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the ’68 Razorback Published by Associated Students University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Bill Ebbert, Jr., Editor CONTENTS Administration _ 18 Personalities 46 Publications_ 64 Military _ 86 The Year _ . 108 Beauties _ 180 Residence Halls 204 Greeks 260 Organizations 31 I Vrts _ 356 Athletics_368 Classes _416 Index _ 408 Since the days of prehistory, the Ijabyrinth has been used by man his journey through the world. The Labyrinth. You walk it once , Yet, a million times. Every day , You grope your way across the smooth surface Of the never-traveled-path Worn rough By the footsteps of all civilization Before you. What is the Labyrinth? Where does it lead? Why are all the great mysteries of the cosmos cosmic ones? Who are the Fates? When are the earth , moon , and stars? How do 1 disturb the Universe? merely by entering my friend , merely by .. . 2 And one at a time—jor each , Though sheltered by all the forgiveness of new birth — Is alone. Searching all the faceless faces Of the unborn ancestors If ailing in line to enter Before you For a clue. What to say? What to do? Upon entering. But it f s too soon , jor you see , you still are not. W ait. 3 At the center of the Labyrinth is a legendary beast and each man who enters is a hero . Then one day , Perhaps the third of May , You ' re beckoned to enter the darkened door And fathom the bits and pieces of all the world That will the many corridors of the Labyrinth , For the Labyrinth has many corridors. But for what are you searching In the total darkness? And what of the Beast? And where is the end? And where are you then? Turn not into the black chamber And view the panorama of human existence , Which you hero, Must jit into a pattern called Life In a light still too dim to distinguish I ' he shapes and color oj the deed. And proceed ever forward With the exception of a thousand repeats and retreats Through all the sights and sounds of the Universe Toward the Beast you may jail to recognize Toward the end. For only at the end can you prove you were ever In the Labyrinth. There ' ll be two attendant lords there , Hamlet ' s men , They ' ll want your name. r In the Labyrinth of legend, the hero, after many adventures, found his way to the beast, destroyed it returned triumphant to the world. So at last, Hero, you know there is a task And a path through all this maze of tomorrows To a time when all you look upon is yesterday. And a confrontation with all To which you do not know the answer And a wordless struggle With all which in you, or without. Must be destroyed. So that in the end it might matter That you lived or died or what you tried To do of all the things there are to do in the world And they might not say of you Looking up, while stirring their cup, “Poor old fellow. He never disturbed a pup” So let it begin. Though it began long ago. By unfolding the perfumed arms of the philistines And Cretans of pre-natal oblivion In which we ' ve been resting Lest we wake from this sleep which was our life And lie quietly in our grave forever. 6 No longer the splendid occupant oj the womb, you have become the mortal hero of a timeful journey through a Labyrinth called life. Four colors and two sexes every hero must find his own passage through the maze of the modern world of human experience or emotion to the inevitable end. You are in the Labyrinth . You are Today. - 7 Schooled in private institutions of public opinion You discover the complexity Of the human perplexity In a world of political apoplexity Cannot satisfactorily be dealed with , So you concentrate your study on a rare cult of fruit flies And sadly enter your name on the racing form Of the human race. J jgf - $$ m L I II 1 . |j|V .... jm Your hair a mess You peer into the mirror oj a well-groomed woman And take out t he pins from the Tightly knotted lock of morality That always fell loosely About your shoulders. For you are in the midst of a sexual revolution Erasing all traces oj Puritanical institution. The Pill Put the “Bill Of Rights — Not — Wrongs ” in the new constitution. But what ' s to become oj the girl who married dear ole Dad? Pardon me, Lady , have you been had? 9 Not knowing Whether to sit with the Doves ot the Hawks On the drooping branches of the tree of American opinion You find yourself , Hero , 10,000 miles ajar Searching the swamps And rice paddies For a sense of this war. You help plant green gardens red with blood And sow crops of bullets in the back of the spine And reap the moment of death And know the rest of the Labyrinth might be only A breath. And watching your best friend die in action See your other burn his draft card in smug satisfaction And know you will be mourned for defending his right to do so. 10 ■■■ And you will see them march in the California sun The passionate proponents of a system undone “Who ' s clear of his goals? " Ah , yes , there ' s one! Confusing the aims of Revolution and ideology Who gives a damn about philosophical cosmology. Protest first Then make apology! 12 And you will hear them singing ‘ ' IFe Shall Overcome ” In an Alabama church Or a Detroit street, in the smothering heat And the contradictions and afflictions Of the juxapositions Of Justice and t( Jest-us ,f Makes you see That the taking of tea And talk of glittering generality Can f t right all wrong in a single century. 13 And you will know the world ' s great men Who do not have to impersonate genius Or imitate action to give them the impression they exist No time for Godot, your boredom they resist. The jets fly over London and Cologne But still only quiet over Dallas The sound of silence blaring a shameful echo Of a fleeting wisp of glory For fust as you feel you have it. Offsetting the apathy , corruption and incompetence That you, Hero, represent by your essence. You feel it slipping away. 14 After traveling the many corridors of the Labyrinth and under going the many adventures of experience and emotion, the hero has still to recognize the beast he is to destroy to triumph. For the hardest place to look is inside himself. There he will find the beast blocking his way to other man. Conquer it and he can truly find his way to the world. The Labyrinth. You approach its final corridor Where mirrored ivalls Reveal you And the Beast of your thought —■ Which has always been with you Though you have been always apart. For your eyes Blinded by the sights of the Labyrinth Were closed to the consciousness of your individual. And now as you are becoming Yesterday You see in the mirror of your mind The reflection of your Soul t( ECCE homo: 9 And exclusive of emotion and experience You add to human remembrance , Of what some in their daring call Life , Your celebrated spirit Free to respond to the simple fact of Death Without terror or anguish For you have seen yourself in the universe Of your ephemeral journey through The Labyrinth. And Eternity Is yours for the asking. Ellen Ann Ragsdale pi 16 17 Winthrop Rockefeller Governor of Arkansas 20 The Governor and the Board Afler one year in office, Governor Rockefeller has maintained his popularity throughout the state. Upon taking office, he laid the groundwork for sweeping re¬ forms llirough establishment of commissions to study the Slate Constitution, the penal system and govern¬ mental efficiency. Governor Rockefeller has taken an active interest in University of Arkansas affairs and has been a capable and interested hacker of the cause of higher education. Mr. Rockefeller has given millions of dol¬ lars to education in Arkansas through scholarships of the Rockwin Fund and the Arkansas Opportunity fund and through direct grants to various colleges and schools throughout the state. The students of the Uni¬ versity are grateful for his contributions toward the improvement of ihe educational facilities in Arkansas. One of the Governor’s duties is the appointment of a ten-member Board of Trustees. Its members are ap¬ pointed from each Congressional district, the remain¬ der being appointed at large. The at-large members must be alumni of the University. The function of the Board is primarily policy-mak¬ ing rather than administrative, but all major official acts of the University require Board approval. The members of the Board serve without pay, and they meet once a month. President David Mullins greets Governor Rockefeller following the Governor ' s speaking engagement at Symposium ' 68. HOARD OI- IKUSTEES: Seated , Left to right: Dr. Preston L. Hathcock, Mr R. E. L. Wilson, Ilf, Mr. D. P. Raney, Chairman, Mr. John L. Wilson, Mr. Roy Ritter. Standing , Left to right: Mr. Leon B. Catlett, Mr. Howard If. Horst, Mr. R. A. Young, Jr., Dr. David W. Mullins, President, Mr. Robert H. Smith, Mr. Fred Pickens. 21 James E. Pomfret 1915 1968 In JMemortam The obituary said simply and as a matter of fact that James E. Pomfret, age 51, vice president and secretary of the board of trustees, died September 13. There followed a brief account of his career: “He joined the University of Arkansas staff in 1948 as chief accountant. In 1951, Mr. Pomfret was appointed purchasing agent, and in 1954 was named comptroller. He was named business manager in 1957. He succeeded T. C. Carlson in 1958 as vice president of business. “Survivors include his wife ... a son . . . and two daughters . . Actually, Mr. Pomfret’s “survivors” number in the thousands. For virtually every student who has attended the University of Ar¬ kansas in the past two decades has benefited, in one way or another, from the leadership of the six-foot, three-inch, 230 pounder whose friends called him “Big Jim.” It was Mr. Pomfret who fought — in the onslaught of rising educational costs — to keep student fees at a minimum. It was Mr. Pomfret who quietly but vigorously cam¬ paigned for more and better housing. And it was Mr. Pomfret’s insight into fiscal matters that helped the University retain its best teachers and researchers. The door of his office was never closed to students or faculty members. He enjoyed helping people. He liked to swap humorous stories with them, and he was a patient and sympathetic listener when they wanted to talk with him about their problems. When Mr. Pomfret died, the University of Arkansas lost a man who helped shape its destiny in the years of its greatest growth. It is to the memory of “Big Jim” that these pages are dedicated. And proudly. Officers of Administration Dr. David Wiley Mullins serves as the chief administrator of the University. During his past seven years of service as President of the University, Dr. David W. Mullins has done much to improve and expand the institution. Enrollment has increased steadily, and the campus showed adjustment as the $50 million expansion program was near com¬ pletion this spring. Dr. Mullins has led a distinguished career as ad¬ ministrator and teacher in the field of education. A native of Ash Flat, Arkansas, he graduated with honors from U of A in 1931. He earned his MA degree at the University of Colorado and his Doctor of Education at Columbia University. Dr. Mullins also received an Hon¬ orary Doctor of Laws degree from Hendrix College. Assisting Dr. Mullins in the execution, direction, and administration of the University are five Vice-Pres¬ idents. Administrative Vice-President, Dr. James W. Green, assists the President in general administration of the University. Vice-President of Business, Dr. John E. Kane, is responsible for the financial and business operations of the University. Vice-President for Health Sciences, Storm Whaley, administrates at the Univer¬ sity Medical Center at Little Rock. Dr. John W. White, Vice-President of Agriculture, is responsible for pro¬ grams in the field of Agriculture. The new Vice-Pres¬ ident for Academic Affairs is Palmer C. Pilcher. 24 Janies W. Green Administrative Vice-President Storm Whaley Vice-President for Health Services John W. White Vice-President for Agriculture Palmer C. Pilcher Vice-President for Academic Affairs John E. Kane Acting Vice-President for Business 25 The Office of the Registrar The Registrar’s Office is a crossroads for all students at the University. The Office is responsible for all admissions and for all re¬ quirements for graduation. The job of admit¬ ting, registering, and keeping records for ap¬ proximately 10,500 students is all done in this office under the supervision of Carter A. Short, Registrar and his assistants, J. B. Kellar, E. E. Lee, and Wallie Ingalls. One of the Office’s main responsibilities is to make contact with high schools and to in¬ form them about the University. The High School Principal’s Conference has proved to he very successful in coordinating the high schools curriculum with admission require¬ ments. At the Conference, each principal has conferences with graduates of his school who are now students at the University and also members of the University’s faculty. Sugges¬ tions are given to the principal as to ways of better preparing students for college. Registration is a much harder job for the Office than for the students. A schedule of classes must be prepared, class cards printed, packets for students assembled, and endless other jobs completed before the students can begin to register. The Office also keeps ac¬ curate, updated records for all of the students which are considered to be private, personal documents. Carter A. Short headed the Office. Assisting in the Office are J. B. Kellar, E. E. Lee, and Wallie Ingalls, Assistant Registrars. George A. Yourick took over the duties of Dean of Men this year. Jacqueline Sterner Douglas returned to her duties as Dean of Women. The Division of Student Affairs The Division of Student Affairs plans and implements a social-educational program de¬ signed to supplement the classroom experiences of the students. The program areas pertain mainly to the welfare, morale, and discipline of the students at the University. The Division is concerned directly with student government and operation of Student Counciling Service, Food Service, Placement Office, Book Store, In¬ firmary, Student Union, financial aid, and part- time employment service. Members of the Di¬ vision assist students in the organization o f Student Senate, Associated Students, Inter¬ im raternily Council, Panhellenic Council, Men’s Interhall Council, Inter-House Congress, Wom¬ en s Interhall Council, and Off Campus Men and Women. Under the supervision of the Dean of Stu¬ dents, this office of the University is composed of the Dean of Students, the Dean of Women, the Dean of Men, and the Coordinator of Stu¬ dent Aid. The members of the Division work with other administrative officers, faculty mem¬ bers, and staff members on mutual problems as they affect student’s academic and extra¬ curricular life. A department of the Division, the Infor¬ mation Desk coordinates the social activities on the campus. The Desk handles the registra¬ tion of all social functions given by groups on campus along with many other duties. The Information Desk is directed by John Shockley, Student Union Supervisor. William F. Denman, Dean of Students, directs the Division Coordinators of Campus Activities The Division is headed by William F. Denman, Dean of Students. Dr. Denman received his B.S. degree in Social Science from Purdue, M.A. in psychology from Oregon, and Ph.D. in Psychology and Higher Education from Syracuse. Jacqueline S. Douglas, Dean of Women, re¬ turned to the University this year after a year of study at Bryn Mawr College with the American Council on Education. Dean Douglas is assisted in her duties by Grace Vineyard, Assistant Dean, and Claire Abney, Assistant Dean in charge of residence halls. Miss Abney came to Arkansas from Texas Wesleyan College. George A. Yourick became Dean of Men this year after serving as Acting Dean of Students in 1967. Dean Yourick is responsible for the imple¬ mentation of the men’s program and for supervision of his staff. Assistant Dean, Erin L. Schmidt, came to the University from Texas Tech and Ohio State. Bryden E. Moon, Assistant Dean, headed the resi¬ dent hall program for men. John Shockey returned to his duties as Supervisor of Student Union. The Division ' s secretaries keep things running smoothly. Home Economics student learns to economize by sewing and designing her own clothes. Agriculture and Home Economics The University of Arkansas College of Agric ulture and Home Economics enjoys much prestige among the colleges of agriculture and home economics in the na¬ tion. The curricula includes basic training in the phys¬ ical, biological, and social sciences, the humanities, and communications, as well as in technical agriculture and home economics. With an enrollment increase of 33% in the last two years, the College of Agriculture and Home Eco¬ nomics has grown and improved to meet the new de¬ mands. This year a new degree in Foods and Nutrition was offered and the Home Economics Education de¬ gree was revised. In the agricultural field, new inter¬ departmental studies were made available in Food Service and Agricultural Pesticides. Revisions in the curriculum for Agricultural Education now permits stu¬ dents to major in Vocational Agriculture and another agricultural field. Many changes have already been made in the course list and other changes are being investigated. The College has made many improvements in its facilities to help the students. A new Virology-Path¬ ology laboratory has been added at the University Farm. Also at the University Farm is a team of scien¬ tists who are working on biological control of insects. The College of Agriculture and Home Economics is headed by Dean Glen W. Hardy. Dean Hardy has been directing the College for three years. The College of Agriculture is equipped with a modern creamery. 30 °ean Glen Hardy has been at the University for twelve years and has served as the Dean of Agriculture and Home Ec. for three years. Agriculture students learn the latest modern farming methods. Agriculture Department prepares the delicious, daily steak feast for the jocks. 31 Robbin Anderson came to Arkansas from the University of Texas where he served as Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Arts and Sciences students receive basic training in art. Student makes another futile attempt to construct an auditorium for the U of A. 32 Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences, the Mother Col- e 8 e claims approximately one third of the enrollment °f the University. Students from all Colleges must take some basic courses from the College of Arts and Sci¬ ences. The College is responsible for about two-th irds °f a W undergraduate credit hours. Offering studies in the natural and social sciences, anguages, literature, fine arts, history, and philosophy, the College gives students the components of a good general education. Curriculums leading to the degrees ac helor of Arts, Bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor of u sic, and also, Bachelor of Architecture are available to students. Robbin C. Anderson came to Arkansas this year from the University of Texas to serve as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Robert S. Fairchild continued his duties in the position of Associate Dean of the College. This year the College is revaluating each of its de¬ partments. The faculty is making a study of degree re¬ quirements, and the students have also been given op¬ portunities to offer suggestions for improvements of the College. Increased enrollment has created certain space prob¬ lems for the College. Construction was begun this year on an addition to the S. E. Complex which will add many new classrooms and laboratories. • a te Dean Robert Fairchild counsels students in the correct course of study. 33 Some fashion-minded education students take the " baby doll look " too seriously. The College of Education For the thirty-fourth year, Dean Henry W. Kronen- berg headed the College of Education with the assist¬ ance of Dean Robert M. Roelfs. The College seeks to unite the forces of the University which contribute to preparing students for professional service in the fields of teaching, counseling, supervision, and school admin¬ istration. The College provides consulting services, en¬ gages in educational research, encourages students to enter the teaching profession, and properly places grad¬ uates of the College. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. In cooperation with the Graduate School of the University, the College of Edu¬ cation offers advanced work in education leading to the degrees of Master of Education and Doctor of Educa¬ tion. This year the faculty of the College approved a plan to change and in many cases raise the requirements for different teaching fields. The most noticeable changes were in the fields of English and Social Studies. These changes will increase the qualifications of the graduates for teaching positions. Growing along with the University, the College of Education exhibits a new Graduate Education building. The modern building will house the Departments of Graduate Education, Counseling Education, and Voca¬ tional Education. This badly needed facility will cen¬ tralize the College’s many departments on campus. Robert M. Roelfs assists with the direction of the College. 34 Dean Henry W. Kronenberg served the College of Education for the thirty-fourth year. Freshman orientation helps girls " shape up " for extra-curricular ac¬ tivities. Education students gain valuable experience while working at the University ' s kindergarten. 35 Robert F. Branigan, Dean of the College of Engineering, directed the College ' s many departments. The College of Engineering The principal aim of the College of Engineering is to train young men and women in the basic and spe¬ cialized concepts of engineering. This College, however, recognizes that if its graduates are to gain and hold stature in their profession, they must have scholastic training in fields other than engineering. Under present conditions, the engineering graduates must have a back¬ ground of sound scientific and economic principles and must be acquainted with industrial practices in his chos¬ en field before he can assume responsibility in the pro¬ fession. The College of Engineering offered curriculums ac¬ credited by the Engineer’s Council for Professional De¬ velopment leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in seven fields. Degrees were available in Agricultural En¬ gineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechan¬ ical Engineering, and Engineering Science. In coopera¬ tion with the University’s Graduate School, the College offered a program leading to Master of Science degree and Doctor of Philosophy degree in the various depart¬ ments. A student with a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields may qualify for a second degree in another de¬ partment in one academic year. Robert F. Branigan served as Dean of the College with the assistance of Charles W. Oxford. 37 Graduate students in business prepare an educational film for television. The University’s Graduate School The Graduate School at the University was estab¬ lished in 1927. Twenty years ago a Graduate Center was founded in Little Rock. The University also offers spe¬ cial courses for graduate credit in the field of education through the facilities of Arkansas A. and M. College, Arkansas Polytechnic College, Southern State College, and a Center at Fort Smith, when up to twelve weeks of residence credit may be earned toward the master’s de¬ gree at the University of Arkansas. The Graduate In¬ stitute of Technology was established in Little Rock in 1957 to offer that area graduate programs in the phys¬ ical sciences and engineering. More than seventeen degrees are offered by the Uni¬ versity Graduate School. A three year program for a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Applied Math have recently been added at the Little Rock School. 1 he University has also added a Masters of Computer Sci¬ ence this year. The Graduate School experienced its biggest year in 1968 with more than fifty Doctors of Philosophy de¬ grees and more than thirty Doctors of Education de¬ grees awarded. An electron microscope and a mass spectrometer have been added to the excellent equip¬ ment which is available for research. Virgil W. Adkisson turns his full attention to the Graduate School this year after adding the job of Act¬ ing Vice President for Academic Affairs last year. As¬ sistant Dean of the School is James J. Hudson. James J. Hudson, Assistant Dean, helps coordinate the departments of the School. 38 Virgi! W. Adkisson has served as the Dean of the Graduate School since 1949. Construction was begun on the Graduate Education building. Outstanding work is required and expected of all graduate students. They need a few " kind words. " 39 Directing the training of the law students was Ralph Barnhart, Dean of the Law School. The University’s Law School The School of Law followed the standards of legal education prescribed by the American Bar Association and since 1926 has been on that Association s list of approved law schools. The School offered a three-yeai law course that leads to the Degree of Bachelor of Laws. At the Little Rock Division of the School, a program of part-time law study (with evening classes) lead to the same degree but required four and one-half years to complete. The primary objective of the School was to provide a thorough preparation for the practice of law. The pro- gram of instruction included analytical study of the fundamental principles of common law and equity as they appear in the decided cases, with reference both to their historical development and to their practical application, and study of public and administrative law and typical statutes. This year, the Law School continued to employ the method of instruction followed by standard American law schools. This method is designed to give an effec¬ tive working knowledge of fundamental legal principles and to develop the power of practical legal reasoning. Practical experience was gained by the students through Student Court, Moot Court, and third-year practice court. Advanced students engaged in legal research. Law students spend many hours attending class and preparing for class. 41 Courses at the Center require many hours of lonely study. Med students at the Center in Little Rock explore the mysteries of life. Medical Center at Little Rock The University Medical Center, ranked among the most modern medical institutions in the nation, repre¬ sents one of the outstanding features of the University of Arkansas. The Center has a 450-bed teaching hos¬ pital, an out-patient clinic, and a medical education wing. Research is done at the T. H. Barton Institute for Medical Research. The School of Medicine is af¬ filiated with the Veterans Administration Hospital in Little Rock and North Little Rock under the nationwide Dean’s Committee program. Some beds in these hos¬ pitals are utilized for teaching purposes, in addition to those at University Hospital. The University of Arkansas Schools of Pharmacy and Nursing are housed in the Education Building at the Medical Center, together with the School of Medi¬ cine. Students received not only detailed classroom in¬ struction in their prospective fields but also a great deal of experience in the application of this knowledge because many people came to the Center for medical attention. Along with the modern teaching facilities, the Medi¬ cal Center provides housing for both single and mar¬ ried students. Rooms and one bedroom efficiency apart¬ ments are available in a ten-story Residence Hall ad¬ joining the Jeff Banks Student Union. Winston K. Storey served as the Dean of the School of Medicine. Heading the School of Pharmacy was Stanley G. Mittelstaedt. Miss Elois Field directed the School of Nursing. All of these Deans had their head¬ quarters at the Medical Center. 42 Yes, even students at the Medical Center goof-off sometime. Medical student tries to show his wife " what he learned in school today . Students take a study break in the entrance to the library. 43 John P. Owen, Dean of the College, investigated reorganization, changing emphasis, and improvement of existing programs. College of Business Administration The College of Business Admi nistration gives the students an excellent preparation for the business world by offering courses in the fields of marketing, manage¬ ment, accounting, taxation, labor, transportation, insur¬ ance, statistics, economics, finance, and business edu¬ cation. The College has a fully developed degree struc¬ ture, including the Bachelor of Science in Business Ad¬ ministration, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Manage¬ ment, Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Phil¬ osophy in Business Administration, and Doctor of Phil¬ osophy in Economics. Since there is no need for exten¬ sion or multiplication of new degree programs, study is being given to reorganization, changing emphasis, and qualitative improvement within the framework of existing programs. Plans were announced this year for the formation of a Business Advisory Committee, con¬ sisting of Deans, faculty, and others. It is expected that the Advisory Committee will play an active and con¬ structive role in determination and attainment of the long-run objectives of the College. Dr. John P. Owen, Dean of the College of Business Administration, came to the University this year from the University of Houston. Dr. M. G. Bridenstein re¬ turned this year to fill the post of Associate Dean. M. G. Bridenstein served the College as Associate Dean. 45 JOHN BIRKHEAD JACKSON Economics and Sociology; North Little Rock; Sigma Chi, Historian, Executive Committee, Pledge Class Vice-President; Scabbard and Blade, Vice-President; Omicron Delta Kappa; ROTC Company Com¬ mander; Distinguished Military Student; Cheerleader, Captain; Ar¬ kansas Booster Club, President, Vice-President; Homecoming Chair¬ man; Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Committee; Young Demo¬ crats. JUDITH SUZANNE JACKSON Art and Speech; Lewisville; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Class Activities Chairman; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Arkansas Booster Club, Secretary; Panhellenic; Dean’s List; Student Union Talent Show, Third Place; Laura Yeater Schol¬ arship; Sophomore Counselor; Association of Women Students, Com¬ munications Committee, Programs Committee; Arkansas State DAR Good Citizen; Co-ordinator of Miss UofA Contestants; Student Union Talent Show Committee. DIXIE CAROL TERRELL Advertising and Marketing; Hot Springs; Pi Beta Phi, Historian, Pledge Class Historian; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chi Theta; University of Arkansas Academic Scholarship; Hotz Hall, Vice-President, House Council; Arkansas Booster Club, Secretary; Business Administration Junior Class Secretary; Commerce Guild. Secretary; RAZORBACK, Introductions Editor; Associ ation of Women Students, Arts and Publicity Committee, Finance Committee; Sophomore Counselor; Marketing Club; Gaebale Publicity Com¬ mittee. DEAN HOWARD DALTON Music; Joplin, Missouri; Off Campus Men, President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Secretary, Pledge Class Vice- President; Schola Cantorum; Student Senate; Elections Committee; Men’s Sophomore Council; University-Fayetteville Symphony; Music Department Scholarship; Symphony Society Scholarship; Outstand¬ ing ROTC Bandsman; Yocum Hall Scholarship Award; Senate Cheerleader Code Committee; Senate Faculty Recognition Commit¬ tee; Student String Ensemble. Who’s Who THOMAS FRANKLIN McLARTY General Business; Hope; Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma; Cardinal XX, President; Blue Key; Beta Gamma Sigma, President of Associated Students; Student Court, Justice, n er ra ternity Council, Rush Chairman; Arkansas Booster Club; Interlra- ternity Pledge Council, President; Transit System Committee, Chair¬ man; Athletic Committee; Alpha Kappa Psi. LUCILE ANN LEESEMANN Elementary Education; Baytown, Texas; Delta Delta Delta, President, Efficiency ' Chairman, Officers Council Pledge Class ™RBACKSec- Outstanding Sophomore; Civic Club, Secretary; RAZORBACK, Sec retary; Homecoming Maid; Fulbnght Hall, President, Judicial Board, Section Manager, Floor President; Panhellenic; Association of Wom¬ en Students, Finance Committee Legislative Board Executive Board Sophomore Counselor; Women’s Inter-Hall Council, Singfony Set Committee, Chairman; Young Democrats. KATHERINE ELIZABETH KENDALL General Business; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Chi Omega, Treasurer, Pledge Class Social Chairman, Song Leader, District Rush Chairman; Persh¬ ing Rifles Sponsor; Commerce Queen; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart; Westminster College Yearbook Queen; Chi Theta, Membership Com¬ mittee; Dean’s List; Fulbright Hall, Floor Social Chairman, Judicial Board, House Council; Commerce Guild; Gaebale Ticket Committee, Chairman; Marketing Club; Sophomore Counselor; Association of Women Students, Legislative Board. DALLAS DAVIS MILES, JR. History; Warren; Phi Delta Theta, President, Pledge Trainer, Alum¬ ni Secretary, Historian, Warden, Assistant Warden; Phi Alpha Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Cardinal XX; Dean’s List; Student Senate; RAZORBACK, Greeks Editor; Interfraternity Council, Scholarship Committee Chairman; Symposium ’68 Commit¬ tee, Co-Chairman; Circle K; Pre-Law Club; Young Democrats; AFROTC Singing Cadets; Senate Housing Committee, Co-Chairman; Collegiate Singers. 49 Who’s Who PAULINE ALICE APPLETON Speech Correction; Warren; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Trainer, Pledge Class President; Fulbright Hall. President; Resident Assist¬ ant; Dean’s List; Senior Traineeship Grant in Speech Therapy; As¬ sociation of Women Students, Vice-President, Legislative Beard Chairman, Judicial Board. IAWS Committee, Executive Board; Soph¬ omore Counselors, President; Student Union Governing Board; Schola Cantorum; Civic Club; Women’s Inter-Hall Council; Inter¬ fraternity Pledge Council; Young Democrats; Greek Week Banquet Co-Chairman. RANDY GEORGE MURPHY Civil Engineering; Searcy; Sigma Chi, Executive Committee; Dean’s List; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Oinicron Delta Kappa; Outstanding Athlete AA Football; Outstanding Athlete AA Basketball; Theta Tau, President, Secretary; Arkansas Engineer, Editor, Assistant Edi¬ tor, Copy Editor; Humphreys Hall, Treasurer; Student Senate, Dorm¬ itory Board Department Chairman; Engineering Council, Secretary; American Society of Civil Engineers. CHARLES ROLAND STUBRLEFIELD Political Science and French; Fayetteville; Acacia, President; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Cardinal XX; Kappa Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Dean’s List; John Rust Foundation Scholar¬ ship; Chicago Tribune ROTC Award; Student Senate; Vice-Presi¬ dent of Associated Students; Board of Publications, Chairman; RAZORBACK, Military Editor; Gaebale Book, Associate Editor; Interfraternity Council; Greek Week Projects Committee, Chairman; Circle K; Advanced Air Force ROTC, Cadet Captain; Razorback Band; Young Democrats; Gaebale Carnival Committee. SIMONE SEAMON Elementary Education; Springfield, Missouri; Zeta Tau Alpha, Ritual Chairman, Executive Board, Pledge Class Vice-President; Mortar Board; IFPC Scholarship; Dean’s List; Secretary of Associated Stu¬ dents; Resident Assistant; Panhellenic, Treasurer; Fulbright Hall, Social Chairman; Greek Week Co-Chairman; Student National Edu¬ cation Association, Vice-President; Young Democrats, State Dele¬ gate; Sophomore Counselor, Skit Chairman; Student Union Enter¬ tainment Committee. 50 JUDY PATRICIA GRAVES General Business; Little Rock; Women’s Inter-Hall Council, Presi¬ dent, Vice-President, Outstanding Member; Tau Alpha Upsilon, Sec¬ retary; Resident Assistant; Chi Theta, Treasurer; Board of Publica¬ tions; Student Senate, Executive Cabinet; Association of Women Students, Organizations Board, House Managers Board; Futrall Hall, House Manager, Religion Committee, Judicial Board; AWS-WIHC Leadership Conference, Co-Chairman; Sophomore Counselor; Young Republicans; Fulbright Hall, Scrapbook Committee Chairman. WILLIAM ARTHUR KEADLE General Business; Marked Tree; Kappa Sigma, President, Treasurer; Cardinal XX, Treasurer; Blue Key; Business Administration Sopho¬ more Class Secretary; Business Administration Junior Class Presi¬ dent; Business Administration Senior Class President; Gaebale, Pub¬ licity Chairman, Business Manager; Commerce Guild; Student Sen¬ ate Radio and Television Committee, Chairman; Interfraternity Pledge Council: Interfraternity Council, Rush Film Committee, Co- Chairman; Student Union Talent Show Committee, Co-Chairman. HAROLD LEE SUDBURY, JR. Marketing; Blytheville; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Board of Governors; Blue Key; Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary; Business Administration Freshman Class Vice-President; Student Senate; Commerce Guild, Executive Council; Interfraternity Council, Rush Committee, Investigations Committee; Circle K; University of Arkansas Committee on Radio Station Development, Chairman. WINIFRED FLOY SMITH Elementary Education; Little Rock; Chi Omrga, Reporter, Pledge Class President, Personnel Chairman, Model Pledge; Mortar Board, Historian; Dean’s List; Senior Class Secretary; Panhellenic; Inter- fraternity Pledge Council, Treasurer; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Gae¬ bale Carnival Committee; Arkansas Booster Club, Selection Board; Greek Week, Pan-olympics Co-Chairman; Association of Women Stu¬ dents, Finance Committee; Student National Education Association; Sigma Chi Sweetheart Court; Association Qf Childhood Education; People to People. JAMES THOMAS WRIGHT Marketing and Advertising; Morrilton; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Class Officer; Arnold Air Society; Dean’s List; National Food Brok¬ ers Scholarship; RAZORBACK, Business Manager; Directory, Cover Design, Section Editor; Air Force ROTC, Flight Commander; People to People; Arkansas Accounting Association; Marketing Club, Vice Prrsidert ROSEMARY RAYMOND English; Fayetteville; Kappa Alpha Theta, President, Pledge Class President, Charter Member, Scholarship Award; Mortar Board; Al¬ pha Lambda Delta; Dean’s List; Jo Belle Holcombe Award for Out¬ standing Coed in English; University of Arkansas Scholarship; Off- Campus Women, President; Student Senate; Panhellenic; Sopho¬ more Couns elor; Schola Cantorum; Association of Women Students, Fashion and Etiquette Committee; Red Cross Blood Drive, Publicity Chairman; Student Senate Artists and Concerts Committee. RUSSELL DON WILLIAMS Journalism and Political Science; Fort Smith; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa I au Alpha; Arkansas Press Women Scholarship; Memphis Press Club Scholarship; Outstanding Junior Journalist; Outstanding Senior Journalist; TRAVELER, Editor, Associate Editor. Associate Copy Editor, Staff Writer; Christian Science Organizatien, President; Amateur Radio Club, Secretary-Editor; Press Club; Homecoming Committee; Sportsmanship Committee. JUDITH ANN HERNDON Mathematics; Little Rock; Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman, Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President; Pi Mu Epsilon; Mortar Board; Dean’s List; University of Arkansas Scholarship; Air Force Scholarship; Hotz Hall, Floor President, Legislative Board; Sophomore Counselor; Resident Assistant; Association of Women Students, Treasurer, Legislative Board, Programs Committee, Sopho¬ more Secretary; Gaebale, Ticket Committee, Publicity Committee; Student Union Activities Board, Project Committee; Greek Week, Planning Committee. 52 ROBERT STARK LIGON History; Little Rock; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Trainer; Univer¬ sity of Arkansas Academic Scholarship; Blue Key, Vice-President; Delegate to SCUSA; Honors History Program; Student Union Board, President; Greek Week, Chairman; Student Senate; Vanderbilt Uni¬ versity Swim Team; Vanderbilt Coarse Evaluation Booklet, Co-Edi¬ tor; TRAVELER, Business Manager; Delegate to ASG National Convention; Civic Club; Young Democrats. JANICE MEASELES WRIGHT Business; North Little Rock; Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Chair¬ man, Parliamentarian, Pledge Class President, Special Service Award; Chimes, “On the Hill” Editor; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Dean’s List; Business Scholarship; Chi Theta; Hotz Hall, President, Best All-Around; Sophomore Counselors, Secretary; Association of Women Students, Executive Board, Legislative Board; Interfraternity Pledge Council; Women’s Inter-Hall Council; RAZORBACK Staff; Civic Club, Secretary; Young Democrats. SUSAN ROBINS Elementary Education; Nashville; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rush Sec¬ retary, Chaplain, Personnel Committee; Miss University of Arkansas; Cotton Bowl Queen; Texas Round-Up Representative; S.M.U. Man- ada Representative; Kansas City American Royal Queen Pageant Contestant; Sophomore Counselor; Discipline Committee; Resident Assistant; Fulbright Hall, Religion Committee; Hallabaloo, Powder Puff Football Game Committee. LONNIE AUSTIN TOWERS Law; Texarkana; Holcombe Hall, Head Resident Assistant; William House, Secretary; Men’s Upperclass Residence Hall Council, Presi¬ dent; Droke House, Resident Assistant; Election Committee, Chair¬ man; Circle K, Chairman of Board of Directors, Governor of Mis- souri-Arkansas District; Young Republican Club, Committee Chair¬ man; Student Bar Association. Who’s Who LARRY STERLING WATKINS Pre-Med; Hamburg; Sigma Chi; Wilson Sharp, President, Social Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President; Cardinal XX; Omicron Delta Kappa, Nominating Committee Chairman; Alpha Epsilon Del¬ ta; Football, Letterman; Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Com¬ mittee; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. CAROL JAN HARRIS Spanish and English; Fayetteville; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Class Vice-President, Bliss Activity Key, Junior Achievement Award, Senior Scholarship Key; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer; Chimes; Angel Flight, Comptroller, Executive Board; Sigma Delta Pi; Inter¬ fraternity Model Pledge; Homecoming Maid; Mortar Board, Calen¬ dar Sales Chairman; Phi Beta Kappa; Dean’s List; Hotz Hall, Vice- President, Judicial Board Chairman; Association of Women Students, Judicial Board; Panhellenic; Resident Assistant; Arkansas College Queen Finalist. OLLIE COLUMBUS CAMPBELL, JR. Psychology; Nashville; Alpha Kappa Lambda, President, Vice-Presi¬ dent. Board of Trustees Secretary; Blue Key; University Scholarship; Dean’s List; Inter-Fraternity Council, President; Student Senate; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Vice-President; Circle K, Publicity Committee Chairman; Young Democrats Club; Civic Club; IFC Judicial Committee Chairman; IFC Investigations Committee Chair¬ man; Board of Publications. MARY GAIL STEPHENS Elementary Education; Ada, Oklahoma; Delta Gamma, Pledge Class President, Model Pledge, Recording Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean’s List; Mortar Board, President; Resident Assistant; Interfra¬ ternity Pledge Council, Chairman of Pledge Award Committee; Soph¬ omore Counselor; Association of Women Students, Presidential Aide, Programs Committee Chairman, Legislative Board; Student Senate; Faculty Senate: Hotz Hall, Floor Manager, House Council, Most Hall Spirit Award; Women’s Recreation Association Tennis Doubles Win¬ ner. 54 SHARON FLO TATMAN History; Rogers; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Marshal, Activities Chair¬ man, Pledge Scholarship Key; Alpha Lambda Delta; 1 hi Alpha iheta; Chimes, President; Mortar Board; Panhellemc Scholarship; University Academic Scholarship; Angel Flight, Commander, Fledge Irainer; Sophomore Counselor; Association of Women btuden s, Roles of Women Committee Chairman, Queens Committee; rulbrigit Hall, Floor President, Floor Social Chairman; Student Union Enter¬ tainment Committee; Distinguished Lecturers Committee; Civic Club. WILLIAM E. EBBERT, JR. General Business; Jonesboro; Independent; Off Campus Men; Stu- Senate; Student Directory, Editor and business Manager; Medical Directory, 1966 1967 Business Manager; RAZOR HACK, !967 Editor, 1968 Editor Business Manager; Greek Week Book, Business Manager; Gaebale Book, Editor; Arkansas State Univer¬ sity Directory, Publisher; Yocum Hall, Social Chairman; Senate Election Committee Chairman; Dean’s Election Committee; Election Machine Committee, Chairman; Board of Publications; Entertain ment Committee; Best-Dressed Coed, Director; Constitution Com¬ mittee; Young Democrats DAVID MICHAEL BARKLEY Speech; Little Rock; National Collegiate Players Scholarship; AFROTC Drill Team; AFROTC Singing Cadets; Humphreys Hall, Social Chairman; Student Senate; Greek Way, Editor, Chief Photog¬ rapher; TRAVELER, Arts Editor, Photographic Editor; RAZOR- BACK, Photographic Editor; Arkansas Agriculturists, Chief Photog¬ rapher; Arkansas Engineer, Chief Photographer; Arkansas Booster Club; Circle K; Collegiate Singers. DONNA KAY COCHRAN Business Teachers Training; Texarkana; Chi Omega, President, As¬ sistant Vice-President, Pledge Class Secretary; Honor Pledge; Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice-President; Chimes; Alpha Lambda Delta, Secre¬ tary; Chi Theta; Dean’s List; Angel Flight, Informations Officer; Mortar Board; Sophomore Counselor; Sigma Chi Sweetheart Court; Gaebale, Secretary; RAZORBACK, Features Editor; TRAVELER, Staff Reporter; Association of Women Students, Programs Commit¬ tee, Legislative Board; Panhellenic Rush Book Editor; Fulbright Hall, Section Manager, House Council. 55 •t VIRGINIA CAPITAINE BEATY Romance Languages; Fayetteville; Alpha Chi Omega, President, So¬ cial Chairman, Scholarship Pledge; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi, President; Honors Council; Dean’s List; Honors Program; Mortar Board, Vice-President, Calendar Editor; Panhellenic; Soph¬ omore Counselor; Le Cercle Francais, Secretary; Association of Wom¬ en Students, Publicity Committee, Academic Affairs Committee. SYLVIA ANN SPENCER Journalism; Maitland, Florida; Kappa Alpha Theta, Secretary; Mor¬ tar Board; Kappa Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta; Outstanding Freshman Journalist; Outstanding Sophomore Journalist; Outstand¬ ing Senior Journalist; Journalism Scholarship; TRAVELER, Editor, Associate Editor; A BOOK, Editor; RAZORBACK, Publications Edi¬ tor, AD, Editor; Association of Women Students, Press Secretary; Board of Publications; SWC Journalism Congress; SWC Sportsman¬ ship Committee; Student Senate Constitutional Revision Committee; Sophomore Counselor. REBECCA RIVERS English; Elgin, Texas; Delta Gamma, President, Second Vice-Presi¬ dent, Pledge Trainer, Executive Board, Standards Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Chi Alpha Playmate; Candidate for Honors; Sophomore Counselor; Mortar Board; Dean’s List; Hotz Hall, House Council, Floor Manager; Student Union Talent Committee, Co-Chair¬ man; Student Union Central Planning Committee; Crescents, Presi¬ dent; Panhellenic, Elections Committee; Arkansas Booster Club, Publicity Chairman; Association of Women Students, Legislative Board. NEIL NORMAN SNYDER, III Political Science; Camden; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President, Vice-Pres¬ ident, Controller, Secretary, Recorder, Chaplain, Secretary, Model Big Brother; Army ROTC, Brigade Commander, Superior Cadet Award, Distinguished Military Student, Association United States Army Medal; Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary; Cardinal XX; Scab¬ bard and Blade, Treasurer; Reader’s Digest Foundation Scholarship; Pershing Rifles, First Sergeant; Interfraternity Council, Committee Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer; Civic Club; Circle K. 56 Who’s Who JAMES ROBERT SMITH Psychology and English; North Little Rock; Yocum Hall, Resident Advisor, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Floor President, Fresh¬ man Senate; Humphreys Hall, Resident Assistant, Intramural Man¬ ner, Projects Chairman; Tau Alpha Upsilon, Vice-President; Mens Inter-Hall Council, Service Award, Scholarship Award, Judicial Board, Food Committee Chairman, Political Commission; Kiwanis Club Scholarship; MIHC Commentary, Editor; Student Union Special Projects, Co-Chairman; Student Relations Committee; Student Union Games Committee, Co-Chairman. JAMIE E. NEWTON Math; Russellville; Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chairman, Pledge Class Officer, District Rush Chairman; Dean’s List; Fulbright Hall, Outstanding Service Award, Treasurer, House Council, Majorette, Assistant Captain; Student Senate; Sophomore Counselor; Gaebale Committee, Secretary; Off-Campus Housing Committee, Director; Young Democrats Club; Association of Women Students Committee; Women’s Recreation Association; Disciple Student Fellowship; Raz- orback Concert Band; Student National Education Association. PHILLIP RICHARD VERRILL Marketing; Dallas, Texas; Sigma Chi, Assistant Treasurer, Pledge Class Vice-President and Social Chairman; Dean’s List; Blue Key; Honors Seminar; Alpha Kappa Psi, Representative to Regional Con¬ vention, President, Chairman of Trip Committee; Student Senate; RAZORBACK, Assistant Sports Editor; TRAVELER, Assistant Busi¬ ness Manager; Commerce Guild; Marketing Club, Treasurer; Mich¬ igan State Business Game Team; Senate Finance Committee, Chair¬ man. CAROLYN JEAN HOLCOMB English and Social Studies; Booneville; Futrall Hall, President; Reid Hall, Resident Assistant; Sophomore Counselor; Tau Alpha Upsilon; Student Senate; Women’s Inter-Hall Council, President; Association of Women Students, President; Student Senate Execu¬ tive Cabinet; Board of Publications; Student Religious Council; Fayetteville Board of Directors; Student Faculty Traffic Committee; Young Republicans Club; Representative to National Association of Student Governments; Representative to Arkansas AWS; Rush Coun¬ selor. 57 Symposium ’68 Becomes A Reality -iif p « ■ THOMAS FRANKLIN (Mack) McLARTY President of Associated Stud ents 1967 was the year of the big campaign promises. Mack McLarty’s 28 plank platform raised many doubts. However, the majority of the students in a hectic cam¬ paign showed their faith in the array of programs and the candidate. McLarty was elected over three other opponents in the primary, a first in the history of the University. Both supporters and critics alike were anxious to observe whether or not these campaign promises of 1967 would become realities in 1968. Many believed that the concepts of a symposium, transit system, Ombudsman, community involvement committee, etc. were simply too diverse and too all-encompassing to be implemented. Progress was made in all twenty-eight planks. Some succeeded beyond all expectations. In 1968, student government became a viable, progressive organization. Symposium ’68, which brought fifteen nationally known personalities to campus to speak, was featured on a statewide color television special and is currently in the running for the George Foster Peabody Award. Over $30,000 worth of tickets were sold and the average attendance per lecture was approximately 2500-3000. The transit system, which brought only scoffs dur¬ ing the campaign, proved a reality in March. The trial system has been used extensively by the students and has proven mechanically feasible. It even helped the city transport policemen during the heavy snow. A somewhat impossible task was rendered possible when over $2500 was put into street improvement. And more funds may be made available at a later date. The University was active this year in the Arkansas Student Government Association. This activity proved to be of great benefit particularly in bettering relations among the various colleges and universities in the state. A comprehensive Bill of Rights were presented to the Senate and were subsequently passed. These broad rights included student participation in all committees as well as the elimination of double jeopardy. The Christmas tree lighting ceremony and monthly breakfast meetings with city officials have greatly im¬ proved relations with the citizens of Fayetteville. The general ideas of a joint unification council and an Ombudsman have been accepted by the students. However, an expansion of these departments is called for in the future. Similarly, a far reaching, concrete proposal for a campus radio station now exists. The radio department has submitted several applications to private and federal concerns. Charles Stubblefield did an outstanding job as vice- president and as chairman of the Board of Publications. His quiet, calm manner was effective as always. Jack McNulty put together his treasurer’s manual and guided the financial operations of the symposium and the transit system. Experience did count. Simone Seaman kept an accurate record of the Senate minutes and supervised their distribution. In conclusion, not all of the 28 points in the Mc¬ Larty platform were completely accomplished. However, research and progress were made in every plank. More importantly, student government now seems to com¬ mand the interest and the respect from the individual student. Thus, for the first time, the ultimate purpose of student government has been achieved. 1968 was a year of realities, not daydreams. 58 CHARLES ROLAND STUBBLEFIELD Vice-President of Associated Studens 59 STUDENT SENATE: First Row: Tim Boe, Marty Davis, Mark Myers, Don Bunch, F. B. Elliott, Davie Miles, Ginger Shiras, Pam Arnold, Ben Barry, Jane Bell. Second Row : Randy Mur¬ phy, Darrel Rice, Chris Skillman, Phil Verrill, Steve Nickles, Ken Williams, Jane Adams, Ray Owen, Steve Smith, Norman Hodges. Third Row: Bill Howell, Judy Hersey, Rick Jay, Ann Bilheimer, Steve Freeman, Ann Pride, Dan Kennett, Steve Wing¬ field, Jean Woodell, Jim Hawkins. Vehicle Tax Condemned By Senate The Student Senate was more aggressive than in the past. Some senators did an excellent job, others did not. The Senate as a whole condemned the vehicle tax proposed by the city of Fayetteville. The Senate felt that students should not be taxed based on the prin¬ ciple of “no taxation without representation.” The Student Court has functioned more efficiently than others in previous times. Others in student government, though not elected, did much to deal with the enormous scope of responsi¬ bility this year: Bobby Goodyear, Carter Hardage, Stark Ligon, Walter Slaughter, Sara Watt, Brenda Heming¬ way, Peggy Franks and Jane Williams. The Administration and the students, through As¬ sociated Students, have had a much closer relationship. Part of the credit here goes to Dean of Students Bill Denman. From one end of the twenty-eight planks to the other and in all of the rest of the facets of student govern¬ ment, it was a year of big promises and big production. Thumbs up Mack!!! 60 STUDENT COURT: Jeff Starling, Mike Mahony, Lan Williams, Davy Allen. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Tommy Trantham, President, and Winifred Smith, Secretary. 61 Bobby Goodyear has been Mack ' s right hand man, working in the office of Associated Students. TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE: Mike Warr, co-chairman, and Steve Freeman, co-chairman. OFFICE STAFF: Brenda Hemenway and Sara Watt. 62 OMBUDSMEN: David Lively, Jim McKinley, and Chuck Banks. 1968 RAZORBACK The 1968 RAZORBACK staff was organized with ihe idea of distributing the various jobs to a greater number of individuals, leaving a more qualified staff to work on the book the following year. In this man¬ ner, we could build a staff with experience and at the same time offer a wider selection of candidates for editor. Last year when I filed unopposed for re-election as editor, several members of the Board of Publications were disturbed that no other person had filed for the position. They felt that more people should be encourag¬ ed to participate and trained to assume the role of editor. Therefore, I decided to try to organize a staff which would allow several students the opportunity to become qualified to assume the number one spot on the staff. (Actually, “the number one spot” on the 1968 RAZORBACK was filled by T. J. Patterson, ad¬ ministrative assistant.) T. J. handled a great many of the problems dealing with the RAZORBACK and was able to acquire much valuable experience. Jim Wright Business Manager Bill Ebbert, Jr. Editor in Chief However, two associate editors were appointed: Sue Walk was to gather the copy for the book and work with The Hurley Company; while Linda Young’s job was to gather the pictures and deal with South¬ western Engraving Company. Well, all I have to say at this point about the idea is that “it looked real good on paper.” I sometimes felt that we had, “a failure to communicate.” Nevertheless, both Sue and Linda had requested the jobs and I feel that they learned a great deal about the yearbook business. James T. Wright was appointed as Business Man¬ ager of the book and between job interviews we saw him occasionally, but he acquired a damn good job with Southwestern Bell. He was extremely capable and with the help of his wife handled the business func¬ tions of the book very well. Mike Barkley served as Chief-photographer for the third year while he too was able to train replacements. Mike has worked very hard to offer the best of his work for this publication and we feel like he has done ex¬ tremely well considering the circumstances. 66 Sue Walk Co-Editor Linda Young Co-Editor Bill Ebbert Heads Razorback Again Mike Barkley Photographer 67 Dixie Terrell and Jennifer Jones Introduction Editors The Introduction of the book was complet¬ ed by Dixie Terrell and Jennifer Jones. Ellen Ann R agsdale wrote the copy which 1 have enjoyed a great deal. It seems that 1 have waited until the minute before the deadline to write this copy and Jean Thompson is pushing me to finish her section. Therefore, at this point, I will say no more about the staff or my opinion, but hope to have the opportunity to continue on the last two pages of the book if the printer will save me the space. EBBERT FEATURES STAFF: ( L-R) Carol Ann Abney, Pam Scrape, Ann Curry, and Robyn Gannaway. 68 Robyn Gannaway Features Editor Hall McAdams Classes Editor RAZORBACK STAFF Editor Bill Ebbert Administrative Assistant T. J. Patterson Associate Editors $ ue Walk Linda Young ntroduction Administration Personalities Publications M ilitary Arts Features Dorms Greeks Beauties Organizations Sports Classes Law and Grad Sophomore F reshmen index Proofreader Photographer Assistants Business Manager Jennifer Jones Dixie Terrell Nancy Helms Kathy Walker Jeanne Thompson Pete Gordy Carol Raines Robyn Gannaway Carol Ann Abney Pam Scrape Ann Curry Vicki Morgan Ferrell Ervin Tommie Kay Ebbert George Delian Celia Thompson Fred Horn Carter Hardage Blain Heath Hall McAdams Nancy Baney Nana Holt Mil Bucannon Liz Ellison Bonnie Jamison Mike Barkley Gary Larsen Ken Maples Jim Wright George Dehan Fraternities Editor Tommie Kaye Ebbert Sororities Editor 69 Carter Hardage Jeanne Thompson Nancy Helms Sports Editor Publications Editor Administration Editor 70 CLASSES EDITORS: Nancy Baney, Sue Benham, Mildred Buchanan, and Nana Holt. Pete Gordy Celia Thompson Carol Raines Military Editor Beauties Editor Arts Editor 71 Williams Takes Traveler To Polls Russell Williams Editor in Chief By the end of his tenure, an editor of the TRAV¬ ELER should be a good judge of people. He has been exposed to or worked with an unusually varied assort¬ ment of people . . . people with vast differences in age, personalities, and beliefs. Most of the time, he deals with people under pressure circumstances, the kind that brings out the best and the worst in individuals. But, perhaps even more important, the retiring edi¬ tor has learned a great deal more about himself. Work¬ ing on the paper day after day, every bit of mental, moral, and physical fiber is tested — and all too often, torn to shreds. In the end, he will recognize most of his faults and realize his limitations. The result can be shattering or assuring. Probably a little of both. We did not lack for news stories this year. The “Preview” crisis, the industrial park bond issue, the controversial vehicle tax, the transit system delays, and closed meetings kept the staff hopping. At the South¬ western Journalism Congress, the TRAVELER captured two awards (for editorial writing and sports photog¬ raphy) . . . the first we have won in three years. All in all, it has been an eventful year and a good year. I hope next year will be even better. Kay Carson Associate Editor 72 TRAVELER staff members were notorious for their long discussions — firm stand on many controversial issues this year, received criticism usually about anything but their business. The TRAVELER took a from the " Fits me s " , and applause from the Now s . TRAVELER STAFF Editor Russell Williams Associate Editor Kay Carson Associate Editor Bill Wright Editorial Assistant Ann Pride Copy Editor James O ' Neal Campus News Editor Brenda Blagg Asst. Copy Editor Margaret Rose Palmer Asst. Copy Editor Steve Clinkenbeard Associate Sports ' Editor Blan Heath Associate Sports Editor Gerald Jordan Business Manager Wire Services Wire Services Stark I Agon Janet Anthony Jerry Glover Carter Hardage Sports Editor 73 Gerald Jordan and Blan Heath Associate Sports Editors Janet Anthony and Jerry Glover Wire Services Editors Ann Pride Editorial Assistant Stark Ligon Business Manager TRAVELER PHOTOGRAPHERS: Gary Lawson, Ken Maples, Mike Barkley, and Rick Bailey. Year after year, each editor proclaims that his staff has been the best yet. I will be no different. Now the time for the final roll call comes: Kay Carson — I do not fear for the future of the TRAVELER with the reins passing to this effective and efficient administrator. Ann Pride — this controversial and much beloved staff member was a most valuable asset for the paper this year. Brenda Blagg — a bundle of energy and friend¬ liness. Bill Wright — he remained in our good graces, despite turning into a Greek. His wit was exceeded only by his zeal for sleep. James O’Neal — a hard worker whose efficiency became somewhat blunted by an ever¬ present dropmate. Gerald Jordon — this young man broke the racial barrier with a resounding thud. Jean McMillan —- “Engine Mac” as she is sometimes called, handled well the job of feature editor. Janet Anthony and Jerry Glover — these watchdogs of the wire ma¬ chine worked smoothly as a team. Blan Heath — a fine boy, but the Greek system hasn’t been good for him. Carter Hardage — a politician’s life was more appeal¬ ing. Too bad. And finally, Mike Barkley, Rick Bailey, Gary Larson — a most incredibly talented group of photographers. Special thanks to Mike who has given me advice on sex, loaned me money, and listened to my woes. RUSSELL WILLIAMS Bill Wright Associate Editor 75 THE BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS: Charles Stubblefield, As¬ sociated Students Vice-President; Carolyn Holcombe, President of AWS; Ollie Campbell, President of IFC; Judy Graves, Presi¬ dent of WIHC; Mr. Bill Hughes, Director of Information; Dr. Earle Rudolph, Faculty Representative; and Dr. Jess Covington, Journalism Department Head. Ann Burleson served as secretary of the Board. Ex-officio membership is extended to the editors of campus publications and to the University business manager. Stubblefield Asks For Allocations The Board of Publications, under the chairmanship of Charles Stubblefield, had an active and difficult year. Even though the Board was fortunate in having experi¬ enced editors, several problems arose. The main one was the increasing costs of publications without ade¬ quate allocations to meet them. The “A” Book and the TRAVELER continued to be hampered by the State Printing Contract which forces the two publications to be printed only where the Printing Contract so desig¬ nates. This contract prohibits the acceptance of bids from non-state printing companies whose job offers are sometimes less expensive. This year the Board voted to change the sponsorship of the “A” BOOK to the Division of Student Affairs. In the past this publication has been financed by the Student Senate. The Board has the responsibility for seeing that journalistic ethics are adhered to in all pub¬ lications. And mainly the Board elects the editors of all the major University publications such as the TRAV¬ ELER, the RAZORBACK, STUDENT DIRECTORY, and “A” BOOK. The Board again battled with the edi¬ tor selections and budget approvals. The result has been evident in the improved publications at the University. Stark Ligon ran against a qualified foe. True to form Stark turned on the charm, and the female votes won him the editorship of next year ' s Student Directory. 76 Student Affairs Sponsors 44 A” Book “I hope that the work-products of the countless hours of labor put into this publication meets with your ap¬ proval. It is hopefully the most accurate DIRECTORY ever published, and, in that sense, it should be the best yet.”—John Harmon. As always, accuracy in a university directory is ap¬ preciated, but the question became not accuracy hut the date of release. The IBM punchcards and numerous other things were cited as the delaying factor; never¬ theless, students spent the first months of school minus a directory. Maybe Stark Ligon will be able to get to¬ gether with the punchcard operators. Jim Wright did the cover for the DIRECTORY this year — a cover which seemed to symbolize the growth of the Univer¬ sity. Again a Buyer’s Guide was a feature included in the Directory, but the faculty phone numbers which ap¬ peared to be the real ones became the most popular feature around exam time. Sylvia Spencer edited the 4 , A” BOOK this year and did her best to inform the students of the l niversity s policies. True to form, AWS began the year by chang¬ ing all the policies for women. Kay Carson and Ann Pride helped Sylvia collect the material over the sum¬ mer, and everyone received the “A BOOK during registration in the fall. As the official student informa¬ tion handbook, the “A” BOOK presented guidance, financial aid sources, hours for the swimming pool, and even traffic regulations. Few of the students appear to have read the latter. Since Sylvia spent a year wheeling the TRAVELER, editing the “A” BOOK possibly seem¬ ed a breeze. The students got the information they need¬ ed, Sylvia had another job, and the University continu¬ ed changing all the rules. It was a typical year. John Harmon, editor of the Student Directory, poses for a dignified picture for the annual. A controversy arose which wasn ' t so digni¬ fied. UNIVERSITY DIRECTORY STAFF Editor John Harmon Business Manager Ron Stone Cover Design Jim Wright Circulation Kent Burnett Tommie Kay Ebbert Mike Warr Mary Kay BeviU Sigma Pi Fraternity Sylvia Spencer, editor of the " A " BOOK, relaxes after a hard days work during a Board of Publica¬ tions meeting. 77 Agri Magazine Picks Agriculturette The ChiO ' s lost out this year when Larry McCain became the Agri¬ culturist editor. He appointed a 4-H his co-editor. The ARKANSAS AGRICULTURIST is published twice during the school year, once in the fall semester and again in the spring preceeding Agri-Day. The AGRICULTURIST gives every Agri and Home Ec stu¬ dent interested in journalism an opportunity to write. The Agriculturist was enlarged this year to include an article about each of the departments in the College and more feature articles. We worked even harder to direct the articles toward the student and his interests. Also new in this year’s magazine, was what we called an “Agriculturette” for each issue. She ideally was an outstanding coed chosen for her activities and scholastic achievements in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. Ann Hinkle, Avis Bryant, Linda Smith, and Mike Flynn worked hard to fill the pages with articles that would be of interest to the student. Alan Pack efficiently handled the business of the publication, and Joe Mc¬ Bride distributed the magazine to students and alumni over all of Arkansas. Ruth Clotfelter did an excellent job on all of the pictures. Editing the AGRICULTUR¬ IST was a disorganized but valuable experience. We en¬ joyed informing the students. — L. McCain and L. Cureton. Business Manager Alan Pack and Features Editor Ann Hinkle met to get down to work. At least that is the impression they gave to the faculty. Alan ' s sly smile indicates more fun than work. THE AGRICULTURIST STAFF: (left to right) Janis Callahan, Linda Smith, Ann Hinkle, Alan Pack, Lois Ann Carlson, Mike Flynn, Avis Bryant, Liz Cureton, and Kathy Beaver. AGRICULTURIST STAFF Editor Assistant Editor Feature Editors Home Ec. Editor Agri Editor Business Manager Circulation Photographer Staff Writers Larry McCain Elizabeth Cureton Ann Hinkle Avis Bryant Linda Smith Mike Flynn Alan Pack Joe McBride Ruth Clotfelter Lois Ann Carlson Kathy Beavers Janice Callahan Associate Editor Elizabeth Cureton smiles curtly as rest of staff looks on. She guided the staff and met all deadlines. 79 PREVIEW STAFF Editor John Dacus Assistant Editor Caroline Whitson Staff Writers Faculty Advisors Carla Reams Tom Whalen Gregory Beck Kathy Whalton Janis Gy or Ross Mace James Whitehead William Harrison Dr. Claude Faulkner This year ' s editor and last year ' s editor, John Dacus, radiates with that smile of victory. It was a long three years in the making, but the PREVIEW finally went to press. It was a victory for the student body too. The University refused to print the PREVIEW, and the students de¬ cided it was time to put their foot down. A demonstration took place at the library, complete with picket signs. A few students came as " Flower Children " to hear Mahan ' s poetry read. Instead they got to hear Mullins utter a few irrelevant words. He soon re¬ treated back into the library with a slight case of sunburn of the scalp. In the end, the students had the victory, and conservatism got a jolt at the University. ftKji M j -M 80 Preview Creates National Sensation It seems this is becoming an annual affair with me. Since I expounded on the creative writing program in last year’s annual, I suppose this year I will finally get to talk about the University and PREVIEW. I have worked over twelve months toward seeing PREVIEW go to press (a real press i.e. off campus). Working on the publication in the past year, I have learned in¬ numerable things about the College of Arts and Sci¬ ences, the Administration, and above all else the Journalism Department. I discovered how strongly the Deans of our college support the students. I learned of the gigantic conservatism of the Administration. And I learned what kind of distorted Journalism Depart¬ ment we have. The whole business was, to say the least, messy and should never have happened. I think the biggest single factor to come out of the PREVIEW scandal was the fact that the students finally realized what a powerful body they are and just how much they could do to help improve the University — if they want to. — J. Dacus John Dacus, William Harrison, and James White- head are to be saluted for a job well done. All in all, the project took three years, but the landmark has been established. Caroline Bagby Whitson Associate Editor bvd cl 1 ' IPm fcl ♦ K3 wl Ik t? n mj fg 1 a z yr J f t v japiJ 1 Utjr.Lft PREVIEW STAFF: Carla Reams, Cathy Alton, and Greg¬ ory Beck. March Issue Features Cheesecake The ARKANSAS ENGINEER is the official publi¬ cation of the College of Engineering. It is put out quarterly, but only one of the issues is really looked forward to by the students. This is the issue that comes out in March about the time the illustrious St. Pat cele¬ brates his birthday. It contains cheese cake pictures of all the St. Patricia candidates and the events of what is now called Engineer Week. The ENGINEER is most always devoted to technical articles, but jokes, a dean’s page, and an editorial for excitement also fall within the pages. This year’s first editor was Randy Murphy, who suddenly disappeared from the staff for unrevealed reasons. The new editor is Steve Crow who seems to be very capable of getting the entire four issues finally to press. The magazine is sent to the high schools around the state to promote enrollment in the College of Engineer¬ ing. It is sincerely hoped that the distribution of the magazine also helps to recruit the ENGINEER a large selection of future editor prospects. One thing to be sure of is that the March issue will continue to be a big hit regardless of who the editor is. Steve Crow Editor Jim Robbins Business Manager John Keel Associate Editor Arkansas Engineer Staff: Ed Ellis, (Left); Russell Ewing, (Right); Paul Douglas (Middle). It was a big job for these few, but all the issues went to press. Bill Ross Summer Editor Morris Arnold Associate Editor THE STUDENT EDITORIAL BOARD seated at the Law Li- Walter Sanders, Troy Douglas, Johnny Lineberger, R. T. Miles, brary. From left to right : Dent Gitchel, Larry Wallace, Joe Polk, David Gunti, Tommy Sparks, Maurice Arnold, Bill Ross. 84 State Supreme Court Cites Review In 1947 a non-profit corporation was founded to sponsor THE ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW and BAR ASSOCIATION JOURNAL. Since that time the publi¬ cation has been appearing quarterly through the ef¬ forts of the Arkansas School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association. Faculty Advisors Raymond I. Parnas and Ralph C. Barnhart have supervised the articles written by the students this year. Additional articles are prepared for the REVIEW by prominent judges, lawyers, and law professors. Each article a student publishes is awarded a frac¬ tional credit hour. Therefore, student members of the REVIEW staff receive credit hours to use toward grad¬ uation for their work on the REVIEW. Membership re¬ quirements are that a student must meet the grade- point requirements and submit one or more articles of acceptable presentation. The student articles are classi¬ fied into the categories of Notes, Recent Cases, and An¬ notations according to length. The distribution of the REVIEW covers a wide area. Each member of the Arkansas Bar Association receives a copy of each of the issues. Text writers and the Arkansas Supreme Court have been known to cite the Law Review on various subjects. Johnny Lineberger edited the Fall edition of the Law Review. SPRING STAFF Morris Arnold Co-editor, Summer 67 Bill Ross Co-editor , Summer ’67 John Lineberger Editor-in-chief , Fall ’67 Thomas E. Sparks, Jr. Editor-in-chief , Spring ’68 LAW REVIEW STAFF: (seated left to right) John Crain, Richard Mays, Festus Martin, Thomas Sparks, Dent Gitchell, Maynard P. Johnson, Billy Joe Thomson, Stephen Reasoner, and Robert L. Jones III. 85 Military Army ROTC: Cadets Today Leaders Tomorrow Military training has been an active part of life on the University of Arkansas campus since the University was founded in 1871. The Army Reserve Officer Train¬ ing Corps was authorized by the National Defense Act of 1916 and is now represented on 247 campuses throughout the nation. The importance of ROTC was clearly demonstrated during World War II when more than 100.000 ROTC graduates answered the call to serve as commissioned officers in the Army. General of the Army George C. Marshall, an ROTC graduate himself, stated that “without these officers the success¬ ful rapid expansion of our Army would have been im¬ possible. They made the difference between defeat and victory.” The continuing importance of ROTC on this and other campuses was recently emphasized in an address made by a general officer who served as Commanding General, Field Forces I, US Army Vietnam, when he stated: “l have the highest regard for the caliber of officers being commissioned today through the ROTC program. They have met the many tests of the Vietnam conflict and passed with flying colors. The ROTC pro¬ gram assumes today an even greater responsibility for providing the U.S. Army with a continuing stream of young leaders. The degree of importance which is be¬ ing placed on the ROTC program as the primary source of Army officers is obvious. No other Personnel pro¬ gram is of greater long term importance to the Army and to the Nation.” Col. Robert L. Utley PMS STAFF OFFICERS — First Row : Capt. J. L. Miles, Lt. Col. George L. Kelly, Col. R. L. Utley, Lt. Col. C. D. Jones, Major D. J. Soland, Capt. G. DeGraff. Second Row : Maj. C. W. Robinson, Maj. A. N. Palmer, Capt. D. F. McPeek Jr., Capt. W. A. Mallett, Capt. J. R. Morgan. Third Row : Capt. E. K. Kennedy, Maj. D. R. Kannady, Maj. A. E. Klemm. NCO — First Row: S.G.M. A. D. Simko, MSG. J. E. Cramer. Second Row : SFC Eddie A. Howard, SFC Joseph L. Gingras, SPS Gene T. Lockett. Third Row : SSG Kenneth H. Clausen, SFC Mack M. Graves, SFC Bernard Contrella. 88 Brigade Staff Proves Vital To ROTC Col. Neil Snyder Cadet Brigade Commander The current organization of the Army ROTC Cadel Brigade would not be recognized by a student previous¬ ly graduated from the University of Arkansas. The old system of all cadets attending two leadership laboratory periods per week has been discarded and an entirely new concept instituted. Five battalions composed of 12 drill companies meet separately each week for one hour of drill. Significant improvement has resulted from a decrease in class size and an increase in instructor to cadet ratio. An added benefit to the student has been increased flexibility in class scheduling. Leadership is provided by the Senior Cadets. Selection criteria for commanders and senior staff officers included overall academic and military class standing, summer camp performance, exhibited leadership traits, and past per¬ formance in drill and other military activities. The Juniors attend separate classes where they receive in¬ tensified training in drill procedures and instructional techniques in preparation for leadership positions as Seniors. The outstanding performance of the Cadet Brigade is directly attributed to the favorable attitude of all cadets and the professional approach of the cadet commanders and their staff. BRIGADE STAFF — First Roiv: Snyder, Boudra. Second Roiv: Dismukes, Mercing, McGrew. Third Row. Sanders, Lum, Kidd, Hemingway. COMPANY COMMANDERS — Lynch, McGrew, Jackson. 89 Senior Cadet Officers First Row: Davis, Metz, Luper, Lum, Boudra, DeGraff, Snyder, Hemingway, Modinger, Watkins, Orange. Second Row: Roberts, Ridgell, Ford, Finley, Sanders, Howell, McBride, Har¬ ris, Newson, McGrew, Reed. Third Row: Dismukes, Jackson, Johnson, Winton, Rudder, Pile, Sherwood, Winters, Mercing. Fourth Row: Crews. Burton, Pelphrey, Pendergrass, Neal, Bell, Tripplehorn. Fifth Row: Lynch, Mapes, Young, Everett, Hoke. Sixth Row: Daniel, Barton, Stafford, Newtown, Kidd, Allen. First Row: Price, Papp, Davis, Ingrum, Southerland, Schain- ker, Tyrone, Shaw, Coxsey, Nelson. Second Row: Hananhan, Jordan, Warrington, Woodward, Roller, Douglas, Gordon, Davis, Jerry, Emmert. Third Row: Hazelwood, Murray, Orr, Ludwig, Gillham, Berner, Graig, Holifield, Landers, Whitley. Fourth Row: Papini, Gollon, Kirk, Kennedy, Hargis. Fifth Row: Shan¬ non, Gibson, Whitehead, Self, Rice, Kirsch. 90 Junior Cadet Officers First Row : Hodges, Lowe, Stanley, Hays, Abshier, Carlson Herman, Martin, Bryan, Treat, Smith, Campbell, Cooper, Niel sen. Second Row: Jones, Plunkett, Curl, Johnson, Robertson Shupe, Slack, Johnson, Freeman, Bridges, Davies, White, Row land. Third Row : Cook, Brandt, Lawrence, Phillips, Spooner Dugan, Moore, Glover, Thomas, Douglas. Fourth Row: Polk, Smith, Wat son, Holt, Schaffer, Peckhias, Townsend. Fifth Row: Russell, Pettus, Drewey, Richardson, Baker, Maddox, Lewis, Wagner. First Row: Fikes, Dahmes, Fairchild, Anderson, Jeffreys, Warden, Christy, Winberry, Howard, Gibson, Cramer. Second Row: Rash, Mitchell, Cronkite, Washington, Willis, Yasser, Saxon, Dicksom, Goodman, Wilson, Davis, Alexander. Third Row: Fisher, Burns, Martin, Crain, McPherson, Dawson, Archer, Alexander, Boyer, Schrantz, Dubois. 91 Army Sponsors The Cadettes Corps is an outgrowth of last year’s Army Sponsors. Though the purpose remains the same — a service organization of the Army ROTC program, the functional role is emphasized. Selection is made by a board of Cadet officers at the beginning of each fall semester. Selection is based on academic standing, appearance, moral character, personality, and willing¬ ness to promote the Army ROTC program. Activities during the year have reached from the University of Arkansas campus to Vietnam. The major projects for the year were, “Cookies for Combat” dur¬ ing the fall semester and “We Care” packages in the spring. The items gathered were sent to soldiers serving in Vietnam. Locally, the Cadettes gave a Christmas party and an Easter Egg Hunt for underprivileged children from the Fayetteville area, worked with the Red Cross and the Cadet Brigade during the blood drives, served as spon¬ sors for the Washington County March of Dimes drive, appeared in pre-game parades in Fayetteville and Little Rock, and participated on the drill field throughout the year as unit sponsors. Jeanne Thompson Commander Pi Beta Phi Riding in the Homecoming Parade has become an annual event with the Army ROTC Sponsors. Sponsors work hard at making cookies to send to the Army troops in Viet Nam. 92 m 4 . Jr , HT ' Army ROTC sponsors pose for a picture at Pea Ridge in one of their less active moments. 93 Pershing Rifles Varies Activities The Pershing Rifles is a national honor society founded in 1894 by General of the Armies John J. Pershing, then a captain at the University of Nebraska, to promote drill excellence. The PR’s today are repre¬ sented at 180 colleges and universities across the nation. The Pershing Rifles company at the University of Arkansas was chartered in 1934 and has grown to its current membership of 75. Selection criteria includes leadership characteristics, proficiency in drill, and participation in ROTC activities. Events of the past year indicate the active role played by the PR’s in representing both the University of Arkansas and the Army ROTC Brigade: Color guard at all Razorback football games in Fayetteville and Little Rock; Homecoming parade; Ozark Folk Festi¬ val, Eureka Springs; Halftime performances at Green¬ land, Prairie Grove, and Siloam Springs; Texas-Arkan sas pre-game parade, Little Rock; and Christmas pa¬ rade, Westville, Oklahoma. Internal activities include pledge week, bivouacs, and banquets in both the Fall and Spring semesters as well as furnishing color guards for all Cadet Brigade activities. Gerald Emmert Pershing Rifles Commander Pershing Rifles sometimes guards the Razorback drum during football games. 94 Pershing Rifles A highlight of the year is the annual competition in the March Gras parade in New Orleans. This year the PR’s were guests of the USS Guadalcanal aircraft carrier. Each year is culminated w ith the annual 7th Regi¬ mental Assembly competition among all Pershing Rifle units in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. At the last Assembly, the University of Arkansas drill unit captured first place in exhibition squad, standard pla¬ toon, and the grenade toss, and was elected as most improved company in the regiment. Individuals won first place honors as Outstanding Freshman Basic Cadet as well as recognition of the company comman¬ der, when he received the Regimental Commanders Award, an annual presentation to the cadet contribut¬ ing most significantly to improvement of the 7th Regi¬ ment. For its outstanding performance the local com¬ pany was selected to host the 1968 Regimental Assem¬ bly. Each fall the company selects a sponsor to represent the unit throughout the school year. Miss Becky Baker, ZTA, this year’s sponsor, w as further honored in Febru¬ ary by being selected as an honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the 7th Regiment. The cadets in the company have good reason to wear with pride the purple and white citation cord. Becky Baker Zeta Tau Alpha PR Sponsor PR color guard at Little Rock. Pershing Rifles annually march in Homecoming Parade. 95 Army ROTC Summer Camp ‘The student will pursue the course in camp train¬ ing prescribed by the Secretary of the Army.” This sentence in Army Regulations ultimately leads all stu¬ dents enrolling in the ROTC advanced program to six weeks of rigorous field training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The camp is specifically designed to provide the ROTC student with practical experience and instruction in tactical, technical, and administrative subjects. Camp training provides students with applicatory type train¬ ing which cannot be presented adequately at the insti¬ tution. Normally, the student attends summer camp be¬ tween his junior and senior years. He is paid at the same rate as a student at the military academies plus his traveling expenses. Any cadet who has attended summer camp will never forget his training in marksmanship, compass reading, overnight field exercises, the bayonet course, fire power demonstrations, communications, first aid, patrolling, Vietnam Village, and equipment orientations. Summer camp cadets learn from experienced instructors, the Im¬ portance of modern aircraft. ROTC summer camp teaches cadets the ways of the Army as well as self discipline. 96 Army Increases Campus Activities The Army ROTC instructional program is divided into two distinct, but mutually supporting, phases — the basic and advanced programs. The purpose of the two year basic course is to instruct the students in basic military subjects such as Army organization, map read¬ ing, military history, the Army’s role in National security and individual weapons and marksmanship. The advanced program is designed to prepare selected, qualified cadets for a commission in the United States Army. Instruction is in such fields as world affairs, small unit tactics, communications, military justice, logistics, military intelligence, administration, tech¬ niques of instruction, and principles of leadership. The ROTC department actively promotes extra-cur¬ ricular activities with the intent of broadening the prac¬ tical aspect of the leadership program while promoting cooperation among future leaders in the Army. In addi¬ tion to the Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team, and Army Band, a Ranger Platoon was organized this year. The Rangers conduct practical training in rappelling, Pa¬ trolling, land navigation, and scuba techniques. Cadets train on rifle range under the Greek Theater for the forth¬ coming competition. Sponsors and Cadets prepare Army ROTC ' s float. The float was the first that the Army had entered in the Homecoming parade. Pershing Rifles pledges give valuable training along with quite bit of razzing from their superiors. 97 Army ROTC Band First Row: Alexander, Beavers, Benge, Boothe, Carter, Ches- hier, Coffield, Cullern, Delap. Second Row: Fletcher, Forbes, Gorton, Grippe, Hess, Hull, Holder, Jones, Joyce, Kocher, Law- sen, McAdams. Third Row: McFerran, Morris, Rosendale, Smith, Tallent, Tarkington, Walter, Weaver. Fourth Row: Wight, Williamson, Love, Titsworth, Griffith. Army Rifle Team First Row: Kidd, Boudra, Young, May. Second Row: Glover, Vaughan, Winnington, Allen. 98 Scabbard and Blade Honors Cadets Scabbard and Blade Sponsors: Misses Foster, Whitmore and Johnson. The National Society of Scabbard and Blade, an honorary organization for advanced cadets of the Army and Air Force ROTC, had its beginning on the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas campus in 1916 with the establish¬ ment of “B” Company of the Second Regiment. Each fall cadets are chosen on the basis of scholar¬ ship, leadership, and interest in the military program. The organization here at the university strives to raise the military standards in American colleges and uni¬ versities, to unite a closer relationship between the Army and Air Force ROTC’s, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of efficient officers and to pro¬ mote friendship among cadet officers. These cadets en¬ ter an impressive ‘ " tapping” ceremony on the drill field. After being chosen, the inductees must go through a trial period, culminated by formal induction into the Society. The Society meets several times during each semes¬ ter to discuss problems occurring between the army and air force units, and to suggest improvements in drill procedure. In this way, the best ideas of both groups are available for use. First Roiv: Snyder, Mercing, Bell, Lum, White, Hemingway, Lynn. Second Row: Dismukes, Stubblefield, Crews, Miller, Sanders, Marr, McGrew, Lynch. Third Rows Newton, Sullivan, Reed, Reecer, Hoke, Johnson, Jackson, Carter. 99 Air Force ROTC Shapes Leaders “Informed citizenship in an Aerospace Age.” This is the purpose of Air Force ROTC here at the University. One thousand students were educated this year to attain the AFROTC mission. Over eighty per-cent of all recent Air Force junior officers are products of one hundred and seventy-seven Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps similar to the Department of Air Science on our campus. First-year cadets are taught military aviation his¬ tory, principles of flight, and opportunities of the Aero¬ space Team. Sophomore cadets study aerial warfare, military history, and man’s exploration of space. Many sophomores are given minor assignments on the drill field to prepare them for future responsibilities as cadet officers when and if they should decide to enter the advanced AFROTC program. Having met the physical and mental requirements of the advanced corps, the junior and senior cadets, guided by detachment officers, are charged with fulfill¬ ment of the cadet Wing Mission which is the training of cadets. Between their junior and senior years the cadets attend Summer Camp for a four-week intensive program of officer training. Col. Francis W. Nelson 100 STAFF — First Row: Major W. L. Bailey, Capt. L. H. Allen, Col. Francis W. Nelson, Capt. Z. H. Shelley. Second Row : Capt. J. E. Bailey, Capt. V. V. Semrad, Capt. G. Blasi, Capt. C. E. Rose. NCO — First Row: W. W. Hoppens, A1C R. B. Tweed. Second Row: TSgt. J. A. Sotile, SSgt. J. H. Wingo, TSgt. A. D. Gaston. Wing Staff Officers First Row: Knod, Abram, Maddox, White, Scobey, Hutchins. Second Row : Reecer, Marr, Lumpkin, Miller, White. Third Row: O’Bar, Williams, Fulton, Johnson, Sullivan, Rownak. Senior and Junior Cadet Officers First Row: Lynn, White, Knod, Douglas, White, Wilson, Hutchens, Scobey, Maddox. Second Row: Blecker, Stubblefield, Small, Miller, Tate, Largent, Spurlock, Neuberger, Carter, Lindemann. Third Row: McAlister, Krebs, Hill, Beaver, Wil¬ liams, Rownak, Marr, Lumpkin, Norton, Sullivan. Fourth Row: Crouch, O’Bar, McBee, Fulton, Johnson, Reecer, Pate, Ritchie, Jones. First Row: Franklin, Ricketts, O’Neil, Williams, White, White, Miller, Talley, Thomson, DeRossitt, Conner, Jackson. Second Row: Fox, Bailey, Giles, Coker, Richberg, Stewart, Mantooth, Walker, Shopton, Malone, Gutierrez. Third Row: Copeland, Davis, Freeman, Landers, Hurst, Smith, Pearson, Christ, Thompson, Bullock. 101 AFROTC Security Unit The Auxiliary Security Unit serves as the Air Force Police force. They help with the parking of cars at the football games, and many other helpful practices. AFROTC Marching Band The Marching Band practices during regular drill period, and usually after drill has stopped. The band plays at all pass-in-reviews, and marches in the Homecoming parade. AF Honors Top Cadets Richard Marr receives a commendation for being an outstanding cadet during summer camp. Philip Reecer receives a commendation for being an outstanding cadet during summer camp. Douglas Abram receives a commendation for being an outstanding cadet during summer camp. Billy O ' Bar receives a commendation for being an outstanding cadet during summer camp. 103 Commander, Sharon Tatman Kappa Kappa Gamma Operations Officer, Betty Easter Kappa Kappa Gamma Comptroller, Judy Hersey Chi Omega Information Officer, Donna Kay Cochran Chi Omega Executive Officer, Susie Irby Kappa Kappa Gamma Administrative Officer, Evelyn Bowan Zeta Tau Alpha 104 Angel Flight Adds to Membership Angel Flight comes out in force to inspect at one of the Air Force pass-in-review sessions. The Angel Flight also attends every drill, and carries on charitable programs. The University of Arkansas Angel Flight, which ranks among the top few in the nation, is one facet of the Air Force that is kept busy every minute that the girls are in uniform. Angel Flight, which consist of nineteen girls, is commanded by Susie Irby. Under her direction, and with the help, of Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight ac¬ complished quite a lot of projects. During the Fall, Angel Flight visited Boysland of Arkansas, at Winslow, and took with them, toys and sandwiches. Many times the Angels were accompanied by advanced cadet officers or detachment officers and a band. Also in the fall, many of the Angels attended the area conclave, where they learn poise, charm and military history. Angel Flight, along with Arnold Air Society, plan¬ ned, organized, and carried “Operation Warm-Heart,” which consisted of notifying the public that Angel Flight would pick up any unused toys and repair them and give them to needy children. The operation was a success. Among their many other activities, Angel Flight has taken over the task of organizing and taking charge of the Washington County March of Dimes. Along with attending the regular drill periods, Angel Flight is kept busy all the time. 105 Arnold Air Initiates New Members OFFICERS — First Row: Knod, Man, White, Maddox. Second Row: Fulton, Johnson, Reecer. The Arnold Air Society was founded as an honorary military society for Air Force ROTC cadets who dis¬ tinguished themselves scholastically. The national or¬ ganization was founded in 1947 to “further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concepts of the United States Air Force as a means of National Defense; promote American citizenship among Air Force Officer Training Corps Cadets.” Membership is by invitation and scholastic require¬ ments include a 2.00 overall grade average and a 3.00 in Air Science courses. The Local squadron sponsors the Drill Team which participates in numerous competitions and public events in a three state area. New members are pledged to this unit in the Spring. They are rapidly integrated into the group activities among which are the sponsoring of the Band, Air Police, and the Air Force Drill Team. This past year, the Arnold Air Society has been working closely with Angel Flight in some charitable programs. During the fall the two groups together gathered old toys, and reworked them and gave them to needy children. First Row: Lynn, Tate, Abram, White, Scobey, Hutchins, Mayfield, Maddox. Second Row: Blecker, Lindemann, Franklin, White, Thomson, Spurlock, Knod, Robert, White. Third Row: Malone, Gutierrez, Marr, O’Neill, Stewart, Sullivan, Talley, Conner, Jackson, Small. Fourth Row: Williams, Davis, Hill, Landers, Carter, Pate, Miller. Fifth Row: Coker, DeRossitt, Lumpkin, Mantooth, Norton, Bullock. Sixth Row: Reecer, Smith, Johnson, Fulton, Waymon. 106 Arnold Air Taps Cadets A cadet being selected for Arnold Air Society. To be selected, a cadet must show leadership and scholastic ability. Flight Indocrination Program The Flight Indoctrination Program gives senior cadets the opportunity to earn their private pilots license without any charge to themselves. 107 Shown here is the starting point of the annual Maple St. Stampede. Desperate sorority woman tried to snow rushee with 1926 trophies, but they failed again. 110 Rush Begins with Lots of Grins Faces once again manufactured fixed smiles for Rush Week. Good impressions became the most sought- after attribute for both Greeks and rushees. They looked each other over, cast their respective votes, and hoped they matched. Sororities showed rushees just how neat they think they are at parties of all sorts. Rushees listened to songs with words like “You’ll get accustomed to this place,” and “We’re the neatest, we’re the sweetest.” But the sharp rushees didn’t fall for every sorority’s line, for at the end of the week they were saying, “There’s only one for me.” Then they prayed that the feeling was mutual. Fraternity men had an unusually active rush week since they could no longer have summer rush pro¬ grams. Gross skits entertained rushees who had a laugh¬ ing good time, even when they didn’t catch the jokes. Bid day was especially exciting with dances in each sorority house following the traditional mob scene in front of the Union as boy’s bids were handed out. The smiles paid off, for at the close of Rush Week 1967, 240 girls pledged nine sororities and 304 boys pledged 15 fraternities. On preferential night, anxious rushees await cookies, cokes, and honey. Some sororities return to normal after Rush while others keep their false fronts on all year. Rush produced many unexpected surprises, for example these tri- delt jukers who disguised themselves to impress unsuspecting rushees. Ill Fun, equality, and brotherhood are emphasized during Rush. This may look like Boys Rush on Bid Day, but actually these boys are just waiting for their Cub Scout assignments. 112 Fraternities Promise the Best Who would have thought that the cool SAEs had to hot-box. Following stormy Rush Week was a week of calm - one of the few in the year. James E. Pomfret, Vice President for Business at the University for ten years died following a brief illness. The Administration an¬ nounced two new administrative directors: Dr. William F. Denman in Student Affairs and James Gibson in Housing and told of the return of Dr. Jacqueline Sterner Douglas as Dean of Women. Residents of Co-ed Complex, the new hotel-like dorm, who were excited about the intimacy of their living quarters, were faced with disappointment as they moved in. They found doors that stuck, a shortage of beds, and worst of all, an unfinished parking lot. Some residents living there found their cars towed away quite regularly from the restricted zones in which they parked - hut they wondered where they were supposed to park. The SAE’s sure wouldn’t let them park in their lot. New library facilities are supposed to he available next fall along with the Graduate Education Building near the Union and the Undergraduate Science Build¬ ing by the Chemistry Building. SAE ' s rush to meet the Great Pumpkin, but it turned out to be a fat rushee in an orange shirt. . . . but on Sunday I usually go to Church! Just another excuse heard at registration. Happy people attend Bookstore sale. One for the price of two! 114 New Semester Brings Headaches Registration was no less traumatic this semester with closed courses and unsympathetic advisors. The Jong lines and too-high prices of the bookstore allowed that place to retain its traditional label: “the heighth of exasperation”. The University became one of the largest-staffed ROTC oriented schools in the Fourth Army area with the return of two UofA graduates to the Army ROTC Department as instructors. The new members of the staff are Lieutenant Colonel Clinton D. Jones and Cap¬ tain Jon R. Morgan. Southwest Conference sports writers honored the Texas Longhorns by dubbing the 1967 football season as “The Year of the Horns”, but also picked very high in the pre-season polls were A M’s Aggies. While other teams bring back tremendous proven offensive poten¬ tial, Arkansas must rely on untested material in their fight for another Southwest Conference crown. Grad¬ uation took a large toll in the offensive backfield leav¬ ing just one starter from last year, David Dickey. Freshmen run into trouble as they attempt to fill mini-closets with maxi-clothes. But freshmen boys are always ready to help. AMERIC AS HT BEER A loving father helps move in the essentials in an effort to aid his freshman daughter make a hit at her new home. 115 Pictured here is just one of the many amusements used to keep the Coed Complex happy. Some students thought we wouldn ' t have any Razorback Beauties this year, but here they are. Many dedicated anatomy students spent long, tiresome hours studying the female body. is cure SENSATIONS 116 Excitement of The Year Begins " The Library? Just go four blocks east down Dickson Street — you can t miss it because the sigiVs on the door. " Perplexed coed scratches head: big deal, a pig ' s a pig. Unfortunately, classes finally began and the school year was officially in full swing. Mack McLarty, presi¬ dent of Associated Students, kicked off his reign by making real some of his campaign promises. The Com¬ munity Involvement Committee, one platform plank, was formed to improve relationships between the city of Fayetteville and the University. The Senate Discount Program, started under last year’s administration, was continued by Mack and carried out by F. B. Elliot, Lambda Chi, who is the Senate head for the program. Many students literally turned yellow with the be¬ ginning of classes due to a hepatitis epidemic in Wash¬ ington County. The disease, which affects the liver and brings on yellow coloring, resulted in large numbers of empty desks in classes. At the first Pep Rally, Frankie introduces his bodyguards. He later wished that his guards had had more body. 118 Coed Complex Hassels with Snakes Children quibble over sandbox seats. Sigma Nus were hoping that the Sigma Chis would come to their rescue but they were wrong again. Trying to play it cool with a Playboy magazine. But he is really waiting for someone to explain the dirty jokes. 250 lb. idolized Socrates expounds, " Duh, gee coach I thought it was just the second inning ' Sigma Nu and Co-ed Complex made the year’s first pep rally even more exciting than usual. Follow¬ ing their rumble over who had the right to sit by the Kappa Sigs, ABC decided that if the children con¬ tinued to act up, seating specifications would have to be drawn up, hut there was no more trouble. The Army ROTC chose their 13 sponsors in an en¬ tirely different way this year. Selection was based on interviews by a hoard of officers instead of the tra¬ ditional “gloat and vote” method. Cadets did not think the new system shaped up quite as well as the old. A photographic exhibition of major designs by Finland’s leading architect, Alvar Aalto, was put on display at the UofA Fine Arts Center gallery. In it, thirty-two panels presented 11 structures in detail through photos, texts, and plans. Most everyone cheerfully migrated to Little Rock for the opening football game with OSU. Oklahoma State turned the tables on the Hogs in the fourth quarter by scoring and edging the Razorbacks with a score of 7-6. 119 Razorback Day? Never heard of it. And neither did the participants. Too bad Celia — what with Viet Nam and the Pueblo, the Army didn ' t need another crisis. 120 y Cleans Up Sponsor Selection A tax forum was held to discuss the proposed city tax for the purchase of land for an industrial park and $300,000 for the University. Mayor Trumbo and Pres¬ ident Mullins squared-off in supporting their opposing views. The death of Bill Ferrell, trainer and assistant coach of the Razorbacks for the last 12 years saddened the campus. There were definitely no tears shed at the loss of the switchboard telephone system for the University. The new CENTREX system allowed students to make long distance calls on their own phones. It was announced that SAE won the AAA intra¬ mural championship for the fourth year in succession and the AAA trophy permanently. Big Red No. 1 made his debut as the Razorbacks’ official mascot at the TU pep rally, but brought no good luck at the game — it was another case of build¬ ing up an early lead and watching it collapse for the Hogs. They held a 6-0 halftime lead, but Tulsa scored twice and won 14-12. Hop-a-long Cassidy returns to campus minus his horse and his cool. Soul Brothers and Sisters gather in the gym for a sock hop. Entertainment committee goofed again. 