row: Jam. - Martin Rush, Mary E. Rush, Harol.l Kay Russell, Robert L. Russell, Vi.-ki Lynn Russell, William l-fni Ku -ll Jr., Connie Sue Russow. Second Row: Joyce Elaim: Hut- ledge, Ken Robert Ruttle, Barbara Sabatini, David John Sacknian, Margaret Jeanine Sadowski, Ernest Allen Sallee Jr., Lanny D. Samples. Third Row: Larry Joe Sandage, Jeanette Carpenter Sanderlin Eliza- beth Kay Sanders, J. E. Sanders, Jeffrey Charles Sanders, Jim Ter- rill Sanders, Jimmy Dale Sando ' s. Fourth Row: Tamsy Rea San- ford, Larry Dale Sapp, Thomas Ramsey Saunders, Harriel F. Scars- dale, Archie R. Schaffer, Haward Alan Schainker, Walter Haiold Schmeckenbecher. Fifth Row: George Richard Schmelzer, Robert L. Schofield, Robert Charles Schraplau, John Thomas Schutte, Dan William Schwiker, Cecil Rodney Scott, James E. Scott. Sixth Row: Margaret Annis Scott, Joe B. Scruggs, Judith Anne Sealander, David R. Seaton, Jack Ray Seaton, A. Glen Sebourn, Ken- neth Earl Selby. Seventh Row: Robert Glenn Serio, Paul Thomas Shafer, Wil- liam Earl Shaffer, Doyle Lee Sharp, Dennis Ray Sahver, Dennis Michael Shea, Carol Schwarzlose Shellard. Eighth Row: Gregory Laurence Shellard, Basil Dee Shoptaw, Ann Lorene Shumate, Richard Allen Shumate, Md. Alauddin Siddique, Ralph Robert Siever, David R. Simmons. Ninth Row: Miles Darwin Simp- son, Steven Paul Singleton, Dol- lie June Sistrunk, Jacquelin Skel- ton, Randall Harry Skiff, Cheryl Lynn Skillern, Laura Lee Skillern. Tenth Row: loannia Paul Skla- vos, Rachel Anne Slusher, James Carl Smalley, Teresa Jo Smalley, Bruce L. Smith, Cecelia Marie Smith, Charles Allen Smith. Eleventh Row: Gary Lynn Smith, Jerry Benson Smith, Jerry Mack Smith, Kirby Smith III, Lar- ry Joe Smith, Linda Lavern Smith, Mary E. Smith. 395 396 First Row: Mary Ellen Smith, Michael L. Smith, Neal Dewayne Smith, Robert Bruce Smith, Robert LeRoy Smith, Robert Lynn Smith, Robert Mahlon Smith. Second Row: Steven Lee Smith, Troy Faith Smith, Phillip Eugene Snow, Carol Erich Snowden, Ray- mond D. Snowden, Michael A. Sol- ler, James Dennos Sorrell. Third Row: James Donald Spann, Dennis Charles Spencer, Linda S. Spencer, Ro bert Glenn Spencer, Ronald Leon Spencer, William Gregory Spencer, Richard Allen Spilman. Fourth Row: Jonathan Mark Spradley, Jay Rolens Sprigg, Brian Douglas Spurlock, Stephen Ernest Spurlock, Sum on Srisomboon, Danny Charles Stafford, Jerry Charles Stamps. Fifth Row: Vicky Mae Stamps, Timothy Leroy Stanford, Don Star- bird, Patricia A. Steele, Bobby Wayne Stephens, Cynthia Lee Stephens, Franklin Stanley Step- hens. Sixth Row: Peggy Gayle Step- hens, Raymond Wesley Stephen- son, William M. Stewart, Louis Joseph Stifter, Michael B. Stiles, Carolyn Sue Stinchcomb, Kenneth F. Stoll. Seventh Row: Larry Jay Stone, Steven J. Stone, Mary Craig Storey, Otis Henry Storey, Steven Robert Storms, Edwin Haskell Stout, Ron- ald Stracner. Eighth Row: Lois M. Strate- meier, Jim Coy Stricklen, Joseph Arlin Strode, Gary Lee Stubbs, Alan Lee Stumbaugh, Jerry Paul Stumbaugh, Ronnie L. Stumbaugh. Ninth Row: James Warren Sum- ner, Preecha Surin, James W. Sutherland, Carol Jo Sutton, Earl L. Swafford, John Charle s Swayze, Donna Jean Sweat. Tenth Row: Russell L. Sweat, Larry Ray Tabor, Gerald Winfred Tacker, Junior A. Tate, Cheryl Clyo Taylor, Clinton Odell Taylor, Elza Dwight Taylor. Eleventh Row: John Richard Taylor, Judith Kay Taylor, Thomas Mills Taylor, Stephen B. Teague, Milton Price Teeter, Mary Kay Temple, Paul H. Thane. First Row. Chaluod Tharatab- hand, Janice Lynn Than-l, Kent Lashley Tharel, Gcm i L. Thomas, Harold Lindell Thomas, Karl T. Thomas, Linda Louise Thomas. Second Row: Donnie Thompson Thompson, James Christopln-i Thompson, George Thomas Thom- son, Gary L. Thrailkill, Rebecca Ann Thrasher, Robert L. Thurber, Carolyn Sue Thurlby. Third Row. Carol Jackman Thunnan, Jan R. Thurman, Mi- Anita Tibbits, Steven F. Tiley, Anita Tibhitts, Steven F. Tiley, William Wayne Timmerman, Ter- ry Juan Todd. Fourth Row. Thomas Lee Tol- lett, Joyce Faye Tomlinson, Paul Otie Tompkins II, Sanchai Tontya- porn, Rufus Joseph Torrence Jr., Robert B. Trail, Bobby G. Treat. Fifth Row. Doyle Wayne Treat, Larry Wayne Trimble, Phillip R. Trimble, John L. Tripplehorn, Caryl M. Tullgren, Christy Sven Tullgren, Stephen Minard Tull- gren. Sixth Row. Ryall Smith Tune, Vernon David Turk Jr., Feme S. Turner, James Earl Turner, Allen Keith Underwood, Gary Paul Up- ton, David Charles Urbon. Seventh Row. Stephen Gregory Ussery, Virginia Louise Vafakos, Beverly Carol Van Brunt, Kelly Kenneth Vance, Thomas Peter Van Schaik, John Allen Varvil, John H. Vaughan. " Who ' ll be the next in line? " 397 First Row: Peggy Lee Vaughn, Charles Ervin Vickers, David R. Wagner, Darrell Lee Wagoner, Da- vid R. Walker, Donna Moree Walker, E. C. Walker. Second Row: Jaekie Ann Wal- ker, Lloyd L. Walker, Michael Lynn Walker, Patricia Ann Wal- ker, Robert Louie Walker, Tommy Clyde Walker, Yugonda Elaine Walker. Third Row: Marlin Larry Wal- ler, Jimmy D. Wallis, Jerry Wayne Walrod, William Heath Walter, Bruce F. Ward, Joseph Stephen Ward, Michael Gregory Ward. Fourth Row: William Fisse Ward, Walton Robert Warford, Gerald W. Warnock, Gary Dono- van Watkins, Neil Wayne Watkins, Dudley H. Watson, Gary Watson. Fifth Row: John Dewey Watson, Otis Selby Watson, Richard M. Watson, Robert William Watson, Timothy Fagan Watson, Gary Fra- zier Wattman, Theotis W. Watts. Sixth Row. Linda Catherine Weathers, Martha Ellen Weaver, Barbara Ann Webb, James Henry Webb, James Lisle Webb, Randall Wayne Webb, Susan Prentice Webb. Seventh Row: Thomas Allen Weems, Joseph Melvin Welch, Gary Wells, Charlie Wesley, Larry John West, Robert Nelson West- moreland, Jacob Lee Watson. Eighth Row: Alan Dale What- ley, Richard Paul Wheeler, Joe T. Whillock, James Michael White, Mark Steven White, Samuel Scott White Jr., John W. Whitehead. Ninth Row: William Lawrence Whitehead, Jorace Vernon Whit- ten, John Thomas Whitten, Diana Marie Widener, Ellie Louis Wid- ner Jr., James Cleo Widner, Sam L. Wigley. Tenth Row: Michael Clark Wil- kins, Kenneth Mac Will, Marcus Ollie Willborg, Robert Bruce Wil- ley, Christopher B. T. Williams, James Harold Williams, Jerry Carl Williams. Eleventh Row: John D. Wil- liams, W. C. Williams, Roger Dale Williams, Robert Edward William- son, Jean P. Willis, Thomas L. WJlloughby. 398 ft ft Ait first Row: Doug Frank, Charles M. Wilson, Gerald Ti.nutliy Wil- son, James Tillman Vilnn. .lolm J. Wilson Jr., Rob K.-lly V il-,,n. Second Row: Ronald Joe Wil- son, Thomas Warren Wilson, Con- nie May Wing, Jim Winn, Barry Lynn Winningham, James M. Win- ningham. Third Row. Ray M. Winning- ham, Gary Paul Winters, Charles Wood, Sandra Lou Wood, Terry Dean Woodcock, Arlon Luther Woodruff. Fourth Row: Donnie S. Woods, Casandra Sheridan Nell Worming- ton, Carl O. Wright, David Earl Wright, David Russell Wright, Edward Wayne Wright. Fifth Row: Orville E. Wright, David F. Wylie, Barbara Sue Yates, Lana Gwynne Yates, How- ard L. Yeagot, Patsy R. Yeates. Sixth Row: Charles E. Yertin, Michael Lewis Young, Janet Koes- ter Zachry, Albert M. Zawislak, Meredith Ann Zeltner, Judy Boyer. Where there ' s sunshine, you ' ll find children playing. 399 400 ATHLETICS 401 John H. Barnhill Athletic Director George Cole Assistant Athletic Director 102 arnii P. T. " Duddy " Waller Head Basketball Coach Frank Broyles Head Football Coach Bob Cheyne Sports Publicity Director UA Athletics Backed By Integrity When John Barnhill came to the UofA from the University of Tennessee in 1946, he had a plan. His plan was to vault the University of Arkansas into ath- letic prominence. In his first season as Razorback coach, Barnhill earned a share of the SWC crown and a trip to the Cotton Bowl. This was followed in the next season with a trip to the Dixie Bowl. Completing four years as coach and athletic director, Barnhill de- cided to devote his full attentions to the task of building a formidable athletic program at the UofA. Right hand man to Barnhill is assistant athletic di- rector George Cole. Cole, a graduate of the UofA in 1927, still holds the all-time scoring record at Arkansas. His work for the UofA in athletics has been invaluable and he ' s been a Razorback for over 40 years. With an 86-30-1 record at the UofA, there ' s little doubt that Frank Broyles is the winningest coach in the school ' s history. He starts his 12th year here next fall. 403 Wilson Matthews Administrative Assistant for Football Razorback Coaches Rank Among Best Since Arkansas ' format called for a new look offense for the ' 68 season, what else could answer the call better than new look coaches. Head football coach Frank Broyles assembled one of the most talented coaching staffs in college football to tutor the sophomore heavy Razor- backs on the fundamentals of running, passing, blocking and kicking. Former professional football quarterback Don Breaux and ex-Ala- bama offensive receiving genius Richard Williamson headlined the pre- supposed offense dominated tactics. As always, coaches Hootie Ingram and Charley Coffey insured opponents that the Razorback defense would be nothing to joke about. Offensive line coach Mervin Johnson spent long hours working with the Razorback blocking attack. Obviously his efforts paid off, with senior guard Jim Barnes making the Associated Press All-America team. Wilson Matthews, serving with Broyles since he came to the UofA, was elevated to the post of Administrative Assistant and the head coach for the Shoat football team. Charley Coffey Defensive Line Coach Cecil " Hootie " Ingram Defensive Back Coach Mervin Johnson Offensive Line Coach Richard Williamson Offensive Ends ' Coach Harold Horton Linebacker Coach Don Breaux Offensive Back Coach 404 Lon Ferrell B-Team Coach Tom Hardin Head Track Coach Ed Fedosky Swimming Coach C. A. " Ab " Bidwell Purchasing Agent, Concessions Jack Davis Recruiting Jim Bone Head Trainer Danny Mason Golf Coach Wayne Robbins Baseball Coach David Kossover Tennis Coach 405 OSU Falls Victim To Hogs ' Comeback Bill Montgomery John Eichler Gordon Norwood Jerry Moore GlEN HOCKERSMITH ripped lha Oklahoma Slate defensive line apart for one of his eight-yard gains, setting up another Arkansas touch- down. BILL MONTGOMERY rolls out around the right end behind the watchful blocking of fullback Bruce Maxwell. In the season opener, the young Arkansas Razor- backs wasted no time in establishing themselves as a solid team . . . one that would provide stern competi- tion for teams in the future. Two short punts, a fumble recovery and a pass in- terception gave the Porkers enough impetus to pull a stunning 32-15 comeback victory over the Big Eight Oklahoma State Cowboys. A full house at War Memori- al Stadium in Little Rock watched the sophomore heavy Razorbacks disassemble the Cowboys, who last season upset the Razorbacks in Little Rock. David Dickey be- came Arkansas ' " Mr. Touchdown, " when he scored two times against OSU. It was an impressive debut for soph- omore quarterback Bill Montgomery. Statistics Ark. First Downs 27 Yards Rushing 212 Yards Passing 157 Passes - 16-31 Passes Intercepted 1 Yards Penalized 6 Fumbles Lost 1 Total Offense _ _ 369 Average Punt 40.0 OSU 15 157 154 13-20 3 36 2 311 35.2 406 back Razorbacks Thrash Tulsa, 56-13 we bean d ho I for soph. Tulsa ' s Golden Hurricane was second on Arkansas ' red list for revenge (the Hurricane topped Arkansas 13-12 last season) and the Porkers responded to their call, walloping Tulsa 56-13 in their debut at Razorback Stadium. Tailback David Dickey took off around the right side and decided to pass on the option play. He found sophomore flanker Chuck Dicus loose and hit Dicus on a pass that went for 61 yards and the first touch- down for the afternoon. From then on, it seemed like the only thing that the Porkers had to do to score was get the ball. All three Arkansas quarterbacks led their offenses into the end zone for one or more touchdowns and Gary Adams rolled 61 yards on a punt return to boost the scoring. 05f 15 15; 15} Statistics Ark. First Downs 19 Yards Rushing _ _ 135 Yards Passing _ _ 244 Passes .__ 9-16 Passes Intercepted - Yards Penalized 68 Fumbles Lost Total Offense _ _ 379 Average Punt 42.1 Tulsa 23 81 308 24-42 3 57 3 389 43.5 Chuck Dicus Terry Stewart Gary Adams Tommy Dixon RUSSELL CODY had to hustle to evade the ever present defensive tackle Al Jenkins. Cody ran half the length of the field before he was stopped. SCRAMBLING MIKE STRIPLING nearly shook loose for several gains, but the Razorback de- fenders always had an " ace " in the backfield. 407 Hogs Topple Horned Frogs, 17-7 Richard Coleman Bruce Maxwell Bill Burnett Glen Hockersmith DAVID DICKEY, Arkansas ' Mr. Touchdown, had his troubles against the tough Texas Christian defense. TCU cost David the joy of play- ing his last year. Arkansas continued its perennial dominance over the Horned Frogs despite warnings of a superb group down at Fort Worth this season. The Frogs were defi- nitely prepared for the Porkers this year, but Arkansas endured the punishment of TCU ' s injuring three Raz- orback starters. When the dust finally settled at Amon Carter Stadium, the Razorbacks had boarded their plane with a 17-7 win on their record. The Frogs scored in the first half to break Arkan- sas ' shutout streak against TCU, but the Porkers yielded only 24 yards to TCU throughout the entire second half. Sophomore sensation Bill Burnett ran for one touchdown and set up another touchdown on a pene- trating run in the fourth period to boost Arkansas ' scoring. Statistics Ark. First Downs 16 Yards Rushing 183 Yards Passing 68 Passes 7-16 Passes Intercepted Yards Penalized _ _ 59 Fumbles Lost 1 Total O fense _ _ 251 Average Punt 36.9 TCU 11 73 119 11-19 1 46 3 192 41.5 BRUCE MAXWELL suffered a bit of interference running against the TCU front wall to set up big plays for the Razorback offense. 408 CLIFF POWELL will put his shoulder to the ground to accomplish his job. In this case, it was one of the Baylor Bears who got the " cold shoulder. " GORDON McNULTY plays the game the way it should be played . . . with plenty of enthusiasm. He jumped a blocker to put the skids on Pinky Palmer. Arkansas Rolls Baylor Bears, 35-19 The Dad ' s Day classic saw Arkansas roll up an easy 21-0 lead, when the visiting Baylor Bears staged a crowd-startling comeback that finally resulted in a 35-19 win for the Razorbacks, who with this win equaled their total winning efforts for last season. Arkansas rallied for three touchdowns and extra points in the first three periods, but the third quarter was reserved for Baylor and the Bears fell two PAT ' s short of tying the scores at 21 all. However, Arkansas ' fourth quarter magic took the field, helping the Razorbacks to two touchdowns in the final period and the scores held 35-19 in favor of the Razorbacks. According to the stats, three fumbles lost by Baylor made the difference. Statistics Dennis Berner Bobby Owens Bob White Gary Stockdell Ark. First Downs _ _ 22 Yards Rushing . 159 Yards Passing _ _ 260 Passes - - 22-35 Passes Intercepted . _ 2 Yards Penalized 76 Fumbles Lost Total Offence _. - 419 Average Punt _ _ 37.8 Baylor 24 186 214 17-28 2 17 3 400 39.9 409 BRUCE MAXWELL overpowered Corby Robertson to make a couple of sizeable gains against the Longhorns, but the Texas defense stood supreme. TEXAS QUARTERBACK James Street figured on a trip downfield, but speedy defensive back Gary Adams delayed his plans for several plays. Horns Hand Hogs First Loss, 39-29 The high-flying Razorbacks were overdue for a setback, and Barrel Royal figured that his Texas Long- horns would suit the job as well as anyone. Texas, who started the season with a tie to Houston and a loss to Texas Tech, re-vamped their offense and quarterback James Street (replacing Super Bill Brad- ley) guided the ' Horns to a heart-breaking 39-29 beat- ing over the Razorbacks. Arkansas started the game with two fumble recov- eries early in the first period, but the stubborn Long- horn defense refused to yield a touchdown and Ar- kansas called on placekicker Bob White to put the Hogs on the Scoreboard. White obliged, but Arkansas finally had to take the back seat to the omnipotent Texas drive and the Porkers marked one in the loss column. Statistics Ark. First Doivns . - 24 Yards Rushing _ 180 Yards Passing 176 Passes _ - 18-35 Passes Intercepted _ _ 3 Yards Penalized 15 Fumbles Lost Total Offense _. - 356 Average Punt 384 Texas 22 329 91 5-8 43 3 420 43.6 John Rees Max Peacock Russell Cody David Dickey 410 Razorbacks Edge North Texas, 17-15 Arkansas ' mid-season breather turned into a real shocker when North Texas ' Eagles clawed at the Raz- orbacks for four quarters before finally yielding in a 17-15 batlle at War Memorial Stadium- Arkansas cl utched dearly at 17-3 fourth period lead as the North Texans cranked up their power train and started toward Arkansas ' defense. The drive resulted in one touchdown for the visitors and another close one that the officials ruled as trapped. The stubborn Razorback defense held off another North Texas drive and Arkansas held on to the lead for their fifth win for the season. Bill Burnett carried 35 times for a near-record 185 yards. Statistics Ark. First Downs 27 Ifards Rushing _ 263 Yards Passing . 139 Passes - _ 14-20 Passes Intercepted 2 Yards Penalized 50 Fumbles Lost 1 Total Offense _ - 402 Average Punt _ 39.6 NTS 22 114 240 21-36 2 57 1 354 30.0 Bobby Field Lynn Garner Guy Parker Jim Barnes RUSSELL CODY had to use a couple of evasive steps to get around North Texas ' " Mean Green " defense. Arkansas ' blockers comple- mented the run. JERRY MOORE got a little resistance from North Texas ' receivers, but the fast learning sopho- more solved his problems in due time. 411 Porkers Romp To Homecoming Win |j Louis Nalley Greg Lackey Rodney Brand Mike Boschetti DAVID DICKEY appears to be perfectly balanced on the football here to the left of Max Peacock (46), but everything that goes up must come down. MAX PEACOCK (46) latched onto this pass in a rather precarious position. He snared six passes that game. Homecoming 1968 ended on a winning note for Arkansas as the Razorbacks dazzled the Rice Owls and collected another conference win at the expense of a 46-21 Rice defeat. Bill Montgomery and Chuck Dicus rattled the Owl defense with an outstanding offensive display before the capacity crowd. From the beginning to the final gun, it was clearly an Arkansas dominated game. New records included; 193 yards passing to Chuck Dicus, 294 yards in total offense by Bill Montgomery and senior split end Max Peacock won the C. G. " Crip " Hall award for the Uof A Homecoming ' s top senior per- former. Statistics Ark. First Downs 24 Yards Rushing _. _ 232 Yards Passing _ 270 Passes 16-28 Passes Intercepted 1 Yards Penalized 20 Fumbles Lost Total Offense _ 502 Average Punt 48.0 Rice 25 234 135 13-21 1 22 1 369 28.8 412 CHUCK DICUS catches passes quite well, but here he shows a Texag defender that he knows just what to do after he catches a pass. ON SOME DAYS some things just never go right. Bill Montgomery (10) probably entertained this thought several times during the past season. Arkansans Trip Texas A M, 25-22 Bearing bitter memories of last year ' s homecoming loss (33-21) to Texas A M in Fayetteville, the Razor- backs headed for College Station with their minds set on spoiling the Texag ' s homecoming. Going into their first afternoon game in College Station in 20 years, the Razorbacks had a 23-15-3 ad- vantage over the Aggies in a series that dated back to 1903, making A M Arkansas ' most defeated conference rival. At this game, the Razorbacks, behind by 8 points at half-time, hurried their usual fourth quarter rally and staged a stirring 13-point comeback in the third period, pacing a 25-22 win over Texas A M. Statistics Ark. First Downs 24 Yards Rushing _ . 122 Yards Passing _ _ 258 Passes . __ 20-29 Passes Intercepted Yards Penalized 26 Fumbles Lost Total Offense _. _ 380 Average Punt 41.4 A M 21 34 319 28-55 17 353 44.4 Dick Bumpas Jim Jordan DeWitt Smith Cliff Powell 413 - BILL BURNETT sought as easier solution to gaining yardage on the ground, but the only possible way was to pound it out on the turf. SMU ' S MIKE RICHARDSON (24) was one of the leading ground gain- ers in the Southwest Conference . . , that is, until he met the Raz- orback defense. Hogs Endure SMU Rally 35-29 By now, the conference race had come to a three- way tie for the top spot. Arkansas faced SMU in an all important league tilt at War Memorial. A win for the Razorbacks could put SMU out of first place, leav- ing the Razorbacks in a dual tie with Texas. SMU had become recognized as the nation ' s leader in total offense with the passing battery of Chuck Hixon to Ail-American Jerry Levias and the sound running game established by Mike Richardson- However, the Razorback defense didn ' t believe in statistics and held the Ponies scoreless in the first three quarters while the offense rolled up seven touch- downs for a 35-0 lead. The Mustangs weren ' t through for the day. SMU rallied for 29 points in the fourth period, sending many Arkansans into a trauma, but the defense worked with the clock and the scores held 35-29. Statistics Ark. First Downs _ _ 21 Yards Rushing _ _ 210 Yards Passing 118 Passes - 13-23 Passes Intercepted _ _ Yards Penalized _ 26 Fumbles Lost 4 Total Offense _ 328 Average Punt 40.3 SMU 25 70 323 32-51 1 33 4 393 32.8 Jim Mullins Terry Don Phillips Jud Erwin Pat May 414 Defense Sparkles In Season Finale Texas Tech had built a reputation over the past two seasons for keeping Arkansas teams out of post season bowls. This season, the Razorbacks journeyed to Lubbock with definite ideas of going to the Sugar Bowl or the Cotton Bowl (depending on the outcome of the Texas-Texas A M game on Thanksgiving) . By the time Arkansas ' defensive backs got through with the Red Raider passing attack, the Red Raiders had turned a blushing pink. The defensive backs totaled seven interceptions, boosted by a near shutout perform- ance by the linemen, and the Arkansas Razorbacks were bowl bound through the courtesy of a 42-7 pasting of Texar, Tech. Statistics Ark. First Downs 18 Yards Rushing _. -274 Yards Passing 30 Passes 3-15 Passes Intercepted - Yards Penalized 65 Fumbles Lost 1 Total Offense _ _ 304 Average Punt 38.9 Tech 16 102 180 14-32 7 48 2 282 39.4 Ronnie Hammers Rick Kersey Gordon McNulty Webb Hubbell RED RAIDER DEFENDERS nearly ripped Bill Burnett (center) apart on this run, but Bill isn ' t easily shaken and he still got the job done. BILL BURNETT picked up a little downfield blocking and almost went all the way on this play. 415 - MUST have been a serious situation. HARRY WOOD (23) got a step or two on Dennis Berner (36) on this play, but Den- nis held on. BILL is smiling, but look closely . . . Mer- vin arid Frank have yet to spread a grin over their faces. A1I-SWC Backs, Chuck Dicus (left) Gary Adams (right). All-SWC Linemen, Cliff Powell (left), Rodney Brand (center) and Lynn Garner. All-Southwest Conference Sophomore of the Year, Bill Montgomery . A 11- American, Jim Barnes 417 Bowl Bound, But Not Favored MIKE SIGMAN (81), Razorback tight end got the best of this Bulldog defender. CHUCK DICUS, Arkansas flanker snared this one perfectly. For more than a month, the Arkansas Razorbacks withstood the pressure and taunting issued to them by sportswriters and fans (particularly Georgia disciples), but that didn ' t subdue the will of the Cinderella team that represented the Southwest Conference January I in New Orleans. Post season bowls certainly weren ' t an unknown treat to Arkansas coaches, players and fans, but this was the first time since the 1966 Cotton Bowl that the Razorbacks had played in a bowl. Needless to say, the players dedicated themselves to a victory in this contest. For the players, it was a test. Vince Dooley ' s Georgia Bulldogs were rated fifth in the nation (Arkansas was ninth ranked, following a 9-1 season), and the Porkers were anxious to see how good a fifth-ranked team performs. The coaches eyed the bowl as a test of the maturity of their sophomore- heavy team. The fans eyed the contest with pure de- light and hoped for a bountiful return when the Hogs came home. L118 BILL BURNETT (33), Arkansas tailback showed the Georgiani how a runner looks. " . : LYNN GARNER (59), wearing a horse collar, beat the crowd to the ball. BILL MONTGOMERY dropped back and passed to Dicus for a gain. TOMMY DIXON (25) gave this Bulldog receiver points on getting ahead. Dicus Foils Scott, Hogs Reign Supreme All the predictions had been made, and it was time for the showdown in Tulane Stadium. Both teams bore the home colors of red and white, so a toss of a coin decided who wore the colors in the game. Arkansas won the toss, gained impetus from wearing the familiar Cardinal jerseys, and didn ' t stop exploiting the Georgia forward wall until the final buzzer sounded. Despite the 16-2 score, the Razorback " suspect " defense shutout the highly rated Bulldog offense. Two All-Americans on Georgia ' s defense (tackle Bill Stanfill and halfback Jake Scott) apparently didn ' t phase cool headed Bill Montgomery, as the sophomore from Carrollton, Texas picked the Georgia defense to pieces and hit flanker Chuck Dicus on a dozen occasions totaling 169 yards and the game-breaking touchdown. Sophomore Chuck Dicus snared the touchdown pass over Jake Scott on his fingertips. From then on, it was all Arkansas and the Georgians left the stadium Wed- nesday afternoon, humbled and defeated. Jerry Dossey Tim Webster Bob Stankovich Bruce James Gary Parson Mike Jacobs David Cox Tommy Dew Mike Sigman Pat Morrison Tommy Hopper Mike Hendren 420 Razorback Cheerleaders The Arkansas Boosters ' Club and a healthy number of Razorback fans weren ' t the only ones to follow the Porkers where ever they journeyed. The Razorback cheerleaders, led by Captain Linda Butler, were on the scene for all eleven Razorback per- formances. The pep squad set the pace at all of the rallies honoring the Razorbacks, including the four-day rally that took place in New Orleans when Arkansas invaded the Sugar Bowl. Cries of " whoo pig sooie " never dinned when the eight most ardent Arkansas fans were around to lead the rooting. LINDA BUTLER, Zeta Tau Alpha, was Captain of the 1968-69 Cheerleaders. ivr Jlike Hendw Steve Wingfield Mary Elizabeth Brown Bill Appleton Jackie Barrett 421 ROBERT McKENZIE (10) drilled one in over these two Aggies. One got caught looking. JAMES ELDRIDGE (25) proved su- perior in rebounding. Hog Basketballers Suffer " Drab " Year Head Basketball Coach Buddy Waller figured on a better season than his basketball Razorbacks gave him. The 24-game season saw the Porkers bow in de- feat on 14 occasions overall and 10 times to Southwest Conference foes. Most of Arkansas ' trouble? were related to an ob- vious lack of consistency. The Razorbacks ran up size- able leads on several occasions, only to fall behind when time begun to expire, therefore taking the loss. Another factor affecting the team ' s performance was the lack of point production by the anticipated big men. Although hot in several games, junior Robert McKenzie fell a little short of his career average, and certainly his expectations. Junior James Eldridge, dubbed the " Big E " by fans, hit some beauties from the outside, but not enough to equal his point productivity of last season. Senior Benton Cone couldn ' t manage as many 20-point plus games as he did during the last season, but his leadership was felt on the court. Razorback opponents beat the Porkers on the back- boards and a lot of times, at the foul line. James Eld- ridge and Gary Stephens were the big men on the boards for Arkansas, with the two alternating on most occasions as high rebounders for Arkansas. 422 Opening Losses Hinder Porkers Danny Keeter Jack Kimbrell The season began on a drab note for the Razor- backs. Arkansas opened the basketball season against Missouri while the student body was at home for the Thanksgiving break. The meeting ended with Mizzou taking a 60-59 win from the Porkers. Olympic basketball team coach Hank Iba wasn ' t about to let his OSU Cowboys bow to the Razorbacks, so the Pokes dealt (he Porkers their second defeat of the season, with a 73-68 whipping in Stillwater. The Ole Miss Rebels topped Arkansas 65-61, and that was about all that the Hogs could take. Arkansas went on a hardwood rampage, licking their next seven opponents. The streak started with 64-61 win over Centenary in Shreveport and ended with a handy 67-62 win over the Rice Owls in Houston. A 52-48 win over Alabama over the Christmas break in Little Rock high- lighted the seven-game skein. For a while, it seemed as though the Porkers had at last gained the consistency and impetus they needed to turn in a winning season, but the remaining portion of the season was without a doubt a trying one. STEPHENS AND McKENZIE (both in white) get signals crossed. 423 Now, let ' s use the I formation ... I tell you what to do and you do it Robert McKenzie Ricky Tanneberger Gary Stephens Donnie Watts BIG " E " (25) was on the boards again for Arkansas. Razorbacks Rally On Seven-win Streak Beginning with a tough 73-68 loss to the Texas Aggies here in Fayetteville, the Razorbacks bit the dust on five successive occasions. The Texas Longhorns issued Arkansas a 67-59 whipping in Austin. Oklahoma City College continued the string of misfortune with a thorough 84-73 beating here on Arkansas ' home court. The Baylor Bears fol- lowed with a crowd-thrilling 74-72 win over the Razor- backs again at home. Defending Southwest Conference basketball cham- pion, Texas Christian University, was the only other team in the league suffering about the same misfortune as the Razorbacks, but the Frogs must have undergone a thorough revival before facing Arkansas. Led by big James Cash (6-8), the Horned Frogs handed Arkansas loss number eight with an 85-79 game. RICKY TANNEBERGER (11) put on brakes to evade this Texas Tech defender. DONNIE WATTS (white jersey) put this one up over TCU ' s James Cash (54). u STEPHENS (24) thought Eldridge (25) got the rebound. No one got it. 425 u ,. . ' i 1-1 The name of the game is basketball . . . pass that down the bench. Final Stand Proves Disastrous ROBERT McKENZIE did a modern dance routine to keep this ball in bounds. Arkansas ' remaining (nine) were all conference, and the Razorbacks found themselves in a " do or die " situation. Arkansas opened the final stand with a 64-53 win over the Red Raiders of Texas Tech in Fayetteville. SMU, red hot in basketball this past season, walloped the Razorbacks 84-69 in Dallas, to douse the Porkers ' victory flame. The Razorbacks came back with a big 63-47 win over TCU here in Fayetteville, but the next five games proved to be insurmountably competitive for the Porkers. The Red Raiders extended their " Lubbock Jinx " over the Porkers, as the Techans eeked out a 59-57 win over the hapless Razorbacks in the closing seconds. A big win over Texas didn ' t do much for the Porkers ' title hopes, but it saved their vanity in Arkan- sas ' last home appearance. 