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,1 CONTENTS Administration _. Personalities _. Publications . Military The Year _. Beauties Residence Halls Greeks Organizations Arts Athletics ___ Classes Index Acknowledgments 18 _ 46 - 60 _ 82 _ 98 .170 _198 254 306 352 .364 .414 .514 .528 Razorback Published by Associated Students University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Bill Ebbert, Jr.. Editor IV THE FACES of the UNIVERSITY We have come to college to form a new identity .... To engrave our name on a sidewalk .... To carve a good life with education .... Trying Desperately to Understand We create with sensitivity and precision. We approach the challenge with determination, plunder its riches, and then leave it to meet and exploit the new ones. r 1 . - - Turning from our intellectual chaos, we transform our academic energies into something that also gives us a deep satisfaction - And that is Performance and Participation We compete. And though a score may deny it, we never lose For we have pocketed just one more experience that will help us grow. J III III A Precious Moment is Snatched, and we are alone with our thoughts. Our tarnished individuality seeks light in a place of seclusion. : l, i Dwelling in one corner of our hearts are the refreshing moments of college days. These are the ones that we memorize, And relive again and again and again. fr tf SP||Tl But through our good times and our struggle for depth, we are lonely, and .... Oneday .... Somewhere .... Somehow . . . . We met and we knew. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow with only a dream and the winds of time, we can fleet back these hoisted memories These hours of today . - Division 1 Administration : : . Governor Orval E. Faubus reviewed with Governor-Elect Winthrop Rockefeller the progress made in education during his 12-year tenure of office. Win Rockefeller Elected Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, Arkansas ' first Republican governor in 94 years, is perhaps best known as a cattle- man and for his work as first chairman of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission. Thousands of Arkansans have visited his Winrock Farms atop Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton. When he resigned after eight years as AIDC chairman in 1964 to run for governor, more than 600 new indus- trial plants had been established and some 90,000 new jobs had been created. Through scholarships of the Rockwin Fund and the Arkansas Opportunity Fund, and through direct grants to various colleges and schools throughout the state, Mr. Rockefeller has given millions of dollars to edu- cation in Arkansas. Citing the need for a two-party system, he never stopped campaigning between his unsuccessful race for governor in 1964 and his election two years later. Governor Rockefeller ' s first legislative session was stormy, but productive. The groundwork was laid for sweeping reforms through establishment of commissions to study the State Constitution, the penal system and governmental efficiency. Approval of a new Depart- ment of Administration and enactment of what is prob- ably the nation ' s most far-reaching Freedom of In- formation Act were among important measures ap- proved during the first months of his administration. WINTHROP ROCKEFELLER - GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS 20 Orval E. Faubus Governor of Arkansas Six Terms " I Have Fought The Good Fight . . . " I am pleased to have had a part in the progress made by the University (and Education in general) during my administration. In that 12-year period, improve- ments included the following: University budget tripled Enrollment more than doubled Budget for Medical center approved Creation of Graduate Institute of Technology Construction included: Modern dressing rooms for Athletic Department Animal Science Center Science Center (which alone added 25% to the floor space of the Fayetteville campus) Acquisition of new land, building of new dormi- tories, etc. New seats and new press box at stadiums Fayetteville and Little Rock Best wishes for continued progress of the University of Arkansas. Orval E. Faubus Clarence Thornbrough Executive Secretary to the Governor 21 New Building Program Approved This year ' s Board of Trustees was composed of ten members, appointed by the Governor of the State of Arkansas for terms of ten years, on a staggered basis. Board members served without pay, except for per diem on traveling expenses. Every month members arrived at the University from all points of the state to attend their meetings. They spent a great deal of time away from their own businesses and devoted up to a third of their own time to the University. The Board was composed of many prominent lead- ers in business and professional occupations, including physicians, lawyers, and agriculturalists. Members ap- proved all major policy decisions of the University. All present members of the Board were appointed by Gov- ernor Faubus during his terms in office. The political overtones of a state university were evident as Presi- dent Mullins talked with State Representative Rossco Brown. Members of the Board: to r Earl H. Wildy, Dr. Preston L. Hath- cock, John L. Wilson, Howard Horst, David W. Mullins, President, Robert A. Young, Jr., D. P. Raney, Chairman, Fred M. Pickens, Jr., Roy C. Ritter, and Leon B. Catlett. It Attending all meetings of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Mullins presented his pro-, posals and opinions to the members. Mullins Plans Increased Construction I David Wiley Mullins was born in Ash Flat, Arkan- sas and graduated with honors from the UofA in 1931. He earned his M.A. degree at the University of Colo- radio and his Doctor of Education Degree at Columbia University. He also received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Hendrix College. Dr. Mullins has led a distinguished career in the field of education as both teacher and administrator. Before returning to the University in 1960, he held various positions at Alabama Polytechnical Institute, College of Education. He served as Research Professor of Education and as Executive Vice President at Au- burn University for eleven years. During his past six years of service to the Univer- sity, President Mullins has done much to improve the institution. Enrollment has increased steadily, the school has embarked on a $50 million expansion program, and extensive growth has occurred in many other areas. For the future, the outlook is even brighter. In his annual report, the President revealed that during 1967 a gradu- ate education building, an undergraduate science build- ing, and the University ' s first administration building will be placed under construction. One of the crucial problems of the future with which Dr. Mullins will deal will be " attracting and holding an outstanding faculty, " even though the majority of faculty members recruited last year had their doctorate degrees. 23 James E. Pomfret Vice-President for Business Secretary to the Board of Trustees Acting Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Virgil W. Adkisson. Dr. James W. Green Administrative Vice-President Storm Whaley Vice-President for Health Sciences Vice Presidents Direct Expansion Five Vice-Presidents assisted Dr. Mullins in the exe- cution, direction and administration of the University. They were the Administrative Vice-President, and the Vice-Presidents for Academic Affairs, Business, Agri- culture, and Health Sciences. The Administrative Vice-President, Dr. James W. Green, assisted the President in the general administra- tion of the University. He developed the budget in co- operation with the Vice-President for Business, he co- ordinated campus planning, and he developed and con- ducted institutional wide studies. James E. Pomfret, Vice-President for Business, was the Secretary to the Board of Trustees. He was respon- sible for the financial and business operations of the University. The Vice-President for Health Sciences was Storm Whaley. His responsibilities were for the administration of the University Medical Center, and for instruction, research, and public service programs in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and x-ray technology. The responsibilities of the Vice-President for Agri- culture, Dr. John W. White, were for the development and administration of the instruction, research and public service programs in the field of Agriculture. Through Dr. White the University fulfilled its respon- sibilities in Agriculture as the land grant institution for Arkansas. Dr. Virgil W. Adkisson, Acting Vice-President for Academic Affairs, was responsible for the instruction and research programs of the University. Dr. John W. Whit , Vice-President for Agriculture. 25 Registrar Focal Point of University The Office of the Registrar was the focal point for all academic objectives of the University. General rules and regulations were not formulated in this department, but were applied and enforced by it. It was the respon- sibility of this Office, for example, to require that each graduate have credit for courses in American History and Junior English. The duties of the Registrar were divided into three divisions: Admissions, Registration, and Records. Through its admissions function, the Office acted on all applications from freshmen, graduate, and transfer students. It maintained a close relationship with high schools throughout the state in order to articulate the change between high school and college. The Office was also responsible for registration each semester. Another main duty of the Registrar was record- keeping. All transcripts have been recorded since 1871. They have been microfilmed and locked in various lo- cations so as to eliminate the complete destruction of such records by fire or theft. The Office of the Registrar was headed by Carter A. Short. He was assisted by Wally Ingalls, director of all phases of graduation, by Dr. E. E. Lee, director of freshman and transfer admissions, and by J. B. Kellar, director of registration, graduate admissions, and vet- erans. Carter A. Short, Registrar, opened the doors to the University. Assisting in the evaluation of a student ' s transcript were the Assistant Registrars, J. B. Kellar, E. E. Lee, and Wallie Ingalls. 26 ity at for I rules taent, espon- teach listory three ords. wl on ansfer ihigh ite the re was word- 1871. us lo- ion of Carter :tor of :tot of Kellar, id vet- Heading the Division was George A. Yourick, Acting Dean of Students. Anne G. Thompson, Dean of Women, directed and coordinated all phases of the co-educational activities held on the campus. The Division of Student Affairs " - Acting Dean of Men, Frank C. Michel, planned and implemented a program to supplement the classroom experiences of men students. Under the supervision of the Dean of Students, The Division of Student Affairs was responsible for all activities of students outside the classroom. The de- partment sought to coordinate these student activities with those of the University as a whole, through its direct association with all phases of student government and through its operation of the Student Counciling Service, Food Services, Placement Office, Book Store, Infirmary, Student Union, financial aid, and part-time employment service. Student government was emphasized and assisted by all members of the Division of Student Affairs. Participation in such aspects of government as the Stu- dent Senate, Associated Students, Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, Panhellenic Council, Men ' s Interhall Council, Inter- House Congress, Women ' s Interhall Council, and Off Campus Men and Women was encouraged. The Divi- sion desired that student government take its rightful position on campus, to enable all students to have as much a voice as possible in all student affairs. In addition to the above duties, the Division was also responsible for working with all student organiza- tions on campus in terms of student morale, welfare, and discipline. Staffed with many highly qualified personnel, the Division of Student Affairs included, among others, the Acting Dean of Students, George Yourick, the Acting Dean of Men, Frank C. Michel, the Dean of Women, Anne G. Thompson, the Coordinator of Student Aid, Ralph T. Simpson, and some of the best looking secre- taries in the entire University. 27 Assistant Dean of Men, Thomas Wy- rick, discussed programs with As- sistant Dean of Women, Miss Grace Vineyard. Coordinators of Campus Activities " Among the most important years in a person ' s life are those spent at college. Attitudes and standards of behavior are formed, and future plans are made. The Division of Student Affairs strives, through group and individual counseling, to assist students in establishing and working toward meaningful goals. An effort is also made to assist students who have exhibited problems of adjustment so that they might restructure their values, attitudes, and behavior and become productive indivi- duals, " stated Acting Dean Frank C, Michel. In carrying out its duties, the Division of Student Affairs employed many well-qualified personnel. Acting Dean of Students, George Yourick, received his degrees from the University of New Mexico and came to the University from the University of California, at Berke- ley, where he was Assistant Dean of Students. This year he headed the Division and was the coordinator of reli- gious affairs. Assisting Dean Yourick was Dean of Women, Anne G. Thompson, who received her M.S. and Ed. D. de- grees from Indiana University. She directed and co- ordinated all phases of the coed campus activity, ably assisted by Assistant Dean of Women, Grace Vineyard. Acting Dean of Men, Frank C. Michel received his B.S. from Washington State University and his M.A. from the UofA. He had the responsibility for the fra- ternity program, the foreign student program, and all programs for male students outside the classroom. He was assisted by Assistant Dean of Men, Thomas Wyrick. John Shocklsy, S.U. supervisor, coordinated all activities. 28 II Coordinator of Student Aid, Col. Ralph T. Simpson, assisted by Mrs. McAllister con- sidered all requests for financial aid. Much scenery was found in the Division of Student Affairs: for example the secretaries, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Mitchell, and Mrs. Doughty. Glenn W. Hardy, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics, was a favorite among his students and an asset to the college. Agriculture and Home Economics This teacher gained much experience from reading to the children " See Spot run! " 30 Technology Provides Future Food As Arkansas ' leader in the field of argiculture and home economics, the Division of Agriculture played a major role in the economic development of the state through resident teaching, research, and extension. Situated within this division, the College of Agri- culture had a steady increase in enrollment. Agriculture students of the college were exposed to basic training in the physical, biological, and social sciences, humanities, communications, and technical courses. Students in home economics enrolled in either electives or the teacher-education curriculum. Increasing emphasis was placed upon research and experimentation. In the new Animal Sciences Building and Plant Physiology Lab, much evidence of the very technical nature of agriculture was seen. New equip- ment was continually added to the existing facilities, making possible scientific experimentation, such as the measuring of plant respiration. Not all research was performed in the lab, however, for the operation of the farm by the Division of Agriculture afforded additional opportunities for study. With a highly qualified staff (of which no member held below a Master ' s Degree) and excellent research facilities, the education available in this college was one of the finest in the nation. It was " udderly " amazing to watch this cow give her daily milk. Continually emphasizing research and experimentation, the College encouraged instructors and students to use the modern facilities available. 31 The College of Arts and Sciences As I sat there nothing happened. So I concentrated, yet nothing happened. Then I moved and it came to me. Through a wide variety of fine arts courses, the students learned to express themselves in music, art, dramatics and dance. The college with the largest number of students and problems was the College of Arts and Sciences. Under the able administration of Dean Robert F. Kruh and his assistant, Robert S. Fairchild, the college trained students in areas of scientific and cultural learning. The greatest problem faced by the College of Arts and Sciences was that of growth. The staff and the budget did not grow at the same rate. However, steps were constantly made to relieve the growing pains of the college. One of the most outstanding features of the College was its Honors Program. This program enables superior students to study with other honor students in small groups. In these sections, students dealt further and more deeply into subject matter than in regular sections. The College of Arts and Sciences offered a four- year curricula leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, and a five-year curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. With a student increase of seventeen percent over last year ' s eight percent increase, the College of Arts and Sciences will be looking forward to a new building program in the near future. 30 32 Assistant Dean Robert S. Fairchild carefully explained the advantages of registering correctly the first time to an attentive student. Increased Enrollment By 17 Percent Dean Robert F. Kruh, an asset to the college, announced he would resign effective June 31. 33 E Acting Dean Merwyn G. Bridenstine was continually busy throughout the day but always found time to discuss a student ' s problems. College of Business Administration : ' The purpose of the College of Business Administra- tion was to prepare the student to enter positions of responsibility and leadership in the business world. As a member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, the college promoted the highest standards of business education. It offered a variety of courses in the fields of marketing, management, account- ing, taxation, labor, transportation, insurance, statistics, economics, finance, and business education, and the col- lege boasted of its well equipped laboratories and up- to-date library of financial, economic, and business publications. Incorporated in BA were two research bureaus. The Bureau of Business and Economic Research dealt with improving the teaching effectiveness of the college and with bettering the economic conditions existing in the state. Another part of the college, the Industrial Re- search and Extension Center, worked closely with the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission in re- search directed towards assisting the industrial develop- ment of Arkansas. This agency being established within the College of Business Administration was a new ap- proach to solving the problem of state industrial de- velopment, and because of its effectiveness this pro- cedure has been copied by other states throughout the nation. The Center has become a major educational and fact-finding arm of the College. The moment of truth a BA student checked for his final grade. Seniors and graduate students kept a close watch on job placement bulletin boards. Educated Future Business Leaders During the year, the necessity of learning to type accurately became apparent to many B.A. majors, but few males enrolled in the course. 35 Assistant Dean Robert M. Roelfs discussed the many facets of practice teaching with this coed, who will soon be faced with the job. The College of Education Dean Henry W. Kronenberg donated much of his time to the betterment of Education. 36 - ' oday ' s Educated = Tomorrow ' s Educators Under the direction of Dean Henry W. Kronenberg and assistant Dean Robert M. Roelfs, the College of Education strived to prepare students for the teaching profession. The college offered certification in the areas of counseling, supervision, and school administration. In cooperation with the Graduate School of the Uni- versity, the College of Education offered advanced work in education leading to degrees of Master of Education and Doctor of Education. The Teachers ' Placement Bureau was another ad- vantage offered to students through the college. This bureau cooperated with the faculty in filling vacancies with qualified teachers. Kappa Delta Pi was an honor society of special in- terest to the students in the College of Education. Through this society, high scholarship was rewarded. Other departmental organizations included the Elemen- tary Club, P.E.M. Club, the Secondary Club and Stu- dent N.E.A. The Teacher Education program at the University has been accredited by the State Board of Education. The program of the College has also been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Edu- cation. Bewilderment was a common emotion of most practice teachers. These kids were eager to learn all of the " Facts " but, for. some reason, they remembered only the four letter words. 37 The College of Engineering Atop the Science Engineering Building was a radio " shack " where the men went to work and the girls went to " ? " . Always emphasizing research and experimentation, the College en- couraged students to use the modern facilities available. One of the fastest growing colleges of the University has been the College of Engineering, due to the fact that engineering has become one of the most import- ant and most rewarding professions. The University has many plans for expansion of this college in the near future to meet the demands of more students. The enrollment in the College of Engineering increased by ten percent this year. Curriculums accredited by the Engineers Council for Professional Development were offered by the Col- lege of Engineering. Bachelor of Science degrees were offered in areas of Agricultural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engi- neering, and Chemical Engineering. Some students in engineering arranged with the Fayetteville Flying Service for flight training to accom- pany their work in engineering. The Engineering Experiment Station, established by an act of the Board of Trustees of the University, made investigations and studied engineering problems of gen- eral interest to the people of Arkansas. The station col- lected technical data and supplied information which aided in the development, use, and conservation of the state ' s natural resources and which perhaps will in- crease the efficien cy, safety, and economy of the in- dustries of the state. The Dean of the College of Engi- neering was George F. Branigan. 38 . niversity fc fact Diversity s in the .The asedby Council the Col. ees were ial Engi. wlh the accom- ished by ty. made s oi gen- ition col- hich n of the nil in- f the in- of End- Assistant Dean Charles W. Oxford advised one of the few girls in the College on how to get along with her fellow classmates. Backs Flight Training Programs Robert F. Branigan has served the College of Engineering as Dean since 1941. 39 Assistant Dean James J. Hudson discussed the Fellowship Program with a graduate student, who was working on her Ph.D. in English. The University ' s Graduate School Since its organization under the Land-Grant Act, the Graduate School has increased more in proportion than any other school of the University. Since 1956 the enrollment has increased almost six times over what it was previously, and in order to maintain this high en- rollment, plans have been formulated to strengthen the Ph.D. program. This year twenty Ph.D. degrees and a doctor of Education degree were offered. Within the next three years a Graduate School of Social Work will be added. This year ' s Graduate faculty was drawn from the regular faculty, members who qualified for graduate teaching. The Graduate Council was made up of one member from each majr division of the University. Fellowship programs offered to University graduate students included those under the National Science Foundation, the National Defense Education Act, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Humanities Foundation Program. Virgil W. Adkisson was the dean of Graduate School and also served as research coordinator and Acting Academic Vice-President. The Assistant Dean was James J. Hudson. Master ' s degrees offered in the Graduate School ' s program of advanced study were: Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Science, Master of Music, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Education. Dean Virgil W. Adkisson served as Acting Academic Vice President. 40 Research played a major part in the sci- ence program of the Graduate School. Strengthens the Ph.D. Program Many hours of intensive training in lab were required of those graduate students working toward a masters degree in Science. 41 Dean Ralph C. Barnhart contributed much of his time and talents to make the School of Law one of the finest in the country. The University ' s School of Law i i Students reviewed Arkansas statutes in preparation for law classes. 42 Examines Love, Larceny, and Escebedo Established in the fall of 1924, the School of Law offered a course of study designed to prepare the stu- dent for the practice of law, or to seek employment with the government or private business. It also offered a program of continuing legal education to practicing lawyers which informed them of the newest develop- ments in law. Students enrolled in the School were offered a three year course leading toward a Bachelor of Laws degree. They were assisted continually by pre-law advisors un- der the pre-law advisory committee. Many modern facil- ities were available to the student. Included among these were the modern library and spacious classrooms of Waterman Hall. Much practical experience was offered by the Law School through its operation of the Student Court, Moot Court, and third-year practice court. All law students were required to complete assignments in the prepara- tion of appelate briefs and in oral arguments of ap- pelate cases. Additional experience was gained through participation in the trial of jury cases. Various stages of the trial were demonstrated with students participat- ing under the guidance of an instructor. In the future, more emphasis will be placed upon this useful experi- ence and the Moot Court will be more improved for the law student to gain experience. Like all law students, Denver Thornton was a library " book-worm. " Jim Wright, Plaintiff in a Mock Court suit for divorce for physical and mental cruelty, was questioned concerning his alleged adultry. 43 . U of A Medical Center at Little Rock Eat, Sleep and Study were the main pastimes of the students at the University Medical School in Little Rock. Students spent what seemed to be a lifetime, with their eyes peer- ing into a microscope, watching tiny molecules. The University of Arkansas Medical School, located in Little Rock and composed of a completely modern multi-million dollar complex, included the School of Medicine, the School of Pharmacy, and the clinical and practical divisions of the School of Nursing. It provid- ed a 450-bed teaching hospital, an out-patient clinic, and a medical education wing. Research programs were housed in the T. H. Barton Institute for Medical Re- search. In affiliation with the Veterans Administration Hos- pitals in Little Rock and North Little Rock, the med school students were able to utilize the beds for teach- ing purposes. This year thousands of patients were ex- amined and treated. Also included in the School of Medicine were the School of X-Ray Technology and the School of Medical Technology. The Dean of the School of Medicine was Dr. Wins- ton K. Shorey. 44 P 5-- A " home-away-frwn-home " for all med students was this complex, composed of a hospital, dormitory, cafeteria, and student union. Two students, just out of anatomy class, searched through the Student Union for specimens. 45 Division 2 Personalities -- " . Personalities endured long cold winter months. U of A. coeds take a break from monotonous class schedule to frolic in a crisp snowball fight. Student Government Lays Foundation It was a period of transition for student government at the university. Tom Lea was elected as President, Kent Burnett was elected as Vice-President, Jack McNulty as Treasurer and Susan Matthews as Secretary. The four attempted to fulfill the campaign platform promises that they had made. How well did they fare? Some called Lea ' s administration a failure; some said that he came close to establishing an effective stu- dent government. Perhaps it is most accurate to say that Lea laid a foundation for succeeding administra- tion to build on. The Campus Radio Station didn ' t go on the air but the only major obstacle remaining to be solved is the lack of space. Much of the credit for development of the plan belongs, of course, to Bill Keadle a virtual one- man committee. Many felt the same frustration as " Poor 01-Charlie " who couldn ' t get off the MTA, except that students never could get on any transit system (unless they rode on Mack McLarty ' s mini-train during the campaigning). But, again, the essential preliminary work has been done, although some barriers -- finances, administra- tive approval, faculty resistance -- still remain to be overcome. Jack A. McNulty Treasurer of Associated Students Susan Trigg Matthews Secretary of Associated Students William Thomas Lea, Jr. President of Associated Students G. Kent Burnett Vice-President of Associated Students On the other hand, Lea did make some solid gains in certain areas. A long-needed office for student gov- ernment was finally acquired. The discount committee, headed by Chuck Banks, convinced four Fayetteville firms to sign contracts which allowed 15% price re- duction for students. The entertainment committee re- turned $2,000 to the student government budget. Lea and McNulty won an additional $2500 appropriation from the administration. The housing department, headed by Jamie Newton, initiated a survey on apartments. Lea supported a bill in the state legislature to lower Arkansas ' voting age re- quirements --a bill which was narrowly defeated in committee. Some of the major gripes heard about Lea ' s ad- ministration was that there was a lack of communica- tion among all the group concerned with student gov- ernment, inactivitv on vital issues dealing with student riots, and lack of leadership in key areas. It was a year of evolution for student government. Nearly all changing forms of government bring much criticism some deserved, some not. Perhaps it would be better to wait until after Mack McLarty ' s administra- tion runs its course, before leveling in final judgment upon Lea ' s. Perhaps the changes made this year in student gov- ernment will, after all, spell progress. 48 STUDENT SENATE: First Row: Chuck Banks, Ann Block, Martha Bradley, Robin Cash, Martin Davis, Terry Dunlop, Ver- non Dutton, Mandy Dyer. Second Row. Mike Fitzhugh, Whit Hall, Jim Johnson, Peggy Lewis, Bobby McDaniel, Gordon Me- J r - Nulty, Davie Miles, Suzanne Musgrave. Third Row: James M. Myers, Jamie Newton, Allen Odum, Henry Rowe, Joe Sing, Charles Stubblefield, Gus Vratsinas, Tom Wright, Richard Wyatt. STUDENT COURT JUSTICES: Mack McLarty, Tom Burke, Susan Hutton. Justices not pictured were Ken Ballard, Richard Mayes, Walter Sanders, Robert Sheddy. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Richard Stubbs, President; Har- liet Hubbard, Secretary. 49 Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges Universities Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities was the high honor bestowed on 36 students this year for their outstanding contributions to the U. of A. campus. A student-University nominating committee and the academic deans nominated 136 students to be con- sidered for selection. The nominating committee, after many hours of discussion, sent their choices to the Na- tional Who ' s Who. The National Who ' s Who confirmed the choices. Criteria in selecting the students was based on lead- ership, scholarship, and activities. All of the choices are well known by a large group of people on campus and are well respected by the faculty. The Razorback staff adds their congratulations to this outstanding group of students. : BRUCE SWITZER Law; Crossett; Sigma Chi, Executive Committee; Stu- dent Senator, Parliamentarian; Young Democrats, Pres- ident, Vice-President, State Executive Committee; Stu- dent Court Justice; Yocum Hall, President; MIHC Court Justice; Blue Key; Cardinal XX. THOMAS D. RAKES Accounting; Bentonville; Holcombe Hall, Resident As- sistant; Davis Hall. President; 1966-67 University of Arkansas DIRECTORY,. Editor; 1967 RAZORBACK, Publications Editor Photographic Staff; Arkansas TRAVELER, Staff; Board of Publications; SU Talent Show Finalist; Men ' s Sophomore Council; Opera Workshop; SU Talent Committee; Arkansas Booster Club; Collegiate Singers; Blue Key, Secretary; Alpha Kappa Psi; Charter Member Tau Alpha Upsilon. ' sities :owd on ' ontriintions ittee and the ID I con- mite, after ?tothe. a. confirmed wd on lead- " ' : ' .Krt FRANCES M. ROGERS Psychology; Little Rock; Chi Omega, President, Pledge Personnel Chairman, Activities Chairman, District Rush Chairman; Fulbright Judicial Board; Student Senator, Relations Committee; Newman Club, Secretary; Associated Women Students, Legislative Board, Stu- dent-Faculty Relations Committee, Judicial Board, Election Commit- tee; Panhellenic; Sophomore Counselor; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec- retary; Psi Chi; Chimes; Newman Club Outstanding Frfshman; Mortar Board; Dean ' s List: Phi Beta Kappa. WILLIAM O. VOWELL III Marketing; North Little Rock; Sigma Chi, President, Vice-President, Editor; Interfraternity Council; Arkansas Booster Club, Chairman 1965 Homecoming; Marketing Club, President; Arkansas TRAV- ELER, Sports Editor, Assistant Sports Editor; Commerce Guild, Editor; Guild Ticker, Sports Editor; Student Union Entertainment Committee; All Intramural Basketball; Blue Key. LAMAR PETTUS Mechanical Engineering; Forrest City; Men ' s Inter-House Congress, President, Social Chairman, Parliamentarian; Resident Assistant; Resident Advisor; Midwestern Association of College and University Residence Halls, First Vice-President; Student Senator; Arkansas Booster Club; U. S. Nancy Reserve Officer Candidate Program, Captain ' s Honor Roll; Society of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Blue Key; Pershing Rifles; Charter Member of Tau Alpha Upsilon. NANCY A. HURST Speech; Hot Springs; Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman, Model Member; Civic Club; Young Democrats, Executive Committee; Stu- dent Senate Radio Station Committee; Gaebale, Miss University of Arkansas Committee, Chairman; Arkansas Home Economics Com- mittee. Stephens College: Senior Sister; Panhellenic, Secretary; BEB Sorority, Pledge President, Outstanding Pledge, President; Junior Advisory Board; Student Faculty Relations Committee; Na- tional Business and Professional Women ' s Clubs Young Career Woman of Arkansas; Agri Queen. 51 Who ' s Who ROSEMARY HOAG Social Welfare; Mena; Midwestern Association of College University Residence Halls, Secretary-Treasurer; Womens ' Inter-Hall Council, Sec- retary; Razorback Hall, House Manager, Judicial Board; Sophomore Counselor; Associated Women Students, Scholarship Committee, Legis- lative Board; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Phi Beta Kappa; Charter Member of Tau Alpha Upsilon. ROBERT T. HARRIELL, JR. Civil Engineering; North Little Rock; Mens ' Inter-House Con- gress, President; Resident Hall Assistant; Student Court Jus- tice; Student Senator; Board of Publications; Mens ' Sopho- more Council, Secretary; Humphreys Hall Senator; MIHC Court Justice; Alpha Kappa Lambda; American Society of Civil Engineers; Blue Key, President; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsi- lon; Dean ' s List; Pershing Rifles; Charter Member of Tau Alpha Upsilon; Outstanding Civil Engineer. RICHARD T. WYATT Accounting; Blytheville; Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman; Beta Alpha Psi, President, Recording Secretary; Council of Honor Societies, President, Vice-President; Student Senator; Commerce Guild; Arkansas Booster Club; Arkansas Accounting Association; Gaebale Beauty Pageant Com- mittee; Omicron Delta Kappa; Cardinal XX; Pi Mu Epsilon; Beta Gam- ma Sigma, President; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. DARRELL RIPPY Electrical Engineering; Charleston; Mens Inter-House Con- gress, President, Secretary, Intramural Manager; Student Senate Executive Cabinet; Board of Publications; Residence Hall Week Committee, Chairman; Mens ' Sophomore Council; Resi- dent Advisor; Young Republicans; Kappa Kappa Psi Bledge President; Pi Mu Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Outstanding Freshman, Yocum Hall 1964; Charter Member of Tau Alpha Upsilon. ' I -. itlee. Leg ta Kapp : GARVIS M. POLLARD, JR. Secondary Education; Altheimer; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Honor Pledge, Pledge Trainer, Vice-President, President; Humphreys Hall, President; Civic Club, President; Interfraternity Council; Dean ' s List; Cardinal XX; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade, Pledge Trainer, Commander; Distinguished Military Student. G. KENT BURNETT Industrial Engineering; Fort Smith; Sigma Pi, President, Vice-Pres- ident, Rush Chairman; Theta Tau, Vice-President; Vice-President of Associated Students; Board of Publications, Chairman; ARKAN- SAS ENGINEER, Assistant Editor; Engineering Council; Interfra- ternity Council; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Blue Key; Razorback Day Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. I iN, ie, Plata, - !! ' . ' ' . ..:!.:: ( GUS MICHAEL VRATSINAS Civil Engineering; Little Rock; Theta Tau, President, Vice-Presi- dent; President of Pledge Class; Advanced Army ROTC, Deputy Brigade Commander, Cadet Colonel; American Society of Civil En- gineers, President; Engineers Rally, Chairman; Co-Chairman, 1967 Miss U of A Pageant; Blue Key, Arkansas Careers Day Chairman; Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President; Outstanding Senior Engineering Stu- dent; Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer; Dean ' s List. SUSAN HUTTON English; Dallas, Texas; Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman, Model Pledge; Fulbright Hall, President, Senior Counselor; Associated Women Students, Judicial Board Secretary, Legislative Board; Stu- dent Court Justice; Civic Club; Calendar Committee; Arkansas Booster Club; Chimes; Mortar Board, Historian; Dean ' s List. 53 MARY DENKER English Latin; Odessa, Texas; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President, As- sistant Scholarship Chairman, Executive Council; Student Union, Publicity Chairman, Co-Chairman Entertainment Committee, Govern- ing Board Chairman, Central Planning Committee; Associated Women Students, Queens Committee Chairman, Legislative Council; Senior Counselor; Panhellenic; Sophomore Counselor; Mortar Board; Dean ' s List; Honors Program; Lambda Tau. J. J. SCROGGIN History; Morrilton; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Co-Rush Chairman, Sec- retary, Pledge Class President; Interfraternity Council, Rush Com- mittee; Student Senator; Senior Class President; Gaebale Dance Committee; Student Union Entertainment Committee; Young Demo- crats Club; Blue Key, Vice-President, Treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi. CAROLYN A. HALL English; Monett, Missouri; Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-President, Rush Chairman; Associated Women Students, President, Secretary; RAZ- ORBACK, Dormitories Editor, Index Editor; Board of Publications, Secretary; Student Senate Executive Council; Resident Assistant; Holcombe Hall, Vice-President; Panhellenic Council; Sophomore Counselor; Mortar Board; Lambda Tau, Secretary-Treasurer. 54 VALITA GOZA English; Malvern; Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Historian, Reporter; RAZORBACK, Beauties Editor; Fulbright Judicial Board; Panhel- lenic Council; Sophomore Counselor; Student Union Entertainment Committee; Associated Women Students, Publicity Committee, Schol- arship Committee; Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian, Reporter; Angel Flight, Scrapbook Chairman; Mortar Board; Dean ' s List. Who ' s Who i Chairman, Set- inel Rusk Com- ; Gaibale Dance s; Yang Demo- UtbbppiPsi. k n al Bond; Pailel- ' .::.: . ' ... i8rpW; Angel KEM MOSLEY English; Longview, Texas; Chi Omega, Honor Pledge, Vice-President, Assist- ant Rush Chairman, Pledge Class Ac- tivity Chairman; Arkansas TRAV- ELER, Society Editor; Associated Women Students, Sophomor e Secre- tary; Fulbright Hall, Secretary, Sen- ior Counselor; Student Union Talent Committee; Sophcmnre Counselor; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board, Scholar- ship Chairman. PAT ROWAN English; Argyle, Texas; Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Pledge Class Officer; Associated Women Students, Judicial Board Chairman, Queens Committee, Legislative Board; Senior Counselor; Holcombe Hall, Social Chairman; Sophomore Counselor; Arkansas Booster Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chimes; Mortar Board; Arkansas Col- lege Queen; Angel Flight; Phi Beta Kappa. I WILLIAM JUDON FAMBROUGH Agricultural Economics; Cassville, Missouri; Men ' s Inter-House Con- gress, Vice- President, Senate Representative; Student Senator; Uni- versity Senate Disciplinary Committee; Agricultural Student Asso- ciation, Executive Council; Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Blue Key; Gamma Sigma Delta, Outstanding Sophomore Award; Outstanding Student in Upper Class Residence Halls; Dean ' s List 55 Who ' s Who PAM ROELFS Journalism; Fayetteville; Off-Campus Women. President, Vice-President; As- sociated Women Students, Legislative Board, Publicity Committee, Handbook Assistant Editor; Student Court Jus- tice; International Club, Social Chair- man; Student Senator; Sophomore Counselor; Editor 1966-67 Mortar Board Calendar; Mortar Board, Vice- President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List; Outstanding Journalist. i PEGGY SCHELL Psychology; Bauxite; Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Pledge, Pledge Class Scholarship Chairman, Recording Secretary, Ritual Chairman; Fulbright Hall, Senior Counselor; Student Nurses Association, President; Association of Women Students, Vice-President, Roles of Women Committee Chairman, Judicial Board; Sophomore Coun- selor; Alpha Lambda Delta, President; Chimes, Historian; Mortar Board; Psi Chi; Dean ' s List. STEPHEN M. ROUSSEAU Architecture; Fayetteville; Sigma Nu, Alpha Alumni Initiate; Razorback Basketball Letterman; Associate Editor ARKANSAS EN GINEER; Civic Club; Student Chapter A. I. A.; Outstanding Fresh man Engineer; Cardinal XX; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres- ident; Council of Honor Societies, President, Vice-President; All Southwest Scholastic Basketball. 56 . ip PWp, Pledge Binul Quinu; ' ,- ' . ' ' iii.. Pisidat, Riles of HMD: Moitn SUSAN TRIGG MATTHEWS Speech Correction; Pine Bluff; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rush Chair- man, Panhellenic Representative; Secretary of Associated Students; Student Senator; Women ' s Interhall Council; Civic Club; Fulbright Hall, President; Chimes, President; Sophomore Counselor. RAY OWEN, JR. Chemical Engineering; Hot Springs; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, Executive Council; Interfraternity Council, President; Theta Tau, Pledge Trainer; Engineering Council, Vice-President, Treasurer; ARKANSAS ENGINEER, Feature Editor, Copy Editor; Senate Ex- ecutive Cabinet; Gaebale, Co-Chairman Miss U of A Pageant; Amer- ican Institute of Chemical Engineers, President; Outstanding Grad- uate of Chemical Engineering; Blue Key, Secretary; Tau Sigma, President; Tau Beta Pi; Dean ' s List. GEORGIA HORNOR Elementary Education; West Helena; Chi Omega, Model Pledge, Vice-President, Pledge Class Pledge Trainer; Greek Week, Co-Chair- man ; Gaebale, Co-Chairman; Associated Women Students, Director Fall Fashion Show, Queens Committee; Student Union, Governing Board, Co-Chairman Entertainment Committee; Panhellenic. Missis- sippi State College for Women, Senator, Judicial Board, President of Freshman Dorm. Mortar Board, President; Outstanding Greek Woman 1967. JANE HODGES Piano; Henderson; Razorback Hall, Resident Assistant; Alpha Chi Omega; Fulbright Hall, Vice-President, Chairman of Standards, Judicial Board; Civic Club; Honor ' s Day Convocation; Sophomore Counselor; Student Senator; Marching Razorback Band; Concert Band; National Education Association; Mortar Board; Sigma Alpha Iota, President; Tau Beta Sigma, Historian; Sweetheart of Kappa Kappa Psi; Charter Member of Tau Alpha Upsilon. 57 Who ' s Who ROBIN CASH Social Studies Latin; Dallas, Texas; Zeta Tail Alpha, Pledge Class President, Scholarship Chairman, Executive Board; Student Senator; Associated Women Students, Treasurer, Legislative Council, Publicity Committee; Elections Committee; Razorback Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Senior Counselor; Sophomore Counselor; Holcombe Hall, Social Chair- man; Chimes, Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board. rite JACK McNULTY Accounting; Pine Bluff; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President Pledge Trainer, Intramural Manager, Delegate to Province Con- vention, Pledge Class Treasurer; Treasurer of Associated Stu- dents; Interfraternity Council; Commerce Guild, Freshman Representative; Phi Eta Sigma, President; Blue Key, Presi- dent; Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Scholarship Fraternity History Awards. SHARI ANNE MACKIE Mathematics; Arlington, Texas; Delta Gamma, President; As- sociated Women Students, Treasurer, Queens Committee, Fi- nance Committee; Fulbright Hall, Treasurer, Senior Counselor; Student Union Entertainment Committee; Sophomore Coun- selor; Civic Club; Panhellenic Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon; Mortar Board; Dean ' s List; Honors Program. SUSIE MOSLEY Speech Journalism; Mena; Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Board Chair- man, Pledge Class Rush Chairman, Standards Board; Holcombe Hall, Housemanager, Judicial Board, House Council; Associated Women Stu- dents Housemanager Board, WIHC; Senior Counselor; Sophomore Coun- selor; Greek Week Committee; Election Committee; Arkansas TRAV- ELER, Staff; National Collegiate Players 1 0i. II ' ! :, m BURKE JOHNSTON COLEMAN Home Economics; Little Rock; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, First Vice-President, Pledge Class President; Fulbright Hall, House Manager; RAZORBACK, Section Editor; Panhellenic Council; As- sociated Women Students, House Manager ' s Board, Queens Commit- tee Chairman, Legislative Council; Young Republicans, Historian; Outstanding Freshman in Home Economics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chimes; Mortar Board, Secretary; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Reporter. WILLIAM THOMAS LEA, JR. Finance; Bartlesville, Oklahoma; Sigma Nu; Interfraternity Coun- cil; President of Associated Students; Student Senator; Student Court Justice; College of Business, Vice-President, Commerce Day Chairman; Phi Eta Sigma; Cardinal XX, Treasurer; Blue Key. AMANDA WELLBORN DYER Elementary Education; Sheridan; Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Class President; Holcombe Hall, Vice-President, Treasurer, Student Sen- ator; Student Union Entertainment Committee, Chairman; Hotz Hall, Senior Counselor; Panhellenic, Junior Representative; Young Democrats; Associated Women Students, Queens Committee, Execu- tive Committee Representative; Sophomore Counselor. DAVID HARPER Pre-Med; Pine Bluff; Sigma Nu, President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer, Secretary, Model Pledge; Interfraternity Council, Vice- President, Chairman Judicial Committee; RAZORBACK, Staff; Civic Club; Blue Key; Cardinal XX; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa; Outstanding Greek Man 1967. 59 Division 3 Publications Editors Sylvia Spencer, John Dacus, Jon Keel, Bill Ebbert, Tom Rakes, Beth Bryson, Kaneaster Hodges, and Kent Rubens congratulated each other on making it through the year. Deadlines and printer headaches made grades come second as they gave their best for student body. 1967 RAZORBACK Although it is traditionally the editor ' s task to use this page to comment on his staff and book, I was re- quested to describe what it has been like to work on the 1966-67 RAZORBACK. Breaking tradition hasn ' t bothered us up to this point anyway. I feel sure that I speak for the staff when I say that Bill has been one of the most efficient and hardest- working editors the RAZORBACK has ever had. In his presentation to the Board of Publications last spring, he proposed to balance the budget, to increase the quantity and quality of four-color pictures, to use as many new pictures as possible, to change the lay- out of the organization section, to meet deadlines early, to sell extra copies of the book in order to increase the revenue, to remove the 18 Vk pages of advertisements, and to number as many pages as practical. All of this we have done, and much, much more. Never having worked on the book Bill walked into the RAZORBACK office in September with a staff full of people who had never even been inside Hill Hall, much less ever worked on a student publication. We began working with plenty of hecklers and not many well-wishers. However, we got the last laugh every time we set a new record for meeting a yearbook deadline. Bill Ebbert, Jr. Editor Color Dominates an Expanded Book Judy Johnson Associate Editor We always ended up having more laughs and fun than anyone else on campus. If the staff members were working late, Bill treated us to dinner or a trip to the Deluxe for our faithful efforts. This is why he has had no complaints about the low or no staff salaries. We got paid in experience, fun and the opportunity to be on the inside of campus activities and politics. Oftentimes, we felt like we were in a three-ring circus, but Bill always enjoved the show more than anyone else. Some people didn ' t like our show at all. but at one time or another it seemed that everyone on campus, friend or foe, had wandered into the office to see what the latest act was. Some of the acts were pretty funny, like the time Sylvia came in to let us know what she thought about some of our material, but some were down risht spine-tingling, as when Bill had to chase the bus all the way to Fort Smith so we could meet a deadline. One of the best things about this year for us was knowing that there would be another year. Bill is the first person in the history of the school to edit the book two years in a row. This is sort of a bond between us all to do better next year in things like meeting our print- ing deadlines, starting the index before the very last minute, and having better communication between the staff. Yet, despite our mistakes and inexperience, we have a book that we hope will provide you with a record of 1966-67. Perhaps it will bring you a laugh or a tear; nevertheless, " They said it couldn ' t be done. " and here it is. s.w. 62 Mike Barkley Chief Photographer Catherine Matthews Organizations Editor T. J. Patterson Secretary 63 RAZORBACK STAFF Editor Associate Editors Opening Section Administration Residence Halls Greeks Classes Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Beauties Assistant Publications Sports Assistant Bill Ebbert, Jr. Judy Johnson Kathryn Price Carol Harris Jennifer Jones Barbara Lyons David Reutzel Jackie Wilson Ed Ellis T. J. Patterson Davie Miles Kathy Walton Ellen McSpadden Jan Ellis Jeannie Robinson Nancy Blake Tommie Kay Ebbert Joyce McFall Celestine Leding Tom Rakes Chuck Hemingway Phittip Verrill Carol Harris Jennifer Jones Opening Section Editors Ellen McSpadden, Classes Editor; Jan Ellis, Senior Class Edi- tor; Jeannie Robinson, Junior Class Editor; Tommie Kay Ebbert, Freshman Class Editor; and Nancy Blake, Sophomore Class Editor. " Hi ISO,, Hflb Kg Ellis fa] Ken Celestine Leding Joyce McFall Beauties Editors Features Organizations Assistant Personalities Art Military Index Chief Photographer Associates Copy Editor Proof Readers Secretary Sales Manager Secretaries Business Manager Penny Brannon Donna Kay Cochran Donna Dudney Catherine Matthews Susan Elson Sally Sedwick Cllc. Doty Charles Stubblefield Roger W. Giles Sara Ann Stevenson Lynda Young Judy Boyer Mike Barkley Tom Rakes Kenn Maples Sue Walk Jane Baltlridge Judy Baldridge T. J. Patterson Lesse Caslleberry Barbara Craig Ann Curry Nancy Helms Joanne Mailer Nancy Northcutt Sara Watt Hank Weaver Sue Walk Copy Editor Sally Sedwick Personalities Editor Tom Rakes Photographer Publications Editor T. J. Patterson Ed Ellis Residence Halls Editors Donna Dudney Donna Kay Cochran Features Editors Clia Doty Arts Editor Charles Stubblefield Military Editor Davie Miles Kathy Walton Greeks Editors 66 Chuck Hemingway Sports Editor Phil Verrill Assistant Sports Editur ' ' Hank Weaver Business Manager David Reutzel Jackie Wilson Administration Editors Secretaries Ann Curry, Sara Watt, Joanne Mailer, Nancy Helms, Jane Baldridge, and Barbara Craig worked sporadically at figuring halftone discounts, typing copy, and running errands. 67 Paper Goes to Five Issues per Week Sylvia Spencer Editor TRAVELER STAFF Editor Managing Editor Editorial Assistant Associate Editor Associate Editor Copy Editor Copy Editor Associate Copy Editor Sports Editor Associate Sports Editor Feature Editor Wire Editor Society Editor Staff Writer Staff Writer Staff Writer Staff Writer Photographer Photographer Photographer Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Assistant Business Manager Business Manager Sylvia Spencer Libby Ingrum Ann Pride Chuck Hemingway Russell Williams Lina Davis Kay Carson Jerry Cowee Carter Hardage Bill Wright Waller Slaughter Mary Nancy Council Jacque Smith Susan Liles Pete Gordy Susie Mosley Sandy Martin Mike Barkley Kenn Maples Tom Rakes Mike Bowers Wesley Glassell Steve Harper Don Henry As the student newspaper at the UofA, the TRAV- ELER has been interpreted by some as the students themselves. In a sense it is. for it is printed and writ- ten for them. But to the student body, the TRAVELER is an impersonal object which they pick up, read, and throw away. To those of us who have worked on it, it is a very personal thing, which demands whole-hearted, time-consuming devotion. So in this respect, the TRAV- ELER belongs to its staff. The staff who published the TRAVELER? There was Libby Ingrum, who transformed the inside pages from the " vast wasteland " to an interesting, informa- tive section: Chuck Hemingway, a very talented and imaginative journalist who wrote some of the best edi- torials that appeared in the paper; Russell Williams, next year ' s editor, wrote excellent interpretative articles, buttoned every morning except one (for which he de- serves many medals) , and encouraged me to print every editorial aimed at provoking the administration or some campus politician. Lina Davis gets the award for being the most valu- able staff member. She edited copy, read proofs, and kept the staff together. Ann Pride, the " pride of the staff, " covered campus politics with a degree of ob- jectivity that surprised everyone. Carter Hardage and Bill Wright managed to make good layouts, add Sports World, and cover all sports better than they ' ve ever been covered. Kav Carson rep- resented the UofA well at SWJC conventions, and she is a highly competent writer and copy editor. There were others too Susie Mosley, digging up scoops; Susan Liles and Pete Gordy alwavs around be- ing helpful; Jerry Cowee, politicking, flirting, and writ- ing; Mary Nancv Council and Jacque Smith keeping students informed about UA society and World News. Don Henry Business Manager 68 ek TRAY. students " id writ. IVHR tad. and on it. it tTRAV. .| Here ' pages Run, ' articles. ihede. rat wen lost valu- wls. and dfoflhe tt ol ob- I to make JTOI rep- s, and she ;. and nil- i ' i leepin " ' nrlil Nws. Sue Liles, Wesley Glassell, and Joe Jeffery crowded around the Features Desk to hear witty Ann Pride tell how great Reid Hall was, how great Sigma Chi was, how great the TRAVELER was you could just never tell with Ann. Chuck Hemingway Associate Editor Lina Davis Copy Editor Russell Williams Associate Editor 69 Walter Slaughter Feature Editor Kenn Maples Mike Barkley Photographers Carter Hardage Sports Editor Steve Harper Mike Bowers Business Staff 70 At the Copy Desk, Kay Carson, Bill Wright, Jerry Cowee, and Pete Gordy tried to remove all the gross errors made by staff writers of the TRAVELER to avoid law suits and Dean Thompson. . r An Exciting Part Mike Barkley and Kenn Maples did most of the photography for us. Tom Rakes filled in when those two were no where to be found. There are two groups that work behind the scenes, without whom there would be no TRAVELER the Business Staff and the men in the University Printing Plant. Don Henry, Steve Harper, and Mike Bowers pulled us into the black with advertising. Wesley Glassell faithfully mailed papers to the subscribers on time. The men in the printing plant are the most wonderful people on this campus. They came in early and stayed late, and without this dedicat- ed help, there would have been no paper. The TRAVELER staff has been described as being underpaid, underpraised, and overworked. That ' s all true, but there ' s something about working on the TRAVELER that compensates for all this and more. Mavbe part of it is the knowledge of the memories we ' ll have to look back on ... the Salem cigarettes; the secret compartment in my desk; the " No Sex Be- fore Marriage Club " ; the co-ed head; our slogans; " it ' s great, " " it ' s funny! " or " I ' m neutral! " ; the red office; the dynamiting in early fall that broke windows, shook people, and cracked buildings; facing Mr. Blake at 7:30 a.m. when copy wasn ' t in and the layouts weren ' t down; the anxiety over the NCA report being published; and many more . . . Maybe it ' s the memories, maybe it ' s just the idea of working on a newspaper . . . maybe it ' s being an exciting part of our University. Sylvia Labby Ingrum Managing Editor 71 Senate Publications Largest Ever With the editor working the entire summer on ad- vertising, the 1966-1967 UNIVERSITY DIRECTORY had the largest Buyers ' Guide section to date. The money received from advertisers made is possible for the DIRECTORY to be distributed free of charge to students and faculty, making it the second self-support- ed DIRECTORY in UofA history. A profit of over $900 was realized above the 40% increase in printing costs for the account. Probably the only phone book with a central theme, the 66-67 DIRECTORY followed an Early American theme from the cover through the Buyers ' Guide sec- tion in pictures, lettering, and historical notes on the University. Because of registration mix-ups, slow data process- ing, and printer difficulties, the Directories were not distributed until early November. Given to the entire student body for the first time, the " A " BOOK was completed during the summer months and distributed at fall registration. Because of late changes in the copy made by the Administration and an increased number of pages in the book, the exact status of the budget became a controversial sub- ject. With a cover from a fraternity brother and pic- tures from everywhere, the " A " BOOK published all the abstract and changable rules of the University. The student body had hoped to finally get some concrete guide lines, but the administration came through in true style again. Tom Rakes University Directory Editor UNIVERSITY DIRECTORY STAFF Mary Alice Caslon Donna Cozart Madelyn Erwin Linda Eubanks Judon Fambrough Alan Hallum Dan Johnson Wesley Lambert Peggy Lewis Steve Marquess Bob Bobby Me Daniels Connie Morton Cris Pool; Tom Sacken Sallie Sharp Pam Simons Glee Stephens Gary Taggart Sally Trammell Mickey Wilber Williams Kent Rubens " A " Book Editor 72 THE BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS: Mr. Bill Hughes, Director of Information; Charles Mary Webb. Panhellenic President; Carolyn Hall, AWS President; Chairman Kent Burnett, Asso- ciated Students Vice-President; Darrell Rippy, MIHC Presi- dent; Dr. Earle Rudolph, University Senate; Mr. Jess Coving- ton, Journalism Department Head. Board Directs Controversial Year The Board of Publications had a difficult year, but somehow plowed through the major business of editor selections and budget approvals as well as threats of lawsuits over character defamation in the TRAVELER and copyright infringement in the DIRECTORY, editor versus business manager areas of responsibility in the RAZORBACK, and the disputed deiicit on the " A " BOOK. Besides the seven regular members of the Board, the editors and business managers of the four campus- wide publications were allowed to sit in on meetings with no vote, but a definite voice. The RAZORBACK and TRAVELER editors, renowned for their verbosity, dominated the majority of the discussion. As a result, more editorial freedom was granted, and more salaries were raised both for the ultimate good of publications. This year the Board, and through them, the admin- istration, became more nearly aware of the many prob- lems associated with a campus publication. The re- sults are evident in improved publications at the Uni- versity of Arkansas. Ferrell Ervin gave an excellent presentation to the Board for the " A " BOOK editorship, but politics won again. 73 Caught in one of their few meetings together, the AGRICULTURIST staff contemplated how to get more ChiO ' s and AGR ' s on the staff. Above are Bill Grenwelge, Larry McCain, Don McCaskile, Kenneth May, Jim McCoy, and Christy Jenkins. Agri Magazine Circulation Up A student magazine in the true sense of the word, the ARKANSAS AGRICULTURIST has been devoted to informing University students, potential students, and alumni of the activities of the College of Agricul- ture and Home Economics. The efficient staff has worked hard for a successful year for the publication. The students of the college have contributed ideas to the staff concerning the type of publication they desired and the articles they want- ed to read. Circulation rose as the staff put out 4500 copies each semester. These issues went to students, Arkansas high schools, and extension workers. This efficiency has created new interest in the publication for many potential UofA students. Offering journalistic oppor- tunity to interested agriculture and home economics students has been a goal for this publication. Much valuable experience was gained from work on its pages. 74 AGRICULTURIST STAFF Co-Editors Associate Editor Feature Editor Business Manager Staff Writers Beth Bryson and Len Cotton Paula Brooks Diane Ellis Dan Kennetl Louise Campbell Jim Fisher Kay Drennan Fulton Ginger Gillis William Grenwelge Christy Jenkins Kenneth May Larry McCain Don McCaskill Jim McCoy Don Sloan on to stiff. Len Cotton Co-Editor Diane Ellis Feature Editor Dan Kennett Business Manager Pretty freshman Georgia Parker tried to snow her way into the Agri Queen ' s crown, and almost made it. 75 Acting through a non-profit corporation founded in 1947 for this purpose, the UofA School of Law and the Arkansas Bar Association publishes quarterly the ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW and BAR ASSOCIATION JOURNAL. The majority of the articles appearing in the RE- VIEW are written by students under the supervision of a Faculty Advisor. Additional articles are prepared b prominent judges, lawyers, and law professors. The Arkansas Law Faculty is the leading professional con- tributors. Student members of the editorial board receive staff credit hours toward graduation for work on the LAW REVIEW; each article published is awarded a frac- tional credit hour. Students seeking membership must meet grade point requirements and submit one or more articles of acceptable quality. Student articles are classi- fied into three categories, according to length: Recent Decisions, Casenotes, and Comments. Every member of the Arkansas Bar Association re- ceives a copy of each issue, and other subscribers reach as wide an area as from Belgium to Australia. The LAW REVIEW is cited by text writers and courts, especially the Arkansas Supreme Court. Philip Lyon Spring Edition Editor New Decisions Noted by Law Review Donning coat s and ties, the LAW REVIEW staff tried unsuccessfully to give the look of cool sophistication while cutting classes once again. Staring smugly are Buzz Arnold, Johnny Lineberger, Troy Douglas, Joe Polk, Denver Thornton, Larry Wallace, Ed Oliver, Walter Saounders, Richard Mays, Tom James, Mike Mahony, David Cunti, and Dan Harrelon. 76 FALL LAW REVIEW STAFF Editor Assistant Editors Business Manager Case Notes Editors Recent Decisions Editors Legal Institute Editors Kaneaster Hodges, Jr. Tom Burke Philip Lyon Gus Walton LeRoy Blankenship Betty Burke Tom James Bob Broivn Dan Harrelson Kirby Riffel Don Jack Clay Moore I V a i Don Jack and Clay Moore Co-Editors of Legal Institute Issues SPRING LAW REVIEW STAFF Editor Associate Editor Assistant Editor Lead Articles Editor Case Notes Editor Topics Editor Legal Institute Editors Business Manager Philip Lyon Bob Brown Johnny Lineberger Tom James Jim Dickson Troy Douglas Don Jack Clay Moore Bill Ross Bill Ross Business Manager Bob Brown Associate Editor 77 New Pin-Ups Published for Campus Jon Keel Editor ARKANSAS ENGINEER STAFF Editor Assistant Editors Circulation Manager Advertising Editor Copy Editor Feature Editors Artist Photographer Business Manager Jon Keel Randy Murphy Jim Robbins Travis Porter Paul Douglas Lavada Bolt Wiley Christal Steve Crow Bob Davidson Al Hanby Chris Pools Richard Wright Edwin Haggard Mike Barkley Floyd Murphy Published quarterly, the ARKANSAS ENGINEER is the official publication of the College of Engineer- ing. The highlight of the year was the March issue, which was devoted almost entirely to the celebration of St. Pat ' s Week at the UofA. This special issue in- cluded two page spreads of each of the six candidates for St. Patricia. Most of these pages soon became pin- ups in rooms all over campus. Along with the usual technical articles, the ENGI- NEER delved into research projects being carried on in the various departments in the College this year. For the first time in three years, the editor retained his position for the entire school year, seemingly bridging the gap that has existed between previous editors and the Engineering administration. To promote interest and enrollment in the College of Engineering, the magazine was sent to most of the high schools in the state. Again, the March issue got the most results. Floyd Murphy Business Manager 78 Staff members Jim Sanders, Lavada Bolt, Richard Wright, and James Tanner searched the copy for anything that might displease Dean Bran gan. This was part of their new program to keep their editor in office for an entire year. Randy Murphy Assistant Editor Paul Douglas Advertising Editor Jim Robbing Assistant Editor 79 I ! : - Some people liked the PREVIEW poems, but some seemed to disapprove. Staff members Janis Geyer, Ross Mace, Woody Pirtle, Gregory Beck, Caroline Bagby, John Dacus, Tommy Whalen, and Carla Reames also looked divided on the issue. Arts Magazine Combines Two Issues It is hard to talk about this year ' s PREVIEW with- out talking about last year ' s PREVIEW, and if I talk about last year ' s PREVIEW, I must talk about the new- ly formed creative writing department. Let me then be- gin in the proper place. Two years ago Mr. William Harrison came here to teach creative writing and begin to organize a creative writing department. Suddenly, with seemingly no effort, appeared John C. Holmes, author of several novels. Workshops and form and theory classes appeared almost at the same time sud- denly, with seemingly no effort. Mr. James Whitehead rose up from the dark eye of Mississippi, and suddenly the creative writing depart- ment was strong in poetry as well as fiction. Poetry workshops appeared - - form and theory classes con- tinued seemingly with no effort. Suddenly it ' s spring 1967 - Mr. Robert Huff joined the staff for one semester as visiting poet. Books began to be read. The Theologian, Get Home Free, Domains, Southern Writ- ing in the ' 60 ' s, Colonel Johnson ' s Ride, The Course. Suddenly, with seemingly no effort, the creative writing department was established at the U of A. What does this have to do with PREVIEW 1967? Everything! Thanks to Dr. Claude Faulkner, William Harrison, and James Whitehead, all of these effortless appearances were brought about - - with a GREAT DEAL OF EFFORT, and this year ' s PREVIEW was a literary landmark for the University of Arkansas. John D. Dacus John Dacus Editor 80 PREVIEW STAFF Editor Art Editor Assistant Editor Staff Members John Dacus Woody Pirtle Caroline Bagby Joe Jeffery Carla Reames Janis Geyer Kathy Walton Tommy Whalen Gregory Beck Ross Mace Woody Pirtle Art Editor Caroline Bagby Assistant Editor Work by several art students, such as this drawing by Marilyn Edwards, was reproduced in the PREVIEW. 81 . Division 4 Military University units of the Army and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps prepared for inspection and review on the mall in front of Old Main. Army ROTC Prepares Cadets Military training has been an active part of life on the University of Arkansas campus since the Univer- sity was founded in 1871. The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, ROTC as we know it today, was authorized by the National Defense Act of 1916 and is now represented on 240 campuses throughout the nation. The importance of ROTC to the security of our nation was clearly demonstrated during World War II when more than 100,000 ROTC graduates answered the call to serve as commissioned officers in the Army. General of ' the Army George C. Marshall, an ROTC graduate himself, stated that " without these officers the successful rapid expansion of our Army would have been impossible. They made the difference be- tween defeat and victory. " The continuing importance of ROTC on this and other campuses was emphasized in January this year when General Harold K. Johnson, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, in addressing the graduating cadets at this university, stated that " no other officer procurement program can surpass the ROTC for the quality and quantity of the officers that it produces. " Today nearly 50 percent of the Army ' s entire officer corps and about 77 percent of its lieutenants received their military training through ROTC. Approximately 1000 Dis- tinguished Military Graduates of the ROTC program are commissioned each year in the Regular Army. Col. Robert L. Utley PMS 84 STAFF OFFICERS First Row: Lt. Col. T. W. Dale, Col. R. L. Utley, Lt. Col. H. S. Escue, Major. C. W. Robinson. Second Row: Capt. George DeGraff, Maj. Lee Thorp. Maj. Arthur N. Palmer, Capt. James L. Miles. NCO First Row: Sgt. Maj. Alex- ander D. Simko, SSG Eddie A. How- ard, SFC Bernard Contrello, SFC James Cramer. Brigade Staff First Row: Tliarel, Henderson. Second Row. Westmoreland, Smith. Third Row. Casey, Carter. Senior Cadet Officers First Row. Sing, Green, Ardemagni, Blanz, Carter, Scharff, Tharel, Stokes, Johnson, Backus, Bowie. Second Row: Smith, Phegley, Fleischmann, Williams, Casey, Marino, Woodford, Stickmon, Agee, Martensen, Henderson. Third Row. Kirby, Selig, Kendall, Serio, Morgan, May, Lindsey, Stewart, Priest, Vassaur, Morgan. Fourth Row. Parker, Regan, Olson, Butt, Stubbs, Kennedy, Gainings, Reif, Borchert, Yates, Rash, Hulen. t Junior Cadet Officers First Row: Metz, Davis, Lum, Nussbaum, Hemingway, Rob- erts, Coxsey, Holifield, Sherwood, Neal, Luper, Watkins, Mo- dinger, Snyder, Schainke, Pa pp. Second Row: Pile, Emory, Ford, Pryor, Tyrone, Gordon, Walls, Jordan, Neal, Matthews, Hana- han, Bruce, Wright, Finley, Schlegel, Boudra, Berner. Third Row: Ingrum, Hughey, Kenney, Beaty, Barry, Orr, Jackson, Bell, Whitehead, McBride, Whitley, Emmert, Hinterthuer, Coxey, Huffman, Southerland. Fourth Row: Craig, Burke, Wint- ers, Kidd, Reed, Perndergrass, Stafford, Young, Crews, Rice, Price, Daniel, Mapes, West, Warrington, Roller, Kendall, Buerg- ler. Fifth Row: Newtown, Winton, Johnson, Hazelwood, Gollon, Cleveland, Sanders, Mercing, Everett, Hoke, Papini, Bilbrey, Kirsch, Moll, Gillham, Lee, Jones. Sixth Row: Jerry, Barton, Ludwig, Allen, Kirk, Shannon, Self, Pelphrey, Dismukes, Burton, Harding, Kinsey, Landers, Lynch, Orange, McGrew, Howell. Army ROTC Band Drum Major, Kauffman. First Row: Borchert, Condit, Nel- son, Fletcher, Myric, Benedict. Second Row: Johnson, Smalley, McCormick, Grippe, Smith. Third Row: Clark, Joyce, Fletcher, Dixon. Carter. Fourth Row: Alexander, Vacant, Benge, Tallent, Whillock. Fifth Row: Booth, Drake, Goodyear, Smith, Lawson. Sixth Row: Rains, Wight, Leone, Hess, Betton. Seventh Row: Lowrey, Morris, Jones, McAdams, Titsworth. I 86 Pershing Rifles Attend Mardi Gras Pershing Rifles, founded in 1894 by General John J. Pershing, is a national military society for cadets in the military science program. Its purpose is to further excellence on the drill field. Members are se- lected for leadership characteristics, proficiency in drill, and participation in ROTC activities. This year, as in years past, one of the highlights of the year was the annual trip to the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans. Other high points of the year included participation in various drill compe- titions, providing the honor guard for the visit of the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General Harold K. Johnson, and the sponsoring of a con- ference for Pershing Rifle commanders in the Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas area. One of the company ' s prized assets each year is its sponsor. This year the company was fortunate in having a former Commerce Queen, Kathy Kendall, as its sponsor. Kathy Kendall Chi Omega Pershing Rifles Assembled On The Mall 87 Army Sponsors Gayle Clark Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Hotz Hall Sissy McGuire Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Chi Omega Anne Lynn Gilbert Honorary Cadet Colonel Alpha Delta Pi Toni Ross Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Chi Omeea Martha Whiddon Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Fulbright Hall Army Cadets eagerly look forward to leadership lab which is held in front of Old Main. This year something new was tried. Army only drilled once a week instead of the traditional two days a week. 89 Air Force ROTC Trains Leaders Over eighty per-cent of all recent Air Force junior officers are products of the one hundred and seventy- seven Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps sim- ilar to the Department of Air Science on our campus. To attain the AFROTC mission, eight hundred cadets were educated this year at the University of Arkansas " for informed citizenship in an Aerospace Age. " First-year cadets are taught military aviation his- tory, principles of flight, and opportunities of the Aerospace 1 ' eam. Sophomore cadets study aerial war- fare, military history, and man ' s exploration of space. Many sophomores are given minor assignments on the drill field to prepare them for future responsibilities as cadet officers when they enter the advanced AFROTC program. Having met the physical and mental requirements of the advanced corps, the junior and senior cadets, guided by detachment officers, are charged with ful- fillment of the Cadet Wing mission which is the train- ing of cadets. As advanced cadets, these students study the techniques of navigation, weather, tactics, and the principles of military law. Between their junior and senior years the cadets attend Summer Training units for a four-week intensive program of officer training. Following graduation these men are commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force. Colonel Francis W. Nelson PAS DETACHMENT OFFICERS First Row: Maj. D. E. Vandenberg, Maj. M. G. Ouren Jr., Maj. B. M. Bradshaw, Capt. J. E. Bailey, Capt. L. H. Allen. Second Row. Col. F. W. Nelson, Capt. G E. Rose, Maj. W. O. Ramey, Capt. D. E. Blasi, Capt. V. V. Semrad, Maj. E. L. Jackson. NCO First Row: A1C R. B. Tweed, TSGT A. D. Gaston, SSGT I. W. Roller. Second Row: TSGT J. A. Sotile, MSGT R. A. Guess, SSGT J. W. Win- go, A1C G. W. Miller. rs Wing Staff Officers First Row: Mayfield, Baber, Young, Fong, Palmer. Second Row: Clark, Lee, Woolen, Brandon, Tatum. Third Row. Miller, Coleman, Mayo, Rauch, Ritchey. Fourth Row. Weaver, Florer, Williams, Pickard, Clements, Nelson. :LH.Alk .Ifck pt. ter,Capt. Uj! ffU l feller, Senior And Junior Cadet Officers SENIOR OFFICERS (Top) First Row: Meredith, May- field, Baber, Fitton, Kelley, Caldwell, Fong, Palmer, Neunherz, Purdy, Young. Second Row: Castleberry, Wooten, Bennett, Lee, Rogers, Clark, Tatum, Remagen, Bartlett, Wingfield. Third Row: Nelson, Robrahn, Rabjohn, Brandon, Rouch, Miller, Wea- ver, Coleman, Mayo, Ritchey, Henry. Fourth Row: Jernigan, Warren, Clements, Skerczak, West, Rorie, Williams, Florer, Pickard, Lane, Hart, O ' Neil. JUNIOR OFFICERS (Bottom) First Row: Knod, Keisler, Scobey, White, Lee, Neuberger, Abram, Hutchens, Wilson, Tate, Maddox. Second Row: Blecker, Lineberger, Marr, Lindemann, Krebs, Largent, Lynn, Spurlock, Small, Clarke, Reecer. Third Row: Ervin, Rownak, Hudson, Jones, Miller, Keadle, Coin, Carter, White, Burks. Ellig. Fourth Row: O ' Bar, Hill, Sullivan, Crouch, Norton, Fulton, Johnson, Beaver, Lumpkin, Ritchie. w " : ' ff. AFROTC Marching Band First Row. Earp, Meyer, Meroney, Graziani, Milligan, Moser, Hall. Second Raw. Ricketts, Feland, Reed, Townson, Robinson, Jones. Third Row: Mcllveene, Blythe, Husted, Sumner, Adams. Fourth Row. Lee, House, Root, Lonon, Bradley, Hudson. AFROTC Swing Band First Row. Pratt, Bryant, Hutchens, Knott, Hardister, Suber. Second Row. Widder, Boyd, Seawood, Ryan, Lee. Third Row. Kenney, Hong, Ricketts, Jones, Kirkpatrick. 92 AFROTC Chorus First Row. Ef finger, Davis, Reynolds, Holcomb (Accom- panist), Caperton, Calloum, Wilson, Carroll. Second Row: Earp, Sommers, Johnson, Looney, Graham, Broyles, Lee, Windham. Third Row. Steffey, Watkins, Gadberry, Carroll, Kinders, Wil- liams, Oswalt, Almond, Fox. Auxiliary Security Unit First Row: Neuberger, Ezell, Classen, Deany. Second Row. Cumbie, Martin, Cassinelli, Washington, Lee. Third Row. Hurst, Pritchett, Payne, Marenic, Munson, True. Evelyn Bowen, Sarah Sue Smith, Donna Cochran, Pam Simons, Caroline Bagby, Valita Goza, Capt. Rose, Susan Irby, Sharon Tatman, Betsy Peterson, Judy Hersey, Darrah Dismukes, Cynthia Chandler, Mike Myers, Carolyn Freyaldenhoven, Jan Harris, Brenda Drill, Kaye Works, Anny Curry, Pat Rowan. Angel Flight Ranks Top Nationally The Angel Flight is a national organization of college women selected to represent the Air Force ROTC. It is sponsored by the Arnold Air Society and was founded at the University of Omaha in 1957. The Silver Wing Flight was initiated at the University of Arkansas in 1964 by Col. Bryden Moon and Capt. Carl Rose. The main function of Angel Flight is representa- tion of the Air Force ROTC as a service organization. There are presently 120 flights at colleges and uni- versities throughout the United States, including the University of Hawaii and the University of Puerto Rico. The Angels act as hostesses and co-sponsors for many Air Force, Arnold Air Society, and university functions. Their activities for this year include working at the Washington County School for Mentally Retarded Children, Operation Warmheart, hostessing the area conclave held in Fayetteville, assisting at the Red Cross Blood Drive, holding a campus candy sale for the mentally retarded children ' s school, giving a party for the boys at Boyland of Arkansas, a field trip to Tinker Air Force Base, sponsoring a pancake supper for community projects, and sending delegates to the National Conclave in Miami, Florida. These activities were rewarded by the Silver Wing Flight ' s being selected as Area G-l ' s nominee for Purdue Cup, given to the Most Outstanding Flight in the nation, and by winning the Scrapbook Award at Area Conclave. The flight Commander, Carolyn Freyaldenhoven, was selected as the Most Outstanding Flight Commander in Area G-l, and Jan Harris was the first runnerup to Little Colonel and an Area nominee for a national Angel Flight Scholarship. 94 p. V . Carolyn Freyaldenhoven Commander Pi Beta Phi Susan Irby Executive Officer Kappa Kappa Gamma Pam Simons Executive Officer Zeta Tau Alpha Rosalind Holt Administrative Officer Delta Delta Delta Betsy Peterson Information Officer Kappa Kappa Gamma Jan Harris Comptroller Kappa Kappa Gamma First Row: May field, Vandenberg, Mayo, Miller, Coleman, Palmer. Second Row. Keisler, Baber, Castleberry, Scobey, Hutchens, Fong, Kelley, White, Remagen, Maddox, Neunherz, Young, Reecer. Third Row: Clements, Spurlock, Knod, Mere- dith, Rauch, Lee, Lynn, Clark, Abram, Carter, Wingfield, Woolen, Tatum. Fourth Row: Nelson, Jernigan, Miller, Marr, Lineberger, Brandon, Ritchey, Rogers, Bartlett, Weaver, Small, White, Lane. Fifth Row: Warren, Blecker, Skerczak, Rorie, Sullivan, Norton, Florer, Williams, Johnson, Pickard, Fulton, Henry. Arnold Air Society Honors Grades The Arnold Air Society was founded as an hon- orary military society for Air Force ROTC cadets who distinguished themselves scholastically. The national organization was founded in 1947 to " further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concepts of the United States Air Force as a means of National Defense; promote American citizenship; and create a close and more efficient relationship among Air Force Officer Training Corps Cadets. " Membership is by invitation, and scholastic re- quirements include a 2.00 overall grade average and a 3.0Q in Air Science courses. The local squadron sponsors the Drill Team which participates in numerous competitions and public events in a three state area. New members are pledged to this unit in the spring. They are rapidly integrated into the group activities among which are the spon- soring of the Band, the Air Police, and the Air Force Drill Team. OFFICERS First Row: Palmer, Coleman, Mayfield. Sec- ond Row. Mayo, Weaver, Miller, Knod. 96 Scabbard and Blade Improves Drill The National Society of Scabbard and Blade, an honorary organization for advanced cadets of the Army and Air Force ROTC, had its beginning on the Univer- sity of Arkansas campus in 1916 with the establishment of " B " Company of the Second Regiment. Each fall cadets are selected on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship, and interest in the military program. The organi- zation strives to raise the military standards in Ameri- can colleges and universities, to unite a closer relation- ship between their military departments, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of efficient officers and to promote friendship among cadet officers. These ca- dets enter an impressive " tapping " ceremony on the drill field. After being chosen, the inductees must go through a trial period, culminated by formal induction into the Society. The Society meets twice a month to discuss prob- lems occurring between the army and air force units, and to suggest improvements in drill procedure. In this way, the best ideas of each group are available for use. Sheri Savage served as this year ' s sponsor. Sheri Savage Delta Gamma First Row. Huffman, Lynn, Snyder, Lum, Scharff, West- moreland, Neal, White, Roberts, Barry, Fong. Second Row: Mayo, Williams, Johnson, Ritchey, Berner, Stubblefield, Biggers, Tharel, Woodford, Wright, Coleman. Third Row. Clements, Serio, Newton, Parkes, Tatum, Wingfield, Clark, Gillham, Jack- son, Lynch, Reecer. Fourth, Row. Hulen, May, Lindsey, Hoke, Dismukes, Sullivan, Henderson, McGrew, Landers, Nelson, Weaver, Miller. 97 Division 5 The Year Concerts from such nationally known groups as the KINGSMEN filled the year with the much needed entertainment in thrilling Fayetteville. The Year ' s Beginning Rushes In Bonady fried to appear cool, while other rushes knew it was hopeless. Rush week ' 66 a frantic time for the bleary-eyed Greeks and the teary-eyed rushees; warm smiles and friendly handshakes open the year at the UofA. Sororities entertained 370 rushees with ten open houses, four skits ranging from Mary Poppins to My Fair Lady, and two preferential parties. At each, they tried to convince the rushees that " our group is best- " Fraternity men had a surprisingly successful summer rush with activities centering around Hot Springs at pageant time. On campus, members chauffeured 190 rushees from hall to house and offered a variety of " colorful " talent in a hectic week. Bid day crowds in front of the Union proved all was not in vain. As Rush Week closed September 9, 229 women pledged nine sororities while 125 men pledged thirteen fraternities. During summer rush, 165 men pledged be- fore July 31. ' I On Bid Day some boys flew out of the Union on their own wing 100 Don ' t let the one in the suit scare you. She ' s a real good boy once you get to know him. Smiles couldn ' t camouflage the vacant windows on the second floor of the Kappa ' s house. But then, rules were made to be broken . Oooohl That pin feels good. " I have to have a packet, too? " " If I play my cards right, I ' ll get this apartment permission signed before she knows what happened. ' 102 And With It Comes Red Tape A record number of students battled the professors at the Men ' s Gym to complete registration for the fall semester. Afterwards, the 9,976 students literally raced to get a place in the " mile " long line at the bookstore, which is still startling students with its prices. Meanwhile, boys moved into Holcombe Hall for the first time, while the girls got settled in Reid Hall, Hotz ' s new twin dorm. The students kept themselves entertained with get- ting gypped at the county fair and holding daily out- ings. Friday, everyone left campus descending on Little Mock to watch the Razorbacks trounce OSU 14-10 in their season ' s opener. To construct a new library, at the University, workers found it necessary to build first. Across the street, the Men ' s Gym seemed to frown back at registering students. Once you ' re close enough to see these steps, you are only two hours from being $50 poorer. 103 Leaders Organize Activities Campus leaders enjoyed the comfort of Lake Wedington ' s facilities while plotting their course for the coming school year. While freshmen excitedly went to their first classes, upperclassmen had an air of detached weariness about the whole thing. Acting deans this year directed the campus scene- George Yourick took over as Dean of Students, and Anne G. Thompson moved into the Dean of Women ' s place. Dr. Merwyn B. Bridenstine became the Dean of B.A., and Frank Michel moved up to the Dean of Men ' s place. Jim Lee Morgan, last year ' s vice-president of As- sociated Students, was named assistant Dean of Men in charge of fraternities. Off-Campus Women and Davis Hall found out that they had the top scholarship averaged for the spring semester last year. Chi Omega and Alpha Gamma Rho took the top scholarship trophies for the Greeks. Everyone had gripes about the new switchboard sys- tem for the dorms, and the freshmen complained about being left out of ABC membership for the first time. More than 500 high school seniors invaded the cam- pus for Razorback Day and the first Fayetteville game. They and oth er fans were delighted when the Hogs smashed Tulsa 27-8. All year Susan Matthews, secretary of Associated Students suffered painfully from a chronic facial disorder political paralysis. 104 Some people have no respect for position or SIZE. Note sneer at Pomfret ' s right. This picture could have been in color, but Razorback Day was mostly black and white. 105 " Oooh! Quick! Open your sack! It ' s bread sandwich, carrot stick, celery stick, potato chips, cold baked beans and greasy fried chicken! " There ain ' t no " pie " like an A-D-Pi. 1 106 ROTC-AWS Tradition Starting off the second week of school, Associated Students held their second annual Leadership Orienta- tion Conference at Lake Wedington with about sixty campus leaders in attendance. AWS held a mass meeting in the Chi Omega Greek Theater with free food, entertainment, and the girls could wear shorts WITHOUT RAINCOATS. Sorority girls took off their pins and mingled with the freshmen as Panhellenic watched suspiciously. President Tom Lea announced his committee ap- pointments with a noticable lack of Sigma Chi ap- pointees. A unique event on campus, the ROTC sponsor contest, was held with the girls in fine form. TCU hosted the Razorbacks and were beaten 21-0. Generous deans lifted raincoat rule for Fall Festival. Check improved scenery. 107 Typical Weather, Typical Politics Publicity-hungry Lambda Chi pledges swiped their entree to sorority row. And they promised my new fall wouldn ' t lose its curl! President Mullins sparked a campus controversy when he announced a possible merger of the UofA and LRU. Although he gave his reasons for the merger, students seemed split on the question. During the third week of school, women students pulled for their candidate for Pershing Rifle Sponsor, and Kathy Kendall came out on top. The mock divorce suit between Janice and Jim Wright amused students with its false accusations of adultery. Not amused at all with the blasting behind Hill Hall for the new li- brary were journalism students. The Traveler made re- peated pleas for silence, which were ignored for progress ' sake- Throughout the week plans were made for the seven- teenth annual Dad ' s Day game. Mike Thomas grossed the dads out at the Friday night pep rally, but living groups made it up the next day by entertaining the dads with luncheons, dinners, and open houses. How- ever, no one was prepared for the upsetting defeat that Baylor handed Razorbacks with a 7-0 score. Many stu- dents didn ' t even notice the rain as they watched the Hogs go down to their first defeat in three years in conference play. Some wiped away tears, and all UofA students left the stadium in stunned silence. The dances that night at the fraternities, the Roller Rink, and the Shamrock were subdued while students made an effort to have a good time. It was a sad day in Razorback land. Coach Broyles tried a sun dance. It backfired and so did the game. 108 lies k it! curl! Hat in hand, Faubus momentarily re- gressed to his campaign handshake. Some fans came disguised as TV sets, plastic bags, and chairsl Robyn Gannaway shared her cool calm secret with competition Thelma Holland before they sweated it out in Pershing Rifle interviews. 109 Football Spirit Reaches Annual Peak Bart Lindsey and Jim May couldn ' t get dates for the Texas Pep Rally so they emceed to show the girls what they missed. The traditional " Beat Texas " week kept students busy. Panhellenic announced that the grade requirement for pledging and initiation had been raised to a 2.25 from the previous 2.125. The infirmary announced that it was cracking down on giving out medical excuses. The frequent classcutter was especially panicked by this. ABC finally announced their 51 new pledges after a series of three smokers to look over prospective mem- bers. Blue Kev tapped twelve new members, and Angel Flight selected eleven new upperclass cadettes after a tea and two interviews were held. AKL fraternity announced that they had initiated Governor Faubus as their first honorary member while he was on campus for Dad ' s Day. Eric Hawkins presented his company in four num- bers in an unusual modern dance concert. Fine Arts instructors searched diligently for the hands that created the art work in the Poster Design Contest. 110 Camera caught the Beat-Texas Week street dance in the stadium parking lot. Real action was a few feet away. Curiosity seekers turned out to sample the meat of our opponents. Few went away hungry. Coed slipped up carrying the torch for Hogs. in " Boy, I can hardly wait to see who ' s in the parade of virgins. " " Ladies and gentlemen, we regret that the parade of virgins has been canceled one broke her leg and the other one wouldn ' t go alone. " Decked out in their new outfits and calling the Hogs, our majorettes lent their encouragement to the Razorbacks. 112 Porkers Bounce Back Big Two ' s company and three ' s a crowd. Who ' s going to get tost Janice? ir . v- n i!L n f _ iiH B webi ' , Students picked up their spirits after their loss to Baylor by making plans for a long trip to Austin or planning apartment parties to watch the game on na- tional TV. Wednesday night ABC sponsored a street dance in the stadium parking lot. Thursday afternoon, a crowd gathered in front of Old Main to watch girls in football jerseys pass out small meat patties which were nick- named Bevo Burgers, in honor of Texas ' mascot. Build- ing school spirit became the motto of the week. Thursday night was the big pep rally with Bart Lindsey and Jim May supplying the cuts during roll call. Each living group sponsored a poster for a con- test during the rally that was judged by several teachers. Carnall Hall and SAE won the trophies, with Reid Hall and Sigma Chi placing second. Afterwards, a torch light parade made its way to Wilson Sharp House. Saturday afternoon all activity stopped so students could cluster around TVs or radios. After the Hog ' s exciting victory of 12-7, everyone in Fayetteville wish- ed that they could be in Austin to celebrate in full style. This father was unable to control his exuberant son at one of Arkansas ' football games. This was apparently the reason we lost the sportsmanship trophy for the twenty-third consecutive season. A triviality of drinking in the stadium was also mentioned. 113 -. Student trampled by parade of virgins had to receive transfusion. While attending one of the Arkansas pep rallies, little boys had a Big Moment with toilet paper. 114 Election, Concerts Off er Distraction Kent Ruben ' s thumb and forefinger shown with screwdriver, repair- ing ballot box. Some say ballot boxes have screwed him before. The weekly news of October 16-22 was the mock election on campus. Rockefeller and his ticket swept the ballot with Rockefeller winning over Johnson 4 to 1. The Outsiders and Shadows of Knight drew a crowd of 1,755 in the Men ' s Gym for the first concert of the season. Dr. Ashley Montagu, noted anthropologist and author, lectured on " Education and Human Relations. " The IFPC elected Johnny Hearnsberger to its presi- dency. Walter Slaughter angered the cast of the " Twelfth Night " with his cutting review in the Traveler. Round- ing out the week was the Hogs ' victory over Wichita State in Little Rock, 41-0- There were other parades on campus the parade out of the Men ' s Gym at intermission during the " Shadows of Night " concert. 115 A Variety of Campus Events Newly elected Homecoming Queen Bobbe Dykes anticipates kiss, as " Toe " Paul Conners reverted to football tactics and punted. Kappas had an exciting week near the end of Oc- tober. The penalty imposed on them during rush week which allowed them to take only fifteen pledges was lifted, and they were able to fill their house. A little sweetness goes a long way. ODK announced that thir teen men had been tapped for membership, and IFC selected Gerald Ponder as rush book editor. Panhellenic decided to let sorority women visit Reid Hall if they stayed away from the freshmen. The football players selected Homecoming Queen Bobbe Dykes and a court of six coeds, who were all good-looking for a change. Students were generous with their blood in the Red Cross drive with 526 pints contributed. Sigma Pi, Theta, and the Air Force ROTC collected trophies for giving the most. Justice William Douglas lectured to a large crowd about the Supreme Court, while everyone strain- ed to see his young bride. The Razorbacks hit the road again to play Texas A M. Student once more became confident when the Hogs took a 34-0 victory. Witch cast spell to turn emcee into a cull. 116 It has been said many times many ways that the Sigma Nu ' s are stereotyped. But here they prove they are all individually degenerate. If thsy could get the hang of it, they would be flying high. 117 Eminent Speakers Leak Wisdom Sidekick looks on hungrily while Ashley Montegue gnaws on finger. Halloween and the Great Pumpkin brought a cold wave to the campus that made many students wish they hadn ' t left their overcoats at home. Living groups had Halloween parties that featured costumes and apple- bobbing. Who said college students were too old for such things? The Thetas had their first initiation and their Delta Nu chapter was installed as the ninth national sorority on campus. Panhellenic honored the 21 new members at a tea in the Union. Their first year on campus was successful, and no one could have been happier about it. (than whom?) Freshmen senatorial elections were held, and once again, the independent men pushed their candidates into office. Terry Dunlop, Ann Block, Mark Myers, Allen Odum, and Marty Davis were victorious in an election in which only one third of the freshman class took time to vote. Students journeyed to Little Rock for the third and last game, there to watch the Razorbacks stun the Rice Owls, 31-20. Kappa Alpha Theta proudly displayed first initiates in formal attire before their mantle. Rumor has it that the men of Hoi- combe have seen them displayed less formally in other areas of their house. 118 lonce o noil Justice Jim Johnson supporters crawled out of woodwork to watch election returns, then crawled back in. Sigma Chi dropped the ball on Gold Rush party. MIHC got it rolling again with Casino Carnival. Justice Douglas pleaded to University of Arkansas students not to jump into marriage but wait until they are more firmly established. 119 United Effort Yields Homecoming Would you believe next week, or the next week, or the next week . . . ? Happily Tom Rakes finally distributed the DIRECTORY in early November. " Talkin ' ' bout Jamie " the record sold better than she did. Activities for Homecoming, a battle for the Cotton Bowl bid, began with a pep rally emceed by Sandy Ladage, president of ABC. Then followed another torch- light march to the intramural field where the traditional bonfire was lit, as were many of the marchers. Alums were entertained with the colorful parade which featured numerous floats, the homecoming court, and Senator J. W. Fulbright. The game put the Razor- backs a step closer to a New Years in Dallas with a 22-0 victory. Bobbe Dykes, homecoming queen, and her attendants were presented at halftime. Many hours of hard work were rewarded as trophies were presented to the AKLs and the Zetas for prize house decorations, and the Sig Eps and Chi Os in the float division- After the dorms announced all of their new officers, the Student Union Committees listed 44 new members to work on entertainment, special projects, and talent committees. Young Republican ' s were delighted as moderate Winthrop Rockefeller defeated segregationist Jim John- son to become Arkansas ' first Republican governor in nearly a century. Tom Rakes finally made his Student Directories available, and the TRAVELER celebrated its 60th an- niversary. Many people wonder just how much it has progressed since 1906. Homacoming crowds forced some parkers to abandon their cars. 120 AKL was first place in homecom- ing decorations. Court focused attention on Queen Bobbe while Mullins focused atten- tion on camera. Good thing he wasn ' t Moonin ' . Girls always stuffed floats better than boys, but then they ' ve had more practice (stuffing, that is.) 121 The agony and ecstacy of defeat and victory . . . Texas Tech majorette exhibited flair and form which only came with Icng hours of practice. Anyone know what baton twirlers do after work? 122 1 Texas Tech Busts Our Crusts Student gripes about high prices in the city were to no avail. The Army ROTC and several living groups collected goods for Viet Nam refugees. Tom Lea proposed a tax plan in the Senate which would build his transit system and radio station. Much to his surprise, students didn ' t protest. Texas Tech stunned the campus by defeating the Razorbacks 21-16, knocking them out of the Cotton Bowl. The campus was further saddened with news that Arkansas defensive tackle Claude Smithey died, two weeks after collapsing in the dressing room following the Texas A M game. Smithey, a student from Searcy, Arkansas, had been listed in critical condition since October 29. Boy on right paid ten dollars not to have his name in the RAZOR- BACK for obvious reasons. When University of Arkansas AFROTC hosted area conclave, officers thought it was a bachelor party. 123 Frustrated Pershing Rifle candidate prepared to end it all by shooting himself in armpit! Odor hovered over campus for weeks. Construction began on University of Arkansas co-ed dorm complex where students will enjoy social intercourse next year. The Kappa Key said, " T.A.K. " Anne Leesemann and Cissie Ellis looked the other way. The Deluxe was the key to happinessl 124 Campus Marks Time at Deluxe The lilting hand of Richard Brothers led Schola Cantorum in practice session. Class met five times a week for one hour credit and trip to Europe. ' , I The Gondoliers, staged by the Music Department, well expressed Gilbert Sullivan ' s music, but it was received unfavorably by audiences. Cancellation of the Four Seasons concert delayed announcement of Razorback Beauties and disappointed both students who had bought tickets and Beth Wash- burn and Bart Lindsey, chairmen of the Student Union Entertainment Committee. Refunds were offered on the tickets, but once again lack of entertainment on campus became a problem. University debaters won eight trophies in compe- tition against 84 colleges and universities. Bill Ebbert, Razorback editor, received word that the RAZORBACK has broken all previous deadline rec- ords and saved the annual over $800. Nothing makes Ebbert happier than saving money and proving that his staff ' s inexperience doesn ' t matter. Sigma Nu won the AAA intramural football cham- pionship while their friends, the SkiBees, took the AA crown. Holcombe Hall downed Humphreys for the resi- dence league championship. Jf " Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. " 125 Singfony Opens Yule Season Physics problem: Can armpit odor really repel a ball that far? Who ' s Who was announced in the TRAVELER, al- though plans had been made to announce them at the Four Season ' s concert- As usual, there were several sur- prises, but all in all it was an outstanding group. Donna Kay Cochran was selected as the 1967 Panhellenic Rush Book editor. Angel Flighters and ROTC men from 13 schools were on campus for the weekend. After the typical registration, tour, and business meetings the real fun began with a banquet and dance. Dr. Jacqueline Sterner, former dean of women, and Hal C. Douglas, publisher of the Northwest Arkansas TIMES, were married in Washington, D. C. Law students, in a mock trial, used a fake sorority which had violated fake rush rules at a fake university. The satire failed to fool anyone. Debaters from 36 colleges participated in the 14th annual Razorback Forensic Tournament. In other uni- versity competition, the Razorback round bailers lost their season opener 73-56 to Kansas. Anonymous knee goosed Diane Short, Co-chairman of Singfony. 126 Coed primped for parade of virgins. Special guests showed up at Singfony. It was a Mary occasion. 127 After a severe attack of the blahs, this Kappa Sig steadied his head. Needy kids received gifts at party after party after party after party. 128 Improved (?) ID ' s Late The Student Senate passed a motion approving an increased budget and an amendment calling for a one dollar activity tax from students if the administration failed to approve the budget. Due to theft and damage of paintings in the Fine Arts gallery, the Art Department began to lock the building at night. Pershing Rifle pledges were finally initiated to the delight of students who are always amused by their loud activities. Phi Beta Kappa selected twelve senior mem- bers and Phi Eta Sigma, men ' s honor fraternity, initi- ated eleven new members. OSU was downed by the Razorbacks 51-46 in the Hogs first victory of the basketball season. UofA swim- mers were beaten by Alabama 61-34. Distribution of permanent I.D. ' s marked the formal close of Fall registration in December. 129 Parties Insure Fling Before Finals Hotz reflected its Christmas spirit by adding decoration to the campus during the holiday season. The University Players presented Tlie Physicists and for once the play was liked by reviewers and audiences. Singfony was presented by living groups in an annual Christmas song fest. Alpha Chi Omega and Holcombe Hall walked off with the first place trophies. Students were surprised to find that their permanent ID cards actually came after being repeatedly delayed. The color pictures on them weren ' t as bad as expected. Mack McLarty, chairman of the transit committee, announced that the survey taken by marketing research classes showed student approval of the long-talked-about campus transit system. All hoped that action would follow approval. Centenary managed to edge past the Razorbacks 81-80 in the week ' s basketball contest. Arkansas ' first swimming team also lost 68-34 in a splash contest with Kansas State. With no bowl game to train for, even Wilson Sharp turned social. It ' s easier to play games with girls anyway. 130 C Chi Theta accomplished its only project of the year decorat- ing the halls of BA. Kappa Sig shined bright just a little too early. Humble Alph prayed for Christmas spirit. It was delivered in full and quickly drained. 131 1! II i , Unidentified boy makes transit system report to Senate; he later decided to run for something . . . Dr. Richard Worthington throws hands up in disgust as champagne music makers degenerate to flat beer. 132 The Quiet Before the Storm Students arrived back on campus from the Christ- mas holidays with nothing to look forward to but exams. For many, the prospect of hitting the books for the first time was gruesome. Sigma Chis were upset and rebellious when the Ad- ministration slapped social probation on them as a re- sult of their Ski Lodge Party. The IFC announced that they were disappointed that they had not been able to discipline one of their own members. Despite reason- able protests of the charges by Skis, Dean Yourick shut the case with the comment " I think it ' s great it ' s fun- ny. " Sigma Chis promised further appeals on the case. Charity inspired coed searches for worms for a needy robin. 1 Walter Slaughter l ik d out reviewi whenever the campus was void of newt. Notice Ann Pride leaking down the tube. 133 r The End Draws Nigh For Lucky Few Pre-final study group turned to many diversions even milk? to postpone actual reviewing. Could this be Simmon ' s secret brain food? All we Air Force group were teetotalers. Fraternities received more bad news when the Ad- ministration announced that they would enforce their policy on pledge grade requirements. Now a fraternity pledge only has one semester to make his grades (a 2.0). Arkansas legislators voted to give Arkansas State College university status. U.ofA. officials, against the change, knew they had lost when the Traveler came out with a full-page endorsement of the change. No one can accuse the Traveler of reflecting University policy. Young Republicans on campus were jubilant when Governor Winthrop Rockefeller took office. At last YRC wasn ' t a minority club. The Razorback Beauties were finally chosen by the Four Seasons. The winning houses and dorms were justifiably proud as two Chios, two Tri-Delts, one Zeta, one Pi Phi, one Hotz and one Reid were named. The Razorback roundballers captured their first Southwest Conference win over the Texas J ' eoh Red Raiders, 70-65. All too soon, exam week arrived and studying he- came the rule rather than the exception. Pills and coffee took the place of sleep and beer as students went through the longest week of the semester. For a few, it was the last such experience as they donned caps and robes to make the graduation march. Ski lodge left the Sigma Chi ' s at the end of their slide, as well as at the end of their rope. Dean Michel tied the noose. 134 TEXAS flCM Sr.iffing arc ma of film ar.d flash, Dr. Mullins peeked around to greet the camera again. Graduating Seniors march to the tune of " The Party ' s Over. " General Harold K. Johnson, Chief of Staff, United States Army, delivered an address to 23 Army, Air Force, and Marine cadets who were com- missioned 2nd Lieutenants. 135 Hurry Back and Stand in Line SAE and date kick it in Sherwood Forest while the Sheriff of Noting- ham illegally plundered game upstairs. Chad and Jeremy opened ' " Fabulous February " with an over-flow crowd and their concert. The SU En- tertainment committee pulled in praise and money for their efforts. Chuck Matthie and Sue Williams, not UofA stu- dents, started their peace walk to Washington, D.C. by holding a silent vigil at the end of Campus Drive. More than 20 students and faculty members joined advocates of peace in Viet Nam. Thetas bought a lot and announced plans to build a new house across the street from Fulbright. They must be planning to ride Lea ' s transit system to class with the rushees. Sylvia Spencer, TRAVELER editor, was chosen next year ' s A-Book editor, and announced plans to do away with features and pictures in the book. Sororities rejoiced at the news that the University ' s new grade policy would not affect sorority pledges with under a 2.00. The Air Force Facons beat the Porker 84-14, and set five new pool records. swimmers " Sometimss June seems a long ways off. ' 136 d advoc a % must ' clas nth f miners Last day registrant, too dumb to pull her cards early, waits for the bad news. " Why can ' t I fall in love with any other man? " Crowd grimaced as Chad wooed. 137 Business man in shark-skinned suit advised U of A student on how to succeed in business without really trying. Tipster was with Internal Revenue. Guest speaker, Wayne Cranford, delivered an advertising presentation on Mid- south Utilities to University of Arkansas advertising classes. 138 Seniors Planned Ahead Tom Lea announced that the Administration agreed to provide an additional $4,500 for the second semester Senate budget. The money is to go toward Senate proj- ects, such as the radio station. Bill Keadle presented a thorough report in which he said that a station can be- come a reality with space and money. Peggy Hipp was chosen Best Dressed Coed, and Kay Works moved up to the Miss UofA ' s spot. Lambda Chi, ever seeking publicity, announced their choices for 18 Crescent Girls chosen from the sororities. The Kingsmen made the Men ' s Gym rock with their lively concert on Friday. Earlier in the week, the Razor- back roundballers were handed a 60-53 loss by Texas A M. Eager students packed ballroom for annual Arkansas Career Day ... as usual. Next year, crowds will have to move to stadium for open-air sessions. 139 " Hey baby, let me see you shake a tail . . . feather. " Roy Head was the first " big name " to grace campus this year. Some of these Miss YRC candidates hoped that no one would find out that they were also members of Young Democrat!. 