121 We were trying to get a picture of the boy in the teeshirt, but some un¬ identified objects ruined it. " Yes, your fieldhouse was elegant and the dressing room superb. " 122 “The Library” Phi Gamma Delta national fraternity, better known at Fiji, came on campus as a colony and decided to house themselves in Gladson for the time being. ‘The Sights and Sounds of Ferrante and Teicher,” the first of the Community Concert series, was present¬ ed before a near capacity crowd in Barnhill Fieldhouse. Angel Flight tapped 13 new members and weren’t just a-wolfin’ when they claimed to have acquired an especially outstanding group this year. The Porkers pleased UA pops with a 26-0 win over TCU in the annual Dad’s Day game. John Eichler, sophomore, proved himself a promising quarterback by collecting more than 100 yards passing and 100 yards rushing. How do you tell a girl horny toad from a boy horny toad? Well, it depends on how horny you are! For AA Majors Well, OK Jim, just a little. But please promise you won ' t tell my mommy, she would really get mad. 123 Jan pleads with AWS members to laugh at skit, but it was voted down. Pi Phis Scramble for Annual Win What some girls would do to impress the Sigma Nus . . . well it worked, didn t it. Oh, damn, I ' m out of gas. Mark Lane, author of best-seller Rush to Judgement was the first lecturer to speak at Symposium ’68. Lane, critic of the Warren Report, told a UA audience of 25,000 that the Report “considers only a small por¬ tion of the relevant evidence” on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. AWS “Fall Frolics”, held in the Chi Omega Greek Theater, presented its usual program of officers, com¬ mittees, etc. Razorback Hall added a little spice to the sack supper by protesting non-AWS members hav¬ ing to pay 25 cents for it. Boh White kicked a 29-yard field goal with 37 seconds left to play, giving the Razorbacks a 10-10 tie with the Baylor Bears. 125 U of A flower children spread sweet- peas and petunias in front of Big Daddy Dave ' s door. . . . and the 11th Commandment shall be: Thou shalt not print the PREVIEW. 126 Preview Claims Strength of Dirt Would you believe that our group had 49 per cent fewer touchdowns? av FN The uprising of the UofA “Preview” war made this week an unusually exciting one. A. W. Blake, supervisor of the University printing plant, refused to print the latest issue of the “Preview”, Arts and Sci¬ ences magazine, because he feared the illegality of what he considered obscene poems. Another round of the battle was lost when Jimmie “Red” Jones, State Auditor, refused to authorize funds to print the pub¬ lication due to the poems it contained which he con¬ sidered to be in “very bad taste.” Dr. Mullins issued a statement backing these decisions and requesting more time for his own. The Scabbard and Blade pledge class sponsored an all-campus bridge tournament on the patio of the Stu¬ dent Union. Play in the tournament lasted for three rubbers. Money raised was for more exciting future activities for the organization. Beat Texas weekend in Little Rock was highlighted by a big parade from North Little Rock to the state capitol and many, many parties. University students joined people from Arkansas and all the surrounding stales to celebrate (in the real sense of the word) being on national TV. And here we have four little piggies and their keeper. 127 This Razorback thought he ' d found the Chocolate Egg, but Texas knew it was a football. Rockefeller and his wife try to pick another winner. 128 Longhorns Steal Glory on ABC A beautiful weekend came to a close as the Texas Longhorns pooped the party for many Arkansas fans with a 21-12 victory over the Razorbacks before a capacity crowd in Little Rock. The win spoiled Arkan¬ sas’ chances of becoming the first team to defeat a Darrell Royal coached team four times in a row. Gov¬ ernor Rockefeller brightened the day a bit by present¬ ing the L-niversity with a red license plate engraved “Big Red No. 1” in honor of its new mascot. Approximately 500 pro-“Preview” students gathered at a demonstration in front of the Library where they heard speeches from John Dacus, editor of the maga¬ zine, and President Mullins. Mullins said that the ad¬ ministration was working on a plan to get “Preview” printed and Dacus told students to continue demonstrat¬ ing until a decision was reached. Bill Keadle, Kappa Sig, emceed what many con¬ sidered the winner for the grossest-by-far pep rally. Only about half the crowd left the Greek Theater all grins, hut all University students wore grins at Satur¬ day’s game as the Hogs beat Kansas State University 28-7. U of A cheerleader adds a little " French flavor " to an Arkansas yell. After all, variety is the spice of life! 4 % f JF f rr ' ' " That ' s gratitude for you! 25 years in this place and all I get i? a lousy license plate. Other people get watches! " 129 Pearl and the Peach Blossoms, budding new talent, entertain with the smash hit, " To a day dream believer. I ' m a Homecoming Queen. " 130 AM Defeats Hogs on Road to Bowl Righteous Brothers replaced Otis Redding at Homecoming; Many think they should have replaced him in Wisconsin. A D Pi served as a cat house during Homecoming. This well known fact was publicized openly by the huge stuffed cat out front. This year ' s Homecoming torch light parade sure didn ' t lite much of a fire under the Razorback football team. Despite the University Physical Plant’s attempts to provide new and more abundant lighting facilities for the campus, dark and foreboding creatures still man¬ aged to slither about on Halloween night pulling pranks. Dorms and houses held costume parties, ate and made merry. Army ROTC topped Air Force ROTC in their do¬ nations to a most successful Bloodmobile Drive held during the week by the Red Cross. But then all else took a back seat to the frantic ef¬ forts to complete plans for the approaching Homecom¬ ing weekend and the clash with Texas A M. Alumni and visitors poured into Fayetteville with eager antici¬ pation of the 46th annual event. Friday was traditional, with the pep rally and torch¬ light parade to Wilson Sharp, plus the Righteous Broth¬ ers, April Stevens and Nina Tempo, and the Blossoms in concert. Saturday was not so traditional, however. Donations to Mortar Board’s auditorium fund cut down on sororities’ elaborate decorations, and the Aggies froze the Hogs at 33-21. Pi Phi, SAE and AKL won first places in the parade float division. Reid Hall and Sig Ep put forth the best efforts in house decorations. 131 " Somebody tell South to get off the A M bench and get back on his own side. " It ' s a good thing our team has loyal rela¬ tives, otherwise the stands would be completely empty. " This is ridiculous! I would rather be sticky than stiff any day. " 132 Football Ends Then Study Begins MOTHERS: here ' s sobering proof - Babies who are given a bottle to sleep with never break the habit. You don ' t see a pledge pin on these boys, and probably never will. Casino Carnival, the annual fall event sponsored by W1HC and MIHC was held in the lounges of Humphreys and Yocum. The organizations boasted one better than Hot Springs — there were no raids on its mock gambling house. Freshmen took a huge step into real University life with their first elections. Flocks of cars with signs on their sides gratified Fulbright and Hotz girls with rides to class in exchange for a promised vote. Circle K pleased 39 hoys by tapping them for mem¬ bership while the Student Court saddened 33 students by calling them before a closed hearing for mis-use of II) cards. The Hogs ruined Rice’s homecoming with a 23-9 win. “That silly putty sure can bounce. " “My Pledge Mother must have the biggest feet in the house. " 134 Association Concert is Sellout The Association Concert drew a full gym. It could have been fuller had there been more room. Loyal Porker fans were still weary from following a long, hard season of football when the basketball games began. Coach Buddy Waller’s boys traveled to games and hosted them, winning some and losing others. To the dismay of coeds, AWS discontinued its an¬ nual Fall Frolics. This wasn’t the best way of reaching women students, AWS said, and there was the problem of disposing of leftover sack lunches. The Student Senate bumped the Fayetteville Board of Director’s proposal to charge students a five-dollar vehicle tax to be used in paving the city’s streets and paying employees. The Association came, performed, and went, leaving a satisfied, sellout crowd. This was one concert where the stars actually did the bulk of the show. A post-Thanksgiving fire caused heavy damage to the new wing of the Sigma Pi house, but the origin of the blaze remained a mystery. December rolled around before the Student Direc¬ tory was finally distributed to students. Everyone in¬ volved blamed the Directory’s tardiness on everyone else that they could. Even homemade woods can make a girl and boy happy. " You lilly-livered hick, don ' t tell me the world ' s not flat. I ' ve been there. Besides, I know all. " These two charmers look like they enjoy traveling together. Mac Recruits Headline Speakers David thinks it ' s a joke when he ' s told where he ' ll be speaking. During Symposium, many people were in the spotlite some of whom didn ' t deserve it. Mac McLarty’s Symposium ’68 drew diligent, con¬ scientious students away from their books to hear famous names speak on controversial topics. Dr. Burton Einspruch and Playboy’s Anson Mount shared the podium in expressing their views on sex and morality. Both agreed that “sex without love is better than no sex at all.” NBC’s David Brinkley presented his ideas on the war in Vietnam, increased government spending, racial violence, and rebellious youth. Jack Ruby’s lawyer, Melvin Belli, was very emphatic in his statement of complete belief in the contents of the Warren Report; he described the practice of law as “one of the most majestic of all professions.” Joe Pyne, notorious for maddening his television show guests, gave brave members of the audience a chance to speak, and then proceeded to give them a typically frustrating reply. Marine Colonel Glenn Norris and Major Pete Daw¬ kins of West Point presented militaristic views on the Vietnam war and the Armed Service. Pete and Glenn talk about the exciting women soldiers encounter. 137 " Listen here Moon, this is my night to shine. " 138 TV Good Guy Turns Politician Robert Vaughn, past Man From U.N.C.L.E., and a “dove” on the Vietnam issue, spoke to Symposium ’68 concerning “the real reasons that we are in Vietnam.” He said that the State Department’s latest justification was “the spectre of one billion Chinese now armed with nuclear weapons.” He then explained why the U.S. is wrong in using this as a reason. Senator Edward Brooke, Massachusetts’ first Negro senator ever elected by popular vote, spoke to Univer¬ sity students in defense of U.S. presence in Vietnam and in favor of extension of the poverty program at home. Bill Lawrence, White House reporter for many years, spoke about possible candidates for the Presi¬ dency in the upcoming elections. He felt that Johnson would not run and that only Nixon and Romney would announce G.O.P. candidacy before the convention. He spoke like he knew — but, did he? Mr. Lawrence spoke at Symposium but not many knew what he talked about. Surprisingly, University students forgot their biases for a brief moment to give Brooke a rousing welcome. 139 As a result of this year ' s performance, 1968 Sing- phony will be Singfunny. m - v. 4 11 mmmm 1 mm M «an iafli 1mmmm mm mgm MiHtampiBipiwiMiaip MpMpniHHnM ■lav ■itira UK MW 140 Holiday Spirit is Everywhere Mouse . . . trash . . . Traveler — in that order. Lambda Chis were lit twice in a short period of time. A fire broke out on their third floor and they held their annual blow-out party: the “Playboy” get- together. The girls grabbed their bunny ears and the hoys grabbed their money and beers, and all had a merry time. Missouri put a damper on Arkansas basketball by dropping the Porkers 72-58. The Hogs played on even terms for most of the game hut had trouble shooting in the second half. The whole campus sang a “sad song” at the news of the death of Otis Redding, the undisputed “King of Soul”, in the crash of a twin-engine plane near Madi¬ son, Wisconsin. The Bar-Kays, famous for their record¬ ing of “Soul Finger”, also were killed in the crash. The University of Texas at Arlington swim team de¬ feated the Razorbacks 76-36, hut UA tankmen set four records at the meet. Fruit Bowl students should be more careful on their way to class. This one nearly killed himself when he hit a tree. 141 This campus cop had his day made by giving tickets to 532 girls, 3 of which paid immediately. 1 ■ Robert Vaughn appeared on campus for Symposium. However, he also found time to review the campus beauties. This was going to be another picture of Mack but he already has too many. 142 Final Exams-Happy New Year? With the flicker of a candle light some boy has shown his generosity, and chances are so has some girl. • Only her . . . his . . . it ' s—well, surely somebody knows for sure. With the return from home after Christmas vaca¬ tion, the big news on campus was the various and sun¬ dry engagements. Sorority houses could have cancelled electricity and relied on the light from the candles in their candlelights if they hadn’t needed all the power they could get to compete in the grade point race that is kicked off around finals each semester. The Council on the Coordination of Higher Educa¬ tional Finance recommended the merger of Little Rock University and the University of Arkansas. The Student Union opened its ballroom to all studiers for finals with private booths and coffee and doughnuts to aid them. Desperate students stuck to books in last minute efforts. 143 Pill pushers prosper during finals — but after finals two fraternities went bankrupt. 2nd Semester Begins with Joe Tex " Who wants this woman with the skinny legs? " When no offers appeared, Joe decided to go for it himself. Soul Brothers find you can feel it better if you can ' t see it. Spring semester sprung giving a clean slate to all — many of whom desperately needed another chance due to such things as the addition of study hall hours, the subtraction of allowances, or the warm draft of Uncle Sam’s breath down the neck. Semester rush, which consists of giving out bids and moving in, was about as exciting as could be expected. The controversial publication “Preview” was final¬ ly published and distributed. Even English majors had to admit that much of it failed to live up to its ad¬ vocators’ slogan of “stronger than dirt”. Engineers picked six finalists for St. Patricia by interviews and the girls began work on their skits and diets. The Joe Tex concert began second semester’s sche¬ duled entertainment, and turned out to lie one of few which did not cancel. Arkansas Careers gave leading Arkansas businessmen and students a chance to inter¬ view one another. Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma band organizations were awarded three throphies at the national convention. John Braun spoke to wide- eyed students on sex, love, and marriage. Many need¬ ed no lecture. The Joe Tex Concert was held one night and was enjoyed by many University of Arkansas students. 145 Students were entertained by the Campus Crusaders ' Newfolk. They were a real " soul " group. " Now back in ' 22, I ate more Girl Scout cookies than anyone in the troop. " 146 U of A Public Relations at Work In a meeting closed to the press, President Mullins’ ad hoc committee headed by Dr. William F. Denman, Dean of Student Affairs, continued examination of plans for a trial transit system. The TRAVELER was hacked off at being left out. SSOC (Southern Students’ Organizing Committee) demanded that Dow Chemical Company, major manu¬ facturer of napalm, cancel plans for recruiting at the University. Dow came anyway. ABC contributed $430 to the Bill Ferrell Memorial Fund established in memory of the former Razorback trainer and assistant coach. The check was given to the University Medical Center for leukemia research. Peace Corps volunteers were in the Union all week and spoke to several classes. The J. Dwight Peterson Award was presented to Sigma Chi’s U of A chapter for over-all above average performance. University Theatre presented “Marriage of Figaro”. Becky Baker was named Honorary Lt. Col¬ onel of Seventh Regiment of Pershing Rifles. The Stu¬ dent Union sponsored the Poor Man’s Art Festival or a place for students to display and barter their own works of art. Busy Week. " Damnit — Go Home! " " You don ' t know how much I appreciate this. It ' s such a long way to Hot Springs. " 147 The Peace Corps visited the campus renewing the idea that there is no such thing as a bad peace. Activities On and Around Campus ' Gee, it ' s so great being here with all the boys; who owns this place anyway? Alpha Chi and Farmhouse won first place honors in scholarship for the fall semester. The Student Senate was especially active this week, voting to give official recognition to the SSOC chapter on campus and adopting a resolution concerning free¬ dom of information stating that all University meetings should be open to interested persons wishing to attend. The third in a series of Arkansas Forums was held before a capacity crowd. Dr. William F. Cheek headed a panel which discussed “War and American Society”. Alpha Zeta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity held a centennial celebration on Campus this week. The first chapter was founded in 1868 at U. Va. It ' s time to end the war when we have to rely on this. Someone told me to go fly a kite — so I did. No, damnit, it ' s not part of the act — I have to go to the bathroom! 150 Spring Combines Hard Work and Fun Springtime finds the Razorbacks in their old position but with a new plan — to win. . M ' ,M W aP , A ML It was announced that the long-awaited transit sys¬ tem would run this week, hut much to the disappoint¬ ment of Co-Ed Complex residents, it was halted because ihe University felt that certain stipulations concerning the lease for the tractor had not been met. Students complained of an administrative thumb over them point- down instead of up like Mack’s. Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield spoke as a part of Symposium. He urged a continuing appraisal of our commitments abroad and a substantial reduc¬ tion of United States forces in Western Europe. Mans¬ field said that he did not feel that ihe security of South¬ east Asia is vit al to the security of the U. S. Campus honors flowed as Linda Walker, ChiO, was named Miss YDC; Ruth Gwynn, OCW, was crowned Agri Queen; Blue Key tapped ten new members and ODK, seventeen. The Razorbacks finished their basketball season by edging the University of Texas 74-73. The University golf team began its 1968 season with a second place finish in the Southwest Recreational Meet. U of A athletics finally looked up. Pre-Med Day sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Delta was held for visiting high school seniors. " Heads or tails? " 151 This boy appears to be absorbed in the world problems, but he ' s only trying to figure out B.C. 152 Notorious Personalities in Action Engineers Week brought an outgrowth of grizzly beards (for those who could grow them), a succession of banquets, and hours of skit practice for St. Pat and Patricia candidates. Suzy Gerety, Tri Delta, and Mike Eidson, Sigma Pi, were chosen to reign over festivities at the less-lhan-gross Engineers Rally, high spot of the week’s events. Senate Majority leader Mike Mansfield spoke at Symposium ’68, covering such topics as the Viet Nam war, United States’ relations with Southeast Asia, and possible presidential candidates for the coming election year. For the first time in twenty years, classes were cancelled for a day because of a blizzard-like snow storm, and, to the chagrin of the administration, gave students an unplanned holiday. AWS elections were also postponed so that coeds wouldn’t have to take time out from romping in the snow to go to the polls to vote. Here comes the judge. The Bobbsie twins wrote a book. So far it has only sold two copies. 153 " After I take the time to make all these shots, they ' d better not put a pun under my picture. " . 154 r Snow Brings Campus to Standstill No matter how you look at it, the male students 7 favorite pastime is making girls. . . . and so are many other things. SMU outswam all the rest to a Southwest Confer¬ ence victory, although Arkansas swimmers set our own school records in every event. Texas finished in second place. Candidates for Associated Student offices and Sen¬ ate positions began filing. Much apprehension began to build as to who would campaign for whom. Of course, getting voters to read one’s platform was an¬ other matter. Late in March Razorback Beauties were announced, giving some a thrill and others a shock. The Commerce Day banquet ended a day of semi¬ nars on all areas of the business profession, and an¬ nounced Commerce Guild officers and the new Com¬ merce Queen, Mildred Buchanan, Tri-Delt. 155 " If I used Ban, would anyone sit by me? " 156 is Spring Break is Welcome Relief Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination in Mem¬ phis left the University, as the entire nation, stunned and saddened. President Johnson pleaded for calm, but rioting broke out in many cities. University students and faculty held a memorial service and march through campus and downtown, honoring King. Following the march, the group of about 150 gathered on the court¬ house steps for a similar service with prayer and free¬ dom songs. Negro students on campus advocated non¬ violence in keeping with King’s teachings. All classes were called off on the morning of King’s funeral; a few Arkansas representatives attended the actual serv¬ ice; many went to local services, and some watched the television broadcast. All mourned. Do you think she danced all night? " W. C. Fields is alive and well in Cuba? " 157 Students turn to the Library again to express heartfelt emotion. r §% i { | 7|J i.|f V " 5 , ilf • T ' yktfUK ' ijBt Myyif ' vV I 1 V V J Xfc—n U of A students continued Dr. King ' s ideal of non-violence as they mourned his death with " We Shall Overcome " . Demonstrators Pay Tribute to King Mother, father, and girlfriend look in disbelief at boy ' s new tatoo. It ' s the newest thing on campus. If you want to see Pi in the sky, ask a Sigma Chi. Chi Omega swept to victory in the third annual Sigma Chi Derby Day. The Skis were pleasantly sur¬ prised as the Bonnie and Clyde gang (actually ChiO’s) raided their house to win the transportation event. Walter Slaughter and Mike Fitzhugh discussed their platforms in various forums during pre-election cam¬ paigning. Fitzhugh came down with “foot-in-mouth” several times during ihe week — but freshmen women continued to say that Fitzhugh fit them because he was definitely the cutest; and after all, they couldn’t be¬ tray all those Sigma Nu drops. Hallaballoo was a great success even though Sam and Dave, not unexpectedly, cancelled. Powder puff football proved that girls are not always ladies — in fact, they can be real “jocks”. Boys remained interested in these frantic females, however, as was shown in the bed relays and “Bod race” which highlighted the field events. The Journalism department held the seventh an¬ nual J-Day on which several distinguished Arkansas journalists spoke. 159 When they said Powder Puff, she didn ' t bargain for all the hard knocks. The teams were well coached in the tactics of football, but you can be sure this is the only pass this girl will ever catch. 160 Derby Day—A Colorful Success A case of “female fatigue” swept the campus after a frantic weekend of coed-competiti on in the Sigma Chi Derby Day events and Powderpuff Football frolics. Sore muscles, purple bruises, and band-aids marred numerous female figures throughout the week. Approximately 4,000 students voted in the student body primaries, throwing some races into run-offs. All eyes were on the prexy primary, through which Fitz- hugh led Slaughter by a narrow margin. Edward Vin¬ son, a third candidate for the top office, moved his support to a write-in candidate for the upcoming presi¬ dential run-off. Agri Day Weekend harvested a crop of events for Agri Queen Ruth Guynn at the awards banquet, open bouse, tug-of-war, plus a barbecue and rodeo at the Washington County Fair Grounds where people sat on or fell to the ground all day long. More girls dropped " trou " at Derby Day than all the Kappa Sigs in history. Derby Day found Pi Phis finally willing to take their pants off. 161 Here comes Peter Cottontail staggering down the Bunny Trail, hippety, hiccoughing all the way. Hacky Easter! 162 Easter is Celebrated in Many Ways Draft dodgers: we would hate to think of our country ' s survival in their hands. Spring comes chug-a-lugging in. So will summer and fall and winter and week-ends and always. A successful spring break requires lots of planning. For instance, selection of motel and corresponding stories. Spring days came on in full force and were notice¬ able by the universal signs (flowers and sunshine) and ihe university signs (crowded conditions at Jug’s and nol-so-crowded conditions in classes). Convertible tops went down as crowds flocked to Wedington, hut the “Alphs” and “Spees” stayed behind to make their battle plans. Alpha Phi Omega, Society of Automotive Engineers, siarled plans for what turned out to be another suc¬ cessful Road Rally. Trophies were given for the best average times. The English Department presented a full week of activities centered around guest speaker, Prof. Fred¬ erick Crews, professor of English at the University of California at Berkley. Some of his topics were “Literary Criticism and Political Morality” and “Psychoanalysis and the Study of Literature.” “The Graduate” continued its fourth successful week at the U-Ark. Students seemed to enjoy the naive, sexy adventures of Dustin Hoffman, though it’s doubtful that there are any graduates from here with such little experience. The long-awaited “breather”, Spring Break, finally arrived and the campus was left naked. 163 " I knew we had fairy never knew we had an boats, but I air force ' 164 Elections Boo If in 1968 Walter Slaughter As usual thare were more campaigners than voters at the polls. This year there were also more votes than voters. NOW spelled backwards is WON. As student body elections came closer to the finish line, campaigners grew more fiercely aggressive than ever: streets around campus were lined with honking, sign-decked cars from dawn till dusk; candidates hand¬ ed out everything from hamburgers to Easter eggs (and salt; and students dodged poster pickets with their ears closed, tummies full, and a trai l of hand-bills behind them. Choice ’68, the first National Collegiate Presidential Primary, came to campus, giving students a chance to name their first, second, and third choices for President of the United States. The ballot listed every current, leading political figure with room for write-ins. 165 " You mean Mack is running again! " " Yes we use VOTE toothpaste. It real¬ ly works. " 166 Slaughter Victors for Top Spot This ecstatic Alph turns himself into a human polka dot to cele¬ brate their victory. SAE’s rallied like hell to switch Slaughter from a preliminary loser to an over-all winner. It was hard to believe that the long talked about “NOW” had finally arrived and those little red, square stickers didn’t fit anyone after all. George Lease made a big victory for independent students by sweeping the vice-presidential votes. They claimed to have won a new lease on university life. Sarah Watt ran unopposed for secretary and saved the ChiO’s from having to carry out the election plans they had made in September. The general knowledge of these plans might have had something to do with her being unopposed. Lambda Chi’s pretty boy, Bill Williams, won the treasurer’s battle by edging past Randy Riddle, AKL. As usual, a Razorback football jock won president of the Senior Class: Terry Stewart. The Phi Delt’s say this trend is due to leadership on the field being proof of leadership elsewhere; others say it has something to do with hero-worship. All-in-all the elections were clean and fun. The aftermath of glory. 167 Sorority bids are a cinch for ihese newly tapped Chimes. Mortar Board tapped their new members. As a result, three girls suffered brain concussions. 168 Mortar Board Taps New Members . . but I assure you one thing, I ' ll end the war in Vietnam, maybe the world too, but the war for sure 7 To the great disappointment of coeds, the AWS Spring Festival offered no sack suppers this year. Four scholarships were awarded, resident hall assistants and sophomore counselors were announced, and Mortar Board used “flower power” to tap its new members, which was the highlight of the program. The twenty old outstanding women of Chimes tap¬ ped the twenty new, after about two months of screen¬ ing, re-screening, and interviews. Right away the young ladies began their duties by guiding campus tours and assisting Miss U of A contestants at the pageant. Barry Goldwater, 1964 Republican Presidential nominee, was the year’s la t Symposium ’68 speaker. Goldwater, who last fall predicted that the Vietnam war would end by November ’68. declared he still supports that statement and feels that the United States is win¬ ning the war. In speaking of the upcoming Democratic nomination, Goldwater speculated that Hubert H. Humphrey will be victorious. In answer to the question of “getting out of Vietnam regardless of how we do it”, the former Senator expressed concern over the communist challenge if the U.S. were to do so. Ha hasn ' t faired as well as his Sigma Chi brothers. Maybe he should go back to college. 169 " With a little left English, I can get this in the center pocket. " Brown bods want to be white, and white bods want to be brown. At the blood drive, one could never tell who was giving and who was taking. New Season Brings New Activities Protestors Reek! Ask the man who smelled one. " I ' ve got my girlfriend back, now if I can just get rid of this invisible shield ' “Fayetteville on Review”, a closed circuit television broadcast, hosted a program interviewing several anonymous U of A Students on campus-city relations, student activities, and the generation gap. Once again the ever-popular questioning panel selected a queen. This time it was for Miss YRC, and Deborah Wilson, Delta Gamma, was selected. The spring Red Cross blood drive fell below its goal set for soliciting student donations. In spite of cookies, cokes, and hovering military sponsors in snug- fitting uniforms and heels, ROTC boys just didn’t seem to care whether the Army or the Air Force won in their competition for giving the largest amount of blood. 171 Fraternity men find Coco Simms more interesting than their dates. How could the Greek Week dance fail? With 2000 people in the Rink, there ' s no choice but unity. 172 Greeks Unite for Their Week Greek Week activities kept sororities and fraterni¬ ties jumping from weekend to weekend. The highlight of the week was F. Lee Bailey, noted criminal lawyer, who spoke in John Barnhill Fieldhouse. Bailey examin¬ ed U.S. justice systems and said that they are not the best, though, in theory, they have great potential. IFC and Panhellenic joined hands in a workshop with speakers from different houses and a talk by Mrs. Charles Palmer, Jr., Associate Dean of Students at the University of Kentucky. Darrell Trovel, Dean of Fraternities at Oklahoma State University, spoke to those attending the Greek Week Banquet at the Holiday Inn. To everyone’s sur¬ prise, Kent Rubens who has won everything but praise for his work at the University, received the Outstanding Greek Man award. Gail Stephens, DG, won Outstand¬ ing Greek Woman. Fitzhugh is still looking for Dr. Mullins to clarify a campaign con¬ troversy. Students show their thirst for knowledge as 40 coeds crowded into Barnhill Fieldhouse to hear F. Lee Bailey. 173 At cheerleader prac¬ tice, they called so many hogs there is now a pork surplus in Fayetteville. 11 • %k w 1 r ] m m r h L % 1 ■ ■ 174 An Old Landmark Gets a New Face Bill Woodyard ' s dog watches his master ' s old home go down. Arkansas’ Big Red 1 became a father when his girlfriend, Prudence Pig, presented Big Red with eight piglets. There was talk of a paternity suit, but the pair seem to be quite happy together in Hog Heaven. The DeLuxe re-opened its doors after several weeks of remodeling, and then had to relock them for fear of the multitudinous crowds over-packing the place to celebrate with free beer. But soon the free beer was gone, and the moochers moved on, while the loyal patrons of Pat and Helen stayed on in larger, newer, yet still comfortable surroundings. Tryouts for ’68-’69 cheerleaders selected eight regu¬ lar hog-callers and four alternates. JAMES BROWN SHOWED UP! 176 Gaebale Concludes ’68 Activities The Pozo Seco Singers gave a folksey touch to Gaebale. At the annual Red-White Game, hog rooters gathered to pray for a winning season. Little McLarty and little Ebbert make plans for 1975 RAZORBACK and Student Senate. Gaebale was more successful than ever before with pretty weather and lots of activities. Artie Gregory and Mike Fitzhugh, co-directors, won praise for a job well done. Pozo-Seco Singers got the ball rolling with their folk-rock concert, but the “man who can’t stand him¬ self”, James Brown, stole most students’ hearts and everyone’s soul. The Miss University of Arkansas pageant couldn’t help being good with sixteen of the most beautiful girls on campus vying for the title. The judges picked Nan Castleberry, Chi Omega, to reign as 1968-69 Miss U of A. The Gaebale Carnival drew a large crowd with booths featuring everything from mud-throwing to “skin-flicks”. People got carried away clobbering the Theta car and the fire department was called when it crashed and burned. Coach Broyles was a bit disappointed with the Bed- White scrimmage game, hut the crowd loved seeing the Razorbacks kill each other. Fans or sadists? Gaebale, the big weekend of the year, was followed only by bookin’ it for exams, so for the typical fun- loving student, THE YEAR ENDED. 177 New Miss U of A finds the meaning of bliss. This boy has finally found the secret. He ' s got school, finals, and everything knocked, 179 Razorback Beauty Pi Beta Phi A junior in the College of Educa¬ tion, Mandy is from Magnolia. She transferred to the University of Arkan¬ sas from Southern State College. She is active as a member of Angel Flight and will serve this summer as rush chairman for Pi Beta Phi Sorority. Her hobbies include traveling and skiing. 182 183 Razorback Beauty Coed Complex A sophomore in the College of Edu¬ cation, Nancy is from Linden, Texas. She is majoring in English and history. She served as a Hallaballoo Hostess and was a contestant in the Miss Texas pageant last July representing her home¬ town as Miss Linden. Her hobbies are swimming and skiing. 184 Razorback Beauty iane Reid Hall A Business Administration sopho¬ more, Diane is from Arkadelphia. She is active as a member of ihe Cadette Corps, having served as Vice-Command¬ er, and also as a member of Chi Theta. During her freshman year Diane was chosen as a finalist for Chimes. Her hobbies are water skiing, horseback rid¬ ing, and playing bridge. 186 187 Razorback Beauty Kappa Kappa Gamma A sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, Letty is from Jonesboro. Her major is history. She transferred to the Uni versity of Arkansas from Steph¬ ens College. She has been elected Comp¬ troller of Angel Flight and was also selected as “Little Colonel” of area G-l. Her hobbies are reading and antiquing. 188 Razorback Beauty Reid Hall A sophomore in the College of Edu¬ cation, Didi is from Dallas, Texas. After graduation she plans to travel and even¬ tually to teach. Her hobbies include horseback riding, skiing, sailing, and skeet shooting. 190 191 Razorback Beauty Chi Omega A Business Administration senior, Kathy is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been a Pershing Rifles Sponsor, Com¬ merce Queen, and has also served on the A.W.S. Legislative Board. She was recently selected as a member of Who’s Who in American Colleges and Univer¬ sities. One of her favorite hobbies is playing the piano. Kathy plans to fly for TWA after graduation. 192 Razorback Beauty Delta Delta Delta A junior in the College of Education, Johnette is from Shreveport, Louisiana. Her major is elementary education. She was selected as a homecoming maid this past fall. Johnette’s special interests in¬ clude travel, any water activity, and music of all kinds. 194 195 Razorback Beauty evert Coed Complex A sophomore in lhe College of Edu¬ cation, Beverly is from Fort Worth, Tex¬ as. Her hobbies are tennis, swimming, and water skiing. She has future plans of becoming an airline stewardess after graduation and of eventually teaching in Texas. $ 196 197 Miss University of Arkansas Alternates 198 ' M Miss University of Arkansas Pi Beta Phi 199 mm gfl 4 Homecoming Court Suzy Gerety, Delta Delta Delta; Bonnie Taylor, Pi Beta Phi; Johnette Querbes, Delta Delta Delta; Kobyn Gannaway, Pi Beta Phi; Sandy Asselin, Hotz Hall; Beth Baird, Chi Omega. 200 Homecoming Queen Zeta Tau Alpha 201 202 Arkansas College Queen jurciLjii OjreifiiLlenljoirpn Wu Pi Beta Phi Maid of Cotton Finalist (u)etmi eume Chi Omega National Honey Queen (Sjnnib Q Delta Gamma arne Arkansas Cherry Blossom Princess illiitm on Chi Omega Queens Agri Queen jnijnei Off-Campus Saint Patricia ( fuzy ( Jeretij Delta Delta Delta Commerce Queen red Queiianim Delta Delta Delta eljt 203 Dorms Fulbright Hall Enthusiasm Brings Spirit Award The 400 occupants of Fulbright Hall met their first year at the University with much participation and spirit. Functions within the dorm included a Halloween party and the annual spring formal, “Sweetheart Tree.” Patty Stallcup, Marty Bettis, and Teresa Driggers were selected as ROTC sponsors; Stacy Heringer, Dee Dee Davis, and Mary Beth Twiehaus were Hallaballoo sponsors. Eighteen Fulbright women were chosen for Alpha Lambda Delta. The spirit award at the Beat Texas pep rally went to Fulbright, as well as second place award in Singfony. The 1967-68 officers were Barbara Holloway, presi¬ dent; Marilyn Brewer, vice-president; Margaret Mentil, house manager; Vicki Lee, social chairman; Mary Beth Twiehaus, treasurer; and Myra Jane Curtis, secretary. Fulbright girls voice opinions at Halloween party. 206 First Row: Carol Jeane Adams, Alice Susan Alexander, Helen Ann All, Anne Alvord, Joyce Evelyn Andrew, Penny Marie Barfield, Cheri Pamela Barkley. Second Row: Jeanine Barrett, Catherine Regina Bauer, Karin Baumgartner, Melinda J. Bays, Patricia Ann Belue, Susan Yvonne Benson, Lonna Ruth Benton. Third Row: Linda Louise Ber- ney, Martha Helen Bettis, Joan Margaret Biles, Betsy Blakely, Dorothy Pearl Bobo, Karen Kay Bock, Jane Veronica Bonady. Fourth Row: Claire Bond. Jana Elaine Bonds, Pat Joy Boster, Gloria Pamela Botner, Beverly Bowen, Nina Arlene Bradbury, Marilyn Jean Brewer. Fifth Row: Anne Elizabeth Brookes, Katherine Anne Brooks, M. Kay Brown, Patty Lynn Brown, Tanya Ann Brown, Teresa Lynn Burkes, Betsy Burroughs. Sixth Row: Carol Elizabeth Bur¬ ton, Susan K. Busby, M. Camille Calaway, Sharon Jane Carson, Carole Dianne Carter, Karen Lea Carter, Alice Gertrude Cathey. Seventh Row: Judy Carol Cato, Jan Marie Caughron, Betty Lou Cawvey, Carolyn Rachel Cazort, Carol Ann Chaney, Randi Christi- son, Peggy Jean Clark. Eighth Row: Karen Ann Clarke, Terrisue Cochran, Linda Sue Cole¬ man, Sarah Ruth Cone, Kathryn Corrothers, Christine Cox, Carol Cravens. Ninth Row: Debbie Crawford, Mary Jane Creel, Deborah Rhea Cunningham, Teresa Lee Curtis, Linda Sue Daily, Janis Kay Daugh¬ erty, Deidre Lyn Davis. Tenth Row: Diane L. Davis, Sheryl Ann Davis, Victoria Kay Davis, Dianne Leigh DeShazo, Norma Ann Dillard, Shirley Ann Donovan, Yvonne Ann Douglas. Eleventh Row: Jayne Elizabeth Doyle, Dona Lee Dresser, Teresa L. Driggers, Geraldine Livingston Dugan, Karen Elizabeth Durham, Jessie Geneva Edwards, Pamela Ruth Edwards. 207 First Row: Janet Lee Ehrenberg, Marguerite Ellis, Judy Englehart, Linda Cheryl Eubanks, Barbara May Evans, Marva L. Evans, Kath¬ leen Ewing. Second Row: Heber Jean Farm¬ er, Linda Jo Faulkner, Hannah Sue Ferguson, Billie Fowler, Peggy Nell Franks, Sandra Lee French, Ellen Suzanne Futrell. Third Row: Mary Frances Gar¬ rett, Natalie Gaskill, Diedre Ann Gaston, Beverly Sue Gaylor, Paula Sue Geurin, Calla Jane Gibson, Jill Gordy. Fourth Row: Pamela Frances Graham, Linda Jean Grantom, Camelia Kay Gray, Kathy L. Gris¬ ham, Kathi Grizzle, Diane Marie Guy, Beverly Janice Hall. Fifth Row: Lola Beneta Hall, Melanie M. Hall, Sherry Hamilton, Jane Mary Harasta, Linda Louise Harned, Penny Harris, Elizabeth Ann Hartz. Sixth Row: Mary Susan Hasty, Vicki Jean Henbest, Jane Karen Henley, Wordna Sharon Henley, Maria Stacy Heringer, Shirley De¬ nise Hinton, Karen Sue Holbrook. Seventh Row: Mary Barbara Holloway, Dianne Lee House, Mar¬ cia Lynn Huckabay, Patti Hudson, Claire Huffaker, Beckie Lynn Jay, Henrietta Jenkins. Eighth Roiv: Margaret Louise John, Nina Norett Johnson, Janet Catherine Johnston, Marla Dianne Jones, Victoria Gutlierie Jones, Julia Ann Kaps, S. Jeanne Keel. Ninth Row: Pam Kirby, Kath¬ leen Ann Knowles, Barbara Jean Ko, Cheri Leta Kohler, Janice Alicia LaFarra, Norma Elizabeth LaFevers, Margaret Jean La- Prade. Tenth Row: Mary Jeannette Le- Gate, Karen Jane Lewis, Karen Rhna Lewis, Mura Lingle, Nancy Gray Lyon, Mickie Jane Marble, Kaye Williams Massey. Eleventh Row: Charlotte Ann Mayberry, Cynthia Jane Mays, Lynn Ellen McCleary, Linda Susan McClellan, Nanette McDonald, Patricia Ann McElroy, Pamela An- nieca McEwen. 208 First Row: Martha Jean Mc¬ Ginnis, Mary Elizabeth McHughes, Susan Patricia McKeon, Carol Ada Meade, Margaret Elizabeth Mentil, Mary Moseley Messer, Cathay Ann Meyers. Second Row: Mary Luz Miller, Jennifer Jane Moll, Lanora Sue Moore, Betty Lynn Munn, Leah Ann Nash, Nancy Lou Nelson, Lucy Ann Nolen. Third Row: Amelia A. Nugent, Colleen Anne O’Brien, Lucinda Golden O’Connor, Vicky Marie O ' Halloran, Mary Lou Osborne, Catherine Lynn Owen, Louise Lane Owens. Fourth Row: Ruth Ellen Pace, Patricia JoAnn Pappas, Paula An¬ nette Parnell, Kathy Ann Patton, Linda Ann Pegelow, Rebecca Jean Petty, Jayne Pierce. Fifth Row: Ellen Earle Pinker¬ ton, Peggy Sue Potter, Catharine Joanne Preyer, Kenyon Lacy Pro- bert, Betsy Railsback, Mary Me- Oora Rainsauer, Claudia Ann Ranes. Sixth Row: Jessica Francis Ran- ton, Audrey Marthella Raybourn, Mary Jo Reaves, Cindy Lou Reese, M. Robin Reynolds, Shara Suella Rite, Anna Lee Roark. Seventh Row: Jan E. Roberts, Judy Ann Roberts, Kathy Jo Rob¬ erts, Constance Sue Robinson, Evelyn Robbins, Jeanette Robin¬ son, Linda Belle Rodgers. Do you think that this smile will get me a Kappa bid? 209 First Row: Mary Jane Rose, Carol Ann Ruscha, Joan Leslie Sanders, Mary Ann Sandor, Car¬ olyn Sue Satterfield, Victoria May Saums, Carolyn Cree Schlegel. Second Row: Susan Marie Scott, Janie Lee Segraves, Janice Eileen Siems, Judy Carol Simmons, Mary Bridget Slaughter, Patricia Diane Smith, Ruth Elizabeth Smith. Third Row: Judith L. Smyth, Marcheita Ann Snapp, Rebecca Kay Speck, Cheryl Ann Sproles, Patricia Marie Stallcup, Allison Stanwood, Chantis Stinson. Fourth Row: Mary Lee Stoltz, Sondra Sue Stosberg, Barbara Gail Styles, Peggy Sue Sullivan, Jan Louise Sweet, Rebecca Carol Tay¬ lor, Susan Jane Thatcher. Fifth Row: Judy Carol Thom¬ son, Suzanne Thurman, Becky Jane Toon, Marsha Ann Turner, Mary Beth Twiehaus, Elizabeth Ann Vass, Vickie Lynn Waddell. Sixth Row: Denice Ann Wal¬ lace, Patricia Gail Walton, Susan Anice Ward, Suzanna Ward, Ann Weaver, Elizabeth Ann Wells, Jeanne White, Alpha Ann Whit¬ more. Seventh Row: Marlene Wilcox- son, Renee Marie Williams, Sadie Williams, Suzi Williams, Joan Wil¬ son, Jennifer Len Wisnef, Susan A. Worthy, Rebecca Sue Young. Mrs. Freeman explains rules of good groom¬ ing to attentive coed. 210 Futrall Hall Socially and Academically Active Under the leadership of Dolly McGuffin, president; Brenda Shelton, vice-president; Cathy Bynum, secre¬ tary; and Karen Frisinger, treasurer, first semester Futrall women began the school year. Second semester officers were Jenni Witt, president; Bette Ryan, vice- president; Diane Trinco, secretary; and Sharon Smith, treasurer. Residents of Futrall participated in many campus activities, organizations, and competitions. Jo Martin was co-chairman of Hallaballoo, Paula Baum was appointed as chairman of the AWS Roles of Women committee, and Johnnie Holcomb and Sharon Wilson were representatives to the NACURH convention. Among the dorm’s functions this year were a Get- Together Party, a Christmas tree decorating party, and an underprivileged children’s party held with the men of Holcombe Hall. Sid Hartman and other needy children gratefully receive gifts. 211 Futrall First Row: Marsha Carole Art¬ hur, LaCreta Jane Balkman, C. Jaylon Banks, Mary Kathryn Bas¬ inger, Paula Louise Baum, Linda Kay Bern ' . Nancy Sugand Black¬ ford, Lena Sue Blair. Second Row : Nancy Annette Blake, Marilyn Jane Bonner, Mary Ann Borengasser, Gail Eileen Bornefeld, Suzanne BoswelL Don¬ na Lynn Brewer, Linda Jean Brig- ance, Marilou Brodie. Third Row : Marilyn Brodie, Sharon Kersey Browers, Marcelyn Renee Cagle, Pat Call, Janis Angeline Cantwell, Linda Kay Carpenter, Margaret Kay Carson, Vicky Margaret Chalfant. Fourth Row: Linda Ann Chio- lino, Gloria Jean Clarida, Patricia Ann Clement, Sandra Ann Coker, Jean Ann Core, Geraldine Ann Cornwell, Mary Lois Cottle, Char¬ lotte Frances Couch. Fifth Row: Dorothy Elizabeth Davis, Marilyn June Dearien, Lin¬ da Frances Deere, Sherry Ellen Dunlap, Nell Edge, Paula Lee Ed- gin, Kathryn Marie Eggers, Alice Dianne Farish. Sixth Row: Pam Fesler, Patricia Ann Fisher, Marilyn Edna Fox, Jo Karen Frisinger, Sharon Leigh Gragg, Kathleen Louise Gun ness, Peggy Ann Hackett, Linda Diane Handley. Seventh Row: Margaret Hatch¬ ett, Paula Kay Henbest, Cheryl Ann Henley, W. Fran Hewitt, Margaret Ann Hile, Belinda Jane llillhouse, Halita Sue Holt, Vicki Ann Horton. Eigthth Row: Judith Kaye Hughes, Mona Gay Jackson, Glen¬ da Darlene Johnson, Jenifer John¬ son, Stephanie Allen Johnson, Carol June Jones, Linda Kay Joyce, Patricia Ann Kelly. Ninth Row: Linda Kay Kelley, Ruth Ellen Kessler, Joyce Kinney, Catherine Ann Koenig, Loretta Grace Lane, Linda Carol Lee, Anna Idella Long, Susan Diane Losey. Tenth Row: Ann Baker Lup- ton, Jo Karen Martin, Jackye Lee McBride, Kathy Lynn McClana- han, Dolly Lrene McGuffin, De¬ anna Lee Measeles, Christine D. Mertens, Joan Elizabeth Mitchell. Eleventh Row: Rebecca Dee Mitchell, Sandra Caron Mitchell, Katherine Estelle Moore, Judith Ann Mosey, Edna Renee Murphy, Judy Diann Newton, Deeana Jane Nichols, Martha L. Noble. 212 First Row: Jo Donna Norton, Linda E. O’Reilly, Diane L. Pat¬ ton, Ann Rowden Pazderka, Ann Carol Perry, Janice Carol Peters, iawana Sue Phillips, Mary Jean¬ ette Pfeiffer. Second Row: Greta Olene Price, Linda Maria Prince, Susan Marie Quiqg, Marsha Lucille Ragsdell, Susan E. Reynolds, Sara Ella Rid¬ dle, Judith Rogers, Linda Ann Rol- lovr. Third Row: Harriet Elizabeth Loot, Deneice Rae-Jean Rose, Toni Ross, Bette M. Ryan, Sandy Sch¬ neider, Brenda Ruth Shelton, Sha¬ ron Lou Smith, Sheila Sue Smith. Fourth Row: Judy Gail Snow, Judy Sprenger, Sandra Kay Stacey, Hallie L. Stanley, Susan Rebecca Startzel, Patricia Jean Stiles, Mar- lys Anne Storck, Diane Elaine Sydoriak. Fifth Row: Becky Temple, Mary Thomas, Wanda Susan Tippins, Linda Sue Trussell, Lola Jean Wagner, Margaret Fay Ward, Hel¬ en Ruth Watson, Linda Carol Wat¬ son. Sixth Row: Gloria Marie Weath¬ erly, Phyliss Ann Webb, Mary Carol West, Becky J. White, Mar- eia A. White, Susan Virginia Wid- mer, Mary Lou Wilhite, Linda Anne Williams. Seventh Row: Martha Ellen Williams, Donnealia Kay Wilson, Jill Wilson, Sharon Louise Wilson, Virginia A. Witt, Barbara Ann Wood, Casandra Sheridan Nell Wormington. Early in the spring, WIHC met in the Futrall Hall lounge. 213 214 The women of the 4-H House enjoyed a very suc¬ cessful year while participating in many phases of campus activity. During Christmas, 4-H women held their annual faculty tea and the Pollyanna banquet. Social functions for the spring included a Founder’s Day banquet and a Luau. The 4-H House led women’s residence halls in scholarship for the third consecutive year. Individual honors included Avis Bryant, Agri maid of honor; The annual Luau, given by 4-H House, took place in March. Barbara Harris, Farmhouse sweetheart; Rosemary Gaines, Hallaballo steering committee; Varnell Lump¬ kin and Nancy Coler, state AHEA officers; Judy Douglas, AHEA treasurer; Ann Henson, Danforth Award winner; and Elizabeth Cureton, co-editor of the Agriculturist. The women were under the leadership of Eliza¬ beth Cureton, president; Sue Alexander, vice-presi¬ dent; and Diane Formby, social chairman. 4-H House 4-H Again Leads in Scholarship First Row: Susan Evelyn Alex¬ ander, Barbara Lynn Ashcraft, Ed- wina Marie Andrews, Diane Bell, Martha Elizabeth Benjamin, Joan Claudette Bratton. Second Row : Thelma Avis Bry¬ ant, Carolyn Sue Bucknerr, Nancy Maurine Coler, Elizabeth Ann Cureton, Pe gy Janette Dickson, Judy Ann Douglas. Third Row: Janice Lee Eder- ington, Barbara Kay Hankins, Marilyn F. Harlan, Barbara Ber- uiece Harris, Janet Sue Hecox, Elizabeth Ann Henson. Fourth Row: Marilyn Ann Hin¬ kle, Jane Evelyn Hogue, Vernell Lumpkin, Melody Jane McBride, Judy Ann McLaughlin, Susan Nancy McManus. Fifth Row: Diana Geraldine Mc- Hae, Alica Ann Paysinger, Mary Adelaide Person, Sandra Louise Person, Bette Anne Rowe, Shirley Jean Shepherd, Charolette Kay Six. Sixth Row: Bonita Ann Smith, Linda E. Smith, Yevonne Starling, Judith Carol Stewart, Carmen Trantham, Sharon Ann Walkup, Pamela Jo Wisdom. The girls of 4-H House are proud of their music room, a place for relaxation and entertainment. 215 Hotz Hall 2 IP ' lPllII] j " irj ' lfi ' if | , !l’] " H | lBc| " W IIPJ • nrerp i- T i n ' j ir i fit m i y ir f ii i |iini in gj ii I ' lty ii .y f f " i rTir.H,fitT ari- ' ' -wi " fri " ' n Residents Include 4.00 Freshman The girls of Hotz Hall were active this year in every phase of university life. Jerri Noble, Carolyn Walker, and Walda Scott were chosen as ROTC spon¬ sors, while Sandi Asselin was in the Homecoming court. Finalists for St. Patricia were Sylvia Hawley and Anne Shea, and Sandi Angus was a member of the Agri Queen’s court. Alpha Lambda Delta selected 24 Hotz Hall women for membership. Jane Adams and Chris Ski liman were freshman senators, and Mimi Raney was state AWS vice-president. Kathy Ritgerod, the only 4.00 freshman, served as secretary of SNEA. The offices of president, secretary, and treasurer were held by: Jan Mano, Gayle Williams, and Harriet Burns for first semester; and Joanie Noller, Patty Holt, and Carol Nickols for second. Social activities included a tea for Dean and Mrs. Hotz, a spring dance, and a Christmas party. Moving in seems to have exhausting effects on everyone. I ' irst Row: Charlene Jean Adams, Ellenar Ann Adams, Jane M. Adams, Margaret Josephine Adel man, Myril Margaret Akins, Pamela Kaye Aldridge, Bokie Al- Pe, Linda Anderson. Second Row: Sandra Lynn An¬ gus, Janice Ann Appelquist, San¬ dra Kay Asselin, Sheila Lynne Baguley, Becky Baldwin, Nancy Lynn Bane, Pamela Sue Banks, Connie Belinda Barnes. Third Row: Janice Faye Barr, June Yvonne Bass, Becky L. Bay¬ less, Susan Ederington Bensberg, Sandra Benton, Barbara Ann Berg- fen, Bettina Bickerton, Vicki Lynn Biggs. Fourth Row: Willa A. Black, Marilyn Louise Bohnen, Sandye Lea Boone, Amy Lorraine Brad¬ ley, Donna Jean Bredehoeft, Anne Brinkley, Deborah Dean Brock- rcian, Mary Sue Brockman. Fijth Row: Melissa Lou Brower, Elizabeth Anne Brown, Rita La- Tane Brown, Elizabeth Ann Brown¬ ing, Barbara Christine Brunton, Bonnie Jo Buell, Carolyn Jean Bullock, Benita Louise Bunch. Sixth Row: Becky Burch, Betty Sue Burnette, Harriet Burns, Son¬ ia Ann Butler, Barbara Jean Cain, Linda Ann Callaway, Debi Can¬ ada, Vernoice Guinett Cannon. Seventh Row: Susie Case, Anne Kathleen Cauker, Glynda Ray Ca- zer, Susan Elizabeth Choate, Car¬ olyn Clark, Lola Leanna Cochran, Peggy Leah Colfield, Patricia Di- an Coker. Eighth Row: Alicia C. Coleman, Paula Jean Cook, Deborah Elaine Copeland, Mary Ann Cowgur, Nan- ey Cheryll Cox, Margaret Helen Crank, Connie Cross, Brenda Ward Cudd. Ninth Row: Diane Marie Daily, Susan Marie Dalton, Elizabeth Ann Darrow, Cynthia Jane Daves, Linden Faye Davis, Pamela Kay Dean, Donna Delores Deane, Peggy Dixon. Tenth Row: Lydia Carol Duck, Aniela Maria Dyer, Elizabeth Ann Elliott, Debbie Ann Ervin, Deanna F. Evans, Eberle Evans, Martha Ann Evans, Diana Sue Farley. Evelenth Row: Sharon Lee Far¬ rell, Diane Feimster, Janie Fine, Janet Lee Flick, Sarah Louise Fon¬ taine, Sharyn Ellen Frear, Mar¬ tha Rippley Gainer, Harriet D. Garrett, Maysel Marie Garrett. 217 Hotz First Row: Sandra Sue Gaston, Steffany Gilliland, Durinda Marie Gordon, Christine Ann Grandstaff, Gilda D. Gray, Anita Carol Gray¬ son, Peggy Ellen Gregory. Second Row: Muriel Elaine Grove, Christy Ann Haizlip, Ann Marilyn Hamm, Ruth Michele Hannebaum, Laveta Ann Hard- castle, Alanette Hare, Karen Ruth Harmon. Third Row: Ginger Harpole, Melissa Harrell, Ann Louise Hart- enstein, Barbara Arnette Hatley, Susan Elizabeth Hawkins, Sylvia Ligon Hawley, Sharron Kaye Helf. Fourth Row: Laurel Jan Hem- mer, Patsy Henderson, Scherrie Hennies, Karen Lea Herndon, Brenda Lea Hill, Dianne J. Hite, Marsha Lynn Hixson. Fifth Row: Margaret Elizabeth Hogan, Deborah Ann Holden, Pa¬ tricia Doney Holt, Anne Louise Hoss, Sally Kendall Hunt, Alice F. Hunter, Patricia Anne Hupka. Sixth Row: Mimi Huppert, Lin¬ da Darlene Hutchison, Nancy Lons¬ dale Hutton, Donna Celia Hyde, Dianna Kay Irvin. Elizabeth Maude Irving, Pattie Ellen James. Seventh Row: M. Kathryn Jen¬ kins, Doris Gail Jernigan, Deborah Ann Johnson, Linda Ann Johnson, Suzanne Elizabeth Johnson, Jud¬ ith Ann Johnston, Esther Faye Jones. Eighth Row: Janice Coretta Jones, Lois Laverne Jones, Mar- shia Kay Jones, Ennice Marie Keele, Paula Jo Keith, Janice L. Kelley, Phyllis Ann Kissire. Ninth Row: Janet Marie Kleu- ser, Anita Yynne Knod, JayLynn Mitzi Koerner, Susan Ellen Krum, Joan Lafferty, Jeri Land, Susan¬ nah Landrum. Tenth Row: Judith Lee, Kath¬ leen Ann Lehman, Jane Ellen Leiting, Becky Sue Lewis, Deborah Anne Lewis, Ruth Suzanne Lloyd, Kathleen Diane Lordan. Eleventh Row: Jane Elizabeth Lynch, Mary Leckie Machen, Mar¬ garet Nora Mack, Paula Lynn Madden, Cheryl Lynn Magdalene, Gloria Jean Mahaffey, Janice Pau¬ line Mano. 218 First Row: Diane Martin, Car¬ olyn Mathews, Rebecca Jane Mat¬ his, Rebecca Lynn Maxwell, Di¬ ane Mazzanti, Laura Lynne Mc- Campbell, Linda Maurice Mc¬ Clelland, Andrea Allison McCol¬ lum. Second Row : Sarah Matha Mc¬ Coy, Vicki McKown, Ricky Jo Means, Margaret-Mary Natalie Mikoda, Mary E. Millarr, Vicki Miller, Nancy Mills, Rebecca Lee Milum. Third Row: Laura Ann Mims, Margo Mitchell, Patricia L. Mitch¬ ell, Courtney Elizabeth Mize, Dot¬ ty Montgomery, Janet Kaye Moore, Donna Gayle Morgan, Jean Louise Moss. Fourth Row: Lynn Moss, Mar¬ gie Murph ' r Mary Cook Nabors, Toni Jane Neff, Vicki Louise Neil, Jennifer Neill, Carolyn Ann Nel¬ son, Nancy Ann Nettles. Fifth Row: Leslie Maria Nich- olls, Carole Jean Nichols, Joan Lee Noller, Rebecca Anne Norris, Deborah Jean Noteware, Rita Joyce Nunn, Mickie Lou Oliver, Linda Gail Parker. Sixth Row: Brenda Jane Par¬ sons, Deborah Sue Parsons, Pa¬ tricia June Patrick, Sally Jayn Peeler, Mary Beth Peck, Phyllis Annette Penney, Nancy Ann Perk¬ ins, Barbara Ann Peterson. Seventh Row: Mary Elizabeth Prewitt, Brenda Sue Prince, Mimi Raney, Mary Katherine Reinhardt, Linda Louise Reynold. Trudy Richards, Kathy Lee Richardson, Cora Mae Ricks. The late-winter snow was a welcome break, giving us a day off to devote our time earnestly to studies. 219 First Row: Faith Riley, Mary Hunter Riley, Susie E. Ritchie, Kathryn Jane Ritgerod, Dorothy M. Ritts, Sharon Joyce Robbins, Lynda Christine Robb, Patricia Jean Roberts. Second Row : Carol LeVonne Robinson, Susan E. Robinson, Gigi Roeder, Ellon Elizabeth Rogers, Nancy Beth Rollow, Judi Elaine Rosamond, Judy Marie Rosene, Mary Katherine Russell. Third Row: Rita Mae Russell, Connie Sue Russow, Cathy Anne Ryan, Gloria Joyce Sammons, Inez Virginia Sample, Theresa Ann Sanders, Suzanne Dailey Sayre, Sharon Ann Schmidt. Fourth Row: Laura Lee Schulte, Madge Horton Seay, Zelda Marie Selph, Anne Kathryn Shea, Gloria Dean Shepherd, Ann M. Sheridan, Vicky Lynn Simpson, Christine Anne Skillman. Fifth Row: Phyllis Jane Slocum, Carol Jane Sonnenfeld, Debora Colleen Sparkes, Karen Jo Spakes, Sue Splawn, June E. St. John, Marilyn Ann Stanford, Sylvia Kathleen Stringfellow. Sixth Row: Sharon Susan Stu¬ art, Vicki Ann Sturgis, Connie Lynn Summers, Inger Svinelid, Elizabeth Jane Tabor, Alice Jo Tarkington, Eugenia Lee Taylor, Lajuana Beth Teague, Seventh Row: Sarita Sue Ter¬ rell, Brynn Thayer, Laura Teresa Thomas, Mary Lynn Thomas, Don¬ na Geneva Thomason, Apryl Thompson, Annette Irene Tippin, Carolyn Jayne Titsworth. Newly arrived freshmen view their first home away from home. 220 First Row: Diana Lynn Trep- tow, Nancy Susan Trotter, Shirley Jane Tucker, Marilyn Jean Turn¬ er, Carole Anne Tyer, Jan Uber- man, Carolyn Sue Umberson. Second Row: Elizabeth Anne Vawter, Mary Evelyn Vice, Merry Hardin Vickers, Yolanda G. Vig- nes, Mary Lynn Von Hatten, Sylvia Eustacia Von Seggern, Carolyn Benet Walker. Third Row : Deborah Carolyn Walters, Sue Ann Warner, Patricia Ann Warren, Teresa Watson, Car- ah Watt, Marellen Watts, Vicki Lynn Watts. Fourth Row: Yvonne Othell Weathers, Leslie Jo Weeks, Anita Weis, Karen Louise White, Mau- ritta Lee White, Sherry D. White, Paula Helen Whiting. Fifth Row: Diana Marie Wide- ner, Rebecca Jane Wiggins, Bev¬ erly Jean Wilkerson, Carol Ann Willborg, C. Marie Williams, Gayle Williams, Kandice Kay Williams. Sixth Row: Karen Sue Williams, Shirley Jean Williams, Delores Ann Willis, Donna Sue Willis, Connie Wilmoth, Linda P. Wilson, Peggy Gail Wilson. Seventh Row: Carol Anne Winn, Valerie Witherspoon, Madeline Kaye Wolfe, Patsy Elaine Wood, Susan Valeria Woodruff, Mary Alice Yee, Marsha Young. The lounges of Hotz Hall provide for many activities. Studying, though rare, is one o? them. 221 Razorback Hall Shows Diversity of Interests This year has been a successful one for the women of Razorback Hall, as they attempted to bring recog¬ nition to their dorm. Awards and activities included third place in Homecoming decorations and a Christ¬ mas party for needy children. Individuals active on campus were Becky Bane, social chairman, and Henen Vancuren, treasurer, of WIHC. Blanche Locke and Frieda Schneider were Schola members, and Ginger Shiras was an Arts and Sciences senator. Kathy Stell was president and Miriam Duell was vice-president of Tau Beta Sigma. Vera Allen and Vicki Morgan were in Gamma Beta Phi, and Becky Bane was in Tau Alpha Upsilon. The offices of president, treasurer, secretary, and social chairman were held in the fall by Sharon Duckes, Mary Frances Jones, Mary Lea Ginn, and Dalene Lamb; and in the spring by Louise Meinecke, Judy Clark, Mar jean Holloway, and Vicki Morgan. Razorback ' s contribution placed third in Homecoming decorations. 222 First Row: Vera Gail Allen, Mary Ann Anderson, Anne Deane Arnold, Rebecca E. Bane, Lavada Charlene Bolt, Linda Gene Bray, Sharon Kaye Bryant. Second Row: Susan Annette Buck, Judy W. Burton, Judy M. Clark, Linda Faye Cloyd, Carol Sue Cooper, Marilyn Ann Courdin, Mary V irginia Crow. Third Row: Susan Kay Douglas, Miriam Helene Duell, Amanda Fair, Joann Elizabeth Farmer, Sarah Elizabeth Feland, Patty Ruth Fitch, Nancy Kay Gentry. Fourth Row: Patricia Gill, Mary Lea Ginn, Mary Annette Grisham, Carol Ann Hannebaum, Patricia Ann Harper, Karen Jill Herriman, Hazel A. Hightower. Fifth Row: Deborah Lucille Hill, Eleanor Kay Hill, Geneva Anne Hill, Lynda Carole Hill, Ca- roll Holl, Lana Kay Holloway, Mary Frances Jones. Sixth Row: Jo Carol Killings- worlh, Marian Deaton Kimball, Frances Dalene Lamb, Blanche Lillian Locke, Mollilou Locke. Sharon Anne Luckes, Ella May Mackey. Seventh Row: Dianne A. Ma- cumber, Janet Marie Main, Lynda Stuart McDonald, Rebecca Rhodes McGee, Sharon Joy McKellar, Donna Eileen McMaster, Anne Lu¬ cinda McWilliams. Eighth Row: Ada Louise Mei- necke, Beverly S. Metcalf, Sharon Frances Minden, Athaline Moore, Victoria Ann Morgan, Linda Carol Morris, Alice Elaine Nagel. Ninth Row: Margaret Ann Par¬ sons, Patricia .Jane Peterson, Wini¬ fred Catherine Phayer, Nina Kay Pickard, Linda Suzanne Prall, Jeanne Anne Roades, Gerrie Ann Robrehn. Tenth Row: Jane Ann Rodgers, Ginger Shiras, Nancy Louise Short, Rosalie Kay Smith, Rebecca Jo Strong, Marsha Faye Taylor, Con¬ nie Jean Thompson. Eleventh Row: Lynda Rose Thompson, Marguerite Ann Top- liff, Carol Lee Voigtmann, Vicki Sue White, Linda Wilder, A. Fran- cene Williamson, Cindy C. Wood- son. 223 First in ecoming Decorations Although the newness has not quite worn off, Reid Hall, now in its second year of occupancy, has become well-integrated into University life. Reid’s spring tea for Student Government candi¬ dates is becoming an annual event. The hall placed first in Homecoming house decoration competition and second in Powder Puff football. The spring for¬ mal was held in the Downtowner. Reid Hall girls have been active and represented in almost every phase of the University community. They are found on the TRAVELER, RAZORBACK and A-BOOK staffs, working as heads of Gaebale committees, serving as Hallaballoo hostesses, in Stu¬ dent Senate, ABC, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tau Alpha Upsilon and other campus clubs and ho noraries as well as among the RAZORBACK beauties. Reid ' s winning decoration overlooked the stadium for Homecoming. 224 First Row : Jean Adney, Gloria Sue Anthony, Sharon Dianne Bag- uley, Rosemary Baker, Mary Amanda Barthel, Suzanne Kay Bates, Mary Martha Bell, Laura Brett Bennett. Second Row : Julie LaNelle Ben¬ nett, Claudia Sue Benson, Judith Ann Berry, Judy Diane Bickham, Barbara Len Blume. Patti A. Bowers, Bonnie Jean Boyett, Car¬ olyn Ray Bradshaw. Third Row: Linda Lou Brig- man, Jan Carol Brinson, Narcis¬ sus Sylvia Brittnum, Danita Loye Burkhart, Barbara Helen Burtness, Diane Carpenter, Celia Anne Ca- zort, Debra Sue Cheatham. Fourth Row : Carol Diane Chowning, Molly Ann Clark, Pa¬ tricia Diane Clark, Suzanne Clem¬ ents, Jan Cline, Catherine Louise Coffield, Patricia Cole, Carolyn Collar. Fifth Row: Lynn D. Collings¬ worth, Danna Sue Collins, Kay Graham Collins, Suza Curry, Mar¬ tha Lou Danehower, Alice Marie Davis, Donna Kay Davis, Jane Ann Davis. Sixth Row: Deborah Ann De- Laney, Susan Kay Dennehy, Bar¬ bara Kay Doherty, Judy Carol Donahou, Donna Letitia Downs, Mary Ruth Droughter, Patricia Ann Dunigan, Natalie C. Dyer. Seventh Row: Katherine C. Ed¬ wards, Sandra Lynn Elliott, Gloria Elrod, Glenyce Gail Estes, Ro¬ berta Bromley Etter, Valynda Ann Ewton, Valerie L. Fairfield, Di¬ ana Faye Foreman. Eighth Row: Marion Jeanette Foster, Paula Kay Frazier, Gwen¬ dolyn Ransom Freeman, Storm Freeman, Melody Freeman, Betty Ann Frisinger, Carolyn Suzanne Garrett, Sharon Louise Gammel. Ninth Row: Gail Marie Gentry, Mary Jane Glidewell, Donna Lynn Goe, Kaye Yynn Gore, Lisa Vaughn Greasley, Gwendolyn Green, Frances Louise Grimes, Kristin Suzanne Gross. Tenth Row: Linda Kathleen Hall, Patricia Sue Hall, Susan lone Hamaker, Gloria Jean Ham¬ ilton, Sara Beth Hannah, Ethel Arvell Harrell, Christine Louise Harrison, Frances Havard. Eleventh Row: Anne Marie Hayes, Kirby Jan Haynie, Susan Lynn Heidinger, Hepsy Beth Hein- eman, Rose Mary Hendrickson, Barbara Lee Hewitt, Michael Jan Hisey, Karen Jeanette Hogaboom. 225 Reid First Row : Janet Stephens Hol¬ lis, Donna Ruth Holt, Sara Sidney Hooker, Elise Howell, Judith Marie Hubble, Martha Jane Hunt, Jackie Lee Irvin, JoAnn Jackson. Second Row: Paula Jan Jacobs, Judith Ann Jarstad, Sally Merle Jennings, Donna Claire Johnson, Gloria A. Jones, Shirley Ann Jones, Lorraine Jones, Beverly Lanier Kaufman. Third Row: Kimberly E. Kee¬ gan, Janice Ellen Kempf. Mary Jo Keogh, Sally JoAnn Kidder, Linda Jane King, Pamela Ellen Kirk, Raymona Gail Kirkley, Mary Cecilia Kirkpatrick. Fourth Row: Lillian Kurtin, Diane Kvaternik, Beverly Ann Lane, Hazel Louise Lawrence, Re¬ becca Jane Libby, Constance Aliz- abeth Luedicke, Patricia Jo Luper, Donna Gale Lybrand. Fifth Row: Ginger Elaine Mar- pie, Nanci Jo Marshall, Marsha L. Martin, Pamela Ann Martin, Suz- etta Jane Mason, Joyce Elaine Mayfield, Sarah Frances McCall, Peggy Ann McCarroll. Sixth Row: Linda Dyanne Mc- Cluskey, Carolyn Sue McCoy, Glenda Faye McFarland, JoAnn McWilliams, Martha Sue Miller, Robbie Jeanette Mitchell, Char¬ lotte Ailene Moore, Rhetta Ellen Moore. Seventh Row: Patricia Ann Mor¬ rison, Jeanette Gail Mosey, Phyl¬ lis Nan Mullenix, Linda Kaye Needham, Julianne Nelson, Car¬ olyn Gene Newman, Teresa Jo Nix, Jane Puryear Oldner. Eighth Row: Martha Ann Oli¬ ver, Donna Marie Paclawski, Alec- ia Sue Paschall, Susan Petersen, Rebekah Lynn Pickett, Cassandra Pollard, Margaret Ellis Pribyl, Ann Lehman Pride. Ninth Row: Barbara Louise Railsback, Linda Raye Ranson, Mary Lee Ray, Roni Lynn Ray, Guylene Rhoads, Susan E. Rhyne, Nancy Sue Ridge, Susan Jo Rid¬ ley. Tenth Row: Connie Sue Robert¬ son, Paula Ann Rosenau, Shirley Ann Rowlett, Tina Maria San¬ dusky, Patricia Ann Schick, Jackie Ann Schmidt, Linda Marlene Schultz, Mary Ann Searcy. 226 First Row : Marquetta Gail Self, Rosemary Serio, Grace Ann Shafer, Mary Sheba Shelton, Shiela Ann Shoemaker, Bonnie Jane Short, Marsha Ellen Shorts, Deborah Gai Smallwood. Second Row: Cindy L. Smith, Dede Mariruth Smith, Leslie Ann Smith, Mandi Smith, Marilyn Lea Smith, Peggy Ann Smith, Helen Kathleen Sprague, Katherine Di¬ ane Starnes. Third Row: Barbara D. Starr, Connie Ruth Staton, Patricia Marie Stoll, Janice Louise Sum nierhill, Betty Wood Tatum, Char- 0}aine Regina Taylor, Margaret Kay Taylor, Mary Norryn Teters. Fourth Row: Pearl Elaine Oct- v ia Thrasher, Linda Kay Tilley, Nancy B. Timmons, Joanne Treece, Helen Vancuren, Karen M. Van Meter, Nancy Carol Waldo, Lin¬ da Sue Ward. Fifth Row: Sharon Diane War- J n, Theta Jean Webb, Millicent Cecile Wertz, Kari Michele West, Sandra Marie Whitlock, Shirley Ann White, Cindy M. Whitten, Mary Sue Widdowfield. Sixth Row: Marian Elaine Wig¬ gins, Peggye Ann Wilkerson, La- vona M. Wilson, Rita Suzanne Wil- T? n ’ ame a Denise Wineland, Ai- Ping Wong, Virginia Lynn Wood¬ ard, Judy Wood. Seventh Row: Billie Diane Woodell, Teresa Lynn Woodruff, Katherine Christal Woolley, Char¬ lene Workman, Jean Doris Wyant, Susan Kay Yaple, Lillie Kathryn Younger, Elizabeth Ann Yowell. Reid Hall Women asked Santa to replace their cafeteria with a pizza parlor. 227 WIHC Expands Service in all Areas Judy Graves served as president of WIHC this year. The representatives from seven women’s living groups which compose WIHC were busy this year with many projects. In continuing old traditions and adding new services, WIHC proved that it is not limited to residence hall activities. Hallaballoo Week, begun last year in cooperation with MIHC, was successfully repeated this year. The Casino Carnival (also with MIHC), sponsorship of foreign students, and awards to the outstanding hall and senior woman were also continued. A “Meet Mack” tea was held, and the first spring fashion show took place in April. Other activities included health films, a job availability program, and the scholarship award. Officers for the year were Judy Graves, president; Stephanie Johnson, vice-president; Johnnie Holcomb, secretary; Helen Vancuren, treasurer; and Becky Bane, social chairman. Helen and Johnnie were named nation¬ al officers at the NACURH convention. Marilyn Harlan, Barbara Hankins, Susan Ritchie, Rene Tipton, Beverly Metcalf, Sharon Wilson, Linda Handley, and Sherry Hamilton. First Row: Debbie Canada, Stephanie Johnson, Judy Graves, Johnnie Holcomb, Becky Bane. Second Row: Sharon Warren, Gwen Green, Sue Slayden, 228 Bottom Row: Gorton D. Hitte, Social Chairman; Jim Bur¬ nett, Bill Granderson, Kinch Meyer, Ira Burgan, Terry Hend¬ rickson, Leslie Owens, Jimmy Allen, Robert Meinecke, and Jimmie Rhodes. Back Row: Dennis R. Roofe, Dennis A. Reynolds, Chuck Drake, Treasurer; George Myers, Secretary; George Lease, Pres¬ ident; Kenneth Ramsey, Jim Clopton, and John H. Clayton. MIHC Captures NACURH Offices Men’s Inter-House Congress is composed of repre¬ sentatives from all men’s residence halls and is designed to organize and coordinate student activities in the resi¬ dence hall area. Again this year, MIHC cooperated with WIHC in sponsoring Residence Hall Week, Hallaballoo ’68. Dar¬ rel Rice served as a capable co-chairman of the week of activities. Featured this year was a speech by Dr. James Kavanaugh, former Roman Catholic priest. After the “powder puff” football games, “bed races” and Hallaballoo Relays ended, the week terminated with dancing to the sounds of the great “Uniques”. Other yearly MIHC projects and social activities in¬ cluded the annual Casino Carnival, free entertainment films for residence hall men, and free athletic equip¬ ment for residence hall teams. MIHC also offered awards to residence hall men for academic excellence. To keep the men interested in campus politics and government, the Campus Affairs Commission sponsored forums for candidates for student body officers. Officers for the year were George Lease, President; Jinx Wilkinson, Vice President; George Myers, Sec¬ retary; Charles Drake, Treasurer; and Gorton Hitte, Social Chairman. George Lease President of MIHC 229 Buchanan House The “Sleepy Hollow Gang” in Buchanan House ex¬ perienced another successful year while participating in all the many phases of campus life. When the big man spoke there was quiet. Joe Clay, resident assistant, spoke firmly and his men reacted in a most favorable manner. This year not only the house officers but many of the house members took active roles in Alpha Phi Omega, I.E.E.E., Young Re¬ publicans and Democrats, A.S.C.E., M.I.H.C., A.S.M.E., and the campus intramural sport system. Not a bad show. Many of these same men were instrumental in re¬ activating the local chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, Na¬ tional Service Fraternity. Taking a somewhat independent course of action, Buchanan House included itself in all that could be considered fun. A very familiar line was “care for a little fight”. First Row : Wayne Henry Ains- lie, John C. Besse, Larry Keith Bottoms, James Linn Bowman, Charles Morris Burdine, Loy Roger Cassady, Michael D. Crist. Second Row: Joe Carroll Dough¬ ty, Brad Firestone, Philip R. For- bus, John Franklin Graves, Jr. James Wallace Hall, Jr., Roy Gene Hodges, Leon Nolen Jamison. Third Row: Donald G. Jones, David Scott Lerch, Robert A. Lewis, F. Michael Luck, Raymond Herman Luebker, Dustin Lee Mof¬ fett, Kenneth Wayne Ramsey. Fourth Row: Bobby Barham Ridgell, Charles Roberts, Larry Wayne Roe, John Henry Rowe, David Myron Schrantz, Fred Char¬ les Smith. Fifth Row: Robert LeRoy Smith, Thomas Lee Smith, Harold Ran¬ dall Sullivan, William Sam Sur¬ ratt, John C. Warren, Bobby Wil¬ liam Wray. 230 OROKf MOUSE Broke House Droke House has been in a rather unusual situation this year. It has become the University’s first graduate dorm. Long an undergraduate hall for men, Droke has adapted to the peace that is necessary for study. Each roan is participating in extensive research with just a dribble of fun for the sake of sanity and relaxation. No officers were elected so the men were governed by means of lively discussions, not always the most subtle but by far one of the quickest methods of settling little disputes. Activities have been kept to the barest minimum to aid the house members in their studies. A basketball team was formed and many of the residents were active in this sport, but there was little success when it came to competition. Maybe it is enough to note, they tried. The least we can do is wish them greater success in this next year. First Row: David Lawrence Am- bruster, George Albert Cook, Stephen Alexander Geigle, Lester yh Hammond, III, Robert Little¬ john Hart, Douglas Steele Jones. Second Row: Scott Manatt, Ir¬ win John Seward, Jr., Jimmy Dar¬ rell Southerland, Yad-chung Teng, Sidney Edward West, Jr., Lucian Edward Work. Judging from the alcoholic content, this must be blood from a U of A coed. 231 Holcombe Hall Holcombe Hosts Dignitaries Again this year, Holcombe Hall housed men instead of shapely lassies. Leading Holcombe in an active and prosperous year were the officers and men themselves. The way was right. After a rather extraordinary intramural group last year, Holcombe again literally ran away in the Resi¬ dence Hall Intramural sports. Although intramurals were an important facet of the “Super Dorm’s” extracurricular activities, numer¬ ous social functions also highlighted the year. Among these activities were watching parties during away foot¬ ball games, a Christmas Ohphan’s Party, several drop- ins, some memorable outings, and the night Holcombe unofficially hosted some of the wildest members of the Texas Aggie Corp. They really showed a great deal of hospitality as the Aggies literally moved in. Holcombe also took pride in their entry in the an¬ nual Singfony and a fine grade point in the Residence Hall area. On many occasions the men invited some of the University’s professors to participate in student forums. To generate more participation in campus politics, a special forum was conducted to introduce prospective campus leaders. The spirit of the men made it all worth while. DG cuts bushes for Holcombe. Holcomites might just return the favor. 232 First Row: Lawrence Allen Alex- ander, John Allison Allen, Janies Redman Anderson, Michael Ruel Archer, Richard Joseph Ault, Tom- nne Dean Ayers, James Howard aker, Paul Leonard Barber. Second Row: Billy B. Barnes, John Barry Bischof, Larry A. Black, Roy Edward Black, David ickell Blackburn, Leonard Pat- l! c k Bourne, Jim Don Boyd, James Earl Boyd. Third Row: John Raymond Boyle, Donald Gene Bratton, Dar- joll Fayne Brown, Jim G. Brown, David Goodwin Bugh, Danny Mack Bullington, James W. Clopton, Dalton Miles Coleman, Jr. Tourth Row: Joe Dee Cook, Ed- jvard H. Cooper, Jr., Gary Malcolm Dawson, Don Dillard, William P. Dixon, James R. Dodson, Jr., Al- C. Dougherty, Stephen John Earp. Fifth Row: Richard Wayne Ed¬ wards, John Morgan Feland, Dan- j e l Clayton Fetherolf, Ronnie Al- Foster, John Thomas Franklin, HI, Gil Louis Glover, Don Allen Graham, Ernie Horton Gray. Sixth Row: Terry Glenn Green, James M. Gregory, Robert Eugene Harrell, Jr., Albert Sidney Hart¬ man, III, Danny Lee Hale, James Rexford Hecox, Perry Hanley Henson. Seventh Row: Martin Ray Hess, James M. Hester, Robert Lowe Hill, James Binion Hutchens, Guy Braden Irby, III, Daniel L. John¬ son, Thomas R. Johnson. Eighth Row: Larry Vivan Jones, Michael A. Jordan, Harold Lynn Kelley, Richard Lon Kimery, James William Kooistra, Gary Gene Larsen, Arthur Thomas Lar¬ son. Ninth Row: Michael V. Larson, Russell Ervin Leeman, Michael A. Limbird, Michael Malone Lobdill, Frank Hsioh-Ti Ma, William H-L Ma, Donnie Lee Mangrum. Tenth Row: Stanley C. McFer- j an, Donnie Ray McIntosh, Wil¬ liam Bradleigh McKinley, James y iIlium McPherson, Ralph Lee McQueen, Jr., Michael E. McMul¬ len, Bobby Wayne Moncrief. 233 First Row : Leland Murphy, John Ed Neely, Eric William Nelson, Edwin E. Nesbitt, Kenneth New¬ kirk, Mitchell Duane Norman. Second Row : John D. Norris, James Edward O’Neal, William Eugene Owens, Gary O. Parker, Harold Louis Payne, Dennis Ed¬ ward Petticrew, Lonnie Austin Powers. Third Row: Johnnie Junior Qualls, John F. Relyea, Don Baron Roberts, Rex Watson Ross, James Tedford Russell, David Parke Sax¬ on, John David Schanafelt. Fourth Row : Harold R. Seifert, Gregory Lawrence Shellard, Wil¬ liam Frank Smiley, Earl Travis Smith, Jr., Tony C. Smith, Luther Spurlock, George Eugene Staggs. Fifth Row: James Richard Stin¬ nett, Bruce Allen Sturdivant, Thomas Mills Taylor, George L. Thomas, George Robert Toombs, II, Jim Dale Treat, Donnie Royce Tug well. Sixth Row: Matthew Dennis Turo, Tom Peter Van Schaik, Dud¬ ley Howell Watson, Paul Douglas Whitfield, Paul R. Whitnah, Jef¬ fery H. Williams, William I. Woodford, Jr. Go ahead and laugh. But when I find my razor, I ' m gonna kill you. 234 Humphreys Hall phreys Clinches Frosh Posts Life is never dull in a freshmen dormitory. Ask any freshman and he will attest to this observation. To this Humphreys is the rule and not the exception. Proves, I suppore, they can’t be classified as being odd. Excellent leadership came from the officers. Dur¬ ing the fall semester the officers were: John Geelan, president; Alan Stewart, vice-president; Jerry Powers, secretary and treasurer; and Bill Thomas, social chair¬ man. Many of the Humphreys residents received scholas¬ tic awards from M.I.H.C. This does not in any way in¬ dicate that the social calendar was not also a success. A hall dance, several exchange dinners, and drop-ins were prominent events. Of course, a Christmas dinner party was given for many needy children. Humphreys pep was seen and heard at the rallies and in the big Homecoming events. Hardly able to accomplish the same overt enthusiasm as their Yocum neighbors, they tried with their all. In the fields of intramurals many of the men were able to participate in the varied activities: basketball, football, and tennis are only a few of the higher rank¬ ing ones. Humphreys First Row : Larry Eugene Alsip, Richard Wyatt Asher, Robert War¬ ren Balentine, Edwin Stanley Bar¬ ton, Gary Lee Batchelor, Richard Webber Bennett, William Darrel Berry. Second Row: Jack Birkholz, Ronald Howard Blackwelder, Lar¬ ry Joe Boccarossa, Fred E. Boss- hart, Jim Arthur Boydstun, Curtis Franklin Bradbury, George Law¬ rence Brantingham. Third Row: John Raymond Brewer, Milton Charles Broker, Jr., Fred Eugene Brown, Michael Ed¬ ward Bryant, Donald William Bunch, David King Burns, Mich¬ ael Alan Burrows. Fourth Row : Harlan R. Butler, Billy Joe Cabaniss, Jerry Dean Caldwell, Wallace Caradine, Jr., James L. Carson, William Michael Cawthon, Dennis Wayne Chapman. Fifth Row : Michael Clilders, Randle Wayne Churchill, James Russell Coon, Jerry Edward Coop¬ er, Ronald Rex Cooper, Terry Lee Coughlin, David Fielding Cox. Sixth Row : Richard Wyatt Craw¬ ford, Paul Ray Culliford, Michael Irvin Daily, James D. Damet, John Davenport, A1 N. Davis, David Drew Davis. Seventh Row: Marvin Holbrook Davis, Michael R. Davis, Don Rob¬ ert Dimmitt, James Richard Eads, Jr., Floyd Gaylon Estopy, Terry Nolan Fancher, Perry Dean Floyd. Eighth Row: O. Daniel Ford, Dale E. Fowler, John Louis Fran- ceschi, William Keliher Franke, Larry Glenn Freeman, William Stuart Garner, Jr., Phil James Gartside. Ninth Row: John Harold Gee- lan, Leonard E. Gehring, William H. Gentry, Jr., Robert Lee George, Noel Paul Gibson, Gary Dean Gil¬ bert, Teddy L. Glaub. 236 Urst Row: Larry Wayne Glover, 1 hilin Wayne Grable, John Tho¬ mas Gray, III, Charlie Gregory, David Nelson Hamblen, James N. Hamric, Jr. Second Row: James Lee Hard- castle, Fleming Francis Hardy, Waymon Howard Harrell, Jr., Rob- Thomas Harriell, Jr., Twant Montgomery Harris, III, Terry Guy Hendrickson. Third Row : Orville Monroe Henry, HI, James Kenneth Hicks, Hale Calvin Hill, Rollin Trevor Hilliard, Walter Allen Hills, Joe Henry Hodges. Fourth Row: Robert Stelle Holmes, William Richard Holmes, Watson Holyfield, V, Stephen Douglas Hopkins, J. Stephen Hull, Howard Jones. Fifth Row: Phillip Lee Jackson, Jerry Lynn Jacobson, Steven Alan Jameson, Jerry Allen Jenkins, Jer- r V Marvin Jones, Melyin D. Jones. Sixth Rotv: Ronnie Gene Kirby, Edward Melbert Knod, Jr. Jon Michael Krannichfield, Charles 1 hornas Lane, Robert Duane Lar¬ son, Timothy Alan Larson. Seems hardly worth the trouble for what you get in return. 237 Humphreys First Row: Robert Charles Law- head, Charles R. Lee, John Jay Lee, Michael L. Lee, Steve War¬ ren Long, Richard Howard Luce, Jeffrey Michael Lynch. Second Row : Kenneth Hampton Lyon, Larry M. Manen, Robert Charles Marquette, Michael Ray Martin, Gene McBride, William H. McClure, Jim Ray McKenzie. Third Row : Michael Andrew McKinney, Roosevelt “Mack” Mc¬ Kinney, James M. McKinley, Ray Emory McKissic, Glen L. McKuin, Richard Earl McNurlen, Timothy Brian McSweeney. Fourth Row : Ernest Murl Mere¬ dith, James David Milton, George Ernest Myers, Kenneth Ray Nash, John Terry Nichols, Phillip Earl Norwood, James Neal Nutt. Fifth Row : Joseph Patrick O’Donnell, William H. Osbun, Les¬ lie Allison Owens, Marvin Wayne Parks, Stephen Michael Patterson, David Oran Peacher, Ronald C. Pederson. Sixth Row : David Franklin Per¬ kins, Charles Gary Peterson, Ron¬ ald B. Porter, Michael F. Price, Peter C. Rauch, Jimmie E. Rhodes, Ronald Eugene Rhodes. Seventh Row : Bobby Brady Ring, Olen Vernon Ritter, Alan Lewis Roller, Alden Ray Roller, A. J. Rorie, Paul Charles Roten, Mike L. Rotenberry. Eighth Row: Jim C. Russell, Timothy J. Ryan, Gary Edward Ryker, John Troy Sanders, John Thomas Schutte, Daniel William Schweiker, Terrence F. Sculley. Ninth Row: Johnny Otis Ship- man, Ronald Douglas Sisk, Larry Allen Skaggs, Melvin Arlan Snow, James Robert Smith, John Douglas Smith, Marvin Roy Smith. 238 First Row: Ervin Ray Starwalt, Richard Alan Stewart, Larry Zane Stone, Steven Eugene Stork, Tom¬ my Ray Stout, David Barton Stur¬ gis. Second Row: Mike Tannehill, Tomey Robert Tauer, William Da¬ vid Taylor, Benny Thigpen, Roger E. Thomas, Nathaniel Thomas. Third Row: Thomas Tell Thomp¬ son, John David Toland, William Arthur Treat, Dennis Earl Van- glider, Louis Duane Velez, Terry Robert Verhage. Fourth Row: Joseph Stephen Ward, James David Waters, Theo- tis H. Watts, Dillard Dewayne Wheat, Joe M. Wheeler, Randall Dennis Whorton. Fifth Row: James Larry Wiede- man, Robert Lee Wilder, Jerry Wallace Williams, John D. Wil¬ liams, Howard Leon Wilkinson, Joseph M. Wilkinson, Kenneth Ray Williams. Sixth Row: John Alan Wilmoth, Richard Arlan Wilson, David Al¬ len Woolly, Aubrey Wayne Woot- ton, Ralph David Wright, Roger Lamar Wright, William S. Wright. Two diametrically opposed forces talk it over. Silence was in abundance. 239 William House William Takes Scholarship Honors Scholarship is always a primary concern of the men of William House. This year they maintained their grade level at the point that gave them a first rating in the dormitory division. This is something they have become accustomed to. In this and many other areas, William was a leader in the men’s residence hall area. Led by these officers, Mike Atkinson, president; David Grimmett, vice-president; and R. Wayne Mar¬ tin, secretary and treasurer, William participated in all of campus life. Various organizations represented were Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Zeta, Phi Mu Alpha, Pi Mu Epsilon, and Kappa Kappa Psi to name a few. A childrens Christmas Party was given; other social events included a Homecoming dance and M.I.H.C. functions. William House men also participated in Sing- fony and this years Hallaballo. Darrel Rice was loaned by the men to become the co-chairman of the event of the spring semester. This could have been an indica¬ tion why William scored as it did in many of the events. The over-all success that the dorm enjoyed was due in part to its fine campus representation and work of Head Resident Tom Wyrick. The University ' s scholarly Fine Arts lab taught students what they learned in the first grade. 240 First Row: Troy Ceasar Alley, Michael Eldon Atkinson, Danny Ray Bartlett, William A. Bennett Jr., Bruce Wayne Blackwell, Step¬ hen Errol Blyth, Richard William Bower Second Row: Francis Edward Burks Jr., Terry William Carson, Frank R. Cherry, Robert Woodrow Doland, Homer Brice Douglas, Robert Ferrell Ervin, George Gra¬ dy Eubanks Third Row: Alan Louis Fabry c- ky, Gerald Don Freeman, John Ju¬ lian Fuller, Gary Dale Gardner, Kavid Carter Geels, Terrence Michael George, Dean Raymond Gooden. Fourth Row: Larry Jay Gore, James Harold Gorham, Rickey Hudson Green, William August Grenwelge, Merrill Dean Griffin, James Michael Grimes, David Her- shell Grimmett Fifth Row: Ronald Harvey Ha¬ ney, David Michael Hanna, John Buzz Heaston, Bobby E. Highfill, Jay Michael Hunt, Ronnie De- wayne King, J. R. Kulbeth Sixth Row: Jack R. Ladyman, Calvin Ted Mantooth, Russell Wayne Martin, Merle Edward Mc¬ Clain, Andrew R. McGee Jr., Charles E. Money, Brode D. Mor¬ gan Seventh Row: David Cletus Nicholson, Luther M. Nunnelly, Alex G. Papageorge, Joe Mac Pat¬ terson, Jerry Wayne Paul, Earnest E. Pollock, Jack M. Redfearn Eighth Row: Hollis Theodore Reed, Darrel Alan Rice, Joseph Vison Scott, Warner Thomas Smith. James Dennis Taylor, Wil¬ liam Miles Thomas, Glenn Albert Thompson, Stanley Elwood Trauth Ninth Row: Glynn Trusty, Joe A. Vinson, Corwin Cleveland von Miller III, Charles William Walk¬ er, Lloyd Washington Jr., Melvis Clyde West Jr., Dennis Allen Wil¬ liams, Larry John Wright 241 Sedgewell House Sedgewell Campaigns Against Fire Sedgewell House residents witnessed one of the most active semesters of the house’s history under the lead¬ ership of the fall semester officer grouping: Larry Lud¬ wig, President; Joe Martine, Vice President; Herschel Cast, Secretary; John Watkins, Treasurer; and Bill Nielsen, Social Chairman. One of the highlights of the year was a Homecom¬ ing dance which the men of Sedgewell co-sponsored. Other social activities included various drop-ins, open houses, and a Christmas party for local underprivileged children. Under the direction of intramural manager Arthur Bowie, Sedgewell continued its record of full active participation in intramural sports. This group has long been known for a great volleyball involvement and con¬ test skills. The men of Sedgewell participated actively in cam¬ pus activities, including M.I.H.C. and National Associa¬ tion of College and University Residence Hall functions. Jim Burnett served as a delegate to the N.A.C.U.R.H. Conventio n at Penn State and Charles Drake was treas¬ urer of M.I.H.C. Ranking high on campus scholastical¬ ly, the men of Sedgewell were as outstanding in many honor fraternities and service groups. Oh! Come on Bill, let me have |ust one more for the road? 242 First Row: Chester M. Anders, Wayne Harris Atkinson, Stanley H. Baney, William Herbert Beck¬ er, Lary Robert Begoon, Roberto Vladimir Bermudez, Michael Roy Black Second Row: Arthur Flynt Bowie, William George Brill, Joe Havid Brode, John Junior Brown, Stephen Craig Campbell, Stephen Edgar Cantrell, Joseph Edwin Carey Third Row: Herschel Cast Jr., Michael Douglas Cate, Ronald Wayne Chapman, Fred David Con¬ way, Raguel Lee Davis, John Thomas Dotson Jr., Charles Ed¬ ward Drake Fourth Row: William Joseph DuBois, Charles Joseph Engelber- Ser, Thomas Arthur Esihbaugh, Byron Creasy Evans, Carroll Ray r alls, Douglas Lee Fugate, Glenn Allen Glover Fifth Row: Philip J. Hargrave, John Robert Hunt, Robert E. Hun- V. Keith Jameson, Donald Wayne Jerry, Wesley Barton Kemp, Gary Arthur Kinder Sixth Row: Roderick Gordon Eish, Jerry Lee Langley, Sam C. Lazenby, Brian Douglas Leach, Leo Lawrence Ludwig Jr., Arthur John Martelli, Jerel Dean Martin Seventh Row: Joseph Gary Mar¬ ine, John Michael Neal, William Manford Nielsen, Jack L. Orlicek, Jim M. Penn, Paul William Rain- Water, James D. Reddin Eighth Row: Terry G. Reed, _hil Reeder, Joe Reisz, Gary Mel- Roberts, Lott Rolfe, Robert Slawson Root, Frank Daniel Rorie, Bonald Ray Rowlett JSinth Row: Charles Robert San- dine, Ronald Paul Sczerbak, Wen¬ dell Doye Sharp, Ronnie K. Shav- Rodger Keith Shelman, Jerry Otis Simmons, Steve Rollin Sloan, Michael B. Utiles Tenth Row: Dale Edward Thompson. Stephen M. Tullgren, Masahide Wakugawa, Gary Dono¬ van Watkins, John William Wat¬ kins, David Lawrence West, Owen Edward Westbrook, Zelmer Clar¬ ence Wilson 243 Wilson Sharp HOGS promote Sportsmanship Wilson Sharp House has seen more than its share of excitement over the years as the campus home of the Arkansas Razorbacks. A carefully-planned social sched¬ ule is worked out each year with Mrs. Karle Smith, House mother. These play an important role in plan¬ ning drop-ins after the home football games and various other activities. The social season usually climaxes with an impor¬ tant final conference football or basketball victory. Even though a Bowl game was not on this year’s agenda, the Porkers had more than their share of total victories. The leadership of Wilson Sharp encourages as much participation in as many campus activities as possible. Although some 125 athletes live in Wilson Sharp or the Ripley House annex, all of the scholarship athletes (in¬ cluding the married ones) are invited to take part in its programs. This routine, by nature, requires that the various athletes maintain a basic level of scholastic achievement while they take part in all the various demanding rou¬ tines of campus life, arduous schedule of athletic partic¬ ipation, and grinding requirements for hero admiration. n First Row: Wayne Austin, Glenn Durham Black, Reagan Dewey p Ul ' ks, James E. Cisne, Earl W. J ody, Andrew Benton Cone, Paul Reid Conner Second Row: Tommy Franklin .Chuck Wayne Dicus, Wayne Hipper, William P. Dougherty, Frederick Wilson Edwards, John alvin Eichler, Judson Landers Rrwin Third Row: Jim Gueen Farmer, John Fredric Farrell, Bobby Dwayne Field, Conard Lee Gaith¬ er, James Daniel Geoghagan, Jerry W. Hampton, Preston McCrary Hamilton Fourth Row: Kenny Ray Hazen, Ricky L. Hegenberger, Michael Conley Hendren, Gary David Hick- rnan, Thomas Eugene Hopper, Harell W. Horton, Grey M. Lackey Fifth Row: David W. Lundquist, James Pat May, Mack McAlister, Robert Earl Meeks Jr., Phillip W. Moudy, James Lee Mullins Jr., Houglas C. Peters Sixth Row: Joseph E. Pritchett, terling Paul Ramey, Dewitt Hen¬ derson Smith III, David M. Spatz, Gary Lynn Stephens, W. Randy Jaylor, Kenneth Bloss Ward, Rob¬ ert John Wilson A smiling Frank Broyles proves that, even after this season, football is just a game. Who ' s he trying to fool? 245 Yocum Hall PUB ffjffr rrrff rf rrr l Yocum Captures Spirit Awards By far the best! Each year seems to outdo the pre- ceeding year in some honor. This year Yocum welcom¬ ed the first centennial class to the Fayetteville campus. And with this group came a new breed of spirit and en¬ thusiasm. Even when parts of our football spirit faded, Yocum sparked a new flame and won the A.B.C. spirit awards presented at each pep rally. Participation in intramural sports was also an im¬ portant extracurricular activity for the men of Yocum. In the dorm division, Yocum placed several of its floor athletes in the top rankings. This did not include regu¬ lar horseplay and boisterous fun. But, Yocum did not forget an active social life for her men. Highlights were the dance for Casino Carnival, Homecoming activities, Singfony, Christmas parties and social interest in Hallaballoo ’68. Scholastically, Yocum Hall represented a high grade point average with many of the residents compiling a 3.0 or better. Not bad for a group of this new and lively breed! Officers were: President Norman “Put” Wilber, Vice President Dennis Watson, Secretary-Treasurer Roger Gorton, and Social Chairman Don Harris. Yocum celebrated the U of A ' s first centennial class. Even with such facilities as showers and running water, this freshman finds the welcome more than he can stand as he leaves . YOCUM H WELCOMES THE U°fA S FIRST CENTENNIAL CLASS 246 First Row: Harry Hewes Aber¬ nathy, Alfred Robert Addington, George Paul All, Jinny Joe Allen, James Arthur Arnold, Stephen Michael Arnold, Charles Edward Baier, J .R. Baker Second Row: Gary Wayne Bal- entine, Jackie Lee Bales, Warren M. Bankson Jr., Richard Allen Barner, Eugene Joseph Bartsch, Lawrence Alvin Baumgart, Larry l ' red Bearden, David Earl Beth Third Row: John Biscoe Bing¬ ham, Calon E. Blackburn, Ronnie William Bone, Carl Albert Bores, David Bruce Bostian, John Mich¬ ael Boston, Barton Charles Bowers, Melvin D. Bradford Fourth Row: Stephen Mayes Bristen, L. Wayne Britt, Richard F- rown J r -’ Adam B. Bull, Ira Eugene Burgan, Thomas Victor Burkett, Melvin Eugene Burns, Klein R. Calvert Fifth Row: Lanny Wade Cap- linger, E. Chris Carlson, Martin Boyd Carpenter, Joe Brad Carter, John Stewart Carter, Michael Ed¬ win Cartwright, David Wayne Cat- l e tt, James Charles Cason Sixth Row: Charles Payne Cathey, Darrell Edward Chancel¬ lor, George Michael Chaney, Mich¬ ael Ray Childers, Michael Augus¬ tus Clark, David Eugene Classen, Jake B. Commer Jr., Michael Peel Connell Seventh Row: Jimmy George Cooper, Lawrence Richard Cooper, Mark Wayne Corley, Alan Dale Cox, Edward 0. Crandell, William Michael Creech, John Partick Cul- lum, Paul Cunningham Eighth Row: Kevin Hayes Dan- acher, Frederick Howard Dark, Tony M. Davis, Francis Eugene DeBons, Stephen Elwood Deem, Bobert Dale Dempsey, Michael Ed¬ ward Denniston, Cody Dickerson Ninth Row: John Dale Digby, John Craig Dillaplain, James Oran Dismukes, Alan Lemont Doan, Jennings Glenn Dobbs, Thomas Alan Dober, Robert Newton Doug¬ las, David Mack Dover Tenth Row: Richard Craig Downing, Gregory Davis Dunkum, Garry Wayne Earls, Larry Jeff Earnheart, Benny Carroll Edwards, Thomas Britton Embry, Michael Edward Evans, Michael Louis Fendya 247 First Row: Tommy Leroy Fin¬ ley, Stephen Carl Fitzwater, Mike G. Floyd, Stephen Russell Free¬ man, James Walton Friddle, Olan Stanley Fruchey, David Eugene Fultz Second Row : Brady L. Gadberry Jr., Kent Garland, Jack Richard Gates, James Richard Gatlin, Dane Eugene George, Michael Burns Gleason, John Coleman Gocio Third Row: William John Good¬ year, Eddie Charles Gordon, Rog¬ er Alan Gorton, William Mansill Graham, William Sidney Grander- son, Gary Lane Green, Ronald Lyndon Greer Fourth Row: Noel Kennady Gregory Jr., Michael Austin Grim- mett, Michael Stephen Haley, Lynn E. Hales, Gary Cecil Hall, Dee R. Hambright, Ziba Roland Hamilton Jr. Fifth Row: Franklin Sharp Ham¬ lin, Stephen Lee Hampton, Gary Michael Harden, Robert Lloyd Hardman, James Carl Hardwick, Garry L. Hargis, Don Dean Harris Sixth Row: Freeman Burnell Harris, James Kenny Harris, Ran¬ dy Hart, Lous M. Hawley, James Ronald Haymon, Michael Steven Hazlewood, Lance Allen Heigle Even outstanding art such as this cannot brighten some aspects of college life. 248 First Row: Charles Phillip Heiss, Eric Thomas Henderson, Jelian Michael Hendren, Richard A Hicks, Darius Betterton Hill III, Gorton Darling Hitte, Ronald Da¬ vid Hogg, Terry Eugene Holt Second Row: Carl Frederick Hopkins, Glen Eugene Hopkins Jj » Thomas Anthony Hotz III, Lee Howington, Lewis Alfred Huddle Jr., James Barton Hudespeth, Jes¬ se Dale Huffman, William M. Hull Third Row: Andrew William Hulsey, Gerald Robert Hulsey, James Lee Hunt, William Noah Hunter, Hichael B. Hurst, David Hurk Hutchens, Dale Jackson, Rent Valentine Jackson Fourth Row: Richard Clark Jackson, Jim Henry James Jr., William Panzie Jenkins, Dick Spigner Jonmson, George Steven Johnson, Kirk Douglas Johnson, Troy William Johnson Jr., Norris Neil Johnston Fifth Row: Ricky Harold Keen, Jimmie Dean Kelley, John Pinck¬ ney Kelly, James Wilson Kemp, Mark Fry Kennedy, Hohn Marvin Killian, Donald Gene King, Philip Carl Koch Sixth Row: William Stephen Koehler, James Edward Koonce, Karl F. Kunkel, Wayne Carl Kuse, John Edward Lachowsky, William Stephen Lair, Marcus Hughes Lam- berth, Nicholar Paul Lang Seventh Row: Michael Anthony Lawless, Robert Richards Lawless, George R. Lease Jr., John Allen Lee, David A. Lemons, Donald Wallace Lingo, James William Linsky, David Martin Lively Eighth Row: Michael Charles Livingston, John Loberg, James Wesley Lowder, J David Maddox, Jerry Lake Maddox, Charles Le- land Marlin Jr., Douglas W. Marr, Danny Lyne Marshall Ninth Row: Richard Ray Mar¬ tin, Mike L. Mashburn, Darrell William Masoner, Oran Samuel McBride, Don Newell McCormick, Joe McCourt, J. Paul McDonald, Samuel Lewis McFerran Tenth Row: E. Joe Mcllveene, Richard Lynn Mcllveene, Gregory Pascal McKenzie, Karl Stuart Mc- Minn, Robert Wayne Meinecke, James Frank Mentz, William Rob¬ ert Meredith Jr. 249 diMk A First Row : Kinch Edward Mey¬ er Jr., Larry Kane Mitchum, Ste¬ ven Craig Mitchell, Johnny Carl Mize, Leslie Lowell Mizell, Larry Gene Morgan, Stephen Lodis Mor¬ rill Second Row : Henry Morshheim- er, David Norman Motherwell, Danny E. Moudy, Stephen Floyd Nix, Ernest Johan Oacleaf Jr., David Burton Offutt, Roger Adams Oldham Third Row : Tommy W. Ott, James Albert Parker, Robert Hous¬ ton Parker, Burnus Lloyd Payne Jr., Garry D. Peevy, Richard Lewis Penn, Tommy David Peter¬ man Fourth Row: David Anthony Peters, Donald Dale Peterson, Klaus Peter Phillips, Robert Olin Plumlee, Michael Olin Poe, Don Marshall Price, Michael Gregg Pritchard Fifth Row: Paul Sloan Rain¬ water, Michael Dale Ramsey, Ken¬ neth Nathaniel Rawlings, Keith Douglas Ray, John C. Reap, Tom¬ my Lee Reddin, Gary Lee Reed Sixth Row: Terry Glen Rey¬ nolds, Paul Wayne Ribitzke, Her- schel F. Rice, Jeffrey L. Richards, Larry Klean Ricketts, Rondal Dale Rippy, Kurt Gerard Ristig Seventh Row: Dennis Edward Ritchie, Gary Edwin Rives. James William Robbins, William Clifford Roberts, Edward Clark Robison, Phillip Edward Roetzel, Jerry E. Rogers Eighth Row: Robert Lyle Rog¬ ers, George Michael Rose, David Patrick Ruff, Ronald Wayne Rupe, Paris Darnell Sabbs, Albert Fletcher Sarcent, Jimmy Earl Scott Ninth Row: T. J. Scott Jr., Jan Wright Scruggs, Richard M. See, Stephen Lee Self, Stephen Louis Selig, Rodger Calvin Seratt, Law¬ rence Douglas Sahdid Tenth Row: Jerry Allen Shel¬ ton, Richard Franklin Smith, Ran¬ dy Thomas Snider, Byron Wynne Southerland, Thomas Knighten Starnes, John Philip Starr, Charles Conrad Stein 250 First Row: James M. Stokes, John Ray Stokes, Alan Le Storm, W. L. Sowars Jr., William Robert Stramm, Clay E. Striklin, Ronnie L. Stumbaugh Second Row: Kerry Lyn Sublett, Gary Edwin Tarpley, Barksdale H. Taylor, Stephen Blair Teague, Mark W. Thorne, Charles Thomas Thornton, Rufus Joseph Torrence Third Row: John Gregory Van Bebber Jr., Edward John Van- Schaik, John C. Vaughan, Bill Mack Vest, John Allen Vincent, William Orrin Vogler, Carl Voss Fourth Row: Larry Kea Waits, Eddie Haywood Walker Jr., Rob¬ ert Eugene Walker, Robert Lee Walters, Manard Hanson Walton Jr., Dennis Watson, Thomas Allen Weems Fifth Row: Charlie Wesley, Ken¬ neth Roy Wheatley III, Samuel Scott White, William Lawrence Whitehead Jr., Garrett Herman Wiederkehr, John Ronald Wil¬ banks, Norman Carl Wilber Sixth Row: Stephen Douglas Williams, Thomas L. Williams, John Larkin Wilson, Ricky Glen Wilson, James Mitchell Winning- ham, Winston Roy Winston, De- Wayne Henry Young 251 Coed Complex Coed Is New Housing Innovation In its first year, Coed Complex prided itself in many activities. Social functions ranged from faculty teas to receptions and dinners for the speakers of Sym¬ posium ’68. The highlight of the fall semester was the Christmas Formal, while spring brought spontaneous dances and the Spring Formal. Awards included second place in Singphony and third place in Homecoming floats. Steve Page, Kay Thomas, Brenda Blagg, T. J. Pat¬ terson, Steve Briggs, Brenda Hemenway, and Dave Martin were tapped for Tau Alpha Upsilon; Sharon Montee, Joyce Plumber, and Susan Sisco were in Alpha Lambda Delta, with Susan as vice-president. Judy Graves and Carolyn Holcomb were selected for Who’s Who, and T. J. Patterson was picked co-editor of the 1969 RAZORBACK. Jane Dial and Nancy Bucy were Hallaballoo hostesses. Donna Wolf was alternate cheer¬ leader and a member of Angel Flight. Nancy Bucy and Diane Carpenter were selected RAZORBACK beauties. Diane was also an ROTC sponsor officer. Coed made an outstanding mark on campus. Coed, like the library, was not completely finished when school began. Most people did not mind, others expressed a desire for elevators. Ladders sufficed for a while. 252 First Row: Catherine L. Acker¬ man, Suzanne Adams, Wendall Jay Adams, Saundra Kaye Aikman, Robert Daryl Alberson, Sherry Elaine Alberson, Toni Rae Alford, Judy Ann Anderson Second Row: Randall Lee At¬ kinson, June Michelle Baker, Nan¬ cy Lynn Baker, Suzanne Baker, Jacqulyn Cheryl Banks, Howard John Batager, Donna Barker, Billy Joe Barnett Third Row: Curtis Blair Barton, Connie Bassett, Susan Bauch, Judy Beard, Jack Thomas Beauchamp, Mary Katherine Beavers, Mike Al¬ len Beckman, Janet Bennett Fourth Row: Barbara Jo Berg, Mary Kathryn Berry, Michael Frank Bethea, Martha Lynn Big- gers, Billy Bingham, Jr., Yulonda Kay Black, Wilbur Dee Blackmon, Jr., Ann Blackshire Fifth Row: James Edward Black- well, Jerry Don Blackwood, Bren¬ da Joyce Blagg, George Werner Bloesch, Jr., Dois Mae Bock, Pam¬ ela Ann Bock, Marlyn Ann Boggs, David Bruce Boles Sixth Row: Donald Ray Boles, Curtis Russell Bourland, Judith Lee Boyer, Joanne Brandon, Law¬ rence B. Brautigan, Jr., Donald Scott Brian, John Stephen Briggs, Linda Sue Branscom Seventh Row: Richard Timothy Bredlow, Rommie Gean Brewer, Jackie W. Brisco, Connie Marie Brown, Janet Ruth Brown, Deb¬ orah Leigh Browning, Charles Lundy Bryan, Jack John Bucher Eighth Row: Donna Buck, Nan¬ cy Ann Bucy, Barbara Ann Bur¬ kett, Connie Jo Burris, Katherine June Bush, Mervin John Cagle, Linda JaJean Caldwell, Janice Elizabeth Callahan Ninth Row: Shirley Jean Camp¬ bell, Mary E. Carrington, Paula Ann Carver, Charles Benton Cate, Martha Lou Caulder, Patricia Ann Chaney, Carol Lee Cheney, Sheron Sue Childs Tenth Row: M. Deborah Chis¬ holm, Cynthia Sue Chrisman, Wil¬ liam Marshall Chrisman, III, Gary Lester Christenson, William Ger¬ ald Clack, William Kent Clark, John Harold Clayton, Barbara Clem 253 First Row : Mary Ruth Clotfel- ter, Larry G. Collier, Patricia Leigh Collins, Carolyn Lee Conde, Faune Suzanne Cook, Margaret Elizabeth Cook, Stephen Lucas Cook, Laura Lynn Cooksey. Second Row: Johnny Clifford Copeland, Clifford H. Cooper, Kathryn Ann Cooper, Carol Anita Counts, Charlotte Ann Counts, J. B. Courson Jr., Catherine Anne Cowan, Robert L. Cox. Third Row: Robert Harold Craig, Richard Lee Crawford, Sam¬ uel D. Cummings, Karen Joy C upp, Sandra A. Cypert, Pete Michael Dalmut, William Hend¬ ricks Dangers, Charles David Dan¬ iel. Fourth Row : Julia Clare Daniel, John David Darnall, James Ray¬ mond Daugherty, Susan Kay Dav¬ enport, Lynn Allen David, Carla Ruth Davis, Marilyn Ann Dees, James William Dennis. Fifth Row: Annette DeSalvo, Richard Francis Detweiler, John Howard Dickens, Carole N. Deitz, Jimmy Dean Dismuke, Diane Jean Dowler, Rachel Jane Doyle, Mary Jo Driggers. Sixth Row: Pam Dunn, Estella Louise Dunn, Cathey Durham, Thomas Lee Eans, David H. Earle, Susan Lenore Edmonds, Cheryl Jane Ellis, Gin Emery. Seventh Row: Donna Evans, Thomas Mark Fariss, Michael Stephen Fears, Dennis Michael Ferguson, Ginny Fetzek, Annice Floyd, James David Folsom, Mary Susan Forster. Eighth Row: Margaret F. Fouke, William H. Fox, John Olyver Charles Franklin, Toni Denise Fredeman, Carol Dean Frost, Carl Lee Gabbard, Judy Ann Garrett, Brian Lincoln Gartside. Ninth Row: Max A Gilbert, Dana Sue Gillespie, Thomas Wil¬ son Gilleylen, David Roy Gilliam, Gary Frank Granger, Judy Patri¬ cia Graves, Maxine Elisabeth Gray, Marie Louise Grishaber. Tenth Row: Marilyn Sue Hack¬ ney, John Bruce Halbert, Edward L. Halk, Thom E. Hall, Scott F. Haltom, Michael Ray Hanry, Ed¬ die D. Hargis, Ann Kathleen Harp. 254 First Row: Raymond M. Harris, Richard Allen Harris, Bonnie Jane Mart, Mark Stephen Hays, Janis Lea Henderson, Daniel Glenn Headley, Ronald Lynn Headley, Judy L. Hendricks. Second Row: Marvin P. Hen- ningson Jr., Richard Andrew Hen¬ derson, H. Eugene Hickman, Fred Maylah Hill, Larry Wayne Hoag- lan, Sandra Sue Hobson, Cheryl Susan Hodelka, Luther Ray Hodges. Third Row: John Craig Hogan, Carolyn Jean Holcomb, Johnnie R. Holcomb, Jerry Dean Holloway, Ronald Deloss Holmes, Richard Lamar Holt, William Joseph Horne, Karen Lee Horton Fourth Row: Mickey Lemerle Howard, Peggy Ann Howerton, Browning C. Hull, Clinton L. Hul¬ sey, Virginia E. Humphries, Mich¬ ael Edward Hunt, Kenneth Ray Ingram, Carole Jeanne Ivey. Fifth Row: Howard Spencer Jackson, Janice Jayne Jackson, Mark Christopher Jacobs, Sharyl L. James, Richard Clyde Jarman, Thomas Charles Jayne, Johnny Warren Johnson, Jon Randy John¬ son. Sixth Row: Mary Glenda John¬ son, Barbara Kay Jones, Buford Dale Jones, Charles Larry Jones, Jackson Murry Jones, Jennifer Carol Jones, Kathryn Estelle Jones, Kathryn Faye Jones. Sigma Nu ' s and Coed discussed the seating problem at the Greek Theater. Snake ' s hiss was much worse than bite. 255 First Row: Mike Demoss Jones, Linda Suzanne Jopp, Gerald Ber¬ nard Jordan, Wesley Carol Jordan, Eugene Gerald Joyce, Carol Ann Kaiser, Nancy Jean Kast, Connie Jean Keller. Second Row: Susan Lynn Kem¬ per, Glenn Frank Kile, H. W. Kil¬ patrick, Kathryn Louise King, Susan Catherine King, Beverly Marie Kirby, John Leonard Kjeld- gaard. Bill Knott. Third Row: Roger Louis Kocher, Barbara Jean Koos, David Allen Lambert, Stephen Alvin Lance, Mary Olivia Landess, Lana Kay Lane, Morris Clayton Lassiter, Jan Alice Latimer. Fourth Row: Karen Kanel Lat- ta, William Douglas Lawrence, Bonnie Lynne Laws, Nanita Lee, Susan Jeanne Leeman, James Wal¬ ler Leslie, Brenda Ann Lewis, Mark Allen Linder. Fifth Row: Judy LaDon Lips¬ comb, Kenneth A. Lloyd, Norman C. Long, Tommy L. Love, Linda Ann Lusk, Marcia Ann Lyon, Stevie Kay Manos, Nancy Jolene Marshall. Sixth Row: Larry William Mar¬ tin, Elizabeth Ann Mason, Ollie Charles Mason, John Tipton Mas- terson, Phillip Lynn Maxwell, San¬ dra Lynne McAbee, Andree Jean McBee, Patricia Gail McCollum. Seventh Row: Linda Kaye Mc¬ Connell, Cindy Lou McCord, Kaye Elian McDowell, Rebecca Annette McGlothin, Carol Castile Mcllroy, William Alfred Mclnvale, Robert Bruce McKissick, Charles H. Mc- Loughlin. Eighth Row: Philip Lowe Mc¬ Lendon, Nancy McNair, Linda Medlin, John A. Merlo, Wanda Faye Miller, Raymond Frederick Miller, John Connerley Milum Jr., Danny Joe Minnick. Ninth Row: Shokrollah Moham- madi, Susan I. Monk, Sharon Kaye Montee, Orin Eddy Montgomery, Carl F. Moore, Carolyn Carlyle Moore, Michael H. Moore, Patricia Ann Moore. Tenth Row: William Don Moses Jr., Marie Anne Mowery, William H. Moye, Margret Helen Mur¬ phy, Linda Rose Murphy, Michele Jan Myers, Susan Baskin Napper, Audrey L. Nash. 256 First Row: Murray Marvin Neely, Tanai Newcomb, Nancy Ann Nix, Mary Louise Nugent, Gurvis E. O’Kelley, Carol Jeanne Olson, Pablo A. Ontiz, William Samuel Orr. Second Row: Janice Orrick, Re¬ becca Owen, Cynthia Louise Owens, Edwin Steven Page, Pat¬ rick T. Panned, Tommie Jean Pat¬ terson, Ellis Lamar Pettus, Elton Lee Parker Jr. Third Row: Judith Marie Par¬ ker, Peggy Marie Parker, Donna Jeanne Payne, Mary Ann Payne, Brenda Kaye Peek, Paula Kay Pender, Glen Euert Perkins, Les¬ ter Glenn Pettus. Fourth Row: Caroline Deupree Picked, Linda Kaye Pierce, Mich¬ ael W. J. Pierson, Richard Gordon Platt, Joyce Katheryn Plummer, Michael Anthony Plunkett, Nancy Gayle Pollan, Diane Poppenhouse. Fifth Row: Judy Lyn Porter, Mildred Anne Porter, Joseph Michael Powers, Sharon Sue Pres- son, Marcia Gray Rachel, Sandra Lynn Ragland, Jerry McCoy Rains, Annette May Rakes. Sixth Row: Jean Ann Ramsey, John William Rankin, Sharon Jean Reading, Pierce W. Rebsamen, Susan Reed, Gay Robin Reid, Don¬ ald Lewis Rennard, Gerald Joseph Reyenga. 