426 A sharp knee and an exposed pit nearly sub- dued Ricky Joe. I , .:; ' " " ;. . ' -. ' . R - NKj Coach yelled " Fool " ... the Aggies thought he said Pool, and leaped inl " Yep . . . that ' s definitely a basketball . . . " 427 Porker Thinclads Look Toward Future Arkansas track coach Tom Hardin worked hard with the Razorback thinclads during this season, but competition and a sharp lack of depth in the placing of events proved to be too much of an obstacle for the former Razorback distance ace to overcome. The Porker runners lacked depth in their sprints and iheir field events (high jump, pole vault, long jump, and another Jerry Petty on the team wouldn ' t have hurt anything -- although Nathan Myers boosted the weight events with his support). Weather conditions often proved to be Arkansas ' main foe this spring, as a couple of key events fell victim to bad weather. Coach Hardin has a young bunch of runners to work with, and a successful cross country season next fall might be just what the doctor ordered. With freshmen eligible in the conference, a good crop of frosh recruits will do much to better the efforts of the ' 70 edition of Arkansas runners. This jumper got high, but he almost didn ' t make his desired goal. The runner from Mizzou (second man) thought the game was blind man ' s bluff. 428 Football isn ' t the only sport that utilizes a " passing game. " While the other Porkers ran, this little Piggie stayed home. NATHAN MYERS huffed for this throw, while the idiot behind dropped it on his toe. 429 Baseball Team Has Good Season Bolstered by one of the finest bunch of hitters ever to play for the Razorbacks, Arkansas ' baseball team managed to put together the best season yet under base- ball coach Wayne Robbins. Bill Dorothy, Mark Jones, H. A. Scott, Fred Wagner and Mike Pryor led the Arkansas slugging session. In almost a repeat of his superb sophomore season, Butch Hopkins led the Razorback pitching staff. Arkan- sas ' success from the pitchers ' was boosted by Greg Fisk, Terry Verhage, Herb House and lefty Jerry Black- wood. Again, the team didn ' t compete in the Southwest Conference on a regularly scheduled basis, but the Porkers did manage to meet with SWC foes Texas Christian and Southern Methodist. Arkansas lost the two contests, but the difference wasn ' t in the quality of the teams. Seniors Terry Hopkins, Greg Fisk and Bill Standley will leave noticeable vacancies in the Porker lineup, but the freshman-sophomore dominated team is marked for success. Never doubt the ump . . . curse, yell and shout. - Fi Hard hitting Mike Pryor was one of the Razorbacks ' top batters. 430 SHOAT STAFF (from left to right) ; Mickey Maroney, Bob Ford, Mike Bender, Richard Trail, bottom row, Boris Malczycki, Jeff Starling, Ken Stockdale, Fred Glaze. Frosh Teams Enjoy Moderate Seasons IS Arkansas ' freshmen teams (the Shoats) enjoyed moderate success on the gridiron and on the hardwoods this season. In football, Arkansas ' frosh broke even in four games, with the annual home game against Tulsa can- celled. Quarterback Gus Rusher, of Brinkley, led the Shoal scori ng session with 18 points totaled on three touchdowns. Coach Lynwood Cathey ' s basketball Shoats topped the .500 mark with a 7-5 record for the season. Led by Vernon Murphy, the Shoats averaged 72.4 points per game, and yielded 69.6 points per game. Murphy led the team ' s scoring with a 24.6 average in 12 games. Also to his credit, Vernon earned a spot on the All-Southwest Conference freshman team. Murphy broke Robert McKenzie ' s single game scoring record, with a high-game of 40 points and collected 144 rebounds for the year. Jerry Schmidt (12.0 for the sea- son) was second with 125, and Bob Murphy (13.5) was third with 75 rebounds. W I Vernon Murphy (15) . . . Shoal leader. 431 ' BILL POWELL got the shaft on the 19th hole in a sand trap one afternoon. Golfers Post Best Season In 10 Years DAVID MATTHEWS gets this one out. Golf coach Danny Mason had quite a lot to be proud of at the end of the Razorback ' s golf tour. His Porker golfers were the winningest team since the days of All-American R. H. Sikes, now on the Professional Golfers Association tour. Sophomore Chuck Brownfield led the Razorbacks in Houston at the All-American tournament. Brown- field, who was tied for second place after the first two rounds, finished the tournament in a tie for sixth place. In overall competition, Arkansas finished ninth at Hous- ton, with most of the team coming back for another season with coach Danny Mason. Sammy Brown, Tommy Howard and Gordon Nor- wood (who also lettered ' on the Razorback football team as a quarterback) are the only senior members of the team. Arkansas had a successive chain of wins going until Tulsa ' s golf squad marred the Porkers ' record with a tie match. After that the Razorbacks got going again and generated another winning streak. Texas and Texas A M snapped the streak, but the Porkers still managed to salvage an impressive 13-2-1 record for the season. 432 I mmm T I Young Tennis Team Points Forward Razorback tennis suffered a bit of misfortune this spring, but the trouble may very well turn out to be good fortune. Tennis coach David Kossover, Arkansas ' state men ' s singles champion himself, faced the difficult task of re- building a tennis team, with the loss of tennis aces Ben Barry, Murray Harding and Ray Underneher. Freshmen Bill Borders and Tim Clark boosted the Razorbacks ' efforts on the tennis courts, but Kossover pointed out that they still had a lot to learn. Lettermen Hal Fincher, who will be the only senior on the team for next spring, and Ken Johnson gave the Razorbacks a lift also, but the team lacked overall depth in the sets necessary to collect a winning match. With the team being well stocked with freshmen and sophomores, coach David Kossover has high hopes for success in the seasons to come. Kossover also has hopes of a bountiful crop of recruits from the high school ranks. ears Bill Borders jumps to return a shot in a match. Hal Fincher demonstrates perfect form in the backhand shot during a match on Razorbacks ' home courts. 433 Last one in is a red neck. This diver mat head-on with difficulty. Some days you just don ' t seem to make a big splash 434 New Coach Helps Swimmers Improve Swimming coach Ed Fedosky was initiated to the Razorback family of athletics with a pleasing fourth place in the Southwest Conference swimming champion- ships. Swimmers Peter Kingan, Alan Butcher, Ken Ward and Tom Suchecki were among the leaders for Arkan- sas ' marine Razorbacks. Diver John Phillips finally broke the ice for Ar- kansas and put some points in the diving column for Arkansas ' scoring. Every man on the team helped make it a successful season, although they would like to have done even better. It got pretty deep at some of the meets. The Razorbacks have one of the youngest swimming programs in the nation, but have come a long way in three years of competition. They improved through the season and it seemed as though they set new school records each time they swam. Coach Fedosky was aided this year by Bryan Rob- bins, a former SMU swimmer who holds many titles himself. Still just a young squad, the Razorbacks can look forward to next season with high hopes of finishing even higher in the conference. My gawd! Soma idiot pulled the plug out . . . He started a reverse, but he got scared. 435 Intramural Favorites Hold Their Own It was another exciting year in men ' s intramurals. Competition was keen in all leagues of the dorm and fraternity divisions. Intramurals provides the men on campus with good physical exercise and it is a welcome break from books and classrooms. Competition is often tough and most take the program seriously. Quite a few " discussions " take place as to who is the best team, or was the man safe at home plate, or did that man interfere with the receiver. Once again, Holcombe ran away with the AAA and AA dorm titles. Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi fought to the wire in AAA, while they and Sigma Nu finished very close in AA. Another step, and Holcombe would ' ve scored. This player puts his shot up and out of the defender ' s reach. 436 Volleyball ... a sport for everyone . These guys didn ' t know that Newton ' s law will retrieve the ball. A surprise awaits this guy. JJ f Tha mm with the ball looks as though he doesn ' t want the ball. 437 WRA Participation Gets Big Boost Women ' s Recreation Association, or WRA as it is more commonly called, once again played a large role in the life of the university coed. WRA was originally designed to give university women a chance to have some sort of recreational pro- gram besides regular physical education courses. It also promotes pride in living groups, both dorms and so- rorities, through active competition in assorted sports. Among these sports are swimming, volleyball, soft- ball, tennis, bowling, archery, table tennis, basketball, dance, posture and of course powder puff football. The Sweepstakes Award, given annually by WRA to the top women ' s intramural team, was sought after by over 300 women competing on 20 teams. It was a good year for all who participated. WRA sports were sometimes topsy turvy Number one give thumbs up, but they didn ' t frighten the volleyball. 438 Women ' s sports included dancing in the gym. This swimmer cools it between races. The girls alto earned to protect themselves from the Three Muikateen. 439 Cindy Smith Liz Wells Kathy Wood Ruth Rivers Pam Gibson Melody Schwalm Mary Lou Osbourne Betty Coleman Debbie Smith Becky Maxwell 440 Twirlers Add Beauty, Sparkle The University of Arkansas Razorback Band has set an excellent standard in previous years, and 1968-69 was no exception. Under the capable direction of Dr. Richard A. Worthington and Mr. David G. Pittman, the " Marching Razorbacks " performed at home games in both Fayetteville and Little Rock, the TCU Game in Fort Worth, and the 1969 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Pep Bands were also in attendance at the Texas Game in Austin, the A M Game in College Station, and the Texas Tech Game in Lubbock. In addition, the Band played at the dedication of the David E. Terry Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River Navigation Project, and at Derby Day in Hot Springs ' Oaklawn Park. During the Concert Season the Band was active in many ways. The Group presents several concerts throughout the year both on the University campus and in the surrounding communities. Coming attrac- tions for the days ahead include a concert as part of the annual convention of the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association to be held in Hot Springs. Through its extensive participation in the Univer- sity activities, the Band plays a major part in the social, academic, and extra-curricular life of its members. Juli Ellis, Betsy Burroughs Feature Twirlers Ricky Lowrey Feature Twirler Gary Ricketts, John Richardson Drum Majors 441 U of A Marching Razorbacks Meredith Wilson wrote that ' 76 Trombones led the big parade ' , but in the case of the ' Marching Razor- backs ' it ' s only drum majors John Richardson and Gary Ricketts in the lead. Selected through a series of tests and try-outs, the drum majors direct and assist the band on the field and in the stands during football season. . . . ' with 110 cornets close behind ' - - next in the line of march are the feature twirlers and majorettes. The feature twirlers are chosen from the ' veterans ' in the majorette line upon a demonstration of their out- standing twirling abilities. During the spring semester many qualified girls (and boys) attend the try-outs to fill positions in the twirling line. After several weeks of summer practice and a number of clinics, the girls are set for the work ahead. While the band is perform- ing intricate maneuvers and patterns on the field, the majorettes do twirling routines along the sidelines. The band performed at all home games and two away. Drum major John Richardson stands watching as the band gives a show. Ths bind filei Into the Greek Theater for another gross pep rally. 442 They also laughed at the gross jokes and held signs. Forming a huge U of A, the bandsmen play the Alma Mater before each game. The Marching Razorbacks march into the stadium with smiles and spirit. 443 444 ARTS 445 Architecture students have always been noted for their good house- keeping. This student seems fascinated with the Architectural Forum s center fold-out. The five-year architecture program ages students before their time. 1.0 Architects Move to Old Library The Architecture Department expanded this year by moving the fifth year students, and some of the first, second, and third year students, into the old library - a move that has offered the department more space and a more centralized location. Some of the major activities of this year ' s students includes a systems exploration residence hall design, a prison facilities presentation, and research on a large scale of the total prison environment. During the Arts ' 69 Festival, guests of the Architec- ture Department included Gunnar Birkerts of Michigan, Mr. Wade, head of the new architecture school at Wis- consin, and Max Bond, a Negro advocate architect con- cerned with community development. Fifth year students, Dagenhart, Lehle, Hall, Schrap- lau, Phillips, Taylor, McMillan, and Saar, were chosen to design a city based on an investigation of the mega- structure in E. St. Louis, through a grant awarded by the American Iron and Steel Industry. Consultants were Architects Saftie and Barcas of Montreal. T. O. Burson thinks the old library has gone to pot. Looks like Ernie ' s jacking his boys around again. 447 Art Department Has New Chairman Fishing tackle always adds that special touch. The University Art Department, headed by R. B. Guirl, continued its desire to advance the University aesthetically this year. With the growing number of students, a wide range of courses were again offered, including Commercial Art, Graphics, Sculpture, Paint- ing, Drawing, and an increased interest in Art History. The Art Department once again took part in the annual Arts Festival, and offered competition for a design on the theme Arts ' 69. Among the exhibitions in the Fine Arts Gallery this year were those by under- graduates, MFA graduate students, and the University Art faculty. Visiting exhibitions included Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts, New Directions in Printmak- ing, Contemporary Photographers, and Banners by La Liberte. The Department also sponsored a trip to Chi- cago in November to study Dada and Surrealism. Painting students stage a sit-in in their studio. 448 tin Tim Ray gets a new perspective on his work Sharon Berhends tries to teach Pam to stay between the lines. 449 Annual Opera Given by Workshop The cast partakes in one of the many dircussions in " Albert Herring " . Chastity is the desired attribute in " Albert Herring " The Benjamin Britten opera, " Albert Herring " was this year ' s delightful production by the Opera Work- shop. Under the direction of Max Worthley, the story takes place at the turn of the Century in England. The tone is ironic. A chaste May Queen is sought, but un- fortunately, no virgins remain in the village. The story evolves from there. The characters were enthusiastically portrayed by the workshop. Their performance not only proved them to be able vocalists, but talented actors as well. Well suited in the production was the Chamber Or- chestra, which emphasizes the quality of Britten ' s music. It also emphasizes the humor of the history itself. 450 Costumes at the turn of the Century leave one confused as to the sex or individuals. " On the Good Ship Lollipop, it ' s a sweet trip . . . " Schola Gives Concert in New York Schola Cantorum the internationally known singing group of the University, once again showed its perform- ing excellence this year. Under the proud direction of Mr. Richard Brothers, this 38-member group has ex- hibited the sensitivity needed to interpret its vast musi- cal repertoire. Activities for Schola ' s 1968-1969 season included its annual tour of the state, giving concerts to various high schools, plus a number of concerts given at the University. Highlights of this year ' s activities were Schola ' s trip to New York in December to entertain the mem- bers of the National Association of Music, and its trip to Cincinnati in March to perform before the Music Teachers ' National Association. Members of Schola display their talent 45 they rehearse one of their numbers. 451 Members of the Concert Band proudly exhibit their instruments. Concert Band Performs in Spring " I won ' t let you out until you promise to marry me " Why is everybody leaving? " 452 Singers Continue Tour of State " Johnny one-note . . . " Uarkettes, made up of 25 advanced vocalists, in the professional singing group of the University, and is led by Mr. Kenneth Ballenger. During the 1968-1969 con- cert season the Uarkettes have successfully toured the four-state area of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Also during the year, the Uarkettes have represented the University at the State Legislature in January, at the dedication of the Terry Lock and Dam in Little Rock, and at the Kiwanis International Convention in Miami Beach in July. As a result of its tour in Mexico last year, the group was viewed by four million through- out Latin America by way of video tape sponsored by the U. S. Information Service. Vivacity can belt describe the Uarkettes here pictured in front of the Arkansas capitol. 453 Orchestra Honored in St. Louis His organ is a source of inspiration. Under the able direction of Dr. Marx Pales, the Uni- versity-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra produced a fruitful year during the 1968-1969 season. Two major concerts were given at the University in November and March, one featuring a guest flutist, Claude Monteux. In December the group toured the southwest part of the state performing at various high schools, and during the Arts ' 69 Festival, the Orchestra concentrated on contemporary music by Delia, Joio, and guest com- poser. Donald Erb. Highlighting the year was the invitational perform- ance of the group by the southwest division meeting of the Music Educators National Conference in St. Louis. On the program was the Seventh Symphony by guest conductor-composer Vincent Persichetti. a -- A w She hasn ' t heard of the Great Cover-Up. 454 Dr. Pales polishes up his orchestra before a concert. fe ' " But this piece doesn ' t call for a flute solo. " II 455 Theatre Has Varied Productions The 1968-69 season of the University Theatre proved to be a season of dramatic variety, with productions from almost every period of history. Opening the season were three one-act plays by Edward Albee " The Zoo Story " , ' " The Sandbox " , and " The American Dream " . Directed by Cleveland Harrison, the program concentrated on Albee ' s Theatre of the Absurd (October 7-12). " As You Like It " continued the theatre season (No- vember 11-16), and was directed by George Kernodle. One of Shakespeare ' s most delightful romantic comedies, the action takes place in a fantasy forest in France. The play during the holiday season (December 9-14) was the comedy " The Odd Couple " by Neil Simon. The entire cast performed hysterically but most credit should go to Ralph Clift and Steve Reynolds. It was directed by Norman DeMarco. Jim Willock seats an imaginary friend . . . . and receives flowers from an imaginary admirer. David Mackey roughs up Chuck Flood in " As You Like It " . 456 Ralph Clift organizes a friendly game of poker in " The We wouldn ' t dare make a comment. 457 Wedding scene induces a frenzied atmosphere in " Beggar on Horseback " Theatre Continuing the 1968-69 season Percy MacKaye ' s " The Scarecrow " , was presented under the direction of Cleveland Harrison (February 10-15). Taking place in the late seventeenth century, it is concerned with New England witchery. Vic Saums and Ric Womack were enjoyable as the two evil ones. " Beggar on Horseback " , by George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly, was directed by George Kernodle (March 10-15) . Taking place during the 20 ' s, it is the expressionists ' reaction to the machine age. Most en- joyable were the members of the chorus. Clay Orsborne straightens out things with his produc tion crew. 458 Another opening another show. e stuff that dreams are made of. Ballet scene from " Beggar on Horseback " allows University dancers to perform. 459 460 r ORGANIZATIONS 461 First Row: Bill Appleton, Mary Elizabeth Brown, David Lynn Carroum, Frada Ann Barlow, Carol Lynn Camfield, Jane Marble, Muriel Johnson, Patrick Miller, Prissy Petty. Second Row: Terry Box, Jane Lynch, Lacy Probert, Geri Dugan, Patty Holt, Toni Pierce, Becky Maxwell, Peggy Bosmyer, Liz Ellison, Stroud C. Kelley, jerry Stacker, Beth Hartz, Bill Bishop. Third Row. George Patton, David Evans, Blan S. Heath, Marie Deacon, Sheila Blalock, Mary Lou Osborne, Melinda Guard, Debbie Noteware, Gail Gentry, Terry Dunlop, Brenda Blagg, Carol Meade, Steve Nipper. Fourth Row: Bunny Adcock, R. Chris Stephens, Debbie Horton, Dana Lyons, Steve H. Nickles, Bruce Munson, Ann Pride, Ed Outlaw, Sandy Haney, Suzanne Flick, Sandy Asselin. Fifth Row. Mark Kruger, Carter Hardage, Pey- ton Speck, Paul Douglas, Jerry Glover, Leroy Jeske, Ronald Stone, George Smith, Chris F. Fowler, Mike Rotenberry, Mark Linder, Bob Williams. Spirit Extends to Sugar Bowl Members of the Arkansas Booster Club are chosen through interviews of applicants from the entire student body in the fall. In an effort to organize student spirit on the campus, its members sponsor the pep rallies be- bore each football game and designate certain weeks with special emphasis such as Homecoming and Dad ' s Day. Especially active during the football season, ABC is trying to create additional spirit for the other athletic events such as the basketball and baseball games. Extra efforts to draw enthusiasm this fall were a poster con- test for the A M game and a torchlight parade before the Texas game. Probably one of the most exciting events for ABC this year was the pep rally held before Christmas for the Sugar Bowl game. Also of importance to the student body was this year ' s attempt on the part ABC to improve roll call at pep rallies by cooperating with the members of a censoring board made up of representatives of each of the sororities. OFFICERS: Pat Miller, president; Patty Blake, secretary; James Baugh, treasurer; Steve Stephens, vice president (not pictured). 462 First Row: Nancy Timmons, Sharon Warren, Theresa Marks, Marien Becker, Yulonda Black, Sharon Hickman, Alice Stallcup. Second Row: Jim Elkins, Jack Jones, Mike Young, Don Baker, Mike Condit, Winston Brown, Charles Billings, Tommy Love, Juanita Cohen. Third Row: Bruce Smith, Steve Freeman, Rich- ard Henry, Dennis Berner, James Russell, Jack Stacks (Faculty Sponsor) , Jim Pat Bell, Terry Deal. Medical Society Stresses Leadership Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international medical so- ciety whose membership is based on excellence in lead- ership, character and scholarship. AED presents guest speakers throughout the year who comment on basic medical issues and current developments. Such seminars provide pre-med students with the opportunity to make direct contact with their chosen field. With the aid of films and exhibits, guest speakers keep the students up- to-date on prominent medical affairs. Alpha Epsilon Delta maintains contact with the Medical Center in Little Rock as an information exchange. Chi Theta Decorates BA Building Chi Theta is an honorary organization which pro- motes the role of women in business. Members are chosen from those upperclassmen who maintain a 2.5 accumulative average. The organization decorates the Business Administration building during the Christmas First Row: Sharron Helf, Rachel Doyle, Dorothy Allred, Pam Smith, Susan Murry, Alice Alexander, Bonnie Hart, Brenda Parsons, Pat Ross. Second Row: Deborah Brockman, Linda Hardley. Sherry Simmons, Nancy Hudson, Gloria Mahaffey, season. They also publish an information booklet about the different organizations in the College of Business so that freshman women may know which they can join. Chi Theta sponsors a coke party for prospective fresh- man members. Marellen Watts, Ruth Rivers, Susu Ward, Janie Seagraves. Third Row. Pat Luper, Tamsy Sandford, Barbara Yates, Carole Nichols, Jo Driggers, Carolyn Plunkett, Jean Ann Core, Ann Bachelor. 463 First Row: Carmen Trantham, Vernell Lumpkin, Diana Dan- forth, Donna Jordan, Donna Lucas, Charlena Law, Geneva Rus- sell, Lois Ann Carlson. Second Row. Ginger Jones, Judy Bell, Donna Hyde, Ann Henson, Avis Bryant, Yevonne Starling, Lou Ann Daugherty, Lorene A. Raymond, Faculty Adviser. Agriculture Groups Promote College The Arkansas Chapter of the American Home Eco- nomics Association was host for this year ' s state of- ficers ' conference and workship. Members of AHEA are taken from the College of Home Economics. They be- long to a professional organization which has as its theme, the importance of professional home economics. An important function of AHEA is the organization and execution of social events including a welcoming party for freshman women, a faculty tea during the Christmas season, and an installation tea in the spring. Another group of interest to the College of Agri- culture and Home Economics is the Animal Industry Club. Students in the fields of animal and poultry hus- bandry may become members. Members are currently working on fund raising projects so that they may be able to sponsor judging teams and intercollegiate live- stock expositions. First Row: Marvin Sutterfield, Phillip Rice, E. L. Piper (Adviser), Hollis Reed, Gerald Alexander, Judy Green, Glenn Thompson, Lois Ann Carlson, Bill Dodgen, Alfonso Burgos. M I Second Row: Bobby Highfill, Charles Money, William H. Bell, Clyde West Jr., Dick Willis, Bob Treat, Fred Smith, Larry Brooks, Orville E. Wright. P, 464 T First Roto: Stan Eden, Dennis Perry, Russell Jackson, Beth Root, Patty Peterson, Tom Burns, Charles Roberts, Mike Lim- hird. Second Row. Sammy C. White, Don Dillard, Steve Currie, Jerry Dennis, Howell C. Amos, David E. Douglas, Charles R. Burton. Third Row: Steve Lowe, Nason Brookings, John Hazle- wood, Darrel Rice, Gene Staggs, Bill Bingham, Crofford Harri- son, Bill Meadows. Fourth Row: Alan Fabrycky, Bob Davidson, Roland Hamilton, Richard Gossett, Butch Kirsch, Michael Mc- Clendon, Ronald King, David Hibler. I E ' s Survey Facilities polAjri- ill Industry podln bus- re currently innuy be The primary aim of the American Institute of In- dustrial Engineers is the correlation of industrial prob- lems and processes with academic studies. Its activities include visits to various industrial plants in the state and programs which supply the members with advanc- ed statistical information about industrial engineering Established in 1956, Alpha Phi Mu recognizes stu- dents of Industrial Engineering who rank in the upper third of their senior and upper one fifth of their junior class. The goals of the fraternity are projects which will result in the advancement of the Industrial En- gineering Department. Among its services are surveys that help the University and activities designed to im- prove equipment and facilities of the Industrial Engi- neering Department. First Row: Howell C. Amos, Ivan D. Hazlewood, David Douglas, Beth Root, Tom Burns, Bill Meadows. Second Row: Sammy C. White, Butch Kirsch, Michael T. McClendon, Steve Lowe, Mike Limbird. Third Row: Don Dillard, Darrel Rice, Alan Fabrycky, Charles R. Burton. 465 ALD Promotes Scholarship First Row. Connie Summers, Historian; Betty White, Treas- urer; Jeanne Keel, Editor. Second Row. Melissa Harrell, Vice President; Nancy Mills, Secretary. Third Row. Penny Barfield, President. In order to become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta a freshman woman must have attained a 3.5 grade average for either her first semester or as a cumulative average for both freshman semesters. Al- though Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honorary fraternity for freshman women, its members perform many services for the campus. During their sophomore year, the members of Alpha Lambda Delta provide a tutoring service for freshman women and help with the complicated process of registration. The members of Alpha Lambda Delta are rewarded for setting ex- amples of academic achievement. In the spring they have a banquet with their brother fraternity Phi Eta Sigma. : First Row. Janice LaFarra, Shari Stuart, Jo Adelman, Mar- garet Akins, Becky Maxwell, Martha McCoy, Kathy Pollard, Jeanie Wyant, Sandy Angus. Second Row: Annette Tippin, Jan Sweet, Judy Ledbetter, Mary Beth Twiehaus, Dee Dee Gaston, Betty White, Jeanne Keel, Susan Worthy, Ann Hartenstein. Third Row. Ginger Harpole, Mimi Raney, Claire Bond, Carole Nichols, Mary Jo Reaves, Melissa Harrell, Nancy Mills, V alerie Witherspoon, Connie Summers. Fourth Row: Marsha Smith, Penny Barfield, Dorthy Dwyer, Beth Hildbold, Kathy Ritgerod, Diane Guy, Alice Jo Tarkington, Deborah A. Lewis, Carol Chaney, Jane Leiting. 466 d a 3.J lorasj Wtnfl. 1 honorary R perform Wp nik f Healers setting es- prin 4ey h ' Phi Eli First Row. Mike Boston, John Feland, Larry Edmondson, Danny Garrett, Cole Barton, Ronald Palculict, Bob Yates, L. J. Rosenberg. Second Row. Terry Box, Larry Rhodes, Pat Kittrell, Glenn Tripp, Michael Stiles, Glenford Newtown, Bryden Moon. Third Row: Forrest Jacobi, Alfred Addington, Selby Watson, Alan Storm, Rick Spencer, Lewis Huddle, Jr., Richard Barnes, Bill Graham. Fourth Row: Otis (Skip) Harris III, Joe Clay, William R. Stramm, Scott N. Daniel, Eric W. Nelson, Dennis M. Ferguson, Ellis L. Widner, Jr., J. D. McFarland, Jr. Ltra,Cnl Beta Rho Chapter Makes Top Ten With service and leadership as their byword, the members of Beta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega are an asset to the University of Arkansas. Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity with former Boy Scouts and Explorers making up its membership. Being a service organization, Alpha Phi Omega takes ad- vantage of numerous opportunities to participate in such campus activities as registration, blood drives and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Con- tinuing to uphold the high standards and traditions in- stilled before their college years, the members of Beta Rho Chapter have been chosen one of the Top Ten Chapters in the Nation for their outstanding service to the campus and community. In an effort to be of service to the Community, Alpha Phi Omega schedules Boy Scout Regional Camporees for youngsters in this area. First Row. Rick Spencer, President; Larry Edmondson, Recording Secretary; Cole Barton, Corresponding Secretary; Lewis Huddle, Jr., First Vice President. Second Row. Terry Box, Sergeant at Arms; Joe Clay, Pledgemaster ; Ellis L. Wid- ner, Jr., Alumni Secretary; Dennis M. Ferguson, Treasurer. 467 First Row: Geneva Russell, Wanette McKee, Diane Mc- Kinney, Lois Ann Carlson, Patricia Keeling, Liz Curston. Second Row: Lenny Benton, Terry Files, Don McCaskill, Dick Willis. Third Row. Kenneth J. May, Joseph B. McBride, Larry M. Davis, Bobby Cook, Bill Dodgen. ASA Provides Fellowship in AHE Members of the Agricultural Students Association are from students in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. The many purposes of ASA include providing fellowship among the students and faculty of the college, emphasizing the importance of the fields of agriculture and home economics, and coordinating the activities of organizations within the college. In order to fulfill these objectives, the organization spon- sors several activities during both fall and spring semesters. In the fall members are invited to a ' get- acquainted-party ' and dance. In the spring members participate in the annual Talent Contest and Agri Day. Agri Day includes an Awards Banquet, the presentation of the Agri Queen, the traditional tug-of-war with the engineers and the amateur rodeo. I Don McCaskill, President; Liz Cureton, Secretary; Kenneth J. May, Treasurer; Dick Willis, Vice President; Wanette McKee, Publicity Chairman. 