140 Entertainment Bombarded Campus Roy Head played longer at the Wilson-Sharp dance than at the Roller Rink, but then the audience was larger. Razorback roundballers started this week out right by beating Rice 66-63 and thus ending a five-game losing streak. Bill Ferrell, Razorback trainer, was nam- ed to the Helm ' s Foundations ' National Trainer ' s Hall of Fame. Bill Ebbert was unopposed in the selection of the 1968 RAZORBACK editor. He is the first in the school ' s history to succeed himself. He also was chosen business manager for the annual. Jose Greco and his company of Spanish dancers ap- peared in the fieldhouse to a capacity audience. Fine Arts students for once liked a required performance. On the other side of the campus, the Young Democrats liked Carol Campbell and selected her as Miss Young Democrat. The Administration came out with two announce- ments one good and one bad. Students were happy to find out that there will be individual room phones in some of the dorms next year. However, students were turned down in their plea for the extra dead day dur- ing exams. Jack Coleman, public relations manager for the Pikes ' had a party that kept Coleman and everybody else talking all the way through court after it was raided. Humphrey ' s sophomore counselors gamely tried a few political tricks. Bernard ' s were more successful. HI Snows Initiated Spring Semester (Typical) Sigma Nus snowed each other. A record number of 9,107 students enrolled for the spring semester, according to the Administration. As new dorms went up, the class room shortage remained a problem. The state legislature upset students when it defeated the bill permitting nineteen-year-olds to vote, and passed the bill outlawing the serving of communion wine to minors. The Sigma Chis and Kappas captured the fall schol- arship trophies. Sigma Chis couldn ' t even have a party to celebrate. Anthony and the Imperials performed after getting in town late, and despite Anthony ' s case of laryngitis. Date call was extended for the first time in two years due to the late concert. Razorback basketball season ended with a 68-55 loss to Baylor. I In spite of their exhausting efforts, some people failed to snow anybody. 142 ter Even those with innate rhythm practiced before a performance. Coach Duddy Waller leaped off bench to question an official ' s decision. Porkers clipped Rice 66-63. Fine Arts students finally " made " a date. 1-13 Arriving an hour late, Li ' l An- thony discovered he left his voice in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and resorted to other talents. The Kingsmen helped to make Fabulous February an entertaining and economical success. Big names make big money. 144 Fabulous February-Biggest Hit Yet More classrooms, housing, parking, and recreation were called for by a member of the Florida architec- tural firm hired by the University to develop an ex- pansion plan. One CCHEF representative summed it up by saying, " The money simply isn ' t here (in Arkan- sas). " The campus was snowed in for the third time this year, and students finally learned how to keep from falling in their faces. Campus honoraries, Blue Key and ODK both tap- ped their new members. AGR ' s dedicated their new house located on Razorback Read. " Color me swing! " The majority sat back to enjoy the concert as the minority moved to the front of the bus. 145 March: More Concerts, Warm Days The great Jose Greco performed for . . . Fine Arts 1003. Engineers ' Week began with a conspicuous absence of green paint; however, the events took place with the usual amount of enthusiasm. Judy Worsham and Doug Loberg were named St. Patricia and St. Pat after a wicked rally. The Agris once again defeated the Engi- neers in the tug-of-war, but Engineers did succeed in having their dance off-campus. Deside Under the Elms opened to rave reviews for Kernodle and the University Players. The debate team captured the state debate cham- pionship for the second year. This year ' s team has won more trophies than ever before. Election time and spring weather hit the campus at the same time, with AWS candidates vying for offices. Carolyn Holcomb walked off with the president ' s gavel unopposed. Holcombe and Phi Delt captured the intramural basketball titles in close play-offs with Yocum and SAE respectively. On ths hill, it was lust or bust. 146 s won This technique worked fine until she got a victim twice her size. Some Fulbright women rushed for sun, and some just plain rushed. 147 A new twist Lambda Chi ' s had a project. Tri-Delt won with boxes of cans for the needy. 148 It. Spring Gimmicks Begin Nine weeks tests hit students right before they pack- ed to go home for spring break. The only bright spot in the week was the Dionne Warwick concert, which many students termed the " best concert of the year. " It was a joint effort between the RAZORBACK staff and SU Entertainment committee. Shirley Franzmeier was elected Agri Queen, and the twenty most outstanding freshmen women were tap- ped by Chimes. Dr. William Denman was appointed to replace Dean D. Whitney Halliday as Dean of Students. Denman will take over in July when Halliday leaves to become pres- ident of East Texas State University. Best-dressed Tri-Delt is quizzed by best-dressed interviewers. We think coed came out on top. 149 Engineers Have First " Week " Those students unable to give their life for their country offered their blood to gain ROTC merits. Spring vacation provided students with a chance to rest and party either at home or at more exciting places, such as Florida. When they hit classes on Mon- day, the Traveler shocked the school with stories on Mullins being fired, a rule closing the parking lot at 6:30 p.m., Broyles resigning, and a rule prohibiting freshmen from bringing cars to school. After the initial panic, students finally noticed the dateline which was April 1 April Fools Day. John Kenneth Galbraith criticized U. S. Foreign Policy during his speech on campus sponsored by the Senate Distinguished Lectures Committee. Galbraith had high praise for Senator Fulbright, " who would have been an extremely good Secretary of State. " The Senate announced that 70 clubs and organiza- tions had not met the requirements for Senate super- vision. Some clubs didn ' t want to be supervised in the first place. It was a good year for beans Alpha Gamma Rho built a new barn. 150 HUB Crowds flocked to library to scope brick engineering marvel. , Clean acts for girls, gross ones for boys Loberg continued double standard. This sheriff would share - if .... 151 Military Tactics Turn Social If you can ' t win ' em all, " grin and barrett. " New Angels received their wings at initiation ceremony. A large crowd filled the SE auditorium to hear the U. of A. debate team challenge Harvard ' s debate team on the Warren Report. Both of Harvard ' s debaters were from Little Rock. U. of A. ' s Angel Flight was named the best in Area G-l which includes 13 schools in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Carolyn Freyaldenhoven was named outstanding G-l commander and Jan Harris was nominated for the national scholarship award. Brough Commons acquired a new snack bar that will cater to students ' appetites between meals. Judging from Brough ' s meals, the snack bar will do a booming business. The Skis once again appealed to the deans to be taken off of social probation. Once again, the deans turned them down. The Commerce Guild spent an entire year planning Commerce Day, and attendance was poorer than ever. Nevertheless, Celestine Leding polled enough votes to become Commerce Queen. Jeannie Cobb was named the third Miss U. of A. for the year. Any girl who enters the pageant now can keep the hope that she will eventually win. Despite strong opposition from some of the Traveler staff members, Russell Williams was named the 1967- 68 Traveler editor. Stark Ligon, a dark horse candidate, was named business manager. New Traveler bosses. Stark Ligon and Russell Williams, congratulated one another on good taste of Publications Board. L 152 High school group presented orig- inal skit to high school teacher. Four years of ROTC gave officer valuable contacts. ROTC low-life is required to wine and dine with top brass. 153 Note House Council revealed typical freshman apathy. Watch for metamorphasis in Rush Week. Even Dionne Warwick said, " Thumbs up! " Everybody caught on but Keadle. 154 Extra-Curriculars Divert Scholars Carnall Hall residents protested vigorously when the Administration announced plans to convert Carnall into a men ' s dorm next year. The girls complained that the men were being given all of the less expensive, " homey " dorms while they were left with dorms with only hotel appeal. Dr. Robbin C. Anderson, Associate Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Texas, was nam- ed the new Dean of Arts and Sciences for next year. He will replace Robert Kruh, who will be Dean of Graduate School at Kansas State University. Phi Beta Kappa selected 41 new members, and Dan- ny Durning was named winner of the Fulbright schol- arship. Jackson cast magic spell over bewitched Scabbard Blade candidate. Angel pre-election supper resembled political rally. Customers left full of pancakes and hot air 155 Leaders Open Pre-Campaign Frenzy Kappa smiled and ChiO nose . Residence Hall Week, called Hallaballoo, provided Independents with a week of entertainment and glory. Lamar Pettus and Kathy Jones were chairmen of the activities. In order to get more publicity, they even had Governor Rockefeller proclaim April, " Residence Hall Month. " The first of the week ' s events was the Four Seasons concert, at which the RAZORBACK beauties were presented. Later in the week, Paul Harvey, promi- nent commentator, spoke on America ' s strengths and weaknesses. On Saturday the dorms competed in the Hallaballoo Relays which featured such events as the bed race. That night Independents danced to the music of the McCoys. Despite the large crowd, many were not satisfied with the McCoys ' performance. Razorback cheerleaders were finally selected after a series of postponements. Sigma Pis, Zeta, Sigma Chis, and ChiOs as usual got one or two. Living groups scrap- ed up their pennies and cast their votes for Campus Lover and Sweetheard. David Alphin and Mary Jackson 156 Batwoman struck out. With form like this, no one wondered why. Just a little bit to the right, that ' s it, right in the eye. It was a long, hard pull, but Futrall final- ly dragged Reid through the mud. 157 Better late than never even four seasons late. Economist and former Ambassador Galbraith paid liberal visit to campus. Beauties smiled at Ebbert on stage. Off stage, it was a different story. 158 Spring Election Fever Hits Campus Independents tried but couldn ' t fly as high as Sigma Chi. You might say they hit a down wind. While the memory of Hallaballoo still lingered, Greeks began their second annual Greek Week. Stark Ligon and Simone Seamon were co-chairmen of the events which started with an Honors Banquet on Fri- day night. Governor Faubus told the banquet crowd that he " might return " , but didn ' t state how or when. Sigma Nu won the Pan Olympics held Saturday after- noon. That night the Roller Rink admitted only Greeks for the Irma Thomas Dance. On Thursday of the next week. Senator Fulbright spoke to a large crowd on his opinion of the U. S. foreign policy. Women ' s living groups went to the AWS Spring Festival with fingers crossed, then cheered as their friends were tanned for Mortar Board and other posi- tion of leadership. Honors flowed freelv this week as Journalism Day and Agri Dav were both on the same day. Ten iourn- al ' =m students received scholarships and As;ri students participator! in the p " nual rodeo and tusr-of-war. The STT Tale " t c how had rreat talen but ooor at- tndanre. Carol Soule won the hearts of the judges and first prize with her singing. Coed had doubts about going up, but none about going down. 159 The push-up field was a little crowded Falling behind, fraternity men make asses of themselves ' - 160 Overt Campaigns Open Election time finally rolled around to the relief of candidates who had been making plans and contacts all year. Mack McLarty and Lamar Pettus filed for president to the surprise of no one. To the surprise of everyone, Bill Keadle filed a week before the election to give voters a variety of choice. Charles Stubblefield and Kent Rubens filed for vice president with both stressing improvements in publica- tions and entertainment. Simone Seamon and Jamie Newton applied for secretary with the usual secretary ' s platforms to have wider distribution of Senate minutes. Jack McNulty, Neal Thomas and Bill Strickland filed for treasurer. Kappa Sigma ' s did fairly well at the Greek Relays, but their team didn ' t scratch during the primary the following Monday. 161 Greek Week Briefly Slows Politics Orval Faubus, Honorary AKL from Huntsville, threatened to return. The University Reform Party, referred to as URP, ran their usual group of unknowns on a platform de- signed to do away with Administration rules. Election day arrived with hundreds of campaign cars carrying voters to classes. The campaigning went on all over campus since there were polls at the Union, Reid, and Brough Commons. Campaign material was more abundant than the votes, but a large crowd filled the Union to hear the election returns. Ten minutes before datecall, McLarty, Stubblefield and McNulty were announced as winners in their races without even a run-off. Cheers of victory echoed in the losers ' ears as they left the Union with only memories and some torn campaign posters. Living groups with candidates in the run-off rushed back to make new plans. Stark Ligon wistfully held Outstanding Greek Award before yielding it to David Harper, Sigma Nu 162 I Candidate proved hii Dream Plank was a tangible reality. 1 Write-In routine sharpened dull campaign. Traveling talesman hopped on his own bandwagon. 163 Petfus, a non-believer in " There ' s safety in numbers, " preferred talking to small groups instead of speaking to large crowds. Mentally and physically, election day was all wet. Bored Greeks spent most of day riding from poll to poll wondering where voter were. 164 Annual " Dirty Politics " Gry Arises The final election day on Wednesday had a notice- able lack of excitement since the secretary ' s race was the only major race still in the running. Because of this, senatorial races had more emphasis on them than in the past. Rain provided another dampener to the campaign- ers ' spirits as they crowded under the nearest shelters. These reasons combined to make the voter turn-out one of the poorest in recent years. Election returns were the only bright spot in the day for some. Simone Seamon won the secretary ' s race and the senatorial races had some close results. Elec- tions were over and the planning started for next year. Specially-trained honor group worked long and hard checking names. " I ' d rather do it myself, " or so election tellers thought until they tried it without the assistance of the automatic Voting Machine Corporation. 165 Primary Closes Race, Gaebale Nears 5. A few miscarried. Workers waited two hours to learn frui IBB . Suspenseful lull was opportune time for next year ' s aspirers to start hand-shaking. The TRAVELER printed the North Central Ac- creditation Report concerning the U of A and its facili- ties. The TRAVELER said they had " no wish to em- barrass the school " by printing the report, but said they thought the public had the " right to know " . President Mullins was elected vice president of the Southern Universities Conference consisting of 57 col- leges in 13 states. Pi Phi celebrated its 100th birthday by throwing a party for the campus in their backyard. Bomb scares hit the campus regularly and every- body knew it must be spring. However the weather sure didn ' t know it as the temperature forced students into sweaters and jackets. Cardinal XX members were selected, and Greg Brown, Artie Gregory and Mike Fitzhugh were chosen Gaebale directors for next year. The campus beatniks staged a Gentle Thursday on Tuesday in front of Old Main. They called it a human be-in whose purpose was to " re-humanize a push but- ton society " . The Honors Day Convocation presented awards to various scholars on campus. The U of A golf team came in fourth in the South- west Conference. - ... Newly tapped Mortar Boards smugly adjust tassels after picking thorns out of their eyebrows. No one ever noticed the scratches. 166 h Queens Jeanie and Mary beamed to nervous contestants on stage. For a $3.50 concert ticket, thousands heard non-famous " Illusions " kill time until Mitch came on. Pike rats, thinking of their profits, greedily looked on while gay crowds gambled skins on mouse game. 167 Crowds, Laughter, Tears Close Year Georgia Hornor and Cal Riggers served as co- directors of Gaebale, the annual party weekend at the University of Arkansas. The festivities arrived accom- panied by perpetual rain storms. The rain postponed the annual Red-White game until the following Monday, when the White team upset the Rig Red 33-21. The Coaster Classic was postponed to the following Satur- day morning. Alpha Kappa Lambda won the speed division while Sigma Alpha Epsilon won the prize for design. Due to the heavy rains, the carnival was moved into the Men ' s Gym. However, a large crowd attended the Miss Univer- sity of Arkansas pageant and watched Robyn Gannaway win the title. Her alternates were Pam Norwood and Carol Soule. Pam also won the Miss Congeniality award. Saturday afternoon, an overflow crowd filled the fieldhou?e for the Gaebale concert. Mitch Ryder and Carla Thomas entertained with their singing and Mitch ' s off-color humor. That night was the big carnival in the gym with some of the living groups sponsoring booths ranging from cake walks to a Playboy Club. The Junior Parker Show and the Rar Kays provided music for dancing and wandering from booth to booth. Once again Gaebale gave students a final fling before finals started and school ended. Mitch Ryder, monkeying around with microphone, pretended it was juicy, ripe banana. No one else was hungry for fruit. Astounded Queen Robyn gasped with awe as she prepared to greet her applauding subjects. No one was surprised but Robyn. 168 Unver. innawav Palm-reading gypsy held hand of gullible customer who begged for more Fans, moved by Carnival band, swarmed around stage during rainy Gaebale dance. 169 1 Division 6 Beauties .... . I The RAZORBACK staff presents nine of the most beautiful girls on the U of A campus. Mary Craig reigned as Miss Arkansas. The other Razorback beauties are Thelma Holland, Darra Dismuke, Mary Craig, Jan Ellis, Susi Gough, Rosalind Holt, Celia Thompson, Patty Jones, and Donna Wolf. 172 Miss Arkansas Fulbrlght Hall Mary is an Arts and Sciences freshman from Bates- ville. She is majoring in sociology. While serving as Miss Arkansas she has also been selected to member- ship in Chimes and the AWS Roles of Women commit- tee. She has held the titles of Miss Batesville and Miss Arkansas Valley. Mary ' s talent for the Miss Arkansas Pageant was a song and dance routine. K Iff ' - ' Razorback Beauty Zeta Tau Alpha A junior in the College of Education, Darra is from Bossier Gty, Louisiana. She transferred to the Univer- sity of Arkansas from East Texas State University. Darra would like to travel as an airline hostess after graduation or follow her major in the field of special education. Darra is a very active member of Angel Flight. 174 J Uivtr- 175 fc " : ; 176 . ! . 1 Razorback Beauty Chi Omega A senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, Jan is from Hope. She is a speech major with public relations as her special field. Jan attended Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, her freshman year. She has served as both Rush and Activities Chairman of Chi Omega, IFPC Secretary, and as Class Editor of the RAZOR- BACK. After graduation Jan would like to enter the field of television. Her special interest is reading. 177 Razorback Beauty Delta Delta Delta A Business Administration junior, Susie is from North Little Rock. Her major is business teacher train- ing. She has been active in Alpha Lambda Delta, Soph- omore Counselors, and as Scholarship Chairman of Delta Delta Delta. Her hobbies include reading, swim- ming, and playing bridge. 178 lainuan . -ran- 179 fr 180 Razor-back Beauty Reid Hall A Business Administration sophomore, Thelma is from Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She is a transfer student from Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, North Carolina. Her major is marketing. Her hobbies are snow and water skiing and horseback riding. 181 - Razorback Beauty Delta Delta Delta Rosalind, a junior English major in the College of Arts and Sciences, is from Poteau, Oklahoma. She is active in Angel Flight, having served as Comptroller and Administrations Officer. In her sorority, Delta Delia Delta. Rosalind has served as Corresponding Sec- retary and Chaplain. One of her favorite hobbies is dancing in which she says the hula is her favorite. 182 leColif?tot mrity. t [ivorile. 183 184 Razorback Beauty Pi Beta Phi A sophomore in the College of Business Administra- tion, Patty is from Siloam Springs. Her special interest is textile merchandising. Patty ' s hobbies include horse- back riding, water skiing, and swimming. She is active as Assistant Rush Chairman of Pi Beta Phi and is in the Marketing Club. She was also selected as the sweet- heart of Sigma Nu fraternity. 183 IJ 1IUI 1JJJIJJ, Razorback Beauty Chi Omega An Arts and Sciences sophomore, Celia is from El Dorado. She is active as a member of Chimes, Sopho- more Counselors and has been on the Dean ' s List. Dur- ing her freshman year Celia was chosen as one of the five finalists for best dressed coed. Her special hobbies are skiing, swimming, and Celia enjoys playing the piano. 186 i is Iron Q B.Sopho- pikD " - s of to | " lies aalkepi ' 187 188 Razorback Beauty Holz Hall A freshman from Fort Worth, Donna plans to major in the field of fashion merchandizing. She has been modeling for a number of years, and has worked at Six Flags Over Texas in guest relations. Donna enjoys painting and has won various prizes in art shows. She was chosen as an alternate Razorback Cheerleader. c 189 Second Alternate Holcombe Hall Third Alternate Chi Omega Fourth Alternate Hotz Hall Miss University of Arkansas Alternates First Alternate Delta Gamma 190 1 Miss University of Arkansas Carnall Hall I I 192 Homecoming Queen Delta Delta Delta ' I Homecoming Court Jan Harris, Reid Hall; Anne Lynn Gilbert, Alpha Delta Pi; Robyn Gannaway, Pi Beta Phi; Pam Hamm, Fulbright Hall; Kim Loomis, Delta Delta Delta; Peggy Jo Cullom, Futrall Hall. Agri Queen Zeta Tau Alpha Queens Arkansas College Queen Delta Delta Delta 194 i Maid of Cotton Finalist Pi Beta Phi Commerce Queen Zeta Tau Alpha 195 Queens National Cotton Picking Queen Delta Delta Delta Saint Patricia Kappa Alpha Theta Best-Dressed Coed Chi Omega 196 ic Cod 197 Division 7 Residence Halls Yoeum and Humphreys Halls, houiing repctively 539 and 440 mal studenti, represented practically 30% of University ' s residence housing Carnall Hall Unity Exemplified by Activities Unity was the keyword in Carnall this year. En- thusiasm reigned as the girls participated in such ac- tivities as the ABC Poster Contest. Homecoming house decoration, Hallaballoo and the St. Patricia contest. Their efforts in the poster contest brought them the first place women ' s trophy. Kathy Jones served as one of the co-chairmen of Hallaballoo, the first annual residence hall week. Cindy Woodson was selected as an alternate Razorback cheer- leader. Lavada Bolt was copy editor of the Arkansas Engineer. Rhonda Carperter was named to Phi Beta Kappa. First semester officers were: Brenda Hemenway, president; Pat Clement, vice-president; Sallie Sharp, secretary; Ginger McDonald, treasurer. Serving as sec- ond semester officers were Jennie Setser, president; Pat Clement, vice-president; Sherry Waller, secretary; Ann Perry, treasurer. Carnall sponsored one of the foreign exchange stu- dents, Biigitta Askeberg, from Sweden. Social activities for the year included a welcoming tea for Dean Anne Thompson and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Dean of Women, Anne G. Thompson, talked to Carnall women about the fate of their hall. Next year it will become a men ' s dorm. V . - m t i 200 Row. Suzanne Adams, Nancy Susan Barker, Jane Ellen Barnett, Karen Elaine Beal, Don- na Kay Beavers, Kay Lynn Black, Brenda Joyce Blagg, Karel E. Bohlken. Second Row: Lavada Charleen Bolt, Linda Jean Brigance, Betty Lou Carney, Linda Kay Carpen- ter, Patricia Ann Clement, Char- lotte Frances Couch, Brenda Jean Cunningham, Alice Marie Davis. Third Row: Sammye Jewell Da- vis, Susan Kay Douglas, Jimmie Hurene Duke, Kathryn Marie Eg- gers, Jo Karen Frisinger, Sidney Marks Gardner, Shirley L. Gar- man, Nancy Kay Gentry. Fourth Row: Cecile Gray, Judy Lynn Grisham, Elsie Marie Hartl, Lynda Jo Hawkins, Janis Lea Hen- derson, Eleanor Kay Hill, Lynda Carole Hill, Carol Ann Holl. Fifth Row: Billie Carrie House, Patricia Ann Hull, A. Diane Kap- pes, Peggy Ann Keaton, Carolyn Sue Kelly, Marian Deaton Kim- ball, Kathryn Louise King, Frances Dalene Lamb. Sixth Row; Brenda Ann Lewis, Theresa Mary Mackle, Ginger Kaye McD onald, Becky Rhodes McGee, Mary Kathryn Measeles, Vita Snerryl Morreale, Linda Kaye Needham, Iris G. Northam. Seventh Row: Ann Rowden Paz- derka, Marsha Gwen Pellham, Ann C. Perry, Mary Linda Poynor, Marcia Gray Rachel, Ethel Ann Ramsey, Kathryn Anne Reeves. Eighth Row: Gay Robin Reid, Betty Jean Rinie, Janet Louise Schaeffer, Jeanne Setser, Sallie M. Sharp, Margaret Bernice Sharpe, Suzi Shelton. Ninth Row: Carlotta Ann Spen- cer, Carol Ann Stacy, Hallie L. Stanley, Patricia Glee Stephens, Nan Susan Stocker, Mary Ann Tolley, Dianne G. Trinco. Tenth Row: Lola Jean Wagner, Deanna Karen Waldrip, Cheryl Ann Waller, Nancy Jane Watkins, Phyllis Ilene Weeks, Nancy Ellen Woods, Cindy C. Woodson. 201 Fulbright Hall Fulbright Wins Hallaballoo Trophy Fulbright Hall was not only the home of Mary Craig, Miss Arkansas, a place of study, and a resting place for many pins and drops; but also a residence hall for 400 freshmen women, who took part in every walk of University life. Maratha Whiddon was selected as a ROTC sponsor while Pat Borkert was first runner-up to the Pershing Rifles sponsor. Pam Hamm was singled out to reign in the Homecoming court. Jan Whitmore represented Fulbright well when she was selected as Scabbard and Blade sponsor. Fulbright had the largest number of women selected for Alpha Lambda Delta. They also took the lead by having 11 women chosen for Chimes. The 1966-67 officers of Fulbright were " Charlotte Leonard, president; Nancy Fesler, vice-president; Lynne McNabb, secretary; and Anne Black, treasurer. Social activities commenced with a Halloween Party and ended with the annual spring formal, " Moonlight and Roses. " Drop-ins, candellights, and exchange din- ners were on the calendar regularly. Fulbright won the women ' s first place trophy in Residence Hall Week Relays. During student body elections in the spring Fulbright Hall was nicknamed " Fort Knox " by the Sigma Chis. Keeping the " little gold bricks " happy was Johnny Jackson another one of those talented Skis working for Mack. - .4 Hi. 202 First Row: Tommie Lou Ackley, Regina Fay Alford, Pauline Alice Appleton, Mary Jane Atkinson, Nancy Lynn Baker, Penny Sue Baker, Jane Lee Baldridge, Candy Bass. Second Row. Billy Kay Bau- cum, Margaret Sunita Beaird, Ani- ta Sue Benham, L. Brett Bennett, Ruth Lynch Bentley, Cindy Ben- ward, Linda Cecile Bielkiewicz, Marilyn Bishop. Third Row. Ann Black, Patsy Carol Black, Verda Eloise Black- well, Patricia Jane Blake, Patricia Lynne Borkert, Gayle Bowman, Jan C. Brinson, Hilda Georanne Bryant. Fourth Row. Nancy Ann Bucy, Ann Burleson, Mary Lou Butler, Barbara Ann Caldwell, Lynne Caldwell, Susan Beth Calhoon, Shirley Jean Campbell, Eileen Anne Cauley. Fifth Row: Sandra Leigh Caw- thorn, Teresa Lee Cheairs, Kathryn Jane Cherry, Deborah Childress, Sheron Sue Childs, Shirley Joy Chu, Susan Gail Clawitter, Bar- bara Dell Clem. Sixth Row: Sallie Frances Cline, Donna L. Colclasure, Carolyn Lee Conde, Nancy Jo Condry, Marilyn Connell, Judith Marie Cook, Kath- ryn Ann Copper, Nancy Cowling. Seventh Row. Rebecca Cowling, Marlene Louise Cox, Mary Luella Craig, Birdia Ett Grain, Shirley Ann Grain, Barbara Ann Craw- ford, Sharon Kay Cruce, Rhonda Lee Culbertson. Eighth Row. Susan Culpepper, Karen Joy Cupp, Suza Maxine Curry, Eddie Lou Curtis, Charla Ruth Davis, Ella Beatrice Davis, Ellen Marie Davis, Patricia Ann Davis. Ninth Row. Donna Marie Day, Roseanne Deal, Sally Carol Ded- mon, Marilyn Ann Dees, Shirley Killeen Deslauriers, Virginia Lee Dew, Carole Nan Dictz, Monica Daria Dolan. Tenth Row. Sue Ellen Douglas, Naomi Dover, Diane Jean Dowler, Mary Jo Driggers, Mary Catherine Durham, Susan Lenore Edmonds, Patricia Karen Eidson, Cheryl Kay England. Eleventh Row. Lynne Elizabeth Erwin, Jeanne Doris Evans, Renee Karen Ferguson, Nancy Jane Fes- ler, Carolyn Sue Fidler, Paula Jo Finkbeiner, Mary Susan Forster, Toni Denise Fredeman. 203 .. Fulbright First Row: Suzette Fuller, Melo- dy Gay Gammon, Carol Jean Gard- ner, Sarah Annette Gathright, Kathryn Ann Gibbons, Judy Chris- tine Gies, Patricia Gill, Dana Sue Gillespie. Second Row: Pamela Anne Gor- bet, Elizabeth Vaughan Greasley, Sylvia Jean Green, Marianne Grif- fe, Maty Annette Grisham, Kathy Hagens, Patricia Sue Hall, Eliza- beth Ann Hallin. Third Row: Linda Lou Ham- montree, Nancy Jo Haney, Sara Beth Hannah, Kathryn Sue Hare, Wallece Harrell, Susan Lynn Heid- inger, Hepsy Beth Heinemann, Karol Anne Hendricks. Fourth Row: Christine Lee Hen- ry, Barbara Lee Hewitt, Sharon Kaye Hickman. Judy Ann Hicks, Janet Lynn Hilderbrand, Deborah Lucille Hill, Kay Lorraine Hill, Laurie Louise Hogan. Fifth Row: Gertrude Marie Hooks, Lucretia Denise Hoover, Susan Houston, Cathy Jean Ho- vell, Alice Woodford Howell, Diane Elaine Hudgens. Didi Hud- son, Rita Jo Hudsonpillar. Sixth Row: Judith Kaye Hughes, Virginia Earl Humphries, Lillie Belle Hunton, Margaret Ann Hur- ley, Susan Mary Irbv, Elizabeth Jean Jacks, Sandi K. Jennings, Donna Lou Johnson. Seventh Row: Jeanie Johnson, Shirley Ann Johnson, Susan Lynn Johnson, Ellen Johnston, Jennifer Carol Jones, Marv Lee Jones, Kathryn Louise Jordan. Susan Ray Jordan. Eighth Row: Patricia Sue Keel- ing. Nancy Jane Keith. Sally Ann Kelly, Barbara Ann Kent, Eliza- beth Ann King, Gary Lvnn King, Susan Kathleen Kirby, Mary Eliza- beth Kisamore, Susan Ruth Kit- trell. Ninth Row: Norma Elizabeth LaFevers, Mary Jim Lane. Pat Lankford, Chervl Francis Leeds, Mary Nell Lehnhard, Charlotte Anne Leonard. Judy E. Lewis. Re- becca Jane Libby, Missy Lieber. Tenth Row: Susan Ann Liles, Judy LaDon Lipscomb, Cynthia Edrington Little, Vicky Lynn Lit- tle, Kathryn Havard Logan, Linda Ann Mack, Janet Marie Main, Dorothv Louise Martin, Elizabeth Ann Mason. Eleventh Row: Joyce Elaine Mayfield, Margaret Ann McCaleb, Sarah F. McCall, Mary Jane Mc- Carroll, Frances McClaren, Sue Ellen McDonald, Alice June Mc- Googan, Gannalyn Sue McHughes, Carol Castile McJJroy. 204 First Row: Sherry Kay McMan- us, Lynne McNabb, Mary Rich- ardson McNair, Nancy McNair, JoAnn Me Williams, Marsha Rae Meadows, Linda Karen Medlin, A. Louise Meinecke, Laura Susan Menees. Second Row: Dale Metcalfe, Martha Ellen Mitchell, Sharon Kaye Montee, Angle Morazes, Su- san Kathleen Moran, Victoria Ann Morgan, Jeanette Gail Mosey, Su- zan Lee Murry, Glynda Virginia Nelson. Third Row: Julianne Nelson, Tanai M. Newcomb, Geneva La- verne Newman, Nancy Ann Nix, Tommie Ann Oberley, Martha Ann Oliver, Carol Jeanne Olson, Jean Olvey, Pamela Gay Osburn. Fourth Row: Garra Overley, Thelma Lou Oxford, Margaret Rose Palmer, Penny Patterson, Mary Ann Payne, Brenda Kaye Peek, Rowena Pennington, Betsy Beth Peterson, Nancy Carol Petty. Fifth Row: Nina Kay Pickard, Linda Kaye Pierce, Denele Pitts, Sandra Gayle Poag, Mildred Anne Porter, Huetta Norvelle Prewitt, Cynthia Ann Pryor, Sharon Lee Quimby, Marsha Lucille Ragsdell. Sixth Row: Judy Rainwater, Caryl Marie Rasmussen, Barbara Lynn Rawls, Janet Gail Reagor, Syndi L. Reding, Janet Louise Renfro, Mary Gail Rogers, Linda Louise Rohrer, Kathy Lou Sabin. Seventh Row: Nancy Lee Satter- field, Ella Ritchie Saxon, Polly L. Scarlett, Becki Schick, Candace Patricia Schultz, Simone Seamon, Pamela Jo Seneff, Suzanne Sen- yard, Deborah Yvonne Sharp. Fulbright House Council members diligent- ly took notes during meetings. At least that ' s the impression they gave. 205 First Row: Jo Ann Shorter, Vane Sikes, Susan Phyllis Sisco, Charolette Kay Six, Vicki Skaggs, Cynthia Susan Skalski, Leslie Jen- nifer Skokos, Cynthia Ann Sly, Cindy L. Smith. Second Row: Leslie Ann Smith, Martha Anne Smith, Mary Ellen Smith, Myra Jean Smith, Sandra Elizabeth Smith, Rebecca Linnea St. John, Jennifer Lynn Steele, Tommie Jean Streeter, Susan Streit. Third Row: Johnnie Lynn Stur- divant, Charlotte Sullivan, Diann Sutherlin, Linda Sharon Sweeten, Dinah Theresa Taylor, Jeffrey Lynn Taylor, Dyanna Kay Thomas. Linda Rose Thompson, Drusilla Thrash. Fourth Row: Linda Kay Tilley, Nancy B. Timmons, Virginia Lee Townsend, Joanne Treece, Mary Katherine Trice, Linda Sue Trus- sell, Glenna Rae Turley, Phylliss Regenia Tunner, Pam Upton. Fifth Row: Cheryl Ann Vann, Pam Vincent, Nancy Carol Waldo, Joan Katherine Walker, Pamela Wasson, Deborah Anneke Watts, Rebecca Earle Weeks, Judy Lyn White, Mary Jan Whitmore. Sixth Row: Mary Sue Widdow- field, Catherine Lucille Williams, Evelyn Edieth Williams, Judy Ann Williamson, Delta Lynne Willis, Nancy Carol Willis, Deborah Anne Wilson, Martha Lynn Wilson, Su- sie Wilson. Seventh Row: Theresa LaDonne Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Womack, Linda Teresa Wood, Olivia Jean Woodruff, Elaine Yates, Claudia M. Yoe, Jean Ann Yoe, Brenda Young, Lillie Kathryn Younger. Fulbright Kitty Cherry receives instructions concern- ing her duties as house manager from Mrs. Freeman, head resident. 206 ill Futrall Hall II AWS Scholarship Trophy Winner Futrall Hall received as its greatest honor the AWS scholarship trophy for the largest gradepoint improve- ment. Futrall women participated in many campus ac- tivities including Student Union committees, Senate committees, campus publication, Chi Theta, and ABC. Pat Bowers was elected secretary of WIHC, Evelyn Bowen was tapped for Angel Flight, Peggy Jo Cullom was a member of the Homecoming court and Toni Ross was chosen as a ROTC sponsor. They were under the leadership first semester of Kathy McKenzie, president; Nancy Blake, vice-presi- dent; Teresa Lewis, secretary; and Brenda Shelton, treasurer. Second semester officers were Pat Morrison, president; Tawanna Phillips, vice-president; Jerry Corn- well, secretary; and Mary Loveless, treasurer. Functions within the dorm included a Halloween party featuring the head resident dressed as a college " kid, " a discussion on birth control led by a Fayette- ville physician, a Christmas party for orphans, and a hat show. Competition in the Hallaballoo relays brought a second place trophy. Scampering through the line, this coed exhibits classic form while scrimmaging in preparation for " Hallaballoo ' s " powder puff football. ! 207 Futrall First Row. Grace Sylvia Ache- son, Norma Lee Agnew, Susan An- derton, Joan Marie Baird, Cath- erine Elizabeth Baker, LaCreta Jane Balkman, M. Kathryn Basin- ger, Ruth Ann Beck. Second Row: Nancy Annette Blake, Suzanne Boswell, Evelyn Gail Bowen, Patsy Lynette Bow- ers, Marilou Brodie, Marilyn Bro- die, Donna Kay Brown, Mary Caro- lyn Bunch. Third Row: Margaret Kay Car- son, Vicky Margaret Chalfant, Lin- da Ann Chiolino, Susan Ann Cof- fey, Sandra Ann Coker, Kay Gra- ham Collins, Shirley Lee Cooper, Geraldine Ann Cornwell. Fourth Row: Connie Clarissa Cothran, Norma Sue Crosnoe, Peg- gy Jo Cullom, Lina Jean Davis, Trisha Ann Davis, Marilyn June Dearien, Linda Frances Deere, Pa- tricia Gayle DeLaney. Fifth Row: Olivia Anne Dun- can, Rebecca Ann Easterling, Nell Edge, Paula Lee Edgin, Patricia Ann Edwards, Johnna Earlene Elliott, Linda Doris Evans, Sarah Jo Farrar. Sixth Row. Jacqulene Marie Fielding, Joan Foster, Barbara Ann Fowler, Marylin Edna Fox, Mary Margaret Freeman, Mary Elaine Frost, Veronica Lee Gil- strap, Sandra Ann Goodwin. Seventh Row; Nancy Ann Green- lee, Cheryl Ann Gregory, Janie Annette Haley, Sandra Jean Hall, Diana Lillian Hamblen, Harbin Jane Hammers, Sandra J. Harper, Pat Higham. Eighth Row: Margaret Ann Hile, Halita Sue Holt, Sandi L. Holt, Vicki Ann Horton, Candace Jean Hutchison, Judy Kay Jewell, Sharon Louceyette Johnson, Bar- bara Kay Jones. Ninth Row: Paula Ruth Jones, Gaye Lynn Karnes, Beverly Lanier Kaufman, Kaye Keller, Jo Kil- lingsworth, Wesley Olivia Lam- bert, Linda Jean Larson, Glenda Gay Law. Tenth Row: Teresa Diane Lewis, Mark( ta Linck, Julie Anne Lock- hart, Susan Diane Losey, Mary Alice Loveless, Nancy Gaye Marble, Judith Evelyn Maslin, Judy Kaye Mason. Eleventh Row. Diana Gay Mathis, Linda Kaye McConnell, Margaret Elaine McCorkell, Dolly Irene McGuffin, Mary Kathryn McKenzie, Deanna Lee Measeles, Carolyn Victoria Meason, Geneva Louise Melton. 208 First Row: Joan Elizabeth Mitchell, Joyce Patricia Morgan, Margaret Murphey, Kathleen Kay Neu, Judy Diann Newton, Mil- dred Penny Nichols, Martha L. Noble, Sue Carole Nodler. Second Row. Carol Jane Nor- ton, Jo Donna Norton, Marcia Ann Partin, Diana Maria Pate, Martha Eunice Perdue, Jeanette Pfeiffer, Tawana Sue Phillips, Kathryn Herring Price. Third Row: Linda Maria Prince, Carla Marie Reames, Mary Rhodes, Judith Marie Rogers, Harriet Elizabeth Root, Deneice Rae-Jean Rose, Paula Ann Rose- nau, Toni Ross. Fourth Row. Sylvia Sue Sch- wachhofer, Brenda Ruth Shelton, Dixie Lee Silvers, Mary Elizabeth Snider, Judy Gail Snow, Rebecca Marie Spain, Lucy Jane Spears, Janice Sue Spleth. Fifth Row: Carolyn Jene Spring- field, Sandra Kay Stacey, Martha Elizabeth Stewart, Margaret Ann Stobaugh, Patricia Marie Stoll, Linda Susan Stone. Diane Elaine Sydoriak, Phyllis Kay Tacker. Sixth Row. Carol Ann Taylor, Joan Marie Thompson, Elizabeth Ann Vaught, Margaret Fay Ward, Suzanne Webb, Linda Sue West- moreland, Bettye Kay Whetstone, Susan Virginia Widmer. Seventh Row. Jane Ann Wilkin- son, Peggy Jo Willbanks, Linda Gail Williams, Sharon Kay Wil- liams, Mary E. Wilson, Sharon Le- Ann Wisener, Billie Diane Wood- ell, Casandra Sheridan Nell Worm- ington. Futrall temporarily solved the problem of the high prices in town for Sunday night dinner by staging a dorm bar-b-que. 209 4-H House Ranks Highest in Scholarship The women of 4-H House had a successful year under the leadership of Diane Formby, president; Rosemary Gaines, vice-president; and Nancy Bratton, social chairman The 4-H House led University women ' s residence halls in scholarship. Those representing the house in organizations on campus were Kay Drennan, vice- president of AHEA; Judy Garrett, AWS Finance Com- mittee chairman with Carol Reeves as her sophomore secretary; Judy Hersey, treasurer of WIHC, and a member of Angel Flight; Linda Smith, Agri maid; Barbara Harris, Farmhouse Sweetheart. Marilyn Har- lan and Peggy Warnock were members of the freshman honorary fraternity, Alpha Lambda Delta. There were drop-ins and listening parties in the fall. During Christmas 4-H women held a tree trim- ming party and the traditional Pollyanna banquet. Social functions for the spring included a faculty tea, Founder ' s Day, a Luau, and a square dance honoring prospective residents. The 4-H House Luau, the highlight of the their year, was held in the spring. There were food and fun aplenty. m 210 fr i First Row. Mary Alice Alex- ander, Susan Evelyn Alexander, Edwina Marie Andrews, Mary Rosa Berryhill, Billie Jean Bow- den, Janet Lea Bradley, Joan Claudette Bratton. Second Row: Nancy Carol Brat- ton, Thelnia Avis Bryant, Eliza- beth Ann Cureton, Peggy Janette Dickson, Peggy Lorraine Dixon, Judy Ann Douglas, Linda Kay Drennan. Third Row: Vicki Diane Form- by, Rosemary Gaines, Judy Ann Garrett, Barbara Kay Hankins, Marilyn Frances Harlan, Barbara Berniece Harris, Judie Lynn Har- Fourth Row: Elizabeth Ann Henson, Judy M. Hersey, Marilyn Ann Hinkle. Judy Garland Hogue, Carolyn Ruth Hornsby, Christy Gay Jenkins, Jennifer Joyce Jones. Fijth Row: Marilyn Sue Jones, Mary Juanita Jones, Vernell Lump- kin, Judy Ann McLaughlin, Susan Nancy McManus, Diana Geraldine McRae, Cheryl Ann Nash. Sixth Row: Mary Adelaide Per- son, Judy Gail Pettus, Carole Ann Reeves, Bette Anne Rowe, Linda Earlene Smith, Yevonne Starling, Sharon Ann Walkup, Peggy Lynn Warnock. At the Christmas tree trimming party, a few strung popcorn ropes, while sev- eral who were eating gave instructions. 211 Hotz Hall ii J iiTir,imi Captured Many Campus Honors Housing 440 girls representing 15 states and one foreign country, Hotz Hall maintained a high campus rating through its participation in a variety of campus activities. Hotz women captured many individual honors in- cluding Gail Clark, ROTC sponsor, Razorback cheer- leader; Donna Wolf, Razorback beauty, first alternate for Razorback cheerleader; Mary Pearce, president of Alpha Lambda Delta; and Ann Block and Terry Dunlop, freshmen senators. Twenty-eight girls were selected for Alpha Lambda Delta, and nine girls were tapped for Chimes. Hotz sang its way to second place in Singphony and fought a hard battle for a second place in the Hallaballoo Relays. The social calendar for Hotz included a tea for Mr. and Mrs. Hotz, talent show, art show, and the annual spring formal. Hotz also had a party for under- privileged children and sponsored a foreign exchange student. Hotz was under the leadership of Kathy McClana- han, president; Susan Oswald, secretary; Ruthie Rowan, treasurer. Jo Martin was installed as president second semester. The line up Hotz Hall girls protest a rule prohibiting them from wearing rollers to dinner on Friday nights. First Row: Carla Lou Adams, Nellie May Adams, Jean Maree Albaugh, I .-.iih. i Ann Albright, Toni Rae Alford, Vera G. Allen, Judy Ann Anderson, Marita Jane Anderson. Second Row: Mary Ann Ander- son, Ricky Fay Arnold, Carolyn Anne Baird. June Michelle Baker, Katherine Lorraine Baker, Rose- mary Baker, Nancy Lynn Baney, Marrilee Barber. Third Row: Donna Lynne Bar- clay, Donna Barker, Mary Amanda Barthel, Connie Bassett, Susan Bauch, Barbara Ann Bell, Kathy Ellen Bell, Stephanie Jeanine Be- lote. Fourth Row: Susan Jane Ben- ner, Kathryn Jane Bernhagen, Jana Berryhill, Roberta Jean Bezu- cha, Yulonda Kay Black, Lena Sue Blair, Sheila Anne Blalock, Ann Oliver Block. Fifth Row. Lois Mae Bock, Marilyn Jane Bonner, Carolee Bon- nette, Koni Jo Boone, Barbara Louise Bowman, Gail Boyd, Joan- ne Brandon, Frances Margaret Breland. Sixth Row: Susan Margaret Brillhart, B. Ewyn Brinkley, Toni Brogdon, Rosemari Brooks, Con- nie Marie Brown, Janet Ruth Brown, Kathleen Louise Brown, Mary Elizabeth Brown. Seventh Row: Rebecca Sue Brown, Sharon Lynn Brown, Deb- orah Leigh Browning, Caroline J. Bulloch, Barbara Ann Burkett, Patricia Lynn Burks, Donna Jane Burnett, Kathy A. Bushkuhl. Eighth Row: Sara Jane Byers, Dianna Sharon Bynum, Sherry Marie Bynum, Linda Lajean Cald- well, Carol Lynn Camfield, Lana Sue Carnes, Diane Carenter, Mary Elizabeth Carrington. Ninth Row. Nan Elizabeth Cast- leberry, Beth Catherall, Marilyn Louise Cearley, Brenda Kaye Chambers, Synde Chambers, Carol Lee Cheney; B. Gayle Clark, Car- olyn Marie Clark. Tenth Row: Mary Nita Clark, Sharron Nancy Clarke, Mary L. Clifton, Shirley Jane Cobb, Shan- non Coffee, Leslie Marie Cogbill, Marge Cole, Diane Lee Cook. Eleventh Row: Faune Suzanne Cook, Leslie Ann Cook, Charlotte Dale Cooley, Jean Ann Core, Mary Lois Cottle, Catherine Anne Cow- an, Ann Crawford, Margaret Ann Curtis. 213 Hotz First Row: Suzanne Evelyn Da- Cosse, Julia Clare Daniel, Deloris Rhea Daugherty, Susan Kay Dav- enport, Judith Ann Davis, Janet Marie DeBons, Deborah Anne De- Laney, Darah Maye Dodd. Second Row. Sarah Jean Doran, Candace Ruth Douglas, Rachel Jane Doyle, Miriam Helene Duell, Kathy Jane Dunavant, Terry Anne Dunlop, Rebecca Ann Echols, Janice Lee Ederington. Third Row: Katie Steel Eld- ridge, Cynthia Ellis, Gloria Ann Ellis, Marilyn Gail England, Don- na Carol Evans, Pamela Gay Fain, Joann Elizabeth Farmer, Sandra Leigh Farmer. Fourth Row: Judy Clara Faulk- ner, Betty Linda Fesler, Ginny L. Fetzek, Darla Marie Fewell, Peg- gy Lynn Finnegan, Judy Rae Flo- rence, Annice Floyd, Marion Jean- ette Foster. Fifth Row: Joanne Freeman, Linda Sue Fuller, Mary Suzanne Garner, Janis Darlene Gasbarre, Cynthia Ann Gaston, Phyllis Anne Gainings, Gail Marie Gentry, Cathy Lu George. Sixth Row: Flora Jean Gibson, Diana Lee Ging, Linda Gail Glenn, Mary Jane Glidewell, Ka- ren Angela Gunter, Susan Jane Hall, Laveta Ann Hardcastle, Bev- erly Ann Hardy. Seventh Row: Ann Kathleen Harp, Joetta Hawkins, Cynthia Sue Haynes, Cynthia Jane Hays, Mary Letricia Hegwood, Paul Kay Henbest. Sandra Lynn Henderson, Karen Jill Herriman. Eighth Row: Winnie Fran Hew- itt, Gloria Lou Hipp, Sandra Sue Hobson, Linda Jean Hoeft, Saun- dra Jean Hogins, Johnnie Ruth Holcomb. Betty Hollis, Lana Kay Holloway. Ninth Row: Mary Ann Hollo- way, Terry Holopoff, Donna Ruth Holt, Debbie Sue Horton, Peggy Ann Howerton, Susan Kav Huf- faker, Marilyn Elizabeth Hughes, Janis Jayne Jackson. Tenth Row: Marion Berdeneia Jackson, Donna Gayle Jennings, Chariot Ann Jett, Diana Lynn Johnson, Mary Glenda Johnson, Mary Jane Johnston, Mary Rachel Johnston, Janis Gaye Jones. Eleventh Row: Carol Ann Kais- er, Gloria Lee Keesee, Linda Kay Kelley, Katherine Kersting, Me- linda W. Kincannon, Barbara Lee King, Janeal King, Beverly Marie Kirby. L214 nD a . First Row. Sandra Lee Kuhn, Beverly Ann Lane, Lequetta Sue Lane, Angela LaSalle, Jan Lati- mer, Karen Kanel Latta, Bonnie Lynne Laws, Dorothy June Lea. Second Row. Mary Camille Ledel, Linda Carol Lee, Nanila Lee, Susan Jeanne Leeman, Cyn- thia Ann Lemley, Letitia Faye Leopard, Ann Helen Lindley, Marilyn Kay Long. Third Row. Carol Ann Love- lady, Donna Katherine Lucas, Linda Lusk, Lynda Leu Lynch, Marcia Ann Lyon, Dana Leigh Lyons, Cheryl Christine Mackin, Donna Jo Maner. Fourth Row. Sarah Jane Man- gelsdorf, Rebecca Jane Mangum, Cynthia Marks, Jo Karen Martin, Shannon Sue Mason, Judith Kay Massery, Anita Carol Massey, Georganne Massey. Fifth Row: Linda Maxey, Pa- tricia Ann May, Peggy Jean May, Sandra L. McAbee, Elizabeth Mc- Carty, Kathy Lynn McClanahan, Zelma Jane McCool, Cindy Lou McCord. Sixth Row. Melissa Ann Mc- Donald, Marsha Sue McGinty, Rebecca Annette McGlothin, Bev- erly Ann McGugin, B. Wanette McKee, Donna Eileen McMaster, Carolyn Sue McMasters, Jackie McMennamy. Seventh Row. Judith Ann Mea- cham, Kimberly Melton, Melinda Sue Merrill, Cecilia Anne Miller, Lee Mitchell, Carol Ann Mittel- staedt, Carolyn Carlyle Moore. Charlotte Moore. Confident Hotz Hall Jocks look over the opposition before one of the powder puff football games. Well, over confidence never did win a game. 215 First flow: Rhetta Ellen Moore, Sandra Sue Moore, Linda Beth Morgan, Sharon Ann Morgan, Linda Rose Murphy, Margie Nan- carrow, Audrey L. Nash, Linda Edith Nelson. Second Row: Gloria Jean New- man, Sherry Marie Newman, Don- na Lee Nichols, Gloria Jeanne Osborne, Martha Suzanne Oswald, Katherine Elizabeth Oviatt, Re- becca Owen, Carol Jane Park. Third Row: Janice Ellen Par- sons, Margaret Ann Parsons, Lin- da Yvonne Pasche, Beverly Ann Patton, Coin Regina Patton, Mary Pearce, Sandra Kay Pearce, Su- san Petersen. Fourth Row. Priscilla Jane Petty, Karin Sue Philpott, Janet Kay Piebenga, Dana Lindsey Pierce, Joyce Katheryn Plummer, Nancy Gayle Pollan, Diane Pop- penhouse, Sharon Sue Presson. Fifth Row: Diana Gayle Price, Susan Marie Quigg, Beverly Louise Rapps, Susan Elaine Reynolds, Sara Ella Riddle, Maryland May Riffel, Margaret Riley, Edith Helme Rittenhouse. Sixth Row: Ruth Rivers, Jean- ne Anne Roades, Rebecca Jean Roberts, Susan Robins, Gerrie Ann Robrahn, Christy Lea Rodman, Gaylynn Romine, Susan Lynn Romines. Seventh Row: Janna Rorex, Pax Ross, Ruthie Lorena Rowan, Bar- bara Lynn Russell, Rebecca Anne Russell, Mary Ann Russo, Sherry Ann Rutledge, Pam Sample. To hold semester " rush " or not, that is the question. Hotz Hall House Council tries to decide how to attract more state beauty contest winners to their dorm. 216 Hotz First Row: Nancy Eileen Sand- ers, Bonnie Lee Scanlan, Josephine Anne Schmand, Carol Sue Sch- neider, Debra Dee Schneider, Sandy Schneider, Terrye Lynn Schultz, Lela Jane Seay. Second Row: Jeane Maria Shel- ton, Miriam Uuane Shivery, Linda Ann Shonkwiler, Virginia Lee Siler, Cindy Lou Simmons, Leslie Margaret Sims, Vicki Louise Sims, Sue Ann Slayden. Third Row: Anamaria Sloan, Barbara Marie Smedley, Mary Elizabeth Smee, Mary Jane Smith, Patricia Ann Smith, Peggy Ann Smith, Rosalie Kay Smith, Sally Doriece Smith. Fourth Row: Sharon Lou Smith, Sheila Sue Smith, Diana Lynne Sneed, Sandra Lynn Spotts, Betty Ann Squires, Alice Kay Stallcup, Dena Ann Stanfill, Barbara Diane Steigler. Fifth Row: Mary Gail Stephens, Cathy Stevenson, Jerre Ann Stock- er, Esther Storey, Sheri Lynn Stripling, Catherine Ann Suther- lan, Brenda Kay Swink, Cynthia Lee Taylor. Sixth Row: Lyla A. Taylor, Nancy Lee Tays, Sandra La Verne Thomas, Betty Bowen Thompson, Rebecca Dawn Thompson, Carolyn E. Thron, Carol Suzanne Thurs- ton, Susan Tippins. Seventh Row: Barbara Toll, Marlene Ann Toth, Sheila Ann Trapani, Donna Sue Trousdale, Phyllis Tucker, Shirley Kay Van- aman, Charlotte Ann Van Horn, Nancy Wade. Eighth Row: Sandy Wade, Annie Lou Walker, Linda Walker, Patricia Kaye Wallace, Rebecca Jane Walls, Jacque Marie Wasem, Helen Ruth Watson, Nancy Lynn Watson. Ninth Row: Deborah Ann Wea- dock, Mary Carolyn Webb, Bette Jane White, Linda Rose White, Marcia Ashby White, Clarenda Joyce Whitlow, Patsy Marie Whit- tenburg, Geneva Williams. Tenth Row: Janet K. Williams, Donnealia Kay Wilson, Kathy Wil- son, Rita Suzanne Wilson, Sharon Louise Wilson, Donna Lynn Wolf, Elizabeth Lee Womack, Barbara Ann Wood. Eleventh Row: Sharon A. Wood- ward, Carol Jean Wright, Jan Louise Wulfekuhler, Susan Kay Yaple, Janet Louise Yarbrough, Terry Ann Yee, Linda Irene Young. 217 Razorback Hall Individuals Join Many Activities The women of Razorback Hall enjoyed a very suc- cessful year in many phases of campus activity. Offi- cers for the year were Janie Shepherd, president; Elizabeth Hawk, vice-president; Nancy Short, secre- tary; Sharon Lukes, treasurer. Active in campus affairs, many girls brought rec- ognition to Razorback. Judy Graves served as vice- president of WIHC, while Teena Mitchell was pub- licity chairman. Nancy Northcutt was president of SNEA. Judy Boyer was selected to serve on the Stu- dent Union Talent Committee. Several girls were ac- tive on campus publications. Honors this year were numerous. Elizabeth Hawk was chosen for Phi Beta Kappa. A member of Mortar Board, Jane Hodges was listed in Who ' s Who. Several girls served as members of Alpha Lambda Delta and many more were sophomore counselors. Blanche Locke and Carol Vance sang in Schola. Freddie Silva played one of the lead roles in the musical production, " The Gondoliers. " Ginger Shiras was elected to the Student Senate. Social activities included a Christmas party and a Senior Breakfast, held in May. Hallaballoo ' s duck stuffing contest created another contest stealing ducks. Razorback women managed to hold on to eight of them 218 Razorback First Row: Anne Deane Arnold, Rebecca Ellen Bane, Janis Faye Barnes, Patricia A. Bennett, Erma Carol Bordewieck, Judith Lee Boyer, Linda Gene Bray, Rebecca June Brown, Sharon Kaye Bryant. Second Row. Linda Chilton, Linda Faye Cloyd, Carol Sue Coo- per, Marilyn Ann Courdin, Pa- tricia Joyce Cowger, Phyllis Jean Cox, Mary Ann Crawford, Mary Annette DeSalvo, Amanda Fair. Third Row. Sarah Elizabeth Feland, Sue Ellen Field, Robin Palmer Fightmaster, Patty Ruth Fitch, Marrin Ruth Fitton, Mary Lea Ginn, Nancy Ann Godwin, Martha L. Grannan, Judy Patricia Graves. Fourth Row: Mary Carolyn Hale, Carol Ann Hannebaum, Linda Dell Harbour, Patricia Ann Harper, Hazel A. Hightower, Ge- neva Anne Hill, Susan Jane Hod- ges, Billye Michele Hollon, Mary Susan Howard. Fijtti Row: Mona Gay Jackson, Blanche Lillian Locke, Mollilou Locke, Sharon Anne Luckes, Ella May Mackey, Carolyn Sue Mc- Clain, Janet Laraine McCormack, Judy Lynne Meyer, Linda Louise Miller. Sixth Row: Patricia Lee Miller, Teena D. Mitchell, Carol Anne Mock, Athaline Moore, Martha S. Mullennix, Edna Renee Murphy, Nancy Gaye Northcutt, Linda Sue Oakley, Janice Velma Orrick. Seventh Row: Anne P. Osher, Betty Ruth Parkhill, Tommie Jean Patterson, Patricia Jane Peterson, Mary Kaye Polk, Alma Powell, Patricia Lee Ryan, Veeta Scott. Eighth Row: Nancy Louise Short, Kathleen Stell, Carolyn Kay Stokes, Marlys Anne Storck, Sondra Sue Stosberg, Marsha Faye Taylor, Wanda Ruth Taylor, Pam- ela Delorese Temple. Ninth Row: Mona Marsha Tem- pleton, June E. Thomas, Connie Jean Thompson, Marquerite Ann Topliff, Carol Irene Vance, Helen Delores Vancuren, Linda Gail Vaughan, Carol Lee Voigtmann. Tenth Row: Alice Evelyn Wal- lace, Vicki Sue White, Idabelle F. Wilkerson, A. Francene William- son, Donna Francene Witwicke, Barbara Jean Wood, Emma Jean Wright, Edith Marie Yocum. 219 Reid Hall Newest Dorm Dedicated in April After almost a full year of activities, the Uni- versity ' s newest dorm was dedicated in late April. The residence hall was named in honor of the late Martha McKenzie Reid, who served as Dean of Women for seventeen years, and was responsible for bringing Mor- tar Board to the University of Arkansas. Reid ' s women were active in all phases of campus activities including ABC, TRAVELER staff, University Theatre productions, Angel Flight, the debate team and the Marching Razorbacks. Thelma Holland was selected Razorback beauty. Patsy Hobbs was named TKE sweetheart. Officers for the year were co-presidents, Linda Boen and Lyn Baker; Jackie Irvin, treasurer; Mary Bell, secretary. Activities for the year included a toy drive and party for underprivileged children, art show, bridge tournament, holiday parties, smarty party, and working on a homecoming float and Gaebale booth. Reid has already added several trophies to its new trophy case including one from ABC ' s " Beat Texas " poster contest for second place and an intramural badminton trophy. House Council managed to keep cigarettes, cokes, candy and girls in slacks out of the formal living room, but they couldn ' t keep such perennial favorites as " Chopsticks " and " Heart and Soul " off the Piano. cler JiiSu tidi I Fwtl lord, Pi kin la pa Karen r I icLLm Let BK v First Row: Dorothy Diane Ad- ler, Marilea Adney, Saundra Kaye Aikman, Ann Albright, Cyndy Al- len, Lynne Louise Allen, Nancy Alice Alsladt. Second Row: Beverly Lynn Al- verson, Gloria Sue Anthony, Mar- sha Carole Arthur, Sharon Dianne Baguley, Claudia Lynne Baker, C. Jaylon Banks, Julianne Barringer. Third Roto: Susan Linda Bee- cher, Doris Elaine Bennett, Clau- dia Sue Benson, Judy Anne Berry, Linda Kay Berry, Carolyn Sue Black, Candyce S. Blackard. Fourth Row: Nancy S. Black- ford, Patricia Anne Bleidt, Bar- bara Len Blume, Mary Ann Boren- gasser, Catherine Ann Borland, Karen F. Bracket!, Carolyn Ray Bradshaw. Fifth Row: Mary Ann Brether- ick, Linda Lou Brigman, Sharon Lee Browers, Charlene Brown, Marjorie Dianne Brown, Rebecca Anne Brown, Mary Jane Burrow. Sixth Row: Barbara Helen Burl- ness, Marcelyn Rence Cagle, Pat Call, Lois Ann Carlson, Shannon Lea Carlton. J. Diane Carpenter, Linda Noe Carson. Seventh Row: Barbara June Carter, Martha Lou Caulder, Deb- ra Sue Cheatham, Gloria Jean Clarida, Janis Carolyn Clark, Judy M. Clark, Helen Cameron Clement. Eighth Row: Patricia Elaine demons, Catherine Louise Cof- field, Patricia Cole, Carol Lynn (Jiliz, Marilyn Joy Cook, Frances Anne Cooper, Nancy Ruth Cop- pie. Ninth Row: Sarah Elizabeth Covington, Peggy Sue Cox, Sha- ron Lea Dalrymple, Donna Kay Turley Dean Davis, Mary Patricia Davis, Jeanette Deevers. 221 Reid First Row. Cynthia Marie Des- kin, Laura Ellen Dilday, Susan Dodd, Deborah Ann Dorsa, Don- na Downs, Mary Ruth Droughter, Deane Marie Duncan. Second Row: Estella Louise Dunn, Connie Jo Edwards, Andrea Lynn Eley, Gloria Elrod, Josep- hine Enlow, Glenyce Gail Estes, Sandra Jean Everett. Third Row: Alice Dianne Far- ish, Beverlee Paige Farrington, Pam Fesler, Christianne Elizabeth Finkbeiner, Dorothy Marie Fink- beiner, Linda Kay Fletcher, Shir- ley Ann Franzmeier. Fourth Row: Gwendolyn Ran- som Freeman, Jeanne Ann Free- man, Silvia Mae Furgason, Anne Elizabeth Gardner, Peggy Garrett, Tamara Ann Gaskill, Mary C. Gatlin. Fifth Row: Betty Ann Gattis, Connie Gayle George, Mary Jane Gosslee, Cynthia Dianne Graham, Royette Graves, Deborah Ellen Green, Linda Faye Griffin. Sixth Row: Vickey Groves, Vicki Gean Gunn, Marilyn Sue Hackney, Nancy Gene Halbert, Margaret Eloise Hall, Mary Louise Hall, Mary Cathryn Hammons. Seventh Row: Linda Diane Handley, Vickii L. Hansen, San- dra Sue Harbison, Karen Hardin, Kay F. Harmon, Ethel Arvell Har- rell, Carol Jan Harris. Eighth Row: Barbara Hazel Hartje, Margaret Lee Haver, Shir- ley Sue Hellen, Christina Marie Hellman. Cheryl Ann Henley, Judith Ann Herndon, Belinda Jane Hillhouse. Ninth Row: J. Kay Hite, Rose- mary A. Hoag, Karen Jeanette Hogaboom, Carolyn Jean Hoi- comb, Sheila Holland, Helen Ruth Hotz, Leta Joyce Howard. 222 First Row: Sharon Lee Howe, Kathleen Marie Hughes, Karen Keva Hunt, Sharon Kimberly Hunt, Jackie L. Irvin, Judie Jarstad, Judi Jeffers. Second Row. Adrian Margaret Johnson, Donna Claire Johnson, Jenifer Johnson, Sheryl Jean John- son, Lynda Lee Johnston, Carol June Jones, Gloria A. Jones. Third Row: Linda Dale Jones, Elaine Kelly, Patricia Ann Kelly, Anne Kennedy, Barbara G. Ken- nedy, Katy Louise King, Susan Catherine King. Fourth Row: Joyce Kinney, Catherine Ann Koenig, Leslie Dee Kraich, Glenda Ruth Labrot, Mary Olivia Landess, Ginger Lou Lane, Loretta Grace Lane. Fifth Row: Hazel Louise Law- rence, Luanna Layman, Claudia Anne Leyendecker, Linda Diane Lipscomb, Rebecca Ann Little, Celeste Laura Lockhart, Linda Longnecker. Sixth Row. Carolyn Christine Looney, Patricia Jo Luper, Nina Millicent Lynn, Marsha L. Martin, Mary Alice Martin, Suzetta Jane Mason, Jackye Lee McBride. Reid Hall had a reputation for " juking " and for having the lowest women ' s grade average. Here they " juke " at a Smarty Party. Needless to say few could attend. 223 First Row: Anne McClelland, Cherylene Marie McDaniel, Julie Watson McDonald, Glenda McFar- land, Patricia Ann McGaha, Anne L. McWilliams, Gwendolyn Ann Meekins, Mable Celine Merkle. Second Row: Christine Dorothy Mertens, Sandy J. Mickle, Susan Jewell Miller, Wanda Faye Miller, I ,111,1 Dianne Mitchell, Rebecca Dee Mitchell, Sandra Car on Mitchell, Barbara Sue Mogg. Third Row: Jean Montgomery, Janya Gee Moore, Katherine Es- telle Moore, Marilyn Jeannette Moore, Patricia Ann Moore, Bev- erly Jeanne Moorehead, Karen Ann Morgan, Lois Crockett Mor- ris. Fourth Row. Mary Emilia Mor- ris, Margaret Ann Morton, Judith Ann Mosey, Nancy Virginia My- ers, Alice Elaine Nagel, Mary Sue Naylor, Junie Elizabeth Nelson, Martha Ellen Nelson. Fifth Row: Carolyn Gene New- man, Deeana Jane Nichols, Becky Lynn Nohse, Betty Jane Nutt, Peggy June Nutt, Jane Puryear Oldner, Linda E. O ' Reilly, Ber- neda Sue Osborne. Sixth Row: Anita Sue Owens, J. Rebecca Pace, Gwendolyn Holl- oway Parham, RuthAnn Parrin, Theresa Kathyleen Patterson, Pau- la Kay Fender, Patricia Jane Penn, Janice Carol Peters. Dean Anne, disguised as a clown, watches over the Reid Hall parking lot. VE ' HENOTCUM 224 Reid fi ' rs {on;: Jo Lynn Phillips, Rebecca Phillips, Phyllis Marie Piggee, Dulane Barry Pintado, Cassandra Pollard, Cara Ann Pom- fret, Nancy Anne Poynor. Second Row: Linda Suzanne Prall, Barrie Jo Price, Greta Olene Price, Ann Lehman Pride, Susan Deanna Pridemore, Lynn Purnph- rey, Barbara Louise Railsback. Third Row: Jean Ann Ramsey, Rebecca Jo Rash, Alice Jo Ray- mond, Susan Jo Ridley, Karen Lor- raine Riggs, Pamela D. Riggs, Wil- lia Jeanette Roberts. Fourth Row: Leona Kate Rog- ers, Nancy Anderson Rolfe, Linda Ann Rollow, Carolyn Sue Russell, Jo Anne Scarborough, Patricia Ann Schick, Andrea Nell Schlarb. Fifth Row: Barbara Jean Sharp, Susan Ann Shaw, Elizabeth Slack, Judy Carolina Smith, Marilyn Lea Smith, Marsha K. Smith, Peggy Ann Smith. Sixth Row: Shirley Katherine Smith, Constance Lynn Snapp, Lou Ann Snow, Elizabeth Renee Sor- rell, Stephanie Fay Spargo, Cheryl Sparks, Judy Sprenger, Sandra Jean Spriggs. Seventh Row: Anne Dougherty Staley, Camille Stanford, Nelia Talbot, Charmaine Regina Taylor, Sheryl Ann Thornton, Sara Eliza- beth Tole, Linda Joyce Townsend, Nancy Rebecca Turner. Eighth Row: Susan Jane Turn- er, Jean L. Utley, Rebecca Ann Walden, Jerry Ann Ware, Vicky A. Watts, Gloria Marie Weatherly, Linda Carol Webb, Janis Whit- eaker. Ninth Row: Mary Jane Wick- ard, Elsie Kay Williams, Linda Anne Williams. Martha Ellen Wil- liams, Janet Kay Wood, Eugenia Wright, Karen A. Yedlick, May Gene Yum. 225 First Row: Sherry Newman, Diane Formby, Judy Graves, Judy Hersey, Tricia Davis, Barbara Hankins. Second Row: Ronnie Gilstrap, Teena Mitchell, Nancy Blake, Charlotte Leon- ard, Janie Shepherd. Third Row. Kim Melton, Rosemary Gaines, Janis Barnes, Janice Spleth, Carolyn Holcomb. Fourth Row: Donna Barclay, Kathy McClanahan, Judy Garrett, Laurie Ho- gan, Kitty Cherry. WIHC Helps Create New Traditions New traditions were started this year for residence halls. Residence Hall Week, a joint project of Women ' s Inter Hall Council and MIHC. was he ld for the first time. The Week was highly successful and will be held again next year. WIHC was also of help in establishing Tau Alpha Upsilon, an honorary fraternity for selected residence h ll members. All women ' s residence halls and 4-H House send representatives to WIHC, which serves as a governing body. Officers for the year were: Carolyn Holcombe. President; Judy Graves, Vice-President; Pat Bowers, Secretary; Judy Hersey. Treasurer; Teena Mitchell, Publicity Chairman. Projects for the year included giving a tea for Dean Anne Thompson, sponsoring foreign students, and giv- ing a health film on the dangers of narcotics. Early in the fall WIHC and MIHC co-sponsored both the annual Casino Carnival and an all-residence halls dance. WIHC selected an outstanding senior girl in the residence hall program and presented a scholarship trophy to 4-H House at the AWS Spring Festival. WIHC also sent a large delegation to the NACURH convention, which was held in Lawrence, Kansas. Carolyn Holcomb President 226 MIHC Co-Sponsors " Hallaballoo , Men ' s Inter-House Congress is composed of repre- sentatives from all men ' s residence halls and is designed to organize and coordinate student activities in the resi- dence hall area. MIHC cooperated with WIHC in sponsoring Resi- dence Hall Week, " Hallaballoo. " Lamar Pettus served as co-chairman of the Week, which featured a " Four Seasons " concert and a speech by Paul Harvey, a na- tionally known news commentator. Other activities in- cluded " powder puff " football games, a " bed race " and the Hallaballoo Relays. The Resident Hall Week was climaxed by a dance featuring the " McCoys. " Other MIHC projects and social activities included a Victory Dance, the annual Casino Carnival, free en- tertainment films for residence hall men, and free ath- letic equipment. MIHC offered awards to residence hall men for academic excellence. The MIHC Political Com- mission sponsored forums for candidates for student body offices. MIHC sent a large delegation to the NACURH convention, held in Lawrence, Kansas. Officers for the year were Darrell Rippy, President; Hollis Reed, Vice-President ; Tom Eans, Secretary ; Larry Wright, Treasurer; and Bill Cameron, Social Chairman. Darrell Rippy President First Row. Dean Tom Wyrick, Advisor; Terry Green, Don Thurman, Wilbur Blackmon, George Myers, Bill Cameron, Larry Ricketts, Mike Meeks. Second Row: Bill Ayers, Rusty Porter, Mike Miles, Joe Sommers, John Dickens, Mike Bethea, Aron Tallent. Third Row: Larry Wright, Gorton Hitte, Mike Beck- man, Kenneth Ramsey, Ronnie Pederson, Steve Smay, James Eads, Tom Eans. Fourth Row: Lee McQueen, Hollis Reed, John Deakins, Gene Staggs, Don Bunch, Jerry Howard, Wayne Korwes, Terry Reed, Wendell Adams. 221 Buchanan House The " Sleepy Hollow Boys " of Buchanan House ex- perienced another successful year while participating in many phases of campus activity. This year Buchanan was under the leadership of John Ryles, President; Willie McBride. Vice-Presi- dent; Pat Bourne, Secretary; David Pyle. Treasurer; Lee McQueen, M.I.H.C. Representative; Bob Brittain, Social Chairman; Jim Murphy. Intramural Manager. House members took an active part in many cam- pus organizations, including: The Razorback Band, M.I.H.C., Alpha Phi Omega, I.E.E.E., A.S.C.E., A.S.M.E., Young Republicans, Intramurals, and sev- eral church organizations. Social activities included several exchange dinners, a Christmas party, and a spring " Ice Cream Social. " i 228 First Row. Joseph Hudson Ad- ams, Thomas Hale Bogun, L. Pat- rick Bourne, Bobby Lynn Brittain, Charlie Morris Burdine, James Ed- ward Cobb. Second Row: Don Edwin Cook, Robert Dale Dempsey, Ronnie Al- len Foster, John Julian Fuller, Don Roy Gober, John Robert Gray. Third Row: James Michael Grimes, Walter Leonard Hazel, Howard Dean Hellwig, Darrel W. Hughes, Don Gilbert Jones, Wil- liam Douglas Lawrence. Fourth Row: Michael M. Lob- dill, Ralph Lee McQueen Jr., Jer- rel D. Martin, Douglas Burr Mat- hews, Ja cob T. Mitchell, Edward Neil Neunherz, Robert J. Prongay. Fifth Row: David Eugene Pyle, Phil Reeder, John Arnold Ryles, Charles Ervin Sherwood, Franklin Stanley Stephens, Leonard Nor- man Walker Jr., Melvis Clyde West, Broke House Broke House has been active on campus this year, participating in all of the Residence Hall activities. Officers for the first semester were John Deacons, President; Richard Maxwell, Vice-President; David Cook, Secretary; David Bunch, Social Chairman; George Phillips, Treasurer; and Kenneth Ramsey, M.I.H.C. Representative. New officers were elected for second semester. They were Richard Maxwell, President; Bob Williams, Vice- President and Social Chairman; David Lerch, Sec- retary; George Phillips, Treasurer; and Kenneth Ram- sey, M.I.H.C. Representative. The social functions for Droke House over the past year consisted of several exchange dinners, a spring outing, and a series of lively discussions with our back yard neighbors. First Row: David L. Bunch, Lane Swifton Carter, David Wayne Cook, Robert Allan Davidson, Charles Edward Drake, Richard Wayne Edwards. Second Row: Eddie Louis Ever- ett, Gerald Don Freeman, Lucien R. Gillham, William August Gren- welge, Dickie Don Hairston, Le- land Thomas Hankins. Third Row. John Terry Heard, Charles Gregory Holman, Walter Daniel Huff, Earl Edwin Jamison, Thomas Charles Jayne, Larry Michael Kilgore. Fourth Row: George Thomas Landers, Michael Vincent Larson, David Scott Lerch, Michael A. Limhird, William B. Lundy, Don- nie Ray Mclntosh. Fifth Row: Richard Everett Maxwell, Larry E. Moldenhauer, Leland Murphy, Fred Murry Ott, Lonnie Austin Powers, Kenneth W. Ramsey, Ghnn Lyle Short. Sixth Rtrw: Paul O. Shoup Jr., Fred Charles Smith, Bill Spicer, Joseph A. Strode, David Edwin Terrell, Robert Burney Williams, James Yates. Gladson House Still maintaining their part on the University of Arkansas campus are the upper-class residents of Glad- son House. This school year, 1966-67, was filled with participation in many of the campus organizations and various social activities. Besides being active in intramural sports, the men of Gladson were represented in Civic Club, M.I.H.C., various professional fraternities and several church or- ganizations during the regular school year. Social activities included exchange-dinners, Christ- mas party and several informal drop-ins. The officers for Gladson for the year were Sam Harper, President; Edward Morgan, Vice-President; Alan Fabrycky, Secretary; Mike Crist, Treasurer; Carl Davis, Social Chairman; and Eddie Hargis, M.I.H.C. representative who served the house well. I? L 230 First Row: Wayne Harris At- kinson, John Paul Bailey, Luther Harlan Boudra, Don Blaylock, Quin Wesley Bugh, Jr., Michael D. Crist, Joe Robert Cross. Second Row. Carl Miller Davis, John Dickens, Johnny R. Dunbar, Donald Joe Elrod, Phillip Kent Feeney, Bob (Rodan) Garrett, Paul Lee Green. Third Roiv. Merrill Dean Grif- fin. Phillip Terrance Haltom, Mark Christopher Jacobs, Edward Bruce Malcolm, Richard Kent Martinez, James Clyde Merritt, Joseph Mich- ael Miles. Fourth Row. Noel Edmond Mor- gan, Jr., Gary Edward Murphy, Dennis A. Reynolds, Jon David Richardson, David Jerome Rodg- ers, Jeff H. Scrogham, Edward Donald Sellers. Fifth R:w. Ralph Robert Siever, Jimmy Don Smith, Don Richard Trhylor, Dale H. Vickers, Terry K. Walker, Kenneth H. Whitson. Holcombe Hall Super Dorm Has Exciting Year For the first time in its history Holcombe Hall hous- ed men and what a year they had! Leading Holcombe through an active and prosperous year were the of- ficers: Presidents, Phil Reecer and Tom Kresse; Vice- President, Terry Green; Secretary, Don Roberts; Treas- urer, Ken Coleman and Jim Brown; Social Chairman, John Boyle and Mike Matthew; Intramural managers, Bob Billingsley and Bill Barnes. An extraordinary intramural season resulted in Hol- combe literally running away with the Resident Intra- mural Championship, winning first place in golf, foot- ball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. Although intramurals were an important facet of Holcombe ' s extracurricular activities, numerous social functions also highlighted the year. Among them were a Texas Watch Party, Christmas Orphan ' s Party, several drop-ins, some memorable outings, and the big " Super Dorm " Spring dance. Holcombe also took honors by winning the annual Singfony and by accumulating the second highest Resi- dent Hall grade point. On numerous occasions the men of Holcombe were privileged to hear from some out- standing U. of A. professors. The enthusiasm of the men of Holcombe Hall was evident during Homecoming as finishing touches were put on house decorations. ' 231 1 I First Row. Lawrence Allen Alexander, James Redman Ander- son, Tommie Dean Ayers, Billy Bruce Barnes, Kenneth Lee Bal- lard, Jerry Neil Bartlett, Harold Dennis Beaver, Dennis Leon Belts. Second Row: Robert Taylor Bil- lingsley, George Bingham, Larry A. Black, Roy Edward Black, James Earl Boyd, John Raymond Boyle, Patrick L. Bray, Robert Word Brookes. Third Row: Darrell Fayne Brown, John William Brown, Er- nest Dwayne Burks, George Wayne Campbell, Jr., Mario Patricio Cell, William W. Childs, Daniel Ray- mond Clark, Lowell D. Clifton. Fourth Row: James W. Clopton, Dalton Miles Coleman, Richard Lewis Coles, Charles Allen Con- ditt, Edward H. Cooper. Donald Erwin Cowan, Jr., Edward Joseph Dennis, Douglas Mark DeVey. Fifth Row: James R. Dodson, Stephen Gail Duffel, Danny D. Dunning, James Glenn Edens, Jul- ian D. Edmondson, II, Jeffrey Lynn Emory, George Dennis Estelle, Larry Don Fincher. Sixth Row: James Clark Fowler, Jr., John Thomas Franklin, III, Carl Lee Gabbard, Marvin George, Gilbert Louis Glover, Thomas Leon Gore, Don Allen Graham, Ernie Horton Gray, Terry Glenn Green. Holcombe Everyone was resting and watching, but what? Could it be Bat Man, The Invaders, well would you believe the annual Texas- Arkansas game? i 232 First Row: Oliver Wendell Hall, III, Richard Davis Hall, John R. Hamilton, Bert Lee Hardin, Charles Daniel Hatfield, James Knox Hendren, James Biniun Hut- chens, Bill Isaacs. Second Row: Daniel L. Johnson, Dennis Lee Johnston, Edwin Car- roll Jones, James Richard Jones, Robert Charles Jones, Michael A. Jordan, Richard Lon Kimery, Don Kenneth King. Third Row: James T. Kirk, Al- vin Eugene Krebs, Jr., Charles Joseph Lumoureux, Robert Kinder Lane, Arthur Thumas Larson, Gary Gene Larsen. Russell Ervin Lee- man, Timmy D. Leslie. Fourth Row: Tommy Bob Love- grove, William Alan Loxley, Gary Thomas McNeill, Frank Hsioh-Ti Ma, William H-L Ma, Jan Michael Matthews. James Hugh Miller, Eric William Nelson. Fifth Row: John Nelson, Edwin Ewing Nesbitt, Mitchell Duane Norman, James Anderson O ' Neal, Jr., James Edward O ' Neal, Tet- sumi Oishi, Larry R. Otwell, Jos- eph Franklin Pelphrey. Sixth Row: Howard Eugene Pike, III, Robert Dale Plant, Step- hen Lee Presser, Johnnie Junior Quails, Thomas Denton Rakes, Philip Earl Reecer, John F. Rel- yea, Gregory A. Ridge. Seventh Row: David Alan Rob- erts, Don Baron Roberts, Barry Aber Robinson, D. Keith Rutledge, David P. Saxon, Joe B. Scruggs, Michael Owen Shaw, Lee Boyd Shell. Eighth Row: Gregory Laurence Shellard, Charles Stephen Smith, Earl Travis Smith, Jr., Neal De- wayne Smith, Charles Grayson Simpson, Richard Allen Spilman, Luther D. Spurlock, Ralph Arden Stephens. Ninth Raw: Michael Douglas Stroud, Gary Edwin Taggart, Thomas Mills Taylor, William Wayne Timmerman, Donnie R. Tugwell, Tom Peter Van Schaik, Hubert Lee Ward, Sam Edward Watson. Tenth Row: Paul Whitnah, Mac Will, Frank W. Williams, Jeffery H. Williams, Jerry Carl Williams, Robert Britton Windham, William Irving Woodford, Jr., James (Lee) Yates. f f i 233 Humphrey ' s Hall Humphrey ' s Stages Political Forum Scholastically, there were seventy-four men who re- ceived scholarship awards from the Men ' s Inter-House Congress. In the fields of intramurals many people participated in various activities. Humphrey ' s pep was seen at the pep rallies and in the Homecoming house decoration. A red pig with the remains of a mustang illustrated our war-like feelings toward SMU at that time. On the social calendar, a Hall dance, several ex- change dinners and dances, and two drop-ins were prominent events. A Christmas dinner party was given for many needy children this year. Excellent leadership came from its first and second semester officers in the Senate. The first freshman forum was initiated. The Hall constitution was revised this year also. The Fall semester officers were: Doak Sullivan, President; John Williams, Vice-President ; Ed Barten, Secretary-Treasurer; Bruce Sass, Social Chair- man; and Greg Reed, M.I.H.C. representative and Marty Davis who was the representative for Humph- reys in the Student Senate. The boys shown below, from the fifth floor Humphrey ' s, were a good example of the fine participation Humphrey ' s had in intramurals. 234 First Row: Roy Lee Adkins, Robert Daryl Albertson, James Ronald Allen, Robert C. Allen, Jnliri Browning Alter, Richard At- kins, David Routt Atkinson, Ran- dal! Lee Atkinson. Second Row. Don Christopher Avery, Bill Ayers, Richard Lynn Ayers, John Douglas Baker, Robert Alton Balkman, David Martin Bar- ber, Raymond Lee Barnard, Larry D. Barnes. Third Row: Billy Joe Barnett, Edwin Stanley Barton, Gary Lee Batchelor, Wilbur A. Biggs, Jack Paul Biles, James Allen Birming- ham, Donald Eugene Bishop, B. J. Blakeman. Fourth Row: Ronald H. Black- welder, Howard Andrews Bradley, Philip Dean Bridges, John Step- hen Briggs, Jackie W. Brisco, Mil- ton Charles Broker, Jr., Larry Ga- lan Brooks, Donald Lee Broussard. Fifth Row: Jerry Dale i ' rown, Joe Clem Browning, Edward Ray Bruning, Michael Edward Bryant, Thomas Ray Buffington, Donald William Bunch, Charles Glyndon Bunton, Louis Case Burge. Sixth Row: Francis Edward Burks, Jr., Richard Lee Burnett, David M. Butcher, Kurt Butcher, Julian Dale Calhoon, Fred James Callahan, William Robert Cam- eron, Charles Anthony Carlson. Seventh Row: Terry Joe Carr, David Kit Carson, James H. Car- son, Richard N. Carter, Larry Cearley, Dennis Wayne Chapman, Ronald Wayne Chapman, James F. Cherry. Eighth Row: Gary Allen Church, Randle Wayne Churchill, Philip Holland Clark, William Andrew Clark, III, John Harold Clayton, Ronald W. Cole, Fred D. Conway, Joe Dee Cook. Ninth Row: Stephen Lucas Cook, Clifford H. Cooper, Edward Mitchell Cooper, Michael Lee Cope, William Dixon Corbin, J. B. Courson, Jr., Edwin Ronald Cox, Mark Cromwell. Tenth Row: Thomas M. Cup- pies, Michael Irvin Daily, Chester Eugene Damrill, Arlin B. Daniel, James Raymond Daugherty, Lynn Allen David, Charles Darwin Da- vidson, Bobby Ray Davis. t J J l fc! t 235 , tt fed Humphreys First Row: Eddie Davis, Mar- tin Clay Davis, Raguel Lee Davis, Randy C. Davis, Gary Malcolm Dawson, Ronald Eugene DeFoor, Jimmy Dean Dismuke, Edward William Doss. Second Row. Bill R. Downen, William David Dunn, Michael Oli- ver Duty, James Richard Eads, Steve John Earp, Richard Gerald Edwards, Roger Frank Effinger, Byron Creasy Evans. Third Row: John Morgan Fe- land, Ricky G. Fleetwood, James Lawson Fly, Jr., Dewey Burnett Ford, Jack Ronald Fortner, Albert Martin Frankenberger, Terry Wayne Freeman, Jan Fulenwider. Fourth Row. Michael E. Garner, Robert Wayne Garrett, Brian Lin- coln Gartside, Bobby Wayne Gen- try, Gus Daniel Gill, Teddy Lynn Glaub, Randall I. Goldman, Roger D. Goodwin. Fifth Row: John Thomas Gor- ham, Clyde Calvin Grady, Gary A. Granello, Daniel H. Graves, James Evans Gresham, John Stephen Gresham, Glen G. Grim, William Alan Grove. Sixth Row: Gary Shands Guer- in, Danny Lee Hale, Richard L. Hall, Ronald Ray Hall, Ronnie Lee Harden, Hubert Anthony Har- din, Robert Thomas Harriell, Jr., Ora Fred Harris, Jr. Seventh Row: Calvin Alexander Harrison, Rickey D. Hart, Ken- neth J. Haxel, Ralph C. Heller, Jack Elwin Helms, Jr., Robert Benjamin Henderson, Martin Ray Hess, Jon Blain Hill. Eighth Row. Robert L. Hill, Rollin Trevor Hilliard, Luther Ray Hodges, Frederick Ray Horn, Jer- old Alan Horton, John Hansard House, Charles Norman Huggs, Lindell Wayne Jameson. Ninth Row: Leon Nolen Jami- son, Charles Cole Jeffries, Jerry A. Jenkins, Jon Randy Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Buford Dale Jones, Howard E. Jones, James Toliver Jones. Tenth Row. Jay Hollis Jones, Gerald Bernard Jordan, Wesley Carl Jordan, William Troy Keith, Donald T. Kenney, Gary Neal Kin- ney, Edward M. Knod, Jr., Donald Edward Kraha. 236 fi ' rs( Row. Thomas Michael Kramer, Gay Lacy, III, Quinn I X La Fargue, III, Charles Thomas Lane, Roy Lynn Lang, Tommy Raymond Larimer, Samuel Tilden Ledgerwood, John M. Lipin. Second Row: Jackie Eugene Little, Harold Dean Lock, Harold Lee Lockart, Ronnie Wayne Lowe, Ronald Wayne Lowery, Craig Er- val McDonald, Brad McKinley, James M. McKinley. Third Row: James Robert Mc- Kinley, Charles H. McLaughlin, Phillip Lowe McLendon, Charles Woodrow McMillian, James Wil- liam McPherson, Christopher Louis Macioce, A. James Markl, Thomas William Marks. Fourth Row: J. Zan Martin, Stephen C. Martin, Walter D. Mar- tin, Jr., John Tipton Masterson, Robert Clay May, Michael H. Means, Jimmy Donald Melton, Douglas Miles Meroney. Fifth Row: William Fred Miller, William Keith Mills, Otis " fenny Mitchell, Billy George Moon, John Richard Moore, William D. Mor- gan, Charles L. Morrisett, Johnny Lee Morrison. Sixth Row: James Gary Moui- ton, Bob Mundstock, George Er- nest Myers, Joseph Charles Neal, James Frederick Nelson, Jr., Wil- liam Andrew Nelson, Jimmie Dow Nesbitt, George Raymond New. Instilled in these Humphrey ' s freshmen were the ideas of military discipline by a mem- ber of the Pershing Rifles. 237 First Rom: Bill Charles Nichols, Ricky Allan Nichols, Gary Thomas Nix, Graham DeWitt Nixon, Charles Dwain Oliver, William Samuel Orr, David Sumner Os- born, David Arthur Osborne. Second Row: Randy W. Owens, Kerry Lee Parker, Charles E. Par- sons, James Robert Partain, Har- old Louis Payne, Ronald C. Ped- erson, James Akers Pence, Larry Everette Peters. Third Row: Ronald Wayne Pey- ton, Kenneth Ray Pittaway, Jesse Edwin Porter, Jr., Gregory D. Reed, Donald Lewis Rennard, J. Larry Rhodes, Wendell Ralph Rice, William T. Rodenbach. Fourth Row: Michael R. Rod- riguez, Hiluard G. Rogers, Michael Cliff Rowland, Harold Ray Rus- sell, Marvin Frank Russell, Tim- othy J. Ryan, Damun Dale Sadler, James B. Sanford. Fifth Row: Larry Satterfield, Bruce Darlington Sass, John Da- vid Schanafelt, Cloyce Wayne Scheer, Irwin John Seward, Jr., Ronald W. Sewell, William Hay- den Sexson, Carl David Shelby. Sixth Row: Rodger Keith Shel- man, William L. Simmons, James Ellis Simpson, Philip Larry Skoch, William Frank Smiley, David E. Smith, Douglas Gardner Smith, John Douglas Smith. Humphrey ' s Senate interviewed freshmen student body senators to get their ideas about student government. 238 Humphreys first Row;: Tony C. Smith, Law- rence Douglas Sneed, Joseph C. Sommers, Charles E. Sparks, Al- ton Wayne Speer, Gary Ray Speer, Robert Glenn Spencer. Second Row: Jay Rolens Sprigg, Joseph Charles Stainton, Kenneth Lee Stafford, Dan Derace Sterling, John M. Stevens, III, Mark Brad- ford Stevenson, Michael Bruce Stiles. Third Row: Jim Coy Stricklen, James Douglas Stroud, Gary Wayne Styles, Patrick H. Sullivan, Robert Doak Sullivan, James Wil- liam Sutherland, David Hugh Tal- ley. Fourth Row: James Dennis Tay- lor, Paul Henry Thane, David Con- way Thomas, Howell M. Thomp- son, Jr., Paul David Thompson, Michael Flack Tinsley, David Ron- ald Townson, Jr. Fifth Row: Tim R. Tracer, Fred- erick Thomas Trickey, Glynn L. Trusty, Jim Tucker, Richard Leigh Turner, Michael Robert Vanderburg, George Ellis Van Hook, Jr. Sixth Row: John Warren Ver- nor, Bill Mack Vest, Raymond Payne Vining, John F. Vinson, John Keith Volk. Paul N. Walker, George Ponder Walling. Seventh Row: John Edward Wal- ter, III, Jim Carr Walton, James Edward Ward, Leonard G. War- den, III, Clayton Craig Wells, Thomas Jerrel Whatley, David Andrew White. Eighth Row: James Michael White, Allen Whitwell, Chris E. Wiggins, Howard Leon Wilkinson, Jr., Gregory Allen Williams, Jerry W. Williams, John Doyle Williams. Ninth Row: Thomas E. Willis. John J. Wilson, Jr., Larry Timothy Wilson, Dwight Leo Witcher, Keith Alan Witherow, Daniel Hugh Wood, Richard Sanford Woods. Tenth Row: Richard A. Wren, Edward Wayne Wright, Orville Andrew Wright, Roger Lamar Wright, Gary E. Young, Don Ray Young, Suen Y. Yum. J4 Jt 239 William House William House First In Grades The men of William House experienced another suc- cessful year with participation in all phases of campus activities. Hollis Reed served as Vice-President of M.I.H.C. and Larry Wright served as Treasurer. Judon Fambrough was a member of Student Senate, tapped for Blue Key, and selected for Who ' s Who. Various or- fanizations were represented: Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta igma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Mu, Alpha Zeta, Pi Mu Epsilon, and Kappa Kappa Psi. Scholarship was a primary concern of the men of William House as they ranked first in grade point aver- ages among men ' s residence halls. A Christmas party for underprivileged children was given; other social events included a " Beat SMU " Homecoming dance and other dances, outings, and M.I.H.C. functions. Coordinating these activities were the officers who were, Barrel Ri ce. President; Warner Smith. Vice-President; Roy Pattons, Secretary; and Gene Cogbill. Treasurer. For the Spring semester War- ner Smith, Vice-President; Bob Dahms, Secretary; Jess Curtis. Treasurer; President, Barrel Rice. During Resident Hall Week these boys from William House got in the bed race, but a problem arose when they tried to take their bed partner back to their house for a course in personal persuasion. 240 nwas first Row: Lawrence Clayton Alderman, Jerry Hunt Anderson, Larry Asselin, Mike Allen Beck- man, William Albert Bennett, Billy Borchert, Gilbert Lester Brown, Jr., Donald Howard Burks. Second Row: Kenneth Norman Burks, Charles David Capps, Gene Cogbill, Robert Lee Craig, Jess Willard Curtis, Robert Allen Dahms, Richard Emile Davis, Gary Philip Dickson. Third Row: Robert Woodrow Doland, Bernd-Peter Drews, Robert Ferrell Ervin, William Judon Fam- brough, Thomas Kirk Gearhart, David C. Geels, Rodney K. Gil- breath, Vick Darryl Goodner. Fourth Row: James Harold Gor- ham, Joe Fletcher Green, Rodrigo de la Guardia, Ronald Harvey Haney, Cecil Doyle Harrell, Dale Ronnie Harrell, Jack Deubler Har- ris, James Walker Harris. Fifth Row: Clarence E. Hart, Ronnie Efton Hatley, Jerry Ed- ward Hester, Jerry Edward How- ard, Robert Donald Kaley, Bruce Blaine Kastel, Gary Arthur Kin- der, Freddie Joe Lane. Sixth Row: Thomas J. Lovell, Jr., William Preston McBee, Merle Edward McClain, Robert Scott Mc- Daniel, Jerry Lake Maddox, Cal- vin Ted Mantooth, John Robert Meyers. Seventh Row: Richard Norman Misenhimer, Richard D. Morrison, David Lynn Oswalt, Thomas Lee Overbey, Jerry Lynn Owens, Her- nan P. Paez, Alex G. Papageorge. Eighth Row: Van Orlie Parker, Jerry Wayne Paul, Edward Lynn Phelps, Earnest E. Pollock, David William Price, Homer Purtle, Jr., Hollis Theodore Reed. Ninth Row: Darrel Alan Rice, Stephen Herbert Roberts, Michael Bruce Saar, Joseph Vinson Scott, Judson Reid Shipp, Warner Thomas Smith, Eugene Hugh Snawder. Tenth Row: Michael Reed Thomas, Jackie Carl Tipton, John- ny Alexander Tucker, Glen R. Voth, Owen Edward Westbrook, William Robert Woolly, Larry John Wright. O If 241 Sedgewell Hall Sedgewell Men Sponsor Drop-in The men of Sedgewell House were under the lead- ership during the fall semester of Joe Marline, Presi- dent; Wes Barton and Marvin Wilson, Vice-Presidents ; John Watkins, Secretary ; and Jack Neal, Treasurer. The officers during the spring semester were Wes Barton, President; John Watkins, Vice-President; Herschel Cast, Secretary; and Arthur Bowie, Treasurer. Sedgewell was active this year in all campus activi- ties, such as Homecoming and open houses. They help. ed sponsor a Homecoming dance for upper-classmen and a Christmas party for under-privileged children. Other social functions included coffees, drop-ins, and M.I.H.C. and M.U.R.C.H. functions. The men were also active in intramural sports. Ranking high on campus scholastically, the men of Sedgewell were active in many honorary fraternities and service groups. At a drop-in Sedgewell had with Razorback during this past year, these boys seemed to wonder how it was that no matter what efforts they tried to make, they saw the same girls day, after day, after . . . 242 Row: Stanley H. Baney, Johnie Wesley Barton, William King Beard, Peter Otto Becker, William Herbert Becker, Robert Patrick Bennett, Arthur Flynt Bowie, Jim Burnett. Second Row. Stephen E. Can- trell, John James Centrello, David H. Chambers, Jerome F. Climer, John Kelley Cook, Michael Everett Dardin, James Paul Douglas, H. Gene Drewry. Third Row: William Joseph Du- Bois, Thomas Lee Eans, Charles Joseph Engelberger, Roy Fred Ep- person, Carroll Ray Falls, William Duke Faught, David Watt Fisher, John Olyver Charles Franklin. Fourth Row: Paul Joseph Graz- iani, Robert Allen Greenberg, Lar- ry Don Holloway, Howard Spencer Jackson, Richard Clyde Jarman, Jerry Wayne Johnson, Larry Vivan Jones, Wesley Barton Kemp. Fifth Row: Harold Bruce Kim- brough, Roderick Gordon Kish, Thomas F. Kitchens, III, Bruce Allen Knox, Sam Clinton Lazen- by, James Waller Leslie, Jr., David Ray Looney, Victor Manuel Lovell. Sixth Row. Gary Lambeth Low, Leo Lawrence Ludwig, Jr., Donnie Lee Mangrum, Joseph Gary Mar- tine, Tony Randal Merriweather, Edgar S. Milton, Bob Wayne Mon- crief, Larry Happy Mougeot. Seventh Row. David Michael Meyers, John Michael Neal, Wil- liam Manford Nielsen, John David Norris, John Lee Novak, David Burton Offutt, Ronald Ira Pal- culict, Jim M. Penn. Eighth Row. James A. Purdy, II, Terry G. Reed, Gary M. Rob- erts, Dennis Ray Roofe, Robert Slawson Root, Frank Daniel Ro- rie, Fred B. K. Rovner, Charles Robert Sandine. Ninth Row. Joe S. Saunders, Robert Austin Sharp, Jr., Wendell Doyce Sharp, Larry Walter Ship- ley, Steven Rollin Sloan, Robert J. Storey, Anthony George Tavernia, Christy Sven Tullgren. Tenth Row. Stephen Minard Tullgren, Dwight Theodore Vines, William Thomas Walker, Gary Donovan Watkins, John William Watkins, Larry E. Withers, Glenn David Yandell. 243 Wilson Sharp Eicto Hogs Host Prospective Athletes As the campus home of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Wilson Sharp House has seen more than its share of excitement over the years. Whether planned or not, its social season often comes to a climax with an impor- tant football or basketball victory. Although a Bowl game was not on the agenda during 1966-67, the Pork- ers had more than their share of glory. A carefully-planned social schedule is worked out every year with House Mother Mrs. Karle Smith. These plans include drop-ins after each home football game with special decorations for Dad ' s Day and Homecom- ing; a gala Christmas party; a festive Spring Dance; and invitations to a series of banquets at each of the sorority houses. The leadership of Wilson Sharp House encourages participation in as many camp us activities as possible. Elected to serve as officers for the coming year were Larry Watkins, president; Joe Paul Daves, vice-president; and Ernest Ruple, social chairman. Al- though some 120 athletes live in Wilson Sharp House, all scholarship athletes (including the married ones) are invited to take part in its program. Even the athletes of Wilson Sharp took a little time out of their arduous schedule and enjoyed a few of the sweet things of life. Albat L ' ifc.Ji f itt i MJi liltaD mi. Dn Septan First Rmv: Gary C. Adams, Wayne Austin, Jim Donald Barnes, Bo Black, John Rodney Brand, Jon Roger Brittenum, Richard W. Coleman, Andrew Benton Cone. Second Row: Paul R. Conner, David Miller Cox, Joe Paul Daves, Tommy Franklin Dew, William David Dickey. Tom Dixon, Wil- liam Penn Dougherty. John Calvin Eicliler. Third Row. Judson L. Erwin, John L. Evans, Steven Jay Fowler, Wallace B. Freeman, James Dan- iel Geoghagan, Melvin Cecil Gibbs, Albert Lynn Greenwell, Rodney Lee Harding. Fourth Row: Ricky L. Hegen- berger, Richard Jack Hunt, Ken- neth Marvin Kestner, Jack Ross Kimbrell, Michael Thornton Mc- Clendon, Steve Miltz, James Lee Mullins, Jr., Sam M. Parker. Fifth Row. Clifton Marion Powell, Jr., Walter Wilson Rauth, William David Self, Mike G. Sig- man, Dewitt Henderson Smith, III, David Moore Spatz, Gary Lynn Stephens. Sixth Row: Robert Dalton That- cher, Thomas Edward Thomas, Kelly K. Vance, Larry S. Walking, James Adrian Whisenhunt, Robert John Wilson, Edward Morris Woodlee. ' Standing in the receiving line are the house mother, house officers, and guest, who wel- comed the visiting prospects from a large number of high schools. 245 Ripley House Intramural sports were the spotlight of Ripley House activities during the year. Ripley placed fourth in resi- dence hall football, and gained berth in the basketball tournament. Officers for the year were Paul Rainwater, Presi- dent; Richard Pearson, Vice-President; Bill Dixon, Secretary; Jerry Dejarnett, Treasurer; Doug Scott, Social Chairman; and Brad Firestone, Intramural Man- ager. Residents of Ripley were active in such activities as M.I.H.C., Board of Publications, Student Senate Execu- tive Cabinet, SAM, Marketing Club, and the Razorback Marching Band. There were also many men recognized by honorary organizations such at Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Blue Key, Who ' s Who, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, and Kappa Kappa Psi. i First Row. Troy Caesar Alley, Michael Louis Asbury, J. C. Bell, Michael Frank Bethea, Donald Gene Bratton, Thomas Eugene Burns. Second Row: John T. Carter, Kenneth Henderson Clark, Calvin S. Davis, Clifton Gerald Dejarn- ette, William P. Dixon, William B. Firestone. Third Row: Ronald Merle Franklin, Terry Luther Grander- son, Louis F. Graves, III, Ernest Randolph Lawson, Jim G. Lingle, John Darrell McMaster, Jr. Fourth Row: George Oliver Mc- Swain, Robert Wayne Owen, Rich- ard Alan Paladino, Howard Black- well Patterson, Jr., Richard Lee Pearson, Eddie George Quilty, Jer- ry McCoy Rains. filth Raw: Paul William Rain- water, Dwayne Angelo Raper, Or- ville Carroll Schell, Douglas Pal- mer Scott, James Lenzie Seawood, Robert LeRoy Smith, Laurence Burton Tunick. 246 " ! " . ' . " Yocum Hall Yocum Freshmen Clinched Honors By far, this has been the most successful year in the history of Yocum Hall. Scholastically, the men of Yocum had the fourth highest grade point average among men ' s residence halls with approximately twen- ty-five percent of the men compiling a 3.0 or better. Mark Meyers and Alan Odum represented the men of Yocum Hall in the Student Senate. Under the super- vision of Fred Hill, Yocum won second place in the Homecoming float competition; also under the direc- tion of Tony Davis, the men of Yocum took the second place trophy in Singfony. Members of the Yocum Senate were very active this year. The Senate worked on a Hallaballoo ' 67, entered a booth in Gaebale and, in conjunction with the Humphreys Senate, sponsored a leadership lab for members of the Senate. Participation in intramural sports was also an im- portant extracurricular activity for the men of Yocum. In the dorm division. Yocum seven placed second, while one and six also placed in the ten. An active social life by the men of Yocum Hall was highlighted by Homecoming and Dad ' s Day dances and a Christmas party for sixty children. The officers for this year were Bob Harp, President; Ed Halk, Vice-President; Gary Reed, Secretary-Treas- urer; and Larry Bearden, Social Chairman. Tom Sacken was Senate Advisor. This group was the product of a distinct minority to maintain the image of the whole, but they did capture second place honors in Singfony, which was some compensation for the time and effort put into their presentation. 247 ' T Yocum First Row. Harry Hewes Aber- nathy, Wendall Jay Adams, David Earl Alexander, James Davis Al- len, Travis James Allen, Thomas Mark Anthony, Chester Michael Anders, Michael Edward Arring- ton. Second Row: Richard Joseph Ault, Kenneth Paul Bailey, Larry Gene Baker, Paul Leonard Bar- ber, Curtis Blair Barton, Arthur Duayne Beakley, James Russell Beall, William E. Beard, III. Third Row. Larry Fred Bearden, Greenberry F. Beavers, Dennis Dean Beckworth, Jim Pat Bell, David Hale Bibb, Charles Roland Billings, Michael Roy Black, Da- vid Nickell Blackburn. Fourth Row: Wilbur Dee Black- mon, Jr., Stephen Errol Blythe, John Roger Boothe, David Alan Borengasser, Robert Allen Bour- goin, Robert W. Bowen, Jim Don Boyd, Gary Ray Bratton. Fifth Row: Rommie Gean Brew- er, Larry Wayne Brians, Terry Thomas Brown, John Duffie Bry- ant, David Goodwin Bugh, Adam B. Bull, Danny Mack Bullington, Joseph Charles Burrow. Sixth Row: Wilson Howard Busby, Clyde Melvin Buzzard, II, David Leon Caldwell, Harold Ker- ry Callahan, William Blake Cam- eron, Stephen Craig Campbell, James Robert Carpenter, Joe Brad Carter. Seventh Row. John Stewart Car- ter, Joseph Edward Carter, Wil- liam Wayne Carter, Gerald Lee Gates, William Stephen Cato, Grady Chancey, Jr., William Mar- shall Chrisman, Donald Ellis Clark. Eighth Row: Ronald W. Cole, George E. Collins, Jeff Collins, Donald Gene Collyge, John Thomas Conley, Barry E. Coplin, James Craig Cotner, William Ray Couch. Ninth Row. Michael H. Cox, Ronald C. Cox, Robert Harold Craig, Richard Lee Crawford, Jim- my D. Creed, James Thacker Crow, Samuel D. Cummings, Pete Mich- ael Dalmut. Tenth Row: David Goodbar Da- vies, Frank Elmore Davis, Jr., James F. Davis, Tony Max Davis, Terry Duane Deal, Ronald Ralph Dean, Francis Eugene DeBons, James Oran Dismukes. LJ48 - line to. iHdun illinjt. ROM;: Gus A. Dobbs, Rich- ard Lee Dotson, Alfred C. Dough- erty, George Raymond Dyer, Jos- eph Clifford Eason, John Edwards, David W. Elizandro, Virgil Edward Ellis, Jr. Second Row: Thomas Britton Embry, Thomas Arthur Esch- baugh, Ralph M. Evans, Richard Dale Ezell, R. B. Farnam, Rodney Farnsworth, Michael Stephen Fears, Mike Felkins. Third Row: Dennis Michael Fer- guson, Craig Wilson Fisher, Wil- liam Thomas Fletcher, Mike G. Floyd, Richard Rhodes Floyd, Thomas William Flynt, James Dale Ford, Larry Parks Ford. Fourth Row: Orville Roy Foster, Dickie Ray Franks, David Blaine Fraser, Raymond Frazier, Charles Clarke Freeman, Stephen Russall Freeman, Charles Peter Friedlein, Douglas Edwin Fritts. Fifth Row: Thomas William Frost, Douglas Lee Fugate, Brady L. Gadberry, Jr., Gary Dale Gard- ner, James Thoma s Garner, Win- fred Wayne Garrison, David Crit- tenden George, Henry Lloyd Gil- bert, II. Sixth Row: Glenn Allen Glover, William Lee Godfrey, Walter Hugh Goin, Peter Ellis Gordy, Larry Jesse Grace, Silas Irving Grander- son, William S. Granderson, Gary Frankie Graves. er rt Eb fll tt l.ttl O- i r% ft - ,-. A K d K-4 L J n p Q Yocum ' s Homecoming float captured our eyes and second place in float competition. 249 API % 1 7 IT- n n T- j First Row: John Dudley Gray, Truett Quinton Gray, Gary Lane Green, Rickey Hudson Green, James M. Gregory, Carl Eugene Grimes, Edward A. Grober, Ed- ward L. Halk. Second Row. Gary Cecil Hall, John C. Hall, Thorn E. Hall, Tim- mie Louis Haller, Larry Robert Handley, Michael Ray Hanry, Gar- ry Lawrence Hargis, Stanley Wade Hargus. Third Row: John M. Harlan, Johnny W. Harlan, Don Ray Har- ness, Robert S. Harp, Billy Har- rell, George Thomas Harris, John Edward Harrison, Terry Lee Hay- Fourth Row: Daniel Glenn Headley, Ronald Lynn Headley, Shelby Alan Heflin, Charles Ed- ward Hendrick, Michael Burge Henley, Harold B. Henry, John Thomas Herring, Fred M. Hill. Fifth Row: Malcolm Hinton, Gorton Darling Hitte, Ralph Scott Hixson, Larry Wayne Hoaglan, Gerald Frank Hodapp, Jr., William Orval Holbert. Robert Martin Hol- dar. Jerry Dean Holloway. Sixth Row: Marvin Neal Hollo- way, Ted Hood, Gary Eugene Hooten, Ricky Don Horton, Charles Nathan Howard, Bill Riley Hud- son, Phil Hughes, Charles Wayne Huitt. The Sophomore Counselors took advantage of a good band and the coeds from Chi Omega to have an enjoyable dance. 250 Yocum First Row: Browning C. Hull, Harold Lloyd Humphries, Jr., John Steven Hunsaker, David Burk Hutchens, Guy Braden Irby, III, Michael Edward Irwin, Harlon Isom, Jr., Alan Keith Jaggers. Second Row: Rodney Keith Jamison, Johnny Irvin Jenkins, Bill L. Johnston, Clyde R. Johnson, Jr., Johnny Warren Johnson, Ran- dy Eugene Johnson, William Os- car Johnson, Bill Jones. Third Row: Charles Larry Jones, David Lynn Jones, Gerry Lee Jones, Jackson M. Jones, John Burton Jones, Larry Mathews Jones, Ronald Phillip Jones, Eu- gene Gerald Joyce. Fourth. Row: Morton A. Kam- merlohr, Jr., Thomas A. Karam, Ernest Dean Kauffman, Jr., Elbert Louis Keener, Jr., Harold Lynn Kelley, John Pinckney Kelly, John H. Kendrick, Billy Key. Fifth Row: Terry Rowden King, William Frederick Knod, II, Wil- liam O. Knott, Philip Carl Koch, Roger Louis Kocher, Wayne Hen- ry Korwes, Stephen Alvin Lance, Nicholas Paul Lang. Sixth Row: David Jay Lankford, Gary Glenn Lawson, George Floyd Lease, Jr., Ted W. Legatski, II, David Martin Lively, Tommy L. Love, Jr., John Michael McClure, James Donald McDaniel. Seventh Row: James M. McDon- ald, Oscar G. McDonald, Stanley C. McFerran, Ronald Wayne Mc- Ilveene, Michael A. McKinnon, Robert Bruce McKissick, Morris Dean McWilliams, John David Maddox. Eighth Row. Wilbern A. Maer- tens, William James Margrave, Steve L. Marquess, Russell Wayne Martin, Raymon Earl Massey, Raymond Michael Maus, Philip Lynn Maxwell, Larry Gene May. Ninth Row: Dorman Wayne Meeks, David Vernon Melville, Michael L. Menge, Robert Eugene Meyer, Steve Kirk Meyer, Delbert A. Mickel, II, Danny Craig Miller, Larry Curtis Miller. Tenth Row: Edward A. Mills, John Connerley Milum, Jr., Jon Baylor Mitchell, Bernard Wayne Mize, Johnny Carl Mize, Phillip Weiss Moery, Charles E. Money, Ron Osborne Mooney. 251 t d M ffj " _ " 1 Yocum first Row. Michael H. Moore, Phillip Wayne Moudy, Larry Zan Mourer, Dwight Arnold Murdock, Michael David Murphy, James Mark Myers, John Ed Neely, Ralph Nelson. Second Row. Keith Laron New- Ion, Edward Lee Nosal, Lynn F. Dates, Allen Barry Odum, Gurvis Edwin O ' Kelley, Jr., Burney " Bud- dy " Olinghouse, William Eugene Owens, Dennis Otis Parker. Third Row: Charles Wright Parkhurst, Jr., Greg Parsons, Charles R. Payne, John Payne, Dennis E. Perry, Basil George Peters, Douglas C. Peters, Bill Pettit. Fourth Row: Lamar Ellis Pet- tus, Lester Glenn Pettus, John Gibson Phillips, Klaus Peter Phil- lips, Michael William Jacob Pier- son, Richard Gordon Platt, Larry King Powell, Michael Robert Prid- dy. Row: Darrel Rambo, John C. Reap, Gary Lee Reed, Frankie Joe Reynolds, Thomas Dean Ri- ales, Herschel F. Rice, Gary Gene Ricketts, Larry Dean Ricketts. Sixth Row: Don Michael Risher, Victor Wayne Robbins, Leonard Austin Rodgers, Tommy Rofkahr, Lott Rolfe, III, Steve Lee Roll, Ronald Wayne Rupe, James Ted Ford Russell. Seventh Row: Max LeMay Ryan, Paris Darnell Sabbs, Thomas Pat- rick Sacken, G. Mike Samons, Jim T. Sanders, David Wayne Sandlin, David Allen Saunders, John Coy Sawyer. Eighth Row. Jeff Allen Scherer, Elgin Wesley Schimmel, George Richard Schmelzer, Kim Scott, Ronald Paul Sczerbak, James Har- vey Seal, John Arthur Sealander, Harlod Raymond Seifert, Michael Daniel Selig. Ninth Row: Stephen M. Sharun. Ronald Fred Shelby, James Rus- sell Shelton, Rand E. Shireman, Thomas Delaine Simmons, Steven Paul Singleton, Walter Edward Skoog, Bruce Laron Smith, Mark F. Smith. Tenth Row: Marvin Louis Smith, III, Burl Jackson Snow, Randy Lee Spicer, William Arthur Sprat- lin, Brian Douglas Spurlock, Dan- ny Charles Stafford, George Eu- gene Staggs, Royce Edward Staley, Jr., Ronnie Clark Stephenson. 252 ?oui: James O. Stevens, h., Steven Eugene Stork, Thomas Craig Sullivant, Dennis Eugene Summers, Larry C. Swearingen, Stephen Warren Taliaferro, Rich- ard Aron Tallent, Charles David Tanney, Gary Edwin Tarpley. Second Row: Stephen Blair Tea- jue, Robert Edward Tehan, Barry Henry Teuehaugh, Karl Theodore Thomas, Virgil W. Thomas, Wil- liam Miles Thomas, Billie Joe Thomplon, Donald Lee Thurman, Larry Boggs Tiffee. Third Row: Louis Belin Tobin, George Robert Toombs, II, Jim Dale Treat, Frederic C. Tucker, Henry Rush Turk, Dwight Dean Tyron, Nicholas Dale Vandament, Donald Gene Varnadore, John C. Vaughn. Fourth Row: Robert E. Vinson, Benjamin Thomas Vise, Frank Vo- zel, Eugene Albert Wahl, James Earl Walden, Robert Lee Walters, Kenneth Bloss Ward, Lloyd Wash- ington, Jr., Gary Wayne Waters. Fifth Row: Zaphery Llewellyn Westbrooks, Thomas Douglas Whalen, Samuel S. White, Step- hen Joseph White, Van R. White, Jr.. John W. Whitehead, Rufus John Williams, III James Richard Willits, Alan L. Willroth. Sixth Row: Robert Burl Wilson, Jr., Rav M. Winningham, Gary Paul Winters,, Lloyd Joseph Woodell. II, Thomas Edwin Wood- son, Richard Turner Wright, Jack B. Yates, Donald Lynn Young, Michael C. Young. Another second for Yocum, this time after they played Holcombe for the championship of the Resident Hall league. 253 Division 8 Greeks UNIVtRSITY ARKANSAS MW Hi It didn ' t win, but the Alpha Delta Pi ' s " You Can ' t Get Much Higher Than Number One " was outstanding among Homecoming float contributions. I Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Wins First in Singfony Another successful year for Alpha Chi Omega be- gan with a first place victory in the annual Singfony competition. Individual honors of Alpha Chi Omega members in- cluded: Carolyn Hall, president of AWS, Clia Doty, chairman of the IAWS Committee, and Patti Fender- grass, secretary of the YDC. Julia Kaps served as vice president of SAI, and Mandy Welborn Dyer served as a senator from the College of Education. Elected to Who ' s Who were Carolyn Hall, Mandy Dyer, Susie Mosley, and Jane Hodges. Members of Alpha Lambda Delta included Jan Olin, Julia Kaps, Diane Starnes, and Mary Piper. Alpha Chi ' s serving as senior counselors included Betty Gattis, Tommie Oberly, Linda Weaver, Jane Hodges, and Cindy Woodson. Serving on the Raz- orback and Traveler staffs were Jackie Wilson, Jane Ware, Tricia Thomas, and Susie Mosley. Members of Mortar Board included Carolyn Hall and Jane Hodges. Linda Keene served as a Razorback majorette this year. Beauties include Barrie Jo Price, Miss Fayette- ville, Phyllis Hall, first runner up to Miss Fayetteville, Lecia Jones, second runner up, and Carolyn Reichardt, Miss Congeniality. Members of Schola Cantorum include Charlotte Kitchens, Chrissy Moorhead, and Ann Moats. Members of UArkettes are Lecia Jones, and Charlotte Kitchens. Alpha Chi officers for the fall were Martha Bradley, president; Sarah Althauser, vice president; Sue Stock- dell, secretary and Bridget Wright, treasurer. Alpha Chi pledges plant grass in the front yard of their house. Not shown are the Alpha Chi members standing guard on the sidelines. 256 First Row. Tia Lynn Akins, Sarah Jane Allhauser, Ann Carol Arnold, Virginia Beaty, Ingrid Ann Bloomberg, Alice LaVelle Boat- right, Martha Ellen Bradley, Don- na Lynn Brewer. Second Row: Linda Sue Broom, Beverly Ann Clevidence, Judy Cole, Margaret Elizabeth Cook, Cheryl Elaine Crites, Charlotte Ann Cunningham, Diane Beth Da- vidson, Clia Marie Doty. Third Row: Mandy Wellborn Dyer, Annette Mary Enderlin, Pa- tricia Flenniken, Margaret Fouke, Elizabeth Gartrell, Betty Ann Gat- tis, Dee Ann Gierow, Ginger Gillis. Fourth Row: Charline Marie Grant, Hazel Jane Gwin, Carolyn Anita Hall, Phyllis Ann Hall, Lin- da Lee Hallmark, Susan Hearns- berger, Susan Hennig, Susan Jane Hodges. Fifth Row. Linda Hudgings, Le- cia Franceen Jones, Julia Ann Kaps, Linda Lee Keene, Kathy Jane Kelley, Martha Ann Kent, Charlotte Anne Kitchens, Nancy Ann Lafferty. Sixth Row. Betty Jane Lorance, Margaret Ann McAllister, Meg Mease, Linda Jean Meredith, Christine Moorhead, Cheryl Paula Morgan, Susanna Maria Mosley, Tommie Ann Oberley. Seventh Row: Jan Olin, Paulena Ann Paschal, Patti Pendergrass, Madeline Sue Phelps, Toni Pierce, Mary Piper, Barrie Jo Price, Caro- lyn Ann Reichardt. Eighth Row: Jeannie Robinson, Martha Irene Schaap, Carol Mae Schwarzlose, Katherine Diane Starnes. Barbara Sue Stockdell, Peggy Lee Stoia, Kay Temple. Ninth Row. Patricia Elizabeth Thomas, Nicki Ann Toler, Mavis Ann Upton, Patricia Kay Van- diver, Jane Lee Ware, Linda Carol Wegener, Kaye Wilkinson. Tenth Row: Rhonda Lee Wil- kinson, Cynthia Lou Williams, Janice Lee Williams, Jackie Carol Wilson, Cindy Woodson, Bridget Jean Wright, Diana Lee Ziser. 257 First Row: Sarah Katherine An- drus, Carolyn Kay Armstrong, Linda Sue Baddour, Linda Sue Bains, Diane Barnett, Marilyn Berry, Mary Bolts. Second Row: Patricia Ann But- ler, Ginny Callahan, Carol Louise Campbell, Donna Carole Campbell, Jeanine Cecil, Patricia Louise Coe, Claire Suzanne Cone. Third Row: Linda Ann Cooksey, Mary Virginia Crow, Sherry Lynn Culbertson, Susan Carol Darnall, Carolyn Jane Dearien, Jean Dodd, Linda Lou Dodge. Fourth Row: Jane Page Ellis, Nancy Anne Ellis, Marilyn Fender, Julie Anne Ferguson, Diana Fitts, Suzanne Flick, Bettie Ann Frank- lin. Fifth Row: Dana Pamela Gann, Anne Lynn Gilbert, Pamela Anne Gorbet, Linda Diane Greer, Linda Lee Greer, Catherine Lee Hall, Carol Ann Hampton. Sixth Row: Wallece Harrell, Sara Helen Heitman, Brenda Kay Henderson, Judith Ann Johnson, Mary Susan Juniel, Janet Karen Kemp, Gail Charlene Kinsey. Seventh Row: Barbara Jean Koos, Jan McNerney, Carol Ann Mittelstaedt, Karen Louise Moore, Constance Elizabeth Morton, Carol Jane Nevin, Rebecca Lynn Oho- lendt. Eighth Row: Carolyn Sue Plun- kett, Barbara Purves, Becky Ross, Linda Ann Sanger. Susan Michele Sayers, Anna Lynn Tarkington. Ninth Row: Carol Elizabeth Warnock, K o n n i e Weathers, Charles Mary Webb, Susan Wil- liams, Carol Wuest, Susan Ann Wulfekuhler. 258 ii Alpha Delta Pi A D Pi Captures Miss YRC Title The girls who live in the Rock Castle of Alpha Delta Pi climbed to new heights in 1966-61, a year of out- standing activities. Charles Mary Webb served as presi- dent of Panhellenic, while Becky Ross was a sophomore education senator. Anne Lynn Gilbert was selected R.O.T-C. Honorary Cadet Colonel, as well as being chosen Homecoming Maid. Representing the Young Re- publican Club as Miss YRC this year was Carol Camp- bell. Counseling in the freshman dorms were Wally Harrell, Pam Corbet and Carol Mittelstadt. Fourteen ADPi ' s were sophomore counselors. ABC selected Ann Bretherick, Carol Wuest and Suz- anne Flick. Carol Wuest was elected treasurer of the Civics Club, and Carol Warnock was elected secretary of National Collegiate Players. Working on Student Union Committees were Carol Campbell, Susan Darnall and Rosanne Daniels. Jean Dodd was Personalities Editor of the RAZORBACK. Girls with the diamond pin also collected many beauty honors. Reigning Campus Sweetheart was Linda Lee Greer. Fraternity favorites were Becki Oholendt, AKL Sweetheart, and Brenda Kay Henderson, AGR Sweetheart. Julie Ferguson and Carol Campbell were chosen Lambda Chi Crescents. Fall semester officers were Barbara Purves, presi- dent; Marilyn Fender, vice-president; Linda Diane Greer, secretary; and Anna Lynn Tarkington, treasurer. Officers during the spring semester were president, Anne Lynn Gilbert; vice-president, Jean Dodd; secre- tary, Connie Morton; and treasurer, Wally Harrell. A look of dismay from the recipient of a gag gift prompts laughter from Alpha Delta Pi ' s and guests at their annual Christmas party. 259 Chi Omega Chi O Homecoming Float Wins First Psi, the Mother Chapter of Chi Omega, had another outstanding year in every phase of campus life. The year st arted out by ChiOs winning the Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy for the spring semester of last year. Then the first place homecoming float trophy was added to the case. Jan Ellis and Celia Thompson were chosen RAZOR- BACK beauties. Peggy Hipp was selected as Best Dress- ed Coed. Kathy Kendall, who reigned as Commerce Queen, was selected Pershing Rifles Sponsor. Sissy Mc- Guire, who was a finalist for St. Patricia, served as ROTC sponsor. Donna Kay Cochran, Ann Curry, and Cynthia Chandler were tapped for Angel Flight. Susan Bauer and Cissy La Fevers were fraternity sweethearts. Winnie Smith was a Razorback cheerleader. Georgia Hornor served as president of Mortar Board, Gaebale chairman, and a member of Who ' s Who. Frances Rogers and Kem Mosley were also members of Mortar Board and Who ' s Who. Four seniors were chosen for Phi Beta Kappa. Eight pledges were Chimes with Beth Williamson as president. Judy Johnson serv- ed as associate editor of the RAZORBACK, Beth Bryson as editor of the AGRICULTURIST, Donna Kay Coch- ran as editor of the Panhellenic rush book, Jacque Smith as socity editor of the TRAVELER, and Sue Walk as editor of the COED ' S COURIER and the Gaebale book. Sarah Watt served as sophomore BA vice presi- dent, and Dana Kay Hill was senior class BA secretary and Who ' s Who. First semester officers were Frances Rogers, presi- dent; Kem Mosley, vice president; Mary Nancy Coun- cil, secretary; and Jacque Smith, treasurer. Second semester officrs were Donna Kay Cochran, president; Mardi Long, vice president; Sue Walk, secre- tary; and Kathy Kendall, treasurer. Chi Omegas overlook table manners for White Symphony, the event which announces long-awaited initiation to their members-to-be. 260 First Row: Carol Ann Abney, Diane Ahrens, Janet Lynn An- thony, Sarah Elizabeth liaird, Kathy Jo Barnett, Helen Carol Belew, Ann Righam, Ann Marie Bilheimer. Second Rote: Mary Beth Bryson, Nancy Lou Burroughs, Louise Campbell, Hilda Arnold Carter, Helen Elizabeth Catlett, Jeanie Cohb, Donna Kay Cochran, Mary Nancy Council. Third Row: Cynthia Ann Creel, Ann Margaret Curry, Kim Davey, Dee Dowell, Donna Camille Dud- ney. Harriet Torry Eason, Janet McRae Ellis, Mary Diane Ellis. Fourth Row: Madelyn Erwin, Jackie Elizabeth Fann, Leslie Reed Fellows, Patricia Nelle Gilliam, Jeanne Gist, Dana Kay Hill, Peggy Hipp, Elizabeth Jo Holcomb. Fifth Row: Susan Holt, Georgia Hornor, Judith Leigh Johnson, Muriel Anne Johnson, Susan John- son, Vicky Jones, Katherine Ken- dall, Norma Elizabeth La Fevers. Sixth Row: Margaret Barrow Long, Sarah Jane Mangelsdorf, Catherine Matthews, Nancy Mar- garet McGeorge, Maja Ann Mc- Guire, Ellen Raye McSpadden, T o m m i e Kathryn McSpadden, Kathryn Mosley. Seventh Row: Jerry Lou Nich- olas, Catherine Ann Patterson, Katherine Lee Paulus. Ellen Earle Pinkerton. Allison Ferris Pomfret, Janet Lynn Pulliam, Robyn Ann Randle, Frances Maria Rogers. Eighth Row: Linda Sue Sexton, Mary Sue Sherland, Carol Ann Sims, Norma Lee Sims, Mary Katherine Slaven, Sara Margaret Slaven, Jacqueline Smith, Wini- fred Smith. Ninth Row: Carol Lillian Soule, Linda Stanley, Sharon Steinmetz, Sara Ann Stevenson, Brenda Lee Sweet, Celia Janet Thompson, Jane Turner. Tenth Row. Susan Elaine Walk, Elizabeth Washburn, Sara Watt, Ann Marie Whaley, Mary Jane Wickard, Susanne Williamson, Sara Beth Williamson. 