257 First Row : Maryland May Rif- fel, Gary Philip Ritchie, Dennis Eugene Roach. Carolyn Ruth Robb, Charles William Roberts, Barry Aber Robinson, David Je¬ rome Rodgers, Gianna N. Rod¬ rigue. Second Row: Leonard Austin Rodgers, Mary Gail Rogers. Den¬ nis Ray Roofe, Donald Edward Rose, Susan Rose, Linda Harriet Ross, Barbara Lynn Russell, Can- dyce Margaret Russell. Third Row : William Gerald Ryan, Ginny Lynn Sain, Janice Lynn Sanders, Travis Joe Sanders, Linda Faye Scallion, Carol Sue Schneider, Patricia Ann Scott, Suzanne Senyard. Fourth Row : Michael 0. Shaw, Dennis Ray Shaver, Johnny Leo Shook, Linda Ann Shonkwiler, Marilyn K. Shultz, Lucy Elizabeth Sicard, Ralph Robert Siever, Sher¬ ry Lou Simmons. Fifth Row: Thomas Delaine Simmons, Sidney Hollis Simpson, Susan Phyliss Sisco, Gary Alan Skarda, Randall Harry Skiff, Philip Larry Skoch, Leslie Jenni¬ fer Skokos, Sue Ann Slayden. Sixth Row: Mary Elizabeth Smee, Bruce L. Smith, Steven Lee Smith, William Mitchell Smith, Elizabeth Renee Sorrell, Sandra Lynn Spotts, Danny Charles Staf¬ ford, Dena Ann Stanfill. Yes, Food Services had a lovely contestant for the Miss U of A pageant this year. 258 First Row : James Smith Starks HI, Patricia Glee Stephens, Ralph Arden Stephens, John Madison Stevens III, Mark Bradford Steven¬ son, Lana Kay Stewart, Ann Storm, Elizabeth Ann Stramel. Second Row: Leslie Stratton, lommie T. Streeter, James Doug¬ las Stroud, Gary W. Styles, Char¬ lotte Sullivan, Joseph John Sulli- v an, Robert Doak Sullivan, Cath¬ erine Ann Sutherlan. Third Row: Diann Sutherlin, Glenn Edwin Sutton, Jerry Joe Swatzel, Charles David Tanner, Cyla A. Taylor, Nancy Lee Tays, Randalyn Elizabeth Teague, Rob¬ ert Edward Tehan. Row : Patricia Ann Thielemier, Dyanna Kay Thomas, Sandra LaVerne Thomas, Edward C- Thompson Jr., Marjorie Dupuy Thompson, Carol Suzanne Thurs¬ ton, Rene Tipton, Cynthia Ann Treadway. Fifth Roiv: Jan Treece, Fred¬ erick T. Trickey, Donald Alton Turnage, Nathan Bruce Turner, Susan Jane Turner, Gary Paul Up¬ ton, Michael Robert Vanderburg, George Ellis Van Hook Jr. Sixth Row: Cheryl Ann Vann, John Keith Volk, Sandra Kay Wade, Rebecca Ann Walden, An¬ nie L. Walker, Virginia Lee Walk¬ er, Cheryl Ann Waller, H. Lee Ward. Seventh Row: James E. Ward, Michael Wade Wattam, Victoria Alice Watts, Patsy Marie Whitten- burg, Michael Clark Wilkins, Dana Elizabeth Willhoite, Cath¬ erine Lucille Williams, Johnetta Williams. Eighth Row: Roger Dale Wil¬ liams, Sharon Kay Williams, Judy Ann Williamson, Nancy Carol Wil¬ lis, Ronald Joe Wilson, Adrian Glen Wingo, James W. Winn. Ninth Row: Gary Paul Winters, Judith Sample Wood, Linda Teresa Wood, Lloyd J. Woodell, Olivia Jean Woodruff, Douglas F. Wood¬ ward, Sharon A. Woodward. Tenth Row: Jan Wulfekuhler, Hal Gill Wynne, Jack B. Yates, Terry Ann Yee, Jean Ann Yoe, Bonnie Elizabeth Zook, Suen Y. Yum. tfm Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Wins Singfony Again Alpha Chi Omega began another successful year by winning first place in the Singphony competition for the second straight year. Phyllis H all served this year as president of Pan- hellenic, while Barbara Carter was secretary of IFPC. Jeanie Robertson was secretary of Chi Theta and treas¬ urer of the Marketing Club. Charlene Grant served as treasurer of Sigma Alpha Iota and Cheryl Crites was corresponding secretary. Ginger Gillis was president of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Virginia Beaty was tapped for Mortar Board and was also selected as Phi Beta Kappa and Who’s Who. Alice Stallcup, Barbara Toll, Gwen Parham, and Ruth Handley were members of Alpha Lambda Delta with Ruth serving as treasurer. Nancy Wade was president of Sophomore Counselors and was elected secretary of AWS for next year. Julia Kaps and Bev Alverson were selected for Angel Flight. Julia and Barbara Toll were co-chairmen for a student senate committee. Alice Stallcup and Rhonda Wilkinson were members of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Diane Starnes was chairman of the AWS Aca¬ demic Affairs Committee. Alpha Chi’s serving as resident assistants were Diane Starnes, Linda Weaver, Julia Kaps, Carol Sch- warzlose, Cindy Woodson, Susie Mosley, and Patty Pendergrass. Officers of Alpha Chi Omega serving during the fall semester were Virginia Beaty, president; Diane David¬ son, vice-president; Jackie Wilson, secretary; and Kay Wilkinson, treasurer. Alpha Chi ' s entertained rushees with their well prepared " South Pacific " skit. 262 First Row: Regina Fay Alford, Beverly Lynn Alverson, Dixie Jo Bean, Virginia C. Beaty, Ingrid Ann Bloomberg, Alice LaVelle Boatright, Jan Bonner. Second Row: Beverly M. Bow¬ man, Beverly Ann Clevidence, Sal- lie Frances Cline, Nancy Jo Con- dry, Marilyn Connell, Leslie Ann Cook, Barbara Ann Crawford. Third Row: Cheryl Elaine Crites, Diane Beth Davidson, Clia Marie Doty, Cynthia Ellis, Patricia Flen- niken, Elizabeth Gartrell, Cynthia Ann Gaston. Fourth Row: Betty Ann Gattis, Ginger Gail Gillis, Charline Marie Grant, Vicki Gean Gunn, Phyllis Ann Hall, Linda Lee Hallmark, Ruth Edna Handley. Fifth Row: Susan Hearnsberger, Susan Elizabeth Hennig, Linda R. Hudgings, Lecia Franceen Jones, Julia Kaps, Linda Lee Keene, Martha Ann Kent. Sixth Row: Charlotte Anne Kit¬ chens, Betty Jane Lorance, Mar¬ sha Kay Lowe, Linda Jean Mere¬ dith, Mary Emilia Morris, Mar¬ garet Elizabeth Noel, Tommie Ann Oberley. Seventh Row: Gwendolyn Hollo¬ way Parham, Toni Pierce, Carolyn Ann Reichardt, Jeannie Robinson, Susan Lynn Romines, Cynthia Ann Sly, Dusty Lea Sosebee, Rebecca Marie Spain. Eighth Row: Cynthia Spencer, Alice Kay Stallcup, Katherine Diane Starnes, Sigrun Stefansdct- L r , Peggy Lee Stoia, Betty Bowen Thompson, Barbara Toll, Mavis un Upton. Ninth Row: Pamela Rene Vin¬ cent, Nancy V. Wade, Martha Gail Wardlaw, Kaye Wilkinson, Rhon¬ da Lee Wilkinson, Cynthia Lou Williams, Jackie Carol Wilson, Bridget Jean Wright. 263 First Row: Sally Andrus, Linda Sue Baddour, Barbara Ann Bell, Becky Ann Bennett, Kay Lynn Black, Mary Elizabeth Botts, Mary Ann Bretherick. Second Row: Patricia Ann But¬ ler, Carol L. Campbell, Synde Chambers, Janis Clark, Patricia Louise Coe, Juanita Colton, Linda Ann Cooksey. Third Row: Sara Margaret Cow¬ an, Sherry Lynn Culbertson, Susan Carol Darnall, Roseanne Deal, Dorothy Jean Dodd, Linda Lou Dodge, Sandra Jean Everett. Fourth Row: Julie Anne Fergu¬ son, Suzanne L. Flick, Bettie A. Franklin, Melody Gay Gammon, Phyllis Anne Gathings, Anne Lynn Gilbert, Pamela Anne Gorbet. Fifth Row: Deanna Jeanne Gray, Carol Ann Hampton, Wallece J. Harrell, B. Ann Hart, Sara Helen Heitman, Brenda Kay Henderson, Sandra Lynn Henderson. Sixth Row: Patsy R. Hobbs, Diane Elaine Hudgens, Mary Mel¬ anie Jackson. Barbara Jean Koos, Diana Gay Mathis, Patricia Ann May, Martha Jane McCulley. Seventh Row: Gannalyn Sue McHughes, Jan McNerney, Carol Ethel Miller, Susan Jewell Miller, Carol Jane Nevin, Linda Yvonne Pasche, Jarna Matilda Rorex. Eighth Row: Becky Ross, Linda Ann Sanger, Carolyn Jane Sang- ster, Josephine Anne Schmand, Mary Elizabeth Snider, Sheri Lynn Stripling, Cindy Lee Taylor. Ninth Row: Sheila Ann Trapani, Carol Elizabeth Warnock, Konnie M. Weathers, Lina Marie Wildy, Wendy Lynn Wood, Susan Ann Wulfekuhler. 264 • -i® Alpha Delta Pi A D Pi Named Panhellenic Pres. Delta Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi had another very eventful year in 1967-1968. Carol Mittelsteadt was tapped for Mortar Board. The A D Pi’s house decora¬ tion won second place in the Homecoming competition. Sheri Stripling was tapped for Angel Flight while Kathy Dulan affiliated with the Angels. Ann Gordon was selected as a ROTC sponsor. Barbie Koos and Rose- anne Daniels served as resident assistants, and thirteen A D Pi’s were sophomore counselors. A D Pi’s were active in student committees with Carolyn Plunkett as chairman of the AWS Finance Committee; Carol Hampton, chairman of the AWS Pro¬ grams Committee; and Carol Campbell, a member of the student union entertainment committee. Jean Dodd was appointed to the Gaebale publicity committee. Julie Ferguson and Wendy Wood represented the A D Pi’s as Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents this year. Of¬ ficers of Womens Recreation Association were: Bar¬ bara Bell, treasurer; Sherry Culbertson, recording sec¬ retary; and Mary Snider, corresponding secretary. Fall semester officers were Anne Lynne Gilbert, president; Jean Dodd, vice-president; Patty Coe, sec¬ retary; and Wally Harrell, treasurer. Newly elected officers to serve for the Spring Semes¬ ter were Carol Hampton, president; Linda Sanger, vice- president; Konnie Weathers, recording secretary; Becky Bennett, corresponding secretary; and Jo Anne Sch- mand, treasurer. A D Pi ' s receive Playboy Party favors from the Lambda Chi bunny. 265 Chi Omega Wins Derby Day Psi, the Mother Chapter of Chi Omega, began an¬ other active year by being awarded the Panhellenic Scholarship trophy for last Spring. Seven Chi O’s were members of Chimes, and seven were members of Alpha Lambda Delta of which Mary Pearce served as president. Beth Baird was selected as a Homecoming maid and Kathy Kendall was chosen as a Razorback Beauty. Lu Anne Newman was runner-up to St. Patricia, and Janet Anthony and Ann Curry were fraternity sweethearts. Five members were on the Razorback staff with Sue Walk serving as an associate editor. Two Chi O’s were on the Traveler staff. Carol Ann Abney was editor of the rush book. Winnie Smith was co-captain for the Razorback cheerleaders, served as senior class secretary, and along with Donna Kay Cochran and Kathy Kendall was chosen for Who’s Who. Winnie and Donna Kay were also members of Mortar Board of which Winnie was the historian. Gary Lynn King and Linda Walker were tapped for Angel Flight, and Donna Kay Cochran and Judy Hersey were officers. Ann Bilheimer and Judy were student senators. Ann also served as a member of Judicial Board. Serving as resident assistants for the year were Sarah Watt, Ellen Pinkerton, Tommie Kay McSpadden, and Sissy Lafevers. Kathy Barnett was a co-chairman for Singfony, and chairman of the AWS Queens Com¬ mittee. Kitty Cherry served as the vice-president of IFPC. Officers were Donna Kay Cochran, president; Mardi Long, vice-president; and Sue Walk, secretary. Chi O ' s tried to think of new ways in which to snow their instructors at the faculty tea. 266 First Row: Carol Ann Abney, Cynthia Sellers Agar, Diane Ahrens, Patricia M. Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth Baird, Kathy Jo Barnett, Margareta Gunnel Baver- back. Second Row: Carol Belew, Ann Marie Bilheimer, Carolee Bonnette, Paula Lynn Brooks, Wilda Bryant, Frances Louise Campbell, Nan Elizabeth Castleberry. Third Row : Cynthia Jane Chandler, Kathryn Jane Cherry, Jeanie Cobb, Donna Kay Cochran, Marlene Louise Cox, Cynthia Ann Creel, Ann Margaret Curry. Fourth Row: Donna C. Dudney, Harriet Torry Eason, Mary Diane Ellis, Debbie Fuller, Patricia N. Gilliam, Judy M. Hersey, Elizabeth Jo Holcomb. Fifth Row: Elizabeth Eberle Johnson, Muriel Anne Johnson, Vicky Jones, Kathy Kendall, Gary Lynn King, Sissie LaFevers, Mary Jim Lane. Sixth Row: Mary Camille Ledet, Lee Long, Sarah Jane Mangels dorf, Nancy Margaret McGeorge, Maja Ann McGuire, Janya Gee Moore, Linda Beth Morgan, Har¬ riet Anne Mosley. Seventh Row: Lu Anne New¬ man, Jerry Nicholas, Garra Over- ley, Margaret Rose Palmer, Geor¬ gia Rae Parker, Catherine Ann Patterson, Katherine Lee Paulus, Mary Pearce. Eighth Row: Ellen Pinkerton, Jane Adele Rogers, Parrie Jane Rushton, Susan Schwarz, Carol Ann Sims, Sara Margaret Slaven, Winifred Smith, Carol Lillian Soule. Ninth Row: Sara Ann Steven¬ son, Rebecca Linnea Stjohn, Celia Janet Thompson, Susan Elaine Walk, Linda Walker, Katharine Lindsey Watson, Sarah M. Watt, Jane Williams. First Row: Nancy Lynn Baney, Anita Sue Benham, Mary Kay Be- vill, Gail Boyd, Lynda Dee Brown, Mildred Corinn Buchanan, Ann Burleson, Corinne Cain. Second Row: Carol Lynn Cam- field, Theresa Lee Campbell, Cly- dia Gayle Carnes, Lana Sue Carnes, Barbara Jo Cavendar, Paula Ann Cheairs, Teresa Lee Cheairs, Linda Clay. Third Row: Leslie Marie Cog- bill, Frances Cook, Wendy Lynne Coven, Ellen Marie Davis, Patti Dougherty, Patricia Marie Draoer, Bobbe Jean Dykes, Tommie Kay Ebbert. Fourth Row: Janet Ehrenberg, Sheree Glee Ellis, Kathryn Marie Fairchild, Toni Carolyn Frans-n, Glynda Ann Fritts, Suzette Fuller, Sally Ann Gardner, Sandy Gaston. Fifth Row: Donna Sue Gerety, Marilyn Kay Gooch, Martha Carole Harris, Virginia Lynette Heard, Nana Ross Holt, Rosalind Diann Holt, Anne Weatherford Hyatt, Bonnie Nell Jamison. Sixth Row: Peggye June Jarrett, Patricia Kay Jenkins, Jennifer Jones, L. Ann Leesemann, Betsy Kim Loomis, Joanne Marie Mailer, Mimi McCoy, Suzi McCracken. Seventh Row: Carol Ada Meade, Laura Susan Menees, Judy Nell Muller, Jane Lizabeth Nelson, Jamie Elizabeth Newton, Patsy Margaret Paladino, Elizabeth Ann Pelton. Eighth Row: Priscilla J. Petty, Rebecca Ann Poe, Candy Pond, Johnette Gravelle Querbes, Sarah Martha Rands, Barbara Lynn Rawls, Pamela D. Riggs. Ninth Row: Ter rye Lynn Schultz, Dana Elizabeth Sharp, Deborah Yvonne Sharp, Sandra Faye Sharp, Vicki Louise Sims, Cheryl Sparks, Carolyn Kay Stokes. Tenth Row: Sandye Stokes, Sun¬ ny Lee Sturdivant, Donna J. Trusty, Tori Jeanette Tumlin, Suz¬ anne, Webb, Theresa Ladonne Wil¬ son, Karen A. Yedlick. 263 Delta Delta Delta Tri Delta Claims St. Patricia Tri Delta had another successful year in every phase of campus life which began when two Delta’s placed on the Homecoming court for the fourth consecutive year, and by also winning the second place trophy for their float. Johnette Querbes and Suzy Gerety served as Homecoming maids. Suzy also was elected as St. Patricia and marched on the majorette line. Johnette was chosen as a Razorback Beauty while Mil Buchanan was elected as the Commerce Queen. Janice Measles Wright was an officer of Mortar Board, and along with Ann Leesemann and Jamie New¬ ton was chosen for Who’s WTio. Rosalind Holt and Debbie Sharp were members of Angel Flight of which Roz was an officer. Sandy Gas¬ ton, Janet Ehrenberg, and Carol Meade were resident assistants, and Carol was elected vice-president of AWS for next year. Sheree Ellis and Mary Kay Bevill were named Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents with Sheree serv¬ ing as president and Mary Kay as secretary. Gini Heard served as secretary of Panhellenic, and Ann Burleson was appointed as secretary of the Board of Publications, and also sang with the UArkettes. Ann and Carol Lynn Camfield were members of Alpha Lambda. Nine Tri Deltas worked on the Razorback staff and Tommie Kay Ebbert was selected as co-editor for next year. Serving as officers for the fall semester were Ann Leesemann, president; Becky Mann, vice-president; Barbara Cavender, secretary; Joanne Mailer, treasurer; and Sheree Ellis, rush chairman. During the Fall rush preferential party. Tri Delt ' s tried to convince these rushees to try Delta. 269 Delta Gamma DG’s Active in Service Projects This past year brought many honors to the Alpha Omega Chapter of Delta Gamma. Gail Stephens and Becca Rivers were named to Who’s Who. Cyndy Writer, Becca Rivers, and Gail Stephens were tapped as Mortar Board members with Gail as president. Pam Foster was a sponsor of Scabbard and Blade, and Diane Cook was tapped for Angel Flight. AWS officers were: Gail Stephens, presidential assistant; and Janice Talbert, Communications Committee chairman. Resident Assist¬ ants were: Janie Phillips, Glenna Turley, and Gail Stephens. The DG’s won the AWS trophy for scholarship im¬ provement in the fall. Service projects this year includ¬ ed a Christmas party for underprivileged children with Sigma Nu, aiding the Lion’s Club Christmas tree sale, a spaghetti supper to benefit the blind, and reading for blind students. Betty Benjamin, exchange student from the Netherlands, was the guest of the DG’s this year. Other honors on campus were. Candyce Blackard, National Collegiate Players; Glenna Turley, student senator; Terry Dunlop, chairman of the Student Orien¬ tation Committee; Ruth Rivers and Beth Catherall, Al¬ pha Lambda Delta; Nancy Northcutt, Kappa Delta Pi. Sarah Phillips was a member of the Varsity Debate team, Ruth Rivers was a majorette, and Janis Barnes reigned as Arkansas Honey Queen. Becca Rivers served as president, Brenda Guinn, vice-president; Margot Wilson, treasurer; and Nancy Northcutt and Olivia LaFollette, secretaries; and Josie Loring, pledge trainer. Delta Gammas hoisted their new anchor, which they were sure could nof be removed from it ' s new harbor. 270 First Row: Marita Jane Ander¬ son, Ann Elizabeth Bachelor, Janis Faye Barnes, Kathy Ellen Bell, Candyce Sue Blackard, Rebecca Sue Brown, Caroline J. Bulloch. Second Row: Beth Catherall, Diane Lee Cook, Barbara Jean Craig, Shirley Ann Crain, Judy M. Crumbaker, Cindy Darr, Virginia Dilliard. Third Row: Terry Anne Dunlop, Renee Karen Ferguson, Gail Forbes, Connie Nancy Formica, Pamela Jean Foster, Joanne Free¬ man, Kathleen Diane Gentry. Fourth Row: Wanda Lynn Greg¬ ory, Brenda Joyce Guinn, Sandra Louise Haney, Michele B. Hollon, Mary Ann Holloway, Judy Lee Hosier, Shirley F. Hudgens. Fifth Row: Susan Kay Huffaker, Mary Rachel Johnston, Susan Kathleen Kirby, Olivia Ann La- Follette, Kathryn Havard Logan, Jimmie Kay Longino, Jo Anne Lor- ing. Sixth Row: Carol Ann Lovelady, Lynda Leu Lynch, Cheryl Chris¬ tine Mackin, Mariland Helene Marney, Jean Martin, Georganne Massey, Sandra Elizabeth Maz- zanti, Patty Moran. Seventh Row: Margie Nancar- row, Linda Lorraine Nash, Eliza¬ beth Andrews Nickle, Gail Ann Niesen, Nancy Northcutt, Ronna Gay Porter, Carol Raines, Leon- ette A. Reed. Eighth Row : Rebecca Rivers, Ruth Rivers, Miriam Shively, Vir¬ ginia Lee Siler, Patricia Ann Smith, Gail Stephens, Susan Steph¬ ens, Janice Marie Talbert. Ninth Row: Pam Upton, Juanita Jeanne Walker, Jacquie Marie Wasem, Linda Rose White, Deb¬ orah Anne Wilson, Margaret Wal¬ lace Wilson, Carol Jean Wright, Cynthia Fay Writer. 271 First Row: Carol Sue Anguin f Marcilee Barber, Beverly Ann Ben¬ ton, Martha Ann Black, Susan Beth Calhoon, Jane Campbell, Lois Ann Carlson. Second Row : Marilyn Louise Cearley Sarah Lynn Chesshir, Ja¬ nice Claire Driskill, Elizabeth Eu¬ genia Ellison, Cynthia Sue Erwin, Linda Faulkner, Marin Ruth Fit- ton. Third Row: Janis L. Geyer, Con¬ nie Goble, Mary Hall Hanthorn, Janis Gaye Jones, Patricia Sue Keeling, Joyce Leslie Ker, Melin¬ da W. Kincannon. Fourth Row: Karen Anne Kra¬ mer, Virginia Lynn Leysath, Susan Ann Liles, M. Theresa Marks, Dorothy L. Martin, Julie Watson McDonald, Diane Elaine McKin¬ ney, Judith Ann Meacham. Fifth Row: Melinda Sue Merrill, Sherry Marie Newman, Kathleen Phelps, DuLane Barry Pintado, Rosemary Raymond, Joyce Elaine Rutledge, Sally Payne Sedwick, Shirley Katherine Smith. Sixth Row: Carolyn Jene Spring- field, Brenda K. Swink, Elizabeth Kilbury Terry, Mary Reid Thomp¬ son, Mary Margaret Torok, Sally R. Trammell, Nancy Caroline Wilkinson, Linda Irene Young. Theta ' s and SAE ' s practiced social graces during an exchange dinner. 272 Theta Elected AWS President Culminating a year filled with both house and in¬ dividual honors, Rosemary Raymond and Sylvia Spen¬ cer were tapped for Mortar Board and honored by selection for Who’s Who. Sylvia was also editor of the 1967 A-Book. Pat Keeling and Janis Jones were Alpha Lambda Delta members, while Linda Faulkner served as junior advisor. Linda, a counselor in Fulbright Hall, was also selected for membership in Tau Alpha Upsilon, and was elected president of AWS for next year. A second year member of Angel Flight, Brenda Dill also served with Kathy Phelps as a Lambda Chi Cres¬ cent. Linda Young was an associate editor of the RAZ- ORBACK, and Susan Liles was a reporter for the TRAVELER. Dianne McKinney marched with the Marching Razorbacks as a majorette. Participating in AWS planning and activities were: Marci Barber, Legislative Board member; Pat Keeling, Academic Affairs Committee; Susan Liles, Communi¬ cations Committee; Marilyn Cearley, Queens Commit¬ tee; and Janis Jones, Finance Committee. Lois Ann Carlson served as WRA representative and Theresa Marks assisted with Judicial Board proceedings. Mary Margaret Torok and Beverly Benton were chosen for membership in National Collegiate Players. Assisting president Rosemary Raymond as fall of¬ ficers were: Theresa Marks and Mary Thompson, vice- presidents; Dianne McKinney and Sylvia Spencer, sec¬ retaries; Jan Driskill, treasurer; and Judy Worsham, rush chairman. Theta ' s made ready their kites for pre-initiation activities. 273 Five Kappa’s Chosen Who’s Who Kappa Kappa Gamma again had a most successful year full of honors and activities. The house won first place in Singfony. Five seniors were selected for Who’s Who: Sharon Tatman, Judy Jackson, Susan Robins, Pauline Appleton, and Jan Harris. Jan was also chosen as Phi Beta Kappa. Four were tapped for Mortar Board with Susie Irby as secretary. Seven Kappas were members of Angel Flight with Sharon Tatman, commander; Susie Irby, executive of¬ ficer; and Betty Easter, operations officer. Letty Castle¬ berry was chosen as Little Colonel of Area G-l and was named Razorback Beauty. Delta Willis was an Army ROTC sponsor, and Jan Whitmore served as Scabbard and Blade sponsor. Becky White and Pam Smith were resident assist¬ ants and Pam was elected AWS treasurer for next year. Jean Woodell was IFPC Model Pledge and was elected Junior Arts and Sciences Senator. Fraternity sweethearts were: Donna Hairston, Aca¬ cia; Junie Nelson, Sigma Pi; Jean Woodell, Sigma Phi Epsilon; and Jo Harris, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Five sophomores were members of Alpha Lambda Delta, and nine were members of Chimes with Lynne McNabb, Nancy Hudson, Ruthie Rowan, Donna Day, and Pat Ross serving as officers. Pauline Appleton served as vice-president of AWS and Linda Carson was secretary of YDC. Officers of Kappa Kappa Gamma for the fall sem¬ ester were Judy Jackson, president; Janelle McNulty, vice-president; Lynne Stanley, secretary; and Mary Buie serving as treasurer. Kappas got into the Christmas spirit by decorating their tree and putting gifts for all underneath. 274 First Row: Mildred Mann Amis, Pauline Alice Appleton, Jackie S. Barrett, Jane Bradley, Susan M. Brilihart, Pamela Ann Brunelle, Elizabeth Walker Buffington. Second Row: Donna Jane Burn- ejte, Jeanette Carpenter, Linda Noe Carson, Letty Fay Castleberry, Carolyn Cross, Donna Marie Day. Third Row: Marie Deacon, Di- ne Cecilia DeClerk, Diane Des- Lauriers, Shirley Killeen Des Laur- iers, Monica Daria Dolan, Ann- etta L. Duffy, Betty L. Easter, Carol Ann Garison. Fourth Row: Donna Jane Hair- Jon, Cheryl Sonin Hale, Mary Cathryn Hammons, Carol Jan Har- [ s Jo Courtney Harris, Nancy Elizabeth Helms, Beverly Gay Henry. Fifth Row: Laurie Louise Ho¬ gan, Debbie Sue Horton, Nancy Lee Hudson, Diane Hudspeth, Su¬ san Mary Irby, Judith Suzanne Jackson, Susan Ray Jordan. Sixth Row: Barbara G. Ken¬ nedy, Helen Vance Kirby, Mary Elizabeth Kisamore, Mary Nell Lehnhard, Charlotte Anne Leon¬ ard, Dana Leigh Lyons, Ruth Ann Mask. Seventh Row: Betty McCarty, Joyce Ann McFall, Lynne Mc- Nabb, Janelle McNulty, Junie Elizabeth Nelson, Josephine Fran- tiska Norman, Pamela Diane Nor¬ wood, Katharine McRae Nowlin. Eighth Row: Jennifer Pinkley, Rosemary Pullen Prewitt, Sharon Ann Reeves, Jennifer Lynn Rich¬ ardson, Susan Robins, Patricia Ann Ross, Ruthie Lorena Rowan, Pamela Denise Scrape. Ninth Row: Cassandra Anne Seymour. Pamela Smith, Sara Sue Smith, Lynne Ellen Stanley, Sara Jane Stobaugh, Anita Diane Suitt, Sharon Flo Tatman, Jeffrey Lynn Taylor. Tenth Row: Linda Kathryn Walker, Mary Carolyn Webb, Pa¬ tricia Coulter Welty, Becky Jayne White, Jan Whitmore, Delta Lynne Willis, Susie Wilson, Jean Nolan Woodell. First Row : Pamela Sue Arnold, Patricia Ball, Frada Ann Barlow, Ann Beane, Patricia Jane Bell, Patricia Jane Blake, Jane Veronica Bonady, Mandy Boreing. Second Row: Peggy S. Bosmyer, Montine Bowen, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Mary Lou Cain, Gayle Clark, Marian Cleveland, Char¬ lotte Dale Cooley, Josephine Louise Cure. Third Row: Ann L. Denton, Jane Dickerson, Margaret Jo Diffey, Lynn Elizabeth Erwin, Helen Compton Eubanks, Jeanne D. Evans, Robyn Gannaway, Pamela Sue Hamm. Fourth Row : Linda Lou Ham- montree, Judith Ann Herndon, Maryanne Hicky, Alice Woodford Howell, Mary Jackson, Mary Hor- nor Jennings, Patty Ann Jones, Judith Ann Kittrell. Fifth Row : Leslie Dee Kraich, Cynthia Ann Lemley, Margaret Anne Little, Carolyn Christine Looney, Joan Burnett Manning, Madalyn Marchman, Ellen Eliza¬ beth Meek, Kimberly Melton. Sixth Row: Lollie Anastasia Meyer, Nora Lynn Moore, Ann Nelson, Nancy Carol Petty, Betty Phillips, Nancy Elizabeth Pollard, JoAnn Pryor. Seventh Row: Patricia Louise Rand, Elizabeth Hartli Richards, Kim Robertson, Pamela Jo Seneff, Mary Harvey Shipp, Murray Smith, Barbara Diane Steigler. Eighth Row: Jerre Stocker, Su¬ san Louise Tatum, Dixie Carol Terrell, C. Jeanne Thompson, Nancy Lee Tremble, Mary Ellen Van Eaton, Susan Kay Ward. Ninth Row: Pamela Wasson, Paula Whiting, Becky Williams, Linda Kay Williams, Susan Per- melia Wood, Debby Woodard, Vir¬ ginia Anne Young. 276 Pi Phi Reigns as Miss U of A Pi Beta Phi continued another successful year on campus this year. Robyn Gannaway reigned as Miss U of A, was First Runner-up to Miss Arkansas, and was a Cotton Bowl Princess. Robyn and Bonnie Taylor served as Homecoming Maids and the Pi Phi’s won first place for their float. Pi Phi’s also won the Sigma Nu Relays this year. Dixie Terrell and Judy Herndon were both mem¬ bers of Mortar Board and Who’s Who. Judy served as treasurer of AWS while Ann Beane was secretary. Char¬ lotte Cooley and Pam Seneff were members of Alpha Lambda Delta, and Charlotte was named Outstanding Freshman in Education. Mac Cates served as president of ACE. Pam Arnold and Jane Bell served as senior senators. Gayle Clark was a cheerleader, and Pam Hamm and Mary Elizabeth Brown were majorettes. Patty Jones was Sigma Nu sweetheart while Mary Elizabeth was named Lambda Chi Crescent Girl. Mary Elizabeth and Linda Williams were Lambda Chi Crescents, and Mary Jackson was Campus Sweetheart. Jeanne Thompson served as ROTC sponsor Com¬ mander-in-chief. Nancy Tremble and Mandy Boreing were members of Angel Flight and Mandy was selected as a Razorback Beauty. Jo Diffy served as co-chairman of Greek Week. Three Pi Phi’s were members of Chimes. Jane Bonady and Paula Whiting were resident assistants and four Pi Phi’s worked on the RAZOR- BACK staff. Margaret Little was YDC social chairman. Mary Lou Cain and Dee Dee Stocker were officers of Chi Theta. Patty Ball, Dixie Terrell, and Pam Arnold were members of Phi Theta, and Judy Herndon was a mem¬ ber of Phi Mu Epsilon. Jo Diffy and Jane Bell were members of Lambda Tau Iota with Becky Williams as vice-president. Ginna Young sang with the Schola Cantorum. Officers for the fall semester were Jane Bell, presi¬ dent; Ellen Van Eaton, vice-president; Judy Herndon, treasurer; and Diane Steigler, secretary. Pi Phi ' s added their own activity to the annual Dad ' s Day celebration with a skit presented for their Pi Phi pops, 277 Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Boasts Homecoming Queen The 1967-1968 year for Zeta’s was highlighted by Sue Tarpley’s selection as Homecoming Queen, and Simone Seamon’s successful campaign for secretary of Associated Students. Simone also was selected for Who’s Who. Becky Echols and Chrissy Henry were members of Alpha Lambda Delta, with Diana Johnson, reporter, and Christy Rodman, historian. Kathy Walton and Simone were tapped for membership in Mortar Board. Sharon Robinson and Linda Butler were Razorback cheerleaders; and Juli Ellis was a featured twirler and a finalist for St. Patricia. Evelyn Bowen was administrative officer of Angel Flight, with Chrissy Henry serving as an Angel, too. Susie Johnston was Lieutenant of Scabbard and Blade, Becky Baker was Pershing Rifles sponsor, and Bev Patton was an Army ROTC sponsor. Reigning as Arkansas Dairy Princess was Shirley Franzmier. Celestine Leding and Susie Johnston were named Lambda Chi Crescents, and Sandy Jones served as Alpha Phi Omega sweetheart. Campus officers included Judy Williams, chairman of AWS Housemanagers Board; Myrl Rogers, reporter of YDC; Sharon Robinson, president of PEM Club and vice-president of WRA. Kathy Gibbons was a mem¬ ber of Chimes. Liz Vawter and Linda Eubanks served as resident assistants, and Jane Ann Neeley was appointed as one at semester. Fall officers of Zeta were Kathy Walton, president; Susan Metcalf, vice-president; and Jan Woods and Bon¬ nie Bell, co-rush-chairmen. Zeta ' s sang to rushees during rush and tried to help them decide which new home to choose. 278 First Row: Dorothy Allred, Pen- Sue Raker, Theda Varie Baker, Ronnie Margaret Bell, Stephanie Jeane Belote, Cindy Benward, Eve¬ lyn Bowen. Second Row: Patricia Burns, Sara Jane Byers, Shannon Lea Carlton, Jane Collier Dees, Becky Echols, Juliane Ellis, Cheryl Kay England. Third Row: Janelle Erwin, Lin¬ da C. Eubanks, Donna Susan Fin¬ ley, Susan Fowler, Patricia Jon Galloway, Cathy Lu George, Kathy Gibbons. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Ann Hallin, Cynthia Jane Hays, Karol Anne Hendricks, Christine Lee Henry, Saundra Jean Hogins, Nel¬ lie Brian Hudson, Judy Kay Jewell. Fifth Row: Diana Lynn Johnson, Susie Johnston, Jeanettia Ilene Jones, Celestine W. Leding, Judith Kay Massery, Linda Maxey, Wan- ette McKee. Sixth Row: Jean Elizabeth Mc¬ Millan, Lana Dianne Mitchell, Sharon Ann Morgan, Jane Ann Neely, Janice Joanne Nixon, Chris¬ ty Lea Rodman, Nina Myrl Rog¬ ers. Seventh Row: Jeanne Sava, Ella Ritchie Saxon, Polly Lou Scarlett, Simone Seamon, Susan Ann Shaw, Joy Ruth Shoptaw, Pamela Sue Simons. Eighth Row: Sue Swearingen, M. Sue Tarpley, Eliza Jane Thomas, Phyllis Ann Tucker, Anne Frances Udouj, Elizabeth A. Vaw- ter, Carol Ann Walker. Ninth Row: Pamela Sue Walsh, Kathy Walton, Sandra Elizabeth Ward, Judith Ann Williams, Ja¬ nice Adrian Woods, Brenda Jean¬ ette Ziegler. 279 Seated on floor : Winnie Smith, Carol Hampton, Wendy Coven, Kathy Walton, Sara Slaven, Rosemary Raymond, Donna Kay Cochran, Jane Bell, Margaret Little, Diane Starnes, Jo Diffy, Bridget Wright, Susie Johnston, Simone Seamon, Carolyn Cross, Virginia Beaty, Becca Rivers, Judy Jackson, Ginny Dil- liard. Seated in back : Penny Baker, Becky Ross, Anne Lynn Gilbert, Shirley Smith, Virginia Leyseth, Judy Hosier, Jan Harris. Panhellenic Strengthens Sororities PANHELLENIC OFFIERS: Gini Heard, secretary; Phyllis Hall, president; Pam Norwood, vice-president. The Panhellenic Council aids in promoting inter¬ sorority relations and is the governing board for all campus sororities. This council is composed of the president and two representatives from each sorority on campus. The activities of Panhellenic Council are to make, and enforce all rules that govern rush and pledging. Each spring the council holds a coke party with model¬ ing by sorority members, for all freshman women who are interested in participating in Fall rush. Two scholarship trophies are awarded every year for the pledge class with the highest grade point, and also to the sorority rating highest in grades. Three scholarships are also awarded annually by Panhellenic to the Outstanding Greek Faculty Woman and the Out¬ standing Senior Greek Woman. In cooperation with Greek Week, Panhellenic also sponsors the Pan-Olym- pic games in which all fraternities participate jointly. 280 IFC Adds New Fraternity The Interfraternity Council is an organization com¬ posed of all active social fraternities on campus and exists for the purpose of regulating and co-ordinating the activities of its member groups. IFC is composed of the president of each house and two elected represen¬ tatives. The Dean of Fraternities serves as advisor and the officers are selected from ihe membership itself. IFC entered into a new era of prompting the Greek ideal this year. Included in activities were an expanded Greek Week with many activities such as Greek Week College Bowl and outstanding speakers as F. Lee Bailey and Louis Roth, President NIC. Other activities included several workshops held during the year for fraternity officers. These workshops dealt with such topics as finances, scholarship, and rush. Also, much work was done in the area of public rela¬ tions in an effort to improve the fraternity system’s image both locally and statewide. S OFFICERS, from left to right are: Lannie Winberry, secretary; Ollie Campbell, president; and Don Gibson, treasurer. Interfraternity Council held their meetings on Thursday afternoons in the Student Union. 281 Acacia Acacia Has Senate Vice President In its seventeenth year on campus, Acacia once again achieved its established leadership in student gov¬ ernment and social life. Over 2,000 people crowded in at the annual “End of the World” party to dance to the music of “Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts.” At the spring Sack Dance, Acacians “let in all hang out” to the music of the “Hombres.” Campus positions were led by Charles Stubblefield, Vice-President of Associated Students and Steve Nickles, Freshman Senator. Other positions held were: Bill Trice, Gaebale Carnival director and Razorback cheerleader; Jerry Cowee, alternate Razorback cheerleader and mem¬ ber of the TRAVELER staff; Jerry Glover, Wire Edi¬ tor of the TRAVELER; Bobby James, president of the Theta Tau fall pledge class and Bill Plunkett, pledged by Theta Tau later in the year; Paul Douglas, Sam, Gib¬ son, and Charles Stubblefield were in ODK: Jim White represented Acacia in Arnold Air Society; Charles Stubblefield was in Scabbard and Blade; Larry Asselin was a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Rounding out the social year were the numerous exchange dinners, drop-ins, after-game parties, and the Annual Black and Gold Formal held at Springdale. Acacia also presented a donation to the Arkansas School for the Blind. 282 First Row: Michael Paul Allen, Larry Dean Asselin, John Douglas Baker, Gary P. Barket, William King Beard, Brian Kent Biggers, Harry Knute Bjornberg. Second Row : Michael Dean Bos¬ well, Bradley Knight Breland, T. 0. Burson, William S. Cato, Ron¬ ald Chaney Cox, Frank A. Curl, Charles Darwin Davidson. Third Row : James Paul Doug¬ las, Michael A. Erickson, Jan Christen Flobak, Sam E. Gibson, Hoger William Giles, Jerry Wayne Glover, Gary N. Hairston. Fourth Row : Tanny Smith Har¬ per, John Edward Harrison, Eddie Hart, Charles W. Henley, Frede¬ rick Ray Horn, Gary Lyndel How¬ ard, Robert Allen James. Fifth Row: Charles L. Johnson, Robert A. Lange, Jr., William F. Leatherbury, Walter William Lehle, Jr., Steve Allen Loibuer, C. Modinger, III, Glen Edward Morris. Sixth Roiv: David Edmon Nel¬ son, James Donald Nichols, Steve H. Nickles, Larry M. Parks, Wil¬ liam Plunkett, M. Louis Poole. Seventh Row: David Lynn Rake- straw, Richard R. Reynolds, Chris Gordon Schneider, Patrick War¬ ren Segraves, James Barton Sikes, Lawrence Douglas Sneed. Eighth Row: Richard Ted Snie- gocki, Larry Lawson Snodgrass, Burl Jackson Snow, Joseph C. Sommers, William Gregory Spen¬ cer, Arthur Elmon Spooner, Jr. Ninth Row: Charles Roland Stubblefield, Larry David Stubbs, Dennis Wayne Tarkington, Wil¬ liam Henry Trice, III, John Edgar Trusheim, Leon West, Jr. 283 First Row: Robert Alan Allured, Kenny Beaty, Len Leon Benton, Jay B. Briggs, Shelby Galen Bry¬ ant, Bobby Joe Cook. Kenneth Ray Guppies, Larry Michael Davis. Second Row: Mike F. Flynn, Danny Gill, Walter Hugh Goin, Mario Ojeda Gutierrez, Robert Wayne Gutierrez, Roger L. Ham¬ mond, Richard Kenley Imboden, William Jack Johnson. Third Row: Joe L. Keathley, Dan P. Kennett, Eddie Ray Lee, Joe McBride, Larry Glenn Mc¬ Cain, Don Ray McCaskill, James R. McCoy, James G. McEntire. Fourth Row: Guy Stanley Mc- Kown, Charles David McNeal, Kenneth Joe May, Larry W. May, Ralph Jewel May, Danny Ray Metz, Johnny Clay Moore, Dwight Vincent Morris. Fifth Row: Michael Lee Mos- hew, William Edwin Moss, Billy Dean O’Bar, Harry Wayne Pace, Alan Dee Pack, Timothy M. Pack, Thomas Howard Patterson, Ever¬ ett Irving Rogers. Sixth Row: Paul H. Shaver, Danny Joe Segraves, Richard Aron Tallent, Terence Stephen Vest, James Eugene Waddell. Jimmy C. Whiley, Terry Lee Williams, Dick Ellis Willis, Stanley Joe Wingert. AGR ' s cultivate a good time at their annual Pink Rose Formal held this spring. 284 [s cco] R » It m ■ Alpha Gamma Rho AGR Has Growing Year in New Home Alpha Gamma Rho represents a unique concept in the Greek system at the University of Arkansas — that of the social professional fraternity. Alpha Iota chapter carries this concept to its ultimate end — a well round¬ ed fraternity. AA intramurals were won by the Rho’s as was the Red Cross Blood Drive. Many AGR’s are serving in campus activities. Walter Goin serves in Cardinal XX and is chairman of the Student Employment Board. Stan Wingert, Alan Pack, Galen Bryant, Don McCaskill, Jim McCoy, and James Aikman were tapped for Omi- cron Delta Kappa. Bill O’Bar represents AGR in Blue Key. Stan Wingert, Jim McCoy, and Aron Tallent are in Phi Eta Sigma. Larry McCain is editor of the Ar¬ kansas Agriculturist. Joe McBride is treasurer of YRC and a member of the U of A Debate team. Galen Bryant is president, James Aikman is treasurer, and Way land Holloway is secretary of Alpha Tau Alpha. Dan Ken- nett is the senior senator from the College of Agricul¬ ture. Bill Moss is in Alpha Kappa Psi. Social life at Alpha Gamma Rho included the Dad’s Day Dance, Pledge Dance, Homecoming Dance, Pink Rose Formal, several outings in the spring, as well as drop-ins and exchange dinners. These were highlighted by the Outer Limits Party. Brenda Henderson Alpha Delta Phi Homecoming Spirit was built up at Razorback Stadium by AGR ' s house decoration overlooking the parking lot. 285 An AKL Leads IFC Alpha Kappa Lambda saw the past year as one of its progressive years on the U of A campus, as it en¬ joyed success in all phases of Greek life. Outstanding members representing AKL in campus activities were Ollie Campbell, Randy Riddell, Bob Harriell and David Bell in Blue Key; Steve Millin Cardinal XX; Ollie Campbell, Who’s Who and Inter¬ fraternity Council president; Ronnie Winningham, president, Young Democrats Club; David Bell, Dis¬ tinguished Military Student; John Martin and Rick Kuonen, president and treasurer of the Finance Club and Steve Millin and Bruce Munson, University Debat¬ ers and Tau Kappa Alpha. AKL was also represented on the Fayetteville Cham¬ ber of Commerce, had two members on the Student Senate, and four members in Tau Beta Pi. AKLs were also active in Theta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi and Scabbard and Blade. Socially, the year was highlighted by the annual Yellow Rose Formal and the “Go to Hell with AKL’ party. Numerous outings and drop-ins were held along with the Dad’s Day Dance, Homecoming Dance, Pajama Party, Pledge Dance and Halloween Dance. For the second consecutive year Alpha Kappa Lambda took first place in the Homecoming festivities, with their float “Beat Their Brains Out.” 286 First Row: Tayfun Arikan, Bill Ayers, Terry L. Baker, David Lee Bell, Douglas Gene Bishop, Ron L. Bumpass. Second Row: Ronald Lewis Bur- ton, William Blake Cameron, 01- Be C. Campbell, Herschel Wayne Cleveland, Philip Edwin Coble, Walter M. Craig. Third Row : Thomas Henry Dem- Jdnski, Rene Jerry Duchac, Tom Patrick Earnhart, Robert Clinton fisher, Sam J. Forester, Roger Dale Goodwin. Fourth Row: Daniel Hoover Graves, Robert Van Graybill, Charles Stephen Gurisco, Kersh E. Hall, Harold Clark Hill, Gerald J ' rank Hodapp, Jr. Fifth Row: William Arthur Hough, Lawrence Gene Jones, Tim I). Keeton, William Frederick Knod, II, Richard Henry Kuonen, Howard L. Martin. Sixth Row: Joe R. Martin, Jack Alan May, J. Conley Meredith, Bruce Emil Munson, Garvin B. My- hand, William Larry Newman. Seventh Row: Stephan Lindall Nipper, H. David hillips, William Richard Pratt, Thomas Phillip Risher, James Marvin Sanders, Dairy Gene Sands. Eighth Row: Randall Eugene Shireman, David 1). Smith, Larry Wayne Weathers, Ronald L. Win- ningham, Cary E. Young, Gary Cleveland Young. 287 First Row: Wayne Thomas Bell. Jimmy D. Black, Freddie Marshall Bourland, Guy Brady, Jr. Second Row: Larry L. Bryant, Jim Daniel, Randell Forrest, Court¬ ney Mcllroy Hillard. Third Row : James Art Kirk, Jimmy Steve Lovell, Joe B. Mar¬ tin, Gregory Wayne Parsons. Fourth Row: Jimmy Ray Pick¬ ett, Carl Edward Ragland, John William Watson, Dwight Leo Witcher. John Snoderly is hoisted on his brothers ' shoulders as he was elected A.S.A. Presi¬ dent. 288 Another Scholarship First For FH Farmhouse fraternity “builds men” by stressing faith in God, loyalty among its members, and superior scholarship. Reaffirming its academic superiority, the men of Farmhouse had the highest grade point of any living group on campus with 50 percent of its members on the Dean’s List or honorable mention. Farmhouse men holding main offices in the Col¬ lege of Agriculture are John Snoderly, president of A.S.A.; Wayne Bell, president of A.I. Club and vice president of Ag. Economics Club; Gary Keathley, Alpha Zeta chancellor. Active in many campus activities, Farmhouse also has officers in Agronomy Club, Entomology Club, and Association of Baptist Students. There are members in other organizations such as Alpha Tau Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, and the Student Religious Council. Farmhouse also strives to develop a well-rounded life for its membership. This was done by social ac¬ tivities and athletic competition in Intramurals. Barbara Harris 4-H House Guy Brady is shown among the fraternity ' s many scholarship trophies, as he received the IFC Pledge Scholarship Award. 289 Xi Chapter Has Active Year The oldest continuously active fraternity on the University campus experienced another very active year. In campus activities, Wyck Nisbet and Pete Bridge served in Cardinal XX; Bill Keadle was active in Blue Key and chosen for Who’s Who. Members of Alpha Kappa Psi were Cole Jeffries, Wyck Nisbet, Frank Bell, Biff Vinson, Pud Eldridge, Hank Gray, and Danny Jacuzzi. Scholarship played an important role in the lives of the crescent and star men as the Kappa Sig pledge class was top on campus in grades. Overall the fra¬ ternity had a 2.41 grade average which was second on campus. In other activities, Bob Tucker, Cole Jeffries, Pete Bridge, James Youngblood, Wyck Nisbet served in Circle K. Individual honors went to Bill Peek, who was B.A. junior class representative; Speer Morgan, who was a Woodrow Wilson scholar; and Cole Feffries, who served on Senate and Gaebale committees. Kappa Sig’s social season was filled with such parties as the South Season Island party, parties after each football game, the Christmas Formal, and numer¬ ous drop-ins. This year’s chapter officers were: Speer Morgan, president; Tom McElroy, vice-president; Rob Brun¬ ner, treasurer; and James Youngblood, social chair¬ man. Tidings and especially good cheers were present before Kappa Sig ' s take trip on sleigh at Christmas Formal. 290 First Row: S. David Alpin, ' rank Adams Bell, Jr., Bascom i e » J r » Peter Fowler Bridge, . “ n Charle s Brooks, Charles Pat- r ie Brosh, Richard F. Campbell, Sec 0n( i Row: Andrew B. Cassi- Ronald Mann Chiles, Ray Cugene Colclasure, Harry P. Daily, u avid Rodney Dunn, Paul R. Eld- ri dge, William Thomas Fletcher. Thud Row: Larry Parks Ford, regg Wesley Garmon, Don Palm¬ ar Gibbs, Charles Henry Gray, James William Halsell, John nristopher Hardman, Jan Bryan Uogaboom. fourth Row: John H. Jacobs, Charles Cole Jeffries, E. Ralph ohnson, Bill E. Jones, Kenneth Han Jones, Tommy Karam, John Morgan Karber. _ Fifth Row: William Arthur JCeadle, Bood L. Keathley, William roy Keith, Russell Havel Kostka, James Paul Latture, Thomas Ar- l hur McElroy, Carl Robert Mag- ness. Sixth Row: Nicholas H. Man- onto, George Lewis Marsh, Lee Mathews, Carey Wayne Meadors, Johnson P. Melhorn, Ronald Chap¬ man Mills, Charles H. Moore. Seventh Row: Larry Mitchell Moore, Ralph Speer Morgan, Alex¬ ander Wyckliff Nisbet, Jr., James Randall Parker, William Partlow 1 eek, Richard W. Pool, Ernest Bradsher Portis, Richard Harkey Ratley. Eighth Row: Henry Preston aine, William Louis Simmons, Robert C. Slay, Mark Smith, Sam- Uei Tardy Sullivan, John Lam- rence Tennant, Lewis E. Thomp- son III, Claude Robert Tirman. Ninth Row: Robert Lewis Tuck¬ er , Henry Rush Turk, Terry Joseph Iurner, Bryant Finley Vinson, Jr., John Kitchener Warrinier, Jack David West, Allen M. Williams, Don Albert Wineland. a r f Cs mU di i 1. i Uii | ft ft ft ttM a u © © 291 Lambda Chi Alpha S ' Livi " I.. 1 ! !!!! Mr 1 r 1 ini 1 | 4 §jyi| k JfT JS Lambda Chi Initiates No. 1000 Lambda Chi Alpha took pride in initiating its one- thousandth member, Charles Parkhurst, in 1968, be¬ coming only the sixth Lambda Chi chapter across the nation to reach this mark. Lambda Chi Alpha was founded on this campus in 1925. Lambda Chi continued its tradition of outstand¬ ing leadership, honors, and activities. Memorable events began with a successful rush week and continued with football season open houses, Homecoming activities, the Playboy party, Christmas party for underprivileged children, Purple Id party, Founder’s Day in Little Rock, Housemother’s Kidnap, spring elections, Hurri¬ cane party, sponsorship of a little league baseball team in the summer, numerous outings, drop-ins, and ex¬ change dinners. Among the many offices and honors achieved were Chuck Banks and Bill Williams, Blue Key; F. B. Elliot, Student Senate; Lan Williams, Student Court; Billy Ross, editor of the Law Review; and John Har¬ mon, editor of the 67-68 Student Directory. Other memberships in honorary organizations included Com¬ merce Guild, AK, ABC, U of A Debate Team, Civic Club, Marketing Club, Engineering Council, Theta Tau, and Pershing Rifles. 292 First Row: Bob Brent Berry, Joe downing, Rick Browning, Benja¬ min Franklin Butler, Mike Cia- one Lawrence Edwin Chisenhall. Second Row: James M. Collins, . r ’ Jack B. Cornett, Janies Bev- n gt( ? n avis, Leon DeMont, Bob lark Dickey, James Kirk Dixon. 7 hird Row: F. B. Elliott, Ricky • Fleetwood, Stan C. Finney, Jr., m e ven J ay Fowler, Michael John caring, Robert A. Goodwin. l ' ourth Row: John T. Harmon, George Wygal Harrison, Larry e rshel Johnson, Charles Lee Lig- 8 e B, Jr., James Cureton McCaa, James C. McDowell. I ' ifth Row: Steven Kirk Meyer, aV 1S Tenny Mitchell, James W. Monk, Bill Moss, Sonny Moss, William Edward Nicholson. Sixth Row: David Dean Pad- Sett, Jr., Charles Wright Park- hurst, Robert D. Rawn, Cruitt Beem Rebsamen, Robert Michael Boiler, David L. Safford. Seventh Row: Gary Michael Storey, Stephen P. Storey, William Douglas Summerville, Marty L. Stouffer, John Clifford Thompson, David E. Tyrone, Jim Carr Wal¬ ton. Eighth Row: Michael V. Warr, John Michael Watson, John Lan Williams, William Hale Williams, Laniel Hugh Wood, Thomas Joe Wright, Bruce Eben Yancey. 293 First Row: Marshal Brian Alex¬ ander, James Nash Alford, Don¬ ald Armstrong, Jay Milton Baker, Richard Lloyd Balwanz, Larry Da¬ vid Barnes, Ben Thomas Barry, Raymond Scott Bates. Second Row: Charles Roland Billings, M. Timothy Boe, David Leon Caldwell, Robert Ian Camp¬ bell, Walter Lawrence Carlson, Robert Barclay Clark, Richard Michael Colclasure, Barry E. Cop- lin. Third Row: Jack Dan Crews, James Thacker Crow, Daniel V. Evans, Christopher F. Fowler, By¬ ron L. Freeland, Thomas Walter Futrell, Bruce Carrol Gasaway, Gerald Loy Glenn. Fourth Row: Robert Ivy Glover, William Henry Glover, Jr., Artie Gregory, Robert Wilson Hardin, Russell Fields Harris, Jr., Lilburn Crofford Harrison, Jr., James Franklin Hawkins, Jr., Jimmy Duane Hall. Fifth Row: Ted C. Hood, John Michael Hopkins, William H. Howell, Gary Scott Jefferson, John Earl Jennings, Robert Walter Johnson, Stephan Alan Leek, Keith John Lindemann. Sixth Row: Michael T. McClen¬ don, David Michael McHaney, L. Jack McHaney, David Bryan Mar¬ tin, Tommy Merritt, Dallas Davis Miles, Jr., Michael Dean Moore- head, Thomas Allen New. Seventh Row: James Maury Nor¬ ris, Lynn Ferguson Oates, Keith Brent O’Neal, Jerry Ross Park, John Samuel Patterson, James A. Penix, Jr., Johnny C. Quinn, Rich¬ ard Early Ragans. Eighth Row: Stephen Randolph Rauls, E. Smith Reed, Jr., William Edward Rial, William C. Richards, William David Roddey, William Gary Russ, James Dennis Selman, Ronald Fred Shelby. Ninth Row: H. Dudley Sholl- mier, James Thomas Shoptaw, Robert Lee Shurgar, David E. Smith, George Benjamin Smith, Stephen A. Smith, Stephen Wal¬ lace Smith, Joseph Charles Stain- ton. Tenth Row: Wilton Ernest Steed, Jack Thomas Stephens, Otis Hen¬ ry Storey, Ronnie Stuart Taylor, Tommy G. Trantham, Tom Whit Walker, David Kennedy Yancey, 294 Phi Delta Theta Phi Delts Successful in Senate Arkansas Alpha of Phi Delta Theta celebrated its nineteenth year on campus this November 19, 1967. The Phi Delts broke all University election records by the widest margin ever by electing seven men to Stu¬ dent Senate positions and winning the office of Senior class president last spring. The Phi Delt senators were: Davie Miles-Arts and Sciences; Billy Howell-Law; Steve Freeman-Engineering; Ben Barry, Jim Hawkins, Jim Boe, and Steve Smith, Business Administration. Tommy Trantham presided over the senior class. The new T initiates of Theta Tau included Jim Jordan, and David Smith, while J-Boy Penix was selected as vice-president of the Young Remocrats. Jack Crews became the president of Circle K, and Steve Freeman was chosen at the new president of Blue Key. Along with these the five Phi Delts serving in ODK were: Billy Flowed, Davie Miles, Ben Barry, Terry Stewart, and Jay Rogers. The Phi Delts selected to Cardinal XX were Barry Copeland and Charles Billings. The members of the Razorback football team this year were: Ronnie South, Tommy Trantham, Terry Stewart, Jim Jordan, DeWitt Smith, Tommy Dew, David Cox, Jim Selman, Bill Bur¬ nett, Mike McClendon, and David Lindquist. Byron Freeland and Ricky Tanneberger served on the Hog basketball team. Phi Gam Arrives At U of A When Phi Gamma Delta colonized on November 5, 1967, it became the newest and yet oldest fraternity at the University of Arkansas. Phi Gam is the oldest national fraternity on campus. The chapter celebrated the national fraternity’s 120th anniversary on May 1, 1968. The celebrated nickname of Phi Gamma Delta is Fiji. The word is a unique manipulation of Phi and Gam. Phi Gam is already becoming well established with members in many school organizations. These include commander of Arnold Air Society; Law School sen¬ ator; senior B.A. representative chairman of the stu¬ dent body liason board; past presidents of Coed and Holcombe; and vice-president of ABC pledge. Phi Gam is also represented by a presidential scholar; two members of Phi Eta Sigma; Greek Week College Bowl committee co-chairman; and members of the IFC Liason Board; Alpha Kappa Psi; Circle K, Alpha Phi Omega; and the Student Union Entertainment committee. In varsity sports Fijis were active in base¬ ball and track. With the end of its first successful year on campus, Phi Gamma Delta looks forward to a bright and ex¬ citing future. The Phi Gam ' s held their chapter meetings in a dorm just prior to the purchase of their new home. K 296 These men are just now exiting the most unusual basement of any fraternity house on campus!? This year’s officers were: Steve Stephens, recording secretary; Greg Fisk, corresponding secretary; Phil Shope, treasurer; Floyd Thomas, historian; and Tom Page, president. 297 Pi Kappa Alpha Pikes Celebrate Centennial The year 1968 found Pi Kappa Alpha celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding, through con¬ tinuation of its long tradition of leadership. As Pikes began their second hundred years of achievement, they continued to accumulate honors in campus activities and organizations. PiKA was awarded the first place trophy in Singfony competition. Scott Stafford, who was selected president of Beta Tau Sigma, maintained a 4.00 accumulative for his fourth consecutive year, and was bestowed the American Legion Scholarship Award. Don Gibson was tapped for Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, and served as treasurer of IFC. Mike Capoot was elected secretary of Cardinal XX. Jack Meadows lead Alpha Pi Mu toward national recognition as the most outstanding chapter during his term as president. David Evans and Jim Elkins were on the Circle K Board of Governors. Bill Carwell was treasurer of ABC Pledge Class, Bill Meadows served as secretary of AIIM, and Paul Rodgers headed the IFC Investigation Committee. Pikes were also active on the Razorback athletic teams. Hartford Hamilton was chosen All-Southwest Conference. Other Razorbacks included Don Richard¬ son, Wayne Woods, Steve Walters and Preston Hamil¬ ton. Social activities included the Roaring 20’s party, Christmas Brunch, the Dream Girl formal, and an¬ nual “Pike-nic.” 298 First Row : Raymond Francis Aquilina, Howard Cullin Atkins, Jr , William Roger Atkins, Robert Alton Balkman, John Gaylon Ber¬ ry? Michael George Capoot, David Mark Carver. Second Row: William Burns Carwell, Philip Holland Clark, Tracy Peter Clinton, Kenney Mor¬ ris Comstock, J. Brant Croxdale, James Philip Elkins, David Ray Evans. Third Row : Jack Raymond Fos¬ ter, David Lowell Gibson, Don Lee Gibson, Richard Aday Goff, G. Wesley Goforth, Robert Elmore Herndon, Gary John Holman. Fourth. Row : Ricky Sherman Horton, Hu gh Thomas Huppert, Gary Michael Karnes, David Wayne Kirk, Gary D. Mayfield, William Noel Meadows, Kenton C. Miller. Fifth Row: Danny Gale Mills, James Edgar Munns, III, James Glen Norman, Joe Wilson Nowlin, Gary Eugene O’Neal, Richard Mar¬ tin Pence, Jr., Keith Patterson. Sixth Row: Gary Lynn Perritt, Anthony Frank Pultz, Pat Brace Pultz, Steve C. Ratcliffe, William Chase Rankin, Joseph Stuckton Rogers, F. Russell Rogers. Seventh Row: Paul Lewis Rog¬ ers, Gary L. Russell, Ted H. Sand¬ ers, Dennis Dean Shaw, Terry Wayne Shoffner, Nicholas Rodgers Stevens, III, Billie Joe Thompson. Eighth Row: Thomas Campbell Walton, Eddie Lee Warrington, Fred L. Washington, Stan Wil¬ liams, Robert Burl Wilson, Jr., Arthur Allen Wolf, Forrest Mich¬ ael Wood. 299 First Row: Henry Augustus Al¬ len, John H. Allison, John G. Barnhill, Jack Dorsey Bearden, John M. Beatty, Andrew Hastings Bemis, Dennis W. Berner, Steve T. Berner. Second Row : James Clark Bich ler, Robert Atherton Blanshard James Edgar Bost, Louis M. Bo wen, Sam Brown, Kenneth E Buckner, Claude Douglas Buford Jr., James Quitman Burgess, Jr. Third Row: Charles Chris Bur¬ row, David Lynn Carroum, John Virgil Casbeer, Jerry Frank Cash, Gene Cogbill, John Blair Corn- well, W. Peyton Daniel, John Mel¬ ville Davis. Fourth Row: Martin C. Davis, James Prentice DeRossitt, Orlo Lee Dietrich, Jr., Dennis Alexander Dillard, Richard Allen Doss, Rob¬ ert R. Durden, William Alfred Ea¬ son, Don A. Eilbott. Fifth Row: Peter G. Estes, Dan¬ iel Henry Felton, III, Floyd H. Fincher, Robert Byron Fisher, Roger Dawson Fry, William Rus¬ sell Gibson, Robert Benjamin Hen¬ derson, Charles E. Hoke. Sixth Row : Charles Russell Jackson, Tappan Hornor Jennings, Donald Lee Johnson, William 0. Johnson, James Edward Justiss, John W. Key, Rodney Routt Lan¬ des. Seventh Roiv: Bryce K. Law- renc, Steven Keys Lester, Robert Stark Ligon, Jr., Edward Wilson McCorkle, Larry Douglas McGrew, Jack Allison McNulty, Phillip Weiss Moery. Eighth Row: William Thomas Newton, Randall Evans Northern, David B. Ogden, Claudius Rowan Prewitt, Jr., Ben F. Reagor, Gar¬ land Q. Ridenour, Robert Dudley Rouse. Ninth Row: Hamilton Hobbs Singleton, Thomas Benton Smith, James Victor Spencer, III, Rick S. Spencer, Joseph H. Stanley, Arthur Michael Steele, Charles Dudley Steigler, Jr. Tenth Row: Harold Lee Sud¬ bury, William Craig Tennison, Stanley Allen Townsend, Thomas Benton Walker, Jr., Alan Warrick, Tully M. Works, Jr., Larry Don Wright. 300 SAE Has Senate Treasurer Again Throughout the past year the Alphs participated in various campus activities. Gordon McNulty, Mac McBryde, and Marty Davis were elected to senate positions. Walter Slaughter served as executive advisor to the president of the Associated Students. Stark Ligon was the business manager of the Arkansas Traveler. Stan Townsend was the pledge trainer of Theta Tau. Robert Patton was president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and vice president of Interfraternity Council. Doug Buford was president of Cardinal XX and Dennis Ber¬ ner and John Allison were also selected for Cardinal XX. Jack McNulty was elected treasurer of the As¬ sociated Students for an unprecedented second term. The president of Scabbard and Blade was Charles Hoke. Alphs were also on the Razorback football team and other spor ts. Those participating were Jim Barnes, Paul Conner, Jim Mullins, Dennis Berner, Sam Brown’ and Chuck Brownsfield. The spring and fall semesters were highlighted by various social activities carried on by the Alphs. Dances after every home game, dropins, exchange dinners, the Christmas Formal, the annual “Pajama Party” held by the Pledge class and the Jungle party made for a year full of activities. Alphs turn out in force to greet rushees in traditional style during formal rush. 301 Sigma Chi Senate President is Sigma Chi The Omega Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi con¬ tinued an outstanding tradition in scholarship and campus leaders. Sigma Chi was proud to have Mack McLarty represent them as president of the Associated Students. Selected for Who’s Who were Phil Verrill, John Jack- son, Mack McLarty, Larry Watkins, and Randy Mur¬ phy. Representing Sigma Chi in ODK were Tom Head- lee, John Jackson, Randy Marshall, and Phil Verrill. Blue Key tapped Mike Conner and Phil Verrill for membership. John Jackson served as president of Arkansas Booster Club. Representing Sigma Chi in the Senate were Phil Verrill, Randy Murphy, and Jim Mayes. Appointed to administrative positions in the senate were Bill Appleton, Bobby Goodyear, Mike Con¬ ner, and Bobby Hargraves. Cardinal XX honors were bestowed upon Pat Mil¬ ler, Don Bona, and Bill Appleton. Carter Hardage was campus news editor of the TRAVELER, and also served as Sports Editor of the RAZORBACK. Topping off the social calendar were Ski Lodge ’67 and the annual Sweetheart formal. These two were in addition to parties after the football games and numerous outings with the various sororities. The annual Derby Day was also held in the spring. 302 First Row : Mark Edwin Aber¬ nathy, Robert H. Adcock, Bill Stradley Appleton, Jerry Vernon Barrett, James Grover Barton, James E. Baugh, James Ross Bil- brey, Edwin Williamson Bird. Second Row: Glenn Miller Brat¬ cher, Curtis Erwin Brown, C. Win¬ ston Brown, Irwin Hal Brown, John Louis Conner, Jr., M. Ira Conner, William Martin Cromwell, David Edward DeClerk. Third Row: William Jacob De- Clerk, Richard Adams Driggers, Fredrick Owen Ellis, Jr., William Gregory Elmore, Russell Hardy Ewing, Thomas Garvin Fitton, Jer¬ ry Don Flanagan, Elwood A. Freeman, Jr. Fourth Row: Mike L. Frye, Stephen Richmond Giles, William Paul Godsey, Robert Richard Goodyear, George Albert Hale, Albert Carter Hardage, Michael Preston Harkey, Robert Stewart Harp. Fifth Row: Patrick Henry Hays, Thomas S. Headlee, Blan S. Heath, Tim Alan Heiple, Albert M. Her- inger, William Edward Higgin- bothom, Jr., Jack Harvey Huff, William Michael Huffman. Sixth Row: 0. T. Hunt, John Birkhead Jackson, Thomas Sam¬ uel Jameson. Jeffrey Robert John¬ son, V. Jim King, Michael Richard Landers, Fletcher Curtis Lewis, M. Newton Little. Seventh Row: Walter Lewis Loveless, Jr., Benjamin Franklin McGraw, William Russell Meeks, Patrick D. Miller, Bryden Earl Moon, Jr., Randy George Murphy, Remmel Tolleson Nunn. Eighth Row: Roby B. Odom, Thomas Lee Overbey, Van Orlie Parker, John Roger Powell, Ken¬ neth Ron Reeves, Gregory Lynn Roberts, Henry Lyle Rogers. Ninth Row: Albert Holly Rush¬ er, Jr., Reynie Rutledge, Robert Howard Sanderlin, Bruce Darling¬ ton Sass, Graham Fountain Shan¬ non, C. Richard Sheid, John Cur¬ rie Sloan. Tenth Row: Lawson Withers Turner, III, Phillip Richard Ver- rill, Edwin B. Walker, Thomas R. Wallace, Fred Rossner Wing¬ er, Woody White, James Andrew Williams, Jr. 303 I r ikk e m Him 4 1 MM O ' First Row: Shep Akins, Willard Landers Bratton, Jr., Charles Lee Brown, William Wavn- Carter, Thomas Derwood Carver, Stephen George Clinkenbeard, Robert E. Cockrum, John Michael Condit. Second Row: Frank Steven Crow, George John Dehan, Thomas H. Deweese, Randy Eugene Dodge, Montie Wayne Duncan, Charles Sherman Elder, Gary Sharp Gam- mill, John Ashton Glassell. Third Row : Wesley Drane Glas¬ sell, Jr., Joe Edward Griffin, Charles Albert Hanby, Blake Whittington Harper, Ronald Jay Henson, Herbert Bliley Hughes, Q. Byrum Hurst, Richard L. Jay, Jr. Fourth Row: Kenneth Frank Johnson, Charles Tracy Jones, David Lynn Jones, Dan Richard Keeter, William Thomas Ketcher, Charles Edwin Knight, Richard Donald Knight, William Thomas Lea. Fijth Row: Jerry P. McAlister, Alonzo Dallas McAllister, Michael Alfred McKinnon, Frank C. Mc- Millin, Dan W. Maestri. James Phillip Malcom, Marvin H. Maur- ras, Dorman Wayne Meeks. Sixth Row: Charles Craig Met¬ calf, James Mark Myers, Robert Wendell Newell, Galen Bonnis Pellham, Dennis Eugene Perry, Rick W. Redden, Mark Owen Roberts, Jr. Seventh Row: Hugh Reid Rob¬ ertson, Kent J. Rubens, David Pat¬ ton Rudder, Andrea Schivazappa, Robert A. Scott, Steven Hampton Scott, John Bennett Simpson. Eighth Row: Terry Randal Smith, Norris Jerald Sparks, Jr., William David Spivey, George Edwin Steel, Jr., James Robert Steel, Stephen Frederick Stone, Neal Sullins. Ninth Row: David Conway Thomas. James Dean Trice, Eu¬ gene William Vester, Jr., Dan Caldwell Watson, William E. Wel- lons, David Kirby Westmoreland; Richard Hampton Wolfe. 304 Sigma Nu Snakes Have Outstanding Year Continuing the Sigma Nu tradition, Gamma Upsilon has once again excelled in a broad scope of endeavors including service, scholarship, and social functions. A variety of honors were achieved as three men were chosen for Cardinal XX, brothers Mark Myers, Wesley Glassell, and David Thomas; brothers Neil Sul- lins and A1 Hanby were tapped for Blue Key and Brother Hanby was elected vice-president of Blue Key; Brother Mike Condit was tapped for ODK; and Broth¬ ers David Thomas and Mike Condit were chosen as members of Phi Eta Sigma. Two brothers were selected to the senate, Rick Jay and Mark Meyers, and both were chosen to head important senate committees. Eight men held offices in BA school with brother Mike Moss serving as presi¬ dent of the executive board. Nine men were elected for BA offices for the coming year with brother Neil Sullins to serve as president of the executive board. Brother Kent Rubens was Greek Week chairman and brother Phil Malcolm was president of 1FPC. In publications brother George Dehan edited the Greek section in the Razorback and Steve Crow edited the Arkansas Engineer. Sigma Nu’s social life centered around dances such as Sadie Hawkins and the White Rose Formal. The AAA intramural football championship was also won. Patty Jones Pi Beta Phi Amidst the hay and dogpatch setting, the men of Sigma Nu created another successful Sadie Hawkins Day. 305 Sig Ep’s Tapped With Top Honors The men of the Golden Heart, Sigma Phi Epsilon, have been an active part of the University campus since 1907. The preceding year was no exception. It was selected as one of the ten outstanding chapters out of 166 chapters across the nation. Tapped for Cardinal XX were Mike Dunham, David Hargus, Mike Mashburn who was vice president. Omicron Delta Kappa members were Whit Hall, Walter Henze, and Jim Johnson. Johnson was also selected for Blue Key and was Chairman of the Joint Unifica¬ tion Council. Walter Henze was tapped for Alpha Epsilon Delta and was IFC Model Pledge. Whit Hall was also a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Representing Sig-Eps on the gridiron were Webb Hubbell, David Spatz and kicker Bob White. Chairman of the Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Commit¬ tee was Pat Edwards. Director of Gaebale 1968 was Mike Fitzhugh. Fitzhugh was also instrumental in bringing the exam file to the University of Arkansas. In Who’s Who, Neil Snyder was chosen. Snyder was also Cadet Brigade Commander for Army ROTC. Sig Eps also were active in Alpha Kappa Psi and Phi Eta Sigma. Outstanding Social functions included the Golden Hearts Ball, the Christmas Party, the Sweet¬ heart Banquet, and the Sig Ep Luau. 306 First Row: Rick Beard, James Harland Beavers, Bill W. Benton, Freddie Norman Bollinger, Jr., Larry Jay Borecky, Robert Allen Bourquin, Henry David Broyles. Second Row: Garry Hunt Brun¬ son, James A. Buchan, Lewis Arnold Bunch, Charles A. Camp¬ bell, HI, Edward M. Cooper, Jr., William J. Craig, Michael Francis Delamore. Third Row: Robert H. Denton, Bobert Warren Dougherty, Douglas E. Drummond, Robert Patrick Edwards, Mike Fitzhugh, Wade Franklin Graham, Bartus M. Gray. Fourth Row: Richard Whit Hall, Ronnie Lee Harden, Walter A. Henze, Charles Brooks Jack- son, Jr., Rodney K. Jamison, John Powell Jenkins, Jr., Jim A. John¬ son. Fifth Row : Jimmie LeRoy Jones, Kirt Harold Kiester, W. J. Liv¬ ingston, William Young McCreery, Bobby Ray McDaniel, Stephen James Mashburn. Sixth Row: Phil Elbert Mat¬ thews, Bruce E. Mauldin, Ray¬ mond M. Maus, A. Delbert Mickel, Jr., Michael B. Major, Walter Allen Murray. Seventh Row: Carl Edward Parker, William Edward Pittman, George Scott Puryear, Jr., Sam S. Puryear, H. Terry Rasco, Joseph Grainger Rath. Eighth Row: James Eugene Sloan, Jr., Billy Glenn Standley, John Edward Stone, Steven Ray Stone, Phillip Michael Swann, Donald Garrott Wilson. 307 First Row : Randall Jay Backus, Phillip Lynn Balke, Frank P. Bane, Jr., Donald Ray Barber, Lewis D. Barksdale, Donald Eu¬ gene Bishop, David L. Bright, G. Kent Burnett. Second Row : Michael E. Burr, Richard Edgar Cates, Kirk A. Chandler, Richard Williams Chap¬ man, Richard Carl Christy, Don¬ ald Owen Cunnion, Tod Dalby, John Thomas Dent. Third Roiv: Dwight Bennett Dickson, Jr., Billy Dewayne Dover, Jon Larry East, Jimmie Will Ed¬ wards, Michael David Eidson, Michael Lee Ellig, Larry Wayne Elms, Danny Lee Flowers. Fourth Row : John B. Gardner, III, Gary Blaylock Garrison, Troy Anderson Gray, James Evans Gresham, Edward Artnie Grober, Creed Michel Haigh, Otis Othello Harris, III, Harry Hartstein. Fifth Row: Michael Edward Irwin, Bennie B. Jamerson, Johnny M. Johnson, Larry Joe Kidd, Butch Kirsch, Robert John Kir- spel, Robert Duane Korich, Phil Lamitina. Sixth Row : Robert Dale Luper, William Ross McKamey, Douglas Randolph Marshall, Joseph Mich¬ ael Miles, Franklin E. Mitchell, DeWitt Nixon, Michael Earl O’Neill, Jesse Edwin Porter, Jr. Seventh Row: James Roy Pugh, Donald Cue Pullen, Stanley Doug¬ lass Rauls, David Alan Ray, Alan Karol Reeter, Thomas McKay Riggs, Michael Edward Rollins. Eighth Row: Louis Neal Row¬ land, Glenn Lyle Short, Joe P. Sing, Jr., Joe Vernon Sing, Steven Allen Slack, John Charles Smith, John Dwight Smith. Ninth Row: David Charles Speaker, Randy Lee Spicer, Ron¬ ald Joe Stone, Charles A. Thomp¬ son, James Ragan Tucker, Ralph Edward Turney, Jr., Terry Lewis Vaughn. Tenth Row: Leonard Goodloe Warden, III, Ronald Henry White, Frank J. Williams, Steve R. Wing¬ field, Ronald E. Yeager, Dennis Ray Young, William Ronald Young. 308 a Pi Leads Blue Key and ODK Another successful year has elapsed at Alpha Sigma Chapter of Sigma Pi with the accumulation of many honors and activities. Most significant was the fact that Sigma Pis served as presidents of both leadership organizations for men on campus: Kent Burnett in Blue Key and Joe Sing in Omicron Delta Kappa. Both Blue Key and ODK invited Steve Slack and Harry Hartstein into their memberships. Slack also served as IFC rush chairman, Blue Key Secretary, and as a staff member on the Student Directory. Dwight Dickson was co-chairman of Symposium ’68, chairman of IFC’s Colony Board, and Singfony Publicity chairman for Civic Club. Sigma Pi was very active in Student Publications. Bill Wright was associate editor of the Arkansas Traveler, Ron Stone served as assistant editor-business manager of the Student Directory, Don Cunnion was layout editor for IFC’s newspaper The Oracle, Don Barksdale was photographer for the Arkansas Advo¬ cate, and Don Bishop will be working on next year’s “A” Book. In athletics Bennie Jamerson, Freddie Ed¬ wards, and Randy Spicer are Razorback football players. Rounding out Sigma Pi’s social calendar were six major parties including the fabulous Singapore Sling as well as the Orchid Sweetheart Formal. 309 Tau Kappa Epsilon Tekes Progress in Remodeled Home As a chapter of the largest social fraternity in the world, Theta-Xi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon con¬ tinued another successful year of expansion in every phase of campus life. With a $35,000 house improve¬ ment project completed in the fall, all campus activi¬ ties were open to seige. Tekes were selected for mem¬ bership in ODK, Scabbard and Blade, Tau Beta Pi, and Cardinal XX. Tekes held positions as editor and business manager of the IFC newspaper, the Oracle, secretary of the Interfraternity Council, vice-presi¬ dent of SAM, served as the chairmen of three Senate committees and held membership in over seven. The social calendar included the traditional Old South Ball, drop-ins and exchange dinners with sorori¬ ties, our annual Christmas Party, a number of informal outings, the Sweetheart dinner, serenades of pinmates, and concluded with the Night In the Islands Party. Theta-Xi chapter is concluding its seventh year on the University of Arkansas Campus. Throughout that time we have tried to maintain the standards of our national. “Not for Wealth, Rank, or Honor, but for personal worth and character.” We are looking forward to our finest year beginning next fall. Officers for this year included Lanny Winberry, Terry Jones, Steve Lowe and Jim Cawood. 310 First Row: James Wesley At¬ kins, David L. Ayres, Michael Allen Barham, Ray Ellis Bartley, Eharles W. Beardall, Robert Whit¬ man Bowen. Second Row: Charles H. Bran- £ an James Wurlin Cawood, Jr., Kandell Clinton Coleman, Rickey England, Phil E. Fredrich, Richard Neal Fritts. Third Row: Ronald Ray Hall, David Morris Hoak, Lavern Lee Holifield, Jerry W. Hollis, Tommy Jack Howard, Steven Garland Hurst. Fourth Row: Clinton Carl Jones, Terry Dee Jones, Arthur Kelly, Jonathan Benton Leet, Ted W. Legatski, Bert William Lewis. Fifth Roiv: Steve Lowe, Robert E- Lutz, Steve K. Martin, Johnny R- Mitchum, Larry G. Nelson, Jean E. Neuberger, III. Sixth Row: Michael John Nor¬ ton, Richard Dale Norton, Robert J- Pieriwi, Richard Lee Proctor, Gregory K. Scott, Howard Vance Scott. Seventh Row: John Gregg Sul¬ livan, Michael Kipp Sullivan, Richard Lee Thomas, John David True, Richard Lawrence Van Meter. Eighth Row: Leonard Norman Walker, Jr., Kerry Lee Winberry, Lanny T. Winberry, Anderson H. W ' illiams, III, Andrew J. Ziser. 311 First Row: John L. Armstrong, John Robert Bass, William Clark Bruce, C. Wayne Chaffin. Wiley H. Christal, Robert Allan David¬ son. Second Row: Virgil Edward Ellis, Jr., Stephen Howard Free¬ man, Richard L. Hall, L. Michael IJardgrave, Ivan D. Hazlewood, Jr., M. Michael Jansen. Third Row : James E. McAlist¬ er, William Floyd Murphy, Edwin George Newson, Robert Wayne Owen, James Chris Poole, Travis Ward Porter. Fourth Row: Malcolm Everett Ritchie, Jr., Michael 1). Selig, Roman Joseph Selig, III, Walter Edward Skoog, James Jerrel Tan¬ ner, Sammy Charles White. Suzy Gerety shows her excitement after being crowned St. Patricia. 312 Theta Tau Theta Tau Stresses Fellowship Theta Tau is a national professional fraternity open only to engineering students. Although scholastic achievement is an important phase of Theta Tau’s life, the Taus pride themselves in maintaining a strong bond of fraternal fellowship and a high standard of professional interest. Theta Tau’s were very active in the organizations of Engine School, including numerous offices in engi¬ neering societies, honor societies, and the Engineering Council. Members of Theta Tau have also continued to show leadership ability in many phases of campus life. Tapped for Blue Key were Nason Brookings, A1 Hanby, James Tanner, James McAlister, and Travis Porter. Officers in Blue Key for the spring semester included Steve Freeman as president, A1 Hanby as vice-president, and Nason Brookings as treasurer. Theta Tau was indeed honored with the selection of its presi¬ dent, Randy Murphy, in Who’s Who in American Col¬ leger. and Universities. Theta Tau’s social calendar was filled with numer¬ ous infamous outings and apartment parties, as well as the Founder’s Day Banquet, St. Patricia Banquet, and Local Founding Banquet. Drawing its membership from students in the col¬ lege of engineering, Theta Tau has among its members many leaders in other campus organizations. It was an uphill struggle all the way with the victors staying dry at the tug-of-war during Engineer ' s Week. 313 ABC Boosts Razorback Spirit OFFICERS: First Row: Whit Hall, Pledge Trainer; Kitty Nowlin, Secretary; Pat Miller, Pledge Class President. Second Row : Cole Goodman, Vice President; Johnny Jackson, Presi¬ dent; Carter Hardage, Publicity Chairman. The Arkansas Booster Club was formed for the purpose of organizing spirit on campus to support the various athletic teams at the University. It began as a men’s booster club in 1919 expanding to a club of 130 members representing each living group on campus. This year they helped with many activities such as Homecoming, Dad’s Day, Beat Texas Week, and the pep rallies preceding each of the football games. ABC also promoted spirit and attendance at the basketball games this year. The pledge class was selected through interviews held during the spring semester. ABC: First Row : Toni Pierce, Patty Clake, Jerre Stocker, Kitty Nowlin, Judy Jackson, Nancy Wilkinson, Jeanne Ivey, Sara Slaven, Becky Baker, Myrl Rogers, Carol Meade, Helen Kirby, Bill Appleton. Second Row: Carter Hardage, Pete Gordy, Sonny Thompson, Don Gibson, Bill Carwell, Dennis Shaw, Stan Williams, Mike Capoot, David Evans, Mike Miles, Rick Christy, Ronald Stone. Third Row: Suzanne Flick, Lan Williams, James Baugh, Tom Overby, Jon East, Wyck Nisbet, Shade Epes, Ann Pride, Pam Scrape, Dana Lyons, Robert Williams. Fourth Row: Whit Hall, Kathy Barnett, Marilyn Kay Gooch, Cole Goodman, Gayle Clark, Pat Miller, Linda Medlin. 316 ALPHA CHI SIGMA: First Row: Mike Futrell, Robert A. Sharp, Jr., S. Dean Papp, Jr., Don Lum, John Birks, Virgil Richmond. Second Row: Merle D. McClain, David Hayes, Donald E. Gwynn, Victor M. Lovell, Glenn F. Kite, Ronald R. Carman, Allen B. Majors. Third Row: Thomas Leon Gor e, Tom Steele Ellis, Glenn Harris Bennett, Charles Robert Moore, Jan Rolens Sprigg, Wayne Atkinson, William F. Ward. Chemists Assist Undergraduates Alpha Chi Sigma is a national professional frater¬ nity for men who plan to make chemistry or chemical engineering their profession. It was the first profes¬ sional fraternity in chemistry and was formed in 1902 at the University of Wisconsin. Alpha Sigma chapter was founded on this campus in 1928. Its activities each year include several dinner meetings, two treasure hunts, laboratory safety cam¬ paigns, sponsorship of the regional science fair, and tu¬ toring in chemistry. Upon graduation from college, members of Alpha Chi Sigma’s college section may be affiliated with the professional branch. OFFICERS: First Row: Don Lum-M. C., Allen B. Majors-Treasurer. Second Row: Wayne Atkinson-Recorder, Thomas Leon Gore-Master Alchemist, Glenn Hariss Bennett-Vice Master Alchemist, Dr. Donald E. Gwynn-Faculty Advisor. 317 ASAE Promotes Profession OFFICERS: First Row : Freddie FowlkesdPresident, Jerry D. Holloway-Scribe. Second Row: Glenn S. Nelson-Faculty Advisor, William A. Lee, Jr.-Vice-President, Dan Edwards- Treasurer, Charles Lee-Secretary. The American Society of Agricultural Engineers is open for membership to all engineering students who are especially interested in the advancement of agricul¬ ture. This year, ASAE was active in providing Agri Engineers with ideas about the profession and in giv¬ ing them a chance to meet and talk with prominent members of the profession. Industrial interviewers vis¬ iting the campus, and men within the Department spoke at their bimonthly meetings. The members also par¬ ticipated in the events of the Engineers’ Week and Rally. The honorary group of ASAE is Alpha Epsilon and is composed of the top fifth of the junior and senio r students. ASAE: First Row: Robert White, Freddie Stringer, Nor- Dan Edwards. Third Row : Cliff Powell, Charles M. Adams, man E. Madden. Second Row: Michael D. Jones, Eugene H. William A. Lee, Jr., Charles R. Lee, Glen A. Newtown, Jr., Snawder, Claude J. Rose, Jerry D. Holloway, Hix Smith Jr., Freddie Fowlkes, Glen S. Nelson. AGRONOMY CLUB: First Row: Bill Gibbs, Arlon Wood¬ ruff, Terry Walker, Dwayne Raper, William Lambert, Joe Penn, Don McCaskill, Freddie Bourland. Second Row: Gary Murphy, Larry Ward, M. S. Offutt, Kenneth Joe May, John Snoderly, Bobby Cook. Third Roiv: Ed Sellers, Ira Eldridge, Waymon Pearson, Ford Baldwin, Bill Pugh, Thomas Harger, Gerald A. Place. Agronomy Club Sponsors Delegate The Agronomy Club is composed of agronomy majors in the College of Agriculture. In their meet¬ ings, lectures and programs of interest were presented. This year their purpose was to encourage interest in their field. Members of the Agronomy Club sponsored outings in the spring and fall and other soil judging contests. Along with the other Agriculture Clubs, it helps to sponsor Agri Day. The club also collected money to send one of their members as a delegate to the National Convention. OFFICERS: First Row: John Snoderly-Photographer, Joe Penn-Prcsident. Second Row: Ed Sellers-Treasurer, William Lambert-Vice-President, Bill Pugh-Secretary, Waymon Pear¬ son-Corresponding Secretary. 319 AHEA: First Row: Jordan, D., Teague, L., Paqdenka, A., Pearson, J. Second Row : Henderson, P., Watson, T., Feland, B. , Henderson, S., Bays, M., Ellis, G., Danehower, M., Trantham, C. , Lambert, S., Tisdale, L., Clotfelter, R., Lucas, D. Third Row: Willborg, C., Cannon, V., Hecox, J., Clement, P., Trep- ton, D., Smith, B., Callah an, J., Bell, D., Bryant, A., Bateman, M., Lumpkin, V. Bullock, C., Moss, L. Fourth Row: Moore, P., Buckner, C., Douglas, J., Hinkle, A., Caulder, M., Brodie, M., Beavers, K., Mitchell, J., McRae, D., Martin, M., Paschal, J., Main, J., Phayer, W., Rector, L. Fifth Row: Spencer, C., Gattis, B., Jones, G., Benjamin, M., Nagel, A., Aikman, S., Mullenix, P. Sixth Row: Marshall. J., Noller, J., Dickson, P., Ashcraft, B., Six, C., Cowan, S., Raymond, L. AHEA Encourages Unity in College The University of Arkansas’ chapter of the Ameri¬ can Home Economics Association draws its members from the College of Home Economics. This year they sponsored a civic and money-making project as well as bringing speakers to the campus. One of AHEA’s functions this year was to promote more unity within their college. Towards this goal, they gave a tea for their faculty members at Christmas and sponsored a “Drop-In” for all the students in Home Economics. OFFICERS: First Row: Marsha L. Martin-Reporter, Martha Caulder-Secretary, Margaret Bateman-Vice-President. Second Row: Betty Gattis-President, Judy Douglas-Treasurer, Lorene A. Raymond-Advisor. 320 AIA Organizes Future Architects The local chapter of the American Institute of Architecture is composed of all students of architec¬ ture. During the years, the AIA has tried to help the students learn more about their role in the national group. The national organization is the professional group for the nation’s architects and composes the voice and governing body of the architects. This year the club sponsored several get-acquainted parties and listening parties for the members. Noted architects were also brought to the campus to lecture. AIA spon¬ sored a series of films and the annual field trip to New York City during the end of March. OFFICERS: First Row : Thomas Hanahan, Advertising Chairman; Don Spann, President; Michael Skaggs, Secretary. Second Row: Gayland B. Witherspoon. Advisor; Richard Dik- man, James A. Finch, Sergeant at Arms; Thomas C. Willoughby, Treasurer. AIA: First Row: Roger Boothe, Thomas Henry, Jerry Wil¬ liams, James R. Maddox, Richard Edwards, David Swearingen. Second Row: Lee Gammill, Stephen Lance, John Allegretti, Don Spann, Ai-Ping Wong, Ronald Chapman, John A. Lowrey, Louis Joyner. Third Row: Thomas Hanahan, Gayland B. Witherspoon, Albert M. Zawislak, Robert Brown, David Oswalt, Richard Taylor, Thomas Clark, Jerry Barner. Fourth Row: Don Boles, Carl Menyhart, Mike Skaggs, Charles Elids, Richard Dickman, Gary Young. Fifth Row: Thomas C. Willoughby, James R. Van Sickle, L. E. Wadkins, Steven B. Miller, Robert Bowen, James A. Finch, Fred M. Hill. 321 UA Chapter is Nation’s Largest Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional business fra¬ ternity which draws its members from all phases of the College of Business Administration. The local chap¬ ter here at the University has been for some time the largest in the nation. During its meetings programs of interest concerning developments in all areas of busi¬ ness and economics were presented. The club also took several field trips and had many guest speakers to lecture. OFFICERS: First Row: Mike Moles, Harold Sudbury. Sec¬ ond Row: Buddy Jones, Phil Verrill, Ben Berry, Steve Couch. ALPHA KAPPA PSI: First Row: Fred J. Goebel, Jr., Charles W. Packhurst, Jr., Don Gibson, Jim Blackwell, Mike Moles, Dennis Shaw, Ronnie Young, Jim Davis. Second Row: Danny Branbl, Cole Jefferies, Wyck Nisbet, Randy Riddell, Andy Grygo, Jim Atkins, Steve Couch, Harold Sudbury, Ben Berry, Phil Verrill. Third Row: Howard “Buddy” Jones, Lan Williams, Howard Fikes, Steve Carlson, Gerald Cates, Jim Wal¬ ton, Bruce Munson. Garry Wann. Fourth Row: Bobby Mc¬ Daniel, Bill Fox, Gordon Foster, Phil Hughes, Glen Norman, Sonny Walker, Bill Williams, David L. Bell, Doug Summerville, Mike Warr. 322 AI: First Row. Joe Penn, Judy Green Bill Dodgen, Tommy Patterson. Second Row: Wayne T. Bell, Courtney 1 ar a McFerran, Bill Shearer, Stan Wingert, Paul Shaver, Skeet Grenwelge. Third Row: Jewel T. Barr, E ve y ett °S ers » 0} Treat, Dendin Guinn, Bill Gibbs, Joe B. Martin, Robert O Bry¬ ant, Bub Witcher. Fourth Row: Gary Murphy, Robert Garrett, Ray Rhoades, Jim Phillips, Roger Hammond, Ronnie Morrow. Fifth Row: Clyde West, Jr., Bobby Highfill, Gerald Alexander, Jim Daniel, Hollis T. Reed, Dennis Ammons. Animal Industry The Animal Industry Club is an animal husbandry group which is open to students in the fields of animal and poultry husbandry. This year their main project was to raise money to sponsor judging teams and in¬ tercollegiate contests of livestock expositions. The clu also sponsors an annual publication and helps to estab¬ lish and maintain a better relationship between faculty and students. Issues Awards OFFICERS: First Row: Jewel T. Barr, Treasurer; Bill Dod¬ gen, Secretary; Wayne T. Bell, President. Second Row: Ronnie Morrow, Reporter; Jim Daniel, William Grenwelge, Vice-Pres¬ ident. 323 AZ: First Row: Danny Metz, Don McCaskill, Stan Wingert, Jack Johnson, Dendin Guinn, Carl Parker, Gary Keathley, Ron¬ nie Morrow, Jewel T. Barr. Second Row: Gerald Alexander, Lynn Nikes, Clayton Castteman, Harold Betton, John Snoderly, William Grenwelge, Courtney Hillard, Jerry Webb, Dennis Am¬ mons. Third Row: Hollis T. Reed, James Aikman. Harry Pace, Alan Pack, Larry G. McCain, Ford Baldwin, Galen Bryant, Waymon Pearson. College Sponsors Men’s Groups Alpha Zeta is a National Agriculture Honorary Service Fraternity. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote the profession of agriculture and foster high standards of leadership, scholarship, character and fellowship. The Alpha Zeta members are chosen on the basis of leadership, personality and character. They must also have been ranked in the upper two- fifths of their class. This year the organization’s main functions were the tutoring of other students and the maintenance of the Alpha Zeta Bookstore at the beginning of the semester. Alpha Tau Alpha is composed of students of Agri¬ culture planning to teach vocational agriculture. All members must have completed forty-five hours and have a 4 C” average or better. Both groups worked with the rest of the College of Agriculture to plan Agri Day. ATA: First Row: Carl R. Parker, Ronnie Morrow, Edwin L. Love, Advisor. Second Row: Dendin Guinn, First Vice Presi¬ dent; Jim Phillips, Second Vice President; Galen Bryant, Billy Joe Moore, President; Gerald Freeman, Bill Gibbs, Reporter. Third Row: Janies Aikman, Richard McDonald, Jim Reed, David Howard, Treasurer; Clayton Castleman, Sergeant at Arms. 324 AWS Voices Opinions of Coeds The Associated Women Students’ Legislative Board is a group consisting of the chairmen of various stand¬ ing committees and elected representatives from each women’s living groups on campus. The object of this organization was to give women students a represen¬ tative form of government and a voice with the ad¬ ministration. Academic Affairs, Communications, Fi¬ nance, I AWS Contract, Press, Programs, Queens, Roles of Women, House Manager’s Board, and Judicial Board are the various committees working with campus af¬ fairs. In addition to the works done through committees, AWS Legislative Board adopted two foster children from the Appalachian Mountain region of the United States. The AWS publication is a newsletter entitled “The Coed Courier.” Dean Jacqueline Douglas serves as advisor for the organization. OFFICERS: Gail Stephens, Presidential Aid; Judy Hern- don, Treasurer; Ann Beane, Secretary; Pauline Appleton, Vice President; Carolyn Holcomb, President. AWS: First Row: Michele Hollon, Carolyn Cross, Ann Beane, Sherry Simmons, Courtney Mize, Jeanne Ivey, Jan Brin¬ son. Second Row: Debbie Wilson, Judy Herndon, Mimi Vickers, Nancy Baney, Janice Talbery, Storm Freeman, Sandy Asselon. Third Row: Marci Barber, Linda Evans, Kathy Barnett, Caro- , Holcoml) Carol A. Hampton, Linda Faulkner, Alice lo 1 arkmgton. 325 Honorary Group Strengthens Field OFFICERS: Gene Cogbill, Secretary; Harry Hartstein, Vice President; Terry Mercing, President; James H. Bullock, Treas¬ urer; David Reutzel, Corresponding Secretary. Beta Alpha Psi is a national accounting fraternity which is both an honorary professional and scholastic organization whose aim is to strengthen the accounting field. This year Alpha Iota chapter of Beta Alpha Psi brought in many speakers, representatives of the ac¬ counting profession, to lecture to them. The members also published a directory of the chapter alumni for their members. 326 BLUE KEY: First Row : Michael I. Conner, Pete Ray, Nason Brookings, Bob Harriell, Ray Owen, Jr., George I. Lease, Jr., Robert C. Patton. Second Row : Jim A. Johnson, James McAlister, Howard “Buddy” Jones, Jon Keel, Chuck Banks, Bill Keadle, Kent J. Rubens, Randy Riddell, David Bell. Third Row : Rick Doss, James Tanner, Jack McNulty, Travis Porter, Woody White, Floyd Murphy, Bobby McDaniel, Neal Sullins! Fourth Row: Mickey Reilly, A1 Haney, Bruce Eley, Kent Bur¬ nett, Harry Hartstein, Steven Slack, Steve Freeman. Blue Key Sponsors Career Days Blue Key is an honorary organization taking its members from men of the junior and senior classes. Selection is based on grades and leadership. This year the group sponsored the annual Razorback Day for high school students. In the spring, the group spon¬ sored the very successful “Arkansas Career Days” which brought more than fifty Arkansas firms to in¬ terview students for jobs. At the end of the year, they had the Alumni banquet during which were presented awards to three outstanding faculty members. As a final project, Blue Key began work on their “Dollars for Scholars” drive which will eventually result in the awarding of scholarships to outstanding students. OFFICERS: Woody White, Alumni Secretary; Kent Burnett, President; Steve Freeman, Secretary; Kent Rubens, Treasurer. 327 CARDINAL XX: First Row: Pat Miller, Mike Capoot, Pete Bridge, Alexander W. Nisbet Jr., Charles Billings, Mark Myers. Second Row: Doug Buford, David Hargis, Mike Dunham, Barry Coplin, Mike Mashburn, Bill Appleton. Third Row: Walter Hu¬ bert Goin III, William Dougherty, Dennis Berner, John Allison. Cardinal XX Builds UofA Leaders OFFICERS: Mike Capoot, Secretary; William Daughtery, Treasurer; Mike Mashborn, Vice President; Doug Buford, President. Cardinal XX is an honor service organization for sophomore men chosen as outstanding freshmen at the end of the previous year. These men are selected through interviews on the basis of leadership, scholar¬ ship, integrity, personality, ard campus activities. This year, they continued to aid in all phases of registration. Assistance was also given during fall orientation; and together with Chimes, they conducted tours for the visiting high school seniors on Razorback Day. Mem¬ bership in Cardinal XX has started many a freshman on the road to campus prestige. 328 Chimes Act as Campus Hostesses Chimes is an honorary service organization for girls who are chosen during the second semester of their freshman year. During their sophomore year, these twenty outstanding women assisted in many aspec ts of University life. They acted as hostesses many times and conducted numerous high school students on guided tours around the campus. During registra¬ tion they helped in several ways and also made the confusing process of getting new, modernized ID cards easier. Working with other honorary groups on cam¬ pus, especially their brother organization, Cardinal XX, they aided in the proceedings of “Arkansas Career Days” and Razorback Day. Chimes also published the annual edition of “On The Hill”, a booklet of informa¬ tion which is distributed to all incoming freshmen in their packets at registration. OFFICERS: Nancy Hudson, Vice President; Pat Ross, His¬ torian; Donna Day, Treasurer; Frances Tyler, Reporter; Ruthie Rowan, Secretary; Lynne McNabb, President. CHIMES: First Row: Nancy Hudson, Daria Dolan, Pat Ross, Georgia Parker, Pam Seneff, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Marlowe Cox, Jeanie Johnson, Gary Lynn King. Second Row: Paula Finkbeiner, Ruthie Rowan, Camille Ledet, Carolee Bonnette, Susan Brillhart, Lynn McNabb. Third Row: Shirley K. De- slavniers. Delta Lynne Willis, Kimberly Melton, Kathy Gib¬ bons, Donna Day. 329 Chi Theta Honors Business Women OFFICERS: First Row: Deedee Stocker, Second Vice Pres¬ ident; Jeannie Robinson, Secretary. Second Row: Pam Smith, Historian; Celestine Leding, First Vice President; Mary Lou Cain, President. Chi Theta is an honorary organization which pro¬ motes the role of women in business. The members are taken from sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a 2.5 accumulative grade average in the College of Business Administration. At Christmas time, the mem¬ bers of the club decorated the BA building for the holiday season. Two of the main purposes of the club are to aid the Commerce Guild and Alpha Kappa Psi with Commerce Day activities and to sponsor projects of interest to women students in business. To recruit new members, a coke party was given for the women interested in becoming members of Chi Theta. XT: First Row: Cheryl England, Deedee Stocker, Dixie Ter¬ rell. Second Row: Linda Young, Nancy Tays, Mary Pearce, Sandra Ward. Third Row: Dorothy Allred, Mary Lou Cain, Jeannie Robinson, Liz Vawter, Patty Ball, Pam Smith, Celestine Leding, Linda Evans, Alice Howell, Sarah Watt. 330 COMMERCE GUILD: First Row: Mary Lou Cain, Kim Davey, Jim Bob Steel, Dixie Terrell. Second Row : William R. Lee, Celestine Leding, Marc Watson, Neal Sullins, Steve Meyer, Bryden Moon. Third Row : David Thomas, Jack Walls, Bill Williams, Mark Abernathy, Russ Meeks. Guild Promotes Business Aims The Commerce Guild is an elected body of men and women who represent the entire student body en¬ rolled in the college of Business Administration. The officers of each class form the Guild in their meetings held every other Tuesday. On Commerce Day this spring, the Commerce Guild was responsible for the business seminars and the Commerce Banquet. They have worked to promote the aims of business on the campus by assisting BA freshmen and by bringing guest speakers to lecture on various fields in business. Members of the Guild, as students of Business Admin¬ istration, were responsible for the publication of “The Guild Ticker”, the official yearly publication of the College. The magazine was distributed on Commerce Day. 0 FFICE RS : WiHiam R. Lee, Treasurer; Neal Sullins, Vice President; Mike Moss, President; Dixie Terrell, Secretary. 331 ENGIN. COUNCIL: First Row: Dudley Shollmier, Wiley Christal, Freddie Fowlkes, Robert Yada, Larry D. Gaddis, Ray Woen, Jr., Bill Johnson, Bill Reed, R. Wayne Owen. Sec¬ ond Row: Steve Freeman, Mike Jansen, A1 Hanby, James Mc¬ Alister, James Tanner, Jack Meadows, Steve Crow, Sam Cum¬ mings, Noah Risner, Larry Gaines. Third Row: William A. Lee, Jr., Douglas C. Loberg, Floyd Murphy, Edwin Newsom, Richard B. Wright, Glenford S. Newton, Jr., J. R. Bass, Don Bunch, Jim Robbins, Mike Hardgrave. Fourth Row : Dan Edwards, Jim Sanders, Crofford Harrison, Travis Porter, Bruce D. Eley, Bob James, Randy Murphy, Roger Almond, Don Jerry, Jon Keel. Council Plans Engineers’ Week OFFICERS: Randy Murphy, Secretary; Jim Sanders, Treas¬ urer; James Tanner, President; Bruce Eley, Vice President. The Engineering Council is composed of elected representatives from the entire school of Engineering along with the manager and editor of the ARKANSAS ENGINEER. As usual, the main project of this group was the organization and execution of Engineers’ Week. The entire weekend consisted of programs of interest to the Engineering school. Thursday night was the banquet featuring skits about the professors. Friday was the “Engin Rally” and elections of St. Pat and St. Patricia. The Engineering Council, in a more serious endeavor, handled magazines and services for the En¬ gineering Library. 332 IFPC Governs Greek Pledges The Interfraternity Pledge Council is a directive and administrative body to encourage unity and co¬ operation among all pledge classes. The members are composed of the pledge class presidents and an elected representative from each fraternity and sorority on campus. This year, IFPC assisted the Interfraternity and Panhellenic councils during Greek Week and spon¬ sored the IFPC dance. They also selected one sorority pledge and one fraternity pledge as Ideal Pledges. OFFICERS: Barbara Carter, Secretary; Kitty Cherry, Vice President; Phil Malcom, President; Gary Russ, Treasurer. IFPC: First Row: Pat May, Pam Seneff, Barbara Carter, Donna Burnett, Penny Baker, Dorsey Bearden, Steve H. Nickles, Phil Malcom. Second Row: J. Dwight Smith, Joe Sommers, Diane Hudgens, Dana Lyons, Bobby Balkmas, Gary Russ, T. L. Nelms, Jim Beavers, Tommy Walker. Third Row: John Gresham, Nancy Condry, Alice W. Howell, David Smith, Bill Cromwell, Jamie Pratt, Kathy Gibbons, Kitty Cherry, Bert W. Lewis. 333 Group Aids Marching Razorbacks Lambda Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Fraternity for College Bandsmen, was estab¬ lished at the University of Arkansas in 1924. Working with its sister organization, Tau Beta Sigma, the fra¬ ternity sponsors Region One Festival of the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association as a service to high school bands in Northwest Arkansas. In and for the Razorback Bands, the fraternity also sponsors service projects, social events, and works to promote a closer relationship with visiting college bands. In the biennial tour of the Razorback Concert Band and the annual travels of the Marching Razorbacks, Kappa Kappa Psi acts as an integral unit of service to the col¬ lege band. OFFICERS: Ralph Stephens, Secretary; Ferrell Ervin, Treas¬ urer; Harold Hartman, President; Randy Lee, Vice President. KAPPA KAPPA PSI: First Row: William Kent Clark, Earnest Pollock, Gary Ricketts, Barry Robinson, Jack J. Hustrel, John W. Richardson. Second Row: Eugene Joyce, R. David Wagner, Dick Ezell, Miles Benge, Larry John Wright, Jim Sumner, Randy Lee. Third Row: Nick Hopper, Ralph Stephens, Alan Epley, Ferrell Ervin, Steve Adams, Harold Hartman. Fourth Row : James L. Seawood, Chuck Drake, Phil Reeder, Richard Alan Young, Hollis T. Reed, Robert S. Root, William H. Bradley. 334 MARKETING CLUB: First Row: Sandra Ward, Mary Frances Jones, Jeannie Robinson, Kim Davey, Dixie Terrell. Second Row: Richard Higgins, Donna Brewer, Mil Buchanan, Celestine Leding, Tom Kitchens, Mickey Freeman. Third Row. Liz Vawter, Paul Gant, Jon Scott, Mike Overton, Richard A. CjoIi, Jerome Kflufuisn, Marketing Club Travels to Dallas The Marketing Club is an organization composed of marketing majors in the College of Business Admin¬ istration. It serves as a contact point bet ween students and leading businessmen. Dinner meetings are held featuring guest speakers from the marketing field. A field trip to Dallas was the highlight of the club s activities this fall. On the trip, the club visited Penneys and Sanger-Harris department stores. This gave the participating members a chance to observe the mech¬ anics of marketing in action. Many of the problems of the practical business world are discussed at meetings of the club. OFFICERS: Richard Higgins, President; Jeannie Robinson, Secretary-Treasurer. 335 ASCE: First Row : Virgil H. Rayburn, Larry D. Gaddis, Treasurer; Luther H. Boudra, Robert Y. Yada, Jerry A. Mc- Crory. Second Row: Phillip Feeney, Ronald Lindsey, Art Sprat- lin, Ronnie Palmer, Vice President; James Tanner, Richard Robbins, Rick Cowdrey, Basil Shoptaw. Third Row : Donald McClure, Paul T. Shafer, Wayne D. Bennett, Charles L. Gaines, President; Michael D. Selig, Randell C. Coleman, Roman J. Selig, Robert D. Burson. Fourth Row: Harold Beaver, Bruce W. Eley, John Davidson, Melvin Milholland, Charles Sherwood, Reggie A. Corbitt. Fifth Row: Mac Will, Gerald Bobo, Roger Almond, Jim Vest, George Hight, Randy Murphy, David K. Carson. Groups Encourage Engineering The American Society of Civil Engineers is com¬ posed of students majoring in civil engineering in the College of Engineering. This organization served to set¬ up professional contacts and provided speakers from the varied fields of civil engineering for its members. Activities of ASCE included field trips, projects for Engineers’ Week Open House, and a spring banquet and outing for all its members. Chi Epsilon is the national honorary civil engi¬ neering fraternity. Its membership is made up of the upper one-third of the junior and senior classes. The purpose of the organization is to recognize, acknowl¬ edge, and promote high standards of scholastic and social achievement among civil engineering students. The chapter has worked in conjunction with ASCE on Engineer’s Week projects and has co-sponsored noted speakers for ASCE meetings. CHI EPSILON: First Row: Jerry A. McCrory, Luther H. Boudra, Paul T. Shafer, Ronnie Palmer, Pledge Trainer; Larry D. Gaddis, President. Second Row: Basil Shoptaw, Treasurer; Mac Will, Wayne Bennett, Art Spratlin, Vice President; Ran¬ dell C. Coleman, Robert D. Burson, Editor. Third Row: Bruce W. Eley, Gerald Marshall Bobo, Jim Vest, George Hight, Randy Murphy. 336 Mortar Board Honors Senior Women Mortar Board is a national organization to honor outstanding Senior women possessing the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and service. A criterion for membership is a grade point average well above the women’s average in addition to numerous extra-curri¬ cular activities. Members are tapped in a traditional ceremony at the AWS Spring Festival. Morlar Board takes an active part in campus events. The most “famous” of their activities is the annual sale of Morlar Board calendars. Mortar Board also gives two scholar¬ ships, a Smartee Party for freshman women with high gradepoints, and is the sponsor of Chimes. This year Mortar Board, in conjunction with its role of campus service, sponsored a resolution for a Moratorium on tests and papers during Symposium ’68 to give students and faculty ample time to attend the Symposiums. Mortar Board also sponsored a program for interested living groups to donate Homecoming Decorations Money toward an auditorium fund. This year marks the 50th anniversary of National Mortar Board. OFFICERS: First Row: Winifred Smith, Historian; Jan Harris, President; Judy Gray, Social Chairman. Second Row : Becky Anderson, Song Leader; Janice Wright, Treasurer; Gail Stephens, Calendar Sales Chairman. Third Row : Susie Irby, Secretary; Barrie Price May, Reporter; Virginia Beaty, Vice President. MORTAR BOARD: First Row. Dixie Terrell, Cynthia Writer, Judy Herndon, Gail Stephens, Rosemary Raymond, Judy Gray, Jan Harris. Second Row. Winifred Smith, Donna Kay Cochran, Sharon Flo Tatman, Janice Wright, Simone Seamon, Judy Ann Garrett, Barrie Price May. Third Row: Becky Ander¬ son, Susie Irby, Rebecca Rivers, Kathy Walton, Judy Jackson, Virginia Beaty. 337 AIME: First Row: Margaret Parsons, Doug Loberg, R. David Wagner, Sam D. Cummings, President; Michael Gallo¬ way, Rodney Landes, Bill Johnson, Edwin Neeson, Ted Helmich, Fred Raedels. Second Row: Carroll Schell, Bert Long, Noah Risner, Alva Mills, Jimmy Grimes, Leslie Carter, Mike Stewart, Treasurer; David Cialone, Richard Hall, Secretary; Clarkson Wells, Jr. Third Row: W. L. McCulloch, Jr., Kenny Taff, Jerrel Martin, Don Jerry, Jim Sanders, Kent Meenen, Mike Hays. Fourth Row: Gilbert Myatt, Arthur Bowie, Joseph Norrell, Bob Davidson, Mike Jones, Johnny Mize, David Stiff. Fifth Row: Glenn A. Glover, Lawrence C. Alderman, Fred M. Ott, Walter E. Skoog, James R. Kelley, Herschel Cast, Jr., E. Smith Reed, Jr. Not Pictured: Gary O’Neal. ASME Plays Informative Role The American Society of Mechanical Engineers again boasted an increase in membership during the 1967-68 year. The purpose of ASME includes the ad¬ vancement of knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering. Through various technical meetings and field trips to industrial firms, ASME tries to acquaint the young mechanical engineer with ihe problems facing industry of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. ASME activities include joint meetings with parent societies, Open House activities, Engineer’s Week events and activities, and regional meetings. ASME and Pi Tau Sigma work together to provide a helping hand to the mechanical engineer. Pi Tau Sigma is the honorary fraternity for mech¬ anical engineering students, drawing its membership from the top twenty percent of the junior class and the top thirty-five percent of the senior class. Inductees must have faculty approval as to their character and leadership qualities. PI TAU SIGMA: First Row: Mike Hays, Sam Cummings, Clarkson Wells, Jr., Re¬ cording Secretary; Michael Galloway, Rich¬ ard Paladino, Randy Culp, John Thompson, Corresponding Secretary, Ronald Graves. Second Row: W. L. McCulloch, Jr., R. Da¬ vid Wagner, David Cialone, Ted Helmich, Fred Raedels, Vice President; Bob David¬ son, Gilbert Myatt, Richard Hall. Third Row: James Remmel, Kent Meenen, Jim Sanders, Don Jerry, President; Noah Risner, Treasurer; David Stiff, Jerrel Martin, H. Lawrence Dyer. 338 ODK Selects Outstanding Men Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary or¬ ganization which selects its members from outstanding junior and senior men who have excelled in leadership and scholarship. Membership is awarded on the basis of five major phases of campus life, namely: scholar¬ ship; athletics; student government, social, and relig¬ ious affairs; publications; and forensic and applied arts. The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa is three¬ fold: (1) To recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities; (2) To bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life; and (3) To bring together members of the faculty and student body of the college on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. OFFICERS: Joe Sing, President; Davie Miles, Vice Presi¬ dent; Johnny Simpson, Secretary; Stan Wingert, Treasurer. ODK: First Row : Paul Noland, Ben Barry, Larry McGrew, Don Gibson, Whit Hall, Lanny Winberry, David Reutzel, Neil N. Snyder, III. Second Row: Stan Wingert, Galen Bryant, Alan Pack, Mike Condit, Walter Henze, Paul Douglas, Russell D. Williams. Third Row: Col. F. W. Nelson, Davie Miles, George A. Newtown, John Jackson, Jonny Simpson, Dean Dalton, Thomas S. Hcadlee, Joe Sing. 339 PEM: First Row: Debbie Holden, Mary Snider, Liz Nickle, Courtney Mize, Sharon Robinson, Louise Hack, Sarah Mangels- dorf, Jeannette Dennis. Second Row: Peggy Jo Cullom, Mary Frances Carnahan, Susan Yaple, Margie Young, Joanne Free¬ man, Kathy Logan, Betty Buffington, June Periman, Lillian Kurtin. Third Row: Jill Herriman, Linda Callaway, Connie Shreve, Cathy Cochrane, Sherry Hamilton, Heber Farmer, Cyn¬ thia Chandler. Fourth Row: Pat Clark, Mary Bell, Becky Chaney, Nancy Rollow, Lee Ward, Wayne Carnahan. Fifth Row: Joanne Brandon, Carl Foresee, Karen Carter, James A. Brown, John Galley, Mrs. Frances Stokes. PEM Delegates Attend Convention OFFICERS: Sharon Robinson, President; John Galley, Sec¬ retary; Wayne Carnahan, Treasurer; Joanne Brandon, Vice President. The Physical Education Majors club is a group composed of all those students with either a major or a minor in Physical Education who have expressed a concern for the development of their field. The club serves as a contact point for both the students and faculty in the department. Their purposes were to co¬ ordinate the professional and social organization in the department, broaden information about and participa¬ tion in PE, and thereby encourage understanding and professional interests in the field. In their meetings, the members heard several lectures and saw films on new developments and theories in physical education and physical therapy. 