468 First Row. Michael W. Cox, Larry Stone, Randy Young, Doug Hines, Robert Mayo, Fred Schmidt. Second Row. Charles M. Adams, Glenn S. Nelson, Dan Edwards, Freddie C. Stringer, John Langston. Third Row: Charles R. Lee, Glenford New- town, David Anderson, Larry Bottom, Dan Prier. ASAE Sponsors Honorary Group Participation in Engineers ' Week was an important part of the activities of the American Society of Agri- cultural Engineers this year. The Society opens its membership to all engineering students who are especi- ally interested in the advancement of agriculture. By providing ideas about the profession and by giving the members a chance to meet and talk with prominent members of the profession, ASAE helps to encourage its members to seek out opportunities within the state. The value of new scientific and technological develop- ments is emphasized by visiting industrial interviewers and members of the department who speak at bi-month- ly meetings. ASAE sponsors an honorary group to recognize outstanding members. The members of this honorary group, Alpha Epsilon, are chosen from the top fifth of the junior and senior students. John Langston, President; Larry Stone, Secretary; Glenn S. Nelson, Faculty Advisor; David Anderson, Treasurer; Doug Hines, Vice President. 469 I First Row: David C. Thomasson, Luther H. Boudra, Wayne D. Bennett, Randell C. Coleman, Phillip L. McConnell, Michael T. Bishop, Alan L. Stumbaugh, Carl J. Meurer, Mickey J. Reese. Second Row: John E. Watkins, William E. Kirkpatrick, Phil- lip Feeney, Lucien Gillham, Basil Shoptaw, Ralph Barnes, Ronnie Hall, Richard Griswold, Mark Bradley. Third Row: William H. Howell, Rodger Payne, Michael Selig, Gill Grander- son, W. D. Hoffman, Earl C. Raines, Larry L. Gaddy, Jr., Ron- nie Howerton, Willie McBride. Fourth Row: Johnny Bufford, Mac Will, Herschel Rice, Jerry Kennedy, Walter Dees, Earl Smith, Bill Bruce, James L. Holder, Charles E. Sherwood, Charles E. Means. ASCE Backs Civil Engineering A! The American Society of Civil Engineers offers the student in Civil Engineering the opportunity for pro- fessional development during the years before his actual professional career. By sponsoring field trips, projects for open house during Engineers ' Week and speakers from all phases of civil engineering, ASCE brings the student in contact with the challenges and opportunities of all aspects of the profession. The national honorary fraternity for civil engineers is Chi Epsilon. Members are chosen from the upper third of the junior and senior classes. Chi Epsilon recognizes and acknowledges high standards of scholas- tic and social achievement among civil engineering stu- dents. First Row: Luther H. Boudra, Wayne D. Bennett, Randell C. Coleman, Phillip L. McConnell, Michael T. Bishop, Alan L. Stumbaugh. Second Row: Mac Will, Phillip Feeney, Lucien Gillham, Walter Dees, Basil Shoptaw, Ralph Barnes, Ronnie Hall. 470 jffl Grab M O.J ' ' tDto,U 1 engineers li Epsilon , of sends- MtTMStt- First Row: Jimmy Grimes, Michael H. Galloway, Phillip T. Halton, Carl O. Wright, Joseph M. Powers, Richard Hall. Second Row: Dave Stiff, Jr., J. Bucknall Remmel, R. David Wagner, Reed Thornton, Richard Paladino, James Dale, F. K. Deaver, Faculty Adviser. Third Row: Jim Brown, Tom Cog- burn, Joseph Leonar Norrell, Mike Eidson, John Wilson, Steve Beck, W. L. McCulloch, Jr., Don R. Mclntosh, Tim Lovett and Jerry Martin (not pictured). ASME HTZ Take Educational Trips The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has as its purpose the advancement of knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering. Through technical meetings and field trips to industrial firms, ASME acquaints the young mechanical engineer with problems facing industry of today and tomorrow. Pi Tau Sigma, the national honorary engineering organization, selects its membership from those out- standing men in the field of mechanical engineering. Pi Tau Sigma activities this year were highlighted by a tour of the SEFOR nuclear reactor at Westfork and an annual banquet. Bonnie First Row: Richard Paladino, Michael H. Galloway, R. David Wagner, Michael V. Larson, James B. Remmel. Second Row: Dave Stiff, W. L. McCulloch, Jr., James Dale, Helmut Wolf, Tim Lovett. Third Row: Jerry Martin, Reed Thornton, Elton Eugene Miller, Richard Hall, Tom Cogburn. AWS Secures Senior Keys Of great importance to senior women at the Univer- sity this year was the acquisition of senior key priv- ileges, largely due to the efforts of the Associated Women Students. Representatives of each women ' s liv- ing group on the campus are elected to the AWS Legis- lative Board which directs the policies concerning women students at the University, enabling them to have a voice in student government and relations with the administration. Various committees meet regularly to study programs of academic affairs, finances, roles of women, and enforcement of rules. A Committee of Communications maintains contact between all com- mittees and is responsible for the publication of the AW r S newsletter " The Coed Courier. " AWS sponsors spring and fall festivals as get-togethers and to present awards. The organization sponsors several extended datecalls and penny nights throughout the year. fa I I : Carol Meade, Vice President; Linda Faulkner, President; Nancy Wade, Secretary; Pam Smith, Treasurer. First Row: Janet Ehrenberg, Ginny Sain, Rosalyn D ' Anna, Paula Madden, Ann Bilheimer, Barbie Bischof, Nancy Wade, Beth Hogan, Betty Wheeler. Second Row. Flora Jean Gibson, Deb Hardin, Brenda Wilson, Laura McCampbell, Peggy Bos- myer, Pat DeBusk, Paula Finkbeiner, Sherry Simmons, Carol Meade. Third Row: Nancy Chatmas, Linda Callaway, Nancy Grain, Alice Stallcup, Sara Beth Hannah, Sandy Asselin, Mimi Raney, Diane Thomas, Jan Sweet. Fourth Row. Joanie Noller, Mary Ann Searcy, Barbara Toll, Counts Felton, Margaret Rose Palmer, Martha Lynn Wilson, Shirley Smith, Linda Faulkner, Pam Smith. 472 pro- ialed ' s li v . c oocernini I An io remark " Ms. roles onilte ol all com- fa of the 5 sponsors i lo present J ended Business Honorary Has Speakers A major part of the year ' s programs for Alpha Iota Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was the presentation of many speakers, representatives of the accounting pro- fession, who spoke on the problems facing this field. Being a national accounting fraternity Beta Alpha Psi stresses achievement in both scholarship and leadership. Among Alpha lota ' s projects was this year ' s publication of the directory of chapter alumni. This directory is of service to both students and professionals after grad- uation for job applications and interviews. First Row: Gene Cogbill, President. Second Row: Carlon Bassett, Vice President of Membership; Judy M. Clark, Vice President of Programs. Third Row: Patty Ball, Recording Sec- retary; Gary Mourton, Corresponding Secretary. r-i :;. :. First Row: Jo Killingsworth, Patty Ball, Sarah Watt, Judy M. Clark. Second Rout: Gary Jeffreys, Carlon Basset, Glenn Yasser, Gene Cogbill, Bob Glover, Gary Mourton, Larry Bearden. Third Row: Ronnie Powell, Bob Watson, Johnny Mitchum, Mike Haigh, Earl Swafford, Gene Hagedorn. 473 Blue Key Conducts Career Day Of vital interest, especially to upper classmen, is " Arkansas Career Days " which is primarily sponsored by the members of Blue Key. Outstanding junior and senior men are asked to join this national honorary organization. By keeping the membership small it is hoped that members will be representative of the best college men. Members participate throughout the year in campus activities such as registration and programs encouraging academic achievement. Of interest to pros- pective college students is the annual Razorback Day in which various organizations such as Blue Key con- duct tours of the University for high school students. Blue Key distributes teacher and course evaluation sheets to give students a chance to suggest any changes they may desire and to give teachers the same oppor- tunity. Blue Key helps maintain good relations with the faculty and has an Alumni Banquet in the spring where awards are given to outstanding faculty. Kent J. Rubens, President; Jim Johnson, Treasurer; Darrel Rice, Secretary; Floyd Murphy, Alumni Secretary. I First Row. George F. Lease, Jr., Michael I. Conner, Jim A. Johnson, Mike Fitzhugh, Floyd Murphy, Randy Riddell. Second Row: Robert Patton, Al Hanby, Gene Cogbill, Travis Porter, Chuck Banks. Third Row. Walter Slaughter, Kent J. Rubens, Bill Williams, Jeff Shannon, Steve Slack, Darrel Rice. I 474 F COD- First Row. John Van Babber, Bryden Moon, Scott Puryear, Jim Justiss, Tommy Walker, Phil Malcom. Second Row. Knighten Starnes, Jr., Bill Wellons, Dane George, Michael Pritchard, Jan Scruggs, Bill Gibson. Third Row. Bill Mercery, Bob Tucker, Dave Lundquist, Floyd Thomas, Fred O. Ellis, Russ Meeks, Sam Sullivan. Cardinal XX Aids in Evaluation Cardinal XX is an honorary organization which provides many services to the University. Twenty new members are chosen from the freshman class to serve during their sophomore year. Their selection is made from interviews on the basis of leadership, scholarship, integrity, personality and campus activities. As usual Cardinal XX assisted in registration and helped with fall freshman orientation. Along with Chimes, Cardinal XX members conducted tours of the University on Razorback Day for high school seniors. Cardinal XX helps their sponsor organization, ODK, with teacher- course evaluation surveys. These surveys give students a chance to suggest improvements and gives instructors a chance to improve their teaching methods for better results in the classroom. Phil Malcom, Treasurer; Bill Wellons, Vice President; Fred 0. Ellis, President; Bob Tucker, Secretary. 475 First Row: Ann Hartenstein, Barbara Holloway, Kathryn Jane Ritgerod, Liz McHughes, Suzi Williams, Patty Stallcup, Susie Robinson. Second Row: Carolyn Walker, Pat DeBusk, Sandy Angus, Penny Barfield, Meredith McCoy, Anne Brinkley. Third Row: Barbara Peterson, Marguerite Ellis, Peggy Clark, Nancy Mills, Jane Adams, Alice Jo Tarkington, Mary Beth Twiehaus. Chimes Aid in Registration Chimes is an honorary service organization with a membership of twenty freshman girls whose selection is based on outstanding personality, poise, scholarship, high school and college activities. A faculty board of interviewers chooses the girls during the second semes- ter of their freshman year to serve throughout their sophomore year. By serving at University functions during the year, Chimes act as official hostesses for the University. Working with their brother organization Cardinal XX, Chimes conducts tours for visitors to the campus and serves at an information booth in the Stu- dent Union on football weekends. Chimes assists the fac- ulty and students during registration, helps with voting in campus elections and serves at the Central Placement Office. Particularly interesting to freshmen and other newcomers to the University is " On the Hill, " a book- let published annually by Chimes which provides in- formation about the history of the University. Ann Hartenstein, President; Sandy Angus, Vice President; Mary Beth Twiehaus, Secretary; Peggy Clark, Treasurer; Anne Brinkley, Historian. 476 Circle K Projects Aid Charities Circle K is an extension of Kiwanis International on the college campus. Just as the Kiwanians serve the community, the members of Circle K serve the college community. Striving to promote good citizenship, its members are chosen for exhibiting such qualities. Circle K sponsors a Red Cross bloodmobile once each semes- ter. As a service to the students and other Razorback fans, members of Circle K act as ushers at football games. Weekly meetings consist of programs, usually a guest speaker, and short business session. The organi- zation is sponsored by members of the faculty who be- long to the Downtown Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville. This Kiwanis Club recruits the members of Circle K at various times during the year to help them with community projects. Many projects they undertake are concerned with charities. David Evans, President; Shep Akins, Vice President; Russ Mceks, Secretary; Kenney Comstock, Treasurer. . .-.niion . i .ufliip. kvWof . (An ' j vjtion stestotke iinlheStt- iilk voting ..Wl Kiier lilfatot Ran kin, Jim Eubanks, Barry Coplin, Bryden Moon. Third Row. John Kenning, Bill Henry, Jay Murrell, Stephen Stafford, Shep Akins, Russ Meeks, Wayne Hurt. First Row: Phil Malcom, Dean Hughen, Drew Stonecipher, David Evans, Gary George, Kenney Comstock, Gary Comstock. Second Row. Joe Phillips, Buddy Fuller, Mike Rotenberry, Bill Civic Club Stages Singfony Each living group on campus elects one representa- tive to be a member of Civic Club. The object of this organization is to direct activities of the University which are concerned with raising money for charitable organizations. In this manner it is possible to direct all such activities through one channel. Charitable dona- tions are made through the Civic Club which sponsors such fund raising projects as Singphony in the fall and the Campus Sweetheart and Campus Lover Contest in the spring. Singphony was reorganized this year and, as a result, enjoyed a greater success than in past years. Members of the club decide to which organiza- tions the proceeds of the activities will be contributed, thus performing a service similar to that of the United Fund. By contributing to such funds as the United Fund, the World University Service and Boy Land of Arkansas, the Civic Club provides the University with national representation. Dwight Dickson, President; Pam Seneff, Vice President; Cannalyn McHughes, Secretary; Chris F. Fowler, Treasurer. First Row. Chris Stephens, Missy Lieber, Gannalyn Mc- Hughes, Connie Summers, Phyllis Kissire, Martha McGinnis, Sharron Helf, Kathy Logan, Pam Seneff, Corle Robbins. Second Row. Cindy Edwards, Darla Spurlock, Faith Riley, Patricia Hupba, Donna Arnold, Linda Caldwell, Marie Deacon, Bill Dudney, Joe Moore. Third Row: Sharon Farrell, Joy Ramsay, Bill Garner, Alan Doan, Andy Ziser, Melissa Miles, John Van Bebber. Fourth Row. Dan Prier, Dwight B. Dickson, Mike Rotenberry, Paul Shaver, Ben Bowen, Judy Englehart, Sarah Cone, Chris F. Fowler. I 478 First Row. Jess Henderson, Glenn Carpenter, Kathryn Fairchild, Donna Jordan, Peggy Stephens, Jesse Matthews. Second Row: For- rest Jacobi, Cathy Ryan, Ellis Widner, Mary Hughey. CRC Assists Campus Blood Drive Organized during the fall semester was the Univer- sity of Arkansas Chapter of College Red Cross. Its pur- pose is to provide volunteers to Washington County Chapter of the American Red Cross. Among its major activities are assisting in the Campus Blood Drive and the Washington County Blood Drive. The College Red Cross extends aid to die families of military men. In community service the organization carries on pro- grams of home preparedness, water safety and first aid. Gamma Beta Phi Hosts State Meet Members of Gamma Beta Phi, national academic and service organization, are chosen from former mem- bers of high school Beta Clubs. The UA chapter was host for the first annual meeting of the Arkansas State Council of Gamma Beta Phi Society and UA chapter president Ellis Widner was elected the first State Coun- First Row: Lajuana Teague, Melinda Bays, Lillie Younger, Donna Jordan, Sylvia Stringfellow, Karen White, Jean Hunt, Jesse Matthews. Second Row: Bessie Hershberger, Marie Dea- son, Lyn McQueen, Kathy Korte, Beverly Bonner, Marilyn Bonner, Carol Chaney, Everett Rogers, Jim Richardson. Third cil President. Gamma Beta Phi provides tutoring serv- ices on the campus and arranges intercollegiate ex- change activities. This year members took part in a high school visitation program in which they spoke to Arkansas high school seniors. Row. William Tennison, Angela Lumpkin, Anna Roark, Laurie Hogan, Sarah Cone, Deborah A. Lewis, Stanley Fruchey, John Northcutt. Fourth Row: Joanie Noller, Dennis Harper, Jean Ann Core, James David Reddin, Ellis Widner, Mark Wright. Guild Holds Business Banquet The Commerce Guild is made up of elected repre- sentatives who are chosen from the College of Business Administration. The Guild ' s membership includes the officers of each class. In bi-monthly meetings, the Guild coordinates activities within the College which promote the aims of business and provide aid to freshman to encourage active participation in functions concerning their fields. Guest professionals are invited to speak at various times during the year. The Guild also publishes an annual newsletter " The Guild Ticker " and is re- sponsible for business seminars and meetings held on the annual Commerce Day. In addition to this service the Commerce Guild plans the annual Commerce Ban- quet at which time awards are presented and a new Commerce Queen is announced. Neal Sullins, President; Bill Williams, Vice President; Bob Thompson, Treasurer; Patty Ball, Secretary. First Row: Patty Ball, Pam Smith, Mil Buchanan, Sissy Carter, Kim Davies. Second Row: J. Dennis Peters, Dean Hugh- en, Jack (Steve) Stephens, Steve Meyer, Bruce Engstrom, Shep- pard Akins. Third Row. Frank Sisneros, Jeff Kretzer, Phil Malcolm, Bill Peek, Bobby Rawn, Bill Vester, Byrum Hurst. Fourth Row. Jim Hawkins, Bryden Moon, Gary George, Bill Williams, Robert Thompson, Neal Sullins, John Glassell. 480 1 a new J First Row: Russell Ewing, Luther Boudra, Randy Butler, Wiley Christal, Harry Elrod, Dennis Perry, Robert Wayne Owen, Douglas Hines, Don Dillard, John Langston. Second Row. Stan Eden, BUI Johnson, Ned Skoog, Michael Selig, R. David Wagner, Edward Ellis, Bill Granderson, Phillip Feeney, Dan Edwards. Third Row. Nason Brookings, Bill Hayes, Paul Luette, Bob Tucker, John Robert Bass, Al Hanby, Robert Dempsey, Richard Hall. Fourth Row. Ron Haney, Steve Crow, Glenford Newtown, Bill Vest, Bob James, Bob Davidson, Herschel Rice, Walter Dees, Mac Will. Council Sponsors Engineers ' Week The biggest project undertaken by the Engineering Council is the annual planning and presentation of En- gineers ' Week. Members of the Council, elected repre- sentatives from each field in the School of Engineering, the manager and the editor of the ARKANSAS ENGI- NEER, draw the varied fields into a week of programs of interest to the Engineering School. Beginning with a banquet and skits about the professors, the week is highlighted with the election of St. Pat and St. Patricia and the presentation of the candidates at the Engin Rally. Throughout the year the Engineering Council handles magazines for and maintains services in the engineering reading room. The Council is the body which coordinates all of the activities of the divisions of the College of Engineering and handles relations with the administration. Russell Ewing, President; John Robert Bass, Vice Presi- dent; Bob James, Secretary; Nason Brookings, Treasurer. 481 First Row: Wiley Christal, Ernest A. Sallee, Jr., Bobby W. Wray, David A. Norwood, Eric S. Evans, Larry Waits, Frank Cherry, Bill Brumett, Fred Crossett. Second Row: Robert P. Rickett, Dwight D. Chamberlain, J. Randall Perdue, Glenn Short, Al Hanby, Donald Elrod, Lane Carter, John Dillplain, William Hayes, Michael Bibby, John D. Hawley. Third Row: Jerald F. Basham, Donald L. Malone, Joe A. Vinson, Thomas A. Hotz IT, John W. Hotz, Jim Oskowis, William D. Brown, Thomas H. Bogun, Danny L. Bullard, David Urbon. Fourth Row: Marshall L. Pendergrass, G. Dennis Estelle, William H. Bradley, Robert Dempsey, Jerry E. Howard, Jon David Rich- ardson, Richard E. Frankenberger, James E. Robertson, Charles C. Gray, Jr., Delbert R. Zimmerly, Ben F. Keahey. Electrical Groups Aid Students The largest professional engineering society in the world, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engi- neers, Inc., provides students with an unusual oppor- tunity to associate educationally and socially with fellow engineering students through discussions and projects. Eta Kappa Nu is the only national honor society for electrical engineers, and is one of the highest hon- ors an electrical engineer can receive in his chosen field. One of the main objectives is to assist its mem- bers throughout their lives in becoming better profes- sional men. 482 First Row: John Robert Bass, Glenn Short, Al Hanby, Wiley Christal, V. Orlie Parker, Roberto V. Bermudez, Fred Futch. Second Row: Robert Dempsey, Jerry Jenkins, William Mer, Jeff Sanders, Paul Luette, Joe Strode, Frank Cherry. Third Row: Marshall Pendergrass, Noel E. Morgan, Jr., William H. Bradley, Richard Frankenberger, Kampon Tansacha, William D. Brown. First Row: Donald Holt, Jay Gustin, Richard Jarman, Earnest Montgomery, Larry Douglass, Fay Calhoon, Robert Silzer. Second Row: Grant Roberts, Woody Freeman, Dwight Dickson, Roseanne Deal, Joe E. Yates, Mary L. Thomas, Don- ald M. Thompson, O. Orland Maxfield. ts Fraternity Visits Lost Valley litest hon- I ' H et ib man- to proles- filta H- Gamma Theta Upsilon is a professional geography fraternity for students interested in the field. It is a national organization with the goal of furthering knowl- edge and interest in all phases of geography. Gamma Kappa chapter was established at the University of Ar- kansas in 1964. The highlight of the chapter ' s activities this fall was a field trip to Lost Valley. A spring outing is also held each year. In addition to out-of-doors acti- vities, the fraternity has many guest speakers. Woody Freeman, Roseanne Deal, Earnest Montgomery, Larry Douglass. 483 First Row: Buddy Fuller, Tom Cole, Margaret Akins, Diane Guy, Penny Harris, Patti Mitchell, Pattie James, Patty Holt, Dodie Ritts. Second Row. Jackie Lackie, Stroud C. Kelley, Connie Summers, Gloria Mahaffey, Kathy Ritgerod, Janice Appelquist, Mike Bowling, Chris Thomas. Third Row. Eugene Housley, Jim Patlar, J. Barton Hudspeth, Karen Williams, Ben Bowen, Tommy Byrd. Fourth Row. William Heamsberger, Den- nis Rainey, Gary Comstock, Dale Peterson, Gary George, John Eldridge, Janet Hawken and Mimi Raney (not pictured). IFPC Unites Pledges The Interfraternity Pledge Council encourages unity and cooperation among all Greek pledge classes. Its membership is composed of each pledge class president and one elected representative from each sorority and fraternity. Meetings of IFPC provide a place for dis- cussing the problems involved in being a pledge, such as study problems and member-pledge relationships. It also serves to direct in a general manner the joint acti- vities of the pledge classes. IFPC annually assists the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic in working to make Greek Week a success. In the fall IFPC sponsored the successful IFPC dance. In the spring IFPC elects a model Greek sorority and fraternity pledge in order to recognize their achievements. The group provides pledges a voice which until they are members cannot be heard through Panhellenic or IFC. Dennis Rainey, President; Buddy Fuller, Treasurer; Mike Dowling, Vice President; Penny Harris, Secretary. 484 First Row: Gubdorg Thordardottir, Ulnike Weist-Nitzschke, Mary Lois Cottle. Ai-Ping Wong, Francisco Jimenez, Betty V. Friaz, Rosario Castedo L., Paula Nickell, Gregory Nedelkos. Second Row: Anwar Arii, Pablo M. Bueno, Augustine U. Ekpoudom, Tirannosaurus F. Rex, Manu Omakupt, Roberto V. Bermudez, Pradeep Dikshit, Ramarao Yellayi, Alfonso Burgos N. Third Row: Robert Magnusson, Balram Karamchandani, Min Lee Yap, Mashide Wakugawa, Roman Kuzyk, Marjatta Hein- onen, Tony Rihs, Marketta Peitso, Florence Rubert Wray. Fourth Row: Goran Oldermark, John Snow, Jay Rolens Sprigg, Ulrich H. Berner, Adya Prasad Singh, Helner Nitzschke, Lucas J. Roos, Margaret G. Middel, Ann Crawford. Club Has International Night The International Club is composed of both foreign and native students and is sponsored by the interna- tional students themselves. Interested students and faculty are invited to the weekly meetings. Most of the meetings are primarily programs rather than business affairs. The club provides students with an opportunity to increase their knowledge about differing cultures and to understand their customs. The club sponsors many social get-togethers for getting acquainted in an informal way and an International Night which fea- tures songs, dances, and foods from each of the coun- tries. WSC Greets Freshmen Women Women ' s Sophomore Counselors are chosen during their freshman year to be active during their sopho- more year in welcoming freshman women to the Uni- versity of Arkansas. Sophomore Counselors help fresh- man women move into the dorms early in the fall. In visits to the dorms several times during the first semes- ter, Sophomore Counselors provide further orientation to University life by answering questions and explain- ing activities in which freshman women may participate. Sophomore Counselors sponsor a coke party for fresh- man women in the fall. Always stressing the importance of scholarship the group presents an award to the freshman woman with the highest grades. Mimi Raney, President; Connie Summers, Vice President- Secretary; Nancy Mills, Mailing Chairman; Myra Jane Curtis, Mailing Chairman. 485 First Row: Dan Kenney, Jerry Rains, Sam McFerran, Kent Clark, Richard A. Worthington, James Haymon, Stan Woold- ridge, Stanley Morris. Second Row: Tony Smith, Roger Oldham, Doug Lawrence, Jim Sumner, Mike Benge, Nathaniel Thomas, Freddie Lane, David E. Alexander. Third Row. William H. Bradley, Keith E. Moore, Hollis T. Reed, James L. Brown, George Dyer, Darrell Chancellor, Ralph A. Stephens, Robert S. Root. Band Organizations Promote Music Arkansas Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band fraternity, awards a scholarship to an outstanding member of the Razorback band as one of its major ac- tivities. The organization takes as members those men who excel in leadership and scholarship while helping to promote interest in music and the welfare of the Uni- versity of Arkansas band. Members work with their sister group, Tau Beta Sigma, to make the Region One Festival of Arkansas Band and Orchestra Association a service to high school bands in Northwest Arkansas. Tau Beta Sigma is the honorary band fraternity for women. Its members must be representative of high leadership and scholarship. First Row: Becky Hartman, Richard Worthington, Miriam Duell, Jean Moss, Martha McCoy, Mary Miller, Flora Jean Gibson. Second Row: Suzanne Lloyd, Beth Root, Kathleen Stell, Laura Mims, Jeanine Barrett, Sherry Daily, Beth Hildbold, Kathleen Ellen Rahtz, Connie Wing. Club Makes Capitol Trip The Market Club serves marketing majors in the College of Business as a contact between the students and leading businessmen. Professionals are invited to speak at several dinner meetings. On an effort to pro- vide on-the-spot observation, the Marketing Club partic- ipates in an annual field trip to a large city to watch the mechanics of marketing in action. This year the group spent two days in Little Rock for a career days program involving all the colleges and universities in Arkansas. Besides encouraging students to pursue a career in marketing, the Club seeks to promote the participation of graduates i n Arkansas marketing in- dustries. The problems of the practical business world are discussed at regular meetings. The Marketing Club helps with the election of the Commerce Queen and also arranges business seminars to be held on Commerce Day. David Bright, President; Mark White, Vice President; Thelma Holland, Secretary. First Row: Ronald Suber, Bonnie Hart, Lynn Collingsworth, Sherry Simmons, Susan Murry, Karen Hogaboom, Susan Her- dinger, Linda Handley, Patricia Bain, Ann Sharum, Gloria Mahaffey, Ruth Rivers, Thelma Holland, not pictured William W. Ward, Jr. Second Row. Charles Coe, Jo Driggers, Carolyn Plunkett, Jeff Davie, Carol Nichols, R. Chris Stephens, Gerald Gates, Mary Teters, Judy Englehart, Shirley Grain, Tamsy Sandford. Third Row. Mark White, Duane Cunningham, Merle Johnson, Barbara Hanchey, Rusty Porter, Marion Crider, Rich- ard Finn, Diane Carpenter, Bryan Brackin, Rita Wilson. Fourth Row. David Bright, Wilson Busby, Jerry Don Blackwood, Wil- liam Dougherty, Becky Mathias, Johnny Crawford, Larry West, Chris Thompson, Michael Ray Gott, Brad Ousterhout, Pat Luper. 4S7 ' MSC Aids Freshmen To work with the Men ' s Inter-Hall Council, especi- ally to coordinate the activities of incoming freshmen, Men ' s Sophomore Council is composed of those fresh- men who have shown qualities of leadership ability, high moral standards, and impressive scholarship achievement. Although chosen at the close of their freshman year, members of Men ' s Sophomore Council are active during their sophomore year in helping freshman men to fit into and participate in the activi- ties of a college environment. Through both organized and informal functions, the organization ' s members at- tempt to stress the opportunities of dorm life and to create enthusiasm for achievement during the college years. Men ' s Sophomore Council helps other residence hall groups in organizing the Casino Carnival held dur- ing the fall. They also help to arrange exchange din- ners with the women ' s residence halls so that new stu- dents may become acquainted with residence hall ac- tivities. John Shipman, Social Chairman; William H. Osbun, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Fred Brown, Vice President. First Row: David D. Davis, William H. Osbun, William K. Warnock, Fred Brown, Glenn C. Tripp. Second Row: Douglas Westerlund, Willie Anderson, Dale C. Hill, Charles Stevens. Third Row: Nathaniel Thomas, Doug Curran, Stephen Hopkins, Terry Sculley, Scott Daniel, Terry Hendrickson. Fourth Row: Randall Whorton, Robert Cupp, Kenneth Williams, John Ship- man, Stephen L. Leopard, Joseph P. O ' Donnell. 488 First Row: Thereas Marks, Julia Kaps, Judy Hersey, Ann Bilheimer, Jane Ann Neely, Diane McKinney. Second Row: Kathleen Stell, Sarah Watt, Wendy Coven Dodge, Connie Wing, Brenda Hemenway, Jean Woodell, Sara Brown. Third Row: Diane Starnes, Becky Bane, Carol Hampton, Ann Pride, Becky Williams, Sally Sedwick. Fourth Row: Pam Norwood, Ann Beane Rainey, Ruth Ann Mask, Carol Raines, Linda Faulkner, Susie Johnston. Mortar Board Supports Auditorium Founded in 1915 Mortar Board has chapters on 125 campuses throughout the country and its membership numbers over 47,000. The growth of Mortar Board, the first organization of senior college women, as an out- standing factor in American collegiate life over this past half century speaks not only of the need for such a society but of its undoubted usefulness to college campuses. In the spring Mortar Board taps for mem- bership outstanding senior women possessing the quali- ties of high scholarship, leadership and service. These women combine their talents to serve the University community through such projects as a ' smartee ' party for freshman women with high grades, help at registra- tion, caroling at Christmas and the donation of several scholarships. Mortar Board has voiced a growing con- cern for the need for a University auditorium and this year combined efforts with the student government committee concerning it to raise funds and to make plans for the auditorium. First Row: Julia Kaps, Secretary; Jane Ann Neely, Calen- dar Sales Chairman. Second Row: Sally Sedwick, Scholarship Chairman; Connie Wing, Vice President; Brenda Hemenway, President; Kathy Stell, Treasurer. Third Row. Carol Raines, Historian; Ann Pride, Reporter; Ruth Ann Mask, Songleader. 