261 First Row: Sandy Beaucharap, Sharon Blair, Lynda Dee Brown, Patricia Ann Brown, Mildred Co- rinn Buchanan, Theresa Lee Camp- bell, Clydia Gayle Carnes. Second Row. Barbara Jo Caven- der, Linda Clay, Frances Elizabeth Cook, Wendy Lynne Coven, Marti Ann Cuadra, Anne Daniel, Carol Dickinson. Third Row: Bobbe Jean Dykes, Tommie Kay Ebbert, Janet Lee Ehrenberg, Sheree Glee Ellis, Sara Helen Farrell, Toni Carolyn Fran- sen, Sally Ann Gardner. Fourth Row: Sandra Sue Gas- ton, Donna Sue Gerety, Margaret Ann Gilmore, Marilyn Kay Gooch, Mary Susan Gough, Martha Carole Harris, Virginia Lynette Heard. Fifth Row: Sharon Lee Heffing- ton, Jill Stacy Heringer, Bonnie Jean Hetherington, Patricia Love Howe, Nancy Hurley, Nancy Alva Hurst, Bonnie Nell Jamison. Sixth Row: Peggye June Jar- rett, Patricia Kay Jenkins, Jenni- fer Jones, Janice Kincaid, Ann Leesemann, Betsy Kim Loomis, Jo- anne Marie Mailer, Becky Mann. Seventh Row: Susan Gilman Mc- Creight, Lady Elizabeth McDonald, Carol Ada Meade, Billye Regina Means, Katherine Lawrence Mor- gan, Mary Kathryn Morgan, Judy Nell Muller, Jane Nelson. Eighth Row: Jamie Elizabeth Newton, Elizabeth Ann Pelton, Becky Ann Poe, Candy Pond, Maria Ann Ppool, Sarah Martha Rands, Mary Patricia Rowan, Lin- da Lou Rowland. Ninth Row: Betty Steel, Sandra Stokes, Sunny Lee Sturdivant, Catherine Suffridge, Carol Van Dalsem, Saundra Lynn Wade, Kathy Wilson, Dottie Withering- ton. 262 f 1 IMI: " i Delta Delta Delta Tri Delta Wins Homecoming Queen Another rewarding year has rendered Delta Iota Chapter of Delta Delta Delta a chain of honors and achievements. It began with Pat Rowan being tapped for Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, and being chosen for Angel Flight. Jamie Newton was the next to win the election for senator for Arts and Sciences. Other leadership organizations were represented by Tri Deltas: Pat Rowan served as Chairman of AWS Judicial Board. Carol Dickenson and Sandy Gaston were Chimes members, Barbara Cavender was in Alpha Lambda Delta, and Pat Rowan and Nancy Hurst were in Who ' s Who. Carole Harris and Kathy Wilson served as sen- ior counselors, and Linda Rowland, Jamie Newton, and Susie Gerety marched on the majorette line. Homecoming had Kim Loornis as a maid, and Bobbye Dykes as the Homecoming Queen, besides a second place on the house decoration. In beauties, Sandy Beauchamp placed fourth in the Miss Arkansas Pageant, and was chosen as National Cotton Picking Queen. Rosalind Holt and Susie Gough were selected as RAZORBACK Beauties; Carol Dicken- son as Scabbard and Blade Sponsor, and four Tri Deltas took on titles as fraternity sweethearts. Carol Van Dalsem served as president for the fall, assisted by Saundra Wade as Vice-president, and Jan Kincaid as secretary. The spring officers were Ann Leesemann, President; Patty Brown, Vice-president; and Barbara Cavender, secretary. In between the usual round of activities, parties, and other social events, the Tri Delts took advantage of a heavy snow and plenty of moving targets in the heavy traffic on Maple Street. 263 Delta Gamma 1 Delta Gamma Places First in WRA Many Delta Gammas have received and held places of honor and leadership on campus this year. Some of these honors received by individuals include: Shari Mackie, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Carol Bunge and Shari Mackie, Mortar Board; Kaye Works, Angel Flight; Shari Mackie, AWS Treas- urer; Gail Stephens, AWS Programs Committee Chair- man; Nancy Northcutt, SNEA President; Marsha Vance, President of both National Collegiate Players and Blackfriars; Rebecca Rivers, SU Planning Com- mittee. Delta Gammas serving as senior counselors were: Cindy Allen, Marcie Merrifield, Nancy Northcutt, Gail Stephens, Glenna Turley. Serving in other capacities were Rebecca Rivers, Co-chairman SU Talent Commit- tee; Josie Matlock, Marching Razorback Majorette; Pat Pockrus, WRA President and Ann Wright, WRA Sec- retary. Others honored were: Kaye Works, Miss U of A; Carol Foster, St. Patricia; Carol Bunge, First Runner- up to Arkansas College Queen ; Rebecca Rivers, Lambda Chi Alpha Playmate; Carol Bunge, Recording Secre- tary of Phi Upsilon Omicron; Carol Raines, Alpha Lambda Delta; Josie Matlock, Pi Mu Epsilon; Kaye Works, Sigma Alpha Iota; Josie Loring; Tau Beta Sig- ma; Sheri Savage, Carolyn Boling, and Janis Barnes, Chi Theta; Josie Matlock and Rebecca Rivers, charter members of Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents. Delta Gamma won the WRA speepstakes for the second year. Officers for the first semester were: Shari Mackie, President; Pat Pockrus, Vice-president; Karen Hudson, Secretary; and Brenda Guinn, Treasurer. The final fling before break included parties for nearly every house on campus. Delta Gammas held a glittery Christmas formal. v 264 First Row. Cyndy Allen, Shery Balliner, Carolyn Boling, Dianne Brooks, Carole Beatrice Bunge, Margaret Martha Cohen, Barbara Jean Craig. Second Row: Judy Crumbaker, Cindy Darr, Jane Davis, Virginia Dilliard, Gail Forbes, Kathleen Elizabeth Frison, Linda Sue Good- Third Row. Wanda Lynn Greg- ory, Brenda Joye Guinn, Sandra Louise Haney, Judy Lee Hosier, Shirley Hudgens, Karen Hudson, Sally Ann Johnston. Fourth Row: Phyllis Anne Kane, Olivia Ann LaFollette, Jo Anne Loring, Shari Anne Mackie, Mari- land Helene Marney, Josephine Matlock, Nancy Jeanne McGraw. Fi th Row. Patty Moran, Mar- garet Adele M urphy, Linda Lor- raine Nash, Gail Ann Niesen, Nan- cy Gaye Northcutt, Judy Ann No- well, Mary Ogden. Sixth Row: Chery Ann Osted- gaard, Janie Phillips, Sylvia Patri- cia Pockrus, Ronna Gay Porter, Carol Jean Raines, Dana Kay Red- ding, Rebecca Rivers. Seventh Row: Katie Roark, Sheri Lynne Savage, Dollie Jo Smith, Jane Ellen Snow, Purcella Lea Stanger, Mary Gail Stephens, Janet Carolyn Stewart. Eighth Row. Janice Marie Tal- bert, Laurel Ann Telder, Glenna Rae Turley, Vicki Upchurch, Lin- da Kathryn Updike, Marsha Ellen Vance. Ninth Row. Marilyn Ruth Wad- ley, Phyllis Kaye Watkins, Carol Watson, Margaret Wilson, Kaye Halton Works, Mary Annette Wright. 265 First Row: Sarah Avelyn Bagley, Beverly Ann Benton, Jane Camp- bell, Cynthia Ann Carr, Sarah Lynn Chesshir, Nancey Ann Curt- singer, Diana Dawn Dandridje. Second Row: Brenda Kay Dill, Janice Claire Driskill, Cynthia Sue Erwin, Sue Leigh Farley, Linda Jo Faulkner, Sue Marie Gardner, Janis Geyer. Third Row: Connie Coble, Pam- ela Sue Grissinger, Joan Leslie Hammonds, Mary Hall Hanthorn, Sharon Ann Heck, Mary Henley, Marilyn Ann Hodge. Fourth Row: Joyce Leslie Ker, Cheryl Ann Kutz, Virginia Ley- sath, Thersa Marks, Karalee Es- telle McClure, Diane Elaine Mc- Kinney, Anita Nell Nevius. Fifth Row: Kathleen Anne Og- den, Kathleen Phelps, Rosemary Raymond, Judy Russell, Joyce Elaine Rutledge, Sally Payne Sed- wick, Carol Ann Spivey. Sixth Row: Ann Splawn, Mary Reid Thompson. Mary Margaret Torok, Sally Trammell, Nancy Wilkinson, Jane Williams. The Thetas look over the lot for their future home, taking advantage of the facilities al- ready at hand. L266 :,. ' , " ' , 1 Leslie Me for. Virpiia ley. i Kanlee t M Eliiie Me- Suit ' - Ik Payne Sal- splan, Miry Im Mvpet ueU, Nancy Kappa Alpha Theta Theta Takes St. Patricia Title The birthday year of the Delta Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta began with initiation in late October of the 21 charter members. Presently living in a temporary home, the chapter is planning a $400,000 house for con- struction on Cleveland Avenue. Individual offices have been icing for Theta ' s cake. TRAVELER editor Sylvia Spencer was chosen editor of the 1967 A-Book. Sarah Bagley was TRAVELER assist- ant copy editor. AWS positions were held by Virginia Leysath, chairman, and Sue Gardner, secretary of the Academic Affairs Committee; and Janis Geyer, Legisla- tive Board member. Office holders included Jan Driskill, treasurer of IFPC, and secretaries Beverly Benton of Blackfriars, Mary Thompson of PEM Club and Sally Sedwick of ACSSA. Sixteen Thetas were sophomore counselors and seven were Alpha Lambda Delta members, including Linda Faulkner, president, and Sally Sedwick. vice-president. Brenda Dill and Theresa Marks were on the debate team. Schola Cantorum members were Mary Henley and Rosemary Raymond, and U-Arkettes were Brenda, Mary and Connie Goble. Brenda was also a member of Angel Flight, and Mary received the Best Actress Award. In the majorette line was Diane McKinney. Judy Worsham reigned as St. Patricia. Lambda Chi Crescents were Sue Gardner and Cindy Carr. Fall officers were Rosemary Raymond, president; Joyce Rutledge and Janis Geyer, vice-presidents; Pam Grissinger, rush chairman; Cherry Kutz and Kathy Ogden, secretaries; and Mary Margaret Torok, treas- urer. Spring officers were Rosemary Raymond, presi- dent; Mary Thompson and Theresa Marks, vice-presi- dents; Sally Trammell, rush chairman; Diane McKin- ney and Sylvia Spencer, secretaries; and Jan Driskill, treasurer. The Theta kite sculpted in snow marked the first winter for the sorority on campus, making nine Greek Women ' s groups at the University. ..V 267 I Kappa Kappa Gamma KKG Holds Four Angel Flight Posts Kappa Kappa Gamma had a very successful year full of honors and activities. Kappa ' s Homecoming float won second place. Gamma Nus honored their new housemother, Mrs. Glen Cornwell. with a faculty tea. Susan Matthews and Burke Johnston Coleman were selected for Who ' s Who; tapped for Mortar Board were Robin Rousseau, Patricia Provine, and Burke Johnston Coleman, secretary; Susan Carroll McKnelly was a Phi Beta Kappa. Lynne Stanley served as secretary of A.W.S., Susan Matthews as secretary of the student body, and Suzanne Musgrave as senator in the College of Education, and chairman of the House Manager ' s Board. Senior counselors were Pauline Appleton, Jan Har- ris. Susan Robins, Betsy Peterson, and Susie Irby. Jan was also a Homecoming Maid, served on the Judicial Board, and was I.F.P.C. Model Pledge. Ruth Ann Mask, Pam Norwood, Jean Woodell, Glenn Ann Blakemore, and Carolyn Cross were mem- bers of Alpha Lambda Delta, and Carolyn was His- torian. Members of Angel Flight included Jan Harris , Comptroller; Susie Irby, Operations Officer; Betsy Peterson, Information Officer; Sharon Tatman, Pledge Trainer; Betsy Easter, and Sara Sue Smith. Jean Woodell, Glenn Ann Blakemore, Pam Brunelle, Pam Norwood, Nancy Helms, and Jackie Barrett were members of Chimes. Jean was vice-president and Glenn Ann was secretary. Dianne Short served as co-chairman of Singfony, and Judy Jackson served as Coordinator of the contest- ants in the Miss U of A contest. Sharon Reeves was named Miss North Little Rock, Bev White served as a Razorback Cheerleader, Jean Woodell was secretary of I.F.P.C., and Sharon Tatman was Sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta. Patricia Provine served as president; Mary Whit- aker, vice-president; Carol Turnage, secretary, and Mary Buie, treasurer. Kappa Kappa Gamma, which was well represented by campus leaders, joined other sororities on campus in preparing for campus elections. 268 i B First Row: Mildred Mann Amis, Pauline Alice Appleton, Patricia Ellen Arnold, Anne Kalherine Beasley, Mary Elizabeth Biggs, Glenn Ann Blakemore, Sarah Adine Bradford, Jane Bradley. Second Row: Mary Lanelle Buie, Jeanette Carpenter, Linda Lee Gary, Carolyn Cross, Carolyn Cuthbertson, Lenice Alta Dean, Diane DesLauriers, Deborah Ann Doland. Third Row: Annetta Louise Duf- fy, Elizabeth Louise Easter, Susan Wood Ellsworth, Elizabeth Gwen Fahr, Nancy Joyce Ferguson, Don- na Jane Hairston, Carol Jan Har- ris, Jo Courtney Harris. Fourth Row: Nancy Elizabeth Helms, Beverly Gay Henry, Susan Mary Irby, Judith Suzanne Jack- son, Lana Faye Johnson, Mary Christine Johnston, Marilyn Kays, Martha Lynn Kelley. Fifth Row: Helen Vance Kirby, Suzanne Kitchen, Lena Anna Kirstina Lennartson, Ruth Ann Mask, Lynn Elizabeth McDonald, Joyce Ann McFall, Janelle Mc- Nulty, Cheryl Lynn Morris. Sixth Row: Suzanne Musgrave, Josephine Frantiska Norman, Pam- ela Diane Norwood, Katharine Mc- Rae Nowlin, Maka Ann Parnell, Betsy Beth Peterson, Patricia Pro- vine, Sharon Ann Reeve . Seventh Row: Jennifer Lynn Richardson, Susan Robins, Pamela Denise Scrape, Cassandra Anne Seymour, Dianne Short, Pamela Smith, Sharon Anne Smith. Eighth Row: Lynne Ellen Stan- ley, Sara Jane Stobaugh, Anita Diane Suitt, Pat Tarvin, Sharon Flo Tatman, Betty Carol Turnage, Pam Turner. Ninth Row: Linda Kathryn Walker, Linda Wellhausen, Mau- reen Leigh Welly, Mary Anne Whitaker, Becky Jayne White, Beverly Ann White, Jean Nolan Woodell. 269 First Row. Pamela Sue Arnold, Patricia Jan Atherton, Patricia Ball, Frada Ann Barlow, Dorothy Ann Beane, Patricia Jane Bell, Jane Veronica Bonady. Second Row: Gretchen Marie Bonnell, Carole Ann Bowman, Pa- tricia Bowman, Penny Brannon, Sara Ann Brown, Mary Lou Cain, Catherine Elizabeth Caldwell. Third Row: Marian Cleveland, Vera Joe Cook, Diane Dean, Mary Katherine Denlcer, Jane Dickerson, Margaret Jo Diffey, Charlotte Ce- cille Donoho. Fourth Row: Judith Sharon El- liott, Helen Compton Eubanks, Katherine Eileen Evans, Carolyn Anne Freyaldenhoven, Janis M. Funk, Robyn Gannaway, Patricia Ann Garris. Fifth Raw: Linda Lou Hammon- tree, Judith Ann Herndon, Mary- anne Hicky, Harriet Kay Hubbard, Bette Lynn Hughes, Susan Dill Hutton, Mary Jackson. Sixth Row: Mary Hornor Jen- nings, Patricia Ann Jones, Judy Kittrell, Peggy Lewis, Damaris Lindloff, Margaret Anne Little, Joanie Burnett Manning. Seventh Row: Madalyn March- man, Katherine Sue McDonald, Nancy Jeane McNair, Jane Ann Munnerlyn, Michele Jan Myers, Ann Nelson, Sissy Polk. Eighth Row: Noncy Elizabeth Pollard, JoAnn Pryor, Patricia Louise Rand, Elizabeth Harth Richards, Billie Ann Roberts, Kim Robertson, Donna Lynn Rybiski. Ninth Row: Mary Harvey Shipp, Barbara Diane Stiegler, Deedee Stocker, Susan Wright Storey, Bonnie Jean Taylor, Susan Ten- nant, Dixie Carol Terrell. Tenth Row: Cara Jeanne Thomp- son, Barbara Ann Tremble, Susan Kay Ward, Paula Helen Whiting, Margaret Ann Wiese, Linda Kay Williams, Rebecca Jean Williams, Susan Permelia Wood. 270 Pi Beta Phi Phi Celebrates 100th Birthday Pi Beta Phi, the first national fraternity for women, celebrated its centennial on the Arkansas cam- pus by continuing its tradition of leadership. Mary Denker, Susan Hutton, and Harriet Hubbard were tap- ped for Mortar Board and Mary and Susan were named to Who ' s Who. Paula Whiting, Robyn Gannaway and Jane Bonady were selected for Chimes and Jo Ann Pry- or was in Alpha Lambda Delta. Three Pi Phis served as senior counselors Linda Hammontree, Diane Steigler, and Judy Herndon. Peggy Lewis was elected Arts and Sciences Senior Senator and Harriet Hubbard served as Senior Class Secretary. Janis Funk was Secretary of the Commerce Guild, while Susan Tennant was secretary of the BA Senior Class. Dixie Terrell was BA Junior Class secretary and also secretary of ABC. Maryanne Hickey was ABC treasurer. Marv Denker served both as chairman of the SU Governing Board and Chairman of the AWS Queens Committee. Mac Gates was SNEA vice-president and Pam Arnold was representative to Commerce Guild. Penny Brannon served as Features Editor of the RAZORBACK. Beauty honors held by Pi Phis included Mike Myers, Maid of Cotton Finalist; Peggy Lewis, Miss Magnolia; and Cathrine Sue McDonald, Miss Newport. Carolyn Freyaldenhoven served as Commander of Angel Flight, and Mike Myers and Nancy Tremble were members of Angel Flight. Patty Jones was chosen Razorback Beau- ty and Robyn Gannaway was Homecoming Maid. Sweetheart of Sigma Nu was Jane Ann Munnerlyn, and Dee Childress was Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsi- lon. Carole Bowman served as cheerleader and Mike Myers was an alternate. Pi Phis were led this year by Barbara Tremble, president; Mary Denker, vice-president; Harriet Hub- bard, secretary and Ann Nelson, treasurer. A$ part of a program emphasizing good scholarship, Pi Phis held a banquet honoring high grade pointers, who received places of honor and steaks. A few, however, were banished to the floor with hot dogs. Zeta Tau Alpha - ZTA Wins National Activities Award Recipient of the National Zeta Tau Alpha Activities Award, Epsilon Chapter maintained its outstanding position in campus leadership. Six Zetas were tapped for Mortar Board. Peggy Schell made Phi Beta Kappa, received the Senior Key Award as the outstanding grad- uate in Arts and Sciences, and was Senior Advisor to Alpha Lambda Delta, of which Susie Johnston, Jane Ann Neely, and Myrl Rogers were members. Who ' s Who included Peggy, Robin McCracken and Valita Goza. But ZTA ' s found time for less studious activities, too starting with first place in Homecoming decora- tions. Claudette Wright was a Razorback Cheerleader, Carolyn Houston an alternate, and Juli Ellis was feature twirler. Pam Simons served as vice-president of Angel Flight with other Zeta Angels Caroline Bagby, Evelyn Bowen, Darra Dismuke, and Valita. Peggy Schell was vice-president of AWS and Evelyn was Roles of Women Chairman. Zetas reigning as queens and beauties: Darra was a Razorback Beauty; Celestine Leding, Commerce Queen; Susie Johnston, Lieutenant-Colonel of Scabbard and Blade; Shirley Franzmeier, Agri Queen; Marilee Chappell, Miss YDC; Susan Wilson, Sweetheart of Sig- ma Pi; and Celestine and Brenda Cummins, Lambda Chi Crescents. Campus officers included Judy Williams, president of Sophomore Counselors; Robin Cash, senior senator; Simone Seamon, treasurer of Panhellenic, co-chairman of Greek Week and vice-president of SNEA. Simone, Evelyn, Glenda Nelson and Patty Johnson served as senior counselors. Libby Ingrum was managing editor of the TRAV- ELER and Kathy Walton was RAZORBACK Greeks co- editor and Greek Week publicity co-chairman. Kathy and Libby also served as co-chairmen of the Gaebale publicity committee. Fall officers were Valita Goza. president; Betty Har- ris, vice-president; and Evelyn Bowen and Leta Gil- more, rush chairmen. Spring officers included Kathy Walton, president; Susan Metcalf, vice-president; and Jan Woods and Bonnie Bell, rush chairmen. The chief, guarding a top secret chapter meeting, was surprised at the presence of a photographer. The event was the ZTA Secret Santa party, with members sporting specially selected gag gifts. 272 First Row: Theda Varie Baker, Evelyn Gail Bowen, Susie Brown, Joyce Jan Bryant, Linda Kay But- ler, Annabelle Robin Cash, Mari- lee Chappell. Second Row: Donna Cozort, Brenda Regena Cummins, Jane Collier Dees, Darra Jean Dismuke, Juli Ellis, Susan Elson, Jenelle Erwin. Third Row: Mary Donna Erwin, Linda Cheryl Eubanks, Susan Fow- ler, Pat Galloway, Leta Gaye Gil- more, Valita Goza, Mildred Lois Gragg. Fourth Row: Betty Ann Harris, Carolyn Sue Houston, Bettie Far- rar Hudson, Nellie Brian Hudson, Libby Ingrum, Scott McCrary Jamison, Nancy Jane Johnson. Fifth Row: Patricia Johnson, Mary Sue Johnston, Jeanettia Jones, Kitten Kelly, Gail Lackey, Christy Lea Larnan, Celestine Led- ing. Sixth Row: Sarah Elizabeth Little, Jenny Mack, Linda McKen- non, Leigh McKinney, Jean Mc- Millan, Susan Lee McMillan, Sus- an Leah Metcalf. Seventh Row: Jane Ann Neely, Glynda Virginia Nelson, Janice Joanne Nixon, Rebecca Ann Pow- ell, Susan Elizabeth Ralston, Don- na Jane Read, Sharon Robinson. Eighth Row: Nina Myrl Rogers, Jannette Rose, Sandra Beth Sand- ers, Jeanne Sava, Peggy Ann Schell. Simone Seamon, Janie Ruth Shane, Pamela Sue Simons. Ninth Row. Patricia Byars Sockwell, Sue Swearingen, Eliza Jane Thomas, Joyce Tindle, Phyl- lis Madileine Tull, Anne Frances Udouj, Elizabeth Anne Vawter, Carol Ann Walker. Tenth Row: Pamela Sue Walsh, Kathy Susan Walton, Sandra Eliza- beth Ward, Chris Whitten, Judy Ann Williams, Susan Clare Wil- son, Janice Adrian Woods, Brenda Jeanette Ziegler. 27S Panhellenic Works for Greek Unity The U of A Panhellenic Council strives to main- tain harmonious Greek life and inter-sorority relation- ships among the sororities on campus. Major emphasis is placed on cooperation with the administration in their efforts to maintain high social and scholastic standards. Activities of the council are to make and enforce all rules that govern rush and pledging. Each spring the council gives a coke party for all freshman girls in- terested in participating in fall rush. Two scholarship cups are given each year for the highest grade point average of a pledge class and so- rority chapter, respectively. Panhellenic also awards three scholarships annually at the AWS Spring Festival. Panhellenic gives awards each spring to the Out- standing Greek Faculty Woman and the Outstanding Senior Greek Woman. These are presented at the Greek Week banquet. In cooperation with Greek Week, Pan- hellenic also sponsors the Pan-Olympic games in which all fraternities participate. Charles Mary Webb President Charles Mary Webb, Panhellenic President First Row. Carolyn Hall, Jennifer Jones, Patricia Provine, Barbara Tremble, Simone Seamon, Cheryl Gushing, Ellen Van Eaton. Second Row. Valita Goza, Carol Spivey, Sharon Blair, Shari Mackie, Georgia Hornor, Rosemary Raymond, Frances Rogers. Third Row: Barbara Purves, Diane Davidson, Susan Matthews, Pamela Scrape, Charles Mary Webb, Ann Splawn, Carol Van Dalsem, Patty Johnson. __ First Row: Ollie Campbell, Jon Keel, Robert Denton, Jim Johnson, Fred Chandler, Ray Owen, Gary Keathley, Mickey Wilber, Jimmy McCoy. Second Row: Joe Carruth, Dennis Young, David Harper, Ray Vester, John Martin, Larry Jones, Stark Ligon, Johnny Gillum. Third Row: Laverne Holifield, Richard Reynolds, Bill Vowell, Kent Rubens, Robert Patton, Dan Ken- nett, Carl Ragland. Fourth Raw: Don Gibson, Richard Thomas, Frank Emert, Mike Sullivan, Jim Lee Morgan, Jack McNulty, Wayne Coates, Davie Miles. IFC Plans For New Fraternity The Interfraternity Council is an organization de- signed for the purpose of regulating and co-ordinating the activities of the social fraternities at the University of Arkansas. It is composed of the president of each fra- ternity and two elected representatives from each house. The Dean of Men serves as an advisor, and the officers are elected from the membership itself. I.F.C. was very active this year. Legislation included a much needed revision of the by-laws, establishment of chartering and colony requirements for new fraternities coming on campus, and a revision of the rush rules. This spring the I.F.C. established four $200.00 scholar- ships to be awarded each year beginning in the fall of 1967. In addition, definite plans were made for a new fraternity to colonize at Arkansas next fall. Other activities included several workshops held during the year for fraternity officers. These workshops dealt with such topics as finances, scholarship, and rush. Also, much work was done in the area of public relations in an effort to improve the fraternity system ' s image both locally and statewide. I Ray Owen, President of the Interfraternity Council 275 [ 1J 1:1 1 First Row: Michael Paul Allen, Edward Leo Auffert, Michael Dean Boswell, Talhert Fanning Bowman, III, Bradley Knight Breland, Greg- ory Brugh Brown, Dale G. Cos- grove, Jerry L. Cowee. Second Row: Dave E. Crawford, Frank A. Curl, John R. DeLille, Michael Alan Erickson, James Howard Frasher, Sam Edward Gib- son, Roger William Giles, Joseph Parks Hammond. Third Row: Eddie Hart, Charles Wilburn Henley, Troy L. Henry, Charles C. Hill, Jr., Fred Ernest Impson, Charles Donald Isgrig, Robert Allen James, Charles L. Johnson. Fourth Row: James Michael Johnson, Robert A. Lange, Jr., James Richard Latta, William F. Leatherbury, Steve Allen Loibner, Michael Reece McQueen, Cornel- ius Modinger, III, James Russell Myers. Fifth Row: David Edmon Nel- son, J. Bradley Ousterhout. Hal O. Parsons, Harold Homer Phillips, Charles Fredrick Russell, Chris Gordon Schneider, Patrick War- ren Segraves, James Barton Sikes. Sixth Row: Richard Ted Snie- gocki, Arthur E. Spooner, Jr., Charles Roland Stubblefield, Lar- ry David Stubbs, Richard Stubbs, William Henry Trice, III, Leon West. Jr., Jimmy T. White, Rich- ard Darr Wood, Jr. During strenuous campaign several Acaci- ans sneaked into den for a game of bridge. i 276 Acacia f Hart, 0 " L fen, f " J Ernest Three Acacians In Senate Michitl I- w Jl, en. Corad- JUKI 1 lino. Nd. :kl.HalO. r Phillip.; Rt ll. Chris Patrick fir. ii -. -., id H Snie- . Jr, khk-lieli In- khiiJ Slnkbi, i. HI. LOT . fhitf. RiA The year 1966-67 once again saw Acacia increasing and bettering its brief sixteen-year record at Arkansas by diligently seeking achievement in scholarship, lead- ership, and social life. Among the campus positions held by Acacia were: Pres. of the Senior Class, Richard Stubbs; Co-director of Gaebale, Cal Biggers; President of the American Chemical Society, Steve Loibner; Stu- dent Senate, Harry Bjornberg, Charles Stubblefield, and Cal Biggers; IFC Public Relations Chairman and As- sociate Editor of the IFC Rush Book, Greg Brown; RAZORBACK Military Editor, Roger Giles and Charles Stubblefield, ARKANSAS ENGINEER Staff, Paul Douglas, who also maintained a 4.00 scholastic record. Also Acacia was well represented by five members in Scabbard and Blade: Richard Stubbs, Jim White, Cal Biggers, Charles Hill, and Charles Stubblefield. Arnold Air Society tapped Jim White and Mike Johnson. Charles Stubblefield represented Acacia in ODK. Socially, the year was highlighted with many fall and spring outings, dropins, and the traditional ' ' End of the World " party. Concluding the Social Calendar were the Sack Dance and the Black and Gold Formal. Cissy LaFevers Chi Omega f The culmination of a successful political race. Jubilant Stubblefield was mobbed by happy and weary supporters. 277 Alpha Gamma Rho A New House For AGR Alpha Iota of Alpha Gamma Rho moved into its new house this past fall. The dedication was held on March 12, in which all AGR National Officers were present. Individual achievements, based on academic and ex- tracurricular activities, were won by many AGR ' s this year. Dan Kennett served as secretary of IFC, Vice- President of ASA, and Business Manager of the Ar- kansas Agriculturist. Len Cotton, tapped for mem- bership in ODK and Alpha Zeta, served as Co-Editor of the Arkansas Agriculturist. Mickey Wilbur and Bill O ' Bar were AGR ' s men in Blue Key. Stan Wingert and Jim McCoy were selected for membership in Phi Eta Sigma. In the College of Agriculture, Bill Green was Presi- dent of ASA and David McNeal was treasurer. Alpha Zeta had Roy Runyan as President and Stan Wingert as treasurer, as well as nine other members. Galen Bry- ant served as President of Alpha Tau Alpha, James Aikman treasurer, and Wayland Holloway secretary. Ken Hurst was elected President of the Agri Economics club. Social events included the Pledge Dance, the Pink Rose Formal, and the Spring Outing. Phyllis Hall Alpha Chi Omega While action took place in arena below, judges observed the proceedings of the annual Agri Day rodeo from the safety of lofty heights. 278 t,WA i r jr rv rfilLh o rJR A ,k4M. Sk4il a First Row: Robert Alan Allur- ed, Lenny Leon Benton, Shelby Galen Bryant, Leslie Carl Carter, Larry Dwight Castleberry, Thomas Len Cotton, Kenneth Ray Cup- pies. Second Row. Larry Michael Da- vis, James William Fisher, Mario Ojeda Gutierrez, Robert Wayne Gutierrez, David Lee Hagan, Ben- nie Fred Harmon, Wayland Keith Holloway. Third Row: J. Ken Hurst, Rob- ert Joe Johnson, William Jack Johnson, Joe L. Keathley, Danny N. Kendrick, Dan Preston Ken- nett, Sammy W. Kerr. Fourth Row: David Holland Ma- lone, Kenneth Joe May, Ralph De- wel May, Joe McBride, Larry Glenn McCain, Don Ray McCas- kill, James Ralph McCoy. Fifth Row: Charles David Mc- Neal, Michael Lee Meshew, Dan- ny Ray Metz, Alan Futrell Moore, Dwight Vincent Morris, Bill Moss, Billy Dean O ' Bar, Alan Dee Pack. Sixth Row: Tim Pack, Waymon Pearson, Philip Harvey Pile, Rob- ert H. Rhodes, Paul Allen Schlatt- mann, David Ronald Stokes, Mick- ey Bob Wilber, Stanley Joe Wing- It seems as though excellent study habits were not automatically acquired when AGRs moved into their excellent new home. 279 An . y x?! First Row: Tayfun Arikan, Terry Lee Baker, Allen Lewis Beck, Douglas Gene Bishop, Carl Rich- ard Brinkley, Kelso Clinton Brooks Jr., Charles Lundy Bryan. Second Row: Ronald E. Bum- pass, Ronald Lewis Burton, Ollie Columbus Campbell Jr., Herschel Wayne Cleveland, Tom H. Cog- burn, Charles N. Copeland, Wal- ter M. Craig Jr. Third Row: Thomas Henry Dem- binski II, David Howard Dilla- hunty, Vernon Lee Dutton, Rene Jerry Duchac, Tom Patrick Earn- hart, Greg M. Elkins, Richard Alan Felker. Fourth Row. Robert Clinton Fisher, Samuel Johnson Forester Jr., George Ronald Franks, Robert Daniel Freeman, John Wilson Ga- bel, Robert V. Graybill, Kersh E. Hall. Fifth Row: Thomas Lloyd Hath- away, Ivan Douglas Hazlewood Jr., Harold Ronnie Hicks, Harold Clark Hill, William Arthur Hough, Philip R. Hutka, George Claude Jernigan III. Sixth Row: Lawrence Gene Jones, Michael D. Jones, Bill T. Kinneman, Richard Henry Kuno- nen, Thomas G. Lorenzo, Howard L. Martin, John Wesley Martin. Seventh Row: Jack Alan May, James Steven McClellan, J. Con- ley Meredith, Bruce Emil Munson, William Larry Newman, James Newell Owens, Herbert David Phillips. Eighth Row: William Rand Rid- dell, Thomas Phillip Risher, Mal- colm Everett Ritchie Jr., Fred Owen Roberson, James Marvin Sanders, Darry Gene Sands. Ninth Row: James Lindsey Walker Jr., Larry W. Weathers, David Roland Widder, Ronald L. Winningham, Alan Dale Whatley, Gary Cleveland Young. 280 Alpha Kappa Lambda AKL Wins A First At Homecoming During the time that Alpha Mu of Alpha Kappa Lambda has been on the University of Arkansas cam- pus, they have enjoyed continued success in scholarship and honors in campus activities. AKL added another trophy to their list when they took first place honors in house decorations at Home- coming. Representing AKL on the gridiron was Lynn Garner. Terry Baker played varsity baseball for the Razorbacks. Outstanding AKL ' s on the University cam- pus were Bob Harriell, President of Blue Key and a member of Who ' s Who; Henry Rowe, Blue Key; Corky Copeland, President of YRC and a member of Phi Eta Sigma; Conley Meredith, treasurer of YDC; David Bell, Corky Copeland, and Conley Meredith were members of Alpha Kappa Psi; Gene Sands, Phi Eta Sigma; Ollie Campbell and Henry Rowe, senators from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. Along with parties after football games and numer- ous fall and spring outings, the social activities of AKL included the " Go to Hell with AKL " party, the Pajama Party, the Halloween Party, the Yellow Rose Formal, the Pledge Dance, Dad ' s Day Celebration and the Homecoming Dance. Janice Williams Alpha Chi Omega Sunny weather tends to have amazing effect on Greeks. This one was driven from his dismal study cell for a more invigorating pastime. 281 Farmhouse Farmhouse Stresses Scholarship Farmhouse Fraternity was organized as an agricul- tural brotherhood in Columbia, Missouri in 1905. The fraternity strives to further develop character, leader- ship, and scholarship among its members and also to provide a service and a proud dignity to the agricul- tural professions. The men of Farmhouse carefully choose prospective members for their potentialities in these same concepts. For one member can do no action that does not reflect upon his chapter and his brothers in Farmhouse across the nation. Farmhouse men are active leaders in clubs and cam- pus organizations: holding offices, serving as commit- tee chairmen, and working as effective members of the team. Scholastic leadership of Arkansas Farmhouse is unquestioned, being highest academically for twenty- four of twenty-five semesters. Farmhouse also strives to develop a well-rounded life for its membership. This is done by parties, outings, and athletic competition in intramural sports. 282 Barbara Harris 4-H House Rodeo clowns always draw attention from crowds. Sometimes it also comes from more dangerous sources. - ' .- -v ' : ; mr. -..V;. ,V V - i- " ? --; - ' - ; ' - r ' " V : C First Row: Wayne Thomas Bell, Jimmy Dale Black, Freddie Mar- shall Bourland, Larry L. Bryant, Jimmy Lee Colbert, Jim R. Ed- wards Second Row. Joe S. Elumbaugh, Billie Lee Fagala, Johnny W. Gillum, Wesley Murry Hartley, Gerald Dee Herbaugh, Courtney Mcllroy Hillard. Third Row: Donald Ray John- son, Gary Neylon Keathley, Her- bert Ross Keith, Carl Edward Rag- land, Claud Franklin Rutherford, Don Rex Sloan. Fourth Row: John Edward Snoderly, James R. Stinnett, George Raymond Todd, Allen Keith Underwood, Van T. Younes. As he tumbled to ground, contestant won- de. ' ed at sanity of such a fruitless venture. 283 if Kappa Sigma r I I m Kappa Sigs Excel On Gridiron Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma, with seventy-six years to its credit in 1966, added to its list of honors this year. Woolen Epes and Hank Newell represented Xi in Cardinal XX. In Blue Key was Bill Keadle. Henry Saine served as Freshman Representative and Bill Wil- son as Treasurer of the Freshman Business Class. Barney Bond represented Kappa Sigma in Alpha Epsi- lon Delta. Kappa Sigs on the football field gained a lot of prominence with All-American Marline Bercher and All-Southwest Conference Travis Mauldin and Dick Cunningham. Kappa Sig ' s social season reached a new high with dances after each football game, the Christmas Formal, the Toilet Bowl, and numerous Drop-ins. Officers for the fall were Bill Keadle, President; Don Wineland, Vice-President; Jan Hogaboom, Treas- urer; and Mark Reif, Secretary. For the spring, Chuck Hayden was elected President; Barney Bond, Vice- President; Jan Hogaboom, Treasurer; and Mark Reif, Secretary. First Row: James C. Ake, Sam- uel David Alphin, Jerry F. Ber- linger, Linus Emil Bertsch, John Barnitz Bond, Brannon Dale Boren, Terry Frost Bowie. Second Row. Peter F. Bridge, John Charles Brooks, Charles Pat- ric Brosh, Robert A. Brown, Wil- liam F. Bryant, Charles G. Bux- ton, Richard F. Campbell III. Third Row: John Ed Chambers, Ronald Mann Chiles. Andrew Law- son Clark, Jerry E. Clem, Ray Eugene Colclasure, Jerry Black- wood Driver, David Rodney Dunn. Fourth Row. Stewart Ames Dunn, Shade Woolen Epes, Thur- ston M. Fish, B. A. Fletcher, Dun Palmer Gibbs, John Phillip Had- dad, William E. Hanna, Bo Hawk. Fifth Row. Charles Michael Hayden Jr., John Henry Hicks, Jon Bryan Hogaboom, Kenneth Allan Jones, Jim A. Jowers, John Morgan Karber, William A. Kea- dle, Buford L. Keathley. 284 , ?;: James Paul Latlure, Harry R. Lewis, William Richard Lile, Ivy Glen Lincoln, Jim A. Lorenz, Nicholas H. Manenle, George Lewis Marsh. Second Row: Lee Mathews, Jim R. Mazzanti, Robert Emmett Mc- Cann III, Robert Rogers McCann, Max Garland McCoy, Thomas Ar- thur McElroy, Carey Wayne Mea- dors. Third Row: Jacob Perry Mikles, Ronald Chapman Mills, Charles H. Moore, Larry Mitchell Moore, Joe Wavery Newman, Alexander Wyckliff Nisbet Jr., James Ran- dall Parker. Fourth Row: Gary Parks, Wil- liam Partlow Peek, Thomas N. Pierce, William Pal Rainey, Bill Floyd Rush, Robert R. Semple, Mike Eugene Steward. Fifth Row. James Guy Stokes, Bruce Owen Taliaferro, Robert Williams Tucker, Vernon David Turk Jr., Terry Jcseph Turner, Robert Lawrence Vanhook, Tom- my Wade Vassaur. Sixth Row. Robert August Vo- gel. Jack Walls, John David Welsh, Robert L. Whitlock, William Hal Wilson, Don Albert Wineland, James H. Youngblood. Kappa Sigs ' yearly crop of grass received a rugged workout as these gridiron " greats " went through arduous drills. 285 fW Lambda Chi Alpha IFC Led By A Lambda Chi Ray Owen served this past year as President of the Interfraternity Council. In addition, he was selected for Who ' s Who, and was chairman of the Gaebale Miss U of A Pageant. Lambda Chi ' s held many campus of- fices and memberships in honorary organizations this past year, including Who ' s Who, Blue Key, DDK, Al- pha Epsilon Delta President, Commerce Guild Vice President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Arkansas Booster Club, U of A Debate Team, Civic Club and Marketing Club Vice Presidents, Student Senate, Stu- dent Court and Co-Attorney General. John Harmon was named Editor of the 1967 Student Directory, and Bill Ross was named as Business Manager of the Law Re- view. Lambda Chi Alpha ' s annual Housemother ' s Kidnap was won this year by Delta Delta Delta Sorority. The event was a huge success with over twelve hundred pounds of food collected for charity. Social activities included the Fall Pledge Party, Dad ' s Day Party, Homecoming Party, Christmas Party for the needy with the Delta Gamma Sorority, Playboy Party, Western Party, Purple Id Party, and Crescent Girl Formal. liilum ] Sheree Ellis Delta Delta Delta Playboy Party always brings out the loveliest of bunnies. This one paused as date adjusted garter on her hind leg. 286 J Eliot. F flirf JrJ C. Fun art f. W Charles ' v i! : Muss, Ei W01 First Row: Charles A. Banks, Harry Patrick Bischof, David K. Brock, Frank Butler, Carey Allen Caldwell, Steve N. Carlson, Wayne L. Coates. Second Row: James Robert Cof- field, Joe Edward Coffield, Jack G. Cornell, James Kirk Dixon, James Reed Dunaway Jr., F. B. Elliot, Frank Leroy Emert Jr. Third Row: Gordon Smith Fost- er Jr., Frank W. Funk Jr., Mike G. Futrell, Robert A. Goodwin, Clark Madison Hall, Carroll L. Hawkins, Patrick A. Haydon. Fourth Row: Larry Hershel Johnson, Louis O. Joyner, Ha y- wood Woodrow Kinsey Jr., Don W. Lawler, Charles Lee Liggett, Charles Wayne Lyman, James C. McDowell. Fifth Row. Thomas Gerald Montgomery, Bill Moss, Sonny Moss, Everett Crockett Moulton, Ward O ' Keefe, Robert Webb Os- borne, Ray Owen Jr. Sixth Row: Russell Chris Peek, William Pendergrass, Samuel Ed- win Prince, Gordon P. Publow Jr., Bobby D. Rawn, C. B. Rebsamen, William J. Reed. Seventh Row: Jon Michael Rife, Robert Joseph Robnett, Ashley B. Rozelle, George H. Schweer, Rob- ert William Sheddy, John Lindsey Smotherman, William Douglas Summerville. Eighth Row: Thomas S. Stone, Stephen P. Storey, Marty L. Stouf- fer, John Clifford Thompson, Ry- all Smith Tune, David Eaton Ty- rone, Michael V. Warr. Ninth Row: Dudley Howell Wat- son, John Lan Williams, William B. Williams, Travis Arnold With- erington II, Thomas Joe Wright, Bruce Eben Yancey. J4ik Ail . J 287 DfiAfcfc -. ? ? tit r ( First Row: Marshal Brian Alex- ander, Richard Lloyd Balwanz, Ben Lewis Barry, Hugh M. Bass, Raymond Scott Bates, M. Timothy Boe, John Michael Carruth. Second Row. Joseph Thomas Carruth, Joey William Cheatham, Richard Michael Colclasure, Jack Dan Crews, Richard Donald Cross- ley, Daniel V. Evans, Byron L. Freeland. Third Row: Sthephen H. Free- man, Thomas W. Futrell, Rod- ney Joe Germany, Gerard Loy Glenn, Robert Ivy Glover, Ron- ald L. Goranson, Artie Gregory. Fourth Row: Larry Walter Hale, Robert Wilson Hardin, Russell F. Harris Jr., James Franklin Hawk- ins Jr., Jimmy Duane Hill, John Michael Hopkins, Nick Houser. Fifth Row: John L. Jayne, Gary Scott Jefferson, Robert Walter Johnson, Lynn Morris Leek, Step- hen Alan Leek, Keith John Linde- mann, Russell McCarroll. Sixth Row: James Patrick Mc- Duff, Bruce Harris Markell, David Bryan Martin, Dallas Davis Miles Jr., Michael Dale Miller, Tommy Allen New, John Lewis Norr is. Seventh Row: Jerry Ross Park, John Samuel Patterson, James A. Penix, John C. Quinn, E. Smith Reed Jr., William C. Richards, James William Rogers. Eighth Row: William Robert Shepard, H. Dudley Shollmier, E. Thomas Simpson, George B. Smith, Stephen Wallace Smith, Jack Spears, Henry Nesbit Spring- Ninth Row: Terry Thomas Stew- art, Ronnie Stuart Taylor, Robert Lee Trammel, James Shipp Trie- schmann, Tom Whit Waller, Bryce William Warren, Neil Stewart West. 288 ta_ -, - m nr Phi Delta Theta Chapter Wins Six Senate Seats Memorable Phi Delt events for 1966-67 began with a successful rush week and continued with dances after football games, Homecoming activities, the Christmas formal, underprivileged children ' s party with Kappa Kappa Gamma, Founders ' Day in Little Rock, Spring Elections, Viking Party, Community Service Day, and numerous outings, drop-ins, and exchange dinners. Outstanding Phi Delt campus leaders included Edd McClaran, president of Civic Club: Larry Hale, presi- dent of Young Democrats Club; Pat Mayo, Wing Com- mander of AFROTC; Jack Crews, Vice-President of Circle K; and Ronnie Goranson. Vice-President of Al- pha Kappa Psi. Mac Glover, Bud Storey, Bill Miller, Joe Carruth, and Steve Freeman were members of Blue Key. In ODK, Phi Delt was represented by Robert Trammel, Jim Trieschmann, Ronnie Goranson, Pat Mayo, Jay Rogers, and Davie Miles. Ronnie Taylor and Terry Stewart were selected for Cardinal XX. Davie Miles was Associate Greeks Editor for the Razor- back and also served on the Student Senate. Phis on the varsity football team were Tommy Bur- nett, Ronnie South, and Tommy Trantham. Ben Barry and David Reding were outstanding varsity tennis ath- letes. 9 " . X Sharon Tatman Kappa Kappa Camma Phi Delfs attempted to imitate the art of the ancient Egyptians. The Greeks weren ' t quite their equals, however. 289 Pi Kappa Alpha Detroit Wheels Play For Formal Pi Kappa Alpha enjoyed continued success consist- ent with its more than sixty year history at the U. of A. In order to render better service to the community, PiKA joined the Fayetteville Junior Chamber of Com- merce. Outstanding representatives of PiKA were Don Gibson. Cardinal XX; Jack Meadows, President of Al- pha Pi Mu; Don Cassil, Vice-President of the Senior Business Class; David Evans and Jim Elkins. Board of Governors of Circle K; Paul Rogers, Vice-President of YDC; and Scott Stafford and Mike Capoot, who both maintained 4.00 scholastic records. Pikes were also found on the Razorback athletic teams. Hartford Hamilton, Harry Jones, Stu Berryhill, and Don Richardson played football. David Carver and Fredy Washington represented Pike on the baseball team. Pike social activities included the Roaring 20 ' s party, the Christmas Brunch, the Gaebale barbeque, and several spring outings. The Detroit Wheels delight- ed members and their guests at the Dream Girl Formal. Also, in rebellion over study hours, the pledges walked out and spent a weekend in New Orleans. Saundra Wade Delta Delta Delta With uncanny agility and deadly weapons in hand, two Pikes leaped over formidable bar- rier into Snake Pit to attack their rivals. 290 . First Row: Peter Walter Amund- sen, Raymond Francis Aquilina II, Howard Cullin Atkins, Wil- liam Roger Atkins, Joal Timothy Benton, James William Berkowitz, Gaylon Berry. Second Row. Bruce Thomas Bul- lion, Charles William Burns, Mich- ael George Capoot, David Mark Carver, Stephen Francis Carver, William Burns Carwell, Don R. Cassil. Third Row. Jerry Newton Cas- sil, David Ray Chapman, David Scott Christena, Kenney Morris Comstook, James Kent Coxsey, Bill Dill, James P. Elkins. Fourth Row. James Roger Eng- land, David Ray Evans, David R. Fielder, David Edwards Fitton, J. Royston Gathings, David Lowell Gibson, Don Lee Gibson. Fifth Row. Gerald Wesley Go- forth, John Nelson Hixson, Gary John Holman, Richard Holt Holy- field, Mace David Howell, William Byrom Hudson, Hugh Thomas Huppert. Sixth Row. Jerry H. Jeffery, Jimmy Clyde Johnson, James W. King, Jr., Gary Wayne Lay, Rob- ert Morgan Magness Jr., John George Marino, Gary D. Mayfield. Seventh Row. Jack Meadows, William Noel Meadows, Kenton C. Miller, Danny Gale Mills, Hen- ry Paul Mills, J. Kenneth Neely, Robert Oren Nelson, Charles Neuenschwander. Eighth Row. Glen Norman, Gary Eugene O ' Neal, Michael H. Orr, William Keith Patterson, Tony F. Pultz, Paul L Rogers, Ted H. Sanders, David Roger Sandlin. Ninth Row. Dennis Dean Shaw, Terry Wayne Shoffner, L. Scott Stafford, Michael A. Stafford, Paul Lagrove Stephens, Nicholas Rodgers Stevens, John H. Vaughan, Don Wesley Walker. Tenth Row. Fredy L. Washing- ton, Timothy L. Whillock, Hubert Jarvis White, Marvin Edward Whitehead, Carl Robert Williams Jr., Nolan Stanford Williams, Bob- by Joe Witherington, Gerald Louis Yanker. fl a a . m M- 291 , t First Row: Michael Wayne Al- len, John G. Barnhill, William Walter Bateman Jr., Carroll R. Bates, John M. Beatty, Steve T. Berner, Robert Atherton Blansh- ard, C. Terry Brandt. Second Row. John Dudley Bridgeforth, John Franklin Broy- les, Claude Douglas Buford Jr., James Quitman Burgess Jr., Char- les Chris Burrow, P. D. Burton III, David Lynn Carroum, John Virgil Casbeer. Third Row: Clyde David Coo- per, Tom Corbin, Michael R. Couch, Timothy Eugene Davis, James Prentice DeRossitt, Rich- ard Allen Doss, Joseph W. Dur- den, Joe B. Edwards. Fourth Row: Peter Estes, Paul M. Farrell Jr., Dan Felton III, William Robert Gantt III, Ed- ward Allen Gordon, William Noel Gregory, Mike Haggard, Charles E. Hoke. Fifth. Row: Tappan Homer Jennings, William Staley James III, Dennis Young Jarratt, Tracy Duncan Jones, Ronnie S. Keisler, John W. Key, Richard Max Kline, F. Sanford Ladage. Sixth Row: Larry Louis Lambi- otte, Robert Stark Ligon Jr., Bart Rabb Lindsey, Ross Edwin Mace, Thomas E. Massey III, Cecil Lee McBryde Jr., Larry Douglas Mc- Grew, John Allen McNair Jr. Seventh Row: Gordon M. Mc- Njilty, Jack Allison McNulty, Noel Gordon Nash Jr., Randall Evans Northern, Robert Clyde Patton, Jerry Dean Pinson, Garvis M. Pol- lard, Jr., James E. Rand. Eighth Row: Lawrence Joseph Reilly Jr., Morris A. Reynolds, Hunter Lee Roberts, Gordon Gray Rogers, Joe Mark Rogers, Mich- ael B. Shirkey, John M. Slattery. Ninth Row: Thomas Benton Smith, James Victor Spencer III, Frederick Strawn Spencer, Leslie William Steen, Robert Carleton Stow III. Floyd Andrew Sturgis, Tom Tellepsen II. Tenth Row: James William Walker, Thomas Kennedy Walker, Alan Futrell Warrick, George T. Weaver Jr., Robert Lynn Wheeler, Maurice F. Willis, Harrison Earl Wright Jr. 292 _ - ii Sigma Alpha Epsilon SAE Captures AAA Intramurals Throughout the year the Alphs participated in vari- ous campus activities. Jack McNulty was elected Stu- dent Body treasurer and Tommy Massey vice-pres. of B. A. school. SAE contributed eight of the thirty-five member National Blue Key organization with J. J. Scroggin as vice-pres. Three SAE ' s were named to Who ' s Who. Cardinal XX claimed three Alphs of which Robert Fatten was treasurer. Allen Lee served as vice- pres. of AED. Noel Nash was president of both Theta Tau and I.E.E.E. Organizational officers included: San- dy Ladage, pres. of ABC; Mac McBryde, vice-pres. of I.F.P.C. ; Bart Lindsey, co-chairman of Student Union Entertainment Committee; Stark Ligon, Co-Director of Greek Week. In addition, Hank Weaver served as Busi- ness Manager of the Razorback, and Walter Slaughter was feature editor of the Traveler. SAE ' s spring and fall semesters were highlighted by spaghetti dinners and dances following every football game, dropins, the Christmas formal, exchange dinners, the annual " Hell ' s Angel " pledge party, and the famous " Jungle Party. " However, not all was play for SAE, as this year ' s hard work culminated in the Alphs win- ning Triple-A Intramurals for the third consecutive year. As he swung around, one Alph ' s attention was caught by the broad rhythm of a slender ribbon. T 293 Sigma Chi Sigs Lead Men In Scholarship Omega Omega of Sigma Chi continued a tradition of leadership, both in scholarship and honors. Sigma Chi ' s had the highest grade point for a men ' s living group during the fall semester. Bill Vowell, Dick Wyatt, and Bruce Switzer were selected for Who ' s Who. Mike Conner, Winston Brown, Hal Brown, Van Parker, and Randy Marshall served in Cardinal XX. Representing Sigma Chi in Blue Key were Mack Mc- Larty, Woody White, Doug Hurley, Bill Vowell, and Bruce Switzer. Larry Watkins, Randy Murphy, and Joe Klein were in ODK. Mack McLarty was appointed to Susan Bauer Chi Omega the Student Court. IFC Rush Chairman was Woody White. John Jackson served as Vice-President of ABC and chairman of Homecoming. Dick Wyatt was a Stu- dent Senator. Three Sigs served as cheerleaders: Woody White, John Jackson, and Eddie Marrs. Tommy Rowland led the Razorback basketballers as the second highest-scor- ing Porker in history. Besides parties after the football games and numer- ous outings, the Sigma Chi ' s social calendar featured one of the most memorable Ski Lodge parties ever. Sigma Chis slopped when placed on probation, had to think to lead men in grades, and carried spring elections with McLarty on transit system. 294 . ' f-XJ First Row: William Stradley Appleton, Daniel Eugene Bartell, James E. Baugh, Sam David Beas- ley, Stephen Russell Bigger, James Ross Billirey, Edwin Wil- liamson Bird Jr., Glenn M. Brat- cher. Second Row: Curtis Erwin Brown. Irwin Hall Brown, Mich- ael S. Cashion, James David Cole, Michael Ira Conner, Lonnie Clyde Couch Jr., John B. Currie, Ray- mond Shelton Crawford III. Third Row: Richard A. Drig- gers, Johnny D. Fitton, Thomas Garvin Fitton, Patrick Norman Fox, Elwood A. Freeman Jr., Wil- liam Paul Godsey, Larry Gordon Green, Albert Carter Hardage. Fourth Row: Robert Snow Har- graves, Michael Preston Harkey, Richard Franklin Hatfield, Pat- rick H. Hays, Thomas Stewart Headlee, Mike Austin Hedges, Robert P. Heslep, Robert Henry Hodges. Fifth Rvw: Aden Jackson Holt, Arthur Lee Hornick Jr., William Michael Huffman, Owen Thomas Hunt, John Birkhead Jackson, Vic- tor Steven Jacuzzi, Thomas Samuel Jameson, Gary Mark Jeffreys. Sixth Row: Ron C. Kolb, Mike Richard Landers, James Stephen Lauck, Fletcher C. Lewis, Walter Lewis Loveless Jr., Benjamin Dane Luck, Calvin Roderick Martin, James Madison May. Seventh Row: Jim L. Mayes, Edward Pelham McGehee III, Thomas Franklin McLarty, Pat- rick D. Miller, Randy George Murphy, William Gregory Nors- worthy, John R. Powell, Evan Larry Pugh, Ralph R. Ramsey Jr. Eighth Row: Robert William Raney, Ken R. Reeves, Greg Rob- erts, Henry Lyle Rogers, Thomas Hamilton Rowland, Albert Holly Rusher Jr., Robert Howard San- derlin, James Vance Scurlock, Gra- ham F. Shannon Jr. Ninth Row: Ted C. Skokos, John Currie Sloan, R. Chris Step- hens, John M. Stinson, Danny Trowbridge, Michael Edward Ut- ley, William Oliver Vowell, Char- les M. Walker, Charles Oscie Walker. Tenth Row: Edwin B. Walker. Thomas R. Wallace, William White, James Andrew Williams Jr., Tom Wimpy, James Joseph Wolfe. John Steven Wood, Wil- liam Woodyard, Dick Wyatt. It t AJt Hit 295 First Row. James Watson An- derson, John Hardin Bale Jr., John Owen Blackwell, Charles M. Bowers, William Larry Brian, John Paul Brizzolara, Charles Lee Brown. Second Row: Robert Eugene Cockrum, Ulysses Lincoln Cole- man, John Michael Condit, Step- hen M. Courtenay, Frank Steven Crow, Russell Norman Daugherty, George John Dehan, Tommy Her- bert Deweese. Third Row: Randall E. Dodge, Montie Wayne Duncan, Ronnie N. Dunn, Charles Sherman Elder, Hines Gregory Eley, Buddy Fin- ley, Miles Dayton Fish, John E. Gaughan. Fourth Row: Edward Stuart Gillespie, Wesley Drane Glassell Jr., Matthew Ragan Green Jr., William N. Grier, Ray D. Grim- shaw, Charles Albert Hanby, Wil- liam Price Harned, Blake Whit- tington Harper. Fifth Row: David Lee Harper, William Thomas Harper Jr., Joe Boyd Henderson Jr., Donald How- ard Henry, Ronald Jay Henson, Jon Stephan Holcomb, Barry Homer, Herbert Briley Hughes. Sixth Row: Jerry Donald Jack- son, Richard L Jay Jr., Hugh El- liott Johns, Ebb Weldon Johnson, William Thomas Ketcher, Richard Donald Knight, William Royce Lee, Vince M. Long. Seventh Row: Dan W. Maestri, Alonzo Dallas McAllister, John Ed- win McLelland, Frank C. McMil- lin, Larry W. Meyer, Henry Clay Moore, Mike E. Moss, Gene Curtis Napier. Eighth Row: Robert Wendell Newell, Joe E. Nowlin, Galen Bon- nis Pellham, Gerald A. Ponder, Walter Lipsey Priest, Bill Conway Rea, Rick Wayne Redden, Mark Owen Roberts. Ninth Row: Andy Rose, John Joseph Rownak, Kent J. Rubens, William M. Seeger, John White Shannon, Kenneth Ray Sharp Jr., Robert Bruce Sigman, John Ben- nett Simpson. Tenth Row: Raymond Lee Smith, George Edwin Steel Jr., James Robert Steel, Michael H. Thomas, Robert B. Thompson, John Terry Trice, John Stanley Turner, Hardy Walton, HI, Robert Hugh Westbrook. ilMM; 296 Sigma Nu Snakes Have A Banner Year In another year of outstanding achievement, Gam- ma Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity continued to accumulate honors and activities. Individual achievements in the academic and extra- curricular world highlighted a cooperative effort. Tap- ped for Blue Key were Gerald Ponder and Kent Ru- bens. John Simpson and Raymond Smith were tapped for membership in ODK. Tom Lea, David Harper, and Steve Rousseau were selected to Who ' s Who. In publi- cations Don Henry served as business manager of the Traveler, and Kent Rubens edited the A Book. Offices held by Sigma Nu ' s included Tom Lea, Pres- ident of Associated Students; Joe Henderson, Presi- dent of Alpha Kappa Psi; Joe Nowlin, President of Business School; Al Hanby, President of Cardinal XX; Steve Rousseau, president of ODK; and Gerald Pon- der, Editor of the IFC Rush Book. Steve Harper served in the Student Senate, and Al Hanby, Allen McGaughey, and Mike Condit were mem- bers of both Cardinal XX and Phi Eta Sigma. Social events were highlighted by the annual Sadie Hawkins weekend, the Sigma Nu Relays, and the White Rose Formal. Jane Ann Munnerlyn Pi Beta Phi ' Purple passion, beards, colorful costumes, and wild animals all some of the finer points of Sigma Nu ' s annual Sadie Hawkins Day. 297 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sig Eps Have An All- American The men of the Golden Heart, Sigma Phi Epsilon, have been an active part of the University campus since 1907. The proceeding year was no exception. Sig Eps look part in a full spectrum of campus activities. Brothers Mike Fitzhugh, Jim Johnson, Bob McDan- iel. and Whit Hall served as Student Senators. Brothers Bob White, Hall, and Johnson were chosen members of Cardinal XX; Fred Chandler, Steve Reasoner, and Neil Snyder were members of Omicron Delta Kappa, an honorary upperclass men ' s fraternity. John Hearnsberger presided as president of IFPC and Mike Mashburn was ele cted as vice pres. of the freshman Business Administration class. Sykes Harris and Bob McDaniel were members of Alpha Kappa Psi. Outstanding Sig Ep social functions of the year in- cluded the Golden Hearts ball, the Christmas Party, the Alumni Banquet, and the Sweetheart Banquet. The Sig Ep Luau, highlight of the year, was held in the spring. Brother Jon Brittenum was an All-SWC and Ail- American football player. Linda Carson Kappa Kappa Gamma Sig Ep housemother gave daily lessons in knit- ting. Her pupils watched " attentively " as she explained an intricate stitch. 298 First ROM;: Charles David Allen, Jon Kent Anderson, William W. Benton, Michael Kent Blair, Gary Bryan Brackin, Kenneth Jon By- num, Fred R. Chandler. Second Row: William Joseph Craig, Frank Dealy, Robert H. Denton, Douglas E. Drummond, Richard Stewart Edwards, Robert Patrick Edwards, William Howell Edwards II. Third Row: James Bauman El- lers, David F. Evans, Gene Fitz- hugh, Joe Michael Fitzhugh, Da- vid Fulton, Raymond Cole Good- man, Malcolm Patterson Graham. Fourth Row: Jack H. Gresham Jr., Whit W. Hall, John E. Beams- berger II, Chuck Hemingway, Joe Henley, Walter A. Henze, A. Tim Irby. Fifth Row: Jim A. Johnson, Jimmie L. Jones, Kirt Harold Kiester, Stephen Wayne Lackey, James Wallace Langley, Greg W. Lee, John K. Martensen. Sixth Row: Michael H. Mash- burn, Dennis Carl Massey, David Wilson Matthews, Phil Elbert Matthews, Bruce E. Mauldin, Bob- by Ray McDaniel, Walter Allen Murray. Seventh Row: James Carney Owen, David H. Parham, Carl Ed- ward Parker, David Roland Pow- ell, Samuel Scott Puryear, H. Ter- ry Rasco, Stephen Mathew Reas- oner. Eighth Row: John Barry Reaves, Clyde Tilden Rodgers Jr., Richard E. Savage, Roger Dale Schisler, Keith Larue Schultz, Larry Jerome Shelton, Neil Norman Snyder III, Tim J. Stein. Ninth Row: John Edward Stone, Phillip Michael Swann, Larry E. Townley, Richard A. White, Rob- ert Ragon White, Clyde John Wil- son, Craig A. Whittig, Hal Gill Wynne. m , A f , e. 144 9 i A i 299 tfctlfe 4. t nra 4 Id 4 rt Jfow;: Mike Armstrong, Phillip Lynn Balke, Lewis D. Barksdale, Kerry Lance Bercher, Kenneth R. Bland, William Gra- ham Brandon, David L. Bright. Second Row: George Kent Bur- nett, Michael E. Burr, James C. Case, Richard Williams Chapman, Richard Carl Christy, Richard E. Cowan, Champ H. Crawford. Third Row: John Thomas Dent, Dwight Bennett Dickson Jr., Billy Dewayne Dover, Jon Larry East, Frederick Wilson Edwards, Jim- mie Will Edwards, Michael David Eidson. Fourth Row: Michael Lee El- lig, William Larry Elliott, Danny Lee Flowers, John Wilkens Gar- ner, W illiam Earl Geier, Creed Michel Haigh, Selan U. Hall. Fifth Row. Harry Hartstein, Danny Ray Haynes, John Andrew Hoagland, Madison L. Hodges, Johnny Mac Johnson, James St. John Keel, Butch Kirsch. Sixth Row: Robert John Kirspel, Don M. Little, Robert Dale Luper, William Ross McKamey, Charles Johnston Mullin, Michael E. O ' Neill, William Reese Pember- ton. Seventh Row: Sam Porterfield, James Roy Pugh Jr , Donald Cue Pullen, Michael Edward Rollins, Louis Neal Rowland, Joe P. Sing Jr., Joe Vernon Sing. Eighth Row: Steven Allen Slack, John Charles Smith, David Charles Speaker, Ronald Joe Stone, James Neal Thomas, Ray Earl Vester, Jim Boyd Westbrook. Ninth Row: Ronald Henry White, Frank J. Williams, Stephen Rolla Wingfield, James B. Vaw- ter, Ronald E. Yeager, Dennis Ray Young. 300 Sigma Pi Sigma Pi Has Senate V. Pres. Alpha Sigma Chapter of Sigma Pi celebrated an outstanding year of accomplishments in every phase of campus life this year. Topping the list was the comple- tion of a 57-man addition, making it one of the largest and most modern fraternity houses on campus. It ' s fall pledge class led all fraternity pledge classes in scholar- ship. Rounding out its social calendar were the fabulous Singapore Sling, the Orchid Spring Formal, the Found- er ' s Day banquet, dance and open house, and several other house parties, exchange dinners, and dropins. In leadership Kent Burnett served as vice-president of the student body, president of Theta Tau, Engineer- ing Council, and Who ' s Who; Joe Sing served as Cheer- leader captain and member of ODK and Scabbard and Blade; Jon Keel was editor of the Arkansas Engineer, a cheerleader, and pledge trainer of Theta Tau; and Ray Vester was elected treasurer of IFC. Kent Burnett, Ray Vester, and Jon Keel were tapped for Blue Key, and Jon was elected as secretary for the next year. Sigma Pis were prominent in nearly every other cam- pus activity including: Razorback photographer, IFC rush chairman, and three Razorback football players. Susan Wilson Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Pit celebrated their annual Founder ' s Day with dance at the Downtown Motor Lodge. 301 Tau Kappa Epsilon Tekes Active In Publications The Theta Xi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon upheld the TKE image at the University of Arkansas. As Theta Xi ' s membership grew, there was a corresponding rise in the number of TKEs active in student government, publications, and sports. Represented on two of the three major student gov- ernment committees, TKE held the chairmanship of the Traveler Expansion Committee with Laverne Holifield. Mike Norton also served on this committee, and Tripper Cronkite worked on the Transit System Committee. Mike Sullivan served on the IFC Judicial Board and on the Fraternity Expansion Committee. In Publications, Lannie Winberry was an assist- ant Sports Editor of the RAZORBACK, while Tripper Cronkite wrote columns for the TRAVELER. Kenn Maples was an assistant photographer for the TRAV- ELER and the RAZORBACK. In other activities, Terry Jones made the Debate Team, and Mike Sullivan was tapped for Scabbard and Blade. On the social side, TKEs kept busy during the fall with outings, pre-game luncheons and post-game par- ties. The Come-As- Your-Favorite-Hero party was the highlight of the fall semester. fir Jr., An fc Set Nillun My, J Stem 1 Sarah Scott Delta Delta Delta " Strategic " conference took place as Tekes and dates tried in earnest to plan the next move for " crucial " baseball encounter. 302 First Row: Loren Barry Allen, Charles W. Bcardall, Carl Bellah Jr., David Wilson Brandt, John Austin Buercklin, James Robert Casey II, James Murlin Cawood Jr., Michael L. Chrestman. Secynd Row: Michael W. Clark, Nathan Lewis Combs, John D. Crouch, Randy William Deaton, Rickey D. England, Lance G. Fin- finger, Perry Leon Franklin, Terry Lee Franklin. Third Row: Phil Fredrich, Carl D. Cabbard, Milton Glendon Goode, Andrew E. Grygo, Harold Max Hackworth, Larry David Hen- ley, Eric C. Holifield, Lavern Lee Holifield. Fourth Row. Tommy Jack How- ard, Steven Garland Hurst, Arthur Kelly, John Terry Lee, Robert Steven Lowe, Steven K. Martin, David Lee McNutt, Joe T. Miller. Fi th Row. Johnny B. Mitchum, Bobby R. Moody, Larry G. Nelson, Jean E. Neuberger III, David Thomas Nolan, Michael John Nor- ton, Joseph E. Pritchett, Richard Lee Proctor, Gary Gene Shannon. Sixth Row. Frank G. Stanford, John Gregg Sullivan, Michael Kipp Sullivan, Richard Lee Thomas, John David True, Richard Law- rence Van Meter, Douglas Paul Wallace, Anderson H. Williams III, Lanny T. Winberry. ' t 1 fe Valiant Tekes strained against stubborn op- position as the Greek Relays took their toll on muscle and might. 1 303 n n R - ' OP First Row. Terry Robert Bean, Kent Burnett, Wiley H. Christal, J. D. Cole, Russell Hardy Ewing, Steve Freeman. Second Row: Bill Gibbs, R. Hall, Whit Hall, Lloyd M. Hard- grave, Vic Jacuzzi, Walter T. Jen- nings Jr. Third Row. Jon Keel, Glen T. Kellogg, Tom Kirk, Richard Kline, Vince Long, J. Mattison. Fourth Row: James E. McAl- ister, William Dalton McMoran, Randy Murphy, Noel Nash, Ray Owen, Robert Wayne Owen. Fifth Row: Van Parker, James Chris Poole, Travis Ward Porter, M. Ritchie, Joseph Nevin Robbins, Jim Sanders. Sixth Row: Roman Joseph Se- lig III, Phillip Winfred Small, Jim Walker, Sam Charles White, Rich- ard Bailey Wright, Tom Wright, Gus Michael Vratsinas. Brilliant engineers showed off their techni- cal knowledge with daily tossing of cam- pus fad the Frizby. 304 Theta Tau Theta Tau Excels In Leadership Theta Tau is a professional fraternity open only to engineers. The Taus were very active in the organiza- tions of Engine School, including several officers in engineering societies, honor societies, and the Engineer- ing Council. Members of Theta Tau have also continued to show leadership ability in the many phases of campus life by placing John Keel, Stan Mattison, Steve Free- man, Bruce Eley, and Floyd Murphy in Blue Key and Randy Murphy in ODK this year. Officers in Blue Key for the spring included Jeff Kennington as Vice-Presi- dent, Jon Keel as secretary, and Stan Mattison as treas- urer. Ray Owen served as president of IFC, and along with Gus Vratsinas and Kent Burnett, was chosen in Who ' s Who. Kent Burnett also served as Vice-President of Associated Students. Although scholastic achievement is an important phase of Theta Tau ' s life, the social calendar was well filled. In the fall, the Founder ' s Day Banquet was held, and in the spring, the St. Patricia Banquet and Local Founding Day Banquet were held. Interspersed among these events were several infamous outings. Engineers sponsor their Rally each year in March. The characters below desperately attempted to capture the St. Pat crown for their candidate. 305 Division 9 Organizations . Omicron Delta Kappa, honorary leadership organization, initiated Charles Stubblefield as vice president-elect of the UofA Associated Students. JBl ABC Encourages Campus Spirit The Arkansas Booster Club was formed for the pur- pose of organizing spirit on campus to support the various athletic teams at the University. This year they helped with many activities such as Homecoming, Dad ' s Day, ' Beat Texas Week, ' and the pep rallies preceding each of the football games. Basketball received more emphasis this past season as the ABC did more and more to promote attendance at these games. Another change in ABC ' s format was the elimination of fresh- men as members and the pledging program. Two repre- sentatives from each living group on campus were selected through ' smokers ' held during the fall semester. OFFICERS: First Row: Tommy Wallace, Pledge Trainer, John Jackson, Vice President, Sandy Ladage, President. Second Row: Maryanne Hicky, Treasurer, Dixie Terrell, Secretary. ABC: First Row: Mack McLarty, Bill Plunkett, Mike Fitz- hugh, Chris Stephens, Joe Sing, David Bell, Whit Hall, Sonny Thompson. Second Row: Jerry Cash, Leon DeMont, Linda Wegener, Marilee Chappell, Ginger Gillis, Toni Pierce, Vernon Sing, Carl Davis, David Speaker, Lan Williams, Sandy Ladage, Alan Whatley. Third Row: Judy Jackson, Betty McCaughan, Betsy Peterson, Cheryl Gushing. Muriel Johnson, Gail Erickson, Robyn Randle, Madelyn Erwin. Tricia Davis, Dixie Terrell, Mary Anne Hickey, Jane Bonady, Nancy Wildinson. Janice Orrick, Tommie Patterson, Kitty Nowlin. Chris Whitten. Fourth Row: Ann Pride, Carol Meade, Perry Robbins, Diana Mathis, Ronnie Gilstrap, Ann Barlow, Mac Gates, Josephine Cure, Pat Galloway, Bettie Hudson, Brenda Blagg, Suzanne Flick, Carol Wuest, Pam Scrape, Peggy Dixon. Fifth. Row: Jerry Cowee, Chuck Heming- way, Cole Goodman, Marilyn Gooch, Pat Rowan, Carol Van Dalsem, Kathy Barnett, John Sloan, Carol Belew, Cal Biggers, Mike Thomas, Ben Barry, Eddie Marrs, Steve Marquess, Rick Christy. Sixth Row: Jim Ward, Blake Harper, Mike Conner, Carter Hardage, Jeff Shannon, Nason Brookings, Joe Jeffery, George Lease, Thomas Sakren, Paul Douglas, Woody White, Howard Sanderlin, Tommy Wallace. Rebecca Rivers, Bob Williams. 308 it receding d more ore and Another iffrest- o repre- is were awster. Ininer, iStcni toy. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA: First Row: James Whittle, James Klein, Oliver Hall, Judy Elliott, Secretary, Linda Deere, Ann Arnold. Second Row: Stephen Bigger, Vice President, Frank Emert, President, Richard Peterson, Hazel Hightower, Richard McNair, Treasurer, John Hughes. Third Row: John Elliott, Historian, Tiefford Flood, John Ahrens, Allen Lee, Frank Herring, Walter Delphin. Fourth Row: Sohnny Simpson, David Harper, Chris Wiggins, Ivan King, Dr. Jacob Sacks, Faculty Sponsor, Thomas Headlee, John Garner. nl Yin Bigro, . Rid Comer, Jeffen, r We, is. Bit Groups Share Interest in Science Alpha Epsilon Delta and Alpha Chi Sigma are pic- tured together here because of their mutual interests in the sciences, notably chemistry. Alpha Chi Sigma, an honorary chemistry majors ' fraternity, was founded on this campus in 1928. This year they sponsored the Science Fair and provided tutoring in chemistry for undergraduates. After graduation, members of the col- lege section may be affiliated with the professional branch. Alpha Epsilon Delta is an international pre-medical society whose membership is based on leadership, character and grades. This year they brought speakers from the American Medical Association and also pro- grams of interest to pre-med students. As special proj- ects, they collected samples of medicine to send over- seas, helped in the blood drive and sponsored a " Pre- Med Day. " ALPHA CHI SIGMA: First Row: Jim Fowler, Reporter, Don Lum, Allen Majors. Joe Wilson, Vice Master Alchemist. Second Row: John Mclntyre, President, Thomas Gore, Master of Ceremonies, Glenn Kite, Glenn Hennett, Dr. D. E. Gwynn, Advisor. Third Row: Marland Thurston, Treasurer, Mike Salzman, Jimmy Strnad, John Martin. 309 ASA Sponsors Agri Day, Rodeo OFFICERS: First Row. Christy Jenkins, Publicity Chair- man, Bill Green, President. Second Row. Dan Kennett, Vice President, David McNeal, Treasurer, Carole Bunge, Secretary. AGRI ASSN.: First Row. Gerald Davis, Larry Bryant, Dan Kennett, David Hagan, Carole Bunge, Tia Akins, Dee Ann Gie- row, Mickey, Wilber, Galen Bryant, Carl Ragland, Kenneth May, Danny Metz, Lenny Benton. Second Row: Freddie Bour- land, Bennie Harmon, Steve Lovell, Ginger Gillis, Jennifer Jones, Joan Bratton, Kay Drennan, Cheryl Nash, Nancy Bratton, Diane Formby, Bill Green, Ken Cupples, Joe Keathley, Robert Allured, Tom Goodwin. Third Row. David McNeal, Joe Elumbaugh, Christy Jenkins, Barbara Harris, Linda Smith, Avis Bryant, Peggy Dickson, Beth Bryson, Don Sloan, Lyndall Grigg, Larry Students in Agriculture and Home Economics con- stitute the Agriculture Student Association. An outing was held in the fall so that students in Agriculture and Home Economics could become better acquainted with each other and with faculty members. In the spring, the group sponsored the annual " Agri Day " which fea- tured selection of a queen, the Queen ' s Cow Milking Contest, a Rodeo, and a banquet which concluded the day. Castleberry, Don McCaskill, Harry Foster, Gary Keathley, Ron- nie Highfill, Len Cotton, Paul Schlattmann. Fourth Row. Judon Fambrough, Randell Forrest, Jim Daniel, Donald Johnson, John Snoderly, Wesley Hartley, James Stinnett, Alien Underwood, Robert Gutierrez, Stan Wingert, Dan Kendrick, Jack Johnson, David Malone, Donnie Harlan, Len Cotton. Fifth Row: Ken Hurst, James Mitchell, Joe McBride, Charles Money, Ford Baldwin, Jim Fisher, Ralph May, Sam Kerr, Vince Morris, Larry Davis, Larry McCain, Randy Davis, Tim Pack, Alan Pack, Mike Meshew. w - -iV ASAE: First Row: Glenn Nelson, Mike Jones, Vice Presi- dent, Freddie Fowlkes, Scribe, Lonnie Wright, President, Dean Bowman, Treasurer, Glen Davis, Secretary. Second Row: Eugene Snawder, Tom Larson, Henry Rowe, Dan Edwards, Gilbert Brown, Jerry Holloway, Hix Smith. Third Row: Russell Bene- dict, Faculty Advisor, Norman Madden, Bill Lee, Dewey Ford, Freddie Stringer, T. E. Duncan. Fourth Row: John Hoskyn, Glenford Newtown, Eddie Gay, Joe Faddis, Charles Lee, James McEntire, Larry Johnson. ASAE Hears Several Speakers The American Society of Agricultural Engineers is open for membership to all engineering students who are especially interested in the advancement of agricul- ture. This year, A SAE was active in providing Agri Engineers with ideas about the profession and in giving them a chance to meet and talk with prominent mem- bers of the profession. Industrial interviewers visiting the campus, and men within the Department spoke at their bimonthly meetings. The members also participat- ed in the events of the Engineers ' Week and Rally. Alpha Epsilon is the honorary group of ASAE and is composed of the top fifth of the junior and senior students. Members of this group cooperated with the members of the larger group in their projects and meet- ings during the year. ALPHA EPSILON: First Row: Russell Benedict, Faculty Advisor, Freddie Fowlkes, President. Second Row: Norman Madden, Henry Rowe, Hix Smith. 311 AGRONOMY: First Row: Charles Willbanks, Douglas Creecy, Gerald Herbaugh, Larry Castleberry, Joe Penn. Second Row: Herbert Keith, William Henderson, Terry Walker, Larry Bryant. Third Row: Wayne Sabbe, Lyndel Citty, Glen Laurent, Richard Ging, Tommy Leslie. Agronomy Club Holds Contests The Agronomy Club is composed of agronomy maj- ors in the College of Agriculture. In their meetings lecturers and programs of interest were presented. This year their purpose was to encourage interest in their field. Members of the Agronomy Club sponsored out- ings in the spring and fall, cotton picking contests and soil judging contests. The club also collected money to send one of their members as a delegate to the Na- tional Convention. OFFICERS: First Row: Douglas Creecy, Treasurer, Larry Castleberry, Corresponding Secretary, Joe Penn, Vice President. Second Row. Wayne Sabbe, Advisor, William Henderson, Sec- retary, Herbert Keith, President, Larry Bryant, Photographer. 312 AHEA Sponsors Social Functions The University of Arkansas ' chapter of the Ameri- can Home Economics Association draws its members from the College of Home Economics. This year they sponsored a civic and money-making project as well as bringing speakers to the campus. One of AHEA ' s func- tions this year was to promote more unity within their college. Towards this goal, they gave a tea for their faculty members at Christmas and sponsored a " Drop- In " for all the students in Home Economics. OFFICERS: First Row: Janet Nickerson, Reporter, Kay Drennan, Vice President. Second Row: Elizabeth Fuhrman, Sec- retary, Jo Raymond, President, Cheryl Nash, Treasurer. AHEA: First Row: Fay Citty, Bette Rowe, Diane Formby, Cheryl Nash, Carolyn Miner, Judy Snow, Deanna Measeles, Kay Drennan, Jo Anne Scarborough, Carolyn Hornsby. Second Row: Vernell Lumpkin, Barbara Harris, Yevonne Starling, Judy Pet- tus, Beth Filand, Charolette Dodson, Donna Jordan, Elizabeth Fuhrman, Avis Bryant, Edwina Andrews. Third Row: Jo Ray- mond, Geralding McRae, Margaret Bateman, Beverly Clevi- dence, Ginger Gillis, Peggy Dickson, Ann Henson, Judy Doug- las, Ann Pazderka, Leta Howard. Fourth Row: Janet Nicker- son, Ann Hinkle, Judy Hogue, Kaye Keller, Betty Gattis, Mari- lou Brodie, Gloria Weatherly, Mary Person, Christy Jenkins, Billie Bowden. AIA Features Noted Speakers The local chapter of the American Institute of Ar- chitecture is composed of all students of architecture. During the years, the AIA has tried to help the students learn more about their role in the national group. The national organization is the professional group for the nation ' s architects and composes the voice and govern- ing body of the architects. This year the club sponsored several ' get-acquainted ' parties and ' listening ' parties for the members. Noted architects such as Bruce Goff, Bob Church and Bob Shaheen were brought to the campus to lecture. AIA also sponsored a series of films and the annual field trip to New York City during the end of March. OFFICERS: First Row: Michael Finefield, Treasurer, Steve Marquess, Secretary. Second Row: Gary Young, President, Jim Van Sickle, Vice President, Herbert Fowler, Sponsor. AIA: First Row: Ed Scharff, Michael Finefield, Brooks Jackson, James Williams, Pat Moles, Dick Savage, Steve Rous- seau, Bill Gaskin, Kit Warriner, Charles Miller, Ai-Ping Wong, David Brown. Second Row: Reynolds Copeland, John Lowrey, Richard Dykman, Lee Gammill, Don Renshaw, Albert Thomas, Robert Broivn, Jerry Bracket!, John Miller, Gary Young, Charles Ford, Ralph Baker, Herbert Fowler. Third Row: Leroy Coe, Bill Pendergrass, Michael Saar, Steve Marquess, Louis Joyner, Mike Skaggs, Jerry Helms, Al Zawislak, Milton Johnson, Glen Camp- bell, James Farrar, James Jackson, Eddie Naylor. Fourth Row: Edwin Hoggard, Bill Canino, Jim Van Sickle, Larry Tomlinson, Larry Townley, Brent Thompson, Thomas Willoughby, William Polk, James Finch, William Faught, Don Spann, Eddie Hart, Charles Pratt. 314 of Ar. trtnre. udents i IV lonle parties :Gofl, to tie i, Me i Caip- life tun, Mian it Hut, fl ALPHA KAPPA PSI: First Row: David Reutzel, Corley Meredith, Tom Rakes, Ronald Young, Bew Barry, Mack Me- Larty, Jim Davis. Second Row. Ralph Ramsey, Ronnie Camp- bell, James Roy, Mike Moles, Joe Nowlin, Joe Henderson, Dan Felton. Third Row: Robert Bell, George Fleischmann, Robert Sheddy, Larry Walker, Ronald Goranson, John Shannon, Bobby McDaniel. Fourth Row: Mike Moss, Tommy East, Charles Whitley, Burl Horn, James Bilbrey, Gary Winton. Business Group Sponsors Tours Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional business fraternity which draws its members from all phases of the College of Business Administration. The local chapter here at the University has been for some time the largest in the nation. During its meetings programs of interest concerning developments in all areas of business and economics were presented. The club also took several field trips and had many guest speakers to lecture. OFFICERS: First Row. Dan Felton, Pledge Trainer, Jim Davis, Secretary, Robert Sheddy, Master of Rituals. Second Row. Ronald Goranson, Vice President, Joe Henderson, President, Larry Walker, Treasurer. 315 ATA: First Row: Billy Moore, Reporter, Dendin Guinn, Sgt. at Arms, Clayton Castleman, John Adams, Earl Porker, Elmer Wright, Lyndall Grigg, Dennis Duggan. Second Row. Philip Miller, Wayland Holloway, Secretary, Galen Bryant, Wesley Hartley, Parliamentarian, Dalton Higgins, M. L. Cassidy, Billy Gibbs. Third Row. Denver Hutner, Sam Kerr, Ronnie Highfill, Vice President, Jim Reed, James Aikman, Treasurer, Richard McDonald, Donnie Harlan, President, Edwin L. Love, Advisor. Not Pictured: James Perry, Don Sloan, Michael Sweeny. AZ, ATA Aid Agri Students Alpha Zeta and Alpha Tau Alpha are both organiza- tions which are sponsored by the College of Agriculture. Alpha Zeta is an honorary group whose members have been chosen on the basis of leadership, personality and character. They must also have been ranked in the upper two-fifths of their class. This year their major function was the tutoring of other students. Alpha Tau Alpha is composed of students of Agri- culture planning to teach vo cational agriculture. All members must have completed forty-five hours and have a " C " average or better. Both groups worked with the rest of the College of Agriculture to plan Agri Day. AZ: First Row: Carroll Rentfro, Johnny Gillum, Mickey Wilber, John Smith, Gary Keathley, Tim Woody, Roy Runyan, President, Don Sloan. Second Row. Jerry Webb, Stanley Wing- ert, Larry McGuire, Courtney Hillard, Delmar Henderson, Dalton Higgins, Vergil Tollett. Third Row. Len Cotton, Donnie Harlan Bill O ' Bar, David McNeal, Ronnie Highfill, Wayne Groce, Wil- liam Abbott, Judon Fambrough. o 316 Animal Industry Sponsors Teams The Animal Industry Club is an animal husbandry group which is open to students in the fields of animal and poultry husbandry. This year their main project was to raise money to sponsor judging teams and inter- collegiate contests of livestock expositions. They also promoted interest in their college by setting up five annual Senior Awards which are to be given to Animal Science majors. Working with other groups in the Col- lege of Agriculture, they helped with the Agri Day. OFFICERS: First Row: Tim Woody, Reporter, Bill Dodgen, Treasurer, T. L. Goodwin, Advisor. Second Row: Wayne Bell, Vice President, Dalton Higgins, Secretary, Jack Perkins, Ad- visor, Wayne Groce, President. ANIMAL INDUSTRY: First Row: Bill Dodgen, Lou Curtis, Kori Boone, Margaret Beaird, Cathy Hovell, Beverly Kirby, Don Battin, Jewel T. Barr. Second Row. Marion Russell, Courtney Hillard, John Snoderly, Tim Woody, Tom Goodwin, M. C. Heck, Jack Perkins, Edwin Tollett, Wayne Groce. Third Row: Ronnie Morrow, William Grenwelge, Randall Webb, Bob Treat, Larry McGuire, Dalton Higgins, Wayne Bell, Jim Daniel. Fourth Row: Gerald Davis, Randell Forrest, Wesley Hartley, Claud Ruther- ford, Dwight Vines, William Abbott, Fred Epperson. 317 AWS Suggests Rule Changes The Associated Women Students ' Legislative Board is a group consisting of the chairmen of various stand- ing boards and elected representatives from each woman ' s living group on campus. The object of this organization was to give women students a represen- tative form of government and a voice with the ad- ministration. The board made several rules suggestions to the Deans this year. The most noted proposal was the ' Senior Key. ' This meant that the Administration would consider giving house and dorm keys to all Sen- ior women thus relieving them of date call. A question- naire was distributed to all houses concerning this and other possible changes in house and dorm administra- tion. The AWS newsletter, " The Coed Courier, " was published each month. OFFICERS: First Row: Lynne Stanley, Secretary, Peggy Schell, Vice President, Carolyn Hall, President. Not Pictured: Shari Mackie, Treasurer. AWS: First Row: Prissy Petty, Virginia Humphries, Anne McFeeters, Carolyn Hall, Millie Arcis, Suzanne Musgrave, Donna Barker. Second Row. Sue Alexander, Donna Kay Coch- ran, Linda Walker, Maria Ppool, Peggy Schell, Susan Brillhart. Third Row: Michele Hollon, Joan Thompson, Glee Stephens, Lynne Stanley, Gail Stephens, Virginia Leysath, Judy Garrett. Fourth Row: Sallie Cline, Jeanne Evans, Janis Geyer, Sue Walk, Linda Evans. 318 stand, each f Ibis presen. keai estions aUas train 1S fition- ii- and mi-tra- , " as BSU: First Row: Jim Bell, Judy Pettus, Jane Wilkinson, Jody Haley, Fay Ward, Sue Holt, Jo Holcomb, Beth Zook, Ras- Jean Rose. Second Row. Yevonne Starling, Marsha Ragsdell, Bette Ryan, Marylin Fox, Vicki Horton, Marilou Brodie, Re- becca Thompson, Marilyn Harlan. Third Row: Raymond Lea, Jack Fortner, Larry Baker, Letricia Hegwood, Kathryn Price, Marilyn Brodie, Mary Person, Judon Fambrough, Jamie Jones. Fourth Row: Danny Ballington, Grant Hall, Mickey Anders, Jay Courson, Gary Batchelor, Gary Thrailkill, Lonnie Luther, Gary Winton, James Crafton, John Smith. jpieu, Garni i. Sue Baptists Hold State Convention The Baptist Student Union is a religious organiza- tion on campus centered around student-led devotional meetings. This year they had many different types of programs bringing in various speakers and sponsor- ing a Denominational Dialogue Team. Also, they had a very successful State Convention in Russellville. Mis- sion work was stressed this year, and many of the members applied for missioinary work during the sum- mer months. The BSU welcomed all students to partici- pate in its program. OFFICERS: First Row: Jane Wilkinson, Stewardship, Kath- ryn Price, Devotional, Jo Holcomb, Social Chairman. Second Row: Lonnie Luther, Promotional Chairman, John Smith, Pres- ident, Jamie Jones, Director, James Crafton, Missions Director. 319 B : : :. .. Ih .;,. h - ; BETA ALPHA PSI: First Row: William Ripper, Kay Helms, Carolyn McCulloch, Patrick McCracken, Clarence Guinn. Sec- ond Row: John Sarantos, Lary Walker, Dick Wyatt, Jack Me- Nulty, Norman Pool. Third Row: Ronald Goranson, Allen Berry, Terry Mercing, Lesley Howe, Steve Lester. Fourth Row: Jim Shannon, Larry Worsham, Lamar Crall, Wallace Borgeson. Accounting Group Publishes Book Beta Alpha Psi is a national accounting fraternity which is both an honorary professional and scholastic organization whose aim is to strengthen the account- ing field. This year Alpha Iota chapter of Beta Alpha Psi brought in many speakers, representatives of the accounting profession, to lecture to them. The members also published a directory of the chapter alumni for their members. . I i; OFFICERS: First Row: Kay Helms, Corresponding Secre- tary, Carolyn McCulloch, First Vice President, Second Row: Lesley Howe, Treasurer, Wallace Borgeson, Vice President, Norman Pool, Recording Secretary, Dick Wyatt, President. 320 T , ..... v . Blue Key Sponsors Razorback Day Blue Key is an honorary organization taking its members from men of the junior and senior classes. Selection is based on grades and leadership. This year the group sponsored the annual Razorback Day for high school students on the weekend of the Tulsa game. The day drew the largest attendance since the program was started. In the spring, the group sponsored the very successful " Arkansas Career Days " which brought more than fifty Arkansas firms to interview students for jobs. At the end of the year, they had the Alumni banquet during which they presented awards to three outstanding faculty members. As a final project, Blue Key began work on their " Dollars for Scholars " drive which will eventually result in the awarding of scholarships to outstanding students. OFFICERS: First Row: Tom Rakes, Secretary, Bob Harriell, President. Second Row. ]. J. Scroggin, Vice President, Robert Sheddy, Alumni Secretary. First Row: Mac Glover, Billy Ross, Ray Owen, Tom Rakes, Vince Long, Bob Harriell, Mickey Wilber. Second Row: Jon Keel, Robert Sheddy, Stan Mattison, Noel Nash, Woody White, Ray Vester, Kent Rubens, Mack McLarty. Third Row: George Weaver, Gus Vratsinas, Frank Emert, Tim Davis, Judon Fam- brough, Garvis Pollard, Gerald Ponder. Fourth Row: Henry Rowe, Bill O ' Bar, Kent Burnett, J. J. Scroggin, Rev. D. E. Johnson, David Harper. 321 Cardinal XX Aids in Registration Cardinal XX is a service organization of sophomore men chosen as outstanding freshmen at the end of the previous year. As indicated in the name, twenty are selected for membership each year. This year, their functions consisted of helping out in all phases of registration. They also assisted in the fall orien- tation program and worked with other honorary groups on campus including their sponsor group, ODK, in the faculty and course evaluation survey that was made. Chosen by interviews and on various qualities such as leadership, scholarship, personality, and campus activities, membership in this group has started many a freshman on the road to campus prestige. OFFICERS: Robert Patton, Treasurer, Jim Johnson, Vice President, Al Hanby, President, Don Gibson, Secretary. First Row: Michael Conner, Robert Patton, Al Hanby, Rick Doss, Don Gibson. Second Row. Van Parker, Jim Johnson, Woolen Epes, Hal Brown, Bob White. Third Row: Winston Brown, Randy Marshall, Allen McGaughey, Michael Condit, Ronnie Taylor, Terry Stewart. ad I onen- onorary group, sumy various walilv. Condil, - ' First Row: Chris Poole, Ray Owen, Charles Springer, Fa- culty Advisor, Travis Porter, Council Representative, Jerry Anderson, Secretary, Jim Fowler, Vice President, Floyd Murphy, Treasurer, Joe Klein, Council Representative, Don Meade, Pres- ident, Ricky Nichols, Paul Shoup. Second Row: Raymond Freyaldenhoven, Jon Keel, Gary Gene Larson, Robert Owen, Frank Kile, Carol Ann Hannelsaum, John Norris, B. J. Witherington, Allen Majors, Eddie Harding, Jimmy Strnad. Third Row. James Standridge, Publicity Director, David Chambers, Paul Douglas, Pat Bray, Richard Wright, Charles Kinsworthy, Charles Burns, Warner Smith., Robert Freyalden- hoven, Thomas Gare, James Gresham. Fourth Row: Mike Lawrence, Ron Yeager, James Cawood, Wesley Barton, Butch Brotherton, Cloyce Miller, Wayne Atkinson, Carl Clyne, J. Finley Bush, Larry Hawkins, Bill Yancey, Irwin Seward. AIChE Convention Held at Uof A The local chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was founded on this campus in 1935 with the purpose of encouraging interest in the field of chemical engineering. On December third this last fall, the American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers convention was held on the University campus. A speaking contest was held to discuss the problem of whether to get a Masters or to go directly into business after graduation. Throughout the year, speakers were brought here from various fields of industry to lecture. Tau Sigma is the honorary fraternity for chemical engineers. Its members must have a 2.5 accumulative with 60 hours and at least 6 hours of chemical engi- neering courses. This year, the members helped tutor undergraduates in engineering and aided the depart- ment in various ways, as in the Engineers ' Open House. Together, the two groups worked along with the rest of the college of Engineering in the organiza- tion of Engineers ' Week including the Engin Rally and contest and Engineers ' Open House. o ft . I TAU SIGMA: First Row: Ray Owen, Pres-, ident, Jim Fowler. Secretary, B. J. With- erington. Second Row: James Standridge, Pat Bray, Treasurer, Cloyce Miller, Vice President, Eddie Harding. Third Row: Butch Brotherton, Jimmy Strnad, Joe Klein. 323 First Row. Beth Williamson, Ann Bilheimer, Sara Slaven, Glenn Ann Blakemore, Kim Davey, Jane Bonady, Jackie Bar- rett. Second Row: Ruth Cohoon, Carol Dickinson, Ellen Pinker- ton, Jean Woodell, Pam Brunelle, Paula Whiting, Sandy Gaston. Third Row: Pam Norwood, Nancy Helms, Robyn Gannaway, Celia Thompson, Ann Curry, Kathy Barnett, Linda Eubanks. Chimes Help with Campus Activities OFFICERS: First Row: Beth Williamson, President, Ellen Pinkerton, Treasurer. Kim Davey, Social Chairman. Second Row: Glenn Ann Blakemore, Secretary, Miss Ruth Cohoon. Faculty Sponsor, Robyn Gannaway, Historian, Jean Woodell, Vice President. Chimes is an honorary service organization for girl who are chosen during the second semester of their freshman year. During their sophomore year, these twenty outstanding women assisted in many aspects of University life. They acted as hostesses many times and conducted numerous high school students on guided tours around the campus. Dur- ing registration they helped in several ways and also made the confusing process of getting new, moder- nized ID cards much easier. Working with other hon- orary groups on campus, especially their brother or- ganization, Cardinal XX, they aided in the proceed- ings of " Arkansas Career Days " and Razorback Day. Chimes also published the annual edition of " On The Hill, " a booklet of information which is distributed to all incoming freshmen in their packets at registration. 324 I Chi Theta Women Aid in BA Chi Theta is an honorary organization which pro- motes the role of women in business. Their members are taken from sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a 2.5 accumulative grade average in the College of Business Administration. At Christmas time, the mem- bers of this organization were responsible for dec- orating the BA building for the holiday season. In a more serious line, they published a definitive book on the various organizations to be found in the busi- ness school. To recruit new members, they gave a coke party for their freshman women interested in becom- ing members of Chi Theta. In their meetings, speakers and discussions on women in business were presented. OFFICERS: First Row: Mary Buie, Vice President, Sarah Little, Second Vice President, Margaret Stobaugh, Treasurer. Second Row: Carolyn McCulloch, President, Celestine Leding, Publicity Chairman and Historian, Kathy Hodges, Project Co- ordinator. ies First Row: Donna Kay Cochran, Mary Buie, Ruth Beck, Jeannie Robinson, Margaret Little, Janet McCormack, Dixie Terrell, LaCreta Balkman. Second Row: Carolyn McCulloch, Diana Mathis, Sarah Little, Jan Bryant, Sandra Ward, Jackye McBride, Margaret Stobaugh, Ann Patterson. Third Row: Car- olyn Meason, Susan McMillan, Carolyn Plunkett, Patty Ball, Mary Lou Cain, Diane Dean, Kathy Hodges. Fourth Row: Carolyn Baling, Peggye Jarrett, Jo Killingsworth, Janis Barnes, Celestine Leding, Pam Smith, Sarah Watt. on lor steroi s yen, many school i. to- ld also der- tr ta- ker or- iroceeo 1 - kDav. )nHe nhled tration. 325 Circle K Works with Red Cross Circle K, the college branch of Kiwanis Inter- national, is composed of undergraduate men. A serv- ice organization, it sponsored the Red Cross Blood- mobile once each of the semesters. Its members al- so had other service projects, among which was act- ing as ushers at the Razorback football games. In its weekly meetings, interesting programs and speakers were presented, along with a short business session. Circle K ' s sponsors came from the instructors on campus who were members of the Downtown Kiwanis Club. Many of the projects that Circle K worked in were in conjunction with the Fayetteville Kiwanis Club. OFFICERS: First Row: Bart Lindsey, President, Steve Harper, Vice President. Second Row: Mike Rollins, Secretary, Lonnie Powers, Chairman of the Board, Hugh Bass, Treasurer. First Row: Bob Newell, Mike Haigh, Jim Elkins, Mike Mashburn, Mike Capoot, Brian Alexander, Nick Houser, Steve Harper. Sammy Forester, John Dent. Second Row: Danny Haynes, Dennis Young, James Penix, Frank Williams, Kenney Comstock, Walter Henze, Kent Blair, Gene Napier, Randy Riddell, Don Gibson. Third Row: Wesley Glassell, Bart Lind- sey, Mike Rollins, Hugh Bass, Larry Elliott, Tim Boe, Steve Leek, Steve Stevens, Jack Broyles. Fourth Row: Skippy Walton, Ken Blan d, Jim Johnson, Crofford Harrison, Royston Gathings, Lonnie Powers, John Martin, Jim Yates, Mike Allen, David Evans. Not Pictured: Pat Miller, Wally Loveless, Bill Appleton. 326 f Ron?: Edd McClaran, Dianne Short, Beverly Clevi- dence, Steve Harper, Jan Whitmore, Linda Butler, Sara Ann Stevenson, Linda Oakley, Bernard Williams. Second Row: Charlene Kinsey, Carol Wuest, Marylin Bodiford, Veeta Scott, Phyllis Hall, Kathy Barnett, Glee Stephens, Gary King, Janice Wright, Jack McHawey. Third Row: Rick Wood, Mike Capoot, Margaret Freeman, Donna Beavers, John Bryant, Steve Carlson, Bobby Rawn, Chuck Banks, Don Harness. Fourth Row: Bob Tehan, Gary Hall, Buck Rusher, Danny Trowbridge, Steve Talia- ferro, Jerry Park, Ragan Green, Paul Mills, Jim Hutchens, Phil Clark. Civic Club Heads Charity Drives The Civic Club, whose members are drawn from each living group on campus, is representative of the entire student body. Representatives are elected by their own living group for one year. Last fall Civic Club sponsored Singfony, and in the spring it held the annual Campus Chest project featuring the Campus Sweeheart and Campus Lover Contests. These two fund-raising projects were similar in many respects to the workings of the United Fund, since the two events took care of all charitable donations for the entire year at the University. As a result, the in- dividual living groups enjoyed immunity from num- erous requests from various organizations for dona- tions. The members of the Club itself decided in their meetings how the money should be distributed. At the end of the year, all money collected was por- tioned out to the United Fund, Boy Land of Arkansas, and the World University Service. OFFICERS: First Row: Edd McClaran, President, Janice Wright, Secretary. Second Row: Carol Wuest, Treasurer, Chuck Banks, Vice President. 327 First Row. Donald Keys, Ronnie Palmer, Danny Hatfield, Thomas Foster, John Buercklin, James Tanner, Roman Selig, Larry D. Gaddis, Johnny Watkins, Melvin Milholland, John Davidson, Robert Billingsley. Second Row: Joseph Foster, Luther Boudra, Lewis Belcher, John Blackwell, Robert Yada, Wayne Bennett, Charles Allen, Mike Chaffin, Gary Hayden, Gary Ryles, Joseph Keithley, Ronald Teeter, Orville Woods. Third Row: Dwayne Burks, James Walsh, George Dockery, Jim McClelland, President, Roy Wayner, Paul Shafer, Frank- lin Spann, Lucien Gillham, Harve Taylor, Bernard Martin, Gary Windly, Larry Moore. Fourth Row: Carl Gabbard, Larry Duncan, Marty Hall, Harold Beaver, Jerry Holder, Randell Coleman, Robert Johnson, Charles Sherwood, Art Spratlin, Steven Sloan, Ervan Wimberly, Jimmie Taylor. Fifth Row: Keith Wetsell, Jerry Martin, Reggie Corbitt, Joe Gardner, Treasurer, Gerald Bobo, Jim Vest, Vice President, Steven Core, Milton Raabe, Danny Flowers, Randy Murphy, Jack Hamilton, Secretary, Robert Borson. CE ' s Help Sponsor 4 Engin ' Rally The American Society of Civil Engineers is com- posed of students majoring in civil engineering in the College of Engineering. This organization served to set up professional contacts and provided speakers from the varied fields of civil engineering for its members. Activities of ASCE included field trips, pro- jects for Engineers ' Week Open House, and a spring banquet and outing for all its members. Chi Epsilon is the honorary civil engineering! fraternity. Its membership was drawn from the top third of the junior and senior classes. Its purpose was to recognize and aid outstanding students in their pursuit of an engineering career. Chi Epsilon participated in Engineers ' Week and jointly spon- sored several speakers with ASCE. CHI EPSILON: First Row: Art Spratlin, Wayne Bennett, Robert Burson, Joe Gardner, Gerald Bobo. Second Row: Robert Billingsley, Larry Gaddis, Jerry Holder, President, John Buerck- lin, Ronnie Palmer, John Watkins, Gary Ryles, Vice President. Third Row: Roy Wagner, George Dockery, Mike Chaffin, Tho- mas Foster, Franklin Spann, Joseph Keithley, Pledge Trainer. Fourth Row: Carl Gabbard, Dwayne Bucks, Harve Taylor, Steven Core, Bernard Marshal. Fifth Row: Keith Wetsell, Jim Vest, Jerry Martin, Secretary, Milton Raabe, Randy Murphy. 328 Guild Sponsors Day and Banquet The Commerce Guide is an elected body of men and women who represent the entire student body enrolled in the college of Business Administration. The officers of each class form the Guild in their meetings held every other Tuesday. On Commerce Day this spring, the Commerce Guild was responsi- ble for the business seminars and the Commerce Banquet. They have worked to promote the aims of business on the campus by assisting BA freshmen and by bringing guest speakers to lecture on various fields in business. Members of the Guild, as students of Business Administration, were responsible for the publication of " The Guild Ticker, " the official yearly publication of the College. The magazine was dis- tributed on Commerce Day, April Sixth. OFFICERS: Joe Nowlin, President, Janis Funk, Secretary, Robert Sheddy, Vice President. First Row: William Lee, Dana Kay Hill, Bob Newell, James Steel, Kathy Ken dall, Janis Funk, Dixie Terrell. Second Rmv: Mike Moss, Don Cassil, Bill Keadle, Bill Wilson, Mike Mashburn, Susan Sennant, Sarah Watt, John Turner. Third Row. Scott Buell, Bill Williams, Robert Sheddy, Henry Saine, Wally Love- less, Joe Nowlin. 329 First Row. Mike Hardgrave, Kenneth Burks, Thomas Wright, James Walker. Second Row. William Childs. Secretary, Car- roll Falls, Ron Watts, Dave Thompson, Richard Jones, Ross Richardson, Richard Cecil, Charles Baker, Jim Niven, Mike Bethea, Charles Turner, Richard Booth, Jessie Slayton, George Myers. Third Row: Noel Nash, President, Willie Bradford, David Terrell, Wiley Christal, Stan Mattison, Treasurer, Carter Emert, Al Hanby, Ronald Henson, Council Representative, Troy Alley, Bill Plunkett, Ken Lloyd, Gary Christenson, Ronnie Crawford, Emery Francis, Douglas Meroney, Dudley Shollmier, Al Porta, Sam Yager, Pat Bourne, David Norwood, Douglas Mathews, William Johnson. Fourth Row: Frederick Crossett, Sponsor, Alan Whatley, R. L. VanMeter, William Bradley, Wayne Chaffin, Phillip Snow, Bill Barnes, Jerald Basham, Jim McAlister, Vice President, Michael Woodside, John Faulkner, Carl Davis, William Leatherbury, Michael Boswell, Kampon Tansacha, Judson Shipp, Frank Stephens, Robert Dempsey, James Campbell, Larry Ross. Fifth Row. Harold Waymire, William Becker, William Bracken, Marshall Pendergrass, Ed- ward Knob, Melvyn Huddleston, Frank Crow, Tom Eans, Far- rish Betton, Lawrence Wikoff, George Dodson, John Staples. Dwight Smith, Roderick Kish, John Brown, Larry Collier, Don New, Danny Ballard. Sixth Row: Don Cook, Roland Bonner, Russell Ewing, Samuel White, Dale Nixon, Jerry Jenkins, Raymon Massey, Merrill Griffin, George McSwain, Fred Clark, John Vicory, Irvin Dryer, Charles Moore, Daniel Borengasser, Robert Bennett, James Walden, Steve Laux, Charles Payne, Daniel Johnson, David Gilcrease. IEEE ' s Help with Open House The Institute of Electrical and Electronics En- gineers, Inc. is the largest professional engineering society in the world. Student branches of the IEEJE are established in more than 200 approved colleges, universities, and schools throughout the country. The Institute provided students with an unusual oppor- tunity to associate educationally and socially with fellow engineering students through professional talks, group discussions, and projects. IEEE participated in the Engineers ' Week Open House and the Engin Rally. Eta Kappa Nu is the honorary fraternity for jun- ior and senior electrical engineers. Membership was based on grades, drawing the top students from each class. This year Eta Kappa Nu had as its objectives the improving of the student lounge facilities and helping to improve student-faculty relations. They also assisted with the Open House, the State Science Fair, and provided an award to the outstanding Sophomore Electrical Engineering student this year. 330 ETA KAPPA NU: First Row: Jerry Owens, Corresponding Secre- tary, James McAlister, Vice Presi- dent, Lee Shell, Correspondent, William Johnson, Treasurer. Sec- ond Row. James Seller, Tom Eans, Recording Secretary, Larry Fin- cher, Emery Francis, Stan Matti- son, President. Third Row: Bobby Suitt, Wayland Harris, Darryl Polk, Ken Ballard. Fourth Row. James Price, Glen Spears, Irvin Dryer. 4 Engin ' Council Plans Week, Rally The Engineering Council is composed of elected representatives from the entire school of Engineering along with the manager and the editor of the AR- KANSAS ENGINEER. As usual, the main project of this group was the organization and execution of Engineers ' Week. The entire weekend consisted of programs of interest to the Engineering school. Thurs- day night was the banquet featuring skits about the professors. Friday was the ' Engin Rally ' and elec- tions of St. Pat and St. Patricia. Saturday night fea- tured a dance at which the " Romans " played. Engi- neering Council, in a more serious endeavor, handled magazines and services for the Engineering Library. OFFICERS: First Row: Ray Owen, Vice President. Second Row: Gus Vratsinas, President, Jim Walker, Secretary, Jim Robbins, Treasurer. First Row: Jon Keel, James Cole, James Tanner, Whit Hall, Ronald Henson, Gus Vratsinas, Ray Owen, Noel Nash, Vince Long, Jim Walker, Don Meade. Second Row. Sam White, Stan Mattison, Floyd Murphy, Henry Rowe, Hix Smith Jim McClelland, Lonnie Wright, Gilbert Brown, Jerry Holder, Paul Ollar. Third Row: Randy Murphy, James Sanders, Russell Ewing, Travis Porter, Joe Zarnitz, Pat Bray, Fred Willis, Tom Wright, Joe Klein. Fourth Row: Walter Jennings, Kent Burnett, James Robbins, Fred Smith, Raymond Haskell, Bruce Eley, Lewis Bishop, Douglas Loberg, James McAlister, William Reed. 831 First Row: Jerry Cowee, Pat Miller, Julie Ferguson, Ticka Gilliam, Janet Ehrenberg, Jean Woodell, Sam Forester, Jenelle Erwin. Second Row. Rick Jay, John Karlovic, Joey Cheatham, Nancy Helms, Suzanne Flick, Jan Driskill, Bonnie Jamison, Bill Reed, Eddy Prince. Third Row: Johnny Hearnsberger, Richard Driggers, Bill Pratt, Johnny Johnson, Mario Gutierrez, Freddie Bourland, Sarah Watt, Liz Vawter, Betty Cook. Fourth Row: Danny Mills, Charles Neurenschwander, Bill Bateman, Mac McBryde, Allen Underwood, Jim Fisher, Walter Henze, Wesley GlasselL Not Pictured: James Youngblood, Jo Diffey, Helen Eubanks, Jim Ake. IFPC Encourages Greek Unity The Interfraternity Pledge Council is a directive and administrative body to encourage cooperation between all pledge classes. The members are com- posed of two pledges from each fraternity and soro- rity on campus. This spring, IFPC assisted the IFC and Panhellenic councils in Greek Week. At the same time, they also sponsored the IFPC dance. This year, the IFPC raised money for two $100 scholarships by selling streamers. They also selected one sorority pledge and one fraternity pledge as Ideal Pledges. OFFICERS: Johnny Hearnsberger, President, Jan Driskell, Treasurer, Jean Woodell, Secretary, Mac McBryde, Vice Presi- dent. 332 Cole, IE, Reigns as St. Pat ' 66-67 MM, The American Institute of Industrial Engineers is an organization for all industrial engineers. It formed a link between student and professional industrial engineers, developed interest in industrial engineering, and worked for the betterment of student-faculty re- lations. The lE ' s sponsored monthly programs of speakers and inspection trips to industrial sites, and they also helped with the Engineers ' Open House. The Arkansas chapter, sponsored by the Little Rock and Tulsa chapters of AIIE, was rated third in the nation in a quality survey of all the chapters. Alpha Pi Mu is the honorary industrial engineer- ing fraternity, with a membership selected from the top fifth of the junior class and the top third of the senior class. This year the fraternity had a national convention and hosted many heads from large indus- tries to speak. Its members also served by giving guidance to freshman and sophomore students in- terested in Engineering. They participated in the events of Engineers ' Week along with the AIIE. First Row: David Knoernschild, Secretary, Steve Wylie, Mike Johnson, Beth Root, Patty Peterson, Sam White, James Cole, Vice President, Don Corbin. Second Row. Dennis Cochran, Treasurer, Tommy Hunt, Harold George, Howell Amos, Jack Meadows, Paul Ollar, Vince Liberto. Joel Thomas. Third Row. ALPHA PI MU: First Row. Dickie Hairston, Vince Liberto, Vice President. Second Row. Dennis Cochran, Treasurer, Wal- ter Jennings, William Arnwine, Faculty Advisor. Third Row: Joel Thomas, Corresponding Secretary, Jack Meadows. Fourth Row: James Sellick, Joe Zarnitz, President, Rodney Gilbreath. James Sellick, Tommy Watkins, Rodney Gilbreath, Jerry Den- nis, Mike Limbird, Walter Jennings, President, Dickie Hairston. Fourth Row: Ronald Skeith, Alan Fabrycky, Darrel Rice, Eu- gene Staggs, Frank Rorie, Billy Borchert, Mannon Bankson, Joe Zarnitz. rective rati com- Isoro- IFC tame , year. iip- by dt] 333 Foreign Students Work for Peace C OFFICERS: First Rotv: Laurie Emmert, Vice President, Mary Cottle, Secretary. Second Row. Vladimir Bermudez, Pres- ident, Bernard Martin, Publicity Chairman, Elias Admantidis, Treasurer. First Row: loannis Sklavos, James Edens, Ahmed Alaud- din, Frann McClaren, Laurie Emmert, R. Ganapathy, Carol Mcllroy, Mary Cottle, Bulent Guleryuz, Bakri Maraski. Second Row. Ai-Ping Wong, Bi-Chen Wang, Johnna Elliott, Norma Wook, Bernard Martin, Susan Sisco, Linus Bertsch, Helge The International Club is completely sponsored by the international students themselves on the Univer- sity campus. They welcomed all students and faculty members to their weekly program meetings. Func- tions of the club were to hold meetings and sponsor programs of dialogue concerning all the countries rep- resented in the club. Slides and panel discussions were presented from time to time. The main event of the year was the International Night when dancing, sing- ing, and foods of the various countries of the world were presented. The organization had as its goal the promotion of international peace and understanding. Christensen, Vladimir Bermudez. Third Row. John Brown, Mario Cell, Birgitta Askeberg, Md. Afsar Ali, Henco Beuuering, Reza Mahdavi, Annaharia Marando, Elias Adamaytidis. Fourth Row. Gregory Nedelkos, Salim-Nowbahar, Chatten Haynes, Wei- don Ramey, Peter Drews, Bernardo Ocana. 334 First Row. Donald Kenney, Gary Ricketts, Don King, Nick Hopper, Bob Root, Ralph Stephens, Jerry Lawson, James Lowrey, William Clark. Second Row. Ferrell Ervin, Charles Drake, David Pittman, James Smalley, Alan Epley, Barry Robinson, John Richardson, Ronnie Foster. Third Row. Michael Saar, David Wagner, Guy Jones, David McAllister, Richard Alan Young, Jack Husted, Larry Wright. Fourth Row. Harold Hartman, Terry Bradley, Hollis Reed, William Bradley, Aubry Talley, Bill Woolly, Freddie Lane, John Carmody. Band Fraternity Sponsors Festival Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was founded on the University of Arkansas ' campus in 1924. This national honorary fraternity for college bandsmen served the Razorback Band with a wide scope of projects ranging from the sponsoring of social events for the band to the handling of much of the hard work required to keep a university band on the move. Working with its sister organization, Tau Beta Sigma, the fraternity locally sponsored the Region I Festival of the Arka nsas School Band and Orchestra Association as a service to the Razorback Bands and the high school bands in Northwest Arkansas. Through its work with the Marching Razorbacks and visiting college bands, Kappa Kappa Psi hoped to promote a closer relationship between the Marching Razor- backs and other college bands. OFFICERS: First Row: Richard Worthington, Sponsor. Alan Epley, Vice President. Second Row: Richard Young. President, David Pittman, Assistant Sponsor, Hollis Reed, Secretary. S35 First Row. Dixie Terrell, Suzanne Kitchen, Mary Buie, Charlene Kinsey, John Powell, Sandra Ward, Millie Amis. Second Row: Linda Chiolino, Linda Williams, Scott Bates, Rick Colclasure, Bruce Markell, Mike Carruth. Third Row: Bill Hodnett, Mickey Freeman, Bill Vowell, Charles Whitley, Mike Landers, Mike Allen. Fourth Row: Howard Pike, Gary Looper, Jack McHaney, Mike Overton, Chuck Banks. Marketing Club Functions in BA The Marketing Club is an organization made up of all marketing majors in the college of Business Administration. It served as a contact point between students and business leaders. Dinner meetings were held featuring speakers from the marketing field and were highlighted by a joint meeting with the North- west Arkansas Sales and Marketing Executives ' Club. Field trips to Tulsa were also held so that partici- pating members could have the chance to observe the mechanics of marketing in action. In their meet- ings, the club discussed many of the practical prob- lems of the business world. OFFICERS: First Row. Suzanne Kitchen, Secretary. Sec- ond Row. Jack McHaney, Treasurer, Bill Vowell, President, Chuck Banks, Vice President. 336 Loberg, ME, Is Elected St. Pat The American Society for Mechanical Engineers was founded in 1880 as a national organization for professional engineers. On the University campus, ASME had as its purpose the broadening of famil- iarity between students and the practical side of mechanical engineering. It made its library facilities available to interested persons and kept students in- formed about engineering progress. Along with the other engineering clubs, the ME ' s helped in planning and organizing the events of Engineers ' Week. Pi Tau Sigma is the honorary fraternity for me- chanical engineering students, drawing its member- ship from the top twenty percent of the junior class and the top thirty-five percent of the senior class. Inductees must have faculty approval as to their char- acter and leadership qualities. The group aided the department by giving guidance to students and by helping the ASME and the other groups with the Engineers ' Week, Rally, and Open House. PI TAU SIGMA: First Row: Fred Willis, Charles Holman, Gary Lee, Lewis Bishop, President. Second Row: Ray Owen, Larry Freeman, Don Jerry. Third Row: Robert Herrington, David Cialone, Treasurer, Kent Meenen, Corresponding Sec- retary, David Stiff. First Row: Douglas Loberg, Clarkson Wells, Philip Bridges, Edwin Newsom, Carroll Schell, Leland Murphy, Tommy Piercy. Second Row: Larry Freeman, Ray Owen, Elvie Mooty, Treas- urer, Jimmy Grimes, Gary Lee, Mike Jones. Third Row. Fred Willis, Chairman, Jim Rhodes, Sam Cummings, Raymond Kas- kel, James Sanders, Richard Hall, Tom Cogburn. Fourth Row: David Stiff, Richard Hall, David Cialone, Fred Ott, Lawrence Alderman, Ronald Kelley, Smith Reed, Kent Meenen. 337 Mortar Board Taps Senior Women OFFICERS: First Row. Burke Coleman, Secretary, Georgia Hornor, President. Second Row. Susan Hutton, Historian, Kem Mosley, Scholarship Chairman, Harriet Hubbard, Calendar Sales Chairman. Third Row. Jane Hodges, Song Leader, Rose- mary Hoag, Treasurer, Pam Roelfs, Vice President, Patty John- son, Editor. Mortar Board is a national organization to honor outstanding senior women with the qualities of scholar- ship, leadership and service. Members of the group must have had a gradepoint over the Women ' s ac- cumulative in addition to extra-curricular activities. Members were named in the traditional tapping cere- mony at the AWS Spring Festival. This year they assisted in many ways with campus events. At the first of the fall, they gave a party for all women transfer students to acquaint them with the school and its regulations. They were called on to help with many of the campus ' social functions and with the projects of other organizations, including Chimes, whom they sponsor. Most famous of their activities was the annual sale of Mortar Board Calendars. The members wrote letters to other colleges concerning the handling of ' dead week ' to see if a longer time could be given UofA students for exam preparation. They also worked with ODK in the faculty and course critique that was conducted second semester. First Row: Jane Hodges, Peggy Schell, Patricia Provine, Robin Rousseau, Burke Coleman, Carolyn Hall. Second Row: Patty Johnson, Shari Mackie, Pam Roelfs, Frances Rogers, Harriet Hubbard, Rosemary Hoag, Georgia Hornor. Third Row: Valita Goza, Kem Mosley, Mary Denker, Carole Bunge, Mary Erwin, Pat Rowan, Robin Cash, Susan Hutton. 