340 Phi U Selects Top Economists Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national professional home economics fraternity whose members must be at least second semester sophomores and are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. Throughout the year, Phi U’s members help in many phases of the College of Home Economics’ activities. At registration they assist the members of the faculty at the Home Economics table. One of the projects is visiting high schools and encouraging Home Economics students to continue their education in whatever field they desire. Another project is compiling a file of sum¬ mer jobs that might be available to anyone in Home Economics. OFFICERS: First Row: Tommie Oberley, Recording Secre¬ tary; Ann R. Pazderka, Treasurer; Carolyn Miner, Reporter. Second Row: Diane McKinney, Chaplain; Ginger Gillis, Presi¬ dent; Betty Gattes, Vice President; Bethel Cunningham, Ad¬ viser. PUO: First Row: Diane Ellis, Carolyn Miner. Second Row: Joan Mitchell, Millie Amis, Jeanette Carpenter, Ann R. Paz¬ derka, Judy Jewell, Ginger Gillis. Third Row: Beth Feland, Tommie Ann Oberley, Betty Gattis, Mrs. Cunningham, Sponsor; Diane McKinney. 341 PES Assists with Orientation OFFICERS: First Row : Aron Tallent, Treasurer; Gary Green, Vice President; George Myers, Secretary. Second Row: Ed Barton, President; Richard Alan Young, Graduate Advisor; Hollis T. Reed, Senior Advisor; David Thomas, Historian; James R. McCoy, Parliamentarian. Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary fraternity for men who receive a 3.5 grade point or better for either the first semester or accumulative over their freshman year. The main purpose of the organization is to bring recognition to freshman achievement; however, mem¬ bers are generally active during their sophomore year. Among the projects carried out this past year by Phi Eta Sigma have been ushering at Symposium ’68, help¬ ing with Razorback Day, distributing “How To Study” booklets, ushering at Honors Day, and selling Christ¬ mas candles on campus. Phi Eta Sigma’s sister organi¬ zation is Alpha Lambda Delta. PHI ETA SIGMA: First Row: G. Gary Batchelor, Gary T. Green, Craig McDonald, Wilbur Dee Blackmon, Mikel R. Shinn, George Myers, Kerry J. Grippe. Second Row: Phillip Koch, David Thomas, Dick Ezell, Aron Tallent, James R. McCoy, Mike Capoot. Third Row: Mike Benge, Doug Tugate, Ora Fred Harris, Jr., Tom Rimmer, Joe Carter. Fourth Row: Steve Free¬ man, Ed Barton, Hollis Reed, Richard Alan Young, Stephen Smay, Dennis Berner. 342 SAE: First Row: Jimmy Grimes, Kenny Taff. Second Row: Robert Mitchell, Charles W. Roberts, Alva Mills, Clarkson Wells, Jr., Michael B. Stiles, R. David Wagner. Third Row : Douglas C. Loberg, Michael S. Stewart, David Stuff, Margaret Parsons, Sam D. Cummings, James Remmel. Fourth Row : James R. Kelley, Robert R. Siever, Jim G. Brown, Fred M. Oil E. Smith Reed, Jr., Gary E. O’Neal, Johnny C. Mize. SAE Holds Industrial Exposition The Society of Automotive Engineers, with the aid of an increased membership, continued to be successful in the aims of the organization in the 1967-68 year. SAE promotes the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of transportation vehicles. The SAE stu¬ dent branch here at the U of A tries to acquaint young engineers with the problems and possibilities of future transportation techniques. This year SAE again held the Annual Industrial Ex¬ position for U of A students and interested residents of the area. Twelve industrial firms presented out¬ standing projects to insure the success of the exhibi¬ tion. Several technical meetings and inspection trips highlighted this successful year. OFFICERS: David Stuff, Jr., Treasurer; Sam Cummings, Secretary; Dave Wagner, Vice President; E. Smith Reed, Jr., President. 343 SAM: First Row: Howard Fikes, Albert F. Baltz, Robert E. Stewart, Leonard G. Warden. Third Row: Phillip R. Lumpkin, Troeger, James W. Atkins, John G. Sullivan. Second Row: George J. Hart, Jr., Hardie H. Jefferies, Larry A. Peterson, David A. Hallin, Richard C. Christy, Doug Summerville, Gary Gary M. Roberts. SAM Sponsors Commerce Banquet OFFICERS: Phillip R. Lumpkin, President; Gary Stewart, Vice President; Hardie H. Jefferies, Secretary; David A. Hal¬ lin, Treasurer. The Society for the Advancement of Management is a social organization of managers in industry, com¬ merce, government, and education. Once during each semester they sponsor banquet meetings, one of which was the banquet given on Commerce Day. They also organized field trips for their members which included plant tours. During registration for the first and second semesters, the members of SAM operated a bookstore exchange for the buying and selling of books for the students in the College of Busi ness Administration. In addition to these functions, they have worked to pro¬ mote the aims of business on the campus by assisting BA freshmen and by bringing in guest speakers in the field of business. 344 Council Rewrites Constitution The Men’s Sophomore Council is an honorary serv¬ ice organization composed of men chosen during their freshman year. Qualities of leadership ability, high moral standards and an interest in serving others were the prerequisites for membership in the Council. This past year, they aided the University by helping the in¬ coming freshman men adjust to a new college environ¬ ment. Founded in 1963, their relatively new organiza¬ tions on campus had as its objective the improvement of relations between the freshman men and the ad¬ ministration. OFFICERS: First Row : Ronnie Pederson, Secretary; James Carson, Vice President. Second Row : William Granderson, M.I.H.C.; Mike Daily, Treasurer; Ted Glaub, Parliamentarian; John Williams, President. MSC: First Row: Ron Blackwelder, Jim Eads, George Myers. Second Row: John Carter, John Vaughan, Robert Walters, Philip Koch, Gary Green, Ronnie Pederson, John Wil¬ liams, James Carson, Murl Meredith, Garry L. Hargis, Cary C. Hall. Third Row: Gary Batchelor, Thomas Buffington, William Granderson, Michael Bryant, Ronald Rupe, Dwight Murdock, Tim Ryan, Dennis Chapman, Gorton D. Hitte, Charles Lane. Fourth Row: Mike Daily, J. D. Smith, John P. Kelly, John Reap, Klaus Phillips, Steve Freeman, Buzz Busby, Gary Reed, Joe Carter. Fifth Row: Randle Churchill, Johnny Mize, Butch Bull, Ed Barton, Bill Mack Vest, Brady L. Gadberry, Jr. Sixth Row : Stephen Smay, Don Young, Charles R. Lee, Don Bunch, Ted Glaub, Richard P. Schratz, Johnny Morrison. 345 YDC Initiates Robert Vaughn The Young Democrats Club is a group of Univer¬ sity students who express an interest in knowing more about politics and the Democratic Party. It is composed of the Club itself and an Executive Council which planned the program of events for the school year. The Club paid tribute to John F. Kennedy by present¬ ing the film “A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House.” One of the Club’s new members, dissenting Democrat Robert Vaughn, was the final speaker in the first round of Symposium speakers. The Young Democrats also took controversial stands oppos¬ ing censorship of “Preview” magazine and disaffiliat¬ ing itself with Info ’68, the controversial television pro¬ gram sponsored by the Democratic party chairman in Arkansas. As usual the Club selected its Miss YDC and played a leading role at the state Young Democrats Convention. OFFICERS: First Row: Ronnie Winningham, President; Myrl Rogers, Reporter. Second Row : Howard L. Martin, Execu¬ tive Committee; Cindy Hale, Corresponding Secretary; Roger Giles, Executive Committee; Linda Carson, Recording Secretary. YDC: First Row: Larry Edmondson, Sandra Henderson, Marie Wildy, Jamie Newton, Sherry Simmons, Cathy Ryan, Thurman Ragar, Myrl Rogers, Dorothy Allred. Second Row: Frank Mitchell, Ann Beane, Marilyn Kay Gooch, Ralph Lee McQueen, Jr., Mike Rotenbury, Freddy Horn, Linda Carson, Ronnie Winningham. Third Row: Jim Lingle, Mary Lou Wil¬ hite, Synde Chambers, Patsy Hobbs, Beth Peck, Marlene Wil- coxson, Ruthie Handley, Cindy Hale, Gary Garrison, David A. Ray, Donald 0. Cunnion. Fourth Row: Jinx Wilkinson, David Phillips, Barry Winningham, Howard L. Martin, Charles Curry, Bill Trice, III, David E. Nelson, Ralph Turney. Fiith Row: J. D. Emerson, Sid Hartman, George Hart, Frank Bane, Otis Harris, Abbott Trice. 346 YRC: First Row: Mark Jacobs, Ron Young, Caryl Tullgren, Marci Barber, Jeanne Ivey, Debbie Wilson, Carol. Campbell, Sara Margaret Cowan, Yvonne Pasche, Tori Tumlin. Second Row: Steve Tullgren, Jim Atkins, Dennis Chapman, Gene Cog- bill, Ronald Stone, Andy Gray, Allen Wolf, Joe Rogers, Richard Cates. Third Row: Pete Geraci, Patty Blake, Susan Reed, Karen Moore, Everett Rogers, Peggy Dickson, Stan Wingert, Carol Hampton, Linda Faulkner, Beverly Benton, Tim Works. Iourth Row: Carolyn Holcomb, Wayne Atkinson, Keith Jame¬ son, Frederick L. Washington, Joe McBride, Jim Burnett, Cindy O’Connor. Fifth Row: Cy Carney, Bobby Highfill, Lonnie Powers, Clyde West, Jr., Alan K. Reeter, Jake Looney. Republicans Honor Senator Brooke The Y r oung Republican Club is for students and faculty members who are interested in learning more about the Republican party and government and want to take a more active part in politics. In bi-monthly meetings, besides regular business, the club had speakers from local, state, and national levels. Several projects were completed this year. A petition to lower the voting age to 18 was circulated, a reception for Senator Brooke from Massachusetts was held, and the annual Miss YRC contest was sponsored in April. Plans for beginning a Teen-age Republican Club in Fayetteville and forming a YR club at John Brown University were also made. Miss YRC and several club delegates attended the convention in Hot Springs, representing the University as the largest club in the state. OFFICERS: First Row: Debbie Wilson, Historian; Karen Moore, Secretary; Carol Campbell, Vice President. Second Row: Joe McBride, Treasurer; Jake Looney, Parliamentarian; Jim Burnett, President. 347 Beta Rho is among Top Ten in Nation OFFICERS: First Row : Ronnie Foster, President; Eric Nel¬ son, Treasurer; Alan Beeqley, Recording Secretary; Sid Hart¬ man, Alumni Secretary; Larry Edmondson, Third Vice Presi¬ dent. Second Row: Ken Ward, First Vice President; Joe Clay, Pledge Master; Rick Spencer, Asst. Pledge Master; Jeff Scherer, Historian, Lee McQueen, Sergeant at Arms. ALPHA CHI OMEGA: First Row: Ronnie Foster, Alan Beeqley, Larry Edmondson, John Boston, James Edward O’Neal, Jack Robertson, Paul Graqiani, Earnest Pollock, Wayne. Second Row: Jack Husted, Forrest Jacobe, Danny Garrett, Tom Cromer, Philip Webb, Richard Henderson, Lewis A. Huddle, Jr., Joe Griffin. Third Row: Sid Hartman, Greg Shel- Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity composed of former Boy Scouts and Explorers. Beta Rho Chapter at the University of Arkansas was selected to be among the Top Ten Chapters in the Nation in 1967 for its outstanding service to the Campus and Community. During the past year, Alpha Phi Omega has been active in many campus activities such as Registration, Blood Drives, and Under-Privileged Children’s Party at Christmas. In addition to campus services, APO has also staged three Boy Scout Regional Camporees for this area. With Service and Leadership as their by¬ word, Alpha Phi Omega is turly an asset to the Uni¬ versity of Arkansas. lard, Alan Storm, Jimmy Bichler, Rick Spencer, Lee McQueen, Ken Ward, Eric Nelson, Selby Watson. Fourth Row: Joe Clay, John Faucette, Steve Noland, Phil Aeiss, Duo Steigcer, Roger Fry, Steve Adams. Fijth Row: Amilton H. Singleton, Bill Stra- min, Dennis Ferguson, Phil Moudy, Glenford A. Newton, Jr., Ellis Widner, Jeff Scherer. 348 ASA: First Row : Bui) Witcher, Paul Shaver, Everett Rogers, Dennis R. Wingert, Terry Williams, Jimmy Pickett, Robert O’Bryant. Second Row : Sara Margaret Cowan, Ann Hinkle, Joan Mitchell, Margaret Bateman, Avis Bryant, Carolyn Bullock, Vernell Lumpkin, Ginger Jones, Diana McRae, Phyllis Mulle- nix. Thomas WTiitlow. Third Row : Linda Kay Tisdale, Marsha L. Martin, Janet Hecox, Jesse Huffman, Janice Callahan, Carol Willberg, Teresa Watson, Donna Lucas, Carolyn Buckner, Ruth Clotfelter, Judy Green, Diana Treptow, Martha Caulder, Judy Pettus Pearson. Fourth Row: Vernoice Cannon, Lynn Moss, Janie Paschal, Jimmy Whiley, Mike Rotenberry, Tommy Patter¬ son, Stan Wingert, David Westbrook, Kenneth Joe May, Mario Gutierrez, Judy Douglas, Kathy Beavers, Betty Gattis. Fifth Roiv: Arlon Woodruff, Jewel T. Barr, Terry Walker, Dwayne A. Raper, Lynn Nokes, Linda Rector, Bobby Cook, William Grenwelge, Janet Main, Winifred Pliayer, Roger L. Hammond, Joe McBride, Ford Baldwin, Larry G. McCain. Sixth Row: Charolette Sip, Saundra Aikman, Cindy Spineir, Ray Rhoades, Waymon Pearson, Dennis Ammons. Seventh Row : Ed Sellers, Ira Eldridge, Larry Ward, Bobby Highfill, Bill Pugh, Gerald Alexander, Clyde West Jr. ASA Unites Agri, Home Economics Students in Agriculture and Home Economics con¬ stitute the Agriculture Student Association. An outing was held in the fall so that students in Agriculture and Home Economics could become better acquainted with each other and with faculty members. In the spring, the group sponsored the annual “Agri Day” which fea¬ tured selection of a queen, the Queen’s Cow Milking Contest, a Rodeo, and a banquet which concluded the day. ASA: First Row : Patricia Moore, Danny Metz, Mike Flynn, Bonita Smith, Diane Bell, Carmen Trantham, Patsy Henderson, Melinda Bays, Lajuana Teague, Ginger Gillis, Sue Lambert, Martha Danehower, Donna Jordan. Second Row: Harry Pace, Jack Johnson, Don McCaskill, Alan Pack, Barbara Ashcraft, Peggy Dickson, Thomas Harger, Bill Dodgen, Jim Ken, Dendin Guinn, Bill Gibbs, Terry Vest, Robert Garrett. Third Row: Gerald Freeman, Clayton Castleman, Carl Ragland, Wayne T. Bell, Courtney Hillard, John Snoderly, Martha Benjamin, Don¬ ald Ray Johnson, Gary Murphy, Bob Treat, Jolene Marshall, Richard McDonald, Joanie Noller. Fourth Row: Jim Phillips, Harold Betton, Billy Joe Moore, Hollis T. Reed, Ronnie Morrow, Joe B. Martin. Fifth Row: Stephen Smay, Jim Reed, James Aik¬ man, Jim Daniel, David Howard, Galen Bryant, Eddie Lee. 349 ALD Selects Top Freshman Women OFFICERS: First Row: Gary Lynn King, Secretary; Christy Rodman, Historian. Second Row : Ruth Handley, Treasurer; Diana Johnson, Reporter; Susan Sisco, Vice President; Mary Pearce, President. Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honorary fra¬ ternity for freshman women who have attained a 3.50 grade average for the first semester or cumulative aver¬ age for the entire year. As sophomores their main project is a tutoring service available to freshman women, stressing the importance of academic achieve¬ ment. Other activities include helping during registra¬ tion and having a banquet during the spring semester with Phi Eta Sigma. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: First Row: Gwen Parham, Pa¬ tricia Keeling, Sharon Warren, Susan Quigg, Christy Rodman, Carol Gardner, Pam Seneff. Second Row: Paula Finkbeiner, Ruth Handley, Carol Lynn Camfield, Rachel Doyle, Joyce Plum¬ mer, Sharon Smith, Jayne Jackson, Sharon Montee. Third Row: Alice Stallcup, Gary Lynn King, Susie Oswald, Nancy Hudson, Diana Johnson, Daria Dolan, Jo Anne Schmand. Fourth Row: Chrissy Henry, Jeanne Roades, Barbara Toll, Mary Pierce, Marilyn Bonner, Susan Sisco, Charlotte Cooley. Fifth Row: Ann Burleson, Carolee Bonnette, Camille Ledet, Dana Lyons, Beth Cathevall, Marilyn Harlan, Phyllis Gathings. 350 CIVIC CLUB: First Row: Dorothy Allred, Tori Tumlin, Gary Lynn King, Jennifer Neill, Karen Kramer, Marilyn Brewer. Sec¬ ond Row: Marie Deacon, Dodie Ritts, Joan Englehart, Carol Hampton, Bill Barnes, Sharon Farrell. Third Row: Gannalyn McHughes, Shirley Franzmeier, Jerry Park, Karen Carter, Buck Rusher, Kathy Barnett. Civic Club Sponsors Singfony The Civic Club, whose members are drawn from each living group on campus, is representative of the entire student body. Representatives are elected by their own living group for one year. Last fall Civic Club sponsored Singfony, and in the spring it held the an¬ nual Campus Chest project featuring the Campus Sweet¬ heart and Campus Lover Contests. These two fund-rais¬ ing projects were similar in many respects to the work¬ ings of the United Fund, since the two events took care of all charitable donations for the entire year at the University. As a result, the individual living groups enjoyed immunity from numerous requests from various organizations for donations. The members of the Club itself decided in their meetings how the money should be distributed. At the end of the year, all money collected was proportioned out to the United Fund, Boy Land of Arkansas, and the World University Service. OFFICERS: Kathy Barnett, Singfony Chairman; Jerry Park, Treasurer; Gary Lynn King, Secretary; Buck Rusher, President. 351 TAU BETA PI: First Row: Edward M. Knod, Jr., Carroll R. Falls, Dale B. Nixon, Mike Hardgrave, Dudley Shollmier, Wiley Christal. Second Row: Glenford Newtown, Darrell Rice, Lowell R. Goodman, Jeff L. Kennington, John W. Watkins, William A. Jackson. Third Row: James McAlister, Kelley C. Overman, Wayne Chaffin, Carl Gabbard, Donald W. Jerry, William W. Chiids. Tau Beta Pi Requires Excellence OFFICERS: Wayne Chaffin, Pledge Trainer; Jeff Kenning¬ ton, Vice President; James MacAllister, President; William Childs, Cataloguer. Tau Beta Pi, an honorary engineering fraternity, draws its membership from the upper fifth of the senior class and from the upper eighth of the junior class. Members come from all branches of the College of En¬ gineering and must meet qualifications of high scholar¬ ship, service, and leadership. This year they have solicited enough contributions so that next fall the first annual Tau Beta Pi scholarship will be awarded to a deserving engineering student. In addition Tau Beta Pi makes a cash award each year to the oustanding Fresh¬ man engineering student. 352 AED Sponsors “Pre-Med Day” Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international pre-medical society whose membership is based on leadership, char¬ acter, and grade point average. This year they brought speakers from the American Medical Association and also programs of interest to pre-med students. As special projects, they collected samples of medicine to send overseas, helped in the blood drive and sponsored a “Pre-Med Day.” OFFICERS: First Row: Sue Alexander-Secretary, James Klein-President. Second Row: Jackson M. Jones-Treasurer, James 0. Dismukes-Vice-President, Jack Sacks-Faculty Advisor. AED: First Row: Kay Hill, Alice Stallcup, Theresa Marks, Suzanne Oswald. Linda Dure, Rick Doss. Second Row: Terry Green, Larry W. Douglass, James Philip Elkins, Sue Alexander, James Klein, Donald L. Rennard, C. Winston Brown, Pete Ray. Third Row: Thomas S. Headlee, Jackson M. Jones, Walter A. Henze, James 0. Dismukes, J. Michael Condit, Robert Patton, Jacob Sacks, Faculty Advisor. 353 IEEE, EKN Help with 4 Engin’ Week EKN: First Row: Wayne Chaffin-Vice-President, Glynn Raymer-Recording Secretary, Mike Hardgrave-President, Wil¬ liam W. Childs- Treasurer. Second Row : Dale B. Nixon, Edward M. Knod, Jr., William A. Jackson, Wiley H. Christal-Pledge Trainer, Richard L. Van Meter. Third Row: Lowell R. Good¬ man, Kelley C. Overman, Philip T. Smith, Dennis A. Reynolds, Carroll R. Falls-Bridge Correspondent, James E. McAlister. IEEE: First Row: Joseph Dean Stever, William A. Jackson, Linda Faye Cloyd, Thomas J. Wright-Treasurer, James E. Mc¬ Alister-President, Van O. Parker-Secretary, Wiley H. Christal- Vice-President, H. Dudley Shollmier, Richard L. Van Meter, David H. Norwood. Second Row: Roderick G. Kish, Lowell R. Goodman, Edward M. Knod, Jr., Charles Albert Hanby, Jerald F. Basham, M. Michael Jansen, Samuel S. White, Jr., William W. Childs, Dale B. Nixon, Frank Cherry. Third Row: Mike The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engi¬ neers, Inc. is the largest professional engineering so¬ ciety in the world. Student branches of the IEEE are established in more than 200 approved colleges, uni¬ versities, and schools throughout the country. The In¬ stitute provided students with an unusual opportunity to associate educationally and socially with fellow en¬ gineering students throughout professional talks, group discussions, and projects. IEEE participated in the En¬ gineers’ Week Open House and the Engin Rally. Eta Kappa Nu is the honorary fraternity for elec¬ trical engineers. Members chosen from the upper fourth of the junior class and the upper third of the senior class, must meet qualifications of high scholarship, serv¬ ice, and leadership. This year Eta Kappa Nu had as its project the refurnishing of the undergraduate lounge. They also assisted with open house and provided an award to the outstanding sophomore electrical engineer¬ ing student. Hardgrave, Carroll R. Falls, Wayne Chaffin, George M. Dodson, Bobby B. Ridgell, Dennis Montgomery, Phillip E. Snow, James T. Wilson, William H. Becker. Fourth Row: F. J. Crossett, Charles C. Gray, Jr., William D. Brown, Alan K. Reeter, Joe B. Carter, J. R. Bass, Frank Steven Crow, Rickey H. Green, William H. Bradley. Fifth Row: Farrish E. Bettpm. G. Dennis Estelle, Philip T. Smith, Carl E. Hoffman, Jr., Roland C. Bon¬ ner, Thomas Bogun, David Gilcrease. 354 DEBATE TEAM: Charles Parkhurst, Phil Love, Phil Boudreaux, Rod Martin, Vicki Stephens, Peggy Hicks, Terry Jones, Russ Meeks, Bill Strickland, Alan Webb. Debate Team Goes Abroad The debate team had an international program. In December, a British team composed of students at Cam¬ bridge University and Trinity College debated Arkan¬ sas’s Rand) Marshall and Bill Strickland in a public debate held in Barnhill fieldhouse. Between semesters Randy Marshall, Steve Millin, Terry Jones, and Bill Strickland debated in Ireland and England and also toured in the Netherlands, Switzer¬ land, and France. Over twenty students participated in tournament competition including the Air Force Nation¬ al Debate Tournament. The University hosted four debate tournaments in¬ cluding the Southwest Conference Debate Champion¬ ship. Students from forty-five colleges and universities and from high schools in a five state area participated in these meets. Top debating championships were won by Steve Millins, Phil Love, Terry Jones, Bill Strick¬ land, Phil Boudreaux, Jack Magruder, Steve Hayes, and Vicki Stephens. DSRTKA officers: Bill Strickland, president; Vicki Stephens, secretary; Terry Jones, representative. 355 Art—Flower Power for ’67-’68 Painting, sculpture, and design encompass the plas¬ tic arts of the Fine Arts Department, which is combined with architecture in the Fine Arts Building. Exhibitions offered in the gallery this year have included student and faculty shows as well as exhibitions from other schools such as the University Collects from N.Y.U. For the first annual Fine Arts Festival in the fall, archi¬ tecture students built a special “Flower Power Tower.” A statue watches over the pond and fountain in the courtyard of of the Fine Arts Building. Bare beams surrounding an architecture students desk reflect a constant awareness of his art. Two students walk through an ex¬ hibit in the Fine Arts Gallery. The biggest crowd the gallery draws is during intermissions at the theatre. Artists are always neat and tidy, as the sculpture room clearly shows. 359 Lord Fancourt Babberly (Ralph Clift), dis¬ guised as Charley ' s Aunt, faints away as his girlfriend enters the room. Disguised as a countess, Susanna (Sylvia Rose) slaps Figaro (George Frey) in " The Marriage of Figaro. " Jack Chesney (Gene Mackey) and Kitty Verdun (Becky Kendrick) discuss the possibilities of marriage in " Charley ' s Aunt. " 360 • • • Presenting a Year of Comedy Special lighting effects and scenery created an illusion of hell in " The Firebugs. " r wwm rnm t The University Theatre presented a season of a variety of comedies in 1967-68. Brandon Thomas’ ‘‘Charley’s Aunt” was the first production, which ran from October 9-14. Action was the key word as two young men struggled to get together with two girls under the protection of a strict guardian. Cleveland Har¬ rison directed the production. “The Firebugs” was the highlight of “The Arts ’67” festival from November 6-11. This Theatre of the Absurd play by Max Frisch was direct ' d by Norman DeMarco. Considered a revalation of the reactions of the European people confronted by the threat of Hitler, the controversial “Firebugs” is thought both a slapstick farce and a satirical attack against complacency. The traditional Christmas play, “The Man Who Came to Dinner,” played on the University stage from December 4-9. Paula Orsborne directed the story of a celebrity who is stranded in a small Ohio town for Christmas. Bobby Wayne Huguart received rave re¬ views for his portrayal of this character. Harriet Stanley (Sheryl Mackey) slips a Christmas gift to Sheridan Whiteside (Bob¬ by Wayne Hughart), " The Man Who Came to Dinner. " Theatre Opera workshop and singers from the Fayetteville area made up the cast of “The Marriage of Figaro,” the University’s comic opera presentation from February 12-17. Max Worthley directed the performances and Kenneth Ballenger conducted. A “Theatre-in-the-Round” production, directed by Cleveland Harrison, was performed in March. Using the carnival atmosphere of the round stage which was built on the University stage, Jean Anouilh’s “Thieves’ Carnival” concerned the complicated efforts of three thieves to make off with the valuables of a rich society woman. Audiences, seated on all four sides of the stage, were treated to an unusual flute commentary through¬ out the comedy. The world of the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit came alive April 22-27, in “Alice in Wonderland,” di¬ rected by Norman DeMarco. The cast of 33 performed in elaborate masks in this adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s story. Alice meets the Queen of Hearts in the final University Theatre production, " Alice in Wonderland. " A " theatre in the round " was constructed on the University Theatre stage for " Thieves ' Carnival. " 362 Schola poses at the Christmas concert. Pictured are: First Row: Gineva Powers, Charlotte Kitchens, Emily Vonk, Carol Macy, Donita Burkhart, Virginia Young, Julie Nelson, Cynthia Drake. Second Row: Blanche Locke, Mary Jim Sliger, Peggy Bookhout, Vicky Schneider, Linda Scallion, Pamela Walsh, Eliz¬ abeth McHughes, Rosemary Raymond, Martha Lynn Wilson, Kathy McClanahan. Third Row: Gary Kinder, Max Ryan, George Owens, Mike Rader, Jim Munns, Jim Elkins, Ted Legat- ski, David Wiley, Don Freeman. Fourth Row: Mark Stevenson, Terry Woodcock, George Newton, Dean Dalton, David Thomp¬ son, Tony Davis, Phil McLendon, Dean Kaufman, Louis Wel- cher, Ed Tackett. Schola Cantorum to Tour Europe The 38-member Schola Cantorum, under the direc¬ tion of Mr. Richard Brothers, continued its standard of excellence in 1967-1968. Singing music from all his¬ torical periods, the Schola toured the state at Christ¬ mas. The group also made a record of their Christmas program. Highlighting the year will be Schola’s trip to Europe in June and July. Touring nine countries, Schola will sing Josquin des Pres’ “Mass for Peace” in churches and concer t halls throughout Europe. Finances for the trip were partially earned by record sales and donations from sponsors throughout the state. Schola sang three concerts at the University this year, and represented Arkansas at Expo ’67 in Montreal last summer. Dean Dalton puts a little more soul into his singing ' than other Schola members. 363 Consisting of University students, local residents, and faculty members, the University-Fayetteville Symphony appeared throughout the state. Symphony Presents Five Concerts The 68-member University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra presented five concert programs in the 1967- 1968 season. Under the direction of Dr. Marx Pales, ihe orchestra presented two concerts in October with a guest soloist, cellist Leslie Parnass. In December bari¬ tone Kenneth Ballinger was soloist with the Orchestra. A trip to New Orleans was the outstanding event for the Symphony in the spring. Several educational t.v. pro¬ grams were taped on this February trip. An orchestral concert in April and a Concerto-Aria program closed the season for the symphony. Dvorak ' s " New World Symphony " was presented in a fall orchestral concert. 364 Uarkettes Travel To Mexico This spring the Uarkettes made a special trip to Mexico City for the Rotary International Convention from May 10-15. In order to earn the money to finance the trip, the troupe performed benefits in Missouri, Mountain Home, and here on the campus on April 26-27. Mr. Kenneth Ballinger directs the Uarkettes, whose musical talents range from musical comedy vignettes to folk and popular songs to opera selections. Making an average of 12 performances a semester, the Uarkettes this year appeared on campus at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in December. Posing for their formal portrait in front of Old Main are the 1967-1968 Uarkettes. The singers are: First Row: Linda Thomas, Carol Soule, Mary Henley, Connie Goble, Brenda Dill, Julia Eddins. Second Row: David Hallin, David Wylie, Eliza¬ beth Hallin, Randy Lee, Fredricka Silvey, Max Ryan, Ann Burleson, Donna Axum, Penny Garrett, Lawrence Thomas, Sylvia Rose, Linda Eubanks, George Owen. 365 A clarinet quarter, consisting of Kathy Rahtz, Iris Norfolk, Don Coffield and David Widder, play at the concert. i || 111 , f: S j f ' f I ' l| ' 3 3 f ' !■ ' I ' ill j; iff r jjhiiPf iyi. | iu ; s 366 Concert Band Tours Arkansas b» University band director Dr. Richard Worthington watches for a Unidentified Flying Object hovering near the ceiling . . . The seventy-piece University of Arkansas Concert Band under the direction of Dr. Richard A. Worthing¬ ton and David G. Pittman highlighted the year with its biennial tour of Arkansas civic and high school con¬ certs. Performances in Fayetteville included such na- tionally-famous guest artists as Dr. Leonard Falcone, Director Emeritus of the Michigan State University Band, and Don Kraemer, Director of Bands at Little Rock University. With a challenging repertoire that included the contemporary “George Washington Bridge” by William Schumann, the Overture to “Colas Breugnon” hy Dmitri Kabalevski, and the “Symphonic Dance Number Three” by Arkansas’ Clifton Williams, the band earned the ac¬ claim of directors and audiences across the state. In addition to the University Concert Band, the spring semester also includes the University Varsity Band and activities by Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, National Honorary Band Fraternities. 367 Sports A part of Razorback athletics since 1946, Athletic Director John Barnhill has made his mark on sports at the University of Arkansas. 370 Barnhill Builds Coaching Staff In ten short years Frank Broyles has led his Razorbacks into national football prominence. He heads the dynasty. This year has had special significance for the man who has guided U of A athletics for the past 22 years. It is because of John Barnhill, Director of Athletics, that Arkansas has, for the first time, had a full-time professionally-qualified coach for each sport in the rapidly expanding program. And with this comes a positive plan for recruiting, instruction and improved scheduling. Assistant Athletic Director George Cole, prepared for his job by a lifetime of Razorback athletics, has been Barnhill’s right-hand man in making Razorback athletics what they are today. Barnhill’s long-range program came of age when an energetic young coach named Frank Broyles took over the helm of Arkansas football. Duddy Waller became head basketball coach as an¬ other step in Barnhill’s plans to make Arkansas a re¬ spected power in the world of college athletics. The dynasty is growing. P. T. (Duddy) Waller, in his second season as head basketball coach, is building his brand of Razorbacks into SWC title contenders. Assistant Athletic Director George Cole adds a personal touch to get things done. 371 Lon Farrell Freshman Coach Ab Bidwell Programs and Concessions Wallace Martin Assistant Track Coach Mickey O’Quinn Jim Bone Gene Blasi Freshman Coach Athletic Trainer Freshman Coach 372 Bob Cheyne Sports Publicity Director Wilson Matthews Defensive Line Hootie Ingram Offensive Backfield Coaches Turn Groups Into Teams The success of an athletic department depends upon well qualified coaches. The University’s coaching staff is second to none. Mervin Johnson handles the offensive line, while Charles Coffey trains their defensive counterparts. Johnny Majors is the offensive backfield coach. Gordon Smith schools the offensive ends. Hootie Ingram coaches the defensive backfield. Jack Davis and Lon Farrell tutored the Shoats. Steed White was in charge of all athletic recruiting. Mickey O’Quinn assisted in the coaching of the Shoats and scouted other teams. Wallace Martin supervised the track team this year. He replaced Ab Bidwell who is now in charge of Programs and Concessions. Lynwood Cathey served as assistant basketball coach to Duddy Waller. He also coached the freshmen. Jim Bone kept all the athletes going this year from his position in the training room as head trainer. He took over after the tragic death of Bill Ferrell. No assistant has been named to him yet. Wilson Mathews coached the defensive line backers for last year’s Razorbacks. John Majors Offensive Backfield Hogs Get Experience, Look To Next Season It was a rebuilding year at Arkansas. Following an 8-2 season that many Arkansas fans found disappointing, the young Razorbacks were forced to swallow many a hitter pill. The absence of experience, and the big play that results from experience, plagued the Porkers from the humiliating openers to the final crushing blow of losing a Liberty Bowl bid on regional television. Fans un aware of the other side of the coin sat silent after the initial loss to OSU. The Flogs had jumped to an early lead. Then they watched it disintegrate, losing 7-6. The same was true in the Tulsa game. The Hogs were able to gain an initial advantage, but were unable to hold on for the win. It was like a nightmare for the Hogs, who have come to expect opponents to make the mistakes. This year it was a new story. Changes were made. Ronny South, plagued by lack of spring training, was replaced by sophomore John Eichler. Things seemed to tick better — the Hogs were able to convincingly handle TCU on Dad’s Day. But even then the Hogs seemed doomed, losing Eichler to injury. The Hogs were forced to accept the fact that one game does not a season make. Trying for an unprece¬ dented four wins in a row over Texas, the Hogs fought valiantly, only to fall short. Ronny South replaced Eichler in the third quarter and did what the pre-season polls said he could. Taking to the air, the Hogs tied the score. But there was just too much Horn for the Hogs to handle. The Hogs then put together wins over Kansas State, Rice and SMU, interrupted only by a very dishearten¬ ing loss to A M in the Flomecoming game. The Hogs again jumped to an early advantage oidy to lose their Homecoming in the last quarter. But the wins in the next two weeks over Rice and SMU put new hopes in the Hogs. It seemed that all they had to do to earn the bowl bid that had seemed out of the question earlier was to beat Texas Tech. And they almost did. The game was proof that lightning does strike twice in the same place. The Hogs kept the Raiders on the ropes for three quarters and could almost hear the Liberty Bell ringing. And then an intercepted pass ruined the dream. It was a stunning sequel to last year. All in all it was an unusual year. Few years could be so affected by changing such a small number of plays. It is easy to compare to past years, but more difficult to look optimistically to next year. With so many returning Hogs, 1968 could just be the best year yet. 375 Gary Adams Jim Barnes Dennis Berner Rodney Brand Cowboys Rustle Hogs In Opener, 7-6 53,000 fans called the Hogs louder than ever be¬ fore during the game, but sat silently thereafter as the Razorbacks lost their opener to the Cowboys of OSU by the score of 7-6. The Razorbacks seemed doomed from the start when they had to settle for field goals instead of touch¬ downs. This allowed OSU to squeeze the one point margin on a touchdown by Jack Reynolds and an extra point. After the game Coach Broyles remarked that the game bore out the fact that games are lost and not won. STATISTICS Ark. OSU First Downs . 16 8 Net Yards Rushing . 205 146 Net Yards Passing . _ 88 25 Passes _ 8-23 3-9 Punts _ 9-34 12-36 Penalties - 6-40 7-58 Ronnie South boots his second field goal in the first quarter against OSU. It was good, but not good enough to insure a victory. Wingback David Dickey finds the going a bit rough in the midst of a Tulsa Hurricane. Evil Winds Blow Hogs Off Course The Razorbacks, playing the majority of the game without the aid of All-SWC defensive end Hartford Hamilton, dropped another squeaker to the University of Tulsa by the score of 14-12. This was the first time ever that a Tulsa team had beaten a Frank Broyles coached Razorback team. Hog scores were on runs by David Dickey and Russell Cody. Both Tulsa TD’s were produced by soph¬ omore quarterback Mike Stripling. Again, the big ' difference was inexperience. Also, the Hogs failure to control the Hurricane running at¬ tack helped the Tulsa team. This was Arkansas’ second loss by less than a field goal. STATISTICS Ark. Tulsa First Downs _ _ 15 19 Net Yards Rushing _ 154 164 Net Yards Passing _ 121 164 Passes . 8-18 13-23 Punts . __ 4-37 8-44 Fumbles 1 2 Penalties . _ 2-20 10-133 377 STATISTICS Ark. TCU First Downs __ 19 10 Net Yards Rushing __ 249 94 Net Yards Passing __ 138 63 Passes ...... 9-13 4-17 Punts 7-38 10-39 Fumbles 2 1 Penalties 6-70 5-41 David Cooper David Cox Joe Paul Daves Hogs Treat Dads To Win Over TCU In his first game as a Razorback starter, John Eichler piloted the Hogs to an impressive 26-0 victory over TCU in a rainy Dad’s Day encounter. Eichler treated the fans to a 76 yard scoring quarter¬ back sneak, posting the longest run of the year for a Razorback. Other scores came on a one yard plunge by David Dickey, a two yard jaunt, again by Dickey, a field goal by Bob White, and a safety. The big difference in this and other Razorback games was team unity. The win marked the first for the Razorbacks. TClTs defense was on top of things for at least this part of the afternoon. At least it seems that way to this smothered Razorback. Sophomore quarterback John Eichler scurries out of his pocket late in the game to help set up Bob White ' s tying field goal. Razorbacks Hogtie Baylor 10-10 Bob White kicked a 29 yard field goal with 37 sec¬ onds left in the game to give the Razorbacks a tie with the Baylor Bears. The score was 10-10. This was the first tie in the Frank Broyles era. The game was marred by poor defensive play by the Razorbacks. The Razorbacks took an early lead hut again failed to hold it. The one Porker touchdown was set up by a pass interception by Tommy Trantham. The Hogs scored four plays later on a two yard run by David Dickey. All together, the Porkers rushed for 258 yards, while Baylor moved 298 on the ground. STATISTICS Ark. Baylor First Downs . 15 15 Net Yards Rushing . 169 181 Net Yards Passing 89 117 Passes _ 8-12 7-21 Punts _ 6-35 7-43 Fumbles _ - __ 3 3 Penalties . 3-19 2-30 David Dickey Jerry Dossey John Eichler Jud Erwin 379 Lynn Garner Danny Geoghagen Hartford Hamilton Mike Hendren Dynamic Duo Two Much For Hogs The Texas Longhorns continued their domination of the SWC second oldest rivalry by defeating the Razorbacks 21-12 before a capacity crowd in Littl e Rock. The game was nationally televised. This places Texas ahead of Arkansas 36-13 in the series that dates back to 1903. In the current series, Frank Broyles trails Darrell Royal 6-4. Chris Gilbert and Bill Bradley continued their reign as the most lethal one-two punch in the SWC, piling up 249 yards between them. During the game, Texas intercepted five Arkansas passes. Arkansas recovered four Texas fumbles, while losing only one. The loss spoiled Arkansas’ present chances to be¬ come the only team ever to defeat a Royal coached team four times in a row. Arkansas scored first on a one yard plunge by David Dickey. Then Texas blocked an Arkansas punt at the twenty and scored two plays later on a run by Gilbert. Super Bill, exactly half of the Terrible Texas Twosome, makes good yardage around end. Razorbacks catch him . . . eventually. Glen Hockersmith Steve Hoehn Tommy Hopper « ■ Jl V iLfcl | " l ' WW " pr m I| , W ' ?%H ' " ? At pi: « rsfll jpw m ¥ m A rSJvi’ - H a» I M • swmgt w y%. z fiftjfv t Jy£ w» % % V Tl W£ W M Chris Gilbert plunges through Arkansas line as onlooking Razorbacks try to stop him. Horns Gore Pigs On National Tube After the half, Texas came roaring hack, with Gil¬ bert capping the drive on a ten yard run over tackle. Gilbert and Bradley accounted for all but one yard of the 52 yard drive. The other Razorback touchdown came on an eight yard pass from South to Hendren, after South had re¬ placed Eichler. After an on side kick that failed, the Longhorns maneuvered the ball from the fifty with Gilbert again scoring from the twelve. The Longhorns ran out the clock after intercepting a South pass. STATISTICS Ark. Texas First Downs 12 19 Net Yards Rushing 97 259 Net Yards Passing _ 189 59 Passes _ _ 13-29 4-11 Punts . 7-26 4-38 Fumbles 1 4 Penalties _ 5-40 6-50 381 STATISTICS Ark. KSU First Downs 21 15 Net Yards Rushing __ 217 86 Net Yards Passing _ 95 127 Passes 11-15 15-24 Punts 4-35 5-35 Fumbles 1 0 Penalties . 5-55 4-40 Webb Hubbell Alvin Jones Jim Jordan Razorbacks Hogwash Wildcats 28-7 The superb running of David Dickey and Mike Hendren and the passing of John Eichler helped Ar¬ kansas smash Kansas State 28-7. The victory was a costly one, however, with Eichler dislocating two bones in his foot, disabling him for the rest of the year. Arkansas’s first touchdown was set up by an in¬ terception by Tommy Trantham. Dickey capped the drive with a four yard run. Other Hog touchdowns came on runs of one yard by Dickey, two yards again by Dickey, and a three yard run by Larry Watkins. It was Watkins’ first touch¬ down ever as a Razorback. The win was Arkansas’ second of the year. Mike Hendren gets the call at midfield during the Porkers ' romp over Kansas State. That night the Jayhawks weren ' t exactly ball hawks. An Aggie goes head over heels. This could make a good Aggie joke, but A M had the last laugh. They won the conference crown. Aggies Leave Hogs Defenseless The Frank Broyles domination over the Texas A M Aggies came to an abrupt halt as Edd Hargett sparked a late drive and posted at 33-21 victory over the Razor- backs before a capacity Homecoming crowd in Razor- back Stadium. The Hogs had won nine straight over the Aggies. Not since 1961 have the Hogs given up more than 33 points. The great weakness in the game was Ar¬ kansas’ defense. During the game, Ronnie South hit 18 of 22 passes for 205 yards. It was one of the best performances in the career of the senior quarterback. The win was A M’s stepping stone to the Cotton Bowl. STATISTICS Ark. AnM First Downs _ 19 16 Net Yards Rushing 93 116 Net Yards Passing _ 205 168 Passes _ 18-22 13-25 Punts 7-41 8-35 Fumbles 1 0 Penalties _ 0-0 4-50 383 Gordon Norwood Guy Parker Max Peacock Cliff Powell Pigs Turn Owls Into Puffed Rice Under rainy skies, the Razorbacks scored a turn¬ about victory over Rice. It was Rice’s Homecoming. The score was 23-9. The Hogs took their usual early game lead on a 44 yard field goal by Bob White. Four plays later, Ronny South found Max Peacock alone in the end zone for Arkansas’ second score. The third score was set up by a Trantham inter¬ ception. Dickey scored from the three. A long punt return by Gary Adams set up the final touchdown, with Dickey scoring for the eleventh time of the year. STATISTICS Ark. Rice First Downs 12 18 Net Yards Rushing . ___ 112 114 Net Yards Passing . _ _ 141 198 Passes _ 9-14 18-32 Punts __ 6-35 8-32 Fumbles _ 2 1 Penalties _ „ _ _ 6-50 2-30 The Porker forward wall opened the hole, and tailback David Dickey followed Glen Hockersmith across the goal line. Tha referee didn ' t notice that the defender got to ihe Razorback receiver before the ball. Frankly Enraged, Hogs Clip Ponies The Razorbacks blasted SMU 35-17 in this year’s game in Dallas. However, on the same weekend, they lost all hopes of a Cotton Bowl bid when Texas lost to TCU. The game was sparked by the action of a usually sedate Frank Broyles. Broyles burst onto the field after a disputed call. Scoring for Arkansas was taken care of by Dickey, Max Peacock, Mike Sigman and Hartford Hamilton, who caught SMU’s Mike Livingston in the end zone for a first quarter safety. The blast by Broyles apparently helped, for it sparked the rally that helped the Hogs win. STATISTICS Ark. SMU First Downs 22 22 Net Yards Rushing _ 210 18 Net Yards Passing _ 188 321 Passes 14-23 30-48 Fumbles 0 0 Penalties _ 6-60 3-35 385 STATISTICS Ark. Tech First Downs _ 17 17 Net Yards Rushing __ 40 229 Ne t Yards Passing __ 335 92 Passes .. 18-33 9-19 Punts . . 6-31 6-35 Fumbles ..... 2 0 Penalties .. 2-20 1-5 Mike Sigman Ronny South Terry Stewart Porkers Lose Liberty Bowl Chance The Razorbacks watched all hopes of a bowl bid of any kind go out the window as they dropped the final came of the season to Texas Tech by the score of 31-27. The Porkers, who trailed 24-0 at one time in the regionally televised game, fought back to 24-14, before a wild South pass was intercepted by Jim Moylan who raced 31 yards for a touchdown. This play, which turn¬ ed out to be the turning point in the game, was the same way that the Raiders were able to beat the Hogs Mike Sigman is on the receiving end of this pass, one of the 18 completions Ronny South had in his best performance as a Razorback. Red Raider finds running room a little scarce and ends up in a big crowd of Razorbacks. Official holding stick could care less. Hogs Try Comeback, But Too Late last year. The loss last year also kept the Hogs home on New Year’s Day. Two new Arkansas records were set in the game. Ronny South, in his best performance as a Razorback, completed 18 out of 33 passes for a total of 335 yards. Tailback David Dickey also tied a record held by Bobby Burnett for career scoring. Dickey added his 15th and 16th season touchdowns for a grand total of 24 career touchdowns. Dickey also excelled in the pass catching depart¬ ment. He was on the receiving end of six South passes for a grand total of 123 yards and one of his touch¬ downs. Max Peacock was on the business end of seven South aerials covering 142 yards and one touchdown. The touchdown pass was a 77 yarder coming with the Hogs trailing 31-14. Tech quarterback Joe Matulick led Tech in all of¬ fensive departments. He rushed for 70 yards in 14 tries. He also passed 18 times, completing 9 for 92 yards and one touchdown. Punter Kenny Vinyard also kept the Hogs in hot water, placing his kicks perfectly. He kicked a 46 yard field goal to insure the margin of victory. The loss left the Porkers with a 4-5-1 season rec¬ ord. This is the worst record an Arkansas team has posted since 1958 when they went 4-6. Lendel Thomas Tommy Trantham Larry Watkins Boh White 387 All Southwest Conference TOMMY TRANTHAM Defensive Halfback ERNEST RUPLE Offensive Tackle DAVID COOPER Defensive Guard HARTFORD HAMILTON Defensive End 388 In Memoriam There’ll never be another one like him . . . The expression is inadequate to fill the personality of trainer Bill Ferrell. Here was a man so completely devoted to his family and to Razorback athletes that the two became in¬ terwoven into one beautiful tapestry of his life. He had a great depth of character, yet never lost his warm sense of humor. You don’t add up the life of a man like Grounny in statistics and records. You add it in the number of lives he touched. And for every Razorback he knew — and there were hundreds — there went a better man. His death on September 13, 1967, takes from the UofA scene a man very much loved by everyone who knew him. Razorback athletes of the future will be poorer for lacking that opportunity. Ferrsll and Cols made plans for a Sugar Bowl trip. Bill Ferrell as he is best remembered — at the sideline. Ferrell, with his family, received recognition. A Surprising Year For Hog Basketball It was not a rebuilding year at Arkansas as far as basketball went. It was more of a start from scratch proposition year. With only one man that had any experience, and that being on one of the weaker teams in Arkansas history, it didn’t look like the Razorbacks were going to surprise anyone. But they surprised everyone. This is without the possible exception of Coach P. T. (Duddy) Waller. Start from scratch is exactly what he did. Armed with his one senior and an over abund¬ ance of eager, green sophomores, he set about to change the ideas of the preseason pickers that thought Arkan¬ sas would have to hustle to finish last. And he did a remarkable job of it. With sporatic play, an unorthodox offense and the shortest team in the Southwest Conference, the Razor- hacks were able to manage a 7-7 finish in conference play, beating everyone at least once with the exception of Champion Baylor. In total games, the Porkers went 10-14, not bad for one of the “weakest teams in the SWC.” And indeed, the season started off fairly rocky for the Razorbacks. In their first two encounters, they couldn’t seem to get the hall in the bucket. Their de¬ fense was not working as well as it should have been. The Porkers dropped their first game of the season to a strong but slow Missouri team by the score of 74-52. junior Benton Cone paced the Hogs with 18 points. The second game was also rather dismal for the Razor- backs, as again the offense couldn’t find the range. With a better defense the game was closer, hut the Razorbacks still came up on the short end of the score, 61-52. Cone again provided the scoring leadership, gun¬ ning in 10 for the losing cause. But then a strange thing happened. Another Razor- hack began to score. Sophomore James Eldridge began to spark the Razorbacks. The Hogs pulled past the Rebels of Ole Miss in a cliff hanger, 64-62. Eldridge hit 20 in the contest. Then the Hogs took a double header from Centenary, 85-65 and 90-82. Eldridge scored 20 in both of these contests. Waller Builds Team From Scratch Kimbrell goes high for a rebound against tough Missouri. The hot streak continued for Eldridge. He scored 22 points in leading the Hogs in a losing effort to the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama. Then another sophomore starred to hit, along with it came one of the biggest scoring sophomores in the history of Arkansas basketball. Robert McKenzie found the range and led the Hogs in a 80-73 losing effort against Fordham. From that game on, there were only three games that either Eldridge or McKenzie didn’t take leading scorer honors. The three exceptions were controlled by Benton Cone. McKenzie hit 24 against Idaho State. The game was another cliff hanger, the Hogs coming up on the short end of the score 77-75. Baylor was the only conference team the Porkers couldn ' t beat. 392 Stephens jokes with Aggies. They must get tired of- that. Benton Cone Danny Keeter Mack McAlister James Eldridge Jacky Kimbrell Robert McKenzie Hogs Start Slowly—Gain Momentum But then things started to change for the Razor- backs. Texas A M came up and was soundly defeated by the Razorbacks 75-70. McKenzie hit 21. Arkansas lost their second conference game to Rice by the score of 73-61. Eldridge came back to take high honors here with 19. The Baylor Bears were able to take the Hogs for a ride 80-69 in a game that was closer than the score indicates. McKenzie took his turn and scored 16. At mid-season the whole outlook for the Razorbacks was different. They breezed by the Longhorns of Texas 85-80. Eldridge collected 25 in this match. Then they dropped another cliff hanger to Oklahoma City Uni¬ versity by the score of 92-90 in overtime. McKenzie took high honors for ihe year as well as the game, posting 33 points for the Razorbacks. “The close ones even out,” commented Waller. And his words were prophetic. In the next contest, the Porkers sneaked by TCU 68-67. Eldridge scored 22. McKenzie came back in the next game against SMU, scored 22 points, and led the Porkers to a 70-68 win over the highly touted Ponies. Texas Tech was no problem for the Razorbacks in 393 David Self Gary Stephens Ricky Tanneberger Bobby Vint An Aggie dribbles so hard that the ball sometimes gets away from him. McKenzie tries for it. 394 With skill and daring, Red Raider connects with Tanneberger ' s chin. Referee misses that, but Raider completely misses the backboard, too. “The Close Ones Always Even Out” their next game. The Hogs blew by the Raiders 61-56. McKenzie took his turn and scored 16. The name Benton Cone again appeared as the Raz- orbacks took on TCU for the second time. The Hogs, fresh off their winning spree, were unable to hold on and skidded to a 77-75 loss. Cone scored 27. The Hogs lost another two point decision in their next contest. Texas Tech beat the Razorbacks 74-72, with Eldridge taking 17. SMU smothered the Razor- backs in their second encounter. The Ponies came un¬ glued and beat the Hogs 95-87. Eldridge hit 22. Benton Cone again appeared in the last A M con¬ flict. Scoring 19, he led the Hogs in a 71-67 losing ef¬ fort. McKenzie again took his shots, scored 21, and led the Porkers in beating Rice. The Baylor Bears were just too much for the Porkers to handle all year, and they took the last meet¬ ing from the Hogs by the score of 71-64. Cone was high point man for the last time of the season as he put in 26. In the season finale, ihe Hogs ended up right, again defeating the Texas Longhorns in a way that had be¬ come standard for the Hogs, 74-73. In this final game Ricky Tanneberger, third leading rebounder for the Razorbacks this year, goes up once more but comes down empty-handed this time. McKenzie comes off the boards as a Raider tries to catch him. Benton Cone tries to go inside against a stingy Baylor defense. 396 Porks Finish Season With 7-7 In SWC of the year, Eldridge was high scorer with 23 points. All in all, it wasn’t such a had year for the Razor- backs. The Hogs only lost one starter. Gary Stephens, who bolstered the Hogs all year on the boards and seemed to always come up with ihe big play, is the only Razorback to graduate. And there are many more to take his place. Bob Vint, at 6’8”, will be a factor in next year’s team. As a sophomore this year, he played only sparingly, but always did a good job while he was playing. With a little practice in shooting, he could really be a big factor in next year’s chances. Mack McAlister and Danny Keeter will also be looking forward to trying their hands. Both sopho¬ mores, they could combine to be two of the fastest guards in the country. The dynasty is growing and the Razorback basket- bailers are growing right along with it. Who knows what could happen? Stephens jokes some more, but this time he gets into trouble. When a ball handler is called for. Cone goes into action. Here it ' s against the Red Raiders of Tech. 397 These Porker tracksters know what it takes to excel on the cinders — running, practice, training and more running, Jerry Petty bettered varsity records in both shot and discus. 398 Tracksters Improve Under New Coaching Frashman Conrad Gaither set a new UofA 440 mark at 48.7. Head track coach Ab Bidwell resigned his post this year and yielded ihe job to Tom Hardin. When Hardin took the job, he anticipated success to some degree, but perhaps not to ihe extent that his young team responded. This year’s efforts did not turn so much toward winning each meet as they expressly stressed improve¬ ment over a total performance basis. Much to Coach Hardin’s delight, the track team set four varsity rec¬ ords and two freshman records at the first of the season. Conrad Gaither and Jerry Petty drew most of the attention on the cinders for Arkansas this year. Gaither, a freshman, holds the UofA 440-yard dash record with his impressive 47.7 clocking in the quarter. Gaither also holds the fastest timing in the one mile relay with his 47.8 first leg. The mile relay team set a new record of 3:13.5. Jerry Petty hustled much of the spotlight that former SWC champion strongman, Randy Matson, possessed. Petty has been credited for the best shot put on record here at the University. His measured toss in competition was 54’7 ’. He also holds the discus throw record with a throw of 165’8”. First Row: Hughes, Basinger, Johnson, Jefferson, Adams, Romero, Hildebrand. Second Row: Adair, Parker, Wilson, Queen, Hickman, Carter, Pruitt, Danaher, Assistant Coach Le¬ roy Jeske. Third Row: Head Coach Tom Hardin, Bryan, Smith, Galley, Asselin, Abbiatti, Yeager, Murphy, Eddy, Assistant Coach Wallace Martin. Fourth Row: Taylor, DeBerry, Wray, Morrison, Gaither, McClung. Fifth Row: Smitherman, Fortner, Seward, Christie, Peters, Petty and Myers. A Porker goes for the home run ball early against Morningside. Rougher Opponents Bring Out More Fans Baseball at the UofA gained prestige as a spectator sport among the Razorback fans this spring with its participation in a highly competitive schedule, includ¬ ing top teams in Texas and Oklahoma. Bad weather conditions forced the Porkers to do most of their early spring preparation inside Barn¬ hill Fieldhouse and the baseball Hogs met more destruc¬ tion in their opening tour in Texas during the spring break. In this unpleasant excursion, the Razorbacks were only able to grab one victory in nine games. The baseball team fell victim to a bad case of play¬ ing in streaks. At one time, the Razorbacks won five games in succession to boost their percentage of wins and losses. Basically, the trouble seemed to be a lack of consistency by the batting and pitching. Approaching the fmal quarter of the ’68 baseball season, the batters and pitchers regained much of their ’67 composure and were able to repeat a comparable performance of last year’s winning team. First Row: Pryor, Roberts, Dipper, Baker, Willis, Washing¬ ton, Breeden. Second Row: Standley, Hopkins, Esslick, Hollo¬ man, Wilmoth, Stricklin, Williams, Terral. Third Row: Assistant Coach Anderson, Verhage, Blackwood, Reagan, Brill, Tiffee, McNurlen, Assistant Coach Purvis, Assistant Coach Alexander. Fourth Row: Coach Wayne Robbins, R. Marshall, D. Marshall, Tyra, House, Fair, Campbell and Fisk. •51 400 Brownfield, Reed, Webb, McNair, Brown, McCord, Coach Mason, Howard, Lammers, Matthews, Meeks, Gabel. Golf Team Suffers Ups And Downs Arkansas’ golf team endured a so-so season. The Razorbacks were hindered by a lack of con¬ stant effort as they sometimes edged out a visiting team and in a rematch the same team would utterly destroy them. Much to the delight of the SWC coaches, the fresh¬ men eligibility rule came in handy as all of the frosh were able to compete with the varsity. Not only did this enhance the Razorbacks golfers’ depth, but it also adds to the solidarity of next year’s team. The golf team played better than .500 ball and hopefully they will repeat this in 9 69. Coach Danny Mason recruited a fine crop of fresh¬ men for this year’s competition and his efforts payed off when one of the frosh made the trip to the SWC Championships. With the loss of only two players to graduation, the Razorback golf team, like the other Razorback teams, has a bright future. Kossover Takes Over With Tennis With a new track coach for the ’68 season and sev¬ eral new assistant football coaches, small wonder that the UofA athletic department chose a new tennis coach. Early this spring, David Kossover was named var¬ sity tennis coach and he took the post bearing in mind that he would probably have a moderate or average season. When the weather was rude to our visitors early in the spring, the meets were continued inside the Men’s Gym and the Porkers were overwhelmingly successful. Having lost only one netter to graduation, the Pork¬ ers were able to repeat a winning season, comparable to last year’s squad. Leading this year’s team were Ben Barry and Murray Harding. The tennis team will join conference competitors in a SWC round robin next season. Barry, this season’s leading individual player, will return next year as an assistant coach. Ben Barry led a stronger Porker tennis team this year. 3k Shoats Hold Promise For Future Success continued to follow Coach Lynwood Cathey and his freshman basketball squad. The Shoats were able to continue the winning ways of their predecessors as they stormed through a long season yielding only three losses and putting on two crowd-pleasing 100- points-plus performances. Probably the major center of interest was Thomas Johnson of Menifee, who was the first Negro to sign an athletic grant to the UofA. Johnson responded to the challenge by averaging 15.5 points over all 12 games. Coach Jack Davis’ freshman football team suffered a setback in the first game against the Ponies of SMU, but were able to recover from the loss and salvage a 4-1 season tally. Quarterback Bill Montgomery literally “passed” all of the previous passing records at the UofA in his magnificent Shoat career. The Shoats combined 23 touchdowns with 10 extra points to amass a total of 149 points against such formidable foes as Texas Tech. Oklahoma State, North Texas and Tulsa. The stalwart defense of the Shoats allowed 67 total points. These five games spotlighted some definite prospects for the Razorbacks in the future. Freshmen study in the school of hard knocks with the varsity. The first unglorious year is the hardest, but every Razorback was first a Shoat, and that ' s the road to varsity football. It ' s a disgrace to lose your head in a game, as all Shoats know. But if it ' s only in practice with the varsity it ' s not so bad. The start of a Southwest swimming race was a new occurence at Arkansas. The Hogs are the youngest conference team. Conference Swim Meet Held Here Arkansas’ swimming team challenged the varsity basketball team for glory this year in the winter sports as they swam their way to a .500 plus season and a fourth place finish in the Southwest Conference Swim¬ ming Championships held here at the University. Like most of the Razorback teams, perhaps “Im¬ provement” was their main goal. It seems as though each time a Razorback swimmer hit the water, a new record was set. Ken Ward, a veteran of last year’s team, set a new school record in the 50-yard freestyle event as he swam to a second place finish in that event. Most of Arkansas’ strength centered mainly around its relay teams. The team of Mike Barden, Alan Butcher, Tom Sucheki and Ken Ward distinguished themselves in the 800 yard relay as they swam an impressive 7:30.5, also in the Championship meet. With the new Southwest Conference freshmen eligibility rule, the swimming should be in good shape for next season’s competition. All the winning divers seemed to be from Texas when Arkansas hosted the regional meet. 404 One of the most popular events was diving and this jack knife was a main crowd pleaser. Fans at the conference swimming meet liked divers. The photographers most certainly did. 405 It was Humphreys against Humphreys in the dorm league. Humphreys won. Golf was popular, probably since it ' s not too strenuous. Sigma Chi and Pike went down to the wire when it came to intra¬ mural basketball action. 406 These swimmers are doing fine, but the photographer is having a little trouble keeping his head above the water. Intramurals Undergo “Face-lifting” Sigma Pi ' s get in shape for volleyball with backyard practice. Competition was as tough as usual this year in the Intramural sports arena as the Greeks, Dorms and In¬ dependents battled for an assortment of titles ranging from handball to horseshoes. Lnder the direction of David Kossover, the Intra¬ mural program underwent a “face-lifting”. The Fra¬ ternity leagues were expanded and the dormitories grew from one league to a larger league including AAA and AA divisions. The ancient monarchs continued their reign as Hol¬ combe Hall and Sigma Chi continued to rule the hard¬ woods. Holcombe won the AAA and the AA division championships in basketball and football. Sigma Chi won the AAA Fraternity division of basketball and Sigma Nu won the AAA football championship. In the Independent leagues, uncertainty was the pre¬ valent factor in picking a winner. Both leagues, Ar¬ kansas and Texas, had two or more undefeated teams in each. The competition was tough and the playoffs went right down to the wire. When all of the dust and confusion settled, the Rebels emerged as the Indepen¬ dent champions. The program will be continued in much of the same way that it was carried out this year. Hopefully next fall will bring a lighted intramural field so that more games can be played and a longer schedule will be permitted during the late fall. 407 n»i taMHIRR fe mass • - ’ ' ■: .i g $s$ One of the most enthusiastically re¬ ceived of WRA sports during the spring was softball. Girls play the run, shout and holler brand of basketball, but get few passes. 408 WRA Offers Expanded Program The University is highly touted for its male ath¬ letics. Rightly so. But there are some women at the University that seem to care for some of the more com¬ monly called “manly” sports. And so WRA came into being for coeds who have visions of playing right guard for the Razorbacks. Included in the program for aspiring young ladies are such events as swimming, baseball, volleyball and archery. Also added this year was powder puff football, which rivaled the pros in roughness. Over 325 women playing on about 20 teams com¬ peted for the Sweepstakes Award, given annually by the WRA for the top women’s intramural team. Other activities that are not so physically strenuous were speed ball, swimming, dance, and table tennis. WRA is designed to offer a rounded physically fit University Coed. An increase in campus wolves prompted some girls to retaliate. One freshman girl bemoans her fate while other of her more athletic counterparts hurry back to the huddle. 409 John Jackson Winifred Smith Eddie Marrs Gayle Clark Captain Co-captain Sigma Chi Pi Beta Phi Sigma Chi Chi Omega Sharon Robinson Zeta Tau Alpha : m Bill Trice Acacia John East Sigma Pi Lynda Butler Zeta Tau Alpha Cheerleaders Make Presence Known Under the strong leadership of Captain John Jack- son, the 1967-68 Razorback cheerleaders made their presence known wherever and whenever the Razorbacks of Arkansas played. Besides the more obvious functions of leading the Arkansas cheering section at ball games and pep rallies, the eight people in charge of spirit at the University must prepare the program for the rallies, make arrange¬ ments for travel, co-ordinate their activities with those of the Arkansas Booster Club and spend long hours of practice in preparation for the time when they must run out in front of 45,000 fans and call the Hogs. And on top of this they must remember the respon¬ sibility they have for representing the student body, the University of Arkansas and indeed the entire state, whether it be at a pep rally in the Greek theatre or on national television. There is more to the job than smiling and yelling occasionally. Jackson winks at advocates of a censorship board. 410 Cheerleaders bring the Razorbacks onto the field and then call the Hogs. Sophomores on the opposing teams then kneel to pray. Everybody rode with Big Red in the Homecoming parade. Now he ' s married and his wife won ' t let him go out. 411 Twirlers Give Glamour, Excitement Julie Ellis and Rick Lowery are the feature twirlers. In front of the Marching Razorbacks wherever they go are the Drum Major and his assistant, two feature twirlers and the ten majorettes to add a large part of the glamour and excitement that are associated with the college band of today. It is the long hours of planning and practice that make the big show, whether it be at the halftime of a football game, in the Homecoming parade or at a pep rally. John Richardson served as the Head Drum Major and Gary Ricketts backed him up as his assistant. Julie Ellis and Rick Lowery stepped high in front of the Marching One Hundred as feature twirlers for the second year in a row. Mary Elizabeth Brown was line captain for the majorettes. Tryouts are held every spring to select the people who will lead the Marching Razorbacks throughout the next year. 412 Suzy Gerety Liz Wells Betsy Burroughs Delta Delta Delta Fulbright Hall Fulbright Hall Mary Lou Osbourne Fulbright Hall Cindy Smith Chi Omega Ruth Rivers Delta Gamma Pam Hamm Pam Gibson Diane McKinney Pi Beta Phi Hotz Hall Kappa Alpha Theta 413 A few more of the more en¬ thusiastic bandsmen follow the Razorbacks to Houston on their own. Marching Razorbacks sometimes brave inclement weather to put on their halftime show. A brilliant halftime spectacle awaits the Arkansas fan on trips to Fayetteville or Little Rock. 414 Marching Razorbacks Get Acclaim Most ardent of the Hog fans, bandsmen even have their own yells. The Marching One Hundred who number one- hundred. and thirty. These are the elite Marching Razorbacks — decked out in their distinctive red, white and midnight blue uniforms to perform before and at the halftime of the Razorback football games and in countless parades and more numerous pep rallies. Directed by Dr. Richard Worthington and his as¬ sistant, Dr. Richard Pitman, the Marching Razorbacks have become nationally acclaimed for the precision and pageantry that are a trademark of their shows. The band performs at all of the Razorback games in Fayetteville and Little Rock, and made a road trip to Waco this year when Arkansas played Baylor. Dr. Worthington directs from the sideline. If you lugged a big horn for five miles in the hot sun, you ' d need your rest, too. 415 First Row: William W. ABBOTT: Sparkman; AZ; Animal In¬ dustry Club; Young Democrats; Agri. Students Association. Mary Jane AGNEW: Rogers. Elizabeth Ann ALDERMAN: Gillett Philip Kurtis ALDERMAN: Arkadelphia. David Lawrence ARMBRUSTER: Norristown, Pennsylvania. Second Row: Peggy Bruce AMES: Anchorage, Alaska. Billy J. ARRINGTON: Jacksonville; hAK, Secretary. Sunthorn ARUNA- NONDCHAI: Bangkok, Thailand. Leroy Willie ASHORN, Jr.: Sealy, Texas. Donna Idelle AXUM: El Dorado; Who’s Who Among Stu¬ dents; Outstanding Senior Woman; Miss America; Arkansas Woman of the Year; AAA. Third Roiv: Edmond James BACON, Jr.: Chidester; Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Raymond Eugene BAGLIN, Jr.: Bolton, Connecticut; IKE. Philip W. BAKER: Eureka Springs. Carmen Ana BALL Houston, Mississippi. Jewel Taylor BARR: Malvern; AZ; Animal Industry Club, Treasurer. Fourth Row: Kathy Fitzpatrick BARTLETT: Little Rock. John Edmund BARTON: Pine Bluff. Larry BATEMAN: Delight. James Owen BAUCH: Malvern. Charles William BEAN: Miller, Missouri; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. Fifth Row: Lawrence A. BECK: Newport, Vermont. Glenn Harris BENNETT: Sidon; AX2, Vice Master; American Chemical Society. Gerald Wayne BOBO: Jacksonville; American Society of Civil Engi¬ neers, XE, Vice President, Marshal. Clell Lee BOND: Springfield, Missouri; SII. Charmayne B. BONDURANT: Hot Springs; ATS. Sixth Row: Kenneth Duane BORDEN: Portales, New Mexico. Gerald David BOWERS: Fremont, California. Howard Andrews BRADLEY: El Dorado; Pershing Rifles. Jo Ellen BRANAN: Fort Smith. James Ray BROWN: Fayetteville. Seventh Row: Larry G. BROWN: Pocahontas. Mary Ann BROWN: Fayetteville. Tom BRYAN: Russellville. Johnny Pleasant BUCHANAN: Osceola. William F. BUCKELLEW: Charleston, Ill¬ inois. Williamson—Cherry Blossom Princess " Some transit system! " 418 Graduates First Row: James C. BUELL: Fort Smith; IEEE. Lyndon Douglas BURTON: Texarkana; Ozark Economic Association; Society for Ad¬ vancement of Management; Young Democrats. M. G. CAMERON: Aurora, Missouri. Ronald R. CARMAN: Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Charles A. CHAMBLISS: Arkadelphia. Second Roiv: Patricia Ann CHAMBLISS: Arkadelphia. Oscar Drew CHRISTIE: Clarendon, Texas. H. Paul CLAMPIT: Harris¬ burg; HKN; TBII; Amateur Radio Club; IIME. Richard Dalton CLARK: Spokane, Washington. Ralph M. CLIFT: Fayetteville. Third Row: George Albert COOK: El Dorado. James Quinton COOPER: Wichita, Kansas; AZ; ATP; Young Rebublican Club; Animal Science Club; Agri. Club. Maurice COTTONGHAM: Colum¬ bia, Louisiana. Randall Brian CRIDER: Memphis, Tennessee. Ken¬ neth Eugene DAMANN, Jr.: Brockport, New York. Fourth Row: Jack J. DAVIS: Emporia, Kansas. Jill A. DAVIS: El Dorado. Nancy Spargo DELAMAR: Arkadelphia. Danny Charles DENTON: Sparkman. Ann DIXON: Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Nathan Leland DODD: Fort Smith. Tom Steele EL¬ LIS: Arkadelphia; American Chemical Society; AX2. E. Hunter EPPERSON: North Little Rock; HKN; IEEE. Ronald Edmond EVERETT: Fayetteville; AZ; AT A; Entomology Club, President. Howard M. FAULKNER, Jr.: Russellville. Sixth Row: Sharon Kay FIELDING: Hope. Larry Don FINCHER: Stephens; TBIT; HKN. James Howard FORD: Des Arc. John Harold FREYALDENHOVEN: Little Rock. Larry David GADDIS: Little Rock; XE, President; American Society of Civil Engineers. Seventh Row: Aggie Patton GADDY: Pine Bluff. Donald Lamar GRAY: Arkadelphia. Sarah Annette GATHRIGHT: Pine Bluff; KATI; PEM Club. Stephen Alexander GEIGLE: Erie, Pennsylvania. BARRY GOLDEN: Cranston, Rhode Island. Eighth Row: Alton B. GOODRUM: Fayetteville. Henry Arthur GOTTLEBER: Fayetteville. Janet Florence GRAINGER: Little Rock; I A0; «F0K. Robert Thomas HARRIELL, Jr.: North Little Rock; Blue Key, President, Who’s Who; MIHC, President; Student Court Justice; Student Senator; Board of Publications; TBII; Out¬ standing Civil Engineer; TAT; XE; M.S.C., Secretary; MIHC Jus¬ tice; ASCE; Pershing Rifles; Dean’s List; AKA; Resident Assistant. Robert Jerome HAWKINS: Fairfield, Illinois. Ninth Row: Norman G. HENDRICKS: Wichita Falls, Texas. Gerald Dee HERBAUGH: Bentonville. James Dalton HIGGINS: Gillham; AZ; Animal Science Club. Norman Leycester HODGES, Jr.: Pine Bluff; Studnt Senate; 4 A0, Vice President; Young Demo¬ crats; Civic Club. Randall King HODGES: Siloam Springs. Tenth Row: Susan Jane HODGES: Henderson. Jesse Carol HOLLOWAY: Tillar; TBn; TIME; HKN; Scabbard and Blade; Free and Accepted Masons. Charles Sandy HOWARD: Conway. Kathryn Sue HURST: Flippin. Mire Ann INGRAM: Clarksville. Eleventh Row: John Richard JACKSON, Jr.: Pocahontas. Glenn Alvin JENT: Neosho, Missouri; AX; 2TA. Jerry Don JOBE: Sher¬ man, Texas. Douglas Steele JONES: Bristol, Tennessee. Ethel Betty JONES: Springdale; AAA; X0; BT2. 419 Graduates First Row : Michael D. JONES: Mineral Springs; TBIT; AE; AKA; ASAE. Richard Andrew JONES: Strong; 2X; IEEE; HKN; Pershing Rifles. Sammy W. KERR: Gravette. Gregory S. KRULIN: Elmsford, New York. Milton J. LANE: Fayetteville; Arnold Air So¬ ciety; Distinguished Military Graduate; Wing Commander, AF- ROTC; Dean’s List; Young Republican Club; Amateur Radio Club. Second Row: John William LOHMAR: Fayetteville; A4 D; AIIE. Dale Claridge MADDEN: Beedeville. Norman Edward MADDEN: Reedeville; ASAE; AE, Secretary. Georgia Lynn MARTIN: Bates- ville. Ralph Gene MARTIN: Dumas: AZ; ASA; ABC. Third Row: Robert Rogers McCANN: Fort Smith. John Louis McDANIEL: Forrest City; AZ; T2A. Joe C. McDONALD: Glen- wood. James Robert McNEW: Fort Worth, Texas. Margaret May MOBLEY: Russellville. Fourth Row: Charles Edward MOORE, Jr.: Fordyce; IEEE; Amateur Radio Club. Nicholas Randel MOORE, Jr.: West Helena. Delbert Eugene MUELLER: Bluffs, Illinois. Richard A. MUSE- MECHE: Duson, Louisiana. I AK; KAIL Scott Howard NEWTON: Dermott. Fifth Row: Jack D. NICHOLS: Fayetteville. Michael Lowery NICHOLS: Kansas City, Missouri. Larry Benjamin NORTH: Little Rock. E. C. O’NEAL: Charleston; MK. Sandra Wheat ORSINI: Pine Bluff. Sixth Row: Ray OWEN, Jr.: Hot Springs; Who’s Who; IFC, President; AICHE, President; Blue Key; Engineering Council, Vice President, Treasurer; Graduate Senator; 0T, Pledge Trainer; AX A, Treasurer; Miss U. of Ark. Pageant, Director; T2, President; Execu¬ tive Cabinet of Associated Students; Outstanding Graduate of Chem¬ ical Engineering; Arkansas Engineer, Associate Editor. Wilbur B. OWEN: Conway. Julia Ann OXNER: Moro. Joe S. PENNINGTON: Tuckerman; Agronomy Club; AZ. Ernest Ray PHILLIPS: McMinn¬ ville, Tennessee. Seventh Row: George Wagley PICKARD: Harrison; ASME; IIT2. Dale Lewis PILANT: Washburn, Missouri. Darryl Ray POLK: Morrilton; TBIT; HKN; Young Democrats. Wayne R. PRICE: Fay¬ etteville; 2X; ' FX. Paula Margaret PRUETT: Monticello. Eighth Row: John Milton RAABE: Almyra. Terry Van RANKIN: Tattle Rock; XE: American Society of Civil Engineers. Sue Sher- land RIAL: McGehee. Tony RIHS: Safnern Berne, Skitzerland. Ricky Joe ROARK: Pine Bluff. Ninth Roiu: Paul Stephen ROWLAND: New Orleans, Louisiana. Dwarka Das SABU: Jaipur, India; American Chemical Society; 2H; A A AS. Bobby Wayne SANDERS: Arkadelphia. John T. SCT1WENT: Helena; BBn. Henry David SCOGIN: Warren. Tenth Row: Kenneth R. SCOTT: Jacksonville. Dorothy Day SEA¬ TON: Albuquerque, New Mexico. John White SHANNON: Star Citv; 2N; AKt. Edmund C. SHEARER: Fort Smith. Linda Louise SHULTZ: Monticello. 420 First Row: David R. SIMMONS: Shreveport, Louisiana. Mary Jim SLIGER: Greenbrier; Schola Cantorum. Delores Annette SMITH: Little Rock. Troy Faith SMITH: Calico Rock; German Club; KAIL William Hix SMITH, Jr.: Nashville; ASAE, President, Treasurer; AE, Treasurer; TBIT, Secretary; Engine Council. Second Row: Fred Douglas SNEED: Horatio. Jimmy Darrell SOUTHERLAND: Braggadocio, Missouri. Maribeth Ann SPEAR- MON: North Little. Rock; KKT. Mary Louise SPENCER: Mena; KAIL Mary Lynn STEELMAN: Little Rock. Third Row: John W. STILES: Little Rock; ASCE. Sondra Sue STOSBERG: Fort Smith. James W. STUART: Taylor. John Beaty SUMMERS: Little Rock. John Randolph TALBURT: Batesville. Fourth Row: Kaye Frances TATUM: Batesville. Yaocliung TENG: Pingtung, Taiwan, Republic of China. Reuben Reid THOMAS: Fayetteville; 4 AO. Carolyn Louise THOMPSON: North Little Rock. Van THOMPSON: Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Vergil Edwin TOLLETT: Nashville; AZ; F2A; Animal Industry Club; Agri Students Association. John David TRAFFORD: Morrilton. Robert B. TRAIL: Troy, Missouri. Robert Lee TRAMMEL: Little Rock; BPS; OAK, Secretary; Cardinal XX, Vice-President; BA ' F; Accounting Association. Ella Victoria TUR¬ NER: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: James Ethridge TURNER: Havana. Jimmie D. VE T: Branch: ASCE; XE. Larry Carl VEST: Texarkana. Frank J. VIL- LANI: Lynbrook, New York. Donald R. VINES: Little Rock; AKt; Circle K; SU Committee. Seventh Row: Nancy Lou WALKER: Little Rock. Garry Sulli¬ van WANN: Batesville; AK ' F; Marketing Club. Jerry Edward WEBB: Berryville; AZ; F2A; Sophomore Council; Yocum Hall Senate. Sidney Edward WEST, Jr.: El Dorado. Robert Sherman WHEELER, III: Harrison. Eighth Row: S. Patricia WHEELER: El Dorado; Al ' , First Vice- President; WRA, President; Dean’s List; Civic Club; Sophomore Counselor. Philip L. WILKERSON: Beech Grove. Jerry Wallace WILLIAMS; Clarksdale; Entomology Club. Loyd Earl WILLIFORD: Forrest City. Fred Charles WILSON: Nashville. Ninth Row: Gary Edward WILSON: Springfield, Missouri, Mari¬ lyn Tabor WINDLE: El Dorado; AT; Razorback Beauty; SNEA. Larry E. WITHERS: Lavaca; KAIL James Henry WOOD: Wichita Falls, Texas. James Harold WOODSON: Stuttgart; AIChE; A1IE; 211 . Tenth Row: Lucian Edward WORK: Trenton, Michigan. Michael B. WRIGHT: Little Rock. Orville E. WRIGHT: Amity; Animal In¬ dustry Club; Agri Students Association. David F. WYLIE: Ruston, Louisiana. Marilyn YOUNG: North Little Rock. First Roiv: Benjamin Felker ARNOLD: Little Rock; $AA; Stu¬ dent Bar Association: Law School Dean’s List. Billy Bob ARNOLD: Fayetteville. Kenny Wayne ATKINS: Waldo. James Grover BAR¬ TON: Fort Smith; 2X; B.A. Freshman Class President; Senior Class Treasurer; Student Bar Association. Allen W. BIRD, II: Monticello; Arkansas Law Review Staff; Honor Council; Student Bar Associa¬ tion, Secretary. Second Row: Henny Titus BLACK: Stamps; Acacia. David Byron BOGARD: North Little Rock. William Allen BOSTDORFF, III: Dayton, Washington. R. Steven BROWN: Milan, Missouri; Student Bar Association. Robert M. BRYANT: Fayetteville. Third Roiv: Lloyd R. BUEHNER, III: Joplin, Missouri; Student Bar Association; Waterman Case Club; Law Honor Council. James Quitman BURGESS, Jr.: Strong; 2AE; Student Bar Association, Young Democrats. Ronald Lewis BURTON: Fayetteville; AKA; Stu¬ dent Bar Association. John Richardson BUZBEE: Hot Springs. Jerry Lee CANFIELD: Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Tom W. CARDIN: Fort Smith; President, OAK; Managing Editor, Traveler; Secretary, TXA; $112; KTA; President, Southwestern Journalism Congress, (Student Division) ; 2 AX (U. of Texas chapter) ; Dean’s List. Clarence Walden CASH: Batesville. Stephen CHOATE: Little Rock; Student Bar Association. James Cor¬ bin CLARK: North Little Rock; Student Bar Association; Law Re¬ view. Jerry Bruce CLAYTON: Greensboro, North Carolina; Student Bar Association. Fifth Row: James Ricks COOPER: Little Rock; $AA. John Atkins CRAIN: Hope. Robert Hughes CRANK: Foreman. A1 J. DANIEL, Jr.: Prescott; Law Review; Student Bar Association; $AA. Winston Gaylord DAVIS: Lebanon, Missouri. Sixth Row: Lawson Gray DELLINGER: Little Rock: Student Bar Association. Troy R. DOUGLAS: Charleston; Vice-President, Student Bar Association; Law Review. Warren Eugene DUPWE: Jonesboro. Robert R. DURDEN: Fort Smith. James David EMER¬ SON: Mena; Vice Justice; $AA; President, 3rd. Congressional Dis¬ trict Young Democrats; Treasurer, Student Bar Association. Seventh Row: Alan David EPLEY: Springdale. Judson Landers ERWIN: McGehee. Charles Robert FITTING: Fort Smith. Robert M. FORD: Wynne. John Fredrick FORSTER, Jr.: Dallas, Texas; Arkansas Law Review, Staff; $AA; Iv2. Castleberry Represents U of A in N. Y. This fellow ' s about to get busted. 422 Law First Roiv: Sam E. GIBSON: Benton; Acacia, Executive Council; 4 H2; Student Bar Association. Albert Theodore GOODLOE, Jr.: Arkadelpliia. Donald Scott GOODNER: Waldron; Circle K, Treas¬ urer; AX2; Collegiate Academy of Science, Secretary-Treasurer; 4 AA; Student Bar Association. John Charles GREGG: Mt. Vernon, Ill.; Student Bar Association. David Kearney GUNTI: Pine Bluff; 4 A0; Student Bar Association, President; ARKANSAS LAW RE¬ VIEW, Associate Editor; Honor Council, Junior and Senior Repre¬ sentative; 4 AA. Second Row : Lester H. HAMMOND, III: Garland, Tex.; Droke. James Robert HANNAH: Harrison; KA; AK ' F; BA4 ; Accounting Association; Dean’s List. John Trenton HARMON: No. Little Rock; AXA, President, Traveling Secretary; Who’s Who in American Col¬ leges and Universities; Attorney General of Student Court; Associ¬ ated Students, Treasurer, Senator; Blue Key, Alumni Secretary; Stu¬ dent Bar Association; 4 AA; Young Democrats, Pr esident; STU¬ DENT DIRECTORY, Editor and Business Manager 1963 and 1967; A Book, Editor, 1964-65. Frederick Gene HARRELSON: Arkadel¬ phia; Student Bar Association. Robert Littlejohn HART: Pine Bluff; 2AE; Scabbard and Blade; Dean’s List. Third Row : Floyd Jefferson HAYS, Jr.: Hot Springs; AKSF; C AA. Joe M. HEDGECOCK: Avery, Tex.; Student Bar Association. Thomas Lawrence HILBURN: Walnut Ridge. Paul J. HOGUE: Hot Springs; f AA; Student Bar Association. Perlesta Arthur HOL¬ LINGSWORTH: Little Rock. Fourth Row : Jimmy Leo HOOPER: Texarkana. David B. HOP¬ KINS: Texarkana; £AA; Student Bar Association. Michael Earl HORN: San Angelo, Tex.; Student Bar Association. William H. HOWELL: Fort Smith; 4 A0; Student Senate; OAK. John H. JACOBS: Forrest City; K2. Fifth Row : Donald Lee JOHNSON: El Dorado; 2AE; Student Bar Association. Larry Edward KABRICK: Plainville, Ill. Lemuel Harriss KERR, III: El Dorado; 2N; Student Bar Association; Young Republicans; Canterbury Club. V. Jim KING: Pocahontas; 2X. David Wayne KIRK: El Dorado; IIKA; Student Bar Associa¬ tion. Sixth Row: William Arnold LAFFERTY: North Little Rock; 2X; Cardinal XX; Student Bar Association. Lawrence W. LEVI: Dermott. Robert David LEWIS: North Little Rock; MENSA. Robert Stark LIGON, Jr.: Odessa, Tex.; 2AE, Pledge Trainer; University of Ar¬ kansas Academic Scholarship; Blue Key, Vice-President; Delegate to SCUSA; Honors History Program; Student Union Board, President; Greek Week, Chairman; Student Senate; TRAVELER, Business Manager; Civic Club; Young Democrats. Johnny Ralph LINE- BERGER: Texarkana, Tex.; ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW, Editor; Student Bar Association; Honors Council; 4 AA. Seventh Row: Louis J. LONGINOTTI: Hot Springs; Student Bar Association; 4 AA. Robert Cunningham LOWRY: Little Rock; 4 A0, Secretary, Parliamentarian; Student Bar Association. Robert Lynn LOWERY: Fayetteville; 4 AA; Student Bar Association. Scott MANATT: Corning; Droke. Howard L. MARTIN: North Little Rock; AKA, Secretary, Executive Committee; A4 fi; Young Demo¬ crats, Convention Delegate 1967, State Executive Committee, U. of A. Executive Committee; 1966-67 Editor, THE GREEK WAY; Stu¬ dent Bar Association. Eighth Row: Richard Leon MAYS: Little Rock; Student Court; Student Bar Association; ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW. Patrick Mc- CLOSKEY: Hughesville, Penn. Edward Wilson McCORKLE: Arka¬ delphia; 2AE, President; Blue Key; Cardinal XX. James A. Mc- LARTY: Hope. Andre Earl McNEIL: Conway. Ninth Row: Jack Allison McNULTY: Pine Bluff; 2AE, Presi¬ dent; Blue Key, President; Treasurer of Student Senate 1966-67, 1967-68; Law School Honor Council. Edward Raymond McNUTT: Conway. J. Conley MEREDITH: North Little Rock; AKA, Rush Chairman; AKt; Sophomore Counselor; Young Democrats. Ned METCALF: Batesville. Richard Thomas MILES: Fayetteville; Stu¬ dent Bar Association, President; KK4 ; ARKANSAS LAW RE¬ VIEW. George Bowie MILLER: Helena; Student Bar Association. Tenth Row: Sharon Elaine MILLER: Helena; Student Bar Asso¬ ciation; Legal Bibliography Assistant. James Dennis MILLS: Little Rock. Ronnie H. MINNINCK: Fayetteville; Student Bar Association. James Gordon MIXON: West Helena; 4 AA; Student Bar Associa¬ tion. Alan Joseph NUSSBAUM: Dermott; 4 AA; Student Bar Asso¬ ciation. Gary NUTTER: Conway. 423 Law First Row: Edward Page OLIVER: Hazen; 2AE; Student Bar Association; ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW; I AA. David Armstrong ORSIN1: North Little Rock. Charles Callis OWEN: Springdale; BASE; I AA; Arkansas Accounting Association, President, Outstand¬ ing Service Award; Young Democrats, Vice-President, Parliamen¬ tarian; Student Bar Association. William Leonard OWEN: Little Rock; 4 AA; Student Bar Association. John Samuel PATTERSON: Clarksville; TAB. Second Row : Gary Evan PEEL: East St. Louis, 111.. Richard Martin PExN’CE, Jr.: Conway; IIKA, Vice-President, Scholarship Chairman; AK ' k; BT2; Student Bar Association. Joe Alan POLK: Hope; TAA; ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW, Business Manager, Re¬ cent Decisions Editor; Student Bar Association. Richard W. POOL: Hot Springs: K2. David J. POTTER: Texarkana. Third Row : Joseph Michael POWERS: Quitman; Coed Complex D. Lonnie Austin POWERS: Texarkana; Circle K; Young Repub¬ licans; Holcombe. Richard Lee PROCTOR: Wynne; OKE, treas¬ urer, Rush Chairman; Student Bar Association; Baptist Student Union, President. Donald Cue PULLEN: Hot Springs; 211, Honor Pledge; TAA; Student Bar Association. Stephen Mathew REASON- ER: Fayetteville; 2 t E, President, Secretary; OAK; ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW; Student Bar Association. Fourth Row: Donald Raymond REBSAMEN: Eudora; TAA, Marshal; Student Bar Association, Vice-President. Garland Q. RIDENOUR: Ft. Smith; 2AE. Thomas E. ROBERTSON, Jr.: Ft. Smith; K2; Student Bar Association. F. Russell ROGERS: El Do¬ rado; IIKA; Student Bar Association. Lee O. ROGERS, Jr.: Little Rock. Fifth Row: Billy Elbert ROSS: Blytheville; XAA; Who’s Who in Business School; TAA, President; Who’s Who is American Col¬ leges and Universities; Civic Club, President; Marketing Club, Pres¬ ident; 1965 Gaebale Director; 1963 Singphony Director; ARKAN¬ SAS LAW 7 REVIEW, Editor; Student Bar Association; Lawyers Foundation Scholarship; Dean’s List. Michael G. ROTHMAN: Fay¬ etteville; TKE, Sergeant-at-Arms; Student Bar Association; Student Union Gaebale Committee; Canterbury Club; Student Religious Council; Arkansas Booster Club. J. E. SANDERS: Hot Springs. Ted H. SANDERS: Marshall; IIKA; BA ' F; TAA; AK ' F; Student Bar Association; Accounting Association. Howard A. SCHAINKER: St. Louis, Mo.; Student Bar Association. Sixth Row: Robert Glenn SER1D: Eudora. Bobby G. SHAW: Springdale; TAA; ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW. James Barton SIKES: North Little Rock; Acacia, Vice-President, House Manager; TAA; Young Democrats; Scabbard and Blade. Richard L. SLAGLE: Hot Springs; TAA; AX; Student Bar Association. James Howard SMITH: Corning; TAA; Student Bar Associa tion. Seventh Row: Kirby SMITH, III: Little Rock; Student Bar Asso¬ ciation. Robert Nick SMITH: Warren, Penn.; AX; 4 AA; Case Club; Dean’s List; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats; ARKAN¬ SAS LAW REVIEW. Willard C. SMITH, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Student Bar Association; Who’s Who; ATft; Judicial Board; Resident Hall Counselor. James Victor SPENCER, III: El Dorado; 2AE; TAA. George Edwin STEEL, Jr.: Nashville; 2N. Eighth Row: Kenneth Francis STOLL: Farmington, Mo. Otis Henry STOREY: Little Rock; TA0; Blue Key. William A. STOREY: Fayetteville. Bruce C. SWITZER: Crossett; 2X, Executive Commit¬ tee; Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Blue Key; Cardinal XX; Student Senate; Young Democrats. President, Vice- President; Yocum Hall President. Allyn Carr TATUM: Harrison. Ninth Row: David Strong TAYLOR: Clarksville; TBK. Garner L. TAYLOR, Jr.: Clarksville; Student Bar Association. Jesse TAY¬ LOR, Jr.: Blytheville; 2X. Donald Mcrrell THOMPSON: Siloam Springs; GTU, Secretary. Frank Abbott TRICE: Stuttgart. Tenth Row: Raymond E. TYRA, Ill: Midland, Tex.; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats. Esther M. WHITE: Fayetteville; Student Bar Association. Warren A. WILTSHIRE: Wynne; IvA. Ronald L. WINNINGHAM: Walnut Ridge; AKA; Young Demo¬ crats, President; Student Bar Association. Ronald Eugene WORTH- EN: Little Rock; Student Bar Association. Howard L. YEAGER: Point Pleasant, W. Va.; Young Republicans; 4 AA; Student Bar Association. 424 First Row : Harry Hewes ABERNATHY: Little Rock; Market¬ ing; Yocum; Resident Assistant; Resident Advisor; Men’s Advisor; Yocum Hall Intramural Chairman. Douglas ABRAM: Galena, Kan.; Marketing; Arnold Air Society; Wing Commdr. AFROTC; Arnold Air Society Operations Officer. Gail Lorene ADAMS: Fayetteville; Pre-Med. Psychology: Diane AHRENS: Little Rock; Art; Xft. Lawrence Clayton ALDERMAN: Elaine; Mech. Engineering; Ameri¬ can Society of Mech. Engineers. Second Row : Mary Alice ALEXANDER: Little Rock; Math; 4-H House; 4-H House AWS Manager; AWS Housemanagers Board; AWS Study Roles of Women; AWS Scholarship Committee; Soph. Counselors. Michael Paul ALLEN: Hope; Marketing; Humphreys Hall Intramural Manager; Acacia Pledge Class Secretary; Acacia House Manager; Marketing Club Vice-Pres.; Advanced ROTC; Young Democrats. Phil ALLEY: Benton; Electrical Engineering. Troy Ceasor ALLEY: Pine Bluff; Electrical Engineering. Robert Alan ALLURED: Alma; Dairy Science: AFP. Third Row : Roger Stanley ALMOND: Van; Civil Engineering; ASCE; Engineering Council. Mildred Mann AMIS: Murfreesboro; Clothing Textile Merchandising; KKT; Chimes; 4 E0; Elections Committee; A.W.S. Legislative; Soph. Counselor. Dennis A. AM¬ MONS: Prescott; Agri: AZ; Animal Industry Club; Livestock Judg¬ ing Team. Sally ANDREWS: Lawton, Okla.; Physical Education; AAIT. Carol Sue ANGWIN: Pittsburg, Kan.; Home Ec.; KA0. Fourth Row: John Franklin ANTHONY: Hope; Natural Science; Pres. Humphreys 1964-65. Cardinal XX; Pres, of Student Religious Council. Pauline Alice APPLETON: Warren; Speech Therapy; KKT. James LeRoy ARMSTRONG: Pineville, Mo.; Accounting. Pamela Sue ARNOLD: Camden; Marketing; ITB4 ; Student Senate; Sec. of Senior Class (college of B.A.) ; Jr. Class Rep. to Commerce Guild; X0; Marketing Club. Fifth Row: Marsha Carole ARTHUR: Magnet Cove; Speech Cor¬ rection; Futrall. Howard Cullin ATKINS, Jr.: Earle; Industrial En¬ gineering; IIKA; AIIE. Wayne Harris ATKINSON: Star City; Chemical Engineering; AIChE; MIHC; YRC; MURHC; TS; AX2; Recorder; Pres. Gladson House; Resident Assistant. Harold AVERY: Delight; Agri. Business. Linda Sue BADDOUR: Wynne; Speech Therapy; AAIT; House Manager Assistant; People to People; YDC. Sixth Row: Eddie Clifton BAKER: No. Little Rock; Sociology- Polit. Science. Ralph William BAKER: Charleston; Architecture; AIA Student Chapter. Robert Lee BALL: Ogden; Zoology; Young Republicans. Albert F. BALTZ: Pocahontas; Management; Stanley H. BANEY: Little Rock; Journalism; Sedgewell; Traveler Staff. Seventh Row: Mannon G. BANKSON: Malvern; Ind.; Manag- ment; AIIS; Young Democrats. Gary P. BARKET: Eudora; Pol. Science; Acacia; Rush Chairman, Acacia; ABC; YDC; IFC Rep. in 1965; Co-Chairman Gaebale Carnival, 1966; Judges Chairman of Miss U. of A. Pageant. Lewis BARKSDALE: Ft. Smith; Accounting; 211; 211 Publicity Chairman, Finance Chairman; Symposium ’68 Committee; Arkansas Accounting Association. Tom W. BARNETT: No. Little Rock; Speech English. Joe Max BARRON: Chester; Accounting; BA ' P. Marketing Team No. 1 in Nation First Row: Ben Thomas BARRY: Ft. Smith; Marketing; i A0, Rush Chairman, Alumni Sec., Social Chairman; AK ' P Pledge Trainer Vice-Pres,; Student Senator; Scabbard Blade; Dean’s List; Captain of Tennis Team; Newman Club; Marketing Club; OAK; ABC Vice-Pres. of Pledge Class. Ray Ellis BARTLEY: Fayetteville; Marketing; TKE; Marketing Club. Curtis Blair BARTON: Leawood, Kan.; Resident Assistant, Coed Complex; TAT; Resident Advisor, Yocum; f H2; AI f , Treasurer; Pres., Vice-Pres., State Treas. State Pres, of Collegiate Academy of Science; Outstanding MS II Student (S.A.R. Award) ; Dean’s List; IIME, Vice-Pres. and Treas.; Men’s Soph. Council. Jerry Alan BASS: Van Buren; English. Paula Louise BAUM: Monett, Mo.; Bacteriology; Futrall. Second Row: Rick BEARD: Little Rock; Marketing; X4 E; Sen¬ ior Marshal; Pledge Pres.; Interfgraternity Council. Robert S. BEARD: Clarendon; Banking Finance; Marketing Club; Finance Club; Young Democrats Club. James L. BEATY: Ft. Smith; Ac¬ counting. Virginia C. BEATY: Fayetteville; Romance Languages; AXf2; Honors Program; Soph. Counselor; AAA; 2AII, Pres.; AXD Scholarship, Pledge, Social Chairman; AXf2 Pres.; Cercle Francais, Sec.; AWS, Publicity Comm., Academic Affairs Committee; Pan- hellenic; Honors Council; Dean’s List; Mortar Board, Vice-Pres. Calendar Editor. Harold D. BEAVER: Pleasant Plains; Civil Engi¬ neering; Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship; ASCE. Third Row: William Herbert BECKER: Ft. Smith; Electrical Engr.; Sedgewell House Resident Assistant; IEEE; IIME Correspond¬ ing Sec.; MIHC Rep., William House; Resident Assistant, Coed; Head Cultural Educational Program. Rudy Bryant BEEDE: New¬ port; Management. Alan Hal BEEZLEY: Huntington Beach, Calif.; Marketing; A3 fi, Sec. Carol BELEW: Vernon, Tex.; Social Welfare; XO. Fourth Row: David Lee BELL: Ft. Smith; AKA; Industrial Man¬ agement; AKA Pres.; Blue Key; AK ' L; Pledge Trainer, Scabbard Blade; Joint Unification Council; Pershing Rifles. Patricia Jane BELL: Houston, Tex.; English; JIB4 , Pledge Class, Rush Chair¬ man; Chimes; Hotz Hall Comm. Council; Soph. Counselor; Student Union Entertainment Comm.; Student Senate Pres.; Panhellenic Council; ATI; SNEA; Student Union Entertainment Comm. Rodney D. BELL: Ft. Smith; Industrial Management. Andrew Hasings BEMIS: Prescott; English; 2AE. Wayne Doyling BENNETT: Hot Springs; Civil Engineering; XE; ASCE; Y.R.C. Fifth Row: Claudia Sue BENSON: Texarkana; Sociology So¬ cial Welfare; Reid. Kent Cranfill BENTON: Foreman; Elec. Engi¬ neering. Kerry Cawce BERCHER: Ft. Smith; Marketing. Phyllis Ann BERNER: Springdale; English History. Steve T. BERNER: Little Rock; 2AE. Sixth Row: Blake BERRY: Ft. Smith; Pre-Med Zoology; MIHC Pep.; Men’s Soph. Council; Razorback Speleological Socie¬ ty; YDC; Dean’s List. Stuart Lyle BERRYHILL: Inolo, Okla.; Edu¬ cation: ITKA. Farrish Earl BETTON : Little Rock; Elec. Engineer¬ ing; IEEE. James Ross BILBREY: Blytheville; Marketing; 2X. Rush Comm. Chairman; AK ' B; Marketing Club. Larry Huse BIL¬ BREY: West Fork; Accounting. Seventh Row: Edwin Williamson BIRD: Monticello; Business; 2X. John William BIRKS: Afton, Okla.; Chemistry; AX2; nNE. Jimmy D. BLACK: Hackett; Vocational Educ.; Farmhouse; ATA; ASA; AI Club. Nancy Sugand BLACKFORD: Hopkinsville, Ky.; Business Educ.; Futrall. Tommy Darrell BLAIR: Greenwood; Ac¬ counting. Buchanan Chosen Commerce Queen ■ ' ■ ' Give me a kiss beautiful. " 426 Seniors First Row: Nancy Annette BLAKE: Harrison; Elem. Educ.; Fu- trall Hall Vice-Pres. Resident Assistant; AWS Legislative Board; SNEA; ACE Treas.; Soph. Class, Graduate Law Editor of Razor- back. Thomas Alfred BLAKE: Roswell, N. M.; Accounting. Richard Scott BLECKER: Neosho, Mo.; English; Arnold Air Society; F0T, lreas.; Advanced AFROTC; German Club. Ingrid Ann BLOOM¬ BERG: Stuttgart; English; AXfi; YRC; AWS, Finance Comm.; AXf2, Vice-Pres. Thomas Hale BOGUN: Blytheville; Elec. Engineer¬ ing; IEEE. Second Row: Lavada Charlene BOLT: DeQueen; Journalism; Resident Assistant; Soph. Counselor; Hallaballoo Comm.; Sec. of XA; Civic Club; Arkansas Engineer Staff. Roland C. BONNER: Eudora; Elec. Engineering; IEEE. Charles A. BOONE: Greenwood; Elec. Engineering; IEEE. Mary Ann BORENGASSER: No. Little Rock; Psychology; Futrall. Gail BORNEFELD: Rogers; Secondary Education; Student Nat’l Educ. Assoc. Third Row: Michael Dean BOSWELL: Bryant; Engineering; Acacia. Leonard Patrick BOURNE: Little Rock; Elec. Engineering; Sec., Buchanan House; IEEE. Evelyn BOWEN: Fayetteville; Speech; ZTA; Angel Flight; Chimes; Fulbright Hall, Sec.; Futrall, Resident Assistant; ABC; AWS Roles of Women Secretary; Chairman; AWS Legislative Comm.; YDC Sec.; Miss YDC. Montine BOWEN: Marked Tree; History Library Science; TIB P. Arthur Flynt BOWIE; Augusta; Mech. Engineering. Fourth Row: Richard Evan BO YES: Tulsa, Okla.; Industrial Educ. Willie Charles BRADFORD: No. Little Rock; Elec. Engineer¬ ing; IEEE. Jane BRADLEY: El Dorado; Education; KKP. Charles H. BRANNAN: Fayetteville; Marketing; TKE; A t fi, Pres., Vice- Pres. Glenn Miller BRATCHER: Little Rock; Industrial Mgmt.; XX, Fifth Row: Donald Gene BRATTON: Sheridan; Civil Engineer¬ ing; Holcombe, Resident Assistant; ASCE. Gloria Jean BRAY: Ft. Smith; Psychology. James L. BREESE: Siloam Springs; Chemistry. Bradley Knight BRELAND: Hot Springs; Geography; Acacia, Housemanager. Christy Laman BRELAND: Hot Springs; Elem. Educ.; YDC; ZTA. Sixth Row: Mary Ann BRETHEVJCK: West Memphis; English Social Studies; AAII; Soph. Counselor; U.P., Freshman Soph. Dorms; ABC; YDC. Donna Lynn BREWER: Mableton, Ga.; Market¬ ing; X0; Marketing Club; Housemanager; Student Humanitarian Assoc. John Stephen BRIGGS: Neosho, Mo.; Math; Coed. Joe Wallis BRISCOE, III: Little Rock; History. Ronald Howard BROCKWELL: Everton; Sociology Social Welfare. Seventh Row: Marilou BRODIE: Little Rock; Dietetics; Soph. Counselor; Judicial Board of Futrall Hall; House Council of Futrall Hall; Freshman Council; Social Comm, of Baptist Student Union; Pres, of YWA of BSU. Marilyn BRODIE: Little Rock; Secondary Educ.; BSU Steering Comm. Sec.; BSU Administrative Chairman; Soph. Counselor; Futrall Academic Affairs Chairman; SNEA. Paula Lynn BROOKS: Fayetteville; Home Economics; Xft; i TO. Charles Lee BROWN: Hope; Marketing; XN, Vice Pres, of Pledge Class; MIHC Rep.; Marketing Club; XN Scholarship Chairman. Edward L. BROWN: Cassville, Mo.; Speech Drama. Eighth Row: James Arnold BROWN: Carmel, Calif.; Physical Educ.; PEM Club. James Robert BROWN: Bentonville; History Education. Jim G. BROWN: Risco, Mo.; Mech. Engineering; Soc. of Automotive Engineers; American Soc. of Mech. Engineers. John BROWN, Jr.: Benton; Elec. Engineering; IEEE; YRC. Kenneth Earl BROWN: Hot Springs; Sociology; Channing Club (Unitarian Fellowship), Vice-Pres. Ninth Row: Larry L. BRYANT: Nashville; Plant Pathology; Farmhouse; President of Farmhouse. Sharon Kaye BRYANT: Spring- dale; Education; Young Republicans; PEM Club; SNEA. Shelby Galen BRYANT: Austin; Vocational Agri.; ATP, Sec.; AZ, Censor; AT A, Pres.; Men’s Soph. Council; U. of A. Dairy Cattle Judging Team. D. Jean BUCHANAN: Prescott; English Journalism. Donna BUCK: Joplin, Mo.; Elem. Educ. Tenth Row: James Harvey BULLOCK: Ft. Smith; Accounting; BA ' P, Treas.; BPS; 4 HX. Danita Loye BURKHART: Mountain- burg; Music Educ.; Schola Cantorum. Elizabeth Clinton BURKS: Hot Springs; Speech; 4 BII, Jr. Exec. Officer; Pre-Law Club, Sec.; YDC, Sec. Kenneth Norman BURKS, Jr.; Hot Springs; Elec. Engi¬ neering. G. Kent BURNETT: Ft. Smith; Industrial Engineering; XII; 0T ; Who’s Who; Blue Key, Pres.; XII Pres.; Associated Stu¬ dents, Vice-Pres.; 4 HX;IIME; Engineering Council. Eleventh Row: Charles Chris BURROW: Wynne; Marketing; XAE, Rush Chairman; 1FC; IFPC; All-Intramural Marketing Club; Outstanding ROTC Drill Cadet. Mary Jane BURROW: Muskogee, Okla.; Bus. Educ.; T. O. BURSON: Aurora, Mo.; Architecture; Acacia. M. Fred BUTLER: Morrilton; Marketing. Victor Doyle BUTLER: No. Little Rock; Psychology. 