489 r First Row. Winston Brown, Paul Douglas, Steve Lowe, Whit Hall, Joe Sing, Stan Wingert, J. R. Couper. Second Row: Albert H. Rusher, Jr., Walter A. Henze, Sara E. Gibson, Francis W. Nelson, Galen Bryant, Don McCaskill, Mike Condit. ODK Evaluates Teachers Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary or- ganization which selects its members from senior and junior men who have excelled in leadership and schol- arship. Membership is awarded on the basis of five major phases of college life: student government, social and religious affairs; scholarship; athletics; publica- tions; and forensic and applied arts. The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa is threefold: to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in col- lege activities; to bring together the representative men in all phases of collegiate life; and to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the college on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Al- though selection to ODK is an honor, members of the group serve both the students and faculty by sponsoring teacher-course evaluation sheets which are passed to students from time to time. Complaints and suggestions for improvements are thus recorded. Sam Gibson, Secretary; Paul Douglas, President; Mike Condit, Vice President. 490 Honorary Recognizes Achievement Freshman men who receive a 3.5 or better either the first semester of their freshman year or as a cumu- lative grade average for the entire freshman year are asked to join Phi Eta Sigma. The organization is a national honorary fraternity which seeks to recognize the scholistic achievement of freshmen. Like its sister organization, Alpha Lambda Delta, members of Phi Eta Sigma set examples during their sophomore year by stressing the importance of academic affairs. For example, they distribute " How to Study " booklets to all living groups. In addition to this service members of Phi Eta Sigma act as ushers at various University functions and participate actively in Razorback Day and Honors Day. As a fund-raising project the group sells Christmas candles on the campus. Phi Eta Sigma works with other residence hall groups to make the Casino Carnival a success and to encourage participa- tion in hall activities. Thomas Thompson, Secretary; Jan Scruggs, Historian; Bill Garner, Treasurer; Edwin S. Barton, Junior Adviser; Glen T. Clayton, Faculty Adviser; Michael G. Pritchard, President. First Row. Tim Mantooth, Robert Larson, Mark Wright, Bill Garner, Michael R. Childers, Jan Scruggs, Alex Dillard. Second Row: Wayne Kuse, Michael G. Pritchard, Kenneth Wheatley, Garry Saris, Larry Brantingham, Thomas T. Thompson. Third Row: John Delap, John Lachowsky, Glen Clayton, Floyd Thomas, Biscoe Bingham, James Nutt, Ronnie Howerton. Fourth Row: Ed Barton, John Wilson, Charles C. Stein. 491 J SAE Holds Industrial Exposition The Society of Automotive Engineers promotes the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of trans- portation vehicles. As a yearly event, SAE holds the annual Industrial Exposition for University students and interested residents of the area. Through efforts such as these the Society succeeds in acquainting the prospective engineers with current and future problems and the possibilities of transportation developments and techniques. The Society of Automotive Engineers is a national association with student branches all over the Nation. Thus, it maintains a bridge between college and professional work. R. David Wagner, President; Jim G. Braun, Vice President; Bo Siever, Secretary; Dave Stiff, Treasurer. First Row: Jimmy Grimes, David Lerch, J. Bucknell Rem- mel, Lonnie W. Smith, Robert Mitchell, Charles W. Roberts, Phillip T. Haltom, Michael H. Galloway. Second Row: Dave Stiff, William E. Shaffer, R. David Wagner, Tim Lovett, Richard Hall, Mike Eidson. Third Row: Bo Siever, Jim G. Brown, Tom Cogburn, Hardy Daniel, James R. Kelley. 492 First Row. Tom Saunders, William Hough, Jim Atkins, Alan Doan, Bill Ward, Harold Sargent, Phil Fredrich, Howard Fikes, Alton Cutchall. Second Row: Larry Sapp, Douglas Fugate, Bob Reed, Paul K. Engskov, Leonard Warden, III, Roger Gilchrist, Charles Parkhurst, David Barrow. Third Row: William H. Fox, Hardie H. Jefferies, John R. Watts, Michael E. Irwin, Michael R. Barry, Garland Hurst, Worley J. Barry. SAM Sells Books The Society for the Advancement of Management is a social organization of managers in industry, com- merce, government and education. Once a semester they sponsor banquet meetings. They also organize field trips for their members which include tours of plants. During registration for the first and second semesters, the members of SAM operate a bookstore exchange in the BA building for the buying and selling of books for the students in the College of Business Administra- tion. This gives the students the chance to acquire used books at a lower cost. In addition to these functions, they have worked to promote the aims of business on the campus by assisting BA freshmen and by bringing in guest speakers in the field of business to speak to members and other students. Hardie H. Jefferies, President; Douglas Fugate, Second Vice President; Phil Fredrich, First Vice President; Tom Saunders, Treasurer; Leonard Warden, III, Secretary. 493 1 1 . ' ' First Row: Kay Thomas, Brenda Hemenway, Johnnie Hoi- comb, Sharon Wilson, Barbara Wood, Charlotte Leonard, Kris Hohne, T. J. Patterson, Norman Wilks (not pictured). Second Row. Jim Burnett, Pat Morrison, Judy Garrett, Jo Martin, Helen Vancuren, Ann Pride, Elizabeth Mason, Brenda Blagg, Donna Wolf. Third Row. John Allen Vincent, David Davies, George Lease, Doug Fugate, Michael G. Pritchard, David H. Talley, Jim Eads, Jim McKenzie, Jim McKinley, John Boyle. Fourth Row. Gene DeBons, Darrel Rice, Hollis Reed, Roger Wright, Ed Barton, Don Bunch, Stephen Smay, Jerry Williams, Don Roberts. TAU Boosts Independent Halls Tau Alpha Upsilon is an honorary residence hall fraternity. It has as its dual purpose recognizing out- standing leadership in residence halls and service to the University. This year Tau Alpha Upsilon sponsored a leadership session in which a list of problems facing the residence halls was discussed. The group plans to support a program for converting all residence halls into four year dormitories and to eliminate freshman dormitories. The group hopes to be able to present such suggestions to the proper authorities in hopes of securing solutions. Tau Alpha Upsilon was chartered in 1963 and takes twenty new members each fall. Pros- pective members must have a grade average of 2.25 or above and have shown the qualities which deem them worthy of membership in such an honorary society. Jo Martin, President; Brenda Hemenway, Secretary; Jim McKinley, Vice President; Don Bunch, Treasurer. 494 Tail Beta Pi Presents Scholarship This year Tau Beta Pi was able to present their first annual scholarship to an engineering student due to the success the organization had with soliciting contri- butions in previous years. An honorary engineering fraternity, Tau Beta Pi takes members whose grades place them in the upper fifth of the senior class. Stu- dents in all branches of the College of Engineering may gain membership through their exhibition of high schol- arship, valuable service and prominent leadership. In order to encourage continued achievement in the field, Tau Beta Pi presents a cash award every year to the outstanding freshman engineering student. Tau Beta Pi works with other organizations within the College of Engineering to make Engineers ' Week a valuable experience. First Row. Louther Boudra, Wiley Christal, Van Parker, Al Hanby, John Robert Bass, R. David Wagner, Basil Shoptaw, Nason Brookings, Roberto V. Bermudez. Second Row. Steve Lowe, Jerry Jenkins, Glenn Short, David Douglas, Paul Luette, Jeff Sanders, Travis Porter, Joe Strode. Third Row. Glenford Steve Freeman, President; Glenford Newtown, Cataloguer; Jerry Jenkins, Corresponding Secretary; William Mer, Pledge- trainer; Ron Haney, Treasurer; John A. Dryer, Recording Sec- retary; William D. Brown, Vice President. Newtown, Marshall Pendergrass, Tom Cogburn, Darrel Rice, Bob Davidson, John A. Dryer, William Mer, Dennis A. Reynolds. Fourth Row. Robert Dempsey, Ivan D. Hazlewood, Ronald Haney, Alan Fabrycky, William H. Bradley, Steve Freeman, William D. Brown. 495 YDC Encourages Voters The Young Democrats Club is composed of students who are interested in politics, particularly those con- cerned with the Democratic Party. An Executive Coun- cil plans the club ' s program of activities for the entire year. The Young Democrats are active in encouraging students and residents of the community to take ad- vantage of the right to vote and the right to be inform- ed. They coordinate their activities with many of those of the National Democratic Party and participate in its campaigns as well as in their own. The club annually elects Misss YDC and sends her to a state convention along with other active members of the club. In service to the campus YDC sponsors political forums and guest speakers in an effort to give students a chance to evalu- ate both sides of problems which arise in governmental affairs. Jerry Lee Canfield, Parliamentarian; Richard C. Lippard, President; Q. Byrum Hurst, Executive Committee; J. Conley Meredith, Vice President; David Phillips, Executive Commit- tee; Judy Reynolds, Reporter; Myrl Rogers, Corresponding Sec- retary; Cathy Ryan, Recording Secretary; Julie McDonald, Sec- ond Vice President; Martha McGinnis. First Row: Elaine Elsloo, Diane McKinney, Judi Reynolds, Myrl Rogers, Cathy Ryan, Julie McDonald. Second Row: Ed Meeks, John Zaccardi, Steve Courtenay, Byrum Hurst, J. Mere- dith, Mike Galloway, Jerry Canfield, Curt Munson. Third Row: John R. Brown, James J. Galloway, Skip M. Beaton, Carolyn A. Montgomery, Frank J. Gamble III, Steve Smith, Steve Nipper, David Phillips. 496 con- W entire Mi - Ni i nriot !: m ' - ' ' Mental oft, Crip i I fa Row. Donna Hyde, Melinda Bays, Candi Angst, Betsy Elliott, Patty Holt, Dianne DeShazo, Amelia Nugent, Peggy Bosmyer, Jane Lynch. Second Row: Mary Elizabeth Brown, Suzi Williams, Connie Luedicke, Peggy Gregory, Gail Wirick, Paula Madden, Sonin Hale, Laura McCampbell, Terry Dunlop, Peggy Stephens, Mary Hughey. Third Row: Donnie Woods, Peggy Dickson, Geri Dugan, Susie Ritchie, Mary Lou Osborne, Alice Alexander, Lynn Collingsworth, Debbie Wilson, Karen Kay Bock, Kathy Kelly, Sylvia Von Seggein. Fourth Row. Debbie Noteware, Brenda Blagg, Ann Sheridan, Lacy Probert, Denise Rodriguez, Linda Berney, Malcom Hinton, Paula Parnell, Cindy O ' Connor, Jim Atkins. Fifth Row. Curtis Culver, Glenford Newtown, Cy Carney, Jim Burnett, Forrest Jacobi, Gary Dawson, Gary Teague, Mike Baugher, Wayne Ty- non, Steve Beck, R. D. Rucker, Elliot 0. Arnold, Steve Myrick, Bill Kayes. YRC Backs Election Winners Members of the Young Republican Club were kept busy this fall in campaigning for Rockefeller and later for Nixon. The primary purpose of the Young Republi- can Club is to encourage more active participation in politics. The club stresses the importance of knowledge of governmental activities and emphasizes the advan- tages of knowing what is going on in local, state and national political affairs. Bi-monthly meetings are held to keep members up-to-date on the latest developments. Besides these regular business meetings, the club invites prominent politicians and government influentials to speak. After the election of Miss YRC, she and other members of the group attend the annual state conven- tion as representatives of the largest Young Republican Club in the state. OFFICERS: Jim Atkins, Vice President; Cy Carney, Presi- dent; Danny Durney; Cindy O ' Connor, Parliamentarian; Amelia Nugent, Treasurer; Debbie Wilson, Secretary; Glenford Newtown, Publicity Chairman; Steve Beck, Campaign Chairman. 497 INDEX Aaron, Gary Allen, 378 Abbiatti, Michael Dean, 314 Abbott, Garry Alan, 360 Abbott, Sally Lane, 323 Abbott, William Lewis, 371 Abele, Patricia Lou, 341 Abell, Dennis Allen, 378 Abernathy, Jean Ann, 323 Abernathy, Mark Edwin, 308 Abney, Jeannette, 323 Abshier, John D., 72, 378 Ackerman, Wayne Allen, 360 Aclin, John Dale, 378 Adair, Larry M., 378 Adair, Michael, 378 Adams, Bill David, 371 Adams, Carla Lou, 345 Adams, Charles Michael, 378 Adams, Dean Graham, 357 Adams, Elaine Butler, 333 Adams, Gary Charles, 72, 378 Adams, Jane M., 272 Adams, John W., 378 Adams, Joseph H., 378 Adams, Melva Ann, 72, 378 Adams, Neil, 378 Adams, Patricia Ann, 341 Adams, Stephen Eschol, 378 Adams, Suzanne, 72, 345 Adcock, Robert H., 308 Addington, Alfred ' Robert, 345 Addington, James William, Jr 105, 355 Adelman, Margaret Josephine 339 Adkins, Dennis Ray, 345 Adkins, Kay Charlene, 323 Adkins, Ted Randy, 72, 378 Aeby Jr., Victor G., 72, 378 Agnew, Bonnie Kay 345 AGRI STUDENTS ' ASSOCIA- TION, 468 Aikin, James Franklin, 360 Aikman, Saundra Kaye, 72, 341 Ainslie, Wayne Henry, 72, 354 Ainsworth, Jerry L., 105, 378 Akins, Morris S., 310 Akins, Myril Margaret, 274 Akins, Tia Lynn, 72, 268 Alcorn, Robert Stanley, 288 Alexander, Alice Susan, 270 Alexander, Bonnie Sue, 345 Alexander, Charles William, 288 Alexander, David Charles, 378 Alexander, James Douglas II, 360 Alexander, Jan, 323 Alexander, Lawrence Allen 72 378 Alexander, Marshal Brian, 300 Alford, James Nash, 300 Alford, Regina Fay, 268 Alford, Toni Rae, 276 All, Helen. Ann, 328 Allegretti, Christine Louise, 323 Allen, Danny Ray, 378 Allen, Barbara Jean, 72, 378 Allen, Connie Anne, 72, 378 Allen, Jim Foster, 300 Allen, Jimmy Joe, 371 Allen., John A., 357 Allen, Loren Barry, 72, 378 Allen, Mark Ray, 292 Allen, Richard Waters, 360 Allen, Robert Walter, 378 Allen, Susan Jane, 333 Alley, Troy Ceasar, 72, 367 Alley, William Karl, Jr., 306 Allinder, James Burton, 378 Allison, Sarah Jean, 345 Allmendinger, Nancy Catherine 72, 378 Allred, Billy Junior, 378 Allred, Dorothy Jean, 284 Almond, Myron David, 378 Alpe, Bokie, 345 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, 466 ALPHA PHI OMEGA, 467 Alphin, .Samuel David, 72, 296 Alsip, Becky Ann, 378 Alsip, Larry Eugene, 378 Alt, Sarah Jane, 333 Alter, Donna G., 378 Alter, John Browning, 296 Alverson, Beverly Lynn, 268 Alvord, Anne 274 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURAL ENGI- NEERS, 469 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER- ING, 465 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, 470 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ME- CHANICAL ENGINEERS, 471 Ammons, Lonnie Fred, 378 Amos, Howell C., 72, 378 Anders, Chester M., 36S Anders, Michael Thomas, 300 Anderson, Arthur John, 108, 378 Anderson, Betty Louise, 323 Anderson, James Redman, 72, 357 Anderson, Joseph Michael, 345 Anderson, Judy Ann, 345 Anderson, Marita Jane, 276 Anderson, Michael Kevin, 360 Anderson, Nianzer Earl, 371 Anderson, Patricia A., 72, 378 Anderson, Ricky A., 378 Anderson, Vicki Lynn, 333 Anderton, Susan, 341 Andrew, Joyce Evelyn, 284 Angel, Donald Charles, 72, 378 Angst, Candis Rha, 282 Angus, Sandra Lynn, 272 ANIMAL INDUSTRY, 464 Anthony, Charlotte Cooley, 378 Anthony, Connie G., 72, 378 Anthony, Janet Lynn, 72, 272 Anthony, Thomas Mark, 378 Appelguist, Janis Ann, 284 Applegate, Bobby Joe, 72, 378 Applegate, J. Bruce, 371 Applen, Larry Lane, 360 Appleton, Rosemary, 333 Appleton, William Roberts, 300 Appleton, William Stradley, 308 Aquilina, Raymond Francis, II, 72, 304 Archer, Michael Ruel, 72, 357 ARKANSAS ' BOOSTER CLUB, 462 AHEA, 464 Arif, Anwar, 105, 378 Am, Susan Diane, 333 Arnaud, Martha Jane, 341 Arnold, Billy Bob, 108 Arnold, Donna Kay, 345 Arnold, Elliott Orman, 108 Arnold, II, James A., 306 Arnold, Johnny Paul, 314 Arpin, Julien Coty, 72, 378 Asselin, Larry Dean, 72, 288 Artley, Milton John, Jr., 371 Ashburn, Jerry Walter, 3dO Ashby, Linda Louise, 333 Ashcraft, Barbara L., 331 Asher, Richard Wyatt, 357 Ashley, III, Virgil James, 298 Ashlock, Karen Lea, 345 Askew, Annie, 272 Asselin, Sandra Kay, 274 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STU- DENTS, 472 Atkins, James Wesley, 72, 316 Atkinson, Elizabeth Sue, 378 Atkinson, Jon Barton, 345 Atkinson, Leigh, 333 Atwell, Larry Robert, 290 Ault, Richard Joseph, 357 Auman, William Henry, 72, 378 Aureli, Sandra Kaye, 345 Austin, Lynda Lee, 378 Austin, Wayne, 369 Averett, Emily McDade, 328 Avery, Harold, 72, 378 Avery, Raymond M., 378 Avlos, Dennis W., 72, 300 Ayers, Bill, 292 Ayres, David L., 378 B Babcock, Lisa Wood, 333 Babcock, Marilyn Kay, 105, 378 Baber, John Tyler, 371 Bachelor, Ann Elizabeth, 276 Bacon, Cynthia Anne, 333 Badgett, Susan Roane, 72, 268 Bagwell, Bruce Duane, 378 Baggett, Cynthia Lynn, 345 Bagley, Nathan, 360 Baguley, Sharon Dianne, 341 Baguley, Sheila Lynne, 345 Baier, Charles Edward, 292 Bailey, Jerry Don, 365 Bailey, Jerry Lynn, 72, 357 Bailey, Pamela Lou, 333 Bain, Patricia Ann, 328 Baird, Sarah Elizabeth, 72, 272 Baker, Barbara Jean, 323 Baker, Becky M., 378 Baker, Claudia Lynne, 72, 341 Baker, Don Brian, 345 Baker, Donald W., 365 Baker, J. R., 304 Baker, James H., 378 Baker, Jay Milton, 300 Baker, John Michael, 360 Baker, Karen Lee, 378 Baker, Sally B., 333 Baker, Terry L., 72, 378 Bakker, Bernard John, 72, 378 Baldi, David, 108, 37 Baldwin, Becky, 345 Baldwin, Billy Charles, 72, 378 Baldwin, Ford Louis, 290, 378 Baldwin, Michael Theodore, 360 Bales, Jack L., 304 Balke, Phillip Lynn, 314, 378 Balkman, LaCreta Jane, 328, 378 Balkman, Robert Alton, 304 Ball, Patricia Carolyn, 282, 378 Ball, Robert L., 72, 378 Ballard, Kenneth L., 72, 357 Ballenger, David Leigh, 378 Ballenger, Norman Edward, 378 Bane, Nancy Lynn, 276 Bane, Rebecca Ellen, 345, 378 Bane, Frank Pershing, Jr., 314 Banks, Betty Ann, 341 Banks, Charles Alfred, 72, 298 Banks, Charolette Jaylon, 72, 378 Banks, Jacqulyn Chyrel, 328 Banks, Jeffrey B., 378 Banks, Vicki Jeanne, 378 Bankson, Mannon George, Jr., 72, 378 Barager III, Howard John, 72, 378 Barbee, C. Fred, 378 Barber, Ann Marie, 323 Barber, Donald Ray, 314 Barber, Paul Leonard, 357 Barfield, Penny Marie, 280 Barham, Michael Allen, 316 Barker, Nancy Susan, 72, 328 Barkley, Pam, 341 Barkley, Pat, 341 Barksdale, Hubert Lynn, 72, 300 Barlow, Frada Ann, 72, 282 Barlow, Ritchie Davis, 365 Earner, Jerry Glen, 72, 378 Earner, Ronnie R., 72, 378 Barnes, Billie Doyle, 378 Barnes, Billy Bruce, 73, 378 Barnes, Connie Belinda, 276 Barnes, Elizabeth, 333 Barnes, Janis F., 73, 276 Barnes, Justiyne, 345 Barnes, Helen M., 378 Barnes, Larry David, 300 Barnes, Ralph Barnett, Jr., 73, 298 Bamett, Billy Joe, 378 Barnett, Jan A., 272 Barnett, Mary Esther, 333 Barns, Merl Otjen, 73, 302 Barr, Janice F., 276 Barrett, Harry Dean, 360 Barrett, Jacklyn S., 73, 280 Barrett, Jeanine, 339 Barrett, Jo Ann, 333 Barrett, Jerry Vemon, 308 Ban-on, Tina Jane, 333 Barrow, Karla Elaine, 333 Barry, Ben Thomas, 73, 300 Barton, Edwin Stanley, 360 Barton, Leslie Anne, 345 Barton, Thomas William, 360 Barton, Wade Cole, 73, 378 Bartsch, Eugene Joseph, 378 Bascom, Linda Darlene, 378 Base, Garold R., 73, 378 Basham, Bruce Michael, 306 Basham, Dale Eugene, 73, 378 Basham, Jerald F., 73, 378 Basinger, Linda Marie, 333 Basinger, Mary Kathryn, 73, 328 Basore, Christopher Scott, 316 Bass, John Robert, 73, 318 Bass, Joseph Henry, 312 Bassett, David, 378 Bassett, Don Carlon, 73, 378 Bateman, Margaret Elizabeth (Stokes), 73, 378 Batson, Charles Dee, 378 Baucom, Judy Kaye, 378 Baugh, James E., 73, 308 Baugher, Michael Gene, 316 Baugus, Gayel A., 73 Bauer, Catherine Regina, 345 Baumgardner, William B., 345 Baumgartner, Lynn, 333 Bailey, Dwight W., 371 Banks, Bryan Harold, 371 Barber, Thomas Fred, 371 Barnes, Richard Allen, 371 Bartley, Rick, 371 Bassett, Carolyn Virginia, 323 Bassett, Jerry Dudley, 371 Batchelor, Gary Lee, 365 Batie, R. Michael, 371 Bauer, Dennis Dale, 371 Baxter, Karen Lavonne, 333 Bayless, Becky, 328 Bayliss, Barbara June, 328 Bays, Melinda J., 331 Beakley, Arthur D., 379 Beall, Elizabeth Ann, 73, 282 Beard, Betty Mae, 73, 379 Beard, Hallie S., 379 Beard, Jerry R., 73, 379 Beard, John Berry, 73, 379 Beard, Judy, 73, 328 Beard, Leroy Vern, 379 Beardall, Charles W., 316 Bearden, Jack Dorsey, 73, 379 Bearden, Larry Fred, 379 Beasley, Gordon T., 105, 360 Beaton, Norman Monroe, 310 Beatty, John M., 73, 306 Beauchamp, Annetta Talbot, 333 Beauchamp, Jack Thomas, 379 Beaver, Eric Lynn, 360 Beaver, Harold Dennis, 73, 379 Bechtel, Catherine Lennox, 333 Beck, Allen Lewis, 292 Beck, Barbara A., 105, 284 Beck, Marsha Suzanne, 333 Beck, Steven Gregory, 365 Becker, Ben E., 379 Becker, William H., 365 Beckworth, Mark Stephen, 371 Bedwell, Elizabeth DeWese, 274 Beecher, Nancy Jean, 333 Beeman, Jimmy Ray, 360 Beesley, Mary Gaynor, 278 Begoon, Larry Robert, 379 Bell, Barbara A., 73, 270 Bell, Bonnie Margaret, 73, 284 ' Bell, Carolyn Marie, 379 Bell, Charles Nelson, 379 Bell, David Lee, 73, 292 Bell, Donald R., 379 Bell, Frank Adams, Jr., 296 Bell, Glenn E., 73, 379 Bell, J. C., 73, 379 Bell, James Patrick, 379 Bell, Johnnie C., 379 Bell, Judy Ann, 379 Bell, Kathy Ellen, 276 Bell, Mary Martha, 73, 341 Bell, Sarah, Nadean, 379 Bell, Shirley Mae, 379 Bell, Wayne, T., 73, 294 Bell, William Howard, 73, 379 Belote, Stephanie Jeanine, 73, 284 Bender, E. Michael, 73 Bender, J. Gayle, 105 Beneke, Gayle Marie, 333 Benge, Michael S., 379 Benham, Anita Sue, 323, 274 Bennett, Becky Ann, 73, 270 Bennett, Doris E., 73, 328 Bennett, Glenn Harris, 105, 379 Bennett, Jacquelyn Elaine, 323 Bennett, Janet Sue, 73, 345 Bennett, Richard N., 371 Bennett, Rick Lee, 371 Bennett, Ronald Wayne, 369 Bennett, William A., 73, 367 Bensberg, Susan Edrington, 345 Benson, Susan Yvonne, 341 Benton, Beverly Ann, 73, 278 Benton, Lenny Leon, 290 Benton, Sandra Lynn, 345 Benton, Thomas Henry, 360 Benton, Thomas Lee, 371 Benward, Cindy, 284 Berg, Barbara Jo, 73, 345 Bergren, Barbara Ann, 276 Berkowitz, James William, 304 Berner, Dennis, 369 Berner, Kenneth Edward, 73, 379 Berner, Steven Thomas, 73, 379 Berney, Linda Louise, 284 Berry, Bob Brent, 298 Berry, John Gaylon, 73, 304 Berry, Judith Anne, 73, 341 Berry, Marilyn E., 73, 270 Besse, John C., 354 Best, Allen Wayne, 360 BETA ALPHA PSI, 473 Bettis, Chris Allen, 379 Bettis, Martha Helen, 272 Betton, Farrish Earl, 73, 379 Beverly, Terrence West, 371 Bevill, Mary Kay, 274 Beyenka, John Thomas, 73, 379 Bibb, David H., 379 Bibby, Dorothy Davis, 73, 379 Bibby, Michael Bullard, 379 Bickerton, Bettina, 346 Bickham, Judy Diane, 278 Biggers, Brian Kent, 288 Biggers, Martha Lynn, 345 Biggs, Wilbur A., 367 Biles, Joan Margaret, 328 Bilheimer, Ann Marie, 73, 273 Billings, Charles Roland, 300 Billingsley, Barry Alan, 308 Billingsley, Judy J., 345 Bindley, Larry J., 310 Bingham, Bill, 345 Bingham, George, 75, 379 Bingham, John Biscoe, 288 Bingham, Sherlean, 379 Birch, Margaret Ann, 333 Bird, Edwin Williamson Jr., 75, 308 Birkett, David 0., 379 Bishop, Charles Rick, 371 Bishop, Charles Williams, 316 Bishop, Donald Eugene, 314 Bishop, Douglas Gene, 292 Bishop, Eric Weir, 379 Bishop, Patrick Kelly, 75, 379 Bittle, Larry George, 75, 379 Bittle, Larry M., 365 Bizzell, Linda F., 323 Black, David Clarke, 360 Black, Michael Roy, 366 Black, Roy Edward, 357 Black, Yulonda Kay, 345 Blackburn, Calon E., 379 Blackmon, Wilbur Dee Jr., 379 Blackshire, Elizabeth Ann, 75, 345 Blackwell, Bruce Wayne, 367 Blackwell, Elizabeth Gail, 323 Blackwell, James Edward, 75, 379 Blackwood, Jerry Don, 366 Blake, Patty, 282, 323 Blakeley, Kay S., 333 Blakely, Anne Elizabeth, 272 Blakemore, Patti, 333 Blakeslee, Pamela Sue, 379 Blakey, Eddie Lee, 371 Blalock, M. Gale, 379 Blancett, Lloyd Dean Jr., 371 Blanks, Earl J., 360 Blanscet, James Ray, 75, 298 Blanshard, Robert Atherton, 75, 306 Bleiweiss, Cathy Lee, 323 Blevins, John Thomas, 360 Blevins, Karen Elaine, 328 Blevins, Paul Stuart, 369 Bloesch, George Werner Jr., 76, 345 Blount, Jerry Thomas, 360 BLUE KEY, 474 Blume, Barbara Lera, 328 Blume, Linda Suzanne, 333 Blume, Walter Paul, 346 Blythe, Stephen Errol, 365 Boas, DeAnne Carole, 323 Boaz, Scott, 105, 379 498 Boccarossa, Larry Joe, 379 Bock, Karen Kay, 284 Bock, Pamela A., 75, 345 Boe, M. Timothy, 300 Bogle, Bascom Esquire, 296 Bogun, Thomas Hale, 75, 379 Bohlken, Karel Eileen, 75, 328 Bohnen, Marilyn Louise, 346 Bolain, Paul, 379 Bolard, Katherine Louise, 75, 282 Bolen, Jerry Lynn, 371 Boles, David Bruce, 75, 345 Bollier, George H., 357 Bellinger, Freddie Norman Jr., 312 Bonady Jane Veronica, 75, 282 Bond, Claire, 274 Bond Clell Lee, 105, 379 Bond, Ruth Ellen, 345 Bonds, Bobby L., 379 Bonds, Jana Elaine, 345 Bonds, Wilma, 379 Bondurant, Charmayne B., 105, 379 Bonewitz, Eleanor Elizabeth, 333 Bonnell, Robert Dow, 312 Bonner, Beverly Mae, 333 Bonner, Jan, 268 Bonner, Marilyn Jane, 328 Bonnette, Carolee, 272 Book Frank Palms, 292 Bookout, Nancy J. 379 Booth, Donald O., 75, 379 Booth, Eddie Van, 379 Boothe, John Roger, 379 Borchert, Mary Ann, 75, 341 Borders, Thomas William, 369 Boreing, Mandy, 75, 282 Borengasser, Marc, 379 Borengasser, Thomas Timothy, 379 Bosley, Garrett Lee, 75, 379 Bosley, Robert Sterling, 379 Bosmyer, Peggy Sue, 282 Bostian, David Bruce, 379 Boswell, Nancy Carol, 333 Bottoms, Larry K., 354 Botsford, Johnny Mac, 290 Boudra, Luther Harlan, 78, 379 Boudreau, Uremia Elizabeth, 105, 379 Boudreaux, Peggy Cecile, 105, 379 Boudreaux, Phillip Bratton, 308 Bourgoin, Robert Allen, 312 Bourland, Curtis Russell, 75, 345 Bourland, Freddie Marshall, 294 Bowe, Edward Lee, 292 Bowe, Susan Anthony, 75, 379 Bowen, Beverlym, 270 Bowen, Louis M., 75, 306 Bowen, Millard Fillmore, 360 Bowen, Robert W., 312 Bower, Joye Elizabeth, 333 Bower, Richard William, 75, 379 Bowers, Barton Charles, 379 Bowers, Patti A., 75, 341 Bowman, Barbara Louise, 379 Bowman, Larry L., 105, 379 Box, Terry Gene, 302 Boyakin, Joyce Lorene, 339 Boyd, Gail, 274 Boyd, James Earl, 75, 367 Boyd, James W., 360 Boyd, Media Ann, 345 Boyd, Paula Meigs, 333 Boyd, Jr. R. V., 371 Boyer, Jamie A., 292 Boyer, Judy, 75, 399 Boyer, Julia W., 379 Boyer, Terrell Clark, 75, 292 Boyle, John Raymond, Jr., 75, 357 Brack, Carolyn Louise, 323 Brackin, Gary Bryan, 379 Brackeen, Cindy, 345 Bradbury, Curtis F., 300 Bradbury, Robert Lee, Jr., 310 Bradford, Melvin ] ., 316 Bradley, Amy Lorraine, 341 Bradley, Elizabeth Lynn, 379 Bradley, Henry Jackson, 371 Bradley, Howard Andrews, 302 Bradley, James Allen, 360 Bradley, Jim I)., 379 Bradley, John Henderson, 360 Bradley, Mark Kent, 379 Bradley, Reginald Dewain, 379 Bradley, William Harold, 75, 379 Bradshaw, Don Martin, 371 Bradshaw, Paul R., Jr., 802 Brady, Guy, Jr., 294 Brainard, Jay Owen, 306 Brakefield, Joseph Scott, 379 Branch, James J., 360 Branch, Marvia, 333 Brand, Mary Rachel, 276 Brandon, Joanne, 345 Brandon, Shelley Lee, 323 Brantingham, George Lawrence, 379 Branscum, Linda Sue, 345 Braswell, Jane Deborah, 323 Bratton, Gary Ray, 76, 380 Bratton, Joan Claudette, 331 Bratton, (Jr.) Willard Landers, 310 Bray, Linda Gene, 76, 339 Bredehoeft, Donna Jean, 345 Breen, Joseph Black, 76, 380 Bretherick, Judy Kaye, 333 Brewer, Elvert Leon, 380 Brewer, Girtha Mae, 380 Brewer, Marilyn Jean, 280 Brian, Donald Scott, 76, 345 Brians, Larry Wayne, 380 Bridenthal, Connie Lee, 380 Bridge, Peter F., 296 Bridges, Larry Joe, 76, 380 Bridges, Philip Dean, 76, 380 Bridges, Susan Nancy, 76, 380 Brigance, Linda Jean, 76, 380 Briggs, Michael Steven, 369 Bright, Charles Steven, 314 Bright, David L., 76, 314 Brill, William George, 76, 354 Brillhart, Allen T., Ill, 308 Brillhart, Susan M., 76, 280 Brinkley, Anne, 272 Brinkley, B. Gwyn, 272 Brinson, Gary Lynn, 380 Brinson, Jan Carol, 380 Bristen, Stephen Mayes, 380 Britt, L. Wayne, 380 Britten, C. Frederick, 380 Brockman. Deborah D., 270 Brogdon, Antoinette, Elizabeth, 345 Broker, Milton Charles, Jr., 360 Bronson, Jr., Winfield Scott, 380 Brookings, Nason Kinney, 318 Brooks, Burl Iralee, 360 Brooks, Gayla Louise, 380 Brooks, John Charles, 296 Brooks, Katherine Anne, 345 Brooks, Jr., Kelso Clinton, 292 Brooks, Larry Galan, 380 Brosh, Charles Patric, 296 Brown, Barbara Lucile, 323 Brown, Brenda Kaay, 333 Brown, C. Winston, 76, 308 Brown, Carol Ann, 76, 380 Brown, Craig Allen, 371 Brown, Curtis Erwin, 308 Brown, Danny Carl, 380 Brown, Darrell Fayne, 76, 357 Brown, Elizabeth Anne, 276 Brown, Fred E., 360 Brown, Fred Milton, 76, 380 Brown, Helen Holmes, 333 Brown, Irwin Hai, 380 Brown, J. Scott, 108, 380 Brown, Jacky S., 76, 380 Brown, James G., 76, 357 Brown, James Leslie, 3 80 Brown, Janet Ruth, 345 Brown, John Junior, 76, 365 Brown, John Martin, 300 Brown, John W., 76, 380 Brown, Martha Kay, 274 Brown, Mary Elizabeth, 282 Brown, Milton David, 105, 298 Brown, Moe C., 314 Brown, Patrick Emory, 360 Brown, Rebecca June, 76, 339 Brown, Rebecca Sue, 276 Brown, Rex Bennett, 105, 380 Brown, Richard Lee, 290 Brown, Rita Latane, 345 Brown, Robert Earl, 380 Brown, Ronald W., 380 Brown, Sally Ann, 333 Brown, Samuel Fletcher, 76, 306 Brown, Sara Slaven, 76, 380 Brown, Sharon Lynn, 345 Brown Shirley Guylene, 76, 380 Brown, William David, 76, 380 Brownfield, Helen Darlene, 76, 380 Brownfield, Howard L., 76, 380 Browne, Frank A., 380 Browne, Jack Eugene, 108, 380 Browning, Elizabeth Ann, 328 Browning, Joe Clem, 298 Browning, Priscilla Lynn, 333 Browning, Robert Eugene, 105, 355 Brownings, Jr., Robert Jackson, 360 Broyles, Carol, 76, 380 Broyles, Hank, 312 Bruce, William Clark, 76, 318 Brumett, Nancy Hogue, 380 Brumett, William Allen, 76, 380 Brunelle, Pamela Ann, 76, 280 Brunner, Michele H., 76, 380 limns. David Allen, 371 Brunson, Garry H., 312 Br.itton, Mary Margaret, 341 Bryan, Charles Lundy, 346 Bryan, Pamela Jo, 323 Bryer, Phillip Elton, 76, 380 Bryant, Barbara Berniece, 76, 380 Bryant, Don Alan, 76, 380 Bryant, John D., 380 Bryant, Phyllis A., 323 Bryant, Sharon Kaye, 76, 380 Bryant, Thelma Avis, 331 Buchan, James A., 312 Buchanan, Mildred Corinn, 76, 274 Bucher, Jack J., 380 Buck, Robert O ' Hara, 312 B -ckley, Carie Dan III, 308 Buckner, Carolyn Sue, 331 Buckner, Kenneth E., 306 Bucy, Nancy Ann, 345 Buehner, Lloyd R., Ill, 108, 380 Buell, Bonnie Jo, 345 Bufford, Johnny Michael, 345 Buford, Claude Douglas, Jr., 306 Bugh, David Goodwin, 357 Bull, Adam B., 371 Billiard, Danny Lynn, 76, 380 Bullington, Danny Mack, 380 Bulloch, Caroline J., 276 Bumpass, Ronald E., 292 Bunch, Donald William, 360 Bunton, Charles Glyndon, 380 Bunyard, Paula Sue, 333 Brranapawang, Saner, 105, 380 Burbage, Mary Ruth, 333 Burch, Becky, 284 Burch, Beverly Harris, 345 Burch, Byron Lee, 296 Burch, Kathy Ann, 323 Burgan, Ira Eugene, 371 Burge, Nina Lynn, 323 Burkes, Terry Lynn, 270 Burkett, Barbara Ann, 345 Burkett, Thomas Victor, 371 Burkhardt, Mary Lou, 341 Burkhart, Danita Loye, 76, 328 Burks, Donald Howard, 76, 380 Burks, Elizabeth Clinton, 105, 380 Burks, Kenneth Norman, Jr., 76, 380 Burks, Pat Lynn, 284 Burleson, Ann, 274 Burnell, William Marion, 371 Burnett, Aubrey Franklin, 360 Burnett, Donna Jane, 280 Burnett, Herbert Ted, Jr., 380 Burnett, Jim, 76, 365 Burnette, Betty Sue, 328 Burnette, Carlisle, 367 Burney, Brenda Blanche, 282 Burnham, Susan Reeves, 76, 341 Burns, Ann, 341 Burns, Charles Craig, 108, 380 Burns, Charles William, 76, 380 Burns, Dianne, K., 380 Burns, Glenn Stephen, 345 Burns, Harriet, 284 Burns, James Emery, 105, 380 Burns, Kay, 270 Burns, Margaret Lorraine, 76, 380 Burns, Michael A., 76, 380 Burns, Patricia, 284 Burns, Thomas Eugene, 76, 380 Burns, William Stephen, 345 Burnside, Bruce Hays, 308 Burris, Connie Jo, 76, 345 Burris, Robert Edwin, 380 Burroughs, Betsy, 341 Burroughs, William Lee, III, 371 Burrow, Lloyd Clete, Jr., 108, 380 Burrus, Terry Gene, 371 Burton, Alice J., 380 Burton, Carol Elizabeth, 341 Burton, Charles Richard, 380 Burton, Judy Wells, 76, 345 Burton, Ronald Lewis, 108, 292 Busby, Susan Kay, 333 Bush, Katherine June, 339 Bush, William Landon, 380 Bushkuhl, Kathryne Ann, 328 Butcher, David McAuliffe, 380 Butcher, June Michelle, 380 Butcher, Kurt, 292 Butler, Frank, 298 Butler, Harlan Ray, 371 Butler, John W., 360 Butler, Linda Kay, 76, 284 Butler, I. Mims Frederick, 76, 380 Butler, Patricia Ann, 76, 270 Butler, Randall Howell, 306 Butler, Randy, 360 Butler, Sonja Ann, 328 Butler, Toby Lee, 345 Butler. Tommie L., 76. 