338 ' .. : First Row. Raymond Smith, Gary Keathley, Neil Snyder, Steve Rousseau, Joe Sing, Robert Trammel, Stephen Reasoner. Second Row: Joe Henderson, George Coleman, Otto Zinke, Patrick Mayo, Robert Roller, Davie Miles. Third Row. Len Cotton, Johnny Simpson, Larry McGrew, Charles Stubblefield, Thomas Butt, Ronald Goranson, Randy Murphy. ODK Conducts Evaluation Survey Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary or- ganization which selects its members from outstanding junior and senior men who have excelled in the fields of scholarship, leadership, athletics, publications, dra- matic arts, and music. In conjunction with other hon- orary groups, Blue Key and Mortar Board, ODK sponsored a leadership school. The most outstanding project that was undertaken by ODK this year was the beginning of their faculty and course critique. At registration for the second semester, each student was asked to evaluate the courses he had taken the pre- vious semester by filling out a questionnaire. These individual blanks, once surveyed and the results com- piled, will provide material for a comprehensive book- let which will be available to students in the fall of next year. ODK enlisted the support of honorary groups in each college of the University in carrying out this project which caused quite a controversy among students and faculty during the last year. OFFICERS: First Row. Steve Rousseau, President, Robert Brown, Senior Advisor, Robert Trammel. Secretary. Second Row. Joe Henderson, Treasurer, Thomas Butt, Vice President, Otto Zinke, Faculty Advisor. 339 PEM Promotes Interest in PE OFFICERS: Jerry Flanagan, President, Larry Vancuren, Vice President. Not Pictured: Ann Wright, Treasurer, Mary Thompson, Secretary. The Physical Education Majors club is a group composed of all those students with either a major or a minor in Physical Education who have expressed a concern for the development of their field. The club served as a contact point for both the stu- dents and faculty in the department. Their purposes were to coordinate the professional and social or- ganization in the department, broaden information about and participation in PE, and thereby encourage understanding and professional interest in the field. In their meetings, the members heard several lec- tures and films on new developments and theories in physical education and physical therapy. First Row. Suzanne Musgrave. Jackie Barrett, Bev White, Becky Bowman, Linda Butler, Mary Snider. Second Row. Martha Bradley, Patricia Hull, Chuck Elder, Ron Kolb, Jerry Flanagan, Larry Vancuren, Susan Yaple. 340 PHI ETA SIGMA: First Row: Vladimir Bermudez, Terry Green, Al Jewell, Rick Doss, John Norris, Gary Christenson, Gary Jeffreys, Steve Lowe. Second Row: Dr. G. T. Johnson, Faculty Advisor, Jack Jones, Douglas Fugate, President, Danny Durning, Mike O ' Neill, Nason Brookings, Secretary, Dean Kauff- man, Jerrel Martin. Third Row: Van Parker, Michael Norton, Gene Sands, Al Hanby, Michael Condit, Sam Cummings, Ron- nie Taylor, Charles Copeland. Fourth Row. Alan Fabrycky, Richard Young, Senior Advisor, Allen McGaughey, Vice Presi- dent, James Cawood, Larry Asselin, Treasurer, Brad McKinley, Gene DeBons, George Newtown. PHS, ALD Give Banquet Phi Eta Sigma, a national honorary fraternity for underclassmen, is composed of men who have attained a grade point average of 3.5 or better during their freshman year. They assisted this year in the orien- tation of the incoming freshmen and at any other time when they were asked by the administration. Alpha Lambda Delta is the corresponding group for freshmen women who have grades of 3.5 or bet- ter. They served both their freshman and sopho- more years in tutoring and in registration. The high- light for the group this year was a banquet with Phi Eta Sigma second semester. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: First Row: Barbara Cavender, Laura Skillern, Secretary, Carolyn Cross, Historian, Barbara Hebert, Tricia Davis, Julia Kaps, Ellen Pinkerton, Jan Olin, Vicki White. Second Row: Myrl Rogers, Sara Slaven, Glenn Ann Blakemore, Sylvia Schwachofer, Jan Driskill, Diane McKinney, Sally Sedwick, Vice President, Julie McDonald. Third Row: Ruth Ann Mask, Sue Alexander, Jane Ann Neely, Linda Lips- comb, Diana Mathis, Brenda Hemenway, Jean Woodell, Kitty Eggers, Susan McManus, Fourth Row: Pam Norwood, Beverly Benton, Linda Faulkner, President, Mary Piper, Diane Starnes, Carolyn Springfield, Sarah Watt, Jo Killingsworth. Not Pic- tured: Renne Sorrel, Treasurer, Carol Raines. t 341 Phi U Hosts National Conclave OFFICERS: First Row: Vivian Wood, Vice President Shel- ly Moran, President. Second Row: Elizabeth Fuhrman, Cor- responding Secretary, Nancy Bratton, Historian, Betty Gattis, Assistant Treasurer, Kaye Keller, Treasurer. Third Row: Paulena Paschal, Chaplain, Carole Bunge, Recording Secretary. Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national professional home economics fraternity whose members must be at least second semester sophomores and are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and char- acter. Throughout the year, Phi U ' s members have helped in many phases of the College of Home Eco- nomies ' activities. At registration they assisted the members of the faculty at the Home Economics table. This fall they acted as hostess chapter to the National Conclave held at Oklahoma State University. They al- so were one of the honorary groups that helped in the campus-wide ODK faculty and course evaluation. First Row: Vivian Wood, Janet Bradley, Shelly Moran. Ginger Gillis. Second Row: Bethel Cunningham, Advisor, Nancy Bratton, Kay Allen, Betty Gattis, Kaye Keller. Third Row: Pauiena Paschal, Elizabeth Fuhrman, Carole Bunge, Paula Brooks, Beth Bryson. Not Pictured: Cissy Rose, Burke Cole- man, Suzanne Crowson, Alicia Harris, Tommie Oberly, Joan Mitchell, Nancy Lafferty. 342 $ First Row: Paul Caruth, Philip Bridges, David Wagner, John Hamilton, Sam Lazenby, Al Porta. Second Row : Tommy Piercy, John Porter, Elvie Mooty, Douglas Loberg, Kenny Taff, Larry Freeman. Third Row. Johnny Tucker, David Stiff, Smith Reed, Roger Bishop, Daniel Borengasser, Jimmy Rhodes. Fourth Row: Donald Burks, Richard Kirby, Glen Voth, Gerald Yanker, Richard Hall, Lamar Pettus. SAE Sponsors Sports Car Rally Membership in the Society of Automotive Engineers is open to all students in the College of Engineer- ing who are interested in learning more about the various fields of transportation. In their meetings this year, emphasis was placed on the recent developments in the designing of aircraft. Their monthly meetings also provided the members with several interesting speakers during the course of the year. During the fall semester they sponsored the first annual Indus- trial Exposition. In the spring semester, the members sponsored a sports car rally. OFFICERS: David Wagner, Secretary, Smith Reed, Vice President, J. W. Porter, Tieasurer, Larry Freeman, President. 343 First Row. Thomas Montgomery, Thomas Gearhart, Dale Young, Clyde Woolen, David Hallin, Mike Bowers, Laurence Tunick. Second Row: Ronnie Hatley, Larry Cash, Gary Mor- tensen, Richard Marr, Forrest Ford, John Orahood. Third Row: Don Little, Don Klutts, Walt Page, Kip Kelley, Tom McDou- gal, David Turney, Kenneth Christiansen. Fourth Row: Hardie Jefferies, Ray Terrell, James McDonald, Craig Wittig, Michael Sullivan, Larry Peterson, Thomas David, Kenneth Clark. SAM Sponsors BA Bookstore The Society for the Advancement of Management is a social organization of managers in industry, com- merce, government and education. Once during each semester they sponsored banquet meetings, one of which was the banquet given on Commerce Day. They also organized field trips for their members which included plant tours. During registration for the first and second semesters, the members of SAM oper- ated a bookstore exchange for the buying and selling of books for the students in the College of Business. In addition to these functions, they have worked to promote the aims of business on the campus by assisting BA freshmen and by bringing in guest speakers in the field of business. OFFICERS: Richard Marr, Vice President, Hardie Jefferies, Secretary, Larry Peterson, Treasurer, Kenneth Clark, President. 344 SAI Promotes American Composers Sigma Alpha Iota is a national professional music fraternity composed of all music majors or minors who are at least second semester freshmen. Candi- dates for membership must also have a high scho- lastic rating. The main objective of the group was the advancing of music by American composers. They presented many concerts throughout the year, includ- ing the Faculty Exchange Concert, a program of com- positions written by faculty members, and the annual Benefit Concert. The money taken in from this last concert was given to a scholarship fund. At each of the concerts which they sponsored, the members as- sisted by ushering. During the district band festival, the girls sold sandwiches. The money from this and from the other projects except for the Benefit Concert was given to the improvement of the music library. OFFICERS: First Row: Julia Kaps, Vice President, Jo Hoi- comb, President. Second Row: Vicki White, Treasurer, Cheryl Crites, Recording Secretary, Jane Hodges, Corresponding Sec- cretary. First Row. Martha Stewart, Renee Murphy, Nancy Myers, Julia Kaps, Jo Holcomb, Sandy Gaston. Second Row. Connie Goble, Jane Hodges, Judy Cole, Becky Anderson, Jimmie Duke. Third Row: Vicki White, Jennifer Richardson, Sandra Perry, Cheryl Crites, Charline Grant. 345 SNEA Students Hear Montague OFFICERS: First Row: Ann Bilheimer, Treasurer, Simone Seamon, Vice President, Jane Dees, Reporter. Second Row. Jane Ann Neely, Secretary, R. K. Bent, Sponsor, Nancy North- cult, President. The Student National Education Assocation is a professional organization for students of all classi- fications in the College of Education and any student interested in the field of teaching. In its monthly meetings, SNEA provided its members the oppor- tunity to exchange views on new developments in their chosen field as well as the opportunity to hear interesting speakers. Dr. Ashley Montague, a noted anthropologist and speaker, lectured the members of SNEA this past fall during a speaking engagement here. First Row. Brenda Cummins, Jane Dees, Simone Seamon, Lynda Hawkins, Janet Ehrenberg, Nancy Godwin, Muriel John- son, Ann Bilheimer, Janet Anthony. Second Row. Sue Swear- ingen, Darra Dismuke, Linda Morrow, Jane Ann Neely, Bonnie Jamison, Winifred Smith. Harriet Mosley, Pat Miller, Bettie Franklin, Linda Sanger. Third Row. Rosemary Gaines, Anne Udouj, Jane Barnett, Art Williams, Marlys Storck, Beth Wash- burn, Martha Stewart, Nancy Northcutt, Bettie Hudson. Fourth Row. Konnie Weathers, Carol Bordewieck, Larry Edmondson, James Smalley, Charles Russell, R. K. Bent, Theda Baker, Bon- nie Bell. Janie Shane, Joyce Tindle. I 346 First Row: Gary Mourton, Charles Broker, Tony Davis, Louie Keener, George Lease, Don Varnadore, Larry Ricketts, William Cameron, Bill Knott, Ken Pittaway. Second Row. Don Kenney, Mike Menge, Jack Jones, Donald Rennard, David Davies, Ed- ward Ellis, Chip Kammerlohr, William Nelson, Nicholas Lang, Len Warden. Third Row: Jerry Jenkins, Joe Cook, Richard Hall, Brian Gartside, Thomas Whatley, Gary Tarpley, Sam Cummings, Philip Bridges, Glenn Spencer, Britt Embry. Fourth Row. David Maddox, Dave Martin, Bob Mundstock, Joseph Eason, James Walden, Glenn Pettus, Jay Sprigg, Irwin Seward, Gene DeBons, Donald Baker, George Harris. I MSC Councils Freshman Men The Men ' s Sophomore Council is an honorary serv- ice organization composed of men chosen during their freshman year. Qualities of leadership ability, high moral standards and an interest in serving others were the prerequisites for membership in the Coun- cil. This past year, they aided the University by help- ing the incoming freshman men adjust to a new college environment. Founded in 1963, their rela- tively new organization on campus had as its ob- jective the improvement of relations between the freshman men and the administration. In accordance with this, they sponsored the Student-Faculty tea which was their major project for the year. OFFICERS: First Row: Steve Stevens, Vice President, George Lease, President, Larry Ricketts, MIHC Representative. Second Row: Louie Keener, Social Chairman, Don Varnadore, Treasurer, Chip Kammerlohr, Parliamentarian, Britt Embry, Sec- retary. 347 First Row. Jimmie Duke, Juli Ellis, Suzy Gerety, Iris Northam, Pat Bachman, Judi Parker. Second Row. Connie Wing, Linda Smith, Becky Anderson, Debbie Cheatham, Greta Price. Third Row. Jane Oldner, Linda Keene, Nancy Short, Shirley Hellen, Kathleen Stell, Cheryl Crites. Fourth Row: Beth Root, Jo Killingsworth, Patricia Hull, Geneva Hill, Linda Cloyd. Band Women Have Many Projects Tau Beta Sigma is the national honorary sorority open for membership to band women. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, musicianship, and a possession of a sincere interest in the University band. By sponsoring various money-making projects throughout the year, they helped furnish the band with doughnuts, apples and ice as refreshments on football trips and concert trips. Two such projects were the selling of pledges as slaves and the making of drum covers. They also helped the band by filing all the music and records and seeing that each band member had a complete music folder. Members of the sorority served as hostesses for visiting bands and played a major role in planning the social events such as the Halloween and Christmas parties for the Razcrback band members. OFFICERS: Connie Wing, Secretary, Kathleen Stell, Presi- dent, Linda Cloyd, Vice President, Patsy Bachman, Treasurer. 348 Tau Beta Pi Starts Scholarship Tau Beta Pi, an honorary engineering fraternity, draws its membership from the upper fifth of the senior class and from the upper eighth of the junior class. Members come from all branches of the Col- lege of Engineering and must meet qualifications of high scholarship, service and leadership. Last year the fraternity conducted a faculty and course evalu- ation within its own college. This year they assisted ODK in its University-wide evaluation of the same nature. To promote increased interest and enrollment in the college, Tau Beta Pi set up a scholarship pro- gram as an annual award to the outstanding fresh- man in the College of Engineering. OFFICERS: First Row: Dickie Hairston, Recording Secre- tary, Vince Liberto, Vice President, Lee Shell, Treasurer. Sec- ond Row. Butch Brotherton, Corresponding Secretary, Jim Mc- Alister, Pledge Trainer, Pat Bray, President. First Row. James McAlister, David Thompson, Darryl Polk, Bob Harriell, Dan Rimmer, Gary Ryles, Ray Owen, Charles Holman, Fred Willis, Vince Liberto, Dale Nixon. Second Row. Dennis Cochran, Stan Mattison, Jerry Holder, Mike Jones. Jim Fowler, Noel Nash, Mike Hardgrave, Tom Eans, Pat Bray, Dickie Hairston. Third Row. John Watkins, Carroll Falls, Ed- ward Knod, Henry Rowe, Rodney Gilbreath, Wayne Chaffin, Freddie Fowlkes, Hix Smith, Lee Shell, Gus Vratsinas, Wil- liam Woodford. Fourth Row. Glenford Newton, Don Jerry, John Reed, Butch Brotherton, George McSwain, Jerry Martin, Joe Gardner, Robert Freyaldenhoven, Irvin Dryer, William Johnson. 349 YDC Participates in Campaigns OFFICERS: First Row: Larry Hale, President. Second Row: Gary Walker, Membership Chairman, Patti Pendergrass, Gen- eral Secretary, Evelyn Bowen, Corresponding Secretary. Third Row: Ronnie Winninghan, Executive Committee, Kathy Walton, Reporter, Cindy Hale, Women ' s Vice President, Paul Rogers, Men ' s Vice President. Fourth Row: Roger Giles, Executive Committee, Edwin Bird, Executive Committee, J. William Berry, Executive Committee. The Young Democrats Club is a group of Uni- versity students who express an interest in knowing more about politics and the Democratic Party. It was composed of the Club itself and an Executive Coun- cil which pl anned the program of events for the school year. Controversial topics such as different views on government were presented this year. The Miss Young Democrats pageant and the Arkansas Democratic Convention were activities in which the members participated. Since it was an election year in Arkansas, the members of YDC campaigned for the Democratic candidates on the UofA campus. First Row: Eddie Bird, Paul Rogers, Howard Sanderlin, Ross Moring, Jerry Cassel, Kay Vandiner, Diana Ziser, LaVelle Boat- right, Hubert White, James Berkowitz, David Howell, Kay Temple. Second Row: Bryan Martin, Simone Seamon, Marilee Chappell, Myrl Rogers, Susie Johnston, Cindy Hale, Darra Dis- muke, Nick Houser, Evelyn Bowen, Bettie Hudson, Jeanettia Jones, Janice Nixon, Patti Pendergrass, Bob Nelson. Third Row: Stan Williams, Gary Walker, Ronnie Winningham, Randy Rid- dell, Henry Springer, Scott Bates, Mike Capoot, Robert New- comb, Joey Cheatham, Robert Hardin, Pat Galloway, Kathy Walton, Danny Mills, Michael Stafford. Fourth Row: William Berry, Jerry Cowee, Bill Plunkett, Tommy Wallace, Joe Jeffery, Rod Germany, Rick Colclasure, Tim Boe, Brian Alexander, Jim Hawkins, Jay Pinx, Larry Hale, Terry Shoffner. Fifth Year: Roger Giles, Michael Conner, Wally Loveless, Kenney Comstock, Stephen Smith, Jerry Park, Charles Burns, Hugh Happert, Stephen Carver, R. H. Holyfield, Tim Whillock, Paul Mills. YRC Sees Successful Election The members of the Young Republicans Club en- joyed a good year for a club that up to this point was one without real representation among the voters of the state. The outcome of the November elections stimulated both the membership and the activities of the club. In their monthly meetings, students were given a chance to exchange ideas and views, hear leading politicians of Arkansas, and to lend support to candidates. A Miss YRC contest was held in the early part of the spring semester to elect a representative for the University in the state Miss Young Republican contest. In conjunction with the elections, many of YRC ' s members participated in the " Young Arkansans for Rockefeller " and in the general campaign. OFFICERS: First Row: Jim Burnett, Vice President, Robyn 1 1. 1 m He. Historian. Second Row. Danny Durning, Treasurer, Charles Copeland, President, Beverly Benton, Parliamentarian. First Row: Linda Goodwin, Jeanine Cecil, Elizabeth Gartrell, Linda Dodge, Robyn Randle, Ticka Gilliam, Kim Davey, Carol Campbell, Harriet Mosley, Muriel Johnson, Linda Sanger. Sec- ond Row: David Bell, Kirk Dixon, Catherine Koenig, Tia Akins, Ronna Porter, Deborah Wilson, Sammy Forester, Susan Sisco, Jim Burnett, Charles Copeland. Third Row: Bob Goodwin, Freddy Washington, Gordon Publow, David Fraser, Joseph Neal, Arthur Williams, Linda Cooksey, Carolyn Plunkett, Jan McNerney, Ginny Townsend, Beverly Benton. Fourth Row: Gordon Foster, Wesley Goforth, Alan Whatley, Lonnie Powers, Danny Durning, Marc Kurland, Mike Johnson, Steve Carlson, Skip Zander, Dewayne Gibson. 351 Division 1 O Arts The University Theatre combined all the fine arts art, architecture, music, dance and drama in a universal medium: a production of " Twelfth Night. " Architecture students displayed their talents through different media, including sculpture and Archicoffee. e Susan Hearnsberger dabbled in her design class, awaiting inspiration. 354 " . . Art is Long. The art department, offering courses in all phases of the plastic arts painting, sculpture, and design, is combined with the architecture department in the Fine Arts building. Students may be seen working there any time of the day or night in pursuit of creativity. The department participated in the Florence Benefit Art Auction by offering faculty works for sale, and also sponsored gallery exhibitions during the year. The ex- hibits featured student art, photography, architecture, and special exhibi ' s such as the Leonardo Da Vinci an- niversary collection. Steve Marquess was surrounded by a forest of plaster of paris in the sculpture room where you can usually find diligent art majors, if you ' re lucky. 355 Sir Isaac Newton (Bill Edwards) intimidated Police Inspector Voss (Bobby Wayne Hughart) with his philosophies in " The Physicists. " Ed Brown, as the old Sea Captain, offered advice to Viola (Pride Brooks) after reaching Illyria in " Twelfth Night. " Marsh Hudson, as Giuseppe Palmieri, bade a fond farewell to his wife of a few hours, Tessa (Marsha Crane) in " The Gondoliers. ' 356 Theatre An Outstanding Season I Simeon (Bobby Wayne Hughart) and Peter (Donnie Freeman) expressed the ' r reaction to the return of their father Ephraim Cabot (Ed Brown) and his new wife, Abbie (Ginni Martin) in " Desire Under the Elms. " The University Theatre opened the year with Shake- speare ' s " Twelfth Night, " which ran October 17-22. The typical comic dilemma was enhanced by the rich Elizabethan costumes and stylized set. Opera Workshop reveled in the Gilbert Sullivan tradition by presenting " The Gondoliers " November 14- 19. The double cast sang and punned its way through the problems of mixed identities and marriages. " The Physicists " directed by Cleveland Harrison, is a play in two acts by Durrenmatt. A great physicist, Mobius (Lewis Jacks), committed to a private sana- torium and joined by two secret agents who pretend to have physicist-psychoses, found that life away from the world is much simpler. " As You Desire Me, " a Pirandello thought-provoker, was directed by Norman DeMarco. An air of mystery and suspense encircled the play as the audience tried to determine the identity of the Unknown Woman. Nonnie Wilson, as the Unknown Woman, assumed her role as Cia before Aunt Lena (Mary Henley) and Uncle Salesio (Jim Whillock). 357 Theatre . . . Eugene O ' Neill ' s " Desire Under the Elms " was one of the dramatic highlights of the year. Directed by George Kernodle, all of the actors were outstanding in handling the high emotionality of the play, and in il- lustrating the timelessness of struggle in all parts of life. Preston Magruder ' s farmhouse set was very effec- tive, and the ever-present elms echoed the tragic dignity of the play. The University Theatre closed the season on a high note from " Major Barbara " and her Salvation Army band. The Shavian masterpiece was turned by an excel- lent cast from a long and difficult play into an evening of enjoyable theatre. Opera Workshop concluded a successful statewide tou.- by presenting Gian Carlo Menotti ' s " The Old Maid and the Thief " April 25. The grotesque opera, directed by Elaine Cencel and Jim Fields, dealt with the plight of two old maids and a young woman and their atti- tudes toward men. 9IB Miss Todd (Carol Soule) and Miss Pinkerton (Penny Garrett) suffer the embarrassment of Bob ' s (Lorry Thomas) singing. Andrew Undershaft (Bill Edwards) paraded for the Army ' s cause as his daughter, Major Barbara (Marsha Vance), looked on, disillusioned. 358 rttt]!ffet Scola Cantcrum pcsad in the open air theatre before leaving for Montreal and EXPO ' 67. The members of the a cappella choir are (first row): Jeanne Anne Freeman, Carol Vance, Irene Welden, Fred- ricka Silvey, Penny Garrett, Ann Moats, Julienne Nelson, Andrea Hill, Charlotte Kitchens, Cynthia Drake; (second row) Blanche Locke, Peggy Bookout, Vicki Schneider, Linda Scallion, Pam Walsh, Marsha Meadows, Rosemary Raymond, Lynne Bentley, Kathy McClanahan; (third row) Dennis Johnston, Myron Weaver, Bill Berry, Max Ryan, Gary Kinder, Johnny Gillock, Charles Simonds, Jim Elkins, Kent Graham, Steve Harwell; (fourth row) Mark Stevenson, George New- town, Ron Carter, Dean Dalton, David Thompson, Tony Davis, Phil McLendon, Dean Kauffman, Louis Welcher, Donnie Freeman. Schola Returns from European Tour Schola Cantorum sang its way through Europe the summer of 1966 and continued to thrill audiences throughout the year. The thirty-eight member a cappella choir, under the direction of Mr. Richard Brothers, be- ban the tour with a performance in the National Pres- byterian Church in Washington, D. C. The trip through England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Yugo- slavia was highlighted with the festival in Aix-en-Pro- vence. They were well received by critics everywhere. It has been remarked that the only picture Europe has of Arkansas is Little Rock in 1957 and the Schola con- certs. The most selective vocal group on campus per- forms sacred and secular, antique and modern works. The spirit of the choir is well known, and was illustrat- ed last summer in their impromptu performances for passers-by on street corners in Greenwich Village and sidewalk cafes in Paris. The group presented three con- certs this year including a Florence Benefit to raise money for the restoration of a city in which they once performed. Esprit de corps is evident in Schola ' s teamwork as they changed buses on the outskirts of Paris after a breakdown in the Alps. lijui 359 The University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra performed Rimsky-Korsakov ' s " Scheherazade " in their romantic music concert of the year. 360 Soloists Appear with Symphony The University-Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra specialized in performing first-class symphonic works in the 1966-67 season. Directed by Dr. Marx Pales, the orchestra is composed of University students and area residents, and presented eleven concerts during the year. These concerts were as varied as the works per- formed. Playin " - works from Handel to Copland, the orchestra toured Northeast Arkansas, giving seven con- Dr. Pales Conducted a concerto orch- estra rehearsal in typically elegant form for Dr. John Cowell, head of the music department and noted pianist. certs. Of the four regular co ncerts in Fayetteville, the symphony featured outstanding international and facul- ty soloists. On March 17, Paul Doktor, violist, and the symphony played one of the best concerts of the year. The Orchestra also participated in the Concerto-Aria program, which features outstanding graduate and un- dergraduate students, providing them an opportunity to perform with the orchestra as a soloist. Uarkettes Travel Statewide " From pop to op " might best describe the work of the Uarkettes troupe at the University. The light enter- tainment ensemble, led by Mr. Kenneth Ballenger, per- formed popular numbers as well as opera excerpts for banquets, conventions, television appearances, school programs, and Christmas parties. Although their work is mainly ensemble, soloists are also featured. The Uark- ettes have never appeared on campus, but they contri- bute widespread publicity to the University by their performances throughout the state. The group is very much in demand by businesses for entertainment for their fun ctions. A scholarship fund has been set up for deserving Uarkettes members from donations from their performances, since they ask no set fee. The experience they gain by performing in front of live audiences is invaluable to the Uarkettes. The Uarkettes went through their paces at the new Ramey Junior High School, one of their many programs for area schools. The University of Arkansas 1966-1967 Uarkette troupe posed for a formal picture this fall. The light entertainment group is com- posed of (first row) Jack and Jean Groh, Peggy Lewis, David Hallin, Penny Garrett, Brenda Dill, Linda Box, Fredricka Silvey; (second row) Gary Taggart, Kay Works, Marsha Crane, Lecia Jones, Jim Fields; (third row) Carol Soule, Linda Eubanks, Marsh Hudson; (fourth row) Mary Henley, Charlotte Kitchens, Lawrence Thomas; (fifth row) Joe Haney. The director is Kenneth Ballenger. III! 361 A Contemporary Year for Band Clarinetists usually play diligently. David Widder, of course, was an exception. Concert Band often required a lot of effort. The University of Arkansas Concert Band number- ed seventy strong for the 1966-1967 season. The band, under the direction of Dr. Richard Worthington and as- sisted by Mr. David Pitman, included several contem- porary works in their program, such as the Hindemith First Symphony for Band. Guest artists David Pitman and Kenneth Ballenger were featured as soloists with the band in two concerts. A total of three concerts was presented, the third being in Siloam Springs as a part of that town ' s Community Concert Series. The students who make up the Concert Band are music majors, members of the Marching Razorback Band, or students who simply enjoy participating in a musical organization. They meet twice a week for a two hour rehearsal, and tour the state on alternating years. In this way, they gain publicity for themselves as well as for the music program at the University. The Concert Band is composed of many individual musicians, such at thi$ French horn player. Concentration was the key word. 362 (1 The band performed a concert in the Fine Arts Concert Hall. Dr. Richard Worthington conducted the Concert Band in a warm-up session. You can tell that this is a serious or- ganization by the intent looks on the faces of band members as they counted along with Doc and waited out the rests. 363 Division Athletics _ Arkansas athletes were at their best as they defeated the Mustangs of Southern Methodist University 22-0 in the 1966 Homecoming game. Athletic Department Shapes Up An integral part of the Arkansas athletic scene since 1946, athletic director John Barnhill has built a strong foundation. L366 . Sports Program A large part of the success of the Athletic Depart- ment at the University of Arkansas is due to the fore- sight of John Barnhill, Director of Athletics, and the solid foundation which he has laid. Barnhill came to Arkansas in 1946 as football coach, led the Razorbacks to a league title that year, and set about organizing Razorback Clubs around the state, as well as scholarships. Much of that job has now been turned over to Barn- hill ' s right hand man, George Cole, an Arkansas alum as well as a former football star and the Assistant Ath- letic Director. Until two seasons ago, Cole held the school field goal record. Barnhill ' s program reached maturity when a young, energetic head coach came to the Ozarks. Frank Broyles, hired from Missouri after having played and graduat- ed from Georgia Tech, is the winningest coach in school history. Head basketball coach Duddy Waller is on his way to building a dynasty in his own right. Replacing retir- ed Glen Rose, Waller began an ambitious recruiting program and fielded a promising team. On top of the Razorback sports dynasty, head football coach Frank Broyles is prominent among nation ' s coaches. P. T. (Duddy) Waller took over helm of Arkansas basketball fortunes last year and is building his team to SWC contender. Assistant athletic director George Cole helps keep the complex Razorback sports machine running smoothly. SB; Bob Cheyne Sports Publicity Wilson Matthews Defensive Line Bill Pace Offensive Backfield Coaches Handle Team Building Job An athletic department can only be as good as its coaching staff and in that regard the University of Arkansas has always been successful. A big loss to the coaching staff last fall, but Vanderbilt Univer- sity ' s gain was the hiring of Bill Pace, the offensive backfield coach, as head football coach for the Commodores. John Majors, the defensive backfield coach, was given Pace ' s vacated position and Hootie Ingram was hired as the replacement for Majors. Wilson Matthews remained as the linebacker and defensive end coach and Charley Coffey had capable charge of the interior line. Mervin Johnson coached the offensive line and Gordon Smith, who completed his first fall with the Razorbacks after leaving pro ball, had charge of the offensive ends. Lynwood Cathey completed his first season with Buddy Waller and the Razorbacks as the assistant basketball coach, leading the fresh- man team to a 10-2 season. Steed White had charge of recruiting and helped with the offense while Jack Davis and Lon Farrell coached the freshman football team. Ab Bidwell, as track coach, fielded an SWC championship team in cross country and a strong track crew. Trainer Bill Ferrell and assistant trainer Jim Bone kept all the athletic teams going from the training room. John Majors Defensive Backs Charley Coffey Defensive Line Mervin Johnson Offensive Line Lynwood Cathey Freshman Basketball 368 Gordon Smith Offensive End Coach Steed White Offensive Assistant Jack Davis Freshman Coach Lon Ferrell Freshman Coach Ab Bidwell Track Coach Wallace Martin Assistant Track Coach Mickey O ' Quinn Assistant Coach Bill Ferrell Athletic Trainer Jim Bone Assistant Trainer 369 Magic Mark Missed: We Only Won Eight There is something magic about the sound of three in a row. That was the situation that faced the Arkan- sas Razorbacks heading into the ' 66 season. It would be the final go-round for a crew of 16 seniors, unbeaten in two seasons with only a 13-7 Cot- ton Bowl loss marring the record. That loss came at the hand of LSU and had been the last game in which all had competed. And as every- one faintly realized, it might hold forebodings of things to come. The big challenge was that every Southwest con- ference school was coming back more powerful than the previous year. It was to be a stronger knit league with everyone a little more self-assured. And it seemed as if Arkansas was sitting square on top of a big Texas powder keg. Now practically every team in the league had taken to the I-formation in one form or another. Even Texas, long a proponent of the power T was shifting to the trickv Arkansas-engineered backfield. Would Arkansas be able to stop its own creation and how would a young secondary fare against the in- creasing pass emphasis? Could the Porkers field a team as offensively potent as the ' 65 bunch which rewrote Arkansas scoring rec- ords. And maybe most important, how long would that fabulous Arkansas luck, which seemed to hold the Porkers on top, no matter what, hold out. Heading into a warm September night, those were the questions in everyone ' s mind. After a shaky start against Oklahoma State that night. Arkansas prevailed, 14-10, and then convincingly defeated Tulsa, 27-8. Spirits rose heading into the Texas Christian contest and Harry Jones broke open a hard fought game, 21-0 against the improved Frogs. No one thought Arkansas would lose, even though Baylor offered impressive credentials such as a win over Syracuse. But the Bears did what no one else had done since SMU back in 1963. They won, 7-0. That one was hard to take. It was a home game and it was Dad ' s Day. Arkansas met a Bill Bradley and Texas challenge with a 12-7 victory, the third straight for Arkansas. Then came a 41-0 breather over Wichita followed by a surprising 34-0 win over Texas A M. The Porkers stumped up=et minded Rice, 31-20 at Little Rock in coach Jess Neely ' s last appearance before the Arkansas fans. That led to the showdown of the season Arkan- sas and Southern Methodist, and it was the Porkers ' finest hour. Thrilling a sellout crowd, Arkansas damp- ened the Ponies, 22-0, assuring themselves of what they hoped would be a third berth in the Cotton Bowl - but first they had to get by Texas Tech. And Tech did what no one expected and handed Arkansas a crushing, 21-16. loss that dropped the bot- tom out from under the defending SWC champs. It put SMU in the Cotton Bowl and left Arkansas to go shopping for a post-season contest which didn ' t materialize. An 8-2 season, a banner year for most teams, was a bitter pill for Arkansas fans, but especially for the Arkansas seniors, who wanted to make their last, their best. V 370 - m ' 8 Hogs Halt OSU, 14-10 When the Oklahoma State Cowboys held Arkansas to a scoreless first period, the sellout crowd at the Razorback opener in Little Rock began to realize that the Porkers had a battle on their hands. And it wasn ' t until midway through the second stanza that a wave of relief swept through the anxious crowd. That was when Jon Brittenum passed for ten yards to Bruce Maxwell in the end zone and Bob White ' s PAT sailed good. But they didn ' t stay relieved long. The Cowboys rode herd for the final two minutes of the quarter and pushed across the tying score with only 14 seconds showing on the clock. Then, with less than three minutes left in the third period, the impossible happened. A 22-yard field goal by the Cowboys put Arkansas down, 10-7 and suddenly the Porkers were scrambing for dear life. That life didn ' t surge back into the Razorbacks un- til the defense corralled OSU within its ten late in the game and Marline Bercher returned a punt 15 yards. Brittenum picked up a quick first down with a pass to Eddie Woodlee and two plays later the drive was saved when the Comboys picked up an illegal hands penalty. On the next play Brittenum kept for 11 yards around end and the touchdown with White ' s PAT good. Final score, Arkansas 14, OSU 10. Gary Adams Jim Barnes Harry Jones traveled goalward against the wishes of several Okla- homa State defenders, who finally tumbled him to the ground. STATISTICS Ark. OSU First Downs _ 12 15 Net Yards Rushing _ 143 151 Net Yards Passing _ 57 78 Passes . 7-15 9-13 Punts . _ 6-45 5-35 Fumbles 1 3 Penalties _ 5-43 5-41 Martine Bercher Stu Berryhill 372 STATISTICS Ark. First Downs 17 Net Yards Rushing . 203 Net Yards Passing _ 136 Passes _ - 11-21 Punts - 7-37 Fumbles Penalties - 2-30 Tulsa 15 20 287 23-41 7-42 2 4-31 Joe Black Lyndell Bland Jon Brittenum Razorbacks Wreck Tulsa Gale, 27-8 The close win over Oklahoma State had a decided sobering effect on the Porkers and the memory of the rugged physical battle with Tulsa the previous season further heightened that. So it was a determined bunch of Razorbacks who set out to prove themselves in their first home outing the following weekend. And again the crowd watched the Razorbacks grind through a scoreless first quarter. But it was Marline Bercher ' s patron saint day. Two plays into the second period the Tulsa punter lofted a 49-yard punt and Bercher scooper it up. He didn ' t put it down until 64 yards later, a touchdown run that started a rout. Bercher ended Tulsa ' s comeback try by intercept- ing a pass and midway through the period noseman David Cooper ended another threat by recovering a fumble. Bruce Maxwell made it 14-0 at the half by scor- ing from two yards out four plays later. In the third period the Razorbacks rolled up more scores, first on a one-yard plunge by Maxwell, then with Brittenum passing 13 yards to Tommy Burnett. Tulsa scored late in the game when Glenn Dobbs passed six yards to Gary McDermott and then passed for the two point conversion. Arkansas took and passed its second test with fly- ing colors. Final score. Arkansas 27, Tulsa 8. Even the ref couldn ' t step as quick as Marline Bercher on his 49 yard punt return for a touchdown against the Tulsa Hurricane. i! Tommy Burnett George Calhoun Paul Conner Gary Adams (22), Hartford Hamilton (88) and Travis Mauldin (61) put the stoppers on a Horned Frog. Jones Boy Jostles Frogmen, 21-0 Although nobody realized it, it was going to be Harry Jones Day at Texas Christian. Before the after- noon was through, Jones put on a one man show, lead- ing Arkansas to a 21-0 victory in the first Southwest Conference outing. Razorback Hartford Hamilton smacked a TCU run- ner early in the game, causing him to fumble and end- ing a drive that reached the Porker 19. But the Razorbacks marched right back, in 16 plays and Jon Brittenum pitched out to the fleet Jones from five yards out. Two passes, one to Richard Trail and the other to Tommy Burnett kept the drive alive. Early in the second period, Marline Bercher return- ed a punt 18 yards and in three plays Arkansas had moved into TCU territory. On the next play Brittenum rolled out and hit Jones, who made a fleeting one-hand- ed grab between two TCU defenders and traveled 48 yards to the end zone. That made it 14-0 at halftime. Going into the fourth period, TCU drove to the Ar- kansas five, was stopped and the Razorbacks punted out of trouble. On the next play of the following Arkansas series, Brittenum combined with Jones for a 72-yard pass play. Bob White kicked good on all three conversions. STATISTICS Ark. TCU First Downs _ 9 17 Net Yards Rushing 10 Net Yards Passing 177 118 Passes - 7-8 12-24 Punts . 7-37 3-45 Fumbles __ 0-1 1-2 Penalties . 5-62 4-35 Pooch Punt Pops Porkers It was a dreary day in Razorback Stadium on that early October day, even though the bright red con- trasted with the brilliant green of the scattered Baylor fans. Before the day was over, it got a lot drearier, some- thing to the tune of 7-0 in favor of the Baylor Bears. Baylor opened by charging to the Razorback 20- yard line but the Porkers retaliated by pushing right back down to the Baylor 18. In the second period Arkansas mounted its biggest charge, making it to the Baylor six before a fumble which the Bears recovered, gave them a chance to stave off the attack until halftime. The third period was a stalemate of defense and at the end, heading into the final 15 minutes the score was the same, 0-0. A poor snap and a hasty try at a punt had a part in ending the streak but Baylor ' s headsup defense also made its presence felt. Then, with just under five minutes left in the con- test, Terry Southall dropped back and hit Bobby Green 21 yards downfield in the end zone. Southall ' s kick was good, and Baylor won, 7-0. STATISTICS Ark. Baylor First Downs _. 20 17 Net Yards Rushing 180 112 Net Yards Passing 112 161 Passes 9-29 13-33 Punts 5-38 5-45 Fumbles _ 1-1 0-0 Penalties _ _ 2-19 2-10 David Cooper Dick Cunningham Joe Paul Daves David Dickey Bruce Maxwell made way on soggy field against Baylor with carry over tackle. Dick Cunningham (74) and Richard Trail (84) look on. 4 7 v 5 t - Hartford Hamilton had impressive way of showing Longhorn Chris Gilbert he doesn ' t want him to go anyplace. Gilbert took it lying down. Porkers Capture Third Royal Victory For Arkansas ' recovering Razorbacks, it was a do- or-die game. With a 3-1 record heading into the Texas contest, this time on the Longhorns home ground, Ar- kansas needed the win to get back into the conference race. It was an important game for the Texans too, with a 2-2 slate and aiming for an upper division finish. It developed into a typical clash between the two longtime SWC rivals. Texas fumbled early, David Cooper of Arkansas recovering at the Longhorn 17. After a first down at the Texas 7, the Texas defense rallied and the Razorbacks settled for a 22-yard field goal by Bob White, putting the Hogs out front, 3-0. A 31-yard pass from Jon Brittenum to Harry Jones set up the next Arkansas score, midway through the second period. The Razorbacks made it down to the Texas 21 where a penalty and an incomplete pass end- ed the drive, but White ' s 27-yard field goal try was good and the Porkers gained a 6-0 lead. But the shutout was shortlived. On their next drive the Longhorns made it to paydirt, a 15-yard penalty in Arkansas territory giving them the boost needed. Tommy Dixon John Evans Melvin Gibbs Glenn Hockersmith 376 Defense Chills Longhorns, 12-7 Chris Gilbert scored and David Conway ' s PAT was good, giving Texas a 7-6 lead as time ran out at halftime. Marline Bercher returned Bill Bradley ' s punt 49 yards to the Texas 22 to put Arkansas back in the game. The return stunned the Longhorns and the next play had even more of an adverse effect. Jon Brittenum rolled out and hit Tommy Burnett, who broke away around the ten and rambled into the end zone. Arkansas ' two point try on Brittenum ' s run- ning attempt was no good, but the Porkers were still out front, 12-7. It looked as if the Longhorns were going to march right back and take the lead again as the third period ended. Bradley had just completed a pass to the Ar- kansas 39. And the fourth quarter was even more chilling. The Longhorns pushed to the Hog four where two tries up the middle were thwarted. So Bradley took to the air and his pass was intercepted by Gary Adams. And it wa s all over, the Hogs prevailing, 12-7. STATISTICS Ark. Texas First Downs _ 10 16 Net Yards Rushing _ 154 42 Net Yards Passing . 93 134 Passes - _ 6-11 9-18 Punts . 4-42 5-40 Fumbles 3 3 Penalties _ 7-58 1-15 It doesn ' t matter how you catch the ball, just so you catch It and somehow Tommy Burnett did. d field 34 to the Si end- ry was ;l drive till} ' in I Hartford Hamilton Steve Hoehn Webb Hubbell 377 Jon Brittenum aimed pass toward Bruce Maxwell waiting in the end zone. Maxwell caught it, getting Porkers ' first touchdown. STATISTICS Ark. Wichita First Downs 18 17 Net Yards Rushing _ 174 44 Net Yards Passing _ _ 133 276 Passes _ 8-15 28-45 Punts . 5-41 0-10 Fumbles - 1-1 2-1 Penalties _ _ 2-10 5-65 Berryhill ' s Big Day This was the game that was picked to be the breath- er for the Razorbacks, and somehow the prediction came true. Arkansas handily demolished the Wichita Eagles, 41-0, before a packed house in Little Rock. It was David Dickey who set the mood for the romp. On the opening kickoff he took the ball and rac- ed 60 yards to the Wichita 23 where it took only seven plays to score. Bruce Maxwell got the first scoring honors by tak- ing down an 11 -yard pass from Jon Brittenum in the end zone. The second score also went to Maxwell, who again brought down a Brittenum aerial from 11 yards out, making it 14-0 after both of Bob White ' s PAT attempts were good. Fullback Eddie Woodlee ended another short drive by going over from 15 yards out to open the second period and five minutes later Harry Jones got into the scoring column by romping over from 15 yards out. That made it 27-0. The second string came in and Gordon Norwood passed 23 yards to Tommy Dixon for a touchdown just as the half ended. It also turned out to be Stu Berryhill ' s big day not only was he a game captain but he intercepted a Wichita pass in the waning moments of the game and raced 88 yards to score, making it 41-0 for Arkansas. Lee Johnson Alvin Jones Harry Jones Mike Jordan 378 STATISTICS Ark. ASM First Downs _ 22 13 Net Yards Rushing _ . 317 32 Net Yards Passing _ 56 148 Passes _ _ 4-11 17-44 Punts _ 4-38 6-47 Fumbles 1 2 Penalties . _ 5-65 2-10 William Ketcher Mickey Maroney Travis Mauldin David Dickey A Giant Killer Against A M Gene Stallings at A M was rated to have a much im- proved squad over the group which had lost to Arkan- sas the year before. But the Aggies let their guard down for the first period and part of the third and the result was a 34-0 Razorback victory. David Dickey broke over right tackle after taking a handoff from Jon Brittenum for the first score and Bob White ' s conversion made it 7-0. On the Razorbacks next series Dickey took another one yard plunge and the result was his second score, making it 14-0. Gary Adams intercepted an Ed Hargett pass seconds later and four plays later Dickey picked up his third score. It was 20-0 at halftime but the Razorbacks came out ready for more in the third period. Dickey scored from four yards out on the Hogs ' first drive of the half and with 1:21 left in the third, Marline Bercher returned a punt 59 yards for the final tally, 34-0. Harry Jones races through opening over tackle in what turned out to be one of the Razorbacks ' finest team efforts. His carry set up touchdown. Bruce Maxwell Don McElvogue Jackie Moran Tackle Loyd Phillips convincingly clipped the wings of Rice ' s Chuck Latourette, a native of Arkansas. Rice Rally Fizzles, Porks Prevail The Rice Owls came to Little Rock determined to make coach Jess Neely ' s last trip to the state before his retirement a pleasant one, and they almost succeeded. But Arkansas rallied in the fourth quarter and took a 31-20 victory. The Porkers jumped ahead 3-0 on a 47-yard field goal by Bob White which set a new school record, and then picked up a touchdown with an eight yard run by Harry Jones, set up by Tommy Burnett ' s 56 yard pass reception. David Dickey hit at right tackle as time ran out in the first period, giving Arkansas a 17-0 lead. Rice charged back with two scored in the second period, making it 17-12 at halftime and took a 20-17 lead with three minutes left in the third. But Dickey put Arkansas back out front with a two- yard scoring. carry making it 24-20 and David Cooper added insurance by intercepting a Rice pass and return- ing it 37 yards to score. The Hogs came out on top, 31-20. STATISTICS Ark. Rice First Downs _ 11 14 Net Yards Rushing _ 61 118 Net Yards Passing _ 151 146 Passes _ _ 8-16 13-35 Punts . __ 8-39 7-37 Fumbles _ 0-0 0-0 Penalties _ 3-24 4-31 380 SMU Falls, By 22 Only Baylor had been able to mar the Razorbacks thus far during the season but everyone was talking about powerful SMU ' s Mustangs. So it developed that this was the game which should decide the Cotton Bowl team and the SWC champ. In addition it was Arkansas ' s homecoming and the game was a sellout. , And the 42,000 fans weren ' t disappointed. Arkansas took home a 22-0 victory, blunting the Ponies touted offense. Bob White started things off with a 39-yard field goal early in the first quarter and Marline Bercher kept up the steam in the second period. With 9:48 showing he scooped up a Mustang punt and raced 69 yards to paydirt, making it 9-0, the way it lasted until halftime. SMU made it into Arkansas territory only one time in the third period but Arkansas found the going a little rougher, too. But with 9:43 left in the game, David Dickey crossed over from one yard out ending a 65 yard drive that took ten plays. Louis Nalley Gordon Norwood Max Peacock Loyd Phillips HI David Dickey darted into Arkansas line after handoff from Jon Brittenum as Mustangs prepare to close in. It was a satisfying Razorback w in, 22-0. I I Mickey Maroney made a flying leap at SMU quarterback as Tommy Trantham (43) and Joe Paul Daves closed in. Loss ended Pony first down attempt. Defense Corrals Up Potent Ponies A gamble by the Ponies on a fake punt pass play gave Arkansas the ball on SMU ' s 26 and it took the Porkers 10 plays to score again. Dickey went over left tackle two yards for the score, giving Arkansas a 22-0 shutout. The win virtually assured Arkansas of its third straight trip to the Cotton Bowl with only one obstacle left, Texas Tech. STATISTICS Ark. SMU First Downs _ 22 9 Net Yards Rushing 249 116 Net Yards Passing 90 69 Passes . 7-15 6-16 Punts . - 2-44 8-30 Fumbles _ 1-1 1-1 Penalties _ _ 5-25 2-30 Terry Don Phillips Ernest Ruple Mike Sigman Tom Spradlin 382 Tech Tumbles Bowl Dreams, 21-16 Only days before the Razorbacks had lost a good friend in Claud Smithey and the seniors had dedicated their last game to him. That ' s why the 21-16 loss at the hands of the Red Raiders was a heartbreaker in more ways than one. It cost the Razorbacks a chance at the SWC title, a third straight Cotton Bowl appearance and ended a fabulous career by a hardy bunch of seniors on a dis- appointing note. Arkansas jumped to a 10-0 lead in the first period on Bob White ' s 21-yard field goal and a nine-yard carry around end by Jim Whisenhunt. But Tech retaliated early in the second with a score of its own, closing it to 10-7. Arkansas almost widened the gap on the next series but Jon Brittenum was stopped at the goal in a play that will be disputed for years. Tech scored twice in the third, making it 21-10 and although the Razorbacks fought back they could only manage one score on Brittenum ' s five yard run - which wasn ' t enough, and Arkansas lost, 21-16. STATISTICS Ark. Tech First Downs _ 14 18 Net Yards Rushing _. 129 192 Net Yards Passing _ 155 80 Passes _ _12-18 8-19 Punts _ 5-41 7-41 Fumbles 1 Penalties _. - 4-40 7-89 Defense forcibly halts Texas Tech quarterback in diving try at first down attempt. However, his plunge on next attempt was good and helped Hogs to fall behind. W 14 Terry Stewart Champ Thomas Richard Trail 383 David Dickey (44) cleared a pathway for fullback Eddie Woodlee as the Texas Tech defense tried quickly to adjust. Eddie Woodlee (31) watched Jon Brittenum ' s futile scoring attempt. 384 % r w? . ' Tommy Trantham Bob White Jim Whisenhunt Eddie Woodlee Death Takes University of Arkansas Athlete After suffering a brain injury in the Arkansas-Texas A M football game, Arkansas senior went into a coma and died two weeks later. A memorial award has been established for the hard-working senior who gave his life for the game he loved. Razorback Claud Smithey 385 Razorback All- Americans GO HOGS DEFENSIVE TACKLE LOYD PHILLIPS Unanimous All-American :| i ' ' ; MARTINE BERCHER All-American 386 IS HARRY JONES All-American DAVID COOPER Honorable Mention DAVID DICKEY All-American GARY ADAMS Honorable Mention DICK CUNNINGHAM All-American JON BRITTENUM All-American 387 All Southwest Conference x Dick Cunningham Offensive Tackle Loyd Phillips Defensive Tackle Jon Brittenum Quarterback Gary Adams Defensive Halfback BHHHHHHH Marline Bercher Safety Hartford Hamilton Defensive End David Dickey Tailback Melvin Gibbs Center 389 390 Hogs Spend Year Learning The Ropes An ambitious recruiting program started Duddy Waller off on the right foot when he took over from Glen Rose as head basketball coach last year. But going into his first season, the outstanding Shoat crew that Waller recruited wouldn ' t be able to help him. Waller, two seniors, a junior and a host of untried talent would have to go it alone in his first initial season. Waller faced several problems as the first outing on Dec. 1 rolled around. Not only were his players for the most part inexperienced, he also fielded one of the shorter teams in college ball and he was opening against two of the best basketball powers in the Midwest. Senior Tommy Rowland returned as the sparkplug of the squad with help from steady Wally Freeman, also in his final season. David Self, an improving junior and a host of sophomores filled in the rest of the gaps. Waller built his offense around Rowland, a decep- tive 6-4 ballhandler who specialized in working under the goal. He had plans for what he hoped would be a quicker offense that was always on the go, and noted once that if his team didn ' t win all the time, maybe they would at least run somebody to dealh. After opening with the two Midwest powers Kan- sas and Missouri, Waller found that his fears were running true. He discovered just how much damage a big man could be and also found his young crew need- ed a little more work on their fast break. Kansas took the opener, 73-57, before a home crowd and then the Razorbacks traveled to Missouri only to become the victims of a 73-66 loss that was actually closer than the score indicated. At the end of the first week, things were looking dim for Waller. His team was 0-2 and facing Oklahoma State, a powerhouse of defensive ball. But suddenly the Porkers gained cohesion and put together a 51-46 victory over the Cowboys in what Waller termed one of the Razorbacks ' most perfect games. Freeman pumped in 19 and Rowland 14 in that contest. A few days later Arkansas blew a 14-point half- time lead over the Centenary Gents and a magnificent scoring performance by Rowland went down the drain by one point. Centenary defeated the Razorbacks, 81-80, in the final nine seconds of the game with Rowland gunning in 35 points. Sophomore Benton Cone went high for two points against Centenary as teammate David Self watched and Tommy Rowland hurried downcourt. 391 Rowland Honored At LA Tournament That led to the first of two tournaments for the Hogs. First came the Memphis State Tourney, which developed into a father-son revenge for OSU and Mem- phis State. Arkansas lost to Memphis State, 43-16, coached by Henry Iba, son of Hank Iba, the OSU coach. Then OSU turned around and defeated Arkansas, 50-43, get- ting revenge for the earlier loss at the hands of the Razorbacks. Rowland put in 16 in the Memphis State loss and Self had a 15-point night against OSU. In Arkansas ' first Little Rock appearance the Phil- lips 66ers came out on top, 73-67, with Rowland scor- ing 29. Although the game didn ' t figure in with the regular season standings , it seemed real enough to the Razorbacks. The Los Angeles Holiday Classic marks the high- light more than likely in Tommy Rowland ' s basketball career. Although Arkansas only won one game, the Porkers became the favorite of the tourney by almost upsetting Southern Cal, only to lose 70-67 in the wan- ing moments. Then Michigan handed the Razorbacks a disappointing loss but the Hogs downed Arizona, 65-61. Marty Brown Benton Cone David Self attempted to block shot by Centenary player. Kenny Bailey Steve Fowler 392 ::-; . :_: : ' ' .. ; - ;.- ' -.,; -i; t dseor- ill lie to Ike Wall ie. the almost t wan- (lacks raona. In one of his rare outside shots, Tommy Rowland shoots over Centenary defender. Wally Freeman Sherman Jones Jacky Kimbrell First Home SWC Game Nets Win Rowland was unstoppable during the tournament. He poured in 76 points during the three games and was the leading scorer in the tournament. He even beat UCLA touted Lou Alcindor, who personally congratu- lated the Little Rock senior for his play. And suddenly, it was time for Southwest Confer- ence play. The Razorbacks opened with Texas, suffer- ing a 71-62 defeat in Austin. But returning to the home court, the Hogs came to life with a superb night of marksmanship and dumped the Texas Tech Red Raiders, 70-65. Arkansas hit 62 per cent from the field to take the victory. Baylor ' s Bears were picked to be one of the upper division teams in the league, battling it out with defend- ing champ SMU and the Bruins were without pity when they met the Razorbacks in Waco. Led by Darrell Hardy and a well organized fast break, Baylor defeated Arkansas, 65-53, with Freeman taking the Hog scoring honors with 16 as Rowland fol- lowed with 10. 393 II Benton Cone cut across court as Billy Tapp and Dave Olsen of the Texas R?d Raiders defense him. Gary Stephens waited in rear. Hogs Slide By A M At Little Rock Arkansas ' second trip to Little Rock was a little more pleasant, mainly because of a close 47-46 victory over Texas A M, which the Porkers preserved in the final minutes. Rowland put in 16 points in that triumph and Self helped with 12. Early in the season starter Jacky Kimbrell turned his ankle and the Porkers had to start breaking in Ben- ton Cone at his position. But Cone learned fast and fell in as a regular the rest of the season. A two-game road trip into Texas late in January netted two losses, first to Texas Christian and then to the Rice Owls. Freeman scored 23 and Rowland tallied 15 in the losing effort to TCU and Freeman led the scoring again against Rice. He totaled 15. Although three Razorbacks scored in double figures when Texas paid a visit to the Arkansas camp, the Longhorns still came out on top, 67-61. Cone topped scoring with 17. Rowland had 15 and Self 15. One half of the SWC league play had been finished and the Razorbacks discovered that more and more the league opponents were concentrating on bottling up Rowland. So Waller and his charges began an effort toward a more balanced scoring attack. A M got revenge on the Razorbacks from the free throw line and downed the Pigs, 60-53 on charity shots. 394 ; i : j :: ' -., m m m S B Tommy Rowland David Self Gary Stephens Gary Stephens stymied Tech defender on rebound try late in the contest. 395 Wally Freeman took a jump shot against the better wishes of two Texas Longhorns who prepared to defend. Gary Stephens is at side. Arkansas coach Frank Broyles presented Razorback Athletic trainer Bill Ferrell with Helms All-American Award in halftime ceremony. Sophomore Kenny Bailey attempted to push rebound away from Rice ' s Larry Miller while other Owls waited for a chance. 396 Rowland Honored As All-Southwest A solid scoring attack against the Rice Owls gave Arkansas another home win, this one by 66-63. Row- land came alive and poured in 22 points while Kenny Bailey tallied 13, Freeman got 12 and Cone scored 10. But an ill-fated road trip to Dallas saw the Pigs come home 69-66 losers for the second time to SMU. Maybe Tommy Rowland realized he stood a good chance to break the 400-mark for one season but at any rate he paced the Porkers to an 83-78 win over Texas Christian at home and topped the magic mark to boot. He put in 29 points, backed by Freeman ' s 24 and Self came through with 14 while Cone got 10. Texas Tech tumbled Arkansas ' hopes only days later with a 73-59 win over the Pigs and free throws cost Ar- kansas its final game of the season against Baylor, 68-55. Rowland scored 13 to bring his total to 433 for the season and finish as the second highest scorer in one season in Arkansas history. He was honored on the All- SWC team, the only Razorback to make the grade. Waller ' s first season ended with his crew taking a 6-17 mark and a 4-10 slate in SWC play, but with all but two performers returning next season, a banner year could be in store for the Razorbacks. Tommy Rowland astounded Owls with bounding layup attempt. Wally Freeman was surrounded by Baylor Bears, especially Darrell Hardy (55) as he received a pass. 397 First Row: Russell Cody, Gary Adams, Randy Taylor, Phil- lip Bryan, John Auffet. Second Row. Chuck Elder, Tom De- Berry, Ken Sharp, Dan Phillips, Rick Hegenberger, Floyd Alex- ander. Third Row: Coach Ab Bidwell, Bill Grier, John Galley, Larry Asselin, Gene Wilshire, Gordon Norwood, David Dickey, Jerry Petty, Assistant Coach Wallace Martin. Trackmen Break Records Distanceman Chuck Elder was second in SWC cross country. A Southwst Conference Championship in cross country, school records in the four mile relay and the sprint medley highlighted the busy year of Arkansas tracksters. Coached by Ad Bidwell and assistant Wallace Mar- tin, the Razorbacks made a successful bid for the three- mile fall event, winning the SWC title handily. Several of the top relay carnivals around the nation were a part of the Razorback ' s schedule. Indoor meets included the Memphis Indoor and the Kansas State In- vitational, with the Arkansas Relays, held in Razorback Stadium marking the start of the outdoor festivals. The Porkers broke the school four mile relay record at the Texas Relays and the following week lowered the school mark in the sprint medley at the Civitan Relays in Memphis. Arkansas also fared well at the Kansas Relays and the Drake Relays and took full squads in both the fresh- man and varsity divisions to the conference meet. Although the freshmen can only compete in five meets, a strong crew will help fill out a varsity which will be depleted next season by the graduation of sev- eral key performers. John Auffet, Randy Taylor, Jerry Flanagan, Bige Wray, Byron Fisher, Jim Morrison and Chuck Elder comprised the SWC championship team. 398 SWS Champs: John Auffet, Jim Morrison, Chuck Elder, Randy Taylor. Senior Pole Vaulter Ken Sharp Quartermilers John Gallay, Rick Hegenberger and Floyd Alexander were mainstays on several Porker relay teams. 399 Baseball Team Posts Improved Year Baseball coach Wayne Robbins saw the successful conclusion of the Porkers first winning baseball season since 1962, thanks to an improved lot of returnees from last year, plus a hustling bunch of junior college trans- fers. A schedule of 30 games, twelve of them planned for the Razorbacks ' home field, faced the Porkers with out- outstanding teams such as Wisconsin, Indiana, Pan American, Kansas State, Memphis State and Trinity studded the schedule. A pitching staff of John Tyra, Butch Hopkins, Butch Edwards, Wally Freeman and Steve Reagan carried most of the load of the 15-14 season. The highlight of the season was a nine game road trip during the Easter Break to San Antonio where the Porkers participated in a loose round-robin tourney with top teams from around the nation. That was followed by six straight home games, test- ing Southwest Missouri, William Jewell and Pittsburgh State. Transfers included Bill Brill, Archie Jennings, Cot- ton Nye and Steve Reagan, all of whom saw competition. Hopkins was the leading pitcher with Bill Brill and Bill Standley the leading hitters. Razorbacks tested Tulsa at Washington Fairgrounds. First Row. Don Traylor, Tommy Henry, Don Mason, Joe Stafford, Terry Baker, Cotton Nye, Mike Muldoon. Second Row: Butch Edwards, Steve McKissack, Steve Reagan, Archie Jen- nings, Randy Marshall, Bill Brill, Bill Standley. Third Row: Manager Lynn Foster, Wally Freeman, Ronnie Tiffee, Ken Westerside, Don Jones, Mike Perkins, Butch Hopkins, John Tyra, Fred Washington, coach Wayne Robbins. 400 Team composed of Tommy How- ard, Richard McCauley, Hal Shar- ber, Jim McCord, Randy Coleman, Sammy Brown, Harry Lewis, Mike McCutcheon, Sam Puryear with coach Danny Mason in front. Golfers Use Depth For Fine Season An untimely loss at the hands of the new SWC golf champ Texas A M cost the Razorbacks a chance at a portion of the conference crown but coach Danny Mason still saw his golfers turn in a creditable win- ning season. Only the A M loss marred the Razorbacks ' confer- ence slate late in the season, although a loss to Texas early in the running got the Porkers off to a slow start. Mason is looking for another banner year next season, too. Tommy Howard, Sammy Brown, Mike McCutcheon and David McCauley comprised the top foursome and McCutcheon will be the only one of the quartet lost to graduation. McCauley is a junior while Howard and Brown are both sophomores. In addition to the conference slate Arkansas took on Tulsa, Western Illinois, Northeast Oklahoma State, Memphis State and competed in two of the nation ' s top tournaments the New Mexico State Tournament and the All-American Tournament. Tennis Team Has Winning Season After losing four men off the tennis squad, the Raz- orbacks made a strong comeback with a core of five competitors and put together a winning tennis season. Competing in a ten meet schedule, the Razorbacks faced area powers such as Memphis State, Tulsa, South- west Missouri, Central Missouri and Northeast Okla- homa State. Ben Barry, Murray Harding, and David Reding ranked as three top performers with strong help in the doubles from Jack McNulty and Steve Duffel. The Porkers will lose only one netter to graduation and should be improved for next season with a quartet of experienced hands. Dr. Rodney Ryan served as ten- nis coach. Netters Ben Barry and Jack McNulty. Shoat Danny Keeter went on offense with shot good for two points, . 402 SHOAT TRACK TEAM: Bottom Row: Paul Blevins, Pat Ro- mero, Lannie Kimbrough, Rick Bautisto, Bob Vinson, Ken Hughes, Dick Eddy, Chris Masieso. Top Row: Ken Fortner, Gary Carter, Phil Moudy, Dennis Berner, Doug Peters, Bill Burnett, Steve Pittman, Bob Wilson. Frosh football players got tougher knocking heads with the varsity. Ben Barry led netters against tough schedule Shoat Rick Tannenberger brought down rebounds in Bacone win. Shoat Teams Cap Successful Season It was a strong season for the Arkansas Shoats in all sports - football, basketball, track, baseball and swimming. During the football season the frosh opened by los- ing two straight, but each only by a touchdown. How- ever, after losing to SMU and Texas Tech, the Shoats finished with three straight, downing North Texas, Tul- sa and Oklahoma State. The Tulsa game turned out to be a 60-8 rout and freshman Mike Hendren made it an all-round success- ful year by breaking the Shoat ball-carrying records of Jackie Brasuell. Arkansas ' basketball frosh, ripping off several straight wins finished with an impressive 10-2 record, including a 115-97 victory over Beebe JC. The Shoats were led by Rick Tannenberger, Danny Keeter, Mack McAllister, Bobby Vint and Robert Mc- Kenzie, who set new Shoat scoring records. Freshman tracksters competed in five meets during the season and did well at the SWC Meet and the base- ball frosh will make positions hard to keep on the var- sity by moving up next season. Shoat swimmers, who couldn ' t compete with the varsity, had better times in several events, especially swimmer Don Baker. 403 Razorbacks plane out towards water in dual meet with cadets from the Air Force Academy. Although Porkers lost, several pool records were set. Swimmers Swamp SW Conference It was the first year that the Razorbacks have field- ed a swimming team which met a full slate of competi- tion and coach Mel Patterson was pleased with the initial results. As a newcomer to the Southwest swimming circles the Porkers were babes in the water, so to speak, but Patterson is looking for a possible chance at competi- tion in the Nationals next year. In the first season Arkansas placed fifth in the Southwest Conference meet, beating the Rice Owls, an- other SWC newcomer. Earlier in a meet in Texas the Owls had outpointed the Pigs and Patterson and his charges were out to get even. Gary Richardson and Kampon Tansacha paced the Razorbacks to a new school record in the 200-yard breaststroke and backstroke. Richardson got the back- stroke mark and Tansacha the breaststroke and he also erased the school mark in the 100-yard breaststroke. A strong relay team composed of Tansacha, Rich- ardson, Alan Wray and Frank Browne helped the Porkers in the medley events. Next season, with an increased scholarship allotment and expanded schedule. Patterson hopes the new marks will be lowered. 404 Swimmer brings it home in butterfly event. Intramurals Offer Increased Slate With increasing participation in intramural ath- letics this past year, estimated at well over 1,500, the Intramural Department has offered a wide range of activities. The competition was divided into four divisions - Triple A, Double A, Dorm League and Independent League. Sigma Nu won the AAA football title, defeating Lambda Chi, 24-18, while the Ski Bees took the AA title, the Sabers won the Independent play and Hoi- combe No. One took the Dorm League crown. Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Gamma Rho came out on top in basketball play. Other sports offered during the year were volley- ball, Softball, tennis, golf, pool, horseshoes, handball, snooker, ping pong, swimming, track and bowling. Although there were so many participants in out- door sports, such as football and baseball that new facilities had to be found, next season the Intramural Office hopes to have that solved. Dr. Rodney Ryan and Danny Mason were in charge of the program with help from graduate students. Yocum Fifth Floor battled it out with Droke House team. Phi Deltj tcrapptd with AGR ' s for intramural basketball championship. Alpha Gamma Rho finally won. 405 .I-LJM K Volleyball play drew hundreds of enthusiasts during winter months. Two dorm teams fight for win. Increased number of teams in soft- ball play caused Department to seek out new intramural play fields. 406 Volleyball ranked as top participant sport in women ' s intramurals. Swimming meet was in second year as intramural function. WRA Offers Varied Sport Program Women ' s intramurals, handled by the Women ' s Rec- reation Association, enjoyed an increased number of participants during the past year. Activities were offered in the fields of basketball, Softball, volleyball, archery. The WRA is designed to offer a well-rounded pro- gram of physical fitness activities for undergraduate women. Over 300 women with about 15 teams competed for the Sweepstakes Award, given annually by the WRA for the top intramural women ' s team. Other activities which were sponsored by the WRA included a diving meet, speed ball, swimming, dance, badminton, and table tennis. Sigma Chis and Lambda Chis battled, also in football. ll 407 Cheerleaders, showing tendency to lean toward right, drew mixed sounds from student crowd packed into Greek Theater for rally. Cheerleaders Draw Porker Spirit The 1966-67 year turned out to be an exciting one for the Arkansas cheerleaders, who were evident at practically every major sports function at the University. Bright new cheerleader uniforms were part of the picture as the football season rolled around. Although many might believe that the job of a college cheerleader is easy, limited only to showing up for sporting events. Along with arranging the pep rallies during foot- ball season and working with the Arkansas Boosters Clubs, the cheerleaders must arrange for rally announc- ers and plan special pep rallies, such as the ones held for the basketball season. Not only that, the cheerleaders serve as a reflection of the University. For example, 40,000 fans, including students gather in Razorback Stadium on Saturday afternoons and call the Hogs at the beckon of the cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are selected in the Spring. Joe Sing served as captain of the cheerleaders. Cheerleader Captain Joe Sing, Sigma Pi 408 Carole Bowman Pi Beta Phi Cheerleaders not only call Hogs but got fans to yell, too. : 1 John Keel Sigma Pi Eddie Marrs Sigma Chi Winifred Smith Chi Omega Bev White Kappa Kappa Gamma Woody White Sigma Chi Claudette Wright Zeta Tau Alpha 409 Mary Brown Hotz Hall Judy Davis Hotz Hall Suzy Gerety Delta Delta Delta Pam Hamm Fulbright Hall Linda Keene Alpha Chi Omega Dana Lynch Hotz Hall Diane McKinney Kappa Alpha Theta Josie Matlock Delta Gamma Jamie Newton Delta Delta Delta 410 Majorettes, T wirier s Work For Team A lot of work goes into being a majorette, a drum major or a member of the Marching Razorbacks, who provide part of the excitement and glamor of the Ar- kansas sports scene. Julie Ellis and Rick Lowery served as the feature twirlers for the past season and Linda Rowland was line captain of the majorettes. ' Bill Wooley was the head drum major for the March- ing Razorbacks and John Richardson served as the As- sistant Drum Major. Try outs are held in the Spring for majorettes, drum major and feature twirler. This year three new girls were chosen as feature twirlers and a new assistant drum major was picked. The Marching Razorbacks, numbering 150 strong, the feature twirlers, drum majors and the majorettes practice three days a week for two hours a day and on home or Little Rock games practice the morning of the game. For out of town games they practice for about an hour before game time. FEATURE TWIRLERS Julie Ellis and Rick Lowery, feature twirlers. Linda Rowland Delta Delta Delta DRUM MAJORS Drum Majors were Bill Wooley, standing, and John Richardson. 411 Marching Razorbacks Cheryl Crites, band veteran, shows typical Razorback The Marching Razorbacks kneel to acknowledge applause from a packed stadium. nonchalance while approaching the field. m The Marching Razorbacks, easily identified in their distinctive red, white, and midnight blue uniforms or their Marching Razorback sweatshirts, added spirit to the football games and pep to the pep rallies all year long. The Band also paraded through the streets of Fayetteville on such occasions as torchlight parades to Wilson Sharp and Homecoming parades. Assisted by talented twirlers, the Band performed pre-game and half-time shows in Razorback and War Memorial Sta- diums, and traveled to out-of-town games. The March- ing Razorbacks are nationally famous, and always pre- sent excellent precision and pageantry shows for the fans. Members are selected after studying the marching style and trying out. The Marching Razorbacks sponsor Band Day, on which they host visiting high school bands. This provides a very colorful spectacle for the crowd. The Band has a full schedule creating spirit, and lets the team know that they are behind them all the way especially with their unique cheers. Dr. Richard Worthington is the director, and many of the half-time shows are arranged for the Marching Razorbacks by Dr. Lawrence Meyer. Doc sees all, knows all, from his wobbly vantage point. 412 Bill Wooley retained composure as Linda Keene wielded her baton. The Bandsmen strode onto the field, thrilling the Razorback ROOTERS. Enthusiastic bandsmen raced to the field for the big half-time shows. 413 Division 1 3, Classes . . ' The return of the fall season brought beauty and students to the U of A campus once again. Crowded sidewalks marked the beginning of classes. First Row: John C. ADAMS: Fayetteville. John Tilman ADAMS: Jonesboro. Missy ALFORD: Little Rock; Mortar Board; ZTA, President, Social Chairman; Razorback Cheer- leader 1965-66; Who ' s Who; Chimes, Treasurer; RAZORBACK, Associate Editor 1966; Graduate Resident, Hotz Hall; Senior Counselor, Fulbright Hall. Kenneth Owen ALLEN: Bismarck. Md Afsar ALI: Dacca, Pakistan; AIIE; International Club. Second Raw: John R. ANSTEY: Omaha, Neb. Mildred Eu- genia AWBREY: Magnolia; Graduate Assistant. Bernia Hayes BAILEY: Enola; Graduate Assistant. Mary Lee BAILEY: Searcy. Floyd Earl BAKER: McCrory. Third Row: Charlotte Ann BARKLEY: Jonesboro. Ronald David BARNETT: Bradley; T2A; AZ, Treasurer; Agronomy Club; Baptist Student Union. Donna Louise BARTELL: Hot Springs; KKP. Leland Benjamin BARTLETT Jr.: Little Rock; K2, Alumni Advisor; AK ; BP2; PA. Lanny BATEMAN: De- light; Graduate Assistant. U of A Adopts New I. D. System First Row. James Owen BAUGH: American Chemical So- ciety. Terry Robert BEAN: Benton; ENGINEER, Editor, Busi- ness Manager; AIIE, Vice-President; Student Senate; 0T; Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer; Sedgewell House, President; MIHC, Social Chairman; Counselor; Engineering Council; Circle K. Hendrik Cornelis BEKKERING: Bunnik, Holland; Glenn Harris BENNETT: Sidon. Allen W. BERRY: Harris- burg; BA , President, Recording Secretary; EPS; Account- ing Association. Second Row: Patricia Anne BLEIDT: Normal, HI.; Gradu- ate Resident. Michael Joseph BORENGASSER: Fort Smith. Wallace R. BORGESON: Hot Springs; BA , Vice-President, Treasurer; EPS. John Hughit BOULET: Crowley, La. Mary Lavender BOWEN: Fayetteville; TO, President; AAA; P2A. Third Row: Thomas Eugene BOWEN: Fayetteville; Agricul- ture Students Association; Animal Industry Club. Tom Allison BROWN: Swifton; AFP. Robert L. BUFKIN: Fayetteville. Lyn- don Douglas BURTON: Texarkana. Clarence K. CAGLE: Rog- ers; Honor Roll; Young Republicans; Society for Advancement of Management. Fourth Row: Gordon Wayne CAGLE: Arkadelphia. Julian Dale CALHOON: Elgine. M. G. CAMERON: Aurora, Mo.; AK. Bill Elaine CAMPBELL: Beloit, Kan. Oscar Emerson CAPPS: Sallisaw, Okla. Fifth Row: Patrick Meek CARRAWAY: Warren. Ronald R. CARMAN: Bartlesville, Okla. William Grady CARTER Jr.: Texarkana. Ronald Lee CALTLEMAN: Madison, Tenn. James P. CATHEY: Magnolia. Sixth Row: Winston Griggs CHANDLER: Little Rock. June Strang CHASE: Midland, Tex. Lanny Gordon CHAS- TEEN: Texarkana, Tex.; Ozark Economic Association. H. Paul CLAMPIT: Whitehall; TBII; HKN; IEEE; Am ateur Radio Club, Treasurer; Graduate Assistant. Stephen Lee CLARK: Little Rock. 416 Graduates " Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble! " First Row: Paul Kenneth CLEMENTS: Kingsland. Otto Wilson CLIFTON Jr.: Brinkley. Jerome F. CLIMER: North Little Rock; Resident Assistant. Gerald Franklin COLVIN: Gentry; ASBA Newsletter, Editor. Dale G. COSGROVE: Spring- dale. Second Row: E. Maurice COTTINGHAM Jr.: Columbia, La. George Ellis COUNTS: Wesley; AK. Sidney Dade COX Jr.: Fayetteville. Lamar CRALL: Weatherford, Okla.; BA . Mary Jo DALMASSO: Portland, Ore. Third Row: Kenneth E. DAMANN Jr.: Charleston, 111. Clen- na Belle DAVIS: Siloam Springs. Jerry Lee DAVIS: Fort Smith; X; NASA Fellowship. Bennett Wayne DEAN: Mobile, Ala. John Paul DEAN: Alma. Fourth Row: Reta Martin DEAN: Searcy. Richard Thomas DEAN: Fayetteville. Richard Edward DEHN: Belleville, 111. Tushar Satishchandra DHRUV: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India; AIIE; International Students Club. Ronald Eugene DICK: Amarillo, Tex. Fifth Row: Georgia Louise DORTCH: Scott. Lynn C. DOYLE: Carlisle. Roger Dan EDWARDS: Bald Knob; THE; BTS; Student Religious Council. Tom Steele ELLIS: Arkadel- phia. Leonard E. EULITT: Miami, Okla. Sixth Row: Wallace A. EVANS: Searcy. Ronald Edmond EVERETT: Clarendon; AZ; ATA; Entomology Club. Jerry Wayne FLEMING: Fort Smith. Garland Michael FOREMAN: Monticello; AX2. Charles P. FOSTER: Magnet Cove. Seventh Row: Ben Presley FREASIER Jr.: Little Rock. Charles B. FRILET: Mission, Kan.; SN; 6T; AIIM. Ben David FUQUA: Farmington, Ky. Jimmy L. GATTIS: Ozark. Kishor Lavchand GHELANI: Bombay, Maharanshtra, India. 417 Graduates The older generation patronized the book store. They were the only persons who could afford the prices. V j T g? Sow: Alfred Peter GIARRUSSO: New Orleans, La. Orpha Ray GIBSON: Blue Eye, Mo. KAII, Vice-President. Jonny M. GILLOCK: Muskogee, Okla. ; Schola Cantorum. Philip S. GIPSON: Fort Smith. Marvin C. GOOD: Valparaiso, Ind.; Society for Advancement of Mana gement; AK ; Market- ing Club; Clean ' s List. Second Row: Henry Arthur GOTTLEBER: Fayetteville. Al- bert Wayne GROCE: Wilmar; AZ; FZA; Arkansas Animal In- dustry Club, President. Carl Douglas HACKELTON: Gould; Student Bar Association. John Charles HALE: Fayetteville. Kirk K. HALE Jr.: Fayetteville; AXA; OAK; HZ; AZ; Animal Industry Club. Third Row: Wanda M. HARRELL: Magnolia; Graduate As- sistant. Claudia Price HARTNESS: Monticello. Billy Daniel HIGGINS: Fort Smith. Doyne Turner HOGAN: Conway. Thyla Jean HOGAN: Conway. Fourth Row: Garrett HOGG III: Springfield, Mo. Jesse Carol HOLLOWAY: Tillar; IIME; TBIT; HKN; Scabbard and Blade. Randol Webb HOOPER: Des Arc; Student Senate, TBII; IIT2; IIME; H2; Engineer ' s Council. Joseph Marion HUDSON: Springdale; ZN; AZ. Robert Lewis HUDSON: Calico Rock; BK; " 2g; IIME; X. Fifth Row: Stephen J. HULL: Emerson; AZ; T2A; Animal Industry Club. Bobby Joe HUMPHREY: Kensett. Garland G. HUNNICUTT: Crane, Tex. George D. HURLEY: El Dorado; ZX; Blue Key; Who ' s Who. Lewis Cleveland JACKS: Pine Bluff. Sixth Row: Glenn Alvin JENT: Neosho, Mo.; AX; ZTA; Baptist Student Union. David Lee JOHNSON: Baton Rouge, La.; H2; nFM; BF2; K J . Otis Leon JOHNSON Jr.: Mon- roe, La. Rebecca H. JOHNSON, Benton; KKT. Sallye Ann JOHNSON: West Helena. Seventh Row: William Lee JOHNSON: Pine Bluff. Michael D. JONES: Mineral Springs; AKA; TBII; AE, President; ASAE, Vice-President, Treasurer; Engineering Council; Young Democrats. Wayne Taylor KETON: Swifton. Richard Sanders KEY: Gregory. Suresh R. KHARIWALA: Bombay, India. 418 First Row: Thomas Joseph KIRK: Paragould; 2X; 6T; AIIM; AIIE, President; Engineering Council. Joseph James KNOTT: Bentonville. Herbert Dean LAIR: Harrison; IIME. Helendale LEDBETTER: PrescotL Lynn Morris LEEK: Dumas; A9; OAK; TBII; nME; Cardinal XX; Engineering Council; AIChE; T2; Circle K. Second Row: Byers Mack LINDSEY Jr.: Little Rock; Phi- losophy Club; Fine Arts Film Committee. Frank Julian LINN: Marshfield, Mo.; AK. Patricit Jean LIVINGSTON: Bearden. John William LOHMAR: Fayetteville. Arland Wayne LYONS: Nashville. Third Row: Gary Stephen MARKLAND: Little Rock. Ralph Gene MARTIN: Dumas; AZ; Agriculture Economics Club; Agricultural Students Association. Brian Layne MASHBURN: Little Rock. John Louis McDANIEL: Forrest City; AZ; T2A; Agronomy Club. Jim Ed McGEE: Plainview. OCW, Davis Lead Semester Grades First Row: Susan Carroll McKNELLY: Little Rock; BK; KKT; Student Senate; AWS Committees; Student Union Com- mittees; Sophomore Counselor; Senior Counselor. Ronald Dee McKENZIE: Pine Bluff. Philip Keith McKNELLY: Little Rock; PEM Club; Track, Cross Country. Stephen John Mc- KOWN: Fayetteville. F. Lamar McMILLEN Jr.: Little Rock; SN. Second Row: William Dalton McMORAN: Hot Springs; 9T; 2FE. Dale Claridge MADDEN: Beedeville. Norman Fd- ward MADDEN: Beedeville; ASAE. James Eugene McCLURE: Nashville: TBII; HKN, Corresponding Secretary; IIME; HZ; IEEE. Lowell Wayne MILLER: Jonesboro. Third Row: Joe R. MOORE: Pocahontas. Nicholas Randel MOORE Jr.: West Helena. Jim Lee MORGAN: Little Rock; Assistant to the Dean of Men; Head Resident, Holcombe Hall; Vice-President, Associated Students; Chairman, Board of Publi- cations; MIHC, Vice-President, Counselor, Yocum Hall; Who ' s Who; Blue Key; BF2, President; H2; University Discipline Committee; President ' s Facilities, Use Ad Hoc Committee; Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Committee, Chairman. Alice Ann MUNSON: Russellville. Barbara Ann NIBLETT: Boyd, Tex. Fourth Row: Pat Duane O ' DONNELL: Gravette. Michael Charles O ' M ALLEY: Little Rock; Newman Club; Young Demo- crats. E. C. O ' NEAL: Charleston; Graduate Assistant. Michael VanDusen O ' QUINN: Malvern; AK, Vice-President. Billy Wayne PALMER: Dermott. Fifth Row: Sherman B. PETERSON: Siloam Springs. James Edward PHIFER Jr.: Coral Gables, Fla.; 2FE. Dale Lewis PILANT: Washburn, Mo. Ronnie Joe PROFFITT: Dermott. Thomas A. PULLIG: McNeil. Sixth Row: Robert Eugene REECE: Bentonville; ASCE. Robert H. RHODES: Little Rock; AFP, Reporter, 1st Vice- President, Pledge Trainer; IFPC; Animal Industry Club. John David RICHARDSON: Reyno. Gayland Wilson ROBERTS: Dumas, Tex. Marie May ROUSE: Fayetteville. 419 First Row: Carl T. RUTLEDGE: Fayetteville; BK; 2H2. Homer Lee SAUNDERS: Fayetteville. Betty Anne SCHAEFER: Marionville, Mo.; Graduate Assistant. Ernest J. SCHROEDER: Jonesboro; XE; ASCE; Pershing Rifles. Henry David SCOGIN: War- ren. Ashok Kumar SETHI: Rhotak, Punjab, India. Second Row. Ashvin N. SHAH: Rander, Gujarat, India. Suresh Hiralal SHAH: Bombay, Maharashtra, India; AIIE. Roy B. SHAVER: Evening Shade; AK. Jack G. SHEPPARD: Little Rock. Lynda Anne SHIVELY: Houston. Faril SIMPSON Jr.: Sheridan. Third Row: Robert B. SLOAN: Jonesboro. Donnie Ray SMITH: Stuttgart; 2X; OAK; AZ; FZA. Judy Carolina SMITH : Pine Bluff. Sandra Elizabeth SMITH: Little Rock; XH; Graduate Resident. John- nie Park SNOW: Abilene, Tex. Franklin Dee SPANN: Springdale. WIHC-MIHC Attend Conference OM;: Maribeth Ann SPEARMON: North Little Rock; KKF. George Henry SPIES III: Elkhart, Ind.. Carol Ann SPIVEY: St. Louis, Mo.; KA9; Pan- hellenic Council; SNEA. Dennis P. STANCZAK: Gary, Ind. David John STEGINK: Muskegon, Mich. William Franklin STEINER Jr.: Mobile, Ala. Second Row: Jon Michael STUBBLEFIELD: Fay- etteville. Euna Jane SUITT: Hot Springs; ASA; AX12; KAIT; Who ' s Who. Michael John SWEENEY: Rus- sellville; ASA Key; Farmhouse, Treasurer; AZ; ATA; AI Club. Reuben R. THOMAS: Rosebud; A9. Scott P. THOMAS: Beaumont, Tex.; AIIE. Hermann O. THOMSEN: Hamburg, Germany. Third Row: Marland C. THURSTON: Hiwasse; AX2. Billy D. THOMPSON: North Little Rock. James Shipp TRIESCHMANN: Little Rock; A6. Milton Ray TUCKER: Crowville, La. James Ethridge TURNER: Havana. Nancy Rebecca TURNER: Branch; Graduate Counselor. Fourth Row: Thomas Patrick TYLER: Conway. Duane Evert VANDENBERG: Houston, Tex.; Arnold Air Society. Manohar Raghunath WANJARI: New Delhi, India. Bi-Cheng WANG: Taipei, Taiwan, China. Harold Waymon WATKINS: Booneville. Kay Me- Clanahan WEAVER: Pine Bluff; KKF; SAII; AT; Episcopal Center; AWS Judicial Board. Fifth Row: Marvin Edward WHITEHEAD: Lewis- ville; BTZ; AK ; ITKA, Scholarship Chairman; Civic Club. James Hamilton WILLIAMS: McKees- port, Pa. Shirley Sue WILLIAMS: Hollis, Okla.; Stu- dent Senate. Loyd Earl WILLIFORD: Forrest City. Doris Ann WILSON: Fayettevilh. Thomas Henry WILSON: Camden; Entomology Club. Sixth Row: Tommy Sullivan WIMPY: Harrisburg; ZX, Secretary, Pledge Trainer; Young Republicans; Agronomy Club. Timothy Joel WOODY: Greenwood; AZ; Animal Industry Club; AGRICULTURIST Staff; TZA; ASA. Wallace Henry WYETH: McGehee. Alice Andrea WYNN: Dallas,, Tex. William Vincent WYATT: Blytheville. Patsy Gradene YOUNG: Mon- ticello. 420 _ HHMWNHMNM First Row: Richard B. ALLEN: Kirkwood, Mo. William R. BAKER: North Little Rock; Student Bar Association. Daniel Eugene BARTELL: North Little Rock; 2X; AK ; AA. Henry Titus BLACK: Stamps. John Graham BLACK: Corning. G. Leroy BLANKENSHIP: Jonesboro; Student Bar Associa- tion; t AA; LAW REVIEW, Assistant Editor, Business Manager. Second Row: David Byron BOGARD: North Little Rock. Frank Wayne BOOTH: Van Buren; AA. John Dudley BRIDG FORTH: Forrest City; 2AE. Carman Holder BROWN: Little Rock; Student Bar Associa- tion. Jack Eugene BROWNE: Jonesboro. James Madi- son BRYANT II: Clarksville; AA; Student Bar As- sociation. Third Row: Lloyd R. BUEHNER III: Joplin, Mo.; Student Bar Association. James Quitman BURGESS Jr.: Strong; 2AE. Kenny R. CAMPBELL: Witts Springs. John Neal CANTWELL: Alpena; Student Bar Association. Michael Joseph CARR: Brooklyn, N. Y.; Student Bar Association; Newman Club. Clar- ence Walden CASH: Batesville. UA Accredited by North Central AVsi Sow: Stephen CHOATE: Little Rock. James Corbin CLARK: North Little Rock. Nathan Lewis COMBS: Fayetteville; TKE, Historian, Social Chair- man; Arkansas Accounting Association; Society for the Advancement of Management; Student Bar Asso- ciation. James Ricks COOPER: Little Rock. Herman Bailes COX: Texarkana; Student Bar Association. Robert Lee CRAIG: Blytheville; Student Bar Asso- ciation. Second Row: Michael Lee CRUSE: Little Rock; 2X; Student Bar Association. Troy R. DOUGLAS: Charleston; LAW REVIEW, Staff. James D. EMER- SON: Mena; $AA; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats. Gibbs FERGUSON: McGehee. Horace James FIKES: Pine Bluff; AK ; BF2. Clarence V. FORD Jr.: Little Rock; Student Bar Association. Third Row: Donald Arthur FORREST: Wynne. Wayne A. FORSTER: Webster, N. Y. Mahlon Gary GIBSON: Fayetteville; Student Bar Association; AA. Andrew G. Ladd GOESL: Texarkana. Donald Scott GOODNER: Waldron; Circle K; AX2; Collegi- ate Academy of Science; Razorback Band; University Chorus: Student Bar Association; AA. Jack Elliott GORDON Jr.: Claremore; Student Bar Association. Fourth Row: John Stuart GREENE Jr.: Hope; Student Bar Association. James Robert HANNAH: Harrison. William Thomas HARPER Jr.: Fort Smith; 2N. Frederick Daniel HARRELSON: Forrest City; 2AE, President, Treasurer; OA2; BA ; LAW RE- VIEW, Staff. Frederick Gene HARRELSON Jr.: Ar- kadelphia: Student Bar Association. Larry Obed HARTNESS: Monticello. Fifth Row: Richard Franklin HATFIELD: Fay- etteville; 2X; OAK, President; " A " Club; Who ' s Who; BA ; TIME; AK . Floyd Jefferson HAYS Jr.: Hot Springs; AK ; Student Bar Association. John R. HENRY: Lake City; Student Bar Associa- tion; AA. Troy L. HENRY: Black Oak. Kaneaster HODGES Jr.: Newport; Honor Council: Leflar Award in Torts: AA, Vice-President; Blue Key; De- fense Counsel: Student Court; LAW REVIEW, Editor; Dean ' s List; Student Bar Association, Executive Coun- cil. Norman Leycester HODGES Jr.: Pine Bluff; Stu- dent Bar Association; Young Democrats. Sixth Row: Jimmy Leo HOOPER: Texarkana. David B. HOPKINS: Texarkana; AA; Student Bar Association. David T. HUBBARD: Fort Smith; BF2. Jerry Donald JACKSON: Little Rock; Student Sen- ate: Young Democrats, President. Vice-President; Stu- dent Bar Association. Jimmy Clvde JOHNSON: Moun- tain Home. Johnny Louis JOHNSON: Clinton. 421 Campus First Row: Kenneth Lowell JOHNSON Jr.: Pine Bluff; Stu- dent Bar Association. Maynard Perry JOHNSON Jr.: Pass Christian, Miss.; Student Bar Association. Eugene T. KELLEY: Fayetteville; Student Bar Association; AA. Lemuel Harriss KERR III: El Dorado. William A. LAFFERTY: North Little Rock; 2X; Cardinal XX; Student Bar Association. Second Row: Thomas Dale LEDBETTER: Harrison; Stu- dent Bar Association; 4 AA; AK; AT; Young Republicans. Robert David LEWIS: North Little Rock; Buchanan House, President; Davis House, Social Chairman; Student Bar Associa- tion. John R. LINGLE: Piggott. Vernon John LISLE Jr.: Fay- etteville. Robert Lynn LOWERY: Junction City. Third Row: Robert Cunningham LOWRY: Little Rock; A6, Secretary, Warden, Parliamentarian. Philip Kirkland LYON: Warren; AA; Student Bar Association; Law Review, Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief; Robert A. Leflar Award; Dean ' s List. John Michael McBEE: Hobbs, N. M. Lucian Philip McCLENDON: Warren; Young Republicans; Student Bar As- sociation; Senator. Eddie R. McNUTT: Conway; Student Bar Association; 4 AA. Leaders Hold Conference First Row: Michael J. MARSHALL: Schenectady, N. Y.; Student Bar Association; Newman Club. Howard L. MARTIN: North Little Rock; Civic Club; Pre-Law Club; Young Republi- cans; AKA, Secretary; Society for Advancement of Manage- ment; IFC Rush Book Editor; Editor 1965 Alpha Kap of AM; Commerce Guild. Larry W. MEYER: Mt. Vernon, Mo.; SN; BF2; Blue Key; AK . Richard T. MILES: Fayetteville. George Bowie MILLER Jr.: Helena. Second Row: Sharon E. MILLER: Helena. Ronnie H. MIN- NICK: Ashdown. Thomas Ark MONROE III: Magnolia. Henry Clay MOORE: Little Rock; 2N; Student Bar Association, Pres- ident; LAW REVIEW, Editor; AA. Henry Carol MORRIS: Horatio; Young Democrats, Vice-President, President; Stu- dent Bar Association; 4 AA, Treasurer; AKA; Foreign Rela- tions Club, Vice-President. Third Row: Lee A. MUNSON: Booneville; J AA; Student Bar Association. Jim Roger NASH: Little Rock. William Leon- ard OWEN: Little Rock; Student Bar Association. Gary Evan PEEL: East St. Louis, 111. Don H. PATILLO: DeWitt. Fourth Row: Jerry Dean PINSON: Harrison; 2AE, Presi- dent, Vice-President; Blue Key, Secretary; H2; Who ' s Who; Who ' s Who in Business School; Student Senate; AK , Secre- tary. Richard Lee PROCTOR: Wynne; TKE, Rush Chairman, Treasurer; Student Bar Association. Donald Cue PULLEN: Hot Springs; 211. Stephen Mathew REASONER: Fayetteville; 2 E, President, Secretary; OAK; Student Bar Association. Donald Raymond REBSAMEN: Eudora. Fifth Row: James Kirby RIFFEL: Little Rock; Student Bar Association, President; Blue Key, Treasurer; LAW REVIEW; AA, Vice-President; Men ' s Dorms Counselor; 4 16. Joe Mark ROGERS: Tucker; 2AE; AEA; X. Lee O. ROGERS Jr.: Little Rock. Billy E. ROSS: Blytheville; Who ' s Who; Gaebale Director; Singfony Director; Civic Club, President, Vice-Presi- dent; Marketing Club, President; Blue Key; Who ' s Who in Business College; AXA; AA; LAW REVIEW, Business Man- ager. Michael G. ROTHMAN: Fayetteville; TKE; Gaebale Committee; Canterbury Club; Student Religious Council. Sixth Row: Ted H. SANDERS: Marshall; HKA; BA ; AK ; Accounting Association; Civic Club; Student Bar Asso- ciation. Larry SATTERFIELD: Green Forest. Howard Alan SCHAINKER: St. Louis; BA. Donald Curtis SCHOLLEN- BERGER: Richardson, Tex. Keith Larue SCHULTZ: Fort Smith; 2 E, Controller; AK ' I ' ; Student Union Activities Chairman; Student Bar Association. 422 Law HHHBHNMHMBI Bill Dillard drowned his sorrows in a schooner of Schlitz. Larry James resorted to a less intoxicating bever- age. Don Johnson offered consolations to both. Gilbert is Honorary ROTC Colonel first WOK;: James Barton SIKES: North Little Rock; Scab- bard and Blade; Acacia, Vice-President, House Manager; Young Democrats, Executive Council. Harrel Abner SIMPSON Jr.: Pocahontas; Student Bar Association; 4 AA, Justice. Richard L. SLAGLE: Hot Springs; Student Bar Association; Young Republicans; AX. James H oward SMITH: Corning; Young Democrats; Student Bar Association. Kirby SMITH III: Little Rock; Student Bar Association. Robert Nick SMITH: Warren, Pa.; Student Bar Association; Young Democrats; AX. Second Row: Truman Henry SMITH Jr.: Fayetteville. Wil- lard Crane SMITH Jr.: Fort Smith; Who ' s Who; Arkansas Booster Club; Student Bar Association. James Victor SPENCER III: El Dorado; 2AE. Kenneth F. STOLL: Farmington, Mo. Thomas S. STONE: Pine Bluff; AXA; 4 A.l; Student Bar Asso- ciation. Benny Edgar SWINDELL: Gravette; AA; Student Bar Association. Third Row: Bruce D. SWITZER: Crossett. John T. TATUM: Danville. Clinton Odell TAYLOR: Texarkana, Tex. David Strong TAYLOR: Clarksville; H2; 4 BK; Student Bar Association. Garner L. TAYLOR Jr.: Clarksville. Jesse TAYLOR Jr.: Bly- theville; 2X. Fourth Row: Denver L. THORNTON: Malvern; AA; Stu- dent Bar Association; Young Democrats; Student Director, Moot Court Program. Kenneth McKenzie VITTITOW: DeWitt. John David VISE: Little Rock. Larry C. WALLACE: Hobbs, N. M.; LAW REVIEW; Student Bar Association. Gus Berry WALTON Jr.: Little Rock; Dean ' s List; Co-Defense Counsel; Honor Council; LAW REVIEW, Editor. Fi th Row: Esther Marie WHITE: Fayetteville. Maxwell Whitney WHITE: El Dorado. John Gary WINCHELL: Leba- non, Mo.; Student Bar Association. Ronald Eugene WORTHEN: Forrest City; Student Bar Association. Howard Lee KEAGER: Point Pleasant, W. Va.; Student Bar Association; Young Re- publicans. ft n 423 Seniors There were many half-done projects on campus this year. Tom Lea is saying, " What, again? " D ft First Row: William W. ABBOTT: Sparkman; Animal Nu- trition; AZ; Animal Industry Club; Young Democrats; Agri Students Association. Grace Sylvia ACHESON: Mountain Home; English; Holcombe, House Manager, Resident Assistant; TBS. James William ADDINGTON Jr.: Tyler, Tex.; Geology. Nor- ma Lee AGNEW: Little Rock; Art; Holcombe, Civic Club Rep- resentative. Richard Wayne AHLSTEDT: Fayetteville; Ac- counting. Second Row. John T. AHRENS: Mountain Home; Pre- Med; AEA. Lawrence Clayton ALDERMAN: Elaine; Mechani- cal Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineering. Charles David ALLEN: Fayetteville; Civil Engineering; 2 E; Circle K; Young Republicans. Edwin Richard ALLEN: Enid, Okla.; Insurance and Real Estate. Alvin Leland ALLUM: Si- loam Springs; History; Arnold Air Society, Comptroller; Scab- bard and Blade. Third Row: Sarah Jane ALTHAUSER: Dallas, Texas; Eng- lish; AXO, First Vice President, Treasurer; Judicial Board; Sophomore Counselor. Velma Dianne AMIS: Fayetteville; Eng- lish; Off Campus Women. Peter Walter AMUNDSEN: North Little Rock; Accounting; IIKA. Jerry Hunt ANDERSON: Cam- den; Chemical Engineering; William House, President, Resi- dent Assistant; Men ' s Upperclass Residence Hall Council; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Secretary. Linda Joyce APPERSON: Fayelteville; English; Off Campus Women. Fourth Row: Richard M. ARDEMAGNI: Tontitown; Ac- counting. Ronald G. AREA: Levittown, N. Y.; Math; AX A. Tayfun ARIKAN: Ankara, Turkey; Civil Engineering; AKA. Jim R. ARMISTEAD: Greenwood; Marketing. Carolyn Kay ARMSTRONG: Fayetteville; Education; A AIT; National Edu- cation Association; ACEI. Fifth Row: Patricia Ellen ARNOLD: Crossett; History; Holcombe, Secretary; KKT. Michael Edward ARRINGTON: Nashville; Pre-Law; 2N, Pledge Class President; MIHC; Stu- dent Senate; Interfraternity Pledge Council; A fi; Young Re- publicans; Resident Advisor; Resident Assistant. Patricia Jan ATHERTON: Joplin, Mo.: Dance; IIB J . Howard Cullin AT- KINS: Earle; Industrial Engineering; IIKA. Annette ATKIN- SON: Pine Bluff; Secondary Education; AAA; Young Demo- crats. Sixth Row: Wayne Harris ATKINSON: Star City; Chemical Engineering; Gladson House, President, Social Chairman; Resi- dent Assistant; Arkansas Institute of Chemical Engineers; M.I.H.C.; M.U.R.H.C. Thomas Lamar ATWOOD: Nashua, New Hamp.; Physics; ZIIZ. Edward Leo AUFFERT: Monett, Mo.; Mathematics; Acacia. John Charles AUFFET: Stilwell, Okla.; Marketing; Track. Anna Sue AUSTIN: Fayetteville; Education; SNEA. Seventh Row: Robert Gene AUSTIN: Decatur; Education; AO. Thomas Mickey BABER: Hope; General Business. Patsy Ann BACHMAN: Greenland; Music Education; Razorback Band; TBS, Treasurer. Jack Bowman BAILEY: Fayetteville; Geology; 2FE. Linda Sue BAINS: Baytown, Tex.; Education; AAII; Sophomore Counselor; Elementary Club. ... 424 First Row: Joan Marie BAIRD: Gravetle; English and Soci- ology; Newman Club. Catherine Elizabeth BAKER: Tulsa, Okla. ; Natural Science. Owen Dwain BAKER: Siloam Springs; Transportation. Paul David BAKER: Harrison; Chemical Engi- neering; KK , Vice President; XA; AIChE. John Hardin BALE Jr.: Little Rock; Marketing; ZN. Second Row. Kenneth Lee BALLARD: Murf reesboro ; Elec- trical Engineering; TBII; HKN; Student Court; Resident As- sistant; MURHC. Jane Ellen BARNETT: Siloam Springs; Ele- mentary Education. Jewel Taylor BARR: Malvern; Dairying; Animal Science Club, Jerry Neil BARTLETT: Little Rock; En- gineering Science. Johnie Wesley BARTON: Gurdon; Chemical Engineering; Sedgwell, Vice President; AIChE. Third Row: Hugh M. BASS: Little Rock; Insurance and Real Estate; A0; Circle K, Treasurer; Marketing Club. Lon- nie Gene BASSETT: Fayetteville ; Mechanical Engineering. Car- roll R. BATES: Little Rock; Industrial Management; 2AE. Linda Louise BEALL: Rogers; Art. Jean Elizabeth BEAMAN: Siloam Springs; Physical Education. Discussion of LRU-UA Merger First Row: Charles William BEAN: Miller, Mo.; Industrial Engineering; AI1E. Anne Katherine BEASLEY: Texarkana; Elementary Education; KKP; ACEI; SNEA. James Thomas BEASLEY: Pine Bluff; Chemical Engineering; Newman Club, President; AIChE; International Club. Darlene R. BECK: Ben- ton; Elementary Education; SNEA; ACEL Lewis J. BELCHER Jr.: Van Buren; Civil Engineering; ASCE. Second Row: Marilyn Spoils BELL: Little Rock; Education. Robert Lee BELL Jr.: Little Rock; Bacteriology; TKE. Rodney Dale BELL: Fort Smith; Industrial Management. Patricia A. BENNETT: Hot Springs; Elementary Education; AKA Sweet- heart; ABC. Robert Patrick BENNETT: Little Rock; Electri- cal Engineering; Sedgwell, Resident Assistant; IEEE. Third Row: Stephen Bruce BENNETT: North Little Rock; Pre-Dental. Joal Tim BENTON: Little Rock; Marketing; IIKA. J. William BERRY: Fayetteville; History; BK; Organization Honors Candidates, President; H2; A6; Young Democrats, Executive Committee. Gary James BIEN: Neosho, Mo.; Market- ing; 2 E, Pledge Class President; Marketing Club; Student Union Entertainment Committee; Young Democrats. Stephen Russell BIGGER: Pocahontas; Pre-Med; 2X, Tribune; AEA, Vice President, Social Chairman; Student Senate; Young Demo- crats. Fourth Row: Mary Elizabeth BIGGS: North Little Rock; Speech Correction; KKF. Ann BIGHAM: Berryville; History; XJJ. Robert Taylor BILLINGSLEY: Palestine; Civil Engineer- ing; U.ME; XE; ASCE. James H. BIRD: Greenwood; Soci- ology and Economics; A60. Roger William BISHOP: North Little Rock; Mechanical Engineering; Society of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Fifth Row: Dale Roger BLACK: Elm Springs; Secondary Education. John Owen BLACKWELL: Little Rock; Civil Engi- neering; ZN; ASCE. Sharon BLAIR: Leslie; Journalism; AAA, Rush Chairman, Panhellenic; Civic Club; AWS Legislative Board; TRAVELER staff. Richard Adrian BLAND: Rogers; History; t AO; Men ' s Sophomore Council. Robert Ernest BLANZ: North Little Rock; Zoology. Sixth Row: Gerald Wayne BOBO: Jacksonville; Civil Engi- neering; ASCE; XE. Bobby G. BOLINGER: Huntsville; Indus- trial Management. Gretchen Marie BONNELL: Muskogee, Okla.; Speech; HB . Erma Carol BORDEWIECK: Amity; Sec- ondary Education; SNEA. Brannon Dale BOREN: Gould; Busi- ness; K2. ? HO 425 First Row: Terry Frost BOWIE: Little Rock; Marketing; K2. Rebecca Flo BOWMA N: Ashdown; Physical Education; Off Campus Women; Women ' s Recreational Association, Vice- President; Physical Education Majors Club. Talbert Fanning BOWMAN III: Fayetteville; Zoology; Acacia; Student Union Activities Committee; Young Democrats Club. Vernon Dean BOWMAN: Ashdown; Agricultural Engineering; Arkansas So- ciety of Agricultural Engineers. Thomas Sloan BOYD Jr.: Stutt- gart; Marketing. Second Row: Sarah Adine BRADFORD: Paris: Elementary Education; KKF; Sophomore Counselor; ACE Club; SNEI Club; Dean ' s List. Janet Lea BRADLEY: Berry ville; Home Economics Education; 4-H House. Martha Ellen BRADLEY: El Dorado; Physical Education; AXft, President; AWS Legislative Committee; Student Senate Committee; WRA, Treasurer; PEM Club. Terry Douglas BRADLEY: Mountain Home; Spanish; I ' M A; Schola Cantorum; KK , Treasurer; Marching Razor- backs; A4 J2, Secretary; Young Democrats Club. Walter James BRADSHAW Jr.: Gould; General Business. Third Row: William Graham BRANDON: Fayetteville; Speech Therapy; 2IT; AX2; ABC; Newman Club, President; Arnold Air Society. Penny BRANNON: Dallas, Texas; Ele- mentary Education; IIB J , Social Chairman; Student Union Dance Committee; RAZORBACK, Features Editor; Sophomore Counselor. Ben A. BRATCHER: Paragould; Electrical Engi- neering. Glenn M. BRATCHER: Marianna; Industrial Man- agement; 2X. James Wayne BRATCHER: Blytheville; Man- agement. McLarty Reveals Transit Plans First Row: Nancy Carol BRATTON: Sheridan; Home Eco- nomics; 4-H House; TO; AHEA; ASA. Patrick L. BRAY: Bartlesville, Okla. ; Chemical Engineering; Holcombe Hall; TBH, President; AIChE; TZ, Treasurer; H2; Engineering Council. Robert Donald BREEDLOVE: Norman; General Busi- ness. Jon Roger BRITTENUM: Brinkley; Insurance and Real Estate; 2 j E; Varsity Football. Nina C. BROCCHUS: Jackson- ville; Commercial Art; A AIT; TB2. Second Row: Robert F. BROCCHUS: Ft. Smith; Manage- ment. David K. BROCK: Little Rock; Accounting; AXA; ABC. David R. BROCKMANN: Stuttgart; General Business. Linda Sue BROOM: Magnolia; Art; AXli, Historian. Robert Harold BROTHERTON Jr.: Little Rock; Chemical Engineering; TBII, Corresponding Secretary; T2; AIChE. Third Row: Billy Don BROWN: Bald Knob; Electrical En- gineering; SAE; IEEE; OCM. Charlene BROWN: San An- tonio, Tex.; Anthropology. David Joe BROWN: North Little Rock; Architecture; U. of A. Chapter American Institute of Architects, President; AIA, Treasurer. Gilbert Lester BROWN Jr.: Hope; Agricultural Engineering; William House, R. A.; ASAE. James Arnold BROWN: Carmel, Calif.; Education. Fourth. Row: Jim G. BROWN: Risco, Mo.; Mechanical En- gineering; ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers. John W. BROWN: Lewisville; Electrical Engineering; 22, President. Kay Evelyn BROWN: Rogers; Mathematics. Rebecca Anne BROWN: Clinton-Sherman A.F.B., Okla.; History. Robert Haig- ler BROWN: Texarkana; Architecture; MURHC, Activities Chairman; MCS; AIA; Gladson House, Social Chairman. Fifth Row: Sara Ann BROWN: Steele, Mo.; Business Ad- ministration; IIB . Joyce Jan BRYANT: Fort Smith; Textile Merchandising in Marketing; ZTA, Treasurer, House Manager; Sophomore Counselor; X6; YDC; Marketing Club; Advertis- ing Club; RAZORBACK, Section Editor; Dean ' s List; Fulbright Hall Judicial Board. Suellen T. BRYANT: Clarksville; Journal- ism. Mary Beth BRYSON: Russellville; Home Economics; X, Rush Chairman; TO; AGRICULTURIST, Editor; ASA; Civic Club. John Austin BUERCKLIN: Little Rock; Civil Engineer- ing; TKE; ASCE. Sixth Row: Mary Lanelle BUIE: Fort Smith; Business Edu- cation; KKF, Treasurer; X6, Vice-President; Marketing Club; Civic Club; Student Union Talent Committee. Mary Carolyn BUNCH: Stuttgart; General Business. Carole Beatrice BUNGE: Mountain Home; Dietetics; AF; Mortar Board; Senior Coun- selor, Hotz; TO, Recording Secretary; ASA, Secretary; AGRI- CULTURIST, Feature Editor; Agri Maid; Student Senate; Dean ' s List. Larry William BUNN: Sulphur Springs; Physical Education. Ernest Dwayne BURKS: Fordland, Mo.; Civil En- gineering; ASCE; XE. 426 First Row: Kent BURNETT: Fort Smith; Industrial Engi- neering; 211, President; Vice-President of Associated Students; Blue Key; 6T, Vice-President; 4-112; IIME; ARKANSAS EN- GINEER, Associate Editor; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. Jo Belle BURNETT: Rogers; Physical Education; AAH; SNEA; PEM Club; WRA. Thomas Hays BURNETT: Bentonville; Education; Arkansas Razorbacks; Married Students, Vice-President; A6; SNEA; PEM Club. Nancy Lou BURROUGHS: Pine Bluff; History; XH. P. D. BURTON III: Lewisville; Banking and Finance; SAE. Second Row: John Finley BUSH: Little Rock; Chemical En- gineering; AX2; AIChE; Razorback Band. Fred H. BUTRUM: Texarkana; Agriculture; Animal Industry Club; Agri and Home EC Student Association. Shirley Ann BUTRUM: Texar- kana; Government. Charles G. BUXTON: Little Rock; Civil Engineering; K2. James Frank BYARS: Alma; Mechanical Engineering; Society of Automotive Engineers; American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers. ., Third Row: Frank Wilson BYNUM Jr.: Lake Village; Mar- keting; Marketing Club. Kenneth Jon BYNUM: Little Rock; Civil Engineering; 2 E; Pledge Trainer; ASCE; Newman Club. Dino Augustino CADELLI: Fort Smith; Zoology. Al John CALDWELL: Curundu, Panama Canal Zone; Transporta- tion; Yocum Hall, Secretary; Sophomore Council; Freshmen Men ' s Senate; ABC. Catherine Elizabeth CALDWELL: Pine Bluff; Elementary Education; IIB ; AWS Fashion and Eti- quette Committee; People to People. Fourth Row: Ginny CALLAHAN: Little Rock; Dietetics; AAII; Dean ' s List; HEC; Newman Club. Pauline V. CALLO- WAY: Fayetteville; Elementary Education. Ronald Moore CAMERON: Little Rock; General Business. James Reid Camp- BELL III: Hot Springs; Electrical Engineering; Wesley Foun- dation; 2X; IIME. James Richard CAMPBELL: Rogers; Ac- counting; Fifth Row: Ronald Gary CAMPBELL: El Dorado; Market- ing; Marketing Club; AK . William R. CANINO: Fort Smith; Architecture. Donald Lee CARNAHAN: Prairie Grove; Physical Education; PEM Club. Joseph Thomas CARRUTH: DeQueen; Marketing; i8, President; Blue Key; Marketing Club, Presi- dent; AK , Pledge Trainer; Southwest Conference Sportsman- ship Committee. Thomas Faye CARTER: Crossett; Mechanical Engineering; ASME; 2AE. Sixth Row: Linda Lee GARY: Magnolia; Elementary Edu- cation; KKT. James C. CASE: Hot Springs; Marketing; 211. James Robert CASEY II: Little Rock; Management; TKE; SAM; Army ROTC Brigade Staff. Linda L. CASEY: Little Rock; Secondary Education; SNEA; AT. Annabelle Robin CASH: Dallas, Tex.; Latin and Social Studies; ZTA, Pledge Class President, Scholarship Chairman; Razorback Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Chimes, Treasurer; AWS, Treasurer; IFPC; ABC; Student Senate; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. Seventh Row: Larry Joe CASH: Pine Bluff; Personnel Ad- ministration; Society for the Advancement of Management. Don R. CASSIL: Little Rock; Advertising; nKA, Vice-President; BA, Vice-President, Senior Class; AK . Larry Dwight CASTLE- BERRY: Warren; Agronomy-Soils; AIT; Agronomy Club, Cor- responding Secretary; Arnold Air Society. Helen Elizabeth CATLETT: Little Rock; Elementary Education; Xfl. Robert Lee CECIL: Harrison; Electrical Engineering; Newman Club. Seniors No one could identify the girl in the picture. 