427 Seniors First Row : Frank Wilson BYNUM, Jr.: Lake Village; Market¬ ing; Marketing Club; YRC. Marcelyn Renee CAGLE: Hot Springs; Foods Nutrition; AREA; MBSF. Mary Lou CAIN: Fayetteville; Marketing; IIBO, Sec.; XG, Pres.; B. A. Vice-Pres., Senior Class; Commerce Guild; AWS. Timothy C. CAIN: Mountainburg; Agri. Business. A1 J. CALDWELL: Panama; Transportation; Men’s Soph. Council; Freshman Senate; Yocum Hall, Sec.; Scabbard Blade; Arnold Air Society; Soc. for Advancement of Management. Second Row : Bryan Clenn CALDWELL, Jr.: Little Rock; Gen. Business; MIHC. Rep.; Marketing Club; YDC; OCM. Pat CALL: Piggott; Dietetics; AHEA; AWS, Programs Comm.; ASA. Donna Carole CAMPBELL: Eudora; Elem. Educ.; A All, Rush Chairman; Ark. Booster Club. Frances Louise CAMPBELL: Russellville; Home Ec.; X12; AHEA, Agricultural Staff; YDC. Ollie Columbus CAMP¬ BELL: Nashville; Psychology; AKA, Pres.; Blue Key; Student Senate; IFC, Pres.; A t 12, Pres.; Circle K; Civic Club. Third Row : Theresa Lee CAMPBELL: Little Rock; Elem. Educ.; AAA, Entertainment Chairman House Manager’s Board; Fulbright Hall House Council; Soph. Counselor; Student Senate Comm.; AWS; YRC; SNEA. Janis Angeline CANTWELL: Searcy; Speech Eng¬ lish. Mary K. CARDIN: Cassville, Mo.; Speech; AAII. Michael H. CARLTON: El Dorado; Management. Clydia Gayce CARNES: Springdale; Secondary Educ.; AAA. Fourth Row : James Christopher CARR: Miami, Fla.; Sociology Social Welfare; Circle K. Winton Gayle CARSON: Ft. Smith; Elem. Educ.; SNEA. John T. CARTER: Charleston; Speech; U. S. Navy. Ralph F. CARTER: Waldron; History; Advanced AFROTC; Scabbard Blade; Arnold Air Society; A J f2; Foreign Relations Club; International Club; Soc. Chairman, William House; Soc. Chairman, MURHC. David Mark CARVER: Mena; IIKA. Fifth Row: Bruce Edward CASAVAN: Springdale; Marketing. Lucille CATHCART: Fayetteville; Elem. Educ. Mario Patricio CELI: Ecuador; Elec. Engineering. C. Wayne CHAFFIN: Magnolia; Elec. Engineering; GT; TBII ; HKN; IEEE; IIME. Cynthia Jane CHAND¬ LER: Newport; Physical Educ.; XI2; Angel Flight. Sixth Row: Charles CHANEY, Jr.: Mountain Home; Physics Math; 2112; IIME; Am. Institute of Physics; Student Section, Pres. 1965-66; Mathematical Assoc, of America. Sarah Lynn CHESSHIR: Mesquite, Tex.; Elem. Educ.; KAG. Catherine Elaine CHEYNE: Fayetteville; Elem. Educ.; ACE. William W. CHILDS: Kingsland; Elec. Engineering; TBII; IIKN. Treas.; IEEE, Sec.; IIME; ARCUA, Sec. Ronald Mann CHILES: Osceola; Music; Iv2; f AM Sinfonia. Seventh Row: Linda Ann CHIOLINO: Ft. Smith; Marketing; YRC; Marketing Club. Wiley H. CIIRISTAL: Newport; Elec. En¬ gineering; GT, Intramural Manager; IEEE, Vice-Pres.; HKN, Pledge Trainer; TBII; Engineering Council. David Roy CIALONE: Ft. Smith; Mech. Engineering; nT2, Treasurer; ASME. William Ger¬ ald CLACK: Architecture. Suzanne CLEMENTS: No. Little Rock; Secondary Educ., Social Studies English. Eighth Row: Theresa Mary CLEMMONS: Ft. Smith; French; Cercle Francais, Sec. Herschel Wayne CLEVELAND: Magazine; Finance; AKA, Chaplain; Finance Club, Treasurer; MIHC; Mar¬ keting Club. Marvin CLEVELAND: Texarkana; Elementary Educ.; II4 I , Publicity Chairman Activities Chairman; KAn; Dean’s List; AWS Publicity Comm.; Soph, Counselor: Student Union Talent Comm ; People to People; ACE. Jeanie COBB: Ashdown; English; Reid, Resident Assistant; Xfi Rush Chairman; YDC. Donna Kay COCHRAN: Texarkana; Business Education; X12, Pres.; Angel Flight, Information Officer; Panhellenic; BP2, Vice-Pres.; Chimes; AAA; Feature Editor, Razorback; Traveler Staff. Ninth Row: Robert E. COCKRUM: DeWitt; Agri. Economy; 2N. Susan Fiser CODY: Russellville; English. Charles E. COE: New¬ port; Marketing. Patricia Louise COE: Siloam Springs; Marketing; AAn; XG; Marketing Club; YRC. Paulette COGER: Huntsville; Accounting. Tenth Row: Sandra Ann COKER: Monticello; Elem. Educ. Kaye Wviks COLE: Waldron; Music Educ.; AT; Miss U. of A.; Angel Flight; Uarkettes; SAI; AT, Standards Comm. Song Leader. Mil- ton Chapelle COLLIER: Little Rock; General Business. William David COLLINS: Omaha; Vocational Agri. Paul Reid CONNER: Clarendon; Marketing; Razorback Football; 2AE. Eleventh Row: Joe COOK: Camden; Industrial Mgmt.; SAM; ASME; Marketing Club. H. Reynolds COPELAND: Little Rock; Architecture; AIA, Student Chapter. Charlotte Frances COUCH: Bruno; Math. James K. COXSEY: Berryville; General Business; Freshman Class Bus. Sec.; IIKA; YDC. James Reed CRAFTON; No. Little Rock; Pre-Law; BSU. d28 First Row: Walter M. CRAIG, Jr.: No. Little Rock; Gen. Busi¬ ness; AKA, Pledge Class Treas.; Razorback Band; Advanced ROTC: KK ' L. Jerry Alan CRAVIN: Elkins; Animal Nutrition. Jack Dan CREWS: No. Little Rock; Math; 4 A0. Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer, Sec., Asst. Warden; Circle K, Vice-Pres.; Scabbard Blade; YDC; Pershing Rifles. Marion Paul CRIDER: Greenland; Market¬ ing. Cheryl Elaine CRITES: El Dorado; Music Educ.; AX£2; EAI; TBS, Pres.; MENC; YRC: Soph. Counselor; University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra; U. of A. Brass Choir. Second Row: Mary Virginia CROW: Elaine; Physical Educ. Judy M. CRUMBAKER: Rogers; Speech; AT; Soph. Counselor; Dean’s List; Drama Wing. Sherry Lynn CULBERTSON: Lamar; Phys. Educ.; AAIT, House Manager, Scholarship Chairman; AAA; Women’s Revention Assoc., Sec.; PEM Club; KAIL Roy R. CULP: No. Little Rock; Mech. Engineering; IITS; American So. of Mech. Engr.; Society of Automotive Engineers. Josephine Louise CURE: Blytheville; English; IIB t ; Ark. Booster Club. Third Row: Judy Ruffin DAILEY: Pine Bluff; Elem. Educ. Ted Max DAILEY: DeWitt; History. Dean Howard DALTON: Joplin, Mo.; Music; OCM, Pres.; ©MA Sinfonia. Sec.; Student Senate; Elections Comm.; Schola Cantorum; Symphony Orchestra. Thomas William DANIEL: Ft. Smith; B. A. Cindy BARR: Shreveport, La.; Elem. Educ.; AY; SNEA; ACE. Fourth Row: William G. DAVENPORT: Little Rock; Business Adm. Diane Beth DAVIDSON: Rison; Business Teacher Educ.; AXf$, Pledge Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, 1st Vice-Pres.; Hotz Hall Judicial Board; Soph. Counselor: ABC; Sec. of Panhellenic Council SNEA. John William DAVIDSON, Jr.: Lake Village; Civil Engineering. Carl Miller DAVIS: East St. Louis; Elec. Engineering. Dorothy Elizabeth DAVIS: Texarkana; Elem. Educ. Fifth Row: Hamilton C. DAVIS: El Dorado; Chemistry. Howard Lee DAVIS: Leslie; Accounting. Sammye Jewell DAVIS: Purdy, Mo.; Music Educ.: BSU; Carnall Hall, Song Leader; Opera Work- Shop Accompanist. Marilyn June DEARIEN: Mountain View; Elem. Educ.; Soph. Counselor; Hotz House Council; AWS; Futrall House Council. William Jacob DECLERK: Pocahontas; Gen. Business; SX. Sixth Row: Linda Frances DEERE: Little Rock: Zoology: A EX. Roy Walter DEERE: Magnolia; Math; ACSSA. Talmage Lansing DIETER: Perryville; Marketing; Marketing Club; AAA. Rudrigo de la GUARDIA: Panama; Accounting. Sarah Elizabeth DELLIN¬ GER: Evanston, Ill.; Sociology. Seventh Row: Thomas Henry DEMBINSKl, II: Hot Springs; Elec. Engineering; AKA, Historian. Corres. Sec., Recording Sec.; KKSk: IEEE; Razorback Band YDC; Collegiate Academy of Sci¬ ence. Leon DeMONT: Siloam Springs; Advertising; AX A; Market¬ ing Club; ABC. Marion Dwayne DENNIS: Winslow: Animal Nutri¬ tion. Robert H. DENTON: Warren; Marketing; IFC-IFPC; 2$E, Recorder; Executive Council; Marketing Club. David C. DEPPE: Texarkana; Pre-Med. Faulkner Elected AWS President " You finally got him 7 429 First Row : Diane DesLAURIERS: Eudora; Physical Educ.; KKX, Rush Chairman; Physical Ed. Majors Club; AWS; WRA. Thomas H. DeWEESE: Fayetteville; Marketing; 2N. John Howard DICKENS: Coffeyville, Kan.; Banking Finance; MIHC; Co-Ed Senate; Finance Club. Jane DICKERSON: Ft. Worth, Tex.; History; IlB i . Margaret Jo DIFFEY: Forrest City; English; IIB i . Second Row: Virginia DILLARD: Hot Springs; English; AT, Scholarship Chairman; Panhellenic Rep. James Oran DISMUKES: Allen, Tex.; Pre-Med.; Yocum Hall Resident Assistant; Men’s Soph. Council, Pres.; $H2, Historian; AEA, Vice-Pres.; Advanced Army ROTC; Scabbard Blade; Intramural Mgr., Humphreys Hall; Dean’s List; Advisory Comm., Student Gov. John B. DIXON, Jr.: Little Rock; Gen. Mgmt.; SAM. Catherine G. DODD: Perryville; Home Economics; AAA. Dorothy Jean DODD: Tulsa, Okla.; Journ¬ alism; AAn, Vice-Pres., House Manager, Reporter, Historian; Soph. Counselor; AWS; 1966 RAZORBACK, Organizations Editor. Third Row: George M. DODSON: Springdale; Elec. Engineer¬ ing; IEEE. James R. DODSON: Springdale; Botany; Collegiate Academy of Science, Pres.; Holcombe Hall Council. Clia Marie DOTY: Tulsa, Okla.; English; AXfi, Warden; IAWS Comm. Chair¬ man; RAZORBACK, Arts Editor, Blackfriars. Homer Brice DOUG¬ LAS: Green Forest; Banking Finance; Finance Club. Susan Kay DOUGLAS: Gravette; English; Soph. Counselor; SNEA; TT; XA, Sec.-Treas.; AWS Judicial Board; Laura Yeater Scholarship. Fourth Row: Richard Adams DRIGGERS: Magnolia; Pre-Dental; 2X. Irvin C. DRYER, Jr.: Springdale; Elec. Engineering; TBII; HKN; IIME; IEEE. Rene Jerry DUCHAC: Hot Springs; Pre-Med, Psychology; AKA. Recording Sec., Pledge Trainer. Donna C. DUD- NEY: Texarkana. Tex.; English Journalism; Xft. Sherry Ellen DUNLAP: Little Rock; Elem. Educ. Fifth Row: David Rodney DUNN: Forrest City; Marketing; K2. Leta Gaye DURRETT: Little Rock; Speech Correction; ZTA, Rush Chairman. Coy Randall DYER: Nashville; Elec. Engineering; IEEE; YDC; Pres, of Dorm Floor, Freshman Year; Intramural Mgr., Fresh¬ man Year; Soph. Counselor. Bobbe Jean DYKES: Jacksonville; Elem. Educ.; AAA. Thomas Lee EANS: Des Arc; Elec. Engineering; MIHC, Rep., Sec., TBII; HKN, Sec.; IEEE, Program Chairman; Yocum Hall Senate; Resident Assistant; YRC; SNEA; Student Senate Comm. Sixth Row: Harriet Torry EASON: Clarendon; Psychology Sociology; Xfi; YRC; Sociology Club. Jon Larry EAST: Carthage, Tex.; Pre-Law; 211. Betty L. EASTER: Tulsa, Okla.; Business Ad¬ ministration; KKr. William E. EBBERT: Jonesboro; Business; Edi¬ tor Business Mgr., 1968 RAZORBACK; Editor, 1967 RAZOR- BACK; Editor Business Mgr., 1965-66 Directory; Editor Business Mgr. 1965-66 Gaebale Book; Publisher, 1967-68 ASU Directory; Election Comm. Chairman; Student Senate. Nell EDGE: Dardanelle; Spanish. Seventh Row: Jimmie Will EDWARDS: Blytheville; Marketing; 2IT, Pledge Trainer, Social Chairman; Marketing Club. Charles Sher¬ man ELDER: Gentry; Physical Educ.; 2N; Captain of Track Team; PEM. Ira Luther ELDRIDGE: Swifton; Agronomy. Nikkie ELD- RIDGE: Swifton; Home Economics. Charles Edward ELIAS: Fay¬ etteville; Architecture. Chosen Agri Queen 130 Seniors First Roiv: Michael Lee ELLIG: Ft. Smith; Math; SIT. F. B. ELLIOTT: Blytheville; History; AXA Pres., Vice-Pres.; IFC Rep. Mary Diane ELLIS: Hope; Home Ec.; Xfi; 4 TO; AHEA; Student Union Comm.; YDC. Sheree Glee ELLIS: Memphis, Tenn.; Elem. Educ.; AAA, Rush Chairman; AXA Sweetheart. Larry Wayne ELMS: Little Rock; Elec. Engineering; 211. Second Row : Robert Ray EMERY: Fayetteville; Speech; Black- friars: Drama Wing; YDC. Charles Joseph ENGELBERGER: El Dorado; Traffic Mgmt.; YRC. Marjorie M. ENGLES: Ft. Smith; Spanish. William Craig EPPERSON: Ft. Smith; Chemical Engineer¬ ing; AIChE. Michael A. ERICKSON: Fayetteville; Psychology Pre-Med.; Acacia, Jr. Sr. Steward, House Manager; YRC; German Club. Third Row : Robert Ferrell ERVIN: Booneville; Marketing (Ad¬ vertising Public Relations), RAZORBACK Staff; Men’s Council- ing Staff; KK ' P, Treas.; 4 MA; Arnold Air Society; YDC; MIHC; Marketing Club; American Mgmt. Assoc.; American Marketing Assoc. Cynthia Sue ERWIN: Searcy; Education. Peter G. ESTES: Fayetteville; Marketing; 2AE. Linda Doris EVANS: Little Rock; Finance; AWS Judicial Board Chairman; Hotz Hall Resident As¬ sistant; X0; TAE; AWS Legislative Council. Judy Grisham EVER¬ ETT: Altheimer; Elem. Educ. Fourth Row: Jerry B. EZELL: Siloam Springs; Accounting. Amanda FAIR: Pine Bluff; English; Assoc. Editor, AWS Newsletter, 1966; Foreign Relations Club; Channing Club; Honors Program. Kathryn Marie FAIRCHILD: Fayetteville; Social Welfare; AAA. Carroll Ray FALLS: Pine Bluff; Elec. Engineering; TBII; HKN; Program Chairman, IEEE. Don FANT: Fayetteville; Elec. Engineer¬ ing. Fifth Row: Alice Dianne FARISH: Little Rock; Dietetics; AHFA. Robert C. FARMER: Manila; Marketing. Lynn Taylor FARRIS: Clarksville: Industrial Mgmt. John Raymond FAULKNER: Jack¬ sonville; Elec. Engineering; IEEE; IIME. Phillip Kent GEENEY: Earle; Civil Engineering; ASCE. Sixth Row: Sarah Elizabeth FELAND: Little Rock; Foods Nutrition; 4 TO; AHEA. Daniel Henry FELTON, III: Marianna; Finance Law; 2AE; IFPC; Cardinal XX; Greek Week Comm. Chairman; Gaebale Comm. Chairman, 1966; AK ' P; U. of A. Finance Club Pres.; Commerce Guild Exec. Comm. Julie Anne FERGUSON: Carthage, Mo.; Elem. Educ.: AAII, Social Chairman; Episcopal Council of Advice; YRC; IFPC: Public Relations Comm., Student Senate: ACE. Leon M. FERGUSON: Mena; Engineering. Richard Dean FERGUSON: New Boston, Tex.; Industrial Engineering; AIIE. Seventh Row: Michael Francis FINEFIELD: Little Rock: Archi¬ tecture; SCAIA, Treas. Ronnie FINLEY: DeQueen; Sec. Educ. Biology. Donna Susan FINNEY: Ardmore, Okla.; Speech Correc¬ tion; ZTA; AWS Comm.; Civic Club; IFPC Rep. Brad FIRE¬ STONE: No. Kansas City, Mo.; Public Administration. Charlotte Ann FISHER: Farmington; English. Eighth Row: Patricia Ann FISHER: Portland; Social Studies. Patty Ruth FITCH: Glenwood; Elem. Educ. Jerry Don FLANAGAN: Wichita, Kan.; Secondary Educ.; 2X: PEM Club, Pres.; Varsity Track Cross-Country; SNEA; AAHPER; AEA. Patricia FLEN- NIKEN: Shreveport, Pa.; Physical Educ.; AXQ, Sports Manager. Philip R. FORBUS: Ozark; Economics. Ninth Row: Charles Sayle FORD: Mansfield Center, Conn.; Architecture. Carl L. FORESEE: Lincoln; Physical Educ.; PEM Club. Vicki Diane FORMBY: Mulberry; Home Economics; 4-H House, Pres., Social Chairman, Sec.; AHEA, Sec.; ASA. Margaret F. FOUKE: Texarkana; English. Susan FOWLER: Springfield, Mo.; Marketing; ZTA Tenth Row: Freddie Glenn FOWLKES: Vilonia; Agri. Engineer¬ ing; TBII; ASAE, Pres., Treas., Scribe; AE, Pres.; Engineering Council; IIME. Toni Carolyn FRANSEN: Houston, Tex.; Market¬ ing; AAA. Paul Bernard FRAZIER: Little Rock; Architecture; AIA. Floyd Mickel FREEMAN: Dumas; Marketing; Marketing Club; Sailing Club. Gerald Don Freeman: Cleveland; Voc. Educ.; ATA; Animal Industry Club. Eleventh Row: Karen Erie FREEMAN: Texarkana: Education. Robert Frederick FREEMAN: Ft. Smith; Accounting. Phil E. FREDRICH: Little Rock; Industrial Mgmt.; TKE, Housemanager, Honor Pledge; SAM. Jack Orville FULGHAM: Ft. Smith; Gen. Mgmt. Thomas Walter FUTRELL: Kansas City, Mo.; Pre-Med.; Yocum Hall, Pres.; Cardinal XX; Interfraternity Council; $A0 Exec. Comm. 431 4 1 m a ! Q O ft 4iM k hi Seniors First Row: Carl Lee GABBARD: Bentonville; Civil Engineering; TBII; XE, Sec.; ASCE. Larry L. GADDY, Jr.: Helena; Civil Engi¬ neering. Charles Larry GAINES: Searcy; Civil Engineering; ASCE, Pres.; Engineering Council. Rosemary GAINES: Lead Hill; Elem. Educ.; 4-H House, Vice-Pres., Scholarship Chairman; AAA; KAII; TAT; SNEA; ACEI; Soph. Counselor; WIHC. Lee Edward GAIN- HILL: Pine Bluff; Architecture; AIA. Second Row: John Rodger GALLEY: Hawk Run, Pa.: Physical Educ.; Sec. of Physical Ed. Majors. Patricia Jon GALLOWAY: No. Little Rock; Social Welfare; ZTA; ABC; YDC; AWS. Linda Lee GANT: Van Buren; Elem. Educ.; SNEA; Dean’s List. Paul David GANT: Van Buren; Marketing; Civic Club; Marketing Club. Carroll R. GARNER: Booneville; Agri. Economics; AEC; American Agri. Economics Assoc.; AFFF. Third Row: James Henry GARNETT: Cabot; Banking Finance. Judy Ann GARRETT: Corning; Math; Mortar Board; Resident Assistant; TAE; AWS, Chairman Finance Comm.; AWS Legislative Council; WIAC Representative; ITME; AAA; Soph. Councilors; Representative, Midwestern Assoc.; Delegate AWS State Convention; PA. Paul Mitcham GARRETT: No. Little Rock; Architecture; AIA. Ervan George GARRISON: Ft. Smith; Zoology. Thomas Victor GATES: Kansas City, Mo.; Industrial Engineering; American Insti¬ tute of Industrial Engineers; Intramural Sports. Fourth Row: Betty Ann GATTIS: Little Rock; Dietetics; AXft, 3rd Vice-Pres., Publicity Chairman; 4 T0, Vice-Pres.; Sr. Soph. Counselor; AHEA Pres.; Civic Club; AWS Dean’s List. David Carter GEELS: Subiaco; Elec. Engineering; TBII; HKN. Pamela Eve GEIER: Little Rock; Music; AXD, Recording Sec.; 2AI, Pro¬ grams Chairman; AAA; U of A Symphony, Concert Master; Ft. Smith Symphony; Little Rock Symphony. Nancy Kan GENTRY: Charleston; Business Educ. James Daniel GEOHAGEN: Hatties¬ burg, Miss.; Pre-Law; Wilson Sharp House. Fifth Row: Harold Boyd GEORGE: Oardanelle; Industrial En¬ gineering: AITM; ATIE, Publicity Director. Marvin GEORGE: Little Rock; Music; $MA; KKSF. Janis L. GEYED: Mena; English; KA0, 2nd Vice-Pres., Scholarship Chairman, Standards Board. House Comm.; AAA; AWS Legislative Board: AWS Rules Revision Comm.; Senate Bill of Rights Comm.; PREVIEW. Don Palmer GIBBS: Swifton; Insurance Real Estate; K2. William Lewis GIBBS: Malvern; Vocational Agri.; AT A; Animal Industries Club. Sixth Row: James P. GIBSON: Fayetteville; Elec. Engineering. Anne Lynn GILBERT: Malvern; Physical Therapy; A AIT. Pres., Co-Rush Chairman; ROTC Honorary Brigade Comdr.; ROTC Ex- Officio Member: Homecoming Maid; Queen’s Comm.; Greek Week Comm.; Soph. Counselor; Dean’s List. Ron Lee GILBERT: Moun¬ tain Home; Architecture. Lucien Ramseur GILHAM: Dardanelle; Civil Engineering; Scabbard Blade. Ginger Gail GILLIS: Fordyce; Dietetics. Seventh Row: Jack Edward GOLASS: Ft. Smith; Indus. Educ. Gerarrd Loy GLENN: Ft. Smith; Marketing; 3 A0, Vice-Pres., Steward, Delegate to Nat’l Convention; Marketing Club; Newman Club; Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce. William Henry GLOVER. Jr.: McGehee: Indus. Mgmt.; 4 A0. Connie GOBLE: Mount Ida; Music; KA0; Uarkettes; 2AI. Fred Joseph GOEBEL, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Accounting; BA4 ; AAA. Eighth Row: Richard Aday GOFF: Little Rock: Marketing; ITKA; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild. Edward Michael GOL- LON: Fayetteville; Animal Science; Scabbard Blade; Pershing Rifles. Marilyn Kav GOODH: Arkadelphia; Elem. Educ.; AAA, Rush Chairman; ABC; YDC; Soph. Counselor; SNEA. Lowell Ray GOOD¬ MAN: Walnut Ridge; Elec. Engineering; TBIT; HKN; Gladson House, Pres. Travis 0. GOODNER: Oden; Animal Nutrition. Ninth Row: Robert A. GOODWIN: Opelousas, La.: Advertising Public Relations; AXA. Social Chairman; YRC. Pamela Anne CORBET: Hot Springs; Marketing; AAn. Corresponding Sec.; X0 Business Frat.: Marketing Club. Richard Eugene GOSSETT: Mans¬ field; Indus. Engineering; AIIE. Sharon Leigh GRAGG: Mountain Home; Elem. Educ. James M. GRAHOM: Prescott; Gen. Business. Tenth Row: John Franklin GRAVES, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Banking Finance. Judy Patricia GRAVES: Littl° Rock: Gen. Business; Resident Assistant, Razorback Coed; MIHC, Pres, Vice-Pres. TAT, Sec., Charter Member; X0, Treas.; Board of Publications; Stu¬ dent Senate Exec. Cabinet; AWS; Soph. Counselor; Housemanager’s Board; YRC; Judicial Board, Futrall Hall. Ronald Eugene GRAVES: Rogers; Mech. Engineering. Judith Ann GREEN: Springdale Animal Science. William August GRENWELGE: Scranton; Dairy; Agri. Student’s Assoc.; AIC, Vice-Pres.; AZ; TA; Arkansas Agri¬ culturist Staff. Eleventh Row: Merrill Dean GRIFFIN: Harrison; Elec. Engineer¬ ing; IEEE. Sharon Kaye GRIGSBY: Favetteville; Education; ABS; SNEA. Richard Folden GRISWOLD: Malvern; Civil Engineering. Dennis Louin GROCE: Wilmer; Animal Nutrition; AZ; AIC. Merle R. GROSS: Huntington; Horticulture. First Row : Robert Lee GRUEBEL: Fayetteville; Elec. Engineer¬ ing: IEEE. Brenda Joyce GUINN: Little Rock; Zoology; AT, Vice- Pres., Treas. Dendin Lillard GUINN: Ink; Animal Science Voc. Educ., AZ; ATA, 1st Vice-Pres. Elizabeth Ann GULLEY: Fayette¬ ville; Spanish English; 2AII. Kathleen Louise BUNNESS: Hunt¬ ington Beach, Calif.; Eductaion. Second Row: Peggy Ann HACKETT: Lake Village; Bus. Admin¬ istration. Cheryl Jett HALE: Wickes Marketing; AAA; X0. Cheryl Sonin HALE: Memphis, Tenn.; Social Welfare. Cindy Coulter HALE: Lockesburg; Speech; ZTA; Model Pledge; YDC; Corres¬ ponding Sec. George Albert HALE: Burdette; Agronomy; 2X. Third Row : Elizabeth Jo HALEY: Fayetteville; Math. James Wallace HALL, Jr.; Haneburg; Chem. Engineering; AIChE; BSU. Phyllis Ann HALL: Branch; English; Panhellenic, Pres.; AXfi, Scholarship Chairman; Civic Club, Vice-Pres.; Dean’s List; AFP, Sweetheart; 1st Runner-up, Miss Fayetteville; Honors Program. Rich¬ ard Vernon HALL, Jr.: Texarkana; Mech. Engineering. David An¬ thony HALLIN: Fayetteville; Personnel Admin. Indus. Relations; Society for Advancement of Mgmt.; U. of A.-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra; Uarkettes. Fourth Row: Hugo Arnold HAMMOND: Fayetteville; Phys. Educ.; PEM Club. Linda Lou HAMMONTREE: Springfield, Mo.; Math; Chimes; Resident Assistant; Soph. Counselors; Civic Club; SNEA; Student Union Activities Board. Mary Hall HANTHORN: Ft. Smith; Sociology Social Welfare; KAO. L. Michael HARD- GRAVE: Hot Springs; Elec. Engineering; ©T, Pledge Class Pres., Honor Pledge; HKN; Pres.; TBIT; IEEE; Engineering Council; Dean’s List. Patricia Ann HARPER: Little Rock; Psychology. Fifth Row: Samuel Jackson HARPER: Springfield, Mo.; Finance; AIOF; Pres., Gladson House; Finance Club. Wallace J. HARRELL: Monette; Math; AAII. Carol Jan HARRIS: Fayetteville; Spanish English; lvKT; f BK; AAA; Panhellenic Council; Chimes; Angel Flight (comptroller) ; Interfraternity Model Pledge (Greek Week) ; Kappa Bliss Activity Award Key; Junior Achievement Award; Kappa Sr. Scholarship Key; Homecoming Court; Sr. Counselor; Mortar Board; Nat’l College Dean’s List; Rank in A S class, No. 1. Gary Wayne HARRIS: Van Buren; Math. James Walker HARRIS: Little Rock; Bus. Admin.; A £fi; Finance Club, Vice-Pres. Sixth Row: Martha Carole HARRIS: Nashville, Tenn.; English; AAA Pres. Jr. Advisor; Copy Editor RAZORBACK; AAA, Model Pledge; Resident Assistant, Fulbright; Soph. Counselor; AAA; Marshal. Nina June HARRIS: Altus; Home Economics. Paula F. HARRIS: No. Little Rock: Elem. Educ. Susan Johnson HARRIS: Warren; Home Economics. William Sykes HARRIS, Jr.: Warren; Marketing; 2 I E; AKSE; Marketing Club. Seventh Row: Linda Kerby HARRISON: No. Little Rock; Elem. Educ.; ZTA; SNEA; YDC; AWS. B. Ann HART: West Memphis; Marketing; Marketing Club; YDC. Carl David HART, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Marketing Club. Eddie HART: Little Rock; Architecture; American Institute of Architects. George T. Hart, Jr.: Little Rock; Management; SAM; YDC. Carson Named Traveler Editor first Row: Harry HARSTEIN: Little Rock; Accounting; SIT, Vice-Pres., Treas.; BA ' L, Vice-Pres.; Blue Key; $112:; Interfraterni¬ ty Council, Scholarship Comm.; Calendar Comm. Elizabeth Pettit HARVEY: Lynchport, Va.; Secondary Educ.. Margaret HATCHETT: Little Rock; History. Jon Michael HALDON: Little Rock: Market¬ ing. Rovert David HAYES: Pine Bluff; Chemistry; AX2; American Chem. Society Student Apf. Second Row: Phillip Roy HAYS: Hot Springs; Bacteriology. Thomas S. IIEADLEE: Searcy; Chemistry: 2X, Pres.; OAA: AEA. Marilyn Jeanne HEINS: Neosho, Mo.; Home Economics. Brenda Yvonne HELM: Favetteville; Speech English Educ. Theodore Paul HELMICH: Benton; Mech. Engineering; IIT2, TBIT ; ASME. Third Row: Brenda Kay HENDERSON: Wynne; Elem. Educ.; AAA. Cheryl Ann HENLYE: Helena; Spanish English. Lawrence Stephen HENLEY: Dumas; Tndus. Engineering. Susan Elizabeth HENNIG: Ft. Smith; Elem. Educ.; AXft, Rush Chairman; Soph. Counselor; SNEA; ACE. Perry Hanley HENSON: Ft. Smith; Polit¬ ical Science; Holcombe Hall Legislature; Pershing Rifles. Fourth Row: Ronald Jay HENSON: El Dorado; Indus. Manage¬ ment; 2N. Raymond Edward HERMAN: Fordyce: Elec. Engineer¬ ing; IEEE; William House Staff. Judith ANN HERNDON: Falls Church, Va.; Math; nB$, Treas.; Mortar Board; AMS, Treas.; Resident Assistant; AAA, Vice-Pres.; TIME; Scholarship Chairman; President of Floor, Hotz; Student Union Activities Board; Soph. Counselors. Robert Elmore HERNDON, III Little Rock; Architec¬ ture: IIKA; Student Union Comm.; ASCE; Student AIA; IFC; ABS. Larry Milton HICKS: Rogers; Accounting. Fifth Row: Wanda Fern HICKS: Siloam Springs; Marketing Advertising. Maryanna HICKY: Forrest City; Education; ABC Pledge Class Sec.; ABC. Treas.; YDC; AWS: Co-chairman, Home¬ coming, 1%7; Greek W°ek Entertainment Chairman, 1967: IIB$ Officer. Richard Allen HIGGINS: Joplin, Mo.; Marketing; Market¬ ing Club, Pres. James Fdward HIGHAM: No. Little Rock; Physical Educ. George T. HIGHT, Jr.: Morrilton; Civil Engineering; ASCE. Sixth Row: Hazel A. HIGHTOWER: Gillett; Bacteriology Pre-Med Tech.; AEA; Razorback House Manager, Assistant House Manager; 4-H House; AWS Publicity Comm. Margaret Ann HILE: Clearfield, Pa.; Elem. Educ. Robert Alan HILE: Murfreesboro; Indus. Engineering; AIIE. Eleanor Kay HILL: Ft. Smith; Pre-Med.; AEA. Geneva Ann HILL: Little Rock; Sociology Social Welfare; TBS; Marching Razorback Band; Soph. Counselor. Seventh Row: Harold Clark HILL: Hot Springs; Elec. Engineer¬ ing; AKA; IEEE; YDC; BSU. Jimmy Duane HILL: No. Little Rock; Elec. Engineering; $A0. Stephen Floyd HILL: Lockesburg; Math. Thomas Jasper HILL, Jr.; Fayetteville; Education. Courtney Mcllroy HILLARD: Ozark; Animal Nutrition; AZ, Treas.; Farm¬ house, Sec.; AI Club, Board of Directors; ASA. Eidson Chosen St. Pat Looks like anybody can be a majorette. 434 Seniors First Row: James F. HINKLE: Ft. Smith; Gen. Business; SAM. Jane Hahn HODNETT: Ft. Smith; Secondary Educ. Stephen M. HOEHN: Malden; Indus. Engineering; Varsity Razorback Foot- ha]!. Jan Bryan HOGABOOM: Hot Springs; Marketing. Charles E. HOKE: Little Rock; Marketing; 2AE. Second Row: Sally Kaye HOKE: Little Rock; English Social Studies; AAA, Marshal; AWS Legislative Board; AWS Rules Comm. Carolyn Jean HOLCOMB: Booneville; English Social Studies; AWS Pres.; WIHC, Pres.; Resident Assistant: Futrall Hall. Pres.; So ph. Senator; Board Student Religious Council; TAT; YRC; Soph. Counselor. Elizabeth Jo HOLCOMB: Fayetteville; Music; XQ. Lavern Lee HOLIFIELD: Corning: Agri. Business; TKE, Pres., Rush Chairman; Traveler Expansion Comm. Chairman; A_gri. Economy Club, Vice-Pres.: IFC. Carol Ann HOLL: Bartles¬ ville, Okla.; Classics; II2 J ; AWS, Academic Affairs Representative; Razorback; Freshman Honor Student. Lindenwood College. Third Row: Karen Atchley HOLLINGSWORTH: Harrison: Gen. lousiness. Jerry W. HOLLIS: Little Rock; Insurance Real Estate; TKE. David Wayne HOLLOWAY: Sheridan; Marketing; Market¬ ing Club. Jerry Dean HOLLOWAY: Huntsville; Agri. Engineering; XA, Co-Editor Newsletter; ASAE; Men’s Soph. Council: Resident Assistant, Coed Complex “C”; ABC Representative. Carol Sue HOLT: Fayetteville: Marketing; X6, 2nd Vice-Pres., Recording Sec., Corres. Sec.; Marketing Club. Fourth Row : Rosalind Diann HOLT: Poteau, Okla.; English; Angel Flight Comptroller, Admin. Officer; AAA, Corres. Sec., Chaplain; RAZORBACK Beauty. William Joseph HORNE: Santa Anna, Tex.; Accounting. Howard Aaron HOUSTON: Hope; Physics. Rex Louis HOUSTON, Jr.; Hot Springs; Accounting; BA ' P; AK ' k. Gerald Dwayne HOYLF.: Danville; BA in Chemistry. Fifth Row: Donita H. HUBBARD: Houston, Tex.: Elem. Educ. Shirley F. HUDGENS: Swifton; Education Speech; AI Nellie Brian HUDSON: Russellville: Speech Therapy: ZTA. William Michael HUFFMAN: Blytheville; Accounting; 2X, Treas.; Scab¬ bard Blade; Commerce Guild; AAA, Treas. Harry Newton HUSON: Heber Springs; Marketing. Sixth Row: David Burk HUTCHENS: Monett. Mo.: Marketing; Assistant Head Resident, Yocum Hall; Advanced ROTC, Air Force; Arnold Air Society; Marketing Club. Susan Mary IRBY: Mountain Home: Art: Mortar Board; Sec.; KKT; i BK, Pledge Class Society Chairman, Historian, Member Social Chairman; Chimes, Historian; So. Council; AAA; Angel Flight, Operative Officer, Executive Of¬ ficer; Fulbright Hall, Treas.; Dean’s List; Sr. Counselor, Fulbright. Melvin Charles IRELAND: Hiwasse; Indus. Arts. Charles Brooks JACKSON, Jr.: Little Rock; Architecture. John Birkhead JACK- SON: No. Little Rock; Economics Sociology; Captain, Razorback Cheerlea ders; ABC, Pres.; OAK: Scabbard Blade, Vice-Pres.; 1966 Homecoming Chairman; ABC Vice-Pres.: Southwestern Con¬ ference Sportsmanship Comm.; Distinguished Military Student; 2X, Exec. Comm. Seventh Row: Judith Suzanne JACKSON: Lewisville: Secondarv Educ.; KKT, Pres.; Rush Chairman; Mortar Board: KAIT; ABC Sec.; AWS Programs Communications Comm.; Student Union Talent Comm. Marv JACKSON: Newport; History: IIB4 . Mona Gay JACKSON: Longview, Tex.: Elem. Educ.; Queens Comm.; Soph. Counselor; Civic Club; SNEA; ACE. Mary Christopher JACOBS: Roanoke. Va.; Political Science: Vice-Pres., Buchanan House; MIHC, Social Chairman; MIHC Steering Comm.; MIHC Scholar¬ ship Award. Bonnie Nell JAMISON: Texarkana; English French; AAA, Pres. Pledge Class; Scholarship Chairman; IFPC; RAZOR- BACK Staff; Guidance Counseling Comm. Eighth Row: M. Michael JANSEN: Ft. Smith; Elec. Engineer¬ ing; ITME; OT, Pledge Class Treas.; IEEE, Sr. Rep. to Engineering Council. Jane Caro] JARNAGAN: Fayetteville; English. Peggye June JARRETT: Blytheville; Accounting; AAA, Entertainment Chairman; Dean’s List; AAA; X0. John Earl JENNINGS: Rogers; Pre-Med: II AO, Pledge Trainer; Intramural Manager. Mary Hornor JENNINGS: Helena; Home Economics; IIB , Housemanager; Sec. Housemanager Board; 4 TO; AHEA. Ninth Row: Donald Wayne JERRY: Strong: Mech. Engineering; TBIT; ITT2, Pres.; Engineering Council: ASME. Daniel L. JOHN¬ SON: Henderson: Elec. Engineering; MIHC, Pep. Political Com¬ mission; 1967 RAZORBACK Sales Staff; Editorial Staff, 1967 Stu¬ dent Directory: Men’s Soph. Council; Editorial Staff, MIHC COM¬ MENTARY; IEEE; Civic Club. Glenda Darlene JOHNSON: Hot Springs; Ilistorv; Student Union Entertainment Comm.; AWS, Communication Comm.; Futrall Hall Judicial Board, 1966. Joe Jef¬ ferson JOHNSTON, Jr.: Clarksville; Insurance Real Estate. Larry Hershel JOHNSON: Leachville; Agri. Engineering; AXA. Tenth Row: Michael Wayne JOHNSON: Ft. Smith; Indus. En¬ gineering; OCM, Sec.; AIIE. Robert Walter JOHNSON: Benton; Banking Finance: AKSk; Scabbard Blade; Marketing Club; Finance Club; ROTC Company Commdr.; 4 A0. Barbara Kay JONES: McAlester, Okla.; Elem. Educ. Bill E. JONES: Helena; Marketing; K2. Howard E. JONES: Newport; Indus. Mgmt.; Blue Key; TAT, Pres. Charter Member; Resident Assistant; AK ' F; II ME; Student Senate Comm.; Resident Advisor; Men’s Interhouse Congress; Men’s Soph. Council; Dean’s List; John Rust Scholar¬ ship: T. J. Bettis Scholarship. Eleventh Row: Jeanettia Ilene JONES: Springfield, Mo.; Elem. Educ.; ZTA; YDC; SNEA. Jennifer JONES: Baytown, Tex.; Eng¬ lish; AAA; Panhellenic; RAZORBACK Staff. Kathryn Estelle JONES: Bentonville; English; Co-Chairman, Residence Hall Week, 1967; Resident Assistant, Holcombe. Futrall. Carnall; AWS Legis¬ lative Council. Lawrence Gene JONES: No. Little Rock; Indus. En¬ gineering; AKA, Vice-Pres.; Arkansas Engineer, Feature Editor; IFC: Dean’s List; AIIE. Mary Frances JONES: Springdale; Market¬ ing Club. 435 Seniors First Row: Michael Floyd JONES: Little Rock; Mech. Engineer¬ ing; ASME, Vice,Pres. Vicky Jones: Pine Bluff; Education; Xft. Michael A. JORDAN: Clinton; Mech. Engineering. Beverly Lanier KAUFMAN: Clarendon; Art. Jerome Charles KAUFMAN: Mc- Gehee; Distributive Educ.; Newman Club; ATA; Marketing Club. Second Row: William Arthur KEADLE: Marked Tree: Gen. Busi¬ ness; Cardinal XX, Treas.; Blue Key; K2, Pres. Treas.; Sec. Soph. Class, BA; Pres. Jr. Class, BA; Pres. Sr. Class, BA; Busi ness Manager, Gaebale. Joe L. KEATHLEY: Belleville; Agri.; ATP; ATA; Argi. Students Assoc.; Entomology Club. James Ronald KEL¬ LEY: Ft. Smith; Mech. Engineering; ASME. Wesley Barton KEMP: Danville; Management. Kathy KENDALL: Tulsa, Okla.; Gen. Busi¬ ness; Xfi; Pershing Rifles Sponsor; AWS Legislative; Commerce Guild; X0. Third Row: Dan P. KENNETT: Leachville; Agri. Economics; ATP, Vice Noble Ruler Rush Comm.; Student Senate; IFC Sec.; ASA, Vice-Pres.; Agri. Economy Club, Vice-Pres.. John W. KEY: Camden; Pre-Med; 2AE. David Terry KIDD: Benton; Elec. Engi¬ neering. Larry Joe KIDD: Clinton; Marketing; 21T, Pledge Class Treas. Kirt Harold KIESTER: Houston, Tex.; History; Interfraterni¬ ty Council; Civic Club; 24 E; Pre-Law Club; Scholarship Chair¬ man, 24 E. Fourth Row: Glenn Frank KILE: Milwaukee, Wis.; Chem. Engi¬ neering; AX2; T2 ; AIChE. Richard Lon KINERY: Hot Springs; Zoology. Kathryn Louise KING: Russellville; Natural Sciences B.A. Robert John KIRSPF.L: No. Little Rock; Transportation. Roderick Gordon KISH: Woodcliff Lake, N. J.; Elec. Engineering; IEEE; HKN. Fifth Row: Thomas Fred KITCHENS, III: Ft. Smith; Market¬ ing; Marketing Club. Judith Ann KITTRELL: Texarkana; Math; IIB4 ; Student Union Talent Show Comm.; YRC: Soph. Counselor; AWS. Edward Melbert KNOD, Jr.: DeQueen; Elec. Engineering; Dean’s List; TBII; HKN; A4 0; nME; Arnold Air Society; Men’s Counseling Staff; Men’s Soph. Council; Yocum Hall Senate. Bruce Allen KNOW: Ft. Smith; Physics. Alvin E. KREBS: Tacoma, Wash.; Math; Air Force ROTC; MBSF, Pres. Sixth Row: Richard Henry KLIONEN: No. Little Rock; Banking Finance; AKA, Sec.; Finance Club, Treas.; YDC. Norma Elizabeth LAFEVERS: Goldsboro, N. C.; French; XD. Olivia Ann LaFOL- LETTE: Jonesboro; Marketing; ANC, Chaplain; AT, Sec.; Mar¬ keting Club; International Club. James Stanley LAIRD: Joplin, Mo.; English Secondary Educ. Michael Richard LANDERS: El Dorado; Economics; 2X, Exec. Board; Scabbard Blade; Market¬ ing Club. Seventh Row: Robert Eugene LARGENT: Springdale; Personnel Admin.; A K2; SAM; Advanced Air Force ROTC. Arthur Thomas LARSON: Antoine; Agri. Engineering. Linda Jean LARSON: Ft. Worth, Tex.; Speech Therapy; XD; Razorback Pres. Vice-Pres.; Futrall Judicial Board. James Paul LATTURE: Ft. Smith; Gen. Busi¬ ness: K2; Student Union Games Comm.; YRC. George S. LAUX: Morrilton; Industrial Engineering, AIIE; YRC. Eighth Row: Diane Kay LAWLER: Springdale; Elem. Educ. Hazel Louise LAWRENCE: Woodson; English Speech Drama. Sam C. LEA: Bartlesville, Okla.; Finance; Associated Students, Pres.; Student Senate 1964-65; Student Court, 1965-66; Blue Key; Who’s Who; Cardinal XX; 4 II2; 2N; Business School, Vice-Pres.; Commerce Day Chairman. Celestine W. LEDING: Ft. Smith; Mar¬ keting; ZTA. Ninth Row: Elizabeth Lewis LEE: Fayetteville; Home Economics; BSU. James Randal LEE: Pine Bluff; Music Education; AKA, Charter Member; Marching Razorbacks, Student Director; U. of A. Concert Band; BSU, Exec. Comm.; KK ' P, Vice-Pres.; 4 MA; nME; Men’s Soph. Council, Pres.; Men’s Counseling Staff Arnold Air Society, Chaplain Pledge. Janis Jo LEE: Ola; Elec. Engineer¬ ing; IEEE; Futrall Hall House Council; Razorback Hall House Council. William A. LEE, Jr.: DeQueen; Agri. Engineering; ASAE; ARCUA. Russell Ervin LEEMAN: Decatur; Geology. Tenth Row: L. Ann LEESEMANN: Baytown, Tex.; Elem. Educ.; AAA, Pres. Walter William LEHLE: Wilton, Conn.; Architecture; Acacia. Billy Ray LESTER: Farmington; Secondary Educ. Steven Keys LESTER: Lewisville; Banking Finance; 2AE ; AK4 ' ; Finance Club. Virginia Lynn LEYSATH: Camden; Gen. Business; KA0; AWS, Chairman Academic Affairs; Soph. Counselor; X0. Eleventh Row: Keith John LINDEMANN: Little Rock; Indus. Management; 4 A0; ROTC. Ronald Gene LINDSEY: Jacksonville; Civil Engineering. Charles Lloyd LINEBARGER: Hindsville; Jour¬ nalism. David Martin LIVELY: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Men’s Soph. Council: Resident Advisor, Yocum; YRC; Dean’s List. Douglas C. LOBERG: Jonesboro; Mech. Engineering; ASME; SUE; Engineer¬ ing Council; St. Pat 1967-68; AFROTC; ASU; Men’s Soph. Council. 436 First Row: Michael Malone LOBDILL: Ft. Smith; Finance. Steve Allen LOIBNER: No. Little Rock; Chemistry; AXX; Acacia; ACS, Student Affiliation; Pershing Rifles; Floor Pres.; Yocum Senate. Jimmie Kay LONGINO: New Boston, Tex.; Secondary Educ.; AP. James Frederick LOONEY: Camden; Commercial Art. Jo Anne LORING: Valparaiso, Ind.; Music Educ.; AT, 2nd Vice-Pres., Pledge Trainer. Second Row: Susan Diane LOSEY: Afton; History; AAA; 4 A0. Lynda Jo LOVEGROVW: Alma; Elem. Educ.; SNEA; WHIC. Larry French LOVELESS: Stuttgart; Gen. Management; XX; Intra¬ mural Sports; SAM. Victor Manuel LOVELL: Ft. Smith; Chemistry; ACS, Student Afiliation; AXX; 4 IIX; ITME; Collegiate Academy of Sciences. Gary Lambeth LOW: Havana; Indus. Engineering; AIIE. Third Row: John Allen LOWREY: Hot Springs; Architecture; AIA; Band. Sharon Anne LUCKES: Ft. Smith; Accounting; Razor- back Hall, Treas.; YRC; Soph. Counselor. Leo Lawrence LUDWIG, Jr.: Stuttgart; Accounting BA ' P; Sedgwell House, Pres.; Arkansas Accounting Assoc.; Men’s Soph. Council. Phillip R. LUMPKIN: Marvell; Indus. Management; SAM, Pres.; Sedgwell House, Sec.; Floor Sec., Yocum; Amateur Radio Club; Arnold Air Society; Ad¬ vanced Air f orce ROTC; ARC Chief Operator; Dean’s List. Gerald Bruce LUNSFORD: Fayetteville; Art. Fourth Row: Robert Dale LUPER: Schofield Barracks, Ha.; Finance; Xn; Traveler, Advertising M anager, Circulation Manager. Robert E. LUTZ: Cherry Hill, N. J.; Accounting. James Russell LYNCH: No. Little Rock; Political Science; Dean’s List; Scabbard Blade; U. of A. Debate Team; Student Religious Council. Dale R. LYNN: St. Petersburg, Fla.; Marketing; Dean’s List; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard Blade. Ella May MACKEY: Siloam Springs; Elem. Educ.; KAIL Fifth Row: Jerry Lake MADDOX: Oden; Geology; Advanced AFROTC; Arnold Air Society, Info. Officer; Collegiate Academy of Science; Resident Advisor, Yocum Hall; Men’s Soph. Council. Dan W. MAESTRI: Greenwood; Pre-Med, Zoology; XN ; Interfraternity Pledge Council; XN, Contact Oficer, Corres. Sec., Recording Sec.; Collegiate Academy of Sciences; YDC; Univ. Alumni Contact Comm. William Ford MAGEE: Lewisville; Insurance Real Estate; Finance Club. Joanne Marie MAILER: Ft. Smith; Math; AAA. James R. MAJKA: Homewood, I1J.; History. Sixth Row: Allen B. MAJORS: Fayetteville; Chem. Engineering; AXX, Treas.; OICE; Pershing Rifles. Edward Bruce MALCOLM: Texarkana; Banking Finance. Robert Eugene MANATT: Hot Springs; Chem. Engineering. Nicholas H. MANENTE: Union City, N. J.; Architecture; KX, Pledge Treas.; A £fi; Circle K.; Pershing Rifles; Treasury Office; Campus Men. Sarah Jane MANGELS- DORF: Dallas, Tex.; Xft; Orchesis, Pres.; Resident Assistant, Hotz Hall; Chimes; Soph. Counselor; AWS Legislative Council; AWS Programs Comm.; Fulbright Hall House Council. Seventh Row: Donnie Lee MANGRUM: Sheridan; Mech. Engi¬ neering. Joan Burnett MANNING: Wynne; Psychology Sociology; nB4 . Georganna Sue MARKEL: Winfield, Kan.; Pre-Veterinarian. Richard Lee MARKELL: DeQueen; Marketing; i A0; Marketing Club. Richard Christian MARR: No. Little Rock; Psychology Sociology; Arnold Air Society, Administrative Officer; Scabbard Blade; SAM, Vice-Pres. New Telephone System on Campus 437 First Row: George Lewis MARSH: Waldron; Marketing; K2; Marketing Club; YDC; Commerce Guild. Joseph Gary MARTINE: Marion; Mech. Engineering; Sedgwell Hall, Pres., Vice-Pres., Treas. Donald MASON: Ft. Worth, Tex.; Gen. Business. Myrl MASSIE: Springdale; Social Studies. Lee MATHEWS: Hazen; Gen. Business; K2. Second Row: John Calvis MATTHEWS: No. Little Rock; Eng¬ lish Philospohy. Linda Kathryn MATTHEWS: Fayetteville; Sec¬ ondary Education; AI Rituals Chairman. Phil Elbert MATTHEWS: Warren; Banking Finance; 2 I E; Finance Club; Marketing Club; Intramural Football. Marvin H. MAURRAS: Ft. Smith; Gen. Busi¬ ness; Treasurer, Soph. BA Class; Vice-Pres., Junior BA Class; Commerce Guild; Circle K; Pre-Law; 2N. Richard Everett MAX¬ WELL: Dermott; Business Administration. Third Row: Barrie Price MAY: Cove; Elementary Educ.; Mortar Board, Editor; AAA; Soph. Counselors; Razorback Hall, President; AXD, Pledge Pres., Social Chairman; AWS Legislative Comm., Queen’s Comm.; Assoc, for Childhood Education; SNEA; Miss Fay¬ etteville, 1966; WRA; Dean’s List; KAIL Jack Rian MAY: Little Rock; Pre-Pharmacy; AKA. Michael Judson MAY: Newport; Mar¬ keting; Acacia Pledge; ABC; Marketing Club; YDC. Ralph Dewel MAY: Danville; Agri. Business; AFP. Gary D. MAYFIELD: Wilton; Elec. Engineering; IIKA; HKN; Arnold Air Society, Com¬ mander Administrative Officer; Advanced ROTC; Engineering Open House. Fourth Row: Marilyn B. MAYFIELD: Lewisville; Business Teacher Educ.; Dean’s List; X0; AFROTC Wives Club. James E. McALISTER: Crossett; Elec. Engineering; TBII, Pres. Pledge Trainer; IEEE, Pres., Vice-Pres.; HKN, Vice-Pres.; MIHC, Treas¬ urer; Vice-Pres., Sedgwell House; 0T Board of Governors; 0T Out¬ standing Senior Award; Amateur Radio Club (Chief Operator); HME; MURC Engineering Council. Jerry P. McALISTER: Tulsa, Okla.; Speech; 2N; Circle K; Board of Governors. Jackye Lee Mc- BRIDE: Leslie; Business Teachers Training. Robert Bene McBRIDE: No. Little Rock; History. Fifth Row: Donald Ralph McCLURE: Benton; Civil Engineer¬ ing ASCE. Linda Kaye McCONNELL: Green Forest; Elementary Educ. James Neil McCORD: Fayetteville; Management; Golf Team; 4 H2. Carolyn Sue McCOY: Little Rock; Elementary Educ. Mimi McCOY: Little Rock; Secondary Educ.; AAA, Pledge Social Chair¬ man; Co-Chairman of Miss U. of A. Pageant; St. Patricia Maid of Honor; YDC, Corresponding Sec.; Civic Club Chairman for Sing- fony; St. Patricia Finalist, 1966; YDC, Chairman of Members Comm. Sixth Row: Suzi McCRACKEN: Tulsa, Okla; English; AAA. Jennifer Barrett McCULLEY: Springdale; Elementary Educ. Martha Jane McCULLEY: Manila; Elementary Educ.; AAII. Bobby Ray McDANIEL: Jonesboro; Pre-Law (Banking Finance) ; Blue Key; Cardinal XX: AK ' P; 24E: Student Senate; Gaebale Business Man¬ ager; IFC, Rush Comm.; Dean’s List; Senate Transit Survey Comm. Jeral Van McDONALD: Cheyenne, Wyoming; Education Art. Seventh Row: Nancy Margaret McGEORGE: Pine Bluff; Social Welfare; XH, Personnel Chairman. George Billy McGILL: Ft. Smith; Education. Larry Douglas McGREW: Norman, Okla.; Math; 2AE, Vice-Pres.; OAK; Cardinal XX; 4112; Scabbard Blade. Jerry Al¬ ton MeCRORY: Hot Springs; Civil Engineering; ASCE. Nona Jo McDANIEL: Rogers; E nglish; KAII; Razorback Band; Soph. Coun¬ selor; 2AI. 4-5-1 Football Season 438 Dorms aftar a productive weekend. Seniors First Row: Ginger Kaye McDONALD: Charleston; Elementary Educ.; YRA; NEA; ACE. Lynda Stuart McDONALD: Newport; English; AT; SNEA. Thomas Arthur McELROY: Jacksonville; His¬ tory; K2; J A0; ABC. Joyce Ann McFALL; Pocahontas; Art English; KKF. Joann McEERRAN: Fayetteville; Spanish; 4 BK; 2AII, Secretary-Treasurer; AAA; Soph. Counselor; AWS; Off Cam¬ pus Women, Treas. Second Row : Andrew R. McGEE, Jr.: Ft. Smith; Chemical En¬ gineering. Dolly Irene McGUFFIN: Liberty, Tex.; History English; Senior Resident Assistant; Futrall Hall Pres. Tim Nolan McKEN- DRY: Winnsboro, Tex.; Finance. James M. McKINLEY: Ft. Smith; Public Administration Law; University Ombudsman; Resident Assistant; Men’s Soph. Council; Civic Club; YRC: Men’s Inter- House Congress; Dean’s List; Razorback Speleological Society. Phillip Lowe McLENDON: Van Buren; Music. Third Row: Frank C. McMILLEN: Hot Springs; Architecture; 2N. Michael E. McMULLEN: Hazen; General Business. Charles David McNEAL: Fayetteville; ATP, 2nd Vice-Pres.; AZ, Chronicler; Agri. Students Assoc., Treas.; Entomology Club, Treas. Gary Thomas McNEILL: Neosho, Mo.; Mathematics. Janelle McNULTY: Pine Bluff; Elementary Educ.; KKF, Scholarship Chairman, First Vice- Pres.; Association Childhood Education; National Education Assoc.; IAWS; YDC; AWS. Fourth Row: Diana Geraldine McRAE: DeQueen; Home Eco¬ nomics Education. Ada Jean MEADOR: Pine Bluff; Speech His¬ tory. Kent L. MEENE: Fayetteville; Mechanical Engineering; TBII; IIT2; ASME. Carl Frank MENYHART: Little Rock; Architecture; Student AIA; German Club; Circle K. James Frederick MENZIES: No Little Rock; French German; Cercle Francais, Pres.; Honors Program. Fifth Row: Terry L. MERGING: Fayetteville; Accounting; Army ROTC Brigade Executive Officer; Scabbard Blade; Pershing Rifles; BA F, Pr es.; BA Dean’s List. Danny Ray METZ: London; Agri. Business; AFP; Agri. Students Assoc.; AZ; AEG. Harold Gene MEYER: Noel, Mo.; General Business. Samuel Albert MEYER: No. Kansas City, Mo. Dallas Davis MILES, Jr.: Warren; History; 1 A0, Pres., Pledge Trainer, Historian, Warden, Alumni Sec.; Stu¬ dent Senate; Co-Chairman, Symposium ’68; OAK, Vice-Pres.; Cardinal XX; RAZORBACK, Co-Editor of Greeks Section; IFC; YDC; Pre-Law Club; Circle K; i A0; Collegiate Singers; University Chorus; AFROTC Singing Cadets. Sixth Row: Melvin Leon MILHOLLAND: Eudora; Civil Engi¬ neering; ASCE. Donald Gene MILLER: Cabot; General Business; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard Blade; AK ' F. Roy Don MILLER: Rogers; Accounting. Wanda Faye MILLER: Southwest City, Mo.; Education. Carolyn Beaty MINER: Fayetteville; Dietetics; FT, Edi¬ tor; AHEA; Dean’s List. Seventh Row: C. MODINGER, III: Blytheville; Marketing; Acacia, Treas.; Marketing Club; Advanced ROTC; YDC. John Michael MOLES: Harrison; Accounting; BA ' P; AIOP; Arkansas Ac¬ counting Assoc. Jim R obert MONTGOMERY: San Antonio, Tex.; Marketing. Athaline MOORE: El Dorado; Business Educ. Library Science; YRC; Human Relation Club; NEA Representative; Collegi¬ ate Singers. Eighth Row: Charles Robert MOORE: Little Rock; Chemistry; A2 I ; AX2; ACSSA. Katherine Estelle MORRE: New Orleans, La.; Education; House Judicial Board. Larry Mitchell MOORE: Hope; Real Estate Insurance; K2. Stanley Ray MOORE: Des Arc; In¬ dustrial Management. Sue Naylor MOORE: Little Rock; History. Ninth Row: William Nelson MORELAND: Ft. Smith; General Business. Ralph Speer MORGAN: Ft. Smith; English; K2, Vice- Pres. Julia Anne MORRIS: Little Rock; Dietetics. Lyndon FI. MOR¬ RIS: Ft. Smith; Accounting; BA ' P. James 1). MORRISON: Tulsa, Okla.; Geology. Tenth Row: James 1). MORRISON: Tulsa, Okla.; Geology: U. of A. Cross-Country Track Team. Ronald E. MORROW: Siloam Springs; Agriculture; AZ; AT A; Animal Industry Club, Reporter; Agri. Students Assoc. Judith Ann MOSEY: Salem; Marketing. Bill MOSS: Osceola; Civil Engineering; AXA, House Manager, Pledge Trainer. Scholarship Chairman; Engineering Council, Freshman Rep¬ resentative. Sonny MOSS: Osceola; Civil Engineering; AXA, Rush Chairman, House Manager; ASCE; ABC. Eleventh Row: William H. MOYE: West Helena; Mecli. Engi¬ neering. Judy Nell MULLER: DeWitt; English Journalism; AAA. Gary Edward MURPHY: Malvern; Agronomy; Agronomy Club; Animal Science Club. Randy George MURPHY: Hot Springs; Civil Engineering; 0T, See., Pres.; 2X, Executive Comm.; OAK; TBII; Arkansas Engineer, Editor; Student Senate; XE; ASCE; Outstand¬ ing Athlete, AA Intramurals; Humphreys Flail, Treas.; Engineering Council, Secretary. Gilbert C. MYATT; Wingo, Kentucky; Mech. Engineering; IIT2; ASME. 439 Seniors First Row: Michele Jan MYERS: Athens, Tex.; Marketing; 1967 Maid of Cotton Finalist; Alternate Cheerleader, 1966-67, 1967-68; Homecoming Court; Angel Flight, Chairman, Area Conclave; RAZ- ORBACK Beauty Candidate; Who’s Who in American Colleges Universities Nominee. Linda Lorraine NASH: Little Rock; Math; AT; Student Union Talent Committee. Ann NELSON: Texarkana, Tex.; IIB I . David Edmon NELSON: Benton; Personnel Management. Glynda Virginia NELSON: Fayetteville; English; AAA; Resident Assistant; SNEA: Soph. Counselor; ZTA. Second Row: Jane Lizabeth NELSON: Little Rock; Business Teacher Training; AAA; AWS; YDC; Soph. Counselor. Jean E. NEUBERGER, III: El Dorado; Chemical Engineering; TKE; AIChE. Edwin George NEWSON: Little Rock; Mech. Engineering. Jamie Elizabeth NEWTON: Russellville; Math; AAA; Fulbright Hall, Treas.; Majorette; Student Senate; Soph. Counselor; Gaebale Comm. .Secretary; Director, Off-Campus Housing Comm. Judy Diann NEW¬ TON: Hot Springs; English. Third Row: Glen ford Andrew NEWTOWN, Jr.: Fayetteville; Agri. Engineering; TBII, AE; ASAE; Scabbard Blade; AXft; Engineering Council; PA. Kathleen Kay NEW: Siloam Springs; Home Economics; AHEA; State AHEA Historian; Soph. Counselor. Deeana Jane NICHOLS: Little Rock; Architecture; Resident Assist¬ ant; Sophomore Counselor. David Cletus NICHOLSON: Alpena; Agriculture. Fourth Row: Jerry NICHOLAS: Shreveport, La.; Elementary Educ.: SNEA; XO, Social Chairman; ACE; YRC. James Charles Everest NICKERSON: Horatio; Entomology; Entomology Club. Jim R. NICHOLAS: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Marketing Club. Janet Marie NICKERSON: Horatio; Home Economics; AHEA; BSU. Norma Jean NICKERSON: Stuttgart; Elementary Educ.; TB2. Fifth Row: Gail Ann NIESEN: Glen Ellyn, Illinois; French; AT, House Manager; Best Dressed Coed Finalist. Dale Bruce NIXON: Magnolia; Electrical Engineering; TBII; HKN; IEEE; LIME. Martha L. NOBLE: Crossett; Education. Mitchell Duane NORMAN: Paragould; Zoology. Nancy NORTHCUTT: Huntsville; Elementary Educ.: Resident Assistant, Razorback Hall; AT, Recording Secretary; Panhellenic; AAA; Soph. Counselors; RAZORBACK, Mailing Chair¬ man; Fulbright House Council; AWS Academic Affains Comm.; AWS Student-Faculty Relations Comm. Sixth Row: Jo Donna NORTON: Little Rock; English; Candi¬ date for Honors in English; YRC; Futrall Hall House Council. Michael John NORTON: Victorville, Calif.; History; TKE, Pledge Trainer, Chaplain, IFC Representative; £H2; Arnold Air Society. David Allen NORWOOD: Fayetteville; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. John Michael NOWELL: No. Little Rock; Marketing. Katharine Mc¬ Rae NOWLIN: Arkadelphia; French English; KKF, Registrar; ABC, Sec.; AT, Sec.; Student Union Entertainment Comm. Seventh Row: Luther M. NUNNELLY: Florence, Ala.; Chemical Engineering. Billy Dean O’BAR: Ozark; Poultry Science; AIT, Treas.; Advanced AFROTC; Blue Key; AZ, Chronicler. Tommie Ann OBERLEY: Wynne; Home Economics Education; AHEA; I TO, Sec.; ASA; Resident Hall Assistant. Kathleen Marie O’CONNELL: Fayetteville; Elementary Education; ACEI. Linda Kathryn ODOM: West Fork; Business Teacher Training. Eighth Row: D. Scott OGLESBY: Pine Bluff; Sociology Social Welfare. Gary Eugene O’NEAL: Morrilton; Mechanical Engineer¬ ing; IIKA; KK ' E; ASME; SAE. Nannie Elizabeth ORANGE: Fay¬ etteville; Business Education. Robert E. ORANGE: Fayetteville; Agri. Business. William Samuel ORR: Little Rock; History. Ninth Row: Fred Murray OTT: Jacksonville; Mechanical Engi¬ neering; ASME, Chairman; Engineer’s Council. Brenda Jean OT- WELL Malvern; Home Economics. Larry R. OTWELL: Malvern; Zoology. Michael Joe OVERTON: Springdale; Marketing; Market¬ ing Club. Harry Yayne PACE: Monticello; Agriculture (Ento: mology) ; AIT. Tenth Row: Alan Dee PACK: Cecil; Animal Nutrition; AFP, Treas.. House Manager, Intramural Manager; AZ; OAK. David Dean PADGETT, Jr.: Kansas City, Mo.; Commercial Art; AXA. Ronald Ira PALCULICT: El Dorado; Chemical Engineering; AIChE. Ron¬ nie Dale PALMER: Pine Bluff; Civil Engineering; £ME; TBII; XE; ASCE, Vice-Pres. Athanasio PANTAZ1DES: Greece; Animal Science. Eleventh Row: Charles Stanley PARSLEY: Harrison; Market¬ ing; Marketing Club; Accounting Assoc. Larry R. PASLEY: Car¬ lisle; Education. Keith PATTERSON: Paris; Marketing; IIKA. Ann Rowden PAZDERKA: East St. Louis, Mo.; Home Economics Foods; FTO, Treas.; AHEA. Lawrence Joseph PENDLETON: Fay- elteville; Marketing; AKT; A i ft; Marketing Club. 440 First Row: Joseph Brooks PENN, Jr.: Portia; Agronomy; Agron¬ omy Club, Pres. Ann Carol PERRY: Benton; Math. Janice Carol PETERS: Bentonville; English. Richard B. PETERSON: Spring- dale; Chemistry (Pre-Med) ; AEA. Ellis Lamar PETTUS: Forrest City. Mechanical Engineering; Blue Key; Who’s Who; MIHC, Pres., Social Chairman; MACURH, Vice-Pres.; Resident Assistant; TAT. Second Row: Mary Jeanette PFEIFFER: No. Little Rock; Mar¬ keting; Marketing Club: YDC. Betty PHILLIPS: Pine Bluff; Botam ; IIB £. James E. PHILLIPS: Malvern; Vocational Agri.; AI Club; ATA. John F. PHILLIPS: Gravette; Accounting; Arkansas Accounting Assoc. Tawana Sue PHILLIPS: Booneville; History; Futrall Hall, Vice-Pres.; YDC; TB4 ; AWS Queen’s Comm.; Col¬ legiate Singers. Third Row: Howard Eugene PIKE, III: Little Rock; Transporta¬ tion. Larry 0. PILLOW: Monette; Speech; MBAF, Pres. William Edward PITTMAN: Liberal, Kan.; General Management; 2$E. Larry James PLUMLEE: Salem; Electrical Engineering. Harold Eugene PLUNKETT: Ft. Smith; Electrical Engineering; TBn; HKN; IIME. Fourth Row: Jeannette POLLARD: Little Rock; Business Teacher Training James Chris POOLE: Malvern; Chemical Engineering; 0T; ALChE; Arkansas Engineer Staff. Diana Wallin PORTIS: Le- panto; Marketing; AAA. Ernest Bradsher PORTIS: Lepanto; Gen¬ eral Business. Carl Russell POSTLEW ATE: Hot Springs; Indus¬ trial Engineering; AIIE. Fifth Row: Claudius Rowan PREWITT, Jr.: Tillar; English History; 2AE. Rosemary Pullen PREWITT: Shreveport, La.; Ele¬ mentary Education; KKX. David William PRICE: Ft. Smith; Chem¬ istry Physics. Mike PRIDE: Horatio; Marketing. Linda Maria PRINCE: Lincoln; Elementary Education. Sixth Row: James Roy PUGH: Proctor; Marketing 211, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman; Marketing Club; YDC. Anthony Frank PULTZ: Hot Springs; Animal Science; IIIvA. Carl Daniel PUR¬ NELL: Pine Bluff; Pre-Vet. Homer PURTLE, Jr.: Prescott; Elec¬ trical Engineering. Carl Edward RAGLAND: Leslie; Agriculture; Farmhouse. Seventh Row: Paul William RAINWATER: Ft. Smith; Distribu¬ tive Education; Ripley House, Pres. Annette May RAKES: Benton¬ ville; Elementary Educ. Jean Ann RAMSEY: Noel, Mo.; Education General Science. Patricia Louise RAND: Searcy; Speech; IIB4 , Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; AWS; YRC; SNEA; Soph. Counselor. Sarah Martha RANDS: Dumas; Speech; AAA. Social Chairman, Corresponding Sec.; YDC; Student Senate Comm. Snow Cancels Classes—History is Made 441 First Row: Virgil H. RAYBURN, III: Osceola; Civil Engineer¬ ing; TKE; ASCE. Harold Glynn RAYMER: New Edinburg; Elec¬ trical Engineering; HKN, Recording Sec. Rosemary RAYMOND: Fayetteville; English; KA0, Pres.; Mortar Board; Student Senate; Off-Campus Women, Pres.; Panhellenic; AAA; Soph. Counselors. Stephen Earl REAGAN: Claremore, Okla.; Education; Baseball. Vruitt Beem REBSAMEN: Ft. Smith; Pre-Med; AXA. Second Row: Philip E. REECER: Norman; Accounting; Arnold Air Society, Controller; Scabbard Blade, Controller; AK ' P; Hol¬ combe Hall, Pres. E. Smith REED, Jr.: St. Louis, Mo.; Mechanical Engineering; 4 A0, Treas.; Housemanager; SAM, Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec.; ASME, Treas.; Dean’s List; AFROTC Drum Bugle Corps— Outstanding Member, 1964-65. Hollis Theodore REED: Monticello; Animal Nutrition; KKSF; 4 H2; AZ; Scabbard Blade; TAT; Razorback Band; Animal Industry Club. John Lee REED: Pine Bluff; Chemical Engineering: TBII; T2. Phil REEDER: Texar¬ kana; Banking Finance; IvK ' F. Third Row: Sharon Ann REEVES: No. Little Rock; Sociology Social Welfare; KKP, Corresponding Sec., Social Chairman; Senate Elections Comm.; AWS. Carolyn Ann REICHARDT: San Antonio, Tex.; Education; AXD. Gay Robin REID: Marshall; Secondary Educ.; IIME; YDC; SNEA; AWS Legislative Council; Soph. Coun¬ selor; Civic Club. James Bucknall REMMELL: Fayetteville; Mech¬ anical Engineering; II T2; 2AE. David E. REUTZEL: Ft. Smith; Accounting; Financial Executive’s Institute Award for 1967; BT2, Sec., Treas.; BA ' F, Sec.; RAZORBACK, Administrative Editor; Uni¬ versity Band; T. J. Bettis Foundation Scholarship; AFROTC Drum Bugle Corps; AK ' F, Arkansas Accounting Assoc. Fourth Row: Richard R. REYNOLDS: Heber Springs; Business Administration; Acacia; IFC; Pershing Rifles. Jimmy Dale RHODES: Nashville; Industrial Management. Darrel Alan RICE: Bentonville; Industrial Engineering; Student Senate; William House, Pres.; Co-Chairman, Hallaballoo ’68; Resident Hall Assistant; MIHC Executive Council; Student Senate Housing Department, Chairman; TBII; AIIM; TAT, Charter Member; 4 H2; A t fi, Secretary; A1IE; Floor Sec., Yocum Hall. Herschel F. RICE: No. Little Rock; Civil Engineering. Elizabeth Harth RICHARDS: Ft. Worth, Tex.; RAZ¬ ORBACK Beauty; Soph. Counselors; AWS; ACE; IIB4 . Fifth Row: William C. RICHARDS: Ft. Smith; Marketing; 4 A0. Johnny T. RICHARDSON: Prescott; Plant Pathology; Agri. Assoc. Jon David RICHARDSON: Reyno; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. Ross Phillips RICHARDSON: Malvern; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. Virgil Dewayne RICHMOND: Sparkman; Chemical Engi¬ neering; AX2; AIChE; ACS. Sixth Row: Thomas Phillip RISHER: No. Little Rock; Civil Engineering; AKA. Noah Wayne RISNER: Salem; Mechanical En¬ gineering; IIT2, Treas. Cloyse Arley RITCHEY: Louann; Electrical Engineering; Arnold Air Society; IEE; 24 E; KK ' P. Malcolm Ever¬ ett RITCHIE, Jr.: No. Little Rock; Industrial Engineering; AKA, Sec., Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Chairman, Pledge Class Vice-Pres.; 0T, House Manager; AIIM; AIIE; Delegate to State Student Lead¬ ership Conference; MIHC Associate Justice; YDC; Advanced AFROTC. Rebecca RIVERS: Elgin, Tex.; English; AT, Pres.; Mortar Board; AXA Crescents, Pres.; Student Union Planni ng Comm.; ABC; Panhellenic; AAA. Seventh Row: James William ROBBINS: Benton; Chemical En¬ gineering; 0T, Pledge Class Treas.; Arkansas Engineer, Editor, 1965- 66; Assistant Editor 1966-67; AKA; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Gary Melvin ROBERTS: Fouke; General Management; SAM. Larry Allan ROBERTS: Rogers; Music Education; t MA; Razorback Band. Roger Edward ROBERTS: Batesville; Marketing; Marketing Club; SAM; YDC. Kim ROBERTSON: New Orleans, La.; Psychology; ' LX; Honorary Army ROTC Sponsor; IIB4 , As¬ sistant House Manager, Pledge Trainer. U-Arkettes Plan Tour of Mexico Let it all hang out. 442 Seniors First Row: Nancy Carolyn ROBERTSON: Ft. Smith; Elementary Education; SNEA. Susan ROBINS: McCrory; Elementary Educa¬ tion; KKT. Jeannie ROBINSON: Rogers; Marketing; AXU, Treas¬ urer, Pledge Class; X0, Corresponding Sec.; Marketing Club, Sec.- Treas.; RAZORBACK Staff, 1966-67; YDC; AWS. Ronald Laurence ROBRAHN: Siloam Springs; Education, Speech English; Razor- back Band; Librarian; 2AH; t AT; Advanced AFROTC; Sonic Editor. David Jerome RODGERS: Hamburg, N. Y.; Marketing. Second Row : Elton Leroy ROE: Little Rock; Architecture; AIA, Student Chapter. Henry Lyle ROGERS: Batesville; Pre-Med; 2X; AEA. Jane Wickard ROGERS: Little Rock; Home Economics; XU; AHEA; Chimes; Soph. Counselor; ABC; Resident Assistant. Paul Lewis ROGERS: Harrison; Marketing; IIKA, Rush Chairman, Vice- Pres., Pres.; YDC, Vice-Pres.; Commerce Guild Associate Editor; Marketing Club; Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Comm.; Jr. Representative; IFC, Chairman Investigations Comm. Robert Michael ROLLER: Bartlesville, Okla.; Accounting; OAK; AK ' F; M12; AXA, Parliamentarian; Varsity Basketball. Third Row: Michael Edward ROLLINS: West Memphis; Indus¬ trial Management; 2n, Social Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Intramural Manager. Gary Carl ROOP: Fayetteville; Mechanical Engineering. Harriet Elizabeth ROOT: Greene, N. Y.; Industrial Engineering; Marching Razorback Band; Varsity Band; TB2, Ac¬ tivities Chairman, Co-Chairman Region 1 Band Festival; AIIM, Sec¬ retary; AIIE, Sec.; Society of Women Engineers, Delegate to Na¬ tional Convention; nME; Futrall, Religion Chairman, Finance Chair¬ man; AWS Legislative Council Representative; Soph. Counselor; ARKANSAS ENGINEER Staff; National Honor Society. Frank Daniel RORIE: Flippin; Industrial Engineering; Arnold Air So¬ ciety; AIIE. Carl H. ROSE: Ft. Smith; Accounting; 2AE. Fourth Row: Claude James ROSE: Leachville; Agri. Engineer¬ ing; ASAE. Joseph Anthony ROSO, Jr.: Tontitown; Accounting. Rex Watson ROSS: Conway; Chemistry (Pre-Med) ; 4 H2; Collegi¬ ate Academy of Science; Men’s Sophomore Council; Dean’s List. Thomas Triss ROSS: Gurdon; Zoology. Toni ROSS: Van Alstyne, Tev.; Psychology Sociology; ROTC Sponsor; XU. Fifth Row: John Henry ROWE: El Dorado; Physics. James Her¬ bert ROWLAND: Little Rock; German English; German Club, Forum Chairman, Drama Comm.; Honors, German English. James Morrison ROY: Little Rock; Accounting; BA ' k; AK ' E; Accounting Assoc. Kent J. RUBENS: West Memphis; Pre-Law; Blue Key, Treas¬ urer, Razorback Day Chairman; Editor, A Book; IFC Board of Publi¬ cations, Model Pledge; 2N, Board of Governors; Pledge Trainer, Election, Comm.; Humphreys Hall Outstanding Freshman; 4 H2, Pres.; Cardinal XX; Humphreys Hall, Vice-Pres.; Dean’s List. David Patton RUDDER: Pine Bluff; Business Administration; 2N; Finance Club. ; Sixth Row: Joyce Elaine RUTLEDGE: Smackover; English Speech; KAO. Phyllis Weeks RYE: Fayetteville; Finance; Finance Club, Sec.; Carnall Hall, Judicial Board; Futrall Hall, Sec.; Ac¬ counting Assoc., Student Chapter; X0. Paris Darnell SABBS: Little Rock; History; £A0; Resident Assistant, Yocum Hall; Men’s Soph. Council; MIHC Speech Forum; Arkansas Forum; Lincoln School Volunteer; Human Relations Club; Wesley’s Drama Club, Vice-Pres. Michael Glen SALZMAN: Salem; Chemical Engineering: AX2; ACS, Student Affiliate. Dana L. SAMPLES: Huntsville; Marketing. Seventh Row: Robert Howard SANDERLIN: Hamburg; Math (Pre-Med); 2X; IFC; ABC. Everette Craig SANDERS: No. Little Rock; Accounting; Scabbard Blade; A K2; ABS; Accounting Club. James Marvin SANDERS: Okay; Mechanical Engineering; AKA; 0T, Sec., Pledge Trainer; nT2; Engineering Council, Treas.; ASME. Charles Robert SANDINE: Stuttgart; Mechanical Engineering; 2AE; ASME. Jeanne SAVA: Texarkana; Business; ZTA; SNEA; YDC. Eighth Row: Edward Lynton SCHARFF, Jr.: Little Rock__ Archi¬ tecture; AIA, Student Chapter; Scabbard Blade. Cloyce Wayne SCHEER: Lafe; Biology General Science; Humphreys Hall, Resi¬ dent Assistant; Yocum Hall, Resident Advisor; Men’s Soph. Coun¬ cil. William George SCHEIDERER: Stuttgart; Electrical Engineer¬ ing. Bruce George SCHEIDERER: Stuttgart; Electrical Engineering. Bruce F. SCHLEGEL: Fayetteville; Generral Business. Wava Ann SCHNEIDER: Springdale; Accounting; X0, Recording Sec.; Ac¬ counting Association; German Club; Off-Campus Women. Ninth Row: David Myron SCHRANTZ: Helena; Zoology; Episco¬ pal Student Council, Pres. Robert Charles SCHRAPLAU: White Plains, N. Y.; Architecture. Bart M. SCIVALLY: Ft. Smith; Ac¬ counting; Arkansas Accounting Assoc.; Finance Club; Newman Club. Douglas Palmer SCOTT: No. Little Rock; Finance; Finance Club. Jon David SCOTT: Little Rock; Marketing; Newman Club; YRC; Marketing Club. Tenth Row: Pamela Denise SCRAPE: No. Little Rock; Speech; KKP Panhellenic; ABC; RAZARBACK Beauty; RAZORBACK Staff. Simone SEAMON: Springfield, Mo.; Elementary Educ.; Secre¬ tary of Associated Students; Mortar Board; Fulbright Hall, Resident Assistant; Panhellenic Representative, Treas.; ZTA, Ritual Chair¬ man: Dean’s List; Vice-Pres., SNEA; YDC. William David SELF: El Dorado; Personnel Management; Razorback Basketball; Scab¬ bard Blade. Roman Joseph SEL1G, III: Corning; Civil Engineer¬ ing; 0T; ASCE: Track Cross-Country Letters; Co-Captain. Edward D. SELLERS: Vilonia; Agronomy. Eleventh Row: Jeanne SETSER: Decatur; Bacteriology. Cassandra Anne SEYMOUK: Camden; History; KKT; Hotz Hall Vice-Pres.; State Sec. of AWS. T. Stephen SHADDOX: Harrison; Pre-Med. Ann Pennebaker SHAFER: Crawfordsville; Geography. Paul Thomas Shafer: Crawfordsville; Civil Engineering; ASCE. 413 v . - J| Jn i § O C 4 v l i If] Seniors First Row : Graham Fountain SHANNON: Conway; Architecture; 2X. Robert Austin SHARP, Jr.: Leachville; Chemistry; AX2; Amer¬ ican Chemical Society, Student Alliliate. Sandra Faye SHARP: No. Little Rock; Speech English; Soph. Counselor; Queen’s Comm.; Alternate Cheerleader; YDC. Sandy SHARP; AAA. Wendall Doyce SHARP: Athens; Economics. Dennis Ray SHAVER: Leachville; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. Second Row: Dennis Dean SHAW: Springdale; Transportation; ILKA; AK ' F ; ABC; Pre-Law Club. Otis Edman SHELTON, Jr.: Little Rock; Industrial Education. Edith SHIRAS: Mountain Home; Journalism; Student Senate; WIHC, Treas.; AWS Newsletter Edi¬ tor; FRC, Sec.; ARKANSAS TRAVELER, Co-News Editor; RAZOR- BACK Copy Editor; Channing Club; Razorback Hall, House Coun¬ cil, Judicial Board; Outstanding Freshman Journalist; Outstanding Sophomore Journalist; AAA, Historian; Film Arts Society Executive Comm.; Arkansas Forum Steering Comm. Howard Lincoln SHIRK, Jr.: Texarkana; Physics. H. Dudley SHOLLMIER: Pine Bluff; Elec¬ trical Engineering; LA0; Engineering Council; IIME; TBII; HKN; IEEE. Third Row: James Thomas SHOPTAW: Dallas, Tex.; Pre-Med; 3 A0, Intramural Manager, Parliamentarian; YRC: Ralph Robert SIEVER: Arkansas City; Mechanical Engineering; 2A2; ASME; Student Senate. Diane Dean SIMMONS: Houston, Tex.; Marketing; HB4 X0. Fred Joseph SIMMONS: Little Rock; Psychology. Mark Charles SIMMONS: Siloam Springs; General Business. fourth Row: Pamela Sue SIMONS: Tulsa, Okla.; English; Angel Flight, Administrative Officer, Executive Officer; ZTA, Correspond¬ ing Recording Sec.; Student Union Talent Comm.; SNEA. Vita Sherryl SIMPKINS: Ft. Smith; Education; SNEA. John Bennett SIMPSON: El Dorado; Zoology; 2N, Commander, Board of Gov¬ ernors; Cardinal XX; OAK, Sec.; AEA; freshman Senate: Circle K: Dean’s List. Carol Ann SIMS: Ft. Smith; Secondary Education; Xft; SNEA; YRC. Joe P. SING, Jr.: Pine Bluff; Banking Finance; OAK, Pres.; Razorback Cheerleaders Captain; Student Senator; In¬ terfraternity Council; Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Council; ABC. YRC; 211, Sec. Fifth Row: John Currie SLOAN: Lake Village; Architecture; 2X; IFPC; IFC; ABC; AIA. Steven Rollin SLOAN: Glenwood; Civil Engineering; Sedgewell House, Social Chairman; ASCE. Char¬ lotte Ann SMITH: Fayetteville; Music. Dwight Frank SMITH: Mammoth Springs; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Soph. Council. Earl Travis SMITH, Jr.: McGehee; Civil Engineering; ASCE; ASAE. Sixth Row: Fred Charles SMITH: Garland, Tex.; Math. James Robert SMITH: No. Little Rock; Psychology English; TAT, Vice- Pres.; Resident Assistant; Resident Advisor; Yocum Hail, Vice- Pres.; Student Relations Comm.; Men’s Soph. Council, Treas.; MIHC Commentary, Editor; Advisor Freshman Senate; U. of A. Professionals. Linda E. SMITH: London; Home Economics; AHEA; ASA: MBSF; Agri. Maid; AWS Finance Committee; Agriculturist Staff. Philip Taylor SMITH: Braggadocio, Mo.; Electrical Engineer¬ ing; HKN; IEEE. Robert LeRoy SMITH: Hot Springs; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. Seventh Row: Sara Sue SMITH: Little Rock; Home Economics Education; KKF; Angel Flight. Teresa Diane SMITH: Salem; Gen¬ eral Business; Futrall Hall,Sec. ; AWS. Terry Randal EMITH: Star City; Finance; 2N. Warner Thomas SMITH: Louann; Chemical En¬ gineering Winifred SMITH; Little Rock; Elementary Educ.; Mortar Boaid. Historian; Razorback Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Panhellenic Council; ABC; Interfraternity Pledge Council, Treas.; XI2 Pledge Class, Pres., Personnel Chairman. Eighth Row: William Rodger SMITHWICK: Pine Bluff; Busi¬ ness Management. Eugene Hugh SNAWDER: Siloam Springs; Agri. Engineering; AWAS; Sec. Richard Ted SNIEGOCKI: Little Rock; Advertising Public Relations; Acacia; Marketing Club. Carol Lil- liam SOULE: Tulsa, Okla.; Speech; 2nd Runner-Up, Miss U. of A.; Uarkettes; Xfi; 2AI; Blackfriars; 1st Place, Student Union Talent Show. James R. SOUTHERLAND: Summers; Business Administra¬ tion. Ninth Row: Billy Bob SPICER: Ft. Smith; Education; SNEA; ACE Thomas G. SPICER: Ft. Smith; Transportation. William David SPIVEY: Little Rock; Accounting; 2N ; BA ' k; 4 A0; AK ' P. Wil¬ liam Arthur SPRATLIN: Dermott; Civil Engineering; ASCE; XE; ResidentResident Assistant, Yocum Hall; Engineering Council; Miss U. of A. Pageant Committee. Luther D. SPURLOCK: Gould; Pre- Med.; Collegiate Academy of Sciences, Vice-Pres.; Arnold Air So¬ ciety. Tenth Row: Joseph H. STANLEY: Augusta; Architecture; Cardinal XX; 2AE, Board of Governors; AlA, Student Affiliate. Lynne Ellen STANLEY: Metairie, La.; English; KKT, Sec.; AWS, Sec.: Fulbright Hall, Floor Pres.; Fulbright Hall, Judicial Board; Student Union Comm. Barbara Diane STE1GLER: Hot Springs; His¬ tory Counselor Education; Resident Assistant, Hotz Hall; Dean’s List IJB$, Recording Sec., Scholarship Pledge, Junior Executive Member; Soph. Counselor; YRC. Mary Gail STEPHENS: Ada, Okla.; Elementary Educ.; Mortar Board, Pres.; AWS, Presidential Aide; Resident Assistant, Hotz Hall; Programs Chairman, AWS; Ad Hoc Comm. Member, Student Faculty Senate Committees; Recording Sec., AT; Model Pledge Award; Hotz Hall, Floor Man¬ ager; KAA; SNEA; ACAI. Susan STEPHENS: Big Springs, Tex.; Elementary Educ.; Al Eleventh Row: James Hal STEVENS: Little Rock; Transporta¬ tion. Nicholas Rodgers STEVENS, 111: Little Rock; Education; YDC; Circle K; ITKA, House Manager, Social Chairman, Rush Chair¬ man; Student Senate Athletic Comm.; All-Intramural Football, Bas¬ ketball. Sara Ann STEVENSON: Jonesboro; Elementary Educ.; XD. Joseph Dean STEVER: Joplin, Mo.; Electrical Engineering; IEEF. Jerry Wayne STEWART: Ft. Smith; Political Science. 444 First Row : Michael Steven STEWART: RussellviJle; Mechanical Engineering; ASME, Treas.; 2AE; Advanced ROTC; TAI; Off- Campus Men. David C. STIFF, Jr.: Dallas, Tex.; Mechanical Engi¬ neering; ITT2; 2AE Officer; ASME; NSS; Scuba Club; Arkansas Caver; NRA. Sara Jane STOBAUGH: Hughes: Elementary Educ.; KKT; ACEI, Sec.; SNEA. Larrie Dean STOLFI: Tontitown; Ac¬ counting. Patricia Marie STOLL: Ft. Smith; Science Educ.; Reid Hall, Resident Assistant; AAA; Newman Club; AWS Academic Af¬ fairs Chairman, Futrall Hall; AWS. Programs Chairman, Futrall Hall. Second Row: Kathryn Ann STOREY: Hot Springs; Business Educ.; AAA; AXA Playmate: Marketing Club: Guild Staff; AWS; Transfer, Baylor University. Stephen P. STOREY: Hot Springs; In¬ dustrial Management; AXA, House Manager. Charles Roland STUBBLEFIELD: Fayetteville; Political Science French; Acacia, Pres., District Rush Chairman: Vice-President of Associated Stu¬ dents; Chairman, Board of Publications: OAK; Cardinal XX; PH2; KKP; Scabbard Blade: Circle K: BSU: RAZARBACK, Military Editor. Lee Harold SUDBURY: Blytheville; Marketing; Student Senate: Vice-Pres. of Freshman Class: Executive Council of Com¬ merce Guild; AKSF, Sec.; Blue Key; 2AE, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Board of Directors; Delegate to Leadership School Na¬ tional Convention. Anita Diane SUITT: Monticello; Secondary Educ. English; KKr; Soph. Counselor; AWS Comm.; IFPC; AT. Third Row: John Gregg; Dallas, Texas; Education Speech; 1FC; Greek Week Chairman; TKE, Treas.: Chairman of Gaebale Entertainment Comm. Michael Kipp SULLIVAN: Fayetteville; Man¬ agement; TKE. William Douglas SUMMERVILLE: Blytheville; Management; AXA. Ronald E. SUNDERMAN: San Antonio, Tex.; Electrical Engineering. Phillip Michael SWANN: Little Rock; Mar¬ keting; 23 E, Social Chairman; Marketing Club; Circle K. Fourth Row: Mary Rosa SWEENEY: Violet Hill; Epeech Patli- ologv. Diane Elaine SYDORTAK: Hamburg: Secondary Education. Gerald Winfred TACKER: Miami. Fla.: Education. Edward Otho TACKETT, Jr.: Havana: Music. Kenneth Lee TAFF: Waldron; Mechanical Engineering; SAM; ASME. Fifth Row: Janice Marie TALBERT: Texarkana, Tex.; Journal¬ ism: AT; AWS Communications Committee Chairman: RAZOR- BACK Reporter, 1966-67; Dean’s List: POK. James Jerrel TANNER: Batesville: Civil Engineering; 0T. Board of Governors; Engineering Council, Pres.; ASCE; Arkansas Engineer Staff: ABC. Philip Allan TATE: Malvern: Psychology. Sharon Flo TATMAN: Rogers; His¬ tory; KKT; PBK: Angel Flight Commander: Motar Board; AWS Roles of Women Comm. Chairman; Ch imes President; AAA: PA0; Student Senate Distinguished Lectures Comm.; Student Union En¬ tertainment Comm. Joseph David TAYLOR: Ft. Smith; Marketing; Marketing Club. Sixth Row: Marsha Fave TAYLOR: Carthage; Sociology: AWS, Roles of Wommi Comm.; WRA Renr s etative. Razorback Hall; Raz- orback Hall, Pres. Kennv Morris TEAGUE: Mou tainburg; Animal Sciences. Dixie Carol TERRELL: Hot Springs; Advertising Mar¬ keting; IIB f . Lance Morell THAREL: Fayetteville; Marketing; Marketing Club; Scabbard Blade. Ralph Marion THOMANN: Little Rock; Mathematics. Seventh Row: Eliza Jane THOMAS: Snringdale; Secondary Educ. Social Studies; ZTA: SNEA; AWS; YDC. Harold Lindell THOMAS: Springdale; Transportation. David Leo THOMASS0N: Camden: Civil Engineering: ASCE. Connie Jean THOMPSON: Al¬ pena; Genera Business; Marketing Club; YDC. Honrv Howard THOMPSON, Jr.: Gurdon; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. Chi O’s Win Ski Derby Day Transfer students from the University of Lesbos. 445 First Row: Mary Reid THOMPSON: Daingerfield, Tex.; Physical Education; KA0. Charles Thomas THORN: Fayetteville; Physics; SITS. Sec.-Treas.; IIME, Pres.; American Institute of Physics, Pres. (Student Section); £H2; A4 12. Gary L. THRAILKILL: Southwest City, Mo.; Psychology Sociology. Ronald Clarence TIFFEE: Tuck rrman; Pre-Med; Razorback Baseball Team. Jackie Carl TIPTON: Green Forest; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. Second Row: Edward Truman TOLLETT: Nashville; Industrial Management. Maryann TOLLEY: Tulsa, Okla.; Business Administra¬ tion; Carnall Hall, House Manager; Kulbright. Section Manager. Paul 0. TOMPKINS, II: No. Little Rock; Chemical Engineering; BSU. George Robert TOOMBS, II: Mapelville; Civil Engineering. Mary Margaret TOROK: Berryville; Speech Dramatics; KA0, Treas.; National Collegiate Players; Holcombe Hall, House Man¬ ager, Treas. Third Row: Nancv Eleanor TOWNSEND: Port Arthur, Tex.; Elementary Educ.; NEA; ACE. Sally R. TRAMMELL: DeQueen; Home Economics; KAO, Social Chairman; AWS Finance Comm.: Soph. Counselor; YDC; Dean’s List. Tommy G. TRANTHAM: Little Rock; General Business: 4 A0: President of Senior Class: Varsity Football. Nancy Lee TREMBLE: Kansas City, Mo.; Education; Angel Flight; KAII; ACE; AWS, Legislative Board, Communica¬ tions Comm.; IIB4 , Music Chairman, Programs Chairman; Dean’s List William Henry TRICE, III: Fayetteville; Political Science; Razorback Cheerleader, 1967-68; Acacia, Social Chairman, Executive Council; Pershing Rifles; ABC; Gaebale Carnival Director. Fourth Row: Robert Edward TROEGER: Marshall: Business Management; SAM; Razorback Band. Gerald Wayne TUCKER: Fayetteville; Accounting. Christy Sven TULLGREN: Mountain Home; Finance; Finance Club. Nathan Bruce TURNER: Poplar Grove: Accounting. Byron Drew TYLER: Paragould; Chemical En¬ gineering. Tifth Row: John William TYRA: Naylor; Education; Varsity Basketball. David E. TYRONE: Blytheville; Finance; AX A, Pledge Trainer; Dean’s List; Finance Club; Circle K; YDC. Linda Gail Burroughs TYRONE: Shreveport, La.; Elementary Educ.; SNEA; ZTA, Treas.; Fulbright Treas.; Soph. Counselor; ABC; YDC. Mavis Ann UPTON: Jasper; Math; AXfi, House Manager, Corresponding Sec.; AAA; KAII; IIME; Soph. Counselor; Disciples Student Fel¬ lowship. Sec., Vice-Pres. Layman Ray UTTER: Fayetteville; Market¬ ing. Sixth Row: Ronald E. VAN BUSKIRK: Neosho, Mo.; Psychology. Mary Ellen VAN EATON: Ardmore, Okla.; Art English; IIBi, Vice-Pres.; Chimes; AX A Crescents, Vice-Pres.; Hotz Hall, Assistant Housl Manager; Hotz Hall Floor Pres.; Entertainment Comm.; IIB I . Executive Council. Charles VAN GINHOVF.N: Lima, Peru; Industrial Management. Johan VAN GINHOVEN: Lima, Peru: In¬ dustrial Management. Richard Lawrence VAN METER: Little Bock; Electrical Engineering; HKN; IEEE Exhibit Chairman; Civic Club; TKE, Scholarship Chairman. Eighth Row: Rebecca Ann WALDEN: Little Rock; Psychology. Susan Elaine WALK: El Dorado; Journalism; RAZORBACK, Asso¬ ciate Editor, Copy Editor; Xfi, Sec., Historian, Honor Pledge; AWS, Publicity Chairman, Communications Chairman; KTA; AAA; Gaebale Book Editor; AWS Handbook Editor; Student Union En¬ tertainment Comm.; Fulbright, Reporter: TRAVELER Staff; People- to-People Mempership Comm. Edwin B. WALKER: Forrest City; Accounting: 2X. Linda Kathrvn WALKER: Camden; Journalism English; RAZORBACK Staff, Personalities Editor; TRAVELER Staff; KTA; 4 BK; AWS Press Representative, Legislative Board: Soph. Counselor; KKT, 2nd Vice-Pres.; Dean’s List. William Claud WALKER: Bentonville; Vocational Education. Ninth Rotv: James W. WALLACE: Little Rock; Agri. Busi¬ ness Thomas R. WALLACE: Mena; Pre-Med.; 2X Executive Comm.; ABC Pledge Trainer. Pamela Sue WALSH: Kennett, Mo.; Music Education; ZTA; Schola Cantorum; 2AI. Kathy WALTON: Ft. Worth, Tex.; English; President; ZTA; Dean’s List: Mortar Board; Rush Book Editor; Greeks Co-Editor; RAZORBACK; ZTA, Historian; Gaebale Comm. Co-Chairman; YDC Reporter; Arkansas Advocate, Society Editor; Fulbright Hall Social Chairman. H. Lee WARD: Siloam Springs; Education. Tenth Row: Larry Bradley WARD: Lavaca; Agronomy; Agri. Student Assoc.; Agronomy Club. Peggy WARD: Berryville; Home Economics. Sandra Elizabeth WARD: Prescott; Marketing; ZTA, Treas.; X0, Sec.; TBS; Marketing Club; Soph. Counselor; U. of A. Majorette; YDC. Carol Elizabeth WARNOCK: Camden: English Speech Drama; AAIT, Registrar; National Collegiate Players, Sec.; YDC. Joan Kitchner WARRINGER: Pine Bluff; Architecture; K2: International Club; A1A. Eleventh Row: Eddie Lee WARRINGTON: Blytheville; Busi¬ ness Management; TIKA. Scott Jamison WARRINGTON: Blythe¬ ville; Social Studies; ZTA; Student National Education Assoc.; YRC: Dreamgirl of IIKA. John William WATKINS: Eudora; Civil Engineering: TBTI: XE; Treas., Sedgwell House. Katharine Lindsey WATSON: Little Rock; Education; X0. Anne Dean WAYMAN: Russellville; Home Economics. 446 Seniors First Row: Harold W. WAYM1RE: Little Rock; Electrical Engi¬ neering; IEEE. Milton Clarkson WELLS, Jr.: Little Rock; Mechan¬ ical Engineering; ITT22; Recording Sec.; SAM; ASME. Kathleen Barden WESSON: Little Rock; Speech Therapy; Mortar Board; Angel Flight, First Commander of Silver Wing; Holcombe Hall, Resi¬ dent Assistant; 1 BK. Leon WEST, Jr.: Magazine; Physics; Acacia. John Wesley WHEELER: Ferguson, Mo.; Accounting; BA ' F. Second Roiv: Kenneth G. WHILLOCK: Clinton: Insurance. Caro¬ lyn Ann WHITE: Little Rock; Psychology; TIR4 , Executive As¬ sistant; Commander, Angel Flight; Civic Club: AAA; Arkansas Col¬ lege Queen; Dean’s List; Honor Roll. Dennis Wavne WHITE: Pres¬ cott; Secondary Education. Sammy Charles WHITE: Hot Springs; Industrial Engineering; 0T, Treas.; ATIM, Corresponding Sec.; A TIE • Engineering Council. TIME: Dean’s List. Samuel Scott WHITE: Mabel vale; Electrical Engineering; Arnold Air Society; IEEE; Yocum Hall; Resident Assistant. Third Row: Woody WHITE: DeQueen; Accounting; RTS; BA ' P; Blue Key; U. of A. Cheerleader; ZX; kHZ: Cardinal XX; IFC, Rush Chairman; AAA. Pres.: National Council of Honor So¬ cieties Pres. Janet Carole WHITTEN: Camden; Elementary Educa¬ tion; SNEA; ACE; KATT. John David WIDENER: Greenwood; Political Science. Susan Virginia WTDMER: Van Buren; English. Ellis Louis WIDNF.R, Jr.: Green Forest: Journalist Social Studies; FB4 . Vice-Pres.; TRAVELER Staff: SNEA; A4 Q : Billboard Na¬ tional College Bureau: Collegiate Council for the U.N., Pres., Vice- pres.; Catholic Center Liturgical Comm. Fourth Row: Lawrence WilFam WIKOFF: Jacksonville; Elec¬ trical Engineering. Linda WILDER: Ft. Worth, Tex.; Music; YRC; Hospitality Comm. Michael Clark WILKINS: Dallas, Tex.; Architec¬ ture Piona: ATA. Linda Anne WILLIAMS: Brinklev: History. Martha Ellen WILLIAMS: Newport; Physical Educ.; PEM Club; YDC; WRA Representative. Fifth Row: William Hale WILLIAMS: Osceola: Education; AXA; ABC: YDC: NFA; AFA. A. Franeene WILLIAMSON: Tulsa, Okla.: Elementarv Educ.: ACEI. Jackie Carol WILSON: Jonesboro; Speech Pathology: AXQ, Reporter, Activities Chairman; Human Re¬ lations Council, RAZORBACK Staff, Administrative Editor; Gaebale Committee. John J. WILSON, Jr.: CobimMis; Management; AK ' P; U. of A. Housing Comm.: Humohreys Hall. Resident Advisor: Men’s Soph. Council; Yocum Hall Discipline Council. Zelmer Clarence WILSON: Killeen, Tex.; History; AFROTC, Advanced Cadet. Sixth Roiv: Don Albert WTNFLAN D Paragould: Agri. Engineer¬ ing; Fres., KZ: Cardinal XX. Jamec William WTNGARD: Calico Rock: Physical Education; Intramural Manager: PEM Club. Stanley Joe WINGERT: Ros Bud: Agri.: ATP. Gary WINTON: Little Rock; Accounting: Varsitv Swimming Team; AKSP; Accounting Assoc.: YDC. Robbv J. WITHERTNGTON: Hamburg; Chemical Engineering; IIKA: TBIT; TZ; AIChE; TIME. Seventh Row Virginia A. WITT Mount Ida: Speech; Stud-nt Senate Concerts Comm. Ai-Ping WONG: Taipei, Taiwan; Architec¬ ture. Wendy Lv«n WOOD: Memphis, Tenn.: Commercial Art; A An: YRC: AWS: People to People: WRA. Terry Dean WOOD¬ COCK: Sapulna. Okla.: Education: TATA Sinfonia. Pres.; Schola Cantorum; MENC. William I. WOODFORD, Jr.: Little Rock; In¬ dustrial Engineering; TBn; ATTM; Scabbard Blade; AITE. Eighth Row: Janice Ardian WOODS: Little Rock: Elementary Education; YDC; ZTA; KAII; Assoc, for Childhood Education, Publicity Chairman; Episcopal Council. Cindy C. WOODSON: Ft. Smith; Elementarv Educ.; AXO; Alternate Cheerleader; Resident Assistant; ABC; NEA. Bridget Jean WRIGHT: Texarkana; English; AXIL Treas; Senior Panhellenic. Larry John WRIGHT: Paris; Gen¬ eral Business; MIHC, Treas.; KK ' P; Razorback Band: YRC: Mar¬ keting Club; Resident Advisor. Thomas Joe WRIGHT: Little Rock; Electrical Engineerinf: AXA; 0T; Student Senate; Engineering Council; IEEE, Treas. Ninth Row: Cynthia Fav WRITER: Nevada, Mo.; Education English German: Mortar Board: Resident Assistant: AT, Pledge Class Vice-Pres., Pledge Thainer; KATT: AAA: Sweetheart of ZX; Soph. Counselor. Pat Yarrington WYATT: Tulsa, Okla.: Music; Chimes; TIB4 ; St, Patricia, 1965: Soph. Counselors; IFPC; Schola Cantorum: Uarkettes: Opera Workshop: Dean’s List. William Stephen WYLIE: Murfreesboro; Industrial Engineering; A TIE. Robert Yoshiaki YADA: No. Little Rock: Civil Engineering; ASCE. Ronald E. YEAGER- Fordyce; Chemical Engineering; ZIT, Alumni Sec.; A I fi; AIChE. Lennie Daniel YINGST: Fayetteville; Poultry. Tenth Row: Dennis Ray YOUNG: Texarkana; Banking Fi¬ nance; ZIT, Pres.; IFC; Finance Club: Marketing Club; Circle K; IFPC; ABC; YRC. Freedie Lee YOUN G: Little Rock; Electrical Engineering. Gady Cleveland YOUNG: Little Rock; Architecture; A1A, Student Chapter Pres.; ROTC Rifle Team, 4th Army ROTC Rifle Team. Ronald D. YOUNG: Harrison; Finance: AK ' F; Humphreys Hall, Treas. Albert M. ZAWISLAK: Little Rock; Archi- tectuie; AIA, Student Chapter. Brenda Jeanette ZIEGLER: Stutt¬ gart, Psychology; ZTA; Angel Flight; ABC. 417 First Row : Carol Ann ABNEY: X12, Shreveport, La. John Darrel ABSHIER: Lincoln. Elias ADAMANTIDIS: Greece. Gary Charles ADAMS: Piggott. Melva Ann ADAMS: Fayetteville. Suzanne ADAMS: Coed, Camden. Victor G. AEBY: Pleasant- ville. Second Row: Robert Charles AHRENS: Mountain Home. Wayne Henry AINSLIE: Buchanan House, Cohasset, Mass. Da¬ vid Lewis ALEXANDER: Holcombe Hall, PlatteCity, Mo. Susan Evelyn ALEXANDER: 4-H House, Little Rock. Connie Anne ALLEN: Rogers. Henry Augustus ALLEN: 2AE, Little Rock. Third Row: Nancy Catherine ALLMENDINGER: Rogers. S. David ALPHIN: K2, El Dorado. Richard James ALTHOFF: No. Little Rock. David Paul ANDERSON: Prescott. James Red¬ man ANDERSON: Holcombe, Okarz. Rebecca Anise ANDER¬ SON: Fayetteville. Gloria Sue ANTHONY: Reid, El Dorado. Fourth Row: Bobby Joe APPLEGATE: Delight. Raymond Francis II, AQUILINA: IIKA, Smackover. Michael Ruel ARCHER: Holcombe, DeQueen. Jack ARPIN, West Fork. Anne Deane ARNOLD: Razorback, Aurora, Mo. Larry Dean AS- SELIN: Acacia, Branson, Mo. James Wesley ATKINS: TKE, Mountain Home. Fifth Row: William Roger ATKINS: UK A, Earle. William H. AUMAN: Alpena. Wayne AUSTIN: Wilson Sharp, Austin, Texas. Tommie Dean AYERS: Holcombe, Hot Springs. Sarah Elizabeth BAIRD: XS7, Shreveport, La. James Howard BAKER: Holcombe, Mountain Home. Larry Dee BAKER: Marked Tree. Sixth Row: Terry L. BAKER: AKA, Kennett, Mo. Theda Varie BAKER: ZTA, Ft. Smith. Billy Charles BALDWIN: Hot Springs. Phillip Lynn BALKE: 211, Lee’s Summit, Mo. Lacreta Jane BALKMAN: Tutrall, Magazine. Patricia BALL: TIB4 , Fort Smith. Rebecca E BANE: Razorback, No. Little Rock. Seventh Row: C. Jaylon BANKS: Butrall, Springdale. Nick D. BANKS: Fayetteville. Howard John BARAGER: Coed, Tex¬ arkana. Donald Ray BARBER: 2IT, Newport. Frada Ann BAR- LOW: IIB4 , Ft. Worth, Texas. Jerry Glen BARNER: Little Rock. Billy B. BARNES: Holcombe, Bentonville. Eighth Row: Janis Faye BARNES: AT, Berryville. Kathy Jo BARNETT, Xfi, No. Little Rock. John G. BARNHILL: 2AE, Newport, R. I. Jackie S. BARRETT: KKP, Houston, Texas. Dale Eugene BASHAM: Carlson Terrace, Mansfield. Jerald F. BAS¬ HAM: Little Rock. Mary Kathryn BASINGER: Futrall, Van Buren. Ninth Row: John Robert BASS: 0T 2X, Little Rock. Don Carlon BASSETT: Fayetteville. Margaret Elizabeth Stokes BATEMAN: Delight. James E. BAUGH: 2X, Pine Bluff. Mara- reta Gunnel BAVERBACK: Xft, Sweden. Anne BEANE: IIB4 , Forrest City. Jerry R. BEARD: Fayetteville. Censorship Called For at Roll Call Juniors First Row: Judy BEARD: Little Rock. William King BEARD: Acacia; Little Rock. Jack Dorsey BEARDEN: 2AE; Magnolia. John M. BEATTY: 2AE; Lewisville. Mary Kath¬ erine BEAVERS: Pinckneyville, Illinois. Brooks Walton BEAZ- LEY: Conway. Larry Robert BEGOON: Benton. Second Row: Bonnie Margaret BELL: ZTA; Dallas, Tex. Glenn Edward BELL: Pine Bluff. J. C. BELL: Alpena. Mary Martha BELL: Fulton, Mo. Wayne Thomas BELL: Farmhouse; Rogers. Harold Byrd BELTON: Little Rock. Becky Ann BEN¬ NETT: AAIT; Harrison. Third Row: Janet BENNETT: Ft. Smith. Julie LaNelle BEN¬ NETT: Carlisle. William A. BENNETT, Jr.: No. Little Rock. Beverly Ann BENTON: KA0; Fayetteville. Bill W. BENTON: 2$ E; Pine Bluff. Barbara Jo BERG: Walminster, Pa. Roberto Vladimir BERMUDEZ: Guayaquil, Ecuador. Fourth Row: Kenneth Edward BERNER: Springdale. John Gaylon BERRY: ITKA; Dardanelle. Judith Anne BERRY: Kan¬ sas City, Kansas Linda Kay BERRY: Futrall; Harrison. Mary Kathryn BERRY: Coed; Ft. Smith. Beth BERRYHILL: Ft. Smith. Michael Frank BETHEA: Coed; Pine Bluff. Fifth Row: Michael Mullard BIBBY: Little Rock. Ann Marie BILHEIMER: Xfi; Little Rock. George BINGHAM: West Helena. David O. BIRKETT: Ft. Smith. Patrick Kelly BISHOP: Green Forest. Larry George BITTLE: Ft. Smith. Patricia Kay BIVENS: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Harry Knute BJORNBERG: Acacia; Little Rock. Brenda Clem BLACK: Branch. Glenn Durham BLACK: Wilson Sharp; Ciloam Springs.Kay Lynn BLACK: AAIT; Ashdown. Larry A. BLACK: Holcombe; Benton. Roy Edward BLACK: Holcombe; DeWitt. Candyce Sue BLACKARD: AT; Ft. Smith. Seventh Row: James Edward BLACKWELL: Coed; Little Rock. Brenda Joyce BLAGG: Coed; Newport. M. Janella BLANSCET: Coal ' Hill. Robert Atherton BLANSHARD: 2AE; Newport. George Werner BLOESCH, Jr.: Coed; West Helena. Alice LaVelle BOATRIGHT: AXfi: Fayetteville. Pamela Ann BOCK: Coed; Ft. Smith. Eighth Row: Marilyn Ann BOGGS: Coed; Paragould. David Bruce BOLES: Coed; Springdale. Donald Ray BOLES: Coed; Memphis, Tenn. Jane Veronica BONADY: IIB 1 Fulbright; Wynne. Bobby Lynn BONDS: Clinton. Peggy E. BOOKOUT: Springdale. Donald Orien BOOTH: Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Mandy BOREING: IIB4 ; Magnolia. Garrett Lee BOSLEY: No. Little Rock. Suzanne BOSWELL: Futrall; No. Little Rock. Larrv Keith BOTTOMS: Buchanan; Waldron. Mary Elizabeth BOTfS: AAIT ; DeWitt. Curtis Russell BOUR- LAND: Coed; Camden. John Berry BEARD: Augusta. Tenth Row: Louis M. BOWEN: 2AE; Forrest City. Richard William BOWER: William House; Ft. Smith. Patti A. BOW¬ ERS: Reid; Little Rock. James Earl Boyd: Holcombe; Little Rock. Loretta Marie BOYD: Fayetteville. Judith Lee BOYER: Coed; Bartlesville, Okla. John Raymond BOYLE: Holcombe; Leavenworth, Kan. Eleventh Row: William Thomas BRACKEN: No. Little Rock. William Harold BRADLEY: Fayetteville. Paul R. BRADSHAW, Jr.: Pine Bluff. Danny Martin BRAMBL: Ft. Smith. Lawrence B. BRAUTIGAN, Jr.: Coed; Ft. Smith. Linda Gene BRAY: Razorback; Hampton. Lawrence R. BREWER: Okmulgee, Okla. Twelfth Roiv: Donald Scott BRIAN: Coed; Shreveport, La. Larry Joe BRIDGES: Greenwood. Philip Dean BRIDGES: Memphis, Tenn. Linda Jean BRIGANCE: Futrall; Waldron. Jay B. BRIGGS: ATP; Briggsville. David L. BRIGHT; 211; Manila. Linda Lou BRIGMAN: Reid; Little Rock. Thirteenth Row: William George BRILL: Sedg well House; Ciniminson, N. J. Joe David BRODIE: Sedgewell House; Van Buren. Milton Charles BROKER, Jr.: Humphreys; Gideon, Mo. Sharon Kersey BROWERS: Futrall; Tyler, Texas. C. Winston BROWN: 2X; Little Rock. Carol Ann BROWN: Fayetteville. Darrell Fayne BROWN: Holcombe; Horatio. Fourteenth Row: Irwin Hal BROWN: 2X; Fayetteville. Lynda Dee BROWN: AAA; Newport. Rebecca June BROWN: Ft. Smith. Sam BROWN: 2AE; Morrilton. Shirley Guylene BROWN: West Fork. William David BROWN: Mount Union, Penn. Helen Darlene BROWNFIELD: Greenwood. 449 Juniors First Row : Howard Leon BROWNFIELD: Hackett. Carol BROYLES: Fayetteville. William Clark BRUCE: 0T; Ft. Smith. William ' Allen BRUMYIETT: Lonoke. Pamela Ann BRUNELLE: KKF; Ft. Worth, Texas. Samuel W. BRYAN: Lincoln. Don Alan BRYANT: Camden. Second Row : Mildred Corinn BUCHANAN; AAA; Prescott. Jack John BUCHER: Coed; Mountain Home. Elizabeth Walker BUFFINGTON: KKP; Lake Village. Larry Dixon BUNN: Texarkana. Charles Morris BURDINO: Buchanan; Magnolia. Donald Howard BURKS: Hot Springs. Barbara Chapman BURN¬ ETTE: Quitman. Third Row: Charles William BURNS: El Dorado. Michael A. BURNS: Little Rock. Michael E. BURR: 211; Little Rock. Connie Jo BURRIS: Coed; McGehee. Christine Johnston BUR¬ ROW: KIvT; Lake Village. Charles Richard BURTON: Gurdon. Patricia Ann BUTLER: AAII; Harrisburg. Fourth Row : Tommie Lee BUTLER: Morrilton. Mervin John CAGLE: Coed; No. Little Rock. Corinne CAIN: AAA; Ft. Smith. Howard Guess CAIN, Jr.: Huntsville. Richard CALA- WAY: Batesville. Richard B. CALAWAY: Batesville. Janice Elizabeth CALLAHAN: Coed; Mulberry. Fifth Row: William Blake CAMERON: AKA; Pine Bluff. Carol L. CAMPBELL: AAII; West Monroe, La. Jane CAMP¬ BELL: KA0; Van Buren. Richard F. CAMPBELL, III: K2; Ft. Smith. Stephen Edgar CANTRELL: Sedgewell; Harrison. Charles David CAPPS: Midland, Texas. Edward A. CARLE: Stuttgart. Sixth Row: Lois Ann CARLSON: KA0; Marion. Shannon Lea CARLTON: ZTA; Harrison. Jeanette CARPENTER: KKF; Hamburg, Texas. Linda Kay CARPENTER: Futrall; Texar¬ kana. David Lynn CARROUM: 22 AE; Memphis, Tennessee. Lin¬ da Noe CARSON: KKF; Little Rock. Margaret Kay CARSON: Futrall; Monticello. Seventh Row: Lane Swifton CARTER: Newport. Paula Ann CARVER: Coed; Neosho, Mo. Thomas Derwood CARVER: 2N; Neosho, Mo. William Burns CARWELL: IIKA; Cherry Valley. John Virgil CASBEER: 2AE; Forrest City. Jerry Frank CASH: 2AE; Harrison. Lov Roger CASSADY: Buchanan; Nashville. Eighth Row: Herschel CAST, Jr.: Sedgewell; Little Rock. Dwain CASTLEBERRY: Ft. Smith. Michael Douglas CATE: Sedgewell; Walnut Ridge. Larry Eugene CAUDLE: Wast Fork. Martha Lou CAULDER: Coed; Little Rock. Barbara Jo CAVENDER: AAA; Ruston. La. James Murlin CAWOOD, Jr.: TKE; Bentonville. Ninth Row: Robert Lee CAWOOD: Bentonville. Celia Anne CAZORT: Reid; Little Rock. John Sturdivant CEARLEY: Nashville. Vick Margaret CHALFANT: Futrall; Augusta. Da¬ vid Ray CHAPMAN: Tulsa, Okla. Thomas John CHAPO: Ft. Smith. Debra Sue CHEATHAM: Reid; McCrory. Tenth Row: Frank R. CHERRY : Gregson; Texarkana. Carol Diane CHOWNING: Reid; Magnolia. Cynthia Sue CHRIS- MAN: Coed; No. Little Rock. Gary Lester CHRISTENSON: Coed: Hot Springs. Richard Carl CHRISTY: 211; Collinsville, Ill. Gloria Jean CLAI RDA: Futrall; Harrison. Daniel R. CLARK: Pine Bluff. Eleventh Row: Janis CLARK: AAII; Russellville. Judy M. CLARK: Razorback; Hindsville. Molly Ann CLARK: Reid; Waldo. Robert Eddie CLARK; West Helena. William Kent CLARK: Coed; Rogers. Robert A. CLARKE: Tulsa, Okla. Linda CLAY: AAA; El Dorado. Twelfth Row: Patricia Ann CLEMENT: Futrall; Pine Bluff. Rodney Cecil CLEMMONS: Uniontown. Leona R. CLEVE¬ LAND: Magazine. Beverly Ann CLEV1DENCE: AXD; Little Rock. Orville Christopher CLIFT: Fayetteville. Lowell Douglass CLIFTON: No. Little Rock. Sandra Gene CLIFTON: West Fork. Thirteenth Row: James W. CLOPTON: Holcombe; Helena. Mary Ruth CLOTFELTER: Coed; Monette, Mo. Linda Faye CLOYD: Razorback; Siloam Springs. James Edward COBB: Nashville. Catherine Louise COFFIELD: Reid; No. Little Rock. Gene COGBILL: 2AE; Texarkana. William Foy COKER: Springdale. Fourteenth Row: Ray Eugene COLCLASURE: K2; Al- theimer. Patricia COLE: Reid; Mountain Home. Dalton Miles COLEMAN. Jr.: Holcombe; El Dorado. Randell Clinton COLE¬ MAN: TKE; Hot Springs. Larry G. COLLIER: Coed; Darda- nelle. Kay Graham COLLINS: Reid: Hot Springs. Patricia Leigh COLLINS: Cod; Kansas City, Kansas. First Row : John Michael CONDIT: 2N; DeRidder, La. Charles Allen CONDITT: Helena. Mike CONDON: Fayetteville. Andrew Benton CONE: Wilson Sharp; Wilmot. Marilyn CON¬ NELL: AX12: Warren. M. Ira CONNER: 2X; Silver City. Bob¬ by Joe COOK: ATP; Stamps. Second Row: Frances COOK: AAA; Wynne. Joe Dee COOK: Holcombe; No. Little Rock. Margaret Elizabeth COOK: Coed; Shreveport, La. William Jennings COOK: Sherrill. Linda Ann COOKSEY: A A1 1 : Ft. Smith. Carol Sue COOPER: Razorback; Cooter. Edward H. COOPER, Jr.: Holcombe; Alma. Third Row : Michael Larry COOPER: Harrison. Johnny Clif¬ ford COPELAND: Co d; Ingalls. Reggie Arnold CORBITT: Little Rock. Jack G. CORNETT: AXA; Favetteville. Geraldine Ann CORNWELL: Futrall; Conway. John Blair CORNWELL: 2AE; Dardanelle. Fourth Row : Marilyn Ann COURDIN: Razorback; Purdy, Mo. Wendy Lynne COVEN: AAA; Searcy. Sara Margaret COWAN: AAII : Fayetteville. Jo Lynn COXSEY: Berryville. Barbara Jean CRAIG: AT; Bentonville. Joe Carl CRAIN: Springdale. David Ralph CRAVENS: Paris. Fifth Row: Cynthia Ann CREEL: Xfi; Tulsa, Okla. William Arthur CRESS: Fayetteville. Michael D. CRIST: Buchanan: Gladstone, Mo. Lana Jean CROOK: Walnut Ridge. Carolyn CROSS: KKT; Newport. Frank Steven CROW: 2N; Berryville. Robert F. CRUDUP: Little Rock. Sixth Row: Michael A. CULLEN: Ft. Smith. Joe R. CUL- LOM, Jr.: Wilson. Samuel D. CUMMINGS: Coed; No. Little Rock. Byron Duane CUNNINGHAM: Hope. Paul Ray CUN¬ NINGHAM: Fayetteville. Kenneth Ray CUPPLES: ATP; Dierks. Elizabeth Ann CURETON: 4-H House; Cash. Seventh Row: Frank A. CURL: Acacia; Muskogee, Okla. Robert Stephen CURRIE: DeWitt. Ann M. CURRY: Xfi; Little Rock. Robert A. DAHMS: Glendale. Calif. James Lowell DALE: Fayetteville. Charles David DANIEL: Coed; Ashdown. W. Pey¬ ton DANIEL: 2AE. Eighth Row: Susan Carol DARNALL: AAIT ; Waldo. Robert Allan DAVIDSON: 0T; No. Little Rock. David Goodbar DAVIES: Little Rock. Alice Marie DAVIS: Reid; Dermott. Calvin Sharpe DAVIS: El Dorado. Donna Kay DAVIS: Reid; Jonesboro. Larry Michael DAVIS: ATP; Glenwood. Ninth Row: Tony M. DAVIS: Yocum; Verona, Mo. Paul Ed¬ ward DAWSON: West Helena. Thomas D. DEBERRY: Idabel, Okla. Francis Eugene DEBONS: Yocum; Paragould. Diane Cecilia DE CLERK: KKT; Pocahontas. Jane Collier DEES: ZTA; Little Rock. Walter D. DEES, Jr.: Little Rock. f J Cl « JA a 4 ( Kl Book by Strickland—Gregory Honored " Who ' s next? " 451 First Row: Robert Dale DEMPSEY: Yocum; Booneville. Susan Kay DENNEHY: Reid, Muskogee, Okla. James William DENNIS: Coed; Hope. Jerrv L. DENNIS: Paris. John Thomas DENT: 211; No. Little Rock. Ann L. DENTON: ITB I ; Little Rock. James Prentice DEROSSITT: 2AE; Forrest City. Second Row: Annette DESALVO: Coed; Hurst, Tex. Rich¬ ard Francis DETWF.ILER: Coed; Ft. Smith. Dwight Bennett DICKSON, Jr.: 211; Okinawa. Don Killard: Holcombe; Mur¬ freesboro. Michael Gregory DILLARD: Carlson Terrace; Gen¬ try. Orlo DIETRICH, Jr.: 2AE; Ft. Smith. Third Row: Peggy DIXON: Hotz; Lamar. William P. DIXON: Holcombe; Little Rock. Linda Lou DODGE: AAIT; Joplin, Mo. Randy Eugene DODGE: 2N; Benton. Charlotte Lea DODSON: West Fork. Barbara Kay DOHERTY: Reid, Batesville. Robert Woodrow DOLAND: William; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Jimmy L. DORMAN: Fayetteville. Kent Alfred DOSS: DeQueen. Richard Allen DOSS: 2AE; Ft. Worth, Tex. John Thomas DOTSON, Jr.: Sedgewell; Van Buren. Joe Carroll DOUGHTY: Buchanan; Benton. David Eugene DOUGLAS: Carlson Terrace; Gravette. James Paul DOUGLAS: Acacia; Magnolia. Fifth Row: Billy Dewayne DOVER: 211; Mena. Donna Letitia DOWNS: Reid; Little Rock. Glenn DRAIN: Fayette¬ ville. Charles Edward DRAKE: Sedgewell; Bradley. Cynthia DRAKE: Fayetteville. Patricia Marie DRAPER: AAA; El Do¬ rado. Janice Claire DRISKILL: KA0; Vinita, Okla. Sixth Row: Richard DRITTLER: Russellville. John Allan DRYER: Springdale. William Joseph DUBOIS: Sedgewell; Ft. Smith. Annetta L. DUFFY: KKF; Pine Bluff. Jimmie Hurene DUKE: No. Little Rock. Montie Wayne DUNCAN: 2N; Searcy. Patricia Ann DUNIGAN: Reid; Dallas, Tex. Seventh Row: Pam DUNN: Coed; No. Little Rock. Shirley Marie EANS: Fayetteville. Tom Patrick EARNHART: AKA; Ft. Smith. David H. EARLE: Coed; Jacksonville. Joseph Clif¬ ford EASON: Ashdown. William Alfred EASON: 2AE; Hope. Gary Ewell EASTERLING: Huntsville. Eighth Row: James Winton EATON: Ft. Worth, Tex. Tom¬ mie Kay EBBERT: AAA; Jonesboro. Paula Lee EDGIN: Fu- trall; Hot Springs. Larry D. EDMONDSON: Gentry. Dan ED¬ WARDS, Jr.: Danville. Hugh R. EDWARDS: Searcy. Pam Priest EDWARDS: Searcy. Ninth Row: Richard Wayne EDWARDS: Holcombe, Jones¬ boro. Robert Patrick EDWARDS: 24 E; Hot Springs. Kathryn Marie EGGERS: Futrall; Mountainview. Janet Lee EHREN- BERG: AAA; St. Louis, Mo. John Calvin EICHLER: Wilson Sharp; Stuttgart. Michael David EIDSON: 2II; Mountain Home. Herman Emery ELKINS: Ft. Smith. James Philip EL¬ KINS: ITKA; El Dorado. Mortar Board Weakens Homecoming 452 Juniors First Row: Cheryl Jane ELLIS: Coed; Pine Bluff. Juliane ELLIS: ZTA; Paragould. Virgil Edward ELLIS: 0T; No. Little Rock. Donald Joe ELROD: Benton. Gloria ELROD: Reid; Texarkana. Thomas Britton EMBRY: Yocum; Bartlesville, Okla. Gary Wayne EMMET: Springdale. Second Row : Rickey O. ENGLAND: TKE; Ft. Smith. Thomas Henry ERNST: Fayetteville. George Dennis ESTELLE: Carlson Terrace, Van Buren. Glenyce Gail ESTES: Reid; Wichita, Kan. George Grady EUBANKS: William; Benton. Helen Compton EUBANKS: IIB4 ; Little Rock. Third Row: Linda Cheryl EUBANKS: ZTA; Pensacola, Fla. Peggie Jean EUBANKS: Springdale. Eric Stanley EVANS: Little Rock. Eddie Louis EVERETT: Altheimer. Sandra Jean EVERETT: AAH; Clarendon. Russell Hardy EWING: 2X; Des Arc. Alan Louis FABRYCKY: William; Mena. Fourth Row: Linda Jo FAULKNER: Fulbright KAO; Fayetteville. Pam FESLER: Futrall; Jefferson City, Mo. Daniel Clayton FETHEROLF: Holcombe; St. Louis, Mo. Howard Louis FIKES: Pine Bluff. Floyd H. FINCHER: 2AE; Newport. Thel- nita FINCHER: Dallas, Tex. Richard James FINN: Springdale. Fifth Row: Robert Byron FISHER: 2AE; Memphis, Robert Clinton FISHER: AKA; Memphis. Marrin Ruth FIT- TON: KAO; Harrison. Robert B. FITZGERALD: Ft. Smith. Benjamin Dewey FITZHUGH. Lakeview. Mike FITZHUGH: 2 1 E; Fayetteville. Robert C. FLANNIGAN: Huntsville. Sixth Row: Suzanne L. FLICK: AAII ; Dallas, Tex. Danny Lee FLOWERS: 211; Batesville. Norman Wayne FLYNN: Har¬ rison. James David FOLSON: Coed; Murfreesboro. Henry Michael FOOTE: Crossett. Gail FORBES: AT; Austin, Tex. Jamela Jean FOSTER: AT; Ft. Smith. Seventh Row: Steven Jay FOWLER: AXA; Brinkley. Clyde R. FOX: Harrison. Marilyn Edna FOX: Futrall; Gentry. Wil¬ liam H. FOX: Coed; Pine Bluff. Richard Eugene FRANKEN- BERGER: Pocahontas. Bettie A. FRANKLIN: AAII ; Benton. Edward Lee FRANKLIN: No. Little Rock. Eighth Row: John Olyver Charles FRANKLIN: Coed; El Dorado. John Thomas FRANKLIN, III: Holcombe; Lake Charles. James Howard FRASHER: Dallas, Tex. Paula Key FRAZIER: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Byron L. FREELAND: cj A0; Little Rock. Donnie Ray FREEMAN: Stuttgart. Elwood A. FREEMAN, Jr.: 2X; Newport. Ninth Row: Gwendolyn Ransom FREEMAN: Reid; High¬ land Park, N. J. Melody FREEMAN: Reid; Dardanelle. Robert Daniel FREEMAN: Sheridan. Stephen Howard FREEMAN: 0T; No. Little Rock. Stephanie Taylor FREYALDENHOVEN: Mena. Jo Karen FRISINGER: Futrall; Enid. Glynda Ann FRITTS: AAA; El Dorado. Tenth Row: Douglas Lee FUGATE: Sedgewell; Carthage, Mo. Fred L. FUTCH: Camden. Michael H. GALLOWAY: Pine Bluff. Robyn GANNAWAY: IIB I ; Little Rock. Sally Ann GARDNER: AAA; Springdale. George G. GARNER: Lakeland, Fla. Elizabeth GARTRELL: AXfi; Ashville, Ala. Eleventh Row: Brian Lincoln GARTSIDE: Coed; Rogers. Sandra Sue GASTON: AAA; Neosho, Mo. Michael John GEAR¬ ING: AXA; Blytheville. Terrence Michael GEORGE: William; Cove. Donna Sue GERETY: AAA; Hazen. Alton Dewayne GIB¬ SON: Leachville. David Lowell GIBSON: II KA; El Dorado. Twelfth Row: Don Lee GIBSON: IIKA; Springdale. Max A. GILBERT: Coed; Ft. Smith. Raymond C. GILBREECH: Holly Grove. Roger William GILCHRIST: Ft. Smith. Roger William GILES: Acacia; Prairie Grove. Stephen Richmond GILES: 2X; Little Rock. Thomas Wilson GILLEYLEN: Coed; Murfreesboro. Thirteenth Row: David Roy GILLHAM: Coed; Sand Springs, Okla. I icka (Patricia N.) GILLIAM: X12; El Dorado. Mary Lee GINN: Razorback; Bentonville. James Clark GLENN: Lakewood, Colo. Gil Louis GLOVER: Holcombe; Little Rock. Robert Ivy GLOVER: ( I A0; McGehee. Dean Raymond GOOD¬ EN: William; Independence, Mo. Fourteenth Row: James David GOODMAN: Malvern. Sherry Lea GOODNER: Waldron. Vick Darryl GOODNER: Pencil Bluff. Robert Richard GOODYEAR: 2X; Newport. Larry Jay GORE: William; Walnut Ridge. James Harold GORHAM: William; Dallas, Tex. Don Allen GRAHAM: Holcombe; Hous¬ ton, Tex. 453 Juniors First Row: Gary Frank GRANGER: Coed; Rogers. Charline Marie GRANT: AXf ; Muskogee, Okla. Deanna Jeane GRAY: AAIT; Little Rock. Ernie Horton GRAY: Holcombe; Calico Rock. Robert Van GRAYB1LL: AKA; Little Rock. Paul Joseph GRAZIANI: No. Little Rock. Terry Gleen GREER: Holcombe; No. Little Rock. Second Row: Richard Earl GREENE: Rogers. Artie GREG¬ ORY: i A0; No. Little Rock. Wanda Lynn GREGORY: AT; El Dorado. Doris Jean GRIFFIN: Ft. Smith. James Michael GRIMES: William; Blytheville. David Hershell GRIMMETT: William; Hope. Glenn William GRIPPE: Fayetteville. Third Row : Vicki Gean GUNN: AX£ ; Sheridan. Mario Ojeda GUTIERREZ: AIT; Ft. Worth, Texas. Creed Michel HAIGH: XIT; Stuttgart. Donna Jane HAIRSTON: KKF; Little Rock. John Bruce HALBERT: Coed; Melbourne, Fla. William Robert HALE: Russellville. Kersch E. HALL: AKA; Dumas. Fourth Row: Richard L. HALL: 0T; No. Little Rock. Linda Lee HALLMARK: AXQ; Little Rock. Phillip Terrance HALTON: Lewisville. Thomas Edward HAMILTON: Nyack, N. Y. Mary Cathryn HAMMONS: KKF; Forrest City. Carol Ann HAMPTON: AAII; DeWitt. Fifth Row: Charles Albert HANBY: XN; Berryville. Caro¬ lyn Sue HANEY: Van Buren. Ronald Harvey HANEY: Wil¬ liam; El Dorado. Sandra Louise HANEY: AT; Shreveport, La. Carol Ann HANNEBAUM: Razorback; Alton, Ill. Albert Carter HARD AGE: XX; Little Rock. Laveta Ann HARDCASTLE: Hotz; Gentry. Sixth Roiv: Robert Wilson HARDIN: 4 A0; Clarksville. Eddie D. HARGIS: Coed; Huntsville. Philip J. HARGRAVE: Gregson; Benton. Michael Preston HARKEY: XX. Gary Michael HARLAN: Joplin. Mo. Blake Whittington HARPER: XN; Ft. Smith. Robert Eugene HARRELL, Jr.: Holcombe; Wynne. Seventh Row: Barbara Bernice HARRIS: 4-H House: Cen- terton. George Vernon HARRIS, Jr.: Favetteville. Glen Dale HARRIS: Holly Grove. Harold Ross HARRIS: Rogers. Jo Courtney HARRIS: KKF; Ft. Smith. Raymond M. HARRIS: Coed; Ft. Smith. Richard Allen HARRIS: Coed; Pine Bluff. Eighth Row: Russell Fields HARRIS, Jr.: 4 A0; Ft. Smith. Lilburn Crofford HARRISON, Jr.: 4 A0; No. Little Rock. Myra Jane HARRY: Little Rock. Albert Sidney HARTMAN, HI: Holcombe; Brookhaven. Gary Leamon HARVEY: Paragould. Philip Loyce HATHCOCK: Fayetteville. Gary Lynn HAYDEN: Batesville. Ninth Row: Steven L. HAYES: Ft. Smith. Kirby HAYNIE: Reid; Little Rock. Patrick Henry HAVES: XX; No. Little Rock. Kenny Ray FIAZEN: Wilson Sharp; Erie, Kan. Ivan 1). HAZLEWOOD, Jr.: 0T; Hot Springs. Virginia Lynette HEARD: AAA; Newport. Susan HEARNSBERGER: AXD; Benton. Tenth Row: James Rexford HECOX: William; Benton. Ricky L. HEGENBERGER: Wilson Sharp; Little Rock. Sara Helen HEITMAN: AAn; Little Rock. Nancy Elizabeth HELMS: KKF; Crawfordsville. Janis Lea HENDERSON: Coed; Pasa¬ dena, Tex. Richard Andrew HENDERSON: No. Little Rock. Marvin P. Henningson: Coed; Ft. Smith. Eleventh Row: Beverly Gay HENRY: KKF; Pine Bluff. George E. HENRY, III: William; Walnut Ridge. Thomas Walter HENRY: Stuttgart. Walter A. HENZE: X4 E; Conway. Judy M. HERSEY: XS2; Farmington. H. Eugene HICKMAN: Coed; Ft. Smith. Bobby E. HIGHFILL: William; Hartman. Twelfth Row: Patricia A. HILE: Shreveport, La. Lynda Carole HILL: Razorback; Lockesburg. Shirley Ann HILL: Roswell, New Mex. Belinda Jane HILLHOUSE: Futrall; Flip- pin. Rollin Trevor HILLIARD: Humphreys; Mentor, Ohio. Carolyn Sue HILTON: Fayetteville. Douglas Ronald HINES: Prescott. Thirteenth Row: Marilyn Ann HINKLE: 4-H House; Moun¬ tain View. Herman F. HODGE: Huntsville. Madison L. HODGES: Pine Bluff. John Craig HOGAN: Coed; Russellville. Susan Kaye HOGAN: Ft. Smith. Jane Evelyn HOGUE: 4-H House; Monticello. David Lee HOLCOMBE: Carlson Terrace; Maysville. Fourteenth Row: James L. IJOLDAR: Ozark. Anita Nell HOLIFIELD: Mtn. Home. Jim I. HOLLINGSWORTH: Fayette¬ ville. Michele R. HOLLON; AT; Ft. Smith. Gary John HOL¬ MAN: TIKA; Berry ville. Donna Ruth HOLT: Reid; Little Rock. Halita Sue HOLT: Futrall; Harrison. 454 First Row: Richard Lamar HOLT: Coed; Ft. Smith. Rich¬ ard Holt HOLY FIELD: Rogers. Leo L. HONG: Marianna. James William HOOD: Miller, Mo. Sara Sidney HOOKER: Reid; Pine Bluff. Thomas Eugene HOPPER: Wilson Sharp; Natchez, Miss. Karen Lee HORTON: Coed; El Dorado. Second Row : Vicki Ann HORTON: Futrall; Mtn. Home. Judy Lee HOSIER: AT; Shreveport. La. William Arthur HOUGH: AKA; No. Lit tic Rock. Barry Lee HOUSE: Hickory Ridge. Tommy Jack HOWARD: TKE; Pryor, Okla. William Hull HOWELL: Russellville. Linda R. HUDGINGS: Little Rock. Third Row: Diane HUDSPETH: KKX; Harrison. Darrel Wayne HUGHES: Oden. Clinton Lee HULSEY: Coed; Ft. Smith. Jay Michael HUNT: Gregson; Keiser. 