380 Butler, Toney Irene, 333 Butz, Esther Lenor, 323 Byers, Mark Howard, 288 Byers, Sara Jane, 281 Byers, William C., 360 Bynum, Sherry Marie, 345 Byrd, Conley F., 360 Byrd, James Mitchell, 288 Byrd, Jim W., 308 Byrd, Thomas Morgan, 308 Cagle, Gordon Wayne, 105, 380 Cain, Howard G., Jr., 76, 380 Cain, Tommy Darrell, 371 Calaway, M., Camille, 328 Caldwell, Dorothy Jane, 105, 380 Caldwell, Kathryn Jean, 105, 380 Caldwell, Linda LaJean, 345 Calhoon, Susan Beth, 278 Callahan, Janice E., 76, 339 Callahan, Michael John, 371 Callaway, Jackie O., 380 Callaway, Linda Ann, 328 Callaway, Michael Wayne, 380 Calliotte, Janet Eileen, 333 Calvert, Klein R., 380 Camfield, Carol Lynn, 274 Cameron, William Blake, 292 Cameron, William R., 345 Campbell, Bruin Louis, Jr., 369 Campbell, Constance Jane, 323 Campbell, Jane, 77, 278 Campbell, Joseph Troy, 360 Campbell, Louise J., 333 Campbell, Richard F., Ill, 77, 296 Campbell, Robert Ian, 300 Campbell, Sheila Dianna, 323 Canada, Debi, 345 Canfield, Jerry Lee, 108, 380 Cannon, Carmeletta K., 333 Cannon, James Landis, 360 Cannon, Vernoice Guinett, 345 Cantrell, Stephen Edgar, 77, 380 Capoot, Michael George, 304 Capps, Charles David, 77, 365 Caradine, Wallace Jr., 381 Cardin, Kristin Deeanne, 341 CARDINAL XX, 475 Carey, Oneida Ellen, 341 Carle, Kenneth E., 371 Carlson, Christie N., 333 Carlson, Donna, 381 Carlson, E., Chris, 345 Carlson, Lois Ann, 77, 278 Carlson, Michael B., 298 Carlson, Steve N., 77, 298 Carmichael, Linda Lou, 323 Carnahan, Gary L., 354 Carnahan, Mary Frances, 381 Carnahan, Wayne L., 381 Carnes, David W., 381 Carnes, Lana Sue, 274 Carnes, Ronald Morton, 381 Carney, Carolyn Kay, 381 Carney, George R., 10 , 381 Carney, Janette Sue, 381 Carniol, Glenn Mitchell, 77, 381 Carpenter, David J., 381 Carpenter, Diane, 341 Carpenter, Dianna F., 323 Carpenter, James Robert, 381 Carpenter, Linda Kay, 77, 328 Carpenter, Pamela Ruth, 323 Carr, Judy, 333 Carrington, Mary E., 268 Carroll, II, Bradford Eugene, 371 Carroll, Georgia Ann, 333 Carroum, David Lynn, 77, 306 Carruth, John Michael, 77, 381 Carson, Cynthia, 323 Carson, James L., 345 Carson, Kaye, 381 Carson, Linda Noe, 77, 280 Carson, Margaret Kay, 77, 381 Carson, Rene Tipton, 381 Carswell, Linda Ann, 333 Carter, Barbara June, 268 Carter, Daphne M., 333 Carter, Frederick Allen, 371 Carter, Garry, 381 Carter, Harvey Brooks, 77, 381 Carter, Hildn . ' . . .Id. 77, 272 Carter, Joe Brau ' ; Carter, Karen Lea, 270 Carter, Kenneth Wcslpy, 371 Carter, Lane Swifton, 77, 381 Carter, Richard Nelson. 3 Carter, Robert Harris, 31 ' ' Carter, Sandra Kay, 34] Carter, William Louis, 3C3 Carver, David Mark, 105, 304 Carver, Frances Ann, 323 Carver, Paula Ann, 77, 278 Carver, Thomas Derwood, 77, 310 Carwell, William Burns, 77, 304 Cary, Peggy Ann, 328 Casbeer, John Virgil 77, 306 Casey, Allen Richard, 310 Cash, Donald W., 381 Cassady, Loy Roger, 77, 354 Cassinelli, Robert Damian, 296 Cast, Herschel Jr., 77, 381 Castedo, Rosario Nado, 106, 341 Casteel, Gary Ronald, 365 Casteel, Rebecca Jean, 105, 341 Castleberry, Dwain Lee, 77, 381 Castleberry, Nan Elizabeth, 272 Cate, Charles Benton, 306 Cate, Judy Beth, 361 Cate, Michael D., 77, 381 Cates, Gerald Lee, 298 Catherall, Beth, 276 Cathey, Alice Gertrude, 280 Catlett, David Wayne, 371 Catlett, Paul Michael, 306 Cato, Martha Ellen, 323 Caudle, Larry Eugene, 77, 381 Caughron, Jan M., 345 Cauley, Eileen Anne, 345 Cawood, James Murlin, Jr., 77, 316 Caywood, Carol, 323 Gazer, Glynda Ray, 328 Cazort, Carolyn Rachel, 345 Cearley, Kaffy Womack, 77, 381 Cearley, John Sturdivant, 77, 381 Cearley, Robert Marshall, Jr., 108, 381 Cearley, Sarah Teague, 105, 381 Cecil, Janet Kay, 323 Celi, Mario Patricia, 77, 381 Center, Cynthia Sue, 333 Centrello, John James, 77, 365 Cerrato, Carolyn Jerrenne, 105, 333 Chalfant, Louis Paul, 371 Chalfant, Vicky Margaret, 77, 328 Chambers, David F., 108, 381 Chambers, Patricia Dianne, 323 Chambers, Penny Shawn, 333 Chambers, Synde, 270 Chancellor, Charles Chapman, 345 Chancellor, Darrell Edward, 371 Chancey, Grady, 381 Chandler, Cynthia Jane, 77, 272 Chandler, Gay Susan, 333 Chandler, Kirk A., 314 Chaney, Carol Ann, 328 Chaney, Rebecca Ann, 381 Chapma n, David Ray, 77, 304 Chapman, Leland Randell, 360 Chapo, Thomas J., 77, 381 Chappell, Joe Frank, 345 Chappell, Robin Walker, 341 Charon, Mary Susan, 323 Chatmas, Nancy Fay, 333 Chausteur, Vicki, 345 Cheairs, Paula Ann, 274 Cheairs, Teresa Lee, 274 Cheatham, John Cabell, 371 Checca, Tony Joe, 371 Chenault, Nadine R., 381 Chenowith, Robert Gene, 360 Cherry, Frank Raymond, 77, 366 Cherry, Kitty, 272 Childers, Michael Ray, 372 Childress, Richard M., 372 Chiles, JoAnne Loring, 77, 381 Chiles, Ronald Mann, 77, 296 Chiles, Vicki Joy, 333 CHIMES, 476 Chisenhall, Lawrence Edwin, 298 Chism, Hardy Dale, 77, 381 CHI THETA, 463 Chitwood, Clifton McKinley, 300 Choate, Peggy Dean, 345 Choate, Stephen, 108, 381 Chrisman, Cynthia Sue, 77, 345 Christal, Wiley H., 77, 318 Christenson, Gary Lester, 381 Christy, Richard Carl, 77, 314 Church, Gary A., 881 CIRCLE K, 477 CIVIC CLUB. 478 499 r Clack, William Gerald, 77, 381 Clardy, Floyd, 381 Clark, Carolyn Marie. 345 Clark, Carolyn Ruth, 328 Clark, Donnie George, 381 Clark, Edwin Snooky, 357 Clark, Franklin James, 365 Clark, Janis C., 77, 270 Clark, Jerry Roger, 372 Clark, Joseph Murphy, 381 Clark, Judy Ann, 333 Clark, Judy Marie, 77, 339 Clark, Kenneth H., 367 Clark, Molly Ann, 77, 381 Clark, Peggy Jean, 272 Clark, Philip Holland, 304 Clark, Timothy Jay, 369 Clark, William Kent, 77, 381 Clarke, Katherine Marie, 323 Clarke, Thomas Andrew, S72 Clary, Robert Michael, 360 Classen, David E., 381 Classen, Ronald James, 316 Clay, Cecile, 323 Clay, Linda, 77, 274 Clayton, Jerry Bruce, 108, 381 Clayton, John Harold, 345 Cleek, Don E., 105, 381 Clem, Phil M., 77, 381 Clemens, Jack Gammill, 357 Clement, Cathy, 323 Clements, Joy Carolyn, 323 Clements, Marjorie Ann, 323 Cleveland, Bill David, 292 Cleveland, Herschel Wayne, 108, 292 Cleveland, Leona Kate, 77, 381 Clevenger, Renee, 333 Clevidence, Beverly Ann, 77, 268 Clift, Gerry Dan, 360 Clift, Orville Christopher, 77, 381 Clift, Ralph M., 105, 381 Clifton, Joe Farrell, 306 Clifton, Lowell Douglass, 79, 381 Clifton, Sandra Gene, 79, 381 Clifton, Scott Kirby, 381 Clinchens, David Eucrett, 381 Cline, Lance W., 298 Cline, Sallie F., 268 Clingan, John Patrick, 79, 381 Clinkenbeard, Stephen George, 310 Clinton, Tracy Peter, 304 Cloe, Lyndol, 381 Clopton, Ann Morgan, 333 Clotfelter, Mary Ruth, 79, 331 Cloud, Deborah Ann, 323 Cloyd, Linda Faye, 79, 339 Clyma, John R., 381 Coates, Cynthia, 323 Cobb, James Edward, 79, 381 Cochran, Lola Leanna, 346 Cochran, Martha Karen, 346 Cochran, Robert Keith, 292 Cochran, Terrisue, 328 Coco, M. Kay, 79, 346 Coe, Rebecca Lirtnea, 381 Gofer, R. Lynn, 323 Coffield, Catherine Louise, 79, 341 Coffield, Don Richard, 381 Coffield, Joe Edward, 79, 298 Coffman, George Kirby, 304 Cogbill, Gene, 79, 306 Cogburn, Tom Harrison, 79, 318 Cogdell, J. David, 79, ol Coker, William Foy, 79, 381 Colbert, Jimmy Lee, 294 Colclasure, Ray Eugene, 79, 296 Colclasure, Richard Michael, 300 Cole, Leta Kay, 381 Cole, Patricia, 79, 341 Cole, Thomas Glen, 306 Coleman, Betty, 333 Coleman, Billy Ray, 294 Coleman, Carolyn Marie, 333 Coleman, Dalton Miles, Jr., 381 Coleman, Kent P., 298 Coleman, Randell L., 79, 381 Coleman, .Susan Boyd, 333 Coler, Nancy Maurine, 331 Collar, Carolyn, 341 COLLEGE RED CROSS, 479 Collier, Deborah Marilyn, 381 Collier, Edward Lafayette, 300 Collier, Jae Lynn, 381 Collier, Jonathan David, 108, 381 Collier, Larry G., 79, 381 Collingsworth, Lynn D., 270 Collins, James M., 298 Collins, Jeff, 381 Collins, Kay Graham, 79, 346 Collins, Marjorie M., 331 Collins, Patricia Leigh, 79, 346 Colten, Juanita, 79, 270 Colvin, Alan Sinclair, 346 Combs, Wesley Allen, 346 Combs, William Phillip, 381 Commer, Jake Jr. Baggarly, 372 COMMERCE GUILD, 480 Compton, Mary Carol, 381 Comstock, Gary Lee, 304 Comstock, Kenney M., 304 Conde, Carolyn Lee, 346 Condit, John Michael, 79, 310 Condry, Nancy, 268 Cone, Sarah R., 346 Connell, Marilyn, 79, 339 Connell, William H., 381 Conner, Bill, 381 Conner, Carl Watson, 372 Conner, John L., Jr., 308 Coogan, Michael Edward, 381 Cook, Barbara Glen, 333 Cook, Bobby J., 79, 290 Cook, Clyde L., 381 Cook, Diane Lee, 276 Cook, Don Edwin, 36S Cook, Faune Suzanne, 341 Cook, Frances, 79, 274 Cook, Joe Dee, 79, 381 Cook, Leslie Ann, 268 Cook, Lynette Melvina, 382 Cook, Lynell Melvina, 382 Cook, Margaret, 79, 268 Cook, Paula Jean, 346 Coon, James Russell, 346 Cooper, Carol Sue, 79, 339 Cooper, Charles Marc, 382 Cooper, Clifford H., 346 Cooper, Dan, 312 Cooper, Dorothy Marie, 79, 382 Cooper, Edward H., Jr., 79, 357 Cooper, Faye Elizabeth, 346 Cooper, Frances Anne, 328 Cooper, James Quinton, 105, 382 Cooper, James Ricks, 108, 382 Cooper, Judy Carol, 341 Cooper, Lawrence R. S. ( 372 Cooper, Michael Larry, 79, 382 Cooper, Steven W., 382 Cooi er, William Christopher, 382 Copeland, Debbie Elaine, 346 Copeland, Kathryn Nell, 382 Copeland, Steven Edward, 382 Copeland, Steve William, 382 Copeland, Veronica Joy, 341 Coplin, Barry E., 300 Coplin, Timmothy L., 300 Corbin, William Dixon, 382 Corbitt, Reggie Arnold, 80, 346 Cordell, Wanda Gay, 382 Cordes, Robert Eugene, 80, 308 Core, Jean Ann, 328 Corkern, Barry Michael, 382 Corley, Mark Wayne, 288 Corley, Nancy Elizabeth, 333 Cornett, Jack G., 80, 298 Cornish, Bobby Joe, 80, 365 Cornwell, Geraldine Ann, 80, 328 Corrothers, Kathryn, 339 Cory, Susan Fisher, 105, 382 Costantino, Barbara, 333 Costas, Celia Denise, 323 Cottle, Mary Lois, 382 Cotton, Jeffrey Morris, 288 Cotton, Jim 292 Cottrell, Dennis Nmi, 382 Cottrell, Gary Ray, 360 Couch, Stephen B., 80, 300 Couch, William Ray, 382 Coulter, Connie Jean, 284 Counts, Carol Anita, 346 Counts, Charlotte Ann, 346 Counts, Kathy, 382 Courdin, Marilyn Ann, 80, 328 Courtenay, .Stephen M., 310 Courtney, Gerald Duane, C82 Counts, Nancy Faye, 323 Cowan, Catherine Anne, 346 Cowan, Morris Randolph, 312 Cowan, Sara Margaret, 80, 270 Cowger, Jacquelyn Sue, 333 Cox, Alan Dale, 346 Cox, Brenda Charlene, 333 Cox, Christine, 328 Cox, David Fielding, 365 Cox, David M., 80, 300 Cox, David Monroe, 382 Cox, John Charles, 105, 382 Cox, Linda Jo, 382 Cox, Marlowe L., 272 Cox, Marvise, 105, 341 Cox, Nancy Cheryll, 346 Cox, Ronald Chancy, 288 Cox, Victor Randall, 360 Coxsey, James Kent, 80, 304 Coxsey, Jo Phillips, 80, 382 Crabtee, Keith D., 365 Craddock, Jerry Wayne, 382 Craig, Barbara Jean, 80, 276 Craig, Carol Ann, 323 Grain, Joe Carl, 80, 382 Grain, John Atkins, 108, 310 Grain, Nancy L., 268 Crandell, Sherry Lynn, 333 Crawn, Carol Ann, 382 Cravens, Carol, 105, 382 Cravens, David Ralph, 80, 382 Crawford, Barbara Ann, 268 Crawford, John Wayne, 369 Crawford, Richard Wyatt, 382 days, Harold Clark, 80, 382 Creed, Jimmy D., 308 Creekmore, Donna Lynn, 323 Creekmore, Steve Wheeler III, 306 Creel, Cynthia Ann, 80, 272 Creel, Mary Jane, 346 Creemer, Lee Clarence, 105, 346 Crider, Marion Pauh, 80, 382 Crigger, Carolyn Sue, 341 Crites, Cheryl Elaine, 80, 268 Critz, James Ward, 296 Cromer, Thomas Walter, 382 Cronk, Kaye Laura, 323 Cronkhite, Don Baldwin, 316 Crosland, Richard Parker, 292 Crosnoe, Norma Sue, 8 0, 346 Cross, Connie, 280 Crouch, Allen Rutherford, 372 Crouch, Robert Walter, 382 Crouthers, Danny Harl, 296 Crow, Frank Steve, 318 Crow, James Thacker, 300 Crow, Thomas Jordan, 300 Croxdale, James Drant, 304 Culberson, David Scott, 382 Culberson, James Sherwood, 360 Culbertson, Rhonda Lee, 270 Cullen, Michael A., 80, 382 Cullins, Sharon, Kay, 333 Cullom, Joseph Ransom, III, 80, 382 Cullom, Peggy Jo, 80, 382 Cullum, John Patrick, 372 Culpepper, Shirlee Joyce, 80, 382 Culver, Curtis N., 382 Cunningham, Byron Dwane, 80, 382 Cunningham, Deborah Rhea, 328 Cunningham, Larry Don, 372 Cunningham, Marsha Martin, 382 Cunningham, Paul R., 80, 382 Cunningham, Phyllis Louise, 382 Cunningham, Wallace Paul, 372 Cunnion, Donald Owen, 314 Cupples, Kenneth Ray, 80, 290 Cureton, Donald Alan, 372 Currie, Robert Stephen, 80, 382 Curry, Kay D., 333 Curry, .Sandra Kay, 333 Curtis, Carolyn A., 323 Curtis, Dennis Ray, 304 Curtis, Leanne, 333 Curtis, Myra Jane, 270 Custer, Sammy H., 372 Cuzzort, Robert W., 372 D Daggett, Patricia Palmer, 80, 382 Dahl, Linda Marie, 333 Dahlstrom, Karen Maija, 382 Dahms, Robert A., 80, 365 Daily, Gerald Glenn, 382 Dailey, Kathleen Sue, 346 Daily, Sheryl Lynn, 382 Dailey, Tanna P., 346 Dalby, Tod, 314 Dale, James Lowell, 80, 382 Dale, Judy Lee, 323 Dalke, Gregory Allen, 382 Dalla Rosa, Raymond Paul, 382 Dallison, Noble S., 314 Dalmut, Pete M., 346 Danaher, Kevin Hayes, 369 Danehower, Martha Lou, 328 Danforth, Diana Marie, 331 Dangers, William Hendricks, 346 Daniel, Hardy Lamar, Jr., 80, 382 Daniel, Janice L., 331 Daniel, Jim T., 294 Daniel, Julia Clare, 346 Daniel, Scott Neal, 360 Daniel, Jr., Thomas William, 80, 382 Daniels, Dana C., 278 Daniels, Jacqueline Kaye, 346 Daniels, Rosanne, 80, 270 D ' Anna, Rosalyn Antoinette, 323 Darby, Ellen Gail, 334 Dark, Frederick H., 382 Darling, Peter Russell, 290 Darnall, Alec L., 372 Darnall, John David, 346 Darnall, Susan Carol, 80, 270 Darnell, Kathy Jean, 346 Darr, Catherine Caldwell, 80, 382 Darr, James E., 108, 310 Darrow, Elizabeth Ann, 274 Daugherty, Genie, 323 Daugherty, Lou Ann, 346 Daugherty, Robert R., 382 Daugherty, Stephen M., 80, 382 Daves, Cindy Jane, 346 Davey, Kim, 80, 272 David, Lynn Allen, 312 David, Su .ie, 268 Davidson, Charles Darwin, 288 Davidson, Johnny Lee, 357 Davidson, Patty Sue, 323 Davis, Alice Marie, 80, 341 Davis, Ann M., 346 Davis, Brian Lee, 382 Davis, Calvin Sharpe, 382 Davis, David D., 360 Davis, Deidre Lyra, 346 Davis, Ellen Marie, 274 Davis, Howard Lee, 80, 382 Davis, Jacqueline L,, 334 Davis, James B., 298 Davis, James Flethcer, 382 Davis, Joe Wayne, 369 Davis, John Charles, 346 Davis, Kathryn Lynn, 323 Davis, Larry Michael, 80, 290 Davis, Linda Lanette, 80, 280 Davis, Mark Allan, 288 Davis, Martin Clay, 306 Davis, Mel, 306 Davis, Melinda, 382 Davis, Nancy Gail, 334 Davis, Patricia L., 334 Davis, Raguel Lee, 365 Davis, Stephen Lewis, 382 Davis, Thomas, Michael, 372 Davis, Tony Max, 80, 382 Davis, Turley Dean, 80, 382 Davis, Winston G., 108, 382 Dawson, Gary Malcolm, 357 Dawson, Paul Edward, 80, 382 Day, Mary Ellen, 323 Day, .Stephen William, 372 Deacon, Joseph Barkett, 360 Deacon, Marie, 280 Deal, Roseanne, 270 Deal, Terry Duane, 382 Dean, Jackie Ann, 382 Dean, Phyllis Ann, 382 Dean, Ronald Ralph, 382 Deaton, Stephen Aldeen, 372 Deaver, Suzanne Denise, 323 DeBons, Francis Eugene, 80, 372 DeBons, John Martin, 372 DeBusk, Patricia Carol, 282 Decken, Dwayne Lee, 290 DeClue, Carol Ann, 346 Deeds, Larry Wayne, 294 Deen, Stephan Elwood, 372 Deere, Robert Thomas, 372 Dees, Danny Joe, 372 Dees, Jane Collier, 80, 284 Dees, Walter Dewey, Jr., 80, 382 Deeter, Steve W., 382 Deeter, Talmage Lans ' ng, 80, 382 DeFreece, Don Barber, 372 Dehan, George John, 310 DeJarnette, Clifton Gerald, 382 DeJong, Henrietta, 105, 341 Delonet, Floyd Phillip, 80, 383 Deloney, Marilyn Kay, 80, 383 DeMaine, Richard Dee, 372 Dempsey, Edmond Noel, 346 Dempsey, Robert Dale, 80, 383 Dellinger, Lawson Gray, 108, 383 Dennehy, Susan K., 80, 341 Dennis, Edward Joseph, 80, 383 Dennis, Jerry L., 383 Denniston, Michael E., 383 DeNoble, H. Keith, 346 Denton, Larry C., 360 DeRossitt, James Prentice, 80, 306 DeSalvo, Mary Annette, 80, 341 DeShazo, Diarawe Leigh, 282 Deslauriers, Shirley, Killeen, 280 Deveny, Randall Lee, 346 Dew, Robert, 369 Dew, Stephen Herman, 300 Dew, Virginia Lee, 284 Dial, Mary Jane, 346 Dibrell, Jeri Anne, 383 Dick, III, George Theodore, 308 Dickey, David, 81, 369 Dickhut, Joe Don, 304 Dickson, Dwight Bennett, Jr., 81, 314 Dickson, Gary Philip, 81, 367 Dickson, Kate Beaver, 323 Dickson, Peggy Janette, 331 Digby, John D., 383 Dill, Brenda Kay, 81, 278 Dill, Gary John, 304 Dillahunty, Peggy Ruedean, 383 Dillaplain, John Craig, 314 Dillard, Don W., 81, 357 Dillard, Michael Gregory, 81, 383 Dimmitt, Donald R., 357 Dipper, Wayne E., 369 Dixon, D. Ann, 341 Dixon, James Kirk, 81, 298 Dixon, Stephanie Johnson, 81, 383 Dixon, Tom, 81, 383 Dixon, William P., 81, 383 Doan, Alan Lemont, 316 Dibbs, Jennings Glenn, 383 Dobbs, Scott E., 372 Dober, Thomas Alan, 383 Dodge, Linda Lou, 81, 270 Dodge, Randy Eugene, 81, 310 Dodge, Wendy Coven, 81, 383 Dodson, Deborah Lynn, 323 Dodson, Floyd Mac, 298 Dodson, George Millard, 81, 383 Doherty, Barbara Kay, 81, 341 Dolan, Monica Daria, 280 Dolan, Robert Woodrow, 346 Donaghe, Bobby A., 360 Donald, Virginia Gayle, 334 Donaldson, Donald William, 346 Donovan, Shirley Ann, 339 Dooley, William Michael, 296 Doss, Danny Eugene, 372 Dougherty, Alfred C., 357 Doughty, Joe Carroll, 81, 383 Douglas, Darrell E., 383 Douglas, David E., 81, 383 Douglass, James D., 372 Douglas, Margaret Jane, 383 Douglas, Paul, 81-288 Douglas, Sue, 334 Dover, Billy D., 81, 316 Dover, David Mack, 310 Dover, Naomi, 341 Dover, Thomas Michael, 314 Doville, Melissa, 341 Dowell, Janie R., 323 D owell, Millie L., 383 Dowling, George Michael, 310 Downey, D ' Ann, 323 Downing, Richard Craig, 292 Downs, Donna Letitia, 81, 341 Downs, Shirley Ann, 334 Downum, La Donna Sue, 323 Doyle, Rachel Jane, 328 Drake, Charles Edward, 81, 367 Dreher, Deborah Sue, 334 Drennan, Bobbie Virginia, 383 Driggers, Mary Jo, 346 Driggers, Teresa Lee, 272 Driskell, Willadeen, 323 Driskill, Janice Claire, 81, 278 Drittler, Richard, 81, 383 Dryer, John Allan, 81, 383 DuBois, Marguerite Ann, 81, 383 DuBois, William Joseph Jr., 81, 383 Duck, Lydia, 341 Dudney, William Cross III, 306 Duell, Michael David, 383 Duell, Miriam Helene, 328 Duffy, Annetta Louise, 81, 280 Dugan, Geri L., 272 Duggar, Ann Melinda, 383 Duggar, Nan Claire, 383 Duke, Jimi Hurene, 81, 383 Dulan, Kathleen, 81, 270 Dunaway, Jim, 298 Duncan, Bruce C., 383 Duncan, Dianne, 334 Duncan, Hubert Lloyd, 383 Duncan, James Byron, 81, 357 Duncan, Montie Wayne, 81, 310 Duncan, Robert Norvelle, 81, 383 Duncan, Ruth Ann, 346 Dunh am, Alfred Harry, 372 Dunlop, Terry Anne, 276 Dunn, Deborah Dianne, 383 Dunn, Gary Lynn, 372 Dunn, William David, 81, 383 Dunton, Lynette Robin, 341 Dupree, John B., 81, 383 Durham, Cathey, 346 500 Durham, Karen Elizabeth, 346 Durham, Michael Edward, 310 Durley, Joe W., 383 Durning, Danny Wayne, 81, 383 Duty, Renee Denyse, 334 Dyer, Aniela Maria, 341 Dyer, Natalie Carlene, 841 E Eads, James Richard Jr., 361 Eads, Linda Sue, 341 Eanes, Tommy A., 81, 292 Eana, Shirley Marie, 81, 383 Earle, David Harold, 81, 314 Earls, Garry W., 383 Earp, M. H. Jr., 346 Earp, Stephen John, 357 Eason, Joseph Clifford, 81, 383 Eason, Mrs. Linda Lou, 81, 383 Eason, William Alfred, 81, 306 Easter, Betty L., 81, 280 Easteriint;, Gary E., 383 Easterwood, Alvin Hill, 372 Eaton, James Winton, 81, 383 Eaton, Jimmy Don, 372 Eaton, Ronald Glen, 383 Eaton, William Anthony, 372 Eaves, Frances Mernman, 323 Ebbert, Tommie Kay, 81, 274 Ebbert, William E., 81, 383 Eberle, Debora, 334 Eblen, Joe C., 81, 383 Echols, Becky, 284 Echols, James Michael, 372 Eck, M. Gareth, j-si Eckert, Julie Claire, 274 Eckhardt, Larry Gene, 372 Eddins, Julia Carol, 2S8 Eddleman, John Louis, 383 Eden, William Standiey, 318 Edens, Ernest Eugene, 383 Edge, John Gerry, 361 Edgin, Paula Lee, 81, 383 Edmondson, Larry Dean, 81, 383 Edson James E., 105, 383 Edwards, Cynthia Edwards, 278 Edwards, Daniel G. Jr., 81, 383 Edwards, Gladys Faye, 334 Edwards, Hugh R., 81, 383 Edwards, John Christian, 346 Edwards, Katherine C. 341 Edwards, Linda Lee, 334 Edwards, Lisa Melinda, 334 Edwards, Richard Wayne, 83, 357 Edwards, Robert Patrick, 83, 314 Edwards, Sharon Lee, 323 Edwards, William Carroll, 354 Efurd, David Glen, 1U8, 383 Eggers, Kathryn Marie, 83, 328 Ehrenberg, Janet Lee, 83, 274 Eichler, John Calvin, 83, 369 Eidson, Michael David, 83, 314 Eidson, Roy Anderson, 314 Eilbott, Don A., 306 Ekpoudom, Augustine Udo, 83, 365 Eldridge, Alesia, 334 Eldridge, John Rolfe III, 306 Eldridge, Paul R. 296 Elias, Charles Edward, 83, 383 Elkins, Gregory M., 292 Elkins, Herman Emery, 83, 383 Elkins, James Philip, 83, 304 Elliott, Elizabeth Ann, 282 Elliott, F. B., 83, 298 Elliott, Martha M., 346 Elliott, Sandra Lynn, 341 Ellington, Anna Louise, 334 Ellis, Chuck, 292 Ellis, Cynthia, 268 Ellis, Fred 0. Jr., 308 Ellis, Gloria Ann, 341 Ellis, Larry G., 83, 304 Ellis, Lorraine, 334 Ellis, Marguerite, 272 Ellis, Mary Lou, 323 Ellis, Rebecca Maude, 383 Ellis, Susan, 346 Ellis, Virgil Edward Jr., 83, 318 Ellison, Elizabeth Eugenia, 278 Elmore, William Gregory, 346 Elms, John David Jr., 83, 383 Elms, Larry Wayne, 83, 314 Elrod, Donald Joe, 83, 314 Elrod, Gloria, 83, 341 Elsloo, Elaine, 278 Elvers, Charles Harald, 105, 383 Emmert, Gerald Don, 83, 298 Emory, Jeffrey Lynn, 83, 383 Emmott, Martha Jane, 334 Endsley, Lyman John, 310 ENGINEERING COUNCIL, 481 England, Cheryl Kay, 284 England, Kathy, 334 England, Marleen, 334 England, Rickey D., 8 3, 316 Engskov, Paul K., 283 Eoff, William Weldon, 316 Epes, L. Spencer, 272 Epes, Shade Wooten, 83, 296 Epley, Charles Paul, 383 Erickson, Michael A., 83, 288 Ernst, Thomas H., 383 Erstine, James Michael Jr., 357 Ervin, Debbie Ann, 268 Ervin, Robert Ferrell, 83, 367 Ei-win, Jenelle, 83, 284 Erwin, Judson Landers, 369 Erwin, Lynne Elizabeth, 282 Estelle, George Dennis, 83, 383 Estes, Dwight Herman, 372 Estes, Glenyce G., 83, 341 Etter, Roberta Bromley, 141 E.ibanks, James Lee, 383 Eubanks, Helen Compton, 83, 282 Eubanks, Linda Cheryl, 83, 284 Eubanks, Peggy Jean, 83 383 Euler, Earl J., 354 Evans, David Ray, 304 Evans, Donna Louise, 334 Evans, Eberle, 346 Evans, Eric Stanley, 83, 383 Evans, Joe T., 302 Evans, L. Victor, 361 Evans, Marva L., 346 Evans, Ralph M., 38J Everett, Eddie Louis, 84, 383 Everett, Sandra, 84, 270 Englehart, Judy, 276 Ewing, Roy R., 372 Ewing, Russell Hardy, 308, 318 Evans, Byron Creasy, 383 Ezell, Cheryl Elaine, 383 Ezell, Richard Dale, 383 Fabrycky, Alan Louis, 84, 367 Fagala, Billie Lee, 383 Fahr, Teresa Lynn, 334 Fain, Edward T., 346 Fairchild, Annie M., 274 Fairchild, Janice Louise, 334 Fairley, A. Douglas, 108, 383 Fancher, Terry Nolan, 288 Fariss, Thomas Mark, 383 Farley, Diana Sue, 346 Farmer, Carolyn Suzanne, 334 Farmer, Heber Jean, 328 Farmer, Jim G., 306 Farmer, Robert Walter, 302 Fair, Gary Russell, 372 Farrell, John Fredric, 383 Farrell, Paul M. Jr., 84 ' , 306 Farrell, Sara Helen, 84, 274 Farrell, Sharon Lee, 270 Farrow, Julie Ann, 323 Faucette, John Alan, 310 Faulkner, Keith Edward, 304 Faulkner, Linda Jo, 84, 278 Faulkner, Ralph Edward, 108, 383 Fears, Michael Stephen, 346 Featherston, Gary Alfred, 372 Federico, Louis Patrick, 384 Feeney, Phillip K., 84, 384 Feild, Cathy, 323 Feimster, Diane, 270 Feldman, Deanna S., 346 Feiker, Richard Alan, 84, 292 Fellows, Marshall Lamar, 369 Feltner, John A., 84, 384 Felton, Counts, 3L8 Fendya, Michael Louis, 384 Ferguson, Debby Jan, 323 Ferguson, Dennis Michael, 384 Ferguson, Renee Karen, 276 Fetherolf, Daniel Clayton, 372 Fetzer, Jerold Kenneth, 361 Fey, Walter Roger, 357 Field, Sue Ellen, 328 Fields, James Edward, 384 Fields .Linda Kaye, 384 Fields, Terri, 346 Fightmaster, Robin Palmer, 84, 339 Fikes, Horace James, Jr., 108, 384 Fikes, Howard Louis, 84, 384 Files, Terry Allen, 290 Finch, Adren H., 372 Fincher, David Lynn, 361 Fincher, Floyd H. Jr., 84, 306 Fine, Janie, 274 Finley, Joe I.., 310 Finley, Ronald Gene, 84, 384 Finn, Richard James, 84, 384 Finney, Stanford C., 298 Firestone, Brad, 84, 384 Fish, Thurston M., 84, 296 rmher, Debs, 334 Fisher, James William, 84, 290 Fisher, Robert Byron, 84, 306 Fisher, Robert Clinton, 84, 292 File, Hi-inn.. R., 384 Fitton .Viiiinn Huui, 84, 278 Kiits, Richard Neal, 316 KiUhugh, Mike, 84, 312 FiUpatrick, James Frederick, 365 Fleetwood, Ricky Gene, 298 Fleming, Terry Lee, 361 Fletcher, Martin Edward, 384 Fletcher, Michael Don, 384 Fletcher, William Thomas, 296 KlicK, Janet Lee, 346 Flick, Suzanne Louise, 84, 270 Km: , Earnest Charles, 372 Flora, Sandra Gene, 384 Flowers, Geannie G., 323 Flowers, Ronald E., 314 Floyd, Annice, 346 Floyd, Perry Dean, 346 Fly, James Lawson, 384 Flynn, Mike F., 290 Fogieman, Franklin A., 308 Folsom, James David, 84, 346 Fontaine, Sarah Louise, 346 Forbes, Gail, 84, 276 Ford Dalmer R., 384 ' Ford, Farrell Vance, 384 Ford, Lane L., 316 Ford, Paul R., 314 Ford, Robert M., 108, 384 Ford, Stephen Steele, 366 Forester, Samuel Johnson Jr., 292 Forney, Mike Allen, 372 Forester, John Fredrick Jr., 108, 384 Forester, Susan, 323 Fortenberry, Alan Douglas, 372 Fortner, Jack Ronald, 369 Forrest, Randell, 294 Forsgren, Larry Gilbert, 346 Foster, Becky Ann, 334 Foster, Bevley Eleshia, 316 Foster, Charles L., 384 Foster, Gordon S., 298 Foster, Jack Raymond, 304 Foster, Marion Jeanette, 328 Foster, Pamela Jean, 84, 276 Foster, Susan Elizabeth, 334 Foster, Vicki Ann, 323 Fouke, Bernard I., 384 Fouke, Margaret F., 84, 268 Foults, Loyd Bayless, 367 Fournier, Jeffrey Edmund, 304 Fowler, Billie, 328 Fowler, Christopher Finch, 300 Fowler, Dixie Lee, 323 Fowler, Kathryn Jeanette, 334 Fowler, Rose Marie, 323 Fowler, Steven Jay, 84. 298 Fox, Cheryl Ellis, 84, 384 ' Fox, Clyde R., 84, 384 Fox, Marylin Edna, 84, 328 Fox, Ralph E., 384 Fox, Susan Rachel, 341 Fox, William Harris Jr., 84, 384 Frankenberger, Albert Martin, 384 Frankenberger, Carolyn Regina, 323 Frankenberger, Richard E., 84, 384 Franklin, Carolyn Newman, 84, 384 Franklin, Edward Lee, 84, 384 Franklin, John Olyver Charles, 84, 357 Franklin, John Thomas III, 84, 357 Franks, Michael Wayne, 288 Franks, Peggy N., 272 F rasher, James Howard, 84, 384 Frazier, John Bob, 312 Frazier, Paul Bernard, 84, 384 Frazier, Sylvia Kay, 334 Fredeman, Toni Denise, 278 Free, Martha Neal, 334 Freed, Susan, 341 Freeland, Byron I.., 84, 300 Freelin-g, Rick Norman, 296 Freeman, Burley James, 84, 384 Freeman, Donnie Ray, 84, 384 Freeman, Floyd Mickel, 84, 384 Freeman, Harold Ray, 288 Freeman, Joanne, 276 Freeman, Karen Erie, 84, 384 Freeman, Lynn B., 84, 384 Freeman, Mary Margaret, 84, 384 Freeman, Paul, 300 Freeman, Robert Daniel, 84, 384 Freeman, Robert Frederick, 84, 384 Freeman, Stephen Russell, 384 Freund, Deborah Ann, 323 Freund, Juni Marie, 323 Freyaldenhoven, Stephanie Tay- lor, 84, 384 Fricks, Mary Beth, 334 Friddle, James Walton, 372 Friddle, Martheda Carolyn, 341 Frisinger, Betsy Ann, 841 Fiisinger, Jo Karen, 84, 378 Fritts, Steven Hugh, 384 Frost, Roy E. Jr., 384 Frost, Thomas W., 384 Fruchey, Olan Stanley, 372 Fugate, Douglas Lee, 84, 346 Futirmann, Stephen Dale, 361 Fulbright, LaRhondda Lynn, 834 Fuller, Claudia Louise, 334 Fuller, Cynthia Marie, 341 Fuller, James Samuel, 300 Fuller, John Julian, 367 Fuller, Michael F., 384 Fuls, Norman Arthur Jr., 384 Fultz, David Eugene, 372 Fultz.Pamela, 324 Funderburgh, James A., 361 Furlow, Charles Alan, 361 Fuser, James Ronald, 361 Futch, Fred Lynn, 84, 384 Futrell, E. Suzanne, 346 Futrell, Benny W., 84, 384 Futrell, Rosemary, 334 Gabbert, Jill, 84, 384 Gadberry, Brady L. Jr., 372 Gaines, David Brian, 372 Galloway, James E., 84, 384 Galloway, Michael H., 84, 384 Galloway, Ronny G., 384 GAMMA BETA PHI, 480 GAMMA THETA UPSILON, 483 Gammill, Gary S., 310 Giilycan, Beverly Ann, 334 Gardner, Carol Jean, 339 Gardner, Gary, 367 Gardner, Guy Forrest, 296 Gardner, James Allen, 384 Gardner, John B. Ill, 314 Gardner, Sally Ann, 85, 274 Garison, Carol Ann, 280 Garland, Rufus Cummins Jr., 105, 384 Garlington, Billy Powell, 346 Garmon, Patricia Ann, 324 Garner, Brent Stainton, 292 Garner, James T., 384 Garner, Kenneth Laz, 384 Garner, Robert Eugene, 108, 384 Garner, William S. Jr., 302 Garven, Ginny, 272 Garrett, Carolyn Suzanne, 341 Garrett, Danny Hages, 372 Garrett, Judy Anr 85, 384 Garrett, Paul Mitcham, 85, 384 Garrett, Thomas Henry, 300 Garrison, Gary Blaylock, 384 Garrison, Glenn David, 105, 358 Gartrell, Elizabeth, 85, 268 Gaskill, Trudy Laura, 334 Gaston, Cynthia Ann, 268 Gaston, DeeDee Ann, 274 Gaston, Ermic Kenneth Jr., 372 Gaston, Sandra Sue, 85, 274 Gates, Doris Lynette, 282 Gates, James Harvey, 361 Gates, Myra Janet, 384 Gathings, Phyllis Anne, 270 Galling, John Mark, 306 Gattis, James Loyd II, 372 Gaughan, John Emmet II, 210 Gay, John Lynn, 384 Gayer, Brenda Jean, 384 Gearing, Michael John, 85, 298 Geelan, John Harold, 384 Geels, David Carter, 85, 384 Gehring, Marlene Ann, 334 Geigle, Stephen Alexander, 108, 384 Gentry, Gail Marie, 346 Geoghagan, James Daniel, 85, 369 George, Catherine Ruth, 334 George, Cathy Lu, 284 George, Dane E., 304 George, Gary Charles, 304 George, Terrence Michael, 85, 884 Geraci, Richard William, 361 Geurin, Jack Weber, 105, 384 Gibbons, Kathryn Ann, 284 Gibson, David Lowell, 85, 304 Gibson, Don i 3M Gibson, Gary Lynn, ; ' ,6! Gibbs, Marsha S .