427 First Joit : Charles Michael CHAFFIN: Jonesboro; Civil Engineering; 4 H2; ASCE; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Military Student. David Hall CHAMBERS: Lepanto; Chemical Engineering; AIChE. Fred R. CHANDLER: Dallas, Tex.; Ac- counting; 2 E, President, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer; ODK, Secretary; AK , Secretary; Board of Governors; Circle K; A Q, Treasurer; IFC Judicial Committee; Student Relations Committee BA . Hoy Eugene CHANDLER: Nashville; Ac- counting. Charles CHANEY Jr.: Mountain Home; Physics and Math; IIME; AIP Student Section, President; 2112; Radio Club. Second Row: Richard Williams CHAPMAN: Searcy; Ac- counting; 211, Treasurer, Herald. Holmes CHAPPELL: Ft. Smith; Psychology. Stephen Edward CHENEY: Lonoke; Civil Engineering. William W. CHILDS: Kingsland, Electrical Engi- neering; IEEE, Secretary; IIME, ARCUA, Secretary; HKN. Kenneth Louis CHRISTIANSEN: Joplin, Mo.; Industrial Man- agement; Society for Advancement of Management; Young Re- publicans. Third Row: Gary Wade CHUNN: Arkadelphia; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; OCM. Andrew Lawson CLARK: Little Rock; English; K2. Fred CLARK: Marmaduke; Electrical En- gineering; IEEE. Kenneth Jay CLARK: Berryville; General Management; SAM, President; Arnold Air Societl; Scabbard and Blade. Peggy Ann CLARK: Berryville; Education; SNEA; ACE; SAM. Fourth, Row: Jerry E. CLEM: Altheimer; Mechanical En- gineering; K2. Judith Robinson CLEM: Sherrill; Math; IIB . James Alexander CLEMENS: Magnolia; Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME. Ralph M. CLIFT: Bentonville; Speech; 6K; OCM, Publicity Chairman; Best Supporting Actor, 1965. Carl W. CLYNE: Fayetteville; Chemical Engineering; American In- stitute of Chemical Engineers. Fifth. Row: Wayne L. COATES: Stuttgart; Accounting; AX A, President, Vice-President; IFC, Judicial Committee; Mar- keting Club; Accounting Club; Young Democrats. Dennis Ray COCHRAN: LaRussell, Mo.; Industrial Engineering; AIIE, Treasurer; AIIM, Treasurer; IIME; TBII. James Robert COF- FIELD: Stuttgart; Marketing; AX A, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman; Commerce Guild, Junior Representative, Treasurer, Executive Board; Student Senator; Who ' s Who in B usiness Ad- ministration. Margaret Martha COHEN: Little Rock; Elemen- tary Education; AF. John Robert COKER Jr.: Bradley; Mar- keting; Marketing Club. Sixth Row: James David COLE: Crossett; Industrial Engi- neering; 2X; OT; American Institute of Industrial Engineering; Young Democrats; ARKANSAS ENGINEER Staff. Burke John- ston GOLEM AN: Little Rock; Home Economics; KKT, Presi- dent, Vice-President; Mortar Board, Secretary; Chimes; AAA; TO; House Manager, Fulbright Hall; AWS Legislative Coun- cil; Panhellenic Council; Alcoa Freshman Scholarship; John Rust Foundation Scholarship; RAZORBACK Section Editor; Chairman, AWS Queens Committee; Who ' s Who. Grace Ann COLEMAN: Springfield, Mo.; Education; Chimes; State AWS Treasurer; Sophomore Counselor; Angel Flight; XO. Janet Mc- Allister COLLIER: Fayetteville; Physical Education; KB ; Young Democrats; PEM Club; Sophomore Counselor; SNEA. Milton Chappelle COLLIER Jr.: Little Rock; General Business; Wesley Foundation Choir. Seventh Row: David Norfleet COOK: Wynne; Marketing. John Kelley COOK: Little Rock; Accounting. Vera Joe COOK: Hot Springs; Education; TIB . Barbara Jean COOPER: Fay- etteville; Elementary Education; SNEA. Tom CORBIN: Ft. Smith; A S Economics; H2; Cardinal XX; 2AE. Seniors This is the closest this Sigma Pi will be to a cutie pie. 428 First Koto: Janice Ann CORDER: Little Rock; Art; Razor- hack Beauty; Second Runner-up Miss University of Arkansas. Philip Steven CORE: Fort Smith; Civil Engineering; XE; ASCE. Connie Clarissa COTHRAN: Marvell; English, Speech, Drama. Charles Dalton GOTTEN: Fort Smith; History. Thomas Lon COTTON: Dardanclle; Agriculture; APP; AGRICULTUR- IST Co-Editor; Pledge Class President; Rush Chairman; ASA; IFPC; IFC. Second Row: Michael R. COUCH: Magnolia; Physical Edu- cation; 2AE. Mary Nancy COUNCIL: Houston; Math; X; Secretarv: AAA; ITME; TRAVELER Staff. David Tyree COURTNEY: West Fork; Industrial Management. Charles Dean COVEY HI: Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Chemical Engineering; AIChE; M ' HC ' s Ways and Means Chairman; Treasurer, Humphreys Hall; Secretary, Foreign Relations Club; Treasurer, International Club; Men ' s Sophomore Council; Young Repub- licans: Corresponding Secretary, A fi. Samuel Anderson COUV- INGTON: Little Rock; Botany. Third Row: Sarah Elizabeth COVINGTON: Little Rock ; English-French; Secretary. Holcombe Hall: Mortar Board Schol- arship Winner; Senior Counselor, Razorback Hall; Graduate Resident, Reid Hall. Donald Erwin COWAN Jr : Columbia, S. C. ; Industrial Engineering; American Institute of Engineers; Dean ' s List; Chairman Industrial Engineer Open House Com- mittee. Walter Morris CRANDALL: Tuckerman: Agronomy; AZ; Agronomy Club; MIHC; ASA. G. Mary CRANK: Garland; Commercial Art. Robert Hughes CRANK: Foreman; Govern- ment; Arkansas Booster Club; Young Democrats Club. C5 fa UA Enrollment Increased to 11,291 First Row: Raymond Shelton CRAWFORD III: Cherry Hill; Pre-Med and Psychology; ZX; AEA; Young Republicans; Pre- Med Club. Ronald Walker CRAWFORD: Little Rock; Electrical Engineering; K-; IEEE. Douglas H. CHEECY: Keiser; Gen- eral Agriculture; Farmhouse; Treasurer of Agronomy Club. Joe Robert CROSS: Tulsa, Okla. ; Music Education; Marching Raz- orbacks; Symphony Band; Brass Ensemble. Richard Donald CROSSLEY: DeQueen; Management; -10, Treasurer; Young Democrats; Marketing Club. Second Row: Suzanne Kinney CROWSON: Bauxite; Home Economics ; f TO; ABC. Philip Charles CRUVER: Falls Church, Va.; English. Marti Ann CUADRA: Blytheville; Elementary Education; AAA. Jess Willard CURTIS: Stamps; Chemical En- gineering; Ripley House, Secretary-Treasurer; AIChE. Nancey Ann CURTSINGER: Prairie Grove; Secondary Education; KAe. Third Row: Carolyn G. CUTHBERTSON: Warren; Social Welfare; KKT. Pledge Trainer; Civic Club. Ted Max DAILEY: DeWitt; History. Joseph Paul DALMASSO: DeValls Bluff; Microbiology. Dean Howard DALTON: Joplin, Mo.; Music; +MA, Secretary; Off-Campus Men, President; Student Senate; Elections Committee; Schola Cantorum; Symphony Orchestra. Diana Dawn DANDRIDGE: Muskogee, Okla.; Elementary Edu- cation; KA9. Fourth Row: Anne E. DANIEL: Fort Smith; Secondary Edu- cation; AAA; WRA; RAZORBACK Staff. John Lewis DAUGH- ERTY: Little Rock; Zoology. Glen Dwight DAVIS: St. Joe; Agricultural Engineering; Secretary, American Society of Agri. Engineers. Lina Jean DAVIS: Texarkana; English-Journalism; Senior Counselor; Soph. Counselor; TRAVELER Staff, Copy Editor; Futrall Hall, Secretary. Timothy Eugene DAVIS: Al- theimer; Pre-Med Chemistry; 2AE, Treasurer; IFC Fall Rush Committee; Blue Key; Vice- President Yccum Hall. Fifth Row: Lenice Alta DEAN: Little Rock; Art; KKF. Patricia Gayle DELANEY: Jacksonville; Social Studies. Gerald Leigh DEM AN: Springdale; Secondary Education; A6; Young Democrats; SNEA. Thomas Henry DEMBINSKI II: Hot Springs; Electrical Engineering; AKA, Recording Sec., Corres- ponding Sec.; IEEE; YDS. John G. DEMPSEY: Ashdown; Zoology. Sixth Riiw: Mary Katherine DENKER: Odessa, Texas; Eng- lish and Latin; II B . Vice-President; Senior Counselor; Mortar Board; Chairman, Student Union Entertainment Committee; President, Student Union Governing Board; Panhellenic; Chairman, AWS Queens Committee; AWS Legislative Board; AT: Dean ' s List; Sophomore Counselor; Honors Program; Who ' s Who. Raymond Vincent DESALVO: Marianna; Indus- trial Management. Diane DESLAURIERS: Eudora; Physical Education: KKT; PEM Club, Vice-President ; WRA. Douglas Mark DEVAY: Newark, N. J.; Transportation. George W. DICKINSON, Jr.; Cinnaminson, N. J.; Accounting. ,4 14, ft 429 First Row: Rodger Combs DICKINSON: DeQueen; Pre- Med. David Howard DILLAHUNTY: Huntsville; Civil Engi- neering; AKA; ASCE; YDC; ABC. Harry DJUNG: Bangkok, Thailand; Industrial Engineering. Deborah Ann DOLAND: Little Rock: English; KKF, Scholarship Chairman; Best-Dress- ed Coed; Young Republicans. Patrick Terrence DOLAN: Scott; General Business. Second Row. Earl Dewayne DOVE: Fayetteville; Industrial Education. Dee DOWELL: Walnut Ridge; Education; Xfi. Fred Vernon DOWLESS: Caraway; Physical Education. Raymond Eugene DOWNING: Ft. Smith. Kay DRENNAN: Benton; Home Economics; 4-H House; Vice-President, AHEA; ASA. Third Row: Jerry Blackwood DRIVER: Osceola; History; KS. Irvin C. DRYER: Springdale; Electrical Engineering; HKN; IEEE. Faye DUGAN: Fayetteville; Social Welfare. Ron- nie N. DUNN: Hampton; Mechanical Engineering; SN, House Manager; Editor of ARKANSAS ENGINEER; RAZORBACK Staff: ASME; 6T; Engineering Council. Stewart Ames DUNN: Forrest City; Marketing; KZ; Marketing Club; Pre-Law Club. Kendall is Pershing Rifle Sponsor wr i n r n iy- U- l f -l _ .a First Row: Vernon Lee DUTTON: Pine Bluff; Government; AKA. Coy Randall DYER: Nashville; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; YDC; Men ' s Sophomore Counselor. James Richard DYER: Fayetteville; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; ITME. Mandy Wellborn DYER: Sheridan; Elementary Education; AX!2, Pledge Class President; Student Senate; Sophomore Coun- selor; Hotz Hall, Senior Counselor; Panhellenic; YDC: Educa- tion Club. Thomas Lee EANS: Des Arc; Electrical Engineer- ing; MIHC, Secretary; IEEE, Program Chairman; Sedgwell, Advisor; SNEA; IIME; HKN, Recording Secretary; TBII. Second Ryw: Linda Ann EARLS: Fayetteville; Elementary Education; ACEI; SNEA; BSU. Rebecca Ann EASTERLING: Crcssett; English. Delmar EDWARDS III; Fort Smith; Zoology; Varsity Baseball. Jim R. EDWARDS: Bentonville; Zoology; Farmhouse, Secretary. Jimmie Will EDWARDS: Blytheville; Marketing; 211, Social Chairman, Pledge Trainer. Third Row: Joe B. EDWARDS: Fort Smith; Accounting; 2AE, Steward; AAA, President; Circle K. Patricia Ann ED- WARDS: Heber Springs; Business Teacher Training. Richard Stewart EDWARDS: Huntsville; Civil Engineering; 2 E; ASCE; Intramural Director: Circle K; YDC. Thomas Le ED- WARDS: North Little Rock; Civil Engineering; ASCE. Wil- liam Howell EDWARDS: Jacksonville; Business and Manage- ment; 2 J E; Arnold Air Society, Commander; Scabbard and Blade; Dean ' s List. Fourth Row: William Marshall EDWARDS: Camden; Speech and Dramatics. Bruce Wayne ELEY: Prescott; Civil En- gineering. John Franklin ELLIOTT: El Paso, Tex.; Pre-Med; AEA. Johnna Earlene ELLIOTT: Hiwasse; Elementary Educa- tion; SNEA; International Club. Judith Sharon ELLIOTT: El Dorado; Pre-Med; IIB4 , Song Leader; Panhellenic; AEA, Sec- retary; AWS Legislative Board; AWS Scholarship Committee, Secretary; Senior Counselor. Fifth Row: Jane Page ELLIS: Little Rock; Elementary Edu- cation; AAII; Elementary Education Club; People to People; YRC. Janet McRae ELLIS: Hope; Speech; XO, Rush Chair- man, Activities Chairman; IFPC, Secretary; Dean ' s List; Razor- back Beauty. Nancy Anne ELLIS: North Little Rock; English; A AH. Frank Leroy EMERT Jr.: St. Louis, Mo.; Chemistry; AX A, President, Vice-President, Secretary; AEA, President; IFC; YRC; AXS; Blue Key. James Roger ENGLAND: Fort Smith; Marketing; UK A, Secretary, Social Chairman; Market- ing Club; ABC; LDC. Sixth Row: Alan David EPLEY: Springdale; General Busi- ness; Razorback Band; KK . Linda L. EPPERSON: Fort Smith; Elementary Education. Ronald Wayne ERICH: Hot Springs; Pre-Pharmacy. Dorcas Ann ERNST: Fayetteville; Eng- lish; AIT, Secretary. Harold Sloan ERWIN: Newport; Finance. 430 Seniors The freshman women went with the Acacias to the pep rally. Sigma Nus were left without. First Row: Mary Donna ERWIN: McGehee; History; ZTA. Katherine Eileen EVANS: Ft. Smith; Elementary Education; II B , Program Chairman. Carol Ann EVERETT: Fayetteville; Accounting; X6; Accounting Association, Sec. Joe David FAD- DIS: Prairie Grove; Agri. Engineering; ASAE, Treas., Presi- dent. Don R. FALDON: Ft. Smith; General Business. Second Row: William Judon FAMBROUGH: Cassville, Mo.; Agri. Economics; Student Senate; Blue Key; Who ' s Who. Jackie Elizabeth FANN: Newport; Math; Xfi. James Winston FARRAR: Monticello; Architecture. Sarah Jo FARRAR: Little Rock; Biology. Guy R. FARRIS: Little Rock; Psychology. Third Row: Lynn Taylor FARRIS: Clarksville; Industrial Management. William Duke FAUGHT: Searcy; Architecture; 4 H2. Leslie Reed FELLOWS: Newport; German; Xfi. Marilyn FENDER: Walnut Ridge; Speech Therapy; AAII, Vice-Presi- dent, Pledge Trainer; Young Democrats; Foreign Relations Club. Nancy Joyce FERGUSON: West Memphis; English; KKF; SNEA; AT; Scph. Counselor; Student Union Volunteer Service Committee. Fourth Row: Frank L. FICKLE: Joplin, Mo.: Business Man- agement. Jacqulene Marie FIELDING: Hope; Elementary Edu- cation; SNEA. Albert R. FILIPPELLI: Ft. Smith: Physics and Mathematics. Larry Don FINCHER: Stephens; Electrical En- gineering. Thurston M. FISH: Gould; Management; K2. Fifth Row: Craig Wilson FISHER: Joplin, Mo.; Marketing; Marketing Club; Resident Assistant Yocum Hall. David Watt FISHER: Danville; Math. Wallace R. FITCH: Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Civil Engineering; XE; TBIT; ASCE. Charles Robert FITTING: Ft. Smith; Business Administration. David Edwards FITTON: Harrison; Finance; IIKA, President; Vice President of Pre-Law Club; Cardinal XX; GUILD TICKER, Asst. Editor; Commerce Guild; IFC. Sixth Ryw: Gene FITZHUGH: Fayetteville; Education; ; Circle K. George Paul FLEISCHMANN: Eureka Springs; Accounting- AK ; Society for Advancement of Management. Thad Wesley FLENNIKEN: Arkadelphia; Art. Riefford Gail FLOOD: Warrensburg, Mo.; Pre-Med; AEA, Program Chair- man; Collegiate Academy of Science; Zoology Honors Program. Arthur Leon FLORER: Maysville; Math; TIME. Seventh Row: Jerry W. FONG: Marianna; Commercial Art; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Sophomore Council; RAZORBACK Photographer; FIP. Forrest Irvin FORD: Me- Crory; General Management. Harry Vernon FOSTER: Havana; Agri. Economics; Agri. Econ. Club. Joseph Leslie FOSTER: Hoxie; Civil Engineering; ASCE. Joan FOSTER: North Little Rock; Social Welfare. 431 ttfl Seniors Intelligence takes a grasping hand. First Row: James Clark FOWLER Jr.: Sherrill; Chemical Engineering; Holcombe; TBH; AIChE, Vice-President; AXS; T2; IIME; J HZ. Emery Louis FRANCIS Jr.: Blytheville; Elec- trical Engineering; Off Campus Men. George Ronald FRANKS: North Little Rock; Insurance and Real Estate; AKA; Young Democrats; KK ; Sophomore Council; Razorback Band. Bas- com Bert FREEMAN: Fort Smith; Accounting; Off Campus Men. Lawrence O. FREEMAN: St. Louis, Mo.; Mechanical En- gineering; Society of Automotive Engineers. President; IITS; Dean ' s List; ASME; Varsity Swimming. Second Row: Wallace B. FREEMAN: Sheridan; Marketing; Wilson Sharp; AX A; Varsity Basketball Bas eball. Robert William FREYALDENHOVEN: Morrilton; Chemical Engineer- ing; TBIT; AIChE. Kathleen Elizabeth FRISON: Tulsa. Okla.; Elementary Education: AP; SNEA; ACEI. Steve L. FRONA- BARGER: Wynne; Marketing. Frank W. FUNK Jr.: Hot Springs; General Business; AXA. Third Row: Janis M. FUNK: Little Rock; Marketing; IIB J ; X8; Commerce Oueen; Razorback Beauty; Sophomore Coun- selor; Secretary of Business School; Commerce Guild. Lee Ed- ward GAMMILL: Pine Bluff; Architecture: American Insti- tute of Architects. James Richard GANN: Fort Smith; Man- agement. Joseph Erskine GARDNER Jr.: Little Rock; Civil Engineering; XE; ASCE, Treasurer. John Wilkins GARNER: Hot Springs; Pre-Med; AEA, Publicity Chairman; Collegiate Academy of Science; 2IT, Rush Chairman, Pledge Class Presi- dent; AX2; IFPC. Fourth Row: Janice T. GARRETT: Corning; Elementary Education. Paul Mitcham GARRETT: North Little Rock; Architecture; American Institute of Architects. Sol Martin GARRETT: Corning; Math; IIME; Scabbard and Blade; Resi- dent Assistant: HS. Patricia Ann GARRIS: Texarkana; Eng- lish. IIB$; SU Games Committee; People to People; Sopho- more Counselor; ITB , Historian. Kathy Janell GASKIN: Springdale; Social Welfare. Fifth Row: William Joseph GASKIN: El Dorado; Architec- ture; ZX; AIA. Herman John GATES: North Collins, N. Y.; Social Welfare; International Club; Newman Club: Arkansas Booster Club; Sociology Club. Thomas Victor GATES: Kansas City, Mo.; Industrial Engineering; AITE. J. Royston GATH- INGS: West Memphis: English: ITKA; Circle K: Young Demo- crats Club, Reporter; Student Religious Council Representative. Sarah Annette GATHRIGHT: Pine Bluff; Physical Education; Fulbright; Graduate Resident; Off Campus Women, Sports- manager. Sixth Row: Eddie Everett GAY: Springdale; Agricultural Engineering; ASAE, Treasurer. Thomas Kirk GEARHART: Reyno; Management; William House. William Earl GEIER: Webster Groves, Mo.; Marketing; 211. Connie Gayle GEORGE: Little Rock; Social Welfare; Reid; Sophomore Counselor; Reli- gious Council, Vice-President. Melvin Cecil GIBBS: Borger, Tex.; Education; Wilson Sharp, President. Seventh Row: David F. GIBSON: Pine Bluff; Microbiology; Collegiate Academy of Science; Pre-Med Club; Young Demo- crats. Margaret Ann GIBSON: Fayetteville; Zoology. Rodney K. GILBREATH: Russellville ; Industrial Engineering; Wil- liam House; AIIE; AIIM. Johnny W. GILLUM: Gould; Agri- culture-Business; Farmhouse; AZ; Student Senate. Joan T. GILSON: Fayetteville; English, 432 flow: Michael G. GINGRICH: Fort Smith; Manage- ment; SAM. Nancy Ann GODWIN: Hot Springs; Education; Razorback. Milton Glendon GOODE: Little Rock; Speech Drama; TKE. Sandra Ann GOODWIN: Memphis, Tenn.; Gen- eral Business; Futrall. Ronald L. GORANSON: Dallas, Tex.; Accounting; AK , Vice-President, Pledge Trainer; BA ; OAK; Marketing Club; A6, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer. Second Row: Don Wendell GORE: Bentonville; Insurance Real Estate. Dale R. GOSSIEN: North Little Rock; Civil En- gineering. Valita GOZA: Malvern; English; XT A, President, Model Pledge; AAA, Historian; SNEA; Angel Flight; Mortar Board; Panhellenic Council; SU Entertainment Committee; RAZORBACK Staff, Beauties Editor; Who ' s Who. Mildred Lois GRAGG: Helena; Art; ZTA. Larry Gordon GREEN: Little Rock; General Business; 2X; Marketing Club. Third Row: Robert Allen GREENBERG: Bronx, N. Y.; Physical Education; Sedgwell House, Social Chairman. Linda Diane GREER: Jacksonville; Marketing; AAIT. Linda Lee GREER: Alpena; Education: AAIT; SNEA; YDC; Campus Sweetheart. Cheryl Ann GREGORY: Bentonville; History; Futrall, Vice-President; SNEA. William Noel GREGORY: Au- gusta; Social Welfare; 2AE. Fathers Attend 17th Dad ' s Day First Row: William M. GRIER: Springfield, Mo.; Manage- ment; ZN; Razorback Track Team. Merrill Dean GRIFFIN: Harrison; Electrical Engineering; BNH, President; IEEE. Lyn- dall Leon GRIGG: Huntsville; Vocational Agriculture. Pamela Sue GRISSINGER: Kansas City, Mo.; Speech and Dance;KAO, Rush Chairman; Holcombe Hall, President; WIHC; Queen ' s Committee; Student Faculty Committee; ROTC Sponsor. David A. GRUBBS: Alexander; Physical Education; PEM Club. Second Row: Clarence Harley GUINN: Goshen; Account- ing; BA ; AK . Mike HAGGARD: Houston, Tex.; Finance; 2AE. K. Earlene HAILEY: Fayetteville; Secondary Education. Newton L. HAILEY Jr.: Rogers; Architecture; Acacia; AIA. Dickie Don HAIRSTON: Charleston; Industrial Engineering; ARM; TBII; IIME; HH2; AIIE. Third Row: Janet Ames HALE: Little Rock; Education; AAA; SNEA; ACE; Law Wives. Larry Walter HALIE: Lnckes- burg; Public Administration; 4 A9; YDC, President; Market- ing Club. Mary Carolyn HALE: Waldron; Physical Education; PEM Club; SNEA. Janie Annette HALEY: Little Rock; Child Development. Stanley Dean HALEY: Fayetteville; Art. Fourth Row: Carolyn Anita HALL: Monett, Mo.; English; AXO, Vice President, Rush Chairman; AWS, Secretary, Presi- dent; AT, Secretary, Treasurer; IFPC; Panhellenic; Board of Publications, Secretary; Holcombe, Vice President; Sophomore Counselor; Senior Counselor; Senate Executive Cabinet; Mor- tar Board; Who ' s Who. Sandra Jean HALL: West Memphis; Physical Education. William Albert HALL: Helena; Geology. Alan Wayne HALLUM: Fort Smith; Animal Science. Jack Wil- liam HAMILTON: Little Rock; Civil Engineering; ASCE, Secretary. Fifth Row: John R. HAMILTON: Tuskegee, Ala.; Mechani- cal Engineering; ITTS, Vice President; TBII; ASME, Secre- tary; Society of Automotive Engineers. Jane Harbin HAM- MERS: Fayetteville; English-Journalism; Fulrall. Hugo Arnold HAMMOND: Fayetteville; Physical Education. Robert Eiigenr HANES: Urbana, 111.; Industrial Management. Vincent Joseph HANEY Jr.: Ft. Smith; Business Administration. Sixth Row: Linda Dell HARBOUR: Pocahontas; Chemistry and Mathematics in Education; SNEA. Blake H. HARDER: Little Rock; Industrial Management. L. Michael HARDGRAVE: Hot Springs; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; 9T. Bert Lee HARDIN: Pine Bluff; Sociology; Holcombe, Head Resident; Student Elections Committee: Channing Club. Dee Barry HAR- DIN: Benton; English; Men ' s Sophomore Council; AT, Treas- urer; Dean ' s List. 433 First Row: Mary Elaine HARGIS: Berryville; Elementary Education. Donnie Leon HARLAN: Mt. Vernon; Agricultural Education; ATA, President; AZ. David Lee HARPER: Hot Springs; Pre-Med; 2N, President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer. Secretary, Model Pledge; Blue Key; Cardinal XX; H2; IFC, Vice President; AEA; Civic Club; Who ' s Who Robert Harrell HARPER: Ft. Smith; Philosophy. Cecil Doyle HARRELL: Benton; Chemical Engineering. Second Row: Arthur Ray HARRELSON: Arlington, Tex.; Civil Engineering. Robert Thomas HARRIELL Jr.: North Little Rock; Civil Engineering; Blue Key, President and Alumni Sec- retary; MIHC, President; Men ' s Resident Hall Assistant; Stu- dent Court; Student Senate; Board of Publications; HE. Edi- tor; ASCE; AKA; Who ' s Who. Betty Ann HARRIS: Spring- field, Mo.; Secondary Education; ZTA, Vice President. Billy D. HARRIS: Fayettevil le; Business Administration. Howard Stanley HARRIS: Pine Bluff; Mechanical Engineering. Third Row: Terry David HARRIS: Clarendon; Social Wel- fare. Wayland A. HARRIS: Pine Bluff; Electrical Engineering; ITME; HKN; TBIT. Thomas Briggs HARRISON: Audubun, Y .1.: Miclianical Kniiiiiccriiifi : American Society nf Mechani- cal Engineering. Clarence E. HART: Fort Smith; Marketing. Mary Ann HART: Cnrdon; Physical Education; PEM Club; AAHPER; WRA; OCW. Faubus Declares Beat Texas Week First Row: Peter Leonard HART: Queens, N. Y.; Geology and English; Razorback Hall, Treasurer; Pershing Rifles; Circle K; All-Intramural Football; Razorback Speleological So- ciety. Elsie Mae HARTL: Hot Springs; English; SNEA. Har- old Henry HARTMAN: Fayetteville; Math; IIME; H2; KK ; Razorback Band. Juanita Ann HASTINGS: Springdale; Home Economics Education. Charles Daniel HATFIELD: Hope; Civil Engineering; William House, Treasurer; ASCE. Second Row: Thomas Lloyd HATHAWAY: Bay town, Tex.; General Business; AKA, House Manager; YDC. Ronnie Efton HATLEY: Corning; General Management. Larry HAWKINS: Morrilton; Chemical Engineering: AIChE. Sue Ann HAY: Fay- etteville; Elementary Education; OCW, Sports Manager. Charles Michael HAYDEN: Fort Smith; Advertising and Public Rela- tions; K2, President. Third Row: Patrick A. HAYDON: Little Rock; Manage- ment; AX A. Chester 0. HAYES Jr.: Fayetteville; Mechanical Engineering; Arnold Air Society. Phillip Roy HAYS: Hot Springs; Bacteriology. Charles Donald HEASTON: Cotter; Ac- counting. Ron Humphrey HEASTY: Fayetteville; Finance. Fourth R?w: Sharon Ann HECK: Fayetteville; Education; KA9. Jerry D. HELMS: Eudora; Architecture. Sarah C. HELMS: Eudora; Accounting; BA ; Razorback, Judicial Board. Joe Boyd HENDERSON Jr.: Stuttgart; Banking and Finance; SN, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer; OAK, Treasurer; AK , President; Scabbard and Blade; Student Senate; ROTC, Chicago Tribune Award; Distinguished Military Student. Joe S. HENDERSON Jr.: England; General Business. Fifth Row: William Delmar HENDERSON Jr.: Mineral Sorings; Agronomy; AZ; Agronomy Club, Secretary. Donald Howard HENRY: Springdale; Finance: SN; TRAVELER, Business Manager- RAZORBACK. Group Editor; AK ; Arnold Air Society. Gerald Dee HERBAUGH: Bentonville; Plant Path- ology; Farmhouse. G. Frank HERRING: El Dorado; Pre-Med. Charlotte Belfcrd HESLEP: Pocahontas; Elementary Education; KKF. Sixth Row: Robert P. HESl.EP: Helena; Finance and Bank- ing; 2X: Marketing Club; YRC. Karen Jane HESS: Benton- ville; English. Bonnie Jean HETHERINGTON: Benton; Zoo- logy; AAA. James Dalton HIGGINS: Gillham; Animal Science; AZ: ATA; Animal Science Club, Secretary. Mazie Sue HIG- GINS: Hope; Home Economics Education. 434 MHHMNMi ' ' :E [. - First Row: Richard Allen HIGGINS: Joplin, Mo.; Market- ing; YDC; Marketing Club. George T. MIGHT Jr.: Morrilton; Civil Engineering. Margaret Ann HILE: Clearfield, Pa.; Ele- mentary Education. Charles C. HILL Jr.: Little Rock; Archi- tecture; Acacia; ABC; AIA; Circle K; Scabbard and Blade. Dana Kay HILL: Little Rock; Marketing; XS2; Army ROTC Sponsor; X9; Fulbright House Council; Treasurer of BA Sen- ior Class; Commerce Guild; GUILD TICKER Staff; SU En- tertainment Committee. Second R-JW: Steve HILL: Lockesburg; Math. Peggy HIPP: Little Rock; English; X9; Best-Dressed Coed. Rosemary A. HOAG: Mena; Social Welfare; Newman Club, Secretary; Soph- omore Counselor; WIHC, Secretary; Razurback Hall, House- manager and Judicial Board; AWS Legislative Board; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. Susan Jane HODGES: Henderson; Music Education; Mortar Board, Song Leader; Sophomore Counselors; Theodcre Presser Scholarship; Senior Counselor, Razorback Hall; TK-; AXS); 2AI. Treasurer, President; Vice-President and Chairman of Judicial Board, Ful- bright Hall; Alternate Majorette, Razorback Band; Civic Club; WIHC; AWS Legislative Council; Student Senate, Publications Committee; KK Sweetheart; Who ' s Who. Edwin HOGGARD: Conway; Architecture; 0-zark Society; AIA. Third Row: Judy Garlanh HOGUE: Montit-ello; Home Eco- nomics; 4-H House; AHEA; ASA. Jon Stephan HOLCOMB: Little Rock; Government; 2X. Pledge Trainer; YDC; RAZ- ORBACK Staff. Maxine HOLDAR: Ozark; Finance. Danette HOLDER: McCrory; Elementary Education; ACEI; SNEA. Jerry Dale HOLDER: McCrory; Civil Engineering; TBII; IIME; ASCE; XE, Treasurer, President. Fourth Row: Allen H. HOLLAND: Hindsville; Physical Education; PEM Club. John W. HOLLAND: Berryville; Pre- Dental; Acacia. Marilyn Elizabeth Spurlin HOLLAND: Berry- ville; Secretary Education; AAII; SNEA; Dean ' s List. A. L. HOLLINGSWORTH Jr.: Caresprings; Accounting. Lorene Den- non HOLLINGSWORTH: Paris; Secondary Education. Fifth Row: Thomas Hayle HOLLIS: Camden; Advertising and Public Relations. Jerry Dean HOLLOWAY: Huntsville; Agricultural Engineering; Resident Assistant, Yocum Hall; MSC, Humphreys Hall; ABC; XA; ASAE. Larry Don HOLLO- WAY: Fort Smith; Marketing. Wayland Keith HOLLOWAY: Griffithville; Vocational Education; ATP, Historian; ATA, Sec- retary. Charles Gregory HOLMAN: Branson, Mo.; Mechanical Engineering. Sixth Row: Aden Jackson HOLT: Dallas, Tex.; Accounting; 2X; Arkansas Accounting Association, Treasurer; YDC. Carol Sue HOLT: Fayetteville; Marketing; XO; Marketing Club; RAZORBACK Staff. Robert R. HOMAN: Benton; Marketing; Marketing Club; Advertising Club. Burl Ray HORN: Fort Worth, Tex.; Marketing; AK . Barry Richard HORNER: Hot Springs; Accounting; 2N. Seventh Row: Arthur Lee HORNICK Jr.: North Little Rock; Mathematics; 2X, Executive Council; President, Humphreys Hall; Cardinal XX; Civic Club, Treasurer; Gaebale, Ticket Chairman; MIHC Court. Georgia HORNOR: West Helena; Elementary Education; XJ2, Pledge Trainer; Mortar Board, President; Co-Chairman, Greek Week; Co-Chairman, Gaebale; Panhellenic; SNEA; ACE, Who ' s Who. Carol yn Ruth HORNS- BY: DeQueen; Home Economics; 4-H House. Historian; AHEA; ASA. Morris HORWITZ: Bergenfield, N. ].; Pre-Med; AEA; A ; X. Jerry W. HOSTETTER: Russellville; Jour- nalism. Seniors Freshman coed hugged her teddy bear for security as she entered the University. 435 First Row: Howard Aaron HOUSTON: Hope; Physics. Patricia Love HOWE: Hot Springs; Speech; AAA; Civic Club. Gerald Dwayne HOYLE: Danville; Chemistry; AIChE. Harriet Kay HUBBARD: Fort Smith; Education; KB , Recording Sec- retary; Sophomore Counselor; Chimes; Student Union Dance Committee, Chairman; Mortar Board; Senior Class, Secretary. Joseph Paul HUBER: Rogers; Marketing; Marketing Club. Second Row: Bettie Farrar HUDSON: Russellville; Romance Languages; ZTA. House Manager; ABC; YDC; SU Games Committee; French Club; SNEA; AWS Legislative Board, Sec- retary. Karen HUDSON: Fayetteville; History; AF. Secretary; AAA; A9. Secretary; RAZORBACK, Fine Arts Editor; Col- legiate Academy of Science; International Club. Walter Daniel HUFF: Little Rock; Chemistry. Patricia Ann HULL: Cassville, Mo.; Music Education; 2AI: TBS; Razorhack Hall, Treas- urer; Sophomore Counselor: Razorback Band; Holrombe, Judi- cial Board: PEM Club. Richard Jack HUNT: Smackover; Physical Education ; Wilson Sharp, House Manager. Third Row: Nancy Alva HURST: Hot Springs; Speech; .A. A, Rush Chairman: Civic Club; YDC; Agri Maid of Honor; Ark. Young Career Woman; Who ' s Who. L nnie Lin HUSSEY: E ' jreka Springs; Education. David Burk HUTCHENS: Monett, Mo.; Accounting; 4 MA; Arkansas Accounting Association; Yocum Hall, Resident Assistant. William HUTCHISON: Morril- ton; Electrical Engineering. Philip R. HUTKA: Fayetteville; Bacteriology; AKA, House Manager; ABC; YRC. Fourth Row: Susan Dill HUTTON: Dallas, Tex.; English; ITB , Scholarship Chairman; AWS Judicial Board; Student Court; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. Judith L. HYDEN: Spring- dale; English and Speech. Alice McPhetridge INGE: Ken- bridge. Va. ; Education; AAA. Libby INGRUM: Soringdale: Journalism: 7,1 A, Chaplain; TRAVELER. Feature Editor and Associate Editor; Panhellenic Rush Book, Associate Editor; YDC; Internationa] Club; SU Publicity Committee; AWS Pub- licity Committee. Charles William INLOW: Bentonville; Pre- Med. Fifth Row: A. Tim IRBY: Little Rock; Management; 2 E, Scholarship Chairman, Chaplain, Pledge Class President: IFPC; SAM; SU Film Committee. Charles Brooks JACKSON Jr.: Little Rock; Architecture. James E. JACKSON: Fordyce; Architecture. Nan Ellen JACKSON: Little Rock; Architecture; JIB ; AIA. Secretary; ABC; YRC; SU Art Committee. Victor Steven JACUZZI: Little Rock; Mechanical Engineering; ZX; OT Pledge Class President; St. Pat; Engineer ' s Council; ASME. Sixth Row: John Thomas JASPER: Forth Smith; General Business; Newman Club; YDC; Marketing Club. John L. JAYNE: Warren; Marketing; AO Christy Gale JENKINS: Lavaca; Dietetics; 4-H House: Sophomore Counselor; AHEA, President; ASA, Publicity Chairman. Walter Thomas JEN- NINGS Jr.: Heber Springs; Industrial Engineering; OT, Secre- tary: AHM; ITME: ABC; AIIE, President: Engineering Coun- cil, Secretary; ARKANSAS ENGINEER, Copy Editor. George Claude JERNIGAN III: Rector; Anthropology; AKA; KK ; Arnold Air Society. Seventh Row: James Lamar JETTON: Fort Smith; Banking and Finance. Jan Ann JFTTON: Fort Smith; Romance Lan- guages. Larry Hershel JOHNSON: Loarhville; Agricultural En- gineering; AX A. Judith Ann JOHNSON: Texarkana: Elemen- tary Education; AAII; ACEI: SNEA. Judith Lei rh JOHNSON: Springfield, Mo.; Social Welfare; Xfi; RAZORBACK, Associ- ate Editor. Seniors And would you believe the Chi O ' s aren ' t even run- ning anybody for secretary this year. 436 MB First Row: Nancy Jane JOHNSON: Fort Sill, Okla.; Social Welfare; XT A. Patty JOHNSON: Malvern; Speech and Eng- lish; ZTA; Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer; AAA ; Sophomore Counselor; People to People, Treasurer; AWS, Finance Com- mittee; SU Entertainment Committee; Panhellenic; Fulhright, Resident Assistant; Mortar Board. Robert Joe JOHNSON: Glendale; Social Studies and English; AIT. Ryman Gordon JOHNSON: North Little Rock; Marketing; Marketing Club; SAM. Sharon Louceyette JOHNSON: Pine Bluff; Elementary Education. Second Row: Sheryl Jean JOHNSON: Little Rock; English; Ra orhack Hall, Chaplain, Judicial Board; BStl, Social elixir- man. Victor Rudolph JOHNSON: Fort Smith; Civil Engim-iT- ing; 2 E; 0T, Corresponding Secretary; XE, President; ASCE; Engineering Council; Wesley Foundation, Treasurer. William Arthur JOHNSON: Pine Bluff; Mechanical Engineer- ing. William Carl JOHNSON: Manila; Electrical Engineering ; HKN, Treasurer; IEEE. Johnny Charles JOHNSTON: Little Rock; Finance. Third Row: Marsha Clark JOHNSTON: Little Rock; Fi- nance. Don Gilbert JONES: Osage City, Kan.; Journalism. Ethel Betty JONES: Springdale; Public Administration; AAA; X9. Herbert Douglas JONES Jr.: Florence, Ala.; Economics. Ted L. JONES: Greenwood; Civil Engineering; ASCE. S 4l J A Blue Key Taps 12 Top Students First Row: Jim A. JOWERS: Newport; Banking and Fi- nance; K2; SU Entertainment Committee; Marketing Club. Mary Susan JUNIEL: Stephens; Home Economics Education; AAII; AHEA; ASA. A. Diane KAPPES: Huntsville; English; Fulbright, House Council. Jerry M. KARBER: Amity; General Business. Raymond Russel KASKEL: North Little Rock; Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Engineering Council. Second Row: Marilyn KAYS: Crossett; English and Span- ish- KKT; AAA; 2.111; AIT; AWS, Academic Affairs Commit- tee; IFPC; YDC. Gary Neylon KEATHLEY: Mount Vernon; Agricultural Economics; Farmhouse, President; AZ, Censor; Agricultural Economics Club; IFC, Judicial Committee. Peggy Ann KEATON: Hot Springs; Education. Herbert Ross KEITH: Crumrod; Soils; Farmhouse, Social Chairman; Agronomy Club, Vice President, President; Agricultural Students Associa- tion, Publicity Manager. Joseph Edison KEITHLEY Jr.: Crock- etts Bluff; Civil Engineering; ASCE; TBII; XE. Third Row: Martha Lynn KELLEY: Eudora; Elementary Education; KKT, Pledge Trainer, Corresponding Secretary; ACEI; SNEA. Kaye KELLER: Weiner; Home Economics Edu- cation; TO. Treasurer. Don Bascom KENDALL: Fayetteville; General Business. Marilyn Kay KENDRICK: Fayetteville; Sec- ondary Education; A6; SNEA; Dean ' s List. Bill KENNA- MER: Paris; Marketing. Fourth Row: Jeff L. KENNINGTON: Malvern; Industrial Engineering; Blue Key; TBIT; AIIE; ADM; 6T. Sammy W. KERR: Gravette; Vocational Agriculture; ATP. Garland Mason KERSH Jr.: Bentonville; Zoology. Donald Richard KEYS: Dardanelle; Civil Engineering. Harold Bruce KIMBROUGH: Batesville; Psychology. Fifth Row: Janice KINCAID: Dallas, Tex.; Elementary Edu- cation- AAA. John Charles KINCY: Lowell; Electrical Engi- neering; IEEE. James W. KING Jr.: Paragould; Zoology; IIAA, Historian, Activities Committee; YDC, Vice President; IFC; French Club, Treasurer. Bill T. KINNEMAN: Siluam Springs; Banking and Finance; AKA. Bobby K. KISOR: Huntsville; Marketing; SAM. Sixth Row: Suzanne KITCHEN: Jacksonville; Marketing; KKI ' - SU Talent Committee; Sophomore Counselor; Marketing Club, Secretary. Don E. KLUTTS: Okmulgee, Okla.; Manage- ment- SAM. David Ernest KNOERNSCHILD: Lamar; Indus- trial Engineering; AIIE; YRC; FA. George Leo KUATERNIK Jr.: McGehee; Management. Ronald James KUSHMAUL: Pine Bluff. 437 First Row: Loretta Gail LACKEY: West Helena; English; ZTA; YRC; SNEA. Stephen Wayne LACKEY: West Memphis; Real Estate and Insurance; 2 E. Thomas Wayne LACKEY: Fayetteville; Marketing. F. Sanford LADAGE: Fort Smith- Pre-Med; 2AE; ABC, President. Nancy Ann LAFFERTY: Fay- etteville; Home Economics; AXfJ; TO. Second Row: Wesley Olivia LAMBERT: Shreveport, La.; Art. Mike Richard LANDERS: El Dorado; Economics; ZX. Dalton LANE: Fayetteville; Government. Milton J. LANE: Fayetteville; General Business; Arnold Air Society, Administra- tive Officer; YRC; Amateur Radio Club, Secretary and Vice- President; Dean ' s List; Distinguished Air Force Graduate. Robert Kinder LANE: Monticello; History; Ripley House, President; Droke House, Social Chairman; Student Senate; MURHC. Third Row: James Wallace LANGLEY: Camden; Manage- ment; 2 E, Treasurer of Pledge Class, Model Pledge; A J); Student Senate; Commerce Guild, Executive Council, Secretary; Pre-Law Club. James Stephen LAUCK: North Little Rock; Finance; ZX, Secretary; YDC. Glen Dale LAURENT: Mur- freesboro; Soils. Glenda Gay LAW: Ozark; Business Educa- tion; X6; Sophomore Counselor; Senior Counselor; Futrall Hall, Secretary and Floor Manager. Waldo Gale LAW: Fort Smith; Accounting; Accounting Association. Justice Jim Johnson Speaks First Row: Don W. LAWLER: Amarillo, Tex.; Banking and Finance; AXA; IFPC, President; Marketing Club; YRC. Leah Cornelison LAWLER: Hot Springs; Accounting; AAA. Dianne Kizer LAWRENCE: Malvern; Elementary Education. Jerry Joe LAWSON: Bentonville; Chemistry. Marvin McCoy LEDGERWOOD: Fort Smith; Math. Second Row: Gary Owen LEE: North Little Rock; Mechan- ical Engineering; Men ' s Sophomore Counselor; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; ASME; IITE; AKA. Jack William LEE Jr.: Fort Smith; Industrial Management. James Randal LEE: Pine Bluff; Education; AKA. Janis Jo LEE: Ola; Elec- trical Engineering. William A. LEE Jr.: DeQueen; Agricultural Engineering; ASAE. Third Row: Thomas Edwin LESLIE: Ashdown; Agronomy. Bill Wayne LEWALLEN: Springdale; Agricultural Business. Peggy LEWIS: Magnolia; Journalism and Speech; HE , Rush Chairman; Arts and Science Senator; Uarkettes; YDC. Vin- cent Michael LIBERTO: Fort Smith; Industrial Engineering; AIIE; AIIM, Vice President; TBIT, Vice President. William Richard LILE: Little Rock; Real Estate and Insurance; K2. Fourth Row: James Stegall LILLARD: Corning; Industrial Engineering; AIIE. Toni L. LILLEY: Jonesboro; Accounting; BA . S. Damaris LINDLOFF: Fayetteville; Elementary Edu- cation; IIB . Bart Rabb LINDSEY: Helena; Banking and Finance; 2AE, Rush Chairman, Vice President; Circle K, Board of Directors, President; Scabbard and Blade, Secretary; IFPC, Vice President; IFC, Rush Chairman; SU Entertainment Committee, Co-Chairman. Margie LINNEN: Fayetteville; Ele- mentary Education; OCW; International Club; SNEA; ACEI; TA. Fifth Row: Don M. LITTLE: Crossett; Personnel Adminis- tration and Industrial Relations; 211; SAM; ABC. Sarah Eliza- beth LITTLE: Pine Bluff; Banking and Finance; ZTA, Cor- responding Secretary; Chimes; Sophomore Counselor; AWS Volunteer Service Committee; Holcombe, Senior Counselor; Xe, Second Vice President. Otto Bernard LIVINGTON Jr.: Bearden; Mechanical Engineering. Vince M. LONG: El Dorado; Electrical Engineering; 2N, Pledge Class President, Pledge Trainer; 0T, Pledge Class Secretary, Outer Guard; Blue Key; Cardinal XX; Student Senate; H2, Treasurer; TIME; Out- standing Freshman Engineer; IEEE; ARKANSAS ENGINEER, Associate Editor. David Ray LOONEY: Bentonville; English. Sixth Row: Gary Pat LOOPER: Fort Smith; Marketing; Marketing Club. William Alan LOXLEY: Elmhurst, 111.; Eng- lish. Benjamin Dane LUCK: Paragould; Marketing; 2X; Mar- keting Club. Lonnie West LUTHER: Fayetteville; Poultry Hus- bandry. Charles Wayne LYMAN: Little Rock; Management; AXA. 438 _ " ; M Seniors After diligently checking six miles of sidewalk, stu- dent began to wonder if her father really graduated from the University of Arkansas. First flow: Michael David LYN CH: Conway; Electrical En- gineering; IEEE. Lucy Martin LYON: Warren; Math and Eng- lish; SNEA; IIME, Treasurer. Ross Edwin MACE: Springfield, Mo.; English; 2AE. Shari Anne MACK1E: Arlington, Tex.; Math; Fulbright Hall, Treasurer; AAA; IIME; Sophomore Counselor; AWS Queens Committee, Secretary; AWS finance Committee, Chairman; AWS, Treasurer; Senior Counselor; Civic Club; SU Entertainment Committee; Who ' s Who; Mortar Board; AI President, Panhellenic. Robert Morgan MAGNESS Jr.: Batesville; Business Administration; Ilk . Treasurer; AK . Second Row: Richard Lee MAHAN: Fayetteville; Zoology. David Holland MALONE: Bentonville; Agriculture; Al ' P; Poultry Judging Team; Agriculture Club, Reporter. Robert Eu- gene MANATT: Hot Springs; Chemical Engineering. Nancy Gaye MARBLE: Neosho, Mo.; English; Futrall Hall, Scholar- ship Chairman. John George MARVIN: Camden; Management; HKA. Third Row: Steve L. MARQUESS: Bentonville; Architec- ture; Men ' s Sophomore Council, Social Chairman; Resident Advisor; Resident Assistant; AIA, Secretary; DIRECTORY Staff. John K. MARTENSEN: Fayetteville; Pre-Law; 2 E; TKA; Debate Team. Celia Berry MARTIN: Farmington; Diet- etics. Jerry Wayne MARTIN: Van Buren; Civil Engineering; XE, Secretary; ASCE; TBII. Judy Kaye MASON: Foreman; Education. Fourth Row: Dennis Carl MASSEY: Decatur; Industrial Management; 2 E; Circle K; Arnold Air Society. Thomas E. MASSEY 111: Morrilton; Public Relations and Advertising; 2AE, Rush Chairman; Circle K; Marketing Club; Pre-Law Club; Vice-President, BA Junior Class; President, BA Senior Class. Lee MATHEWS: Hazen; General Business; K2. Bernice Julia MATHIAS: Fayetteville; Home Economics. Brenda Bridges MATTHEWS: Warren; Secondary Education; KKF; AEA; Uarkettts; House Manager, Futrall. Fifth Row: Catherine MATTHEWS: North Little Rock; French ; X, Assistant Social Chairman ; RAZORBACK, Organi- zations Editor; Newman Club. J. Stanley MATTISON: De- Queen; Electrical Engineering; 9T, Vice-President of Pledge Class; HKN, President; Engineering Council; TBII; IEEE, Treasurer; IIME. James Madison MAY: North Little Rock; General Business; 2X, Vice-President, Secretary, Chairman of Executive Committee; Advanced ROTC, Battalion Commander, Cadet Major, Distinguished Military Student; Scabbard and Blade, Vice-President; Civic Club, Treasurer. Jim L. MAYES: Blytheville; History and Psychology; 2X; Varsity Football; Pre-Law Club, Social Chairman; Cardinal XX; Dean ' s List. Gary D. MAYFIELD: Wilton; Electrical Engineering; IIKA; Arnold Air Society, Administrative Officer; Dean ' s List. Sixth Row: Jim R. MAZZANTI: Lake Village; Marketing; K2; Marketing Club; Treasurer, BA Freshman Class. James E. McALISTER: Crossett; Electrical Engineering; 6T; Vice- President, Sedgwell; TBII, Pledge Trainer; HKN, Vice-Presi- dent; IEEE, Vice-President; Engineering Council; MIHC, Treas- urer; IIME, MURHC. Margaret Ann McALLISTER: Gravette; Secondary Education; AXS), Corresponding Secretary. Robert L. McALLISTER: Fort Smith; Mechanical Engineering. John Walter McCAIN: Springdale; Accounting. Seventh Row: Robert Rogers McCANN: Fort Smith; Zoo- logy; KZ. Carolyn Sue McCLAIN: Tulsa, Okla.; Education. Audrey Maxine McCLELLAND: Prairie Grove; Social Studies. James E. McCLELLAND: Fayetteville; Civil Engineering; 2N; ABC; YDC; Cheerleader; President, ASCE; Engineering Council. Max Garland McCOY: Sheridan; Finance; KZ. 439 Seniors But Sylvia . . . you know I don ' t hold grudges. IMHgiHHHB BBBBjIBBBH BB HHI fft Hi fit L m First Row. Patrick E. McCRAKEN: Osceola; Accounting. Linda Carolyn McCULLOCH: Fayetteville ; Accounting; Ac- counting Association; BA , Corresponding Secretary, Vice-Pres- ident; X6, Vice-President, President; Commerce Guild; Dis- ciple Student Fellowship, Treasurer. Arthur DeVane McDAN- IEL: Des Arc; Agricultural Business. James Shaw McDONALD Jr.: Pine Blnff; Management; SAM; Marketing Club; YDC. Katherine Sue McDONALD: Weldon; Education; IIB . Second Row: Lynn Elizabeth McDONALD: Dallas, Tex.; English and Math; KKT; HM; AT. Tommy Olen McDOUGAL: Bryant; Economics; Marketing Club; SAM; Dean ' s List. Jerry Linto.n McGARY: Heber Springs; Agriculture. Bill Eugene Mc- GEHEE: Texarkana; Electrical Engineering. Lawrence Edgar McGUIRE: Mountain Home; Dairy Science; AZ; Agriculture Students Association; Animal Science Club. Third Row: Rod McGUIRE: Dardanelle; Marketing; MIHC, Social Chairman, Droke; Men ' s Upper-Class Resident Housing Congress; Marketing Club; YDC; IFPC. B. Anthony McIN- TOSH: Newport; Insurance and Real Estate; YDC; OCM. Jer- ry Wayne McKELROY: Magnolia; Industrial Management; SAM. Mary Kathryn McKENZIE: Hughes; Accounting; Ac- counting Association; President, Futrall Hall. John Darrell Mc- M ASTER Jr.: Gravette; Agriculture. Fourth Row: Susan Lee McMILLAN: Malvern; Marketing; ZTA; X0; Marketing Club; Senior Counselor; Sophomore Counselor; Newman Club; SU Entertainment Committee. Frank C. McMILLIN: Hot Springs; Architecture; ZN. Jack Allison McNULTY: Pine Bluff; Accounting; President, 2AE; Presi- dent, 1 HZ; BA ; AK ; Blue Key; Treasurer, Student Senate; Commerce Guild; Interfraternity Council; Who ' s Who. David Lee McNUTT: Walnut Ridge; Civil Engineering; TKE, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Historian, Intramural Manager, Honor Pledge; IFC, Spring Rush Committee; Civic Club; ASCE; Raz- orback Spelelogical Society, Treasurer; All-Intramural A A Football. Ellen Raye McSPADDEN: Batesville; History; X, Social Chairman; Classes Editor, RAZORBACK; Commence- ment Committee. Fifth Row: George Oliver McSWAIN: Ethel; Electrical En- gineering; Ripley House, Resident Assistant; IEEE. Don L. MEADE: Magnolia; Chemical Engineering; 6T; AIChE, Pres- ident; ARKANSAS ENGINEER; Engineering Council. Sharon Kay MEADE: Hope; Secondary Education; SNEA. Jack Ed- ward MEADOWS Jr.: Crossett; Industrial Engineering; IIKA; 9T; TBIT; ARM; IIME; H2; AK . Billye Regina MEANS: Jacksonville; Business Teacher Training; .i-lA, Treasurer; Soph- omore Counselor; Fulbright, Secretary Judicial Board. Sixth Row: Kathleen Hall MEISTRELL: Fayetteville; Ele- mentary Education. Geneva Louise MELTON: Little Rock; General Business. J. Conley MEREDITH: North Little Rock; Insurance and Real Estate; AKA, Rush Chairman; AK ; KK ; MA; YDC, Treasurer; Arnold Air Society; U of A Marching and Concert Bands; Commerce Guild. Robert Lee MEYER: Noel, Mo.; Finance. Melvin Leon MILHELLAND: Eudora; Civil Engineering. Seventh Row: Charles Wilton MILLER: Kennett, Mo.; Architecture; AIA. Donald Gene MILLER: Cabot; General Business. Joe T. MILLER: Little Rock; Physical Education; TKE; SNEA; PEM. Kaye MILLER: Jonesboro; Natural Sci- ence, President, Razorback Hall. Kinley Emerson MILLER: Pea Ridge; Banking and Finance. 440 First Row: Michael Dale MILLER: El Dorado; Public Ad- ministration; A9, Historian, Secretary, Vice President; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Marketing Club. Patricia Lee MILLER: Pine Bluff; Elementary Education. Robert William MILLER: Little Rock; Electrical Engineering; AB, President; Blue Key; IEEE, President; 6T, Parliamentarian; Student Sen- ate; Engineering Council; Student Court, Associate Justice. Suzanne Grace MILLER: Jonesboro; Elementary Education. Edgar S. MILTON: Emporia, Kan.; General Business. Second Row: Vivian Louise MINGE: Gamaliel; Education. Joan Elizabeth MITCHELL: Vicksburg, Miss.; Home Eco- nomics Education; TO; Futrall, Floor Manager. Don Dwight MOSLEY: Fort Smith; Architecture. John A. MONTGOMERY: Fort Devens, Mass.; Marketing. Thomas Gerald MONTGOM- ERY: Rector; Management; AXA; SAM; Marketing Club; Dean ' s List. Third Row: Larry Don MOORE: Russellville; Civil Engi- neering; ASCE. Elvie E. MOOTY Jr.: El Dorado; Mechanical Engineering; ASME, Treasurer; Society of Automotive Engi- neers. Jackie Lawrence MORAN: Cabot; Physical Education; Varsity Football; PEM Club. Shelly Anne MORAN: Cabot; Home Economics Education; TO, President; AHEA; ASA; Rebecca Gifford Scholarship. Norman Warren MOREY: De- Witt; Electrical Engineering. Rockefeller Discusses Platform First Row: Jack Clark MORGAN: North Little Rock; Ac- counting; Accounting Association. Joyce Patricia MORGAN: Muskogee, Okla.; History; Futrall, Treasurer; Razorback Hall, Resident Assistant; A6; AIT; YRC. Katherine Lawrence MORGAN: Fort Smith; Commercial Art; AAA. Julia Anne MORRIS: Little Rock; Dietetics. Philip John MORJUSS: Fay- etteville; Marketing; Maiketing Club; Accounting Association. Second Row: Judith Ann MOSEY: Salem; Marketing. Kathryn E. MOSLEY: Longview, Tex.; English; Xfi, Vice Pres- ident; Senior Counselor; TRAVELER, Society Editor; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. Susanna Maria MOSLEY: Mena; Speech and Journalism; AXQ; Student Senate; IAWS Committee, Chairman; National Collegiate Players; TRAVELER Staff; SNEA; YDC; Who ' s Who. Gary Edward MURPHY: Malvern; Agronomy. Gilbert C. MYATT: Wingo, Ky. ; Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME; HT2. Third Row: James Russell MYERS: Van Buren; Market- ing; Acacia. Nancy Virginia MYERS: Mena; Music Education; 2AI; WIHC; Symphony Orchestra. Cheryl Ann NASH: El Do- rado; Home Economics; 4-H House; AHEA, Treasurer. Noel Gordon NASH Jr.: Lewisville; Electrical Engineering; 2AE, Pledge Class President; IFC; 6T, Pledge Class Vice President, House Manager, President; IEEE, Treasurer, Vice President, President; TBII; HKN; IIME; Blue Key; Outstanding Sopho- more Electrical Engineer. Milton Ray NEAL: Mountain Pine; Civil Engineering. Fourth Row: Paul Chancellor NELSON: Fort Smith; Indus- trial Engineering; AIIE; OCM, Secretary; IEEE; Arnold Air Society. Edward Neil NEUNHERZ: Little Rock; Education; YRC. Donald Ernest NEW: Lincoln; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; IIME. Jim A. NIVEN: Russellville; Electrical Engi- neering; IEEE. Chet NOBLE: El Dorado; English. Fifth Row: Sue Carole NODLER: Neosho, Mo.; Economics and Sociology; Holcombe, Treasurer; Sophomore Counselor; Civic Club. David Thomas NOLAN: Little Rock; Art; TKE. Carol Jane NORTON: Harrison; Business Administration. Don- na Hall NORTON: Fort Smith; Botany; TBS; Collegiate Academy of Science. Thomas Gray NORTON: Batesville; Physics; ZII2; IIME. Sixth Row: Tom W. NORWOOD: Morrilton; Psychology. Joe E. NOWLIN: Arkadelphia; Finance; 2N; Business School, President, Junior Class President; Sophomore Class Vice Pres- ident; AK , Treasurer; Accounting Association; Dean ' s List. Billy Dean O ' BAR: Ozark; Poultry Husbandry; AFP, Treas- urer; Blue Key; AZ; ARKANSAS AGRICULTURIST, Co-Edi- ton. Charles Edward OGDEN: Fort Smith; Education; IFPC; Circle K. Kathleen Anne OGDEN: Muskogee, Okla.; Home Economics; KA8. 441 First .Ron;: Tetsumi OISHI: Jacksonville; Banking and Fi- nance; Accounting Association; Marketing Club. Paul Wayne OLLAR: Bryant; Industrial Engineering; AIIE. John D. OL- SON Jr.: Fort Smith; English; ROTC Battalion Commander. Gary Eugene O ' NEAL: Morrilton; Mechanical Engineering; IIKA. Merrill Mack OSBORN: Paris; Civil Engineering. Second Row. Charles Ray OWEN: Emerson; Mechanical Engineering; ASME. Ray OWEN Jr.: Hot Springs; Chmical Engineering; AX A, Treasurer; IFC, President; Outstanding Senior in Chemical Engineering; AIChE, President; Blue Key, Secretary; Engineering Council, Vice President, Treasurer; 9T, Pledge Trainer; TE, President, Secretary; ARKANSAS EN- GINEER, Feature and Copy Editor; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. Jerry Lynn OWENS: Pearcy; Electrical Engineering; HKN; TBII; IEEE. Russell Roy PALMER: Springdale; Marketing; YRC; Marketing Club; Arnold Air Society, Information Officer. David H. PARHAM: Fordyce; Banking and Finance; 2 J E; AK ; Pre-Law Club; YDC. Third Row: Carol R. PARKER: Malvern; Vocational Agri- culture and Animal Science; ATA. Maka Ann PARNELL: Os- ceola; Secondary Education; KKF; YDC. Paulena Ann PAS- CHAL: Rogers; Home Economics Education; AXfi; TO; AHEA. Larry R. PASLEY: Carlisle; History; YDC. Diana Maria PATE: Cabot; Physical Education; PEM Club; WRA; Collegiate Singers. Theater Opens with " Twelfth-Night " First Row: John Samuel PATTERSON: Clarksville; Insur- ance and Real Estate; t A6; Marketing Club; YDC. Hardy Preston PEACOCK: Winchester; Physical Education; PEM Club; Razorback Band. Kathryn Coleman PEACOCK: El Do- rado; Marketing; Xt); Razorback Band; Futrall, Floor Man- ager, Judicial Board Secretary; Marketing Club; Accounting As- sociation. Robert D. PEARSON: Fort Smith; Accounting. Michael Charles PEHOSH: Ward; Electrical Engineering. Second Row: Jimmy Tom PELT: Plainview; Entomology; Entomology Club, President. Patti PENDERGRASS: Dallas, Tex.; Speech and Art Education; AXJ2; Civic Club; YDC, Sec- retary. Martha Eunice PERDUE: El Dorado; Elementary Edu- cation; ABC; Futrall, Judicial Board Co-Chairman; Sophomore Counselor. James Robert PERRY: Fort Smith; Agriculture; ATA. Rosalie Sandra PERRY: Little Rock; Music; AAA; 2AI. Third Row. Gary Dale PETERSON: Fort Smith; Manage- ment. Ellis Laniar PETTUS: Forrest City; Mechanical Engi- neering; Student Senate; Men ' s Sophomore Council; Resident Advisor and Assistant; MIHC, President, Social Chairman; Blue Key; ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers; Who ' s Who. Mary Elizabeth PHEGLEY: Fort Smith; Education. Richard Lee PHEGLEY: Fort Smith; Business Management. Madeline Sue PHELPS: Wiesbaden, Germany; Elementary Education; AXO, Song Leader; SNEA. Fourth Row: Harold Homer PHILLIPS: North Little Rock; Marketing; Acacia; Pershing Rifles; SU Activities Committee. George Wagley PICKARD: Harrison; Mechanical Engineering; ASME: Joseph Robert PICKARD: Harrison; Finance; Arnold Air Society. Tommy F. PIERCY: North Little Rock; Mechani- cal Engineering; ASME; Automotive Engineers. Jackie Marvin PLUMMER: North Little Rock; Marketing; Marketing Club; Basketball Manager. Fifth Row: Harold Eugene PLUNKETT: Fort Smith; Elec- trical Engineering; IEEE; IIME. Sylvia Patricia POCKRUS: El Dorado; Physical Education; AF; WRA, President; PEM Club; Civic Club; SU Talent Show, Co-Chairman; AWS, Queen ' s Committee, Executive Board; Dean ' s List. Darryl Rav POLK: Morrilton; Electrical Engineering; TBII; HKN. Mar Kaye POLK: McNeil; Marketing. Sissy POLK: Little Rock; Elementary Education; ITB , Assistant Rush Chairman; SNEA, YRC; Sophomore Counselor; People to People. Sixth Row: Garvis M. POLLARD Jr.: Altheimer; Secondary Education; 2AE, Pledge Trainer, Vice President, President, Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade, Company Commander; Civic Club, President; IFPC; IFC; Cardinal XX; Humphreys Hall, President; Who ' s Who. Cara Ann POMFRET: Philadelphia, Penn.; Elementary Education. Gerald A. PONDER: El Dorado; English and History; SN, Vice President; Commerce Guild; Sophomore Class Secretary; IFC, Rush Committee; RAZOR- BACK Staff, Assistant Business Manager, Associate Editor. Norman Dale POOL: Gentry; Accounting; BA , Recording Secretary. John Julius POPE II: Fayetteville; Finance. 442 First Row: Judy McNeal POPE: Fayetteville; English. John Winton PORTER: Little Rock; Mechanical Engineering; ASME: Automotive Engineers, Treasurer. Joy Hoffman POR- TER: Fayetteville; Music Education. Diana Wallin PORTIS: Earle; Marketing; AAA. Rebecca Ann POWELL: Eudora; Speech; ZTA; YDC. Second Row: I.onnie Austin POWERS: Texarkana; Govern- ment; Circle K; YRC. Stephen Lee PRESSER: Maiden, Mo.; Zoology. James Ray PRICE: Lelona; Electrical Engineering; TBII; HKX; Hi:. Kathryn Herring PRICE: Jonesboro; Speech and Social Studies; RAZORBACK, Associate Editor; SNEA; BSU Executive Council. Walter Lipsey PRIEST: Bee- be; Management; 2N, Recorder, Pledge Trainer; Marketing Club; AK ; Commerce Guild Executive Committee. Third Row: Patricia PROVINE: El Dorado; Education; KKT, Historian, Social Chairman, President; ACE, Vice Presi- dent, President; YRC; AWS Finance Committee; Mortar Board. Evan Larry PUGH: Harrison; Marketing; 2X; Marketing Club. Tony F. PULTZ: Hot Springs; Animal Husbandry; ITKA. James A. PtJRDY II: Cincinnati, Ohio; Industrial Education. James Thomas PURIFOY: Camden; Insurance and Real Estate. Fourth Row: John Andy PURNELL: Pine Bluff; Eco- nomics; Foreign Relations Club. Mary Evelyn PURSELLEY: Harrison; Elementary Education. Barbara PURVES: Wichita, Kan.; Elementary Education; AAIT, President, Scholarship Chairman; FA; SNEA; ACEI; Panhellenic. John Milton RAABE: Almyra; Civil Engineering; XE; ASCE. Homer Allan RABJOHN: Little Rock; Industrial Engineering; AIIE. Fifth Row: Thomas Denton RAKES: Bentonville; Account- ing; Blue Key, Secretary; DIRECTORY, Editor; Davis, Presi- dent; Holcombe, Resident Assistant; RAZORBACK, Publica- tions Editor, Photographic Staff; TRAVELER Staff; Board of Publications; Collegiate Singers; Opera Workshop; Men ' s Soph- omore Council; MURHC; ABC; AK ; SU Talent Committee; Who ' s Who. Ralph R. RAMSEY Jr.: Smackover; Banking and Finance; 2X; AK . Robert W. RASH: Fayetteville; Educa- tion; KK ; A S2; Scabbard and Blade. James O. RAUCH: Aurora, Mo.; Accounting; Arnold Air Society. Nora Nell RAWLS: Helena; Elementary Education. Sixth Row: Carolyn Ann RAY: West Fork; Elementary Edu- cation. Virgil Homer RAYBURN III: Osceola; Civil Engineer- ing; THE. Alice Jo RAYMOND: Fayetteville; Home Eco- nomics; Reid, Resident Assistant; AHEA, President. Sandra REA: Morrilton; Education; Pre-Law Club. William Conway REA: Benton; Pie-Law; 2N; Cardinal XX; Pre-Law Club, President, Vice President, Secretary; Razorback Cheerleader; A4 S!; Circle K; SAM; SU Entertainment Committee. Seventh Row: Donna Jane READ: North Little Rock; Gen- eral Business; ZTA; YDC. Carla Marie REAMES: Fort Smith; English and French; YDC. John Barry REAVES: Warren; Mar- keting; i E. Dana Kay REDDING: Dallas, Tex.; Education; AF; SNEA; ACEI, Historian; Sophomore Counselor. Mike Lynn REEVES: Prairie Grove; Speech. it: Bit- Seniors Ah-hum, if you ' ll come a little closer, I ' ll show you my new book, " Fashion and the American Man. " 443 First Row: George Douglas REGAN: Malvern; Insurance and Real Estate; Accounting Association; Men ' s Sophomore Council. Lawrence Joseph REILLY Jr.: Baytown, Tex.; Busi- ness Administration; 2AE. Lawrence David REMAGEN: Fay- etteville; Management; Arnold Air Society; YRC. Donald Keith RENSHAW: New Britain, Conn.; Architecture; AIA. Carroll Reecs RENTFRO: Lamar; Entomology. Second Row: Milton Bradford REYNOLDS: Texarkana- Chemistry and Pre-Med; YRC; Radio Club; OCM. Jimmy Al- len RHODES: Conway; Mechanical Engineering; ASME; So- ciety of Automotive Engineers. Jimmy Dale RHODES: Nash- ville, Industrial Management. William C. RICHARDS: Fort Smith; Marketing; AO. Betty Jean RINIE: Belleville; Home Economics; AHEA. Third Row: William M. RIPPER: Marianna; Accounting; BA ; Arkansas Accounting Club; Marketing Club. Terrance Gene RITCHIE: Fayetteville; General Business. Dana Lynn ROEBINS: Benton; Elementary Education; Ar, Treasurer; IAWS; SNEA; ABC; ACE, Treasurer. Joseph Nevin ROB- BINS: Heber Springs; Math; 6T; Men ' s Sophomore Council, Vice-President; MIHC, Secretary; ARKANSAS ENGINEER Staff; DIRECTORY, Editor; Resident Advisor; IEEE; YRC. Penny Pendergrass ROBBINS: Millington, Tenn.; Elementary Education; AhC; Futrall Hall, House Manager. Judicial Board; SNEA; ACEI; YDC. Fourth Row: Billie Ann ROBERTS: Hot Springs; Elemen- tary Education; II B . Larry Allan ROBERTS: Rogers; Music Education; Razorback Band; MA. Willia Jeanette ROBERTS: Booneville; Home Economics Education; AHEA; YRC. Pam ROELFS: Fayetteville; Journalism; OCW, President, Vice- President; Mortar Board, Vice-President; Associate Justice Stu- dent Court; AAA; Student Senate; AWS Legislative Board; International Club; BK; Who ' s Who. Frances Maria ROG- ERS: Little Rock; Psychology; Xfl, President; AWS Legisla- tive Board; Panhellenic; Chimes; AAA, Secretary; X; New- man Club, Secretary; Sophomore Counselor; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. Fifth Row: James Business; 4 AO; H2; Okla. ; Finance; ZAE. ing; Marketing Club, dustrial Engineering; Society. A ndy ROSE: William ROGERS: Little Rock; General OAK. Gordon Gray ROGERS: Ardmore, Larry Ray ROM IN E: DeQueen; Market- Frank Daniel RORIE: Russellville; In- AIIE; Newman Foundation; Arnold Air Texarkana; Finance; ZN. Sixth Row: Carl H. ROSE: Fort Smith; Economics; 2AE; Elizabeth Crampton ROSE: Fort Smith; Home Economics Edu- cation; KKF; OT. Jannette ROSE: Fayetteville; Math and Science; ZTA. Edwin Lee ROSS: Little Rock; Journalism; Ripley House, Vice-President; MIHC. Larry Dean ROSS: Star City; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. Seventh Row: Thomas T. ROSS: Gurdon; Zoology. Robin M. ROUSSEAU: St. Charles; English and Psychology; KKF; Fulbright. House Manager; Civic Club, Secretary; Co-Chair- man, Gaebale Carnival; WIHC; AWS Legislative Board; IAWS Contact Committee, Secretary; AWS Judicial Board, Secretary; Mortar Board; Sophomore Counselor; AWS Fashion and Eti- quette Committee; Student Senate Publications Committee. Stephen Melvin ROUSSEAU: DeWitt; Architecture; 2N; Car- dinal XX; President, H2; Vice-President, President, Honors Council; President, OAK; BK; Razorback Basketball; AIA; Who ' s Who. Mary Patricia ROWAN: Argyle, Tex.; English; AAA, Chaplain; Mortar Board; Angel Flight; ABC; Chimes; AAA; Sophomore Counselor; Arkansas College Queen; AWS Judicial Board, Chairman; Who ' s Who. Charles Clinton ROWE: Fort Smith; Economics; Men ' s Sophomore Council; A J fi. Seniors Dr. Rodney Baker talked about a subject which he said was dear to his heart. 444 First Row: Henry Moss ROWE: Washington; Agricultural Engineering; AKA, President, Social Chairman; 6T, House- manager; Blue Key; Student Senate; ASAE, President, Vice President; AE, President; TBH; I1ME; Engineer ' s Council; IFC. Linda Lou ROWLAND: Dumas; Elementary Education; AAA; U of A Majorette, Line Captain; TBS; Fulhright, Judi- cial Board; IFPC. Thomas Hamilton ROWLAND: Little Rock; Marketing; i)X; Varsity Basketball; Marketing Club. Ashley B. ROZELLE: Osceola; Finance; AXA. Rush Chairman; IFC, Rush Chairman; Marketing Club; Finance Club, Albert RUK- GABER: Pontiac, Mo.; Education: IFPC. Second Row: Steven Douglas RUPLE: El Dorado; Special Education; SNEA: SAEA; Automotive Engineers. Bill Floyd RUSH: Little Rock; Marketing; K2. Charles Fredrick RUS- SELL: Brvant; English; Acacia, Treasurer; SNEA. Marion Wayne RUSSELL: Springdale; Animal Science; Animal In- dustry Club. D. Keith RUTLEDGE: Fort Smith; Pre-Law; Midwestern Association College and University Residence Halls, President; Humphreys Hall, Resident Assistant; M1HC, Execu- tive Council, Judicial Board; Student Relationships Committee. Third Row: Donna Lynn RYBISKI: El Dorado; Pre-Med; ITB . Gary Wayne RYLES: Paragould; Civil Engineering; TBII; XE, Vice President; ASCE. John Arnold RYLES: Boone- ville; Banking and Finance. Thomas Patrick SACKEN: Beau- mont, Tex.; Pre-Med; KK ; MA; Marching Razorbacks; Men ' s Sophomore Council, Secretary; Resident Assistant and Resident Advisor; Newman Club, Vice President; DIRECTORY Staff. Gil M. SAMUDIO Jr.: David Chirigui, Panama; Agri- cultural Business; International Student Club, Treasurer. WR Elected in Mock Election 4-1 First Row: Jay H. SANDERS: Siloam Springs; Electrical Engineering; Engineering Honor Roll. Sandra Beth SANDERS: Dallas. Tex.; Psychology; ZTA; SNEA; YRA. Charles Robert SANDINE: Stuttgart; Mechanical Engineering. David Roger SANDLIN: Leslie; Banking and Finance; I1KA, Alumni Sec- retary, Social Chairman; Circle K; YDC. John Henry SARAN- TOS: Houston, Tex.; Accounting; Second Row: Richard E. SAVAGE: Little Rock; Architec- ture; - E; ABC, Treasurer; AIA. Treasurer; Civic Club; Raz- orback Cheerleader. Jo Anne SCARBOROUGH: Clarksville; Honn Economics Education; AHEA. Cloyce Wayne SCHEER: Lafe; Zoology. Peggv Ann SCHFLL: Bauxite; Psychology; 7. ' l ' ; StnHert Nurses ' Association, President; AAA, President; Chimes, Historian; Senior Counselor; AWS Roles of Women Committee, Chairman; AWS Vice President Judicial Board; Mortar Board: SU Governing Board; X; BK; Who ' s Who. Roaer Dale SCHISLER: Jonesboro; Mechanical Engineering; 2 E, President, Vice President; Engineering Council; ASME. Third Ryw: Virginia Elliott SCHISLER: Jonesboro; Soci- ology and Social Welfare; Xfi: YRC; Sociology-Anthropology Club. Virginia Lea SCHMIDT: Mountain View; Education. Donna Lou SCHROEDER: Jonesboro; Elementary Education; AAA; SNEA. William Randolph SCOTT: Watts, Okla.; Archi- tecture, lames Ray SELLICK: Berry ville; Industrial Engineer- ing; AIIE; AIIM; TBIT. Fourth Row: Robert Glenn SERIO: Eudora; Government; Scabbard and Blade. Linda Sue SEXTON: Walnut Ridge; Eng- lish; X Paul Thomas SHAFER: Crawfordsville; Civil Engi- neering; Engineer Club; ASCE. Janie Ruth SHANE: Fort Smith; Education; ZTA; SNEA; SU Talent Committee; Sopho- more Counselor. John White SHANNON: Star City; Finance; 2N; AK ; Marketing Club. Fifth Row: James Donald SHARP: Prairie Grove; Pre- Med. Kenneth Ray SHARP Jr.: Fort Smith; Banking and Finance; 2N; ABC; Varsity Track. Margaret Bernice SHARPE: Fort Smith; Elementary Education. Robert William SHEDDY: Little Rock; Accounting; AXA, Treasurer; AK ; Student Court, Associate Justice; Commerce Guild, Junior Represen- tative; Business School, Vice President; Blue Key; BA ; Dean ' s List. Betty Guin SHEETS: Malvern; Elementary Edu- cation. Sixth Row: John Kermit SHEETS: Rogers; Chemistry; K - AX2. Lee Boyd SHELL: Leslie; Electrical Engineering; TBO; HKX; IIME; IEEE. William Robert SHEPARD: Pine Bluff; Mechanical Engineering; A9. Mary Sue SHERLAND: McGehee; English; X. Dudson Reid SHIPP: Prescott; Elec- trical Engineering. 445 First Row: Howard Lincoln SHIRK Jr.: Texarkana; Physics. Dianne SHORT: Magnolia; Zoology; KKT. Ramona K. SHU- GART: Fort Smith; History; ZTA. Charles Gra yson SIMPSON: Batesville; Physics and Mathematics; H2; SITS, Secretary, Treasurer; Men ' s Sophomore Council; Men ' s Counseling Staff. Michael A. SKAGGS: Rogers; Architecture; AIA; Newman Club. Second Row: John M. SLATTERY: Fort Smith; Banking and Finance; 2AE. Mary Katherine SLAVEN: Fayetteville; English; XH, Reporter; Dean ' s List. Jessie M. SLAYTON: Pocahontas; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. Don Rey SLOAN: Wesley; Poultry Nutrition; Farmhouse, Treasurer; ATA, Secre- tary; AZ. Charles Harold SMITH: Little Rock; Accounting. Third Row: Jacqueline SMITH: Little Rock; Math; XO, Treasurer; TIME; AAA; TRAVELER Staff, Society Editor; Student Senate Publications Committee; Graduation Commit- tee; AWS Publications Committee; Dean ' s List; Sophomore Counselor; ABC. Jimmie McCoy SMITH: Lake Village; Civil Enginering. John Clarence SMITH: McGehee; Agriculture and Wild Life Management; President, BSU; AZ. Pauline Rhodes SMITH: Harrison; Elementary Education; SNEA; SAEA. Ray- mond Lee SMITH: Bentonville; Accounting; 2N; H2; BA ; BI ' Z; President, Droke House; Defense Supply Association Award; Brigade Staff, Army ROTC. Keadle Proposes FM Radio Station First Row: Sharon Anne SMITH: Shre veport, La.; French; KKF. Troy Faith SMITH: Calico Rock; Secondary Education; SNEA: OCW. Warner Thomas SMITH: Louann; Chemical En- gineering; AIChE; William House, Vice-President. William Hix SMITH Jr.: Nashville; Agricultural Engineering; ASAE, Pres- ident, Treasurer; AE, Treasurer. Fred Douglas SNEED: Ho- ratio ; Horticulture. Second Row: Jane Ellen SNOW: Dallas, Tex.; English; AF; Panhellenic. Sandra Lee SNOW: Little Rock; Pre-Med; A ATI; President, Holcombe Hall; WRA, Secretary. Patricia Byars SOCKWELL: North Little Rock; History; ZTA; SU Dance Committee; YRC. Larry H. SPILLMAN: Newport; His- tory. Janice Sue SPLETH: Houston, Tex.; Education; SNEA; WIHC. Third Row: William Arthur SPRATLIN: Dermott; Civil Engineering; Counselor, Yocum Hall; ASCE; XE. William Walter SPRENGER: Harrison; Management; BF2, Vice-Presi- dent; IIME; H2. Carol Ann STACY: Alma; Romance Lan- guages. Mark Andrew STAERKEL: North Little Rock; Mar- keting; Marketing Club. James Edward STANDRIDGE: Rus- sellville; Chemical Engineering; TEH; T2; AIChE. Fourth Row: Linda STANLEY: Augusta; English; X. Betty STEEL: Nashville; Business Education; AAA; Majorette; TB2; X0. George Edwin STEEL Jr.: Nashville; Pre-Law; 2N; Pre-Law Club; YDC. Paul Lagrone STEPHENS: Jones- boro; Bacteriology; II K A. David Rodney STEWART: Mag- nolia; Marketing; Social Chairman, Humphreys Hall; GUILD TICKER Staff; Marketing Club; Advertising Club. Fifth Row: Janet Carolyn STEWART: Kansas City, Mo.; Secondary Education; AF; SNEA. Martha Elizabeth STEW- ART: Fort Smith; English and Music Education; SAI, Corres- ponding Secretary; SNEA. Michael Stephen STEWART: Rus- sellville; Mechanical Engineering. John W. STILES: Little Rock; Civil Engineering; ASCE. John M. STINSON: Camden; Business Administration; 2X. Sixth Row: Margaret Ann STOBAUGH: Memphis, Tenn.; Business Education. Barbara Sue STOCKDELL: Dallas, Tex.; Spanish; AXfi, Secretary; Senior Counselor; 2AI1; AAA. Nan Susan STOCKER: Fort Smith; Sociology and Social Welfare; AWS Roles of Women Committee; Social Chairman, Holcombe; IAWS. Jimmie Levon STOCKTON: Parma, Mo.; Education. Linda Susan STONE: Fort Smith; Secondary Education. 446 First Row: James Guy STOKES: Waveland; Marketing; K2. Stephen P. STOREY: Hot Springs; Industrial Manage- ment; AXA. Susan Wright STOREY: Shreveport, La.; Elemen- tary Education; II H . Sandra Sue STOSBERC: Fort Smith; English and History; Razorback Hall, Judicial Board. Marvin L. STRANGE: Rogers; Industrial Management; SAM. Second Row: James Lee STRNAD: Dardanelles Chemical Engineering; AXS; AIChE; TS. Richard STUBBS: Little Rock; Pre-Med; Acacia; 4 Hi;; Senior Class President. Floyd Andrew STURGIS: Arkadelnhia; Business Administration; 2AE; Pershing Rifles; AK . Kenneth Edward SUGGS: North Little Rock; General Business. Bobby Donald SU1TT: Hot Springs; Electrical Engineering; HKN; TBII. Third Row: Brenda Lee SWEET: Forrest City; Elementary Education; XSI, Corresponding Secretary; SU Talent Commit- tee; SNEA; YDC. James Arnold SYKES: Lavaca; Personnel Management; SAM; Marketing Club. James Donald SYKES: Heber Springs; Physics; AKA. Gary Edwin TAGGART: Au- gusta; Psychology; Uarkettes; DIRECTORY Staff; Schola Cantorum; MA; Civic Club. Anna Lynn TARKINGTON: North Little Rock; Secondary Education; AAII, Treasurer; YRC; SNEA. Fourth Row: Pat TARVIN: Hot Springs; Art; KKI ' . Allyn Carr TATUM: Harrison; Finance. Edwin Roy TATUM: Fort Smith; Management; Scabbard and Blade; SAM. Gail F. TATUM: Fort Smith; Management; Arnold Air Society. Kaye Frances TATUM: Batesville; Speech Correction. Fifth Row: Carol Ann TAYLOR: Hope; Speech and Eng- lish; SNEA; Futrall, Queen ' s Committee. Harve Jonathan TAY- LOR III: Clarksville; Civil Engineering: ASCE; XE. Jimmy Ray TAYLOR: Texarkana; Civil Engineering. Joe TAYLOR III: Crossett; Marketing; AXA; Marketing Club. Mary Alice TAYLOR: West Memphis; Marketing; A All ; Marketing Club; YDC. Sixth Row: Mary Ann TAYLOR: Booneville; Elementary Education. Don Paul TEAGUE: Springhill, La.; Accounting; IIKA; William House, Treasurer. Mona Marsha TEMPLETON: El Dorado; Marketing; X9; Marketing Club; Commerce Guild. Susan TENNANT: Fort Smith; Finance; IIB J ; ABC; SU En- tertainment Committee. Bobby Ray TERRELL: Murfreesboro; Management; SAM. Seventh Row: John Wayne THAIN: Pine Bluff; German; Philosophy Club; YRC; BK. Lance Morell THAREL: Fayette- ville; Marketing. Harold Lindell THOMAS: Springdale; Trans- portation. Joel L. THOMAS: Camden; Industrial Engineering; flME; AIIE; AIIM, Corresponding Secretary. Patricia Eliza- beth THOMAS: Houston, Tex.; English and Journalism; AXfi; AWS Finance Committee; SU Talent Committee; TRAVELER Staff; RAZORBACK Index Editor. Eighth Row: David Edward THOMPSON: Joplin, Mo.; Electrical Engineering; Scola Cantorum; IEEE. Eric S. THOMPSON: Pottsville; Architecture; AIA, Vice President. J. Brent THOMPSON: Jacksonville; Architecture; AIA. Jack L. THOMPSON: Springdale; Banking and Finance. Joan Marie THOMPSON: Augusta; English; AWS Legislative Council; Co-legiate Singers! Uarkettes; SU Music Committee. o n -t rf T M , A IM 1 I - J A,! ,!. r ff - k ' Seniors As troops paraded on the field for inspection, ROTC sponsor and her escort headed for the hills. 447 (pi a First flow: Linda Richter THOMPSON: Gillett; Home Eco- nomics. Joyce E. TINDLE: Malvern; Secondary Education; ZTA. Jackie Carl TIPTON: Green Forest; Electrical Engineer- ing; IEEE. George Raymond TODD: Fayetteville; Agriculture; Farmhouse. Vergil Edwin TOLLETT: Nashville; Animal Sci- ence, AZ; Treasurer, Animal Industry Club. Second Row: Larry E. TOWNLEY: Malvern; Architecture; 2 E; AIA. Robert Lee TRAMMEL: Little Rock; Accounting; A6; Cardinal XX, Vice-President ; OAK, Secretary; BA ; Accounting Association; Marketing Club. Barbara Ann TREMBLE: Shawnee Mission, Kan.; History; ITB , President; Sophomore Counselor; People to People; YRC. Frank Abbott TRICE: Stuttgart; Banking and Finance; Arkansas Accounting Association; Razorback Band. Johnny Alexander TUCKER: Conway; Mechanical Engineering; Society of Automotive En- gineers. Third Row: Robert Williams TUCKER: Little Rock; Real Estate and Insurance; K2, Social Chairman; IFPC. Phyllis Madileine TULL: Scott; Education; ZTA; SNEA; YDC. Christy Sven TULLGREN: Mountain Home; Finance. Laurence Burton TUNICK: Orlando, Fla.; Economics; SAM; Marketing Club; YDC. Betty Carol TURNAGE: Lake Village; English; KKF; AT; YRC. Panhell Lifts Rush Penalty on KKG First Row: Ella Victoria TURNER: Fayetteville; French; XA. Jane TURNER: Fort Smith; Elementary Education; X. Pam TURNER: Magnolia; Psychology; KKT;; Senior Counselor, Hotz Hall; X. David Loy TURNEY: Valley Springs; Industrial Management; Student Senate; President, Razorback Hall; MIHC; SAM. John W. TURNIPSEED: Fay- etteville; Accounting. Second Row: David Eaton TYRONE: Blytheville; Finance; AX A, Pledge Trainer; Circle K. Linda Burroughs TYRONE Shreveport, La.; Elementary Education; ZTA. Layman R UTTER: Rocky Comfort, Mo.; Marketing. Marsha El ' VANCE: Tulsa, Okla.; Radio and Television; AT, House M. ager; National Collegiate Players, Vice-President; Blackfri President. Larry Marlin VANCUREN: Harrison; Educatio Physical Education, Vice-President. Third Row: Carol VAN DALSEM: Perry ville; Journalism and English; AAA, President, Recording Secretary, Model Pledge; Senior Counselor, Hotz Hall; SU Talent Committee; Panhellenic Council. Tommy Wade VASSAUR: Altheimer; Insurance and Real Estate; K2, President. Elizabeth Ann VAUGHT: Hamburg; Social Welfare. James B. VAWTER: Fayetteville; Marketing; 211, Secretary, Treasurer. Jimmie D. VEST: Branch; Civil Engineering; ASCE, Vice-President. Fourth Row: Ray Earl VESTER: Stuttgart; Accounting; 211, President, Vice-President, Treasurer; IFC, Treasurer; Blue Key; Assistant Business Manager, TRAVELER. Donald R. VINES: Little Rock; Business; Circle K; AK ; SU Entertain- ment Committee. Glen R. VOTH: Little Rock; Mechanical Engi- neering; Society of Automotive Engineers; Vice-President, William House. William Oliver VOWELL III: North Little Rock; Marketing; 2X, President, Vice-President; Blue Key; IFC, Judicial Committee; Chairman, Homecoming; Marketing Club, President; TRAVELER, Sports Editor; Who ' s Who. Gus Michael VRATSINAS: Little Rock; Civil Engineering; 6T, President, Vice-President; ASCE, President; TBII, Vice-Presi- dent; Engineering Council, President, Vice-President; Blue Key; t HZ, Treasurer; IIME; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who, Fifth Row: Saundra Lynn WADE: Checotah, Okla.; English; AAA, Vice-President; IIKA Dream Girl; Senior Counselor, Ful- bright Hall; AAA. Joseph J. WAGES: Branch; Marketing. Deanna Karen WALDRIP: North Little Rock; English and Speech; Miss University of Arkansas; Razorback Beauty; Car- nail Hall, President, Social Chairman, Chairman of Judicial Board. Charles Oscie WALKER: Forrest City; Insurance and Real Estate; 2X; IFPC; President, BA Freshman Class; Vice- President, BA Junior Class; Commerce Guild, President; Who ' s Who, Business School. James Lindsey WALKER Jr.: Hot Springs; Elect rical Engineering; Vice-President, Rush Chair- man, AKA; Secretary, 6T; Engineering Council; Advertising Manager ARKANSAS ENGINEER; Secretary, Engineering Council; Marching Razorbacks; KK ; Arnold Air Society. Sixth Row: James William WALKER: Fayetteville; Finance; 2AE; SU Entertainment Committee; Civic Club; YDC. Lary Rodney WALKER: DeQueen; Accounting; H2; Arkansas Ac- counting Association; BA ; AK , Treasurer; YRC; Dean ' s List. Charles Philip WALLIS: Waldo; Industrial Management. James Caphos WALSH: Humphrey; Civil Engineering; ASCE. Buc M. WARD: Joplin, Mo.; Industrial Management. 448 ' ' Anilill First Row: Jane Lee WARE: West Monroe, La.; Home Eco- nomics; AXSi, Panhellenic Representative, Sports Manager, So- cial Chairman; WRA Sports Manager of the Year; Swimming Club, President; TRAVELER Staff; RAZORBACK, Index Editor. Phillip Jay WARFORD: Fayetteville; General Busi- ness: SAM. Carol Elizabeth WARNOCK: Camden; English. Speech, and Drama; AAIT, Registrar; National Collegiate Play- ers; Blackfriars; YDC. Catherine Jean WARREN: Fort Smith; Accounting. Dale Allen WARREN: Fort Smith; Marketing. Second Row: John Kitchener WARRINER: Pine Bluff; Architecture; K2, Secretary; International Club; YRC: AIA. Elizabeth A. WASHBURN: Shreveport. La.; Elementary Educa- tion: XS7; SNEA; SU Entertainment Committee, Co-chairman; SU Governing Board. Larry S. WATKINS: Hamburg; Pre-Med: SX; H2; Cardinal XX; Wilson Sharp, Social Chairman. Floyd Elliott WATSON: Springdale; Education. Sam Edward WAT- SON: Paragould; Psychology; Davis Hall, Vice President; Hol- comhe Hall, Resident Assistant. Third Row: V. Carol WATSON: Dallas, Tex.: Journalism: AF; Chimes, Secretary; TRAVELER. Feature Editor; AWS Student-Faculty Committee. Harold W. WAYMIRE: Little Rock; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. George T. WEAVER Jr.: Pine Bluff: Banking and Finance; 2AE. Pledge Trainer; RAZOR- BACK, Business Manager, Sports Editor; Arnold Air Society. Treasurer; Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer; Blue Key; Episco- pal Student Center, President. Charles Mary WEBB: Rogers; Elementary Education; AA1T: Panhellenic, President. Secrtary; ABC: YDC: IAWS Contact Committee, Secretary. James Travis WEBB: Fordyce; Management. ODK Taps Thirteen Leaders First Row: Jerry Edward WEBB: Berryville; Poultry Sci- ence; AZ; Yocum Hall, Social Chairman, Student Senate; Soph- omore Counselor. Joe E. WEBB: Nashville; Marketing. Lewis Ann WEBB: Dardanelles Education. Winford Wayne WEEKS: Emmet; Civil Engineering; ASCE. Cecil Larry WEIR: North Little Rock; Civil Engineering; ASCE. . Second Row: Sharon Hamilton WEIR: North Little Rock; mentary Education; AAA; Judicial Board, Fulbright; SNEA; , .El. Maureen Leigh WELTY: Fayetteville; English; KKF. .d Eugene WENNERSTROM: Fayetteville; Zoology. Neil ivart WEST: Magnolia; Marketing; J A9; Arnold Air So- .=ity; AK ; YRC. Cheryl Nau WESTMORELAND: Monett, iO. ; Elementary Education; AAA. Third Row: Linda Sue WESTMORELAND: Beaumont, Tex.; Elementary Education; SEA. H. Keith WETSELL: North Little Rock; Civil Engineering. Ann Marie WHALEY: Little Rock; English; X. Jackie Darwin WHELCHEL: Fort Smith; Marketing; Marketing Club; SAM. Bettye Kay WHETSTONE: El Dorado; Speech. Fourth Row: Mary Anne WHITAKER: Baytown, Tex.; His- tory; KKF. Beverly Ann WHITE: Fayetteville; Physical Edu- cation; KKF; Miss Fayetteville; Campus Sweetheart; PEM, President; ABC; Cheerleader. Jerry Allen WHITE: Fayette- ville; Finance. Richard A. WHITE: Fayetteville; Real Estate and Insurance; 2 E. Mitchell Eugene WHITTINGTON: Cam- den; Chemical Engineering. Fifth Row: Margaret Ann WIESE: Pine Bluff; Speech Cor- rection; IIB4 ; SU Entertainment Committee; RAZORBACK Staff; YRC. Mickey Bob WILBER: Maysville; Agricultural Business; ATP, President; Agri-Student Association, President; AZ; Blue Key; Pershing Rifles; IFC; Agricultural Economics Club. Jane Ann WILKINSON: Nowata, Okla.; Elementary Edu- cation; WIHC; IAWS; BSD Executive Council; SNEA; ACE. Peggy Jo WILLBANKS: Elaine; History. Arthur Leland WIL- LIAMS: Fayetteville; Secondary Education; A n, President, Vice- President, National Representative; KAA; Student Senate; OCM, President; Buchanan House, Vice- President; YDC; SNEA; Scabbard and Blade, Pledgemaster ; Civic Club; ABC; President, Episcopal Center; Student Religious Council; Foreign Relations Club; Presidents Council, MIHC. Sixth Row: Carl Robert WILLIAMS Jr.: Hughes; Finance; IIKA President; Dean ' s List; IFC. Carolyn Knight WILLIAMS: Lincoln Neb.; Elementary Education; A All; SNEA; YDC; Advertising Manager, TRAVELER. Charles A. WILLIAMS: Little Rock; Accounting; Arnold Air Society. Douglas Leroy WILLIAMS: Stuttgart; Accounting; Arkansas Accounting As- sociation; YRC. Jeffrey S. K. WILLIAMS: Fayetteville; Eco- nomics and Psychology. 449 First Row: Jerry W. WILLIAMS: Clarkedale; Agriculture; Humphreys, Resident Assistant; Entomology Club. Linda Gail WILLIAMS: Little Rock; Distributive Education; Futrall, Judi- cial Board Chairman; SNEA; Marketing Club. Margrette Elea- nor WILLIAMS: Fayetteville; Elementary Education; OCW. William Hale WILLIAMS: Osceola; Education; AXA; YDC; ABC. K. Susanne WILLIAMSON: Falls Church, Va.; Art; X, Standards Board Chairman; Fulbright Hall, Social Chairman; IAWS; Sophomore Counselor. Second Row. Fred Alan WILLIS: Dardanelle; Mechanical Engineering; TBII; HTS; Engineering Council; ASME, Presi- dent. Charles Larry WILSON: Hot Springs; Marketing; AK . F. Ervan WINBERLY: Walnut Ridge; Civil Engineering; ASCE; Ozark Society. Gary Wayne WINDLY: Marshall; Civil Engineering. Timothy David WINGFIELD: Fayetteville; Physi- cal Education; Arnold Air Society; Buchanan, President; MURHC, Secretary-Treasurer. Third Row: Jerry Lee WINTER: Garden City, Mo.; General Business. Sharon LeAnn WISENER: Glenwood; Speech; De- bate Squad; ABC; Holcombe, Religious Chairman, Judicial Board, Social Chairman. Bobby Joe WITHERINGTON: Ham- burg; Chemical Engineering; IIKA; TBIT; IT.ME; TS; AIChE. Dottie WITHERINGTON: Dumas; Spanish; AAA. Larry E. WITHERS: Lavaca; Science-Education; SNEA. Douglas Represents High Court First Row: James Joseph WOLFE: Little Rock; Pre-Med; 2X. Barbara Jean WOOD: Springdale; English. John Steven WOOD: Mena; History and English; 2X. Vivian Marie WOOD: Springdale; Home Economics Education; t TO. William Irving WOOD FORD Jr.: Little Rock; Industrial Engineering. Edward Morris WOODLEE: San Antonio, Tex.; Insurance and Real Estate; Wilson Sharp; Varsity Football. Second Row: Nancy Ellen WOODS: Little Rock; Psycho- logy; Carnall, House Manager; Sophomore Counselor; WIHC; House Manager ' s Board. Robert Elvin WOODS: Fort Smith; Marketing; Marketing Club. William WOODYARD: Little Rock; Economics; 2X, Social Chairman; YDC. William Robert WOOLLY: Little Rock; Marketing; Drum Major- Razorback Band; ABC; KK . Larry A. WORSHAM: Fayetteville; Ac- counting; BA . Emily Jane WOZENCRAFT: Sparkman; Soci- ology and Social Welfare. Third Row: Billie Sue WRIGHT: Lonoke; Business Ad- ministration. Janet Blakely WRIGHT: Fayetteville; Elementary Education; SNEA. Larry John WRIGHT: Paris; General Busi- ness; MIHC, Treasurer; KK ; Razorback Band; Marketing Club; YRC. Linda Kay WRIGHT: Foreman; Home Economics; AHEA; SNEA. Lonnie Fred WRIGHT: Foreman; Agricultural Engineering; Engineering Council; ASAE, President. Dick WYATT: Blytheville; Accounting; 2X; BF2; BA ; OAK; TIME; ABC; Commerce Guild; Arkansas Accounting Associa- tion; Who ' s Who. Fourth Row: William Stephen WYLIE: Murfreesboro ; In- dustrial Engineering. Gerald Louis YANKER: North Little Rock; Mechanical Engineering; ITKA; Society of Automotive Engineers; ASME. J. W. YATES: Fort Smith; Marketing, James Lee YATES: Jonesboro; Industrial Engineering; Base- ball; AIIE; Circle K. Publicity Chairman, Board of Directors. Dale Randolph YOUNG: Beaver Falls, Penn.; Management; Arnold Air Society; Cadet Officer. AFROTC; SAM; OCM. Fifth Row: Gary Cleveland YOUNG: Little Rock; Architec- ture; AKA; AIA, President. Marilyn YOUNG: North Little Rock; Business Education; X6. Otis Paul YOUNG: Foreman: Management. Joseph Clifford ZARNITZ: Forest Hill. N. Y.; Industrial Engineering; AITM, President; AIIE; Engineers Council; MIHC; Young Republicans. Albert Marion ZAWIS- LAK: Little Rock; Architecture; AIA. 450 Juniors DGs ay, " Nare takes it off, takes it all off. " First Row: Harry Hewes ABERNATHY: Yocum; Little Rock. Douglas ABRAM: Galena, Kan. Daniel Elaine ADAMS: Bath, N. Y. Ted Randy ADKINS: Longview, Tex. Diane AHRENS: XQ; Little Rock. James C. AKE: K2; Havana. John Philip ALEXANDER: Springdale. Second Row: Mary Alice ALEXANDER: 4-H House; Crossett. Cyndy ALLEN: AF; Nevada, Mo. Michael Paul ALLEN: Acacia; Hope. Phil ALLEY: Benton. Troy Cae- sar ALLEY: Ripley; Pine Bluff. Robert Alan ALLURED: AFP; Alma. Mildred Mann AMIS: KKF; Murfreesboro. Third Row: Dennis AMMONS: Prescott. Howell Clark AMOS: Fort Smith. Doue ANDERSON: Fayetteville James Watson ANDERSON: 2N; El Dorado. William H. ANDERSON: Texarkana. Sarah Katherine ANDRUS: AAII: Lawton, Okla. John Franklin ANTHONY: Hope. Fourth Row: Pauline Alice APPLETON: KKF; War- ren. Bill Gene ARDEMAGNI: Springdale. James LeRoy ARMSTRONG: Pineville, Mo. Ann Carol ARNOLD: AXSi; Hope. Pamela Sue ARNOLD: IIB ; Camden. Marsha Carole ARTHUR: Reid; Magnet Cove. William Roger ATKINS: IIKA; Earle. Fifth Row: John Fredrick ATWOOD: Pine Bluff. Diann BACK: Searcy. Linda Sue BADDOUR: AAII; Wynne. Sarah Avelyn BAGLEY: KA6; Houston, Tex. Ralph Wil- liam BAKER: Charleston. Robert Lee BALL: Oden. Al- bert F. BALTZ: Pocahontas. Sixth Row: Stanley H. BANEY: Sedgewell; Little Rock. Mannon G. BANKSON Jr.: Malvern. Hulon Wayne BARKER: Little Rock. Lewis D. BARKSDALE: 211; Fort Smith. Ronnie Rail EARNER: Forrest City. Jim Troy BARNES: Tulsa, Okla. Diane N. BARNETT: AAII; Bull Shoals. Seventh Row: Ben T. BARRY: A9; Fort Smith. Joe Max BARRON: Chester. Ray Ellis BARTLEY: Fayette- ville. Curtis Blair BARTON: Yocum; Leawood, Kan. Bar- bara Ann BASORE: Fayetteville. William Raymond BAUM: Osceola. Karen Elaine BEAH: Carnall; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Robert S. BEARD: Clarendon. James BEATY: Fort Smith. Virginia C. BEATY: AXO; Fayette- ville. Harold Dennis BEAVER: Holcombe; Judsonia. Don- na Kay BEAVERS: Carnall; Marshall. Gregory W. BECK: Malvern. Ruth Ann BECK: Futrall, Valparaiso, Ind. Ninth Row: Steven Gregory BECK: Arkadelphia. Peter Otto BECKER: Sedgewell; Mountain Home. William Her- bert BECKER: Sedgewell; Fort Smith. Mike Allen BECK- MAN: William House; McRae. Dennis Dean BECK- WORTH: Yocum; Little Rock. Alan Hal BEEZLEY: Huntington Beach. Calif. Helen Carol BELEW: Xfi; Ver- non, Tex. 451 Juniors - , T - The men of Holcombe Hall entertained their " super cool " dates at the Super Dorm dance. o a I MAM M H B _BB_| _ ___| _____| _ __ _______ __ Cc fTj r l CT w kJH f i J Kla First Row: David Lee BELL: AKA; Fort Smith. J. C. BELL: Ripley; Alpena. Mary Gale BELL: Prescott. Pa- tricia Jane BELL: HE ; Houston, Tex. Wayne Thomas BELL: Farmhouse; Rogers. Carl BELLAH, Jr.: TKE; Springfield, Mo. Wayne Doyling BENNETT: Hot Springs. Second Row: Claudia Sue BENSON: Reid; Texarkana. Kerry Lance BERCHER: 211; Fort Smith. Jerry BER- LINGER: K2; Hot Springs. Kenneth Edward BERNEER: Springdale. Steve T. BERNER: 2AE; Little Rock. Boyd Blake BERRY: Fort Smith. Mary Rosa BERRYHILL: 4-H House; Violet Hill. Third Row. Michael Frank BETHEA: Ripley; Pine Bluff. Farrish Earl BETTON: Little Rock. Charles Elmer BEYERLEY: Hope. James Ross BILBREY: 2X; Blythe- ville. Edwin Williamson BIRD Jr.: 2X; Monticello. Cath- erine Ann BLACK: Ashdown. Jimmy Dale BLACK: Farm- house; Hackett. Fourth Row. Nancy S. BLACKFORD: Reid; Hopkins- ville, Ky, Ralph Johnston BLACKWELL: Memphis, Tenn. Nancy Annette BLAKE: Futrall; Harrison. Ingrid Ann BLOOMBERG: AXJ2; Stuttgart. Thomas Hale BOGUN: Buchanan; Blytheville. Lavada Charleen BOLT: Carnall; DeQueen. John Barnitz BOND: K2; Hot Springs. Fifth Row. Roland C. BONNER: Eudora. Charles A. BOONE: Greenwood. Richard Earl BOOTH, Jr.: Pine Bluff. Billy BORCHERT: William House; Stuttgart. Mary Ann BORENGASSER: Reid; North Little Rock. Cath- erine Ann BORLAND: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Michael Dean BOSWELL: Acacia; Bryant. Sixth Row: Luther Harlan BOUDRA: Gladson House; Russellville. L. Patrick BOURN: Buchanan House; Little Rock. Evelyn Gail BOWEN: ZTA; Fayetteville. Arthur Flynt BOWIE: Sedgewell; Augusta. Carole Ann BOW- MAN: JIB ; Little Rock. Patricia BOWMAN: HB ; Neosho, Mo. Loretta Marie BOYD: Fayetteville. Seventh Raw: Richard Evan BO YES: Tulsa, Okla. Marcus BRACKEN: Fort Smith. Jerry Wayne BRACK- ETT: Joplin, Mo. Willie Charles BRADFORD: North Little Rock. Jane BRADLEY: KKF; El Dorado. Donald Gene BRATTON: Ripley; Sheridan . James Larry BREESE: Siloam Springs. Eighth Row: Bradley Knight BRELAND: Acacia; Hot Springs. Donna Lynn BREWER: Futrall; Mableton, Ga. Sharon Ann BREWER: AMI; Hot Springs. John Stephen BRIGGS: Humphreys; Neosho, Mo. Marilou BRODIE: Futrall; Little Rock. Marilyn BRODIE: Futrall; Little Rock. Dianne BROOKS: AF; Bossier City, La. Ninth Row: Charles Lee BROWN: 2X; Hope. Edward Lee BROWN: Cassville, Mo. James Robert BROWN: Ben- tonville. Nancy Engle BROWN: Fayetteville. Patricia Ann BROWN: AAA; North Little Rock. Larry L. BRYANT: Farmhouse; Nashville. Sharon Kaye BRYANT: Razor- back; Springdale. 452 First Row: Shelby Galen BRYANT: AFP; Austin. Kay BULLINGTON: Fayelteville. Darryl Jon BULLOCK: Fay- etleville. James Harvey BULLOCK: Fort Smith. David L. BUNCH: Droke House; North Little Rock. Kenneth Nor- man BURKS: William House; Hot Springs. Thomas Eu- gene BURNS: Ripley House; Little Rock. Second Row: Charles Chris BURROW: 2AE; Wynne. Mary Jane BURROW: Reid; Muskogee, Okla. Ronald Lewis BURTON: AKA; Fayetteville. Victor Doyle BUT- LER: North Little Rock. Marcelyn Renee CAGLE: Reid; Hot Springs. Neva Jane CAGLE: Fort Smith. Mary Lou CAIN: I1B ; Fayetteville. Third Row: Timothy Curtis CAIN: Mountainburg. Bry- an Glenn CALDWELL, Jr.: Little Rock. Carey Allen CALDWELL: AXA; Fort Worth, Tex. Linda Lajean CALDWELL: Hotz, Texarkana. Pat CALL: Piggott. Ther- esa Lee CAMPBELL: AAA; Little Rock. Donna Carole CAMPBELL: AAII; Eudora. . Theta Initiates Charter Pledges First Row: George Wayne CAMPBELL, Jr.: Holcombe; Fort Smith. Kenny A. CAMPBELL: Witts Springs. Louise CAMPBELL: XS2; Russellville. Ollie Columbus CAMP- BELL, Jr.: AKA; Nashville. Michael H. CARLTON: El Dorado. John Gregory CARMAN: Fort Smith. Clydia Gayle CARNES: AAA; Springdale. Second Row: Larry W. CARROLL: North Little Rock. Winton Gayle CARSON: Fort Smith. John T. CARTER: Ripley House; Charleston. Leslie Carl CARTER: AFP; Booneville. Ralph F. CARTER: Waldron. Ronald Murry CARTER: Crossett. David Mark CARVER: IIKA; Mena. Third Row: Clayton Norris CASTLEMAN: Ashdown. Lucile CATHCART: Fayetteville. Mario Patricio CELI: Holcombe; Quito, Ecuador. C. Wayne CHAFFIN: Mag- nolia. John Ed CHAMBERS: K2; Danville. David Ray CHAPMAN: IIKA; Tulsa, Okla. Thomas John CHAPO: Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Sarah Lynn CHESSHIR: KA6; Mesquite, Tex. Cathy E. CHEYNE: Fayetteville. Ronald Mann CHILES: KS; Osceola. Linda CHILTON: Razorback; Little Rock. Linda Ann CHIOLINO: Futrall; Fort Smith. H. Dale CHISM: Cabot. Wiley H. CHRISTAL: 6T; New- port. Fifth Row: David Scott CHRISTENA: IIKA; Saginaw, Mich. Michael W. CLARK: TKE; Monette. Patricia Elaine CLEMONS: Reid; Lewisville. Herschel Wayne CLEVE- LAND: AKA; Magazine. Marian CLEVELAND: IIB ; Texarkana, Tex. Dowell Edward CLUCK: Monett, Mo. Jeanie COBB: X; Ashdown. Sixth Row: Donna Kay COCHRAN: XI); Texarkana. Marsha Oline COCHRAN: La Russell, Mo. Robert Eugene COCKRUM: 2N; DeWitt. Charles E. COE: Newport. Pa- tricia Louise COE: AAII; Siloam Springs. Paulette CO- GER: Fayetteville. Sandra Ann COKER: Futrall; Monti- cello. Seventh Row: James Harold COLE: Magnolia. Richard Lewis COLES: Holcombe; Searcy. William David COL- LINS: Omaha. Claire Suzanne CONE: AAH; Baytown, Tex. Paul R. CONNER: Wilson Sharp; Clarendon. Mari- lyn Joy COOK: Reid; McGehee. William Howe COOK: Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Jack E. COOP: Hope. Clyde David COOP- ER: 2AE; Texarkana. Mary Margaret COOPER: Elkins. Shirley Lee COOPER: Futrall; Gravette. Don Wayne CORBIN: Fort Smith. Charlotte Frances COUCH: Carnall; Bruno. Lonnie Clyde COUCH, Jr.: 2X; El Dorado. mm WmmmmMMM fi ' l L 453 First Row: James Kent COXSEY: IIKA; Berryville. B. Donna COZORT: ZTA; Timpson, Tex. James Reed CRAFTON: North Little Rock. Walter M. CRAIG, Jr.: AKA; North Little Rock. Jerry Alam CRAUN: Elkins. Champ H. CRAWFORD: 211; Fort Smith. Dave E. CRAWFORD: Acacia; Barstow, Calif. Second Row: Inez CRAWFORD: Barstow, Calif. Lessie Marie CREECY: Reiser. Jack Dan CREWS: A6; North Little Rock. Marion Paul CRIDER: Greenland. Cheryl Elaine CRITES: AXfJ; El Dorado. John D. CROUCH: TKE; Fox. Mary Virginia CROW: AAH; Elaine. Third Row: Judy M. CRUMBAKER: AF; Rogers. Sherry Lynn CULBERTSON: AAII; Lamar, Mo. Roy R. GULP: North Little Rock. Brenda Jean CUNNINGHAM: Carnall; Malvern. Charlotte Ann CUNNINGHAM: AXfi; Farmington. John B. CURRIE: 2X; Wilmot. Thomas Wil- liam DANIEL, Jr.: Fort Smith. Rakes Distributes DIRECTORIES First ? n: Cindy DARR: AF; Shreveport, La. Joe Paul DAVES: Wilson Sharp; Heber Springs. Diana Beth DA- VIDSON: AX12; Risen. Carl Miller DAVIS: Gladson House; East St. Louis, El. Howard Lee DAVIS: Leslie. James Delbert DAVIS: Texarkana. Jane E. DAVIS: AF; Hattiesburg, Miss. Second Row: Richard Emile DAVIS: William House; Carbondale, 111. Sammye Jewell DAVIS: Carnall; Purdy, Mo. Trisha Ann DAVIS: Futrall; Little Rock. Turley Dean DAVIS: Reid; Senatobia, Miss. Diane DEAN: HB4 ; Houston, Tex. Linda Frances DEERE: Futrall; Little Rock. Roy Walter DEERE: Magnolia. Third Row: Talmadge Lansing DEETER: Perryville. Peter Albert DEISCH, III: North Little Rock. James A. DENNIS, II: Hot Springs. Marion Dewayne DENNIS: Winslow. Robert H. DENTON: 2 E; Warren. Tommy Herbert DEWEESE: 2N; Fayetteville. John DICKENS: Gladson House; Coffeyville, Kan. Fourth Row: Jane DICKERSON: IIB t ; Fort Worth, Tex. Gary Philip DICKSON: William House; Brinkley. Margaret Jo DIFFEY: HE ; Forrest City. Virginia DIL- LARD: AF; Hot Springs. Darra Jean DISMUKE: ZTA; Bossier City, La. James Oran DISMUKES: Yocum; Allen, Tex. John B. DIXON, Jr.: Little Rock. Fifth Row: Tom DIXON: Wilson Sharp: Piggot. Jean DODD: AAII; Tulsa, Okla. George Millard DODSON: Fay- etteville. James R. DODSON : Holcombe ; Springdale. Char- lotte Cecille DONOHO: II B ; Fort Smith. William Daniel DOOLEY: Wynne. Clia Marie DOTY: AXfi; Tulsa. Okla. Sixth Row: Terence Jean DOWDY: Siloam Springs. Homer Brice DOUGLAS: Green Forest. Susan Kay DOUG- LAS: Carnall; Gravette. H. Gene DREWRY: Sedgewell House; Crumrod. Richard Adams DRIGGERS: 2X; Mag- nolia. Rene Jerry DUCHAC: AKA; Hot Springs. Donna Camille DUDNEY: Xfl; Texarkana. Seventh Row: Olivia Anne DUNCAN: Futrall; Hot Springs. David Rodney DUNN: K2; Forrest City. Bobbe Jean DYKES: AAA; Jacksonville. Harriet Torry EASON: XO; Clarendon. Jon Larry EAST: 211; Carthage, Tex. Elizabeth Louise EASTER: KKF; Tulsa, Okla. William Edward EBBERT, Jr.: Jonesboro. Eighth Row: Joe C. EBLEN: Paragould. James Glenn EDENS: Holcombe; Hot Springs. Nell EDGE: Futrall; Dardanelle. Michael David EIDSON: 211; Mountain Home. Charles Sherman ELDER: 2N; Gentry. Charles Edward ELIAS: North Little Rock. Michael Lee ELLIG: 211; Fort Smith. 454 Ron;: F. B. ELLIOTT: AXA; Blylheville. Mary Diane ELLIS: XO; Hope. Susan ELSON: ZTA; Little Rock. Robert R. EMERY: Fayetteville. Jeffrey Lynn EM- ORY: Holcombe; St. James, Mo. Charles Joseph ENGEL- BERGER: Sedgewell House; El Dorado. Josephine EN- LOW: Reid; West Helena. Second Row: W. Craig EPPERSON, Jr.: Fort Smith. Michael Alan ERICKSON: Acacia; Independence, Mo. Robert Ferrell ERVIN: William House; Booneville. Cyn- thia Sue ERWIN: KA9; Searcy. Madelyn ERWIN: Xfi; Shreveport, La. George Dennis ESTELLE: Holcombe; Van Buren. Peter ESTES: 2AE; Fayetteville. Third Row: David F. EVANS: 2 E; Memphis, Tenn. John L. EVANS: Wilson Sharp; Springdale. Linda Doris EVANS: Futrall; Little Rock. Jerry B. EZELL: Siloam Springs. Amanda FAIR: Razorback; Pine Bluff. Carroll Ray FALLS: Sedgewell House; Pine Bluff. Ronald Rich- ard FANT: Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Alice Dianne FARISH: Reid; Little Rock. Sue Leigh FARLEY: KA6; Lake Charles, La. Robert C. FARMER: Manila. Beverlee Paige FARRINGTON: Reid; Springfield, Mo. Phillip Kent FEENEY: Gladson; Earle. Sarah Elizabeth FELAND: Razorback; Little Rock. Dan FELTON, III: 2AE; Marianna. Fifth Row: Julie Anne FERGUSON: AAIT; Carthage, Mo. David R. FIELDER: II KA; Little Rock. Ronnie G. FINLEY: DeQueen. Brad FIRESTONE: Ripley House; Kansas City, Mo. James William FISHER: AFP; Benton. Patty Ruth FITCH: Razorback; Glenwood. Johnny D. FITTON: ZX; Harrison. Sixth Row: Diana FITTS: AMI; Tulsa, Okla. Robert Charles FLANAGAN: Huntsville. Patricia FLENNIKEN: AXJ2; Sherveport, La. B. A. FLETCHER: K2; Lonoke. Danny Lee FLOWERS: 211; Batesville. Philip Ray FOR- BUS: Ozark. Charles Sayle FORD: Mansfield Center, Conn. Seventh Row: Vicki Diane FORMBY: 4-H House; Mul- berry. Margaret F. FOUKE: AXO; Texarkana. Barbara Ann FOWLER: Futrall; Little Rock. Susan FOWLER: ZTA; Springfield, Mo. Freddie Glenn FOWLKES: Vilonia. Ton! Carolyn FRANSEN: AAA; Houston, Tex. James Lynn FRAZIER: Havana. Eighth Row: Paul Bernard FRAZIER: Little Rock. Phil FREDRICK: TKE; Little Rock. Gerald Don FREE- MAN: Droke House; Cleveland. Mickey FREEMAN: Du- mas. Robert Frederick FREEMAN: Fort Smith. Stephen H. FREEMAN: Ae ; North Little Rock. Carolyn Anne FREYALDENHOVEN: IIB ; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Raymond Joseph FREYALDENHOVEN: Morrilton. David William FRIZZELL: Fayetteville. Mary Elaine FROST: Futrall; Benton. Jack O. FULGHAM: Fort Smith. David FULTON: 2 E; Montgomery, Ala. Mike G. FUTRELL: AXA; Paragould. Thomas U. FU- TRELL: 4 A9; Fort Smith. Juniors This is what Tri Delts, Jamie Newton and Sarah Rands do when they ' re " out to lunch. " 455 ( $ 1$ - - First Row: Carl Lee GABBARD: Holcombe; Benton- ville. Charles Larry GALNES: Searcy. Rosemary GAINES- 4-H House; Lead Hill. John Rodger GALLEY: Hawk Run, Pa. Pat GALLOWAY: ZTA; North Little Rock. Paul D GANT: Van Buren. Sidney Marks GARDNER: Carnall; Wynne. Second Row: Judy Ann GARRETT: 4-H House; Corn- ing. Ervan George GARRISON: Fort Smith. Mary C. GATLIN: Reid; Paragould. Betty Ann GATTIS: AXfi; Little Rock. Gayle Louise GAY: Springdale. David C. GEELS: William House; Subiaco. Nancy Kay GENTRY: Carnall; Charleston. Third Row: James Daniel GEOGHAGAN: Wilson Sharp; Hattiesburg, Miss. Harold Boyd GEORGE: Darda- nelle. Marvin GEORGE: Holcombe; Little Rock. Janis L. GEYER: KA6; Mena. Don Palmer GIBBS: KZ; Swifton. William Lewis GIBBS: Malvern. Sam Edward GIBSON: Acacia; Benton. Fourth Raw: Anne Lynn GILBERT: AAII; Malvern. Ronnie Len GILBERT: Mountain Home. Lucien R. GILL- HAM: Droke House; Dardanelle. Ginger G. GILLIS: AXfi; Fordyce. Leta Gaye GILMORE: ZTA; Little Rock. Margaret Ann GILMORE: AAA; Caruthersville Mo. Veronica Lee GILSTRAP: Futrall; Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Jeanne GIST: Xfi; Pine Bluff. Jimmy An- drew GLIDEWELL: Fort Smith. Edward Michael GOL- LON: Stuttgart. Marilyn Kay GOOCH: AAA; Arkadel- phia. Robert A. GOODWIN: AXA; Opelousas, La. Pamela Anne CORBET: AAII; Hot Springs. Thomas Leon GORE: Holcombe; Camden. Sixth Row: James Harold GORHAM: William House; Dallas, Tex. Mary Susan GOUGH: AAA; North Little Rock. James M. GRAHAM: Prescott. Malcolm Patterson GRAHAM: 2 E; Warren. Gary Frank GRANGER: Rog- ers. Martha L. GRANNAN: Razorback; Quincy, 111. Judy Patricia GRAVES: Razorback; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Ronald Eugene GRAVES: Rogers: Roy- ette GRAVES: Reid; Baytown, Tex. Joe Fletcher GREEN: William House; Warren. Judith Ann GREEN: Springdale Nancy Ann GREENLEE: Futrall; Atkins. Albert Lynn GREEN WELL: Wilson Sharp; Wilson. William August GRENWELGE: Droke House; Scranton. Eighth Row: James Michael GRIMES: Buchanan House; Blytheville. Ray D. GRIMSHAW: 2N; Tulsa, Okla. Rex Lanier GRIMSLEY: Bentonville. Judy Lynn GRISHAM: Carnall; Altheimer. Richard F. GRISWOLD: Malvern. Merle R. GROSS: Huntington. Rodrigo de la GUARDIA: William House; Panama. Ninth Row: Brenda Joye GUINN: AF; Little Rock Dendin Lillard GUINN: Ink. Elizabeth Ann GULLEY: Fayetteville. Gary Wayne GUNN: Sikeston, Mo. Jane Fay HAHN: Fort Smith. Cheryl Sonin HALE: KKF; Little Rock. Cindy HALE: Lockesburg. Juniors This man is a sand blaster hired by the University ' s administration to cover their tracks. 456 First Row. Catherine Lee HALL: AAIT; Carthage, Mo. Oliver Wendell HALL, III: Holcombe; Benton. Phyl- lis Ann HALL: AX; Branch. Richard Vernon HALL, Jr.: Texarkana. Thomas Earl HALL: Texarkana. David An- thony HALLIN: Fayetteville. Gary Raymond HALL- MARK: North Little Rock. Second Row: Barbara Jean HAMMACK: Bentonville. Joan Leslie HAMMONDS: Reid; Fort Smith. Linda Lou HAMMONTREE: IIB ; Springfield, Mo. William E. HANNA: KZ; Tulsa, Okla. Carol Ann HANNEBAUM: Razorback; Alton, 111. Mary Hall HANTHORN: KA6; Fort Smith. Patricia Ann HARPER: Razorback; Little Rock. Third Row: Wallece HARRELL: AAII; Monette. Carol Jan HARRIS: Reid; Sioux City, Iowa. Harold Ross HAR- RIS: Rogers. James Walker HARRIS: William House; Little Rock. Martha Carole HARRIS: AAA; NashviHe, Tenn. Paula Jean HARRIS: North Little Rock. Eddie HART: Acacia; Little Rock. Committee Nominates Who ' s Who First Row: Westley Murry HARTLEY: Farmhouse; Pencil Bluff. Harry HARTSTEIN: ZII; Little Rock. Ancel Jean HATFIELD: Fayetteville. Bo HAWK: K2; Swif- ton. Carroll L. HAWKINS: AXA; Little Rock. Lynda Jo HAWKINS: Carnall; Alma. Gary Lynn HAYDEN: Bates- ville. Second Row: Jon Michael HAYDON: Little Rock. Rob- ert David HAYES: Pine Bluff. Michael F. HAYS: Spring- dale. Ivan Douglas HAZLEWOOD, Jr.: AKA; Hot Springs. Thomas Stewart HEADLEE: ZX; Searcy. Mike Austin HEDGES: ZX; Batesville. Ricky L HEGENBERGER: Wilson Sharp; Little Rock. Third Row: Sharon Lee HEFFINGTON: AAA; Os- ceola. Brenda Yvonne HELM: Fayetteville. Theodore Paul HELMICH: Benton. Chuck HEMINGWAY: Z E; Little Rock. Brenda Kay HENDERSON: AAIT; Wynne. Danny Ray HENDERSON: Decatur. Monty Karl HENDERSON: Newark. Fourth Row: Charles Lowber HENDRICKS: Atkins. Cheryl Ann HENLEY: Reid; Helena. Lawrence Stephen HENLEY: Dumas. Susan HENNIG: AX; Fort Smith. Perry Hanley HENSON: Fort Smith. Ronald Jay HEN- SON: ZN; El Dorado. Jill Stacy HERINGER: AAA; Jonesboro. Fifth Row: Judity Ann HERNDON: Reid; Little Rock. Jerry Edward HESTER: William House; Mountain Home. Harold Ronnie HICKS: AKA; Fort Smith. John Henry HICKS: K2; Forrest City. Maryanne HICKY: IIB J ; For- rest City. Pat HICHAM: Futrall; North Little Rock. Hazel A. HIGHTOWER: Razorback; Gillett. Sixth Row: Robert Alan HILE: Murfreesboro. Eleanor Kay HILL: Carnall; Fort Smith. Geneva Anne HILL: Raz- orback; Little Rock. Harold Clark HILL: AKA; Hot Springs. Jimmy Duane HILL: A6; North Little Rock. Courtney Mcllroy HILLARD: Farmhouse; Ozark. Caroly Sue HILTON: Fayetteville. Seventh Row: James F. HINKLE: Fort Smith. Marilyn Ann HODGE: KAO; Coffeyville, Kan. Billy HODNETT: Fort Smith. Stephen M. HOEHN: Maiden, Mo. Jan Bryan HOGABOOM: K2; Hot Springs. Charles E. HOKE: ZAE; Little Rock. Carolyn Jean HOLCOMB: Reid; Dimmitt, Tex. Eighth Row: Elizabeth Jo HOLCOMB: Xfl; Fayette- ville. Lavern Lee HOLIFIELD: TKE; Corning. Carol Ann HOLL: Carnall; Bartlesville, Okla. David Wayne HOLLO- WAY: Sheridan. Gary John HOLMAN: IIKA; Berryville. Richard Nick HOLOPOFF: Avoca. Susan HOLT: XO; Beaumont, Tex. 457 First Row: Shirley L. HOOK: Decatur. Harold H. HOPKINS, Jr.: Vilonia. William Joseph HORNE: Santa Anna, Tex. Carolyn Sue HOUSTON: ZTA; Russellville. Rex Louis HOUSTON, Jr.: Hot Springs. Leta Joyce HOWARD: Reid; Springdale. Melvyn Errol HUDDLES- TON: Walnut Ridge. Second Row: Nellie Brian HUDSON: ZTA; Russell- ville. Walker Marsh HUDSON: Wynne. William Michael HUFFMAN: 2X; Blytheville. Donna D. HUGHES: Wins- low. Shirley F. HUDGENS: AF; Swifton. Sharon HUNT: Reid; Fort Smith. Joe Earl KURD: Dyer. Third Row: Nancy HURLEY: AAA; St. Louis, Mo. J. Ken HURST: AFP; Flippin. Harry Newton HUSON: Heber Springs. Candace Jean HUTCHISON: Futrall; Batesville. Fred Ernest IMPSON: Acacia; Tonkawa, Okla. John D. INGRUM: Springdale. Susan Mary IRBY: KKT; Mountain Home. RAZORS ACK Record Commended First Row: Charles Donald ISGRIG: Acacia; Little Rock. John Birkhead JACKSON: 2X; North Little Rock. Judith Suzanne JACKSON: KKF; Lewisville. Mary JACK- SON: IIB ; Newport. Mona Gay JACKSON: Razorback; Longview, Tex. William Albert JACKSON: Austell, Ga. Mark Christopher JACOBS: Gladson House; Roanoke, Va. Second Row: John K. JAMESON: Pine Bluff. Bonnie Nell JAMISON: AAA; Texarkana. Scott McCrary JAMI- SON: ZTA; Blytheville. Jane Carol JARNAGAN: Fayette- ville. Peggye June JARRETT: AAA; Blytheville. Mary Hornor JENNINGS: IIB ; Helena. Donald Wayne JER- RY: Strong. Third Row: Hugh Elliott JOHNS: 2N; Blytheville. Ann Ellen JOHNSON: Fayetteville. Byron Virl JOHN- SON: Wesley. Daniel L. JOHNSON: Holcombe; Hender- son. Donald Ray JOHNSON: Farmhouse; Valley Springs. Lana Faye JOHNSON: KKT; Camden. James Michael JOHNSON: Acacia; Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Jesse Lee JOHNSON, Jr.: Little Rock. Robert Wa lter JOHNSON: A6; Benton. Susan JOHN- SON: XQ; El Dorado. Wanda Sue JOHNSON: Springdale. Joe Jefferson JOHNSTON: Clarksville. Barbara Kay JONES: Futrall; McAlester, Okla. Edwin Carroll JONES: Holcombe; Mabelvale. Fifth Row: Howard E. JONES: Humphreys; Newport. Jeanettia JONES: ZTA; Springfield, Mo. Jennifer JONES: AAA; Bay town, Tex. Larry H. JONES: Siloam Springs. Lawrence Gene JONES: AKA; North Little Rock. Mary Frances JONES: Springdale. Michael Floyd JONES: Little Rock. Sixth Row: Robert Charles JONES: Holcombe; Para- gould. Tommy G. JONES: Springdale. Vicky E. JONES: Xfi; Pine Bluff. Michael A. JORDAN: Holcombe; Clin- ton. Louis O. JOYNER: AXA; Memphis, Tenn. Robert Donald KALEY: William House; Hot Springs. Bruce Elaine KASTEL: William House; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Beverly Lanier KAUFMAN: Futrall; Clarendon. Jerome Charles KAUFMAN: McGehee. Wil- liam A. KEADLE: KZ; Marked Tree. Joe L KEATHLEY: AFP; Belleville. James St. John KEEL: ZII; Colton, Calif. Dennis Michael KEELEY: Bartlesville, Okla. Ron- nie S. KEISLER: 2AE; Camden. Eighth Row: Kitten KELLY: ZTA; Little Rock. James Ronald KELLEY: Fort Smith. Glen T. KELLOGG: 6T; Little Rock. Janet Karen KEMP: A All; Fayetteville. Wesley Barton KEMP: Sedgewell House; Danville. Kath- erine E. KENDALL: X; Tulsa, Okla. Anne KENNEDY: Reid ; Jacksonville. 458 i. luniors Unfortunately, it still pays to be a Zeta, if being a Razorback cheerleader is your heart ' s desire. What is Donna Wolfe ' s heart ' s desire? First Row. Ernest Lewis KENNEDY: Fayetteville. Dan Preston KENNETT: AFP; Leachville. Robert Lee KERR: Fayetteville. William Thomas KETCHER: 2N; North Little Rock. John W. KEY: 2AE; Camden. Rex Wesley KIDDER: Sundance, Wyo. Kirt Harold KIESTER: 2 E; Houston, Tex. Second Row: Larry Michael KILGORE: Droke House; Fort Smith. Richard Lon KIMERY: Holcombe; Hot Springs. Kathryn Louise KING: Carnall; Russellville. Don Miller KINNEY: Little Rock. Gail Charlene KINSEY: AAH; Carlisle. Haywood Woodrow KINSEY, Jr.: AXA; Baytown, Tex. Charles Fleming KINSWORTHY: Texar- kana. Third Row: James T. KIRK: Holcombe; Morrilton. Butch KIRSCH: 211; Peoria, 111. Robert John KIRSPEL: 211; North Little Rock. Roderick Gordon KISH: Sedge- well House; Woodcliff Lake, N. J. Charles Herschell KITCHENS: Memphis, Tenn. Thomas F. KITCHENS, III: Sedgewell House; Fort Smith. Judy KITTRELL: IIB ; Texarkana. Fourth Row: Richard Max KLINE: 2AE; North Little Rock. Edward M. KNOD, Jr.: Humphreys; DeQueen. Bruce Allen KNOX: Sedgewell House; Fort Smith. Ron C. KOLB: 2X; McGehee. Alvin Eugene KREBS, Jr.: Hol- combe; Tacoma, Wash. Jerry Lynn KULBETH: Memphis, Tenn. Richard Henry KUONEN : AKA ; North Little Rock. Fifth Row: Cheryl Ann KUTZ: KA6; Pine Bluff. Norma Elizabeth LEFEVERS: XJJ; Goldsboro, N. C. Olivia Ann LAFOLLETTE: AF; Jonesboro. Christy Lea LAMAN: ZTA; North Little Rock. Freddie Joe LANE: William House; Fort Smith. Robert Eugene LARGENT: Springdale. Arthur Thomas LARSON: Holcombe; Antoine. Sixth Row: Linda Jean LARSON: Futrall; Roswell, N. Mex. James Richard LATTA: Acacia; Morrow. James Paul LATTURE: K2; Fort Smith. Lloyd Stephen LAUX: Morrilton. James Millard LAVENDER: Texarkana. Judy LAWRENCE: Benton. Michael LAWRENCE: Benton. Seventh Row: Luanna LAYMAN: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Sam Clinton LAZENBY: Sedgewell House; Helena. Celes- tine W. LEDING: ZTA; Fort Smith. William Mayo LEE: Clarendon. William Royce LEE: 2N; Bentonville. Russell Ervin LEEMAN: Holcombe; Decatur. Ann LEESEMANN: ; Baytown, Tex. V T- Eighth Row: David Guy LEHN, Jr.: Springfield, Mo. Lena Anna Kristina LENNARTSON: KKT; Stockholm, Sweden. David Scott LERCH: Droke House; Tulsa, Okla. Burt Lafayette LEWIS: Fayetteville. Elizabeth Ann LEWIS: Fayetteville. Teresa Diane LEWIS: Futrall; Salem. Virginia Lynn LEYSATH: KA6; Camden. Ninth Row: Robert Stark LIGON, Jr.: 2AE; Odessa, Tex. Ivy Glen LINCOLN: K2; Little Rock. Keith John LINDEMANN: A6; Little Rock. Ronald Gene LIND- SEY: Jacksonville. Arthur Phillip LINEBERGER: Tex- arkana, Tex. Charles Lloyd LINEBARGER: Hindsville. David Martin LIVELY: Yocum; Fort Smith. " " N 4 } (; r or 459 luniors " Now, where could I have possibly messed up. " Jou : Michael M. LOBDILL: Buchanan House; Fort Smith. Douglas C. LOBERG: Jonesboro. Julie Anne LOCKHART: Futrall; Fort Smith. Steve Allen LOIBNER: Acacia; North Little Rock. Margaret Barrow LONG: XJ); Forrest City. Timothy Charles LOOS: Wilmette, 111. Jim A. LORENZ: KS; Little Rock. Second Row: Jo Anne LORING: AF; Valparaiso, Ind. Susan Diane LOSEY: Futrall; Afton, Okla. Tommy Bob LOVEGROVE: Holcombe; Van Buren. Victor Manuel LOVELL: Sedgewell House; Fort Smith. Gary Lambeth LOW: Sedgewell House; Havana. John Allen LOWREY: Hot Springs. Sharon Anne LUCKES: Razorback; Fort Smith. Third Row: Leo Lawrence LUDWIG, Jr.: Sedgewell House; Stuttgart. Robert Dale LUPER: 211; Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. James Russell LYNCH: North Little Rock. Dale R. LYNN: Mountain Home AFB, Ida. Jenny MACK: ZTA; Rector. Theresa Mary MACKLE: Carnall; Fort Smith. Jerry Lake MADDOX: William House; Oden. Fourth Row: Dan W. MAESTRI: ZN; Greenwood. Joanne Marie MAILER: AAA; Fort Smith. Allen B. MA- JORS, Jr.: Fayetteville. Edward Bruce MALCOLM: Glad- son House; Texarkana. Nicholas H. MANENTE: KZ; Union City, N. J. Sarah Jane MANGELSDORF: Xfi; Dal- las, Tex. Donnie Lee MANGRUM: Sedgewell House; Sheridan. Fifth Row: Becky MANN: AAA; Hot Springs. Joanie Burnett MANNING: HB ; Wynne. Howard A. MARCON: Lindenwood, N. J. Mariland Helene MARNEY: AF; Fay- etteville. Richard Christian MARR: North Little Rock. George Lewis MARSH: KZ; Waldron. Dallas Ardell MARTIN: Mansfield. Sixth Row: Doyne Richard MARTIN: Ash Flat. Jac- queline E. MARTIN: Mansfield. John Wesley MARTIN: AKA; Anderson, Ind. Mary Alice MARTIN: Reid; Para- gould. Joseph Gary MARTINE: Sedgewell House; Marion. Judith Evelyn MASLIN: Futrall; Little Rock. Donald MASON, Jr.: Fort Worth, Tex. Seventh Row: Jan Richard MASSEY: Pine Bluff. Ray- mon Earl MASSEY: Yocum; Hot Springs. Josephine MAT- LOCK: AF; Arkadelphia. Jan Michael MATTHEWS: Holcombe; Smackover. John Calvis MATTHEWS: North Little Rock. Phil Elbert MATTHEWS: 2 E; Warren. Richard Everett MAXWELL: Droke House; Dermott. Eighth Row: Jack Alan MAY: AKA; Little Rock. Michael J. MAY: Newport. Ralph Dewel MAY: AFP; Danville. Marilyn B. MAYFIELD: Lewisville. Billy John McALISTER: Harrison. David Lee McALLISTER: Cam- den. Jackye Lee McBRIDE: Reid; Leslie. Ninth Row: Robert Gene McBRIDE: North Little Rock. Russell McCARROLL: A6; Anderson, Ind. Hugh Mar- vin McCASTLAIN: Little Rock. Donald Ralph McCLURE: Benton. Linda Kaye McCONNELL: Futrall; Green Forest. James Neil McCORD: Fayetteville. Janet Laraine McCOR- MACK: Razorback; Joplin, Mo. 460 . ;. ; . r First Row: Jerry Alton McCRORY: Hot Springs. Bobby Ray McDANIEL: 2 E; Jonesboro. Ginger Kaye McDON- ALD: Carnall; Charleston. Jeval Van McDONALD: Fay- etteville. Lady Elizabeth McDONALD: AAA; Dumas. Rich- ard Alan McDONALD: Junction. Thomas Arthur Me- ELROY: K2; Jacksonville. Second Row: Joyce Ann McFALL: KKT; Pocahontas. Joann McFERRAN: Fayetteville. Edward Pelham McGE- HEE. Ill: 2X; Lake Village. Nancy Margaret McGEORGE: XO; Pine Bluff. George Billy McGILL: Fort Smith. Larry Douglas McGREW: 2AE; Fayetteville. Dolly Irene Me- GUFFIN: Futrall; Liberty, Tex. Third Row: Charles Edward McKEE: Fayetteville. Tim Norman McKENDRY: Winnsboro, Tex. James M. Mc- KINLEY: Humphreys; Fort Smith. James Robert McKIN- LEY: Humphreys; DeQueen. Thomas Franklin McLARTY! 