0. T. HUNT: 2X; Hot Springs. Douglas Ray HUNTER: Mena. Ralph Earl HURST: Royal. Fourth Row: Steven Garland HURST: TKE; Nimmons. Jack J. HUSTED: Fayetteville. James Binion HUTCHENS: Holcombe; Monett, Mo. Larry James HUTCHINSON: Paris. Melba HUTSELL: Ft. Smith. Kenneth Ray INGRAM: Coed; Conway. Jackie Lee IRVIN: Reid; Sheridan. Fifth Row: Bill ISAACS: No. Little Rock. Blaine A. JACK- SON: Alpena. Charles Russell JACKSON: 2AE; No. Little Rock. Howard Spencer JACKSON: Coed; Hot Springs. James B. JACKSON: Fayetteville. Marylou Holst JACKSON: Little Rock. Robert Allen JAMES: Acacia; Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Thomas Samuel JAMESON: 2X; El Dorado. Keith V. JAMESON: Scdgewell; Little Rock. Righard Clyde JARMAN: Coed; Little Rock. Judith Ann JARSTAD; Reid; Green Bay, Wis. Richard L. JAY, Jr.: 2N; Springfield, Mo. Thomas Charles JAYNE: Coed; Warren. Gary Scott JEFFER¬ SON : 4 A0 ; Russellville. Seventh Row: Jerry Allen JENKINS: Humphreys; Warren Patricia Kay JENKINS: AAA; Fayetteville. Tappan Hornor JENNINGS: 2AE ; Helena. Judy Kay JEWELL: ZTA; Little Rock. Charles L. JOHNSON: Acacia; Fayetteville. Donna Claire JOHNSON: Reid; Ft. Smith. Ebb Weldon JOHNSON: SN; Texarkana. Eighth Roiv: Elizabeth Eberle JOHNSON: XD; Little Rock. Gordon Nelson JOHNSON: Texarkana. Jennifer JOHNSON: Futrall; Ashdown. Jim A. JOHNSON: 24 E; West Memphis. Johnny M. JOHNSON: ZII; Morrilton. Kennard Jack JOHN¬ SON: Flippin. Marilyn Liles JOHNSON: Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Muriel Anne JOHNSON: Xfi; Crossett. Robert Howard JOHNSON: Ft. Smith. Stephanie Allen JOHNSON: Futrall; Mariawwag. William Jack JOHNSON: AFP: Dierks. Susie JOHNSTON: ZTA; Fayetteville. Carol June JONES: Futrall; Siloam Springs. Guy Franklin JONES: Pella, Iowa. Fires Damage Wing of Sigma Pi House First Row: Jackson M. JONES: Coed; Harrell. James Earl JONES: Van Buren. Jimmie Leroy JONES: 2 £E; Neosho, Mo. Kathryn Faye JONES: Coed; Little Rock. Kenneth Allan JONES: K2; Forrest City. Kim Marlene JONES: Coffeyville; Kan. Larry Vivian JONES: Holcombe; Rector. Second Row : Lecia Franceen JONES: AXfi; Ft. Smith. Patty Ann JONES: IIB £; Siloam Springs. Linda Suzanne JOPP: Coed; Pittsburg; Kan. Donna Lanell JORDAN: Fay¬ etteville. Linda Kay JOYCE: Futrall; Mansfield. Julia Ann KAPS: Fulbright Hall (AXf2) ; Muskogee, Okla. John Morgan KARBER: K2; Ft. Smith. Third Row: Ronald Edward KAUFMAN: McGehee. Bood L. KEATHLEY: K2; Danville. Linda Lee KEENE: AXO; Fay¬ etteville. Robert E. KELLER: Gravette. Arthur KELLY: TKE; Little Rock. Patricia Ann KELLY: Futrall; Joplin, Mo. Drew Preston KELSO: Greenbrier. Fourth Roiv: Susan Lynn KEMPER: Coed; Coleman, Tex. Barbara G. KENNEDY: KKT; Pine Bluff. Martha Ann KENT: AXft; Fayetteville. Mary Jo KEOGH: Reid; Marianna. Joyce Leslie KER: KA0; Kirwood, Mo. Ruth Ellen KESSLER: Fu¬ trall; Fremont, Ohio. William Thomas KETCHER: 2N; No. Little Rock. Fifth Row: Wayne Taylor KETON: Swifton. Johnny Earl KEVER: Springdale. Jo Carol KILLINGS: Razorback; No. Little Rock. H. W. KILPATRICK: Coed; Baytown; Tex. Marian Deaton KIMBALL: Razorback; Franklin, N. H. Gary Arthur KINDER: Sedgewell; Pierce City, Mo. Ronnie Dewayne KING: William; New Edinburg. Sixth Row: Joyce KINNEY: Futrall; Dermott. Helen Vance KIRBY: KKF; Harrison. Beverly G. KIRKPATRICK: Ft. Smith. Butch KIRSCH: 2n; Peoria, Ill. Charlotte Anne KITCHENS: AXft; Springdale. Sister Mary Ann KNAEBEL: Ft. Smith. Richard Donald KNIGHT: 2N; DeQueen. Seventh Row: Bill KNOTT: Coed; Sheridan. Catherine Ann KOENIG: Futrall; Ft. Smith. James William KOOISTRA: Holcombe; Highland, Tex. Barbara Jean KOOS: Coed; Henry- etta, Okla. Robert Duane KORICH: 211; Decatur, Ill. Leslie Dee KRAICH: IIB I ; Memphis, Tenn. Jerry Lynn KULBETH: Williams; Memphis. Tenn. Eighth Row: Frances Dalene LAMB: Razorback; Little Rock. Phil LAMITINA: 211; Newport. George Thomas LAND¬ ERS: Little Rock. Mary Olivia LANDESS: Coed; West Mem¬ phis. Loretta Grace LANE: Futrall; Fayetteville. Nicholas Paul LANG: Yocum; Monette. Robert A. LANGE, Jr.: Acacia; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Jerry Lee LANGLEY: Sedgewell; Magnolia. John Milton LANGSTON: Prescott. Cary Gene LARSEN: Hol¬ combe; Bartlesville, Okla. Michael V. LARSON: Holcombe; Antoine. Morris Clayton LASSITER: Coed; Coperas Cave, Tex. William Douglas LAWRENCE: Coed; Ft. Smith. Raymond Earl LEA: Rison. P R’s Spend Weekend in New Orleans “Doesn ' t everybody wish he had as good a view as we. " 456 Juniors First Roiv: Willis A. LEA, Jr.: Pine Bluff. George F. LEASE, Jr.: Yocum; Ft. Smith. William F. LEATHERBERRY: Acacia; Huntsvilla. Eugene LEE, Jr.: Dumas. Fleet Nathel LEE: Pine Bluff. Stephen Alan LEEK: i AT; Dumas. Ted W. LEGATSKI: TKE ; Bartlesville, Okla. Second Row : David Scott LERCH: Buchanan; Tulsa, Okla. James Waller LESLIE: Coed; Pine Bluff. Brenda Ann LEWIS: Coed; Camden. Fletcher Curtis LEWIS: 2X; McCrory. Charles Lee LIGGETT, Jr.: AX A; Baytown, Tex. Jo Ann LILES: Carl¬ son Terraces; Ft. Smith. Michael Ross LILES: Carlson Ter¬ races; Ft. Smith. Third Row : Michael A. LIMBIRD: Holcombe; Paris. Sister Rita Jeanne LIPIN: Ft. Smith. Linda Diane LIPSCOMB: Raz- orback; DeQueen. Margaret Anne LITTLE: IIB4 ; St. Louis, Mo. W. J. LIVINGSTON: 24 E; Arkadelphia. Kenneth A. LLOYD: Coed; Hot Springs. Blanche Lillian LOCKE: Razor- back; Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Mollilou LOCKE: Razorback; Stuttgart. Nor¬ man C. LONG : Coed; Tulsa, Okla. Betsy Kim LOOMIS: AAA; Enid, Okla. Betty Jane LORANCE: AXH; Kennett, Mo. Tommy Boh LOVEGROVE: Van Buren. Thomas J. LOVELL, Jr.: No. Little Rock. Steve LOWE: TKE; Joplin, Mo. Fifth Row: Raymond Herman LUEBKER: Buchanan; Stutt¬ gart. James P. LUETTE: Dumas. Patricia Jo. LUPER: Reid; Springdale. Ann Baker LUPTON: Futrall; Fayetteville. Donna Gale LYBRAND: Reid; Pine Bluff. Frank Hsioh?Ti MA: Hol¬ combe; Little Rock. William H. MA: Holcombe; China. Sixth Row: Carol Vance MACY: Fayetteville. Steven David MACY: Wayne, Mich. James Robert MADDOX: Little Rock. J. David MADDOX: Yocum; Oden. Michael B. MAJOR: 24 E; New London, Tex. Tommy Fred MALONE: No. Little Rock. Stevie Kay MANOS: Coed; Hot Springs. Seventh Row: Calvin Ted MANTOOTH: William; Ratcliff. Madalyn MARCHMAN: IIB4 ; Dallas. Tex. Howard A. MAR- CON: Carlson Terrace; Fayetteville. M. Thereas MARKS: KA0; Port Arthur, Tex. Mariland Helene MARNEY: AT; Fay¬ etteville. Nancy Joline MARSHALL: Coed; Marshall. Arthur John MARTELLI: Sedgewell; Brick Town, N. J. Eighth Row: David Bryan MARTIN: bAT; Warren. Jerrel I). MARTIN: Sedgewell; Ft. Smith. Larry William MARTIN: Coed; Ft. Smith. Pamela Ann MARTIN: Reid; Batesville. Ruth Ann MASK: KKT; Tulsa, Okla. Ollie Charles MASON: Coed; McGehee. Suzetta Jane MASON: Reid; Calico Rock. Ninth Row: Diana Gay MATHIS: AAII; Clinton. Gordon Crossett MATTESON: Foreman. Raymond M. MAUS : 2 f E; Atkins. James Pat MAY: Wilson Sharp; Dallas, Tex. Kenneth Joe MAY: APP; Rose Bud. Larry W. MAY: AFP; Delight. Sandra Elizabeth MAZZANTI: Ar; Lake Village. Tenth Row: Mary Ellen McALISTER: Crossett. Andree Jean McBEE: Reid; Hobbs, New Mex. Willie L. McBRIDE: Pine Bluff. Larry Glenn McCAIN: AFP; Mulberry. Robert Emmett McCANN, III: Ft. Smith. Don May McCASKILL: AFP; Dierks. Merle Edward McCLAIN: William; Piggott. Eleventh Row: Michael T. McCLENDON: 4 A0; Warren Phillip Lee McCONNELL: Huntsville. Richard I). McCON NELL: Huntsville. Richard D. McCONNELL: Greenwood James R. McCOY: AFP; Star City. Welson Leon McCUL LOUGH, Jr.: Beebe. Julie Watson McDONALD: KA0; Sheri dan. James C. McDOWELL: AX A; Blytheville. Twelfth Row: Glenda Raye McFARLAND: Reid; West Memphis. Rebecca Rhodes McGEE: Razorback; Arlington, Va. Gary Thomas McGHEE: Star City. John D. McGLYNN: Wil¬ low Springs, Mo. Maja Ann McGUIRE: XU; Texarkana. L. Jack McHANEY: f A0; Pine Bluff. Donnie Ray McINTOSH: Holcombe; Marmaduke. Thirteenth Row: William Alfred McINVALE: Coed; Hot Springs. William Ross McKAMEY: 211; Worland, Wyo. Sharon Joy McKELLAR: Razorback; Lockesburg. Michael Clayton Mc- KENNA: Joplin, Mo. William Bradleigh McKINLEY: Hol¬ combe; DeQueen. Diane Elaine McKINNEY: KA0; Huntsville. Susan Nancy McMANUS: 4-H House; Cliftonville, Miss. Fourteenth Row: Jean Elizabeth McMILLAN: ZTA; Mal¬ vern. Stephen Floyd McNEILL: Eudora, Kan. Jan McNERNEY: AAII; Carthage, Mo. Ralph Lee McQUEEN, Jr.: Holcombe; Dermott. Anne Lucinda McWILLIAMS: Razorback; No. Little Rock. Carol Ada MEADE: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Carey Wayne MEADORS: K2; Ft. Smith. Juniors First Row: Robert Manning MEADOR: Baytown, Tex. Wil¬ liam Noel MEADOWS: IIKA; Crossett. Deanna Lee MEASELES: Futrall; Ft. Smith. Ellen Elizabeth MEEK: IIB4 ; Camden. Janice Barber MELTON: Prairie Grove. Linda Jean MEREDITH: AXfi; Pine Bluff. Tommy MERRITT: 4 A0; Little Rock. Second Row: Tony Randal MERRIWEATHER: Richards- Gebaur, A.F.B., Mo. Christine D. MERTENS: Futrall; Para- gould. Beverly S. METCALF: Razorback; Springdale. Carl Joseph MEURER: Little Rock. Carol Ethel MILLER: AAII; Hot Springs. Danny A. MILLER: Mena; Kenton C. MILLER: IIKA; Tulsa. Okla. Third Row: Martha Sue MILLER: Reid; Shreveport, La. Susan Jewell MILLER: AAII; Hot Springs. Alva Dale MILLS: Benton. Ronald Chapman MILLS: K2; Little Rock. Richard Norman MISENHEIMER: Paragould. Franklin E. MITCHELL: 211; Glenwood. Lana Dianne MITCHELL: ZTA; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Rebecca Dee MITCHELL: Futrall; Waldo. Robbie Jeanette MITCHELL: Reid; Morrilton. Sandra Caron MITCHELL: Futrall; Walnut Ridge. Johnny B. MITCHUM: TKE; Batesville. Leah Wilkinson MIXON: Helena. Shokrollah MOHAMMADI: Coed; Iran. David F. MOHLER: Springdale. Fifth Row: Tamara Gaskill MOLES: Carlson Terrace; Har¬ rison. Bobby Wayne MONCRIEF: Holcombe; No. Little Rock. James W. MONK: AX A; Hot Springs. Susan I. MONK: Coed; Harlingen, Tex. Charles Dennis MONTGOMERY: Newport. Charles H. MOORE: K2; Lewisville. Janya Gee MOORE: XO; Forrest City. Sixth Roiv: Michael Dean MOOREHEAD: I A0; Hot Springs. Jackie N. MORELAND: Ft. Smith. Brode D. MOR¬ GAN: Gregson; Dermott. Linda Gail MORGAN: Little Rock. Patty MORAN: Ar; Dallas, Tex. Linda Carol MORRIS: Raz¬ orback; Parkin. Mary Emilia MORRIS: AXfi; Siloam Springs. Seventh Row: Patricia Ann MORRISON: Reid; Dallas, Tex. Donald Gene MORROW: Marshall. Linda Rae MORROW: Ozark. Gary L. MORTENSEN: Atkins. William Don MOSES, Jr.: Coed; McGehee. Harriet Anne MOSLEY: X12; Longview. Larry H. MOUGEOT: Yellville. Eighth Row: James Gary MOURTON: Mena. Phyllis Nan MULLENIX: Reid; Mount Ida. James Marshall MULLINS: Stephens. Jo Kathleen MULLINS: Fayetteville. Gary Edwin MUNDY: Siloam Springs. James Edgar MUNNS, III: IIKA; Little Rock. Edna Renee MURPHY: Futrall, Tulsa, Okla. Ninth Row: Leland MURPHY: Holcombe; Pocahontas. Margret Helen MURPHY: Coed; Foreman. William Floyd MURPHY: 0T; Stuttgart. Walter Allen MURRAY: 2 1 E; Jacksonville, Fla. Alice Elaine NAGEL: Razorback; Tucker- man. John Michael NEAL: Sedgewell; Andover. Rich NEAL: Southwest City, Mo. Tenth Row: Gregory P. NEDELKOS: Greece. Linda Kaye NEEDHAM: Reid; DeQueen. Jane Ann NEELY: ZTA; De- Queen. Eric William NELSON: Holcombe; Ft. Smith. Greg¬ ory Alfred NELSON: Pierce City, Mo. Junie Elizabeth NEL¬ SON: KKF; Texarkana. Larry G. NELSON: TKE; Mtn. Home. Eleventh Row: William Andrew NELSON: Chicago, Ill. Edwin E. NESBITT: Holcombe; Little Rock. Carol Jane NE- VIN: AAn; Benton. Kenneth Brian NEWKIRK: Holcombe; Mtn. Home. M. Gleen NEWKIRK: Hot Springs. Marcia Ann NEWLIN: West Fork. Carolyn Gene NEWMAN: Reid; No. Little Rock. Twelfth Row: Marshall Roy NEWMAN: Bonnerdale. Wil¬ liam Larry NEWMAN: AKA; Magazine. Thomas 0. NEWTON: Hampton. William Thomas NEWTON: 2AE; Ft. Worth. Wood A. NEWTON: Hampton. George Allyn NEWTOWN: Fayette¬ ville. Van H. NICHOLS: Star City. Thirteenth Row: William Edward NICHOLSON: AX A; Driver. Elizabeth Andrews NICKLE: AT; Hughes. William Manford NIELSON: Sedgewell; Little Rock. Janice Joanne NIXON: ZTA; Conway. Margaret Elizabeth NOEL: AXS2; Washington, D. C. James Glen NORMAN: IIKA; Searcy. Josephine Frantiska NORMAN: KKF; Hot Springs. Fourteenth Row: Joseph L. NORRELL: Eudora. John I). NORRIS: Holcombe; El Dorado. Jackie NORTH: Batesville. Randall Evans NORTHERN: 2AE: Benton. Pamela Diane NORWOOD: KKF; Mineral Springs. John Lee NOVAK: New York, N. Y. Patrick William NOWELL: No. Little Rock. 458 First Row: Mary Louise NUGENT: Coed; Ft. Smith. Betty Jane NUTT: Fayetteville. Peggy June NUTT: Fayetteville. Roby B. ODOM: 2X; Shreveport, La. David Burton OFFUTT: Yo¬ cum; El Dorado. Charles Edward OGDEN: Ft. Smith. Gene OGDEN: Siloam Springs. Second Row : Marilyn Ann OGLESBY: Lafayette, La. Jane Puryear OLDNER: Reid; Dumas. Phil OLINGHOUSE: Little Rock. Charles Dwain OLIVER: Hampton. Andrew Franklin OLSON: Hot Springs; James Edward O’NEAL: Holcombe; Hope. Manaleta Kaa O’NEILL: Fayetteville. Third Row: Michael Earl O’NEILL: 211; Dallas, Tex. Linda E. O’REILLY: Futrall; Neosho. Mo. Jack L. ORLICEK: Sedge- well; Hazen. Janice ORRICK: Coed; DeWitt. David Lynn OS¬ WALT: Helena. Thomas Lee OVERBY: No. Little Rock. Cyn¬ thia Louise OWENS: Coed; Waldron. Fourth Row: Robert Wayne OWEN: 0T; Pine Bluff. Ed¬ win Steven PAGE: Coed; Ft. Smith. Patsy Margaret PALA- DINO: AAA; No. Little Rock. Richard Alan PALADINO: Fay¬ etteville. Robert PALAZZI: Little Rock. Patrick T. PANNELL: Coed; Elaine. Alex G. PAPAGEORGE: William; No. Little Rock. Fifth Row: Charles Walter PARCE: Harlingen, Tex. Carl Edward PARKER: 2 1 E; Camden. Elton Lee PARKER, Jr.: Coed; Carlisle. Garv O. PARKER: Holcombe; Carlisle. James Randall PARKER: K2; Little Rock. Judith Marie PARKER: Coed; Hot Springs. Peggy Marie PARKER: Coed; Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Peggy Sue PARKER: Camden. Van Orlie PARKER: 2X; Blvtheville. Edgar Glenn PARR: Ft. Smith. Catherine Ann PATTERSON: Xfi; Texarkana. Tommie Jean PATTERSON: Coed; Clarksville. Diane L. PAHON: Futrall; Ft. Worth, Tex. Jerry Wayne PAUL: William; No. Little ROCK. Seventh Row: Katherine Lee PAULUS: Xft; Warren. Judy Pettus PEARSON: Rose Bud. Richard Connor PECK: Ant- bridge, Pa. Galen Bonnie PELLHAM: 2N; Springfield. Mo. Marsha Gwen PELLHAM: Springdale. Elizabeth Ann PELTON: AAA; Benton. Jim M. PENN: Sedgewell; Portia. Eighth Row: Mary Adelaide PERSON: 4-H House: Wing. Steven John PETERSEN: Springdale. Patricia Jane PETER¬ SON: Razorback; Ft. Worth, Tex. Lester Glenn PETTUS: Coed; Forrest City; Edward Lynn PHELPS: Waldron. Kathleen PHELPS: KA0; Fayetteville. H. David PHILLIPS: AKA; Gould. Ninth Row: Klaus Peter PHILLIPS: Yocum; Little Rock. James Mike PHIPPS: Artesia, New Mex. Toni PIERCE: AXH; El Dorado. Ellen Earle PINKERTON: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Dulane Barry PINTADO: KA0; Glenwood. Robert Dale PLANT: Murfreesboro. Edward Ray PLUNKEET: Grapevine. ft • L f fcr ■■ ■qpS Q Aik r . ■i % H ft ft h h Mk ft m ft Life m X ft m A ft 44 City’s Student Vehicle Tax Defeated 459 Juniors First Row : Michael Anthony PLUNKETT: Coed; Ft. Smith. William PLUNKETT: Acacia; No. Little Rock. Rebecca Ann POE: AAA; Ft. Smith. Nancy Elizabeth POLLARD: IIB £; Little Rock. Earnest E. POLLOCK: William; No. Little Rock. Candy POND: AAA; Stuttgart. Ronna Gay PORTER: AP; Russellville. Second Row: Travis Ward PORTER: 0T; Stuttgart. Ronnie Eugene PONELL: Ft. Smith. Linda Suzanne PR ALL: Razor- back; Hot Springs. Greta Olene PRICE: Futrall; Salem. Ann Lehman PRIDE: Reid; Blytheville. Richard Morgan PRINCE: Clarendon. Jo Ann PRYOR: IIB f ; Houston. Third Row: Sam S. PURYEAR: 2 I E; Jonesboro. Johnnie Junior QUALLS: Holcombe; Evening Shade. Johnette Gravelle QUERBES: AAA; Shreveport, La. Johnny C. QUINN: l A0; Little Rock. Marcia Gray RACHEL: Coed: Benton. Barbara Louise RAILSBACK: Reid; Shreveport, La. Carol RAINES: AT; Dallas, Tex. Fourth Row: Earl C. RAINES: Little Rock. Jerry McCoy RAINS: Coed; No. Little Rock. Sterling Paul RAMEY: Wilson Sharp; Fayetteville. Kenneth Wayne RAMSEY: Buchanan; Benton. David RANGLACK: Mountainside, N. J. John William RANKIN: Coed; Murfreesboro. Dwayne Angelo RAPER: Victoria. Fifth Row: Eugenia Wright RAPER: Ashdown. H. Terry RASCO: 2 I E; DeWitt. John Carl RASH: Fayetteville. James Edward RAUSER: Ft. Smith. William Randall REAGAN: Waldo. Ben F. REAGOR: 2 I E; Shreveport, La. James David REDDIN: Gregson; Hampton. Sixth Row: Jack Moore REDFEARN: William; Longview, Tex. Leonette A. REED: AT; Heber Springs. Terry G. REED: Sedgewell; Pine Bluff. Ronald Ray REESE: Texarkana: Texar¬ kana. Kenneth Ron REEVES: 2X; Harrisan. Charles Parker REINHARDT: Hickory Ridge. John F. RELYEA: Holcombe; Stuttgart. Seventh Row: John Nelson REMILLIARD: Waldron. Phillip W. RENFROW: Charleston. Donald Lewis RENNARD: Coed; No.L ittle Rock. Gerald Joseph REYENGA: Coed; Hope. Paul D. RHEW: Pleasant Plains. Kenneth Wiley RIAL: McGehee. Gary Kile RICHARDSON: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Jenifer Lynn RICHARDSON: KKT; Warren. Jimmy Kay RICHARDSON: Huntsville. John William RICH- ardson: Fayetteville. Patricia O’Neal RICHMOND: Fayetteville. Gary Gene RICKETTS: Little Rock. Larry Dean RICKETTS: Yocum; Little Rock. Bobby Barham RIDELL: Buchanan; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Susan Jo RIDLEY: Reid; Newport. Pamela D. RIGGS. AAA; Joplin Mo. Carolyn Ruth ROBB: Coed; Siloam Springs. Charles William ROBERTS: Coed; McGehee. Don Baron ROBERTS: Holcombe; Paragould. Mark Owen ROB¬ ERTS, Jr.: 2N; Springfield, Ill. Sarah Jane ROBERTS: Fay¬ etteville. Tenth Row: Connie Sue ROBERTSON: Reid; No. Little Rock. James Edward ROBERTSON: Casa. John Layton ROB¬ ERTSON: Dumas. Barry Aber ROBINSON: Coed; No. Little Rock. John William ROBINSON: Ft. Smith. William Bigelow ROBINSON, Jr.: Little Rock. William David RODDEY: A0; Warren. Eleventh Row: Charles Terry RODGERS: DeWitt. Jane Ann RODGERS: Razorback; Dermott. Judith ROGERS: Magazine. Nina Nyrl ROGERS: ZTA ; Mena. Linda Ann ROLLOW: Fu¬ trall; Bentonville. Wallace Anthony ROLNIAK: Fayetteville. Dennis Ray ROOFE: Coed; Rector. Twelfth Row: Robert Slawson ROOT: Sedgewell; Greene, N. Y. Deneice Rae-Jean ROSE: Futrall; Cassville. Mo. Paula Ann ROSEN AU: Reid; Hammond, lnd. Becky ROSS: A All; No. Little Rock. Harvey Linwood ROSS: Crossett. William B. ROTERT: Ft. Smith. Louis Neal ROWLAND: 211; Forrest City. Thirteenth Row: Donald Ray ROWLETT: Sedgewell; Quit- man. Albert Holly RUSHER, Jr.: 2X; Brinkley. William Leon RUSSELL, Jr.: Fayetteville. David L. SAFFORD: AXA; Rocky Mount, N. C. Herschel Myron SANDEFUR, II: Natchitoches, La. Jeffery Charles SANDERS: Springdale. Darry Gene SANDS: AKA; Little Rock. Fourteenth Row: Linda Ann SANGER: AAII ; Fayetteville. Thomas Ramsey SAUNDERS, Jr.: San Augustine, Tex. David Parks SAXON: Holcombe; Little Rock. Elizabeth Ann SBANOTTO: Tontitown. Linda Lee SCALLION: Coed; Pine Bluff. Archie R. SCHAFFER: Charleston. 0. Carroll SCHELL: Rogers. 460 Juniors First Row: Patricia Ann SCHICK: Reid; Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Andrea SCHIVAZAPPA: 2N; Parma, Italy. Carol M. SCHWARZLOSE: Hotz; Conway. Carol M. SCHWARZLOSE: Hotz; Conway. Jim SCOTT: Ft. Smith. Joseph Vinson SCOTT: William; Rogers. Patricia Ann SCOTT: Coed; Ft. Smith. Second Row: Robert A. SCOTT: 2N; Little Rock. Terry Lee SCRIVNER: Camden. Mary Ann SEARCY: Reid; Benton. David R. SEATON: Hot Springs. James Lenzie SEAWOOD: Pine Bluff. Sally Payne SEDWICK: KA0; Kentilworth, Ill. Linda Lea SELL1CK: Springdale. Third Row: James Dennis SELMAN: £A9; McGehee. Ir¬ win John SEDARW, Jr.: Droke; Ulm. Michael O. SHAW: Coed; Nashville, Ark. Virginia T. SHAW: Camden. Gregory Laurence SHELLARD: Holcombe; Hardy. Brenda Ruth SHEL¬ TON: Futrall; Harrison. Bobby E. SHEWMAKE: Norman. Fourth Row: Mary Harvey SHIPP: IIB f ; Little Rock. Wil¬ liam Wright SHIRLEY: Fayetteville. Glenn Lyle SHORT: 211; Little Rock. Nancy Louise SHORT: Razorback; Salem. Marsha Ellen SHORTS: Reid; Ketekikan, Alaska. Marilyn K. SHULTZ: Coed; O’Fallon. Ill. Phil SHUPE: Stuttgart. Fifth Row: Jerry Otis SIMMONS: Sedgewell; Benton. Miles Darwin SIMPSON: Mena. Sidney Hollis SIMPSON: Coed; Van Buren. Joe Vernon SING: 2IT; Pine Bluff. Laurence Allen SISTRUNK: Fayetteville. Gary Alan SKARDA: Coed; Hazen. Carol Jean SKELTON: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Randall Harry SKIFF: Coed; El Dorado. Laura Lee SKILLERN: Fayetteville. Steven Allen SLACK: 211; Fay¬ etteville. Sara Margaret SLAVEN: XQ: Fayetteville. Robert C. SLAY: K2; Mena. James Carl SMALLEY: Little Rock. Charles Allen SMITH: Springdale. Seventh Row: Dewitt Henderson SMITH, III: Wilson Sharp; Forrest City. George Benjamin SMITH: l A0; Ft. Smith. John Charles SMITH: 2IT; Paris. Murray SMITH: IIB4 ; Birdeye. Neal DeWayne SMITH: Arbvrd, Mo. Pamela SMITH: Little Rock. Phillip Dean SMITH: San Diego, Calif. Eighth Row: Robert Lynn SMITH: Elm Springs. Shirley Katherine SMITH: KA0; Dallas, Texas. Stephen Wallace SMITH: 4 A0; Huntsville. Steven Lee SMITH: Coed; Benton. Anne Elizabeth SNEED: Shreveport. La. Mary Elizabeth SNIDER: AAII ; Jenkins, Mo. Larry Lawson SNODGRASS: Acacia; Lincoln. Ninth Row: Judy Gail SNOW: Futrall; Oden. Phillip Eu¬ gene SNOW: Fayetteville. Elizabeth Renee SORRELL: Coed; No. Little Rock. Dusty Lea SOSEBEE: AXf2; Borger, Texas. Rebecca Marie SPAIN: AXQ; Camden. Cheryl SPARKS: AAA; Little Rock. David M. SPATZ: Wilson Sharp; Conway. Tenth Roiv: David Charles SPEAKER: 2IT; Ft. Smith. Carlotta Ann SPENCER: Razorback; Harrison. Cynthia SPEN¬ CER: AXft; Mena. Rick S. SPENCER: 2AE; El Dorado. Richard Allen SPILMAN: Tulsa, Okla. Arthur Elmon SPOON¬ ER, Jr.: Acacia; Fayetteville. Carolyn Jene SPRINGFIELD: KA0; Crawfordsville. Eleventh Row: Steve Ernest SPURLOCK: Huntsville. Rob¬ ert Glen STATTS: Bentonville. Sandra Kay STACEY: Futrall; Harrison. Charles R. STACY: No. Little Rock. Jerry Charles STAMPS: Van Buren. Billy Glenn STANDLEY: 2 £E; Pasa¬ dena, Texas. Hallie L. STANLEY: Futrall; Augusta. Twelfth Row: Pauletta Lynn STANPHILL: Huntsville. James Smith STARKS, III: Coed; Malvern. Yevonne STAR¬ LING: 4-H House; Warm Springs. Katherine Diane STARNES: AXQ Reid; Little Rock. Susan Rebecca STARTZEL: Futrall; Dallas, Tex. Terry R. STEGALL: Oklahoma City, Okla. Gary Lynn STEPHENS: Wilson Sharp; No. Little Rock. Thirteenth Row: Jack (Steve) Thomas STEPHENS: 1 A0; Ft. Smith. Kay STEPHENS: Linden, Tex. Patricia Glee STEPH¬ ENS: Coed; Altheimer. Ralph Arden STEPHENS: Coed: Ft. Smith. John Madison STEVENS, III: Coed; Dell. Mark Brad¬ ford STEVENSON: Coed; Wheaton, Ill. Gary Lee STEWART: Tulsa, Okla. Fourteenth Row: Lana Kay STEWART: Coed; Ft. Smith. Peter J. STEIGLER: Greenwood. Peggy Lee STOIA: AXfi; Tulsa, Okla. Carolyn Kay STOKES: AAA; Batesville. Sandye STOKE S: AAA; Batesville. John Edward STONE: 2$E; Pine Bluff. Ronald Joe STONE: 211; Forrest City. 461 it) itk v KT-V ' 111 Juniors First Row: Marlys Anne STORCK: Futrall; Purdy, Mo. Leslie STRATTON: Coed; Ft. Smith. Michael Douglas STROUD: Little Rock. Denajo STRUEBING: Fayetteville. Alan Lee STUMBAUGH: Clarksville. Bruce Allen STURDIVANT: Holcombe; Urbana. Sunny Lee STURDIVANT: AAA; Spring- dale. Second Row : Fred Michael SUDDARTH: Pine Bluff. Neal SULLINS: 2N; Crossett. James Warren SUMNER: Huntsville. William Sam SURRATT: Buchanan; England. Ark. Glenn Ed¬ win SUTTON: Coed; Benton. Sue SWEARINGEN: ZTA; Shreveport, La. Kampon TANSACHA: Thailand. Third Row: Gary Edwin TARPLEY: Gurdon. M. Sue TARP- LEY: ZTA; Dallas, Texas. John Richard TAYLOR: Ft. Smith. Margaret Kay TAYLOR: Reid; Shreveport, L. Ronnie Stuart TAYLOR: 1 A0; N. Little Rock. Thomas Mills TAYLOR: Hol¬ combe; Clarksville. W. Randy TAYLOR: Wilson Sharp; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Milton Price TEETER: Russellville. Becky TEMPLE: Futrall; Little Rock. Janice Lynn THAREL: Fay¬ etteville. Elizabeth Kilbury TERRY: KA0; Little Rock. George L. THOMAS: Holcombe; Camp. Linda Louise THOMAS: Fay etteville. Mary THOMAS: Futrall; Danville. Fifth Row: Richard Lee THOMAS: TKE; Fayetteville. C. Jeanne THOMPSON: nB t ; Memphis, Tenn. Celia Janet THOMPSON: XQ; El Dorado. Dale Edward THOMPSON: Sedgewell; Harrison. Edward C. THOMPSON. Jr.: Coed; Augusta. Glenn Albert THOMPSON: William; Lead Hill. James Christopher THOMPSON: Hermitage. Sixth Row: John Clifford Thompson: AXA; Kansas City, Mo. Marjorie Dupuy THOMPSON: Coed; Pine Bluff. George Thomas THOMSON: DeWitt. Frederick Reed THORNTON: Star City. Rebecca Ann THRASHER: Fayetteville. Margaret Ann TOPLIFF: Razorback; Ft. Smith. Seventh Row: Stanley Allen TOWNSEND: 2AE; Altheimer. Bob G. TREAT: Flippin. Carlos C. TREAT: Springdale. Jan TREECE: Coed: Little Rock. Donnie Royce TUGWELL: Hol¬ combe; Arkadelphia. Stephen M. TULLGREN: Sedgewell; Mountain Home. Lawson Withers TURNER, III: 2X; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Susan Jane TURNER: Coed; Ft. Smith. Terry Joseph TURNER: K2; Tulsa, Okla. Matthew Dennis TURO: Holcombe; Shrewsbury. Mass. Larry David TUTTLE: Ft. Smith. Joe Charles SWEEDLE: Fayetteville. Anne Frances UDOUJ: ZTA; Ft. Smith. Gary Paul ' UPTON: Coed; Clarks¬ ville. Ninth Row: Helen VANCUREN: Reid; Harrison. Tom Peter VAN SCHAIK: Holcombe; Mountain Home. Albert Glenn VASSER: Pine Bluff. Sondra Kay VAUGHT: Atoka, Okla. Elizabeth Anne VAWTER: Hotz; Fayetteville. John Allen VIN¬ CENT: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Joe A. VINSON: William; Mag¬ nolia. Tenth Row: Carol Lee VOIGTMANN: Razorback; Peru. Indiana. Lola Jean WAGNER: Futrall; Gentry. James Earl WALDEN: William; Beton. Carol Ann WALKER: ZTA; Little Rock. Larry .1. WALKER: Lodi, N. J. Leonard Norman WALKER, Jr.: TKE; San Bernadino, Calif. Norman Dean WALKER: Springdale. Eleventh Row: William Andrew WALKER: Springdale. Sharon Ann WALKUP: 4-H House; Havana. Cheryl Ann WAL¬ LER: Coed; Little Rock. Marlin Larry WALLER: Texarkana. Jerry Wayne WALROD: Ft. Smith. Margaret Fay WARD: Fu¬ trall; Siloam Springs. Susan Kay WARD: IIB i ; Blytheville. Twelfth Row: Leonard Goodloe WARDEN, III: 211; West Memphis. Martha Gail WARDLAW: AXD; Texarkana. Gerald Wayne WARNOCK: Camden. Michael V. WARR: AXA; Hot Springs. Fredy L. WASHINGTON: IIKA; Little Rock. Jeanine Cecil WASHINGTON: AAII; Texarkana. Gary Donovan WAT¬ KINS: Sedgewell; Harrison. Thirteenth Row: Neil Wavne WATKINS: Van Buren. Dan Caldwell WATSON: 2N; Malvern. Dudley Howell WATSON: Dallas, Texas. John Michael WATSON: AXA; Blytheville. Lin¬ da Carol WATSON: Futrall; Little Rock. Richard Melvern WATSON: Russellville. Sarah WATT: Hotz; Ruston, La. Fourteenth Row: Sarah M. WATT: X12; Ruston, La. Michael Wade WATTAM: Coed; No. Little Rock. John Robert WATTS: Fayetteville. Gloria Marie WEATHERLY: Futrall; Tillar. Kon- nie M. WEATHERS: AAIT; Salem. Suzanne WEBB: AAA; Marianna. Dane A. WEINDORF: No. Little Rock. 462 First Row: Louis Ray WELCHER: Russellville. Patricia Coulter WELTY: KKP; Fayetteville. David Lawrence WEST: Sedgewell: Creve Coeur, Mo. Melvis Cerde WEST, Jr.: William; Casa. Owen Edward WESTBROOK: Sedgewell; Pine Bluff. Robert N. WESTMORELAND: Ft. Smith. Jeffery Wayne WHISENHUNT: DeQueen. Becky J. WHITE: KKT; Augusta. Second Row: Joseph David WHITE: Little Rock. Mark Steven WHITE: Springdale. Ronald Henry WHITE: XIT; Flip- pin. Vicki Sue WHITE: Razorback; Joplin, Mo. John W. WHITEHEAD: Bartonville, Ill. Sylvia Lea WHITEHORN: Prairie Grove. Paula Helen WHITING: IIB ; Forrest City. Paul R. WHITNAH: Holcombe; Little Rock. ; Third Row: Sammy Lee WIGLEY: Monticello. Lina Marie WILDY: AAIT; Leachville. Mary Lou WILHITE: Futrall; Hot Springs. Howard Leon WILKINSON: Humphreys; Stamps. Kaye WILKINSON: AXfi; Rogers. Nancy Caroline WILKINSON: KA0; No. Little Rock. Rhonda Lee WILKINSON: AXD; Simmitt, N. J. Charles William WILLBANKS: Keiser. Fourth Row: Kenneth Mac WILL: Little Rock. Anderson H. WILLIAMS, III: TKE; Wilson. Becky WILLIAMS: II B4 ; Ft. Smith. Cynthia Lou WILLIAMS: AXfi; Minden, La. Dennis Allen WILLIAMS: William; Little Rock. Frank J. WILLIAMS: XII; Texarkana. James Andrew WILLIAMS, Jr.: XX; Park- dale. Jane WILLIAMS: Xft; Russellville. Fifth Row: Jeffery H. WILLIAMS: Holcombe; Hartford. Jerry Carl WILLIAMS: West Memphis. John Lan WILLIAMS: AX A; Baytown, Texas. Judith Ann WILLIAMS: ZTA; Mem¬ phis. Tenn. Linda Kay WILLIAMS: I1B$; Tulsa. Oklahoma. Robert Burney WILLIAMS: Ft. Smith. Roger Dale WILLIAMS: Coed; Ozark. Sharon Kay WILLIAMS: Coed; Ft. Smith. Sixth Row: Stan WILLIAMS: IIKA; Warren. William B. WILLIAMS: AX A; Mt. Vernon, Mo. Dick Ellis WILLIS: ATP; Hope. Gerald Timothy WILSON: Roland, Okla. James Tillman WILSON: Little Rock. Jill WILSON: Futrall; Hot Springs. Lavona WILSON: Reid; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Margaret Wallace WILSON: AT: Fayetteville. Ronald Joe WILSON: Coed; Ashdown. Lanny T. WINBERRY: TKE; Piggott. Robert Britton WINDHAM: Hot Springs. Con¬ nie May WING: Fayetteville. James W. WINN: Coed; Ft. Smith. Truman Clar Thomas WINSOR: Gainesville, Fla. Eighth Row: Susan Permelia WOOD: IIB4 ; Blytheville. Jean Nolan WOODELL: KKT; West Memphis. Arlon WOOD¬ RUFF: Grubbs. Ca-a-dra Sherican Nell WORMINGTON: Fu¬ trall; Monett. Mo. Bobby William WRAY: Hot Springs. Emma Lee WRIGHT: Dermott. Roger Lamar WRIGHT: Humphreys; Camden. Ninth Row: Susan Ann WULFFKUHLER: AAII ; Para- gould. David Kennedy YANCEY: t A0; Springfield, Mo. Karen A. YEDLICK: AAA; No. Little Rock. Charles Edward YER- TON: Fayetteville. Larry David YOUNG: Lindsay, Okla. Wil¬ liam Ronald YOUNG: XII; Texarkana. Paul Martin ZOADER: Little Rock. Construction at Peak on Campus " I knew we ' d get him in somehow. " 463 First Row: Catherine ACKERMAN: Coed; Bentonville. John W. ADAMS: Fayetteville. Joseph Hudson ADAMS: Camden. Stephen Eschol ADAMS: Fayetteville. Wendall Jay ADAMS: Coed; Clinton. Robert H. ADCOCK: 2X; McGehee. Cynthia Sellers AGAR: XU; Little Rock. Second Row: Saundra Kaye AIKMAN: Coed; Buffton. Rob¬ ert Daryl ALBERTSON: Coed; Huntsville. Sherry Elaine AL¬ BERTSON: Coed; Huntsville. Marshal Brian ALEXANDER: 4 AG; Houston, Tex. Regina Fay ALFORD: AXD; El Dorado. Toni Rae ALFORD: Coed; Fayetteville. Davy ALLEN: Nash¬ ville. Third Row: John Allison ALLEN: Holcombe; Houston. Tex. Vera Gail ALLEN: Razorback; Allison. John H. ALLISON: 2AE; Morrilton. Dorothy ALLRED: ZTA; Springdale. Myron David ALMOND: Magnet Cove. John Browning ALTER: De- Witt. Beverly Ann ALVERSON: AXD; Huntsville. Fourth Row: Chester M. ANDERS: Sedgewell; Crossett. Judy Ann ANDERSON: Coed; Mulberry. Marita Jane ANDER¬ SON: AT; Fayetteville. Mary Ann ANDERSON: Razorback; Little Rock. Patricia M. ANDERSON: XQ; Tulsa, Okla. Ed- wina Marie ANDREWS: 4-H; Prattsville. Bill Stradley AP¬ PLETON: 2X; Jonesboro. Fifth Roiv: Loyce A. ARDEMAGNI: Tontitown. John L. ARMSTRONG: GT; Moss Point, Miss. Michael Eldon ATKIN¬ SON: William House; Little Rock. Randall Lee ATKINSON: Coed; Tampa, Fla. Richard Joseph AULT: Holcombe; No. Little Rock. Don Christopher AVERY: Lake Village. Bill AYERS: AKA; Ft. Smith. Sixth Row: Ann Elizabeth BACHELOR: Ar; Columbus, Ohio. Randall Jay BACKUS: 211; Rogers. Sharon Dianne BAGULEY: Reid; Blytheville. John Douglas BAKER: Acacia; Big Spring, Tex. June Michelle BAKER: Coed; Malvern. Nancy Lynn BAKER: Coed; Monticello. Penny Sue BAKER: ZTA; Muskogee, Okla. Seventh Row: Rosemary BAKER: Reid; No. Little Rock. Suzanne BAKER: Coed; Mesquite, Tex. Robert Alton BALK- MAN: nKA; No. Little Rock. Johnnie L. BALLARD: Fayette¬ ville. Richard Lloyd BALWANZ: 4 AG; Sheridan. Nancy Lynn BANEY: AAA; No. Little Rock. Jacqulyn Chyrel BANKS: Coed; Springdale. Eighth Row: Marcilee BARBER: IvAT; Ft. Smith. Paul Leonard BARBER: Holcombe; Oskaloosa, Iowa. Donna BARKER: Coed; Little Rock. Larry David BARNES: 4 AG; Little Rock. Billy Joe BARNETT: Coed; Valley Springs. Jerry Vernon BARRETT: 2X; Ft. Smith. John Harley BARROW: Helena. Ninth Row: Mary Amanda BARTHEL: Reid; No. Little Rock. Danny Ray BARTLETT: William; Greenwood. Edwin Stanley BARTON: Humphreys; Leawood, Ka. Connie BAS¬ SETT: Coed; Forrest City. Gary Lee BATCHELOR: Humph¬ reys; Van Buren. Raymond Scott BATES: I AG; Pine Bluff. Susan BAUCH: Coed; Springfield, Mo. AXO, Farmhouse—Win Honors in Fall Sophomores First Roiv: Gavel A. BAUGUS: Fayetteville. Arthur D. BEAKLEY: Little Rock. Dixie Jo BEAN: AXD; Rogers. Charles W. BEARDALL: TKE: Springdale. Larry Fred BF.ARDEN: Yocum; Flippin. Jack Thomas BEAUCHAMP: Coed; Marianna. Barbara Ann BELL: AAII ; Parkin. Second Row: Earl Lynwood BELL: Montrose. James Pat¬ rick BELL: Fort Smith. Judv Carol BELL: Van Buren. Kathy Ellen BELL: AY; Dallas, Tex. Stephanie Jeanine BELOTE: ZTA; Little Rock. Anita Sue BENHAM: AAA ; Mulberry. Charles Michael BENNETT: Colorado Springs, Colo. Third Row: Laura Bret BENNETT: Reid; Ft. Smith. Len L on BENTON: ATP; Bull Shoals. Cindy BENWARD: ZTA; Favetteville. Dennis W. BERNER: 2AE; Little Rock. Bob Brent BERRY: AX A; Ft. Smith. John C. BESSE: Buchanan; Char¬ lotte, N. C. Mary Kay BEVILL: AAA; Blytheville. Fourth Row: David Hale BIBB: Melbourne. Martha Lynn BIGGERS: Coed; Hampton. Charles Roland BILLINGS: 4 A0; Tulsa. Okla. Billy BINGHAM, Jr.: Coed; Lonoke. Donald Eu¬ gene BISHOP: 211; Lowell. Douglas Gene BISHOP: AKA; Bella Vista. William E. BISHOP: Cincinnati, Ohio. Fifth Row: Martha Ann BLACK: KA0; Tulsa, Okla. Mich¬ ael Roy BLACK: Sedgewell; Hot Springs. Yulonda Kay BLACK: Coed; Little Rock. David Nickell BLACKBURN: Hol¬ combe; Clarksville. Wilbur Dee BLACKMON. Jr.: Coed; Nacogdoches, Tex. Ann BLACKSHIRE: Coed; Hartsville, S. C. Ronald Howard BLACKWELDER: Humphreys; Jackson¬ ville. Sixth Row: Bruce Wavne BLACKWELL: William; El Do¬ rado. Jerrv Don BLACKWOOD: Coed; Richardson, Tex. Lena Sue BLAIR: Futrall; Barber. Patricia Jane BLAKE: nB f ; Harrison. Barbara Len BLUME: Reid; Neosho, Mo. Stephen Errol BLYTHE: William; Gurdon. Lois Mae BOCK: Coed; Lincoln, Ill. Seventh Row: Wilma Bowling BONDS: Clinton. M. Timothy BOE: ! AO; Pine Bluff. Jan BONNER: AXft; Mtn. Home. Marilyn Jane BONNER: Futrall; Charleston. Carolee BON- NETTE: Xfi: Hot Springs. Nancy J. BOOKOUT: Springdale. Koni Jo BOONE: Springdale. Eighth Row: Peggy S. BOSMYER: ITB4 : Helena. Robert Allen BOURGOIN: 2$E; Camden. Freddie Marshall BOUR- LAND: Farmhouse; Manila. Edward L e BO WE: William; At- theimer. Robert Whitman BOWEN: TKE: Ft. Smith. Barbara Louise BOWMAN: Ozark. Beverly M. BOWMAN: AXfi; Fay¬ etteville. Ninth Row: James Linn BOWMAN: Buchanan; Claremore, Okla. Gail BOYD: AAA; Shreveport, La. Jim Don BOYD: Holcombe; Murfreesboro. Carolyn Ray BRADSHAW: Reid; Jefferson, Tex. Joanne BRANDON: Coed; Forrest City. Linda Sue BRANSCUM: Coed; Marshall. Gary Ray BRATTON: Memphis, Tenn. Tenth Row: Joan Claudette BRATTON: 4-H House; Sheri¬ dan. Richard Timothv BREDLOW: Coed No. Little Rock. Tommie Gean BREWER: Coed; Sheridan. Connie Lee BRID- ENTHAL: Favetteville. Peter Fowler BRIDGE: K2; Muskogee, Okla. Susan M. BRILLHART: KKX; Little Rock. Jan Carol BRINSON: Reid; Tokyo, Japan. Eleventh Row: Jackie W. BRISCO: Coed; Harrison. John Charles BROOKS: K2; Prairie Grove. Larry Galan BROOKS: Berrvville. Charles Patric BROSH: K2: Newport. Donald Lee BROUSSARD: Houston, Tex. Connie Marie BROWN: Coed; No. Little Rock. Curtis Erwin BROWN: 2X; Marvell. Twelfth Row: Janet Ruth BROWN: Coed; Siloam Springs. Marv Elizabeth BROWN: ITB4 ; Steele, Mo. Michael Lynn BROWN: Huntsville. Rebecca Sue BROWN: AT; Hot Springs. Deborah Leigh BROWNING: Coed: Hot Springs. Joe BROWN¬ ING: AX A; Kennett, Mo. Russell G. BROYLES: Farmington. Thirteenth Row: Robert Michael BRUCE: Powhattan. Charles Lundy BRYAN: Coed; Bridgeport. Conn. John Duffie BRYANT: Batesville. Michael Edward BRYANT: Humphreys; Chatelleravlt, France. Thelma Avis BRYANT: 4-H House; Cabot. Wilda BRYANT: XD; Altheimer. Susan Annette BUCK: Razorback; Rector. Fourteenth Row: Kenneth E. BUDKNER: 2AE; Pine Bluff. Nancy Ann BUCY: Coed; Linden. Tex. Claude Douglas BU¬ FORD, Jr.: 2AE; Forrest Citv. David Goodwin BUGH: Hol¬ combe; Ft. Smith. Adam B. BULL: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Danny Mack BULINGTON: Holcombe; Charleston. Caroline J. BUL¬ LOCH: AT; Van Buren. 465 Sophomores First Row: Ron E. BUMPASS: AKA; Fayetteville. Donald William BUNCH: Humphrey; Little Rock. Clindon BUNTON: William House; Ft. Smith. Barbara Ann BURKETT: Coed; Columbus, Miss. Buddy Wayne BURKHART: Winslow. Francis Edward BURKS, Jr.: William; Denison, Tex. Ann BURLESON: AAA; Fayetteville. Second Row: Donna Jane BURNETT: KKT; Little Rock. Richard Lee BURNETT: Harrison. Patricia BURNS: ZTA; El Dorado. Barbara Helen BURTNESS: Reid; Hot Springs. Judy W. BURTON: Razorback; Longview, Tex. Katherine June BUSH: Coed; Little Rock. William Landon BUSH, Jr.: Lin¬ coln. Third Row: David McAuliffee BUTCHER: Malvern. Ben¬ jamin Franklin BUTLER: AX A; Osceola. Sara Jane BYERS: ZTA; No. Little Rock. David Leon CALDWELL: t A0; Little Rock. Linda Lajean CALDWELL: Coed; Texarkana. Susan Beth CALHOON: KA0; El Dorado. Joyce Kayrene CAMERON: Little Rock. Fourth Row: William Robert CAMERON: El Dorado. Carol Lynn CAMFIELD: AAA; Springdale. Shirley Jean CAMPBELL: Coed; Blytheville. Stephen Craig CAMPBELL: Sedgewell; No. Little Rock. Michael George CAPOOT: IIKA; Ft. Worth, Tex. Joseph Edwin CAREY: Sedgewell; Black Rock. Charles An¬ thony CARLSON: Monett, Mo. Fifth Row: Lana Sue CARNES: AAA; Springdale. Ronald Morton CARNES: Fayetteville. Carolyn Kay CARNEY: Prairie Grove. Diane CAROLAN: Springdale. David James CARPEN¬ TER: Springdale. Diane CARPENTER: Reid; Arkadelphia. James Robert CARPENTER: Elaine. Sixth Row: Mary E. CARRINGTON: Coed; Westville, Okla. David Kit CARSON: Alma. Elizabeth Kaye CARSON: Fayette¬ ville. James L. CARSON: Humphreys; Harrison. Garry CAR¬ TER: Fayetteville. Harvey Brooks CARTER: Ft. Smith. Joe Brad CARTER: Yocum; Paris. Seventh Row: John Stewart CARTER: Yocum; Little Rock. Joseph Edward CARTER: Booneville. Richard N. CARTER: Ft. Smith. William Wavne CARTER: 2N; Camden. Stephen F. CARVER: Mena. Andrew B. CASSINELLI: K2; No. Little Rock. Letty Fay CASTLEBERRY: KKT; Jonesboro. Eighth Row: Nan Elizabeth CASTLEBERRY: XQ; Bald Knob. Charles Benton CATE: Coed; Dumas. Beth CATHER- ALL: AT; Dallas, Tex. William S. CATO: Acacia; Little Rock. Katharine L. CAUDLE: Fayetteville. Kaffy Womack CEARLEY: Murfreesboro. Marilyn Louise CEARLEY: KA0; No. Little Rock. Ninth Row: Synde CHAMBERS: A All; Little Rock. Grady CHANCEY, Jr.: Ozark. Patricia Ann CHANEY: Coed; El Do¬ rado. Dennis Wayne CHAPMAN: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Ron¬ ald Wayne CHAPMAN: Sedgewell; Tilton. Paula Ann CHEAIRS: AAA; Little Rock. Teresa Lee CHEAIRS: AAA; Tenth Row: Nadine R. CHENAULT: Hot Springs. Carol Lee CHENEY: Coed; No. Little Rock. James F. CHERRY: Benton. Kathryn Jane CHERRY: Xfi; Jonesboro. Sheron Sue CHILDS: Coed; Pocahontas. Lawrence Edwin CHISENHALL: AXA; Osceola. Deborah M. CHISHOLM: Coed; Ft. Smith. Eleventh Row: William Marshall CHRISMAN, III: Coed; Pine Bluff. Randle Wayne CHURCHILL: Humphreys; Cam¬ den. Mike CIALONE: AXA; Ft. Smith. Gayle CLARK: IIB i ; Ft. Worth, Tex. Mary Nita CLARK: Camden. Philip H. CLARK: IIKA; No. Little Rock. Robert Barclay CLARK: $A0; Arkadelphia. Twelfth Row: John Harold CLAYTON: Coed; Rogers. Bar¬ bara CLEM: Coed: Altheimer. Mary Louise CLIFTON: Fay¬ etteville. Jan CLINE: Reid; Camden. Sallie Frances CLINE: AXft; No. Little Rock. Harold 0. CLINEHENS, Jr.: Fayette¬ ville. Tracy Peter CLINTON: nKA; Rogers. Thirteenth Roiv: Lyndol Edwin CLOE: Bentonville. Tommy G. CLOWERS: Pine Bluff. Leslie Marie COGBILL: AAA; Star City. Richard Michael COLCLASURE: £A0; No. Little Rock. Lynn I). COLLINGSWORTH: Reid; Southwest City, Mo. Danna Sue COLLINS: Reid; Harrison. Jeff COLLINS: No. Little Rock. Fourteenth Row: Juanita COLTEN: AAn; Lewisville. Ken¬ ney Morris COMSTOCK: FTKA; Springdale. Carolyn Lee CONDE: Coed; Little Rock. Nancy Jo CONDRY: AXD; Bran¬ son, Mo. William CONNELL: Fayetteville. John Louis CON¬ NER, Jr.: 2X; Newport. William F. CONNER, III; Batesville. First Row: Fred David CONWAY: Sedgewell; Little Rock. Diane Lee COOK: AT; Hot Springs. Faune Suzanne COOK: Coed; El Dorado. Leslie Ann COOK: AXO; Dell. Pamela Ann COOK: Sherrill. Stephen Lucas COOK: Coed; Lo ngview, Tex. Laura Lynn COOKSEY: Dallas, Tex. Second Row: Charlotte Dale COOLEY: IIB £; Hot Springs. Clifford H. COOPER: Coed; Alma. Edward M. COOPER, Jr.: Z4 E; Jonesboro. Kathryn Ann COOPER: Coed; Tulsa, Okla. Mary M. COPE: Paris. Michael L. COPE: Midway. Glenda Lou COPELAND: Little Rock. Third Row: Barry E. COPLIN: 3 A0; Ft. Smith. Jean Ann CORE: Futrall; Charleston. Mary Lois COTTLE: Futrall; Bartlesville, Okla. William Ray COUCH: Gentry. Anita Carol COUNTS: Coed; Huntsville. Charlotte Ann COUNTS: Coed; Huntsville. J. B. COURSON, Jr.: Coed; Crossett. Fourth Row: Catherine Anne COWAN: Coed; Fayetteville. Marlene Louise COX: XQ; Muskogee, Okla. Robert L. COX: Coed; Benton. Ronald Chaney COX: Acacia; Little Rock. Rob¬ ert Harold CRAIG: Coed; Walnut Ridge. William J. CRAIG: 24 E; Jonesboro. Shirley Ann CRAIN: Little Rock. Fifth Roiv: Barbara Ann CRAWFORD: AXft; Sallisaw, Okla. Richard Lee CRAWFORD: Coed; Magnolia. Thomas W. CROMER: Pine Bluff. Paul Dwain CROMWELL: F t. Smith. James Thacker CROW: M0; Warren. Linda Anita CULP: Gurdon. Karen Joy CUPP: Coed; Carthage, Mo. Sixth Roiv: Thomas Michael CUPPLES: No. Little Rock. Suza CURRY: Reid; Little Rock. Sandra A. CYPERT: Coed; Marshall. Harry P. DAILY: K2; Ft. Smith. Michael Irvin DAILY: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Sheryl Lynr: DAILY: Fayette¬ ville. Pete Michael DALMUT: Coed; Paris. Seventh Row: Martha Lou DANEHOWER: Reid; Forrest City. William Hendricks DANGERS: Coed; Ozark. Jim T. DANIEL: Farmhouse; Plainview. Julia Clare DANIEL: Coed; Ft. Smith. John David DARNALL: Coed; Murfreesboro. James Raymond DAUGHERTY: Coed; Brentwood, N. Y. Susan Kay DAVENPORT: Coed; Tulsa, Okla. Eighth Row: Lynn Allen DAVID: Coed; Neosho, Mo. Charles Darwin DAVIDSON: Acacia; Lake Village. Carla Ruth DAVIS: Coed; Harrison. Ellen Marie DAVIS: AAA; Altheimer. Frank E. DAVIS, Jr.: Piggott. James F. DAVIS: Kansas City, Mo. Martin C. DAVIS: £ I E; Bartlesville, Okla. Ninth Row: Raguel Lee DAVIS: Sedgewell; Mena. Gary Malcolm DAWSON: Holcombe; Tuckerman. Donna Marie DAY: KKT; Tulsa, Okla. Marie DEACON: KKT; Jonesboro. Rose- anne DEAL: AAII; Camden. William Allen DEAN, Jr.: Pine Bluff. Marilyn Ann DEES: Coed; Springdale. k m Ak A k | If. ran 9 n h ' W ' O Jzk Planning Begun on New Union " We ' re Colonel Rooper ' s troopers . . . 467 Ann Pride Selected First Row: Steve DEETER: Perryville. George John DE- HAN: 2N; Shreveport, La. Deborah Anne DeLANEY: Reid; Jacksonville. Cynthia Marie DESKIN: Fayetteville. Shirley Kil¬ leen DesLAURIERS: KKT; Eudora. Tommy Franklin DEW: Wilson Sharp; No. Little Rock. Peggy Janette DICKSON: 4-H House; Havana. Second Row: Carole N. DIETZ: Coed; Lead Hill. Jimmy Dean DISMUKE: Coed; Hope. Gus A. DOBBS: McCrory. Monica Daria DOLAN: KKT; England. Alfred C. DOUGH¬ ERTY: Holcombe; Forrest City. Patti DOUGHERTY: AAA; Jacksonville. William P. DOUGHERTY: Wilson Sharp; Eureka, Mo. Third Row: Judy Ann DOUGLAS: 4-H House; Bentonville. Margaret Jane DOUGLAS: Bentonville. Gerald L. DOVE: Fay¬ etteville. Diane Jean DOWLER: Coed; Hickory Ridge. Rachel Jane DOYLE: Coed; Carlisle. Mary Jo DRIGGERS: Coed; Ft. Smith. Mary Ruth DROUGHTER: Reid; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Douglas E. DRUMMOND: 24 E; Texarkana, Tex. Miriam Helene DUELL: Razorback; Fayetteville. Terry Anne DUNLOP: AT; Alamagordo, N. M. Estella Louise DUNN’: Coed: Dermott. Cathy DURHAM: Coed; DeQueen. James Rich¬ ard EADS, Jr.: Humphreys; Jacksonville. Stephen John EARP: Holcombe; Independence, Mo. Fifth Row: Jackie Sue EASTERLING: Huntsville. Becky ECHOLS: ZTA; Ft. Smith. William Standley EDEN: Ft. Smith. Janice Lee EDERINGTON: 4-H House: Fouke. Susan Lenore EDMONDS: Coed; Anderson, Mo. Frederick Wilson ED¬ WARDS: 2n; Blytheville. Katherine C. EDWARDS: Reid; No. Little Rock. Sixth Row: Sandra Lynn ELLIOTT: Reid; Richard son, Tex. Cynthia ELLIS: AXft; No. Little Rock. Gloria Ann ELLIS: Murfreesboro. Elizabeth Eugenia ELLISON: KA0; Thayer, Mo. Gin EMERY: Coed: Herndon. A1 L. ENGELN: Fayetteville. Cheryl Kay ENGLAND: ZTA; Tulsa, Okla. Seventh Row: Charles Paul EPLEN: Springdale. Lynn Eliza¬ beth ERWIN: IIB4 ; Little Rock. Stephen L. ERWIN: Hill Top. Thomas Arthur ESCHBOUGH: Sedgewell; Little Rock. C. RANDALL ESLICK: Tulsa, Okla. Roberta Bromley ETTER: Reid; Little Rock. Clyde E. EUBANKS: Springdale. Eighth Row: James Lee EUBANKS: Walnut Ridge. Byron Creasy EVANS: Sedgewell; Pine Bluff. Carol Jean EVANS: Bentonville. Daniel V. EVANS: 4 A0; Ft. Smith. David Ray EVANS: IIKA: Springdale. Donna EVANS: Coed; Little Rock. Jeanne D. EVANS: nB4 ; Ft. Smith. Ninth Rorv: Richard Dale EZELL: Siloam Springs. Valerie L. FAIRFIELD: Reid; Bath. N. Y. Mark Fariss THOMAS: Coed; Pine Bluff. Joann Elizabeth FARMER: Razorback. John Fredric FARRELL: Wilson Sharp; Brinkley. Michael Stephen FEARS: Coed; Lakeview. Louis Patrick FEDERICO: Gregson; Runnemede, N. J. A-Book Editor " You ' re really gonna be Governor? " 468 Sophomores First Roiv: John Morgan FELAND: Holcombe; Little Rock. Dennis Michael FERGUSON: Coed; Little Rock. Renee Karen FERGUSON: AT; Fayetteville. Ginny FETZEK: Coed; Little Rock. Thomas Garoin FITTON: 2X; Harrison. Richard Neal FITTS: TKE; Ft. Smith. Ricky G. FLEETWOOD: AXA; Monette. Second Row : Martin Edward FLETCHER: Fayetteville. Michael Don FLETCHER: Fayetteville. William Thomas FLETCHER: K2; Lonoke. Sandra G. FLORA: Springdale. An- nice FLOYD: Coed; Nashville. Mike G. FLOYD: Yocum; Murfreesboro. James Lawson FLY, Jr.: DeWitt. Third Row: Farrell V. FORD: Fayetteville. Larry Parks FORD: K2; Batesville. Sam J. FORESTER: AKA; Texarkana. Connie Nancy FORMICA: AT; No. Little Rock. Randell FOR¬ REST: Farmhouse; Plainview. Mary Susan FORSTER: Coed; Hope. Jack Ronald FORTNER: Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Marion Jeanette FOSTER: Reid; Little Rock. Ronnie Allen FOSTER: Holcombe; Rogers. Albert Martine FRANKENBERGER: Pocahontas. Toni Denise FREDIMAN: Coed; Little Rock. Joanne FREEMAN: AT; St. Louis, Mo. Stephen Russell FREEMAN: Yocum; Hot Springs. Betsy Ann FRISINGER: Reid; Enid, Okla. Fifth Row: Steven Hugh FRITTS: Wesley. Carol Dean FROST: Coed; Benton. Thomas W. FROST: Springdale. Deb¬ bie FULLER: XQ; Harrison. John Julian FULLER: Little Rock. Suzette FULLER: AAA; Houston, Tex. Brady L. GAD- BERRY, Jr.; Yocum; North Little Rock. Sixth Row: Sharon Louise GAMMEL: Reid; Mississippi City, Miss. Melody Gay GAMMON: AAII; Monette, Mo. Gary Dale GARDNER: William; Newark. Carol Ann GARISON: KKT; El Dorado. Greg Wesley GARMON: Iv2; Tyler, Tex. Francis Anthony GAROFALO: Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert Wayne GARRETT: Hartford. Seventh Row: Winfred Wayne GARRISON: Bald Knob. Cynthia Ann GASTON: AXfi; Batesville. Phyllis Anne GATH- INGS: AAn; Dallas, Tex. John Lynn GAY: Springdale. Gail Marie GENTRY: Reid; Pine Bluff. Kathleen Diane GENTRY: AT; Springfield, Mo. Cathy Lu GEORGE: ZTA; Springdale. Eighth Row: David Crittenden GEORGE: Berryville. Kathy GIBBONS: ZTA; Centralia, Mo. Flora Jean GIBSON: Dermott. Danny GILL: ATP; Frenchmans Bayou. Patricia GILL: Razor- back; Ardmore, Okla. Dana Sue GILLESPIE: Coed; Ft. Smith. Diana L. GING: Gravette. Ninth Row: Wesley Duane GLASSELL, Jr.; 2N; Shreve¬ port, La. Teddy L. GLAUB: Humphreys; Rector. Ronnie David GLENN: El Dorado. Mary Jane GLIDEWELL: Reid; Ft. Smith. Glenn Allen GLOVER: Sedgewell; Stuttgart. William Paul GODSEY: 2X; England. Donna Lynn GOE: Reid; West Mem¬ phis. Tenth Row: G. Wesley GOFORTH: nKA; Mena. Walter Hugh GOIN: ATP; Alexander. Roger Dale GOODWIN: AKA; Hoxie. Peter Ellis GORDY: Conway. Larry Jesse GRACE: Mena. Charles S. GRAHAM: Springdale. William Sidney GRANDERSON: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Eleventh Row: Gary Andrew GRANELLO: Mtn. Home. Dan¬ iel Hoover GRAVES: AKA; Nashville. Dennis Lee GRAVES: Rogers. Charles C. GRAY, Jr.: Benton. John Dudley GRAY: Malvern. Maxine Elisabeth GRAY’: Coed; DeWitt. Truett Quin¬ ton GRAY: Miami, Okla. Twelfth Row: Lisa Vaughn GREASLEY: Reid; Colorado Springs, Colo. Gary Lane GREEN: Yocum; Paris. Rickey Hud¬ son GREEN: William; Everton. James M. GREGORY: Hol¬ combe; Batesville. James Evans GRESHAM: 211; Fordyce. Ronald Lynn GRIGGS: El Dorado. Frances Louise GRIMES: Reid; Rogers. Thirteenth Row: Marie Louise GRISHABER: Coed; Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Mary Annette GRISHAM: Razorback; Benton. Edward Artnie GROBER: 211; Ft. Smith. Jerry Edward GUN¬ TER: Hot Springs. Robert Wayne GUTIERREZ: AFP; Jack¬ sonville. Ruth Ellen GUYNN: Harrison. Marilyn Sue HACK¬ NEY: Coed; Camden. Fourteenth Row: Ernest Palmer HAGAN, Jr.; Ft. Scott, Kan. Danny Lee HALE: Holcombe; Plainview. Edward L. HALK: Coed; Jonesboro. Gale Eugene HALL: Rogers. Gary Cecil HALL: Yocum; Clinton. Grant W. HALL: Fayetteville. Patricia Sue HALL: Reid; Clarksville. 469 Sophomores First Row: Ronald Ray HALL: TKE; Ft. Smith. Thom E. HALL: Coed; Benton. Elizabeth Ann HALLIN: ZTA; Fayette¬ ville. Scott F. HALTOM: Coed; Houston, Tex. Virginia Crank HALTOM: Garland. Preston McCrary HAMILTON: Wilson Sharp; Lonoke. Pamela Sue HAMM: nB £; Harrison. Second Row: Linda Diane HANDLEY: Futrall; Siloam Springs. Ruth Edna HANDLEY: AXQ; El Dorado. Barbara Kay HANKINS: 4-H House; Star City. David Michael HANNA: William; Ft. Smith. Sara Beth HANNAH; Reid; Harrison. Michael Ray HANRY: Coed; No. Little Rock. Ronnie Lee HARDEN: 24 E; Jacksonville. Third Row: Eddie L. HARDISTER: Springdale. Garry L. HARGIS: Yocum; DeQueen. Stanley Wade HARGUS; Marsh¬ field, Mo. Marilyn F. HARLAN: 4-H House; Trumann. Ann Kathleen HARP: Bartlesville, Okla. Robert Stewart HARP: SX; Bauxite. Ethel Arvell HARRELL: Reid; Little Rock. Fourth Row: William Lee HARRIS: Pierce City, Mo. Calvin Alexander HARRISON; Fordyce. George Wygal HARRISON: AXA; El Dorado. John Edward HARRISON: Acacia; No. Little Rock. Bonnie Jane HART: Coed; Pine Bluff. Diana F. HAUS- MANN: Fayetteville. James Franklin HAWKINS, Jr.: A4 0; Ft. Smith. Fifth Row: John William HAYES: Fayetteville. Cynthia Jane HAYS: ZTA; No. Little Rock. Mark Stephen HAYS: Coed; Searcy. Daniel Glenn HEADLEY: Coed; Malvern. Ron¬ ald Lynn HEADLEY: Coed; Malvern. John Buzz HEASTON: William; Cotter. Susan Lynn HEIDINGER: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Sixth Row: Hepsy Beth HEINEMANN: Reid; Springfield, Mo. Paula Kay HENBEST: Futrall; Cassville, Mo. Robert Ben¬ jamin HENDERSON: X4 E; Paris. Sandra Lynn HENDERSON: AAII; Wynne. Michael Conley HENDREN: Wilson Sharp: Muskogee, Okla. Judy L. HENDRICKS: Coed; Des Arc. Karol Anne HENDRICKS: ZTA; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Charles W. HENLEY: Acacia; Norphlet. Christine Lee HENRY: ZTA; Fayetteville. Elizabeth Ann HEN¬ SON: 4-H House; Mt. Holly. Albert M. HERINGER: XX; Jonesboro. Karen Jill HERRIMAN: Razorback; Huntsville. Paul A. HERZOG: Springdale. Martin Ray HESS: Holcombe; Mo- nette, Mo. Eighth Row: James M. HESTER: Holcombe; Pine Bluff. Barbara Lee HEWITT: Reid; Little Rock. Fran W. HEWITT: Futrall; Ft. Smith. Sharon Kaye HICKMAN: Little Rock. Deborah Lucille HILL: Razorback; Little Rock. Fred Maylah HILL: Coed; Minden, La. Robert Lowe HILL: Holcombe; Alexandria, Va. Ninth Row: Judy Jane HILLIARD: Ozark. Gorton Darling HITTE: Yocum; Thompson, Pa. Larry Wayne HOAG LAN: Coed; Walnut Ridge. Patsy R. HOBBS: AMI ; Springdale. Sandra Sue HOBSON: Coed; Little Rock. Gerald Frank HO- DAPP: AKA; Little Rock. Cheryl Susan HODELKA: Coed; Mtn. Home. Tenth Row: Luther Ray HODGES: Coed; Ft. Smith. Roy Gene HODGES: Buchanan; Waldron. Karen Jeanette HOGA- BOOM: Reid; Hot Springs. Laurie Louise HOGAN: IyKT; Ardmore, Okla. Saundra Jean HOGINS: ZTA; No. Little Rock. Johnnie R. HOLCOMBE: Coed; Booneville. Lana Kay HOLLO¬ WAY: Razorback; Huntsville. Eleventh Row: Marvin Neal HOLLOWAY: Gillett. Mary Ann HOLLOWAY: AT; Ft. Smith. Ronald Deloss HOLMES: Coed; Mena. Nana Ross HOLT: AAA; Poteau, Okla. Ted C. HOOD: 4 AO; Little Rock. John Michael HOPKINS: 4 AO; No. Little Rock. Nichols Lewis HOPPER: Fayetteville. Twelfth Row: Frederick Ray HORN: Acacia; Little Rock. Darell W. HORTON: Wilson Sharp; DeWitt. Debbie HORTON: KKT; Sheridan. Ricky Sherman HORTON: ITKA; Fayetteville. Elaine Ann HOUSE: Hickory Ridge. Herb C. HOUSE: Tulsa, Okla. Charles Nathan HOWARD: Lynn. Thirteenth Row: Jerry Edward HOWARD: Hot Springs. Mickey Lemerle HOWARD: Coed; Berryville. Alice Woodford HOWELL: IIB4 ; Little Rock. Elise HOWELL: Reid; Baytown, Tex. Peggy Ann HOWERTON: Coed; Dallas, Tex. Lewis Al¬ fred HUDDLE, Jr.: Yocum; Portsmouth, Pa. Diane Elaine HUDGENS: AMI; Malvern. Fourteenth Row: Nancy Lee HUDSON: KKT; Little Rock. Susan Kay HUFFAKER: AT; Gentry. Herbert Briley HUGHES: 2N; Haynes. Judith Kaye HUGHES: Futrall: Warren. Steven Jay HUGHES: Little Rock. Mary Ellen HUGHEY: Prairie Grove. Charles Wayne HUITT: Little Rock. 470 First Row: Browning C. HULL: Coed; Weston, Mo. Virginia E. HUMPHRIES: Coed; Lockesburg. John Steven HUNSAKER: Ft. Worth, Tex. David Everett HUNT: Fayetteville. John Robert HUNT: Sedgewell; Windsor, Mo. Michael Edward HUNT: Coed; Sedalia, Mo. Hugh Thomas HUPPERT: IIKA; Fayette¬ ville. Second Row : Anne Weatherford HYATT: AAA; Osceola. Glen Eugene INGRAM: Springdale. Guy Braden IRBY, III: Holcombe; Mo bile, Ala. Michael Edward IRWIN: 211; Heber Springs. Janis Jayne JACKSON: Coed; Decatur. Mary Melanie JACKSON: AAII; No. Little Rock. Alan Keith JAGGERS: Clarksville. Third Row. Bennie Bertsel JAMERSON: 211; Fayetteville. Sliaryl L. JAMES: Coed; Tahlequah, Okla. Leon Nolen JAMI¬ SON: Buchanan; Monticello. Rodney K. JAMISON: 2 I E; Hot Springs. Charles Cole JEFFRIES: K2; Helena. John Powell JENKINS, Jr.: 2 I E; Earle. Diana Lynn JOHNSON: ZTA; No. Little Rock. Fourth Row: Jeffrey Robert JOHNSON: 2X; Springfield, Mo. Johna Suzanne JOHNSON: Fayetteville. Johnny Warren JOHNSON: Coed; Mtn. Home. Jon Randy JOHNSON: Coed; Greenwood. Mary Glenda JOHNSON: Coed; Fayetteville. Merle E. JOHNSON: Benton. Thomas R. JOHNSON: Holcombe; Yell- ville. Fifth Row: William 0. JOHNSON: 2AE; Ft. Smith. Mary Rachel JOHNSTON: AT; Newport. Buford Dale JONES: Coed; Pocahontas. Charles Larry JONES: Coed; Minturn. David Lynn JONES: 2N; Bartlesville, Okla. Donald G. JONES: Buchanan; Waldron. Gloria A. JONES: Reid; Charleston. Sixth Row: Janis Gaye JONES: KAO; Batesville. Jennifer Carol JONES: Coed; Little Rock. Larry Mathews JONES: Dierks. Lloyd Don JONES: Rogers. Lorraine JONES: Reid; Bentonville. Mike Demoss JONES: Coed; Ft. Smith. Ronald Phillip JONES: Augusta. Seventh Row : Terry Dee JONES: TKE; Muskogee, Okla. Gerald Bernard JORDAN: Coed; Malvern. Susan Ray JOR¬ DAN: KKP; Dallas, Tex. Wesley Carl JORDAN: Coed; Prairie Grove. Eugene Gerald JOYCE: Coed; Hot Springs. Carol Ann KAISER: Coed; Little Rock. Tommy KARAM: K2; No. Little Rock. Eighth Row: Nancy Jean KAST: Coed; Jacksonville. Patri¬ cia Sue KEELING: KAO; Harrison. Dan Richard KEETER: 2N; Mtn. Home. Tim KEETON: AKA; Little Rock. William Troy KEITH: K2; Little Rock. Kevin R. KELEHER: Ft. Smith. Connie Jean KELLER: Coed; Rogers. Ninth Row : Harold Lynn KELLEY: Holcombe; Gravette. Linda Kay KELLEY: Futrall; Dallas, Tex. John Pinckney KELLY: Yocum; Lewisville. Martha Jane KEMP: Fayetteville. John H. KENDRI CK: Springdale. Billy KEY: Little Rock. Jimmy Eugene KEY: Malvern. Pi Phi’s Win Sigma Nu Relays It must be that time of the semester. 471 First Row: Sally JoAnn KIDDER: Reid; Ft. Smith. Ben KILPATRICK: Winslow. Melinda W. KINCANNON: KA0; Ft. Smith. Gary Lynn KING: Xfi; El Dorado. Joseph Edward KING: Fayetteville. Ronald Warren KING: Lincoln. Susan Catherine KING: Coed; Ft. Smith. Second Row: Beverly Marie KIRBY: Coed; Mtn. Home. Susan Kathleen KIRBY: AT; Springfield, Mo. Mary Elizabeth KISAMORE: KKF; Randallstown, Md. John Leonarrd KJELD- GUARD: Coed; El Dorado. William Frederic KNOD, III: AKA; DeQueen. Philip Carl KOCH: Yocum; Paris. Roger Louis KOCHER: Coed; Wauwatosa, Wise. Third Row: Wayne Henry KORWES: Malvern. Andy Frank KOSICKI: Chicago, Ill. Karen Anne KRAMER: KA0; Pt. Smith. Lillian KURTIN: Reid; Houston, Tex. Diane KVATERNIK: Reid; McGehee. Greg M. LACKEY: Wilson Sharp; West Helena. Gay LACY, III; Newport. Fourth Row: Jack R. LADYMAN: Gregson; Corning. David Allen LAMBERT: Coed; Dumas. Stephen Alvin LANCE: Coed; Murfreesboro. Beverly Ann LANE: Reid; Ft. Smith. Charles Thomas LANE: Humphreys; Paragould. Lana Kay LANE: Coed; Houston, Tex. Mary Jim LANE: XD; Benton. Fifth Row: Jan Alice LATIMER: Coed; Nashville. Karen Kanel LATTA: Coed; Jacksonville. Bonnie Lynn LAWS: Coed; San Antonio, Tex. Brian Douglas LEACH: Sedgewell; Hanover, Md. Mary Camille LEDET: Xft; Natchitoches, La. Charles R. LEE: Humphreys; DeQueen. Linda Carol LEE: Futrall; Little Rock. Sixth Row: Nanita LEE: Coed; Dermitt. Susan Jeanne LEEMAN: Coed; Decatur. Richard George LE FRANCIS: Jacksonville. Mary Nell LEHNHARD: KKT; McAlester, Okla. Cynthia Ann LEMLEY: 1IB I ; Ft. Smith. Charlotte Anne LEONARD: KKF; Crossett. Lana J. LEWIS: Springdale. Seventh Row: Robert A. LEWIS: Buchanan; Ada, Okla. Rebecca Jane LIBBY: Reid; Ft. Smith. Susan Ann LILES: KA0; Whittier, Calif. Steve D. LING: Springfield, Mo. John Michael LIPIN: Little Rock. Judy LaDon LIPSCOMB: Coed; DeQueen. James Richard LITTER ELL: Rogers. Eighth Row: Kathryn Havard LOGAN: AT; Shreveport, La. Anna Idella LONG: Futrall; Blytheville. Lee LONG: XI2; For¬ rest City. Carolyn Christine LOONEY: IIB4 ; Texarkana. Tom¬ my L. LOVE: Coed; Washington. Carol Ann LOVELADY: AT; West Helena. Walter Lewis LOVELESS, Jr.: 2X; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Jimmy Steve LOVELL: Farmhouse; DeQueen. Marsha Kay LOWE: AXD; Joplin, Mo. Ronnie LOWE: Rich¬ ardson, Tex. Linda Cecile LOWERY: Fayetteville; Donna Kath¬ erine LUCAS: Damascus. F. Michael LUCK: Buchanan; Nash¬ ville. Vernell LUMPKIN: 4-H House; Marvell. PREVIEW Published After Much Ado Some would rather get high at the Library. 472 Sophomores First Row: Linda Ann LUSK: Coed; Humble, Tex. Bonnie Jean LYNCH: Farmington. Lynda Leu LYNCH: AT; Hot Springs. Marcia Ann LYON: Coed; Hot Springs. Dana Leigh LYONS: KKT; Pryor, Okla. Chris L. MACIOCE: Springfield, Mo. Cheryl Christine MACKIN: AT; Little Rock. Second Row: Dianne A. MACUMBER: Razorback; Yellville. Wilbern A. MAERTENS: Sweet Home. John E. MAESTRI: Ft. Smith. Janet Marie MAIN: Razorback. Harrison. Thomas Wil¬ liam MARKS: El Dorado. Ginger Elaine MARPLE: Reid; Ben- tonville. Charles Wayne MARS AC: Caruthersville, Mo. Third Row: Dorothy L. MARTIN: KAO; Tulsa, Okla. Jean MARTIN: AT; Camden. Jo Karen MARTIN: Futrall; Para- gould. Marsha L. MARTIN: Reid; Ft. Smith. Ronald Wayne MARTIN: Bossier City, La. Russell Wayne MARTIN: William; Little Rock. Steve K. MARTIN: TKE; San Leandro, Calif. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Ann MASON: Coed; Stuttgart. Judith Kay MASSERY: ZTA; No. Little Rock. Georganne MASSEY: AP; Helena. John Tipton MASTERSON: Coed; Pine Bluff. Bruce E. MAULDIN: 2 t E; Marion. Linda MAXEY: ZTA; Little Rock. Phillip Lynn MAXWELL: Coed; Paragould. Fifth Row: Patricia Ann MAY: AAII; Desha. Robert Clay MAY: Morrilton. Joyce Elaine MAYFIELD: Reid; Rogers. Sandra Lynne McABEE: Coed; Meteirie, La. Macfl McALIS- TER:: Wilson Sharp; Jonesboro. Alonzo Dallas McALLISTER: 2N; Fayetteville. Joe McBRIDE: AFP; Branch. Sixth Row: Sarah Frances McCALL: Reid; Lonoke. Betty McCARTY: KKF; Helena. Kathy Lynn McCLANAHAN: Fu¬ trall; Pine Bluff. Kathy Jean McCLELLAND: Fayetteville. John Michael McCLURE: Nashville. Linda Dyanne McCLUSKEY: Reid; No. Little Rock. Patricia Gail McCOLLUM: Coed; Fordyce. Seventh Row: Harvey L. McCONE: Arkadelphia. Cindy Lou McCORD: Coed; Ft. Smith. Craig Ervall McDONALD: Chey¬ enne, Wyo. J. Mitchell McDONALD: Benton. James Mackey McDONALD: Hot Springs. Kaye Elian McDOWELL: Coed; DeWitt. James G. McENTIRE: ArP; Beebe. Eighth Row: Stanley C. McFERRAN: Holcombe; Charles¬ ton. Detri Lea McGHEE; Star City. James Wesley McGINNIS: Bentonville. Rebecca Annette McGLOTHIN: Coed; Little Rock. Gannalyn Sue McHUGHES: AAII; El Dorado. Carol Castile McILROY: Coed; Bedford, Tex. Ronald Wayne McILVEENE: El Dorado. Ninth Row : Wanette McKEE: ZTA; No. Little Rock. Mich¬ ael Andrew McKINNEY: Gregson; Ft. Smith. Michael Alfred McKINNON: 2N; Camden. Robert Bruce McKISSICK: Coed; McGehee. Charles H. McLAUGHLIN: Coed; Alexander. Judy Ann McLAUGHLIN: 4-H House; Paragould. Donna Eileen Mc- MASTER: Razorback; Sulphur Springs. Te nth Row: Charles Woodrow McMILLIAN: DeWitt. Lynne McNABB: KKF; Pocahontas. Nancy McNAIR: Coed; Tulsa, Okla. Jennifer Joyce McNEAL: Fayetteville. Dianne Sue Mc- NEILL: Neosho, Mo. James William McPHERSON: Holcombe; Grady. Jo Ann McWILLIAMS: Reid; Chicago, Ill. Eleventh Row: Judith Ann MEACHAM: KA0; Monroe. Linda Joyce MEADOWS: Summers. Linda MEDLIN: Coed; Houston, Tex. Dorman Wayne MEEKS: 2N; Camden. Michael Dwight MEEKS: Camden. Ada Louise MEINECKE: Razorback; Jonesboro. Kimberly MELTON: IIB I ; Odessa, Tex. Twelfth Row: Laura Susan MENEES: AAA; Little Rock. Ernest Murl MEREDITH: Humphreys; Parkin. John A. MER- LO: Coed; Pine Bluff. Melinda Sue MERRILL: Coed; Ft. Worth, Tex. Michael Lee MESHEW: ATP; Russellville. Lollie Anastasia MEYER: IIB4 ; Readland. Robert Eugene MEYER: El Dorado. Thirteenth Row: Steven Kirk MEYER: AXA; Mt. Vernon, Mo. A. Delbert MICKELL, II: 24 E; Conway. Shirley MIDDLE- BROOK: Greenland. Joseph Michael MILES: 211; Peoria Heights, Ill. Danny Craig MILLER: New Hope. Patrick D. MILLER: 2X; El Dorado. Danny Gale MILLS: FTKA; Harris¬ burg. Fourteenth Row: Paul Joseph MILSTEAD: Bentonville. John Connerley M1LUM: Jr.: Coed; Batesville. Sharon Frances MIN DEN: Razorback; Ft. Smith. Danny Joe MINNICK: Coed; Tulsa, Okla. Jon Baylor MITCHELL: Rogers. Otis Tenny MITCHELL: AXA; Mennett, Mo. Carol Lee MITCHUM: Pleasant Plains. 473 474 Sophomores First Row: Bernard Wayne MIZE: Batesville. Johnny Carl MIZE: Yocum; Little Rock. Phillip Weiss MOERY: 2AE; Wynne. Dustin Lee MOFFETT: Buchanan; Charleston. Charles E. MONEY: William; Newark. Sharon Kaye MONTEE: Coed; Bartlesville, Okla. James David MONTGOMERY: Springdale. Second Row: Orin Eddy MONTGOMERY: Coed; Monti- cello. Ron Osborne MOONEY: Sweet Home. Carl F. MOORE: Coed; Jacksonville. Carolyn Carlyle MOORE: Coed; Osceola. Charlotte Ailene MOORE: Reid; No. Little Rock. Michael H. MOORE: Coed; Seneca, Mo. Nora Lynn MOORE: IIB4 ; For¬ rest City. Third Row: Patricia Ann MOORE: Coed; Black Rock. Rhetta Ellen MOORE: Reid; Black Rock. James R. MOOR¬ MAN: Ft. Smith. Linda Beth MORGAN: Xfi; Bartlesville, Okla. Sharon Ann MORGAN: ZTA; Little Rock. Victoria Ann MORGAN: Razorback; Hot Springs. William D. MORGAN: Little Rock. Fourth Row: Dwight Vincent MORRIS: ATP; Siloam Springs. James Edward MORRIS: Ft. Smith. Jeanette Gail MOSEY: Reid; Salem. William Edwin MOSS: AFP; Star City. Phillip W. MOUDY: Ripley; Danville. Marie Anne MOWERY: Coed; No. Little Rock. James Lee MULLINS, Jr.: Wilson Sharp; Warren. Fifth Row: Bruce Emil MUNSON: AKA; Talequah, Okla. Linda Rose MURPHY: Coed; No. Little Rock. Danny Lee MYERS: Lincoln. George Ernest MYERS: Humphreys; Mena. James Mark MYERS: 2N; Bartlesville, Okla. John Paul MYERS: Bentonville. Margie NANCARROW: AT; Dallas, Tex. Sixth Row: Susan Baskin NAPPER: Coed; Ruston, La. Audrey L. NASH: Coed; Texarkana. John Ed NEELY: Hol¬ combe; Little Rock. Murray Marvin NEELY: Coed__ DeQueen. Dennis Wayne NELSON: Fayetteville. Julianne NELSON: Reid; Little Rock. Ralph NELSON: Arkadelphia. Seventh Row: Thomas Allen NEW: M0; Little Rock. Tanai NEWCOMB: Coed; Benton. Robert Wendell NEWELL: 2N; El Dorado. Lu Anne NEWMAN: XS2; Hot Springs. Sherry Marie NEWMAN: KA0; Little Rock. James Donald NICHOLS: Acacia; No. Little Rock. Alexander Wyckliff NISBET, Jr.: K2; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Nancy Ann NIX: Coed; El Dorado. DeWitt NIXON: 211; Jacksonville. Richard Dale NORTON: TKE; Victorville, Calif. Joe Wilson NOWLIN: IIKA; Rogers. Terry Hope NUGENT: Amarillo, Tex. Lynn Ferguson OATES: 1 A0; Little Rock. Gurvis E. O’KELLEY: Coed; Bauxite. Ninth Row: John William OLDNER: Dumas. Lanelle Eloise OLIVER: Siloam Springs. Martha Ann OLIVER: Reid; Little Rock. Carol Jeanne OLSON: Coed; Monett, Mo. Pablo A. ONITZ: Coed; Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Thomas Leek O’SHEA: Little Rock. Garra OVERLEY: XI2; Danville, Ky. Tenth Row: Jacqueline Ann OWEN: Fayetteville. Rebecca OWEN: Coed; Emerson. Randy Wyatt OWENS: Malvern. Wil¬ liam Eugene OWENS: Holcombe; No. Little Rock. Thelma Lou OXFORD: Rogers. Timothy M. PACK: ATP; Cecil. Donna Marie PACLAWSKI: Reid; Van Buren. Eleventh Row: Letha Ann PALCULICT: Fayetteville. Mar¬ garet Rose PALMER: XQ; No. Little Rock. Gwendolyn Hollo¬ way PARHAM: AX12; Fordyce. Jerry Ross PARK: 4 A0; Tulsa, Okla. Georgia Rae PARKER: X12; Bentonville. Charles Wright PARKHURST: AXA; Mt. Vernon, Mo. David Eugene PAR¬ RISH: Fayetteville. Twelfth Row: Charles E. PARSONS: Vilonia. Gregory Wayne PARSONS: Farmhouse; Arkadelphia. Margaret Ann PARSONS: Razorback; Texarkana. Linda Yvonne PASCHE: AAI1 ; Dallas, Tex. Joe Mac PATTERSON: William; Caulks- ville. Thomas Howard PATTERSON: AFP; Lepanto. Roy Chil- son PATTON, Jr.: Clinton. Thirteenth Row: Donna Jeanne PAYNE: Coed; Hot Springs. Harold Louis PAYNE: Holcombe; Pine Bluff. Mary Ann PAYNE: Coed; Harrisonville, Mo. Mary PEARCE: Xf2; Ft. Smith. William D. PEBSWORTHY : Springdale. Ronald C. PEDERSON: Humphreys; Harrison. Brenda Kaye PEEK: Coed; Dierks. Fourteenth Row: William Partlow PEEK: K2; Little Rock. Paula Kay PENDER: Coed; Memphis, Tenn. James A. PENIX. Jr.: £A0; Tuckerman. Rowena PENNINGTON: Fayetteville. Glen Evert PERKINS: Coed; Monticello. Ronald Burton PER¬ KINS: Berryville. Dennis Eugene PERRY: 2N; Bridgecville, Pa. First Row: Basil George PETERS: Little Rock. Douglas C. PETERS: Wilson Sharp; Dallas, Tex. Susan PETERSEN: Reid; Springdale. Dennis Edward PETTIGREW: Holcombe; Houston, Tex. Nancy Carol PETTY: Springfield, Mo. Priscilla J. PETTY: AAA; No. Little Rock. Ronald Wayne PERTON: Pine Bluff. Second Row: Winifred Catherine PHAYER: Razorback; Conifer, Colo. Janies Levi PHILLIPS: Berryville. Rosalee Phil- LIPS: Prairie Grove. Patsy Lea PHIPPS: Springdale. Nina Kay PICKARD: Razorback; Cabot. Caroline Deupree PICK- ELL; Coed; Beaumont, Tex. Linda Kaye PIERCE: Coed; Po- teau, Okla. Third Row : Michael W. J. PIERSON: Coed; Batesville. Jennifer PINKLEY: KKP; Forrest City. Gemma Denele PITTS: Fayetteville. Richard Gordon PLATT: Coed; Springdale. Joyce Katheryn PLUMMER: Coed; Ft. Smith. Nancye Gayle POL¬ LAN: Coed_Amarillo. Cassandra POLLARD: Reid; Bellevue, Nebr. Fourth Row: M. Louis POOLE: Acacia; El Dorado. Diane POPPENHOUSE: Coed; Tulsa. Okla. Jesse Edwin PORTER, Jr.: 211; West Helena. Judy Lyn PORTER: Coed; Blytheville. Mildred Anne PORTER: Coed; Shreveport, La. John Roger POWELL: 2X; Magnolia. William Richard PRATT: AKA; Fayetteville. Fifth Row: William Roy PREECE: Springdale. Sharon Sue PRESSON: Coed; No. Little Rock. Joseph E. PRITCHETT: Ripley; Piggott. Thomas Jefferson PROYR: Little Rock. Susan Marie QUIGG: Futrall; Bartlesville, Okla. Sandra Lynn RAG¬ LAND: Coed; Stuttgart. Marsha Lucille RAGSDELL: Futrall; Prairie Grove. Sixth Row: Linda RANSOM: Reid; Pleasant Plains. Joseph Grainger RATH: 2 i E; Little Rock. Richard H. RALLEY: K2; Little Rock. Barbara Lynn RAWLS: AAA; Crossett. Robert D. RAWN: AXA; Conway. Sharon Jean READ¬ ING: Coed; Alexandria, Tenn. John C. REAP: Yocum; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Pierce W. REBSAMEN: Coed; Ft. Smith. Rick W. REDDEN: 2N; Ft. Smith. Pamela Alleene RED FERN: Winslow. Gary Lee REED: Yocum; Dierks. Gregory Dean REED: Sheridan. Susan REED: Coed; Blytheville. Alan Karol REETER: 211; Jacksonville. Eighth Row: Joe REISZ: Sedgewell; Ft. Smith. Susan E. REYNOLDS: Futrall; Little Rock. James Larry RHODES: Pine Bluff. Susan E. RHYNE: Reid; Pine Bluff. Sara Ella RIDDLE: Futrall; Searcy. Maryland May RIFFEL: Coed; Little Rock. Gary Philip RITCHIE: Coed; Hampton. Ninth Row : Ruth RIVERS: AT; Elgin, Tex. Dennis Eugene ROACH: Coed; Little Rock. Jeanne Anne ROADES: Razor- hack; Mtn. Home. Larry Steven ROBBINS: Fayetteville. Victor W. ROBBINS: Crossett. Charles ROBERTS: Buchanan; Little Rock. Gregory Lynn ROBERTS: 2X; Ft. Smith. Fiji’s Colonize on Campus " Get out of my light, Alex! " 475 Sophomores First Row : James Larry ROBERTSON: Camden. Gerrie Ann ROBRAHN: Razorback; Siloam Springs. Leonard Austin RODGERS: Coed; West Memphis. Christy Lea RODMAN: ZTA; No. Little Rock. Gianna N. RODRIGUEZ: Coed; Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Michael R. RODRIGUEZ: Springfield, Va. Larrry Wayne ROE: Buchanan; Mulberry. Second Row: Jane Adele ROGERS: Xf2; Harrison. Ken¬ neth E. ROGERS: Magnet Cove. LeFranka Nyoka ROGERS: Walnut Ridge. Mary Gail ROGERS: Coed; Warren. Lott ROLFE: Sedgewell; Foreman. Susan Lynn ROMINES: AXfi; Kennett, Mo. Janna Hatilda ROREX: AAII ; Monroe, La. Third Row: Donald Edward ROSE: Coed; Fort Eustis, Va. Susan ROSE: Coed; Texarkana. Linda Harriet ROSS: Coed; Hot Springs. Patricia Ann ROSS: KKP; Ft. Smith. Martha M. ROTHROCK: Lincoln. Ruthie Lorena ROWAN: KKT ; Little Rock. Bette Anne ROWE: 4-H House; Royal. Fourth Row: Shirley Ann ROWLETT: Reid; Bentonville. Ronald Wayne RUPE: Yocum; Augusta. Parrie Jane RUSH- TON: XQ; Magnolia. William Gary RUSS: 1 A0; Little Rock. Barbara Lynn RUSSELL: Coed; Philadelphia, Pa. Candyee Margaret RUSSELL: Coed; Tulsa, Okla. Gary L. RUSELL: Harrison. Fifth Row: Harold Ray RUSSELL: Ft. Smith. James Ted- ford RUSSELL: Holcombe; No. Little Rock. Bette M. Ryan: Futrall; Rogers. Timothy J. RYAN: Humphreys; Jonesboro. Ginny Lynn SAIN: Coed; McGehee. Henry Preston SAINE: KS; Jacksonville. Janice Lynn SANDERS: Coed; Brussels, Belgium. Sixth Row: Jim T. SANDERS: Marshall. Jimmy Dale SANDERS: Flippin. Tina Maria SANDUSKY: Reid; Ft. Smith. Carolyn Jane SANGSTER: AAII; Warren. Bruce Darl¬ ington SASS: 2X; Rolling Hills, Calif. Larry Eugene SAT¬ TERFIELD: Green Forest. Ella Ritchie SAXON: ZTA; Cam¬ den. Seventh Row: Polly Lou SCARLETT: ZTA; Russellville. Harriel Franklin SCARSDALE: Monette. John David SCHAN- AFELT: Holcombe; Tulsa, Okla. Jeff Allen SCHERER: Ft. Smith. Paul Edward SCHERRY, III: Holcombe; Ft. Smith. Josephine Anne SCHMAND: AAII; Little Rock. Carol Sue SCHNEIDER: Coed; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Chris Gordon SCHNEIDER: Acacia; Little Rock. Mary Elizabeth SCHNEIDER: Springdale. Sandy SCHNEIDER: Futrall; Little Rock. Linda N. SCHNERRE: Fayetteville. Terrye Lynn SCHULTZ: AAA; Ft. Smith. Susan SCHWARZ: Xfi; Little Rock. David Dale SCOTT: Texarkana. Ninth Row: Gregory K. SCOTT: TKE; Fayetteville. Howard Vance SCOTT: TKE; Yonkers, N. Y. Ronald Paul SCZER- BAK: Sedgewell; Pompton Lakes, N. J. James H. SEAL: Pig- gott. Danny Joe SEGRAVES: ATP; Austin. Patrick Warren SEGRAVES: Acacia; Fayetteville. Harold R. SEIFERT: Hol- comble; Paris. Tenth Row: Kenneth Earl SELBY: Fayetteville. Michael D. SELIG: 0T; Corning. Pamela Jo SENEFF: nB4 ; Kirk¬ wood, Mo. Suzanne SEN YARD: Coed; Pine Bluff. Rosemary SERIO: Reid; Eudora. Ronald W. SEWELL: Ft. Smith. Dana Elizabeth SHARP: AAA; Ft. Smith. Eleventh Row: Deborah Yvonne SHARP: AAA; Fayette¬ ville. Doyle L. SHARP: Fayetteville. Ronnie K. SHAVER: Sedgewell; Ft. Smith. Susan Ann SHAW: ZTA; Ft. Smith. C. Richard CHEID: 2X; Mtn. Home. Ronald Fred SHELBY: 4 A0; No. Little Rock. Rodger Keith SHELMAN: Sedgewell; Fayetteville. Twelfth Row: Randall Eugene SHIREMAN: AKA; No. Little Rock. Miriam SHIVELY: AT; Shreveport, La. Terry Wayne SHOFFNER: IIKA; Weldon. Linda Ann SHONK- WILER: Coed; Neosho, Mo. Doyle Lavann SHOOK: Crossett. Johnny Leo SHOOK: Coed; Decatur. Joy Ruth SHOPTAW: ZTA; Dallas, Tex. Thirteenth Row : Bonnie Jane SHORT: Reid; Bentonville. Lucy Elizabeth SICAND: Coed; Ft. Smith. Virginia Lee SILER: AT; Dallas, Tex. Sherry Lou SIMMONS: Coed; Arka- delphia. Thomas Delaine SIMMONS: Coed; Rector. William Louis SIMMONS: K2; West Helena. Vicki Louisa SIMS: AAA; Sherrill. Fourteenth Row: Steve SINGLETON: No. Little Rock. Susan Phyllie SISCO: Coed; Fayetteville. Pat SISEMORE: Fayetteville. Chardette Kay SIX: 4-H House; Quitman. Jacque- lin SKELTON: Springdale. Raymond E. SKELTON: Spring- dale. Philip Larry SKOCH: Coed; Jacksonville. 476 Sophomores First Row: Leslie Jennifer SKOKOS: Coed; Ft. Smith. Walter Edward SKOOG: 0T; Hot Springs. Sue Ann SLAY- DEN: Coed; Ft. Worth, Tex. Rachel Anne SLUSHER: Fay¬ etteville. Cynthia Ann SLY: AXQ; Conway. Mary Elizabeth SMEE: Coed; Booneville. William Frank SMILEY: Holcombe; Springdale. Second Row: Bruce L. SMITH: Coed; Hot Springs. Cindy L. SMITH: Reid; Muskogee, Okla. David D. SMITH: AKA; Ft. Smith. David E. SMITH: £A0; Hot Springs. Dede Mari- ruth SMITH: Reid; Little Rock. James M. SMITH: Cabot. John Douglas SMITH: Humphreys; Dierks. Third Row: John W. SMITH: Fayetteville. Leslie Ann SMITH: Reid; Texarkana. Mandi SMITH: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Marilyn Lea SMITH. Reid; Little Rock. Mary Ellen SMITH: McGehee. Michael LeRoy SMITH: Rogers. Patricia Ann SMITH: AT; Hot Springs. Fourth Row: Peggy Ann SMITH: Reid; Little Rock. Ralph William SMITH: Rogers. Robert B. SMITH: Homewood, Ill. Rosalie Kay SMITH: Razorback; Benton. Sharon Lou SMITH: Futrall; McGehee. Sheila Sue SMITH: Futrall; McGehee. Thomas Benton SMITH: 2AE; Birdeye. Fifth Row: Thomas Lee SMITH: Buchanan; Anchorage, Alaska. Tony C. SMITH: Holcombe; Hope. William Mitchell SMITH: Coed; Hot Springs. Lawrence Douglas SNEED: Acacia; Little Rock. Burl Jackson SNOW: Acacia; Dallas, Tex. Joseph C. SOMMERS: Acacia; Broken Bow, Okla. Earl Davison SPARKMAN: Cassville, Mo. Sixth Row: Ronald Leon SPENCER: Doniphan, Mo. Randy Lee SPICER: XII; Rogers. Sandra Lvnn SPOTTS: Coed; Little Rock. Judy SPRENGER: Futrall; Harrison. Pamela Jo SPUR¬ LOCK: Fayetteville. Danny Charles STAFFORD: Coed Rec¬ tor. George Eugene STAGGS: Holcombe; No. Little Rock. Seventh Row: Joseph Charles STAINTON: 1 A0; Little Rock. Rovce Edward STALEY, Jr.: Little Rock. Alice Kay STALLCUP: AXft; Fayetteville. Dena Ann STANHIL: Coed; Westville, Okla. James Robert STEEL: XX; Nashville. Arthur Michael STEELE: 2AE; Texarkana. Ronnie Clark STEPHEN¬ SON : Leslie. Eighth Row: Michael B. STILES: Sedgewell; El Dorado. Patricia .lean STILES: Futrall; Little Rock. Robert Morrissett STINCHCOMB, Jr.: Prairie Grove. James Richarrd STINNETT: Holcombe: Horatio. James F. STINSON: Camden. Rebecca Linnea ST. JOHN: XQ ; Batesville. Jerre STOCKER: IIB I ; Ft. Smith. Ninth Row: Mary Craig STOREY: Batesville. Ann STORM: Coed: Tulsa. Okla. Marty L. STOUFFF.R: AXA; Ft. Smith. Ronald J. STRACNER: McCrory. Elizabeth Ann STRAMEL: Coed; No. Little Rock. Tommie T. STREETER: Coed._ San Antonio, Tex. Jim C. STRICKLEN: Harrison. Tenth Roiv: Sheri Lynn STRIPLING: AAII; El Dorado. Timothy J. STROBEL: Fayetteville. Rebecca Jo STRONG: Razorback; Bartlesville. Okla. James Douglas STROUD: Coed; Morrilton. Larry David STUBBS: Acacia: Little Rock. Gary W. STYLES: Coed; Pine Bluff. Charlotte SULLIVAN: Coed; Baytown, Tex. Eleventh Row: Harold Randall SULLIVAN: Buchanan; Ben¬ ton. Robert Doak SULLTVAN: Coed; Bartlesville, Okla. Cath¬ erine Ann SUTHERLAN: Coed; Springdale. Diann SUTHER- LIN: Coed; El Dorado. Jon Ann Marie SWAN: Fayetteville. Jerry Joe SWATZEL: Coed; Danville. Larry Charles SWEAR¬ INGEN: Van Buren. Twelfth Row: Brenda K. SWINK: KAO; Ft. Smith. Johnny Johnny H. SZMYD: Springdale. Richard Aron TALLENT: AFP; Ft. Smith. Charles David TANNER: Coed: Batesville. Dennis Wayne TARKINGTON: Acacia; Pine Bluff. Susan Louise TATUM: IIB i ; Anderson, Mo. Charmaine Regina TAY¬ LOR: Reid; Ft. Smith. Thirteenth Row: Cindy Lee TAYLOR: AAIT; Neosho, Mo. Elza Dwight TAYLOR: Mt. View. James Dennis TAYLOR: William; No. Little Rock. Jeffrey Lynn TAYLOR: KKP; Vic¬ toria. Lyla A. TAYLOR: Coed; No. Little Rock. Nancy Lee TAYS: Coed; Ft. Smith. Randalyn Elizabeth TEAGUE: Coed; Hot Springs. Fourteenth Row: Stephen Blair TEAGUE: Yocum; Little Rock. Robert Edward TEHAN: Coed; Crossett. John Lawrence TENNANT: KX; Ft. Smith. Mary Norryn TETERS: Reid; Bolivar. Mo. Carry H. TEVEBAUGH: Springdale. Kent Lashley THAREL: Fayetteville. Patricia Ann THIELEMIER: Coed; Marked Tree. Sophomores First Row: David Conway THOMAS: 2N; Bartlesville, Okla. Dyanna Kay THOMAS: Coed; Springfield, Mo. Karl Theodore THOMAS: Salem. Sandra LaVerne THOMAS: Coed; Blythe- ville. William Miles THOMAS: William; No. Little Rock. Betty Bowen THOMPSON: AXft; Luxora. Billie Joe THOMPSON: ITKA; Waveland. Second Row : David DeLand THOMPSON: Augusta. Howell M. THOMPSON, Jr.: Cabot. Lynda Rose THOMPSON: Razor- back ; El Dorado. Paul David THOMPSON: Oklahoma City, Okla. Mary Katherine THOMPSON: Stuttgart. James L. THORNTON: Coed; Hiwasse. Third Row : Linda Kay TILLEY: Reid; Bull Shoals. Nancy B. TIMMONS: Reid; Ft. Smith. Michael F. TINSLEY: Para- gould. Wanda Susan TIPPINS: Futrall; Gentry. Rene TIP- TON: Coed; Stamps. Claude Robert TIRMAN: K2; Jackson¬ ville. Linda Kay TISDALE: Springdale. Fourth Row: Barbara TOLL: AXfi; Little Rock. Barbara Lee TOMS: Fayetteville. Sheila Ann TRAPANI: A All; Dallas, Tex. Stanley Elwood TRAUTH: Gregson; Mtn. Home. Cynthia Ann TREADWAY: Coed; Little Rock. Jim Dale TREAT ' : Hol¬ combe; Hope. Joanne TREECE: Reid; Harrison. Fifth Row: Frederick T. TRICKEY: Coed; Bloomfield Hills, Mich. John David TRUE: TKE; Bentonville. Linda Sue TRUS- SELL: Futrall: Hermitage. Donna J. TRUSTY: AAA: Pine Bluff. Glynn TRUSTY: William; Paris. Frederic C. TUCKER: HotSprin gs. James Ragan TUCKER: 211; Wynne. Sixth Row: Phyllis Ann TUCKER: ZTA; Cabot. Caryl M. TULLGREN: Mtn. Home. Tori Jeanette TUMLIN: AAA; Stavanger, Norway. Henry Rush TURK: K2; Sherrill. Donald Alton TURNAGE: Coed; Crossett. James Burr TURNER: Arlington, Va. Allen Keith UNDERWOOD: Horatio. Seventh Row: Pam UPTON: AT; Tulsa, Okla. Michael Robert VANDERBURG: Coed; Little Rock. George Ellis VAN HOOK, Jr.: Coed; El Dorado. Cheryl Ann VANN: Coed; Little Rock. John C. VAUGHAN: Yocum; Hot Springs. Bill Mack VEST: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Eugene William VESTER, Jr.: 2N; Stuttgart. Eighth Row: Pamela Rene VINCENT: AXQ; Nevada, Mo. Bryant Finley VINSON, Jr.: K2; Little Rock. John Francis VINSON: Springfield, Mo. Robert E. VINSON: Nashville. John Keith VOLK: Coed; Hickory Ridge. Frank VOZEL: Ft. Smith. Nancy V. WADE: AXD; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Sandra Kav WADE: Coed; Richardson, Tex. James B. WATTS: Magnolia. Masahide WAKUGAWA: Sedge- well: Naha, Okinawa. Nancy Carol WALDO: Reid; El Dorado. Annie L. WALKER: Coed; Altheimer. Charles William WALK¬ ER: William; Sand Springs, Okla. Juanita Jeanne WALKER: AT; Springdale. Tenth Row: Linda WALKER: Xfi; Newport. Michael Lynn WALKER: Brinkley. Tommy E. WALKER: Springdale. Vir¬ ginia Lee WALDER: Coed; Henderson. Tom Whit WALKER: I A0; No. Little Rock. Jimmy D. WALLIS: Bentonville. Robert Lee WALTERS: Yocum; Hot Springs. Eleventh Row: Jim Carr WALTON: AXA; Bentonville. Fred Rossner WANGER: 2X; Little Rock. James D. WARD: Coed; Columbus, Ohio. Kenneth Bloss WARD: Ripley; Dallas, Tex. John C. WARREN: Buchanan; Winslow. Sharon Diane WAR¬ REN: Reid; Fayetteville. Alan WARRICK: 2AE; McGehee. Twelfth Row: Jacquie Marie WASEM: AT; Republic, Mo. Lloyd WASHINGTON, Jr.: William: Hope. Pamela WASSON: II B$; Pine Bluff. Helen Ruth WATSON: Futrall; Dallas, Tex. Deborah Anneke WATTS: Fayetteville. Victoria Alice WATTS: Coed; Fayetteville. Larry Wayne WEATHERS: AKA; Salem. Thirteenth Row: Alan John WEBB: Fayetteville. Brenda Kay WEBB: Blue Eye, Mo. Mary Carolyn WEBB: KKP; Helena. Phyliss Ann WEBB: Futrall; Benton. Randall Wayne WEB: Huntsville. John Edward WENNERSTROM: Fayetteville. Jack David WEST: K2; Little Rock. Fourteenth Row: Mary Carol WEST: Futrall; Caddo Gap. David Kirby WESTMORELAND: 2N; Ft. Smith. Joe Tom WHILLOCK: Clinton. James Michael WHITE: Hot Springs. Linda Rose WHITE: AT; Shreveport, La. Marcia A. WHITE: Futrall; Bartlesville, Okla. Paul Douglas WHITFIELD: Hol¬ combe; Little Rock. 478 First Row: Sandra Marie WHITLOCK: Reid; Dyer. Jan WHITMORE: KKT; St. Charles. John Thomas WHITTEN: Hope. Patsy Marie WHITTEMBURG: Coed; Carlisle. Mary Sue WIDDOWFIELD: Reid; New Galilee, Pa. Mary Lou WIL¬ KINS: Fayetteville. Dana Elizabeth WILLHOITE: Coed; Enid, Okla. Second Row: Catherine Lucille WILLIAMS: Coed; Forrest City. John D. WILLIAMS: Humphreys; Sheridan. Johnetta WILLIAMS: Coed; Forrest City. Judy Ann WILLIAMSON: Coed; DeQueen. William Joseph WILLIAMSON: Little Rock. Delta Lynne WILLIA: KKT; Watson. Nancy Carol WILLIS: Coed; Corpus Christi, Tex. Third Roiv: Alan Lee WILLROTH: Mountainburg. Deborah Anne WILSON: AT; Perryville. Donnealia Kay WILSON: Fu- trall; Bartlesville, Okla. Rita Suzanne WILSON: Reid; Jackson¬ ville. Robert Burl WILSON, Jr.: ITKA; McCrory. Robert John WILSON: Wilson Sharp; West Orange, N. J. Sharon Louise WILSON: Futrall; Hot Springs. Fourth Row: Susie WILSON: KKT; Little Rock. Theresa Ladonne WILSON: AAA; Russellville. Pamela Denise WINE- LAND: Reid; Pine Bluff. Steve R. WINGFIELD: 211; Fayette¬ ville. Adrian Glen WINGO: Coed; Waco, Tex. Gary Paul WINTERS: Coed; Anaheim, Calif. Dwight Leo WITCHER: Farmhouse; No. Little Rock. Fifth Row: Keith WITHEROW: Philadelphia, Pa. Barbara Ann WOOD: Futrall; Ft. Smith. Daniel Hugh WOOD: AX A; Tyronza. Judith Sample WOOD: Coed; San Antonio, Tex. Lin¬ da Teresa WOOD: Coed; Mena. Debby WOODARD: nB$; Little Rock. Billie Woodell WOODELL: Reid; Clinton. Sixth Row: Lloyd J. WOODELL: Coed; West Memphis. Olivia Jean WOODRUFF: Coed; Cranfordsville. Douglas F. WOODWARD: Coed; No. Little Rock. Sharon A. WOOD¬ WARD: Coed Ft. Smith. Dwight Randall WOODY: Green¬ wood. John Edward WRAY, Jr.: Fayetteville. Carol Jean WRIGHT: AT; Bentonville. Edward Wayne WRIGHT: Rose¬ bud. Seventh Row: Jan WULFEKUHLER: Coed; Paragould. Hal Gill WYNNE: Coed; Arlington, Va. Bruce Eben YANCEY: AXA; Palm Desert, Calif. Susan Kay YAPLE: Reid; Bartles¬ ville, Okla. Barbara YATES: Fayetteville. Jack B. YATES: Coed; Ozark. Terry Ann YEE: Coed; Lake Village. Jean Ann YOE: Coed; Akron, Ohio. Eighth Row : Cary E. YOUNG: AKA: Malvern. Linda Irene YOUNG: KA0; Ft. Smith. Mike YOUNG: Coed; Harrison. Virginia Anne YOUNG: IIB : Little Rock. Lillie Kathryn YOUNGER: Reid; Mtn. View. Elizabeth Ann YOWELL: Reid; Kansas City, Mo. Sven Y. YUM: Coed; Eudora. Bonnie Eliza¬ beth ZOOK: Coed; McGehee. Ebbert, Patterson Named Co-editors " Guess what the trophy ' s for? " 479 First Row: Michael Dean ABBIATTI: Fayetteville. Mark Edwin ABERNATHY: 2X; Little Rock. Tommi Lou ACK¬ LEY: Raborback; Bartlesville, Okla. Michael ADAIR: Davis; Pryor, Okla. Carol Jeane ADAMS: Fulbright: Plummerville. Charlene Jean ADAMS: Hotz; Dutch Mills. Charles Michael ADAMS: Manila. Second Row: Ellenar Ann ADAMS: Hotz; Texarkana. Gary Elvin ADAMS: Fayetteville. Jane M. ADAMS: Hotz; Bartles¬ ville, Okla. Alfred Robert ADDINGTON: Yocum; Houston, Tex. Margaret Josephine ADELMAN: Hotz; Little Rock. Bonnie Kay AGNEW: Springdale. Jean ADNEY: Reid; Alton, Ill. Third Row: Shep AKINS: 2N; Shreveport, La. Myril Marg¬ aret AKINS: Hotz; Hot Springs. Pamela Kaye ALDRIDGE: Hotz; Little Rock. Alice Susan ALEXANDER: Fulbright; Fay¬ etteville. Layne Darice ALEXANDER: Fayetteville. James Nash ALFORD £A9; Pine Bluff. George Paul ALL: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Helen Ann ALL: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Jimmy Joe ALLEN: Yocum; Little Rock. Bokie ALPE: Hotz; West Helena. Larry Eugene ALSIP: Humphreys; Bentonville. Anne ALVORD: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. David Ford ANDERSON: Springdale. Linda ANDERSON: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Fifth Row: Joyce Evelyn ANDREW: Fulbright; Baton Rouge, La. Sandra Lynn ANGUS: Hotz; Belleville, Ill. Janice Ann APPELQUIST: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Donald ARM¬ STRONG: I A9; Pine Bluff. James A. ARNOLD: Yocum; Van Buren. Stephen Michael ARNOLD: Yocum; Corning. Barbara Lynn ASHCRAFT: 4-H House; Pine Bluff. Sixth Row: Richard Wyatt ASHER: Humphreys; Fairfax, Okla. Sandra Kay ASSELIN: Hotz; Branson, Mo. David L. AYRES: TKE; Alton, Ill. Shelia Lynne BAGULEY: Hotz; Blv- theville. Charles Edward BAIER: Yocum; Joplin, Mo. Allen Wayne BAKER: Rogers. Becky M. BAKER: Fayetteville. Seventh Row: Jay Milton BAKER: t A9; Mtn. Home. J. R. BAKER: Yocum; Paragould. Becky BALDWIN: Hotz; Hot Springs. Gary Wavne BALENTINE: Yocum; Marshall. Robert Warren BALENTIME: Humphreys; Marshall. Jackie Lee BALES: Yocum; Hot Springs. David Leigh BALLENGER: Fay¬ etteville. Eighth Row: Frank P. BANE, Jr.: 2IT; No. Little Rock. Nancy Lynn BANE: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Pamela Sue BANKS: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Warren M. BANKSON, Jr.: Yocum; Malvern. C. Fred BARBEE: Springdale. Penny Marie BARFIELD: Fulbright; Little Rock. Michael Allen BARHAM: TKE; Tulsa, Okla. Ninth Row: Cheri Pamela BARKLEY: Fulbright; Little Rock. Connie Belinda BARNES: Hotz; Jacksonville. Richard Allen BARNES: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Janice Faye BARR: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Jeanine BARRETT: Fulbright; Springdale. Eugene Joseph BARTSCH: Yocum; Paris. Linda Darlene BAS- COM: Springdale. Sue Tarpley Chosen Homecoming Queen 480 Freshmen First Row: Brenda Lou BASHAM: Huntington. June Yvonne BASS: Hotz; New Orleans, La. David BASSETT: Fayetteville. Suzanne Kay BATES; Reid; Independence, Mo. Catherine Re¬ gina BAUER: Fulbright; Brinkley. Lawrence Alvin BAUM- GART: Yocum; Hot Springs. Karin BAUMGARTNER: Ful¬ bright; Vienna, Austria. Second Row: Vada Louise BAUSINGER: Springdale. Becky L. BAYLESS: Hotz; Murfreesboro. Melinda J. BAYS: Ful¬ bright; Hamburg. Kenny BEATY: AFP; Conway. James Har- land BEAVERS: 24 E; Tulsa. Okla. Carolyn Marie BELL; Fay¬ etteville. Diane BELL: 4-H House; Heber Springs. Third Row: Frank Adams BELL, Jr.: K2; Lepanto. Patricia Ann BeLUE: Fulbright; Earle. J. R. BENEDICT; Fayetteville. Elizabeth BENJAMIN: Castricum Noord, Holland. Martha Elizabeth BENJAMIN: 4-H House; Harrison. Richard Webber BENNETT: Humphreys; Richardson, Tex. Susan Edrington BENSBERG: Hotz; Camden. Fourth Row: Susan Yvonne BENSON: Fulbright; Little Rock. Lonna Buth BENTON: Fulbright: Harrison. Sandra BEN¬ TON: Hotz; Sand Springs, Okla. Barbara Ann BERGEN: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Linda Louise BERNEY: Fulbright; Longview, Tex. William Darrel BERRY: Humphreys; Fox. David Earl BETH: Yocum; Springdale. Fifth Row: Chris Allen BETTIS: Yocum; Hot Springs. Martha Helen BETTIS: Fulbright; Little Rock. James Clark BICHLER: 2AE; Dallas, Tex. Bettina BICKERTON: Hotz; Pruitt. Judy Diane BICKHAM: Reid; Tillar. Brian Gent BIG- GERS: Acacia; Little Rock. Vicki Lynn BIGGS: Hotz; Spring- field, Mo. Sixth Row: Joan Margaret BILES: Fulbright; Salem. John Biscoe BINGHAM: Yocum; Lonoke. Sandra N. BINKLEY: Fayetteville. Jack BIRKHOLZ: Humphreys; Little Rock. John Barry BISCHOF: Holcombe; Hot Springs. Charlcea A. BISHOP: Rogers. Robert Gerald BIVENS: St. Paul. Seventh Row: Willa A. BLACK: Hotz; Newport. Paula Cryste BLACKARD: Fayetteville. Calon E. BLACKBURN: Yo¬ cum; Heber Sirings. Betsy BLAKELY: Fulbright; Little Rock. Leon Ferrell BLAND: Springdale. Dorothy Pearl BOBO: Ful¬ bright; Elaine. Larry Joe BOCCAROSSA: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Eighth Row: Karen Kay BOCK: Fulbright; Clarksville. Bas- com BOGLE, Jr.: K2; Jacksonville. Marilyn Louise BOHNEN: Hotz; Hot Springs. Freddie Norman BOLLINGER, Jr.; 24 E. West Memphis. Claire BOND: Fulbright: El Dorado. Priscilla Kaye BOND: Fayetteville. Jana Elaine BONDS: Fulbright; Magnolia. Ninth Row: Ronnie William BONE: Yocum; Pineville, Mo. Sandve Lea BOONE: Hotz; Springdale. Larry Jay BORECKY: 24 E; Pine Bluff. Carl Albert BORES: Yocum; Little Rock. Fred E. BOSSHART: Humphreys: Little Rock. James Edgar BOST: 2AE; Pine Bluff. Pat Joy POSTER: Fulbright; Spring- dale. Tenth Row: David Bruce BOSTAIN: Yocum; Hardy. Betty Jean BOSTICK: Springdale. John Michael BOSTON: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Gloria Pamela BOTNER: Fulbright; Berry- ville. Beverlyn BOWEN: Fulbright; Alvin, Tex. Barton Charles BOWERS: Yocum; Korkwood. Mo. Terry G. BOX; Fayetteville. Eleventh Row: Jim Arthur BOYDSTAN: Humphreys; Thorn¬ ton, Pa. Bonnie Jean BOYETT: Reid; Mesquite, Tex. Curtis Franklin BRADBURY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Nina Arlene BRADBURY: Fulbright; Bauxite. Melvin D. BRADFORD: Yocum; Piggott. Amy Lorraine BRADLEY: Hotz; Memphis, Tenn. Guy I3RADY, Jr.: Farmhouse; Manila. Twelfth Row: Judith Rae BRAGAN: Pensacola, Fla. George Lawrence BRANTINGHAM: Humphreys: Ft. Smith. Willard Landers BRATTON, Jr.: 2N; Dumas. Donna Jean BREDE- HOEAT: Hotz; Decatur. John Raymond BREWER: Humphreys; New Orleans, La. Marilvn Jean BREWER: Fulbright; Little Rock. Anne BRINKLEY: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Thirteenth Row: Stephen Mayes BRISTER: Yocum; Bly- theville. Wayne L. BRITT: Yocum; Nashville. Narcissus Svl- via BRITTNUM: Reid; Little Rock. Deborah Dean BROCK¬ MAN: Hotz; Star City. Mary Sue BROCKMAN: Hotz: Hous¬ ton, Tex. Anne Elizabeth BROOKES: Fulbright; DeQueen. Katherine Anne BROOKS: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Fourteenth Row: Larry James BROOKS: Fayetteville. Me¬ lissa Lou BROWER: Hotz; Jacksonville. Elizabeth Anne BROWN: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Fred Eugene BROWN: Humphreys; Harrison. James Leslie BROWN: Siloam Springs. M. Kay BROWN: Fulbright; Little Rock. Patty Lynn BROWN: Ful¬ bright ; Paris. 481 Freshmen First Row : Peggy Sue BROWN: Lowell. Richard F. BROWN, Jr.: Yocum; Wynne. Rita LaTane BROWN: Hotz; Datto. Tanya Ann BROWN: Fulbright; Forrest City. Charles Edward BROWNFIELD, III: Ripley; Stamford, Tex. Elizabeth Ann BROWNING: Hotz; Decator. Rick BROWNING: AX A: Jones¬ boro. Second Row: Henry David BROYLES: 2 I E; Fayetteville. Garry Hunt BRUNSON: 2 I E; Fayetteville. Barbara Christine BRUNTON: Hotz; Chicago, Ill. James A. BUCHAN: 2 I E; Tulsa, Okla. Carolyn Sue BUCKNER: 4-H House; Ratcliff. Bonnie Jo BUELL: Hotz; Bentonville. Carolyn Jean BUL¬ LOCK: Hotz; Boydell. Third Roiv : Benita Louise BUNCH: Hotz; Joplin, Mo. Lewis Arnold BUNCH: X4 E; Jonesboro. Becky BURCH: Hotz; War¬ ren. Ira Eugene BURGAN: Yocum; Sand Springs, Okla. Teresa Lynn BURKES: Fulbright; Camden. Thomas Victor BURKETT: Yocum; McCrory. Reagan Dewey BURKS: Wilson Sharp; Cabot. Fourth Row: Jerry William BURNETT: Springdale. Betty Sue BURNETTE: Hotz; Washburn, Mo. David Kind BURNS: Humphreys; Palestine. Harriet BURNS: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Melvin Eugene BURNS: Yocum; Portland. Betsy BUR¬ ROUGHS: Fulbright; Fordyce. Michael Alan BURROWS: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Fifth Ro w: Carol Elizabeth BURTON: Fulbright; Newport. Susan K. BUSBY: Fulbright; Monticello. Harlan R. BUTLER: Humphreys; DeWitt. Sonja Ann BUTLER: Hotz; Alma. Bill Joe CABANISS: Humphreys; El Dorado. Barbara Joan CAIN: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. Camille M. CALAWAY: Fulbright; Mulberry. Sixth Roiv: Jerry Dean CALDWELL: Humphreys; Texar¬ kana. Linda Ann CALLAWAY: Hotz; Troy. Mo. Klein R. CAL¬ VERT: Yocum; Salem. Charles A. CAMPBELL, III: 2 I E; West Monroe, La. Robert Ian CAMPBELL: I A9; Helena. Steve Carl CAMPBELL: Fayetteville. Debi CANADA: Hotz; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Vcronice Guinett CANNON: Hotz; Mt. Ida. Lanny Wade CAPLINGER: Yocum; DeQueen. Wallace CARA- DINE, Jr.: Humphreys; West Memphis. E. Chris CARLSON: Yocum; Baytown, Tex. Michael B. CARLSON: Humphreys; Siloam Springs. Walter Lawrence CARLSON: ‘fcAG; Marion. Mary Frances CARNAHAM: Prairie Grove. Eighth Row: Samuela Sue CARNAHAN; Prairie Grove. Wayne L. CARNAHAM; Prairie Grove. Dwight Arnold CAR¬ NEY: Fayetteville. Janette Sue CARNEY: Prairie Grove. Mar¬ tin Boyd CARPENTER: Yocum; Ashflat. Sharon Jane CAR- SON: Fulbright; Blytheville. Terry William CARSON: Wil¬ liam; Harrison. Ninth Row: Carole Dianne CARTER: Fulbright; Memphis, Tenn. James Ernost CARTER: Elkins. Karen L°a CARTER: Fulbright; Little Rock. Michael Edwin CARTWRIGHT: Yo¬ cum; Marshall. Susie CASE: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. James Charles CASON: Yocum; Dallas, Tex. Richard Edgar CATES: 2IT; St. Joseph, Mo. Tenth Row: Alice Gertrude CATHEY: Fulbright; Camden. Chailes Payne CATHEY: Yocum; Camden. David Wayne CAT¬ LETT: Yocum; Little Rock. Judy Carol CATO: Fulbright; Earle. Jan Marie CAUGHRON: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Annie Kathleen CAUKER: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. William Michael CAWTHON: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Eleventh Row: Betty Lou CAWVEY: Fulbright; Little Rock. Glynda Ray CAZER: Hotz; Carlisle. Carolyn Rachel CAZORT: Fulbright; Little Rock. Darrell Edward CHANCELLOR: Yo¬ cum; Hot Springs. Carol Ann CHANEY: Fulbright; Harrison. George Michael CHANEY: Yocum; Siloam Springs. Kirk A. CHANDLER: 211; New Boston, Tex. Twelfth Row: Sharyn R. CHAPPELL: Ft. Smith. James Leon CHESHIER: Fayetteville. Michael CHILDERS: Humph¬ reys; No. Little Rock. Michael Ray CHILDERS: Yocum; Wynne. Susan Elizabeth CHOATE: Hotz; Tulsa. Okla. Randi CHRISTISON: Fulbright; Columbus, Ohio. James CISNE: Ripley; Jacksonville, Ill. Thirteenth Row: Carolyn CLARK: Hotz; Pine Bluff. Joseph Murphy CLARK: Fayetteville. Michael Augustus CLARK: Yo¬ cum; Nashville. Peggv Jean CLARK: Fulbright; Arkadelphia. Pat CLARK: Reid; Kansas City, Mo. Karen Ann CLARKE: Fulbright; Little Rock. David Eugene CLASSEN: Yocum; Charleston. Fourteenth Row: Stephen George CLINKENBEARD: 2N; Springfield, Mo. Philip Edwin COBLE: AKA; Little Rock. Lola Leanna COCHRAN: Hotz; Corning. Terrisue COCHRAN: Ful¬ bright; Salem. William Paul COCHRAN: Yocum; Portland. Cathern Mary COCHRANE: Farmington. Earl W. CODY: Rip¬ ley; Tulsa, Okla. First Row: Peggy Leah COFFIELD: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Don Richard COFFIELD: Fayetteville. Patricia Dian COKER: Hotz; Nashville, Tenn. Alicia C. COLEMAN: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Linda Sue COLEMAN: Fulbright; Camden. Nancy Mur- rine COLER: 4-H House; Bentonville. Carolyn COLLAR: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Second Row: Janies M. COLLINS: AXA; Little Rock. Joyce Elaine COLLINS: Elkins. Jake B. COMER: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Sarah Ruth CONE: Fulbright; Harrison. Michael Peel CON¬ NELL: Yocum; Conway. Paula Jean COOK: Hotz; Kansas City, Mo. James Russell COON: Humphreys; Little Rock. Third Row: Jerry Edward COOPER: Humphreys; Waveland. Jimmy George COOPER: Yocum; Gravette. Lawrence Richard COOPER: Yocum; Soldotna, Alaska. Ronald Rex COOPER: Humphreys; Everton. Deborah Elaine COPELAND: Hotz; Overland Park, Kan. Wanda Gay CORDELL: Springdale. Mark Wayne CORLEY: Yocum; Rogers. Fourth Row: Kathryn CORROTHERS: Fulbright; Little Rock. Terry Lee COUGHLIN: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Mary Ann COWGER: Hotz; Bentonville. Alan Dale COX: Yocum; Piggott. Christine COX: Fulbright; Verona, Mo. David Field¬ ing COX: Humphreys; Houston, Tex. Linda Jo COX: Fay¬ etteville. Fifth Row: Nancy Cheryll COX: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Edward O. CRANDELL: Yocum; Humboldt, Tenn. Margaret Helen CRANK: Hotz; Foreman. Carol CRAVENS: Fulbright; Spring- dale. Debbie CRAWFORD: Fulbright: Longview, lex. Richard Wyatt CRAWFORD: Humphreys; Benton. William Michael CREECH: Yocum; Rogers. Sixth Row: Mary Jane CREEL: Fulbright; Mtn. Home. William M. CROMWELL: XX; Harrison. Connie CROSS: Hotz; Newport. J. Brandt CROXDALE: IIKA; Rogers. Brenda Ward CUDD: Hotz; Rector. Paul Ray CULLIFORD: Humph¬ reys; Malvern. John Patrick CULLUM: Yocum; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Deborah Rhea CUNNINGHAM: Fulbright; Malvern. Paul CUNNINGHAM: Yocum; Little Rock. Phyllis Louise CUNNINGHAM: Fayetteville. Donald Owen CUNNION: XII; Middletown, N. J. Teresa Lee CURTIS: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Diane Marie DAILY: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Linda Sue DAILY: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Tod DALBY: XII; Pine Bluff. Susan Marie DALTON: Hotz; Fayetteville. James D. DAMET: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. Kevin Hayes DANAHER: Yocum; Atchison, Kan. Frederick Howard DARK: Yocum; Hardy. Elizabeth Ann DAR- ROW: Hotz; Benton. Janis Kay DAUGHERTY: Fulbright; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Robert R. DAUGHERTY: Lincoln. John DAV¬ ENPORT: Humphreys; Pryor, Okla. Cynthia Jane DAVES: Hotz; Decatur. A1 N. DAVIES: Humphreys; Liberty, Tex. Da¬ vid Drew DAVIS: Humphreys; Hatfield. Deidre Lyn DAVIS: Fulbright; New Orleans, La. Diane L. Davis: Fulbright; Benton. 7-7 Basketball Conference Season First Row: Lindon Faye DAVIS: Hotz; Texarkana. James Bevington DAVIS: AXA; Clarendon Hills, Ill. Jane Ann DA¬ VIS: Reid; Sapulpa, Okla. John Melville DAVIS: 2AE; Mag¬ nolia. Marvin Holbrook DAVIS: Humphrevs; Siloam Springs. Michael R. DAVIS: Humphreys; Wynne. Sheryl Ann DAVIS: Fulhright; Shreveport, La. Second Row: Stephen L. DAVIS: Fayetteville. Victoria Kay DAVIS: Fulhright; Berryville. Pamela Kay DEAN: Hotz; New¬ port. Donr a Delores DEANE: Hotz; No. Little Rock. David Ed¬ ward DECLERK: 2X; Pocahontas. Stephen Elwood DEAN: Yocum; Blytheville. Robert Thomas DEERE: Yocum; Little Rock. Third Row: Michael Francis DELAMORE: 24 E; Fordyce. Jeannette DENNIS: Farmington. Michael Edward DENNIS- TON: Yocum; Ozark. Dianne Leigh DESHAZO: Fulhright; Pine Bluff. Cody DICKERSON: Yocum: Ft. Smith. Bob Clark DICKEY: AXA; Paragould. Chuck Wayne DICUS: Wilson Sharp; Garland, Tex. Fourth Row: John Dale DIGBY: Yocum; Hot Springs. John Craig DILLAPLAIN: Yocum; Little Rock. Dennis Alexander DILLARD: 2AE; Little Rock. Norma Ann DILLARD: Ful- bright; Tulsa, Okla. Don Robert DIMMITT: Humphreys; Pryor, Okla. Wayne E. DIPPER: Ripley; Miller, Mo. Alan Lemont DOAN: Yocum; Little Rock. Fifth Row: Jennings Glenn DOBBS: Yocum; McCrory Thomas Alas DOBER: Yocum; Little Rock. Judy Carol DONA HOU: Reid; Combs. Shirley Ann DONOHAN: Fulhright; Clar endon. Robert Warren DOUGHERTY: 2 i E; Jacksonville. Rob ert Newton DOUGLAS: Yocum; Gravctte. Yvonne Ann DOUG LAS: Fulhright; McGehee. Sixth Row: David Mack DOVER: Yocum; Paragould. Rich¬ ard Craig DOWNING: Yocum; Kansas City, Mo. Jayne Eliza¬ beth DOYLE: Fulhright; Dallas, Tex. Dona Lee DRESSER: Fulhright; Tulsa, Okla. Teresa DRIGGERS: Fulhright; Mag¬ nolia. Lydia Carol DUCK: Hotz; Little Rock. Geraldine Liv¬ ingston DUGAN: Fulhright; Little Rock. Seventh Row: William A. DUNAWAY: Fayetteville. Bruce C. DUNCAN: Springdale. Gregory Davis DUNKUM: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Karen Elizabeth DLJRHAM: Fulhright; DeQueen. Aniela Maria DYER: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Natalie C. DYER: Reid; Little Rock. Garry Wayne EARLS: Yocum; Rogers. Eighth Row: Larry Veff EARNHEART: Yocum; Batesville. Ernest Eugene EDENS: Fayetteville. Benny Carrol EDWARDS: Yocum; Bee Branch. Jessie Geneva EDWARDS: Fulhright; No. Little Rock. Pamela Ruth EDWARDS: Fulhright; Searcy. Don A. EILBOTT: 2AE; Pine Bluff. Paul R. ELDRIDGE: K2; Forrest City. Ninth Row: Elizabeth Ann ELLIOTT: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Frederick Owen ELLIS, Jr.: 2X; Hope. Margeurhe ELLIS: Fulhright; Walnut Ridge. William Gregory ELMORE: 2X; Brinkley. Judy ENGLF.HART: Fulhright; Ft. Smith. Mark Steven ENGSKOV: Mt. Burg. Debbie Ann ERVIN: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Gerety Elected St. Patricia 484 Freshmen First Row: Floyd Gaylon ESTOPY: Humphreys; Rector. Barbara May EVANS: Fulbright; Chester. Deanna F. EVANS: Hotz; Salem. Eberle EVANS: Hotz; Ardmore, Okla. Martha Ann EVANS: Hotz; Vinita, Okla. Marva L. EVANS: Fulbright; Blytheville. Michael Edward EVANS: Yocum; Little Rock. Second Row: Kathleen EWING: Fulbright; St. Louis, Mo. Valynda Ann EWTON: Reid; Shawnee, Okla. Term Nolan FANCHER: Humphreys; Harrison. Diana Sue FARLEY: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Heber Jean FARMER: Fulbright; Yellville. Jim Green FARMER: Wilson Sharp; St. Louis, Mo. Sharon Lee FARRELL: Hotz; Little Rock. Third Row: Keith Edward FAULKNER: Fayetteville. Diane FEIMSTER: Hotz; Little Rock. Michael Louis FENDYA: Yo¬ cum; Sunset Hills, Mo. Phyllis Jean FENNELL: Prairie Grove. Hannah Sue FERGUSON: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Bobby Dwayne FIELD: Wilson Sharp; Farwell, Tex. Janie FINE: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Tommy Leroy FINLEY: Yocum; Camdenton, Mo. Stan C. FINNEY, Jr.: AXA; Martinsville, Va. Stephen Carl FITZWATER: Yocum; Adona. Janet Lee FLICK: Hotz; Dallas. Jan Christen FLOBAK: Acacia; Elverum, Norway. Perry Dean FLOYD: Humphreys; Richardson, Tex. Mike F. FLYNN: ATP; Charleston. Fifth Row: Sarah Louise FONTAINE: Hotz; Little Rock. O. Daniel FORD: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Diana Faye FORE¬ MAN: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Jack Raymond FOSTER: ITKA; Little Rock. Billie FOWLER: Fulbright; Longview, Tex. Chris¬ topher F. FOWLER: 4 A0; Atlanta, Ga. Dale E. FOWLER: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Sixth Row: Carroll Ann FOX: Harrison. Gary Wayne FRANCE: Rogers. John Louis FRANCESCHI: Humphreys; Summers. William Keliher FRANKE: Humphreys; Little Rock. Peggy Nell FRANKS: Fulbright; Hope. John B. FRAZIER: Havana. Sharyn Ellen FREAR: Hotz; Berwyn, Pa. Seventh Row : Larry Glenn FREEMAN: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Storm FREEMAN: Reid; Highland Park, N. S. Sandra Lee FRENCH: Fulbright; McGehee. James Walton FRIDDLE: Yocum; Paris. Olan Stanley FRUCHEY: Yocum; Paragould. Roger Dawson FRY: 2AE; Houston, Tex. Mike FRYE: 2X; Sallisaw, Okla. Eighth Row: David Eugene FULTZ: Yocum; Alpena. Ellen Suzanne FUTRELL: Fulbright; El Dorado. Martha Rippley GAINER: Hotz; Godfrey, Ill. Conard Lee GAITHER: Ripley; Pryor, Okla. Gary Sharp GAMMILL: 2N; Hazen. John B. GARDNER, III: 211; Hope. Kent GARLAND: Yocum; Gill- ham. Ninth Roiv: William Stuart GARNER, Jr.: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Carolyn Suzanne GARRETT: Reid; East Alton, Ill. Harriet D. GARRETT: Hotz; Malvern. James Paul GARRETT: Van Buren. Maysel Marie GARRETT: Hotz; Jacksonville. Mary Francis GARRETT: Fulbright; Corning. Gary Blaylock GAR¬ RISON: 211; Fayetteville. Tenth Row: Phil James GARTSIDE: Humphreys; Rogers. Bruce Carrol GASAWAY: I A0; Pickens. Natalie GASKILL: Fulbright; Huntsville. Diedra Ann GASTON: Fulbright; Neosho, Mo. Jack Richard GATES: Yocum; Kansas City, Mo. James Richard GATLIN: Yocum; Booneville. Beverly Sue GAYLOR: Fulbright; St. Louis, Mo. Eleventh Row: John Harold GEELAN: Humphreys; Marion. Leonard E. GEHRING: Humphreys; Wheatley. William H. GENTRY, Jr.: Humphreys; Mabel vale. Dane Eugene GEORGE: Yocum; Richardson, Tex. Robert Lee GEORGE: Humphreys; Luxora. Paula Sue GEURIN: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Calla Jane GIBSON: Fulbright; Siloam Springs. Twelfth Row: Noel Paul GIBSON: Humphreys; Fort Lewis, Wash. William Russell GIBSON: 2AE; Helena. Gary Dean GILBERT: Humphreys; Gurdon. Steffany GILLILAND: Hotz; Siloam Springs. John Ashton GLASSELL: 2N; Shreveport, La. Michael Burns GLEASON: Yocum; Rogers. Larry Wayne GLOVER: Humphrey s; Stuttgart. Thirteenth Row: James GLOVER: AKA; No. Little Rock. Jerry Wayne GLOVER: Acacia; Little Rock. John Coleman GOCIO: Yocum; Bentonville. Kenneth Randle GOINES; Fay¬ etteville. William John GOODYEAR: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Du- rinda Marie GORDON: Hotz; Helena. Eddie Charles GOR¬ DON: Yocum; Marianna. Fourteenth Row: Jill GORDY: Fulbright; Conway. Kaye Lynn GORE: Reid; DeQueen. Roger Alan GORTON: Yocum; Ennis, Tex. Phillip Wayne GRABLE: Humphreys; Little Rock. Pamela Frances GRAHAM: Fulbright; Van Buren. Wade Franklin GRAHAM: 2 t E; Warren. William Mansill GRAHAM: Yocum; Rogers. 