- 3JC Gibson, Margo, 282 Gibson, Michael Lev, ! , 34 Gibson, Pam S. 274 Gibson, Sam E., 108, Gideon, Martha Patricia, Gilbert, Gary D., 346 Gilbert, Gary Fulbright, 29 Gilbert, Howard Clinton, 367 Gilbert, Laurie Elyse, 334 Gilbert, Linda Carol, 346 Gilbert, Max A., 85, 346 Gilbreath, Gee Gee, 324 Gilbrech, Raymond Carl, 85, 384 Gilbrech, Wendy, 324 Gilchrist, Roger William, 85, 384 Gilcrease, David L., 8S, 384 Gilcrease, Laura Jane, 85, 384 Giles, Roger William, 85, 288 Gillean, Pamela Slay, 334 Gillespie, Dana Sue, 384 Gilleylen, Thomas Wilson, 88, 346 Gilliam, Charlene Jean, 384 Gilliam, David Ray, 85, 385 Gilliam, Patricia Nelle, 85, 272 Gilliland, Steffany G., 346 Gilmore, Sharon Kaye, 346 Ginger, William Lee, 385 Gingerich, Christie Anna, 346 Ginn, Mary Lea, 85, 328 Gist, Lydia Anne, 324 Giza, Deborah Lorraine, 324 Glass, Donna Annette, 324 Glassell, John Ashton, 310 Glaub, Teddy Lynn, 361 Glenn, Joseph William, 373 Glidewell, Mary Jane, 328 Glover, Danny Wayne, 346 Glover, David McGee, 108, 300 Glover, Gil, 85, 357 Glover, Glenn Allen, 365 Glover, Jack Wayne, 288 Glover, James Henry, 310 Glover, Jerry Wayne, 288 Glover, Larry Wayne, 365 Glover, Robert Ivy, 85, 300 Goad, Eric Warren, 361 Godfrey, Ronald Gary, 361 Godfrey, William Lee, 298 Godsey, James Odean, 308 Gocio, John Coleman-, 304 Goff, Julia Anne, 268 Goff, Julie Ann, 341 Goff, Richard Alay, 85, 304 Goff Sandra Sue, 324 Goforth, G. Wesley, 304 Coin, Walter Hugh, 290 Goines, Denise Ann, 385 Goines, Kenneth Handle, 385 Goldberg, Diane, 334 Gooch, Mary Ruth, 331 Goodlett, Barbara Allyn, 324 Goodman, Raymond Cole, 88, 312 Goodner, Sandra Kay, 334 Goodner, Travis 0., 85, 385 Goodrich, Janet Lynne, 85, 341 Goodwin, Carolyn Lavern, 334 Goodwin-, Frances Maye, 334 Goodwin, James Frank, 106, 385 Goodyear, Robert Richard, 85, 308 Goodyear, Russell Howard, 106, 385 Goodyear, Veda Maxine, 85, 385 Goodyear, William John, 378 Goolsby, Ovita Lynn, 106, 385 Gordon, Betty Jo, 385 Gordon, Durinda Marie, 2 74 Gordon, Eddie Charles, 385 Gordon, Jack Elliott Jr., 108, 386 Gordon, Kitty Rycroft, 334 Gordon, Pamela Ann, 324 Gordon, Sarah Phillips, 85, 276 Gore, Kaye Lynn, 341 Gorham, James Harold, 85, 367 Goss, David Vincent, 369 Gossett, Richard Gossett, 88, 385 Gott, Michael Ray, 312 Grace, Larry Jack, 373 Gragg, Lou Ann, 334 Graham, George Grinsley Jr., 386 Graham, James W., 385 Graham, Pamela Frances, 280 Graham, Patricia Ann, 106, 386 Graham, Rodney Gene, 385 Graham, Wade Franklin, 312 Graham, William Mansill, 373 Granger, Gary Frank, 85, 347 Granderson, William Sidney, 373 Grandstaff, Christine Ann, 347 Grant, Charline Marie, 85, 268 501 Graue, James Michael, 385 Graves, Gerald Robert, 361 Graves, James Ellis, 373 Graves, Louis F. Ill, 385 Graves, William E., 85, 385 Gray, Alfred Todd Jr., 357 Gray, Bartus Monroe, 312 Gray, Charles C. Jr., 385 Gray, Ernie Horton, 85, 357 Gray, Frederick James, 310 Gray, Gary Lee, 361 Gray, Gilda D., 347 Gray, James M., 106, 385 Gray, John Dudley, 385 Gray, Maxine, 347 Gray, Susan Diane, 334 Gray, Troy Anderson, 373 Gray, Winfred Thaddeus, 361 Graybill, Robert Van, 86, 292 Grayson, Kenneth Wayne, 373 Grayson, Anita Carol, 347 Graziani, Paul Joseph, 85, 385 Green, Gary Lane, 385 Green, Gwendolyn, 341 Green, Joe L., 105, 385 Green, John Reid, 314 Green, Judi Johns, 385 Green, Judith Ann, 106, 385 Green, Judy Diane, 334 Green, Rickey Hudson, 385 Green, Steve Charles, 385 Greenberg, Jeff, 361 Greene, Betty Avis, 385 Greene, Janis Ann, 334 Greene, Eichard E., 298 Greenhaw, Linda Ann, 324 Greenwell, Albert Lynn, 85, 385 Green well, Michael Louis, 361 Gregg, John Charles, 108, 385 Gregory f James M., 357 Gregory, Noel Kennady Jr., 306 Gregory, Peggy Ellen, 284 Greer, Beth Ann, 334 Gregory, A. Jan, 334 Gregory, Sandra Kay, 341 Gregory, Wanda Lynn, 85, 276 Greimer, Richard Pete, 292 Gresham, James Evans t 314 Griffen, Wendell Lee, 361 Griffin, Charles D., 298 Griffin, Gary Glen, 347 Griffin, Gordon Downey, 361 Griffin, Griff, 306 Griffin, Joe Edward, 310 Griffin, John H., 361 Griffis, Linda Gail, 324 ' Griffith, Henrietta F., 85, 278 Griggs, Gary Lynn, 385 Griggs, Ronald Lynn, 85, 385 Grim, Glen G., 385 Grimes, Carl Eugene, 385 Grimmett, David Hershell, 85, 385 Grimmett, Michael Austin, 385 Grimsley, Carolyn Boling, 85, 385 Crippe, Glenn William, 85, 385 Grisham, Kathy Lee, 347 Grisham, Mary Annette, 339 Griswold, Richard Folden, 85, 385 Groce, William Nolan, 373 Groulx, Jacqueline Sarah, 347 Grove, Muriel Elaine, 341 Grubbs, Ronald Lee, 373 Guard, Melinda Tate, 282 Guinn, Carol Ann, 385 Guinn, Eddie L., 385 Guinn, Mary Jo, 324 Guinn, Susan Gay, 385 Gunn, Vicki Gean, 85, 268 Gurisco, Charles Stephen, 292 Gustin, Julian Jay, 85, 385 Gutierrez, Mario Ojeda, 85, 290 Guy.Diane Marie, 270 Guynn, Rita Marie, 385 Guynn, Ruth Ellen, 85, 385 Guziewicz, Joseph Conrad, 373 H Hackel, Martin Otto, 106, 355 Hackney, Marilyn Sue, 341 Hackworth, Harold Max, 85, 316 Hagan, Ernest P. Jr., 385 Haggard, Kenneth Allen, 361 Haigh, Creed Michel, 85, 314 Hairston, Donna Jane, 87, 280 Hairston, Gary N., 373 Hairzlip Christy Ann, 347 Halbert, John Bruce, 87, 385 Hale, Cheryl Sonin, 87, 280 Haley, Carolyn Jane, 328 Haley, Michael Stephen, 367 Halk, Edward L., 302 Hall, David Monroe, 385 Hall, Gary Bruce, 108, 385 Hall, Gary C., 373 Hall, Glenda Dear, 385 Hall, Grant Wesley, 385 Hall, James Wallace, 87, 365 Hall, Kathryn Anne, 324 Hall, Kersh Edward, 87, 292 Hall, Lola Beneta, 347 Hall, Richard L., 87, 318 Hall, Richard Whit, 87, 312 Hall, Ronald Ray, 316 Hall, Ronnie David 87, 385 Hall, Thorn E., 347 Hall, Thomas Earl, 87, 385 Hallin, Elizabeth Ann, 284 Hallmark, Linda Lee, 87, 268 Halsell, James William, 296 Halsey, Patricia Ann, 334 Haltom, Phillip T., 87, 385 Haltom, Scott Fowler, 347 Haltom, Virginia M., 385 Haltom, W. Steve, 385 Hamblen, Leroy B., 385 Hamhright, Deborah Sue, 341 Hambright, Dee R., 304 Hamilton-, Hartford Ray Jr., 87, 355 Hamilton, Preston McCrary, 304, 369 Hamilton, Sherry, 270 Hamilton, Z. Roland Jr., 373 Hamm, Ann Marilyn, 268 Hammans, Claire, 334 Hammes, Anne Lynn, 334 Hammond, Roger L., 385 Hammons, Mary Cathryn, 87, 280 Hampton, Martha Jane, 324 Hampton, Stephen Lee, 347 Hamric, James N. Jr., 385 Hanby, Charles Albert, 87, 318 Hanchey, Barbara J., 87, 341 Handlen Richard C., 361 Handley, Linda Diane, 328 Handley, Ruth Edna, 268 Haney, Ronald Harvey, 87, 318 Haney, Sandra L., 87, 276 Hankins, Barbara K., 331 Hankins, Gary A., 296 Hanna, Donna Lee, 339 Hanna, Shelley Jane, 347 Hannah, Sara Beth, 276 Hannebaum, Ruth Michele, 347 Hanry, Michael Ray, 347 Harberson, Dennis Dean, 361 Harberson, Loyd Douglas, 87, 385 Hardage, Albert Carter, 308 Hardin, Robert Wilson, 87, 300 Harding, Sherie Cerise, 268 Harding, Thomas, 87, 310 Hardwick, Harold Wayne, 87, 385 Hardwick, Jim C., 373 Hargis, Eddie D., 87, 385 Hargis, Garry L., 373 Hargrave, Philip Jay, 87, 385 Hargraves, James Hall, 308 Harkey, Michael Preston, 308 Harkey, Sheron Sue, 385 Harman, Thomas L., 365 Harmon, Karen Ruth, 268 Harmon, Kay Frances, 87, 341 Harned, Linde Louise, 328 Harness, Don Ray, 385 Harnish, Russell James, 373 Harp, Robert Arlan, 87, 385 Harp, Robert Stewart, 308 Harp, Vickie Jodean, 385 Harper.Bobbie Jean, 106, 385 Harper, Stephen Lee, 87, 310 Harpole, Ginger, 282 Harrell, Jimmy Thomas, 361 Harrell, Melissa Adrian, 280 Harrelson, Frederick Gene, 108, 385 Harrelson, Jim L., 87, 385 Harriman, Morril Hilton Jr., 361 Harrington, Patricia Catherine, 334 Harris, Aubrey Lee, 373 Harris, Glen Dale, 87, 385 Harris, Jacqueline Susanne, 324 Harris, James Kenny, 369 Harris, Lynette, 334 Harris, Meza G., 385 Harris, Otis Othello, 314 Harris, Patrick A., 385 Harris, Penny, 280 Harris, Raymond M., 88, 347 Harris Jr.. R " ssell Fields, 88, 300 Harris III, Twant Montgomery, 373 Harrison, George Wygal, 298 Harrison, John Edward, 288 Harrison, Leo Andrew, 385 Harrison, Liburn Crofford Jr., 88, 300 Harrison, Sarah L., 339 Harrison, Steve, 361 Harry, Myra Jane, 88, 386 Harsh, Molly, 282 Hart, Bonnie Jane, 270 Hart, Donella Roshean, 334 Hart, Elizabeth Kay, 334 ' Hart Jr., George Eddie, 88, 288 Hart, Randy, 373 Hart, Robert Littlejohn, 108, 386 Hartens ein, Ann Louise, 272 Harter, Jan, 324 Hartman 111, Albert Sidney, 88, 302 Hartman, Melissa Jayne, 334 Hartman, Rebecca Anderson, 88, 386 Hartoon, Rosemary, 347 Hartsfield, Larry James, 108, 386 Hartz, Elizabeth Ann, 274 Harvey, Gary Leamon, 88, 386 Harvey Jr., George Raymond, 373 Harvey, Richard A., 88, 386 Hastings, Linda Louise, 347 Hatfield, Annette Arlene, 334 Hatfield, Cheryl, 334 Hauer, Margaret Lee, 88, 341 Haught, Janice Jane, 334 Hausam, David Charles, 88, 386 Hawken, Janet S., 272 Hawkins, James Franklin Jr., 300 Hawkins, Robert T., 108, 386 Hawkins, Ronald Ray, 386 Hawley, John Dale, 386 Hawley, Sylvia Ligon, 272 Hawks, Irby Randall, 288 Hay, Carol Lynn, 88, 328 Hayes, Anne Marie, 341 Hayes, Jewell Doyne, 88, 386 Hayes, Larry Ben, 88, 386 Hayes, Steven L., 88, 386 Hayes, William John, 386 Haymon, James Ronald, 373 Haynes, Karen M., 334 Haynie, Linda Ann, 334 Hays, Cindy, 284 Hazlewood, Ivan D. Jr., 88, 292 Hazelwood, James Bruce, 347 Hazlewood, Michael Stevens, 365 Head, Robert M., 88, 386 Headley, Daniel Glenn, 347 Headley, Ronald Lynn, 347 Hearne, Gail Yvonne, 324 Hearnsberger, John G. II, 88, 312 Hearnsberger, Susan, 88, 268 Hearnsberger, William Burton, 312 Heaston, John Buzz, 383 Heath, Blan S., 308 Heavener, Judy Carol, 324 ' Hebert, P. Tandy, 334 Hecox, James Rexford, 88, 367 Hecox, Janet Sue, 331 Hecox, Thomas William, 373 Hedgecock, Joe Medford, 108, 386 Hedges, Jerry Wayne, 316 Hedges, Sandra Stokes, 88, 386 Hedrick, John Clyde, 106 386 Heffel, Jerry Wayne, 106, 386 Heffernan, Patricia Kate, 339 Hefley, Linda Elizabebh, 334 Hefley, Rex Albert, 88, 386 Heflin, Shelby Alan, 386 Heflin, Susan Mary, 324 Hegenberger, Richard Lee, 88, 369 Heawood, Trudy June, 324 Heidinger, Susan Lynn, 328 Heinonen, Marjatta Tuula, 106, 268 Held, Steve Edward, 88, 286 Heldt, James Andrews, 373 Helms, Nancy Elizabeth, 88, 280 Hemenway, Brenda Jeanine, 88, 334 Henbest, Paula Kay, 328 Henderson, David Wesley, 386 Henderson, Eric Thomas, 373 Henderson, Janis Lea, 88, 328 Henderson, Patsy, 339 Henderson, Robert Benjamin, 306 Henderson, Ronnie Lee, 373 Henderson, Sandra Lynn, 270 Henderson, Walter Edward, 310 Hendren, James Knox, 88, 265 Hendren, Michael ConJey, 306, 369 Hendricks, Donald Ray, 373 Hendricks, Judy Lynn, 347 Hendricks, Karol Anne, 284 Hendrickson, Rose Mary, 341 Hendrickson, Terry Guy, 361 Henley, Charles W., 288 Henley, Jane Karen, 347 Henley, Lester Joe, 88, 386 Henley, Wordna Sharon, 347 Henry, Beverly Gay, 88, 280 Henry, Christine Lee, 284 Henry, Linda S., 347 Henry, Orville M. Ill, 347 Henry, Thomas Walter, 88, 386 Henry, William Taylor, 300 Henson, Elizabeth Ann, 331 Henson, Michael Ray, 347 Henze, Catherine Ann, 334 Henze, Walter A., 88, 312 Heringer, M. Stacy, 274 Herndon, Karen Lea, 278 Herod, Patricia Jean, 334 Herndon, Kathleen Alice, 88, 386 Herren, George Wayne, 373 Herren, Norman N., 386 Herriman, Karen Jill, 386 Herrington, David Eugene, 88, 292 Hersey, Judy M., 88, 282 Hershberger, Bessie Lou, 331 Hestir, Randall Steven, 296 Hester, Rodney Lee, 361 Hewitt, Barbara Lee, 274 ' Hibler, David Ellsworth, 88, 386 Hickman, H. Eugene, 88, 347 Hickman, Sharon Kaye, 386 Hicks, Harold Ronnie, 108, 292 Hicks, Judy Graves, 106, 386 Hicks, Larry Milton, 88, 386 Hidde, Robert Dean, 361 Higgins, William R., 347 Highfill, Bobby Elman, 88, 367 Highfill, Jolene Marshall, 88, 386 Hight, Charles H., 88, 292 Hildbold, Beth Ann, 386 Hildebrand, Steve Thomas, 347 Hill, Alice Marian, 347 Hill, Carl Allen 106, 386 Hill, Dale Calvin, 361 Hill, Darius B. Ill, 373 Hill, David Barry, 386 Hill, Deborah Lucille, 339 Hill, Janet Lynne, 386 Hill, Jimmy Duane, 88, 300 Hill, Larry James, 347 Hill, Linda Sue, 276 Hill, Marilyn Elizabeth, 334 Hill, Pamela Klee, 334 Hill, Richard Andrew, 386 Hill, Robert Lowe, 386 Hill, Shirley Ann, 88, 386 Hillhouse, Belinda Jane, 88, 386 Hillman, Jimmy Lou. ' s, 361 Hillman, Marjorie Ellen, 386 Himes, Barbara Frances, 334 Hines, Billy Douglas, 361 Hines, Douglas Ronald, 88, 386 Hinton, Malcolm C., 347 Hirschy, Lewis Wayne, 361 Hisey, Michael Jan, 278 Kite, Dianne J., 347 Kite, Gordon R., 386 Hixson, Marsha Lynn, 347 Hobbs, Genny Anne, 334 Hodapp, Gerald Frank Jr., 292 Hodelka, Cheryl Susan, 347 Hodelka, Richard Joseph, 361 Hodge, Herman F., 386 Hodges, Joe H.. 386 Hodges, Madison L., 88, 386 Hodges, Nancy Noel, 334 Hodnett, Paul S., 386 Hoenshel, Jeri Anderson, 106, 386 Hoenshel, Jerry G., 106, 386 Hoggman, Carl Emil, 88, 386 Hoffman, Phillip Myron, 88, 386 Hoffman, William Don, 386 Hogaboom, Karen Jeanette, 328 Hogan, John Craig, 347 Hogan, Laurie L., 280 Hogins, Saundra Jean, 284 ' Hogsett, Carol Ann, 334 Hohne, Kris Kay, 342 Hoke, Carole N., 274 Holbrook, Karen, 347 Holcomb, Beverly J., 106, 386 Holcomb, A. Wayne, 373 Holcomb, Johnnie R., 339 Holdar, James L., 88, 386 Holden, Allen B., 386 Holden, Debbie Ann, 347 Holder, Carman Virginia, 108, 386 Holland, Thelma Jean, 88, 342 Hollingsworth, Perlesta Arthur, 108, 386 Hollis, Betty, 88, 328 Hollis, Jane Carolyn., 276 Holloway, Mary Ann, 276 Holloway, Mary Barbara, 280 Holm, David W., 373 Holman, Gary John, 88, 304 Holmes, Paul Elgin, 88, 386 Holmes, Robert S., 347 Holmes, Ronald Deloss, 366 Holmes, Virginia Lee, 272 Holstead, Harry R., 386 Holt, Halite Sue, 88, 328 Holt, Holly Jacque, 324 Holt, Larry L., 386 Holt, Nana Ross, 274 Holt, Patricia Doney, 282 Holt, Richard Lamar, 88, 354 Holt, Sandi L., 347 Holton, Thomas Phillip, 106, 386 Holub, Jimmy Todd, 373 Holzwarth, Barbara Lynn, 324 Homyk, Marsha Linn, 386 Honderich, Linda Maureen, 334 Hood, Margie Nell, 386 Hood, Ted, 300 Hooker, Sara Sidney, 89, 342 Hopkins, Glen E. Jr., 361 Hopkins, Michael Gordon, 361 Hopkins, Stephen Douglas, 361 Horn, Steven Darrell, 304 Horn, Susan Jane, 274 Hornaday, Floyd Ronald, 347 Hornberger, Robert E., 89, 298 Home, Deborah Sue, 334 Home, Pamela Gail, 89, 347 Hornor, Margie West, 335 Hornor, Nannice Tappan, 272 Horton, Deborah Sue, 280 Horton, Janice Marie, 386 Horton, Jennifer Lynne, 324 Horton, Jerold Alan, 347 Horton, Judy Gail, 386 Horton, Karen Lee, 89, 342 Horton, LaRue P., 306 Horton, Lena Myrle, 89, 339 Horton, Ricky D., 290 Horton, Vicki Ann, 89, 378 Hosier, Judy Lee, 89, 276 Hosman, Michal I. ana, 324 Hoss, Anne Louise, 270 Hotz, John William, 367 Hotz, II, Thomas Anthony, 367 Hough, William Arthur, 89, 292 House Barry Lee, 386 Deborah Elizabeth, 335 Dianne Lee, 270 Elaine Ann, 386 James William, 386 House House House House Housley, William Eugene, 288 Houston, Marvin Eugene, 373 Hovey, Cheryl Ann, 324 Howard, David Lee, 89, 386 Howard, Gary Lyndel, 288 Howard, Jerry Edward, 386 Howard, Martha Jane, 335 Howard, Robert G., Jr., 89, 386 Howell, Alice Woodford, 282 Howell, Lana Kay, 386 Howerton, Peggy Ann, 276 Howerton, Ronnie Waymon, 354 Hubbard, George Gaines, 308 Hubble, Dale Edwin, 361 Hubble, Judith Marie, 347 Hubbs, J. Michael, 373 Huckabay, Catherine Anne, 324 Huckelbury, Linda Jane, 274 Huddle, Jr., Lewis A., 316 Hudgings, Linda R., 89, 268 Hudson, Donna Faye, 386 Hudson, Harriett, 335 Hudson, Patricia Adele, 272 Hudson, Nancy Lee, 280 Hudson, William Byron, 89, 304 Hudspeth, Diane, 89, 280 Hudspeth, J. Barton, 288 Huens, John Lester, 386 Huggs, Charles Norman,, 386 Hughen, Dean Paul, 310 Hughes, Bette Lynn, 89, 282 Hughes, Darrel Wayne, 89, 386 Hughes, Herbert Briley, 310 Hughes, Judy Faye, 324 Hughes, Lloyd Randall, 357 Hughes, Patricia E., 339 Hughes, Philip Edwin, 298 Hughes, Ronnie Dallas, 373 Hughes, Rosemarie, 324 Hughes, Steven Jay, 386 Hughes, William Harold, 361 Hughey, Mary Ellen, 386 Huitt, Charles Wayne, 387 Hull, Browning C., 387 Hull, William M., 312 Hulsey, Clinton Lee, 89, 387 Humphries, Stephen Boyd, 296 Hundley, Charles Richard, 296 Hunkapiller, Ronald Rensley, 298 Hunnicutt, Clifton G., 294 Hunsley, William Ernest, 288 Hunt, Gail W., 387 Hunt, Jean Raye, 342 Hunt, James Lee, 347 Hunt, John Robert, 357 Hunt, Michael Edward, 347 Hunt, 0. T., 89, 308 502 Hunt, Patricia Lou, 835 Hunt, Sally Kendall, 342 Hunter, Alice Faye, 348 Hunter, James David, 361 Hunter, Johnny Lyndell, 361 Hunter, Larry Dale, 367 Hunton, Jerry F., 387 Hupka, Patucia Anne, 328 Hurley, Stephen Craig, 310 Hurst, Charles Phillip, 89, 387 Hurst, Q. Byrum, Jr., 310 Hurst, Ralph Earl, su, 387 Hurst, Steven Garland, 89, 316 Hurt, Wayne Allen, 304 Hutchens, James Binion, 89, 357 Hutchison, Jr., William A., 106, 387 Huzl, James Frank, 108, 387 Hutton, Nancy Lonsdale, 342 Hyatt, Anne Weatherford, 274 Hyatt, David Taylor, 373 Hyde, Donna Cella, 331 Hyland, Dennis Glen, 373 Imboden, Richard Kenley, 290 Ingram, Mira Ann, 106, 387 Ingram, Marvin Dale, 89, 387 Inlow, Carol Jean, 335 Inman, III, Fred Clarence, 302 INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL, 287 INTER FRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL, 484 INTERNATIONAL CLUB, 485 ITERNATIONAL CLUB, 485 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, 482 Irby, III, Guy Braden, 357 Irwin, Randy Dale, 373 Irwin, Walter Frank, 373 Isaminger, Rick Lee, 316 Islam, S. M. Nazabat, 106, 387 Ivey, Connie Sue, 387 Jaber, Susan Elizabeth, 335 Jacks, Elizabeth Jean, 280 Jackson, Charles Russell, 318 Jackson, Janis Jayne, 328 Jackson, John H., 108, 387 Jackson, Karen Gayle, 348 Jackson, Kent Valentine, 373 Jackson, Mary Melanie, 270 Jackson, Rebecca Marie, 324 Jackson, Richard Clark, 373 Jackson, Sally Anne, 324 Jackson, Thomas Lee, 373 Jacobi, Forrest Lee, 316 Jacobs, Sharron Faye, 348 Jacuzzi, Dante P., 296 Jaggers, Carl Fred, 361 Jamerson, Bennie Bentsel, 314 James, Alan R., 387 James, Frederick Andrew, 300 James, Pattie, 278 James, Rebecca Kay, 324 James, Robert Wesley, 348 James, William R., 308 Jameson, V. Keith, 89, 365 Jamison, Dennis Dean, 361 Jamison, Rodney Keith, 312 Jarnagan, Jane Carol, 106, 387 Jarnagan, Larry Paul, 387 Jarrett, Dennis Ray, 387 Jay, Beckie Lynn, 268 Jay, Deborah Lou, 335 Jay, Richard Lee, Jr., 89, 310 Jefferies, Hardie Hunter, 89, 387 Jefferson, Larry Joe, 89, 387 Jefferson, Randy, 304 Jeffery, Phyllis Jo, 342 Jeffries, Charles Cole, 296 Jeffus, Linda, 335 Jenkins, Carol Michele, 324 Jenkins, Cheryl, 106, 342 Jenkins, Henrietta, 339 Jenkins, Jerry Allen, 89, 348 Jenkins, John Powell, Jr., 312 Jenkins, Johnny Irvin, 387 Jenkins, Johnny Lee, 387 Jenkins, Patricia Kay, 89, 274 Jenkins, William Gerald, 387 Jennings, Gloria Carol, 342 Jennings, Sally Merle, 284 Jennings, Tappah Hornor, 89, 306 Jennings, William Clifford, 300 Jensem, Tommy Ray, 387 Jericho, Caroline Sloan, 278 Jernigan, Sandra Lee, 335 Jeske, Leroy 0., 314 Jester, Billy F., 387 Jeter, Jeffrey H., 306 Jelt, Chariot Ann, 342 Jeu, Evelyn Joyce, 335 Jewell, Judy Kay, 89, 284 Jines, Gene, 361 John, Meredith Louise, 89, S87 Johnson, Anna Maurine, 324 Johnson, Byron Virl, 89, 387 Johnson, C. Dudley, 348 Johnson, Charles L., 89, 288 Johnson, Charles Roy, 373 Johnson, Charles Sam, 314 Johnson, Cindy Ellen, 335 Johnson, Diana Lynn, 284 Johnson, Donald G., 387 Johnson, Donna Claire, 89, 342 Johnson, E. Ralph, 296 Johnson, Eleanor Jean, 324 Johnson, G. Grant, 308 Johnson, George Steven, 373 Johnson, James Albert Jr., 373 Johnson, James Stephen, 89, 387 Johnson, Jenifer, 89, 328 Johnson, Jesse Lee, Jr., 89, 387 Johnson, Jim A., 89, 312 Johnson, John Charles, 304 Johnson, John Harold, 106, 355 Johnson, John L., 373 Johnson, Johnny M., 314 Johnson, Johnny W., 348 Johnson, Katy L., 335 Johnson, Kirk Douglas, 387 Johnson, Margaret Susan, 324 Johnson, Mary Elizabeth, 335 Johnson, Mary Glenda, 387 Johnson, Maynard Perry, 108, 387 Johnson, Merle E., 89, 387 Johnson, Muriel Anne, 89, 272 Johnson, Peggy, 335 Johnson, Perry Wayne, 387 Johnson, Richard W., 298 Johnson, Robert Howard, Jr., 89, 387 Johnson, Samuel Patterson, 387 Johnson, Steve Michael, 373 Johnson, Suzanne Elizabeah, 328 Johnson, Thomas A., 369 Johnson, Thomas Riley, 387 Johnson, William O., 306 Johnston, Albert Dane, 387 Johnston, Bill L., 387 Johnston, Donna Charisse, 324 Johnston, Jamed Neil, 361 Johnston, Janet Catherine, 272 Johnston, Judity Ann, 328 Johnston, Michele M., 282 Johnston, Susie, 89, 284 Jones, Billy Doyle, 89, 387 Jones, Buford Dale, 348 Jones, Carol Ann, 387 Jones, Carol June, 89, 328 Jones, Charles T., 310 Jones, David Lynn, 310 Jones, Delbert Louis, 296 Jones, Diana, 324 Jones, Esther Faye, 328 Jones, Guy Franklin, 89, 365 Jones, Jack Ray, 387 Jones, Jackson Murry, 91, 348 Jones, James Edward, 298 Jones, James Kenneth, 91, 387 Jones, Jana Lee, 335 Jones, Janice Anne, 335 Jones ( Janice Lynn, 3C5 Jones, Janis Gaye, 278 Jones, Jean Cameron, 328 Jones, Jennifer Carol, 328 Jones, Jennifer Karon, 342 Jones, Jerry Marvin, 387 Jones, Jimmie Leroy, 91, 312 Jones, Joseph Walter, 387 Jones, Judy Lou, 106, 387 Jones, Kathryn Faye, 91, 348 Jones, Kenneth Allan, 91, 296 Jones, Kenneth Franklin, 106, 387 Jones, Larry Houston, 91, 387 Jones, Larry Vivan, 388 Jones, Lawrence Gene, 91, 292 Jones, Lecia Franceen, 91, 268 Jones, Marilyn Sue, 91, 331 Jones, Maria Diane, 268 Jones, Marlene Rose, 339 Jones, Mary Lee, 342 Jones, Melvin D., 373 Jones, Mike, 298 Jones, Pamela Sue, 388 Jones, Patty, 91, 282 Jones, Rickey E., 361 Jones, Robert Lee, III, 108, 388 Jones, Robert N., 292 Jones, Ronald Phillip, 388 Jones, Scott Phelam, 308 Jones, Susan G., 335 Jones, Terry Dee, 316 Jones, Tommie Cottrell, 106, 388 Jones, Troy Gene, 388 Jopp, Linda Suzanna, 91, 388 Jordan, Charles Mark, 310 Jordan, Donna Lanell, 91, 388 Jordan, Gerald Bernard, 348 Jordan, James Burton, 361 Jordan, Susan Ray, 280 Joyce, Eugene Gerald, 388 Joyce, Marvin Leon, 357 Juno, Gene Francis, 106, 388 Justice, Nolan Jay, 361 Justis, Glenda Ann, 335 Justiss, Donna Kaye, 324 Justiss, James E., 306 K Kaiser, Bek E., 373 Kalcich, Phillip F., 388 Kane, Susie, 342 KAPPA KAPPA PSI, 486 Kaps, Julia Ann, 91, 268 Karber, John Morgan, 91, 296 Karnes, Deborah Melissa, 324 Kames Gary M., 308 Kastel, Debbie Janice, 335 Kavanaugh, Steven Andrew, 308 Kaufman, Ronald Edward, 91, 388 Keadle, Rebecca Ann, 91, 284 Keahey, Ben F., 388 Keathley Bood, 91, 296 Keathley, Joe L., 91, 290 Keck, Boneta, 335 Keefe, Kathy, 339 Keel, James St. John, 106, 318 Keel, S., Jeanne, 278 Keeling Patricia Sue, 278 Keen, Ricky Harold, 388 Keene, Linda Lee, 91, 268 Keener, Ronnie Lee, 388 Keener, William Lynn, 361 Keeton, Joe Neil, 91, 388 Keith, Paula Gene, 324 Keith, William Troy, 296 Keller, Connie Jean, 388 Keller, Stephen, 298 Kellett, Marlene Jane, 324 Kelley, Denise Erin, 91, 348 Kelley, James Ronald, 91, 388 Kelley, Janice L., 328 Kelley, Karen Gale, 335 Kelley, Linda Kay, 328 Kelley, Mitchell Dwayne, 361 Kelley, Reginald Dean, 388 Kelley, Robert E., 91, 388 Kelley, Stroud Carter, 298 Kelly, Bill Earl, 388 Kelly, David S., 373 Kelly, John Pinckney, 388 Kelly, Kathleen Jean, 270 Kelly, Robert Vickers, 336 Kelly, Stephen Bruce, 388 Kelson, Michael Edward, 369 Kemp, Connie Susan, 276 Kemp, Wesley Barton, 91, 388 Kemper, Robert Thomas, 91, 357 Kemper, Susan Lynn, 91, 348 Kempf, Janice E., 342 Kendall, Anthony Wilson, 308 Kendrick, Dan Nicks, 91, 290 Kenkel, Eleanor Jane, 324 Kennedy, Jerry Stair, 91, 388 Kennedy, Pamela A., 335 Kennett, Dan P., 108, 290 Kenney, Donald T., 91, 357 Kenning, John Gregory, 304 Kent, Regina Sheryl, 348 Keogh, Mary Jo, 91, 328 Keough, Richard C., 348 Ker, Joyce Leslie, 91, 278 Kerlin, Daniel Robert, 300 Kerr, Jim Edward. 388 Kerr, III, Lemuel Harriss, 108, 388 Kerr, Robert Lee, 91, 388 Kersten, Fred Walter, 292 Kersten, Robert Charles Ketcher, John M.. 288 Ketcher, William Thomas, 91, S10 Keton, Wayne Taylor, 91, 388 Key, Daniel H., 373 Key, James Larry, 388 Kidd, James Lee, 92, 388 Kidder, Rex Wesley, 92, 388 Kildow. Jimmie Wilson, 388 Killian, John Marvin, 373 Killingsworth, Jo C., 92, 339 Kilpatrick, Hamilton Wright, 92, 348 KimberlinK, Kay Lynn, 324 Kimel, Kyle Randolph, 373 Kimpel, William Wert, 373 Kincaid, Carl Stevenson, III, 298 Kincannon, Melinda W., 278 Kinder, Larry Paul, 365 King, Beverly J., 335 King, Carol Stuart, 324 King, Don G., 348 King, Don Kenneth, 373 King, Hope LaBarriteau, 335 King, Joan Carol, 335 King, Joseph Edward, 388 King, Kathryn Louise, 92, 388 King, Linda Lou, 388 King, Patrick Thompson, 373 King, Ronald W., 388 King, Ronnie Dewayne, 365 King, William Douglas, 388 Kinney, Karen Louise, 388 Kinney, Thomas Edward, 388 Kinslow, Charles William III, 373 Kinsler, Steve Lee, 373 Kirby, Don Edgar, 38cS Kirby, Helen Vance, 92, 280 Kirby, John Joseph, 373 Kirby, Pam, 278 Kirby, Susan Ellen, 324 Kirk, David Wayne, 108, 304 ' Kirkley, R. Gail, 342 Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth, 335 Kirkpatrick, Patricia Kay, 335 Kirkpatrick, William Earl, 92, 388 Kirton, Alfred H., 92, 316 Kirton, Carla Temple, 92, 388 Kisamore, Mary Elizabeth, 280 Kissire, Phyllis Ann, 348 Kitchens, Charlotte Anne, 92, 268 Kiwman, Peter Kwight, 296 Kleck, Michael Lawrence, 388 Kleck, Thomas Leonard, 388 Kleuser, Janet Marie, 348 Kluttz, Charles Edward, 348 Knee, Brenda Sue, 348 Knight, Charles Edwin, 310 Knipe, Floyd Paul, 388 Knod, Anita Lynne, 348 Knod, William F. II, 292 Knott, William 0., 302 Knowles, Kathy Ann, 270 Knox, Bruce Allen, 92, 388 Ko, Barbara Jean, 348 Ko, Gloria Jean, 324 Koch, Karen Diane, 335 Koch, Katy Susan, 388 Koch, Philip Carl, 388 Koehler, William Stephan, 348 Koepke, John R., 388 Koerner, JayLynn Mitzi, 328 Kohler, Cheri Leta, 284 Kooistra, James William, 92, 357 Koonce, James Edward, 389 Koos, Barbara Jean, 92, 270 Korich, Martha Ann, 92, 389 Korich, Robert Duane, 92, 314 Korte, Kathleen Ann, 324 Kraich, Leslie Dee, 92, 282 Kramer, Steven Frank, 300 Krannichfeld, Jon Michael, 348 Krasts, Brigita Daina, 324 Kray nik, Joseph Edward, 373 Krebs, Alvin Eugene Jr., 92, 389 Kreps, Lynn Carol, 335 Kretzer, Jeff Alan, 300 Krueger, David Stanley, 292 Krulin, Gregory S., 106, 389 Drum, Susan Ellen, 348 Kudlaty, Kathy L., 335 Kunkel, Karl F., 373 Kuonen, Richard Henry, 92, 292 Kurtz, Georgianna, 389 Kuse, Wayne Carl, 373 Kutait, Mary Ellen, 335 Lachowsky, John Edward, 389 Lackie, Raymond Jackson, Jr., 300 Ladyman, Jack R., 389 Lafferty, Joan, 280 Lain, William Stephen, 292 Laird, Barbara Joan, 335 Lam, Chuck Lin, 373 Lamb, Benny L., 92 ,389 Lamb, Michael Dean, 92, 389 Lamberth, Marcus H., 312 Lambiotte, Larry Louis, 92, 306 Lamo ' .treux, Charles J., 389 Lancaster, Louis Aubrey, 361 Lance, Stephen Alvin, 348 Land, Jeri, ' llr Landers, Georj: ,92, 389 Landers, Mir:.. , ,.i. 108, 308 Landers, Rodney KJU ' , Jr., 306 Lane, Debby, 324 Lane, Freddie J., 92, 365 Lane, Loretta G., 92, K6 Lane, Richard, 361 Lane, Rickey Dale., 361 Lane, Ruth Virginia, 335 Lang, Nicholas Paul, 92, 389 Lange, Robert A., 92, 288 Langley, David Alfred, 389 Langley, Jerry Lee, 389 Langston, Freddy Dean, 361 Langston, Gary Lynn, 348 Langston, John Hilton, 389 Lanier, Vicki Lea, 325 Lankford, Kathryn Denise, 336 La Prade, Margaret Jean, 270 Larson, Arthur Thomas, 92, 367 Larson, Michael Vincent, 389 Larson, Robert Duane, 373 Larson, Timothy Alan, 292 Larson, Todd Douglas, 296 Lassiter, Morris Clayton IU, 92, 389 Luster, Linda Gail, 389 Latimer, Alice Jan, 348 Latta, Susan Marie, 335 Laughlin, Kendall Adam, 306 Law, Charlene Mae, 339 Law, Donna Kathryn, 325 Law, Warren Emerson, 373 Lawhon, Sheila Dian, 339 Lawless, Michael Anthony, 373 Lawrence, Charles Michael, 373 Lawrence, Hazel Louise, 92, 328 Lawrence, Timothy Charles, 389 Lawrence, William D., 92, 389 Laws, Bonnie Lynne, 278 Lawson, Randy, 92, 389 Lawson, Rhonda Anne, 272 Lay, Gary W., 92, 304 Lay, Robert Francis, 367 Lazenby, Sam Clinton, 92, 389 Lea, Raymond Earl, 92, 357 Leatherbury, Dale Everett, 288 Leatherbury, William F., 92, 288 Lease Jr., George Floyd, 92, 373 Ledbetter, Judith Carol, 389 Ledet, Mary Camille, 272 Lee, Charles Raleigh, 389 Lee, Eddie Ray, 290 Lee, Eugene H. Jr., 92, 389 Lee, James Thomas, 389 Lee, Jean, 335 Lee, John Allen, 348 Lee, John Jay, 348 Lee, Judith, 342 Lee, Linda Carol, 328 Lee, Michael L., 357 Lee, Thomas Michael, 92, 389 Lee, Vernon Eugene, 361 Lee, Vivian Vicki, 268 Leeman, Russell Ervin, 92, 373 Leeman, Susan Jeanne, 329 LeFrancis, Richard G., 389 LeGate, Mary Jeannette, 329 Legatski, Ted W., 373 Leggett, James R., 389 Leggett, Nancy Joan, 335 Leib, Jack Randall, 348 Lehle, Fredric Roth, 389 Lehman, Sue, 335 Leiting, Jane Ellen, 278 Leinons, David A., 314 Lennon Jr., James Howard, 802 Leonard, Charlotte Anne, 280 Leopard, Letitia Faye, 284 Lepp, Andrew William, 361 Lerch, David Scott, 92, 389 Leslie, Dorothy Nell, 389 Leslie, Douglas Kent, 389 Leslie, James Waller, 389 Leslie, Robert Bruce, 108, 389 Leslie, Thomas Edwin, 106, 389 Lewis, Barbara Cavender, 92, 274 Lewis, Bert William, 316 Lewis, Bill Ray, 106, 389 Lewis, Deborah A., 274 Lewis, Fletcher, 92, 306 Lewis, Judy Ellen, 342 Lewis, Karen Jane, 389 Lewis, Karen Rhna, 329 Lewis, Lanna, 389 Lewis, Robert A., 365 Lewis, Rodney Shelton, 92, 389 Lewis, William J., 92, 296 Lemke, Duane Edward, 373 Lemley, Cindy, 282 Libby, Rebecca Jane, 329 503 Liddell, George Woodrow, 388 Lieber, Missy, 272 Liggett, Charles Lee Jr., 92, 298 Lightfoot, Charla Ann, 335 Liles, Michael Ross, 92, 389 Lilley, Rickey Davis, 373 Limbird, Michael A., 92, 357 Limoges, Brian Harold, 365 Lincoln, Dwight, 389 Lincoln, Frieda H., 389 Lindemann, Keith John, U2, 300 Linder, Mark Allen, 3B9 Lindquist, Gary Alan, 290 Lindquist, Karl James, 316 Lindsay, Victor Eugene, 373 Lindsey, Gary Vaughn, 306 Lindsey, Leta F., 389 Unebarger, Charles Floyd, 92, 38i) Ling, Stephen D., 302 Lingle, Myra Helen, 342 Lingo, Donald W., 389 Lipin, John M., 348 Lipscomb, Judy LaDon, 348 Lipscomb, Linda Diane, 92, 339 Little, Clyde Lester, 361 Little, Elwanda Marie, 335 Little, M. Newton, 308 Little, Margaret Anne, 92, 282 Little, Taylor, 298 Little, Terry Wallace, 389 Little, Vicky L., 348 Little, William Franklin, 298 Lively, Billy Clyde, 369 Lively, Jerry Allen, 176, 389 Livingston, Michael Charles, 373 Lloyd, Kenneth Alan, 389 Lloyd, Larry Samuel, 361 Lloyd, Ruth Suzanne, 348 Locke, Blanche, 92, 339 Locke, Mollilou, 92, 339 Lockhart, Bruce E., 294 Lockhart, Celeste Laura, 268 Logan, Gary W., 361 Logan, Kathy Havard, 276 Loggans, Susan Elizabeth, 342 Logue, David Earl, 314 Long, Anna Idella, 274 Long, Bettye Ann, 348 Long, Beverly June, 268 Long, James E., 106, 389 Long, Lee, 272 Long, Linda Louise, 325 Long, Norman C., 92, 348 Long, Steve Warren, 365 Long, Velma Darlene, 92, 339 Loomis, Betsy Kim, 93, 274 Looper, Warren D., 93, 389 Lorance, Betty Jane, 93, 268 Lordan, Kathleen Diane, 342 Loser, Donald J., 93, 389 Lough, Jonathan Dring, 348 Lovas, Christine N., 342 Love, Bobby E., 389 Love, Tommy L., 348 Lovelady, Carol Ann, 276 Lovell, Jimmy Steve, 294 Lovett, Timothy 93, 389 Lovett, T. Timothy, 93, 389 Low, Gary Lambeah, 93, 365 Lowe, Nancy Jane, 325 Lowe, Ronald Wayne, 312 Lowe, Steve, 93, 316 Lowery, Linda Bielkiewicz, 93, 387 Lowery, Robert Dudley, 288 Lowery, Robert Lynn, 108, 389 Lowler, Richard Thomas, 304 Lowrey, James Richard, 93, 389 Lowrey, Jimmie Neal, 373 Lowrey, John Allen, 93, 389 Lowry, Cindy Dale, 325 Loyd, Eddie Lee, 314 Lucas, Donna Katherine, 389 Luce, Richard Howard, 389 Luck, F. Michael, 348 Ludwig, William E., 298 Luedicke, Connie A., 284 Lueken, Milton Raymond, 108, 300 Luette, James Paul, 93, 389 Lukas, Judy Ann, 335 Lumpkin, Angela, 331 Lumpkin, Vernell, 331 Lundquist, David W., 369 Lundy, William B., 389 Luper, Patricia Jo, 93, 381 Luper, Rhonda Lee, 389 Luther, Deborah Ann, 348 Luther, Lonnie West, 106, 389 Lutterlol, Stephen Watson, 348 Lux, William Alfred, 389 Lybrand, Donna Gale, 93, 342 Lynch, Jeffrey Michael, 374 Lynn, Rex Bradford, 361 Lyon, Marcia Ann, 348 M Ma, William H-L, 93, 357 Machen, Mary Leckie, 280 Macioce, Chris L., 292 Mack, John Thomas, 389 Mackall, Theodore Edward, 361 Mackay, Melinda, 335 Mackin, Cheryl Christine, 276 Mackle, Martha Jane, 335 Madden, Paula Lynn, 270 Maddox, Carol Ann, 389 Maddox, James Robert, 93, 389 Maddox, Jerry Lake, 93, 389 Maddox, John David, 93. 389 Maertens, Will, 389 Magness, C. R., 296 Magness, William Woodrow, 312 Magoun, Richard Denton, 361 Mahaffey, Gloria Jean, 276 Mahan, Gary Joseph, 389 Mahan, Linda Kay, 93, 348 Mahon, Janet Leigh, 335 Mahoney, Annie, 335 Maiden, Bonnie Lee, 325 Maier, Marilyn, 325 Main, Janet Marie, 339 Mainard, Gail Edward, 374 Major, David Oliver, 312 Major, Michael B., 93, 312 Makin, Bobby Lynn, 348 Malcom, James Fi.illip, 310 Malczycki, Borys, 106, 369 Malloy, Michael Alvin, 374 Malone, Donald L., 93, 389 Malone, Kenneth Neal, 374 Malone, Lola Jean, 93, 389 Malone, Tommy Fred, 93, 389 Manente, Nicholas H., 93, 296 Mangiaracina, John Aldred, 106, 389 Mann, Patricia Eloise, 336 Manning, Betty Frances, 325 Mantooth, Calvin Ted, 93, 367 Mantooth, David Lee, 361 Maples, Charles Richard, 93, 389 Marble, Betty Jane, 274 Marble, Mickie J., 270 MARKET CLUB, 487 Marinoni, Maria Anne, 389 Markell, Bruce Harris, 300 Marks, M. Theresa, 93, 278 Marlin, Charles Leland Jr., 288 Marple, Ginger Elaine, 342 Marquette, Robert Charles, 302 Marr, Douglas William, 302 Marr, Lydle Fredric, Jr., 374 Marr, Richard Christian, 93, 302 Marsac, Charles Wayne, 390 Marshall, Danr.y Lynne, 292 Marshall, Nanci, 342 Martin, Bruce Warren, 374 Mai tin, Catherine, 348 Martin, Daniel Jr., 312 Martin., David Bryan, 93, 300 Martin, Diane, 268 Martin, Edwynn J., 348 Martin, Elizabeth Mae, 93, 390 Martin, Howard L., 108, 292 Martin, James Craig, 108, 355 Martin, Jerrel Dean, 94, 365 Martin, Jerry Robert, 94, 390 Martin, Jo Karen, 336 Martin, Joe B., 294 Martin, Kathy Jane, 325 Martin, Larry William, 94, 348 Martin, Nancy Carol, 336 Martin, Richard Ray, 349 Martin, Sandra Jean, 94, 339 Martin, Shannon Christine, 325 Martin, Stephen C., 349 Martin, Steven King, 316 Martin, Walter D., 94, 349 Martin, William H., 361 Martindill, Gerald Jr., 94, 390 Martini, Cheryl J., 336 Maschmeyer, Candace Kennedy, 94, 349 Mashburn, Michael L., 390 Mashburn, Stephen James, 312 Mason, Barbara Lynn, 325 Mason, Elizabeth Ann, 349 Mason, Janice Katherine, 325 Mason, Michael, 361 Mason, Michael Eugene, 374 Mason, Ollie Charles, 94, 290 Mason, Rex Dale, 361 Masoner, Darrell William, 349 Massery, Judy 284 Massey, Kaye W., 274 Massey, Raymon Earl. 94, 349 Mathews, Carolyn, 349 Matthews, Douglas Menard, 374 Mathews, Michael r ' uller, 108, 390 Mathews, Sally 0., 342 Mathias, Rebecca Grace, 390 Mathys, Larry Emil, 349 Matteson, Gordon Crossett, 94, 390 Matthews, Donna Marie, 336 Maule, Charles Richard, 361 Maus, Raymond M., 94, 312 Maxey, John Dowell, 310 Maxey, Linda, 284, 336 Maxwell, Phillip Lynn, 390 Maxwell, Rebecca Lynn, 282 Maxwell, Ronald F., 361 May, James Porter, 390 May, Kenneth Joe, 94, 290 May, Michael Judson, 94, 390 May, Peggy Jean, 390 May, Peggy Louise, 331 May, Robert Clay, 390 Mayo, Johnny D., 94, 390 Mays, Ben, 304 Mays, Cindy, 274 Mazzanti, Sandra Elizabeth, 94, 276 McAbee, Sandra Lynne, 349 McAlister, Beverly Jean, 390 McAllister, Alonzo Dallas, 310 McAlister, Mary Ellen, 94, 390 McAllister, Scott, 361 McBeth, Hiram T. Ill, 361 McBride, Joseph Boyd, 290 McBride, Willie Lee, 94, 390 McBryde, Mac, 306 McCaa, James Cureton, 298 McCain, Joan Marie, 325 McCain, Larry Glenn, 94, 290 McCall, David Bruce, 304 McCall, Sandra Marie, 349 McCallister, Sharon Lee, 325 McCammon, Gordon Frederick, 349 McCann, Robert Rogers, 106, 296 McCarroll, Russell, 94, 300 McCarthy, Colleen Dee, 342 McCarty, Betty, 280 McCarty, Phillip Walter, 308 McCaskill, Don Ray, 94, 290 McCauley, Michael Lee, 390 McClain, David Lawrence, 374 McClain .Merle Edward, 94, 367 McClaine, Shirley A., 390 McClanahan, Kathy Lynn, 280 McCleary, Lynn Ellen, 272 McClelland, Beverly Ann, 390 McClelland, Linda Maurice, 284 McClendon, Michael Thornton, 300 McCloskey, Patrick, 108, 390 McClure, George Leonard, 300 McClure, John Michael, 390 McClure, Karalee Estelle, 94, 278 McClure, William H., 365 McClusky, Judy Lynn, 342 McCone, Harvey ll, 306 McConnell, Linda Kaye, 94, 390 McConnell, Phillip Lee, 94, 390 McConnell, Richard D., 94, 390 McCord, Cindy Lou, 329 McCord, Peggy Lynn, 325 McCorkle, Angela Kay, 349 McCorkle, Shannon, 325 McCormack, John Michael, 362 McCormack, Michelle Lyn, 390 McCormick, James E. Jr., 390 McCoy, Catherine Lee, 342 McCoy, Sarah Martha, 339 McCoy, Sharon Mozelle, 390 McCracken, Charles E., 390 McCraney, ElaL.e Raye, 336 McCraney, Elaine Raye, 336 McCreary, Marilyn Kay, 94, 390 McCreery, William Y., 312 McCuistion, Tc- a Irer.e, 390 McCulloch, Weldon Leon, Jr., 94, 390 McCune, Loren Talmadge, 390 McDaniel, James W., 374 McDaniel, 1omy Regan. 