2X; Hope. Phillip Lowe McLENDON: Humphreys; Van Buren. Nancy Jeane McNAIR: ITB ; Fayetteville. Phi Beta Kappa Selects 12 Seniors First Row: Rita J. McNAUGHTON: West Fork. Charles David McNEAL: AFP; Fayetteville. Gary Me- NEILL: Holcombe; Neosho, Mo. Janelle McNULTY: KKF; Pine Bluff. Chris McNUTT: Conway. Diana Geraldine Mc- RAE: 4-H House; DeQueen. Ada Brown MEADOR: Pine Bluff. Second Row: Mary Kathryn MEASELES: Carnall; Fort Smith. Hugh Allen MELTON: Lovington, N. Mex. Adine MENSCH: Cincinnati. James Frederick MEN- ZIES: North Little Rock. Terry L. MERGING: North Little Rock. James Clyde MERRITT: Cladson; DeWitt. Raymond L. MERRITT: Little Rock. Third Row: Susan Leah METCALF: ZTA; Crossett Danny Ray METZ: AFP: London. Harold Gene MEYER: Noel, Mo. Judy Lynne MEYER: Razorback; Rector. Jerry Wayne MICHAEL: Blytheville. Jacob Perry MIKLES: K2; Booneville. Dallas Davis MILES, Jr.: AO; Warren. Fourth Row: James Hugh MILLER: Holcombe; Bald Knob. John Norman MILLER: Jasper. John Terrel MIL- LER: Jonesboro. Reita Anne MILLER: Little Rock. Roy Don MILLER: Rogers. Wanda Faye MILLER: Reid; Southwest City, Mo. Alva Dale MILLS: Benton. Fifth Row: Carolyn Beaty MINER: Fayetteville. Karen Tamara MITCHELL: Ozark. Robert Earl MITCHELL: Hope. Carol Ann MITTELSTAEDT: AAII; Little Rock. Cornelius MODINGER, III: Acacia; Blytheville. Larry E. MOLDENHAUER: Droke House; Branson, Mo. John Michael MOLES: Harrison. Sixth Row: James Donald MONCRIEF: Fort Smith. Jean MONTGOMERY: Reid; Little Rock. Jim Robert MONTGOMERY: Little Rock. Alan Futrell MOORE: AFP; Batesville. Athaline MOORE: Razorback; El Dorado. Charles Robert MOORE: Little Rock. Katherine Estelle MOORE: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Seventh Row: Larry Mitchell MOORE: K2; Hope. Marilyn Jeannette MOORE: Reid; Little Rock. Beverly Jeanne MOOREHEAD: Reid; Swifton. Michael Wayne MORAN: Springfield, Mo. William Nelson MORELAND: Fort Smith. Karen Ann MORGAN: Reid; Fordyce. Noel Edmond MORGAN, Jr.: Gladson House; Piggott. Eighth Row: Vita Sherryl MORREALE: Carnall; Fort Smith. Cheryl Lynn MORRIS: KKF; Little Rock. Lois Crockett MORRIS: Reid; Forrest City. James D. MORRI- SON: Tulsa, Okla. Richard D. MORRISON: William House; Carthage, Tex. Ronald Edwin MORROW: Siloam Springs. Constance Elizabeth MORTON: AAIT; Mountain Home. 461 First Row: Margaret Ann MORTON: Reid; Little Rock. Bill MOSS: AXA; Osceola. Mike E. MOSS: SN; Siloam Springs. Sonny MOSS: AXA; Osceola. Judy Nell MULLER: AAA; DeWitt. Jane Ann MUNNERLYN: HE ; North Little Rock. Leland MURPHY: Droke House; Pocahontas. Second Rout: Margaret Adele MURPHY: AF; Law- rence, Kan. Randy George MURPHY: 2X; Searcy. Suz- anne MUSGRAVE: KKF; Shreveport, La. Joseph A. MUSICK: Joiner. Michele Jan MYERS: IIB ; Athens, Tex Linda Lorraine NASH: AT; Little Rock. Mary Sue NAYLOR: Reid; Little Rock. Third Row: John Michael NEAL: Sedgewell House; Andover, Mass. Joseph Charles NEAL: Humphreys; Stur- gis, S. Dak. Ann NELSON: IIB ; Texarkana, Tex. David Edmon NELSON: Acacia; Benton. Glynda Virginia NEL- SON: ZTA; Fayetteville. Jane NELSON: AAA; Little Rock. Martha Ellen NELSON: Reid; Little Rock. Myers Picked Cotton Maid Finalist First Row: Ralph W. NEMIR: Little Rock. Larry Clell NEWCOMB: Batesville. Joe Wavery NEWMAN: K2; Hot Springs. Jamie Elizabeth NEWTON: AAA; Rus- sellville. Judy Diann NEWTON: Futrall; Hot Springs. William Stanley NEWTON, Jr.: Russellville. Glenford An- drew NEWTOWN, Jr.: Fayetteville. Second Row: Kathleen Kay NEU: Futrall; Siloam Springs. Jean E. NEUBERGER, III: TKE; El Dorado. Jerry Lou NICHOLAS: Xfi; Shreveport, La. Deeana Jane NICHOLS: Reid; North Little Rock. Mildred Penny NICH- OLS: Futrall; Little Rock. James Charles Everett NICK- ERSON: Horatio. Janet Marie NICKERSON: Horatio. Third Row: Gail Ann NIESEN: AF; Glenn Ellyn, 111. Dale Bruce NIXON: Magnolia. Martha L. NOBLE: Fu- trall; Crossett. Constance Suzan NOLEN: Mountainburg. Mitchell Duane NORMAN: Holcombe; Paragould. Joseph Leonard NORRELL: Eudora. Iris G. NORTHAM: Carnall; Artesia, N. Mex. Fourth Row: Nancy NORTHCUTT: AF; Huntsville. Jo Donna NORTON: Futrall; Little Rock. Michael John NORTON: TKE; Victorville, Calif. David Allen NOR- WOOD: Fayetteville. John M. NOWELL: North Little Rock, Judy Ann NOWELL: AF; Mexico, Mo. Katharine McRae NOWLIN: KKF; Arkadelphia. Fifth Row: Tommie Ann OBERLEY: AXJ); Wynne. Kathleen Marie O ' CONNELL: Fayetteville. D. Scott OGLESBY: Pine Bluff. James Anderson O ' NEAL, Jr.: Holcombe; Parkdale. John Phillip ORAHOOD, Jr.: Little Rock. Nannie Elizabeth ORANGE: Fayetteville. Robert S. ORANGE: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: William Samuel ORR: Humphreys; Little Rock. Berneda Sue OSBORNE: Reid; Blytheville. Robert Webb OSBORNE: AXA; Tulsa, Okla. Fred Murrv OTT: Droke House; Jacksonville. Larry R. OTWELL: Hol- combe; Malvern. Kelley Covvoll OVERMAN: Berry ville. Roy D. OVERTURF: Mena. Seventh Row: James Newell OWENS: AKA; Benton- ville. Harry Wayne PACE: Monticello. J. Rebecca PACE: Reid; Carthage, Tex. Alan Dee PACK: AFP; Cecil. Rich- ard Sandifer PADEN: Wheaton, Mo. Heman P. PAEZ: William House; Quito, Ecuador. Clyde R. PAGE: Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Richard Alan PALADINO: Ripley House: Conway. S. Dean PAPP: Joplin, Mo. Charles Walter PARCE: Harlingen, Tex. Betty Ruth PARKHILL: Razorback; Crossett. Gary PARKS: K2; Lonoke. Charles Stanley PARSLEY: Harrison. Jo Ellen PARSON: Hunts- ville. 462 First Row: Marcia Ann PARTIN: Futrall; Dell. Wil- liam Keith PATTERSON: IIKA; Paris. Ann Rowden PAZDERKA: Carnall; East St. Louis, III. Richard Lee PEARSON: Ripley House; Joplin, Mo. Russell Chris PEEK: AXA; Little Rock. Joseph Franklin PELPHREY: Holcombe; Rogers. William Frank PENDERGRASS: AXA; Little Rock. Second Row. Joseph Brooks PENN, Jr.: Portia. Ann C. PERRY: Carnall; Benton. Betsy Beth PETERSON: KKI ' ; Enid, Okla. Jeanette PFEIFFER: Futrall; North Little Rock. Betty PHILLIPS: Reid; Pine Bluff. David Paul PHILLIPS: Fort Smith. John F. PHILLIPS: Gravette. Third Row: Tawana Sue PHILLIPS: Futrall; Boone- ville. James Steele PIERCE: South Portland, Me. Howard Eugene PIKE, III: Holcombe; Little Rock. Philip Harvey PILE: AFP; Charleston. Larry O. PILLOW: Monette. Lar- ry James PLUMLEE: Salem. William Allen POLK: Har- Fourth Row: Allison Ferris POMFRET: XQ; Fayette- ville. James E. POMFRET: Fayetteville. James Chris POOLE: 6T; Malvern. Travis Ward PORTER: 6T; Stutt- gart. Larry Stephen POST: El Dorado. Carl Russell POS- TLEWATE: Hot Springs. Charles M. POYNOR: Turner. Fifth Row: Barrie Jo PRICE: AXfl; Cove. David Wil- liam PRICE: William House; Belo Horizonte, Minas Ce- rais, Brazil. Linda Marie PRINCE: Fulrall; Lincoln. Thomas A. PRITCHARD: North Little Rock. James Roy PUGH, Jr.: 2IT; Proctor. Janet Lynn PULLIAM: X; North Little Rock. Homer PURTLE, Jr.: William House; Prescott Sixth Row: David Eugene PLYE: Buchanan House; Benton. Sharon Harvie RAG AN: Fayetteville. Carl Edward RAGLAND: Farmhouse; Leslie. Paul William RAIN- WATER: Ripley House; Fort Smith. Susan Elizabeth RALSTON: ZTA; Northport, Long Island. N. Y. Patricia Louise RAND: IIB ; Searcy. Sarah M. RANDS: AAA; Dumas. Seventh Row: Jean Ann RAMSEY: Reid; Noel, Mo. James Edward RAUSER: Fort Smith. Rosemary RAY- MOND: KA6; Fayetteville. Stephen Earl REAGAN: Claremore, Okla. C. B. REBSAMEN: AXA; Fort Smith. Philip Earl REECER: Holcombe; Norman. E. Smith REED, Jr.: A9; St. Louis, Mo. Eighth Row: Hollis Theodore REED: William House; Monticello. John Lee REED: Pine Bluff. Phil REEDER: Buchanan House; Texarkana. Sharon Ann REEVES: KKT; North Little Rock. Carolyn Ann REICHARDT: AXS7; San Antonio, Tex. Gay Robin REID: Carnall; Marshall. David E. REUTZEL: Fort Smith. Ninth Row: Dennis A. REYNOLDS: Gladson House; El Dorado. Stephen Lee REYNOLDS: Fort Smith. Mary RHODES: Futrall; Lewisville. Darrel Alan RICE: Wil- liam House; Bentonville. Herschel F. RICE: Yocum; North Little Rock. Elizabeth Harth RICHARDS: IIB J ; Fort Worth, Tex. Johnny Thomas RICHARDSON: Pres- cott. Juniors Bobby McDaniel was finally caught in the act. Campus security laid the trap to capture the aimless motorist 463 a a a First Row: Jon David RICHARDSON: Gladson House; Reyno. Ross Phillips RICHARDSON: Malvern. Virgil De- wayne RICHMOND: Sparkman. Susan Jo RIDLEY: Reid; Newport. Thomas Phillip RISHER: AKA; North Little Rock. Noah Wayne RISNER: Salem. Malcolm Everett RITCHIE, Jr.: AKA; North Little Rock. Second Row: Rebecca RIVERS: AF; Elgin, Tex. Gary Alan ROACH: Trumann. Katie ROARK: AF; Hermitage. Gary M. ROBERTS: Sedgewell House; Fouke. Hunter Lee ROBERTS: SAE; Pine Bluff. Stephen Herbert ROB- ERTS:. William House; Fort Smith. Kim ROBERTSON: IIB ; Biloxi, Miss. Third Row: Susan ROBINS: KKF; Little Rock. Dar- rell Wayne ROBINSON: Lavaca. Jeannie ROBINSON: AX; Rogers. John William ROBINSON: Fort Smith. David Jerome RODGERS: Gladson House; Hamburg, N. Y. Elton Leroy ROE: Little Rock. Nancy Anderson ROLFE: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Fourth Row: Henry Lyle ROGERS: 2X; Batesville. Paul L. ROGERS: IIKA; Harrison. Michael Edward ROLLINS; 217; West Memphis. Harriet Elizabeth ROOT: Futrall; Greene, N. Y. Claude James ROSE: Leachville. Rex Watson ROSS: Conway. Toni ROSS: Futrall; Van Al- styne, Tex. Fifth Row: John Henry ROWE: El Dorado. James Herbert ROWLAND: Little Rock. John Joseph ROWNAK: 2N; Van Buren. James M. ROY: Little Rock. Kent J. RUBENS: 2N; West Memphis. Judy RUSSELL: KA9; Little Rock. Claud Franklin RUTHERFORD: Farm- house; Sheridan. Sixth Row: Joyce Elaine RUTLEDGE: KA9; Smack- over. Michael Bruce SAAR: William House; Jefferson City, Mo. Paris Darnell SABBS: Yocum; Little Rock. Michael G. SALZMAN: Salem. Robert Howard SAND- ERLIN: 2X; Hamburg. Everette Craig SANDERS: North Little Rock. James Marvin SANDERS: AKA; Okay. Seventh Row. Jeanne SAVA: ZTA; Texarkana. Sheri Blynne SAVAGE: AF; Little Rock. Martha Irene SCHAPP: AXJ); Fort Smith. Wava Ann SCHNEIDER: Springdale. David Myron SCHRANTZ: Helena. Bart M. SCIVALLY: Fort Smith. Douglas Palmer SCOTT: Ripley House; North Little Rock. Eighth Row: Jon David SCOTT: Little Rock. Pamela Denise SCRAPE: KKF; North Litle Rock. Simone SEA- MON: ZTA; Springfield, Mo. William David SELF: Wil- son Sharp: El Dorado. Roman Joseph SELIG, III: 6T; Corning. Edward Donald SELLERS: Gladson House; Vilonia. Robert R. SEMPLE: KZ; Tulsa, Okla. Ninth Row: Michael SESSIONS: Harrison. Jeanne SET- SER: Carnall; Decatur. Cassandra Anne SEYMOUR: KKF; Pine Bluff. T. Stephen SHADDOX: Harrison. Gary Gene SHANNON: TKE; Mountain View: Graham F. SHANNON, Jr.: ZX; Conway. Robert Austin SHARP, Jr.: Sedgewell House; Leachville. Tenth Row: Wendell Doyce SHARP; Sedgewell House; Athens. Dennis Ray SHAVER: Leachville. Dennis Dean SHAW: ITKA; Springdale. Ronald Douglas SHEELEY: Cape Girardeau, Mo. Charles Ervin SHERWOOD: Buch- anan House; DeWitt. Bobby E. SHEWMAKE: Monticello. Dale Gray SHIRLEY: Newport. Juniors Kangaroos do it, rabbits do it, frogs do it, college students do it .... hop, that is. 464 Firs Row: H. Dudley SHOLLMIER: A9; Pine Bluff. Paul O. SHOUP, Jr.: Droke House; El Dorado. Richard Raymond SHURTZ: Fayelteville. Ralph Robert SIEVER: Gladson House; Arkansas City. Mike C. SIGMAN: Wilson Sharp; West Memphis. Robert Bruce SFGMAN: 2N; Hot Springs. Dixie Lee SILVERS: Futrall; Fayetteville. Second Row: Gregory Earnest S1MMINS: Ozark. Mark SIMMONS: Siloam Springs. Pamela Sue SIMONS: 7.TA; Tulsa, Okla. Dennis Kay SIMPKINS: Fort Smith. John Bennett SIMPSON: SN; El Dorado. Carol Ann SIMS: XQ; Fort Smith. Joe P. SING, Jr.: 211; Pine Bluff. Third Row: Laurence Allen SISTRUNK: Fayetteville. Nita Darlene SIVAGE: Fayetteville. John Currie SLOAN 2X; Lake Village. Steven Rollin SLOAN: Sedgwell House; Glenwood. Phillip Winfred SMALL: HT; Hot Springs. David Vernel SMITH: Jacksonville. Dollie Jo SMITH: AF; Dallas, Tex. Holcombe, Alpha Chi Win Singf ony D: Bitli- fcnw: Dwight Frank SMITH: Mammoth Spring. Earl Travis SMITH, Jr.: Holcombe; MeGehee. Fred Charles SMITH: Droke House; Garland, Tex. Jimmy Don SMITH: Gladson House; Alma. Linda Earlene SMITH: 4-H House; London. Marsha K. SMITH: Reid; St. Louis, Mo. Peggy Ann SMITH: Reid; Berryville. Second Row: Robert LeRoy SMITH: Ripley House; Hot Springs. Stephen Guthrie SMITH: Stuttgart. Winifred F. SMITH: XS7; Little Rock. Eugene Hugh SNAW3ER: William House; Siloam Springs. Richard Ted SNIE- GOCKI: Acacia; Little Rock. Lou Ann SNOW: Reid; Harrison. Ronald Willard SNOWDEN: Pine Bluff. Third Row: Neil Norman SNYDER, III: S E; Cam- den. Carol Lillian SOULE: XJJ; Tulsa, Okla. Jack SPEARS: Ae ; Tulsa, Okla. Lucy Jane SPEARS: Futrall; Korea. Bill SPICER: Droke House; Fort Smith. Billy Bob SPICER: Fort Smith. Ann SPLAWN: KA8; North Little Rock. Fourth Row: Luther D. SPURLOCK: Holcombe; Gould. L. Scott STAFFORD: II KA; Green Forest. Marilyn Jo STAGE: Little Rock. Purcella Lea STANGER: AF; Moun- tain Home. Lynne Ellen STANLEY: KKP; Metairie, La. Carol Christine STAPLES: Piggott. John O. STAPLES: Piggott. Fifth Row: Leslie Wm. STEEN: 2AE; Newport. Bar- bara Diane STEIGLER: IIB ; Hot Springs. Tim J. STEIN: 2 E; Fayetteville. Sharon A. STEINMETZ: XS2; Stutt- gart Franklin Stanley STEPHENS: Buchanan House; Hot Springs. Mary Gail STEPHENS: AF; Ada, Okla. James Hal STEVENS: Little Rock. Sixth Row: Nicholas Rodgers STEVENS: FIKA; Little Rock Sara Ann STEVENSON: XO; Jonesboro. David C. STIFF, Jr.: Dallas, Tex. Sara Jane STOBAUGH: KK1 ' ; Hughes. Larrie Dean STOLFI: Tontitown. Patricia Marie STOLL: Futrall; Fort Smith. Joseph A. STRODE: Droke House; Gillett. Seventh Row: Charles Roland STUBBLEFIELD: Aca- cia; Fayetteville. Catherine G. SUFFRIDGE: AAA; Perry- ville. Anita Dianne SUITT: KKP; Monticello. John Gregg SULLIVAN: TKE; Dallas, Tex. Michael Kipp SULL VAN- TKE- Fayetteville. William Douglas SUMMER- VILLE: AXA; Blytheville. Phillip Michael SWANN: 2 E; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Diane Elaine SYDOR1AK: Futrall; Ham- burg. Phyllis Kay TACKER: Futrall; Barstow, Calif. Ed- ward Otho TACKETT, Jr.: Havana. Janice Marie TAL- BERT: AI-; Texarkana, Tex. Nelia TALBOT: Reid. Pine Bluff. Aubry TALLEY: Magnolia. Sharon Flo TATMAN: KKT; Rogers. ' l 465 1 First Row: Dallas J. TAYLOR: Philadelphia, Pa Joseph David TAYLOR: Fort Smith. Marsha Faye TAY- LOR: Razorback; Carthage, Mo. Thomas Mills TAYLOR: Holcombe; Clarksville. Wanda Ruth TAYLOR: Razorback; Prescott. Kenny Morris TEAGUE: Mountainburg. Laurel Ann TELDER: AF; Wausau, Wis. Second Row: Dixie Carol TERRELL: HB ; Hot Springs. Ralph Marion THOMANN: Little Rock. Eliza Jane THOMAS: ZTA; Springdale. James Neal THOMAS: ZIT; Mena. June THOMAS: Razorback; Little Rock. Michael H. THOMAS: ZN; Hot Springs. Thomas Edward THOMAS: Wilson Sharp; Fort Smith. Third Row: David Lee THOMASSON: Camden. Connie Jean THOMPSON: Razorback; Alpena. Mary Reid THOMPSON: KA6; Daingerfield, Tex. Gary L. THR AIL- KILL: Gravette. Ronald C. TIFFEE: Tuckerman. Maryann TOLLEY: Carnall; Rogers. George Robert TOOMBS, II: Yocum; Mabelvale. Sigma Chi Put on Social Probation ' I a r j First Row: Mary Margaret TOROK: KAO; Berryville. John Driver TRACY: Carlsbad, N. Mex. Sally TRAM- MELL: KA6; DeQueen. James Richard TRIBBLE: Nash- ville. John Terry TRICE: ZN; Stuttgart. William Henry TRICE, III: Acacia; Fayetteville. Robert Edward TROE- GER: Marshall. Second Row: Danny TROWBRIDGE: ZX; Springfield, Mo. Gerald Wayne TUCKER: Fayetteville. Glenna Rae TURLEY: AF; Muskogee, Okla. Charles Sandford TUR- NER: Little Rock. Nathan Bruce TURNER: Marvell. Johnny William TYRA: Naylor, Mo. Linda Kathryn UP- DIKE: AF; Muskogee, Okla. Third Row: Mavis Ann UPTON: AXJ1; Jasper. Patricia Kay VANDIVER: AXH; Salem. Robert Lawrence VAN- HOOK: K2; Newport. Ronald Eugene VAN BUSKIRK: Granby, Mo. Charles VAN GINHOVEN: San Isidro, Lima, Peru. Johan VAN GINHOVEN: San Isidro, Lima. Peru. Richard Lawrence VAN METER: TKE; Little Rock. Fourth Row: Bill Alan VERNON: El Dorado. Dwight Theodore VINES: Sedgwell House; Tuckerman. Lance E. WADKINS: Indianapolis, Ind. Rebecca Ann WALDEN: Reid; Little Rock. Susan Elaine WALK: Xf2; El Dorado. Charles M. WALKER: ZX; Hope. Edwin ' B. WALKER: 2X; Forrest City. Fifth Row: Gary Adrian WALKER: DeQueen. Linda Kathryn WALKER: KKF; Camden. William Claud WALKER: Bentonville. William Thomas WALKER: Sedge- well House; Little Rock. James W. WALLACE: Little Rock. Thomas R. WALLACE: ZX; Mena. Jack WALLS: KZ; Lonoke. Sixth Row: Pamela Sue WALSH: ZTA; Kennett, Mo. Jackie Allen WALTERS: DeQueen. Kathy Susan WAL- TON: ZTA; Fort Worth, Tex. Hubert Lee WARD: Hol- combe; Siloam Springs. Sandra Elizabeth WARD: ZTA; Prescott. Jerry Ann WARE: Reid; Little Rock. John Wil- liam WATKINS: Sedgewell House; Eudora. Seventh Row: Nancy Jane WATKINS: Carnall; Fort Smith. Phyllis Kaye WATKINS: AF; Benton. Gloria Marie WEATHERLY: Reid; Tillar. Phyllis Ilene WEEKS: Carn- all; Jacksonville. Dane Alan WEINDORF: North Little Rock. John David WELSH: KZ; Joplin, Mo. Jim WERTH: Kansas City, Mo. Eighth Row: Leon WEST, Jr.: Acacia; Magazine. Jim Boyd WESTBROOK: ZIT; Russellville. Jacob Lee WES- TON: Hot Springs. Alan Dale WHATLEY: AKA; Hot Springs. John Wesley WHEELER: Ferguson, Mo. James Adrian WHISENHUNT: Wilson Sharp; West Memphis. Dennis W. WHITE: Prescott. 466 fejft Juniors Fatty, fatty, two by four, couldn ' t get through the bathroom door, so she . . . First ftow: Jimmy T. WHITE: Acacia; Muskogee, Okla. Patricia Ann WHITE: Hot Springs. Sam Charles WHITE: 6T; Hot Springs. Samuel S. WHITE: Yocum; Abilene, Tex. William WHITE: 2X; DeQueen. Bruce M. WHITELAW: Chicago, HI. Paul Henry WHITLEY: Mag- nolia. Second Row. Robert L. WHITLOCK: K2; Tuckerman. Kenneth H. WHITSON: Gladson House; Fort Smith. Chris WHITTEN: ZTA; North Little Rock. Janet Carole WHIT- TEN: Camden. Jerry D. WHITTINGTON: Camden. Mary Jane WICKARD: XQ; Little Rock. Susan Virginia WID- MER: Futrall; Van Buren. Third Raw: Ellis Louis WIDNER, Jr.: Green Forest. Chris E. WIGGINS: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Linda WIL- DER: Fayetteville. Michael Clark WILKINS: Dallas, Tex. Charles Nolan WILLIAMS: Westville, Okla. Jane WIL- LIAMS: KA6; Monroe. Janice Lee WILLIAMS: AXJ1; McGehee. Fourth. Row: Judy Rae WILLIAMS: Westville, Okla. Linda Anne WILLIAMS: Reid; Brinkley. Martha Ell n WILLIAMS: Reid; Newport. Robert Burney WILLIAMS: Droke House; Fort Smith. Thomas Edward WILLIAMS: Gravette. A. Francene WILLIAMSON: Razorback; Tulsa, Okla. Clyde John WILSON: 2 E; West Memphis. Fifth Row: Jackie Carol WILSON: AXfl: Jonesboro. John J. WILSON, Jr.: Humphreys; Columbus. Kathy WIL- SON: AAA; Jacksonville. Mary E. WILSON: Futrall; Ned- erland, Tex. Don Albert WINELAND: KZ; Paragould. Stanley Joe WINGERT: AFP; Rose Bud. Sharon Kay WINKLEMAN: Rogers. Sixth Row: Ronald L. WINNINGHAM: AKA; Walnut Ridge. Myles Malcolm WINTERS: Harrisburg. Gary WIN- TON: Little Rock. Craig A. WITTIG: Z E; San Antonio, Tex. Al-Ping WONG: Taipei, Taiwan. Terry Dean WOOD- COCK: Sapulpa, Okla. Alice Faye WOODS: Fayetteville. Seventh Row: Janice Adrian WOODS: ZTA; Little Rock. Michael Ray WOODSIDE: Paragould. Cindy C. WOODSON: AXfJ; Fort Smith. Thomas Edwin WOOD- SON: Yocum; Amity. Kaye Haltom WORKS: AF; Wald- ron. Bridget Jean WRIGHT: AX; Texarkana. Mary An- nette WRIGHT: AF; Bentonville. Eighth Row: Michael Louis WRIGHT: Pea Ridge. Richard Bailey WRIGHT: 6T; DeQueen. Thomas Joe WRIGHT: AXA; Little Rock. Carol Y. WUEST: AAII; Fayetteville. James M. WYATT: Fayetteville. Glenn David YANDELL: Sedgewell House; West Memphis. Ronald E. YEAGER: in; Fordyce. Ninth Row: Lennie Daniel YINGST: Fayetteville. Van T. YOUNES: Farmhouse; Harrison. Dennis Ray YOUNG: SH; Texarkana. Richard Allen YOUNG: Little Rock Ron- ald Dee YOUNG: Harrison. William Robert YOUNG: Highland Park, N. J. Brenda Jeanette ZIEGLER: ZTA; Stuttgart. ' IHi 467 Sophomores Boy, we really racked up this year . . . and that ' s not to mention last night. -ri ' Sfc First Row: Carol Ann ABNEY: XI); Shreveport, La. John Barrel ABSHIER: Lincoln. Gary C. ADAMS: Wil- son Sharp; Piggott. Gil Alan ADAMS: Fayetteville. Jack A. ADAMS: Memphis, Tenn. Melva Ann ADAMS: Fayette- ville. Suzanne ADAMS: Carnall; Camden. Second Row. Dorothy Diane ADLER: Reid; Boerne, Tex. Marilea ADNLY: Reid, Kansas City, Mo. Robert Charles AHRENS: Mountain Home. Tia Lynn AKINS: AXfi; DeQueen. Ann ALBRIGHT: Reid; Fort Smith. Lawrence Allen ALEXANDER: Holcombe; Platte City Mo. Susan Evelyn ALEXANDER: 4-H House; Crossett. Third Row: Connie Anne ALLEN: Rogers. Lnren Barry ALLEN: TKE; Corning. Lynne Louise ALLEN: Reid, Monroe, La. Nancy Catherine ALLMENDINGER: Rogers. Samuel David ALPHIN: KZ; El Dorado. Nancy Alice AL- STADT: Reid; Little Rock. Glenda Susan AMES: Fay- etteville. Fourth Row. Sharon Elaine AMOS: Rogers. James Redman ANDERSON: Holcombe; Ozark. Rebecca Anise ANDERSON: Fayetteville. Susan ANDERTON: Futrall; Shreveport, La. Melvin Douglas ANGLIN: Berryville. Gloria Sue ANTHONY, Reid; El Dorado. Janet Lynn AN- THONY: X; El Dorado. Fifth Row: Raymond Francis AQUILINA II: IIKA; Smackover. Mike ARMSTRONG: SIT; Fayetteville. Anne D ' ane ARNOLD: Razorback: Aurora, Mo. Michael Louis ASBURY: Ripley; Little Rock. Larry ASSELIN: William; Branson, Mo. Wayne AUSTIN: Wilson Sharp; Oklahoma City, Okla. Tommie Dean AYERS: Holcombe; Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Rose Ann BAILES: Batesville. John Paul BAILEY: Gladson; North Little Rock. Sarah Elizabeth BAIRD: XS); Sherveport, La. Claudia Lynne BAKER: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Terry Lee BAKER: AKA; Kennett, Mo. Terry Lee BAKER: Sparta, Tenn. Theda Varie BAKER: ZTA; Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Billy Charles BALDWIN: Hot Springs. Richard Arthur BALDWIN: North Little Rock. Phillip Lynn BALKE: 211; Lee ' s Summit. Mo. LaCreta Jane BALKMAN: Futrall: Magazine. Patricia BALL: IIB ; Fort Smith. Rebecca Ellen BANE: Razorback; North Little Rock. C. Jaylon BANKS: Reid; Springdale. Eighth Row: Charles A. BANKS: AXA; Blytheville. Nicky Don BANKS: Fayetteville. Nancy Susan BARKER: Carnall; Hampton, Va. Frada Ann BARLOW: IIB ; Fort Worth, Texas. Jerry Glen EARNER: Little Rock. Billy Bruce BARNES: Holcomb; Bentonville. Janis Faye BARNES: Razorback; Berryville.. Ninth Row: Jim Donald BARNES: Wilson Sharp; Pine Bluff. Kathv Jo BARNETT: Xfi: North Little Rock. John G. BARNHILL: 2AE; Jacksonville. Fla. Katherine JoCeil BARR: Little Reck. Julianne BARRINGER: Reid; Cur- don. Wade Cole BARTON: Paris. Dale Eugene BASHAM: Mansfield. 468 First Row: Jerald F. BASHAM: Little Rock. M. Kath- ryn BASINGER: Futrall; Van Buren. Don Carlon BAS- SETT: Fayetteville. Margaret Elizabeth BATEMAN: De- light. William Walter BATEMAN, Jr.: 2AE; Clarendon. Shery BATLINER: M ' ; Dallas, Tex. James E. BAUGH: ZX; Pine Bluff. Second Row: Dorothy Ann BEANE: II B+; Forrest City. William King BEARD: Sedgewell; Little Rock. John M. BEATTY: 2AE; Lewisville. Sandy BEAUCHAMP: -i_ _i; Marianna. Doris Elaine BENNETT: Keid; Carlisle. William Albert BENNETT: William; North Little Rock. Beverly Ann BENTON: KA6; Fayetteville. Third Row: William W. BENTON: 2 E; Pine Bluff. Gaylon BERRY: II KA; Dardanelle. Judy Anne BERRY: Reid; Morrilton. Linda Kay BERRY: Reid; Harrison. Marilyn E. BERRY: AAII ; Harrisburg. Harold Byrd BBT- TON: Little Rock. Dennis Leon BETTS: Holcombe; Ar- byrd, Mo. Pledge Requirements Tightened First Row: Michael Bullard BIBBY: Little Rock. Heiner D. P. BIESEL: Berlin, Germany. Ann Marie BIL- HRMER: X; Little Rock. George BINGHAM: Hol- combe; West Helena. David U. BIRKETT: Fort Smith. Harry Patrick BISCHOF: AXA; Hot Springs. Douglas Gene BISHOP: AKA; Bentonville. Second Row: Michael Taylor BISHOP: Bentonville. Patricia Kay BIVENS: Fayetteville. Bo BLACK: Wilson Sharp; Siloam Springs. Carolyn Sue BLACK: Reid; Little Rock. Kay Lynn BLACK: Carnall; Ashdown. John J. BLACK: North Little Rock. Larry A. BLACK: Holcombe; Bsnton. Third Row: Roy Edward BLACK: Holcombe; DeWitt. Candyce S. BLACKARD: Reid; Fort Smith. Brenda Joyce BLAGG: Carnall; Newport. Tummy Darrell BLAIR: Green- wood. B. J. BLAKEMAN: Humphreys; Milwaukee, Wise. Glenn Ann BLAKEMORE: KKT; Fort Smith. Robert Atherton BLANSHARD: 2AE; Newport. Fourth Row: Don BLAYLOCK: Gladson; Little Rock. Robert Ferrel BLAYLOCK: Fort Smith. George Werner BLOESCH, Jr.: West Helena. Alice Lavelle BOATRIGHT: AXH; Fayetteville. Karel E. BOHLKEN: Carnall; Little Rock. Carolyn G. BOLING: AT; Bentonville. Jans Veronica BONADY: IIB J ; Wynne. Fifth Row: Peggy Ellen BOOKOUT: Springdale. Suz- anne BOSWELL: Futrall; North Little Rock. Mary BOTTS: AAII; DeWitt. Charles M. BOWERS: 2X; Para- gould. Patsy Lynette BOWERS: Futrall; Texarkana, Tex. Linda Merle BOX: Fayetteville. James Earl BOYD: Hol- combe; Little Rock. Sixth Row: Guy Russel BOYDSTUN: Thornton, Pa. Judith Lee BOYER: Razorback; Bartlesville, Okla. John Raymond BOYLE: Holcombe; Fort Smith. Karen F. BRACKETT: Reid; Batesville. Gary Bryan BRACKIN: 2 E; Marion. Wayne M. BRADLEY: Little Rock. William Harold BRADLEY: Fayetteville. Seventh Row: Danny Martin BRAMBL: Fort Smith. John Rodney BRAND: Wilson Sharp; Newport. Terry C. BRANDT: 2AE; Tulsa, Okla. Herbert Hoover BRAS- WELL: Goldsboro, N. C. Gary Ray BRATTON: Yocum; Memphis, Tenn. Linda Gene BRAY: Razorback; Hampton. Mary Ann BRETHERICK: Reid; West Memphis. Eighth Row: William Larry BRIAN: 2N; Hot Springs. Philip Dean BRIDGES: Humphreys; Memphis, Tenn. Linda Jean BRIGANCE: Carnall; Waldron. David L. BRIGHT: 211; Manila. Linda Lou BRIGMAN: Reid; Little Rock. Carl Richard BRINKLEY: AKA; North Little Rock. Bobby Lynn BRITTAIN: Buchanan; Little Rock. 469 first Row: John Paul BRIZZOLARA: 2N; Little Rock. Milton Charles BROKER, Jr.: Humphreys; Gideon, Mo. Robert Word BROOKES: Holcombe; DeQueen. Kelso Clinton BROOKS Jr.: AKA; Hot Springs. Sharon Lee BROWERS: Reid; Tyler, Tex. Carol Ann BROWN: Fay- etteville. Danny Carl BROWN: Fayetteville. Second Row: Darrell Fayne BROWN: Holcombe; Ho- ratio. Donna Kay BROWN: Futrall; El Dorado. Donald Ray Brown; Wynne. Gregory Brugh BROWN: Acacia; Benton. Irwin Hal BROWN: 2X; Fayetteville. John Wil- liam BROWN: Holcombe; Fort Smith. Lynda Dee BROWN: AAA; Newport. Third Row: Marjorie Dianne BROWN: Reid; Marshall, Tex. Rebecca June BROWN: Razorback; Fort Smith. Rob- ert A. BROWN: K2; Fort Smith. Shirley G. BROWN: West Fork. Susie BROWN: ZTA; Texarkana, Tex. William David BROWN: Little Rock. Frank Alfonzo BROWNE: Hot Springs. RAZORBACK Beauties Announced First flow: Carol BROYLES: Fayetteville. William Clark BRUCE: Fort Smith. Phillip Elton BRYAN: Lit tle Rock. Don Alan BRYANT: Camden. William F. BRYANT: K2; Altheimer. Mildred Corinn BUCHANAN: AAA; Pres- cott. Robert Collins BUCHANAN: Mountainburg. Second Row: Jack J. BUCHER: Mountain Home. Quin Wesley BUGH, Jr.: Gladson; Fort Smith. Bruce Thomas BULLION: IIKA; Little Rock. Charlie Morris BURDINE: Buchanan; Magnolia. Donald Howard BURKS: William; Hot Springs. Jim BURNETT: Sedgewell; Clinton. Barbara Chapman BURNETTE: Quitman. Third Row: Charles William BURNS: IIKA; El Do- rado. Michael E. BURR: SII; Little Rock. Carl Eugene BURRIS: West Fork. Charles Richard BURTON: Gur- don. Linda Kay BUTLER: ZTA; Mount Vernon, Mo. Pa- tricia Ann BUTLER: AAII; Harrisburg. Richard B. CALA- WAY: Batesville. Fourth Row: William Blake CAMERON: Yocum; White Hall. Carol Louise CAMPBELL: AAII; West Mon- roe, La. Jane CAMPBELL: KA9; Van Buren. Richard F. CAMPBELL III: K2; Fort Smith. Stephen E. CAN- TRELL: Sedgewell; Harrison. Charles David CAPPS: William; Midland, Tex. Juan de la Cruz CARDENAL: Managua, Nicaragua. Fifth Row: Edward A. CARLE: Stuttgart. Lois Ann CARLSON: Reid; Marion. Steve N. CARLSON: AXA; Siloam Springs. Shannon Lea CARLTON: Reid; Harrison. Betty Lou CARNEY: Carnal]; Siloam Springs. J. Diane CARPENTER: Reid; Little Rock. Jeanette CARPENTER: KKT; Hamburg. Sixth Row: Linda Kay CARPENTER: Carnal); Texar- kana. Cynthia Ann CARR: KA9; Dallas, Tex. William N. CARROLL: Pocahontas. David Lynn CARROUM: 2AE; Memphis, Tenn. John Michael CARRUTH: A6; De- Queen. Linda Noe CARSON: Reid; Little Rock. Margaret Kay CARSON: Futrall; Monticello. Seventh Row: Hilda Arnold CARTER: X; Beaumont, Tex. Lane Swifton CARTER: Droke; Newport. William Burns CARWELL: IIKA; Cherry Valley. John Virgil CAS- BEER: 2AE; Forrest City. Michael S. CASHION: 2X; Lake Village. Larry Eugene CAUDLE: West Fork. Martha Lou CALDER: Reid; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Barbara Jo CAVENDER: AAA; Ruston, La. James Murlin CAWOOD, Jr.: TKE; Bentonville. Rob- ert L. CAWOOD: Bentonville. Jeanine CECIL: AAII; Tex- arkana. John James CENTRELLO: Sedgewell; Union City, N. J. Vicky Margaret CHALFANT: Futrall; Augusta. Sharon Ann CHANDLER: Little Rock. 470 Fim floio: Marilee CHAPPELL: ZTA; Shreveport, La. Debra Sue CHEATHAM: Reid; McCrory. Michael L. CHRESTMAN: TKE; Walnut Ridge. Gary Lester CHRIS- TENSON: Hot Springs. Richard Carl CHRISTY: 211; Collinsville, 111. Faye Eubanks CITTY: DeOueen. Lyndel Q. CITTY: DeQueen. Second Row: Gloria Jean CLORIDA: Reid; Harrison. Daniel Raymond CLARK: Holcombe; Pine Bluff. Janis Carolyn CLARK: Reid; Russellville. Judy M. CLARK: Reid; Hindsville. Kenneth Henderson CLARK: Ripley; North Little Rock. Rodney Allen CLARK: Harrison. Linda CLAY: AAA; El Dorado. Third Row: Helen Cameron CLEMENT: Reid; Pine Bluff. Patricia Ann CLEMENT: Carnall; Pine Bluff. Bev- erly Ann CLEVIDENCE: AXtt; Little Rock. Lowell 1}. CLIFTON: Holcombe; North Little Rock. Sandra Gene CLIFTON: West Fork. John P. CLINGAN: El Dorado. James W. CLORTON: Holcombe; Helena. Fourth Row: Linda Faye CLOYD: Razorback; Siloam Springs. James Edward COBB: Buchanan; Nashville. Susan Fiser CODY: Russellville. Susan Ann COFFEY: Futrall; Fort Smith. Catherine Louise COFFIELD: Reid; North Little Rock. Joe Edward COFFIELD: AX A; Stuttgart. Gene COGBILL: Wi lliam; Texarkana. Fifth Row: Tom H. COGBURN: AKA; Fayetteville. Stephen Edward COIL: Piggott. Jimmy Lee COLBERT: Farmhouse; Little Rock. Ray Eugene COLGLASURE: K2; Altheimer. Judy COLE: AXfl; Oklahoma City, Okla. Patricia COLE: Reid; Mountain Home. Dalton Miles COLEMAN: Holcombe; El Dorado. Sixth Row: Randell C. COLEMAN: Hot Springs. Rich- ard W. COLEMAN: Wilson Sharp; Holly Grove. Carol Lynn COLIZ: Reid, Dallas, Tex. Kay Graham COLLINS: Futrall; Kansas City, Mo. John Michael CONDIT: SN; Crossett. Charles Allen CONDITT: Holcombe; Helena. Mike CONDON: Fayetteville. Seventh Rtrw: Andrew Benton CONE: Wilson Sharp; Wilmot. Michael Ira CONNER: ZX; Silver City, N. Mex. David Wayne COOK: Droke; Fort Smith. Don Edwin COOK: Buchanan; Fort Smith. Frances Elizabeth COOK: AA.i; Wynne. Joe Dee COOK: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Margaret Elizabeth COOK: AXS); Shreveport, La. Eighth Row: Linda Ann COOKSEY: AAII; Fort Smith. Carol Sue COOPER: Razorback; Cooler, Mo. Edward H. COOPER: Holcombe; Alma. Frances Anne COOPER: Reid; Little Rock. Charles N. COPELAND: AKA; Fort Smith. Nancy Ruth COPPLE: Reid; Springdale. Reggie Arnold CORBITT: Little Rock. Ninth Row: Jack G. CORNETT: AXA; Ft. Leaven- worth, Kansos. Bobby Joe CORNISH: Pine Bluff. Geral- dine Ann CORNWELL: Futrall; Conway. Larry Dale CO- SAND: Bentonville. Marilyn Ann COURDIN: Razorback; Purdy, Mo. Wendy Lynne COVEN: AAA; Searcy. Sara Margaret COWAN: Fayetteville. Sophomores Anybody that sang the Alma Mater at the pep rally had to be under the influence . . . 471 ft f a ft f% i " - iii First Row: Jerry L. COWEE: Acacia; Fayetteville. Patricia Joyce COWGER: Razorback; DeWitt. David Mil- ler COX: Wilson Sharp; Dallas, Texas. Peggy Sue COX: Reid; Florence, Ala. Phyllis Jean COX: Razorback; Pine Bluff. Barbara Jean CRAIG: AF; Bentonville. Joe Carl GRAIN: Springdale. Second Row: David Ralph CRAVENS: Paris. Mary Ann CRAWFORD: Razorback; Stuttgart. Cynthia Ann CREEL: XSJ; Tulsa, Okla. William Arthur CRESS: Fay- etteville. Michael D. CRIST: Gladson; Rogers. Norma Sue CROSNOE: Futrall; Fort Smith. Carolyn CROSS: Carnal!; Newport. Third Row: Robert Fred CRUDUP: Springdale. Frances Ann CRUM: Fayetteville. Peggy Jo CULLOM: Futrall; Wilson. Samuel D. CUMMINGS: Yocum; North Little Rock. Brenda Regina CUMMINS: ZTA; North Little Rock. Paul Ray CUNNINGHAM: Fayetteville. Kenneth Fay CUPPLES: AFP; Dierks. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Ann CURETON: 4-H House; Cash. Frank A. CURL; Acacia; Muskogee, Okla. Robert Stephen CURRIE: DeWitt. Ann Margaret CURRY: Xfi; Little Rock. Robert Allen DAHMS: William; Glendale, Calif. Judy Ruffin DAILEY: Pine Bluff. Sharon Lea DAL- RYMPLE: Reid; Searcy. Fifth Row: Michael Everett DARDIN: Sedgewell; Sum- mit. Susan Carol DARNALL: A AH; Waldo. Russell Nor- man DAUGHERTY: 2N; Little Rock. Steve Michael DAUGHERTY: Little Rock. Kim DAVEY: XJ); Dallas, Texas. Robert Allan DAVIDSON: Droke; North Little Rock. David Goodbar DAVIES: Yocum; Little Rock. Sixth Row: Alice Marie DAVIS: Carnall; Dermott. Cal- vin S. DAVIS: Ripley; El Dorado. Donna Kay DAVIS: Reid; Jonesboro. Larry Michael DAVIS: AFP; Glenwood. Mary Patricia DAVIS: Reid; Shreveport, La. Tony May DAVIS: Yocum; Verona, Mo. Paul Edward DAWSON: West Helena. Seventh Row: Carolyn Jane DEARIEN: A All; Moun- tain View. Marilyn June DEARIEN: Futrall; Mountain View. Thomas Durward DEBERRY, Jr.: Idabel, Okla. Francis Eugene DE BONS: Yocum; Paragould. Jane Col- lier DEES: ZTA; Little Rock. Clifton Gerald DE JAR- NETTE: Ripley; Pine Bluff. Robert Dale DEMPSEY: Buchanan; Booneville. Eighth Row: Edward Joseph DENNIS: Holcombe, West Lafayette, Ind. Jerry L. DENNIS: Paris. John Thomas DENT: 211; North Little Rock. James Prentice DE ROS- SITT: 2AE; Forrest City. Mary Annette DE SALVO: Raz- orback; Hurst, Texas. Sean Paul DEVLIN: Mountain Home. William David DICKEY: Wilson Sharp; Palestine, Texas. Nines Row: Carol DICKINSON: AAA; Longview, Tex. Dwight Bennett DICKSON, Jr.: 211; Okinawa, Ryukyus Isles. Bill DILL: IlKA; Harrison. Brenda Kay DILL: KA9; Fayetteville. Donald W. DILLARD: Murfreesboro. Michael Gregory DILLARD: Gentry. Harry C. DISBROW: Little Rock. Sophomores The Razorbacks weren ' t the only people that looked bad the day we played Baylor. L. 472 ' ' First Row: James Kirk DIXON: AXA; Fort Smith. Peggy Lorraine DIXON: 4-H House; Lamar. William P. DIXON: Ripley; Little Rock. Susan DODD: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Linda Lou DODGE: AAII; Joplin. Mo. Randall E. DODGE: SN; Benton. William H. DODGEN: Alexander. Second Row: Charlotte L. DODSON: West Fork. Robert Woodrow DOLAND: William; Little Rock. Jimmy L. DOR- MAN: Fayetteville. Deborah Ann DORSA: Reid; Spring- dale. Kent Alfred DOSS: DeQueen. Richard Allen DOSS: 2AE; Fort Worth, Texas. John Thomas DOTSON, Jr.: Van Buren. Third Row: James Paul DOUGLAS: Sedgewell; Mag- nolia. Larry William DOUGLASS: Balboa Hts., Canal Zone. Billy Dewayne DOVER: 211; Mena. Donna DOWNS: Reid; Little Rock. Glenn DRAIN: Fayetteville. Charles Ed- ward DRAKE: Droke; Bradley. Cynthia DRAKE: Fayette- ville. ODK Plans Faculty Evaluation First Row: Janice Claire DRISKELL: KA6; Vinila, Okla. William Joseph DuBOIS: Sedgewell; Fort Smith. Marcel Joseph DUCHAMP, Jr.: Pleasant Plains. Stephen Gail DUFFEL: Holcombe; Park Forest, 111. Annetla Louise DUFFY: KKF; Pine Bluff. Kenneth Hugh Dugan: Middle- town, N. J. David Darrell DUKE: Waldo. Second Row: Jimmie Hurene DUKE: Carnall; North Little Rock. James Andrew DUNCAN: North Little Rock. Montie Wayne DUNCAN: ZN; Searcy. Robert N. DUN- CAN: Hot Springs. Danny D. DUNNING: Holcombe; Jacksonville. Joseph W. DORDEN: ZAE; Fort Smith. Danny Wayne DURNING: Fayetteville. Third Row: Shirley Marie EANS: Fayetteville. Tom Patrick EARNHART: AKA; Fort Smith. Joseph Clifford EASON: Yocum; Ashdown. William Alfred EASON: Hope. Tommie Kay EBBERT: AAd; Jonesboro. William Stanley EDEN: Fort Smith. Linda Louise EDGAR: Rogers. Fourth Row: Paula Lee EDGIN: Futrall; Hot Springs. Julian D. EDMONDSON, II: Holcombe; El Dorado. Larry Dean EDMONDSON: Gentry. Daniel G. EDWARDS: Dan- ville. Hugh Robertson EDWARDS: Searcy. Pam P. ED- WARDS: Searcy. Richard Wayne EDWARDS: Droke; Jonesboro. Fifth Row: Robert Patrick EDWARDS: 2 E; Hot Springs. Kathryn Marie EGGERS: Carnall; Mountain View. Janet Lee EHRENBERG: AAA; St. Louis Park, Minn. John Calvin EICHLER: Wilson Sharp; Stuttgart. William S. EINHELLIG: Siloam Springs. Andrea Lynn ELEY: Reid; Jacksonville. Hines Gregory ELEY: 2N; DeQueen. Sixth Row: David W. ELIZANDRO: Yocum; Hamburg. James P. ELKINS: IIKA; El Dorado. James Bouman EL- LERS: 2 E; Memphis, Tenn. Juli ELLIS: ZTA; Para- gould. Sheree Glee ELLIS: AAA; Memphis, Tenn. Virgil Edward ELLIS, Jr.: Yocum; North Little Rock. Barbara Lee ELLISON: Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Susan Wood ELLSWORTH: Reid; Long- view, Texas. Donald Joe ELROD: Gladson; Benton. Gloria ELROD: Reid; Texarkana. Thomas Britton EMBRY: Yo- cum; Bartlesville, Okla. Gary Wayne EMMETT: Spring- dale. Annette Mary ENDERLIN: AX11; Conway. Rickey D. ENGLAND: TKE; Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Shade Woolen EPES: KS; Helena. Thomas H. ERNST: Fayetteville. Jenelle ERWIN: ZTA; McGehee. Judson L. ERWIN: Wilson Sharp; McGehee. Glenyce Gail ESTES: Reid; Jacksonville, Texas. Clyde E. EUBANKS: Springdale. Helen Compton EUBANKS: HE ; Little Rock. First Row: Linda Cheryl EUBANKS: ZTA; Fayette- ville. Eddie Louis EVERETT: Droke; Altheimer. Sandra Jean EVERETT: Reid; Clarendon. Russell Hardy EWING: 6T; Des Arc. Gwen Elizabeth FAHR: KK1 ' ; Paragould. Paul M. FERRELL, Jr.: 2AE; Brinkley. Sara Helen FAR- RELL: AAA; Brinkley. Second Row: Linda Jo FAULKNER: KA6; Fayette- ville. Richard Alan FELKER: AKA; Mabelvale. Pam FES- LER: Reid; Jefferson City, Mo. Sue Ellen FIELD: Razor- back; Little Rock. Robin Palmer FLIGHTM ASTER; Raz- orback; Tusla, Okla. Howard Louis FIKES: Pine Bluff. Christianne Elizabeth FINKBEINER: Reid; Little Rock. Third Row: Dorothy Marie FINKBEINER: Reid; Little Rock. Richard James FINN: Springdale. Miles Dayton FISH: 2N; Star City. Robert Clinton FISHER: AKA; Covington, Tenn. Marrin Ruth FITTON: Razorback; Har- rison. Robert B. FITZGERALD: Fort Smith. Benjamin Dewey FITZHUGH: Lakeview. Spencer Named A-Book Editor First Row: Joe Michael FITZHUGH: 2 E; Fayette- ville. Robert Ray FLEMING: Springdale. Linda Kay FLETCHER: Reid; Russellville. Martin Edward FLETCH- ER: Fayetteville. Suzanne L. FLICK: AAD; Dallas, Texas. Richard Rhodes FLOYD: Yocum; Murfreesboro. Gail FORBES: AF; Austin, Texas. Second Row: Ronnie Allen FOSTER: Buchanan; Rog- ers. Clyde R. FOX: Harrison. Marylin Edna FOX: Futrall; Gentry. Patrick Norman FOX: 2X; Shreveport, La. Wil- liam Harris FOX: Pine Bluff. Steven Jay FOWLER: Wil- son Sharp; Brinkley. John Bernard FRANK: Houston, Texas. Third Row: Richard Eugene FRANKENBERGER: Pocahontas. Bettie Ann FRANKLIN: AAIT; Benton. Ed- ward Lee FRANKLIN: North Little Rock. John Olyver Charles FRANKLIN: Sedgewell; El Dorado. John Thomas FRANKLIN, III: Holcombe; Hyannisport, Mass. Terry Lee FRANKLIN: TKE; Viola. Shirley Ann FRANZMEIER: Reid; Fayetteville. Fourth Row: James Howard FRASHER: Acacia; Dal- las, Texas. Byron FREELAND: A6; Little Rock. Donnie Ray FREEMAN: Stuttgart. Elwood A. FREEMAN, Jr.: 2X; Newport. Gwendolyn Ransom FREEMAN: Reid; Highland Park, N. J. Jeanne Ann FREEMAN: Reid; Fay- etteville. Mary Margaret FREEMAN: Futrall; Hot Springs. Fifth Row: Robert Daniel FREEMAN: AKA; Sheridan. Jo Karen FRISINGER: Carnall; Enid, Okla. Douglas Lee FUGATE: Yocum; Carthage, Mo. John Julian FULLER: Buchanan; Little Rock. Silvia Mae FURGASON: Reid; Mt. Vernon, Mo. Fred L. FUTCH: Camden. John Wilson GABEL: AKA; Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Michael H. GALLOWAY: Pine Bluff. Ron- ny Gene GALLOWAY: Glenwood. Dana Pamela GANN: AAII; Baytown, Texas. Robyn GANNAWAY: IIB ; Little Rock. Linda L. GANT: Van Buren. Anne Elizabeth GARD- NER: Reid; Shreveport, La. Sally Ann GARDNER: AAA; Springdale. Seventh Row: Sue Marie GARDNER: KA6; North Little Rock. George William CARMAN, Jr.: Pine Bluff. Shirley L. CARMAN: Carnall; Gravette. Bob Rodan GAR- RETT: Gladson; Benton. Peggy GARRETT: Reid; Au- gusta. Wayne F. GARRETT: North Little Rock. Eliza- beth GARTRELL: AXfl; Ashville, Ala. Eighth Row: Brian Lincoln GARTSIDE: Humphreys; Rogers. Tamara Ann GASKILL: Reid; Harrison. Sandra Sue G ASTON: AAA; Neosho, Mo. Burley Joe GAYER: Fayetteville. Terrence Michael GEORGE: Cove. Donna Sue GERETY: AAA; Hazen. Barbara Lea GIBSON: Fay- etteville. 474 ' ' Sophomores wish you ' d look. That ' s what I call a bod! " First Row: David Lowell GIBSON: IIKA; El Dorado. Don Lee GIBSON: IIKA; Springdale. Dee Ann GIEROW: AXfl; DeQueen. Raymond C. GILBRECH: Holly Grove. Roger William GILES: Acacia; Prairie Grove. Edward Stuart GILLESPIE: 2N; Fort Smith. David Roy GIL- LIAM: Sand Springs, Okla. Second Row: Patricia Nelle GILLIAM: XQ; El Dorado. Mary Lea GINN: Razorback; Bentonville. Bonnie Lea GLASER: Bentonville. Harvey Leonard GLAZE: Bald Knob. Gerard Loy GLENN: J A6; Fort Smith. Gilbert Louis GLOVER: Holcombe; Little Rock. Robert Ivy GLOVER: A6; McGehee. Third Row: Connie J. GOBLE: KA6; Mount Ida. Fred Joseph GOEBEL, Jr.: Fort Smith. Richard Allen GOLLON: Stuttgart. Raymond Cole GOODMAN: 2 E; Fort Smith. Sherry Lea GOODNER: Waldron. Vick Darryl GOODNER: Pencil Bluff. Linda Sue GOODWIN: AF; Paragould. Fourth Row: Mary Jane GOSSLEE: Reid; Los Alamos, New Mexico. Don Allen GRAHAM: Holcombe; Houston, Texas. Gregory B. GRAHAM: Fort Smith. Stephen Kent GRAHAM: Lowell. Terry Luther GRANDERSON: Ripley; Pine Bluff. Charline Marie GRANT: AXO; Muskogee, Okla. Louis F. GRAVES III: Ripley; Nashville. Fifth. Row: Cecile GRAY: Carnall; Stuttgart. John Robert GRAY: Buchanan; Newport. Robert GRAYBILL: AKA; Little Rock. Paul Joseph GRAZIANI: SedgeweU; North Little Rock. Deborah Ellen GREEN: Reid; Fort Smith. Paul Lee GREEN: Gladson; Stuttgart. Terry Glenn GREEN: Holcombe; North Little Rock. Sixth Row: Betty Avis GREENE: Pea Ridge. Richard E. GREENE: Rogers. Artie GREGORY: A9; North Little Rock. Wanda Lynn GREGORY: AF; El Dorado. Linda Faye GRIFFIN: Reid; Clarkedale. Glenn William GRIPPE: Fayetteville. Vickey GROVES: Reid; Jonesboro. Seventh Row: Andrew E. GRYGO: TKE; Fords, N. J. Vicki Gean GUNN: Reid; Sheridan. Juhan Jay GUSTIN: Eureka Springs. Mario Ojeda GUTIERREZ: AIT; Jack- sonville. Hazel Jane GWIN: AXJ); Sheridan. Harold Max HACKWORTH: TKE; Dalton. John Phillip HADDAD: K2; Earle. Eighth Row: Jerry Don HADEN: Springdale. Creed Michel HAIGH: 211 ; Stuttgart. Donna Jane HAIRSTON: KKF; Little Rock. John Bruce HALBERT: Melbourne, Fla. Nancy Gene HALBERT: Reid; Malvern. Maggie Jo HALE: West Memphis. Elizabeth Jo HALEY: Fayetteville. Ninth Row: Lyman Bernard HALEY: Fayetteville. Kersh E. HALL: AKA; Dumas. Margaret Eloise HALL: Reid; Searcy. Mary Louise HALL: Reid; Marvell. Richard Davis HALL: Holcombe; Monett, Mo. Richard L. HALL: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Whit W. HALL: 2 E; North Little Rock. Linda Lee HALLMARK: AXS); Little Rock. a k , r 1 fc 475 Sophomores " I wish you ' d look. That ' s what I call a bod! " First Row: Phillip Terrance HALTOM: Gladson; Lewis- ville. Diana Lillian HAMBLEN: Futrall; Crossett. J. Parks HAMMOND: Acacia; El Dorado. Cathy HAMMONS: Reid; Forrest City. Carol Ann HAMPTON: AMI; DeWitt. Charles Albert HANBY: SN; Berryville. Ronald Harvey HANEY: William; El Dorado. Second Row: Sandra Louise HANEY: AF; Shreveport, La. Leland Thomas HANKINS: Droke; Juneau, Alaska. Sandra Sue HARBISON: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Albert Carter HARD AGE: 2X; Little Rock. Laveta Ann HARD- CASTLE: Hotz-Grad. Ass ' t; Gentry. Doris Knight HARD- ER: Hamburg. Karen HARDIN: Reid; North Little Rock. Third Row: Robert Wilson HARDIN: A6; Clarksville. Eddie D. HARGIS: Huntsville. Robert Snow HAR- GRAVES: ZX; Forrest City. Michael Preston HARKEY: 2X; Pocahontas. Kay F. HARMON: Reid; Hope. William Price HARNED: SN; Mountain Home. Blake Whittington HARPER: ZN; Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Sandra J. HARPER: Futrall; Westport, Conn. Ronnie Dale HARRELL: William; Benton. Barbara Berniece HARRIS: 4-H House; Centerton. George Thomas HARRIS: Yocum; Hope. Jack Deubler HARRIS: William; Little Rock. James Thomas HARRIS: DeQueen. Jo Court- ney HARRIS: KKF; Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Kenneth Wayne HARRIS: Osceola. Russell F. HARRIS, Jr.: A6; Fort Smith. Donald Moore HAR- RISON: Little Rock. Barbara Hazel HARTJE: Reid; El Dorado. Albert Sidney HARTMAN III: Brookhaven, Miss. Margaret Lee HAUER: Reid; Dallas, Texas. Carol Lynn HAY: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Steven L. HAYES: Fort Smith. Danny Ray HAYNES: SIT; Texarkana. Joe H. HAYNIE: El Dorado. Patrick H. HAYS: SX; North Little Rock. Walter Leonard HAZEL: Buchanan; Brooklyn, N. Y. Robert M. HEAD: Brookland. John Terry HEARD: Droke, Benton. Seventh Row: Virginia Lynette HEARD: AAA; New- port. John E. HEARNSBERGER II: 2 J E; Fordyce. Susan HEARNSBERGER: AXf); Benton. James Rexford HE- COX: Benton. Sara Helen HEITMAN: AAII; Little Rock. Shirley Sue HELLEN: Reid; Benton. Christina Marie HELLMAN: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Eighth Row: Howard Dean HELLWIG: Buchanan; Butler, Mo. Nancy Elizabeth HELMS: KKF; Crawfords- ville. Janis Lea HENDERSON: Carnall; Pasadena, Texas. Richard Andrew HENDERSON: North Little Rock. Vicki Lynn HENDERSON: Hodge, La. James K. HENDREN: Holcombe; Hot Springs. Joe HENLEY: 2 E; McGehee. Ninth Row: Mary HENLEY: KA0; Tulsa, Okla. Bev- erly Gay HENRY: KKF; Pine Bluff. Norma Pauletta HENRY: Caruthersville, Mo. Ronnie Dennis HENRY: Ben- tonville. Thomas Walter HENRY: Stuttgart. Walter A. HENZE: 2 E; Conway. Dave H. HERMAN: Jacksonville. 476 first Row: Judy M. HERSEY: 4-H House; Farmington. Bobby Joe HIBBARD: Van. James Earnest HILDE- BRAND: Stuttgart. Lynda Carol HILL: Carnall; Lockes- burg. Belinda Jane HILLHOUSE: Reid; Flippin. Rollin Trevor HILLIARD: Humphreys; Mentor, Ohio. Marilyn Ann HINKLE: 4-H House; Mountain View. Second Row: John Nelson HIXSON: II KA; Paris. Her- man Fredrick HODGE: Huntsville. Madison L. HODGES: 211; Pine Bluff. Robert Henry HODGES; 2X; Newport. James L. HOLDAR: Ozark. Sheila HOLLAND: Reid; North Little Rock. Billye Michele HOLLON: Razorback; Fort Smith. Third Row: Halita Sue HOLT: Futrall; Harrison. Lewis Ray HOLT: Alma. Sandi L. HOLT: Futrall; Fort Smith. Richard Holt HOLYFIELD: HKA; Rogers. Leo L. HONG: Marianna. Nichols Lewis HOPPER: Fayetteville. Lena Myrle HORTON: Fayetteville. Harmon to Edit DIRECTORY Again First Row: Vicki Ann HORTON: Futrall; Mountain Home. Judy Lee HOSIER: AT 1 ; Shreveport, La. Helen Ruth HOTZ: Reid; Fort Smith. William Arthur HOUGH: AKA; North Little Rock. Billie Carrie HOUSE: Carnall; Center Point. Nick HOUSER: AO; Lubbock, Texas. Mary Susan HOWARD: Razorback; Memphis, Tenn. Second Row: Tommy Jack HOWARD: TKE; Pryor, Okla. Sharon Lee HOWE: Reid; Little Rock. Linda HUDGINGS: AXQ; Little Rock. William Byrom HUD- SON: IIKA; North Little Rock. June HUENS: Spring- dale. Bette Lynn HUGHES: IIB ; Texarkana, Texas. Dar- rel W. HUGHES: Buchanan; Oden. Third Row: Kathleen Marie HUGHES: Reid; Little Rock. Thomas David HULME: Linden, Texas. Karen Neva HUNT: Reid: Fort Smith Marcia Lvnn HUNT: Fayette- ville. Owen Thomas HUNT: ZX; Hot Springs. Douglas Ray HUNTER: Mena. Marsha Kay HURLBUT: Elm Springs. Fourth Row: Charles Philip HURST: Cotter. Steven Garland HURST: TKE; Nimmons. Jack J. HUSTED: Fay- etteville. James Binion HUTCHENS: Holcombe; Monett, Mo. Jackie L. IRVIN: Reid: Sheridan. Bill ISAACS: Hol- combe; North Little Rock. Kathryn Elizabeth IVEY: Fay- etteville. Fifth Row: Elaine Albert JACKSON: Alpena. Charles Russell JACKSON: North Little Rock. Howard Spencer JACKSON: Sedgewell; Hot Springs. James Buford Jack- SON: Favetteville. MaryLou Hoist JACKSON: Little Rock. Phillip Truman JACOBS: Clarksville. Robert Allen JAMES: Acacia; Hot Springs. Sixth Row: Thomas Samuel JAMESON: ZX; El Do- rado. Earl Edwin JAMISON: Droke; Newport. Richard Clyde JARMAN: Sedgewell; Little Rock. Judie JAR- STAD: Reid; Green Bay, Wise. Richard L. JAY, Jr.: 2N; Springfield, Mo. Thomas Charles JAYNE: Droke; Warren. Judi JEFFERS: Reid; Warren. Seventh Row: Gary Scott JEFFERSON: Ae ; Russell- ville. Larry Joe JEFFERSON: Valley Springs. Jerry H. JEFFERY: IIKA; Newport. Joe Curran JEFFERY: De- Land. 111. Gary Mark JEFFREYS: 2X; Demag. N. M. Jerry A. JENKINS: Humphreys; Warren. Johnny M. JENKINS: Cane Hill. Eighth Row: Patricia Kay JENKINS: AAA; Fayette- ville. Mpurice J. JENNINGS: Heber Springs. Tappan Har- nor JENNINGS: 2AE; Helena. Albert T. JEWELL: Springdale. Judy Kay JEWELL: Futrall: Little Rock. Ad- rian Margaret JOHNSON: Reid; Fredericton, New Bruns- wick, Canada. Charles L. JOHNSON: Acacia; Fayetteville. 477 First Row: Donna Claire JOHNSON: Reid; Fort Smith. Edd Weldon JOHNSON: ZN; Texarkana. Gordon Nelson JOHNSON: Texarkana. James Stephen JOHNSON: North Little Rock. Jenifer JOHNSON: Reid; Ashdown. Jerry Wayne JOHNSON: Sedgewell; El Dorado. Jim A JOHNSON: 2 E; West Memphis. Second Row: Johnny Mac JOHNSON: SIT; Morrilton. Kennard Jack JOHNSON: Flippin. Muriel Anne JOHN- SON: X; Crossett. Robert Howard JOHNSON, Jr.: Fort Smith. William Jack JOHNSON: ATP; Dierks. Ben Bourne JOHNSTON: Fort Smith. Dennis Lee JOHNSTON: Hoi- combe; Forrest City. Third Row: Lynda Jee JOHNSTON: Reid; Blytheville. Mary Christine JOHNSTON: KKT; Lake Village. Mary Sue JOHNSTON: ZTA; Fayettevllle. Sally Ann JOHN- STON: AT; Little Rock. Billy Doyle JONES: Berry ville. Carol June JONES: Reid; Siloam Springs. Frank Wilson JONES, Jr.: Clarksville. Ebbert to Edit RAZORBACK Again i 478 First Row. Guy Franklin JONES: Pella, Iowa. Jackson M. JONES: Yocum; Harrell. James Richard JONES: Holcombe; Little Rock. Jimmie L. JONES: 2 E; Neosho, Mo. Kenneth Allan JONES: KZ; Forrest City. Larry Vivan JONES: Sedgewell; Rector. Lecia Franceen JONES: AX; Muskogee, Okla. Second Row: Linda Dale JONES: Reid; Pine Bluff. Manaleta Kaa JONES: Springdale. Marilyn Sue JONES: 4-H House; Magazine. Patricia Ann JONES: ITB ; Siloam Springs. Paula Ruth JONES: Futrall; Hot Springs. Tracy Duncan JONES: ZAE; Little Rock. Donna Lanell JOR- DAN: Fayetteville. Third Row: Morton A. KAMMERLOHR, Jr.: Yocum; Cassville, Mo. Phyllis Anne KANE: AF; Fayetteville. Julia Ann KAPS: AXO; Muskogee, Okla. John Morgan KAR- BER: KZ; Fort Smith. Gaye Lynn KARNES: Futrall; Bly- theville. Earnest Dean KAUFFMAN, Jr.: Yocum; Stutt- gart. Ronald Edward KAUFMAN: McGehee. Fourth Row: Buford L. KEATHLEY: KZ; Danville. Linda Lee KEENE: AXO; Fayetteville. Elbert Louis KEENER, Jr.: Yocum; Harrison. Kathy Jane KELLEY: AXH; Hot Springs. Robert E. KELLEY: Gravette. Arthur KELLY: TKE; Little Rock. Carolyn Sue KELLY: Carnall; Harrison. Filth Row: Elaine KELLY: Reid; Hot Springs. Patricia Ann KELLY: Reid; Joplin, Mo. Danny N. KENDRICK: AFP; Fayetteville. Barbara G. KENNEDY: Reid; Pine Bluff. Donald T. KENNEY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Martha Ann KENT: AXfi; Fayetteville. Joyce Leslie KER: KA9; Kirkwood, Mo. Sixth Row: Jo KILLINGSWORTH: Futrall; North Little Rock. Hamilton W. KILPATRICK: Baytown, Texas. Marian Deaton KIMBALL: Carnall; Franklin, N. H. Jack Ross KIMBRELL: Wilson Sharp; Turrell. Gary Arthur KINDER: William; Pierce City, Mo. Don Kenneth KING: Holcombe; Clarksville. Katy Louise KING: Reid; Calico Rock. Seventh R ow: Joyce KINNEY: Reid; Dermott. Helen Vance KIRBY: KKF; Harrison. Carla Temple KIRTON; Little Rock. Charlotte Anne KITCHENS: AXi); Fayette- ville. Richard Donald KNIGHT: ZN; DeQueen. William O. KNOTT: Yocum; Little Rock. Catherine Ann KOENIG: Reid; Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Barbara Jean KOOS: AAII; Henryetta, Okla. Leslie Dee KRAICH: Reid; Memphis. Tenn. Marc Lewis KURLAND: Fords, N. J. Glenda Ruth LABROT: Reid; Little Rock. Sandra Kay LAIR: Harrison. Frances Dalene LAMB: Carnall; Little Rock. Larry Louis LAMB- IOTTE: 2AE; Fort Smith. ftow: Charles Joseph LAMOUREUX: Holcombe; Ottawa. Ontario, Canada. George Thomas LANDERS: Droke; Little Rock. Mary Olivia LANDESS: Reid; We Memphis. Ginger Lou LANE: Reid; Sheridan. Loretta Grace LANE: Reid; Fayetteville. Nicholas Paul LANG: Yocum; Monette. Robert A. LANGE, Jr.: Acacia; Little Rock. Second Row: Gary Gene LARSEN: Holcombe; Bartles- ville, Okla. Michael Vincent LARSON: Droke; Antoine. Diane Kay LAWLER: Springdale. Hazel Louise LAW- RENCE: Reid; Woodson. William Douglas LAWRENCE: Buchanan; Fort Smith. Ernest Randolph LAWSON: Rip- ley; Corning. Jerry Lee LAWSON: Rogers. Third Row: Gary Wayne LAY: OKA; Clinton. George Floyd LEASE, Jr.: Yocum; Fort Smith. William F. LEATHERBURY: Acacia; Huntsville. Carl Edward LEE: Pine Bluff. Eugene H. LEE, Jr.: Dumas. Greg W. LEE: 2 E; Fayetteville. Stephen Alan LEEK: A9; Dumas. Fourth Row: Ernest Haskell LEFLORE: Fisher. Ronald Lee LEMKE: Rogers. James Waller LESLIE, Jr.: Sedge- well; Pine Bluff. Timmy D. LESLIE: Holcombe; Salem. Brenda Ann LEWIS: Carnall; Camden. Fletcher C. LEWIS: 2X; McCrory. Harry R. LEWIS: K2; El Dorado. Fifth Row: Merl LEWIS: Leslie. Claudia Anne LEY- ENDECKER: Reid; Deming, N. M. Charles Lee LIG- GETT: AXA; Baytown, Texas. Marilyn Jane LILES: Fay- etteville. Michael A. LIMBIRD: Droke; Paris. Marketa LINCK: Futrall; Summit. Jim G. LINGLE: Ripley; Rog- Sixth Row: Linda Diane LIPSCOMB: Reid: DeQueen. Margaret Anne LITTLE: HB ; St. Louis, Mo. Rebecca Ann LITTLE: Reid; North Little Rock. Kenneth Alan LLOYD: Hot Springs. Blanche Lillian LOCKE: Razor- back; Fort Smith. Mollilou LOCKE: Razorback; Stuttgart. Linda LONGNECKER: Reid; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Tommy Lynn LONON: Fayetteville. Betsy Kim LOOMIS: A; Enid, Okla. Bill LOONEY: Osceola. BMtv Jane LORANCE: AXJJ; Kennett. Mo. Thomas LO- RENZO: AKA; Waldron. Mary Alice LOVELESS: Futrall; Stuttgart. Thomas J. LOVELL, Jr.: William; North Little Rock. Eighth Row: J. Timothy LOVETT: Jacksonville. Robert Steven LOWE: TKE; Joplin, Mo. James Richard LOW- REY: Hot Springs. James Paul LUETTE: Dumas, Texas. William B. LUNDY: Droke; Little Rock. Patricia Jo LU- PER: Reid; Springdale. John Marlin LYON: Rogers. Ninth Row: Brenda Amelia LYONS: Nashville. Frank Hsioh-Ti MA: Holcombe; Little Rock. William H-L MA: Holcombe; China. Ella May MACKEY: Razorback; Siloam Springs. Steven David MACY: Wayne Mich. James Robert MADDOX: Little Rock. John David MADDOX: Yocum; Oden. Tenth Row: Tommy Fred MALONE: North Little Rock. Calvin Ted MANTOOTH: William; Ratcliff. Madalyn MARCHMAN: ITB ; Dallas, Texas. Rosa Linda MARI- NONI: Fayetteville. M. Theresa MARKS: KA9; Port Arthur, Texas. David Bryan MARTIN: A9; Warren. Gayle Eli zabeth MARTIN: Fayetteville. Jlit Ail , ' 1 - Soph omores " This damn typewriter never can speel when I get ready to type a paper. " 179 First Row: Jerrel D. MARTIN: Buchanan; Fort Smith. Walter D. MARTIN, Jr.: Humphreys; Newport. Gerald .MARTINDILL, Jr.: Jacksonville. Richard Kent MAR- TINEZ: Gladson; Fort Smith. Ruth Ann MASK: KKF; Tulsa, Okla. Suzetta Jane MASON: Reid; Calico Rock. Douglas Burr MATHEWS: Buchanan; Jonesboro. Second Row: Diana Gay MATHIS: Futrall; Clinton. Gordon Crossett MATTESON: Foreman. John H. MAT- THEWS: Fayetteville. Raymond Michael MAYS: Yocum; Atkins. Kenneth Joe MAY: AFP; Rose Bud. Johnny D. MAYO: Greenwood. William Preston McBEE: William; Eureka Springs. Third Row: Larry Glenn McCAIN: AI ' P; Mulberry. Larry E. McCALL: Searcy. Robert Emmett McCANN: K2; Fort Smith. Don Ray McCASKILL: AFP; Dierks. Merle Edward McCLAIN: William; Piggott. Anne McCLEL- LAND: Reid; Houston, Tex. Michael Thornton McCLEN- DON: Wilson Sharp; Warren. Fourth Row. Marsha Linn McCLUNG: Rogers. Kara- lee Estelle McCLURE: KA9; Tulsa, Okla. Phillip Lee Mc- CONNELL: Huntsville. Richard Douglas McCONNELL: Greenwood. Margaret Elaine McCORKELL: Futrall; Sene- ca, Mo. James Edward McCORMICK, Jr.: Fayetteville. James Ralph McCOY: AFP; Star City. Fifth Row: William Donald McCRARY: KZ; Hot Springs. Susan Gilman McCREIGHT: AAA; Shreveport, La. Weldon L. McCULLOCH, Jr.: Beebe. Cherylene Marie McDANIEL: Reid; Hot Springs. Robert Scott McDANIEL: William; Hot Springs. Wanda Charlene McDANIEL: Des Arc. Julie Watson McDONALD: Reid; Sheridan. Sixth Row: James C. McDOWELL: AX A; Blytheville. Glenda McFARLAND: Reid: Turrell. Patricia Ann Mc- GAHA: Reid; Shreveport, La. Becky Rhodes McGEE: Carnall; Arlington, Va. John D. McGLYNN: Willow Springs, Mo. Nancy Jeanne McGRAW: AF; Tulsa, Okla. Maja Ann McGUIRE: XSi; Texarkana. Seventh Row: William Michael McGUIRE: Crossett. Donnie Ray McINTOSH: Droke; Marmiduke. William Ross McKAMEY: 211; Worland, Wyo. Linda McKEN- NON: ZTA; Morrilton. Brad McKINLEY: Humphreys; DeOueen. Diane Elaine McKINNEY: KA9; Huntsville. Earl Elwyn McKINNEY, Jr.: Berryville. Eighth Row: Leigh McKINNEY: ZTA: Denison, Tex. John Edwin McLELLAND: 2N; Pine Bluff. Susan Nancy McMANUS: 4-H House; Elkins. Jean McMILLAN: ZTA; Malvern. Jan McNERNEY: AAH; Carthage, Mo. Gordon M. McNULTY: Wilson Sharp; Pine Bluff. Ralph Lee McQUEEN, Jr.: Buchanan; Dermott. Ninth Row: Tommie Kathryn McSPADDEN: X; Batesville. Anne L. McWILLIAMS: Reid; North Little Rock. Carol Ada MEADE: AAA; Fayetteville. Carey Wayne MEADORS: KZ; Fort Smith. William Noel MEADOWS: HKA; Crossett. Meg MEASE: AXD; Little Rock. Deanna Lee MEASELES: Futrall; Fort Smith. Tenth Row: Carolyn Victoria MEASON: Futrall; Car- rolton, Texas. Gwendolyn Ann MEEKINS: Reid; Stuttgart. Michael L. MENGE: Yocum; Dover. Linda Jean MERE- DITH: AX; Pine Bluff. Mary Louise MEREDITH: Fay- etteville. Mable Celine MERKLE: Reid; Brinkley. Tony Randal MERRIWEATHER: Sedgewell; Dowdy. Sophomores Obviously, these two girls were blinded by the snow and didn ' t stop for the Tom Lea express. 480 ... First Row: Christine Dorothy MERTENS: Reid; Para- gould. John Robert MEYERS: William; Fort Smith. Doug- las Wayne MILLER: El Dorado. Kenton C. MILLER: IIKA; Tulsa, Okla. Linda Louise MILLER: Razorback; Tulsa, Okla. Stephen Charles MILLER: Eureka Springs. Susan Jewell MILLER: Reid; Hot Springs. Second Row: Robert David MILLIGAN: Fort Smith. Ronald Chapman MILLS: K2; Little Rock. Steve MILTZ: Wilson Sharp; Emporia, Kan. Richard Norman MISEN- HIMER: William; Paragould. Jacob T. MITCHELL: Bu- chanan; Milwaukee, Wise. Lana Dianne MITCHELL: Reid; Little Rock. Rebecca Dee MITCHELL: Reid; Waldo. Third Row: Sandra Caron MITCHELL: Reid; Walnut Ridge. Teena D. MITCHELL: Razorback; Newport. John- ny B. MITCHUM: TKE; Batesville. Carol Anne MOCK: Razorback: Fort Smith. Barbara Sue MOGG: Reid; Shrove- port, La. David F. MOHLER: Searcy. Bob Wayne MON- CRIEF: Sedgewell; North Little Rock. Sigma Chi, Kappa Win Top Grades First Row: David Carle MONDIGO: North Little Rock. Charles Dennis MONTGOMERY: Newport. Neal William MOON: Alma. Carl Dennis MOORE: North Little Rock. Charles H. MOORE: KS; Lonoke. Donna Geurian MOORE: Dardanelle. Elizabeth Jane MOORE: Fayette- ville. Second Row: Janya Gee MOORE: Reid; Forrest City. John M. MOORE: Bell, Calif. Karen Louise MOORE: AAII; Rogers. Christine MOORHEAD: AX; Forrest City. Patty MORAN: AF; Dallas, Texas. Cheryl Paula MORGAN: AXO; Pine Bluff. Mary Kathryn MORGAN: Osceola. Third Row: Mary Emilia MORRIS: Reid; Siloam Springs. Donald Gene MORROW: Marshall. Linda Rae MORROW: Ozark. Larry Happy MOUGEOT: Sedgewell; Yellville. James Gary MOURTON: Humphreys; Mena. David Michael MOYERS: Sedgewell; Hamburg. Martha S. MULLENNIX: Razorback; Ardmore, Okla. Fourth Row: Jo Kathleen MULLINS: Fayetteville. Bob MUNDSTOCK: Humphreys; Lake Zurich, 111. Rodney Joe MUNDY: Fayetteville. Margaret MURPHEY: Futrall; Little Rock. Edna Renee MURPHY: Razorback; Tulsa, Okla. Walter Allen MURRAY: Z E; Jacksonville. Alice Elaine NAGEL: Reid; Tuckerman. Fifth Row: Gene Curtis NAPIER: 2N; Springfield, Mo. Linda Kaye NEEDHAM: Carnall; DeQueen. Jane Ann NEELY: ZTA; DeQueen. John Kenneth NEELY: ITKA; West Memphis. Eric William NELSON: Holcombe; Fort Smith. John NELSON: Holcombe; North Little Rock. Junie Elizabeth NELSON: Reid; Texarkana. Sixth Row: Larry G. NELSON: TKE; Mountain Home. William Andrew NELSON: Humphreys; Chicago, 111. Ed- win Ewing NESBITT: Holcombe; Little Rock. Charles NENENSCHWANDER: IIKA; Houston, Texas. Carol Jane NEVIN: AAIT; Benton. Anita Nell NEVIUS: KA9; Moun- tain Home. Tommy Allen NEW: A8; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Robert Alston NEWCOMB: Little Rock. Mathis Glenn NEWKIRK: Hot Springs. Marcia Ann NEW- LIN: West Fork. Carolyn Gene NEWMAN: Reid; North Little Rock. William Larry NEWMAN: AKA; Magazine. George Allyn NEWTOWN: Fayetteville. Van H. NICH- OLS: Star City. Eighth Row: William Manford NIELSEN: Sedgewell; Little Rock. Janice Joanne NIXON: ZTA; Conway. Becky Lynn NOHSE: Reid; Shreveoort, La. Charles Lynn NOKES: Siloam Springs. Glen NORMAN: ITKA; Searcy. Josephine Frantiska NORMAN: Carnall; Hot Springs. John David NORRIS: Sedgewell; El Dorado. I A ' 481 First Row: Mary Lou NORRIS: Fayetteville. William Gregory NORSWORTHY: 2X; Portland. Randall Evans NORTHERN: 2AE; Benton. John Lee NOVAK: Sedge- well; New York, N. Y. Pamela Diane NORWOOD: KKF; Mineral Springs. Joseph Curtis NUNN: Little Rock. Betty Jane NUTT: Reid; Fayetteville. Second Row: Peggy June NUTT: Reid; Fayetteville. Linda Sue OAKLEY: Razorback; Pocahontas. David Bur- ton OFFUTT: Sedgewell; El Dorado. Mary OGDEN: AF; Fayetteville. Marilyn Toce OGLESBY: LaFayette, La. Re- becca Lynn OHOLENDT: AAII; North Little Rock. Jane Puryear OLDNER: Reid; Dumas. Third Row: Jan OLIN: AXti; Tulsa, Okla. Phil OLING- HOUSE: Little Rock. Charles Dwain OLIVER: Humph- reys; Hampton. Eva Sue OMOHUNDRO: Fayetteville. James Edward O ' NEAL: Holcombe; Hope. Michael E. O ' NEILL: 211; Paris. Linda Eugenia O ' RIELLY: Reid; Neosho, Mo. Anthony and the Imperials Perform 482 First Row: Michael H. ORR: HKA; Webb City, Mo. Janice Velma ORRICK: Razorback; DeWitt. Anne P. OSHER: Razorback; Tulsa, Okla. Cheryl Ann OSTED- GAARD: AF; North Little Rock. David Lynn OSWALT: William; Helena. J. Bradley OUSTERHOUT: Acacia; Dallas, Texas. Thomas Lee OVERBEY: William; North Little Rock. Second Row: James Carney OWEN: 2 E; Conway. Robert Wayne OWEN: Ripley; Pine Bluff. Anita Sue OWENS: Reid; Berryville. William Connie OWENS: Parasould. Jerry Don OZMENT: Hermitage. Ronald Ira PALCULICT: Sedgewell; El Dorado. Alex G. PAPA- GEORGE: William; North Little Rock. Third Row: Carl Edward PARKER: 2 E; Camden. Gary O. PARKER: Carlisle. James Randall PARKER: K2; Little Rock. Judith Marie PARKER: Hot Springs. Peggy Sue PARKER: Camden. Sam M. PARKER: Wilson Sharp; Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Van Orlie PARKER: William; Blytheville. Fourth Row: David Eugene PARRISH: Fayetteville. Janice Lou PARSON: Huntsville. Hal O. PARSONS: Aca- cia; Eden Isle. Catherine Ann PATTERSON: Xfi; Texar- kana. Howard Blackwell PATTERSON, Jr: Ripley; Hous- ton. Theresa Kathyleen PATTERSON: Reid; Mountain- burg. Tommie Jean PATTERSON: Razorback; Clarksville. Fifth Row: Robert Clyde PATTON: 2AE; Lewisville. Jerry Wayne PAUL: William; North Little Rock. Kath- erine Lee PAULUS: Xfi; Warren. Waymon PEARSON: AFP; Rose Bud. Steven Parks PEEK: Pine Bluff. Galen Bonnis PELLHAM: 2N; Springfield, Mo. Marsha Gwen PELLHAM: Carnall; Springdale. Sixth Row: Eliz abeth Ann PELTON: AAA; Benton. Jim M. PENN: Sedgewell; Portia. Patricia Jane PENN: Reid; Black Rock. Thomas Roger PENNARTZ: Charles- ton. Mary Adelaide PERSON: 4-H House; Wing. Janice Carol PETERS: Reid; Bentonville. Patricia Jane PETER- SON: Razorback; Montgomery, Ala. Seventh Row: Judy Gail PETTUS: 4-H House; Rose Bud. Lester Glenn PETTUS: Yocum; Forrest City. Edward Lynn PHELPS: William; Waldron. Kathleen PHELPS: KAf ; Wiesbaden, Germany. Herbert David PHILLIPS: AKA; Gould. Janie PHILLIPS: AF; Harrison. Jo Lynn PHILLIPS: Reid; Berryville. Eighth Row: Thomas N. PIERCE: K2; Texarkana, Texas. Toni PIERCE: AXfi; El Dorado. James Cecil PILGER: Mountain Home. Ellen Earle PINKERTON: Xfi; Fayetteville. DuLane Barry PINTADO: Reid; Glenwood. Mary PIPER: AXfl; Marianna. Kenneth Ray PITTA WAY: Humphreys; Gassville. ${$SBMH Sophomores ChiOs attracted the RAZORBACK photographer ' s at- tention with a savory breast. First Row: Franke Tresvant PLAFCAN: Carlisle. Rob- ert Dale PLANT: Holcombe; Murfreesboro. Glenda Gay PLUMLEE: Salem. Carolyn Sue PLUNKETT: AAII; Fort Smith. Michael Anthony PLUNKETT: Fort Smith. Becky Ann POE: AAA; Fort Smith. Nancy Elizabeth POLLARD: IIB ; Little Rock. Second Row: Earnest E. POLLOCK: William; North Little Rock. Candy POND: AAA; Stuttgart. Ronna Gay PORTER: AT; Russellville. Thomas Ray POTTS: Valley Springs. Alma POWELL: Razorback; Forrest City. Joseph Michael POWERS: Quitman. Mary Linda POYNOR: Carnall; Berryville. Third Row: Nancy Anne POYNOR: Reid; Berryville. Maria Ann PPOOL: AAA; Brisbane, Old., Australia. Linda Suzanne PRALL: Reid; Hot Springs. Greta Olene PRICE: Reid; Salem. Ann Lehman PRIDE: Reid; Blytheville. Robert J. PRONGAY: Buchanan; Union City, N. J. JoAnn PRYOR: IIB ; Houston, Tex. Fourth Row: Lynn PUMPHREY: Reid; Pine Bluff. Samuel Scott PURYEAR: 2 E; Jonesboro. Johnnie QUALLS, Jr.: Holcombe; Evening Shade. Eddie George QUILTY: Ripley; Stuttgart. John C. QUINN: AO; Little Rock. Marcia Gray RACHEL: Carnall; Benton. Barbara Louise RAILSBACK: Reid; Shreveport, La. Fifth Row: Carol Jean RAINES: AF; Dallas, Tex. Wil- liam Pal RAINEY: K2; Tyronza. Jerry McCoy RAINS: Ripley; North Little Rock. Kendall D. RAMEY: Fayette- ville. Ethel Ann RAMSEY: Carnall; DeQueen. Kenneth W. RAMSEY: Droke; Benton. Robyn Ann RANDLE: XO; Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Dwayne Angelo RAPER: Ripley; Victoria. H. Terry RASCO: 2 E; DeWitt. Rebecca Jo RASH: Reid; West Memphis. Donna Kaye REDDING; Fayetteville. Ter- ry G. REED: Sedgewell; Pine Bluff. Carole Ann REEVES: 4-H House; Calico Rock. Kathryn Anne REEVES: Carnall; Wiesbaden, Germany. Seventh Row: Ken R. REEVES: 2X; Harrison. John F. RELYEA: Holcombe; Stuttgart. Nancy Sue REMA- GEN: Fayetteville. James Bucknall REMMEL: Fayette- ville. Phillip W. RENFROW: Charleston. Donald Lewis RENNARD: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Paul D. RHEW: Pleasant Plains. Eighth Row: Gary Kile RICHARDSON: Fayetteville. Jennifer Lynn RICHARDSON: KKP; Warren. Jimmy Kay RICHARDSON: Huntsville. John William RICHARDSON: Fayetteville. Gary Gene RICKETTS: Yocum; Little Rock. Larry Dean RICKETTS: Yocum; Little Rock. William Rand RIDDELL: AKA; Clarksville. Ninth Row: Gregory A. RIDGE: Holcombe; Tulsa, Okla. Jon Michael RIFE: AXA; Bentonville. Karen Lor- raine RIGGS: Reid; Fort Smith. Pamela D. RIGGS: Reid; Joplin, Mo. James W. RING: Bentonville. Nancy Dianne ROARK: Springdale. Fred Owen ROBERSON: AKA; North Little Rock. 483 Sophomores --: w . S. " " You may think I ' m chubby, but I ' ll catch you yet. " 4 t4,i First Row: David Alan ROBERTS: Holcombe; Lake Village. Don Baron ROBERTS: Holcombe; Paragould. Mark O. ROBERTS: 2N; Springfield, 111. Sarah Jane ROBERTS: Fayetteville. James E. ROBERTSON: Casa. John Layton ROBERTSON: Dumas. Barry Aber ROBIN- SON: Holcombe; North Little Rock. Second Row: Sharon R. ROBINSON: ZTA; Malvern. Robert Joseph ROBNETT: AXA; Stuttgart. Clyde Tilden RODGERS, Jr.: 2 E; West Memphis. James Harold ROG- ERS: Paris. Judith Marie ROGERS: Futrall; Magazine. Leona Kate ROGERS: Reid; Magazine. Nina Myrl ROG- ERS: ZTA; Mena. Third Row: Linda Ann ROLLOW: Reid; Bentonville. Wallace Anthony ROLNIAK: Fayetteville. Dennis Ray ROOFE: Sedgewell; Rector. Gary Carl ROOP: Fayette- ville. Robert Slawson ROOT: Sedgewell; Greene, N. Y. Deneice Rae-Jean ROSE: Futrall; Cassville, Mo. Paula Ann ROSENAU: Futrall; Hammond, Ind. Fourth Row: Becky ROSS: AAIT; North Little Rock. Harvey Linwood ROSS: Crossett. James Wray ROSS: Cur- don. William Michael ROSS: Stuttgart. John A. ROTH: Noel, Mo. Fred B. K. ROVNER: Sedgewell: Wauwatosa, Wise. Louis Neal ROWLAND: 211; Forrest City. Filth Row: Albert Holly RUSHER, Jr.: 2X; Brinkley. William Leon RUSSELL, Jr.: Fort Smith. Patricia Lee RYAN: Razorback; Rogers. Brenda Gail SAMPLES: Fay- etteville. Herschel M. SANDEFUR II: Natchitoches, La. Jeffey Charles SANDERS: Springdale. Stephen Ray SAND- ERS: Rogers. Sixth Row: Dairy Gene SANDS: AKA; Little Rock Linda Ann SANGER: AAH; Fayetteville. Larry Dale SAPP: Bentonville. Joe S. SAUNDERS: Sedgewell; Little Rock. Thomas Ramsey SAUNDERS: San Augustine, Tex. Catherine SAVAGE: Magnolia. David P. SAXON: Hol- combe; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Susan MJchele SAYERS: AAII; Orange, N. J. Elizabeth Ann SBANOTTO: Tontitown. Janet Louise SCHAEFFER: Carnall; Alexandria, Va. Orville Carroll SCHELL: Ripley; Rogers. Paul Edward SCHERREY, III: Fort Smith. Patricia Ann SCHICK: Reid; Cherry Hill, N. J. Andrea Nell SCHLARB: Reid; Sonora, Calif. Eighth Row: Henry SCHNEIDER III: Fort Smith. Sylvia Sue SCHWACHHOFER: Futrall; Muskogee. Okla. Carol Mae SCHWARZLOSE: AXfi; Conway. Jim SCOTT: Fort Smith. John Walter SCOTT: Osceola. Joseph Vinson SCOTT: William; Rogers. Veeta SCOTT: Razorback; Lytle, Tex. Ninth Row: Jeff H. SCROGHAM: Gladson; Benton- ville. Joe B. SCRUGGS: Holcombe; Little Rock. James Lenzie SEA WOOD: Ripley; Pine Bluff. Sally Payne SED- WICK: KA6; Kenilworth, 111. William M. SEEGER: 2N; Leslie. Raymond Joseph SEITZINGER: Lindenwood, N. J. John Irwin SEWARD, Jr.: Humphreys; Ulm. 484 First Row: Barbara Jean SHARP: Reid; Dardanelle. Sallie M. SHARP: Carnall; Baytown, Texas. Michael Owen SHAW: Holcombe; Nashville. Gregory Laurence SHEL- LARD: Holcombe; Hardy. Wesley Alan SHELLY: Van Buren. Brenda Ruth SHELTON: Futrall; Harrison. Larry Jerome SHELTON: 2 E; West Memphis. Second Row: Marcia Ann SHELTON: Fayetteville. Suzi SHELTON: Carnall; Dallas, Texas. Larry Walter SHIP- LEY: Sedgewell; Bentonville. Mary Harvey SHIPP: IIB ; Little Rock. Michael B. SHIRKEY: 2AE; Stuttgart. Terry Wayne SHOFFNER: IIKA; Weldon. Glenn Lyle SHORT: Droke; Little Rock. Third Row: Nancy Louise SHORT: Razorback; Salem. Norma Lee SIMS: X!7; Fort Smith. Joe Vernon SING: 211; Pine Bluff. Carol Jean SKELTON: Fayetteville. Tad C. SKOKOS: 2X; Fort Smith. Steven Allen SLACK: 211; Fayetteville. Sara Margaret SLAVEN: XI); Fayetteville. Hallaballoo ' 67 Termed Successful First Row: Horace Scott SLAY: Jackson, Miss. Robert C. SLAY: Mena. Don Henry SLOAT, III: Fort Smith. James Carl SMALLEY: Little Rock. Charles Allen SMITH: Springdale. Charles Stephen SMITH: Holcombe; West Memphis. Dewitt Henderson SMITH, III: Wilson Sharp; Forrest City. Second Row: George B. SMITH: A9; Fort Smith. John Charles SMITH: 211; Paris. Neal Dewayne SMITH: Holcombe; Arbyrd, Mo. Pamela SMITH: KKF; Little Rock. Robert Lynn SMITH: Elm Springs. Stephen Wallace SMITH: A9; Huntsville. Steven Lee SMITH: Benton. Third Row: Shirley Katherine SMITH: Reid; Dallas, Texas. John Lindsey SMOTHERMAN: AXA; Blytheville. Constance Lynn SNAPP: Reid; Walnut Ridge. Brady Ed- win SNELLGROVE: Hatfield. Mary Elizabeth SNIDER: Futrall; Jenkins, Mo. John Edward SNODERLY: Farm- house; Garfield. Judy Gail SNOW: Futrall; Oden. Fourth. Row: Phillip E. SNOW: Fayetteville. Tommy Joe SNOW: Mountain Home. George Raymond SOMERS: Tulsa, Okla. John Wayne SOOTER: Bentonville. Elizabeth Renee SORRELL: Reid; North Little Rock. James R. SOUTHERLAND: Summers. Rebecca Marie SPAIN: Fu- irall; Camden. Filth Row: Stephanie Fay SPARGO: Reid: Hot Springs. Cheryl SPARKS: Reid; Little Rock. David Moore SPATZ: Wilson Sharp; Conway. David Charles SPEAKER: ZII; Fort Smith. Suson Telfer SPEARS: Tulsa, Okla. Car- lotta Ann SPENCER: Carnall; Harrison. Frederick Strawn SPENCER: 2AE; El Dorado. Sixth Row: James Leigh SPENCER: Stuttgart: Robert Glenn SPENCER: Humphreys; West Memphis. Thomas G. SPICER: Fort Smith. Richard Allen SPILMAN: Hoi- combe; Tulsa, Okla. Arthur E. SPOONER, Jr.: Acacia; Fayetteville. Judy SPRENGER: Reid; Harrison. Jay Ra- lens SPRIGG: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Seventh Row: Carolyn Jene SPRINGFIELD: Futrall; Crawfordsville. Steve Ernest SPURLOCK: Huntsville. Rob- ert Glen STAATS: Bentonville. Sandra Kay STAGEY: Futrall; Harrison. Kenneth Lee STAFFORD: Humphreys; Alleene. Michael A. STAFFORD: IIKA; Green Forest. Anne Dougherty STALEY: Reid; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Billy Glenn STANDLEY: Pasadena. Tex- as. Hallie L. STANLEY: Carnall; Augusta. Yevonne STARLING: 4-H House; Warm Springs. Katherine Diane STARNES: AX; Little Rock. Kathleen STELL: Razor- back; Nobbs, N. M. Bennie K, STEPHENS: Little Rock. Gary Lynn STEPHENS: Wilson Sharp; North Little Rock. 485 A First Row: Jack Thomas STEPHENS: Fort Smith. Pa- tricia Glee STEPHENS: Carnall; Altheimer. R. Chris STEPHENS: 2X; Van Buren. Ralph Arden STEPHENS: Holcombe; Fort Smith. Terry Lee STEPHENS: Greenfield Mo. James O. STEPHENS, Jr.: Yocum; Pine Bluff. John M. STEPHENS, III: Humphreys; Dell. Second Row: Mark Bradford STEVENSON: Humph- reys; Wheaton, 111. Gary Lee STEWART: Tulsa, Okla Terry Thomas STEWART: Wilson Sharp; Fort Smith Peter J. STIEGLER: Greenwood. Robert Lewis STIN- NETT: Gurdon. Deedee STOCKER: IIB ; Springfield Mo. Peggy Lee STOIA: AXJJ; Tulsa, Okla. Third Row: Carolyn Kay STOKES: Razorback; Bates- ville. David Ronald STOKES: AFP; Dierks. Keith D. STOKES, Jr.: Batesville. Sandra STOKES: AAA; Bates- ville. Fred Wyatt STONE: Camden. John Edward STONE: 2 E; Pine Bluff. Ronald Joe STONE: 211; Forest City. AGRs ' Dedicate Newest House 14.4 ft First Row: Marlys Anne STORCK: Razorback; Purdy, Mo. Robert J. STOREY: Sedgewell: Rogers. Patricia Ann STONE: Reid; Tulsa, Okla. Freddie Charles STRINGER: Waldron. Larry Alan STROUD: Huntsville. Michael Doug- las STROUD: Holcombe; Little Rock. Denajo STRUEB- ING: Fayetteville. Second Row: Gary Lee STUBBS: Mountain View. Alan Lee STUMBAUGH: Clarksville. Sunny Lee STURDI- VANT: AAA; Springdale. Fred Michael SUDDARTH: Pine Bluff. Kathleen SUGGS: DeQueen. James Warren SUMNER: Huntsville. Sue SWEARINGEN: ZTA; Shreve- port, La. Third Row: Phillip H. SWITZER: Crossett. Bruce Owen TALIAFERRO: K2; Tulsa, Okla. David Hugh TALLEY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Kampon TANSACHA: Bangkok, Thailand. Gary Edwin TARPLEY: Yocum; Gurdon. Philip Allan TATE: Malvern. Anthony George TAVERNIA: Sedgewell; Yonkers. N. Y. Fourth Row: Bonnie Jean TAYLOR: HB4 ; Fort Smith. John Richard TAYLOR: Fort Smith. Ronnie Stuart TAY- LOR: A6; North Little Rock. William Randy TAYLOR: Little Rock. Vicki Lynn TEAGUE: North Little Rock. Kay TEMPLE: AX; Linden, Texas. Pamela Delorese TEM- PLE: Razorback; Warren. Fifth Row: David Edwin TERRELL: Droke; Bis- marck. Janice Lynn THAREL: Fayetteville. Robert Dalton THATCHER: Wilson Sharp; Marked Tree. George Leon- ard THOMAS: Camp. Joe A. THOMAS: Fayetteville. Michael Reed THOMAS: Williams; Smackover. Richard Lee THOMAS: TKE; Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Carl L. THOMPSON: Waldron. Carol Jeanne THOMPSON: HB ; Memphis, Tenn. Celia Janet THOMPSON: Xfi; El Dorado. Edward C. THOMPSON, Jr.: Augusta. John Clifford THOMPSON: AXA; Kansas City, Mo. Robert B. THOMPSON: 2N; Jacksonville. Terry L. THOMPSON: Decatur. Seventh Row: George Thomas THOMSON: DeWitt. Sheryl Ann THORNTON: Reid; Van Alstyne, Texas. Re- becca Ann THRASHER: Fayetteville. Larry Samuel TI- ANO: Richmond, Ind. William Wayne TIMMERMAN: Holcombe; Ulm. Terry Juan TODD: Fayetteville. Nicki Ann TOLER: AX; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Bill Lewis TOMLINSON: Fort Worth, Texas. Larry Dean TOMLINSON: Greenland. Barbara Lee TOMS: Fayetteville. Peggie Jean TONNE: Springdale. Marguerite Ann TOPLIFF: Razorback; Fort Smith. Linda Joyce TOWNSEND: Reid; Tecumseh, Okla. Don Richard TRAYLOR: Gladson; Brinkley. 486 First Row: Bob G. TREAT: Flippin. Carlos Dean TREAT: Springdale. Donna Jean TREAT: Springdale. Phillip R. TRIMBLE: Cheyenne, Wyo. Dianne G. TRIN- CO: Carnall; Hindsdale, 111. Larry Dewayne TUCKER: Harrison. Donnie R. TUGWELL: Holcombe; Arkadelphia. Second Row: Stephen Minard TULLGREN: Sedgewell; Mountain Home. Ryall Smith TUNG: AX A; Blytheville. John Stanley TURNER: 2N; Bartlesville, Okla. Richard Ellis TURNER: Poplar Grove. Susan Jane TURNER: Reid; Fort Smith. Terry Joseph TURNER: KZ; Tulsa, Okla. Anne Frances UDOUJ: ZTA; Fort Smith. Third Row: Stephen Matthew UDOUJ: Fort Smith. Vicki UPCHURCH: AF; Dallas, Texas. Jean L. UTLEY: Reid; Glenwood. Michael Edward UTLEY: 2X; Blythe- ville. Carol Irene VANCE: Razorback; Tulsa. Okla. Kelly K. VANCE: Wilson Sharp; Tulsa, Okla. Helen Delores VANCUREN: Razorback; Harrison. Fourth Row: Thomas Peter VAN SCHAIK: Holcombe; Mountain Home. Donald Gene VARNADORE: Yocum; Fort Smith. Albert Glenn VASSER: Pine Bluff. Eliza- beth Ann VAWTER: ZTA; Fayetteville. Linda Gail VAUGHAN: Razorback; Little Rock. Robert C VAUGHT: Fayetteville. Dale H. VICKERS: Gladson; Texarkana. Fifth Row: Suellen J. VITTITOW: DeWitt. Carol Lee VOIGTMANN: Razorback; Jacksonville. Marilyn Ruth WADLEY: AF; Paragould. Kathryn Lynn WAGES: Fay- etteville. Lola Jean WAGNER: Carnall; Gentry. James Earl WALDEN: Yocum; Benton. Don Wesley WALKER: ITKA; Stuttgart. Sixth Row: Donald Ramsey WALKER: McGehee. Leon- ard Herman WALKER, Jr.: Buchanan; Highland, Calif. Terry K. WALKER: Gladson; Ozark. Francis C. WALL, Jr.: Forrest City. Alice Evelyn WALLACE: Razorback; Lafayette, La. Bruce W. WALKER: Fayetteville. Carol Ann WALKER: ZTA; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Sharon Ann WALKUP: 4-H House; Ha- vana. Douglas Paul WALLACE: TKE; Little Rock. Cheryl Ann WALLER: Carnall; Little Rock. Marlin Larry WAL- LER: Texarkana. David R. WALTER: Rogers. George Alan WARD: Fayetteville. Margaret Fay WARD: Futrall; Si- loam Springs. Eighth Row: Susan Kay WARD: IIB ; Blytheville. William F. WARD: Droke: Webster Grove, Mo. Leonard G. WARDEN, III: Humphreys; West Memphis. Gerald Wayne WARNOCK: Camden. Michael V. WARR: AXA; Hot Springs. Bryce William WARREN: A6; Smackover. Fredy L. WASHINGTON: IIKA; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Sarah WATT: XQ; Ruston, La. Gary Dono- van WATKINS: Sedgewell; Harrison. John Gibson WAT- KINS, III: Little Rock. Dudley Howell WATSON: AXA; Dallas, Texas. Konnie M. WEATHERS: AAII; Salem. Betty June WEBB: Springdale. Linda Carol WEBB: Reid; North Little Rock. Tenth Row: Suzanne WEBB: Futrall; Marianna. Linda Carol WEGENER: AXfi; Fort Worth. Joseph M. WELCH: Pine Bluff. Louis WELCHER: Russellville. Robert Earle WELLBORN, Jr.: Sheridan. Linda WELLHAUSEN: KKF; North Little Rock. Melvis Clyde WEST: Buchanan; Casa. Sophomores " You mean I lost that damn Blue Key again! " 487 First Row: Owen Edward WESTBROOK: William; Pine Bluff. Robert Nelson WESTMORELAND: Fort Smith. Thomas Verrel WHATLEY: Humphreys; Malvern. Robert Lynn WHEELER: ZAE; Memphis, Tenn. Aleta Marie WHITE: Baird, Tex. Becky Jayne WHITE: KKF; Au- gusta. Mark Steven WHITE: Springdale. Second Row: Robert Ragon WHITE: 2E; Fayette- ville. Ronald Henry WHITE: ZII; Flippin. Vicki Sue WHITE: Razorback; Joplin, Mo. Janis WHITEAKER: Reid; Calico Rock. Jim Lloyd WHITED: Elgin, Kans. John W. WHITEHEAD: Yocum; Bartonville, 111. Sylvia Lea WHITEHORN: Fayetteville. Third Row: Paula Helen WHITING: IIB ; Forrest City. Paul WHITNAH: Holcombe; Little Rock. David Ro- land WIDDER: AKA; Fayetteville. Robert C. WIEC- ZEZAK: Wallington, N. J. Idabelle F. WILKERSON: Raz- orback; Mountain Home. Kaye WILKINSON: AXH; Rog- ers. Howard Leon WILKINSON, Jr.: Humphreys; Stamps. Holcomb Elected AWS President First Row: Nancy WILKINSON: KA6; North Little Rock. Rhonda Lee WILKINSON: AX; Tulsa, Okla. Mac WILL: Holcombe; Little Rock. Anderson H. WILLIAMS, III: TKE; Wilson. Cynthia Lou WILLIAMS: AXfi; Min- den, La. Elsie Kay WILLIAMS: Reid; Hot Springs. Frank J. WILLIAMS: 211; Texarkana. Second Row: Frank W. WILLIAMS: Holcombe; Dyers- burg, Tenn. James Andrew WILLIAMS, Jr.: 2X; Park- dale. Jeffery H. WILLIAMS: Holcombe; Hartford. Jerry Carl WILLIAMS: Holcombe; West Memphis. John Lan WILLIAMS: AXA; Baytown, Tex. Judy Ann WILLIAMS: ZTA; Memphis, Tenn. Linda Kay WILLIAMS: IIB ; Tulsa, Okla. Third Row: Nolan Stanford WILLIAMS: IIKA; War- ren. Rebecca Jean WILLIAMS: II B ; Fort Smith. Roger Dale WILLIAMS: Ozark. Sharon Kay WILLIAMS: Fu- trall; Fort Smith. Susan WILLIAMS: A All; Marshall. William B. WILLIAMS: AXA; Mount Vernon, Mo. Sara Beth WILLIAMSON: Xfi; Falls Church, Va. Fourth Row: Bernardine M. WILSON: Pocahonlas. John Jay WILSON: Eureka Springs. Margaret W. WIL- SON: AF; Fayetteville. Rob K. WILSON: Malvern. Robert Glen WILSON: Eureka Springs. Susan Clare WIL- SON: ZTA; Longview, Tex. Lanny T. WINBERRY: TKE; Piggott. Fifth Row: Robert Britton WINDHAM: Holcombe; Hot Springs. Connie May WING: Fayetteville. James Dale WIST: Fayetteville. Travis Arnold WITHERINGTON, II: AXA; Dumas. Donna Francene WITWICKE: Razorback; Springdale. Edward Merman WOOD: Gurdon. Janet Kay WOOD: Reid; Bentonville. Sixth Row: Susan Permelia WOOD: IIB ; Blytherilfe. Billie Diane WOODELL: Futrall; Clinton. Jean Nolan- WOODELL: KKT; West Memphis. Casandra Sheridan Nell WORMINGTON: Futrall; Monett, Mo. David Ralph WORTHINGTON: Fayetteville. Emma Lee WRIGHT: Razorback; Dermott. Seventh Row: Eugenia WRIGHT: Reid; Ashdown. James Lawerence WRIGHT: Fayetteville. Roger Lamar WRIGHT: Humphreys; Camden. Susan Ann WULFE- KUHLER: AAH; Paragould. Paul S. YANCEY: Mans- field. Karen A. YEDLICK: Reid; North Little Rock. Eighth Row: Charles E. YERTON: Fayetteville. Edith- Marie YOCUM: Razorback; Morrilton. Larry David 1 YOUNG: Lindsay, Okla. May Gene YUM: Reid; Eudora. Delbert Ray ZIMMERLY: Texarkana. Diana Lee ZISERt AX; Fayetteville. 488 ;.... v ..,.... v ,b First Row. Tommi Lou ACKLEY: Fulbright; West Fork. Carla Lou ADAMS: Hotz; Fort Smith. John Wil- liam ADAMS: Fayettevijle. Joseph Hudson ADAMS: Buchanan; Camde n. Nellie May ADAMS: Hotz; Sum- mersville, Mo. Stephen Eschol ADAMS: Fayetteville. Wen- dell Jay ADAMS: Yocum; Clinton. Second Row. Roy Lee ADKINS: Humphreys; Little Rock. Saundra Kaye AIKMAN: Reid; Buff ton. Jean Maree ALBAUGH: Hotz; Winner, S. D. Robert Daryl ALBERT- SON: Humphreys; Huntsville. Leatha Ann ALBRIGHT: Hotz; Fayetteville. David Earl ALEXANDER: Yocum; Stuttgart. Marshal Brian ALEXANDER: A8; Dallas, Tex. Third Row. Regina Fay ALFORD: Fulbright; El Do- rado. Toni Rae ALFORD: Hotz; Fayetteville. Earl Wayne ALIFF: Springdale. James David ALLEN: Yocum; Nash- ville. James Ronald ALLEN: Humphreys; Gurdon. Michael Wayne ALLEN: 2AE; Newport. Robert C. ALLEN: Humphreys; Fort Worth, Tex. Fourth Row. Ronald Dee ALLEN: Springdale. Travis James ALLEN: Yocum; El Dorado. Vera G. ALLEN: Hotz; Mountain View. Dorothy Jean ALLRED: Springdale. My- ron David ALMOND: Magnet Cove. John Browning AL- TER: Humphreys; DeWitt. Beverly Lynn ALVERSON: Reid; Huntsville. Fifth Row. Chester Michael ANDERS: Yocum; Cros- setL Jon Kent ANDERSON: 2 E; El Dorado. Judy Ann ANDERSON: Hotz; Mulberry. Marita Jane ANDERSON: Hotz; Fayetteville. Mary Ann ANDERSON: Hotz; Little Rock. Rick Amherst ANDERSON: Springdale. Edwina Marie ANDREWS: 4-H House; Prattsville. Sixth Row. Thomas Mark ANTHONY: Yocum; Hot Springs. William Stradley APPLETON: 2X; Jonesboro. Loyce Alexander ARDEMAGNI: Tontitown. Dan W. ARN- OLD: Texarkana. Ricky Fay ARNOLD: Hotz; Mount Pleasant. Richard ATKINS: Humphreys; Stephens. David Routt ATKINSON: Humphreys; Camden. Seventh Row: Randall Lee ATKINSON: Humphreys; Fairfax, Va. Mary Jane ATKINSON: Fulbright; Stuttgart. Richard Joseph AULT: Yocum; North Little Rock. Don Christopher AVERY: Humphreys; Lake Village. Bill AYERS: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Richard Lynn AYRES: Humphreys; Benton. Sharon Dianne BAGULEY: Reid; Blytheville. Eighth Row. Kenneth Paul BAILEY: Yocum; Spring- field, Mo. Carolyn Anne GAIRD: Hotz; Fort Smith. Don Brian BAKER: Fayetteville. John Douglas BAKER: Hum- phreys; Smyrna, Tenn. June Michelle BAKER: Hotz; Malvern. Katherine Lorraine BAKER: Hotz; Little Rock. iLarry Gene BAKER: Yocum; Searcy. Ninth Row. Nancy Lynn BAKER: Fulbright; Mont- ircMo. Penny Sue BAKER: Fulbright; Muskogee. Okla. Riosernary BAKER: Hotz; North Little Rock. Jane Lee BALHRIDGE: Fulbright; Fort Worth, Tex. Robert Alton BALKMAN: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Kenneth B. BALL: Fayetteville. Johnnie Leroy BALLARD, Fayette- ville. M Freshmen It ' s about time they started serving Budweiser beer in the fraternity houses. 489 First Row: Richard Lloyd BALWANZ: A6; Sheridan. Nancy Lynn BANEY: Hotz: North Little Rock. David Martin BARBER: Humphreys; Hope. Marcilee BARBER: Hotz; Fort Smith. Paul Leonard BARBER: Yocum; Oska- loosa, la. Donna Lynne BARCLAY: Hotz; Little Rock. Donna BARKER: Hotz; Little Rock. Second Row: Donna BARKER: Hotz; Little Rock. Barry G. BARKLEY: Fayetteville. Raymond Lee BARN- ARD: Humphreys; Valley Springs. Larry D. BARNES: Humphreys; Little Rock. Billy Joe BARNETT: Hum- phreys; Valley Springs. Michael Ray BARRY: Spring- dale. Mary Amanda BARTHEL: Hotz; North Little Rock. Third Row: Edwin Stanley BARTON: Humphreys; Overland Park, Kan. Harry H. BASORE III: Leawood, Kan. Candy BASS: Fulbright; Snyder, Tex. Connie BAS- SETT: Hotz; Forrest City. Gary Lee BATCHELOR: Hum- phreys; Van Buren. Raymond Scott BATES: 3 A6; Pine Bluff. Susan BAUCH: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Fourth Row: Billy Kay BAUCUM: Fulbright; Spring- hill, La. Gayel A. BAUGHS: Fayetteville. Edward Paul BAXTER: Fayetteville. Margaret Sunita BEAIRD: Ful- bright; Harrison. Arthur Duayne BEAKLEY: Yocum; Little Rock. James Russell BEALL: Yocum; Little Rock. William E. BEARD III: Yocum; Clarendon. Fifth Row: Charles W. BEARDALL: TKE; Spring- dale. Larry Fred BEARDEN: Yocum; Flippin. Sam David BEASLEY: ZX; Hughes. Greenberry F. BEAVERS: Yo- cum; Marshall. Allen Lewis BECK: AKA; Bentonville. Susan Linda BEECHER: Reid; Fort Smith. Barbara Ann BELL: Hotz; Parkin. Sixth Row: Jim Pat BELL: Yocum; Fort Smith. Kathy Ellen BELL: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Stephanie Jeanine BE- LOTE: Hotz; Little Rock. Jon R. BENEDICT: Fayette- ville. Michael Scott BENGE: Fayetteville. Anita Sue BEN- HAM: Fulbright; Mulberry. Susan Jane BENNER: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Seventh Row: L. Brett BENNETT: Fulbright; Fort Smith. Ruth Lynch BENTLEY: Fulbright; Morrilton. Len- ny Leon BENTON: AFP; Flippin. Cindy BENWARD: Ful- bright; Fayetteville. James William BERKOWITZ: IIKA; Clinton. Kathryn Jane BERNHAGEN: Hotz; Spencer, la. Jana BERRYHILL: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Eighth Row: Linus Emil BERTSCH: K2; Romanshorn,. Switzerland. Roberta Jean BEZUCHA: Hotz; Dallas. Tex. David Hale BIBB: Yocum; Melbourne. Linda Cecile BIELKIEWICZ: Fulbright; Pine Prairie, La. Wilbur A. BIGGS: Humphreys; El Dorado. Jack Paul BILES: Hum- phreys; Fayetteville. Charles Roland BILLINGS: Yocum; Fort Smith. Ninth Row: James Allen BIRMINGHAM: Humphreys; Memphis, Tenn. Donald Eugene BISHOP: Humphreys; Lowell. Marilyn BISHOP: Fulbright; Dallas, Tex. Wil- liam Ernest BISHOP: Cincinnati, Ohio. Ann BLACK: Ful- bright; Tulsa, Okla. Marshal O. BLACK, Jr.; Ashdown. Michael Roy BLACK: Yocum; Hot Springs. . Freshmen The Lambda Chis had a service project to let people know they lived on fraternity row. 490 ,. First Row: Patsy Carol BLACK: Fulbright; Lake Vil- lage. Yulonda Kay BLACK: Hotz; Little Rock. David Nickell BLACKBURN: Yocum; Clarksville. Wilbur Dee BLACKMON, Jr.: Yocum; Alpine, Tex. Ronald H. BLACKWELDER: Humphreys; Jacksonville. Verda Eloise BLACKWELL: Fulbright; Rison. Lena Sue BLAIR: Hotz; Barber. Second Row: Michael Kent BLAIR: Z E; Fayetteville. Patricia Jane BLAKE: Fulbright; Harrison. Sheila Anne BLALOCK: Hotz; Paragould. James A. BLAND, Jr.: Rogers. Kenneth R. BLAND: SH; Rogers. Michael S. BLANKENSHIP: Little Rock. Ann Oliver BLOCK: Hotz; Wynne. Third Row: Barbara Len BLUME: Reid; Neosho, Mo. Stephen Errol BLYTHE: Yocum; Gurdon. Lois Mae BOCK: Hotz; Lincoln, 111. M. Timothy BOE: A6; Pine Bluff. Marilyn Jane BONNER: Hotz; Charleston. Carolee BONNETTE: Hotz: Hot Springs. Nancy BOOKOUT: Springdale. - Worsham Selected as St. Patricia First Row: Koni Jo BOONE: Hotz; Springdale. John Roger BOOTHE: Yocum; Jonesboro. David Alan BOREN- GASSER: Yocum; Fort Smith. Patricia Lynne BORKERT: Fulbright; Memphis, Tenn. Robert Allen BOURGOIN: Yocum, Camden. Freddie Marshall BOURLAND: Farm- house; Manila. Bille Jean BOWDEN: 4-H House; Everton. Second Row: Bobby Lee BOWEN: Springdale. Robert W. BOWEN: Yocum; Fort Smith. Barbara Louise BOW- MAN: Hotz; Ozark. Gayle BOWMAN: Fulbright; Little Rock. Gail BOYD: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Jim Don BOYD: Yocum; Murfreesboro. Howard Andrews BRADLEY: Hum- phreys; El Dorado. Third Row: Carolyn Ray BRADSHAW: Reid; De- Queen. Paul R. BRADSHAW, Jr.: Pine Bluff. Joanne BRANDON: Hotz; Forrest City. David Wilson BRANDT: TKE; Newton, la. Joan Claudette BRATTON: 4-H House; Sheridan. Frances Margaret BRELAND: Hotz; Hot Springs. Rommie Gean BREWER: Yocum; Sheridan. Fourth Row: Larry Wayne BRIANS: Yocum; Bates- ville. Connie Lee BRIDENTHAL: Fayetteville. Peter F. BRIDGE. K2; Muskogee, Okla. Ethel Jane BRIDGEMAN: Fayetteville. Susan Margaret BRILLHART: Hotz: Little Rock. B. Gwyn BRINKLEY: Hotz; North Little Rock. Jan C. BRINSON: Fulbright; Tokyo, Japan. Fifth Row: Jackie W. BRISCO: Humphreys; Harrison. Toni BROGDON: Hotz; Houston, Tex. Don L. BROOKS: Fayetteville. John Charles BROOKS: KZ; Prairie Grove. Larry Galan BROOKS: Humphreys; Berry ville. Rosemari BROOKS: Hotz; Hot Springs. Charles Patric BROSH: K2; Newport. Sixth Row: Donald Lee BROUSSARD: Humphreys; Houston, Tex. Connie Marie BROWN: Hotz; North Little Rock. Curtis Erwin BROWN: 2X; Marvell. James Leslie BROWN: Siloam Springs. Janet Ruth BROWN: Hotz; Springdale. Jerry Dale BROWN: Humphreys; Clinton. Kathleen Louise BROWN: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Seventh Row: Mary Elizabeth BROWN: Hotz; Steele, Mo. Michael Lynn BROWN: Huntsville. Rebecca Sue BROWN: Hotz; Hot Springs. Richard Lee BROWN: Springdale. Sharon Lynn BROWN: Hotz; Little Rock. Terry Thomas BROWN: Yocum; Beebe. Deborah Leigh BROWNING: Hotz: Hot Springs. Eighth Row: Joe Clem BROWNING: Humphreys; Ken- nett Mo. John Franklin BROYLES: SAE; Fayetteville. Edward Ray BRUNING: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Charles Lundy BRYAN: AKA; Bridgeport, Conn. John Duffie BRYANT: Yocum; Batesville. Michael Edward BRYANT: Humphreys; Amity. Thelma Avis BRYANT: 4-H House; Cabot 491 First Row: Wilda Georganne BRYANT: Fulbright; Altheimer. Nancy Ann BUCY: Fulbright; Linden, Tex. Thomas Ray BUFFINGTON: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Claude Douglas BUFORD, Jr.: 2AE; Forrest City. David Goodwin BUGH: Yocum; Fort Smith. Adam B. BULL: Yocum; Fort Smith. Danny Mack BULLINGTON: Yocum; Charleston. Second Row: Caroline J. BULLOCH: Hotz; Van Buren. Ronald E. BUMPASS: AKA; Fayetteville. Donald Wil- liam BUNCH: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Charles Glyndon BUNTON: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Louis Case BURGE: Humphreys; Batesville. Barbara Ann BURKETT: Hotz; North Little Rock. Francis Edward BURKS, Jr.: Humphreys; Denison, Tex. Third Row: Patricia Lynn BURKS: Hotz; Blytheville. Ann BURLESON: Fulbxight; Fayetteville. Donna Jane BURNETT: Hotz; Little Rock. Richard Lee BURNETT: Humphreys; Harrison. Joseph Charles BURROW: Yocum; Beebe. Barbara Helen BURTNESS: Reid; Hot Springs. Wilson Howard BUSBY: Yocum; Shreveport, La. Denman Drafted as Dean of Students First Row: William Landon BUSH, Jr.: Lincoln. Kathy A. BUSHKOHL: Hotz; Little Rock. David McAuliffe BUTCHER: Humphreys; Malvern. Kurt BUTCHER: Hum- phreys; Bentonville. Frank BUTLER: AX A; Osceola. Mary Lou BUTLER: Fulbright; Carthage, Mo. Clyde Melvin BUZZARD III: Yocum; Aurora, Mo. Second Row: Sara Jane BYERS: Hotz; North Little Rock. Dianna Sharon BYNUM: Hotz; Rector. Sherry Marie BYNUM: Hotz; Killeen, Tex. Barbara Ann CALD- WELL: Fulbright; Hammond, Ind. David Leon CALD- WELL: Yocum; Little Rock. Lynne CALDWELL: Ful- bright; Parkdale. Susan Beth CALHOON: Fulbright; El Dorado. Third Row: Fred James CALLAHAN: Humphreys; Osceola. Harold Kerry CALLAHAN: Yocum; Walnut Ridge. Joyce Smith CAMERON: Little Rock. William Robert CAMERON: Humphreys; El Dorado. Carol Lynn CAMFIELD: Hotz; Springdale. Shirley Jean CAMPBELL: Fulhright; Blytheville. Stephen Craig CAMBELL: Yocum; North Little Rock. Fourth Row: Michael George CAPOOT: IIKA; Little Rock. Charles Anthony CARLSON: Humphreys; Monett, Mo. Wayne L. CARNAHAN: Prairie Grove. Lana Sue CARNES: Hotz; Springdale. Ronald Morton CARNES: Fayetteville. Carolyn Kay CARNEY: Prairie Grove. Di- ane CAROLAN: Springdale. Fifth Row: David J. CARPENTER: Springdale. Di- ane CARPENTER: Hotz; Arkadelphia. James Robert CARPENTER: Yocum; Elaine. Mari Gwendolyn CARP- ER: West Fork. Terry Joe CARR: Humphreys; Wilson. Mary E. CARRINGTON: Hotz; Westville, Okla. David Eugene CARSON: Springdale. Sixth Row: David Kit CARSON: Humphreys; Alma. Elizabeth Kaye CARSON: Fayetteville. James L. CAR- SON: Humphreys; Harrison. Barbara June CARTER: Reid; Belleville, 111. Garry CARTER: Fayetteville. Jo Brad CARTER: Yocum; Subiaco. John Stewart CARTER: Yocum; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Joseph Edward CARTER: Yocum; Booneville. Richard N. CARTER: Humphreys; Fort Smith. William Wayne CARTER: Yocum; Camden. Stephen Francis CARVER: IIKA; Mena. Jerry Newton CASSIL: IIKA; Little Rock. Nan Elizabeth CASTLEBERRY: Hotz; Newport. Gerald Lee GATES: Yocum; Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Beth CATHERALL: Hotz; Dallas, Tex, Dan E. CATO: Little Rock. William Stephen CATO: Yo- cum; Little Rock. Katharine Louise CAUDLE: Fayette- ville. Eileen Anne CAULEY: Fulbright; El Dorado. San- dra Leigh CAWTHORN: Fulbright; Metairie, La. Larry CEARLEY: Humphreys; Westmont, 111. 492 Freshmen " Honey, you don ' t even turn me on in the least. " First Row: Marilyn Louise CEARLEY: Hotz; North Little Rock. Brenda Kaye CHAMBERS: Hotz; Newport. Synde CHAMBERS: Hotz; Little Rock. Grady CHANCEY, Jr.: Yocum; Ozark. Dennis Wayne CHAPMAN: Hum- phreys: Fort Smith. Ronald Wayne CHAPMAN: Hum- phreys; Tilton. Teresa Lee CHEAIRS: Fulbright; Little Rock. Second Row: Joey William CHEATHAM: f A9; El Dorado. Carol Lee CHENEY: Hotz: North Little Rock. James F. CHERRY: Humphreys; Benton. Kathryn Jane CHERRY: Fulbright; Jonesboro. Deborah CHILDRESS: Fulbright; Joplin, Mo. Sheron Sue CHILDS: Fulbright; Pocahontas. William Marshall CHRISMAN: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Third Row: Helge Gram CHRISTENSEN: Aarhus, Denmark. Shirley Joy CHU: Fulbright i Round Pond. Gary Allen CHURCH: Humphreys; DeValls Bluff. Randle Wayne CHURCHILL: Humphreys; Camden. B. Gavle CLARK: Hotz: Fort Worth, Tex. Carolyn Marie CLARK: Hotz; Houston, Tex. Donald Ellis CLARK: Yoeum; Sheri- dan. Fourth Row: Mary Nita CLARK: Hotz: Camden. Philip H CLARK: Humphreys; North Little Rrck. Rav- anna Hill CLARK: Marmaduke. William Andrew CLARK III: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Sharron Clarke CLARKE: Hotz: Williford. Susan Gail CLA WITTER: Fulbright; Amarillo, Tex. John Harold CLAYTON: Humphreys; Rogers. Fifth Row: Barbara Dell CLEM: Fulbright; Altheimer. Marv L. CLIFTON: Hotz; Fayetteville. Sallie Frances CLINE: Fulhright; North Little Rock. Tommy G. GLOW- ERS: Pine Bluff. Shirley Jane COBB: Hotz; McGehee. Shannon COFFEE: Hotz; Rogers. Lesile Marie COGBILL: Hotz; Star City. Sixth, Row: Jackie Nel COKER: Fort Smith. Donna L. COLCLASURE: Fulbright; North Little Rock. Richard Michael COLCLASURE: A6; North Little Rock. Marge COLE: Hotz; Fort Worth, Tex. Ronald W. COLE: Yocum: Beaufort, S. C. Bill Rex COLEMAN: Fayetteville. Ulysses Lincoln COLEMAN: 2N; Shreveport, La. Seventh Row: George E. COLLINS: Yocum; Dallas, Tex. Jeff COLLINS: Yocum; North Little Rock. Donald Gene COLLYGE: Yocum; Fort Smith. Kenney Morris COMSTOCK: IIKA; Springdale. Carolyn Lee CONDE: Fulbright; Little Rock. Nancy Jo CONDRY: Fulbright; Branson, Mo. Ernest W. CONDUFF: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: John Thomas CONLEY: Yocum Paris. Marilyn CONNELL: Fulbright; Warren. Janis Lynn CON- RAD: Fayetteville. Fred D. CONWAY: Humphreys; Little Rock. Diane Lee COOK: Hotz; Hot Springs. Faune Suz- anne COOK: Hotz; El Dorado. Judith Marie COOK: Ful- bright; Dallas, Tex. Ninth Row: Leslie Ann COOK: Hotz; Dell. Pamela Ann COOK: Sherrill. Stephen Lucas COOK: Humphreys; Longview, Tex. Charlotte Dale COOLEY: Hotz; Hot Springs. Clifford H. COOPER: Humphreys; Alma. Ed- ward Mitchell COOPER: Humphreys; Jonesboro. Kathryn Ann COOPER: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. 493 Freshmen " Yes sir, I ' m going to vote for Mr. Johnson for governor. He ' s made a real good President. " First Row: Michael Lee COPE: Humphreys; Midway. Stephen Edward COPELAND: West Fork. Barry E. COP- LIN: Yocum; Fort Smith. William Dixon CORBIN: Hum- phreys; Greenwood. Jean Ann CORE: Hotz; Charleston. James Craig COTNER: Yocum; Huntington. Mary Lois COTTLE: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Second Row: Dennis COTTRELL: Pea Ridge. William Ray COUCH: Yocum; Gentry. Carol Anita COUNTS: Huntsville. Charlotte Ann COUNTS: Huntsville. J. B. COURSON, Jr.: Humphreys; Crossett. Stephen M. COURTENAY: ZN; Hot Springs. Catherine Anne COW- AN: Hotz; Fayetteville. Third Row: Richard E. COWAN: 211; Rogers. Nancy COWLING: Fulbright; DeQueen. Rebecca COWLING: Fulbright; Little Rock. Edwin Ronald COX: Humphreys; Morrow. Linda Lee COX: Fayetteville. Marlene Louise COX: Fulbright; Muskogee, Okla. Michael H. COX: Yo- cum ; Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Ronald C. COX: Yocum; Little Rock. Mary Luella CRAIG: Fulbright; Batesville. Robert Har- old CRAIG: Yocum; Walnut Ridge. William Joseph CRAIG: 2 E; Jonesboro. Fred F. CRAIGLOW: Little Rock. Birdia Ett GRAIN: Fulbright; Rison. Shirley Ann GRAIN: Fulbright; Fort Smith. Fifth Row: Ann CRAWFORD: Hotz; Joplin, Mo. Barbara Ann CRAWFORD: Fulbright; Sallisaw, Okla. Richard Lee CRAWFORD: Yocum; Fate, Tex. Jimmy Dee CREED: Yocum; El Dorado. Sharon Diane CRIDER: Greenland. Mark CROMWELL: Humphreys; Enid, Okla. Frank Steven CROW: 2N; Berryville. Sixth Row. James Thacker CROW: Yocum; Warren. Sharon Kay CRUSE: Fulbright; McGehee. Rhonda Lee CULBERTSON: Fulbright; Lamar, Mo. Linda Anita CULP: Gurdon. Susan CULPEPPER: Fulbright; Prescott. Karen Joy CUPP: Fulbirght; Carthage, Mo. Thomas M. CUPPLES: Humphreys; North Little Rock Seventh Row: Pamela Susan CURRY: Greenwood. Suza Maxine CURRY: Fulbright; Little Rock. Eddie Lou CURTIS: Fulbright; Nowata, Okla. Margaret Ann CUR- TIS: Hotz; Enid, Okla. Suzanne Evelyn DACROSSE: Hotz; Mountain Home. Michael Irvin DAILY; Humphreys; Fort Smith. Sheryl Lynn DAILY: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Pete Michael DALMUT: Yocum; Paris. Chester Eugene DAMRILL: Humphreys; Stark City, Mo. Arlin B. DANIEL: Humphreys; Harrison. Julia Clare DANIEL: Hotz; Fort Smith. Deloris Rhea DAUGHERTY: Hotz; Little Rock. James Raymond DAUGHERTY: Hum- phreys; Brentwood, N. Y. Susan Kay DAVENPORT: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Ninth Row: Lynn Allen DAVID: Humphreys; Neosho, Mo. Charles Darwin DAVIDSON: Humphreys; Lake Vil- lage. Bobby Ray DAVIS: Humphreys; Garfield. Charla Ruth DAVIS: Fulbright; Harrison. Darrell Ray DAVIS: Greenland. Eddie DAVIS: Humphreys; Lonoke. Ella Beatrice DAVIS: Fulbright; Stuttgart. 494 first flow: Ellen Marie DAVIS: Fulbright; Altheimer. Frank Elmore DAVIS, Jr.: Yocum; Piggott. James F. DAVIS: Yocum; Kansas City, Mo. Judith Ann DAVIS: Hotz; Blytheville. Lillian Jean DAVIS: Little Rock. Martin Clay DAVIS: Humphreys; Bartlesville, Okla. Patricia Ann DAVIS: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Second Row. Raguel Lee DAVIS: Humphreys; Mena. Randy C. DAVIS: Humphreys; Langley. Larry Wayne DAVISON: Leachville. Gary Malcolm DAWSON: Hum- phreys; Tulsa, Okla. Donna Marie DAY: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Roseanne DEAL: Fulbright; Camden. Terry Duane DEAL: Yocum; Liberal, Kans. Third Row: Frank DEALY: 2 E; Fayetteville. Jackie Ann DEAN: Alma. Ronald Ralph DEAN: Yocum; Siloam Springs. Janet Marie DEBONS: Hotz; Paragould. Sally Carol DEDMON: Fulbright; Dallas, Tex. Marilyn Ann DEES: Fulbright; Springdale. Steve W. DEETER: Perry- ville. Four Seasons Highlight Hallaballoo First Row: Jeanette DEEVERS: Reid: Russellville. Ronald Eugene DEFOOR: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. James I. DEFORE: Hindsville. George John DEHAN: 2N; Shreveport, La. Deborah Anne DELANEY: Hotz; Jack- sonville. John R. DELILLE: Acacia; Fayetteville. Randy William DEATON: TKE; Mountain Home. Second Row: Cynthia Marie DESKIN: Reid; Fayette- ville. Shirley Killeen DESLAURIERS: Fulbright; Eudora. Thomas Donald DEVORE: Lowell. Tommy Franklin DEW: Wilson Sharp; North Little Rock. Virginia Lee DEW: Fulbright; Warren. Peggy Janette DICKSON: 4-H House; Havana. Carole M. DIETZ: Fulbright; Lead Hill. Third Row: Laura Ellen DILDAY: Reid; Huntsville, Ala. Jimmy Dean DISMUKE: Humphreys; Hope. Gus A. DOBBS: Yocum; McCrory. Darah Maye DODD: Hotz; Little R ck. Monica Daria DOLAN: Fulbright; England. Sarah Jean DORAN: Hotz; Fort Worth, Tex. Edward William DOSS: Humphreys; Stuttgart. Fourth Row: Richard Lee DOTSON: Yocum: Paris. Alfred C DOUGHERTY: Yocum; Forrest City. William Pern DOUGHERTY: Wilson Sharp; Eureka, Mo. Can- dance Ruth DOUGLAS: Hotz; Houston, Tex. Judy Ann DOUGLAS: 4-H House; Bentonville. Sue Ellen DOUG- LAS: Fulbright; Amarillo, Tex. Naomi DOVER: Ful- bright ; Shreveport, La. Fifth Row: Diane Jean DOWLER: Fulbright: Hickory Ridge. Bill R. DOWNEN: Humphreys; Sheridan. Rachel Jane DOYLE: Hotz; Carlisle. Bernd Peter DREWS: Wil- liams; Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Mary Jo DRIGGERS: Fulbright; Fort Smith. Mary Ruth DROUGHTER: Reid; Little Rock. Douglas E. DRUMMOND: 2 E; Texarkana, Tex. Sixth Row: Miriam Helene DUELL: Hotz; Fayette- ville. Kathy Jane DUNAVANT: Hotz; Manila. James Reed DUNAWAY. Jr.: AXA; Fort Worth, Tex. Johnny R. DUNBAR: Gladson; Little Rock. Deane Marie DUNCAN: Reid; Colorado Springs, Colo. Terry Anne DUNLOP: Hotz; Sierra Vista, Ariz. Estella Louise DUNN: REID; Dermott. Seventh Row: William David DUNN: Humphreys; Dardanelle. Warren E. DUPWE: Jonesboro. Mary Cath- erine DURHAM: Fulbright: DeQueen. Deborah Ann DUNAWAY: Fayetteville. Michael Oliver DUTY: Hum- phreys; Rogers. George Raymond DYER: Yocum; Stutt- gart. James Richard EADS: Humphreys; Jacksonville. Eighth Row: Harlon Deotis EARP: Springdale. Steve John EARP: Humphreys; Independence, Mo. Rebecca Ann ECHOLS: Hotz; Fort Smith. Len K. EDENS: Fay- etteville. Janice Lee EDERINGTON: Hotz; Fouke. Susan Lenore EDMONDS: Fulbright; Anderson, Mo. Connie Jo EDWARDS: Reid; Little Rock. 495 ff i pfe A f f - . l t ' First Row: Frederick Wilson EDWARDS: 211- Bly- theville. John EDWARDS: Yocum; Frankfurt, Germany. Richard Gerald EDWARDS: Humphreys; Dell. Roger Frank EFFINGER: Humphreys; Caraway. Patricia Karen EIDSON: Fulbright; Mountain Home. Katie Steel ELD- RIDGE: Hotz; Augusta. Greg M. ELKINS: AKA; Charles- ton. Second Row: William Larry ELLIOT: 2IT; Sand Springs, Okla. Cynthia ELLIS: Hotz; North Little Rock. Gloria Ann ELLIS: Hotz; Murfreesboro. Joe S. ELUM- BAUGH: Farmhouse; Huff. Al L. ENGELN: Fayette- ville. Cheryl Kay ENGLAND: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Marilyn Gail ENGLAND: Hotz; Brookshire, Tex. Third Row: Connie Lee EOFF: Fayetteville. Roy Fred EPPERSON :Sedgewell; Fort Smith. Lynne Elizabeth ER- WIN: Fulbright; Little Rock. Stephen Lynn ERWIN: Harrison. Thomas Arthur ESCHBAUGH: Yocum; Little Rock. Bryon Creasy EVANS: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Daniel V. EVANS: $49; Fort Smith. Williams Editor of TRAVELER First Row: David Ray EVANS: IIKA; Springdale. Donna Carol EVANS: Hotz; Little Rock. Jeanne Doris EVANS: Fulbright; Fort Smith. Ralph M. EVANS: Yo- cum; Fort Smith. Richard Dale EZELL: Yocum; Siloam Springs. Billie Lee FAGALA: Farmhouse; Lowell. Pamela Gay FAIN: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Second Row: Joann Elizabeth FARMER: Hotz; Little Rock. Sandra Leigh FARMER: Hotz; North Little Rock. R. B. FARNAM: Yocum; Fort Smith. Rodney FARNS- WORTH: Yocum; Heber Springs. John Alan FAUCETTE: Fayetteville. Judy Clare FAULKNER: Hotz; Jacksonville. Michael Stephen FEARS: Yocum; Lakeview. Third Row: John Morgan FELAND: Humphreys; Link Rock. Mike FELKINS: Yocum; Clarksville . Dennis Michael FERGUSON: Yocum; Little Rock. Gary Edward FER- GUSON: Fayetteville. Renee Karen FERGUSON: Ful- bright; Fayetteville. Betty Linda FESLER: Hotz; Boone- ville. Nancy Jane FESLER: Fulbright; Jefferson City, Mo. Fourth Row: Ginny L. FETZEK: Hotz; Little Rock. Darla Marie FEWELL: Hotz; North Little Rock. Carolyn Sue FIDLER: Fulbright; Prairie Grove. Lance G. FIN- FINGER: TKE; Ridgwav, Penn. Paula Jo FINKBEINER: Fulbright; Little Rock. Buddy FINLEY: 2N; Little Rock. Peggy Lynn FINNEGAN: Hotz; Little Rock. Fifth Row: Thomas Garvin FITTON: ZX; Harrison. Douglas Alan FITTS: Tulsa, Okla. Ricky G. FLEET- WOOD: Humphreys; Monette. Michael Don FLETCHER: Fayetteville. William Thomas FLETCHER: Yocum; Lon- oke. Sandra Gene FLORA: Springdale. Judy Rae FLO- RENCE: Hotz; Houston, Tex. Sixth Row: Annice FLOYD: Hotz; Nashville. Mike G. FLOYD: Yocum; Murfreesboro. James Lawson FLY, Jr.: Humphreys; DeWitt. William A. FLYNN: Carlisle. Thomas William FLYNT: Yocum; Conway. Cardyn Rae FORD: Springdale. Dewey Burnett FORD: Humphreys; Paragould. Seventh Row: James Dale FORD: Yocum; Fort Smith. Larry Parks FORD: Yocum; Batesville. Samuel Johnson FORESTER, Jr.: AKA; Texarkana. Mary Susan FORS- TER:: Fulbright; Hope. Jack Ronald FORTNER: Humph- reys; Fort Smith. Gordon Smith FOSTER, Jr.: AXA; Mag- nolia. Marion Jeanette FOSTER: Hotz; Little Rock. Eighth Row: Orville Roy FOSTER: Yocum; Hot Springs. Albert Martin FRANKENBERGER: Humphreys; Pocahontas. Perry Leon FRANKLIN: TKE; Viola. Ronald Merle FRANKLIN: Ripley; Tulsa, Okla. Dickie Ray FRANKS: Yocum; Magnolia. Davis Elaine ERASER: Humphreys; Bartlesville, Okla. Raymond FRAZIER: Humphreys; Little Rock. 496 First Row: Tom Denise FREDEMAN: Fulbright; Little Rock. Charles Clarke FREEMAN: Humphreys; Eureka Springs. Joanne FREEMAN: Hotz; St. Louis, Mo. Stephen Russell FREEMAN: Yocum; Hot Springs. Terry Wayne FREEMAN: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Charles Peter FRIEDLEIN: Yocum; Mountain Home. Douglas Ed- win FRITTS: Yocum; Jacksonville. Second Row: Steven Hugh FRITTS: Wesley. Thomas William FROST: Yocum; Springdale. Jan FUHENWID- ER: Humphreys; Memphis, Tenn. Linda Sue FULLER: Hotz; Huntington. Suzette FULLER: Fulbright; Little Rock. Carl D. GABBARD: THE; Fayetteville. Brady L. GADBERRY, Jr.: Yocum; North Little Rock. Third Row: Melody Gay GAMMON: Fulbright; Mo- nett, Mo. William Robert GANTT III; SAE; Magnolia,. Carol Jean GARDNER: Fulbright; Russellville. Gary Dale GARDNER: Yocum; Newark. James Thomas GARNER: Yocum; State Sanatorium. Mary Suzanne GARNER: Hotz; Jacksonville. Michael E. GARNER: Humphreys; Marvell. fourth how: Robert Wayne GARRETT: Humphreys; Hartford. Winfred Wayne GARRISON: Yocum; Bald Knob. Janis Darlene GASBARRE: Hotz; Hot Springs. Cynthia Ann GASTON: Hotz; Batesville. Phyllis Anne GATHINGS: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. John E. GAUCHAN: 2N; Camden. John Lynn GAY: Springdale. Fifth Row: Bobby Wayne GENTRY: Humphreys; Stamps. Donald Jay GENTRY: Springdale. Gail Marie GENTRY: Hotz; Pine Bluff. Cathy Lu GEORGE: Hotz; Springdale. David Crittenden GEORGE: Yocum; Berry - ville. Rodney Joe GERMANY: Ji6; Tulsa, Okla. Kath- ryn Ann GIBBONS: Fulbright; Centralia, Mo. Sixth Row: Flora Jean GIBSON: Hotz; Dermott. Judy Christine GIES: Fulbright, Denison, Tex. Marv Frances GIFFORD: Siloam Springs. Harrv Stephen GILBERT: Springdale. Henrv Lloyd GILBERT: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Gus Daniel GILL: Humphreys; Joiner. Patricia GILL: Fulbright; Ardmore, Okla. Seventh Row: Dana Sue GILLESPIE: Fulbright; Farmington, Mich. Diana Lee GING: Hotz; Gravette. Ruby L. GINN: Bentonville. Wesley Drane GLASSELL, Jr.: 2N; Shreveport, La. Teddy Lynn GLAUB: Humphreys; Rector. Linda Gail GLENN: Hotz; Little Rock. Mary Jane GLIDEWELL: Hotz; Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Glenn Allen GLOVER: Yocum: Stutt- gart. Don Roy GOBER: Buchanan; Pine Bluff. William Lee GODFREY: Yocum; Little Rock. William Paul GODSEY: 2X: England. Gerald Wesley GOFORTH: IT.KA; Mena. Walter Hugh COIN: Yocum; Alexander. Randall I. GOLDMAN: Humphrey; Evansville. Ninth Row: Sue GONZALES: Fayetteville. Roger D. GOODWIN: Humphreys; Hoxie. Edward Allen GORDON: 2AE; Morrilton. Peter Ellis GORDY: Yocum: Conway. John Thomas GORHAM: Humphreys; Dallas, Tex. Larry Jesse GRACE: Yocum; Mena. Clyde Calvin GRADY: Humphreys; Cabot. Freshmen Where would Buddah Utley be without his organ? 99 497 First Row: Cynthia Diane GRAHAM: Reid; El Dorado. Gary A. GRANELLO: Humphreys; Lakeview. Silas Irvino GRANDERSON: Yocum; Pine Bluff. William S. GRAND- ERSON: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Daniel H. GRAVES: Humph- reys; Nashville. Gary Frankie GRAVES: Yocum; Mur- freesboro. Ernie Horton GRAY: Holcombe; Calico Rock. Second Row. John Dudley GRAY: Yocum; Malvern. Truett Quinton GRAY: Yocum; Miami, Okla. Elizabeth Vaughn GREASLEY: Fulbright; San Antonio, Tex. Gary Lane GREEN: Yocum; Paris. Harry Starr GREEN: Fort Smith. Matthew Ragan GREEN, Jr.: SN; Ruston, La. Rickey Hudson GREEN: Yocum; Everton. Third Row: Sylvia Jean GREEN: Fulbright; Rogers. James M. GREGORY: Yocum; Batesville. Jack H. GRES- HAM, Jr.: 2 E; Fordyce. James Evans GRESHAM: Humphreys; Fordyce. John Stephen GRESHAM: Humph- reys; North Little Rock. Marianne GRIFFE: Fulbright; North Little Rock. Glen G. GRIM: Humphreys; Green Forest. Ligon is TRAVELER Manager First Row: Carl Eugene GRIMES: Yocum; Clarendon. Mary Annette GRISHAM: Fulbright; Benton. Edward A. GROBER: Yocum; Fort Smith. William Alan GROVE: Humphreys; Wood River, 111. Gary Shands GUERIN: Humphreys; Mt. Prospect, 111. Paul David GUINN: Fay- etteville. Karen Angela GUNTER: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Second Row: Robert Wayane GUTIERREZ: AFP; Jack- sonville. Marilyn Sue HACKNEY: Reid; Camden. David Lee HAGAN: AFP; Rogers. Kathy HAGENS: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Danny Lee HALE: Humphreys; Plainview. Josephine HALEY: Tulsa, Okla. Edward L. HALK: Yo- cum; Jonesboro. Third Row: Clark Madison HALL: AXA; Marvell. Gary Cecil HALL: Yocum; Clinton. Grant HALL: Fay- etteville. John C. HALL: Yocum; Jacksonville. Patricia Sue HALL: Fulbright; Clarksville. Ronald Ray HALL: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Selan U. HALL: 211; Stilwell, Okla. Fourth. Row: Susan Jane HALL: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Thorn E. HALL: Yocum; Benton. Timmie Louis HALLER: Yocum; Magazine. Elizabeth Ann HALLIN: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Larry Robert HANDLEY: Yo- cum; Bentonville. Linda Diane HANDLEY: Reid; Siloam Springs. Nancy Jo HANEY: Fulbright; Fort Worth, Tex. Fifth Row: Barbara Kay HANKINS: 4-H House; Star City. Sara Beth HANNAH: Fulbright; Harrison. Michael Ray HANRY: Yocum; North Little Rock. Vicki L. HAN- SEN: Reid; Lincoln. Ronnie Lee HARDEN: Humphreys; Jacksonville. Hubert Anthony HARDIN: Humphreys; Bly- theville. Rodney Lee HARDING: Wilson Sharp; Magnet Cove. Sixth Row: Beverly Ann HARDY: Hotz; Pea Ridge. Kathryn Sue HARE: Fulbright; Fort Worth, Tex. Garry Lawrence HARGIS: Yocum; DeQueen. Stanley Wade HARGUS: Yocum; Marshfield, Mo. John M. HARLAN: Yocum; Piggott. Johnny W. HARLAN: Yocum; Fort Smith. Marilyn Frances HARLAN: 4-H House; Trumann. Seventh Row: Bennie Fred HARMON: AFP; Lone Elm. Don Ray HARNESS: Yocum; Clinton. Ann Kathleen HARP: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Robert S. HARP: Yo- cum; Bauxite. Billy HARRELL: Yocum; Pine Bluff. Ethel Arvell HARRELL: Reid; Little Rock. Judie Lynn HAR- RIS: 4-H House; Harrison. Eighth Row: Ora Fred HARRIS, Jr.: Humphreys; Camden. Calvin Alexander HARRISON: Humphreys; For- dyce. James R. HARRISON: Fayetteville. John Edward HARRISON: Yocum: North Little Rock. Rickey D. HART: Humphreys; Benton. Robert M. HATFIELD: Fay- etteville. Diana Frances HAUSMANN: Fayetteville. 