485 Freshmen First Row: Christine Ann GRANDST AFF: Hotz; Dewey, Okla. Linda Jean GRANTOM: Fulbright; Alvin, Tex. James Michael GRAVE: Springdale. Bartus M. GRAY; 2 I E; Jack¬ sonville. Camelia Kay GRAY: Fulbright; Muskogee, Okla. Charles Henry GRAY: K2; Fayetteville. Gilda D. GRAY: Hotz; Clarendon. Second Row : John Thomas GRAY, III: Humphreys; Car¬ thage. Mo. Troy Anderson GRAY: 2n; Newport. Anita Carol GRAYSON: Hotz; Memphis, Tenn. Gwendolyn GREEN: Reid; No. Little Rock. Ronald Lyndon GREER: Yocum; Jacksonville. Charlie GREGORY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Noel Kennady GREGORY, Jr.: Yocum; Augusta. Third Row : Peggy Ellen GREGORY: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Joe Edward GRIFFIN: 2N; Texarkana. Michael Austin GRIM- METT: Yocum; Magnolia. Kathy L. GRISHAM: Fulbright; Loring A.F.B., Ma. Kathi GRIZZLE: Fulbright; Brinkley. Kristin Suzanne GROSS: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Muriel Elaine GROVE: Hotz; E. Peoria, Ill. Fourth Row: Charles Stephen GURISCO: AKA; Ft. Smith. Diane Marie GUY: Fulbright; Richardson, Tex. David Morris HOAK: TKE; Texarkana. Gary N. HAIRSTON: Acacia; Little Rock. Christy Ann HAIZLIP: Hotz; Parkin. Michael Stephen HALEY: Yocum; Piggott. Lynn E. HALES: Yocum; Warner Robins, Ga. Fifth Row: Beverly Janice HALL: Fulbright; Danville. Linda Kathleen HALL: Reid; Benton. Lola Beneta HALL: Ful¬ bright; Snyder, Tex. Melanie M. HALL: Fulbright; Marshall. James William HALSELL: K2; Little Rock. Susan lone HAM- AKER: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. David Nelson HAMBLEN: Humph reys; Crossett. Sixth Row: Dee R. HAMBRIGHT: Yocum; Richardson, Tex. Gloria Jean HAMILTON: Reid; Nashville. Sherry HAMIL¬ TON: Fulbright; Rogers. Ziba Roland HAMILTON, Jr.: Yo¬ cum; McCrory. Franklin Sharp HAMLIN: Yocum; Little Rock. Ann Marilyn HAMM: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Roger L. HAMMOND: ATP; Branch. Seventh Row: Jerry W. HAMPTON: Ripley; Crown Point, Ind. Stephen Lee HAMPTON: Yocum; Mt. Ida. James N. HAMRIC, Jr.: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Ruth Michele HANNEBAUM: Hotz; Alton, Ill. Jane Mary HARASTA: Ful¬ bright; Brinkley. James Lee HARDCASTLE: Humphreys; Little Rock. Gary Michael HARDEN: Yocum; Jacksonville. Eighth Row: John Christopher HARDMAN: K2; Helena. Robert Lloyd HARDMAN: Yocum; Mt. Pleasant, Tex. James Carl HARDWICK: Yocum; Little Rock. Fleming Francis HARDY: Humphrey; Pine Bluff. Alannette HARE: Hotz; Au- vergue. Karen Ruth HARMON: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Linda Louise HARNED: Fulbright; Mtn. Home. Ninth Row: Vickie Jodean HARP; Prairie Grove. Tanny Smith HARPER: Acacia; Pine Bluff. Ginger HARPOLE: Hotz; Blytheville. Melissa HARRELL: Hotz; Houston, Tex. Waymon Howard HARRELL, Jr.: Humphreys; Ft. Worth, Tex. Brenda L. HARRIS; Huntsville. Don Dean HARRIS: Yocum; Gravette. Tenth Row: Freeman Burnell HARRIS: Yocum; Batesville. James Kenny HARRIS: Yocum; El Dorado. Otis Othello HAR¬ RIS, III: 2n; Fayetteville. Denny HARRIS: Fulbright; Fayette¬ ville. Twant Montgomery HARRIS, III: Humphreys; Eudora. Christine Louise HARRISON: Reid; Alexandria. John Robert HART: Prairie Grove. Eleventh Row: Randy HART: Yocum; Huntsville. Ann Louise HARTENSTEIN: Hotz; Little Rock. Elizabeth Ann HARTZ: Fulbright; Stuttgart. Janell HARVEY: Fayetteville. Susan HASTY: Fulbright; DeWitt. Barbara Annette HATLEY: Hotz; Gurdon. Frances HAVARD: Reid; Pine Bluff. Twelfth Row: Susan E. HAWKINS: Hotz; Murfreesboro. Louis M. HAWLEY: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Sylvia Ligon HAWLEY: Hotz; Little Rock. Anne Marie HAYES: Reid; West Helena. James Ronald HAYMON: Yocum; McKamie. Michael Stevens HAZLEWOOD: Yocum; Lepanto. Carolyn R. HEAD: Fayetteville. Thirteenth Row: Blan S. HEATH: 2X; Blytheville. Janet Sue HECOX: 4-H House; Benton. Lance Allen HEIGLE: Yo¬ cum; Heber Springs. Tim Alan HEIPLE: 2X; Fayetteville. Charles Phillip HEISS: Yocum; Carlisle. Sharron Kaye HELF: Hotz; Springdale. Laurel Jan HEMMER: Hotz; Russellville. Fourteenth Row: Vicki Jean HENBEST: Fulbright; Monett, Mo. Eric Thomas HENDERSON: Yocum; Los Angeles, Calif. Patsy HENDERSON: Hotz; Clarendon. Julian Michael HEND- NAN: Yocum; Gravette. Rose Mary HENDRICKSON: Reid; Early, Iowa. Terry Gury HENDRICKSON: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. Jane Karen HENLEY: Fulbright; Little Rock. 486 First Row: Wordna Sharon HENLEY: Fulbright; Little Rock. Cherrie HENNIES: Hotz; Hot Springs. Orville Monroe HENRY, III: Humphreys; Little Rock. Maria Stacy HERIN- GER: Fulbright; Jonesboro. Karen Yea HERNDON: Hotz; Falls Church, Va. Gary David HICKMAN: Ripley; Ft. Smith. James Kenneth HICKS: Humphreys; Norphlet. Second Row : Peggy Ann HICKS; Fayetteville. Richard A. HICKS: Yocum; Mena. William Edward HIGGINBOTHOM, Jr.: XX; Helena. Beth Ann HILDBOLD: Fayetteville. Brenda Lea HILL: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. Bruce Hays HILL: Nashville. Dale Calvin HILL: Humphreys; Alexandria, Va. Third Row: Darius Betterton HILL, III: Yocum; Little Rock. Walter Allen HILL: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Shirley De¬ nise HINTON: Fulbright; Hope. Michael Jan HISEY: Reid; Hobbs, N. Mex. Dianne J. HITE: Hotz; Little Rock. Marsha Lynn HIXSON: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Joe Henry HODGES: Humph¬ reys; Ft. Smith. Fourth Row: Margaret Elizabeth HOGAN: Hotz; Spring- field, Mo. Johnny Lynn HOGARD: Piggott. Ronald David HOGG: Yocum; Dierks. Karen Sue HOLBROOK: Fulbright; Marked Tree. Deborah Ann Holden: Hotz; Monroe, La. Janet Stephen HOLLIS: Reid; Springfield, Mo. Mary Barbara HOL¬ LOWAY: Fulbright; El Dorado. Fifth Row: Robert Steele HOLMES: Humphreys; Little Rock. William Richard HOLMES: Humphreys; San Antonio, Tex. Patricia Doney HOLT: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. Terry Eu¬ gene HOLT: Yocum; Snyder, Tex. Watson HOLYFIEL1), V: Humphreys; Rogers. Carl Frederick HOPKINS: Yocum; Little Rock. Glen Eugene HOPKINS, Jr.: Yocum; Van Buren. Sixth Row: Stephen Douglas HOPKINS: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Myra Lou HOSMER: Fayetteville. Anne Louise HOSS: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Thomas Anthony HOTZ, II: Yocum; Ft. Smi th. Dianne Lee HOUSE: Fulbright; Batesville. Gary Lyndel HOWARD: Acacia; Fayetteville. Lee HOWING- TON: Yocum; Lepanto. Seventh Row: Judith Marie HUBBLE: Reid; Little Rock. Marcia Lynn HUCKABAY: Fulbright; Ft. Worth, Tex. Samuel Theodore HUCKE: Fayetteville. Patti HUDSON: Fulbright; Little Rock. James Barton HUDSPETH: Yocum; Harrison. Jack Harvey HUFF: XX; Batesville. Claire HUFFAKER: Ful¬ bright; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Jesse Dale HUFFMAN: Yocum; Paragould. J. Stephen HULL: Humphreys; Paris. William M. HULL: Yo¬ cum; Weston, Mo. Andrew William HULSEY: Yocum; Lonoke. Gerald Robert HULSEY: Yocum; Hot Springs. James Lee HUNT: Yocum; El Dorado. Martha Jane HUNT: Reid; Heber Springs. Ninth Row: Sally Kendall HUNT: Hotz; Ardmore. Okla. Alice F. HUNTER: Hotz; Pine Bluff. Robert E. HUNTER: Sedgewell; Sparkman. William Noah HUNTER: Yocum; Lane- burg. Patricia Anne HUPKA: Hotz; Nashville, Tenn. Mimi HUPPERT: Hotz; Fayetteville. Donald Dean HURLBUT: Elm Springs. Barkley Edits “Greek Way” for IFC One man ' s effort to eschew obfuscation. 487 First Row : Michael B. HURST: Yocum; Van Buren. 0- Byrum HURST: 2N; Hot Springs. Linda Rarlene HUTCHI¬ SON: Hotz; Odessa, Tex. Nancy Lonsdale HUTTON: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Donna Celia HYDE: Hotz; Paragould. Richard Kenley IMBODEN: ArP; Cherry Valley. Dianna Kay IRVIN: Hotz; Sheridan. Second Row: Elizabeth Maude IRVING: Hotz: Morrilton. Kenneth Raymond IVEY: Fayetteville. Dale JACKSON: Vo- cum; Colcord, Okla. JoAnn JACKSON; Reid; Panama Canal Zone. Kent Valentine JACKSON: Yocum; Lockesburg. Phillip Lee JACKSON: Humphreys; Camden. Richard Clark JACK- SON: Yocum; Cabot. Third Row: Paula Jan JACOBS: Reid; Hobbs, N. M. Jerry Lynn JACOBSEN: Humphreys; Wichita Falls, Tex. Jim Henry JAMES: Yocum; Hope. Pattie Ellen JAMES: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Steven Alan JAMESON: Humphreys; Annadale, Va. Beckie Lynn JAY: Fulbright; Springfield, Mo. Henrietta JEN¬ KINS: Fulbright; Wabash. Fourth Row: M. Kathryn JENKINS: Hotz; No. Little Rock. William Panzie JENKINS: Yocum; Crossett. Sally Merle JEN¬ NINGS: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Tommy Ray JENSEN: Little Rock. Doris Gail JERNIGAN: Hotz; Lepanto. Leroy Otto JESKE: Fayetteville. Margaret Louise JOHN: Fulbright; Stuttgart. Fijth Row: Avanelle JOHNSON: Elkins. Barbara Lynne JOHNSON: Springdale. Deborah Ann JOHNSON: Hotz; Jack¬ sonville. Dick Spigner JOHNSON: Yocum; Ashdown. Donald Gene JOHNSON: West Fork. E. Ralph JOHNSON: K2; Joiner. George Steven JOHNSON: Yocum; Omaha, Neb. Sixth Row: Henneth Frank JOHNSON: 2N; Crossett. Kirk Douglas JOHNSON: Yocum; Texarkana. Linda Ann JOHNSON: Hotz; Altheimer. Nina Norett JOHNSON: Ful¬ bright; Lexa. Suzanne Elizabeth JOHNSON: Hotz; Brinkley. Troy William JOHNSON: Yocum; Dallas, Tex. Janet Catherine JOHNSTON: Fulbright; El Dorado. Seventh Row: Judith Ann JOHNSTON: Hotz; Roland. Norris Neil JOHNSTON: Yocum; Tuckerman. Charles Tracy JONES: 2N; Siloam Springs. Clinton Carl JONES: TKE; Fay etteville. Esther Faye JONES: Hotz; Pine Bluff. Janice Coretta JONES: Hotz; Pine Bluff. Jerry Marvin JONES: Humphreys; Harrison. Eighth Row: Lois Laverne JONES: Hotz; Texarkana. Marla Diane JONES: Fulbright; Hope. Marsha Kay JONES: Hotz; Little Rock. Melvin D. JONES: Humphreys; Moro. Shirley Ann JONES: Reid; Little Rock. Victoria Guthrie JONES: Fulbright; Little Rock. James Edward JUSTISS: 2AE; Forrest City. Ninth Row: Gary Michael KARNES: UK A; Huntsville. Kimberly E. KEEGAN: Reid; Lisbon, Iowa. S. Jeanne KEEL: Fulbright; Colton, Calif. Ennice Marie KEELE: Hotz; Texar¬ kana. Richard Lynn KEEN: Fayetteville. Ricky Harold KEEN: Yocum; Little Rock. Paula Jo KEITH: Hotz; Gravette. McLarty Successful in “Symposium ’68” This is what many think of the Army. 488 Freshmen First Row: Janice L. KELLEY: Hotz; Gravette. Jimmie Dean KELLEY: Yocum; Piscataway, New Jersey. James Wilson KEMP: Yocum; Hot Springs. Janice Ellen KEMPF: Reid; No. Little Rock. Mary Fry KENNEDY: Yocum; Crossett. Evonne Lou KERN: Rogers. John Marvin KILLIAN: Yocum; Bald Knob. Second Row: Donald Gene KING: Yocum; Hot Springs. Linda Jane KING: Reid; Cassville, Mo. Pam KIRBY: Ful- bright; Baton Rouge, La. Ronnie Gene KIRBY: Humphreys; Gillham. James Art KIRK: Farmhouse; Magazine. Pamela Ellen KIRK: Reid; Little Rock. Raymona Gail KIRKLEY: Reid; Wichita Falls, Tex. Third Row: Mary Cecilia KIRKPATRICK: Reid; No. Little Rock. Phyllis Ann KISSIRE: Hotz; Anderson, Mo. Thomas Patrick KITTRELL: Fayetteville. Janet Marie KLEUSER: Hotz; Dallas. Tex. Charles Edwin KNIGHT: 2N; Stuttgart. Anita Lynn KNOD: Hotz; DeQueen. Kathleen Ann KNOWLES: Fulbright; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Barbara Jean KO: Fulbright; Earle. William Stephan KOEH LER: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Jay Lynn Mitzi KOERNER: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Cheri Leta KOHLER: Ful¬ bright; Little Rock. James Edward KOONCE: Yocum; Cam¬ den. Russell Havel KOSTKA: K2; Memphis, Tenn. Jon Mich¬ ael KRANNICHFIELD: Humphreys; Omaha, Neb. Fifth Row: Susan Ellen KRUM: Hotz; Minot, N. Dak. Karl F. KUNKEL: Yocum; Selfridge AFB, Mich. Wayne Carl KUSE: Yocum; Glen Ellyn, Ill. John Edward LACHOWSKY: Yocum; Paris. Janice Alicia LA FARR A: Fulbright; McGehee. Joan LAAFFERTY: Hotz; Little Rock. William Stephen LAIR: Yo¬ cum ; Harrison. Sixth Row: Marcus Hughes LAMBERTH: Yocum; Stutt¬ gart. Jeri LAND: Hotz; Howard AFB, Canal Zone. Rodney Routt LANDES: 2AE; El Dorado. Susannah LANDRUM: Hotz; Poplar Bluff, Mo. James W. LANGFORD: Humphreys; Ironton, Ohio. Margaret Jean LA PRADE: Fulbright; Dallas, Tex. Robert Duane LARSON: Humphreys; Mtn. Home. Seventh Row: Timothy Alan LARSON: Humphreys; El Do¬ rado. Robert Charles LAWHEAD: Humphreys; Mtn. Home. Michael Anthony LAWLESS: Yocum; Malvern. Robert Rich¬ ards LAWLESS: Yocum; Malvern. Bryce K. LAWRENCE: 2AE; Texarkana, Tex. Debbe K. LECHTENBERGER: Mtn. Home. Judith Carol LEDBETTER: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Eddie Ray LEE: AFP; Ratcliff. John Allen LEE: Humphreys; Blytheville. John Jay LEE: Yocum; Verona, Mo. Judith LEE: Hotz; Gravette. Michael L. LEE: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. Mary Jeannette LE’ GATE: Fulbright: Bristow, Okla. Ninth Row: Kathleen Ann LEHMAN: Hotz; Elgin, Ill. Jane Ellen LEITING: Hotz; Forrest City. David A. LEMONS: Yo¬ cum; Blytheville. Becky Sue LEWIS: Hotz; Gravelly. Bert William LEWIS: TKE; Piggott. Deborah Anne LEWIS: Hotz; Springdale. Karen Jane LEWIS: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Tenth Row: Karen Rhna LEWIS: Fulbright; Salem. Myra LINGLE: Fulbright; Rogers. Donald Wallace LINGO: Yocum; Texarkana. Mark Allen LINDER: Coed; Corpus Christi, Tex. James William LIN SKY: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Ann L. LISLE: Bentonville. M. Newton LITTLE: 2X; Magnolia. Eleventh Row: Michael Charles LIVINGTON: Yocum; Hot Springs. Ruth Suzanne LLOYD: Hotz; Osceola. John R. LO- BERG: Yocum; Jonesboro. Steve Warren LONG: Humphreys; Cambridge, Md. James Arthur LONGMATE: Rogers. Kathleen Diane LORDAN: Hotz; Jacksonville. Brenda Dian LOVELAND: Jacksonville. Twelfth Row: James Wesley LOWDER: Yocum; Little Rock. Richard Howard LUCE: Humphreys; Siloam Springs. Constance Alizabeth LVEDICKE: Reid; Hot Springs. David W. LUND- QUIST: Wilson Sharp; Ft. Smith. Rhonda Lee LUPER: Wins¬ low. Frank Ray LUTHER: Fayetteville. Jane Elizabeth LYNCH: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Thirteenth Row: Jeffrey Michael LYNCH: Humphreys; De- Witt. Kenneth Hampton LYON: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Nancy Gray LYON: Fulbright; Altheimer. Mary Leckie MACHEN: Hotz; Forrest City. Margaret Nora MACK: Hotz; Fayetteville. Paula Lynn MADDEN: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Cheryl Lynn MAGDALENO: Hotz; Kansas City, Mo. Fourteenth Row: Carl Robert MAGNESS: K2; Camden. Rdla Jack MAGRUDER: Fayetteville. Gloria Jean MAHAF- FEY: Hotz; Hot Springs. James Phillip MALCOM: 2N; Hot Springs. Larry M. MANEN: Humphreys; Pourthenon. Janice Pauline MANO: Hotz; Little Rock. Mickle Jane MARBLE: Fulbright; Neosho, Mo. 489 Freshmen First Row: Charles Leland MARLIN, Jr.: Yocum; Berry- ville. Robert Charles MARQUETTE: Humphrey; Ft. Smith. Douglas W. MARR: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Danny Lynne MARSHALL: Yocum; Springdale. Douglas Randolph MARSH¬ ALL: 211; Leachville. Nanci Jo MARSHALL: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Pamela Ann MARSHALL: Fayetteville. Second Row: Allison June MARTIN: Springdale. Diane MARTIN: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Joe B. MARTIN: Farmhouse; Texarkana. Joe R. MARTIN: AKA; Pocahontas. Michael Ray MARTIN: Humphreys; Centerton. Richard Ray MARTIN: Yo¬ cum; Texarkana. Mike L. MASHBURN: Yocum; DeQueen. Third Row: Stephen James MASHBURN: 2 t E; Fayette¬ ville. Kaye Williams MASSEY: Fulbright; Morrilton. Samuel Allen MASON: Springdale. Darrell Williams MASONER: Yo¬ cum; Joplin, Mo. Carolyn MATHEWS: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Rebecca Grace MATHIAS: Fayetteville. Rebecca Jane MATHIS: Hotz; Mexico, Mo. Fourth Row: Rebecca Lynn MAXWELL: Hotz; Osceola. Charlotte Ann MAYBERRY: Fulbright; Harrisburg. Cynthia Jane MAYS: Fulbright; Marshall. Diane Jean MAZZANTI: Hotz: Lake Village. Gene McBRIDE: Humphreys; Salem. Melody Jane McBRIDE: 4-H House; Gurdon. Oran Samuel McBRIDE: Yocum; Batesville. Fifth Row: James Cureton McCAA: AX A; West Memphis. Laura Lynne McCAMPBELL: Hotz; Alexandria, La. Peggy Ann McCARROLL: Reid; Shreveport, La. Lynn Ellen Mc- CLEARY: Fulbright; Hot Springs. Linda Susan McCLELLAN: Fulbright; McGehee. Beverly Ann McCLELLAND: Greenland. Linda Maurice McCLELLAND: Hotz; Fayetteville. Sixth Row: William H. McCLURE: Humphreys; Nashville. Andrea Allison McCOLLUM: Hotz; Forrest City. Don Newell McCORMICK: Yocum; Monett, Mo. Joe McCOURT: Yocum; Springdale. Sarah Martha McCOY: Hotz; Eureka Springs. Sharon Mozelle McCOY: Springdale. William Young Mc- CREERY: 24 E; West Memphis. Seventh Row: Tonya Irene McCUITSION: Fayetteville. J. Paul McDONALD: Yocum; Kirkwood, Mo. Nanette McDON ALD: Fulbright; Mena. Patricia Ann McELROY: Fulbright; Jacksonville. Pamela Annieca McEWEN: Fulbright; Harrisburg. Samuel Lewis McFERRAN: Yocum; Charleston. Mary R. Mc- GAUGH: Springdale. Eighth Row: Patrick M. McGETRICK: Springdale. Garry Lee McGHEE: Clarksville. Martha Jean McGINNIS: Fulbright; Batesville. Benjamin Franklin McGRAW: 2X; Star City. David Michael McHANEY: $A0; Pine Bluff. Mary Elizabeth Mc- HUGHES: Fulbright; El Dorado. E. Joe McILVEENE: Yocum; El Dorado. Ninth Row: Richard Lynn McILVEENE: Yocum; El Dorado. Gregory Pascal McKENZIE. Yocum; Ozark. Jim McKENZIE: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Susan Patricia McKEON: Fulbright; Jacksonville. Roosevelt McKINNEY: Humphreys; Helena. Ray Emory McKISSIC: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Guy Etanley Mc- KOWN: ATP; Van Buren. Tenth Row: Vicki McKOWN: Hotz; Springdale. Glen L. McKUIN: Humphreys; Morrilton. Karl Stuart McMINN: Yo¬ cum; Little Rock. Richard Earl McNURLEN: Humphreys; Odessa, Tex. Harry Eugene McQUEEN: Little Rock. Timothy Brian McSWEENEY: Humphreys; Springdale. Ricky Jo MEANS: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Eleventh Row: Robert W. MEDLEY: Ft. Smith. Robert Earl MEEKS: Wilson Sharp; Benton. William Russell MEEKS: 2X; Little Rock. Dennis John MEENEN: Fayetteville. Robert Wayne MEINECKE: Yocum; Jonesboro. Johnson P. MEL- HORN: KZ; Parkin. Margaret Elizabeth MEN TIL: Fulbright; El Dorado. Twelfth Row: James Frank MENTZ: Yocum; Sheridan. William Robert MEREDITH: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Mary Mose¬ ley MESSER: Fulbright; Little Rock. Charles Craig MET¬ CALF: 2N; Crossett. Christine Daye METSKER: Rogers. Kinch Edward MEYER, Jr.: Yocum; Sealy, Tex. Cathay Ann MEY¬ ERS: Fulbright; Bridgeport. Thirteenth Row: Margaret-Mary Natalie MIKODA: Hotz; Elmhurst, Ill. Mary E. MILLAR: Hotz; Murfreesboro. Mary Luz MILLER: Fulbright; Joplin, Mo. Raymond Frederick MIL¬ LER: Coed; No. Little Rock. Vicki MILLER: Hotz; Murfrees¬ boro. Nancy MILLS: Hotz; Fayetteville. James David MILTON: Humphreys; Norphlet. Fourteenth Row: Rebecca Lee MILUM: Hotz: Batesville. Laura Ann MIMS: Hotz; Little Rock. Larry Dane MITCHAM: Yocum: Little Rock. Margo MITCHELL: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Patricia L. MITCHELL: Hotz; St. Louis, Mo. Steven Craig MITCHELL: Yocum; Noel, Mo. Courtney Elizabeth MIZl: Hotz; Atchinson, Kan, 490 First Row: Leslie Lowell MIZELL: Yocum; Corning. Jen¬ nifer Jane MOLL: Fulbright; Camden. Cathy Ann MONT COMERY: Springdale. Dotty L. MONTGOMERY: Hotz; Mtn- Home. Jerry Lynn MOODY: Clarksville. Bryden Earl MOON: 2X; Fayetteville. Janet Kaye MOORE: Hotz; Osceola. Second Row : Johnny Clay MOORE: AFP; Leachville. La- nora Sue MOORE: Fulbright; Rogers. Donna Gayle MORGAN: Hotz; Mtn. Home. Larry Gene MORGAN: Yocum; Piggott. Stephen Louis MORRILL: Yocum; McLean, Va. Glenn Edward MORRIS: Acacia; Ft. Smith. Henry MORSCHHEIMER: Yo¬ cum; Parkdale. Third Row: Jerry Wayne MORTON: Yocum; Ozark. Jean Louise MASS: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Lynn MOSS: Hotz; Mor- rilton. David Norman MOTHERWELL: Yocum; Berryville. Danny E. MOUDY: Yocum; Benton. Betty Lynn MUNN: Ful¬ bright; DeQueen. Margie MURPHY: Hotz; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Rale Scott MURR: Huntsville. Garvin B. MYHANO: AKA; Little Rock. Mary Cook NABORS: Hotz; Dallas, Tex Kenneth Ray NASH: Humphreys; Altheimer. Leah Ann NASH: Fulbright; Harrison. John Charles NEELEY: Fayetteville. Toni Jane NEFF: Hotz; Springdale. Fijth Row: Vicki Louise NEIL: Hotz; Springdale. Jennifer NEILL: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Carolyn Ann NELSON: Hotz; Texarkana. Larry T. NELSON: Fayetteville. Nancy Lou NEL¬ SON: Fulbright; Crossett. Nancy Ann NETTLES: Hotz: Fay¬ etteville. Leslie Maria NICHOLLS: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Sixth Row: Carol Jean NICHOLS: Hotz; No. Little Rock. John Terry NICHOLS: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Stece H. NICKLES: Acacia; No. Little Rock. Stephan Lindall NIPPER: AKA; Magnolia. Stephen Floyd NIX: Yocum; Wynne. Teresa Jo NIX: Reid; Little Rock. Lucy Ann NOLEN: Fulbright; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Joan Lee NOLLER: Hotz; Prairie Village, Kan. James Maury NORRIS: 4 A0; Pine Bluff. Rebecca Anne NORRIS: Hotz; Prairie Village, Kan. Phillip Earl NORWOOD: Humphreys; Mineral Springs. Deborah Jean NOTEWARE: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Amelia A. NUGENT: Fulbright; Baytown, Tex. Remmel Tolleson NUNN: 2X; Lordsburg. Eighth Row: Rita Joyce NUNN: Hotz; Little Rock. James Neal NUTT; Humphreys; Mineral Springs. Ernest Johan OAK- LEAF, Jr.: Yocum; Crossett. Colleen Anne O’BRIEN: Ful¬ bright; Shreveport, La. Lucinda Golden O’CONNOR: Fulbright; Little Rock. Joseph Patrick O’DONNELL: Humphreys; Spring- field, Ill. David B. OGDEN: 2AE; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Vicky Marie O’HALLORAN: Fulbright; Har¬ rison. Roger Adams OLDHAM: Yocum; Blytheville. Mickie Lou OLIVER: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Keith Brent O’NEAL: 4 A0; Marshall. James Robert O’NEILL: Fayetteville. Marylou OSBORNE: Fulbright; Blytheville. William H. OSBUN: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Abney Selected Rush Book Editor Not all books are as dull as their readers. 491 First Row: Tommy W. OTT: Yocum; Little Rock. Catherine Lynn OWEN: Fulbright; Little Rock. George R. OWEN; El Dorado. Gary Alle n OWENS: Yocum; Little Rock. Leslie Alli¬ son OWENS: Humphreys; El Dorado. Louise Lane OWENS: Fulbright; Little Rock. William E. OXFORD: Fayetteville. Second Row : Ruth Ellen PACE: Fulbright; Camden. Pa¬ tricia Joann PAPPAS: Fulbright; Little Rock. James Albert PARKER: Yocum; Cherokee Village. James Robert PARKER: Fayetteville. Linda Gail PARKER: Hotz; Bentonville. Robert Houston PARKER: Yocum; Tulsa, Okla. Larry M. PARKS: Acacia; No. Little Rock. Third Row : Marvin Wayne PARKS: Humphreys; Monett, Mo. Paula Annette PARNELL: Fulbright; Warren. Brenda Jane PARSONS: Hotz; Springdale. Deborah Sue PARSONS: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Alecia Sue PASCHALL: Reid; Dallas, Tex. Patricia June PATRICK: Hotz; Decatur. Stephen Michael PATTERSON: Humphreys; Austell, Ga. Fourth Row: Kathy Ann PATTON: Fulbright; Camden. Burnus Lloyd PAYNE, Jr.: Yocum; Little Rock. Alice Ann PAYSINGER: 4-H House; Salem. David Oran PEACHER: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Sally Jayn PEELER: Hotz; Corpus Christi, Tex. Garry Edward PEEVY: Yocum; Van Buren. Mary Beth PECK: Hotz; Calico Rock. Fifth Row: Linda Ann PEGELOW: Fulbright; Searcy. Richard Lewis PENN: Yocum; Cave City. Phyllis Annette PENNEY: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Wanda June PERIMAN; Fayetteville. David Franklin PERKINS: Humphreys; Little Rock. Nancy Ann PERKINS: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Gary Lynn PERRITT: IIKA; Crossett. Sixth Row: Sandra Louise PERSON: 4-H House; Wing. Tommy David PETERMAN: Yocum; Alma. David Anthony PETERS: Yocum; Paragould. Donald Dale PETERSEN: Yo¬ cum; Alton, Ill. Barbara Ann PETERSON: Hotz; Crown Point, Ind. Charles Gary PETERSON: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. John Jay PETERSON: Springdale. Seventh Row: Rebecca Jean PETTY: Fulbright; England. Helen Marie PHILLIPS: McMinnville, Tenn. Jimmy Ray PICKETT: Farmhouse; DeQueen. Rebekah Lynn PICKETT: Reid; San Diego, Calif. Jayne PIERCE: Fulbright; Kankakee, Ill. Robert J. PIERINI: TIvE; Lake Village. Pamela Ann PINKERTON: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Robert Olin PLUMLEE: Yocum; Gravette. Michael Olin POE: Yocum; Sheridan. Ronald B. PORTER: Humphrey s; Dallas, Tex. Peggy Sue POTTER: Fulbright; Tex¬ arkana. Linda Jean POTTS: Springdale. Mary Elizabeth PREW¬ ITT: Hotz; Osceola. Catherine Joanne PREYER: Fulbright; Mtn. Home. Ninth Row: Margaret Ellis PRIBYL: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Don Marshall PRICE: Yocum; Little Rock. Michael F. PRICE: Humphreys; Searcy. Brenda Sue PRINCE: Hotz; Cabot. Mich¬ ael Gregg PRITCHARD: Yocum; Potomac, Md. Kenyon Lacy PROBERT: Fulbright; Golden City, Mo. Pat Brace PULTZ: IIKA; Hot Springs. Proposed UofA-LRU Merger Defeated 192 Freshmen First Row : George Scott PURYEAR: 24 E; Jonesboro. Richard Early RAGANS: 4 A0; Pine Bluff. Kathleen Ellen RAHTZ: Favetteville. Betsy RAILSBACK: Fulbright; Shreve¬ port, La. Randall E. RAINEY: Little Rock. Paul Sloan RAIN¬ WATER: Yocum; El Dorado. David Lynn RAKESTRAW: Acacia; No. Little Rock. Second Row: Hary Medora RAMSAVER: Fulbright; Arka- delphia. Michael D. RAMEY: Yocum; Benton. Claudia Ann RANES: Fulbright; Marshall. Mimi RANEY: Hotz; Little Rock. William Chase RANKIN: TTKA; Hot Springs. Steve C. RATCLIFFE: ITKA; Little Rock. Peter C. RANCH: Humph¬ reys; Monett, Mo. Third Row: Stanley Douglass RAULS: 211; Leachville. Stephen Randolph RAULS: 4 A0; Leachvillo. Jessica Francis RAUTON: Fulbright; Little Rock. Kenneth Nathaniel RAWL¬ INGS: Yocum; Cave City. David Alan RAY: 2IT; West Fork. Keith Douglas RAY: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Lawrence Dean RAY: Rogers. Fourth Row: Mary Lee RAY: Reid; Alexandria, Va. Roni Lynn RAY: Reid; Fayetteville. Audrey Marthella RAABOURN: Fulbright: Kansas City, Mo. Mary Jo REAVES: Fulbright; Warren. Tommy Lee REDDIN: Yocum; Malvern. Thomas Ed¬ ward REDING: Ft. Smith. Peggy Lee REED: Clifty. Fifth Row: Cindy Lou REESE: Fulbright; Hope. Mary Katherine REINHARDT: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Sam O. REMILLARI): Waldron. Linda Louise REYNOLDS: Hotz; Pine Bluff. M. Robin REYNOLDS: Fulbright Hall; Richardson, Tex. Terry Glen REYNOLDS: Yocum; Hot Springs. Guylene RHOADS: Reid; Salem. Sixth Row: Jimmie E RHODES: Humphreys; Camden. Ronald Eugene RHODES: Humphreys; Cherry Valley. William Edward RIAL: f A0: McCehee. Paul Wayne RIBITZKI: Yo¬ cum; Ozark. Phillip Lee RICE: Cotter. Jeffrey L. RICHARDS: Yocum; Benton. Trudy RICHARDS: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. Seventh Row: Carol RICHARDSON: Fayetteville. Kathy Lee RICHARDSON: Hotz: Malvern. Cora Mae RICKS: Hotz; Hot Springs. Mamcv Sue RIDGE: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Michael Donovan RIDLEN: Fayetteville. Lynn Lee RIEBOW: Ft. Smith. Shara Suella RIFE: Fulbright; Harrison. Eighth Row: Thomas McKay RIGGS: 2IT: Pine Bluff. Faith RILEY: Hotz: Hot Springs. Mary Hunter RILEY: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Bobby Brady RING: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Martha Ann RING: Bentonville. Rondal Dale RIPPY: Yocum; Charleston. Kurt Gerard RISTIG: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Ninth Row: Dennis Edward RITCHIE: Yocum; Nashville. Patsy Ann RITCHIE: FayettevilK Susie E. RITCHIE: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Kathrvn Jane RITGEROD: Hotz; Little Rock. Olen Vernon RITTER: Humphreys: Gravette. Dorothy M. RITTS: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Gary E. RIVES: Yocum; Memphis, Tenn. Tenth Row: Anna Lee ROARIZ: Fulbright; Yellville. Eve¬ lyn ROBBINS: Fulbright; Heber Springs. James William ROBBINS: Yocum: Little Rock. Sharon Joyce ROBBINS: Hotz; Hot Springs. Lynda Christine ROBB: Hotz; Little Rock. Jan E. ROBERTS: Fulbright; Ft. Smith. Judy Ann ROBERTS: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Eleventh Row: Kathy Jo ROBERTS: Fulbright; Rolla. Mo. Patricia Jean ROBERTS: Hotz; Lake Village. William Clifford ROBERTS: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Hugh Reid ROBERTSON: 2N; New Orleans, La. Carol LaVonne ROBINSON: Hotz; Tul¬ sa, Okla. Constance Sue ROBINSON: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Jeanette ROBINSON: Fulbright; El Dorado. Twelfth Row: Susan E. ROBINSON: Hotz; Blytheville. Edward Clark ROBISON: Yocum; Jacksonville. Linda Belle RODGERS: Fulbright; Siloam Springs. Gigi ROEDER: Hotz; St. Louis, Mo. Phillip Edward ROETZEL: Yocum; Bald Knob. Ellon Elizabeth ROGERS: Hotz; Hampton. Everett Irving ROGERS: ATP; Paragould. Thirteenth Row: Jerry E. ROGERS: Yocum; Little Rock. Joseph Stockton ROGERS: IIKA; Mena. Robert Lyle ROG¬ ERS: Yocum; Warren. Alan Lewis ROLLER: Humphreys; Decatur. Alden Ray ROLLER: Humphreys; Decatur. Nancy Beth ROLLOW: Hotz; Bentonville. A. J. RORIE: Humphreys; Yellville. Fourteenth Row: Judi Elaine ROSAMOND: Hotz; Spring- dale. George Michael ROSE: Yocum; Glenwood. Mary Jane ROSE: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Judy Marie ROSENE: Hotz; Malvern. Paul Charles ROTEN: Humphreys; Harrison. Mike L. ROTENBERRY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Robert Dudley ROUSE: 2AE; Prescott. 493 Freshmen First Row : Doyle Lynn ROWLAN: Springdale. David Pat ' rick RUFF: Yocum; Stuttgart. Carol Ann RUSCHA: Fulbright; Verona, Mo. Jim S. RUSSELL: Humphreys; Alexander. Mary Katherine RUSSELL: Hotz; Conway. Rita Mae RUSSELL: Hotz; Jenks. Steven T. RUSSELL: Fayetteville. Second Row: Connie Sue RUSSON: Hotz; Decatur. Reynie RUTLEDGE: 2X; Smackover. Cathy Anne RYAN: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. William Gerald RYAN: Coed; Little Rock. Gary Edward RYKER: Humphreys: Camden. Barbara Jean SABA TINI: Springdale. Carolun J. SALSBURY: Elkins. Third Row : Gloria Joyce SAMMONS: Hotz; Warner Rob¬ ins, Ga. Inez Virginia SAMPLE: Hotz; Quitman. Geary Douglas SAMPLES: Fayetteville. Joan Leslie SANDERS: Fulbright; Brussells, Belgium. John Troy SANDERS: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Theresa Ann SANDERS. Hotz; Atlanta, Ga. Travis Joe SANDERS: Coed; Traskwood. Fourth Row: Mary Ann SANDOR: Fulbright; Corning. Albert Fletcher SARGENT: Yocum; Hot Springs. Carolyn Sue SATTERFIELD: Fulbright; Booneville. Victoria May SAUMS: Fulbright; Wichita, Kan. Suzanne Dailey SAYRE: Hotz; Rog¬ ers. Jerry Don SCHADER: Farmington. Carolyn Cree SCHLE- GEL: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Fifth Row: Jackie Ann SCHMIDT: Reid; Hot Springs. Sharon Ann SCHMIDT: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Laura Lee SCHULTE: Hotz; Little Rock. Linda Marlene SCHULTZ: Reid; LaRussell, Mo. John Thomas SCHUTTE: Humphreys; Henderson. Daniel William SCHWEIKER: Humphreys; Des Moines, Iowa. Jimmy Earl SCOTT: Yocum; Mtn. Home. Sixth Row: Steven Hampton SCOTT: 2N; Little Rock. Susan Marie SCOTT: Fulbright Hall; Benton. T. J. SCOTT: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Steve Lee SCROGGINS: Springdale. Jan Wright SCRUGGS: Yocum; Little Rock. Terrence F. SCUL- LEY: Humphreys; Siloam Springs. Jack Ray SEATON: Hot Springs. Seventh Row: Madge Horton SEAY: Hotz; Forrest City. Richard M. SEE: Yocum; Ft. Smith. Janie Lee SEGRA VES: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Marquetta Gail SELF: Reid; Okmulgee, Okla. Stephen Lee SELF: Yocum; Paris. Stephen Louis SELIG: Yocum; Corning. Zelda Marie SELPH: Hotz; Greenwood. Eighth Row: Rodger Calvin SERATT: Yocum; Garfield. Lawrence Douglas SHADID: Yocum: No. Little Rock. Grace Ann SHAFER: Reid; Tulsa. Okla. Paul H. SHAVER: AFP; Batesville. Anne Kathryn SHEA: Hotz; Dumas. Jerry Allen SHELTON: Yocum; Hot Springs. Mary Sheba SHELTON: Reid; Ft. Worth, Tex. Ninth Roiv: Ruthann SHELTON: Fayetteville. Gloria Dean SHEPHERD: Hotz; El Cerrito, Calif. Shirley Jean SHEPHERD: 4-H House; Combs. Ann M. SHERIDAN: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Johnny Otis SHIPMAN: Humphrey; Harrison. Shiela Ann SHOEMAKER: Reid; Oklahoma City, Okla. Robert Lee SHUR- GAR: 4 A©; Helena. Tenth Row: Janice Eileen SIEMS: Fulbright: Stuttgart. Judy Carol SIMMONS: Fulbright; Little Rock. Vicky Lynn SIMPSON: Hotz; Piggott. Hamilton Hobbs SINGLETON: 2AE; Camden. Ronald Douglas SIEK: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Larry Allen SKAGGS: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Christine Anne SKTLLMAN: Hotz; West Memphis. Eleventh Row: Mary Bridget SLAUGHTER: Fulbright; Little Rock. James Eugene SLOAN: 24 E; Jonesboro. Phyllis Jane SLOCUM: Hotz: Pine Bluff. Deborah Gail SMALLWOOD: Reid; Houston. Tex. Bonita Ann SMITH: 4-H House: Mt. Ida. Glena Marie SMITH: Nashville. John Dwight SMITH: 211; Ft. Worth, Tex. Twelfth Row: Mark SMITH: K2; Birdeye. Marvin Roy SMITH: Humphreys; Harrison. Patricia Diane SMITH: Ful¬ bright; Kansas City, Mo. Richard Franklin SMITH: Yocum; Springdale. Ruth Elizabeth SMITH: Fulbright; Oklahoma City, Okla. Stephen A. SMITH: 4 A0; Huntsville. Judith L. SMYTH: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Thirteenth Row: Marcheita Ann SNAPP: Fulbright; Gar¬ land, Tex. Randy Thomas SNIDER: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Melvin Arlan SNOW: Humphreys; Bartlesville, Okla. John H. SNOW: Springdale. Lanny Kay SOLLOWAY: Little Rock. Carol Jane SON NEN FELD: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Byron Wynne SOUTHERLAND: Yocum; Huff. Fourteenth Row: Debora Colleen SPARKES: Hotz; Bartles¬ ville, Okla. Karen Jo SPAKES: Hotz; Dermott. Norris Jerald SPARKS: 2N; Little Rock. Rebecca Kay SPECK: Fulbright; Fordyce. Linda S. SPENCER: Little Rock. William Grigory SPENCER: Acacia; Mena. Susan SPLAWN: Hotz; No. Little Rock. 494 Freshmen First Row : Helen Kathleen SPRAUGE: Reid; Crossett. Cheryl Ann SPROLES: Fulbright; Memphis, Tenn. June E. ST. JOHN: Hotz; Oklahoma City, Okla. Patricia Marie STALL- CUP: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Marilyn Ann STANFORD: Hotz; Conway. Allison STANWOOD: Fulbright; Houston, Tex. Thomas Knighten STARNES: Yocum; Little Rock. Second Row: Barbara D. STARR: Reid; Little Rock. John Philip STARR: Yocum; Little Rock. Ervin Ray STARWALT: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Connie Ruth STATON: Reid; Maga¬ zine. Wilton Ernest STEED: 4 A9; Pine Bluff. Sigrlin STEFAN- SOo’TTIR: AXO; Akureyri, Iceland. Charles Dudley STEIG- LER, Jr.: 2AE; Hot Springs. Third Row: Charles Conrad STEIN: Yocum; Little Rock. Ralph G. STEINBERG: Tulsa, Okla. Cindy Lee STEPHENS: E. Hanover, N. J. Vickie L. STEPHENS: Fayetteville. Judith Carol STEWART: 4-H House; Ozark. Richard Alan STEW¬ ART: Humphreys; Little Rock. Chantis STINSON: Fulbright; Bellevue, Neb. Fourth Row: William James STOCKER; Fayetteville. James M. STOKES: Yocum; Batesville. John Ray STOKES: Yocum; Batesville. Mary Lee STOLTZ: Fulbright; Conway. Larry Zane STONE: Humphreys; Mammoth Springs. Stephen Frederick STONE: 2N; Pine Bluff. Steven Ray STONE: 2 £E; West Memphis. Fifth Row: Gary Michael STOREY: AXA; Hot Springs. Steven Eugene STORK: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Alan Le STORM: Yocum; Paxton, Ill. Tommy Ray STOUT: Humphreys; Grand Prairie, Tex. W. L. STOWERS, Jr.: Yocum; Albuquer¬ que, N. M. William Robert STRAMM: Yocum; Atlanta, Ga. Clay E. STRICKLIN: Yocum; Jackson, Miss. Sixth Row: Sylvia Kathleen STRINGFELLOW: Hotz; Hampton. Sharon Susan STUART: Hotz; Newport. Ronnie L. STUMBAUGH: Yocum; Malvern. David Barton STURGIS: Humphreys; Springfield, Mo. Vicki Ann STURGIS: Hotz; Enid, Okla. Barbara Gail STYLE: Fulbright; Pine Bluff. Kerry Lynn SUBLETT: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Seventh Row: Joseph John SULLIVAN: Coed; Woburn, Mass. Peggv Sue SULLIVAN: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Sam¬ uel Tardy SULLIVAN: I 2; Helena. Janice Louise SUMMER- HILL: Reid; West Helena. Connie Lynn SUMMERS: Hotz; Summers. Inger SVINELID: Hotz; Haugesund, Norway. Sherry Kay SWAIM: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Jan Louise SWEET: Fulbright; Bartlesville, Okla. Elizabeth Jane TABOR: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Mike TANNEHILL: Humphreys; Mena. Alice Jo TARKINGTON: Hotz: No. Little Rock. Junior A. TATE: Elkins. Betty Wood TATUM: Reid; Crossett. Tom Robert TAUER: Humphreys; El Dorado. Ninth Row: Barksdale H. TAYLOR: Yocum; Bald Knob. Eugenia Lee TAYLOR: Hotz: Lowell. Rebecca Carol TAYLOR: Fulbright; Beaumont. Tex. William David TAYLOR: Humph¬ reys; North Bergen, N. J. Lajuana Beth TEAGUE: Hotz; Green Forest. Mary Kay TEMPLE: Fayetteville. William Craig TEN- NISON: 2AE; West Memphis. Tenth Row: Sarita Sue TERRELL: Hotz; Murfreesboro. Susan Jane THATCHER: Fulbright; Marked Tree. Brynn THAYER: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Benny THIGPEN: Humphreys; DeWitt. Cynthia Anne THOMAS: Elkins. Laura Teresa THO¬ MAS: Hotz; Beaumont, Tex. Mary Lynn THOMAS: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Eleventh Row: Nathaniel THOMAS, II: Humphreys; Stutt¬ gart. Roger THOMAS: Humphreys; Bartlesville, Okla. Donna Geneva THOMASON: Hotz; Almyra. Apryl THOMPSON: Hotz; Mesquite, Tex. Charles A. THOMPSON: 211; Little Rock. Thomas Tell THOMPSON: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Twelfth Row: Judy Carol THOMSON: Fulbright; DeWitt. Mark W. THORNE: Yocum; Bull Shoals. Charles Thomas THORNTON: Yocum; Dierks. Pearl Elaine 0. THRASHER: Reid; Little Rock. Carolyn Sue THREET: Fayetteville. Suzanne THURMAN: Fulbright; McKinney, Tex. Annette Irene TIP- PIN: Hotz; O’Fallon, Ill. Thirteenth Row: Carolyn Jayne TITSWORTH: Hotz; Van Buren. John David TOLAND: Humphreys; Oklahoma City, Okla. Becky Jane TOON: Fulbright; Muskogee, Okla. Rufus Joseph TORRENCE: Yocum; Ashdown. Carmen TRANTHAM: 4-H House; No. Little Rock. William Arthur TREAT: Humph¬ reys; Sheridan. Diana Lynn TREPTOW: Hotz; ValleyCoHaye, N. Y. Fourteenth Row: James Dean TRICE: 2N; Stuttgart. Nancy Susan TROTTER: Hotz; Raytown, Mo. Robert Lewis TUCKER: K2; Mogadiscio, Somalia, Africa. Shirley Jane TUCKER: Hotz; Pyatt. Mayilyn Jean TURNER: Hotz; Little Rock. Marsha Ann TURNER: Fulbright; Tuckerman. Ralph Edward TURNEY, Jr.; 211; Morrilton. 495 Freshmen First Row: Mary Beth TWIEHAUS: Fulbright; Dallas, Tex. Carole Anne TYLER: Hotz; Ardmore, Okla. Jan UBERMAN: Hotz; Ft. Worth, Tex. Carolyn Sue UMBERSON: Hotz; Lin¬ coln. John Gregory VAN BEBBER. Jr.: Yocum; DeQueen. Omer Gerald VAN BRUNT: Praisie Grove. Dennis Earl VAN- GLIDER: Humphreys; Rector. Second Row : Karen M. VAN METER: Reid: Harrisonville, Mo. Edward John VAN SCHAIK: Yocum; Mtn. Home. Kenneth Konrad VANTINE: Lowell. Elizabeth Ann VASS: Fulbright; Valley Springs. Terry Lewis VAUGHN: 211; Muskogee, Okla. Louis Duane VELEZ: Humphreys; Little Rock. Terry Robert VERHAGE: Humphreys; Shawnee, Kan. Third Row: Terence Stephen VEST: AIT; Ozark. Mary Evelyn VICE: Hotz; Wesley. Gary Cole VICK: Yocum; Rogers. Merry Hardin VICKERS: Hotz; Smackover. Yolanda G. VIGNESjH otz; New Orleans, La. Ronald Gene VINSON: Cass- ville, Mo. William Orrin VOGLER: Yocum; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Mary Lynn VON HATTEN: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Corwin Cleveland VON MILLER: William; Gamaliel. Sylvia Eustacia VON SEGGERN: Hotz; Freeport, Ill. Carl VOSS: Yocum; Ft. Smith. James Eugene WADDELL: AFP ; Lonoke. Vickie Yynn WADDELL: Fulbright; Sheridan. Larry Keg WAITS: Yocum; Magnolia. Fifth Row: Carolyn Benet WALKER: Hotz; Newport. Eddie Haywood WALKER, Jr.: Yocum; Gethsemane. James Wilson WALKER: K2; Lonoke. Robert Eugene WALKER: Yocum; No. Little Rock. Thomas Benton WALKER, Jr.: 2AE; Camden. Denice Ann WALLACE: Mtn. Home. Deborah Carolyn WAT¬ TERS: Hotz; Wayne, Pa. Sixth Row: Maynard Hanson WALTON, Jr.: Yocum; Little Rock. Patricia Gail WALTON: Fulbright; Hope. Thomas Camp¬ bell WALTON: TIKA; Crossett. Joseph Stephen WARD: Humphreys; Ft. Smith. Linda Sue WARD: Reid; Rogers. Susan Anice WARD: Fulbright; Prescott. Suzanna WARD: Fulbright; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Sue Ann WARNER: Hotz; Hobbs, N. M. Patricia Ann WARREN: Hotz; No. Little Rock. James David WATERS: Humphreys; No. Little Rock. Shirley Lee WAT¬ KINS: Chester. Dennis K. WATSON: Yocum; Cherokee Vil¬ lage. John William WATSON: Farmhouse; Plainview. Otis Sel¬ by WATSON: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Teresa WATSON: Hotz; Wesley. Marellen WATTS: Hotz Hot Springs. Theotis WATTS: Humphreys; Texarkana. Vicki Lynn WATTS: Hotz; Mtn. Home. Yvonne Othell WEATHERS: Hotz; Salem. Ann WEAVER: Fulbright; Harrison. Susan Jeanne WEBB: Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Theta Jean WEBB: Reid; Claremore, Okla. Leslie Jo WEEKS: Hotz; Jacksonville. Thomas Allen WEEMS: Yocum; Aurora, Mo. Anita WEIS: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Wendell H. WELBERN: Ft. Smith. William E. WELLONS: 2N; Little Rock. Elizabeth Ann WELLS: Fulbright; Dumas. Tenth Row: Millicent Cecile WERTZ: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Charlie WESLEY: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Kari Michele WEST: Reid; Cassville, Mo. Cynthia Russell WESTBROOK: Tex¬ arkana. Dillard Dewayne WHEAT: Humphreys; Rector. Ken¬ neth Roy WHEATLEY, III: Yocum; Hot Springs. Joe M. WHEELER: Humphreys; Beebe. Eleventh Roiv: Jimmy C. WHILEY: ATP; Mansfield. Tim¬ othy L. WHILLOCK: Fayetteville. Betty Jeanne WHITE: Ful¬ bright; DeQueen. Karen Louise WHITE: Hotz; Springdale. Mauritta Lee WHITE: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Robert Wayne WHITE: Goshen. Sherry D. WHITE: Hotz; Rudy. Twelfth Row: Shirley Ann WHITE: Reid; No. Little Rock. William Lawrence WHITEHEAD, Jr.: Yocum; Houston, Tex. Alpha Ann WHITMORE: Fulbright; Euroda. Cindy M. WHIT¬ TEN: Reid; Abilene, Tex. Jimmy LeRoy WHITTEN: Hope. Randall Dennis WHORTON: Humphreys; Mena. Diana Marie WIDENER: Hotz; Pea Ridge. Thirteenth Row: James Larry WIEDEMAN: Humphreys; Corning. Garrett Herman WIEDERKEHR: Yocum; Altus. Benson WIER: Acacia; Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Marian Elaine WIGGINS: Reid, Okla. Rebecca Jane WIGGINS: Hotz; Mtn. Home. John Ronald WILBANKS: Yocum; Batesville. Norman Carl WILBER: Yocum; Mtn. Home. Fourteenth Row: Billy Roscoe WILLCOX: Lavaca. Marlene WILCOXON; Fulbright; Walnut Ridge. Robert Lee WILDER: Humphreys; Benton. William Thomas WILES: West Fork. Beverly Jean WILKERSON: Gravette. Paggye Ann WILKER- SON: Reid; Pine Bluff. Joseph M. WILKINSON: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. 496 First Row: Carol Ann WILLBORG: Hotz; Pine Ridge. Allen WILLIAMS: K2; Jacksonville. Marie WILLIAMS: Hotz; Jacksonville. Gayle WILLIAMS: Hotz; Pryor, Okla. Kandice K. WILLIAMS: Hotz; Valley Springs. Karen Sue WILLIAMS: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Kenneth Ray WILLIAMS: Humphreys; Clarkedale. Renee Marie WILLIAMS: Fulbright; Batesville. Second Row: Russell Troy WILLIAMS: Dallas, Texas. Sadie WILLIAMS: Fulbright; Forrest City. Shirley Jean WILLIAMS: Hotz; West Memphis. Stephen Douglas WILLIAMS: Yocum; Stuttgart. Suzi WILLIAMS: Fulbright; Baytown, Texas. Terry Lee WILLIAMS: ATP; Huntington. Thomas L. WILLIAMS: Yocum; Alpena. Stephen Allen WILLIAMSON: Fayetteville. Third Row: Delores Ann WILLIS: Hotz; Paragould. Donna Sue WILLIS: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Michalene Judith WILLS: Little Rock. Connie WILMOTH: Hotz; Decatur. John Alan WILMOTH: Humphreys; Florissant, Mo. Donald Garrett WIL¬ SON: 2 I E; West Memphis. Joan WILSON: Fulbright; Mc¬ Lean, Va. John Larkin WILSON: Yocum; Lonoke. Fourth Row: Linda P. WILSON: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Peggy Gail WILSON: Hotz; Batesville. Richard Arlan WIL¬ SON: Humphreys; Big Flat. Ricky Glen WILSON: Yocum; DeQueen. Kerry Lee WINBERRY: TKE; Piggott. Carol Anne WINN: Hotz; Dallas, Texas. Barry Lynn WINNINGHAM: Wal¬ nut Ridge. James Mitchell WINNINGHAM: Yocum; Tucker- man. Fifth Row: Winston Roy WINSTON: Yocum; Sheridan. Pamela Jo WISDOM: 4-H; Benton. Jennifer Len WISNEF: Fulbright; Milwaukee, Wise. Valerie WITHERSPOON: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Arthur Allen WOLF: IIKA; No. Little Rock. Madeline Kaye WOLFE: Hotz; No. Little Rock. Richard Hamp¬ ton WOLFE: SN; Springfield, Mo. Richard L. WOMMACK: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Forrest Michael WOOD: IIKA; Cherry Valley. Judy WOOD: Reid; Pawhuske, Okla. Patsy Elaine WOOD: Hotz; Ft. Smith. Virginia WOODARD: Reid; New Orleans, La. Susan Valerie WOODRUFF: Hotz; Houston, Texas. Teresa Lynn WOODRUFF: Reid; Newport. Donnie S. WOODS: Lin¬ coln. Seventh Row: Evelyn Virginia WOODS: Gibsland, La. Stan¬ ley French WOOLDRIDGE: Yocum; Corning. Katherine Chris- tal WOOLLEY: Reid; Dallas, Texas. David Allen WOOLLY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Aubrey Wayne WOOTTON: Humph¬ reys; Stamps. Charlene WORKMAN: Reid; Evansville. Tully M. WORKS, JR.: 2AE; Waldron. Eighth Roiv: Susan A. WORTHY: Fulbright; Jacksonville. Larry Don WRIGHT: 2AE; Hope. Ralph David WRIGHT: Humphreys; Bentonville. William S. WRIGHT: Humphreys; Calico Rock. Jean Doris WYANT: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Carole Bullock YEAGER: Point Pleasant, W. Va. Mary Alice YEE: Hotz; Lake Village. Ninth Row: Dewane Henry YOUNG: Yocum; Kansas City, Mo. Marsha YOUNG: Hotz; Corning. Michael Lewis YOUNG: Yocum; Wynne. Rebecca Sue YOUNG: Fulbright; Omaha. John Charles ZACHARIASON: Fayetteville. Meredith A. ZELTNER: Springdale. Andrew J. ZISER: TKE; Fayetteville. Uof A Is SWC Sportsmanship Winner She ' d better smile. 491 INDEX Abbiatti, Michael Dean, 480 Abbott, Qiliiam W., 418 Abernathy, Harry Hewes, 247, 425 Abernathy, Mark Edwin, 303, 480 Abney, Carol Ann, 247, 448 Abram, Douglas, 425 Abshier, John Darrel, 448 Acacia, Ackerman, Catherine, 253, 464 Ackley, Tommi Lou, 223, 480 Adair, Michael, 480 Adamantidis, Elias, 448 Adams, Carol Jeane, 212, 480 Adams, Charlene Jean, 217, 480 Adams, Charles Michael, 480 Adams, Ellenar Ann, 217, 480 Adams, Gail Lorene, 425 Adams, Gary Charles, 448 Adams, Gary Elvin, 480 Adams, Jane M.. 217, 480 Adams, John W., 464 Adams, Joseph Hudson, 464 Adams, Melva Ann, 448 Adams, Stephen Eschol, 464 Adams, Suzanne, 253, 448 Adams, Wendall Jay, 253, 464 Adcock, Robert H., 363, 464 Addington, Alfred Robert, 247, 480 Adelman, Margaret Josephine, 217, 480 Adney. Jean, 225, 480 Aeby, Victor G., 448 AFROTC 100 Agar, Cynthia Sellers, 267, 464 Agnew, Bonnie Kay, 480 Agnew, Mary Jane, 418 AGRICULTURIST AGRI STUDENT ASSO. AGRONOMY CLUB Ahrens, Diane, 267, 425 Ahgens, Robert Charles, 448 Aikman, Saundra Kaye, 253, 464 Ainslie, Wayne Henry, 230, 448 Akins, Myril Margaret, 217, 480 Akins, Shep, 304, 480 Albertson. Robert Daryl, 464 Albertson, Sherry Elaine, 253, 464 Alderman, Elizabeth Ann, 418 Alderman, Lawrence Clayton, 425 Alderman, Philip Kurtis, 418 Aldridge, Pamela Kaye, 217, 480 Alexander, Alice Susan, 207, 480 Alexander, David Lewis, 448 Alexander, Lawrence Allen, 233, 448 Alexander, Layne Dariee, 480 Alexander. Marshal Brian, 294, 464 Alexander, Mary Alice, 215. 425 Alexander, Susan Evelyn, 215, 448 Alvord, Anne, 207, 480 Alford, James Nash, 294, 480 Alford. Regina Fay, 243 Alford, Toni Rae, 253, 448 Allen. Connie Anne, 448 Allen. Henry Augustus, 300, 448 All. George Paul. 247, 480 All. Helen Ann, 207. 480 Allen. Connie Anne, 448 Allen, Davy, 464 Allen, Jimmy Joe, 247, 480 Allen. John Allison, 233. 464 Allen, Michael Paul. 283. 425 Allen, Vera Gail. 223, 464 Alley. Phil, 425 Alley. Trov Cea ar. 241. 425 Allison. John H., 300. 464 Allmendinger, Nancy Catherine, 448 Allred. Dorothy. 279, 464 Allured, Robert Alan, 284, 425 Almond, Myron David, 464 Almond. Roger Stanley, 425 Alpe, Bokie, 217, 480 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA CHI SIGMA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA GAMMA RHO ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ALPHA KAPPA PSI ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA ALPHA PHI OMEGA ALPHA SIGMA DELTA ALPHA TAU ALPHA ALPHA ZETA Alphin, S. David. 291, 448 Alsip, Larry Eugene, 236, 480 Alten, John Browning, 464 Althoff, Richard James, 448 Alverson, Beverly Lynn, 263, 464 Ambruster, David Lawrence, 231, 418 AM. INSTITUTE OF ARCHI¬ TECTURE Ames, Peggy Bruce, 418 Amis, Mildred, 275, 425 Ammons, Dennis A., 425 Anders, Chester M., 243, 464 Anderson, David Ford, 480 Anderson, David Paul, 448 Anderson, James Redman, 233, 448 Anderson, James W., 304, 425 Anderson, Judy Ann, 253, 464 Anderson, Linda, 217, 480 Anderson, Marita Jane, 271, 464 Anderson, Mary Ann, 223, 464 Anderson, Patricia M., 267, 464 Anderson, Rebecca Anise, 448 Andrew, Joyce Evelyn, 207, 480 Andrews, Edwina Marie, 215, 464 Andrus, Sally, 264, 425 Angel Flight 10S Angus, Sandra Lynn, 217, 480 Angwin, Carol Sue, 272, 425 Alvimal Industry Club Anthony, Gloria Sue, 225, 448 Anthony, John Franklin, 425 Appelquist, Janice Ann, 217, 480 Applegate, Bobby Joe, 448 Appleton, Bill Stradley, 303, 464 Appleton, Pauline Alice, 275, 425 Aquilina, Raymond Francis II, 299, 448 Archer, Michael Ruel, 233, 448 Ardemagni, Loyce Alexander, 464 Aridan, Tayfun, 287, 425 ABC Arkansas Engineer Armstrong, Donald, 294, 480 Armstrong, James Leroy, 425 Armstrong, John L., 312, 464 Army ROTC Cadet Brigade, 89 Army ROTC Instructional Pro¬ gram, 97 Arnold, Anne Deane, 223, 448 Arnold, Benjamin Felker, 422 Arnold, Billy Bob, 422 Arnold, James A., 247, 480 Arnold, Pamela Sue, 276, 425 Arnold, Stephen Michael, 247, 480 Arpin, Jack, 448 Arrington, Billy J., 418 Arthur, Marsha Carole, 212, 425 Arunanondchal, Sunthorn, 418 Ashcraft, Barbara Lynn, 215, 480 Asher, Richard Wyatt, 236, 480 Ashorn, Leroy Willie, Jr., 418 Asselin, Larry Dean, 283, 448 Asselin, Sandra Kay, 217, 480 Atkins, Howard Cullin, Jr., 299 425 Atkins, Kenny Wayne, 422 Atkins, James Wesley, 311, 448 Atkins, William Roger, 299. 448 Atkinson, Michael Eldon, 241, 464 Atkinson, Randall Lee, 464 Atkinson, Wayne Harris, 243, 425 Ault, Richard Joseph, 233, 464 Auman. William H., 448 Austin, Wayne. 245. 448 Avery, Don Christopher, 464 Avery, Harold. 425 AWS Legislation Board Axum, Donna Idelle. 418 Ayers, Bill. 287, 464 Ayres, David L.. 480 Ayers, Tommie Dean, 233, 448 B Bachelor, Ann Elizabeth. 464, 271 Backus. Randall Jay, 464 Bacon, Edmond James Jr., 418 Baddour, Linda Sue, 425, 264 Baglin, Raymond Eugene Jr., 418 Baguley, Sharon Dianne. 464, 225 Baguley, Sheila Lynne, 480, 217 Baier, Charles Edward, 480, 47 Balkman, Robert Alton, 464, 299 Baird, Sarah Elizabeth, 448, 267 Baker, Allen Wayne, 480 Baker, Becky M., 480 Baker, Eddie Clifton, 425 Baker, J. R., 480, 47 Baker, James Howard, 448, 233 Baker, Jay Milton, 480, 299 Baker, John Douglas, 464, 283 Baker, June Michelle, 464, 253 Baker, Larry Dee, 448 Baker, Nancy Lynn, 464, 253 Baker, Penny Sue, 464, 279 Baker, Philip W., 418 Baker, Ralph William, 425 Baker, Rosemary, 464, 225 Baker, Suzanne, 464, 253 Baker, Terry L., 448, 287 Baker, Theda Varie, 448, 279 Baldwin, Becky, 480, 217 Baldwin, Billy Charles, 448 Balentine, Gary Wayne, 480, 47 Balentine, Robert Warren, 480, 236 Bales, Jackie Lee, 480, 47 Balke, Phillip Lynn, 448, 308 Balkman, LaCreta Jane, 448, 212 Ball, Carmen Ana, 418 Ball, Patricia, 448, 276 Ball. Robert Lee, 425 Ballard, Johnnie L., 464 Ballenger, David Leigh, 480 Baltz, Albert F., 425 Balwanz, Richard Lloyd, 464, 294 Bane, Frank P. Jr., 480, 308 Bane, Nancy Lynn, 480, 217 Bane, Rebecca E., 448, 223 Baney, Nancy Lynn, 464, 268 Baney, Stanley H., 425, 243 Banks, C. Jaylon, 448, 212 Banks, Jacqulyn Chyrel, 464 253 Banks, Nick D., 448 Banks, Pamela Sue, 480, 217 Bankson, Mannon C. Jr., 425 Bankson, Warren M. Jr., 480, 47 Baptist Student Union Barager, Howard John, 448 Barbee, C. Fred, 480 Barber, Donald Ray, 448, 308 Barber, Marcilee, 464, 272 Barber, Paul Leonard, 464, 233 Barfield, Penny Marie, 480, 207 Barham, Michael Allen, 480 311 Barker, Donna, 464, 253 Barket, Gary P.. 425, 283 Barkley, Cheri Pamela, 480. 207 Barksdale, Lewis D., 425, 308 Barlow, Frade Ann, 448, 276 Barner, Jerry Glen, 448 Barnes, Billy B., 448, 233 Barnes, Connie Delinda, 480, 217 Barnes Janis Faye, 448, 271 Barnes, Larry David, 464, 294 Barnett, Billy Joe, 464. 253 Barnett, Kathy Jo, 448, 267 Barnett, Tom W., 425 Barnes, Richard Allen, 480, 47 Barnhill, John G., 448, 300 Barr, Janice Faye, 480. 217 Barr, Jewel Taylor, 418 Barrett, Jackie S., 448, 275 Barrett, Jeanine, 480, 207 Barrett, Jerry Vernon, 464, 303 Barron, Joe Max, 425 Barrow, John Harley, 464 Barry, Ben Thomas, 426. 294 Barthel, Mary Amanda, 464, 225 Bartlett, Danny Ray, 464, 241 Bartlett, Kathy Fitzpatrick. 418 Bartley, Ray Ellis, 426, 311 Barton, Curtis Blair, 426 Barton, Edwin Stanley, 464, 236 Barton, James Grover, 422, 303 Barton, John Edmcnd. 418 Bartsch, Eugene Joseph, 480, 47 Bascom, Linda Darlene, 480 Basham, Brenda Lou, 481 Basham, Dale Eugene, 448 Basham. Ferald F., 448 Basinger, Mary Kathryn, 448, 212 Bass, Jerry Alan, 426 Bass, John Robert, 448, 303 Bass, June Ybonne, 481, 217 Bassett, Connie, 464, 253 Bassett, David, 481 Bassett, Don Carlon, 448 Batchelor, Gary Lee, 464, 236 Bateman, Lanny, 418 Bateman, Margaret Elizabeth Stokes, 448 Bates, Raymond Scott, 464, 294 Bates, Suzanne Kay, 481, 225 Bauch, Susan, 464, 253 Baugh, James E., 448, 303 Baugh, James Owen, 418 Baugus, Gayel A., 465 Baum, Paula Louise, 426, 212 Baumgart, Lawrence Alvin, 481, 47 Baumgartner, Karin, 481, 207 Bausinger, Vada Louise, 481 Baver, Catherine Reginn, 481, 207 Baverback, Margareta Gunnel, 267 Bayless, Becky L., 481, 217 Bays, Melinda J., 481, 207 Beakley, Arthur D., 465 Bean, Charles William, 418 Bean, Dixie Jo, 465, 263 Beane, Ann, 448, 276 Beard, Jerry R., 448 Beard, John Berry, 449 Beard, Judy, 449, 253 Beard, Rick, 426, 307 Beard, Robert S. 426 Beard, William King, 44-9. 283 Beardall, Charles W., 465, 311 Bearden, Jack Dorsey, 449, 300 Bearden, Larry Fred, 465, 47 Beatty, John M.. 449, 300 Beaty, James L., 426 Beaty, Kenny, 481, 284 Beaty, Virginia C., 426, 263 Beauchamp, Jack Thomas, 465 Beaver, Harold D., 426 Beavers, James Harland, 481, 307 Beavers, Mary Katherine, 449, 253 Beazley, Brookd, Walton, 449 Beck, Lawrence A., 418 Becker William Herbert, 426, 243 Beckman, Mike Allen, 426 Beede, Rudy Bryant, 426 Beezley, Alax Hal, 426 Begoow, Larry Rogert, 449, 243 Belew, Carol, 426, 267 Bell, Barbara Ann, 465, 264 Bell, Bonnie Margaret, 449, 279 Bell, Carolyn Marie, 481 Bell. David Lee, 426. 287 Bell, Diane, 481, 215 Bell, Earl Lynwood, 465 Bell, Frank Adams, Jr., 481, 291 Bell, Glenn Edward, 449 Bell, James Patrick, 465 Bell, J. C., 449 Bell, Judy Carol, 463 Bell, Kathy Ellen, 465, 271 Bell. Mary Martha, 449, 225 Bell, Patricia Jane, 426, 276 Bell, Rodney D., 426 Bell, Wayne Thomas, 449, 288 Belote, Stephanie Jeanine, 465, 279 Belton, Harold Byrd, 449 Belue, Patricia Ann, 481, 207 Bemis, Andrew Hastings, 426, 300 Benedict, J. R., 481 Benham, Anita Sue, 465, 268 Benjamin, Elizabeth, 481, 271 Benjamin, Martha Elizabeth, 481, 215 Bennett, Becky Ann, 449, 264 Bennett, Charles Michael, 465 Bennett. Glenn Harris, 418 Bennett, Janet. 449, 253 Bennett, Julie LaNelle. 449, 225 Bennett, Laura Brett, 465, 225 Bennett, Richard Webber, 481, 236 Bennett, Wavne Douling. 426 Bennett, William A., 449. 241 Bensberg, Susan Edrington, 481, 217 Benson, Claudia Sue, 426, 225 Benson, Susan Yuonne, 481, 207 Benton, Beverly Ann, 449, 272 Benton, Bill W., 449. 307 Benton, Kent Cranfill, 426 Benton, Len Leon, 465, 284 Benton, Lonna Ruth, 481, 207 Benton, Sandra, 481, 217 Benward, Cindy, 465, 279 Bercher. Kerry Lance, 426 Berg, Barbara Jo, 449, 253 Bergren, Barbara Ann, 481, 217 Bermudez, Roberto Vladimir, 449, 243 Berner, Dennis W., 465, 300 Berner, Kenneth Edward, 449 Berner, Phyllis Ann, 426 Berner, Steve T., 426, 300 Berney, Linda Louise, 481, 207 Berry, Blake, 426 Berry, Bob Brent, 465, 293 Berry, John Gaylon, 449, 299, Berry, Judith Anne, 449, 225 Berry, Linda Kay, 449, 212 Berry, Mary Kathryn, 449, 253 Berry, William Darrel, 481, 236 Berryhill, Beth, 449 Berryhill, Stuart Lyle, 426 Besse, John C., 466, 230 Beta Alpha Phi, 326 Beth, David Earl, 481, 47 Bethea, Michael Frank, 449 Bettis, Chris Allen, 481, 47 Bettis, Martha Helen, 481, 207 Betton, Farrish Earl, 426 Betton, Harold Byrd, 449 Bevill, Mary Kay, 465, 268 Bibb, David Hale, 465 Bibby, Michael Bullard, 449 Bichler, James Clark, 481, 300 Bickerton, Bettina, 481, 217 Bickham, Judy Diane, 481 225 Biggers, Brian Kent, 481, 283 Biggers, Martha Lynn, 463, 2o3 Biggs, Vicki Lynn, 481, 217 Bilbrey, James Ross, 303, 226 Bilbrey, Larry Huse, 426 Biles, Joan Margaret, 481, 207 Bilheimer, Ann Marie, 449, 267 Billings, Charles Roland, 465, 294 Bingham, Billy Jr., 465 Bingham, George, 449 Bingham, John Biscoe, 481, 47 Binkley, Sandra N., 481 Bird, Allen W. 422 Bird, Edwin Williamson, 303, 426 Birkett, David O., 449 Birkholz, Jack, 481, 236 Birks, John William, 426 Bischof, John Barry, 481, 233 Bishop, Charlcea A., 481 Bishop, Donald Eugene, 465, 308 Bishop, Douglas Gene, 465, 287 Bishop, Patrick Kelly, 449 Bishop, William E., 465 Bittle, Larry George, 449 Bivers, Patricia Kay, 449 Bivers, Robert Gerald, 481 Bjornberg, Harry Knute, 449, 283 Black, Brenda Clem, 449 Black, Catherine Ann, 426 Black, Glenn Durham, 449, 245 Black, Jimmy D., 426, 288 Black, Henry Titus, 422 Black. Kay Lynn, 449, 264 Black, Larry A., 449, 233 Black, Martha Ann, 465, 272 Black, Michael Roy, 465, 243 Black, Roy Edward, 449, 233 Black, Willa A., 481, 217 Black. Yulonda Kay, 465, 253 Blackard, Candyce Sue, 449, 271 Blackard, Paula Cryste, 481 Blackburn, Calon E., 481, 47 Blackburn, David Nickel!, 465, 233 Blackford, Nancy Sugano, 426, 212 Blackmon, Wilbur Dee Jr., 465 Blackshire, Ann 465, 253 Blackwelder, Ronald Howard, 465. 236 Blackwell, Bruce Wayne, 465, 241 Blackwell, James Edward, 449 Blackwood. Jerry Don, 465 Blagg, Brenda Joyce, 449, 253 Blair, Lena Sue, 465, 212 Blair, Tommy Darrell, 427 Blake, Nancy Annette, 427, 212 Blake, Patricia Jane, 465, 276 Blake, Thomas Alered, 427 Blakely, Betsy, 481, 207 Bland, Leon Ferrell, 481 Blanscet, M. Janella, 449 Blansharo, Robert Atherton, 449, 300 Blecker, Richard Scott, 427 Bloesch, George Werner, 449 Bloomberg, Ingrid Ann, 427, 263 Blue Key, 327 Blume, Barbara Lem, 465, 225 Blythe, Stephen Errol, 465, 241 Board of Publications, 76 Board of Trustees, 21-24 Boatright. Alice LaVelle, 449, 263 Bobo, Dorthy Pearl, 481, 207 Bobo, Gerald Wayne, 418 Boccarossa, Larry Joe, 481, 236 Bock. Karen Kay, 481, 207 Bock. Lois Mae. 465, 253 Bock, Pamela Ann, 449, 253 Boe, M. Timothy. 465, 294 Bogard, David Byron, 422 Boggs, Marilyn Ann, 449, 253 Bogle, Bascom Jr., 481, 291 Bogun, Thomas Hale, 427 Bohnen, Marilyn Louise, 481, 217 Boles, David Bruce, 427 Boles, Donald Ray, 427 Bollinger, Freddie Norman, 481, 307 Bolt, Lavada Charlene, 427, 223 Bonady, Jane Veronica, 449, 276 Bond, Claire, 481, 207 Bond, Clell Lee, 418 Bond, Priscilla Kaye, 481 Bonds, Bobby Lynn, 449 Bonds, Jana Elaine, 481, 207 Bonds, Wilma Bowling, 465 Bondurant, Charmayne B. 418, Bone, Ronnie William, 481, 47 Bonner, Jan, 465, 263 Bonner, Marilyn Jane, 465, 212 Bonner, Roland C., 427 Bonnette, Carolee, 465, 267 Bookout, Nancy J., 465 Bookout, Peggy E., 449 Boone, Charles A., 427 Boone, Koni Jo, 465 Boone, Sandye Lea, 481, 217 Boorgoin, Robert Allen, 465, 307 Booth, Donald Orien, 449 Borden, Kenneth Duqne, 418 Borecky, Larry Jay, 481, 307 Boreing, Mandy, 449, 2 6 Borengasser, Mary Ann, 427, 212 Bores, Carl Albert, 481, 47 Bornefeld, Gail E., 427, 212 Bosley, Garrett Lee, 449 Bosmyer, Peggy S., 465, 276 Bosshart, Fred E., 481, 236 Bost, James Edgar, 481, 300 Bostdorff, William Allen, 422 Boster, Pat Joy, 481, 207 Bostian, David Bruce, 481, 47 Bostick, Betty Jean, 481 Boston, John Michael, 481, 47 Boswell, Michael Dean, 427., 283 Boswell, Suzanne, 449, 212 Botner, Gloria Pamela, 481, 207 Bottoms, Larry Keith, 449, 230 Botts, Mary Elizabeth, 449, 264 Bourland, Curtis Russell, 449, 253 Bourland, Freddie Marshall, 465, 288 Bourne, Leonard Patrick, 427, 233 Bowe, Edward Lee, 465, 241 Bowen, Evelyn, 427, 279 Bowen, Louis M., 449, 300 Bowen, Montine, 427, 276 Bowen, Robert Whitman, 465, 311 Bower, Richard William, 449, 241 Bowers, Barton Charles, 481, ‘ 47 Bowers, Gerald David, 418 Bowers, Patti A., 449, 225 Bowie, Arthur Flynt, 427, 243 Bowman, Barbara Louise, 465 Bowman, Beverly M., 465, 263 Bowman, James Linn, 465, 230 Bowen, Beverlyn, 481, 207 Box, Terry G., 481 Boyd, Gail, 465, 268 Boyd, James Earl, 449, 233 Boyd, Jim Don, 465, 233 Boyd, Loretta Marie, 449 Boydstan, Jim Arthur, 481, 236 Boyer, Judith Lee, 449, 253 Boyes, Richard Evan, 427 Boyett, Bonnie Jean, 481, 225 Boyle, John Raymond, 449, 233 Bracken, William Thomas, 449 Brackett, Jerry Wayne, 449 Bradbury, Curtis Franklin, 481, 236 Bradbury, Nina Arlene, 481, 207 Bradford, Melvin D., 481, 47 Bradford, Willie Charles, 427 Bradley, Amy Lorraine, 481, 217 Bradley, Jane, 427, 275 Bradley, Howard Andrews, 418 Bradley, William Harold, 449 Bradshaw, Carolyn Ray, 465, 225 Bradshaw, Paul R., 449 Brady, Guy Jr., 481, 288 Bragan, Judith Rae, 481 Brambl, Danny Martin, 449 Brandon, Joanne, 465, 253 Branan, Jo Ellen, 418 Brannan, Charles H., 427, 311 Branscum, Linda Sue, 465, 253 Bratcher, Glenn Miller, 427, 303 Bratton, Donald Gene, 427, 233 Bratton, Joan Claudette, 465, 215 Bratton, Willard Landers, 481, 304 Brautigan, Lawrence B., 449 Bray, Gloria Jean, 427 Bray, Linda Gene, 449, 223 Brantigham, George Lawrence, 481, 236 Bredehoeat, Donna Jean, 481. 217 Bredlow, Richard Timothy, 465, 253 Breese, James L., 427 Breland, Bradley Knight, 427, 283 Breland, Christy Laman, 427 Bretherick, Mary Ann, 427, 264 Brewer, John Raymond, 481, 236 Brewer, Donna Lynn, 427, 212 Brewer, Lawrence R., 449 Brewer, Marilyn Jean, 481, 207 Brewer, Rommie Gean, 465 Brian, Donald Scott, 449 Bridenthal, Connie Lee, 465 Bridge, Peter Fowler, 465, 291 Bridges, Larry Joe, 449 Bridges, Philip Dean, 449 Brigance, Linda Jean, 449, 212 Briggs, Jay B., 449, 284 Briggs, John Stephen, 427 Bright, David L., 449, 308 Brigman, Linda Lou, 449, 225 Brill, William George, 449, 243 Brillhart, Susan M. 465 , 275 Brinkley, Anne, 481, 217 Brinson, Jan Carol, 465, 225 Brisco, Jackie W., 465, 253 Briscoe, Joe Wallisn, 427 Bristen, Stephen Mayes Britt, L. Wayne, 481, 47 Brittnum, Oarcissus Sylvia, 481, 225 Brockman, Deborah Dean, 481, 217 Brockman, Mary Sue, 481, 217 Brockwell, Ronald Howard, 427 Brodie, Joe David, 449, 243 Brodie, Marilou, 427, 212 Brodie, Marilyn, 427, 212 Broker, Milton Charles, 449, 236 Brooks, Anne Elizabeth, 481, 207 Brooks, John Charles, 465, 291 Brooks, Katherine Anna, 481, 207 Brooks, Larry Galan, 465 Brooks, Larry James, 481 Brooks, Paula Lynn, 427, 267 Brosh, Charles Patric, 465, 291 Broussard, Danald Lee, 465 Brower, Melissa Lou, 481, 217 Browers, Sharon Kersey, 449, 212 Brown, C. Winston, 449, 303 Brown, Carol Ann, 449 Brown, Charles Lee, 427, 304 Brown, Connie Marie, 465, 253 Brown, Curtis Ervin, 465, 303 Brown, Darrell Fayne, 449, 233 Brown, Edward L., 427 Brown, Elizabeth Anne, 481, 217 Brow ' n, Fred Eugene, 481, 236 Brown, Irwin Hal, 449, 303 Brown, James Arnold, 427 Brown, James Leslie, 481 Brown, James Ray, 418 Brown, James Robert, 427 Brown, Janet Ruth, 465, 253 Brown, Jim G., 427, 233 Brown, John Junior. 427, 243 Brown, Kenneth Earl, 427 Brown, Larry G., 418 Brown, Lynda Dee, 449, 268 Brown, M. Kay, 481, 207 Brown, Mary Ann, 418 Brown, Mary Elizabeth, 465, 276 Brown, Michael Lynn, 465 Brown. Patty Lynn, 481, 207 Brown, Peggy Sue, 482 Brown, Rebecca June, 449 Brown, Rebecca Sue, 465. 271 Brown, Richard F., 482, 47 Brown, R. Steven, 422 Brown, Rita LaTane, 482. 217 Brown, Sam, 449, 300 Brown, Shipley GuyLene, 449 Brown, Tanya Ann. 482, 207 Brown, William David, 449 Brownfield, Charles Edward, 482 Brownfield, Helen Darlene, 449 Brownfield, Howard Leon, 450 Browning, Deborah Leigh, 465, 253 Browning, Elizabeth Ann, 482, 217 Browning, Joe, 465, 293 Browning, Rick, 482, 293 Broyles, Carol, 450 Broyles, Henry David, 482, 307 Broyles, Russell K., 465 Bruce, Robert Michael, 465 Bruce, William Clark, 450, 312 Brumett, William Allen, 450 Brunelle, Pamela Ann, 450, 275 Brunson, Garry Hunt, 482, 307 Brunton, Barbara Christine, 482, 217 Bryan, Charles Lundy, 465 Bryan. Samuel W., 450 Bryan, Tom, 418 Bryant, Don Alan, 450 Bryant, John Duffie, 465 Bryant, Larry L., 427, 288 Bryant, Michael Edward, 465, 236 Bryant, Robert M., 422 Bryant, Sharon Kaye, 427, 223 Bryant, Shelby Galen, 427, 284 Bryant, Tnelma Avis, 465, 215 Bryant, Wilda, 465, 267 Bucuan, James A., 482, 307 Bucnanan, D. Jean, 427 Buchannon House Buchanan, Johnny Pleasant, 418 Buchanan, Mildred Corinn, 450, 268 Bucher, Jack John, 450 Buck, Donna, 427, 253 Buck, Susan Annette, 465, 223 Buckellew, William F., 418 Buckner, Carolyn Sue, 482, 215 Buckner, Kenneth E., 465, 300 Bucy, Nancy Ann, 465, 253 Buehner, Lloyn R., 422 Buell, Bonnie Jo, 482, 217 Buell, James C., 419 Buffington, Elizabeth Walker, 450, 275 Buford, Claude Douglas, 465, 300 Bugh, David Goodwin, 465, 233 Bull, Adam B., 465, 47 Bullington, Danny Mack, 465, 233 Bulloch, Caroline J., 465, 271 Bullock, Carolyn Jean, 482, 217 Bullock, James Harvey, 427 Bumpass, Ron E., 466, 287 Bunch, Benita Louise, 482, 217 Bunch, Donald William, 466, 236 Bunch, Lewis Arnold, 482, 307 Bunn, Larry Dixon, 450 Bunton, Glyndon, 466 Burch, Becky, 482, 217 Burdinc, Charles Morris, 450, 230 Burgan, Ira Eugene, 482, 47 Burgess, James Quitman, 422, 300 Burkhart, Buddy Wayne, 466 Burkhart, Danita Loye, 427, 225 Burkett, Barbara Ann, 466, 253 Burks, Donald Howard, 450 Burks, Elizabeth Clinton, 427 Burks, Francis Edward Jr., 466, 241 Cain, Timothy C., 428 Calaway, M. Camille, 482, 207 Caiaway, Richard, 450 Caldwell, A1 J., 428 Caldwell, Jerry Dean, 282, 236 Caldwell, Bryan Glenn, 428 Caldwell, David Leon, 466, 294 Caldwell, Linda Lajean, 466, 253 Calhoon, Susan Beth, 466, 272 Call, Pat, 428, 212 Callahan, Janice Elizabeth, 450, 253 Callaway, Linda Ann, 482, 217 Calvert, Klein R., 482, 247 Cameron, John Michael, 450 Cameron, Joyce Kayrene, 466 Cameron, M. G., 419 Cameron, William Blake, 460, 237 Cameron, William Robert, 466 Camfield, Carol Lynn, 466, 268 Campbell, Carol L., 450, 264 Campbell, Charles A. Ill, 482, 307 Campbell, Donna Carole, 428 Campbell, Frances Louise, 428, 267 Campbell, Jane, 450, 272 Campbell, Ollie Columbus, 428, 287 Campbell, Richard F. Ill, 450, 291 Campbell, Robert Ian, 482, 294 Campbell, Shirley Jean, 466, 253 Campbell, Steve Carl, 482 Campbell, Stephen Craig, 466, 243 Campbell, Theresa Lee, 428, 268 Canada, Debi, 482, 217 Canfield, Jerry Lee, 422 Cannon, Vernoice Guinett, 482, 217 Cantrell, Stephen Edgar, .450, 243 Cantwell, Janis Angeline, 428, 212 Caplinger, Lanny Wade, 482, 247 Capoot, Michael George, 466, 299 Burks, Kenneth Norman Jr., 427 Burleson, Ann, 466, 268 Burnett, Donna Jane, 466, 275 Burnett, G. Kent, 427, 308 Burnett, Jerry William, 482 Burnett, Richard Lee, 466 Burnett, Thomas Victor, 482, 47 Burks, Reagan Dewey, 482, 245 Burkes, Teresa Lynn, 482, 245 Burnette, Barbara Chapman, 450 Burnette, Betty Sue, 482, 217 Burns, Charles William, 450 Burns, David King, 482, 236 Burns, Harriet, 482, 217 Burns, Melvin Eugene, 482, 47 Burns, Michael A., 450 Burns, Patricia, 466, 279 Burr, Michael, 450, 308 Burris, Connie, 450, 253 Burroughs, Betsy, 482, 207 Burrow, Charles Chris, 427, 300 Burrow, Christine Johnston, 450, 275 Burrow, Mary Jane, 427, 212 Burrows, Michael Alan, 482, 236 Burson, T. O., 427, 283 Bu’tness, Barbara Helen, 466, 225 Burton, Carol Elizabeth, 482, 207 Burton, Charles Richard, 450 Burton, Judy W., 466, 223 Burton, Lyndon Douglas, 419 Burton, Ronald Lewis, 422, 287 Bush, Katherine June, 466, 253 Bush, William Landon Jr., 466 Busby, Susan K., 482, 207 Butcher, David McAuliffe, 466 Butler, Benjamin Franklin, 466, 293 Butler, Harlan R.. 482, 236 Butler, M. Fred, 427 Butler, Patricia Ann, 450, 264 Butler, Sonja Ann, 482, 217 Butler, Tommie Lee, 450 Butler, Victor Doyle, 427 Buzbee, John Richardson, 422 Byers, Sara Jane, 466, 279 Bynum, Frank Wilson Jr., 428 c Cabaniss, Bill Joe, 482, 236 Cagle, Marcelyn Renee. 428, 212 Cagle, Mervin John, 450 Cain, Barbara Joan, 482, 217 Cain, Corinne, 268 Cain, Howard Guess Jr., 450 Cain, Mary Lou, 428, 276 Capps, Charles David, 450 Caradine, Wallace Jr., 482 Cardin, Mary, 428 Cardin, Tom W., 422 Cardinal XX, 328 Carey, Joseph Edwin, 466, 243 Carle, Edward A., 450 Carlson, Charles Anthony, 466 Carlson, E. Chris, 482, 247 Carlson, Lois Ann, 450, 272 Carlson, Michael B., 482, 236 Carlson, Walter Lawrence, 482 Carlton, Michael H., 428 Carman, Ronald R., 419 Carlton, Shannon Lea, 450, 279 Carnahan, Mary Francis, 482 Carnahan, Samuela Sue, 482 Carnahan. Wayne, 482 Carnes, Clydia Gayle, 428, 268 Carnes, Lana Sue, 466, 268 Carnes, Ronald Morton, 466 Carney, Carolyn Kay, 466 Carney, Dwight Arnold, 482 Carney, Janette Sue, 482 Carolan, Diane, 466 Carpenter, David James, 466 Carpenter, Diane, 466, 225 Carpenter, James Robert, 466 Carpenter, Jaenette, 459, 275 Carpernter, Linda Kay, 450, 212 Carpernter, Martin Boyd, 482, 247 Carr, James Christopher, 428 Carrington, Mary E., 466, 253 Carroum, David Lynn, 450, 300 Carson, David Kit, 466 Carson, Elizabeth Kaye, 466 Carson, James L., 466, 236 Carson, Linda Noe, 450, 275 Carson, Margaret Kay, 450, 212 Carson, Sharon Jane, 482, 207 Carson, Terry William, 482, 241 Carson, Winton Gayle, 428 Carter, Carole Dianne, 482, 207 Carter, Garry, 466 Carter, Harvey Brooks, 466 Carter, James Ernest. 482 Carter, Joe Brad, 466, 247 Carter, John Stewart, 466, 247 Carter, John T., 428 Carter, Joseph Edward, 466 Carter, Karen Lea, 482 Carter, Lane Swiftonn, 450 Carter, Ralph F., 428 Carter, Richard N., 466 Carter, William Wayne, 466, 304 Cartwright, Michael Edwin, 482, 247 Carver, David Mark, 428, 299 Carver, Paula Ann, 450, 254 Carver, Stephen F., 466 Carver, Thomas Derwood, 460, 304 Carwell, William Burns, 450, 300 Casavan, Bruce Edward, 428 Casbeer, John Virgil, 4o0, 300 Case, Susie, 482, 217 Cash, Clarence Walden, 422 Cash, Jerry Frank, 450, 300 Cason, James Charles, 482, 247 Cassady, Loy Roger, 450, 230 Cassinelli, Andrew B„ 466, 291 Cast, Herschel Jr., 450, 243 Castleberry, Dwain L., 450 Castleberry, Letty Fay, 466, 276 Castleberry, Nan Elizabeth, 466, 267 Cate, Charles Benton, 466 Cate, Michael Douglas, 450, 243 Cates, Richard Edgar, 482, 308 Cathcart, Lucile, 428 Catherall, Beth, 466, 271 Cathey, Alice Gertrude, 482, 207 Cathey, Charles Payne, 482, 247 Catlett, David Wayne, 482, 247 Cato, Judy Carol, 482, 207 Cato, William S.„ 482, 283 Caudle, Katherine L., 466 Caudle, Larry Eugene, 450 Caughron, Jan Marie, 482, 267 Cauker, Anne Kathleen, 482, 217 Caulder, Martha Lou, 450, 253 Cavender, Barbara Jo, 450, 268 Cawood, James Murlin Jr., 450, 311 Cawood, Robert Lee, 450 Cawthon, William Michael, 482, 236 Cawvey, Betty Lou, 482, 207 Cazer, Glynda Ray, 482, 217 Cazort, Carolyn Rachel, 482, 207 Cazort, Celia Anne, 460, 225 Cearley, John Sturdivant, 460 Cearley, Kaffy Womack, 466 Cearley, Marilvn Louise, 466, 272 Celi, Mario Patricio, 428 Chaffin, C. Wayne, 428, 312 Chalfant, Vicky Margaret, 450, 212 Chambers, Synde, 466, 264 Chambliss, Charles A., 419 Chambliss, Patricia Ann, 419 Chancellor, Darrell Edward, 482, 247 Chandler, Cynthia Jane, 428, 267 Chandler, Kark A„ 482, 308 Chancey, Grady Jr., 466 Chaney, Carol Ann, 482, 207 Chaney, Charles Jr., 428 Chaney, George Michael, 482, 247 Chaney, Patricia Ann, 466, 253 Chapman, David Ray, 450 Chapman, Dennis Wayne, 466, 236 Chapman, Ronald Wayne, 466, 243 Chapo, Thomas John, 450 Chappell, Sharyn R., 482 Cheairs, Paula Ann, 466, 268 Cheairs, Teresa Lee, 466, 268 Cheatham, Debra Sue, 450, 2 25 Chenault, Nadine R., 466 Cheney, Carol Lee, 466, 253 Cherry, Frank R., 450 Cherry, James F., 466 Cherry, Kathryn Jane, 466, 267 Cheshier, James Leon, 482 Cheashir, Sarah Lynn, 428, 272 Cheyne, Catherine Elaine, 428 Chi Epsilon, 336 Chi Omega Chi Theta, 330 Childers, Michael, 482-236 Childers, Michael Ray, 482, 247 Childs, Sheron Sue, 466, 233 Childs, William W„ 428 Chiles, Ronald Mann, 428, 291 Chimes, 329 Chiolino, Linda Ann, 428, 212 Chisenhall, Lawrence Edwin, 466, 293 Chisholm, M. Deborah, 466, 253 Choate, Stephen, 422 Choate, Susan Elizabeth, 482, 217 Chowning, Carol Diane, 450, 225 Chrisman, Cynthia Sue, 450, 253 Chrisman, William Marshall 111, 466 Christal, Wiley H., 428, 312 Christenson, Gary Lester, 450 Christie, Oscar Drew, 419 Christison, Randi, 482, 267 Christy, Richard Carl, 450, 208 Churchill, Randle Wayne, 466, 236 Cialone, David Roy. 428 Cialone, Mike. 466, 293 Cisne, James E., 482 Civic Club, 351 Clack, William Gerald, 428 Clampit, H. Paul, 419 Clarida, Gloria Jean, 450, 212 Clark, Daniel R., 450 Clark, Carolyn, 482., 217 Clark, Gayle, 466, 276 Clark, James Corbin, 422 Clark, Janis, 450, 264 Clark, Joseph Murphy, 482 Clark, Judy M . 450, 223 Clark, Mary Nita, 466 Clark, Michael Augustus, 482, 247 Clark, Molly Ann, 450, 223 Clark, Peggy Jean, 482, 207 Clark, Pat, 482, 225 Clark, Philip H., 466, 299 Clark, Robert Barclay, 466, 294 Clark, Robert Eddie, 450 Clark, Richard Dalton, 419 Clark, William Kent, 450 Clarke, Karen Ann, 482, 207 Clarke, Robert A. 450 Classen, David Eugene, 482, 247 Clay, Linda, 450, 268 Clayton, Jerry Bruce, 422 Clayton, John Harold 466 Clem, 466, 253 Clement, Patricia Ann, 450, 212 Clements, Suzanne, 428, 225 Clemmons, Rodney Cecil, 450 Clemmons, Theresa Mary, 428 Cleveland, Herschel Wayne, 428, 287 Cleveland, Leono R., 450 Cleveland, Marian, 428, 276 Clevidence, Beverly Ann, 450, 263 Clift, Orville Christopher, 450 Clift, Ralph M., 419 Clifton, Lowell Douglass, 450 Clifton, Mary Louise, 466 Clifton, Sandra Gene, 450 Cline, Jan, 466, 225 Cline, Sallie Frances, 466, 263 Clinehens, Harold O. Jr., 466 Clinkenbeard, Stephen George, 482, 305 Clinton, Tracy Peter, 466, 299 Cloe, Lyndol Edwin, 466 Clopton, James W., 450, 233 Clotfelter, Mary Ruth, 450, 254 Cloyd, Linda Faye, 450, 223 Clowers, iornmy G.. 466 Cobb, James Edward, 450 Cobb, Jeanie, 428, 267 Coble, Philip Edwin, 482, 287 Cochran, Donna Kay, 428, 267 Cochran, Lola Leanna, 482, 217 Cockrum, Robert E., 428, 304 Cochran, Terrisue, 482, 207 Cochran, William Paul, 482, 247 Cochrane, Cathern Mary, 482 Cody, Earl W., 482 Cody, Susan Fiser, 428 Coe, Charles E., 428 Coe, Patricia Louise, 428, 264 Co-Ed Complex, 252 Coffield, Catherine Louise, 450, 225 Coffield, Don Richard, 483 Coffield, Peggy Leah, 483, 217 Cogbill, Gene, 450, 300 Cogbill, Leslie Marie, 466, 268 Coger, Paulette, 428 Coker, Patricia Dian, 483, 217 Coker, Sandra Ann, 428, 212 Coker, William Foy, 450 Colclasure, Ray Eugene, 450, 291 Colclasure, Richard Michael, 466, 294 Cole, Kaye Works, 428 Cole, Patricia, 450, 223 Coleman, Alicia C., 483, 217 Coleman, Dalton Miles Jr., 450 233 Coleman, Linda Sue, 483, 207 Coleman, Randall Clmton, 450, 311 Coler, Nancy Maurine, 483, 215 Collar, Carolyn, 483, 225 Collier, Larry G., 450 Collier, Milton Chapelle, 428 Collingsworth, Lynn D., 225 Collins, Danna Sue, 466, 225 Collins, Jeff, 466 Collins, James M., 483, 293 Collins, Joyce Elaine, 483 Collins. Kay Graham, 450, 225 Collins, Patricia Leigh, 254, 450 Collins, William David, 428 Colton, Juanita, 466, 264 Commer, Jake B., 483, 247 Commerce Guild, 331 Comstock, Kenny Morris, 466, 299 Conde, Carolyn Lee, 466, 254 Condit, John Michael, 451, 304 Conditt, Charles Allen, 451 Condon, Mike, 451 Condry, Nancy Jo, 466, 263 Cone, Andrew Benton, 451, 245 Cone, Sarah Ruth, 483, 207 Connell, Marilyn, 451, 263 Connell, Michael Peel, 483, 247 Connell, William J., 466 Conner, John Louis Jr., 466, 303 Conner, M. Ira, 451, 303 Conner, Paul Reid, 428, 300, 245 Conner, William F., 466 Conway, Fred David, 467, 243 Cook, Bobby Joe, 451, 284 Cook, Diane Lee, 467, 271 Cook, Faune Suzanne, 467, 234 Cook, Frances, 451, 268 Cook, George Albert, 419, 231 Cook, Joe Dee, 451, 237 Cook, Joe, 428 Cook, Margaret Elizabeth, 451, 234 Cook, Leslie Ann, 467, 263 Cook, Pamela Ann, 467 Cook, Paula Jean, 483, 217 Cook, Stephen Lucas, 467 Cook, William Jennings, 451 Cooksey, Laura Lynn, 467, 254 Cooksey, Linda Ann, 451, 264 Cooley, Charlotte Dale, 467, 276 Cooper, Carol Sue, 451, 223 Cooper, Clifford H., 467 Cooper, Edward H., 451 Cooper, Edward M., 467, 307 Cooper, James Quinton, 419 Cooper, James Ricks, 422 Coon, James Russell. 483, 236 Cooper, Jerry Edward, 483, 236 Cooper, Jimmy George, 483, 247 Cooper, Kathryn Ann, 467, 254 Cooper, Lawrence Richard, 483, 247 Cooper, Michael, 451 Cooper, Ronald Rex, 483, 236 Cope, Mary M., 467 Cope, Michael L., 467 Copeland, Deborah Elaine, 483, 217 Copeland, Glenda Lou, 467 Copeland, H. Reynolds, 428 Copeland, Johnny Clitford, 451 Coplin, Barry E., 467, 294 Corbett, Reggio Arnold, 451 Cordell, Wanda Gay, 483 Core, Jean Ann, 467, 212 Corley. Mark Wayne, 483, 247 Cornett, Jack G., 451, 293 Cornish, Bobby, 451 Corrothers, Kathryn, 483, 207 Cornwell, Geraldine Ann, 451, 212 Cornwell, John Blair, 451, 300 Cottingham, Maurice, 419 Cottle, Mary Lois, 467, 212 Couch, Charlotte Frances, 428, 212 Couch, William Ray, 467 Counts, Carol Anita, 467, 254 Counts, Charlotte Ann, 467, 254 Courdin, Marilyn Ann, 451, 223 Courson, J. B. Jr., 467 Coven, Wendy Lunne, 451, 268 Coughlin, Terry Lee, 483, 236 Cowan, Catherine Anne, 467, 254 Cowan, Sara Margaret, 451, 266 Cowee, Jerry L., 451, 283 Cowgur, Mary Ann, 483, 217 Cox, Alan Dale, 483, 247 Cox, Christine, 483, 207 Cox, David Fielding, 483, 236 Cox, Linda Jo, 483 Cox, Marlene Louise, 467, 267 Cox, Nancy Cheryll, 483, 217 Cox, Phyllis Jean, 451 Cox, Robert L., 467 Cox, Ronald Chaney, 467, 283 Coxsey, James K., 428 Coxsey, Jo Lynn, 451 Crafton, James Reed, 428 Cran, Barbara Jean, 451, 271 Craig, Robert Harold, 467 Craig, Walter M., 429, 287 Craig, William J., 467, 307 Crain, Joe Carl, 451 Crain, John Atkins, 422 Crain, Martha Sue, 429 Crain, Shirley Ann, 467, 271 Crandell, Edward O., 483, 247 Crank, Margaret Helen, 483, 217 Crank, Robert Hughes, 422 Cravens, Carol, 483, 207 Cravens, David Ralph, 451 Craun, Jerry Alan, 429 Crawford, Barbara Ann, 467, 263 Crawford, Champ Harger, 429, 308 Crawford, Debbie, 483, 207 Crawford. Richard Lee, 467 Crawford, Richard Wyatt, 483, 236 Creech, William Michael, 483, 247 Creel, Cynthia Ann, 451, 267 Creel, Mary Jane, 483, 207 Cress, William Arthur, 451 Crews, Jack Dan, 429, 294 Crider, Marion Paul, 429 Crider, Randall Brian, 419 Crist, Michael D., 451, 230 Crites, Cheryl Elaine, 429, 263 Cromer, Thomas W., 467 Cromwell, Paul Dwain, 467 Cromwell, William M., 483, 303 Crook, Land Jean, 451 Cross, Carolyn, 451, 275 Cross x Connie, 483, 217 Crow, Frank Steven, 451, 303 Crow, James Thacker, 467, 294 Crow, Mary Virginia, 429, 223 Croxdale, J. Brant, 483, 299 Crudup, Robert F., 451 Crumbaker, Judy M., 429, 271 Cudd, Brenda Ward. 483, 217 Culbertson, Sherry Lynn, 429, 264 Cullen, Michael A., 429 Culliford, Paul Ray, 483, 236 Cullen, Joe R., 451 Cullum, John Patrick, 483, 247 Culp, Linda Anita, 467 Culp, Roy R.. 429 Cummings, Samuel D., 451 Cunningham, Byron Duane, 451 Cunningham, Deborah H. Rhea, 483, 207 Cunningham, Paul, 483, 247 Cunningham, Paul Ray, 451 Cunningham, Phyllis Louise, 483 Cunnion, Donald Owen, 483, 308 Cupp, Karen Joy, 467, 254 Cupples, Kenneth Ray, 451, 284 Cupples, Thomas Michael, 467 Cure, Josephine Louise, 429, 276 Cureton, Elizabeth Ann, 451, 215 Curl, Frank A., 451, 283 Currie, Robert Stephen, 451 Curry, Ann Margaret, 451, 267 Curry, Suza, 467, 225 Curtis, Teresa Lee, 483, 207 Cypert, Sandra A., 467, 254 D Daniel, A1 J. Jr., 422 Daniel, Charles David, 451 Daniel, Thomas William, 429 Daniel, W. Peyton, 451, 300 Dahms, Robert A., 451 Dailey, Judy Ruffin, 429 Dailey, Ted Max, 429 Daily, Diane Marie, 483, 217 Daily, Harry P., 467, 291 Daily, Linda Sue, 483, 207 Daily, Michael Irvin, 467, 236 Daily, Sheryl Lynn, 467 Dalby, Tod. 483, 308 Dale, James Lowell, 451 Dalmut, Pete Michael, 467 Dalton, Dean Howard, 425 Dalton, Susan Marie, 483, 217 Damann, Kenneth Eugene Jr., 419 Damet, James D., 483, 236 Danaher, Kevin Haynes, 483, 247 Danehower, Martha Lou, 467, 225 Dangers, William Hendricks, 467 Daniel, Jim T.. 467, 288 Daniel, Julia Clare, 467, 254 Dark, Frederick Howard, 483, 247 Darrow, Elizabeth Ann, 483, 217 Daughtery, Janis Kay, 483, 207 Daughtery, Robert R., 483 Darnall, John David, 467 Darnall, Susan Carol, 451, 264 Darr, Cindy, 429, 271 Daughtery, James Raymond, 467 Davenport, John L., 483, 236 Davenport, Susan Kay, 467, 254 Davenport, William G., 429 Daves, Cynthia Jane, 483, 217 David, Lynn Allen, 467 Davidson, Charles Darwin, 467, 283 Davidson, Diane Beth, 429, 263 Davidson, John William Jr., 429 Davidson, Robert Allan, 451, 312 Davies, David Goodbar, 451 Davis, A1 N., 483, 236 Davis, Alice Marie, 451, 225 Davis, Calvin Sharpe, 451 Davis, Carl Miller, 429 Davis, Charla Ruth, 467, 253 Davis, David Drew, 483, 236 Davis, Diedre Lyn, 483, 207 Davis, Diane L., 483, 207 Davis, Donna Kay, 225 Davis, Dorothy Elizabeth, 429, 212 Davis, Ellen Marie, 467, 268 Davis, Frank E. Jr., 467 Davis, Hamilton C., 429 Davis, Howard Lee, 429 Davis, Jack J., 419 Davis, James Bevington, 484, 293 Davis, James F., 467 Davis, Jane Ann, 484, 225 Davis, Jill A., 419 Davis, John Melville, 484, 300 Davis, Larry Michael, .451, 284 Davis, Linden Faye, 484, 217 Davis, Martin C., 467, 300 Davis, Marvin Holbrook, 484, 236 Davis, Michael R., 484, 236 Davis, Raguel Lee, 467, 243 Davis, Sammye Jewell, 429 Davis, Sheryl Ann, 484, 207 Davis, Stephen L., 484 Davis, Tony M., 451, 247 Davis, Victoria Kay, 484, 207 Davis, Winston Gaylord, 422 Dawson, Gary Malcolm, 467, 233 Dawson, Paul Edward, 451 Day, Donna Marie, 467, 275 de la Guardia Rudrigo, 429 Deacon, Marie, 467, 275 Deal, Roseanne, 467, 264 Dean, Pamela Kay, 484, 217 Dean, William Allen Jr., 467 Deane, Donna Delores, 484, 217 Dearien, Marilyn June, 429, 212 DeBerry, Thomas D., 451 DeBons, Francis Eugene, 451, 247 DeClerk, David Edward, 484, 303 DeClerk, Diane Cecilia, 451, 275 DeClerk, William Jacob, 429, 303 Deen, Stephen Elwood, 484, 247 Deere, Linda Frances, 429, 212 Deere, Robert Thomas, 484, 247 Deere, Roy Walter, 429 Dees, Jane Collier, 451, 279 Dees, Marilyn Ann, 467, 254 Dees, Walter D. Jr., 451 Deeter, Steve W., 468 Deeter, Talmage Lansing, 429 Dehan, George John, 468, 204 DeLamar, Nancy Spargo, 419 Delamore, Michael Francis, 484, 307 Delaney, Deborah Anne, 468, 225 Dellinger, Lawson Gray, 422 Dellinger, Sarah Elizabeth, 429 Dembinski, Thomas Henry II, 429, 287 DeMont, Leon, 429, 293 Dempsey, Robert Dale, 452, 247 Dennehy, Susan Kay, 452, 225 Dennis, James William, 452 Dennis. Jeannette, 484 Dennis, Jerry L., 452 Dennis, Marion Dwayne, 429 Denniston, Michael Edward, 484, 247 Dent, John Thomas, 452, 308 Denton, Ann L., 452, 276 Denton, Danny Charles, 419 Denton, Robert H., 429, 307 Deppe, David C., 429 Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma DeRossitt, James Prentice, 452, 300 DeSalvo, Annette, 452, 254 DeShazo, Dianne Leigh, 484, 207 Deskin, Cynthia Marie, 468 Deslauriers, Diane, 430, 275 Deslauriers, Shirley Killeen, 468, 275 Detweiler, Richard Francis, 452 Dew, Tommy Franklin, 468, 245 Deweese, Thomas H., 430, 304 Dickens, John Howard, 430 Dickerson, Cody, 484, 247 Dickerson, Jane, 430, 276 Dickey, Bob Clark, 484, 293 Dickson, Dwight Bennett Jr., 452, 308 Dickson, Peggy Janette, 468, 214 Dicus, Chuck Wayne, 484, 245 Dietrich, Orlo Lee Jr., 452, 300 Dietz, Carole N., 468, 254 Diffey, Margaret Jo., 430, 276 Digby, John Dale, 484, 247 Dillaplain, John Craig, 484, 247 Dillard, Dennis Alexander, 484, 300 Dillard, Don, 452, 233 Dillard, Michael Gregory, 452 Dillard, Norma Ann, 484, 207 Dilliard, Virginia, 430, 271 Dimmitt, Don Robert, 484, 236 Dipper, Wayne E., 484 Dismuke, Jimmy Dean, 468 Dismuke9, James Oran, 430, 247 Division of Student Affairs Dixon, Ann, 419 Dixon, James Kirk, 452, 293 Dixon, John B. Jr., 430 Dixon, Peggy, 452, 217 Dixon, William P., 452, 233 Doan, Alan Lemont, 484, 24 " Dobbs, Gus A., 468 Dobbs, Jenning9 Glenn, 484, 247 Dober, Thomas Alan, 484, 247 Dodd, Catherine G., 430, 268 Dodd, Dorothy Jean, 430, 264 Dodd, Nathan Leland, 419 Dodge, Linda Lou, 452, 264 Dodge, Randy Eugene, 452, 304 Dodson, Charlotte Lea, 452 Dodson, George M., 430 Dodson, James R. Jr., 430, 233 Doherty, Barbara Kay, 452, 225 Dolan, Monica Daria, 468, 275 Doland, Robert Woodrow, 452, 241 Donahou, Judy Carol, 484 Donovan, Shirley Ann, 484, 207 Dorman, Jimmy L., 452 Doss, Kent Alfred, 452 Doss, Richard Allen, 452, 300 Dotson, John Thomas Jr., 452, 243 Doty, Clia Marie, 430, 263 Dougherty, Alfred C., 468, 233 Dougherty, Patti, 468, 368 Dougherty, Robert Warren. 484, 307 Dougherty, William P., 468, 245 Doughty, Joe Carroll, 452, 230 Douglas, David Eugene, 452 Douglas, Homer Baica, 430, 241 Douglas, James Paul, 452, 283 Douglas, Judy Ann, 468, 215 Douglas, Margaret Jane, 468 Douglas, Robert Newton, 484, 247 Douglas, Susan Kay, 430, 223 Douglas, Troy R., 422 Douglas, Yvonne Ann, 484, 207 Doue, Gerald L., 468 Dover, Billy Dewayne, 452, 308 Dover, David Mack, 484, 247 Dowler, Diane Jean, 468, 254 Downing, Richard Craig, 484, 247 Downs, Donna Letitia, 452, 225 Doyle, Jayne Elizabeth, 484, 207 Doyle, Rachel Jane, 468, 254 Drain, Glenn, 452 Drake, Charles Edward, 452, 243 Drake, Cynthia, 452 Draper, Patricia Marie, 452, 268 Dresser, Dona Lee, 484, 207 Driggers, Mary Jo, 468, 254 Driggers, Richard Adams, 430, 303 Driggers, Teresa, 484, 207 Driskill, Janice Claire, 452, 272 Drittler, Richard, 452 Froke House Droughter, Mary Ruth, 468, 225 Drummond, Doug E., 468, 307 Dryer, John Allan, 452 Dryer, Irvin C., 430 DuBois, William Joseph, 452, 243 Duck, Lydia Carol, 484, 217 Duchae, Rene Jerry, 430, 287 Duncan, Bruce Catel, 484 Dudney, Donna C-, 430, 267 JPuell, Miriam Helene, 468, 223 Duffy, Annetta L., 452, 275 Dugan, Geraldine Livingston, 484, 207 Duke, Jimmy Hurene, 452 Dunaway, William A., 484 Duncan, Montie Wayne, 452, 304 Dunigan, Patricia Ann, 452, 225 Dunkum, Gregory Davis, 484, 247 Dunlap, Sherry Ellen, 430, 212 Dunlop, Terry Anne, 468, 271 Dunn, David Rodney, 430, 291 Dunn, Estella Louise, 468, 254 Dunn, Pam, 452, 264 Dupwe, Warren Eugene, 422 Durden, Robert R., 300, 422 Durham, Cathey, 468, 254 Durham, Karen Elizabeth, 484, 207 Durrett, Leta Gaye, 430 Dyer, Aniela Maria Dyer, Coy Randall, 430 Dyer, Natalie C., 484, 225 Dykes, Bobbe Jean, 430, 268 E Eads, James Richard Jr., 468, 236 Eans, Shirley Marie, 452 Earls, Carry Wayne, 484, 247 Eans, Thomas Lee, 430 Earle, David H., 452 Earnhart, Tom Patrick, 452, 287 Earnheart, Larry Jeff, 484, 247 Earp, Stephen John. 468, 233 Eason, Joseph Clifford, 452 Eason, Harriet Torry, 430, 267 Eason, William Alfred, 452, 300 East, Jon Larry, 430, 308 Easter, Betty L.» 430, 276 Easterling, Gary Ewell, 452 Easterling, Jackie Sue, 468 Eaton, James Winton, 452 Ebbert, Tommie Kay, 452, 268 Ebbert, William E., 430 Echols, Becky, 468, 279 Ehrenberg, Janet, 452, 268 Eden, William Standley, 468 Edens, Ernest Eugene, 484 Ederington, Janice Lee, 468, 215 Edge, Nell, 430, 212 Edgin, Paula Lee, 452, 212 Edmonds, Susan Lenore, 468, Edmondson, Larry D., 452 254 Education, College of Edwards, Benny Carroll. 484, 247 Edwards, Connie Jo, 468, 212 Edwards, Dan Jr., 452 Edwards, Frederick Wilson, 468 Edwards, Hugh R., 452 Edwards, Jessie Geneva, 484, 207 Edwards, Jimmie Will, 430, 308 Edwards, Katherine C., 468, 225 Edwards, Pam Priest, 452 Edwards, Pamela Ruth, 484, 207 Edwards, Richard Wayne, 452, 233 Edwards, Robert Patrick, 452, 307 Eggers, Kathryn Marie, 452, 212 Eichler, John Calvin, 452, 245 Eidson, Michael David, 452, 308 Eilbott, Don A., 484, 300 Elder, Charles Sherman, 430, 304 Eldridge, Ira Luther, 430 Eldridge, Nikkie, 430 Eldridge, Paul R., 484, 291 Elias, Charles Edward, 430 Elkins, Herman Emery, 452 Elkins, James Philip, 452, 299 Ellig, Michael, 431, 308 Elliott, Elizabeth Ann, 484, 217 Elliott, F. B., 431, 293 Elliott, Sandra Lynn, 468, 225 Ellis, Cheryl Jane, 453, 254 Ellis. Cynthia, 468, 263 Ellis, Frederick Owen Jr., 484, 303 Ellis, Gloria Ann, 468 Ellis, Juliane, 453, 279 Ellis, Marguerite, 484, 207 Ellis, Mary Diane, 431, 267 Ellis, Sheree Glee, 431, 268 Ellis, Tom Steele, 419 Ellis, Virgil Edward, 453, 311 Ellison, Elizabeth Eugenia, 468, 272 Elmore, William Gregory, 484, 303 Elms, Larry Wayne, 431, 308 Elrod, Donald Joe, 453 Elrod, Gloria, 453, 225 Embry, Thomas Britton, 453, 247 Emerson, James David, 422 Emery, Robert Ray, 431 Elmmert, Gerald Don, 453, 293 Emery, Gin, 468, 253 Emmett, Gary Wayne, 453 Engelbergory, Charles Joseph, 431, 243 Engeln, A1 L., 468 Engineering, College of Engineering Council 332 England, Cheryl Kay, 468, 279 England, Rickey D., 453, 311 Englehart, Judy, 484, 208 Engles, Marjorie M., 431 Engskov, Mark Steven, 484 Eoens, Ernest Eugene, 484 Epley, Alan David, 422 Epley, Charles Paul, 468 Epperson, E. Hunter, 419 Epperson, William Craig Erickson, Michael A., 431, 283 Erwin, Cynthia Sue, 431, 272 Ervin, Debbie Ann, 484, 217 Erwin, Jenelle, 453, 279 Erwin, Judson Landers, 422, 245 Erwin, Lynne Elizabeth, 468, 276 Erwin, Robert Ferrell, 431, 241 Erwin, Stephen L., 468 Ernst, Thomas Henry, 453 Esehbough, Thomas Arthur 468 243 Eslick, C. Randall, 468 Estelle, George Dennis, 453 Estes, Glenyce Gail, 453, 225 Estes, Peter G.. 431, 300 Estopy, Floyd Gaylon, 484, 236 Etter, Roberta Bremley, 468, 225 Eubanks, Clyde E., 468 Eubanks, George Grady, 453, 241 Eubanks, Helen Compton, 453, 276 Eubanks, James Lee, 468 Eubanks, L. C., 453 Eubanks, Peggie Jean, 453 Evans, Barbara May, 485, 268 Evans, Bryon Creasy, 468, 243 Evans, Daniel V., 468, 294 Evans, David Ray, 468, 299 Evans, Deanna F., 485, 217 Evans, Donna, 468, 254 Evans, Eberle, 485, 217 Evans, Eric Stanley, 453 Evans, Linda Doris, 431, 217 Evans, Carol Jean, 468 Evan9, Jeanne D., 468, 276 Evans, Martha Ann, 485, 217 Evans, Maria L., 485, 208 Evans, Michael Edward, 485, 267 Everett, Eddie Louis, 453 Everett, Sandra Jean, 453, 264 Everett, Judy Grisham, 431 Everett, Ronald Edmond, 419 Ewing, Kathleen, 485, 268 Ewing, Russell Hardy, 453, 303 Ewton, Valynda Ann, 485, 225 Ezell, Jerry B., 431 Ezell, Richard Dale, 468 F Fabrycky, Alan Louis, 453, 241 Fair, Amanda, 431, 223 Fairchild, Kathryn Marie, 431, 268 Fairfield, Valerie L., 468, 225 Falls, Carroll Ray, 431, 243 Fancher, Terry Nolan, 485, 247 Fant, Don L., 431 Farish, Alice Dianne, 431, 212 Farley, Diana Sue, 485, 217 Farmer, Joann Elizabeth, 468, 223 Farmer, Heber Jean, 485, 268 Farmer, Jim Gueen, 485, 245 Farmer, Robert C., 431 Farmhouse Farrell, John Fredric, 468, 245 Farrell, Sharon Lee, 485, 217 Farris, Lynn Taylor, 431 Faulkner, John Raymond, 431 Faulkner, Keith Edward, 485 Faulkner, Linda, 453, 272 Faulkner, Howard M., Jr., 419 Fears, Michael Stephen, 468 Federico, Louis Patrick, 468 Feeney, Phillip Kent. 431 Feimster, Diane, 485, 217 Feland, John Morgan, 469, 233 Feland, Sarah Elizabeth, 431, 223 Felton, Daniel Henry III, 431 300 Fendva Michael Louis, 485, 247 Fennell, Phyllis Jean, 485 Ferguson, Dennis Michael, 469 Ferguson, Hannah Sue, 485 208 Ferguson, Julie Anne, 431, 264 Ferguson, Leon M., 431 Ferguson, Renee Karen, 469, 271 Ferguson, Richard Dean, 431 Fesler, Pam 453, 212 Fetherolf, Daniel Clayton, 453, 233 Fetzek, Ginny, 469, 254 Field, Bobby Dwayne, 485, 245 Fielding, Sharon Kay, 419 Fikes, Howard Louis, 453 Fincher, Floyd H., 453, 300 Fincher, Larry Don, 419 Fincher, Thelnita, 453 Fine, Janie, 485, 217 Finefield, Michael Francis, 431 Finley, Ronnie, 431 Finley, Tommy Leroy, 485, 247 Finn, Richard James, 453 Finney, Donna Susan, 431, 279 Finney, Stan C. Jr., 485, 293 Firestone, Brad, 431, 230 Fisher, Charlotte Ann, 431 Fisher, Patricia Ann, 431, 212 Fisher, Robert Byron, 453, 300 Fisher, Robert Clinton, 453, 287 Fitch, Patty Ruth, 431, 223 Fitting, Charles Robert, 422 Fitton, Thomas Garoin, 469, 303 Fitts, Richard Neal, 469, 311 Fitzhugh, Benjamin Dewey, 453 Fitzhugh, Mike, 453, 307 Fitzgerald, Robert B., 453 Fitzwater, Stephen Carl, 485, 247 Fitting, Charles Robert, 422 Fitton, Marrin Ruth, 453, 272 Flanagan, Jerry Don. 431, 303 Flanagan, Robert C», 453 Fleetwood, Ricky G., 469, 293 Flenniken, Patricia, 431, 263 Fletcher, Martin Edward, 469 Fletcher, Michael Don, 469 Fletcher, William Thomas, 469, 291 Flick, Janet Lee, 485, 217 Flick, Suzanne L., 453, 264 Flobak, Jan Christen, 485, 283 Flora, Sandra G., 469 Flowers, Danny Lee, 463, 308 Floyd, Annice, 469, 254 Floyd, Mike G., 469, 247 Floyd, Perry Dean, 485, 234 Fly, James Lawson Jr., 469 Flynn, Mike F., 485, 284 Flynn, Norman Wayne, 453 Folsom, James David, 453 Fontaine, Sarah Louise, 485, 217 Foote, Henry Michael, 453 Fomoes, Gail, 453, 271 Forbys, Phillip R., 431, 230 Ford, Charles Sayle, 431 Ford, Farrell V., 469 Ford, James Howard, 419 Ford, Larry Parks, 469, 291 Ford, O. Daniel, 485, 236 Ford, Robert M., 422 Foreman, Diana Faye, 485, 225 Foresee, Carl L., 431 Forester, Sam J., 469, 287 Formica, Connie Nancy, 469, 271 Forrest, Randell, 469, 288 Forster, John Frederick Jr., 422 Forster, Mary Susan, 46y, 254 Foster, Marion Jeannette, 469, 225 Foster, Ronnie Allen, 469, 233 Formby, Vicki Diane, 431, 215 Fortner, Jack Ronald, 469 Foster, Jack Raymond, 485, 299 Foster, Pamela Jean, 453, 271 Fouke, Margaret F., 431, 254 Fourner, Jeffrey Edmund, 485, 299 Fowke, Steven Jay, 453, 293 Fowler, Susan, 431, 279 Fowler, Billie, 485, 208 Fowler, Christopher F., 485, 294 Fowler, Dale E., 485, 236 Fowlkes, Freddie Glenn, 431 Fox, Carroll Ann, 486 Fox, Clyde R., 453 Fox, Marilyn Edna, 463, 212 Fox, William H., 453 France, Gary Wayne, 485 Franleschi, John Louis, 485, 236 Franke, William Kelihen, 485, 236 Frakenberger, Albert Martain, 469 Frakenberger, Richard Eugene, 453 Franklin, Bettie A., 453 Franklin, Edward Lee Franklin, John Olyver Charles, 453 Franklin, John Thomas III, 453, 233 Franks, Peggy Nell, 485, 208 Fransen, Toni Carolyn, 431, 268 Frasher, James Howard, 453 Frazier, John B., 485 Frazier, Paul Bernard, 431 Frazier, Paula Kay, 453, 225 Fredeman, Toni Denise, 469, 254 Fredrich, Phil E., 431, 311 Freeland, Byron L., 453, 294 Freeman, Donnie Ray, 453 Freeman, Elwood A. Jr., 453, 303 Freeman, Floyd Mickel, 431 Freeman, Gerald Don, 431, 241 Freeman, Gwendolyn Ransom, 453, 225 Freeman, Joanne, 469, 271 Freeman, Karen Erie, 431 Freeman, Larry Glenn, 485, 236 Freeman, Melody, 453, 225 Freeman, • Robert Daniel, 453 Freeman, Robert Frederick, 431 Freeman, Stephen Howard, 453, 312 Freeman, Stephen Russell, 469, 248 Freeman, Storm, 485, 225 Frear, Sharyn Ellen, 485, 217 French, Sandra Lee, 485, 208 Freyaldenhoven, John Harold, 419 Freyaldenhoven, Raymond Jo¬ seph, 431 Freyaldenhoven, Stephanie Tay¬ lor, 453 Friddle, James Walton, 485, 248 Frisinger, Betsy Ann, 469, 225 Frisinger, Jo Karen, 453, 212 Fritts, Glynda Ann, 453, 268 Fritts, Steven Hugh, 469 Frost, Carol Dean, 469, 254 Frost, Thomas W., 469 Fruchey, Olan Stanley, 485, 248 Fry, Roger Dawson, 485, 300 Frye, Mike L., 485, 303 Fugate, Douglas Lee, 453, 243 Fulbright Hall Fulgham, Jack Orville, 431 Fuller, Debbie, 469. 267 Fuller, John Julian, 469 Fuller, Suzette, 469, 268 Fultz, David Eugene, 485, 248 Futch, Fred L., 453 Futrall Hall Futrell, Ellen Suzanne, 485, 208 Futrell, Thomas Walter, 431, 294 G Gabbard, Carl Lee, 432 Gadberry, Brady L., 469, 48 Gaddis, Larry David, 419 Gaddy, Aggie Patton, 419 Gaddy, Larry L., 432 Gainer, Martha Rippley, 485, 217 Gaines, Charles Larry, 432 Gaines, Rosemary, 432, 215 Gaither, Conard Lee, 485 Galley, John Rodger, 432 Galloway, Michael H., 453 Galloway, Patricia Jon, 432, 279 Gammel, Sharon Louise, 469, 225 Gammill, Gary Sharp, 485, 304 Gammill, Lee Edward, 432 Gammon, Melody Gay, 469, 264 Gannaway, Robyn, 453, 276 Gant, Linda Lee, 432 Gant, Paul David, 432 Garafalo, Francis Anthony, 469 Gardner, Gary Dale, 469, 241 Gardner, John B., 485, 308 Gardner, Sally Ann, 453, 268 Garison, Carol Ann, 469, 275 Garland, Kent, 485, 48 Garmon, Gregg Wesley, 469, 291 Garner, George G., 453 Garner, Carroll R., 432 Garner, William Stuart, 485, 236 Garnett, James Henry, 432 Garrett, Carolyn Suzanne, 485, 225 Garrett, Harriet D., 485, 217 Garrett, James Paul, 485 Garrett, Judy Ann, 432, 254 Garrett, Mary Frances, 485, 208 Garrett, Maysel Marie, 485, 217 Garrett, Paul Mitcham, 432 Garrett, Robert Wayne, 469 Garrison, Ervan George, 432 Garrison, Gary Blavlock, 485, 308 Gairison, Winfred Wayne, 469 Gartrell, Elizabeth, 453, 263 Gartside, Brian Lincoln, 453 Gartside, Phil James, 485, 236 Gary, Donald Lamar, 419 Gasaway, Bruce Carrol, 485, 294 Gaskill, Natalie, 485, 208 Gaston, Cynthia Ann, 469, 263 Gaston, Diedra Ann, 485, 208 Gaston, Sandy, 453, 268 Gates, Jack Richard, 485, 48 Gates, Thomas Victor, 432 Gathings, Phllis Anne, 469, 264 Gathright, Sarah Annette, 419 Gatlin, James Richard, 485, 48 Gattis, Betty Ann, 432, 263 Gay, John Lynn, 469 Gaylor, Beverly Sue, 485, 208 Gearing, Michael John, 453, 293 Geelan, John Harold, 485, 236 Geels, David Carter, 432, 241 Gehring, Leonard E,. 485, 236 Geier Pamela Eve, 432 Geigle, Stephen Alexander, 419, 231 Gentry, Gail Marie, 469, 225 Gentry, Kathleen Diane, 469, 271 Gentry, Nancy Kay, 432, 223 Gentry, William H., 485, 236 Geoghagan, James Daniel, 432, 245 George, Cathy Lu, 469, 279 George, Dane Eugene, 485, 48 George, David Crittenden, 469 George, Harold Boyd, 432 George, Marvin, 432 George, Robert Lee, 485, 236 George, Terrence Michael, 4 , 53, 241 Gerety, Dnna Sue, 453, 268 Geurin, Paula Sue, 485, 208 Geyer, Janis L., 432, 272 Gibbons, Kathy, 469, 279 Gibbs, Don Palmer, 432, 291 Gibbs, William Lewis, 432 Gibson, Alton Dewayne, 453 Gibson, Calla Jane, 585, 208 Gibson, David Lowell, 453, 299 Gibson Don Lee, 453, 299 Gibson, Flora Jean, 469 Gibson, James P., 432 Gibson, Noel Paul, 485, 236 Gibson, Sam E., 423, 283 Gibson, William Russell, 485, 300 Gilbert, Anne Lynn, 432, 264 Gilbert, Gary Dean, 485, 236 Gilbert, Max A., 453 Gilbert, Ron Len, 432 Gilbrech, Raymond C., 453 Gilchrist, Roger William, 453 Giles, Roger William, 453, 283 Giles Stephen Richmond, 453, 303 Gill, Danny, 469, 284 Gill, Patricia, 469, 223 Gillespie, Dana Sue, 469, 254 Gillespie, Eddie, 432, 304 Gilleylen, Thomas Wilson, 453 Gillham, Lucien Ramspur, 432 Gilliam, David Roy, 453 Gilliam, Ticka, 453, 267 Gilliland, Steffany, 485, 218 Gillis, Ginger Gail, 432, 263 Gine, Diana L., 469 Ginn, Mary Lea, 453, 223 Glass, Jack Edward, 432 Glassell, John Ashton, 485, 304 Glassell, Wesley Drane, 469, 304 Glaub, Teddy L., 469, 236 Gleason, Michael Burns, 485, 48 Glenn, Gerard Loy, 4 2, 294 Glenn, James Clark, 453 Glenn, Ronnie David, 469 Glidewell, Mary Jane, 469, 225 Glover, Gil Louis, 453, 233 Glover, Glenn Allen, 469, 243 Glover, Larry Wayne, 485, 237 Glover, James H., 485, 287 Glover, Jerry Wayne, 485, 283 Glover, Robert Ivy, 453, 294 Glover, William Henry, 432, 294 Goble, Connie, 432, . 272 Gocio, John Coleman, 485, 48 Godsey, William Paul, 469, 303 Goe, Donna Lynn, 469, 225 Goebel, Fred Joseph, 432 Goff, Richard Aday, 432, 299 Goforth, G. Wesley, 469, 299 Goin, Walter Hugh, 469, 284 Goines, Kenneth Randle, 485 Golden, Barry, 419 Gollon, Edward Michael, 432 Gooch, Marilyn Kay, 432, 268 Gooden, Dean Raymond, 453, 241 Goodloe, Albert Theoderelt, 423 Goodman, James David, 453 Goodman, Lowell Ray, 432 Goodner, Donald Scott, 423 Goodner, Sherry Lea, 453 Goodner, Travis O., 432 Goodner, Vick Darryl, 453 Goodrum, Alton B., 419 Goodwin, Robert A., 432, 293 Goodwin, Roger Dale, 469, 287 Goodyear, Robert Richard, 453, 303 Goodyear, William John, 485, 48 Gorbet, Pamela Anne, 432, 264 Gordon, Durinda Marie, 485, 218 Gordon, Eddie Charles, 485, 48 Gordy, Jill, 485, 208 Gordy, Peter Ellis, 469 Gore, Lynn Kaye, 485, 225 Gore, Larry Jay, 453, 241 Gorham, James Harold, 453, 241 Gorton, Roger Alan, 485, 48 Gossett, Richard Eugene, 432 Gottleber, Henry Arthur, 419 Grable, Phillip Wayne, 485, 237 Grace, Larry Jesse, 469 Graduate School Gragg, Sharon Leigh, 432, 212 Graham, Charles S., 469 Graham, Don Allen, 453, 233 Graham, James M., 432 Graham, Pamela Frances, 485, 208 Graham, Wade Franklin, 485, 307 Graham, William Mansill, 485, 48 Granger, Janet Florence, 419 Granderson, William Sidney Grandstaff, Christine Ann, 486, 218 Granello, Gary Andrew, 469 Granger, Gary Frank, 454 Grant, Charline Marie, 454, 263 Grantom, Linda Jean, 486, 208 Grave, James Michael, 486 Graves, Daniel Hoover, 469, 287 Graves, Dennis Lee, 469 Graves, John Franklin, 432, 230 Graves, Judy Patricia, 432, 254 Graves, Ronald Eugene, 432 Gray, Bartus M., 486, 307 Gray, Camelia Kay, 486, 208 Gray, Charles C. Jr., 469 Gray, Charles Henry, 486, 291 Gray, Deanna Jeanne, 454, 264 Gray, Ernie Horton, 454, 233 Gray, Gilda D., 486, 218 Gray, John Dudley, 469 Gray, John Thomas, 486, 237 Gray, Marine Euisabeth, 469, 254 Gray, Troy Anderson, 486, 308 Gray, Truett Quinton, 469 Graybill, Robert Van, 454, 287 Grayson, Anita Carol, 486, 218 Graziani, Paul Joseph, 454 Greasley, Lisa Vaughn, 469, 225 225 Green, Gary Lane, 469, 48 Green, Gwendolyn, 486, 225 Green, Judith Ann, 432 Green, Ricky Hudson, 469, 241 Green, Ronald Lyndon, 486, 48 Green, Terry Glenn, 454, 233 501 Greene, Richard Earl, 454 Gregg, John Charles, 423 Gregory, Artie, 454, 294 Gregory, Charlie. 486, 237 Gregory, James M., 469, 233 Gregory, Noel Kennedy, 486, 48 Gregory, Peggy Ewen, 486, 218 Gregory, Wanda Lynn, 454, 271 Gresham, James Evans, 469, 308 Griffin, Doris Jean, 454 Griffin, Joe Edward, 486, 304 Griffin, Merrill Dean, 432, 241 Griggs, Ronald Lynn, 469 Grigsby, Sharon Kaye, 432 Grimes, Frances Louise, 469, 225 Grimes, James Michael, 454, 241 Grimmett, David Hershall, 454, 241 Grimmett, Michael Austin, 486, 48 Grippe, Glenn William, 454 Grishaber, Marie Louise, 469, 254 Grisham, Kathy L., 486, 208 Grisham, Mary Annette, 469, 223 Griswold, Richard Folden, 432 Grizzle, Kathi, 486, 208 Grober, Edward Artnie, 469, 308 Groce, Dennis Lonin, 432 Gross, Kristin Suzanne, 486, 225 Gross, Merle R., 432 Grove, Muriel Elaine, 486, 218 Gruebel, Robert Lee, 433 Guinn, Brenda Joye, 433, 271 Guinn, Dendin Lillard, 433 Gulley, Elizabeth Ann, 433 Gunn, Vicki Gean, 454, 263 Gunness, Kathleen Louise, 433, 212 Gunter, Jerry Edward, 469 Gunti, David Kearney, 423 Gurisco, Charles Stephen, 486, 287 Gutierrez, Mario Gieda, 454, 284 Gutierrez, Robert Wayne, 469, 284 Guy, Diane Marie, 486, 208 Guynn. Ruth Ellen, 469 H Haak, David Morris, 486, 311 Hackett, Paggy Ann, 433, 212 Hackney, Marilyn Sue, 469, 254 Hagan, Ernest Palmer, 469 Haigh, Creed Michel, 454, 308 Hairston, Donna Jane, 454, 275 Hairston, Gary N., 486, 283 Haizlip, Christy Ann, 486, 218 Halbert, John Bruce, 454 Hale, Cheryl Jett, 433, 268 Hale, Cheryl Sonin, 433, 27-5 Hale, Cindy Coulter, 433 Hale, Danny Lee, 469, 233 Hale, George Albert, 433, 303 Hale, William Robert, 454 Hales, Lynn E., 486, 48 Halk, Edward L. 469 Hall, Beverly Janice, 486, 208 Hall, Gale Eugene, 469 Hall, Gary Cecil, 469, 48 Hall, Grant W., 469 Hall, James Wallace, 433, 230 Hall, Kersh E., 454, 287 Hall, Linda Kathleen, 486, 225 Hall, Lola Beneta, 486, 208 Hall, Melanie M., 486, 208 Hall, Patricia Sue, 469, 225 Hall, Phyllis Ann, 433, 263 Hall, Richard L., 454, 312 Hall, Richard, Vernon, 433. Hall, Richard Whit, 454, 307 Hall, Ronald Ray, 470, 311 Hall, Thomas E. 470 Hallewood, Ivan D., 454, 312 Haley, Elizabeth Jo, 433 Haley, Michael Stephen, 486, 48 Hallin, David Anthony, 433 Hallin, Elizabeth Ann, 470, 279 Hallmark, Linda Lee, 454, 263 Halsell, James William, 486, 291 Halton, Phillip Terrance, 454 Halton, Scott F., 470 Halton, Virginia Crank. 470 Hamaker, Susan lone, 486, 225 Hamblen, David Nelson, 486, 237 Hambright, Dee R., 486, 48 Hamilton, Gloria Jean, 486, 225 Hamilton, Preston McCrary, 470, 245 Hamilton, Sherry, 486, 298 Hamilton, Thomas Edward, 454 Hamilton, Ziba Roland, 486, 48 Hamlin, Franklin Sharp, 486, 48 Hamm, Ann Marilyn, 486, 218 Hamm, Pamela Sue, 470, 276 Hammond, Lester H.. 423, 231 Hammond, Jugo Arnold, 433 Hammond, Roger L., 486, 284 Hammons, Mary Cathryn, 454, 275 Hammontree, Linda Lou, 433, 276 Hampton, Carol Ann, 454, 264 Hampton, Jerry W., 486 Hampton, Stephen Lee, 486, 48 Hamric, James N., 486, 237 Hanby, Charles Albert, 454, 304 Handley, Linda Diane, 470, 212 Handley, Ruth Edna, 470, 263 Haney, Carolyn Sue, 454 Haney, Ronald Harvey, 454, 241 Haney, Sandra Louise, 454, 271 Hankins, Barbara Kay, 470, 215 Hanna, David Michael, 470, 241 Hannah, James Robert, 423 Hannah, Sara Beth, 470, 225 Hannebaum, Carol Ann, 454, 223 Hannebaum, Ruth Michele, 486, 218 Henry., Michael Ray, 470 Hanthorn, Mary Hall, 433, 272 Harasta, Jane Mary, 486, 208 Hardage, Albert Carter, 454, 303 Hardcastle, James Lee, 486, 237 Hardcastle, Laveta Ann, 456, 218 Hardin, Gary Michael, 486, 48 Harden, Ronnie Lee, 470, 307 Hardgrave, L. Michael, 433, 312 Hardin, Robert Wilson, 454, 294 Hardister, Eddie L., 470 Hardman, John Christopher, 486, 291 Hardman, Robert Lloyd, 486, 48 Hardwick, James Carl, 486, 48 Hardy, Fieming Francis, 486, 237 Hare, Alannette, 486, 218 Hargis, Eddie D., 454 Hargis, Garry L., 470, 208 Hargrave, Philip J., 454 Hargus, Stanley Wade, 470 Harkey, Miphael Preston, 450, 303 Harlan, Gary Michael, 454 Harlan, Marilyn F., 470, 215 Harmon, John T., 423, 293 Harmon, Karen Ruth, 486, 218 Harned, Linde Louise, 486, 208 Harp, Ann Kathleen, 470, 254 Harp, Robert Stewart, 470, 303 Harp., Vickie Jodean, 486 Harper, Blake Whittington, 454, 304 Harper, Patricia Ann, 433, 223 Harper, Samuel Jackson, 433 Harper, Tanny Smith, 486, 283 Harpole, Ginger, 486, 218 Harrell, Ethel Arvell, 470, 225 Harrell, Melissa, 486, 218 Harrell, Robert Eugene, 454, 233 Harrell, Wallace J., 433, 264 Harrell, Waymon Howard, 486, 237 Harrelson, Frederick Gene, 423 Harriell, Robert Thomas, 419, 237 Harris, Barbara Berniece, 454, 215 Harris, Brenda L., 486 Harris, Carol Jan, 433, 275 Harris, Don Dean, 486, 48 Harris, Freeman Burnell, 486, 48 Harris, Gary Wayne, 433 Harris, George Vernon, 454 Harris, Glen Dale, 454 Harris, Harold Ross, 454 Harris, James Kenny, 486, 48 Harris., James Walker, 433 Harris., Jo Courtney, 454, 2J5 Harris, Martha Carole, 433, 268 Harris, Nina June, 433 Harris, Otis Othello, 486, 308 Harris, Paula F., 433 Harris, Penny, 486, 208 Harris., Raymond M., 454 Harris, Richard Allen, 454 Harris, Russell Fields, 454, 294 Harris, Susan Johnson, 433 Harris, Twant Montgomery, 486, 237 Harris, William Lee, 470 Harris, Williams Syres, 433 Harrison, Calvin Alexander 470 Harrison, Christine Louise, 486, 225 Harrison, George Wygal, 470, 293 Harrison, John Edward, 470, 283 Harrison, Lilburn Crafford, 454, 294 Harrison, Linda Kerby, 433 Harry, Myra Jane, 454 Hart, B. Ann, 433, 264 Hart, B. Ann, 433, 264 Hart, Bonnie Jane, 470, 255 Hart, Carl David, 433 Hart, Eddie, 433, 283 Hart, George T., 433 4-H House Hart, John Robert, 486 Hart, Randy, 486, 48 Hart, Robert Little John, 423, 231 Hartenstein, Ann Louise, 486, 218 Hartman, Albert Sidney, 454, 233 Hartstein, Harry, 434, 308 Hartz, Elizabeth Ann, 486, 208 Harvey, Elizabeth Pettit, 434 Harver, Gary Leaman, 454 Harvey, Janell, 486 Hasty, Susan, 486, 208 Hatchett, Margaret, 434, 212 Hathcock, Philip Loyce, 454 Hatley, Barbarbara Arnette, 486, 218 Hausmann, Diana F., 498 Havard, Frances, 486, 225 Hawkins, James Franklin, 470, 294 Hawkins, Robert Jerome, 419 Hawkins, Susan E., 486, 218 Hawley, Louis M., 486, 48 Hawley, Sylvia Ligon, 486, 218 Hayden, Gary Lynn, 454 Haydon, Jon Michael, 436 Hayes, Anne Marie, 486, 225 Hayes, Robert David, 454 Hayes, Steven L., 454 Hayes, William John, 470 Haymon, James Roland, 486, 48 Haynie, Kirby Jan, 454, 225 Hays, Cynthia Jane, 470, 279 Hays, Floyd Jefferson, 423 Hays, Mark Stephen, 470 Hays, Patrick Henry, 456, 303 Hays, Phillip Roy, 434 Hazen, Renny Ray, 245 Hallewood, Michael Stevens, 486, 48 Head, Caroly R., 486 Headlee, Thomas S., 434, 303 Headley, Daniel Glenn, 470 Headley, Ronaid Lynn, 470 Heard, Virginia Lynette, 454, 268 Hearnsberger, Susan, 454, 263 Heaston, John Buzz, 470, 241 Heath, Blan S., 486, 303 Hecox, James Rexford, 454, 241 Hecox, Janet Sue 486, 215 Hedgecock, Joe M., 423 Hegenberger, Ricky L., 454, 245 Heidinger, Susan Lynn, 470, 225 Heigle, Lance Allen, 486, 48 Heinemann, Hepsy Beth, 470, 225 Heins, Marilyn Jeanne, 434 Heiple, Tim Alan, 486, 303 Heiss, Charles Phillip, 486, 49 Heitman, Sara Helen, 454, 264 Helf, Sharron Kaye, 486, 218 Helm, Brenda Yvonne, 434 Helmich, Theodore Paul, 436 Helms, Nancy Elizabeth, 454, 275 Hemmer, Laurel Jan, 486, 218 Henbest, Paula Lay, 470, 212 Henbest, Vicki Jean, 486, 208 Henderson, Brenda Kay, 436, 264 Henderson, Eric Thomas, 486, 49 Henderson, Janis Len, 454, 255 Henderson, Patsy, 486, 218 Henderson, Robert Benjamin, 470, 300 Henderson, Sandra Lynn, 470, 264 Hendnen, Julian Michael, 486, 49 Hendren, Michael Conley, 470, 245 Hendricks, Judy L, 470, 255 Hendricks, Karol Anne, 470, 279 Hendricks, Norman G., 419 Hendrickson, Rose Mary, 486, 225 Hendx-ickson, Terry Guy, 436, 237 Henley, Charles W., 470, 283 Henley, Cheryl Ann, 434, 212 Henley, Jane Karen, 436, 208 Henley, Lawrence Stephen, 434 Henley, Wordna Sharon, 487, 208 Hennies, Scherrie, 487, 218 Hennig, Susan Elizabeth, 434, 263 Henningron, Marvin, 454 Henry, Beverly Gay, 454, 275 Henry, Christine Lee, 470, 279 Henry, George E., 454, 241 Henry, Orville Monroe, 487, 237 Henry, Thomas Walter, 454 Henson, Elizabeth Ann, 470, 215 Henson, Perry Hanley, 434, 233 Henson, Ronald Jay, 434, 304 Henze, Walter A., 454, 307 Herbaijp:h, Gerald Dee, 419 Heringer, Albert M., 470, 303 Heringer, Maria Stacy, 487, 208 Herman, Raymond Edward, 434 Herndon, Judith Ann, 434, 276 Hernon, Karen Lea, 487, 218 Herndon, Robert Elmore, 434, 299 Herriman, Karen Jill, 470, 223 Hersey, Judy M., 456, 267 Herzog, Paul A., 470 Hess, Martin Ray, 470, 233 Hester, James Hall, 479, 233 Hewitt, Barbara Lee, 470, 225 Hewitt, W. Fran, 470, 212 Hickman, Gary David, 487 Hickman, H. Eugene, 454 Hickman, Sharon Kaye, 470 Hicks, James Kenneth, 427, 237 Hicks, Larry Milton, 434 Hicks, Peggy Ann, 487 Hicks, Richard A, 487, 49 Hicks, Wanda Fern, 434 Hicky, Maryanna, 434, 276 Higginbothom, William Edward, 487, 303 Higgins, James Dalton, 419 Higgins, Richard Allen, 434 Higham, James Edward, 434 Highfill, Bobby E., 454, 241 Hight, George T., 434 Hightower, Hazel A., 434, 223 Hilburn, Thomas Lawrence, 423 Hildbold. Beth Ann, 486 Hile, Margaret Ann, 434, 212 Hile, Patricia A., 454 Hile, Robert Alan, 434 Hill, Brenda Lea, 487, 218 Hill, Bruce Hays, 487 Hill, Dale Calvin, 487, 237 Hill, Darius Betterton, 487, 49 Hill, Deborah Lucille. 