94, 390 McDonald, Craig Erval, 390 McDonald, Gary Michael, 374 McDonald, J. Paul, 298 McDonald, Jerol Van, 94 1 , 390 McDonald, Julie Watson, 94, 278 McDonald, Me ' .is-a A., 276 McDonald, Michael David, 390 McDonald, Nanette, 349 McDonald, Terry G., 336 McDowell, James C., 94, 298 McDowell, Lynda Lynch, 276 McElroy .Charlene, 325 McElroy, Elizabeth Ann, 325 McElroy, Thomas C., 94, 390 McElvania, Linda Diane, 325 McEntire, James G., 290 McEwen, Pamela A., 329 McFarland, David Bruce, 374 McFarland, Esther, June, 342 McFarland, Glenda F., 94, 342 McFerran, Michael James, 300 McFerran, Stanely G., 367 McGaugh, Mary R., 390 McGee, Nancy Anne, 336 McGee, Rebecca Ann, 336 McGee, Rebecca Rhodes, 94, 349 McGehee, Frank E., 390 McGhee, Gary Thomas, 94, 390 McGill, George Billy, 94, 390 McGinnis, Martha Jean, 278 McGlothin, Rebecca Annette, 349 McGlynn, John D., 94, 390 McGowen, Henry N., 390 McGraw, Benjamin Franklin, 308 McGraw, Nancy Jeanne, 94, 276 McGrew, Dan L., 349 McGrew, Patricia Lorean, 390 McGuire, Earl James Jr., 390 McHughes, Gannslyn Sue, 270 McHughes, Liz, 280 McIIveene, Richard Lynn, 349 Mcllveene, Ronald Wayne, 349 Mclntosh, Don Ray, 390 McKamey, William Ross, 94, 314 ' McKee, B. Wanette, 284 McKee, Jimmy Leon, 362 McKellar, Linda Paulette, 339 McKenzie, James Ray, 362 McKenzie, Michael Frank, 362 McKewon, Nancy Claire, 336 McKinney, Jerry Raymond, 362 McKinney, Robert Stephen, 365 McKenzie, Gregory P., 304 McKinley, James M., 94, 357 McKinney, Diane Elaine, 94, 278 McKissic, Ray Emory, 365 McKissick, Robert Bruce, 390 McKown, Dennis Elmo, 390 McKown, Guy Stanley, 290 McKown, Vicki, 349 McKuin, Glen L., 306 McLain, Thomas Henry, 374 McLaughlin, Charles H., 390 McLaughlin, G. Leigh, 304 McLendon, Michael G., 349 McLeod, Larry Joe, 374 McMahan, Simone, 336 McMillan, Jean Elizabeth, 94, 284 McMinn, Karl Stuart, 292 McMullin, Annette, 325 McMullen, Michael Edward, 94, 390 McNabb, Lynne, 280 McNair, Mary Ann, 325 McNamara, Sandy K., 336 McNeil!, Stephan, Floyd, 94, 390 McNerney, Jan, 94, 270 McNew, Michael Lee, 300 McNully, Hollis Mast, 374 McNulty, Jack A., 108, 390 McPheeters, Luwana Sue, 325 McQueen, Evelyn Ann, 325 McQueen, Michael Reece, 288 McQueen, Ralph Lee Jr., 94, 357 McRae, Grady Alan, 362 McSwain, Suzanne, 342 McWilliams, Anne L., 339 McWilliams, Jerry Wayne, 390 McWilliams, JoAnn, 342 Meacham, Judith Ann, 278 Meade, Carol Ada, 94, 274 Meador, Patsy Ellen, 336 Meadows, Linda Joyce, 390 Meadows, William Noel, 304 Means, Jane Lamb, 94, 342 Medford, Mark Steven, 362 Medley, Frances I., 342 Measeles, Deanna Lee, 94, 329 Meek, Ellen, 94, 282 Meeks, William Russell, 308 Meenen, Dennis John, 314 Meimerstorf, Luci, 349 Meinecke, Ada Louise, 349 Meins, Alan Scott, 349 Meiser, James Gordon, 314 Melton, Janice Harber, 94 ' , 390 Melton, Kimberly, 282 Melton, Presley M., 390 Melton, Robert Lloyd, 349 MEN ' S INTER HOUSE COUN- CIL, 353 MEN ' S SOPHOMORE COUNCIL, 488 Meredith, Rebecca Lea, 336 Meredith, J., Conley, 108, 292 Meredith, William R., 302 Mercing, Terry L., 106, 390 Merrell, Curtis Harlan, 106, 390 Merrill, Melinda Sue, 278 Merriweather, Tony Randal, 94, 365 Mertens, Christine D., 94, 329 Meshew, Michael Lee, 290 Metcalf, Beverly Sherlan, 94, 339 Metcalf, Charles Craig, 310 Metheny, Perry Randall, 314 Metrailer, James Anthony, 262 Meurer, Carl Joseph Jr., 94, 340 Meyer, Caroline Edith, 325 Meyer, Harold Gene, 95, 390 Meyer, Kinch Edward Jr., 390 Meyer, Lollie Anastasia, 282 Meyer, Robert Eugene, 349 Meyer, Steven Kirk, 298 Meyers, John Robert, 95, 349 Mickie, Patrick James, 349 Mickie, Sandy, 349 Middleton, Michael Jamei, 298 Milam, J. Randy, 374 Miles, David Neale Jr., 349 Miles, Joseph Michael, 314 Miles, Melissa Jane, 325 Miles, Richard David Jr., 390 Miles, William Phillip, 349 Millar, Mary E., 349 Miller, Cheryl Morgan, 95, 390 Miller, Danny Aaron, 96, 390 Miller, Elton Eugene, 95, 390 Miller, Gayla Kay, 390 Miller, George, Bowie, 109, 390 Miller, Henry Nathan, 302 Miller, Janis D., 95, 390 Miller, John Emil II, 374 Miller, John Norman, 95, 390 Miller, Kcnton, 95, 304 Miller, Marcia Gregory, 336 Miller, Martha Sue, 95, 342 Miller, Mary Luz, 329 Miller, Michael Bradley, 106, 310 Miller, Patrick D., 308 Miller, Sandra Kay, 384 Miller, Sharon Elaine, 106, 390 Miller, Sherry Baker, 95, 390 Miller, Sue J., 96, 270 Million, Wesley John, 95, 390 Mills, Alva Dale, 96, 390 Mills, Danny Gale, 304 Mills, Gary Wayne, 390 Mills, Nancy Lee, 272 Milton, Charles Douglas, 96, 390 Milum, Rebecca Lee, 349 Mims, Laura Ann, 329 Minden, Sharon Frances, 95, 390 Minnick, Randy Laverll, 367 Minor, David Cragar, 374 Minton, David, 362 Misenhimer, Elizabeth Lillian, 325 Misenhimer, Richard Norman, 95, 390 Mitcham, Larry Dane, 374 Mitchell, Alan Ray, 374 Mitchell, Donald Rex, 362 Mitchell, Franklin E., 95, 390 Mitchell, Jim R., 390 Mitchell, Joseph Jett, 308 Mitchell, Karen Ann, 325 Mitchell, Otis Tenny Jr., 298 Mitchell, Patricia Lou, 276 Mitchell, Rebecca Dee, 95, 329 Mitchell, Robbie Jeannette, 95, 342 Mitchell, Sandra Caron, 95, 329 Mitchell, Steven Craig, 390 Mitchum, Carol Lee, 390 Mitchum, Johnny B., 95, 390 Mixon, Melinda Dee, 336 Mize Bernard Wayne 358 Mize, Courtney Elizabeth, 278 Mize, Johnny Carl, 390 Mizell, Leslie Lowell, 349 Moats, Gayle F., 342 Moffett, Dustin Lee, 95, 354 Mohler, David F., 95, 391 Moles, Tamara Gaskill, 95, 391 Moncrief, Bobby Wayne, 368 Money, Charles Evans, 367 Money, William Lang, 362 Monk, Jr., James W., 95, 298 Monk, Susan, 95, 329 Monroe, Dave Michael, 300 Montgomery, Cathy Ann, 391 Montgomery, Charles Dennis, 95, 391 Montgomery, Donna Nan, 349 Montgomery, Dotty L., 349 Montgomery, Patti Lu, 336 Montgomery, Kaye Wilkinson, 96, 391 Monthie, Patricia Gail, 336 Moeller, Billy Carl, 374 Moody, Carl Thomas, 362 Moody, Jerry L., 391 504 Moody, Melinda Marie, 336 Moon, Bryden Earl, Jr., 308 Mooney, Loyd Eugene, 374 Mooney, Norman W., 288 Moore, Athaline, 95, 331 Moore, Bobby, 391 Moore, Carl Dennis, 95, 391 Moore, Carolyn Carlyle, 349 Moore, Cathy Jean, 325 Moore, Charlotte, 349 Moore, Donna Jean, 336 Moore, Dwight William, 391 Moore, Elizabeth Jane, 95, 391 Moore, Gail Frances, 325 Moore, James M., Jr., 106, 391 Moore, Joe, 374 Moore, III, John Burton, 306 Moore, Karen Louise, 95, 270 Moore, Lynda Jay, 336 Moore, Marian Hunt, 325 Moore, Melissa Anne, 278 Moore, Michael H., 349 Moore, Nora Lynn, 282 Moore, Patricia, 342 Moore, Sandra Lea, 106, 391 Mooty, Elvie Eli, Jr., 106, 391 Moran, Patty, 98, 274 Moreland, Jackie, 95, 391 Morgan, Erode D., 95, 367 Morgan, Donna Gayle, 270 Morgan, Linda Beth, 272 Morgan, Mary Elizabeth, 336 Morgan, Mary Kathryn, 95, 274 ' Morgan, Noel Edmond, Jr., 95, 367 Morgan, Roberta M., 95, 391 Morgan, Sharon Ann, 284 Morgan, Victoria Ann, 349 Morris, Dwight Vincent, 290 Morris, Frances G., 336 Morris, Frances Gabron, 336 Morris, Linda Carol, 95, 339 Morris, Mary Emilia, 95, 268 Morris, Pam, 268 Morris, Russell Dean, 374 Morris, Stanley Earl, 367 Morrison, Patrick John, 369 Morrow, David Glenn, 369 Morrow, Donald Gene, 95, 391 Morrow, Linda Rae, 95, 391 Morschheimer, Henry, 391 Morse, Crockett Dwight, 391 Morse, Harold Jeter, 391 MORTAR BOARD, 489 Morton, Jerry Wayne, 374 Morton, Madelaine Ellen, 336 Mory, Peter Lewis, 310 Moseley, John B., 95, 391 Moses, William Don, Jr., 95, 290 Mosey, Jeanette Gail, 342 Moss, Beverly Kay, 391 Moss, Lynn, 339 Moss, William E., 290 Moudy, Danny E., 391 Moudy, Phillip Wayne, 302 Mougeot, Larry H., 95, 391 Moye, William H., 95, 391 Mulkey Jerry R. L., 349 Mullenix, Michael Porter, 374 Mullenix, Phyllis Nan, 95, 342 Mullins, Gary Eugene, 391 Mullins, Jo Kathleen, 95, 391 Mullins, Ronald Lynn, 374 Munn, Betty Lynn, 349 Munson, Bruce E., 292 Munson Curtis Ahmet, 292 Murphy, Ila Sue, 342 Murphy, Linda R., 276 Murphy, Margret Helen, 95, 276 Murphy, Pat, 336 Murray, Walter Allen, 95, 312 Murray, Nancy Rose, 391 Murrell, Jack Clary, 300 Murry Susan Lee, 270 Mussett, Jan, 342 Myers, Bert Lee, 374 Myers, George Ernest, 362 Myers, George Nathan, Jr., 391 Myers, John Paul, 95, 391 Myers, Larry Bruce, 391 Myers, Mark, 310 Myrick Steven Dale, 358 N Nash, Leah Ann, 342 Neace, Thomas Cecil, 312 Neal, Barry Dale, 374 Neal, Grey Andrew, 374 Neal, Judy Marie, 391 Neal, Sharrol Lynne, 391 Neal, Terry Wayne, 391 Neale, Mary Cynthia, 336 Neely, Jane Ann, 96, 284 ' Neely, JoAnn Marie, 391 Neely, John Ed, 391 Neely, Murray Marvin, 391 Neely, Steven Nelson, 314 Neff, Toni Jane, 270 Neil, Vicki Louise, 270 Neill, Jennifer, 274 Neill, Johnnie Lee, 391 Nelson, Eric William, 96, 349 Nelson, Dan Kennedy, 391 Nelson, Joyce Camille, 325 Nelson, Julianne, 329 Nelson, Junie Elizabeth, 96, 280 Nelson, Larry Gene, 96, 316 Nelson, Nancy Lou, 349 Nelson, William Andrew, 96, 391 Nesbitt, Edwin. E., 96, 358 Nestel, Gerald Ernst, 106, 391 Nettles, Nancy Ann, 391 Nevberger, Jean E., HI, 96, 316 Nevin, Carol Jane, 96, 270 Nevius, Cynthia Diane, 325 Newberry, George Tommy, 362 Newcomb, Tanai M., 349 Newkirk, Kenneth Brian, 96, 358 Newlin, Janice Lee, 391 Newman., Lu Anne, 272 Newman, Michael David, 374 Newman, Sherry Marie, 278 Newman, William Larry, 96, 391 Newsom, Donald, 304 Newsom, Edwin George, 96, 318 Newton, Donna Marie, 342 Newton, Mary Kathryn, 349 Mewton, Thomas 0., 96, 391 Newtown, George Allyn, 96, 391 Newtown, Glenford Andrew, Jr., 96, 391 Nichols, Carole Jean, 280 Nichols, David Lloyd, 106, 391 Nichols, Jack Donald, 106, 391 Nichols, John Terry, 374 Nichols, Robert Allen, 369 Nichols, Van H., 96, 392 Nichols, William T., 96, 392 Nicholson, Erenda Gail, 392 Nicholson, Marda, 336 Nicholls, Leslie Maria, 270 Nickel, Rodney, 392 Nickell, Paula Kay, 96, 392 Nickels, Beverly Penny, 392 Nickels, Thomas Worthington, 304 Nickle, Elizabeth A., 96, 276 Nickles, Steve H., 288 Nielsen, William Manford, 96, 365 Niles, Nancy Ann, 336 Nimmons, Sandra Lee, 336 Nipp, Lewis A., 358 Nipper, Steve, Lindall, 292 Nisbet, Jr., Alexander W., 296 Nix, Nancy Ann, 349 Noland, Steve, 298 Nolen, Lucy Ann, 349 Nollar, Jeanie, 280 Norman, James Glen, 96, 304 Norrell, Joseph Leonard, 96, 392 Norrell, May Gene, 392 Norris, John David, 96, 358 Norris, Mary Lou, 96, 392 North. Jackie L., C6, 358 Northcross, Fred Ed, 362 Northcutt, John Chris, 367 Norton, Michael John, 106, 316 Norwood, David Allen, 96, 392 Norwood, Gordon W., 96, 369 Norwood, Pamela Diane, 96, 280 Norwood, Phillip Earl, 349 Noteward, Debbie, 282 Nowlin, Joe Wilson, 304 Nrgent, Amelia Ann, 282 Ni ' gent, Olan Andrew, 349 Nugent, Terry Hope, 392 Nussbaum, Alan J., 109, 392 Nutt, Betty Jane, 96, 392 Nutt, James Neal, 304 Nabors, Mary Cook, 282 Nagel, Alice Elaine, 96, 339 Nailling, C. Ann, 349 Nancarrow, Margie, 276 Nance, Cynthia Jean, 342 Napper, George Steven, 292 Narisi, Stella Maria, 336 Nash, Audrey L., 349 O Oakleaf Jr., Ernest J., 304 Gates, Janet Emelia, 336 Gates, Mary Lee, 349 O ' Brien, Colleen Anne, 272 O ' Brien, Shirley East, 96, 392 O ' Connor, Lucinda Golden, 282 O ' Daniel Jr., J. Eugene, 109, 392 O ' Donnell, Evertt Lee, 392 O ' Donnell, Joseph Patrick, 362 Offutt, David Burton, 96, 374 Oholendt, Phillip E., 349 Oldham, Danny G., 362 Oldham, Gerald Lorn, 306 Oldham, James Warren, 306 Oldham, Roger Adams, 374 Oldner, Jane Puryear, 96, 342 Oldner, John William, 392 Olir.ghouse, Phil, 96, 392 Oliver, Martha Ann, 280 Oliver, Mickie Lou, 349 Oliver, Richard Little, 374 Ollard, David P., 392 Olson, Carol Jeanne, 349 Olson, Diana Hires, 325 Omakupt, Manu, 106, 392 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, 490 Omohundro, Eva Sue, 96, 392 Oneal, Daire Kathleen, 325 O ' Neal, Keith Brent, 392 O ' Neal, Walter L. 374 O ' Neill, James Robert, 392 O ' Neill, Manaleta Kaa Jones, 96, 392 Orlicek, Jack L., 96, 392 O ' Roark, Daniel Brooks, 349 Orr, John Eugene, 109, 392 Orr, Linda Susan, 268 Onick, Janice V., 96, 349 Orsini, David Armstrong, 109, 392 Orto, Ann, 336 Osborne, Mary Lou, 272 Osburn, Dama Jeanette, 336 Osburn, Pamela Gay, 284 Oskowis, James John, 358 Oswald, Fred Mark, 300, 369 Oswalt, David L., 96, 392 Ott, Myra Madelyn, 96, 392 Ott, Tom W., 374 Ousterhout, James Bradley, 392 Outlaw, Jr., Edwin R., 296 Overr, Daniel Ivan, 367 Oviatt, Katherine Elizabeth, 280 Owen, Rebecca, 339 Owen, Robert Wayne, 96, 318 Owens, Cynthia Louise, 96, 349 Owens, Gary Allen, 392 Owens, Leslie A., 292 Owens, Louise Lane, 282 Owens, Melinda Jean, 349 Owens, Randy Wyatt, 292 Owens, William Eugene, 358 Ownbey, Mary Charline, 325 Oxford, Constar.ce Susan, 325 Pabian, Mary Lu, 336 Pack, Alan Dee, 96, 392 Pack, Timothy M., 290 Pace, Johnnie Rebecca, 96, 392 Paddock, Michael Buckley, 369 Page, Edwin Steven, 96, 354 Paladino, Richard Alan, 96, 392 Palazzi, Robert, 96, 349 Palmer, Harry Cushman, III, 349 Palmer, Margaret Rose, 272 Palmer, Thomas Stafford, 96, 306 Palmquist, Steven Clark, 362 Pamplin, Laney, 325 Paladino, Patsy M., 96, 274 PANHELLENIC, 286 Pannell, Paula Ruth, 392 Pappas, Patricia Joanne, 349 Pardun, Denise J., 106, 392 Parham, Gwendolyn Holloway, 268 Parham, Reece Asbury, 312 Paris, H. David, 288 Parish, Douglass Lamar, 362 Park, Boon, 106, 392 Parker, Carl Edward, Jr., 96, 312 Parker, Georgia Rae, 272 Parker, Jan, 325 Parker, Joseph L., 358 Parker, Phillip Doyle, 392 Parker, Robert Houston, 358 Parker, Stephen M., 374 Parker, Van Orlie, 96, 318 Parkerson, John Wayne, 109, 392 Parkhurst, Charles Wright, 298 Parkinson, Elsie E., 349 Parks, Marvin W., 392 Parks, Patricia, 336 Pamell, Paula Annette. 270 Parr, Edgar Glenn, 96, 392 Parramore, Becky, 325 Parsons, Brenda Jane, 276 Parsons, Charles E., 392 Parsons, Deborah Sue, 342 Parsons, Dennis Edward, 304 Partipilo. John William, 316 Parvin., KuthAnn, 349 Paschal), Alecia Sue, 342 Pashman, Karen Amelia, 106, 342 Paslkewicz, Michael Bruce, 374 Patrick, Patricia June, 329 Patridge, James Clay, 312 Patterson, Catherine Ann, 96, 272 Patterson, Ernest Eudox, 109, 392 Patterson, John Kennedy, 374 Patterson, John Samuel, 107, 300 Patterson, Meriam Elaine, 326 Patterson, Robert Earl, 362 Patterson, Steven Burke, 362 Patterson, T. J., 96, 392 Patterson, William H., 362 Patton, Beverly Ann, 284 Patton, Diane Louise, 96, 329 Patton, Kathy Ann, 342 Patton, Patrick L., 392 Patton., Robert Clyde, 97, 306 Patton, Roy Chilson, Jr., 392 Patton, Sue K., 342 Paul, Jerry Wayne, 97, 367 Paulson, Marc George, 349 Payne, Burnus Lloyd, Jr., 310 Payne, Carol L., 342 Payne, Harold Louis, 358 Payne, Pamela Ann, 272 Payne, Rodger Alan, 97, 392 Pazderka, Jane Lee, 349 Peace, Kathy Lou, 325 Peacher, David Oran, 288 Pearce, Charles R., 362 Pearce, David Lynn, 349 Pearce, Jim Edwin, 97, 392 Pearson, Judy Pettus, 97, 392 Pearson, Waymon, 97, 290 Peck, Richard Connor, 97, 392 Pederson, Ronald Charles, 362 Peek, William Partlow, 296 Peevy, Garry Edward, 290 Pegelow, Linda, 349 Peitso, Marketta H. H., 336 Pellham, Galen B., 97, 310 Pelton, Elizabeth Ann, 97, 274 Fender, Paula Kay, 268 Pendergrass, Marshall L., 97, 392 Pendergrass, Sherry Lynn, 392 Pendergrass, William Frank, 97 392 Penick, Giles Albert, III, 392 Penn., Jim M., 97, 392 Penn, Patricia Jane, 97, 342 Penn, Richard Lewis, 392 Pennell, Patrick Twitty, 97, 392 Pennington, James K., 362 Perchan, Beverly Ann, 342 Perdue, Jandk Randall, 374 Perkins, David Franklin, 349 Perkins, Jameslyn Sue, 336 Perkins, Ronald Burton, 392 Perkins, Nancy Ann, 342 Perkins, Pamela Jane, 342 Perry, Carol Duchess, 342 Perry, Betty Jean, 392 Perry, Bobby R., 106, 392 Perry, Dennis Eugene, 310 Perritt, Gary Lynn, 304 Person, Mary Adelaide, 97, 331 Person, Sandra Louise, 331 Peterman, Tommy David, 374 Peters, J. Dennis, 296 Petersen, Donald Dale, 298 Petersen, Susan, 274 Peterson, Barbara Ann, 280 Peterson, Karen Lee, 325 Peterson, Patricia Jane, 97, 339 Peterson, Scarlett Lynn, 325 Pettigrew, Robbie Dean, 392 Pettus, Lester Glenn, 349 Petty, Nancy Carol, 282 Petti, Priscilla Jane, 274 Pharis, William Lee, 97, 392 Phayer, Winifred C., 339 Phelps, Deborah Jane, 325 Phelps, Edward Lynn, 97, 392 Phelps, Joe Dolen, 292 Phelps, Kathleen, 97, 278 PHI ETA SIGMA, 491 Phillips, Charlotte Marie, 342 Phillips, Emily A., 392 Phillips, Herbert David, 97, 292 Phillips, Janet Lynn, 325 Phillips, Janie, 97, 276 Phillips, John Gibson, 304 Phillips, Joseph Cole, 296 Phillips, Klaus Peter, 97, 374 Phillippy, Mary Helen, 97, 392 Phillippy, Sidney Jensen, 97, 392 Phipps, Larry It, PI TAU SIGMA, Pickett, Larry Biy Pickett, Rebekah I... Pierce, Leon Bruce, 3 ' j " Pierce, Linda Kaye, 343 Pierce, Randall L., 362 Pierce, Sherry Marie, 342 Pierce, Toni, 97, 268 Pierson, Michael William Jacc: 392 Pilger, James Cecil, 358 Pilkington, Martha Jane, 325 Pilkinton, Daniel L., 106, 392 Pils, Donald C., 392 Pils, Donald Christopher, 374 Pinson, Era Louise, 106, 325 Piper, Mary, 97, 268 Pittman, Judy Eileen, 106, 392 Plafcan., Franke, 392 Plummer, Danny Ray, 392 Plunkett, Carolyn Sue, 97, 270 Plunkett, Michael Anthony, 97, 349 Plunkett Jr., William M., 97, 288 Poe, James Houston, 106, 392 Pohle, Floyd, 97, 392 Poindexter, Larry Edward, 392 Pointer, Deborah Louise, 336 Polk, Ruth Key, 342 Polk, William A., 97, 392 Pollan, Terry Melton, 312 Pollard, Alice L., 325 Pollard, Cassandra, 342 Pollard, Kathy, 342 Pollard, Martha Gail, 342 Pollard, Nancy Elizabeth, 97, 282 Pond, Candyce Logan, 97, 274 Ponder, Auburn Linda, 107, 392 Ponder, Ted Lamar, 392 Pool, Billy Lem, 374 Pool, James K., 393 Poole, M. Louis, 288 Porter, Jesse Edwin Jr., 314 Porter, Judy Lyn, 274 Porter, LaDonna Kaye, 342 Porter, Robert A., 308 Porter, Ronna Gay, 97, 276 Posner, Mary Louise, 342 Post, James M., 292 Potter, Peggy, 349 Potter, Robert William Jr., 97, 393 Potthast, Barbara Ann, 325 Potts, Linda Jean, 393 Pouland, Carl Grant, 349 Pounder, Diana Gail, 336 Powell, John Roger, 308 Powell, Linda Lee, 326 Powell, Patricia Ann, 393 Powell, Ronald Eugene, 97, 393 Powell, William Walter, 393 Powers, John Michael, 374 Powers, Vicki Lynne, 349 Poynor, Martha S., 329 Pratt, William R., 292 Prenger, Daniel Joseph, 393 Prendergost, Kathy Marie, 325 Presson, Sharon Sue, 276 Preston, Johnny Lee, 362 Preyer, Catherine, 270 Price, Michael Fred, 300 Price, Robert Edward, Jr., 364 Price, Shirley Ann, 336 Price, Timothy Nicholas, 109, 393 Pride, Ann Lehman, 97, 329 Pridemore, Susan Deanna, 329 Prier, Daniel Leslie, 374 Prince, Brenda S., 350 Prince, Samuel Edwin, 298 Pritchard, Michael Gregg, 374 Probert, Kenyon Lacy, 284 Proctor, George W., 109, 393 Proctor, Kenneth Best, 374 Proctor, Thomas Charles, 306 Prout, Lynn Adair, 360 Pruet, Paula K., 272 Pruett, Claudia Davis, 97, 393 Pruett, Paula Margaret, 107, 342 Pruitt, Bobby Glen, 393 Pruitt, Paula Catherine, 325 Pugh, Lydia Ann, 360 Pultz, Pat B., 304 Purifoy, Frances Ellen, 280 Purnell, Carl D. Jr., 97, 393 Puryear, G. Scott, 312 Puryear, Sam S., 312 Quails, Johnnie Junior, 97, 393 Quails, Peggy June, 97, 393 505 Quails, Shirley Anne, 342 Quandt, Philip Arthur, 374 Quandt, Robert Louis, 367 Quattlebaum, Lawrence Henry, 374 Querbes, Ann Walden, 323 Querbes, Johnette Gravelle, ' .) " , 274 Quessenberry, Elizabeth Anne. 282 Quigg, Susan Marie, 329 Quindry, Randall Stephen, 109, 393 Quinn, Johnny C., 97, 300 R Rabeneck, Betty Faye, 325 Rabeneck, James Worman, 369 Ragar, Jr., Thurman A., 109, 393 Ragsdell, Marsha Lucille, 329 Rahtz, Gretchen Ruth, 393 Rahtz, Kathleen Ellen, 276 Raines, Carol Jean, 97, 276 Raines, Earl Cleveland, 97, 393 Rainey, Ann Beane, 97, 282 Rainey, Dennis Lee, 308 Ray, Keith Douglas, 393 Ray, Lawrence Dean, 294 Ray, Jr., Raymond Monree, 365 Ray, Terry S., 362 Raymer, John Franklin, 374 Raymond, Charles David, 367 Raymond, Jack Allen, 393 Rea, William Conway, 109, 310 Read, Emma Jo, 325 Reagor, Ben F., 98, 306 Reap, John C., 393 Reagan, Stephen Earl, 98, 393 Reagan, William Randall, 98, 393 Reasoner, Stephen M., 109, 393 Reaves, Robin Lee, 272 Redden, Rick W., 393 Redfern, Pamela Alleene, 393 Reecer, Philip E., 107, 393 Reed, Gary Lee, 393 Reed, Hollis Theodore, 107, 393 Reed, James David, 98, 393 Reed, Leouette A., 98, 276 Reed, Nancy Razan, 107, 393 Reed, Patricia Imogene, 336 Heed, Rayma Lea, 325 Reed, Richard H., 393 Reed, Susan, 350 Reed, Susan, 98, 329 Reed, Terry Glenn, 98, 365 Reed, William Jennings, 298 Reehm, Nancy Ann, 342 Reese, Cindy Lou, 272 Reese, Mickey John, 98, 393 Reese, Ronald Ray, 98, 393 Reeves, Billy Ross, 308 Reeves, Deborah Lee, 393 Reeves, Kenneth Ron, 98, 393 Rehnquist, Melinda A., 336 Reis, Jennifer Jean, 325 Reisz, Carolyn Elizabeth, 336 Reisz, Joseph Leo, 365 Relyea, John F., 98, 358 Remmel, James Bucknall, 98, 393 Renard, Sandra J., 336 Restum, Alexander James, 304 Eetrey, Gilbert Lee, 393 Rew, David John, 98, 393 Reyenga, Gerald Joseph, 98, 393 Reynolds, Cynthia Dianne, 325 Reynolds, Dennis A., 98, 393 Reynolds, Judith Ann, 329 Reynolds, Susan E., 329 Rhoads, Guylene, 342 Rhodes, Betty Sue, 336 Rhodes, James Larry, 393 Rhodes, Jerre Sue, 325 Rial, Kenneth W., 98, 393 Rial, William Edward, 300 Ribitzki, Paul Wayne, 374 Rice, Bruce Wayne, 394 Rice, Darrel Alan, 98, 367 Rice, Herschel F., 98, 374 Rice, Jerry M., 109, 394 Rice, Joe C., 316 Rice, Joe Ed, 394 Richards, James Lee, 394 Richards, Trudy, 282 Richardson, Carol, 270 Richardson, James Wesley, 290 Richardson, Janet Ann, 336 Richardson, Jennifer Lynn, 98, 280 Richardson, John William, 98, 394 Richardson, Jon David, 98, 394 Richardson, Kathy Lee, 342 Richardson, Marcus Gayle, 394 Richardson, Ross Phillips, 98, 394 Richardson, Vicki Marie, 326 Richardson, William Joseph, 362 Richburg, Sue Anne, 331 Richmond, Patricia 0., 98, 394 Rickels, Charles Raymond, Jr., 358 Rickett, Robert Paul, 394 Ricketts, Larry Dean, 98, 374 Riddle, John Fred, 374 Riddle, Sary E., 329 Ridge, Nancy Sue, 342 Ridgell, Bobby Barham, 98, 394 Ridley, Susan Jo, 98, 342 Rife, Thomas Gregory, 362 Riebow, Lynn L., 394 Riggins, Rebecca R., 336 Riggs, Tom, 314 Rihs, Tony, 107, 394 Riley, Fai th, 350 Riley, Judy Elaine, 325 Riley, Mary Hunter, 342 Riley, Terry Gay, 325 Ring, Martha Ann, 394 Ringler, Don Al, 312 Rippy, Rondal Dale, 374 Risher, Don Michael, 394 Ristig, Kurt Gerard, 374 Ritchie, Dennis Edward, 310 Ritchie, Gary Philip, 350 Ritchie, Malcolm E. Jr., 98, 318 Ritchie, Patsy Ann, 394 Ritchie, Riley Burton, 354 Ritchie, Susie, 284 Ritchie, William David, 874 Ritgerod, Kathryn Jane, 280 Ritts, Dodie, 282 Rivers, Camella, 337 Rivers, Jane, 337 Rivers, Ruth, 276 Rizza, Dennis R., 369 Roades, Jeanne Anne, 339 Roark, Anna Lee, 329 Roark, Marilyn Louise, 342 Robards, Charles Michael, 369 Robb, Carolyn Ruth, 98, 394 Robb, Nancy Ellen, 394 Robbins, Carle Alton, 314 Robbins, Elizabeth Lynn, 350 Robbins, James W., 310 Roberts, Anna Leigh, 325 Roberts, Barbara Joyce, 325 Roberts, Charles Thomas, 296 Roberts, Charles W., 98, 394 Roberts, Dann Felix, 350 Roberts, David Alan, 98, 394 Roberts, Don Baron, 98, 358 Roberts, Helen Louise, 98, 394 Roberts, Kathy Jo, 343 Roberts, Jr., Mark Owen, 98, 310 Roberts, Mary V., 343 Roberts, Richard Lynn, 394 Roberts, Sarah Jane, 98, 394 Robertson, Charles D., 374 Robertson, Connie Sue, 98, 343 Robertson, E. Renee Sorrell, 98, 394 ' Robertson, Gary, 298 Robertson, Gerald Dewayne, 362 Robertson, John Layton, 98, 394 Robertson, Reid H., 310 Roberson, Nancy Kay, 337 Robinson, Diana Lee, 394 Robinson, Jeanette, 274 Robinson, Linda Diane, 284 Robinson, Mary Kay, 98, 394 Robinson, Richard Clay, 374 Robinson, Shelley Bernice, 325 Robinson, Susan Eloise, 282 Robinson, William Bigelow, 98, 394 Robison, Jimmie Maurice, 374 Robison, Yal Patrick, 394 Robrahn, Gerrie Ann, 339 Rochier, Deboraha Anne, 394 Rochier, Marvin G., 394 Roddey, William David, 98, 300 Rodgers, Carole Ann, 98, 394 Rodgers, Mary Louise, 337 Rodgers, Phyllis Jean, 343 Rodman, Christy Lea, 284 Rodriguez, Denise, 284 Rodriguez, Michael R., 394 Roe, Elton Leroy, 98, 394 Roe, William Gary Wayne, 394 Roegels, Pamela Diane, 325 Rogers, Brenda Gail, 394 Rogers, Everett Irving, 290 Rogers, Hiluard G., 394 Rogers, Jerry E., 350 Rogers, Joseph Stockton, 304 Rogers, Judith Marie, 98, 329 Rogers, Kenneth E., 394 Rogers, Marcia Lynne, 337 Rogers, Mary Gail, 350 Rogers, Nina Myrl. 1 8, 284 Rogers, Robert I.ylf, 350 Rogers, Ronald K ith, 362 Rogers, Susan ll:irie, 282 Rogers, William Karl, 394 Rokeby, Robert Denys, 394 Rolle, Mark C., 316 Roller, Alan Lewis, 358 Roller, Alden Ray, 358 Rollins, Michael Edward, 98, 314 Rollow, Nancy Beth, 284 Rolniak, Wallace Anthony, 98, 394 Romine, Gaylynn, 270 Rook, Larry Eugene, 298 Root, Harriet Elizabeth, 98, 329 Root, Robert Slawson, 365 Rorie, William Everett, 374 Rosamond, Judi Elaine, 350 Rose, Deneice Rae-Jean, 98, 329 Rose, Donald Edward, 394 Rose, George Michael, 394 Rose, Patricia Ann, 337 Rose, Patricia Diane, 282 Rose! Richard T., 298 Rose, Susan, 350 Rosenau, Paula Ann, 98, 343 Rosene, Judy Marie, 284 Ross, Becky, 98, 270 Ross, Jo Ann, 325 Ross, Pat, 280 Ross, Patricia Ann, 325 Rosser, Lee Marvin, 394 Rotenberry, Mike L., 290 Rotert, William Bailey, 98, 394 Rothrock, Martha M., 394 Rouw, Candace Janelle, 337 Rowe, Lynda Jane, 337 Rowland, Billie Jean, 325 Rowland, Louis Neal, 98, 314 Rowlett, Donald R., 98, 394 Royston, Arthur L., 312 Ruck, William Earl, 374 Rucker, R. D., 394 Rudolph, Eakle Leighton, Jr., 308 Rudolph, James Augustus, Jr., 350 Ruff, David Patrick, 314 Ruge, Martha Emma, 394 Ruhl, Douglas Linn, 369 Runyan, Philip Richard, 374 Rupe, Ronald Wayne, 394 Rush, Benny Loyd, 296 Rush, James Martin, 395 Rush, Mary E., 395 Rush, William, 107, 355 Rusher, Albert Holly, Jr., 99, 308 Rushing, Ronald Lee, 374 Rushton, Parrie Jane, 272 Russell, Candyce M., 350 Russell, Gary L., 304 Russell, Geneva, 331 Russell, Georgeanne, 325 Russell, Harold Ray, 395 Russell, James Tedford, 358 Russell, John Randall, 362 Russell, Leslie Franklin, Jr., 374 Russell, Mary Katherine, 278 Russell, Rebecca Anne, 278 Russell, Robert L., 395 Russell, Rita Mae, 339 Russell, Vella Jo, 337 Russell, Vicki Lynn, 395 Russell, William Leon, Jr., 99, 395 Russow, Connie Sue, 395 Rust, Paul Wesley, 362 Rutherford, Skipper, 374 Rutledge, John Reynolds, 308 Rutledge, Joyce Elaine, 107, 395 Ruttle, Ken Robert, 395 Ryan, Bette Mae, 329 Ryan, Cathy Anne, 329 Ryan, Marie Jeannette, 350 Ryan, Mary Lynnette, 350 Ryan, Timothy J., 362 Ryker, Gary Edward, 314 Sabatini, Barbara, 395 Sackman, David John, 395 Sadowski, Margaret Jeanine, 395 Safford, David L., 99, 298 Sain, Ginny Lynn, 284 Sain, Mary Kathryn, 325 Bailee, Ernest Allen, Jr., 99, 395 Bailee, Jack Allen, 374 Salmons, Patricia Lee, 337 Samples, Lanny D., 395 Sams, Beverly Joan, 337 Sandage, Larry Joe, 395 Sanderlin, Jeannette Carpenter, 99. 