498 First Row: James Franklin HAWKINS, Jr.: A6; Fort Smith. Joetta HAWKINS: Hotz; Star C ity. Loyd Wayne HAWLEY: Prairie Grove. Kenneth J. HAXEL: Humph- reys; Siloam Springs. William John HAYES: Fayetteville. Cynthia Sue HAYNES: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Terry Lee HAYNIE: Yocum; Chittenango, N. Y. Second Row: Cynthia Jane HAYS: Hotz; North Little Rock. Daniel Glenn HEADLEY: Yocum; Malvern. Ron- ald Lynn HEADLEY: Yocum; Malvern. Shelby Alan HEKLIN: Yocum; Russellville. Mary Letricia HEG- WOOD: Hotz; Rogers. Susan Lynn HEIDINGER: Ful- bright; Tulsa, Okla. Hepsy Beth HEINEMANN: Fulbright; Springfield, Mo. Third Row: Ralph C. HELLER: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. Jack Elwin HELMS, Jr.: Humphreys; ' Hot Springs. Paula Kay HENBEST: Hotz; Cassville, Mo. Edward Dale HENDERSON: Mineral Springs. Robert Benjamin HEN- DERSON: Humphreys; Paris, Tenn. Sandra Lynn HEN- DERSON: Hotz; Wynne. Charles Edward HENDRICK: Yocum; Little Rock. Faubus Says 4 I May Return ' First Row: Karol Anne HENDRICKS: Fulbright; Columbus, Ga. Charles Wilburn HENLEY: Acacia; Norph- let. Larry David HENLEY: TKE; St. Joe. Michael Burge HENLEY: Yocum; McGehee. Christine Lee HENRY: Ful- bright; Fayetteville. Harold B. HENRY: Yocum; Brinkley. Elizabeth Ann HENSON: 4-H House; Mount Holly. Second Row: Karen Jill HERRIMAN: Hotz; Hunts- ville. John Thomas HERRING: Yocum; El Dorado. Martin Ray HESS: Humphreys; Monett, Mo. Barbara Lee HEW- ITT: Fulbright; Little Rock. Winnie Fran HEWITT: Hotz; Fort Smith. Sharon Kaye HICKMAN: Fulbright; Little Rock. Judy Ann HICKS: Fulbright; Crawfordsville, Ind. Third Row: Janet Lynn HILDERBRAND: Fulbright; Prescott. Deborah Lucille HILL: Fulbright; Little Rock. Fred M. HILL: Yocum; Minden, La. Jon Elaine HILL: Humphreys; Prairie Grove. Kay Lorraine HILL: Ful- bright: McGehee. Robert L. HlLL: Humphreys; Alexan- dria, Va. Judy Jane HILLARD: Ozark. Fourth Row: William Henry HILTON: Fayetteville. Malcolm C. HINTON: Yocum: Hope. Gloria Lou HIPP: Hotz; Batesville. J. Kay HITE: Reid; Morrow. Gorton Darling HITTE: Yocum; Thompson, Pa. Ralph Scott HIX- SON: Yocum; Little Rock. John Andrew HOAGLAND: 217; Branson, Mo. Fifth Row: Larry Wayne HOAGLAN: Yocum; Walnut Ridge. Patsy Ruth HOBBS: Springdale. Sandra Sue HOB- SON: Hotz; Little Rock. Gerald Frank HODAPP, Jr.: Yocum; Little Rock. Luther Ray HODGES: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Robert Glenn HODGES: Harrison. Linda Jean HOEFT: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Sixth Row: Karen Jeanette HOGABOOM: Reid; Hot Snrings Laurie Louise HOGAN: Fulbright; Ardmore, Okla. Shirley Susan HOGG: Springfield, Mo. Gary E. HOGGARD: Marmaduke. Saundra Jean HOGtNS: Hotz; North Little Rock. William Orval HOLBERT: Yocum; Stuttgart. Johnnie Ruth HOLCOMB: Hotz; Dimmitt, Tex. Seventh Row: Robert Martin HOLDAR: Yocum; Ozark. Eric C. HOLIFIELD: TKE: Favetteville. Gregg HOLLAND: Fayetteville. Betty HOLLIS: Hotz; Pine Bluff. Lana Kay HOLLOWAY: Hotz; Huntsville. Marvin Neal HOLLO- WAY: Yocum; Gillett. Mary Ann HOLLOWAY: Hotz; Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Joey Burrell HOLMSLEY: Springdale. Terry HOLOPOFF: Hotz; Rogers. Donna Ruth HOLT: Hotz; Little Rock. Trudy Ann HOLTZCLAW: Favette- ville. Ted HOOD: Yocum; Little Rock. Gertrude Marie HOOKS: Fulbrieht: Ashdown. Gary Eugene HOOTEN: Yocum; Little Rock. 499 First Row: Lucretia Denise HOOVER: Fulbright; St. Joseph, Mo. John Michael HOPKINS: A6; North Little Rock. Frederick Ray HORN: Humphreys; Little Rock. Debbie Sue MORTON: Hotz; Sheridan. Jerold Alan HOR- TON: Humphreys; Malvern. Ricky Don HORTON: Yo- cum; Marshall. Herb C. HOUSE: Tulsa, Okla. Second Row: James W. HOUSE: Fayetteville. John Hansard HOUSE: Humphreys; Mountain Home. Susan HOUSTON: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Cathy Jean HO- VELL: Fulbright; Avon, 111. Charles Nathan HOWARD: Yocum; Lynn. Jerry Edward HOWARD: William; Hot Springs. Alice Woodford HOWELL: Fulbright; Little Rock. Third Row: Mace David HOWELL: IIKA; Springdale. Peggy Ann HOWERTON: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Diane Elaine HUDGENS: Fulbright; Malvern. Bill Riley HUDSON: Yocum; Miami, Okla. Didi HUDSON: Fulbright; Dallas, Tex. Rita Jo HUDSONPILLAR: Fulbright; Camden. Susan Kay HUFFAKER: Hotz; Gentry. Mack McLarty Elected President First Row: Charles Norman HUGGS: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Herbert Briley HUGHES: 2N; Haynes. Judith Kaye HUGHES: Fulbright; Warren. Marilyn Elizabeth HUGHES: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Phil HUGHES: Yo- cum; Searcy. Stephen Jay HUGHES: Little Rock. Mary Ellen HUGHEY: Prairie Grove. Second Row: Charles Wayne HUITT: Yocum; Little Rock. Browning C. HULL: Yocum; Weston, Mo. Harold Lloyd HUMPHRIES, Jr.: Yocum; Bentonville. Virginia Earl HUMPHRIES: Fulbright; Lockesburg. John Steven HUNSAKER: Yocum; Fort Worth, Tex. David Everett HUNT: Fayetteville. Lillie Belle HUNTON: Fulbright; Lincoln. Third Row: Hugh Thomas HUPPERT: IIKA; Fayette- ville. Margaret Ann HURLEY: Fulbright; Alpena. Paul David HURLEY: Springdale. Guy Braden IRBY III: Yo- cum; Bastrop, La. Michael Edward IRWIN: Yocum; Heber Springs. Harlon ISOM, Jr.: Yocum; Clinton. Elizabeth Jean JACKS: Fulbright; Las Vegas, Nev. Fourth Row: Janis Jayne JACKSON: Hotz; Decatur. Marion Berneneia JACKSON: Hotz; Smackover. Alan Keilh J AGGERS: Yocum; Clarksville. Bennie Bertsel JAM- ERSON: Fayetteville. William Staley JAMES III: 2AE; Texarkana, Tex. Lindell Wayne JAMESON: Humphreys; Huntsville. Leon Nolen JAMISON: Humphreys; Monti- cello. Fifth Row: Rodney Keith JAMISON: Yocum; Hot Springs. Dennis Young JARRATT: 2AE; Forrest City. Thomas Calvin JEFFERSON: Fayetteville. Charles Cole JEFFRIES: Humphreys; West Helena. Gregory Britt JEKO: Fayetteville. Johnny Irvin JENKINS: Yocum; Crawfordsville. Donna Gayle JENNINGS: Hotz; Leslie. Sixth Row: Lonnie D. JENNINGS: Springdale. Sandi K. JENNINGS: Fulbright; Russellville. Chariot Ann JETT: Hotz; Wickes. Clyde R. JOHNSON, Jr.: Yocum; Little Rock. Diana Lynn JOHNSON: Hotz; North Little Rock. Donna Lou JOHNSON: Fulbright; Cotter. Jeanie JOHNSON: Fulbright; Holly Grove. Seventh Ryw: Johna Suzanne JOHNSON: Fayetteville. Johnny Warren JOHNSON: Yocum; Mountain Home. Jon Randy JOHNSON: Humphreys; Greenwood. Mary Glenda JOHNSON: Hotz; Fayetteville. Merle E. JOHNSON: Ben- ton. Randy Eugene JOHNSON: Yocum; El Dorado. Robert G. JOHNSON: Greenland. Eighth Row: Shirley Ann JOHNSON: Fulbright; Pine Bluff. Susan Lynn JOHNSON: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Thomas JOHNSON: Humphreys; Yellville. William Oscar JOHNSON: Yocum; Fort Smith. Bill L. JOHNSTON: Yo- cum; Heber Springs Ellen JOHNSTON: Fulbright; Fort Smith. Mary Jane JOHNSTON: Hotz; Flippin. 500 Freshmen Some of these boys guzzled while others sucked. First Row. Mary Rachel JOHNSTON: Hotz; Newport. Bill JONES: Yocum; Helena. Buford Dale JONES: Humphreys; Pocahontas. Charles Larry JONES: Yocum; Minturn. Danny Myron JONES: Springdale. David Lynn JONES: Yocum; Bartlesville, Okla. Gerry Lee JONES: Yocum; Fort Smith. Second Row: Gloria A. JONES: Reid; Charleston. James Toliver JONES: Humphreys; Camden. Janis Gaye JONES: Hotz; Batesville. Jay Hollis JONES: Humphreys; Gravette. Jennifer Carol JONES: Fulbright; Little Rock. Jennifer Joyce JONES: 4-H House; Dyer. John Burton JONES: Yocum; Rockwall, Tex. Third Row: Larry Mathews JONES: Yocum; Dierks. Mary Juanita JONES: 4-H House; McCrory. Mary Lee JONES: Fulbright; Prairie Grove. Ronald Phillip JONES: Yocum; Augusta. Gerald Bernard JORDAN: Humphreys; Malvern. Kathryn Louise JORDAN: Fulbright; Harrison. Susan Ray JORDAN: Fulbright; Dallas, Tex. Fourth Row: Wesley Carl JORDAN: Humphreys; West Fork. Eugene Gerald JOYCE: Yocum; Hot Springs. Carol Ann KAISER: Hotz; Little Rock. Thomas A. KARAM: Yocum; Little Rock. John F. KARLOVIC: -i8; Pine Bluff. Patricia Sue KEELING: Fulbright; Harrison. Gloria Lee KEESEE: Hotz; Malvern. Fifth Row: Nancy Jane KEITH: Fulbright; Winter Haven, Fla. Tommy J. KEITH: Paris. William Troy KEITH: Humphreys; Little Rock. Don Fielding KELLEY: Eureka Springs. Harold Lynn KELLEY: Yocum; Gravette. Linda Kay KELLY: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. John Pinckney KELLY: Yocum; Lewisville. Sixth Ryw: Sally Ann KELLY: Fulbright; Stuttgart. Martha June KEMP: Fayetteville. John H. KENDRICK: Yocum; Springdale. Barbara Ann KENT: Fulbright; Mt. Home. Carolyn Sue KERR: Fayetteville. Katherine KERST- ING: Hot .; Dallas, Tex. Kenneth Marvin KESTNER: Wil- son Sharp; Almyra. Seventh Row: Billy KEY: Yocum; Little Rock. Benny L. KILPATRICK: Winslow. Melinda W. KINCANNON: Hotz; Fort Smith. Barbara Lee KING: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Elizabeth Ann KING: Fulbright; Russellville. Gary Lynn KING: Fulbright; El Dorado; Janeal KING: Hotz; Hous- ton, Tex. Eighth Row: Susan Catherine KING: Reid; Fort Smith. Terry Rowden KING: Yocum; Calico Rock. Gary Neal KINNEY: Humphreys; Bryant. Beverly Marie KIR- BY- Hotz; Mountain Home. Susan Kathleen KIRBY: Ful- bright; Springfield, Mo. Mary Elizabeth KISAMORE: Ful- bright; Baltimore, Md. Susan Ruth KltTRELL: Ful- bright; Texarkana. Ninth Row: William Frederick KNOD II: Yocum; De- Queen. Philip Carl KOCH: Y ' ocum; Paris. Roger Louis KOCHNER: Yocum; Wauwatosa, Wis. Wayne Henry KORWES: Yocum; Malvern. Donald Edward KRAHA: Humphreys; Hot Springs. Thomas Michael KRAMER: Humphreys; Westmont, 111. Sandra Lee KUHN: Hotz; St. Louis, Mo. 501 Freshmen Bill Keadle persuaded his pinmate, Kathy Kendall, to vote for him in the presidential election. First Row: Lillian Josephine KURTIN: Houston, Tex. Gay LACY III: Humphreys; Newport. Quinn D. LAF AR- GUE III: Humphreys; DeWitt. Pauline Elizabeth LAM- BERT: Fayetteville. Janice Ann LANCASTER: Spring- dale: Stephen Alvin LANCE: Yocum; Murfreesboro. Bev- erly Ann LANE: Hotz; Fort Smith. Second Row: Charles Thomas LANE: Humphreys; Lake City. Lequetta Sue LANE: Hotz; Fort Smith. Mary Jim LANE: Fulbright; Benton. Roy Lynn LANG: Humph- reys; Monette. David Jay LANKrORD: Yocum; Shreve- port, La. Pat LANKFORD: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Tom- my Raymond LARIMER: Humphreys; Green Forest. Third Row: Angela LA SALLE: Hotz; Jacksonville. Jan LATIMER: Hotz; Nashville. Karen Kanel LATTA: Hotz; Jacksonville. Bonnie Lynne LAWS: Hotz; San An- tonio, Tex. Gary Glenn LAWSON: Yocum; Haskell, Okla. Dorothy June LEA: Hotz; Little Rock. Mary Camille LE- DET: Hotz; Natchitoches, La. Fourth Row: Samuel Tilden LEDGERWOOD: Humph- reys; Cassville, Mo. Charles LEE: DeQueen. John Terry LEE: TKE; Siloam Springs. Linda Carol LEE: Hotz; Lake Village. Nanita LEE: Hotz; Dermott. Cheryl Francis LEEDS: frulbright; Dallas, Tex. Susan Jeanne LEEMAN: Hotz; Decatur. Filth Row: Elizabeth Anne LEETON: Fayetteville. Ted W. LEGATSKI II: Yocum; Bartlesville, Okla. Mary Nell LEHNRARD: Fulbright; McAlester, Okla. Cynthia Ann LEMLEY: Hotz; Fort Smith. Charlotte Anne LEONARD: Fulbright; Crossett. Letitia Faye LEOPARD: Hotz; North Little Rock. Judy E. LEWIS: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Sixth Row: Pamela K. LEWIS: Huntsville. Rebecca Jane LIBBY: Fulbright; Fort Smith. Missy LIEBER: Ful- bright; Fort Smith. Susan Ann LILES: Fulbright; Shreve- port, La. Ann Helen LINDLEY: Hotz; Jacksonville. John M. LIPIN: Humphreys; Little Rock. Judy Ladon LIPS- COMB: Fulbright; DeQueen. Seventh Row: Cynthia Edrington LITTLE: Fulbright; Osceola. Jackie Eugene LITTLE: Humphreys; Corning. Vicky Lynn LITTLE: Fulbright; El Dorado. Harold Dean LOCK: Humphreys; Malvern. Harold Lee LOCKART: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. Celeste Laura LOCKHART: Reid; Chicago, 111. Kathryn Havard LOGAN: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Eighth Row: Marilyn Kay LONG: Hotz; Springdale. Carolyn Christine LOONEY: Reid; Texarkana. Gary Frank LOUDAMY: Springdale. Tommy L. LOVE, Jr.: Yocum; Washington. Carol Ann LOVELADY: Hotz; Helena. Wal- ter Lewis LOVELESS, Jr.: ZX; Little Rock. Jimmy Steve LOVELL: Farmhouse; DeQueen. Ninth Row: Ronnie Wayne LOWE: Humphreys; Dal- las, Tex. Ronald Wayne LOWER Y: Humphreys; Everton. Donna Katherine LUCAS: Hotz; Damascus. Vernell LUMP- KIN: 4-H House; Marvell. Linda Ann LUSK: Hotz; Hum- ble, Tex. Bonnie Jean LYNCH: Fayetteville. Lynda Leu LYNCH: Hotz; Hot Springs. 502 First Row: Nina Millicent LYNN: Reid; Drebe. Marcia Ann LYON: Hotz; Hot Springs. Dana Leigh LYONS: Hotz; Pryor, Okla. Christopher Louis MACIOCE: Humph- reys; Springfield, Mo. Linda Ann MACK: Fulhright; Shreveport, La. Cheryl Christine MACKIN: Hot ; Little Rock. Sandra Ann MADDAN: Fayetteville. Second Row: Wilbery A. MAERTENS: Yocum; Sweet Home. Janet Main MAIN: Fulbright; Harrison. Donna J MANER: Hotz; Jacksonville. Rebecca Jane MANGUM: Hotz; Newport. Bill Bryan MAPLES: Bentonville. William MARENIE: Belleville. William James MARGRAVE: Yo- cum; Little Rock. Third Row: Bruce Harris MARKELL: -iO; DeQueen. A. James MARKL: Humphreys; Park Forest, 111. Cynthia MARKS: Hotz; Fort Smith. Thomas William MARKS: Humphreys; El Dorado. Edwin T. MARSHALL: Fayette- ville. Calvin Roderick MARTIN: SX; Pocahontas. Dorothy Louise MARTIN: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Stubblefield Stumbles in as VP ; [Ill- Row: Jo Karen MARTIN: Hotz; Paragould. J. Zan MARTIN: Humphreys; Mena. Marsha L. MARTIN: Reid; Fort Smith. Russell Wayne MARTIN: Yocum; Little Rock. Stephen C. MARTIN: Humphreys; Honolulu, Ha. Steven K. MARTINE: TKE; San Leandro, Calif. Michael H. MASHBURN: 2 E; Fayetteville. Second Row: Elizabeth Ann MASON: Fulbright; Stutt- gart. Shannon Sue MASON: Hotz; Bentonville. Judith Kay MASSERY: Hotz; North Little Rock. Anita Carol MAS- SEY: Hotz; Decatur. Georganne MASSEY: Hotz; Helena. John Tipton MASTERSON: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. David Wilson MATTHEWS: 24 E; Fayetteville. Third Row: Bruce E. MAULDIN: 2 E; Marion. Linda MAXEY: Hotz; Little Rock. Phillip Lynn MAXWELL: Yocum; Paragould. Larry Gene MAY: Yocum; Davenport, la. Patricia Ann MAY: Hotz; Desha. Peggy Jean MAY: Hotz; Springdale. Robert Clay MAY: Humphreys; Mor- rilton. Fourth Row: Joyce Elaine MAYFIELD: Fulbright; Rogers. Sandra L. McABEE: Hotz; Metairie, La. Alonzo Dallas McALLISTER : SX; Fayetteville. William A. Mc- ALLISTER: Hatfield. Joe McBRIDE: AI ' P; Branch. Cecil Lee McBRYDE, Jr.: 2AE; Pine Bluff. Margaret Ann Me- CALEB: Fulbright; Harrison. Fifth Row: Sarah F. McCALL: Fulbright; Lonoke. Mary Jane McCARROLL: Fulbright; Danville. Elizabeth McCARTY: Hotz; Helena. Kathy Lynn McCLANAHAN: Hotz; Pine Bluff. Frances McCLAREN: Fulbright; Rome, Italy. James Steven McCLELLAN: AKA; Little Rock. Kathy Jean McCLELLAND: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: John Michael McCLURE: Yocum; Nash- ville. Zelma Jane McCOOL: Hotz; Sheridan. Cindy Lou McCORD: Hotz; Fort Smith. Beverly Louise McCREARY: Drumright, Okla. James Donald McDANIEL: Yocum; Hot Springs. Craig Erval McDONOLD: Humphreys; San Bern- ardino, Calif. James M. McDONALD: Yocum; Benton. Seventh Row: Melissa Ann McDONALD: Hotz; Lea- wood, Kan. Sandra Sue McDONALD: Elm Springs. Sue Ellen McDONALD: Fulbright; Huntsville. Oscar C. Me- DOUGALD: Yocum; Searcy. James Patrick McDUFF: AO; Oklahoma City. Okla. Stanley C. McFERRAN: Yo- cum; Charleston. Wallace P. McGEORGE: Pine Bluff. Eighth Row: James Wesley McGINNIS: Bentonville. Marsha Sue McGINTY: Hotz; Neosho, Mo. Rebecca An- nette McGLOTHIN: Hotz; Little Rock. Alice June Me- GOOGAN: Fulbright: Quitmun, Ga. Beverly Ann McGU- GIN: Hotz; Enid, Okla. Gannalyn Sue McHUCHES: Ful- bright; El Dorado. Carol Castile McILROY: Fulbright; Bedford, Tex. 503 4fc ' ' v ' ;1 First Row: Ronald Wayne McILVEENE: Yocum; El Dorado. B. Wanette McKEE: Hotz; Jacksonville. Elmer B. McKENZIE: Springdale. Michael A. McKINNON: Yocum; Camden. Robert Bruce McKISSICK: Yocum; Mc- Gehee. Charles H. McLAUGHLIN: Humphreys; Alexan- der. Judy Ann McLAUGHLIN: 4-H House; Paragould. Second Row: Sherry Kay McMANUS: Fulbright; El- kins. Donna Eileen McMASTER: Hotz; Gravette. Carolyn Sue McMASTERS: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Jackie McMEN- NAMY: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Charles Woodrow McMILLIAN: Humphreys; DeWitt. Lynne McNABB; Fulbright; Poca- hontas. John Allen McNAIR; ZAE; Fayetteville. Third Row: Mary Richardson McNAIR: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Nancy McNAIR: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. James William McPHERSON: Humphreys; Conway. Michael Reece McQUEEN: Acacia; Little Rock. JoAnn McWILLIAMS: Fulbright; Oklahoma City, Okla. Morris Dean McWILLIAM: Yocum; Fort Smith. Judith Ann MEACHAM: Hotz; Monroe. McNulty Re-elected as Treasurer First Row: Linda Joyce MEADOWS: Garfield. Marsha Rae MEADOWS: Fulbright; El Dorado. Michael H. MEANS: Humphreys; Malvern. Linda Karen MEDLIN: Fulbright; Houston, Tex. Dorman Wayne MEEKS: Yo- cum; Camden. A. Louise MEINECKE: Fulbright; Jones- boro. Jimmy Donald MELTON: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Second Row: Kimberly MELTON: Hotz; Odessa, Tex. David Vernon MELVILLE: Yocum; Monette. Laura Susan MENEES: Fulbright; Little Rock. Douglas Miles MERO- NEY: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Melinda Sue MERRILL: Hotz; Fort Worth, Tex. Michael Lee MESHEW: AFP; Russellville. Dale METCALFE: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Third Row: Robert Eugene MEYER: Yocum; El Do- rado. Steve Kirk MEYER: Yocurfi; Mount Vernon, Mo. A. Delbert MICKEL II: Yocum; Conway. Sandy J. MICKLE: Reid; Fort Smith. Joseph Michael MILES: Gladson; Peoria Heights, 111. Cecilia Anne MILLER: Hotz; Memphis, Tenn. Danny Craig MILLER: Yocum; New Hope. Fourth Row: Judy Edwina MILLER: Winslow. Larry Curtis MILLER: Yocum; McAlester, Okla. Patrick D. MILLER; 2X; El Dorado. William Fred MILLER: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Danny Gale MILLS: IIKA; Har- risburg Edward A. MILLS: Yocum; Little Rock. Henry Paul MILLS: IIKA; Reiser. Fifth Row: William Keith MILLS: Humphreys; Falls Church, Va. Paul Joseph MILSTEAD: Bentonville. John Connerley MILUM, Jr.: Yocum; Batesville. Jon Baylor MITCHELL: Yocum; Rogers. Joyce L. MITCHELL: Huntsville. Lee MITCHELL: Hotz; Forrest City. Martha Ellen MITCHELL: Fulbright; Bastrop, La. Sixth Row: Otis Tenny MITCHELL: Humphreys; Ken- nett, Mo. Bernard Wayne MIZE: Yocum; Batesville. John- ny Carl MIZE: Yocum; Little Rock. Phillip Weiss MOERY: Yocum; Wynne. Charles E. MONEY: Yocum; Newark. Sharon Kaye MONTEE: Fulbright; Bartlesville, Okla. James David MONTGOMERY: Springdale. Seventh Row: Linda Lou MONTGOMERY: Prairie Grove. Bobby R. MOODY: TKE; Ash Flat. Billy George MOON: Humphreys; Springfield, Mo. Ron Osborne MOONEY: Yocum; Little Rock. Carolyn Carlyle MOORE: Hotz; Osceola. Charlotte MOORE: Hotz; Little Rock. John Richard MOORE: Humphreys; Jacksonville. Eighth Row: Michael H. MOORE: Yocum; Seneca, Mo. Patricia Ann MOORE: Reid: Black Rock. Rhetta El- len MOORE: Hotz; Black Rock. Sandra Sue MOORE: Hotz; Hoxie. Richard Hal MORAN: Austin, Tex. Susan Kathleen MORAN: Fulbright; Hot Springs. Angle MO- RALES: Fulbright; Green Forest. 504 ,.,......,. -,:;,.-;, First flow: Linda Beth MORGAN: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Sharon Ann MORGAN: Hotz; Little Rock. Victoria Ann MORGAN: Fulbright; Hot Springs. William D. MOR- GAN: Humphreys; Little Rock. Dwight Vincent MOR- RIS: AFP; Siloam Springs. Larry Allen MORRIS: Fay- etteville. Charles L. MORRISETT: Humphreys; Pollard. Secand Row: Johnny Lee MORRISON: Humphreys; Bay town, Tex. Jeanette Gail MOSEY: Fulbright; Salem. Bill MOSS: ATP; Star City. Phillip Wayne MO UDY: Yocum; Danville. Everett Crockett MOULTON: AXA; Fort Smith. Larry Zan MOURER: Yocum; Enid, Okla. Charles Johnston MULLIN: 211; Texarkana. Third Row: James Lee MULLINS, Jr.: Wilson Sharp; Warren. Bruce Emil MUNSON: AKA; Tahlequah, Okla. Dwight Arnold MUR0OCK: Yocum; Batesville. Linda Rose MURPHY: Hotz; North Little Rock. Michael David MURPHY: Yocum; Tulsa, Okla. Susan Lee MURRY: Fulbright; Fayetteville. George Ernest MYERS: Humph- reys; Mena. Fourth Row: James Mark MYERS: Yocum; Bartles- ville, Okla. John Paul MYERS: Bentonville. Steven Dale MYRICK: Rogers. Margie NANCARROW: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Aubrey L. NASH: Hotz; Texarkana. John Ed NEELY: Yocum; Little Rock. Dan Kennedy NELSON: Fayetteville. Fifth Row: James Frederick NELSON, Jr.: Humphreys; Memphis, Tenn. Julianne NELSON: Fulbright; Little Rock. Linda Edith NELSON: Hotz; Fayetteville. Ralph NELSON: Yocum; Arkadelphia. Robert Oren NELSON: IIKA; Siloam Springs. Jimmie Dow NESBITT: Humph- reys; Mountain View. George Raymond NEW: Humph- reys; Benton. Sixth Row: Tanai M. NEWCOMB: Fulbright; Ben- ton. Robert Wendell NEWELL: 2N; El Dorado. Janis Sue NEWKIRK: Garfield. Geneva Laverne NEWMAN: Fulbright; Bonnerdale. Gloria Jean NEWMAN: Hotz; Mountain View. Linda Dianne NEWMAN: Fayetteville. Sherry Marie NEUMAN: Hotz; Little Rock. Seventh Row: Keith Laron NEWTON: Yocum; Hamp- ton. Bill Charles NICHOLS: Humphreys; Western Grove. Donna Lee NICHOLS: Hotz; Rogers. James Donald NICH- OLS: Acacia; North Little Rock. Ricky Allan NICHOLS: Humphreys; Little Rock. Alexander Wyckliff NISBET, Jr.: K2; Little Rock Gary Thomas NIX: Humphreys; Gentry. Eighth Row: Nancy Ann NIX: Fulbright; El Dorado. Graham DeWitt NIXON: Humphreys; Jacksonville. Dean A. NOBLIN: Elm Springs. John Lewis NORRIS: A6; Pine Bluff. Richard Dale NORTON: Humphreys; Victor- ville, Calif. Edward Lee NOSAL: Yocum; Little Rock. Lynn F. GATES: Yocum; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Allen Barry ODAM: Yocum; DeQueen. Ward O ' KEEFE: AXA; Blytheville. Gurvis Edwin O ' KEL- LEY, Jr. Yocum; Bauxite. John William OLDNER: Du- mas. Burney OLINGHOUSE: Yocum; Little Rock. La- nelle Eloise OLIVER: Siloam Springs. Martha Ann OLI- VER: Fulbright; Little Rock. Freshmen Multitudinous crowds gather at the Pi Beta Phi cen- tennial to help celebrate their birthday. 505 First Row. Carol Jeanne OLSON: Fulbright; Monette, Mo. Jean OLVEY: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. James Rob- ert O ' NEILL: Fayetteville. Gerald Don GRAND: Washing- ton, D. C. David Sumner OSBORN: Humphreys; Harlin- gen, Tex. David Arthur OSBORNE: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Gloria Jeanne OSBORNE: Hotz; Fayetteville. Second Row: Doris Fay OSBURN: Fayetteville. Pam- ela Gay OSBURN: Fulbright; El Dorado. Martha Suzanne OSWALD: Hotz; North Little Rock. Garra OVERLY: Fulbright; Hamburg, N. Y. Katherine Elizabeth OVIATT: Hotz; Odessa, Tex. Jacqueline Ann OWEN: Fayetteville. Rebecca OWEN: Hotz; Emerson. Third Row: Randy W. OWENS: Humphreys; Malvern. William Eugene OWENS: Yocum; North Little Rock. Thelma Lou OXFORD: Fulbright; Rogers. Tim PACK: AFP; Cecil. Margaret Rose PALMER: Fulbright; North Little Rock. Gwendolyn Holloway PARHAM: Reid; For- dyce. Carol Jane PARK: Hotz; Little Rock. Seamon Seizes Secretarial Seat First Row: Jerry Ross PARK: A6; Tulsa, Okla. Den- nis Otis PARKER: Yocum; Carlisle. Kerry Lee PARKER: Humphrey s; Lincoln. Michael Eldred PARKER: Hot Springs. Sandy Raynell PARKER: Springdale. Charles Wright PARKHURST, Jr.: Yocum; Mount Vernon, Mo. Charles E. PARSONS: Humphreys; Vilonia. Second Row: Greg PARSONS: Yocum; Arkadelphia. Janice Ellen PARSONS: Hotz; Little Rock. Margaret Ann PARSONS: Hotz; Texarkana. James Robert PARTAIN: Humphreys; Plainview. Ruth Ann PARVIN: Reid; Hot Springs. Linda Yvonne PASCHE: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Penny PATTERSON: Fulbright; Dryor, Okla. Third Row: Beverly Ann PATTON: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Coin Regina PATTON: Hotz; Pea Ridge. Charles R. PAYNE: Yocum; Belleville. John PAYNE: Yocum; Fre- mont, Mich. Harold Louis PAYNE: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Mary Anne PAYNE: Fulbright; Harrisonville, Mo. Mary PEARCE: Hotz; Fort Smith. Fourth Row: Sandra Kay PEARCE: Hotz; Fort Smith. Betty Jo PEARSON: Farmington. Ronald C. PEDERSON: Humphreys; Harrison. Brenda Kaye PEEK: Fulbright; Dierks. William Partlow PEEK: KZ; Little Rock. Maria Gelene PEEL: Fayetteville. William Reese PEMBERTON: 211; Stilwell, Okla. Fifth Row: James Akers PENCE: Humphreys; Little Rock. Paula Kay PENDER: Reid; Memphis, Tenn. James A. PENIX: f A9; Tuckerman. Rowena PENNINGTON: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Ronald Burton PERKINS: Berry- ville. Dennis E. PERRY: Yocum; Pittsburg, Penn. Basil George PETERS: Yocum; Little Rock. Sixth Row: Douglas C. PETERS: Yocum; Dallas, Tex. Larry E. PETERS: Humphreys; Alexander. Susan PETERSON: Hotz; Springdale. Bill PETTIT: Yocum; Corning. Jim David PETTY: Fayetteville. Nancy Carol PETTY: Fulbright; Dallas, Tex. Priscilla Jane PETTY: Hotz; North Little Rock. Seventh Row: Ronald Wayne PEYTON: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Ed M. PHILLIPS: Fayetteville. John Gibson PHILLIPS: Yocum; Tulsa, Okla. Klaus Peter PHILLIPS: Yocum; Little Rock. Karen Sue PHILPOTT: Hotz; Si- loam Springs. Melvin Lawrence PIANALTO: Springdale. Nina Kay PICKARD: Fulbright; Cabot. Eighth Row: Janet Kay PIEBENUA: Hotz; Spring- dale. Dana Lindsey PIERCE: Hotz; Little Rock. Linda Kave PIERCE: Fulbright; Poteau, Okla. Barbara Yvonne PIERSON: Prairie Grove. Michael William Jacob PIER- SON: Yocum; Batesville. Phyllis Marie PIGGEE: Reid; Ashdown. Denele PITTS: Fulbright; Miami, Okla. 506 First Row: Richard Gordon PLATT: Yocum; Spring- dale. Joyce Katheryn PLUMMER: Hotz; Fort Smith. Sandra Gayle POAG: Fulbright; DeQueen. Nancy Gayle POLLAN: Hotz; Amarillo, Tex. Cassandra POLLARD: Reid; Bellevue, Nebr. Lane Opal PONDER: Fayetteville. Ted B. PONDER: Farmington. Second Row: Minor Wallace POOLE: Little Rock. Diane POPPENHOUSE: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Jesse Edwin PORTER, Jr.: Humphreys; West Helena. Mildred Anne PORTER: Fulbright; Shreveport, La. Sam PORTER- FIELD: ZII; Piggott. Dennis L. POTTS: Springdale. Clifton Marion POWELL, Jr.: Wilson Sharp; Eudora. Third Row: David Roland POWELL: Z+E; McGehee. John R. POWELL: ZX; Magnolia. Larry King POWELL: Yocum; Mountain Home. Patricia Ann POWELL: War- ren. William Walter POWELL: Warren. William Roy PREECE: Springdale. Sharon Sue PRESSON: Hotz; North Little Rock. Mortar Board Taps 22 Girls First Row: Huetta Norvellt PREWITT: Fulbright; Til- lar. Diana Gayle PRICE: Hotz; Little Rock. Lana Gwynne PRICE: Springdale. Michael Robert PRIDDY: Yocum; Forrest City. Susan Deanna PRIDEMORE: Reid; Lincoln. Samuel Edwin PRINCE: AXA; Lincoln. Joseph E. PRITCHETT: TKE; Piggott. Second Row: Cynthi a Ann PRYOR: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Gordon P. PUBLOW, Jr.: AXA; DeQueen. Susan Marie QUIGG: Hotz; Bartlesville. Okla. Sharon Lee QUIMBY: Fulbright; El Dorado. Marsha Lucille RAGS- DALE: Fulbright; Prairie Grove. Judy RAINWATER: Fulbright; El Dorado. Darrel RAMBO: Yocum; Tulsa, Okla. Third Row: James E. RAND: ZAE; Searcy. Robert William RANEY: ZX; Little Rock. Beverly Louise RAPPS: Hotz; Fort Worth, Tex. Caryl Marie RASMUS- SEN: Fulbright; Mountain Home. Walter Wilson RAUTH: Wilson Sharp; Jonesboro. Barbara Lynn RAWLS: Ful- bright; Crossett. Bobby D. RAWN: AXA; Conway. Fourth Row: Janet Gail REAGOR: Fulbright; New Orleans, La. John C. REAP: Yocum; Little Rock. Rick REDDEN: ZN; Fort Smith. Pamela Alleene REDFERN: Winslow. Sydni L. REDING: Fulbright; Springfield, Mo. Gary Lee REED: Yocum; Dierks. Gregory D. REED: Humphreys; Sheridan. Fifth Row: Randal Penn REED: Fayetteville. William J. REED: AXA; Kansas City, Kan. Janet Louise REN- FRO: Fulbright; Havana. Frankie Joe REYNOLDS: Yo- cum; Pine Bluff. Morris A. REYNOLDS: ZAE; El Do- rado. Susan Elaine REYNOLDS: Hotz; Little Rock. J. Larry RHODES: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Sixth Row. Thomas Dean RIALES: Yocum; Mena. Wendell Ralph RICE: Humphreys; Waldron. Sara Ella RIDDLE: Hotz; Searcy. Maryland May RIFFEL: Hotz; Little Rock. Margaret RILEY: Hotz; Star City. Don Mich- ael RISHER: Yocum; North Little Rock. Edith Helme RITTENHOUSE: Hotz; Gravette. Seventh Row: Ruth RIVERS: Hotz; Elgin, Tex. Jeanne Anne ROADES: Hotz; Mountain Home. Larry Steven ROBBINS: Fayetteville. Victor Wayne ROBBINS: Yocum; Crossett. Arvel ROBERTS, Jr.: Bentonville. Greg ROB- ERTS: ZX; Fort Smith. James Ernest ROBERTS: Fay- etteville. Eighth Row: Rebecca Jean ROBERTS: Hotz; Little Rock. Danny Eugene ROBERTSON: North Little Rock. Gerrie Ann ROBRAHN: Hotz; Siloam Springs. William T. RODENBACH: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Leonard Aus- tin RODGERS: Yocum; West Memphis. Christy Lea RODMAN: Hotz; North Little Rock. Michael R. ROD- RIGUEZ: Humphreys; Annandale, Va. 507 First Row: Tommy ROFKHAR: Yocum; Hartman Hiluard F. ROGERS: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Mary Gail ROGERS: Fulbright; Warren. Linda Louise ROHRER: Fulhright; Rogers. Lott ROLFE: Yocum; Foreman. Steve Lee ROLL: Yocum; Batesville. Gaylynn ROMINE: Hotz; Little Rock. Second Row: Susan Lynn ROMINES: Hotz; Kennett, Mo. Janna ROREX: Hotz; Monroe, La. Pat ROSS: Hotz; Fort Smith. Ruthie Lorena ROWAN: Hotz; Little Rock. Bette Anne ROWE: 4-H House; Royal. Michael Cliff ROWLAND: Humphreys; Wiesbaden, Germany. Ronald Wayne RUPE: Yocum; Augusta. Third Row: Barbara Lynn RUSSELL: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Carolyn Sue RUSSELL: Reid; Calico Rock. Harold Ray RUSSELL: Humphreys; Fort Smith. James Tedford RUSSELL: Yocum; North Little Rock. Marvin Frank RUSSELL: Humphreys; Grady. Rebecca Anne RUS- SELL: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Hary Ann RUSSO: Hotz; Little Rock. Fulbright Speaks During Greek Week First Row: Sherry Ann RUTLEDGE: Hotz; Byron. Max LeMay RYAN: Yocum; Springdale. Timothy J. RYAN: Humphreys; Jonesboro. Kathy Lou SABIN: Ful- bright; Fayetteville. Damon Dale SADLER- Humphreys; Greenwood. Mike SAMONS: Yocum; Malvern. Pam SAMPLE: Hotz; Springdale. Second Row: Janice Fay SAMPLES: Fayetteville. Jim- my Dale SANDERS: Flippin. Jim T. SANDERS: Yocum; Marshall. Nancy Eileen SANDERS: Hotz; Pine Bluff. David Wayne SANDLIN: Yocum; Batesville. James B. SANFORD: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Bruce Darlington SASS: Humphreys; Rolling Hills, Calif. Third Row: Nancy Lee SATTERFIELD: Fulbright; Texarkana, Tex. David Allen SAUNDERS: Yocum; Wal- nut Ridge. John Coy SAWYER: Yocum; McGehee. Ella Ritchie SAXON: Fulbright; Camden. Pete SBANOTTO: Tontitown. Bonnie Lee SCANLAN: Hotz; Jacksonville. Polly L. SCARLETT: Fulbright; Russellville. Fourth Row: John David SCHANAFELT: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. Jeff Allen SCHERER: Yocum; Fort Smith. Becki SCHICK: Fulbright; Little Rock. Elgin Wesley SCHIMMEL: Yocum; Casa. Paul Allen SCHLATTMANN: ATP; Belleville. Josephine Anne SCHMAND: Hotz; Little Rock. George Richard SCHMELZER: Yocum; Little Rock. Fifth Ryw: Carol Sue SCHNEIDER: Hotz; Little Rock. Chris Gordon SCHNEIDER: Acacia; Little Rock. Debra Dee SCHNEIDER: Hotz; Little Rock. Mary Eliza- beth SCHNEIDER: Springdale. Sandy SCHNEIDER: Hotz; Little Rock. Linda N. SCHNERRE: Fayetteville. Candace Patricia SCHULTZ: Fulbright; Irving, Tex. Sixth Row: Terrye Lynn SCHULTZ: Hotz; Fort Smith. George H. SCHWEER: AXA; Hot Springs. David Dale SCOTT: Texarkana. Kim SCOTT: Yocum; Rogers. Grover C. SCRUGGS: Pine Bluff. James Vance SCURLOCK: 5)X; Jonesboro. Ronald Paul SCZERBAK: Yocum; Pomp- ton Lakes, N J. Seventh Row: James Harvey SEAL: Yocum; Piggott. John Arthur SEALANDER: Yocum; Fayetteville. David R. SEATON: Hot Springs. Lela Jane SEAY: Hotz; Para- gould. Patrick Warren SEGRAVES: Acacia; Fayetteville. Harold Raymond SEIFERT: Yocum; Paris. Kenneth E. SELBY: Fayetteville. Eighth Row: Michael Daniel SELIG: Yocum; Corning. Pamela Jo SENEFF: Fulbright; Kirkwood, Mo. Suzanne SENYARD: Fulbright; Pine Bluff. Ronald W. SEWELL: Humphreys; Fort Smith. William Hayden SEXSON: Humphreys; Fayetteville. Deborah Yvonne SHARP: Ful- bright; Fayetteville. Doyle Lee SHARP: Goshen. : 508 II Freshmen See, the Tekes are just exactly like everyone else. First Row: Stephen M. SHARUM: Yocum; Fort Smith. Susan Ann SHAW: Reid; Fort Smith. Carl David SHEL- BY: Humphreys; El Dorado. Ronald Fred SHELBY: Yo- cum; North Little Rock. Rodger Keith SHELMAN: Humph reys; Siloam Springs. James Russell SHELTON: Yocum; Little Rock. Jeane Maria SHELTON: Hotz; Little Rock. Second Row: Rand E. SHIREMAN: Yocum; North Little Rock. Miriam Duane SHIVELEY: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Linda Ann SHONKWILER: Hotz; Neosho, Mo. Jo Ann SHORTER: Fulbright; DeWitt. Jane SIKES: Ful- hright: Midland, Tex. Virginia Lee SILER: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Cindy Lou SIMMONS: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Third Row: Thomas Delaine SIMMONS: Yocum; Rec- tor. William L. SIMMONS: Humphreys: West Helena. E. Tlmmas SIMPSON: 6: Little Rock. James FIlis SIMP- SON: Humphreys; Rosston. Leslie Margaret SIMS: Hotz; Little Prck. Vicki L-uise SIMS: Hotz; Shsrrill. Steven Paul SINGLETON: Yocum; Alexandria, La. Fn-Tth Row: Susan Phvllis SISCO: Fulhright; Fay- etteville. Charlotte Kay SIX: Fulbright: Quit ' 1 1 ' Vicki SKAGCS: Fulbright: Rogers. Cynthia Susan SKALSKI: Fulhright; Joplin, Mo. Ravmnnd Eugene SKELTON: Springdale. Philip Larrv SKOCH: Humphrevs; Jackson- ville. Leslie Jennifer SKOKOS: Fulbright; Fort Smith. Fifth Rytv: Walter Edward SKOOG: Yocum; Hot Springs. Elizabeth SLACK: Reid; Springhill. La. Sue Ann SI.UDKV lint : KM. I M,-th. ' IV . nainaiia SI.OVV Hotz; Hot Springs. Rachel Anne SLUSHER: Fayetteville. Cynthia Ann SLY: Fulbright; Conway. Barbara Marie SMEDLEY: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Sixth Row: Marv Elizabeth SMEE: Hotz; Booneville. William Frank SMILEY: Humphreys; Springdale. Bruce Laron SMITH: Yocum: Hot Springs. Charles Ray SMITH: Elkins. Cindy L. SMITH: Fulbright; Muskogee. Okla. David Clarence SMITH: Fayetteville. David S. SMITH: Humphreys; Hot Springs. Seventh Row: Douglas Gardner SMITH: Humphreys : Dard nelle. Henry Lee SMITH: Fort Smith. John Douglas SMITH: Humphrevs: Dierks. John W. SMITH: Fayette- ville. Leslie Ann SMITH: Fulbrisht: Texarkana. Marilyn Lea SMITH: Reid; Little Rock. Mark F. SMITH: Yocum; Muskogee. Okla. Eighth Row: Martha Anne SMITH: Fulbright; Shreve- port, La. Marvin Louis SMITH, III: Yocum; West Mon- roe, La. Mary Ellen SMITH: Fulbright; McGehee. Mary Jane SMITH: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Myra Jean SMITH: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Patricia Ann SMITH: Hotz; Hot Springs. Peggy Ann SMITH: Hotz; Little Rock. Ninth Row: Rosalie Kay SMITH: Hotz; Benton. Sally Doriece SMITH: Hotz; Siloam Springs. Sharon Lou SMITH: Hotz; McGehee. Shelia Sue SMITH: Hotz; Mc- Gehee. Thomas Benton SMITH: 2AE; Birdeye. Tony C. SMITH: Humphreys; Hope. Diana Lynne SNEED: Hotz; Horatio. 509 Freshmen w Mount McGuire gave the best performance at the St. Patricia contest without supporting props. First Row. Lawrence Douglas SNEED: Humphreys; Little Rock. Burl Jackson SNOW: Yocum; Dallas, Tex. Joseph C. SOMMERS: Humphreys; Bartlesville, Okla. Charles E. SPARKS: Humphreys; Little Rock. Alton Wayne SPEER: Humphreys; Rector. Gary Ray SPEER: Humphreys; Tulsa, Okla. Randy Lee SPICER: Yocum; Rogers. Second Row: Sandra Lynn SPOTTS: Hotz; Little Rock. Sandra Jean SPRIGGS: Reid; Siloam Springs. Henry Nesbit SPRINGER: A6; Memphis, Tenn. Brian Douglas SPURLOCK: Yocum; Fayetteville. Betty Ann SQUIRES: Hotz; Springfield, Mo. Rebecca Linnea ST. JOHN: Fulbright; Batesville. Joseph Charles STAINTON: Humphreys; Little Rock. Third Row: Danny Charles STAFFORD: Yocum; Rector. George Eugene STAGGS: Yocum; North Little Rock. Royce Edward STALEY, Jr.: Yocum; Little Rock. Alice Kay STALLCUP: Hotz; Fayetteville. Dena Ann STANFILL: Hotz; Westville, Okla. Camille STANFORD: Reid; Denver, Colo. Frank G. STANFORD: TKE; Moun- tain Home. Fourth Row: James Robert STEEL: 2N; Nashville. Jennifer Lynn STEELE: Fulbright; Little Rock. Ronnie Clark STEPHENSON: Yocum; Leslie. Dan Derace STERLING: Humphreys; Texarkana. Cathey STEVEN- SON: Hotz; Harrison. Mike Eugene STEWARD: KZ; Havana. Michael Bruce STILES: Humphreys; El Do- rado. Fifth Row: Robert Morrissett STINCHCOMB, Jr.: Prairie Grove. James R. STINNETT: Farmhouse; Ho- ratio. Jerre Ann STOCKER: Hotz; Fort Smith. Steven Eugene STORK: Yocum; Fort Smith. Esther STOREY: Hotz; Odessa, Tex. Marty L. STOUFFER: AXA; Fort Smith. Dianna Kay STOUT: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Randal Clayton STOUT: Fayetteville. Russell Dayton STOUT: Fayetteville. Robert Carleton STOW. Ill: 2AE; Fort Worth, Tex. Tommie Jean STREETER: Fulbright; San Antonio, Tex. Susan STREIT: Fulbright; Vernon, Tex. Jim Coy STRICKLEN: Humphreys; Harrison. Sheri Lynn STRIPLING: Hotz; El Dorado. Seventh Row. James Douglas STROUD: Humphreys; Morrilton. Larry David STUBBS: Acacia; Little Rock. Johnnie Lynn STURDIVANT: Fulbright; Carville, La. Gary Wayne STYLES: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Charlotte SULLIVAN: Fulbright; Baytown, Tex. Patrick H. SUL- LIVAN: Humphreys; El Dorado. Robert Doak SULLI- VAN: Humphreys; Bartlesville, Okla. Eighth Row: Thomas Craig SULLFVANT: Yocum; Little Rock. Dennis Eugene SUMMERS: Yocum; Colorado Springs, Colo. Catherine Ann SUTHERLIN: Hotz; Spring- dale. James William SUTHERLAND: Humphreys; Lavaca. Diann SUTHERLIN: Fulbright; El Dorado JoAnn Marie SWAN: Fayetteville. Larry C. SWEARINGEN: Yocum; Van Buren. Ninth Row: Linda Sharon SWEETEN: Fulbright; Rog- ers. Brenda Kay SWINK: Hotz; Fort Smith. Stephen Warren TALIAFERRO: Yocum; Ozona, Tex. Richard Aron TALLENT: Yocum; Fort Smith. Charles David TANNER: Yocum; Batesville. Charmaine Regina TAY- LOR: Reid; Fort Smith. Cynthia Lee TAYLOR: Hotz; Neosho, Mo. 510 First Row: Dinah Theresa TAYLOR: Fulbright; Beau- mont, Tex. James Dennis TAYLOR: Humphreys; North Little Rook. Jeffrey Lynn TAYLOR: Fulbright; Osceola. Lyla A. TAYLOR: Hotz; North Little Rock. Nancy Lee TAYS: Hotz; Fort Smith. Stephen Blair TEAGUE: Yo- cum; Little Rock. Robert Edward TEHAN: Yocum; Cros- sett. Second Row: Tom TELLEPSEN II: 2AE; Houston, Tex. Sherry Kareen TERRY: Hot Springs. Garry Henry TEVEBAUGH: Yocum; Springdale. Paul Henry THANE: Humphreys; Texarkana. Kent Lashley THAREL: Fay- etteville. Dana Arthur THOMAS: Prairie Grove. David Conway THOMAS: Humphreys; Ochelata, Okla. Third Row: Dyanna Kay THOMAS: Fulbright; Spring- field, Mo. Karl Theodore THOMAS: Yocum; Salem. Sandra LaVerne THOMAS: Hotz; Blytheville. Virgil W. THOMAS: Yocum; Havana. William Miles THOMAS: Yocum; North Little Rock. Betty Bowen THOMPSON: ' Hotz; Luxora. Billie Joe THOMPSON: Yocum; Wave- land. Reid Hall Has Dedication Ceremony First Row: Howell M. THOMPSON, Jr.: Humphreys; Cabot. Larry Kenneth THOMPSON: Springdale. Linda Rose THOMPSON: Fulbright; El Dorado. Paul David THOMPSON: Humphreys; Oklahoma City, Okla. Re- becca Dawn THOMPSON: Hotz; Russellville. Drusilla THRASH: Fulbriaht; Shreveport, La. Carolyn E. THRON: Hotz; Fort Smith. Second Row: Donald Lee THURMAN: Yocum; Eu- reka Springs. Carol Suzanne THURSTON: Hotz; Mi wane. Barry Whelchel TICE: Huntsville. Larry Boggs TIFFEE: Yocum; Tuckerman. Linda Kay TILLEY: Ful- bright; Bull Shoals. Nancy B. TIMMONS: Fulbright; Fort Smith. Michael Flack TINSLEY: Humphreys; Para- gould. Third Row: Susan TIPPINS: Hotz; Gentry. Glenn Richard TITSWORTH: Alma. Louis Belin TOBIN: Yo- cum; Little Rock. Sara Elizabeth TOLE: Reid; Fort Smith. Barbara TOLL: Hotz; Little Rock. Marlene Ann TOTH: Hotz; Fords, N. J. Virginia Lee TOWNSEND: Fulbright; Conway. Fourth Row: David Ronald TOWNSON, Jr.: Humph- reys; Batesville. Tim R. TRACER: Humphreys; Rector. Sheila Ann TRAPANI: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Jim Dale TREAT: Yocum; Hope. Joanne TREECE: Fulbright; Harrison. Mary Katherine TRICE: Fulbright; Stuttgart. Frederick Thomas FRICKEY: Humphreys; Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Fifth Row: Donna Sue TROUSDALE: Hotz; Shawnee, Okla. John David TRUE: TKE; Bentonville. Linda Sue TRUSSELL: Fulbright; Hermitage. Glynn L. TRUSTY: Humphreys; Paris. Frederic C. TUCKER: Yocum; Hot Springs. Jim TUCKER: Humphreys; Wynne. Phyllis TUCKER: Hotz; Cabot. Sixth Row: Henry Rush TURK: Yocum; Sherrill. Ver- non David TURK, Jr.: KS; Forrest City. Phyllis Regenia TURNER: Fulbright; Corning. Richard Leigh TURNER: Humphreys; Blytheville. Dwight Dean TYNON: Yocum; Fort Smith. Marilyn Kay UHER: Fayetteville. Allen Deith UNDERWOOD: Farmhouse; Horatio. Seventh Row: Pam UPTON: Fulbright; Tulsa, Okla. Shirley Kay VANAMAN: Hotz; Hickory Ridge. Nicholas Dale VANDAMENT: Yocum; North Little Rock. Michael Robert VANDERBURG: Humphreys; Little Rock. George Ellis VAN HOOK, Jr.: Humphreys; El Dorado. Charlotte Ann VAN HORN: Hotz; Tulsa, Okla. Cheryl Ann VANN: Fulbright; Little Rock. Eighth, Row: John C. VAUGHAN: Yocum; Hot Springs. John VAUGHAN: IIKA; Texarkana. John War- ren VERNOR: Humphreys; Houston, Tex. Bill Mack VEST: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Eugene William VESTER, Jr : Stuttgart. Charles Ervin VICKERS: New- ark. Pam VINCENT: Fulbright; Nevada, Mo. 511 ' First Row: Raymond Payne VINING: Humphreys; McGehee. John F. VINSON: Humphreys; Springfield, Mo. Robert E. VINSON: Yocum; Nashville. Benjamin Thomas VISE: Yocum; Little Rock. Robert August VOGEL: K2; Little Rock. John Keith VOLK: Humphreys; Hickory Ridge. Frank VOZEL: Yocum; Fort Smith. Second Row: Nancy WADE: Hotz; Little Rock. Sandy WADE: Hotz; Richardson, Tex. Eugene Albert WAHL: Yocum; Fort Smith. Nancy Carol WALDO: Fulbright; El Dorado. Annie Lou WALKER: Hotz; Altheimer. Joan Katherine WALKER: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Linda WALKER: Hotz; Newport. Third Row: Paul N. WALKER: Humphreys; Dover. Thomas Kennedy WALKER: 2AE; Newport. Tommy Ernest WALKER: Springdale. Patricia Kaye WALLACE- Hotz; Calico Rock. Tom Whit WALKER: A6; North Little Rock. George Ponder WALLING: Humphreys- Salem. Jimmy D. WALLIS. Mitch Ryder Entertains at Gaebale 14 4t tk First Row: Rebecca Jane WALLIS: Hotz; Des Arc. John Edward WALTER III: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Robert Lee WALTERS: Yocum; Hot Springs. Hardy WALTON III: 2N; Fort Worth, Tex. Jim Carr WAL- TON: Humphreys; Bentonville. James Edward WARD: Humphreys; Pine Bluff. Kenneth Bloss WARD: Yocum; Dallas, Tex. Second Row: Peggy Lynn WARNOCK: 4-H House; Camden. John Christopher WARREN: Winslow. Sharon Diane WARREN: Fayetteville. Alan Futrell WARRICK: 2AE; McGehee. Jacqye Marie WASEM: Hotz; Aurora, Mo. Lloyd WASHINGTON, Jr.: Yocum; Hope. Pamela WASSON: Fulbright; Pine Bluff. Third Row: Gary Wayne WATERS: Yocum; Jackson- ville. Danny R. WATSON: Fayetteville. Helen Ruth WAT- SON: Hotz; Dallas, Tex. Nancy Lynn WATSON: Hotz; North Little Rock. Deborah Anneke WATTS: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Vicky A. WATTS: Reid; Fayetteville. Deborah Ann WEADOCK: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Fourth Row: Larry W. WEATHERS: AKA; Salem. Linda Catherine WEATHERS: Springdale. Alan WEBB: Fayetteville. Brenda Kay WEBB: Blue Eye, Mo. Mary Carolyn WEBB: Hotz; Helena. Randall Wayne WEBB: Berryville. Karen WEBER: Rogers. Fifth Row: Rebecca Earle WEEKS: Fulbright; Brus- sels, Belgium. Clayton Craig WELLS: Humphreys; Little Rock. John E. WENNERSTROM: Fayetteville. Robert Hugh WESTBROOK: 2N; Texarkana. Zaphrey Llewellyn WESTB ROOKS: Yocum; Camden. Billie Lou WESTER: Fayetteville. Thomas Douglas WHALEN: Yocum; Lake Charles, La. Sixth Row: Timothy L. WHILLOCK: IIKA; Clinton. Bette Jane WHITE: Hotz; Little Rock. David Andrew WHITE: Humphreys; Benton. Hubert Jarvis WHITE: IIKA; Crossett. James Michael WHITE: Humphreys; Hot Springs. Judy Lyn WHITE: Fulbright; Monroe, La. Linda Rcse WHITE: Hotz; Shreveport, La. Seventh Row: Marcia Ashby WHITE: Hotz; Bartles- ville, Okla. Stephen Joseph WHITE: Yocum; Hot Springs. Van R. WHITE. Jr.: Yocum; Quanah, Tex. Clarenda Joyce WHITLOW: Hotz; Plainview. Mary Jan WHITMORE: Fulbright; St. Charles. Pats Marie WHITTENBURGH: Hotz; Carlisle. Allen WHITWELL: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Eighth Row: Mary Sue WIDDOWFIELD: Fulbright; New Galilee. Pa. Mary Lou WILKINS: Fayetteville. Cath- erine Lucille WILLIAMS: Fulbright; Forrest. Evelyn Edieth WILLIAMS: Fulbriaht; Forrest City. Geneva WILLIAMS: Hotz; Little Rock. Gregory Allen WIL- LIAMS: Humphreys; Gravette. Janet K. WILLIAMS: Hotz; Paragould. 512 First Row: John Doyle WILLIAMS: Humphreys; Sheridan. Rufus John WILLIAMS 111: Yocum; Little Rock. Judy Ann WILLIAMSON: Fulbright; DeQueen. Delta Lynne WILLIS: Fulbright; Watson. Maurice F. WILLIS: 2AE; Pine Bluff. Nancy Carol WILLIS: Ful- bright; Corpus Christi, Tex. Thomas E. WILLIS: Humph- reys; Harrison. James Richard WILLITS: Yocum; North Little Rock. Second Row: Alan L. WILLROTH: Yocum; Moun- tainburg. Charles Scott WILSON: Calico Rock. Deborah Anne WILSON: Fulbright; Perry ville. Donuealia Kay WILSON: Hotz; Bartlesville, Okla. Larry Timothy WIL- SON: Humphreys; Jacksonville. Martha Lynn WILSON: Fulbright; Danville. Rita Suzanne WILSON: Hotz; Jack- sonville. Robert Burl WILSON, Jr.: Yocum; McCrory. Third Row: Robert John WILSON: Wilson Sharp; West Orange, N. J. Sharon Louise WILSON: Hotz; Hot ' Springs Susie WILSON: Fulbright; Little Rock. Theresa LaDonne WILSON: Fulbright; Bay town, Tex. William Hal WILSON: KZ; North Little Rock. Stephen Rolla WINGFIELD: ZII; Fayetteville. Ray M. WINNINGHAM: Yocum; Gentry. Gary Paul WINTERS: Yocum; Harris- burg. Fourth Row: Dwight Leo WITCHER: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Keith Ann WITHEROW: Philadelphia, Penn. Donna Lynn WOLF: Hotz; Fort Worth, Tex. Eliza- beth Lee WOMACK: Hotz; Springdale. Mary Elizabeth WOMACK: Fulbright; El Dorado. Barbara Ann WOOD: Hotz; Fort Smith. Daniel Hugh WOOD: Humphreys; Ty- ronza. Linda Teresa WOOD: Fulbright; Mena. Fifth Row: Richard Darr WOOD, Jr.: Acacia; Har- risburg. Lloyd Joseph WOODELL: Yocum; West Mem- phis. Olivia Jean WOODRUFF: Fulbright; Crawfordsville. Richard Sanford WOODS: Humphreys; North Little Rock. Sharon A. WOODWARD: Hotz; Fort Smith. Peggy Gordon WOODY: Greenwood. Ronald Dean WOOTEN: West Fork. John Edward WRAY, Jr.: Fayetteville. Sixth Row: Richard A. WREN: Humphreys; Musca- tine, la. Carol Jean WRIGHT: Hotz; Bentonville. Edward Wayne WRIGHT: Humphreys; Rose Bud. Harrison Earl WRIGHT, Jr.: 2AE; Texarkana, Tex. Orville Andrew WRIGHT: Humphreys; Green Forest. Richard Turner WRIGHT: Yocum; Warren. Jan Louise WULFEKUH- LER: Hotz; Paragould. Wanda C. WYETH: McGehee. Seventh Row: Hal Gill WYNNE: Z E; Arlington, Va. Bruce Eben YANCEY: AXA; Palm Desert, Calif. Susan Kay YAPLE: Hotz; Bartlesville. Okla. Janet Louise YARBROUGH: Hotz: Benton. Barbara YATES: Fayette- ville. Elajne YATES; Fulbright; Rogers. Jack B. YATES: Yocum ; Ozark. Eighth Row: James YATES: Droke; Redstar. Terry Ann YEE: Hotz; Lake Village. Brenda YOUNG: Ful- bright; Texarkana, Tex. Gary E. YOUNG: Humphreys; Malvern. Don Ray YOUNG: Humphreys; Fort Smith. Donald Lynn YOUNG: Yocum; Valley Springs. Linda Irene YOUNG: Hotz; Fort Smith. Ninth Row: Michael C. YOUNG: Yocum; Harrison. James H. YOUNGBLOOD: KZ; Fort Worth, Tex. Lillie Kathryn YOUNGER: Fulbright; Mountain View. Claudia M. YOE: Fulbright; Fayetteville. Jean Ann YOE: Ful- bright; Akron, 0. Suen Y. YUM: Humphreys; Eudora. Mary Helen ZACCANTI: Fayetteville. Freshmen This year ' s potential drop-outs have prepared for nxt year ' s Viet Cong bombing raids. 513 INDEX A BOOK, 72 Abbott, William W., 424 Abernathy, Harry Hewes. 451 Abney, Carol Ann, 468, 261 Abrara, Douglas, 451 Abshier, John Darrel, 468 Acheson, Grace Sylvia, 424 Ackley, Tommi Lou, 489 Adams, Carla Lou, 489, 213 Adams, Daniel Blaine, 451 Adams, Gary C., 468, 245, 372, 338 Adams, Gil Alan, 468 Adams, Jack A., 468 Adams, John C., 416 Adams, John Tilman, 416 Adams, Joseph Hudson, 489 Adams, Ivlelva Ann, 468 Adams, Nellie May, 489, 213 Adams, Stephen Eschol, 489 Adams, Suzanne, 468, 201 Adams, Wendell Jay, 489 Addmgton, James William, Jr., 424 Adkins, Roy Lee, 489, 235 Adkins, Ted Handy, 451 Adkinson, Virgil W. 24 Adier, Dorothy Diane, 468 Adney, Marilea, 468, 221 Agnew, Norma Lee, 424 AGRICULTURE, COLLEGE OF, 30 AGRICULTURIST STAFF, 74 Ahlstedt, Richard Wayne, 424 Ahrens, Diane, 451, 261 Ahrens, John T., 424 Ahrens, Robert Charles, 468 Aikman, Saundra Kaye, 489 AIR FORCE ROTC, 90 Ake, James C., 451, 284 Akins, Tia Lynn, 468, 257 Albaugh, Jean Maree, 489 Albertson, Robert Daryl, 489, 235 Albright, Ann, 468, 221 Albright, Leatha Ann, 489 Alderman, Lawrence Clayton. 42-1 Alexander, David Earl, 489 Alexander, Floyd, 399 Alexander, John Philip, 451 Alexander, Lawrence Allen, 468, 232 Alexander, Marshal Brian, 489, 288 Alexander, Mary Alice, 451 Alexander, Susan Evelyn, 468, 211 Alford, Missy, 416, 273 Alford, Regina Fay, 489, 203 Alford, Toni Rae, 489, 213 All, Md Afsar, 416 Aliff, Earl Wayne, 489 Allen, Charles David, 424 Allen, Charles David, 424 Allen, Connie Anne, 468 Allen, Cyndy, 451, 265 Allen, Edwin Richard, 424 Allen, James David, 489 Allen, James Ronald, 489 Allen, Kenneth Owen, 416 Allen, Loren Barry, 468, 303 Allen, Lynne Louise, 468 Allen, Michael Paul, 451 Allen, Michael Wayne, 489 Allen, Richard B., 421 Allen, Richard C., 489, 235 Allen, Ronald Dee, 489 Allen Travis James, 489 Allen, Vera G.. 489, 213 Alley, Phil, 451 Alley, Troy Caesar, 451, 246 llmendinger, Nancy Catherine, 468 Allred Dorothy Jean, 489 Allum, Alvin Leland, 424 Allured, Robert Alan, 451 Almond, Myron David, 489 ALPHA CHI OMEGA, 257 ALPHA CHI SIGMA, 309 ALPHA DELTA PI, 258 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, 309 ALPHA GAMMA RHO, 279 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA, 280 ALPHA KAPPA PSI, 315 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, 341 ALPHA PI MU, 333 ALPHA TAU ALPHA, 316 ALPHA ZETA, 316 Alphin, Saumel David, 468 Alstadt. Nancy Alice, 468 Alter, John Browning, 489 Althauser, Sarah Jane, 424 Alverson, Beverly Lynn, 489, 221 AMERICAN HOME ECO- NOMICS ASSN., 313 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE, 314 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, 323 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL EN- GINEERS, 311 Ames, Glenda Susan, 468 Amis, Mildred Mann, 451 Amis, Velma Dianne, 424 Ammons, Dennis, 451 Amos, Howell Clark, 451 Amos, Sharon Elaine, 468 Amundsen, Fetter Walter, 424, 291 Anders, Chester Michael, 489, 248 Anderson. Dove, 451 Anderson, James Redman, 468, 232 Anderson, James Watson, 451, 296 Anderson, Jerry Hunt, 424 Anderson, Jon Kent, 4,89 Anderson, Judy Ann, 489 Anderson, Marita Jane, 489 Anderson, Mary Ann, 4S9 Anderson, Rebecca Anise, 468 Anderson, Rick Ampherst, 489 Anderson, William H., 451 Anderton, Susan, 468, 208 Andrews, Edwina Marie, 489 Andrus, Sarah Katharine, 451, 258 ANGEL FLIGHT, 94 Anglin, Melvin Douglas, 468 ARTS AND SCIENCES, COLLEGE OF. 32 ANIMAL INDUSTRY CLUB, 317 Anstey, John R., 416 Anthony, Gloria Sue, 468. 221 Anthony, Janet Lynn, 468, 261 Anthony, John Franklin, 451 Anthony, Thomas Mark, 489 Apperson, Linda Joyce, 424 Appleton, Pauline Alice, 451, 269 Appleton, William Stradley, 489, 295 Aquilina, Raymond Francis II, 468, 291 Ardemagni. Bill Gene, 451 Ardemagni, Loyce Alexander, 489 Ardemagni, Richard M., 424 Area. Ronald G., 424 Arikan. Tayfun, 424, 280 ARKANSAS BOOSTER CLUB, 108 Armistead, Jim R., 424 Armstrong, Carolyn Kay, 424, 258 Armstrong, James LeRoy, 451 Armstrong Mike, 468, 300 ARMY ROTC, 84 ARMY SPONSORS, 88 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, 96 Arnold, Ann Carol, 451, 257 Arnold, Anne Deane, 468, 219 Arnold, Dan W., 489 Arnold, Pamela Sue, 451, 270 Arnold, Patricia Ellen, 424 Arnold. Ricky Fay, 489, 213 Arrington, Michael Edward, 424, 296 Arthur, Marsha Carole, 451 Asbury, Michael Louis, 468 Asselin, Larry, 468, 241 ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS, Atherton, Patricia Jan, 424 Atkins, Howard Cullen, 424 Atkins, Richard, 489, 235 Atkins, William Roger, 451 Atkinson, Annette, 424, 262 Atkinson, David Routt, 489 Atkinson, Randall Lee, 489 Atkinson, Mary Jane, 489, 203 Atkinson, Wayne Harris, 424 Atwood, John Fredrick, 451 Atwood, Thomas Lamar, 424 Auffert, Edward Leo, 424, 276 Auffet, John Charles, 424 Ault, Richard Joseph, 489 Austin, Anna Sue, 424 Austin, Robert Gene, 424 Austin, Wayne, 468, 245 Avery, Don Christopher, 489 Awbrey, Mildred Eugenia, 416 Ayers, Bill, 489, 235 Ayers, Tommie Dean, 468, 232 Ayers, Richard Lynn, 489, 235 B Baber, Thomas Mickey, 424 Bachman, Patsy Ann, 424 Back, Diann, 451 Baddour, Linda Sue, 451, 258 Bagby, Caroline, 81 Bagley, Sarah Avelyn, 451 Baguley, Sharon Dianne, 489 Bailes, Rose Ann, 468 Bailey, Bernis Hayes, 416 Bailey, Jack Bowman, 424 Bailey, John Paul, 468, 230 Bailey, Kenneth Paul, 489, 248, 392 Bailey, Mary Lee, 416 Bains, Linda Sue, 424, 258 Baird, Carolyn Anne, 489, 213 Baird, Joan Marie, 425, 208 Baird, Sarah Elizabeth, 468 Baker, Catherine, 425, 208 Baker, Claudia Lynne, 468 Baker, Don Brian, 489 BaKer, Floyd Earl, 416 Baker, John Douglas, 489, 235 Baker, June Michelle, 489 Baker, Katherine Lorraine, 489, 213 Baker, Larry Gene, 489, 248 Baker, Nancy Lynn, 489, 203 Baker, Owen Dwain, 425 Baker, Paul David, 425 Baker, Penny Sue, 489, 203 Baker, Ralph William, 451 Baker, Rosemary, 489, 213 Baker, Terry Lee, 468, 280 Baker, Terry Lee, 468 Baker, Theda Varie, 468, 273 Baker. William R., 421 Baldridge, Jane Lee, 489, 203 Baldwin, Billy Charles, 468 Baldwin, Richard Arthur, 468 Bale, John Hardin, 425, 296 Balke, Phillip Lynn, 468, 300 Balkman, LaCreta Jane, 468 Balkman, Robert Alton, 489 Ball, Kenneth B., 489 Ball, Patricia, 468, 270 Ball, Robert Lee, 451 Ballard, Johnnie Leroy, 489 Ballard, Kenneth Lee, 425, 232 Baltz, Albert F., 451 Balwanz, Richard Lloyd, 490 Bane, Rebecca Ellen, 468, 219 Baney, Nancy Lynn, 490, 213 Baney, Stanley H., 451, 243 Banks, C. Jaylon, 468, 221 Banks, Charles A., 468, 287, 49 Banks, Nicky Don, 468 Bankson, Mannon G. Jr., 451 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, 319 Barber, David Martin, 490 Barber, Marcilee, 490, 213 Barber, Paul Leonard, 490 Barclay, Donna Lynne, 490 Barker, Donna, 490, 213 Barker, Hulon Wayne, 451 Barker, Nancy Susan, 468, 201 Barkley, Barry G., 490 Barkley, Charlotte Ann, 416 Barkley, Mike, 63, 70 Barksdale, Lewis D., 451, 300 Barlow, Frada Ann, 468, 270 Barnard, Raymond Lee, 490 Earner, Jerry Glen, 468 Earner, Ronnie Ray, 451 Barnes, Billy Bruce, 468, 232 Barnes, Janis Faye, 468, 219 Barnes, Jim Donald, 468, 245 Barnes, Jim Tiroy, 451 Barnett, Kathy Jo, 468, 261 Barnes, Larry D., 490, 235 Barnett, Billy Joe, 4990, 235 Barnett. Diane N., 451, 258 Barnett, Jane Ellen, 425, 201 Barnett, Ronald David, 416 Barnhill, John G., 468, 292 Barnhill, John G., 468. 292 Barr, Jewel Taylor, 425 Barr, Katherine JoCeil, 468 Barringer, Julianne, 468, 221 Barron. Joe Max, 451 Barry, Ben Lewis, 451, 288 Barry, Michael Ray, 490 Bartell, Daniel Eugene, 421 Bartell, Donna Louise, 416 Barthell, Mary Amanda, 490 Bartlett, Jerry Neil, 425, 232 Bartlett, Leland Benjamin Jr., 416 Bartley, Ray Ellis, 451 Barton, Cu rtis Blair, 451, 248 Barton, Edwin Stanley, 490 Barton, Johnie Wesley, 425 Barton, Wade Cole, 468 Basham, Dale Eugene, 468 Basham, Jerald F., 469 Basinger, M. Kathryn, 469 Basore, Barbara Ann, 451 Basore, Harry H. Ill, 490 Bass, Candy, 490, 203 Bass, Hugh M., 425, 288 Bassett, Connie, 490, 213 Bassett, Don Carlon, 469 Bassett, Lonnie Gene, 425 Batchelor, Gary Lee, 490, 235 Bateman, Lanny, 416 Bateman, Margaret Elizabeth, 469 Bateman, William Walter Jr., 469, 292 Bates, Carrol R., 425, 292 Bates, Raymond Scott, 490 Batlinger, Shery, 469, 265 Bauch, Susan, 490, 213 Baucum, Billy Kay, 490, 203 Bauer, Susan, 294 Baugh, James E., 469, 295 Baugh, James Owen, 416 Baughs, Gayel A., 490 Baum, William Raymond, 451 Baster, Edward Paul, 490 Beaird, Margaret Sunita, 490 Beakley, Arthur Duayne, 490 Beal, Karen Elaine, 451, 201 Beall, James Russell, 490, 248 Beall, Linda Louise, 425 Beaman, Jean Elizabeth, 425 Bean, Charles William, 425 Bean, Terry Robert, 416, 304 Beane, Dorot hy Ann, 469, 270 Beard, Robert S., 451 Beard, William E., 490, 248 Beard, William King, 469, 243 Beardell, Charles W., 490, 303 Bearden, Larry Fred, 490, 248 Beasley, Anne Katherine, 425 Beasley, James Thomas, 425 Beasley, Sam David, 490, 295 Beaty, James, 451 Beaty, Virginia C., 451, 257 Beatty, John M., 469, 292 Beauchamp, Sandy, 469, 262 Beavers, Greenberry F., 490 Beaver, Harold Dennis, 451 Beavers, Donna Kay, 451, 201 Beck, Allen Lewis, 490, 280 Beck, Darlene R., 425 Beck, Gregory, W., 451 Beck, Ruth Ann, 451, 208 Beck, Steven Gregory, 451 Becker, Peter Otto, 451, 243 Becker, William Herbert, 451 Beckman, Milke, Allen, 451 Beckworth, Dennis Dean, 451 Beecher, Susan Linda, 490 Beezley, Alan Hal, 451 Bekkering, Hendrik Cornelius, 416, 296 Belcher, Lewis Jr. Jr., 425 Belew, Helen Carol, 451, 261 Bell, Barbara Ann, 490, 213 Bell, David Lee, 452, 280 Bell, J. C., 452, 246 Bell. Jim Pat, 490, 248 Bell, Kathy Ellen, 490, 213 Bell, Marily n Spotts, 425 Bell, Mary Gale, 452 Bell, Patricia Jane, 452, 270 Bell, Robert Lee Jr., 425 Bell, Ridney Dale, 425 Bell, Wayne Thomas, 452, 283 Bellah, Carl Jr., 452, 303 Belote, Stephanie Jeanine, 490, 213 Benedict, Jon R., 490 Benge. Michael Scott, 490 Benham, Anita Sue, 490, 203 Benner, Susan Jane, 490, 213 Bennett, Doris Elaine, 469, 221 Bennett, Glenn Harris, 416 Bennett, L. Brett, 490, 203 Bennett, Patricia A., 425, 219 Bennett, Robert Patrick, 425 tennett, Stephen Bruce, 425 Bennett, Wayne Doyling, 452 Bennett, William Albert, 469 Benson, Claudia Sue, 452, 221 Bentley, Ruth Lynch, 490, 203 Benton, Beverly Ann, 469 Benton, Joal Tim, 425 Benton, Lenny Leon, 490, 279 Benton. William W., 469, 299 Benward, Cindy, 490, 203 Bercher, Kerry Lance 452 Bercher. Martine 372, 386 Berkowitz, James, 490, 291 Berkowitz, James, 490, 291 Berlinger, Jerry, 452, 284 Berneer, Kenneth Edward, 452 Berner, Steve T., 452, 292 Bernhagen, Kathryn Jane, 490. 213 Berry, Allen W., 416 Berry, Boyd Blake, 452 Berry, Gaylon, 469, 291 Berry, J. William, 425 Berry, Judy Anne, 469, 221 Berry, Linda Kay, 469, 221 Berry, Marilyn E., 469, 298 Berryhill, Jana, 490, 213 Berryhill, Mary Rosa, 452, 211 Berryhill, Stu, 372 Bertsch, Linus Emil, 284 BETA ALPHA PSI, 321 Bethea, Michael Frank, 452 Betton, Farrish Earl, 452 Betton, Harold Byrd, 469 Betts, Harold Byrd, 469 Betts, Dennis Leon, 469, 232 Beyerley, Charles Elmer, 452 Bezucha, Roberta Jean, 490 Bibb, David, 4990, 248 Bibby, Michael Bullard, 469 Bidwell, Ab, 369 Bielkiewicz, Linda Cecile, 490, 203 Bien, Gary James, 425 Biesel, Heiner D. P., 469 Bigger, Stephen Russell, 425 Biggs, Mary Elizabeth, 425 Biggs, Wilbur A., 490, 235 Bigham, Ann, 425, 261 Bilbrey, James Ross, 452, 295 Biles, Jack Paul, 490, 235 Bilheimer, Ann Marie, 469 Billings, Charles Roland, 490 Billingsley, Robert Taylor, 425, 232 Bingham, George, ' 169, 232 Bird, Edwin Williamson, Jr., 452, 295 Bird, James H., 425 Birmingham, James Allen, 490, 235 Birkett, David V., 469 Bischof, Harry Patrick, 469 Bishop, Donald Eugene, 490 Bishop, Douglas Gene, 469 Bishop, Marilyn, 490, 203 Bishop, Michael Taylor, 469 Bishop, Roger William, 425 Bishop, William Ernest, 490 Bivens, Patricia Kay, 469 Black, Ann, 490, 203 Black, Bo, 469, 245 Black, Carolyn Sue, 469, 221 Black, Catherine Ann, 452 Black, Dale Roger, 425 Black. Henny Titus, 421 Black, Jimmy Dale, 452, 283 Black, Joe, 373 Black, John Graham, 421 Black. John J., 469 Black, Kay Lynn, 469, 201 Black, Larry A., 469, 232 Black, Marshal O. Jr., 490 Black, Michael Roy, 490, 248 Black, Patsy Carol. 491, 203 Black, Roy Edward, 469, 232 Black, Yulonda Kay, 491, 213 Blackard, Candyce S., 469, 221 Blackburn, David Nickell, 491. 248 Blackford, Nancy J., 452, 221 Blackmon, Wilbur Dee Jr., 491, 248 Blackwelder, Ronald H., 491 Blackwell, John Owen, 425 Blackwell, Ralph Johnston, 452 Blackwell, Verda Eloise, 491 Blagg, Brenda Joyce, 469, 201 Blair, Lena Sue, 491, 213 Blair, Michael Kent, 491, 299 Blair, Sharon, 425, 262 Blair, Tommy Darrell, 469 Blake, Nancy Annette, 452 Blake, Patricia Jane, 491, 203 Blakeman, B. J., 469, 235 Blakemore. Glenn Ann, 469 Blalock. Sheila Anne. 491, 213 Bland, James A. Jr., 491 Bland, Kenneth R.. 491, 300 Bland, Lyndell, 373 Bland, Richard Adrian, 425 Blankenship, G. Leroy. 421 Blankenship, Michael S., 491 Blanshard, Robert Atherton, 469, 292 Blanz, Robert Ernest, 425 Blaylock, Don, 469, 230 Blaylock, Robert Ferrell, 469 Bleidt, Patricia Anne, 416, 221 Block. Ann Oliver, 491, 213 Bloesch, George Werner Jr., 469 Bloomberg, Insrid Ann, 452 BLUE KEY, 322 Blume, Barbara Len, 491, 221 Blythe, Stephen Errol, 491 BOARD OF TRUSTEES, 22 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS, 73 Boatright, Alice Lavelle. 469 Bobo, Gerald Wayne. 425 Bock, Lois Mae, 491, 213 Boe, M. Timothy, 491, 288 Bogard, David Byron, 4?1 Bogun, Thomas Hale, 452, 228 514 Bohlken, Karel E.. 469. 201 Boling, Carolyn G.. 469. 265 Bolinger, Bobby G., 425 Bolt, Lavada Charleen, 452 Bonady, Jane Veronica, 469 Bond, John Barnitz, 452, 284 Bone, Jim, 369 Bonnell. Gretchen Marie, 425, 270 Bonner, Marilyn Jane, 491 Bonner, Roland C., 452 Bonnette, Carolee, 491, 213 Bookout, Nancy, 491 Bookout, Peggy Ellen, 469 Boone, Charles A., 452 Boone, Joni Jo, 491, 213 Booth, Frank Wayne, 421 Booth, Richard Earl Jr., 452 Boothe, John Roger, 491, 248 Borchert. Billy, 452. 241 Bordewieck, Erma Carol, 425 Boren. Brannon Dale, 425 Borengasser, David Alan, 491 Borengasser, Mary Ann, 452 Borengasser, Michael Joseph, 416 Borgeson, Wallace R.. 416 Borkert, Patricia Lynne. 491 Borland. Catherine Ann, 452 Boswell, Michael Dean. 452 Boswell, Suzanne, 469, 208 Bolts. Mary, 469, 258 Boudra, Luther Harlan, 452 Boulet, John Hughit. 416 Bourn, L. Patrick, 452, 228 Bourgoin, Robert Allen, 491 Bourland, Freddie Marshall, 491. 283 Bowden. Billie Jean, 491, 211 Bowen, Bobby Lee. 491 Bowen, Evelyn Gail. 452. 273 Bowen, Mary Lavender, 416 Bowen. Robert W , 491, 248 Bowen, Thomas Eugene, 411 Bowers, Charles M., 469, 296 Bowers, Mike, 70 Bowers, Patsv Lynette, 469 Bowie, Arthur Flynt, 452. 243 Bowie. Terry Frost, 426, 284 Bowman, Barbara Louise, 491. 213 Bowman, Carole Ann. 452 Bowman, Gayle. 491, 203 Bowman, Patricia, 452, 270 Bowman, Rebecca Flo, 426 Bowman, Talbert Planning III, 426. 276 Bowman, Vernon Dean, 426 Box, Linda Merle, 469 Boyd, Gail, 491. 213 Boyd, James Earl, 469, 232 Boyd, Jim Con. 491, 248 Boyd, Loretta Marie, 452 Boyd, Thomas Sloan, Jr.. 426 Boydstun, Gul Russel, 469 Boyer, Judith Lee, 469, 219 Boyes, Richard Evan, 452 Boyle, John Raymond, 469 Brackeen, Marcus. 452 Brackett. Jerry Wayne, 452 Brackett, Karen F., 469, 221 Brackin, Gary Bryan. 469, 299 Bradford, Sarah Adine, 426 Bradford. Willie Charles, 452 Bradley, Howard Andrews, 491, 235 Bradley. Jane, 452, 269 Bradley, Janet Lea, 426, 211 Bradley, Martha Ellen. 426 Bradley, Terry Douglas. 426 Bradley, Yayne M., 469 Bradley, William Harold, 469 Bradshaw, Carolyn Ray. 491 Bradshaw, Paul R.. Jr.. 491 Bradshaw, Walter James, Jr., 426 Brambl. Danny Martin, 469 Brand. John Rodney, 469. 245 Brandon, Joanne, 491, 213 Brandon, William Graham, 426, 300 Brandt, C. Terry, 469, 292 Brandt. David Wilson, 491 Brannon, Penny, 426, 270 Braswell, Herbert Hoover, 469 Bratcher, Ben A., 426 Bratcher, Glenn M., 426, 295 Bratcher, James Wayne. 426 Bratton. Donald Gene. 452 Bratton, Gary Ray, 469, 248 Bratton. Joan Claudette. 491 Bratton. Nancy Carol, 426 Bray, Linda Gene, 469, 219 Bray, Patrick L., 426. 232 Breedlove, Robert Donald, 426 Breese, James Larry, 452 Breland. Bradley Knight, 452. 276 Breland. Frances Margaret, 491, 213 Bretherick, Mary Ann, 469 Brewer. Donna Lynn, 452. 208 Brewer, Rommie Gean, 491 Brewer, Sharyn Ann, 452, 258 Brian, William Larry, 469 Brians. Larry Wayne, 491 Bridenthal, Connie Lee, 491 Bridge, Peter F., 491, 284 Bridgforth, John Dudley, 321 Bridgeman, Ethel Jane, 491 Bridges. Philip Dean, 469, 235 Brigance, Linda Jean, 469 Briggs, John Stephen, 452 Bright, David L., 469, 300 Brigman, Linda Lou, 469, 221 Brillhart, Susan Margaret, 491. 213 Brinkley, B. Ewyn, 491. 213 Brinkley. Carl Richard. 469 Brinson, Jan C., 491, 203 Brisco. Jackie W.. 491, 235 Brittain, Bob Lynn, 469, 228 Brittenum, Jon Roger, 426, 373, 387, 388 Brizzolara, John Paul, 470 Brocchus, Nina C., 426 Brocchus, Robert F., 426 Brock, David K., 426, 287 Brockman, David R., 426 Brodie, Marlou, 452. 208 Brodie, Marilyn, 452, 208 Brogdon, Toni, 491, 213 Broker, Milton Charles, Jr., 470, 235 Brookes, Robert Word, 470 Brooks, Dianne, 452, 265 Brooks, Don L.. 491 Brooks, Kelso Clinton, Jr., 470, 280 Brooks, John Charles, 491 Brooks. Larry Galan, 491, 235 Brooks, Rosemari, 491, 213 Broom, Linda Sue, 426, 257 Brosh, Charles Patric, 491 Brotherton, Robert Harold, Jr., 426 Broussard, Donald Lee, 491 Browers, Sharon Lee, 470 Brown, Billy Don, 426 Brown, Bob, 77 Brown. Carman Holder, 421 Brown, Carol Ann, 470 Brown, Charlene, 426, 221 Brown, Charles lee, 452, 296 Brown, Connie Marie, 491 Brown, Curtis Erwin, 491, 295 Brown, Danny Carl, 470 Brown, Darrel Fayne, 470 Brown, David Joe, 426 Brown, Donna Kay, 470, 208 Brown, Donald Ray, 470 Brown, Edward Lee, 452 Brown, Gilbert Lester, Jr., 426, 241 Brown, Gregory Brugn, 470 Brown, Irwin Hal, 470, 295 Browne, Jack Eugene, 421 Brown, James Arnold, 426 Brown, James Leslie. 491 Brown, James Robert, 452 Brown, Janet Ruth, 491, 213 Brown, Jerry Dale, 491, 235 Brown, Jim G., 426 Brown, John W., 426 Brown, John William, 470 Brown, Kathleen Louise, 491 Brown, Kay Evelyn, 426 Brown, Lynda Dee, 470, 262 Brown. Marjorie Dianne, 470 Brown, Marty, 392 Brown, Mary Elizabeth, 491 Brown, Michael Lynn, 491 Brown, Nancy Engle, 452 Brown, Patricia Ann, 452, 262 Brown, Rebecca Anne, 426 Brown, Rebecca June, 470 Brown, Rebecca Sue, 491, 213 Brown, Richard Lee, 491 B-own, Robert A., 470, 284 Brown, Robert Haigler, 426 Brown, Sara Ann, 426, 270 Brown, Sharon Lynn, 491, 213 Brown, Shirley, 470 Brown, Susie, 470, 273 Brown, Terry Thomas, 491 Brown, Tom Allison, 416, 279 Brown, William David, 470 Browne, Frank Alfonzo, 470 Browning, Deborah Leigh, 491, 213 Browning, Joe Clem, 491. 235 Broyles, Carol, 470 Broytes, John Franklin, 491 Bruce, Williarr. Clark, 470 Bruning. Edward Ray, 491 Bryan, Charles Lundy, 491 Bryan, Phillip Elton. 470 Bryant. Don Alan. 470 Bryant, James Madison, II, 421 Bryant, John Duffle, 491. 248 Bryant, Joyce Jan, 426, 273 Bryant, Larry L., 452, 283 Bryant, Michael Edward, 491 Bryant. Sharon Kaye, 452 Bryant, Shelby Galen, 45 Bryant. Suellen T., 426 Bryant, Thelma Avis, 491, 211 Bryant. Wilda Georganne, 492. 203 Bryant. William F., 470, 284 Bryson, Mary Beth, 426, 261 BUCHANAN HOUSE, 228 Buchanan, Mildred Corinn. 470, 262 Buchanan, Robert Collins, 470 Bucher, Jack J., 470 Bucy, Nancy Ann, 492, 203 Buehner, Lloyd R., Ill, 421 Buercklin, John Austin, 426 Buffington, Thomas Ray, 492 Bufkin, Robert L., 416 Buford, Claude Douglas, Jr., 492, 292 Bugh, David Goodwin, 492 Bugh, Quin Wesley, Jr., 470 Buie, Mary Lanelle, 42o, 269 Bull, Adam B., 492, 248 Bullington, Danny Mack, 492 Bullington, Kay, 453 Bullion, Bruce Thomas, 470 Bulloch, Caroline J., 492, 213 Bullock, Darryl Jon, 453 Bullock, James Harvey, 453 Bumpass, Ronald E., 492, 280 Bunch, David L., 453, 229 Bunch, Donald William, 492, 235 Bunch, Mary Carolyn, 426 Bunge, Carole Beatrice, 426, 265 Bunn, Larry William, 426 Bunton, Charles Glyndon, 492 Bunton, Charles Glyndon, 492, 235 Burdine, Charlie Morris, 470 Burge, Louis Case, 492, 235 Burgess, James Quitman, Jr., 421, 292 Burkett, Barbara Ann, 492 Burks, Donald Howard, 470 Burks, Ernest Dwayne, 426 Burks, Francis Edward, Jr., 492, 235 Burnett, Kent, 427, 300 Burks, Kenneth Norman, 453 Burks, Patricia Lynn, 492, 213 Burleson, Ann, 492, 203 Burnett, Donna Jane, 492, 213 Burnett, Jim, 470, 243 Burnett, Jo Belle, 427 Burnett, Richard Lee, 492 Burnett, Thomas Hays, 427 Burnette, Barbara Chapman, 470 Burns, Charles William, 470 Burns. Thomas Eugene, 453 Burr, Michael E., 470, 300 Burris, Carl Eugene, 470 Burroughs, Nancy Lou. 427 Burrow, Charles Chris, 453 Burrow, Joseph Charles, 492 Burrow, Mary Jane, 453, 221 Burtness, Barbara Helen, 492 Burton, Charles Richard, 470 Burton, Lyndon Douglas, 416 Burton, P. D., Ill, 427, 292 Burton, Roland Lewis, 453 Busby, Wilson Howard, 492 Bush, John Finley, 427 Bush, William Landon, Jr., 492 Bushkohl, Kathy A., 492, 213 Butcher, David McAuliffe, 492, 235 Butcher, Kurt, 492, 235 Butler, Frank, 492. 287 Butler, Linda Kay, 470, 273 Butler, Mary Lou, 492, 203 Butler, Patricia Ann, 470, 258 Butler, Victor Doyle, 453 Butrum, Fred H., 427 Butrum, Shirley Ann, 427 Buxton, Charles G., 427, 284 Buzzard, Clyde Melvin II, 492, 248 Byars, James Frank, 427 Byers, Sara Jane, 492, 213 Bynum Dianna Sharon. 492 Bynum, Frank Wilson, Jr., 427 Bynum, Kenneth Jon, 427, 299 Bynum, Sherry Marie, 492 Cadelli, Dino Augustino, 427 Cagle, Clarence K., 416 Cagle, Gordon Wayne. 416 Cagle, Marcelyn Renee, 453 Cagle, Neva Jane, 453 Cain, Mary Lou, 453. 270 Cain, Timothy Curtis, 453 Calaway, Richard B., 470 Caldwell, Al John, 427 Caldwell, Barbara Ann, 492 Caldwell, Bryan Glenn, Jr., 453 Caldwell, Carey Allen, 453 Caldwell, Catherine Elizabeth, 427, 270 Caldwell. David Leon, 492, 248 Caldwell. Linda LaJean. 453 Caldwell. Lynne, 492, 203 Calhoon, Julian Dale, 416, 235 Calhoon, Susan Beth. 492, 203 Calhoon. George. 374 Call, Pat, 453, 221 Callahan, Fred James, 492 Callahan, Ginny, 427, 258 Callahan, Harold Kerry, 492 Calloway, Pauline, 427 Cameron, Joyce Smith, 492 Cameron, M. G., 416 Cameron, Ronald Moore, 427 Cameron, William Blake, 470 Cameron, William Robert, 492. 235 Camfield, Carol Lynn, 492 Campbell, Bill Blaine, 416 Campbell, Carol Louise, 470 Campbell, Donna Carole, 453 Campbell, George Wayne, Jr., 453, 232 Campbell, James Reid III, 427 Campbell, James Richard, 427 Campbell, Jane. 470, 266 Campbell, Kenny R., 453 Campbell, Kenny R., 421 Campbell, Louise, 453, 261 Campbell, Ollle Columbus, Jr., 453, 280 Campbell, Richard F. Ill, 470 Campbell, Ronald Gary, 427 Campbell, Shirley Jean, 492 Campbell, Stephen Craig, 492, 248 Campbell, Theresa Lee, 453 Canino, William R., 427 Cantrell, Stephen E., 470, 243 Cantwell, John Neal. 421 Capoot, Michael George, 492 Capps, Charles David, 470, 241 Capps, Oscar Emerson, 416 Cardenal, Juan de la Cruz, 470 CARDINAL XX, 322 Carle, Edward A., 470 Carlson, Charles Anthony, 492. 235 Carlson, Lois Ann, 470, 221 Carlson, Steve N., 470, 287 Carlton, Michael H., 453 Carlton, Shannon Lea, 470 Carman, John Gregory, 453 Carman, Ronald H., 416 Carnahan, Donald Lee, 427 Carnahan, Wayne L., 492 CARNALL HALL, 201 Carnes, Clydia Gayle, 4o3, 262 Games, Lana Sue, 492, 213 Carnes, Ronald Morton, 492 Carney, Betty Lou, 470, 201 Carney, Carolyn Kay, 492 Carolan, Diane, 492 Carpenter, David J., 492 Carpenter, Diane, 492, 213 Carpenter, J. Diane, 470, 221 Carpenter, James Robert, 492 Carpenter, Jeanette, 470, 269 Carpenter, Linda Kay, 470 Carper, Mari Gwendolyn, 492 Carr. Cynthia Ann, 470, 266 Carr, Michael Joseph, 421 Carr, Terry Joe, 492, 235 Carraway, Patrick Meek. 416 Carrington, Mary E., 492, 213 Carroll, Larry W., 453 Carroll, William N., 470 Carroum, David Lyon, 470 Carruth, Joan Michael, 470 Carruth, Joseph Thomas, 427 Carson, David Eugene, 492 Carson, David Kit, 492, 235 Carson, Elizabeth Kaye, 492 Carson, James L., 492, 235 Carson, Linda Noe, 470, 221 Carson, Margaret Kay, 470 Carson, Winton Gayle, 453 Carter, Barbara June. 492, 221 Carter, Garry, 492 Carter, Hilda Arnold, 470 Carter, Joe Brad, 492, 248 Carter, John Stewart, 492 Carter, John T., 453, 246 Carter, Joseph Edward, 492 Carter, Lane Swifton, 470, 229 Carter, Leslie, 453, 279 Carter, Ralph F.. 453 Carter. Richard N., 492, 235 Carter, Ronald Murry, 453 Carter, Thomas Faye, 427 Carter, William Grady, Jr., 416 Carter, William Wayne. 492 Carver, David Mark, 453, 291 Carver, Stephen Francis, 492 Carwell. William Burns. 470 Gary. Linda Lee. 427, 269 Casbeer. John Virgil, 470, 292 Case, James C., 427. 300 Casey, James Robert II. 427 Casey, Linda L., 427 Cash, Annabelle Robin, 427, 273, 49. 58 Cash, Clarence Walden, 421 Cash, Larry Joe, 427 Cashion. Michael S., 470, 295 Cassil. Don R., 427, 291 Cassil. Jerry Newton. 492 Castleberry, Harry Dwight. 427, 279 Castleberry, Nan Elizabeth, 492, 213 Castleman, Clayton Norrls, 453 Castleman, Ronald Lee, 418 Gates, Gerald Lee. 492, 248 Cathcart, Lucile, 453 Catherall, Beth, 492, 213 Cathey, James P., 416 Catlett, Helen Elizabeth, 427 Cato, Dan E., 492 Cato, William Stephen, 492 Caudle, Katharine Louise, 492 Caudle, Larry Eugene, 470 Caulder, Martha Lou, 470, 221 Cauley, Eileen Anne, 492, 203 Cavender, Barbara Jo, 470 Cawood, James Murlin, Jr., 470, 303 Cawood, Robert L., 470 Cawthorn, Sandra Leigh, 492 Cearley, Larry, 492, 235 Oearley, Marilyn Louise, 493 Cecil, Jeanne, 470, 258 Cecil, Richard Lee, 427 Cell, Mario Patricio, 453, 232 Centrello, John James, 470 Chaffin, C. Wayne. 453 Chaffin, Charles Michael, 428 Chalfant, Vicky Margaret, 470, 208 Chambers, Brenda Yaye, 493 Chambers, David Hall, 428 Chambers, John Ed. 453, 284 Chambers, Synde, 493, 213 Chancey, Grady, Jr., 493, 248 Chandler, Fred R., 428, 299 Chandler, Hoy Eugene, 428 Chandler, Sharon Ann, 470 Chandler, Winston Griggs, 416 Chaney, Charles, Jr.. 428 Chapman, David Ray, 453, 291 Chapman, Dennis Wayne, 493 Chapman, Richard Williams, 428, 300 Chapman, Ronald Wayne, 493, 235 Chapo, Thomas John, 453 Chappell, Holmes, 428 Chappell, Maritee, 471, 273 Chase, June Strang, 416 Chasteen, Lanny Gordon, 416 Cheairs, Teresa Lee, 493, 203 Cheatham, Debra Sue, 471 Cheatham, Joey William, 493 Cheney. Carol Lee, 493, 213 Cheney, Stephen Edward, 428 Cherry, James F., 493, 235 Cherry, Kathryn Jane, 493 Chesshir, Sarah Lynn, 453 Cheyne, Bob, 368 Cheyne, Cathy E., 453 CHI EPSILON, 328 CHI OMEGA, 261 CHI THETA, 325 Childress, Deborah, 493, 203 Childs. Sheron Sue, 493, 203 Childs, William W., 428, 232 Chiles, Ronald Mann, 453, 284 Chilton, Linda, 453, 219 CHIMES, 324 Chiolino. Linda Ann, 453. 208 Chism, H. Dale, 453 Choate, Stephen, 421 Crestman, Michael L., 471 Chrisman, William Marshall, 471, 248 Christal. Wiley H., 453, 304 Christena, David Scott, 453 Christenson, Gary Lester, 471 Christensen, Helge Gram, Christiansen, Kenneth Louis, 428 Christy. Richard Call, 471 Chu. Shirley Joy, 493, 203 Chunn, Gary Wade, 428 Church, Gary Allen. 493, 235 Churchill, Randle Wayne. 493. 235 CIRCLE K, 326 Citty. Faye Eubanks, 471 Citty, Lyndel Q., 471 CIVIC CLUB, 327 Clampit, H. Paul, 416 Clorida, Gloria Jean, 471, 221 Clark, Andrew Lawson, 428 Clark. B. Gayle, 493, 213, 88 Clark. Carolyn Marie, 493, 213 Clark, Daniel Raymond, 471 Clark, Donald Ellis, 493, 248 Clark, Fred, 428 Clark, James Corbln, 421 Clark, Janis Carolyn, 471, 221 Clark, Judy M.. 471, 221 Clark, Kenneth Henderson, 471, 246 Clark, Kenneth Jay, 428 Clark, Mary Nita. 493. 213 Clark, Michael W., 453, 303 Clark, Peggy Ann, 428 Clark, Philip Holland, 493 Clark. Rayanna Hill. 493 Clark. Rodney Allen, 471 Clark, Stephen Lee, 416 Clark, William Andrew in. 493, 235 Clarke, Sharron Clarke. 493 Clawitter, Susan Gail. 493, 203 Clay, Linda, 471, 262 Clayton, John Harold, 493 515 Clem, Barbara Dell, 493, 203 Clem, Jerry E., 428, 284 Clem, Judith Robinson, 428 Clemens, James Alexander, 428 Clement, Helen Cameron, 471 Clement, Patricia Ann, 471 Clements, Paul Kenneth, 417 demons, Patricia Elaine, 453 Cleveland, Herschel Wayne, 453, 280 Cleveland, Marian, 453, 270 Clevidence, Beverly Ann, 471 Clift, Ralph M., 428 Clifton, Lowell D., 471, 232 Clifton, Mary L., 493, 213 Clifton, Otto Wilson, Jr., 417 Clifton, Sandra Gene, 471 Climer, Jerome F., 417, 243 Cline, Sallie Frances, 493, 203 Clingan, John P., 471 Clopton, James W., 471, 232 Glowers, Tommy G., 493 Cloyd, Linda Faye, 471, 219 Cluck, Dowell Edward, 453 Clyne, Carl W., 428 Coates, Wayne L., 428, 287 Cobb, Wayne L., 428, 287 Cobb, James Edward, 471, 228 Cobb, Jeanie, 453, 261 Cobb, Shirley Janes, 493, 213 Cochran, Dennis Ray, 428 Cochran, Donna Kay, 453, 261 Cochran, Marsha Oline, 453 Cockrum, Robert Eugene, 453, 296 Cody, Susan Fiser, 471 Coe, Charles E., 453 Coe, Patricia Louise, 453, 258 Coffee, Shannon, 493, 213 Coffeey, Susan Ann, 471, 208 Coffey, Charley, 368 Coffield, Catherine Louise, 471, 221 Coffield, James Robert, 428 Coffield, Joe Edward, 471 Cogbill, Gene, 471, 241 Cogbill, Leslie Marie, 493, 213 Cogburn, Tom H., 471, 280 Coger, Paulette, 453 Cohen, Margaret Martha, 428 Coil, Stephen Edward, 471 Coker, Jackie Nel, 493 Coker, John Robert, Jr., 428 Coker, Sandra Ann, 453, 208 Colbert, Jimmy Lee, 471, 283 Colclasure, Donna L., 4U3, 203 Colclasure, Hay Eugene, 471 Colclasure, Richard Michael, 493, 288 Cole, George, 367 Cole, James David, 128, 295 Cole, James Harold, 453 Cole, Judy, 471, 257 Cole, Marge, 493, 213 Cole, Patricia, 471, 221 Cole, Ronald W., 493, 248 Coleman, Bill Rex, 493 Coleman, Burke Johnston, 428 Coleman, Dalton Miles, 471 Coleman, Grace Ann, 428 Coleman, Randell C., 471 Coleman, Richard W., 471, 245 Coleman, Ulysses Lincoln, 493, 296 Coles, Richard Lewis, 453, 232 Coliz, Carol Lynn, 471, 221 Collier, Janet McAllister, 428 Collier, Milton Chapelle, Jr., 428 Collins, George E., 493, 248 Collins, Kay Graham, 471, 208 Collins, Jeff, 493, 248 Collins, William David, 453 Collyge, Donald Gene, 493 Colvin, Gerald Franklin, 417 Combs, Nathan Lewis, 421 COMMERCE GUILD, 329 Comstock, Kenney Morris. 493, 291 Conde, Carolyn Lee, 493, 203 Condit, John Michael, 471, 296 Conditt, Charles Allen, 471 Condon, Mike, 471 Condry, Nancy Jo, 493, 203 Conduff, Ernest W., 493 Cone, Andrew Benton, 471, 245, 392 Cone, Claire Sizanne, 453, 258 Cone, Claire Suzanne, 453, 258 Conley John Thomas, 493 Connell, Marilyn, 493, 203 Conner, Michael Ira, 471, 295 Conner, Paul R., 453, 245, 374 Conrad, Janis Lynn, 493 Conway, Fred D., 493, 235 Cook, David Noafleet, 428 Cook, David Wayne, 471, 229 Cook, Diane Lee, 493, 213 Cook, Don Edwin, 471, 228 Cook, Faune Suzanne, 493 Cook, Frances Elizabeth, 471 Cook, Joe Dee, 471, 235 Cook, John Kelley, 428, 243 Cook, Judith Marie, 493, 203 Cook, Leslie Ann, 493, 213 Cook, Margaret Elizabeth, 471, 257 Cook, Marilyn Joy, 453, 221 Cook, Pamela Ann, 493 COOK, Stephen Lucas, 493, 235 Cook, Vera Joe, 428, 270 Cook, William Howe, 453 Cooksey, Linda Ann, 471, 258 Coop, Jack E., 453 Cooper, Baroara Jean, 428 Cooper, Carol Sue, 471, 219 Cooiey, Charlotte Dale, 493 Cooper, Clifford H., 493, 235 Cooper, Clyde Uavid, 463, 292, 375, 387 Cooper, Edward H., 471, 232 Cooper, Edward Mitchell, 493 Cooper, Frances Anne, 471 Cooper, James Ricks, 421 Cooper, Kathryn Ann, 493 Cooper, Mary Margaret, 453 Cooper, Shirley Lee, 453, 208 Cope, Michael Lee, 494, 235 Copeland, Charles W., 471, 280 Copeland, Steven Edward, 494 Coplin, Barry E., 494, 248 Copple, Nancy Ruth, 471, 221 Corbin, Don Wayne, 453 Corbin, Tom, 428, 292 Corbin, William Dixon, 494 Corbitt, Reggie Arnold, 471 Corder, Janice Ann, 429, 190 Core, Jean Ann, 494, 213 Core, Phillip Steven, 429 Cornett, Jack B., 471, 287 Cornish, Bobby Joe, 471 Cornwell, Geraldine Ann, 471, 208 Cosand, Larry Dale, 471 Cosgrove, Dale G., 417, 276 Cothran, Connie Clarissa, 429, 208 Cotner, James Craig, 494, 248 Gotten, Charles Dalton, 429 Cottingham, E. Maurice, Jr., 417 Cottle, Mary Lois, 494, 213 Cotton, Thomas Len, 429, 279 Cottrell, Dennis, 494 Couch, Charlotte Frances, 453, 201 Couch, Lonnie Clyde, Jr., 453 Couch, Michael R ., 429, 292 Couch, William Ray, 494, 248 Counts, George Ellis, 417 Council, Mary Nancy, 429, 261 Counts, Caro Anita, 494 Counts, Charlotte Ann, 494 Courdin, Marilyn Ann, 471 Courson, J. B., Jr., 494, 235 Courtenay, Stephen M., 494 Courtney, David Tyree, 429 Coven, Wendy Lynne, 471 Covey, Charles Dean III, 429 Covington, Samuel Anderson, Covington, Sarah Elizabeth, 429, 221 Cowan, Catherine Ann, 494 Cowan, Donald Erwen, Jr., 429, 232 Cowan, Richard E., 494, 300 Sowan, Sara Margaret, 471 Cowee, Jerry L., 472, 276 Cowger, Patricia Joyce, 472 Cowling, Nancy, 494, 203 Cowling, Rebecca, 494, 203 Cox, David Miller, 472, 245 Cox, Edwin Ronald, 494, 235 Cox, Herman Bailee, 421 Cox, Linda Lee, 494 Cox, Marlene Louise, 494, 203 Cox. Michael H., 494, 248 Cox, Peggy Sue, 472, 221 Cox, Phyllis Jean, 272, 219 Cox, Ronald C., 494, 248 Cox, Sidney Dade, 417 Coxsey, James Kent, 454, 291 Cozort, B. Donna, 454, 273 Crafton, James Reed, 454 Craig, Barbara Jean, 472, 2 65 Craig, Mary Luella, 494, 203, 170, 172 Craig, Robert Harold, 494, 248 Craig, Robert Lee, 421, 241 Craig, Watter M., 454, 280 Craig, William Joseph, 494 Craiglow, Fred F., 494 Grain, Birda Ett, 494 Grain, Joe Carl, 472 Grain, Shirley Ann, 494, 203 Crall, Lamar, 417 Crandall, Walter Morris, 429 Crank, G. Mary, 429 Crank, Robert Hughes, 429 Craun, Jerry Alan, 454 Cravens, David Ralps, 472 Crawford, Ann, 494, 213 Crawford, Barbara Ann, 494 Crawford Champ H., 454, 300 Crawford, Dave E., 454, 273 Crawford, Inez, 454 Crawford, Mary Ann, 472 Crawford, Raymond Shelton III, 429, 295 Crawford, Ronald Walker, 429 Crawford, Richard Lee, 494 Creecy, Douglas H., 429 Creecy, Lessie Marie, 454 Creed, Jimmy Dee, 494, 248 Creel, Cynthia Ann, 472, 261 Cress, William Arthur, 472 Crews, Jack Dan, 454, 288 Crider, Marion Paul, 454 Crider, Sharon Diane, 494 Crist. Michael D., 472, 230 Crites, Cheryl Elaine, 454 Cromwell, Mark, 494, 235 Crosnoe, Norma Sue, 472, 208 Cross, Carolyn, 472, 201 Cross, Joe Robert, 429, 230 Crossley, Richard Donald, 429, 288 Crouch, John D., 454, 303 Crow, Frank Steven, 494, 296 Crow, James Thacker, 494 Crow, Mary Virginia, 545 Crowson, Suzanne Kinney, 429 Cruce, Sharon Kay, 494, 203 Crudup, Robert Fred, 472 Crum, Frances Ann, 472 Crumbaber, Judy M., 454, 265 Cruse, Michael Lee, 421 Cruver, Philip Charles, 429 Cuadra, Marti A., 429, 262 Culbertson, Rhonda Lee, 494 Culbertson, Sherry Lynn, 454, 258 Cullom, Peggy Jo, 472, 208 Culpi, Linda Anita, 494 Gulp, Roy R., 454 Culpepper, Susan, 494 Cummings, Samuel D., 472 Cummins, Brenda Regena, 472, 273 Cunningham, Brenda Jean, 454, 201 Cunningham, Charlotte Ann, 454, 257 Cunningham, Dick, 375, 387 Cunningham, Paul Ray, 472 Cupp, Karen Joy, 494, 203 Cupples, Kenneth Ray, 472 Cupples, Thomas M., 494, 235 Cureton, Eizabeth Ann, 472 Curl, Frank A., 472, 276 Currie, John B., 454, 295 Currie, Robert Stephen, 472 Curry, Ann Margaret, 472, 67 Curry, Pamela Susan, 494 Curry, Siza Maxine, 494, 203 Curtis, Eddie Lou, 494, 203 Curtis. Jess Willard, 429, 241 Curtis, Margaret Ann, 494 Curtsinger, Nancey Ann, 429 Cuthbertson, Carolyn G., 429, 269 D DaCosse, Sizanne Evelyn, 494, 214 Daeus, John, 60, 80 Dahms, Robert Allen, 472, 241 Dailey, Judy Ruffin, 472 Dailey, Ted Max, 429 Daily, Michael Orvin, 494 Daily, Sheryl J.ynn, 494 Dalmasso, Joseph Paul, 429 Dalmasso, Mary Jo, 417 Dalmut, Pete Michael, 494 Dalrymple, Sharon Lea, 472 Dalton, Dean Howard, 4299 Damann, Kenneth E., Jr., 417 Damrill, Chester Eugene, 494 Dandridge, Diana Dawn, 429 Daniel, Anne E., 429, 262 Daniel, Arlin B., 494, 235 Daniel, Julia Clare, 494, 235 Daniel, Thomas William, Jr., 454 Dardin, Michael Everett, 472 Darnall, Susan Carol, 472, 258 Darr, Cindy, 454, 265 Daugherty, Deloris Rhea, 494, 214 Daugherty, James Raymond, 494, 235 Daugherty, John Lewis, 429 Daugherty, Russell Norman, 472, 296 Daugherty, S teve Michael, 472 Davenport, Susan Kay, 494 Daves, Joe Paul, 454, 245, 375 Davey, Kim, 472, 261 David, Lynn Allen, 494, 235 Davidson, Charles Darwin, 494, 236 Davidson, Diana Beth, 454 Davidson, Robert Allan, 472 Davies, David Goodbar, 472 Davis, Alice Marie, 472, 201 Davis, Bobby Ray, 494, 236 Davis, Calvin S., 472, 246 Davis, Carl Miller, 454, 230 Davis, Charla Ruth, 494, 203 Davis, Donna Kay, 472, 221 Davis, Eddie, 494, 236 Davis, Ella Beatrice, 494, 203 Davis, Ellen Marie, 495. 203 Davis, Frank Elmore, Jr., 495 Davis, Glen Dwight, 429 Davis, Glenna Belle, 497 Davis, Howard Lee, 454 Davis, Jack, 369 Davis, James Delbert, 454 Davis, Jane E., 454, 265 Davis, James F., 495, 248 Davis, Jerry Lee, 417 Davis, Judith Ann, 495, 214 Davis, Judy, 410 Davis, Larry Michael, 472 Davis, Lillian Jean, 495 Davis, Lina Jean, 429, 208 Davis, Martin Clay, 495, 236 Davis, Mary Patricia, 472, 221 Davis, Patricia Ann, 495, 203 Davis, Raguel Lee, 495, 236 Davis, Randy C., 495, 236 Davis, Richard Emile, 454 Davis, Sammye Jewell, 454 Davis, Timothy Eugene, 429 Davis, Tony May, 472, 248 Davis, Trisha Ann, 454, 208 Davis, Turley Dean, 454, 221 Davison, Larry Wayde, 495 Dawson, Gary Malcom, 495 Dawson, Paul Edward, 472 Day, Donna Marie, 495, 203 Deal, Roseanne, 495, 203 Deal, Terry Duane, 495, 248 Dealy, Frank, 495, 299 Dean, Bennett Wayne, 417 Dean, Diane, 454, 270 Dean, Jackie Ann, 495 Dean, John Paul, 417 Dean, Lenice Alta, 429, 269 Dean, Retta Martin, 417 Dean, Richard Thomas, 417 Dean, Ronald Ralph, 495, 248 Dearien, Carolyn Jane, 472 Dearien, Marilyn June, 472 Deaton, Randy William, 495 DeBerry, Thomas Durward, Jr., 472, 248 DeBons, Francis Eugene, 472, DeBons, Janet Marie, 495 Dedmon, Sally Carol, 495, 203 Deere, Linda Frances, 454 Deere, Roy Walter, 454 Dees, Jane Collier, 472, 273 Dees, Marilyn Ann, 495, 203 Deeter, Steve W., 495 Deeter, Talmadge Lansing, 454 Deevers, Jeanette, 495, 221 DeFoor, Ronald Eugene, 495 Dehan, George John, 495, 296 DeFore, James I., 495 Dehn, Richard Edward, 417 Deisch, Peter Albert III, 454 DeJarnette, Clifton Gerald, 472, 246 Delaney, Deborah Anne, 495 DeLaney, Patricia Gayle, 429 DeLille, John R., 495, 276 DELTA DELTA DELTA, 262 DELTA GAMMA, 265 Deman, Gerald Leigh, 4299 Dembinski, Thomas Henry II, 429, 280 Dempsey, John G., 429 Dempsey, Robert Dale, 472 Denker, Mary Katherine, 429, 270, 54 Dennis, Edward Joseph, 472 Dennis, James A. II, 454 Dennis, Jerry L., 472 Dennis, Marion Dwayne, 454 Dent, John Thomas, 472, 300 Denton, Robert H.. 454, 299 DeRossitt. James Prentice, 472, 292 DeRossitt, James Prentice, 472, 292 DeSalvo, Mary Annette, 472 DeSalvo, Raymond Vincent, 430 Deskin, Cynthia Marie, 495 Deslauriens, Diane, 429, 269 DesLauriers, Shirley Killeen, 495, 203 DeVey, Douglas Mark, 429 Deulin, Sean Paul, 472 DeVore, Thomas Donald, 495 Dew, Tommy Franklin, 495 Dew, Virginia Lee, 495, 203 Deweese, Tommy Herbert, 454, 296 Dhruv, Tushar Satishehandra, 417 Dick, Ronald Eugene. 417 Dickens, John, 454, 230 Dickerson, Janie, 454, 270 Dickey. William David, 472, 245, 375, 387, 389 Dickinson, Carol, 472, 262 Dickinson, George W., 429 Dickinson, Rodger Combs, 430 Dickson, Dwight Bennett, Jr., 472, 300 Dickson, Gary Philip, 454, 241 Dickson, Peggy Janette, 495 Dietz, Carole M., 495, 203 Diffey, Margaret Jo, 454, 270 Dilday, Laura Ellen, 495, 221 Dill, Bill, 472, 291 Dill, Brenda Kay, 472, 266 Dillahunty, David Howard, 430, 280 Dillard, Donald W., 472 Dillard, Michael Gregory. 472 Dillard, Virginia, 454, 265 DIRECTORY, 72 Disbrow, Harry C., 472 Dismuke, Daira Jean, 454, 273, 170, 178 Dismuke, Jimmy Dean, 495 Dismukes, James Oran, 454 DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS, 27 Dixon, James Kirk, 473, 287 Dixon, John B., Jr., 454 Dixon, Peggy Lorraine, 473 Dixon, Tom, 454, 245, 376 Dixon, Bill P., 473, 246 Djung, Harry, 430 Dobbs, Gus A., 495, 249 Dodd, Darah Maxe, 495, 214 Dodd, Jean, 454, 258 Dodd, Susan, 473, 222 Dodge, Linda Lou, 473, 258 Dodge, Randall E., 473, 296 Dodgen, William H., 473 Dodson, Charolette L., 473 Dodson, George Millard, 454 Dodson, James R., 454, 232 Doland, Monica Daria, 495 Dolan, Patrick Terrence, 430 Doland, Deborah Ann, 430 Doland, Robert Woodrow, 473, 241 Donoho, Charlotte Cecille, 454, 270 Dooley, William Daniel, 454 Doran, Sarah Jean, 495, 222 Dorman, Jimmy L., 473 Dorsa, Deborah Ann, 473, 222 Dortch, Georgia Louise, 417 Doss, Edward William, 495 Doss, Kent Alfred, 473 Doss, Richard Allen, 473, 292 Dotson, John Thomas, Jr., 473 Dotson, Richard Lee, 495, 249 Doty, Clia Maria, 454, 257 Dougherty, William Penn, 495, 241 Douglas, Candace Ruth, 495 Douglas, Homer Price, 454 Douglas, James Paul, 473, 243 Douglas, James Paul, 473, 243 Douglas, Judy Ann, 495, 211 Douglas, Paul, 79 Douglas, Sue Ellen, 495, 203 Douglas, Susan Kay, 454, 201 Douglas, Troy R., 421 Douglas, Larry William, 473 Dove, Earl Dewayne, 430 Dover, Billy Dewayne, 473 Dover, Naomi, 495, 203 Dowdy, Terence Jean, 454 Dowell, Dee. 430, 261 Dowhen, Bill R., 495, 238 Dowler, Diane Jean, 495, 203 Dowless, Fred Vernon, 430 Downing, Raymond Eugene, 430 Downs, Donna, 473, i22 Doyle, Lynn C., 417 Doyle, Rachel Jane, 495, 214 Drain, Glenn, 473 Drake, Charles Edward, 473 Drake, Cynthia, 473 Drennan, Kay, 430, 211 Drewry, H. Gene, 454, 243 Drews, Bernd Peter, 495, 241 Driggers, Mary Jo, 495, 203 Driggers, Richard Adams, 454, 295 Driskill, Janice Claire, 473 Driver, Jerry Blackwood, 430 DROKE HOUSE, 229 Droughter, Mary Ruth, 495 Drummond, Douglas E., 495 Dryer, Irvin C., Jr., ' iO DuBois, William Joseph, 473 Duchac, Rene Jerry, 254, 280 Duchamp, Marcel Joseph, Jr., 473 Dudney. Donna Camille, 454 Duell, Miriam Helene, 495 Duffel, Stephen Gail, 473 Duffy, Annetta Louise, 473 Dugan, Faye, 430 Dugan. Kenneth Hugh, 473 Duke, David Darrell, 493 Duke, Jimmie Hurene, 473 Dunavant, Kathy Jane, 495 Dunaway, Deborah Ann, 495 Dunaway, James Reed, Jr., 495, 287 Dunbar, Johnny R., 495. 230 Duncan, Deane Marie, 495 Duncan, James Andrew, 473 Duncan, Mentie Wayne. 473 Duncan, Olivia Anne. 454, 208 Duncan, Robert N., 473 Dunlop. Terry Anne, 495. 214 Dunn, David Rodney, 454. 284 Dunn. ' Estella Louise. 495. 222 Dunn, Ronnie N., 430, 296 Dunn, Stewart Ames, 430 Dunn. William David. 495 Dunning. Danny D., 473, 232 Dupwe, Warren E., 495 Dorden, Joseph W., 473, 292 Durham, Mary Catherine, 495, 203 516 Durning. Danny Wayne, 473 Button, Vernon Lee. 430. . ' ' 30 Duty, Michael Oliver, 495 Dykes. Bobbe Jean, 454, 262 Dyer, Coy Randall, 430 Dyer, George Raymond. 495 Dyer, James Richard, 130 Dyer, Mandy Wellborn, 430, 257, 49, 59 E Eads, James Richard, 492, 235 Eans, Shirley Marie, 473 Eans, Thomas Lee, 430, 243 Eard, Marlon Deotis, 495 Earls, Linda Ann, 430 Earnhart, Tom Patrick, 473 Earp, Steve John, 495, 236 Eason, Harriet Torry, 4S4, 261 Eason, Joseph Clifford, 473 Eason, William Alfred, 473 East, Jon Larry. 454, 300 Easter, Elizabeth Louise, 454 Easterling, Rezecca Ann, 430 Ebbert, Tommie Kay, 473, 262, 64 Ebbert, William Edward, Jr., 454, 60, 62, 526 Eblen, Joe C., 454 Echols, Rebecca Ann. 495, 214 Eden, William Standley, 473 Edens, James Glenn, 454, 232 Edens, Len K., 495 Ederington, Janice Lee, 495 Edgar, Linda Louise, 473 Edgin, Paula Lee, 473, 208 Edmonds, Susan Lenore, 495 Edmondson, Julian D. II, 473 Edmondson, Larry Dean, 473 EDUCATION, COLLEGE OF, 36 Edwards, Connie Jo, 495, 222 Edwards, Daniel G., 473 Edwards, Delmar Butch III, 430 Edwards, Fredrick Wilson, 496, 300 Edwards, Hugh Robertson, 473 Edwards, Jim R., 430, 283 Edwards, Jimmie Will, 430 Edwards, Joe B., 430, 292 Edwards, John, 496, 249 Edwards, Pam P., 473 Edwards, Patricia Ann, 430 Edwards, Richard Gerald, 496, 236 Edwards, Richard Stewart, 430, 299 Edwards, Richard Wayne, 473. 229 Edwards, Robert Patrick, 473 Edwards, Roger Dan, 417 Edwards, Thomas L., 430 Edwards, William Howell, 430, 299 Edwards, William Marshall, 430 Edge, Nell, 454, 208 Effinger, Roger Frand, 496 Eggers, Kathryn Marie, 473 Ehrenberg, Janet Lee, 473 Eichler, John Calvin, 413, 245 Edison, Michael David, 4?4 Edison, Patricia Karen, 496 Einhellig, Wiliam, 473 Elder, Charles Sherman, 454, 296, 398 Eldridge, Katie Steel, 496, 214 Eley, Andrea Lynn, 473, 222 Eley, Bruce Wayne, 430 Eley, Hines Gregory, 473, 296 Elias, Charles Edward, 454 Elizandru. David W., 473, 249 Elkins, Greg M., 496, 280 Elkins, James P., 473, 291 Ellers, James Bauman, 473 Ellig, Michael Lee, 454, 300 Elliott, F. B., 455, 280 Elliott, John Franklin, 430 Elliott. Johanna Earlene, 430 Elliott. Judith Sharon, 430 Elliot, William Larry, 496, 300 Ellis, Cynthia, 496, 214 Ellis, Diane, 75 Ellis, Ed, 66 Ellis, Gloria Ann, 496, 214 Ellis, Jane Page, 430, 258 Ellis, Janet McRae, 430, 261, 64, 170. 176 Ellis, Juli, 473. 273, 411 Ellis, Mary Diane, 455, 261 Ellis, Nancy Anne, 430. 258 Ellis, Sherre Glee, 473, 262 Ellis, Tom Eteele, 417 Ellis, Virgil Edward, Jr., 473 Ellison, Barbara Lee, 473 Ellsworth, Susan Wood, 473 Elrod, Donald Joe, 473, 230 Elrod, Gloria. 473, 222 Elson, Susan, 455, 273 Elumbaugh, Joe S.. 496. 283 Embry, Thomas Britton, 473 Emerson, James D., 421 Emert, Frank Leroy, Jr., 430 Emery, Robert R.. 455 Emmett. Gary Wayne, 473 Emory. Jeffrey Lynn, 455, 232 Enderlin, Annette Mary, 473 Engelberger, Charles Joseph, 455, 243 Engeln. Al L., 496 ENGINEERING. COLLEGE OF. 38 ENGINEERING COUNCIL, 430 England, Cheryl Kay, 496 England, James Roger, 430 England, Marilyn Gall, 496 Enlow, Josephine, 455, 222 England, Rickey D., 473, 303 Eoff, Connie Lee, 496 Epes, Shade Wooten, 473, 284 Epley. Alan David, 430 Epperson, Linda L., 430 Epperson, Roy Fred, 496, 243 Epperson, W. Craig, Jr., 455 Erich, Ronald Wayne, 430 Erickson, Michael Alan, 455 Ernst. Dorcas Ann, 430 Ernst, Thomas H., 473 Ervin, Robert Ferrell, 455 Erwin, Cynthia Sue, 455. 266 Erwin, Harold Sloan, 430 Erwin, Jenelle, 473, 273 Erwin, Judson L., 473, 245 Erwin, Lynne Elizabeth, 496 Erwin, Madelyn, 455, 261 Erwin, Mary Donna, 431. 273 Erwin, Stephen Lynn, 496 Eschbaugh, Thomas Arthur, 496, 248 Estelle, George Dennis, 455 Estes, Glenyce Gail, 473, 222 Estes, Peter, 455, 292 Eubanks, Clyde E., 473 Eubanks, Helen Compton, 473, 270 Eubanks, Linda Cheryl, 473 Eulitt, Leonard E., 417 Evans, Byron Creasy, 496, 236 Evans, Daniel V., 496, 288 Evans, David F., 455, 299 Evans, David Ray, 496, 291 Evans, Donna Carol, 496, 214 Everett, Eddie Louis, 474, 229 Evans, Jeanne Doris, 496, 203 Evans, John L., 455, 245 Evans, Katherine Eileen, 430 Evans, Linda Doris, 455, 208 Evans, Ralph M.. 496, 249 Evans, Wallace A., 417 Everett, Carol Ann, 431 Everett, Ronald Edmond, 417 Everett, Sandra Jean, 474, 222 Ewing, Russel Hardy, 474, 304 Ezell, Jerry B., 455 Ezell, Richard Dale, 496, 249 Faddis, Joe David, 431 Fahala, Billie Lee, 496, 283 Fahr, Gwen Elizabeth, 474 Fair, Amanda, 455, 219 Fain, Pamela Gay, 496, 214 Feldon, Don R., 431 Falls, Carroll Ray, 455, 243 Fambrough, William Judon, 431, 241, 55 Fann, Jackie Elizabeth, 431 Fant, Ronald Richard, 455 Farish, Alice Dianne, 455, 222 Farley, Sue Leigh, 455, 266 Farmer, Joann Elizabeth, 496 Farmer, Robert C., 455 Farmer, Sandra Leigh, 496 FARMHOUSE, 283 Farnam, R. B.4, 496, 249 Farnsworth, Rodner, 496, 249 Farrar, James Winston, 431 Farrar, Sarah Jo, 431, 208 Farrell, Paul M., Jr., 474, 292 Farrell, Sara Helen, 474, 262, Farrington, Beverlee Paige, 455, 222 Farris, Guy R., 431 Farris, Lynn Taylor, 431 Faubus, Governor Orval, 18, 21 Faucette. John Alan, 496 Faught, William Duke, 431 Faulkner, Judy Clara, 496 Faulkner, Linda Jo, 474, 266 Fears, Michael Stephen, 496 Feeney, Phillip Kent, 455, 230 Feland, John Morgan, 496 Feland, Sarah Elizabeth, 455 Felker, Richard Alan, 474, 280 Felkins. Mike. 496, 249 Fellows, Leslie, 431. 261 Felton, Dan III, 455, 292 Fender, Marilyn, 431, 258 Ferguson, Dennis Michael, 496, 249 Ferguson, Gary Edward, 496 Ferguson, Glbbs, 421 Ferguson, Julie Anne. 455 Ferguson, Nancy Joyce, 431 Ferguson, Renee Karen, 496 Ferrell. Bill, 369 Ferreli, jon, 369 Fesler. Betty Linda, 496, 214 Fesler, Nancy Jane, 496, 203 Fesler. Pam, 474, 222 Fetzek, Ginny L., 496, 214 Fewell, Darla Marie, 496, 214 Fickle, Frank L., 431 Fidler, Carolyn Sue, 496, 203 Field, Sue Ellen, 474, 219 Fielder, David R., 455, 291 Fielding, Jacquelene Marie, 431, 208 Fightmaster, Roin Palmer, 474, 219 Fikes, Horace James, 421 Fikes. Howard Louis, 474 Filippelli, Albert R., 431 Fincher, Larry Don, 431, 232 Finfinger, Lance G., 496, 303 Finkbeiner, Christianne Elizabeth, 474, 222 Finkbeiner, Dorothy Marie, 474, 222 Finkbeiner, Paula Jo, 496, 203 Finley, Buddy, 496, 296 Finley, Ronnie G., 455 Finn, Richard James, 474 Finnegan, Peggy Lynn, 496 Firestone, Brad, 455, 246 Fish, Miles Dayton, 474, 296 Fish, Thurston M., 431, 284 Fisher, Craig Wilson, 431, 249 Fisher, David Watt, 431, 243 Fisher, James William, 455 Fisher, Robert Clinton, 474 Fitch, Patty Ruth, 455, 219 Fitch, Wallace R., 431 Fitting, Charles Robert, 431 Fitton, David Edwards, 431 Fitton, Johnny D., 455, 295 Fitton. Marrin Ruth, 474, 219 Fitton. Thomas Garvin, 469 Fitts, Diana, 455, 258 Fitts, Douglas Alan, 496 Fitzgerald, Robert B.. 474 Ritzhugh, Benjamin Dewey, 474 Fitzhugh, Gene, 431, 299 Fitzhugh, Joe Michael, 474, 299, 49 Flanagan, Robert Charles, 455 Fleetwood, Ricky G., 496, 236 Fleischmann. George Paul, 431 Fleming, Jerry Wayne, 417 Fleming, Robert Ray, 474 Flenniken, Patricia, 455, 257 Flenniken, Thad Wesley, 431 Fletcher, B. A., 455, 284 Fletcher, Linda Kay, 474, 222 Fletcher, Martin Edward, 474 Fletcher, Michael Don, 496 Fletcher, William Thomas, 496, 249 Flick, Suzanne L., 474, 258 Flood, Riefford Gail, 431 Flora, Sandra Gene, 496 Florence, Judy Rae, 496, 214 Florer, Arthur Leon, 431 Flowers. Danny Lee, 455, 300 Floyd, Annice, 496, 214 Floyd, Mike G., 496, 249 Floyd, Richard Rhodes, 474 Fly, James Lawson, Jr., 496 Flynn, William A., 496 Flynt, Thomas William, 496 Fong, Jerry W., 431 Forbes, Gail, 474, 265 Forbus. Philip Ray, 455 Ford, Carolyn Rae. 496 Ford, Charles Sayle, 455 Ford, Clarence V.. Jr., 421 Ford. Dewey Burnett. 496 Ford. Forrest Irvin. 431 Ford. James Dale. 496, 249 Ford, Larry. 496, 249 Foreman, Gayland Michael, 417 Forester. Samuel Johnson, Jr., 496, 280 Formby. Vicki Diane, 455. 211 Forrest. Donald Arthor, 421 Forster. Mary Susan, 496. 203 Forster, Wayne A.. 421 Fortner, Jack Ronald. 496 Foster, Charles P., 417 Foster, Gordon Smith, Jr., 496. 287 Foster, Harry Vernon, 431 Foster. Joan, 431, 208 Foster, Joseph Leslie. 431 Foster. Marion Jeannette, 496. 214 Foster, Orville Roy. 496. 249 Foster. Ronnie Allen, 474. 228 Fouke, Margaret F., 455. 257 Fowler, Barbara Ann, 455 Fowler. James Clark, Jr., 432 Fowler, Steven Jay, 474, 245 Fowler. Srsan. 455, 273 Fowlkes, Freddie Glenn, 455 Fox. Clyde R., 474 Fox, Marylin Edna, 474, 208 Fox, Patrick Norman, 474, 295 Fox, William Harris. 474 Francis, Emery Louis, Jr., 432 Frank, John Bernard, 474 Frankenberger, Albert Martin. 496, 236 Frankenberger, Richard Eugene, 474 FranKlin, Bettie Ann, 474, 258 Franklin, Edward Lee, 474 Franklin, John Oliver Charles, 474, 243 Franklin, John Thomas, 474 Franklin, Perry Leon, 496 Franklin, Ronald Merle, 496 Franklin, Terry Lee, 474, 303 Franks, Dickie Ray, 496, 249 Franks, George Ronald, 432 Franzen, Toni, 455, 262 Franzmier, Shirley Ann, 474, 222 Fraser, David Blaine, 496, 236 Frasher, James Howard, 474 Frazier, James Lynn, 455 Frazier, Paul Bernard. 455 Frazier, Raymond, 496, 236 Freasier. Ben Presley, Jr., 417 Fredeman, Toni Denise, 497 Fredrich, Phil, 455, 303 Freeland, Byron, 474, 288 Freeman, Bascom Bert, 432 Freeman, Charles Clarke, 497, 236 Freeman, Donnie Ray, 474 Freeman, Elwood A., Jr., 474 Freeman, Gerald Don, 455 Freeman, Gwendolyn Ransom, 474, 222 Freeman, Jeanne Ann, 474 Freeman, Joanne, 497, 214 Freeman, Lawrence O., 432 Freeman, Mary Margaret, 474, 208 Freeman, Mickey, 455 Freeman. Robert Daniel, 474 Freeman, Robert Frederick, 455 Freeman, Stephen H., 455. 288 Freeman, Stephen Russell, 497, 249 Freeman, Terry Wayne. 497 Freeman, Wallace B., 432, 245 Freyaldenhoven, Carolyn Anne, 455, 270, 95 Freyaldenhoven, Raymond Joseph, 455 Freyaldenhoven, Robert William, 432 Freidlein, Charles Peter, 497 Frilet, Charles B., 417 Frisinger, Jo Karen, 474, 201 Frison, Kathleen Elizabeth, 432, 265 Fritts, Douglas Edwin, 497 Fritts, Stephen Hugh, 497 Frizzell, David, 455 Fronabarger, Steve L., 432 Frost, Mary Elaine, 455, 208 Frost, Thomas William, 497 Fugate, Douglas Lee, 474, 249 Fugua, Ben David, 417 Fuhenwider, Jan, 497, 236 FULBRIGHT HALL, 203 Fulgham, Jack O., 455 Fuller. John Julian, 474, 228 Fuller, Linda Sue, 497, 214 Fuller, Suzette, 497, 204 Fulton, David, 455, 299 Furgason, Silvie Mae, 474 222 Futch, Fred L., 474 FUTRALL HALL, 209 Futrell, Mike G., 455, 287 Futrell. Thomas W., 455, 288 Funk, Frank W., Jr., 432, 287 Funk, Janis M., 432, 270 Gabbard, Carl D., 497, 303 Gabel, John Wilson, 474, 280 Gabrard, Carl Lee, 456, 233 Gadberry. Brady L., Jr., 497 Gaines, Charles Larry, 456 Gaines, Rosemary, 456. 211 Galley. John Rodger, 456, 399 Galloway, Michael H.. 474 Galoway, Pat, 456, 273 Galloway, Ronny Gne. 474 Gammill, Lee, 432 Gammon. Melody Gay, 497 Gann, Dana Pamea, 474, 258 Gann, James Richard. 432 Gannaway, Robyn, 474, 270 Gantt, William Robert III, 497. 292 Gant. Paul D., 456 Gant. Linda L., 474 Gardner, Anne Elizabeth, 474, 222 Gardner, Carol Jean, 497, 204 Gardner, Gary Dale, 497, 249 Gardner, Joseph Erskine, Jr., 432 Gardner. Sally Ann, 474, 262 Gardner, Sidney Marks, 456 Gardner, Sue Marie, 474, 266 Garman, George William, Jr., 474 Garman, Shirley L., 474, 201 Garner, James Thomas, 497 Garner, John Wilklns, 432 Garner, Mary Suzanne, 497 Garner, Michael E., 497, 236 Garrett, Bob Rodan, 497, 230 Garrett. Janice T., 432 Gattis, Jimmy L., 418 Garrett, Judy Ann. 456, 211 Garrett, Paul Mitcham, 432 Garrett, Peggy, 474, 222 Garrett, Robert Wayne, 497 Garrett. Sol Martin, 432 Garrett, Wayne F.. 474 Garris, Patricia Ann, 432, 270 Garrison, Ervan George, 456 Garrison, Winfred Wayne, 497, 249 Gartrell, Elizabeth, 474, 257 Gartside, Brian Lincon, 474 Gasbarre, Janis Darene, 497 Gaskill, Tamara Ann, 474, 222 Gaskin, Kathy Janell, 432 Gaskin, William Joseph, 432 Gaston, Cynthia Ann, 497, 214 Gaston, Sandra Sue, 474, 262 Gates, Herman John, 432 Gates, Thomas Victor. 432 Gathin, Mary C., 456, 222 Gathings, J. Royston, 432, 291 Gainings, Phyllis Anne, 497 Gathright, Sarah Annette, 432, 204 Gattis, Betty Ann, 456, 257 Gattis, Jimmy L., 418 Gaughan, John E., 497, 296 Gay, Eddie Everett, 432 Gay, Gayle Louise, 456 Gay, John Lynn, 497 Gayer, Brley Joe, 474 Gearhart, Thomas Kirk, 432 Geels, David C., 456, 241 Geier, William Ear, 432, 300 Gentry, Bobby Wayne, 497 Gentry, Donald Jay, 497 Gentry, Gail Marie, 497, 214 Gentry, Nancy Kay, 456, 201 George, Cathy L, 497. 214 George, Connie Gayle, 432 George, David Crittenden, 497, 249 George, Harold Boyd, 456 George, Marvin, 456, 232 George, Terrence Michael, 474 Gedghagan, James Daniel, 456, 245 Gerety, Donna Sue, 474, 262 Gerety, Susie, 410 Germany, Rodney Joe, 497 Geyer, Janis L., 456, 266 Ghelani, Kishor Lavchand, 417 Giarrusso. Alfred Peter, 418 Gibbons, Cathryn Ann, 497 Gibbs, Do.i Palmer, 456, 284 Gibbs, Melvin Cecil, 432, 245, 376, 389 Gilbert, Anne Lynn, 456 258 Gibbs, William Lewis, 456 Gibson, Barbara Lea, 474 Gibson, David F., 432 Gibson, David Lowell, 475 Gibson, Don Lee, 475, 291 Gibson, Flora Jean, 497. 214 Gibson, Mahlon Gary, 421 Gibson, Margaret Ann, 432 Gibson, Orpha Ray, 418 Gibson, Sam Edward, 456 Gierow, Dee Ann, 475, 257 Gies, Judy Christine, 497, 204 Gifford, Mary Frances, 497 Gilbert, Anne Lynn, 456. 258 Gilbert, Harry Stephen, 497 Gilbert. Henry L., 497, 249 Gilbert, Ronnie Len, 456 Gilbreath, Rodney K., 432 Gilbrech, Raymond C., 475 Giles, Roger Wiliam. 475. 276 Gill, Gus Daniel, 497, 236 Gill, Patricia. 497, 204 Gillespie. Dana Sue. 497, 204 Gillespie, Edwart Stuart, 475 Gilham, Lucien R., 456. 229 Gilliam. David Roy, 475 Gilliam, Patricia Nele, 475 Gills, Ginger G., 456, 257 Gillock, Johnny M., 418 Gillum, Johnny W., 432, 283 Gilmore, Leta Gaye. 456, 273 Gilmore, Margaret Ann, 456 Gison, Joan T., 432 Gilstrap, Veronica Lee, 456 Ging, Diana Lee, 497, 214 Gingrich, Michael G., 433 Ginn, Mary Lea. 475, 219 Ginn. Ruby L., 497 Gipson, Philip S.. 418 Gist, Jeanne, 456, 261 GLADSON HOUSE, 230 Glaser, Bonnie Lea, 475 Glassell, Wesley Drane, Jr., 497, 296 517 Glawb, Teddy Lynn, 497, 236 Glaze, Harvey Leonard, 475 Glenn, Gerard Loy, 475, 288 Glenn, Linda Gail, 497, 214 Glidewell, Jimmy Andrew, 456 Glidewell, Mary Jane, 497 Glorer, Gilbert Lavot, 475 Glover, Glenn Allen, 497, 249 Glover, Robert Ivy, 475, 288 Gober, Don Roy, 497, 228 Goble, Connie J., 475, 266 Godfrey, William Lee, 497 Godsey, William Paul, 497 Godwin, Roger D., 497, 236 Godwin, Nancy Ann, 433, 219 Goebel, Fred J., 475 Goesl, Andrew G. Ladd, 421 Goforth, Gerald Wesley, 497 Coin, Walter Hugh, 497, 249 Goldman, Randall I., 497, 236 Gollon, Edward Michael, 456 Gollon, Richard Allen, 475 Gonzales, Sue, 497 Goocn, Marilyn Kay, 456, 262 Good, Marvin, 418 Goode, Milton Glendon, 433 Goodman, Raymond Cole, 475, 299 Goodner, Donad Scott, 421 Goodner, Sherry Lea, 475 Goodner, Vick Darryl, 475 Goodwin, Linda Sue, 475, 265 Goodwin, Robert A., 456, 287 Goodwin, Roger D., 497, 236 Goodwin, Sandra Ann, 433 Goranson, Ronald L., 433, 288 Gorbet, Pamela Anne, 456 Gordon, Edward Allen, 497 Gordon, Jack Elliott, Jr., 421 Gordy, Peter Ellis, 497, 249 Gore, Don Wendell, 433 Gore, Thomas Leon, 456, 232 Gorham, James Harold, 456 Gorham, John Thomas, 497 Gossien, Dale R., 433 Gosslee, Mary Jane, 475, 222 Gottleber, Henry Arthur, 418 Gough, Mary Susan, 456, 262, 170, 178 Goza, Valita. 433, 273, 54 Grace, Albert Wayne, 418 Grace. Larry Jesse, 497, 249 GRADUATE SCHOOL, 40 Grady, Clyde Calvin, 497, 236 Gragg, Mildred Lois, 433, 273 Graham, Cynthia Dianne, 498, 222 Graham, Donald Allen, 475 Graham, Gregory B., 475 Graham, James M., 456 Graham, Malcolm Patterson, 456, 299 Graham, Stephen Kent, 475 Granderson, Silas Irving, 498 Granderson, Terry Luther, 475, 246 Granderson, William S., 498 Granello, Gary A., 498, 236 Granger, Gary Frank, 456 Grannan, Martha L., 456, 219 Grant, Charline Marie, 475 Graves, Daniel H., 498, 236 Graves, Gary Frankie, 498 Graves, Judy Patricia, 456 Graves, Louis F. Ill, 475, 246 Graves, Ronald Eugene, 456 Graves, Royette, 456, 222 Gray, Cecile, 475, 201 Gray, Ernie Horton, 498, 232 Gray, John Dudley, 498, 250 Gray, John Robert, 475, 228 Gray, Truett, 498, 250 Graybill, Robert, 475, 280 Graziani, Paul Joseph, 475 Greasley, Elizabeth Vaughn, 489, 204 Green, Deborah Ellen, 475 Green, Gary Lane, 498, 250 Green, Harry Starr. 498 Green, Dr. James W., 24 Green, Joe Fletcher, 456, 241 Green, Judith Ann, 456 Green, Larry Gordon, 433 Green, Matthew, 498, 293 Green, Paul Lee, 475, 230 Green, Rickey Hudson, 498 Green, Sylvia Jean, 498, 204 Green, Terry Glenn, 475, 232 Greenberg, Robert Allen, 433, 242 Greene, Betty Avis, 475 Greene, John Stuart, Jr., 421 Greene, Richard E., 475 Greenlee, Nancy Ann, 456 Greenwell, Albert Lynn, 456 Greer, Linda Diane, 433, 28 Gregory, Artie, 475, 288 Gregory, Cheryl Ann, 433 Gregory, James M., 498, 250 Gregory, Wanda Lynn, 475 Gregory, William Noel, 433 Grenwelge, William August, 456, 229 Gresham, Jack H., Jr., 498 Gresham, James Evans, 498 Gresham, John Stephen, 498 Grier, William N., 433, 296 Griffe, Marianne, 498, 204 Griffin, Linda Faye, 475, 222 Griffin, Merrill Dean, 433 Grigg, Lyndall Leon, 433 Grim, Glen G., 498, 250 Grimes, James Michael, 456 Grimshaw, Ray D., 456, 296 Grimsley, Rex Lanier, 456 Grippe, Glenn William, 475 Grisham, Judy Lynn, 456, 201 Gristlam, Mary Annette, 498 Grissinger, Pamela Sue, 433 Griswold, Richard F., 456 Grober, Edward A., 498, 250 Groves, Vickey, 475, 222 Grove, William Alan, 498, 236 Gross, Merle R., 456 Grubbs, David A., 433 Grygo, Andrew E., 475, 303 De la Guardia, Rodrigo, 456 Guerin, Gary Shands, 498, 236 Guinn, Brenda Joyce, 456 Guinn, Clarence Harley, 433 Guinn, Denoin Lillard, 456 Guinn, Paul David, 498 Gulley, Elizabeth Ann, 456 Gunn, Gary Wayne, 456 Gunn, Vicki Gean, 475, 222 Gunter, Karen Angela, 498 Gustin, Julian Jay, 475 Gutieerez, Mario Ojeda, 475 Gutierrez, Robert Wayne, 498, 279 Gwin, Hazel Jane, 475, 257 H 4-H HOUSE, 211 Hackleton, Carl Douglas, 418 Hackney Marilyn Sue, 498 Hackworth, Harold Max, 475 Haddad, John Phillip, 475, 284 Haden, Jerry Don, 475 Hagan, David Lee, 498, 279 Hagens. Kathy, 498, 204 Haggard, Mike, 433, 292 Hahn, Jane Fay, 456 Haigh, Creed Michel, 475, 296 Hailey, K. Erlene, 433 Hailey, Newton L., Jr., 433 Hairston, Dickie Don, 433 Hairston, Donna Jane, 475 Halbert, John Bruce, 475 Halbert, Nancy Gene, 475 Hale, Cheryl Sonin, 456, 269 Hale, Cindy, 456 Hale, Danny Lee, 498. 236 Hale, Janet Ames, 433 Hale, John Charles, 418 Hale. Kirk, K., Jr., 418 Hale, Larry Walter, 433, 288 Hale, Maggie Jo, 475 Hale, Mary Carolyn, 433, 219 Haley, Elizabeth Jo, 475 Haley, Janie Annette, 433 Haley, Josephine, 498 Haley, Lymann Bernard, 475 Haley, Stanley Dean, 433 Halk Edward L., 498, 250 Hall, Carolyn Anita, 433, 257, 54 Hall, Catherine Lee, 457, 258 Hall, Clark Madison, 498, 287 Hall, Gary Cecil, 498, 250 Hall, Grant, 498 Hall, John C., 498, 250 Hall, Kersh E., 475, 280 Hall, Margaret 91oise, 475. 222 Hall, Mary Louise, 475, 222 Hall, Oliver Wendell III, 457 Hall, Patricia Sue, 498, 204 Hall, Phyllis Ann, 457. 257. 278 Hall, Richard Davis. 475. 233 Hall, Richard L., 475, 236 Hall, Richard Vernon, Jr., 457 Hall, Ronald Ray, 498. 236 Hall, Sandra Jean, 433, 208 Hall, Selan U., 498. 300 Hall, Susan Jane. 498, 214 Hall, Thorn E., 498, 256 Hall, Thomas Earl, 457 Hall, Whit W., 457, 299. 49 Hall, William Alert, 433 Haller, Timmie Louis, 498 Hallin, David Anthony, 457 Hallin. Elizabeth Ann, 498 Hallmark, Gary Raymond, 157 Hallmark, Linda Lee, 475, 257 Hallum, Alan Wayne, 433 Haltom. Phillip Terrance, 476. 230 Hamblen, Diana Lillian, 476 Hamilton. Hartford, 377, 389 Hamilton, Jack William, 433 Hamilton, John R.. 433, 233 Hamm, Pam, 193, 410 Hammack, Barbara Jean, 457 Hammers. Harbin Jane, 433 Hammond, Hugo Arnold, 433 Hammond, J. Parks, 476, 276 Hammonds, Joan Leslie, 457 Hammontree, Linda Lou, 457 Hammons. Cathy, 476. 222 Hampton, Carol Ann, 476, 258 Hanby, Charles Albert, 467 Handley, Larry Robert, 498 Handley, Linda Diane, 498 Hanes, Robert Eugene, 433 Haney, Nancy Jo, 498, 204 Haney, Ronald Harvey, 476 Haney, Sandra Louise. 476 Haney, Vincent Joseph, Jr., 433 Hankins, Barbara Kay, 498 Hankins, Leland Thomas. 476 Hanna, William E., 457, 284 Hannah, James Robert, 421 Hannah, Sara Beth, 498, 204 Hannebaum, Carol Ann, 457 Hanry, Michael Ray, 498, 250 Hansen, Vickii L., 498, 222 Hanthorn, Mary Hall, 457, 266 Harbison, Sandra Sue, 476 Harbour, Linda Dell, 433, 219 Hardage, Albert Carter, 476 295, 70 Hardcastle, Vaveta Ann, 476 Harden, Ronnie Lee. 498, 236 Harder, Blake H., 433 Harder, Doris Knight, 476 Hardgrave, L. Michael. 433 Hardin, Bert Lee, 433, 233 Hardin, Dee Barry, 433 Hardin, Hubert Anthony, 498 Hardin, Karen, 476, 222 Hardin, Robert Wilson, 476 Harding, Rodney Lee, 498, 245 Hardy, Beverly Ann, 498, 214 Hare, Kathryn Sue, 498, 204 Hargis, Eddie D., 476 Hargis, Garry Lawrence, 498 Hargis, Mary Elaine, 434 Hargraves, Robert Snow, 476 Hargus, Stanley Wade, 498 Harkey, Michael Preston, 476, 295 Harlan, Donnie Leon, 434 Harlan, John M., 498, 250 Harlan, Johnny W., 498, 250 Harlan, Marilyn Frances, 498 Harmon, Bennie Fred, 498 Harmon, Kay F., 476, 222 Harned, William Price, 476 Harness, Don Ray, 498, 250 Harp. Ann Kathleen, 498, 214 Harp, Robert S., 498, 250 Harper, Blake Whittington, 476, 296 Harper, David Lee, 434, 296, 59 Harper, Patricia Ann, 457, 219 Harper, Robert Harrell, 434 Harper, Sandra Jr., 476, 208 Harper, Steve, 70 Harper. William Thomas, Jr., 421, 296 Harrell, Billy, 498. 250 Harrell, Cecil Doyle. 434, 241 Harrell, Ethel Arvell, 498, 222 Harrell, Ronnie Dale, 476, 241 Harrell, Wallece, 457, 258 Harrell, Wanda M., 418 Harrelson, Arthur Aay, 434 Harrelson, Frederick Daniel, 421 Harrelson. Frederick Gene, Jr., 421 Harriell, Robert Thomas, Jr., 434. 236. 280, 52 Harris. Barbara Bernice, 476 Harris, Betty Ann. 434, 273 Harris, Billy D., 434 Harris, Carol Jan, 457, 222, 269, 64 Harris, George Thomas, 476 Harris, Harold Ross, 457 Harris, Howard Stanley, 434 Harris, Jack Deubler, 476, 241 Harris, James Thomas, 276 Harris, James Walker, 457 Harris, Jan, 95, 194 Harris, Jo Courtney, 476, 269 Harris, Judie Lynn, 498, 211 Harris, Kenneth Wayne, 476 Harris, Martha Carole, 457 Harris, Ora Fred, Jr., 498, 236 Harris, Paula Jean, 457 Harris, Russell F., Jr., 476 Harris, Terry David, 434 Harris, Wavland A., 434 Harrison. Calvin Alexander, 498, 236 Harrison, Donald Moore, 476 Harrison, James R., 498 Harrison, John Edward. 498 Harrison, Thomas Briggs, 434 Hart, Clarence E., 434 Hart, Eddie, 457, 276 Hart, Mary Ann, 434 Hart, Peter Leonard, 434 Hart, Rickey D., 498, 236 Hartje, Barbara Hazel, 476 Hartl, Elsie Marie, 434, MO Hartley, Wesley Murry, 457 Hartman, Albert Sidney III, 476 Hartman, Harold Henry, 434 Hartness, Claudia Price, 418 Hartness, Larry Obed, 421 Hartstein, Harry, 457, 300 Hastings, Juanita Ann, %34 Hatfield, Ancel Jean, 457 Hatfield, Charles Daniel, 434 Hatfield, Richard Franklin, 421, 295 Hatfield, Robert M., 498 Hathaway, Thomas Lloyd, 434, 280 Hatley, Ronnie Efton, 434, 241 Hausman, Diana Francess, 498 Hauer, Margaret Lee, 476, 222 Hawk, Bo, 457, 284 Hawkins, Carroll L., 457, 287 Hawkins, Larry, 434 Hawkins, Lynda Jo, 457, 201 Hakins, James Franklin, Jr., 499, 288 Hawkins, Joetta, 499, 214 Hawley, Loyd Wayne, 499 Haxel, Kenneth J., 499, 236 Hay, Carol Lynn, 476 Hay, Sue Ann, 434 Hayden, Charles Michael, 434 Hayden, Gary Lynn, 457 Haydon, Jon Michael, 457 Haydon, Patrick A., 434, 287 Hayes, Chester O., Jr., 434 Hayes, Robert David, 457 Hayes, Steven L., 476 Hayes, William John, 499 Haynes, Cynthia Sue, 499, 214 Haynes, Danny Ray, 476, 300 Haynie, Terry Lee, 499, 250 Hays, Cynthia Jane, 499, 214 Hays, Floyd Jefferson, Jr., 421 Hays, Michael, 457 Hays, Patrick H., 476, 295 Hays, Phillip Roy, 343 Hazel, Walter Leonard, 476 Hazelwood, Ivan Douglas, Jr., 457, 280 Head, Robert M., 457 Headlee, Thomas Stewart, 457, 295 Headley, Daniel Glenn, 499 Healey, Ronald Lynn, 499 Heard, John Terry, 476, 229 Heard, Virginia Lynette, 476 Hearnsberger, John E. II, 476, 299 Hearnsberger, Susan, 476, 257 Heaston, Charles Donald, 434 Heasty, Ron Humphrey, 434 Heck, Sharon Ann, 434, 266 Hecox, James Rexford, 476 Hedges, Mike Austin, 457, 295 Heffington, Sharon Lee, 457 Heflin, Shelby Alan, 499, 250 Hegenberger, Ricky L., 457, 245, 399 Hegwood, Mary Letricia, 499 Heidinger, Susan Lynn, 499 Heinemann, Hepsy Beth, 499 Heitman, Sara Helen, 476 Hellen, Shirley Se, 476, 222 Heller, Ralph L., 499, 236 Hellman, Christina Marie, 476, 222 Hellwig, Howard Dean, 476 Helm, Brenda Yvonne, 457 Helms, Jack Elwin, Jr., 499 Helms, Jerry D., 434 Helms, Nancy Elizabeth, 476, 269, 67 Helms, Sarah C., 434 Helmich, Theodore Paul, 457 Hemingway, Chuck, 457, 299, 67, 69 Henbest, Palua Kay, 499, 214 Henderson, Brenda Kay, 457 Henderson, Danny Ray, 457 Henderson, Edward Dale, 499 Henderson, Janis Lea, 467 Henderson, Joe Boyd, Jr., 434, 296 Henderson, Joe S., Jr., 434 Henderson, Mouty Karl, 457 Henderson, Richard Andrew, 476 Henderson, Robert Benjamin, 499, 236 Henderson, Sandra Lynn, 499 Henderson, Vicki Lynn, 476 Henderson, William Delmar, Jr., 434 Hendren, James K., 476, 233 Hendrick, Charles Edward, 499. 250 Hendricks, Charles Lowber, 457 Hendricks, Karol Anne, 499 Henley, Charles Wilburn, 499 Henley, Cheryl Ann, 457, 222 Henley, Joe, 457, 299 Henley, Larry David, 499 Henley, Lawrence Stephen, 457 Henley, Mary, 476. 266 Henley, Michael Surge, 499 Hennig, Susan, 457, 257 Henry, Beverly Gay. 476, 269 Henry, Christine Lee, 499, 204 Henry, Donald Howard, 434, 296, 68 Henry, Harold B., 499, 250 Henry, John R., 421 Henry, Norma Palettue, 476 Henry, Ronnie Dennis, 476 Henry, Thomas Walter, 478 Henry, Troy L., 421, 276 Henson, Elizabeth Ann, 499 Henson, Perry Hanley, 457 Henson, Ronald Jay, 457, 296 Henze, Walter A., 476, 299 Herburgh, Gerald Dee, 434 Heringer, Jill Stacy, 457, 262 Herman, Dave H., 476 Herring, John Thomas, 499 Herring, G. Frank, 434 Herriman, Karen Jill, 499, 214 Herdon, Judith Ann, 457, 222 Hersey, Judy M., 477, 211 Heslep, Charlotte Belford, 434, 269 Heslep, Robert P., 434, 295 Hess, Karen Jane, 434 Hess, Martin Ray, 499, 236 Hester, Jerry Edward, 457 Hetherington, Bonnie Jean, Hewitt, Barbara Lee, 499, 204 434, 262 Hewitt, Winnie Fran, 499, 214 Hibbard, Bobby Joe, 477 Hickman, Sharon Kaye, 499 Hicks, Harold Ronnie, 457 Hicks, John Henry, 457, 284 Hicks, Judy Ann, 499, 204 Hicky, Maryanne, 457, 270 Higgins, Billy Daniel, 418 Higgins, James Dalton, 434 Higgins, Mazie Se, 434 Higgins, Richard Allen, 435 Higham, Pat, 457, 214 Hight, George T., Jr., 435 Hightower, Hazel A., 457, 219 Hildebrand, James Earnest, 477 Hilderbrand, Janet Lynn, 499 Hile, Margaret Ann, 435, 208 Hile, Robert Alan. 457 Hill, Charles C., Jr., 435, 276 Hill, Dana Kay, 435, 261 Hill, Deborah Lcille, 499, 204 Hill, Eleanor Kay, 457, 201 Hill, Fred M., 499, 250 Hill, Geneva Ann, 457, 219 Hill, Harold Clark, 457, 280 Hill, Jimmy Duane, 457, 288 Hill, Jon Blain, 499, 236 Hill, Kay Lorraine. 