470, 223 Hill, Eleanor Kay, 434, 223 Hill, Fred Maylah, 470 Hill, Geneva Anne, 434, 223 Hill, Harold Clark, 434, 287 Hill, Jimmy Duane, 434, 294 Hill, Lynda Carole, 454, 223 Hill, Robert Lowe, 470, 233 Hill, Shirley Ann, 454 Hill, Stephen Floyd, 434 Hill, Thomas Jasper, 434 Hill, Walter Allen. 486, 237 Hillard, Courtney Mcllroy, 434, 288 Hillard, Judy Jane, 470 Hillhouse, Belinda Jane, 454, 212 Hilliard, Rollin Trevor, 454, 237 Hilton, Carolyn Sue, 454 Hines, Douglas Ronald, 454 Hinkle, James F., 435 Hinkle, Marilyn Ann, 454, 21 o Hinton, Shirley Denise, 487, 208 Hisey, Michael Jan, 487, 225 Hite, Dianne J., 487, 218 Hitte. Gorton Darling, 470, 49 Hixson, Marsha Lynn, 487, 218 Hoaglan, Larry Wayne, 470 Hobbs, Patsy R, 470, 264 Hobson, Sandra Sue, 470, 255 Hodapp, Gerald Frank, 470, 287 Hodelka, Cheryl Susan, 470, 255 Hodge, Herman F., 454 Hodges, Luther Ray, 470 Hodges, Madison L., 454 Hodges, Norman Leycester, 419 Hodges, Randall King, 419 Hodges Roy Gene, 470, 230 Hodges, Susan Jane, 419 Hodges, Joe Henry, 487, 237 Hodnett, Jane Hahn, 435 Hoehn, Stephen M., 435 Hogaboom, Jan Bryan, 435, 291 Hogaboom, Karen Jeanette, 470, 225 Hogan, John Craig, 454 Hogan, Laurie Louise, 478, 275 Hogan, Margaret Elizabeth, 487, 218 Hogan, Susan Kaye, 454 Hogard, Johnny Lynn, 487 Hogg, Ronald David, 487,, 49 Hogins, Saundra Jean, 470, 279 Hogue, Jane Evelyn, 454, 215 Hogue, Paul J., 423 Hoke, Charles E., 435, 300 Hoke, Sally Kay, 435, 268 Hokomb, Carolyn Jean, 435, 255 Holcomb, Johnnie R., 470, 255 Holbrook, Karen Sue, 487, 208 Holcomb, Elizabeth Jo, 435, 267 Holcombe, David Lee, 454 Holcombe, Hall Holdar, James L., 454 Holden, Deborah Ann, 487, 218 Holifield Anita Nell, 454 Holifield, Vacern Lee, 435 Holman, Gary John, 454, 299 Holt, Donna Ruth, 454, 226 Holt, Halita Sue, 454, 212 Holt, Richard Lamar, 455 Holyfield, Richard Holt, 455 Holl, Carol Ann, 435, 223 Hollingsworth, Jim I., 455 Hollingsworth, Karen Atchley, 435 Hollingsworth, Perlesta Arthur, 423 Hollis, Janet Stephens, 487, 226 Hollis, Jerry W., 435, 311 Hollon, Michele, 455, 271 Holloway, David Wayne, 435 Holloway, Jerry Dean, 435 Holloway, Jesse Carol, 419 Holloway, Lana Kay, 470, 223 Holloway, Marvin Neal, 470 Holloway, Mary Ann, 470, 271 Holloway, Mary Barbara, 487, 208 Holmes, Robert Steele, 487, 237 Holmes, Ronald Deless, 470 Holmes, William Richard, 470 Holt, Carol Sue, 435 Holt, Nana Ross, 470, 268 Holt, Patricia Doney, 487, 218 Holt, Rosalind Diann, 435, 268 Holt, Terry Eugene, 487, 49 Holyfield, Watson. 487, 237 Hong, Leo L., 455 Hood, James William, 455 Hood, Ted C., 478, 294 Hook, Shirley L., 455 Hooker, Sara Sidney, 455, 226 Hooper, Jimmy Leo, 423 Hopkins, Carl Frederick, 487, 208 Hopkins, David B., 423 Hopkins, Glen Eugene, 487, 208 Hopkins, John Michael, 470 294 Hopkins, Stephen Douglas, 487, 237 Hopper, Nichols Lewis, 470 Hopper, Thomas Eugene, 455, 245 Horn, Frederick Ray, 470, 283 Horn, Michael Earl, 423 Horne, William Joseph, 435 Horton, Darell W.. 470, 245 Horton, Debbie Sue, 470, 275 Horton, Karen Lee, 455, 255 Horton, Ricky Sherman, 299, 470 Horton, Vicki Ann, 455, 212 Hosier, Judy Lee, 455, 271 Hosner, Myra Lou, 487 Hoss, Anne Louise, 487, 218 Hotz, Hall Hotz, Thomas Anthony, 487, 208 Hotz, Thomas Anthony, 487, 208 Hough, William Arthur, 455, 287 House, Barry Lee, 455 House, Dianne Lee, 487, 208 House, Elaine Ann, 470 House, Herb C., 470 Houston, Howard Aaron, 435 Houston, Rex Louis, 435 Howard, Charles Nathan, 470 Howard, Charles Sandy, 419 Howard, Gary Lyndel, 487, 2-83 Howard, Jerry Edward, 470 Howard, Mickey Lemerle, 470, 255 Howard, Tommy Jack, 455, 311 Howell, Alice Woodford, 470, 276 Howell, Elise, 470, 226 Howell, William H., 423, 294 Howell, William Hull, 455 Howerton, Peggy Ann, 470, 255 Howington, Lee, 487, 49 Hoyle, Gerald Dwyane, 435 Hubbard, Donita H., 435 Hubble, Judith Marie, 487, 226 Huckabay, Marcia Lynn, 487, 208 Hucke, Samuel Theodore, 487 Huddle, Lewis Alford, 470, 49 Hudgens, Diane Elaine, 470, 264 Hudgens, Shirley F., 435, 2?1 Hudgings, Linda R., 455, 263 Hudson, Nancy Lee, 470, 275 Hudson, Nellie Brian, 435, 279 Hudson, Patti, 208, 487 Hudspeth, Diane, 455, 275 Hudspeth, James Banton, 487, .49 Huff, Jack Harvey, 487, 303 Huffaker, Claire, 487, 208 Huffaker, Susan Kay, 470, 271 Huffman, Jesse Dale, 487, 49 Huffman, William Michael, 435, 303 Hughes, Darrel Wayne, 455 Hughes, Herbert Briley, 470, 304 Hughes, Judith Kaye, 470, 212 Hughes, Steven Jay, 470 Hughey, Mary Ellen, 470 Huitt, Charles Wayne, 470 Hull, Browning C., 471 Hull, J. Stephen, 487, 237 Hull, William M., 487, 49 Hulsey, Andrew William, 487, 49 Hulsey, Clinton Lee, 455 Hulsey, Gerald Robert, 487, 49 Humphries, Virginia E., 471, 255 Hunsaker, John Steven, 471 Hunt, David Everett, 471 Hunt, James Lee, 487, 49 Hunt, Jay Michael, 455 Hunt, John Robert, 471, 243 Hunt, Martha Jane, 487, 226 Hunt, Michael Edward, 471 Hunt, O. T., 455, 303 Hunt, Sally Kendall. 487, 218 Hunter, Alice F., 487, 218 Hunter, Douglas Ray, 455 Hunter, Robert E., 487, 243 Hunter, William Noah, 487, 49 Hupka, Patricia Anne, 487, 218 Huppert, Jugh Thomas, 471, 299 Huppert, Mimi, 487, 218 Hurlbut, Donald Dean, 487 Hurst, Kathryn Sue, 419 Hurst, Michael B., 208, 488 Hurst, Q. Byrum, 488, 304 Hurst, Ralph Earl, 455 Hurst, Steven Garland, 455, 311 Husor, Harry Newton, 435 Husted, Jack J., 455 Hutchens, David Burk, 435, 49 Hutchens, James Binion, 455, 233 Hutchison, Linda Darlene, 488, 218 Hutchinson, Larry James, 455 Hutton, Nancy Lorsdale, 488, 218 Hutsell, Melba, 455 Hyatt, Anne Weatherford, 471, 268 Hyde, Donna Celia, 218 I Imboden, Richard Kenley, 487, 284 Ingram, Glen Eugene, 471 Ingram, Kenneth Ray, 455 Ingram, Mira Ann, 419 Irby, Chester Pratt, 471 Irby, Guy Braden, 471, 233 Irby, Susan Mary, 435, 275 Ireland, Melvin Charles, 435 Irvin, Dianna Kay, 488, 218 Irvin, Jackie Lee, 455, 226• Irving, Elizabeth Maude, 488, 218 Irwin, Michael Edward, 471, 308 Isaacs, Bill, 455 Ivey, Kenneth Raymond, 481 J Jackson, Blaine Albert, 455 Jackson, Charles Brooks, 435, 307 Jackson, Charles Russell, 455, 300 Jackson, Dale, 488, 49 Jackson, Howard Spencer, 455 Jackson, James B., 455 Jackson, Janis Jayne. 471, 255 Jackson, JoAnn, 488, 226 Jackson, John Birkhead, 435, 303 Jackson, John Richard, 419 Jackson, Judith Suzanne, 435, 275 Jackson, Kent Valentine, 488, 49 Jackson, Mary, 435, 276 Jackson, Mary Melanie, 471, 264 Jackson, Mary Lou Holst., 455 Jackson, Mona Gay, 435, 212 Jacobs, John H.. 423, 291 Jacobs, Mary Christopher, 435 Jackson, Phillip Lee, 237 Jackson, Richard Clark, 488, 49 Jacobs, Paula Jan, 488, 226 Jacobsen, Jerry Lynn, 488, 237 Jaggers, Alan Keith, 471 Jamerson, Bennie Berteal, 471 James, Jim Henry, 488, 49 James, Pattie Ellen, 488, 218 James, Robert Allen, 455, 283 James, Sharyl L., 471, 255 Jameson, Steven Alan, 488, 237 Jameson, Thomas Samuel, 455, 303 Jameson, V. Keith, 455, 243 Jamison, Bonnie Neil, £35, 268 Jamison, Leon Nolen, 471, 230 Jamison, Rodney K., 307, 471 Jansen, M., Michael, 435, 312 Jarman, Richard Clyde, 455 Jarnagan, Jane Carol, 455 Jar.rett, Peggye June, 435, 268 Jarstad, Judith Ann, 455, 226 Jay, Beckie Lynn, 488, 208 Jay, Richard L., 455, 304 Jayne, Thomas Charles, 455 Jefferson, Gary Scott, 455, 294 Jeffries. Charles Cole, 471, 291 Jenkins, Henrietta, 488, 208 Jenkins, Jerry Allen, 455, 237 Jenkins, John Powell, 471, 307 Jenkins, M. Kathryn, 488, 218 Jenkins, Patricia Kay, 268, 455 Jenkins, William Panzie, 488, 49 Jennings, Mary Hornor, 435, 276 Jennings, John Earl, 435, 294 Jennings, Sally Merle, 488, 226 Jennings, Tappan Hornor, 455, 300 Jensen, Tommy Ray, 488 Jent, Glenn Alvin, 419 Jernigan, Doris Gail, 488, 218 Jerry, Donald Wayne, 435, 243 Jeske, Leroy Otto, 488 Je vell, Judy Kay, 455, 279 Jobe, Jerry Don, 419 John, Margaret Louise, 208, 488 Johnson, Avanelle, 488 Johnson, Barbara Lynn, 488 Johnson, Charles L., 455, 283 Johnson, Daniel L., 435, 233 Johnson, Deborah Ann, 488, 218 Johnson, Diana Lynn, 471, 279 Johnson, Dick Spigner, 488, 49 Johnson, Donald Gene, 488 Johnson, Donald Lee, 423, 300 Johnson, Donna Claire, 455, 226 Johnson, E. Ralph, 488, 291 Johnson, Ebb Weldon, 455, 304 Johnson, Elizabeth Eberle, 455, 267 Johnson, George Steven, 471, 49 Johnson, Glenda Darlene, 435, 212 Johnson, Gordon Nelson, 455 Johnson, James Stephen, 455 Johnson, Jeffrey Robert, 471, 303 Johnson, Jenifer, 455, 212 Johnson, Jim A., 455, 307 Johnson, Johna Suzanne, 471 Johnson, Johnny M., 455, 308 Johnson, Johnny Warren, 471, 255 Johnson, Jan Randy, 471 Johnson, Kennard Jack, 455 Johnson, Kenneth Frank, 488, 304 Johnson, Kirk Douglas, 488, 49 Johnson, Larry Hershel, 435, 293 Johnson, Linda Ann, 488, 218 Johnson, Marilyn Liles, 455 Johnson Mary Glenda, 471, 255 Johnson, Merle E., 471 Johnson, Michael Wayne, 435 Johnson, Muriel Anne, 455, 267 Johnson, Nina Norett, 488, 208 Johnson, Stephanie Allen, 455, 212 Johnson, Robert Howard, 455 Johnson, Robert Walter, 435, 294 Johnson, Thomas R., 471, 233 Johnson, Troy William, 488, 49 Johnson, William Jack, 455, 284 Johnson, William O., 471, 300 Johnston, Janet Catherine, 488, 208 Johnston, Joe Jefferson, 435 Johnston, Judith Ann, 488, 218 Johnston, Mary Rachel, 471, 271 Johnston, Norriss Neil, 488, 49 Johnston, Susie, 435, 279 Johnson, Suzanne Elizabeth, 488, 218 Jones, Barbara Kay, 435, 255 Jones, Bill E., 435, 291 Jones, Buford Dale, 471 Jones, Carol June, 435, 212 Jones, Charles Larry, 471 Jones, Charles Tracy, 488, 304 Jones, Clinton Carl, 488, 311 Jones, David Lynn, 471, 304 Jones, Donald G., 471, 230 Jones, Douglas Steele, 419, 231 Jones, Esther Faye, 488, 218 Jones, Ethel Betty, 419 Jones, Gloria A., 471, 226 Jones, Guy Franklin, 455 Jones, Howard E., 435, 237 Jones, Jackson M., 456 Jones, James Earl, 456 Jones, Janice Curetta, 488, 218 Jones, Janis Gaye, 471, 272 Jones, Jeanettia Ilene, 435, 279 Jones, Jennifer, 435, 268 Jones, Jennifer Carol, 471, 255 Jones, Jerry Marvin, 488, 237 Jones, Jimmie LeRoy, 456, 307 Jones, Kathryn Estelle, 435, 255 Jones, Kathnyn Faye, 456, 255 Jones, Kenneth Allan, 456, 291 Jones, Kim Marlene, 456 Jones, Larry Marhews, 471 Jones, Larry Vivan, 456, 233 Jones, Lawrence Gene, 435, 287 Jones, Lecia Franceen, 456, 263 Jones, Lloyd Don, 471 Jones, Lois Larerne, 488, 218 Jones, Lorraine, 471, 226 Jones, Marla Diane, 488, 208 Jones, Marshia Kay, 488, 218 Jones, Mary Frances, 435, 223 Jones, Melvin D., 488, 237 Jones, Michael D., 420, 287 Jones, Michael Floyd, 436 Jones, Mike Demoss, 471 Jones, Patty Ann, 456, 276 Jones, Richard Andrew, 426 Jones, Ronald Phillip, 471 Jones, Shirley Ann, 488, 226 Jones, Terry Dee, 471, 311 Jones, Vicky, 436, 267 Jones Victoria Gutherie, 488, 208 Jopp, Linda Suzanne, 456, 256 Jordon, Donna Lane, 456 Jordon, Gerald Bernard, 471, 256 Jordon, Michael A., 436, 233 Jordon. Susan Ray, 471, 275 Jordon, Wesley, Carl, 471, 256 Joyce., Eugene Gerald, 471, 256 Joyce, Linda Kay, 456, 212 Justiss, James Edward, 488, 300 K Kabrick, Larry Edward, 423 Kaiser, Carol Ann, 471, 256 Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Psi, 334 Kappa Sigma Kaps, Julia, 456, 263 Karam, Tommy, 471, 291 Karber, John Morgan, 456, 291 Karnes, Gary Michael, 488, 299 Kast, Nancy Jean, 471, 256 Kaufman, Beverly Lanier, 436, 226 Kaufman, Jerome Charles, 436 Kaufman, Ronald Edward, 456 Keadle, William Arthur, 436, 291 Kean, Yuonne Len, 488 Keathley, Bood L., 456, 291 Keathley, Joe L., 436, 284 Keegan, Kimberly E., 488, 226 Keel, S. Jeanne, 488, 208 Keele, Ennice Marie, 488, 218 Keeling, Patricia Sue, 471, 272 Keene, Linda Lee, 456, 263 Keen, Richard Lynn, 488 Keen, Ricky Harold, 488, 208 Keeter, Dan Richard, 471, 304 Keeton, Tim, 471, 287 Keith, Paula Jo, 489, 218 Keith, William Troy, 471, 291 Keleher, Kevin R., 471 Keller, Connie Jean, 471, 256 Kelley, James Ronald, 436 Kelly, Janice L, 489, 218 Kelly, Jimmie Dean, 489, 208 Kelly, Harold Lynn, 471, 233 Kelly, Linda Kay, 471, 212 Kelly, Robert E., 456 Kelly, Arthur, 456, 311 Kelly, John Pinckney, 471, 49 Kelly, Patricia Ann, 456, 212 Kelso, Drew Preston, 456 Kemp, James Wilson, 489, 49 Kemp, Martha Jane, 471 Kemp, Wesley Barton, 436, 243 Kemper, Susan Lynn, 456, 256 Kempf, Janice Eklen, 289, 218 Kendall, Kathy, 436, 267 Kendrick, John H., 471 Kennedy, Barbara G., 456, 275 Kennedy, Mark Fry, 489, 49 Kennett, Dan P., 436, 284 Kent, Martha Ann, 456, 263 Keogh, Mary, 456, 226 Ker, Joyce Leslie, 456, 272 Kerr, Lemuel Harriss, 423 Kerr, Sammy W.. 420, 284 Kersten, Fred Walter, 471, 287 Kessler, Ruth Ellen. 456, 212 Ketcher, William Thomas, 456, 304 Key, Billy, 471 Key, Jimmy Eugene, 472 Key, John W., 436, 300 Kidd, David Terry, 436 Kidd, Larry Joe, 436, 308 Kidder, Sally JoAnn, 472, 226 Kiester, Kirt Harold, 436, 307 Kile, Glenn Frank, 436, 256 Killian, John Marvin, 489, 49 Killingsworth, Jo Carol, 456, 223 Kilpatrick, Ben, 472 Kilpatrick, H. W., 456, 256 Kimball, Marian Deaton, 456, 223 Kimery, Richard Lon, 436, 233 Kincannon, Melinda W., 472, 272 Kinder, Gary Arthur, 456, 243 King, Donald Gener 489, 49 King, Gary Lynn, 472, 267 King, Joseph Edward, 472 King, Kathryn Louise, 436, 256 King, Linda Jane, 489, 226 King, Ronald Warren, 472 King, Ronnie Dewayne, 456, 241 King, Susan Catherine, 472, 256 King, V. Jim, 423, 303 Kinney, Joyce, 456, 212 Kirby, Beverly Marie, 472, 256 Kirby, Helen Vance, 456, 275 Kirby, Pam, 489, 208 Kirby, Ronnie Gene, 489, 237 Kirby, Susan Kathleen, 472, 271 271 Kirk, David Wayne, 423, 299 Kirk, James Art, 489, 288 Kirk, Pamela Ellen, 489, 226 Kicckley, Raymona Gail, 489, 226 Kirkpatrick, Beverly G., 456 Kirkpatrick, Fred C., 456 Kirkpatrick, Mary Cecilia, 489, 226 Kirsch, Butch, 456, 307 Kirsp ' el, Robert John, 436, 308 Kisamore, Mary Elizabeth, 472, 275 Kish, Roderick Gordon, 436, 243 Kissire, Phyllis Ann, 489, 218 Kitchens, Charlotte Anne, 456 263 Kitchens, Thomas Fred, 436 Kittrell, Judith Ann, 436, 276 Kittrell, Thomas Patrick, 489 Kjeldgaard, John Leonard, 472, 256 Kleuser, Janet Marie, 489, 218 Knight, Charles Edwin, 489, 304 Knod, Anita Lynne, 489, 218 Knod, Edward Melbert, 436, 237 Knod, William Frederick, 472, 287 Knowles, Kathleen Ann, 489, 208 Knox, Bruce Allen, 436 K O Barbara Jean, 489, 208 Koch, Philip Carl, 472, 49 Kocher, Roger Louis, 472, 256 Koehler, William Stephan, 489, 49 Koerner, JayLynn Mitzi, 489, 218 Kohler, Cheri Leta, 489, 208 Koonce, James Edward, 489, 49 Koos, B. J., 456 Korwes, Wayne Henry, 472 Kosicki, Andy Frank, 472 Kostya, Russell Havel, 489, 291 Kraich, Leslie Dee, 456. 276 Kramer, Karen Anne, 472, 272 Kranichfeld, Jon Michael, 489, 237 Krebs, Alvin E., 436 Krulin, Gregory S., 420 Krum, Susan Ellen, 489, 218 Kunkel, Karl F., 489, 49 Kuonen, Richard Henry, 436, 287 Kurtin, Lillian, 472, 226 Kuse, Wayne Carl, 489, 49 Kvaternik, Diane, 472, 226 Knaebel, Sister Mary Ann, 456 Knight, Richard Donald, 456, 304 Knott, Bill, 456, 256 Keenig, Catherine Ann, 456, 212 Kooistra, James William, 466, 233 Korich, Robert Duane, 456, 308 Ku lbeth, Jerry Lynn, 456, 241 L Lachowsky, John Edward, 489, 49 Lackey, Greg M., 472, 245 Lacy, Gay III, 472 LaFarra, Janice Alicia, 489, 208 LaFevers, Norma Elizabeth, 436, 267 Lafferty, Joan, 489, 218 Lafferty, William Arnold, 423, 267 LaFollette, Olivia Ann, 436, 271 Lair, William Stephen, 489, 49 Laird, James Stanley., 436 Lamb, Frances Dalene, 456, 223 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambert. David Allen, 472, 256 Lamberth, Marcus Hughes, 489, 49 Lamitina, Phil, 456, 308 Lance, Stephen Alvin, 472, 256 Land, Jeri, 489, 218 Landers, George Thomas, 456 Landers, Michael Richard, 436, 303 Landes, Rodney Routt, 489, 300 Landess, Mary Olivia, 456, 256 Landrum, Susannah, 489, 218 Lane, Beverly Ann, 472, 226 Lane, Charles Thomas, 472, 237 Lane, Lana Kay, 472, 256 Lane, Loretta Grace, 456, 212 Lane, Mary Jim, 472, 267 Lane, Milton J., 420 Lang, Nicholas Paul, 456, 49 Lange, Robert A. Jr., 456, 283 Langford, James W. 489, 237 Langley, Jerry Lee, 456, 243 Langston, John Milton, 456 Laprade, Margaret Jean, 489, 208 Largent, Robert Eugene, 436 Larsen, Gary Gene, 456, 233 Larson, Arthur Thomas, 436, 233 Larson, Linda Jean, 436, 267 Larson, Michael V., 456, 233 Larson, Robert Duane, 489, 237 Larson, Timothy Alan, 489, 237 Lassiler, Morris Clayton, 456, 256 Latimer, Jan Alice, 472, 256 Latta, Karen Kanel, 472, 256 Latture, James Paul, 436, 291 Laux, George S., 436 Law Review Law School Lawhead, Robert Charles, 489, 237 Lawler, Diane Kay, 436 Lawless, Michael Anthony, 489, 49 Lawless Robert Richards, 489, 49 Lawrence, Bryce K., 489, 300 Lawrence, Hazel Louise, 436, 226 Lawrence, William Douglas, 456, 256 Laws, Bonnie Lynne, 472, 256 Lazenby, Sam C., 436, 243 Lea, Raymond Earl, 456 Lea, William Thomas, 436, 304 Lea, Willis A. Jr., 457 Leach, Brian Douglas, 472, 243 Lease, George F. Jr., 457, 497 Leatherbury, William F., 457, 283 Lechtanberger, Debbie K., 489 Ledbetter, Judith Carol, 489 Ledet, Mary Camille, 472, 267 Leding, Celestine W., 436, 279 Lee, Charles R.. 472. 238 Lee, Eddie Roy, 489, 284 Lee, Elizabeth Lewis, 436 Lee, Eugene Jr., 457 Lee, Fleet Nathel, 457 Lee, James Randall, 436 Lee, Janis Jo, 436 Lee, John Allen, 489, 238 Lee, John Jay, 489, 49 Lee, Judith, 489, 218 Lee, Linda Carol, 472, 212 Lee, Michael L., 489, 238 Lee, Nanita, 472, 256 Lee, William A. Jr., 436 Leek, Stephen Alan, 457, 294 Leeman, Russell Ervin, 436, 233 Leeman, Susan Jeanne, 472, 256 Leesemann, L. Ann, 436, 268 Leet, Jonathan Benton, 489, 311 LeFrancis, Richard George LeGate, Mary 208 Jeannette 489, Legatski, Ted W. 451, 311 Lehle, Walter 283 William, 436, Lehman, Kathleen Ann, 218 489, Lehnhard, Mary Nell, 472, 275 Leiting, Jane Ellen, 489, 218 Lemley, Cynthia Ann, 472, 276 Lemons, David A., 489, 49 Leonard, Charlotte Anne, 472, 275 Lerch, David Scott, 457, 230 _ Leslie, James Waller, 457, 256 Lester, Billy Ray, 436 Lesler, Steven Keys, 436, 300 Levi, Lawrence W., 423 Lewis, Becky Sue, 489, 218 Lewis, Bert William, 489, 311 Lewis, Brenda Ann, 256, 457 Lewis, Deborah Anne, 489, 218 Lewis, Fletcher Curtis, 457, 303 Lewis, Karen Jane, 489, 208 Lewis, Lana J., 472 Lewis, Robert A. 472, 230 Lewis, Robert David, 423 Lewis, William Jackson, 457, 291 Leysath, Virginia Lynn, 436, 272 Libby, Rebecca Jane, 472, 226 Liggett, Charles Lee Jr. 457, 293 Ligon, Robert Stark Jr., 423, 300 Liles, Jo Ann, 457 Liles, Michael Ross, 457 Liles, Susan Ann, 472, 272 Limbird, Michael A., 457, 233 Lindemann, Keith John, 436, 294 Lindsey, Ronald Gene, 436 Linebarger, Charles Lloyd, 436 Linebarger, Johnny Ralph, 423 Ling, Steve O., 472 Lingle, Myra, 489, 208 Lingo, Donald, 489, 49 Linder, Mark Allen, 489, 256 Linsky, James William, 489, 49 Lipin, John Mickael, 472 Lipin, Sister Rita Jeanne, 457 Lipscomb, Judy LaDon, 472, 256 Lipscomb, Linda Diane, 457, 223 Lisle, Ann L., 489 Litterell, James Richard, 472 Little, M. Newton, 489, 303 Little, Margaret Anne, 457, 276 Lively, David Martin, 436, 49 Livingston, Mickael Charles, 489, 49 Livingston, W. J., 457, 307 Lloyd, Kenneth A., 457, 256 Lloyd, Ruth Suzanne, 489, 218 Lobdill, Michael Malone, 436, 233 Loberg, Douglas C., 436 Loberg, John 489, 208 Locke, Blanche Lillian, 457, 223 Locke. Mollilou, 457, 223 Logan, Kathryn Havard, 472, 271 Lohmar, John William, 420 Loibner, Steve Allen, 437, 283 Long, Anna Idella, 472, 212 Long, Lee, 472, 267 Long, Norman C., 457, 256 Long, Steve Warren, 489, 238 Longino, Jimmie Kay, 271, 437 Loheinotti, Louis J., 423 Longmate, James Arthur, 489 Loomis, Betsy Kim, 457, 268 Looney, Carolyn Christine, 472, 276 Looney, James Frederick, 437 Lorance, Betty Jane, 457, 263 Lordan, Kathleen Diane, 489, 218 Loring, Jo Anne, 437, 271 Losey, Susan Diane, 437, 212 Louhy, Robert Cunningham, 423 Love, Tommy L., 472, 256 Lovegrove, Lynda Jo, 437 Lovegrove, Tommy Bob, 457 Lovelady, Carol Ann, 472, 271 Loveland, Brenda Dian, 489 Loveless, Larry French, 437 Loveless, Walter Lewis Jr., 472, 303 Lovell, Jimmy Steve, 472, 288 Lovell, Thomas J., 457 Lovell, Victor Manuel, 437 Low, Gary Lambeth, 437 Lowder, James Wesley, 489, 49 Lowe, Marsha Kay, 472, 263 Lowe, Ronnie, 472 Lowe, Steve, 457, 311 Lowery, Linda Cecile, 472 Lowery, Robert Lynn, 423 Lowrey, James Richard, 457 Lowrey, John Allen, 437 Lowry, Robert Cunningham, 437 Lucas, Donna Katherine, 472 Luce, Richard Howard, 489, 238 Luck, F. Michael, 472, 230 Luckes, Sharon Anne, 437, 223 Ludwig, Leo Lawrence Jr., 437, 243 Luebker, Raymond Herman, 457, 230 Luedicke, Constance Alizabeth, 489, 226 Luette, James P., 457 Lumpkin, Phillip R., 437 Lumpkin, Vernell, 472, 215 Lundquist, David W., 489, 245 Lunsford, Gerald Bruce, 437 Luper, Patricia Jo, 457, 226 Luper, Rhonda Lee, 489 Luper, Robert Dale, 437, 308 Lupton, Ann Baker, 457, 212 Lusk, Linda Ann, 473, 256 Luther, Frank Ray, 489 Lutz, Robert E. 437, 311 Lybrand, Donna Gale, 457, 226 Lynch, Bonnie Jean, 473 Lynch, James Russell, 437 Lynch, Jane Elizabeth, 489, 218 Lynch, Jeggrey Michael, 489, 238 Lynch, Lynda Leu, 473, 271 Lynn, Dale R., 437 Lyon, Kenneth Hampton, 48 9, 238 Lyon, Marcia Ann, 473, 256 Lyon, Nancy Gray, 489, 208 Lyons, Dana Leigh, 473, 257 M Ma, Frank Hsioh-ti 457, 233 Ma, William H-L, 457, 233 Machen, Mary Leckie, 489, 218 Macioce, Chris L., 473 Mack, Margaret Nora, 489, 218 Mackey, Ella May, 437, 223 Mackin, Cheryl Christine, 473, 271 _ Maestri, Dan W., 437 Macumber, Dianne A., 473, 223 Macy, Carol Vance, 457 Macy, Steven David, 457 Madden, Dale Claridge, 420 Madden, Normian Edward, 420 Madden, Paula Lynn, 489, 218 Maddox, J. David, 457, 249 Maddox, James Robert, 457 Maddox, Jerry Lake, 437, 249 Maertens, Wilbern A., 473 Maestri, John E., 473 Magdaleno, Cheryl Lynn, 489, 218 Magee, William Ford, 437 Magness, Carl Robert, 489, 291 Magruder, Rolla Jack, 489 Mahaffey, Gloria Jean, 489, 218 Mailer, Joanne Marie, 437, 268 Main, Janet Marie, 473, 223 Majka, James R., 437 Major, Michael B., 457, 307 Majors, Allen B., 437 Malcolm, Elward Bruce, 437 Malcom, James Phillip, 489, 304 Malone, Tommy Fred, 457 Manatt, Robert Eugene, 437- Manatt, Scott, 423, 231 Manen, Larry M., 489, 237 Manete, Nicholas H., 437, 291 Mangelsdorf, Sarah Jane, 437, 267 Mangrum, Donnie Lee, 437, 233 Manning, Joan Burnett, 437, 276 Mano, Janice Pauline, 489 L 218 Manos, Stevie Kay, 457, 256 Mantooth, Calvin Ted, 457, 241 Marble, Mickie Jane, 489, 208 Marchman, Madalyn, 457, 276 Marcon, Howard A., 457 Marinoni, Rosa Linda, 457 Markel, Georganna Sue, 437 Marked, Richard Lee, 437 MARKETING CLUB, 335 Marks, M. Theresa, 457, 272 Marks, Thomas William, 473 Marlin, Charles, Leland, Jr., 420, 249 Marney, Mariland Neiene, 457, 271 Marple, Ginger Elaine, 473, 226 Marquette, Robert Charles, 490 237 Marr, Richard Christian, 437 Marsac, Charles Wayne, 473 Marsh, George Lewis, 438, 291 Marshall, Danny Lynne, 490, 249 Marshall, Douglas Randolph, 490. 308 Marshall, Nanci Jo, 490, 226 Marshall, Nancy Jolene, 457, 256 Marshall, Pamela Ann, 490 Martelli, Arthur John, 457, 243 Martin, Allison June, 490 Martin, David Bryan, 457, 294 Martin, Diane, 490, 219 Martin, Dorothy L., 473, 272 Martin, Georgia Lynn, 420 Martin, Howard L., 423, 287 Martin, Jean, 473, 271 Martin, Jerrel D., 457, 243 Martin, Jo Karen, 473, 212 Martin, Joe B., 490, 288 Martin, Joe R., 490, 287 Martin, Larry Williaijj. 457 Martin, Marsha L., 473. 226 Martin, Michael Ray, 490, 237 Martin, Pamela Ann, 457, ' 26 Martin, Ralph Gene, 420 Martin, Richard Ray, 490, 249 Martin, Ronald Wayne, 473 Martin, Russell Wayne, 473, 241 Martin, Steve K., 473, " 311 Martine, Joseph Gary, 438, 243 Marr, Douglas W., 490. 249 Mashburn, Mike L., 49 0, 249 Mashburn, Stephen James, 490, 307 Mask, Ruth Ann, 457, 27-5 Mason, Donald, 438 Mason, Elizabeth Ann, 473, 256 Massey, Kaye Williams, 490, 208 Massie, Myrl, 438 Mason, Ollie Charles, 457 Mason, Samuel Allen, 490 Mason, Suzetta Jane, 457, 226 Masoner, Darrell William, 490, 249 Massery, Judith Kay, 473, 279 Massey, Georganne, 473, 271 Mastergon, John Tipton, 473 Matthews, Carolyn. 490, 219 Mathis, Diana Gay, 457, 264 Matthews, John Calvis, 438 Matthews, Lee, 438, 291 Matthews, Linda Kathryn, 438 Matthews, Phil Elbert, 438, 307 Mathias, Rebecca Grace, 490 Mathis, Rebecca Jane, 490, 219 Matteson, Gordon Crossett, 457 Maudlin, Bruce E., 473, 307 Maurras, Marvin H., 438, 304 Maus, Raymond M., 457, 307 Maxwell, Phillip Lynn, 473 Maxwell, Rebecca Eynn, 490, 219 Maxwell, Richard Enerell, 438 Maxey, Linda, 473, 279 May, Barrie Price, 438 May, Jack Alan, 438, 287 May, James Pat, 457, 245 May, Kenneth Joe, 457, 284 May, Larry W., 457, 284 May, Michael Judson, 438 May, Patricia Ann, 473, 264 May, Ralph Dewel, 438, 284 May, Robert Clay, 473 Mayberry, Charlotte Ann, 490, 208 Mayfield. Gary D., 438, 299 Mavfield, Joyce Elaine, 473, 226 Mayfield, Marilyn B., 438 Mays, Cynthia Jane, 490, 208 Mays, Richard Leon, 423 Mazzanti, Diane Jean, 490, 219 Mazzanti, Sandra Elizabeth, 457, 271 McAbee, Sandra Lynne, 473, 256 McAlister, James E., 438 McAllister, Jerry P., 438, 304 McAlister, Mack, 473, 245 McAlister, Mary Ellen, 457 McAllister, Alonzo Dallas. 473. 304 McBee, Andree Jean, 457, 226 McBride, Gene, 490, 237 McBride, Jackye Lee, 438, 212 McBride, Joe, 473, 284 McBride, Melody Jane, 490, 215 McBride, Oran Samuel, 490, 249 McBride, Robert Gene, 438 McBride, Willie L., 457 McCain, Larry Glenn, 457, 284 McCall, Sarah Frances. 473. 226 M cCampbell, Laura Lynne, 490, 219 McCann, Robert Emmett HI, 457 McCann, Robert Rogers, 420, 291 McCar, James Coreton, 490, 293 McCarroll, Peggy Ann, 490, 226 McCarty, Betty, 473, 275 McCaskill, Don Ray, 457, 284 McClain, Merle Edward, 457, 241 McClanahan, Kathy Lynn, 473, 212 McCleary, Lynn Ellen, 490, 208 McClellan, Linda Susan, 490, 208 McClelland, Beverly Ann, 490 McClelland, Kathy Jean, 473 McClelland, Linda Maurice, 490, 219 McClendon, Michael T., 457, 294 McCloskey, Patrick, 424 McClure, Donald Ralph, 438 McClure, John Michael, 473 McClure, William H.. 490, 237 McCluskey, Linda Dyanne, 473, 226 McCollum, Andrea Allison, 490, 219 McCollum, Patricia Gail, 473, 256 McCone, Harvey L., 473 McConnell, Linda Kaye, 438, 256 McConnell, Phillip Lee, 457 McConnell. Richard D., 457 McCord, Cindy Lou, 473, 256 McCord, James Neil, 438 McCorkle, Edward Wilson, 423, 300 McCormick, Don Newell, 490, 249 McCourt, Joe, 490, 249 McCoy, Carolyn Sue, 438, 226 McCoy, James R., 457, 284 McCoy, Mimi, 438, 268 McCoy, Sarah Martha, 490, 219 McCoy, Sharon Mozelle, 490 McCracken, Suzi, 438, 268 McCreery, William Young, 490, 307 McCrory, Jerry Alton, 438 McCuistion, Tonya Irene, 490 McCulley, Jennifer Barrett, 438 McCulley, Martha Jane. 438, 264 McCulloch, Weldon Leon, Jr., 457 McDaniel, Bobby Ray, 438. 307 McDaniel, John Louis, 420 McDaniel, Nona Jo, 438 McDonald, Craig Erval, 473 McDopald, Ginger Kaye, 439 McDonald J. Mitchell, 473 McDonald, J. Paul, 490, 249 McDonald, James Mackey, 493 McDonald, Jeral Van, 439 McDonald, Joe C„ 420 McDonald, Julie Watson, 457 272 McDonald, Lynda Stuart, 439, 223 McDonald, Nannette, 490, 208 McDowell, James C., 457, 293 McDowell, Kaye Elian, 473, 256 McElroy, Patricia Ann, 490, 208 McElroy, Thomas Arthur, 439, 291 McEntire, James G., 47 3, 284 McEwen, Pamela Annieca, 490 McFall, Joyce Ann, 439, 275 McFarland, Glenda Faye, 457, 226 McFerran, Joann, 439 McFerran, Samuel Lewis, 490, 249 McFerran, Stanley C., 473, 223 McGaugh, Mary R., 490 McGee, Andrew R., 439, 241 McGee, Rebecca Rhodes, 457, 223 McGeorge, Naijcy Margaret, 439, 267 McGetrick, Patrick M., 490 McGhee, Detri Lea, 473 McGhee, Garry Lee, 490 McGhee, Gary Thomas, 457 McGill, George Billy, 439 McGinnis, James Wesley, 473 McGinnis, Martha Jean, 490, 209 McGlothin, Rebecca Annette, 473, 256 McGlynn, John D., 457 McGraw, Benjamin Franklin, 490, 303 McGrew, Larry Douglas, 439, 300 McGuffin, Dolly Irene, 439, 212 McGuire, Maja Ann, 457, 267 McHaney, David Michael, 490, 294 McHaney L. Jack, 457, 294 McHughes, Gannalyn Sue, 473, 264 McHughes, Mary Elizabeth, 490, 209 Mcllroy, Carol Castile, 473, 256 Mcllveene, E. Joe, 490, 249 Mcllveene, Richard Lynn, 490, 249 Mcllveene, Ronald Wayne, 473 McIntosh, Donnie Ray, 457, 233 Mclnvale, William Alfred, 457 McKamey, William Ross, 457, 398 McKee, Wanette, 473, 279 McKellar, Sharon Joy, 457, 223 McKendry, Tim Norman, 439 McKenna, Michael Clayton, 457 McKenzie, Gregory Pascal, 490, 249 McKenzie, Jim, 490, 237 McKeon, Susan Patricia, 490, 209 McKinley, James M., 439, 237 McKinley, William Bradleigh, 457, 233 McKinney, Diane Elaine, 457, 272 McKinney, Michael Andrew, 473 McKinney, Roosevelt Mack, 490, 237 McKinnon. Michael Alfred, 473, 304 McKissick, Robert Bruce, 473 McKissie, Ray Emory, 490, 237 McKown, Guy Stanley, 490, 284 McKown, Vickie, 490, 219 McKuin, Glen L., 490, 237 McLarty, James A., 423 McLaughlin, Charles H., 473 McLaughlin, Judy Ann, 473, 215 McLendon, Phillip Lowe, 439 McManus, Susan Nancy, 457, 215 McMaster, Donna Eileen, 473, 223 McMillan, Jean Elizabeth, 457, 279 McMillian, Charles Woodrow, 473 McMillin, Frank C., 439, 304 McMinn, Karl Stuart, 490, 249 McMullen, Michael E., 439, 233 McNabb, Lynn, 473, 275 McNair, Nancy, 473, 256 McNeal, Charles David, 439, 284 McNeal, Jennifer Joyce, 473 McNeil, Andre Earl, 423 McNeill, Dianne Sue, 473 McNeill, Gary Thomas, 439 McNeill, Stephen Floyd, 457 McNerney, Jan, 467, 264 McNew, James Robert, 420 McNulty, Jack Allison, 424, 300 McNulty, Janelle, 439, 275 McNurlen, Richard Earl, 490, 237 McNutt, Edward Raymond, 424 McPherson, James William, 473, 233 McQueen, Harry Eugene, 490 McQueen, Ralph Lee, Jr., 457, 233 McRae, Diana Geraldine, 439, 215 McSweeney, Timothy Brian, 490, 237 McWilliams, Anne Lucinda, 457, 223 McWilliams, Jo Ann, 473, 226 Meacnam, Judith Ann, 473, 272 Meade, Carol Ada, 457, 268 Meador, Ada Jean, 439 Meador, Robert Manning, 457 Meadors, Carey Wayne, 457, 291 Meadows, Linda Joyce, 473 Meadows, William Noel, 458, 299 Means, Ricky Jo, 90, 219 Measles, Deanna Lee, 458, 212 Medical Center Medley, Robert W., 490 Medlin, Linda, 473, 266 Meek, Ellen Elizabeth, 458, 276 Meeks, Dorman Wayne, 473, 304 Meeks, Michael Dwight, 473 Meeks, Robert Earl, Jr., 490 Meeks, William Russell, 490, 303 Meenen, Dennis John, 490 Meenen, Kent L., 439 Meinecke, Ada Louise, 473, 223 Meinecke, Robert Wayne, 490, 249 Melhorn, Johnson P., 490, 291 Mehton, Janice Harber, ’458 Melton, Kimberly, 458, 276 MEN’S SOPH. COUNCIL 345 Menees, Laura Susan, 458, 268 Mentil, Margaret Elizabeth, 490, 209 Mentz, James Frank, 490, 249 Menyhart, Carl Frank, 439 Menzies, James Frederick, 439 Mercing, Terry L., 439 Meredith, Ernest Murl, 473, 237 Meredith, J. Conley, 423, 287 Meredith, Linda Jean, 458, 263 Meredith, William Robert, Jr., 490 249 Merlo’, John A., 473 Merrill, Melinda Sue, 473, 272 Merritt, Tommy, 458, 294 Merriweather, Tony Randal, 458 Mertens, Christine D., 458, 212 Meshew, Michael Lee, 473, 284 Messer, Mary Meseley, 490, 209 Metcalf, Beverly S., 458, 223 Metcalf, Charles Craig, 490, 304 Metcalf, Ned H., Jr., 423 Metsker. Christine Daye, 490 Metz, Danny Ray, 439, 284 Meurer, Carl Joseph, 458 Meyer, Harold Gene, 439 Meyer, Kinch Edward, Jr., 490, 250 Meyer, Lollie Anastasia, 473, 276 Meyer, Robert Eugene, 473 Meyer, Samuel Albert, 439 Meyer, Steven Kirk, 473, 293 Meyers, Cathay Ann, 490, 209 Michael, B. Stiles, 473, 243 Mickel, A. Delbert II, 473, 307 Middlebrook, Shirley, 473 Miles, Dallas Davis, Jr., 439, 294 Miles, Joseph Michael, 473, 308 Miles, Richard Thomas, 423 Milholland, Melvin Leon, 439 Miller, Carol Ethel, 458, 264 Miller, Danny A., 458 Miller, Danny Craig, 473 Miller, Donald Gene, 439 Miller, George Bowie, 423 Miller, Kenton C., 458, 299 Miller, Martha Sue, 458, 226 Miller, Patrick, D., 473, 303 Miller, Roy Don, 439 Miller, Sharon Elaine, 423 Miller, Susan Jewell, 458, 266 Miller, Wanda Faye, 439, 256 Mills, Alva Dale, 458 Mills, Danny Gale, 473, 299 Mills, James Dennis, 423 Mills, Ronald Chapman, 458, 291 Milstead, Paul Joseph, 473 Milum, John Connerley, Jr., 473 Milum, Rebecca Lee, 490, 219 Mims, Laura Ann, 490, 219 Minden, Sharon Frances, 473, 223 Miner, Carolyn Beaty, 439 Minnick, Danny Joe, 473 Minnick, Ronnie H., 423 Misenhimer, Richard Norman, 458 Mitchum, Carol Lee, 473 Mitcham, Larry Dane, 470, 250 Mitchell, John Baylor, 473 Mitchell, Lana Dianne, 458, 279 Mitchell, Margo, 490, 219 Mitchell, Otis Tenny, 473, 293 Mitchell, Patricia L., 490, 219 Mitchell, Steven Craig, 490, 250 Mize, Courtney Elizabeth, 490, 219 Mikoda, Margaret-Mary Natalie, 490, 219 Millar, Mary E., 490. 219 Miller, Mary Luz, 490, 209 Miller, Raymond Frederick, 490 Miller, Vicki, 490, 219 Mills, Nancy, 490, 219 Milton, James David, 490, 237 Mitchell, Franklin E., 458, 308 Mitchell, Rebecca Dee, 458, 212 Mitchell, Robbie Jeannette, 458, 226 , „ Mitchell, Sandra Cardn, 4o8, 212 Mitchum, Johnny B., 458, 311 Mixon, James Gordon, 423 Mixon, Leah Wilkinson, 458 Mize, Johnny Carl, 474, 250 Mizell, Leslie Lowell, 491, 250 Mizf, Bernard Wayne, 474 Mobley, Margaret May, 420 Modinger III, C., 439, 283 Moery, Phillip Weiss, 474, 300 Moffett, Dustin Lee, 474, 230 Mohammadi, Shokrollah, 458 Mohler, David F., 458 Moles, John Michael, 439 Moles, Tamara Gaskill, 450 Moll, Jennifer Jane, 491, 209 Moncrief, Bobby Wayne, 458, 233 Money, Charles E., 474, 241 Monk, James W.„ 458 293 Monk, Susan I., 4o8, 256 Montee, Sharon Kaye, 474 256 Montgomery, Cathy Ann, 491 Montgomery, Charles Dennis, Montgomery, Dotty L., 491, 219 Montgomery, James David, 474 Montgomery, Jim Robert, 439 Montgomery, John Alan, 439 Montgomery, Orin Eddy, 474 Moody. Jerry Lynn. 491 Moon, Bryden Earl, Jr., 491, 303 Mooney, Ron Osborne, 474 Moore, Athaline, 439, 223 Moore, Carl F., 474 Moore, Carolyn Carlyle, 474, 256 Moore, Charles Edward, Jr., 420 Moore, Charles H., 458, 291 Moore, Charles Robert, 439 Moore, Charlotte Ailene, 474, 226 Moore, Janet Kaye, 491, 219 Moore, Janya Gee, 458, 267 Moore, Johnny Clay, 491, 284 Moore, Katherine Estelle, 439, 212 Moore, Lanora Sue, 491, 209 Moore, Larry Mitchell, 439, 291 Moore, Michael H., 474 Moore, Nicholas Randel, Jr., 420 Moore, Nora Lynn, 474, 276 Moore, Patricia Ann, 474, 256 Moore, Rhetta Ellen, 474, 226 Moore, Stanley Ray, 439 Moore, Sue Naylor, 439 Moorhead, Michael Dean, 458 294 Moorman, James R., 474 Moran, Patty, 458, 271 Moreland, Jackie N., 458 Moreland, William Nelson, 439 Morgan, Brode D., 458 Morgan, Donna Gayle, 491, 219 Morgan, Larry Gene, 491, 250 Morgan, Linda Beth, 474, 267 Morgan, Linda Gail, 458 Morgan, Ralph Speer, 439, 291 Morgan, Sharon Ann, 47 . 279 Morgan, Victoria Ann, 474, 223 Morgan, William D., 474 Morrill, Stephen Louis, 491, 250 Morris, Dwight Vincent, 474, 284 Morris, Glenn Edward, 491, 283 Morris, James Edward, 474 Morris, Julia Anne, 439 Morris, Linda Carol, 458, 223 Morris, Lyndon H., 439 Morris, Mary Emilia, 458, 263 Morrison, James D., 439 Morrison, James D., 439 Morrison, Patricia Ann, 458, 226 Morrow, Donald Gene, 458 Morrow, Linda Rae, 458 Morrow, Ronald E., 439 Morsclheimer, Henry, 250, 491 Mortensen. Gary L., 458 Morton, Jerry Wayne, 491, 250 Mortar Board Mosey, Jeanette Gail, 474, 226 Mosey, Judith Ann, 439, 212 Mosley, Harriet Anne, 458, 267 Moss, Bill, 439, 293 Moss, Lynn, 491, 219 Moss, Jean Louise, 491, 219 Moss, Sonny, 439, 293 Moss, William Edwin, 474, 284 Motherwell, David Norman, 491, 250 Moudy, Danny E., 491, 250 Moudy, Phillip W., 474 Mongeot, Larry H., 458 Mourton, James Gary, 458 Mowery, Marie Anne, 474, 256 Moye, William H., 439 Mueller, Delbert Eugene, 420 Mullenix, Phyllis Nan, 458, 226 Muller, Judy Nell, 439, 263 Mullins, James Lee, Jr., 474, 265 Mullins, James Marshall, 45.8 Mullins, Jo Kathleen, 458 Mundy, Gary Edwin, 458 Munn, Betty Lynn, 491, 209 Munns, III, James Edgar, 458, 299 Munson, Bruce Emil, 474, 227 Murphey, Edna Renee, 458, 212 Murphey, Gary Edward, 439 Murphey, Leland, 458, 234 Murphy, Linda Rose, 474, 256 Murphy, Margie, 491, 219 Murphy, Martret Helen, 458, 256 Murphy, Randy George, 439, 312, 303 Murphy, William Floyd, 458, 312 Murr. Dale Scott, 491 Murray, Walter Allen. 458, 307 Musemeche, Richard A., 420 Moses, William Don, Jr., 458 Myatt, Gilbert C., 439 Myers, Danny Lee, 474 Myers, George Ernest, 474, 237 Myers, James Mark, 474, 304 Myers, John Paul, 474 Myers, Michele Jan, 440, 256 Myhano, Garvin B., 491, 287 N Nabors, Mary Cook, 491, 2f9 Nagel, Alice Elaine, 458, 223 Nancarrow, Margie, 474, 271 Napper, Suzan Baskin, 474, 256 Nash, Audrey L., 474, 256 Nash, Kenneth Ray, 491, 237 Nash, Leah Ann, 491, 209 Nash, Linda Lorraine, 440, 271 Neal, John Michael, 458, 243 Neal, Rick, 458 Nedelkos, Gregory P., 458 Needham, Linda Kaye, 458, 226 Neely, Jane Ann, 458, 279 Neeley, John Charles, 491 Neely, John Ed, 474, 234 Neely, Murray Marvin, 474 Neff, Toni Jane, 491, 219 Neil, Vicki Louise, 491, 219 Neill, Jennifer, 491, 219 Nelson, Ann, 440, 276 Nelson, Carolyn Ann, 491, 219 Nelson, David Edmon, 440, 283 Nelson, Dennis Wayne, 474 Nelson, Eric William, 458, 234 Nelson, Glynda Virginia. 440 Nelson, Gregory Alford, 458 Nelson, Jane Lizabeth, 440, 268 Nelson, Julianne, 474, 226 Nelson, Junie Elizabeth, 458, 275 Nelson, Larry G., 458, 311 Nelson, Larry T., 491 Nelson, Nancy Lou, 491, 209 Nelson, Ralph, 474 Nelson, William Andrew, 458 Nesbitt, Edwin E., 458, 234 Nettles, Nancy Ann, 491, 219 Nevberger Jean E., 440, 311 Nevin, Carol Jane, 458, 264 New Thomas Allen, 474, 294 Newcomb, Tanii, 474, 257 Newell, Robert Wendell, 474, 304 Newkirk, Kenneth Brian, 458, 234 Newkirk, M. Glenn, 458 Newlin, Marcia Ann, 458 Newman, Carolyn Gene, 458, 226 Newman, Lu Ann, 474, 267 Newman, Marshall Roy, 458 272 Newman, Sherry Marie, 474, Newman, William Larry, 458, 287 Newsom, Edwin George, 440, 312 Newton, Jamie Elizabeth, 440, 268 Newton, Judy Diann, 440, 212 Newton, Scott Howard, 420 Newton, Thomas O., 458 Newton, William Thomas, 458 300 Newton, Wood A., 458 Newtown, George Allyn, 458 Newtown, Glenford Andrew, 440 New, Kathleen Kay, 440 Nicholas, Jerry, 440, 267 Nicholas, Jim R., 440 Nicholas, Van H., 458 Nicholls, Leslie Maria, 491, 219 Nichols, Carole Jean, 491, 219 Nichols, Deeana Jane, 440, 212 Nichols, Jack D., 420 Nichols, James Donald, 474, 283 Nichols, John Terry, 491, 237 Nichols, Michael Lowery, 420 Nichols, Mildred Penny, 440 Nicholson, David Cletus, 440, 241 Nicholson, William Edward, 458, 293 Nickerson, James Charles Ever¬ ett, 440 Nickerson, Janet Marie, 440 Nickerson, Norma Jean, 440 Nickle, Elizabeth Andrews, 458, 271 Nickles, Steve H., 491, 283 Niesen, Gail Ann, 440, 271 Nielsen, William Manford, 458, 263 Nipper, Stephen Lindall, 491. 287 Nisbet, Alexander Wyckliff, 474, 291 Nix, Nancy Ann. 474. 257 Nix, Stephen Floyd, 491, 250 Nix, Teresa Jo, 243, 491 Nixon, Dale Bruce, 440 Nixon, Dewitt, 474, 308 Nixon, Janice Joanne, 458, 279 Noble, Martha L., 440, 212 Noel, Margaret Elizabeth, 458, 263 Nolen, Lucy Ann, 491, 209 Noller, Joan Lee, 491, 219 Norman, James Glen, 458, 299 Norman, Josephine Frantiska, 458, 275 Norman, Mitchell Duane, 440, 234 Norrell, Joseph L., 458 Norris, James Maury, 491, 294 Norris, John D.. 458, 234 Norris, Rebecca Anne, 491, 219 North, Jackie, 458 North, Larry Benjamin, 420 Northcutt, Nancy, 440, 271 Northern, Randall Evans, 458, 300 Norton, Jo Donna, 440, 213 Norton, Michael John, 440, 311 Norton, Richard Dale, 474, 311 Norwood, David Allen, 440 Norwood, Pamela Diane, 458, 275 Norwood, Phillip Earl, 491, 237 Noteware, Deborah Jean, 491, 219 Novak, John Lee, 458 Nowell, John Michael, 440 Nowell, Patrick William, 458 Nowlin, Joe Wilson, 474, 299 Nowlin, Katherine McRae, 440, 275 Nugent, Amelia A,. 491, 209 Nugent, Mary Louise, 459, 257 Nugent, Terry Hope, 474 Nunn, Remmel Tolleson, 491, 303 Nunn, Rita Joyce, 491, 219 Nunnelly, Luther M., 440, 241 Nussbaum, Alan Joseph, 423 Nutt, Betty Jane. 459 Nutt, James Neal, 491, 237 Nutt, Peggy June, 459 Nutter, Gary, 423 o Oakleaf, Ernest Johan, 491 250 Oates, Lynn Ferguson, 474, 294 O’Bar, Billy Dean, 440, 284 Oberley, Tommie Ann, 440, 283 Obrien, Colleen Anne, 491, 209 O’Connell, Kathleen Marie, 440 O’Conner, Lucinda Golden, 491, 209 Odom, Roby B., 459, 303 Odom, Linda Kathryn, 440 O’Donnell, Joseph Patrick, 491, 236 Offutt, David Burton, 459, 250 Ogden, Charles Edward, 459 Ogden, David B., 491, 300 Ogden, Gene, 459 Oglesby D. Scott, 440 Oglesby, Marilyn Ann, 459 O’Halloran, Vicky Marie, 491, 209 O’Kelley, Gurvis E., 474 Oldham, Roger Adams, 474, 250 Oldner, Jane Puryear, 459, 226 Oldner, Joan William, 474 Olinghouse, Phil, 459 Oliver, Charles Dwain, 459 Oliver, Edward Paye, 424 Oliver, Lanelle Eloise, 474 Oliver, Martha Ann, 474, 226 Oliver, Mickie Lou, 491, 219 Olson, Andrew Franklin, 459 Olson, Carol Jeanne, 474, 257 Omicron, Delta Kappa, 339 O’Neal, E. C., 420 O’Neal, Gary Eugene, 440, 299 O’Neal James Edward, 459, 234 O’Neal, Keith Brent, 491, 294 O’Neill, James Robert, 491 O’Neill, Manaleta Kaa, 459 O’Neill, Michael Earl, 459, 308 Ontiz, Pablo A., 474 Orange, Nannie Elizabeth, 440 Orange, Robert S., 440 O’Reilly, Linda E., 459, 213 Orlicek, Jack L., 459, 243 Orr, William Samuel, 440 Orrick, Janice, 459, 257 Orsini, David Armstrong, 424 Orsini, Sandra Wheat, 420 Osborne, Mary Lou, 491, 209 Osbun, William H., 491, 237 O’Shea, Thomas Leek, 474 Oswalt, David Lynn, 459 Ott, Fred Murry, 440 Ott, Tommy W., 492, 250 Otwell, Brenda Jean, 440 Otwell, Larry R., 440 Overley, Garra, 459, 267 Overton, Michael Joe, 440 Owen, Catherine Lynn, 492, 209 Owen, Charles Callis, 424 Owen, George R., 492 Owen, Jacqueline Ann, 474 Owen, Rebecca, 474, 257 Owen, Ray, 420, 293 Owen, Robert Wayne, 459, 312 Owen, Wilber B., 420 Owen, William Leonard, 424 Owens, Cynthia Louise, 459, 257 Owens, Gary Allen, 492, 250 Owens, Leslie Allison, 492, 237 Owens, Louise Lane, 492, 209 Owens, Randy Wyatt, 474 Owens, William Eugene, 474, 234 Oxford, Thelma Lou, 474 Oxford, William E., 492 Oxnen, Julia Ann, 420 P Pace, Harry Wayne, 440, 284 Pace, Ruth Ellen, 492, 209 Pack, Timothy M., 474, 284 Padgett, David Dean Jr., 440, 293 Page, Edwin Steven, 459 Paladino, Patsy Margaret, 459, 268 Paladino, Richard Alan, 459 Palazzi, Robert, 459 Palculict, Leatha Ann, 474 Palculict, Ronald Ira, 440 Palmer, Margaret Rose, 459, 267 Palmer, Ronnie Dale, 440 Pannell, Patrick T., 459 Pantazides, Athanasios, 440 Papageorge, Alex G., 459, 241 Pappas, Patricia Joann, 492, 209 Parce, Charles Walter, 459 Parham, Gwendolyn Holloway, 474, 263 Park, Jerry Ross, 474, 294 Parker, Carl Edward, 459, 307 Parker, Elton Lee Jr., 459 Parker, Gary O., 459, 234 Parker, Georgia Rae, 474, 267 Parker, James Albert, 492, 250 Parker, James Randall, 459, 291 Parker, James Robert, 492 Parker, Judith Marie, 459 Parker, Linda Gail, 492, 219 Parker, Peggy Marie, 459, 257 Parker, Peggy Sue, 459 Parker, Robert Houston, 492, 250 Parker, Van Orlie, 459, 303 Parkhurst, Charles Wright, 474, 293 Parks, Larry M., 492, 283 Parks, Marvin Wayne, 492, 237 Parnell, David Owen, 459, 299 Parnell, Paula Annette, 492, 209 Parr, Edgar Glenn, 459 Parrish, David Eugene Parsley, Charles Stanley, 440 Parsley, Larry R., 440 Parsons, Brenda Jane, 492, 219 Parsons, Charles E., 474 Parsons, Deborah Sue, 492, 219 Parsons, Gregory Wayne, 474, 288 Parsons, Margaret Ann, 474, 223 Paschall, Alecia Sue, 492, 226 Pascae, Linda Yvonne, 474, 264 Patrick, Patricia June, 492, 219 Patterson, Catherine Ann, 459, 267 Patterson, Joe Mac, 474, 241 Patterson, John Samuel, 424, 294 Patterson, Keith, 4407 299 Patterson, Stephen Michael, 492, 237 Patterson, Thomas Howard, 474, 284 Patterson, Tommie Jean, 459, 257 Pattillo, Don Hudson, 424, 304 Patton, Diane L., 459, 213 Patton, Kathy Ann, 492, 209 Patton, Roy Chilson Jr., 474 Paul, Jerry Wayne, 459, 241 Paulus, Katherine Lee, 459, 267 Payne, Burnus Lloyd, Jr., 492, 250 Payne, Donna Jeanne, 474, 257 Payne, Harold Louis, 474, 234 Payne, Mary Ann, 474, 257 Paysinger, Alice Ann, 492, 215 Pazderka, Ann Rowden, 440, 213 Peacher, David Oran, 492, 237 Pearce, Mary, 474, 267 Pearson, Judy Pettus, 459 Pebsworth, William D., 474 Peck, Richard Connor, 459 Pederson, Ronald C., 474, 237 Peek, Brenda Kaye, 474, 257 Peek, William P§rtlow, 474, 291 Peel, Gary Evan, 424 Peeler, Sally Jayne, 492, 219 Peevy, Garry Edward, 492, 250 Peck, Mary Beth, 492, 219 Pegelow, Linda Ann, 492, 209 Pellham, Galen Bonnis, 459, 304 Pellham, Marsha Gwen, 459 Pelton, Elizabeth Ann Pence, Richard Martin, Jr., 424, 299 Pender, Paula Kay, 474, 257 Pendleton, Lawrence Joseph, 440 Penix, James A., Jr., 474, 294 Penn, Jim M., 459, 243 Penn, Joseph Brooks, Jr., 441 Penn, Richard Lewis, 492, 250 Penney, Phyllis Annette, 492, 219 Pennington, Joe S., 420 Pennington, Rowena, 474 Periman, Wanda June, 492 Perkins, David Franklin, 492, 237 Perkins, Glen Evert, 474 Perkins, Nancy Ann, 492, 219 Perkins, Ronald Burton, 474 Perritt, Gary Lynn, 492, 299 Perry, Ann Carol, 441, 213 Perry, Dennis Eugene, 474, 304 Person. Mary Adelaide, 459, 215 Person, Sandra Louise, 492, 215 Peterman, Tommy David, 492, 250 Peters, Basil George, 475 Peters, David Anthony, 492, 250 Peters, Douglas C., 475, 245 Peters, Janice Carol, 441, 213 Petersen, Donald Dale, 492, 250 Peterson, Susan, 475, 226 Peterson, Barbara Ann, 4§2, 219 Peterson, Charles Gort, 492, 237 Peterson, Patricia Jane, 459, 223 Peterson, Richard B., 441 Petersen, Steven John, 459 Petti crew, Dennis Edward, 475, 234 Pettus, Ellis Lamar, 441 Pettus, Lester Glenn, 459 Petty, Nancy Carol, 475, 276 Petty, Priscilla J., 475, 268 Petty, Rebecca Jean, 492, 209 Peyton, Ronald Wayne, 475 Pfeiffer, Mary Jeanette, 441, 213 Phaver, Winifred Catherine Phelps, Edward Lynn, 459 Phelps, Kathleen, 459, 272 Phillips, Betty, 441, 276 Phillips, Ernest Ray, 420 Phillips, H. David, 459, 287 Phillips, Helen Marie, 492 Phillips, James E., 441 Phillips, James Levi, 475 Phillips, John F., 441 Phillips, Klaus Peter, 459, 250 Phillips, Rosalee, 475 Phillips, Tawana Sue, 441, 213 Phipps, James Mike, 459 Phipps, Patsy Lea, 475 Pickard, Nina Kay, 475, 223 Pickell, Caroline Deupree, 475, 257 Pierce, Linda Kaye, 475, 257 Pierson . Michael W. J., 475 Plunkett, Michael Anthony, 460 Plunkett, William, 460, 283 Pickard, George Wagley, 420 Pickett, Jimmy Ray, 492, 288 505 Pickett, Rebekah Lynn, 492, 22.6 Pierce, Jayne, 492, 209 Pierce, Toni, 460, 263 Pierini, Robert J., 492, 311 Pike, III, Howard Eugene, 441 Pilant, Dale Lewis, 420 Pillow, Larry O. Pinkerton, Ellen, 460, 267 Pinkerton, Pamela Ann, 492 Pinkley, Jennifer, 475, 275 Pintado, Dulane Barry, 460, 2.72 Pittman, William Edward, 441, 207 Pitts, Gemma Denele, 475 Plant, Robert Dale, 460 Platt, Richard Gordon, 475 Plumlee, Larry James, 441 Plumlee, Robert Olin, 492, 250 Plummer Joyce Katheryn, 475, 257 Plunkett, Edward Ray, 460 Plunkett, Harold Eugene, 441 Poe, Michael Olin, 492, 250 Poe, Rebecca Ann, 460, 268 Polk, Darryl Ray, 420 Polk, Joe Alan, 424 Pollan, Nancye Gayle, 475, 257 Pollard, Cassandra, 475, 226 Pollard, Jeannette, 441 Pollard, Nancy Elizabeth, 460, 276 Pollock, Earnest E., 460, 241 Pond, Candy, 460, 268 Poole, James Chris, 441, 312 Pool, Richard W., 424, 291 Poole, M. Louis, 475, 283 Poppenhouse, Diane, 475, 257 Porter, Jesse Edwin, Jr., 475, 308 Porter, Judy Lyn, 475, 257 Porter, Mildred Anne, 475, 257 Porter, Ronald B., 492, 237 Porter, Ronna Gay, 460, 271 Porter, Travis Ward, 460, 312 Portis, Diana Wallin, 441, 268 Portis, Ernest Bradsher, 441, 291 Postlewate, Carl Russell, 441 Potter, David J., 424 Potter, Peggy Sue, 492, 209 Potts, Linda Jean, 492 Powell, John Roger, 475, 303 Powell, Ronnie Eugene, 460 Powers, Joseph Michael, 424 Powers, Lonnie Austin, 424, ' 234 Prall, Linda Suzanne, 460, 273 Pratt, William Richard, 475, 287 Preece, William, 475 Presson, Sharon Sue, 475, 257 Prewitt, Claudius Rowan, Jr., 441, 300 Prewitt, Mary Elizabeth, 492, 219 Prewitt, Rosemary Pullen, 441, 275 Preyer, Catherine Joanne, 492, 209 Pribyl, Margaret Ellis, 492, 226 Price, David William, 441 Price, Don Marshall, 492, 250 Price, Greta Elene, 460, 213 Price, Michael F., 492, 237 Price, Wayne R., 420 Pride, Ann Lehman, 460, 226 Pride, Mike, 441 Prince, Brenda Sue, 492 t 219 Prince, Linda Maria, 441, 213 Prince, Richard Morgan, 460 Pritchard, Michael Gregg, 492, 250 Pritchett, Joseph E., 475 Probert, Kenyon Lacy, 492, 209 Proctor, Richard Lee Pruett, Paula Margaret, 450 Pryor, JoAnn, 460, 276 Pryor, Thomas Jefferson, 475 Pugh, James Roy, 441, 308 Pullen, Donald Cue, 424, 308 Pultz, Anthony Frank, 441, 299 Pultz, Pat Brace, 492, 299 Purnell, Car Daniel, Jr., 441 Purtle, Homer, Jr., 441 Puryear, George Scott, Jr., 493, 307 Puryear, Sam S., 460, 307 Q Qualls, Johnnie Junior, 460, 234 Querbes, Johnette Gravelle, 460, 268 Quigg, Susan Marie, 475, 213 Quinn, Johnny C., 460, 294 R Raabe, John Milton. 420 Rachel. Marcia Gray, 460, 257 Ragans, Richard Early, 493, 294 Ragland, Carl Edward, 441, 288 Ragland, Sandra Lynn, 475, 257 Ragsdell, Marsha Lucille, 475, 213 Rahtz, Kathleen Ellen, 493 Railsbadc, Barbara Louise, 460, 226 Railsback, Betsy, 493, 209 Raines, Carol, 460, 271 Raines, Earl C., 460 Rainey, Randall E., 493 Rains, Jerry McCoy, 460 Rainwater, Paul Sloan, 493, 250 Rainwater, Paul William, 441, 243 Rakes, Annette May, 441, 257 Rakestraw, David Lynn, 493, 283 Ramey, Sterling Paul, 460, 245 Ramsaver, Mary Medora, 493, 209 Ramsey, Jean Ann, 441, 257 Ramsey, Kenneth Wayne, 460, 230 Ramsey, Michael D., 493, 250 Rand, Patricia Louise, 441, 276 Rands, Sarah Martha, 441, 268 Ranes, Claudia Ann, 493, 209 Raney, Mimi, 493, 219 Ranglack, David, 460 Rankin, John William, 460 Rankin, Terry Van, 420 Rankin, William Chase, 493, 299 Ransom, Linda Raye, 475, 226 Raper, Dwayne Angelo, 460 Rap ' er, Eugenia Wright, 460 Rasco, H. Terry, 460, 307 Rash, John Carl, 460 Ratcliffe, Steve C., 493, 299 Rath, Joseph Grainger, 475, 308 Ratley, Richard Havkey, 475, 291 Rauch, Peter C., 493, 237 Rauls, Stanley Douglass, 493, 388 Rauls, Stephen Randolph, 493, 294 Rauser, James Edward, 460 Rauton, Jessica Francis, 493, 209 Rawlings, Kenneth Nathaniel, 493, 250 Rawls, Barbara Lynn, 475, 268 Rawn, Robert D., 475, 293 Ray, David Alan, 493, 308 Ray, Keith Douglas, 493, 250 Ray, Lawrence Dean, 493 Ray, Mary Lee, 493, 226 Ray, Roni Lynn, 493, 226 Raybourn, Audrey Marthella, 493, 209 Rayburn III, Virgil H., 442 Raymer, Harold Glynn, 442 Raymond, Rosemary, 442, 272 Razorback, 66-71 Razorback, Hall Reading, Sharon Jean, 475, 257 Reagan, Stephen Earl, 442 Reagan, William Randall, 460 Reagor, Ben F., 460, 300 Reap, John C., 475, 250 Reasoner, Stephen Mathew, 424 Reaves, Maryjo, 493, 209 Rebsamen, Cruitt Beem, 442, 293 Rebsamen, Donald Raymond, 424 Rebsamen, Pierce W., 475 Redden, Rick W., 475, 304 Reddin, James David, 460 Reddin, Tommy Lee, 493, 250 Redfearn. Jack Moore, 460, 241 Redfern, Pamela Alleene, 473 Reding, Thomas Edward, 493 Reecer, Philip E., 442 Reed, E. Smith, Jr.. 442, 294 Reed, Gary Lee, 475, 250 Reed. Gregory Dean, 475 Reed, Hollis Theodore. 442, 241 Reed, John Lee, 442 Reed. Leonette A., 460, 271 Reed, Peggy Lee, 493 Reed, Susan, 475, 257 Reed, Terry G., 460, 243 Reeder. Phil, 442, 253 Reese, Cindy Lou, 493, 209 Reese, Ronald Ray, 460 Reeter, Alan Ka v ol, 475, 308 Reeves, Kenneth Ron, 460, 303 Reeves. Sharon, 442, 275 Reichardt, Carolyn Ann, 442, 263 Reid, Gav Robin. 442. 257 Reid. Hall Reinhardt. Charles Parker. 460 Reinhardt, Mary Katherine, 493, 219 Reisz, Joe, 475, 243 Relyea, John F., 460, 234 Remilliard, John Nelson, 460 Remilliard, Sam O., 493 Remmel, James Bucknall. 442 Renfrow, Phillip W. t 460 Rennard, Donald Lewis, 460 Reutzel, David E., 442 Reyenga, Gerald Joseph, 460 Reynolds, Linda Louise, 493, 219 Reynolds, M. Robin, 493, 209 Reynolds, Richard R., 442, 283 Reynolds, Susan E., 460, 213 Re nolds, Terry Glen, 493, 250 Rhew, Paul D., 460 Rhoads, Guylene, 493, 226 Rhodes, James Larry, 475 Rhodes, Jimmy Dale, 442 Rhodes, Jimmie E., 493, 237 Rhodes, Ronald Eugene, 493, 237 Rhyne, Susan E., 475, 226 Rial, Kenneth Wiley, 460 Rial, Sue Sherland, 420 Rial, William Edward, 493, 294 Ribitzki, Paul Wayne, 493, 250 Rice, Darrel Alan, 442, 241 Rice, Herschel F., 442, 250 Rice, Phillip Lee, 493 Richards, Elizabeth Harth, 442, 276 Ricnards, Jeffrey L., 493, 250 Richards, Trudy, 493, 219 Richards, William C., 442, 294 Richardson, Carol, 493 Richardson, Gary Kile, 460 Richardson, Jennifer Lynn, 460, 275 Richardson, Jimmy Kay, 460 Richardson, John William, 460 Richardson, Johnny T., 442 Richardson, Jon David 442 Richardson, Kathy Lee, 493, 219 Richardson, Ross Phillips, 442 Richmond, Patricia O’Neal, 460 Richmond, Virgil Dewayne, 442 Ricketts, Gary Gene, 460 Ricketts, Larry Dean, 460, 250 Ricks, Cora Mae, 493, 219 Riddle, Sara Ella, 475, 213 Ridenour, Garlend Q., 424, 300 Ridge, Nancy Sue, 493, 226 Ridgell, Bobby Barham, 460, 230 Ridlen, Michael Donovan, 493 Ridley, Susan Jo, 460 t 226 Riebow, Lynn Lee, 493 Rife, Shara Suella, 493, 209 Riffel, Maryland May, 475, 257 Riggs, Pamela D., 460, 260 Riggs, Thomas McKay, 493, 308 Rihs, Tony, 420 Riley, Faith, 493. 220 Riley, Mary HuTfter, 493, 220 Ring, Bobby Brady, 493, 237 Ring, Martha Ann, 493 Ripp ' y, Rondal Dale, 493, 250 Risher, Thomas Phillip, 442, 287 Risner, Noah Wayne, 442 Ristig, Kurt Gerard, 493, 250 Ritchey, Cloyse Arley, 442 Ritchie, Dennis Edward, 493, 250 Ritchie, Gary Philip, 475 Ritchie, Malcolm Everett Jr., 442, 312 Ritchie, Patsy Ann, 493 Ritchie, Susie E., 493, 220 Ritgerod, Kathryn Jane, 493, 220 Ritter, Olen Vernon, 493, 237 Ritts, Dorothy M.. 493, 220 Rivers, Ruth, 475, 271 Rives, Gary E., 498, 250 Rivers, Rebecca, 442, 271 Roach, Dennis Eugene, 475 Roades, Jeanne Anne, 475, 223 Roariz, Anna Lee, 493, 209 Roark, Ricky Joe, 420 Robb, Carolyn Ruth, 460, 257 Robb, Lynda Christine, 493, 220 Robbins, Evelyn, 493, 209 Robbins, James William, 493, 250 Robbins, James William, 442 Robbins, Larry Steven, 475 Robbins, Sharon Joyce, 493, 220 Robbins, Victor Wayne, 475 Roberts, Charles, 475, 230 Roberts. Charles William, 460 Roberts, Don Baron, 460, 234 Roberts, Gary Melvin, 442, 243 Roberts, Gregory Lynn, 475, 303 Roberts, Jan E., 493, 209 Roberts, Judy Ann, 493, 209 Roberts, Kathy Jo. 493, 209 Roberts, Larry Allan, 442 Roberts, Mark Owen Jr., 460, 304 Roberts, Patricia Jean, 493, 220 Roberts, Roger Edward, 442 Roberts, Sarah Jane. 460 Roberts. William Clifford, 490, 250 Robertson. Connie Sue, 460, 226 Robertson, Gary L., 476, 293 Robertson, High Reid, 493, 304 Robertson, James Edward, 460 Robertson, James Larry, 476 Robertson, John Layton, 460 Robertson, Kim, 442, 276 Robertson, Nancy Carolyn. 443 Robertson, Thomas E., Jr., 424 Robinson, Susan E., 493, 220 Robinson, Barry Aber, 460 Robinson, Carol LaVonne, 493, 220 Robinson, Constance Sue, 493, 209 Robinson, Jeanette, 493, 209 Robingon, Jeannie, 443, 263 Robinson, John William, 460 Robinson, William Bigelow Jr., 460 Robinson, Edward Clark, 493, 250 Robmson, Susan E., 493, 220 Robrahn, Gerrie Ann, 476, 223 Robrahn, Ronald Laurence, 443 Roddey, William David, 460, 294 Rodgers, Charles Terry, 460 Rodgers, Jane Ann, 460, 223 Rodgers, Leonard Austin, 476 Rodgers, Linda Belle, 493, 209 Rodgers, David Jerome, 443 Rodman, Christy Lea, 476, 279 Rodriquez, Gianna N, 476, 251 Rodriguez, Michael R., 476 Roe, Elton Leroy. 443 Roe, Larry Wayne, 476, 230 Roeder, Gigi. 493, 220 Roetzel, Phillip Edward, 493, 260 Rogers, Ellon Elizabeth, 493, 220 Rogers, Everett Irving, 493, 284 Rogers, F. Russell, 424, 299 Rogers, Judith, 460, 213 Rogers, Henry Lyle, 443, 303 Rogers, Jane Adele, 476, 267 Rogers, Jane Wickard, 443, 267 Rogers, Jerry E., 493, 250 Rogers, Joseph Stockton, 493, 299 Rogers, Kennth E., 476 Rogers, Lee O., Jr., 424 Rogers, LeFranka Nyoka, 476 Rogers, Mary Gail, 476, 257 Rogers, Nina Myrl, 460, 279 Rogers, Paul Lewis, 443, 299 Rogers, Robert Lyle, 493, 250 Rolfe, Lott, 476, 243 Roller, Alan Lewis, 493, 237 Roller, Alden Ray, 493, 237 Roller, Robert Michael, 443, 293 Rollins, Michael Edward, 443, 308 . Rollow, Linda Ann, 460, 213 Rollow, Nancy Beth, 493, 220 Rolniak, Wallace Anthony, 460 Romines, Susan Lynn, 476, 263 Roofe, Dennis Ray, 460 Roop, Gary Carl, 443 Root, Harriet Elizabeth, 443, 213 Root, Robert Slawson, 460, 243 Rorex, Janna Matilda, 4(6, 264 Rorie, A. J., 493, 237 Korie, Frank Daniel, 443, 243 Rosamond, Judi Elaine, 493, 220 Rose, Carl H., 443 Rose, Claude James, 443 Rose, Deneice Rae-Jean, 460, 213 Rose, Donald Edward, 476 Rose, George Michael. 493, 250 Rose, Mary Jane, 493, 210 Rose, Susan, 476, 257 Rosenau, Paula Ann, 460, 226 Rosene, Judy Marie, 493, 220 Roso, Joseph Anthony, Jr., 443 Ross, Becky, 460, 264 Ross, Billy Elbert, 424 Ross, Harvey Linwood, 460 Ross, Linda Harriet, 476, 257 Ross, Patricia Ann, 476, 275 Ross, Rex Watson, 443, 234 Ross, Thomas Trigg, 443 Ross, Toni, 443, 213 Roten, Paul Charles, 493, 237 Rotenberry, Mike L., 493, 237 Rotert, William B., 460 Rothman, Michael G., 424 Rothrock, Martha M., 476 Rouse, Robert Dudley, 493, 300 Rowan, Ruthie Lorena, 476, 275 Rowq, Bette Anne,476,215 Rowe, John Henry, 443, 230 Rowlan, Doyle Lynn, 494 Rowland, James Herbert, 443 Rowland, Louis Neal, 460, 308 Rowland, Paul Stephen, 420 Rowlett, Donald Ray, 460, 243 Rowlett. Shirley Ann, 476, 226 Roy, James Morrison, 443 Rubens, Kent J., 443, 304 Rudder, David Patton, 443, 304 Ruff, David Patrick, 494. 250 Rupe. Ronald Wayne, 476, 250 Ruscha, Carol Ann, 494. 210 Rusher, Albert Holly Jr., 460, 303 Rushton, Parrie Jane, 476, 267 Russ, William Gary, 476, 294 Russell, Barbara Lynn, 476, 257 Russell, Candyce Margaret, 476, 257 Russell, Harold Ray, 476 Russell, James Tedford, 47o, 234 Russell, Jim C., 494, 237 Russell, Mary Katherine, 494, 220 Russell, Rita Mae, 494, 220 Russell, Steven T., 494 » Russell, William Leon Jr., 4bu Russow, Connie Sue, 494, 24U Rutledge, Joyce Elaine, 443, Rutledge, Reynie, 494, 303 Rye, Phyllis Weeks, 443 Ryan, Bette M., 476, 213 Ryan, Cathy Anne, 494, 220 Ryan, Timothy J., 476, 237 Ryan, William Gerald, 494 Ryker, Gary Edward, 494, 2of s Sabatini, Barbara Jean, 494 Sabbs, Paris Darnell, 443, 60 Sabu, Dwarka Das, 420 Safford, David L., 460, 293 Sain, Ginny Lynn, 476, 258 Saine, Henry Preston, 476, 291 Salsbury, Carolyn D., 494 Salzman, Michael Glen, 443 Sammons, Gloria Joyce, 494, 220 Sample, Ine® Virginia, 4fl4, 220 Samples, Dana L., 443 Samples, Geary Douglas, 494 Sandefur, Herschel Myron 460 Sanderlin, Robert Howard, 443, 303 Sanders, Bobby Wayne, 420 Sanders, Everette Craig, 443 Sanders, J. E., 424 Sanders, James Marvin, 443, 287 Sanders, Janice Lynn, 476, 258 Sanders, Jeffery Charles, 460 Sanders, Jim T., 476 Sanders, Jimmy Dale, 476 Sanders, Joan Leslie, 494, 210 Sanders, John Troy, 494, 238 Sanders, Ted H., 424, 299 Sanders, Theresa Ann, 494, 220 Sanders, Travis Joe, 494, 258 Sandine, Charles Robert, 443, 243 Sandor, Mary Ann, 494, 210 Sands, Dakky Gene, 460, 287 Sandusky, Tina Maria, 476, 226 Sanger, Linda Ann, 460, 264 Sangster, Carolyn Jane, 476, 264 Sargent, Albert Fletcher, 494, 50 Sass, Bruce Darlington, 476, 303 Satterfield, Carolyn Sue, 494, 210 Satterfield, Larry Eugene, 476 Saums, Victoria May, 494, 210 Saunders, Thomas Ramsey Jr., 460 Sava, Jeanne, 443, 279 Saxon, David Parke, 460, 234 Saxon, Ella Ritchie, 476, 279 Sayre, Suzanne Dailey, 494, 220 Sabanotto, Elizabeth Ann, 460 Scabbard and Blade, 99 Scallion, Linda Faye, 460, 258 Schanafelt, John David, 476, 234 Scarlett, Polly Lou, 476, 279 Scarsdale, Harriel Franklin, 476 Schaal, Gerald Alvin. 460, 284 Schader, Jerry Don, 494 Schaffer, Archie R., 460 Schainker, Howard A., 424 Schorff, Edward Lynton Jr., 443 Scheer, Cloyce Wayne, 443, 238 238 Scheiderer, William George, 443 Schell, O. Carroll, 460 Scherer, Jeff Allen, 476 Scherrey, Paul Edward III, 476, 234 Schick, Patricia Ann, 461, 226 Schivazappa, Andrea, 461, 304 Schlegel, Bruce F., 443 Schlegel, Carolyn Cree, 494, 210 Schmand. Josephine Anne, 476, 264 Schmidt, Jackie Ann, 494, 226 Schmidt, Sharon Ann, 494, 220 Schneider, Carol Sue, 476, 258 Schneider, Chris Gordon, 476, 283 Schneider, Mary Elizabeth, 476 Schneider, Sandy, 476, 213 Schneider, Wava Ann, 443 Schnerre, Linda N., 476 Schola Cantorum Schrantz, David Myron, 443, 230 Schraplau, Robert Charles, 443 Schulte, Laura Lee, 494, 220 Schultz, Linda Marlene, 494, 226 Schultz, Terrye Lynn, 476, 268 Schutte, John Thomas, 494, 238 Schwarz, Susan, 476, 267 Schwarzlose, Carol M., 461, 220 Schweiker, Daniel William, 494, 238 Schwent, John T», 420 Scivally, Bart M., 443 Scobey, Judith Marie, 461 Scogin, Henry David, 420 Scott, David Dale, 476 Scott, Douglas Palmer, 443 Scott, Gregory K., 476, 311 Scott, Howard Vance, 476, 311 Scott, Jim, 461 Scott, Jimmy Earl, 494, 60 Scott, Jom David, 443 Scott, Joseph Vinson, 461, 241 Scott, Kenneth R., 420 .. Scott, Patricia Ann, 461, 258 Scott, Robert A., 461, 304 Scott, Steven Hampton, 494, 304 Scott, Susan Marie, 494, 210 Scott, T. J., Jr, 494, 60 Scrape, Pamela Denise, 443, 275 Scrinner, Terry Lee, 461 Scroggins, Steve Lee, 494 Scruggs, Jan Wright, 494, 50 Sculley, Tevvence F., 494, 238 Sczervak, Ronald Paul, 476, 234 Seal, James H., 476 Seamon, Simone, 443, 279 Searcy, Mary Ann, 461, 226 Seaton, David R., 461 Seaton, Dorothy Day, 420 Seaton, Jack Ray, 494 Seawood. James Lenzie, 461 Seay, Madge Horton, 494, 220 Sedgwell Sedwick, Sally Payne, 461, 272 See, Richard M., 494, 50 Segraves, Danny Joe, 476, 284 Segraves, Jamie Lee, 494, 210 Segraves, Patrick Warren, 476, 283 Seifert, Harold P.. 476, 234 Selby, Kenneth Earl, 476 Self, Marquetta Gail, 494, 227 Self, Stephen Lee, 494, 50 Self, William David, 443 Selig, Michael D., 476, 312 Selig, Roman Joseph III, 443, 312 Selig, Stephen Louis, 494, 50 Sellers, Edward D., 443 Sellick, Linda Lea, 461 Selman, James Dennis, 461, 294 Selph, Zelda Marie, 494, 220 Senyard, Suzanne, 476, 258 Seneff, Pamela Jo, 476, 276 Seratt, Rodger Calvin, 494, 60 Serid, Robert Glenn, 424 Semo, Rosemary, 476, 227 Setser, Jeanne. 443 Seward, Irwin John Jr., 461, 231 Sewell, Ronald W., 476 .Seymour, Cassandra Anne, 443, 275 Shaddox, T. Stephen, 443 Shadid, Lawrence Douglas, 494, 60 Shafer, Ann Pennebaker, 443 Shafer, Grace Ann, 494, 227 Shafer, Paul Thomas, 443 Shannon, Graham Fountain, 444, 303 Shannon, John White, 420, 304 Sharp. Dana Elizabeth, 476, 268 Sharp, Deborah Yvonne, 476, 268 Sharp, Doyle L., 476 Sharp, Robert Austin Jr., 444 Sharp, Sandra Faye, 444, 268 Sharp, Wendell Doyce, 444. 243 Shaver, Dennis Ray, 444, 268 Shaver, Paul H., 494, 284 Shaver, Ronnie K., 476, 243 Shaw, Bobby G. 424 Shaw, Dennis Dean, 444, 299 Shaw, Michael O., 461, 238 Shaw, Susan Ann, 476, 279 Shaw, Virginia T., 461 Shea, Anne Kathryn, 494, 220 Shearer, Edmund C., 420 Sheid, C. Richard, 476, 303 Shelby, Ronald Fred, 476, 294 Shellard, Gregory Lwrence, 461, 234 Shelman, Rodger Keith, 476, 243 Shelton, Brenda Ruth, 461, 213 Shelton, Jerry Allen, 494, 50 Shelton, Mary Sheba, 494, 227 Shelton, Otis Edman Jr., 444 Shelton. Ruthann, 494 Shepherd, Gloria Dean, 494, 220 Shepherd, Shirley Jean, 494, 215 Sheridan, Ann M., 494, 220 Shewmake, Bobby E., 461 Shipman, Johnny Otis, 494, 238 Shipp, Mary Harvey, 461, 276 Shiras, Edith, 444, 223 Shireman, Randall Eugene, 476, 287 Shirk, Howard Lincoln Jr., 444 Shirley, William Wright, 461 Shively, Miriam, 476, 271 Shoemaker, Shiela Ann, 494, 227 Shoffner, Terry Wayne, 476, 299 Shollmier, H. Dudley, 444, 294 Shonkwilder, Linda Ann, 476, 258 Shook, Doyle Lavann, 476 Shook, Johnny Leo, 476, 258 Shoptaw, James Thomas, 444, 294 Shoptaw. Joy Ruth, 476, 279 Short, Bonnie Jane, 476, 227 Short, Glenn Lyle, 461, 308 Short, Nancy Louise, 461, 223 Shorts, Marsha Ellen, 461, 227 Shultz. Linda Louise, 420 Shultz, Marilyn K., 461, 258 Shupe, Phil, 461 Shurgar, Robert Lee. 494, 294 Sicand, Lucy Elizabeth, 476, 258 Siems, Janice Eileen. 495, 210 Siever, Ralph Robert, 444, 258 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHI SIGMA NU SIGMA PHI EPSILON SIGMA PI Sikes, James Barton, 424, 283 Siler, Virginia Lee, 476, 271 Simmons, David R., 421 Simmons, Diane Dean, 444 Simmons, Fred Joseph, 444 Simmons, Jerry Otis, 461, 243 Simmons, Judy Carol, 495, 210 Simmons, Mark Charles, 444 Simmons, Sherry Lou, 476, 258 Simmons, Thomas Delaine, 476 258 Simmons, William Louis, 476, 291 Simons, Pamela Sue, 444, 279 Simpkins, Vita Sherryl, 444 Simpson, John Bennett, 444, 304 Simpson, Miles Darwin, 461 Simpson, Sidney Hollis, 461, 258 Simpson, Vicky Lynn, 495, 220 Sims, Carol Ann, 444, 267 Sims, Vicki Louisa, 476, 268 Sing, Joe P. Jr., 444, 308 Sing, Joe Vernon, 461, 308 Singleton, Hamilton Hobbs, 495, 300 Singleton, Steve, 476 Sisco, Susan Phyllis, 476, 258 Sisemore, Pat, 476 Sisk, Ronald Douglas, 495, 238 Sistrunk, Laurence Allen, 461 Six, Charolette Kay, 476. 215 Skaggs, Larry Allen, 495, 238 Skarda, Gary Alan, 461, 258 Skelton, Carol Jean, 461 Skelton, Jacquelin, 476 Skelton, Raymond E., 476 Skiff, Randall Harry, 461, 258 Skillern, Laura Lee, 461 Skillman, Christian Anne, 495, 220 Shoch, Philip Larry, 476, 258 Skokos, Leslie Jennifer, 477, 258 Skoog, Walter Edward, 477, 312 Slack, Steven Allen, 461, 308 Slagle, Richard L., 424 Slaughter, Mary Bridget, 495, 210 Slaven, Sara Margaret,, 461, 267 Slay, Robert C., 461, J291 Slayden, Sue Ann, 477. 258 Sliger, Mary Jim, 421 Sloan, James Eugene, Jr., 495, 307 Sloan, John Currie, 444, 303 Sloan, Steven Rollin, 444, 243 Slocum, Phyllis Jane, 495, 220 Slusher, Rachel Anne, 477 Sly, Cynthia Ann, 477, 263 Smalley, James Carl, 461 Smallwood, Deborah Cai, 495, 227 Smee, Mary Elizabeth, 477, 258 Smiley, William Frank, 477, 234 Smith, Bonita Ann, 495, 215 Smith, Bruce L., 477, 258 Smith, Charlotte Ann, 444 Smith, Charles Allen, 461 Smith, Cindy L., 477, 227 Smith. David D., 477, 287 Smith, David E., 477, 294 Smith, Dede Mariruth, 477, z 27 Smith, Delores Annette, 421 Smith, Dewitt Henderson, III, 461, 245 Smith, Dwight Frank, 444 Smith, Earl Travis, Jr., 444, 234 Smith, Fi’ed Charles, 444, 230 Smith George Benjamin, 461, 294 Smith, Glena Marie, 495 Smith, James Howard, 424 Smith, James M., 477 Smith, James Robert, 444, 238 Smith, John Charles, 461, 308 Smith, John Douglas, 477, 238 Smith, John Dwight, 495, 308 Smith, John W., 477 Smith, Kirby, III, 424 Smith Linda E.. 444, 215 Smith, Leslie Ann. 477, 227 Smith, Mandi, 477, 227 Smith, Marilyn Lea, 477, 227 Smith, Mark, 495, 291 Smith, Marvin Roy, 495, 238 Smith, Mary Ellen, 477 Smith, Michael LeRoy, 477 Smith, Murry, 461, 276 Smith, Neal Dewayne, 461 Smith, Pamela, 461, 275 Smith, Patricia Ann, 477, 271 Smith, Patricia Diane, 495, 210 Smith, Peggy Ann, 477, 227 Smith, Phillip Dean, 461 Smith, Philip Taylor, 444 Smith, Ralph William, 477 Smith, Richard Franklin, 495, 50 Smith, Robert B., 477 Smith, Robert LeRoy, 444, 230 Smith, Robert Wynn, 461 Smith, Robert Nick, 424 Smith, Rosalie Kay, 477, 223 Smith, Ruth Elizabeth, 495, 210 Smith, Sara Sue, 444, 275 Smith, Sharon Lou, 477, 213 Smith, Sheila Sue, 477, 213 Smith, Shirley Katherine, 461, 272 Smith, Stephen A., 495, 294 Smith, Stephen Wallace, 461, 294 Smith, Steven Lee, 461, 258 Smith, Teresa Diane, 444 Smith, Terry Randal, 444, 304 Smith, Thomas Benton, 477, 300 Smith, Thomas Lee, 477, 230 Smith, Tony C., 477, 234 Smith, Troy Faith, 421 Smith, Warner Thomas, 444, 241 Smith, Willard C., Jr., 424 Smith, William Hix, Jr., 421 Smith, William Mitchell, 477, 258 Smith, Winifred, 444, 267 Smithwick, William Rodger, 444 Smyth, Judith L., 495, 210 Snapp, Marcheita Ann, 495, 210 Snawder, Eugene Hugh, 444 Sneed, Anne Elizabeth, 461 Sneed, Fred Douglas, 421 Sneed, Lawrence Douglas, 477, 283 Snider, Mary Elizabeth, 461, 264 Snider, Randy Thomas, 495, 50 Sniegock, Richard Ted, 444, 283 Snodgrass, Larry Lawson, 461, 283 Snow, Burl Jackson, 477, 283 Snow, John H., 495 Snow, Judy Gail, 461, 213 Snow, Melvin Arlan, 495, 238 Snow, Phillip Eugene, 461 Society for advancement of Management, 344 Society of Automotive Engi¬ neers, 343 Solloway, l,anny Kay, 495 Sommers, Joseph C., 477, 283 Sonnenfeld, Carol Jane, 495, 220 Sorrell, Elizabeth Renee, 461, 258 Sosebee, Dusty Lea, 461, 263 Soule, Carol Lillian, 444, 267 Southerland, Byron Wynne, 495, 50 Southerland, James R., 444 Southerland, Jimmy Darrell, 421, 231 Spain, Rebecca Marie, 461, 263 Spakes, Karen Jo, 495, 220 Sparkes, Debora Colleen, 495, 220 Sparkman, Earl Davison, 477 Sparks, Cheryl, 461, 268 Sparks, Norris Jerald, Jr., 495, 304 Spatz, David M., 461, 245 Speaker, David Charles, 461, 308 Spearmon, Maribeth Ann, 421 Speck, Rebecca Kay, 495, 50 Spencer, Carlotta Ann, 461, 223 Spencer, Cynthia, 461, 263 Spencer, James Victor, III, 424, 300 Spencer, Linda S., 495 Spencer, Mary Louise, 421 Spencer, Rick, S., 461, 300 Spencer, Ronald Leon, 477 Spencer, William Gregory, 495, 283 Spicer, Billy Bob, 444 Spicer, Randy Lee, 477, 308 Spicer, Thomas G., 444 Spilman, Richard Allen, 461 Spivey, William David, 444, 304 Splawn, Susan, 495, 220 Spooner, Arthur Elmon, Jr., 461, 283 Spotts, Sandra Lynn, 477, 258 Sprague, Helen Kathleen, 495, 227 Sprathlin, William Arthur, 444 Sprenger, Judy, 477, 213 Springfield, Carolyn Jene, 461, 272 Sproles, Cheryl Ann, 495, 210 Spurlock, Luther D., 444, 234 Spurlock, Pamela Jo, 477 Spurlock, Steve Ernest, 461 St. John, June, E., 495, 220 St. John, Rebecca Linnea, 477, 267 Staats, Robert Glen, 461 Stacy, Charles R., 461 Stacey, Sandra Kay, 461, 213 Stafford, Danny Charles, 477, 258 Staggs, George Eugene, 477, 238 Stainton, Joseph Charles, 477, 294 Stallcup, Patricia Marie, 495, 210 Stamps, Jerry Charles, 461 Standley, Billy Glenn, 461, 307 Stanford, Marilyn Ann, 495, 220 Stanfill, Dena Ann, 477, 259 Stanley, Hallie L., 461, 213 Stanley, Joseph H., 444, 300 Stanley, Lynne Ellen, 444, 275 Staley, Royce Edward, Jr., 477 Stallcup, Alice Kay, 477, 263 Stanphill, Pauletta Lynn, 461 Stanwood, Allison, 495, 210 Starks, James Smith, III, 461, 259 Starling, Yevonne, 461, 215 Starnes, K. O., 461, 263 Starnes, Thomas Knighten, 495, 50 Starr, Barbara D., 495, 227 Starr, John Philip, 495, 50 Startzel, Susan Rebecca, 461, 213 Starwalt, Ervin Ray, 495, 238 Staton, Connie Ruth, 495, 227 Steed, Wilton Ernest, 495, 294 Steel, George Edwin, Jr., 424, 304 Steel, James Robert, 477, 304 Steele, Arthur Michael, 477, 300 Steelman, Mary Lynn, 421 Stefansdo’ttir, Sigrlin, 495, 263 Stegall, Terry R., 461 Steizler, Barbara Diane, 444, 276 Stiegler, Charles Dudley, Jr., 495, 300 Stein, Charles Conrad, 495, 60 Steinberg, Ralph G., 495 Stephens, Cindy Lee, 495 Stephens, Gary Lynn, 461, 245 Stephens, Jack Thomas, 461, 294 Stephens, Patricia Glee, 461, 250 Stephens, Ralph Arden, 461, 250 Stevens, James Hal, 444 Stevens, John Madison III, 461, 250 Stephens, Kay, 461 Stephens, Mary Gail, 444, 271 Stevens, Nicholas Rodgers, III, 444, 299 Stephens, Susan, 444, 271 Stephens, Vickie L., 495 Stevenson, Mark Bradford, 461, 259 Stephenson, Ronnie Clark, 477 Stevenson, Sara Ann, 444, 267 Stever, Joseph Dean, 444 Stewart, Gary Lee, 461 Stewart, Jerry Wayne, 444 Stewart, Judith Carol, 495, 215 Stewart, Lana Kay, 461, 259 Stewart, Michael Stephen, 445 Stewart, Richard Alan, 495, 238 Stiegler, Peter J., 477 Stiff, David C., Jr., 445 Stiles, John W., 421 Stiles, Patricia Jean, 477, 213 Stinchcomb, Robert Morrissett, Jr., 477 Stinnett, James Richard, 477, 234 Stinson, Chantls, 495, 210 Stinson, James F., 477 Stobaugh, Sara Jane, 445, 275 Stocker, Jerre, 477, 276 Stocker, William James, 495 Stoia. Peggy Lee, 461, 263 Stokes, Carolyn Kay, 461, 268 Stokes. James M., 495, 61 Stokes, John Ray, 495, 51 Stokes. Sandye, 461, 268 Stolfi, Larrie Dean, 445 Stoll. Kenneth Francis, 424 Stoltz, Mary Lee, 495, 210 Stoll, Kenneth Francis, 424 Stoll. Patricia Marie, 445, 227 Stone, Jonn Edward, 461, 207 Stone, Larry Zane, 495, 238 Stone Ronald Joe, 462, 308 Stone, Stephen Frederick, 495, 304 Stone, Steven Ray, 495, 307 Storck, Marlys Anne, 462, 213 Storey, Gary Michael, 495, 293 Storey, Kathryn Ann, 445 Storey, Mary Craig, 477 Storey, 0ti9 Henry, 424, 294 Storey, Stephen P., 445, 293 Storey, William A., 424 Stork, Steven Eugene, 495, 238 Storm, Alan Le, 495, 51 Storm, Ann, 477, 259 Stosberg, Sondra Sue, 421, 210 Stouffer, Marty L., 477, 293 Stout, Tommy Ray, 495, 238 Stowers, W. L., Jr., 495, 51 Stracner, Ronald J., 477 Stramel, Elizabeth Ann, 477, 259 Stramm, William Robert, 495, 51 Stratton, Leslie, 462, 259 Streeter, Tommie T., 477, 259 Stricklen, Jim C., 477 Stricklin, Clay E., 495, 51 Stringfellow, Sylvia Kathleen. 495, 220 Stripling, Sheri Lynn, 477, 264 Strobel, Timothy J., 497 Strong, Rebecca Jo, 477, 223 Stroud, James Douglas, 477, 259 Stroud, Michael Douglas, 462 Struebing, Denajo, 462 Stuart, James W., 421 Stuart, Sharon Susan, 495, 220 Stubblefield, Charles Roland, 445, 283 Stubbs, Larry David, 477, 283 Student Directory Student Government Stumbaugh, Ronnie L., 495, 51 Stumbaugh, Alan Lee, 462 Sturdivant, Bruce Allen, 462, 234 Sturdivant, Sunny Lee, 462, 268 Sturgis, David Barton, 495, 238 Sturgis, Vicki Ann, 495, 220 Stules, Barbara Gail, 495, 210 Styles, Gary W., 477, 259 Sublett, Kerry Lyn, 496, 51 Sudbury, Harold Lee, 445, 300 Suddarth, Fred Mich ael, 462 Suitt, Anita Diane, 445, 276 Sullins, Neal, 462, 304 Sullivan, Charlotte, 477, 259 Sullivan, Harold Randall, 477, 230 Sullivan, John Gregg, 455, 311 Sullivan, Joseph John, 495, 259 Sullivan, Michael Kipp, 445, 311 Sullivan, Peggy Sue, 495, 210 Sullivan, Robert Dook, 477, 259 Sullivan, Samuel Tardy, 495, 291 Summerhill, Janice Louise, 495, 227 Summers, Connie Lynn, 495, 220 Summers, John Beaty, 421 Summerville, William Douglas, 445, 293 Sumner, James Warren, 462 Sunderman, Ronald E., 445 Surratt, William Sam, 462, 230 Sutherlan, Catherine Ann, 477, 259 Sutherlin, Diann. 477, 259 Sutton, Glenn Edwin, 462, 259 Svinelid, Inger, 495, 220 Swaim, Sherry Kay, 495 Swan, JoAnn Marie, 477 Swann, Phillip ' Michael, 445, 307 Swatzel, Jerry Joe, 477, 259 Swearingen, Larry Charles, 477 Swearingen, Sur, 421, 279 Sweeney, Mary Rosa, 445 Sweet, Jan Louise, 495, 210 Swink, Brenda K., 477, 272 Seitzer, Bruce D., 424 Sydoriak, Diane Elaine, 445, 213 Szmyd, Johnny H., 477 T Tabor, Elizabeth Jane, 495, 220 Tacker, Gerald Winfred, 445 Tackett, Edward Otho, 445 Taff, Kenneth Lee, 445 Talbert, Janice Marie, 445, 271 Talburt, John Randolph, 421 Tallent, Richard Aron, 477, 284 507 Tannehill, Mike, 495, 238 Tanner, Charles David, 477, 259 Tanner, James Jerrel, 445, 312 Tansacha, Kampon, 462 Tarkington, Alice J., 493, 220 Tarkington, Dennis Wayne, 477, 283 Tarpley, Gary Edwin, 462, 51 Tarpley M. Sue, 462, 279 Thatcher, Susan Jane, 495, 210 Tate, Junior A., 495 Tate, Phillip Allan, 445 Tatman, Sharon Plo, 445, 275 Tatum, Allyn Carr, 424 Tatum, Betty Wood, 495, 227 Tatum, Kaye Frances, 421 Tatum, Susan Louise, 477, 276 Tau, Beta Pi 352 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tauer, Tom Robert, 495, 238 Taylor, Barksdale H., 496, 51 Taylor, Cha rmaine Regina, 477, 227 Taylor, Cindy Lee, 477, 264 Taylor, David Strong, 424 Taylor, Elza Dwight, 477 Taylor, Eugenia Lee, 496, 220 Taylor, Garner Lee, 424 Taylor, James Dennis, 477, 241 Taylor, Jeffrey Lynn, 477, 275 Taylor, Jes9e, 424 Taylor, John Richard, 462 Taylor, Joseph David, 445 Taylor, Lyla A., 477, 259 Taylor, Margaret Kay, 462, 227 Taylor, Marsha Faye, 445, 223 Taylor, Rebecca Carol, 496, 210 Taylor, Ronnie Stuart, 462, 294 Taylor, Thomas Mills, 462, 234 Taylor, W. Randy, 462, 245 Taylor, William David, 496, 238 Tays, Nancy Lee, 477, 259 Teague, Kenny Morris, 445 Teague, Lajuana Beth, 495, 220 Teague, Randalyn Elizabeth, 477, 259 Teague, Stephen Blain, 477, 51 Teeter, Milton Price, 462 Tehan, Robert Edward, 477, 259 Temple, Becky, 462, 213 Temple, Mary Kay, 496 Teng, Yao-Chung, 421, 231 Tennant, John Lawrence, 477, 291 Tenni9on, William Craig, 496, 300 Terrell, Dixie Carol, 445, 276 Terrell. Sarita Sue, 496, 220 Terry, Elizabeth Kilbury, 462, 272 Teters, Mary Norryn, 477, 227 Tevebaugh, Garry H., 477 Tharel, Janice Lynn, 462 Tharel, Kent Lash, 477 Tharel, Lance Moreu, 445 Thayer, Bryan, 496, 220 Theta Tau Thielemier, Patricia Ann, 477, 259 Thigpen, Benny, 496, 238 Thomann, Ralph Marion, 445 Thomas, Cynthia Ann, 496 Thomas, David Conway, 478, 304 Thomas, Dyanna Kay, 478, 259 Thomas, Eliza Jane, 446, 279 Thomas, George L., 462, 234 Thomas, Harold Lindell, 445 Thomas, Karl Theodore, 478 Thomas, Laura Teresa, 496, 220 Thomas, Linda Louise, 462 Thomas, Mark Fariss, 478, 259 Thomas, Mary 462, 213 Thomas, Mary Lynn, 496, 220 Thomas, Nathaniel, 496, 238 Thomas, Rouben Reid, 421 Thomas, Richard Lee, 462, 311 Thomas, Roger E., 496, 238 Thomas, Sandra LaVerne, 478, 259 Thomas, William Miles, 478, 241 Thomason, Donna Geneve, 496, 220 Thomasson, David Lee, 445 Thompson, Apryl, 496, 220 Thompson, Betty Bowen, 478, 263 — Thompson, Billie Joe, 478, 299 Thompson, C., 462, 276 Thompson, Carolyn Louise, 421 Thompson, Celia Janet, 462, 267 Thompson, Charles A., 496, 308 Thompson, Connie Jean, 445, 223 Thompson, Dale Edward, 462, 243 Thompson, David Deland, 478 Thompson, Donald Merrell, 424 Thompson, Edward C.. 462, 259 Thompson, Glenn Albert, 462, 241 Thompson, Henry Howard, 445 Thompson, Howell M.. 478 Thompson, James Christopher, 462 Thompson, John Clifford, 462, 293 Thompson, Lewis E., 496, 291 Thompson, Lynda Rose, 478, 223 Thompson, Jarjorie Dupuy, 462, 259 Thompson, Mary Reid, 446, 272 Thompson, Paul David, 478 Thompson, Thomas Tell, 496, 238 Thompson, Van, 421 Thomson, George Thomas, 462 Thomson, Judy Carol, 496, 210 Thomson, Mary Katherine, 478 Thorn, Charles Thomas, 446 Thorne, Mark W., 496, 51 Thornton, Charles Thomas, 496, 451 Thornton, Frederick Reed, 462 Thornton, Jame9 L., 478 Thrakkill, Gary L., 446 Thrasher, Rebecca Ann, 462 Thrasher, Pearl Elaine Octav- ia, 496, 227 Thurman, Suzanne, 496, 210 Threet, Carolyn Sue, 496 Thurston, Carol Suzanne, 478, 259 Tiffee, Ronald Clarence, 446 Tilley, Linda Kay, 478, 227 Timlin, Tori Jeanette, 478, 268 268 Timmons, Nancy B., 478, 227 Tinsley, Michael F., 478 Tip ' pin, Annette Irene, 4y6, 220 Tippxns, Wanda Susan, 478, 213 Tipton, Jackie Carl, 446 Tipton, Rene, 478, 259 Tirman, Claude Robert, 478, 291 Tisdale, Linda Kay, 478 Titsworth, Carolyn Jayne, 496, 220 Todd, Terry Juan, 462 Toland, John David, 496, 238 Toll, Barbara, 478, 263 Tollett, Edward Truman, 446 Tollett, Vergil Edwin, 421 Tolley, Maryann, 446 Tompkins, Paul O., 446 Toms, Barbara Lee, 478 Toombs, George Robert, 446, 234 Toon, Becky Jane, 496, 210 Topliff, Marguerite Ann, 462, Z23 Torok, Mary Margaret, 446, 272 Torrence, Rufus Joseph, 496, 51 Townsend, Nancy Eleanor, 446 Townsend, Stanley Allen, 462, 300 Trafford, John David, 421 Trail, Robert B., 421 Trammel, Robert Lee, 421, 294 Trammell, Sally R., 446, 272 Trantham, Carmen, 496, 215 Trantham, Tommy G., 446, 294 Trapani, Sheila Ann, 478, 264 Trauth, Stanley El wood, 478 Traveler 72-75 Tx-eadway, Cynthia Ann, 478, 259 Treat, Bob G., 462 Treat, Carlos D., 462 Treat, Jim Dale, 478, 234 Treat, William Arthur, 496, 238 Treece, Jan, 462, 259 Treece, Joanne, 478, 227 Tremble, Nancy Lee, 446, 276 Trepton, Diana Lynn, 496, 221 Trice, Frank Abbott, 424 Trice, James Dean, 496, 304 Trice, William Henry, 446, 283 Trickey, Frederick T., 478, 259 Troeger, Robert Edward, 446 Trotter, Nancy Susan, 496, 221 True, John David, 478, 311 Trussell, Linda Sue, 478, 213 Trusty, Donna J., 478, 268 Trusty, Glynn, 478, 241 Tucker, Frederic C., 478 Tucker, Gerald Wayne 446 Tucker, James Ragan, 478, 308 Tucker, Phyllis Ann, 478, 279 Tucker, Robert Lewis, 496, 291 Tucker, Shirley Jane, 496, 221 Tugwell, Donnie Royce, 462, 234 Tullgren, Caryl M., 478 Tullgren, Christy Sven, 446 Tullgren, Stephen M., 462, 243 Turk, Henry Rush, 478, 291 Turnage, Donald Alton, 478, 259 Turner, Ella Victoria, 421 Turner, James Burr, 478 Turner, James Ethridge, 421 Turner, Lawson Withers, 462, 303 Turner, Marilyn Jean, 496, 221 Turner, Marsha Ann, 496, 210 Turner, Nathan Bruce, 446, 259 Turner, Ralph Edward, 496, 308 Turner, Susan Jane, 462, 259 Turner, Terry Joseph, 462, 291 Turo, Matthew Dennis, 462, 234 Tuttle, Larry David, 462 Tweedle, Joe Charles, 462 Twiehaus, Mary Beth, 497, 210 Tyler, Carole Anne, 497, 221 Tyler, Byron Drew, 446 Tyra, John William, 446 Tyra, Raymond E., 424 Trone, David E., 446, 293 Tyrone, David E., 446, 293 446, 279 Tyrone, Linda Gail Burroughs u U-Arkettes, 365 Uberman, Jan, 497, 221 Udouj, Anne Frances, 462, 279 Umberson, Carolyn Sue, 497, 221 Underwood, Allen Keith, 478 U of A Concert Band, 366-67 University Fayetteville Sym¬ phony Oi-chestra Upton, Mavis Ann, 446, 263 Upton, Pam, 478, 271 Uptoy, Gary Paul, 462, 259 Utter, Layman Ray, 446 y VanBebber, John Gregory, 497 VanBrunt, Omer Gerald., 497 241 VanBuskirk, Ronald E., 446, 241 Vancuren, Helen, 462, 227 Vandeberg, Michael Robert, 478, 259 VanEaton, Mary Ellen, 446, 276 Vanglider, Dennis Earl, 497, 238 VanGinhoven, Charles, 446 VanGinhoven, Johan, 446 VanHook, George Ellis, Jr., 478, 259 VanMeter, Karen M., 497, 227 VanMeter, Richard Lawrence, 446, 311 Vann, Cheryl Ann, 478, 259 Van Schaik, Edward John, 497 Van Schaik, Tom Peter, 462, 234 Vantine, Kenneth Konrad, 497 Vass, Elizabeth Ann, 497, 210 Vasser, Albert Glenn, 462 Vaughan, John C., 478 Vaughan, Terry Lewis, 497, 308 Vaught, Sondra Kay, 462 Velez, Louis Duane, 497, 238 Vawter, E. A., 462 Verhage, Terry Robert, 497, 238 Vernon, Bill Alan, 446 Verrill, Philip Richard, 446, 303 Vest, Bill Mac, 478 Vest, Jimmie D., 421 Vest, Larry Carl, 421 Vest, Terence Stephen, 497, 284 Vester, David Eugene, 446 Vester, Eugene William, Jr., 478, 304 Vice, Mary Evelyn, 497, 221 Vick, Gary Cole, 497 Vickers, Merry Hardin, 221 Vignes, Yolanda G., 221 Villani, Frank J., 421 Villani, Loretta A., 446 Vincent, John Allen, 462 Vincent, Pamela Rene, 478, 263 Vines, Donald R., 421 Vines, Dwight Theodore, 446 Vinson, Bryant Finley Jr., 478, 291 Vinson, Joe A., 462, 241 Vinson, John Francis, 478 Vinson, Robei-t E., 478 Vinson, Ronald Gene, 497 Vogler, William Orrin, 497 Voigtmann, Carol Lee, 462, 223 Volk, John Keith, 478, 259 VonHatten, Mary Lynn, 497, 221 VonMiller, Corwin Cleveland, 497, 241 VonSeggern, Sylvia Eustacia, 497, 221 Voss, Carl, 497 Vozel, Frank, 478 w Wade, Nancy V.. 478, 263 Wade, Sandra Kay, 478, 259 Waddell, James Eugene, 497, 284 Waddell, Vickie Lynn. 49 7, 210 Wagner, Lola Jean, 462, 213 Waits, James B., 478 Waits, Larry Keg, 487, 51 Wakugawa, Masahide, 478, 243 Walden, James Earl, 462, 241 Walden, Rebecca Ann, 446, 259 Waldo, Nancy Carol, 478, 227 Walk, Susan Elaine, 446,. 267 Walker, Annie L., 478, 259 Walker, Carol Ann, 462, 279 Walker, Carolyn Benet, 497, 221 Walker, Charles William, 478, 241 Walker, Eddie Haywood, 497, 51 Walker, Edwin B., 446, 303 Walker, James Wilson, 497, 291 Walker, Juanita Jeanne, 478, 271 Walker, Larry J., 462 Walker, Leonard Norman, 462, 311 Walker, Linda, 478, 267 Walker, Linda Kathryn, 446, 275 Walker, Michael Lynn, 478 Walker, Nancy Lou, 421 Walker, Norman Dean, 462 Walker, Robert Eugene, 492, 51 Walker, Thomas Benton, 497, 300 Walker, Tom Whit, 478, 294 Walker, Tommy E., 178 Walker, Virginia Lee, 478, 259 Walker, William Andrew, 462 Walker, William Claud, 446 Walkup, Sharon Ann, 462, 21-5 Wallace, Denice Ann, 497,_ 210 Wallace, James W., 446 Wallace, Thomas R., 446, 303 Waller, Cheryl Ann, 462, 259 Waller, Marlin Larry, 462 Wallis, Jimmy D., 478 Walrod, Jerry Wayne, 462 Walsh, Pamela Sue, 446, 279 Walters, Deborah Carolyn, 497, 221 Walters, Robert Lee, 478, 51 Walton, Jim Carr, 478, 293 Walton, Kathy, 446, 279 Walton, 497, 51 Walton, Patricia Gail, 497, 210 Walton, Thomas Campbell, 497, 299 Wanger, Fred Rossner, 478, 303 Wann, Garry Sullivan, 421 Ward, H. Lee, 446, 259 Ward, James E., 478, 259 Ward, Joseph Stephen, 497, 238 Ward, Kenneth Blass, 478 Ward, Larry Bradley, 446 Ward, Linda Sue, 497, 227 .... Ward, Margaret Fay, 462, 213 Ward, Peggy Ann, 478 Ward, Sandra Elizabeth, 478, 279 Ward, Susan Anice, 497, 210 Ward, Susan Kay, 462, 276 Ward, Suzanna, 497, 210 Warden, Leonard Goodloe, 462, 308 Wardlaw, Martha Gail, 462, 263 Warner, Sue Ann. 497, 221 Warnock, Carol Elizabeth, 446, 264 Warnock, Gerald Wayne, 462 Warr, Michael V., 462, 293 Warren, John C., 478, 230 Warren, Michael V., 462, 293 Warren, Patricia Ann, 497, 221 Warren, Sharon Diane, 478, 227 Warrick. Alan, 478, 300 Warriner, Joan Kitchener, 446, 291 Warrington, Eddie Lee, 446, 299 Warrington, Scott Jamison, 446 Warson, Richard Melvern, 462 Wasem, Jacquie Marie, 478, 271 Washington, Fredy L., 462, 299 Washington, Jeanine Cecil, 462 Washington, Lloyd, 478, 241 Wasson, Pamela, 478, 276 Waters, James David, 497, 238 Watkins, Gary Donovan, 462, 243 Watkins, John William, 446, 243 Watkins, Neil Wayne, 462 Watkins, Shirley Lee, 497 Watson, Dan Caldwell, 462, 304 Watson, Dennis K., 497, 51 Watson, Dudley Howell, 462, 234 Watson, Helen Ruth, 478, 213 Watson, John Michael, 462, 293 Watson, John William, 497, 288 Watson, Katherine Lindwey, 446, 267 Watson, Linda Carol, 462, 213 Watson, Otis Selby, 497 Watson, Teresa, 497, 221 Watt, Sarah M., 462. 267 Watton, Michael Wade, 462, 259 Watts, Deborah Anneke, 478 Watts, John Robert, 462 Watts, Marellen, 497, 221 Watts, Theotis, 497, 238 Watts, Vicki Lynn, 497, 221 Watts, Victoria Alcie, 478, 259 Waymon, Anne Dean, 446 Waymire, Harold W., 447 Weatherly, Gloria Marie, 462, 213 Weathers, Konnie M., 462, 264 Weathers, Larry Wayne, 478, 287 ,,- Weathers, Yvonne Othell, 497, 221 Weaver, Ann, 497, 210 Webb, Alan John, 478 Webb, Brenda Kay, 478 Webb, Jerry Edward, 421 Webb, Mary Carolyn, 478, 275 Webb, Phyliss Ann, 478, 213 Webb, Randall Wayne, 478 Webb, Suzanne, 462, 268 Webb, Susan Jeanne, 497 Webb, Theta Jean, 497, 227 Weeks, Leslie Jo, 497, 221 Weems, Thomas Allen, 497, 51 Weindorf, Dana A., 462 Weis, Anita, 497, 221 Weibern, Wendell, H., 497 Welcher, Louis Ray, 463 Wellons, William E., 497, 304 Wells, Elizabeth Ann, 497, 210 Wells, Milton Clarisson, 447 Welty, Patricia Coulter, 463, 275 j Wennerstrom, John Edward, 478 Wertz, Millicent Cecile, 497, 227 Wesley, Charlie, 497, 51 Wesson, Kathleen Barden, 447 West, David Lawrence, 463, 243 West, Jack David, 478, 291 West, Kari Michele, 497, 227 West, Leon, 447, 285 West, Mary Carol, 478, 213 West, Melvis Cerde, 463, 241 West, Sidney Edward, 421, 231 Westbrook, Cynthia Fussell, 497 Westbrook, Owen Edward, 463, 243 Westmoreland, David Kirby 478, 304 Westmoreland, Robert N., 463 Wheat, Dillard Dewayn, 497, 238 Wheatley, Kenneth Ro , 497, 51 Wheeler, Joe M., 497, 238 Wheeler, John Wesley, 447 Wheeler, Robert Sherman, 421 Wheeler, S. Patricia, 421 Whiley, Jimmy C., 497, 284 Whillock, Joe Tom, 478 Whillock, Kenneth G., 447 Whillock, Timothy L., 497 Whisenhunt, Jeffery Wayne, 463 White, B. J., 463 White, Betty Jeanne, 497, 210 White, Carolyn Ann, 447, 276 White. Dennis Wayne, 447 White, Esther M., 424 White, James Michael, 478 White, Joseph David, 463 White, Karen Louise, 497, 221 White, Linda Rose, 478, 271 White. Marcia A., 478, 213 White. Mark Steven, 463 White. Mauritta Lee, 497, 221 White, Robert Wayne, 497 White, Ronald Henry, 463, 308 White. Sammy Charles, 447, 312 White, Samuel Scott, 447, 51 White. Sherry D., 497, 221 White, Shirley Ann, 497, 227 White, Vicki Sue, 463, 223 White, Woody, 447, 303 Whitehead, John W., 463 Whitehead, William Lawrence, 497, 51 Whitehorn, Sylvia Lea, 463 Whitfield, Paul Douglas, 478, 234 Whiting, Paula, 463, 276 Whitlock. Sandra Marie, 479, 227 Whitmore Alpha Ann, 497, 210 Whitmore, Jan, 479, 275 Whitnah, Paul R., 463, 234 Whitten, Cindy M., 497, 227 Whitten, Janet Carole, 447 Whitten, Jimmy Leroy, 497 Whitten. John Thomas, 479 Whittenburg Patsy Marie, 479, 259 Who’s Who Whorton, Randall Dennis, 497, 238 Widdowfield, Mary Sue, 479, 227 Widener, Diana Marie, 497, 221 Widener, John David, 447 Widmae, Susan Virginia, 447, 213 Widner, Ellis Louis, 447 Wiedeman, James Larry, 497, 238 Wiederkehr, Garrett Herman, 497, 51 Wier, Benson, 497, 283 Wiggins, Marian Elaine, 497, 227 508 Wiggins, Rebecca Jane, 497, 221 Wigley, Sammy Lee, 463 Wikoff, Lawrence William, 447 Wilbanks, John Ronald, 497, 51 Wilber, Norman Carl, 497, 51 Wilcox, Billy Roscoe, 497 Wilcoxson, Marlene, 497, 210 Wilder, Linda, 447, 223 Wilder, Robert Lee, 497, 238 Wildy, Linna Marie, 463, 264 Wiles, William Thomas, 497 Wilhite, Mary Lou, 463, 213 Wilkerson, Beverly Jean, 497 Wilkerson, Peggye Ann, 497, 227 Wilkerson, Philip, 421 Wilkins, Mary Lou, 479 Wilkins, Michael Clark, 447, 259 Wilkinson, Howard Leon, 463, 238 Wilkinson, Joseph M., 497, 238 Wilkinson, Kaye, 463, 263 Wilkinson, Nancy Caroline, 463, 272 Wilkinson, Rhonda Lee, 463, 263 Will. Kenneth Mac, 463 Willbanks, Charles William, 463 Willborg, Carol Ann, 498, 221 Willhoite, Dana Elizabeth, 479, 259 Williams, Allen M., 498, 291 Williams, Anderson H., 463, 311 Williams, Becky, 463, 276 Williams, C„ Marie, 498, 221 Williams, Catherine Lucille, 479, 259 Williams, Cy nthia Lou, 463, 263 Williams, Dennis Allen, 463, 241 Williams, Frank J., 463, 308 Williams, Gayge, 498, 221 Williams, House Williams, James Andrew, 463, 303 Williams. Jane, 463, 267 Williams, Jeffery H., 463, 234 Williams, Jerry Carl, 463 Williams, Jerry Wallace, 421, 238 Williams, John D., 479, 238 Williams, John Lan, 463, 293 Williams, Johnetta, 479, 257 Williams, Judith Ann, 463, 279 Williams, Kandice K., 498, 221 Williams, Karen Sue, 498, 221 Williams, Kenneth Ray, 498, 238 Williams, Linda Anne, 447, 213 Williams, Linda Kay, 463, 276 Williams, Martha Ellen, 447, 213 Williams, Renee Marie, 498, 210 Williams, Robert Burney, 453 Williams, Roger Dale, 463, 259 Williams, Russell Troy, 498 Williams, Sadie, 498, 210 Williams, Sharon Kay, 463, 259 Williams, Shirley Jean, 498, 221 Williams, Stan, 463, 299 Williams, Stephen Douglas, 498, 51 Williams, Suzi, 498, 210 Williams, Terry Lee, 498, 284 Williams, Thomas L., 498, 251 Williams, William B., 463, 293 Williams, William Hale, 447, 293 Williamson, A. Francene, 447, 223 Williamson, Judy Ann, 479, 259 Williamson, Stephen Allen, 498 Williamson, William Joseph, 479 Williford, Loyd Earl, 421 Willis, Delores Ann, 498, 221 Willis, Delta Lynne, 479, 275 Willis, Dick Ellis, 463, 284 Willis, Donna Sue, 498, 221 Willis, Michaelene Judith, 498 Willis, Nancy Carol, 479, 259 Willroth, Alan Lee, 479 Wilmoth, Connie, 498, 221 Wilmoth, John Alan, 498, 238 Wilson, Deborah Anne, 479, 271 Wilson, Donald Garrett, 498, 307 Wilson, Donnealia Kay, 479, 213 Wilson, Fred Charles, 421 Wilson, Gary Edward, 421 Wilson, Gerald Timothy, 463 Wilson, Jackie Carol, 447, 263 Wilson, James Tillman, 463 Wilson. Jill. 463, 213 Wilson, Joan, 498, 210 Wilson, John J., 447 Wilson. Margaret Wallace. 463, 271 Wilson, John Larkin, 498, 51 Wilson, Larona, 463. 227 Wilson , Linda P., 498, 221 Wilson, Peggy Gail. 498. 221 Wilson, Richard Arlan, 498, 238 Wilson, Ricky Glen, 498, 51 Wilson, Rita Suzanne, 479, 227 Wilson, Robert Burl, 479, 299 Wilson Robert John, 479, 246 Wilson, Ronald Joe, 463, 259 Wilson, Sharon Louise, 479, 213 Wilson Sharp House Wilson, Susie, 479, 276 Wilson, Theresa Ladonne, 479, 268 Wilson, Zelmr Clarence, 447 243 Wiltshire, Warren Arthur. 424 Winberry, Kerry Lee, 4y8, 311 Winberry, Lanny T., 463, 311 Windham, Robert Britton, 463 Windle, Marilyn Tabor, 421 Wineland, Don Albert, 447, 291 Wineland, Pamela Denise, 479, 227 Wing, Connie May, 463 Wingard, James William, 447 Wingert, Stanley Joe, 447, 284 Wingfield, Steve R., 479, 308 Wingo, Adrian Glen, 479, 259 Winn, Carol Anne, 498, 221 Winn, James W., 463, 259 Winningham Barry Lynn, 498 Winningham, James Mitchell, 498, 51 Winningham, Ronald L., 424, 287 Winsor, Truman Clark Thomas, 463 Winston, Winston Roy, 498, 51 Winters, Gary Paul, 479, 259 Winton, Gary, 447 Wisdom, Pamela Jo, 498, 215 Wisnef, Jennifer Len, 498, 210 Witcher, Dwight Leo, 479, 288 Witherington, Bobby J., 447 Witherow, Keith. 479 Withers, Larry E, 421 Witherspoon, Valerie, 498, 221 Will, Virginia A., 447, 213 Wolf, Arthur Allen, 498, 299 Wolfe, Madeline Kaye, 498, 221 Wolfe, Richard Hampton, 498, 304 Wommack, Richard L.. 498 Wong, Al-Ping, 447, 227 Wood, Barbara Ann, 479, 213 Wood, Daniel Hugh, 479, 293 Wood, Forrest Michael, 498, 299 Wood, James Henry, 421 Wood, Judith Sample, 479, 259 Wood, Judy, 498, 227 Wood, Linda Tereas, 479, 259 Wood Patsy Elaine, 498, 221 Wood, Susan Permelia, 463, 276 Wood, Wendy Lynn, 447, 264 Woodard, Debby, 479, 276 Woodard, Virginia L., 498, 227 Woodcock, Terry Dean, 447 Woodell, Billie, 479, 227 Woodell, Jean Molan, 463, 276 Woodell, Lloyd J., 479, 259 Woodford, William J., 447, 234 Woodruff, Arlon, 463 Woodruff, Olivia Jean, 479, 259 Woodruff, Susan Valerie, 498, 221 Woodruff, Tereas Lynn, 498, 227 Woods, Donnie S., 498 Woods, Evelyn Virginia, 498 Woods, Janice Adrian, 447, 279 Woodson, Cindy C., 447, 263 Woodson, James Harold, 421 Woodward, Douglas F., 479, 259 Woodward, Sharon A., 479, 259 Woody, Dwight, Randall, 479 Wooldridge, Staley French, 498, 61 Woolley, Katherine Christal, 498, 227 Woolly, David Allen, 498, 238 Wootton, Aubrey Wayne, 498, 238 Work, Lucian Edward, 421, 231 Workman, Charlene, 498, 227 Works, Tully M.. 498, 300 Wormington, Casandra Sheri¬ dan Nell, 463, 213 Worthen, Ronald Eugene, 424 Worthy, Susan A., 498, 210 Wray, Bobby William, 463 Wray, John Edward. 479 Wright, Bridget Jean, 447, 263 Wright. Carol Jean, 479, 271 Wright. Edward Wayne. 479 Wright, Emma Lee, 463 Wright, Larry Don, 498, 300 Wright, Larry John, 447, 241 Wright, Michael B., 421 Wright, Orville E., 421 Wright, Ralph David, 498, 238 Wright, Roger Lamar, 463, 238 Wright, Thomas Joe, 447, 293 Wright, William, 498, 238 Wright, William Walter, 479, 308 Writer, Cynthia Fay, 447, 271 Wulfefuhler, Jan. 479, 259 Wulfekuhler. Susan Ann, 463, 264 Wyant, Jean Doris, 498, 227 Wyatt, Pat Yarrington, 447, 276 Wylie, David F.. 421 Wylie, William Stephen, 447 Wynne, Hal Gill, 479, 269 Y Yada, Robert Yoshiaki, 447 Yancey, Bruce Eben, 479, 293 Yancey, David Kennedy, 463, 294 Yaple, Susan Kay, 479, 227 Yates, Barbara, 479 Yates, Jack B., 479, 259 Yeager, Carole Bullock, 498 Yeager, Howard L., 424 Yeager, Ronald E., 447, 308 Yedlick, Karen A., 463, 268 Yee, Mary Alice, 498, 221 Yee, Terry Ann, 479, 259 Yerton, Charles Edward, 463 Yingst, Lennie Daniel, 447 Yoe, Jean Ann, 479, 269 Yokum Hall Young, Cary E., 479, 287 Young Democrats, 346 Young, Dennis Ray, 447, 303 Young, DeWayne Henry, 498 Young, Freddie Lee, 447 Young, Gary Cleveland, 447, 287 Young, Larry David, 463 Young, Linda Irene, 479, 272 Young, Marilyn, 421 Young, Marsha, 498, 221 Young, Michael Lewis, 498 Young, Mike, 479, 259 Young, Rebecca Sue, 498, 210 Young Republicans 347 Young, Richard Alan, 427 Young, Ronald D., 447 Young, Virginia Anne, 179, 276 Young, William Ronald, 463, 308 Younger, Lillie Kathryn, 479, 227 Yowell, Elizabeth Ann, 479, 227 Yum, Suen Y., 479, 259 z Zachariason, John Charles, 498 Zander, Paul Martin II, 163 Zawislak, Albert M., 447 Zeltner, Merideth A., 498 Ziegler, Brenda Jeanette, 447, 279 Ziser, Andrew J., 498, 311 Zook, Bonnie Elizabeth, 479, 259 Tell It Like It Is • • • At this point it has been traditional for the editor to take a page or so to give his personal opinion about the RAZORBACK, its staff, and the University. For me, it is the second such opportunity. The past two years in the RAZORBACK office have been eventful to say the very least. But, there is no better place for us to begin than the beginning itself. My interest in yearbooks began as a high school sophomore when an old friend, Richard Shelton, ob¬ tained a job for me on the 1961 HURRICANE staff at Jonesboro High School. There, I met my first yearbook advisor, Mrs. Melba Aston, who is basically responsible for my attempting to work on the RAZORBACK staff when I first enrolled in the University of Arkansas. Mrs. Aston helped me continually in high school and I have even had to return to her for some additional aid while serving as RAZORBACK Editor. To both of these people, I am most thankful. Then, if you haven’t heard the story as to why I decided to apply for editor of the RAZORBACK, ask any of my closer associates, they have suffered through the telling of the tale too many times to read it again. The story of which I am referring is recorded on the final pages of last year’s book. Originally, Mike Barkley and I had planned to apply for Co-Editors of the ’67 RAZORBACK. However, through some rather strong campus political manipulation, Mike was encouraged to file for Editor alone, leaving me with few plans of my own and less than two weeks to make a decision as to what to do. Also, I had the same amount of time to prepare my presentation for the Board of Publications. At that time, I had made plans to take a new found friend, one Jennifer Jones, to visit a friend and her parents in Baytown, Texas. I told Mike that I would make the trip and after returning to Fayetteville, I would give him my decision as to my plans for the RAZORBACK. While on the trip Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Jones gave me an opportunity to relax and think over my decision as well as deciding how to go about mak¬ ing a presentation to the Board of Publications when I returned. My hosts served excellent food, provided new entertainment in the Astrodome, and shared the best in conversation. However, I returned to Fayetteville having decided to apply for editor of the book. I called Mike and in¬ formed him of my decision and immediately began working on my presentation. Soon after that the selec¬ tion was over and Mike and I were able to get together and begin making plans for the book with him serving as chief-photographer. During the two years, Mike has missed some picture appointments, but for the most part he has been extremely dependable and I appreciate it more than he will know. After our competition, we have become the best of friends. Sometimes we fight, but we are always able to discuss the problem and work it out to our mutual best advantage. Some people would not have been surprised if Mike had just walked out on me during a deadline when I pushed him so hard, but that would have surprised me because that would not be characteristic of Mike Barkley. He has stuck with me through it all, but has never hesitated to disagree. In the publication section, I mentioned that due to a suggestion by the Board of Publications I decided to distribute more work and responsibility to members of the staff in order to help build a more experienced staff. Actually, in my opinion, experience is not nearly as important in working on the RAZORBACK as de¬ pendability and determination. People such as R. C. Walker, President of Southwestern Engraving Company, Wallace D. Hurley and Walter Campbell of The Hurley Company are able to make up for a lack of experience. In fact, if you could share any percentage of R. C. Walker’s experiences, you would have more experiences than could have been accumulated during an entire life¬ time. There has never been or will ever be another one like R. C. Walker. He and my good friend, Jewel Robbs, share one thing in common — let’s just say that both men have done rather well in getting over their bash¬ fulness. As Mr. Walker put it, “during the past two years we’ve had a damn good time.” I know what he is like now and my biggest question is, what did he do for entertainment when he was only fifty? Mr. Hurley and Walter Campbell seem to come through in almost any situation. If they come through this time, you can cross out the word “almost” in the previous sentence. Sincerely, they have worked hard to see that after including Gaebale in the book, we still get the books before graduation. We are extremely lucky to get that type of cooperation from any printer. We have had our difficulties this year in obtaining cooperation from the staff. However, most members did their jobs sooner or later — the later is what kills you, but then again, some never finished, they simply stopped working. I will say no more about those individuals who let us down, except Ellen Van Eaton, who made me promise to say something about her decision to re¬ tire from the staff. Ellen, I do hope that’s satisfactory. It seems that many students enjoy reading these pages to see who the editor speaks out against, but, to me, at this point it is not necessary. I think I spoke out rather clearly last year. Since then there has been no major conflict that I can recall. Now, let us talk about some of the people who have worked hard to publish this book. I have already men¬ tioned T. J. Patterson, Sue Walk, Linda Young, James T. Wright and wife, Mike Barkley, Dixie Terrell and Ellen Ann Ragsdale. However, there have been many others who spent time, perhaps too much for their own good, working on the book. Right off, I think of Hall McAdams. Hall went through pure Hell getting his section together, but he did it. After being unsuccessful in reaching members of his staff by phone, he tried telegrams to achieve a small response. Nevertheless, he replaced his first as¬ sistance with Nana Holt, Nancy Baney, and Mil Bucan- non, who all worked extremely long hours during finals first semester to finish the section. No one knows, better than Nana, just how much that sets a person back — it will make a second semester pledge out of the best student. Nancy Helms also had rough sailing through finals due to the administration section. However, she worked hard to obtain material from the administration for her section and I wouldn’t call it the most exciting sec¬ tion in the book to work with either. Kathy Walker completed the personalities section with only one major mistake and she corrected that one. Pete Gordy dealt with the military or should I say that the military dealt with Pete. That’s a tough section, if it were not for people like Major Robinson, I feel it would be even worse. Jean Thompson headed the publication section and I must say that she was extremely organized and, as is typical for her, she did an outstanding job. However, I would point out that the color picture division for publication was her idea. Due to the circumstances, I’d pick Jean to be a future First Lady of Tennessee. Congratulations. David Dickey shared Robyn Gannaway with us long enough to complete the features section. Robyn headed the features staff to select pictures and write copy and cuts to add their own meaning to the book. Carol Ann Abney wrote the copy for the features section recording the events of the year that she chose to cover. Pam Scrape, Ann Curry, and Miss Bonnie Jamison all work¬ ed on the features staff with Robyn. Bonnie was usually in one class or another when the section staff met, but she did help us proof several signatures when we found ourselves in a pinch. Ferrell Ervin and Vicki Morgan worked on dorms while Tommie Kay Ebbert and George Dehan edited the Greeks section. Wc had more difficulties, but it was finally finished. Celia Thompson and Artie Gregory waited all year for the RAZORBACK Beauties to be announced. Well, the announcement finally came and Celia and her typist did a fine job completing the section. Terri Campbell began the year as section editor of the organization section, but left school at semester leaving Fred Horn in charge. The communication was poor, but Fred worked hard and finally gathered help to finish the section. Carter Hardage and Blain Heath worked on the sports section. Actually, I feel that Blain did all that Carter could talk him into doing and then Carter was left to do the rest. This was our second year to receive football copy around the first of May, which is just a little late. The index was compiled by Liz Ellison under the direction of Linda Young. We were unable to check the proofs for that section so we can only hope it to be accurate. Well, now it is late and I should close. I wish next year’s Co-Editors, Tommie Kay Ebbert and Tommie Jean Patterson the best of luck. They have both worked on both the 1967 and 1968 RAZORBACKS and to me they are like sisters. They should have the necessary experience and should be able to profit from my mis¬ takes. Needless to say, if there is anything I can do to help other than my typist job, do not hesitate to notify me. Oh yes, T. K. E. you did a good job and did meet your deadline and I couldn’t be happier. I will return next year to attempt to close the gap and pick up that degree they talk so damn much about. Hope also to be able to begin to party now and then. See you later. Bill Ebbert, Jr. 511 The 1968 RAZORBACK was printed and bound by the Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper engravings by Southwestern Engraving Company, World Building, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manufactured by the S. K. Smith Company, 2857 North Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Individual class portraits by Delma Studios, Inc., 225 Park Avenue, New York, New York. Printing is by letter-press on 80 lb. Warren ' s Lustro Gloss paper. The color pictures were printed off-set by the Hurley Company; the four-color offset process plates were produced by Southwestern Engraving Company. Heads were set in 36 point and 24 point Bodoni Bold. Body copy was set in 10 point Bodoni Book. Identifica¬ tion group cutlines were set in 8 point Bodoni Book and individual cutlines were set in 10 and 8 point Bodoni Book. Feature cutlines were set in 8 point Spartan light with heavy. Student index was set in 6 point Century. Color transparencies were made by Michael Barkley, RAZORBACK Photographer. Studio portraits of the RAZORBACK beauties were made by Bob Huff, Bob ' s of Fayetteville.

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