395 Sanders, Beverly Diane, 343 Sanders, Dean, 308 Sanders, Elizabeth Kay, 395 Sanders, J. E., 109, 395 Sanders, Jeffery Charles, 99, 395 Sanders, Jim Terrill, 395 Sanders, Jimmy Dale, 99, 395 Sanders, John Blair, 288 Sanders, Travis Joe, 350 Sandford, Tamsy Rea, 395 Sands, Darry Gene, 99, 292 Sandusky, Tina Maria, 343 Sanger, Linda Ann, 99, 270 Sapp, Larry Dale, 99, 395 Satterfield, Susan Marie, 325 Satterwhite, Julia Ann, 343 Saul, Melinda Jane, 337 Saunders, Thomas Ramsey, Jr., 99, 395 Saxon, David Parke, 99, 358 Scarbrough, Judy, 343 Scarlett, Polly Lou, 284 Scarsdale, Harriel F., 99, 395 Schaffer, Archie R., 99, 394 Schainker, Howard Alan, 109, 395 Scheer, Jerry Allen, 362 Schenck, Betty Ruth, 99, 329 Scherer, Jeff Allen, 302 Scherrey, Paul Edward, 358 Schick, Patricia Ann, 99, 343 Schlegel, Mary Elizabeth, 326 Schluterman, Marilyn R., 325 Schmand, Jane Rossner, 337 Schmand, Josephine Anne, 270 Schmeckenbecher, Walter Harold 395 Schmelzer, George Richard, 395 Schmidt, Freddie Ray, 374 Schmieding, Victoria Lynn, 329 Schneider, Chris Gordon, 288 Schneider, Mary Elizabeth, 339 Schneider, Sandy, 280 Schofield, Robert L., 99, 395 Schraplau, Robert Charles, 99, 395 Schrimpf, Stephen Perry, 374 Schulte, Debbie Ann, 337 Schultz, Candace Patricia, 329 Schultz, Terrye Lynn, 274 Schutte, John Thomas, 395 Schwalm, Melody Diane, 337 Schwarz, Susan F., 272 Schweiker, Dan William, 395 Scott, Cecil Rodney, 107, 395 Scott, James E., 99, 395 Scott, Jeffrey Alan, 310 Scott, Margaret Annis, 107, 395 Scott, Robert A., 99, 310 Scott, Steven H., 310 Scribner, Carolyn Rose, 337 Scruggs, Jan Wright, 310 Scruggs, George Scott, 296 Scruggs, Joe B., 99, 395 Scullye, Terrence F., 300 Sczerbak, Ronald Paul, 365 Beaton, Cynthia Loring, 274 Sealander, Judith Anne, 395 Seals, Janis Olivia, 325 Seaton, David R., 99, 395 Seaton, Jack Ray, 395 Seay, Madge Horton, 282 Sebourn, A. Glen, 395 Sedwick, Sally Payne, 99, 278 Segraves, Janie L., 276 Segraves, Patrick Warren, 288 Seibert, Jim, 350 Seifert, Harold R., 358 Seitz, Berta Lena, 107, 343 Selby Kenneth Earl, 395 Selig, Roman Joseph III, 99, 318 Sellers, Stan, 374 Sellers, Susan E., 325 Selman, James Dennis, 99, 300 Shelby, Ronald Fred, 300 Shellard, Carol Schwarzlose, 99, 395 Shellard, Grego ry Laurence, 99, 395 Shelman, Rodger Keith, 365 Shelton, Brenda Ruth, 99, 329 Shelton, Larry Jerome, 99, 312 Sheofee, William F. Jr., 288 Shepherd, Gloria Dean., 339 Shepherd, Shirley Jean, 331 Sheppard, William Dennis, 310 Sher, John B., 375 Sheridan, Ann Marie, 284 Sherwood, Charles Ervin, 99, 367 Shipley, Connie Sue, 337 Shireman, Randall Eugene, 292 Shirley, Patrick George, 375 Shirley, William Wright, 312 Shock, Stanley K., 378 Shoemaker, Shiela Ann, 339 Shoffner, Suzanne, 326 Shoffner, Terry W., 304 Shope, Claude Arnold, 362 Shoptaw, Basil Dee, 99, 395 Short, Bonnie Jane, 343 Short, Joe Carter, 298 Short, Nancy Louise, 99, 339 Short, Russell Ellsworth, 375 Short, Sherry, 337 Shuffield, Carolyn Ann, 337 Shultz, Marilyn K., 99, 350 Shumate, Ann Lorene, 99, 395 Shumate, Richard Allen, 395 Siddique, Md. Alauddin, 107, 395 Sidler, Judy Zoe, 350 Sidwell, Linda Jean, 326 Siever, Ralph Robert, 99, 395 Siler, Virginia Lee, 276 Silliman, Anne, 350 Silliman, Peggy Lee, 326 Simmons, David R., 107, 395 Simmons, George E., 365 Simmons, Harry Duboise III, 369 Simmons, Kenny Jerel, 350 Simmons, Linda Jean, 337 .Simmons, Mike C., 375 Simmons, Sherrill Lou, 270 Simmons, William L., 396 Simons, Barbie Beggs, 337 Simonson, Beth Louise, 343 Simpson, Emma Jean, 337 Simpson, Janie, 350 Simpson, Kay Christine, 326 Simpson, Miles Darwin, 99, 395 Sims, David Anderson, 369 Sims, Lou Ann, 337 Sims, Vicki Louise, 274 Sinclair, Linda L., 343 Sing, Joe P. Jr., 107, 314 Singer, Gregory L., 375 Singleton, Steven Paul, 396 Sipes, Stephen Craig, 302 Siroonian, Victor K., 350 Sisk, Ronald Douglas, 358 Sisneros, Frank L., 310 Sistrunk, Dollie June, 395 Skaggs, Larry Allen, 350 Skelton, Glenna Sue, 326 Skelton, Jacquelin, 395 Skiff, Randall Harry, 99, 395 Skillern, Cheryl Lynn, 395 Skillern, Laura Lee, 99, 395 Skinner, Sharon Lee, 337 Skinney, Ronnie Joe, 290 Sklavos, loannis Paul, 99, 395 Skoch, Philip Larry, 350 Skoog, Michiel Paul, 376 Skrivanos, Chris, 304 Slack, Steven Allen, 99, 314 Sledge, Rhonda Lee, 326 Sloan, Charles William, 362 Sloan, Danny Glen, 375 Sloan, Jim E., 312 Sloan, Linda Beatrice, 326 Slusher, Rachel Annie, 99, 395 Sly, Cynthia Ann, 268 Smalley, James Carl, 99, 395 Smalley, Teresa Jo, 395 Smiley, William F., 358 Smiley, William Lea Jr., 375 Smith, Bruce L., 395 Smith, Cecelia Marie, 99, 395 Smith, Charles Allen, 99, 395 Smith, Charles Stephen, 99, 358 Smith, Christopher, Lee, 99, 314 Smith, Cindy L., 272 Smith, Curtis Dewayne, 362 Smith, David Arthur, 375 Smith, David E., 300 Smith, Dewitt Henderson III, 369 Smith, Earl Travis Jr., 99, 358 Smith, Edward Thurman, 358 Smith, Fredrick Harry II, 375 Smith, Gary Lynn, 100, 395 Smith, George Benjamin, 318 Smith, J. D., 358 Smith, Jerry Benson, 395 Smith, Jerry Mack, 395 Smith, John C., 100, 314 Smith Karen Elaine, 337 Smith, Kirby III, 109, 395 Smith, Larry Joe, 395 Smith, Leslie Ann, 343 Smith, Linda Lavern, 395 Smith, Lora, 268 Smith, Marilyn Lea, 350 Smith, Martha A., 343 Smith, Mary E., 395 Smith, Mary Ellen, 396 Smith, Mecedes Burgerine, 343 Smith, Michael L., 396 Smith, Neal Dewayne, 396 Smith, Pamela, 100, 280 Smith, Patricia Diane, 329 506 Smith, Patricia Ann, 276 Smith, Perry Gene, 350 Smith, Richard Franklin, 304 Smith, Robert Bruce, 396 Smith, Robert LeRoy, 100, 396 Smith, Robert Lynn, 100, 396 Smith, Robert Mahlon, 109, 396 Smith, Robert Michael, 375 Smith, Robin Colleen, 326 Smith, Scott H., 362 Smith, Sharon Lou, 329 Smith, Sheila Sue, 329 Smith, Shirley Katherine, 100, 278 Smith, Stephen Wallace, 100, 300 Smith, Steve A., 300 Smith, Steven Lee, 396 Smith, Susan Marie, 326 Smith, Thomas Benton, 306 Smith, Troy Faith, 107, 396 Smith, Warren Dale, 350 Smith, William Mitchell, 350 Smyth, Judith Louise, 282 Snapp, Ginger, 329 Snider, Chester John, 362 Snider, Mary E., 100, 270 Snoderly, John Edward, 100, 294 Snodgrass, Larry Lawson, 100, 288 Snow, Barbara Jean, 337 Snow, Carolyn Ann, 100, 329 Snow, Judy Gail, 100, 339 Snow, Phillip Eugene, 100, 396 Snowden, Carol Erich, 107, 396 Snowden, Raymond D., 396 Snyder, Ronald Wayne, 362 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCE- MENT OF MANAGEMENT, 493 SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS, 492 Seller, Michael A., 396 Summers, Joseph C., 288 Sonnenfeld, Carol J., 350 Sooter, John Wayne, 298 Sorrell, James Dennis, 396 Sosebee, Dusty Lea, 100, 268 Southerland, Byron Wynne, 375 Spain, Rebecca M., 100, 268 Spakes, Karen Jo, 276 Spann, James Donald, 100, 396 Sparks, Cheryl, 100, 274 Sparks, Larry Don, 362 Sputz, David Moore, 100, 369 Speaker, David Charles, 100, 314 Spears, Brenda Lamar, 326 Speck, C. Peyton, 308 Speer, Murray, 350 Spencer, Anne, 337 Spencer, Carlotta Ann, 100, 339 Spencer, Dennis Charles, 100, 396 .Spencer, Linda S., 396 Spencer, Robert Glenn, 100, 396 Spencer, Ronald Leon, 396 Spencer, William Gregory, 396 Spickes, L. Douglas, Jr., 350 Spilman, Richard Allen, 100, 396 Splawn, Susan, 272 Spooner, Arthur Elmon, Jr., 100, 288 Spradley, Jonathan Mark, 109, 396 Sprague, Helen Kathleen, 343 Sprigg, Jay Rolens, 100, 396 Sp.inger, Jesse Earl, 378 Springfield, Carolyn Jene, 100, 278 Springgate, Cheryl Anne, 326 Sproles, Cheryl Ann, 350 Sprunger, Frederick Thomas, 375 Spurlock, Brian Douglas, 396 Spurlock, Darla, 326 Spurlock, Stephen Ernest, 100, 396 Srisomboon, Sumon, 107, 396 Stacy, Marcus Bickham, 362 Stafford, Danny Charles, 3% Stafford, Stephen Eugene, 304 Staggs, George Eugene, 358 Stainton, Joseph Charles, 300 Stainton, Mary Suzanne, 326 Staley, Anne Dougherty, S29 Staley, Royce Edward, Jr., 298 Staley, Thomas B., 308 Stallcup, Alice, 268 Stallcup, Patricia Marie, 272 Stamps, Jerry Charles, 100, 396 Stamps, Vicky Mae, 396 Standley, Billy Glenn, 100, 312 Stanfield, Ruth Alyne, 100, 343 Stanfield, Shelley Joan, 337 Stanford, Marilyn Ann, 329 Stanford, Timothy Leroy, 376 Stansell, Iris Olivia, 280 Stanton, Deborah Ann, 343 Stanwood, Allison, 282 Starbird, Don, 396 Starkey, Mitchell Alvin, 375 Starks, III, James Smith, 100, 350 Starks, Nancy Kay, 284 Starnes, K. Diane, 100, 268 Stames, Thomas Knighten, Jr., 310 Star-wait, Ervin Ray, 358 Staton, Connie Ruth, 343 Steel, George Edwin, Jr., 109, 310 Steel ' James Robert Jr., 310 Steele, Patricia A., 396 Steele, Patricia Ann, 326 Steffey, Wallace Michael, 302 Stein, Charles Conrad, 375 Stell, Kathleen, 100, 339 Stephens, Bobby Wayne, 100, 396 Stephens, Cynthia Lee, 396 Stephens, Jr., Jack Thomas, 100, 306 Stephens, R. Chris, 100, 308 Stephens, Jr., Jack Thomas, 100, 300 Stephens, Peggy Gayle, 396 Stephens, Ralph Arden, 100, 350 Stephens, Vickie L., 270 Stephenson, Raymond Wesley, 100, 396 Steplock, Albert Louis, 362 Steuart, Terry Lynn, 375 Stevens, Nicholas Rodgers, III, 100, 304 Stevenson, Cathy, 350 Stewart, Jewerlene, 337 Stewart, John Michael, 302 Stewart, Lana Kay, 100, 350 Stewart, Stacie Lee, 337 Stewart, Terry Thomas, 100, 369 Stewait, William M., 396 Stifter, Louis Joseph, 100, 396 Stifter, William Logan, 362 Stiles, Michael B., 396 Stiles, Patricia J., 329 Stiles, William Herschel, 375 Still, Rickford B., 375 Stinchcomb, Carolyn Sue, 100, 396 Stines, Nancy Lou, 337 Stinnett, James Richard, 358 Stocker, Jerre, 282 Stoia, Susan Kay, 337 Stokes, Carolyn Kay, 100, 274 Stokes, John Ray, 308 Stoll, Kenneth F., 109, 396 Stolzer, Nancy Joann, 350 Stone, Fred Wyatt, 100, 306 Stone, John Edward, 100, 312 Stone, Larry Jay, 396 Stone, Ronald Joe, 100, 314 Stone, Steven J., 396 Stone, Steven Ray, 312 Storck, Marlys Ann, 100, 329 Sto ey, Mary Carig, 396 Sto Sto Sto Sto -, _ Stosberg, Sandra Sue, 107, 326 Stouffer, Marty, 298 Stout, Edwin Haskell, 396 Stovall, William Henry, 376 Stowers, Jr., W. L., 350 Stracner, Ronald, 396 Stramm, William Robert, 350 Stratemeier, Lois M., 396 Strickland, Michael Paul, 369 Strickland, Susan Mae, 343 Stricklin, Clay E., 369 Stripling, Sheri, 270 Strode, Joseph Arlin, 100, 396 Strong, Rebecca Jo, 270 Strong, Sam Meeks, 308 Stroud, James Douglas, 314 Stroud, Michael D., 100, 350 Stringfellow, Sylvia Kathleen., 329 Stricklen, Jim Coy, 396 Sluart, Charles Crittenden, 288 Stuart, Edward Lee, 376 Stuart, James W., 304 Stuart, Sharon Susan, 274 Stubbs, Gary Lee, 100, 396 Stubblefield, Charles Roland, 109, 288 Stubbs, Larry David, 288 Stumbaugh, Alan. Lee, 100, 396 Stumbaugh, Jerry Paul, 396 Stumbaugh, Ronnie L., 396 Sturdivant, Sunny Lee, 274 Sturgis, Vicki Ann, 329 Sturtevant, Laurie Cordelia, 337 Suber, Ronald Gene, 367 Sugg, James Robert, 308 Sullins, Thomas Neal, 100, 310 Sullivan, Brian Patrick, 316 Sullivan, Dabbs, III, 296 Sullivan, John Gregg, 101, 396 ey, Otis Henry, 109, 396 m, Alan Le, 375 ms, Gayle Elizabeth, 326 ms, Steven Robert, 396 Sullivan, Robert M., 362 Sullivan, Samuel Tardy, 296 Summerhill, Janice Louise, 343 Summers, Connie Lynn, 284 Summers, Teka Dianne, 326 Summerville, Doug, 107, 298 Summitt, Terry Leon, 375 Sumncr, James Warren, 101, 396 Surin, Preecha, 107, 396 Surry, Lana Dianne, 337 Sutherlan, Catherine Ann, 276 Sutherland, James W., 396 Sutherlin, Diann, 351 Sutterfield, Marvin Orbin, 365 Button, Ann Clay, 326 Button, Carol Jo, 396 Button, Glenn Edwin, 375 Swafford, Earl L., 101, 396 Swanson, Patricia Kathryn, 329 Swayze, John Charles, 101, 396 Swearingen, Sue, 100, 284 Sweat, Donna Jean, 396 Sweat, Russell L., 396 Sweet, Jan Louise, 278 Swenson, Cathy Lee, S26 Swindell, Billy G., 362 Swingle, Deborah Kathryn, 326 Swink, Brenda, 278 Sykes, Michael A., 362 Symonds, John Edward, 365 Tabor, Larry Ray, 101, 396 Tacker, Gerald Winfred, 107, 396 Tackett, E. Shelley, 362 Tait, Mary Michele, 326 Taktikou, Chrysanthy K., 343 Talbott, Candace Jean, 337 Talley, David H., 101, 362 Tanneberger, Billy F., 375 Tanner, David Gerald, 354 Tanner, Jr., James Jerrel, 101, 318 Tarkington, Alice Jo 270 Tarkington, Dennis Wayne, 288 Tarpley, Gary Edwin, 101, 375 ' Tarpley, M. Sue, 101, 284 Tate, Junior A., 396 Tatman, Linda Ann, 326 Tatum, Betty Wood, 343 TAU ALPHA EPSILON, 494 TAU BETA PI, 495 TAU BETA SIGMA, 486 Tauer, Thomas Robert, 350 Tatum, Susan Louise, 282 Taylor, Becky, 337 Taylor, Cheryl Clyo, 396 Taylor, Clinton Odell, 109, 396 Taylor, Doris Jane, 337 Taylor, Eddie Morris, 358 Taylor, Elza Dwight, 396 Taylor, James Dennis, 365 Taylor, Jeffrey Lynn, 280 Taylor, John Richard, 101, 396 Taylor, Judith Kay, 396 Taylor, Linda Sue, 326 Taylor, Margaret Kay, 101, 343 Taylor, Michael Sam, 304 Taylor, Rebecca, 337 Taylor, Rebecca Carol, 329 Taylor Ronald Stuart, 101, 300 Taylor, Thomas Mills, 101, 396 Taylor, W. Randy, 101, 367 Taylor, William David, 298 Tays, Nancy Lee, 278 Teague, Gary Lynn, 316 Teague, Karen Ann, 326 Teague, Lajuana Beth, 331 Teague, Randalyn Elizabeth, 272 Teague, Stephen B., 396 Tedder, Stephen Mark, 369 Teeter, Milton Price, 101, 396 Tehan, Robert Edward, 350 Telfer, Starr, 337 Temple, Becky, 101, 350 Temple, David Ronald, 337 Temple, John Gregory, 310 Temple, Mary Kay, 396 Temple, Shari Lou, 326 Tenicki, Randolph Christopher, 362 Tennant, John Lawrence, 2% Tennison, William Craig, 306 Terrell, David Michael, 351 Terry, Douglas Loyd, 367 Terry, Elizabeth Kilbury, 101, 376 Terry, Robert Steven, 362 Test, Peggy Ann, 326 Teters, Mary N., 343 Thane, Paul H., 396 Tharatabhand, Chalood, 107, 397 Tharel, Janice Lynn, 101, 397 Tharel, Kerrt Lashley, 397 Thatcher, Susan Jane, 329 Thielemier, Patricia Ann, 351 Thiesir.K, Melissa Jane, 326 Thigpen, Benny Lee, 296 Thigpen, Zealand Benjamin, III, 375 Thomas, Ann, 326 Thomas, David Conway, 310 Thomas, Dyanna Kay, 339 Thomas, Floyd Mattison, Jr., 302 Thomas, George L., 101, 397 Thomas, Gilbert, Jr, 362 Thomas, Harold Lindell. 101, 397 ihomas, Karl T., 397 Thomas, Linda Louise, 101, 397 Thomas, Mary, 101, 329 Thomas, Mary Lynn, 282 Thomas, Melva Ann, 337 Thomas, Ray C., 310 Thomas, Sandra LaVerne, 351 Thomason, Nancy Ann, 326 Thomas, II, Nathaniel, 362 Thomas, Roger, E., 375 Thomas, William Miles, 375 Thomasson, Sherry Suzanne, 326 Thompson, Apryl, 343 Thompson, Betty Bowen, 268 Thompson, Billie Joe, 304 Thompson, Dale Edward, 101, 365 Thompson, Donnie Thompson, 397 Thompson, Edward C., Jr., 101, 351 Thompson, Glenn Albert, 101, 367 Thompson, James Christopher, 101, 397 Thompson, John, Clifford, 101, 298 Thompson, Lewis E., 296 Thompson, Linda L., 351 Thompson, Paul Dennis, 294 Thompson, Raymond Jr., 351 Thompson, Robert Leake, 296 Thompson, Sherard Ellen, 326 Thompson, Thomas Tell, 361 Thompson, Tommy 290 Thompson, Vicki Ann, 276 Thomson, George, 101, 397 Thordardottir, Gudborg, 276 Thorn, Suzanne, 326 Thornton, Charles Thomas, 288 Thornton, Jeremy D., 101, 296 Thornton, Thomas Ray, 375 Thornton, William Paul, Jr., 375 Thrasher, Rebecca Ann, 101, 397 Thrailkill, Gary, 101, 397 Trusheim Joe, M., 288 Trusheim, John E., 288 Thurber, Robert L., 397 Thurlby, Carolyn Sue, 397 Thurman, Carol Jackman, 397 Thurman, Jan R., 107, 397 Thurman, Judy Ann, 326 Thurman, Suzanne, 329 Thurston, Michelle Catherine, 397 Tibbits, Mary Anita, 397 Tidball, Jack D., 368 Tiley, Steven F., 101, 397 Tilley, Judith Ann, 331 Timmerman, William Wayne, 397 Timmons, Cindy Lee, 270 Tippin, Annette Irene, 268 Tippins, Wanda Susan, 329 Tirman, Christine, 326 Tirman, Michele Sari, 326 Todd, Terry Juan, 101, 397 Toland, John David, 314 Toll, Barbara Joyce, 101, 268 Tolleson, Mary Stuart, 351 Tollett, Thomas Lee, 397 Tomlinson, James David, 375 Tomlinson, Joyce Faye, 397 Tompkins, Paul Otie II, 101, 397 Tonne, Leigh, 337 Tontyaporn, Sanchai, 107, 397 Toole, Rick Howard, 362 397 Dl. 397 21). Trimble, Phillip I; Trinco, Dianne, (!,. Trinco, William J.. ' . Tripplehorn, John i. . True, Debbie J., 337 Trussell, Linda S., 329 Trusty, Donna J., 275 Trusty, Glynn, 365 Tucker, Jim, 314 Tucker, Phyllis Ann, 284 Tucker, Robert Lewis, III, Tucker, Shirley Jane, 361 Tullgren, Caryl M., 397 Tullgren, Christy Sven, 109, 397 Tullgren, Stephen Minard, 101, 397 Tune, Ryall Smith, 397 Tureski, Luis Ruch, 101, 343 Turk, Henry Rush, 296 Turk, Vernon David, Jr., 397 Turkington, Brent Stuart, 312 Turnage, Donald Alton, 351 Turner, Catherine H., 282 Turner, Deborah Louise, 337 Turner, Dennis Claude, 362 Turner, Feme S., 107, 397 Turner, James Burr, 351 Turner, James Earl, 107, 397 Turner, Marilyn Jean, 329 Turner, Richard Leigh, 351 Turner, Susan Jane, 101, 351 Turney, Allen Dale, 304 Turpin, James Ben, 376 Turton, Celia Kay, 339 Twiehaus, Mary Beth, 280 Tynon, Charles Wayne, 316 Tyer, Carole Anne, 276 u Underwood, Allen Keith, 397 Underwood, Barbara Lane, 337 Upton, Gary Paul, 101, 397 Upton, Pam, 276 Urbon, David Charles, 897 Ussery, Stephen Gregory, 397 Vafakos, Virginia Louise, 397 Van. Eebber, John Gregory, 300 Van Brunt, Beverly Carol, 397 Vance, Kelly Kenneth, 101, 397 Vancuren, Helen D., 101, 339 Vancuren, Virginia Lou, 326 Vanderburg, Michael Robert, 351 Vandergriff, Wayne Lafayette, 376 Vangilder, Deborah Dianne, 331 VanMeter, Karen, 351 VanMeter, Suzanne, 326 Vann, Cheryl Ann, 274 Van Patten, Patty Jo, 337 Van Schaik, Thomas Peter, 101, 397 Varvil, John Allen, 397 Varuil, Madalyn Sue, 337 Vass, Elizabeth Ann, 339 Vasser, Albeit Glenn, 101, 368 Vaughan, John C., 375 Vaughan, John H., 397 Vaughan, Linda Lou, 337 Vaughan, Peggy Lee, 398 Vaughn, Terry L., 314 Vaught, Anne Elizabeth, 337 Vaught, Judith Ann, 326 Vest, Bill M., 318 Vest, David W., 362 Vest, Terry S., 290 Vestal, Candace D., 337 Vester, Carol Claire, 326 Vester, Eugene William Jr., Vickers, Charles Ervin, 398 Vickers, Merry Hardin, 272 Vicry, Virginia Ann, 268 310 Toon, Rebekah Jane, 278 Toombs, II, George Robert, 101, 358 Vignes, Yolanda Gail, 361 Torrence, Rufus Joseph, Jr., 397 Villines, Dolores Perme, 826 Townsend, Herbert, 362 Trail, Robert B., 107, 397 Trantham, Carmen Sue, 331 Trapani, Sheila Ann, 326, 270 Trauth, Stanley Elwood, 367 Treadway, Cynthia Ann, 361 Treat, Bobby G., 101, 397 Treat, Doyle Wayne, 397 Treat, Jim Dale, 358 Treat, Linda F., 326 Treat, William Arthur, 375 Treptow, Diana Lynn, 351 Trigg, Robert Frank, 362 Trimble, Larry Wayne, 107, 397 Villines, Sharon, Ann, 329 Vincent, John Allen, 101, 375 Vincent, Pamela Rene, 268 Vines, Rebecca Sue, 326 Vinson, Bryant Finley Jr., 296 Vinson, John Francis, 351 Vinson, Joe Anthony, 102, 367 Vogel Robert August, 296 Voigtmann, Patsy Ann, 337 Von Hatten, Mary Lynn, 329 Von Seggern, Sylvia Eustacia, 268 Voss, Gloria Deane, 326 Vowell, Rex Edwin, 362 Vowell, Stevan Earl, 362 507 I w Wade, Nancy V., 268 Wade, Sandra Kay, 284 Wade, William Ray, 304 Wadsworth, Harry Jr., 375 Wagner, Bubba, 292 Wagner, R. David, 102, 398 Wagoner, Darrell, Lee, 398 Waits, Wallace F., Jr., 358 Walden, James Earl, 102, 398 Walden, John Charles, 375 Waldrip, Joe H., 358 Waldron, Stephen K., 375 Walker, Araiie Lou, 351 Walker, C. Dana, 326 Walker, Carol Ann, 102, 284 Walker, Carolyn Benet, 272 Walker, Charles Maxfield, 102, 308 Walker, Charles Steven, 362 Walker, David R., 398 Walker, Donna Maree, 398 Walker, E. C., 107, 398 Walker, Jr., Eddie Haywood, 358 Walker, Jackie Ann, 398 Walker, Linda Lou, 272 Walker, Lloyd L., 398 Walker, Michael Lynn, 398 Walker, Nancy J., 337 Walker, Patricia Ann, 398 Walker, Patricia Anne, 326 Walker, Robert Louie, 398 Walker, Tommy Clyde, 398 Walker, Valerie, 326 Walker, Virginia Lee, 343 Walker, William Andrew, 102, 398 Walker, William Dan, 351 Walker, Yugonda Elaine, 398 Wall, Mary Nell, 343 Waller, Cheryl Ann, 102, 329 Waller, Marlin Larry, 102, 398 Waller, Tom Whit, 300 Wallgren, Gregory Paul, 290 Wallis, Jimmy D., 398 Walrod, Jerry Wayne, 102, 398 Walter, Elizabeth Ann, 326 Walter, William Heath, 398 Walters, Robert Lee, 375 Walton, Patricia Gail, 381 Ward, Bobby D., 375 Ward, Bruce F., 398 Ward, Jim, 268 Ward, Joseph Stephen, 398 Ward, Kenneth Bloss, 369 Ward, Linda Sue, 343 Ward, Margaret Fay, 102, 329 Ward, Michael Gregory, 398 Ward, Pam Ann, 337 Ward, Richard Allen, 362 Ward, Susan Anice, 280 Ward, Susan Kay, 102, 282 Ward, William Fisse, 102, 398 Ward, William Wilson, Jr., 306 Warden, III, Leonard G., 102, 314 Wardlaw, Martha Gail, 102, 268 Warford, Walton Robert, 107, 398 Warner, Howard Leslie, 304 Warner, Sue Ann, 329 Warnock, Brenda L., 102, 398 Warnock, Gerald W., 102, 398 Warnock, William K., 362 Warr, Michael V., 102, 298 Warren, Allen Frederick, 375 Warren, John C., 354 Warren, Patricia Ann, 276 Warren, Sharon Diane, 329 Warrick, Alan, 306 Washington, Fredrick Lee, 102, 304 Washington, Jeanine Cecil, 102, 398 Wasson, Pamela, 282 Watkins, Gary Donovan, 102, 398 Watkins, Glenda Lee, 337 Watkins, John Edward, 351 Watkins, John William, 102, 365 Watkins, Neil Wayne, 102, 398 Watson, Dudley H., 102, 398 Watson, Gary, 398 Watson, James N., 298 Watson, John Dewey, 109, 398 Watson, John Michael, 102, 298 Watson., Kathlyn, 339 Watson, Otis Selvy, 398 Watson, Linda Carol, 102, 329 Watson, Martha Lou, 351 Watson, Richard M., 398 Watson, Robert William, 102, 398 Watson, Timothy Pagan, 109, 398 Watt, A. Thomas, Jr., 262 Watt, Sarah Margaret, 102, 272 Wattman, Gary Frazier, 398 Watts, John Robert, 102, 296 Watts, Marellen, 276 Wat ts, Theotis W., 398 Watts, Vicki Lynn, 343 Weathers, Konni M., 102, 270 Weathers, Linda Catherine, 398 Weathers, Yvonne O., 329 Weaver, Martha Ellen, 398 Webb, Barbara Ann, 398 Webb, David Lee, 367 Webb, James Henry, 398 Webb, James Lisle, 398 Webb, Jim Randy, 362 Webb, Mary Carolyn, 280 Webb, Philip David, 351 Webb, Randall Wayne, 398 Webb, Susan Prentice, 398 Webb, Theta Jean, 343 Webber, Ted Harlan, 362 Webster, Marsha Colleen, 337 Weedman, Gwen, 326 Weeks, Gary Eugene, 362 Weeks. Leslie Jo, 282 Weems. Thomas Allen, 398 Weir, Brenda Elaine, 326 Weise, Brenda Kay, 336 Weiser, Chris W., 298 Welborn, Winifred, 102, 343 Welch, Chip, 375 Welch, Jeff, Butler, 375 Welch, Joseph Melvin, 102, 398 Welch, William Edward, 375 Wellhausen, Linda Jean, 102, 280 Wells, Clayton Craig, 300 Wells, David Mark 351 Wells, Gary, 398 Wesley, Charlie, 398 West, Judy C., 326 West, Kari Michele, 268 West, Larry John, 102, 398 West, Sydney, Jean, 326 Westfall, Freddie Dean, 294 Westmoreland, Robert Nelson, 102, 398 Weston, Jacob Lee, 102, 398 Whatley, Alan Dale, 102, 398 Wheatley, Kenneth Roy, 375 Whedbee, Tommy Lynn, 358 Wheeler, Betty Anne, 326 Wheeler, Richard Paul, 398 Wheelington, Jimmy Dale, 362 Whillock, Joe T., 398 Whillock, Kenneth George, 102, 398 White, Becky Jayne, 102, 280 White, Bette, 284 White, Betty, 343 White, George Lonnie, 358 White, James Michael, 398 White, Joseph David, 102, 398 White, Karen L., 284 White, Linda R., 276 White, Mark Steven, 102, 398 White, Mary Anne, 343 White, Ronald Henry, 102, 314 White, Sammy Charles, 102, 318 White, Samuel Scott, Jr., 102, 398 White, Sherry Dariene, 268 White, Shirley Ann, 329 White, Vicki Sue, 102, 339 Whiteaker, Brenda Joyce, 337 Whitehead, John W., 102, 398 Whitehead, Robert Cilia, 306 Whiting, Amanda I.f-a, 326 Whiting, Paula Hclon, 102, 282 Whitmore, Mary Jan, 280 Whitnah, Paul R., 102, 358 Whitson, Michati Ben, 316 Whittaker, Carolyn, 326 Whittaker, Drnnis Lee, 376 Whitten, Cindy M., 351 Whitten, Horace Vernon, 102, 398 Whitten, John Thomas, 398 Whittington, Jerry D., 102, 398 Whittington, Larry Don, 316 Whorton, Randall Dennis, 362 Widding, Robert Keith, 358 Widdowfield, Mary Sue, 343 Widener, Diana Marie, 398 Widmer, Susan Virginia, 102, 343 Widner, Jr. Ellis Louis, 107, 398 Widner, James Cleo, 398 Wiedeman, James Larry, 351 Wiederkehr, Gary Herman, 375 Wiggins, Mary Ann, 337 Wiggins, Thomas L., 298 Wigley, Sam L., 102, 398 Wilbanks, John, R., 351 Wilber, Norman Carl, 375 Wilcoxson, Marlene, 329 Wilder, Robert Lee, 351 Wilkerson, Patsy June, 337 Wilkerson, Sam M., 351 Wilkes, Nancy Jane, 107, 337 " Wilkes, Taylor David Isgrig, 308 Wilkins, Michael Clark, 102, 398 Wilkinson, Howard Leon, 102, 351 Wilkinson, Rhonda Lee, 102, 268 Wilkinson, Vivian, 337 Will, Kenneth Mac, 102, 398 Willborg, Marcus Ollie, 398 Willems, Juli Ann, 326 Willey, Robert Bruce, 107, 398 Williams, Bobby Owen, 375 Williams, C. Marie, 343 Williams, Carolyn Frances, 343 Williams, Cathryn Lucile, 343 Williams, Christopher B. T., 398 Williams, Cindy Lou, 103, 268 Williams, Diana Sue, 337 Williams, Elizabeth Ruth, 343 Williams, III, Floyd Lee, 109, 296 Williams, Gayle, 280 Williams, Ivan B., 308 Williams, James Harold, 103, 398 Williams, James Paul, III, 298 Williams, Jane, 103, 272 Williams, Jeffery H., 103, 358 Williams, Jerry Carl, 103, 398 Williams, Jerry Wallace, 107, 362 Williams, John D., 398 Williams, John Glynn, 362 Williams, John Lan, 103, 298 Williams, John Roger, 296 Williams, Judith Ann, 103, 284 Williams, Karen Robell, 343 Williams, Karen Sue, 278 Williams, Kenneth R., 262 Williams, Linda Kay, 103, 282 Williams, Linda Sean, 337 Williams, Millie Jean, 337 Williams, Rebecca Jean, 103, 282 Williams, Robert Burney, 103, 298 Williams, Roger Dale, 103, 398 Williams, Stan, 103, 304 Williams, Stephen Douglas, 375 Williams, Suzi, 282 Williams, Terry Lee, 290 Williams, Thomas L., 375 Williams, Vern Ann, 337 Williams, W. C., 398 Williams, William Benjamin, 103, 298 Williamson, Charles Edwin, 308 Williamson,, Judy Ann, 351 Williamson, Robert Edward, 398 Williamson, Sara Beth, 272 Willis, Donna Sue, 339 Willis, Delores Ann, 329 Willis, Delta Lynne, 280 Willis, Dick Ellis, 103, 290 Willis, Jean P., 398 Willis, Nancy Carol, 351 Willoughby, Thomas L., 103, 398 Wilmoth, Connie, 329 Wilson, Barbara Jean, 337 Wilson, Bill Hal, 296 Wilson,, Charles M., 107, 399 Wilson, Deborah Anne, 276 Wilson, Donnealia, 270 Wilson, Fred E., 304 Wilson, Gerald Timothy, 103, 399 Wilson, James Tillman, 103, 399 Wilson, John Charles, 314 Wilson, John J., Jr., 103, 399 Wilson, John. Larkin, 288 Wilson, Judith Ann, 337 Wilson, Judy, 337 Wilson, Larry, 308 Wilson, Lavona Marie, 343 Wilson, Linda, 284 Wilson, Margaret, 103, 276 Wilson, Martha Lynn, 278 Wilson, Mary E., 272 Wilson,, Ricky Glen, 375 Wilson, Rita Suzanne, 343 Wilson, Rob Kelly, 104, 399 Wilson, Robert John, 369 Wilson, Ronald Joe, 103, 399 Wilson, Sharon Louise, 329 Wilson, Sharon R., 103, 399 Wilson, Susan Clare, 103, 284 Wilson, Susie, 280 Wilson,, Thomas Warren, 399 Wilson, Tish, 274 Wiltfong, Phillip Dwane, 376 Witcher, Dwight Leo, 294 Wingfield, Steve Rolla, 314 Wingert, Stanley Joe, 107, 290 Wirick, Gail Ann, 284 Witherspoon, Valerie Gay, 282 Winn, Carol Anne, 351 Winston, Winston Roy, 376 Wiseman, Cloyd Stephen, 362 Windle, Jewell Ernest, 362 Wing, Connie May, 103, 399 Winsor, Truman Clark Thomas, 103, 399 Winn, Jim, 103, 399 Windsor, Mary Elizabeth, 343 Winn, Sandra Kay, 337 Winningham, Jo Ann, 337 Wisdom, Rox Ann, 337 Winningham, Barry Lynn, 399 Winningham, James M., 399 Winningham, Ray M., 399 Winters, Gary Paul, 399 Wolf, Donna Lynne, 326 Wolf, Gustave Charles, 362 Wolf, John C., 310 Wolfe, Madeline, 274 Wolfe, Richard Hampton, 310 Womack, John Calvin, 300 WOMEN ' S INTERHALL COUN- CIL, 332 WOMEN ' S SOPHOMORE COUN- SELORS, 485 Wood, Barbara Ann, 329 Wood, Carolyn, 326 Wood, Charles, 399 Wood, Daniel Hugh, 298 Wood, David Earl, 304 Wood, Forrest Michael, 304 Wood, Judith Sample, 351 Wood, Kathy, 337 Wood, Patsy Elaine, 329 Wood, Sandra Lou, 103, 399 Wood, Scott Hodgson, 375 Wood, Stephen Thomas, 308 Wood, Susan Permelia, 103, 282 Wood, Wallace Winston, 362 Woodard, Annelle Cleo, 337 Woodard, Deborah, 282 Woodard, Gale Cameron, 337 Wo ard, Lynn, 270 Woodcock, Terry Dean, 103, 399 Woodell, Jean N., 103, 280 Woodell, II, Lloyd Joseph, 351 Woodruff, Arlon Luther, 103, 399 Woods, Donnie S., 399 Woods, Jerry Seawel, 375 Woodward, Sharon Allen, 351 Wolcott, Glenda L., 337 Woolever, Nikki Lee, 343 Wooldridge, Stanley F., 358 Wootton, Aubrey Wayne, 351 Wong, Ai-Ping, 103, 339 Word, Melinda Gale, 343 Workman, Charlene Renee, 343 Wormington, Casandra Sheridan Nell, 103, 399 Worthy, Lornea Annette, 326 Worthy, Susan A., 270 Wojcik, Patricia Ann, 103, 329 Wray, Bobby William, 103, 367 Wray, Marylen Frances, 337 Wright, Bobby E. 351 Wright, Carl 0., 399 Wright, Carlotta Marie, 337 Wright, David Earl, 107, 399 Wright, David Russell, 399 Wright, Eddie ' M., 376 Wright, Edward Wayne, 399 Wright, Emma L. 103, 339 Wright, Mark D., 390 Wright, Mary Leta, 337 Wright, Orville E., 107, 399 Wright, Ralph D., 375 Wright, Richard Bailey, 103, 318 Wright, Roger Lamar, 103, 362 Wright, Sally Ann, 337 Wright, Thomas Joe, 107, 318 Wright, William Daniel, 362 Wright, William S., 375 Wuest, Charles Stewart, 288 Wyant, Jean Doris, 343 Wylie, David F., 107, 399 Wyman, David Lee, 351 Wynne, Nary Martha, 351 Yancey, David Kennedy, 103, 300 Yancey, Rachel A., 343 Yaple, Susan Kay, 276 Yates, Barbara Sue, 399 Yates, Lana Gwynne, 103, 399 Yates, Robert Louis, 375 Yeager, Howard L., 109, 399 Yeager, Ronald Ell, 103, 314 ' Yeates, Patsy R., 399 Yee, Mary Alice, 351 Yerton, Charles E., 103, 399 Youdan, James L., 351 Youmans, Loralee, Gail, 343 Young, Cary E., 292 YOUNG DEMOCRAT CLUB, 496 Young, Don Ray, 362 Young, Gary Cleveland, 103, 292 Young, J. Randy, 290 Young, Jack Herbert, 312 Young, Johnnie Nell, 351 Young, LaJeana Faye, 237 Young, Linda Irene, 278 Young, Margaret Lee, 337 Young, Marsha J., 268 Young, Michael L., 351 Young, Michael Lewis, 399 Young, Rebecca Sue, 329 YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB, 497 Young, Tom Chandler, 296 Young, Victoria Elizabeth, 337 Younger, Lillie Kathryn, 339 Younkin, Kathy Jane, 326 Yum, Suen Y., 351 Zaccardi, John Stephen, 310 Zachry, Janet Koester, 399 Zakes, Karen Elizabeth, 337 Zawiscak, Albert ' M., 103, 399 Zeltner, Meredith Ann, 399 Ziser, Andrew, J., 316 Zucca, Julie-Anne, 326 508 = ' , !;. tlftl - . .: ;. I III, Ei ' - :.. ;; ' ' L, ffl, ia 1 10), rUI QOOUI an iir, : : :i H8I ita,!!) ULXl i, a The View from the Top This is probably the only time in our lives when we will have the very last word. And after nine months we ' re pregnant with ideas and welcome this outlet. Therefore, the view from the top . . . Our goal for this yearbook is an All-American rat- ing. But more important than that is our hope that you will take pride in this collage of your year. It ' s your story; we were merely the tools used in recording it. We ' ve already covered most of our staff in the Publication ' s section. However, there are also others who contributed their time. Although Susan Larsen, our chief photographer ' s wife, was never an " official " staff member, she did much of the darkroom work without pay. Susan printed most of the proof sheets, and without her help deadline days would have been much more hectic. Nancy Turner and Jane Bonady edited the Arts section. Nancy even did most of the photography in the section. The improvements are entirely to their credit. In the past years, the Classes section has literally been a nightmare. By eliminating freshmen, sopho more and junior classes, this section ' s staff, headed by Mil Buchanan, had a much lighter burden. If the burden had been any heavier, they would never have finished. To include those students not living in an organized group that were omitted in the Classes section, we added Off-Campus division. Carol Raines compiled this part of the book in spite of her trip to Kansas City during her deadline. Living groups were covered by Tim Boe, Greeks editor, and Residence Hall Editors Darrel Rice and Brenda Blagg. Both politics and the newspaper next door distracted most of this group ' s attention, but with a little help from their friends, the sections were finally completed. If you didn ' t find your picture in the Classes, Off- Campus or living groups sections, we included all missing persons in the corner of page 245. The Personalities section was done by Marilyn Turner and Randy Gardner, Marilyn was stuck with most of the work when she discovered that Randy couldn ' t type. Nancy Helms edited the Publications section. After moving to Ft. Smith to practice teach in the spring, she completed her section by postcard. We can think of no one who has contributed more to the success of this yearbook than Mr. R. C. Walker, President of Southwestern Engraving Company. With- out his help, our year could never have been as merry. Miss Susan Baker and Mr. Auxier of Southwestern af- forded us more allowances than were deserved. A simple " Thank You " seems insufficient but it will have to suffice. After much discussion on the pros and cons of in- cluding Gaebale in this book, tradition was the victor. Mr. Wallace Hurley and Mr. Tom Walker of The Hurley Publishing Company were generous in allowing us to set our own deadlines. A printer is rarely so patient and for this we ' re most grateful. Perhaps the most important individual affecting our appointment as co-editors was Bill Ebbert, Jr., past RAZORBACK editor and brother to T. K. Bill hoped that we would be able to profit from his mistakes. He taught us well, for we have continuously broken all past records. Bill gave both of us our first staff posi- tions, and this year we were able to return the favor by giving him the position which he sought for three years typist. Your story is between these covers. Ours was one of Saturday night deadlines; 4,000 ' 68 RAZORBACKS blockading our office; dinners at the " Wagonwheel " (that ' s Smokehouse to most of you) ; painting faded grey walls in Hill Hall bright aqua; the cancellation of the Buckinghams concert, forcing us to announce the RAZORBACK Beauties at a pep rally; hiring a profes- sional photographer who turned out to be an amateur; the frustrations of a large deficit; two wonderful trips to Southwestern in Tulsa ; shipping pictures for a dead- line and having them run over by a Trailways bus; our chief photographer getting married between dead- lines; spring fever taking its toll on our staff; and many, many more memories that will remain for- ever . . . That ' s our " View from the Top " . If you like our book, fine ... If you don ' t, well, there ain ' t gonna be no second edition. Tommie Jean Patterson Tommie Kay Ebbert 510 The 1969 RAZORBACK was printed and bound by Th Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper engravings by the Southwestern Engraving Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover ,was manufactured by the S. K. Smith Com- pany, Chicago, Illinois. Individual class portraits were by Colonna Studios, Inc., Carle Place, New York. Printing is by letter-press on 80 Ib. Warren ' s Lustro Gloss paper. The color pictures were printed off-set by the Hurley Company; the four-color off-set process plates were produced by Southwestern Engraving Company. Heads were set in 36 point and 24 point Bodoni Bold. Body copy was set in 10 point Bodoni Book. Identifications group cutlines were set in 8 point Bodoni Book and individual cutlines were set in 8 point and 10 point Bodoni Book. Feature cutlines were set in 8 point Spartan with heavy. Color transparencies were made by Gary Larsen, RAZORBACK photographer. Studio portraits of the RAZORBACK beauties were made by Bob Huff, Bob ' s of Faytt vi!l . 512 [ Com- ;-.::. I . . i 10 poW IACK

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