499, 204 Hill, Lynda Carole, 477, 201 Hill, Robert L., 499, 236 Hill, Steve, 435 Hillard, Courtney Mcllroy, 457, 283 Hillard, Jdy Jane, 499 Hillhouse, Belinda Jane, 477 Hilliard, Rollin Trevor, 477 Hilton, Carolyn Sue, 457 Hilton, William Henry, 499 Hinkle, James F., 457 Hinkle, Marilyn Ann, 477 Hinton, Malcolm C., 499, 250 Hipp, Peggy, 435, 261, 197 Hipp, Gloria Lou, 499, 214 Kite, J. Kay, 499, 222 Hitte, Gorton Darling, 499 Hixson, John Nelson, 477, 291 Hixson, Ralph Scott, 499, 250 Hoag, Rosemary A., 435, 222 Hoagland, John Andrew, 499 Hoaglan, Larry Wayne, 499 Hobbs, Patsy Rth, 499 Hobson, Sandra Sue, 499, 214 Hodapp, Gerald Frank, Jr., 499, 250 Hodge, Herman Fredrick, 477 Hodge, Marilyn Ann, 457, 266 Hogersmith, Glenn, 376 Hodges, June, 57 Hodges, Kaneaster, 421, 60 Hodges, Luther Ray, 499, 236 Hodges, Madison L., 477, 300 Hodges, Norman Leycester, Jr., 421 Hodges, Robert Glenn, 499 Hodges, Robert Henry, 477 Hodges, Susan Jane, 435, 219, 257 Hodnett, Billy. 458 Hoeft, Linda Jean, 499, 214 Hoehn, Stephen M., 457, 377 Hogaboom, Karen Jeanette, 499, 222 Hogaboom, Jan Bryan, 457 Hoggard, Edwin, 435 Hogan, Doyle Hurner, 418 Hogan, Laurie Louise, 499 Hogan, Ihyla Jean, 418 Hogg, Garrett III, 418 Hogg, Shirley Susan, 499 Hoggard, Gary E., 499 Hogins, Saundra Jean, 499 Hogue, Judy Garlanh, 435 Hoke, Charles E., 457, 292 Holbert. William Orual, 499 Holcomb, Carolyn Jean, 457 Holcomb, Elizabeth Jo, 457 HOLCOMBE HALL, 232 Holcomb, Johnnie Ruth, 499 Holcomb, Jon Stephan, 435 Holdar, James L., 477 Holdar, Maxine, 435 Holdar, Robert Martin, 499 Holder, Danette, 435 518 Holder, Jerry Dale, 435 Holifield. Eric L., 499, 303 Holifield, LaVern Lee, 457 Holl, Carol Ann. 457, 201 Holland, Allen H., 435 Holland, Gregg, 499 Holland, John W., 435 Holland, Marilyn Elizabeth, 435 Holland, Sheila, 477, 222 Holland, Thelma, 170, 180 Holllngsworth, A. L., Jr., 435 Hollingsworth, Lorene Kennon, 435 Hollis. Betty, 499, 214 Hollis. Thomas Hayle. 435 Hollon. Billye, 477. 219 Holloway, David Wayne. 457 Holloway, Jerry Dean, 435 Holloway, Jesse Carol, 418 Holloway, Lana Kay, 499. 214 Holloway, Larry Don, 435 Holloway, Marvin Neal, 499 Holloway, Mary Ann, 499, 214 Holloway, Wayland Keith, 435, 279 Holman, Charles Gregory, 435, 229 Holman, Gary John, 458, 291 Holmesley, Joey Burrell, 499 Holopoff, Richard Nick. 457 Holopoff, Terry, 499, 214 Holt, Aden Jackson. 435, 295 Holt, Carol Sue, 435 Holt, Donna Ruth, 499, 214 Holt, Halita Sue, 477. 208 Holt. Lewis Ray, 477 Holt, Rosalind, 95, 170, 182 Holt, Sandi L., 477, 208 Holt, Susan, 457, 261 Holtzclaw. Trudy Ann, 499 Holyfield. Richard Holt, 477 Homan. Robert R.. 435 Hong, Leo L., 477 Hood, Ted. 499, 250 Hook, Shirley L., 458 Hooks. Gertrude Marie, 499 Hooper, Jimmy Leo, 421 Hooper, Randol Webb, 418 Hooten, Gary Eugene, 499 Hoover, Lucretia Denise, 499 Hopkins, David B., 421 Hopkins. Harold H., Jr., 458 Hopkins, John Michael, 499 Hopper, Nichols Lewis, 477 Horn, Burl Ray, 435 Horn, Frederick Ray, 499, 236 Home, William Joseph, 458 Horner, Barry Richard, 435 Hornick. Arthur Lee, Jr., 435, 295 Hornor, Georgia, 435. 261, 57 Hornsby. Carolyn Ruth, 435 Horton, Debbie Sue, 499, 214 Horton, Jerold Alan, 499, 236 Horton, Lena Myrle, 477 Horton. Ricky Don. 499, 250 Horton, Vicki Ann, 477, 208 Horwitz, Morris, 435 Hosier, Judy Lee, 477, 265 Hostetter, Jerry W., 435 HOTZ HALL, 213 Hotz, Helen Ruth, 477, 222 Hough, William Arthur, 477 House, Billie Carrie, 477, 201 House, Herb C., 500 House, James W., 500 House, John Hansard, 500 Houser, Nock, 477, 288 Howston, Carolyn Sue, 458 Houston. Howard Aarom, 436 Houston, Rex Louis, Jr., 458 Houston. Susan, 500. 204 Hovell, Cathy Jean, 500, 204 Howard, Charles Nathan, 500 Howard, Jerry Edward, 500 Howard, Leta Joyce, 458, 223 Howard, Mary Susan, 477, 219 Howard. Tommy Jack, 477 Howe, Patricia Loue, 436, 262 Howe, Sharon Lee, 477, 223 Howell, Alica Woodford, 500 Howell, Mace David, 500. 291 Howerton, Peggy Ann, 500 Hoyle, Gerald Dwayne, 436 Hubbard, David T., 421 Hubbard, Harriet Kay, 436 Hubbell. Webb, 377 Huber, Joseph Paul, 436 Huddleston, Melvyn Errol, 458 Hudgens, Diane Elaine, 500 Hudgens, Shirley F., 458, 265 Hodgings, Linda. 477, 257 Hudson, Bettie Farrar, 436 Hudson. Bill Riley, 500, 250 Hudson, Didi, 500, 204 Hudson, Karen, 436, 265 Hudson, Joseph Marion, 418 Hudson, Nellie Brian, 458 Hudson, Robert Lewis, 418 Hudson, Walker Marsh, 458 Hudson, William Byrom, 477 Hudsonpillar, Rita Jo., 500 Huens. Juen, 477 Huff, Walter Daniel, 436, 229 Huffaker, Susan Kay, 500, 214 Huffman, William Michael, 458, 295 Huggs, Charles Norman. 500 Hughes, Bette Lynn, 477, 270 Hughes, Darrel W., 477, 228 Hughes, Donna D.. 458 Hughes, Herbert Briley. 500 Hughes, Kathleen Marie. 477 Hughes. Judith Kaye, 500 Hughes. Marilyn Elizabeth, 500, 214 Hughes, Phil. 500. 250 Hughes, Steven Jay, 500 Hughey, Mary Ellen, 500 Huitt, Charles Wayne, 500 Hull, Browning C., 500. 251 Hull, Patricia Ann, 436, 201 Hull. Stephen J.. 418 Hlume, Thomas David, 477 Humphrey, Bobby Joe, 418 HUMPHREYS HALL. 235 Humphries, Harold Lloyd, Jr., 500, 251 Humphries, Virginia Earl, 500, 204 Hunnicutt. Garland G., 418 Hunsaker, John Steven. 500 Hunt, David Everett, 500 Hunt, Karen Keva, 477, 223 Hunt, Marcia Lynn, 477 Hunt, Owen Thomas, 477 Hu.;t, Richard Jack. 436, 245 Hunt, Sharon, 458. 223 Hunter, Douglas Ray, 477 Hunton, Lillie Belle, 500, 204 Huppert. Hugh Thomas. 500 Kurd, Joe Earl, 458 Hurlbut. Marsha Kay, 477 Hurley, George D., 418 Hurley, Margaret Ann, 500 Hurley, Nancy, 458, 2f2 Hurley, Paul David, 500 Hurst, Charles Philip, 477 Hurst, J. Ken, 458. 279 Hurst, Nancy Alva, 436, 262, 51 Hurst, Steven Garland, 477 Huson, Harry Newton. 458 Hussey, Lonnie Liu, 436 Husted, Jack J., 477 Hutchens, David Burk, 436 Hutchens, James Binion, 477 Hutchison, Candace Jean, 458 Hutchison, William, 436 Hutka, Philip R., 436. 280 Hyden, Judith L., 436 Hutton, Susan Dill, 436, 270, 53 Impson, Fred Ernest, 458, 276 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS. 333 Inge, Alice McPhetridge, 440 Ingrum, John D., 458 Ingrum. Libby, 436. 273, 71 Inlow, Charles William, 436 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRI- CAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS. 330 INTERFRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL, 332 INTERNATIONAL CLUB, 334 Irby, A. Tim, 436, 299 Irby. Guy Braden III, 500 Irby, Susan Mary, 458, 269, 95 Irvin, Jackie L., 477, 223 Irwin, Michael Edward, 500 Isaacs, Bill, 477, 233 Iseig, Charles Donald, 458 Isom, Harlon, Jr., 500, 251 Ivty, Kathryn Elizabeth, 477 Jack, Don, 77 Jacks, Elizabeth Jean, 500 Jacks, Lewis Cleveland, 418 Jackson, Elaine Albert, 477 Jackson, Charles Brooks, Jr., 436 Jackson, Charles Russell, 477 Jackson. Howard Spencer. 477, 243 Jackson, James Buford, 477 Jackson, James E., 436 Jackson, Janis Jayne, 500, 214 Jackson, Jerry Donald, 421 Jackson, John B., 458, 295 Jackson, Judith Suzanne, 458 Jackson, Marion Berdeneia, 500, 214 Jackson, Mary, 458, 270 Jackson, Mary Lou Houst, 477 Jackson, Mona Gay, 458. 219 Jackson, Nan Ellen, 436 Jackson, William Albert. 458 Jacobs, Mark Christopher, 458, 230 Jacobs, Phillip Truman, 477 Jacuzzi. Victor Steven, 436 295. 304 Jaggers. Alan Keith, 500, 251 Jamerson, Bennie Bertsel. 500 James, Robert Allen, 477, 276 James. William Staley III, 500. 292 Jameson. John K.. 458 Jameson, Lindell Wayne. 500 Jameson. Thomas Samuel, 477, 295 Jamison, Bonnie Nell. 458 Jamison. Earl Edwin, 477. 229 Jamison, Leon Nolen. 500. 236 Jamison. Rodney Keit h. 500 Jamison. Scott MeCrary, 458 Jarman. Richard Clyde. 477 Jarnagan. Jane Carol. 458 Jarratt, Dennis Young. 500 Jarrett. Peeeye June. 458. 262 Jarstad, Judie, 477, 223 Jasper, John Thomas, 436 Jay. Richard L., Jr.. 477. 296 Jayne, John L., 436. 288 Jayne. Thomas Charles, 477 Jeffers, Judi. 477. 223 Jefferson. Gary Scott. 477 Jefferson. Larry Joe. 477 Jefferson. Thomas Calvin, 500 Jeffery. Jerry H.. 477. 291 Jeffery. Joo Cu-ran. 4 ' 7 Jeffreys, Gary Mark, 477. 295 Jefferies, Charles Cole, 500 Jeko Gre " o " - Britt. 500 Jenkins. Christy Gay. - ' 36. 211 Jenkins, Jerry A., 477. 236 Jenkins. Johnny Irvin. 500 Jenkins, Johnny M.. 477 Jenkins. Patricia Kay, 477 Jennings. Donna Gayle. 500 Jennings. Lonnie D.. 500 Jennings, Mary Hornor. 458 Jennings, Maurice J.. 477 Jennings, Sandi K., 500, 204 Jennings, Tappan Hornor, 477, 292 Jennings, Walter Thomas, Jr.. 436. 304 Jent. Glenn Alvin, 418 Jernigan, George Claude III, 436, 280 Jerry. Donald Wayne, 458 Jett. Chariot Ann. 50. 214 Jetton, James Lamar, 433 Jetton, Jean Ann, 436 Jewell, Albert T.. 477 Jewell, Judy Kay. 477, 208 Johns, Hugh Elliott, 458, 296 Johnson, Ann Ellen, 458 Johnson. Adrian Margaret, 477, 223 Johnson, Byron Virl, 458 Johnson, Charles L.. 477, 276 Johnson, Clyde R., Jr., 500 Johnson, Daniel L., 458, 233 Johnson, David Lee. 418 Johnson. Diana Lynn, 500, 214 Johnson, Donna Claire, 478 Johnson. Donna Lou. 500. 204 Johnson. Donald Ray, 458 Johnson, Ebb Weldon, 478 Johnson, Gordon Nelson, 478 Johnson, James Michael, 458 Johnson, James Stephen, 478, 49 Johnson, Jeanie, 500, 204 Johnson. Jenifer, 478, 223 Johnson. Jerry Wayne. 478 Johnson. Jim A., 478, 299 Johnson. Jimmy Clyde. 421 Johnson, Johna Suzanne. 500 Johnson, Johnnv Louis, 421 Johnson. Johnn 1 ' Mac, 478 Johnson. Johnny Warren, 500 Johnson, Jon Randy, 500, 236 Johnson, Judith Ann, 436, 258 Johnson, Judith Leigh, 436, 261. 62 Johnson, Jesse Lee, Jr., 458 Johnson, Kennard Jack, 478 Johnson. Kenneth Lowell, Jr.. 422 Johnson, Lana Faye. 458, 269 Johnson, Larry Hershel, 436 Johnson, Lee, 378 Johnson, Mary Glenda, 500 Johnson. Maynard Perry, Jr., 422 Johnson, Melvin, 368 Johnson, Merle E., 500 Johnson, Muriel Anne, 478 Johnson, Nancy Jane. 437 Johnson, Otis Leon, Jr., 418 Johnson. Patty, 437, 273 Johnson, Randy Eugene. 500 Johnson. Rebecca H., 418, 269 Johnson, Robert G., 500 Johnson, Robert Howard. Jr., 478 Johnson, Robert Joe, 437, 279 Johnson, Robert Walter, 458 Johnson, Ryman Gordon, 437 Jonnson, Sharon Loucyette. 437, 208 Johnson, Sheryl Jean, 437, 223 Johnson, Shirley Ann, 500 Johnson, Susan, 458, 261 Johnson, Susan Lynn, 500 Johnson, Thomas, 500, 236 Johnson, Victor Rudolph. 437 Johnson, Wanda Sue, 458 Johnson, William Arthur, 437 Johnson, William Carl, 437 Johnson, William Jack, 478 Johnson, William Lee, 418 Johnson. William Oscar, 500 Johnston, Ben Bourne, 478 Johnston, Bill L., 500. 251 Johnston, Dennis Lee, 478, 233 Johnston, Ellen, 500, 204 Johnston, Joe Jefferson, 458 Johnston, Johnny Charles, 437 Johnston, Lynda Lee, 478, 223 Johnston, Mary Christine, 478, 269 Johnston, Marsha Clark, 437 Johnston, Mary Jane, 500, 214 Johnston, Mary Rachel, 501 Johnston, Mary Eue, 478, 273 Johnston, Sally Ann, 478 Jones, Alvin, 378 Jones, Barbara Kay, 458, 208 Jones, Bill, 501, 251 Jones, Billy Doyle, 478 Jones, Fuford Dale, 501, 236 Jones, Carol June, 478. 223 Jones, Charles Larry, 501, 251 Jones, Danny Myron, 501 Jones, David Lynn, 501, 251 Jones, Don Gilbert, 437, 228 Jones, Edwin Carroll, 458, 233 Jones, Ethel Betty, 437 Jones, Frank Wilson, Jr., 478 Jones, Gerry Lee, 501, 251 Jones, Gloria A., 501, 223 Jones, Guy Franklin, 478 Jones, Harry, 378, 387 Jones, Herbert Douglas, Jr., 437 Jones, Howard E., 458, 236 Jones, Jackson M., 478, 251 Jones, James Richard, 478 Jones, James Toliver, 501, 236 Jones, Janis Gayle, oOl, 214 Jones, Jay Hollis, 501, 236 Jones, Jeanettia, 458, 273 Jones, Jennifer, 458, 252, 64 Jones, Jennifer Carol, 501 Jones, Jennifer Joyce, 501 Jones, Jimmie L., 478, 299 Jones, John Burton, 501, 251 Jones, Kenneth Allan, 478, 284 Jones, Larry H., 458 Jones, Larry Mathews, 501 Jones, Larry Vivan, 478, 243 Jones, Lawrence Gene, 458 Jones, Lecia Franceen, 478 Jones, Linda Dale, 478,223 Jones, Manaleta. Kaa, 478 Jones, Marilyn Sue, 478, 211 Jones, Mary Frances, 458 Jones, Mary Juanita, 501, 211 Jones, Mary Lee, 501, 204 Jones, Michael D., 418, 280 Jones, Michael Floyd, 437 Jones, Patricia Ann, 478, 270, 170, 184 Jones, Paula Ruth, 478, 208 Jones, Robert Charles, 458 Jones, Ronald Phillip, 501, 251 Jones, Sherman, 393 Jones, Ted L., 437 Jones, Tommy G., 458 Jones, Tracy Duncan. 478, 292 Jones, Vicky E., 458, 261 Jordan, Donna Lanell, 478 Jordan, Gerald Bernard, 501 Jordan, Kathryn Louise, 501 Jordan, Michael A., 458, 233, 378 Jordan, Susan Ray, 501, 204 Jordan, Wesley Carl, 501, 236 Jowers, Jim A., 437, 284 Joyce, Eugene Gerald, 501 Joyner, Louis O.. 458, 287 Juniel, Mary Susan, 437, 258 K Kaiser, Carol Ann, 501, 214 Kaley, Robert Donald, 458 Kammerlohr, Morton A., Jr., 478, 251 Kane, Phyllis Ann, 478, 265 KAPPA ALPHA THETA, 266 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, KAPPA KAPPA PSI, 335 KAPPA SIGMA, 284 Kappes, A. Diane, 437. 201 Kaps, Julia Ann, 478, 257 Karam, Thomas A., 501, 251 Karber, Jerry M.. 437 Karber, John Morgan, 478 Karlovic, John F., 501. 238 Karnes. Gayle Lynn, 478, 208 Kaskel, Raymon Russell, 437 Kastel, Bruce Blaine, 458, 241 Kauffman, Earnest Dean, Jr., 478. 251 Kaufman, Jerome Charles, 458 Kaufman, Ronald Edward, 478 Kaufman, Beverly Lamer, 458, 208 Kays, Marilyn, 437, 569 Keadle. William A., 478. 284 Keathley. BuFord L.. 478, 284 Keathley, Gary Neylon, 437 Keathley, Joe L., 458, 274 Keaton. Peggy Ann, 437, 201 Keel, James St. John, 458, 300. 78, 409 Keeley, Dennis Michael, 458 Keeling, Patricia Sue. 501, 204 Keene, Linda Lee, 478, 257,410 Keener, Elbert Louis, Jr., 478 Keesee, Gloria Lee, 501, 214 Keisler, Ronnie S., 478, 292 Keith, Herbert Ross. 437, 283 Keith, Nancy Jane, 501, 204 Keith. Tommy Jr., 501 Keith, William Troy. 501, 236 Keithley, Joseph Edison, Jr., 437 Keller, Kaye, 437, 208 Kelley, Don Fielding, 501 Kelley, Eugene T., 422 Kelley, Harold Lynn, 501, 250 Kelley, Kathy Jane, 478, 257 Kelley, James Ronald. 478 Kelley, Linda Kay, 501, 214 Kelley, Martha Lynn, 437, 269 Kelley, Robert E., 478 Kelly, Arthur, 478, 303 Kelly, Carolyn Sue, 478, 201 Kelly, Elaine, 478. 223 Kelly, John Kinckney, 501 Kelly, Kitten, 458, 273 Kelly, Patricia, 478, 223 Kelly Sallyn Ann, 501, 204 Kellogg, Glen T., 458, 304 Kemp, Janet Karen, 458, 258 Kemp, Martha Jane, 501 Kemp, Wesley Barton, 458 Kendall, Don Basoom, 437 Kendall, Katherine E., 458, 261, 87 Kendrick, Danny N., 478, 258 Kendrick, John H., 501, 151 Kendrick, Marilyn Kay. 437 Kennamer, Bill, 437 Kennedy, Anne, 458, 223 Kennedy, Barbara G.. 478 Kennedy, Ernest Lewis, 458 Kenney, Donald T., 478, 236 Kenneth. Dan Preston. 59. 279. 75 Kennington. Jeff L., 437 Kent. Barbara Ann, 501, 204 Kent. Martha Ann, 478, 257 Ker, Joyce Leslie, 478. 266 Kerr, Carolyn Sue, 501 Kerr, Lemuel Harriss III. 422 Kerr, Robert Lee, 459 Kerr, Sammy W., 437, 279 Kersh, Garland Mason, Jr.. 437 Kersting, Katherine. 501. 214 Kestner. Kenneth Marvin, 501. 245 Ketcher, William Thomas, 458, 296 Keton. Wayne Taylor. 418 Key. Billy. 501, 251 Key. John W., 459, 292 Key, Richard Sanders, 418 Keys, Donald Richard, 437 Khariwala, Suresh R., 418 Kidder, Rex Wesley, 459 Kiester. Kirt Harold, 459, 299 Kilgore, Larry Michael, 459 Killingsworth. Jo, 478. 208 Kilpatrick, Benny L., 501 Kilpatrick, Benny L., 501 Kilpatrick, Hamilton W., 378 Kimball, Marian Deaton, 478 Kimbrell, Jack Ross, 478, 245, 393 Kimbrough, Harold Bruce, 437. 243 Kimery. Richard Lon. 459, 233 Kincaid, Janice. 437. 262 Kincannon. Melinda W.. 501 Kincy, John Charles. 437 Kinder. Gary Arthur. 478, 241 King, Barbara Lee. 501. 214 King. Don Kenneth. 478. 233 King. Elizabeth Ann. 501. 204 King, Gary Lynn. 501, 204 King, James W.. Jr., 437, 291 King. Janeal. 501, 214 King, Kathryn Louise. 459 King. Katy Louise. 478. 223 King, Susan Catherine. 501. King, Terry Rowden. 501. 251 Kinneman, Bill T., 437, 280 Kinney. Don Miller, 478 Kinney, Gary Neal, 501, 236 Kinney, Joyce, 478, 223 Kinsey, Gail Charlene, 459 Kinsey, Haywood Woodrow. Jr., 459, 287 Kinsorthy, Charles Fleming, 459 Kirby, Beverly Marie, 501, 214 519 Kirby, Helen Vance, 478, 269 Kirby, Susan Kathleen, 501 Kirk, James T., 459, 233 Kirk, Thomas Joseph, 418 Kirsch, Butch, 459, 300 Kirspel, Robert John, 459, 300 Kirton, Carla Temple, 478 Kisamore, Mary Elizabeth. 501, 204 Kish, Roderick, Gordon 459 Kisor, Bobby K., 437 Kitchen, Suzanne, 437, 269 Kitchens, Charles Herschell, 459 Kitchens, Charlotte Anne, 478, 257 Kitchens, Thomas F. Ill, 459, 243 Kittrell, Judy, 459, 270 Kittrell, Susan Ruth, 501, 204 Kline, Richard Max, 459, 292 Klutts, Don E., 437 Knight, Richard Donald, 478 Knod, Edward M., Jr., 459 Knod, William Frederick II, 501, 251 Knoernschield, David Ernest, 437 Knott, Joseph James, 418 Knott, William O., 478, 251 Knox, Bruce Allen, 439 243 Koch, Philip Carl, 501, 251 Kocher, Roger Louis, 501, 251 Koenig, Catherine Ann, 478 Kolb, Ron C., 459, 295 Koos, Barbara Jean, 278, 258 Korwes, Wayne Henry, 501 Kraha, Donald Edward, 501 Kraich, Leslie Dee, 478, 223 Kramer, Thomas Michael, 501 Krebs, Alvin Eugene, Jr., 459 Kvaternik, George Leo, Jr.. 437 Kuhn, Sandra Lee, 501, 215 Kulbeth, Jerry Lynn, 459 Kuonen, Richard Henry, 459 Kurland, Marc Lewis, 478 Kurtin, Lillian Josephine, 502 Kushmaul, Ronald James, 437 Kutz, Cheryl Ann, 459, 266 Labrot, Glenda Ruth, 478, 223 Lackey, Loretta Gail, 438, 273 Lac key, Stephen Wayne, 438 Lackey, Thomas Wayne, i38 Lacy, Gay III, 502, 237 Ladage, F. Sanford, 438, 292 LaFargue, Quinn D. Ill, 502 LaFevers, Norma Elizabeth, 459, 261, 277 Lafferty, Nancy Ann, 438, 257 Lafferty, William A., 422, 295 LaFollette, Olivia Ann, 459 Lair, Herbert Dean, 419 Lair, Sandra Kay, 478 Laman, Christy Lea, 459, 273 Lamb, Frances Dalene, 478 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA, 287 Lambert, Pauline Elizabeth, 502 Lambert, Wesley Olivia, 438 Lambiotte, Larry Louis, 478 Lamoureux, Charles J., 479 Lancaster, Janice Ann, 02 Lance, Stephen Alvin, 502 Landers, George Thomas, 479 Landers, Mike Ricnard, 438 Landess, Mary Olivia, 479, 223 Lane, Charles Thomas, 502 Lane, Dalton, 428 Lane, Freddie Joe, 459, 241 Lane, Ginger Lou, 479, 223 Lane, Lequitta Sue, 502, 215 Lane, Loretta Grace, 479, 223 Lane, Mary Jim, 502, 204 Lane, Milton J., 438 Lane, Robert Kinder, 438, 233 Lang, Nicholas Paul, 479, 251 Lang, Roy Lynn, 502, 237 Lange, Robert A., Jr., 479, 276 Langley, James Wallace, 438 Lankford, David Jay, 502, 251 Lankford. Pat, 502, 203 Largent, Robert Eugene, 459 Larimer, Tommy Raymond, 502, 237 LaSalle, Angela, 502, 215 Larsen, Gary Gene, 479, 233 Larson, Arthur Thomas, 459 Larson, Linda Jean, 459, 261 Larson, Michael Vincent, 479 Latimer, Jan, 502, 215 Latta, James Richard, 459 Latta, Karen Kanel, 502, 215 Lattyre, James Paul, 459, 285 Lauck, James Stephen, 438 Laurent, Glen Da ' p. 38 Laux, Lloyd Stephen, 459 Lavender, James Millard, 459 Law, Glenda Gay, 438, 208 Law, Waldo Gale, 438 Lawler, Diane Kay, 479 Lawler, Don W., 438, 287 Lawler, Leah Cornelison, 438 Lawrence, Dianne Kizer, 438 Lawrence, Hazel Louise, 479 Lawrence, Judy, 459 Lawrence, Michael, 459 Lawrence, William Douglas, 479, 228 LAW KEVIEW, 76 LAW SCHOOL. 42 Laws, Bonnie Lynne, 502, 215 Lawson, Ernest Randolph, 479, 246 Lawson, Jerry Joe, 438 Lawson, Jerry Lee, 479 Lawson, Gary Glenn, 502, 251 Lay, Gary Wayne, 479, 291 Layman, Lvanna, 459, 223 Lazenby, Sam Clinton, 459 Lea, Dorothy June, 502, 215 Lea, Tom, 48, 53, 59 Lease, George Floyd, Jr., 479 Leatherbury, William F., 479 Ledoetter, Heienaale, 418 Leaoetter, Thomas Daie, 422 Ledet, Mary Camille, SU2, 215 Leagerwooa, Marvin McCoy, 438 Ledgerwood, Samuel Tilden, 502, 237 Leding, Celestine W., 459, 273, 65, IMS Lee, Carl Edward, 479 Lee, Charles, 502 Lee, Eugene H., Jr., 479 Lee, Gary Owen, 438 Lee, Greg W., 479, 299 Lee, Jack William, Jr., 438 Lee, James Randal, 438, 280 Lee, Janis Jo, 438 Lee, John Terry, 502, 303 Lee, Linda Carol, au2, 215 Lee, Nanita, 502, 215 Lee, William A., Jr., 438 Lee, William Mayo, 459 Lee, William Royce, 459, 296 Leeds, Cheryl Francis, 502 Leek, Lynn Morris, 419, 288 Leek, Stephen Alan, 479, 288 Leeman, Kussell Ervin, 459 Leeman, Susan Jeanne, 502 Leesmann, Ann, 459, 262 Leeton, Elizabeth Anne, 502 Leflore, Ernest Hasrell, 479 Legatski, Ted W. II, 502, 251 Lehn, David Guy, Jr., 459 Lehnhard, Mary Nell, 502, 203 kemke, Ronald Lee, 479 Lemley, Cynthia Ann, 502 Lennartson, Lena Anna Kristina, 459, 269 Leonard, Charlotte Ann, 502 Leopard, Letitia Faye, 502, 215 Lerch, David Scott, 459, 229 Leslie, James Waller, Jr., 479, 243 Leslie, Thomas Edwin, 438 Leslie, Timmy D., 479, 233 Lewallen, Bill Wayne, 438 Lewis, Brenda Ann, 479, 201 Lewis, Burett Lafayette, 459 Lewis, Elizabeth Ann, 459 Lewis, Fletcher, 479, 295 Lewis, Harry R., 479, 285 Lewis, Judy E., 502, 203 Lewis, Merl, 479 Lewis, Pamela K., 502 Lewis, Peggy, 438, 270, 49 Lewis, Robert David, 422 Lewis, Teresa Diane, 459, 208 Leydendecker, Claudia Anne, 479, 233 Leysath, Virginia Lynn, 459 Libby, Rebecca Jane, 502, 204 Liberto, Vincent Michael, 438 Lieber, Missy, 502, 204 Liggett, Charles Lee, 479, 287 Ligon, Robert Stark, Jr., 459 Lile, William Richard, 438 Liles, Marilyn Jane, 502 Liles, Susan Ann, 502, 204 Lillard, James Stegall, 438 Lilley, Toni L., 438 Limbird, Michael A., 479, 229 Linck, Marketa, 479, 208 Lincoln, Ivy Glen, 459, 285 Lindemann, Keith John, 459 Linoley, Ann Helen, 502, 215 Lindloff, S. Damaris, 438, 270 Lindsey, Bart Rabb, 438, 292 Lindsey, Byers Mack, Jr., 419 Lindsey, Ronald Gene, 459 Lineberger, Arthur Phillip, 459 Linebarger, Charles Lloyd, 459 Lingle, Jim G., 479, 248 Lingle, John R., 422 Linn, Frank Julian, 419 Linnen, Margie, 438 Linnen, Margie, 438 Lipin, John M., 502, 237 Lipscomb, Judy Ladon, 502 Lipscomb, Linda Diane, 479 Lisle, Vernon John, Jr., 422 Little, Cynthia Edrington, 502, 204 Little, Don M., 438, 300 Little, Jackie Eugene, 502, 237 Little, Margaret Anne, 479 Little, Rebecca Ann, 479, 223 Little, Sarah Elizabeth, 438 Little, Vicky Lynn, j02, 204 Lively David Martin, 479, 251 Livingston, Otto Bernard, Jr., 438 Livingston, Patricia Jean, 419 Lloyd, Kenneth Alan, 479 Lobdill, Michael M., 400, 228 Loberg, Douglas C., 460 Lock, Harold Dean, 502. 237 Lockart, Harold Lee, 502, 237 Locke, Blanche Lillian, 479 Locke, Mollilou, 479, 219 Lockhart, Celeste Laura, 02 Lockhart, Julie Anne, 460 Logan, Kathryn Havard, 502 Lohmar, John William, 419 Loibner, Steve Allen, 479. .T ' ' Long, Margaret Barrow, j79 Long, Marilyn Kay, 502, 215 Long, Vince M., 438, 296 Longnecker, Linda, 479, 223 Lonon, Tommy Lynn, 479 Loomis, Betsy Kim, 479, 262, 193 Looney, Bill, 479 Looney, Carolyn Chriitine, 502, 223 Looney, David Ray, 438, 243 Looper, Gary Pat, 438 Loos, Timothy Charles, 460 Lorance, Betty Jane, 479, 257 Lorenz, Jim A., 460, 285 Lorenzo, Tl imas G., 479, 280 Loring, Jo Anne, 460, 265 Losey, Susan Diane, 460, 208 Loudamy, Gary Frank, 502 Love, Tommy L., Jr., 502, 251 Lovegrove, Tommy Bob, 460 Lovelady, Carol Ann, 502, 215 Loveless, Mary Alice, 479, 208 Loveless, Walter Lewis, Jr., 502 295 Loveil, Jimmy Steve, 502, 283 Lovell, Thomas J., 479, 241 Loveil, Victor Manuel, 460 Lovett, J. Timothy, 479 Low, Gary Lambeth, 460, 243 Lowe, Robert Steven, 479, 303 Lowe, Ronnie Wayne, 502 Lowrey, James Richard, 479 Lowrey, John Allen, 460 Lowery, Rick, 411 Lowrey. Robert Lynn, 422 Lowery, Ronald Wayne, 502, Lowry, Robert Cunningham, 422 Loxley, William Alan, 438 Lucas, Donna Katherine. 502 Luck, Benjamin Dane, 438 Luckes, Sharon Anne, 460 Ludwig. Leo Lawrence, Jr., 460. 243 Luette, James Paul, 479 Lumpkin, Vernell, 502. 211 Lundy, William B., 479, 229 Luper, Patricia Jo, 479, 223 Luper, Robert Dale. 460. 300 Lusk. Linda. 502. 215 Luther, Lonnie West, 438 Lyman. Charles Wayne. 438 Lynch, Bonnie Jean, 502 Lynch, Dana. 410 Lynch, James Russell. 460 Lynch, Lynda Leu, 502. 215 Lynch. Michael David, 439 Lynn. Dale R.. 460 Lynn. Nina Millicent. 503 Lyon, John .Vlarlin, 479 Lyon. Lucy Martin, 433 Lyon, Marcia Ann. 303, 215 Lyon, Philip Kirkland, 422. 76 Lyons, Arland Wpyne, 419 Lyons, Brenda Amulip, 479 Lyons. Dana Leigh, 502, 215 M Ma, Frank Hsioh-Ti. 479. 232 Ma, William H-L. 479. 232 Mace, Ross Edwin. 439. 292 Macioce. Christopher Louis. 503 237 Mack, Jenny. 460, 273 Mack. Linda Ann. 503. 204 Mackey. Ella May. 479. 219 Mackie ' , Shari Anne, 439, 265. 58 Mackin. Cheryl Christine, 503. 215 Mackie. Theresa Mary, 460 Macy. Steven David. 479 Maddan, Sandra Ann, 503 Madden, Dale Claridge, 419 Madden, Norman Edward, 419 Maddox, James Robert, 479 Maddox, Jerry Lake, 465, 241 Maddox, John David, 479, 251 Maertens, Wilbern A., 503 Maestri, Dan W., 460 Magness, Robert Morgan, Jr., 439, 291 Mahan, Richard Lee, 439 Mailer, Joanne Marie, 460 262, 67 Main, Janet Main, 503, 204 Majors, Allen B. Jr., 460 Majors, John, 368 Malcolm, Edward Bruce, 460 Malone, David Holland, 439 Malone, Tommy Fred, 479 Manatt, Robert Eugena, 439 Mauente, Nicholas H., 460 Maner, Donna Jo, 503, 215 Mangelsdorf, Sara Jane, 460 Mangrum, Donnie Lee, 460 Mangum, Rebecca Jane, 503 Mann, Becky, 460 262 Manning, Joanie Bwinett, 460 270 Mantooth, Calvin Ted, 479 Maples, Bill Bryan, 503 Maples, Kenn, 70 Marble, Nancy Gaye, 439, 208 Marc hman, Madalyn, 479 Marcon, Howard A., 460 Marenie, William Lee, 503 Margrave, William James, 503, 251 Marino, John George, 439 Marinoni, Rosa Linda, 479 Markell, Bruce Harris, 503 MARKETING CLUB, 336 Markl, A. James, 503, 237 Markland, Gary Stephen, 422 Marks, Cynthia, 503, 215 Marks, M. Theresa, 479, 266 Marks, Thomas William, 503 Marney, Mariland Helene, 460, 265 Maroney, Mickey, Marquess, Steve L., 439, 251 Marr, Richard Christian, 460 Marsh, George Lewis, 460 Marshall, Edwin T., 503 Marshall, Michael J., 419 Martensen, John K., 439, 299 Martin, Calvin Roderick, 503 Martin, Celia Berry, 439 Martin, Dallas Ardell, 460 Martin, David Bryan, 479, 288 Martin, Dorothy Louise, 503 Martin, Doyne Richard, 460 Martin, Gayle Elizabeth, 479 Martin, Howard L , 422, 280 Martin, Jacqueline E., 460 Martin, Jerrel D., 480, 228 Martin, Jerry Wayne, 439 Martin, Jo Karen, 503, 215 Martin, John Wesley, 460, 280 Martin, J. Zan, 503, ' 237 Martin, Marsha L., 503, 223 Martin, Mary Alice, 460. 223 Martin, Ralph Gene, 419 Martin, Russeil wayne, 503 Martin, Stephen C., 503, 237 Martin, Steven K.. 503, 303 Martin Wallace, 369 Martin. Walter D., Jr., 480 Martindill, Gerald, Jr., 480 Marline, Joseph Gary, 460 Martinez, Richard Kent, 480 Mashburn, Brian Layne, 419 Mashburn, Michael H., 503 Mack, Ruth Ann, 480, 269 Maslin, Judith Evelyn, 460 Mason, Donald, Jr., 460 Mason, Elizabeth Ann, 503 Mason, Judy Kaye, 439, 208 Mason, Shannon Sue, 503, 215 Mason, Suzette Jane, 480, 204 Massery, Judith Kay, 503, 215 Massey, Anita Carol, 503, 215 Massey, Dennis Carl, 439, 299 Mathews, Douglas Bur, 480 Massey, Georganne, 503, 215 Massey, Jan Richard, 160 Massey, Raymon Earl, 460 Massey, Thomas E. Ill, 439 Masterson, John Tipton, 503 Mathews, Lee, 439, 285 Mathias, Bernice Julia. 439 Mathis, Diana Gay, 480, 208 Matlock, Josephine, 460, 265, 410 Matleson, Gordon Crossett, 480 Matthews, Brenda Bridges, 439 Matthews, Catherine, 439, 261, 63 Matthews, David Wilson, 503 Mathews, Jan Michael, 460 Matthews, John Calvis, 460 Matthews, John H., 480 Matthews, Phil Elbert, 460 Matthews, Susan, 48, 57 Matthews, Wilson, 380 Mattison, J. Stanley, 439 Mauldin, Bruce E., 503, 299 Maus, Raymond Michael, 480 Maxey, Linda, 503, 215 Maxwell, Bruce, 380 Maxwell, Phillip Lynn, 503 Maxwell, Richard Everett, 460, 229 May, Jack Alan, 460, 280 May, James Madison, 439 Mayes, Jim L., 439, 295 May, Kenneth Joe, 480, 279 May, Larry Gene, 503, 251 May, Michael J , 460 May Peggy Jean, 503, 215 May, Ralph Dewel, 460, 279 May, Robert Clay, 503, 237 Mayfield, Gary D., 439, 291 Mayfield, Joyce Elaine, 503 Mayfield, Marilyn B., 460 Mayo, Johnny D., 480 Mazzanti, Jim R., 439, 285 McAbee, Sandra L., 503, 215 McAllister, Alonzo Dallas, 503, 299 McAlister, Billy John, 460 McAllister, David Lee, 460 McAlister, James E., 439, 304 McAllister, William A., 503 McAllister, Margaret Ann, 439, 257 McAllister, Robert L., 439 McBee, John Michael, 422 McBee, William Preston, 480 McBride, Jackye Lee, 460, 223 McBride, Joe, 503, 279 McBride, Robert Gene, 460 McBryde, Cecil Lee, Tr., 503 McCain, John Walter, 439 McCain, Larry Glenn, 480 McCaleb, Margaret Ann, 503 McCall, Larry E., 480 McCall, Sarah F., 503, 204 McCann, Robert Emmett, 480 McCann, Robert Rogers, 439 McCarroll, Mary Jane, 503 McCarroll, Russell, 460, 238 McCarty, Elizabeth, 303, 215 McCaskill, Don Ray, 480, 279 McCastlain, Hugh Marvin, 460 McClain, Carolyn Sue, 439 McCrain, Merle Edward, 480 McClanahan, Kathy Lynn, 503, 215 McClaren, Frances, 503, 204 McClellan, James Steven, 5C3 McClelland, Anne, 480, 224 McClelland, Audrey Maxine, 439 McClelland, James ) , 439 McClelland, Kathy Jean, 503 McClendon, Lucian Philip, 422 McClendon, Miachel Thornton, 480, 254 McClung, Marsha Linn, 48 " McClure, Donald Ralph, 460 McClure, James Eugene, 413 McClure, John Michael, 503 McClure, Karalee Estelle, 480 McConnell, Linda Kaye, 460 McConnell, Phillip Lee, 430 McConnell, Richard Douglas, 480 McCool, Zilma Jane, 503, 215 McCord, Cindy Lou, 503, 215 McCord, James Neil, 460 McCorkell, Margaret Elaine, 480, 208 McCormick, James Edward, Jr.. 480 McCormack, Janet Laraine, 460, 219 McCoy, James Ralph, 480, 279 McCoy, Max Garland, 439 McCracken, Patrick E , 440 McCrary, William Donald, 480, 285 McCreary, Beverly Louise, 503 McCreight, Susan Gilman, 480, 262 McCrory, Jerry Alton, 461 McCulloch, Linda Carolyn, 440 McCulloch, Wilson L., Jr., 480 McDaniel, Arthur DeVane, 440 McDaniel, Bobby Ray, 461, 299, 49 McDaniel, Cherylene Marie, 480, 224 McDonald, Craig Erval, 503 McDaniel, James Donald. 503 McDaniel, John Louis, 419 McDaniel, Robert Scott, 480 McDaniel, Wanda Charlene, 480 McDonald, Ginger Kaye, 461, McDonald, James M., 503, 251 McDonald, James Shaw, Jr.. 440 McDonald, Jeval Jan, 461 McDonald, Julie Watson, 480 McDonald, Katherine Sue, 440, 270 McDonald, Lady Elizabeth, 461, 262 McDonald, Lynn Elizabeth, 440, 269 McDonald, Melissa Ann. 503 McDonald, Richard Alan, 461 McDonald, Sandra Sue, 503 McDonald, Sue Ellen, 503, 204 McDonald, Sue Ellen, 503 McDougald, Oscar G., 503, 251 McDougal, Tommy Olen, 440 McDowell, James C., 480, 287 520 McDuff, James Patrick, 503 Mci-iroy, Thomas Arthur, 461, 285 McEiogue, Donald R., 380 McFali, Joyce Ann, 461, 269,65 McFarland, Glenda, 480, 224 McFerran, Joann, 461 McFerran, Stanley C., 503 McGaha, Patricia Ann, 480 McGary, Jerry Linton, 440 McGee, Becky Rhodes, 480 McGee, Jim Ed, 419 MeGehee, Bill Eugene, 440 McGehee, Edward Pelham III, 461, 295 McGeorge, Nancy Margaret, 461, 261 McGeorge, Wallace P., 503 McGill, George Billy, 461 McGinnis, James v ' - ' ev, 503 McGinty, Marsha Sue, 503 McGlothin, Rebecca Annette, 503, 215 McGlynn, John D., 480 McGoogam, Alice June, 503 McGraw, Nancy Jeanne, 480 McGrew, Larry Douglas, 461 McGuffin, Dolly Irene, 461 McGugin, Beverly Ann, 503 McGuire, Lawrence Edgar, 440 McGuire, Maja Ann Sissy , 480, 261. 88 McGuire, Rod, 440 McGuire, William Michael, 480 McHughes, Gannalyn Sue, 503, 204 Mcllroy, Carol Castile, 503 Mcllveene, Ronald Wayne, 504, 204 Mclntosh, B. Anthony, 440 Mclntosh, Donnie Ray, 480 McKamy, William Ross, 480 McKee, B. Wanette, 504, 215 McKee, Charles Edward, 461 McKelroy, Jerry Wayne, 440 McKendry, Tim Norman, 461 McKennon, Linda, 480, 273 McKenzie, Elmer B., 504 McKenzie. Elmer B., 504 McKenzie, Mary Kathryn, 440, 208 McKenzie, Ronald Dee, 419 McKinley, Brad, 480, 237 McKinley, James M., 461, 237 McKinley, James Robert, 461 McKinney, Diane Elaine, 480. 266, 410 McKinney, Earl Elwyn, Jr., 480 McKinney, Leigh, 480 273 McKinnon, Michael A., 504 McKissick, Robert Bruce, 504 McKnelly, Phillip Keith, 419 McKnelly, Susan Carroll, 419 McKown, Stephen John, 419 McLarty, Thomas Franklin, 461, 295 McLaughlin, Charles H., 504 McLaughlin, Judy Ann, 504 McLelland, John Edwin, 480 McLendon, Phillip Lowe, 461 McManus, Sherry Kay, 504 McManus, Susan Nancy, 480 McMasten, Donna Eilen, 504 McMaster, John Darrell, Jr , 440, 246 McMasters, Carolyn Sue. 504 McMennamy, Jackie, 504, 216 McMillan, Jean, 480, 273 McMillan, Susan Lee, 440, 273 McMillan, Charles Woodrow. 504, 237 McMillin, Frank C., 440, 296 McMillin, Lamar, 419 McMoran, William Dalton, 419, 304 McNabb, Lynne, 504, 205 McNair, John Allen, Jr., 504 McNair. Mary Richardson, 50.4, 205 McNair, Nancy, 504, 205 McNair, Nancy Jeane, 461 McNaughton. Rita J.. 461 McNeal, Charles David, 461 McNeill, Gary, 461, 233 McNerney. Jan, 480, 258 McNulty, Gordon M., 480, 292, 49 McNulty, Jack Allison, 440, 292. 48. 58 McNulty, Janelle, 461, 269 McNutt, Chris, 461 McNutt, David Lee, 440, 303 McNutt, Eddie R., 422 McPherson, James William, 504, 237 McQueen, Michael Recce, 504 McQueen, Ralph Lee, Jr., 480 McRae, Diana Geraldine, 461. 211 McSpadden, Ellen Raye, 440, 261. 64 McSpadden, Tommie Kathryn, 480, 261 McSwain, George Oliver, 440 McWilliam. Morris Dean, 504 McWIlliams. 4nne L., 480 McWilllams, JoAnn, 504. 205 Meaeham, Judith Ann, 50 ' Meade, Carol Ada, 480, 262 Meade, Don L., 440 Meade, Sharon Kay, 440 Meador, Ada Brown, 461 Meadors, Carey Wayne, 480 Meadows, Jack Edward, Jr. Meadows. Linda Joyce, 504 Meadows. Marsha Rae. 504 Meadows, William Noel, 480 Means, Billye Regina. 440, 262 Means, Michael H., 504, 205 Mease, Meg, 480, 257 Measeles, Deanna Lee, 480 Measeles, Mary Kathryn, 461 Meason, Carolyn Victoria. 480, 208 MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, 337 MEDICAL CENTER, 44 Medlin, Linda Karen, 504, 205 Meeklns, Gwendolyn Ann, 480, 224 Meeks, Dorman Wayne, 504 Mienecke, A. Louise. 504 Meistrell, Kathleen Hall, 440 Melton, Geneva Louise, 440 Melton, Hugh Allen, 461 Melton, Jimmy Donald, 504 Melton, Kimberly, 504, 215 Melville, David Vernon, 504 Menees, Laura Susan, 504 Menge, Michael L., 480, 251 MEN ' S SOPHOMORE COUNCIL, 347 Mensch, Adine, 461 Menzines, James Frederick, 461 Mercing, Terry L., 461 Meredith, J. Conley, 440, 280 Meredith, Mary Louise, 480 Merkle, Mable Celine, 480 Meroney, Douglas Mile s, 504 Merrill, Melinda Sue, 504, 215 Merritt, James Clyde, 461 Merritt, Raymond L., 461 Mferriweather, Tony Randal, 480, 243 Mertens, Christine Dorothy. 481, 224 Meshew, Michael Lee, 504, 205 Metcalf, Susan Leah, 461, 273 Metcalfe, Dale, 504, 205 Metz, Danny Ray, 461. 279 Meyer, Harold Gene, 461 Meyer, Judy Lynne, 461, 219 Meyer, Larry W., 422. 29G Meyer, Robert Eugene, 504 Meyer, Robert Lee, 440 Meyer, Steve Kirk, 504, 251 Meyers, John Robert, 481,241 Michael, Jerry Wayne, 461 Mickel, A Delbert II, 504 Mickle, Sandy J., 504, 224 Mikles, Jacog Perry, 461, 285 Milehelland, Melvin, Leon, 440 Miles, Dallas Davis, Jr., 461, 288, 66, 49 Miles, Joseph Michael, 504 Miles, Richard T., 422 Miller, Charles Wilton, 440 Miller, Cecilia Anne. 504, 205 Miller, Danny, 504, 251 Miller, Judy Edwina, 504 Miller, Donald Gene, 440 Miller, Douglas Wayne. 481 Miller, George Bowie, Jr., 422 Miller, James Hugh, 461, 233 Miller, Joe T., 440, 303 Miller, John Norman, 461 Miller, John Terrel, 461 Miller, Kaye, 440 Miller, Kenton C., 481, 291 Miller, Kinley Emerson, 440 Miller, Larry Curtis, 504, 251 Miller, Linda Louise, 481, 219 Miller, Lowell Wayne, 419 Miller. Michael Dave. 441, 288 Miller, Patricia Lee, 441, 219 Miller. Patrick, D., 504, 295 Miller. Reita Anne. 461 Miller, Robert William, 441 Miller, Roy Don, 461 Miller, Sharon E., 422 Miller, Stephen Charles, 481 Miller, Susan Jewell, 481, 224 Miller, Susanne Grace, 441 Miller, Kanda Faye, 461, 224 Miller, William Fred, 504, 237 Milligan, Robert David, 481 Mills. Alva n -. 161 Mills. Danny Gale. 504, 291 Mills, Edward A., 504, 251 Mills, Henry Paul, 504, 291 Mills, Ronald Chapman, 481 Mills. William Keith, 504, 237 Milstead, Paul Joseph. 504 Milton, Edgar S., 441, 243 Milum. John Connerley, Jr., 504, 251 Mlltz, Steve, 481. 245 Miner, Carolyn Beaty, 461 Minge, Vivian Louise, 441 Mlnnick. Ronnie H., 422 Misephimer, Richard Norman, Misephimer, Richard Norman, 481, 241 Mitchell, Jacob T., 481, 228 Mitchell, Joan Elizabeth, 441 Mitchell, Jon Maylor, 504 Mitchell, Karen ' ian .a, 461 Mitchell, Joyce L.. 504 Mitchell, Lana Dianne, 481 Mitchell. Lee, 504, 215 Mitchell, Martha Ellen, 504 Mitchell, Otis Tenny. 504, 237 Mitchell, Rebecca Dee, 481 Mitchell, Robert Earl, 461 Mitchell, Sandra Caron, 481 Mitchell, Teena D., 481, 219 Mitchum, Johnny B., 481, 303 Mittelstaedt. Carol Ann, 461 Mize, Bernard wayne, 50 ' Mize, Johnny Carl, 504, 251 Mooley, Don Dwight, 441 Mock, Carol Anne, 481, 219 Modmger, Cornelius III, 461 Moery, Phillip Weiss, 504, 251 Mogg, Barbara Sue, 481, 224 Mohier, David F., 481 Moldenhauer, Larry E , 461 Moles, John Michael, 461 Moncrief, Bob Wayne, 481 Moucrief, James Donald, 461 Monaigo, David Carle, 481 Money, Charles E., 504, 251 Monroe, Thomas Ark III, 422 Montee, Sharon Kaye, 504 Montgomery, Charles Dennis, 481 Montgomery, James David, 504 Montgomery, Jean, 461, 224 Montgomery, Jim Robert, 461 Montgomery, John A., 441 Montgomery, Linda Lou, 504 Montgomery, Thomas Gerald, 441, 287 Moody, Bobby R., 504. 303 Moon, Billy George, 504, 237 Moon, Neal William, 481 Mooney. Ron Osborne, 504 Moore, Alan Futrell, 461, 279 Moore, Athaline, 461, 219 Moore, Carl Dennis, 481 Moore, Carolyn Carlyle, 504 Moore, Charles H., 481, 285 Moore, Charles Robert, 461 Moore, Charlotte, 504, 216 Moore, Donna Geurian, 481 Moore, Elizabeth Jane, 481 Moore, Henry Clay, 422. 296, 77 Moore, Janya Gee, 481, 224 Moore, Joe R., 419 Moore, John M., 481 Moore, John Richard, 504, 237 Moore, Karen Louise, 481 Moore, Katherine Estelle, 461 Moore, Larry Don, 441 Moore, Larry Mitchell, 461 Moore, Michael H., 504, 251 Moore, Marilyn Jeannette, 461, 224 Moore. Nicholes Randel, Jr., 419 Moore, Patricia Ann, 504, 224 Moore, Rhetta Ellen, 504, 216 Moore, Sandra Sue, 504, 216 Moorehead, Beverly Jeanne, 461. 224 Moorhead, Christine, 481, 257 Mooty, Elvie E., Jr., 441 Moran, Jackie Lawrence, 441, 380 Moran, Michael Wayne, 461 Moran, Patty, 481, 265 Moran, Richard Hal, 504 Moran, Shelly Anne. 441 Moran, Susan Kathleen, 504 Morazes, Angle, 504, 205 Moreland, William Nelson, 461 Morey, Norman, 441 Morgan, Cheryl Paula, 481 Morgan, Jack Clark, 441 Morgan, Jim Lee, 419 Morgan, Joyce Patricia, 441 Morgan. Karen Ann, 461. 224 Morgan, Katherine Lawrence, 441, 262 Morgan, Linda Beth, 505, 224 Morgan. Mary Kathryn, 481 Morgan, Noel, 461, 230 Morgan, Sharon Ann, 505, 216 Morgan, Victoria Ann, 505 Morgan, William D., 505, 237 Morreale. Vita Sherry], 461 Morris. Cheryl Lynn, 461, 269 Morris, Dwight Vincnt, 505 Morris, Henry Carol, 422 Morris, Julia Anne, 441 Morris, Larry Allen, 505 Morris, Lois Crockett, 461 Morrlsett, Charles L., 505, 237 Morrison, James D., 461 Morrison, Johnny Lee, 505 Morrison, Richard D., 461 Morris. Phillip John, 441 Morrow, Donald Gene, 481 Morrow, Linda Rae, 481 Morrow, Ronald Edwin, 161 MORTAR BOAKD, 338 Morton, Constance Elizabeth, 461, 258 Morton, Margaret Ann, 46? Mosey, Jeanette Gall, 505, 205 Mosey, Judith Ann, 441, 224 Mosiey, Kathryn E., 441, 261 Mosley, Susanna Marie, 441, 257. 58 Moss, Bill, 505, 279 Moss, Bill, 462, 287 Moss. Mike E , 462, 296 Moss, Sonny, 462, 287 Moudy, Phillip Wayne, 505 Mougeot, Larry Happy, 481 Mouldin, Travis, 379 Moulton, Everett Crockett, 505, 287 Mourer, Larry Zan, 505, 252 Mourton, James Gary, 481 Moyers, David Michael, 481 Mullennix, Martha S., 481, 219 Muller, Judy Nell, 462, 262 Mullin, Charles Johnston, 505, 300 Mullins, Dr. David W., 23 Mullins, James Lee, Jr , 505 Mullins, Jo Kathleen, 481 Mundstock, Bob, 481, 237 Mundy, Rodney Joe, 481 Munnerlyn, Jane Ann, 462, 270, 297 Munson, Alice Ann, 419 Munson, Bruce Emil, 505, 280 Munson, Lee A., 422 Murdock, Dwight Arnold, 505, 252 Murphey, Margaret, 281, 209 Murphy, Edna Renee, 481, 219 Murphy, Floyd, 78 Murphy, Gary Edward, 441 Murphy, Leland, 462, 229 Murphy, Linda Rose, 505, 216 Murph y, Margaret Adele, 462 Murphy, Michael David, 505 Murphy, Randy George, 462, Murray, Walter Allen, 481 Murry, Suzan Lee, 505, 205 Musgrave, Suzanne. 462, 269 Musick, Joseph A., 462 Myatt, Gilbert C.. 441 Myers, George Ernest, 505 Myers, James Mark. 505. 252 Myers, James Russell, 441 Myers, John Paul, 505 Myers, Michele Jan, 462, 270, 195 Myers, Nancy Virginia, 441 Myrick, Steven Dale, 505 N Nagel, Alice Elaine, 481, 224 Nalley, Louis, 381 Nancarrow, Margie, 505, 216 Napier, Gene Curtis, 181, 2 6 Nash, Audrey L., 305, 216 Nash, Audrey, L., 305, 216 Nasy, Cheryl Ann, 441, 211 Nash, Jim Roger, 422 Nash, Linda Lorraine, 462 Nash, Noel Gordon, Jr., 441, 292, 304 Naylor, Mary Sue, 462, 224 Neal, John Michael, 462, 243 Neal, Joseph Charles, 462, 237 Neal, Milton Ray. 441 Needham, Linda Kaye, 481 Neely, Jane Ann, 481, 273 Neely, John Ed, 505, 252 Neely, Jonn Kenneth, 481 Nelson, Ann, 462, 270 Nelson, Dan Kennedy, 505 Nelson, David Edmon, 462 Nelson, Eric William. 481, 233 Nelson, Glynda Virginia, 462 Nelson. James Dredrlck, Jr., 505 237 Nelson, Jane, 462, 262 Nelson, John, 481, 233 Nelson. Julianne, 505, 205 Nelson, Junie Elizabeth. 481 Nelson. Larry G., 481, 303 Nelson. Linda Edith, 505, 216 Nelson, Martha Ellen, 462. 224 Nelson, Paul Chancellor, 441 Nelson, Ralph, 505, 252 Nelson, Robert Oren, 505, 291 Nelson, William Andrew, 481 Nemir, Ralph W.. 462 Nesbltt, Edwin Ewing, 481 Nesbltt, Jimmie Dow. 505. 237 Nenenschwander, Charles, 481, 291 Neunherz. Edward Neil, 441 Nevin, Carol Jane, 481, 258 Nevius, Anita Nell, 481, 266 New, Donald Ernest, 441 Now. George Raymond. 505 New. Tommy Allen, 481, 288 Newcomb. Larry Clell. 462 Newcomb, Robert Alston, 481 Newcomb, Tanal M., 505, 205 Newell, Robert Wendell. 505 Newklrk, Janis Sue, 505 Newkrk, Mathls Glenn, 481 Newlin, Marcla Ann, 481 Newman, Carolyn, 481, 224 Newman, Geneva Laverne, 505, 205 Newman, Gloria Jean, 505 Newman, ioe Wavery, 162 Newman, Linda Dianne, 505 Newman, Sherry Marie, 505 Newman, Larry William, 481 Newtown, George Allyn, 481 Newton, Jamie Elizabeth, 462 262, 410. 49 Newton, Judy Diann, 462 Newton, Keith Laron. 505 Newton, William Stanley, Jr., 462 Newton, Glenford Andrew, Jr., 462 Neu, Kathleen Kay, 462, 209 Neuberger, Jean E. Ill, 462 Niblett, Barbara Ann, 419 Nicholas, Jerry Lou, 462, 261 Nichols, Bill Charles, 305, 238 Nichols, Deeana Jane, 462 Nichols, Donna Lee, 305, 216 Nichols, James Donald, 505 Nichols, Mildred Penny, 462 Nichols, Van H.. 481 Nickerson, James Charles Everett, 462 Nicherson, Janet Marie, 462 Nielsen, William Manford, 481. 243 Niesen, Gail Ann, 462, " 65 Nisbet, Alexander Wyckliff, Jr., 505, 285 Niven, Jim A., 441 Nix, Gary Thomas, 505, 238 Nix, Nancy Ann, 505, 205 Nixon, Graham, 505, 238 Nixon, Dale Bruce. 462 Nixon, Janice, 481, 273 Noble. Chet. 441 Noble, Martha L., 462, 209 Noblin, Dean A., 505 Nodler, Sue Carole, 441, 209 Nohse. Becky Lynn, 481, 224 Nokes, Charles Lynn, 481 Nolan, David Thomas, 441 Nolen, Constance Suzan, 462 Norman, Glen, 481, 291 Norman, Josephine Frantiska, 481, 201 Norman, Mitchell, 462, 233 Norrell, Joseph Leonard, 462 Norris, John David, 481, 243 Norris, John Lewis, 505. 288 Norris. Mary Lou, 482 Norsworthy, William Gregory, 482, 295 Northam, Iris G., 462, 201 Northcutt, Nancy, 462, 262 Northern, Dandall Evans, 482 Norton, Carol Jane, 441, 209 Norton, Donna Hall, 441 Norton, Jo Donna, 462, 209 Norton, Michael, 462, 303 Norton, Richard Dale, 505 Norton, Thomas Gray. 441 Norwood, David Allen, 462 Norwood, Gordon, 381 Norwood, Pamela Diane, 482 Norwood, Tom W., 441 Nosal, Edward Lee. 505, 252 Novak, John Lee, 482, 243 Nowell, John M., 462 Nowell. Judy Ann, 462, 265 Nowlin, Katharine McRae, 462, 269 Nowlin, Joe E.. 441, 296 Nunn, Joseph Curtis II, 482 Nutt, Betty Jane, 482, 224 Nutt, Peggy June, 482. 224 o Oakley, Linda Sue, 482, 219 Oates, Lynn F., 505, 252 O ' Bar, Billy Dean, 441. 279 Oberley, Tommie Ann. 462 O ' Connell. Kathleen Marie. 462 O ' Donnell, Pat Duane. 419 Odum, Allen Barry, 505. 252 Offutt, David Burton, 482 Ogden, Charles Edward, 441 Ogden, Kathleen Anne, 441 Ogden, Mary, 482, 265 Oglesby, D., 462 Oglesby, Marilyn Toce, 482 Oholendt. Rebecca Lynn, 482 lishi. Tetsumi, 442, 233 O ' Keefe, Ward. 505, 287 O ' Kellev. Curvis Edwin. Jr.. 505. 252 Oldner. Jane Puryear, 482 Oldner. John William, 505 Olin, Jan, 482, 257 Olinghouse, Burney, 505, 252 Olinghouse, Phil, 482 Oliver, Charles Dwain, 482 Oliver, Lanelle Eloise, 506 Oliver, Martha Ann, 505. 205 521 Ollar, Paul Wayne, 442 Olson, Carol Jeanne, 506. 205 Olson, John D., Jr., 442 Olvey. Jean. 506, 206 O ' Malley, Michael Charles, 419 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, 339 Omohundro, Eva Sue, 482 O ' Neal, E. C., 419 O ' Neal, Gary Eugene, 442. 291 O ' Neal, James Anderson, 462, 233 O ' Neal, James Edward, 482, 233 O ' Neill, James Robert. 506 O ' Neill, Michael E., 482, 300 O ' Quinn, Michael, 419, 369 Orahood, John Phillip, Jr., 462 Orand, Gerald Don. 506 Orange. Nannie Elizabeth, 462 Orange, Robert S., 462 O ' Reilly. Linda Eugenia, 482 Orr, Michael H., 482, 291 Orr. William Samuel, 462. 237 Orrick. Janic Velma, 482, 219 Osborn, David Suinner, 506 Osborn, McRrill Mack. 442 Osborne, Berneda Sue, 462 Osborne, David Arthur, 506 Osborne, Gloria anne, 506 Osborne, Robert Webb, 462 Osburn, Doris Fay, 506 Osburn, Pamela Gay, 506, 205 Osher. Anne P.. 482, 219 Osher, Anne P.. 482, 219 Ostedgaard, Cheryl Ann, 482 Oswald. Martha Suzanne, 506, 216 Oswalt, David Lynn, 482, 241 Ott, Fred Murry, 462, 299 Otwell. Larry R.. 462, 233 Ousterhout, J. Bradley. 482 Overbey, Thomas Lee. 482 Overley, Garra, 506, 205 Overman, Kelley Carroll, 462 Overturf, Roy p., 462 Oviatt, Katherine Elizabeth, 506. 205 Owen, Charles Ray 442 Owen, Jacqueline Ann. 506 Owen, James Carney, 482 Owen, Ray, Jr., 442, 287, 57, 275 Owen, Rebecca, 506, 216 Owen, Robert Wayne, 482 Owen, William Leonard, 422 Owens, Anita Sue, 482, 224 Owens, James Newell, 462 Owens, Jerry Lynn, 442, 241 Owens, Randy W., 506, 238 Owens, William Connie. 482 Owens, William Eugene, 506 Oxford. William Eugene, 506 Ozment, Jerry Don, 482 Pace, Harry Wayne, 462 Pace, J. Rebecca, 462, 224 Pack, Alan Dee, 462, 279 Pack, Tim, 506, 279 Paden, Richard Sandifer, 462 Paez, Hernan, P., 462 Paladino, Richard Alan, 462 Paluculict, Ronald Ira, 482 Palmer, Billy Wayne, 419 Palmer, Margaret Rose, 506 Palmer, Russell Roy, 442 Papageorge, Alex G., 482, 241 Papp, S., 462 Parce, Charles Walter, 462 Parham, David H., 442, 299 Parham, Gwendolyn Holloway, 506, 224 Park, Carol Jane, 506, 216 Park, Jerry Ross, 506, 288 Parker, Carl Edward, 482, 299 Parker, Carl R., 442 Parker, Dennis Otis, 506, 252 Parker, Gary O., 482 Parker, James Randall, 482 Parker, Judith Marie, 482 Parker, Kerry Lee, 506, 238 Parker, Michael Eldred. 506 Parker, Peggy Sue, 482 Parker, Sam M., 482, 245 Parker, Sandy Rhynell, 506 Parker, Van Orlie, 482, 246 Parkhill, Betty Ruth, 462, 219 Parkhurst, Charles Wright, Jr., 506, 252 Parks, Cary, 462, 285 Parnell, Maka Ann, 442, 269 Parrish, David Eugene, 482 Parsley, Charles Stanley, 462 Parson, Janice Lou, 482 Parson, Jo Ellen, 462 Parsons, Charles E., 506, 238 Parsons, Greg, 506, 252 Parsons, Hal O., 482, 276 Parsons, Janice Ellen, 506, 216 Parsons, Margaret Ann, 506 Partain, James Robert, 506 Partin, Marcia Ann, 362. 209 Parvin, RuthAnn, 506, 224 Paschal, Paulene Ann, 442 Pasche, Linda Yvonne, 506 Pasley, Larry R., 442 Pate, Diana Maria, 442, 209 Patterson, Catherine Ann, 482, 261 Patterson, Joward Blackweil, Jr., 482, 246 Patterson, John Samuel, 442 Patterson, Theresa Kathyleen, 482, 224 Patterson, Penny, 506, 205 Patterson, Tommie Jean, 482 219, 63, 65 Patterson, William Keith, 463 Pattillo, Don H., 422 Patton, Beverly Ann, 506, 216 Patton, Coin Regina, 506, 216 Patton, Robert Clyde, 482, 292 Paul, Jerry Wayne, 482, 241 Paulus, Katherine Lee, 482 Payne, Chartes R., 506, 252 Payne, John, 506, 252 Payne, Harold Louis, 506, 238 Payne, Mary Ann, 506, 205 Pazderka, Ann Rowden, 263 Peacock, Hardy Preston, 442 Peacock, Kathryn Coleman, 442 Peacock, Max, 381 Pearce, Mary, 506, 216 Pearce, Sandra Kay, 506, 216 Pearson, Betty Jo, 506 Pearson, Richard Lee, 463, 246 Pearson, Robert D., 442 Pearson, Waymon, 482, 279 Pederson, Ronald C., 506, 238 Peek, Brenda Kaye, 506, 205 Peek, Russell Chris. 462, 287 Peek, Steven Parks, 482 Peek, William Partlow, 506 Peel, Gary Evan, 422 Peel, Maria Gelene, 506 Pehosh, Michael Charles, 442 Pellham, Galen Monnis, 482 Pellham, Marsha Gwen, 482 Pelphrey, Joseph Franklin, 463, 233 Pelt, Jimmy Tom, 442 Pelton, Elizabeth Ann, 482 Pemberton, William Reese, 506, 300 Pence, James Akers, 506, 338 Fender, Paula Kay, 506, 224 Pendergrass, Patti. 442, 257 Pendergrass, William Frank, 463, 287 Penix, James, A.. 506, 288 Penn, Jim M., 482, 243 Penn, Joseph Brooks, Jr., 463 Penn, Patricia Jane, 482, 224 Pennartz, Thomas Roger, 482 Pennington, Rowena, 506, 205 Perduce, Martha Eunice, 442 Perkins, Ronald Burton, 506 Perry, Ann C., 463, 201 Perry, Dennis E., 506, 252 Perry, James Robert, 442 Perry, Rosalie Sandra, 442 PERSHING RIFLES, 87 Person Mary Adelaide, 482 Peters, Balis George, 506, 252 Peters, Douglas C., 506, 252 Peters, Janice Carol, 282, 224 Peters, Larry E., 506, 238 Peterson, Betsy Beth, 463, 269 Peterson, Gary Dale, 442 Peterson, Patricia Jane, 482 Peterson, Sherman, B., 419 Petersen, Susan, 506, 216 Pettit, Bill. 506, 252 Pettus, Ellis Lamar, 442, 252 Pettus, Judy Gail, 482, 211 Pettus, Lester Glen, 482. 252 Petty, Jim David, 506 Petty, Nancy Carol, 506, 205 Petty, Priscilla Jane. 506.216 Peyton, Ronald Wayne, 506 Pfeiffer, Jeanette, 463, 209 Phegley, Mary Elizabeth, 442 Phegley, Richard Lee, 442 Phelps, Edward Lynn, 482 Phelps, Kathleen, 482. 266 Phelps, Madeline Sue, 442 PHI DENTA THETA, 288 PHI EAT SIGMA, 341 PHI UPSILON OMICRON, 342 Phifer, James Edward, Jr., 419 Phillips, Betty, 463, 225 Phillips, David Paul, 463 Phillips, Ed M., 506 Phillips, Harold Homer, 442 Phillips Herbert David, 482 Phillips, Janie. 482, 265 Phillips, Jo Lynn, 482, 225 Phillips, John F., 463 Phillips, John Gibson, 506 Phillips, Klaus Peter, 506, 252 Phillips, Loyd, 381. 386, 388 Phillips, Tawana Sue, 463 Philpott, Karen Sue, 506, 216 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB, 340 PI BETA PHI, 270 PI KAPPA ALPHA, 291 Pianalto, Milvin Lawrence, 506 ickard, George Wagley, 442 Pickard, Joseph Robert, 442 Pickard, Nina Kay, 506, 205 Piebenua, Janet Kay, 506, 216 Pierce, Dana Lindsey, 506 Pierce, James Steele, 463 Pierce, Linda Kaye, 506, 205 Pierce, Thomas N., 482, 285 Pierce, Toni, 482, 257 Piercy, Tommy F., 442 Pierson, Barbara Uvonne, 506 Pierson, Michael Williah, 506 Piggee, Phyllis Marie, 506, 224 Pike, Howard Eugene III, 463, 233 Pilant, Dale Lewis, 419 Pile, Philip Haney, 463, 279 Pilger, James Cecil, 482 Pillow, Larry O., 463 Pinkerton, Ellen Earle, 482 Pinson, Jerry Dean, 422, 292 Pintado, Dulane Barry, 482 Piper, Mary, 482, 257 Pirtle, Woody, 81 Pittaway, Kenneth Ray, 482 Pitts, Denele, 506, 205 Plafcan, Franke Tresvant, 483 Plant, Robert Dale, 483, 233 Platt, Richard Gordon, 507 Plumlee, Glenda Gay, 483 Plumlee, Larry James, 463 Plummer, Jackie Marvin, 442 Plumlee, Joyce Katheryn, 506, 205 Plunkett, Carolyn Sue, 483 Plunkett, Harold Eugene, 442 Plunkett, Michael Anthony, 483 Poag, Sandra Galye, 507, 205 Pockrus, Sylvia Patricia, 442 Poe, Becky Ann, 482, 262 Polk, Darryl Ray, 442 Polk, Mary Kaye, 442, 219 Polk, Sissy, 442. 270 Polk, William Allen, 463 Pollan, Nancy Gayle, 507 Pollard, Cassandra, 507. 225 Pollard, Garvis, 442, 292 Pollard, Nancy Elizabeth, 483 Pollock, Earnest E., 483, 241 Pomfret, Allison Ferris, 463 Pomfret, Cara Ann, 442. 225 Pomfret. James E., 46j Pond, Candy, 483, 262 Ponder, Gerald A., 442, 296 Ponder, Lane Opal, 507 Ponder, Teb B., 507 Pool, Norman, 442 Poole, James Chris, 463, 304 Poole, Minor Wallace, 507 Pope, John Pulius II, 442 Pope, Judy McNeal, 443 Poppenhouse, Diane, 507, 216 Porter, Jesse Edwin, Jr., 507 Porter, Jonh Winton, 443 Porter, Joy Hoffman, 443 Porter, Mildred Anne, 507 Porter, Ronna Gay, 483, 265 Porter, Travis Ward, 463, 304 Porterfield, Sam, 507, 300 Portis, Diana Wallin, 443, 262 Post, Larry Stephen, 463 Postlewate, Carl Russell, 463 Potts, Dellis L., 507 Potts, Thomas Ray, 483 Powell, Alma, 483, 219 Powell, Clifton Marion, Jr., 507, 245 Powell, David Roland, 507 Powell, John R., 507, 295 Powell, Larry King, 507, 252 Powell, Patricia Ann, 507 Powell, Rebecca Ann, 443, 273 Powell, William Walter, 507 Powers, Joseph Michael, 483 Powers, Lonnie Austin, 443 Poynor, Charles M., 463 Poynor, Mary Linda, 483, 201 Poynor, Nancy Anne, 483, 225 Ppool, Maria Ann, 483, 262 Prall, Linda Suzanne, 283 Presser, Stephen Lee, 443 Preese, William Roy, 507 Presson, Sharon Sue, 507, 216 PREVIEW, 80 Prewitt, Huetta Norvelle, 507 Price, Barrie Jo, 463, 257 Price, David William, 463, 347 Price, Diana Gayle, 507, 216 Price, Greta Olene, 483, 225 Price, James Ray, 443 Price, Kathryn Herring, 443 Price, Lana Gwynne, 507 Priddy, Michael Robert, 507 Pride, Ann Lehman, 483, 225 Pridemore, Susan Deanna, 507, 225 Priest, Walter Lipsey, 443, 296 Prince, Samuel Edwin, 507, Pritchett, Joseph E.. 507, 303 Pritchett, Thomas A., 463 Prince, Linda Maria, 463, 209 Proctor, Richard Lee, 422. 303 Proffitt, Ronnie Joe, 419 Provine, Patricia, 443, 269 Prongay, Robert J., 483, 228 Pryor, Cynthia Ann, 507, 205 Pryor, JoAnn, 483, 270 Publow, Gordon, Jr., 507, 287 Pugh, Ecan Larry, 443, 295 Pugh, James Roy, Jr., 463, Pullen, Donald Cue, 422, 300 Pulliom, Janet Lynn, 463, 261 Pullig, Thomas A., 419 Pultz, Tony F., 443, 291 Pumphrey, Lynn, 483, 225 Purdy, James A. II, 443, 243 Puryear, Samuel Scott, 483, Purlfoy, James Thomas, 443 Purnell, John Andy, 443 Purselley, Mary Ellen, 443 Purtle, Homer, Jr., 463, 241 Purves, Barbara. 443, 258 Pgle, David Eugene, 463, 228 Quails, Johnnie Junior, 483, Quigg, Susan Marie, 507, 216 Quigg, Eddie George, 483, 246 Quimby, Sharon Lee, 507, 205 Quinn, John C., 483, 288 R Raabe, John Milton, 443 Rabjohn, Homer Allan, 443 Rachel, Marcia Gray, 483 Ragan, Sharon Harvie, 463 Ragland, Carl Edward, 463, Ragsdell, Marsha Lucille, 507, Railsback, Barbara Louise, 483, 225 Raines, Carol Jean, 483, 265 Rainey, Wiliam Pal, 483, 285 Rains, Jerry McCoy, 483, 246 Rainwater, Judy, 507, 205 Rainwater, Paul William, 463, 246 Rakes, Thomas Denton, 443, 232, 50, 60, 65, 72 Ralston, Susan Elizabeth, 463, Rambo, Darrell, 507, 252 Ramey, Kendall D., 483 Ramsey, Ethel nn. 483 201 Ramsey, Jean Ann, 463, 225 Ramsey, Kenneth W., 483, 229 Ramsey, Ralph R., Jr., 443, Handle, Robyn Ann, 483, 261 Rand, James E., 507, 292 Rand, Patricia Louise, 463, Rands, Sarah M., 483, 262 Raney, Robert William, 507, Raper, Dwayne Angelo, 483, Rapps, Beverly Louise, 507 Rasco, H. Terry. 483, 299 Rash, Rebecca Jo., 483, 225 Rash, Robert W., 443 Rasmussen, Caryl Marie, 507 Rauch, James O., 443 Rauser, James Edward, 463 Rauth, Walter Wilson, 507 Rawls, Barbara Lynn, 507 Rawls, Nora Nell, 443 Rawn, Bobby D., 507, 287 Ray, Carolyn Ann, 443 Rayburn, Virgil Homer III, 443 Raymond, Alice Jo, 443, 225 Raymond, Rosemary, 463, 266 RAZORBACK HALL, 219 RAZORBACK STAFF, 62-67 Rea, Sandra, 443 Rea, William Conway, 443 Read, Donna Jane, 443, 273 Reagan, Stephen Earl, 463 Reagor, Janet Gail, 507, 205 Reames, Carla Marie. 443, 209 Reap, John C., 507, 252 Reasoner, Stephen Mathew, 422, 299 Reaves, John Barry. 443, 299 Rebsamen, C. B., 463, 287 Rebsamen, Donald Raymond, 422 Redden, Rick, 507, 296 Redding, Dana Kay, 443, 265 Redding, Donna Kaye, 483 Redfern, Pamela Alleene, 507 Reding, Syndi L., 507, 205 Reece, Robert Eugene. 419 Reecer, Philip Earl, 463, 233 Reed, E. Smith, Jr., 463, 288 Reed, Gary Lee, 507, 252 Reed, Gregory D., 507, 238 Reed, Randal Penn, 507 Reed, Terry G., 483, 243 Reed, Hollis Theodore, 463 Reed. John Lee, 463 Reed, William J., 507, 287 Reeder, Phil, 463, 228 Reeves, Carole Ann. 483, 211 Reeves, Kathryn Anne, 483 Reeves, Ken R., 483, 295 Reeves, Mike Lynn, 443 Reeves, Sharon Ann, 463, 269 Regan, George Douglas, 444 REGISTRAR, 26 Reichardt, Carolyn Ann, 463, Reid, Gay Robin, 463, 201 REID HALL, 221 Reilly, Lawrence Joseph, 444, Relyea, John F., 483, 232 Remagen, Lawrence David, 444 Remmel, James Bucknall, 483 Remagen, Nancy Sue, 483 Renfro, Janet Louise, 507, 205 Renfrew, Phillip W., 483 Rennard, Donald Lewis, 483, Renshaw, Donald Keith, 440 Rentfro, Carroll Reece, 444 Reutzel, David E., 463, 67 Reynolds, Dennis A., 463, 230 Reynolds, Frankie Joe, 507, Reynolds, Milton Bradford , 444 Reynolds, Morris A., 507, 292 Reynolds, Stephen Lee, 463 Reynolds, Susan Elaine, 507, Rhew, Paul D., 483 Rhodes, J. Larry, 507, 238 Rhodes, Jimmy Allen, 444 Rhodes, Jimmy Dale, 444 Rhodes, Mary, 463, 209 Rhodes, Robert H., 419 Riales, Thomas Dean, 507, 252 Rice, Darrel Alan, 463, 241 Rice, Herschel F., 463, 252 Rice, Wendell Ralph, 507, 238 Richards, Elizabeth Harth, 463, 270 Richards, William C., 444, 288 Richardson, Gary Kile, 483 Richardson, Jennifer Lynn, 483, 269 Richardson, Jimmy Kay, 483 Richardson, John David, 419. 411 Richardson, John William, 483 Richardson, Johnny Thomas, 463 Richardson, Jon David, 464, Richardson, Ross Phillips, 464 Richmond, Virgil Dewayne, 464 Ricketts, Gary Gene, 483, 252 Ricketts, Larry Dean, 483, 252 Riddell, William Rand, 483, Riddle, Sara Ella, 507, 216 Ridge, Gregory A., 483 233 Ridley, Susan Jo, 464, 225 Rife, Jon Michael, 483, 287 Riffel, James Kirby, 422 Riffel, Maryland May, 507, 216 Riggs, Karen Lorraine, 483, Riggs, Pamela D., 483, 225 Ring, James W., 483 Rinie, Betty Jean, 444, 201 RIPLEY HOUSE, 246 Ripley, Margaret, 507, 216 Ripper, William M., 444 Rippy, Darrell, 52, 227 Risher, Don Michael, 507, 252 Risher, Thomas Phillip, 464, Risner, Noah Wayne, 464 Ritchie, Malcolm Everett, Jr., 464, 280 Ritchie, Terrance Gene, 444 Rittenhouse, Edith Helme, 507, 216 Rivers, Ruth, 507, 216 Roach, Gary Alan, 464 Roades, Jeanne Anne, 507, 216 Roark, Katie, 464, 265 Roark, Nancy Dianne, 483 Robbins, Dana Lynn, 444 Robbins, Jim, 79 Robbins, Joseph Nevin, 444, Robbins, Larry Steven, 507 Robbins, Penny Pendergrass, 444 Robbins, Victor Wayne, 507, Roberson, Fred Owen, 483, Roberts, Arvel, Jr., 507 Roberts, Billie Ann, 444, 270 Roberts, David Alan, 484, 233 Roberts, Don Baron, 484, 233 Roberts, Gary M., 464, 243 Roberts, Gayland Wilson, 419 Roberts, Greg, 507, 295 Roberts, Hunter Lee, 464, 292 Roberts, James Ernest, 507 Roberts, Larry Allan, 444 Roberts, Mark O., 484, 296 Roberts, Rebecca Jean, 507, Roberts, Sarah Jane, 484 Roberts, Stephen Herbert, 464, 241 Roberts, Willia Jeanette, 444, Robertson, Danny Eugene, 507 Robertson, James E., 484 Robertson, John Layton, 484 Robertson, Kim, 464, 270 Robins, Susan. 464, 269 Robinson, Barry Aber, 484, Robinson, Darrell Wayne, 464 Robinson, Jeannie, 464, 257 Robinson, John William, 464 522 Robinson. Sharon R.. 484, Robnett. Robert Joseph. 464 Robrahn, Oerrle Ann, 507 Rockefeller, Governor Winthrop, 19, 20 Rodenbach. William T., 507 Rodgers. Clyde Tilden, Jr., 484, 299 Rodgers, David Jerome, 464 Rogers, James Harold. 484 Rogers, Joe Mark, 422, 292 Rogers, Judith Marie, 484 Rogers, Lee O., Jr., 422 Rogers, Leona Kate, 484, 225 Rodgers, Leonard Austin, 507, 252 Rogers, Nina Myrl, 484, 273 Rodman, Christy Lea, 507, 216 Rodriquet, Michael R., 507 Roe, Elton Leroy, 464 Roelfs, Pam, 444 Rofkahr, Tommy, 508, 252 Rogers, Frances Maria, 444 Rogers, G ordon Gray, 444 Rogers, Henry Lyle, 464, 295 Rogers, Hibuard G., 508, 238 Rogers, James William, 444 Rogers, Mary Gail, 508, 205 Rogers, Paul L., 464, 291 Rohrer, Linda Louise, 508, 205 Rolfe, Lott III, 508, 252 Rolfte, Nancy Anderson, 464 Roll, Steve Lee, 508, 252 Rollins, Michael Edward, 464 Rollow, Linda Ann, 484, 225 Rolniak, Wallace Anthony, 484 Romine, Gaylynn, 508, 05 Romine, Larry Ray, !44 Romines, Susan Lynn, 508, Roofe, Dennis Ray, 484, 243 Roop, Gary Carl, 484 Root, Harriet Elizabeth, 464 Root, Robert Slawson, 484 Rorex, Janna, 508, 216 Rorie, Frank Daniel, 444, 243 Rose, Andy, 444, 296 Rose, Carl H., 444 Rose, Claude James, 464 Rose, Deneice Rae-Jean, 484 Rose, Elizabeth Crapmton, 444 Rose, Jannette, 444, 273 Rosenau, Paula Ann, 484, 209 Ross.Ross, Becky, 484, 258 Ross, Billy E., 422, 77 Ross, Edwin Lee, 444 Ross, Harvey Linwood, 484 Ross, James. 484 Ross. Larry Dean, 444 Ross, Pat, 508, 216 Ross, Rex Watson, 464 Ross, Thomas T., 444 Ross, Toni. 464, 209, 88 Ross, William Michael, 484 Roth, John A., 484 Rothman, Mchael G., 422 Rouse, Marie May, 419 Rousseau, Robin M., 444, 269 Rousseau, Stephen Melvin, 444, 56 Rovner, Fred, 484, 243 Rowan, Mary Patricia, 444, 262, 55, 194 Rowan, Ruthie Lorena, 508 Rowe, Bette Anne, 508, 211 Rowe, Chares Clinton, 444 Rowe Henry Moss, 445, 280, 49 Rowe, John Henry, 464 Rowland, James Herbert, 464 Rowand, James Herbert, 464 Rowland, Linda Lou, 445, 262, 411 Rowland, Louis Neal, 484. 300 Rowland, Louis Neal, 484, 300 Rowland. Michael Cliff, 508 Rowland, Thomas Hamilton, 445, 295, 395 Rownak, John Joseph, 464 Roy, James M., 464 Rozelle, Ashley B., 445. 287 Rubens, Kent J., 464, 296, 60, 72 Rukgaber, Albert, 445 Rupe, Ronald Wayne, 508, 252 Ruple, Steven Douglas, 445 Rush, Bill Floyd, 445, 285 Rusher, Albert Holly, 464, Russell. Barbara Lynn, 508 Russell. Carolyn Sue. 508, 225 Russell. Charles Fredrick, 445. 276 Russell. Harold Ray, 508. 238 Russell. James Tedford, 508 Russell, Judy, 484, 266 Russell, Marion Wayne, 445 Russell, Marvin Frank. 508 Russell. Rebecca Anne. 508 Russell, William Leon, Jr., 484 Russo, Mary Ann. 508. 225 Rutherford, Claud Franklin, 464,283 Rutledge, Carl T., 420 Rutledge. Keith. ' ,45, 233 Rutledge, Joyce Elaine, 464 Rutledge, Sherry Ann, 508 Ryan, Max Lemay, 508, 252 Ryan, Patricia Lee, 484. 219 Ryan, Timothy J.. 508. 238 Rybiski, Donna Lynn, 445 Ryles, Gary Wayne, 445 Ryles, John Arnold, 445, 228 Saar, Michael Bruce, 461, 1M1 Sabbs, Paris Darnell, 461. 252 Sabin, Kathy Lou, 508, 205 Sacken, Thomas Patrick, 445 Sadler, Damon Dale, 508, 238 Salzman, Michael G., 464 Samons, G. Mike, 508, 252 Sample. Pam. 508, 216 Samples, Brenda Gail, 484 Samples, Janice Fay, 508 Samudio, Gil M., Jr., 445 Sandefur, Herschell M. II, 484 Sanderlin, Robert Howard, 464, 484 Sanders, Everett Craig, 464 Sanders, James Marvin, 464, 304, 280 Sanders, Jay H., 445 Sanders, Jeffery Charles, 484 Sanders. Jimmy Dale, 508 Sanders, Jim T., 508, 252 Sanders, Nancy Eileen, 508 Sanders, Sandra Beth, 445 Sanders, Stephen Hay, 484 Sanders, Ted H., 422, 291 Sandlin, David Wayne, 508, Sands, Darry Gene, 484, 280 Sandine, Charles Robert, 445 Sandlin, David Roger, 445, Sanford, James B., 508, 238 Sanger, Linda Ann, 485, 258 Sapp, Larry Dale, 484 Sarantos, John Henry, 445 Sass, Bruce Darlington, 508 Satterfield, Larry, 422, 238 Satterfield, Nancy Lee. 508 Saunders, David Allen, 508 Saunders, Homer Lee, 420 Saunders, Joe S., 484, 243 Saunders, Thomas Ramsey, 484 Sava, Jeanne, 464, 273 Savage, Catherine, 484 Savage, Richard E., 445, 299 Savage, Sheri Lynne, 464, 265 Sawyer, John Coy, 508, 252 Saxon, David P., 484, 233 Saxon. Ella Ritchie, 508, 205 Sayers, Susan Michele, 484 Sbanotto, Elizabeth Ann. 484 Sbanotto, Pete, 508 SCABBARD AND BLADE, 97 Scarlan, Bonnie Lee, 508, 217 Scarborough, Jo Anne, 445 Scarlett, Polly L., 508, 205 Schaap, Martha Irene, 464 Schaefer, Betty Anne, 420 Schaeffer, Janet Louise, 484 Schaink er, Howard Alan. 422 Schanafelt, John David, 598 Scheer, Cloyce Wayne, 145 Schell, Orville Carroll, 484 Schell. Peggy Ann, 445, 273 Scherer. Jeff Allen, 508, 252 Scherrey, Paul Edward III, 484 Schick, Becki, 508, 205 Schick, Patricia Ann, 484, 225 Schimmel, Elgin Wesley, 508 Schisler, Roger Dale. 445, 299 Schisler, Virginit Elliott, 445 Schlarb, Andrea Nell, 484 Schlattmann, Paul Allen, 508 Schmand, Josephine Anne, 508, 217 Schmelzer, George Richard, 508, 252 Schmidt, Virginia Lea, 445 Schneider, Carol Sue, 508, 217 Schneider, Chris Gordon. 508 Schneider, Debra Dee, 508 Schneider, Mary Elizabeth, 508 Schnider, Sandy, 508, 217 Schneider, Henry III, 484 Schneider. Wava Ann, 464 Schnerre, Linda N.. 508 SCHOLA CANTORUM, 359 Schollenberger, Donald Curtis, 422 Schrantz, David Myron, 464 Schroeder, Donna Lou, 445 Schroeder, Ernest J., 420 Schultz. Candace Patricia, 508, 205 Schultz, Keith Larue, 422, 299 Schultz, Terrye Lynn, 508 Schwachhofer, Sylvia Sue, 484, 209 Schwarzlose, Carol Mae, 484 Schweer. George H., 508, 287 Schivally, Bart M., 464 Scogin, Henry David, 420 Scott, David Jale. 508 Scott, Douglas Palmer, 464 Scott, Jim, 484 Scott, John Walter, 484 Scott, Jon David. 464 Scott, Joseph Vinson, 484. 241 Scott. Kim, 508. 252 Scott, Sarah, 304 Scott, Veeta. 484, 219 Scott, W. Randolph, 445 Scrape, Pamela Denise, 464 Scroggin, Jon Jeffrey, 54 Scrogham, Jeff H., 484, 230 Scruggs, Grover C., 508 Scruggs, Joe B., 484, 233 Scurlock. James Vance, 508 Sczerbak. Ronald Paul, 508 Seamon, Simone. 464, 273 Seawood, James Lenzie, 484 Seal. James Harvey, 508, 252 Sealander, John Arthur, 508 Seaton, David R., 508 Seay, Lela Jane. 508, 217 SEDGEWELL HOUSE, 243 Sedwick, Sally Payne, 484, 266. 65 Seeger, William M., 484, 296 Segraves, Patrick Warren, 508. 276 Seifert, Harold Raymond, 508. 252 Seitznger, Raymond Joseph, 484 Selby, Kenneth E., 508 Self, William David, 464. 245, Selig, Michael Daniel. 508, 252 Selig, Roman Joseph III, 464 Sellers, Edward Donald, 464 Sellick. James Rav 445 Semple, Robert R., 464, 285 Seneff, Pamela Jo, 508, 205 Senyard, Suzanne, 508, 205 Serid, Robert Glenn, 445 Sessions, Michael, 464 Sethi. Ashok Kumar, 420 Setser, Jeanne, 464, 201 Seward. Irwin John. Jr., 484 Sewell, Ronald W., 508, 238 Sexson, William Hayden, 508 Sexton, Linda Sue, 445, 261 Seymour, Cassandra Anne, 464, 269 Shaddox, T. Stephen, 464 Shafer, Paul Thomas, 445 Shah, Ashvin N., 420 Shah, Suresh Hiralal, 420 Shane, Janie Ruth, 445, 273 Shannon, Gary Gene, 464, 303 Shannon, Graham F., 464, 295 Shannon, John White, 445, Sharp. Barbara Jean, 485, 225 Sharp, Deborah Yvonne, 508 Sharp. Doyle Lee, 508 Sharp, James Donald, 445 Sharp. Kenneth Ray, Jr., 445, 296, 399 Sharp, Robert Austin, Jr., 464, 243 Share, Sallie M., 485, 201 Sharp, Wendell Doyce, 445 Sharpe, Margaret Bernice, 445, 201 Sharum, Stephen M., 509, 252 Shaver, Dennis Ray, 445 Shaver, Roy B., 420 Shaw, Dennis Dean, -145, 291 Shaw. Michael Owen. 485, 233 Shaw, Susan Ann, 509 Sheddy, Robert William, 445 Sheeley, Ronald Douglas, 464 Sheets, Betty Guin, 445 Sheets. John Kermit. 445 Shelby, Carl David, 509, 238 Shelby. Ronald Fred, 509, 252 Shell, " Lee Boyd, 445, 233 Shellard, Gregory Laurence, 485, 233 Shelly, Wesley Alan. 485 Shelman, Rodger Keith, 509 Shelton, Brenda Ruth, 485 Shelton, James Russell. 509 Shelton. Jeane Maria. 509, 217 Shelton, Larry Jerome, 485 Shelton, Marcia Ann, 485 Shelton, Suzi, 485, 201 Sheppard, Jack G., 420 Shepard, William Robert, 445 Sherland, Mary Sue, 445, 261 Sherwood, Charles Ervin, 445. 228 Shewmake. Bobby E.. 445 Shipley, Larry Walter. 485 Shipp, Judson Reid, 445. 241 Shino, Mary Harvey, 485. 270 Shireman, Rand E., 509, 252 Shirk, Howard Lincoln, Jr., 446 Shirkey, Michael B.. 485, 292 Shirley, Dale Gray, 464 Shively, Lynda Anne, 420 Shively, Miriam Duane, 509 Shoffner, Terry Wayne, 485 Shollmier. H. Dudley. 446 Shonkwiler, Linda Ann, 509 Short, Carter A., 26 Short, Dianne, 446, 269 Short, Glenn Lyle, 485, 229 Short, Nancy Louise, 485, 219 Shorter. Jo Ann, 509, 206 Shoup, Paul O.. 465, 229 Shugart, Ramona K., 446, 273 Shurtz, Richard Raymond, 465 Siever, Ralph Robert, 446 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, 292 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA, 345 SIGMA CHI, 295 SIGMA NU, 296 SIGMA PHI EPSILON, 299 SIGMA PI, 300 Sigman, Mike G.. 168. 245 Sigman, Robert Bruce, 468 Sikes, James Barton, 423, 276 Sikes, Jane, 509, 206 Siler, Virginia Lee, 509, 217 Silvers, Dixie Lee, 468, 209 Simmons. Cindy Lou, 509, 217 Simmons, Gregory Earnest, 468 Simmons, Mark, 468 Simmons, Thomas Delaine, 509, 252 Simmons, William L., 509 Simons, Pamela Sue, 468, 273 Simpson, Charles Grayson, 446, 233 Simpkins, Dennis Kay, 468 Simpson, E. Thomas, 509, 288 Simpson, Faril, Jr., 420 Simpson, Harrell Abner, Jr., 423 Simpson, James Ellis, 509, 238 Simpson, John Bennett, 468 Sims, Carol Ann, 468, 261 Sims, Leslie Margaret, 509 Sims, Norma Lee,, 485, 261 Sims. Vicki Louise. 509. 217 Sing, Joe P., Jr.. 468, 300, 49 Sing, Joe Vernon, 485, 300 Singleton, Steven Paul, 509 Sisco, Susan Phyllis. 509. 206 Sistrunk, Laurence Allen. 468 Sivage. Nita Darlene, 468 Six, Charolette Kay. 509. 206 Skaggs, Michael A., 446 Skaggs, Vicki. 509, 206 Skalski, Cynthia Suzan, 509 Skelton, Carol Jean, 485 Skelton, Raymond Eugene, 509 Skoch, Philip Larry, 509, 238 Skokos, Leslie Jennifer, 509 Skokos, Ted C., 485, 295 Skoog, Walter Edward, 509 Slack, Elizabeth, 509, 225 Slack, Steven Allen, ' 185, 300 Slagle, Richard L., 423 Slattery, John M., 446, 292 Slaughter, Walter, 70 Slaven, Mary Katherine, 446 Slaven, Sara Margaret, 485 Slay, Horace Scott, 485 Slay, Robert C., 485 Slayden, Sue Ann, 509, 217 Slayton, Jessie M., 446 Sloan, Anamaria, 509, 217 Sloan, Don Rey, 446, 283 Sloan, John Currie, 468, 295 Sloan, Robert B.. 420 Sloan, Steven Rollin, 468, 243 Sloat, Don Henry III, 485 Slusher. Rachel Anne, 509 Sly, Cynthia Ann, 509, 206 Small. Phillip Winfred, 468 Smalley, James Carl, 468 Smedley. Barbara Marie, 509 Smee, Mary Elizabeth, 509 Smiley, William Frank, 50C Smith, Bruce Laron, 509, 252 Smith, Charles Allen, 485 Smith, Charles Harold, 446 Smith, Charles Ray, 509 Smith. Chartes Stephen. 4S5 Smith, Cindy C., 509 Smith, David Clarence, 509 Smith, Davif ' i09, 239 Smith, David Vernel, 468 Smith. Dewitt Henderson, III. 485. 245 Smith. Lollie Jo. 468. 265 Smith, Donnie Ray. 420. 295 Smith, Douglas Gardner. 509 Smith. Dwight Frank, 468 Smith, Earl Travis, Jr., 468 Smith. Fred Charles, 468. 229 Smith, George B.. 485. 288 Smith. Henry Lee. 509 Smith. Jacqueline. 446, 261 Smith, James Howard. 423 Smith. Jimmie McCoy. 446 Smith. Jimmy Don. 468 Smith. John Charles. 485. 300 Smith. John Clarence. 446 Smith, John Douelas, 509, 239 Smith, John W., 509 Smith, Judy Carolina. 420 Smith. Kirby III. 423 Smith, Leslie -Ann, 509. 206 Smith. Linda Earlene 468 Smith, Marilyn Lea, 509, 225 Smith, Mark F.. 509. 252 Smith. Marsha K., 468. 225 Smith. Martha Anne, 509. 206 Smith. Marvin Louis III. 509 Smith. Mary Ellen, 509, 206 Smith, Mary Jane. 509, 217 Smith. Myra Jean, 509, 206 Smith, Neal Dewayne, 485 Smith, Pamela, 485. 269 Smith. Patricia Ann, 509, 217 Smith, Pauline Rhodes. 445 Smith, Peggy Ann, 468, 225 Smith, Peggy Ann, 509, 217 Smith, Raymond Lee, 446, 296 Smith, Robert DeRoy, 468 Smith, Robert Lynn, 485 Smith, Robert Nick, 423 Smith, Rosalie Kay, 509, 217 Smith, Sally Roriece, 509, 217 Smith, Sandra Elizabeth, 520 Smith, Sharon Anne, 446, 269 Smith, Sharon Lou, 509, 217 Smith, Sheila Sue, 509, 217 Smith, Shirley Katherine, 485 Smith, Stephen Guthrie, 468 Smith. Stephen Wallace, 485 Smith. Steven Lee, 485 Smith, Thomas Benton, 509 Smith, Tony C., 509. 239 Smith, Troy Faith, 446 Smith, Truman Henry, Jr., 423 Smith. Warner Thomas, 446 Smith. Willard Crane, Jr.. 423 Smith, William Hix, Jr., 446 Smith. Winifred F., 468. 261 Smithey, Claude, 385 Smotherman, John Lindsey, 485, 287 Snapp, Constance Lynn, 485 Snawder, Eugene Hugh, 468 Sneed, Diana Lynne, 509, 217 Sneed, Fred Douglas, 446 Sneed, Lawrence Douglas, 510, 239 Snellgrove, Brady Edwin, 485 Snider, Mary Elizabeth, 485 Sniegocki, Richard Ted, 468 Snoderly, John Edward, 485 Snow, Burl Jackson, 510. 252 Snow, Jane Ellen, 446, 265 Snow, Johnnie . ' ark, 420 Snow, Judy Gail, 485, 209 Snow, Lou Ann, 468, 225 Snow, Phillip E., 485 Snow, Sandra Lee, 446 Snow, Tommy Joe, 485 Snowden, Ronald Willard, 468 Snyder, Neil Norman III, 468 SOCIETY FOR ADVANCE- MENT OF MANAGEMENT, 344 SOCIETY OF AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERS, 343 Sockwell, Patricia Byars, 446 Somers, George Raymond. 485 Sommers, Joseph C., 510. 239 Sooter, John Wayne, 485 Sorrell, Elizabeth Renee, 485 Soule, Carol Lillian, 468, 261 Southerland, James R., 485 Spain, Rebecca Marie, 485 Spann, Franklin Dee, 420 Spargo, Stephanie Fay, 485 Sparks, Charles E.. 510. 239 Snarks, Cheryl, 485, 225 Spatz, David Moore. 485, 245 Speaker. David Charles, 485 Spearmon, Maribeth Ann, 420 Spears, Jack, 468, 288 Spears. Lucy Jane. 468, 209 Spears, Susan Telfer, 485 Speer. Alton Wayne, 510, 239 Speer, Gary Wayne, 510, 239 Speer, Gary Ray, 510. 239 Spencer, Carlotta Ann, 485 Spencer, Frederick Strawn, 485, 292 Spencer, James Leigh, 485 Spencer, James Victor III. 423, 292 Spencer, Robert Glenn, 485 Spencer, Sylvia, 60, 68 Spicer. Bill. 468, 229 Spicer, Billy Bob. 468 Spicer, Randy Lee. J10. 252 Spicer, Thomas G., 4-5 Spies, George Henry III, 420 Spillman, Larry H., 446 Spilman, Richard Allen, 485 Spivey, Carol Ann, 420 266 Splawn, Ann. 468, 266 Spleth, Janice Sue, 446, 209 Spooner, Arthur E., Jr., 485 Spotts, Sandra Lynn, 510, 217 Spratlin, William Arthur, 446. 252 Sprenger, Judy. 485, 225 Sprenger, William Walter, 446 Sprigg, Jay Rolens, 485, 239 Spriggs, Sandra Jean, 510 Springer, Henry Nesbit, 510 Springfield, Carolyn Jene, 485,209 Spin-lock, Brian Douglas, 510, 252 523 Spurlock, Luther D., 468, 233 Spuriock, Steve Ernest, 485 Squires, Betty Ann, 510, 217 Staats, Robert Glen, 485 Stacey, Sandra Kay, 485, 209 Stacy, Carol Ann, 446, 201 Staerkel, Mark Andrew, 446 Stafford, Danny Charles, 510, 252 Stafford, Kenneth Lee, 485 Stafford, L. Scott, 468, 291 Stafford, Michael A., 485, Stage, Marilyn Jo, 268 Staggs, George Eugene, 510 Stainton, Joseph Charles, 510 239 Staley, Anne Dougherty, 485 Staley, Royce Edward, Jr., 510, 252 Stallcup, Alice Kay, 510, 217 Stanczak, Dennis P., 420 Standley, Billy Glenn, 485 Standridge, James Edward, 446 Stanfill, Dena Ann, 510, 217 Stanford, Camille. 510, 225 Stanford, Frank G., 510, 303 Stanger, Purcella Lea, 468 Stanley, Hallie L., 485, 201 Stanley, Linda, 446, 261 Stanley, Lynne Ellen, 468, Staples, Carol Christine, 468 Staples, John O., 468 Starling, YeVonne, 485, 211 Starnes, Katherine Diane, 485, 257 Stegink, David John, 420 Steel, Betty, 446, 262 Steel, George Edwin, Jr., 446, 296 Steen, Leslie W., 468, 292 Steel, James Robert, 510, 296 Steele, Jennifer Lynn, 510, Steigler, Barbara Diane, 468 Stein, Tim J., 468, 299 Steiner, William Franklin, Jr., 420 Steinmetz, Sharon A., 468 Stell, Kathleen, 485, 219 Stephens, Bennie K., 485 Stephens, Franklin Stanley, 468, 228 Stephens, Gary Lynn, 485, 395 Stephens, Jack Thomas, 486 Stephens, Mary Gail, 468, Stephens, Patricia Glee, 486 Stephens, Paul Lagrone, 446 Stephens, Ralph Arden, 486 Stephens, R. Chris, 486, 295 Stephenson, Ronnie Clark, 510, 252 Stephens, Terry Lee, 486 Sterling, Dan Derace, 510 Stevens, James Hal, 468 Stevens, James O., Jr., 486 Stevens, John M. Ill, 486 Stevens, Nicholas Rodgers, 468, 291 Stevenson, Cathy, 510, 217 Stevenson, Mark Bradford, 486, 239 Stevenson, Sara Ann, 468 Steward, Mike Eugene, 510 Stewart, David Rodney, 446 Stewart, Gary Lee, 486 Stewart, Janet Carolyn, 446 Stewart, Michael Stephen, 446 Stewart, Terry Thomas, 486 Stiegler, Peter J., 486 Stiff, David C., Jr., 468 Stiles, John W., 446 Stiles, Michael Bruce, 510 Stincncomb, Robert Morrissett, Jr., 510 Stinnett, James R., 510, 283 Stinnett, Robert Lewis, 486 Stinson, John M., 446, 295 StJohn, Rebecca Linnea, 510 Stobaugh, Margaret Ann, 446, 209 Stobaugh, Sara Jane, 468 Stockdell, Barbara Sue, 446 Stocker, Deedee, 486, 270 Stocker, Jerre Ann, 510, 217 Stocker, Nan Susan, 446, 201 Stockton, Jimmie Levon, 446 Stoia, Peggy Lee, 486, 257 Stokes, Carolyn Kay, 486, 219 Stokes, David Ronald, 486, Stokes, James Guy, 447, 285 Stokes, Keith D., Jr., 486 Stokes, Sandra, 486, 262 Stolfi, Larrie Dean, 468 Stoll, Kenneth F., 423 Stoll, Patricia Marie, 468, 209 Stone, Fred Wyatt, 486 Stone, John Edward, 486, 299 Stone, Linda Susan, 447, 209 Stone, Patricia Ann, 486, 225 Stone, Ronald Joe, 486, 300 Stone, Thomas S., 423, 287 Storck, Marlys Anne, 486, 219 Storey, Esther, 510, 217 Storey, Robert J., 486, 243 Storey, Stephen P., 447, 287 Storey, Susan Wright, 447 Stork, Steven Eugene, 510 Stosberg, Sandra Sue, 447 Stouffer, Marty L., 510, 287 Stout. Diana Kay, 510 Stout, Randal Clayton, 510 Stout, Russell Dayton, 510 Stow, Robert Carleton III, 510, 292 Strange, Marvin L., 447 Streeter, Tommie Jean, 510 Streit, Susan, 510, 206 Stricklen, Jim Coy, 510, 239 Stringer, Freddie Charles, 446 Stripling, Sheri Lynn, 510 Strnad, James Lee, 447 Strode, Joseph A., 468, 229 Stroud, James Douglas, 510 Stroud, Larry Alan, 486 Stroud, Michael Douglas, 486, 233 Struebling, Denajo, 486 Stubbs, Gary Lee, 486 Stubbs, Larry David, 510, 276 Stubbs, Richard, 447, 276, 49 Stubblefield, Charles Roland, 468, 276 STUDENT GOVERNMENT, 48 Stubblefield, Jon Michael, 420 Stumbaugh, Alan Lee, 486 Sturgis, Floyd Andrew, 447 Sturdivant, Johnnie Lynn, 510, 206 Sturdivant, Sunny Lee, 486 Styles, Gary Wayne, 510, 239 Studdarth, Fred Michael, 486 Suffridge, Catherine G., 468 Suggs, Kathleen, 486 Suggs, Kenneth Edward, 447 Suitt, Anita Diane. 468, 269 Suitt, Bobby Donald, 447 Suitt, Euna Jane, 420 Sullivan, Charlotte, 510, 206 Sullivan, John Gregg, 468 Sullivan, Patrick H., 510, 239 Sullivan, Michael Kipp, 468 Sullivan, Robert Doak, 510 Sullivant, Thomas Craig, 510 Summers, Dennis Eugene, 510, 253 Summerville, William Douglas, 468, 287 Sumner, James Warren, 486 Sutherlan, Catrerine Ann, 510, 217 Sutherland, James William, 510, 239 Sutherlin, Diann, 510, 206 Swan, JoAnn Marie, 510 Swan, Phillip Michael, 468 Swearingen, Larry C., 510 Swearingen, Sue, 586, 273 Sweeney, Michael John, 420 Sweet, Brenda Lee, 447, 261 Sweeten, Linda Sharon, 510 Swindell, Benny Edgar, 423 Swink, Brenda Kay, 510 Switzer, Bruce D., 423, 50 Switzer, Phillip H., 484 Sydoriak, Diane Elaine, 468 Sykes, James Arnold, 447 Sykes, James Donald, Jr., 447 Tacker, Phyllis Kay, 465, 209 Tackett, Edward Otho, 465 Taggart, Gary Edwin, 447 Talbert, Janice Marie, 465 Talbot, Nelia, 465, 225 Talley, Aubry, 465 Taliaferro, Bruce Owen, 486 Taliaferro, Stephen Warren, 510, 253 Tallent, Richard Aron, 510, Talley, David Hugh, 486. 239 Tanner, Charles David, 510 Tansacha, Kampon, 486 Tarkington, Anna Lynn, 447 Tarpley, Gary Edwin, 486 Tarvin, Pat, 447, 269 Tate, Philip Allan, 486 Tatman, Sharon Ela, 465 Tatum, Allyn Carr, 447 Tatum, Edwin Rox, 447 Tatum, Gail F., 447 Tatum, John T., 423 Tatum, Kaye Frances, 447 TAU BETA PI, 349 TAU BETA SIGMA, 348 TAU KAPPA EPSILON, 303 TAU SIGMA, 323 Tavernia, Anthony George, 436, 243 Taylor, Bonnie Jean, 486, 270 Taylor, Carol Ann, 447, 209 Taylor, Charmaine Regina, 510, 225 Taylor, Clinton Odell, 423 Taylor, Cynthia Lee, 510, 217 Taylor, Dallas J., 466 Taylor, David Strong, 423 Taylor, Dinah Theresa, 511 Taylor, Garner L., Jr., 423 Taylor, Harve Jonathan III, 447 Taylor, James Dennis, 511 Taylor, Jeffrey Lynn, 511 Taylor, Jesse, Jr., 423 Taylor, Jimmie Ray, 447 Taylor, Joe III, 447 Taylor, Joseph David, 466 Taylor, John Richard, 486 Taylor, Lyla A., 511, 217 Taylor, Marsha Faye, 466, 219 Taylor, Mary Alice, 447 Taylor, Mary Ann, 447 Tayor, Ronnie Stuart, 486 Taylor, Thomas Mills, 466 Taylor, Wanda Ruth, 466, Taylor, William Randy, e486 Tays, Nancy Lee, 511, 217 Teague, Don Paul, 447 Teague, Kenny Morris, 466 Teague, Stephen Blair, 511 Teague, Vicki Lynn, 486 Tehan, Robert, Edward, 511 Tlder, Laurel Ann, 466, 265 Tellepsen, Tom II, 511, 292 Temple, Kay, 486, 257 Temple, Pamela Delorese, 486, 219 Templeton, Mona Marsha, 447, 219 Tennant, Susan, 447, 270 Terry, Sherry Kareen, 511 Terrell, Bobby Ray, 447 Terrell, David Edwin, 486, Terrell, Dixie Carol, 466, 270 Tevebaugh, Barry Henry, 511, 253 Thain, John Wayne, 447 Thane, Paul Henry, 511, 239 Tharel, Janice Lynn, 486 Tharel, Kent Lashley, 511 Tharel, Lance Morell, 447 Thatcher, Robert Dalton, 245 THETA TAU, 304 Thomann, Ralph Marion, 466 Thomas, Dana Arthur, 511 Thomas, David Conway, 511 Thomas, Dyanna Kay, 511 Thomas, Eliza Jane, 466, 273 Thomas, George Leonard, 486 Thomas, Harold Lindell, 447 Thomas, James Neal, 466, 300 Thomas, Joe A., 486 Thomas, Joel L., 447 Thomas, June E., 466, 219 Thomas, Karl Theodore, 511 Thomas, Michael H., 466, 296 Thomas, Michael Reed, 486 Thomas, Patricia Elizabeth, 447, 257 Thomas, Reuben R., 420 Thomas, Richard Lee, 486 Thomas, Sandra LaVerne, 511, 217 Thomas, Scott P., 42C Thomas. Thomas Edward, 466, 245 Thomas, Virgil W., 511, 253 Thomas, William Miles, 511 Thomasson, David Lee, 466 Thompson, Betty Bowen, 511 Thompson, Billie Joe, 511 Thompson, Billy D., 420 Thompson, Carl L., 486 Thompson, Carol Jeanne, 486, 270 Thompson, Celia Janet, 486, 170, 186 Thompson, Connie Jean, 466 Thompson, David Edward, 447 Thompson, Edward C., Jr., 486 Thompson, Eric S., 447 Thompson, Howell M., Jr., 511, 239 Thompson, J. Brent, 447 Thompson, Jack L., 447 Thompson, Joan Marie, 447 Thompson, John Clifford, 486 287 Thompson, Larry Kenneth, 511 Thompson, Linda Richter, 448 Thompson, Linda Rose, 511 Thompson, Mary Reid, 466, Thompson, Paul David, 511 Thompson, Rebecca Dawn, 511, 217 Thompson, Robert B., 486 Thompson, Terry L., 486 Thomsen, Hermann O., 420 Thomson, George Thomas, 486 Thornton, Denver L., 423 Thornton, Sheryl Ann, 486 Thrailkill, Gary L., 466 Thrash, Drusilla, 511, 206 Thrasher, Rebecca Ann, 486 Thron, Carolyn E., 511, 217 Thurman, Donald Lee, 511 Thurston, Carol Suzanne, 511, 225 Thurston, Marland C., 420 Tiano, Larry Samuel, 486 Tice, Barry Whelchel, 511 Tiffee, Larry Boggs, 511, 253 Tiffee, Ronald C., 466 Tilley, Linda Kay, 511, 206 Timmerman, William Wayne, 486, 233 Timmons, Nancy B., 511, 206 Tindle, Joyce E., 448, 273 Tinsley, Michael Flack, 511 Tippins, Susan, 511, 225 Tipton, Jackie Carl, 448, 241 Titsworth, Glenn Richard, 511 Tobin, Louis Belin, 511, 253 Todd, George Raymond, 448 Todd, Terry Juan, 486 Tole, Sara Eizabeth, 511, 225 Toler, Nicki Ann, 486, 257 Toll, Barbara, 511, 217 Tollett, Vergil Edwin, 448 Tolley, Maryann, 466, 201 Tomlinson, Bill Lewis, 486 Tomlinson, Larry Dean, 486 Toms, Barbara Lee, 486 Tonne, Peggie Jean, 486 Toombs, George Robert II, 466, 253 Topliff, Marguerite Ann, 486 Torok, Mary Margaret, 466, Toth, Marlene Ann, 511, 217 Townley, Larry E., 448, 299 Townsend, Linda Joyce, 486 Townsend, Virginia Lee, 511 Townson, David Ronald, Jr., 511, 239 Tracer, Tim R., 511, 239 Tracy, John Driver, 466 Trammel, Robert Lee, 448 Trammell, Saly, 466, 266 Trantham, Tommy, 384 Trapani, Sheila Ann, 511, 217 TRAVELER STAFF, 68-71 Traylor, Don Richard. 486 Treat, Bob C., 487 Treat, Carlos Dean, 487 Treat, Donna Jean, 487 Treat, Jim Dale, 511, 253 Treece, Joanne, 511, 206 Tremble, Barbara Ann, 448 Tribble, James Richard, 466 Trice, Frank Abbott, 448 Trice, John Terry, 466, 296 Trice, Mary Katherine, 511 Trice, Wiliam Henry III, 466 Trickey, Frederick Thomas, 511, 239 Trieschmann, James Shipp, 420, 288 Trimble, Phillip R., 487 Trinco, Dianne G., 487, 201 Troeger, Robert Edward, 466 Trousdale, Donna Sue, 511, Trowbridge, Danny, 466, 295 Trussell, Linda Sue, 511, 206 Tucker, Frederic C., 511, 253 Trusty, Glynn L., 511, 239 Tucker, Gerald, Wayne, 466 Tucker, Jim, 511, 239 Tucker, Johnny Alexander, 448, 241 Tucker, Larry Dewayne, 487 Tucker, Milton Ray, 420 Tucker, Phyllis, 511, 217 Tucker, Robert Williams, 448 True, John David, 511, 303 Tugwell, Donnie R., 487, 233 Tull, Phyllis Madileine, 448 Tullgren, Christy Suen, 448 Tullgren, Stephen Minard, 487, 243 Tune, Ryall Smith, 487, 287 Tunick, Laurence Burton, 448, 246 Turk, Henry Rush, 511, 253 Turk, Vernon David, Jr., 511 Turley, Glenna Rae, 466, 265 Turnage, Betty Carol, 448 Turner, Phylliss, 511, 206 Turner, Charles Sandford, 466 Turner, Ella Victoria, 448 Turner, James Ethridge, 420 Turner, Jane, 448, 261 Turner, John Stanley, 487 Turner, Nancy Rebecca, 420 Turner, Nathan Bruce, 466 Turner, Pam, 448, 269 Turner, Richard Ellis, 487 Turner, Richard Leigh, 511 Turner, Susan Jane, 487, 225 Turner, Terry Joseph, 487 Turney, David Lay, 448 Turnipseed, John N., 448 Tyler, Thomas Patrick, 420 Tynon, Dwight Dean, 511, 253 Tyra, Johnny William, 466 Tyrone, David Eaton, 448, 287 Tyrone, Linda Burrougas, 448, 273 Uher, Marilyn Kay, 511 Underwood, Alen Keith, 511 UNIVERSITY, FAYETTE- VILLE SYMPHONY OR- CHESTRA, 360 UNIVERSITY OF ARKAN- SAS CONCERT BAND, 362 Upchurch, Vlcki, 487, 265 Updike, Linda Kathryn, 466 Upton, Mavis, 466 Upton, Pam, 511, 206 Utley, Jean L., 487, 225 Uttey, Michael Edward, 487 Utter, Layman Ray, 448 Van Ginhoven, Johan, 466 Van Hook, George Ellis, Jr., 411, 239 Van Horn, Charlotte Ann, 511, 217 Van Meter, Richard Lawrence 466, 303 Van Schaik, Thomas Peter, 498, 233 Vanaman, Shirley Kay, 511 Vance, Carol Irene, 487, 219 Vance, Kelly K., 487, 245 Vance, Marsha Ellen, 448, 265 Vancuren, Helen Delores, 487, 219 Vancuren, Larry Marlin, 449 Vandament, Nicholas Dale, 511, 253 Vandenberg, Duane Evert, 420 Vanderburg, Michael Robert, 511, 239 Vandiver, Patricia Kay. 466 Vanhook, Robert Lawrence, 466, 285 Vann, Cheryl Ann, 511, 206 Varnadore, Donald Gene, 487 Vasser, Albert Glenn, 487 Vassaur, Tommy Wade, 448 Vaughan, John C., 511, 253 Vaughan, John H., 511, 291 Vaughan, Linda Gail, 487, 219 Vaught, Elizabeth Ann, 448, Vaught, Robert C., 487 Vawter, Elizabeth Anne, 487 Vawter, James B., 448, 300 Vernon, Bill Alan, 466 Vernor, John Warren, 511 Verrill, Phil, 67 Vest, Bill, 511, 239 Vest, Jimmie D., 449 Vester, Eugene William, Jr., 511 Vester, Ray Earl, 448, 300 Vickers, Charles Ervin, 511 Vickers, Dale H., 487, 230 Vincent, Pam, 511, 206 Vines, Donald R., 448 Vines, Dwight Theodore, 466 Vinirig, Raymond Payne, 512 Vinson, John F., 512, 239 Vinson, Robert E., 512, 253 Vise. Benjamin Thomas, 512 Vise, John David, 423 Vittitow, Kenneth McKenzie, 423 Vittitow, Suellen J., 487 Vogel, Robert August, 512 Voigtmann, Carol Lee, 487 Volk, John Keith, 512, 239 Voth, Glen R., 448, 241 Vowell, William Oliver III, 448, 295, 51 Vozel, Frank, 512, 253 Vratsinas, Gus Michael, 448, 304, 53, 49 Van Buskirk, Ronald Eugene, 466 Van Dalsen, Carol, 448 Van Ginhoven, Charles, 466 W u UARKETTES, 361 Udouj. Anne Frances, 487, 273 Udouj, Stephen Matthew, 487 Wade, Nancy, 513, 217 Wade, Sandy, 513, 217 Wade, Saundra Lynn, 448, 290 Wadkins, Lance E., 466 Wadley, Marilyn Ruth, 487 Wages, Joseph J., 448 Wages, Kathryn Lynn, 487 Wagner, Lola Jean, 487, 201 Wahl, Eugene Albert, 512, 248 Waloen, James Earl, 487, 248 Walden, Rebecca Ann, 466, Waldo, Nancy Carol, 512, 206 Waldrip, Deanna Karen, 448 201, 191 Walk, Susan Elaine, 448, 65 Walker, Annie Lou, 512, 217 Walker, Bruce W., 487 Walker, Carol Ann, 487, 273 Walker, Charles M., 466, 295 Walker, Charles Oscie, 448, Walker, Don Wesley, 487, 291 Walker, Donald Ramsey, 487 Walker, Edwin B., 466, 295 524 Walker, Gary Adrian, 466 Walker, James Lindsey. 448. 304, 280 Walker James William, 448 Walker, Joan Katherine. 512 Walker, Lary Rodney, 448 Walker, Leonard Norman, 487. 228 Walker, Linda, 512 217 Walker, Linda Kathryn, 466 Walker. Paul N.. 512, 239 Walker, P. T. (Duddy). 367 Walker, Terry K., 487, 230 Walker, Thomas Kennedy, 512, 292 Walker, Tommy Ernest, 512 Walker, William Claud, 466 Walker, William Thomas, 466, 243 Walkup, Sharon Ann, 487, 211 Wall. Francis C., 487 Wallace, Alice Evelyn, 487 Wallace, Douglas Paul, 487 Wallace, James W., 466 Wallace, Larry C., 423 Wallace, Patricia Kaye, 512 Wallace, Thomas K., 466, 295 Waller. Cheryl Ann, 487, 201 Waller, Marnn Larry, 487 Waller, Tom Whit, 512, 288 Walling, George Ponder, 512 Wallis, Charles Philip, 448 Wallis, Jimmy D., 512 Walls, Jack, 466, 284 Walls, Rebecca Jane, 512, 217 Walsh, James Caphos, 448 Walsh. Pamela iue, 466, 273 Walter, David R., 487 Walter, John Edward, 512 Walters, Jackie Allen, 466 Walters, Robert Lee, 512. 253 Walton. Gus Berry, 423 Walton, HardyMmn, 512, 296 Walton, Jim Carr, 512, 239 Walton, Kathy Susan, 466, 66 Wanjari, Manohar Kaghunath, 420 Wang. Bi-Cheng, 420 Ward, Bud M., 448 Ward, George Alan, 487 Ward, Hubert Lee. 466, 233 Ward, James Edward, 512, 239 Ward. Margaret Fay, 487, 209 Ward. Sandra Elizaoeth, 466 Ward, Susan Kay, 487, 270 Ward. William F., 487, 229 Warden, Leonard G., 512, 239 Ware, Jane Lee, 449, 257 Ware, Jerry Ann. 466, 225 Warlord, Phillip Jay. 449 Warnock, Carol Elizabeth, 449, 258 Warnock, Gerald Wayne, 487 WarnocK, Peggy Lynn, 512 Warr, Michael V., 487, 287 Warren, Bryce William, 487, Warren, Catherine Jean, 449 Warren, Dale Allen, 449 Warren, John Christopher, 512 Warren, Sharon Diane, 512 Warrick, Alan Futrell, 512 Warriner, Joan Kitcaener, 449 Wasem, Jacque Marie, 512, Washburn, Elizabeth A., 449 Washington, Fredy L., 487, Was hington, Lloyd, 512, 253 Wasson, Pamela, 512, 206 Waters, Gary Wayne, 512, Watkins, Gary Donovan, 487 Watkins, Harold Waymon, 420 Watkins, John Gibson, 487 Watkins, John William, 466 Watkins, Larry S., 449, 245 Watkins, Nancy Jane, 466 Watkins, Phyllis Kaye, 466 Watson, Danny. R., 512 Watson, Dudley Howell, 487 Watson, Floyd Elliott. 449 Watson, Helen Ruth, 512 217 Watson, Nancy Lynn, 512, 217 Watson, Sam Edward, 449 Watson, V. Carol, 449, 265 Watt, Sarah, 487, 261, 67 Watts, Deborah Anneke, 512 Watts, Vicky A., 512. 225 Waymire, Harold W., 449 Weadock, Deborah Ann, 512 Weatherly, Gloria Marie, 466 Weathers, Konnie M., 487, 258 Weathers, Larry W., 512. 280 Weathers, Linda Catherine, 512 Weaver, George T., 449, 292, 67 Weaver, Kay McClanahan, 420 Webb, Alan, 512 Webb. Betty June, 487 Webb. Brenda Kay. 512 Webb, Charles Mary, 449, 274 Webb. James Travis. 449 Webb, Jerry Edward, 449 Webb, Joe E., 449 Webb, Lewis Ann. 449 Webb, Linda Carol. 487. 225 Webb, Mary Carolyn, 512, 217 Webb, Randall Wayne, 512 Webb, Suzanne. 487, 209 Weber, Karen, 512 Weeks, Phyllis Ilene. 466. 201 Weeks, Rebecca Earle, 512 Weeks, Winford Wayne, 449 Wegener, Linda Carol, 487 Weindorf, Dane Alan, 466 Weir, Cecil Larry, 449 Weir, Sharon Hamilton, 449 Welch, Joseph M., 487 Welcher, Louis, 487 Wellborn, Robert Earle, 487 Wellhausen, Linda. 487, 269 Wells, Clayton Craig, 512. 239 Welsh, John David, 466, 285 Welty, Maureen Leigh, 449 Wennerstrom. David Eugene, 449 Wennerstrom, John E., 512 Werth. Jim, 466 West, Leon, 466, 276 West, Melcis Clyde, 487, 228 West, Neil Stewart, 449, 288 Westbrook, Jim Boyd, 466 Westbrook, Owen Edward, 488. 241 Westbrook. Robert Hugh, 512 Wester, Robert Hugh, 512, 296 Wester. Billie Lou, 512 Westmoreland, Cheryl Nau, 449. 262 Westmoreland, Linda Sue, 449, 209 Westmoreland, Robert Nelson, 488 Weston, Jacob Lee, 466 Wetsell, H. Keith, 449 Whaien, Ihomas Douglas, 512 Whaley, Ann Marie, 512, 261 Whaley, Storm, 25 Whatley, Alan Dale, 466, 280 Whatley, Thomas Verrel, 488 Wheeler, John Wesley, 466 Wheeler, Robert Lynn, 488 Whelchel, Jackie Darwin, 449 Whetstone, Bettye Kay, 449 Whidden, Martha, 88 Whillock, Timothy L., 512, Whisenhunt. James Adrian, 466, 245, 384 Whitaker, Mary Anne, 449 White, Aleta Marie, 488 White, Becky Jayne, 488, 269 White, Bette Jane, 512, 217 White, Beverly Ann, 449, 269 White. Bob, 384 White, David Andrew, 512 White, Dennis W., 466 White, Esther Marie, 423 White. Hubert Jarvis, 512, 291 White James Michael, 512 White, Jerry Allen, 449 White, Jimmy T., 467, 276 White, Judy Lyn, 512, 206 White, Linda Rose, 512, 217 White, Marcia Ashby, 512,217 White, Mark Steven, 488 White, Maxwell Whitney, 423 White, Patricia Ann, 467 White, Richard A., 449, 299 White, Robert Ragon, 488, 299 White, Ronald Henry, 488, White, Sam Charles, 467, 304 White, Samuel S., 467, 253 White, Steed. 369 White, Stephen Joseph, 512 White, Van R., 512, 253 White, Vickie Sue, 488. 219 White, William, 467, 295 Whiteaker, Janis, 488, 225 Whited, Jim Lloyd, 488 Whitehead, John W., 488, 253 Whitehead, Marvin Edward, 420, 291 Whitehorn, Sylvia Lea, 488 Whitelaw, Bruce M., 467 Whiting, Paula Helen, 488 Whitley, Paul Henry, 467 Whitlock, Robert L., 467, 285 Whitlow, Clarenda Joyce, 512 Whitmore, Mary Jan, 512, 206 Whitnah, Paul, 488. 233 Whitson, Kenneth H., 467 Whitten. Chris, 467, 273 Whitten, Janet Carole, 467 Whittenburg, Pats Marie, 512 Whittington. Jerry D., 487 Whittington, Mitchell Eugene, 449 Whitwell. Allen, 512, 239 WHO ' S WHO. 50-59 Wickard. Mary Jane, 467, 261 Widder, David Roland, 488, Widdowfield, Mary Sue, 512 Widmer, Susan Virginia, 467 Widner. Ellis Louis, 467 Dieczezak, Robert C., 488 Wiese, Margaret Ann, 449, 270 Wiggins, Chris E.. 467, 239 Wilber, Mickey Bob, 449, 279 Wilder, Linda, 467 Wilkerson, Idabelle F., 488 Wilkins, Mary Lou, 512 Wilkins. Michael Clark, 467 Wilkinson, Howard Leon, 488 Wilkinson. Jane Ann, 449, 209 Wilkinson, Kaye, 488, 257 Wilkinson, Nancy. 488, 266 Wilkinson, Rhonda Lee, 488 Will, Mac, 488, 233 Willbanks, Peggy Jo, 449, 209 Williams, Anderson H.. 488, Williams, Arthur Leland, 449 Williams, Carl Robert, 449 Williams, Carolyn Knight, 449, 258 Williams, Catherine Lucille, 512, 206 Williams, Charles A., 449 Williams, Charles A., 449 Williams, Charles Nolan, 467 Williams, Cynthia Lou, 488, Williams, Douglas Leroy, 449 Williams, Elsie Kay, 488, 225 Williams, Evelyn Edieth, 512 Williams, Frank J., 488, 300 Williams, Frank W., 488, 233 Williams, Geneva, 512, 217 Williams, Gregory Allen, 512 WILLIAMS HOUSE, 241 Williams. James Andrew. 488 Williams, James Hamilton, 420 Williams, Jane, 467, 266 Williams, Janet K., 512, 217 Williams, Janice Lee, 467, 281 Williams, Jeffery H., 488, 233 Williams, Jeffery S., 449 Williams, Jerry Carl, 488, 233 Williams, Jerry W., 450, 239 Williams, John Doyle, 513, 239 Williams John Lan, 488, 287 Williams, Judith Ann, 488 Williams, Judy Rae, 467 Williams, Linda Anne, 467 Williams, Linda Gail, 450, 209 Williams, Linda Kay, 488, 270 Williams, Margrette Eleanor, 450 Williams, Martha Ellen, 467 Williams, Nolan Stanford, 488, 291 Williams, Rebecca Jean, 488, Williams, Robert Burney, 467 Williams, Roger Dale, 488 Williams, Rufus John, 513 Williams, Hussell, 69 Williams, Sharon Kay, 488 Williams, Shirley Sue, 420 Williams, Susan, 488, 258 Williams, Thomas Edward, 467 Williams, William B., 488, 287 Williams, William Hale, 450 Williamson, A. Francene, 467, 219 Wlliamson, Judy Ann, 513 Williamson, K. Susanne, 450 Williamson, Eara Beth, 488 Williford, Loyd Earl, 420 Willis Delta Lynne, 513, 206 Willis Fred Alan, 450 Willis " Willis Willis Willits, James Richard, 513 Willroth, Alan L., 513, 253 Wilson, Bernardine M., 488 Wilson, Charles Larry, 450 Wilson, Charles Scott, 513 Wilson, Clyde John, 467, 299 Wilson, Deborah Anne. 513 Wilson, Donnealia Kay. 513 Wilfon, Doris Ann, 420 Wilson, Jackie Carol, 467, 257 Wilson, John J., 467, 239 Wilson, John Jay, 488 Wilson, Kathy, 467, 262 Wilson, Kathy, 467, 262 Wilson, Larry Timothy, 513 Wilson, Margaret W., 488. 265 Wilson. Martha Lynn. 513 Wilson, Mary E., 467, 209 Wilson, Rita Suzanne, 513, 217 Wilson, Rob K., 488 Wilson, Robert Burl, 513, 253 Wilson, Robert Glen, 488 Wilson, Robert John, 513, 245 Wilson. Sharon Louise, 513 WILSON SHARP, 245 Wilson, Susan Claie, -188, SOI Wilson, Susie, 513, 206 Wilson, Theresa LaDonne, 513, 206 Wilson, Thomas Henry, 420 Wilson, William Hal. 513, 285 Wimberly. F. Ervan. 450 Wimpy, Tommy Sullivan, 420 Winberry, Lanny T.. 488, 303 Wine-hell, John Gary. 423 Windham, Robert Brltton, 488, 233 Windly, Gary Wayne, 450 Wineland. Don Albert, 467 Wing, Connie May, 488 Wingfield, Timothy David Winaeit. Stanley Joe. 467. Wingfield, Stephen Holla, 513 Winkleman. Sharon Kay, 467 Winningham, Ray M., 513. Winningham, Ronald L., 467 Maurice F., 513, 292 Nancy Carol, 513, 206 Thomas E., 513, 239 Winter, Jerry Lee, 450 Winters, Gary Paul, 513. 253 Winters, Myles Malcolm, 467 Winton, Gary, 467 Wist, James Dale, 488 Wisener. Sharon LeAnn, 450, Witcher, Dwight Leo, 513, 239 Witherington, Bobby Joe, 450, 291 Witherington, Dottle, 450, 262 Witherington, Travis Arnold, 488, 287 Witherow, Keith Alan, 513 Withers, Larry E., 450, 243 Wittig, Craig A., 467, 299 Witwicke, Donna Francene, 488, 219 Wolf, Donna Lynn, M3, 217, 170, 188 Wolfe, James Joseph, 450, 295 Womack, Elizabeth Lee, 513, Womack, Elizabeth Lee, 513, Womack, Mary Elizabeth, 513, Wong, Ai-Ping, 467 Wood, Barbara Ann, 513, 217 Wood, Barbara Jean, 450, 219 Wood. Daniel Hugh. 513, 239 Wood, Edward Merman, 488 Wood. Janet Kay, 488, 225 Wood, John Steven, 450, 295 Wood, Linda Teresa, 513, 206 Wood, Richard Darr, Jr., 513, Wood, Susan Permelia. 488, Wood, Vivian Marie, 450 Woodell, Billie Diane, 488, Woodell, Jean Nolan, 488, 269 Woodell, Lloyd Joseph, 513, Woodford, William Irving, Jr. 450, 233 Woodlee, Edward Morris, 450, 245, 384 Woodcock, Terry Dean, 467 Woodruff, Olivia Jean, 513, Woods, Alice Faye, 467 Woods, Janice Adrian, 467, Woods, Nancy Ellen, 450, 201 Woods, Richard Sanford, 513, Woods, Robert Elvin, 450 Woodside, Michael Ray, 467 Woodson, Cincy C., 467, 201 Woodson, Thomas Edwin, 467, 253 Woodward, Sharon A., 513, Woodyard, William, 450, 295 Woody, Peggy Gordon, 513 Woody, Timothy Joel, 420 Woolly, William Robert, 450, Wooton, Ronald Dean, 513 Works, Kaye Haltom, 467, 265 Wormington, Casandra Sheridan Nell, 488, 209 Worsham, Judy, 196 Worsham, Larry A., 450 Worthen, Ronald Eugen, 423 Worthington, David Ralph, 488 Wozencraft, Emily Jane, 450 Wray, John Edward, Jr., 513 Wren, Richard A., 513, 239 Wright, Billie Sue, 450 Wright, Bridget Jean, 467, Wright, Carol Jean, 513, 217 Wright, Edward Wayne, 513, Wright, Emma Lee, 488, 219 Wright, Eugenia, 488, 225 Wright, Harrison Earl, Jr., 513, 292 Wright, James Lawerence, 488 Wright, Janet Blakely, 450 Wright, Larry John, 450, 241 Wright, Linda Kay, 450 Wright, Lonnie Fred, 450 Wright, Mary Annette. 167 Wright, Michael Louis, 467 Wright, Orville Andrew, 513 Wright, Orville Andrew, 513 Wright. Richard Bailey, 467 Wright, Richard Turner, 513 Wright. Roger Lamar, 4B8, Wright, Thomas Joe, 4 " 37, 49 Wuest, Carol Y., 467, 258 Wulfekuhler. Jan Louisa, 513 Wulfekuhler, Susan Ann, 488 Wyatt, Dick, 450, 295 Wyatt, James M., -1C7, 52 Wyatt, William Vincent, 420 Wyeth, Wanda C., 513 Wyeth, Wallace Henry, 420 Wylie, William Stephen. 450 Wynn. Alice Andrea, 420 Wynne, Hal Gill, 513, 299 Yancey, Bruce Eben, 513, 287 Yancey, Paul S.. 488 Yandell, Glenn David, 467 Yanker, Gerald Louis. 450 Yaple, Susan Kay, 513, 217 Yarbrough, Janet Louise, 513, Yates, Barbara, 513 Yates, Elaine, 513, 206 Yates, Jack B., 513, 253 Yates, James, 513, 229 Yates, James Lee. 450. 233 Yates, J. W., 450 Yeager, Howard Lee, 423 Yeager, Ronald E., 467. 300 Yedlick, Karen A., 488, 225 Yee, Terry Ann, 513. 217 Yerton, Charles E., 488 Yingst. Lennie Daniel, 467 Yocum, Edith Marie, 488. 219 YOCUM HALL, 248 Younes, Van T., 467, 283 Young, Brenda, 513. 206 Young, Cary E., 513, 239 Young, Dale Randolph, 450 YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB, 350 Young, Dennis Ray, 467, 300 Young, Don Ray, 513, 239 Young, Donald Lynn, 513, 253 Young, Gary Cleveland, 450 Young. Larry David, 488 Young. Linda Irene, 513, 217 Young, Marilyn, 450 Young, Michael C., 513, 253 Young, Otis Paul. 450 Young. Patsy Gradene. 420 YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB. 351 Young, Richard Allen, 467 Young, Ronald Dee, 467 Young. William Robert, 467 Youngblood. James H., 513 Younger, Lillie Kathryn, 513 Yoe, Claudia M., 513. 206 Yoe. Jean Ann, 513, 206 Yum, May Gfene. 488, 225 Yum, Suen Y., 513, 219 Zaccanti, Mary Helen, 513 Zarnitz, Joseph Clifford, 450 Zawislak, Albert Marion, 450- ZETA TAU ALPHA, 273 Ziegler, Brenda Jeanette, 467 Zimmerly, Delbert Ray, 488 Ziser, Diana Lee, 488, 257 Index Editors Sara Ann Stevenson and Lynda Young were assisted by T. J. Patterson, Judy Boyer, Mary Lea Ginn, Janice Orrick, Lamar Pettus, and Beth Feland. 525 " We Have Pocketed One More Experience . . . " Mike Barkley Now I can become more casual, drop the editorial " we " and begin the editor ' s traditional chat. I will try to give you my opinion of the RAZORBACK, its staff, and the memories that have affected it. This year has been the most profitable year that the RAZORBACK or I can remember. I proposed to the Board of Publications that we expand the budget from $52,000 to approximately 867.000. Our goal was to break even, and at this point, it looks as if we have made it. We have done what we proposed to do. but it really doesn ' t really matter now. You have the book in your hands and you should be the one to measure how well we have done. As for me, being RAZORBACK editor wasn ' t a job that I just decided one day that I wanted. Actu- ally, I didn ' t plan to be editor at all. Anyway I didn ' t plan to until after I had applied to work on the staff as a typist for three years in a row. Each time I was turned down for reasons known only to those editors and probably forgotten by now. Well. I finally got tired of applying for a typing job, so last year I decided to go for the top. I want to thank some of the people who helped me get there. Nan Allmon. a past editor and friend. Rosemary Todd. Doc Wright of Taylor Publishing Company, and Jim Lee Morgan each help- ed in a big way. Despite protests from those who said I had never worked on the book. I was selected editor by the Board of Publications in a 4-3 vote. Soon afterwards, Mr. R. C. Walker, President of South- western Engraving Company, Mr. Tom Walker of the Hurley Com- pany, the S. K. Smith Company, and Delma Studios contacted me to begin making plans for this book. Since one of my proposals was to have no adver- tising in the book, Lesse Castleberry and I hit the road at the beginning of the summer in an attempt to sell extra copies of the RAZORBACK. Around the state, Dan Johnson, Judy Elliott, Celestine Leding, Jimmy Coffield, and others were peddling the books under Lesse ' s direction. Between our efforts to sell over $4,000 worth of books, I spent a great deal of time in Tulsa working with Miss Gene McRae of South- western Engraving Company. I learned a great deal from her and am truly appreciative for her efforts. For tee-totalers, she and R. C. Walker are fine folks. One of the biggest breaks for the book came when Mike Barkley offered to serve as photographer again this year. Mike spent so much of his time (and our money) that the pictures had to be good. Mike was never satisfied with anything short of perfection in his pictures. He was patient with many uncooperative people, trying situations and pressing deadlines. Tom Rakes, my successor as DIRECTORY editor and an old friend, took time to assist Mike by proof- ing over 9.000 frames of film. Tom was also publica- Tom Rakes Judy Johnson T. J. Patterson tions editor for the book and found that publications people, who have to meet deadlines all of the time, couldn ' t find time to meet his deadlines. Printing and binding the RAZORBACK is a tre- mendous task. Mr. Hurley screamed for copy in the Spring and I still feel bad about procrastinating as long as we did. We now realize our mistake and will attempt to improve the situation next year. However, Mr. Hurley, Mr. Tom Walker, and Mr. Walter Camp- bell remained calm on the surface and came through just as they had promised. Walter Campbell is the best co-editor I have ever worked with. Before we began working on the book, a decision had to be made as to whether we should continue to use cuts under the pictures or to drop the idea. Our grading service, Associated Col- legiate Press, suggested that we drop the technique, but student opinion strongly favored continu- ing our tradition. However, the cuts used in this book are intended to be humorous and entertaining to U of A students. Since college students are supposedly mature enough to take a joke, we unmaliciously sub- mit these for your laughter and enjoyment. Now that we have gotten all of this out of the way, I want to start telling you about my inexperienced, under-paid, and jovial staff. Judy Johnson, ChiO from Springfield, Missouri, applied to serve as a typist on staff and was immediately selected as associate editor. Judy spent four afternoons a week working on the RAZORBACK. but her Friday afternoons were reserv- ed for Jug ' s or the Deluxe. How- ever, when there was a deadline to meet, she never failed to sho w up to do her part and more. Al- though she wasn ' t running for Chimes, Mortar Board or Who ' s Who, she ' s my choice for most dependable girl in the senior class. She started working in the sum- mer and gave me the blunt opin- ions that I had requested in order to make the decisions that had to be made by someone. Through a hot phone tip, I learned that T. J. Pat- terson loved to type and cherished the idea of living in the RAZORBACK office. It seems that at one time or another, T. J. had typed every page of the book at least once. I ' m afraid to mention the sections she edit- ed for fear that I might leave one out. Then there ' s Catherine Matthews, that petite North Little Rock girl who started working on the staff as a painter. Then she became organizations editor and a month later, retired after having done an outstanding job. Her cheerfulness and efficiency contributed to the atmosphere of the office, not mentioning the fact that she was the first person to finish a section. Penny Brannon served as feature editor until she left at semester to become a practice teacher in Fort Smith. Second semester, her assistants, Donna Kay Cochran and Donna Dudney moved up as editors. They held parties in my apartment with some of the brightest wits on campus, including John Sloan, Beth Washburn, and Allen Lee, to write some pretty sharp cuts. Although Dudney and Cochran never appeared organized to me, I suppose that I didn ' t seem too organized to them. Of course, during elections, nothing was accomplished. Catherine Matthews 526 is tie Sue Walk Tommie Kay Ebbert because Donna Kay stopped to work for what ' s-his-name and I did a little campaigning for the candidate of my choice. After winning, we started working again in the same haphazard m anner. In the midst of this disor- ganization, the feature editors had forgotten that a description of what had happened during the year had to be written for their section. In desperation, they turned to Sue Walk, who had been hanging around the office trying ' to appear busy. Although none of us believed it, she actually de- voted her weekends to meeting the deadlines. She be- came copy editor and wrote some copy that others, in- cluding myself, didn ' t want to take the time to do. Just for laughs, go back to page 100 and read her copy. The classes section was edited by Ellen McSpadden, Jan Ellis, Nancy Blake, and Tommie Kay Ebbert, my sister. They spent many hours filing pictures with cards and typing 8,000 names to get their copy to the printer by the deadline. All did, except Jan, who had to take time out to be a RAZORBACK Beauty. After telling me time and time again that she would do it, she final- ly had to cut her Spring break short to come back to Fayetteville and finish the job. I must com- ment Tommie Kay, because she has been so much help to me all year. She has run all my errands, cleaned my apartment, and taken part of the blame for some of the stunts that I ' ve pulled this year. What more can I say, but - thank you. David Reutzel was one of the editors of the admini- stration section. I didn ' t know David until he started working on the book and serving as my tutor in sta- tistics. I made a C-, but I understand that some people actually pay him for his services. Chuck Hemingway seemed to have his heart in the TRAVELER office most of the year. He finally met his December deadline in May, and then we missed the bus. I had to drive to Fort Smith in order to have the material to the printer the next morning. Chuck and I have had our misunderstandings, but he ' s a great guy, and I wish him (he best. I think the misunderstandings have been cleared up. The introduction of the RAZORBACK was com- piled by Kathryn Price, Carole Harris, and Barbara Lyons. The copy was written by Jennifer Jones, one of my favorite people, when she ' s in the mood. I think her copy is great and especially like the part on competition; I think I understand it best. I leaned on Pat Brown, secre- tary to the Dean of Students, a lot this year. She ' s been here for several years, understands the situation as well as any- one, and always seems to make things look better than they actually are. Some days would have been miser- able without having the opportunity to watch her type. (It ' s a private joke.) Mr. Farmer, Hill Hall ' s custodian, kept the place in as good a shape as could be expected. He has been given the impossible task of making Hill Hall look presentable to the public eye. The bus leaves in an hour, but I must comment on our next-door neighbors, the TRAVELER staff. Sylvia Pt Brown Mr. Ernest Farmer and I, too, have had our differences, just like the dif- ference in opinion as to the largest TRAVELER ever printed. Today, I read the last issue of the TRAVELER where she took credit again for her 20-page issue, print- ed at the beginning of the year, being the largest on record. I remember, although she doesn ' t think any- one else does, that in 1960 they published a 24-page TRAVELER. I think that this incident is typical of our misunderstandings throughout the year. I must now comment on Hank Weaver, our busi- ness manager. In our presentations, I proposed a bal- anced budget while Hank proposed a $2,000 deficit. Our differences have continued all year until this week when he reported to the Board that the RAZORBACK budget would balance. The ques- tion remains - is it because Hank spent so little time in the office or despite the little time that he did spend there? Last year ' s editor, Johnny Shel- by, had promised to remain neu- tral in the editor ' s selection. I ap- preciated his neutrality as well as his sincerity, when he offered to help in any way that he could in the production of this year ' s book. But, as the saying goes, " thanks, but no thanks. " We waited all year to include Gaebale and the Su- premes in the book. Gaebale arrived and we covered it. Cal, we ' d like to wait another day for the Supremes, but the book must go to press. At this point, I will say no more about those who tried, in one way or another, to present a problem. Most of the problems were eventually overcome, in one way or another, anyway. One group that continued to be most helpful to me during my term is the Board of Publications. Kent Burnett, chairman, Carolyn Hall, Darrell Rippy, Charles Mary Webb, Dr. Covington, Mr. Bill Hughes, and Dr. Rudolph have all worked much harder than most stu- dents realize to solve the problems that seem to pop up in student publications. This year, they have stood be- hind me in several critical situations and I have certain- ly appreciated it. I cannot close without mentioning another group that has contributed to me this year. This, of course, would be the rest of my family. My parents and Mike, my brother, have been tolerant and understanding. I remained in Fayetteville most of the Christmas and Spring breaks and on numerous weekends to work on the book. After this job is completely finished, I look forward to returning to Jonesboro and spending a little time with the rest of the family. Until last year it had been customary for the editor to wish the newly- elected editor well in achieving his goal for the next issue of the RAZOR- BACK. I know that I have made mistakes in this issue of the book, but am extremely grate- ful and fortunate to hsve been given the opportuni- ty to serve as editor and business manager of the 1968 RAZORBACK. I will do my best to im- prove your book. Bill Ebbert, Jr. Bill Ebbert 527 The 1967 RAZORBACK was printed and bound by the Hurley Company of Camden, Arkansas. The cuts are 133-line copper engravings by Southwestern Engraving Company, World Building, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cover was manufactured by the S. K. Smith Company, 2857 North Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Individual class portraits by Delma Studios, Inc., 225 Park Avenue, New York, New York. Printing is by letter-press on 80 Ib. Warren ' s Lustre Gloss paper. The 17 color pictures were printed off-set by the Hurley Company; the four-color offset process plates were produced by Southwestern Engraving Company. Heads were set in 36 point and 24 point Bodoni Bold. Body copy was set in 10 point Bodoni Book. Identification group cutlines were set in 8 point Bodoni Book and individual cut- lines were set in 10 and 8 point Bodoni Book. Feature cutlines were set in 8 point Spartan light with heavy. Student index was set in 6 point Excelsior. Color trans- parency of Governors Faubus and Rockefeller on pages 18 19 was courtesy of Harold Phelps. Arkansas Publicity and Parks Commission, Little Rock. Color trans- parencies on pages 5, 364 365 were made by Michael Barkley, RAZORBACK Photographer. The other 14 color transparencies in the book were made by Bob Huff, Bob ' s of Fayetteville. Studio portraits, 158, were made by Bob ' s of Fayetteville. Organization shots, 108, were made by Jack Moncrief, World-Wide Photography of Fayetteville. The action shots were made by Michael Barkley and proofed by Tom Rakes, RAZORBACK photographers. 26 ' ,,( Canto, (mill A New TM. , Ik 1? , set I P " r.C r " + S5

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